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File: 1534340616627.jpg (869.99 KB, 1280x960, Foto (3).jpg)

No. 11675

A thread to discuss the cows of the self described animecore / early web community. They are a group of people in their early to late 20s on various websites who draw art purposely resembling a child's, are elitist about obscure retro anime and video games, have fetishes mostly involving bodily functions, and they seek out minors within the groups to make them uncomfortable with their degeneracy.
This scene also lives off presenting themselves as ultra liberal uwu smol beans and having friendship ending drama which can be described by anon >>662692
>has to do with someones weird sexual deviance which causes the circles to break off into smaller ones

Some main cows include:
Tosh/bronzecatworld || twitter.com/kncnpara - twitter.com/kaninchenheaven
Emma/history1970s || hisstory1970s.tumblr.com - deviantart.com/vintagelyconstructed
Olias/sailorolias || twitter.com/peace_giant - DeviantArt.com/penguinguy
Moni/picorna || angelicmarble.tumblr.com - twitter.com/angelicmarble

No. 11676

ok? if you’re going to make this thread at least post some receipts/screenshots

No. 11677

I want to hear more about the crazy kin person from the Nemu thread.

There are receipts and screenshots in the Nemu thread

No. 11678

Any more info on this max300 cow?

No. 11679

I just wasted my time checking out the links in the OP's post. Most of the shit is either locked down, hasn't been updated in years, or doesn't have anything of interest that I could see. I'm not digging through years of vaguely uwu shit. Get some actual milk for this thread.

No. 11680

File: 1534347563538.png (67.49 KB, 406x548, tumblr_inline_opwb5dI9zd1qa14n…)

Here's some milk on Olias from minipete.
Here's the callout for Olias hissy70s posted: https://archive.fo/Nu1EB
Does anybody know who else was in that LINE group chat besides hissy?
I know another Tumblr user named tirsty was in there, his DeviantArt username is peeen.

No. 11681

this would fit better on /ot/

No. 11682

Where's the milk for any of this
Okay so post that in this thread?? OP you suck at this

No. 11683

not op but I’ll try to compile something about tosh/moni and their lackeys/ victim later today for this thread

hisstory1970s and olias related are old drama that isn’t relevant anymore from what I can tell but if anyone would care to just do a rundown that would help a lot

No. 11684

Sorry for samefagging but am I allowed to post long/multiple rundowns without being OP for the sake of giving proper info or should I make another thread with all info in OP. Any mod opinions would be nice too

No. 11685

If nobody's posting anything of actual substance (especially since OP seemed to abandon this immediately) please move this to /ot/.
Or better yet keep this in your DMs and chatrooms since nobody cares.

No. 11686

Please post the full rundowns.

No. 11687

This just seems like vendetta posting at this point. This thread will be dead before tomorrow morning.

No. 11688

Still not OP but I decided I’m going to just dedicate a new thread to tosh/moni because the other two people this thread was for have no current drama worth talking about and me posting an in-depth rundown in this thread is pointless if the op is such shit and has nothing to make people read it.

I’m currently putting together the new thread with actual links and info and I just need to finish putting together the imgur posts with image proof. Should be up by tonight and if this thread is still around I’ll link it here

No. 11689



made the thread, check it out

No. 11690

Op to make links you need to put www or http in front of the URL, don't be retarded

No. 11691

The thread is supposed to be about multiple people? That's how it was discussed in the Nemu thread. It's not only supposed to be about Tosh, as well as you've made it.

No. 11692

I've seen this user on tumblr, they kin digital witch mayura and think they're really special for identifying as a really obscure character that nobody cares about. They also bitch incessantly about people "stealing their shit" when half of the images they post don't even belong to them in the first place

No. 11693

File: 1534537839910.png (110.72 KB, 540x458, 1534503145679.png)

From the now locked thread due to a samefag shutting up the post:
>For anyone who was wondering about the shoppingcartfullofpinkturd drama but doesn't feel like digging:
>He's since stopped using Tumblr, and just hangs out on IG: http://instagram.com/fluffy_ass_goth_
>Also, according to the sterility thread, Tosh has a sissy kink? >Fucking kek.

No. 11694

i've been hoping there would be a thread on these people since lolcow started. emma/hisstory1970s just changed her tumblr handle to radroach1994.

No. 11695

I decided to check out her blog, and
>HI please watch this vid that me and a friend worked on the past week or so !!!! it’s just a short experimental thing… kinda testing out proof of concept.. and making use of all the feeder insects i have lying around …

>video shot by me

>music + editing by @deadsquid !!!!

>cw: vomit, sexual imagery, bugs

>i threw up on the head of a dildo All For You
Is….Is this art?

No. 11696

what the fuck did i just watch

No. 11697

File: 1534593790525.png (456.59 KB, 1278x673, FUCKING SHIT.PNG)

this is a fucking abomination lmfao how is this art??
at one point she was just cutting her hair?

No. 11698

This receipt just shows that people are weird and like to LARP, where's the pedophilia stuff

No. 11699

File: 1534594167520.jpg (55.61 KB, 540x960, yourpedo.jpg)

No. 11700

what do you expect from a nazi fetishist

No. 11701

File: 1534637952270.png (301.8 KB, 1437x779, Screenshot_2018-08-18-19-15-04…)

Max300, the only person who thinks you're not telling the truth is the tosh orbiter who got the thread locked. If you say you got receipts then post them because we're interested, if not stop bragging

No. 11702

Is she threatening to have the thread locked if we post about her? What is she, the Lolcow mafia?
Why not just post the fucking dick pic (under a spoiler) and share the rest of what you have here for the public to see?

No. 11703

I swear she has zero reading comprehension, she's gotten mad at now two different posts that weren't about her and acted like they were about her.
The one she just replied to was about Yuta and the other one she thought was about her the other day was referring to Nemu.
She and Hissy70s are mutuals on Twitter so I'm unsurprised.

No. 11704

>i'm not a girl
if not a girl then why does she think she's actually some obscure anime girl?

No. 11705

Can anyone post pics of this? I keep seeing this thrown around but without any images.

No. 11706

hopefully someone will but this thread is a tricky one since these people have lived on the internet for so long and a lot of milk happened before anyone would think to screenshot it. like i remember when emma used to post tons of guro always with a female victim and was one of those female anti-feminists who hung out with aubrey starr during his edgy anti-sjw phase. she went full sjw faux feminist and wrote off everything before that as "i was a teenager in an abusive relationship!!!" but of course, she never considers that terfs, edgelords, alt right types, and everyone else she advocates violence against could also be teenagers,victims,etc.
most of these wimps seem like they have guilt about past or current sick fetishes and project it onto anyone who breaks smol bean wrongthink laws.

No. 11707

File: 1534669018076.jpg (339.3 KB, 1690x1693, 4799765432456764432345.jpg)

Here's a few screenshots from her DeviantArt, including one of her mentioning she hates fatties.

No. 11708

File: 1534669154226.png (234.79 KB, 1296x1682, 7765423456678999755.png)

Her trying to educate people on the swastika. I don't have any other screens. Another anon in the Nemu thread said she used to have a swastika in the bio section of her blog for a good while.

No. 11709

That's nearly a decade old. Is there any recent milk? Like within the last year or so?

No. 11710

she pretty much went from a nazi fetishist to a full blown tankie. guess she really has a thing for genocide? wouldn't be surprised if she still found nazis hot, they're all fucked in the head and barely have changed since then.

No. 11711

pretty much the only milk on hissy currently from my knowledge is she continues to e-beg for money to pay for bills but instead buys it on toys, tamagotchis, etc. she's a hardcore SJW and a communist who associates herself with POC so she can earn woke points also will chastise anyone who does anything remotely problematic despite being highly problematic herself.

No. 11712

File: 1534710721343.png (56.37 KB, 583x296, ol.png)

Apparently, Olias jerked off in a laundromat with his dad at some point.

No. 11713

File: 1534710759955.png (28.04 KB, 575x105, ol2.png)

Max300/twindrill referenced it vaguely, too.

No. 11714

wait, do these two think olias is coming to a girls board to spread milk? he would've tried to cover his ass a couple weeks ago when he first got brought up.

why don't they come and post the olias milk here? max300 already came here >>664573 and tried bragging about those unsolicited dick pics and how she's somehow saving minors by speaking up except she's not and acting like we have to be part of her special club to be warned

No. 11715

That's one of the tamer things he's done from what I've heard.

No. 11716

my favorite part about this whole group and their drama is just a bunch of SJWs eating each other alive on who's the most woke while simultaneously being some of the most immoral people

No. 11717


No. 11718

File: 1534714967469.png (815.99 KB, 674x673, Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 2.41…)

do you know if olias still considers himself a trans girl? he announced it on fb abruptly literally the same week his clique angry mobbed him but i haven't heard any mention of it since. i'm sorry i don't have caps but posted his feminized version from faceapp and came out as a girl lol. this is his current fb profile picture. at least emma went to the trouble of getting genderhair.

No. 11719

>that picture
Oh my god. Imagine communicating with some soft, cartoon-aesthetic uwuposter on Tumblr, only to find out this is what they look like IRL.
I keep forgetting that entire scene can't possibly just be 14 year old girls, 20+ women with arrested development and ~*softboys*~.
I have no idea if he's still trans, I'm new to his "lore" myself.

No. 11720

anon that image is fucking vile, i can smell the rotting bean sprouts coming through my computer screen.
on the about me section of his blog, it used to say autistic and either nb or they/them and, like you also said, as soon as his clique turned on him it wasn't there anymore

No. 11721

Where the fuck was this picture even taken. This is so unsettling.

No. 11722

File: 1534716793943.jpeg (65.72 KB, 500x667, 90578FC6-B19E-4ABB-86B6-E9577C…)

Honesty at this point max300 is just further proving that this whole tosh situation is just for their own petty fulfillment.
The fact that they had multiple chances to clear their name and come forward with more shit on tosh but decided to help get the thread locked from what they’re implying says a lot about how they only care for themself in this situation.

Tosh’s dick pics were up for a small amount of time because one of max300’s friends replied to one of tosh’s tweets with them and it was of him jerking off onto some eeveelution dolls as you’d expect. Unfortunately they aren’t up anymore and I couldn’t find an archive but the friend also posted these pictures of tosh himself linked here https://archive.is/NPo5f

No. 11723

did anyone save the dick pics? it'd be appreciated if someone actually posted them instead of just saying they exist

No. 11724

ga-kun is obviously just in it for the personal adrenaline rush.
>here's tosh!
>wait let me hide it
>lol srry

No. 11725

It seems like the only people who have them at this point are ga-kun and max.
They both keep saying to dm them for the pictures but honestly that’s fucking sus that they won’t just post them here themselves

No. 11726

File: 1534718063429.png (234.49 KB, 531x804, epeptp.PNG)

This was from two months ago, max300 apparently freaks out on anybody who has a similar art style as Tosh. Must suck for her since she's surrounded herself in a clique of people who copy each other.
Any milk on petday?

No. 11727

So does max300 think sending unsolicited dickpics is rape? i feel like thier story/wording keeps changing.
if you really think youre "protecting victims" you might want to come forward with your story or at least the shitty pics or caps or something, instead of just constantly reposting ugly furry fetish vomit/pedo art to "prove your point." youve been lurking here and posting here already.

No. 11728

File: 1534719442893.png (150.61 KB, 640x1136, e66efbfce7a9fc7a5e02ad441e5f31…)

from minipete in the callout posted by history1970s in >>11680

No. 11729

I'm also skeptical about the "rape". Does anybody know if Max300 lives in Australia? Also why the fuck would Moni not say anything if he was a rapist?

No. 11730

Max300 is white, right? I’m surprised nobody has gotten on them for the whole kinning outside their race thing which people in that scene love to make a big deal about.

No. 11731

File: 1534720481548.jpg (828.82 KB, 1001x1504, twindriII-C93-5.jpg)

Yes, white

No. 11732

I'm pretty sure she lives in America and I doubt Tosh would personally fly there all the way from down under just to see her

No. 11733

I find the story sus but also find it weird how neither Tosh or Moni will give their side of the story or back themselves up. You'd think if they weren't guilty of anything they'd speak up against Max and her friends other than just saying publicly he wishes they were dead/they're stalkers/whatever

not defending tosh but both sides are very sus

No. 11734

File: 1534721019979.jpeg (154.51 KB, 1077x461, C13895EF-FAFC-45D8-BBD4-703CE4…)

Max300 lives in Australia last I heard. Tosh either is from Germany or Australia according to his tumblr about from 2016. He probably stays in Germany often because Moni lives there


No. 11735

File: 1534721302540.jpg (262.86 KB, 959x1280, tumblr_ooio84qw1U1qa5wdxo1_128…)

> Imagine communicating with some soft, cartoon-aesthetic uwuposter on Tumblr, only to find out this is what they look like IRL.

lmao yup. and here's mcgama with emma. remember, mcgama is the one who during the olias callout was sheepishly thought policing him on line chat with stuff like "sry thats not ok to say i think uwuw" these two fat bearded males are really out there trying to outsmol each other.

oh but remember guys! the one on the left is the nonbinary girl and the one on the right is the nonbinary guy! i better not hear any insinuation that this is a heterosexual couple!

No. 11736

Look at these S T R A I G H T S !

No. 11737

that's one ugly looking girl jesus fuck

he sticks his dick in that?

No. 11738

who knows. she's one of those people who insists on being called by "it" pronouns because something something trauma something something bugs something something not a girl but not a gross man. she also tends to go between posting graphic furry hentai and saying asexual ~sex-repulsed~ type of shit. i'm sure their sex life goes from intense to nonexistent depending on emma's current mogai label kek

No. 11739

Emma deff has to be an ana-chan. She hates fatties and videotapes herself vomiting and pretends she's literally poor and starving

No. 11740

Twitter I think, but it’s locked. I noticed them in max300’s followers.

No. 11741

This bitch looks like Nick Land

No. 11742

her tumblr is radroach1994 she just changed the url

No. 11743

File: 1534729032172.png (252.07 KB, 1440x1821, Screenshot_2018-08-19-20-29-22…)

>Tosh is grooming people to have the same art style as him
Excuse me?

No. 11744

It was mentioned in the locked Tosh thread but it seems as though Tosh has a tendency to get fans of his work/minors he grooms to draw exactly like him or similar themes.

The proof is people who he surrounds himself with and his girlfriend basically. Moni used to draw in a completely different style before dating Tosh which is interesting. Maybe it’s a control thing but it’s fucking weird nonetheless

No. 11745

and the message behind the art is what? "hate penis"? wow so deep and original

No. 11746

want to have penis but hate penis.

poor emma knows she hates women and being a woman, but expressing any enthusiasm for masculinity/men wouldn't look so good for a woke feminist transactivist such as herself. After all, it's those terrible AFAB transmen who are the real men and thus the real patriarchy! There's no way she'd become a member of the patriarchy at the expense of innocent women like mcgama!

So in order to atone for her great sin of penis-envy, she creates this video where she shows everyone that she wants to have her own dick, then defiles it and sacrifices it to tumblr.

i mean maybe i'm wrong but art is open to interpretation.

No. 11747

When and Where does mcgama ever identify as a woman? Genuinely curious.

No. 11748

File: 1534799327874.png (1.05 MB, 1440x1650, Screenshot_2018-08-20-15-58-19…)

Sounds like hissy is having a blast lurking on this thread.

Hi Emma, how was your trip to Disney World? Did the people of color you conned money out of pretending you were poor ever catch on? Or did you cover it up by sharing racism porn articles?

No. 11749

if you go far back enough on emma's blog there are borderline cp/suggestive pictures of little kids. wonder if she'll ever delete those

No. 11750

i wonder what she's saying lol
any anon have access to her twitter?

No. 11751

post caps of the archive or the dates or SOMETHING

No. 11752


here u go. it's from the same borderline cp set as this


No. 11753

sorry, linked the second thread wrong. here: >>>/snow/240615

No. 11754

Does anyone here have anything recent?? Anyone at all??? Because seeing things 3-4+ years old isn't really getting us anywhere.

No. 11755

We have days old milk, not about hissy, but what are you getting at?

No. 11756

This entire thread just seems so disorganized and all over the place.

No. 11757

Eewwww the comment asking for the source lmao

No. 11758

Ew, I remember an anon either on the Nicole Dollanganger's calves thread or in Nicole's thread saying these screenshots are usually from actual cp videos.

No. 11759

oh, it looks like she scrubbed her blog past 2014 lol. good job emma but you still posted cp multiple times

No. 11760

scrubbing it just makes it seem like she's hiding something she doesn't want anyone to see

No. 11761

File: 1534830605174.png (46.57 KB, 788x364, foto(11).PNG)

Emma is just like Max300, she'll block or unfollow someone if they either love Jason Voorhees or are kin with Zorak from Space Ghost because it makes her ~uncomfortable~

No. 11762

what is with these people and embarrassing kin bullshit? they're both in their fucking 20s

No. 11763

i used to a year ago. the only funny thing she ever tweeted was claiming to have undiagnosed autism and ranting about how hard finding a job etc was for her

No. 11764

File: 1534833637571.png (Spoiler Image,381.69 KB, 550x935, INTERNATIONALWOMENSDAY.PNG)

this is the worst combination of posts i've seen on her blog

only click if you wanna see an anime caterpillar get semen syringed into it's cooter

No. 11765

Blocking and not engaging is better than shit like that max300 person scrubbing the existence of her 2000's anime waifu kin from the internet just so other people won't kin it. I still don't understand how she managed that.

No. 11766

what the fuck

No. 11767

These screenshots are definitely taken from CP and he posted it himself? That's like admitting to the crime.

No. 11768

I wonder how she'll explain it away. "I was in an abusive relationship!" again?

No. 11769

No. 11770

File: 1534887362036.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.31 KB, 720x960, IMG_1584.JPG)

Didn't even post in the Tosh thread or see it until it got locked. Wasn't my intention to tease or brag, I know I'm late and this isn't all of them but here you go

Also this thread stinks of samefag and underage posters, at least try to hide who you are when you post here.

No. 11771

Holy shit, lmao. Thanks for delivering. Those poor Pokemon toys.

No. 11772

Thanks for delivering Max, Jesus Christ what a chode Tosh has got.
Not sure why you'd have a problem with underage posters since they might have been groomed themselves lol

No. 11773

jesus wept
it gets creepier when the toys are so baby-sized

No. 11774

Why are you using slurs? Aren't you against that?

No. 11775

I hope you're aware sending dick pics isn't rape.

No. 11776

Jesus christ this is like the end-game of uwu anime culture. He sent these to minors?? What a fucking sicko.

No. 11777

>S-Sending dick pics to minors isn't all that bad, guys…
I wonder who could be behind such a post.

No. 11778

Nobody is saying that. It’s disgusting, pedophilic, could lead to jail time, etc, but it’s not RAPE. As an actual victim it’s just not right to call it that. It’s still awful.

No. 11779

don't forget about rotatingfloor! that guy was a creep formerly in this circle too

No. 11780

I've heard about this guy, he was thrown under the bus hardcore when his callout was posted on Tumblr.

No. 11781

Not who you think, calm your paranoid tits. Sending dick pics and rape are two entirely different things although both are fucked and he should not have sent those to minors. but to call that rape is extremely disrespectful to victims of actual rape and sexual violence, I hope this isn't what Max was referring to when she said she was raped by Tosh.

No. 11782

why do you want dirt on petday so bad? i wonder if the artists that draw like eris or tosh are victims too. its interesting to see their styles change so much

No. 11783

You're paranoid. I only asked once. I was wondering if petday was part of this circle and not just someone with a similar art style.

No. 11784

File: 1535051178935.png (Spoiler Image,9.75 KB, 500x500, gfdgffdh.png)

You're welcome. Only reason I have a problem with underage users is
1. It's against site rules
2. I can recognize a certain minor with a vendetta posting in this thread
Do you know what site you're on right now?
When did I or anyone else refer to the dick pics as rape? What the fuck.

I feel I should explain with the unsolicited dick pics that he started sending them to me when I was 15 and continued when I asked him to stop, the espeon and vaporeon plush were intended to represent me and my partner at the time while the glaceon represented him. He continued to send them regularly for a long period of time. He would also ejaculate onto the plushies but I don't think I have those images saved.

The rape incident is separate, my memory of the entire time period I knew him is very hazy but I can give as much information as I can or answer questions about him if anyone's curious.

No. 11785

going into the details would be helpful only if you're comfortable with doing so. everyone should be aware of what Tosh has done.

as for the dick pics that's seriously fucked if he kept sending them even after you told him to stop sending them, do you know exactly how old he was when he sent these to minors?

No. 11786

First the tosh thread gets shut down by a samefag. Now there’s a bunch of posts (just like tosh thread) that are almost verbatim, demanding receipts…on the first comment. This literally looks like a replica of the samefag on the tosh thread. I was one of the posters trying to enjoy the previous thread, like others were too, I suggested someone make it a Loki artist general. I just saw this, wtf. Now this deja vu shit occurs with this thread? Like how much of an orbiter do you have to be.

Stop it it’s fucking annoying, hide the thread, move on, stop shitting up the thread with the same 3 comments/same exact phrases over and over, derailing it for others. There IS milk, there are “receipts”, these people are cows, they are well known, there are farmers who requested this thread, multiple times, piss off, hide the thread, and stop shitting it up for everyone else.

Honestly, I’ve only seen this happen with cows posting/or sending people to derail their own threads so they get locked down. No farmer actually cares enough to go into a thread they don’t care about saying the same thing…. with no further explanation.

Especially in the first fucking comment.

>autism levels are reaching new lengths

No. 11787

>why are you using slurs? Aren’t you against that?

Get the fuck out of here, I’m serious, fucking leave.

No. 11788

I'm just saying, it's interesting for someone from tumblr with sjw views to use it just because they're not on their usual site.

No. 11789

Mind giving us any milk about Moni and the other people that were mentioned in the other Tosh thread (petday, crobacus, etc)

Was Tosh with Moni when he was actively sexually harassing minors and you?
Does she do any grooming like Tosh or does she just draw gross shit like him and not care about what he’s doing? It seems like she was really against rape and other content like that when she was on her old account so is she groomed by Tosh or what? It’s weird that she would suddenly drop her old online presence and draw exactly like him upon dating.

And is there other info on those other people?
It seems like they’re all mutuals on twitter so that obviously means something but why are they so feverishly denying having anything to do with Tosh when they openly all talk to Moni. It’s fucking weird and I wanna know what they’re doing behind the scenes.

It’s interesting that you act like you actively go on this site and integrated when you can’t even learn how to sage when there isn’t anything to add to the thread. Go away Tosh orbiter

No. 11790

not the person you are referring to but if someone is making a thread on somebody reciepts are important. you can't just make a thread and be like yeah this person did bad things without giving evidence of it? i don't blame people for being curious. but i would not be surprised if tosh or one of his fans were trying to derail the thread since it is something they would go out of their way to do. either way, at least max is giving the reciepts to back certain claims up. that's all we needed.

No. 11791

We've gone from Tosh pushing others to adapt to his art style for fetish reasons to a series of forcibly sent dick pics with a silly story tied to them.

