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No. 120215


If it’s not potential milk it doesn’t belong here. This is a drama board. If you’re a /jp/ refugee looking to talk about corporate vtubers, Kiwi Farms has a more suitable thread for you. /trash/ on 4chan has more suitable western vtuber threads. Go there instead.

What belongs here:
> Artemis, Domo, and related circlejerk
> Kiaras desperation
> Past/irl lives of corporate/holoEN
> Melody getting banned, public fight for copyright
> Deleted clips that have relevant milk
> Potentially milky indies worth keeping an eye on

Doesn’t belong here:
> Narratives
> Crying about boyfriends and other related coomer talk
> Memes

Remember to embed YouTube videos at a minimum. This is an image board, screencap or properly archive tweets and vods instead of linking to them directly. Sorry the pic sucks, I didn’t want to use Artemis or holo because they are magnets for refugees.

Previous threads:

No. 120223

I regret not putting Artia in the OP. She's so overdramatic and it seems like her discord has potential milk.

Do the other Holo girls have discord servers?

No. 120227

Where did the red haired girl that people said was Gura come from? She looks different from the initial photo, but that's probably from the warping filters.

No. 120229

Does anyone have amelia's full curiouscat archive?

No. 120238

File: 1605220065930.jpg (166.36 KB, 1198x571, scizo chinaman.jpg)

Is it just me, or is the way those scizo posts in the previous thread are worded seem a lot like a Chinese person trying their best to appeal to what makes Americans angry?

>kiara is an SJW twitter activist whore

>mori is an SJW tranny braphog
>ina is an SJW traitor

It's almost to the point of a parody of what a western internet user might type in anger.

No. 120241

Just admit that you are a wk who cant even click on links or look at other screenshots and move on. No one cares.

No. 120242

Other than that particular copypasta, every other mention was normal. Calli's blatant activism seems particularly milkable to me.

No. 120245

What's the milk with Ina? Reading through the previous threads, she seems like the only EN girl people don't tear to shreds. Is working with a different agency or something? Anybody wanna give this newfag a recap?(don't ask to be spoonfed)

No. 120248

She's just genuinely the most tolerable one. Not a lot to criticize her on tbh

No. 120252


Nothing noteworthy unless her having a BF (which she keeps under wraps pretty well), a weirdly anal chat mod, or being involved with shitty artist EN Vtuber friend group as a "manager" really pisses you off

No. 120253

Read something about her managing "Atelier live" or something? I'm a normie, does this mean she's doing this on the side behind Hololive's back?

No. 120255

Sage your posts, type sage in the email field.

That was just a jp rumour without anything behind it. She's friends with most of the people in that group pre-holo since most of them are established career artists.

No. 120256

File: 1605230201388.png (249.57 KB, 1050x900, Nagu.png)

Ina will occasionally make artists seethe when they see all the things she managed to do before reaching age 30.
Also Atelier Live scooted her neighbor Nagu out of their circle but once again, private info is boarded up in case the completely wrong photo in >>119278 didn't indicate that to you.

No. 120257

The managing narrative is highly unlikely, there's was only a single /jp/ post that said that, as far as I remember.
>doing this on the side behind Hololive's back
I'm pretty sure they can keep doing anything they did before, they just need to not expose their identities blatantly. As long as they do the minimum of 3 (from what I remember from the audition's form) streams per week and don't "damage" the brand, Cover won't care.

The only real cow on HololiveEN is Kiara, I would say, given her past. The others didn't do anything much, at least from what is known.

No. 120258

Honestly, Ina's art streams are the only thing I "watch". I put them in the background while I do stuff because I find her voice soothing. Don't really pay attention to the stuff she talks about tho. Her career seems pretty established so I can understand the jealousy from other talentless ethots.

With most whitegirlgoestojapan types, they all are pretty kooky to begin with. Any boomerfags remember kanadajin3? Fuckin nuts. I think Kiara is pretty much up that alley, just less insanity and more narcissism. Her excessiveness in her streams and collabs is probably realizing her lack of talent in comparison to the other Holo girls. I just don't think shes engaging/interesting/entertaining. I do think shes not in a great place mentally rn tho, and I think its pretty sad how much hate she gets. People really zone in on her with attacks (which she reads cuz she actually browses these boards lmao). But I genuinely hope she improves and engages an audience and works to better herself. Because why wouldn't I lol? Just cuz I don't like her stuff doesn't mean I have to hate her for existing. I'm also not a very judgmental person for stuff in people's past, but I can understand the taboo with the escort shit.

No. 120259

Yeah, I'm confused about the Atelier stuff. So she's friends with them pre vtubing cuz they are in the artist industry? They shunning her now cuz they have diff agencies?

No. 120262

No. They probably took it out just to not bring problems for her. And AtelierLive is not an agency, just a group of friends. They just gave it a name.

Also, add sage to the "Email" part if you are not adding any new info.

I can only wish her the best. About her past, it's whatever, I don't really care about it anyhow. The comment is pretty much about potential milk, and it's mostly about her behaviour in the past. If she can somehow get it together and do things properly, that would be great for her, but that feels unlikely to happen.

No. 120264

Mutuals with Yueko and Rosuuri, no association with Chiika and Klaeia, definitely as confused about Artemis as the rest of us. If you need to speculate then Atlier was probably Nagu's backup vtuber club consisting of ~3 members until she heard that she passed the HoloEN interview.

No. 120265

There was talk in the last thread about where Gura is from because she used some Quebec specific french - I think she's for sure from Canada, but not Quebec. All of the country learns french and on her karaoke stream just now she said Christmas was here and chat said thanksgiving and she came back with "some people have already had thanksgiving!" so there's that.

Sadly it's an unarchived stream, but jp usually saves the karaoke ones.

No. 120267

HER time has come.

No. 120273

idk why this keeps being repeated but atelier was just a group of friends, not an official company. The fact they allowed Ina to leave without issue means they're good friends. Ina had to scrub her entire social media, and requested others to take down stuff related to her before her debut.

No. 120274

I keep seeing ppl talk about Guras from Quebec n stuff. Like there's so little evidence though. All we really know is she speaks French (also had default language of a game in French during a Senazawa stream). Quebecois have pretty distinct French and English accents (from first hand experience) so I think evidence is pretty low for that claim.

No. 120277

It's possible that she's Canadian and not Quebecois(many Canadians learn French in elemetary school) but even then the evidence is trivial. She's said in her Senzawa streams that she's American and we've the American flag pop up under her name in games.

No. 120278

I'd feel bad for keekihime if she didn't shit talk other idol wannabes before. She's an extremely jealous and vindictive person and it's clear her insecurities are all still there. I don't want her causing shit for the other Hololive members just because she has no talent.

No. 120287

We can only hope she'll stir up shit so they'll graduate her, and she can fuck off to Austria to be a clerk in Aldi or some shit for the rest of her life (so like a few more years tops)

No. 120290

>No one cares.
That's exactly the point. No one cares about the seething of bugmen and scrotes. We want actual milk here, not what waifufags whine about.

No. 120293

I care

No. 120294

She also mentioned she's growing an avocado tree last stream to Ame, so she couldn't be anywhere up north anyways.

No. 120295

This is better than average singing, the other songs as well. Anyone know if she's taken singing lessons?

No. 120296

She maxed at 121k viewers on this karaoke stream btw, how good is that?

No. 120297

Those are crazy numbers, even her debut only got to 80k.

No. 120298


Her singing totally different than Susei and Sora. I do not watch both of them often. But damn, Gura totally deserved her 100k views. I saw membership kept growing during the stream.

No. 120301

For sure. She also grows basil, that's another warmer region food.

No. 120304

Don't think she's going to cause trouble anytime soon, since she does have a dedicated fan base putting down a lot of SC money to support her, which she gets more of than Ame or Ina. She can feel secure she's not dead last in that respect. But I find it interesting that it has become a self fulfilling prophecy that the narrative of her abandoning the other EN members to do more collabs with the JP members is starting to become true. So the only events that would cause her to go ape is if the SC money and memberships start to decrease, and the JP members not wanting to collab with her anymore.

No. 120305

File: 1605253629918.png (2.94 MB, 2000x968, HoloEN.png)

I fixed Ina

No. 120309

File: 1605256090059.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.56 KB, 609x609, Tsuruko.jpg)


I just wanted to point it out but senzawa kinda looks like tsuruko even though they're both comepletely different people.

No. 120310

Idk why scores are so dramatic about their appearances. They just look like nice normal girls to me. They're voice actresses, it's not their job to be smoking hot.

No. 120312

jesus christ this is bordering on uncanny valley

No. 120313

No. 120314

Watame channel, is the other girl a holo too?

No. 120319

What is this?

No. 120320

It's Luna's channel, anon….

No. 120321

Luna Himemori? Were there anything of note in those videos?

No. 120322

I don't speak nippon so idk

No. 120324


It's probably just the channel Himemori Luna goes to when they feel like streaming games that aren't fit for the main channel, or also if they want to spend some time out-of-character/without the vtuber model.

Pretty sure a majority of Hololive (especially older members) have secondary channels that serve the same purpose with varying degrees of activity.

No. 120327

Oh wow I didn't even notice it since I was looking at the archived version but in the actual channel there seems to be a RL stream of her that you need to be a member to view. I guess that's something.

No. 120328

I honestly didn't see many scrotes bashing on their looks. As you know, men have no standards and get their dicks hard for anything. It's mostly been other women nitpicking them.

No. 120332

Ame's photo is also very unflattering, someone posted catbox links to sachiowo streams in here or /jp/ and she looks a little better on the videos. In hindsight I should have saved the links at least

No. 120333

You think 2001 is Haachama's actual year she was born or is it the character's age?

No. 120334

The way Marine and Flare talk about her and Shion here, they might be youngest.

No. 120335

jesus the yuribaiting
this wouldn't fly for english audience

No. 120336

could be wrong but i remember the “18 to audition” wasn’t added until after 1st gen due to the hitomi chris stuff so there’s a heavy chance 1st gen is mostly the youngest

No. 120337

>implying holoen fans don't eat up the cheap mori/kiara or ame/gura shit

No. 120338

they're not say shit like "sucking her tits", it's yuribaiting but to much less extent

No. 120339

where in the video do they say "sucking their tits", all i see is "sucking up their youth"
don't get me wrong, i hate these degenerates as much as you do but if they didn't say it i'm not gonna pretend like they did lmao

No. 120340

you need to know the context then, perhaps this video doesn't reveal that
marine constantly talks about sucking tits of other talents

No. 120342

oh well then that's gross as shit

No. 120346

Ame encourages people to draw lewds with her and jokes about footfetish and dominance though, eilel

No. 120350

Is this still her?

No. 120353

yep that's Luna

No. 120360

File: 1605289513493.jpeg (454.14 KB, 1125x1283, 8AE48CD4-6896-40D2-A08C-2CD214…)

Looks like Tenleid (also goes by Yazy, known for being girlfriend of the Mother’s Basement dude) is also hopping on the Vtuber bandwagon

No. 120361

She was 16 or 17 when she graduated, so 2001 is probably the year she was born.

No. 120362

LMAO that explains the cheap whore outfit with the womb tattoo, considering Yazy has absolutely no taste and looks and acts about as trashy as they come. "Wholesome" kek
inb4 randoms come back when she debuts wondering if she's a tranny because of her voice

No. 120364

File: 1605291126403.jpg (443.74 KB, 2048x1374, 1602369282569.jpg)


Yazy has talked about how much she loves gyaru in videos and on twitter before, maybe this design is inspired by that… though she was obviously going for hentai gyaru or the slutty tropes, and even with that she missed the mark completely.

No. 120365

File: 1605291392830.jpg (1.29 MB, 1670x5283, LTetJ4Q.jpg)

How up-to-date is this image? It seems different from the one posted last thread

No. 120367

File: 1605291777794.png (Spoiler Image, 872.76 KB, 1920x1080, 1595752162169.png)

Noel Knight cups

No. 120368

File: 1605291907738.png (Spoiler Image, 18.87 KB, 313x567, 1586224534537.png)

Youngest to oldest:


No. 120369


Holy fak. this is the next level of doxing.
I wonder where people got this detail.

No. 120370

No. 120371


No. 120373

This channel has a short series of introduction videos

No. 120375

No. 120376

this site has a lot of other information too

No. 120377

holy shit it sure does, how do people find the time to put this together??

No. 120378

Is there any holostars leaks? im staring to watch and enjoy some of them

No. 120379

No. 120381

File: 1605294717649.png (1.15 MB, 1602x907, 2020-11-13_20-08.png)

No. 120383


If you’re starting to enjoy them, then why are you looking for leaks? People who ask for things to be ruined for them are weird as hell.

No. 120384

Not him but I'm able to separate the character and the person, knowing my waifu is a slut irl doesn't affect me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120385

some of those are fake lol

No. 120386

No. 120387

I didn't ask for things to be ruined. I'm just curious about them. Like age and how they look. I still enjoy their characters.

No. 120388

what the fuck is happening in that 2nd link

No. 120389

I am not 100% sure of the context
Apparently Rushia was stripping for some guy with no money being involved, most likely a guy she was fucking/wanted to fuck. And he recorded without permission?
If you know Japanese you would probably get more context

No. 120390

Isnt this a niconico stream? with the white comments flowing around.

No. 120391

I don't know, I posted everything I heard

No. 120392

nta but many japanese video hosting sites do that with the comments (mainly as a way to get people to pay to turn them off)

No. 120395


Okay 'singing' but it literally sounds like she's talking to a melody. There is no inflection in her voice or pitch changes or anything to call it anything other than average.

No. 120400

File: 1605301821075.png (215.53 KB, 1430x1318, Rina.png)

>I'm out of anime to make videos about thanks to COVID and don't feel like tuning into the new Love Live, Callie get over here.

No. 120407

I'm actually more baffled at what's happening in the first link. The person in the middle is definitely not Rushia.

No. 120410

File: 1605306505179.png (619.18 KB, 800x939, 20201113_162223.png)

Even her fans know she's speedrunning JP hololives at this point. Kiara no matter how many JP holos you collab with you will never be one yourself. I guess it is all she can really do as far as collabs go because her collabs within her own group are always awkward. Even with her good friend and fellow yuribaiter Mori her collabs feel off and disingenuous. She doesn't even try to stagger her collabs and space them out. She finishes one collab then immediately has to find another JP senpai to collab with. Kinda sad that's all her streams have come down to.

No. 120414

File: 1605307400238.jpg (77.98 KB, 753x1200, OgaSaki.jpg)

Fucking ew. I wish we had a GOOD gyaru vtuber. Even Saki is bordering on ecchi bullshit. The lower stomach really seals the deal on her making it after reading a ton of hentai.

No. 120423

I think it's because she's going to leave Japan soon and the connections and stuff are going to be worse.

No. 120430

This design is so bad. Of course its tenlied

No. 120431

What an awful design, it's not even Gyaru, nothing about it looks gyaru, having a tan does not make you gyaru. its just a generic whore whos tanlines don't even make sense.

Also Slugbox is a massive loser who often goes on self hate threads about why being white means you are evil.

No. 120437

>Slugbox is a massive loser who often goes on self hate threads about why being white means you are evil.
wdym i thought slugbox was asian.

No. 120440

The worst part is Tenleid loves to go on about how much she loves gyaru, too, when it's plain and obvious just by that that she only likes it for porn.
She did a porn photoshoot in a very similar type of outfit too (NSFW, obviously.)

No. 120444

>wdym i thought slugbox was asian.
Oh so he is just racist, my bad.

I don't think she knows that Gyaru does not mean looking like a stupid whore.
Even if she is only into the style from anime, there are no Gals that look like this.

No. 120446

File: 1605329601071.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1981x1125, 853524BF-A088-4D86-B50E-BA2F3E…)

Marine being in her late 20s makes her constant overly sexual bait so much more uncomfortable

No. 120447

god this is so fucking ugly. idek if it's just because tenleid is ugly in general but her hideous design for her vtuber makes that much more sense now.
its like the bitch read metamorphosis once and was like "omg I love gyaru!!!!!"…which probably isn't far off bc she owns a physical copy kek

No. 120448

I mean, would you rather it be with her in her late teens? Granted, I think pretty much any vtubers lewd baiting is cringy as fuck.

No. 120449

gals in anime don’t look like this but gals in hentai do. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt but then all of the alt outfits she’s shown for her oc have been just as porny. I don’t care if she’s a lewd Vtuber but why bait so hard with SUCH a design if you’re going to be “wholesome.” she has a second more cartoon-y l2D with a more traditional outfit she said she’ll use on occasion

No. 120450

I don’t see the vtube related milk here beyond it being a shitty design

No. 120451

Yeah she obviously doesn't really like gal fashion or subculture. I bet she doesn't even realize gal isn't just a hentai fetish and is actually a part of a niche fashion style in Japan. She just likes the hentai sluts and thinks that's what gal is

No. 120452

Anons probably just find it funny since she used to be a tripfag cow on /cgl/. She definitely has milk potential so I would keep my eye out

No. 120453

File: 1605330902746.jpg (235.65 KB, 960x792, MYXJ_20201113211425385_save.jp…)

Someone made fanart for tenleid's vtuber design and it's just….a redraw of a street snap, and they try to take credit in the comments like "this is what I'd imagine her wearing day to day" kek

No. 120454

File: 1605330925950.jpg (342.35 KB, 1000x1500, 957e0023f30eb999e6a980c67e9429…)

No. 120455

Cringe but unfortunate, unless that’s one of her friends posting it? I don’t see how someone with 1k followers could have “fanart”

No. 120456

She has her vtuber account in her bio on her bestgirlyazy account. That's probably how she even got that many followers, then again it's also best to not underestimate the power of vtuber coomers on top of her own coomer audience

No. 120457

Looks like she was doing a sex call with someone. He was secretly streaming it but she realized when he responded to a comment saying he was in the way. You can see the comment viewer he used on the bottom of the screen. She freaked out and asked him to cut the stream and he looked pissed that he was found out.

I feel bad for her. Fuck the guys that secretly film and post girls like this.

No. 120458

File: 1605331567110.jpg (447.81 KB, 960x1024, MYXJ_20201113212522617_save.jp…)

Yazy confirms the moth is supposed to be gyaru. Gross.

No. 120460

You’re derailing this over nothing, the gyaru thing wasn’t debated. None of this is milk beyond the sub par design and the neighbour worth keeping an eye on.

No. 120461

File: 1605332190243.png (367.13 KB, 598x737, Screenshot_2020-11-14 ✨いちご ♡ …)

It looks like she has commissioned a bit of fan art and has been pushed by @luulubuu on twitter who I don't know much about other than they are a tranny lesbian incel that is active on resetera .

No. 120462

nothing is being derailed? just confirming the speculation. she's a vtuber and it's relevant. if you don't like it then post something you deem more relevant.

No. 120464

I’m still missing how this is specifically milky enough, there wasn’t any secret dox revealed or gyaru denial unless I missed something. I agree about the gross design but youve made a lot of posts in a row about generic vtuber shit like it’s a deep discovery that needs to be archived, they’re all self obsessively waste money on commission fanart. At least you’re saging unlike the Artemis poster last thread.

No. 120465

She calls herself one in her intro.

No. 120466

didn't see her intro oops

No. 120468

Marine being marine is one thing, but this chart made me realize something else.

I asume you know how touchy feely Korone is towards Okayu. Which would be fine if they're at least similar in age, or with Korone being younger but… Korone is 35 and Okayu is 22. That's just weird, man.

No. 120469

> known for being girlfriend of the Mother’s Basement dude

i fucking hate that guy(sage)

No. 120471

They are both fully grown adults past puberty age.

No. 120472

Rushia starting from 1:15

No. 120474

WTF? rushia was a hoe??????? can't believe the person behind such a cute voice had a thotty past. i'm jealous!(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 120478

I wish that site had all of the holostars members, I want to know their previous identity so bad

No. 120479

apparently mori referred to her real name or something
also confirmed, she hated idols and idol culture before it made her money/allowed her to sell music/promote herself

No. 120480

This site speculated Holostars Rikka is an utaite called yuuto https://lagcapa.org/rika/

No. 120481

does anyone have any vids of shion's past life aka kuroa
I saw a brief clip on youtube of her
From all the research I did, she privated all of her twitcast vids, apparently she was a super depressing teen a year or two back before she joined hololive
also as another gift, back in August, Haato streamed on her twitcast after years of not streaming
she tweeted it out on her personal/roommate account but deleted the tweet afterwards
here's the saved stream if anyone else wants to save/archive it or just want to see haato's roommate
courtesy of /jp/ and a certain other board

No. 120482

also here's lofi's doxx
I've been spamming it on 4chan for months only because I noticed something peculiar
On 4chan, jannies/mods can imageban certain hashes of images, so if you post said image, you get permabanned if you post it
Some guy was spamming lofi's doxx back during the summer but then the image got imagehash banned, so I managed to save it and spam it with a seperate hash
pic in the link, save it before it dies, I already archived it elsewhere
she's a degenerate fujo(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 120484

Oh ok, thanks. Not sure what exactly they were doing. Also, damn I didn't realize she's in her 30s. She looks really young in that hololive roommate image in the last thread. Then again, I guess there is some truth in that "how asian age" meme.

No. 120485

I thought she lost at strip poker, at least that's what I heard on /jp/ back when that vid dropped
what about those weird vids posted on /jp/ with the aqua orgasm porn vid or the alleged matsuri pornhub vids? those were posted around the same time as the rushia strip poker vid

No. 120487

v.ikx announced they're not archiving vtuber streams anymore maybe because of legal reasons?
also here's a clip of noel's fuckup from a few months back when she destroyed her laptop
daily reminder back in may noel aka canan sperged out threatened to sue the entire internet since anons were sharing her lewds https://files.catbox.moe/w25iic.mp4

No. 120488

luna face
also yeah there's that pic from earlier this year with a timestamped date on it that proved she was an old hag but I didn't save it

No. 120489

aqua and matsuri what???

No. 120490

Not surprised about Matsuri at all, considering that she is a degen in and out of Hololive, but if Aqua thing is true, I am surprised.
You don't know japanese culture and idol industry, do you?

