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File: 1610518891513.gif (1.7 MB, 100x100, batshiticonredux.gif)

No. 132036

Before Posting/Lurking: All things featured in this breakdown are factual and documented through public web archives. If you are posting old cosplay photos, please check previous threads to avoid reposting. No tit/chest hole nitpicking. No cowtipping. No doxxing of ex-Kou Klan or anyone else related to Lori or Kevin. Yes, we’ve seen the pockybox, dj ranmas site and the con interview. Archive your links & sage when applicable.

Lori Cerda (Lori Lewd, Lori Lune, Usagi Kou) is a washed-up Sailor Moon cosplayer, infamous for her Usagi Tsukino skinwalking days. Lori continues to live in her delusions and abuse people to this day. She is exclusively seen sexualizing underage characters and engaging with shady companies. She enjoys taking her time draining men of their sanity, money and tanking their credit scores. Cheating, lying, begging to get on PR lists are her all-time favorite hobbies. Despite all this manipulation and constant lying, she hasn’t seemed to improve at any of it. She’s only managed to age physically. She is currently hiding in Utah with her on-and-off fiance/workhorse Kevin Hanft aka KrookedKev / AdollaSkye, coping through retail therapy. Her current “career” is larping as a teenage cosplayer and harvesting money from men a fraction of her age via OnlyFans and Patreon.

Vintage Milk:
>She is known for abusing partners >>>/w/70682, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape and suicide, mooching off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.), manipulating those she deems “beneath” her into false friendships, obsessing over better cosplayers, sex workers and artists and lying about nearly everything under the sun.
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Goes through husbands like pantyhose >>>/w/61095 >>>/w/61095 >>>/w/61157

Condensed Milk:
>Suicide baited Kevin and demanded he cut himself to prove he didn’t like another women all while she cheated on him
>Both her and Kevin are admitted lurkers of /cgl/ and lolcow, often responding to comments made about herself on all forums >>>/w/69649
>All of Kevin’s friends HATE her >>>/w/59614
>Her current kin is Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness. Thinks all cosplayers are copying her >>>/w/71344 >>>/w/71346
>photoshop and snow filter abuser >>>/w/69405
>”vampire” and “anime genetics” >>>/w/67231 >>>/w/68378
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do Zero Two better >>>/w/56943 >>>/w/68337 >>>/w/68339
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it, flexes the “loli” title >>>/w/68579 >>>/w/71079

Previous Thread:
>Lori commits to being a full-time loli egirl despite being in her late 30’s >>>/w/119476
>Shamelessly trying to copy Belle Delphine/Rusty Fawkes but claiming originality because she’s an “oni girl” (she just puts on a pair of horns)
>Kevin is working full-time paying rent and providing Lori all her “business expenses” aka Dolls Kill boots, cheap lingerie, wigs, party city costume pieces and her beloved juice >>>/w/119503
>Lori is reposted by DK >>>/w/120266 , gets comments from Nikki Lipstick and begins her extreme cock-riding to be be put on the PR list >>>/w/120885
>Unforgivable polyester outfits by the boatload, provided by our beloved bishie-san
>Lori begs for uwu gamer girl stuff >>>/w/119567 and an alienware pc >>>/w/121326 so she can enjoy the free year of WoW she scammed
>Defends her shilling DK because she’s a Latina cosplayer who’s faced tons of racism in the community; nevermind the fact she joked about calling ICE on her ex-Klan member >>>/w/59860
>Kevin cleans up his feed and changes a bunch of captions about Lori which is never good >>>/w/120972
>Some douche claims he’s cucking Kevin and Lori is planning to go cheat >>>/w/121021 (Rikki!?)
>Wouldn’t be the first time >>>/w/60012
>The rise of seizure-chan, Lori begins making weird videos where she tries to be moe and, well…….. >>>/w/121286 >>>/w/121444 >>>/w/121613
>Lori’s inflated ego lets out some farts >>>/w/122060 >>>/w/122593 >>>/w/122992
>More nightmare fuel >>>/w/122237
>Typical Kevin and Lori asskissing >>>/w/122570
>Anon questions Lori’s WoW obsession >>>/w/123293 and Lori can’t help but respond the next day >>>/w/123511 and again the following day >>>/w/123689
>Lori might be trying to become a stripper? >>>/w/124331
>Poofeh cheeks become a hallmark cope >>>/w/124454 >>>/w/125084 because she looks like ProJared without maxed out Snow filters >>>/w/124460
>After some ZeroTwo silence, she makes a lazy lewd return >>>/w/124510
>Kevin seems to follow and unfollow her every other day, she never returns the follow or tags
>Lori posts a cheeky video explaining she does not and WILL not photoshop her eyes and that “people don’t understand how much of a troll” she is. >>>/w/125131 convincing only her horny bot followers
>She starts advertising Danielle Beaulieu’s toe beanies socks despite sperging on Kevin for having her as a friend >>>/w/125292
>Brags about being a rep for a clothing line on fb >>>/w/125477
>An anon made remarks about the quality of Loonie’s phone >>>/w/121631 so she responded with her typical vague mention story posts >>>/w/125498
>Her deranged mock softcore porn gets worse and worse >>>/w/125695
>This comment >>>/w/125835 was left on her DK repost
>Brave anon shelled out $10 for her OF, nightmares ensue >>>/w/125846
>Oldfags comes through with some vintage milky caps to remind newfags why Loonie has earned her cow status >>>/w/125871 >>>/w/125874 >>>/w/125878
>Kevin is dying inside >>>/w/126088 but at least he got Lori’s old phone finally
>Lori continues as usual >>>/w/126384 totally unbothered
>Comments on an artists sketch saying it looks like her >>>/w/126393 not conceited at all
>Some stalker oldfag drops hundreds of old pics from her Moonie days
>Lori, oblivious and totally unbothered, posts this totally unrelated picture >>>/w/126626 that screams “i’m not lurking”
>Posts a pic in the dress AGAIN the following day. >>>/w/126805
>”Nothing to see here moomoo” >>>/w/127029
>Posts a selfie from way back talking about how she stays “immortal” >>>/w/127062 like a lunatic
>More baiting lolcow >>>/w/127345 in response to >>>/w/126537 being posted
>An old irl of Lori’s gives us a bit of her background >>>/w/127792 and >>>/w/127834
>Someone (speculated to be dj ranmas) pops up and claims “bullying” >>>/w/127850 then threatens everyone vaguely >>>/w/127855
>Lori literally just gifted Kevin all her old shit that simps replaced for her >>>/w/128728
>Kevin refollows and tags Lori in his bio, surely a sign of stability and pride in their relationship >>>/w/128765
>Lori keeps reminiscing the good ol’ days when she was younger and didn’t push everyone away >>>/w/128989
>Anon pulls up a vintage screen grab showing us a glimpse of what Usagi’s literal cult did on the daily >>>/w/129311 like ants defending a queen, blindly
>A WK appears (could only be Lori or Kevin) on New Year’s to defend their queen and piss and shit everywhere >>>/w/129469 >>>/w/129487 >>>/w/129495 >>>/w/129924 >>>/w/129925
>Anon points out she’s been reposting more often than posting new content >>>/w/130142b
>Lori’s second KiwiFarms thread arrives just in time for the new year >>>/w/130148
>gotta love dem azns >>>/w/130226
>radio silence >>>/w/130326 before fighting publicly for attention >>>/w/130331 >>>/w/130332 >>>/w/130333 in typical Looni and Kev fashion
>Lori hacks up a ~cyberpunk raver usagi~ lewk because this woman cannot go two days without responding indirectly to farmers tinfoil and nitpicks >>>/w/130745 >>>/w/130746
>Verifies her comeback as a Sailor Moon cosplayer >>>/w/130858
>Then drops her most embarrassing video to date >>>/w/131002
>Despite Kev and Lori being down “so bad” they seem to be well off enough to buy more garbage >>>/w/131657 , that doesn’t stop their incessant begging though >>>/w/131863

As Looni climbs the social media ladder and blossoms in her ….. e-girlhood………. The lulz keep flowing like her endless fountain of youth. Will our bishie ever break free? Will Kev simp anon ever get some standards? Time shall tell….

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread #2

Dead Accounts:

No. 132043

File: 1610523181712.jpeg (202.73 KB, 610x457, dramafreezone.jpeg)


spectacular summary, anon

here's an oldie but a goodie. yes, the sign says "drama free zone" lol

No. 132091

Oh yes this is a very goodie. Nothing like seeing Lori make nice with someone she used to mad shit-talk behind their back. UsagiSeion was way too cool for Lori. Great pic.

No. 132227

File: 1610582114046.jpeg (89.64 KB, 749x1129, 52C7126E-6044-476A-B83F-7CC6E9…)

>I look 22
Maybe if that 22 year old was a trailer park meth addict
Looking at her skin, I can tell she has smoked a decent amount in her life, she doesn’t wash her makeup off before bed, and home girl does not drink enough water. She looks dehydrated and like her pores are clogged with cheap makeup.

No. 132228

Also sage for nitpick but upper lip needs a wax as well.

No. 132233

File: 1610583604972.jpeg (99.07 KB, 749x1129, stache1610582114046.jpeg)


looks like psychotits mcgee is growing out her villain mustache.

can't wait for Lori to start tying "inferior" Zero Two cosplayers to train tracks.

No. 132315

File: 1610616710104.jpg (193.29 KB, 1000x1000, zkev-onesidedrelationship.jpg)

She really doesn't give a shit about him, does she?

No. 132323

Guess this was when she was still living in Seattle/skin walking Kitty Varney

No. 132327


Do you know more about Kitty Varney & Lori? I just remember seeing a Facebook note by Lori saying she was traumatized by her abuse from Kitty

No. 132334

her sameface is so bizarre, it's kind of sad tbh. kevin is either looking at her or the camera, and she's more focused on maintaining the one angle she's comfortable taking selfies in and looking vacant

No. 132357

File: 1610638405585.jpg (68.86 KB, 720x719, 125796457_10158470235922420_79…)

NTA but here's a cap from a while back. >>>/w/73106
Kitty was hooking up with Rikki while Lori was with him. >>>/w/73152 >>>/w/73118
Seems like she got a taste of her own medicine and didn't like it, saw her taking up space in the same community on top of being bitter and decided to project onto her. Lori seems the type to keep grudges forever so she's probably still lowkey mad about it.

No. 132680

Is she actually only 5ft? I only now noticed it in her Insta bio, I've always thought she looked enormous in her pics.

No. 132741

About that, she's really short.
(source, have met and hung out IRL years ago)

No. 132754

File: 1610790038446.png (767.44 KB, 512x569, oof.PNG)

please spill anon, i want to know everything

No. 132783

Not the same anon but I used to hang out with her at cons because our friend circles overlapped. Probably comes as no shock but she is extremely wanton for all attention to be on her at all times. We were playing never have I ever and every time it was someone else's turn she would interject and take over talking about what she'd done that was soooooo much naughtier than anyone else. You know, that try hard, must out-do everyone else so I look the coolest because I'm the real life Usagi (this was pre-zero two). She talked over everyone, and she's always leave the room and come back like she had other places to be and people to see but I'm thinking she just hid somewhere and came back because she never was with anyone else on the con floor.

No. 132805

I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming secondhand embarrassment I have from watching this 35yo woman skinwalk a pedobaiting camwhore 15 years younger than her. So fucking gross and pathetic.

No. 132842

File: 1610833252563.png (2.64 MB, 1660x2048, Screenshot_20210116-133852.png)

Nitpick but her fucking room drives me insane. Just buy wig heads or a rack to hang your headbands on and get a net to place your plushies. She just throws shit everywhere and I can only imagine its all dusty and smells like ferret shit and stale weed smoke.

No. 132858

I see that lots of these pictures the stuff in the background moves as like the unicorn skull almost like if she’s trying to show it off
I could be wrong

No. 132870

File: 1610841453213.png (535.75 KB, 806x424, 54436547677.PNG)

'Cute horns'? Does that mean she's giving away headbands made by Kevin that she doesn't want to wear anymore? I remember her (unsuccessfully) trying to shill them. I get the feeling she's going to just throw a bunch of her old cosplay stuff in a mailer and call it a "giveaway" which is A.) gross and B.) always backfires. The dumpster fire grows.

No. 132877

She'll probably give away the Zero Two suit Kevin peed on.

No. 132880

Her photos are so busy. They give me anxiety.

No. 132882

Sameeee it always looks messier than an actual kids room. Plushies all over the floor and look how badly painted the pink dresser is

No. 132886

it looks like there's craft glitter plastered on there too.
this is akin to a tween/teen's room in a gross porno where they make it as gawdy, 'real' and colorful as possible but it just looks like a depressing reflection of what a lived-in room should look like.

No. 132888

Literally the exact opposite of any word that could be used to describe her personality, how can someone who is so proud of being a vain asshole see herself as sweetie?

No. 132899

Whenever I see photos of their room I forget they're adults. Do we know if Kevin has any input at all to how their apartment looks? I would assume they only have a 1 bedroom. Does he come home every day to a pastel pink teenager's room? Does he get to say anything at all ?

No. 132904

every time I start to slightly doubt this milk, I remember that the suit mysteriously disappeared exactly at that time and has never been seen since. She posted one obvious latergram of it but nothing since then.

I wonder why she didn't just get it professionally cleaned. Maybe Kevin humiliated her with this act and she can't bear to wear it?

No. 132905

Of course she shit talked her. She’s a Usagi cosplayer and Scott started dating Usagi Seion immediately after he broke up with Lori. This picture is gold.

No. 132906

Imagine how dirty those carpets are.. She always have shit all over the floor, so I highly doubt she cleans often enough. Honestly, I can see Lori turning into Raven. They both have that trailer trash style of living paycheque by paycheque, and spend hundreds on trashy impractical junk.

No. 132922

File: 1610866717331.png (443.69 KB, 728x524, 6576587867.PNG)

I highly doubt it. She has a history of being a massive space invader. Its something a lot of narcissists do to flex power and control the spaces they want, they'll set arbitrary rules and micromanage just cause they know they can. Everything has to be Lori's way because she lived a hard life and deserves to be a princess. Lori's the famous egirl cosplayer so Lori gets whatever shiny things she wants.

This is a still from one of Kev's posts, based on the carpet, I'm assuming he's in the living room/main room. >>>/w/122570
If it's anything like that photo still, it's barren aside from some chairs and cosplay junk while the bedroom is…….technically decorated to hell and back. I'm inclined to believe that she dictates all the spending money cause she "has more living experience". I forgot this is Kev's first time out of the house, so I'm sure she's using that to her advantage. I wonder where Kev even keeps his stuff since the majority of whats visible in their room at any angle is mostly her belongings. Stand up for yourself and your space, Kevin!

No. 132937

File: 1610878375031.png (190.92 KB, 278x316, holy shit.PNG)

forgive my samefagging i just really need to put lori's real nose here so we don't forget

No. 132944

I actually somehow feel sorry for her seeing this. Not because she looks this way but because of the stark disconnect she has with reality.. Even with how awful of a person she is her existence is just pitiful.

No. 132948

File: 1610887637467.gif (13.73 MB, 450x254, 8d0e7ada023a.gif)

No. 132949

She looks way older than her age.. why?

No. 132957

I mean she is pushing 40

No. 132964

Probably her years of smoking, suntanning, and crash dieting catching up to her

No. 132974

She's so delusional she's been using them filters so long she thinks she really looks like the pictures she takes at home

No. 132979

File: 1610896364247.jpeg (826.22 KB, 2829x2367, A93B9529-2693-4F84-ADD6-F6BD19…)

No. 132981

i mean, they do kind of suck for $70, but the feedback is better placed with the technician than her orbiters

No. 133003

>posting your L like this/showing that you got ripped off to disprove comments about press-ons on here/kiwifarms
Oh, Lori. Never change.

No. 133008

I have no sympathy. Speak up and say something before you leave the salon instead of posting your tacky set on Instagram. This bitch loves to be a Karen online but is too pussy to say anything in person. Have fun staring at your ugly set for the next few weeks Dahhhling<3 You would’ve been better off with press ons. Ha!

No. 133023

Knowing her, she was probably micromanaging the technicians the whole time and pissed them off. Also $70? Overpaying for things doesn't mean you have good taste.

No. 133025

I thought they were struggling financially and that's why Kev had to go and beg people to sub to her? How are nails important?

No. 133032

Because she thinks OF is her "job" and her looks are therefore part of it, she must be manipulating kevin with that so she can look sexy to her subscribers, but she just wants to spend money on herself. Those nails are perfect for her, tacky af.

No. 133039

it's a "business" expense for "work"

No. 133060

Belle Delphine Makes a million a month and she doesn’t even get her nails done and zero two hated having nails this bitch just likes to blow money cause her fake ego runs on fake nails and hair extensions

No. 133061


Since she's low-key skin walking Belle Delphine I'm waiting for her to do full on porn.

No. 133064

File: 1610928124064.jpg (917.5 KB, 2482x1342, wowzerotwoirl.jpg)

bruh those filters are working overtime

No. 133075

Delphine apparently released a porn video on her OF/Patreon. Only a matter of time before Lori does it too.

No. 133091

literally dead, soulless eyes kek

No. 133093

File: 1610935519880.png (178.95 KB, 279x370, cope.PNG)

every day we stray further from god

No. 133095

you know if Lori wasn't the way she was this wouldn't be a big deal but holy fuck it's tragic how different she looks without all the filters and editing, made worse that she genuinely believes she looks like her edited pics and videos
didn't know loli vampire genetics gave you sunken in cheeks, beady eyes and a moonman face shape kek

No. 133096

No. 133099

Next thread pic pls

No. 133100

Still don't understand how this is supposed to be cute. It looks like Chi from Chobits if she had her doll ears yanked off and became a human cokehead. Also, that nose shit looks like a mark from wearing a visor for hours.

No. 133101

File: 1610936426115.jpg (93.04 KB, 720x958, e0ef0bf36e5707c5cf8e95af352a79…)

The sad thing is that she could look better if she just dressed differently and stopped with the retarded hair colors. Also different makeup is necessary. She isn't hideous. She's just average, but she could be My Fair Lady'd if she didn't chase off people with her awful personality.

No. 133103

File: 1610936712056.png (1.23 MB, 1440x1066, 754iyt35.png)

How many filters do you want?

Lori: y e $

No. 133104

Nitpick but not just the blush over her noise is bad she’s painting the bottom of her noise I don’t even want to know what this makeup looks like without the filters

No. 133107

Literally reshaped her entire jawline

No. 133110

Jesus fuck blend that shit Looni! It would take 1 extra minute of her time (which she seems to have PLENTY of anyway) and would make this trashfire makeup slightly less painful to look at.

No. 133118

File: 1610939745004.jpg (240.26 KB, 371x600, 3288688544_9f0e23a4c2_o.jpg)

pls don't do my girl chii like this she already has been through hell

No. 133126

According to her, the pic on the right is a product of "bomb ass lighting." And I guess her vampire genetics. ….sure Jan.

No. 133129

File: 1610944687007.png (786.8 KB, 1080x1080, annie.png)

even here she looks kinda too mature for this character. same with Usagi. there's plenty of ~strong woman~ characters she could easily skinwalk. (so sorry to do SNK dirty like this) but she looks like she could cosplay annie fine with that bone structure. give up or adapt, lori. you're not an eternal loli, but to be fair NOBODY IS.
(side note if she goes anywhere near snk I'll fight her myself)

No. 133133

File: 1610946557044.jpeg (116.92 KB, 822x627, 459CD0A6-104B-45D4-9248-DE7974…)

Lori dressed up for AX yep it’s just the bad lighting sailor moon pose and all

No. 133134

File: 1610946617655.jpeg (580.62 KB, 866x1173, A77DB4ED-19CD-4FEF-9476-8CDC86…)

No. 133135

Who is that dude?

No. 133137

File: 1610950556911.png (712.48 KB, 738x546, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.PNG)

OT but i scrolled past this really fast and thought it was kev and lori for a second. Creepy. Has kev always had his hair white?

No. 133142

Lol are they skinwalking this couple or vice versa?

No. 133143

I would not doubt for a minute that these were still taken in something that uses filters even if they aren't turned up to 11. The images are weirdly blurry and Lori's face looks especially so in certain areas
Hard to call these candids in such a case, but whatever app or person editing her mouth wrinkles.. well you tried kek

No. 133151

If Looni isn't making Kevin skinwalk this couple I am Elon Musk's alphabet child

No. 133161

File: 1610969010812.png (320.67 KB, 324x804, learn2pslori.png)


yeah I agree, the blur/warp on her face/cheekbone/finger is pretty obvious. Lori you're probably at the age where you need your eyes rechecked or maybe update your prescription? or take some mature-age classes in photoshop and graphic design.

No. 133163

File: 1610971610169.jpeg (237.3 KB, 1000x1000, karlakollage.jpeg)

wow, Lori does an incredible cosplay of serial killer Karla Homolka


No. 133166

She looks like pink Gollum

No. 133198

The convention this was filmed at announced their 2021 dates. Assuming covid doesn't cancel it, I wonder how people will react to seeing their ZOMG IRL 002 QWEEN in person now that she's reached peak meitu/snow blur blob. Will she stay home and send Kevin to the con to buy her cheap plastic garbage and then immediately make him come home after? I hope we get to see this garbage fire become reality

No. 133200

File: 1610995755153.jpeg (919.8 KB, 2880x2580, E56D00EC-1BA0-48F7-81EC-5A2F29…)

Just like she’s making him drive her around today she must not have a DL l

No. 133201

This would make an excellent instagram vs reality post. I'm surprised no one's done it, or maybe shooping is just so common in weeb/cosplay circles that it's only called out if it looks unrealistic.

I'm with you. Her instagram is obviously what she wants to look like, and even though she's not awful looking (if you don't know who she is and what she's done) I'd hate myself if I saw a different face every time I looked in the mirror.

No. 133204

she has a DL I'm sure. I think they just only have one car - Kevin's. didn't she steal it before to go meet Rikki?

No. 133205

File: 1610996885228.jpeg (29.38 KB, 260x400, 42ECAC67-E58A-447B-8AEF-FD4DC5…)

I wish he would stop with the non existent chin shoop.. He doesn’t need it he is still young, but for fuck sake I wish he would do something else with that hair!! It’s so 2006 and if he wants to keep it somewhat long but more styled so he can still look like a “sexy anime guy” This style with the blond would look fucking sexy on him! Stop letting your girlfriend dictate your style!

No. 133235

She had a driver's license before she went to Utah but her car was six inches from death before she moved. I think they share Kevin's car now.

No. 133259

File: 1611015595312.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1879, 5C735E50-5987-475D-9AC7-042F2D…)

No. 133260

nta but thats a pretty wild coincidence, wonder if he's gonna go full discount lil peep or something.

No. 133264

File: 1611019334036.png (1.91 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210118-172208.png)

Got that just fuck my shit up look. Meaty eyes.

No. 133265


"Yay it didn't bleed :D"

is Kevin talking about his hair or his arm?

No. 133267

Kev without filters looks like a sad Kurt Cobain. please feed the poor lad, Lori

No. 133268

File: 1611020648796.png (160.67 KB, 1440x1375, um.png)

Has anyone mentioned this account that shows up when you search his username? Did he make a suicide note Instagram during one of his fights with Lori or uhhh

Just leave her, bruh

No. 133269

File: 1611020676265.png (426.56 KB, 460x356, chumky.PNG)

remember what happened the last time they ate? this dropped and then kevin sperged about being called fat for, like, months. kek.

No. 133271

He seems like he’s naturally kinda a wide dude. He would make a great Natsu Dragneel cosplay but you know he’s pre occupied with lori’s needs

No. 133274

His skin is looking really rough. And that hair looks absolutely ridiculous on him.

No. 133279

This seems out of character. Kevin usually spergs and begs for help on facebook. I'm inclined to suspect it's a cowtipper from here or KF, but honestly at this point who knows. He looks really beat to shit and if their game of follow tag indicates continual arguments and stonewalling; he might finally be at his boiling point. Or, at least he was in the moment if he made this account. Either way, cringe.

I wonder what made him spontaneously dye it, was it the skinwalking allegations or anon saying he should dye it? I refuse to believe it was an accident because we all know they check this thread more than anyone else.

No. 133281

File: 1611028211276.jpeg (278.99 KB, 1242x2074, A0D07891-04EC-40B0-85B7-5E6B62…)

Di…..did she get them redone O_o

who wants to bet she paid for them again?(O_o)

No. 133284

Chances are high that she bullied them into a free redo because muh followers I'm an influencer

No. 133306

Oh kevin what the fuck you thinking smh.. it’s even worse!

No. 133312

He looks dead inside

No. 133313

You can bet she was screeching at nail techs that she didn't tip whilst getting Kevin further in credit card debt.

No. 133318

He's never lifting that shit out without going bald if that's permanent black

No. 133346

Strategically covering his eye bags with text
Boy looks like he needs a month of sleep and a home cooked meal

No. 133364

File: 1611068654998.jpeg (262.2 KB, 750x1142, 1570229841606.jpeg)

he's got lori's homemade sal-ad's. he's fine.

No. 133378

File: 1611075212423.png (25.49 KB, 462x578, 89e21-103459478359h438y333.PNG)

Looni hit 13k on twitter recently. Anyone familiar with how much buying followers costs? An anon earlier mentioned her instagram having many bots and socks as followers but her account is a personal one, so I can't seem to get socialblade stats on it. This is her updated stats for twitter though. Which one eats up the most of Kevin's income, the fake followers or Looni's retail therapy?


The longer I look into their lives, the bleaker the big picture gets. Kevin really has no idea how bad of a situation he's in and Lori seems like an eternal cow at this point. I don't think she's ever gonna seek help. She peaked socially in her Usagi days and probably thinks about it every day. All of this comes off as a cope because she doesn't have her little cult anymore. It's so obvious she misses having 5k comment threads about her on LJ and FW, she misses people begging to be her friend and compliment her. She craves the drama and publicly detests it, just like she did as a god damn teenager. Even her "simp before adding me" shtick is reminiscent of all her "kiss my asshole on LJ for weeks before i add you and like your comment" bullshit. Only thing different about her now is her being very forward with only wanting people around for money. This woman is an absolute sadsack and I cannot tear my eyes from this wreckage.