At this point, rather than milking a cow you're fisting some sort of bull so you can serve us your shit with complimentary toppings on them made by yourself.
Seriously, milking a cow is nothing more than showing evidence of one's offences. If you can't prove it by source content or screenshots alone, then get the hell out of here. No one needs to read your miserable shit if it's got no worth to it.
Plushophilia and art styles apparenly is direct rape lol

No. 11792

Damn you really had to post this, delete it and rewrite it again just to prove some point like you haven’t already been posting constantly in this thread this whole time.
Maybe you should actually contribute something to this thread that isn’t complaining you orbiter, even defending them would be more entertaining than you just saying this thread has no milk. It’s getting old.

No. 11793

I like your idea of me being some sort of samefag, yet I'm just browsing threads I see on here. I just find it rather amusing how all the milk here is some sort of obscene artwork and dick pics. It just sounds like some minor got butthurt over something and tries to throw dirt on it.
Whatever, I won't be excepting anything serious on here anyway if you can't spill some action. Thread's just real lame in my opinion.

The reason I even rewrote is because I forgot to sage lol

No. 11794

Share anythign you feel comfortable with, I've never heard of this guy before and i'm horrified at the shit he's done. And him trying to create other little anime clones? Jesus. Just…jesus.

No. 11795

Nah, we're all enjoying this. You're the only one bitching here.

No. 11796


No. 11797

File: 1535223507313.png (798.24 KB, 640x960, IMG_1476.PNG)

He was around 26 years old when he sent out the dick pics.
The order of events may be slightly out of order but here's a bad greentext summary, will link a more detailed version on pastebin. This is all I can handle writing for now but if anyone is interested in the rest I'll give as much info as I can later.
I should also clarify attached screenshot is not mine, it's my ex's.

>be 15, take notice of tosh's art

>start to admire his art style
>receive an ask from tosh asking for my skype info
>be next to my partner at that time
>both talk to him together
>then he asks to be our boyfriend
>asks us to call him "nii-san"
>makes sexual comments about us
>tosh convinces me to make a line account and talk to him on there instead of skype
>his sexual comments become far more frequent
>tells me he's flying to my state
>be shocked that he's an adult man with the behavior of a manchild
>starts threatening suicide
>always tells us when he's masturbating or just finished
>the dick pics commence
>tells us gross shit in general e.g. leaving his cum out until it went brown and wetting himself
>sends us fucked up porn almost daily
>threatens to rape my partner at the time
>flies to my state on countless occasions in the span of only a few months
>frequently invites us to hotels
>asks to have sex with us every time he invites us to a hotel
>frequently stays at my house
>takes photos of the room without my permission and puts them on twitter
>hide in my room most of the time because I couldn't handle being near him

No. 11798

File: 1535225404322.jpg (21.88 KB, 250x307, 385baff9caa79eab5cf4862ddcf9e6…)

>tells us gross shit in general e.g. leaving his cum out until it went brown and wetting himself

No. 11799

>cum sweater
Anon, I'm sorry you had to go through that. Tosh is a nasty pedophile.
>tosh keeps asking for my dick size and calls me a 'shota'
wtf? first of all, does tosh know you didn't have a dick or is he that deep in the shota fantasy? does he think Moni has a dick too?

No. 11800

What year did he send out all those plush dick pics?

No. 11801

so..how come you're not answering these questions? need time to think of an answer or something? real sus

No. 11802

Obviously fake made up bullshit

No. 11803

File: 1536346042881.png (137.78 KB, 500x417, tumblr_ni7uroOSxT1rpaz23o1_r1_…)


you say you met him in 2013/14 when you were fifteen. if you are 22 now, in 2013, you would have been 17/18 at the time. that is why he accused you of lying about your age. your age was even was even stated on your old blog jellyjuice(i don't feel like posting proof but i know it exists, someone else will find it) to be 17. in 2013/14, tosh would have been 21/22 around that time. not much older than you..

on twitter, in response to tosh calling you "him", saying "im not even male, you pussy" you did identify as a trans man in the past. that also used to be stated in your jellyjuice blog.

i am not defending anything tosh has done to you, although you are not being clear, little "proof" and even lying about some things.

one of your claims is that tosh uses porn of real children as a reference for his art. can you elaborate? i definitely believe it, not because of anything you failed to provide, but because of things tosh has said on his old blog. nothing incriminating but noticing how obsessed he was with getting his art right. he talked about wanting to rip the skin off of someone or having a real life model of someone to study in his room.

No. 11804

No. 11805

File: 1536385070447.png (316.61 KB, 1440x1283, imagee.png)

Why does Max type like she's a fucking toddler when having conversations with Japanese speakers kek
She's just making the discussion harder for them when not being grammatically correct

No. 11806

File: 1536496797906.png (76.04 KB, 580x618, MAXOD4.PNG)

Looks like campanella tried to kill herself Lol

No. 11807

it's wild how unlikable all these people are. what a disgusting community.

No. 11808

File: 1536517247943.png (51.09 KB, 514x477, maxoo.PNG)

No. 11809


>tosh rubs against my back as I'm scared shitless and try to message my partner at the time for help

what happens after this? do you actually tell tosh to stop? or does he still force himself onto you?

No. 11810

>at one hotel visit we meet his very strange mother who is apparently a sex worker and would take his "neetbux" as he called it

his mom is a prostitute that explains a whole lot actually

No. 11811

File: 1536645277164.png (102.74 KB, 576x362, Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.5…)

emma will really just reblog anything that makes her look like the wokest whitie lmao. can you guys believe there are people out here calling out a huge company when we have fucking white homebrew etsy sellers taking inspirations from other cultures? where the fuck are your priorities, assholes?!

No. 11812

oh god emma you go get those white etsy sellers!! my favorite honky
has anybody else noticed a majority of the nonwhite people she tries to collectbefriend don't have anything in common with her? meanwhile her actual friends are carbon copies of each other. makes you think. i wonder how these people would feel once they find out she's an ex nazi fetishist.

No. 11813

they’re the type of people who have no issues dragging up receipts from last decade to drag other people but the second they see the shit she’s done you just know they’ll forgive her because ‘time changes people!!’. the hypocrisy is delicious

No. 11814

hissy and bcw both used to be friends with yy22 on tumblr, who is a racist churchfag

No. 11815

File: 1536795820034.png (180.64 KB, 1436x362, Screenshot_2018-09-12-18-42-12…)

Oh shit lmfao, this was the first archived result looking up his name. Literally… What sane person would befriend this yy22 guy?

No. 11816

File: 1536796077028.png (314.31 KB, 1155x1020, Screenshot_2018-09-12-18-47-18…)

No. 11817

File: 1537124641136.png (403.53 KB, 493x599, 09119.png)

Not sure where else to post this (doesn't seem to be much milk). Shitty Tumblr-tier ~queer~ trans-male artist who is also a pedophile.
His MAP (which stands for "minor attracted person", aka pedophile) IG had the username "mildlymap", but he deleted it after getting put on blast on Tumblr. I couldn't find any archives, sadly. Will dump the few screencaps/receipts there are.

No. 11818

File: 1537124672094.png (254.22 KB, 500x717, tumblr_papq1t6UvQ1wx5ldgo1_500…)

No. 11819

File: 1537124715316.png (241.34 KB, 489x634, 90593.png)

No. 11820

File: 1537124755269.png (315.68 KB, 515x593, 53893.png)

No. 11821

File: 1537124829867.png (682.79 KB, 1076x564, p.png)

From his winter personal project on paraphilias. Note that the heart in the background is a known pedophile symbol for "girl lovers".
Proof (in case anyone's doubtful): https://file.wikileaks.org/file/FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf
>Pedophiles, to include those who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences. To specifically indicate the pedophile’s gender preference, members of pedophilic organizations encourage the use of descriptions such as “boylove”, “girllove”, and “childlove.”
>These symbols have been etched into rings and formed into pendants, and have also been found imprinted on coins.
>(U) The GirlLover logo (GLogo) depicted below is a small heart surrounded by a larger heart, which symbolizes a relationship between an adult male or female and minor girl.

No. 11822

File: 1537124878622.png (46.03 KB, 484x264, krispkurry.png)

No. 11823

File: 1537125032238.png (17.9 KB, 272x128, 646.png)

No. 11824

File: 1537125262218.png (564.17 KB, 932x593, 2323.png)

The reason I said there's not much milk is that he's gone quiet on the pedo shit now, and just posts his art. He still draws some borderline pedo-tier shit, though. Worth keeping an eye on and spreading awareness IMO.
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmLxHlhBVXM/?taken-by=k.murray.illustrations

No. 11825

I don't think this dude was in the circle.

I think we should have a thread dedicated to MAPs on Tumblr.

No. 11826


this person has nothing to do with the group we're talking about

make another thread

No. 11827

yeah that dumb ass farmer added some rando because this thread is dead as fuck. Make a new thread retard

No. 11828

>too stupid to sage
>calls others retarded
I added him because his art style is that "uwu tumblr bullshit", much like Nemu and her cronies. He's not active enough for a brand new thread. Get the stick out of your ass and lurk more, it's not that deep.

No. 11829

it has nothing to do with this thread. there's like 3 drops of milk on this thread and you're being such a faggot about it adding nothing to the main topic. might as well add all the problematic trans people while you're at it since it's all the same to you blind idiot.

No. 11830

You sound 12. Is this the only place you can use the word "faggot" without getting yelled at?
No one died as a result of me posting about this pedophilic artist. Related or not, it's too late to delete the posts. Everything past the first post was saged so as not to bump the thread unecessarily, so what's your damage? Are you the same person bitching about how the bronzecatworld thread was pointless last month?
Again, sage your useless posts. You're bumping the thread for nothing.

No. 11831

NTA but the person you posted is a literal who in the animecore group, there was a MAP thread that got bumped a day ago you could've posted in there instead

No. 11832

I figured, but the deletion window for the posts is closed, and duplicate image posts aren't allowed on /snow/ IIRC. Nothing can be done now, shit happens.
All that's left to do is let it pass and wait for actual milk from artists within this community.

No. 11833


Oh shit I remember this guy. He hasn't changed his blog theme at all. I remember him posting about how much he loves japanese women because they were more subservient or something. I vaguely remember him being in the Kaiji/FKMT fandom at one point as well.

Tosh would like a lot of his straight up white supremacy posts and I specifically remember yy22 asking who tosh voted for during the australian elections

No. 11834

Looks like some of their interactions have been archived already




No. 11835

anyone remember the group of girls who had a club on tumblr that all racefaked and bullied people? they would talk about watching gore and be overall really edgy, one of them turned out to be a nazi animal abuser(seiko i believe). they were definitely "animecore", a few used to reblog toshs' art a lot. this happened years ago but i was wondering where they are now.

No. 11836

File: 1537709876415.png (25.47 KB, 429x381, seiko.PNG)

oh my god, do you have any more details? I can't access the read more because OP deleted

No. 11837

File: 1537710184892.png (20.94 KB, 461x243, hofuk.PNG)

Found some info, they called themselves the Yandere Bitch Club

No. 11838

No. 11839

that just sounds like emma back in the day. do you have more details about anyone else?

No. 11840

yes, i definitely remember these people. i had screenshots on my old pc of one of the girls who abused her pets (mainly guinea pigs) by throwing them across them room or hosing down a baby bird until it died, she was the worst one of the bunch.

No. 11841

someone make a new thread on this I want all the milk

No. 11842

this doesn't need a new thread, just post it here

No. 11843

>>11718 thats actually a pick of olias's dad

No. 11844

File: 1537838281760.png (225.82 KB, 1220x1584, Screenshot_2018-09-24-20-07-28…)

One of the main members of Yandere Bitch Club goes by chesnaught on Twitter, their current Tumblr URL is marie.

No it isn't. Olias' dad has a sharper face than him. Last picture I saw of his dad he had more hair on his head than Olias ever could dream of.

No. 11845

File: 1537838535915.png (205.86 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)

Here's a picture of his dad I found off of archive.is

No. 11846

File: 1537853053634.jpg (108.83 KB, 960x720, 27654783_10155086258152854_509…)

uh no i have no idea why you would think that. his dad isn't fat nor does he have that crazy slant forehead and they just don't look very much alike in general. it's pretty easy to tell who's who. besides that was olias's actual profile picture. are you him and trying to post that unflattering pic of yourself off as your poor dad? kek

No. 11847

omg olias is one ugly ass cave man mother fucker

No. 11848

I don’t think that’s actually any of them, just someone who took the url? They got the URL “stolen” iirc. The members are so… off the radar it’s crazy, I found Satoko? on some Gaia like forum or somehing I remember.

No. 11849

anyone manage to find seiko? they ended up being a neo nazi and killed a lizard iirc. they claimed to be japanese too by squinting their eyes lmao, they were apart of YBC for a short time before being kicked out i think? but seiko was crazy. seriously a train wreck, i really wonder where they are now.

No. 11850

No. 11851

File: 1538468141320.png (920.71 KB, 1188x1054, Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 5.59…)

the sjw members of the community now do this thing where they "steal" posts from "problematic" animecore blogs which they claim post loli and shit but i follow a lot of the blogs they steal from and they don't even post offensive content by any stretch of the imagination. apparently all anime is pedophilia now?
am someone who enjoys the old tech aesthetic but i s2g these people have the judgement and social skills of a preschooler except they learn right and wrong from other tumblr users rather than their parents and end up building a progressively worse echo chamber.

No. 11852

File: 1538468324138.png (206.95 KB, 810x370, Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 6.17…)

they put the blog they stole from in the tags too. honestly just begging for attention.

No. 11853

jeez, these people need to get a life. obviously too much time on their hands kek

No. 11854

File: 1538520515492.gif (589.02 KB, 500x374, VRzLpyP.gif)


wasn't this one of them?

No. 11855

what did you expect? the bulk of this site is ugly women who are completely unlikable latching onto a 4 year old post screaming anything negative about them. the farmers were the cows this whole time and your milk is rotten from your tiny, saggy teets

No. 11856

yes, shes the one who claimed to be half japanese. no idea if she is or not, she was actually one of the most believable out of the others.

No. 11857

so you included? you're on the site after all lmfao

No. 11858

File: 1538984846348.png (Spoiler Image,403.37 KB, 469x356, tumblr_inline_nj9nq9OxKg1sy5hy…)

yall remember how one of them said they were intersex and tried to prove it with a doll arm? found the photo lol

No. 11859

lmfao baby doll arm sticking out ya pussy looking ass

No. 11860

What the hell is wrong with her hands? They're so fucking small, like ridiculously so.

No. 11861

holy shit you can clearly notice how plastic that shit looks KEK

No. 11862

p..people fell for this shit?

No. 11863

considering emma i find it a tad funny that mcgama has rotating floor added on steam

No. 11864


lmfaooo what is rotatingfloor's steam account.

or mcgamas

No. 11865

No. 11866

emma's probably bitching about how mcgama didn't know that was rotatingfloor lmao

No. 11867

File: 1539653976123.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.54 KB, 580x364, tumblr_mlwpzpWEaR1qkemc3o1_128…)

http://radroach1994.tumblr.com/post/72225383285 found some nazi shit

She's too stupid to wipe the mass amounts of nazi shit and loli's getting fucked by bugs in her archive

I hope you are all archiving this

No. 11868

that shit is under her BDSM tag too. lmao true nazi fetishist. like who in their right mind thinks this shit is hot? especially someone who's now a larping commie.

No. 11869

No. 11870

So we now know that the same person that wrote rotatingfloor's callout also wrote tosh's… and claims to be groomed by them. I wish yanadose/would come foward with evidence against him. They probably have it.

It's so funny that max300 and bisco(her attack dog) provoked these minors and now having panic attacks because these kids are retaliating. These kids are mentally damaged calling people out for reblogging harmless any figures, even if they are wrong she is still and idiot for provoking them.

https://iamallofme.tumblr.com/post/179164468611/this-figure-is-self-explanatory-any1-can-see-why max300 callout the minors did in retaliation to max300 just talking shit

they also tried to callout windows2000tan/ellie/@pyonyami for reblogging ""lolicon"" also (ellie is a max300's friend and copycat of them as well, like they seriously use a pink version of mayura as thier 'sona now)

No. 11871

Ellie made a vague post about petday.


Does anyone have any proof about petday actually being tosh's friend? They followed each other on twitter for a while but don't anymore. Maybe something happened or they are just pretending to not be acquainted.

No. 11872

No. 11873

Why does bisco care so much about animecore bloggers? She's technically one herself for being so triggered about something so miniscule lmao If you label anything x-core there's a chance you're somebody young and if not I know to stay 100 feet away from you.

Max just won't stop being exceptional, I swear to God only she can be a victim in her eyes. Half of the shit she posts isn't even unique, she literally recommended Nichijou to her followers recently. If you've been on the internet in the past 12 years you already know it exists.
I asked if there was any milk on petday weeks ago and another anon thought I wanted him to be a pedo so bad, like chill, if he doesn't have any milk so be it.

I feel like these people try to live their life looking for people to call out. So much name dropping and hinting at shit. We all know they have something suspicious with them as well. Most of these people who they call out have either been called out before or have no followings besides other creeps like them.

No. 11874

All these people in this community writing callouts about so-and-so being a pedophile for posting/reblogging lolicon shit and hentai literally do the exact same thing. Every single one of them, without fail. What is their end-game at this point?

No. 11875

They want to be seen as the "safe" ones in the animecore bloggers community despite saying they aren't, it's painfully obvious.

All of them thrive off their narcissistic egos by trying to look better than everyone else. There is no end game, it just satisfies them that people take their word and gain popularity.

No. 11876


>I asked if there was any milk on petday weeks ago and another anon thought I wanted him to be a pedo so bad, like chill, if he doesn't have any milk so be it.

There is always milk you just have to know where to find it

max300 wouldn't keep being hostile to them if there wasn't anything going on at all

No. 11877

what’s with the obsession with finding dirt on petday? just because they have that uwu animecore art style doesn’t mean they’re automatically drawing lolicon and preying on kids. prove me wrong, but this whole thread is a circlejerk shitshow.

being overprotective of an aesthetic you didn’t even create because it’s all you have to cling your obviously disturbed identity onto is sad.

No. 11878


what the fuck are you talking about. there is no obsession with finding dirt on petday. this person has been mentioned multiple times and is obviously connected so, of course, people are going to be curious. you sound like a fucking orbiter.

No. 11879

ive seen no one post about evil riends /benedryl/ izaya do they count?

No. 11880


yes please i hate them so much. that fact that she gets into so much of the same bullshit drama in 2k18 is amazing. aren't they like 20 now?

No. 11881

No. 11882


They're all supposed to be on the same side, why do they insist on eating each other alive?

No. 11883

you can't just post about someone n not give the dirt. where is it

No. 11884

'hafu' addicted famously to benedryl, kinnie maybe fakeboi might be kin calls everyone faggots and retards, overdoses eveytime she leaves her mothers house. get in near irl fights see- mintypukey (I think was her url) - also has an atm target. they're so contradictory in every way and involved in so many facets that im not sure I only found them about a year ago right at the end of the benedryl boys saga. seems to kin like Russian militia or something right now goes on about hating gays

No. 11885

hi max

No. 11886

i want to see pics of this girl or at least screenshots lol she sounds insane

No. 11887


You are definitely a Tosh orbiter.

No. 11888


Hi eris/tosh/Whoever tf you are

At least TRY to hide the fact that you stalk the thread. It's not hard.

No. 11889

File: 1540031895826.png (712.73 KB, 799x597, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.56…)

This is her.

No. 11890


what an ugly bitch. she looks like angelina jolie from girl interrupted but fatter

she pretends to be "mixed" black just so she can say n*gger and get away with it

No. 11891

Max learn to fuckin sage you newfag. Also when are you gonna start injecting chemicals into your body, fakeboi?

No. 11892


I'm not max. she posted earlier in the thread and hasn't come back. she probably overdosed again from being out as a "lolicon" http://raikov.tumblr.com/post/179166519978/this-figure-is-self-explanatory-any1-can-see-why

No. 11893

File: 1540040484378.jpg (150.13 KB, 658x713, Dp8pes2VAAA7vu2.jpg)

>Max can be manipulative she has BPD with abandonment/trust issues!
jesus, this this person's absolutely retarded. Also why are they so obsessed with people reposting shit?
The majority of this whole thing was about windows2000tan reblogging and posting loli shit and they took the time to archive proof. It's funny they call it "childish" while at the same time they spend their free time looking for randos with zero internet activity to blindly accuse as pedophiles.

No. 11894

since picornas in the op i just wanna say her art wasnt always hot shit or was a part of this animecore nonsense, they were an artist on sites like furaffinity and pixiv and actually drew really well even for a sort of furfag, id post some but those pictures are long gone and sadly i didnt save them.
they used to take a bunch of pics of their waifu merch (kobato from haganai) too.
had a blogspot, probably also long gone by now but it was mostly trips about them visiting their friends and food pics.
i dont even know how all of this stuff happened with her cause she abandoned her main tumblr forever ago, she was super quiet all the time and barely posted anything personal outside of selfies.

No. 11895

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, they’re still a shithead but they stopped advocating drug use after realizing most of their followers/“fans” were like 13 lmao. I swear though every day they’re fighting someone new who barely did anything then them and their followers spend days ripping that person’s appearance apart. It’s so sad.

No. 11896

File: 1540043022259.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.71 KB, 773x800, da33bb9580ec7dbb8363c402dcf1b4…)

>they were an artist on sites like furaffinity and pixiv and actually drew really well

you call this drawing REALLY WELL

isabelle's pussy look like a nutsack. well, maybe it is since she seems to have a fetish for dickgirls fucking shotas also

No. 11897

Izaya is that u we all know you’re obsessed with girl interrupted and that’s one of the most flattering photos of you the rest look straight out of 07
She says she’s mixed black Japanese and like I guess white maybe light skinned Hispanic if you asked her

No. 11898

This looks like it should be in the nemu thread that’s not the picture I was expecting

No. 11899

i mean ive only seen their stuff from fa and tumblr from forever ago, but now i take that all back yikes

No. 11900

Dunno if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know “Poyo”? She was/is infamous on 4chan, and has a pretty popular ‘animecore’ blog.

No. 11901

What board on 4chan? And what's her URL?

No. 11902

/a/ and /vg/, she faked a pregnancy, abortion, was/is addicted to crack, and got guys to buy her countless shit, searching poyo/rinafag and 4chan on google brings up a lot.
Url is rinafujimoto.tumblr.com

No. 11903

Oh, and paid 100 bucks to have her SI fucked by a horse to get the guy she faked pregnancy with to like her more, or s/t along those lines

No. 11904

No. 11905

why is max so fucking wreckless? also why did she post that onto her tumblr with no details? narc just wants attention after being called out for being a pedoshit

No. 11906

No. 11907

File: 1540140368644.png (27.57 KB, 500x222, bisky.PNG)

bisco confirmed fucking retarded
the caption for the hospital photo was intentional and on topic, they could've just deleted it if they made a mistake. jesus christ.

No. 11908

File: 1540140887706.png (32.26 KB, 497x419, gurty.PNG)

also for future reference, bisco is a troon and i'm 97% sure he's WAY older than Max. there's DDR GameFAQs written by him from the exact year 2000.

posting some sites of his
https://www.instagram.com/gurtygurt/ there's tons of selfies on here

No. 11909


who wants to bet gurt made this

No. 11910

Oh for fucks sake, of course he would and no doubt that's either him or Max. He didn't even respond to Riko's proof directly, he had to make it public in hopes Riko would see or not.
Bisco is reaching across the globe. All the youngish looking characters aren't even posed sexually, also who has time to research who you reblog from?

