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File: 1603573112720.png (1.55 MB, 1024x1024, 1603571597765.png)

No. 117518

Let's talk about about a new youtube epidemic of lazy content: the Vtubers.
For those that do not know Vtubers are basically Youtube Influencers but as an anime girl drawing.

Common traits of Vtubers:
>Lazy content and lack of animation (Let's let facerig do all the work for me!!)
>Repeating the kawaii aesthetic without inovation.
>Act like a stereotypical anime girl using cringy moe voices.
>All characters look practically the same, it's just all recycled content.
>Fake niceness between Vtubers to appear friendly.
>Constant circlejerking.

previous thread >>>/w/106239

No. 117519

File: 1603573159017.png (275.46 KB, 868x492, Sin título.png)

>wow hahaha caterpillars are sharks
>doesn't this make you go doki doki
>am I a dude? I don't think so haha
>so uhm artemis of the blue its because we're from the blue clan yeah
>doesn't have a schedule
>didn't plan shit because "it's her style"

No. 117520

File: 1603573292945.jpg (71.59 KB, 1280x720, Dimitri.jpg)

>10,000 viewers to 9,700

No. 117521

It was 11,500. This is just sad honestly.

No. 117522

she hasn't planned anything but made everyone wait 1+ month for her debut
can't believe the design was wasted on her

No. 117523

>I can play any game that lets me play as a girl

hahahaha oh

>she hasn't planned anything but made everyone wait 1+ month for her debut

She saw it coming probably that's why she baited 40k people for a month

No. 117524

"my hands aren't rigged for that so I don't think I can"
she can't even immerse herself or play a character right??

No. 117525

File: 1603573698439.jpg (661.39 KB, 2894x4093, Ek-r6A9VgAAe2Ss.jpg)

imagine having this art commisioned and for your actual personality be that of a nasaly voiced milquetoast shut-in who can't do shit right

No. 117526

Everybody waited a month for a cute shark girl and she turned out to be a dude

No. 117528

she's hemorrhaging viewers, yeesh

No. 117529

Doesn't look like it.
She just skips a lot of questions, answers without caring. But still insists on "staying in character" for certain things.

I would rather have a charismatic dude than this tbh.

No. 117530

Artemis just skips 2/3 of the questions… It's not even the chat, it's marshmallow.

No. 117531

same, his personality is so lackluster

No. 117532

Everyone hyped her up so much and made her such a big deal and she's such a disappointment with a schmorky voice

She's so fucking boringgggg, even the chat said it.

No. 117533

A dude wouldn't gain so many followers. Shark girl mascot was just for bait.

No. 117534

Jesus christ she can't even descrive her backstory right, she stutters so much.

No. 117535

Does Artemis really sound like a tranny or are anons reaching?

Based off everyones summary of stream, really sounds like a trainwreck retard who would end up getting cancelled for some sort of porn.

No. 117536

Check it out and decide for yourself, anon.

No. 117538

I thought Artemis would at least be outgoing based off her shitposts and constant replying on twitter. She's so incredibly boring what the fuck is this shit

No. 117539

File: 1603574160032.png (160.71 KB, 413x382, Ame.png)

So, how will Domo's plans be affected when he realizes that the "superstar" shark he introduced to us dipped to 8,700 viewers?

No. 117540

Very nasally, excessive throat clearing. Artemis tries so hard to talk like a girl it just sounds fake.

No. 117541

File: 1603574263189.png (431.85 KB, 864x486, Sin título.png)

Just like any other idiot weeb, all bark no bite.

She's playing this shitty boring as game for gods sake…

No. 117542

that's not a girl, he was better off trying to debut as a trap shark or something

No. 117543

went out of her room and told chat to wait, stream is down to 8,420 viewers

No. 117544

8,300… Sad

No. 117545

Scuffed streams can be entertaining as fuck, but you need to have the personality to pull it off.

Io's debut is stellar compared to this.

No. 117546

Anybody caught her search history just now?

No. 117548

File: 1603574517408.png (553.5 KB, 1368x772, artsearch.png)

Nothing much, but here.

No. 117549

File: 1603574551491.png (41.42 KB, 572x252, Sin título.png)

imagine acting this on twitter, complete opposite to your real personality

No. 117550

File: 1603574580677.jpg (104.06 KB, 1131x1439, IMG_20201024_231952.jpg)

Oh well then. The design screams tranny anyway. Waste of money. There are some successful streamers in JP that got personality, anime girl avatar and are fully aware they are men with girly avatar and they actually got audience. However even them do nothing but draw lewds during collabs and talk about panties.

No. 117551


> "Artemis of the Blue wiki"


No. 117552

down to 8,030

No. 117553

> says she hates gamers
> calls her followers gamers

No. 117554

She also likes Oshino Ougi, who's NB canonically. I think many trans people like this particular character.

No. 117555

Probably Vtuber wiki?

There is one tweet where she says "shitposting on this website for 4 years". The definitions of shitposting must have changed a lot.

>She's nervous now

>Nothing changed
Let's see what she has "planned". If it's not a "this stream is all a joke, the real debut starts now" I can't see anything that can save this debut.

No. 117556

I thought Tardamis stream's would be bad and cringe but appeal to zoomer shitposters but she doesn't even do that. She's so BLAND. Doesn't know how to stream but LOL SCUFFED!!!

No. 117557

So last threads subtweet was about this thread then, since Artemis is so obsessed with self-googling. Reminds me of Venus and other flakes who browse the threads. Her and Kiara would make a nice duo, whiners that check imageboards and cry about it. At least Kiara crys about it on membership streams.

No. 117558

At this rate the OP image is gonna be the meme "Get banned from the Atelier Discord" % run.

No. 117559

But she isn't even on the vtuber wiki. She'ss just obsessed with herself it seems.

No. 117560

File: 1603575064039.png (48.07 KB, 510x350, Sin título.png)

down to 7k

No. 117562


full disclosure, I infiltrated a couple days ago, I wanna see the drama unfold real-time when all their egos start clashing in a few weeks

No. 117563

its funny how much she's saying she hates guys
but the vtuber audience is mostly dudes
this is just a trainwreck

No. 117564

>Obsessed with herself
Yep, checks out.

The gamer things is possibly a "meme", it's probably planned to be a "super funny" inside joke.

No. 117565

She's finishing youtube's stream, now on twitch for "something cool"
Starting in 30 minutes.

No. 117566

she will be live on twitch in 30 min
>has not edited or done anything with her twitch at all
it's like she doesnt care she just wants the clout and does nothing with it

No. 117567

"thanks for coming to my debut stream it was such a blast"

No. 117568

What could possibly redeem the last 1 hour and 30 minutes?

No. 117569

She only has 2.4k followers on Twitch, if she plans on getting partnered then she has to ditch her youtube channel with 25k.

No. 117570

File: 1603575493100.jpg (20.14 KB, 720x222, Mantard.jpg)

Jumped down to 5.4k real quick before she said she's leaving to Twitch.

What is this logic? You can't stream both on youtube and twitch because in the end youd have to choose one place. I guess Artemis is trying to choose where she had the most views.

No. 117571

Wew, 2020 is full of disappointments isn't it

No. 117573

So no stream archive?

No. 117574

it's so retarded that she has her entire fanbase on youtube and she's going to twitch because she's "scared of copyright"
Idk, is she planning on singing? god that's gonna be so much fun wow. Can't wait for a nasal voiced tranny to sing me kawaii songs, wow I can't contain my excitement. sarcasm

No. 117575

I don't really know all the twitch partner benefits, but I don't see why do both.
Considering she was talking about copyright, will she try to sing?

One thing though, if partners are allowed to only stream on twitch, why does Moccachan still streams on youtube as well?

Little does she know, twitch is getting worse than youtube.

No. 117576

> One thing though, if partners are allowed to only stream on twitch, why does Moccachan still streams on youtube as well?

It's rather simple, nobody snitched anon.

No. 117577

Its not about the copyright, its the same on yt and twitch.

Artemis wont be able to both earn money from twitch and youtube especially IF he reaches verified streamer status on Twitch.

This. No one cares if you are a nobody, but Artemis ass would be bitten quick because of how hype this shark head given to him. Imo design is complete shit full body.

No. 117580

My only hope is everyone unsubs to this tard and someone eventually makes a better version of this design with a voice that has an actual personality and can carry on a stream

I wouldn't care if it would be a gura offbrand, just take the good shit from artemis and make it good.

No. 117581

Yep I noticed that about Mocca too. She is breaking her partner contract by streaming on Youtube but she's not super duper popular so no one has noticed or cares. If she keeps at it though she'll probably get her partnership taken away.

Artemis isn't an affiliate or partner on twitch so she has no contract to break atm. Just seems weird trying to have her cake and eat it too on both platforms for her debut. Really strange and definitely doesn't seem like a smart move.

No. 117582

>trying to have her cake and eat it too
This was her from the start.
From all the hype she fished up.
From the long debut wait.
From searching her own name on google.
From being so self absorbed and stupid.

No. 117583

Yeah, fair enough. I thought they would be way more strict with this type of shit, but I guess twitch is already too big for them to care if small streamers are following the contract.

>Its not about the copyright
It was the reason she gave to go on twitch, even if it is a bullshit reason.

No. 117584

File: 1603577059410.png (367.5 KB, 1122x604, Sin título.png)

She got banned instantly by twitch
and she's singing now.

No. 117585

Banned for what? Botting? Kek

No. 117586

I also saw her going from 5k to 3k instantly
here comes her super heartfelt special song lol

No. 117587

Artemis' account and shit was generating at just the "right" amount of time when Gura was having full blown streamer hype. Artemis just got lucky enough to be able to ride on gura's coat tail of fame. That was the start, but then he starts sucking domo's predator cock like some weinstein/dan schneider casting couch broad and now this trainwreck comes up. Jesus christ, what an absolute mess.
>banned on twitch
Jesus fucking christ my sides.

No. 117588

God. She's singing Komm süsser tod.

No. 117589

I think I just got cancer from that singing

No. 117590

abort, shark. Abort. Jesus, this brings me back to the day the xboxone was revealed and the ps4. People thought the ps4 was pretty fucking lackluster, but then the xbone just comes along and crashes and burns. Io being ps4 and artemis being the xbone in this comparison.

No. 117591

doesn't even know the words and is obviously a guy trying to sing gently to seem like a girl

No. 117592

This is fucking horrible, she's offkey, not on time, highpitched, and she sounds like cat scratches on a board

What a fucking trainwreck of a debut

No. 117593

It's better than I expected, honestly. You can see how low the bar was already.

No. 117594

File: 1603577536631.png (158.72 KB, 342x392, Sin título.png)

It all returns to nothing, it all comes
Tumbling down
Tumbling down
Tumbling down

No. 117596

she got a raid and she's singing the same shitty weeabo song AGAIN

No. 117597

File: 1603577690720.png (21.22 KB, 1120x92, Sin título.png)

is it possible to get a raid and actually lose viewers?

No. 117598

Why banned?

No. 117599

>Waited 30 minutes for this.

No. 117600

File: 1603577956037.jpg (415.43 KB, 616x642, 5c11541fb472020012f692e0_84717…)


No. 117601

>waited an entire month for her debut

No. 117602

File: 1603578111797.jpeg (85.08 KB, 300x250, 2icz6jy13qaVuZ.jpeg)

No. 117604

That's clearly a man

No. 117605

who on 2ch or whatever threw this together?

No. 117607

kek, someone please do this but with the actual audio pls

No. 117609

guys i have never been so deeply satisfied by watching a number change on a website. is this what it feels like to watch sports?

No. 117611

Idgi 10k viewers on twitch is good? Even pikamee only averages 2k max on YouTube

No. 117612

She gotten only almost 3k views on twitch which dropped instantly to 2.3k.

Anon was talking about Artemis YouTube debut that happened before twitch, which had 10k but with each minute of Artemis talking itll drop by 500 or more, in the end leading to 5.4k

No. 117613

>all this hype
>all this teasing
>all this attitude
>all this domo dick sucking
All for…
letting them down, letting them down,
letting them down

No. 117614

the best part is now that we know she egosurfs like a fucking fiend, she's definitely gonna see all this

the sadistic part of me finds joys in that

No. 117615

File: 1603579408361.jpg (12.59 KB, 569x399, IMG_20201025_004246.jpg)

> monogatari series
> favorite character is the one that keeps being questioned as a trap in gatari community
> puts "is still a virgin" in facts

No. 117617

With how much he latches onto domo's dick and is on a clout chasing craze that rivals Kiara's attention whoring, you'd think otherwise. But 170 cm >"SHE"
Boy, the salt and ego clashing is going to be real. Buckle up with some popcorn. Shit's going for a ride.

No. 117618

>i can only play as games that let me play as a girl
>am i a dude? no i dont think so
>that voice
Trans confirmed
Shame this trainwreck actually has a nice avatar, I wouldn't call it tranyshit like the other anon though since I feel it would be more horny. Though if Artemis is a dude he should just be honest and play into the whole anime girl with dudes voice joke anyway instead of literally transitioning into anime.
Though streaming minesweeper was pretty funny.

No. 117620

When Gura hit the million mark a totally sane /jp/-user put this together and had it displayed as an ad (4chan recently remade their ad-system so that was easy for him). Said guy spent a few hundred bucks to annoy other shitposters.

Artemis is worse than Kiara. Keeki might be a spoilt bitch but her singing voice isn't bad, speaking fluent japanese is useful and her whining and bitching attracts a special male audience. She has things going for her, unlike troonshark. Artemis is dead on arrival, his circlejerk won't watch, his defenders on Twitter won't, I give it three months.

No. 117621

Its amusing to me on how barely anyone wrote shit about his debut, while all the cloutchasers only posted their art for his debut the second it started. Really shows you something LOL

No. 117622

what grossed me out was these comments but also all the "cute girl" comments and lesbian baiting. i wouldnt have called it trannyshit if not for that

No. 117623

I'm just curious, have any of the big-name Vtubers ever hard a charity stream, or is that too politically spicy?

It seems like a nice thing to do once in a while, considering how many can pull in hundreds or thousands of dollars by gaming or chatting for a few hours.

No. 117624

File: 1603580406505.png (230.38 KB, 738x559, debut shade.png)

not sure if this is Io throwing subtle shade or what at Artemis' disastrous "debut".

No. 117625

Ironically, I think it still would have worked had they used the design for an androgyne, nonbinary character. The fact that they didn't proves to me it's a troon. A troon would never play as anything but "cute girl".
It wouldn't have saved anything (personality is still lacking) but the voice wouldn't be as unfit then.

Now don't tell me that wouldn't have worked in a community that is into "traps" or "representation".

No. 117628

File: 1603581121598.jpg (181.91 KB, 1080x1298, IMG_20201025_011354.jpg)

No. 117629

File: 1603581196065.jpg (194.73 KB, 798x685, screenshot.1514.jpg)

Already busy responding to criticism I see.

No. 117630

kek, same

Watch "her" trying to confirm she's not a troon next time she streams because she read it here.

Troon or not, this person is a boring af trainwreck and I hope in a month everyone ditches her because she's the worst vtuber I've ever seen hyped up.

No. 117631

Yup. definitely going to be chasing any criticism and shit. My sides.

No. 117632

File: 1603581589308.png (112.79 KB, 515x504, Kanroji.png)

>Artemis' flopping applies pressure on all of her Atlier friends to sound more interesting.
>All of them except for Rosuuri try to sound like Gura and Amelia which pushes viewers away with how unnatural they'll sound.

No. 117633

Bet first thing she did after ending stream is googling her name to respond to criticism because she knows her stream was shitty as fuck.

Also, Artemis, if that was a "joke" it was very poorly landed, you suck as a vtuber.

This is going to be the end of her. Hilarious, a true cow can't take criticism for shit.

No. 117634

As a content producer always ask yourself "Would I watch my own product/stream? If I was a viewer, would this entertain me?"
Artemis, can you honestly say you would?

No. 117636

It seems like most high-end vtubers have art that really matches their voice and personality. Couldn't she have planned a little better than a punky, edgy shark? Since she seems kind of quiet and calm, she could have been a gentle jellyfish, or a sleepy sea otter in PJ's, or something?

No. 117637

He probably considers himself Edgy and Punk when you look at his tweets and so transgressive "I hate Gamers lmao" jokes. Another case where text collides with reality.

No. 117638

Probably thought the tranny voice would hold out, only realizing late in that his toughguy edgy punk attitude wouldn't allow the voice to stay without clearly slipping. So instead the flip was onto "gentle and calm UwU" which is a complete tonal whiplash away from "her character".

No. 117639

>"Would I watch my own product/stream? If I was a viewer, would this entertain me?"
kek, if the average Twitter follower detected that mindset from someone's mouth that's 20 replies about how the style is unique or how it's the algorithm's fault.

On the bright side though, Artemis' pants sets up imposter syndrome pretty bad so I doubt those 40k followers can keep him going.

No. 117641

forgot to add, but the constant clearing of the throat also shows that the tranny voice isn't even practiced. I bet you the entire "wait" was so he could constantly rush practice trying to get the tranny voice down, realizing that the range he wanted to achieve for wanting to sound edgy and boistrous was unatainable, and realizing it was too late to change attitude on twitter. There was no stream prep other than trying to get tranny voice to "sloppy".
The least he could've done was at least own up to it like Xigneon and Ashunera. At least those two fuckers own up to it, and Xigneon goes full sexual and shit.

Trying to keep up the charade is only going to make for a more momentous occasion when he falls. In fact, I almost wonder if atelier live will completely drop artemis like a sack of shit when the fallout happens. Jesus. At least HoloEN mainly has Kiara to mostly seem as the ticking time bomb. The indie vtuber scene is a nuclear fallout brimming to happen.

No. 117642

Also theorizing that domo is either in on artemis being a tranny, or just thought premiere opportunity for first time hearing voice like the egomaniac he is. But this answers why artemis would've even gone on for a stream before his official debut. It was to test the voice in a controlled environment.

No. 117643

Yeah, this dude is delusional if he things he's anything along the lines of "punk". He's a lukewarm self concious edgelord that makes passive agressive tweets.

I noticed at some point before "she" singed that she made a little oopsie with her voice changer and her voice was suddenly high pitched like any kawaii vtuber.

Did anyone else catch that?

No. 117644

File: 1603583233551.jpg (26.28 KB, 747x134, screenshot.1515.jpg)


No. 117645

If that's a voicechanger it's a shitty one. My neckbeard DM does a better job at sounding femme than this dude.

No. 117646

The only few i remember was zentreya a few days before her birthday chat where doing a few things and after some random donations people starting to donate a lot, at the end (and knowing she will get more in her birthday) she donated most of it to Inmune deficiency foundation.
After that probably close to july there was like a week where Zentreya, Mouse, Silvervale and a few others put a Covid-19 campaign. Can't remember if it was the same that normal streamers or not.
From other vtubers, i got no idea, in that months i barely followed Zen, silver and maybe some other with 10 viewers

No. 117647

File: 1603583524052.jpg (96.21 KB, 1203x675, Anime-blood-donation-otaku-Jap…)

Sort of, Sana Natori worked with a hospital for some blood donation drives
Check that comment again in a few minutes to see if it'll get deleted kek

No. 117648

There was also one Projekt Melody organized that raised $30k for Covid-19 over the summer

There's a few other smaller ones that have been run by individual ENVs but I think that's all the major collab charity streams

No. 117649

samefagging but I'm not sure if the little mix up with his voice changing device was on youtube or twitch, but it was definetely there. I hope someone can confirm this

also, his voice doesn't register as female, but not only for how he talks, but also the way he talks. There's none of the general female-ish way of talking in his speech pattern (saying "like" a lot is an example if I remember right). Like, it legits sounds like a guy talking, is what I'm trying to say.

No. 117650

File: 1603583684333.png (5.7 MB, 2436x1125, FCAC095A-3BCB-4DAC-9000-262D99…)

39:35 in the stream, all the way until 42:00 is when “FoxyJoel” spammed her DMs with something important, and she says that’s kind of fucked, no rats and changed donations to credit card only. Clipped just in case she deletes the vod but it’s still up for now, I tried to post but the file is too big. The whole 2 min is painful though,

She keeps saying she doesn’t care but is clearly panic-reading the chat trying to figure out what to say. Joel massively spams NO RATS over and over and Domo donated 100$ saying “no rats”

This won’t last long. She obsessively searches herself, doesn’t know how to stream and clearly didn’t practise like the holo girls did since they were noobs with expectations from fans, thinks being boring is the same as being “dry sarcastic” and clearly has at least one person doing SOMETHING malicious enough to make her nervous and make her simp friends rise up to protect her. the dropping viewers and the tanked twitch stream view numbers have her off on a bad foot. She was obviously thinking people would just accept her bland personality for what it is the way they did with people like Ina, but even the vtube simps who are always thirsty for abother indie to love think her design is great but she’s underwhelming - they’re always blinded by waifus but even they can tell when someone isn’t putting in effort vs when someone is inexperienced and nervous but trying

No. 117652

File: 1603583800811.png (22.29 KB, 588x229, iugviog.png)

>She obsessively searches herself
speaking of which

No. 117653

What does "NO RATS" mean?

No. 117654

The whole "no rats" shit started when he liked some lewd art on twitter of another vtuber getting fucked from behind. People started going "geeze artemis is horny" and then that whole shit thing went down.
For all we know now, that could've moved on to not ratting about artemis clearly being a dude. Which that isn't going to last long lol. And sounds like Domo is in on it. At the very least he's equally opportunistic with who he's a sexual predator on.

No. 117655

Do you think people were sending her fake donations with messages related to her not actually being female?

No. 117659

File: 1603585171457.png (28.64 KB, 745x189, lol voice.png)

>sound pretty "androgynous"
I bet you he found here.

No. 117660

> androgynous
Can't even say manly

No. 117661

God, troon confirmed. No actual girl would call her voice androgynous as a compliment

No. 117662

my bet is it wasnt a business paypal or something

No. 117663

File: 1603585849931.png (61.71 KB, 718x402, jesus christ.png)

>When you fuck up your debut stream and people immediately catch on that you're a dude so you press on your sloppy seconds bootleg shark "companion" to go in for the defense.

No. 117664

Godamnit, that person who suggested ValkyrieAurora couldn't be anymore wrong since her voice would have actually fit the design minus the pants belts.

No. 117665

Waited a month long for a cute girl shark that wasn't a loli because it's uncomfortable
Got something worse than a loli… a troon

No. 117666

who the fuck is this person even?

No. 117667

another shark vtuber, that the moment they appeared, domo was already zooming in to huff their shit.

No. 117669

I figure it was something in the donation message, or someone refunded right away. Either way it’s directly related to credit card donations only because you can’t hide your identity.

