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No. 98843

The venue of newfags on the Venus threads since the opening and leakage of her onlyfans is quite annoying so if you are new here first read lolcow.farm rules, follow them; don't post old milk; if you aren't sure if something has already been discussed I invite you to browse previous threads before participation in this one.

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Venus Angelic Summary and Milks not necessary in order:
>Venus angelic is a washed up as-been famous Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. She is of Swiss origin.
>one of her milks include running away from her mother Margo who basically created her Venus Angelic brand, she's been living in Japan ever since. (margo has her own thread on pt >>>/pt/666399 )
>After separating from mommy, content quality sank very low. many different business tactics and projects were tried out but immediately abandoned weeks or even days after because of lack of determination and unorganised habits.
>streamed awkward meltdowns where she was seen drinking, seemed to have went through an alcoholic episode.
>Venus ended up opening a Onlyfans and is currently doing full time OF sex work. She claims that this work path was her "childhood dream" and that she's never been happy like she is at the moment.
>she doesn't seem to have other close relatives and her mother is criticised for mental abusing her as a child and during her doll phase. Her meltdown videos include one where she is telling how all her family is mentally disturbed.
>the first reason for her moving to japan was to escape her mother but at the time she was also married to Japanese Manaki, one of her simps who followed her from a very young age. there are reasons to think it was for visa purposes and that Venus never loved him. While this is unsure she did divorce and badmouth him, calling him a neet and other stuff publicly on youtube. She also exposed his sexuality by claiming he's asexual, only likes 2d women and never even sexed her (proof may say quite the opposite).
>After divorcing, or splitting him, for the least, it seems she went through a sugaring phase as she is seen with new LV scarf and coach bag, along by staying in shady hotel rooms for a while, this is when the infamous "Ken" enters the picture.
>Other milk is accusing this Ken of doing illicit things to a child. Child in question was posted on her Instagram account and was removed after the drama. There is no follow up on Ken.
>after this episode she crawled back to Manaki's place again and lived in her old closet room during the COVID-19 pandemic. (This is when she started her OF. )
>a few days after the opening of her OF, a tit pic in which she calls herself a cum-dumpster was already leaked.
>Other milks include editing face until unrecognisable, making herself look like a child, claiming she's a sexual deviant/bdsm queen when it's obvious she is clueless, etc

Recent Milk:
>started posting more frequently omegacringe lewd pics in various love hotel on her onlyfans
>claims to have reached 1.5K followers. Is proud to be in the 0.57% top creators
>cannot write something in a post without claiming that she is the happiest she's ever been while body-language in YT videos and face expression in photos say otherwise
>lewds get leaked seconds after being posted
>more titty pics and "bukkake" photoset weeks after the start of her OF
>"bukkake" photoset is part of her enjo kosai panding in which she fetishizes teenage prostitution
>provided proof of pedobaiting by claiming to be a uwu virgin then posting a lewd in which she is disguised as a toddler "baby beenos"
>unknown photographer behind content is assumed to be Venus' new "pimp" or partner as a leaked picture shows Venus in a never seen before flat surrounded by clutter and perhaps moving boxes, the photographer's legs are shown onto the reflexion of the TV. Anons are starting to think he might be managing her stuff as well because her stuff was never this organised before.
>definitely no longer with Manaki. Still married? Visa situation? nobody knows. Venus ignores subject at all times.
>says she'll sell her p*ssy $3K in an onlyfans stream, or masturbate with massager for $1.5K. Ending up camming in a jpn Internet Cafe or something.
Anons are debating the day she will start doing actual porn since she is giving it out so easily.

instagram: venus_angelic
twitter: @VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 98844

Sorry for long post. I felt like the Venus thread needed a little update since, like i said, army of newfags.

Also, while I put some effort in this thread kek, English is not my first language so sorry if there is grammar issues here and there. Feel free to add onto this thread things that I missed out.

No. 98847

File: 1591508983826.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x2237, 1589886750221.jpeg)

Anyone remeber venus saying she was going to try yuri stuff in the begining of june? Probably to capitialize off pride month but anyways I knew she wouldn't go through with its and if she actually does I'll be shocked.

No. 98849

Thank you anon. Very nicely put together.

No. 98850

she has a leaked picture of her disguised as a baby, and the high school kinda came out the wrong way so even as OF thot i'd consider my options before photographing a set with baby beenos. Also i think picture quality and instant leakage of her content is a super redflag for them.

No. 98852

anyone know how much money she made from the stream?

No. 98853


No. 98854

Actually someone asked about that shoot and she said she had two potential girls she will be shooting with

No. 98856

I don’t think she made more than 600 in tips but I could be wrong, I know she made at least 500 since she did the strip thing

No. 98859

theories on who the naked man in the reflection is?

No. 98862

No. 98864

Please, newbies who came from Sora. Put “sage” in the email field of non-informational posts so you don’t get banned. Leave Name and Subject fields blank.

It’s pretty obvious that her new man is also her new photographer. Some dude in previous thread got mad that anyone suggested her shoots were less than professional but now we know about Spongebob No-pants here. The biggest indication this is not a real photographer is that she does not credit him, even with a pseudonym.

Who knows if this guy was an amateur photographer that she sought out first, or if he was a casual hookup who promised to make her famous. She definitely did not meet him through a sugar daddy site because this guy is obviously poor and lower class. She doesn’t seem to be the type to go out clubbing, she wouldn’t meet a normal guy at a regular job she thinks she too good for, nor does she seem like she would use normal matchmaking/dating sites for real relationships.

Does that hovel look like his hovel? I honestly don’t know. He seems like he is just baiting people and not really with her.

No. 98865


No idea, but the Sora guy seems too dumb to stay quiet about it if he was the dude.

No. 98867

she's staying in a net cafe. didn't she moved somewhere after broke up with Mana I mean she's making money tho. She's literally strip in a cheap ass net cafe. And how she is still in Japan I mean what kind of visa that she's in? anyone that knows how this works? why this girl in still nippondreamuwuland? I don't get it

No. 98868

Lmao I fucking called it
She's living in a fucking manga kissa, literally homeless at this point

Kinda reminds me of the girl in this video, what a sad fucking fate.

No. 98869

wow, you anons are going as far as saying she LIVES in it? She was shown a new apartment just yesterday right? The fuck is that man if he makes her live like that kek. I can't believe that but we'll see, nothing is impossible with her.

No. 98870


maybe she lives in the cafe until things are sorted out? Let's say manaki made her leave the apartment or the divorce is finalized, she now lives in the cafe until she can move in with the new guy? Prob a stupid tinfoil but who knows.

No. 98871

File: 1591522684806.jpg (258.26 KB, 1080x1832, 20200607_113613.jpg)

i actually commented on a margo post on instagram a few weeks ago about her murder theory, even tho i wrote something that wasnt at all directed against margo she got angry and actually messaged me on instagram direct. it was hard as fuck to try to have conversation with her because she really is batshit crazy, doesn't read anything you're writing and types in a complete manic all over the place state of mind it seems. but in all this mess there was one moment where she actually answered a question of mine, not that informative but she basically says venus doesnt have a spouse visa, when she married manaki she became a japanese citizen by pass and has a japanese last name. sorry again, it was HARD AS FUCK trying to talk to her because she was super aggressive, thinking i was slandering her name etc even tho i was just asking stuff and was always polite towards her

No. 98872

File: 1591522753843.jpg (286.96 KB, 1076x1812, 20200607_113630.jpg)

part 2

No. 98873

how do you come from her filming there to the conclusion that she must live there? lmao there is enough milk already calm down. she also did q&a livestreams in karaoke bars before when she wasn't living at manakis, its just convienient and the internet is fast af. it doesn't look like she has a laptop and her computer is probably still at manakis place, looks like she's living with this new guy now because there were a lot of boxes in the pic and her cattree was also in it.

No. 98874

Is it Okada? Her last name? How can you become a CITIZEN by pass only by mariage if it already seems difficult to even own a permanent residency in japan? Sounds like batshit.

No. 98875

She responded to me too but with screenshots of several "proofs" of Venus' whoring by sending me the tip menu and several leaked pics (early ones, not the fucked up recent ones) I didn't answer back.

No. 98876

You can’t just get a citizenships by marrying a Japanese citizenship. Between the length of stay, the tests, the proof of financial capabilities… it wouldn’t be possible for her

No. 98877

anon from the insta messages here. no idea, she never told me the name. and to me the japanese citizen thing also doesnt make much sense. she actually later asked me if i was in japan because she will send me beenos address so i can check and see that she is not living with manaki and that she "is japanese" but i said no thank u lmao

No. 98878

i saying this cuz this thread's >>>/snow/286133 name is Venus Okada

No. 98879

Exactly. Japanese citizenships is hard to get not every weeb can have it . I don't get it how she is allowed to stay in Japan. It's a very strict country. all she do is onlyfans, YouTube etc? I feel like MAYBE she has entertainment visa or something.another option studying there but she already knows how to speak the language. i'm surprised that they didn't kick out this weeb out of this nipponUwUland

No. 98880


Manaki's last name is Okada, she probably took his last name or people assumed she did when they made that thread

No. 98881

damn compare to other ethots her content is so bizarre and nasty i dont know how to explained it but is like degenerate type of ethotery…
she just tries to do all fetishes which is weird cause if you have your fetishes fine stick with it and the normal sex stuff but if you are trying to be an edgy prostitute is not good… cause she just going to attract the most creepy weirdos no wonder why people keep saying its like metamorphosis

gave me a shock after seen the big change from how she was before

No. 98884

so at this point can we say that margaret is completely crazy ,or does she say some "true" stuff?

No. 98885

IIRC Venus chose the name Minako when she married. She and Manaki did a video talking about it and he had it frosted on a birthday cake for her.

No. 98886

Thank you anon, you did an excellent job

No. 98891

File: 1591532460377.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x2005, 48878E55-C4B6-49F6-BD56-5B4742…)

No. 98892


I-is she she drooling here? And about what happening is she talking here?

No. 98893

yeah because batshit crazy and notorious liar margaret is such a reliable source..

No. 98894

She was already attracting creepy guys before onlyfans anon. She has an anachan body skinny fat with no curves, saggy skin, an average face with unsexy lips.
Do you think men who are attracted to beautiful, healthy women will look twice her way? She’s not hot, doesn’t have a wotty personality, doesn’t offer much in the intellectual department. She has to pander to these creeps.

No. 98895

There’s really no turning back at this point…
Why didn’t she apply for work at Last Scene soapland and discreetly work in the sex industry? She speaks fluent Japanese, I’m sure customers would enjoy her company. Or if she can’t make it to a high class soapland at least she could have given Miss Universe in Ikebukuro a try? Sooner or later somebody would find out but her face wouldn’t be plastered all over the internet..

No. 98896

This is illegal, right? Couldn't she get into troubles with law if someone were to report her?

No. 98897

Wait, does this mean she reached the 3k goal? Everything is happening so quickly. She hasn't been doing this OF stuff for that long and yet everything is going to be out there in the open already. Venus, you broken idiot, wake tf up. Part of me still worries for her and hopes she comes out of this relatively okay.

No. 98898

The stream anon, focus. She will provide a non laggy version of her stripping inside the cyber cafe's cubicule.

No. 98899

Let her go down with this ship like the narc she is. Venus thinks she's the greatest gift to this planet and she thinks her fans, especially these degenerate men, love her for being "herself" and everyone else is simply just jealous of her newfound success.

No. 98900


She changed her name legally to Minako Okada after Sailor Venus when she married Manaki and gpt her spouse visa. This makes it much easier for her to hide behind a screen and pretend to be Japanese for her benefit with this niche pandering OF thing she's doing.

But no, no way she's a Japanese citizen just for marrying him and acting like a childbride for 2 years.

No. 98901


why would it be illegal? if you rent a cubicle in an internet cafe its the same as if you rent a hotel room;
if she gets in legal trouble, it would more likely be due to ehr distributing uncensored porn, which counts as obscene material.
japanese e-girls getting arrested for distributing uncensored porn is actually not that rare.

No. 98904

Margaret is totally wrong and doesn’t understand Japanese immigration at all. Remember that she is the same idiot who thought SHE could earn a visa through her daughter’s marriage and flipped out when she learned she couldn’t. As anons have said, citizenship is a long process with background checks and even married couples with children can be rejected. Venus is a very bad candidate, just like kanadajin3 was.

Venus’ mental health spiral showed up within two years of living in Japan(following dangerous vanity surgery), Margaret strengthen her harassment, uploads to the YouTube channel decreased and then halted for a long period of time and would not generate a stable income. If she applied after the 3 year minimum, the immigration officers processing her case would see a plethora of bad online press, drama and by her own admission, a dead marriage where they not only slept in separate beds, but separate rooms. Let’s not forget calling one another boyfriend and girlfriend in public, which would signal a big red flag to immigration. However, it would have been possible to get permanent residence through marriage visa only with Manaki’s cooperative.

About name change: It is expected for a foreign wife to take the last name of her Japanese husband except in rare circumstances(like professional reasons). Even women paying a man for fake marriage will take their legal husband’s name to avoid suspicion. Choosing a full Japanese name, with new Japanese first name, is only required for citizenship. Venus could have registered a legal alias for things such as business, part time jobs or bank accounts. If she was working in nightlife venues like was suspected, she definitely would have an alias for ID.

No. 98905

report them & move on anon

No. 98906

It is possible to change your first name in Japan, it's just incredibly difficult. Manaki and his parents could have helped her out if she spun some story about her true namesake Sailor Venus/Minako helping her hide her movements in Japan from ebil Mutti. I don't believe she's doing anything legally under the name Venus Palermo OR Venus Okada. She's way too sloppy with what she's doing to be doing it all herself.

No. 98908

File: 1591537861823.jpeg (65.51 KB, 750x1020, 1461983296798.jpeg)

Raging Margo mentioned her new name a few years ago as well. So without a doubt she's hiding behind it rather than her actual birth name.

No. 98910

She went to the internet cafe in a panic because she tried streaming from her house a few times and it wasn't working, she doesn't live there.

Onlyfans has a really shitty streaming service

No. 98912


idk but I with the beta bucks she is making now she could've at least rent a love hotel room for it? Doing it in a internet cafe is just fucking tragic in a sad way. Makes her look like a homeless street hooker.

No. 98914

yeah, i also don't really get why she just doesn't buy a laptop. she earns a ton of money now but still has to resort to internet cafes lol

also: she reached her 3000$ goal which means she'll post a pussy pic now, or did i misread it? thats what it said on her announcement

No. 98915


It is not expected for a foreign wife to take the last name of her Japanese husband unless she's from a country where such a custom exists. They have to follow the rules of the country of their nationality, and in many countries people don't change surnames when marrying.

No. 98916

on one hand i don't believe her at all when she says she's a virgin, on the other hand i'm wondering if she might be because she's obviously never seen a used condom??? no one cums THAT MUCH. i get it, it's fake, it's lube - but she obviously tried to make it look real, so either she has never seen a used condom before or she just doesn't give shit

No. 98917


No. 98918

I do question where all her "beta bucks" is going because clearly it's not being used for the content she makes. Maybe some more luxury scarves and bags are on the horizon for our hooker cow.

No. 98919

Sorry. I meant she likely got tsushoumei relatively soon, but citizenship, “she is Japanese”, she is adopted, etc is all crazy talk from Margaret.

Expected socially, not required by law. If she planned to become a citizen, THEN Japanese national couples must share the same family name.

Tinfoil: money goes towards a new visa husband.

No. 98920

How does she not have internet at her new place? I assumed in this day&age everyone had at least home internet if they work and such, especially in a tech-land like Japan.

No. 98921

its really not that deep anon. she clearly gets all her inspiration from hentai, which is notorious for gratuitous amounts of semen.

No. 98928

I dont' think she's a virgin, but i believe her story about her first times/trials, and also about manaki sexual identity, that would explain why we never knew why he dressed up, or if he was into kids, or into boys… the story she posted the other day made a lot of sense.

No. 98930

i think she can't cash out her onlyfans money because she doesn't own a visa or something. She might be aware of how japanese government and bank conpanies are already super annoying about hanshakaitekina (against society) which is basically yakuza. For exemple making a bank account in Japan requires you to sign a contract in which you say you won't associate with anything that's related to "against society rules in Japan".

Pimping, kyabakura and soapland, which are usually owned by anti society organization, ie yakuzas or the likes, don't make a good name in japan. selling sex companies will or may definitely have a hard time in Japan. So with that, imagine being an independent sex worker or cashing out huge sums of money out of the blue, no matter if japanese name or not.

No. 98934

Right, she's going through all the fetishes. Even the livestream where someone "might" walk in is an exposure fetish.

No. 98935

She's married. She lives there. She doesn't need an extra visa for cashing out, anon. You guys need to learn up on how that works. As long as she had a bank account, routing number, and a SSN or equivalent which she does because she needed one to get married in Japan, she can cash out her money.

No. 98936

She's rounding up all the usual Japanese male fetishes and it's working. She's actually going to be as high demand as Moo which is funny as hell. Their %s are getting closer together. How much you want to bet Moo is going to try reaching out to Venus when she goes to Japan again? Venus already said she has 2 girls she has plans to shoot with and that have gotten back to her or reached out to her. She mentioned this in the live stream.

No. 98942

God you guys are so stupid arousing these type of ideas in this thread, don't you realize Beenus is not creative enough so she's using YOUR ideas for her hentai?

No. 98948


Do you think, if that's what she is doing, that Venus isn't the idiot in the long run for ruining her name and life for quick cash?

No. 98954

What's most frustrating is that she of all people should know how to take appealing pictures and videos. She's been positioned in front of a camera and audience for her whole life. Generally she's been able to keep up some sort of quality or aesthetic on her IG. But nah, apparently she draws a total blank on posing, facial expressions, lightning, angles, surroundings and clothing as soon as it's something else than the regular kawaii shit. She could make so much better money if she bothered to put in even a little effort, there's uglier bitches making a buck just for that.

No. 98956

when you were younger and went on a drive with your parents, you paid attention not on the road but on the scenery, getting swept up in the changing buildings, streets and sights flying by, etc. that or you were tremendously bored and played on your gameboy or phone. either way you were absorbed in your own thoughts and not paying attention to what's happening. what road did we take? what were the directions? no idea.

could be similar to how she is now - she never really paid attention to anything happening while she was a kid especially since it was probably ol' marge directing everything. now that she's older and running her own show, she ends up taking shoddy, noob shots of herself instead of what we're expecting (at this point, something is better than nothing with posing and lights and shit lol).

anyway, not really defending her, for me what hurts the most is her facial expression. it's either completely lacking or she somehow portrays anything but sex and lust.

No. 98960


Is Margo a badly coded AI chatbot?



No. 98962

woah calm down dude Im pretty sure she isn't kinky enough to do it, that would be DEGENERATE kek

No. 98963

>inb4 weenus decides to do a "sexy office worker" photoshoot
At least you tried anon…

No. 98970

you're a fuckin clown, that's the best u can up to? x'D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 98973

nobody knows what kind of visa she has and all im saying is that you can't just cash out 10k$ out of the blue every month without eventually getting doubt by the government. Especially in Japan they tend to watch that kind of stuff.

Anyways, it would explain why she isn't getting an apartment of her own and other stuff too.

No. 98977

The thought of her still being actually married to Doormaki for that sweet visa while hoeing on the side on OF & without a doubt IRL for beta bucks is just comical and more than likely what she's doing. She's probably played the magical mental health card to keep his ass in line. "If you don't stay married to me Mana-tan I will kill myself uwu boo bye bye boo".

No. 98978

File: 1591564411037.gif (1.87 MB, 250x157, d4e63e94c4190c7a47e21feeec99e7…)


>If you don't stay married to me Mana-tan I will kill myself uwu boo bye bye boo

No. 98981

LMAO it so does fit her. I'd bet on this one lol

No. 98982

>Doormatkun let's her shack it up with someone else so if she does kill herself it's pimp san's problem
Yeesh. Venus lore be gettin' deep.

No. 98983

File: 1591565994356.jpeg (200.31 KB, 814x1402, 05B1903C-0AFF-45A6-B810-34D9B5…)

>>She's probably played the magical mental health card to keep his ass in line.
Of course she’s played the suicide card at Manaki, probably multiple times. hell she’s fucking done it online many times.

It’s probably why he let her worm her way back into her little pink room at his apartment after “Ken” kicked her greasy ass to the curb. “B-but I’ll be HOMELESS! I-I just wanna DIE!!”

No. 98988

She’s slowly turned into something she’s against with, even worst… her mother. I remember when her mother post her nudes at the Korean airport and now it’s her daughter turn to post it on OF. Also, remember how she said that her mother used to guilt trip her, now she’s doing the same to her doormat husband too. Seriously, like mother like daughter. I’m actually not surprised after I’ve know who she’s grow up with.

No. 98999

File: 1591569806288.jpeg (362.91 KB, 1295x1295, 062B914F-6B4E-457A-A078-CF8EE1…)

A “drooling” pic” is one of the items listed on her OF tip menu. For $5.

No. 99003

Yeah, that's probably the case. Might also be that she does remember something but doesn't want to implement the knowledge just for the sake of doing this her own way, not Margo's.

No. 99004

File: 1591570698893.png (351.14 KB, 283x500, 1C3951A3-925B-43D4-97FD-BDFAE4…)


What is your source? Her Swiss passport still has Venus Palermo written on it

No. 99010


It would make no sense to use her new Japanese name for a legal Swedish document, especially if her other paperwork linked to her nationality uses her real full name surely?

No. 99012

Saying she lives in an Internet cafe is reaching SO hard.
Stripping/masturbating in a net cafe is a popular form of porn in Japan. Usually consists of the girl constantly checking and being visibly scared of being caught. Often the video will end with someone opening the door or peeking through.

No. 99014

Better not believing what Margo and Beenos said since both of them has the history of lying and scamming people. There’s no need for us to make theories. Since Beenos sometimes lurking around, those theory will only help Beenos to lied more. Beenos really care what lolcow, kiwi, and pull said about her than her real fans.

No. 99017


Oh fuck you..

No. 99019

There's no way to know how old that pic is, anon. It could be before she changed her name, IF she really did. Either way, I honestly hope she's not using her legal name if it still is Venus Palermo.

No. 99020

This is the answer. She can only be on a marriage visa, which is why this is the route most foreign sex workers take instead of an entertainment visa via the whorehouse they work because no other visa will let you do that. And with her history of suicide baiting, Manaki would be easy to sucker in.

If she took her husband’s name and legally changed it, her passport would have been reissued with the new name. So either she never took his name or was already legally divorced by then? It’s really strange. Alternatively, she could have had legal name change with whole new name, but this passport shows the maiden name she always had.

Yeah, she is probably throwing people off by showing an old passport, especially since she edited her face.

No. 99026

I wonder what the situation is with Manaki. Has he dropped the divorce? Does he know about her OF account? Some have speculated he may not know about it since he doesn’t speak English and has no SM presence but I find that hard to swallow (bad pun intended.) What about his parents? They don’t seem super close but were on good terms with Venus for awhile, sending her birthday gifts etc.

There was a rumor going around a few months ago that they were no longer on speaking terms with Venus due to her trashing of Manaki on her SM.

She was living in Manaki’s apartment recently. If they do know about her whoring activities it must be humiliating for them (not to mention Manaki.)

No. 99051

There’s no requirement for a foreign woman to take her husbands name and some families prefer you don’t (a Japanese couple needs both names to match though).
I’ve heard if you do want to change your last name as a foreigner you have to do it via your own home country so Venus was probably too lazy to.

No. 99126

Did she happen to mention who?

No. 99155

Inshallah Venus sees your hot tip
Jesus Christ…I hope this is a case of not obsessively following a boring cow and not your geography skills.

Anyway, her legal name is her legal name and she would have to use it on any official document regardless of the issuing country. Either Marge is making shit up as she tends to do or Manaki is still enabling Venus and she changed her name very recently.
Didn't she show off her Swiss passport a few months ago? Could have been a renewal but who knows.

No. 99165

I didn’t say it was required….? Just that if she is showing her maiden name on a passport, she never took his name, changed it back or is showing an old copy to hide a new one. But Margaret was saying Venus did go through with an immediate legal name change and somehow she already knew it.

No. 99191

I can't believe just how much venus messed up her life in such a short amount of time. She sure has to give her pimp a lot of her pay but I hope she saves up a bit for the time she's getting kicked out of Japan or when she decides to run away from that man instead of spending it on nonsense

No. 99199

You know her, like her mother said she’s a “psychopath” who is obsessed with kawaii stuff and decorate her bedroom. Even thought I’m not 100% believe what Margo said but now we’ve already see her with our own eyes. She’s doing what she’s against on the first place. The only things I wish for her is to shut up and stop talking so big if she’s (think she’s) not going to make it. It’s stupid, she make herself look like a fool and I pity her. But then she’ll go lurked on any website that’s talking about her and all the sudden she will be like “AcTuAlLy…” follow along with “ThIs iS tHe ReAl Me!" If she’s going to change, the first things we will notice is that she’ll drop anything about Japan and slowly leaving the glorious nippon land. She is obsessively cling with Japan to stay there with her dear life like what’s wrong with her country in Europe?

No. 99200

ffs how small must the bubble you live in be that u think swiss means swedish. get educated about countries other than america

No. 99206

lmao guys I just talked to margo and she has some crazy theories…someone here must be crazy..I'm gonna post now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 99207

File: 1591610755833.jpg (457.22 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200608-025950_Ins…)

And keep in mind i'm talking to her in a way that she would like….

No. 99208

File: 1591610806835.jpg (445.87 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200608-030013_Ins…)

No. 99209

File: 1591610855415.jpg (417.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200608-030030_Ins…)

No. 99210

This is getting ridiculous, Yakuza is like a rare unicorn living in Japan. You won’t suddenly bump into a Yakuza or I don’t think Manaki has anything to do with Yakuza since he’s an otaku living in her house basement with anime and also Venus nor anyone has the courage or the privilege to speak to a Yakuza.

No. 99211

I still wonder what that court case was all about

No. 99213

Yea, what has happened is not unsurprising at all. The daughter of a narcissist often becomes one herself. This is what happens when you grow up with not being able to trust your mother and what years of manipulation and being used as a tool do to you. Your only escape is to become a manipulating cunt yourself, who does everything to lie herself through life, because veing honest and and showing integrity was never rewarded when you were a child. In the end it is learned behaviour which is hard to change once you are adult. It's sad honestly.

No. 99217

True and no, she can actually undo the narcissistic cycle after she’s run away from her mother. But she refuse to, I mean she doesn’t want to go to psychiatrist or even studying about narcissistic, she said that she want “help” but in reality she’s just want attention. Let’s just said if she get help, she then doesn’t have any mental illness card to excuse her behaviour and also attention. I’ve noticed that every time she post something about she’s depressed or suicidal and then she’ll delete it later, it’s not like she’ll do anything to fix her own problem. She just want her fangelic and recent new horny man to cradle her into their arm and comfort his little sensitive snowflake baby soul.

She can stop doing this venus angelic stuff, delete her account, start a new life, find a decent job or nurture herself, finding hobby but no. She love those sweet sweet attention even thought her fan base is about to dying. She grew up with seeking for attention and validation from stranger after all.

No. 99220

margo is crazy and that yakuza thing doesn't feel true.but that court part seems legit cause she maybe facing some problems staying in japan

No. 99222

Come to think of it, wouldnt getting divorced require some kind of court? Or maybe a court situation with her Visa after the divorce, to try to stay in Japan/keep whatever Visa she got from marriage? I dont know how any of this works in Japan, but idk what else she would have gone to court for.

No. 99223

now that I think about it.a court for her visa situation after the divorce makes perfect sense.or maybe a divorce court in general

No. 99228

If she got involved in shady sex work before, especially related to that Ken guy, it’s very possible since Yakuza are involved in much of the sex industry. I have no idea what she could have done to piss them off or how she would have a debt towards them. But you have to mess up real bad for them to go after you.