No. 11911

oh, don't you know? reblogging chibi anime characters from some pervy anime is the same as reblogging loli hentai.

No. 11912

I remember reading the callout forever ago, but mostly talked about how Seiko was most likely schizophrenic and was obsessed with Nazis, watching gore, hating Jews, fat people and so on. She fantasized about wanting to visit a vulnerable third world country and commit genocide. The rape and molestation warnings are only because she was kin with some character from a manga called Litchi Hikari Club which had plenty of rape and murder. Seiko also was kindating someone who was kin with the character Jaibo (same series) and went by that name. Basically an all around abusive and manipulative cunt, pretty standard fare for the rest of YBC.

Jaibo is another person that could be touched on but im not sure where to find milk.

No. 11913

No. 11914

this is the most amazing low effort humelebrag self post i've ever seen. as if countless girls don't wish they looked exactly like lisa rowe.

it's like if tuna came to her thread and posted "omg luna and lurch look exactly like courtney love and layne stayley but uhm uglier, r-right guys???"

No. 11915

This is an imageboard. Screencap things, ffs.

No. 11916

File: 1540259319288.png (503.95 KB, 1440x1543, Screenshot_2018-10-22-20-48-41…)

No. 11917

File: 1540259338253.png (170.86 KB, 1440x655, Screenshot_2018-10-22-20-48-44…)

Part 2

No. 11918

idk how to use these boards so bear with me but this is yan, the only thing i wanted to mention is about bisco/ga-kun constantly bringing up how i requested to DM them about deleting a tweet, then never messaged them. i was going to ask them to delete the tweet that mentioned my abuser by their handle because i have been trying to keep my identity away from them and their friends ever since i nuked my old account kain knew me on. i deleted the "dm me please" tweet at bisco/ga-kun shortly after looking thru this thread where the tweet was shared and why i wanted it removed, and realized it was already archived.

i dropped it, bc i figured there's no point in asking to delete something already archived… and im not mad at the person who shared that link/archived it, i just have a hard time accepting the inevitable abt me not being able to stay hidden from my abuser forever.

No. 11919

why are you all eating each other alive? please find another hobby other than trying to call out everybody for reblogging shit on tumblr lol. just drop the friendships entirely. i'd only advise you to get out of your "circle".

No. 11920

this thread is so confusing, I come thinking there's a shit ton of milk but it's just people shaming others for weird ass kinks. these artists are also so obscure, whoever posted this "milk" is probably equally as freaky for even finding this shit

No. 11921


No. 11922

tbh half of these people i only found because of being in the nemu crowd and having interests lesser known video games. never heard of max until this thread was made.

that's the thing about these people, they think they're going to be internet famous for being so unique, into odd shit, and calling out all the pedos while liking similar gross shit.

No. 11923

File: 1540361868452.gif (708.06 KB, 294x314, 8TTT.gif)

Holy shit lmao, that's me. I've always wanted to be namedropped. What's up?

No. 11924

File: 1540379662308.png (471.58 KB, 702x384, waterfox_2018-10-24_06-09-26.p…)


i found one of the posts gurt accused yan of sending with the snake emoji

also this raikov is batshit

there def should be a thread on the tumblr sjw kinnie community if there isn't one yet

No. 11925

If you really wanted to hide shouldn't have gotten involved

No. 11926

Hows ur shit-brown cracked teeth, ulcer sores, and bloody wheezing from smoking rocks?

No. 11927

I only smoked crack once.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 11928

you can't say you smoked crack on this christian website. thems is the rules

No. 11929

Equating anime art to real cp is disgusting lmao, if you have time to vigilante online how about helping real CAS and not imaginary anime ones

No. 11930

File: 1540612431018.png (380.73 KB, 1428x1962, Screenshot_2018-10-26-22-51-33…)

>I don't hate osu but here's a long list of things I hate about osu only from my knowledge of playing it for a bit years ago
Max logic

No. 11931

Does she have OCD or something? I'm not even memeing. The fixation on rhythm games, and excessive possessiveness around what she considers her special interests (eg Digital Witch Mayura) makes me wonder.
I know another girl with diagnosed OCD who behaves and lashes out in similar ways. The desire to share one's obsessive interests, but also constantly sperging out if people partake in a way they don't like for reasons that look silly to everyone else.

No. 11932

more likely an autistic borderline who doesn’t care about recovery. she’s used the bpd as an excuse for treating people horribly and it explains all the attention seeking and manipulation. it’s all the typical toxic untreated borderline shit.

No. 11933

A lot of brand spergs are like this. Stay loyal to the brand or else you're gross & a thief.
Max's brand is Benami.

Kind of like Nintendofags who will find something ridiculous to praise Nintendo for, like not installing a DVD driver into the Wii systems "because everyone already has a DVD player! It's genius!"

No. 11935

man i wish you had caps or something. i agree shes just as fucking strange and jacked up as her soy boy tosh lol the hambeasty broad

No. 11936

KEK why would she move to Germany? I'd expect her to find some otaku in Japan.

No. 11937

max's blog was deleted AGAIN lol

No. 11938

KEK what happened this time? She got called out by some minors for being a dumbass hypocrite?

No. 11939

Probably for picking fights with user determine. Amy is just another 16 year old cow, and Max was picking fights with her friend iirc. Max tried hiding herself while someone managed to discover it was her running a blog for receipts on Amy's friend, Lex. Blog was scrubbed however

Saged because no hard proof

No. 11940

at this point idc anymore but max300/dosv/pupcore and that little circle has harassed me for around 2 years now check the archive.is site for any of the minors that they have harrassed (DA,tumblr,twitter, ect.) they will litterally archive anything that they deem someone ""stole"" from her or if its original art they "stole" or traced the image

No. 11941

do you have any links or other usernames at least? i don't think a lot of us are aware of the numerous users they've harassed.

No. 11942

>>11940 Why did they harrased you?

No. 11943

not that poster but probably for liking mayura. they are kin with her and send hate to people for "encroaching on her identity"

No. 11944

File: 1543694420651.jpg (161.24 KB, 856x665, fursuithissy.jpg)

Emma made a public art Twitter last month and has been dumping some art. Most of them are commissions, but there's some weird ones.
Also, here's her fursona.

No. 11945

File: 1543694478047.jpg (Spoiler Image,436.18 KB, 800x800, hissyart.jpg)

she has an obsession with protruding nipples, no wonder she's a fakeboi

No. 11946

File: 1543694510064.png (Spoiler Image,312.9 KB, 1024x1024, listenedtomileycyruswhiledrawi…)

"Listened 2 miley cyrus while drawing this"

No. 11947

File: 1543876893071.png (11.14 KB, 500x400, tumblr_msv3kdid1c1rpaz23o1_r1_…)

wasnt lele/watery/chosoko/fevercomb close with tosh? have they ever spoken out about it? if i recall they used to draw/sketch images of lele's rabbit, mishka

No. 11948

File: 1544570385359.png (681.16 KB, 1439x2047, Screenshot_2018-12-11-17-17-39…)

Some new Olias milk from a dead thread on Kiwi Farms.

No. 11949

she's also currently living off her art lmao

No. 11950

File: 1545509463321.png (146.13 KB, 537x624, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 4.59…)

I know this is old, but I just found some old screenshots relating to this user. I wish I capped her entire old about/byf because it was ridiculous (she claimed to have cerebral palsy), but I still have some old shit and selfies.
Starting off with my favorite, the dick cheese story (computerworm was her URL).

No. 11951

File: 1545509509341.png (75.24 KB, 528x659, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 4.59…)

No. 11952

File: 1545509629175.png (47.52 KB, 561x345, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.03…)

Anons about it

No. 11953

File: 1545509664134.png (50.55 KB, 568x360, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.02…)


No. 11954

File: 1545509793140.png (23.75 KB, 566x195, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.03…)


No. 11955

File: 1545509921769.png (170.61 KB, 532x333, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.50…)

Advising people on Benadryl tripping

No. 11956

File: 1545509976566.png (87.03 KB, 540x143, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.48…)

Sperging out when someone told her off about it

No. 11957

File: 1545510078586.png (145.34 KB, 537x287, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.31…)

Her telling someone to kill themselves. I remember capping this because she and her friends got on some other Tumblr user's ass for telling someone to kill themselves. The hypocrisy.

No. 11958

File: 1545510167510.png (67.42 KB, 563x123, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.57…)

Sugar daddy shit

No. 11959

File: 1545510329884.png (75.99 KB, 509x141, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 3.54…)

>Don't save my selfies or screenshot anything, I have a tracker!!

No. 11960

File: 1545510592142.png (426.23 KB, 564x525, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.11…)

She claims to be black, Latina, Asian and white (Russian). She posted old photos of her family members as "proof" (they honestly all just looked like Asians with one maybe half-black, half-Asian woman and two Mestizo-looking women), but I won't post those here since it's technically against the rules.

No. 11961

File: 1545510665567.png (304.96 KB, 498x501, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.39…)

No. 11962

File: 1545510788804.png (278.63 KB, 564x450, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.14…)

No. 11963

File: 1545511189505.png (483.91 KB, 585x653, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.14…)

No. 11964

File: 1545511491183.png (188.09 KB, 981x567, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.0…)

Bonus: Tosh's girlfriend posting in his defense.

No. 11965

Wasn’t she underage for a majority of her tumblr career? Or is she trying to pull the “im underage and a hoe and it’s empowering” shit? If she’s currently at the URL evilfriends then she’s 19 now.

I think one of her previous URLs was mixt.

No. 11966

Ugly Mexican housewife at best lol

No. 11967

Shes cute imo

No. 11968

File: 1546310195891.png (37.9 KB, 728x305, dfhjnbasjdiwkjklsa.PNG)

@lilirenzu finally said something about tosh(it is still pretty vague).

read here: http://archive.vn/xoWWU

for a little backstory: roby used to be johto/rollerdiscoking on tumblr and was close friends with tosh then. they both drew art of each others characters often. back in 2012/2013 she used to draw a lot of the same things tosh did (porn and gore of cute characters).

she definitely tried to distance herself that and him after 2014 and cut him off a few months before his tumblr callout.

No. 11969

File: 1546331950712.png (86.39 KB, 720x730, 20190101_083431.png)

lol. there have been plenty english speaking people who are into those things, most longer than max has been, though every time she comes in contact with another eng speaking person who shares the same interest she gets triggered and harasses them for not being "true fans". it's no surprise she doesn't have that many friends.

No. 11970

Why does she try so hard to seem like such a unique and special person?

No. 11971

I remember her. I dont think she associates with him or his girlfriend anymore after the callout.

No. 11972

I love her art, if she is talking about tosh then I'm on herside and fuck that guy

No. 11973

File: 1546341072414.png (Spoiler Image,49.48 KB, 300x300, 41501676_p0.png)


I'm pretty sure after this all blows over Tosh and Moni are going to keep pretending Max is just a crazy, jealous bitch who hates Tosh because he ignored her and not one of the numerous victims that he, obviously, fucked up. It's sad that no one else is comfortable enough to speak up about him and Max hasn't even scratched the surface of what Tosh has done to her.

Tosh and his crew are so reclusive that it's very hard to find evidence against him especially when only one of his victims speaks up. Max isn't saying anything anymore either… probably because of everything that happened with them this year. From being run off of tumblr multiple times to being in and out of mental hospitals.

I'm glad Roby is coming out of her shell a little about this whole situation. She has been tumblr friends with Tosh since at least 2012. There is no doubt that she has a lot to say about him that is being held back right now(and possibly forever).

Image: Tosh's drawing of Roby's character.

No. 11974

She'd be even cuter if she wasn't a crazy crackheaded tumblr kinnie

No. 11975

File: 1546392877720.png (72.16 KB, 578x483, max5.png)

This was in early 2018. Max300 went on an expensive vacation in Japan and begged for money after splurging on anime figurines, con tickets, concerts, expensive merch, and running out of money, "stranded in a hotel". They tweeted about how their mother hates them enough to leave them for dead, which is apparently what leaving your child on an expensive overseas trip with ridiculous funds and the responsibility of not foolishly spending it all entails. Not a minute later, their grandmother gave them more money, and they tweeted about going to an expensive concert, tickets were several hundred dollars. Don't have screens of that since we were friends and I was in denial about how mad I was about this. I wish I had screenshots of the merch they bought too, hundreds to thousands of dollars worth in just one image, and they wonder why they ran out of money. It's funny how they pretend they're in such bleak financial situation when they blow thousands on Japan trips like this frequently.

No. 11976

KEK Max can't even finance during her own vacation. She needs some sort of impulse control therapy.

No. 11977

do you have any more entertainment from their locked account?

No. 11978

i love her cute green haired oc, this is terrifying tbh…

No. 11979

File: 1546441953233.png (200.49 KB, 1080x757, 20190101_043624.png)

anyone know if kuma/kumato were among toshes cult party group or at least friends with him? They were flighty, deleting every other month before coming back as some new alias. I only remember them sperging about their furry ocs, lashing out at strangers, and talking shit about other artists for the most part… im very curious

No. 11980

the only milk on this person is almost a decade old now. not too relevant any more.

No. 11981

File: 1546618068384.png (4.17 KB, 515x64, famiresu.PNG)

https://famiresu.tumblr.com/ max's new blog

still as cringey as ever over kin garbage

No. 11982

holy shit why is she so obsessed with tosh? it's so unhealthy. if he legitimately abused her, she should stop thinking about him all the time or at least posting about him, it'll stop her paranoia.

No. 11983

File: 1546646198540.png (134.58 KB, 398x319, meme.PNG)

No. 11984

they’re nho_nyo on twitter now and they’re still as flighty as they’ve always been honestly.
I think their attitude has chilled out now but basically they still mass delete often and only talk about their furry ocs which is consistent I guess lol
if they are shit talking they probably just keep it on a locked account now but i remember them being terrible to literally anyone who supported or talked to them and they gatekept a lot kinda like how max does.
If I remember though they definitely were in that same art circle that tosh was in but I don’t remember them ever personally interacting maybe they were just mutuals

No. 11985

this person is an adult. holy shit

No. 11986

Holy shit i used to love her work but christ was she nasty. I remember shed reblog random positive posts from people and tell them to die. She would suicide bait a lot too followed by her mass deletions. Glad to see shes doing better though

No. 11987

does anyone have tosh's youtube?

No. 11988

No. 11989

No. 11990

max300's deviantart account. and redribbonblackmew is their friend

No. 11991

not entirely related but mely/1338904 has used the catchoulimeowledge moniker and so did tosh. (his youtube acc linked above)

with a search of 'mohimesama' i found a mal user by that name

and that is linked to their tumblr

No. 11992

>you want to know what is creepy? stalking me archiving my posts on tumblr archive.li/rinipan.tumblr.com@ , DA archive.is/nurse-zukin.deviant…@ , and ect. for over a year .
I checked this out, did some more searching and noticed Max has a creepy habit of archiving people's Tumblr posts that have anything at all to do with Digital Witch Mayura.
There's probably more blogs, some of which may have long since been deleted (much like rinipan). What does she gain from this?

No. 11993

Max is so fucking delusional. Doesn't she think she created the character or something like that?
Is she gonna go Yaniv on these guys in the future and take down every post so she can be the only one to talk about Mayura?

No. 11994

ew mely is so fucked up

No. 11995

File: 1548327898176.png (45.24 KB, 651x276, m0.png)

She's "kin" with Mayura, which basically means that she likes to pretend she is this character. This leads to her acting out in certain ways, like feeling like her identity and interests are being "stolen" if anyone else dares to "kin" as Mayura, or if they even express an interest that gets too close for her comfort.

Pic related, her sperging out at a 16 year old for "kinning" Mayura and a DDR character (lmao). Seems her tantrum and obsessive behavior targeted at the other minor isn't a one-off. It's funny, because she posts shit like >>11969, as if she doesn't reeee at anybody who likes those things, most likely because it makes her feel like she's not a special snowflake anymore.

I don't know why she feels entitled to gatekeeping, considering she doesn't own this character, didn't create any of the original content associated with it, and no one ever uses or steals her trash-tier fan art of it.

No. 11996

No. 11997

Just as I thought, Max went full vendetta stalker on this one too. Looks like she was stockpiling any and all "problematic" posts in hopes of writing one of those retarded "[x] is an abuser who posts CP (aka hentai)!!" callouts to "cancel" them.

No. 11998

File: 1548450874671.png (86.62 KB, 479x163, fucking.PNG)

Max/Campanella is so fucking weird. Why does she bully kids all the time?

No. 32400


doesn't amy change blogs like every two weeks because of some drama or whatever?

No. 32659

I wouldn’t doubt it, she’s moved again. Does anyone have any dirt on her?

No. 32926


What's her most recent url? and the only thing I have is when she intentionally started stealing some randos gifs but that's something all of these look-a-like blogs do

No. 32932

I tried doing some digging but I'm pretty sure whoever owns the determine url isnt Amy. However the current owner is tagging someone else named Amy (scourgetail) the milk may be dry with this one

No. 33678

File: 1550120981906.png (134.75 KB, 1960x268, Screenshot 2019-02-14.png)

I found minipete on /r9k/.

No. 33679

File: 1550121013475.jpg (1.04 MB, 3273x2361, 1550103229861.jpg)

The drawing, for anyone who wanted a closer look.

No. 33680

File: 1550122002613.png (4.64 MB, 1440x2623, Screenshot_2019-02-13-23-21-07…)

I found Max's Instagram. She follows a ton of cows like Venus, Kiki, Pixie, and Natchan.

No. 33706

Are you positive thats minipete? This art looks nowhere near his/hers.

No. 33708

doesn't look like minipete at all

No. 33760

Has anyone entertained the idea that max/campanella is a troon? I remember following “her” deviantart forever ago (jellyjuice or something like that) and mentioning crossplay and using the women’s bathroom while in a Remilia Scarlet cosplay.

No. 33762

She's a girl. She wants to be called he and they. She gets triggered when we call her a girl on here.

No. 33804

File: 1550198414446.jpeg (503.86 KB, 750x996, 02241621-550D-4E84-923A-8DAF43…)

No. 34987

File: 1550244235511.png (171.13 KB, 1440x858, Screenshot_2019-02-15-09-20-38…)

>Stealing my icon
>Trying to impersonate me
Literally where? Even in Max's bio she admits she's using fanart. And her icon is flipped with a filter over it KEK
the Twitter user isn't even trying to use her name. Is she trying to tweet as Mayura?

No. 35001

In her eyes, anything to do with Mayura is copyrighted by her. All fan art actually has to do with her, because she's the only non-Japanese person to ever know about this character on earth. Anyone who likes the character or takes interest, but doesn't shower her with adoration is a skinwalker/stalker who is actually stealing from her.
Conversely, anybody who avoids this particular woman and her madness isn't a "real" fan, and is just pretending for the aesthetic. It's either you worship, obsess and stalk her, because she is Mayura, or you are a fake fan. Either way, she must be at the center somewhere, or she'll be mad.

No. 35007

>stealing my photos
After perusing the photos in >>33680, I strongly doubt anybody is looking to catfish as this specific individual.

No. 35027

She's really homely looking, I'm not surprised she's friends with Hissy70s. Both are delusional thinking people want to be them.

No. 36122

looks like she’s selling merchandise of that mayura fanart along with some other stuff that doesn’t belong to her.


No. 36123

scourgetail is amy. her abandoned blog is remadetrolol, where im sure a majority of drama is.

No. 36199

Oh, lol, that's mine. I can attest I'm a literally who, not minipete

No. 36295

did she seriously cut herself over that? talk about being pathetic. it's hard to believe this person is an adult.

No. 36319

Cut?? I thought that was paint. If she is really cutting a design from an anime mascot on herself she’s reached a new level of possessiveness.

Btw is she living in Japan now or something? It’s hard to believe she can even sustain herself outside of government subsidization or her parents house.

No. 36393


Looks like self harm to me.

No. 36671

looks like strawberry jam to me, but it's underestimating max to believe she wouldn't actually cut herself over something so childish and retarded. sometimes i need to remind myself this is a grown ass woman who fights children on the internet about who gets to be whatever anime character she believes she is.

No. 36715

File: 1550639149104.jpeg (86.48 KB, 1000x1000, F24C342F-9754-4AA3-A3C4-2E915C…)


No. 36950

File: 1550756460742.jpeg (587.61 KB, 1242x1108, 85586CF0-CA79-4AD7-B86D-D70367…)

she has self harm marks all over her arms in most of her pictures exposing her arms so its safe to say she probably is that batshit crazy
she is the same person who dedicates all her time to collecting every piece of physical and digital media pertaining to some obscure japanese character and also collecting other japanese trash. Tosh may be a horrible person but I still think it’s funny he called max a hoarder since it’s totally believable considering the type of person she is

No. 36959

File: 1550758623500.jpeg (415.93 KB, 1536x2048, 03088DCD-9499-4A74-8C6D-CE12EC…)

look at all that garbage in the corner. if max can’t go to a hotel room without trashing it then yes, it should be a given she’s a slob.

No. 36966

that's disgusting. the poor cleaning crew. Usually considerate people take out their own garbage or ask for a bag in the lobby if it's gonna pile up like that.

No. 36986

maxs neocities idea was taken from me. i originally uploaded the site on neocities a full month before she did. she archived it too!
for somone who goes around accusing people for stealing there OrIgInAL conTeNt the only ‘idea’ theyve ever had is MAYURA SMOKES A WEED Xd

No. 37034

max looks like she's pregnant in every photo she takes. also, what the fuck is up with that shitty boku no pico haircut.

No. 37974

It’s probably because she slouches so badly. Honestly, if I didn’t know max was a girl, I would have assumed she was actually a man. She dresses in that distinct troony way that’s always prevalent within tumblr. Also I’m pretty sure that haircut is supposed to be the same as Urotsuki’s, from Yume 2kki. It just looks like shite from a botched dye job and Max’s refusal to brush her hair. This thread is running dry and I don’t want it to thrive only upon bitching over some slobs looks

No. 37981

File: 1551285103292.png (112.94 KB, 1142x706, o.png)

>This thread is running dry.
No worries, anon. I've been watching things pan out, and a little bit of shit has gone down.
Mainly, Max keeps on sperging out at people (in this case, the user 65kogasa) for liking Mayura.

No. 37983

File: 1551285224968.png (88.53 KB, 1134x452, o.png)

No. 37985

File: 1551285448430.png (1.33 MB, 1128x1276, o.png)

Couldn't screencap this whole post at once. I did make an archive link:
Forgot to add that 65kogasa is the same person Max cut herself over in

No. 37986

File: 1551285483310.png (890.77 KB, 1128x1390, o.png)

No. 37987

File: 1551285552447.png (127.19 KB, 1112x848, o.png)

No. 37988

File: 1551285921078.png (131.61 KB, 1116x760, goth.png)

This prompted a callout post from Tumblr user gothsailor detailing Max's stalking and lolicon obsession. Most of it is shit we've seen before and discussed in this thread, while the rest is examples of lolicon from her IG, Tumblr blog and figurine collection site, so I didn't bother capping it all. Archive and permalink here:

No. 37989

File: 1551286063928.png (2.3 MB, 1802x1382, o.png)

More on Max and lolicon soon, by the way.
Kei/65kogasa responded to the photo theft accusations.

No. 37990

File: 1551286106999.png (1.4 MB, 1090x1420, o.png)

No. 37991

File: 1551286333760.png (47.13 KB, 1130x340, o.png)

Max responded to the heat by deleting her smear attempt on the person she stalked, changing her URL to net-idol, and then saying this much.