Can’t wait to compare her stream viewer numbers in 2 weeks to today. I think after a few streams where people realize she’s not just nervous and has nothing going for her they’ll stop watching and stick to twitter interactions. She mentioned not liking JRPGs which isn’t great anime audience appeal.

No. 117670

well admittedly, you can't tie yourself to another vtuber's waist and leech clout if you're streaming 1 player-only jrpgs.

No. 117671

Anon, Valkyrie already debuted, and the streams are pretty comfy.

Btw, not sure if anyone here was autistic enough to check, but I kinda am curious to know how much Artemis actually made through donations. Io's debut was pretty packed for twitch and she read all the donations at the end, and she had a goal, so it was pretty easy to see.
Some anon said there was a 3k donation, but I think it was a misread since the biggest amount donated was 350 on streamlabs.

I didn't even hate the voice that much, I already listened to worse. But the lack of any personality whatsoever destroyed it.
And it's not "dry humor/sarcasm", that shit doesn't even work for streams very well, and it completely fails to translate to how she behaves on twitter. That gap could actually be a "cute" thing, but, again, no personality.

The minesweeper and pinball bit could be funny highlights, but they kinda fell flat.

No. 117672

What is Valkyrie's vtuber account? Didn't even know she debuted as vtuber

No. 117674


god the amount of ass patting in the comments, i really cant believe people are leaving "has potential!" in the comments

No. 117675

For someone who quit YouTube she's rather generous about openly telling us where to find her.

No. 117677

When valkyrie announced she was leaving youtube a lot of people was already watching her streams months ago, her videos where basically a review combined with best clips from the streams. After that she changed her name to Neriness00 and keep streaming, the first week was full of "why you deleted your videos?" and "would you do videos again?" (mostly people that didn't follow her streams before).
The most funny thing it's that a few days after someone tought it was Artemis, she announced her vtuber avatar

No. 117679

No. 117680

thats dakooters

No. 117685

File: 1603590467008.jpg (797.04 KB, 1952x1198, artemis.jpg)

That's what people are saying under clips of her debut

No. 117688

File: 1603590909611.png (138.92 KB, 601x413, artemis.png)

>"a trans of some sort"
I wonder when that will spill on twitter and we will see some vagueposting, if that didn't happen already.

Btw, pic related. Nothing will change.

No. 117691

File: 1603591748967.jpg (41.96 KB, 478x108, s.jpg)

Someone's lurking, say hi!

No. 117692

I watched this assuming it was Tardemis and heard a voice that immediately registered as female

No. 117693

Heather Sparkles level of cope

No. 117694

The text to voice bot isn't her. Idk I kinda hear it


Also this dakooters person is friends with onlyafro and hannahyrule who were in Aretemis' chat as mods spamming

No. 117696

I'd only feel bad for Shartemis if she(?) hadn't done this to herself. Clearly riding on Gura's coattails, the overhyping, pushing back debut (for apparently no reason since there was zero prepwork or thought put into any of it), cranking on that Domo freak's shaft, unapologetic hornyposting, begging people to draw 34 of her character, being generally obnoxious and unbearable on socials, the list goes fuckin' on and on.

If you're reading this, you made this bed, you lay in it.

No. 117697

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC419PFikISpkirmylX5smqw they sound incredibly similar but all trans people basically sound the same so im not sure if it even matters(embed video)

No. 117700

I don't see Dakooters rebranding away from his already established persona. The voice is also deeper than Dakooters and he could probably entertain a crowd slightly better.

No. 117701

File: 1603597089706.jpg (534.95 KB, 1264x650, mtf.jpg)

So Artemis is a transbian

No. 117705

I guess that means Domo isn't the lone m*le in this otherwise all girls vtuber anime LMAO.

No. 117707

File: 1603599951562.png (17.78 KB, 473x140, Screenshot 2020-10-24 212546.p…)

I'm pretty sure this one is a guy too since his bio is something like the harem protag of atolive

No. 117708


Yes this is a guy. They link directly to their art twitter and dont bother hiding the fact theyre a guy. Unlike Artemis.

No. 117711

This was removed by a moderator on the vtuber subreddit lol

No. 117712

We called this so hard. Just another femboy troon

No. 117714

File: 1603603754594.jpg (369.68 KB, 1536x2048, 1603596507478.jpg)

Someone posted this photo on 4chan and claims that this is him, same shirt and all. Too bad that the image has no source

No. 117715

Ew the greasy ass hair

No. 117716

If there's no source then perhaps it's Artemis actually posting his face on 4chan for whatever autistic reason? He's the type to egosearch so no surprise if he just felt the need to get validated (or roasted, depending on his fetish) by anons by posting a selfie.

No. 117717


Her/his voice is similar to Ina at low-end pitch, but Ina has much more personality compared to this slow car crash.

No. 117718

im late to the party, but i can say that artemis bitch debut is what i expected from cringelord like her, boring as fuck (couldn't finish the video), lameass jokes, and so fucking annoying.

also the voice, kek

No. 117721

> greasy hair
> hiding half of the face, showing only eyes
Typical trannie.

No. 117722

File: 1603610479923.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

>acts edgy on twitter
>Says "do your worst, humans!"
>hints at being a "bad bitch" kind of character
>riles people up
Also Artemis:
>Is insecure and has to google himself all the fucking time
>Is boring and doesn't have a personality
>Doesn't know how to stream
>Doesn't know how to act
>Can't deliver a fucking joke
>"hating" your fanbase is not a joke
>Has to have a long ass debut waiting time only to fuck it up by being willfully unprepared
>Doesn't respond well to criticism, immediately has to justify himself
>Sings the Evangelion song for sad trannies
Pic related is Artemis right now.

No. 117723

File: 1603610872273.png (681.84 KB, 740x740, 2f7.png)

of course, so stereotypical.
Male voice
Male looking face
Greasy hair
Shirt that unironically says slut, because trannies love saying they're sluts
Likes that tranny character from monogatari
Yep, this is a man.

No. 117724


oh shit, he's on reddit…we cant beat this guy! he has the reddit power now

No. 117725

sheesh, the whiteknights on reddit….

No. 117726

A big chunk of people on reddit also kept telling that its Dakooters or comparing to him, while also asking if that's a guy. Must be fun being him.

No. 117728

can't be dakooters bcus they actually have a stream and a popular youtube channel when Artemis was complaining about how they have the cheapest streaming set up and the lack of personality

No. 117730

>Europa Yuu
At least the fucker has some good art, and an actual decent setup. I don't know why I expect a really obnoxious voice though.

Doesn't dakooters have at least 2 years of streaming experience? It wouldn't make sense to have such a bad debut then, and since no one started with a stupid "it was all a joke" type of thing. And if we look at the older search history thing, it has basic shit about alerts and stuff, it just doesn't add up.
Still, there's some anons on 4chan that really believe it's dakooters. If you consider the circle of friends as someone pointed out, it actually would make sense (OnlyAfro and HannahHyrule). Only if it's dakooters without putting effort to make the voice more feminine, but still, the personality doesn't match at all.

No. 117732

Yuu's just an artist who fell into the vtuber hole about half a year ago, also got to know Io and several other artists through Twitter. He's chill, his art is very good too. I'd bet he's a mod on Atelier because he's just volunteered to do the dirty work.

No. 117738

That's fair. His art is good. I don't know if he can hold a stream though.
Anya may be a good streamer, the voice is ok, and her art is good as well.

No. 117740

No. 117744

Minecraft viewers usually backseat game, telling the streamer what to do (to the point of spam).
Amelia attracted the worst of the bunch and she can't properly handle it.

Clip stolen from /jp/, it's from her Witcher stream. She probably got hit the harshest with the doxing stuff. That combined with her very Twitch-style of streaming and pandering to virgins led her to have the worst fanbase. I can't blame her for hating it.

No. 117745

With a huge chunk of new fanbase theg keep getting, people in chat keep commenting on how she should play during game streams. Its the same for everyone else I watched: Ina and Mori too. Ina played HL2 yesterday, got much more new viewers that would keep going "UM AKKSHUALLY" mode. Ina forgave the chat for being like this, but said it would be appreciated if they stopped.

In Amelia's case, she would keep butthurting about it and be sorta rude towards viewers, which is also why they would call her toxic (even seen in replies). Just Amelia semi-arguing with viewers.

No. 117746

I mean, how many viewers did she have? It's kinda weird she's getting mad at it instead of just ignoring them.
She is probably too used to twitch still and how really contained chat used to be on her streams.

No. 117747

It's the streaming equivalent of mansplaining.

No. 117750

I honestly feel bad for her. I catch some of her streams and it's seriously mostly backseating or just annoying chat. It's hard to ignore when it's every stream.
I had to stop watching her after the Gura spam on minecraft. It must suck for the other girls that they can't do anything without Gura being mentioned and spammed.

No. 117753

I feel like the Hololive girls don't even have proper mods most of the time which seems really stupid considering how autistic their fanbases. There should be at least 5 dedicated mods monitoring chats for them at all times

No. 117754

Honestly the thing with Amelia is that she brought this kind of NEET fanbase to herself. She would always get a big chunk of clout by lewdbaiting and foot fetish jokes, along with play-pretend gf experience during her Sachi times, but now it's obviously much worse because she joined the biggest VTuber idol company, especially after HoloEN release (because after HoloEN everyone, including normies and discord emo boys started watching holos). During Amelia streams she would do exactly the same at the beginning, making up foot fetish jokes, flirting with audience and such, thinking that's quirky. While also playing the most virgin-NEET games: valorant and apex.

No. 117755

It's not like the JP girls get better mods, Hololive is just incompetent at anything besides commissioning artists and handing out iPhones

No. 117756

Samefagging, forgot to add the good old OSU that is filled with creeps and pedos.

No. 117758

File: 1603639379757.jpg (1.05 MB, 1500x1500, ameliaeatblock.jpg)

In other words, she miscalculated badly, which is very in line with her whole streaming career.

What worked for a much smaller audience will not work for tens of thousands of nerds in your chat.

No. 117759

While whatever rules about backseat gaming should help a little, the likes of ina and amelia should get better mods. And amelia could at least take a page out of Vinesauce's book about backseat gamers and basically meme about it, since that's his cope for anytime it happens. Gura's name constantly being brought up even in their chat has got to be stress inducing, including for gura herself.

No. 117765

Can someone tell troons that having greasy af hair doesn't make them look like a qt irl animegirl

No. 117766

Artemis of the blue went from 25k subscribers to 45.2k after her stream. It's been a day, is she sub botting?

No. 117771

count the date of registration. account @Juan291100 definitely seems like such. I bet you he went crying to discord to try and gather more support after the disaster of a debut. How he went on bitching and moaning is up to those on the inside to figure out, but if troonemis is playing to the "yeah so what if I'm tranny" then it's only a matter of time till the inevitable shitflinging of being "progressive" for clout completely destroys them.

No. 117772

Naw people legitmately think her debut is good. I saw people legit saying they think this is one of the best debuts they have ever seen. I dont know if they just dont watch vtubers or if they actually believe that. I've seen a lot of criticism over her apathetic debut but the circle jerk praising still outnumbers the people who are calling her trash

No. 117773

It should had been the opposite considering how many people are upset
>best debut
in what planet? this is simping

No. 117774


I'm in the AtLive discord and she hasn't said a word in that one at least since before her debut yesterday…which is odd in and of itself


They probably never watch 'pro' Vtubers so they think this is acceptable. Maybe if it was spur-of-the-moment sure, but Arty-boy had well over a month to prep.

No. 117775

"Artemis" more like "arteCHOKE"
Is the atelier live discord also the same as the discord invite mentioned in domo's bio?

No. 117777

When Artemis was live, an hour into the stream she (he?) lost almost half of the viewers (12k to 7k). The chat was telling her the stream is boring. Something doesn't add up.

Maybe, but if Artemis was crying for sympathy, I see how this would get a couple of hundreds of subscribers. But not 20k in a day.

Artemis mentioned wanting to hit 50k, I didn't expect it to happen this soon, not even a week later.

No. 117780

>in what planet?
You can't criticize anything, or you're a hater/anti/rat or whatever they want to call people that do not enjoy their content.

Really doesn't make sense though. If anything, she would hit 50k during the stream, not a few hours after. Then again, I saw some tweets on how she is a "great Vtuber", but I think I saw way more support for Io than for Artemis.

>Watching comfy stream

>Domo subscribers
Can this faggot just fuck off? Retard just orbits all fucking vtubers thinking he can groom them into a retard shitposter.

No. 117787

File: 1603648301374.jpeg (50.68 KB, 345x500, 10E43944-C107-4D58-8D0F-018AD0…)

I want to say it’s bots but part of me feels like the MtF community really wants Artemis to succeed to validate how “they’re just as attractive as girls.”

No. 117788

Waste of a fantastic model.

No. 117789

>Transphobia may unironically be what gets some of the indie vtubers cancelled.
Why is 2020 such a meme year…

No. 117790

The Vtuber fanatics tried to warn us the evils of the indie English ones and we didn't listen, now we're all in this autistic trainwreck together

No. 117791

File: 1603649361438.png (527.94 KB, 770x670, Jackie.png)

>Gee Ina why does mom let you have 2 most successful lives?

No. 117793

the thing that assblasts me the most is, and we know this is coming, when Artemis finally has to choice but to acknowledge the whole trans thing, people will use it as a Stunning and Brave™ moment, using it as a shield against any and all criticism. Anyone who doesn't like Artemis will immediately be called a transphobe and she'll be uncancellable.

No. 117794

Agreed. Of course during his debut he also instantly talked about how super gay he was and how much he liked yuri. It's amazing how fast he decided to go through every single stereotype.

No. 117795

oh boy, that's going to rile up antis even more about his shit. Using "uwu i'm so trans" as a shield while being a shitty individual has got to be one of those contentious points that even some well behaved other streamers and shit are just going to commit civil war on. Troonemis would truly be the arbiter of indie vtuber death. All this petty shit about "carbon copy OC" deviantart-tier shit would pale in comparison to the absolute shit-typhoon coming.

No. 117800

Sure but it won't pay off. The audience will consist of jealous mtfers and chasers. They'll become irrelevant or stop streaming.

Io at least tried.

No. 117801

File: 1603652636752.jpg (91.63 KB, 718x456, ame.jpg)

hello is doxxing allowed in here?
t. /hlgg/ refugee

No. 117802

i think its allowed yea

No. 117803

Read the rules, faggot

No. 117804

File: 1603652810747.jpg (110.56 KB, 1063x1152, p3y5x684fim41.jpg)

no, spoonfeed me(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 117806

what is /hlgg/ and who is this person??

No. 117807

Doxxing is not allowed here

No. 117809

amelia's voice actor

No. 117810

/hlgg/ is Hololive Global General from /jp/
Those threads are like 5 levels of crossboarding and cross-site posting
They think doxxing is posting pictures of the girls faces which we already know of, this isn't new information

No. 117811

>They think doxxing is posting pictures of the girls faces
it's not allowed on hlgg though

No. 117813

for example "senzawa" is a straight up banned word and you can't post if your post has that word

No. 117814

I'm guessing posting pictures of their faces is fine but don't post their adress, school, workplace or family members

No. 117815

We know yes, why do you care to tell us? Do you think people care about whatever 4chan /jp/ janny autism goes on in there?

No. 117816

I care that's why I'm here

No. 117817

I think it's fine to post about vtubers here (duh) but please learn to integrate
First of all, sage your posts if you have no new milk to provide
and please, don't doxx people >>117814
more info here https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 117818

Lrn2 soft hyphen. That’ll get around not being able to type “Senzawa”.
Still waiting on info about one of io’s past accounts dating a child groomer

No. 117819

tranny poster

No. 117820

No. 117821

File: 1603654069787.png (64.55 KB, 384x271, prophecy.png)


No. 117823

>is doxxing allowed in here?
no it's not but unlike /jp/sies people here seem to actually understand what doxing means so you can post a lot of stuff here that would get you banned when posted on /jp/

No. 117824

So thats supposedly Kiara, Gura and Ina? Amelia's doxxed photos looked completely different so thats not her, I've also seen Mori pics.

No. 117825

all of them are sachi anonchama

No. 117826

Ina is a korean illustrator
That's more or less ame/sachiowo/folkey or whatever the fuck she called herself.
Kiara is keekihimedesu and there's clear pics for comparison.

No. 117827

Ina has lived her entire life in Toronto.

No. 117828

Again, Ina is a korean illustrator.

No. 117829

File: 1603655647606.jpg (43.7 KB, 640x960, 073808a79b031f35a761419d816bdf…)

Kiara has one perk and that's offsetting her useless goddess Aqua impression by being hot.(no one cares)

No. 117830

File: 1603655668038.png (484.68 KB, 526x837, .12.png)

No. 117832

Again, she is a born and bred Canadian. She drinks milk from a bag and takes baths in maple syrup.

No. 117834

File: 1603655867468.jpg (330.71 KB, 625x900, Agnes.jpg)

I'm starting to see why Nagu was assigned to a girl with long almost black hair and a hime cut…

No. 117835

since you're failing to understand refer to >>117830
aka Wooperfuri, aka agnes kwon.

No. 117837

Why did you post her sister, though?

No. 117838

where did all the knuckledragging retards posting pictures we've all seen 100 times before come from?

No. 117839

apparently they're retards and newfags from /jp/ that don't bother to look at the previous thread.

No. 117840

File: 1603656368491.jpg (688.51 KB, 1536x2048, 1603360363452.jpg)

Here is a Mori facedox, you haven't seen this before.

No. 117842

/jp/ has extremely uptight and biased moderation from what I can tell when it comes to vtube so the retards are always looking for somewhere new that isnt reddit. They'll get bored soon enough when they realize the difference here is that posters are all female and this is a drama board, no room for schizos or simp arguments. I cant stand their threads but I know you absolutely cannot post about Artemis there and iirc cant post deleted vods

Surprised by how normal and cute she is, doesnt look like a raging weeb.

Not surprised by Ina, shes average but doesnt put work in and basic looks suit her personality

cant stand her hideous overshooped face. she tries to edit her face the same way jp cosplayers do and she gives herself a frog mouth and changes the shape of her lids/inner corner. /jp/ said she used to selfpost on /cgl/ but no source and I dont care enough to archive dig if its minor cringe

Is this Ame? Looks like your average cgl poster too. Shes what I imagined Mori would look like.

Is gura the only one who doesnt have confirmed pics?

No. 117843

>/jp/fags flee to lolcow
>expect the threads to be full of simping
I bet you they'd be the same fuckers knifing themselves over Amelia's "body count" or about kiara's whoring about and subsequent attention whoring as kiara. Kiara will likely do something stupid or burn herself out. Meanwhile, Troonemis and vtuber groomer Domo are shaping up to be the guillotine of the indie vtuber scene as egos will clash.

No. 117844

Lol shes ugly

No. 117845

Hot? Look at that european shnoz tho

No. 117846

>Is gura the only one who doesn't have confirmed pics?
Yeah. There was that one pic in the last thread, but it's unconfirmed, and most likely not correct.

>Kiara's face

Took me a whole fucking minute to click that it was Kiara, if you look at past vods it's so different.

Nah. She's alright, not really fucking hot, but she's alright (her face is far worse than the body though).

You should see it in closer shots.

No. 117847

>frog mouth

Her mouth irl is unfortunately wide and froggy, vid related for reference

No. 117849

People age. Isn't she closing in on 30? She doesn't need to look good for this job.

Botan is supposedly the oldest but I can't find her image again.

No. 117852

File: 1603659718392.png (133.89 KB, 601x671, 0Untitled.png)

>tfw you expect to have hentai of the character you play as within the 1st or 2nd month.

No. 117853

Don't have screenshots, but she definitely used to selfpost in /cgl/, I remember it. She also had a PULL account.

No. 117855

>4 star character

No. 117859

she's ugly and she has a shitty cosplay kek

No. 117860

Please if you come from /jp/, refrain from calling it a doxx.
Just call it a face reveal or something.

No. 117861

>the difference here is that posters are all female and this is a drama board, no room for schizos or simp arguments.
Eh, as long as you don't come and say you're male or a super omega loser simp, I don't see anything wrong in contributing to the threads and getting the dicussion going imo, but that's just me

No. 117862

File: 1603661808816.png (542.34 KB, 443x595, 1987419199.png)

If by "doxxing" you mean "roomate-posting" then yes, my fellow /hlgg/ tourist.

But if you genuinely like Vtubers i wouldn´t recommend you too stay here since this is very obviously an anti-Vtuber thread. I only came here to shit on the Discount-tranny gura but then found out that i can do that on a Vtuber thread in /trash/ so i'm fucking off there.

No. 117865


Found the ugly seething troons.(infighting)

No. 117868

Scrote detected(infighting)

No. 117872

wait wha, this is Ame? I thought sachi never really streamed with a good quality cam, based on her other doxxed pics. Where is the left one from? She looks so white here, I honestly thought she was SE Asian lol

No. 117875


Sachi0wo/Felkey, is indeed white. Anon.

No. 117880

oh god, ame….

No. 117883

Not enough practice trying to say
>Yo yo yo it's ya boy Mori Calliope aka the ace of avarice aka the buster of banks aka the chairman of cash enter Mori money Mori.
even though that's the only direction Artemis' voice can really go in.

No. 117884

>Botan is supposedly the oldest but I can't find her image again.
i saw her image on /jp/ and yeah she looks old

No. 117885

why does artemis sound like its 3AM and they're trying to not wake up their parents?

No. 117886

Honestly, this got me thinking about when did Sachi break up with her boyfriend. From his twitter the last interaction they had was around June this year, and it was just him responding to a tweet from her account or her alt (the former doesn't exist anymore, and the latter was wiped).
I saw him orbiting a different e-girl recently though, and I guess they stayed as friends since at the beginning of the year I remember seeing her around his streams. And from the curious cat they were still ok until June 2019 at the very least.

I don't think I ever saw it.

No. 117887

funny enough, june was when her bodycount jumped to 2, if I recall correctly.

No. 117888

so she fuckd? 0///////0(emoticon use)

No. 117889

Wait they were sperging about her body count when it's only 2?? How old is Ame/sachi0wo?

No. 117890

Not that anon, but I also did see her picture along with other Gen5 on /jp/, some fags keep posting holojp "roommates" for no apparent reason.

No. 117891

how many times do you guys think crabdere is gonna namedrop artichoke during their debut?

No. 117893

No. 117894

hey newfag, read the previous thread
> 0////////0
jesus christ.
/jp/fags were. The idea that she had a boyfriend apparently sent them on a frenzy of cutting themselves, and amelia rushed to delete her shit. That her supposed body count would indicate possibly 3 things.
1. she's lying about how many she's actually fucked
2. she's still with her bf, and if the number is true, then her bf is a cuck. kek
3. if the breakup did happen, then after her bf the 2nd fuck was a quick rebound situation.