No. 133379

Is claws really an egirl thing even? isn't the how egirl aesthetic not like other girls nu` emo? I'm too old to keep up with what nonsense thots come up with. Also wouldn't it make more sense to pay for a spa/skin care day?

No. 133403

it costs like $5-10 sometimes .. it's pretty cheap

No. 133404

$5-10 for what though? like 500? 1k?

No. 133406

File: 1611084195633.jpeg (455.62 KB, 1125x627, DB59E51E-4E60-4266-BFF1-E5A8B2…)

It’s cause it’s not a e-girl thing it’s Lori thinking it makes her more 02 but I guess she missed the part that zero two chewed off her nails

No. 133410

No. 133411

It’s not, it’s been around for years.

No. 133415

But Lori doesn't need a skin care day - her skin is already perfect because she's a ~vAmPiRe~


No. 133424

File: 1611092519732.jpeg (817.48 KB, 828x1470, 1BB53432-4A9A-4F2F-8696-83AED3…)

Rude and horrifying

No. 133428

this always makes me laugh cause she really just posted this to pad her ego. she's so popular she has to beat the clout chasers away with a stick!

No. 133430

File: 1611097286387.jpg (111.69 KB, 899x1279, IMG_20210119_160058_742.jpg)

She's so desperate to ditch Kevin.

No. 133431

Can you imagine though if she did find a new guy and all he's seen are her filtered as shit pictures

No. 133439

She would be crawling back to her old cash cow kevvy

No. 133447

She’s definitely trying to throw herself out there and find another guy to live off of. Pretty brazen when Kevin can’t buy her a house and she’s with him leeching anyways. I can’t wait for the Kevin posts when she “upgrades” to a new host.

No. 133449


This post is actually really troubling. Does anyone know if this could possibly be real or not? I don't think it's an anon who did this considering how bad their public fights are, but you never know.

No. 133453

Right? I'm pretty sure Kevin made it since their fights seem pretty intense and frequent. It doesn't really make sense for an anon to make an empty account with a troubling username.

No. 133456

I agree it’s kinda stupid for anon to make an account like that For many reasons. I hope it’s full of juice on Lori after the break up but I’m sure you guys are on the money about that and that’s kinda sad

No. 133457

i don't want to watch kevin die, wtf. what is he planning?

No. 133514

File: 1611150314833.jpeg (92.41 KB, 595x394, ZfuehgM.jpeg)

>the last time they ate

No. 133577

I dont know where else to put this but I am a fan of Kevin from his My Hero cosplays and saw what you all posted about his weird account
I could not believe it but I saw it on my own account and started to panic
The only person who I knew was friends with Kevin was Mariah Mallad (@bts.momokun) and she sent me so much I felt that you all would like to see it…
I message Mariah concerned about his account and asking if she had anyway to check on him and make sure he was not thinking of suicide or hurting himself, she said no not really she has tried
She said it okay to show these… I censored Kevin's mother's fb (she sent me i don't know why)and his telephone #
Miss Lori sounds like a very bad person… Nobody knows what to do..

If you don't know how open foldet the password is after #(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133580

Who the fuck are you? You were sent first by moo then by Kevin’s mother? To here? KEK

No. 133581

The fact she sent like 30+ screencaps to a stranger screams thirsty for drama. She sent Kevin's mom's profile kek. She's just as unhinged. Also isn't this technically tipping?

No. 133583

These don't even look that much better tbh.

Sometimes I wonder if she's even watched the anime because she's so far off. The only 02 thing she has right is pink hair but even the shade and cut are wrong.

No. 133584

a lot of people and ex friends of Kevin have come here off of Kevin's facebook and other social media pages without ever knowing about what lolcow is because he's posted so much about it.

i think this anon was genuinely concerned and didn't know where else to go?

No. 133585

File: 1611181547240.png (87.43 KB, 1536x540, adolla 1.png)

I made an abridged version of anon's 37 screenshots. I'm glad momo cares and reached out, even if brainwashed Kevin just responded with stupid nonsense about how many followers he has.

No. 133586

File: 1611181578079.png (64.67 KB, 660x524, adolla 2.png)

No. 133587

File: 1611181740750.png (53.66 KB, 537x554, adolla 3.png)

No. 133588

File: 1611181876528.png (110.43 KB, 266x561, adolla 4.png)

Last one of my abridged version. There were also screenshots of more messages from Kevin breaking ties with his friends and generally sounding strongarmed, and more of momo generally sounding like a good compassionate person.

No. 133590

>went to rehab
>night terrors
>visibly losing weight and becoming more sullen
>through all this is just happy he can buy designer
>complains about followers
>has to make a point of saying looni is successful

that entire novel is a long-winded way of saying you're currently in the middle of a psychotic break due to your microinfluencer gf/abuser and you cope with clothes.

No. 133594

File: 1611182972286.jpeg (349.17 KB, 1125x940, 5C2FC591-6AEE-4503-BC3B-8DCF35…)

Blocked him? They lived together! dude needs to look over his shoulder cause like they live together

No. 133597

Lori likely steamrolls him in every conversation. She never lets anyone get a word in if she can help it. Always been that way.
I'm sure this situation and most others go something like
>Kevin thinks about issue bothering him
>vocalizes that in a passive, on-eggshells way
>Lori barks or stonewalls him
>he gives her time and messages her so it's less stressful for both of them
>she throws a fit through text
>he tries to de-escalate or defends himself
>she blocks him and ignores him
>does god knows what else to him to guilt him
>he caves, apologizes for being a person and not abiding Lori's rule
>she unblocks him and love bombs him
>he spoils her, she is nice in response
>Lori is Lori so she inevitably does something shitty
>cycle repeats

With people like her, it's impossible to 'just talk'. It's an emotional minefield and Lori is always ready to escalate to suicide and violence if she is challenged or feels threatened in any way. She lashes out like a wounded animal in a cage, festering in wounds, rabid, miserable and forever distrustful of everything and everyone she can't eat alive. Classic trauma responses and BPD/NPD shit. It's sad but she has no excuse to be like this and make it so Kev can't even talk to her as they co-habitate.

No. 133604

so that actually is his account. made to talk to her because she blocked him while they live in the same house? what the fuck.

this is horrifying. how can he talk about being suicidal and having nightmares and psychosis while in the same paragraph talk about how his life is great and he can afford designer clothes and he wishes he had more followers?!

wish this dude would finally get a huge reality check. his priorities and his head are completely screwed up.

followers and designer clothes don't matter kevin.

No. 133608

Where is facebook anon at a time like this!? They've been silent all day. No way Looni is not fuming right now.

No. 133610

JFC we've gotten to the point that Mariah fucking Momo Mallard comes of as the reasonable one.

No. 133616

Mariah did try to help him and did physically get him out of the situation before during their first blow up. Even thought she's also a cow, she did know from experience how bad his situation was before they even relocated to Utah.

No. 133617


Can we agree to stop white knighting or feeling sorry for Kevin now? He is a grade A absolute fucking idiot. He deserves Lori in every sense. This guy does not deserve friendship, sympathy, nor anyone's help.

No. 133620

>>133577 and kev anon are really the only WK to be seen right now, everyone else seems aware that Kevin is annoying and just as vapid as Lori. If anything, people are just focusing on Lori's tactics and his little rat brain responses.

No. 133622

What the actual hell kind of response is this?

What a loser toolbag. Way to look desperate, she just asked you if you were mentally okay. A simple Yes would have sufficed, no need to be so defensive Kevin.

No. 133625

Lori probably had her stupid pointed nails stabbed into his neck as she dictated what he had to say back to her.

No. 133629

Damn, Kevin really is too far gone. This is sad to read. I knew Kevin and hung out with him a few times maybe 8 or 9 years ago. We played games online together too. He was a sweet kid.
Can’t believe he’s willing to put up with a dysfunctional relationship with a literal psychopath as long as he can buy nice trinkets and clothing. The fuck?
As soon as Lori finds a better, more well-off man to babysit her she’s going to ditch Kevin. I don’t even want to know what that will do to him. Tragic.
Pre-Lori Kevin was nothing like post-Lori Kevin. Dude is straight up brainwashed by her.

I do enjoy watching all the constant drama tho, very entertaining

No. 133630

And she still isn't worthy of any praise. Can we not do that shit where whenever another cow or flake is brought up in some crossthread drama, everyone suddenly pretends that they're not so bad?

This. Its not as if Kevin doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. He's been warned, he reads here, he isn't some helpless little child so let's stop trying to coo the idiot and his toddler-brained girlfriend.

No. 133632

Who needs a fulltime job? Retirement, savings, health insurance when you have designer clothes and instagram followers…

No. 133639

not WKing, but the pandemic has made a lot of people look sallow and get mask acne. I'be been trying to be kinder in my mind bc of that, also to myself.

No. 133645

I would laugh if this wasn't eerily precise.

No. 133646

write-up with transcripts of all the new Mariah, Kevin, and Lori screencaps


No. 133649

I agree. The sympathy that I had is gone. Reading that seems like they both have an agenda and none of it involves love. He continuously mentions her OF taking off, and followers, I need followers, 100k followers. He envy’s Lori’s growing popularity because that’s all he ever wanted because he is dying for attention because he doesn’t have any.. not even from her.

So I can see this going two ways down the road. If he can manage to get his own following and get the attention of young, hot, and popular girls that is when he will leave, but only then OR Lori finds another simp way more established with a house and tons of money she is out no questions asked. I’m sure number two will happen because Kevin has no balls and he allows a 35 year old woman to hold is balls and does nothing but simp for her when she doesn’t give a fuck about him. That shit is so unattractive. Plus his style is terrible! He has lots of potential to be a fuckable cosplay guy but he dresses in Lori’s hand me downs and he just looks beaten down to hell. Your physical appearance betrays your words Kevbo..

No. 133652

I agree he seems so infatuated with having followers it's sick. He just got done saying how he can’t stand humans then next thing he says he needs more followers I’m guessing he’s used to buying likes he forgot there are humans behind them likes?

No. 133654

File: 1611198646349.png (851.87 KB, 811x592, a little on the nose.PNG)

Obligatory "we're fine" selfie. The Kev and Lori show. She even allowed him to tag her so you know they're cool.

No. 133656

Saged for the nitpick but Kevin’s black hair part is like trump Toupee and it’s hilarious!

No. 133658

>she makes enough that I don't even have to work full time anymore

remember last thread where he made a public post in that con group begging people to sub to Lori because they were struggling for money? not sure which is the lie, but kevins a scumbag either way.

No. 133673

>buy designer

I know this is sad and all, and they both look like decaying corpses but him thinking what they wear is designer gave me a hearty kek

They're broke as hell, nobody's paying for Lori's OF and the cost to upkeep the image of follower activity through buying bots as seen in >>133378 is going to catch up soon.

No. 133675

what "designer" is he even claiming he wears? Dollskill?! lmao

No. 133684

A million times this, Momo is just as 'fucking evil' as Lori is and isn't repentant for her horse shit.

Good lord, his new hair looks terrible and she's looking not that much better even with 500 filters.

No. 133686

File: 1611214962261.png (130.17 KB, 500x541, IITcAn2.png)

I said in this exchange she comes off as the reasonable one in the most sarcastic way I possibly could. Meaning it's pathetic that they are such gutter trash she of all people looks reasonable. No one is defending Moomoo

No. 133688

File: 1611215274429.jpg (294.57 KB, 600x1078, Screenshot_20210120-234341_Ins…)

Kev's *~*designer pants*~* were a whopping $35

No. 133691


where is Kevin getting ideas about "fashion"?
seriously, wtf is this Rainbow Brite cheap ass twink raver shit?

No. 133695

From Lori, obviously.

I’m pretty sure the only “designer clothes” he has are one pair of sneakers that we have already established are obvious knockoffs.
I would feel bad for Kevin, but he’s obviously an incredibly shallow and materialistic person who only cares about fame and followers. He and Lori are both narcs who deserve each other.

No. 133698

her shoes cost twice that… he really is her atm

No. 133709

Every tag on HIS post :

No tags for him? Lori would rather die than ever post on her Instagram with tags exclusively for him. You’re a billboard for her Kevin. You’re just an advertisement for her.

No. 133714

kek, at this point Kevin would be better off joining Mariah's slave group. Sure, he'd get sexually harassed, but at least there's food and his trinkets would actually be designer

No. 133740

>she thinks I’m in love with you

Let’s all take a moment to laugh at the fact that Lori is insanely jealous of Mariah. The whole “I’m amazing” attitude is clearly a front if you’re afraid of losing your man to Mariah lmao. This radiates jealous-of-the-flirty-waitress energy. Are you jealous of his female cousins too? Jesus Christ Lori pls get therapy. Thank you moo for these screenshots, they are gold.

No. 133747

Again why are you acting as if that's a totally unfounded fear? Moo has admitted her fetish for sleeping with other people's boyfriends and she used to do it in high school.

She's still a rotten person. All three of these people are.

No. 133754

nta but Kev has shown he doesn't like sleeping with anyone fat. his weight spergs paired with the fact he's only ever publicly liked or called skinny, light-skinned women pretty is indicative of his preference. If Lori is the pinnacle of his type then Moo is his worst nightmare.

No. 133756

this 100%. The fear is 100 percent unfounded, mooriah is a literal ham planet, probably one of the fattest cosplayers right now, and it's extremely laughable that lori is actually jealous of her because kevin's preferences are obviously the complete opposite. That to me screams that she's jealous of momo's cashflow/following and that kevin is 'attracted' to the following/money (in her mind).

Most likely she's the type of person who's extremely jealous/insecure about literally every aspect of a person that she doesn't have, which unfortunately for her, encompasses everything: intellect, money, physical attractiveness, age… That would explain why she forces kevin to delete/remove all girls from his social media. Her fragile ego can't handle someone being better than her in anything, not just appearance. She's slowly going to get worse too as she grows up because her ''popularity'' is just gunna plummet as she ages, so her grip on kevin will just get crazier.

I hope I have enough popcorn to for all this shit. Stay batshit insane Loni.

No. 133773

File: 1611262617428.webm (95.91 KB, 640x800, 142014971_997936564317421_7567…)

Her hashtags make me cringe.

#elf #elfgirlcosplay #casualcosplay #cosplaygirl #kawaii #kawaiigirl #egirlaesthetic #egirl #mahoushoujo #magicalgirl #pinkaesthetic #sweetaesthetic #longhair #humandoll #livingdoll #babydoll #weebtrash #otakugirl #animegirl #monstergirl #cutegirls #gremlin #anime #animewaifu #dollskill #sugarthrillz #sweetgirl #elfears #bb #sweety

Anime?! Living doll? 'girl'?
Bitch, you are 35, have no assets, no 401k, no education, no family and smoker's wrinkles… women your age have careers, children, houses and skills to support themselves with. Even other cosplayers at her age have homes with workshops/space to do cosplay and crafting.
It tickles me to imagine the both of them tripping over Lori's stuffed animals in their apartment. wearing cheap aliexpress cosplays seething over others having more clout.

No. 133789

File: 1611268324264.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1125x2011, 1FB02970-BB34-4A04-9650-8AE2DB…)

How come she is editing her back so curved? Makes her Look like she has Lordosis I know her back don’t look like that seeing her tagged photos lol I began to think she likes looking deformed

No. 133790

In FINE guys! Except for making a suicide Instagram when my girlfriend blocked me because that’s completely normal, some episodes of psychosis, a few blowout posts airing dirty laundry that leaves people concerned, and thoughts of ending my life every now and then, some of which I make public XD Anyway my girlfriend has 100k followers and I wear some clothes I like, buzz off

No. 133791

also didn't he just make a post asking for donations? lol

No. 133794

The cheek proofing is reaching new levels of insanity. Like imagine doing that every time you take a photo or video and all you do is take photos and videos of yourself. It's not cute Lori, you look like you're smuggling marshmallows.

No. 133795

My guess is she wants to get back to her ana queen days circa 2015. She would boast about being #under100pounds on Instagram. When she left her husband and started seeing Kevin, she gained a noticable 10-15 lbs. She probably struggles to stay fit because she does nothing all day so she uses filters and editing to stay "Loli thin"
Since she's been eating in such a disordered way I wouldn't be surprised if she fucked up her metabolism to the point where even raw vegetables make her bloat and gain like a donut would.

No. 133799

She tries so hard to give off the illusion that her face hasn't changed in 20 years despite her weight fluctuations and addictions lol

That's why she does it, also probably cause all the other egirl poses are 'trademarked' by thots 1/3rd her age

No. 133801

So doesn't this mean he should get cancelled for lying to their "fans" since he is trying to get more money and support from them?

He straight up said they were struggling, what, a week ago? And now apparently she makes enough to pay for all their expenses, rent, food, and "designer" clothes for him?

He should get called out for asking for support from people when other people are struggling, according to his logic.

>I knew Kevin and hung out with him a few times maybe 8 or 9 years ago.
>Pre-Lori Kevin was nothing like post-Lori Kevin. Dude is straight up brainwashed by her.

How old is he right now? Because from what it sounds like, you supposedly knew him while his brain was still developing if he was under 22.

Just because he wasn't in full manipulative simp mode back then doesn't mean he wasn't like that deep down. You can't just blame Lori for him being such a twawt. His words speak for themselves.

No. 133808


Kevin's birthday is October 13, 1993 so he is currently 27 years old lol

No. 133815

Anon, I agree with everything you said, but getting cancelled implies that anybody actually gives a fuck about either of them. We've seen that the opposite is the case.

No. 133832

she looks like she's holding back vomit

No. 133841

She absolutely envies Mariah for her "success" as a lewd model! Why else would she be asking Kevin to get her to unblock her account? She knows if Moo wanted to, her fat ass could fly him to NV, buy him a hotel or lodge him and get him some real clout, not bots. Also I think Lori is lowkey jealous of bigger women because they have like assets y'know? She wants to be the typical slim thick egirl so bad

No. 133842

She could easily have a similar body type if she actually fucking ate like a normal person.

No. 133843

She could even have her desired slimthick body type if she exercised, along with eating actual food.

She has enough time in the day, even with being a full-time egirl, to do some squats to grow that peach. Bitch is hella dumb for starving herself.

No. 133846

inb4 she becomes fit!usagi

No. 133865

She will just claim her back is broken and she has nausea when she has to actually work. Yet in insta it’s non existent.

No. 133869

Honest question, is he retarded?

No. 133871


maybe. he seems like a naturally dim person. Kevin also smokes a shit ton of pot (nothing wrong with that but it can make some folks even duller) and is Mormon - just bringing it up because he might be a "creepy homeschooled kid" sort of retarded.

but yeah, Kevin ain't a smart boy. thankfully, Lori is a fellow MENSA reject so together they might achieve a triple digit IQ.

No. 133882

>is Mormon
didn't know this, lmao I bet he'd be happier if he went back to that circus

No. 133897

oh shit he is/was mormon? how do you know this? would be curious for reciepts
considering lori's alleged hypersexual past I can see why he's fallen for her shit. cycle of abuse does involve a honeymoon phase and she's well versed in sucking dick, what with the previous husbands and the cheating and whatnot. bet those dudes are super glad they're not with this literal succubus anymore. suck your soul right out your ween-hole.
damn coomers are sad. empty their balls and their wallet and not even thank them. meanwhile have an onlyfans? lori must be swinging some good neck.
the cutting and starving side is atrocious but tbh like previous anons said, he enables her. limited sympathy.

No. 133906

NAYRT but I found a ton of his family on Facebook (parents, siblings) and most of them have stuff in their profiles about Mormon stuff which means Kevin was raised Mormon.

No. 133908

How does she look like this >>133773 in a video and this >>133789 in real life? Have filters really gotten advanced enough to smoothly hide her true face shape, nose and body in motion like this?

No. 133921

File: 1611331734897.jpeg (433.33 KB, 1125x1008, 480384AB-24C5-4B90-A982-CEB0A7…)

Yes there is more than one I hear I googled it cause I haven't tried them but I see this happening a lot with people on social media don't trust what you see unless it's tagged lol

No. 133936

The lighting has a lot to do with it. In the videos she takes she blows all her features out with a ring light

No. 133942

It looks like she uses apps like Meitu, I fucked around with it in middle school and while it can live edit your face and sometimes body, it definitely tanks the quality- which is evident in most of Lori’s posts

No. 133945

File: 1611344850927.png (538.62 KB, 804x545, 423810893524645.PNG)

the retards are mobilizing

No. 133951

Did she claim she was in MENSA? That is kek-worthy.

No. 133959

NTA, I don't think so. Reads like sarcasm to me.

No. 133961


lol, no, she hasn't claimed MENSA membership as far as I know - that would be hilarious, though. Lori's narcissism is much more externally focused (appearance, beauty, vanity) than internally focused (intellect, charisma, prestige).

that said, Lori is pretty goddamned stupid as is Kevin. they aren't functionally impaired…but clearly not the sharpest tools in the shed. not that there's anything wrong with a lower average to average IQ. but stupid + asshole = hilarious.

No. 133962

Lol she isn’t going to be able to hold back her insults. One word said wrong she is over as an “influencer”. I also find it weird that she is the only account on Instagram growing up to 4K a day.. she is for sure buying followers.

No. 133965

I was going to say the same thing Lori and Kevin would still be douche bags with a great education just like some people White knight Lori saying she acts like she does cause she’s been abused but There are plenty of people with mental and sexual abuse that Don't act like that it all sounds like excuses

No. 133967

they're actually gone now, assuming she just showed it to kevin and blocked. maybe she learned to keep her trap shut on her instagram and keep the bitching to her private FB.

No. 133971

Also I think momo is fucking beautiful as she is! I didn’t realize that she has 1m followers! Kevin should have fucking stuck with her at least she is better than Lori!

No. 133974

This is starting to sound like Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander.

No. 133977

Come on anon. Let’s not start sucking momokuns ass here. She’s just as bad. The fact that she’s reasonable ONE time doesn’t negate that

No. 133979

I've always felt Lori was the type to do that. Seriously, I wouldn't be shocked at ALL if she killed him or pulled a Michelle Carter. She went from quirky cuckoo to legitimate threat very quickly. I hope normies eventually find her old dirt and mariah's caps and call her out. Nobody will care until some big e-celeb or cosplayer comes out with receipts, unfortunately. Looni is scary.

No. 133980

Moo is botched as fuck these days.

No. 133982

File: 1611361867066.png (Spoiler Image, 140 KB, 797x324, get glasses.PNG)

nonnie pls

No. 133986

If Lori got a real job, she can pay for fillers to fill in her Nasolabial creases and marionette lines so she doesn’t have to make this weird face in every photo and video.

No. 133987

File: 1611368073430.png (316.88 KB, 2048x1191, Screenshot_20210122-181119.png)

Now she's seriously claiming her poof face(tm) has been her signature since birth…she really is the EXACT same person she was 12 years ago

No. 133995

She was posted on Reddit today, Instagramreality

No. 133999

I see farmers or PULLers, that Belle thread OP is repeating stuff direct from the Belle lolcow thread, and ditto the Lori OP

No. 134002

I don't think it's farmers, Lori gets dozens of comments on her posts about it. If it were farmers they'd be making the loli / usagi kou jokes.

No. 134004

there is more a chance than not if someone was born/raised in UT they are Mormon.
I've always thought this whole time Kevin's family must be flipping the fuck out since he started dating Lori.

No. 134005

File: 1611381006481.png (1.11 MB, 790x964, 12305252498325489582.png)

Kevin must have made a minor infraction because she already removed the tag from his picture of them. I went to see if Kev got comments on it and noticed it wasn't there. It was yesterday. Looni isn't happy!

No. 134007

And to think some farmers screech that people are delusional when they say that Moo and Maddie post in this thread.

Lori's desire to never grow up is what makes her an eternal cow, she's going to be a hot mess mentally when she finally hits 40.

No. 134010

Please don't tell me the Belle sperg has made their way here too.

No. 134033

not to play devil's advocate, but lori is known to post non-farmers responses on here. can vouch cause she's done it to me and I wasn't a farmer before that, was around for the LJ beef and was linked here by one when they saw my handle.
also people hate her outside lolcow. this isn't the be all and end all of internet. not to hi cow but she's obviously posted a lot of shit in here, including the random older selfies she thinks are cute that everyone tore to shreds. just because she has no self-awareness doesn't mean she doesn't know how to integrate. she is ancient after all. the cows are inside the farm people.

sage for blogpost I guess but lori is probably as oldfag as you consider yourselves. just more haggard.

No. 134070


I absolutely agree that Mariah and Lori at least have posted in some (if not all) of Lori's threads. The moo comments here are so out of place. As for Lori,I wouldnt be surprised if she made one of her own OPs. She is addicted to attention and probably uses this site to shit talk Kevin and his old friends

No. 134080

File: 1611429937533.jpg (120.53 KB, 789x1280, IMG_20210123_122418_703.jpg)

They're so desperate

No. 134081

File: 1611429967715.jpg (52.87 KB, 1280x815, IMG_20210123_122503_603.jpg)

No. 134083

You know she won’t follow back either. She just likes to add to collection kek

No. 134084

File: 1611430119435.jpg (116.17 KB, 860x1280, IMG_20210123_122717_469.jpg)

Yes come on. Kevin needs more "designer" shoes.

No. 134087

why doesn't she just post nudes already? she could get more money if that is what this is about

No. 134092

File: 1611431675349.png (691.47 KB, 1188x1060, 326264567656.png)

They're desperate cause Lori realistically has MAYBE 8 repeat customers. If you look at her Twitter its the same 2 people commenting the same strings of emojis. Instagram isn't much better.

Why does she beg for OF money on fb like a kid selling cookie dough? She's somehow the WORST sex worker and fucking Shatna exists. The logic….she denies people's fb friend requests if they don't sub but then all her facebook posts are her demanding more money and subs? Why would you be pressuring customers who already paid for your service? She's literally retarded from all the Quick Blue to her scalp and the weed she smokes. I swear to god.

Also a kekworthy spotting: I found some of their sad burners they make for "sexy e-girl"/OF forums to "leak" her OF. Of course its all instagram photos and nothing really leaked cause it's (probably) just Kevin spending half the day making accounts to post her selfies and get 0 responses LOL. She should move to Reddit but then again she just got outed on r/instagramreality, so maybe not.