No. 37992

File: 1551286486674.png (34.6 KB, 1130x296, o.png)

>i have like…actual interests
If getting into drama over software mascots and rhythm games, kinning on Tumblr, and drinking/smoking are interests, I guess.

No. 37995

File: 1551286670897.png (299.15 KB, 1126x1160, 0.png)

And here is Max claiming to be triggered by lolicon.
That's about to look real funny in a second, and not just because of the softcore stuff highlighted in >>37988.

No. 37996

File: 1551286854234.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1938x1122, o.png)

Her old blog was jellyjuice. She used to have an entire tag dedicated to degenerate NSFW shit, including (but not limited to) lolicon.

No. 38000

File: 1551287360771.png (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 1978x1356, o.png)

No. 38001

File: 1551287474574.png (Spoiler Image,167.88 KB, 1070x1038, o.png)

She tagged these drawings by Tosh as "fav".

No. 38003

File: 1551289299592.png (582.88 KB, 1050x344, 78.png)

And apparently, Max faked being a transwoman. I guess that shit about the women's bathroom and being "not even legally female" was more of that BS. This was posted because Max's URL was "nijiuramaid", in case anyone was wondering. She's obsessed with Yakui, and possibly copying this person.

No. 38031

>characters that are 18+
>images as tame as wet clothing and bending over without panties showing

Anon… I don't doubt Max is batshit insane and probably a pedo but this is some weak Tumblr tier reciepts.

No. 38040

I didn't make the callout post, and I didn't bother screencapping it since it's pretty tame, but I did post >>37996 which is very blatantly actual lolicon, lmao.
It was just happening along with everything else, so I threw it in.

No. 38087

File: 1551325142391.png (10.78 MB, 1668x2224, 29B611BA-35CA-4DBC-B780-3BACE7…)

I would agree but there’s literally no reason to own a moetan figure if you’re obsessed with being mad at people for “”liking lolicon””, I get a wiki will tell you she’s 17 but there are way too many Baby Shit indicator, it’s literally just blatantly lolicon

No. 38097

File: 1551329530342.png (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 750x1099, 982BFA0E-0D7C-4E2B-AB54-AA4442…)

No. 38098

Animecore/webcore blogs have such a bad habit of screeching about muh lolicon but actually like it themselves. Their inconsistency is annoying more than the potential that they might like lolis, in my opinion. All these callout posts just to end up a hypocrite, no one outside of the animecore community on tumblr even gives a fuck.


No. 38100

File: 1551331048922.png (Spoiler Image,59.66 KB, 167x256, d137f2aeafdac1e9b1344bb958c4ac…)

LC doesn't like lolicon. It's also just funny that Max claims to be "triggered by lolicon" and tries to start witch hunts on minors to the point where she archives shit from their blogs in hopes and using it against them later, but she collects and saves it herself to whack off to.
Like, when you're at the point where you physically own this shit, there's no defending your bullshit anymore. Just take the L and go.
>announcing sage
You're literally supposed to sage if you're not offering milk, anon.

No. 38102

Uuh I didn't say anything about LC?
Just an observation on the community as a whole.
and yeah I also saged the post itself, calm down.

No. 38103

You just sound very new.

No. 38152

File: 1551361983807.png (96.18 KB, 1124x414, _.png)

Is that why you collect lolicon doujinshi, reblog lolicon hentai, and have purchased figurines, dakis, etc? Better report yourself to the police, too, sis.

No. 38160

>Literally TRIGGERED by lolicon
>Owns literal lolishit
Max, we all know you like to check this website and are obsessed with interacting with other cows featured on this website. Why are you trying so hard to act like you're not a fucking cow and a lot of the shit you own is opposite to what you preach?

No. 38209

i remember 1338904 throwing a shitfit on tumblr a few years ago because of minors not wanting adults interacting with them and being 'vilified' on there (a website full of young teenagers), which struck me as very strange like who the fuck gets so offended over someone else's personal boundaries?? really begs the question why they wanted to interact with kids so badly

No. 38246

there's a lot of milk to be found with 1338904/mely….. unfortunately they left the internet some time in 2017.
seems like most people have had conflict with her at some point though.

No. 38311

i think that's shopping, not trash, considering how much she bought in akihabara and elsewhere

No. 39418

i remember them. they messaged me years back when i was a minor asking if it was ok that they talk to me despite them being an adult. looking back at it now it's creepy, didn't think they had a past of specifically talking to minors.

No. 40015

did max used to go by luna at one point?

when i was 15/16 (im 21 now, so it was a long time ago) i was really close w a tumblr user named luna and i swear to god near the end of our friendship they changed their url to jellyjuice. face looks similar too but can't really tell if same person bc they were skinny as hell and max is pretty porky (now?)

No. 40024

one of her friends is named luna.

No. 40068

File: 1552668261209.jpeg (23.57 KB, 720x644, received_454455315092980.jpeg)

nah i investigated thru my old tumblr messages and it's definitely the same person, they went by luna > julian(around the same time new leaf came out) > campanella

i was wondering recently what happened with them & honestly pretty sad to see they turned out this way, they haven't matured a bit. like back then they were into the same weird shit but it was less funky because they were an actual child, but they also didn't act fucking insane back then.

>>38100 also they DEF were big into shota/lolicon shit confirmed, i had their private at one point and it was 99% shota porn 1% furries, but it's fucking weird that they're still into it considering they're an adult now?
>>11729 max confirmed lives in australia, i used to skype with them and they had an accent + i mailed them a letter once

sorry image ain't anything interesting there wasn't a lot in my inbox from back then, ill try to figure out my old skype login and see if there's any milk in there

No. 40148

Find anything on Skype, anon?

No. 40626

i couldn't get into my old account :-\

No. 40691

File: 1553133000667.png (2.81 MB, 2842x1458, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 6.48…)

Saging for noncontribution just in case, but could this be the Mely that >>11991 >>11994 >>38246 are referring to?

No. 40692

oh my god i forgot to sage. i'm a fag i'm sorry

No. 41792

Found this thread through searching for something related to Tosh's old art (was a fan before the drama ensued) and I recognize Max. They went by Campanella at the time (late 2013/early 2014,) were in a petplay/DDLG type of relationship, and I recall them getting some slack for accusing some 13/14 year old on DeviantArt of faking autism. I believe later on they tried to ~call someone out~ for copying Tosh's art style, defending him. Their ability to switch up for attention is clear.

No. 42062

I'm positive that's her.

No. 42962

File: 1554390201697.jpeg (77.86 KB, 486x750, 2B8E37D0-D7B4-4E6E-AAED-D6887F…)


Personally I started seeing her on tumblr around 2014-2015. She’s not that hard to find since she jumps on every incident of drama she comes across or is tipped off to. She’s not very good at making herself seem subtle at all since she has a huge friend group. Izaya has been doing this for years so it’s obvious she has clinical issues with her self worth and image since she resorts to bullying people all the time. She’s so painfully oblivious to her own problems since she’s been using drugs and pandering to old gross pedophiles through sugaring. I wish people would stop giving her attention and out her seriously as a serial bully so she’d stop showing up on my dashboard and fade into irrelevance. I came across something that looks suspiciously like her doxx from an ex friend or whatever.

Pic is izaya I believe but correct me if I’m wrong

No. 43399

No. 43796

Yeah, that's Izaya. She has a history of what she calls "scamming" people when what she really means is catfishing adults, using sexual language/content of herself such as in that example. She's been doing this since she was a legal minor in the US which I find funny considering she now calls random Tumblr users pedophiles and tells them to kill themselves every week or so.

Also, more as a side note and not trying to start anything - she puts so many effects and filters on the selfies she uploads to Tumblr to appear more black/latino/whatever she claims to be, as opposed to selfies she shows anywhere else where she looks extremely white-passing. She's got like seven different skin tones, lol.

No. 43869

File: 1555078983440.png (21.08 KB, 410x507, about1.PNG)

the pic used to be izaya's "before you follow" page a while ago

No. 43875

wtf who is bragging about being addicted to benadryl of all things?

No. 43896

i have so much milk about izaya because i’ve been following her since 2016 and i’m so fucking sure she’s literally mentally unstable. she’s the first one to call everyone and their dog out when something problematic happens and gets into drama that’s none of her business but then acts like she’s never done anything problematic in her life.
and all her friend circle are just a bunch of edgy quirky XD teens who are all trans, mentally ill, disabled, drug addicts and nonwhite (despite looking white as fuck) and of course love to be woke and threaten anyone who doesn’t agree with them online but cannot even ask the cashier at mcdonalds for extra ketchup because #PanicAttack uwu
she used to date this another fakeboi called tate/loki back in january (who kinned tate from american horror story aka a rapist and when people asked her why she pulled the “trauma“ card out LOL) and they ended up breaking up because tate was saying slurs her ass cannot reclaim and got exposed for saying the n word even though she’s nothing but white and shortly after getting exposed the tate person suddenly claimed to be like.. 1/6 black and that izaya abused her etc etc
what’s so fucked up is that before breaking up with that person, izaya made people donate to tate because they wanted to meet each other and as soon as they raised like .. $1k together tate suddenly cancelled the trip and fucked off forever and is most likely using the money for herself or selling drugs to minors because her ass got exposed for selling xanax to an underage person too
tate also claims that the holocaust never happened, is obsessed with nazism and has pictures of her doing the nazi salute and for some reason everyone was fine with it when she was dating izaya but as soon as they break up, people suddenly are at her throat for being like that
that tate person herself has so much milk too these two are just literally borderline insane and nasty, a perfect match for each other

No. 43906

File: 1555106684203.jpg (908.44 KB, 1000x1624, dairy farm.jpg)


Please share anon. My record keeping skills are such shit. If you share screencaps and misc milk youre godsend.

Here are just some screens i put together of izaya saying degenerate shit but i cant put a date on any of these, ft a selfie that looks suspiciously try-hard asian.

Unrelated but around the tate/logan drama izaya was known for singling out another druggie rapist cow, grayson. Graysons previous urls have been hueno/insectoid3000 and sluuuuuug and currently is at flesh.tumblr.com so if any of you guys have milk let loose. Im really regretting not documenting more if this bs

They think that abusing drugs is a one way ticket to solving their problems. People will rail any pill they can get their hands on at this point. In a closed environment like tumblr anything can become pervasive.

No. 43984

For real. I was addicted to benadryl to just nod out and stop eating and it was horrid, I was a rock, the hallucinations were terrible, shadow figures, my mom screaming at me, when I was off it I was trembling and sick. They specifically enabled my addiction and told me about dosage levels and shit, their glamorisations of it made my addict brain think it was funny and trendy. Fuck them.(Blog)

No. 44202

If you have milk, please share, rather than dangling it in front of us. Not trying to police anyone I just don't like Izaya either so I'm interested to hear more. I've seen a couple of her Tumblr ex-friends get "inspired" to pick up whatever substance addiction she had and I'd like to hear their views since they were part of the cult basically.

No. 44272

File: 1555428674581.png (1.69 MB, 2582x1568, lolol.png)

everything i know about izaya is that she used to call everyone retarded on tumblr because she was autistic as a joke and said that she could claim it even though people were hella uncomfortable with it. also back then people on tumblr went on long arguments about protecting children and minors from adults on that hellsite and then said nothing when users like izaya were around with mostly minors in her friend circle and encouraged people into drug addiction, promoted "sex work" to her younger followers, doxxed and harassed people (the only good thing izaya's done so far are call out legit pedos and abusers that's it, but nowadays she calls everyone a pedophile/abuser)

all her past urls i can remember are izayaorihamha, computerworm, scammer, evilfriends, antichrist and now watershipdown

tate aka brockhampton, michaelmyers, invasion is literally the epitome of a joke. she has such a long story with racefaking and being a racist piece of shit. she had a breakdown because she got exposed for saying the n word and then came back later, saying that she found out she's half black so she can reclaim it now when she's literally white. when tate was dating izaya, they got pretty close and izaya opened up over her anorexia and when they broke up, tate suddenly claimed to be also anorexic and the same weight as izaya which is fucking 38kg/83lbs. here's also some other shit tate has done:

>says she's a ritual abuse survivor and has trauma related to cults, but asked izaya to introduce her to satanism and when tate described her cult, nothing made sense

>said that she was positive she was adopted because she's never seen her birth certificate before for cool tragic backstory points
>changes her trauma story over and over every time she's called out for anything
>claims to be poor but has a boat and a pool and lives in a normal neighborhood
>claims to have gone to a japanese school while saying she's chinese and knowing barely any japanese
>constantly squints in her selfies and takes them in a dark lit room to appear more "asian"
>claimed to have a fetal alcohol syndrome, androgen insensitivity syndrome, klinefelter syndrome (and messaged people who actually have it to steal their experiences and claim it as hers) only to drop it months later because "no longer cool"
>endless mental illnesses
>pretended to be a trans woman despite being a cis female
>makes a competition out of everything, told izaya that her trauma is fake and she's more mentally ill than her etc and also said izaya abused her when she's the one who told izaya she's more into "unhealthy relationships" than "normal" ones
>is apparently white russian (saami) + kyrgyz on her mom's side and malay-chinese & afroindigenous(egyptian, tanzanian, whadjuk aborigine) on her father's side but looks like fucking trailer park white trash
>loves to call people slurs and is into nazism because #edgy
>spammed izaya that her mother was molesting her when they were speaking and when izaya kept giving her short replies (because izaya claims to be a csa victim herself and might've been triggered by that) tate got mad and threw a fit
>i think she also claimed to be associated with the fucking yakuza and having to kill a child for them

No. 44274

Honestly, Izaya and all of her friends and exes deserve a thread of their own, considering her long-time known presence on Tumblr and the fact that she's not really part of the animecore / early web scene so much. Unless there's already a thread for general white edgy Tumblr teens like this?

No. 44288

Old milk, but does anyone remember Yandere Bitch Club? They really did start ALL of this.

No. 44294

Already been mentioned, read up in the thread anon. YBC is old milk since it’s long been dissolved. I found this through a google search calling out one of the members. https://archive.is/MYpVu

Was max ever involved in YBC? I thought I saw a post a while ago mentioning she might was the one who stuck the baby doll between her legs.
I agree, there are some long dead ones like that trauma blogger or multiple system threads. To kick off any potential new thread id suggest just adding milk from here to the starting post. Just a plain new one for YBC type cows is probably better and more organized than being weaved into this one. Some suggested cows are just Izaya and Tate, but I finally found something substantial against Grayson, http://archive.is/uT1kW (note: grayson isnt actually dead)
And old news about Jaibo, who was dating Seiko, both of who are mentioned earlier here http://archive.is/eddsB

See why we need a new thread? Shits confusing among the Max milk.

No. 44311

I'm currently working a new, more organized thread for this topic, and would really appreciate if someone could post up-to-date social media links for the people mentioned here most often. A lot of the social media profiles of these people are deleted or abandoned.

No. 44319

>New, more organized
We already did this shit twice already. Stop making new threads if we still have dozens of posts left until it autosages. This is an imageboard not a wiki ffs

No. 44328

File: 1555496801289.jpeg (85.71 KB, 720x871, 36005DB4-3D24-4F39-B03C-7AF833…)

Izaya: watershipdown.tumblr.com
Tate: michealmeyers.tumblr.com
Grayson (goes by lee now apparently): flesh.tumblr.com
Jaibo: jaibo.tumblr.com blog is pretty much scrubbed of milk but check archive.is

No. 44335

Does anyone know who Jordan/Iseul is? He got called out months ago for reblogging cp, cp gore, pedophiliac anime stuff, bragged about being an actual cis male on tumblr, nazism and for tagging his 16 year old trans brother (he also claims to live with) in incest stuff despite him being 28 years old himself and also making playlists for that brother, titled ”My brother is the prettiest boy in the block“ and ”Kid with an adult boyfriend“ filled to the brim with love songs and also dedicated playlists to him tagged with abuse and named it “Disgusting, right?“. He has an entire tag dedicated to that brother called “spaztard“. His blog is vampirizing.tumblr.com

No. 44344

I remember the YBC, there was one specific member of this who actually tortured and killed wild animals along with abusing her pet guinea pigs by throwing them high into the air and presumably landing on the floor. It was disgusting and I hope these kids got the help they needed.

No. 44362

My only experience with Izaya is her continued harassment of this young white weeb named Medchild or mintyhime or magicalmeds. She did weeb makeup and liked the menhera style and Izaya and her friends harassed her endlessly for “yellowface” and appropriating asian culture or whatever, one of Izaya’s goons saw minty IRL at a con and recorded themselves going up to her and saying “are you that bitch from tumblr?” and another recorded their conversation with Minty’s employer Spirit Halloween to report her for “pedophillia” (read: posting a manga scan on her Instagram)

What’s fucked up is I think Minty ended up becoming friends with Izaya, maybe even dating her, but it’s hard to tell because everything Izaya does is buried in fifty layers of irony, slurs and outdated 4chan humor.

Izaya has built up a tumblr following full of some of the militant pro-black users and I’m surprised they let her go about screaming the n-word while herself looking completely asian and not black at all

Tumblr link for the recorded call to spirit halloween: https://fatherish.tumblr.com/post/166221875834/dont-be-scum-or-ill-make-sure-you-have-nowhere-to

No. 44384

God, I remember this. Minty did nothing but use japanese-esque filters and shit and they acted like she was saying she was Japanese.

No. 44413

oh my god,that was her? i remember seeing a video of that and i think she was in a kanna cosplay with like no context

No. 44414

File: 1555607374814.jpeg (253.47 KB, 1125x1263, D7D47ACC-385D-4572-8DAA-20E091…)

No. 44417

File: 1555611461557.jpeg (67.65 KB, 338x600, 340FB92C-7059-4863-9610-D3A612…)

Check the notes on that thing. There’s even a callout blog for minty and a ton of the posts are reblogged from evilfriends. Minty even mentions the Benadryl gang in a screenshot taken of her instagram. Izaya literally cannot help herself when she sees drama.

What makes you think izaya dated her? Also, didn’t minty offer to fill the gas tank of her friends car after an anime convention to make a trip over to Izayas apartment to fight her or her mom? Keep in mind both minty and Izaya live in the same area.

No. 44433

NAYRT but I followed Izaya and co. for a while and she made posts about her and Minty dating. They even met up and posted selfies together (in a Hot Topic change room, iirc, classy). It could've all been joke because it was so short lived though

No. 44517

do you have their old urls, or any of the callout posts?

No. 44537

No. 44583

Izaya rbed his callout before, but the blog who wrote it got deleted for some reason so this is the only way you can read it


No. 44814

sage but what does izaya and co. have anything to do with "animecore and early web communities"? this is just crackheaded kinnie shit and should belong in a different thread or it's own thread imho(sage)

No. 46253

accidently found max's pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2744453

No. 46569

There's nothing particularly interesting here tbh

No. 46741

Max’s new URL idk if this also classifies as milk but she also runs the digitalwitchmayura blog on tumblr

No. 47369

Years old milk but I distinctly remember Seiko talking about how she was a sex worker at one point, namely fucking some 20-something abuser and how theyd buy her gifts and give her money for sex. Some anon was going to report her to the FBI for prostitution and Seiko was literally begging for them to not do anything but im not sure if that ever amounted to anything.

I waited to reply to anon since this thread is fucking dead but had so much potential moving onto the izaya saga. This is why we were pushing for a new thread because it was moving beyond the animecore scope.

Ive never heard of this user before but $2 says its just some mentally ill up 16 year old who has an irl brother but thinks making jokes about them is funny. Or this could be another miel/towacity situation, where two friends roleplay some extremely fucked up relationship for lulz and shock value or make up fake personas/alters.

Did this anon ever come through or am i just blind?

No. 48018

Nah that anon still hasn’t done anything

No. 48223

File: 1558275480060.jpeg (166.85 KB, 736x483, 45DC7B29-751E-4C06-A3AB-879E54…)

nice projecting

No. 50552

File: 1558703242416.png (2.21 MB, 1075x1854, Screenshot_20190524-080104(1).…)

Max changed her Instagram name to yakuisan. Also really funny how hypocritical she is about Loli shit. A few of the hashtags she follows are based around schoolgirl uniforms such as zettairyouiki and ミニスカ(miniskirt). Also has a crossdressing fetish, but it's not as surprising.

No. 50597

shit, i know that michealmeyers person. they chased a friend of mine off the site for something stupid. weren't they also friends with someone called bess who used to go by merril?

No. 52363

File: 1559813666066.png (3.56 MB, 2340x2660, traumatized.png)

I've been meaning to post this, but got sidetracked.
Btw, the images shown aren't even all the loli/shota/guro content this person has bookmarked.
A whole-ass hypocrite.

No. 52364

File: 1559814549814.png (65.96 KB, 1168x220, Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 10.25…)

Cherry on top, lmao.

No. 52365

File: 1559815066307.png (1.4 MB, 1964x1364, p--.png)

Isn't possession of lolicon illegal in a lot of countries, especially Australia? Better hope the police don't start looking into her, too.

No. 52378

it's funny how all she literally does is throw fits over lolicon this lolicon that but does a horrible job at hiding her own jerk folder which is filled to the brim with that kinda stuff

smells like a huuuuuuge hypocrite in here

No. 52495

They must have really polished their bookmarks if that’s the worst of what you could find. Followed them on tumblr a few years back and stumbled across their pixiv only to find toddler piss porn, extreme child guro and animal porn.

Bailed and blocked pretty fast but that only counted the first couple of pages. Can only say that this is extremely tame in comparison.

No. 53161

Do anyone of you know kiriekagarino? She goes by that on tumblr and twitter, basically worships loli characters out of attraction, does shitty ''lewds", and loudly talk about her fetishes.

She's one of the more popular in the animecore, most anime loli girl posts with a cutesy pink aesthetic is sourced by her.

No. 53165

I know of her, she has had a really nasty attitude when it comes to "claiming" characters, but acts normal and innocent when entering a series or fandom
It's been years so who knows if she's changed since.

No. 53225

She is. Her waifu is from literally a porn game and she's beyond obsessed and gets bitchy whenever someone says they like her. She's obsessed with being the 'top fan'. she also publicly tweets nsfw pictures of her child porn merch

No. 53233

File: 1560279881971.jpeg (Spoiler Image,192.3 KB, 727x959, B91FB6C1-64CF-4618-BD5E-3ABD8D…)

Forgot the pic. Spoilered for safety but there's no nudity.

No. 53669

She acts like a huge cunt, awkward when you're a 30+ year old women catfishing with lewd cosplays of the most basic tier entry level characters from whatever franchise she gets into, which makes her being so uptight about anyone liking the same girls comedic.

No. 55422

I never personally talked to him but knew a lot of people that did. I liked his art back then but suspected he was a piece of shit after a while, especially after he'd draw gore of my friend's characters. The only relevant person I was closest to was olias, with whom I gradually lost contact after 2011.

and yeah, definitely not proud of my teenage self. learned a hard lesson after that period of time

No. 59565

Anyone know Max's current tumblr URL?

No. 59566

No. 59587

Late as fuck but max is not the babydoll dick person from YBC, that would be nyx/kitsu who was the ringleader of the whole YBC operation.

also, nyx's old blog even after being hijacked and called out is still here: https://senjougahara13-blog.tumblr.com/ lots of milk about what happened but not everything.