No. 120493

image board

No. 120494

take the matsuri and aqua narratives with a rain of salt, I didn't see any proof it's them but I also didn't care to dig for proof

No. 120495

No. 120496

this was the original link that leaked that rushia stripping thing, guess cover stepped in

No. 120497

nah I think you need to log in to pandora or something to watch it, I don't know how that site works

No. 120498

that vid was public back when that rushia stripping vid was dropped

No. 120499

another whore escort keekihime pic(imageboard)

No. 120500

Yeah also didnt Marine have a lewd sleepover with Shion a while back and she made a bunch of annoying degen content around it? If Shion is only 17 and shes 27…what the actual fuck man

No. 120501

I don't see a problem with it, the two have great chemistry and still collab and interact often unlike other failed pairings
matsuri and luna are fucking done, did you guys see how matsuri spent money on that birthday song for luna and retweeted it literally 6 or 7 times at luna and luna hasn't acknowledged her existence even once since? it's been like 4 weeks now
also like we saw in the last thread, at least it's fun for the fans, since shion denying it fuels the fans unlike fake pandering garbage like what kiara does on a daily basis

No. 120502

File: 1605358141520.png (1.25 MB, 1041x547, mAcdW9w.png)

anon… your sage and image board reps…
why does kiara look sexier with her face censored lmao

No. 120503

Posted last thread you fags

No. 120505

>posting lewds of women

No. 120506

did she actually destroy her keyboard by slamming it on her knee?
Isn't the first one Rushia? That's the stripping clip

No. 120507

You don't see a problem with an underage teen and a pushing 30 adult telling a story about how they almost hooked up? Whut. Like it probably wasn't even real, but how is that not gross as fuck?

No. 120509

just for you I went and checked every picture posted in last thread
and you are wrong

No. 120511

You really are new to hololive and japanese vtubers. Making up "lewd" fanservice stories has always been a thing on vtuber JP community, because it's another form of waifubaiting and it gives coomers fantasies and clicks. If you care that much you can stay around your NA vtubers.

No. 120516

Am I the only one who feels like that Aqua video is a reach? The voice in the JAV sounds really generic and not even that similar to the Aqua sound being referenced. Aqua's voice isn't even particularly distinguishable either so that doesn't help.

No. 120517

File: 1605366866360.jpg (31.68 KB, 750x205, 1605307347131.jpg)

Is there any place where I can see Demondice's old deleted tweets from around 2014-2016?

No. 120519

Yea same. It sounds soooort of similar but nowhere near enough samples to confirm it.

No. 120522

Tone the autism down just a tad anon

So all of the hookup stories are made up? I understand waifubaiting, but I thought these girls actually did hang out irl. I actually stopped watching Marine after the Shion story because she spent an entire stream on it and it was so pandery and gross. If they get together and make up lewd stories to tell on stream, that's almost worse

No. 120523

Obviously they are, there is no way in hell they would actually hook up and brag about it, after all HLs are nothing but characters played by women who are sitting behind screens, having their managers telling them what to not say on mic.

Marine is very known for lewdbaiting, talking about fetishes and making many situations 'sexual', because that's what coomers like about her character. Marine and Shion are okay with eachother, they are good friends and they still stream together while joking about things.

There are more holos out there who are pandering to others by making up stories or turning any situation into 'ara ara' sexual one, just go find yourself. Not the first time.

No. 120524

The watermark is right there though…
Only ones marked 18 person in question.
Imo it's not her

No. 120526

Okayu is definitely way older than 22

It's definitely a coincidence, many high-pitch moans would probably sound similar to that. So it's indistinguishable.

No. 120527

I thought you can just add a few black pixel in the corner and the imagehash gets bypassed(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 120529

Why do people think Gura's singing is so good, let alone good enough to justify her massive sub/viewer gain? It sounds pretty untrained compared to Watame and doesn't even scratch the range Subaru or Risu have with their voices.

No. 120530

The previously linked vtuber background site gave good evidence that this was the case as well. The only thing of note, though, is that Yuuto is 39 years old, making him the oldest Cover Corp. vtuber so far (although Korone's 36 is pretty up there too).

No. 120531

I've said this since the beginning but her coomer simps will sperg out at you if you say anything otherwise. I'm guessing it's because the standard for Hololive singing is at the very bottom to begin with so anything that's not total trash will seem like gold in comparison.

No. 120532

She hits the notes and she's the only one that sings with fluent English

No. 120533

I think the same, everything she does is so overhyped. she can sneeze and ppl will be all over her. I don't really get it tho, I find her pretty boring, and her singing is average, Its not bad but not that good either.>>120529

No. 120534

Luna's pretty milky ngl. Former member of Nijisanji (Moruru) who quit to join Hololive, with a well-established streaming record prior to becoming a vtuber known for repeatedly quitting personas and ditching projects.

She's really been pushing at a relationship with Subaru ever since cutting things off with Matsuri. This is just narrative, but as degen as Matsuri is, she's been really set on not starting actual relationships with people from the same company, which is what pushed Luna away.

No. 120536

File: 1605377662242.jpeg (590.31 KB, 1125x1709, 1C178756-260B-4433-BE1F-427E81…)

Thoughts? Almost 1k RTs, bigger hype than Artemis


No. 120537

Seriously, it doesn't make sense when people group her with Ina and Mori in terms of actual talent. I personally think that Mori's rapping has really bad flow, as well, but her ability at producing MV's from scratch and mixing are enough to justify her popularity regardless. Gura literally just… sings without any particular degree of polish. I don't think she's milky, but her fanbase definitely is.

No. 120538

Every Holo aside from Akai Haato was of age at their debut, Clover has made a point of not hiring underage talents after the 1st generation. Haachama's content and the way it attracts coomers is honestly uncomfortable, though, considering she was still in high school when she first started and it doesn't sound like she's even graduated yet.

No. 120539

She was 'debut'ing for almost 3 months now, even before spring I've seen this model around. I saw a bunch of hentai artists liking /rting her earlier, so I am not surprised she reached 1k rt.

No. 120540

Depends what you're watching her for: Her autism as entertainment, or for her "lewds" and "muh degeneracy".

Like all v-tubers, judge when you see like 1 week of their content. A good character design and rigging means nothing to me in terms of entertainment

No. 120541

It's really a combination of things. Her design, plus personality, and her doing cute or meme things. Her fans generally consists of a lot of English speaking normies who would get hard filtered by the Japanese. Since the fans would get hard filtered, they have nothing else to compare Gura to. Naturally, it's likely her fans would get diluted if another big company enters the market or if the inevitable En Gen 2 happens. Currently hololive is running around with almost 0 competition in the English market.

No. 120543

Eh, it's good in the sense that I can enjoy the karaoke streams. I usually tune in to anyone doing a karaoke stream and use it as background music while I do work. As long as it doesn't hurt my ear, I consider it good… so it doesn't really say much.

No. 120545


Already associated with Domo. Pass.

No. 120550

I agree with her coomers being too much. It's why I don't watch much of her personally

No. 120553

She used to be a decent artist, now it's all about her vtuber shit, what a waste.

No. 120555

Ngl That’s actually kind of based
A lot of Senzawa refuges imo. Since I doubt that channel is coming back.

No. 120556

She sounds like she's been through a lot on the rare occassions she gets serious and talks about her personal life. I feel like joining Holo at a vulnerable time and such a young age (she was probably 17 at the oldest since she mentions being a first year in HS) was probably not the best thing for her long-term personal development though.

No. 120557

You guys got any Nijisanji milk? I personally hate Hoshikawa, but Roa's got the most potential if you link up her past drama around debut with Gundou Mirei and now the new shit with Kingyozuka Meiro. It's wild that she keeps getting like this despite her closest active Niji contact being the bulletproof Belmond Banderas.

No. 120558

On topic of Hoshi, I’ve heard she is a halfie irl and looks pretty hot.

No. 120560

Is this really yuri baiting when they actually do it lol.
Matuli is screeching I’m sure.

No. 120561

Another artificially boosted circle jerker, uwu wholesome lewd erp type tweets with others in the circle jerk.

No. 120562

I don't know that much about the others, but Mori did a video with known pedo The An1me Man https://youtu.be/GkFxwuWbf_8(imageboard)

No. 120563

What happened between her and Matsuri? Last I paid attention they were still yuribaiting

No. 120564

Yeah they always seemed like pretty good friends who just yuribaited for the coomers. Are you saying Luna actually wanted a romantic relationship with Matsuri? How can anyone know that? Seems like gossip. Also would like to see proof of her going after Subaru

No. 120565

As far as I know, Mirei once said that she wants to join hololive to be able to kiss girls. There's multiple occasions where she talked about her ex-gfs so maybe she really did kiss her? No idea.

Niji is a more open company than cover really. There's one couple of girls who are openly lesbian and dating each other. (Again, it might be yuribait. But they talked about it so much and collabed together that chances are likely that they're relationship is genuine)

No. 120566

Like I said, that part is just speculative narrative. All we know is the following:
-Matsuri and Luna went from regular collabs to no contact.
-Matsuri made a song for Luna, which Luna has not acknowledged. You can find the song on Matsuri's channel and Luna's lack of any response to it on twitter.
-Luna has been regularly collabing with Subaru now. The nature of their projected relationship is not like the one with Matsuri (Subaru has never been one for yuri-baiting)

I'm not gonna say that Luna wanted a relationship with Matsuri and cut her off when she didn't get it because there's know way of knowing that. They've definitely had some kind of falling out though if you look at the things they've said leading to Matsuri now trying to interact with Luna and being largely ignored.

No. 120567

No one knows what happened. The hime just stopped collabing with her, and didn't retweet the birthday gift video from Matsuri. See >>120501

>proof of her going after Subaru
There isn't one? Luna-Suba relationship doesn't sound like yuribait, more like two friends having a blast.

Yuribait would be noel-flare which is nonforced (unlike marine-rushia) and has been going for quite a while. I also found this which sounds like a bit 4ch narrative a bit concrete evidence:

Though, anyone knows where to find canan stream archives? I want to see the bruises for myself. ← (Yeah I know I'm asking to be spoonfeeded ^o^)(^o^)

No. 120568

Gundou Mirei is notoriously bad at playing a character and pretty much just streams as herself. What she's said so far is that she's bisexual and has a high body count of women, and (around debut) stated that she's never been romantically interested in a man. She also has a really in-depth understanding of how the lesbian dating scene works in Japanese culture so I don't think she's lying about being bisexual. But on the other hand she did state her type as Roa in the same stream that she went into all the above, and MireRoa was a huge couple when they debuted, so that could all still be fanservice lol.

The MireRoa thing is pretty milky since they abruptly quit collabing despite being publically close. Roa subsequently went on a public rant crying about how it's the fanbases fault for pushing them apart, which Gundou ignored at the time. In a later twitcast where Gundou spoke a lot about how she wished she had debuted with Fumi (she's also mentioned in other streams that she auditioned with the intention of being a compliment to Fumi's role) she also said that if Fumi had been the one crying instead of Roa, she would have comforted her.

You'll notice Gundou Mirei has a really high dislike ratio on some of her earlier videos and it's because of the whole Roa thing, a lot of fans felt like Mirei was too cold to Roa.

No. 120569

Yeah, I don't personally like Hoshikawa but I think the two are a good match. Mirei has said that she sees relationships in terms of cost-benefit and has no problem cutting people off when things stop being suitable for her so someone like Hoshikawa who keeps things easy-breezy is best for yuribait collabs.

Let's see how long this lasts though lol seeing how she ditched both GunKan and MireRoa when the fans got too annoying.

No. 120570

Halfie is just her backstory, we don't know anything about her IRL appearance.

Mayuzumi Kai and Hana Macchia are both half white half Japanese and Kanae is half Japanese with an English speaking mother, though.

No. 120572

No. 120576

No. 120577

is this actually her?

No. 120578


>comparing karaoke streams w/ overproduced, mastered, most likely studio vocals

pretty sure literally anybody both in hololive & out would sound as good or better with that level of production

No. 120579

True, but turning off that obvious gimmick voice would still be huge.

No. 120580

So does all of the EN use voice modulators? It seems Ina and Mori doesn't.

No. 120581

Does Kiara use voice modulators? I was referring to "turning off" as in playing a character on purpose.

No. 120589

File: 1605417562717.jpg (134.79 KB, 454x385, frankorone.jpg)

tfw u commission expensive art but get a traced and frankensteined korone

No. 120592

Sorry but who is this?

No. 120593

Man the vtubber scene has been going to utter shit ever since the west caught wind of it. Nothing but cheap drama.

No. 120595

File: 1605419601230.png (286.84 KB, 498x498, 01411.png)

>Gets stuck with a tacky sword and shield that looks weird around her group
>Unapologetic yandere for Pekora
Why does she have to throw so much…

No. 120596

Another literally whotuber. No milk to be had here

No. 120597

Can't tell if Snuffyowo's voice sounds familiar because she's actually known outside of her vtuber persona or if it's just that she sounds so…generic, like every other thot trying to sound like an anime girl: melody, Lilypichu, Nyanners etc

No. 120600

>implying it hasn't always been shit

No. 120601

Anyone else watch Foxyjoel? I don’t understand how every well known vtuber is attached to him like domo. I tried to watch his streams but it was just loud yelling. I guess the milk I can offer is that he’s aggressive towards other smaller vtubers and gets away with it due to his popularity

No. 120603

Westerners grasping for milk and narrative because they can't understand Japanese

No. 120604

I don't know anything about him other than his concept and a few intolerable clips I closed fast. I think his concept of dude trapped in doll body in interesting but his content itself being such an immediate turn-off is exactly why I pray to god we never get a HolostarsEN.

I like Miyabi of Holostars a lot for example but I know for a fact that any EN equivalent would just be some Polygon softboy.

No. 120606

>everything behind paywall

No. 120607

File: 1605425344484.png (139.66 KB, 595x1243, matsuri.png)

A copypasta from /jp/ regarding Matsuri's creepy behaviour:
>Be Matsuri
>Fall in love with a girl that likes dick [Hoshikawa]
>Constantly rejected by her
>Cry on twitcasts and make such a huge drama to a point some people start hating your love interest because your menhera attacks
>Talk to a bartender
>Send a lot of marshmallows and superchats to him
>Get drunk and tell him you want him to be your big brother and take baths with you
>Get ignored and rejected by him
>Get completely outclassed by a tomboy with a sexy onee-san voice
>Meet a qt 3.14 pro apex player
>Actually get him to coach you
>The tournament is your chance to impress him and win him over
>End up tilting and your team ends 19/20 only because the other team was memeing with controllers
>Cry and suffer the whole time
>Met another qt in the after games, a spaghetti spilling weatherman
>You actually try to be seiso instead of the degenerate everyone is used to
>Have the time of your life
>He never calls you back
>Find a princess that loves you back [Luna]
>She calls you when you were depressed after the apex shitshow
>She values and depends on you a lot
>When she gets sick instead of helping her you go back to confess your love to the dick loving girl
>Fall into an endless APEX obsession
>Your viewers tell you to bring some variety and that they are tired of APEX
>Instead of improving you take a break playing more APEX
>Return from break and keep on doing APEX streams
>Fans actually start leaving you
>Start to argue with antis on twitter to later delete everything
>Meanwhile your dick loving love interest is having the best time with a retarded australian
>Despite all of this you keep on streaming APEX, and it seems everything is going fine
>Then a Shark appears
>The Shark puts a trident in your ass and starts buttfucking you
>You start bleeding viewers
>You end up loving it and ask for Gen 5, Korone and Pekora to buttfuck you the next day
>Do a collab with a gook
>Despite being hyped up and having your fox senpai to help you, you still can't make over 5k
>That collab also brings a curse to this land
>get buttfucked in the next days by a detective with brain damage and an autistic reaper
>Boys and girls from all branches are having fun and teetee
>you're alone, playing APEX
>Eventually you decide to stop being an autist and join the minecraft server
>You can't even recognise some of your kouhais
>All of the girls except EN are playing Minecraft together
>EN girls are having collabs together and interacting with each other and her senpais
>All of the boys are playing among us together
>All of them are having fun
>You're alone, lamenting your existence on twitter and crying yourself to sleep
>There's a Yathzee tournament coming
>It's your chance to make a harem with all past love interests
>Dedicate a stream to practice it, alone.
>Tournament happens, you are doing fine
>Suddenly the princess appears, and she's on a warpath
>She utterly destroys your hopes and dreams
>At some point she feels bad about you and tries to throw, but still manages to buttfuck you
>Your dreams of a harem are dead
>Later because of this and much more, you start having menhera attacks and suicide bait on your alternate twitter account
>The menhera attacks are getting stronger, you end up trying to assault a squid in front of her fans
>You find your kouhais, a CEO, another menhera and a mom
>You want the mom
>The CEO is trying to befriend you but you, as a good menhera, take this as a personal attack and ignore her
>Mommy turns you down politely
>You keep on screaming and attention whoring until you leave without saying goodbye
>Your fanbase is also full of menheras that pretend to be happy but use alternate accounts to have the menhera attacks
>You look for those accounts and reply to them, making some of them delete their accounts
>As the menhera attacks get worse, your roommate makes a stream
>Despite all the makeup and filters, your roommate can't hide her eyebags, a sign of someone who clearly cries herself to sleep
>In a bold claim, you go and say that if the fans don't like APEX they can go eat shit.
>Shortly after go into a break
>Your stalker, that for some reason you thought it was a good idea to make a mod in your channel, thinks that's because of your fanbase
>Your fanbase start to attack each other
>You have to come out and admit that a friend died so they stop fighting between each other
>Meanwhile the princess is having her birthday
>You prepared a cover that you promised months ago
>You retweet it SEVEN times
>You send an aka supacha
>She doesn't mention it
>Not a single holo acknowledges the video
>Have a menhera attack on your roommate account
>Your fans start pestering the princess because of your own stupidity
>Have to make an apology and explanation on your roommate account

Here is a "date" Matsuri went on with her from Hoshikawa's perspective. Matsuri had put a lot of effort into preparing for it, you can find clips of her talking about it with her chat.

This is Matsuri explaining her feelings a couple months prior:

Matsuri's other youtube channel, where she streams with face cam:

Here's a couple clips where she and Luna talk about their feelings. Luna pushes Matsuri to commit, but Matsuri Says she feels like she wouldn't be able to do her job anymore if she fell in love with someone from the same agency. She repeatedly said she doesn't like Luna "in that way", but who knows.

There seems to be a pattern of being unable to maintain a healthy distance and act appropriately in relationships, which leads to social isolation and perhaps exploitation (she spent a lot on Hoshikawa, who played with her even though she knew).

No. 120609

Not trying to throw a wet blanket on it or anything, Flare is definitely gay so them having sex off stream is possible.
But the way Canan was that day, you could assume she was showing off the bruises, but at the same time the bruises didn't look like a diminishing hickey or anything like that. If anything, it looked like jaundice to me. She's an alcoholic and if I remember correctly, she was drinking quite heavily before that stream.

Dunno, though.

No. 120610

She's a stupid girl who never got to socialize with adults properly and despite loving Japan and trying her best to be Japanese, she never learned any manners. Of course she'd be like that.

No. 120619

I am curious, what would happen when hololive's talent graduated?

Could they use their past experience as a portfolio or Cover totally take every right to their characters and the talent cannot ever tell someone.

No. 120620

Well, yeah. Safe to assume she did.

No. 120628

Can someone give me a TL;DR or a resume of this without all the autism?

No. 120630

His content of yelling and being toxic towards female vtubers whenever he collabs makes me wonder if that’s why people watch him LMAO but honestly, I don’t think I’ve watched a “funny” male envtuber and he’s apparently the funniest one which isn’t saying much when his humor is just angry yelling.

No. 120636

graduating is just a nice way of saying you're losing your job but with perks; they can keep their characters and do what they want with it. I'm sure there's fine print and details but the characters, avatars, etc. get to go with them.

No. 120638

Wait is this legit? Iirc the CN girls won't be keeping their avatars due to Cover changing their minds no?

No. 120640

File: 1605439931203.png (2.61 KB, 545x86, lrn2sage.png)

>the characters, avatars, etc. get to go with them
Are you sure about that? I don't remember working it like that, I was under the assumption that all characters belonged to Cover, HololiveCN was going to be the exception given the circumstances, but that got most likely scrapped.

I would like some examples of him being aggressive or toxic towards other streamers. Spoonfeeding, I know, but I really don't know the guy much aside from his name.
Also, loud=funny is a curse that has been around for a while.

Yeah, if that is not a complete schizo, it could be very likely, good for them, if they're happy.
The only thing that bothers me is probably awkward public intimacy, kinda like that Mirei/Hoshikawa video, it felt out of place for me at least, but it's a good way to grab some more attention and money, and it probably works for them. Or maybe it's just me, but I digress.

Someone can try to get it better, but the gist of it is Matsuri can't get a grip on her feelings, and friendship and a romantic relationship get mixed up too much, her feelings make it hard on other, people she gets interested in either reject her or give up because they were once more or less rejected, and she came around too late. Also, she demonstrates a very unstable behaviour, that gets in the way of her work and others, since she goes on rants about it on her alt and it spills on her fanbase.

Also, newfags, please, sage your posts, just do as pic related shows and write "sage" in the Email tab.

No. 120643

>because she's actually known outside of her vtuber persona
Who is she? She looks, sounds and acts exactly like Nyanners, it's actually kind of creepy. And before I looked her up I actually thought you were referring to Sachi/Amelia since her old username was so similar to this person's. No originality, any of them.

No. 120647

File: 1605443814606.png (438.83 KB, 585x482, Capture.PNG)

>Reddit points out that Amelia has streamed 100+ times since debut and has the highest stream count out of all of HoloEN
>Kiara is suddenly on her 3rd stream in 24 hours


No. 120652

It's the crumbs that people have dug up following tenuous links between online identities referenced by 3rd parties and contents of archive sites for those identities.
If those crumbs are to be believed, she was 18 and 21 in the red and brown hair photos respectively, so some change is expected.
Gura's VA has done a decent job wiping her online presence otherwise.

No. 120656

That's not how it works. Everything about given character belongs to Cover. They gave a false promise to china ONCE because their situation was unique, just to go "nevermind" the next day.

No. 120658

We don't even know if that was true since the only source of information was Artia and Civia. Both of whom proved very shady by responding to Aqua's leaked song and Civia leaking her own Birthday voice packs.

I still think that the whole "cover promised us!" thing was all a lie and they just said it to stir up shit. I highly doubt Cover would just hand over IP they developed.

No. 120659

There was never an official Cover statement regarding them keeping their characters, fellow redditor. That was only speculation. If it wasn't only for the T-word event, Cover even played nicely with them after what (most of) HoloCN did.

Artia's opinion to Chinese extreme nationalist

HoloCN allied with chinese antis (repost)

No. 120661

Pretty sad that a lot of people on Reddit actively blasts China but doesn't know that Artia is actually a Nationalist. Her being a mod there can also help skew some perceptions.

No. 120664

She hinted that it was going to happen like that, then "confirmed" on the Civia/Artia stream on twitch, but they got "betrayed" by the management or something like that, then she had a few episodes on discord and twitter (check the archives). But yeah, Cover not even once said that it was a fact.

It's just bizarre, honestly. Before seeing anything, I guess the benefit of the doubt can be a thing but to say that all that is antis at work… they deserve to be laughed, honestly.

No. 120666


Either hey keyboard is really weak or she's surprisingly strong.

No. 120668

I don't have any musical training so I can't really tell how good her technique is, but to my untrained ears, she just sounds pleasant to listen to and like she puts a lof of emotion in her singing. So even if it's not that professional it's very captivating.
I found that to be true specially when she sang Baka mitai it, you could tell how into singing it she was.