Pic rel; one of the most active egirl forums. OP only has made one post but checks online every day. Typically scrotes will have a backlog of requests and replies. The fact they only posted and asked for her and they haven't even bumped the thread screams self post.

Lori doesn't actually want to do that cause then her value will rapidly depreciate. She can't milk this like Belle or Rusty did. She's an old bag, the clock is ticking and you can't facetune your labias ten years younger. She avoids it, probably cause she's insecure about her genitalia and the repercussions of diving head first into REAL whore territory. I get the impression that Looni thinks she can still have a normal life. I don't think she understands it's not the nudes that will prevent her from a career, it's the psychopathy and lack of any applicable real-life skills whatsoever.

No. 134097

Why are you self posting to start up old cow beef between these two?

No. 134098

Sage for semi off-topic but anon…do labias age?? can you really tell the age of someone from a labia? I don't know if that's her issue.

No. 134100

wait what website is this? did she post these?
I've heard it from a doctor before that younger vulvas look different to older ones, and that your vulva doesn't look the same as a 20 year old than a 30 or 40 year old. It's just part of growing up, but it's not like the labia would suddenly become larger, darker, or the vagina looser. But just like the rest of your body, your vagina will age. Idk how the fuck hers looks tho, maybe it's busted or something, cause it's not like the change would be that noticeable right? Idk.

No. 134107

Nah it's not a drastic change like that. Usually it only looks very different after giving birth.

Most likely it has nothing to do with her being embarrassed by her vulva but like >>134092 anon said, that the moment she shows it she knows people won't really care/she's become a 'real' whore. Every egirl does this so it's not that weird. The problem is she doesn't actually have any real simps or people who want to buy her bs so the only way she can make any real money (albeit temporarily) is to show herself fully nude/hardcore etc. But 99% sure like every thot she think she's too good for that route and won't do it (until she's desperate a la mooriah)

No. 134109

They don't afaik, I was taking a jab because she loves her "loli" shtick, so please don't read into it.

Its forum.sexy-egirls. She's not been brought up elsewhere on the site and no one's shown any interest since Dec. 2020 when it was first posted. If you look at other threads of people with the same amount of followers, they have much more traction and users watching.

So far, i'm tinfoiling but Lori doesn't seem to have real followers who care. Like i said, same repeat comments from the same two dudes and most her followers are bots. I can't imagine its some random chud that just really likes Lori's chest hole but doesn't want to pay $10.

No. 134142

That's a pretty weird thing for a dr to say. I can't imagine there's a huge difference unless you've had kids or are maybe in menopause.

Also women with longer inner labia will always look different from those without. It makes me sad that we are even concerned about how this part of our bodies looks. It's not really there to be looked at; it's only this retarded trend of camming and self-made porn for incels that has made women think "are my labia too old" or "are my labia too unattractive?"

I'd love to hear from one man who declined sex with a woman because of the shape of her labia.

No. 134150

Her jaw looks massive here compared to her shops. She's at a level of dysmorphic that she consistently outs herself…

No. 134161

File: 1611472911139.png (561 KB, 543x511, 1.PNG)

she has a square ass jaw and she hates it now

No. 134162

File: 1611473109675.png (384.54 KB, 409x392, 2.PNG)

it wasn't until her zero two phase that she started liquefying / slimming it

No. 134169

File: 1611474963727.jpg (75.53 KB, 1080x453, Ss1.jpg)

I don't understand the boasting about designer goods when he openly admits to people that money is an issue.

No. 134175

he's trying to show everyone he is fine and successful enough to own nice things but we know its all a show. he knows its a front and he felt comfortable enough in that moment to break and be real for a sec. you can tell

No. 134176


Kevin "dont have the money, thank you so much to my adorable smol loli waifu for the hand me downs!!! we can afford designer and no I don't cut myself for her we're stronger than ever fighting the haters, btw have you heard about her onlyfans? no, I'm not at gunpoint I'm just a spineless coomer" Hanft

No. 134181

where’s this message from? did someone reach out?

No. 134194

>Spineless coomer
Sad/funny part is, according to his FB freakout in the previous thread, he don't even get to coom in/with her anymore. Spineless doesn't even begin to cover it.

No. 134205

oh shit that's right, "are we gonna do it again" lori responds with a resounding NO literally why is he still around? maybe it is findom or he's just spineless and backed-up. or a eunuch
they're both so embarrassing this thread is hard to check tbh
also the half black/half white hair makes him look even more desperate than he usually looks, can't believe she's roped another one into skinwalking with her again good spotting with >>133137 anon
also isn't lori's real name Lorena? keep her tilted by using her actual name. she hates not being an uwu waifu so I don't see why we don't call her lorena cerda lmao (correct me if I'm wrong, she goes by lori cause she hates her mother and doesn't want to be a basic Lorena or whatever the fuck)

No. 134209

I'll bet Kev gets in trouble if he doesn't get her subs. Few things are worse than the kind of trouble you get in when someone with a personality disorder thinks you're not trying hard enough to please them. His obvious desperation is sad.

No. 134215

i'm no fan of Lori/whatever her name is, but if most people know her as Lori, it makes no sense to use Lorena. A lot of people have nicknames and that's not necessarily cow behavior.

Plus Lorena in the US will always be associated with that woman who cut off her husband's dick. Oncan understand not wanting to go by Lorena, however similar Lori is in personality to that crazy.

No. 134245


Dude has no real idea what he wants. He doesn't want to work a full-time job because working 40 hours a week is just wrong. Kevin also doesn't know how to prioritize. I don't even think he knows how to actually save money.

No. 134252

It's worse this time cause it's real people and not a fictional couple. She doesn't even try to hide her envy of young alt women/rave girls. She's only getting saltier and more deranged with each passing moment. Between her self-hatred and the times anons caught her calling a twitter weeb kid a fat piggy, attacking other zero two cosplayers, she's pretty mask off with her misogyny now too. She's just a seething hag, internalizing her vitriol and cosplaying other peoples more fulfilling lives.

A lot of anons do it so these threads are linked to her legal name. Kinda fucked but also public knowledge, lunacy gets called out eventually. She's had it coming for a long time to be fair.

His mom probably did his laundry and made his BLT's before Lori took him hostage. Dude is only good at skating, prop-making and working retail. Given his family's religious tendency and blatant disregard for his well-being, I'd guess they enabled him to be a man baby and live a pretty bleak and dissonant life. The whole Hanft fam (aside from his brother) seem like doormat retards.

No. 134280

Every cow has their name said. Lorena is not special or exempt from it. Plus what does she have to hide from? She has no career prospects. She’s barely educated as is.

No. 134286

File: 1611548002573.png (873.97 KB, 795x1026, 567357657.png)

lazy low effort trash

No. 134301

File: 1611562334424.jpg (72.56 KB, 640x800, loriprofile.jpg)


it's for documentation and seo - search engine optimization.

Lorena Cerda, also known as Lori or Usagi Kou in the cosplay community, is an abuser.

people deserve to know who Lori Cerda (Lori Lewd) is before working with her, befriending her, or fucking her. greater public knowledge about predators like iota_zerotwo is important.

No. 134317

I am absolutely here for optimizing search engine results on Lorena Cerda the abuser, the best iota_zerotwo. The only real life Usagi kou cosplayer that invented I EET YUU. The Lori Lewd.


No. 134327

Someone should send her history to GenoSamuel so he can make a documentary about her like ChrisChan aka CWC.

No. 134330

For now puffy face will do
And don’t forget snow filters kek

No. 134356

File: 1611605640013.png (607.05 KB, 464x567, 5675367478568.PNG)

face says 22 neck says 36

No. 134357

File: 1611605853045.png (1.63 MB, 1374x824, crazy eyes.png)

This is disgusting PLEASE condition them or just buy new ones. Momo level crusty extensions.

No. 134360

What? Anon you think that stretch of skin indicates age..? Are you okay? Kids can even have that. Its about BMI, not age. Even fat people can have that if they flex right.

No. 134365

tbh i agree with >>134360
i think it looks off cause of the chin and jaw filters, not necessarily because it's saggy old skin or whatever you're implying. looks warped is all

No. 134368

That’s…just a normal neck??

And I have no words for how much I hate this poof pout or whatever the heck she calls this face. Has she ever smiled in a photo? Like, even once?

No. 134376

>face says 22
face says disproportionate uncanny valley humanoid
like, you can't put an age on this bad-CGI-lookin cartoon monster face

No. 134393

Vendetta Chan, show us on the doll where Lori touched you

No. 134401

File: 1611614648732.png (777.51 KB, 609x479, 89798-dd5bb0b954ded7bcb3e8aea4…)

only a few times

No. 134410

File: 1611616494419.jpeg (739.44 KB, 1074x942, 322C9677-5DBA-4743-BC7B-BCF8B6…)

Let’s be honest we all know she would need a better cash cow then Kevin to get her them fillers she wants the average cost is Typically will cost about $450–$600 per syringe saying that she’s going to need more than one to make them deep lines go away and we also know she can’t stop there she wants lips done and you need a good surgeon to shape your lips or you look like a duck with them Micro lips she has
and after that her chin would still look the same and seeing she has missing teeth that is more a priority but still hasn’t done anything to fix it. I guess rave outfits are more important right now.

No. 134443

File: 1611622849968.jpg (145.54 KB, 936x1280, kev-youngprelori1573850163149.…)


pre-Lori Kevin


No. 134462

File: 1611625654859.jpeg (702.73 KB, 1031x939, FB4024BB-A158-4C07-AEF9-79167B…)

If AX happens this year I can't wait to see that holding in a fart look on tagged photos

No. 134463

Anon this is so weird. I found that page yesterday and debated posting it here but figured it had already been posted. It’s sad how hopeful he seemed to be for his future and the hobbies he had. Does he skate anymore?

No. 134472

hopefully she does ahegao so we can see her rotten tooth and confirm the ancient rumor

No. 134486

I get this is the mecha pose but it's so stupid they really couldn't think of anything else to do?

No. 134526

I still can’t get over her nitpicks of other zero two cosplayers yet she is wearing those fugly stapled-in sandal things.

No. 134528

anon it's a "medical" requirement. she has a broken spine. the shoes help her.

No. 134539

how about that time she told a victim of sexual assault to kill themselves? that okay with you, actual vendetta-chan?
kek this, I doubt she'll ever show her face irl again because of how haggard she looks irl and the unforgiving ~not (what did she call it?) bomb con lighting~ which if she is ever caught on camera again will blame. she's gonna sit in that overstuffed room with her chinese plastic-smelling clothes and rot til kevin squares up and dumps her. or until one of them die.

No. 134576

Oh yeah, I almost forgot she has a broken spine after the hundreds of videos of her tweaking out in her room in 10 inch platforms

No. 134581

File: 1611685982628.jpeg (49.65 KB, 827x351, 5AEAFF18-0144-4EFE-A217-1AACCE…)

24 hours and not a single like

No. 134586


Also, like, why does his Instagram profile write-up change every fucking day? Yesterday he was "fiance and adventure partner of @iota_zerotwo" but today it's just "adventures with @iota_zerotwo"

This fucking guy.

No. 134588

What’s up with this broken spine? When did she break it? What’s her medical condition?

No. 134596

Someone should have stayed in school…

No. 134598

She unfollowed him too, they definitely fought and if he removed "fiance" I think we can assume they're not engaged anymore atm. What a surprise, it's only the fifth time they've done this. Surprised they aren't more public about whatever the fuck happened. I KNOW something's been going on though because ALL of Lori's newest posts are reposts, she probably looks like shit and has spent most of her time recently just lurking and berating Kevin until he makes proxy posts defending her.

No. 134600

I'm pretty sure the kiwi farms thread has her pissed. They're bringing up ALL the receipts and organizing it all in very clean and digestible way to anyone can quickly read it and see what a psychopath she is. Plus with momo recently posting what she has she's probably in panic mode. I'm surprised that she's able to keep lying to kevin to make him stay at this point but at the same time not surprised.

"I was shitty at the time, I was young, but I'm not the same anymore! Also half the stuff is not true!"
"They were all mean to me! I was hurt from [past experiences/family issues], I was reacting!"
"They're all lying/jealous!"
"They just wanna cause drama for views/stay relevant!"
"KEVIN, I WAS [extreme traumatic experience] YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!"
"Everyone's lying, like [uses your personal example where you've been lied to and back stabbed], you should know better than to trust them"

These are all the kinds lies and excuses I'm 100% sure kevin's heard from her and probably why he holds on to the tiny glimmer of hope in his mind that she's a 'good person'. At this point he's either going to end up killing himself due to her cheating on him and him facing that reality, or killing himself because she abused him to the edge of the cliff. He's never going to leave her and she won't until she finds a bigger wallet.

No. 134603

True. KF does all the archival and organizing none of us can be arsed to do. I commend them for that, looks like they're doing it fast too. I'm waiting for the day where Looni gets one of the old Kou's or Kevin to DMCA both farms when she's got enough traction socially.

Now that I think about it, the last time she was talked about with this kind of scrutiny was like … 2008-2014. She must be all kinds of messed up about it now that it actually serves a threat. Her "modeling egirl" fame is kaput once the normies find the farms and catch up.

No. 134607

“she’s intuitive and beautiful and a million other things which I actually will not list because I don’t believe them and also she is not those things”
you know it’s true love when your SO can barely say anything of value about you other than your looks and whatever the fuck “intuitive” means in terms of Lori. very heartwarming, Kevin

No. 134630

are you the one who also said she has old person mouth lines from pouting too much? pretty sure you were banned for that. there are so many legit things to talk about, finding subtle signs of aging in filtered photos is not one of them

No. 134636

File: 1611702218222.jpeg (601.88 KB, 2048x2048, 82717EF4-FB6C-4ADF-A9EF-9F7FDB…)

Who is he trying to convince? Himself?

No. 134645

I just looked at the KF and learnt so many new things. I'm legit worried about the pets she has… the poor things have no way of escaping abuse.

No. 134658

File: 1611712588447.png (1.22 MB, 1301x1181, Loonispine.png)

She has complained endlessly about her "broken spine" to get sympathy points and as a reason to sit on her ass all day. She copped in her second Gofundme to not having a spine that was actually broken (duh) but as her "lower vertebrae not being fused properly"

No. 134659

Yeah, about that. I’ve been lurking since LJ days {in before old fag}, and I have never heard of this situation prior to it being mentioned on this board, or board #5, { I can’t remember and don’t care to scroll back}. Lay some solid facts and screen shots of this new story and narrative you’ve been pushing so hard. I’m with you if you if it’s true and you got the proof to back it. Otherwise I’ll continue to assume you’re one of Lori’s old die hard fem simps that never got the attention from Lori that you always desired.
Screen caps or gtfo.

No. 134663

File: 1611714776331.png (234.5 KB, 2002x718, usarape-reply.png)


you sound mad. what a strange thing to be mad about.

why would someone be mad about exposing the truth about Luis raping the cosplayer with special needs and Lori pushing her to commit suicide?

maybe you're really dedicated to telling people the truth about Lori's abuse and want to make sure there are receipts for everything. i appreciate your thoroughness, anon. it's so nice that you want to help people from being future Lori victims. <3

there are already caps all over thread 5. and here's another one for you - Lori's callous and cruel response to the assault of "C":

"theres only one person i need to fix things with, everyone else will come in secend. thats why i dont feel the need to make apost really. it only concerns one person and it got blown out of perportion, but im fine with that and i understand why, but hey, shit happens neh. but once things get fixed there ill think about the rest i guess"
- Lori

hope this helps :)(don't use emoticons)

No. 134668

That's so disgusting. How does that happen? That should have utterly ruined both of them.

No. 134675

Anon, do you have the caps of the post from “C”’s LJ? All I can find are reaction comments and retellings of her story, but not the actual confessional post.

No. 134722

i get the feeling one of them is going to kill the other, i am leaning towards kevin snapping..

No. 134733

I don't believe everything has to have proof in the form of screencaps (we all know how Lori and Kevin fight and delete stuff immediately - for example, I actually believe Kevin peed on the red suit but anons couldn't cap it in time). However, I agree that the rape/suicide story would benefit from some additional sources if there were multiple witnesses to the event/aftermath, as anon claims.

It's not that I don't believe it happened, it just sounds kind of embellished, and the person who brought it up is being a bit of a thug about the details. It's like if we doubt any piece of that or ask for more evidence without calling Lori Satan, we are stans or simps.

Lori is evil but I think that even without this particular anecdote.

No. 134734

oh and samefag, but yeah I really want the original story, not retellings

No. 134736

File: 1611768742157.png (854.68 KB, 2015x2048, Screenshot_20210127-093149.png)

No. 134742

This is actually hilarious bc he had more of a chance of becoming e-fAmOus if he had stayed close to momokun considering Mariah actually has clout and has connections w big names like sssniperwolf. Lori has… Kevin? Bots? And the only thing Lori has going for her in terms of “fame” are these threads exposing her for being a shit tier person so lol Kevin good luck with that…

No. 134743

Also samefag but as fucking if Lori would let Kevin have an onlyfans. The second a more attractive female gives Kevin any attention he’d be shutting it down, unless of course Lori is running the dms which she most likely would be lol

No. 134745

Kevin doing game streams would be hilarious because he’s notoriously awful at video games.

No. 134746

He only cares about likes. It’s pathetic. He needs a real life. Lori doesn’t even have an actual following, it’s all bots. Kevin would probably do well on tiktok.

No. 134764

what would he even do with an only fans? dude you are not getting famous unless you crawl back to momo and still you will be suffering

No. 134766

He could just like….make a cosplay of something he likes? Does he even remember what he likes anymore?
Yeah there are people who get cosfamous for doing to flavor of the month, but he could just like… genuinely be a fan of something and interact with other fans in a genuine way and let his likes and followers grow organically?
He could just make random shit and post process pics and whatever. Lori doesn't actually know how to network, he has nothing to learn from her unless he wants to keep shopping himself into an elf twink and teasing his bootyhole on OF.

Protip Kevin: you don't get followers by crying about how you want/don't have followers. You have to actually like, do stuff that people care about.

No. 134768

If this were true, she would either qualify for disability if it is really that bad, or insurance would cover medical treatment for it, like surgery or other procedures for treatment.

She is full of shit.

No. 134779

File: 1611792847869.png (237.19 KB, 585x696, lolwut.png)

No. 134783

Not attached to dudes? She was married more than once and has been with so many men who the fuck is she trying to fool herself? Also, she could have got a plugsuit to fit with a bigger bust size but keep telling your self that

No. 134786

Is she really trying to get sympathy by now saying she is trans?! When did she ever call herself a boy and if I remember when all that she went down on her trans friend Ender she outed her about her biological gender knowing ender didn’t like to be called that. This bitch is psychotic!!

Also, Kevin has potential. He is young, and attractive (when not looking like an emo kid/the horrible scene hair). He can easily create different characters he loves and take pics in different scenery as well as make a tik tok kinda like how that “bussit” trend where he transforms into a cosplay character. Like someone said whining is not how you get followers, but showing people your passion and creativity is what will when them over.

No. 134790


The fuck is up with farmers lately saying he should go off and be with Moo?

She's been full of shit for decades at this point.

No. 134791

File: 1611795840386.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

>referring to herself as they/a creature
Lori your handle on OF is monsterGIRL, come the fuck on

>I don't mind being called trans/a little boy!! It's not like I shoop myself to try and look "THICC"!! It really doesn't bother me to be compared to those who can only look feminine with excessive plastic surgery and photoshop!!

pic related is Lori rn

No. 134792

The funny thing is The one person that asked her if she was a trans was probably a dumb fan and was curious but Lori went off anyways cause she was offended otherwise why would you care to post about it but then >>134786
Sounds like they got it right cause she says have you seen these creatures? then at the end calls her self a creature sounds like she’s a wannabe trans just like she pulls the I’m not racist card cause she’s was a victim of racism

No. 134793

Also if she wants to be "woke" about it surely she would realize calling them creatures is pretty tone deaf. It's all pretend. She doesn't find trans-anyone "beautiful" and is really bothered by it especially when said on here. If anything I'm sure trans women make her feel superior by comparison kek

No. 134797

They were close friends at one point. Are you new?

No. 134806

because every trans girl is het, right lori?

No. 134813

More amused that people are suddenly acting like Moo would be that much better for him.

No. 134824

NTA but at least she wouldn't make him cut himself to prove a point… she is trash, but lori looks like she is way worse

No. 134829

I only want it to happen because of how much milk there would be as Kevin clout-chases Moo while Lori loses her mind publicly on her social media. Lori is used to cheating in her relationships, so it would be interesting to see what would happen if Kevin left her or cheated on her instead.

No. 134834

With all the Moo talk I’m surprised no one has pointed out that she’s actually in the background of this pic as Akagi (brown haired girl with all the fox tails) sage for ot and the chance of being wrong

No. 134836

Kevin doesn't have to cheat to leave. Moo has plenty of live in friends she pays to tolerate her and do her bidding. Kevin likes anachans. Why are you all trying to make this "happen" it makes no sense. If anything he would suck up to Mariah for clout and do anything up to physically touching her.

No. 134839

File: 1611818278769.jpg (1017.11 KB, 1438x1444, Screenshot_20210128-021053_Twi…)

Nah you're right anon, I wasn't sure at first but I double checked and yeah, that's when she was Akagi. Super weird to think about.

Kevin's such an idiot, he could have mooched off Moo and gotten everything he wanted. A comfy house, not being hit and starved by a gremlin, less financial stress, and the followers and likes that come with having a famous friend post you all the time a la Umbran. All it'd take in return is tolerating Mariah's craziness and lovebombings. He wouldn't even have to fuck her, just deal being around her. Shame.

No. 134891

Lori seething at this fact is hilarious. We know they read here.

Its still retarded though. Like, I get why people would think that its funny in theory but the way that some anons itt are coddling Kevin and pretending that this grown ass man is not complicit is astounding. He deserves to sleep in the bed he made for himself.

He isn't going to leave Lori for Moo. Especially not with how many of you keep pushing it here. They all read here and if anything, that makes it less likely that it'll happen.

No. 134904

I have seen someone post on KF saying people on lolcow all they talk about is Lori’s looks but that’s all this bitch talks about is her looks cause it’s the only thing that matters to her if you call her heartless you’re giving her a compliment she loves being a cunt so when you say she’s using Kevin as a host makes her believe she’s the real 02 yep Lori is pushing 40 soon and lives her life just to play a dead pre-teen

No. 134912

Omfg like one anon mentioned pushing Kevin to date Mariah. The rest of us, as I said before, brought up that Kevin and Moo were close FRIENDS and he would’ve benefitted to leech off her as her FRIEND but he burnt that bridge by ending their FRIENDSHIP for Lori. Do you get it now?

No. 134921

File: 1611859942511.jpeg (544.88 KB, 1125x1906, 71F98364-38C7-4270-8B8C-183193…)

Lori seems to not like it. but she never supports Kevin anyways so no surprise there

No. 134928

File: 1611863520736.png (435.49 KB, 447x647, loridsk.png)

DollsKill shared Lori on their Facebook page. How long until the cat's out of the bag?

No. 134931

Why does she insist on doing her blush like that? It looks ridiculous.
Also she needs to brush her tongue, ew.

No. 134932


it would be hilarious if he really did and OF, but there again she would never let him… unless they are completely broke, which i don't doubt they are, in a sense. I mean since he wrote "we are thinking of ideas" they're probably broke and trying to find news ways to make money. he would never be able to post about making an of and having projects without lori otherwise, unless she decided to sell him herself

No. 134978

She's trying to hide her big nose. Momokun does it too.

No. 135002

It’s because kiwi was saying she looked trans and she lurks hard. She made horrid comments about people being gay in the last thread on her old FB photos using the F slur constantly. She outted ender and made hurtful comments about his brother actually being male. Nasty bitch. She claims she “likes the way she looks” but puts 10 filters on and doesn’t resemble them IRL. Fucking pathetic.

No. 135016

I’m still waiting on the proof of this alleged “rape” and Lori’s suicide soothsayer talk to this “C” person. All I can find is an account of Lori and the kous abandoning “C” at a con and nothing else other than the rape that anons cried in this thread. Can anyone help? Where are all the “LORI TOLD A DISABLED GIRL TO KILL HERSELF AFTER HER HUBAND RAPED HER” Chans with that sweet, sweet proof?

No. 135036

I was a Kou and the rape allegations happened well before the kous were formed.

No. 135037

Nta but that same anon is going to keep chimping until they get whatever they think is hardcore proof by their standards. Its like they expect there to have been a video.

No. 135080

>The F slur
Who let you in here?

No. 135081

Kinda intense to expect screencaps and convo caps from 15 years ago, eh? I understand it's hard to take people at their word but, it's been a long time and people didn't used to obsessively cap/farm back then and even if they did shit happens to hard drives and computers.

So if the caps come, then cool, but maybe it's not realistic to demand them?

No. 135086


No. 135087

File: 1611930256757.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 5CE14CE0-3DE6-49CC-AE2C-3BA5B7…)

No. 135094


Oh shit, i didn't read the name and immediately thought lori was the one who wrote it kek

they're morphing into the same entity: their writing, their shit taste in clothes and abuse tactics

No. 135098

Think she realizes the moment she gets sponsored more people are gonna look into her. I cant wait for a bunch of cancel culture kids to foam at the mouth over her and her many receipts.

No. 135101

I don't remember which threads had the screencaps, but I'm 99.9% certain that Lori's writing all of Kevin's lovey-dovey statuses about how perfect she is (as suspected) because she made this really long status listing all her perfections, and the writing style was exactly the same.