Only if one partner refuses to agree to divorce or there are assets they are fighting over. If she and Manaki were on good terms and it was true when she said there was never any love between them, they could have had an easy mutual divorce, kyōgi rikon, a long time ago. But since it has been over a year of divorce claims, it seems like something bad between them like money. Maybe Manaki or his parents are suing her, or she’s suing Manaki life “living off her earnings”. Or maybe it’s just because her plans to get into business and entertainment via Kitano to earn a new visa failed so hard and she realized she can’t qualify for any other visa.

No. 99229

That's just as ridiculous as saying venus killed manaki.

No. 99231

The only things I remember or at least read before is if you wanted to contact with Yakuza, you must have a debt with them. It’s impossible for Manaki to owe a debt from Yakuza because although he’s a simp but he seems like a person at least with a common sense. Unlike Venus, there’s a slight 'probably' since Venus often waste her money on nonsense stuff, not only that… fashion in Japan are mostly branded and expensive. I hate to agreed with anyone who compared Venus with that hentai manga called metamorphosis but for girls who live in Japan especially high school girls, if you don’t own a brand you’re considered as irrelevant something like that. Plus, since Venus content and OF are mostly cheap and crappy, let alone for her streaming nude in internet cafe, she seems like running out of money (obviously)

No. 99233

Also it’s common for asia to have this adds everywhere like Do you want money call [phone number] Everywhere. It’s not a legal wast to borrow money like bank does, but to borrow money from shark loan you’ll face threat everyday until you’ve payed your money which it’ll never happen because they’ll keep increasing your deposit or whatever people call it. Female will told to sell body or get raped and for the borrower family, they’ll disowned the borrower because of the shark loan can’t find the borrower to pay all the money, they’ll automatically find their friends and relative as they’ll share the same threats with the borrower.

No. 99235

Kek, checking in to see anons are tinfoiling about the fucking Yakuza. brilliant stuff, keep it up, love the new thread but the baby b's headline should have been used.

No. 99238

Margo shows all the signs of having narcissistic personality disorder, right down to the wild stories about Venus and her supposed involvement with the Yakuza. The ONLY reason she spins that fantasy story is so that it sounds intriguing to some people, so that they engage into conversation with Margo. Narcissists want one thing, being the center of attention and spinning wild stories is a way to do that. To a narcissist there's no good or bad attention, just attention. Narcissists think they're always right and if they're wrong they spin the truth around until they find a way to interpret it as being right from a certain (mostly just their own) point of view.

Venus shows similar traits, akin to a histrionic personality disorder. This is similar to narcissism, but someone who's histrionic has a low self esteem and image of themselves, where as a narcissist thinks they're the best person at everything (unless being bad garners them more attention). Still, histrionics are extremely theatrical and also make up wild stories (and take appalling actions) to get attention from others as they too love to be in the spotlight. Like narcissists, histrionics have little ability for empathy and little to no concern for others. Usually when empathy is feigned, it is to appear as nice to people, which in turn is another way to fish for compliments (and thus garnering, once again, attention).

This whole OnlyFans act is likely Venus getting attention. Ofcourse she feels great about it, because as long as they get attention histrionics tend to thrive and feel great.

No. 99239

I almost forgot the fact that narcissistic can make one simple non harm mistake into something more dramatic to gain attention. We could only take margo's word with a grain of salt and tried to decode it or whatever people called it.

No. 99242

This. Marg is a certified nutjob. Why are people even speculating about this yakuza nonsense

No. 99248

I think it’s possible for her to be in debt but not to some gangsters. She has a track record of starting random ventures and then abandoning them. Who is to say she hasn’t annoyed or inconvenienced the wrong person and now has to pay them back?

No. 99249

Venus totally ruined her life. With her narcistic personality she only uses people and then she dumps them. She also seeks validation and her personality is build up on lies. Whatever happened between Margo and her, Venus is much worse. Doing weird porn and using mental disorder as excuse says it all.

No. 99250

Who know we could find some hidden clue behind margo words, she love to make small words into big dramatic words. For example if she said Venus name is now Minako Okada, it’s doesn’t mean that Venus changed her name into Minako. It could probably mean that "She’s not my daughter anymore, she doesn’t deserve to be called as Palermo.” or "Pretend that I don’t even give birth to her. No baby, no name given.”

or when she said “Venus killed Manaki." it doesn’t mean that she killed Manaki physically. It could mean that "Venus divorced Manaki or something that she doesn’t want Manaki into her life anymore so Manaki is dead to her."

It’s like a guessing puzzle. Who know by the mean of “Yakuza" maybe the “Yakuza” she meant is… people who venus borrowing money with or work with? Like a new manager.

No. 99252

Venus most likely is in some debt, she's been off the rails for a good while so she probably has mooched off of some gross ass dudes who now want her to repay it.

No. 99255

I think deep down she knows that something is wrong with her but it's NOT easy for an narcissist to undo the cycle. Her behavior and attention seeking/poor decision making is also part of her narcissism in the first place. And considering that this is what her whole personality is about, she would go into a deep identity crisis and suddenly realize that she is just an empty shell of a person. And narcissists are all about being special and better than everyone else. I'm not seeing that kind of immense will power for her to go through that mind shaping process tbh

No. 99257

For some reason, I think that her story goes like this
- She owe money from loan shark.
- Manaki and his family decided to cut off ties with her because she’s just a foreigner and how they don’t want to get involved with illegal event such as borrowing money from loan shark.
- Manaki end up kicking her out and this is where fans question where is Manaki?
- Her friends doesn’t want to get involved with her but not only that her mental illness is draining them but now borrowing money???
- She begun to start with OF because she thought that selling nudes is the fastest way to get money, to pay and to spend.
- Using other problematic YouTubers such as Sora to gain more horny man to promote her OF. I never saw her hanging out with girls recently but mostly I saw her like she’s trying to get close to the male.

Not to mentioned that she even have drinking problem too, plus these borrowing money possibilities only fit into the stories. But again, what I said could be fact or just theories.

No. 99258

Convert narcissistic exists too anon, most people know that narcissistic are very loud and out going but there’s also narcissistic who is shy and very pessimistic. But in the end, narcissistic love attention.

No. 99259


i think it goes more like this:
-japan is expensive
-her yt channel is dead
-she doesnt want to work a regular job
-she can make more money in a day on onlyfans than in a month on yt

No. 99260

But now fans are questioning about Manaki and how did she get to stay in Japan if she’s divorced Manaki. To gain a citizenship in Japan is not easy unless one of your grandparents are Japanese, both couples lived in Japan for 7 generations and the 7th generations of their children will finally get their Japanese resident.

No. 99264

She has her daughter's porn pics saved and sends them to randos? She's so creepy.

No. 99266

Let me know when the Venus fanfic is finished and I'll buy it in paperback. It had better not turn out that she was a ghost all along though.

No. 99269

Not as rare as you think. They have ginko (ATMs where you can take out loans) that are run by the Yakuza. You don't pay back your loan then yeah, you're working it off. Pretty common.

I think that is more likely than any "court" tin foil.

(Sage cause it's still tin foil)

No. 99271

Jeez anon some of you stretch the truth a bit too much with these scenarios backed by that deranged mother of hers.

She probably is simply broke and didn’t have any moral obligations for sex work. Many regular girls do it and it’s not always because of some crazy yakuza background story. If she wasn’t such a pedo panderer I would be okay with her doing sex work personally.

No. 99272

how are you guys saying marge is crazy with her theories, when some of you crazies here and pull have the most outrages theories i ever seen. you even excuse venus and try to make excuses for what shes doing. oh not my queen venus, she can't do it out of freewill.

No. 99274

you are delusional.
if you speak japanese, live in japan and make money in japan than its not that hard to get a citizenship.

No. 99275

the yakuza aren’t some rare unicorn in japan, but at the same time, this is all coming from margo. this same person who thinks venus got manaki murdered???

i cant believe anyone is even entertaining what margo says. everything out of her mouth needs to be taken with an iceberg of salt

No. 99276

Margo and Venus as just as awful as each other. Elaborate sickening as well as hilarious lies and attention seeking is all they know & thrive on. They're both blood draining parasites to society and it's no wonder as time goes by, they become worse and worse. What a dysfunctional ass family.

No. 99281

>>if you speak japanese, live in japan and make money in japan than its not that hard to get a citizenship.
WRONG. To qualify and be granted citizenship you must pass stringent eligibility criteria including having sufficient income to support yourself. You must supply proof of income including tax records invoices etc. And no, OF and/or YT does NOT qualify as legitimate income.

In addition ir your current visa is a marriage one, your marriage must be intact. Weenus has publicly stated she’s divorcing and now openly lives apart from Manaki. She’d never in a million years be granted citizenship.

Marriage visa is all she has and she’s even jeopardizing that with her reckless behavior on her very public SM every day.

No. 99282

Thread summary is kind of bad
>the first reason for her moving to japan was to escape her mother
No it wasn't. It was to get to glorious Nipponland, her dream country. She even went as far as to actually put in effort to learn some Japanese. Leaving Marge was just a bonus for her, but she can use that excuse in attempt to mask visa fraud.
>Reasons to think it was for visa purposes and that Venus never loved him. >While this is unsure
Lmao it's 100% sure. She even went as far as to admit she never loved him in her slander video, yet "it's unsure". wtf. Also would have been nice to include that she knowingly dated a pedophile and revealed the child's sexual abuse to the public in her vendetta against Ken/bolster herself up using someone else's abuse, instead of just, "Accusing Ken of doing illicit things to child".
>seemed to have went through an alcoholic episode.
Should also be mentioned that she admitted to faking/over-dramatizing it, despite attempting to tug on her audience's heartstrings so they pity her.

No. 99283

Can you dumbasses stop interacting with cows to get milk to post? This is the same anon as >>98871 >>98872 and who made the venus specific Instagram account. Keep margo's stuff in her own thread. She wishes she was relevant to Venus and interacting with her to try to cross cows is cowtipping.

No. 99284

All we know is Penis and Pimp-san are two shitty persons benefitting from each others' shittiness. A match made in heaven.
While it's true that yakuza runs a good chunk of japan's porn industry, I really doubt they would bother making some washed out gaijin youtube celebrity to open an OF account when they could make quick and direct cash through JAV, soaplands or whatever other business they run.

lol no

No. 99287

It made no sense. Manaki is the one who said she had a cute ass, seemed infatuated, tried to have sex with her but it 'hurt her too much' and allegedly posted some cross dressing ad (not sure if there was an actual ad or if it was just some old pic as I don't think Margo showed proof), but either way, that doesn't seem like asexual behaviour to me. Then we have Venus: married a guy solely for a visa, called him boyfriend instead of husband, said his kisses were disgusting, allegedly told her mom she is asexual, chest-binded and acted like a child and even wrote a blog post about how sinful bra-shopping is. Hmm. I wonder who the asexual is? And now she's acting hypersexual, using lesbianism as a prop, (just as she did BDP and alcoholism) and is even using Manaki's alleged sexuality just to profit off of. If anyone is asexual, it's her. She's just saying whatever she can now because she realized she can make decent money off sexuality. It would also explain why her content is so bad.

No. 99290

I also don't think Venus is a virgin, just pretending for OF, but I don't think she really cares about sex, beyond using it to achieve whatever she wants (OF, sugar daddies to leech off of etc).

No. 99292

She’s not, if she said that she’s never having sex with Manaki. I think, like maybe… she indeed have a sex with another guy at Korea and that picture of a woman wearing a cute pajamas laying next to a man might be her or might be her mother. But in my calculations, on that post/year is where Weenos officially lost her virginity where he said in her video.

No. 99293

Maybe this is a cultural thing, but used condoms aren't considered sexy are they?

I get the "implied sex" part but it's just so wild to me that any man would enjoy this.

No. 99294

I have a darker theory based on what I’ve saw in asian, who know Venus brought their Japan citizenships in a black market. Our id card no matter what nationality you are from are really valuable actually. But how Weenoos met this person is unknown because it’s not easy to met people who walk into you and ask you. You have to met a lot of people and you’ll find those people, but with Weenoos social anxiety, I don’t think she will go outside and socialise unless it’s another gaijin weeaboo. But she indeed could find an illegal surgery to give her stomach surgery so this possibility is half and half true and false.(unsaged tinfoil)

No. 99295

…and when she woke up, she realized it was all just a dream

No. 99296

Sex is sex, used condom or not is still sex for us. If you lost your virginity before marriage you’re unwanted. That’s what the asian boomer said and past down to their generation.

No. 99297

File: 1591636760023.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 883.66 KB, 1242x912, 63E573B5-1FEC-4DBF-A58B-7C3DBD…)

So her may nude set is the puke images just ew srsly

No. 99298

File: 1591636781817.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1242x1738, F25416E3-EE09-46DE-AE37-E37EEB…)

No. 99300

apart from he spilled breakfast on her body its actually a pretty good picture imo. her body looks nice, her face looks confident and not like a baby and the way her hip shows it gives the impression shes fully nude, i like it. if u compare it to the crap she posted a month ago this is miles ahead and looks much more professional.

No. 99301

Ewwww what a mess, like literally. All I can think about are the sheets she ruined for this shitfest. Isn't it rude to leave a room like this, even if it's a love hotel!? I just can't with this disgusting piece of human trash.

No. 99302

(same anon)
still pretty disgusting to do this at a love hotel, no respect for the people who have to clean up her gallons of lube cereal

No. 99304

Can this girl just buy a normal lingerie to make her OF? Cheongsam is not chinese traditional dress but a lot of white people use that dress to portray asian people in general. Now she’s encouraging yellow fever while her fan will defend her in the name of bed room role play. Like how they said high school girl and baby is ddlg stuff but it’s not, they’re just supporting the pedophile and make them want to fuck little children more. (also high school girl.)

No. 99306

Rape victim used to puke to prevent getting rape, that’s no wonder people feel disgusted. Who the hell getting turned on by this?! What next? Playing with her own shit like two girls one cup?

No. 99307

Didnt she say in the stream this is ice cream?

No. 99308

you'd think she would shop that nip hair out after all this time

No. 99309

I agree. its not a bad photo. I think she needs to ditch the black hair and she would look better photogenically. It doesn't suit her and it actually makes her look older. A dark brown hair color would ake her look her age and probably give her better confidence.

No. 99315

overall not a bad pic. she looks confident, and is finally getting better at expressions, took her long enough. the melted ice cream thing weird tho.

No. 99319

That’s not “melted ice cream,” ya rube. Whatever it is it’s supposed to look like some sort of slimy body fluid.

What kind of melted ice cream looks anything like that, in your view?

No. 99320

Lube maybe? You know Japan has anything weird like…eww… Why does people there make everything fuckable.

No. 99321

I think it is bubble tea spilled on her. Still not sexy though. But maybe its meant to be like, trendy high school girl spills drink on herself?

No. 99324

File: 1591644245388.jpg (19.35 KB, 320x310, 3e7e170deec9b27c1cbd64dfec5f2b…)

newfag, sage please. This thread is getting annoying with no one reading the info of the site. Just put sage in email field. It's not hard.

Anyways, I think it's this gross bubble tea cream drink just like thrown on her. I really wish I knew what she was going for, because this just looks gross. Not to mention how it seeps into her hair behind her shoulder. That makes me shudder thinking of this cold gross melting sugary drink getting into my hair and skin.

Also >>99309 dark brown hair, I agree with you. The black hair just makes her look sallow and ill, and ages her.
Like this color again but maybe even a bit lighter.

No. 99326

What the hell is that spot on her ribcage by her right (bent) elbow? Looks like a sore of some kind maybe?

No. 99328


hi can you please fuck off and go leech her content from somewhere else you disgusting pedo creep?

No. 99329

Her belly button is missing kek

No. 99330

I think it's filled with whatever the hell that liquid is

No. 99331

>>99329 How did I not notice this? Doesn't it look kind of red too where it should be? Why would she remove that? Isn't that a sexual fetish for some guys? Maybe it was dirty or the liquid was pooling into it

No. 99332

Interesting catch. I wonder if it's related to the spot on her chest?

No. 99333

The bellybutton is filled with the liquid are you completely blind

No. 99334

Honestly never thought I'd say this, but I agree. If she's gonna be a cheap ho on the internet, at least try to do it well lmao.

Looks like it has some scabbing on the top, maybe a boil that has emptied? From her wax play stuff, I wouln't be surprised if she got burnt.

No. 99339

im a girl, not a simp, not a pedo lmao. youre picking out my comments and calling me a pedo creep because i (and i wasnt the only one) was annoyed with a thread going to shit because of constant nitpicking and dared to voice my opinion? and because i dont mindlessly hate on EVERY pic she posts but instead point out when she, in my opinion, managed to take a decent picture? sorry, i better go on mindlessly hating every part of her and get started commenting on her nasolabial folds so no sad anon calls me a pedo creep again lol ffs

No. 99343

The circle mark on her chest and ribcage look 100% liked ring worm, raised circle and flat inside.. sis needs to get some cream for it

No. 99344

hate to break it to you, but were not all the same person, and im yet another female anon. i dont care to get into retarded theories margo spews and weird derails her threads are full of, and since its clear venus wont stop, ill at least give constructive criticism since she lurks, from her tryhard angles, to finally releasing a decent pic after, what a month now?

i dont agree with the OF thing at all, but shes not stopping until she hits an absolute low.

No. 99346

Let her be as low as she can, she’s wanted to do it remember? All we can do is watch her self destructive and make people aware how much of a hypocrite liars, scammers, pedo and yellow fetish supporter she is. It’ll be interesting if she’ll post another uwu depression suicidal post, I made a wrong decission and I don’t want to fix my problem. But I want people to give me attention, love and support because of my mental illness.

No. 99348

what is a "baby b" though? i don't get it

No. 99353

Baby Beenos (Venus)

No. 99357

so then is "baby b's" a plural or a contraction or what? it doesn't work

No. 99360

No. 99361

>it's possession
ok, of what? what does she possess in the clause?
it's just not funny

No. 99362

okay go reeeee about this elsewhere, no one cares

No. 99363

Are you asking question to make yourself look smarter than us or what? You’re actually making yourself look dumber for asking way too obvious question.

No. 99364

>it's so obvious
what's the fucking answer then? i do not get it

No. 99365

Well, I don’t know either… I’m sure that baby b isn’t a short form for baby beenos.

No. 99374

ffs stop asking newbie grammar questions here, X's death doesn't mean X literally possesses death

No. 99376

>newbie question
>obvious question
so, shut this down quickly by answering instead of deflecting: what does "baby b's" mean?(endless derailing)

No. 99378

>admits that she helped Venus fake legal documents to get away with something

Isn't she essentially incriminating herself with a crime by saying that? Dumb bitch.

No. 99379

Imagine being this pathetic and try hard correcting a stranger's grammar on the internet

No. 99382


The first anon refers to the new headline suggested in the previous thread. "Baby B's, STDs, still can't pass for Japanese?".

So essentially the s is there to make the rhyme work. No more spoonfeeding now.

No. 99385

Only retard using grammar to win the argument since they’re incapable to give some valid argument. Beside I think anon is a Venus white knight or some troll, some people think by asking obvious question will make us asking ourselves why we “hate" venus. Not a smart move or a smart question, the whole action is just plain retard.

No. 99386

OP here. Thanks for the feedback anon. Maybe I was a little too nice that's why it came out that way. Anyways, Idk if i'll make the next thread lol but i'll keep these in mind if i do.

No. 99387

lol half her supporters are other of thots with bios like
>Naughty baby need to please her daddy because she made a very big stinky in her diaper. Daddys thing was so big in my little mouth

No. 99392

I doubt it's specifically a cultural thing but it's a very common kink in hentai doujinshi.
The net cafe thing is more niche but that is too….

I swear she's getting 'inspired' to do this shit from niche exhibitionism mindbreak manga rather than actual real sexual experiences or even observing "normal" porn and I'm genuinely unsettled by how fast this is escalating.

No. 99394

I hear you. I'm afraid to say that's how it goes here though. It doesn't matter that you're female, or even just objectively critical and giving praise where it is actually due, the fanatical haters here will jump up and down screaming "pedo" at you. It's a shame in a way that people don't have to put their real names along with a picture of them, and then the threads may be a little more civilised.

I also think Venus looks beautiful in her recent pictures, I only wish I looked as good as her, she has a very nice figure and her body does look perfect, but all that stuff all over her, I really did find gross and unnecessary. Surely she must have put some sort of caption with it explaining what it was meant to be? She usually does so it seems odd if she didn't give any explanation this time but just put it out there with no explanation.

Also agree about the thread going to pot, too much endless garbage about narcissistic personality disorder and people talking like they all live in therapy and can't imagine life with seeing therapists, anyone would think everyone posting here was in the US and I'm sure there are people here from all over the world, but so much talk about therapy and Margo and nitpicking on anything they can find to talk about on Venus's body, I can't see these things they go on about, and I think favourably of most of her pictures so they must be scrutinising ever so closely and that alone seems weird when they hate her so much.(pls stop)

No. 99396


I'm female too but that still won't stop you being accused of being a man, and a pedo at that, just for saying the nicest little thing about her, because the haters can't stand that so they try to shut you up as soon as you say anything nice about her appearance.
I think she looks mainly nice in her pictures and very pretty and she has a perfect figure, but the pictures with the sweetcorn where horrible i think, really cringy and gross and the melted ice cream or whatever it was meant to be, horrible, and those pictures she looked really beautiful in if it wasn't for that.

I like the picture she posted of herself in the cheongsam, and I think the black hair suits her, I think she said once her natural hair colour is very dark anyway, and it probably helps her fit in more easily in Japan and not stand out so much, if she was walking around over there with blonde hair or much lighter hair she would stand out more as a foreigner whereas with black hair she at least blends in more with.

No. 99398

Can't imagine life without* seeing therapists.

No. 99399

I don't know why she doesn't concentrate more on just catering to her Japanese audience. It's obvious she's going to get more criticism and complaints from a western audience because they have a different mindset, and like different things.

No. 99400

Can confirm this poster is a 40-plus-year-old male. Yikes.

No. 99402

See what I mean anons? All Venus haters: females.
Anyone who sees anything nice about Venus: male, oh and pedo to boot! lol this site! Every bit as bad as Pull, saw some retard there recently post a girl's post from Venus's Instagram and stated quite categorically that the girl was a "creepy old man", even though the girl in question has made very many posts on Venus's youtube and instagram and is a longtime fan and Lolita fashion wearer and who doesn't even like the fact that Venus is doing an Only fans, but no, in the minds of the retards that post there and here, she likes Venus, therefore that means she's really a man. kek.

No. 99405

Anon you’re breaking the rules, you shouldn’t compare yourself to the snowflake . We don’t care if the comparison is positive or negative, the subject here is Venus, we’re talking about venus and you’re just clogging the thread.

No. 99406

Baby blues

No. 99407

We don’t care if you want to compliment the snowflake, they’re snowflake for a reason and this thread is to discuss about how she lied, scam, cheat, etc. If you really want to tell Venus how pretty she is etc. etc. You should tell her at her whatever page she have, why are you compliment the subject since here we’re talking about the subject bad side that people sleep on it because of her “living doll photoshop image” it’s really doesn’t make any sense.

No. 99408

no it's because of the way you write. try to imagine someone under 30 writing 'going to pot' lmao

No. 99409

NTA but I say 'going to pot' a lot as do a lot of my British friends who are definitely under 30. Stop trying to scrape insults about an anonymous user, it's really not as funny as you think

No. 99410

>those pictures she looked really beautiful in if it wasn't for that.

Bless these anons for trying to find the good in Venus' new depraved life choice, but it's no good looking pretty when you're covered with fake cum and a there's a condom hanging out of your mouth

(this sounds so ridiculous but is somehow an actual description of some New Venus Content from this week)

No. 99411

LMAO at some idiot in PULL posting pictures of her belly button and claiming it is in different place when she is sitting down in one picture and standing in the other, what is wrong with the minds of these people?

Anyway, why do people think she is living in the place where her recent only fans pics were taken? Just because there were cardboard boxes there, couldn't she still be living at Manaki's but just went to that other place for the pictures to be taken? She seems to have different places where she gets photographed so it's not a stretch to think that she just visited the place where she was filmed with the boxes. maybe its the guys place who took the pictures?
Perhaps she does live there, perhaps not, I really don't care, not interested where she lives. I sometimes think her and Manaki and her mother are all in it together and combine to make drama to get views and see it as ways she can make money, I expect it's all any of them care about anyway.

No. 99412

Sage for OT but using moon speak when its completely irrelevant is cringe

No. 99413

>lol this site!
>in the minds of retards that post here and there

If this site is so retarded maybe you should stick to her instagram and actually pay for her pictures instead of getting them for free here. You seem to support her, after all. But then you can't get into arguments with random people.

No. 99414

Do you let your foreign partner who cheated / contestant slandering you with a language you barely understand stay in your house? Just because she have a pretty dolly face (for her husband) sometimes enough is enough! His husband might be japanese but he’s not a dumb, he’s dumb for marrying Venus because she’s an internet idol but I don’t think he’ll continue to be dumb to let her use him.

No. 99416

Manaki who can only said “hamburger” in english talk with Margo who spoke broken english and other language which it’s not even a language. (Not saying that German or Hungarian isn’t a language but it’s hard for people to understand her what she’s saying in her 'native’ language even for native) Yeah, like they’ll work together and make a drama while Margo constant hate on Manaki and accuse Manaki for brainwashing her daughter. Manaki’s family wouldn’t be that dumb to let her son live with a weeaboo who doesn’t want to have a children and live like they’re single even thought they’re married.

No. 99418

Enough with the tinfoiling. Seriously, some of y’all put Marge to shame when it comes to lunatic obsession and crazy theories about her life in Japan. This is an image board anon, either post proof or STFU.
She’s either still married to Manaki, or paying for a visa husband like her many Eastern European predecessors in Japan.l Lots of foreign bar girls, hostesses and delivery health girls have more drama involved in their life regarding visa husbands but they are smart enough to keep a low profile.

No. 99422

The WKs here continue to be fucking amusing. Only on an anonymous imageboard would "women" dare compliment autism like this:

No. 99429

Jfc yakuza tinfoilers. Have you been involved in enjo kosai in Japan? Here’s some perspective from someone who actually has a SD:

I have a sugar daddy, or a sponsor, whatever you name it.. Yakuza has never been involved in our arrangement as they have no way of being informed about the relationship between a Caucasian woman and a middle aged Asian man. We met online, then gradually improved our relationship as we both enjoyed the company of each other. Yakuza has some influence over hostess clubs and soaplands, but obviously online arrangements are exempt from their interest.

My SD is a decent guy with a mature personality, I enjoy his company much more than the fucktoys my age. Since I have employment in Japan, his financial support goes straight to bank. On top of financial support, he buys me net-a-porter quality shoes, bags or dresses because he wants me to look good during our dates. BTW he would kick my ass out if I showed up to our dates looking greasy like Venus. Mani/pedi, facials and regular hairdresser appointments are a necessity. You absolutely cannot wear Don Quixote grade underwear like Venus does. That’s just disrespectful and shows that you don’t give a shit.

I know some of you are completely against sex work, and I am okay with that because I don’t care. But personally I have zero moral obligations against SW and I’m happy to be spoiled as long as it doesn’t harm my mental health. We don’t do the “baby diaper uwu age regression” stuff, as we are two healthy, consenting adults.