No. 117896

File: 1603676066410.jpg (294.52 KB, 555x2003, 1600545911419.jpg)

why did you post the link instead of posting the picture directly lmao

No. 117897

sorry new fag here

No. 117898

>Coco "Horny-des" Kiryu actually has the face of a teacher mom when she's not Coco.

No. 117899

I mean why would they think she's only fucked her bf in the first place? She's an adult woman right? A body count of only 2 is already pretty pure in like, real life terms

No. 117901

you forget the "purist" mentality, even fucking 1 is devastating for them. /jp/ carries the same mentality of the land of the declining birth rates. Absolute autismo land.

No. 117902

>No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.
Newfags better read the rules because what was posted isn't doxing.

No. 117904

She still streams on her channel, I don't follow it though.

My memory about it is not very good, but I found Sachi in 2017, I think. She was already dating Neet by that time, and I do believe they mentioned seeing each other irl in later streams (I think it was Neet visiting Sachi; not sure if the opposite happened as well). The exact dates is something I can't remember (I'm pretty sure it was in before 2019), I'm surprised I can even remember that.

I was going to mention a shared donation goal for a trip to Japan or something, but that's a different e-couple (it was for the guy to visit her I believe), but the girl left twitch after I decided to check back on them (went to bilibili), and I think the guy rebranded and "came out" since "her" pronouns are she/her now.

Purists are funny as fuck.

>crab namedrops shark
Weren't they yuribaiting really fucking hard on twitter? So I guess Artemis will be there showing "support".

No. 117907

File: 1603680061830.jpg (295.85 KB, 768x1024, vsco5efab96683846.jpg)

>There was that one pic in the last thread
Even though senzawa on twitter said it's not her, the ifunny account gets brought up often enough that it's worth going back to it.
The girl in the videos went by kawaiiliee, as well as a few names like thiccwaifu on tiktok. She wiped her accounts some time back but still posts occasionally on vsco and tiktok. Most likely she wanted to get away from the weeb stuff.

No. 117908

I can't fuckin' remember if someone already brought this up but

In the wake of HoloCN being liquidated, today Artia and Civia broke the news that they're leaving the Hololive company altogether and going indie. I liked Civia but considering Artia was secretly a CCP apologist who agreed with Coco's ban, she can go eat shit.

No. 117909

In the wake of HoloCN disbanding, you think that means that Hololive is completely pulling out of China? Now maybe they can get their syphilis filled dicks cleaned up now.
Has the domo routine been usual or has he been silent with newcomers? The same with troonemis/artechoke, is he keeping a lower profile after disaster debut? The new sub numbers are fucking suspicious though

No. 117910

>Hololive is completely pulling out of China?
Cover just partnered with TikTok

No. 117911

Speaking of Artemis, he hit 50k on youtube

No. 117912

At this rate I'm 90% sure he's using follow bots. Either that or he somehow found a hidden army of simps that love his tranny voice.

That growth is just too sus at this point, it doesn't make any sense.

No. 117913


They aren't "partnering" with TikTok, they just made an account, numbnuts

No. 117915

>I can't fuckin' remember if someone already brought this up but
Yes, some other anon already brought it up.
Anyway, they didn't break the news today, it has been going around for a few days. The CCP apologist thing was being labeled as narrativeposting, and I didn't care enough to go validate all that. Even then, would she have a different choice, considering she is chinese and lives in China (honest question)?

God, I really fucking hope Artia doesn't end up in Domo's circle, imagine if that fucker gets to have an interview with her?

That's true, it's pretty easy to find her tiktok stuff as well. You throw that kawaiiliee and the first few results already give you that. But I don't know, it's really difficult to say anything. Too bad we don't have any voice to compare.

So, I found a small ENVtuber, looked quite decent at first, decent model, voice not super good but capable of being entertaining. Looked more into it.
>Used to be a camgirl
>Quit and now decided to become a Vtuber inspired by ProjektMelody
>Wants to become like Melody, planning to get a model to do camming with it
>Always talks about how much money she used to make
>Plans to do irl and virtual camming if she needs money
Not sure if anything interesting will come out of it, but I might keep tabs in this one.

No. 117916

Lol I just watched the recap of Artemis “debut”.
It was fucking insufferable having to watch the intro of him forcibly trying to giggle like a school girl.

No. 117918

Artia lives in Canada, anon.

No. 117919

I feel like you can bump that up to 100% since Twitter is still in the "Artemis is trans?" phase instead of talking about how "progressive" he is.

No. 117921

Honestly, considering the stream vod has over 150k views, I don't doubt it that some people just subscribed because it's "one of those cool new Vtubers", and didn't even watch.

Thanks, anon. I really don't have much info on hololive members.

No. 117922

File: 1603683022757.png (46.99 KB, 902x701, artemissocialblade.png)

Samefag, but pic related. Social blade is a bit behind though, it's still interesting though.

No. 117924


LMAO whoa nelly what the fuck??

at least make it subtle jesus christ

No. 117925

Ina is the only one who has an active Mod in chat funny enough, even her latest stream her Mod had a pinned message telling people to behave. Its all cause one butt hurt HL2 streamer saw a Vtuber was pulling better views than him and broke all the chat rules cause Its "Muh Le Twitch Culture" didn't bother to read. >>117759

No. 117929

File: 1603735337794.png (284.19 KB, 589x488, schedartemis.png)

>Artemis posted her schedule on twitter
Will she turn it around? Or will we have dead air Mario Kart stream?
Considering Mario Kart is one of the easiest games to get content out of (she literally just needs to make "cute" noises, or struggle a bit), we'll see how bad it truly is.
>Unironically playing minesweeper for a stream
I think it was said once, but she doesn't seem to have the personality to pull that off.
Pic related.
>I can make things
Can't plan a basic debut, even if Vtubers have been a thing for years.

On a side note, do you think she will break it off from AtoLive if she somehow maintains an audience? Not sure if it happens on Discord, but aside from twitter meme convos I don't think Artemis and the other members interact at all (and I think even those are not many), if they do it's very little from what I've seen (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

No. 117930

what does everyone think of hana macchia and her "dad". im pretty sure the "dad" is her boyfriend if not i think it's strange how he talks and acts around her. here's an example https://youtu.be/h_4-WMQ38-c but i honestly have no clue what he is too her but it feels creepy

No. 117934

Oh yeah that's definitely not her dad, also embed youtube links

No. 117936


I've been curious about this "Bao". From what I can see it's another one of those Vtubers following the marine animal + singing trend, this time a whale.

Her design and model look good to me at least. I believe Bao may have some potential?

No. 117938

>Weren't they yuribaiting really fucking hard on twitter? So I guess Artemis will be there showing "support".

Yep, and it's really funny because crab has a boyfriend irl

No. 117940

Wow yeah this definitely doesn't sound like her dad. He sounds like an American dude in his 20s. Hana clearly has an asian accent that sounds nothing like his too. Good for her playing all her simps though. That's hilarious.

No. 117948

Bao is a huge attention whore on twitter ever since she revealed her design, so I doubt.

No. 117953

(samefag from before)

Really? Dang, that's a shame.

No. 117954

Apricot has a really nice model.


No. 117957


> Apricot has a really nice model.


No. 117959

I think so too. She was there for a long time now and started talking about her only now, just to mention her new YT channel tweet that was made very recently? Damn

No. 117961

is it me or do the boob physics look off? Nearly every model from this dude looks like the tittys are free floating

No. 117962

The boobs look completely detached from the clothing, they're in separate layers. It's really weird, because the clothes jiggle correctly but the tiddies inside look like water balloons.

No. 117963

Idk, really. It feels a bit unusual. There was this one japanese Vtuber that didn't find collabs and played a game with his mom, and it was super cute and wholesome. But Hana's doesn't give that vibe, and I don't know much about to say give a strong opinion (he just "roasts" her).
It could in all honesty be a supportive dad that knows what his daughter does. But we would need way more info to get a conclusion on that.
>American dude in his 20s
Voice and age can have a really big difference sometimes (not a defense, but I really can't guess age with voice alone).

>crab has a boyfriend irl
Does she? I never saw anything about it. That's new for me.
Doesn't stop the yuribaiting, since that shit brings a lot of views.
Also, crab is a part of AtoLive now. God, they're desperate to bring whoever gets popular, aren't they.

That's the catch, anon. Really good models wasted on really shitty entertainers (and sometimes people).
I don't go check their twitters often, so I don't see all interactions.
The ENVtubers that generate hype right now feel all kinda same-ish. They try to create a big twitter wave, insert themselves in all types of groups, get in domo's sight and there we go.

Yeah, it's cute. Can she fucking stream though?

Holy fuck, it's true.

No. 117964

File: 1603742733472.jpg (278.66 KB, 1080x1236, IMG_20201026_172818.jpg)

"Bao" is not actually new, she's a popular youtaite that has a huge ego and now she suddenly decided rebranded her youtube channel as a whale to her 120k subscribers

No. 117970

File: 1603743336635.png (246.45 KB, 591x908, domoapric.png)

Samefag from >>117963, 'cause I forgot to add pic related (the credit for this one goes to a 4chan anon).
>Already in domo's circle.

No. 117971

File: 1603743360377.png (188.01 KB, 874x984, Kiara.png)

>tfw indie vtubers don't realize that being another sea animal or another bird is no different than the smartphone isekai that prays for the success of Konosuba.

No. 117973

Yep, her boyfriend is konconnor on twitter. She never really used to post about him before she became a tweeter though.

No. 117974

File: 1603744044477.png (26.33 KB, 1686x151, 2727272425.png)

Found this in an archived thread on /hlgg/.

I mean, maybe he only had a single week of prep, but damn he still could have come up with something better that "WATCH ME PLAY MINESWEPPER XDDDD ALSO GAMRES SUX!!!11". Also explains why i remember seeing a short video of his avatar with an actual female voice like 2 weeks ago, i wonder what happened to the original actress (if she was even suppossed to play the avatar and not just some test thing)?

No. 117976

Also, forgot to mention that Ina being the manager for HoloEN 2 is just a rumor, but the part of her roomate being the manager of Atelier is true IIRC

No. 117977

Do you mean the "be there" clip? I think he was just whispering so it was hard to tell

No. 117978

That wouldn't make too much sense though, anon. The twitter posts didn't suddenly change, at least it didn't feel like that.
And Artemis was not a part of AtoLive originally, if I'm not mistaken.
Oh, and this.

A few words being whispered isn't that hard to get a decent voice in. Even on domo's stream the day before I thought it was a real she with a bad mic.

No. 117979

File: 1603744727900.png (62.86 KB, 626x944, 01603563877911.png)

Man it sure is nice of Cover to not only deprive their vtubers of mods but also task the nicest girl there is with deeming who is NGMI or not even though she has drawing work to do.

No. 117980

Roommate as in Naguri manages Atolive? What the fuck? Where does she find the time

No. 117984

I think i might be schizo-posting now, but maybe it's another person doing the RP on twitter? Which would explain why his personality is so much different from his twitter posts

Wasn´t Ina roomate someone called Myooopi or something like that?

No. 117986

That must be a damn troll

No. 117987

This, friendly reminder not every rumor on /hlgg/ and /hlg/ is legit and is usually like 7 times out of 10 straight up people schizoposting for the sake of it

No. 117988

I thought this wooperfuri person was ina? Are they just ina’s roommate then?

No. 117989

Roommate is Vtuber slang for the actual person behind the avatar

No. 117990

Thank you

No. 117991

I think that tweet debunks a bit the theory of Ina being the manager on AtoLive as well, though. Since it mentions manager-san, and it clearly looks like 2 (different) male hands (yuu and manager) and one female hand (nana)
And I seriously doubt Clover would give management rights to a talent, makes no sense, and I don't think they're that stupid.
Any rumors are to be considered fake until proven otherwise (they can be helpful, but it is a terrible idea to base things on them).

Anon, you're thinking too much, honestly.

Namely, any other accounts/names/works the person behind the avatar did.
Nagu's twitter handle is wooperfuri.

No. 117993

File: 1603745754696.png (39.44 KB, 631x426, 07979.png)

>Your manager isn't even in your group's Discord server.

No. 117996

Dont be stupid. /jp/ is full of fucking nutbags who make up their own narritives all day long.

No. 117997

So mosubaga is Ina roomate discord and not Nagu?

No. 117998

Anon, This is literally Nagu…

No. 118001

I second that Artemis just clouted her way in, originally it was mostly Yueko, Io and Nana (these three announced their debuts the fastest I think), Europa joined them as the last original AtoLive to debut, then they took Artemis in after he started gaining so much clout and interacting with them.

Was there a voiced clip? For me it was a red flag it's a dude personally.

Isn't Europa Yuu their manager now? If you try to join their Discord, it says he's the one inviting you to it. He also posted the rules there.
I don't recall Nagu doing anything in AtoLive. I was actually surprised she was part of it and still listed on Twitch.

Nagu already has a different Twitter handle than their nickname (both forms of it) and we know it's Ina as well.
The screenshot also says she's Nagu on the Cookie Jar server.
Take a guess.

No. 118005

No. 118007

Thanks, must've missed it.

No. 118012

Oh alright, i don't use discord so i don't know how it actually works…

Yeah hard to tell. I feel like that's an actual female voice, maybe just because of the whispering?

No. 118013

You guys ever heard about Kuri? She started her Vtuber account since months and didn't even debut, yet she makes streams with other people and redid her model i don't know how many times. Some Vtubers are so messy man. They only get clout because of their nice models. https://twitter.com/Kuri_vt(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 118015

Censoring the word "die" already throws me off

No. 118016

>Hard to tell
Idk, it feels like Artemi's voice to me.

No. 118020

Every outfit gets progressively trashier from the looks of it.

No. 118022

File: 1603749020954.png (359.4 KB, 536x510, Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 2.49…)

I know the bits in the middle are supposed to be her bangs but they look like angry eyebrows lmao.

No. 118027



No. 118031

Whispering is usually easier to be able to maintain a gentle voice, especially if you're trying to keep up appearances. It is the least strain on any vocal chords, especially when Troonemis/Artechoke seems to have only spent the stream prep-work trying to get the voice somewhat passable.
Had he been working on the voice and speaking for the entire time, then while it would be the atypical tranny voice, it would still be less often he'd be stopping to correct and reset his voice.

No. 118032

Atelier is not a company stop referring to it as one. It’s clearly just a friend group, like how in twitch you can make your own squad.

It seems kind of stupid to compare an actual company like holoEN with some random group of weeks

No. 118038

can't escape receding hairline even if you 2d

No. 118039


something in this model looks really wrong and funky but i can't put my finger on what exactly.

the mouth? the dots at the side of her face that i thought was dust in my monitor? the old man hairline? the eyebrow bangs? mystery.

No. 118041

She looks like she's in pain with her angry eyebrows and weird bits on her chin that look like sweatdrops

No. 118048

Is she sweating? What are the dots on her chin?

No. 118049

no1curr newfag, good riddance

No. 118052


why the hell are they even friends with this fucking turd??? he’s such a piece of shit and unfunny with how rude he’s being. please let someone find stuff to cancel this idiot so he’ll go away forever

No. 118053


Can you find pictures of her from him?

No. 118055

hello, if you haven't read the previous thread. He's a ticking time bomb for future milk. Dude's straight up got predatory groomer behavior going on. Someone on the inside will eventually turn on him.

No. 118058

Does Io and Artemis have the same artist for their 2D model? The artstyle is extremely similar, i wonder if it was made on purpose to get the same artist for their models

No. 118059

If Kani is who I think she is, yes. But I don't really like to just come out with schizo theories without any evidence, so I will either wait until debut to compare voices or that anon can say from where the info came from.

No, Io's model was drawn by tsudenremaid, and Artemis' by SuteinuA.
Btw, the talk that Io was tsunderemaid, I don't know if it's legit or not, since she was using the location to indicate the icon artist and the header artist at the time.
If there is any other info, it's unknown to me.

No. 118062

Aren't all atelier members just Twitter artists turning into Vtubers and did their own models? (with the exception of Aretmis)

No. 118063

Crab just joined, but she draws according to her twitter.
And yeah, it started as a group of artist friends I believe. An anon said something about it in this thread.
Some of them did made the model themselves, but I think not all of them.

No. 118064

I'm pretty sure as all the artists in that group other than artemis are big artists with already big twitter followings. Before she joined, everyone in the group drew their own models

No. 118067

File: 1603756822391.png (238.58 KB, 603x433, 0Untitled.png)

I could have sworn she was at 8000 followers last month but I guess people really like their indie vtubers for some reason.

No. 118075

She is actually pretty cute

I still can't believe that Okayu is fat tough

No. 118077

Is she? She doesn't look fat judging by >>117896

No. 118078

Well, she is not fat, more like chubby. Kinda like Miko (also, the mask hides her puffy cheeks).

No. 118079

Oh wait i meant Mio lol

No. 118082

>Btw, the talk that Io was tsunderemaid, I don't know if it's legit or not

Io's literally drawn tsunderemaids' drawing style though.
Io, Nana and Europa have drawn their own models and usually commissioned the 2D rigging to Iron Vertex, so at least that's what Artemis and the artists turned vtubers of AtoLive have in common.

No. 118083

File: 1603759770946.png (41.86 KB, 728x118, Screenshot 2020-10-26 174854.p…)

if they are the same person how is this stream gonna work?

No. 118085

she'll use an echo
anyway i'm wondering if the next tranny shark stream will go the same. i hate how everyone chalks it up to him being "calm" meanwhile hes just lazy with no personality

No. 118086

Outside of domo doing his usual grooming and scooping, it's still up in the air of how long.

No. 118087

He has a few of her but like way back in his media tab

Crab is LT

No. 118089

File: 1603761002462.png (99.5 KB, 500x337, LinkCrawling.png)

>Meanwhile hes just lazy with no personality
More like worse than no personality since his voice is flat out the anime fan stereotype. Shit sounds like an abridged series.

No. 118090

Makes little sense looking at the schedule.
The thing is, the Io = tsunderemaids theory came from the @tsunderemaids handle mentioned in the location tab in her bio though. And that part of the bio is used by her to credit the artist responsible for her pfp and header.
And yes, she was drawn by tsunderemaids. If she is indeed tsunderemaids, well, the stream will be just she saying "actually, I'm tsunderemaids, so it's just an art stream".

>Artemis' next stream

She will probably get a decent audience, I would say around 3~5k. But I think it will be boring, and with time her numbers will most likely go down and settle, if she can handle that, I have no idea.
Or maybe she will just do a great stream, but that's very unlikely.

No. 118093

File: 1603762019389.jpg (142.33 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20201027_012457.jpg)

Same anon as >>117973, here's your proof

No. 118095

Thanks, anon. My guess was wrong, I misread a tweet probably.
I just got around to find her instagram, and it really hits the nail, since she uses crab in there as well. It's her here indeed >>118073

No. 118096

Who did you think it was out of interest? And yeah all of her usernames have had to do with crabs for the last six years at least, I knew her at uni.

No. 118098

>If she is indeed tsunderemaids, well, the stream will be just she saying "actually, I'm tsunderemaids, so it's just an art stream".

At the same time you have to be someone as known as Artemis to be accepted into Atolive while not being an artist.
Nana has initially put all her vtuber stuff on the art profile, then made a separate one. Same went for yueko.

>actually, I'm tsunderemaids

The whole point is to forget about that for a moment. Even if the identity behind a vtuber is known (which is true for most members of Atolive) some of them are pretending they're dragons or crabs for a while… unless they aren't and are just using their OCs while behaving just like they would on usual art streams.

tl;dr if your theory was to be plausible and Io isn't tsunderemaids, it would have to be someone very close to tsunderemaids who was in the Atolive artist circle (tsunderemaids doesn't even take vtuber commissions)

No. 118099


No. 118101

If its not maids than its most likely their gf teacuppity. Io's comics/art that she posted without any credit is also just maid's style/sketches
as soon as they do an art stream, it'll just scream who they are tbh

No. 118104

File: 1603766057620.png (Spoiler Image, 532.98 KB, 857x1066, 115198948479.png)

/hlg/ tourist here

I'm to lazy to check the other thread, what was the reaction to the Brap saga here???


No. 118105

I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, and I will remain that way. Fuck off back to /hlg/

No. 118106

you could just not be a lousy lazy piece of shit and just look at the previous thread. I don't know what fucking piece of shit decided to link to here from /jp/ since the influx of autism came pouring in, but it's pretty fucking obvious.
So far not a whole lot of shit is going on at the moment, until something happens or is shown otherwise.

No. 118109

God I hope admin bans all these /jp/ freaks.

Aretemis' stream schedule looks dull as fuck. Decided not to stream for 2 days after her debut? Really stupid. Incredibly dumb on her part.

No. 118110

Someone else, but that is in their circle of friends still.

Fair enough, anon. I want to go look if there's any art to compare (not sure if Io posted any personal art), if those chibis are hers, then I can agree it's tsunderemaids (since they feel really similar to teacuppity's header).
I probably overcomplicated the issue. But, anyhow, just need to see that sunday stream.
> some of them are pretending they're dragons or crabs for a while
Honestly I only see that as a gimmick for Vtubing, at best. I don't think they're putting up any characters, only appealing to the vtuber audience.

Should I tell you to take your meds?

No. 118111

anyone who think thats her dad, either deluded or just simply retarded

No. 118112


If you think anyone here gives a flying fuck about that then I don't even know what to say to you


She's actually doing a Minesweeper stream? Jesus Christ

No. 118113

Yep, a game that lends itself to focusing less on the game and talking more with chat which would really show us just how many games and anime Artemis has in common with the average viewer.
Also there's Mario Kart streams even though last week had an Ina and Kiara collab that's sure to make this one look like dead silence in comparison.

No. 118115

>sees hikaru station
fuck i subscribed to her channel

No. 118118

the mouth…

No. 118119

She's cute irl, the video of her on youtube doesn't do her a justice.

No. 118120

>brap saga
Please fuck off coomer

No. 118123

take your meds anon?

No. 118126

File: 1603775343631.png (88.82 KB, 255x264, 1918947894784191.png)

I´ll never undestand how people can be obsessed with twitch emotes, specially poggers. This shit looks horryfing.

No. 118135

File: 1603781377883.png (364.02 KB, 589x996, Ina.png)

Casual reminder that the Ateliers have quietly scooted out Ina's neighbor as of the 26th.

No. 118136

im trans and i find artemis' personality extremely offputting like… whatever rep other lgbts are gonna be simping her for, this aint it. rly fucking wish ppl had standards outside of the low low bar of "is trans/gay/etc."(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118137

Here before you get eaten alive. My advice to you is to adapt your typing style to be less distinct and don't announce that you're trans. It's better for people here to think you're an advocate for trans people rather than actually trans. Other than that, you made a valid point.