One thing i remember was one of the crazy YBC bitches shion used to threaten people that she would go wake up her grandpa and he would rape her if they didn't do what she said/said something they disagreed with. Then all the YBC girls/their friends would gang up on that person and blame them that shion got raped lmfao. they were all real pieces of work.

curious if anyone knows where any of these girls went, i've seen people mention satoko on gaia/deviantart before but im really curious about nyx, shion, and seiko as they were all psychos and provided me with endless entertainment in my tumblr years

No. 60150

Anybody have any recent milk on Emma/hissy1970s? I'm curious to know if she's still trying to beg for rent after frivolously spending money buying rare Tamagotchi and other unnecessary shit.

No. 60292

Seems like she’s stopped using most social media aside from her art twitter and instagram.

No. 60529

I looked at her boyfriend's Twitter and it looks like they go out to bars a lot. Also I peeked at her art Twitter and every couple weeks she makes one or two tweets talking about needing money "urgently".

No. 60753

File: 1564708278595.png (963.94 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2019-08-01-21-09-36.p…)

Max is in the hospital again. Idk what she gets out of posting about her crippling anxiety and waking up in her own shit and blood

No. 60757

File: 1564708566212.png (1.11 MB, 720x1193, Capture _2019-07-29-15-00-52.p…)

Sage for double post but this was what I was talking about

No. 61300

Someone made a thread for this selfposting cow >>60883

No. 63894

File: 1566582335704.jpg (597.34 KB, 1373x940, asdf.jpg)

Shes still at it… The user went private after she harassed them. Third screenshot is there because its funny.

No. 63902

File: 1566586548323.jpg (223.35 KB, 1079x1079, EBTFWDlUIAAVQED.jpg)

Its real, pic of scar. Cant she afford a tattoo like a normal adult? Good luck getting a job anywhere with that shit, hope it was worth the twitter attention

No. 64051

No. 64062

She's always had this weird thing with trying to ambiguously pass herself off as being born with a penis / being an AMAB trans person. I think she believes people have forgotten about her 2011-2014 Tumblr posts where she literally talked about being a cisgender woman who's "not like other girls" and her vagina.

No. 64132

File: 1566732748363.png (101.25 KB, 724x705, ApplicationFrameHost_EVmIP97Nr…)

I think she believes people forgot about all her history, and covers it up by writing callouts left and right for people in the dance game community that she has no association with because she doesnt even play the fucking games. Its making us look bad

No. 64226

Never thought I'd see dance game drama on fucking lolcow of all places

No. 64229

>cystic acne ass stinking out the round one
is she trying to be humorous? she can't even callout someone without being half serious. it just shows she's desperate for attention.

No. 64241

File: 1566784574570.png (72.04 KB, 626x769, ApplicationFrameHost_KrsXfoF0A…)

It got worse….

No. 64242

File: 1566785041859.png (122.02 KB, 628x878, ApplicationFrameHost_Pnvl90RRF…)

She wont leave this poor girl alone and Im just watching this all enfold on my timeline like jesus fucking christ

No. 64272

File: 1566798603916.png (39.45 KB, 683x156, Screenshot_20190826-005013(1).…)

I'm sorry but this fucking tweet has me rolling

No. 64317

>>64272 I'm not sure what you're getting at it's a pretty severe problem

No. 64330

>>64317 it's mostly people claiming people raped them on twitter with little to no evidence, that's the majority of the communities "rape" stuff.
so just twitter retards being retards basically.

No. 64337

Dude they're talking about has been banned from several events in the music game community, also (actually somewhat well adjusted) people in said community are actually talking about it, not just Max and co.

No. 64341

>>64337 oh I know that, Matt is a pos lmao, just talking in general though with rhythm gaming twitter

No. 64368

I'm not in the rhythm game community so I just thought it was an absurd statement, how playing DDR or some shit can actually excuse someone from being condemned.

No. 64529

Bigger issue and more common than you'd think. People are just starting to crack down on it

max is still insane though

No. 64541

File: 1566897088365.png (90.14 KB, 675x512, ApplicationFrameHost_PCrAG56ca…)

It is. Rape is bad, duh, but shes unhealthily obsessed with it. Its making us look bad.

'The oldschool american scene', Bitch you live in Australia. Who and what the fuck are you talking about. You dont know any of these people.

No. 64546

File: 1566898651004.jpg (379.45 KB, 1047x656, ApplicationFrameHost_AFMacqKxn…)

No comment

No. 64655

Okay so this Matt guy is a rapist, but the way shes' talking about him sounds like she's jealous he's getting more attention than her.
If she ever tries to convince a judge someone committed a crime and she were the only witness, it would not go well.

No. 64668

She's way protective of the girl Matt raped but I wouldn't doubt for a second she's blowing up this bad just for her own attention. She's an embarrassment and I feel bad for her friend tbh

No. 64880

No. 65171

No. 65173

File: 1567393178981.png (806.42 KB, 726x730, Capture.PNG)

at least post caps

No. 65204

No. 65234

File: 1567463952186.webm (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 640x640, media.io_UxdmrusnIyfLgiul.webm)

max300 cosplay vape

No. 65235

No. 65238

None of this is milk, stop selfposting

No. 65247

File: 1567467434001.png (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 720x1193, Capture _2019-08-27-19-49-58.p…)

Anybody that isnt checking max's IG stories is missing out. At least Max doesnt fake her mental shit but latches herself onto the "menhera denpa idol" image so much she never gets proper help for it

Animu blood painting spoilered just in case

No. 65293

now max300 does not allow you to like the same things she likes less you have the same mental illnesses as her


No. 65294

max ig link here

No. 65356

No. 65739

No. 66719

File: 1568911191788.png (1.21 MB, 720x1193, Capture _2019-09-13-15-02-50.p…)

No wonder she has a such a shit brain, drinking and smoking must be messing fucking with her on top of medication.

Any farmers know japanese or can you at least try to deciper what shes trying to convey in this status. She also started to beg for money by selling thigh pics, as if she needs any more money to spend on alcohol or anime garbage (forgot to screenshot)

Not really milk. These are all old

No. 66721

the Japanese says "dame desu yo" which translates to "not good/bad"
Anons are free to correct me tho

No. 66723

The Japanese says dame desu yo which I’m sure most people know if they watch anime. Noooo don’t~~~ in English

No. 66726

File: 1568919704692.png (13.22 KB, 431x199, yxByLC3dRW.png)

She was prescribed antipsychotics at the hospital and is somewhat normal again, besides occasional Ambien overdoses

Probably a friend of hers just shitting up the thread

No. 67292

No. 67362

too classifies as milk max300 this the translate of nanika wiz mayura https://mayura.neocities.org/

No. 67392

File: 1569455111212.png (20.04 KB, 628x109, Screenshot_20190925-184318(1).…)

Lol she left her mark here.
I'm curious.
Is kinning also a thing in Japan?

No. 67462

File: 1569531831051.png (42.44 KB, 1424x739, Captura.PNG)

max300 is deleted pages archived in web archive or archive.is both have ways of deleting pages does she believe she owns and creates digital witch mayura? and has the right of people not to know the character and delete all publication of digital witch mayura.


Well, I'll leave you some archived pages if she's going to delete these archived pages.






No. 67464

No. 68389

File: 1570223106956.png (1.19 MB, 720x1193, Capture _2019-10-04-17-02-16.p…)

Sure max.

No. 69074

No. 69080

File: 1570746307470.jpg (49.92 KB, 500x378, linchamientos.jpg)

now a friend of max300 He's attacking him and I call him a bot/stalker, the worst of it is doing selective harassment forced twitter user to change user name and change photo

asshole believe is a lolcow user, but don't know the chans, she never use 4chan or 8chan

Seriously since ddr fandom stopped filling up with soyboys sjws and rats from the depths of tumblr

please watch this pics








https://twitter.com/komaedajr/status/1166643230873739265(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 69128

probably dramatically ~quit XXXd~ to make her gullible as shit squad worry and send her a bunch of ‘uwu so glad ur safe!!! xox’ messages when she announces she’s back. i give it a few days at most. private account is still active anyhow, it’s classic attention whore behaviour.

can anyone translate? what the fuck is this supposed to say?

No. 69142

Max hasn't left entirely, she posted on the devil-zukin Tumblr just today.

No. 69143

Sage for samefag. The devil-zukin blog can only be viewed it its entirety on mobile, and my phone won't allow me to screenshot in my browser, but she posted these two posts within the last two days.

>idk how i havent managed to delete my blogs or kill myself i want out of here fuck this site thanks for trapping me here for 10 entire years of me begging for help desperately and just getting hurt and rejected and lied to nonstop i cant fuckig take this anymore i cant

>if it wasnt obvious im @ukgk (other blog of hers not directly attached to her name) cant promise ill post anything exciting or interesting while im mentally and physically like this but im still trying my hardest

It bothers me when people complain about a site being "damaging" to them when they've had to option for many years to leave if they wanted to. This likely all boils down to Digital Witch Mayura gaining a larger fanbase recently and she's throwing a tantrum since she thinks she's got special rights to it or something.

No. 69145

>this website is the reason i’m like this1!!1!!!1 it’s all your guys’ fault!!!!!1!1!!11

all she ever does is blame shift and play the victim, acting like it’s everyone else’s fault that she is the way she is. she has no actual intention to get better despite obviously having all the resources to do so and would rather thrive off all the attention and ass kissing she gets from her equally deluded posse. pointing the finger at everyone else while she manipulates and harasses random kids then turns around and acts like she’s totally innocent and righteous for defending some stupid anime girl. oh, and she OBVIOUSLY hates all those disgusting lolicons and is ~triggered~ by it despite there being evidence of her owning literal kiddie porn. sure.

at first i thought it would be fun to follow this train wreck of a human but the more i see, the harder it gets to watch. the fix is so simple, she just doesn’t give a fuck and thinks insanity is cool or whatever. seems par for the course with this whole tumblr crowd.

No. 69165

this is the end It was a pleasure to be with you max 300 threads

i have made a lot of fun and enjoyment for my entertainment, the max300 drama was more entertaining than the epic doxxing of the transsexual trap mtf nyannyancosplay

thanks you for all this time for said goodbye everymore losers

No. 69167

No. 69169

No. 69175

File: 1570831287629.jpg (32.93 KB, 550x550, 9c7026deec685562c403014c1ab9df…)

this super mega milk






















extra milk

https://thc-chan.tumblr.com https://www.instagram.com/waterfuzz/(stop spamming your autism)

No. 69177

max300 private twitter here

No. 69183

none of this is milk also learn to post caps

No. 69204

the few milky links on your list have already been posted and discussed. stop shitting up the thread, listen to >>69183 and learn to sage unless you’re offering up anything interesting.

No. 70275

Of course, after complaining that Tumblr was the sole source of all pain in her life and she was "leaving" (again) Max is back to uploading pictures of anime girls stolen from the internet

No. 70382

No. 70459

why do you keep posting this shit

No. 70539

File: 1571796147646.png (1.2 MB, 720x1193, 1.png)

Spoke too soon.
Real talk what is Max's issue? You would have thought that all those involuntary hospitalizations would do something to help her. Id say more but itd just be pointless rage sperging.

Get help Max.

No. 70595

I remember max. she would code her blog so you couldn't right click/save any images of mayura and if you uploaded anything vaguely mayura related she'd call you out for stealing her posts and brand

No. 70604

What's up with Mely?

No. 70678

she dated tosh and cheated on him

No. 70805

No. 70806

No. 70807

No. 70840

sage after your first post if no one else has posted ffs also this is an imageboard, provide caps of some tweets or a collage in case they go private

No. 71159

sage because /meta/ but wouldn't it be better to make this a general tumblr/twitter animecore thread because a shit ton of them are full on retarded and i think this small group doesn't fully show the whole extent of it.

No. 71438

No. 71537

This isn't milk. Stop posting shit that doesn't contribute to the fucking thread. And sage your shit.

No. 73845

oh so is this the bf she keeps talking about on twitter? if its not weightloss/binding its "my ex bf this and than and he is begging for me back" type tweets

No. 73860

probably not but you should post caps anyway

No. 73961

No. 73991

File: 1574838795715.png (56.92 KB, 607x531, max.PNG)

Again, Max going off about things someone has allegedly done to her or her friends, not directly referencing any evidence. She's also calling herself a girl after insisting that she's not a girl several times.
>>11701 >>33762

Is Josh a different person, or a misspelling of Tosh? It seems weird that she'd keep bringing Tosh up, considering he's had little to no online activity since she called him out years ago. Needing attention, I guess.

No. 73992

I'm 99% Josh is minimumtune on Twitter, they were dating Eli/tofutax who is a good friend of Max's and I'm assuming they had a bad breakup.

No. 74003

lmao why are these cows only calling themselves a girl when they want to victimize themselves. the fact she's making it more about her and her choices instead of her friend, "i" "i" "i" "me"

No. 74012

No. 74014

No. 74015

No. 74016

No. 74017

No. 74022

I swear to fucking God post pictures, retard. This is an imageboard. Or stop being lazy and summarize the milk.

No. 74028

eli/tofutax is has blocked and starts a targeted harassment about to me i was accused of being a bot stalker and a user of this chan but this is the first time I post in lolcow.

Eli/tofutax sent me a message asking me to be friends we had a good chat with him but after warning him that I had to go home because the internet was going to run out, he triggered me has posted some screenshots of chat image that has prompted me to harass me and report the account not only massive reports of tofutax but blockades by friends of Josh and soyboy Eli/tofutax that I was blocked from more than 50 friends of this nu-faggot

due to great tofutax harassment i had to change the username several times i had to stop using twitter until one of my friends was affected by this pair of i am SOY-faggots and thanks to it his account was deleted i have been paranoric i am afraid my account will be deleted by them
i hope the karma falls and is a hero without a cloak doxxed and destroyed his life

No. 74029

File: 1574879123710.png (211.73 KB, 527x1100, max.PNG)

Not necessarily milky, just screencapping for the person who repeatedly won't add images. Max is generally talking about how autistic and mentally ill she is.

No. 74030

File: 1574879153764.png (Spoiler Image,91.6 KB, 692x851, Captura.PNG)

No. 74033

File: 1574880022597.png (53.22 KB, 645x510, Captura.PNG)


You're a man of culture.>>74029

No. 74037

File: 1574881239491.png (817.26 KB, 610x613, Captura.PNG)

No. 74038

File: 1574882040633.png (35.85 KB, 676x290, Captura.PNG)

No. 74068

Eli/tofutax and minimumtune/Josh

they are some shit of a person i met him at the location of round1 in marine, portland. when i was on a trip to look for ddr machines for play and take a break.

They're the most cringe people I've ever met. This pair of idiots do more disgusting and disgusting things.

i talked to them at first they start to like me but in reality they are shitty sjw ball breakers who deserve to be in a psychiatric hospital their faces make me nauseous i have seen their drawings look like they came out of hell

they are very anti-lolicon they take it in an extremist way they have called me pedophile for liking a character of idolmaster that hypocrites their drawings are child pornography and they are very dangerous people I warn them not to join them that they play music videogames for fashion as fucking posers

remember portland is a shithole

No. 74072

Funny that someone so anti lolicon had a discord avatar with art from a well-known artist who draws lolicon. What is with these secret lolicons being so vocally against it?

No. 74135

The people who are the most militantly anti-lolicon usually have reasons for being so, a lot of the time because they secretly like it themselves. Max is a clear case of that, she's been posting loli-related content on her social media and blogs since 2012.

No. 74146

No. 74147

File: 1574953891039.png (802.47 KB, 646x855, Captura.PNG)

No. 74148

File: 1574954144191.gif (729 B, 63x53, hp_logo.gif)

No. 74149

coincidence I don't think so.

No. 74151

File: 1574954899739.png (580.49 KB, 1253x1439, 1574953707976.png)

No. 74152

File: 1574954936809.png (449.65 KB, 1253x964, 1574954260928.png)

coincidence I don't think so.

No. 74159

File: 1574960967655.png (394.44 KB, 1006x1164, 0901.png)

Question: Do you know how to take screencaps? Not trying to be mean, but perhaps you can Google how for your computer?
It would save us all a lot of trouble in case she deletes everything.

No. 74167

if you take screenshots there are several programs of it some browsers come built-in it relax this shit is archived at archive.is

No. 74169

It's actually not automatically archived at archive.is, from what I've checked.
It's in the board rules, anyway. This is an imageboard, anon.

No. 74230

File: 1575018906903.png (11.31 KB, 294x163, 6.PNG)

Max wrote on her twpf.jp profile that she's "the world's most popular Mayura Maniac". Popular, lol.

No. 74240

Max has been a literal who until anons explained who she was and how much of a cow she was. Popular because she's a clown, that's for sure, kek.

No. 74362

File: 1575181307148.jpg (1.52 MB, 1440x2559, 20191201_012044.jpg)

You don't buy something from an anime you claim to claim to hate and take pictures of it
If she's going to like lolicon at least be honest

No. 74365

She owns lolicon sex games, R-18 doujinshi and other things relating to nude little girls and often retweets shotacon art on her public account. No one is surprised, but it seems a fair few people are still thrown off by the occasional “PEDOS SUCK!” post.
>>74135 is spot on. It’s all about winning the screaming contest and acting the most moral.

No. 74368

She probably just gives herself a pass because when she consumes lolicon it's "muh trauma" coping.

No. 74403

It's like "Max, just admit you like lolicon, everybody's already aware that you do" but the only reason she can't openly say so is because she conducted that crusade on Tosh for liking all of the same things that she has publicly liked for years (and got away with doing so because she was a minor then, but isn't now.)

No. 74445

>>74403 max lolicon parade

No. 74446

max300 is a lolicon in the closet

No. 74509

Uh what the fuck I am thc-Chan / waterfuzz and is am not affiliated with this idiot max also I’m not affiliated with most anime core

I’m just now finding out all this bullshit I just like my childhood stuff and funny memes

Don’t post me on here wtf

No. 74533

Don't worry, you haven't done anything, there's a weird spammer-chan in the thread

No. 74534


Ah okay -

Yeah I am glad to have found this thread actually,
I knew Max was awful - she had attacked me on Tumblr for not being a real fan even though I'm older than her, and have always been into my shit.

She acts like she literally invented ukagaka or whatever the fuck when it's been around since before she knew what how to say PC.

i have a few more sources on her as she likes to open MULTIPLE accounts on tumblr to gain animecore traction and shit

and the other one i need to dig for

basically its not milk but more ways for u to dig on her/find other resource i suppose..

i am so sad that people turned a nostalgic cozy center for me and others into a pedophilic groomer culture and want to slit my wrists because i was even around this community LMAO

No. 74535

also last thing as well -

she lied to me about being trans, manipulated me and i told her a lot about my own being trans and
she straight up talked to me about dysphoria and shit ???

yet she is cis???

alright good to know.

No. 74557

Gtfo trannie
Why do you bother being salty and offended over not being called a real fan of something? Its not 2007.

No. 74567


im not salty over being called a fake fan im saying shes a fucking retard for even saying that you fucking idiot.

No. 74571

Do you have any screencaps of her talking about her "dysphoria"? I've never understood her whole "pretending to be trans" thing. She is a dumpy, bland weeb girl and always will be one, but she has to claim she's "not legally a girl" anyway. It's weird and pathetic. Does she want to be seen as a "qt trap uwu" or something?

No. 74582

i will look when im on my comp later i think i dont know if messages save if u get deleted but i will check it out - and also she stated it blandly on her blog constantly

No. 74585

File: 1575435379696.jpeg (856 KB, 1536x2048, FD9873DE-0A5E-4EA8-9081-E7DBFE…)

A "collage" she made
How the fuck can you be anti lolicon and think the pic on the left is … okay … I'm sickened

No. 74587

idk what happened to my personal messages with her.
i will try to find any sauce via possible web archiving and anywhere else i can that i think we talked.

again a lot of the posts were on her blog directly from her.

No. 74592

File: 1575438792671.png (46.39 KB, 533x466, RkBJYgfrLH.png)

Gender doesn't matter when you're a non-human godly form autist, anon.

No. 74649

uses twitter or tumblr

No. 74650


No. 74750

tumblr and she still follows me on insta

No. 75342

File: 1576090983825.png (843.04 KB, 945x610, a.PNG)

Max posted a new picture (Riamu cosplay) and two gifs (one of her face and one of her thighs and underwear) on Instagram.

The approximate translation of the Japanese is "Huh? / I hate it / I want to take medicine without motivation", whatever that is supposed to mean.


No. 75353

It's menhara, anon! As long as it's about pills and being wreckless that's all that matters

No. 75359

god she is so fucking scary looking with those huge shooped bug eyes

No. 75360

File: 1576102616197.png (606.93 KB, 919x442, 123214353252.png)

i just went to max's ig and was scrolling through and found this also lmao

No. 75365

Kek @ them replying to a nearly 2-year-old picture to tell Max that when if they scrolled up they'd see that she's already been in this thread replying to people's questions

No. 75462

She looks fucking horrifying, and, like, I get what she's trying to do, she wants to be inhuman-2D-alien girl but it doesn't even look like that it looks… cheap, and bad.

No. 75684

File: 1576463040572.png (145.38 KB, 1080x702, Screenshot_20191215-202240(1).…)

Pretty old milk but Max made a post directed towards someone who simply unfriended her in Facebook.

No. 75685

File: 1576463065068.png (139.87 KB, 1076x661, Screenshot_20191215-202232(1).…)

One of the comments she replied to

No. 75752

File: 1576529166581.png (656.97 KB, 774x670, 1.PNG)

Max also has a MyFigureCollection account (one of her oldest accounts online, from 2011) which I hadn't seen posted here before. She posted it along with links to her other social media on her Tumblr blog ukgk three days ago. Noticeably, she listed her "active" personal Tumblr blog as nijiura-maid when her actual personal blog is devil-zukin, which is password protected. She also didn't mention her DeviantArt account Pupcore.


Who hasn't sexually assaulted Max at this point? According to her, everybody that she dislikes has.

No. 75754

File: 1576529531558.png (22.12 KB, 834x405, 1.PNG)

The "interests" tab on her DeviantArt gives me a chuckle. She says her tools of the trade are "blood" and that her other interests include "being a synthetic furry", "dying", and "mayura world domination" (AKA people giving her attention, since we all know she thinks she's Mayura and created everything Mayura-related in the world.)


No. 75769

File: 1576544809152.png (937.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191216-194707.png)

New milk

No. 75778

>while having a panic attack
Using your mental illness to try to guilt people into paying attention to your art doesn't work kek. No way she'd be able to focus on making art during a panic attack.

No. 75817

File: 1576617226596.png (37.93 KB, 572x320, 1.PNG)

No. 75819

File: 1576618104548.png (39.24 KB, 662x389, 9ilrh2jorQ.png)

You forgot to mention that this is the only post on her whole facebook, which makes it even funnier.

She literally posted revenge porn earlier in this thread.

No. 75846

Probably the only public post, which she made it public on purpose for someone who doesn't even care or will look at her profile again lol. I bet they were just cleaning up their friends list and she got that FB Purity notification saying a friend deleted her!

No. 75881

File: 1576678079706.jpg (270.45 KB, 1440x860, 20191218_090625.jpg)

Found this comment under some other animecore related insta post, has she ever talked about her mother before?