No. 120675

If you have the slightest understanding of singing you understand that she's a very good singer. Considering she's probably never had any training and just sings for fun. Her vibrato is good as well
Some of my favorite songs of hers

No. 120681

The HoloCN manager allegedly told them they had the choice of going independent, joining another agency, or graduating, the implication being they'd keep their characters (but not Cover's proprietary tech) if they chose the first two.

It's not clear if Cover ever actually offered them this choice; Cover didn't make an official statement until the graduation was confirmed. Personally I suspect the "choice" and making it public was a failed attempt to strongarm Cover into better terms.

No. 120683

>but not covers proprietary tech


No. 120686

IIRC Hololive was supposed to be the name of a software suite to do vtuber shit. After they saw the potential cash, they went full jew with it. Their proprietary tech is just basically an iPhone app, which the VAs run on their company given phones (a 10X to be specific)

No. 120690

That's what I also wanted to point out. I heard some clips other mentioned girls that are "better". But in terms of staying on pitch and having consistent tone is Gura the best one I heard from Hololive yet. How smoothly she manages to move between vocal registers speak for itself.

No. 120691

No. 120692

>Solid singing ability
>Good comedic timing
>Professional enough to not be a sperg on Twitter

It's really a shame that they stuck her with a pedo bait character

No. 120693

How convincing was the gura dox? i have not followed that much into it but there are a lot of /jp/ fags that are actively pointing out that its fake, probably mostly just seething doxxfags but there are actual people that are genuinely arguing that it is indeed fake. i just cant wrap my head around it because it seemed convincing to me(male)

No. 120694

>get called out on your shitpost
look man I'm not a fanboy of Gura I dislike many aspects of her from her model to her personality, but I give credit where it's due

No. 120695

File: 1605462381821.jpg (656.4 KB, 992x2595, le_undoxxable_queen_shark.jpg)

It's convincing

No. 120697

Stop fucking blogposting and learn to sage, nobody cares about your coomer fantasy

No. 120699

No. 120725

Wait. So does this mean Gura did Belle Delphine's song?

No. 120728

That's old news, anon. People knew that it was senzawa day one. The only thing that took time was her face.

No. 120732

yeah, finding this out actually ruined Hololive for me. Just blows your immersion away and makes you confront the fact that vtubers are all just characters designed to suck out money from the wallet of simps. Made me quit watching all of them as frequently and actually caused me to find this site where I went ahead and proceeded to ruin everything else for myself.

No. 120733

There was another picture of her uploaded with red hair. Some snoops said they found it based on some computer matching of her nose or some shit. Also the eye color looked similar, but both were filtered heavily so you can never really be sure.

No. 120739

I confirmed it the day it was out, it's real. It just seems that a lot of people don't really know how to check archives, to no one's surprise. They removed her pic the next day, which added to the confusion.

No idea where the second pic comes from though. Someone here hinted at GaiaOnline, but I didn't check it.

No. 120740

I knew she was Senzawa, but I didn't realize she made that shitty song since I try my best to stay away from everything Delphine. She did the "OK boomer" song then too, huh. I just hope she doesn't have like, a good relationship with Belle or anything.

No. 120742

She is an idiot who panders to 4chan and her ex persona was nothing but her getting high or drunk during streams with loli voice.

No. 120746

Wait which Belle song we are talking about? "eat my ass" one?

No. 120747

>makes you confront the fact that vtubers are all just characters designed to suck out money from the wallet of simps.
It really took you that long to figure that out?

The "I'm Back" one.

No. 120750

you're right, might've been wishful thinking on my part. as far as we know they're just losing their jobs, no word on if they're keeping the characters or if those are gonna go off into the great void.

No. 120782

People asked Senzawa in her SpongeBob stream about it and she said that Belle made and wrote all of it, she apparently sent a DM out of the blue asking if senzawa would put her voice to the lyrics. Sen also said she didn't know Belle was making an onlyfans and said she didn't really get that stuff but wished her well.

No. 120792

Link to stream?

No. 120793

Was it stream only or was there vid of it too? Feels like some of senzawa vids are gone now

No. 120797


TLDR Matsuri is attracted to women and doesn't know how to deal with it/doesn't want to realistically confront it. She also reads as somebody who didn't develop properly socially earlier in life so she ends up expressing those feelings in bizzarre ways and getting really messed up inside when she starts having feelings for somebody.

BTW, if you look at Matsuri's twitter she's pretty open about the fact that she used to be overweight until about 2 years ago, which is something that can be really socially isolating in East Asia.

Her mental acrobatics regarding her attraction to women and the emotional burden it puts on her relationships isn't that bizarre for someone just realizing she's a lesbian in a culture that doesn't give you community for it. I've seen it a lot firsthand. The way Matsuri chooses to express her shit is creepy and weird though.

No. 120802

You guys realize you can like her without overhyping her right?


I'm pretty sure you haven't actually watched other Holos sing and just rushed in to defend Gura. Let's take vocal register, like you mentioned. Ayunda Risu (link related) and Astel Leda outpace Gura on that front regularly. I'd list Subaru as well, but she's not even a singer despite having a wider vocal range speaking and singing than Gura.

No. 120803

Baby Anon's first parasocial relationship.

No. 120804

>If you have the slightest understanding of singing you understand that she's a very good singer.
You sound pretty defensive for someone who's not a fan.

No. 120807

Makes sense why Hoshikawa wouldn't be into Matsuri even if she probably is bi or bicurious when we refer to the Gundou video. Matsuri is just weird and aggressive but Gundou is an experience older lesbian woman.

No. 120808



Crossick from Nijisanji is also another example of this. It's publically known amongst their coworkers and fans that they're in a relationship after meeting through Nijisanji, and their interactions and discussions regarding it are a lot more mature and genuine than what you get from Holo (outside of possibly Noel and Flare? I haven't watched them).

No. 120809

Agreed. Even though Gundou has 0 concept of staying in character, she's consistently one of the more professional vtubers in the market. She's also one of the few who have spoken openly about considering what her next career move after vtubing will be, and recently took a couple weeks off to do immersive English language training in preparation for that. All of this considering she also already maintained a steady teaching gig before coronavirus hit.

No. 120810



Obvious, but take the above post with a grain of salt since they're talking about the (video related) joke between Roberu and Matsuri like it was some kind of actually serious thing.

No. 120813

Ignore it. Some of it is legit but:

-They keep referencing Matsuri's interactions with the Holostars in a vague and biased way that's mostly narrative (the bartender, most of the Apex fiasco).
-Hoshikawa and Akai Haato were friends before they became vtubers, so Hoshikawa isn't "leaving" Matsuri for Haachama.
-The Luna stuff is incomprehensible.

I'd break it down more but honestly I can't be bothered to keep reading this fanfiction.

No. 120814

Yeah her streams are dead mostly, someone got her spongebob one at least and there's plenty of clips recovered through twitch's file retention shit.
Belle made it all: https://youtu.be/g5ivatnIoXU?t=1170
It happened through a random DM was probably mentioned around that timestamp but she also mentioned it here: https://youtu.be/4ERhlc32H9M?t=3459
Onlyfans bit: https://youtu.be/g5ivatnIoXU?t=978

No. 120826

I hope you’re not saying a single collab with someone you don’t like ruined something for you. That’s some autistic waifufag shit.

No. 120830

File: 1605497159433.jpg (381.97 KB, 720x1273, screenshot.1552.jpg)

Honestly besides being a 4chan coomer baiter that would get drunk a lot in the past I find Gura relatively milk free. I'm not even a fan of her, there's just not much to say. I feel like Kiara is by far the milkiest HoloEN and even then lately all she does really is whine sometimes for pity points.

Matsuri being potentially a total mess seems interesting though. It's really impressive she managed to lose all that weight but I guess her social skills never really caught up.

No. 120837

vtuber past life -hololive editon- (a guide for newfags)

You just started and barely know anything?
Start searching on https://iketog.com/category/vtuber/

OK, I got the usernames. Where do i search them now?
Go for https://warosu.org/jp/ or https://archived.moe/jp/

Do you know someone who post video archives?
There's a hidden playlist on youtube better check it out before its gone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpY1dNROAkU&list=PL--jnYXqeP-jYWtSvHI98QCUwCmceL5rF

Do you have other info?
Luna's old archives w/ face (ぽこしゅけ): https://mega.nz/file/xIVSRAKR#L9qX-RlfprIKON9tN9KYuTQZXsgNU7xxNlDcU8pLbfc
Korone archives w/ face (宮助): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGAIO2VpfetM8kUmHErumA
Chinese vtuber face dump thread: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6160286039?pn=1
Bilibili archive codes: https://pastebin.com/uzZyiBim

No. 120843

Again, nobody really finds Gura milky. Most complaints are directed towards her fanbase, who are honestly the worst out of HoloEn along with Amelia (see: nightmare fleshlight).

No. 120857

That's exactly what they're saying. What I don't understand is how it only took them this (frankly unrelated detail) to understand the ingenuine, money-sucking nature of the Vtuber fad.

No. 120870

Yeah. Pretty much every entertainment culture is like this, especially ones that deal with celebrities. People watch or follow them due to the entertainment value they still bring despite it. Getting shocked and then swearing off something you would’ve enjoyed otherwise is naive and overdramatic.

No. 120874

File: 1605514234273.jpg (156 KB, 1999x1124, Todoroki.jpg)

>Most complaints are directed towards her fanbase, who are honestly the worst out of HoloEn
That can be said for everything that has mainstream appeal. I honestly can't think of a single franchise where this isn't the case.

No. 120877

What is your goal with this shitposting? I said I like her singing, I don't like her personality or model. Now go back

No. 120878

nta but
>telling a farmer to go back (to fucking where) when you're clearly a /jp/ tourist

No. 120880

File: 1605517604811.jpg (2.86 MB, 3045x3002, calliopemori.jpg)

Latest grouping of Calliope Mori pictures
mostly same angle, filters and often hiding face, but that's to be expected

No. 120881

Why did people make it sound like she's fat?? She has a really nice body imo, she's just voluptuous. Or did she lose weight recently?

No. 120882

Her first doxx was from a video with very baggy clothes and bad angle, that's probably a reason

And yeah, with those proportions she may get back pains in the futur

No. 120889

She might have lost weight like Matsuri. Calli wasn't that fat so she had less to lose

No. 120890

>Irrationally hating holoEN just because
That's a /hlg/ trait, you know?

No. 120891

No it's not, what are you on about?

No. 120892

Yes it is, what are you on about?

No. 120894

just go back already, scrote, you obviously don't belong here

>anyone who doesn't suck up to gura is an irrational holoen hater

No. 120895

I've contributed more than you to these threads so shush and take your shitposting back to /jp/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120896

You two kiss already, thanks

No. 120898

Sage, newfag.

No. 120903

Probably lost a bit more weight after living in Japan longer. She legit had a mom bod in her music video.

No. 120905

File: 1605533592073.jpg (73.55 KB, 768x1024, BwkFbV7IMAAxkZW.jpg)

Her body wasn't particularly fat, but her old face pics definitely don't help.

No. 120906

She has a Karen haircut too Kek

No. 120907

I think everyone at this point believes that making the talks public was probably what caused shit to go downhill, whether or not it was by making the terms null and void. Shit's funny in hindsight.

No. 120910

Holo has some genuine relationships(none romantic, mind), so I hesitate to label Noel and Flare being the first of them. Not because of the lack of romantic relationships in the agency, but more the fact that Flare absolutely refused to live with her citing that she would be too loud. So yeah, Noel & Flare isn't exactly mature and genuine imo, so your statement isn't wrong. In that relationship, only Flare actually shows signs of maturity while Noel is just a horny brat.

No. 120913

Wait, really? Everyone pushes them as some true romantic pair but Flare sounds like she doesn't give a shit. Unless she expects Noel to assault her or something.
I don't mind the yuribaiting but how does hololive pick up so many thirsty lesbians.

No. 120914

I mean its def 98% an act to rake in the coomer bux

No. 120927

I think in that instance it's definetely the problem glasses that ruin it

No. 120931

File: 1605541248224.jpg (93.13 KB, 612x612, 11176357_349394301934082_51448…)

For sure, that's just when she rounded out a bit compared to highschool. One of her hs instagram photos for example, since her senior photo is too professional looking. If she didn't get into music and stayed on the comic path I bet she'd have ended up pretty heavy.

No. 120934

it's a shitpost
>I have a confession to make
>I'm… uhh… a gamer

No. 120936

This is an image board anon.

No. 120938

File: 1605541692084.png (19.54 KB, 466x214, the truth.png)

Can't believe you made me look that up. He didn't even make the video, it's some random clip. Are you just searching videos with the name?
And he did something similar the other day in a twitlonger.

No. 120945

My bad, it was in my recommendations and I fell for the clickbait title and thumbnail. I sincerely apologize for making you look him up.

No. 120977

Endolu is fake for sure, lmao.

No. 120984

Why are we even analyzing demondice to this degree? She's like 23 years old, she just moved out, got independent, and glew up a bit. It's not interesting or milky, it's super common.

No. 120985

It's just for money. The only one I'd say openly acts like she's possibly an irl gay is Matsuri. People like to cite Marine a lot too, but base familiarity with the yuri genre will tell you that even her supposed youth encounters sound like they were lifted straight out of an 80s manga.

No. 120986


The irony of a vtuber's main takeaway from the Handmaiden being "the lesbians" when it's at least 50% a movie about the dangers of blindly worshipping Japanese culture and harmful sexuality.(imageboard)

No. 120989

It's a combination of psycho scrotes and nitpicky women.

No. 120990

Did Yueko delete her Vtuber twitter account? If yes then why? Sorry if this has been discussed earlier, I'm slow.

No. 120993

It's so sad seeing how many people are being catfished by Artemis. You go to his comment section on youtube and all you see is people praising how cute his voice while being completely unaware that "she" is actually a he.

No. 120994

her twitter is chaikiyo now. she just changed the name

No. 120995

It's their own fault for being braindead at that point. You can easily tell that it's a guy behind a female avatar.

No. 120997

I knew literally nothing about him and only clicked on one of his videos when it got recommended to me. Within 5 seconds you can tell it's a dude, the only people who don't realize are either children or ESL. The rest are in denial.
>can't sing
>can't draw
>can't even fucking speak japanese
What a waste of a character.

No. 120998

Being able to tell whether a voice is male or female has nothing to do with language proficiency. Artemis sounds like a dude, 100%.

>can't even fucking speak japanese

Why would that be a requirement, lol. JP tvubers mostly can't speak any secondary languages either.

No. 121001

File: 1605569567280.jpg (838.51 KB, 1000x946, Em-1a1BXMAI84g3.jpg)

Normally I wouldn't think too hard about similar designs as there's a limited number of design elements and way too many shitty vtubers, but am I crazy for thinking these two are really similar to Korone and Haachama? Their names are Purin and Char, they're in the same group, and both designed by Rosuuri (another vtuber).

No. 121003


all anime style characters are similar. swap out the hair and the yes and you've got someone completely different.

purin is a dog like korone so that's not so strange. the design is certainly inspired on korone but it's different -enough-.

haato has always had a bland uninspired cookie cutter blonde bimbo design. char is very similar but with some more ojou/smug tacked on.

No. 121004

Yeah, that's a lot of coincidences, but a ton of ENtubers want to emulate Hololive because that's the extent of their vtuber knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised if they requested Rosuuri to make "inspired" designs.

No. 121006

Ina stated a couple of days ago that her collabs with the JP branch were all delayed indefinitely. She said none of the parties were at fault and many factors came into play. Anyone have any more info about her collab ban?

No. 121008

At first sight It doesn't seem too similar, but I've noticed how 'heavily inspired' both characters hair are… Creepy. Especially Haachama clone, even with red accessory on her hair. Girl really needs to learn on how to make designs better.

No. 121009

My guess is mainly with 2nd fes coming up next month a lot of the JP Branch might be getting pretty busy soon.

Doubt it's anything troubling.

No. 121010

Nobody knows the truth, I've seen some theories thrown around though.

1) she's Korean (Japanese-Korean relations are not good) and none of them want to work with her so she's saving face for them
2) Nagu works/does art for some Chinese companies - though as retarded as Cover is, I think this is a stretch
3) Cover found out she had something to do with Atelier Live at the same time as Hololive (before she was removed)

Something must have happened because every single one of her collabs was suspended at once, "indefinitely", for all senpais. If it was just the Japanese branch, she would still be able to collab with Iofi again.

No. 121011

They're all still streaming, and if we see more JP and EN collabs with other girls it'll be even more obvious. I feel like she wouldn't have worded it the way she did if they were just busy, and as they all knew fes was coming, they would've had enough foresight not to plan collabs with her if they were swamped.

Has Ina even had a one-on-one collab with a JP member yet?

No. 121012

> Cover found out she had something to do with Atelier Live at the same time as Hololive

has that ever been anything more than a schizo rumor? I've seen a ton of talk about it but never any real evidence.

No. 121013

None of these theories make any sense imo.

The race theory is so ludicrous I don't think it's worth addressing.

The China drama was all Chinese attacking Cover talent and Cover eventually pulling out of the market. Their talents played Chinese games right until the Chinese withdrew permissions. Cover isn't going to go after Chinese companies.

Atelier is schizo talk. Holos don't have to end their old accounts. If Nagu wanted to she could even stream with Atelier under her Nagu name. Atelier is just a group of friends anyway, not a company.

One real possibility is that there's some kind of conflict between Nagu's work for Chinese companies and her affiliation with Cover ON THE CHINESE SIDE. Bugmen are insanely fragile and I can totally see her employers getting harassed by the political police (or self censoring in anticipation) over this.

No. 121014

> One real possibility is that there's some kind of conflict between Nagu's work for Chinese companies and her affiliation with Cover ON THE CHINESE SIDE. Bugmen are insanely fragile and I can totally see her employers getting harassed by the political police (or self censoring in anticipation) over this.
I want to add that this would also explain why Cover doesn't give an explanation. It has nothing to do with Ina, it's her roommate's baggage, so it would be very awkward for them to talk about it.

No. 121015


> One real possibility is that there's some kind of conflict between Nagu's work for Chinese companies and her affiliation with Cover ON THE CHINESE SIDE

that seems the most likely to me too. I think it's fairly obvious that to Ina the hololive streaming is an aside and her work as an artist is still her main career. she will -not- want to turn off her many chinese patrons. so many big name gacha games are from there.

No. 121016

This is 100% heavily inspired. The Korone wannabe could pass as another dog vtuber, even with the bone hairclip, but the yellow cardigan just makes it very similar. Haato wannabe is almost a rip-off, just older-looking.

No. 121018

yeah, the overall color scheme was pretty close but the red ribbons are what do it.

this is possible, i wonder if she and kiara will ever get to do an arknights related stream again.

No. 121019

File: 1605574093541.png (376.87 KB, 1192x1284, Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 4.24…)

Is teacuppity Atelier Live's social media manager? They've done logos, stream start screens, and intro videos multiple AtoLive members (Nana, Artemis, Chai) as well as made the AtoLive logo. Yueko/Chai mentions that their social media manager is "graphically talented" and teacuppity is the only person associated with multiple members who does graphics work.

No. 121022

Not even just that, but the hair is the same, only with minor editing because artist cba'd doing that many details. Uncanny af

No. 121026

Can't say much on that, it's basically a guess if all there's to work is that. Teacuppity is/was in a relationship with tsunderemaids, so they're all in the same friend's group.
I said is/was there because going to twitter I noticed both of them removed that part from their bios, could be nothing, could be something, but I felt like it was worth it pointing it out (can't remember if there are caps in the archives from the old bios).

No. 121037

None of these make sense? No reason to ban a collab imo

No. 121039

File: 1605580448182.jpg (192.35 KB, 597x574, vtuber.jpg)

who else do you think lurks here?

No. 121044

>if we see more JP and EN collabs with other girls it'll be even more obvious

Kiara did say she has like 4-5 collabs coming up in the next few weeks with the JP holos, with the most recent being Marine. Mori also said the same thing in a stream just last week she has I believe 3 JP collabs coming up in the next few weeks as well. So it's not the entirety of HoloEn is banned from collabs with JP.

No. 121048

the biggest cows are always the ones that say hi! just read and go why would you even want to tie your name at all to this place or acknowledge it on any level outside of being anonymous.

No. 121049

It seems like office politics. We do know that she has Ao-Chan as a mod, who might be Enma, who also might be HoloEn Manager in the Minecraft chat on the gorilla stream a few weeks back. Regardless, it seems like like she has a pretty good connection with the Cover back office, and the politics that come with it.

No. 121052

I don't understand why she even had to word it so vaguely. All she had to say was "not at the moment." And be done with it. Her saying indefinitely and that there are a lot of factors just fuels narrative posting. And now people are going to be hyper aware of EN and JP collabs because only Ina is left out. If she needed a reason she could've just said "schedule conflict"

These girls need a crash course on pr or something. At least they need to be aware of what not to say to stop people from making dumb rumors

No. 121054

File: 1605583312932.png (134.35 KB, 742x693, Capture.PNG)

so what's the milk at this table

No. 121055

It seems logical she probably was bothered by whatever occurred and purposefully added "none of the parties were at fault" and "many factors came into play." These are suggestive phrases that no one asked, which makes her response seem that much out of the ordinary.

No. 121057

no one cares about Holostars so no one knows. just kidding but apparently he hasn’t streamed in months so… maybe it just wasn’t for him

No. 121060

Goddamnit, I really liked the twink.

No. 121061

All of these are really stupid /jp/ rumours.

100% convinced this person selfposted here to begin with, theyre a literally who and were very quick to publicly brag about where they were posted. No one thinks your boring "design" looks like Korone.

No. 121065

File: 1605588030804.png (147.85 KB, 724x368, untitled.png)

Yeah, they waited all of 3 minutes before tweeting it.

No. 121066

Bets on self post
Literally whotuber

No. 121070

I found their YouTube and they're a literal man with like 2 views on their videos. Begone scrote, or make some actual milk.

No. 121072

Yeah, wtf. He was the only star I cared about.

No. 121090

Damn… didn't think it was that bad.

Was he making content? If not it could be because of that. If he was, not sure how quick Cover is to cut off talents that are doing poorly (I don't watch him, so I don't really know).
>maybe it just wasn't for him
That's fair, could have gotten better options as well.

No. 121092

He wasn't. He was very sick. He apparently took a month long break in summer where people thought he'd leave too before coming back. Some people in JP are speculating that he's actually trying to transition but I'm not sure if that's just your typical /jp/ schizo narrative or not.

No. 121097


Having him do an artemis and rejoin hololive later (on the other side, if you will) would actually be an interesting cow.

Not that that'll ever happen.

No. 121119

File: 1605640686780.png (516.75 KB, 1154x648, aa132b13c8fcc3cef0ccfe688545d6…)

Does anyone have any source on pic? Been having a hard time trying to find it. Apparently it's polka as well?