No. 118138

Trannie gtfo
Are you the same one who was screeching about pussy juice in ot before? lol

No. 118139

hana is half white half japanese living in indo so it's not unbelievable that this is her dad. not sure which part of their relationship seems sus but it might be because he's a single father (her mothers been out of the picture for a long time)

No. 118140

any thoughts on possibility of nijisanji redoing their entrance into the EN vtuber scene? they technically have an EN branch already, but it's not much as it's a rebranding of their india branch.

nijisanji is historically chiller and their generation debuts are typically co-ed so i'd expect it to be much less of a hellfire than the cancer holoEN atrracted as a fanbase

although im pretty sure that 90% of holoEN's issues stem from them using the same tactics used for a JP audience with EN viewers who have a substantially lower ability to maintain basic ettiquette

No. 118141

I hope they wont use the same buisness model HL use. I liked their HoloIDs that are both fluent in Japanese and English.

But that also means they might end up turning their community into hell (as HL community turned into one) all because of how hyped westerns n vtubers are right now.

No. 118144

Whats off-putting about him is that he doesn't put in the effort and sounds like Brian molko doing a Michael Jackson impersonation instead of a cute anime girl. Being the cute anime girl online was his chance of really passing and that lazy troon just fucks it up with this low energy shitshow.

No. 118146

I hope not. Honestly, I've been watching less and less holo after they started pandering to en users and have been sticking more with nijisanji. it's just a more chill atmosphere and the chats aren't full of english comments repeating the same joke over and over or just being overall asshats.

I can see it happening though since even in the indie scene, Japanese vtubers are starting to try to appeal to weebs. But it's inevitable that once they do their chats just get overrun

No. 118147

If she was raised by her dad she shouldn't have an obvious asian accent when her dad has an american accent. She definitely doesn't sound like she has known English all her life.

No. 118148

Artemis sounds like this dude. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGrIR_jlLno
The same nerdy fat gay man intonation.(this is an imageboard, embed video)

No. 118154

High time. It's not like she'll stream as part of Atolive anytime soon, it just looked weird.

I'm personally fine with Nijisanji being less popular. I prefer their streams to most Hololive streams tbh. Nijisanji streamers don't usually try to pander to their viewers by doing something that goes viral (like Coco using a depilator on stream), if it happens it seems to be organic.
I wish I could say they prefer the quality over quantity, but I can't since they hired hundreds of vtubers. Some of them stream twice a month or something, but still count towards the quantity.(lrn2sage, newfaggotry)

No. 118168

cant wait for the artemis stream today to start 20 minutes late with an extra 40 minutes of him trying to get mario kart to broadcast on stream

No. 118174


it needs to happen sooner rather than later. anyone associated with this domo freak is going to end up being a pariah.

No. 118176

No. 118177

Doesn't seem to be the case, the voice seems different. Dakooters said she was in a hiatus a few days ago as well.
And how would she somehow have the idea to be less entertaining for a way bigger audience is beyond me.

No. 118179

Does Artemis even have mods?
I can imagine that having instaban words like Dakooters, trans, trap, and Gura are gonna go out of hand if people realize that Artemis is the exact same as Yandere Simulator right down to picking a mopey Evangelion song for themselves.

No. 118181

Just checked out her stream and she does have a few mods it looks like

No. 118182

Oh lmao a bunch of her mods are just people in atelive like kani

No. 118183

what's this Cookie Jar server?

No. 118186

> Tfw Ina, the second best artist on HoloLive had to delay her collab with Marine, the first best artist on HoloLive because Kiara wants to be a huge attention whore and play Ring Fit Adventure (the game that HL tends to use for more fanserivce purposes) with Marine.

Well shit.

No. 118187

File: 1603829902511.png (529.44 KB, 419x591, dafds654654.PNG)


No. 118189

Yep, that's her

No. 118190

File: 1603830017786.jpg (120.62 KB, 862x572, 1603829768136.jpg)

Is this guy donating to himself???

No. 118191

Whenever I hear Artroonis, all I can hear is the cucumber from veggietales (or shinji ikari dub)

No. 118192

LMAOOOO long time viewer on your second stream

No. 118193

God this whole stream is so scuffed

No. 118194

I don't even want to give this tranny views, is he at least good at Mario Kart? How many viewers does he has?

No. 118195

He's actually pretty good at mariokart, 4800ish watching currently and he's got a few superchats.

Mad technical issues though, Char is having to take care of the chat while Artemis fixes his internet or something. his model keeps freezing and he got kicked out of mariokart because he didn't have enough bandwidth I guess.

No. 118196

>long time viewer

No. 118197

>ina…second best artist
>marine…first best[sic] artist
You've got those backwards, but also that's nothing but a narrative. Unless you also believe that Aqua's Amongus cancelled Fubuki's L4D today, too.

No. 118198

Oh? he is collabing with someone from his group? Also, is the voice still the same?

No. 118199

Yep, with Hoshino Char. Mariokart isn't the best game to collab on but it's something I guess.

Voice is still the same.

No. 118200

>GDQ meme

And people still wonder if he is a tranny lol

No. 118201

Nagu's Discord. Don't ask for a door.

Yes but Artemis occasionally hums which is very out of character with the design.

No. 118202

Was it tonight that Ina had a collab with Marine? She is currently playing Minecraft.

No. 118206

> Long time viewer
> Second stream
Is he retarded?

No. 118207

Look at >>118200

Better than the debut, still pretty boring. I honestly think it has better entertainment value just because of Char.

No. 118208

Are people Superchatting this guy? Does he even acknowledge the superchats?

No. 118209

YouTube is well established to comprise largely of kids who happen to have access to mum's credit card so superchats aren't too surprising.

No. 118211


No. 118217


whatchu talkin' 'bout

they already slitting each other's throats? that was fast

No. 118220

You realize that Nijisanji is a household name in Japan where if you ask on the street most people don't know who Hololive is right?

No. 118228

"dakooters i think someone was saying i sound like you"
wont let me embed(lrn2 integrate, lrn2 sage)

No. 118239

I really think they sound highly similar when we are comparing this video


Do you guys really think it's not Dakooters or this a high chance it is? I know people have said all trans sound like that but I dunno… they just sound SO similar. Nearly indistinguishable. We haven't gotten any other kind of dox on who Artemis could be either. Is Dakooters entertaining as streamer, does anyone know what he is like on his own stream? Just because he makes funny YouTube videos doesn't mean it translates well into streaming.

Also let's be real, YouTube videos don't make that much money anymore like they did in that past. I could totally see Dakooters wanting to buying a high end avatar to get superchats thrown at him by spergs. He can't exactly do that on Youtube because he is partnered on twitch and you're not allowed to stream gaming content anywhere else is you are a twitch partner. I'm gonna say it's Dakooters and someone was using his account to try to detract away from it actually being him.

No. 118240

samefag, I just checked dakooters twitch and he isn't partner. For some reason I thought he was. My bad.

No. 118250

Shitcake sperging like a weeb is seriously giving off bad signals. It kind of feels like she's a barbarian at the gates and the villagers are just going to let her in, but idk. It's getting hard to give her the benefit of the doubt that she has enough sense to not cross certain lines.

No. 118253

If she was as spergy as you'd say she'd have ruined it already. She seems more like a careercow than anything else. She got the job, now it's on to make yourself a face everybody knows. Be the person everyone wants to have lunch with. Being the go-to link between EN & JP is the ideal position (during Among Us many of 5th gen would go "Kiara translate this to ….", even when Kiara was supposed not to speak as per the rules).

I've seen it too often in managment but usually the guys get an egotrip and cross the lines and get fired, the women only get shittalked.

I fear more of Ina who is now associated with Atolive, a community filled with unstable individuals. They'll recognize her, screenshot didcord chats and post them the second they feel wronged or jealous.

No. 118254

I think the funniest part is how Kiara _began_ her ''ruthless buisnesswoman'' route. She would always attentionwhore spam about how much she loves Pekora, to a point where Pekora would feel uncomfortable and stream during the same hours on purpose, adding that 'she does not want to talk about any of the girls today'. She brought Marine's attention only by her, being a whiny little bitch (back when she only started having pure mental breakdowns on stream and crying about how shitty she is, doing pity-party streams, etc) forcing Marine to come to her and talk to her about it, explaining 'haterz gunn hate'. On any collab she is always overlyforcing herself which really shows, on holoEN she would try to be 'not like ze others' for the sake of attention (game stream), or be obnoxiously loud, talking on top of others (eg snack stream) and now this.

She is a holoJP reject and many things really do show how she wishes she was holoJP instead of holoEN, because of how desperately she wants to get those 'numbers'. She really is the only holoEN who actually numberfags and whines.

No. 118255

how can I get in?

No. 118257

Curious how hololive and all the vtubers are going to take it with SM releasing their version of "v-idols" I think there's going to be a shit ton of milk when weebo wks realise that their waifus are actually talentless. Should be fun to see HL and Niji compete with an actual idol company. I pity the am girls though…at least vtubers try to hide their identities

No. 118259

File: 1603883275423.jpeg (255.2 KB, 1125x738, 06F2D4F9-1599-4942-BFB0-E68078…)

Hasn’t even debuted yet and she’s already stirring drama in the community, classic Yurunyan. While I don’t doubt Cream the uwu lewd degenerate tranny would do anything written in the call out, it felt more like a fan fiction the way she referred to a mom friend as “Mamma” for the duration of the paragraph. I’m also wondering why she didn’t call out the friend who supposedly encouraged Cream to molest her? Ending this with “A-also she hacks and botted followers for me!” raises some question marks for me. https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srer5s

No. 118260


Hololive has 28 of top 50, Nijisan has has just 9. If we go higher then Hololive has 7 of top 10 while Nijisan doesn't have a single one. I think it is pretty fair to say that Hololive is more popular.


No. 118261


Guys don't want to watch normal idols stream games, guys want to watch girls who like playing games play games. Traditional idol groups doesn't know how to recruit girls who like playing games instead of singing and dancing.

No. 118262


Starts a drama and goes #metoo mode that always gives people a big chunk of followers a day before her debut… Nice.

No. 118264


Why are you so angry? Did this virtual girl take more space than your favorite virtual girl in a stream? Or are you a streamer who is jealous that she was accepted while you got rejected? Either way you just seem like a loser.

No. 118265

File: 1603885873455.png (1.02 MB, 2476x1660, munibug - Copy.png)

so munibug is having drama again
>banned everyone under 17 from her discord
>openly calls minors who might support her ugly
>bad talked vtuber catfeiine on twitter for warning a friend that there's a rumor munibug might dox people
>is rumored to dox other vtubers during collaborations
>arbitrarily bans people on discord, then deletes conversations about it (over 2000 bans already)
>has a loli voice and always does adult like, when there's 2 bad comments she ends streams and cries
>closed her dm on twitter and discord, no one can write her except friends
>reset all discord channels after having drama with friends and a massive amount of people left
>is not excited about subs anymore, even has a sub count
>she lives in a flat for over 1000 euros, told people she likes invadervie
>got reported on twitter for self-harming posts, still continues them
>every 2 weeks she goes mentally instable and takes a "long" break, then suddenly comes back after a few days to get massive donations in a stream

No. 118266

There's like this one Idol that streams on twitch, she's alright, has decent popularity, but I think she's pretty unknown as an idol.

I guess that's what we have been waiting for. Any chances we get other "my experience with x" happening because of this? I didn't see anything on CreamBRabbit's twitter about it.
And did she already post any proof? Because I seriously don't get it.
>waits years to talk about it
>now needs time to show proof
Just make it seem like bullshit.

I don't know munibug too much, but for the most part, the real bad things you said were dox people, and being a drama whore that constantly tries to seek attention through posts like "I'm in a bad space mentally, need a break" or "Maybe I should just quit".
For the started drama and the dox accusations, it would really be better to put in something that shows them.
Wiping discord, deleting stuff, that's typical behaviour for unstable people that want attention, but it's not real milk.

>banning minors

>called them ugly
>lives in a flat over 1000 euros
>likes InvaderVie
If she doesn't want minors in her community, she can ban them, that's absolutely fair; ugly feels way more like a joke than anything; why the fuck it matters where she lives? Unless she's lying to bait donations or support; I won't even mention the last one.

No. 118267

Samefag, I went to check it. She posted some things about the stolen subs.

No. 118268

This idiot also sexualizes her own loli character, commissioned porn of her oc once and would draw lewd shit with her. Her previous private was super milky, she is obsessed with whining about her friends and complaining about how depressed she is while also saying that she regrets sitting at home all the time instead of going outside with her irl friends.

Before she became a e-persona she would attention whore around on uwutuber servers, going to a point where she would try hitting on mods or getting attention from them. Is also known for randomly vc popular youtubers mods for "lulz". Been having high pitched voice since the beginning but it sounded not as rough as she tries to make it seem, sounded more screechy and fake.

No. 118269

She can ban minors without question, the way she does is just sickening and she even allows some to stay while she bans others. I think the whole drama act is just to generate income while she doesn't even feel grateful anymore. She has become very entitled and makes herself look bad, even takes pills on stream so that everyone can hear it. She banned people just for mentioning her voice as "cute" or "funny" because she doesn't want to look like a child which she still kind of is with 20. I would include more screenshots but as I said she reset her server and also old messages.

No. 118270

> nya dont caww me a child
> her whole aesthetic is childish
> draws lolis and is into loli, has loli persona, her favorite characters are lolis and is watching loli anime
> does high pitched voice
Will she ever make up her mind

No. 118271

Her art is a joke compared to other streamers that can really draw. Many smaller ones even made fan art for her that looks ten times better than what she does.

One time she streamed minecraft and got called out by 2 people how she could do it better (she built a shitty house out of dirt for hours), then ended the stream, accused people for backseating and went on break for a week. When she came back she got tons of subs and donations from her loyal fans.

No. 118273

File: 1603891258996.png (122.04 KB, 856x814, holocnending.png)

>she even allows some to stay while she bans others
See, that's a type of thing I agree being a bad point now. Lying about your age is easy, but if she wants no minors, it needs to be all of them. Things get especially shitty when rules start getting applied for some, while not for others.
I just wanted to point some things that felt nitpicky, but with a bit more context seem like valid criticism, which she clearly can't take it.

>She banned people just for mentioning her voice as "cute" or "funny" because she doesn't want to look like a child

She makes an almost toddler-like voice. And she is super into loli, what the fuck does she want I think the only one that one-ups her is the rebranded Himepen.
The first time I heard her it was difficult to handle for my ears.

By the way, it seems HololiveCN will not get to go indie. Pic related (credits to 4chan for the caps).

No. 118275

Artia is Hololive's biggest cow (not counting the aspiring Kiara), if people don't know here, she is very pro-china and she was celebrating and being happy over Coco and Haachama ban on her private, also tends to talk a ton of shit about other holos, possibly all because she is muh 'twitch streamer'. She always was a petty-chan, but that considering that her avatar is the lowest effort (and ugliest one), I am not surprised.

No. 118278

File: 1603894222751.png (274 KB, 768x737, artiainsanity.png)

>Biggest cow
Checks out, pic related (caps from discord and old twitter are from that same 4chan anon).

No. 118280

File: 1603896608169.jpeg (53.42 KB, 995x969, ElUsM7oVcAAMMt9.jpeg)

>"omg Ina if I win you have to draw me in a sexy bikini like Amelia, ok?! If I win in Mario Kart you have to draw me!!!!!!!!!!
>draws pic related

Sure, she's made out to be the ticking time bomb but you're all underestimating the rest of them. They're not taking her seriously one bit.

No. 118281

File: 1603896983706.jpg (60.11 KB, 668x720, Doodlestream.jpg)

Ina drew this in less than 40min, what a chad. She had no time to finish it because her drawinh stream was already too long.

No. 118282


I really don't think that Kiara will do anything dumb. She makes way too much money now to quit, and she doesn't harass the other girls so she wont get forced out. She might be a bit obnoxious but she is far from the only girl acting like that. People speak as if she can't handle failure, but if she stayed in Japan and applied to hololive over and over after countless rejections it seems like she has the mental stamina to manage.

And overall almost every girl in Hololive stays, quitting is very rare. And when they quit it was mostly to avoid harassment from angry fans.

No. 118283

I can't wait for Kiara to graduate

No. 118284

Kiara is not staying in JP for too long because Cover can't be bothered renewing her visa. I dont remember if it should be in November or sometime later, but she mentioned that.

No. 118285


Are you just here to post fake rumors? Are you someone with a grudge or what?

I saw some other strange stuff about her posted earlier that I couldn't find anywhere on the web, like her forcing a colab with Marine forcing marine to quit a colab with Ina. Ina never had a colab with Kiara and we don't know if Kiara will have a colab with Marine, its just baseless speculation nonsense. That was you as well, right?

I just don't understand why anyone would hate a virtual streamer so much they would go around spreading fake rumors about them.

No. 118286

File: 1603897643128.png (158.16 KB, 892x1220, 1486170464577.png)

> and she doesn't harass the other girls

Until she doesn't get what she wants or they start threatening her position. Then the milk will flow when she talks about how the girls are bullying her, they're fake or she wants to die because her sempai don't want to take her shit. Remember, this is the girl that on stream with her supposed "friend" forced viewers to answer which was cuter then cried when they said the other girl.

No. 118287


What is that picture? And what do you mean "threatening her position", she was always at the bottom from the very beginning, there is nobody there to threaten it.

No. 118289

Wasn't the whole "Pro-china" narrative something made-up by both /jp/ and bilibili antis?

No. 118290

Jesus, calm down. Kiara was talking about it on stream and everyone on jp know about it.

No. 118291

Nah, it wasn't. She would agree with China's actions on her stream and private twt, celebrating Haachama and Coco's break.

As for Civia, everyone on twitter threw torches at her the second she started doing YT all because she was celebrating some China war-related stuff before. I think u can find it on her twitter by searching up people's replies, everyone were angry.

No. 118292

I think she is just really hated here because she is keekihime and did some shitty stuff in her past like the whole /cgl/ thing and blueballing some guy that helped her come to japan.

I don't think she is that mentally unstable anymore, and if she is then cover might control her the same way they somehow manage to control Matsuri. The only slip she might have is if she decides to say some SJW stuff during a stream or something.

No. 118293

Why do you keep lying? You should be ashamed of yourself.

No. 118294

So post caps then, like actual proof not just tinfoiling

No. 118295

I still believe the possibility that she said that so that the Bugmen cabal didn't attacked her. If she had stayed silent when the Coco situation was at it's height, instead the bugmen might believe that she was actually supporting Coco and Haachama (they are insane enough to believe that Aqua is pro-CCP just because she hasn't said anything about Coco), which would lead to her family in China to get arrested by the CCP if the bugmen where loud enough.

I believe in both possibilities anyways, so I'll just wait until she goes indie or to another company and see what she says, if she says anything pro-china or anti-hololive outloud then I will believe the Judas theory.

No. 118297

>I just don't understand why anyone would hate a virtual streamer so much they would go around spreading fake rumors about them.
Do you have any idea where you fucking are? Take a moment to read the room. Jesus Christ, so many influx of newfags.

No. 118298

File: 1603901294431.png (637.63 KB, 500x1667, 1603896261819.png)

You could at least use true things like the SJW background instead of making up things….

Also, Artia is having a mental breakdown on Bilibili, here's a translation of what she has said so far

No. 118299

People don't want the retarded narrative posting that's on every other Vtuber thread elsewhere because then it just goes into schizoposting territory, if you're going to post milk let it at least be based in reality
>KFC here sucks, there's nothing good
Maybe it's a good thing after all HoloCN is disbanding, Artia was also a ticking timebomb

No. 118300

Goddamn, it's way worse than I thought.

Kinda liked Civia, not sure what she'll do after that.

No. 118301


Most information here seems to be correct, for example the girls previous identities. I just don't see the point why you would go around spreading false rumors about a girl. Talk shit about her all you want, but why make stuff up? It just hurts your credibility and make people think that you are a out to get her for other reasons and not just someone who dislikes her.

No. 118302


The reason I read this thread is since I wanted unfiltered opinions on the girls. Reddit doesn't allow negative posts or even any comparisons at all so you don't get good discussions. However I see no reason to make stuff up, it just doesn't make sense.

I mean "I don't like Kiara since she did X".

I check and see that she didn't do X. Then what is the point? You obviously hate Kiara for some reason, why not state the real reason instead of lies?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 118304

Thats just Youtube stats, in general marketing Nijisanji has been doing more live concerts, more brand deals, and more non youtube things than Hololive ever has.

No. 118305

Uhh is this kiara? These posts are really weird

No. 118306

Are you the same anon? You're sitting here sperging about one anons passing comment because it seems to really bother you for some retarded reason. Go back to reddit. You sound underaged.

No. 118307

>on the web
It’s at least a European so probably her friends

A chart went around /jp/ that had amelias dox and kiaras, and kiaras pic was a really good highly edited pic where she was turning her head away, and Amelias pic was a really unflattering one I’ve never seen before. I’ll see if I can find it, sage until then

No. 118308

File: 1603905578597.jpg (1.2 MB, 2250x5300, 1603193240875.jpg)

This one?

Also, i don't understand the whole Kiara being really ugly thing, that only applies to her teeth. She seems average here for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NralWJ4kGNA

No. 118309

That’s the one, yeah. I thought it was kind of weird that it’s a chart for showing identities but the Kiara one is an extremely flattering angle and heavily smoothed when there’s tons that show her face much more clearly. Kiara is also the one who previously posted on cgl and has talked about people shit talking her before she was posted about here so it’s not far fetched that she’d be on /jp/. I don’t think any of the other holoENs would but Kiara has a 4chan history and is openly insecure.

Sage’d food for thought.

No. 118310

Surprised Coco is not streaming with her face(lrn2sage)

No. 118311

Well, they are obligated to not too after all. She only does facecams on her youtube: KSON ONAIR(lrn2sage)

No. 118312

why does sachiowo look completely different in every picture?(lrn2sage)

No. 118313

coco streams with her face on her other channel "k-son"

No. 118314

A bunch of the others are also smoothed and edited too though, it doesn't really prove anything

No. 118315


I've just got this weird feeling that Artia being a CCP shill was true this whole time, and now she's gonna use Cover fucking her over as a springboard to rile up the chinks again for another attack on the company. I'm already seeing a lot of unrest and some bugmen blaming Coco (of course, who else) for HoloCN getting slam-dunked.

Should be interesting developments regardless, everyone keep your eyes on it

No. 118326

Thirsty guys gave Kiara $60k this month. Playing vulnerable really makes simps empty their wallets. What matters in the end is how many simps you have and not how many viewers you have.

https://playboard.co/en/youtube-ranking/most-superchated-all-channels-in-worldwide-monthly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118329

File: 1603912062226.png (134.52 KB, 1184x584, Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 2.06…)

Cover wasn't sponsoring her visa. She came to Japan herself on a year long working holiday visa, she says so multiple times. I think its up sometime next year.