No. 75920

She's said that her mother and/or parents (not sure if that includes a father, two mothers, or just one mother) are "abusive" and that she hates them, but she's also heavily reliant on her family as shown by the time she posted that had her grandmother not sent her money she'd have been stranded in Tokyo (that wasn't her only trip to Tokyo, either.) I imagine she's one of those people who "hates" her family yet still depends on them for most of her necessities.

I'm not sure whether she lives in her own place or with her mother, but she's claimed a few times in the recent past that she was being "abused" by her family which leads me to believe she's still living with her mother at the age of 21.

No. 75921

File: 1576707806255.jpg (365.77 KB, 1059x1170, EL_9vWrUEAAVgpX.jpg)

Some of Max's "art" from the past few days. (1/2)


No. 75923

File: 1576707879058.jpg (508.71 KB, 900x1200, EMDCdzdU4AE2zu7.jpg)

No. 76057

File: 1576816988001.jpg (511.37 KB, 1431x1657, 20191219_234303.jpg)

Totally legit and believeablek coming from her

No. 76058

File: 1576817165202.jpg (176.38 KB, 1426x452, 20191219_234144.jpg)

No. 76068

Her family isn't bad. One could easily get impression that she likes them. They fund her collection of anime figuros and trips to Japan.

Lolol. Oh my god, a guy sent me a dick pic once. I can never move on, my life is ruined, everyone is so mean to me. She exists in a perpetual state of victimhood.

The only 'twitter abusers' she knows of are one guy she's never met and the "absolute abusive violent sickening manchild" from earlier. It's a small community, she's just throwing stones from across the ocean at anyone who will feel bad for her.

No. 76089

File: 1576849641927.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x2274, 20191220_084625.jpg)

I guess she either remembered this thread existed or someone bullied her too hard after calling out the Bemani community
Sadly don't have a twitter account to keep up with her autism

No. 76096

I'd most likely believe she would yell child abuse, iirc this was a popular thing kids would yell to each other and other adults in the early 2000s in a joking way. The reverse psychology one?… No way.

No. 76111

It's pretty obvious by now that she thinks American communities for anything (be it oekaki, osu!, two examples she's used in the past) are "bad" because by being Australian rather than American, her immature "otaku" lifestyle is somehow more mature because she's closer on a map to Japan. She's a typical "Xx_animefangirl_xX" weeb trying to glorify it under the guise of "at least I'm not an American weeeb!!!"

To her, it's all in the effort of "if I insult literally anybody else that I find, maybe people will start paying attention to me because they think I'm really cool and morally good!"

No. 76112

File: 1576874404804.png (805.92 KB, 653x872, Captura.PNG)


No. 76113

File: 1576874443132.png (553.27 KB, 619x484, Captura.PNG)

No. 76114

File: 1576874486502.png (1003.62 KB, 657x837, Captura.PNG)

No. 76115

File: 1576874543700.png (471.46 KB, 649x635, Captura.PNG)

No. 76118

File: 1576874993076.png (529.65 KB, 649x862, Captura.PNG)

No. 76119

File: 1576875021925.png (62.33 KB, 640x674, Captura.PNG)

No. 76121

File: 1576875314917.png (91.08 KB, 652x852, tempsnip.png)

No. 76122

File: 1576875531466.png (376.24 KB, 648x577, Captura.PNG)

No. 76124

Please, for the love of god, sage your posts and don't post things that have already been posted and discussed. I have no idea how you haven't been banned yet, you're clearly the person who repeatedly posts unsaged screencaps that contribute nothing.

No. 76127

nta but saging posts with pictures doesn't work

No. 76129

What do you mean? This whole thread is full of saged posts with images attached. I was able to sage an image post just two days ago. The person who keeps posting these is notorious for never saging (scroll up in the thread.)

No. 76150

File: 1576894958731.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.16 KB, 1080x1920, idAh2ST.jpg)

Sage goyims

Max300 private twitter account is deleted and unlocked and the human soylent tofutax is back as route2000

No. 76151

No. 76269

File: 1576976013246.jpeg (138.03 KB, 576x1024, CC3273AC-E82B-4084-97F7-8FFAAA…)

I'm surprised she hasn't been called out for "CULTURAL APPROPRIAAATIONNN" Considering whatever the fuck is on her forehead looks like a bindi

No. 76291

That's not how saging works
route80s is a giant cow but stop trying to derail the thread to make it about xer. This reeks of vendetta. Learn how to use the site first

No. 76292

She’s too unpopular for sjws to drain clout from or else they’d be all over it

No. 76298

File: 1576997776649.png (5 KB, 300x300, upimg027.png)

Anon……. are you aware that that isn't a bindi and appears to just be a generic meitu fake makeup filter?
>inb4 hi cow! I just use meitu and snow filters too often and recognize that one.

No. 76335

What? That's literally what I said, or at least meant. I know it's not actually, but if anybody with a tad more popularity than she does in the anime community on tumblr/twitter would be ripped apart for it.

No. 76358

File: 1577047641260.png (69.7 KB, 800x443, 1.PNG)

Not new milk by any means, but this status update from her DeviantArt (which she rarely ever uses) proves that Max has been doing this "I own everything and anything Mayura!" bullshit since at least the summer of 2017, to the point where she thinks that people using pictures of anime characters on a completely different website is "identity theft."


No. 76359

File: 1577047784006.png (104.08 KB, 716x600, 1.PNG)

Here's one of her status updates from the same time period (June 2017) that's basically her miniature "callout" for Tosh/bronzecatworld. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this predates the callout she made on Tumblr.


No. 76361

File: 1577049237573.png (28.6 KB, 579x627, 1.PNG)

Also (and apologies for the old information, but I'm digging stuff up that I've never seen posted or discussed here) there are archived pages of Max's old (now deactivated) DeviantArt account, jellylemonade, from September 2013 (when she was 15, back when her and Tosh were friends, and when she claimed to be in a sub/dom petplay relationship) where she listed "lolis" as one of her interests, along with Lapfox Trax and Die Antwoord. She also linked jellyjuice.tumblr.com as her blog, confirming that jellyjuice was one of her oldest Tumblr blogs (farmers in this thread have dug up the objectionable content on that blog.)


No. 76363

File: 1577050035877.png (34.26 KB, 594x245, 1.PNG)

Here's an archived version of the DeviantArt account from April 18, 2015 (a few months before Max would have turned 18.) Notice the "I'm a pet" and "I support cute anime girls" stamps, both of which she had on her page as far back as late 2013 (I remember seeing them there myself, as Max and I used to be mutuals on DeviantArt then.)


No. 76364

File: 1577050278226.png (29.05 KB, 633x398, 1.PNG)

In the comments on that page, there was a comment made on March 28, 2015 pointing out that Max and DeviantArt user vaporyon (the person who Max claimed to be in a sub/dom relationship with from late 2013 to late 2015, whose age is not known at this point) had matching (or "couple") icons. Max responded to them on April 3, confirming that they were still dating up until that point.

No. 76369

File: 1577050722530.png (169.29 KB, 1348x619, 1.PNG)

There's only one archived version of vaporyon's DeviantArt page, from October 19, 2015. Their location is Australia (Max is Australian), they had Max's avatar (which linked to her DeviantArt jellylemonade when clicked) in their profile description, and one of their posted drawings was of Max's fursona, Campanella the deer (the drawing is titled "campanella") wearing a collar.


No. 76371

File: 1577051269963.png (49.1 KB, 1339x392, 1.PNG)

On February 13, 2015, Max commented on vaporyon's page (on her account jellylemonade) saying "Happy Valentines Day master!~" with two anime emoticons. She would have been 17 years old at that point. vaporyon responded (saying "happy late valentines day~ i love u :3 <3") on March 5, which would confirm that they were in a relationship at that point. Later, on April 3, Max commented on vaporyon's page with a link to a stamp and said "found the perfect stamp for u". The stamp says "I support my Yaoi-Loving BOYFRIEND!" (and is linked below) confirming that they were still in a relationship by April 3, 2015.


Also noticeable is the fact that one of vaporyon's watchers is Pupcore, Max's current (although rarely used) DeviantArt account.


No. 76373

File: 1577051688316.png (24.71 KB, 497x346, 1.PNG)

I'm not sure if this information is already known, but as of November 2017, Max lives in Brisbane.


No. 76377

File: 1577052663286.png (93.7 KB, 659x281, 1.PNG)

Here's Max in March shamelessly self-promoting her own Mayura art in the comments of somebody else's Mayura piece, unrelated to her.


No. 76378

File: 1577053153467.png (59.42 KB, 638x612, 1.PNG)

The description of Max's "Mayura Day 2019" drawing from March is funny, considering she legitimately believes herself to be Mayura and wants people to worship her. (See >>75754 where she lists "mayura world domination" as one of her interests.)

>big thank you to all the international fans who support her, she will always be precious and live on in our hearts

>sometimes i feel weird about spreading her to an international audience but im truly grateful that mayura is loved all around the world
>im sorry if it may not seem like it but im thankful to all the artists who have contributed fanart of her and those who took interest in her
>you are helping keeping her alive

Max, just admit you want people to think you're a praised anime girl instead of a dramatic internet kinnie whose "abusive" parents pay for their entire slob lifestyle.


No. 76381

File: 1577053766159.png (24.4 KB, 717x295, 1.PNG)

In December of 2018, Max literally harassed someone both on DeviantArt and Tumblr for posting an icon that was a cropped version of a drawing of Mayura that they'd drawn themselves.


No. 76382

File: 1577054320627.png (32.88 KB, 714x348, 1.PNG)

Funnily enough, even though she harasses anyone who posts Mayura-related content under the guise that they're "stealing" it or "not crediting properly" (to her, of course, even though she doesn't own Mayura), she used another artist's work posted on a different website for her own Mayura stamp, and in the description of her stamp, linked back to the original work's page where it's clear that she never commented to ask whether she could use the art or not.


She can't use the excuse for not asking of there being a language barrier (her speaking English and the artist speaking Japanese) because in the description of her "Mayura Day 2019" drawing (which is here >>76378) she says that she was able to email Mayura's creator (who is Japanese) and have a conversation with them about possibly producing Mayura merchandise.


No. 76383

you sound like a 12yo with no life experience

No. 76386

File: 1577054886284.png (24.38 KB, 585x378, 1.PNG)

Here are two of Max's comments from February on another DeviantArt user's profile where she claims that they made multiple accounts to "obsessively stalk" her, said that Tosh/bronzecatworld (who she calls "the pedophile who raped me as a kid" even though there's evidence confirmed by Max herself in this thread that she was never raped and that she was a teenager, 15, when she met Tosh), and said that Max was a "big poopoo diaper baby" (because that's apparently something to become upset about as an adult.) She later followed up, saying that this person had harassed many people (which she is notorious for accusing people, even strangers, of) and that she was "not trying to be a dick" and didn't "even care about what happened was just curious".


No. 76389

File: 1577055451438.png (14.8 KB, 500x224, 1.PNG)

Max also is or was friends with a cow, dandelionmmilk1998, who has her own thread in /snow/.


No. 76390

Apologies for the samefagging, everything should be saged. There was simply a lot of information able to be dug up from Max's past Deviantart activity, especially considering she's liked, done, and taken part in things that she's called many other people out for and accused them of being associated with. I wanted to provide sufficient evidence using screenshots and links due both to the lack of evidence in the OP and in the case that a thread about Max or anybody else in this scene gets created and evidence is needed.

No. 76392

File: 1577057687294.png (121.4 KB, 719x574, removemax300.PNG)

No. 76393

File: 1577057823699.png (16.84 KB, 724x139, Capture.PNG)

No. 76395

File: 1577058147752.png (108.92 KB, 573x493, Capture.PNG)

No. 76397

File: 1577059068758.png (26.81 KB, 690x230, Capture.PNG)

No. 76400

File: 1577061543075.png (66.11 KB, 944x236, 829892.png)

The difference is you're an embarrassing fake tranny (and an embarrassment all around) and a hypocritical lolicon with an entitled attitude over a character you didn't even make, Max.

No. 76401

File: 1577061581218.png (102.06 KB, 942x378, 209109021.png)

More of this.

No. 76403

didn’t they meet online in 2013 and have sex in 2014? their birth years are ‘91 and ‘97, so the actual ages would be 17 and 23.

No. 76404

>im associated with the best lolcow queens cwc and pt

Except that has never been said, because she isn't. Kek. How big is her ego?

No. 76409

this argument doesn't even make sense. when "cannibalizing their own" is referenced it's said about movements/groups of people who are fighting against another movement/group but instead of eating their enemies they eat themselves. imageboards aren't a monolith fighting against some cause. you're retarded max and nobody buys the oldfag story just because you threw in an "anon-chan" and "ita". cringe.

No. 76411

Max is one of the biggest Venus cowtippers. She's attempted to talk to her during her Instagram livechats multiple times. That's the only way I found her recent insta was because of the fucking Mayura icon.

No. 76436


Well I’m here now. Can confirm all those accounts are mine too.
And I don’t talk to minors. Of the few times I’ve asked other tumblr users their age, it’s largely because I don’t put mine or many identifiers out there, and want to make sure any minor in a certain online sphere would be comfortable with me being 18+ and interacting with their blog, especially since I was used to making “Mutuals” back then. I was still reconciling what being older felt like while participating in younger spaces and wasn’t sure how to temper myself socially or set boundaries(I’m not the type to put “minors don’t interact” on my blog, thats gay).
Pretty sure I never followed up or continued on with any of those connections, even passively. Used to live more online, though not anymore. I just like being cordial with others and sussing them out.

I’m an open book for anyone who wants info on Tosh or about what being dumb online in this climate was like, but screenshots can’t be provided since I really am that offline now. Worst stuff about me is probably what’s posted here, plus some accusations of homophobia, me being TERFy and a bad e-friend floating around. Living online was never fun.
Me beating around the bush regarding the e-stalking and harassment in those comments is not something I’m proud of, but I was just trying to toe the line between defending a friend of mine and trying to articulate how delusional all the drama was. Was honestly getting tired of telling Max to disengage and log off and needed to shoot my shit re: it’s fundamentally about a character and identity preservation so stop pushing those buttons.

No. 76486

characters aren't an identity you lunatic

No. 76574

File: 1577222973208.jpg (235.65 KB, 900x1200, 1.jpg)

So first, Max bought a figure of a character from a lolicon anime and claimed she was worried about people thinking she was a creep. Now she's showing off her figure of Konata from Lucky Star, an anime with a cast solely of underage girls that has many sexual innuendos and/or references (not to mention Konata's father is canonically a pedophile.) She's not even trying to hide that she finds lolis attractive at this point.


No. 76575

File: 1577223029040.png (35.32 KB, 577x341, 1.PNG)

No. 76584

File: 1577235258159.jpg (115.85 KB, 748x874, 64442120_2332001036915126_5009…)

Nta but you didnt watch Lucky Star and pulled the sexual innuendo argument out of your ass.

No. 76585

Agreed with most of what you said except about Lucky Star, you make it sound like a terribly perverted loli anime. It's a slice of life comedy, stop reaching

No. 76588

File: 1577240895070.png (229.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191222-113244.png)

No. 76589

File: 1577240923824.png (89.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191222-112558.png)

No. 76590

File: 1577240958209.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191222-112210.png)

No. 76591

Ok moralfag like or be fan ok lucky star not makes a lolicon or pedobear this like you like guns makes automátic as a mass killer

No. 76593

Shes like as lucy aoi or anyelik

No. 76598

stfu retarded pedo apologist and kys

No. 76607

So?that doesn't dismiss the fact that lots of the fans/audience are unstable pedo freaks

No. 76610

God some of you anime core fans who call each other freaks and pedos over the most retarded shit are funny as hell. Keep it up.

Max is especially cringe for being a hypocrite kinnie on top of it but man. When people talk about lucky star I don't ever see them say "haha the dad is my favorite!", he's even depicted as a weirdo and not in a flattering way.

No. 76661

die mad pedo

No. 76665

Willing to bet money this "pedo" trolling is Max or one of her trying to detail the thread

No. 76680

Pretty sure it is, I think she's been aware of the thread (again) these last few days going by the 4chan tweets and "blocking people from leaking my personal posts" twitter moment
Just be honest Max it's not that hard

No. 76682

And by that I mean the trolling about lucky star being for pedophiles, btw
Sounds like some kind of retarded shit they'd do, especially since they themselves freak out about problematic stuff that isn't even problematic while liking that same stuff themselves in secret
Max trying so hard to be a "anon chan ita" kek

No. 76747

File: 1577412053281.jpg (67.73 KB, 500x476, 2o138l.jpg)

>anime girl anon 5 days ago randomly feels the need to say they're not max ( >>76298 )
>anon 4 days ago insults other anon for pointing out max's living circumstances ( >>76383 )
>max tweets 4 days ago about how she's ~so experienced~ with imageboards and bluntly mentions lolcow
>anon 2 days ago posts max's konata figure, says the show caters to pedos
>(this whole thread details max being super offended by lolicon content despite owning some herself)
>a few anons 1 day ago suggest it's max posting here
>threads goes suddenly quiet

We see ya, Max.

No. 76837

Fucking kek she's so predictable, can't even integrate herself when discussing herself

No. 77002

File: 1577687866900.png (48.41 KB, 568x392, a.PNG)

No. 77008

Newish accounts. Nothing really of importance though.

Mildly off topic, why does she hoard a DDR or whatever game that is machine if she doesn't have enough energy to play it? I remember some tweets like she hasn't played in forever and almost puked. Seems like a waste.
Same goes for all of her other interests where she says she likes X and flexs what she has of it without putting it to use. Thanks for coming to my Max TED Talk.

No. 77011

File: 1577722594970.jpg (584.29 KB, 1432x2546, 20191230_111504.jpg)

Yeah if this wasn't enough to imply she's been lurking I don't know what is

No. 77084

She's an IIDX fan too and is only 3rd Dan, but I think she knew about it more than 3 years? Like why do you even put it in your bio unless you're chuuden or kaiden. Seems like another useless flex.

No. 77089

File: 1577791223154.png (68.6 KB, 652x518, 6cB9t88IGL.png)

She doesn't own a DDR. She hadn't played it all year until yesterday, supposedly. Note the platform shoes - probably didn't even play.

No. 77348

It was spoken about in the old thread but I'm genuinely curious, has anyone found the old YandereBitchClub members? I was so fascinated by them, and how they paved the way for so many "kinnies", being the first to make up the rule that you can't kin outside your race. I think I may have found Satoko, only due to the art being pretty similar to her stuff before.

No. 77401

File: 1578159128690.png (193.61 KB, 984x954, Screenshot from 2020-01-04 12-…)

Not really milk just pure autism as usual
Theres rules for kinning? Isn't it just hardcore larping anyway?

No. 77423

No. 77438

Technically, yes, well, I think people are starting to care less about the race thing, especially when it became more common knowledge that that group made it all up, AND were faking their race (faking a lot, one claimed they were MTF trans and when asked for proof, they took "nudes" where they had a fucking baby doll arm between their legs.)

Kinning has always been weird to me, I think it's fine and dandy to be like "I identify closely to this character,) especially for the mentally ill who may just be happy to see a character who expresses troubles like them, but so many of these kids take it too far (Like Max) where they hunt down "doubles" and even send death threats (that group I mentioned would send hardcore gore to "doubles," or find out their triggers and send that, usually hardcore animal death like kittens being crushed/skinned.)

But yeah, the whole Yandere Bitch Club was a fucking ride, they ALL pretended to be Japanese/Korean/Some form of Asian despite ALL being white, one tried to prove their "totes asianness" by posting an image of their cousin who had downs, so his eyes were that kind of slantly type.

No. 77464

File: 1578195081198.png (178.13 KB, 647x653, u could have included a cap.pn…)

No. 77471

This post currently has 103 likes/reblogs and I'm sure it pisses Max off that it's coming from a ukagaka blog, considering she thinks she personally owns everything she likes.

No. 77473

File: 1578199026576.png (43.55 KB, 570x401, g.PNG)

She's such an elitist about everything, even down to sexual harassment and rape. She's going on her usual "everybody that I dislike is a sexual predator" tirade and that most recent tweet ("people prefer rapists and pedophiles over me") is pretty revealing that she's militant about "calling out" "abusers" as a way to draw attention to herself.


No. 77474

File: 1578199124832.png (67.65 KB, 571x595, g.PNG)

Apologizing in the replies of her own tweets for getting unnecessarily mad at someone.


No. 77486

File: 1578203422873.png (161.61 KB, 743x911, Untitled.png)

first link in case it gets deleted

deflecting from her own accusations by accusing someone else. ok

No. 77492

File: 1578208667823.png (695.23 KB, 945x580, 9.png)

I haven't seen this posted here yet. This is one of the links provided in the callout post mentioned in >>77423 and >>77464, an archived version of an now-deleted page on mayura.neocities.org (which Max created) where she admits to owning lolicon doujins, not just two or three, we're talking a collection.


No. 77495

File: 1578213077373.png (776.2 KB, 576x1595, Capture.PNG)

No. 77505

I honestly don't get Max's extreme anti-pedo getup when she can't even practice what she preaches and the fact it's so fucking easy for randos to point out her hypocrisy.

No. 77512

Oh man, I'm glad I'm not the only farmer who remembers that shit. The YBC drama was probably my favorite shitshow on all my years of tumblr.
They also hugely popularized DID/multiple system flakes, particularly the giant discourse of 'diagnosed' DID systems with trauma vs "naturally occurring" systems. A personal cow of mine at the time was gradually falling into the system bullshit and I noticed right at the height of the YBC popularity they suddenly changed from being a "natural" system to self-diagnosing with DDNOS. (They also made a new alter that was like a 14 year old hypersexual lewd uwu anime catgirl that acted just like the YBC girls and then after the callout, that alter magically disappeared and was never spoken about again kek)

Anyway, I would be really interested to see the link to the person you think may be Satoko. I always wondered where those girls are now, particularly Nyx or whatever her name is went, the fat black haired one that faked the dick pic. She was my favorite of the bunch lmao.

No. 77513

File: 1578232300398.png (63.13 KB, 608x501, Screenshot from 2020-01-05 08-…)

thank god someone pointed out this twitter user, i didn't want to post it in case it ended up being literally nothing but max has retweeted some of their posts.
at first i thought it was just a funny meme account, but i guess they're friends? why be like "i am so rightous and just i hate racism and pedophilia" when you're friends with someone who posts shit like this and racist memes (remember seeing some black eggman meme the other day but don't want to scroll forever)
the mental gymnastics, i just can't.

No. 77515

File: 1578233015960.png (129.32 KB, 870x510, Capture.PNG)

This definitely isn't a case of "someone follows me but I don't agree with them" because Max and that racist MYTHOSCHIZO_GF are mutuals. That person's also been the topic of discussion on /pol/ many times. Search "mythoschizo_gf" on Google and nearly all of the results are their past pro-nazi tweets.

https://twitual.com/?user=nijiura_maid (Use ctrl + f and type in MYTHOSCHIZO_GF.)

No. 77516

Maybe this is what Max meant when she bragged about how she "grew up on imageboards" and was "so adjusted to the culture", that she had /pol/tard friends despite her SJW antics, kek.

No. 77522

File: 1578237598365.png (422.94 KB, 466x692, Capture.PNG)

No. 77534

The BPD doublethink enthralls me.
Imagine paying actual money to lolicon artists to own their work, then going on Tumblr to scream about how you "hate it", "have a panic attack whenever you see it" and have "reported real people to the police for drawing that shit", and then trying to claim some sort of retroactive ownership of that same content, losing your shit about anyone using images from it because it's yours (but remember, you hate lolicon).
It'd be one thing if she just bought all ukagaka doujin, lolicon or not, but it's been established time and time again that she has a vested interested in loli and shota itself.