I've been looking for the caps to compare but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

No. 135104

File: 1611938442957.png (1000.26 KB, 2502x1390, C99E1F97-D518-496B-AB23-C8C025…)

I agree but also makes me laugh cause I’m thinking Kevin is in the basement and she only sends him up to take selfies

No. 135105

File: 1611938575999.jpeg (161.38 KB, 633x569, 70CF952B-A271-47FA-8AD5-B83D27…)

Last one

No. 135114

File: 1611943219768.jpg (575.41 KB, 1080x1555, kev-imsoattracted-155954433764…)


was it this one? (there are so many to choose from)

"This girl. I'm so attracted I don't even know. She has basically every good proportion you can have. Tiny waist, amazing perfectly round butt, beautiful legs, jawline that could cut diamonds, sparkling silver eyes, perfect hair, a cute chest and cute everything. No matter when she walks by in whatever cute outfit I get chills. This is probably tmi but I've been wanting to show some appreciation on here for this dino girl, because damn."

No. 135119

this is so embarrassing to read, christ alive

No. 135126

"round butt" Her "twerking" video begs to differ…

No. 135134

imagine he posts this cringe BS in public for all to see and she still doesn't let him hit it. which he also then posts publicly about.

No. 135142

Younger anons itt don't seem to understand that back then, we weren't obsessively capping everything that happened. No one had any idea that this would blow over into what it is now. Plus, >>135016 is being extremely rude towards "C" for not considering how they're going to feel if this is all dragged out into the open again. How they might be scared of backlash from Lori or others.

>silver eyes

No. 135158

It’s so obvious lori proofread this and typed in the compliments hahahahaha

No. 135223

This is true for any other vintage cow, but there is a decade of screen caps and archives charting almost everything Lori has ever said and done since 2002. Somehow this major incident was the only one that slipped through the dell desktop cracks? This whole story is sus

No. 135224

This whole thread is rude faggot wru here?

No. 135240

File: 1611981451722.jpg (499.13 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_20210129-233410_Ins…)

I wonder how she feels being inferior to this cosply couple…knowing that shes not the best 002.

No. 135243

praying this is a selfpost bc there's no way this isn't just as bad as Looni

No. 135245

the only difference is that lori doesn’t have prolapse lips, selfposter

No. 135251

looking like gigi gorgeous and his ftm bottom.

No. 135253

File: 1611985598180.png (85.4 KB, 275x275, file.png)

No. 135254


> dino girl

I know it‘s an anime reference but it just sounds like he‘s calling her an old fossil lmao

No. 135258

How can Kevin do only fans, post on tiktok, stream, or cosplay “full time” when Lori doesn’t allow other women (or men) to talk to him? If he did gain a following she would lose her shit. He only got with her for clout, and doesn’t seem to realize she’s literally the opposite of clout

No. 135284

Megakek. This is sooo obviously proofread by Lori. No heterosexual man would say something like “jawline that could cut diamonds”

Also we have seen Lori’s attempt at twerking, I wouldn’t call that a perfectly round butt lol.

No. 135285

- Aaaand a little touch up on the jawline
- Whoops I’ve injected the whole syringe nvm

No. 135291

It’s Lori as an anime I see no difference! Haha thank you anon who ever you are

No. 135305

File: 1612022963929.png (2.57 MB, 1363x1524, SamePicture.png)

Clearly people who write like this aren't the same person… right? Right?

No. 135314

File: 1612025053184.jpg (146.37 KB, 927x1280, IMG_20210130_094045_260.jpg)

I've suspected it for a long time. In one of the previous threads I mentioned how whenever Kevin promotes Lori he uses the same phrases she does, especially the word "spicy" bring used to describe Lori's pics. Pic attached is from a year ago. Who do they think Kevin is going to reach with these posts anyway? Kevin is cut off from all his friends and anyone in the cosplay community anyway. What's the point of having him post these embarrassing statuses begging for people to subscribe to Lori's shit when they get 2 likes? Lol

No. 135330

File: 1612030369461.jpg (146.54 KB, 899x1280, IMG_20210130_111029_236.jpg)

I don't think this exact one has been posted.

>If you like me, plz sub to Lori's onlyfans

Lol Kevin.

No. 135340

the ' xD ' is very Lori IMO.

No. 135342

How does subbing to any of lori's social media help kevin? Is she using her simp money to buy him crafting supplies? something tells me no.

maybe if she reaches 100k subs she'll finally let him use a corner of the apartment for his own stuff.

No. 135346

wtf, lori and kevin look like shit but this guy somehow looks worse than kevin. he looks like those asian girls who cosplay men and shop themselves into aliens

No. 135387

Probably because it happened offline, anon. And, no one was filming a rape taking place of this person. And, the people who knew about it likely didn't want to post details about it on the LJ out of respect for C, but also to avoid any extra chimpout from Lori who was defending this dude to begin with. Why is it so unbelievable that people would have tact and keep something that serious off of social media? This was a different time. We didn't post every single pube that grew.

You're being intentionally obtuse, retard. You know what the point of the post was, so stop.

These don't look any better.

No. 135389


poor guy is held in hostage or something, when I read what he writes I simply can't believe that he wrote that himself and he probably didn't tbh

No. 135399

"lol too spicy for here! accidental leak xD"

might be the cringiest post I've ever seen so far. he pretends to upload a
"wrong" photo to get more simps for his hag. doesn't he have family on facebook who might see this?

and his obsession with followers is pretty funny, considering this is probably the only time he's ever actually had people following him and caring about what hes up to. he wanted attention, but it's really too bad it's just to see what dumb shit him and lori are getting up to.

you're finally famous kev! just not how you expected.

No. 135509

File: 1612102056183.jpeg (327.77 KB, 750x1114, 28283006-282F-403F-A4BC-79EEFF…)

Vamplette commented on the Dollskill post and like a good obedient little whiteknight Kevin must defend his waifu! 1/2

No. 135510

File: 1612102086047.jpeg (217.99 KB, 750x1100, B5FE14FD-D48B-42E0-91EC-483331…)

No. 135512

She’s right though. Kevin has no mental clarity. Lori has gaslit him to the point he sees his former friends as enemies and sees their attempt to help as an attack. Honestly if my friend was on the phone with me clearly in a scary situation where their partner was screaming and threatening suicide I would’ve done the same thing- call the police and get my friend out of there. Lori has been a horrible person for decades. She didn’t magically change the moment she started dating Kevin. He is so far in denial it’s actually scary. I haven’t seen someone this far removed from reality since… well, Lori. She’s just gonna drag you down with her, kev.

No. 135513

> I never neglected anyone, i simply spelled out you have to like both of us or neither of us

Kevin, you are so fucking stupid.

No. 135519

you stupid fucking dumb shit. if no one likes your perfect uwu waifu maybe there is something wrong with her? i have a lot of room to think 'no this person is being abused that's why they can't see it clearly' but kevin is way past that. when she made him open that huge gash on his leg he was way past that

No. 135522

Kevin opened his own leg for her to prove he loved her while being crazy thinking she was fucking some other cos-twat. They’re both retarded. They deserve each other.

No. 135529

Nice one! I will remember this quote when people are asking for help lol
> also you don’t call the cops on your friends
He sounds so fucking stupid! Wait take that back he is retarded

No. 135570

File: 1612130399324.jpeg (143.21 KB, 514x1044, 61A54C0F-4642-4011-BFF6-8DA6AA…)

She’s just needs to over line her lips

No. 135618

Amazing catch anons, whenever you think Looni can't get more pathetic. Now it's easy to see how all those posts praising her are just self-posts.

This reminds me so much of skinwalker Tsundebolt making 500 alt accounts to call herself hot and I love it.

No. 135651

It’s ok guys. Let him defend this bitch lol because if the shoe is on the other foot she wouldn’t do the same for him. Continue to make yourself look like a complete idiot simp Kev. Your defending a “partner” that is all about herself and doesn’t give a fuck about you. Ask yourself why she: doesn’t claim you on any social media, won’t fuck you, won’t buy you things, makes you work/give her all your money, talks to guys on the side (please see isn’t fucking you ever and your bitching about it this is why), deletes photos with you in it, made you delete all your friends (females to be exact), and most of all doesn’t show you any affection or love, abuses you, makes you cut yourself, and much more. That’s a partner that anyone would love to support their friend to be with. Just seeing this Kevin shows your in denial and I will never feel sorry for you because the second she can either support herself OR finds another man to do that you will be left in the dust by her and she won’t look back. Good luck in life..

No. 135672


Lori (not so) secretly loves involving the police in her fights. Kevin and Scott have been victim to her histrionics and threats that required a call to the cops. she will threaten suicide, threaten self-harm, threaten blackmail, threaten violence, screech like a harpy, destroy property, and be physically abusive to get the attention she so loves.

"Our break up was a really nasty one that involved me calling the cops on her [Lori] at their place because on the phone it sounded like she was going to cut herself and about a week after that she came to my room to get her stuff and ended up staying 5 hours trying to get me to take her back, which was all a lie." - Scott's testimonial on PockyBox

Lori has required police intervention several times over the span of decades. she's a genuine danger and someone is going to get killed in the future.

No. 135774

File: 1612188362615.jpg (114.35 KB, 787x1279, IMG_20210201_070334_083.jpg)

No. 135781

This makes no sense, if she loses more weight she won’t fit into the xs anymore. But then says she gets xxs?

No. 135855

> lol XD I get so many notifications that I don’t have time to respond >.> but I have time to make a screenshot and complain about it in my Instagram story

It’s honestly pathetic how Lori has to flex her size as if it means literally anything.

No. 135871

>Kids these days have no patience.
4 days later only replying back cause someone called her out she’s so butt hurt She’s wants to be a influencer but don’t want to work cause moving her haggard fingers across the keyboard is to much work.dude she’s fucking lazy

No. 135876

To add to that no one is going to buy her shitty only fans just to ask a simple fucking question. She is basically asking people to pay her for questions man or woman! She is insane, and obviously she will not make it in the influencer world because unless to gain brands and such you have to have engagement with your followers so good luck with that bullshit.

No. 135888

>gets so many notifications she can't respond to them all
>fixates on a three day old comment
>send me money to ask a question over DM!

Desperate, only kids would fall for this lmao.

No. 135893

>dino girl
>old fossil
>kids these days
She really does insist on making herself sound like a grandma

No. 135902

very pleased with herself for being an abuser? Why is it strictly only about physical appearances to these egomaniacs. they both need jesus.

No. 135905

this pose in their photo on the dirty ground is so bad sage for nit pic, but youd think they would do a different pose. the fact that its in front of moo makes it even more cringe like lori had something to prove

No. 135974

She's a natural fatty with big feet and probably still squeezes into American XS sizing at best. Can't wait till she balloons up once she has access to food and hydration from a new host.

This, and they're probably going broke from buying more and more followers. Is anyone able to see how much she has on OF?

No. 136002

I feel truly sad that I stuck up for him all NOO HES BEING ABOOSED you anons are right, they deserve each other. especially >>135651 absolutely nailed it.
anyone who follows dollskill (fuck that) give us a heads up if the shoe drops, should be interesting. damn some of this is straight from the udder fresh to the point kiwifarms are cataloging, must make Lori feel super important and super enraged. love to see it.

No. 136027

What’s the problem with this brand? I see it’s mentioned often but I’ve missed the story.

Does Lori have any family or friends except fans? She seems insufferable and fixated on her looks. (Which are a result of malnutrition combined with filters, I don’t find skinny fat bodies hot personally)

No. 136054

Art theft from smaller independent artists like bei badgirl and sugarbones, as well as their ethics. They are notorious for being racist, fatphobic, and support blue lives matter. Pls google and do your own research, this thread is about Lori and the dollskill bullshit isn’t hard to find.

No. 136067

It begins.

No. 136068

Oh shit

No. 136069

File: 1612294775617.gif (972.92 KB, 312x213, itshappening.gif)




No. 136072

I wish the video was a bit longer to include a few more details. Hopefully she will do another one and it gets views. Lori must be fuming.

No. 136138

Oh God between this and KF I'm dying over here and I havnt checked this thread in a while. It was worth it to see these losers thrashing around again like drowning sharks.

No. 136165

File: 1612313327108.png (1.61 KB, 196x66, Capture.PNG)


No. 136166

I bet I know who disliked it

No. 136167

You read my thoughts, anon.

No. 136168

I know the commentator said they wanted to do a brief vid, but they could've expanded a wee bit more on the topics they chose, and shown a few more photos.


No. 136174

Yep lol, and the more hilarious part I’m sure that Lori disliked because she said used wigs lol. Lori is probably more worried about that aspect compared to everything else. Her veins are probably popping out of her neck as we speak.

No. 136189

Is this a self post? It was posted here within an hour of it being uploaded and her channel isn’t that big…

No. 136190

could be, to be fair I've been subbed to her for a while and got it in my sub box today. idk if she's a farmer

No. 136195

Considering the photo used is the one that was posted by Dolls Kill, I would assume she caught wind of it from social media? Lots of people follow brands that are “problematic” that they’re not actually fans of just to get tea to make videos about, especially if they’re a drama youtuber.

There were several comments on the Lori pic when Dolls Kill posted it about how she’s abusive and it’s not hard to go down the rabbit hole from there.

No. 136196

jesus what's with the censored words every 30s? absolute cancer.

No. 136197

youtube will demonetize and delete videos if they have certain words said in them. not the fault of the youtuber but the fault of youtube.

No. 136206

This. Not everything is a fucking self post kek

No. 136213

Apparently on her newest photo she claims belle delphine copies her and looks like her

No. 136215

File: 1612337600732.jpg (58.26 KB, 782x392, belle delphine lock a like.JPG)

I had to go and check and holy shit you're right. The delusions.

No. 136216

File: 1612337633961.jpg (22.19 KB, 302x311, belle delphine lock a like2.JP…)

Samefag but "I'm just more refined because I'm older" lmao

No. 136219

>Billie Dolphen

Reminds me of when a guy online said I looked like "Merlin Monroe" you know their compliment is halfassed when they can't even spell the comparison's name

No. 136223

File: 1612349758549.jpeg (41.4 KB, 1242x423, goodgame-rikki-243ADE93-F6A1-4…)

"Just had sex, Rikki lightly slapped my ass and said 'good game'. I don't know how to resound to this… O___O" - Lori

No. 136224

File: 1612349983102.jpeg (273.08 KB, 1242x1435, backandforth-rikki-3E0B7CD2-68…)

"Rikki keeps hopping back and forth. One moment hes nice and telling me he loves me and all this other stuff then the next hes moody and angry as fuck. He's also being slightly shady with the ex gf thing. Says he left her because he would rather have me yet again he hasn't kept his word and followed through with the original plan. It seems that when I tell him I'm done he goes apeshit and says things just to keep me around and away from Steven [Lori's Husband #3]. For all I know he hasn't left her and hes just fucking with me. I'm slightly tempted to send her all the messages / voicemail from him during one of his panic attacks at the thought of losing me just to make sure shes out of the picture. He never told her the actual situation or that this whole time hes been telling me that he loves me and all this bullshit. When hes mean i think they deserve each other, shes far below me on the beauty scale and if she had even an inkling to the situation shes a shitty human being. 3 of you on my friends list know her though i doubt you would figure it out and you're all fairly new." - Lori

No. 136226

File: 1612350108097.jpeg (263.12 KB, 1242x1627, husbandofmistress-rikki-4D4D79…)

“her [Rikki's mistress] husband doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong. I wonder if she’s as good of a liar as he [Rikki] is.” - Lori

No. 136227

File: 1612350209198.jpeg (151.62 KB, 1242x1251, confessiontext-rikki-288E6004-…)

"He [Rikki] admitted to me the other night that something has been going on, he really should not drink around me. Then I get this. Fucking. Knew it. Both him and MM can have each other." - Lori

"Welp, turns out you were right the whole time. And while I'd still like this to not be posted to your wall this time with my face or name on it, I'll give credit where credit is due." - a screencapped text from Rikki to Lori

No. 136228

File: 1612350294898.jpeg (244.78 KB, 1242x2090, birthdaytrip-rikki-764BEC6A-F2…)

"Facebook. I’m gonna be 32 in a month. I didn’t do anything for my 30th or 31st because Rikki is a poop. Guys. Guys. For birthday I kinda wanna take a trip, but I don’t know if it’s retarded at a time like this. I feel I kinda need it but it’s gonna cost like $300. _ TELL ME HOW YOUNG I LOOK.” - Lori

No. 136229

File: 1612350329294.jpeg (54.46 KB, 1242x499, rooftops-rikki-D5164813-94F9-4…)

“The next guy I date better shout that shit from the rooftops. Rikki always kept me a secret so he could flirt with all the other girls. >:/” - Lori

No. 136231

File: 1612350480249.jpeg (62.9 KB, 1242x484, samebirthday-rikki-E4B566ED-5B…)

“Pretty sure I found out why rikki was trying so hard to use the apartment against me to keep me from going to Sakuracon. It’s Katrina’s (Rikki's married mistress) birthday weekend as well… as it falls on the same day as mine.” - Lori

No. 136232

File: 1612350551135.jpeg (175.46 KB, 1242x2005, rikki-EA3D00BC-E2F3-44D9-B424-…)

"He [Rikki] already cheated on her [with Lori]. I’m not proud of myself in any way shape or form. Trust me. All he did was lie, again, like always. Tell me what I want to hear then when he gets what he wants the story changes. I didn’t want to hurt anymore so I stopped a secret I could have kept going. Thats not living though. I’m sure she’ll forgive him, you cant say no to him when hes sad. Please for the love of god do not tell me i told you so. I knew what I was doing, I just wanted to feel ok for just one second.” - Lori

No. 136233

File: 1612350659551.jpeg (179.67 KB, 1242x1045, ohboy-rikki-D6BFA6DA-6EE7-4565…)

“Oh boy. Rikki had a moment Thursday. Got all annoyed at me over the fact that I refuse to stay in limbo for him. O_o bro. What do you expect. Like. Wat. Told me he was close to ‘making a decision’. WHAT BRO. Sometimes I’m left speechless. I’ve debated telling his married mistress (MM) he still comes around but he always informs me she won’t believe me but like, I’m sure it’s possible to photoshop messages, sound recordings are a little harder to manipulate, plus it’s right off my phone! She posted a public photo of them, and it’s like, do you even wanna know what he was doing 5 hours before you took that… do not play this game. Cheesus. Uhg. Is it 10 yet, I wanna go sit by the pool.” - Lori

No. 136234

File: 1612350728842.jpeg (211.38 KB, 1242x1429, after4years-rikki-336A1069-60A…)

“You would think after 4 years Rikki would cut the shit but he’s still being dishonest and shady. Honestly as long as he’s here for the ferrets that’s all I need. I don’t want to get roped back into his bullshit until he cuts it out though I doubt he can. I make decisions a lot of you don’t like but understand that I have my reasons and the well being of my babies [ferrets] always comes before mine. They are happy when he’s around, they eat more. I won’t be a push over or a hermit so if fun things are going on invite me. If he flips out and decides to go back to his dads oh well. I can’t cater to his bullshit and lies anymore but he makes some things a little easier. Point is. Be honest. Don’t fuck with people and be a good person. Don’t make lies up about the other people just to make your treatment of them ‘acceptable.’” - Lori

No. 136235

File: 1612350766233.jpeg (88.8 KB, 1242x677, bailedonrent-rikki-F4C225B1-85…)

“Rikki just bailed on me for the rent. I can’t come up with the $460 extra in that time frame. I need someone to take the ferrets today for a few weeks please. I’m freaking the fuck out and I shouldn’t have trusted him I know but im stupid. He’s being so fucking abusive and I can’t do this anymore.” - Lori

No. 136236

File: 1612350811127.jpeg (131.85 KB, 1242x1013, gonnahaveamoment-rikki-C052D1E…)

"I’m gonna have a moment if Mr. Rikki doesn’t drop off the rent tomorrow. :| I don’t care that he’s still threatening my lease despite allowing him to be here the last few months. He’s still playing games. Or probably forgot since he’s already got a new GF. I wonder how long he was seeing her on the side, but at the same time I’m glad this shit is over. But I got some last minute anime nonsense I can unload. _ last minute stress, ohhhh yeeeaaa.” - Lori

No. 136237

File: 1612350994041.jpeg (139.45 KB, 1242x1477, tobefairno-rikki-907B6139-7200…)

X: "I bet he [Rikki] got a little dick"

Lori: "To be fair no."

X: "Oh….shit."

Lori: "I know. But. He's never gonna get a beauty like me that is into his shit cause let me tell you."

No. 136238

Stop flooding the thread with irrelevant Rikki shit that is just copy-pasta from kiwi farms you literal autist

No. 136239

I think it's oldfag archive anon back with her Lori folder, she made the kiwi thread.

No. 136241

File: 1612351761616.jpeg (242.41 KB, 685x1327, F7634E25-CCAE-486B-B8CA-068A77…)

ANYWAY now that retard anon is done flooding the thread here are relevant and current caps. Kevin deleted his comments on the dollskill photo but I caught these. Apparently he is claiming his cries of Lori being abusive were due to episodes of psychosis. He needs serious help if he is so gaslit and removed from reality that he believes when he reaches his breaking it’s an episode of psychosis. If anything he suffers from Stockholm syndrome and his “psychosis” is really just him having moments of clarity when he has had enough of the abuse.

tldr; there’s no hope for Kevin

No. 136243

File: 1612352061035.jpeg (236.33 KB, 826x1391, D0EDBDCF-68E7-42F0-A705-C5C7DE…)

Here are the original comments, to which Kevin replied/deleted
>can we stop with the witch hunts over petty drama
>these kids are BIG MAD
>this was all out of context

No. 136244

IG user: you said yourself she’s abusive
Kevin: that’s news to me


Also so much for being “too busy” to lurk a days old post

No. 136245

fuck that's bleak. rip kev, you're too far gone son.
shame he reads here/they both do and they're doubling down, even with the kiwifarms thread/the youtubers picking up on this.
also if this is farmers maybe no cowtip thank, you're just gonna cop a ban. chuffed if it isn't and her aids has spread to normies and she gets deplatformed. unlikely considering it took them 10+ years to deplatform onision. also lori clearly buys her followers/likes just from the state of her engagement/interactions with "fans". wouldn't be surprised if they were her, or more likely kevvo the simp, sockpuppeting to uwu in her comment sections.

No. 136246

File: 1612352851022.png (434.32 KB, 1196x1088, vangelinaskov-lori.png)


Lori must be having a tantrum, she blocked VangelinaSkov on IG lol

No. 136249

They're saged, who fucking cares? You do realize that because of the video people will be directed to here when they search her name right? The more information, the better. That video barely covered Lori's seedy history.

No. 136257

Because it isn’t milk? At least on kiwi farms it was laid out in an organized way and had relevancy? These copy & paste caps were just slapped here with zero context and if anything will only confuse newfags. Not everything posted on KF has to be reposted here, especially in such a sloppy unconstructiive way.. These caps barely touch on the vile shit Lori is capable of. If anything its clogging the thread by overshadowing actual milk and will make newfags sympathetic bc she was aboosed*~ when Lori herself has done waaay worse to many others than what Rikki has ever done to her.

No. 136266

File: 1612365973179.png (1.33 KB, 158x70, kek.png)

Looks like the two of them made alt accounts!

No. 136267

Someone need to screencap the dollskill lori photo comments kevin is going off like crazy to any all negative comments about lori

No. 136273

File: 1612369830667.jpeg (1011.42 KB, 3176x1976, thisshitislewdycris.jpeg)

No. 136274

File: 1612370137683.jpeg (411.29 KB, 1500x1301, haveyoueverpeedonmomokunssuit.…)

No. 136276


Anyone got a pic of Rikki? I've never seen him.

No. 136280

It's gonna be fucking hilarious if she's dropped less because of a small youtuber video and more because his dumbass is sperging out on the post.

No. 136281

So Kevin butting in is not helping it’s actual making it worst cause he has Stockholm Syndrome and no one can take their word cause the trauma they been in you can’t even use them in court cause doesn’t work as a proper defense in court,

No. 136282

File: 1612372087469.png (1.01 MB, 1912x1120, rikki-13Oct2013-1.png)

I love how you can see her twisted mind start to groom him to be her next "Momo-Kun" with this statement.

No. 136287


If you don't like the thread, get out.

No. 136291

Ngl compared to Kevin, Rikki is way hotter. No wonder she cheated on Kevin. Also makes sense why she was always posting about him and openly showcasing him vs how she hides Kevin.

No. 136298

Funny how the second he didn't have a retort, he went straight to poor manipulation tactics, "boohoo you're hurting our chances at more followers, look everyone they're evil and want us good beans to be poor and hungry"

Literally only cares about followers.

No. 136299

Every time I come back to this thread I think that I won't be surprised and yet I am. I'm trying so hard to wrap my head around how much Kevin cares about followers. My dude are you that fucking insecure and desperate for validation, holy shit.

No. 136305

I’m the one who posted it, I just caught the video early in my sub box and thought to share, just to clear it up that it wasn’t a selfpost

No. 136313

Does anyone know where her precious babies went?

No. 136314

What are the videos to this? Could you post them so we can see?

No. 136320

>Ngl compared to Kevin, Rikki is way hotter.
I get that Kevin looks like a crackhead emo kid, but Rick here is like the chubby dude working at the spencer's in the local mall at best. Was Scott the only decent looking dude she ever pulled? I get she's crazy, but imagine letting yourself get cheated on by that.

No. 136326


Makes me wonder if it's Loony herself sockpuppeting as Kevin on these comments defending her as well.

No. 136332

Why can't anons here go ten messages on this thread without elaborating about their sexual attraction to these cows? So gross.

Kevin is such a horrible friend for throwing momokun under the bus after she checked on him for his suicidal tease. Yet he still claims to be ghosted by his friends, how much attention does this toddler needs? I'm starting to think he loves being with Lori because she gives him negative attention and an excuse to victimize himself on the internet. What a sad existence.

No. 136338

File: 1612396239176.jpeg (864.84 KB, 1125x1947, 2F318971-7413-40E1-9F25-7BD565…)

Hahaha maybe if you need to eat don’t buy 100 dollar platforms

No. 136340

File: 1612396700370.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1849, 9F945C17-543B-40AE-90D1-B53963…)

So this one was posted right after the one him saying he’s going hungry it’s at that 5-hour mark lol dude quit buying junk! I guess Kevin you mean your hungry for attention? Gotta get them likes wow 3 dude you winning in life

No. 136341

Lol y’all don’t even eat so why are u crying

No. 136342

It’s hard for bots to unfollow, kev.