BTW you don’t do what I do for a shitty coach bag. Designer bags are investment pieces, you should be able to sell them for good value.(blog)

No. 99432

File: 1591715354929.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 761.82 KB, 1242x1652, 1AAA98EB-052A-439B-AC5E-333280…)

U guys fight more between each other than post her content kek cringe
She posted stripping video I skimmed through some parts bc it was 12mins
She showed her pussy but she only reached 500$ goal, someone said they will donate 800$ next stream
She has posted her new tip menu and sent a picture in DMs to everyone

No. 99434

File: 1591715441290.jpeg (655.33 KB, 1242x1708, 4F5883B8-508E-46BC-8A6A-1CB014…)

No. 99440

that was the most annoying "strip show" ever. the way she keeps putting her hand over her mouth trying so hard to act japanese jesus christ. Not to mention her taking it off and then covering herself every 10 seconds. how could anyone sit through that and not explode.

No. 99453

She said it was ice cream.

Can you fucking retards read the thread instead of tinfoiling stupid shit repeatedly? Its been said several times and she said it in her first stream.

No. 99459

File: 1591719203582.png (Spoiler Image, 639.15 KB, 1443x1440, Screenshot_20200609-075002_2.p…)

See, she actually did strip. I honestly think she was nervous taking her clothes off in a public place, anyone could have seen her.

No. 99460

File: 1591719265049.jpeg (325.84 KB, 817x1589, E76DD168-C6FC-466D-AC25-84DB4F…)

She’s doing a collaboration next

No. 99461

Good thing she went back on the "be my cameraman" thing.
It seems like a great way to get taken advantage of, trafficked or killed.

No. 99463

File: 1591719465855.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.89 KB, 824x621, 5695D5BA-A2A2-499D-B38D-B07F12…)

Nude set wasnt too great, no meow meow, so glad I did not spend $50 on the photos, 4 of which were pictures in the bath tub, 4 were just slight variations of her topless with the ice cream, then this one:

No. 99464

File: 1591719493355.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 55.7 KB, 827x621, B700AE02-CCF9-4FB2-93B7-CC0C70…)

And this:

No. 99465

venus if you do collab with her please take a shower and brush your teeth so that poor girl does not suffer.

No. 99466

LMFAOOOO that's the worst photoshop i ever seen with boobs

No. 99467

Wow effects of her botched surgery in full force. She looks like she's dying or at least deficient in nutrients. Everything's so deflated from the unnatural weightloss I don't know how people are getting off to this. Penus is an idiot but this image makes me pity her

No. 99469

guys that blonde girl is an AV star and her audience is mostly japanese. Sorry venus but at this point she's trying to attract creepy japanese dudes I don't think penus even cares about the blonde cheek but foR the japanese guYs to pay her disgusting photos.ewwwwww

No. 99470

one boob looking like one of trisha paytas botched nipple.

No. 99471

Is it just me but what's wrong with the titties omg

No. 99474

She's very cute in these and she has really nice breasts, but that set-up is so weirdly random and different from her usual aesthetics. I wonder if it's meant to look like the viewer managed to take her to a rabuho, because that's what it looks like and I can see the appeal.

No. 99475

That anachan body tho

No. 99476

She looks so malnourished. this is disturbing

No. 99478

File: 1591722247573.jpeg (86.57 KB, 1090x640, 7DA4CB41-80B5-4C08-B91E-A5AD78…)

She’s up and fighting with people in her IG comments at 2am Japan time.

No. 99479

This belongs to an ED prevention ad

No. 99480

post the rest anon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 99482

Out of all the OF cow thots around, Venus looks the most tragic of them all. It's just trashy, reeks of desperation and there's no passion behind any of what she's doing. She looks hollow inside. What a complete mess.

No. 99484

You can really tell how tall she is in some of these pictures, my guess is it kinda breaks the childish illusion for some of the creeps she may be attracting. It is pretty crazy how quickly she spiraled into more depraved material. I agree with the anons who said she'd probably be able to make some decent cash with lingerie/boudoir stuff for awhile at least. But she jumped in the deep end. A lot of the pics seem pretty Japanese guy fetish focused, the drooling, the humiliation, et cetera.

It is sad to see, I think she did have a chance at a normal life at some point, but its passed. From her crazy mom trying to make her famous in Japan and accepting the disgusting pedo fans that she garnered, to Manaki being ONE of those simp fanboys that she actually married, the butchered surgery…if she would've left him and tried to get a normal job or even eked out a modest youtube career like other J-Vloggers, she'd be kinda normal. Too late now. It feels sad to see but also kind of inevitable, it was such a limited world she was already living in, just obsessed with Japan.

No. 99485

>"Omg you are so hot holy shit"
I don't know why that made me laugh. This is such a bad angle. It overexaggerates the way her breasts naturally hang low (they're not even saggy tbh, just low), and with the combined boniness of her chest, she looks like a grandma.
I feel so bad, but she did this to herself. It's sad.

No. 99488

She looks really comfortable in the leaked strip video posted in PULL, I think she's really used to this… kinda makes me wonder how long she been doing these kind of stuff before announcing OF

No. 99489

>>She said it was ice cream.
“She said” therefore it MUST be true? Newsflash, idiot: SHE LIES.

Look at that pic again at >>99297
and tell me what kind of “melted ice cream” looks like that.

No. 99490

File: 1591724524128.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.28 KB, 1078x1087, _20200609_184127.JPG)

Oh boy, Venus without a doubt will be following down the same path as this girl in future. It's bound to happen.

No. 99491

I don't know why this is so important to everyone but I'm 100% confident it is some kind of bubble tea ice cream. Why she did it who the fuck knows, but I highly doubt its puke. She's running through the "normal" Japanese dude fetishes first, puke is probably pretty low on that list. They love drooling high school girls though.

No. 99492

Jfc why is her smile so creepy. It's like those edgy drawings where the crazy characters have half-moon mouths.

No. 99493

wheres all the money going? shes malnourished as usual. i feel venus is so manic right now she thinks shes invincible that she might get caught. still dont get why she went to an internet cafe thing, unless it was for the thrill to look like a cheap whore.

she lets every little thing get to her. how this bitch has people convinced shes confident is beyond me.

No. 99494

File: 1591725198049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 296.11 KB, 1079x1044, _20200609_185153.JPG)

Oh anon it gets worse. Venus is catering to plenty of the cliché fetishes that Japanese men like already, so I'm sure she's taking plenty of inspiration from her newfound thot friend. Jesus christ.

No. 99498

Whatever you say Japan

If you're talking about how they're oddly flat/pancakey I was that the same thing. The only other person I know with tits like that breastfed her two children. Imo it's gotta be something to do with her weight.

No. 99499

2 months later anons: VENUS AV VIDO LEAK-

No. 99500

No. 99502

What the fuck this girl hasn't got a shred of dignity. No wonder penus is collabing with her.

No. 99505

>pissing fetish and water sports

Men are disgusting, but the women who do this are just as bad.

No. 99512

lol i think japanese AV are funnier than the western ones actually. They really are more creative that's for sure.

Jokes aside, I'm tired to see pretty girls and ethots getting inevitably into OF or porno so easily. Kind of sets a bad image towards the normal girls that do online stuff. Heck you don't even have to show your boobs anymore, i'm sure some disgusting men masturbate to arbitrary selfies.

No. 99513

trash attracts trash. no person with dignity would hang out with her. shes lost a lot of people reaching this low.

No. 99516

Tinfoil, but I don't think this June Lovejoy chick is actually from America. She speaks English around the 33-minute mark and it's kind of accented. No doubt she's fluent, but she does not sound American to me. I know, I know, it's not exactly a shocker that a porn star has a fake backstory. She also doesn't look 23, but it's also not surprising she would lower her age.

Her AVs do look fucking hilarious though. At least she has a legit company backing her, unlike Venus who has been winging it with unfortunate results.

No. 99517

she's 30

No. 99519

Not sure how long she's been in japan but there's a chance she's gotten a slight accent when speaking english because of being there for so long.

But she does kinda sound like she's got a subtle montreal accent even though she says she's american.

No. 99520

why would she lie about being american if she's canadian? not trying to say they're the same but japanese do so…

No. 99522

If we're tinfoiling I'd assume she is Russian, because they are the majority of white women in Japan willing to do depraved shit.

Also if she's Canadian that is still pretty "American" to foreign audiences. Either way she looks decent for 30, I guess.

No. 99523

she doesn't have a russian accent. I'm russian and it sounds nothing like it. She also doesn't really look like it either but that's up to debate.

My bet is she's actually canadian but just saying american because it's easier. Not the first time I've seen/heard that when talking to foreigners.

No. 99525

File: 1591730361999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 900.22 KB, 2560x2098, IMG_9035-scaled.jpg)

I believe that. She's trying to claim she was born on Valentine's Day in 1996 though.

Montreal accent is a good guess. I skimmed through a bit more, and she speaks in English longer around the 1 hour 13 minute mark. Her accent isn't as pronounced when she's not switching between English and Japanese, but it's still there.

I think she's going for that Hollywood porn star vibe.

No. 99526

Damn that BWH ratio is so inaccurate, and basically impossible. 24 inch waist, 39 inch hip. I think part of the appeal of white women are the assumed large hips or something.

No. 99528

ya it's the hourglass figure. it's the stereotype that makes asian men thrive for one nights with white women (i know they're not all like that). bonus points if natural blond to golden hair.

That's why i agree with the anon that says venus won't be as popular in japan. She's a white woman who wants to look japanese which is a total turn off.

No. 99531

Venus tries so hard to market herself to Japanese men, but it seems like only generic Western basement dwellers and other OF thots are the ones supporting her.

No. 99532

Yeah, I don't get it. On one hand she panders to Japanese audience with the mannerism, fetishes (?) and now her new colleague but on the other all the text (except for the manko one), messages to fans etc. are in english. Is this an onlyfans rule or is she just dumb?

No. 99533

Yeah I really think she's marketing herself poorly if she's trying to appeal to ACTUAL japanese men, if she went blonder again and did her makeup to highlight her white features, they may appreciate it more. Generally though based off the AV i've seen from Japan they really like Japanese women most of all. There isn't a lot of white girl porn and it seems pretty niche.

I think her true market is weeby Western basement dudes who consume hentai manga and dream of a hapu wife who will degrade herself. Think of basically all the costhot orbiters, white dudes who love Japanese media.

She very well may corner that market sometime because she's appealing to their fetishes, lives in Japan, and can take a decent picture once in awhile.

No. 99534

Sounds kinda French to me, so the Montréal / Canadian guess might be a hit?
As most Japanese people tend to assume every white person is from the US, she's probably just using that as a front for the AV work.

No. 99538

wew anons. I don't get girls who do porn. Like why would you wanna fuck an ugly dude every two days.

No. 99540

Next up on Weenus’ OF tip menu:

$Xxx I livestream myself peeing

No. 99541

lmao Penus is so transparent she'll try to fuck her way into JAV industry

No. 99542


I think Venus is more attracted to being wanted by Japanese men for being white & acting Japanese, which puts her on an imaginary pedestal she thinks. Either way, 100% of her "love for Japan/the culture/language" is all about white girl fetishism and getting attention because of it, by any means neccesary, from not only pervy Japanese men but also lonely overseas weebs who (up until her OF debut) supported her because they wanted to believe in the lie Venus was selling: kawaii girls who move to Japan can have cushy luxury lives as models and YTers while LARPing as schoolgirls while a visa hubby supports you like their child so you never have to grow up or be held accountable for the consequences of your actions.

No. 99543

at 27 something she says "stepmom is russian, dad is german" so that probably plays a part. A bit before there's also something about practicing french.

No. 99544

NJM said multiple times that Venus did private fetish cam shows since she was a teennager. We know NJM is a deranged attentionwhore just like Margo, but maaaaybe there's a little grain of truth in that claim. Who knows.


No. 99547

why mention her stepmom and not birth mom if you're gunna be talking about your ethnicity? Odd.

No. 99549

File: 1591739109453.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 482.3 KB, 1098x1303, 467595BB-6066-40FF-B0B6-181E09…)

I think Weenus has been doing porn-y shit for at least a year now, under the radar. She followed this porn “model” on IG last summer around the time she did that “idol” bar event: https://instagram.com/gemmatokyo?igshid=jx3tigdp0dk2

And the other “idols” at the event had Patreons selling nudies and one was a stripper in Tokyo (oops, she called it “burlesque.”) This is nothing hew for Weenus, she’s just making it public now because she needs $$.

No. 99550

Because birth mom's ethnicity must not be as exotic. English or something.

No. 99552

That second one is crazy, I guess head shot only means she can just pretend. But it's so odd…

No. 99553

So the cameraman option is prostitution, right?

No. 99554

Looks like granny caught on the loo. She is so unsexy.

No. 99556

File: 1591743045183.png (112.51 KB, 1080x707, Screenshot_20200609-235000~2.p…)

so according to June she will not be doing JAV

No. 99557

File: 1591743872478.jpg (115.03 KB, 960x720, 2.jpg)

looks pretty chunky tbh

No. 99558

So she reckons judging by the "I don't think". She's clueless about Venus and what sort of disaster she truly is it seems.

No. 99560

I hope she's at least smart enough to do her homework on Venus before they really meet.

No. 99561

She’s way past chunky here, she’s just fat. I’m amazed that she’s being used for a Japanese audience when she’s this large.

No. 99563

Chubby chasers. It's a thing.

No matter what it is, if it exists, someone out there is cooming to it. That's how scrotes are.

No. 99564

I think part of the appeal of white women is that they're 'bigger' all around. The body shape is considerably different than what they see everyday, or rather, the kind of women they can date. The same reason why a lot of white guys like Asian porn with stick thin women, it is just something "different" than their norm. Men constantly desire unique stimulation (thats why so much porn is disgusting)

Basically she has a pretty average western body type which is unique and interesting for a Japanese audience, but using western male porno gaze she's fat for porno standards.

No. 99566

All the other white girl porn I've seen in JAV seems to focus on body types like that more than super thin. They seem to value super thin, super petite Asian women and 'curvier' white women. Not fat but more "womanly".

Big, pendulous pale breasts that wouldn't be mainstream in western porn is fairly common there, for example, if you are looking at western women JAV. Which is as mentioned before already pretty niche, think the average Japanese guy gets off to japanese starring AV.

No. 99567

File: 1591748154940.jpeg (171.72 KB, 985x1020, ADD640ED-5117-44CF-86CA-2D6EEC…)

Weenus says she’s NOT BOTHERED by ppl unfollowing her on IG—they just can’t take the sexxy. Their loss!

No. 99568

This is hilarious! For some reason, I don’t think it’s that bad because it’s mostly the man being humiliated and this girl seems to be idolized and enjoying herself rather than being cruelly objectified in her content. Like the complete opposite of this “kidnapped vomiting Autistic child” Venus material. I’m seriously scared of what kind of shit Venus would star in.

If the stepmom was in her life for a long time, it could influence the way she speaks?

It’s called “ムチムチ(muchimuchi)” body type in Japan and yes, it is well-liked in JAV. Lots of hentai illustrations also favor it, so it’s not like most Japanese guys would hate it. Her label, Fitch, seems to specialized in this body type. Lots of “curvy housewife” videos in Japan. It’s not all scrawny schoolgirls and misery.

No. 99569

She looks like a big midget, wth

No. 99570

At this point she doesn’t really care about her IG fans now coz she’s earning the absolute minimum from them (from her youtube). She only cares about her OF coz of $$$ and her lowlife perverts worshipping her.

I honestly think the reason why Venus chose her is because she won’t outshine Venus when they’re together. The girl isn’t very pretty, looks average and not really sexy like hour glass figure. Also, Venus won’t get conscious around her since she might look pretty fat to Venus’ eyes.

No. 99571

I agree given Venus's specific body image issues that she won't feel threatened by this girl, but tbh, even in that more unflattering image I think she has a more pleasant looking body, obviously depends on your own taste. But you're right, like most anachans Venus's main criteria for what she thinks looks good is just "thin as possible" even if that means sacrificing some femininity. She'll look skeletal compared to this chunkier girl, and that will mean she looks better in her own distorted world view. In the DVD box photos I think this girl really outshines Venus, we'll see what they actually look like together though.

No. 99572

That’s shop tho LOL she’s trying to make her boobs look higher by dragging her cleavage higher with the liquify tool. And her right side waist LOL she’s trying to curve it but sadly her waist is almost straight. This might be the last pic she edited from the set then got tired and lazy hence the shitty edit

No. 99582

Few months and I bet you all Venus will be in porn

No. 99584

really? that long? I bet weeks

No. 99585

Curvier Venus from a few years ago would have complemented June in a pairing and there would be an actual selling point for the Japanese audience. But not only has Venus stressed out her body so much, she lost the youthfulness of her face for good. The sadistic foreign simps will buy it but Japanese guys do not like Venus’ real current face at all. June is several years older and may not be your idea of a stunner, but Japanese like her face better and consider it cute. Unfortunately, Venus can not be famous for her looks in Japan when she could have without the self-abuse.

No. 99586

but shes a virgin tho?!????

No. 99589

venus is a dumb weeb who cant even read the japanese market. they dont want white girls trying to look japanese, no one wants that shit other than other weebs. she needs to get rid of the black hair, it looks stringy and oily all the time and ages her.

she spends a lot of time interacting with her western simps because thats all she has. shes tried and failed getting to the japanese market a few times, like that absometal play she bombed. porn and sw is an inevitability with tards like her. praying shes saving that money.

No. 99593

you know whats so stupid its funny? getting a black market surgery to lose weight - when you are thin already.

its clear that venus doesnt try to pander to a certain audience; she has no clue what shes doing and is immitating other egirls; she cannot differentiate between something that is appealing to a wider audience, and something that barely appeals to anyone (like dressing up as a baby).

but tbh, the thing that makes this thread funny to me, is that every second comment here is by either a child, an incel or some abstinence only education virgin.

all those "she'll end up on the street getting gangraped to death with mochi by japanese grannies, because thats what happens to people in the sex industry" comments really crack me up.

ok the thread is about venus, but shes just one of many lolcows to laugh about here.
well i guess what im trying to say is thank you all, very entertaining (:

No. 99594

She thinks she's worth 200 dollars just to talk to? Gross.

And that head shot only masturbation is definitely going to be a scam. She'll just be pretending to masturbate instead of actually masturbating for 10 mins. She's definitely a scammer.

I bet she won't even check the dick pics and just make up a rating.

No. 99595

5000 to be her camera man? She is the most greedy human being alive. She's such a pathetic sellout. Good thing it's against OF terms of service, she def didn't change her mind though lmao, rather got in trouble with OF.

No. 99596

Does she run beauty apps? She randomly looks thinner then fatter in different vids and her face different in like every pic

No. 99597

Her body looks unfit and frumpy from a sedentary life, with saggy tits. But nice try simp

No. 99598

duh anon. do you think girls in porno have real orgasms only by being thrusted by ugly dogs or simply peeing on them?

in my opinion, i don't think venus is mentally healthy enough to have a good diet going on. she might be starving herself recently because of being naked in front of the camera a lot. This is one of her more recents images and we all know beenus has her eating issues so, maybe she's back at it again.

No. 99599

she's answering to june here. i wonder what her comment was. lol if i was collabing with venus i'd do a background check before kek

No. 99600

Wow, I never thought that I would be watching Venus Angelic soft porn…how things change in only a few months

No. 99605

What simps think they're getting >>99297
what they actually get >>99459.

No. 99607

You’re forgetting that venus edits her photos to oblivion. But we also saw good quality photos where her edits are quite decent which she can do as well with their collab photo sets and that would instantly make venus as appealing as june to japanese men.

No. 99612

if she can make enough $$ to get a boob job i think she'd go pretty far tbh

No. 99613

giant boobs on a tiny skelly body would look really awkward imo

No. 99615

She should get a nose job first if she is going to spend money on plastic surgery it would save her some time and discrepancy between her real nose and the one she edits to hell and back.

No. 99617

File: 1591781677180.jpeg (747.97 KB, 2048x2048, 0B814B26-2D0C-4D94-96F9-57810B…)

There’s absolutely no chance in hell she has a 24inch waist. Hip measurements might be legit but I’d guess they’re probably bigger than that even. She’s quite chubby especially for Japan and is built like a fridge. 24 inch waist is laughable, that’s like model territory when she clearly isn’t that thin.

No. 99622

That woman may be fat or chunky and does disgusting porn but she looks clean and fresh compared to Venus,doesn't pander to pedos, has her life organized and has a contract with a legit company.
She also takes care of two cats with injuries or illnesses unlike Venus who can't even take care of of 1 hamster. I almost feel bad for her collaborating with Beenos.

No. 99623

I’m curious why you guys are all calling her fat and chunky she looks like a normal healthy weight. Are you all saying she’s considered far for Japan or porn? Just curious why everyone keeps saying she’s fat

No. 99625

>Are you all saying she’s considered far for Japan or porn?
She's a tad chubby, specially for that kind of thing.

No. 99627

this girl isn't self-proclaming smoll as far as i'm concerned so idk why anons are so obsessed with discussing her weight. she looks fine to me too except in that >>99617 black suit. It's a very unflattering picture.

Also, pornstars lying about their age and mesures?? never heard of that before!
There is also a fat chance it's her company or the magazine that made it up cuz women sell better that way.

But venus associating with her? that's gonna take some thinking to find something that will make the match work. They seem very different just by comparing facial expression, image and style. It's a cringe mix to me for sure.

No. 99628

anyone looks fresh and healthy compared to venus

venus isnt just pale, she looks sick and vitamin deficient all the time, she has no warmth to her, and the greasy ink black hair makes it worse, i think itll actually be funny to see the contrast between them

No. 99630

File: 1591787071442.jpg (105.31 KB, 1078x813, _20200610_115655.JPG)

She makes disgusting content but even she has standards with the pedo pandering compared to Weenus.

No. 99631

i like that she's in venus' comment clarifying she won't do loli

No. 99634

I don't see the point in attacking this June girl in this thread unless the irrational hate or faux morality is really that strong here.

She works in AV yes but she isn't doing anything wrong and having different body types (but she is more of a normal shape than chubby) in adult films is pretty healthy. Especially for porn obsessed males with unrealistic expectations.

No. 99636

I find the dislike for her body type ridiculous. She seems successful in what she does and actually enjoys it unlike our pathetic cow who acts like a homeless street hooker. What is concerning though is she's collabing with Venus who's just incredibly problematic, has a crazy fanbase & is full of so much shit.

No. 99637

June starred in porn about a "step-mom who goes after her new adult step-son" so I guess she means actual incest. Also she said that she is into bukkake, ntr and rape.

No. 99641

So what kind of porn is Venus going to do? Soft lesbian porn?

No. 99642

>Also she said that she is into bukkake, ntr and rape.
Literally the most popular fetishes in japan (aside of underage people or hairy chuby mothers). Just like beenos, she's lying to pander idiots.
I guess she doesn't want to make pedo baiting content, specially the ones where she's the underage one? From all the jav themes, that stepmother one is pretty tamed.

No. 99643

Agreed. June is also much nicer than Venus when she interacts with people in the comments. I hope their collab doesn’t work out for June’s sake.

No. 99644

June is also into hair (loves hairy men and doesn't shave private parts) and into bondage and BDSM. She said that she ran away from her abusive home, always loved Japan and she struggled getting a good job, but now she is happy and secure in JAV industry.

No. 99645

What makes you think women would like those pictures? There are pictures where she does look very nice and yet she spoils them with the grossness, there are lots of pictures, you are just focusing on certain ones to try and prove your own ridiculous belief that no woman could ever think she looks nice, when that is entirely untrue. As for the baby pic she posted, any sicko who was genuinely into babies would be very put off by seeing a grown adult dressed as one. Too much fantasy land imagining from people here.
The picture of her in the red dress is very nice and there are a lot of good pictures, the pictures you showed, at least the two face ones, would be more likely to appeal to dirty minded men but there are certainly many pictures where she does indeed look very good, so I really don't know where the need for constant nit picking over her looks comes from, from people who can't stand the fact that some women do find her look appealing.
When someone focuses on someone who is obviously good looking and keeps bashing away trying to 'prove' that they aren't, this says more about the person doing it, whether jealousy or what idk, but its stupid. beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway and all this constant nonsense of she's pretty, no she's not, yes she is, is just childish and tedious.

No. 99646


I hope we are not going to see hairy men in any Venus pictures or videos, gross. thankfully a lot of Japanese men have nice bodies and smooth, but again, thats just personal opinion, don't really want to see anyone naked.(no1curr)

No. 99647


Agree, Venus is doing everything exactly wrong. The weight loss surgery paired with 2 yesrs of sweets, combini food and booze sucked all the healthy, youthful fat and vitality out of her face so that now she's rivaling Kiki for the sallow skelly queen title. Not to mention the damage done to her body plus her height, as she ages she's just gonna keep looking worse and worse while trying to shoop it all away. Unless Doormatnaki comes back to save her from eventually ending up in JAV, I don't see all this turning out well for her.

Maybe June has looked up Venus after all? The "baby beenos" pics come to mind when I read that comment, maybe June's company looked her up and OK'd the collab as long as Venus agrees to certain terms like less creative control. All her ideas are fetishy and gross, but that's because she's a newbie perv going after $$$$ and doesn't know what she's really doing. Isk if Venus can legally join a company like that without a spouse visa though?

No. 99648

I would assume her comments are in reference to Loli and shota being legitimate genres in her industry in Japan, not that Venus posted one adult baby picture.

No. 99649

File: 1591799535879.jpg (414.1 KB, 1080x1508, IMG_20200610_145946.jpg.f149d8…)

Says she looks different because of no makeup. right venus.

No. 99650

Right, she looks anachan in the internet cafe pics and normal weight in the vomiting ice cream over myself pics. She uses beauty apps too, but maybe those pics are from a month ago and the stream was obviously from yesterday.

Meaning she's been starving herself since she's been "happier than ever" pornstar now.

No. 99652

she would look so much better if she dressed for her body type. These frilly and thight clothes don't look good on a woman who's broad and blunt like her.

No. 99654

At least she’s getting hairsets and she looks decent here with or without snow app

The blur on the mouth tho.

No. 99656

She looks like she’s trying to hide a massive conehead with her bangs going so far up. Plus, they look copy-stamped.
Her entire hair looks like a wig tbh.

No. 99657

File: 1591801604305.jpeg (132.35 KB, 480x680, DD02C49D-08B8-4434-8C82-833C45…)

She must be getting fillers. There’s a type of filler you get under your lips that gives you this particular “half moon” shape. It’s pretty popular in Japan. Here’s some photos of her presumably before getting those fillers.

No. 99661

>>Doesn’t understand all the NITPICKING about Weenus’s looks!
>>writes a fucking novel defending Weenus’s looks
Bless your heart. Your fervor is adorable.

No. 99662

it's extensions, whoever capped that cropped out the caption where says that

No. 99664

Wow no makeup so natural it's just angles lightning not the snow app magic ITs ALl naTurAl go crY in da corner uwu my face is reAL smOoTh ~ uWu Nyan love u guys also #sponsored

No. 99665

lmao i'm dead

No. 99666

I can't believe Village of the Damned is getting another remake.

No. 99667

Of course she doesn't give a sh#et about IG fans. Now she only cares about OF becus $$$. nOw sHes liKe; ohH guYz this my TrUe fOrM alSo I loVe mY OnlyFaNs simPs BecAuse They Have bEttEr PersOnalitY kAreN uGhh why don't u understamd??? mAke thEm pockeT HurT gUrLll nyaN desu desu

No. 99668

File: 1591804855129.jpg (237.19 KB, 720x720, 2020-06-10_18.53.14.jpg)

She also started to buy clothes from luxurious japanese brands (but stays in the net cafe … ) :))))))))))))))))) ah wonderful(:))))))))))))))))))

No. 99669

File: 1591806102678.jpg (148.59 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20200611_003437.jpg)

there isn't a lot of places where they discuss june's porno but i found this. It gives us a good idea of what japanese like in gaijin porn i guess. There are good comments about her but i screened those who made a critique cuz lolcow. sage cuz not so much milk here

>her body looks loose but the essential part looks tight. i can tell by seeing the cum amount on number 9 pic

>what an aunty

>i was wondering how she sounds like and when i checked a sample she sounded like a normal japanese woman. if she made the “oh yeah, oh yes” as in american porno it would wake up an interest but..