No. 118331


Sounds like stuff normal idols do, if you want to see a normal idol just go see akb48. As streamers the youtube stats is what matters.

No. 118332


Isn't the point to ridicule people? Posting fake shit doesn't do that. There are tons of things off with Kiara you can talk about so why make stuff up?

If someone is ridiculously dumb then post why instead of posting fake shit. It is more fun that way. Otherwise we are just making fun of a caricature and not a real person.

No. 118335

If not kiara, at least a friend that’s coming to shill. Not to mention not even giving courteousy to sage. Who the fuck tipped them off?
This went from previous thread of some shit on holoEN, then obviously talk of kiara and her costhotting around. Given her behavior she’ll likely be first to burn out, but clearly her attention whoring is going to be friction to holo vtubers.
Then we’ve got the indie scene, with a simp that has the ego of Mount Rushmore and the need to insert himself into every indie vtuber just getting out. Next, artechoke’s disastrous stream, clearly a tranny. The egos of the indie scene are going to create an entertaining shitshow. Outside of that, just waiting on the milk to flow.
Still waiting on whatever milk there was about Io dating a child groomer on a past account.

No. 118338

What was Io's other account? Was there any additional information about the person behind her?

No. 118339


Just ignore the spergs in this thread. The moment you don’t agree that someone is the worst, they’ll accuse you of being a friend or white knight. It’s not worth the energy.

No. 118345

this is the kind of girl that would be fun to hang out with, drink beer and smoke weed(refusing to learn to integrate)

No. 118347

she looks a lot of like I expected, maybe even surpasses my expectations a bit

No. 118348

sorry to be that guy, but it would be nice if someone updated this pic with the latest faces, like Ina and Mori
Okayu's face is also known

No. 118356

File: 1603924706997.png (177.01 KB, 503x559, Inazzy.png)

Sorry anon, AX2019's venue is too big for the YouTube VOD people to go to the Artist Alley and get a peak at Nagu for us. Everywhere else was boarded up by her, even her Discord.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 118360

>KFC here sucks, there's nothing good
Gave me a chuckle, it does suck. But she goes from ranting to suddenly bringing up the shitty chicken.

No. 118374

File: 1603940890204.png (561.33 KB, 1192x1482, milk.png)

Some actual milk. I found all this happening while browsing through a random Vtuber's twitter.
I am seeing both of them for the first time, but I think the situation explains itself well. Fluffly groomed Cathy, shit got exposed, then he comes with all the usual bullshit of how he know that he is the wrong, etc. Screenshots and many details are in the twitlonger made by Cathy.


And Fluffy's response, as said, is the usual apology because he got caught.


I just got wind of this, so I didn't do much digging in their circles, and other things that could be interesting.
Also, his avatar is a fucking sheep, the irony on that just feels amazing.

Although this drama is from a very small part of the ENVtubing community, I feel like this will happen a lot.

No. 118375

Is this… scripted? Sub 3000 followers people are prone to wanting to rise in numbers by doing everything not called improving or self-reflection.(ban evasion, next one will be a permaban)

No. 118378

I just got done reading and my spidey senses are tingling as well. Something about the way it's all written? They're both so nonchalant. Though, I don't have any history on these two so maybe I'm just a tard.

If it's for real then I hope this guy has turned himself in. He kept referring to what he did as a "mistake" kek. He doesn't deserve to have his precious pedo feefees spared. I feel sad for her that she feels obligated to protect him.

No. 118387

Do you by any chance know of the details behind people connecting @punipuni_029 to Lamy/Kagura Mio?

No. 118392

File: 1603967162863.jpg (568.43 KB, 900x1200, hololive noel3 facedox.jpg)

I'm always surprised when the better Noel face isn't used.

No. 118399

Honestly, I don't know. I'm leaning more on the side of that it is true.
If this was somehow scripted, or fake to gather attention and boost following by pity points, it failed horribly, and only served to jeopardize both of their careers if anything came out exposing that, in fact, it's all fake.
Fluff nuked his twitter before I could dig more, and I didn't archive anything from there. Just in case I archived Cathy's tweet and both twitlongers (not sure if you can delete those), Fluff's account was lost though.
Not sure if this is mentioned in any of the caps, but what was being said is that Cathy was 15 and Fluff was in his early twenties.
https://archive.is/f2qhO (Cathy's tweet thread)
https://archive.vn/tiimt (Cathy's twitlonger)
https://archive.vn/ukXna (Fluff's twitlonger)

Is there anything about it, or that would be just her personal account?
I got nothing about it though.

No. 118403

Samefag, but I just wanted to share that CreamBRabbit has responded to the accusations against her as well.

No. 118429

True, nothing was really gained. I didn't see anything spicy on Fluff's twitter yesterday but didn't look very hard either. TY for archiving.

No. 118430


tbh IRL Noel just ain't fair. Actual shortstack, about 4'10", L-cup chest, perfect face symmetry, goddamn.

I'm glad she shares her 'gifts' with us on her alt account(s).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118435

File: 1603996092812.jpg (656.4 KB, 992x2595, le_undoxxable_queen.jpg)

/hlg/ finally dug up Guura's face :

Sǝnzawa used to have a Twitter (@sǝnzawaa) before her current one, which we can confirm through her friend and her commission.
She used the name Sena and did a few minor roles that link back to that Twitter as well.
Oldfags know she was called Sena:

She was credited with a full name under a VN role she ultimately didn't do (Nyanners picked it up) and that name was used in a minor voice role for a board game animation.
Voice actor with that name around that age starting around that time period. Obviously is her voice. All of them credit sǝnzawa (Sena) for the voice acting.
My Teen Romantic Comedy is UNDERSTANDABLY F*CKED
When Cutie Met Patootie - Chapter Four
Finally, the VN credits her FULL name for the role.
And the boardgame kindly provided a photo of her.

Her real name is SENA HOWARD.

Narrative: As that one sharkfag has been saying all along: Her wearing glasses is the reason Gura's eyes are always spazzing out, the rigging itself is fine.

No. 118436

> face is so filtered, blurry and unnecessary eye increase.
Girl, love yourself.
I wonder how she looks like without those edits.

No. 118437

either ps/filters really messed something up or she has a honker of a nose

No. 118439

i didnt notice until you told us, damn

No. 118440

>Narrative: As that one sharkfag has been saying all along: Her wearing glasses is the reason Gura's eyes are always spazzing out, the rigging itself is fine.

couldn't she just get contact lenses?

No. 118441

So who's the thot that was constantly linked to "her" ifunny acct.?

No. 118443

No. 118447

Yeah she has a jaw filter going on. Her ears look funky.

No. 118451

Well then, I guess the tier list is officially Ina > Gura > Kiara > Mori > Amelia now.

No. 118454

She def has a talent for VA and singing etc but boy is this ever a face for radio, woof

No. 118455

tier list of what?

No. 118456

How nice their neighbor looks.

No. 118461

You got it completely backwards lol

Amelia is nerdie girl next door kind of cute and Mori is normie tier cute. Kiara has a big honker and shoops too much. Gura looks like an average nerd girl. Ina is average nerd looking and is almost homely tbh.

No. 118462

Does anybody know what Guras real voice is like?

No. 118463

File: 1604003287863.png (119.26 KB, 225x474, Gura.png)

>tfw no one can accidently say her name like did to Watson https://streamable.com/2d25ph.

No. 118464

Out of all girls, only Gura's actual face is not revealed because it's hidden under SNOW filter and beautycam spam, so I think Gura is the least attractive. Kiara shoops the shit out of her face too, alongwith her nose so she would stay in least tier too. Later then comes Ina, the normal and wholesome-looking korean girl, then Amelia with her 'Ramona Flowers wannabe', then Mori the num. 1.

No. 118465

Here's pitched down version of her singing, I think it would be pretty accurate

No. 118467

Well, if the shark girl aesthetic didn’t work out, she’s certainly got the makings for a goblin vtuber.
Goblin shark

No. 118471

File: 1604006006348.png (74.86 KB, 750x645, hl.png)

HoloENs are still not getting paid.

No. 118473

just noticed her 4head is massive

No. 118474

Are they allowed to talk about that? Is it just Kiara who's complaining?

No. 118475

File: 1604006340620.png (110.05 KB, 362x260, insecuritydetector.png)

The fuck is with her nose? The more I look at it the worse it gets.

No. 118476

whoever said english isnt her first language is lying, kek

No. 118477

No. 118478

they said gura cant spell bc english isnt her first language but it obviously is and thats just a lie

No. 118479

Who ever said that? Maybe they meant Kiara. To me Senzawa reads as full american, same goes with Amelia.

No. 118480

they could also mean Calli

No. 118481

Some of HoloJP has brought up they get paid via paycheck like any other job, but she's the only one to actually whine that she's using up her savings in the meanwhile. A bit too TMI.

No. 118482

it was cover that said that(newfaggotry, lack of sage)

No. 118483

Cmon, someone asked her a question. Mori has also mentioned it a couple times. None of the others have spoken that much about real life yet.

No. 118484

That entire facebook page got taken down

No. 118485

I don't see why Cover would say Gura can't spell, other than that, if they did, please show it.
I saw anons on /jp/ insisting it wasn't senzawa and saying she was a japanese that has english as her second language, but that was schizoposting at the time, and even more now.

Also, I don't really see much of a problem to say they didn't get paid. I don't know how japanese culture looks at that, and how much that would affect them though.
If she's speaking every day or way too much about it, than I can see it as a problem.

No. 118486

The kickstarter or whatever was still up when I looked earlier.

No. 118487

It's not about talking about her getting paid or not that's the problem, since as said before there's other HoloJP who have talked about it, just her whining about "uuuu no mone guess i'll use my savings uuuuuuuu" that just adds onto the Keeki Kringe

No. 118489

Artemis is playing minesweeper with 5k viewers,how are so many people watching that trap shit(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 118490

I'm seeing why Hololive/Cover didn't want to take this train wreck on for HoloJP. Some of these vtubers are degenerates that talk about being horny, feet, doing heartbeat ASMR, or whatever the fuck. But Kiara is someone that would take that and turn it into 7 degrees of awkward and a general whine-fest.

No. 118491

Talking about feet, being horny and ASMR is always awkward and stupid, you nutcase. It doesn't take an austrian to prove that.

No. 118492

5k viewers is nothing if you think he has 78.3 k subscribers that only recently started following

No. 118495

File: 1604013042616.png (8.76 KB, 339x95, meh.png)

(this is not milk)

No. 118496

well for comparison Kiara with almost 400k subs had a stream last night which peaked at ~6k

No. 118506

File: 1604021089355.png (113.83 KB, 901x837, tTqROI5SvK.png)

Sena Howard used to ERP in some really raunchy French +18RP forum, if you know some french here's the source:


Pic related is a translated snippet.

No. 118507

Or that's a complete coincidence unless you think totally real people "Leila Vans" and "Justin Belcour" also used their real names.

No. 118508

I'll have to rewatch tonight stream to confirm it but she randomly said something with a perfect french accent.

No. 118509

Yeah, I also do erp online using my full name and address why?

No. 118510


The account was made in 2014, young depressed antisocial nerdy girls most of the time don't have much foresight in their lives, moreso the pathetic ones that ERP on private forums.

No. 118511

I'd say the combination is a coincidence. 2 of the characters that poster plays are based on Sena Kashiwazaki and Luka Crosszeria, simply changing their last names to Howard for rp.
If the conspiracy rabbit hole is right, then as a teen she said she knew french. But the link between the two isn't strong enough to convince people (especially with how heavily the other's photo is filtered).

No. 118513

Seen people saying this is fake and gay on /jp/ (ofc they're in denial paypiggies) but when you look at the @senzawaa account it's just some chic in a wig typing in Arabic, and the sugar tweet isn't there, did her account get taken over? Did she delete them?

No. 118514

also for it being "fake and gay", the links listing to the facebook posts listing the face in question were taken down post-haste after it's bringing it up. Quite unlike the senzawa ifunny where the IRL vids and other shit were left up.
Her pay whales can try to plausible deniability all they like, but cat, or should I say shark, is out of the bag now.

No. 118515

gura confirmed MENA?

No. 118519

File: 1604027859840.png (636.91 KB, 1079x845, Screenshot 2020-10-29.png)

There are a few tweets to @senzawaa that predate that specific account, it's a case of twitter being weird in how it handles mentions when someone scoops up an old username. For instance https://twitter.com/ThaZombieGuy50/status/775832370297438209 is 9 months earlier

No. 118522

Yeah I had imagined it had something to do with someone taking another users name, since Twitter shows the account being active since 2017.
I'm almost impressed with how many fake accounts there are using the Senzawa moniker. Didn't think she was popular enough for people to RP as online.

No. 118528

/hlg/ detectives at it again

No. 118529

File: 1604040992853.png (390.05 KB, 2048x950, Screenshot_20201024-122249~2.p…)

I just saw this.
She's so big headed she thinks shooting herself in the foot wouldn't hurt at all.

No. 118533

Shes right though.

No. 118534

Didn't she just post about streaming Alex Jones? I'd say she's a tradthot but she plays up the pure Catholic girl too much.

No. 118535

File: 1604046201490.jpg (147.49 KB, 720x867, Yadda.jpg)

Shame that anon didn't say anythint about the cow.
This VTuber does nothing but daily tweets about how she is hated by everyone and how VTuber community fears her.

People dont want to do much with her all because she:
-Fully brainwashed by christianity
-Brags about being right-wing daily, believes thats why people do not want to hang out with her, not because she always whines about how everyone hates her (and making daily tweets about it)
-Openly homophobic
-Is a pretentious tradthot pickme
-Said n-word once and keeps spregging about it
-Self-diagnosed with autism in order to get a pass in everything

I keep thinking that's a troll.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 118536

She posted a few times in last thread. I think everyone knows Athena is a troll or severely autistic to the point she probably shouldn't have an online presence

No. 118542

Athena is both. Severely autistic and a troll. She can't let shit go, but at the same time, she continually plays it up. Obviously it works for the people that support her or genuinely believe her. From the nudes her ex allegedly every now and then releases, to her continuously doing post shit to stir up more shit. That's another thing that makes autism and trolling so succinct, autists have no trouble being brutally honest like a kid if they have the ability to properly communicate. From Domo, her making the video of her saying "nigga", to plenty of other shit.

No. 118555

File: 1604073572852.jpg (187.72 KB, 1079x551, Screenshot_20201030-085432_Twi…)

Why does she have to be so blatant about pandering? This is cringe.

Also what if something actually happens? I remember when Shion and Marine had a sleepover and Marine went into extreme detail that Shion groped her and they fooled around a bit in bed. Shion completely denied it to the point some fans believe it actually may have happened because how awkward Shion's response was.

No. 118556


No. 118557

Yeah I was gonna say Marine already panders like this. She made an entire stream about the fact that her and shion almost hooked up. So it's not just Kiara, they're both going to milk the shit out of this and incel bait

No. 118558

Let’s say, for instance, I was bone chilling(derailing)

No. 118559

is this artemis and their goons trying to troll this page

No. 118562

No I’m just an idiot

No. 118563

I know they do this yuribaiting shit a lot, but damn…

No. 118573

I remember she claimed that it was "cp" but people are sure it was just a tactic to get them automatically deleted. They were very likely recent photos she's like 19 close to 20.(lrn2sage)

No. 118576

File: 1604085840400.png (1.08 MB, 1441x2048, Screenshot_20201030-142223.png)

>mocking a "welcome community"

The absolute irony

No. 118586

Kind of a rant, but this shit is really making me not like her more. The thing about that is that the yuribaiting Marine gives off follows the joke that nobody ever loves her romantically and never hooks up. Kiara meanwhile is trying to get close to Marine as kind of a blatant way to get close to Pekora really just makes it ultra cringe since it comes off more as if a fat otaku inserting himself between two idols, even if Marine herself said she's trying to bridge them together. It hasn't even been a half year since she fucking debuted so usual decorum would have been her refusing, but whatever.
I've liked Marine ever since her debut not for her yuribaiting, but more for the jokes that come out it and the occasional reality checks, but I'm thinking the one thing that will make me stop watching her might actually be Kiara.

No. 118595

So, Io is streaming right now with tsunderemaids.

No. 118599

do you have a picture where you can see her face?

No. 118604

And Senzawa is a lolicon, makes sense a pedo would choose to make their vtuber avatar a little girl.

No. 118608

Mori > Kiara > Amelia > Gura > Ina

People in here constantly shitting on how people looks really does tell how salty and ugly you bitches are.

No. 118615

This may sound dumb but, do the vtubers that are part of hololive and stuff, not the indie ones, choose how their own characters look? Because if so Senzawa making herself another loli-type while actively enjoying media that sexualizes kids is pretty creepy, unless it was just something assigned to her (still is kinda weird, though, it makes you wonder how she really feels about Gura porn)

No. 118617

I heard from my friend who knows someone who works for Hololive it depends. Sometimes they audition with a concept in mind and Hololive like the concept enough that they go with it. I think the HoloEN girls for sure came up with their concepts since the audition said that they are looking for a 5 minute audition where you present a character you would want to be a a vtuber. Other times I think the company has concepts in mind that they let the girls choose from

No. 118620


Am I missing something? Where in the picture does it suggest Senzawa is a lolicon?

No. 118622

The numbers for Baos debut confirm Artemis having view bots. Bao is 2-3k viewers, has established fans/subs, a good model, and is awkward but not cringe, shes at least bouncing off the chat. I’d guess Artemis had at least 4K worth of bots for the debut.

No. 118623

Artemis definitely has both view and follow bots. Her growth rates are simply not natural at all even more considering how shitty her debut was.

No. 118624

>Source: dude just trust me

No. 118626


The look is chosen by the artist, as well as the overall character although they rarely stick to the character. Pekora has spoken about her character being designed just to be a cute bunny girl which she (thankfully) found difficult to stick to.

Subaru's artist is a vtuber herself and sometimes talks about designing the outfits. Subaru had a minor argument with her on stream once because the artist had added visible underwear which Subaru didn't really like.

No. 118627

looked up voice acting from that dumb movie and that dumb game. 100% her.

As far as the loli shit, it isn't inherently sexual. I find it cute in an imouto sense, and not sexual at all. I know a LOT of pedos like it though.

No. 118629

this tweet has サメ credited as Taylor Faye. Also sounds like a fake name, but less fake than "Sena" Howard

No. 118631

There was some anon sperging about anime pedos last thread. Just ignore unless there's milk.

No. 118633

False alarm. "faye" is nyanners's alias.
yuliya faye/taylor faye/anything slavaboo

The tweet announcing senzawa as the voice actor postdates the one announcing nyanners. This is strange because nyanners is listed as the voice actress in most of the credits I find.

No. 118634

File: 1604111360574.png (5.88 KB, 756x84, fired.png)

Other way around, the Sena tweet is Aug 2018 and >>118629 is June 2019.
I'm glad this was brought up because it turns out Sena was fired. https://operationrainfall.com/2019/12/18/chemically-bonded-interview/

No. 118643

File: 1604113610893.jpg (204.73 KB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20201031-040214__01…)

What the fuck
People really give money to this boring ass person

No. 118649

Nothing much, but I think it's worht to keep it around, in case any milk comes from any tweets. The lack of caps or anything else is a problem, and everything posted there is rather mild.

No. 118651

In workplace vocabulary, either shit really went places, or the designers are terrible in their communication and wording.
Letting go = underperformance or general unsatisfactory. No violations of any work policies
Fired = termination as a result of actions or behaviors that violated standards, regulations, and other general rules within the work environment.

No. 118652

File: 1604119496614.jpg (86.63 KB, 1036x960, gura.jpg)

spent a lot of time searching. only thing I could find was the original image that got baleted from facebook. this girl is really good at covering her tracks. I'm pretty sure sena howard is a pseudonym.

No. 118653

>>118464 Any links for what Amelia/Sachi looks like? I can't find anything of hers.

No. 118655

what a leech, she knows marine is popular with JP audience. no wonder she's the lowest sub on EN member lol.

i'm just glad pekora never give her an attention (she's the only vtuber that i like ironically)

No. 118656

God forbid the girls were allowed to have fun streams together sometimes. They must always be cold, calculating bitches doing sub math and optimizing their supachas.

No. 118658

>-Said n-word once and keeps spregging about it
You mean nigger?
Venti is that you?

No. 118659

With all of the filters that warp her face so much, like her ears, I have to wonder if she's got a classic case of the witchy jew nose going on. It would make the extreme nasal voice easier to understand.

No. 118660

Just schizoid /cgl/ refugees finding as many faults as they can and forming narratives because they're still buttblasted about Keekihime. The milk's really dry, but they'll try to get as much out of the cow as they can. Even when the people around her proved them wrong again and again. It's kind of sad to watch all the mental gymnastics needed to form all these narratives, but it's also very interesting. It's like the people sperging about the chicken have become lolcows themselves.

No. 118662


Although she could have been just messing around about the constant drunkenness it wouldn't surprise me if she actually had a serious drinking problem which could have led to termination.

If she did have an alcohol problem then it's rather nice she's actually been able to turn things around somewhat.

No. 118663

>>117872 what doxxed pics?

No. 118668

Pekora has talked to Kiara before, and has said that she'd like to collab with her and Gura in the future so it's possible

No. 118670

At first Pekora was uncomfortable as hell, considering she is not too much of a social person. Only during the same time when Marine stated she wants to be around Kiara, Peko agreed.

No. 118674

This is a /cgl/ off-shoot

No. 118679

Doesn’t peko have trauma speaking English because of a foreigner at her old service job?

No. 118680

Shes been collabing with Moona for a month, trying to learn English

No. 118681

Is there any info about this supposed trauma?

No. 118682

This maybe?

No. 118695

No. 118696

Who is this? Lame. Filter on webcam stream kek

No. 118697

That's Ame, but it's from when she was going by Sachi on twitch.

No. 118722

that's so sad

No. 118725

File: 1604175814052.png (314.89 KB, 712x397, 0.png)

No. 118728

Went looking for more face dox and they both privated everything, they absolutely read here. I think Kani might have even changed her @ because of this lmao

No. 118731

Domo's discord server allows the use of the word "trap", some are demanding that he needs to take a position about it.
What will he do, bend the knee, or keep his stance.
I'm surprised this stupid discourse took this long to spill on the vtubing community.

No. 118733

bend the knee and turn indie vtuber scene into Vtumblr, or keep it and be at odds with the woke crowd. Now this is how you know there are astroturfers in the vtuber scene. Which one will the creepy groomer go for? who knows.

No. 118734

Jesus it took less than a month for the indie eng vtuber "community" to start imploding. Does anyone know whether the indie communities for jp, es, etc. are this cancerous?