No. 121126

Isn't that the same time Gura called Amelia by her real name?

No. 121127

No. 121142

File: 1605656188432.png (1.02 MB, 1006x502, kiara.PNG)

Kiara is truly ugly

No. 121143

Jesus christ… Why does her nose look so strange.

No. 121145

her teeth need work but she looks fine in the rest of the video

No. 121147

File: 1605658705171.jpg (143.07 KB, 545x505, screenshot.1555.jpg)

She really doesn't even try to be subtle over the fact she is trying to be knockoff Gura. Gura played this game with Amelia last week and got amazing feedback from viewers over their playthrough. Of course Artemis has to try to copy her success lol.

No. 121148

File: 1605659121988.png (604.25 KB, 1280x720, 【A Way Out】ARRESTED FOR SEAWOR…)

>Characters don't grey out whenever they aren't talking.
>Bao's stream has less than 1000 viewers.
>Artemis and Bao's models look weird next to the other.

No. 121149

File: 1605660494889.png (531.11 KB, 1007x667, 1.png)

I find it hilarious how Bao has 143k subs on her YT channel, but none of them transferred over when she started the vtuber shit. Pretty embarrassing

No. 121152

I'm sure she can take a decent pic that's not edited to hell but for random photos of everyday life that's fine. Weird maybe. But she'll get respect for being cute in public unlike when you're actually ugly.

I felt sorry for him at first but now it's frustration.
>haha im lesbian I'm gay and love girls but that's my only character trait
The only reason he's not going to have a complete breakdown from being rejected is that no lesbian is going to fall for the lie to begin with.

No. 121153

Yeah, it's also pretty embarrassing how Pewdiepie has 107 million subs but only has a concurrent view of 100k. That's like 0.093% of his total subscribers watching his stream. What an embarrassment!

No. 121154

Bao's numbers are kinda embarrassing if we are comparing to Artemis. Bao has about 600 viewers at 143K subs. Artemis has around 3K viewers at 130K subs.

No. 121157

File: 1605665406848.png (272.7 KB, 889x208, 1605658753043.png)

Baos numbers are accurate for her sub count tbh, especially when so many are only there for music. The views Artemis has are inflated, they probably have an equal number atm when you take away the bots.

Today was the graduation ceremony for Civia. I know part of the reason HoloCN is done is because of the Taiwan Coco suspension but can someone give me a quick rundown of Civia and Artia's involvement? Some people say they were saying pro china stuff on private but its impossible to find real answers, the question always gets over run by either over run by chinese antis or jp memes.

I watched her graduation and it was boring and awkward.

> Whined about how tomorrow is her birthday

> "accidentally" forgot to turn off superchats.
> debuted a brand new base live2d rig, new outfit, AND a new 3d model in her graduation.
> Watched 5-6 minutes of her debut and sang a bit.
> Im so lonely I dont go outside I live so far away from my parents im going to be so alone on my birthday b-but I give you permission to get a new wife

No. 121158

Wait, Gura called Amelia by her name? When?

No. 121160

Civia is whatever. At least she did a graduation stream to say goodbye even if it was awkward. Meanwhile Artia is so bitter she made Cover fast track her graduation so she could get out ASAP without properly saying goodbye to her fans. She just made terrible shitposts on twitter pitying herself then said she was peacing out for good without giving her fans a real chance to say goodbye.

No. 121163

Artia did a stream too, but the VOD was locked behind subscription afterwards.

No. 121164

Artia's past self (Eylon) was known to throw tantrums like that in the OW community. She also has autism which explains her behavior with how she handles things. Honestly surprised Cover was willing to take the risk in hiring her in the first place when she was a very unhinged person in the OW community such as thinking the N word was funny and would streamsnipe big streamers every single game just to throw or obsess over them.

No. 121169

Artia sang a bit and had a proper goodbye.

No. 121170

hi bao

No. 121176

Fair enough, making that last bit of money. Also, I guess she showed all the models since they're getting canned anyway. And that, as well as the other actions probably help to grab some more superchats.
With the way things went, it's no wonder it was awkward.
>Civia and Artia on China/Taiwan stuff
I can't say I have seen anything about Civia, if you want to look for stuff on Artia, refer to >>120659

No. 121178

I haven't gotten to that stream yet but apparently Gura was asking if Ame had ever been called some nicknames and the first one she said was her real name.

No. 121180

She called her Becka, as an example to use to ask about nicknames as if she was called Rebecca and people assumed she used her real name. Seems very tenuous to me

No. 121181

Anybody have any idea why Kiryu Coco, the actual pioneer of HoloEN has had barely any interactions/collabs with HoloEN talents in general.

Kiara welcomed her back from suspension a few weeks ago but Kiara does Kiara things.

No. 121182

great post
from the newest /jp/ thread
just goes to show how much a faggot lyger is
https://twitter.com/lyger_0/status/1323820795139796992 (embed)
https://twitter.com/lyger_0/status/1324566035874283520 (embed)
https://twitter.com/lyger_0/status/1324641509556117507 (embed)
https://twitter.com/lyger_0/status/1324650274858758146 (embed)
i archived them all too
That faggot used his personal account with the SAME fucking name "lyger" as his translator account to tweet about American politics.
>lyger is an SJW cuck
just another reason for me to hate that faggot

No. 121183

>overweight matsuri until 2 years ago
I believed that narrative too, until youtube fucking recommended me this video of her at age 19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOFRqwTd6tM&ab_channel=Kizuna5%3AVoicesoftheYouth

No. 121184

Personally I wouldn't read too much into that. She tends to be extremely busy.

No. 121186

daily reminder fubuki and roberu had to tard wrangle matsuri back during holocomi on a fucking official corporate live stream back in may since she randomly brought up hoshikawa up and started talking about her FOR NO FUCKING REASON

No. 121187

Rebecca Cardenas is her actual name. look it up, she's actually got an imdb page. Still can't fathom what Gura was thinking there.

No. 121188

all the pics got deleted afterwards but those cringy dubs gura did still exist, the voice matches

No. 121189

luna streamed monster hunter twice the other day, should add it to that mega
anyone have shion's old deleted twitcasts? I've only see a small clip
supposedly she was a super depressing teen

No. 121190

thats not her anon, the name sato nozomi is
pretty common.

Also not sure whether のそみん is matsuri on her younger days, the face do kind of look similar. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23533429

No. 121191

I'm not that great at telling Asians apart but that looks like a completely different person to me.

No. 121196

Spent some hours trying to find the video sauce, no luck. If somebody is feeling adventurous, song's name is Kurenai, by X Japan.

Found a video of her roommate in the archives tho (she's the rightmost person on the table).

No. 121197

I feel like Coco in general is just trying to keep away from the other Holomen unless absolutely necessary. She still has bugmen after her.

Matsuri doesn't use a different voice for her non Hololive streams so just going off voice that's not her.

No. 121198

I lost the clip of it but I remember Matsuri saying how she doesn't really care about someone's gender and if she loves them she loves them and basically came out as bi/pan. I'm sure the reason why she didn't continue her relationship is because of some intimacy issues/ behind the scenes falling out, but I doubt it is because she is unable to come to terms with the fact she is attracted to women.

Also I watched her apex vod with face cam and she didn't look like she was crying lmao. I'm just sure most people who browse /jp/ don't understand how makeup works and they were just regular bags under her eyes.

No. 121199

Wow, those are just about the most vanilla political takes I've ever heard.
From your rage i expected something much more interesting.

No. 121201

that anon is most definitely a scrote from /jp/

No. 121204

That definitely sounds like her. Didn't expect her to be so hefty. That was a year ago though. Has she lost any weight since then like Matsuri and I believe Okayu?

No. 121214

File: 1605710480455.jpeg (601.02 KB, 1100x1363, 714CBAD1-F1DD-47BD-9B01-997C06…)

Yurunyan has debuted her Vtuber model- toned down the obnoxiously fake helium loli voice but somehow still annoying as fuck. Lewd pink haired e-girls are so boring it makes me wonder how they’re so content being exact copies of each other.


No. 121215

File: 1605710570234.jpeg (725.63 KB, 1096x980, 4700AA8B-9102-470E-B05F-FD466A…)

Sage for samefag

No. 121216

Can't imagine how her voice was before this, this is absolutely terrible. Sounds like some kind of parody Elmo

No. 121217


I finally believe that she's an absolute normie, and that awkward way how she speaks in her streams is how she thinks she's going to appeal to the degens that watch her.

I honestly think I like the chicken more now, at least she's actually dedicated to the job, Calli looks like she's half-assing the whole vtuber stint. Still think her music is decent though.

No. 121219

I was sure her way of speaking is just a bit (like how she plays up her retarded foreigner accent 200% when she speaks Japanese, there are clips where she talks normally) and it seems like that's only proving true the more time passes.
Of all of them, lolibait shark included, Calli's got the most mainstream normie appeal so I really don't get why the fuck she's sabotaging herself.

No. 121220


In all fairness I beleive Watson was poking her with the moose thing relating her to Senzawa (or at least Gura thought she was) so Gura wanted some cheeky retaliation…

(sry im new to thread tell me if im being faggy)

No. 121221

How she speaks in the podcast, is way better than how she speaks on stream most of the time, so why won't she just talk like that on stream. She probably think idol fans are retarded, but can't blame her for thinking that way.

No. 121222


I mean, Calli also has other contractual obligations outside of Hololive. So it makes sense that she can't fully dedicate herself to streaming.

Though I do agree with what you said about Kiara, even before the whole "Ame has streamed the most and suddenly Kiara does 3 streams" stuff she regularly streamed for 5+ hours.

No. 121225

Literally all of the holos are playing a character. They're encouraged to play up their streaming voice so that it'd be harder for people to recognize their roommates.

No. 121226

I really wish she starts talking the way she talked near the end of the podcast. Or at least tone down the streaming voice that she does, hopefully in time we start to hear her normal voice like what gura did last stream since it's so much better

No. 121230

Can you actually drop proof of this instead of just constantly mentioning old jp lore?

No. 121233

Saw on r/apexlegends a post discussing how Artia uses aimbot. What do you guys think?.

No. 121238

She isn't ugly but my god those teeth

If you go frame by frame at :27 seconds her aim snaps to the guy within a frame. Shes definitely cheating. I don't even have to watch the rest of the video

No. 121239

Not everyone has the money or can fix their teeth, fucking nitpickers.

No. 121241

The flick at 0:27 is sus but I'd need to see the source vid and not this shitty recompressed 30fps rip. If she's playing at 120hz/144hz/240hz and streaming at 60 (or 30) then we're missing a ton of frames, and note that she does skip past the guy and adjust afterward.
If she's playing at 60fps then she's definitely cheating.

No. 121242


The clip was in the previous thread. I'm fairly sure the stream isn't up anymore, is it? All the clips appear to be screen recorded.
Gura said Amelia's real name first. Amelia poked at plural of moose later.

No. 121243

The fuck, I used to talk to this bipolar, suicidal bitch on Facebook like 2 years ago. Annoying ass creature

No. 121244

She also hip fires 4-5 headshots at 1:52 seconds

No. 121245

Wow, that's like, nothing.
>personal account
I don't give a fuck about american politics, but it's a personal account, he can do whatever the fuck he wants with it. If there's cow behaviour on it, fair enough, but that just seems like you're mad someone has a different political opinion.

>that voice

No. 121251

Why is HoloEN still having technical issues? It's been two months and Ina's the only one who can actually stream PC games without problems. Kiara and Gura are still streaming on PCs from almost a decade ago, are they not getting paid or are they just blowing their simpbucks on other shit because apparently dropping 20% of their frames isn't a big deal, the money rolls in anyway? Kiara's streams in particular are a fucking embarrassment, surely her manager could advance her $3k to buy a gaming PC? The (sponsored) Yakuza stream in particular was a disaster.
I had a good laugh when Kiara said she bought a "really expensive microphone" and then let slip that it cost $500. Meanwhile on the JP side you have Lamy borrowing money to buy a $10,000 soundproof booth.

No. 121255

I think kiara can't buy a good pc because she using a lot of the money on her family, she said on her other account that she was transfering money to her mom

No. 121256

How does Hololive not provide proper equipment for their talent?

No. 121257

Kiara said that she ordered a new pc and is waiting for it to arrive iirc.

No. 121258

In the last month Cover has really shown how shit of a company they really. All they do to is send an iphone for the facerig and assign them a manager that doesn't even do much at all

No. 121259

Looking forward to when she accidentally leaks the specs and it's got a $300 budget GPU or some shit. No one on the EN side takes things seriously. Even Ame's "yeah my Live2D lags when I play Apex, sucks for you guys!"

No. 121265

That's funny because Lamy's voice and mic sounds just as shit as Kiara's.

No. 121267

Remember, this is a company that doesn't even shell out $80/mo to boost their talent's Discord audio quality, leading to every collab with >5 people becoming an unintelligible mess.

No. 121271

>I'm fairly sure the stream isn't up anymore, is it?
It is.
>Gura said Amelia's real name first. Amelia poked at plural of moose later.
Wrong, Amelia was discussing a dream and made the meese comment, much later in the stream Gura asked if she had any nicknames from her fanbase.

No. 121272

Leaking her name is still worse than making a hint that most of her fanbase not even going to understand. Why Coco gets suspended for almost a month for mentioning Taiwan, but Gura gets away with saying her coworker's real name?

No. 121273

I meant wrong on the order of events, and just provided context. It's possible they don't even know each others real name and it was a mistake. But it's also possible Gura got back at her for softdoxing her. (…for the second time, a previous minecraft stream Amelia started singing Creeper Aw Man song which Senzawa has a popular cover of, and Gura meekly continued the song)

No. 121278

>The only EN with a confirmed mod is Ina.
>Said mod is assumed to be a relative.
Cover really be treating their money makers as well as GameFreak does.

No. 121281

Ame said she's planning on upgrading soon but said that she was too lazy so she might be planning on buying a prebuilt. Which is actually easier to get a 3080 lmao. I have a feeling Cover's using HoloEN's money to cover the expenses the CN, Holostars, and ID branch cost them. Might take a few months before they give some actual support. Or maybe they're just that incompetent.

No. 121282

File: 1605745858556.png (146.71 KB, 790x489, lore.png)

Red hair photo is 2-3 years before the black hair one and is from the twitter of her first YT channel.
The only dispute is by those that don't know changing usernames retains join date on Twitter.

She never put much information online, but she did a purge after the Senzawa account went viral which is why the info that was dug up was all from 3rd parties and web archives.

From what was recovered, you get a picture of a young woman who ran a YT channel as a hobby while in secondary education, exploded into popularity in a completely different genre, and then went with the flow.

No. 121283

Thanks. Does anyone have videos of the first account saved? I wonder what kind of content it was.

No. 121295

Honestly the only thing Cover really provides for their streamers is a guaranteed audience. Without the Hololive influence behind their back, Hololive members would probably lose a large majority of their viewers.

It's also kind of sad how they allegedly only get 30% of their donations as payment, but that's what happens when you decide to stream under a corporate instead of building up your own brand.

If some of the top VTubers from Hololive ever decide to leave, I believe it's likely that they are able to retain at least half their audience and continue to grow back to their original numbers.

No. 121297

they don't own the character though.

No. 121299

If they go independent, Gura and Ame will be the ones to retain the most viewers imo. Ame has that twitch streamer personality that a lot of people like, she just needed exposure. Gura has her old account which still has more subscribers than most HoloLive Channels.

No. 121301

File: 1605751721352.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, chicken.png)

Are Kiara's music video and desktop voice a turnaround point for her self-esteem? I haven't kept too much track thanks to those stream times that her and Mori have.

No. 121304

I really have doubts this is real. Who the hell would submit a heavily edited picture of themselves for a company who would then publish and thank them for their work. Also, why did the company thank one specific person, then specifically attach a photo of them. It all seems too perfect, to coincidental to be true. I'm remaining skeptical until more evidence arises like the others. Watch this not be her, tricking everybody lol

No. 121305

Anon plenty of indie companies (and bigger companies) will tweet a thank you or a shoutout to a VA and use whatever their pfp happens to be or a random picture off of their social media that happens to show them clearly. I’m not saying it’s 100% a face match (sen is obviously the voice of gura) but you’re coping hard.

No. 121306

Samfagging but the picture is attached to a FACEBOOK post they probably literally used her Facebook profile picture at the time

No. 121307

The stuff was also scrubbed within hours of people discovering it. Sena did a good job cleaning up her own online presence, but she apparently didn't expect people to crawl years worth of posts by third parties for mentions of her.

It also checks out with >>121282> The stuff was also scrubbed within hours of people discovering it. Sena did a good job cleaning up her own online presence, but she apparently didn't expect people to crawl years worth of social media posts by third parties for mentions of her.

It also checks out with >>121282

No. 121308

Anyone know about Cvnka? I heard she's a notorious 4chan catfish and tortures animals, but she's followed by Nyanners and Melody. Decent size follower base too.

No. 121312

> heavily edited
I still don't get what you mean by heavily edited - because the background is blurry? her face looks smooth? it was probably taken with some portrait setting on a phone, hardly 'heavily edited'

No. 121316

Yeah, I'm coping with the fact that I'm not fully convinced yet. I want to know the real face as much as everyone else does, but I still notice a few holes with the current theoretical shit + the 2 only available pictures depicting two literal different people. Mentioned heavily edited because this entire board literally pointed that out, questioning her actual looks and my sanity. too lazy to share my reasonings, but will go back to my life while waiting for additional info while yall piece it together

or actually believe everything pieced so far. atleast this forum is more open minded than /jp/(no1curr)

No. 121319

when anon knows the truth for a diff anon to argue with that anon with other anons adding useless shit to confuse every other anon to the point no anon knows whats true

almost like the truth cancels itself

get used to it, cope harder

No. 121321

was that because of her nose? I was the samefag who posted anothr person with that nose in the previous thread. other than that, I don't really get anything aside from the blurry background and smoothed af face. still don't think it's 'heavily edited'

welcome to every 4chan-style imageboard lol

No. 121322

They don't own the character, but cases and arguments can be made to keep it if they decide to continue activities independently. The only reason CN didn't keep it is that they fucked up.

No. 121323

>he doesn't know the company doesn't actually give them equipment other than the assets, software, and phone.
Why would they? After what happened with Chris, it's best to let the streamers handle their own problems. The most they'll do is they'll let the talent buy stuff and have the company deduct it out of their paycheck if it's something they absolutely need. Also, Lamy borrowed money from her dad and that it was a loan, just to clarify.

No. 121325


lol after these few years of them making money.
Still cannot provide the talents with decent microphone.

No. 121328

where should I look for, if i want to check her stuff before senzawa ?

No. 121329

they have their own thread
they were in a server I was in for a short time, and I'm positive they're a tranny

No. 121331

What was her first first youtube channel then ?

No. 121333

They subbed solely for the VTuber content for Artemis, Baos was mostly for her covers. I never watched either of them much but its pretty obvious with a quick look at her channel. Use your brain pls

No. 121334

That is 100% cheating at the first flick. I lurk around low gm to T500 on OW and I'd report anyone who made a flick that fast let alone a Masters mercy main lmao

No. 121336

None here other than Kira having ongoing health issues

No. 121338

IF you believe that the red hair girl is the same person, the channel would be BrownBeeTV. The content was stop motion toy videos with voice overs and produced over 6 or so years mostly while she was in high school (IF you trust her birthday celebration post).

No significant archives of it survive as the primary audience wouldn't be known for running YT downloader. Based on comments by other creators in the circle and trackers, she was one of the bigger channels and disappeared without a word after the Senzawa channel went viral, and then pulled all content on Jan 2019.

No. 121341

File: 1605770423629.png (608.77 KB, 1000x1800, draft.png)

I guess we're doing this then? Got busy, never quite finished organizing shit.

She uses Senna but later starts to swap in Sena, like you can see on twitter here: https://web.archive.org/web/20160109110558if_/https://twitter.com/BrownBeeTV
Sample voice update, pay attention to how she speaks more than anything: https://soundcloud.com/bd9567/voice-update-july-16th-2013
Sample singing: https://soundcloud.com/browndog9567/do-you-want-to-build-a-snowman
Her ask.fm page probably had a lot of information but since it was closed all there is is a cache, with mentions of her rhythm game skills and languages: https://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=https%3a%2f%2fask.fm%2fBrowndog9567%2f&d=5014314270589827&mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US&w=-WZzvLVcjzLoPwPQV0DsY52KpBYhrl2h

Other random shit like wanting to cosplay SAO with her brother and one of her first images on twitter we see being Kirito socks. Or a random photo of her playing Animal Crossing 3DS with a blue haired girl. Not much worth mentioning there though.

She mentioned a bit family emergency here, and later talked about finally moving back into her bedroom: https://web.archive.org/web/20160109110555/https://www.youtube.com/user/browndog9567/

Now here's the big connection between this Sena and Senzawa: https://voice123.com/sennahoward
Again, no smoking gun. But at some point you've gotta wonder how many people out there line up like this.

No. 121343

File: 1605773525351.png (9.19 KB, 362x101, Screenshot from 2020-11-19 03-…)

I have some additonal info! I found this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/janiehd/channels

They sub to BrownBeeTV as well as a channel named [redacted], and their location (Nantucket, MA) matches up to what's listed on the voice123 profile.

Gura said she had access to a bunch of instruments (including drums) on stream.

I found the person who runs [redacted] facebook profile [redacted]. They're friends with someone named "Sen Leaf" (https://www.facebook.com/sammie.dillon.5) who also lives in Nantucket and lists themselves as a "freelance video editor". Matches up perfectly to the voice123. Take a look at the URL too, maybe her real name is Sammie?

No. 121344

So, Sammie/Samantha Dillon Howard or something along those lines?

No. 121345

yep, possibly!

No. 121346

Nice finds, the circumstances are definitely there.

No. 121347

File: 1605777859602.jpg (85.47 KB, 1080x478, 20201119_031633.jpg)

Really interesting stuff! There's another one that stuck out on Facebook, a Charlie. Going by his early likes of stuff like "trollface sniper game" I wonder if that's the brother, he's friends with both Kenny and Sammie. And I wouldn't recommend anyone go looking in the white pages, but Kenny is related to a Samantha Dillon Howard.

I never doubted her name was Senna because I remembered seeing a few posts together about how they liked her name, and got it in my head that she might have complained about it once. But looks like it was random compliments, a perceptive tweet from 2012 backs up your find.

No. 121348

She also hacked before when she used to be Elyon and played it off as funny "haha" when she streamsniped.

No. 121350

Is there any milk on her? She seems potentially lulzy from the cleavage pics she’s posting on Twitter. This is probably nitpicking to the max, but it seriously irks me that American vtubers that are hopping on this bandwagon are quickly posting selfies and body pics from the get-go, it just makes it obvious who is doing this for attention and clout.