No. 136343

This is deluded thinking on his part. Who is abusing him and why is it suddenly about him? People are bringing awareness to what a crazy person Loonie is but he cant stand back and shut up so he gets it thrown back at him.

Of course she still has 100k, the majority are fake views and the rest aren't looking at her except for a few who are so desperate they dont care.

I'm shocked he says her "modeling" is payingvtheur Bill's. Doesnt he blatantly say many times he works and pays for it all? With his recent admition that she wont even sleep with him you'd think he would realize he's being used. How is he in love with her? She's clearly not in love with him. At least she screwed Rikki to live in their apartment. Kevin gets nothing but keeps on defending her.

As for her "Modeling" these crappy pictures in the dumpy apartment filtered to high hell is NOT MODELING.Everything she posts is based on a lie. If she were ever not in control of the pics or she actually had to meet with someone it would be over in a second. This shared delusion is insanity.

No. 136344

Kevin should have kept his mouth shut with the replies lol. He looks like a complete IDIOT!! he follows this fucking thread has he not see all the screen caps?! He just ruined himself from ever gaining a following because he looks like a straight up simp protection his 5’0 35 year old girl who has enough abusive receipts to write a book! There is a reason why Lori is quite because she can’t fucking manipulate her way out of this Kevin needs to do the same.

No. 136345

Loving Kev ruining any chances she has for sponsorships before she can even get them. No one wants to buy from a company whose influencer's bf is having autistic tantrums because of her dicy past being brought up. You'd think Lori would have some sense to tell Kev to STFU but she's just as far up her own ass and sees no issue with it fucking kek.

No. 136349


Reading that after seeing >>132948 really brought the keks.

This old crone has never been and will never be a model, much less an egirl.

No. 136350

The dude is emotionally manipulative I don't understand how can people sympathize with this attention hoe ot make up excuses for his behaviors.
"It's not us who should be cancelled, it's the people who are trying to expose our lies. Attention cosplayers, if you don't DM me asking about their identity to block them, that means you support them and want us to starve and struggle financially"

No. 136353

Nobody knew you ‘only for making props’. Nobody even knew who the fuck you were before Lori. And to be clear: people know you in a bad way now. He makes every situation about himself somehow, he is always the victim. It’s all making sense now. And paid bots don’t unfollow accounts. For having 100K why doesn’t she have more likes? On her FB her posts get maybe 5 likes lately.

No. 136355

>she's been blowing up instead of blowing her mouth
Lmfao ok kevin

No. 136363

Who is the hell is he talking too with 1 like in 5 hours?


He wont call out anyone. He has no clue who it is.

No. 136364

"100k" yeah of bots. Sad how even Dolls Kill posting her didn't increase her following by much topkek. And again, only cares about following. Let's see how much that matters when you're elderly and still living with your parents while Loonie kicks your cane out from under you while laughing and cussing you out, making you injure your flesh for her. And still withholding granny sex the same time that she's cheating on you too, lmao.

He could easily get the "friend" logged out if he just changed his password but he's dumb af.

"Spreading lies" there's literally so much proof that it's even asinine that he claim that they're lies.

"I repeat, these people don't want to see us eat" Eat what? The lettuce pieces and tomato slice that Lori threw on a plate for you? I'm crying laughing.

His hair looks like a bad Snapchat filter that didn't quite catch all of the hair. Dude looks miserable af, there is no life behind those eyes. Guess Lori's gotta suck 'em dry before she moves on. He probably peed on her suit because she fucked Rikki while wearing it topkek

Blowing up on you and blowing her mouth on Rikki's dick and in every goddamn unoriginal drug-addict lookin' picture she's posted. How do you expect to grow on social media when you've got one facial expression in every photo? These two are so fucking stupid that they have the intelligence of a baby neanderthal.

It's also fucking hilarious that he barely ever gets any interaction on any of his posts. How's that social media growth going, Kev? Lmfao stay mad. This is great entertainment, I hope they keep it coming.

No. 136366

I'm confused about why he's blaming cosplayers for the "witch hunt?"

If anything, shouldn't he be blaming the YouTuber who made the video? That's where any sort of witch hunt would have come from.

No. 136367

Not a big fan of whatever is on the YTers nose, but seeing her youthful face next to Lorena's elderly thot face that photoshop can't even hide are fucking gold. How are those "vampire genetics" going Lor? She looks like she's melting.

No. 136374

He's likely impotently sperging about Moomookunt, Mootchlette, and their friends. Moo posting receipts for the "concerned anon" who contacted her ""with concern for Kevin"" kicked off this new round of people being aware Lori is shit.

No. 136375

File: 1612404594498.jpeg (292.4 KB, 1242x1449, ED6D80F5-9591-4280-90A8-C08B7C…)

Jesus someone help this man. I think word is getting around and he’s sperging at anyone who is talking about it.

No. 136377

Has looni even addressed the Vangelina video at all other than blocking her?? kev really is a bigger cow at this point. he can’t sit back and watch anything and always has to get involved and comment on every single post. why does he do this?

No. 136380

Kevin is acting like an old hag with their precious kid making their kid live out their dreams cause they are too much of a fucking loser to go do it themselves. don’t worry Kevin this backlash is all the attention you're ever going to get douche!

No. 136382

To prove to his smol bean eternal loli queen he's a good boy who deserves dinner tonight. Guy's gotta eat before he goes for another 12 hour shift to pay down whatever holographic shit she graces him with on his maxed out credit card.

No. 136383

File: 1612406663563.jpeg (366.72 KB, 1125x1257, 76133CA9-F927-4CF4-BB3C-54F622…)

Are you fucking real? Dang Lori, you're a real cunt

No. 136384

I'm taller than that and at that weight, extra small clothes were too loose on me. She's just trying to act superior, as if being XS is an accomplishment topkek

No. 136387

When I saw the dress on dolls kill it said the model wearing it is 5’8 in a small. Idk how tall Lori is but someone 5’4 probably isn’t a big difference

No. 136396

In the retail marketing industry, they clip and pin things back to make the clothing look better and more buyable in the photoshoots, so it doesn't even matter what size it says that the model is wearing in the description. Not trying to sound condescending, just sharing what I've witnessed from many shoots. She could be wearing a small, but it could be adjusted to basically an extra small in the shoot.

No. 136397

File: 1612418744527.jpeg (189.18 KB, 1242x1871, biggirls.jpeg)

Lol I love it when I piss off the 'big' girls so they send their room mate and like, 2 incels, to attack. Not liking someone because of your jealousy doesn't give you the right to bully them. Now you gonna learn. Everytime someone signs up on OF, these girls get a wrinkle.

No. 136399

File: 1612419918291.jpeg (94.29 KB, 933x710, AB6314E4-7A34-4EAC-B498-DD5AFA…)

Holy shit, she is such a fucking bitch!!! She thinks people are jealous of her?? What that she saw when the meteor killed the dinosaurs? That the Nile river is jealous of the fucking deep eye crevices on her face? That she saw Lincoln get assassinated? Fuck me

No. 136402

Remember when she claimed to be "body positive" lmaoooo

Also Loonie, a lot of us are actually smaller and thinner than your delusional, bloated, skinny-fat ass. We're not automatically "big" ugly girls just because we're calling you out. Some, if not all, of us are way prettier than you even (tbh it doesn't take much to be those things… I mean, really; look at you).

We just don't stand for your abusive shit and like to document it so you can't continue to get away with it. God forbid that you actually have to get a real job and pay for your own shit instead of leeching!

And besides, it's fun to gossip. Think of it as a hobby to do when we're bored. We're not sitting and waiting for you all day, you're not important. It's just like checking your phone as entertainment while on the toilet or something.

You like to abuse Kevin as a hobby, and we like to keep the paper trail. It's simple, really. Any nitwit can pick up on that.

P.S. You're not fooling anyone with that puffed out face. We can still see your wrinkles from outer space, we know what your face actually looks like. Your post sounded like projection to me. Maybe smooth your face out a little more next time. It's not very "kawaii loli" to have heavy set and dark eyebags, along with wrinkled laugh lines.

Pack it up granny, it's time to act your age before you throw out a hip doing your Silent Hill nurse twitching or something.

No. 136405

Also topkek that she's putting this out there for people who don't even know about this shit to go looking it up. She's basically screwing herself over. What a fucking idiot.

No. 136406

her hip is gonna give out on her way out the door kek!!! Grandma is gonna need a walker like Weinstein.

No. 136408


Her projection is strong on this one.

I wonder if she's actually a lot bigger than her shoops and that's why we only see over-filtered edits and bizarre angles.

The cope by making hundreds of statements that she's not a fatty is a tell.

No. 136410

>>136402 high five to that!
I love how she’s pulling the jealous card cause she’s so insecure there is nothing else she thinks about her brain must be a size of a peanut

No. 136411

loooove how she made a point to promote 'body positive' people on her twitter and then in private is still a gross body shamer and anybody who talks any shit about her is a "big girl" why out yourself like this?

DK is a shit brand but they should probably know that she's out here making fun of fat girls when they cater to plus size too.

No. 136413

Haha sorry but I don’t wanna look like a skinny white girl and if I was jealous or if these people were jealous wouldn’t we be attacking people to be jealous of aka Beyoncé someone with real beauty money and a family, oh and she also has 164M followers so your not going to beat that cause that’s what these loser care about

No. 136428

The Beyonce stans have…uh arrived in Lori's thread? What does Beyonce have to do with Lori?
And people can be jealous of anyone regardless of followers + most celebrities have swarms of fake/bot followers the same as every e-thot or influencer, so bringing up a follower number like it actually means anything or is an accurate count of actual following is naive.

The reason people don't need to be jealous of Lori is
>Snow/meitu'd into a blurry ghost
>A nasty personality without an ounce of sweetness

Not because she's…not Beyonce? Also not the Queen of England or former first lady Michelle Obama?

No. 136429

Kevin, the comments are ALL still there, as well as new ones. You can’t see them anymore because you reported them you dumb fuck.

No. 136431

>Never been happier
>Looks like he's one poke in the ribs away from bursting into tears

Ok Kevin

No. 136434

File: 1612435141388.jpg (7.75 KB, 274x184, loriandkevsmolbeans.jpg)

agreed, anyone who shouts about beyonce being kween is smooth brained as hell
lori is just pathetic, no need to compare her to beyonce. if anything kevin is the beyonce, keeps getting cheated on and keeps going back but somehow uses it to his advantage
also I'm convinced she's using every filter there is to make herself more uwu loli, there's ones that stretch you completely out to seem thinner. maybe that's why her chest deformity is more pronounced than ever?
doesn't matter in the end, her dirty laundry is airing and I'm sure if someone in her hometown/current city follows her and walked past her today they wouldn't recognise her. pic related.
keep starving, smoking and seething your way into oblivion you two. good luck 10 years (or 5) from now when you're selling your aliexpress shit for a can of beans kek
rip her ferrets probs, you know she doesn't care about animals other than props. like kevin. propmaker turned prop himself.

No. 136437

>prop maker turned prop
This is iconic

Also, can we talk about how eager these two are to address e-drama, but once the “C” suicide coax is brought up there is no rebuttal to be found and comments get deleted? Lori is known to sperg and sic her minions on anyone who dares tarnish her name, but she’s radio silent when there’s any mention of her talking the disabled rape victim into killing herself- extremely uncharacteristic for Lori. Which leads ME to believe she really fucking did it.

No. 136438

Kevin and Lori have been totally silent about the alleged rape. They're also deflecting questions about what a psycho Lori is with comments like "omg so jealous of us." I agree that, knowing Lori, her silence reeks of guilt. It's creepy as fuck that she hasn't even denied that it happened.

No. 136483

>>136437 I don’t doubt that Lori did actually do that. She’s so fucking vitriolic and nasty

No. 136485

File: 1612458504857.jpg (118.62 KB, 1130x1280, IMG_20210204_094633_061.jpg)

Nothing new from Kevin today but he was still raging on this post yesterday. Very professional.

No. 136489

Notice how Lori is nowhere to be seen? Unless she's using Kevin's account to shitpost fax and logics.

No. 136493

File: 1612463295666.jpeg (42.65 KB, 320x313, 478E3263-FEDD-460E-B028-DA4828…)

This bitch

No. 136496

File: 1612465371867.png (224.08 KB, 1440x1559, Screenshot_20210204-110217~2.p…)

No. 136497

This is honestly so embarrassing to admit kek. She sleeps all day and takes pictures of herself and he plays computer games all day and looks for sales online? The fuck kinda dysfunctional lifestyle is this. Sounds like 2 severely depressed hermits barely tolerating each other’s presence. The fact that he thinks describing his life with her like this is normal is, uh, “whack”. It sounds completely devoid of love. Pure narcissism and cope consumerism.
Also didn’t he sperg at someone saying he doesn’t have insurance and then claimed he did, but now he’s in this post implying that he actually doesn’t? And is upset that people bullied him over it?

No. 136498

is he really doing the thing again where he talks about this on his public facebook? KEK

i notice he never gets any likes or comments.

>yall in cali and vegas got some whack ass friends

so we know he's referencing momo but he thinks whoever is doing this to him is just a couple people? most of these people aren't even cosplayers. they're here from the video!

No. 136500

Oh kevin by all means do make a video or stream! Would love to see more unedited videos of an old woman dressing as a loli.
Also these two have been dating for two or three years but there's no single picture of them hugging or looking cuddly and happy together. You never had a normal relationship to begin with kevin.

No. 136503

I know she always sends minions to defend her, but I agree that she’s definitely using Kevin’s account to post. If he’s working so many hours to support both of them, I doubt he has the energy to shitpost constantly. Lorena can shitpost all day long without ruining her ‘image’ if it’s under Kevin’s name.

No. 136504


This is actually a great idea and I'd love to know more about Kevin and Lori's daily life.

No. 136505

She probably sleeps most of the day away to avoid eating in order to maintain her xxs uwu sizing, avoid the sun that will make her wrinkle even more, and to avoid cuck Kevin. Sad loser life.

No. 136506

Sadly even in live streams filters can be applied.

No. 136507

File: 1612470977772.png (297.41 KB, 1376x2048, Screenshot_20210204-123610.png)

Only comments on that post

No. 136508

Did she finally give him some grandma pussy? Is that why he’s going to bat so hard for her recently? But be prepared Kev cause she’ll take the opportunity to call you a rapist again. Enjoy that.

No. 136509

Lol "piecing outfits together" does he geniunely think that he has a single shred of style? topfuckingkek he looks like he picked his outfits out of the reject bin at the dollar store.

How do you expect to be successful if granny needs her "beauty sleep" all day and you sit at your desk jacking it to ana-chans because you constantly get rejected? I caaan't with this pea-brain lmfao

"Good deals" yet he complains about not having money? All while claiming to be financially stable? Sounds more like you're putting up a front for the internet Kev, we all know you're broke as fuck and relying on mommy and daddy while living shoved into a bedroom. We don't have to know you to know this, it's obvious even from the smallest glance at any of your social medias.

And if you didn't pee on her costume, where's it at? It "coincidentally" vanished from all social media at the exact same time anons said they saw your post about pissing on it. Funny too because she was posting pictures of herself in it daily and then nothing? We're not as blind and dense as you are.

Lastly, FYI I've never even been in the vicinity of you two, nor do I know you personally. You can put the "I know exactly who's doing it too" front down. You're not even close to that smart lmao and you don't come off that way either.

But yes please film your day to day life with Lori. I'd love more stuff to laugh at.

Both of you are so transparent and empty that it's incredibly easy to read and predict everything that you do.

"Yall in cali and vegas got some whack ass friends" I mean, at least we have friends to start with and not just a decaying, melting, shell of a leech. How sad, lol.

No. 136511

She only pointed that singular thing out because everything else is damning for her and she can't spin it to play the victim kek

No. 136513

Bless this post oh my god, I have tears in my eyes from laughing. I can’t wait for this day in the life video. Kevin never fails to deliver.

No. 136514

I'm thinking she's offering sexual favors every time he comes to her defense. Probably doesn't make good on them either.

No. 136515

"Yall in cali and vegas got some whack ass friends" what does that even mean? Sounds like they might be high unless I’m missing something? They live in Utah right? Is that where his so-called friends lived?

No. 136516

They live in his dreams because he doesn't have any, kek. I mean, look at the two likes he rarely ever gets on his posts (one being from Lori).

No. 136517

he thinks momo and vamplette in vegas and some LA cosplayers are the ones who are making all the sock accounts and the memes to harass him with.

again, he's blaming random cosplayers for the new boom of "harassment" when all the new attention they're getting is from the dramatuber video.

No. 136519

Kevin as an extreme couponer would be amazing. Hunting for deals all day long.

That Zero Two cosplay seemed like a good quality suit too, much better than her other ones! We got (I think) one obvious latergram of it and that's it since 2019. Pretty weak for an account called iota_zerotwo. He always fudges the details about what the anons saw - here he says "costumes" and implies anons think he is doing it repeatedly. Previously he said, "they think I peed on her cosplay and that's why she hates me." He never says anything clearly about the alleged incident.

No. 136520

Exactly. He never confirms nor denies it, so I'm inclined to believe the latter since it's totally something these two abusive dolts would do.

No. 136521

who ever made fun of him for not having insurance? isn't that something he said himself?

he really doesn't remember all that he says. guess it's the psychosis.

No. 136522

Why would Kevin out himself like this? I really hope we get to see a youtube or twitch debut. The way he described it sounds worse that what I imagine reading this thread. Jeez

No. 136523

File: 1612476282675.jpeg (386.52 KB, 1242x1589, 4B8341F5-B720-44E5-9580-976210…)

I’m pretty sure this is Lori using Kevin’s account haha. She’s saying that bigger accounts talking about her are buying bots but like, bitch where? The few people talking about this have like, a solid following. Not even cosplayers haha!!!

No. 136527

I was referring to the pissing on the suit but yes I agree with you on that too

No. 136528

I showed them proof of her racism, body shaming, and other shit and they have yet to respond so I took that as them not giving a fuck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 136529

Lmfffao nobody would ever make a movie about Lori or your boring ass, stop projecting your delusions in the form of "defending yourself"

It's interesting that he brings up "bought followers" since that's exactly what Lori does too.

These two are so fucking sensitive rofl grow some balls Kev. Fucking weak emo looking ass

No. 136530

so based on his other posts….he thinks all these random accounts are momo and her friends? every single one? lmao

No. 136532

File: 1612478718697.jpg (1.35 MB, 3344x3304, k.jpg)

We're just jealous, anon

No. 136533

wow DK removed the comments and pinned lori's lol

No. 136534

Just another thing to call Dolls Kill out on. Hope it goes viral again, they deserve to be out of business.

No. 136536

It will happen again, people are on to them. DK is only covering their own asses, they dont care about her. I'd like to see if they ever use her again after this. Money down they wont.

No. 136537

File: 1612482479957.jpeg (241.02 KB, 1241x1315, AC4EA05B-E73B-4746-AADB-E28228…)

The brand insinuated Lori was 43

No. 136544

Of course they did Shambly Lynn is exactly like Lori, Hags like this look out for their own. DK is only making things worse for the two of them and twitterfags will have a field day once they find this lolol

No. 136545

File: 1612485328902.jpeg (86.24 KB, 827x445, 4D3B0600-C112-437C-B260-9AD018…)

No. 136546

File: 1612485530719.jpg (286.17 KB, 1080x1357, 20210204_175914.jpg)

They must be working overtime to clean this all up.They probably know she's a piece of shit but it still looks bad for them.

No. 136551

File: 1612487129798.jpeg (402.97 KB, 1242x1976, EA2577DE-1E99-429D-AF95-EB23E8…)

Uh ohhhh awareness being spread around the comm

No. 136553

Maybe I'm alone in this opinion, but dollskill and Lori were made for each other. Let them post her pics. The comments will always be hilarious. Why are people trying to get dollskill to cancel her? You can't possibly think this trash company is paying her very much or cares at all about their moral image. They pander to egirls, tryhards, pickmes, and girls who want to pay a premium for cheap tat.

No. 136554

I feel like Lori only has DK’s support because she spends so much money buying their cheap plastic. DK doesn’t want to drive their best customer away, so of course they would defend her despite her reputation. Plus, DK doesn’t have to pay for models to wear their trash when Lori will pay and model for free.

No. 136561

No, this woman deserves nothing and the longer she has mass exposure the more victims she claims

No. 136565

I completely agree, DK and Looni are perfect for each other but I think the people speaking up genuinely care about her victims (even poor spergy Kev, he’s still a victim.) I think because she has an abusive past, this might either become a nail in DK’s shoddy coffin or just another goof.

No. 136571

DK probably gets stuff like this a lot, ig models are competitive and love to start drama with each other. I doubt that they've done any deeper research on it and so they won't take it seriously.

and this definitely won't have a big effect on them, Lori probably has what, 30k real followers? Not enough people know about her to care.

No. 136574

What he should of said is “she’s been blowing up instead of blowing me” KEK

No. 136576


Oh shit, anon, is this real?

No. 136577

DK has her support because these cowtippers
are coming off as ageist internet bullies and the brand is doing their best to virtue signal how “inclusive” they are now.
The more you all sperg out on the DK insta about Lori’s age, the more they’ll publicly support her so their brand appears hip to all ages you retards.

No. 136579

Anon I don’t think these people are cowtipping haha, none of them are directly contacting Lori or her family kek.

As far as ageism goes, it seems like they are only talking about how her history goes on for literal decades. DK is still as salty as ever it seems kek

No. 136582


You gotta remember that a lot of people justifiably hate Lori. She's been abusing people for 20 years and many people "clapping back" at Lori aren't cowtipping - they're rightfully angry and disgusted with her bullshit.

With all due respect, anon, please chill out a bit and stop trying to police us "retards." Most anons here are chill, refrain from cowtipping, and just want to archive info about Lori because she's a legit predator.

No. 136591

Thanks for being respectful anon. Honestly I’m still new to the drama and I can feel all the hurt that’s built up over the years, it seems to have really stunk up the comm so it’s nice to see people speaking on it. We all know this is going on so it’s nice to see some people put her BS out there because they 𝗰𝗮𝗿𝗲.

No. 136593

That person is right though, talking about her age is irrelevant and DK only responded to that one because it was the easiest to make them not look like dbags

No. 136606


Lori is a topic that old timers and newcomers tend to get passionate about because she's so vile. The fact that Lori has avoided consequences for two decades is infuriating. So, it's understandable to want justice and get riled up when you see other people going about it in a way you disagree with.


Yeah, I agree, it's a good point about DK but there are less hostile ways to say it. Just don't wanna scare off possible contributors from this thread because the more people who know that Lori is dangerous, the better.

No. 136623

File: 1612523268238.jpeg (177.29 KB, 827x1221, F707D641-A30C-4DDB-8A98-EDDB14…)

Kevin, the valiant white knight, all dressed up and ready for yet another day of sitting on the computer, lurking days-old posts on the internet to defend his elderly leech he calls a girlfriend and claim psychosis whenever he is reminded that half the posts he is arguing with are things that he said first. I’m so jealous, so envious uwu

No. 136625

I guarantee you they paid her absolutely nothing

Maybe gave her a coupon for her next purchase, but that’s it

No. 136630

You’re right. They don’t pay, your “payment” is exposure. It’s free advertising for them.

No. 136631

well in that case, I think going overboard about this abuse in their comments is a little much.

Lori is vile, but she hasn't raped or groomed kids, killed animals, stolen money (I think), whatever. I understand the high emotions surrounding her but these dramatic "abuser" statements on IG really make the drama a lot less fun. Even here, it's like we can't ask people not to cowtip without being reminded that Lori is literay Satan and Hitler combined. I do see begging dollskill (who would employ Hitler if they could - how edgy!!1) to cancel Lori as cowtipping and interfering. Stick to little jabs in the comments, seeing Kev react was like a late Christmas present.

Don't misinterpret, she is a pretty horrible person. You have a lot of receipts, play the long game and don't get so worked up. I still don't even know how many people really count as 'victims' here, aside from C. Kev isn't a victim, he's a cow himself

No. 136639

>Lori is vile, but she hasn't raped or groomed kids, killed animals, stolen money (I think), whatever.

My eyes roll so far back into my head every single time someone does this in a thread on a gossip website. You're asking not to be misunderstood while simultaneously minimizing Lori's actions.

>the drama isn't fun because she's getting called out!1!1!!

Why are you here, anon?

>actually sitting here and telling people how they should react to someone else

>hurrdurr long con XDDDD
>two decades without having to answer for her actions

No one's cowtipping. Most anons don't even waste the time, its people coming from either that video or KF.

No. 136642

Your spot on Anon, I was just thinking exactly this.

" I still don't even know how many people really count as 'victims' here, aside from C."

Anon you need to go back through all 6 threads and read then. She's left countless victims in her wake. People have good reasons they hate her. Dont come her and pseudo defend someone if you dont know the scope of their shit storm.

No. 136645

It's obviously a mix between people coming from the video and anons who are cow tipping, KF thread isn't even that active there's one person updating it. Moreover, people cow tipping in those screenshots know the details of what kevin said on his Facebook, no one except anons here have time for that, those who just hate Lori would only mention her horrid personality and cheating. on the contrary, anons looove bringing up her age, photoshop and victimizing kevin.

No. 136649

This is the only comment I see that's tipping.

No. 136651

Why is it so hard for you to believe people outside of the farms also don't like Lori? I think you forget how infamous she is. She would have been caught faster if she didn't edit herself so much. She's unrecognizable

No. 136656

Dolls Kill got cancelled forever ago. Rather than trying to convince dolls Kill to get rid of Lori everyone should just add it to the list on why they suck as a brand and continue to boycott them. Watching people touch the poop is embarassing and I have no idea why others are holding DK to such a standard.

No. 136659

Did anyone screengrab any more of the DK comments?

>>>136645 no one except anons here have time for that

This is the same statement Kevin made to one of the posters on Insta yesterday…

No. 136662

An anon has been cowtipping, trying to cow collide too, for weeks by using a sockpuppet to post on Lori's posts >>135510 same anon who posted in moos thread bc of the username. If it looks like a troll account, I wouldn't take any posts in here seriously anymore. Just only post real stuff lori or kevin does, not randos commenting. Its clear cow manipulation by trying to rile lori and moo up about 2 year fucking milk.