No. 77539

File: 1578247042497.png (69.86 KB, 576x603, Capture.PNG)

Cue the "Japan's totally a holy grail for my trendy social liberalism, diagnosed-by-Tumblr-posts 'mental illness', and obnoxious western 'kawaii' fashion which they all love!" weeaboo nonsense from people who clearly gained their idea of Japan from watching anime.

The fact that she insists she's "trans" is so strange. Deciding that you'll go by they/them rather than she/her isn't a transition, unless what she's describing happened during the time when she was a "trans boy" which even then ended up in her later revoking her trans-male-ness.


No. 77543

File: 1578247499152.png (247.95 KB, 567x631, Capture.PNG)

I'll also never understand why people, having genuine hallucinations or not, would ever feel the need to post this online unless they specifically wanted others to react to them as if they're special or unique for it.


No. 77549

Why do I feel like if there's even a kernel of truth to this (which there almost certainly isn't) her definition of "random Japanese people totally fully accepted my transness" is some weeb shit like using boku instead of watashi

No. 77555

Sometimes I wonder if she does the whole "i hate lolis uwu" schtick is because she feels guilty over her purchases and feels the need to tell everyone how much she hates it so she can continue enjoying them guilt free. Though if she wanted to stop feeling bad she could just not buy that kind of stuff in the first place.
>every japanese person i've known have almost all been also autistic and or/lgbt
Why do I feel that's somehow racist? Just because they're more reserved culturally doesn't mean they're autistic jeez.

No. 77566

File: 1578252801508.png (231.94 KB, 643x810, 6UyAljYYVe.png)

A nazi pony with a uni-boob, oh my god.

Calling all Japanese people autistic is racist, yes.

This is funny, because she gets likes for posting something optimistic. But then, no, she cannot accept being seen in a positive light. She is a VICTIM of….. wait, what was she a victim of again?

No. 77593

Seeing this, I had to check if Emma/Hissy70s was still following Max, and she still is. Max recently responded to a tweet of Emma's so they're still close. Emma's Twitter is locked but she's the "used to be" Nazi now an ANTIFA commie. Honestly wtf is up with these people, it's like a playground for them.

No. 77655

File: 1578306861206.png (379.7 KB, 540x638, dc8znbj-c31eb8f8-38c9-4f16-a6a…)

When I checked to see if Max was mutuals with MYTHOSCHIZO_GF I noticed that as well - she's also mutuals with Emma's public and private account. I knew they used to be friends (pic attached is a drawing by Max of one of Emma's characters from around 2017) but had no idea if they still were. Makes sense, though.


No. 77660

File: 1578307885984.png (231.85 KB, 576x1017, 4.PNG)

The funny juxtaposition between the time she harassed a 15-year-old for not being able to get a game to run on their computer ( >>11678 ) and now not using Discord for 2 days because she didn't know it also worked in browser or on a phone. Stay classy, Max.


No. 77661

File: 1578307954805.png (38.71 KB, 584x402, 2.PNG)

No. 77662

File: 1578308016634.png (22.2 KB, 566x261, 2.PNG)

No. 77663

File: 1578308136378.png (34.7 KB, 570x341, 2.PNG)

Mandatory reminder from Max that she is autistic and likes anime, lest anybody forget.


No. 77727

File: 1578389807314.png (40.06 KB, 582x430, a1.PNG)

No. 77728

File: 1578389846075.png (205.2 KB, 575x437, a2.PNG)

>"i can't understand why people like others over me, i'm so much better than those people"
>holding this much resentment for exes after years


No. 77751

No. 77753

File: 1578423419712.jpg (222.93 KB, 720x1029, 20200107_125544.jpg)

She's not even attempting to hide her friendship with the nazi loli pony lover.


No. 77754

File: 1578423580140.jpg (377.91 KB, 720x1226, 20200107_125844.jpg)

Just providing screencaps.

No. 77758

File: 1578424275331.jpg (224.15 KB, 720x1117, 20200107_130833.jpg)

Most of the "test" page was already archived but there appears to be a few more doujins on this page. 3 or 4 of the pictures were broken links.


No. 77759

File: 1578424314600.jpg (365.95 KB, 720x1230, 20200107_130923.jpg)


No. 77760

File: 1578424425561.jpg (263.99 KB, 720x1166, 20200107_130914.jpg)


No. 77762

File: 1578424577644.jpg (351.67 KB, 720x1224, 20200107_130903.jpg)


No. 77763

File: 1578424672444.jpg (382.31 KB, 720x1229, 20200107_130842.jpg)


No. 77764

File: 1578424932590.jpg (73.64 KB, 720x547, 20200107_132126.jpg)

The Japanese approximately says "Mayura's office - Mayura is out now/now absent"

No. 77767

File: 1578428661866.jpg (155.62 KB, 516x430, IMG_20200106_101845.jpg)

Someone cross out ResetEra and replace it with Max

No. 77769

File: 1578434300035.jpg (422.53 KB, 2500x2290, SZ4vex5f.jpg)

All of these pages are now archived.

Instead of screencapping the "fursona" page, I'll just add the pictures on it, that way they're in their original format and in full size and quality. Some of these pictures are on other accounts of Max's and some are from her older now-deleted accounts.

I don't know the artist of the drawing attached (reverse image search comes up with nothing.)

No. 77770

File: 1578434392978.png (197.87 KB, 500x538, tumblr_inline_otfpvxEPTT1rr2e7…)

This drawing is an altered version of one on her DeviantArt account.


No. 77772

File: 1578434585382.png (Spoiler Image,281.54 KB, 500x445, tumblr_paewkg7cC31ry7623o1_500…)

No. 77773

File: 1578434674716.png (120.44 KB, 500x500, tumblr_paewkg7cC31ry7623o3_500…)

No. 77774

File: 1578434744507.png (366.61 KB, 540x540, tumblr_oc3olrAtFe1ry7623o1_540…)

No. 77775

File: 1578434859301.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.27 KB, 540x540, tumblr_o2u44vNvdE1ry7623o1_540…)

I recognize this piece from being on her old now-deleted DeviantArt account, jellylemonade. Reverse image search doesn't show it to be anywhere else online.

No. 77776

File: 1578434964598.png (120.6 KB, 307x750, tumblr_paewkg7cC31ry7623o2_500…)

No. 77777

File: 1578435065056.png (100.71 KB, 817x977, angelic_by_pupcore-d9f47yw.png)

This is the last piece on the "fursona" page, one I also recognize from her past account jellylemonade (like >>77775.) Reverse image search also doesn't show it to be anywhere online. When I saved it, the file name included "pupcore", so I think she may have this one uploaded to her account and privately stashed.

No. 77778

File: 1578435715004.png (92.71 KB, 500x432, c09b43bea0dd1e09ac31161b234deb…)

While searching for more of Max's old jellylemonade-era content, I found this really old drawing of hers, possibly the oldest one I've seen.


No. 77831

File: 1578479228119.png (149.59 KB, 701x907, a1.png)


There's way more information about Max and Christopher (DeviantArt user vaporyon, who also went by "Kuu" and "Kit") and their long-term relationship than is on the surface, apparently. One of Christopher's oldest DeviantArt accounts is yiffyboy97 and (like vaporyon) it's still up. On the profile's comment section, there are comments Max posted (general "i love you" comments) from March to June 2014, and comments posted by him on the comment section of her now-deleted account (jellylemonade), proving that their relationship did in fact span a few years (it's unknown when exactly it began, but there's evidence of them being together as long ago as 2013.) The yiffyboy97 account, created on March 11th, 2014, is older than the vaporyon account, which was made on August 30th, 2014.

https://sta.sh/01d7k0o3mwte (Christopher's drawing in the image attached, resembling Max's fursona.)

No. 77832

File: 1578479272599.png (166.69 KB, 1119x667, capture3.PNG)

The yiffyboy97 account watches the accounts polycatworld (Tosh/bronzecatworld), VintagelyConstructed (Emma/history1970s, Max's long-time friend), PC-98 (Tosh calf, artist of the vaporeon in the thread pic), and is mutuals with Lu-nya (an artist who Max has referred to as one of her favorites, and ex-friend of hers), but isn't watching any of Max's accounts.

http://archive.is/bbaHd (archived version of the same page)

No. 77834

File: 1578479602934.png (1.05 MB, 1173x651, a1.png)

Unsurprisingly, given their relationship was a dom/sub and petplay one (and Max was a minor for a portion of the relationship; Christopher's age is unknown, but he may be born in 1997 given the "97" in yiffyboy97), he liked loli/shota content and Max was fully aware of this, now claiming to be "triggered" by seeing loli content and accuses everyone she dislikes of liking it despite admitting in the past (during this relationship) that she, too, liked it. ( >>76361 )

Throughout the favorited drawings of both of Christopher's accounts is moderately suggestive lolic content to blatant loli content, as well as suggestive drawings of animals (and "cub" art.)

https://www.deviantart.com/yiffyboy97/favourites/?catpath=%2F&offset=168 (Just the page in the image attached.)

No. 77838

File: 1578483179345.png (1.37 MB, 1307x658, a1.png)

Currently, the yiffyboy97 account is still up and all of its favorited drawings are visible. In the event that the account is deactivated (and in order to not post a link to each individual drawing) I used an old empty account of mine to preserve the risque content favorited by him, so others can view the drawings in their original form. These favorites include an "I heart lolicon", "I heart traps", and "Shota and loli are okay" stamp, if it wasn't blatant enough.


No. 77839

File: 1578484013997.png (315.87 KB, 728x2192, a1.png)

On the "about" section of the yiffyboy97 account, there's a link to a password-protected Tumblr blog "mistubamarui", which is the name of a character from the (somewhat lolicon) manga/anime Mitsudomoe.

A few of the things Christopher commented on were:

A stamp that says "Don't censor nudity because of kids" - the comments on the piece are now turned off - regarding children, nudity, and "their bodies"

A stamp concerning whether the words "tranny" and "cishet" were "slurs" or not, and another stamp arguing about the legitimacy of MtF trans people

A stamp, defending people putting self-harm scars on their characters.

Some traced artwork of characters from Kodomo no Jikan, a lolicon manga/anime.

No. 77840

File: 1578484179048.png (28.12 KB, 573x241, capture2.PNG)

I plan to also favorite the content favorited by the vaporyon account (there is far more favorited there than on yiffyboy97.) Weirdly, the vaporyon account was last logged into 42 weeks ago, somewhere around March 29th, 2019. The yiffyboy97 account is set to private settings (doesn't show activity) so who knows if it's been logged into recently. I wonder what Christopher's up to, or if anybody knows where on the internet he may be now.

No. 77846

Interesting stuff here, thanks
So not only is Christopher a lolishotacon, but likes traps, cub, feet, giantess, and went full 5 on the furry scale.
What a strange man, and that's putting it very lightly. And you know Max probably enjoys those things too beyond the loli content but is in constant denial of her also fucked fetishes.

No. 77851

The evidence certainly suggests so. Prior to Max calling out Tosh, she was a friend and fan of his and openly praised his art ( >>38001 ) both on Tumblr and DeviantArt. Christopher also favorited a lot of Tosh's art on DeviantArt (Tosh's account was polycatworld) and he may have liked or reblogged some of it on Tumblr (questionable content on the blog may explain he's password-protected it.) There's no doubt in my mind that Max has been putting on a big charade claiming to dislike those same fetishes for years now.

No. 77853

File: 1578496583807.png (592.61 KB, 734x636, a1.PNG)

During her and Christopher's relationship (this archived version of her old Tumblr blog is from July 16, 2014) Max had a link on her blog that when clicked goes to mitsubamarui, Christopher's password-protected Tumblr. She also reblogged this picture. Loli much?


No. 77857

File: 1578498049872.jpg (187.14 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n95mw4QTaS1rpaz23o1_128…)

I thought it'd been mentioned before either in this thread or the old Tosh thread, but I just looked through both and didn't see it. Image attached was a painting Tosh did for Max in July of 2014, which I assumed was delivered to Max in person as they'd met before and lived in the same area. I don't know if the living space in the picture was Tosh's or Max's, but it was probably Tosh's since Max would have (I believe?) been a minor then. That image is the highest quality I've been able to find.

The link to the original post obviously can't be accessed, but links to reblogs of this post exist (since it had 2,669 notes) and can be found just by searching "bronzecatworld jellyjuice" on Google.


No. 77862

twitter.com/nursewitch christopher's twitter. max300 was bitching about him on twitter but i can't find the tweets rn

No. 77863

Ah, so >>77728 was probably about him.

No. 77866

File: 1578505801526.png (445.9 KB, 1340x638, a1.PNG)

Here's an archived version of the yiffyboy97 account from October 18th, 2015. The tab under his username says his birthday is January 8 (today, ironically) and there's a pro-lolicon stamp on his page as well as a link to his old Tumblr.


No. 77872

File: 1578507168473.jpg (79.52 KB, 665x477, 0007648_by_yiffyboy97-d7bg2ur.…)

I was able to retrieve two drawings from this archived page in their original size and format. The other three images were preview images for gifs, which I couldn't retrieve. I reverse image searched all of the images though they didn't show as being anywhere else online.

Unknown character, possibly Christopher's fursona. (1/2)

No. 77875

File: 1578507328324.png (Spoiler Image,66.4 KB, 300x300, d7q149n-bd56fa17-2e24-40d2-aaf…)

Unknown character. (2/2)

No. 77876

File: 1578507392684.png (129.89 KB, 500x500, d8vksze-ba67b3a5-660e-4b76-ac7…)

From this archived page, too, I was able to retrieve all four drawings in their original size and format (though they also did not appear anywhere else online when reverse image searched.)

Christopher's fursona. (1/4)

No. 77877

File: 1578507465686.jpg (101.76 KB, 960x1280, d8vkssw-b1421f82-ad1c-486d-ab9…)

Fanart of Nurse Witch Komugi. (2/4)

No. 77878

File: 1578507519237.png (122.31 KB, 500x700, d8vksoe-895d78a2-a289-47ee-b96…)

Christopher's fursona (in a Japanese athletic school outfit.) (3/4)

No. 77879

File: 1578507560723.jpg (75.45 KB, 784x1019, campanella_by_vaporyon-d8lxfh4…)

Max's fursona, Campanella. (4/4)

No. 77881

File: 1578509363884.png (486.83 KB, 1314x680, a1.PNG)

Sincere apologies for the samefagging. The more I look, the more I find, and I'm glad to find all of it if it means more evidence of Max's patchy past.

Christopher has a DeviantArt account older than both yiffyboy97 and vaporyon - it's kittenprince, created on June 28, 2013, and it's still up. It's definitely the same Christopher that Max dated, as the icon is from the video game Vib-Ribbon (which Max has been a fan of for a long time), the name field says "Christopher", the gender field says "Male", the location field says "Australia", and the birthday field says January 8 (the same birthdate on the yiffyboy97 account.) So far, this is his oldest known social media account, and likely where he met Max. There's no comments or interactions proving that he knew Max at the time of creating this account, so that helps narrow down the exact length of their relationship (somewhere from August/September 2013 to around the middle-to-late 2015.) The account is watching polycatworld (Tosh) and Lu-nya (old friend of Max's) and favorited their art, so he may have met Max through one of them.

http://archive.is/a9urA (archived version of the same page.)

No. 77883

File: 1578509784825.png (44.75 KB, 827x496, a1.PNG)

Max and Christopher may have been friends before dating. Her, him, and Lu-nya did create a group called MILKY-SWEET on November 29, 2013, but there's no activity whatsoever except for a picture of Lu-nya in cosplay.

The description of the group says:
>A group of 3 close friends in Australia making cosplays and fursuits together. We're all pretty new to cosplay and fursuiting but hopefully we'll improve together and get good enough for competitions. We also make art together and hopefully games in the future.


No. 77885

File: 1578510775854.png (69.32 KB, 1331x507, a1.PNG)

I'm almost certain that rinipan on Tumblr is this DeviantArt account RINIPAN, and I have a strong feeling that the hidden comment was made by Max (due to her history of harassing people on DeviantArt, such as in >>76381 and >>76358.)


No. 77887

"deercum" (or something involving sex and deer) was max300/campanella's nsfw twitter in around 2014, now deleted unfortunately. she tweeted about stepping on tosh in person and being a "shota." sorry i didn't archive this

No. 77889

Do you have any more information besides that? I'd gladly search for it, but so far nothing relevant comes up.

No. 77890

File: 1578519283762.png (374.07 KB, 2048x643, Screenshot_20200109-003126.png)

DRUG✰MAID#8800 is her Discord.

No. 77903

File: 1578534081380.png (32.69 KB, 573x271, 1.PNG)

Honestly no idea what she's on about. Woe is me, I guess.


No. 77904

sorry, i already searched and there's nothing to be found. the account had a goodra icon and tweeted at bronzecatisland occasionally. christopher's archived tumblr talks about stepping on tosh irl which is some proof that did happen at least

No. 77909

Thanks for all your research, anon. The more there is to know about Max, the shadier she looks.

No. 77931

No. 77932

File: 1578585613952.png (129.84 KB, 692x576, 1.PNG)

You're welcome, I do try my best.

What interests me about the situation is that evidence shows Campanella/Max and Kit/Christopher (I'll use their current names to avoid confusing others) met around September of 2013, likely through Tosh or their mutual then-friend Luna. The "about" page (image attached) on Luna's Tumblr blog, trickertreat, says "don’t follow/interact if you’re a pedophile or support pedophilia in any way", "no lolicons, shotacons or MAPs allowed," and "don’t follow if you’re associated with Tosh/bronzecatworld."


Obviously, one would infer that she dislikes Tosh because of what he did or didn't do with Campanella, especially because they were friends around the time (2014) of Campanella's friendship and sexual interaction with him. However, what contrasts that is that her and Campanella haven't been friends, at least publicly, for some time now. She watches Campanella's DeviantArt account Pupcore, but Campanella isn't watching her account (Lu-nya) back, which is odd considering all of Campanella (and Kit's) past DeviantArt accounts are mutuals with hers. It's possible that Campanella ditched Luna like she ditched many of her friends (for being "problematic") or that Luna ditched Campanella since she's against pedophilia and found that Campanella likes the same things Tosh likes (which seems more likely to be a true statement with each piece of evidence that's uncovered.)


Another thing that interests me is that Campanella claims to have been "manipulated" and "abused" into liking certain things and engaging in certain situations, which we know is untrue, and have evidence both that her involvement in those situations was willing and that she liked questionable content before meeting Tosh. However, if what >>77897 and >>77904 (who recall enough details to seem credible) said about Kit is true, Kit must have knowledge of the two's sexual interactions and therefore may be the only person who could truly testify and call out Campanella for lying and skewing the situation to support her narrative. They've been broken up for a few years now and the consensus is that Campanella strongly dislikes him (>>77728, >>77862) likely because she fears the evidence he could have to disprove her claims. Her obsessive, constant accusations towards others of performing behaviors or engaging with content she, herself, has performed or engaged with, may be her personal method of dealing with and deflecting her fear of others revealing damning information about her.

For a moment it appeared as if Campanella may have cheated on Kit with Tosh (especially since her and Tosh's sexual interactions happened during the relationship) and that possibly Kit broke up with her once the evidence came out. This theory is also supported by an archived post of Tosh's from May 2016 where he says that specifically "late 2014" and "early-mid 2015" were some of the hardest times he'd endured (which would be true if you were an adult and who engaged in sexual activity with a minor then, of course.) Again, though, if what >>77862, >>77897, and >>77904 said has any merit, it'd mean Kit was fully aware of Campanella and Tosh's sexual interactions and was alright (possibly supportive) of it. If that's the case, it'd further suggest that Campanella was very comfortable with non-standard or fetish relationships, much like the dom/sub and petplay relationship her and Kit had.

https://web.archive.org/web/20160603160305/http://bronzecatworld.tumblr.com/ (The third post on the page is the post in reference.)

(For the record - While I could be wrong, I suspect Kit is a biological woman, and the only reason I've called her "he" and "male" up until this point is because of her past accounts listing her as "Christopher" and as male - there wasn't any information at that time of finding those accounts suggesting she wasn't biologically male, which there now is. I could also be wrong about this, but I suspect Campanella has lied or is lying about her age, since not only does she currently keep her age hidden but I've found it particularly hard to accurately determine what age she would have been in certain years according to the ages she listed on old accounts. If anybody knows for certain, with evidence, what her birthdate and age are, feel free to post it.)

Aesthetically, these accounts seem similar to Kit's (nursewitch), but are you sure that's her? Yesterday, it said on nursewitch's bio she was 23, but her age is now removed. Yesterday was her birthday, too, so she either turned 23 or would be turning 24, but she's definitely not 21 unless (like Campanella) she's been lying about her age for a while. At least we can now confirm that Campanella's ex is still active on the internet. I wonder what all she knows (and could reveal) about the situation.

No. 77934

I made some errors when referring to other posts. The posts I meant were >>77728, >>77862, >>77887, and >>77904.

No. 77935

File: 1578586806618.png (771.19 KB, 811x596, 1.PNG)

If these accounts (and the Instagram account linked to them) are actually Kit, aside from lying about her age, she's got some explaining to do…


No. 77937

File: 1578586974335.png (25.84 KB, 531x206, 1.PNG)

The MyFigureCollection account linked to those accounts lists some of their interests as "femboys" and "lolis" despite being 21, too.


No. 77938

File: 1578589195177.png (683.07 KB, 520x637, 1.PNG)

Campanella is now on hormone replacement therapy.


No. 77939

File: 1578589293023.png (48.52 KB, 572x413, 1.PNG)

No. 77940

File: 1578589413645.png (41.95 KB, 581x314, 1.PNG)

No. 77941

No. 77945

File: 1578593090906.jpeg (541.98 KB, 750x1076, B8054B4C-0239-41CC-B02B-59ADB1…)

It seems like max has liked anti aggy tweets

No. 77946

Aggy's art consists mainly of loli and cub/furry fetish themes, neither of which she hasn't publicly praised before (especially when drawn by Tosh, like in >>38001.)

No. 77954

File: 1578601866442.jpg (1.03 MB, 1437x2554, 20200109_152808.jpg)

Since someone linked nursewitch on Insta here I'll say that I don't think shes in cahoots with Max since I haven't seen either or comment on each others posts but they are a weirdo in their own right. Could be completey wrong though.
She posted on Instagram too
Max you aren't fucking trans you're a womanchild who likes twinky shota traps

No. 77955

nursewitch on Twitter is Kit, her ex-girlfriend. They don't interact with each other anymore (Campanella hates her.)

No. 77956

Yeah I figured thats what they were talking about but another anon posted the instagram one too
Not that she isn't as deserving of being on this thread since she pulls the same shit as Max

No. 77960

File: 1578603357733.png (183.89 KB, 1088x469, a.PNG)

If nursewitch on Twitter and nursewitch on Instagram are the same person (Kit), why did nursewitch's Twitter bio say "23, they/them" when nursewitch's Instagram bio said "21, he/him" and that they were a gay male? It's understandable if she's lying about her age, since Campanella has before, but when she has a past of being so militant about gender identity and pronouns ( >>77839 ) it's hard to see why she'd claim to go by different pronouns on different accounts.

https://twitter.com/nursewitch (unfortunately, the age was removed from the bio yesterday, and it wasn't archived.)