No. 118740

Even if trap isn't considered a slur its still cringe 4chan speak. It should have been on its way out years ago. I dunno why people are so attached to the word trap. I feel like people wouldn't even use it anymore more if tumblr tards never started crying over it(no1curr)

No. 118742

>"How do you do fellow anons. Trap is so cringe, amirite my fellow anons hehe"

No. 118745

It is cringe. On par with epic fail, redpilled, based, and waifu. If you use this in your everyday online speak I am just gonna assume you're a scrote. People getting mad about trap are just as dumb though. Its not a slur, its just autistic channer speak.

No. 118746

god I hate the fucking use of redpill in any context

No. 118747

Honestly you can add "cringe" to that list of autistic channer speech too.

No. 118748

Nah cringe is normie tier meme speak. You don't have to explain what cringe means to the average zoomer.

No. 118749

No. 118750

How is Artemis not mad about this?

No. 118751

Gotta milk him for his worth first before throwing him under the bus.

No. 118753

What about the rest of his circle though? Did any of they say something? Literal whos probably aren't going to make him worry much.

All of those words are already normie speak, maybe "redpill" isn't used too much, but for the rest, you go on twitter and you are able to see them quite a lot.
Maybe not epic fail, because it got changed to "F"

No. 118757

I believe artemis was propped up by weebs who would tell him to fuck off the moment he came for their actual passable guys that dress up as women.
You got a penis don't cha?

No. 118759

>tfw no subaru face reveal
best girl hasn't been leaked yet? sad times

No. 118764

She's one of the youngest hololive members so it's possible she just doesn't have as much of an online presence before joining. She's also repeatedly nearly died and seems to be more into reading manga than Internet 'culture' so I think she just didn't spend much time online before.

No. 118765

The fuck is wrong with you?

No. 118768

Trap is literally only used by horny weaboos and people getting upset over it are also horny weaboos for acknowledging it
That being said I do want to see Domo get his shit dragged for talking about traps, seeing people eat each other from within is funny

No. 118769

I'm a retard who is slightly drunk.

No. 118770

File: 1604189185394.png (109.55 KB, 598x607, autism.png)

This shit is so retarded I don't really wanna cap everything

No. 118771

You posted right before me, good thing I waited a bit.
He just talked in DMs with Riri. Yeah, the dude is slimy as shit, just the smallest bit of pressure made him bend for fear of losing anything in "his community", not sure if anyone in his circle talked about it in public though.
It always baffles me how these type of people just go nuts by using a word that doesn't even mean what they think it means. This "community" is already damned and it didn't even start.
Do you think she's going to be in one of the interviews soon?

No. 118772

can I get a QRD on Subaru? I thought she was older because of the voice.

No. 118773

>leddit in uproar because of some Huke guy
what happened? I just read he was banned from holoEN minecraft server. who is he? why the uproar?

No. 118774

As of last year (I think, possibly still) she was in high school. She had to repeat a year because her house burned down at night. Her voice if you couldn't already tell, is fake like most of the them - you occasionally hear her real voice come through when she's concentrating for example during the Wii sports baseball stream and when she's singing. As I said above she's one of the youngest of them.

No. 118775

jap artist behind black rock shooter and steins;gate.
He drew Kiara, she got permission to invite him to their minecraft server, autists of various varities got pissy and he was asked to leave. She was said she was upset about it.

No. 118776

He's the artist who designed Kiara's model. He apparently worked on a number of games including the Metal Gear Solid series so he has quite a following himself.

Kiara apparently asked permission from management for him to join the server to HELP her. During a later stream one of the other girls discovered an item that he could only have through cheating somehow. The combined autism of Minecraft purists and hololive viewers who don't want men anywhere near their waifus forced Cover to rescind permission.

No. 118777

That's so fucking autistic

No. 118778

lol so an actual celebrity gets flamed by autists, god I hate hololive fanbase sometimes

No. 118781

File: 1604195880393.png (81.69 KB, 643x563, purists and backseaters are ca…)

Man those anons from the last thread saying that the western vtuber community would turn into the UTAU community were right.

Went on Leddit for some more background, apparently he made enchanted crossbows as gifts to the girls and backseatfags and purists were mad because it's "cheating and cheapening the experience for the girls" (even though these same morons found the seed to their Minecraft world and wanted to give them coordinates and they constantly spoil other games for them). According to some people on Reddit, the enchantments were for the regular bow so it would have been useless on the crossbows anyway and it was supposed to be a joke. I have no idea what exactly the enchantments were, but I don't think they would be hard to get anyway?
Pic related also mentions other times when autists sperged about how the girls were playing, but this case definitely sounds like they were jealous that a male not only played MC with their precious waifus, but also gave them gifts. Imagine how pissed they would've been if the ENmanager that carried them in L4D2 a couple days ago was a male.

No. 118782

It's amazing to see the fanbase trying to destroy the things they "like".

No. 118783

samefagging to correct myself a bit since I'm a bit Minecraft illiterate, but after googling it, it's impossible to put bow enchantments on crossbows in Survival mode, so huke would've either had to go in Creative to make the crossbows or use cheat commands. It's still fucking stupid to sperg about was is essentially regular crossbows with joke enchantments. It's not like he gave them an overpowered weapon or a chest full of rare materials.

Pretty much. The spergy entitlement of idol otaku combined with the spergy entitlement of gamers is too toxic.

No. 118784

To be honest the most anger I've seen is from Minecraft "blind play" fanatics. I'm sure there'd be many who are angry that a man dares enter their server but I think that's much less so in the West. I think people are genuinely angry because he decided to cheat into existence a crossbow which is useless. For those unaware about Minecraft the enchantments (the buffs for the weapon or armour) are very specific and won't do anything unless added to the specific weapon or armour type. He seems to have deliberately have added enchantments that do nothing just to fuck with viewers.

Apparently hololive viewers don't have a sense of humour.

No. 118790

File: 1604204288814.png (622.75 KB, 1280x720, Fenne.png)

>Your options in vtuber communities are either extreme hatred of mles or Domo the mle getting a front and center chair in the indie scene.

No. 118792


I want someone to out Domo and ruin him. I’m tired of seeing his shit smeared everywhere. Artemis clinging to this stain of a human being will be their downfall.

No. 118796

banning the world trap and all that on their discord. Who'da thunk it that all those tumblrites would coalesce into the indie vtuber scene? Not to mention, is the discord server in question just some indievtuber discord? is it the atelier one? Or is it actually one that was his that he basically got himself cucked out of? So much for the "yeah I'm such a badass look at me be verbally abusive to all these women (and tranny)".

No. 118797

Hilarious yet sad. I understand it's out of character, but perhaps if they adopted the way a certain binyot casually makes fun of the people that try to backseat game, either that shit will flair up more, or that shit will end. The fact that there's no moderation for their chat to allow it to happen is definitely a mistake on their part.
>"apprently hololive viewers don't have a sense of humour"
It's people from the land of the declining birth rates and people emulating like the people from the land of the declining birth rates. Full on autism.
The other thing that this means is that the hololive audience would be so autistic that they would flip their shit about some renowned and wealthy artist that they wouldn't care about shit. Granted BRS is just some vocaloid fanfic OC pooled into their own world, this leaves implication that if someone like renown like Junji Ito or Eiichiro Oda, hell or even if someone like yoko taro somehow found themselves in the server, the wave of salty autists would just eliminate any chance or semblance of any shit because their retarded purist-radar would be going off the charts. And ten to one these girls, like Amelia and Kiara, have already fucked while they're sperging out about "wut is boy doing with these servers"

No. 118808

i guarantee you're all straight white men with no sense of the outside world, sounds extremely incel filled to me lmfaooooooo

No. 118809

the hair is… wet… you retards… like from water, from the background, the obvious bathroom??????????????????? jesus fucking christ(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118811

White knight incel or one of the vtubers? Seems like this thread is starting to be noticed by the vtubers if we are getting these responses all of a sudden.

No. 118812

Either someone tipped them off. But I have a funny feeling this is an old response to greasy ass grease hair. So you can take a guess to which Tranny vtuber found this place.

No. 118813

LMAO! this domo guy is like the next ice poseidon where subreddit was hellbent on destorying his life.

No. 118815

>coco with the hot secretary look

No. 118816

>certain binyot
I think the biggest problem would be the company's response to that, which I don't know if it happened already, but I can see them having to give out an apology because she said something "bad" to the audience.
Didn't Aqua have to issue a super long apology video because she played more than one time with a pro smash brothers player in an open-lobby stream, and some people lost their shit over that?
Backseat gamers/purists (in a gaming sense) are obnoxious as hell, don't get me wrong, but I don't think any of the Hololive members would be able to make jokes about them and be fine later on. The only way to solve the problem would be to flat-out ignore them and get a moderation team to just purge this type of shit.
I mean, you can go on twitch and find streamers that barely have 30 viewers with more moderators, so I can't understand how something so stupid can get out of hand.
Then again, I guess it's par for the course for the retarded fans to somehow be able to destroy things.

I think I know which image they're referring to, but I won't even engage with obvious bait.
It was a question of when the thread would be found, not if.

Also, Io's stream with tsunderemaids made the chances of that possible milk go to 0.

No. 118817


This dude is an obvious creep. The way he talks to all these Vtubers and found a way to slither out of his latest drama is abhorrent. Nothing about him says that he’s a good person and the fact that he’s the springboard for anyone to get views is just setting up his cult even further. The way he clings to anyone with clout and tries to leech off their following is proof enough.

No. 118821

File: 1604251402416.png (751.53 KB, 841x1000, please shut.png)

redpill me on pikamee, anything juicy about her?

No. 118823

Everytime I see a nijisanji thread on the vtuber or nijisanji subreddit I always see comments trying to say how hololive is better than niji and how ichikara is worse than cover(like the tech development post or meiro's graduation thread)

No. 118825

Nothing. She's lolicon but so are a ton of JP vtubers and no one cares about it.

No. 118827

Niji have their own issues but they aren't involved in some crazy drama every other week. The Meiro Roa drama was basically nothing compared to stuff like Aloe Mano, the Taiwan Coco incident, etc.

The drama was more on Meiro and Roa being catty than Nijisanji themselves. At least Nijisanji gets permission from game companies to stream their games unlike Hololive who ignored it until they got in trouble and had to take down a bunch of VODs. Also Niji actually treats their talents like regular streamers and not like idols which is something I prefer.

No. 118829

Honestly, I feel like this is true. And, in a certain way, the lack of idol treatment kinda makes it easier on the people behind the avatars.
However, if Hololive has something on Niji, it's the way they build hype. For example, NijisanjiEN already exists, but it's just a rebranding of Nijisanji India (which I didn't even know that exists), since they used quite a lot of english. A few days ago I caught a birthday stream of one of the members and it had barely 50 viewers, while her channel wasn't even on 10k subs.

Other than the loli stuff, no.

No. 118830

File: 1604256992305.png (374.84 KB, 898x580, vtubers.png)

>yah she's a pedophile, but so are all of them, who cares?
That anime brainrot at work.

No. 118834

I'm not saying you shouldn't care, I'm saying no one else is gonna give a shit so there's nothing else to go on. Please don't start the lolicon spergfest that ruined last thread lol. You can find lolicon gross and abhorrent but the average coomer weeb legitimately doesn't give a shit and since it's not illegal that's where the milk ends.

No. 118835

she's not a lolicon sexually, or at least she hasn't said so. She just thinks lolis are cute

No. 118839


Isn't Comic LO just full of sexual stuff?

No. 118840

Not that anon, but yeah, it's all loli porn.

No. 118841

File: 1604260750056.jpg (197.74 KB, 954x2048, zpi6q1l4gir51.jpg)

she definitely is one
even if she wasn't, it's still fucking weird to talk this way about child characters

No. 118842

File: 1604261121024.jpg (202.23 KB, 1066x1165, 1603689248309.jpg)


Pikamee out there getting that fresh cunny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118843

File: 1604261328161.jpg (23.72 KB, 638x717, cunny chad.jpg)

based pikachu

No. 118845

This isn't /hlg/.

What was the context behind this?

No. 118846

>This isn't /hlg/.
to be fair, pikamee isn't holo

No. 118847

I found it here, it's further explained in this thread in one of the comments

No. 118848

Fuck off scrotes

No. 118854

Glad to see Vtubers don't just cater to pedophiles, they are also pedophiles themselves. Such wholesome cute content, I guess I just don't understand japanese culture where it's hot to molest children.

Venti was right.

No. 118858

File: 1604264722646.webm (3.74 MB, 480x270, wholesome.webm)

and racists apparently

No. 118859

holy based

No. 118860


Can race baiting lolicon scrotes leave this board this thread was already awful for fucks sake. Don't you retards have a thread on /trash/ you can go to

No. 118861

nah I like it here

No. 118862

We all know that's where you came from, though.

Just wait for the mods to ban them, anon.

No. 118863

Why is it such a big deal for you anyway?

No. 118864

>9 years old
so Pikamee is jewish.(racebaiting)

No. 118867

File: 1604269420746.png (342.31 KB, 1062x727, 2020-11-01_22-23.png)

There was already a conversation about Pikamee last thread wasn't there? Feels like I'm getting dementia.
Anyway the Chinese Hololive hatedom made a website and are attempting to do gayops.

No. 118869

What exactly are they planning to do? Mass spam?

>There was already a conversation about Pikamee last thread wasn't there?

I think there might have been one.

No. 118871

"Before we begin, let me explain the goal of this operation.

Build mistrust between westerners and Taiwanese.
Fake tagging attacks on westerners' social networking sites and blame it on 4v.
Build a negative perception of cover among Westerners.
Support the punching locusts by creating confusion for Westerners.
Pressure Covers to offer better negotiating terms to the B site."
Seems they want to engage in FUD shenanigans by making different social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and 4chan) fight with each other for the purpose of getting better treatment from Cover on Bilibili…somehow?
The best part is that they keep writing as if it's some super sekrit plan but it's on clear web for the rest of the world.
If anyone else knows Chinese though feel free to input because I feel like DeepL is missing some details here.

No. 118873

What is with all the weird copypasta spam in Coco's singing stream just now? I'm assuming it's part of this China anti-Coco brigade but ??

No. 118875

Why would anyone in their sane mind be upset if someone had two previous relationships? I don't get it. Sounds dumb as fuck

No. 118876

File: 1604277261656.jpeg (218.01 KB, 1512x2048, EizZqK-XYAEFkPj.jpeg)

Imagine being genuinely triggered by people lewding inanimate drawings and equating it with real people. Might as well steer clear of any media with a hint of violence while you're at it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118877

This sounds super stupid, which is great.
Can't wait until the international autism gets weaponized and they start wanting to fuck with the chinese, or bilibili, etc.
DeepL is pretty solid to get context, so I don't see much of a problem.

You would be surprised by how silly things can really be.

How hard is it to sage?

No. 118878

ok I'm imagining, now what?
btw you should sage if you're just shitposting

No. 118879

What does this schizo rambling even mean? I feel like I'm having a stroke, and why even use that picture if you aren't talking about that vtuber

No. 118880

shes been doing fake chat to avoid having to deal with harassment or anything she would have to edit the log and re-upload later, just to be safe because of the anti-coco brigade

No. 118881

sounds like a far-fetched schizo conspiracy with no proof whatsoever

No. 118882

Most Vtuber fans are massive incels who don't want others to have what they've never had while also feeling entitled to the girls they stan. They spend so much time and money on these girls that they feel like they deserve reciprocation for it, they build up imaginary relationships with them in their heads and feel betrayed when they find out they've been dating. They also tend to have purity complexes in which they believe girls who have been in any relationships or had sex (with anyone but them of course) are sluts and whores. It's common behavior among idol fans.

Back to 4chan, pedoscrote.

No. 118883

Anon is right. She is using a fake chat on screen. Literally look at any of her past streams that show chat. You will see the same messages and usernames with generic comments. This has been known since she cam back.

No. 118884

where's the proof it's her doing it

No. 118885

>where's the proof it's her doing it
Not that anon, but, what do you mean? You want proof that she is the one responsible for adding a fake chat and/or that she did that because she wanted? I'm guessing you're implying that she was forced by Cover to do that.

No. 118886

where's the proof she is botting her chat and not antis? where's the evidence?

No. 118887


Here. Watch the chat in her video for about 2 minutes and you will see it is just a generic loop.(embed youtube videos)

No. 118888

I know her chat is getting botted
but where's your proof it's her botting it and not the antis? you posted a recent video which is after the Coco-Haato Taiwan incident
you do realize chinese have been spamming Coco's chat?

No. 118889

it's a loop created by her you retard

No. 118890

ok but where's the proof and evidence for your claims?

No. 118891

What the fuck are you on about? She created the image of the scrolling chat she uses on stream. It's the same 10-15 messages over and over. Because of the spam in all the holos chat, primarily hers, almost none of them show chat on stream anymore.

Are you ok, anon?

No. 118892

We are talking about different things. The chat in her video is a pre-made loop, not a real chat.

If you're wondering about the bot messages you need to watch her live and go to the anti coco site to see what to look for. You might be able to look at the chat from videos vods too Im not sure. Antis are using the copy paste messages from the coco hate site to spam her chat yeah but they aren't completely over running it. I'm not on a pc right now so maybe another anon can post some screenshots from cocos chat and see that it matches the same messages from the Chinese coco hate site if you're unwilling to do your own research.

No. 118893

File: 1604280791010.png (13.84 KB, 536x376, 1.png)

Pro tip: copy this link instead whatever other link you're copying into this bar right here so you can embed things right

No. 118894

Sorry was trying to reply to


No. 118895

I think you're all going over each others heads, anons.
No one said coco was botting her own live chat. It was just said the chat she uses on stream was a loop to avoid the spam of any messages that could trouble her. We probably all aggree it is the chinese antis that are doing any type of spam.

No. 118897

Thanks Anon I always forget to use the YouTube box like a retard

No. 118898

File: 1604282076505.png (1.04 MB, 1337x2048, Screenshot_20201101-194734.png)

How can you brand yourself as a good cathlic when you are constantly sperging mean shit?
Also how can you call yourself a Vtuber when you don't even have a live model during the stream?

No. 118900

File: 1604283464848.png (75.98 KB, 803x632, Screenshot 2020-11-01 181703.p…)

Who ever said he would bend the knee was right

No. 118901

>good cathlic when you are constantly sperging mean shit
God approves when you think you're on the right, I guess.
>can you call yourself a Vtuber when you don't even have a live model during the stream
People really destroyed the standards for what a Vtuber is. A butchered model, and now even a png give you enough to slap [VTuber] in a video or stream.
And I suppose Athena is doing better than most indies, even if she is on that shithole of website that is DLive.

No. 118902

Oh no, he did that the same day, but only in DMs. Also, it looks bad to have his name on sankakucomplex, since the comments on the news of the website are an absolute cesspool.
He's doing what's best for him, not mentioning it specifically, keeping things vague, and not saying "I apologise" directly, since that would mean he did something wrong.

No. 118915

Did he post anything milk worthy?

No. 118918

>>118858 What the fuck? Who is this cunt?

No. 118919

>>117801 where did you find those? Is that sachiowo/amelia?

No. 118932

Yes, that's her. I'm guessing those pics are from her old Twitch streams, but correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 118936

Yeah they are. I used to watch her on twitch and sometimes she would do regular facecams instead of her vtuber avatar. She deleted all those before she became Amelia thoughm

No. 118937

was her twitch chat as bad as her yt chat?(lrn2sage)

No. 118940


Bubba….(this is an imageboard)

No. 118941

Not really. It was slower and moderated so it was actually pretty chill

No. 118944

Wolfychu hopped on the train too.

No. 118945

thank you this is the most exciting doxx for me because I wanted to know what he really looked like.

No. 118946

Honestly It was really obvious because she's been drawing Chiika Dayo with herself a lot.

No. 118953

Honestly Wolfychu is already become Vtuber before the Vtuber trend

No. 118955

eww it's a ratsized dog, thought she'd have at least a beagle or something

that said, does anyone have clips from senzawa streams? she deleted everything from twitch when she started hololive

No. 118957

I guess she never called herself one? I'm not sure about that though. At the very least she does have a decent model. And this "debut" will for sure bring some more viewers.

I don't know, there might be some other streams archived like this one. Not sure though, people don't really have a habit of archiving streams.
As for clips, I think her youtube channel or some tweets mare have some.

No. 118960

she sounds so nervous compared to now

No. 118961

File: 1604327817588.png (674.92 KB, 1918x4878, pastebinkat.png)

No. 118964

was the video removed just now?

No. 118965

copy the video url, it's one of those not able to be embedded.

No. 118974

lots of archived streams clips are on r/senzawa

No. 118980

File: 1604337648681.jpg (76.55 KB, 1080x1080, borzoi-overview.jpg)

reject weeb degeneracy

No. 118991

Just watched the artemis cringefest, jesus christ that was awful. I have a kinda tranny sounding voice, should I just lean into it for clout?

No. 118993

I would unironically subscribe to our very own lolcow Vtuber, tranny voice or not
Just stream yourself reading threads and it'll be enough

No. 118995

I do actually stream as a vtuber, but I'm male and thus have no following. That's as much as I'll give(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118998

> wa-wahh I'm a boring scrote with an anime avatar but I have no following as I'm not a female

Learn to sage

No. 118999

No. 119000

Oh no you misunderstand, I don't want a following. I just do it for fun. I also don't want to give more info about who I am. I'm just here for the cringe because all of the other communities I'm in absolutely refuse to talk bad about the tranny because they're terrified of being cancelled

No. 119001

File: 1604351980415.png (1.25 MB, 1438x800, Kasuna.png)

Don't unless you're the type for constant snark.
Cute voices are half of a vtuber's potency and R*ddit/YouTube saying that Artemis' pitch is okay because Ina forget the part where priestess has the single best talent you could show to others.(responding to scrotes)

No. 119002

learn to sage you fucking niggers

No. 119003


Even snark won't get you far in vtubing, if you don't have the uwu voice. Artemis gets away with it because they blueballed their audience by delaying their debut, so their followers were already invested.

The anime community either wants some unobtainable gf experience or want to be the gf experience. Very little in between.

No. 119005

>I would unironically subscribe to our very own lolcow Vtuber, tranny voice or not
Said no farmer ever.
Go back to /jp/.

No. 119007

I've been here for 3 years and I want to see a retard anon attempt to be a cowtuber

No. 119008

sure jan, that's cowtipping.

No. 119009

Is it really cowtipping to joke about having someone stream?

No. 119010

Lag ate my sage sorry

No. 119022

anyone have any dirt on rosedoodle? apparently she used to do facecam streams and shes been streaming for around 5 years. i feel like theres some sort of drama with her for sure

No. 119027

File: 1604373571231.webm (8.46 MB, 1920x1080, 24502230000-offset-424.webm)

Don't know anything but peeked out of curiosity at a random 2017 stream, she's in the middle and her brother there is Mew2King.