No. 136664

Lori might not have outright abused her animals, but she has abandoned at least three cats, all of whom died shortly after in the care of others.

No. 136665

The fact people are getting mad that her dramu is becoming more known is making my fucking laugh into my coffee. This is a cow we are talking about here!!! Wild shit haha. Some Anon’s need to r e l a x and just let Lori get hers and DK gets more negative press. It’s really not like the world is ending uwu

No. 136667

She deserves every second of public humiliation she gets. Some of these anons have no clue.

No. 136669


Lori has/had two Zero Two suits. The red one she constantly wore disappeared from her SM after an anon claimed to see Kevin post about peeing on it: >>>/w/78846. She later got a white one but wore it only once: >>>/w/95101

i think it was or got too small for her. she was being a cunt to some other company/maker about how she was getting a better one for cheaper prices than theirs here: >>>/w/79077
The company sassed her right back saying if it's latex, for that price it could be too tight or loose for her in places. i think it never fit too well and she got too big to wear it. i'd love to see it appear on her SM now tho kek.

No. 136671

Okay, WK. You keep being mad about it and "orudu dorama". You look suspect being so rustled by (clearly) teenagers who cosplay calling out Lori for her history of lunacy. These accounts could be anons tipping, sure, but it's weird you want to shift people's perception about what is being said. All things mentioned are very much true and the proof is here in prior threads. What's your stake in this that makes you defensive? I don't understand, "anon".

No. 136672

Believe it or not I don't remember what these cows said in another random FB post, I take my laughs and leave. Some anons here are taking this so seriously instead of laughing at the cows. It's not fun when y'all start acting like twitter fags trying to reach out to brands and cancel people, if I wanted that kind of drama I'd check twitter trendings.
The most embarrassing anon is the one who messaged DK, just saying.

No. 136673


WK lookin sus alraight.

No. 136674

How?? I mean I dont care if DK dropped her or not, the entire thing is pointless on fucking week old post no one cared about to begin with but someone thinking she's shitty enough to deserve a report to the company isn't embarrassing at all. The funny thing is anyone thinking it matters if she was posted there or not. Its meaningless. Anons can react however they want, just like Loonie is free to dress like a fucking toddler and dance around like a moron in her teenage shit hole and think it's "modeling".

No. 136675

I don’t think they are an anon messaging DK, it was a screengrab from an influencer trying to get the message out there haha, an anon just screen shotted it.

Regardless I don’t think it’s a bad thing that the word is getting out, but the people mad that their cow is now on display is really telling of their um, character?

No. 136677

I mean shit was jokes and Lori was nothing but a bumbling pageant reject until her abusive nature and those cut photos surfaced. Nothing about her or Kevin's situation is funny aside from the copypasta spergs, abuse is serious. Going to cops or tipping is retarded but it's weird to be on people's asses for caring about things you deem curdled milk.

If you were here just to get laughs you would not be capping for her and trying to insult random anons. You're a cow. Not Kev or Lori, just a regular cow.

No. 136678

File: 1612544927898.jpeg (154.14 KB, 1242x1199, 3BA65FAB-B923-4D7C-8795-04F0D6…)

Some anon becoming the thing they wanted to destroy. Shamefuru.

No. 136680

Just because milk happened between moo and Lori I 2 years ago doesn’t make it relevant again just because ‘more people should know’. There’s no reason to bring up old milk and go into cows comments in Instagram to try to infight collision from the past milk. They aren’t interacting currently. So where is this supposed milk between the 2 of them that is recent and not taken out of context like an anon pointed out in moos thread where someone keeps trying to pass of vamps comment as being anything to do with them.

No. 136686

Moo dumped private and sensitive information about Kevin on a random person, if that isn't vindictive, overstepping boundaries and instigation of an already volatile situation, I don't know what is. IIRC she actually told the person "do whatever you want with these just censor the phone numbers."

I think you forget that the person didn't ask for any screenshots, just help getting Kevin help. Moo responded by info dumping and Vamps took it upon herself to argue with Kevin in DK comments. The meat of their arguments may stem from drama two or three years ago but Vamp and Moo effectively dug it all up just cause they hate Lori and we're bored. It's pretty clear from the outside.

Vamp and Moo are bullies and apologists just like Lori and Kevin, they hate seeing themselves reflected. So they took the first opportunity they got to publicly throw them under the bus without posting on their own pages about it.

Again, you're weird. Criticizing the anon for messaging Moo and the commenters is whatever. You still have yet to answer why you're so defensive. What are you, an ex-Kou? Feel guilty that what you said 10 years ago still cuts deep? Like, what's your malfunction?

No. 136688


You're wrong. Lori IS an abuser. This is a known fact with plenty of supporting evidence. It's strange that we're even questioning this.

Lori has stolen property (see Scott's Testimony), groomed minors, provided alcohol to minors, neglected animals, abandoned animals, threatened to harm animals, and engaged in other morally reprehensible (and potentially illegal) behavior.

There's mountains of evidence that she's physically, emotionally, and financially abused several people in her past.

Lori is an abuser. Are you not familiar with Lori's 20 year history? Please read up on her before making statements like this… unless you're trying to deflect from her past. Hmm…

No. 136689

Hmm… It seems that we have a covert WK in our midst. It smells like Kou up in this motherfucker.

I recommend ignoring any further anon comments that try to:
- minimize Lori's actions
- deny facts about Lori's past
- deflect from information about Lori
- be purposely obtuse about Lori

This pro-Lori poster is trying to tangle up the thread with bullshit and cause infighting. This is some Kou style gaslighting so don't let it work.

Lori must be freaking the fuck out as she should - the shitshow she spent 20 years making is just getting started.

No. 136692

Agreed. I noticed a piece of dog shit dressed as a marshmallow too

No. 136694

File: 1612548649260.jpeg (193.31 KB, 1242x771, B3363E55-B22C-4DF7-B213-9734E6…)

Imagine trying to defend a cow. 𝗸𝗲𝗸𝗲𝘁𝗵.

No. 136697

Judging by the comments on the video about Lori, we will be getting a part two. That video has 2k more views compared to Vangelina's other recent videos. The ship is really sinking and this time its not in a niche community she can run from. I can't help but laugh at the fact anyone thinks they can do damage control on her behalf now. This isn't the old interwebz you KKKucks were used to. Drama youtube will have her pastel pink ass in a chokehold soon and she'll be nothing but a relic to farmers.

She's only ever been a liability to brands and once she's dropped by her chinese DDLG scam stores she will have no other option but to continue paying for shout-outs on "egirl.aesthetic" type accounts.

"The beauty of the rain is how it falls" right? Or whatever the gay ass quote Lori had on her old LJ icon was. Ironic!

No. 136701

a little birdy told me that drama channels that are bigger are gonna be speaking soon because it’s more DK dorama. Yikes Looni, you wanted attention so bad but in your youth forgot that MAAAAYBE being a fuck will get you fucked in the future. Sorry babes, you missed your mark 20 years ago. Sucks to suck.

No. 136703


i knew dolls kill sharing her photo would be the nail in the coffin. so many dramatubers have made videos about that company and this is enough to get them back in the spotlight. and yet something tells me that even if more, bigger drama channels cover this, Kev will still sperg out and think it’s cosplayers in random states that are behind it all!

No. 136704

I feel really bad for Kevin. Really it’s the J-Fashion crowd coming for Looni and I think he’s too retarded to tell the difference/: he’s still an abuse victim so I’m not gonna clown on his as hard (the sperg sessions are funny as fuck).

This situation is like a VG delay, it’s either gonna go well or go poorly. I think it’s going well? Lol

No. 136711


"Stop, I can only get so hard," said the oldfag.

Please oh please oh please be true.

No. 136712

Kevin was manipulated, yeah. But he knows that she is untrustworthy and abusive. Just because he used to be naive doesn't mean he's innocent. He enables her in every single way. He's even adopted her manipulation tactics. I understand your bleeding heart but he's a grown man, not a 18-21 year old loner anymore. He's denied all help and bit every hand that fed him. Then he expects everyone to come fawn and save him when he cries aboose a million times. The boy who cried wolf.

No. 136717


Anons on this board really can't decide between feeling pity for Kevin or laughing at him and egging him on.

Me personally I think he is not worth feeling sorry for anymore. He was a victim but he's as bad as Looni is now. A few years ago he was worth feeling sorry for but now? He's toxic af.

No. 136718

ok ok ok
I'm not a WK, trust me, I contributed significantly to this thread prior to the posting of vintage milk. I guess I just didn't understand what is worth throwing a shitfit on some company's post. I just thought we don't interfere in that way. I'm wrong, I'll move on.

I agree that she is abusive. I just
don't have one crumb of sympathy for Kevin and can't stand him being coddled like he's a baby. Dude gets off on all of this.

No. 136724


Thanks for your contributions, anon. Unfortunately, Lori and her minions have historically done sneaky psychological shit like gaslighting and denying Lori's behavior. I guarantee that there are many oldfags, newfags, and Lori victims reading this thread who appreciate your help.

The Kevin situation is difficult because he IS a victim and he IS a cow. It's tough to reconcile that both can be true at the same time. I can imagine that different people will have different reactions to him based off of their own personal history.

No. 136726

Something that's insanely hilarious to me is how obsessed they both are with these gossip threads.

I can be like, "Hey Lori, you're a fat and blubbery granny" and she'll go do photoshoots and post them on her socials with the hashtag "#umad" to try to act like she's unbothered.

If you're so unbothered, why are you and your emo teenager hanging onto these threads every second that you're awake and feeling like you need to respond to everything posted here every day? Imagine all of your content being centered around "firing back at the haters".

wow what fucking sensitive losers. lol.

She and Kevin also seem so hung up that we are all Momo and Vamp. Almost seems like they are the jealous ones, huh Lori and Kevin? Probably jealous over them having more followers since that's all that they care about topkek

I can imagine the fire in her eyes reading these threads the past few days. Seems like you're the one who is mad, and I hope that you stay mad.

No. 136727

I hope the videos on her won't make Loonie go into hiding. I want more milk to come out of this. Kek.

No. 136728

>Anons can react however they want
Cow tipping is against the rules faggot, but go off.

I agree, kevin looks like he loves this new attention they're getting, Lori is horrible and I enjoy watching her life slowly crumbling but I find kevin genuinely funny as a cow, his chimpouts are fucking pathetic, the only thing ruining his cow potential is anons here with their retarded sense of justice pretending like he's not an adult in his mid twenties who is responsible and capable of making his own decisions. If he was a teenager getting manipulated I'd 100% blame everything on the abuser, but he's fucking 26. It just shows you this thread is full of young autists who don't understand how absurd it is to baby sit someone at that age and absolve them of their responsibilities (or maybe they're just horny for this sexy anime guy, what do I know)
Don't project yourself on me anon, I find their situation absolutely hilarious. This is lolcow remember? why are you here anyways?

No. 136729

File: 1612555771142.jpeg (129.26 KB, 1079x874, D5A6C7C1-F8F0-4247-B775-11E9C8…)

little birdy update: 3 drama channels have been given all the information on our favorite lunatic!~ Two are considering sharing the story but with a more DK focus~ sooooo it’s all happening fags~(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 136734

Whether she hides or not, the real gift is getting to watch this powder keg finally blow after two decades. She's done either way.

No. 136736


oh sweet baby jesus! I fucking love you, little birdy

No. 136737

>Cow tipping is against the rules faggot, but go off.

No one refered to Tipping, fucking read!! I'm saying it's not embarrassing that someone reported to DK. Get over yourself.

No. 136738


Agreed! Wtf there’s nothing wrong with going to any company if they are showcasing someone they shouldn’t. Just because it so happened to be the trash pile that is DK doesn’t mean they get a pass because they are a trash pile company. Fucking shit.

No. 136821

i don't think that it's anyone from here that is telling dollskill what's going on. i think it's from vangelina's video, which got another 2k views the last day. is it still cowtipping no matter who does it?

if more popular, bigger drama channels cover lori, even more people will reach out to dolls kill to tell them.

No. 136823

File: 1612558512785.jpg (124.14 KB, 1024x1280, bots.jpg)

just a casual scroll through her followers shows a lot of what I can only assume are bots/bought followers. any anons with knowledge wanna chime in? they look pretty suspect and there's a LOT (picrel a small sampling, sorry for shitty collage)

No. 136832

cowtipping is literally just interacting with the cow and then posting it on here saying you did it. anons accusing caps of being cowtipping are just stupid.

No. 136835

No. 136836

File: 1612561214375.jpeg (298.12 KB, 1125x2000, F1C55806-ADBC-439E-B3B0-3C88EE…)

I was thinking the same thing! I made one but there are so many I quit. if someone has a better way that is easier I would find it interesting! also covered the followers that have pictures just in case

No. 136837

File: 1612561264733.png (192.99 KB, 364x506, Screenshot_2019-10-14-22-02-31…)

Once upon a time there were oldfags on LJ who likely saw posts about the "C" incident and thought nothing of it at the time and never capped it. Those posts would be pretty nice to have now, right? So maybe you think no one cares about this "week old milk", but its prob better to get anything related to Looni and Kev archived in the thread.

Not to mention the other anon who sperged because there aren't receipts for the "C" incident. Better to err on the side of "screencap all the things". Again, archiving all the things>not archiving things because they seem irrelevant at the time.

Pic of Loons giant scnhoz, courtesy of Kevin's insta. For archival purposes.

No. 136842

File: 1612563011122.jpg (147.62 KB, 814x1280, IMG_20210205_150834_004.jpg)

Sad Kev is sad

No. 136843

So funny how he has to go to the bathroom to take photo!
>>135240 I’m also thinking he thinks that this self post is the jealous person that lives in LA haha! But I could be wrong

No. 136845

File: 1612563622820.jpg (34.11 KB, 400x267, 6a00d8341c9cc153ef01116884ed7c…)

>People that genuinely like my insta for me and are sticking around, thank you

No. 136851


lol ok

sorry u mad

No. 136854

File: 1612565217419.png (120.73 KB, 1080x1353, Etf0IzfXcAk9_N0.png)

No. 136863

NOBODY FOLLOWS OR CARES KEVIN. You don’t even do cosplay anymore, it’s all talk. People don’t follow you on FB or IG, or i terrace with your posts. They are so egotistical it hurts. We’re in a pandemic BOOHOO no cons, meanwhile people have lost their lives and homes.

No. 136865

File: 1612572542717.jpeg (254.1 KB, 2048x2048, 71DCEF17-294E-421E-895B-C872BE…)

Little bird update: We now have confirmation one larger drama channel is going to cover the story. Looni is gonna get all the attention she ever wanted!~

No. 136866

Anon this is great news but it takes time to make videos, especially ones as in depth as this one could potentially be. I would assume it wouldn't be done for at least a few weeks or so. Maybe by then the tea will be cold?

No. 136867

I wish she wouldn’t ramble and stick to the point (Lori). The second video needs mod screen caps, images and details.

No. 136868


I think they work fast, so it should be coming soon. Hopefully it won’t die down.

Also if cowtipping is contacting drama channels then should I just stop talking about what the little bird says? Cause I like using lolcow kek

No. 136869

Agreed. the video was boring and didn't say much. Though she did say she was going to continue to cover the subject and make a whole series. Finally gettin that fame they deserve!

No. 136874


Bless you, little bird - you're an awesome messenger of good news

No. 136877

cough cough Readytoglare cough

No. 136878

Are you kidding? This isn’t milk. They aren’t giving us anything to go off of and not even what drama channel it might be. Not like they would be able to be tracked back unless they are self posting because they are ANON. Jesus, is this really what these threads have come to not? Conjuncture and anons will give asspats without backed up proof? At least give something to back this up and no one watches the channels that have covered her. There isn’t some big story because she’s always been hated in a large popular part of the community. That’s why she’s on TikTok.

No. 136880

She's a fucking cow with her own thread kek

No. 136881

I was about to say this. Just googled her and LOL. she has such bad view ratios compared to 2 years ago where she’d get some 1mils. Her regurgitates whatblolcow and kiwi posts so nothing she says is new and feels like self hype in here. Her numbers have been falling in views drastically. I hope she does this on Lori. It’s going to be the least viewed because YouTube doesn’t give a fuck about cosplay drama. No one even in the beauty community made videos about the Danny phantom cosplay drama issue, only Franco and he’s not even ‘drama’.

No. 136883

File: 1612576293026.jpeg (195.28 KB, 1536x1171, 34EE7F7A-99EC-4DBB-8876-F00AC8…)


No. 136884

I appreciate your help! Thank you!

No. 136888

That video is honestly horrible. She's rambling about bullshit the whole time and barely mentions Lori. Like why did it take her a whole 11 minutes to say Lori blocked her and she's going to make another video?

No. 136890


Double post anon, chill out. Any media that introduces Lori to a wider audience is good. You're being awfully defensive.

No. 136891

I’m sure I.l be banned after this but I have a lot of connections and I’m only trying to get the word out. That’s all.(ban evasion)

No. 136893

RIP little bird, you were rarted but you did your best until it was time to go

As for RTG potentially making a video on Lori I really hope not because she's so boring and lifeless in her videos. Plus like another anon said it's all regurgitated from here and KF.

No. 136895

Giulia's desperate for views and attention and regardless of how much of her content is directly lifted from here, nobody will call her out on that either. Also, her fanbase is exceptionally retarded. Anyone who thinks that they of all people are going to do anything about Lori is delusional. Giulia's made tons of videos and all they ever do is comment about how 'omg terribul!11! lawst muh faith in humanity jus liek you rtg goffick qween!!' and then they move on.

Isn't she a smaller channel? I wouldn't expect her to have the kind of experience.

No. 136901

I can imagine the ready2glare video now "LOOK GUYS WOMEN ARE ABUSERS TOO!!!"

No. 136902

They contributed nothing lol what are you talking about?

No. 136910

That's the joke retard, it's sarcasm

No. 136913

File: 1612607819414.jpeg (70.26 KB, 828x479, 1EEB0495-6028-4211-A7E8-3CBE03…)

Just wanted to point this out cause I started watching his (sad) follower count since he went on a sperg on DK and FB defending his hag’s honor, but his count was steadily at 3424 and after the shenanigans he’s down to 3416. Not a lot but considering his count was steadily at the same number for a while before this, I can’t help but kek. So much for his emothug relevancy as an influencer. Way to cut off your nose to spite your face, kev.

No. 136918

Come back when its a significant number

No. 136926

True enough, my bad. Was bored-posting while at work on downtime.

No. 136931

Retards here are so eager to point out cowtippers and selfposters.

No. 136934


The way he says a costume takes up space is so bleak. Isn’t cosplay his passion? They can’t budget a few materials? Jesus. Bleak as fuck.

No. 136940

I generally like to be fair to youtubers covering cows cause chances are they aren't as invested as we are and tend to know of the cow because of some stupid public spergout or association by someone or something else, and any negative exposure tends to make a cow go mental. But this was absolute trash she just rambles on about random stuff and barely mentions Lori.

No. 136942

Everyone keep track of how many times "anons" try to get this thread auto-saged from this point forward. Some faggot ass WK in meta was complaining about everything being old milk and a mess that deserves to be auto saged until it dies. I don't believe it to be a real anon. Funny how we have white knights and people trying to auto sage out of nowhere and this is only coming after Looni's shitty youtube video. Nobody had any issues with the threads being vintage milk or nitpicking, but now JUST when we get milk, totally random anons are just magically bored and now think Lori is not deserving of a thread. Nice fucking try losers. Maybe Looni if you didn't give crackhead lynn all your money you could pay for a DMCA wipe but we all know you're more occupied sleeping all day like the lump you are and sending your old Kous to do your dirty work, wrinkled cunt.

From here on out it's safe to assume all anons vehemently against the thread are covert. Only people who chew on her beefy clit all day would care about getting these threads to the bottom of the catalog.

No. 136945

So only loonie or Kev? Kek.
Their life seems so sad and that’s coming from a sad office worker. Loonie sleeps all day. What’s kev work schedule? Do they even have time they spend together? They’re gonna be in the exact same place they are now,
10 years ahead. That’s depressing as fuck and I have a small inkling that keg knows so that’s why he lashes out like a rabid dog in comments trying to salvage his “kawaii dream laifu”

No. 136947

Most thots use a basic image/video protection takedown company. There are dozens online and they takedown all images for you. This is the exact way Moo, Bishoujomom, Jessica, Belle.. many thots get their reposted images taken down.

No. 136954

True but its doubtful Loonie would forgo her precious juice or hot topic outfits to pay for one. A good scrub can cost and it maybe not much for someone who actually makes bank. These beggars, by their own admission dont have it. I'm surprised they're even using kevies pay to cover their bills but probably only do so Lori doesn'tloose her filthy teenage squatter room before finds another host. And No matter what he says, we know they recycle her pennies into her bullshit.

No. 136955

Oh, I agree. This is a common tactic. It has worked for some threads and now the simps or stans who were successful are there reveling in their autosage. I fucking don't understand why admin allow this shit to go on instead of banning the WKs and complainers.

no milk, not funny, not interesting

fucking don't click, have you tried that, retards?

No. 136956

File: 1612639246865.jpg (1000.28 KB, 1080x1622, 20210206_131633.jpg)

She put that ugly DK dress back on with some fucking retarded demonia boots like a fucking 1996 reject.

The fact that she recycles this bs so fast proves how little "funding" she's got.

No. 136958

It's a repost, she does not work every day. She takes hundreds of photos then posts them over the course of a couple months.

No. 136964

Ew fuck her nails look like they're grown out and corpse-like

That ombre isn't working too well on her granny hands

$100 or whatever she spent on them totally wasted lmao

Her rabbit teeth are so fugly too against her non-existent lips. Now I see why she constantly does her ugly poof face. It's to hide the hideous bottom part of her face topkek

No. 136967

“Work” anon are you ok?

No. 136968

It looks like she has two pieces of shit on her head

No. 136971

As most people do lol

No. 136975

File: 1612643768968.png (8.93 MB, 1242x2208, 3971A301-B17C-47CD-AB8B-57BB1B…)

Idk what this is

No. 136976

File: 1612644647012.png (511.18 KB, 722x676, 20210205_141800.png)

Nitpick but her teeth are actually hideous

No. 136977

Yes, I only call it work cause she does. Should have used the sarcasm quotes, my bad.

Only mentioning it because her and Kevin love to talk about how she works to the bone every day to make new content when that's clearly bullshit. Nothing wrong with doing that as long as you don't lie

No. 136979

File: 1612646521405.jpeg (317.07 KB, 1242x1576, 93751E8B-5254-4142-8BF1-126B5C…)

Sure Kevin. Your FB melt downs and self harm photos are a nice juxtaposition.

No. 136980

Neither of them take responsibility for anything.

No. 136981

Why does he think anyone cares about what he does or doesn't post..? Literally not a single soul cares Kevin

No. 136983

I meant as in most thots do multiple things and repost over time. This is basic marketing for anything, not just SWers.

No. 136989

Ya know, I thought all the Lori's were put on there by an Anon so I went and checked. He really posted it with her face plastered everywhere, the post has nothing to do with her. I'm so confused by his rationale for doing this. Halp

No. 136990

Honestly it's sad that Kevin is so brainwashed that he hasn't even come to the realization that him having no friends or people to defend him/looni when they're attacked is because that's what abusers do. They alienate their victim so they have no one except their abuser. He plays off his own words like they were "psychosis" instead of the shit he's actually going through because if he doesn't he'd lose the only thing he has left (who was the one who drove away the people who actually cared about him in the first place).

He's probably not smart enough to ever see that though and assuming he would is absolutely giving him too much credit. He'll just vehemently defend lori and her disgusting actions until she drops him and leaves him alone and pathetic with no friends. Sad.

No. 136992

You took the words out of my mouth. Lol nobody gives two fucks what he posts if anything it’s as if he is trying to copy Lori by being into fashion because he thinks he will get followers. You gotta buy them kev I’m sure you know that’s what loonie did.

No. 136995

Agreed. As other anons have said, its been five threads and only in this one has someone just begun to get uppity. If we want to be technical, someone was uppity in the last thread by claiming that the folder anon had a vendetta against Lori and that was still only one anon. It made no sense just like this sudden sperging to get the thread auto-saged once a video dropped. Isn't that convenient?


He'll claim its another "psychosis" episode probably.

No. 136999

I'm theorizing that Lori is the one that put the "psychosis" thought into his head. Then again, they're so similar on the idiot scale that he could have come up with it himself. idk.

No. 137005

Or worse, broke and working a crappy job, having to start from scratch at 27 plus. I mean he's still young but the longer he stays the worse it will be.

No. 137013

Anon if someone is THAT stupid they can't see what every random person can see, we call them retarded.

I do realize a huge chunk of anons and lurkers of this thread are probably friends with Kevin who are supplying us with fb screenshots to expose Lori's abuse but you gotta face the fact that your friend is also toxic. He's abusing his friends instead by blaming them for helping him when he's the one who asked to be saved, just to turn around and tell them they never cared lol. He probably does it for pity and attention. dude is borderline.

No. 137061

I really think Kevo here is autistic or on the spectrum cause how can he be this retarded and not feel any embarrassment. Especially being soooo fucking public about it.

No. 137062

He’s already broke and working a crappy job kek. Nothings going to change except how saggy their faces will look and maybe new hair color.

No. 137100

Which Kous would even defend her at this point? I thought they all got sick of her shit and left like 15 years ago.

No. 137103

Kayla (Sailor Venus) is still in contact with her snoozeberries is her insta and was her LJ handle. She just posted asskiss comments on Lori's DK post a few days ago after she got flamed.

No. 137109

DJ Dramas would come in for some fake asskissing and whiteknighting. Mostly to wedge his way into more drama as he truly doesn’t feel alive unless he’s involved in an internet feud amongst cosplayers.

No. 137124

Would or has? I recall someone accusing a WK earlier in the thread of being him. Before Lori blocked me for trying to add her without buying her OF (KEK) I saw she was friends with him on his personal FB. Same with Kayla (Venus) and Ender. All of them could be coming in here honestly. Especially if he's seeing all the instagram trolling. Wonder if he'll join the anti-Lori alliance again and make another cringe ass drama site.