No. 77963

File: 1578604225704.png (11.45 KB, 701x125, a.PNG)

It also doesn't appear that nursewitch on Instagram and nursewitch on Twitter (who is actually Kit) are the same person, because the MyFigureCollection account (nenechi) linked to nursewitch on Instagram commented on a figure page 2 months ago saying he was selling a figure and would only ship in the US, implying he's American. Kit has lived (and according to her updating her Twitter bio yesterday, still lives) in Queensland, Australia.


No. 77972

File: 1578606859680.png (14.28 KB, 934x278, a.PNG)

Interestingly, there was a "vaporyon" Instagram account at a point in time which has been deleted. This particular message appears when a page once existed and doesn't anymore. I tried to search for any evidence that it may have been Kit's but haven't found any.


No. 77973

it honestly seemed kinda suspicious that she liked them? maybe it was the whole trans women can't be pedophilic sperg that baggy went on

No. 77974

Looking at @nursewitchleo on twitter, she does appear to be a different person.

I haven't seen this posted here yet, so here's the OG tosh callout - https://34rfrees3s34.tumblr.com

Thank you anon for all the work, this is so interesting. Just to clarify, Kit was around the same age as Max, then Tosh (who is older) came into the picture, and all 3 of them are attracted to underage cartoon characters?

No. 77989

Only Tosh's age is known for certain. He was born on July 21 of 1991 and is 28 and turning 29 this year, proven by an "about" page he had on his Tumblr blog for years (also proven by how long he's been on the internet, having a Newgrounds account made in 2002.) His birthdate's stayed consistent throughout all of his social media accounts, so there's no evidence that he'd be lying about his age.


Allegedly, Campanella was born on July 22 of 1997 (according to the birthdate listed on archived versions of her DeviantArt accounts) and would therefore be 22 and turning 23 this year. That's also accurate to an archived version of her old DeviantArt account, jellylemonade, where she said she was 15 on September 22, 2013. However, that birthdate isn't accurate to archived versions of her other old social media accounts, such as her old Tumblr blog (jellyjuice) where she claimed to be 16 on July 16, 2014 (she should have been 15 and turning 16 six days later) and on her old DeviantArt account (jellylemonade) where her age was listed as 17 on April 18 of 2015 (she should have been 16 at that point and wouldn't have turned 17 until July of that year.) Campanella likely has a history of lying about her age, especially considering the fact that she keeps her age hidden nowadays.

In this post of hers from last year, >>11797, she claims that Tosh was "around 26" and that she was 15 when their sexual interaction began, though Tosh would have turned 26 in 2017 and she would have turned 15 in 2013, according to the age she claims to be. Evidence shows that she and the friends mentioned met Tosh in the Fall of 2013, where he would have been 23, and that the sexual interaction began in 2014, where she would have been 15 and turned 16.

https://web.archive.org/web/20150920023232/http://pupcore.deviantart.com/ (birthday listed as July 22 on September 20, 2015)
https://web.archive.org/web/20150418000710/http://jellylemonade.deviantart.com/ (age listed as 17, but birthday listed as July 22, 1997, on April 18, 2015)
https://web.archive.org/web/20130922150240/http://jellylemonade.deviantart.com/ (age listed as 15 on September 22, 2013)
https://web.archive.org/web/20140716034147/http://jellyjuice.tumblr.com/ (age listed as 16 on July 16, 2014)

Kit is presumed to be around Campanella's age. Her birthday is January 8 (according to archived versions of her old DeviantArt accounts) likely of 1997 (given the 97 in one of her old DeviantArt account's username, yiffyboy97.) Yesterday, which was her birthday, the age shown in her Twitter bio (her Twitter is nursewitch) was 23, though it was later removed. For a while it was suspected that Campanella and Kit were in a relationship while Campanella was a minor, and if Campanella has lied about her age, it's possible that Kit may have lied about her age as well to match the ages they claimed to be at the time (and not give away that one of them was an adult.)

https://web.archive.org/web/20151101063226/http://kittenprince.deviantart.com/ (birthday listed as January 8 on November 1, 2015)
https://web.archive.org/web/20151018191241/http://yiffyboy97.deviantart.com/ (birthday listed as January 8 on October 18, 2015)
https://web.archive.org/web/20151019003615/http://vaporyon.deviantart.com/ (birthday listed as January 8 on October 19, 2015)

No. 78013

File: 1578623067507.png (109.54 KB, 200x200, yonako-kitti campanella.png)

It's amazing how some of this haven't been discovered yet, but I can say my dedication to finding dirt on Campanella is truly paying off.

I've found Campanella's inactive FurAffinity account, leading me to find Kit's (disabled, so possibly active or inactive) account as well. Campanella's account was created on January 17th, 2013, and hasn't been active in 4 years. Uploaded to the account is a drawing of her and Kit's fursona's (Kit's holding Campanella's on a leash and collar) with the filename "Happy Valentine's Master." Her favorites include drawings of furry girls in scant clothing, diapered baby animals, anime unicorn colts in bondage gear, Japanese cat schoolgirls, and art by Cate Wurtz (friend of 4lung, whose username on there is Paranoid_Furfagoid) and Emma (history1970s, whose username on there is vincon) unsurprisingly. Her account lists her age as 15, her Skype username as yonako-kitti, and her Second Life username as petprince (a reference to the petplay relationship she was in with Kit at the time of making that FurAffinity account.) Upon searching Google for "yonako-kitti" I came across a Cosplay.com account last active in 2011 featuring - you guessed it - good 'ole ancient weeb Campanella, with the location set to Brisbane, Australia, where she still lives ( >>76373 ). I also found her Fanfiction account, created in March of 2010 and last updated in November of that year, loaded with bookmarked Pokémon and Hetalia yaoi fanfics, as well as two past DeviantArt accounts of hers.

The DeviantArt account "yonako-kitti" existed at a point in time, but is now deactivated. When "yonako-kitti deviantart" is searched on Google, however, the results show the DeviantArt account "zombiemoonkitty", created on April 7 of 2007, which has "Yonako kitti" as the tagline directly under the username. Oh-so-coincidentally, the birthday listed on the zombiemoonkitty account is July 22 (Campanella's birthday) and the location listed is Australia. This account's favorites include art of characters from Azumanga Daioh and Kodomo no Jikan, so her enthusiasm for female child characters far precedes Tosh's presence in her life, as much as she'd like to blame it on him. What's also notable is that a few of the account's pieces were favorited in 2014 by, who else, polycatworld, Tosh's DeviantArt account (that's the year they had sexual interactions.) She actually commented on one of the drawings posted by this account on July 19, 2014, using her then-account jellylemonade. If this doesn't serve as a lesson that one wrong move can give your entire past away, I don't know what does.

The Twitter account @yonakokitti is definitely Campanella's as well, as it links to the deactivated yonako-kitti DeviantArt account and describes her as having the same interests ("I'm a fujoshi XD" has got to be my favorite touch.) There's also an old Blogspot blog of hers (and I mean old, 2005 old) which links to the zombiemoonkitty DeviantArt account and contains some of her art that wasn't posted on DeviantArt. Some of the posts and art are credited to "Luna Heathwood" and "Jenny Jump" which suggests that her biological name could either contain "Jenny" (maybe Jennifer) or "Heathwood." The blog is described as "GALLERY FOR AMAZING DRAWINGS AND ART BY LUNA, ARTIST NAME YONAKO KITTY." Along with that, I've found Campanella's still active MyAnimeList account, the username of which was once yonako-kitti but was at some point changed to Vibri.

Campanella's (now-deactivated) DeviantArt - https://www.deviantart.com/yonako-kitti (possibly her first DeviantArt account)
Campanella's (inactive) DeviantArt - https://www.deviantart.com/zombiemoonkitty (likely her second DeviantArt account)
Campanella's FurAffinity account - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jellyjuice/
Kit's FurAffinity account (now disabled) - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yiffprince
Campanella's Cosplay.com account - https://cosplay.com/member/166800
Campanella's Fanfiction account - https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2282781/Yonako-kitti
Campanella's (unused) Twitter account - https://twitter.com/yonakokitti
Campanella's (inactive) Blogspot blog - http://cutecomix.blogspot.com/
Campanella's (active) MyAnimeList account - https://myanimelist.net/profile/Vibri

Yes, the image attached is a picture of Campanella (or Luna Heathwood? Jennifer Heathwood?) from 2010/2011, and no, a higher quality version (sadly) doesn't exist. It's the oldest picture of her I've ever seen.

Evidence of everything mentioned in this post will be posted promptly (prepare for the samefagging.)

No. 78014

File: 1578623430418.png (374.17 KB, 1346x597, a.PNG)

Here is a screenshot of Campanella's FurAffinity account, jellyjuice, as of January 9, 2020.


No. 78015

File: 1578623523177.png (108.37 KB, 400x400, 1398917654.jellyjuice_happy_va…)

Here's Campanella's aforementioned drawing of Kit's fursona holding hers on a leash and collar, intended as a Valentine's Day drawing. Note the filename.


No. 78017

File: 1578623720690.png (589.76 KB, 1090x1090, 1402321609.jellyjuice_emo_usuk…)

Her drawing of the "emo Usul" shopkeeper from Neopets, which was also a drawing she'd posted on her DeviantArt account jellylemonade in 2013.


No. 78018

File: 1578623798577.jpg (90.42 KB, 700x376, 1398930869.lu-nya_tumblr_n4bxn…)

A 2014/2015 drawing by Luna (Campanella and Kit's ex-friend, Lu-nya on DeviantArt) of Campanella and Kit's characters together.


No. 78021

The way she talks, one could easily get the impression she was the survivor of something horrific. I can't believe it was just one guy on tumblr who she willingly dated because she had a loli fetish. It's sad she was groomed, but people have been through worse and fetishizing your victimization for attention on social media is weird.

No. 78022

File: 1578624572173.png (611.01 KB, 883x492, a.PNG)

Some of Campanella's favorited drawings, including those by ex-friend lu-nya, Cate Wurtz (Paranoid_Furfagoid), and Emma (vincon, but known elsewhere as history1970s.)


You've summed up Campanella's entire internet presence quite succinctly.

No. 78024

File: 1578624750340.png (Spoiler Image,52.6 KB, 700x800, 1376192388.dinocasino_unico.pn…)

This was in her favorites. Lmao.

No. 78025

File: 1578624924533.png (871.85 KB, 1029x642, c.PNG)

Was referring to >>78021, apologies.

Some of the art favorited by Campanella, including babyfurs, cat schoolgirls, and a drawing of Kit's fursona by the account yiffprince proving (aside from lu-nya referring to the account as a friend) that yiffprince is Kit's account.


No. 78026

File: 1578624993758.png (350.99 KB, 975x254, a.PNG)

As >>78024 mentioned, here's some of the cub-themed art Campanella favorited.


No. 78027

File: 1578625111153.png (1.29 MB, 1293x620, a.PNG)

More babyfur and cub inflation art that Campanella favorited.


No. 78029

File: 1578625248665.png (102.63 KB, 440x313, a.PNG)

Preserving the information tab on Campanella's Cosplay.com account for evidence that it's her.


No. 78031

File: 1578625521463.png (93.52 KB, 452x354, a.PNG)

Doing the same for her Fanfiction account.


No. 78032

File: 1578626428949.png (107.67 KB, 496x431, a.PNG)

No. 78033

File: 1578626678100.png (7.99 KB, 345x199, a.PNG)

On October 7th of 2014, Tosh favorited this drawing on Campanella's old DeviantArt account, zombiemoonkitty.


No. 78034

File: 1578626783046.png (24.52 KB, 582x495, a.PNG)

Campanella also commented, using her account jellylemonade, in a reply to somebody else on a drawing of hers posted on zombiemoonkitty.


No. 78035

I love you for giving us all this max milk

No. 78036

File: 1578627293281.png (988.27 KB, 804x566, a.PNG)

Two images favorited by the zombiemoonkitty account of female child characters from Kodomo no Jikan, a lolicon anime & manga.


No. 78037

File: 1578627481269.png (85.73 KB, 735x467, a.PNG)

Aw, thank you. I guess that's the power of a good memory and a vendetta for someone who insulted you six years ago.

Image attached, screenshotting the Twitter for proof.


No. 78039

File: 1578627896839.png (142.49 KB, 1160x588, Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 10.4…)

oh wow same, I can't believe I've known of this pimples existence for 5-6?? years
also it dosent seem like she's following anyone significant on her old twit

No. 78040

I suggest to anyone reading this that you save the images posted on Campanella's DeviantArt accounts and Blogspot blog before they possibly get deleted, in case they reveal more information when reverse image searched. I'll try to reverse image search everything once I've posted all of the evidence.

It's kind of funny how many people ended up finding this thread or meeting others in the animecore community by being stalked and or/harassed by Campanella. Karma is a bitch.

No. 78041

File: 1578628482429.jpg (59.56 KB, 425x299, EL35l3yU4AAZmDR.jpg)

To add more evidence to what's already here, compare the art styles between the profile picture of Campanella's Fanfiction account (left) from 2010,and the art style of one of Campanella's drawings from 2009 (right.) They're very similar, especially the eye and hair shading style.


No. 78042

File: 1578628557477.jpg (110.71 KB, 752x1064, EL35l3yU4AAZmDR (1).jpg)

The original drawing, in case Campanella deletes the linked tweet (deleting the file along with it.)


No. 78043

File: 1578628746332.png (840.15 KB, 1321x711, Capture.PNG)

The gallery of the zombiemoonkitty account as of January 9, 2020.


No. 78044

File: 1578628899799.png (342.38 KB, 1111x697, a.PNG)

Evidence that her MyAnimeList account (the username of which was previously Yonako-kitti) is active.


No. 78045

File: 1578629131007.png (173.43 KB, 1090x702, a.PNG)

Her Blogspot blog as of January 9, 2020, citing her as "Luna Heathwood."


No. 78047

File: 1578629327945.jpg (372.63 KB, 1600x1135, ElizabethSt.1.jpg)

Campanella posted this drawing to her Blogspot blog in February of 2008, depicting Elizabeth Street, a popular street in the city centre of Brisbane (where she's lived for most of her life.)


No. 78048

File: 1578629539567.jpg (137.57 KB, 1024x741, DSC02988.jpg)

Well, scratch that - here's an ever older picture of Campanella, posted in September of 2006.


No. 78049

File: 1578629748104.jpg (22.91 KB, 392x640, Lucy on broomstick.jpg)

Nevermind, here's the first post ever on that Blogspot blog, titled "Lucy on broomstick" from July 24th, 2005.


No. 78051

File: 1578629951230.png (49.36 KB, 575x401, Capture.PNG)

No. 78053

that really doesn't look like max imo maybe a childhood friend?
>>78049 looks a bit more like her? similar face shape, blonde, pale as hell

No. 78054

File: 1578630870594.jpg (116.19 KB, 530x1024, DSC01625.jpg)

Personally, >>78048 looks more like her to me when compared to recent pictures of her than >>78049, though there's no real way to tell. Here's another picture from her Blogspot blog, posted March 5th, 2006, in case it helps.


No. 78055

You may actually be right. That image is titled "Lucy on broomstick" and the second post on the page linked below says "(c) Lucy", a name I hadn't seen on the blog before.


No. 78056

I just remember seeing pictures earlier in the thread with max with dirty blonde/light brown roots

also found another picture of the brown haired girl,(possibly luna?)

No. 78057

File: 1578631103970.jpg (46 KB, 209x635, DSC02980.jpg)

No. 78058

I think the same girl was also posted here? http://cutecomix.blogspot.com/2007/05/after-art-show.html
seesh, she really hasn't grown up at all

No. 78059

File: 1578631270217.jpg (177.03 KB, 580x1600, IMG_2524.JPG)

No. 78060

update, I clicked the Lunas deviant art on the Lunas links, it directly links back to max's oldest DA

No. 78062

File: 1578631736300.png (158.53 KB, 751x693, a.PNG)

Campanella and Luna have known each other in real life since at least 2011, evidence now shows. In the description of this drawing posted by Luna on her old DeviantArt account, luna-the-umbreon, she says that she drew the picture at Campanella's (Yonako-Kitti)'s house. The blank icon in the attached image says "Yonako-Kitti" when hovered over and when clicked takes you to the deactivated DeviantArt account.


No. 78063

File: 1578631918308.png (314.42 KB, 1132x694, a.PNG)

Campanella also went by the name "Luna" until around that time. This drawing posted on July 22, 2011 was a birthday gift for her. In the comments she said, using the Yonako-Kitti account (which the icon in the description links to), "AH~ THIS IS AWESOME. ;o; THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3".


No. 78064

File: 1578631953061.png (12.9 KB, 468x218, a.PNG)

No. 78067

File: 1578632702822.png (819.51 KB, 1020x513, b.png)

Based off the nose shape, it looks like >>78048 and >>78059 are Max, & >>78054 and >>78049 are her friend. >>78057 is too small to tell. Also note the under-eye similarities in the second pic and this one.

No. 78069

The pictures of the girl that looks less like Campanella may be her sister, though I haven't seen her ever mention having siblings.

In a very juvenile, cruel way, I'm looking forward to the meltdown she's going to have when she checks in on this thread (which I imagine she'll do since it's suspected that she occasionally selfposts.)

No. 78073

File: 1578636038420.png (717 KB, 979x485, a.PNG)

Here's more evidence that yiffprince is Kit's FurAffinity account, as some of the drawings that appear when "yiffprince" is searched are the same drawings that appear Kit's old DeviantArt accounts kittenprince and vaporyon. (>>77881, >>77866)


No. 78074

She'll definitely throw a massive tantrum and make a production out of this, privately or publicly. I think on some level she'll actually relish it, because it gives her a chance to (almost) be the victim she's always claiming herself to be.
Can't wait to find out all of Lolcow banded together with Tosh and her other ex to stalk her, broke into her home, snatched all her belongings, hijacked her identity and skinwalked her, hacked her old accounts to favorite lolicon/cub porn and frame her, gave her 177 panic attacks, sent death threats to her on Tumblr, and tried to assassinate her to get all her Mayura doujinshi.

No. 78075

File: 1578636421497.png (1.35 MB, 1344x1496, a.PNG)

Campanella also has an active (somewhat active, hasn't been used in 3 months) FurAffinity account with a few drawings that haven't been posted elsewhere.


No. 78092

File: 1578662575218.jpg (229.46 KB, 900x1200, EN62qyjUwAAGLAW.jpg)

Another figure collection picture from Campanella. Does anyone know the name of the lavender-haired character in the back that's wearing basically a bikini?


No. 78095

File: 1578665068062.png (176.42 KB, 905x1280, 1428215599.jellyjuice_22222222…)

This is one of Campanella's older drawings from 2014, titled "Cooking Lessons with Kuu-chan!~", of Kit's fursona Kuu. It was posted on the jellylemonade DeviantArt account and the jellyjuice FurAffinity account. Reverse image search doesn't show it as being anywhere else online.


No. 78096

Judging by the art style, it looks like a Moetan figure, see >>38087.
Also, >>78036 is actually from Ichigo Mashimaro, not Kodomo No Jikan. I haven't finished it, but I wouldn't necessarily call Ichigo Mashimaro lolicon (it's not really sexual), but the mangaka, Barasui, definitely has drawn some seedy shit.
He contributed to the Weekly Dearest My Brother series, which is actual lolicon shit.
That said, I'm very sure Max has posted Kodomo No Jikan content on at least one of her Tumblr accounts at some point. Her chat background was literally of a Rin Kokonoe figurine in one of her Tosh/bronzecatworld callout screencaps >>11797 and here she is again talking about a Rin figurine she actually owns "because it's just so cute" (nevermind her owning tons of actual R-18 lolicon doujinshi) >>74362.

No. 78097

Thanks for correcting that. I actually recognize that anime, Ichigo Mashimaro, but for whatever reason I was linking the characters to the same show Rin is from.

No. 78101

File: 1578668817408.jpg (106.57 KB, 675x900, EN5w9UFUEAIvIWG.jpg)

Campanella tweeted this old drawing (left) in a reply to someone on Twitter yesterday. Some aspects of the art style look quite similar to that of her old anime girl drawings (right.) She's really giving people far too much to work with, in terms of identifying her.


No. 78102

File: 1578668861916.png (1.16 MB, 1616x496, EN5w9UFUEAIvIWG.png)

No. 78103

File: 1578669463604.png (64.32 KB, 1294x520, a.PNG)

There's several archived pages of Campanella's original DeviantArt account, Yonako-Kitti. The earliest one is from March 27, 2010, and contained an "information" section (image attached.) The Skype username listed is the same as the one listed on Campanella's FurAffinity account, jellyjuice (seen here >>78014.) It also shows that Campanella had posted a drawing titled "Luna Umbreon" which could be a reference to her going by "Luna" in the past, or to her real-life ex-friend Luna (luna-the-umbreon and Lu-nya on DeviantArt) since evidence shows that they knew each other as far back as 2011 (seen here >>78062.)

The blog.livedoor.jp link is an old blog of Campanella's which is still up and contains some interesting things, such as more ancient pictures of her.


No. 78104

File: 1578669637630.jpg (35.84 KB, 620x420, 063dd0cd.jpg)

From said livedoor blog is a picture of Campanella and one of her drawings from September 13, 2010. The art style is very similar to other drawings of Campanella's from that time, shown here >>78041.


No. 78105

File: 1578669762751.png (6.17 KB, 578x173, a.PNG)

Further evidence and discussion of Campanella and Luna's long real-life friendship (for a period of time.)


No. 78106

There's something oddly nostalgic about those DeviantArt info boxes filled out with the xD yaoi bullshit.
The Skype and emails though are pretty interesting but I'd imagine they're dead.
Also how was she not banned for blatantly saying she's under 13/14 on both dA and these other Japanese sites?

No. 78107

I don't imagine there'd be anything to find concerning those emails, yeah, but after I get done looking through some pages of hers I'll search and see.

Throughout her livedoor blog are fandubbing videos she made (under the name "Yonako") though they're all unfortunately deleted.

No. 78108

File: 1578670219676.jpg (48.38 KB, 309x242, 35069645f9bfce4d764d.jpg)

No. 78109

File: 1578670278821.jpg (412.11 KB, 620x420, b86477e1.jpg)

Another picture of her from the same date (which strangely doesn't look like her at all, but the caption is "Yonako Beam.")


No. 78110

File: 1578670676347.png (24.56 KB, 461x429, a.PNG)

An archived version of the Yonako-Kitti DeviantArt page from July 15, 2011, lists her Tumblr blog as being lumia-, though the link (as expected) leads nowhere and there's no archived versions of the blog on the Wayback Machine. "Lumia", however, is the username of her MyFigureCollection account.


No. 78111

File: 1578671079395.png (101.91 KB, 377x499, a.PNG)

An archived version of the Yonako-Kitti DeviantArt from September 13, 2011, lists her Tumblr blog as "yourwaifu", though the only archived versions of that blog are from 2015 and forward, when she would have already detached herself from these past accounts. I don't believe the archived versions of the yourwaifu blog are related to her, and the username was probably taken by somebody else after she changed it.


No. 78113

File: 1578671370526.png (14.49 KB, 268x256, a.PNG)

An archived version of Yonako-Kitti from December 9, 20