No. 119029

File: 1604377051711.png (210.51 KB, 950x788, Overwatch.png)

RIP, I guess this is our premonition for cancellations across the indie vtuber scene since both the Smash and FGC communities got the big cull this year.

No. 119030

Only notable thing is she's Mew2King's sister and that's about it.

No. 119038

A lot of times I can look past loli when it's these characters who clearly act like adult women in a petite body, or hyper-cute little characters who make you want to pat their head, but… going into this much depth makes it feel really realistic and squicky to me. Talking about aging and maturity is a thing that happens to irl little girls, not fictional girls, so.

Ngl, I used to like Pikamee more than most vtubers, but this kind of makes me lose respect for her. A bunch of coomers will use this as justification for their own little girl interests.

No. 119042

That's how every JP vtuber acts so you should get used to it. Its always either lolibaiting either yuribaiting. Lol

No. 119044


Where's the anon that said Kiara wasn't mentally unstable anymore?
Even if you say this is "Acting" or whatever, I can't imagine being unprofessional enough to talk about how jealous you are over a coworker being friends with another.

And the fake pekora style laugh. Skinwalker territory

No. 119045

No. 119046

This feels like two predators grooming a child.

No. 119048

Kiara doing the pekora laugh is really cringey, it was kind of entertaining the first few times but now it's really stale and I think she's trying to pass it off as her real laugh which I highly doubt

No. 119049

if you watched her old videos on her keekihime youtube, her laugh and voice are way different so yes indeed she is trying to copy pekora

No. 119051

This is pretty cringe. It doesn't feel like a "joke" anymore once Kiara rambles on and on about "Moona and Pekora THIS, Moona and Pekora THAT" incoherently for like 60 seconds. It feels stalkerish and manipulative at this point. What if Pekora simply didn't want to collab with Kiara or already has a busy calendar this month?

If I was Pekora, I wouldn't find this flattering anymore, I'd find it creepy.

And people are always going to meme on cute interactions between the girls. Once the Moona thing dies down, it'll be someone else. What if Pekora has a cute interaction with Ame or Ina? Will Kiara turn on them too?

People are going to be afraid of collabing with Pekora if she keeps this up. But maybe that's her goal.

No. 119052

Did anyone else notice that as soon as she found out that Marine has to delay the collab, she jumped on other HoloJP to collab with? Someone really wants to be HoloJP so bad.

No. 119053

I was just coming to comment the same thing after watching the Moona complaining. she does sometimes do it during her debut as well but you can tell she can barely handle doing it.

I dont see how people can keep trying to give her a pass. She doesnt even have the excuse of 'oh she's an ignorant foreigner she doesnt know how to act around Japanese people' since she's been living there for so long.

Also something I found weird looking at her debut I know the excuse is that it's 'fried chicken day' but you cant convince me that she didnt hunt down a date close to her own birthday so she could get a bunch of donos right before her actual birthday and hopefully get them in time for that. (Kiara's is July 6th Keeki's is July 19th it seems)

I dont think it would make people scared of collabing with Pekora but it will make people want to ignore Kiara. If anything I had never heard about Moona before this and now I'm going to check her out since she's so jealous.

Lowkey I want to see Ina and Marine do a collab so badly. Just a casual art stream and their dynamics work too since a lot of iconic cthulu/lovecraft stuff is based around water and oceans.

No. 119054

she got rejected from hololive jp a bunch apparently so she's probably trying to wiggle her way in by collabing with all the jp girls

No. 119055

I watch only Ina, but I believe she have mentioned that she wanted to collab with Marine and planned on at some point, just to find out the next day that Kiara is going to hang out with Marine?

I wonder if Marine really got sick or dodged the bomb by delayig their collab, after all Kiara and Marine were supposed to have a sleepover.

No. 119056

i wonder if marine actually faked it but we will probably never know and kiara has already jumped to someone else(newfaggotry, learn to sage)

No. 119057

That was a narrative people made up. This thread is as bad as those retards on jp. I bet half of you are angry scrotes from there.
She's the only one that can speak good enough japanese to do what she's trying to do. Both of her previous collabs were fine.

No. 119058

You just weren't on JP days during debut. there was a vod where someone asked Pekora on how to get into HololiveJP, and all she said that 'You just should love me / fangirl about me', which what basically Kiara's been doing since the start of her twitter, the beginning of her career was surronded by the fact how she thinks that Pekora is her 'senpai' and how much she loves her.

No. 119060

File: 1604409341690.jpg (25.82 KB, 720x405, IMG_20201103_141258.jpg)

Sage for no milk, but its crazy how Kiara is different compared to the amount of photoshop she puts.

No. 119061

Lol that schnoz
Shes too unremarkable looking to have passed as a beautiful moderu type in germany. so she had to learn Japanese and move to Japan so she could coast by on her just being white and nothing else

No. 119062

Yes I was. She debuted after mori, definitely talked about pekora and then was asked several times over about pekora during q&a stuff in later streams. She never mentioned applying before, unlike several of the jp girls (love Nene, poor girl applied four times).

No. 119063

>kiara currently drawing pekora dressed as kiara with chicken legs in her hair instead of carrots on stream

No. 119065

Looking up to people is a positive thing, it can be made into something cute and wholesome.
Doing stuff that almost tries to simulate being another person or trying to force said person in everything feels creepy and disingenuous.
I don't hate Kiara, but holy shit her actions make her unlikeable.
Her model doesn't do for me either, but that's a personal preference.

No. 119066

Dumb extroverts like Kiara will never understand when they're coming on too much in a group of shy introverts.

No. 119070

She wants to be Pekora so bad.

No. 119071

Could anyone post Ina'nis face?

No. 119072

Here >>117830 >>117834

No. 119074

File: 1604417547403.png (168.42 KB, 1374x828, file (26).png)

The publisher company of the rhythm game Muse Dash has banned all Hololive tubers from streaming the game. Archives of earlier streams have already been made private.

No. 119079

sage I guess because it's not a big deal but on the Phasmophobia stream Kiara had the least amount of views coming in around ~13k (still a lot) while Gura peaked with around 44k. Ina had something like 22k and Mori with 19k. Kiara's stream was laggy and her model was messed up quite a bit during the stream so I'm not sure if it was that but I think people are starting to recognize that she's the worst out of the bunch

No. 119080

not everyone can wear contacts. I tried it before but my eyes are too dry and having to constantly carry a bottle of eyedrops everywhere didn't sit well with me.(no one cares)

No. 119081

holy shit this is so cringe. is this entire reading archived on her channel? and was the pekora laugh a gimmick she said she'd do or is it something she quietly slid in? i stopped lurking her streams because shes so insufferable but shes been revving up the milk

i watched the collab last night and the moment it hit an hour of streaming she kept pushing it to end. she suggested ending it at least 4 times and when she pushed enough that they agreed end you could tell Gura wanted to go longer (cant blame her considering the views she had) everyone was very obviously annoyed with her, she was being really loud and shouting in to her mic a lot. sage ill try to clip some

No. 119082

She has always had the least followers and viewers from the beginning and she makes annoying comments on how she has the least followers and how everyone dislikes her. It's really obnoxious

No. 119085


Was this just posted within the last 12 hours? Haachama was streaming Muse Dash last night (PST last night I mean) so hmmm

No. 119087

hers were privated shortly after the stream ended

No. 119089

>his personality is so much different from his twitter posts
dude internet edgelord turns out being shy and awkward irl is not surprising

No. 119090

Now why would she do this to herself? If she ever even gets in a collab with pekora it'd probably be a group collab, and she would make it so awkward and comfortable. One of the main reasons the among us collab was tolerable was bc Kiara kept dying early so she couldn't talk during the meetings. I want to know how she feels about Moona's collab with Gura and Ame? It was fairly popular.

Also the the hololivejp girls including pekora like gura and wanna collab with her cause she has 1mill subs (and a cuter design than kiara)

No. 119091

Even before that everyone wanted to grab Gura because her design are two things japanese people love: sharks and loli. It was explained by Holos a lot (eg Matsuri).

No. 119092

File: 1604428243907.png (342.21 KB, 900x713, Dawn.png)

Is… this something that a therapist can even fix? Are those sorts of people even good with what they do?(imagefagging)

No. 119094

File: 1604431876011.jpg (708.91 KB, 1079x2130, Screenshot_20201103-213047_Twi…)

she must be incredibly happy abt this 1

No. 119095

File: 1604433695523.jpg (103.2 KB, 948x528, 1604416632190.jpg)

No. 119099

File: 1604435667444.png (305.01 KB, 1389x1800, Elr1k77XYAEGQYt.png)

Where does chicken stack up compared to the other vtubers who happen to draw?

No. 119102


generic animu artist. most of these streamers aren’t on Ina’s level.

No. 119103

Anon… I'm gonna need more examples to make a tier list.

No. 119106

File: 1604438197946.png (5.35 MB, 3560x2057, 63214659780.png)

No. 119107

nobody wants your pointless tier list or your baseless chicken hate when she wasnt brought in as an artist talent, shes ripe for real milk but you /jp/ scrote retards cant understand that this is a drama board and not a general discussion about your feelings. Go make a holo thread on /trash/ or something, thats where all of the indie /jp/ refugees went to jerk off without rules.

No. 119108

Website is down now. I'm guessing they moved their gayops to another site. If it's as public as this one. It'd be a matter of time before it's found.

No. 119109

>implying ina isn't also a generic animu artist

No. 119110

File: 1604441305745.png (249.57 KB, 1050x900, Nagu.png)

Mid until you peer into her secrets and start disliking her, you could say that the art matches the person.

>Makes everyone look like snails in comparison.

No. 119111

I really enjoy Kani's work, I just wish that she'd pay attention to things like the hands. They always look a bit rushed

No. 119112

anyone have any info on lilyhops?
i've watch a couple streams and i just don't understand anything at all about this person. they are entertaining, but almost in a "morbid curiosity" way.

No. 119113

I knew someone was going to bring up her gacha work. That doesn't change her style being generic animu like the rest, though.

No. 119114

I can't disagree on that. Even if she has actual work, her style feels completely the same as any other anime-style artist sometimes. Not saying it's bad though.
From an art standpoint some Atelier girls do way better work in my opinion. Though, I guess Yuu is the one that has the style I like the most.

No. 119116

File: 1604443269931.jpg (1.73 MB, 2480x3508, IMG_20201103_233955.jpg)

I still enjoy her artwork more than Yuu's probably because Ina has very decent official artworks when you click on them.

Generic anime or not, her details are stunning.

No. 119122

No. 119132

I know gossip of Kiara/prev persona actualy. She has a few unlikeable things in her as a human and people talking bad things about her. But deep in my heart I still wanna she her sucess and happiness in her endevour. Hopefully she will not give up soon because i bet the next gen holoEN members might be more talanted than what we have now.

No. 119138

Is this Gura's real sister or is /hlgg/ just memeing?
Her voice is somehow more annoying than Gura's, too squeaky

No. 119139

Her and Gura were designed by the same person

No. 119145

I hope you're talking not about this, because it's far from
> 'You just should love me / fangirl about me'

No. 119151

Nope, was a different one.

No. 119161

If you want the raw twitch stuff there's a big folder here: https://mega.nz/folder/A4hTCIZQ#6G6yxclPZSg-plvijFO7OQ
Best I can suggest is skim for thumbnails that interest you.

No. 119166

hehehe…that would make kiara even more jealous if holoEN gen 2 talents surpass her in a short amount of time.

No. 119174

File: 1604511738755.jpg (100.04 KB, 1200x559, EVapNm4UcAEbNig.jpg)

Any pictures or news about the ID girls? Risu and Moona preferably? Ever since the Minecraft Peko/Moona interactions, ID seemed to be getting more attention recently then usual.(asking to be spoonfed)

No. 119176

File: 1604512304228.png (2.19 MB, 1920x937, 001.png)

>1st video
>It's been a while since I streamed.
Thanks Sena…

No. 119179

what ever happen to senzawa and her old groupies, did they have a falling out or something. she seems really sad about it

No. 119188

>more talented
That would be tough, but I could believe it, considering what they got with this set. Except for Sachi, they're all reasonably talented/unique. And even she is pretty talented at keeping people entertained.

No. 119197

Has Kiara always laughed like Pekora?

No. 119200

File: 1604533022826.png (95.93 KB, 748x605, Screenshot 2020-11-04 153657.p…)

does anyone know why she got banned?

No. 119201

association with sex work maybe?

No. 119208

Twitch thots jealous that a cartoon is stealing their money, so they reported her or some shit.

No. 119213

I actually think so too. Calli, ina and gura are really talented (hence the holy trinity) plus they do a good job sticking to their character lore…I think. Ame is alright I guess, but for kiara, she's in a tough spot especially with the tacky chicken/phoenix design, you'd need a strong personality to pull that off.

No. 119214

Probably got 3 DMCA strikes in one go because she didn't delete her VODs. Has been happening to a lot of streamers this week.

No. 119215

Ame's gimmick is that she's the gamer girlfriend every gamer boy wants

No. 119220

aw shit…that sucks, then the whole sherlock holmes design/character is wasted.

No. 119221

Did Ame even use the Watson schtick in her stream? Memory could be failing me, but I don't think I've ever seen Amelia actually take advantage of the Watson character trait. If she did then it was too subtle or I got distracted.

No. 119226

Kiara's only talent is speaking Japanese.
Once they get someone who can speak Japanese AND do something else, she's going to lose it as her sempais would have someone else to collab with

No. 119229

The thing is Calli and ina can both speak it really well. That's barely a "talent" for her at this point.

No. 119230

am i a retarded projector, or is calli mega autistic? i find myself closing out her streams because it just gets too awkward. she's too robotic, and that' endearing and all, but i just get secondhand embarrassment too easily.

No. 119231

>is calli mega autistic
I don't think she is "mega" autistic, she might be spaghetti'ing more than other holoEN girls, but nothing extraordinary

No. 119234

idk i just find that she can't converse with any of the other talents without it feeling reeeeallly forced.

again, i might just be projecting too hard here. something i thought i noticed.

No. 119235

please don't make me defend the cow Kiara but no, Calli and Ina cannot be considered on the same level of Japanese ability. Calli's Japanese is horrendous. Her accent and extremely stifled way of speaking shows she's barely conversational tier. The Among Us collab proved it when she could barely string a sentence together. Ina is at the same level but her accent is a bit more tolerable. You can't say you speak a language really well if you can't communicate playing a simple game.

Kiara lived in Japan and streamed on niconama. She's got years of Japanese under her belt. It's literally her only talent and most likely the reason she was added to Hololive.

No. 119236

She's loud and tonedeaf. I don't know if she's trying to keep the character too hard, but it so often sounds like that steve buscemi 'hey fellow kids' thing.

No. 119239

Current HoloEN lineup for me we have 1x popular illustrstor (even yagoo follow her on twitter), 1x talented musician, 2x popular streamers, 1x multilingual cosplayer.

I cannot imagine what are we going to have next. Since the vtubers popularity is rising. Many more talented people will try their luck.

Kiara totaly in tought spot here. Hopefully, what is she planning now like talk show or folk story reading will have result.

I am fan of her. Eventhough she is one of the top superchat earners. But I cannot deny the facts her popularity will not last long if she keep continuing depend on JP members for collab.(newfaggotry)

No. 119240

if kiara doesn't hit a proper niche soon she'll go under really fast. sure, she can speak japanese well, but just being multilingual doesn't really cut it unless her videos were about teaching the audience or sharing cool facts and stuff about the languages she can speak.

if a more talented/charismatic/interesting multilingual vtuber gets added to holoen, kiara's pretty much gone.

No. 119241

Kiara should do a series about being an escort(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 119242

What do you mean gone? Hololive's lowest has tubers that barely scratch 1k viewers, which is miles above where they were a year ago. None of them are leaving unless they want to (Aloe, that one holostar), or fuck up enough to get fired (chris).

No. 119243

lmao what? context?

No. 119244

I think anon meant gone as in, she will fall behind even more compared to her peers and the next generations. Her popularity will most likely stagnate or grow at a much slower rate compared to Ina, Calli etc.

No. 119245

can a vtuber stay popular with just yuribaiting? some holoJP girls like marine do it as one of their gimmicks, but I think marine can also draw well
so I wonder how yuribaiting would work for kiara in the long run

No. 119246

File: 1604550950023.png (942.51 KB, 800x1092, tumblr_lz2i4aG9AN1r5ca4lo2_128…)

Long story short, kiara was a failure as a gaijin idol and had to escort. We only know of one confirmed job for 300k yen

No. 119247

I think JUST yuribaiting wouldn't work very well. Like you said, Marine does yuribaiting along with her other gimmicks and she's also a very good artist. Yuribaiting is just an extra for her.

For Kiara to depend solely on yuribaiting to stay relevant she'd need to be a lot more charismatic and be a way more likeable character.

Plus I'm personally not a fan of Kiara's yuribaiting with Calli. Feels a bit too forced for me.

No. 119248

Doesn't that say 30k?

No. 119249

please take your Autism narratives back to jp and KF and don’t come back. Your precious melody is just as much of pathetic talentless thot as the rest of them.

No. 119252

Even Holo ID has those talents who can speak 3 Languages fluently. The real deal is not only understanding language but also understanding their culture or event internet culture in respective language.

No. 119253

I don’t even give a shit about Projekt Melody, I was just answering his question since he asked which can be found easily with a google search dipshit.

No. 119254

The character after 30 means “ten thousand.”

No. 119255

File: 1604556982310.png (73.83 KB, 601x523, R7NgaRM.png)

Not a good look to bitch and beg for money before you even debuted.

No. 119257

no i agree, the way she talks in a higher voice than her own most of the time too, over all she feels really fake and awkward

No. 119258

go back to jail, jrcach

No. 119259

File: 1604560068959.png (184.04 KB, 400x363, Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 11.06…)

Did a double take when I saw the thumbnail.

No. 119260

>There's a male Among Us.

No. 119261

Two males.

No. 119263

Artemis is one
which is the other one?

No. 119264

Troonie was getting called out in prestream chat

No. 119265

Agreed. She's doing the same things she did on niconama and twitch but now she can't bank on her looks and there are girls who are more talented than her in every way she's tried to gain popularity before (Ina with art and Gura with singing.) She's got nothing going for her when the battle is down to personality.
The people on reddit claiming her strength is in "networking" don't see how awkward she is with her genmates and sempai. Suddenly forcing her way through collabs like asking on stream when they can't say no or trying to force something with Pekora. It's going to backfire soon.

I can't wait for Gen2 of Hololive EN to bring in someone with both talent and the language skills. She'll probably graduate when her numbers fall even more and she thinks she's being bullied or something so she starts bitching out the other girls like the Moona/Pekora rant.

No. 119266

What network is she even associated with? It’s weird how many people get suckered into bad partnerships after all the bullshit that maker and machinima used to pull. I’m not a content creator though

No. 119267

This statement got deleted so I’m guessing that muse dash situation is as bad as it was they suspected.

No. 119270

File: 1604569928730.jpg (174.67 KB, 720x1152, Chickenwantsviews.jpg)

Actually surprised how no one mentioned that Kiara has at least two interactions with Bao now.

> Bao has a pfp where her character is naked

Classic among ENtubers?

No. 119273

Everyone's in fucking cliques and I hate it.

No. 119274

Don't they usually have some kind of agreement that bars them from talking about their contracts so open and brazenly like this? The person behind the vtuber is definitely not showing a good image for future employers if she'll just blabber whatever her contract is about.
Since Coco was allegedly the one who pushed so hard for HoloEN to be a thing, hopefully HoloEN2 electric boogaloo will come. But yeah, her usual attention whoring and bitching isn't yielding results; so adding this impersonation/imitation on top of her attitude and behavior is just going to drive more people away. Ironic the phoenix will likely burn out first before the shark has the metaphorical water pressure of her being the biggest in the group crush her.

No. 119275

Coco was literally the reason why HoloEN was created, she also was the one who helped with auditions. She always kept pushing and talking on her streams about how much she wants HoloEN to happen and she would keep talk to YAGOO about it.

Disgusting how during Taiwan incident all the Hololive newfags with shark or amelia avatars would scream about how terrible Coco is and Hololive should kick her out, while Coco is the mother of HoloEN.

No. 119277

Went to check out artemis singing on twitch thinking maybe at least she can sing? but no she was awful and the chat just kept gushing about how her singing was top tier and it really baffled me

same its all a hugbox circlejerk fest and the consumers just love it
no room for criticism and only confirming to whatever is popular

No. 119278

File: 1604572110205.png (2.97 MB, 2000x968, HoloEN.png)

I wonder if Cover values irl appearance. They know they'll eventually dox them and most of the girls are actually really cute.

No. 119280

All of them are actually not that cute. They appear to have the cheerleader effect in this picture but if you separate them…

No. 119282

Kiara is pretty cute until she shows off those chompers. I think Amelia looks way better with less makeup. Those pics aren't fair to Ina and Gura, since they don't appear to have any makeup on, but Gura's pic is hella filtered.

No. 119284

We’re just going to believe some shifty ms paint jpeg artifact without any actual receipts?

/jp/ fag invasion is awful lmao

No. 119285

Are you sure that's Mori? Her thisyear's pictures she looked like a Canadian fattie with long hair.

> that Gura's photoshop on her nose

No. 119286

That's rich coming from a board that hates people based on hearsay, slight flaws in physical look, and armchair psychological analysis.

No. 119287

>Are you sure that's Mori?
Yes, 100%. She didn't look that good a while ago, but she's a cutie now. That photo was taken in April.

No. 119288

Thing is, yuribaiting gets boring after a while, in my opinion. It's like a comedian who always plays around the same skit. Maybe people like it now, but after a few months? I doubt it.

She has already debuted, but now she will redebut on Twitch, because she got "robbed" 1k from superchats.
She even said she didn't know youtube took a 30% cut.
Not sure what her network is, she just said she signed up with them 2 years ago. In the old days (like 2013 at best), there wasn't much choice for creators, so I can excuse that. Recently though (2014 and forward), only if you're trying super hard to get some monetization on your videos and don't have the following for it, I guess. There's no excuse for getting a bad network though, you can literally reach out to people with experience anywhere, and youtube doesn't demand a network (considering that there are plenty music creators on youtube).

Happy for some of them, honestly. Hope they get a boost in viewership.
Artemis can play it off with other people, but it's far from great, and still pretty boring at times.

It indeed is a circlejerk. And criticism is frowned upon for some reason.
>chat just kept gushing about how her singing was top tier
It's literally like that for everyone. It could be the most normal singer, but they get huge praise like they're the singer of the year. It has developed like the art community, where you always need to praise the artwork, nevermind how shitty or ugly it is, you get called out for pointing flaws.