No. 99670

File: 1591806188144.jpg (207.84 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20200611_003638.jpg)

>it was a beyond imagination huge ass. in one word i like.

>when i thought she was kinda cute in some angles she's ugly and as she looks very young, depending on her scenes she looks like a middle aged baba. i'm not quite sure about her face.

>she started her debut this year but she's first recommendation when it comes to foreigner AV actresses living in japan. face and body are top and during self-restraint i fap a lot to lovejoy.  Now i want her to do anal.


No. 99671

File: 1591806259970.jpg (161.55 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_20200611_003416.jpg)

>why do foreigners learn japanese and come here to do AV i wanna know

>it would be better if she didn't do bangs

rest is responses to other comments but he wants her to do anal too


No. 99672

How do you know she's in the cafe? lol does that mean she lives there now?? i mean if it's because she needs a new computer, i'd assume she has enough money by now to buy a couple of them…

No. 99676

Yeah Venus spend all that money on brand clothes and hair extensions so that you’ll be stuck in the business forever…

No. 99677

where did you get this from? based on these responses, Venus has no chance tbh

No. 99678

Yeah June sounds like a sweet girl. A bit chubby but looks like she’s working on her fitness lately. She has adopted two cats with health problems whereas beenos has abandoned her hamsters to her in laws care. She’s signed up with a legit AV company, interacts with her fans properly and sounds like an normal intelligent person. Somebody has to tell her to stay away from the mess she’s about to get involved with. This collab will only benefit Venus as she will attract the Japanese audience she’s trying to snag, I hope June is getting a hefty payment from Venus after this.

Even though JAV wouldn’t be the path I choose I life I’m totally okay with June and I kinda feel sorry for the girl already..(offtopic)

No. 99679

Some of you anons sound asexual af kek
Of course there’s going to be sex. Sooner or later it’s meant to happen at this pace

No. 99681

Comments seem generally okay, if the other anon was right and her company specializes in thicker body types they're probably all fine with that anyway.

I'd love to see comments about modern day Venus from Japanese perverts. We've seen what they thought of her when she was young thanks to Margo's crack parenting, and even then they were critical. I really think the fact that she's lanky will mean she doesn't fare well in the like, faux loli circuit or whatever creepy shit she's thinking of doing.

No. 99682

what in tarnation is this unsaged autism

I don't understand the constant whining about her editing her photos, but this one… this is the sleep paralysis demon that a sleep paralysis demon sees when having a sleep paralysis episode

No. 99683

No. 99687

The amount of bodyshaming is ridiculous.
Newsflash: Chubby people (wouldn't even consider her that) are allowed to have sex too. Not trying to WK this June girl but unlike Beenos Cringelic she keeps herself neat and tidy and seems like an empathic person e.g. caring for sick Kittens.(no1curr)

No. 99697

Only a fat person would get this upset over the “body shaming” ITT.

No. 99703

makes me agree with anons that think her American gimmick was assigned by her agency, it's much easier to market a USA themed porn than a Canadian one. Venus needs to learn how to play up her gaijin angle

This post is just as dumb as the pointless nitpicking posts, so I don't really get why this one gets red text and the others don't.

No. 99708

File: 1591819840029.jpeg (665.98 KB, 828x1020, DA9745EE-8BB1-4131-A9CE-421FA2…)

More obvious proof of her lazy editing. You can see the deformed lines in the brick wall behind her giant egg head

No. 99714

Ewwww fuck off Anachan.

Priorities I guess. There's at least one Mod who just randomly red texts.

No. 99720

Honestly I'm really interested to see how quick Venus will go down this path. It didn't take long for her to show her tits, can't imagine her getting cold feet anymore.

No. 99724

She is starting to make me believe she is somewhat autistic to take such bad pictures when she could take at least a few minutes to learn what works and what doesn't as far as facial expressions and angles goes. Too bad she is too fuckin lazy/stupid to make even the most effortless of content look somewhat decent. I guess that is the benefit of degenerate males tho, no effort necessary i can see why she calls this her one true calling.

No. 99728


I’m anorexic for saying that only a fat person would be upset over others mocking fat people? Fuck off with your deflection, fatty.

No. 99730

Yea, that weird inability to properly express herself facially does seem kinda 'tistic. More than that though, I think Venus has only two criteria for thinking a picture of herself looks good. A) does she look young, and B) does she look skinny. I think as long as at least one of those two things seems true in her mind, she thinks its a good picture. In that weird photo with no makeup she looks like she has a tiny head and slim jawline. I think that is basically all she has to see and she likes it, nevermind the fact that her eyes look unfocused and lifeless, her mouth has ceased to exist, and her expression is soulless at best.

No. 99736

The less effort Weenus has to put into something, especially if it involves making money, the more "happier" she'll become. This low quality, rushed and cringe content she pumps out so quickly with a degenerate amateur photographer who she's clearly fucking/living with now is right up her street.

No. 99741

I'm not really seeing it, like most people who hadn't done something before she was shit at first but is getting better with practice and help from others? That's pretty normal.

Also you say you feel sorry for June when we are the ones talking shit about her in here, how about we leave her alone.

No. 99745

Not the same Anon, OP was red texted so probably blocked, retard. Seriously, people like you are a disease, go fuck your bones.

Thing is: Penus is making a shitload of money without putting any efforts. Her creepy simps would buy her chipped toenail, so she doesn't need to do more than she is right now. And she might be fully aware of this.

No. 99746

Your projecting nitpicks are annoying. Fat or not they're fucking right. Only a person with nothing else going for them would get this defensive about being able to put down other bodies, literally the only thing in your sad pathetic little life you can probably qualify. Boohoo. Go purge.

No. 99751

She doesn't stay there, she only went there for the livestream because her wifi sucked at home

No. 99752

It makes more sense that just BPD, especially since so many high functioning autistic women get misdiagnosed with a personality disorder and don’t get early intervention the way boys do. She walked back on her BPD claim and said she was misdiagnosed, but other than ADHD, I wonder if the therapist back then suggested she get evaluated to see if she was on the spectrum. She seemed very against accepting that she could be, but maybe that’s because her mother used it against her like it was a shameful thing.

No. 99756

Who knew there were so many fatties in the Penus thread.

No. 99762

god dammit you guys. i just want to read about penus's new ddlg content not argue about bs.

No. 99775

Seriously. Why does this thread have so many newfags arguing about nonsense like body positivity…Just shut up and enjoy the milk as we watch Venus' descent to becoming a wannabe hardcore porn star.

No. 99776

Calling people newfags because multiple people are tired of wading through the same nitpick doesn't make you look more integrated.
You deserve one another.

No. 99777

Anon, are you the body positivity "nitpick"? Let's focus on the milk

No. 99778

No. 99782

File: 1591860742913.png (2.15 MB, 1584x1156, Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.3…)


No. 99783

File: 1591861021373.png (2.11 MB, 1574x1174, Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.3…)

IDK how to use lolcow and am not investing that time right now, but the other girls who take pictures at this particular wall do not have blurs around their heads

Their faces do have some shopping, but they didn't need to warp the dang wall

No. 99786

holy shit fuck off retard we know she uses photoshop

No. 99788

What brand is that, the badly sewn on satin ribbon at the collar doesn't really scream luxurious to me

No. 99791

kek. underrated comment

No. 99792

Most of you are complain about venus hair should be brown instead of black or her makeup make her look old/ sick, or suddenly she’s doing reckless things like her first nudes on her OF and how she participate fetish like high school and baby even though she’s just continue. Yesterday I’ve read about jirai kei/ 地雷系 where one of Venus’s post saying that “it’s complicated to explain about this make up trend” but the problem is that Jirai Kei is not only just a makeup trend but it’s a toxic trend like menhara where people glorifying mental health.

Jirai girls or Jirai shojo/地雷少女 is portrayed as a woman who’s lonely, depressed, pessimistic and desperate, also they’re thirsty for attention especially when people are worrying them. Jirai-shojo can also mean as mine girl or a ticking bom because of their unstable mental health. From the outside they look like innocent and cute but deep down they’re really problematic, especially mentally. They’re most active on social media or living by social media and they don’t have a hobby or was too lazy to do something because of their mental illness.

(Venus doesn’t have any life beside of her social media.)

Also, Jirai girl often partying alone and abuse alcohol.

(Like how Venus pretend to be a party extrovert but she’s partying alone while chugging down amount of alcohol)

They often wear they makeup that make them look sick and cute at the same time. Especially around their eyes, eye bag is important to them to make them look like a crying children so people will worried them more. This makeup technique is also to trick man into thinking that Jirai-girls are cute and they wanted to protect them since “poor them.” Tear bag is a must for Jirai girl.

(Venus not only edit herself into look like a children but the makeup trend itself will make anyone look like children.)

Most of them have black hair to make them look pure sometimes with hime cut and obsessed with cute character to comfort them. They have a sickly pale skin since they use blue base makeup instead of warm tone so they’ll appear more pitiful. Jirai girl mostly over spend their money on useless things like not only branded clothes but also phone case, stationary etc…

(Venus was known to buy useless stuff to and also anon said that she was able to buy expensive clothes but making a strip live show in an internet cafe)
Because of them living by the internet, they’re rather awkward in real life. They’re desperate for male attention

(Her seeking for validation from horny ojisan.)

and doesn’t get along with people who had the same sex with them since they’ll think that they are tiresome/ draining their energy.

(This explain why Tsukuro and Mikan doesn’t seems like they’re being around often and remember where Mikan said that she was tired to deal with Venu’s bs because of her fan keep asking her to talk with depressed Venus.)

Jirai girls will often post something making people worried about them and sometimes they’ll keep telling people that they’re happy with their life which they’re not.

(How many times Venus has to tell her fans that she is happy or willing to do it while her face said that she’s not.)

They just want people attention out of worried. They sometimes said something exaggerating which it’s a lie and they’re procrastinating a lot which for them is to make people believe that they’ve done something where people should be proud of her. Unlike the western version of edgy emo teenager, Jirai girls will post something aesthetic or beautiful but with such a worried some and depressing caption.

(Venus post where she sometimes delete it later.)

In the term of friendship and relationship, they can be really controlling and possessive and if the person didn’t give or do what they want, they’ll slandering them to make them look bad while them being a victim.

(The same how Venus treated Manaki especially when Manaki told her not to do the stomach surgery)

Jirai girl love people treat them with kindness and they’ll started to get attached with them, they think that if you’re being kind to her that’s mean you love her.

Jirai girl are…useless. They look cute in the first place but actually they’re sloppy and messy. Sometimes they’re even lack of hygiene.

(Venus who doesn’t care about her period stain or cleaning and organise things, even herself.)

Maybe because venus think that this trend is related to her and used this trend to be the new her since this trend is rather problematic and sound just like her too.

Sorry that this post must be late (and long) but I was really curious about why Jirai-kei where Venus mentioned with are so famous. Also because a lot of you mentioned about the way she dress, I am really sure it’s those Jirai-kei fashion that she’s talking about.

No. 99793

Those are latest Japanese fashion who are also known as Jirai-kei/ 地雷系 Go to Japanese brand called Rojita/ Yumetenbo/ Ann Rouge you’ll see many clothes similar like that also the tag 地雷系, 地雷少女 has plenty of girls look like recent Venus.

No. 99794

File: 1591874401513.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2409, D4AA4880-3778-4D1C-A868-A947E9…)

She’s streaming today

No. 99796

File: 1591874580424.jpg (158.9 KB, 960x712, 20200611_142327_548.jpg)

Soo.. ya know that venus started collab with an av star ( junelovejoy ). In gemma's latest post there's a comment by penus.. I'm gonna say penus maybe goin' to collab with Gemma but I can't prove it lol. This all made me think penus tryin to get closer this av stars to gain audience in Japan maybe? Idk what you guys think about it?

No. 99797

She's going to change her outfit every $30? So basically every 5 minutes since that's so low. Why not raise it to $100 to rake in that easy cash

No. 99798

Why does she sound homeless it’s like that cheap love hotel is her new home now. Imagine the people who work in the lobby see her like “You again, this is like your xxx times booking in this month.”

No. 99800

Everyone seems to be worrying about Venus meeting a porn star, but I'm more worried about a porn star meeting Venus.

I hope they don't pick up any bad influences!

No. 99801

File: 1591875420505.jpeg (119.35 KB, 640x735, D707CF4F-FAF0-4E18-B500-C4CD6C…)

Yep actually this picture from her Instagram has the 地雷 filter (jirai) in Snow app.

These kids do anything to fit in the narrow mold of social media trends, how stupid. Venus is the age when people start their careers but she’s acting like a teen.

No. 99802

File: 1591875470109.jpg (340.32 KB, 1152x2048, EaOlaT7U4AACN5R.jpg)

"Playtime after my my bath Bath."

virgin play, let's not forget.

No. 99803

It will be the first and last time they meet, just like she burned bridges with her ex friends nobody is going to tolerate her social awkwardness for more than a day. I’m sure their facial expressions will translate into the “wtf I am doing here with this person” thought balloon when we finally see their content.

Since she has no work ethic, I doubt she will land a contract with a JAV company either. Even if she does, she will probably be a one hit wonder and vanish from the porn scene quickly because of untreated mental health problems. Porn producers will tell her “boo bye bye boo” after a week of uwu menhera jirai Onna.

No. 99804

Now we have more reason why we should called her “Penus Pathetic” for a reason, this whole Jirai trend is being boo boo the clown but lolita with lack of effort because they’re too depressed edition. This trend is all about Boo Hoo, poor me… I’m Kawaii so pet my head and protect me or I’ll kill myself due to my mental health like YIKES!

No. 99805

Don’t forget that she can seek comfort with her fangelic because seeking for validation and making herself sound pitiful is also part of the Jirai trend and there’s she goes with the “I want to be help but I don’t want anyone to help me because no body understand my pain.” or “(Posting another selfie or kawaii stuff) I am happy with my life (Insert crying emoticon here)”

No. 99806

It’s just show anon.. if she was truly worried about her mental health she would stop glorifying untreated mental illness and go get treatment instead of spending her sex worker money on Jirai Kei clothes but veenos is not famous for making healthy decisions is she.

No. 99809

She will Anon. But a lot of her old fans are extremely uncomfortable with her mood swings or they are already questioning why she gets interested in a “project” in a manic only to completely lose interest a month later.. Just check the comments on her Instagram. The only people who support her are blue haired bipolar feminist who cheerfully bombard the comment section with “you go guuurrl” and no one with an ounce of intelligence thinks she’s on the right path. People are tired of her sympathy garnering menhera posts at this point because it’s been all talk with no action for a long time.

And her basement dwelling incel fans are not here for the mental health posts I’m afraid. They would tolerate it maybe a couple of times for the sake of boob pics and then get bored and move on.

No. 99810

File: 1591877205943.png (134.94 KB, 462x295, 73F230BE-1194-4384-B711-99654C…)

This is how jirai kei should really look like and also when yo mama predicted you’ll be a clown in the future #motherknowthebest

No. 99811

Ummm bad idea Venus. This girl is very cute, healthy and youthful. You on the other hand look like a skeletal grandma at 23. Next to her your flaws will be emphasized 10x times more than usual.

No. 99812

Oh my, is she meant to be a baby wearing glasses here? Clutching that awful corn vibrator to her face too, ew!

As for that June girl, I like her she does seem genuinely nice, but I pity her if things don't go well from Venus's point of view.

If June ever does anything to piss Venus off, the Fangelics wouldn't stand for it, they'll go after her relentlessly.

No. 99814

Pretty bold of you to asume that only a fatty would mind body shaming. It's like hiding on a anonymous board and mocking "internet personalities" because you're fucking ugly, oooops!

Dafaq is this Anson?! Write it in your diary, dumbass. This is board is so fucked up.

No. 99816

June content if you don’t look at her weird fetish, is more organised than “Venus try hard to be Jirai trend living doll who become sex doll” Even June YouTube video about packing a gift to her American friends is more interesting with content than any Venus video after she run away from her mother margaret. But even if she’s under margaret control, I say I just give 40% of her video are aesthetic and cute but the other are just…boring, messy, unorganised and last minute effort. Then after she run away from her mother, breaking with Manaki her content become like only 10% interesting to 0% lame immediately. Most of her video including complaining, crying, drinking, deleting, procrastinating of how she found her self and then nothing. June porn is well organised, has their own theme and most importantly she has healthy standard but Venus in the other hand is just screaming I need money desperately by being naked. She don’t care about building her fan base from the new her, she just drag her old fan base to support the “new” her and those included her underage fangelic. I also think that the reason why she sexualise high school and baby because of those pedophile and DDLG that has been followed her for years and now she’s using them from her old fan base bring the to her new fan base and hopefully they’ll give her money for being naked while acting like a child because those are what she had left now.

No. 99817

I was talking about Venus new trend since this all thread is about Venus, why does it hurt your feelings for all the sudden weirdo. Go starve yourself, you’re fat enough for eating all of your feelings!

No. 99818

Love hotel room booking and payment in Japan is done by the guests, anon. Staff rarely meet face to face with tahe guests.

All of this. She didn't learn the lesson of why Malice flopped and now is repeating the same mistakes with Vivi, Baby Beenos or whatever she calls herself now.

No. 99819


Even if she only meets June one time, I hope it works out well from Venus's viewpoint, because if there is even a whiff of it not going well from her point of view, the Fangelics won't put up with it and will go after her.
Look how Mikan got hounded. I've never seen any internet personality with such fanatically loyal and protecting fans as Venus has.

No. 99820

Gosh shut the fuck up, they're right,this is not your personal blog. Where the Mods at when they're actually needed jfc

No. 99822

File: 1591881005029.jpg (13.32 KB, 292x75, peterthecreep.JPG)


found him in the comments of this post

No. 99823

Just said that you’re lazy to read, it’s worth to burn off your calories! It’s not a personal diary, it’s clearly talk about Venus and her new trend. How can you even start milking someone if you don’t even know exactly what they’re doing.

No. 99824

Mom come pick me up I'm scared

No. 99826

This guy is insane at the same time creepy ewW

No. 99828

Imagine being that lonesome and pathetic to write a long ass rant about a stranger.

Dude is so damn creepy, I wonder if he would have paid Venus to be her cameraman if she didn't cancel the option.

No. 99830

File: 1591882906464.jpg (419.47 KB, 371x648, zoRmVtV.jpg)

So everything is gonna be about that one corn…

No. 99831

Ah… our ol' good Peter back at it again.

No. 99832

Damn Peter no wonder why Venus keeps sharing vomit fetish photos, she pukes a little in her mouth every time you post a comment. So do I.

No. 99833

Nah June will be okay. Their fan base is completely different. June doesn’t cater to non Japanese basement dwellers like Venus does and they don’t share the same kawaii uwu fan base like Mikan and Venus do. Besides, does Venus even have any fans left from her kawaii innocent days? I doubt. They’re “unfollowing” one by one and boldly announcing it under the comments section on her Instagram.

If it somewhat works it will work in Venus’s favor above everything because she will get the J dudes lusting after her.

No. 99838

Anon if this cap doesn’t make it to the next thread header I’ll be heartbroken. Don’t make me wear Jirai makeup at my age anon.

No. 99839

The literal definition of vomit inducing pedo vibes…jesus christ.

No. 99840

Calm down fatty. This thread isn’t for you to rage in. It’s about Weenos.

No. 99841

teehee corn vibrator i'm so quirky uwu

No. 99842

No more body positivity!

Enjoy the milk!

No. 99843

Imagine being fat and braindead while most of your gossip is already repeated by another anon, and you’re getting mad about some anon spoon feeding you a fact, found and translated from some foreign website about the cow latest trend. You want a gossip, at least bring something more interesting into this page instead of nitpicking Venus body or the way she dress as a children because people already did that. This thread is about Venus, what are you expecting me to talk about? Your mom?

No. 99844

It might honestly be the most unsexy toy I've ever seen.

No. 99845

It reminds me of an STD infected dick. The last thing I want to insert inside of me.

No. 99846

Holy shit SHUT UP. We don't care about your fatty sperg.

No. 99847

Ok fatty. How is pretending to be a mod working out for you?(infighting)

No. 99848

Hey can we get some actual content here instead of all this bickering?

venus fans are insane!

No. 99849

Shut up, both of you are shitting up the thread rn with your petty "fatty vs ana" infighting. Let's go back to the milk.

No. 99850

Thank you!
No one cares about body positivity or fatties

Bring on the milk!

No. 99856

File: 1591888950477.jpeg (80.62 KB, 640x519, 3E6E228F-D4D9-4C5A-A8D4-D497FA…)

FYI this is the filter I’m talking about. You can download the app and be a jirai Onna in a second.

No. 99857

May I inform you that lying is part of Jirai culture too.

No. 99861

“I’m trying to figure out how to explain” she said, but actually she’s debating either she’s going to explain about it or nah because who want to dress up as someone who mentally ill and called it aesthetic. Venus doesn’t need the Jirai clothes or filter, she’s Jirai Gaijin herself.

No. 99862

File: 1591889550585.jpg (237.46 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20200612_002633.jpg)

her japanese angelic fans on twitter are like wtf are you doing lol

>venus chan what's wrong recently? it seems your taking the echiechi road now but..

No. 99863

File: 1591889589962.jpg (253.99 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20200612_002606.jpg)

>cute, but sexy somehow i don't really get it lol


No. 99864

File: 1591889667125.jpg (399.07 KB, 1080x1715, Screenshot_20200612_002544.jpg)

and on twitter she only uses her most filtered pics

No. 99866

Actually, off course there won’t be the explanation on google if you type in english, but if you type in Japanese like “地雷系わ何-what is Jirai-kei” and translate the whole explanation/blog into english. You’ll know that Jirai-kei is not something you should be glorifying with.

No. 99867


holy fuck her head is small

No. 99868

File: 1591889910964.jpg (342.67 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20200612_003941.jpg)

you're not fooling anyone here venus kek

No. 99871

What exactly is it? Just the Japanese version of e-girls? Ank Rouge and Sanrio seem to be part of their uniform.

No. 99874

Looks like a A.I next to a actual human.

No. 99877

is venus dense or.. there's like a ton of japanese article bashing this jirai girl type by stating how annoying, needy, obnoxious and not attractive as a whole they are.

does she think it's a turn on? im also confused as i couldn't find jiraikei AV lol

maybe it is simply a make up trend and we're reading into it too far. something like sad e-gurls aesthetics but in japan like upper anon questioned.

No. 99878

Sanrio is the must for Jirai-kei, having Sanrio character is to make them cute and innocent. Like children need to hug their cute teddy after crying. Also, Jirai-kei theme colour is pink, black and a lot of pink that make you sick and look like you’re having menhara since everything is sickly pink. For them pink is not only girly colour but also the colour that little girl like that’ll make them look innocent, pure and uwu but mentally ill.

No. 99879

J fashion trend like menhara, you can also said that it’s an emo/ goth phase for edgy teenagers but with cute element and japanese.

No. 99880

Twitter is the most common social media in Japan uWu tiMe to GeT sUm' jpnese to buy my trash uWu Nyan desu

No. 99881

Not over read, but in the Japanese website a lot of people do not recommend this Jirai Kei because they’re something like Menhara.

No. 99883

Ya it's just a trend still kawaii but mentally ill image or something.

No. 99884


I’m not going to translate it since it’ll be too long, if you guys want to know what is Jirai Kei, just copy all this and past it at google translate and read.

No. 99885

I was going to ask for this omg akkfkskf thanks

No. 99886

You’re welcome, some anon even getting angry for me translated it. Might be those Venus diehard fans.

No. 99888

It feels like there are two different things Venus is trying to capitalize on, one for the ladies (that is the jirai/menhara thing, its an interesting "character" that a lot of western women into alt culture/uwu shit may find relatable) and the other is for the fellas.

She isn't using the cuckoo crazy childwoman psychopathia to get male attention, she is probably using that to retain her existing female attention. For the men she has just some raunchy imagery and the virginal whore persona, stuff men have always universally been into. That's my theory anyway.

No. 99889

Not like I was searching this Jirai things because of ‘Venus’ but even without 'Venus’ this Jirai trend look pretty eye catching if you don’t search for the meaning.

But please, Venus is not a foreigner live outside Japan and following this trend blindly. She live there, speak japanese of course she know this whole Jirai things. Also she has the history being edgy after she has escaped from her abusive mother and I think that she might find this trend resonated to her that she decided to follow it.

No. 99890

In Japan “Jirai-Onna” refers to a woman who has a large gap between her appearance and her actual personality. The term original carried negative connotations. This is perhaps most evident in the Japanese characters for Jirai, 地雷, meaning land mine, something that seems fine at first but turns out to be very bad.

However, the number of women who want to become “Jirai-Onna” has increased recently in Japan, so the image associated with the word is changing to become more positive. This has given rise to a specific style of makeup associated with the image of “Jirai-Onna,” alternately called "Jirai-kei" 地雷系


No. 99891

It’s funny that if you’ve been watching Venus through her life it’s something like :
Venus was interested with Japan : How to look like Half Japanese Make-up Tutorial

Venus learn korean at Korea : How to look like a koren girl.

Venus become edgy and have mental problem also her rough childhood: Jirai Kei

No. 99892

The makeup look just reminds me of the 'hungover' makeup style that was kinda popular for awhile. Red around the eyes, higher up blush…they've added the super pale skin and brought back fake tear bags. It is pretty flattering on the right eyeshape. I actually think it doesn't suit Venus that well, she looks a lot better with fake eyelashes as her focal point and not shadows around her eyes.

No. 99893

she mentioned once in her insta about how she want the eyebag fashion to come back… she thinks that her eyebags are naturally fit to this style.. asian eye shape usually doesn't have any swollen lower or upper eyebag or upper eyelid, so drawing a fake one with makeup makes their eye look bigger maybe. but for a caucasian girl, it just looks like a sick frog. my opinion anway.

No. 99894

Funny how japan first coming out with Menhara but people said : Don’t glorifying mental hate! But the Japanese fashion industry coming out like : What about I put the words kei behind so it’s become a style and everyone just agreed with it. The same goes with Jirai-Onna becoming Jirai kei.

No. 99895


it is like a black mirror episode. this whole situation. plus menhera, jirai kei etc. these are serious problems especially in japan, and people use fashion to express their opinion and struggle about mental health, that it is not a weakness but a health issue that needs to be treated. then some sick company capitalizes it and sells fashion items. kids envy to have mental issues just like anorexia or problems like divorced parents etc. typical, find a rebellion against wrong societal pressumptions, capitalize it, sell your product to teens with fckd up hormons.

No. 99896

Overall, I don’t think this fashion trend is good to be follow. It’s like when people cut off their wrist trying to commit suicide and the other saw the scars think it’s cool so they draw some fake cut on their wrist with colourful makeup, sprinkled with glitter and cute sticker and called it suicidal-kei.

No. 99897


there is the guy created menhera-chan and backstory… actually his intention was good in my opinion.

No. 99898

>she will get the J dudes lusting after her.

unless they lust after 20 year olds who look like grannies, I doubt it.

No. 99899

Sick, back then if you tell people you have… let’s say depression. People assumed that you’re living in the asylum or should or shouldn’t they call the asylum because of your mental health. Nowadays, people are more aware of mental health but I don’t know if their intentions is good or just ridicule people for doing these like drawing a fake cut but in colourful ways like those people aren’t clown. You can’t assumed that their depression is colourless and you just told them to put color on their body like what kind of logic is that.