No. 121355

>"lich vtuber"
>not even a skeleton
>not even zombie/dead-ish looking
>just looks like generic succubait
>bat wings
>already domo's bitch
I'd take back everything I disliked about Riirithepanda if it meant more crazy bitches like her underaged ass put Domo to the flame and absolutely ruined him. Domo needs to fucking go. Every single circle jerk vtuber he violates is like a seal of no quality.

No. 121356

fuck I dropped my sage

No. 121358

Thats some deducated detective work everyone. Well done

No. 121362

Damn even without the bright colors, huke’s art can’t save the design. What was he thinking?

No. 121364

I don't know why so many people dislike it. I wasn't a big fan of it at first cause of the multiple hats but it grew on me quickly cause of her personality. She has by far my favorite design of the EN, and most of the JPs other than Botan and Pekora off the top of my head

No. 121365

If they ban her for a while for using Ame's real name everyone is gonna know Ame's real name lmao. Its literally the Streisand affect or however you spell her name. She probably got lectured about it though

No. 121368


anyone can spoonfeed me the clip?

No. 121369


nah.. beauty is upon the beholders.
Somebody likes it, somebody hates it.

Just carry on.

No. 121371

She already said the specs, off of the top of my head they are: an RX 5700XT, I thiiiink she has a Ryzen 7 3700x, she has 32 gbs of Ram mostly for videos she's planning on making (I think she said Ame or Ina suggested 32 gigs, tho its not thaaaat expensive relatively) She has a x570 motherboard that I can't remember the exact model, she's getting a 750watt PSU. She doesn't have a SSD but that isn't that big of a deal imo but I know a lotta people will disagree with me but I know her HDD is beefy, like 6TB.

She also said she's planning on selling it to Enma when she goes back to Austria and buying parts with a 3080 and one of the new CPUs that will hopefully be easier to get once she's back there in 4 monthes. I think she said one of her family members will build it for her.

This was said in her latest Minecraft stream or her first Sakuna stream I think.

No. 121372

No. 121376

Nantucket is an island in the Atlantic ocean, like Atlantis where Gura is from. The waters surrounding it are inhabited by a number of shark species and you can book tours to see them.

No. 121382

You can watch many of her old videos on this site. https://www.fanpop.com/clubs/lpstube/videos/39964893/title/littlest-pet-shop-furbulous-episode-win-some-lose-some
Googling titles turns up some more reuploads.

No. 121384

No. 121386

Is there any actual evidence of Artemis being a transwomen. I don't have any problems with transpeople and I don't care about anyone heres opinion of them. I just wanna know if /jp/ is sperging out cause they don't know that women can have nasally/raspy voices or if Artemis was openly trans in her previous identity?

No. 121387

If your question is whether he's amab then yes. The voice is 100% male. If your question is whether he's trans, then the answer is "allegedly"; there's a bunch of social media posts that suggest he's a transwoman, as opposed to a normal homosexual.

No. 121388

4chan leaked his photo wearing a tshirt which he was bragging about as soon as he tweeted about it. Also a huge attention starving retard who accidentally showed his own browser history that had nothing but his name. His whole personality is nothing but "IM A GIRL AND IM DEFO GAY", monogatari lover whose fave character keeps being claimed to be a "trannie" in western community.

No. 121389

Thanks for the proper reply!! Though it doesn't really change much since I'll still only watch her minesweeper streams cause all her other streams other than collabs are painfully boring to me

No. 121397

They don’t need to reveal the reason. Thay can just say she broke company rules or something. I’m pretty sure doxxing other talents is against the rules anyway.

No. 121399

She talks about being from Atlantis in the past sense, how she couldn't grow avocadoes there, and whether people back there miss her. Plus there's no McDonalds on the island.

I'm guessing she moved out after money from the Senzawa channel came in.

No. 121400

Is there a more accurate version of this image?

No. 121401

Most likely. In the same stream she said she ran away or left home and it seemed like she got into a dispute with her family, probably also why Senzawa became drowned in alcohol. Also based on her being able to grow avocados and cherry tomatoes, currently it is likely she is living in the south or SOCAL.

No. 121402

I like Bao’s design but I wish one of her ending cards wasn’t just straight up lingerie. Whatever gets the simp bucks, I guess.

No. 121407

File: 1605817182838.jpg (80.96 KB, 640x640, 10955056_493837437470975_87566…)

Sorry, hurried that together last night. I actually archived that one here: https://archive.vn/9RgtH

Most of those aren't by her, they're by other youtubers in the same fandom. The latest clip of her doing these videos is in a collab with other people that's still up on youtube, her voice is a lot more familiar there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KicFUIBE8Pk&t=1m33s
And here's a folder of the videos I've got from her pre-Senzawa channels/projects: https://mega.nz/folder/BlIgkbxQ#9YIp6Lgh6m9xNjLNkRuxQw

Lastly, there's the facebook that her youtube links to - it matches the page ID so it's not the impersonator she apparently had, which means the images on it are legit. Why it wasn't closed I have no idea: https://www.facebook.com/brownbeetv/

No. 121409

yeah that voice and speech pattern are quite similar. But the facebook is really weird, i doubt she forgot about it. Maybe she just doesnt care ?

No. 121410

Well if it spread and FB get deleted we will no for sure

No. 121415

Thanks for archiving all this, she seemed like a sweet girl.
One issue is the 'When Cutie met Patootie' video is missing audio.

No. 121416

Without any context it's a toy page with no personal information, so she can reasonably assume that it's safe to keep around as a relic.

No. 121432

Talk about 180.

Gura is really perfect character for her, and probably most true to her current self. She can use her natural sweetness and sprinkle it with some occasional Zawa like shit.

No. 121435

This can't be gura. on the ask page, she says that she used to be a vegan and still is, excluding seafood. but on a recent minecraft stream, gura talked about how she'd constantly eat mcdonalds like it's no big deal

No. 121436

That was also years ago, she could've easily given up being vegan.

No. 121439

still, she seems very against animal cruelty, so it's hard to imagine her talking about eating
fast food in such a carefree manner

No. 121440

She answered that question 4 years ago. Remember, she went from making toy videos to getting drunk (and high?) on stream, and now she's a wholesome vtuber. A lot can change in 4 years.

No. 121441

So the only clean one is Gura? Others are just SJW trash?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 121447

squid is clean too

No. 121448

How is that a contradiction? Can't she eat vegan/vegetarian options in McDonald's?

No. 121449

go back scrote

No. 121450

I don't see it

No. 121451

She says she like big macs so eh. Do big macs have vegan opt?

No. 121452

She left/ran away from home and was poor as hell before she got her big break. No way she can pick and choose what to eat under those conditions.

No. 121454

Ppl go to mcdonalds to eat vegan?

No. 121456

No, this is just a giant reach.

No. 121457

Is there a source on this?

No. 121465

Gura was prob busy shitposting like all of us instead of virtue signaling lol

No. 121469

She probably pulled a Nikocado Avocado lol.

No. 121471

her voice was deeper and so different but i can see similarities in the way of speaking. what happened to her voice? did she just went puberty backwards?(male)

No. 121472

Not anything direct, mostly circumstantial based on the way she put it. https://youtu.be/A-nYDXNafUU?t=6153
There are two parts, 1:42:33 and 1:44:53

No. 121473

It's called straining your vocal cords. Have you people never heard of traps? They can do it convincingly, and she's a female.

No. 121479

So as for her posting an SFW background image reply that was her most ‘recently saved’, in her answer thread, is she a /cgl/ girl?

No. 121484

Polka made it 3/4th the way through seiyuu university but failed, oversleeping through her classes. She spent the next decade dwelling on her failure to achieve her goals. When she got her big break, she suddenly felt like she was fulfilling her goal in life. She got around the industry “gatekeepers” through vtubing. Then it fell apart. Even though she's more successful now, what happened to Aloe could happen to her at a moment’s notice, and she’ll be all alone again. She knows this life is completely ephemeral and she will lose all the people who care about her some day. In other words, "mono no aware”.

Combined with her very limited real life interactions, and growing up on the internet a skewed concept of "connecting" with people, she has developed a very dependent parasocial relationship with her members. They love her and she genuinely loves them, but has doubts in her head because it can't be 'real', right? You think she does this for money? Her roommate made nearly seven figures a year between streaming and fanbox. She needs her members, not individually, but she needs their support, their love. And she loves them back, just as hard. It’s frankly unhealthy. She is a lonely internet hikki so it's the only connection she has grown to understand, spending too much time on NND and 2ch/5ch to have traditional friends and relationships.
tl;dr Polka's a 32 year old fucking shut-in mess due to a string of failures in life, and can never appreciate success.
as you can see in that vid above some anon posted, she's fat too

No. 121485

File: 1605849957459.jpeg (484.28 KB, 1760x1717, 6D7626BE-9643-41EF-9550-A3AF55…)

I’m really bad at voices so I couldn’t tell but on her Facebook she mentions Shrimp day and someone calls her Senna. At this stage it’s basically confirmed.

No. 121486

I knew this shitskin mudslime nijisanji bitch was awful from the start
Hana macchia is an SJW feminist whore who is clearly only doing this for the money and these tweets prove it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 121488

>nearly seven figures a year
In yen, so more like 5 figures a year in USD, and that's pre platform cut and taxes, so more like a sort of regular middle class income, and only for what, less than a year?

No. 121489

gura just said on stream that she used to eat very healthy, but now she just eats whatever she wants

No. 121490

Life has a way of grinding you down to a basic level of "I just don't care anymore" in regards to ideals and making an effort. I feel like going from vegan to hamburgers is a natural progression for many people moving from school into the adult world.

No. 121492

yeah and definitive proof will be once its start to spread and she will close the account

No. 121495

I think this sounds absurd but what do you guys mean by "check in the archives"? Total noob here(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 121502

Check these posts

No. 121503

seems to me that narrative got hard denied

No. 121505

Thank god. The only "ship" I really care about happening irl is Luna and Matsuri especially since Matsuri came out as Bi/Pan. Tho I don't know Lunas irl sexuality and what is yuribait. I feel like Luna would be good for Matsuris Menhera traits

No. 121508

I think it's 35%-40%. And it's more than fair. They manage everything for the girls. Promotions, advertising, marketing, etc.
They only work 4-5 times a day; 2-3 hours streaming. Seems like most work at night as well 6:00 PM+ so its like a side-gig really.
The job was never intended for a fulljob and for most it's not yet the pay is ridiculous. They get a flat salary as well…

No. 121509


I mean this post caught my attention >>120664 but I didn't know what he means by "check the archives" like, how?

No. 121511

Which one is her voice? I can't really tell.

No. 121512

The different pieces of evidence of her voice sound different from each other. It's getting confusing.

No. 121513

Didn't know she had such a past. Getting a big break after years of struggling it seems.

No. 121514

What she said is true lmao and she's based as fuck for outright saying it tbh. And I fucking doubt she's just in this with money, if she was she wouldn't say those things on her official account

No. 121515

Has she nuked any account before?

No. 121517

Maybe Gura says she eats meat to stay in character? She's a shark after all.

No. 121518

File: 1605861559878.jpeg (62.68 KB, 548x468, D19CB526-CAF7-42CA-ACA8-3C012D…)

don’t care my fat loser clown is still better than most of the shit out there

No. 121519

Fat looser clown loves you and that's all that matters ♥

No. 121520

Do we know what happened with Amelia's family? Kinda sad hearing her saving a frozen pizza for thanksgiving and eating it with chat.

No. 121522

from what i have saw in clips/archive, her mom died pretty early on and she was taken care by her grandmother and aunt. I don't know about her father though, probably went to buy milk? She also went through depression (pure speculation here), not showering for a week, using games as coping mechanism. She also went homeless, i think there's a stream where it states if she doesn't get enough money she will be homeless

No. 121524

namefaging and a male. god this thread is awful

No. 121525

Been looking for source but I got no luck either. Where did you find that screenshot, anon? I'm really interested on hearing her singing that.

No. 121527

If you want to post a narrative here, at least include some sources.

No. 121529

its a pasta anon.

No. 121531

I don't mind transwomen that much but the ones who act all cuddly on me because they think that's how it works between girls just creep me out for some reason, it feels like a scrote putting up an act to get a feel. Artemis gives me the same vibe.

No. 121533

Artechoke's thing is that they have no personality. No real defining features. Being trans feels more like a shield he uses and would use to deflect away from criticisms about his garbage robot personality. And "I'm gay" doesn't really help with that either. It's like that annoying person that joins the friend group for a night out and the entire time she has the obnoxious need to remind you every 5 minutes about how vegan they are and make sure you understand how they are vegan.
It's collectively disingenuous, annoying, and an insult to any other trans and lgbt because they have to deal with this walking robot who's going around tarnishing their pride flags. The audience gets it. He's born a man that decided to be a woman and constantly reminding the audience about how gay he is. What else does he have that's remotely interesting? Aside of course from being a part of Domo's grooming cult.

No. 121535

So, did anyone ever clarify, that Aqua being a pornstar was true?

No. 121537

The "check the archives" usually mean older threads that have been closed, normally from this board (since archives of other boards are linked here when necessary).
When you're on /w/ just go to the bottom of the page, hit search and throw in vtuber, you'll find it easily.

Kinda, yeah. I think it works as a meme sometimes, but depending on who you're looking at, the only difference is one has a cam and the other has a 2d/3d model.

If I remember correctly, a lot of the posts that linked to her first real face dox got nuked pretty fast on facebook, and maybe one account was deleted.
It's not unusual, but she could've lost access to the account. And it's so disassociated from senzawa that it should be enough to just not acknowledge it. If it gets nuked though, it's pretty much a confirmation.

I am fairly certain that there was a time where she lived with her family, I remember she mentioned her little brother a few times, and I think he might have appeared on cam once or twice. I'm not certain about her family situation though. I only remember that and her dog.

There was nothing that pointed out that it was true, only those moans, that amounted to pretty much nothing. So, it's safer to assume it's just a narrative.

No. 121539

Okay, cause I remember someone linked a clip, of them matching her “moans” to a Mario kart stream she did.

*it did sound pretty similar ngl. But it’s probably just a hard reach.

No. 121541

im talking about the room tour vid. theres no way she needed to change her voice just to do a room tour, so its safe to assume thats her normal voice at that time. the voice was much deeper compared to now which makes me wonder if the current one was fake(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 121547


For context if anyone is intrested:
[Original Stream] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkvVS3C0hdY

[Gura/Senzawa Softdox (Original Stream)] 1:28:03

[Extra senzawa link to Gura Clip] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pd0jryt9-E

[Ame Name Drop (Original Stream)] 3:23:04

[Cali Trash Taste Podcast saying they all meet irl] https://youtu.be/tIU0xG-lXkQ?t=589

imo they defo know eachother's irl names

No. 121548


For context if anyone is intrested:
[Original Stream] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkvVS3C0hdY

[Gura/Senzawa Softdox (Original Stream)] 1:28:03

[Extra senzawa link to Gura Clip] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pd0jryt9-E

[Ame Name Drop (Original Stream)] 3:23:04

[Cali Trash Taste Podcast saying they all meet irl] https://youtu.be/tIU0xG-lXkQ?t=589

imo they defo know eachother's irl names>>121547

sry i fuked up [Gura calls Ame Rebbeca] 3:23:24

No. 121549

>[Cali Trash Taste Podcast saying they all meet irl]
How does that work? Weren't auditions around when Covid + lockdowns started to come into effect? Calli and Kiara have been in Japan for a while. I could see Cover flying Gura/Ame/Ina to Japan but I'm not sure the timeline matches up. Are we sure the "shoved in a room" doesn't just mean, like, a Discord room or Zoom call or something?

No. 121550


I'm not exactly sure myself but during this time the other JP girls were having off-Colabs like sleep overs.

If someone in Japan can comment on lockdown rules in Japan that would be great.

Also maybe this was before Covid but we will never know unless someone remembers the date the auditiions got posred on Hololive website.

No. 121551

I don't think Japanese lockdown rules have been particularly strict for visiting friends/family, but borders have been closed since early March and Gura/Ame/Ina are all international. Haachama's been stuck in Australia for, like, 7 or 8 months, and auditions were usually 6 months before debut. It's not impossible that HoloEN all met in Japan but the window is pretty tight.

No. 121555

The Twitter post was in April https://twitter.com/hololive_En/status/1253249150533029888

"1st round application deadline: May 24,11:59 PM(JST)" https://en.hololive.tv/audition so that would put it well past the border closures in Japan.

No. 121562


One of the first things i looked up too, no BigM on that Island. Otherwise the roomtour could have become really damaging for her

No. 121565

Source for that pic is NicoNico Cho Party 2018. You can find it on bilibili but sadly the part where she sings Kurenai has been edited out (maybe to avoid copyright issues with the song?). Since that screenshot exists I assume an uncut copy of the video does too, but I haven't had any luck finding it.

No. 121568

File: 1605893706643.png (37.14 KB, 607x377, zentreya.png)

Something that may be interesting to look into.
I don't see much of a reason to leave unless Zentreya found something better.

No. 121570

I think Callie doesnt mean literally in a room. She says things like teammates etc because shes one that follows lore and keeps up with the 'non human boomer reaper whos visiting and doesnt understand human stuff' gimmick the most. She probably means discord calls etc, the borders have been closed for too long especially for Americans which at least Watson is. Like someone mentioned Haachama is stuck and I think Civia might be too.

No. 121571


There's also a global pandemic and everyone would yell at her if she said she was travelling for the holidays.

No. 121572

Yeah if she's in the US it makes sense to not travel, and overall most young people dont bother with thanksgiving alone. Might as well use it to make money when your brand is the parasocial 2D gf thing. If her parents dying early is true, thats sad either way.

No. 121577

Yeah, was exploding with mental issues, constant meltdowns (posting about it on Facebook too), overweight and ugly. Faked a cute voice in discord calls and just was a leech of a person that wouldn't let go of you, ever. Had to block her on everything to get the message across. She and Littleberrycosplay used to be in cahoots, and they both shared masturbation clips once or twice on Pornhub. Both were fat as fuck and looked below average without edits.

No. 121578

Yup, it's a nigga in a dress. Piece of shit

No. 121590

If Senna is from Nantucket, her family must be filthy fucking rich. The islands off the coast of Massachusetts have some of the highest real estate prices in America iirc.

No. 121594

She would be one of the regular people living there, not one of the people who buy a vacation home. Median income for a family there is 100k, so it's definitely a rich place, but it doesn't make her a millionaire or anything. Combine with family emergencies and her moving away from there at some point in the past and she's probably not comfortable, or at least wasn't until Gura time.

No. 121596

File: 1605907849360.png (476.64 KB, 784x991, Throwing in the Towel.png)

>No Mom November
This might lead to some milk.
They've been under a lot of mental stress as it would seem, from harassment to the fact that it's November.

No. 121602

File: 1605910207426.png (37.53 KB, 1301x132, zenlurk.PNG)

pretty sure she also might lurk, or one of her mods. This was posted in the VSW discord server at the start of november, shortly after some posts on the old thread about her not caring about the team anymore.

No. 121620

File: 1605918005935.png (128.61 KB, 636x834, 1599782192799.png)

Man, Mori loved saying the n word

No. 121621

File: 1605918059269.png (469.61 KB, 656x858, 1599782407219.png)

No. 121622

File: 1605918090359.jpg (160.4 KB, 768x845, 1600111313947.jpg)

No. 121623

File: 1605918161916.png (385.79 KB, 595x558, 1599782037451.png)

No. 121624

calm down scrote, it's 2014
nigga still legal at that time

No. 121628

File: 1605919225374.png (664.33 KB, 592x641, 1.png)


Do not call me a S word. As a brit, that is offensive to my people. You Minger

No. 121629

as someone roughly the same age as calli, any white person who listened to hip hop growing up went through a phase of saying nigga all the time. you eventually grow out of it .

No. 121630

lmao are these still there or are they nuked?

No. 121633

File: 1605919921410.png (13.46 KB, 753x239, dsgfdgdfg.png)

No. 121634

"Bling bling, cha-ching-ching-ching, black perzon ima-nig-ga rap rap rap" Ugh I can't stand her music cause I feel like she was always a spiritual lyrical miracle rapper and this right here proves it

No. 121636

File: 1605920899865.png (3.92 MB, 3001x1825, Sena Howard.png)

So, I've been searching through the BrownBeeTV Facebook, and there were a few photos that I putted all in a collage with the other 2 photos that we have of Sena (IDK if there are more).

No. 121638

I don't want to outwardly give out Purin's roommate, but I want to drop some hints.
>Her dog theme is a slight hint to her still active youtube account
>Her youtube account is similar to Senzawa's as she does shitpost songs/raps
>Purin and her roommate has sang a certain song that you can voice compare with

No. 121639

by active I meant it's still available, she doesn't use it anymore

No. 121640

File: 1605921972117.png (355.77 KB, 597x649, 22.png)

No. 121642

File: 1605922413955.png (72.77 KB, 597x647, kekkk.png)

>Mori is friends with someone named skinny nigger in tokyo

kek, I guess she got the n-word pass from him.

No. 121645


Chill brother, It was 2014. Maybe she was young and stupid at that time.

Anyway, anyone knows how old she is now?

No. 121646

who knew gwar gura was a lpstuber


No. 121647

File: 1605923991628.jpg (69.02 KB, 1237x211, FVqInry.jpg)

So i heard Kiara Self doxxed herself by using her roommate's account? Can anyone send the original image to see what's encircled on this image?

No. 121648

What the fuck is someone that does not know how to use a 4chan archive doing here?

No. 121649

File: 1605925282651.jpg (1.68 MB, 1782x648, r1S4b9d.jpg)

nvm scrubbed warosu

No. 121650

Begone scrote.

No. 121651

What's with all the Mori whiteknights all of a sudden? Give it up, everyone already knows your waifu is a tryhard cringelord.

No. 121657

potential milk
so some anons here found those doxxes via the /v/ archives
I noticed it a week ago, the faggot simp in charge of the b4k archives began deleting vtuber threads archived from /v/ which contained doxxposts
there was a thread last night that was archived with 435 posts, and now it's gone
my guess is that faggot is deleting them to protect his precious ethots
the thread is nuked on yuki.la as well
it's only available via one other archive

No. 121658

What video was this? Its gone now for youtube TOS.

I'm slightly impressed to see she wasn't desperate enough to membership herself

No. 121662

Lmfao this is actually pretty funny

No. 121665

these vids of amelia being disgusting 3DPD irl and the holoEN doxx pasta are now considered 'BANNED TEXT' on /jp/ due to the simp tranny janny mods there
better save these clips before they get nuked as well

No. 121666

Calm down nigger.
It's more cringy to think nigger is a bad word, especially on an imageboard.

No. 121675

File: 1605933022728.jpg (368.83 KB, 2048x1152, moona.jpg)

that SJW shitskin indog whore moona who has been stirring shit up on twitter alongside hana macchia has been doxxed

No. 121680

>How did gura go from 1.39M subs to just 1.4M
Wat? Are you asking How she gained 10k?