No. 137130

DJ RanmaS/Adam still kisses her ass plenty and calls her his sister just to stay in the loop. Ender, Kayla, and Crissy (Mars) are all still up her ass.

No. 137132


This makes no sense to me. Does she have no self respect?

No. 137134

Let's not discredit who the WK could actually be here.

Isnt Crissy married with a life? Why would she bother with these fools?

No. 137135

So trying to interact with the cows like why

No. 137136

To see friends only posts undercover? You realize following and adding people and lurking isn't cowtipping right? Are you okay?

No. 137139

I'm not fucking discrediting? I was genuinely asking who is still in contact with her and I even told off the WK over in /meta/ and I'm >>136995

I asked because aside from the Venus and Mars from the last thread, I saw no mention of Kous. No one knows where the Michiru and Haruka went, the Saturn, etc so I was just asking.

No. 137140

WK is whoever is in meta. They're just trying to wreak havoc at this point and sperg so jannies are forced to auto sage. Throwing a tantrum like a literal child all day, absolutely adorable.

NTA but I don't think it's that serious. I like ya cut tho g

No. 137161

File: 1612774678017.jpeg (29.21 KB, 596x514, images (5).jpeg)


No. 137170

I'm still skeptical that there are people around Lori who are smart enough to troll the farms like this because who the fuck has a functional brain and still associates with her? So whenever I see someone talking in a retarded way in this thread (the "little bird" included) they remind me of her circle.

No. 137174

Chrissy's divorced and kind of a depressed trainwreck at the moment. I doubt she's trolling here but she is definitely still drinking the Lori koolaid.

No. 137175


Yeah as in, stop assuming it's a Kou and not straight up Loonie herself. The "credit" for the meta shit and WK probably goes to her.

Theres so much speculation on "which Kou". I'm pretty sure the only one defending that bitch is herself. There's no army coming to her rescue. Aside from one (probably forced) comment from her venus who else is around defending her and where were the on the Dk thread or when did they ride out for her anytime recently? Why start now?

No. 137201

File: 1612804210029.png (81.92 KB, 436x347, umadf.PNG)

Some reminders:
>Lori's admitted to being a troll many times, most recently >>>/w/125131
>she has a history of clogging/self-posting in her own /cgl/ threads
>Kevin would do anything for that 2x4, including posting on lolcow on her behalf (which he has done multiple times)

The likely suspects:
>Lori herself
>a singular simp from instagram that Lori sent
>one of the Kou's
>other egirls that Lori is mutuals with

I think we've overlooked the possibility of it being some of the (literal) teen egirls she's befriended on instagram. It's not too unrealistic to think that one of those idiots could have known about the egirl thread, lurked here then stumbled on Lori's thread and narc'd. The less one knows about Lori, the more inclined they are to empathize and want to stop the "cyberbullying".

Well anyway, whoever it is tried to infiltrate not only here but KF and they sound like a tween using talk-to-text. All I can think to do now is some ultra-autismo stylometry to try and figure out who it could be. I really just want to know so we can share a tall, refreshing glass of Dr. Kek.

Agreed. She really doesn't seem the type to do that nowadays anyway. Kayla and Kevin seem the most plausible IMO, both of them are awkward loners with nothing to do but browse the internet and gawk at Lori. They both think she's hot and suck her ass publicly. Ender and others like Claire (who i believe is a mutual of Lori and Kev) don't seem to be that involved. They most likely interact just to keep tabs and appearances.

NTAYRT, I understand how you could come to that conclusion for sure. Here's my pattern of thinking: Old Kou members are still likely just cause we've had some weird anons come in and try to WK/divert, some of them sound a lot like the LJ faggots that Lori padded herself with. Some even admit to being in her orbit around then. (ex. >>134659, >>135016, >>136662) We also have some scorned Kous up in this bitch. I only mention it because it goes to show that regardless of opinion, the Kous been here. This is probably the last "safe" place for them to vent their pent up frustrations and issues with her. I remember seeing Soni accidentally out herself a couple threads back, kek.

The only post that sounds like Lori to me is >>136851. She recently tagged #umad on her cow post. (pic for reference, from KF)

No. 137209

Soni didn’t accidentally out themself. They’re a loud and proud farmer of this thread

No. 137228

I just looked back at the thread I was thinking of and didn't realize she actually put Soni in the name field KEK. You're totally right. My bad.

No. 137230

I recently noticed that she sucks in her stomach HARD in pictures… now the ugly poof face makes sense topkek

Thought she was just constipated, turns out she's holding all the fat air in her deflated grandma cheeks

No. 137240

She’s not fat and she’s not sucking in her stomach. It’s her rib deformity. She is old however and puffing her checks to soften her deep nasiolabial folds and marionette lines. No need to make shit up anon when there’s so much existing ridiculousness to comment on.

No. 137276


Soni likes to act like she's ~above the drama~ but she loves it and seeks it out. Not surprised her messy ass has been in the threads.

No. 137277

File: 1612830952941.jpeg (678.58 KB, 1125x1722, 3217132E-FBC5-4869-B5DC-1EB20A…)

I don’t think that person was saying Lori is fat but ok!
Also think it’s funny how Lori mentioned Kevin but not as her partner or much less says it’s his cosplay prop It's so odd

No. 137282

Not that anon but saying someone is sucking in isn’t saying they’re fat. Wouldn’t put it past Lori to do it so we can push her “ I only wear xxxs” “ I’m so small” shit
Sorry for double post.

No. 137284

File: 1612831656784.jpeg (191.35 KB, 949x889, 9181E3AF-46E7-4807-A777-5826C5…)

No. 137285

Didn't know having a box shaped body, no ass and being ana count e as either of those things kek

No. 137287

no way in hell that shit has leds and they were on. lori stop.

No. 137288

I agree Lori has low self-esteem no one is calling her fat she doesn’t need to go out of the way to say she is xxxs cause no one cares people on here say shit only cause she shops her self and also causes she calls other people’s names to bad she can’t keep her ugly mouth shut she be like any other cos-hoe on IG

No. 137289

Severe calorie deficit.

No. 137300

Killer metabolism is funny considering they balloon any time they start eating normally and not starving or undereating. You don't have a good metabolism if eating three meals a day makes you rapidly gain. Did Lori forget her weight gain when she moved in with Kev and couldn't be ana-chan for a second? She looks terrible in months due to her body being fucked by all the smoking and her ED.

No. 137307

She cosplays as an SJW, but she actually hates people and loves to drag and judge everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the main contributor to this feed.

No. 137311

How exactly do you know all this?

No. 137320

I'm not even that anon, it just sounded illiterate in that context kek

No. 137321

OT and maybe I missed discussion on it but how are Kevin's parents just OK with him being with her after they've had to rescue him once (and even had Lori living at their place for a while)? I can't find anything of him implying he's cut them out or otherwise on bad terms like a lot of DV victims after brainwashing, so I'm just wondering. Isn't keeping family close a big thing for Mormons?

No. 137322

>Smol waist and a killer metabolism
I don't mean to rain on her parade but I wouldn't exactly pick her for having a particularly small waist or a fast metabolism kek. Although anachan atm she's just not built like that. I'm sure the all encompassing narcissist part of her personality is to blame here.

No. 137326

"Big hips"? bitch where lmfao

No. 137380

Its so weird that she talks about herself this way. It's so alien like who says this self centered shit

No. 137394

Remember this is the woman who convinced herself she was the real life Sailor Moon. All of the masquerade skits, photos and videos she made her friends do, she is the focal point. She is always the center of everything, she's always been that way. Extreme narcissism that has never been successfully checked. Any time someone around her tries to do the same character she freaks out. Any time someone me asks her for tips on anything, she gives the same "ok idk just be a genetic anomaly and perfect like me! XD" responses. Want to be skinny like her? Well you can't unless you have her metabolism or buy her Only Fans. Want prop making tips? Sorry, watch YouTube videos or snag a bishie to make it for you. Want the name of a clothing piece or brand? Sorry, just look at the tags. Hunt for it on your own cause Lorena doesn't just give out her "secrets" like that. Lori believes she is better than 99% of humans. She will ignore, condescend to and quite literally abuse anyone who doesn't frequently worship her. She may have dropped the Usagi act but she is still VERY much convinced she is a heroine, a real life Princess with a rags to riches story. Poor Lori has bad parents and she was cheated on, she was abused just like Zero Two so she's automatically the lynchpin holding the universe together. So, everyone just keep this post in your pocket the next time you find yourself going "how can a woman be this way at 35?"

No. 137399

This is extremely accurate to what I’ve observed from her over the years. She’s trying to be an influencer and can’t even bring herself to interact with people in a way that isn’t completely transactional. She’s literally asking people to pay just to be in her presence and be spoken to like a human being.

No. 137405

I agree, but as much as I think there could be new wk or 2 (probably dumb kids) there's def more haters than ever. The accounts commentinh on the DK shit were not all fakes. Many of them were well established.

>I remember seeing Soni accidentally out herself a couple threads back, kek.

Rereading for the lulz

No. 137441

The amount of "confidence" coming from a solid 2 is outstanding.

No. 137446

File: 1612917229559.jpg (2.02 MB, 1257x2048, Screenshot_20210209-162647.png…)

>>137394 made her mad. She isn't wearing anything princess related, crown, anything. Why does she do the tag thing? Is she too cowardly to directly address anything or does she think acting like a petty 7th grader is somehow 'troll pwnage', as she would put it?

No. 137456

How is she going to post this and then claim that she has "big hips" I'm cracking up

She also has not even a hint of an ass, and the twitching seizure videos she posts have absolutely zero sex appeal. Literally nothing about her is desirable lmao

No. 137458

She's trying to follow the typical egirl formula too of "pull up thigh highs to asscheeks to create illusion of an ass" and it still doesn't work for her. tragic!

No. 137464

That shit is straight up flat as pancake. She really is delusional to think she has a bubble butt. I blame Kevin for gassing her up cause he's a god damn virgin who's never seen a nice ass before.

No. 137469

Was a loud and proud farmer, currently is staying away these days as per Twitter and I think FB. Amazing what therapy and self-work can do.

No. 137479

File: 1612944288097.jpg (1.07 MB, 1700x1138, kouusagi1.jpg)

found this photo on her kou-usagi deviantart. there's tons of photos and albums on there!

can anyone explain why she edits her face how she does when her real face honestly isn't even bad? not defending the cow but this compared to her IG photos look like totally different people.

No. 137480

aging makes a lot of people self conscious

No. 137482

But she doesn't even look that old? She looks very nice for her age, she's just crazy.

No. 137483

Lol she must hate this pic so much bc she's 25lbs heavier here

No. 137484

did I say she looks bad or did I say she's self conscious

No. 137497


>She looks very nice for her age


Um, sure anon. You need glasses?

All this shit's been posted in previous threads

No. 137499

Nta but she looks how a 35 year old would look. I get that this is a hate thread, but I don't expect any 35 year old woman to look miraculous. Everyone ages, Lori especially so due to her shit lifestyle. This thread sounds like its frequented by the same people who read shoeonhead's and weenos.

No. 137502

Yeah, she looks like an average 35 year old irl, in her pics she's fake as fuck. It's not about what she looks like, it's about what a batshit narcissist she is and what's she's done to so many. Who cares if some anons focus on her looks. She's delusional about what she looks like, hence all her hideous over filtered pics.

You know, if you dont like the thread you can gtfo. No one's holding you hostage here.

No. 137505

Well if you think she looks great then go tell her she loves it! she will give you a book how she is more beautiful then you and that’s when people disagree

No. 137509

it's a combination of aging and also seeing that what feels like every other girl popular on IG is an overly-filtered 19-year old. not to get preachy but editing apps really fucked with a lot of people. back in the day yeah, you could photoshop, but the goal was to make it as undetectable as possible and still look natural. now the goal is to look like a teenage anime character. if editing apps weren't as common, I think Lori's pictures would look pretty similar to how they do here.

No. 137514

The photo posted above is like 6 years old anyway she looks worse now. All this narcissist has is her looks, hit em where it hurts! If you don't like seeing people call her a hag then just stay out? I'm sure she would love it if you kept stroking her ego

No. 137520

Why the fuck are you two so overly dramatic? All that I said was she looks how I'd expect someone at 35 to look, especially after her lifelong shitty habits. I didn't defend her and yet you chimped out. Learn the difference between thinking that someone looks great and being realistic. Jfc, the absolute retardation and nitpicking.

No. 137523

If Lori didn't read this thread religiously nobody would care but now that you've said something neutral about her she's gonna ride that ego high for weeks because she's delusional like that. I only corrected you cause nobody really knows what she looks like now. It's been over a year since she's been seen in public and I hate when random anons come in and go "stop bagging on her she looks fine" to old photos that are still edited. It's not nitpicky to point out that it's not an accurate representation and that you're unintentionally feeding her ego when you make comments like that. Call me retarded, but at least I have working eyes.

No. 137531


The writing is on the wall anon.. because in that pic she was about 26 27 ish. Youth was still in her side. Once she got with Rikki the guy was a male incarnate of her. Stress, worry, and smoking fucked her plus being pro-Ana will ruin your body.. So jump almost 10 years and going through all that is not going to preserve youth. Look at Kevin. Also it seemed as if her jaw continued to square out pretty bad the older she got I noticed when younger it was more slender looking at least in her sailor moon days. Now it’s wide and masculine with sunken cheeks.

No. 137550

>"stop bagging on her she looks fine" to old photos that are still edited.
>It's not nitpicky to point out that it's not an accurate representation

Honestly good point, Anon. No sarcasm.

No. 137551

File: 1612994775935.jpg (139.18 KB, 1080x1350, 148291009_888967621839043_6970…)

Sorry for samefag/double post but, guys, we need to discuss this absolute mess.

No. 137554

File: 1612997280898.webm (144.46 KB, 1150x720, nightmare.webm)

Several questions. Where's the butt? What is this quality, doesn't she have the newest, ~most expensive~ phone on the market? Is she trying to pull a cheap version of what Belle Delphine did? The whole memeing yourself thing?

She's going to be 36. It's barely working for Belle and she's WAY younger. If it's starting to unravel for your OGs maybe you should jump ship and like, work at a bank or something. Then again she's a walking fashion nightmare and a screeching harpy, so maybe job hunting would be rough.

No. 137555

Except that it wasn't neutral.

Posts have made light of her lack of sunscreen, improper diet, smoking, etc and >>137499 wasn't any different.

Lori will ride a high over damn near anything and whatever we post here doesn't stop that. Did you all suddenly forget how narcs work?

Sure as shit isn't going to be taking pride in looking like the average 35 year old woman when she's trying to look 17. And if she does then that's more milk for the thread.

No. 137558

She’s used that pic as a sticker so much I’m starting to think she can’t replicate that facial expression

No. 137564

She’s a walking PR nightmare. If she was to be an influencer for other companies besides DK they are gonna dump her ass completely as her attitude stinks to high fucking heaven and not to mention she had quite a history of being problematic. Any normal influencers would be smart enough to keep their attitudes in place and act professional when representing a company as they are getting paid to so. Loris not gonna fly with any kind of brand. Hell she’s not even good enough to represent Onlyfans.

>>137554 If she truly wants to be like belle then she would’ve done hardcore porn by now and not just nipple slips but she’s would be too self centered to work with anyone as it’s all about her and she wouldn’t want someone to see her real face anyway.

No. 137566

god this is so funny she used the sticker of her ugly mug to cover her lack of ass because everyone kept pointing out how she does the thigh high bs trick to make it look like she has anything there

also that nose makeup looks like she has acne god she's ugly

No. 137570

File: 1613001658931.jpeg (307.17 KB, 1125x1109, 810E63A9-1B7F-47E0-AF5C-E98CDB…)

Her playing stupid like she didn’t know there was a strawberry dress craze well she got her attention she so wanted

No. 137572

File: 1613001693415.jpeg (122.11 KB, 1125x472, 28C7D980-59D3-4AD8-976B-29F131…)

No. 137593

"Queen" lmao you mean the nazi Doe Deere? Just when I think she can't get any messier

Was coming here to say the same thing, lmaoooo. Imagine being so flat assed that you have to hide the line with your constipation/sucking in your stomach face

She's so dumb. Every time we post something, she has to "retaliate" passive-aggressively on her social media by posting her poof faces or wearing Moo's costume. Imagine being that insecure lmaooo

We know that you're just a broke, aging, incredibly insecure, golddigging bitch. That's why we like laughing at you, and I'm not the type to laugh at people's misfortunes. You, Lorena, however deserve every tiny bit of it.

God, watching her fail miserably in life is such a confidence boost to mine. Suffer, bitch. It's so funny to watch her be intimidated and scared.

No. 137618

File: 1613014811148.jpg (104.4 KB, 1008x1280, IMG_20210210_203828_007.jpg)

Looks like Lori let Kevin have some of his own money to buy these used shoes.

No. 137636

>Yes I'm weird. Yes I wear weird stuff everyday.
It's Jeremy Scott, not Aitor Throup. What a tacky little man.

No. 137651

Yeah, he's so stupid I guess he doesn't care that people know where they live? Cause I have seen there address on the box

No. 137658


Tbf the address isnt fully visible; you could make out ‚West Valley‘ (which is, funnily enough, kind of a ‚ghetto‘ area of utah so rent is pretty affordable)

No. 137673

>fireflypath praising her

Damn Joanne, seriously?

No. 137690

I believe she's commenting on a post by nazi Doe Deere

No. 137696

The shock still remains. What the fuck, Joanne kek

No. 137709

File: 1613051079849.jpeg (192.19 KB, 827x1393, A5395723-EAC8-47EA-8E51-E832EF…)

Also a little interesting is he added in the part about them being used, I guess he realized how obviously not brand new they looked. I mean at least he’s being up front about that part.

No. 137710


> God, watching her fail miserably in life is such a confidence boost to mine. Suffer, bitch. It's so funny to watch her be intimidated and scared

Jesus Anon. You sound just like Lori. Keep your sociopathy in check.

No. 137728

Well, someone on KF found where they live. That was fast. Kevin you really fucked up lol

No. 137729

File: 1613059184565.gif (1.27 MB, 268x180, 99DE3367-E6CA-4628-BB64-39397F…)

No. 137740

I’m sorry Kevin but these shoes and the way you dress aren’t “weird” the e girl e boy fashion is super common and is not a personality trait. Stop pretending like you’re special. Wear whatever you want, stop bragging and complaining that you’re “weird” when you’re not.

No. 137743

God, Anon. That really is him. I'm rolling. Can't wait until he gets bored of trying to be a hypebeast and he goes to sell those shoes and can't. Nobody but Kevin wants those shoes and now hes stuck with duplicate pairs of old ass JS wings.

No. 137765

Unfortunately this poor bastard only has that one thing going for him. Being miserable while dating a crazy psycho bitch and his crappy taste in clothes.

No. 137772

I'm supportive of this new fashion Kev. I hope he does more doxing unboxing videos and selfies in his "weird" clothes making the same sideways smirk face he always does.

No. 137788

I love how he has to get defensive even in his own captions. Dude just wear what you like no one gives a shit. It's because you give a shit that we all make fun of you.

No. 137797

I have a tinfoil that Lorena hates the style on him and makes little remarks to him so he’s always defensive about his choices.

No. 137849

Wtf I thought that image was an anon edit. She can't be serious KEK

No. 137858

File: 1613120016056.jpg (615.27 KB, 1080x1350, vampiregenetics.jpg)

here's the unedited one

No. 137901

Okay but this is amazing.

No. 137932

File: 1613145808001.png (230.03 KB, 275x336, sailorbags.PNG)

needs more eye bags and a square manly jaw. would be better if you used a photo where she isn't squishing her nose so you can see how big it actually is lmao

No. 137933

File: 1613147007037.jpg (238.2 KB, 760x580, d7a5p1-2e1a7331-fbe8-4349-a8d4…)

samefagging but I NEED to put this photo here, you all need to see. I don't think it's been posted before. We need a DitF redux of this with SNOW filters and those cheap printed suits KEK

No. 137949

This is one of the most cringe things Lori has made and that’s saying something. That being said can someone please make one of Lori and Kevin hahahaha their speshul love story deserves trashy romance novel art as much this did, if not more so.

No. 137969

Except she doesn't love him and now that she doesn't need him to be her Zerotwo sidekick she would never. She wouldnt want to chase her Simps away by admitting a relationship. I think that's the real reason she removed him as her 'fiance'. He's a moron for putting up with it. Didnt he write someplace recently he still planned on marrying her? Sad sad little sack.

No. 137974

Yeah he referred to himself as her fiance when he was defending her in the dollskill post lol.

No. 137975

File: 1613162887177.png (2.64 MB, 1280x2728, Golden_Kev.png)


No. 137977

I can't get over that he has to use her old phone. Pop socket and all.

No. 137978

NTA but you're so right, she probably stopped her constant skinwalking so she could begin to separate herself. Would explain her desperately responding to every legit comment left on her page from man. She always begs for money and for someone to pay for her house, how does Kevin not see she's literally casting lines to find her new ATM?

Jesus Christ this is awful, he looks like a chocolate coin.

No. 137979

Tinfoil: Kevin is ghey and Lori is his beard

No. 137983

Is it too early to request next thread pic? I love this way too much.

No. 137986

I love this already but Kevin needs to be in her ass!

No. 137987

He looks like someone's grandma with those tiny girlish legs and white hair kek

No. 137996

>that hand pose
>muh tacky fashion
Really giving off some ~effiminate~ vibes there…

No. 138002

Looking at this pic all I hear is Prince

No. 138004

Getting it with a strap on got him good

No. 138007

Anyone else notice Kev is starting to look a lot like Bassdrip’s boi? All Kev needs to complete his skin walk is the cat ears.

No. 138008

bassdrip was mentioned multiple times last thread too, you okay anon?

No. 138010

Nah man came from KF. Just started reading here.

No. 138014

Yeah people are thinking they're skin walking a couple like ten years younger. Makes sense, someone posted comparisons of outfits and they were very similar

No. 138018

Bassdrip has copied outfits before and is toxic as hell anyway, a flake in her own right. Birds of a feather.

No. 138028

File: 1613185534456.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1752, A5D20117-2668-46D8-B12D-D93098…)

No. 138034

Gross. The black dye has been bleeding into the bleached part and it's only getting worse.

No. 138059

If there’s one thing 3 years of cosmetology school taught me, it’s that no matter what creams and procedures you do, your neck (and hands) will always betray your age. Lori’s neck is looking very aged here even through the filters, especially compared to her snow filtered face.

No. 138062

Careful, the last anon that made a remark about her neck got dogpiled for nitpicking. I agree with you but I'm just saying.

No. 138069

Dude that eyeliner job is terrible and her lashes look like spider legs. She has to be wearing at least 15 coats of mascara. Just throw on a pair of lashes and call it a day omg

No. 138070

Sage your shit

No. 138071

File: 1613215514882.jpg (764.75 KB, 1080x1350, vampiregeneticsrevised.jpg)

No. 138076

Scrolling down I thought this was Lori in a new wig and hipster glasses kek

No. 138098

Omg this looks like Raggedy Annie has pink eye, Hideous!

No. 138119

I bet she's gonna be livid when she sees this, she looks so bad omfg I can't believe she didn't scrub these photos

No. 138151

Okay new vote for next thread pic. This is even better holy kek

No. 138228

File: 1613310442658.jpg (73.62 KB, 250x456, 20210214_074040.jpg)

I pulled this from the other farm but the delusion is to unhinged to not post it.
Only Loonie would think she invented any of this. There's countless thots who did all of this long before her. Venus puffed her cheeks while Loonie was still skin walking SM and Kelly Eden has done the pink hair pedo bait bedroom long before Loonie. Even her fug pink eyeliner is just a geisha style and hullo… you ever hear of LOTR??? Elf ears been a thing long before your fake WOW days. She is literally a conglomerate of has been or been done styles.

To hilarious that she is clearly bothered by her "haters" (aka people who see you for what you are). Dont worry Loonie, no one is raging, no one thinks you came up with any of that shit.

Let's also point out the obvious here, that's her mug 9 years ago! That profile was harsh nearly a decade ago. That chin and nose are so prominent.

No. 138238

File: 1613316820184.gif (2.56 MB, 268x268, C978900D-5CD0-4EC4-B0FE-FD19CE…)

could you imagine eavesdropping And hearing an actual person talk like Lori it’s hilarious! would be even more fun to see her and the way she looks and say that in a public place she sits and hides in her room pushing 40 with no life no car living in the ghetto typing her keyboard to make her feel that extra special I mean she’s special, just not in that sort of way hahaha

No. 138246

She loves to deflect with "I hope my haters are raging" well Lori actually you're a middle aged woman who spends every second of her time trying to flex on younger women who make fun of you for being old and a retard. It's clear you're being driven insane when all you can post is passive aggressive little statuses and respond to every single criticism made about you on both farms. It's so cute when she tries to act like a tough baddie queen. It's like watching a kid put on their moms high heels and pretend to be grown.

No. 138260

I need to see a masterlist of all the retarded things Looni claims to have invented.

No. 138266

File: 1613327730504.png (388.64 KB, 1752x1076, Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 10.3…)

stolen and edited from KF, list of things Lori "invented"

- Sailor Moon hair
- her signature "poof pout"
- Zero Two red eyeliner
- various modeling poses
- (any name) + Kou
- Belle Delphine e-thot look
- elf ears on e-girls
- pink eyebrows
- using blush

No. 138273

File: 1613329789912.png (1.32 MB, 1063x672, sears portrait type beat.png)

i have delivered

No. 138279

Ohh my goooooood perfect anon
i had a belly laugh on this v-day.

No. 138281

this is a masterpiece, anon

No. 138284

File: 1613333387373.jpg (117.59 KB, 907x1280, IMG_20210214_130834_613.jpg)

"I've been called a doll my whole life." Sure Jan.

No. 138302

Kek the lunacy of it all. I'm endlessly surprised with how insane she makes herself sound. The sentence structure, the contents, amazing.