No. 99900

File: 1591896028883.jpg (325.55 KB, 1152x2048, 20200612_012059.jpg)

New picture in twitter

No. 99902

Thanks anons, this is fascinating.

No. 99904

UwU look at meh I get dOne my nails uWu so kawaii #jiraikek

No. 99905

Y'all read way too much into this fashion trend. Feels like we're back in 2007 when everyone assumed emos were all wristcutters.

No. 99906

Weren't most of them?

No. 99908

But emos and Jirai/ Menhara is two different things. Emo is just people with side bangs, skinny… but Jirai and Menhara is completely taking the words from a mental health or a toxic behaviour. For example Jirai means land mine, and insult where woman has an attitude of a land mine. While Menhara is completely translated as Mental Health. The only reason why they’ve become a fashion trend because people put a “系 kei” behind it.

No. 99914

d-do you use all these filters anon?

No. 99915

did anyone see the livestream she did a few hours ago?

No. 99916

You can dress anything you want but don’t dress yourself as an mental illness. It’s not edgy and cool, carrying a knife around while calling it mental illness-kei don’t only make you getting arrested in public but you’re also making people who have mental illness feels ridiculed and this will hard for them to seek help.

You don’t want when you tell people that you have depression and people just shrugged it off and said “oh, you’re depression-kei?”

No. 99921


No, what I'm saying is that a fashion trend isn't gonna change the stigma around mental illness. People say they're bipolar all the time and I don't feel ridiculed.

But when it comes to Venus she _is_ very sick, the way she dresses is the least of her problems lol.

No. 99922

Nobody said it's not retarded. But Japan had so many stupid fashion/makeup trends already, this is hardly groundbreaking

No. 99923

Ya she said that she's going to do Livestream guysss anyone seen it??

No. 99925


Is it though, emo literally means emotional. The whole thing revolved around brooding and being faux suicidal.

Yeah, jirai is tacky but it's not gonna discourage people from getting help. Society and the mental health system does that.

No. 99928

File: 1591901946496.jpeg (193.29 KB, 627x1064, 0416F0BE-2B0B-4C08-8E88-A38ED6…)

You’d think Weenus could have rented a better hotel room than this one with a dirty moldy-looking shower. Getting Margo goshiwan flashbacks with this.

No. 99931

File: 1591902778458.jpeg (415.83 KB, 1102x1763, 3AEC4DEE-DF32-492B-BCF5-F681AB…)

>>99796 https://instagram.com/gemmatokyo?igshid=1axnmjqzfu5n

Weenus followed this “model” Gemma (who was associated with Beckii Cruel back in the day and now does porn) last summer and is now apparently trying to get her attention. Unfortunately for Weenus Gemma never followed her back.

Poor Weenus.

No. 99932

File: 1591903511779.jpeg (86.03 KB, 1242x704, 8AEE2954-B9B5-40BD-863B-BF0E23…)

I might have missed this but Taylor doesn’t follow Venus now?

No. 99933

Kinda love hate Japan, I love them because of their creativity but hate for their creativity doesn’t have the stopping line. But anyway, back to Venus topic.

No. 99934

>model in tokyo uwu

it doesn't matter if you're a solo girl. you're not a model you're a pornstar.

No. 99935

It still has negative connotations, it's a misogynistic slur and some girls turning it into a trend isn't gonna change that. Glorifying bad behaviour isn't gonna turn it into a positive word.

It's yandere and menhera over and over again. Venus already had menhera in her bio, I wonder when she starts pretending to be a yandere.

No. 99936

Tay might be a snowflake but she know when is enough is enough, probably she’s trying to distancing herself from Venus. Let’s be honest here, everyone will start leaving Venus because not only her mental illness but also her fan base is toxic too if you tried to say something against Venus. But Tay isn’t a bad friend to Venus at all, so it must be Venus has been pushing Tay away to the point that Tay decided she’ll just gone.

No. 99937


Now I placed where I knew Gemma, the iconically terrible Tsubasa wo Kudasai cover


No. 99938

Well said, anon!

No. 99939

Taylor doesn't follow anyone on Instagram.

No. 99940

Isn’t she’s already did it when she date Manaki? Wait until she found herself a victim, I mean partner.

No. 99941

File: 1591905039267.jpeg (642.62 KB, 750x1334, 4C070358-B429-4B65-B660-0A8830…)

So I was going to this page where Venus tag this account to her Jirai-kei post, the one she dress up in pink and because people said art is what making people to express themselves so this is what Jirai shojo about…

No. 99943

Literally the same shit e-girls are into. Cute and edgy things.

No. 99944

Gemma is working at seventh heaven if anyone wants to see her kek. The clubs are closed for now, but I’m sure she’ll be back once they open. Maybe Venus will start working in Roppongi soon.

No. 99945

The knife remind me of being a Yandere too, you can see every my melody was drawn carrying a knife, waiting for phone reply like a possessive girlfriend.

Anon, is this the yandere side of Venus that you’re looking for?

No. 99946

Venus IS an e-girl, she's just an e-girl with a gimmick: LARPing as a fucked up Japanese teenager.

No. 99947

File: 1591906042764.jpeg (594.53 KB, 1920x2560, C7B0D5FB-E14F-4A81-89E9-21762D…)

So I come to visit the page about Jirai and where venus tag the account to her jirai selfie again and I found they’re having an edit contest so these two edit was kinda remind me of what Venus is doing. The baby things and the Enjo things.

No. 99954

Taylor just doesn't follow ANYONE on ig.

No. 99955

It is funny to see where Venus Angelic's life went. Too bad she is too lazy to put life back into her channel and make it all about her sex work that she is doing. I see her phasing out in 2-3 years, it is going to be sad when she goes to Japanese porn and then get married to another old Japanese dude or deported. Her YouTube content is boring and her lighting is always poor. Her life looks like it sucks.(newfag)

No. 99956

taylor has never followed anyone

No. 99957

Old news

No. 99958

So in conclusion japanese neckbeards don't care that she's heavy and would prefer if she ditched the "kawaii" bangs and quit with the japanese style moaning. Meaning Venus is literally doing everthing wrong. She thinks japanese guys will like her if she copies japanese girls but there's already plenty of skinny, black haired japanese sex workers who cater to the exact same fetishes as Venus does, so why would anybody go for a cheap copy if they could have the real deal? Venus looking a lot older than the average 23 yo japanese isn't helping either. I get that she would never want to do something like this >>99657 but she could at least go for the stereotypical "european" blonde hair blue eyes sporty body look like Gemma or all the other gaijins in Japan.

Holy shit, what a cunt. Choosing a not so flattering pic of your "partner" but shooping your own into oblivion.
Looking forward to how convincing our bi queen Venus will look when she actually has to be with a woman. She's probably starving now so that she can look extra "petite" and "superior" in comparison to her lol

No. 99959

Could be the bathroom at her new cuck's place. Judging by how cluttered it looked while she was posing in Aliexpress Chinese knock off lingerie, it probably isn't very clean.

No. 99960

When you talk about the picture of her and June, it’s kind of remind me where she post a picture with a living anime called Anastasia where she look like a decent doll while her partner look like wtf with her eye makeup.

No. 99961

Venus looks nothing like her edited self, so in video footage she looks rough & not at all "kawaii" like what she's aiming for. June on the other hand actually looks how she does in her photos and the porn content she makes. The difference in their confidence levels is outstanding, so I'm curious to see what this "collab" will turn out to be like or if Weenus will bail out last minute.

No. 99962

File: 1591914547471.jpg (82.28 KB, 500x375, tumblrmdizumosph1qlkpdm.jpg.4a…)

Good memory, anon. People made fun of her for wanting Venus to take it down but thinking about it, Venus was actually in the wrong. She's so sly. It's obvious why she doesn't have any (female) friends.
There are several of those and Anastasia looks bad in all of them, Venus only choose the ones she looked good in. Funnily enough, Anastasia has quit with that doll shit and has now a very successful makeup channel (over 3 million subs), meanwhile Venus…kek

No. 99963

Now, I was wondering how the collab with June will work since penus was not good at cooperating. Probably June will end up like a clown in penus video but I feel like that June girl at least was more mature than any of the living anime/doll that venus has been collab with, more mature than penus herself who was lack of self confidence and was hiding herself behind those heavy filters.

No. 99964

it's still embarrassing

No. 99965

Also I don’t forget the day she started collab with sora remind me of Xiao. Xiao was known as her dirty jokes and now penus is desperately trying to make her YouTube look dirty and funny, but end up awkward and cringe. Oh how the history has been repeated…

No. 99967

Somebody has to warn June about peenos’s shenanigans. I wonder if it’s okay to withdraw from the upcoming project in short notice.

No. 99968

ohh weenos, how you have changed…

No. 99969

Yeah, remember when she would talk about how awful teenage girls who go drinking and partying and wearing revealing clothes were compared to her who was wearing lolita dresses at the time. How the turn tabled have turned.

No. 99970

No. 99972

File: 1591917365504.jpeg (886.18 KB, 1920x2560, BC5DEE54-266A-47C6-813C-C12B77…)

Penus 10years challenge, new victim edition!

No. 99973

The amount of girls who visit japan and suddenly their eye shape changes (naturally) is hilarious to me. The weaboos have magical eyes that morph shape and the after pics look hella asian. I get the lenses but how the hell are they doing that? Eyelid tape, squinting so the bottom puffs up? Even makeup can't do that. I'm laughing at the idea of Venus and blonde weeby the second morphing their eye shapes and dragging their eyes around on a sunday night after their 5000 year old senpai finished in them. They liked anime so much, they became prosis there. OMFG.

No. 99974

No. 99977

It's most likely fillers, anon.

No. 99978

Every time she yellowface photoshops herself to look more hapa. No wonder she's going into the onlyfans scene and straying from vlogs and lengthy videos, probably too lazy to keep editing her pudgy face and huge Margo-esque eyebags out of videos.

No. 99979

Fillers under the eye don't change the lid shape even when squinting. It's either squinting, tape, or very aggressive canthoplasty. Her eyes go back to looking white, as does the rest of her face, in videos where she's outside/seen from multiple angles.

No. 99984

File: 1591925758571.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 813.73 KB, 2560x1920, 3B2B7175-C0E1-4CE5-94C5-9499F3…)

New twitter picture. I just can’t, she didn’t even try to hide the tape, it’s laughable.

No. 99985

that tape between her boobs is as sad as her future

No. 99986

Is it tape, or is she using one of those silicone stick-on bras to fill out the empty space in the bra and make it more of a pushup?

No. 99990

Her facial expressions aren't really that of someone who's truly happy and loving their life. In all of her content. You can't fool us Weenus…

No. 99995

As she should. Males are meant to be used

No. 99999

Onlyfans was meant to happen. I mean margo made 13 years old venus go live on nico nico douga and made her lick whipped creams off her fingers while wearing a buruma sweamsuit (thats used in japanese porn) for old japanese pedos. venus has always been sexually objectified since she was a child. No wonder she's numb to it now. I wouldn't be surprised if she was asexual because i doubt she could even find pleasure in anything sexual with all the trauma she had. Hence why her expressions are sad and lifeless

No. 100000

She was underage and it was her mother who wrote on her shitty blog. Try again

No. 100001

go back to tumblr. This is lolcow. Why is her body off limits? Her face and body are trash and fat people are disgusting

No. 100002

ah yes the supposed monster of a mother that venus created for sympathy. lol i bet the only monster in that house was venus throwing her tantrums and wanting to be her true "jap" self!

No. 100003

shes fat as fuck(nitpicking)

No. 100004

imagine defending a mother who sexually objectified her child since she was underage. youre mentally ill anon

No. 100005

Imagine defending a psycho who dresses up in a diaper, sucking on pacifier,saying shes so tight the guys who tried to deflower her before couldn't succeed, maybe the next weirdo might get the chance.

No. 100006

no one is defending venus. Youre just fucking retarded for thinking margo sexualizing venus as a child isnt fucked up. Of course that shit will damage venus. Shes numb to it because of all the vile sexual shit margo made her do to please pedophiles.

No. 100007

>thinks mother sexually objectifying her child is the same as her doing retarded onlyfans pics
> weenus bad margo good

No. 100009

At least learn how to post! stop bumping the thread for your weird rants and no content.

No. 100016

It's tape.

No. 100027

File: 1591932870475.jpg (191.01 KB, 1074x1175, 20200611_233200.jpg)

A comment on June's IG…seems she's currently blinded by Peenus fake cutesy persona. Her psycho fans are harassing June's IG page also.

No. 100030

Hilarious that people are genuinely concerned that a porn actress’s reputation will be damaged by associating with Wenus.

No. 100038

Thats not tape. That's a strapless bra. One of these silicone sticky ones.

No. 100054

holy fuck you are pathetic.
not to be harsh, but if this is what you do with your life, maybe you should just end it <3
actually, idgaf if im being harsh, go and kill yourself, you are a pitiful joke.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 100068

wow anon calm your edge

No. 100070

are you talking about june here?

No. 100076

Even random nobody twitter sexworkers make better content to attract customers than… this


No. 100083

To me it just sounds like that June girl has a pretty good grasp on how to handle negative comments. Obviously she’s not going to publicly diss Venus Right before a collab if that could her get more fans/viewers for her own content, regardless of her real opinion.

No. 100087

You have issues and sound like a cow yourself.
Jesus, she looks so dead inside

No. 100093

File: 1591948256721.jpeg (773.58 KB, 1920x2560, FA01803E-4819-4500-9967-2CE58A…)

From her old video how to look like a puppy Make-up was already making some ojisan feeling weird.

No. 100094

Cow hella pathetic, she’s like running back into a circle but I can’t blame her. Momma thought her to live her life.

No. 100096

Back to making those creepy music videos, Margo.

No. 100097

lol it looks like any made in china gaudy crap you can buy on takeshita street. she's been wearing that same dress for so many posts too, she is earning money from those simps so i'm kind of surprised she cannot afford more clothing.

No. 100099

She is appealing to one of the lowest common denominators on the internet, she is dead inside.

No. 100101

noone asked you.
you probs identify with the retard because you are a pathetic creep yourself.

No. 100102

…or she’s just, you know like Yumi King who able to wear something expensive but end up making it looking cheap. Venus doesn’t even care about her hygiene and now she’s having hair extensions for someone who doesn’t wash her hair while her pants is stained with period during the live streams. #sooooojirai

No. 100105

That’s such an American way of dodging the problem tho.

No. 100106

Well there is a theory that she's in debt which is why she's pushing her limits so soon. She's definitely not setting any money aside for rainy days if she's spending it on dumb shit like salons and nails after purchasing a laptop.

No. 100109

I agree anon, looks like she’s already aware of the negativity surrounding Venus but cannot back off from the project at this point. She’s not publicly dissing Venus for the sake of political correctness. I still firmly believe that this will be their first and last collab.

No. 100110

It’s amazing how their personality can shape our perception of a human being. When I look at this picture I realize how much of a potato nose she has in the first picture even hidden behind the blur overdose, how weird her facial expression is, how thin her lips are.
I was neutral about Venus when she was a minor, I just saw her as another weeb girl but didn’t pay too much attention to her. However I never thought she was unfortunate looking.

Sometimes we get a lot of backlash for constant nitpicking but I’m sure other anons have a similar change of perception as me. When someone has an ugly personality you notice how hideous they are.

No. 100111

I am genuinely surprised Margo thinks (or "theorizes") Venus is in debt to the yakuza. You think she'd she'd just say Venus is a sociopath using sex and saying whatever she can to make as much unethical money as she can and not, she's being forced into it. Am surprised that's what Margo's rolling with. Is it too hard for her to accept she daughter is just an immoral whore who wants effortless money? Why would she spin a narrative that makes Venus look less bad?

No. 100112

File: 1591960867447.jpeg (53.42 KB, 610x449, E9BE2C55-4B8E-4B9F-97A1-28E950…)

June’s Instagram is already simp infested.
Jirai onna is at it again, manipulating her fans trying to earn sympathy points

No. 100113

according to venus it was always her dream. Although I don't buy that, she was never forced into it. She was always greedy for money and fame, as evident in her behavior in anything she's ever done as far back as i can remember. I bet they both agreed on doing that shit, they had a mutual YT channel after all. Marge knew it'd get them money and venus was fully and willingly onboard because money is primary in her life so she can get her kawaii clothes, nails, shiny trinkets etc. I bet Venus came up with some of the inappropriate content too. Way back, Marge even said that she didn't always agree with the content. The forced narrative is an old and one-sided narrative, and although marge is a piece of shit and should never allowed her daughter to do any of that in the first place, venus 100% embellished her entire story with marge. She was a willful participant. Remember she also made up two other abuse stories.

No. 100114

Anyone else find what she does with her mouth annoying? She does this all the time where she kind of presses her upper lip into her lower to make her mouth look smaller and presumably "cute". But it always just looks so dumb kek.

No. 100115

File: 1591961577336.jpg (219.81 KB, 1080x1271, 20200612_193208.jpg)

One of her simps warning june to not hurt sweet innocent venus(emoji)

No. 100116

Venus must be loving this. Her fans are just as toxic and passive aggressive as her. Fucking disgusting bunch. Hey June, it's not too late to bail!

No. 100118

That person's right about breathplay, but what does that have to do with June if she's not even planning on that?

No. 100119

Yes I find it extremely cringeworthy anon

This guy took Simpness to a whole different level. June seems to be struggling to remain cool at this point. She has to read lolcow to understand the true extent of this drama. June sis it’s not too late to bail! Run!

No. 100120

OMG Puke out a rainbow SIMP! They’re just jealous because they’re not the one who can touch venus. Welp, I guess that the whole Jirai-Onna concept does fit with Venus like look at these simp… “dO nOt HuRt My BaBy VeNuS!” and then there’s peter ojisan talking about how venus is delicate and soft af! Don’t they learn anything from Doormaki?! Although I don’t want to say this because it’s generalising all gender but why are boys so dumb?! They willing to do anything for a low creature for venus for the sake of the pleasure to their willy. I bet none of them will look at Doormaki and said “Oh, this woman is bad! Better bail” but most of the simp will just laugh at Manaki and think that they’ll be a better husband/boyfriend to Venus like okay… go on dude, it’s a free estate.

No. 100121

Anon just have a look at peter and this new simp. Would you like these men to be your partner? They don’t belong to the demographic healthy, decent women are attracted to. Venus attracts the bottom of the barrel and I can only be happy that these guys are out of my dating pool.

No. 100123

Of course I see it, I’m puking out of rainbow since it’s venus aesthetic. I’m not venus, I have standard when it comes for dating but Venus will say yes to anyone who is japanese and willing to pour money on her. To see this simp comment…I just wanted to throw up! DISGUSTING!

No. 100124

He looks like school shooter material kek

June needs to stop entertaining these idiots, better to ignore or delete these comments.

No. 100125

ANON WRYYYYYYYYYYY! XD I rather her blocked venus and those fangelic and pretend everything doesn’t happen but to interact with those clown… I think June have to do it even if she doesn’t like it for the sake of her fanbase. Unlike someone who just drag along her old weebs underage fans into her new content. She’s just desperate.(XD)

No. 100127

its not a fan, its that pathetic anon loser from
using some stalker account, shittalking in this random girls ig, and looking for validation here.

No. 100129

I don’t understand, can you please elaborate anon

No. 100131

File: 1591969991564.png (1.7 MB, 1936x1258, Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-12 um 1…)

VangelikaSkov made a video about the Venus Angelic controversy, but didn't mention anything about the pedo pandering stuff, also spreads misinformation like venus insta being 18+ and she's basically saying that venus isn't doing anything wrong. I commented and explained that this video is missing a big chunk of information, especially the pedo pandering stuff, the toddler pic, her insta not being 18+ and explained that that's because people are angry, not because of the sex work itself but my comments keep getting deleted, wtf. She's calling her video "controversy explained" but deletes every comment that provides missing information or corrects a statement by her even if its about venus doing something as disgusting as pedo pandering

No. 100132

Someone should really make a better video explaining the situation.

No. 100133

Also she has been wearing the same cheap looking strawberry print underwear for weeks.

No. 100135

she lurks on the other farms so she's probably sourced her info about venus from there

No. 100136

Wow, it's almost as if growing up in a fucked up environment affects your mental health.

No. 100138

Its crazy how venus is such a horrible liar but yet people believe anything she says. if yall believe what she said about marge is true, then believe that shes living her best true self right now then and that she has natural egg/chip head in pictures with flawless skin. and manaki is even worst than marge.

No. 100139

NTA, but do you really believe Margo isn't/wasn't abusive? Think logically.

No. 100140

File: 1591973370866.jpg (207.42 KB, 1080x1988, 20200612_224824.jpg)

Margaret opened a patreon page and the highest tier involved sending out family items. The simps would probably purchase this for venus's old stuff

No. 100142

Logic is, no one knows as I/us never lived with them. After seeing how much venus lies now, I wouldn't believe anything that comes out of her 10000 true hers' mouth or weird fingers.

No. 100143

And Margo tells the truth and isn't batshit insane?

No. 100145

Damn, filter or not, she looks so cute and pretty here.
I wonder where it's filmed though? Why the empty pink coat hangers hanging up behind her?

No. 100146


Seriously anon. Download Snow app, take a decent photo and start editing. My 35 year old friends look cuter than that when they edit themselves on snow app. You’re taking the bait.

No. 100148


now come on, everyone being unfair here, June posted that pic on her own Insta, so if Venus posted it again on Twitter, it looks like June posted it first, and they both look fine here so i don't get what ur all going on about.

No. 100150


She's not wearing Lolita in that picture though, if that's what you're referring to.

No. 100151


Why does she publish her photos back to front? Is it deliberate or does she not know how to make sure the image is the right way round?

Maybe she so used to seeing herself in mirror she cannot accept herself looking anything other than mirror image.

No. 100155


What are you talking about?

No. 100158

I think that anon means mirrored. I also thought it's weird how her name is spelled backwards on the collar.

No. 100159

Editing apps always automatically do that. I see so many people on Instagram do that same thing. I don't think they notice it tbh. Especially if you never use your regular camera as often.

No. 100160

You’re only supposed to wash extensions once a week anyway. Stops the bonds knotting and the length drying out. She’s had them before, I’m sure she will manage.

No. 100164


Tbh I doubt they would. She has been trying to sell Venus old stuff for at least like 5 years.

No. 100168

Have you never seen her face on videos? There’s not one feature on that picture that resembles her own features even a little bit. It’s a completely different face.

No. 100189

Are you the same anon who keeps sperging about jirai-kei on cgl and trying to convince people that jirai girls are sooo poor and need to be pitied? Because this is pretty much the exact same thing that anon was posting in multiple jfash threads there.

Anon was asking for the brand, not the style name…

No. 100192

Those topic are like two days ago and was already answered

No. 100193

But…no, I didn’t come to any thread beside Venus thread because venus is an interesting clown. Right now we’re talking about how some youtuber tried to convince everyone that people getting angry with venus because of her OF while they’re skiping the fact and deleting her YouTube comment about people mentioning that Venus is pedo pandering, her glorying mental health through some japanese fashion etc…

No. 100196

Its like you guys purposefully bypass any comments on this thread involving the fact that she is going through the usual fetishes of JAPANESE MEN as well as basic bitch hentai and niche parts of it to sell to these JAPANESE MEN.

Stop trying to compare her to thots in America and the like. This doesn't mean she is pedo pandering. I get not everyone here is a chick who read hentai, but you have got to be extremely retarded to keep up this pedo pandering idea because you have no idea about the uwu objectification of females, regardless of race, in japan where the big thing is a night/day cycle whore which is what she is doing. She looks uncomfortable in some shoots because that's the fetish. Getting off to shy, pervy posed (sometimes forced) girls who then turn into complete sluts. Lay that argument to rest already. It takes up a majority of the thread.

No. 100197

While I agree with the overall "stop saying it's pedo pandering, that's fucking retarded, this is just weeb fetishism", if Venus wanted to pander to japanese men she'd be using fantia, not OF.

No. 100198

You know exactly what I meant, anon. Platform isn't the issue.

No. 100203


Regardless of the fact that she’s trying to pander to Japanese fetish, that doesn’t automatically make it okay. Just because it’s a fetish in Japan, doesn’t excuse the fact that she is pedo baiting (by dressing up like a giant baby and not calling it ddlg or whatever). People seem to forget that Japan is still highly problematic when it comes to fetishes. Majority of her audience isn’t Japanese anyway

No. 100205

You don't know what her audience is based on just comments alone and she's the only one who can see the algorithms. Seems extremely stupid to discredit her having a majority Asian viewership.

No. 100206

You’re retarded. Venus’s fan base has NEVER been the Japanese audience even though she desperately wants it to be.

No. 100207

It doesn't have to be, but she is basing what she is doing in her photosets and gearing them towards Japanese fetishes which even Japanese people most of the time agree make no sense, but if it exists, they do it. A lot of these aren't even actually acted out by any majority of people, but the fantasy and fictional aspect is what people are interested in because it's so out there. Seeing a 3D person do it interests a lot of people. She isn't pedo pandering and you might as well call modern candy kids in raves this too then as the more extreme ones wear diapers and binkies and are not a part of the DDLG lifestyle. The whole point is just money. Some anons just really need to stop reading so deep into her shit.

No. 100209

>Majority of her audience isn’t Japanese anyway
I was going to say I'm not sure how/why she plans to market herself to Japanese men while trying to look as Japanese as possible, but I guess she's trying to pass herself off as hapa (without explicitly claiming to be that).
The problem is, there's nothing particularly interesting about her looks or gimmick.
She's always going to be a step behind all the actual Japanese/hapa girls she copies, because she doesn't have any unique selling points of her own, or even a studio to advertise her to a Japanese audience.
The past living doll YT fame helps her with western audiences (hence all the white weebs stanning her the hardest), but how exactly is she going to stand out to a Japanese audience? What does she offer that tons of other girls don't?

No. 100213

no, you mean she TRYING to appeal to the japanese male audience. her simps are western basement dwelling weebs, but japanese men dont want a busted knock off.

No. 100225

I bet she’s working some of these OF fans hard in DMs, with sad stories of abuse and depression (and highly edited pics.) I’m sure they’re sending her $$ too. That’s probably how she’ll continue to scam her way through life, just like her mommy. If any of her marks want to meet her in person she’ll be in trouble though, since we’ve seen what she looks like irl vs her photos.

This angle sure beats sugaring, which she’d actually have to work at (plus no yucky physical contact with nasty old men ftw!)

Looking on the bright side, now that she’s finally figured out a way to make her own $$ maybe she’ll stop leeching off that poor wretched Manaki, although it appears he’s backed off the divorce. He’s probably willing to let her keep that visa if it gets her greasy ass out of his apartment and his life.

No. 100229


If it had been a Dakota rose 2012 era sex doll doing this the Japanese creeps would’ve threw a semen tsunami on the nation

No. 100230


I think Venus just wants to end up in a circle of Japanese men, swimming on the floor in their gunk and having every hole plundered into for the full Japanese experience to fulfilled her weeb desire. It’s the closest to Japanese she’ll ever get. No doubt probably pray she gets knocked up in the process to reproduce and bury the poor hafu kid in anime clothes.


No. 100231


Venus thinks she’ll be getting hot young Japanese bucks

She’ll end up below a stinky sake smelling ramen toothed beer belly old fart

No. 100232

damn anon you know how to paint a pretty picture

No. 100243

Wrong. Wenus wants to rake in the most possible $$ for the least possible effort, which is posting crappy half-assed pics online. Anything in-person is way too much work and yucky too. So OF it is.

No. 100247

She's obviously not pandering to japanese men. Her content is aimed purely at white weebs, of which there is an endless supply and her being white and willing to partake in weird jap fetishes is clearly successful.

No. 100248

Because she's not marketing herself to Japanese men, otherwise she wouldn't be on OF and her content would be in Japanese for starters. She's marketing herself to weebs and it's working.