No. 121681

Thats how YT works, sometimes it shows 3 numbers, sometimes 2, she still at 1,400,000

No. 121682

another moona doxx
this is Moona's roommate
she's only 19 yo which might explain her retarded tweets
stop falling for doxx photos without sources
archive before she nuked her holo id audition retweet:
she nuked it after some anon keep mentioning her twitter name here so there's a chance that she will nuke everything else after this

No. 121683

What tweets are you even talking about? You're posting schizo shit in this thread without any proof. I saw the Hana tweets but didn't see anything about Moona.

No. 121684

>stop falling for doxx photos without sources
Okay then where is the source for this.

No. 121685

what is the literal point of this you scrote

he's off his meds

No. 121686

moona facebook https://www.facebook.com/adliya.camila.khumaira
moona youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4EGv4TubgM
don't blame me if she nukes this shit the next day and you faggots didn't save or archive it, I did my part by just sharing it here for you lazy faggots

No. 121687

just a tldr she started posted religious shit on twitter around the same time hana macchia pissed off over half the vtuber fanbase
moona the fucking stupid bitch who sperged out back during her debut because people posted lewds of her on twitter, which all the other hololive girls have no problem with
she went on another religious mudslime rant about not eating pork IN MINECRAFT alongside a ton of other mentally ill shit

No. 121688

where's the twitter sauce, stop sperging out for no reason

No. 121689

You'd think if they were into the hiphop scene they'd use cracker/mayo since they're talking to other whites. I guess that's not edgy enough though.

No. 121692

Saying nigger in 2014 was not edgy, Racism literally was invented in 2016 as a way to try elect hillary clinton.

No. 121693

File: 1605937795439.jpg (125.8 KB, 760x995, Imagepipe_22.jpg)

Why is Gura streaming at the same time of an event of this scale. Literally all HoloJP and HoloID are streaming at this time, while this dumb shark is throwing the old cheap ass Pewdiepie scaredy horror game reactions. HoloEN was a mistake.

No. 121695

Low quality bait. This isn't 4ch cringelord.

No. 121696

NTA, but why is it not retarded to stream now of all times? The week has many hours, surely she could have found a different time slot.

No. 121697

>34k watching
you can only pick one, anon

No. 121699

I don't think there is much overlap in their audiences. Their independent workers anyway and I see streams overlap all the time.

No. 121702

I don't understand japanese

No. 121704

Guess you're right, anon. It just seemed disrespectful. It can lowkey be counted as a "harmless overlap", but HoloEN still has some pretty obnoxious "idols"… Their personality/mannerisms are too distinct from Hololive, making them seem far apart from the other Holos. They are clearly very talented people, but they don't appear to care about the culture/people with who they work with. Mori disliked idols and their "losers" before getting simped as one (and what the fuck is a rap idol that seems bored all the time). Kiara is just your typical soulless attwhore. Ame is a born twitch-like streamer. Gura is just cheap/plain, but she knows very well how to be a viral sensation (still don't get her charm besides her singing). Ina is OK. Again, they aren't inherently bad, but they really don't seem to fit to Hololive.

No. As long as they "help" Hololive and other Holos indirectly, I'm OK with them. But in the long run they are a mistake.

No. 121709


No, holoJP and holoEN literally separate entities.

Both of them exist to entertain separate audiences.

By rules should be fine, but mannerisms depends on people's eyes.

No. 121712

it's a mistake in your eyes, as long as they keep making money for cover, then they can overlap as much as they want (and they have mostly different audiences so, there's that)

No. 121713

Are you actually telling me you think the shark is being an asshole for daring to stream at a time you think is somehow inconvenient or disrespectful (??) to other members?

If anyone actually important thought that way cover would put rules into place. There was an issue with Russia getting pelted by idiots like you for the same thing but the reverse and she said managers gave the okay.

As it stands, she has a healthy number of viewers and so do the rest - all at the same time. so go get more angry, scrote.

No. 121715

>"help" Hololive and other Holos indirectly
they do help hololive by making them money. the world is big enough that they can get a piece of the piece from any other country that's currently awake. they help other holos indirectly by having collabs plus just drumming up interest in hololive in general. I don't think it's that big a deal she's streaming when it's their 'time zone' anon.

No. 121717

It’s a Friday night in America why wouldn’t she stream? Disrespectful to your virtual Japanese waifus wtf?

No. 121718

Man I hate how cow threads tend to descend into looking for anything that can be construed as even slightly negative. Cancerous fucking mentality.

No. 121721


No. 121722

this thread is just filled with a bunch of non saging newfags, this thread isnt just to dump personal info so you can encourage psycopaths to look for more and find and possibly hurt those girls

we are here for MILK
fuck off back to your other brain damaged site you socially crippled mongaloids

No. 121725

I wonder what these people even want. Last thread they were desperate to see if Ina was somehow milky and just she clearly isn't. At this point the bar for them that something is cringe is basically existing.

No. 121729

>sperged because of lewds of her
Even though it's kinda stupid to sperg out, not wanting lewds of her character is really not that much, and it's something personal, why would she be "in the wrong" for that. Also, if you're gonna say something, show something to back it up. And sage your posts.

>Ame is a born twitch-like streamer
Well, she spent years on twitch, it's kinda obvious she's gonna be like that.

No. 121730

I seen a thread, that Said, Gura on a member’s only stream called herself a trans
(No proof of this was given)
But ik, someone can debunk this. I was Just a little curious.

No. 121731

If there's no proof then call it a bs

No. 121732

File: 1605966194151.png (318.36 KB, 1439x370, 42zwi89qoyz51.png)

Here's the screenshot.
Not the same anon tho. This is just basic banter tbh.

No. 121733

Sounds like bullshit, there would be some proof if she said something this big

No. 121734

File: 1605966885362.png (568.67 KB, 720x1161, moona-jpg.png)

This is context for the religion tweet that triggered the snowflakes. It's just a shitpost nobody would bat an eye at outside of the Islamic world. In any case this has nothing to do with those schizo posts.
I never heard those accusation before + no evidence was provided + psychotic rage = probably delusional

No. 121735

Tru dat, but most likely those spergs are the same mudslime people who got triggered by this.

No. 121736

idk how these /jp/ males found this thread but it's time for them to go. what's stopping them from sperging on their own threads?

No. 121737

It seems they moderate any talk about who's behind the vtuber, even when it's public information. Pretty dumb, but that's the result.

No. 121738

I wish they would try to integrate. It's so obvious they're scrotes

No. 121741

My favourite one is still that picture compilation that was used as proof that Calli and Kiara are "SJW faggot", while also using Callis n-words tweets as proof of her doing something horrible…irony at its best.

No. 121742

to be honest, I think that poster was just some obsessed weirdo, could have been from anywhere

No. 121743

>try to integrate
I wish they'd take the hint and get the fuck out of here. No one wants more scrotes here.

No. 121745

Same they need to gtfo. They've been ruining this thread with their waifu faggotry since they showed up

No. 121749

So it was a bunch of nothing like I thought. The rest of the "accusations" sounded like bullshit as well.

That Calli tweet saying /v/ was full of waifufags that can't handle a game with men or something was pretty funny as well.

No. 121751

>That Calli tweet saying /v/ was full of waifufags that can't handle a game with men
Calli used to be so based

No. 121763

Holy shit why have the farmhands not permabanned you? You never sage, use the same pointlessly racist terms for anyone SEA and repeat the fake

>"What did she mean when she said ___"

> "Wow I cant believe ___ said (crazy 4chan thing that would have blown up)"

Rumours /jp/ spreads every thread. You did it with their Kiara said jews thing too and with Ina last thread, stop regurgitating everything you see in their threads if you don't understand their schitzo culture. If there isn't an archive of it don't come here to repost it.

No. 121770

it may be public info but if even fucking 4chan tries to delete, its probably because spoonfeeding that info to obsessed schizos isnt the best idea

No. 121788

if you ask me she help to filter the spergs from the JP event. I don't find the usual number of kids spamming 'pog' in the fubuki stream, so who cares, stop trying to bait drama.

it seems retards thrown out of /jp/ want to take refuge here and talk about their theories and autism

No. 121791


not samefag but Ina's boyfriend modding her chat seems pretty milky. saw some people thinking "Ao-chan" was either her sister or boyfriend. can't be a hire since we know cover doesn't fucking hire chat mods, otherwise why would they hire one for the chillest chat instead of for coco/haachama. cant be sister since Ina regularly talks about hanging out with "Ane'nis" as a separate entity, and if her sister was also "Ao-chan" it makes sense narratively to talk about how Ao-chan was at a family reunion, etc. Also looking at how triggered Ao-chan gets, the way he types, the grammar, etc. it's obviously a dude. 90% boyfriend, 10% cuck that got friendzoned by Ina's roommate

No. 121793

The weirdest thing to me is how they're available for hours at any time Ina stream, even random streams she starts without schedule. So if it's a BF it's an actual neet, maybe a long distance shit/FF14 bf or some loser she have controle over.

No. 121795

She's (was?) in charge of high level raids in that game, and had a group of admirators there. A lot of MMO high end players are nolife scrotes anyway, I'm sure it was easy for her to find one to do that for her for free.

No. 121800

Based but not wrong lmao

No. 121801

Out of all holos, Kiara seriously screams " I am desperate of trying to get as much clout as possible and I will do anything for it !" By the way she acts and does things, this huge chunk of random JP collabs and making as much new content that involves collab with biggest holoJPS (including this pointless holotalk show she made). She even acts like that kind of annoying attention seeking girl from colleges. Really seems not genuine at all.

No. 121804

Who cares if her mod is her bf? If they live together that would make sense. I can't imagine why anyone but waifufag scrotes would care if her boyfriend helps her out lol

No. 121805

I personally don't see anything wrong with the JP collabs, she's fluent enough in Japanese so it works out and brings interesting content for viewers. The first Holotalk show with Marine was pretty successful, as she translated well enough and Western viewers got to know Marine better.

No. 121807

shes just iofi 2.0

No. 121809

In this "get to know better" the only things that could have been somewhat new were Marine liking Touhou. Everything else was "I love BL! I am horny. I love Sakura Wars (which have been known for a long time among other holos too). And my most precious moment in Hololive was that Shion sleepover. Also I am so lewd that I always ask my designer to make me sexier!" All of which is known around everyone, even people who only watch translated VODs.

The whole interview started awkward as hell because half of it was nothing but sexual talks.

No. 121811

That clip where Marine gushed over meeting Touhou's creator was the first clip I saw of her

No. 121815

no "muh pure girl vtuber" is part of the bad japanese culture? why you talk like stupid idolfags? if AO is her boyfrien..who cares? you? We know she has money enough to support her boyfriend NEET if she wants

No. 121816

Criticism of Amelia and Gura is forbidden, as is any discussion of their identities pre-HololiveEN.

No. 121821


waifufag scrotes make up the majority of hololive fans, anon, what thread do u think you're on where a holo fucking a guy on the side doesn't matter

No. 121822

The only question that really interested me was if the idols had input on what their new outfit would look like. Everything else was pretty meh.

No. 121823

A thread where scrotes get banned for being scrotes and not following the board rules or culture. Doesn't matter what the main fanbase of vtubers are, being a retarded neckbeard waifufag will get you banned here

No. 121827

I'm not sure if the farmhands have been permabanning them or not, but honestly, even if they did, most of these fuckers use VPNs anyway so they'd just switch IPs to continue schizoposting here.

No. 121829

The /jp/ refugees are obviously autistic virgin incels and it's embarrassing to watch

No. 121830

What's with this website, you people seem racist and dislike trannies but you also hate men? Is this some sort of TERF refuge?

No. 121831

Yes, please leave

No. 121832

Ok cool. Now please leave this thread and go somewhere else.

No. 121836


No. 121843

Please just fucking leave already. We want a thread with milk. You have nothing productive to say so please leave and go drool over your 4k Mori Calliope scream compilation with the other scrotes on the normal vtuber thread.

No. 121844

Report and move on, anon.

No. 121845

back in the days sen was active on youtube there was a very minor inside joke that she's actually a boy. which was supposed to be funny because she's got the most girly girl voice on the platform.

if you saw people say that and you thought it was plausible you got dunked on.

No. 121853

>go drool over your 4k Mori Calliope scream compilation with the other scrotes on the normal vtuber thread
I'm laughing way too hard at this description and how accurate it is

No. 121865

She's literally perfection. A dream girl.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 121866

Another newfag who can't sage
Maybe it's time to remove this thread

No. 121869

File: 1606060134167.jpg (213.77 KB, 1280x720, EnbaR14VcAAeosP.jpg)

Apparently the Gura info got spammed on /jp/ and they mentioned the site a lot. It's also hardly a drama thread at this point, most of the value here has been behind the scenes stuff. But I'm sure they'll lose interest soon, and Kiara has a collab with Pekora coming up that probably won't go well.

No. 121873

People keep asking for it to be locked on /meta/ but have been constantly ignored and rejected. Now anyone who asks gets banned.
Not sure why admin insists on keeping this thread when it's clearly full of schizo waifufag scrotes and caused the rest of the site to get raided lately (see /ot/ and /g/).

No. 121874

I vote against

or at least wait a bit longer

No. 121875

moona and Iofi already getting doxxed, and the question right now, who's risu?

No. 121877

there's literally no good evidence that this is moona's roommate. she seems like a random nobody and her singing ability doesn't match up with moona

there's this certain other girl that seems more convincing and was part of an idol group before completely disappearing right before holoID's debut lmao. she covered a song by yui on their youtube channel and their singing technique is extremely similar

No. 121879

i demand an mp3 of her yui cover(no one cares)

No. 121887

This has my sides in fucking orbit, lmao. okay scrote.

No. 121888

Look at this moron. Probably a child too.

No. 121890

Oh no, don't get your hololive army on us scrote!

No. 121901

Someone come get their retard.

No. 121905

I like how this scrote is pretending to be multiple people. Not much of a raid if its just one schizo talking to himself in this thread kek

No. 121908

This is a pretty gay raid

No. 121918

dead playlist

No. 121923

only playlist is dead but videos are still up https://archive.is/nCFrq

No. 121933

Tranny janny seething lmao

No. 121942

File: 1606075178163.jpeg (359.1 KB, 1200x399, FE30F5D3-D4A5-4D96-B69F-AFB3F8…)

Not that it’s not obvious what’s happening but the /jp/ retards think everyone who hates Kiara is raiding from here and cgl and want to shut down the board and take us to court before one of their waifus has to graduate because threads don’t 404 when they close.

No. 121944

Can't they rub their collective two braincells together and think of better insults than whore lmao

No. 121975

File: 1606078610162.jpg (17.75 KB, 340x227, IMG_20201122_215652.jpg)

Out of all girls, Kiara? Seriously? Cope harder.

No. 121983

Not to take any sides, but what's the point of doxxing them, if dramas are mostly around fans and not tubers themselves?

No. 121988

Learn to sage, no one is trying to dox these vtuber except the people who are coming from /jp/. It's not even allowed to dox on lolcow it says so in the rules that you didnt bother to read. If someone does post a dox farmhands will get rid of it as fast as possible

No. 121990

You're extremely naive if you think the fans are the only cows here.

No. 121992

Wrong choice of word then. "Obsessively digging into their past". Still indirect lead. Doesn't limits only to /jp/
Oh sure. Antis mainly takes the cake.

No. 121993

If it's "not allowed to dox" then why hasn't these been deleted?:
Isn't that a literal breach of privacy even if it may not be true?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 121995

>Doesn't limit only to /jp/
Except it does. All the obsessive past digging you're speaking of was done and posted here by /jp/ scrotes.
You say you're not taking sides, but it's clear you're a Hololive fan who doesn't want to see people talking shit about your faves. This obviously isn't the place for you.

No. 121996

Doxxing is described in the rules as posting "street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media". Face pics don't fall under this.

No. 121997

the information already exists on the internet, no?

No. 122001

Funny, because I keep seeing information from 5 different sources being recycled between each other. If I bother to dig through this place today, that would make 6.
When I say that I'm not taking sides, that means I'm not taking sides. Dramas and shit are easy to find.

No. 122002

What belongs here:
> Past/irl lives of corporate/holoEN
> Provable dox (Jp schitzo screencaps are not valid)
What do you mean that dox isn't allowed if it literally shows there?
Also past irl/lives doesn't even catalog as milk, there's no drama from that. What are you gonna do with a child playing with his toys? Seems pretty offtopic tbh.
>If it’s not potential milk it doesn’t belong here.

No. 122015

Talking about the actor behind the character isn't doxx. Fucking zoomers are so brain dead.

No. 122017

File: 1606087890442.jpg (556.41 KB, 1019x1200, KiaraIna'nis.jpg)

>Suddenly gets nervous around her idol Pekora.
>The part of her that's perfectly willing to hit on Callie every 10 minutes jams itself.
>Realizes that her poor sportsmanship about numbers makes her look uncool and should be stashed away along with Keekee.
I'm sure it won't go too bad.

No. 122021

you care enough to sperg here

No. 122027

It does make me what big fish she's gonna go for next, though.

No. 122041

Scrote has been said 27 times in this thread alone. just saying.
For most these holoen girls it's not even a character and just an avatar.
But even worse are the westerners who outright just make it their avatar because they are trannies or fat and ugly but want to be uwu smol anime girl.

No. 122046

"yui life cover" on yt
it's somewhere up there

No. 122053

i wish artemis of the blue would stream more…

No. 122054

No you dont

No. 122061

Most based take on this thread lmao

No. 122062

Worst take in this thread. Artemis is good at marketing and getting attention but she sucks at being streamer. I watch vtubers who don't even get above 50 viewers who are more entertaining than she is. They don't have money for a 5K avatar though lol.

No. 122064

>actually spelling 'dox' as 'doxx'
They're newfags even to /jp/ lmao

No. 122065

Any other info about Shion beside her supposed age? Also why is she streaming so early?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 122066

if the irl is ugly, fat, plain looking, old, haters want ammo for shit about her for any reason.
if the irl girl is decent looking to cute the simps want to know that. others just want to demonstrate their autism about finding the information. but this comes from /jp/.
In gura case they are urged to know about her past, is the only one that did not have anything easy to obtain thats all.

No. 122067

just a heads up, if you see any info or milk on /v/ or the /v/ archives then save it, the faggot in charge of b4k is solely deleting archives for vtuber threads
here are two examples
if you try those threads with b4k you will only get 404'd

No. 122068

Why do you retards never sage?

No. 122070

zoomer faggots killed 4chan and imageboard culture

No. 122071

File: 1606115367422.png (52.03 KB, 756x434, dox or doxx.png)

Both are acceptable according to Merriam-Webster.

No. 122072

ah yes, Merriam-Webster, that's where I go for my knowledge of imageboard culture

kill yourself retard

No. 122073

I've been on imageboards for more than ten years and I have no idea which spelling is more common than the other.

No. 122074

They were born after saging was soft-removed from 4chan lmao.

No. 122084

File: 1606124084376.jpg (43.02 KB, 630x597, kiara keekihime goblino.jpg)

keekihime really doesn't want people to talk about her on the b4k archives, thankfully other archive admins have more balls than that faggot

No. 122091

All this over some cartoons.

No. 122094

Keep seething and sperging, scrote. The archives aren't going anywhere and your oshi will never give a fuck about you.

No. 122095

So you want to spread all the "private data" posted here to every single /jp/ lurker?
Sure, sounds like a good idea, what could go wrong.

No. 122108

Any of you guys have SachiOwO / Amelia Watson's email address? I know her real name and which county she lives in, but she took her name off Whitepages and scrubbed her previous identity from the internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 122110

Fuck off you're a creep and these vtubers probably hate people like you more than us who just keep to our forum. None of us have tried to get in touch and stalk these people but you are why she took her page down

No. 122113

I'm not trying to get in touch with her, I'm planning on throwing her email into HIBP and seeing what I can find.

No. 122114

>>122113 go back to /jp, coomer

No. 122115

File: 1606128881272.png (305.82 KB, 600x405, Can't trust anyone, not even t…)

>/jp scrotes take refuge here to sperg about how much they hate Kiara + Roommate while completely failing at providing actual milk
>/jp whiteknights catch word of the regurgitated shit being posted on another imageboard and believing it to be the work of angry femanons attempt a shitty crusade
>Schizo Narrative Posters Win Again
If /jp anons have such a massive hate boner for eachother, go solve your problems on your own damn board instead of using us as a proxy.

No. 122120

lmao this. /hlgg/ and /hlg/ antis are way worse than the ones on here who were most likely their rejects anyway.

No. 122124

Yup. It's funny that they're raging at Lolcow when none of the female anons here have actually gone digging for dox. Anything that was posted here was by /jp/ scrotes trying to impress us and join the cool kids' club. The only people you have to blame here are yourselves, fucktards.

No. 122125

genuinely heartbreaking that /jp/ is now full of newfag moralshitters

No. 122126

>It's not our fault. Those were totally posters from /jp/.
If it makes you feel better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 122127

God you’re retarded

No. 122128

Yeah, it sure is a coincidence that for the 11 days this thread was up nobody asked for emails until the day it was coincidentally linked on /jp/. What a crazy coincidence.

No. 122129

Yup! Not that I would expect a schizo like you to understand.

No. 122130

File: 1606131812404.jpg (53.74 KB, 627x414, hide male threads.jpg)

Stop replying to the brainlet scrotes. Next time you guys start discussing the intricate autism of various 4chan boards in here bans will be handed out.

No. 122134

the scrotes are pissing me off now - so I think I'm gonna repost the dox on KF just in case

you're welcome(bait)

No. 122161

of course Kiara would literally make a numberfag last minute stream counting the number of subscribers…

No. 122162

Kiara started her stream at 497k. Then acted surprised when she hit 500k after the first song
"how come these things happen so fast when you create these kind of streams. Are these real people or did you make fake accounts?"
Trying to pretend she's surprised, all of this just so she wouldn't hit 500k on her fire emblem stream which gets no attention

No. 122163


Nice false flagging attempt but your lack of sage exposes you're the /jp/ scrote that caused the raid.

No. 122172

did Moona get suspended for this "inappropriate" tweet? heard rumours she did but can't find any info

No. 122176

Apricot is fucking stupid. She enabled her twin sister to go full tranny so fuck her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 122177

I don't believe so. She was in that MC sport event the next day.

No. 122179

Thissss can we please ip ban that guy

No. 122180

>she's never heard of ban evasion

No. 122181

More info and screencaps?

No. 122183

She said she's taking a break from Twitter. Don't think she's been suspended as she participated in the Sports Day Minecraft event two days ago and typically when Cover suspends a talent they aren't even allowed to collab.
I seriously doubt Cover gives a shit what some assblasted mohammedniggers think, so her apology was purely to keep the religion of peace from pulling a Charlie Hebdo on her home.