No. 119292


Just wait unil she finds out Twitch takes 50% of earnings lol

No. 119295

Streamlabs goes through PayPal and is a direct donation. Twitch only takes a cut for bits and subs.

No. 119297

I'm fairly certain she mentioned that she knows that Twitch takes a 50% cut from subs (for affiliates).
As far as I know, partners get a bigger cut (around 70-80%), and there are different rates with more benefits for custom contracts.
Also, I don't think they take a cut from bits, I'm pretty sure the money they make is from selling the bits and the ads for free bits (there are some addons for the stream that permit bit interaction, those I know that they take a 10-30% cut from bits).

No. 119300

Literally all the photos except for Ina and Amelia use SNOW or filters to make them look a lot cuter than they actually are. Same goes for most Japanese vtubers.

For a female-only site I’m surprised farmers are this easily fooled by the typical tricks girls use to seem attractive online.

No. 119303

>Implying these aren't just /jp/ scrotes(scrote)

No. 119310

>like the Moona/Pekora rant
got any links?

No. 119315

No. 119320

File: 1604597434657.jpg (125.66 KB, 1000x1042, El3J9ErX0AU3NoJ.jpg)

but she's not naked lmao

No. 119321

>Nerfing Ina with a slit eyes photo.
At this point it'd be healthiest for chicken to realize that getting to hang out with these HoloENs means she reached a good life goal.
Everyone else is stuck with drawing and trying to decode which arts would get the RT or not if they want their oshi to think highly of them.

No. 119323

i would also like to know more about this

No. 119324

Damn, I legit had high hopes for Bao. But so far after her debut I feel disappointed. Her singing is nice (if anything it's expected since she used to be an utaite) but her attitude isn't the best (the begging for money and the planned re-debut being examples).

No. 119327

File: 1604603203329.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, IMG_20201105_105257.jpg)

My bad, anon. Really looked like a bait from her cropped pfp

No. 119334

wtf is that Ina pic? doesn't look like those:


No. 119339

different lighting, hairdo and no glasses

No. 119342

Actually partners still get 50% of sub money. There's just the option to negotiate for more if you're one of tbe bigger partners. Can't wait to see her do some celebration for reaching affiliate where she obviously expects people to give her money and gift subs.

No. 119345

File: 1604607577121.png (16.77 KB, 562x206, pm.PNG)

No. 119347

what a shitshow, thanks for sharing

No. 119348

I don't really care about Melody, but holy shit.
I saw the guy being a sperg one time about how his models were great, and how 2d models are so inferior to his "professional work", and it took some weird turns there (he kept putting him as the reason Melody got big and some shit).
I thought at the time that he was being ass-hurt about the money Melody makes, and it seems that it was really the case.
I wonder if the rapper girl that he made the avatar got fucked over by him and is stuck in a shitty contract.
Don't think he's getting any jobs for models any time soon.

I can't really archive anything right now, too bad.

No. 119349


"Professional" yet seems to ask people to send payments as friends and family. Which is something PayPal definitely does not like people doing for business transactions. If they find out his account can be pretty fucked.

No. 119352

Actually, it wasn't as much as I thought, so I could archive it quickly. Last one was a pain because it had 27 images.

https://archive.vn/DOPwE (mel's tweet)
https://archive.vn/gC49e (mel's twitlonger)

It's pretty funny, no?
I wonder what he will say, or if YFUBABY will even say anything as well. It's really not her problem per se, but she might be forced to say something.

Also, Domo really ticks all the boxes of a cow, doesn't he?

No. 119356

File: 1604610793833.jpg (12.21 KB, 236x236, hmmm.jpg)

"Repeat infringers" so on October 25 she was banned? Was this the first notice? Or have they sent multiple? If they sent other notices, I wonder did she show them this evidence? Since she was banned before back in spring, and has evidence from before this year.

"slander between Silvervale and Ironmouse"? What's that about?

Digi seems shitty as hell, but something still seems to be missing.

No. 119358

>slander between silver and iron mouse
He's gone off on twitter a ton, about how melody owes everything to him, and silver and mouse owe their success to her, and therfor to him as well, yet they keep blacklisting his other project YFU. I don't have any archived, but with this new attention, people who saved screencaps of his tantrums will probably be posting them all over twitter

No. 119359

Is that domo interaction new?? Was he seriously trying to get his followers to jump on him hitting on a Japanese cosplayer? There’s that predatory behaviour speculated before. Gross

And can you elaborate more on the icon thing the twitter is mentioning? I didn’t realize it was a specific character

No. 119362

File: 1604612371618.png (1.19 MB, 1880x10681, oomikuandjet.png)

Great to see the ENVtuber community is healthy…
https://archive.vn/UwPCZ (tweet archive)
Couldn't archive the google doc page, big printscreen instead. Pic related.

It's difficult to say, since he always make his personality about being a "memer", it's a way to cover up if anything.
The first is mentioned in August, he said he was gonna simp or is simping hard and got a retweet, the other one that is shown I really couldn't find, might have been deleted.
His profile pic is from Matsuri, a HololiveJP Vtuber, I don't really know what Shigure mentioned about it being a problem. From a quick watch it is because it could bring a bad impression about the Vtuber because of the bad behaviour from a 3rd party that uses their image as a pfp.
And that might have been the reason that person called him out, but he always say that Matsuri pic is his "brand".

No. 119364

Correction, I found it. Sorry for the wrong info. Not deleted.

No. 119367

I didn't realize how bad it was, she's trying to copy Pekora's laugh wtf

No. 119368

Is every male ENvtuber a pedo?

No. 119373

File: 1604615168142.jpg (41.59 KB, 300x261, KRidley.jpg)

With the amount of pedo streamers and TOs that were outed this year it'd be easier to ask if there's a male EVntuber who isn't a pedo.

No. 119383

File: 1604619544564.png (127.52 KB, 1245x986, copyright.png)

I don't know shit about the law but this doesn't look great. She bought a model and only filed the copyright for that, but he went and filed copyrights on both 2D artwork and the 3D design. And her big bit about him saying on record that she has the IP also works against her: she says right there that it's not a work for hire, which means the author owns it and she might have filed some kind of fake claim. I think she went into this super innocently and got fucked over by someone who planned to use her (him declining payment and calling them "favors" instead set off red flags for me).

No. 119386

i dont feel bad for melody at all, if anything maybe digi will out her as mars mayhem like everyones speculated. he's a piece of shit but so is she, scrotes who talk about how wholesome she is when she's gotten her fame from being a shitty "vtuber camgirl". maybe this will make her fuck off for good, along with silver and ironmouse and co.

No. 119387

She hasn't done anything except entertain people, though. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 119388

sounds like you have personal grudge rather than her doing anything wrong

No. 119389

yeah because enabling your fans to shit on other camgirls when you're a camgirl both in and out of your identity makes for great entertainment along with lewdbaiting with two other annoying thots on a shitty podcast. fuck off to /jp/ if you wanna simp for your uwu wholesome nonbinary hentai egirl so bad, faggots.

No. 119390

Sorry, did her fans laugh at your favorite camgirl?

No. 119391

no I don't support any ewhores 2D or 3D but the fans are fucking hypocrites which I'm sure you're included in that.
simping for an ugly bootleg black rock shooter character who pretends to be innocent and a victim in this is embarrassing as fuck. you're retarded if you don't see the hypocrisy

No. 119392

stop being a scrote, you're the one acting like a /v/tard

No. 119393

Weren't they laughing at the camgirls, not for being camgirls, but for getting mad at a cartoon character replacing them?
That's the jist I got from it.

No. 119394

A scrote would probably actually be the ones WKing Melody tbh. She was stupid to get fucked over by Digi but she has enough fans where I'm sure if she really has to she can re design. Maybe her new model won't be so boring and generic.

No. 119396

How did you find that? Can you link it because I was looking and I couldn't see it. From the looks of it tho (not familiar with us law) she might be able to get him on a technicality where "model" "character" & "design" all have different meanings (main emphasis on the model vs character distinction.) even if he gets the ips she could fight it on a contract law or consumer law basis.

No. 119399

Melody has been reinstated on Twitch. Not looking good for Digi

No. 119400

File: 1604625988913.jpg (70.43 KB, 513x292, screenshot.1529.jpg)

Is this really Melody? wtf

No. 119401

you first need to tell us where you heard that and where you found this picture

No. 119402

I searched "Mars Mayhem Projekt Melody" like the anon above was saying and it brought up reddit and 4chan threads saying she is Melody.


No. 119408

The voice sounds a bit similar from twitter clips, but I don't care enough to try and find a full video to compare for real.
I think someone mentioned Mars Mayhem in the last thread. There were some brief posts about Melody.

No. 119412

why would she just openly try to dox her like that? mad weird

No. 119414

Lol.. People thothing in real-life even virtual worlds too?

What a weird word we live-in.

No. 119416

Melody is fucking cringe and she is surprisingly the weakest member of Lewdcast with Silver and Ironmouse. I remember during their Kaho interview when she said "you killed a loli!?" And then everyone paused awkwardly. That being said this shit with this Digi guy is mega gay and I hope it works out for her.

On an unrelated note, Korone is so fucking cute bros, her relationship with Okayu is wholesome as hell.

No. 119418

>using bro
You do realize where you are right

No. 119419

Yeah, bro.

No. 119420

No. 119421

Okayu is fat though, big nope

No. 119422

Matsuri was a hambeast as well and look at her now.

I believe in Okayu.

No. 119423

File: 1604653439351.png (38.88 KB, 637x381, Selection_211.png)

not milk but seriously why does everyone need to know about this
like pls pity her look people are being to her

>artemis has a cute voice tho

no she doesnt stop lying to yourselves and her

the sooner she realizes she can stop crying about something she doesnt have

No. 119425

Anyone watched the pikamee stream with troontermis on it?

Friend said it was really quiet.

No. 119430

Man, all this bitch ever does is try to suck up to the Japanese.


No. 119432

I've noticed the same thing, every other hololiver is forming their own community, Kiara blatantly just tries to leech from holoJP

No. 119433

Is it 100% confirmed it's a tranny or is there any doubt it might be a female? Has Artemis himself said his gender? Either way I don't like them

No. 119434

Troon insisted he's a girl and gay all the time through the debut.
A shitty thirst-ask went like "Can you be my gf???" and he went "Of course, if you're a cute girl."

I think the insistence is proof enough. Only a man in a dress would be this mad.

No. 119435

If it's not milk, sage your post.
Also, I hate this type of shit. Somehow there's harassment against Artemis because a few people mentioned the voice a few times? To be fair though, Artemis is not the one playing the victim card. But still, seeing people doing stuff like this just rubs me the wrong way.

No. 119436

honestly this, doesnt Iofi and Risu know Japanese enough to collab? but you dont see them sperging about it every week

No. 119439

Can someone redpill me on Luna from Hololive?

No. 119441

Imagine complaining about being shadowbanned as she doesn't have any personality at all

No. 119442

Her voice is awful that's all I need to know

No. 119443

Speaking of trannies, is any hololiver one? Knowing Japanese culture I doubt it and I assume Cover meets their talents in person, so there wouldn't be a way to sneak past auditions?

No. 119448


There are quite often jokes about Noel and Subaru secretly being men but as far as I'm aware they're only jokes. Especially considering when you hear Subaru sing it's clear she's a woman.

No. 119449


Roberu told his story about how he almost walked into the auditioning room for hololive instead of holostars. Hololive certainly meets their talents and auditions them in person, well only the JP branch, I dont know about the other branches who're overseas

No. 119451

File: 1604676877327.jpg (50.26 KB, 388x1024, IMG_20201106_163402.jpg)

Not in holo or nijji, but there is a popular artist vtuber in Japan who plays as a trap character, Tamaki Inuyama. However he is aware and reminds everyone that he is a man, and his character is a trap, he is also a well known h-artist and some of collabs with him involve lewd talks. Also always baits people into shipping him with everyone, but he has nothing milky to offer because he is not popular around westerns.

He does lots of collabs with Holos and others.

No. 119454

Actually the trap thing is just part of the character - the voice actor is Norio Tsukudani a well established female Japanese artist which is bizarre to me.

No. 119455

File: 1604677702152.jpg (767.74 KB, 532x2350, HoloEN.jpg)

Gura is definitely above them all but interesting to see how her banner doesn't have the HoloEN squad compared to others and damn Kiara sure love to tweet a lot

No. 119456

towa sounds like a guy doing a female voice but thats just a speculation and her? singing is amazing. thats as far as id go to say that. noel has an asmr channel where she shows off her boobs and subaru im not sure.

No. 119457

Towa intentionally frogs her voice while trying to do a higher register since her real voice is deep. Think Bea Arthur.

No. 119458


I think Subaru's singing voice would be quite difficult to accomplish for most men.

No. 119459

I agree. Ina and Ame's streams were shadowbanned too, at least two were recently and no one whined about it and their views were still big.

Subaru has a big voice range and that's honestly impressive. Her natural voice is not high pitched, but a beautiful voice of a woman. Towa is not a troon but a tsundere devil-chan. None of holos r troons, the tinfoil is retarded. The only troontuber is Artemis with his obvious troon character design and acts.

She quit Nijisanji for Hololive but its not milky at all, you can always google that. Other than that she is known for always changing her Vtuber brand, but with holo she will stay long for sure because she is popular among japanese and is comfortable there.

No. 119460

She was another victim of Matsuri, who repeatedly sabotages her own friendships

No. 119461

Vtuber with alleged DID is torching his socials. Hilarious that the mentally ill can't help but fight each other https://twitter.com/DivoLucian/status/1324744248525230082?s=19(IMAGEBOARD)

No. 119464

I made a vtube general for talking about literally who’s, suggestions for corporate tubers that aren’t milky, general community talk because this thread is valuable in archiving info and potential milk since all other boards delete stuff eventually, but it’s getting shit up frequently


Also, KF has a vtube general that is probably more suited for the /jp/ refugees.

I tried to watch the among us collab last night and give it a fair try because the only one I didn’t like was Artemis, but the rest are proof that a small following doesn’t make you a good streamer. It was so insanely boring and awkward and quiet.

No. 119465

File: 1604687142451.png (131.49 KB, 586x1296, wtf.png)

Pic related. This made me chuckle a bit.
>You want me to do better?
>Insults harder
I don't know the guy, but is it a real problem? I honestly don't know if his behavior is in line with the disorder.

No. 119466

I really doubt it's legit. This reads a lot like tumblr head mate bullshit. All the personalities have deviant art tier names.

No. 119467

File: 1604688607955.png (168.95 KB, 604x1596, tumblrdid.png)

>tumblr head mate bullshit
Pic related. If some people I saw there are his mutuals, it definitely is tumblr shit, "fae people" feels like a dead giveaway (the use of the word "system" as well is pretty weird, and I think it is a very specific lingo used on that community). And the way everything is put doesn't feel like someone is having a serious problem with a real disorder, but that might be just my lack of knowledge.

If I read enough, the thing goes like this
>Lucian (real) makes a tweet about getting fed up with some common ENVtuber circlejerk
>People don't like how he worded his stuff
>Impy (alleged personality) gets full control and starts acting up to destroy everything and give Lucian a reason to not go back
>Suddenly there's a third personality

No. 119471

>Keep pushing and I'll be converted into a transphobe


No. 119472


Guy has a point about western indies shoving their politics down everyone's throat. I don't know how anybody finds ones to follow that are tolerable. They all use their vtuber accounts like personals, no dedication or effort to be in character. It's just them being their obnoxious, whiny selves and thinking an anime face makes it any more bearable.

No. 119473

File: 1604693387304.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920, 20-11-06-12-06-44-412_deco.jpg)

The girl who got caught tracing Pinky Putin's art apparently has been caught tracing again even after her re design. Does she google "pinky vtuber" and go "yeah I'll trace this"? kek


No. 119474

That doesn't look traced at all, it just looks like she copied the pose. It seems the user in question already deleted her account. Who cares about cancelling literal who vtubers?

No. 119478

File: 1604694123216.jpg (304.79 KB, 400x400, 20201106_142101.jpg)

Half the vtubers in these threads are literally who, deal with it nerd.

She deleted her account anyways so the guilt shows itself.

No. 119479

File: 1604694181462.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.61 KB, 634x622, 39C33C2C00000578-3877974-image…)

don't think her nose is photoshopped, just weird way shadows fall. I've seen other people with that sorta nose where the tip is pretty angular.

No. 119480

If anything this overlay just proves that it's NOT traced, because not a single line on either picture lines up.

No. 119481

learn to sage

literally who applied the first time she had a suspiciously close design, but twice is a bit much. the first one was up in the air because arguably they both copied their design from lucky chloe but two isnt a coincidence. did she delete her whole account last time too or is this a new step? im sure she'll do what that hime loli girl did and change up her name a little after waiting it out

No. 119482

Are you retarded? It clearly is? Are you that same girl lmao. The bitch got caught clearly copying before and apologized and then did this and it is EERILY similar. Changing a few details doesn't mean she didn't trace. Try again.

No. 119484

Newfag here, what's KF?

No. 119485

Kiwifarms, the schizo version of lolcow. /jp/ friends will fit in well there. I wish you all the best

No. 119486

You know those narcissists and BPD people need to punch down constantly

No. 119489

File: 1604706212174.jpg (27.54 KB, 400x400, ZSRFkZ3L_400x400.jpg)

I'm still sure there's solid evidence out there somewhere. But so far it's just a hundred coincidences connecting her to an even earlier youtuber.

No. 119490

Anons can you ruin Korone, Mari and Lammy for me?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 119492

No. If there isn't milk now then there probably isn't any until they proven otherwise. People need to stop coming in here and sperging about "pls ruin this vtuber for me xd" it's retarded. If there was something interesting it would have already been discussed.

No. 119495

Go check the JP archives if you're that curious

No. 119498

is there a picture of her that's not edited to hell and back?

No. 119505

At this point I’m convinced the anon who’s begging /meta/ to delete this thread is samefagging to try and make it look invaded. No one is redirecting people here anymore, and there’s no rules in jp against asking shit like this, they’d answer it right away with joy. The Artemis and roommate stuff only got redirected here because it’s against their rules, I’m pretty sure this is just someone trying to bury a post about them. tranny shark orbiter maybe since I haven’t seen that dox reposted anywhere, I think we’re the only ones who have it archived along with the shirt tweet.

No. 119506

Why Korone? Shes the only vtuber I can actually stand to watch for longer than 5 minutes

No. 119509

File: 1604722192706.jpg (1.1 MB, 3264x2217, mouse update.jpg)

Looks like mouse might have seen all the people shitting on her for loli baiting. She added huge tits that just look wierd and out of proportion to the rest of her. (Right side is taken from the stream of an artist doing her mousepad art, because of course she commisioned a titty mousepad)

No. 119510

Her regular model always had jiggly boobs though

No. 119513

i've seen the other one posted everywhere but whats the sauce on that one?(newfag)

No. 119514

does anyone have any holostars or male nijisanji irl pics?

No. 119517

I've seen a lot of Ina fans in the comments, has anybody noticed how weird and awkward her moderator (AO-chan) is sometimes in chat? Something always feels really off about his(?) way of punctuation and talking, like he has a hard time staying in character and seems really annoyed all the time

No. 119518

I've seen theories that they're either her sister or her partner as she briefly mentioned that they were "standing over her" trying to help with some tech issues during a collab stream. Whether they were actually there in person or it was more just a figure of speech I don't know. Either was it seems that they're close and it's possible the mod is somewhat jealous. I'll try to find it again.

No. 119519

shes definitely sucked dicks before didnt she ah fuck this shit my immersions ruined

No. 119520

Shut up scrote, no one cares about your delusional fantasies

No. 119522

File: 1604738991585.png (199.18 KB, 427x381, pekora666.png)

You definitely didn't suck dick yet. Lmao.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 119523

It didn't cross your mind that someone who once wrote a song about a cum-covered body pillow might not be all that innocent?

No. 119524

id think of it as a horny weeb, yes. not a fucking sex goddess holy shit(male)

No. 119525

Apparently Korone is a divorced mom

No. 119526

Why do you care?

No. 119527

I've also heard she's divorced, but never heard she had a kid

No. 119531

She muttered "je suis fini" or something close to it under her breath. It's been a while, so I don't remember the video or context. You can probably dig it out of the /jp/ archive.

No. 119532

Why are men like this wtaf

No. 119537

That's (supposedly) a friend of Ina, the person who made that image messed up.

Yeah, I'm surprised so few people even acknowledge that. Many (not all) vtubers are average to above average looking, but those pictures people post to show that often barely look like the person they're supposed to represent.

No. 119539

Not all men, just incel neets whose only knowledge of women is from anime

No. 119540

I'm pretty convinced she's Canadian based on the food she's talked about in the past and the time she streams - unless she's regularly streaming at 4am Central European Time. French Canadians tend to have a much more noticeable, less American sounding accent but then some don't like Trudeau for example.

No. 119541

Note to self: if anyone ever posts about someone you know, pretend to shit up the thread while begging mods to ban the people shitting it up in hopes that they’ll delete the entire thread. You’re not even good at imitating the jp retards, not even they talk like this

It’s assumed it’s someone who lives with her, most likely her partner, I know a lot of the Japanese holo girls have to hire moderators. She might be the only one with an active mod that has a character and everything, I don’t think she’s very good at ignoring negging or annoying posts in the chat like the others are so she’d rather not look at it. Kiara isn’t good at ignoring it either so she obsessively reads it, she kept reading the chat back seat out loud during their collab and ina was getting bothered by it.

No. 119542

Sage for double post but for anyone doubting it, talking about Artemis is specifically banned on jp because janitors got so annoyed by the thread going to shit the moment she got brought up.

No. 119547

I think the generally leading explanation for AO is it's either her sister or a close friend.

No. 119553

here's the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrgLfb-uLe8&t=11390

anon in /jp/ said in that "finie" in that context is only used in canada. gura might be Quebecois(IMAGEBOARD)

No. 119562

so bao is already back on youtube, i guess she found out about twitch taking 50% lol

No. 119563

bao really feels like she's only doing all of this vtuber thing for money and clout rather than for the fun.

No. 119566

Doubt. She's tried speaking and singing in french in her old senzawa streams. It did seem like she probably learned a bit at some point in her life but her accent was far from native or quebecois.

No. 119568

How about you fix your embeds to work time stamps instead of crying about links

No. 119571

I'm French so I don't know about Quebecois but I asked some Quebecois people and they said that it's not correct there either for that context. Maybe she learned French at school?

No. 119572

isn't she doing ANOTHER debut after debuting? plus she cried about not getting enough money. also (opinion) but i think her avatar+the art kind of sucks and its really lewd and weird. she tried to hop on the "sea creature vtuber clout" thing i think

No. 119581

https://twitter.com/moricalliope/status/1325209063496404992?s=19 funny how Ina and Kiara aren't invited.(IMAGEBOARD)