No. 100252

Japan/Japanese culture are just a stage and plot devices for her weeb princess persona. That's why she does everything in English and only uses Japanese often enough to impress other foreigners.

No. 100254

I don’t think she could hold a job in adult industry in Japan. Yeah there are broken girls working in hostess bars or soaplands, or working as porn stars, gravure idols but they are masters of tatemae and faking a Genki facade. Porn stars or egirls are very polite and omotenashi towards their fan base on Twitter, unlike weenos who looooves to bitch and moan about her self diagnosed mental illness. Japanese are very harsh when it comes to mental illness, they see it as being weak minded whereas western people just see it as a treatable illness. She will remain a social outcast in Japanese society as long as she glorifies her worsening mental condition. Fans and customers are so accustomed to a high level service that they would tear her apart as soon as she reveals her true self.

No. 100257

File: 1592035692857.jpeg (166.38 KB, 738x785, B552074B-8501-4DFC-9C21-A93904…)

Imagine being this brainwashed.

No. 100258

So we just going to excuse venus for her jirai persona because of her past? That’s now how it’s work gurl! What she’s doing is wrong and you can’t just justify it with her mental health for people to forgive her.

No. 100259

Oh fuck, she delete her twitter where she’s even trying to explain and drag her japanese audience on twitter about how to use Only Fans.

No. 100260

File: 1592037312273.jpeg (443.17 KB, 750x834, 9D341840-5A76-4D1D-A20E-83B787…)

This is the post where she’s guide japanese people how to use only fans, so can you still saying that she’s not pandering japanese man?

No. 100261


Cows attract potential cows or young, naive fans who don’t have the life experience to recognize manipulative behavior. Just like fat you tubers attract other fat girls with their body positivity bs because fat girls are desperate for validation and they get fatter and fatter every single year because that’s the image they sell. Weenos will always have these die hard fans who give her a free pass because “she’s been through so much” uwu. Year after year her condition is getting worse, as long as she have these fans pitying her.

What offends me the most is teens who come from abusive households may idolize Venus. By including the following paragraph I’m risking being flagged as blog but I had an abusive, alcoholic father who wrecked our family and I was miserable for a few years so I’m not being insensitive about people who come from abusive homes. However garnering sympathy from basement dwelling simps is not the way to save yourself. She’s setting an unhealthy example by glorifying her unstable mental health and monetizing on it instead of getting the treatment she desperately needs. Each year is going to get worse until mental illness completely will mold into her personality. We get to be called out as haters for pointing out the facts.

No. 100262

No. 100263

File: 1592037407037.jpeg (263.45 KB, 750x1304, BCC66F31-71A0-4327-9973-21598B…)

This is where the link guide to. So she is pandering with Japanese man too!

No. 100264

That scrawny obaa-chan body..
She looks like those 40 something old skinny fat Japanese women still working at soaplands..

No. 100265

Ngl I thought this was Margo and then had to do a double take

No. 100266

As expected, most of the people liking and following don't seem to be Japanese, even though she's clearly trying.

No. 100267

I used to be her fans too, because of her abusive mother gothel I think many people who resonate with her will support her too but she turned out to be worst of the worst. Her saying that “sTaY pOsItIvE” or something motivational is just a big talk. I think SHE need those talk to herself instead to her fans. How is selling your body, asking fans for validation and calling it pody empowerment work? How is calling pody positivity while doing weight lost surgery even make sense. Venus is just a dense weeb, if she wanted to be a dumbest slut she’s already dumb while telling people that she’s a cum dumpster so congratulations venus!

No. 100271

I only ever watched her YouTube videos for the longest time. I ran away from home too, so I was rooting for her and IMO it was easy because all I knew was she went to Japan and her mom was crazy, taking naked selfies in a airport bathroom.
Then a year after she got to Japan I noticed how crazy her fans were and how confused Penus actually is.
I don’t have any hope left for her, and I know she’s going to regret doing fan’s only shit. Like she regrets everything else she’s done.
But she deserves it. She didn’t want to improve her youtube channel, she couldn’t act or model, no education, and let’s not forget Malice. She ruined any friendships she had and doesn’t have a single positive relationship left.

No. 100272

Guess, we just pity her that’ll fit her jirai aesthetic. When people told her do the right things, she either delete those comment, replying it with an attitude or her blue haired feminist fans will told us that “Penus is a grown woman, she can do whatever she want.” But she doesn’t look like a grown adult woman for me, she look like a split image of her crazy mother that she on the first video tell us that she doesn’t want to become like her, she’s basically a 14 teenage girl living in a 23 yrs old adult body that look like the age of her mom but at least her mom margo look young and hygienic than her. Dude, she can’t even wash her black hair and now people saying that hair extensions only need to wash once a week like… She have black hair, black hair tend to look oily and within 3 days you look like you don’t even wash your hairs like forever.

No. 100273

Not only she lacked of education, even thought she live in Japan like years and she still act like ignorance. So if Japanese people drink bleach and eating tide pod, she’s doing it too because the Japanese do it. She doesn’t even care what she did is offensive or dangerous as long as the Japanese do it. Girl forgot her brain at europe before she live in Japan thinking being dumb is kawaii. smh.

She doesn’t even have a female japanese friend like stop being so dependent on your white friend, they don’t know shit about Japan. They’re just like you thinking nihon is the disneyland for anime and she need to realise that girl in Japanese has nothing like anime character, they have their own struggle too and some of them are not only thinking about being an idol nonsense.

No. 100275

so a mother making her underage daughter pander to jap pedos isnt enough proof?

No. 100276

I dont understand why venus uses onlyfans for her japanese fans. Why doesnt she use japanese websites for sex work? Japanese men dont use onlyfans

No. 100277

Maybe she’s afraid of getting into some kind of visa trouble? If she’s on a spouse visa then she risks deportation if she uses japanese sites for sex work since she’ll ve easier to find and report to the authorities.

No. 100279

Is that illegal in japan? I remember seeing some women get arrested in Japan for live nude streams but it was because there was uncensored vag. Assuming there’s none of that I don’t think it would be illegal. And spouse visa has nothing to do with it, there’s no work restrictions on a spouse visa. Most foreigners in the sex industry are probably on a spouse visa

No. 100280

Audience, like how she started Youtube. Of course she wanted to stay in Japan and married to a Japanese pedo. But you know sometimes Japanese people doesn’t really want to watch gaijin stuff but it’s unfamiliar with gaijin since they’re more comfortable and accepting with their own kind. Penus is using gaijin website to get her gaijin weaboo fans to financially support her so she could continue to live in Japan but with a little hope, she hope that there will be a Japanese pedo who’s into gaijin and buy her or keep her anything like that. If she really want the fame in Japan back, she really need to bring back those gaijin dolls look back because not only dolly look is famous in japan, but being blonde and gaijin will make her look sparkly sparkly and is the middle of the attention in japan. Japan want a barbie doll from western, not Rika-chan doll.

No. 100284

I don't remember all the details right now but a female artist got arrested for creating a kayak boat shaped like her vagina.

No. 100285

Wtf why is it illegal?

No. 100286

Who knows? Japan has a rather odd set of values when it comes to sex. like genitals are not allowed to be shown in the most outlandish porn, like anything pretty much goes but as long as genitalia is blurred out.

Anyhow, doesn't Venus usually post to her only fans on Fridays? There#s usually a lot of laughs in here about whatever latest thing she did, but it's all quiet, so is she abandoning it already or is it just another missed day? Knowing how bad she is at keeping to any schedules, I do have to wonder how long she will be able to keep up with the only fans schedule too. maybe as soon as she rakes in any money from anywhere, she is busy spending it for a while, before she needs to stop and do something again to make some more?

No. 100287

japanese law doesnt care about sex related crimes.
Also soft porn is very normalized. Remember, this is the same country that has junior idol gravure aka you can easily buy DVDs or photosets of 5-15 years old girls/boys in swimsuits doing sexual gestures

No. 100288


Well apparently, according to KF, some Japanese man just paid her $80 for some private photos. I don't think it's true at all that she doesn't appeal to JP men, she obviously does. She seems to appeal to men of all nationalities.

No. 100290

It’s just easy to please any man, as long as you’re naked they’re already feel like wanted to fuck you. They don’t care how do you look, sex is sex for them. Men has the attitude that they “don’t really care” that’s why I’m saying men are dumb, they can’t take hint so if you want or need something for them you have to talk. It’s simple.

That’s right gals, standard is important if you don’t want to end up like Venus angelic. She doesn’t have any standard at all even to herself, that’s why she end up being with doormaki out of desperation and willing to welcome anyone who wants her. Even her content is just “I don’t care” attitude, that’s why some men like her. She’s just as simple as them.

No. 100292

I feel sorry for June, I doubt she knew what would happen if she did a collab with Venus, but to be fair, it is as much people who hate Venus who are probably badgering June, trying to talk her out of it, as much as Fans of Venus who are protective wanting to make sure she treats Venus well. June made a comment on her Insta saying that she had never had any negative comments before (which I do find hard to believe given her line of work, I mean a lot of people disapprove of it) but that she has had a lot of negative comments since announcing the collab with Venus, but this could be the people who so obsessively hate Venus and I guess June is just getting a little taste of what Venus has been putting up with for years from the people who seem to delight in hating her so much. This is hardly Venus's fault, but I think some people are even trying to blame her for this, as though it is her fault if people hate her, and the responsibility for the hate is with the people who hate, not on the object of it.

I can find plenty to fault Venus for if I think about it, but what I really don't get is the obsessive hate from a lot of people, that is on them, it is just a shame if they are now hounding June, whether to 'warn' her or to try and convince her not to collab with Venus just out of their own hatred, just let them do their collab, it will be interesting to see how it goes.

No. 100293

Nobody hate Venus, just because some of them announced they’re going to unfollow venus because now she’s getting into porn doesn’t mean they hate them anon. Just because some fans trying to convinced venus don’t do pedo pandering or sexualise high school girl or be more aware of her influence in japan that some trend is appropriate to follow doesn’t mean they hate them. It’s her die hard fans who trying to protect venus because they think that venus is a baby and need to be guided and protected especially when everyone know her tragic childhood and abusive mother, those fans are trying to protect venus and think that she can’t take criticism not even constructive criticism. As long as you’re disagreed of what Venus is doing you’re automatically becoming her haters. People are attacking June because for fans, Venus is need to be protected like a baby. They almost forgot that Venus is an adult who can think by her own. So now the fans is like Margo who’s trying to isolate Venus from everyone, not even Mikan, not even Taylor or Pip. That’s why whoever bashing, disagreed or even collab with venus which in their mind just like margo, they think that whoever venus is collab with is using her for fame or because they want to protect venus from those bad influences.

No. 100295


I see it all, and there is a lot of hate, everytime she posts a picture on her insta, someone will start off going on about her edits, and then other people will jump in and point out that nearly everyone edits on insta, but they go for Venus more for some reason, and you can't tell me there are not people here in this forum who obsessively hate her, and if it's constructive critical comment is one thing, but a lot of it is just hating on her for no real reason and nitpicking on her looks all the time.

No. 100296

I hope an incel rapes venus then kills her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 100297


And there's some of the insane hate right there. kys, nutjob.

No. 100298

Not cool or funny. There's a difference between criticizing someone and being a disgusting coldish psychopath

No. 100299

how can anyone give venus constructive criticism without being hounded by psycho fans? When venus posts stuff that contradicts something else she posted people are gonna call her out on her shit. But nope, her psychotic fans have 2 second memory and just wanna fight no matter what call everyone hates and jealous. They treat venus like some delicate object.

No. 100305

shes asking for it and she deserves it(a-log)

No. 100314


Why is she asking for it and why does she deserve it? Do you know her personally? Has she done something to you?
No, you're either just bored and trolling or you're just insane. Either way , do the world a good turn and kys!

No. 100316

Your just as crazy as them telling them to kill themselves. seriously

No. 100317

stfu whiteknight

No. 100318

Why is this thread suddenly full of stupid threats and poor grammar? It’s hard to make sense out of what people are trying to say here. Sure, Japanese people are going to interact with her or buy her shit. But the point is, the Large MAJORITY (not all) of her audience is still Westerners. Her comments on Instagram, arguably her most active social media outside of Only Fans since youtube is dead, are full of ENGLISH comments.

No. 100319

No. 100320

i think lolcow is being invaded by scrotes. wasnt this chan posted on kiwifarms?

No. 100321


There often seems to be more from obsessives who hate her than from fans attacking people who criticise her, and some of the criticism is not constructive just hating on her again just for the sake of it, and so that makes the fans go off on one because they see it and want to defend her, and yes some of them will go after anyone for the slightest little thing, but they are not all like that.

No. 100323

>this chan

No. 100325

well it is a chan imageboard autist

No. 100326

Honestly, the New Fangelics that defend every little thing she does are cringier than beenos herself. It’s like they’re defending a toddler against getting scolded. You can’t criticize anything without a bunch of weebs attacking your comment like thats going to make beenos notice them and be their best friend lol

No. 100327


Well it's the only language people like them understand and it would solve the problem of stopping them posting their insane shit on here.

No. 100328


No. 100330

Nah, just seeing herself ruin her life is enough. When you kill someone, they’ve just die and forgotten. As long as she’s alive, she’ll be questioning while carrying her guilt for the rest of her life asking herself why did she do this and it’s the most torturous way to live until she seek for a proper help.

No. 100334

Even if beenos did become their friend it’ll be end up like Manaki and her rest of her ex friends too, what’s the different? She’s not going to change because of love or change to be a proper human being overnight. She choose to live and act like this therefore she’s the most useless and toxic human being ever. Her being useless is that she know that she is useless that she had to keep depending someone to live with her lifestyle, her toxic is that she’ll discard anyone who had done something for her but she decided that she doesn’t need them or considered them useless for not able to keep up with her shitty attitude or even lifestyle. I think this is why Manaki trying to divorce with her not because he wanted to have sex with anime girls only, because venus everyday life is expensive. Meeting friends, buying useless things that she will never use again, eating dessert and fast food instead of cooking proper food. But venus being venus, she can’t have everything and like her mommy margo she’s going to slander and threatening everyone especially with her bohoo jirai sad big eye makeup to use tears to make people feel bad for her for getting in her way.

No. 100335

Eww… get out from this thread pls. You’re disgusting creep.

No. 100336


He's probably jerking himself off now that you called him a disgusting creep.
Honestly, though where do these retards come from? Rudely interrupting what was a pleasant peaceful time reading the thread. Oh well, all gone now, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Anyhow, about the Friday only fans thing, wasn't it meant to be her schedule to post on Fridays regularly from now on? or am I getting mixed up about that?

No. 100337

Girl can’t even post daily on Instagram. Most influencers can, it’s not like she lacks time considering she doesn’t have a real job. It would be a miracle if she thoroughly kept up with a schedule for once

No. 100338

Can those whiteknight, venus angelic simp stay on the own lane like… If they really loooooove their sex doll just go to her instagram or whatever and kiss her ass. Wtf they’re coming here trying to stop everyone for “gossiping” their garbage. Venus isn’t the only things that’s people care about okay, even if she doesn’t born then earth will still move like everyday. People like various stuff, not only venus so just move on instead of telling a gossip page to stop gossiping where the page is about gossiping…gosh these people.

No. 100339

When you have no life, you don’t have anything to talk about. At least those otaku that has been locked in their mom basement has something interesting to talk but venus don’t even have life, let alone hobbies. She’s just copying every Japanese trend or whatever japanese things she can and called it “personality” Wait until a new trend come up and she’ll announce that she found herself again and her new personality.

No. 100340

I wondered if she just doesn't bother for a while because she's busy spending whatever money she might have made and so won't bother to post anything again until she needs the money. Whatever, it's not very professional and she will need to be more scheduled if she want to make a success of it.

No. 100341

venus needs to leave japan and quit the internet and go back to school. Its clear she doesnt enjoy youtube shit

No. 100343

She doesn’t only need it, she NEED it because her brain is like first years. How can she even survive in her adulthood with that mentality? Not even the way her speaking is clear, not even her japanese or other language. Has she ever wonder who even she is or maybe go find her real self, like not from her internet trend. What does she really want without announcing on her youtube channel.

No. 100344

I feel like some of us are hurt at how she ended up.
I just wanted her to become a normal person after what her mother put her through. It's sad how she doesnt want to get any help. I empathize with her as i watch her since my teens and lived in a dysfunctional home too.
saged in case this counts as a blog

No. 100345

She’s attracting all the psychopaths now that she’s doing sex work face out.. she has put herself in a very vulnerable position as a gaijin sex worker in Japan. Japan is not as safe as people often think it is and there’s lots of crime swept under the rug against gaijin women.. if she wants to continue doing what she does, she should have stayed under the radar. She will get all the negative attention from deranged people like in the following news report:


No. 100347

I used to sympathy her but now not anymore because of her lies. I really want to say something on her page but either she delete it or the fans attack me because it’s true. She always announced something motivational but it’s end up it’s a lie, she then delete it and pretend nothing happen while her fans just brush her bs off and keep worshipping her because of her photoshopped dolly look plus she live in Japan where every weeaboo dream to be there, kinda pathetic to see those fans trying to become a copy of her for the sake and hope to live in nihon land just like her.

No. 100348

Because japan is a seriously messed country when it comes to women. they're open about porn and their hate for women but also are anti feminists and any uncensored vagina is considered an offense there. They make zero sense. Even doujins/drawings/comics have to be censored.

No. 100349

Japan doesnt care about sex crimes. As someone else stated. A ton of foul play is swept under the rug and many women are bullied and harassed into not reporting sex crimes against them. Venus is playing a dangerous game with japanese men here and being a sex worker.

No. 100350

So just found Venus banned me on IG because I suggested her to open a new account then under her "new Venus" post where she was bitching about how upsetting it is when people say they miss old Venus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 100352

He sent her a dick pic and she rated it down so he's lashing out now as so-oo butthurt about it.

Why should it be more dangerous for her though? That June woman seems to be doing alright, no mention of her getting any of this shit that Venus has been getting.

No. 100353

I’ve block venus yesterday, I’m tired of her bs that’s why I come to lolcow. I’m sick and tired of her fans who some think she’s korean even though she’s imitated Japanese while being white. Trying to tell venus to not sexualise high school, her fans especially the one called daniel using bdsm and ddlg to support her doing the enjo things. He even encourage underage to go sexclub and having affair while he’s in relationship.

No. 100354


What are you going on about? This is about Venus, you're going off on a tangent of your own, don't know what Daniel you're going on about. And don't make me laugh at the high school kids being sexualised, if you're been spamming her comments section going on about that non stop then I don't blame her for banning you. Did you even go to school? Schoolkids at my school having kids at thirteen, taking drugs, drinking, obsessed with sex from the age of twelve. I was one of the very few who wasn't like that, but so many were, no one more sexually aware than some of those high school kids who you and a few others seem to think are nothing more than innocent angels.
So you can't say what you want on Venus's instagram so you want to come here saying it instead? When we've already heard it all before here. ffs.

No. 100357

Not all countries like white countries are as bold as you, dumbass. This earth isn’t just america alone, and I don’t say that I spam venus. I block her not she blocked me wtf. Why anons can say people like peter but not that sexual freak daniel who has been lurking on venus page too.

No. 100358

Frankly I think we should be thankful that outside of the bizarre baby beenos thing she’s done just one high school shot. If you think your average scrote isn’t into that uniform you are deranged, its a classic in sex shops and while slightly gross pretty mainstream. I’ll bite the pendopandering bullet when she starts dressing up in clothes you couldn’t just find at a normal lingerie shop.

No. 100360

Ah yes and how she enabler the enjo things in Japan while Japan are facing problem like high schoolers selling their bodies and how old man sexualise student in their uniform. If she wanted to do something like that at least she need to be aware her surrounding. Just because people used to sexualise high school uniform for age doesn’t meant we have to keep it that way because people used to do it. White people doesn’t have to wear uniform to school, uniform wasn’t invented for you to feel horny, especially with high school student? So if people can’t dress as a baby for sex why not high school student? They’re children too…what’s next? Kindergarten uniform?

No. 100364


Give it time yet anon

No. 100366

It looks like the thread has reached the point of repetitive stagnation that only newfags and stans care about. This thread went from flowing mill to a standstill all because the newfags can't integrate.

No. 100367

Is your argument that Venus isn't pedi pandering by RpIng a high schooler because HS uniforms are popular in sex shops? That's why they're popular in sex shops, because of closet pedophiles and the broken women who perform for them for $$$$. Jfc. Baby Beenus and her Enjo-kosai act are disgusting and immoral because the only men those fantasies appeal to are men who want to fuck children and schoolgirls.

No. 100368

Best post of the last ten threads

No. 100373

Exactly. The theme of that photoset is ‘helpless virgin schoolgirl being ravaged and defiled’ and it’s aimed at pervs who jerk off while fantasizing that they are the ones defiling and ravaging said virgin schoolgirl. If that’s not pedo pandering idk what is.

No. 100377

every one of her threads come crashing down like this. its so damn annoying.

No. 100383

She's trying to imitate an east-asian smile shape. Always raceplay with penus.

No. 100388

Probably those horny men of hers waiting for her free OF pictures to jerking off.

No. 100407


Venus is even more disgusting for doing it because before she started her drunken horny brat rampage, she pushed the beleif that she was a shy, innocent girl who just likes Japanese fashion and makeup, but the truth all along was that Venus is just addicted to attention, good or bad.

The problem with that is how she garnered a large following of impressionable young people and then swang suffenly andnwildly into acting out as soon as she wasn't promised her cushy dream life from her favorite emotional phnching bag. NOBODY should look up to Venus now, after a full year and change of her taking every single opportunity and chance to improve or do the right thing and doing thentotal opposite instead.

No. 100409

How does Gemma look older/worse in that clip than she doesn now?

No. 100410

it actually translates to "idk if cute or sexy"

No. 100417

Whoever mentioned the hentai Metamorphosis itt earlier, go fuck yourself. I read it in one sitting and can’t stop crying. Sage because no1curr(nobody cares)

No. 100420

File: 1592092370021.gif (3.57 MB, 352x234, 529E6B57-7DAD-4CAD-991D-381AD6…)

Me and the other anon with the “I told you…” face if it’s happened to venus because people has been warned her long time ago and she never listen and think ruined her own life is edgy and cool.

No. 100422

If she manages to someday turn out to be a better mom than Margo was, I’d b proud of her.
>hana-chan ;-;

No. 100423

so you hate most JAV sex workers who also do this shit?
money is money. sex work as a whole isnt moral.
who gives a shit if a grown woman roleplays?

No. 100424

getting triggered at barely 18 porn is like getting triggered at lolicon. No children are harmed so stfu.
is this what the venus thread has become?

No. 100425

Ironically 2010 was when she actually was a teenager, unlike when she was "18" for her debut gravure DVD in 2016.

No. 100426


Not to sound catty but since every other post in this thread is so obviously written by you I have a request.

Could you please start breaking up your sentences into paragraphs? Because it's very hard to read what you're trying to say.

No. 100428

A “grown woman roleplaying” a schoolgirl being raped (because that’s what we’re talking about here) is disgusting. This is not some edgy kink. It’s straight up pedo-baiting.

No. 100429

I think the idea is that Venus content could harm real children by inspiring them to take nudes too.

Never really understood that logic because she's nowhere near as famous as some anons ITT will have you believe. I mean, how is she going to influence someone to do anything at all when she can't even influence herself to shower?

No. 100430

I disagree, because it is considered sociallly acceptable as of now. If you disagree that it SHOULD be socially acceptable you can make that argument, sure. But in this specific case given the culture Venus was raised in, dressing like a high school senior doesn’t seem like a huge, personal motal failing of hers. Society, yeah maybe, but she is just a projection of what loads of men ‘want’ and what loads of women are willing to give them. Its not milky that Venus is doing the same thing 10,000 women are doing to spark up their marriage tonight. I get that as an abstract it is potentially a gross concept, but its not Venus milk. Is it milky anytime a woman profits off of sex most people find acceptable?

No. 100437

do you realize how extremely common that is in porn? and not just asian porn but western porn as well? men love it. welcome to the truth of the world

No. 100443

Fantasizing about raping ypung girls and children using RPing adult women is how pedophiles are pushed from fucking RPing adult women into raping actual teens and children. Or, do you honestly and legitimately expect any living person to belive that as long as there are adult women who are willing to RP kids and teens being raped, that will save the actual kids from having it happen to them?

Indulging a fantasy only makes you want the real thing more over time the more you indulge the fantasy. That's why it's so cute and hip now to hypersexualize teens and kids and paint them as "mature for their age" and "early bloomers".

All Venus and the filth like her that pander to the type of human failures that can even conceivably get off to the idea of even pretending to fuck a child or young teen (because of the innocence/helplessness factor or whatever) are doing is making the pedos and predators feel safer and more normalized. The more Venus pushes this idea that being a living onnahole in exchange for living like a hobo ~in Japan~ makes hee happy, the more impressionable young weebs she'll attract to her lifestyle AND as a result, the more pedophiles and predators she'll attract as well.

she's meshing the oredators and orey in her fandom by blending her uwu kawaii innocent princess persona in with a degenerate whore for hire persona. She needs to be cancelled.

No. 100447

I’m not surprised at the amount of Weenos WKs defending pedos and pedo pandering ITT but I’m getting really tired of someone having to interject

>b-but it’s common! t-totally ok that she pretends to be a minor selling herself for sex!! haha u go gurl earn them simp bux!

Every few days is getting old.

No. 100451

Anon, no it's not. Read a real psychology book. Pedos are not attracted to adults pretending to be kids and usually have an extremely hard time getting off when in pretend relationships. Usually creates ED. Just stop already.

No. 100452

>Pedos are not attracted to adults pretending to be kids and usually have an extremely hard time getting off when in pretend relationships. Usually creates ED.
Source? What psychology book says this? Because I'm pretty sure porn stars that look like children are extremely popular with that exact demographic. I remember males on 4chan posting about one called Monroe a lot.

No. 100453

Its no different from consensual non-consent rolelaying. You Tumblr snowflakes are making it very clear who is self posting screencaps from Venus's Instagram because you are so child-like in nitpicking shit adults have been doing for decades. She's moreso referencing a JK service, but that isn't the only order service for women in Japan and most of them come with dress-up options you can order with them. You sound underage as fuck, anon.

No. 100454

Nta I'm actually curious where does the attraction to people pretending to be younger comes from then if not from pedo tendencies?

No. 100456

It's a fantasy thing. At one point you'll think back to your high school sweetheart. It's all fantasy. Stop having a stick up your ass, anon.

No. 100458

Except the grown woman in question has a large underage fanbase.

No. 100468

I'm genuinely curious though, stop aggroing at everyone lol. So what about people in their 20s also being into ddlg? Thinking back to high school sweethearts?

No. 100469

And that is the parent's job to do something about their underage kids following someone making it ver clear they no longer promote uwu SFW content 24/7. She changed her Instagram she said to 18+ too already. Anyone left over is just there for "I miss old Venus" asspats. Stop feeling bad for her fans. They voluntarily follow someone who has been over 18 years for years and hasn't produced strictly SFW since then too because of her drinking. She doesn't have to mark anything on YouTube either because unless you are specifically promoting your stuff to kids, the site doesn't force you to label your content outside of 13+ anymore. It's all thrown in the same algorithm now. She's actually doing everything the way she is supposed to lol It's a fucking shock to be honest.

No. 100471

>She changed her Instagram she said to 18+ too already.
That was for like a day. She changed it back, lmao.

No. 100473

every man you have ever dated or will date has jacked off to porn of rape and teens. those are two of the most popular porn genres all around the world. are you really this naive?

No. 100474

Its just people who want to have a Karen moment and grasp at their pearls about sex workers. It's shock and awe when someone first starts doing it, but the reaching in this thread about some of the dumbest shit is really killing the vibe.