No. 122195

It's all these zoomer faggots, I wish their parents actually cared about them enough to take their internet away.

No. 122203

File: 1606154108344.jpg (576.79 KB, 1451x2048, nakiri ayame.jpg)

So is it true that Ayame lied about being sick during Christmas and just played league(go back to /jp/)

No. 122210

Kiara calls out people who thought she auditioned for JP. Says never auditioned.

No. 122211

Yeah, yeah, we already saw you, and your cringy shit

No. 122214

nice find, that's another narrative debunked

No. 122225


No. 122233

I feel like Artemis would have a better stream presence if she were more confident as opposed to the anxious/nervous vibes she gives off. Her streams feel more lazy than they do "cozy and calm" because she's constantly nervous and jittery.

No. 122258

File: 1606180488805.png (793.32 KB, 838x1420, penelopesmithstarryseraphskosm…)

Not sure if this is the right thread.

I wanted to post about a VTUBER who tried and hilariously failed to gain notoriety right after she dropped probably 1k or more on a 3D model. If anyone remembers Steph from twitch drama fame then you basically have this person. I remember I went to her streams a lot before she started VTUBING officially and always noticed her getting so defensive over certain words and would publically shame people for saying them. Like 'trap' she would get so triggered over that word so much so that she made a big stink and posted it on all her social medias and shit.

Recently in the last few months, she was outted as a child predator.

Many others came forth with their own experiences.

To which she responded to the main post with an absolutely shitty apology.

She coattails many other VTUBERS for their fame so there are probably a lot of ENG VTUBERS that know about her.

Not much milk but she's still somewhat active on her VTUBER account and recently changed her icon so I can guess she's trying to weasel her way back into the community. She used to have her main account linked too but has since taken it off of the page after the allegations came out.

No. 122259

Honestly Artemis' complete lack of an interesting talent is really what kills him for me. Being surrounded by the Ateliers artists only highlights this problem.

No. 122267

Damn, that's quite the itinerary of disorders she has there and I don't mean that in an insulting way.

No. 122272

I enjoy artemis since they're competent enough at the games they play and dont always copy hololive game-for-game

No. 122276

Has he come out as a tranny yet? I haven't kept up. I guess he doesn't need to flip the trap card until his viewership really declines or he gets put on the chopping block for being problematic.

No. 122277

WoW a tranny predator, this is totally not a common thing from an identity entirely built around a fetish.

No, most likely due to there being enough stupid people who still believe he is female and uwu lesbian and not just a predator.

No. 122279

true, on any of the clips posted of his debut stream you can find tons of handmaidens(?) or other troons in the comments reiterating "artemis is a woman! and i would know, as i am also a woman!"

No. 122292

So what I've gathered from most of these accusations is "she hit on my roleplay character who is 16!" But the user themself is of age? If she is doing sexual roleplay and flirting with or grooming IRL underage people that is the important information to point out. As fucking weird and gross as it is, a roleplay between two consensual adults where they pretend to be children doesn't really make her a predator, imo.

No. 122293

It wasn't just roleplaying as her character, she was "roleplaying" as herself to many underaged individuals pretending to be younger because she "could not remember her life before her transition".

In many of the screenshots, she tells the other person (who has mentioned being a minor) to tell her that she is underage (15-16) in order to help alleviate her dysphoria. The roleplay aspect is stupid but it was more that she would skirt the truth when it came to her age to the minors she interacted with.

Most of the allegations in this drama come from people who've said that they were under the age of 18 when she had asked them to participate in helping her calm her dysphoria.

OP adding on to this post:
In her old streams, she would constantly remind viewers whenever she smelled the most clout and asspat opportunities (most inappropriate and downright uncomfortable) she would tell her audience IN DETAIL about how her father used to abuse her as a child and how she was sexually assaulted under the pretenses of being called a "trap".

It happened almost every stream and was really uncomfortable to sit through.

No. 122297

The only trannies that think the word trap is transphobia are trannies that would never be called a trap to begin with.

No. 122309

>they're(sage your shit jpfags)

No. 122310

Discord tranny buys 1k$ model to become a vtuber, but is outed for grooming. Many such cases!

No. 122317

I can't archive everything right now, and google docs is a bitch to do so since I need to screenshot it, if everything is up later, and unarchived, I will do it.

Fuck, my brain feels like mush reading over those Discord caps. How can people genuinely think that's how you talk to someone (not the roleplay parts, that already feel brain dead).
>Many rps would be her using “hormonal powers” to make trans characters into what she thought was how girls should look.
Overall, the behaviour is very creepy sometimes, and there are several red flags. Some parts honestly feel like they're about the fictional characters affecting reality discourse that normally gets overblown by people like that.
As always, blame it on mental health, nothing will happen, since trans defense will do its job, give it about a year and she'll be back under a different name.

No. 122330

File: 1606238686420.png (326.77 KB, 325x361, chrome_UwaojMUu6p.png)

just want to ask if "Sato Nazomi" is really her real name or a nickname of you know who.

No. 122331

>of you know who

No. 122332


Nobody knows, it can be either her real name or stage name. Although that's the name that she use on twitter and tiktok though.

No. 122339

File: 1606243980163.png (924.5 KB, 1389x901, enagency.png)

I guess that's why Zentreya left VSW.
I don't know much about the ones involved in the creation of the "agency". It honestly looks like an overproduced team.

No. 122341

> Nyanners and Ironmouse, the two hypocrites that can't stand not being the center of attention
Well, it is a a recipe for disaster.
Also if Apricot forcefully turning her sister into a tranny thing is true, then it's even worse. What a shitty team.

I bet all of them are 'uwu lewdies'. Do not know about Zentreya and Hime though.

No. 122342

File: 1606247153554.png (242.6 KB, 580x372, ta.png)

What the fuck is up with this tranny art? Dead on arrival.

No. 122344

This project is a ego circlejerk. "Where talent comes first" & "most funny/entertaining" sounds so pretentious and out of touch.

No. 122345

Hime is Sydsnap I think, at least the design is hers. She's lewd but not too uwu, loved tsundere imoutos and incest in the past, now makes content of weird fetish stuff and loves milfs and onee-sama who say ara ara. Her channel header says enough imho.

No. 122346

Is shojo instead of shoujo/shōjo intentional/ironic or are they just morons?

No. 122347

File: 1606248799833.png (705.21 KB, 1371x713, sv.PNG)

lmao wtf are these uwu profile descriptions

No. 122349

I would pay to never have to see these dumb thots use "lewd and wholesome uwu" together

No. 122350

>when you want to be a loli kawaii uwu animegirl but your design is just your typical egirl bimbo

No. 122355

What's really sad is how well made the 2d model is. The creators behind it did a bang up job. But the person behind her is so lifeless.

No. 122357

Wasn't she pregnant?

No. 122359

I was happy when I heard she is trans and I love the look of her character, but she is boring beyond belief. I'm so sad.

No. 122363

> I was happy when I heard she is trans
lol leave this board

No. 122365

Why would you be happy to hear someone has an untreated mental ilness?

No. 122366

I like vtubers especially from hololibe but I don't get all the yuri and some seem to not be comfortable with it like mori.

No. 122370

This seems relevant to the MfF thread on /snow also. The "reliving childhood I didn't have except it's perverted this time" theme crops up regularly in screenshots posted there.

No. 122371

>lewd and wholesome
>childlike sense of wonder

What's the over/under on the pedo accusations?

No. 122372

Holy shit it's like if they got all the biggest parasites in one group, all that is missing is Mothers basements hole shower.
>I don't get all the yuri
Really? you have a group of woman whos entire career has been up until this point built up by trying to gain male attention and pandering to them and now they are all interacting with each other.

No. 122377

I do find it weird how so many ENs are intentionally making it more sexual than it needs to be. Can't they do it like Gura or Ina? Why does it seem like ENers by default prefer going the AVtuber route? There should be a good middle ground between that and full virgin fantasy "Seiso". Although a western seiso would honestly really be a breath of fresh air since I don't believe there is a western seiso character.

No. 122378

>Holy shit it's like if they got all the biggest parasites in one group

inb4 Viewbotter Snuffy, former cosplay porn model BunnyGif, and Overwatch whore Veibae get added to the roster

No. 122379

who are these >inb4 Viewbotter Snuffy, former cosplay porn model BunnyGif, and Overwatch whore Veibae

No. 122380


it's easier to bait horny weebs than being genuinely entertaining

No. 122381

Mori doesn't give a shit, if she had a problem with it, Kiara would've stopped (Said by Kiara herself)

No. 122382

What did Veibae even do? Is there actually milk on her? All I know is that she use to be an e-girl which isn't actually milky on its own.

No. 122383

she was mentioned on the thread before, for causing drama in the overwatch community and apperantly sleeping with popular players to get boosted.

No. 122388

It's kind of sad how most western girls who like anime end up being a degenerate that caters toward horny men. I thought I escaped the Twitch thots when I saw how normal VTubers are, then these VTuber thots decides to show up.

No. 122390

All of their profiles read like the modern version of a mary sue, each one trying to be the most uwu unique and special while also being so boring and flat at the same time. And putting aside what type of creature they're supposed to be they're all the fucking same, "lewd and wholesome" "came to earth bc entertainment/fun"
for fucks sake, Syd's is an "alien dragon robot hybrid"?? Why did ironmouse if she's supposed to be satan or whatever?

Other thing that makes this new "company" far less I guess appealing than say hololive is you know they're going to whore it up and being in the group will have that plus clout of course as a requirement

No. 122393

All their avatars except the titcow in the lower right look like they are 3D versions of Gaia online avatars.
I would not just blame it on pandering, most of them are dumb bitches in general and will do what ever it takes to fill the role of daddy in their life.

No. 122396

I was the one that gave minor juice about it but she was known to send nudes to multiple popular ow streamers for clout and boosts. Her biggest target was Pokelawls who ended up getting her twitch partner before she "broke" up with him and told everyone they never dated even tho Poke said otherwise. He showed screenshots of their relationships to confirm it but she kept going in denial phase about the whole thing and called him an abusive stalker before moving onto other streamers. She also comes from an incredibly wealthy family but idk if that's rly juicy.

No. 122397

I wish I could like Marine but god, I fucking hate the whole pervert shit. It's so uncomfortable and ruins the entire atmosphere. Maybe I just hate horny people and especially it in anime culture but it gets old fast

No. 122400

Doxfags will love this. There's a girl in a public Discord server who I strongly suspect to be Gura/senzawa on an alt, but I can't prove it, you'll just have to listen to my story and see if you feel the same way as me.
The beginning 3 letters of her name is sen, she acts kind of memey, she has the same interests as Gura (sometimes talks about rhythm games in the gaming channel, queues songs that Gura likes and has sung before, but doesn't ever reference Gura or senzawa).
But the thing that really convinced me was when I started to observe her online habits. I originally thought there was no way I just randomly stumbled upon her out-of-character account, but the way she typed reminded me too much of the way senzawa typed on her old twitter, so curiosity got the better of me and I watched: consistently, for the past 4 streams, she's set her status to DnD before a stream starts, then set back to a normal online status almost immediately after it was over. That's the only time she ever sets her status to DnD, and the timing is way too perfect to be a coincidence. The only rationalization I can think of is that the girl on Discord is a fan of Gura who really doesn't want to be bothered when the streams are on.
The chance of it true is so low, but the facts don't lie.
Before today's stream she said something in the #general channel of the server about having a busy schedule and that she's trying to be more productive in the morning despite not being a morning person, then near the beginning of Gura's stream today Gura basically said the same thing, even saying she has a morning stream scheduled soon and then exaggerating how uncharacteristic that is of her.
How should I proceed without setting off alarm bells? Am I just schizo?
Reposting with more information: when I click on her profile it says she's "new to Discord" and to say hi, so the account is at least new, but I dont know how new. The server I see her in is a medium sized server I found on Disboard under the gaming and social tags, lots of egirls but tame compared to most Disboard servers, the community seems nice and it avoids the NSFW degenerate garbage seen in other servers. She doesnt go in voice chat very often and I haven't caught her in there yet, she just hangs out and sometimes jumps into other people's conversations.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 122401

it's an image board
you can observe yet you cant post pictures instead narrative

go back to reddit, scrote

No. 122404

are you here to turn the thread into your personal blog or are you going to actually say something?

No. 122405

you really expect us to believe this shit without any evedince?

go back to /jp/ faggot

No. 122409



No. 122414

File: 1606300124796.png (158.55 KB, 1721x672, MShojo.png)

>I started to observe her online habits
Schizo Stalker

They shouldn't even be compared to agencies like Hololive.
This is clearly just another Tuber network that uses the same old business model of profit via reciprocal exchange.
Their branding and talent choice for this is absolute dogshit though. The lack of audience diversity dooms any future member to either pander to weeb coomers or have their community flooded with them.

No. 122419

After a short search, I couldn't even find the twitch or youtube channels for several of these vshojo people. And they really added someone who only uses TTS?

No. 122420

stalkers are the lifeblood of lolcowdom. nobody likes to admit it, but it's 100% true

no objections otherwise though

No. 122422

All these "agencies" are really reminding me of when Love Live was super popular and a bunch of "idol" groups were popping up like Stellure. Mediocre a best larpers.

No. 122432

Do they know the difference between "shojo" and "shoujo"?

No. 122434

Learn to sage and go back to /pol/, scrote.

No. 122435

Same. She has great energy but the coomer pandering has gotten annoying fast. I don't even watch her anymore because of that. Shes a one trick pony and the trick is incel baiting

No. 122438

Hey guys
Sorry for bringing an old topic but
Who tf is this girl? Is this really aqua ? If its true then i regret being her simp(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 122439

The M in the logo reminds me of the Machinma M. Hopefully it's not run like that.

No. 122441

Nah that's just some random girl. /jp/ scrotes thought her voice was the same but like, come on. There's no way to actually prove that

No. 122442

If you search that watermark user you can find her page with other videos, and her voice doesn't sound like Aqua's.

No. 122443

>Am I just schizo?
Yes, fuck outta here

No. 122444

There's no actual way to prove it, so call it a bs

No. 122449


What fucking talent tho? Sure apricot draws but what talent are they talking about?

No. 122460

>We need to make ourselves sound cooler now that Gyaru Gooruh power crept the entire English vtuber scene with her Muse Dash skills among other things.

No. 122461

lmao do these /jp/ refugees actually think they're being coy?

No. 122469

Does talking about taking dicks and screeching about hentai/uwu lewd jokes in a loli voice and calling yourself a lewd and wholesome waifu demon/robot/dragon/wolf/cat to pander to brainrotted coomer weebs NOT count as Talent?

No. 122474

File: 1606342773696.png (11.93 KB, 335x150, Spmx88f.png)

It's not the real logo, anon is just comparing these two companies to each other

No. 122477

Anyone else notice that 80% of the VShojo girls' descriptions and the part about being some otherworldly entity come to earth to stream feels made up last minute? Like they're trying to be more like Holo characters even though none of them really put on the act of said character (I don't think satan would cry about being ill for pity donations, etc) Like Silver claims she's supposed to be a spirit hiding her real ears under her headphones when her design has always been just….pastel goth gamer guuurl shit with none of the new added BS
It's just really funny to me for some reason, feels rushed and forced and their bios all read pretty much the same anyway.
Feels like a "See? We have characters and personalities!! We don't just talk about getting fucked and watching degen hentai and how our parents know about and enable our coomer pandering haha oopsies!! Haha it's called a shuttleCOCK hehe so lewd screech XD uwu"

No. 122478

Yeah I noticed it and agree with your assessment. I also noticed that whoever drew their characters on the site made their characters look more 'marketable.' Melody doesn't have underboob and daisy dukes, IM has a demure loli look, Silver's more covered up, etc etc.

No. 122482

And they gave Nyanners a tranny bod.

No. 122491

Just wanted to confirm if she is moona
insta: https://www.instagram.com/adliya.camila/
twitter: https://twitter.com/AhikaHumaira
tweet joining holoID audition before purge:
original post: https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S29463536#p29465260(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 122493


Got any youtube archives of her channel? Otherwise, she's just another random girl

No. 122494

idk, comment "Hey Moona" on her pics, if you get blocked you're on the right track I suppose

No. 122503

even the og post said it was not moona
what are you on about?

go harass random teen somewhere else, faggot

No. 122504

idk, i would block random stranger sending me dick pics too

No. 122512

No. 122514

Sage your shit jpfags>>122512

No. 122539

Kiara released a song and it's the most boring trifle imagineable. It's not bad but boring. In her post-release talk she was more interested in talking about how "sexy" her art is than about the song. That tellw you everything.

No. 122548

I prefer it to Mori's, it just kinda sounds like an anime op though.

No. 122563

File: 1606418197172.png (229.29 KB, 1231x807, 020202611.png)

You forget though, when this kind of thing is someone's 1st, it gains 100x more potency and knowing the amount of people who suddenly hopped on HoloLive, this is probably in effect.

Personally I'm more interested in chicken's voice pack out of morbid curiosity.

No. 122569

Wait is there a source on this or is it someones headcannon cuz theres nothing in the archives

No. 122577

I think that applies mostly to her normal streams since her member streams are rather nice and quiet without much of that coomer pandering. I do absolutely hate that whole coomer pandering"I'm Horny" thing though since it kind of seems that one-off joke basically drowned out the old UFO girl. Shit sucks.

No. 122584

Sounds a bit like S;G openings

No. 122585

Which ones have the most milk among them?

No. 122587

Honestly I'm more impressed by mori's animation than the singing. Hololive can't even make her sound as good as her previous agency could

No. 122588

File: 1606431029577.png (272.48 KB, 640x360, AMELIA WATSON x ZENTREYA (DRUM…)

Not really milk but Zentreya directing her audience to someone who can actually talk is self-cuckery.

No. 122589

Nyanners. Kept screaming about how no one should call her a loli, how bad lolicon is, reminding everyobe that she deleted her POMF song (based off a lolicon manga where college guys took advantage of a little girl, basically were raping her the whole time when she thought its just fun and games) at least 2 times a year because of how much she wants to seem woke and important, just to quickly end up doing collabs only with lewd streamers (that are on pic related), spending hours on talking about sex and cocks and lewdbaiting people, while again having a loli vtuber oc (persona). She is an american who also turned her vtuber persona into a slavaboo "russian".

Ironmouse has a fake voice, also is hidding that she has a kid (was proven in long interview that was on 1st thread as i recall), most likely pretends to have an illness for pity points because she makes it up her whole personality (aside from being lewd). Melody, Vale and her had a podcast (last thread) where Ironmouse been acting like a desperate attention seeker, treating podcast as some kind of competition between girls as if "who is the lewdest" when others were chill.

No. 122590

Maybe this is fucked up of me to say considering idk the full story but uh….if Ironmouse's illness is real that makes her having a kid more fucked. Especially since she's talked about her mom walking in on her falling asleep with porn on(???) and has to bathe her etc. So her mom basically has to take care of her kid for her while she LARPs as an uwu lewd loli for nasty coomers/pretends to have a OC that is "literally satan herself" while talking about her IRL bullshit? Because what, she can't do anything else for herself that might be less embarrassing, especially for the kid who might later grow up to hear this shit?

sage for sperg but whatever is the lie or whatever is the truth, it doesn't make Ironmouse look good.

No. 122591

Nyanners WKs love to call anyone who is annoyed by her hypocrisy "one of her literal pedophile ex fans who is mad they can't jerk off to something she recorded when she was 16!!!" like…what business do you have memeing about loli porn and appealing to pedos as a minor? I know teenagers are retarded but to blame the fans and coomers when the whole reason you have ANY relevancy today is because of teh degenerate shit you pandered to is laughable. She decided to go back to being a loli voice/character because her efforts to be a "pruffesh voice actress" didn't pan out.

No. 122594

File: 1606432908270.png (82.81 KB, 534x1200, EgGQuBBUYAE5KIc.png)

It's not really about the Pomf =3 thing its just what white knights like to try boil it down to, Its her entire attitude around it and how she just shifts from one in group to another for attention all while being a hypocrite of her previous and next shape shift behavior each time.
I guess not enough people really paid much attention to her between her /a/ days and now but she was big into the whole BOOBS BAD FEMINISM GOOD thing during GAMERGAY.

No. 122595

File: 1606432961931.jpg (35.42 KB, 653x362, EgGQUaeU4AAl_Mh.jpg)

There is also posts by her on GamerGhazi the antiGG subreddit ran by troons and pedophiles.

No. 122601

Here's the jist of the stuff that's not completely invented in that guy's mind:
- Has boundary/attachment problems, probably because of a weird upbringing
- Had an unrequited crush on Hoshikawa which she struggles with to this day
- Has a complicated friendship with Luna
- Streamed APEX way too much to the point of harming her numbers (she isn't one of the "FPS girls" and people started getting bored)
- Did make a stalker a mod and official fan discord janitor

The rest is either reading into things that aren't there or crafting narratives out of comedy bits.

No. 122602

From most milky to least.
>Nyanners panders to loli-cons & coomers and is a big hypocrite about it because she has a "woke" image to maintain
>Zentreya doesn't have much milk except for the obvious reason why he uses TTS
>Melody, Ironmouse, and Silvervale pander to weeb coomers
>Hime is an anituber that almost exclusively makes hentai related content and has nearly been harassed off the internet before thanks to a video where she ironically RPs as a Yandere.
>Apricot is an artist that's seemingly going to be doing the same act as the other girls with a "I'm totally a Lich and not a Succubus" model.

No. 122603

lol, Gura knows Russian well. Because the word "Kitty" "Киса" can be spoken only by those who know the language perfectly.
I am Russian and have never seen this word used in English

No. 122605

That almost sounds like "kissa" which is cat in finnish

No. 122606

File: 1606438261439.png (8.1 KB, 224x225, images (4).png)

Are you stupid?

No. 122609

MB!!, but!! listen to other words on her stream, when they send her rubles in super chat. She answers without thinking. A person who does not know Russian cannot do this

No. 122610

This is not a byte, but this is my thoughts

No. 122611

+She doesn't have an accent yet. She speaks every letter well in a word

No. 122612

She doesn't even pronounce it right. Learn to sage your shit.

No. 122626

Kiara and Pekora are streaming right now. It is so weird when they laugh together.

No. 122628

I saw a couple people complain about "fake voices" and I'm a little confused.

I get the rest of the salt for certain things, but wouldn't it make sense to use an altered voice for a cartoon mascot?

No. 122629

uwu high pitch western voice acting is ear rape, outside of that trannies using voice changes.
I assume people just want natural sounding voices and not hyper high pitch shit a lot of the try hards are doing.

No. 122630

I can definitely agree about the tranny voice changer and really awful fake voices, but I saw someone complain about Ironmouse's voice which doesn't seem too bad to me

I'm not a fan at all of her or her content, but the voice isn't really what bugs me.
Am I just a retard who can't tell the difference between an okay high voice and one that isn't okay?