No. 100480

Her fans are shitty little brats and good riddance to them. She's said over and over what her content is now. Parents should be monitoring what their kids are doing, but most of these people are 18+ femcels who are piss poor mad about sex work and keep leaving lengthy bitching comments under everything as pretending to be 'uwu so sad and afraid of sexuality'. Fuck these fans lol

No. 100481

It doesn't have to be that way, and cancelling Venus for bowing to scum like those is a good start.

The more you argue that it's notnal ghe mote normal it will become. I'm old enough to remember when dating/sex/growing up wasn't anywhere near this raunchy and mature, teens looked and dressed like teens , whereas now they all either dress like boys, little kids (<10) or full on sexualized adults. That's within 10 years' time. Do you think the Epstien shit and the Dan Schneider shit, all the rich Hollywood pedos being "exposed" is happening because they got so brazen and bold with normalizing their perversion that society is getting sick to fuck of it. We don't need any more <25 year old whores catering to the lowest of the low just so the rest of the lazy, spoiled whores online can use them as a scapegoat to throw themselves at real predators for easy $$$ and end up completely and totally destroying their lives, like Venus probably already has.

No. 100482

>Everyone should look the other way so pedo-pandering and sexualizing teens/minors/inexperienced age gaps can be normalized!!! Any kids not being raised by puritanical, overbearing parents deserve to be exposed to perverts and degenerates!

No. 100483

>*The more you argue that it's normal the more normal it will become

No. 100492

I don't feel bad for her fans, most of them seem as fucked up in their heads as Penus and indeed their parents should monitor their little shits. Just wanted to point out that these jav sex workers >>100423 mentioned certainly aren't trying to sell their work to actual minors like Penus does.

No. 100495

I don’t know, maybe you should read more articles about rape, and even child rape. Canney Ong rapist said in the interview said that he just did it because he always fantasies it. But after he did rape the girl he become panicked and killed the victim. Of course a lot people didn’t believe him because he live like a normal, religious kind person who always willing to help the others. So child rape happened when people think about doing it, they’ll do it one day. It’s just the matter of time, lol icon and adult dressing as a child will only make them carve to the real deal more.

No. 100497

Where did anon said they hate jav workers? WHERE? I can’t fucking find it because all she said that is venus ruined her life. Did she mentioned that she’s doing sex to ruined her life? Read retard, read!

No. 100499

lmao clutch those pearls, grandma

No. 100501

so? Its a fetish. Porn industry will never be woke.
How tf can any of you blame women for males being pedophiles?
Women roleplaying whatever wont harm children you retards. Do you think catplay harms cats too? get a grip virgins.

No. 100502

>Blaming women for males actions
of course

No. 100503

venus doing those photoshoots isnt milky. Whats milky is that she talks shit about people constantly and pretends to be a good person when she has manipulated others.
Sex work itself isnt milky.

No. 100504

>Implying women have any power
> Implying women can normalize pedophilia in patriarchal societies
fuck off retard. women roleplaying doesnt do shit. Go bash males aka the pedophiles

No. 100505

If you hate venus for doing this kind of porn then you most likely hate every sex worker who does the same shit. Can any of you virgins just fuck off this thread

No. 100506

why are there radfems and penus fans in this thread

No. 100508

>why are there radfems on lolcow
Oh anon

No. 100509

What kind of retard is that, go kiss your penus pathetic you wk. Yes everything penus doing is right, there nothing wrong with her because she has the angelic in her user name. Let’s forgot about she jokes about Manaki getting arrested for molested a high school girl, apologise it and then all of the sudden “lEt’S hAvE fUn WiTh sChOol LiFe”

and also

let’s forget about how she suddenly broke up with this ken guy implying that he is making his assistant child giving him a blow job and sexual harassing the child at the age of 3 and suddenly in her OF she’s becoming Baby Beenos.

Let’s also sleep on how she befriended with Mikan and PIp and as long as she’s around these two girls for all of the sudden broke up with their boyfriend.

Penus is an angel, everything she do is so pure and angelic. We PULL, LOLCOW, KIWIFARM is just a haters with a life and proper job. We’re jealous of how penus making money on OF, promise the fans to post some content on her schedule and all of the sudden she decided to stop because who cares about the fans and her job while she’s spending her money on Jirai mental illness trend in Japan, but she’ll be back and post something if she need money from fans again with the “I’ve found myself” doing something half asses and later forget it like the rest of her radio station, youtube and fanclub.

She’s so kawaii, how can we so angry at us despite how she lies, manipulate, victimised herself. Oh, I forgot! We must forgive penus because she has a rough childhood with an abusive mother right? We all have a rough life to live, even some of us have the same controlling parents like penus. But noooo… Only penus is special because she’s a dolly, who cares about the other who suffer with mental abused, they’re not penus. Penus need to be love and protected and the rest can kill themselves and die!

No. 100510

>redditspacing your boring vendetta

No. 100511

Being virgin isn’t insulting, that’s means we’re being a decent human being and not to fuck around and created a mistake like penus by accident.

No. 100512

File: 1592129643206.png (413.31 KB, 600x525, une kektastrophe.png)

Not being able to get laid doesn't make you a decent human being

No. 100513

lol calm down, you sound fucking unhinged.

No. 100515

Wow, since when being a horny bitch rubbing your genital around the furniture like some wet dog make you decent, you sound like a potential rapist. control yourself

No. 100517

>thinks sex is rape
>Judges people for having sex which is normal.
why are all virgins so bitter and mentally ill? just kys faggot(alog)

No. 100518

no one is reading your bullshit. Im not a venus fan. I just don't think doing sex work is milky. Cry about it

No. 100519

you sound more unhinged than margo. seek help. All i did was talk about the sex work thing. stop sperging out

No. 100520

No. 100521

Virgins shouldn't be allowed to post on lolcow, go back to 4chan please

No. 100524

real lesbians/bisexuals don't perform lesbianism for straight guys to get off to. lol.

No. 100525

>people defending venus' pedo pandering
>people writing unhinged vendetta essays against venus
>people ITT being more cowish than venus
time to put the thread to pasture

No. 100526

File: 1592140460114.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 191.91 KB, 1242x499, C370C515-398A-4ADB-B784-86293C…)

Venus, don’t pretend like we don’t know how lazy your ass is…

No. 100527

File: 1592140481437.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1242x1344, D54775D5-7805-4B8F-A7C1-161355…)

No. 100528

she really thinks it was a quirky and clever comeback

No. 100529

wow that fabric looks super cheap

No. 100530

Tacky, wrinkled, cheap satin and Venus trying to be sexy. What an absolute tragedy this is. Even first time Weebs look better than this at hotel venue anime cons.

No. 100531

Honestly she could probably buy better quality from Bodyline or Don Quihote. Did she order this from a shady Chinese eBay seller or something? Lmao

No. 100532

must suck to write a novel nobody's going to read

No. 100535

Perhaps it’s a rental costume, several love hotels offers them in the room service menu

No. 100536

Yeah we now have a God fearing virgin who probably self flagellates after masturbation, and a brutal psycho troll who is posting death threats. The milk is slowing down.

No. 100537

any news on her recent livestream? did it ever take place?

No. 100538

Does she seriously think this is flattering?

It takes maybe ten minutes to iron a fucking Don Quixote costume.

One of the anons was saying she’s probably starving herself, I think that anon is right. She looks malnourished here but she probably thinks she’s so kawaii uwu.

No. 100539

Too bad mommy’s butt nose is getting bigger and bigger

No. 100540

File: 1592145177096.jpg (20.05 KB, 410x188, 1406-1.jpg)

No. 100541

File: 1592145216107.jpg (15.07 KB, 404x242, 1406-2.jpg)


That's problematic

No. 100542

No. 100543

Where’s the “schoolgirl role play isn’t pedo pandering” anon now?

No. 100544

Literally anyone with a brain could see that Venus is a pedophile I can't believe people called it autist tinfoiling lmao. You don't pander to pedophiles unless you approve of their fetish. And hasn't she bragged that she's into all the themes of her photoshoot and that they're fetishes of her own?

No. 100545

Ngl she looks like she's mentally disabled here. Does anyone (except simps) find this ugly ass photo even remotely attractive

No. 100546

She always looks mentally disabled though

No. 100547

Scrotes love it when women take pictures that make themselves look stupid and infantilized, it's how scrotes can feel superior under normal circumstances. Just imagine all the 'daddy' scrotes eating this shit up, who are subbing to her now that she's a little pedo panderer.
Posturing like a retard just completes the look, and that's exactly what her current audience wants. I'd be more shocked if she behaved like a woman in her 20s and had a mature mentality, because that would truly sink her base.

No. 100549

what is she doooing? her feed is so slow and inactive but then she posts a thing and It's literally the laziest setups, costumes, pics, etc.

how can she have so many followers when the content is so shitty holy fuck.

No. 100550


And don't just assume that everyone is America, dumbass. I am in the UK and not, and never have been, bold at all, just reporting it like it was when I was at school, I didn't like those sort of kids because I was not like it myself, so stop with that.

No. 100551


Mainly because of the self righteous moralisers.

People come to Lolcow to have a laugh, but it gets invaded and brought down to depressive levels by all the angsty, pearl-clutchy hand wringers using it as a platform for their preaching and moralising. If they want to do that, let them take it elsewhere, this isn't the place.

No. 100553


Exactly. It's probably one of those: "I'm sorry but English is not my first language" people.

They've obviously got a self righteous bee in their bonnet. I wish they would take it elsewhere.

No. 100555

>>That's why it's so cute and hip now to hypersexualize teens and kids and paint them as "mature for their age" and "early bloomers".

You're talking crap. Kids were getting pregnant at 13 yrs old way back in the 1960s, and if anything things are better today than it was then, at least in UK where I am.

I must say I think things are more moralistic today than even a few years ago, I've just finished reading the book "Sugar Rush" by Julie Burchill, girls of 15 yrs old having sex, doing drugs, drinking, the main protoganist, Sugar, sleeping around constantly, willingly participating in a gang bang, her lesbian friend of same age lusting after her, and in the award winning tv series of same name, I'm just watching through the episodes on dvd, attempting date rape to get the object of her desire, Sugar, and the series was praised for showing lesbian relationships, and that was in 2005, and from what I've read, Burchill said it is mainly autobiographical; now, if that book and series was made today, there would be a public outcry because everyone is so pearl-clutchy now, and some idiots in the world who are imagining that teens are innocent angels, which is ludicrous and unrealistic, because maybe they are meant to be like that in a strict religious household or country, but certainly in the UK it has never been like that, you cannot inflict your own rigid morals on the rest of the world. Not all young people are sexually obsessed but many of them are and if that is unpalatable to you, that is your problem. Stop trying to preach your own agenda onto everyone else and using Lolcow as a platform for your moralising, this isn't the place.

No. 100556


You sound like a stupid little kid, shocked at everything. You probably shouldn't be on the Internet at all, and it is not going to be this whiter than white vanilla little fluffy world where all little girls are pure innocent angels who would never ever have a sexy thought between them, so stop trying to make it like that, it is just tedious and annoying having to read so many posts all obviously written by the same person, just saying the same things over and over, using this as a personal platform for your own beliefs.

No. 100557

>>every man you have ever dated or will date has jacked off to porn of rape and teens. those are two of the most popular porn genres all around the world. are you really this naive?

Sadly I think they are. And it's got so tedious reading them going on and on. It's not what people come here for.

No. 100558

I wish I could post her OF content to discuss it while having newfag coomers derailing the thread for hours lmao, she’s posted a few new things and a cringe video but meh

No. 100559

>>Penus need to be love and protected and the rest can kill themselves and die!

Well the sooner you do then, the rest of us here can get a bit of peace from reading your insane rants.

Do you think you're the only one who's had a hard life, retard? You're not. But you seem to think you are. It's just that some of us learn ways to deal with it.
Just take a break, stop posting this shit here, and think about things in a way that is just not hate fueled, and nothing to do with Venus, because you sound completely mental and it's not funny.

No. 100560

>Stop trying to preach your own agenda onto everyone else and using Lolcow as a platform for your moralising

you're the guy lurking this thread to jerk off to venus's OF leaks and sperging to defend pedophilia because you're triggered on this fine sunday. go jerk off to loli hentai.

No. 100561


LOL Thank you anon, that is the only laugh I've had here today.

No. 100562


I don't blame you. Whenever it gets interesting, some idiots have to ruin it with discussions that have nothing to do with anything here. First it was talking about jfashion, now … idk what is going on at this point.

No. 100563


i can imagine it smelling of moth balls, Looks like it came straight out of a wooden chest where it's been kept for years, she could at least have hung it up in a warm room for a while.

No. 100565


Seeing as how there's some people desperate to 'persuade' Venus the error of her ways, and how dangerous they perceive it to be going into sex related work, it makes me wonder if it's the same person who posted the psycho shit yesterday, thinking it might frighten her into stopping.? Idk, it just seems a bit odd, you get this person who is obsessed with saying that Venus is putting herself into danger, they've written missives about it on one of her Instagram posts, and then stuff here saying the same, and when that doesn't work, the softly softly approach to put her off, they try the shock value of harder tactics instead. It could just be an obsessed psycho fan, or someone who fantasized about her being an 'innocent' virgin and perhaps now they feel she has let them down somehow and must be punished. Either way, the whole vibes from these people is creepy and obsessive.

No. 100567

Well if that was their goal it wont work, I bet venus loves those kinds of posts.

No. 100568


I don't 'jerk off' to anything, and am a woman, you retard.

No. 100569


Well, she said she's a masochist, so, you may be right. lol.

No. 100571


Let them pay for her only fans if they want to see it.

No. 100573


And maybe a strict religious background.

No. 100574

She really doesn’t give a shit about her content these days. And what happened to those extensions she got? She’s back to her usual stringy, limp, damaged-looking mess. No fucks to give.

No. 100575


Right? And we can all tell it is the same anon derailing too, that grammar and post length is unparalleled.

Nobody here likes Venus but why are some anons so ANGRY lol.

No. 100576


Well the extensions did look terrible, they seemed to start from the top of her head like a cone head effect, or maybe she was going for the egghead look, isn't that look a thing in Japan right now?

No. 100577


I think they're angry because they are evangelists for pushing their own agenda and morals onto the whole world and are using lolcow as their platform.

No. 100578

According to Touhou Project wiki the character is 14 years old, so Weenus thinks that's still okay. Waiting for the "aged up" excuse most thots used when lewding up underaged characters.

No. 100579


What does your religion say?

No. 100582

File: 1592155160382.png (118.8 KB, 920x900, png-transparent-touhou-project…)

So is this the character she's meant to be cosplaying?

No. 100583

File: 1592155197874.jpg (57.36 KB, 378x534, images.jpg)



No. 100586

weeew, gone for a few days and this thread has derailled quite a bit. really tho anons, white women into porn aren't worth all this pity.

cosplaying trash tier anime then not even giving a damn about the quality of the cosplay is really what i expect from our cow. yeah queen give that image of yours a boost!

also kek, she's getting quite some hate from the cosplay weebs in her insta comments.

No. 100588

It's not very angelic that's for sure.

No. 100589

Jesus Christ, you're more of a secondary than Penus

No. 100592

its getting harder and harder for her simps and fangelics to pretend Venus isnt pedo-pandering. Shes a broken bitch in the next stage of internalizing abuse. This isnt for her barely there japanese audience, as fucked up as they are. Shes doing this for her creepy male fans, and dragging her female fanbase to think this shit is normal.

on top of that, nitpick but shes still barely trying. that piss poor excuse for not ironing is what id expect from a stunted retard like her. she must not have a manager.

No. 100594

These characters ahve been lewded to hell and back in all sorts of porn in 3D and not 2D. Venus isn't new to this and pretending to care bout real children when you worry more about 2D ones makes you look like a retard. That push in the community is so autistic. No one actually gives a shit about these characters. Just about who gets to porn them up and who gets a pass at it because none of this is new. Imagine being a kid who is trafficked and you have to listen to some fucking idiot go one about protecting the rights and body of a drawing over them.

You realize how dumb that is, right? It's an adult. She looks like an adult. She doesn't suddenly become underage by dressing as a fictional, fake, GOD who LAYS EGGS.


No. 100596

Reimu doesn't have a canon age though, the only time it's implied she's a child was in the older games (1998~) and those aren't considered canon anymore.
Still, it doesn't excuse a shitty cosplay kek

No. 100597

The cosplay is the shitty part 80% of these threads now is people demanding she's pedo-pandering. An adult doesn't suddenly become underage or look underage just because of what they wear and fictional characters have no stake in what people actually put into actions in real life. No study has ever found there to be a connection. Just like people desperately want to connect gun violence with video games. If you are already mentally stunted you are going to do this stuff regardless of any media 'brainwashing' you.

No. 100599

The majority of anime characters are 14-16 - high school age- so do you go and accuse every adult cosplayer as a “pedo-baiter”? Or do you only care now because it’s Venus

No. 100600

Didn't the first Scooby-Doo movie technically age up 2D characters just to sexualize them?Shouldn't this extend outside of cosplay? People only pick and choose. It's the Susie thing again and the bunny thing and cosplaying. Or when Sabrina cosplayed Raven and people got mad but every other thot who cosplayed and sexualized her got a pass. People are just mad to be mad. I don't take anything regarding sexualizing 2D seriously unless it's some creepy shit like literal babies like Rugrats. It's still obviously an adult, but I don't even like looking at DD/LG stuff. It's just creepy to me.

No. 100601

Nta but every cosplayer isn't shooting uh porn in their costumes though?

No. 100602

File: 1592159736398.jpeg (241.6 KB, 1094x1592, C49AE172-1E78-49C2-9CCD-88A144…)

Wenis’ OF page just now—last seen 42 minutes ago. That’s 2:40am Japan time.

No matter what time of the day or night she’s never more than 4 hours away from being ‘seen’ on that page and usually it’s more like 2 hours or less. OF is all she has and that’s her fault, no one else’s.

I wonder how long it’s been since she’s been anywhere but the latest dump she’s holed up in or some cheap “love hotel” with a dirty moldy bathroom.

No. 100604


You do realise it wasn't Venus who posted that picture or made it? She wasn't even dressed like the character looks here. This depiction of the character is much sexier than the picture Venus put up on her Insta, which isn't even sexy at all, at least not that I can see.

No. 100605


Well said, anon.

No. 100606


Exactly! So tired of seeing the crap posted in here from retarded folk going on about pedo pandering like that is really their thing that they obsess over and they see it everywhere, no matter how much they have to reach to see it.

No. 100607


I'm guessing it's the latter, they only grasp at it because it's her. So tedious.

Wasn't Miku Hatsune meant to be fourteen, but they had already sexualised the character so when the Vocaloid got released in the US, they had to change the age of the anime character to eighteen to silence the obsessives going on about pedos at every turn.

No. 100608

Is the pedo pandering debate really necessary anymore when she dressed as a baby and called herself one like a week ago, ofcourse she panders to pedos.

No. 100610


Will you give it a rest already!
As other people have quite rightly pointed out here, a real pedo would be totally put off by an adult dressed like a baby if it was babies they were into. ffs , I cant believe I'm even having to say this, but honestly, the size of an adult compared to the size of a baby. ffs just stop!

No. 100611

File: 1592161219041.gif (1.73 MB, 340x347, giphy.gif)

Honestly if every repeated point got deleted from this thread there'd be about four non-milk posts in total.

No. 100612

Is this PULL or what??

No. 100613

File: 1592161231630.jpg (105.61 KB, 1280x720, 546456547.jpg)

>having to look up reimu's age
>cosplaying reimu is pedo pandering
>school uniforms are pedo pandering

Have we been invaded by a libfem sorority? Turned over to 2012 tumblr? Was everyone abducted by aliens and brainwashed? Do any of you know what kind of website you're posting in?

How is this newfaggotry even allowed, is it summer in the US or something? We must purge this cursed thread and leave no one alive.

No. 100615

what time does she go to bed? shes treating this OF shit as a personality trait. shes way too obsessed.
pedo-pandering doesnt necessarily mean pedos get off on it. just uncomfortably friendly towards sexualizing minors, and being anime from japan, is everywhere. i think a bigger discussion to be had is venus dragging her fanbase into this, a good chunk of them minors, but everyone keeps bitching about this pedo crap debate instead that its boring and repetitive.

No. 100616


LOL. I wish somebody would get rid of them.

Thank you for making me laugh before I lose my mind with all the pearl clutchers screaming here.

No. 100617

Careful. Those guns might make someone want to commit a real life crime, anon. Just like how Venus dressed a fictional character suddenly snaps someone's mind into going out and looking for underage kids.

No. 100618

It's her site. Why wouldn't she try to be active often and maybe it's just anon is awake when she is unless anon is seriously awake 24/7 too.

No. 100620


Haha. Yes. This. So right.

No. 100621

>hurrduur this is lolcow!!

We literally have threads exposing DDLG enthusiasts as being pedophiles. The only newfag here is you selfposting because you came on here expenting leaks and are instead butthurt you're being #kinkshamed. For pedophiles who either don't know how or are too chicken shit to find actual child porn, emaciated hairless girls with binkies work just fine to get them off. This isn't rocket science or Tumblr sjw rhetoric no matter how many times you keep insisting it is.

No. 100624

Welcome to 2020's internet, where nothing you say matters, and everything youndonis somehow connected to pedophilia, white supremacy, or Trump.

No. 100625

people on pull are away more civilized than here for god's sake, at least they don't keep arguing about irrelevant things instead of actually talking about Venus.

No. 100626

Stfu unless you have proof of stuff then stop.spewing bullshit moralfagging.

No. 100627

Apparently Venus was accepted to go to a college in korea but instead left and married her visa (manaki) and we all know how that turned out…..

No. 100628

File: 1592164595311.jpg (118.36 KB, 720x1283, Eaf00LPWAAAaoMu.jpg)

No. 100629

Lingerie catalogs on notice many members of lolcow have your pedophilia PEGGED. Can’t imagine how prudish and retarded you’d have to be to consider a plaid skirt pedopandering. No pedophile is going to get off to Jenny McCarthy in a fucking blazer and navy skirt dumbdumbs. Venus looks like a 20 something mini-Margo, not a kid. Maybe she wishes.

No. 100630

there is a difference between ddlg shit and simply not having a "mature" body type. venus is doing a bit of pandering, but it's because she will never be sexual otherwise. she has no assets. all cosplay isn't pedoshit though and you need to stop.

No. 100631

>venus is doing a bit of pandering, but it's because she will never be sexual otherwise. she has no assets

this is hilarious brainrot i fully expect from one of venus's incels waiting for her nudes to leak. this thread has gone to shit because too many of her fanboys are in here crying kinkshaming moralfag at anyone who recognizes that venus is a pedophile pandering to her pedophile fanboys who are too afraid of the fbi arresting them to look up cp on the deep web, and too broke to subscribe to her onlyfans.

a board where young women into anime and kawaii things talk shit about attention-seeking cunty weebs is not the place that's about to make loli-loving redditers feel at home. you've been venus fanboys to beat your meat since she was 14. quit defending your kinks and leave until next month's pics leak. literally no one wants to read your whiny walltexts about how 13 year olds are sexual and would totes suck your dick if our moralfag society didn't kinkshame them into pearl-clutching non-pedophiles who avoid you.

y'al sound like the furries who argue they aren't into bestiality too.

No. 100632

Yes, you are the cool normal one here. Venus is pandering to nerds like yourself who are into kawaii anime shit. Clean your own niche culture’s backyard if you’re incensed by her behavior, she’s just acting out the dream of every chubby goober who played Final Fantasy as a teen.

No. 100633

File: 1592166664102.png (102.02 KB, 256x436, B5446ECE-4984-4CD0-AD21-0312A0…)

Anon… that's fanart and you clearly picked suggestive ones on purpose.
I'm honestly shocked that so many anons here seem to have no clue about it when it's always been a huge part of weeb imageboard culture.
It's a famous all ages indie game in case some of you are jumping to weird conclusions that it's a lolicon anime or something.
Sorry for sperging but it inspired games like Undertale.
Here's an official reference of Reimu just to showcase how shitty her cosplay attempt is.

No. 100634

File: 1592167054035.jpeg (246.41 KB, 1092x1589, 39A3998B-5B22-413B-8BF2-B37F41…)

>>It's her site. Why wouldn't she try to be active often and maybe it's just anon is awake when she is
Nope, sorry. She’s a NEET who lives on OF.

Here’s the latest one- “last seen 9 minutes ago.” 5:20am in Japan. But hey, totally normal, right? It’s her site!

No. 100635

Out of the whole thread the only content we have is 2 pics from instagram and whole bunch of weirdos arguing for venus. very nice

No. 100636

Everytime I check this thread it’s so cancerous it puts me off from posting her of content it’s made the threads go to shit

No. 100637

No, the only reason this thread turned to shit is because PULL users come here to see the nsfw pictures because they can't be posted on their forum. If you check their thread for five minutes you'll realize they are the kind of underage tumblrinas obsessed with finding pedophilia in their soup.

Back to topic, Venus obsesssively checking her OF is a huge sign of insecurity. This shit is really consuming her.

No. 100639

how many more excuses will you retards give her? she has no life outside of OF. her friends have distanced away, she seeks validation all the damn time from simps and fangelics, who applaud her low level content. this is unhealthy, quit excusing this shit.

No. 100640

Are we just going to ignore how she posted her "Chinese cosplay" photos again on Twitter but this time included her ugly ass dirty feet? (I know this is an imageboard but no way am I gonna save those photos on my phone kek)(imageboard)

No. 100642

a post that has nothing to with OF or pedo-baiting. Since most of you are probably bored by that sperging. This thread went to shit once her simps found this site. Either way.

No. 100647

Venus didn't know what DDLG even was until it was explained to her on her last live stream.

I'm not really seeing how she is the criminal mastermind you think she is

No. 100648

File: 1592173810665.jpg (328.12 KB, 1536x2048, Ead5ul_U0AEvVA7.jpg)

kek her big toe is like a club

No. 100649

File: 1592173972203.jpg (367.23 KB, 1536x2048, Ead5u7xVAAA3QDD.jpg)


No. 100651

File: 1592174453518.jpeg (225.36 KB, 1536x1536, 6B74F1B6-429F-4443-82F1-5113A6…)

No. 100652

Megakek. She’s trying to pull of that seductive finger in mouth pose but she looks like she got caught trying to toothpick a piece of meat between her teeth

No. 100653

why is her finger in her mouth like that

No. 100654

So this is the creative job she was talking about hell naww. Does she really think she can pull this off when she hit 30-40? No one wants to see a wrinkled, horse face cosplaying loli girls. Whew that weeaboo phase has some of you guys turning delirious.

No. 100655

I think that is what she believes looks good aka sexy. She looks so bad in all the pictures she takes in one way or another she seems awkward, uncomfortable or her expressions are just off putting also her legs don't look good, she's got that skinny fat thing going on.

No. 100657


No. 100658

Who fucking cares??? Youd think its important to be active? Whats the fucking issue?

No. 100659

Get out scrote. We dont need lolcow to find her leaks online to repost here anyway. No one cares about you. Its not like your patreon anon from moos thread

No. 100660

Stop posting self centered stuff anon.no one wants to join your venus drama instagram, marho belongs in her thread, and stop cowtipping. Margo hasnt been in real contact with venus in years. Shes spouting shit she doesnt k ow about. How the fuck would she even know? Its old milk too anyway??

No. 100663

you sound like an "all anime is pedoshit" normalfag. did you conveniently forget most of her fans are women?

No. 100664

She can't even pull it off now, anon. Loads of costhots and egirls are releasing way better whatever this is, and doing it regularly. Its like she has no filter on what does and doesn't look good, these last two Chinese dress ones are garbage in every sense.

No. 100665

She pretends not to know about a lot of things just to keep that innocent uwu image, it has been proved before.

No. 100666


This is pathetic tbh. Why would you attempt to befriend her mother just to ask about bone-dry milk?

No. 100669

Moralfags complaining about "pedo" Chinese cartoons on the internet, and TOUHOU being sexualized are bigger cows than Venus.


WTF this weird-ass foot posing and fish face.

No. 100671

That's not what I'm saying, she knows about daddies and obviously likes dressing as a baby but she's ignorant of what DDLG even means as an acronym and all the rules or drama associated with it or the community, she just likes the small part that she's seen.

Like you all really give her too much credit, she's not dumb but she also isn't hyper aware of everything that's on the internet, nor does she have time to read everything.

No. 100675

No. 100676

stfu moralfag no one cares how youre triggered by anime girls and schoolgirl roleplay.
what the fuck happened to this thread?

No. 100677

could all pedophiles and puritans please learn to sage?

No. 100678

people in this thread really believe reimu is suggestive. well now i get that this thread has been invaded by autistic non-weebs who hate porn at all cost.
how the fuck can you go on /w/ and not even know about touhou?

No. 100679

>Comparing animals being harmed to harmless kinks with consenting adults

No. 100680

Stop cowtipping no one cares about margo

No. 100682

Touhou is a videogame and in the touhou fandom, fans love to make jokes about reimu's armpit. gtfo retard

No. 100683

File: 1592183950926.jpeg (304.14 KB, 1536x1536, 1AC14EFB-6610-4A3C-937E-D6A6A0…)

What she has done to herself….

No. 100686

oh no, how will 2d girls survive???
>muh 2d lolis rights
who gives a shit.
i cant believe people here are retarded just like penus

No. 100687

that outfit on the right is so fucking ugly. What was she thinking?

No. 100694

>hurrduur this is lolcow!!
No, newfriend, this is an imageboard.


Do you even know what that means?

No. 100695

did i say anything about the armpits? idgaf about anime or game w/ anime sorry if that triggers you. the cosplay stays trash.

ish, the difference. tbh this asian look she's trying to pull off won't ever be as pretty than what she looked like before.

No. 100696

Mama Margo also had a heavy influence on Weenus's fashion tastes outside of her "dolly" look when she was much younger which certainly had an impact. Even at this point, the outfit on the right is far better than whatever the hell is going on in the left photo.

No. 100697

aged 10 years mostly

No. 100698

Margo is shit and has no milk to her name except the cowtipper trying to be her best friend. Stfu about her. Go to her fucking thread.

No. 100703

she posted anything in her of? she seems so inactive these days, i think she's close to give up.

No. 100709

File: 1592193613283.jpeg (266.08 KB, 1043x1023, 6B70492C-3C26-4D6D-BA14-16C208…)

No sign of the super fun projects she was going to do with that AV girl June since the big announcement 6 days ago either. No mention of anything being done/filmed or planned on June’s IG (and she posts alot about what she’s filming +/or doing) since the initial post.

Time will tell if this is just another project Wenus promises and then drops.

No. 100722

i also feel like a lot of her simps bought content from the menu and she can't satisfy the demand because the only ones in her "team" are her and her photographer whoever he is.

can't tell yet if the OF project is a flop or not. however she really is terrible at promoting and advertising her stuff.

No. 100724

Ntayrt but-
>she’s just acting out the dream of every chubby goober who played Final Fantasy as a teen.

No. 100725

she could be successful if she wasn't so damn lazy.

No. 100726


I counted and she made 12 posts in the last week and 2 live streams, the leaks seem to have dried up though so maybe it seems that way?

No. 100727

Simps aren't going to post their custom content. That automatically signifies who is leaking things. Not to mention the anon in here keeps bragging about having her onlyfans content, but not leaking because he's a dick and keeps trying to own the thread and be Margo's best friend and get people to follow their 'I hate Venus' Instagram page.

I don't even care about leaks anymore. It'll kill off these scrotes.

No. 100729

she's neet so she could stream 5 days a week or so.

No. 100731

exactly. It's not like she has a main job and she's only part timing OF.

All this non promoting, long interval posting but mediocre pics when she is.. wth is she doing with her days? rolling in bed? more reason to think she's still dealing with some untreated depression. being lazy doesn't stop her from sharing insta stories or bed selfies lol

No. 100732

more likely she's ended up busier than she thought because the personal requests are gone for June, she probably doesn't even need to promote and everyone flips their shit on instagram no matter what she does

No. 100733

well, i guess you're right.

Her bad for not making a new insta which was even a request from her old fans.

she restarted posting on twitter thought. she could promote more there without having her prude fans telling her not to..

No. 100734

seems more like an attempt to attract Japanese fans, she only has a few of them subbed so far, she even posted up a guide on how to join if you don't speak English

No. 100735

File: 1592208855808.png (31.72 KB, 765x268, venu.png)

what the fuck?

No. 100736

No. 100737

that's really worrying, not funny at all

No. 100738

Nah she has someone organizing her shit ever since the photographer. Venus always gets some sort of manager. She suddenly became more organized so I think either the photographer is also a manager or she got someone else

she wants attention and to emotionally manipulate her audience as usual

No. 100739

She's not inactive at all, she posts daily.

No. 100740

what does she mean by GUERILLA ? I'm really worried about her. Hope she's not hurt

No. 100741

She could but the last thing she wants to do is interact with her simps, she just wants their cash with minimal effort. Plus streaming regularly takes more effort than taking a few pics for the week

>Like you all really give her too much credit, she's not dumb but she also isn't hyper aware of everything that's on the internet, nor does she have time to read everything.
She reads everything on her threads for sure and she's already exposed herself as doing this. Venus is hyper-sensitive and obsessed over her image and what others say about her.

No. 100742

lmao you are probably that same white knight from before. Probably the same one who said that Manaki is JUST as bad as Venus and Margaret and kept derailing any time someone criticized her. Venus knows EXACTLY what DDLG is. This is the same as when she pretended not to know what sugaring was despite posting a sugaring ad on pater. She has pretended not to know things so many times now. gtfo white knight

No. 100743

I swear it's literally the same pedophilic boomer every time, constantly going on tangents about unrelated bullshit like their favorite books/songs, "pearl clutchers" and what they remember when they were a child 30 years ago whenever the topic of children and sexuality comes up.
At this point, the anons posting in this thread are more cow-like than Venus herself.

No. 100744

lol none of those were me and I wouldn't even say I was defending her much at all in that post but ok

No. 100745

Nah, it's because of anons like you, who still, two whole threads later, defend the pedo-baiting she's done and try to minimize it via ad hominem that pulltards are crazy tumblarinas simply imagining it where it isn't (which is not the case).

No. 100746

Here we go again.

No. 100747

Any live stream going on now? Is she replying to anyone?

God damn, Venus. You know exactly what you are doing to scare people away. If you are always indulging yourself and not caring about your future, of course people can’t be your friend.

No. 100748

Thank youuuuuu couldn’t have said it better myself

No. 100749

nooope, fuck this bs. assume your dumbass choices and get a grip. can't take pressure from your online e-thoting? boohoo, honestly someone needs to gtfo the internet and focus on their personality a little. some respect for yourself may help you make friends but here we are again.

No. 100750

Here we go.. is she actually streaming or..?

No. 100751

Nah it’s just a “jirai Onna” tactic
She has built her new sex worker brand on being suicidal and is manipulating her fans again.

No. 100752

oh ya i forgot about the jirai thing.

but she does have a history of alcoholism so im not sure.

No. 100753

File: 1592214331202.png (46.28 KB, 593x300, venu.png)

stream is over

No. 100754

Of course I don’t want anyone to commit suicide but I can’t take her suicide threats seriously anymore

People who are that sick don’t announce their suicide to their “fan base” and certainly don’t monetize on their suicide (!) on a live show. It’s just an act to lure people in to make more cash. She has no right to emotionally abuse her fans this way and I’m sick of it

No. 100755


Shmexy? Why can't she just say sexy. There's nothing sexy about shmexy..

No. 100756

>I like to play the victim and make people worried, so don't fall for this trap hehe <3
This is so cringy. She's trying to do that "self-aware smart/crazy girl you just can't pull yourself away from" trope you see in movies and books.

No. 100757

There you go. Skinwalking jirai girls.

No. 100758

the fuck? that's abuse lol. some of her fans probably got worried sick in that instant. a trap? wtf venus, just no..

>nvm gonna post sexy pics after?

TF is wrong with her??? is that like some sort of “plz i know i fucked up but plz dont go” kind of tactic?

No. 100759

Would be nice to know what the comments are for these two posts

No. 100760

I think she is violating Only Fans TOS.
From Acceptable Use:
9.3.6 causes annoyance, inconvenience, or needless anxiety or is likely to upset, embarrass, alarm, or annoy any other person;

Twitter and Instagram may let it slide but I’m pretty sure you cannot suicide bait customers.

No. 100761

Can the anon who’s posting her onlyfans caps report her?(cowtipping)

No. 100762

wow, i didn't know about this rule. you think venus was warned by one of her fans or something?

No. 100764


Wow, how to make friends and influence people eh? I can't decide whether this is worrying mental illness, sociopathic behaviour, or both.

Please get some proper help. Good god.

June must be shitting herself - and not as part of a fetish video.

No. 100765

Assuming june lurks here.
actually i kind of hope so. she seems to be a positive heart so idk how she'd feel about venus' true colours.

maybe they could be friends if it wasn't for venus being a total psychotic narc and brat all the time + not taking care of herself.

No. 100766

she is having an episode or it’s something else I can’t believe her , man
Is she in trouble with gangs? And Margret was right? Or is this poor act for money?

She wasn’t saying she is truly happy?

No. 100767

She needs therapy.

No. 100768


what did she do in the stream?

No. 100770

Maybe it’s just usual , her mood is going down maybe it’s around her period Lol

No. 100772

She really looks like a trafficking victim nowadays.

No. 100773

File: 1592220408969.jpg (1.82 MB, 2280x2257, 20-06-12-20-04-30-980_deco.jpg)

Wtf is Margo talking about? Didn't she just go to some expensive language school in Korea for like 3 months? How does that equal a high school diploma?

No. 100774

she is lying again. mags is always lying. i love how she only defends venus when it makes her look like a good parent.

No. 100775

Maybe that’s why she tried to pass it off as an edgy joke. She really needs to take this seriously because if she messes up with OF, no reputable AV company will want to hire her. She will never see this kind of money without customer contact ever again. Even top AV stars have to maintain professionalism and image.

No. 100776

June did say she's working practically everyday so the last thing on her schedule is working with dysfunctional Weenus when she's got professional porn jobs lined up lol. I bet this will go pear shape in no time. She has never been able to commit to a project properly.

No. 100777

so what did she post?

No. 100778

just random lewd picturesdaily

No. 100780

Venus reminds me of the "desperate" dear you unfortunately have to mate with if you can't find a better mate in that game called Tokyo Jungle.

No. 100781

did she go full nude yet or was that another promise she didn't keep?

No. 100782

what do you think this picture is? >>100773

No. 100783

yeah, that was the stream, didn't she also promise pictures? whatever, she never does what she says in her announcements lol

No. 100784

Venus was accepted to do a course at uni, not a degree. Margo always altered her own short courses to make it look she was more professional than she actually was.

No. 100785

yeah yeah i get it, i hate all the mens they are all evil rapists lol.

check it: venus is a cow. she's laughable. she's funny.

why are you making this grandiose political statement in a thread about some loser online? you're jerking off by shoving this lame ideological hot take everywhere.

venus is funny because she's a fuckup. she's what you get when a narc raises a kid, and some of us watched it play out in real-time, which is why we keep tabs on her. frankly it's a real shame that she chose sex work simply because it pulls obsessives like you into the conversation. can you just try to enjoy her dumbassery and leave your froth at the door, kthx

No. 100786

wtf is suicide bait?
furthermore, this obviously refers to actual content, not to text posts.
you think they re gonna ban everyone who writes something that is annoying to someone? :P(:P)

No. 100787

really sorry for the kind of guys you pick, must suck to always date assholes. maybe that's why you're so bitter. sorry to disappoint you but there are men out there that aren't into rape and there are men that don't even watch porn. my boyfriend for example never saw the appeal in it and therefore never watched porn, even tho I wouldn't have a problem at all with it if he did watch it, it just doesn't do anything for him. I also have some male friends that don't watch porn at all either, maybe you're in the wrong kind of group.

No. 100788

>tip $100000 or I’ll kill myself uwu

No. 100789

This just proves her self loafing posts about mental health are full of shit & she abuses this card the most. She LOVES thriving on attention and playing victim to get what she wants to make people worry about her. Finally she admitted it and thinks it's funny because her "trap" worked. Venus is an absolute cunt.

No. 100790

manipulation, teehee! i'm not even fucked off about her being a hooker, it irks me that she's modelling her mental illness to her tween fanbase as so kawaii.

No. 100791

File: 1592228929756.jpeg (368.19 KB, 1069x1524, A727BE31-BA3B-4F48-99FF-1E3CCE…)

To all you gullible souls who are SO WORRIED FOR HERRR. Relax. She does this attention-grabbing “I just wanna DIE!” crap regularly (just like her mommy does.) She’s Margo 2.0 and anyone who falls for this shit is just pathetic at this point.

p.s. this is an old screencap so don’t get all WORRIED about her.

No. 100792

tbf anyone would want to off themselves if they were programmed their whole life into thinking they were some above average perfect anime doll only to discover in japan land they get hardly any attention.

No. 100793

dont buy into this shit, the excuses yall give this manipulative cunt.

No. 100794

Venus is manipulative as hell. Do you think she used to manipulate Margo too?

No. 100795

who's giving excuses? if she wasn't a moron she wouldn't have thought the logical conclusion to her issues was showing off her below average snatch. i am just saying that she didn't jump in the hole, doesn't mean she's not digging it deeper.

No. 100797

File: 1592230446976.jpeg (425.23 KB, 2038x1380, 023052D4-E97B-4881-A92D-0BA0B3…)

One of the pics she posted on Twitter this am. Klassy! Shmexy!

No. 100798

Imagine paying $7 for this quality content. I bet non of her OF simps really care about her beyond her nudes kek

No. 100799


Well some of us here are not experts at pedophilia like you seem to think you are.

Sick of seeing this shit. It it still Sunday? it was like being in Church here yesterday. With all the evangelising going on.

I'm in the pew at the back, snoozing , so wake me up when the moralisers and evangelists have left the building.

(Holy cow this is lolcow, where do you think you are? Where have all the right on righteous people come from? Stop trying to change the tone of the place, people come here for laughs.)

No. 100800

I can't take these seriously, she really can't be assed to put any effort in these lol. Loving the plastic bags and laundry behind her, very classy. Also why does she have a bra under the black lace thing? Looks like bra version of a diaper exuding from under pants.

No. 100801


Where's the mods when you need them?

How is this shit even allowed to be here, it's just total derailment.

No. 100802


Strictly speaking, no one should be posting leaks from her only fans anyway. Isn't it i dont know, unethical or something? I mean couldn't she do something about it to get it stopped? Daniel from Hiding In My Room channel is prosecuting someone for taking some of his pictures from his only fans and posting them on kiwi farms. Maybe Venus could do the same. the girl has to make a living, and posting pictures here so that people come looking for freebies is harming her revenue, and taking away some of her income. that doesn't seem right to do, even if you don't like her.

No. 100803


All I am wondering about is , is that her real hair or is it those hair extensions she featured on her Instagram, that seem to start from right on top of her head and look really weird because of that?

No. 100804

You can even see that she just put her hands inside the pants, not "in there"

No. 100805


She looks about thirty, proof that she's pedo pandering, I mean what if someone over forty sees this? They might get ideas about wanting to have sex with her from seeing a bare shoulder , obviously pandering to pedos.

No. 100807


Exactly. Honestly, the hypocrisy of these people who go on and on at length about pedo baiting and how eeevil Venus is etc boring fucking etc, and here they are, posting on lolcow where anyone of any age can just wander in and see stuff, where nothing is age restricted and any filthy smutty little twelve year old, or younger, can come in and click on any of the spoiler pics and see what is there, I just wouldn't want to use any device that their mucky little fingers have been handling looking for whatever their filthy little minds have been fantasising about, but oh no they wouldn't be looking for that, silly me, because they are tiny innocent children, no more than waist high with the purest minds, as we all know, no child of any age under 20 would have any knowledge of anything vile like wanting to see pictures of a woman showing a bare shoulder, because that is just disgusting. LOL .

No. 100808


Well, to be fair, not everyone is into sex related stuff, I did not know what ddlg was either until I saw it mentioned in here and had to look it up. Ew anyway, I don't get all these weird kinks and fetishes, they're weird, why do people need that sort of thing? What is wrong with a normal loving relationship based on companionship and trust, don't people have that anymore?

No. 100809


Matter of opinion, that is, I think she looks better in the Chinese dress than in the other picture. Just because she is younger in the other picture, doesn't mean she looks better.

No. 100810

I'm usually against face fillers but she would greatly benefit from filling out her face. She's like a dried up raisin. She should also fill in her lips because I've seen more plump lips on mummified corpses.

No. 100811

Pedo pandering or not anons will think she is regardless because of her body type. These are probably the same anons who think flat chested anons all have pedo bfs. Venus dressing up in generic love hotel costumes doesn't make her a loli anymore than claiming a child character is 1000 years old makes them an adult.

No. 100812


I do genuinely feel sorry for her. She should have the love and protection of a mother to look after her and care for her and protect her, but she has Margaret instead, and it's not her mothers fault she's crazy and deranged, but it makes it bad for Venus that her mother is like that.
She does need someone in her life to keep her safe and protect her from the world and to advise her, in other words doing the job her mother should be doing.
I think what many people forget is that Venus is like a child in her own mind, she still plays with her toys, like her teddies and other plushies, so she is very child like, she needs the genuine love and support of a responsible adult to take care of her and guide her in life, but, instead she has to take care of herself and has to try and navigate her own way through the world, I wish her mother could heal and be a normal loving mother to her as I think that is what she needs most of all.

No. 100813

She had Manaki And his family and Tylor and Mikan it’s difficult when she pushs people Away and harm them , it’s sad

No. 100814

>>Shmexy? Why can't she just say sexy. There's nothing sexy about shmexy..

Haha, that really made me laugh, thank you for lightening the mood. Isn't that a Jewish thing? putting a 'sh' in front of a word?

No. 100815

>>June must be shitting herself - and not as part of a fetish video.

Ew, now that is something I would not want to see, ew, don't get the fetish for filth that some people have either, scat, it's just gross.

Anyway, i noticed how everyone was going on about june like how good she is, but all seem to be forgetting that she is just a porn act and has sex with people on film and then sells it, she is doing worse things than what Venus is doing, who is just posting a few pictures and charging for people to see them, she is not filming herself having sex with somebody, I don't see how people can't think that what june does is worse, when it actually is.

No. 100817

ya sure i think a lot of ppl here are against porn in general. june is as much as gross than venus is but at least june looks more mentally chill about her whoring that's all.

No. 100818

looks like you fell for the trap

No. 100819

Go back to PULL with the cringe moral policing. I’m sure you’ve watched porn in your life so don’t moralise you degenerate fuck. This ain’t the time nor place. Anyways it doesn’t matter if June pukes or shits herself on camera for a living, Venus is the cow, not June. I couldn’t care less about what June’s doing, it’s not her thread.

No. 100820


Twitter? So she's just giving these away now then? What a stupid looking picture anyway, so sloppy and not at all flattering. What was she thinking? In posting it I mean, you'd think she would look at these pictures and think oh no I'm not going to post this one.

No. 100821


"Shmexy" was a thing among cringey tweens on sites like Gaia and Livejournal, it's supposed to be like a "cute" way to say sexy. Throwback from the 00's.

No. 100823

>>she is very child like, she needs the genuine love and support of a responsible adult to take care of her
Lots of new people on here who know nothing about Weenus beyond that Primink video. Guess you weren’t around when she tried to smear Manaki by making an attack video claiming he “quit his job to luve off MY income, just like my mom did to me!” after he finally had enough of her mood swings, lies, public drunkenness, attention-grabbing stunts etc. and filed for divorce.

Which was a transparent lie to anyone with a functioning brain (which Weenus’s fans lack, luckily for her) because she had no income of her own after abandoning her YT channel back in 2018 or so, so she was in fact the one who was leeching off Manaki’s income. How about that for Marge-tier projection?

Weenus is a lying scamming cluster B clusterfuck, just like her mommy, NOT some innocent child-like little waif. Even PULL knows this and quit falling for her shit months ago for fucks sake

No. 100824

>>looks like you fell for the trap

Well no, because I was thinking that before I saw the worrying post posted here today. She needs a mothers' love, but Margaret, through no fault of her own I guess, - I mean the woman can't help the fact that she is deranged, but if she was not deranged, she might be able to give Venus the proper, unconditional love that a mother should be able to give to her daughter.
Venus is a victim of her mother's mental instability and this is why I do empathise with her. I hope she can help herself and learn to truly love and respect herself and to be able to heal from her abusive upbringing.

No. 100825

Sounds like she watched the movie CAM on netflix which involves fake cam suicides

No. 100827

Stop babying her fans. These are fucking adults. Otherwise its kids who should have parents monitor shit. They google worse than venus, Im sure. They are fully aware of her postings now and crying about it in comments under posts is pathetic as fuck. Her fans are garbage.

No. 100828

Some of you must be new here. Venus always does lol its usual business, first she will say greatest life ever i'm so happyyy uwu love me yaaass! next minute is crash and burn time, im gonna do it guys just wait, i'm gonna do it now tell me how much you love me. She's done this many many many times before. Learn to read past posts yall damn.

No. 100832

>TF is wrong with her??? is that like some sort of “plz i know i fucked up but plz dont go” kind of tactic?
It's her being emotionally manipulative and suicide baiting. Gotta love the anon scrote who said she's never emotionally manipulated her audience and we're just making it up

Exactly. Anyone who romanticizes mental illness is beyond vile. Venus had been doing that for years, I was shocked that she still had fans and even PULL/kf were white knighting her hard. She is likely a sociopath and has now stooped as low as to suicide bait for OF money.

No. 100833

She panders, scrote. No matter how many times you insist she doesn't, it won't change that. The evidence is blatant.

Hi Peter. It's not harming her revenue. The scrotes who come here were never going to pay anyway. I'm not sure of the legalities but isn't purchasing something then not being allowed to show it to others ridiculous? That's like buying a painting and being told you have to take it down when friends or random people come over. Either way, it's obvious you're a simp scrote.

Bet you're all one anon. Constantly derailing with your willfully ignorant Venus hasn't pedo-baited shit. There is a huge difference posting on lolcow and Venus, an INFLUENCER exposing her kawaii (minor) fanbase she built up for years to sex work and pedos. Not even having the decency to start her sex work on a different profile because she's that money hungry.

No. 100834

I start to believe pimp-san also manages her accounts. There's no way Penus would tweet an unfiltered pic like this.

No. 100835

>like the guy who made her fill a condom with water and told him to touch it like a titty
He didn't "make" her do it. Can't believe people still excuse her with that forced narrative garbage.

No. 100836

What don't you fucking understand. They're young, impressionable and IDOLIZE her. Maybe some do google worse, but the point is that she's their idol they grew up with and she can easily indoctrinate and manipulate them however she wishes. And she knowingly exposes them to sex work and pedos. Stop excusing this shit. It wasn't hard to start sex work on a different profile. She even breaks TOS on OF and IG for god's sake.

No. 100838

File: 1592240946717.jpg (169.5 KB, 1616x1080, EajYlhPU8AE5Jhy.jpg)

jesus christ!

No. 100839

If Venus was truly an idol to young people I'd see where you were coming from, but I'm certain the VAST majority of her fans come from her days as a living doll, which was what, 2010? She didn't have a super active Youtube or any other social channel in the last few years, so she wouldn't have accrued a bunch of new young fans. Most people who follow Venus probably were into the kawaii/living doll trend in the early 10s, they're not impressionable kids. Its not the same thing as like JoJo Siwa doing something outrageous or even when Miley Cyrus went sexual.

Either way she's a weirdo creep who wants to put in as little effort as possible, and that's partly why she doesn't have a bunch of young, impressionable new fans. Its a bunch of women her age and older, and a handful of disturbing freaky men.

No. 100840

that one isn't Peter, Peter is this >>100740 one, he said the exact same in the comments. She even explained it to him on a live stream and he still didn't get it.

Speaking of all being one anon, you post this pandering stuff a lot yet you samefag multiple posts at a time and you are the one derailing to drag everyone back into the same argument over and over, it's fucking boring.

No. 100841

how the fuck did Venus get into my great aunt's basement in 1977?

No. 100842

well, at least her hair isn't greasy…

No. 100844

wheres all the anons crying about cat pandering?

No. 100845

every man you've ever dated has wanted to fuck a cat, a bunny, an airline stewardess, a nurse, a

No. 100847

Haha nice! Yeah I too think it’s really funny to mock people concerned over pedo pandering. Who cares if people whack it to a woman sexualizing minors in general and minors prostituting themselves right?

No. 100848

cry moar faggot?

No. 100849

both of these posts are so fucking SORELY NEEDED, ty anons, ty

No. 100851

Please go back to Reddit lol.

No. 100852

i would love it if this were made into a banner to mock the crazies, it's lovely

No. 100854

No but really, I wonder if she has furry followers

No. 100855

ok so i'm a newfag, i've just learned of venus being another camwhore now & idk, is it bad that i'm shocked ?? when did it all go so wrong for her? was it the surgery? did she ever have a chance being margo's daughter ? imo she peaked in 2013/4 when she was in the netherlands. it's a bit sad to see her downfall cause i thought she'd flourish or smt when she left margo. but at least the nudes are entertaining lol

No. 100856

there's so many furries out there, how could she not? what is weenoos' fursona? she does have one, doesn't she? or am i not remembering correctly?

if she doesn't already have one i think her teeth qualify her for gerbil status.

No. 100857

Ebin pedo accepting FTW

No. 100858

Can we stop talking about "pedo pandering" and talk about how bad her pictures are? She could at least edit it a little, it's just so bad and ugly.

No. 100859

Shes trolling us right?

No. 100860

Aight imma say it, she’s almost like invadernoodles…. just without the tits

No. 100862

She looks special needs here

No. 100863

she legit looks autistic.

No. 100864

File: 1592251079346.png (276.11 KB, 373x500, v1.thumb.png.b86658ab20578303c…)

New Baby Beenos set for 25$, as it's her "favorite aesthetic"

No. 100865

I just threw up in my mouth. Her pedo-pandering is disgusting

No. 100866

But guys, she’s not pedo pandering! She’s just taking nudes dressed like a child. Totally not pedo pandering! Stop being ridiculous.

No. 100867

File: 1592252112062.png (92.68 KB, 1080x426, IMG_20200615_221250.png)

Comments on her profile are mostly creepy old guys as always (tried to find Peter in Toronto, no luck yet)

No. 100868

Good to know that she thinks cp is an aesthetic. Can't believe anons are still going on about her "not pedo-pandering" when there's literal proof right here

No. 100870

lmao hey a hardcore long time fangelic right here boys

No. 100871

At this rate I'm thankful the images are blurred out. The title alone is sickening enough. Venus simply has no shame.

No. 100872

What a nasty little skank she is. Just slimy and disgusting.

No. 100873

this seems like a troll aimed right at this thread

No. 100874

People seem to forget that just because a Pedo “would only be attractive to an actual child and not an adult trying to look like a child, doesn’t mean VENUS ISN’T trying to pander to them. She’s very much trying to attract the dirtiest, slimiest people on the internet bc those people pay for lazy shit like this. She doesn’t realize the actual trouble she’s getting herself in because she fe