No. 122631

> Ironmouse's voice which doesn't seem too bad to me
You can't be serious, she sounds like a south park character

No. 122632


Artemis a shit, if that's what you are saying

No. 122634

Artemis sucks and has an ugly tranny voice

Most of the Envtubers seem like ugly trannies

Yeah it just seems like a silly cartoon voice, not really like, a roasting point
I must just be actually retarded though
Her design is pretty ugly but her voice is fine, just funny sounding

I feel like I'm missing something

No. 122637

Ironmouse's voice is super obviously fake especially when she laughs or starts screeching about something. Melody and Silvervale are try hard thots but at least their voices are somewhat normal ish.

I've heard Silvervale has a lot of drama behind her and apparently Melody did some sort of collab with shoeonhead? Can anyone here confirm this?

>Never doing anything under my YouTube name again
If she really, seriously wanted to distance herself from that shit this is EXACTLY what she should have done. But why do that and rebuild your audience/clout when you can simply just come back, pander with more lolishit and make bank off of the lolicons you disavowed?
Like that's the reason anyone knew her name when she started VTubing and she knows it. And then she came back with the same fake loli voice she used before, with an uwu pink loli catgirl avatar, and what? People are just supposed to forget?

No. 122640


>So her mom basically has to take care of her kid for her while she LARPs as an uwu lewd loli for nasty coomers/pretends to have a OC that is "literally satan herself" while talking about her IRL bullshit?

tbf if she really is ill that does seem to be the easiest thing to do and it does rack up the dough.

No. 122642

File: 1606457497946.jpg (255.87 KB, 641x575, screenshot.1570.jpg)

Nijisanji started Nijisanji India… they thoughtlessly scrap that branding and brand them as Nijisanji EN since they all speak english. Now they are being back the original Nijisanji India branding. A proper Nijisanji EN on the horizon…?

No. 122643

File: 1606457682737.png (261.98 KB, 537x304, EnzRKyRVcAEW2-m.png)

Moona was trending……….

No. 122650

Ironmouse is teetering on the fence of funny voice and ear cancer. I've accidentally stumbled on some z-list Vtubers that do the Ironmouse/Butters voice but at way higher decibels and it is hell on earth.

No. 122651

Bunch of one-note twitch thots who somehow all wish they had a voice like Gura or Kana(vid related).

Maybe Venti was onto something after all.

No. 122652

watching this stream Kiara was extreme cringe
There was also no reason for her to translate Moona's "pff" line as a tongue click.
Tongue clicks are considered pretty rude in Japan and it was just out of nowhere. Plus Kiara even said "It's not something good" She clearly did it on purpose or her English is horrendous despite being HoloEN

I know Pekora probably doesn't think much of it, but it just shows Kiara hasn't changed one bit from her jealous idol days.

No. 122658

Over exaggerating a tad.

No. 122659

I don't really see anything wrong with VShojo, people are just mad their anime girls aren't pure and innocent like Hololive/Nijisanji. I won't comment on the rest, but the only one I like watching from that group is Ironmouse because she's actually funny.

I'm 99% sure the entire jealousy thing and fighting over Pekora is just a joke that may have went over your head. Next thing you know, Kiara will have a collab with Moona and people will be confused about why two people that hate each other will want to play together.

No. 122661


Not to be white knight for Kiara, but I think you’re making up a narrative in your mind. It seemed like a normal stream.

No. 122663

File: 1606467392213.jpg (109.31 KB, 633x435, kwww.jpg)

crab is finally debuting apparently

No. 122665

Is the crab milky?

No. 122667


if people unironically believe they actually hate each other, i can't wait for the first kiara moona collab to prove them wrong

No. 122668

Probably. EN market is too big to ignore now. If they can snag some good personalities they can stand against the en branch since nijisanji can easily get permission from other game studios with the influence of Sony.

No. 122670

Does anybody have any of Sachi's old youtube videos archived?

No. 122672

affiliated with domo and the budget shark
go figure

No. 122673

People have similar conditions and don't resort to pandering to degenerate weebs but who knows. Maybe she's also just retarded and doesn't have any other "skill" she could do for a work at home job.

No. 122674

You clearly don't know Keekihime.

No. 122675

Kiara came over as a total bitch. Manipulative, fake and cringe. Especially when she did her little bpd fake waterworks at the end.

No. 122679

Gura's illegitimate sister has a cute voice but it's played up. It's super obvious when she laughs since she draws it out to maintain the tone and "cuteness". I remember watching a video of her and some other vtuber and Kana way of speaking sounds so careful/methodical when you hear an actual naturally high voice going along with hers. It's sort of Nyanners quality.

No. 122693


I think this is the "My brother is secretly a lewd female Vtuber" that Subaru is talking about

No. 122694

No. 122704

it does sounds like a tranny with voicechanger
anymore proofs?

No. 122705

I am not going to be surprised if they actually end up having a disliking towards eachother, because the only thing they share in common is that Pekora is a reason why they blew up. Moona became popular only because Pekora started collabing with her on Minecraft, teaching her English. As for Kiara, starting the second she made twitter account, she was screaming on how much of Pekora's fan she is on Twitter. So I guess it's going to be 'clout wars' now lol.

If you compare Kiara and Moona, I like Moona better because she has a very nice, talented voice when it comes to singing. Her personality is also better than Kiara's neverending whining for donations, but Moona still has her moments.

No. 122711

File: 1606492698660.jpeg (148.05 KB, 511x260, BF72A105-4524-46F4-A45A-555321…)

I still think it’s funny that they created the “first US Vtuber Company”, but their first talents are pre-established vtubers. It’s like America’s Got Talent having Beyoncé or someone as a contestant. I get HoloEN were pre-established too, but not as Vtubers(besides Gura?).

No. 122712

Amelia and Gura were vtubers.

No. 122714

Amerlia and Gura played different vtubers before joining Hololive, they didn't get absorbed into the company. They could theoretically still use their previous characters, like Coco.

No. 122715

Ina did some as well. Seems like it was mostly static 2D avatars but she sometimes used a 3D model. https://files.catbox.moe/s90dtk.mp4

Not too surprised that Vshojo took on existing "talents" because they'd likely get zero traction otherwise.

No. 122717

exactly. that's why i'm surprised at the white knight anons acting like it's somehow a joke that flew over people's heads. even if pekora planned for moona to show up, kiara's reactions were pretty genuine.

The thing with Moona is people call her a leech but she logs on and just works on her own stuff. Even during the collab today Pekora was the one who went up to her. It's clear why Pekora likes her and it's because she does her bit then has no problem going off doing her own things. Whereas Kiara would probably cling to Pekora all day if she were allowed in the JP server.

No. 122718

File: 1606495445218.jpg (263.96 KB, 1440x1440, En1q3RoUYAY2mcF.jpg)

New Kiara tweet(not milk)

No. 122721


you could even saw a lot of her white knights on fan-translated clips comment section
they even try to spin the term of "pfft" just to fit into their narratives

No. 122727

No way Holo would allow that, considering both Sachiowo and Senzawa's characters looked like generic anime girls , in Coco's case it at least looks somewhat unique.

No. 122728

Lol.. everyone is milking Kiara now.

My opinion, lets see wheather she will have second collab with Pekora.

She jump to much on collabing with JP members. While never once collab with Gura. If keep doing that, she might know lots of people from JP but never build deepen relationship

No. 122731

well shit!! I fell down way too deep from this hole lmfao…

No. 122732

Read all through this theres no coming back now

No. 122737

What is there to milk? People just jump onto whatever.
Also Gura collab soon.

No. 122739

>but their first talents are pre-established vtubers.
Apricot wasn't even originally going to be a vtuber when she joined Vshojo, they probably convinced to become one by saying how much more money she could make so they could make more money off of her

No. 122742

So right now if we had to choose, who is the most milky vtuber?

No. 122746

what does "pfft" mean tho? and when did she said it?

No. 122747

we've been in the internet too much my guy, do you think a little bit of gore is gonna affect anyone?

No. 122748

kek, for real. like, I've seen worse than that at age 11. This is lolcow not Facebook.

No. 122752

kek smelly neckbeards trying to scare us. go back to your cave, scrotes.

No. 122753

What's with all the recent gore on this thread?

No. 122754

She just laughed. Kiara died in a funny way so she laughed. It's like when a vtuber wipes out and the chat spams 草

A 舌打ち which is what Kiara said is rude. It's used when someone is pissed off at something or someone. That's why Pekora was confused.

No. 122756

Not especially, she just shitposts all day. She's pretty lowkey irl

No. 122766

I like moona better because she feels more natural. Kiara seems to feel "fake" in all her emotions, like a manipulative mean girl. Maybe it's just how she is and she is actually sweet but I've met so many histrionic weeb girls from germany that were very calculating beyond their uguu smolbeans personality. I dunno. I wanna give her the benefit of the doubt that she is just spergy and was starstruck when meeting pekora, but it came over very calculating and played up. Like when she went all tl;dr on pekora and started crying (only to be "normal" 30 seconds later after pekora didnt start crying together with her like expeceted) and pekora went just something like "eh oggey".
But I might have this totally wrong and it was all authentic and everyone had a great time. Dunno.(no1curr)

No. 122767

Literally no one cares and sage your fucking posts newfag

No. 122769

so, kiara mistranslated on purpose to make it seem as moona being rude?

No. 122770

More like she interpreted it as somewhat teasing and in the heat of the moment wasn't quite accurate with the nuance of her translation.

She was super cringe most of the stream while Pekora was being a great sport about it, but this moment in particular isn't very good milk.

No. 122771

pretty sure the correct term would be similar to how aqua from konosuba (@19 second)
kiara translated to pekora into "tounge-clicks" tho

No. 122778

Yet another V tuber coming Up:


Literally le funny meme page admins encouraged their only female friend to become a vtuber. This is getting out of hand.

No. 122779

Lemme guess. Another selfpost?

No. 122780

do you think the hololive admins/managers/staff are aware of these threads?

No. 122784

>vroid model with the most basic parts

No. 122787

Unless Vshojo has been planned since like August, apricot was already hyping her vtuber model, and while any good company would have already be in the work months ago, none of these girls have shown any kind of planning capability considering how often they change the dates and times of collabs or the podcast.

No. 122797

according to apricot, it was planned "way before ENhololive was announced," by melody and later on started working with justin ignacio

No. 122799

Did anyone watch her stream talking about the Moona moment she tries to play it off but she definitely felt some type of way because that’s all people are talking about.

No. 122800

nope, min? and on what stream? sc reading?

No. 122802

Watch the beginning of the stream starting at 9:00 she also gets mad because the chat was spamming “pff” the thing Moona did in the stream.

No. 122803

yeah, it seems a bit forced

No. 122805

It was the recent stream btw also at 28:00 she tries to make a joke after throwing shade at Moona. But you can tell by her tone she’s mad.

No. 122807

yeah, even tho, as of now, i don't think is milky enough
btw, sage your post

No. 122810

so between all the holos who is the oldest?

would it be rikka?

No. 122813

what else will that whore say, she just wants attention; she squeezed all she could from her earth chan character, but as soon as the next meme appeared she dropped that in the trash, she jumped on the Girls frontline train and mixed it with the Hi Point yeetcannon meme because /k/ coomers liked that, now, she is a vtuber.

Stupid hoe.

No. 122815


i suspect Subaru is the oldest considering now that we know she used to do a MILF character (babumi)

No. 122816

I think flare is the eldest one

No. 122817


"she" makes a man voice when she coughs

No. 122818

Is it now confirmed to be her? Also doing a MILF character doesn't automatically makes her old.

No. 122819

Suspected oldest are Botan, Korone, and Luna. No proof though

No. 122820


Meccha babumi is still active on twitter but pretty much dead on youtube. I think she still stream on another platform but i'm not autistic enough to match up the streaming hours with Subaru's

if someone else is interested here is her twitter

No. 122821

its obvious she just in it for the money, but what I'm interested in is what percent of her earnings go to Vshojo, hard to imagine a 30under30 person would create a company out of the goodness of his heart

No. 122822

Isn't Subaru really young? I read somewhere she just graduated from highschool. Or am I mistaken?

No. 122823


not at all, her tomboy laughing voice sometimes cracks and you can hear the inner MILF babumi

No. 122825


the one who just graduated from highschool is Haato, she studies in Australia

Maybe you're mistaking Subaru's story of when she went on a study homestay vacation to the US, but she never said when that happened, could've been a long time ago

No. 122842


if you listen closely when they were in marine's ship u can hear pekora is getting annoyed when asked to repeat the titanic song when she already started it(learn2sage)

No. 122854

is keekihime move out from jp yet?
or is there another reason why it's not an off-collab with pekora instead

No. 122857

I also know way more people who don't have her condition who would be more than willing to "lower themselves" if it meant keeping a roof over their head.

No. 122860

It's ironic that non-sager is claiming farmers are samefags when it's pretty obvious they're the same /jp/ reject and the other is the cgl reject who keeps bringing up keekihime.

No. 122868


Let the schizos make up their narratives. The stream wasn't as cringe as they're claiming. People just have a hateboner for Keeki, kek.

No. 122871

File: 1606531913028.png (138.23 KB, 1467x955, 2020-11-27_21-51-13.png)

Some actual potential milk
Coco has been suspended apparently to "protect her". What's going on here?

No. 122885

shes anemic and preparing for holofes which includes singing and dancing practice, it's not that milky

No. 122886

nigga fix your double posting

No. 122887

lots of wack baseless rumours, probably a combo of preparing for the featival and the anti chat spam stuff.

No. 122888

General consensus on meccha babumi is it's probably Subaru's older sister, who Subaru's mentioned started a vtuber channel a while ago.

No. 122899

Regarding ages, they were already discussed in this very thread. And this link has more information on individual vtubers, like Subaru's older sister streaming on her old channel >>120375

No. 122900

No. 122908

Pekora just finished a stream and even though Kiara couldn't stop talking about the collab stream in her recent superchat reading stream I don't think Pekora even mentioned the collab once. She just talked about being late, not wanting to get out of bed, her collab the next day and went pretty much straight into her game after that. And that's despite having talked about the collab with Kiara before it took place quite a bit.

Still holding out hope this whole thing is the start of a downward spiral for Kiara straight down into the dairy farm.

No. 122912

Can't you wait until then and not grasp at these nonexistent straws like an obsessed /jp/ schizo? At least you finally learned how to sage.

No. 122914

/jp/ schizos vs blindingly orange chicken second callout.

Kiara addresses the "rude japanese." Basically says it's japanese humor, it's done on purpose, she knows how to be polite, have you seen their japanese collabs, and it's stupid how people are trying to make a big thing of it.

No. 122917

oh boy can't wait for all the cunny jokes coming out of this

No. 122918

Can't they even bother to check for the word meaning if they are going to use a foreign word?
Shojo means virgin, unless they really want to call themselves virtual virgins which I doubt.
This is why western weebs suck.

No. 122919

Can't you even bother to check the meaning of a word before spouting nonsense? Shojo means girl.

No. 122920

File: 1606562864989.png (4.35 KB, 368x64, Japanese Definition.PNG)

Either way it's cruddy weeb speak.
Which goes to show exactly what kind of audience they are pandering to.

No. 122921

>Who'd call themselves Virtual Virgins?
Well "UwU I'm so lewd" VTubers of course

No. 122923

Saw something in /trash/, thought you could take a look. It hasn't been two weeks and Apricot's in hot water.
I didn't see /pmg/'s reaction in /aco/ but it's probably worse.

No. 122924

It's kind of odd how many white knights Kiara has coming here lately. When she was talked about on the wannabe idols thread people tore into her yet now any valid criticism is called a narrative and anyone who says anything about her is a /jp/ schizo.

Are her simps that desperate?

No. 122925

I couldn't give a shit about her. "Pekora hasn't mentioned the collab even though Kiara did. Narratives??? I hope Kiara continues to spiral" isn't milk. It's obsessed /jp/ schizo ranting. This thread isn't for schizo speculation and interpretations, it's for blatant milk.

No. 122928

Moona's also friends with Kiara confirmed

No. 122935

File: 1606575334359.png (53.58 KB, 720x1038, HFNiH1K.png)

/jp/ says moona's facebook was deleted and it's not the one posted here >>121686 because that one's still up
did anyone archive it? it wasn't posted in this general before deletion

No. 122936

apparently her real facebook was posted recently on 5ch, if anyone is knowledgeable to use that site

No. 122945

Yeah, I'm the original poster of this news and it doesn't seem to be anything to get so riled up about. I'll take this as a lesson in not narrativefagging. If only others here could also do the same.

No. 122951

There was talk about her in /jp/ and /k/ too

No. 122953

File: 1606580245399.jpg (195.92 KB, 493x740, frmjpbklklgaetmdqabpowaebraxxf…)

Apparently this is Moona

No. 122965

Not gunna lie guys.. I was tearing up…

No. 122973

Thoughts about this?

No. 122980

Alright, here it is, Moona "dox"


SINGING: https://youtu.be/tsGjgVpClKQ
LIVE SHOW: https://youtu.be/dXi0pkpuox0

TWITTER (BOTH NUKED): CrazzOH (@crazzoh), Nachiko Yuuki (@Nachikoyuuki)
FACEBOOK (NUKED): facebook/nabnabrawr

SOUNDCLOUD COVER: https://soundcloud.com/mimong/iffm-2015-orchestral-mix-nachiko-yuuki-x-mimong
YOUTUBE COVER (NUKED): https://youtu.be/sHoipwD8Wg

No. 122981

>the leech

God /jp/ fags are retarded

No. 122982

File: 1606587809061.jpg (486.47 KB, 1000x700, 1606587079327.jpg)

Shit, I cleaned up the post of schizo narratives, but forgot to clean the image.

No. 122985

soo … anything milky about this?

No. 122997

No..people just requested her info as usual. Moona is the least milky of any of them, she just gets a bad rep because…other hololive etc girls like her and collab with her a lot.

GASP being liked automatically makes you a leech in the eyes of chan sites.

No. 122998

So there’s no info about who Pikamee is?

No. 123008

Though BSApricot/LichVtuber would be squeaky clean but turns out she is kinda milky

>says 'free the nigger on stream'

shit happened a year ago so she can't even use the "It was when I was younger" excuse

>cheated on her boyfriend in a messy breakup which left people who paid for merch to never recieve it

No. 123011

says free the nigger at 9:05

No. 123038

Cringe, she so obviously is serious about having the spotlight being taken away from her. She’s such a subtle cow, gotta love it

No. 123041

Just saying, this completely contradicts the previous dox that was posted here the day before the MC event. Not saying it's fake (although it probably is) but what's the solid evidence tying this to Moona? Although I will say whoever this is is pretty cute.

No. 123043

she started deleting her social media after people found out

No. 123055

That could just be a random person closing their accounts in fear from dozens of strangers suddenly contacting them.

No. 123057

did you even watch the videos? it's her voice

No. 123071

I can't seem to find this interview in the first thread, anyone have an updated link?

No. 123073


Someone had asked if Ironmouse had a kid in the 1st thread but we're still waiting on actual evidence.
Which means that until then it's just a schizo narrative.

No. 123075

So we know Moona and Iofi, what about Risu?

No. 123076

feel free to share, not posted in this general yet
also sage

No. 123080

Maybe I'm deaf. This doesn't sound like moona at all to me. And the second one is a terrible live phone recording, so it's completely useless.

No. 123084

there's no proof, she said it as a joke and the autists ran with a narrative.

No. 123091

in this video she said she's mixed race, the 'dox' looks like 100% indonesian.

No. 123092

moona is one of the most boring vtubers. i dont understand why some are so obsessed with figuring out who her roommate is

No. 123097

I was in the discord server in which Apricot gained /k/ clout; it's the server of the guy who owns a shop called Snake Hound Machine, basically an autist with an FFL license.

There was a guy in that server who admin'd a FB page called "Bizzy marck and the stinky fleet" something like that.

He once visit her in the British Caliphate and they went on totally not a date to a tank museum or some shit. iirc she was engaged back then or at least had the other dude's last name on her facebook; her first name is Danielle and she is a Scott.

No. 123114

https://iketog.com/himemoriluna-zense/ saying she's 26 now.
Though if she really is the oldest, makes this clip kinda weird if true

No. 123119

anyone have the most recent Ina pic? Apparently there's a new one floating around and she's hot?

No. 123125

The Nip schizo are quick. Too bad, they haven’t doxx Ina’s roommate face, yet!!!

No. 123128


It’s not white knighting to think that these takes are literally weirdos imposing some kind of narrative just because they hate Kiara. Valid criticism is completely fine but the nitpicking and stuff is so stupid to read. Unless she’s actually spiraling and posting crazy shit, there’s no real milk outside of her being imbalanced and her “sordid” past.

Can’t believe having critical thinking skills means you’re a white knight.

No. 123130

It's just typical Keekihime behavior.
She should be happy Moona added something funny to her cringe collab.

No. 123152

just compare the way they hit high notes

No. 123153

Cover got completely removed. That's quite the sign.

No. 123157

This. Also that one anon who keeps bringing up that kookihime past. Put that in the wannabe idol thread if any actual milk is still happening on that end. This is about vtubers.

No. 123170

But Ina was exposed already?

No. 123230

I know Ina currently has short hair, are there any images of that?

No. 123257

File: 1606679214674.jpg (330.71 KB, 625x900, Agnes.jpg)

She was, but the /jp/ image where they facedox all 5 ENs has the wrong person in place of her despite getting everyone else right.

No. 123258

learn to sage

No. 123304

File: 1606706387141.png (261.5 KB, 394x645, Screenshot 2020-11-29 191913.p…)

No. 123311

File: 1606706826148.png (710.36 KB, 1280x720, 【歌ってみた】 人間だった ver. Io Kuzuryu …)

>Explicitly wants 2 videos of singing.
>Io happens to sing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DizYhC7jtAc)
How are the Ateliers gonna ghost their friend if she succeeds?

No. 123317

Have you read the press release? Cover explicitly says that the applicant has to be able to sing "as a female character" but that any gender may apply.

If that's not a promise for potential milk I wouldn't know what would be.

No. 123320

Which indie en vtubers do you think will apply?

No. 123321

I hope the sharks applies to get rejected

No. 123323

bao without a doubt, apricot will probably give it a shot and artemis might

No. 123326


this moona appears in the Indonesian student database and 'iofi dox' also appears here
iofi [redacted]
moona [redacted]

both are active students and majoring in Visual Communication Design, but their locations are different. moona in Jakarta and iofi in Bandung. then their dorm is in Jakarta if they really live together.
moona https://youtu.be/9R_8HNBCswg?t=1918
risu https://youtu.be/q0Y-XuaSwqU?t=414(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 123327

I would've said Nyanners, but she's still on a "I just joined a company formed around my best friends!" high.

No. 123328

But so is froot

No. 123330

as if any one of them wouldn't stab the lot of them in the back for a hololive gig.

No. 123331

No. 123334

info is nice, but where's the milk?

No. 123338

such as general no milk