No. 138312

File: 1613339853169.jpeg (447.48 KB, 827x1525, 1A7E1A7B-132C-4621-A7EE-BA6698…)

The truth is Lori is so insecure she based her whole uwu gremlin egirl aesthetic off of Kitty Varney. The girl Rikki cheated on her with. It’s super fucking obvious this is where her whole aesthetic stems from. If you can’t beat em just skinwalk em, amirite Lori? You try to front like you think your the shit, but in reality you’re an insecure, pathetic middle aged coomer who is threatened by other women. You reek of jealousy honey. The only reason you cling to Kevin is because you know he’s even more insecure than you are and won’t leave you lol

No. 138316

I took a peek at her posts, it's really strange how much they talk like each other (or Lori talks like her?). a lot of "I'm just a smol gremlin" talk, but her content/style is definitely more original than Lori.

No. 138340

Wow horns and elf ears and the blush but looks like she at least blends the blush I’m guessing we will be seeing the glitter blush soon on Lori lol people who screech copy cats are usually the copy cats them selfs

No. 138346

I remember this girl. Lori made a status once about how Kitty Varney was one of her abusers in Seattle or something.

No. 138356

File: 1613347615033.jpg (3.41 MB, 3851x1633, originals.jpg)

Ah yes Lori, nobody has ever rubbed red pencil or shadow on their eyes before, there have never been elves before you, nobody has ever done pink brows, no person on this earth has ever used their facial muscles to poof their cheeks, and nobody has ever abused blush before.

There is not a single original bone in her body. Not even with the rashy nose blush, because people have actually gotten original and "natural" rashes like that. Ah, too bad yours is fake, Lori. /s

No. 138362

Holy shit, how didn’t we notice before. Even the way this girl talks she copy’s?? She’s truly deranged. Nice find. She even started copying her blush recently kek.

No. 138382

next thread pic please, I nominate this beauty

No. 138385

Oh shit just when I thought she couldnt get any more pathetic.

No. 138421

There are dozens of thots and her 'look' has been popular, her editing style has been popular, for a decade now. Pinpointing it to one person is retarded, anon. Shes an amalgamation of multiple thots. No one cares who.

No. 138426

Obviously. But anon does have a point that Lori has fixated on kitty in the past, so it's not far fetched to draw some connections between her sudden e-thot aesthetic after Rikki and the fact that she alleges that Rikki cheated on her with this e-girl.

Skinwalkers always seem to do this shit.

No. 138432

Exactly. The look clearly isn’t original but the reason she’s drawn to it is because she so desperately needs to be ‘better’ than Kitty since Kitty stole Rikki. Lori didn’t just stumble upon the style and I go “I’ma do that”. She’s in a mental competition with this girl.

No. 138438

Lori even tried to do some of the same poses but is limited due to the snow filtering on her troon face.

>people who screech copy cats are usually the copy cats them selfs

True, Looni has textbook Emalee behaviour.

No. 138453

Good point anon. Bpdfags like Looni seethe over anyone this percieve as competition. She's obviously adopted the style for multiple reasons, one being getting "one up" on someone she would have fixated on in the past.

No. 138454

Nah, to dismiss this as unimportant means you don't understand Lori. Her whoooole thing has always been skinwalking, she is def copying this girl

No. 138475

This is the girl that cheated on her husband with Rikki? What’s the current milk on her? Is she with Rikki now? Or did the husband simp out and take her back?

No. 138484


+1 for next thread pic pretty please.

No. 138486

She’s single, no real milk other than Lori trying to larp her

No. 138487

She’s not. Kitty Varney is a bargain bin egirl at best. Her attempts at “sexy” are embarrassing. All these cos ethots do the same poses with the same ears/horns/tails/plastic clothes with the same filters and terrible makeup. You pushing this narrative is pretty sus.

No. 138491

File: 1613414877741.jpeg (633.46 KB, 1936x1936, 24C6D691-3520-47FA-A0D0-6548C4…)


Sorry anon (kitty) but it’s not true. Lori outdates this girl with the make-up and “gremlin” stupidity. This girl seems to be skinwalking Lori and I hate that this kitty cow actually made me write that. Cows coming in here claiming they’re better cows than the subject cows. Fucking mooooooooooo

No. 138492

She’s a single retard that ruined her marriage with a great guy for a moment with that big Rikki dick.

No. 138496

Basing this off one Instagram photo comparison lol. Lori is obviously jealous of her and started jacking her style- even the blue hair phase, brony shit, gremlin/monster girl shit. Again- not saying this Kitty person started the egirl trend. Just saying Lori only took an interest in this style after she saw the girl Rikki was cheating with. Lori was obsessed with Rikki and it enraged her that another younger, cuter girl won. She went so far as to call her an “abuser”- for what? Riding Rikki’s dick? Lori and Kitty share the same birthday and he chose to be with Kitty lol. Imagine what kind of spiral that would send your typical narc into, let alone Looni. A quick scroll down her IG feed and it’s glaringly obvious Lori is hyper fixated over this girl. Even the current strawberry -everything obsession circles back to kittys watermelon obsession. Inb4 “hi cow” no, I’m just an old fag anon who has eyes. If you knew Lori from the livejournal days and how she can’t stand competition or that she has zero personality if she isn’t skinwalking you’d know I’m right.

No. 138503


No. 138504

Not a single ounce of this is true.

No. 138505

I'm not really sure how you came to that conclusion from those two photos anon. The captions aren't the similar, their outfits and poses are nothing alike an every other e girl has obnoxious blush, hentai print top, and a pink wig. If what >>138346 >>138350 say is true, the skinwalking theory makes a lot of sense.

No. 138506

So you’re obsessed with both Lori AND kitty? Damn anon.
Also reaks of selfpost

No. 138507

Samefag as >>138505 sorry for the typos

posted within a minute of each other? Not sus at all. Very subtle. A+ wk 11/10

No. 138508

All you anons trying to argue Lori isn't fiendishly obsessed with Kitty are probably the same people who can't tell me what happened with Lori and Zan, and the countless other women she harassed and flat out copied until they disappeared from all mutual communities. Lori is a cow because of this behavior. Coming in here and arguing over it is like going into Luna Slaters thread stating "she's not skinwalking courtney love she's just a junkie with blonde hair" Absolute retardation. Some of you need to back it up and read all the way from thread #1. Every day some different sped comes in and goes "lori isn't ugly" "she isn't old" "she never did this" "she doesn't try to look like anyone" "self post" and other bullshit. It's so annoying, whoever your main cow is or your main thread, go the fuck back to it.

No. 138511

Valid. But there are prettier, thotier, egirlier, girls for Lori to obsess over than kitty. Kitty is a potato

No. 138514

This. If Lori was a normal sane person without a history of doing shit like this, if understand those anons but, she actually knows this person, talked shit and lied on her abusing her. I wouldn’t put it past her to be copying just to show “ I’m doing it better!!!!” Shes not a normal person kek.

Do you actually think she cares about potato looks? Rikku cheated with her. Of course that’s why she’d care to do this lol

No. 138515

True, anon. She definitely is unremarkable but to Lori that's her competition. The antithesis of her, in her own eyes. That's why she went from animu elf goddess to pastel rainbow gremlin zero two Loli waifu desu ne~~~ overnight. The only proof anons need of her not being over that situation is how often Rikki is still a problem in her and Kev's relationship. She cheated on Kev with the dude, there's no way in hell she isn't seething in that grudge. Shes the type to be like "I'll do your whole life and identity better than you and win my man back" and that's absolutely what this is. Rikki had a huge dick and personality, even if he was a fucking loser. He's still way better than Kevin. Lori will forever be butt mad about Kitty having him on her bday.

No. 138519

File: 1613426915735.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1837, DACC974E-B67C-42BD-877E-18637D…)

why is Lori still not driving to the nail salon? I guess kevin gotta work for that fake valentines selfie

No. 138520

same fag! And yes I saged but I got to say kinda funny that post was 4 hours ago same time that some white knight came to lori’s rescue cause lori would never copy anyone! Also didn’t post kitty girl never seen this bitch till now go at me if you want

No. 138523

Anon, she's been enlisting peasants as chauffeurs to strip malls and salons since the early 2000's. This is what she made her Kou's do for her. If one with a car was busy, she'd just bug the other and make them buy her lotions and clothes. You should never expect Lori to do literally anything for herself. She lives her life as a rich princess would despite being a Forever 21 mannequin living in the Utah ghetto.

No. 138525

Haha omg, that’s hilarious! Thank you, Anon as I didn’t know this info, just waiting, for now, to say she’s an independent woman

No. 138534

File: 1613432331609.jpg (378.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210216-103446.jpg)


It looks like she's trying particularly hard to prove she has a tiny waist since the mild critism here. Unfortunately she just looks like someone with lordosis in this photo. I dare Looni to post a pic from a front facing angle with her waist tapered like this but on both sides kek.

No. 138539

Yeah, most of her photos are clap-backs. she’s Always talking about her haters like she is obsessed about it. I don’t it's hate though more like people laughing and then some in disbelief cause who would believe her posts besides own her psychosis and simps

No. 138546

God that faux leather looks like literal plastic trash. How can people wear this at it's price point and think "Yeah this slays"? It looks like H&M scraps resewn into a thottie costume. I hate it. It's so expensive but still ugly landfill food

No. 138547

For someone who brags about having "the best phone" her photos are always potato quality because she runs them through so many filter apps. The only thing that makes the Galaxy S21 any better than an iphone 12 Pro is higher resolution cameras and better zoom/telephoto lenses…neither of which she uses. It is the stupidest flex. And the fact that she holds it upside down drives me nuts for some reason.

Sage for phone sperg.

No. 138572

I was not aware Hefty trashbag couture was a thing.

No. 138573

how is nobody gonna talk about her utterly disfigured hand?

fuck the white trash bag couture, look at ghastly warped hand and phone.

No. 138592

Yeah but Kitty is also very real,works and shows both sides of herself, her everyday side and her "egirl" side, plus she's funny and willing to joke about life. I'm sure that all pisses Loonie off even more since shes an incompetent leach with no personality other than her fake photoshopped pictures. It's probably why Rikki cheated with Kitty since the real potato is Lori. Just look at all the dead behind the eyes pictures Loonie takes. Driving to work everyday with Kitty, Rikki probably realized Loonie was Bo-Ring!!

Plus she would never go on tik tok, we would see what she really looks like. Its even more reason for Loonie to grasp on to her "I can do it better" delusion.

No. 138597

It'd be great if Looni goes on Tiktok and the filters break down, or if she shows up to a con.

We haven't seen her true unfiltered final form in so long.

No. 138598

If we wish hard enough it will happen. I predict her making one in the next 4 months. She will upload her existing reels and continue making twitching videos to Melanie Martinez. They'll be blurry and overexposed to the point of her having blindingly white skin. Kids will bully her like they do Mooriah and she will leave the app after not getting ten thousand followers the first two weeks LOL. It would be a fantastic failure and she would act like it never happened, ala Patreon failure style. Never to be spoken of again and quietly set to private.

No. 138603

Patreon is a perfect example of her failure. Only places she can buy likes and follows she keeps going with. It's so sad she posted that "top %2.whatever on OF" bullshit someplace. They seriously send that shit to everyone, it's like a pimp slapping her on the ass and saying good job, you made a few bucks now get back out there and bring Daddy home the moolah.

But yeah, Tik Tok would be hilarious, another attempt at to little (way) to late

No. 138606

Shhhh don't tell Lori that the top% messages are arbitrary! Then she'll find out EVERYONE'S in top 5% and up!

Fucking kek I still roll every time she posts those. E-whore gold star stickers, that's literally all it is. Like you said, a pat on the bum. Now, Lorena, put that broken spine back into gear and twerk for those cheap shoes, girl!

No. 138633

File: 1613521419725.jpg (1.62 MB, 2400x2816, Kitty Skinwalk - Blue Hair.jpg)

taken from the other farms, its pretty much confirmed that Lori is beyond obsessed with Kitty lol

No. 138652

And anons tried to claim Looni wasn't obsessed with this girl. Bpdfags are always so predictable.

No. 138667

Honestly, it was probably Looni trying to wk herself because you know this epiphany is making her reeeeeeeee hahaha

No. 138678

File: 1613586324028.png (456.97 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20210217-102244~2.p…)

Kitty confirmed the skinwalking. Told you! Fuckin anons.


Holy fucking absolute farm-fresh steaming pile of shit why the HELL is this drama from four years ago coming up 🤣 Ok y’all lemme sit down with yet another fucking cup of coffee and I will see what I can dig up/need to explain??

Some thoughts so far:

-i’m perfectly ok if you think i’m a narcissistic white anime cos-poser old lady. I dress up and do this uwu shit for fun, and I try not to take myself too seriously. You taking me seriously is the highest form of flattery.

-Lori has had me blocked for mmm…2-3 years now? Anything since mid…2018? (Wait fuck thats 3) I haven’t been able to see her stuff. Yes, I can go around the block, but I also was worried of copying too much of her stuff myself? Almost like a weird aesthetic feedback loop? She got the FUCK into my brain for a few years after all the weird ass manipulation, so I chose to take space to reevaluate my sense of “self” i was able to block her account back after some finagling so idk if she’s unblocked me recently.

-I think the most i’ve done to purposefully copy her was satirical because I was well aware she was copying my looks for at least two years. I would post a new hair color and within 24-48 hours her hair would be dyed the same. The pink hair in 2018 was because I couldn’t get the red from the Todoroki hair out. I felt really weird because when I looked in the mirror it reminded me of her and that fucked with me for a hot minute. I’m finally back to blue now, though ( ´ ▽ ` ) If she continued to copy me after 2018 I wasn’t aware of it because of the purposeful avoidance on my part.

-Yes me dressing up as 02 was initially a casual troll (I did want to make the 02k follower pun for my own sake) but TBH I actually feel VERY VERY CUTE as 02 and plan to do her again in the future. For fashion and lulz

-My ex-husband had huge anger management problems to the point of cornering me in the kitchen, breaking things/punching holes in the walls, etc. (he never ever laid hands on me though) Rikki was my first escape from thinking that was “just how my life was supposed to be”. At the time I met Rikki I was in the deepest ugliest part of that, but it still doesn’t excuse the month overlap where I was, eh how you put, considering Rikki? Him and I never officially “dated”. If Lori said that, she was lying lol. I did actually initiate for divorce later that month, and it’s also good to keep in mind I have heavy religious conditioning in my childhood which made me absolutely terrified of the idea of divorce in the first place. Again, it doesn’t excuse my choices at the time.

-My ex-husband has since undergone an enormous amount of growth mentally/emotionally, and we’ve actually become good friends. I am not “sad sob story pity me” because I put him through fucked up shit mentally. So please, don’t think of me as here playing the “i am innocent look what this bitch did to me”. I’m just as fucked up as every other weirdly old e-thot. He fucked me up, I fucked him up, we both went through some hella growth and realized we needed to mature as (most) human beings do at age 24-28.

-uhhh anything else I can think of I’ll write up a story in a bit. I gotta dig out some screenshots from 2017 and I have noooo idea who I sent those to. So either I gotta find files on an old phone/computer, or I gotta dig through FB for a hot minute.

Much love, Miss Kitty

ps, you have no idea how validating this thread makes me feel. I literally thought I was batshit crazy for YEARS about what happened. Seeing other people put all these pieces together after I had blocked her, Kevin, Rikki, and just done my own thing to try and regain my sense of self is such a relief.

No. 138680

I knew it, ever copied her shade of blue hair lol. She’s unhinged

This milk is amazing. Thank you to the anon who noticed miss Kitty. I know Lori is seething now that we know what her heavy projection posts on copying was really about herself lol. No wonder she kept pushing that she invented those stupid shit .

No. 138681

File: 1613589957330.png (1.53 MB, 1313x2048, Screenshot_20210217-112424.png)

This is something we haven't heard about. Supposedly our bishie-san betrayed our princess with someone named Taylor?

No. 138682

File: 1613589990585.jpeg (215.32 KB, 1242x2264, 0A198601-4402-4B49-8C86-665C47…)

The screencap

No. 138684

Anon, Kitty saying "I think this is about Kevin" was about Lori saying that she has a cute boy who is interested in her. Lori was saying that Rikki cheated on her with someone named Taylor.

I noticed Kevin and Lori stopped following each other on Instagram again today, after these Kitty revelations. This is after weeks of them following each others' accounts and Kevin being over the top supportive of Lori on social media.

No. 138693

Oh, I see I see. It was written in a confusing way. Never mind then, my bad. Still juicy though.

No. 138698

I’m the anon who posted the initial Kitty comparison and Lori is so obsessed with Rikki not only did she cheat on Kevin with him (and believe you me, it was more than once, she just didn’t get caught) but she skinwalks the girl Rikki wanted to date. So glad Katrina feels relief knowing there are in fact people who are on her side. I have no doubt in my mind the anon in here calling me a retard for drawing an obvious conclusion was Lori herself trying to deflect. Lori- let me put this in a way you’ll understand:
> omgzzz o_O; ::rolls over:: everyone can see right through you ::pokes:: I love making an old woman who hides behind snow filters rage XD your pathetic (failed) attempts to larp as cuter, younger women fuels me ::pat pat:: anon-chaaans plz save the internet from this ugly hag lol

No. 138699

Thinking the same it was Lori Not just cause of what They typed to you cause Lori was posting on IG around the same time as this person was getting defensive about it all

No. 138702

yeah, those posts reeked of Lori for so many reasons.


No. 138711

Didn't age well KEK fuckin Lorena

No. 138715

File: 1613613910742.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2880x3380, 61AB340A-75F9-4036-84DD-F28951…)

Lori never learns sex is not a tool and should not be used to control people it backfires if you like to read more Just google This is how narcissists use sex to control you

No. 138720

Yikes, she sounds just as bad as Lori herself. Cringy white bitches I swear- even admitted to cosplaying as Zero Two to "troll" her? Both of these bitches need to grow up and get a life.

No. 138721

File: 1613615310543.png (1.09 MB, 692x1144, Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 6.26…)


No. 138723

Fucking lulz, what a hypocrite. When has this bitch ever treated anyone kindly or uplifted anyone but herself? I've never seen a single time in her extremely public life.

No. 138729

File: 1613620097656.jpeg (960.36 KB, 1125x1622, CC6E1A9F-2908-4FDF-B214-533441…)

No. 138730

Are you fucking kidding me? Can someone with clout publicly slam her with receipts already? This hag, I swear.

No. 138731

File: 1613620806482.jpeg (414.5 KB, 968x684, FB5A3DBB-E855-4CB5-8768-D2EBC1…)

No. 138732

Good eye, anon, I'm dying laughing

No. 138735

Oh yeah, telling somebody to kill themselves after your bf raped them is totally being ~*positive and uplifting*~

No. 138739

Based. I'm not even a CSI cow forensic and I knew Looni was copying her from the caps in this thread alone, didn't even have to look further.

The timing of spam posts screeching that Looni wasn't copying meant we hit a nerve and >>138678 is such wonderful milk.

Did an animal eat the shoe? Why isn't that in the trash? kek

No. 138741

Chances are those are his actual every day shoes he wears to work n such when he's not doing his 'aesthetic' or being a prop in her photos.

No. 138748

Since when is Kevin allowed to cosplay something outside of Lori's sphere? Surprised Lori isn't trying to skinwalk Arcade Ahri or Riven or Miss Fortune to go along with him as the "uwu couple goals" or whatever the fuck.

No. 138752

That would mean she would have to do something to benefit someone else’s interest. That’s not the Looni way. The only time she will skinwalk is when it’s a character SHE likes, and her significant other is forced to cosplay the love interest.

No. 138754

Ackshully anon Lori is Hispanic~

No. 138775

Legit, what is she gonna do in a few years when she's 40 years old? she cant be an egirl forever. it's honestly so pathetic. she has no skill set or a college education either

No. 138778

There's nothing wrong with being self-aware about your cringe and doing cosplay for self fulfillment. It's pretty clear that Kitty is a world away from Lori. Lori's entire being is her failed attempt at a "gotcha" towards all the women she hates and is jealous of. Kitty is just a twenty something nerd who does cringe cosplays at home. Conflating the two and being a cunt for cunts sake just makes you sound like Lori. Team Kitty, I have no shame in saying that.

No. 138779

I just creeped Kittys Instagram highlights and she has one dedicated to her love of coffee… I think I cracked the code with Lori and her random juice obsession anons were questioning. It’s allllll coming together. Her random ‘quirks’ are all just creepy off the mark ways to copy this poor girl that she’s taken an obsession with. And I thought she was psycho for skinwalking animated characters… she’s full on trying to be other people.

No. 138783

I hate Lori, but let's not reach.

Coffee is for adults.
Juice is for kids and vegan weirdos. It's a childish thing with Lori, I think.

No. 138787

We will now see Lori posting a photo of a latte talking about how adult she is and such an independent woman has this woman ever been alone? Like living without leaching on someone just curious

No. 138792

Sage for sperging but as far as I know Kevin used to do exclusively LoL cosplays. It’s weird he’s working on one from years ago now though.

No. 138794

White latinos exist. Have you never had to fill out a form with ethnicity?

No. 138810


Yup. The growing list of things that we know Lori stole from Kitty's identity:
- kawaii platform shoes
- crowns (especially in art)
- referencing snacks
- "quirky" blank faces
- coffee

These things are subtle and there are many more to be found. They may seem small but, to a stalker like Lori, these details are essential to skinwalking. If you notice a strange pattern between Lori and Kitty's pictures and something feels "off," it's probably a small detail that Lori is skinwalking. Check the dates and see when Lori first started or became interested in whatever detail it is. This is some fucked up stalker shit.

No. 138813

This, it's one hell of a reach to say a 20-year-old who is self aware and got out of a disturbing situation is on the same level as Looni who is twice her age and trying to copy every personality trait.

No. 138838

File: 1613691478882.webm (8.16 MB, 640x1136, 151249323_240140064402153_3260…)

It's hard to get through the entire thing.

No. 138840

The cringe is so uncomfortable!! Not only are her movements so weird but LISTEN TO THOSE LYRICS!!
Does she even understand this song? Her subconscious is so obvious.

No. 138844

it's funny how she cant lip sync because she's too scared to show her missing teeth

No. 138846

It’s like someone’s mom had one too many vodka sodas and thinks she’s vibin to her kids music but doesn’t realize she is the old woman with the leather skin in the song hahahhhahaha

No. 138848

Second half of the song lyrics
"If you want a little more confidence
Potatoes turn to french fries, yeah it's common sense
All you need's a couple more condiments
And a hundred thousand dollars for some compliments
It's such a waste
When little girls grow into their mothers face
But little girls are learning how to cut and paste
And pucker up their lips until they suffocate"

It's saying these girls are desperate to not grow old because they think no one will love them so out of desperation they create a false image and try to never grow up.

Potatoes turn to French frys= filters, photoshops, facetune

Condiments=clothes, jewelry, fake nails, haircolors, makeup

"A hundred thousand dollars for some compliments"= instead of having a career you stay home taking dumb pictures, wasting money on fake follows and likes

"They suffocate" -because they cant keep up with the next girl

The song is literally about Loonies sad life. Let me guess, next she claims Martinez wrote it about her.

No. 138849

So fucking lame she’s can’t even dance without looking like a retard hahaha wait I thought Lori was the one that made up the puffer face now she’s trying to say she copied it from a song never heard the song before but sounds like the song is making fun of her and she getting down to it cause it sounds like the haters she’s so crazy about

No. 138850

>the song making fun of her and she getting down to it
Anon I love you lmao this is perfect

No. 138853

Martinez and her music are both disgusting. It fits Lori's pedobait image. She doesn't even listen to the lyrics.

No. 138860

That's all I could think about the whole time. She's so unaware it's almost pitiful. I can't imagine being this retarded and like old with no support system. She's a lost cause

No. 138869

File: 1613703407177.png (1 MB, 752x1020, neighing.png)

She probably spent hours trying to get these shots just so before filtering the hell out of them. Too bad she still looks like an electrocuted horse.

No. 138873

It's just not sexy. There's nothing appealing about that expression. She looks like she's stretching a piece of wax paper over her skull.

No. 138878

the silver spray paint job on that blade is so uneven and splotchy.

No. 138881

That's what's so great about her tbh. She's never had a skill and has never cared about anything other than how popular she feels

No. 138882

I'm surprised you could not sense the sarcasm anon

No. 138885

the nails and the ears got her looking like a goblin, probably not what she was going for but accurate nonetheless.

No. 138900

The ~innocent glance at the sky~, dreaming inhale and uwu soft exhale is so fucking funny. She tries SO unbelievably hard to look wistful and kawaii. Reminds me of PT in a way but, make it a night terror goblin with leather bag skin

No. 138901


Her dancing is so weird, but I that I can only describe it as a person standing at a bus stop, and moving side to side because they really need to pee. I really want to know her thought process, but I when she watched the video before posting it.

No. 138914

Theres nothing sexy about her imho. Not even her most revealing shots are sexy. The little girl schtick makes her even more unappealing.

>a person standing at a bus stop, and moving side to side because they really need to pee.

Lol Anon, that's great, so true.

No. 138915

the end of the webm would make a great alternative 'you died' Dark Souls style Banner.
Anyone else sees this too?

No. 138917


same. was replying to ask if some anon would be inclined to gif that.

No. 138921

File: 1613766470667.gif (1.15 MB, 300x100, u died.gif)

mods will never add new banners but here you go

No. 138923

So glad someone else mentioned this expression. She's been doing it since 2003 and looks just as stupid 18 years later.

No. 138933

Was reading the other farms and Kitty mentioned that her birthday is not on the same day as Lorena's. She also mentioned that Rikki didn't cheat with her but somehow has all of the vomit-inducing deets about his average penis? Make up your mind girl.

Another funny thought I had was imagine if Kevin cheats with Kitty too to put the hag in her place? Lmfao. Kitty was commenting on what she thinks Kevin's dick size is and lusting over his ass, so I think that would be hilarious. Normally don't condone cheating, but Lorena is vile and probably deserves it, especially after all the bullshit she's put Kevin through (he's stupid as well, but yeah)

No. 138939

Pretty sure she mentioned that Rikki was lying to both her and Lori on the cheating thing, and that they did try sexual stuff but Kitty wasn't feeling into it and even was fine with Rikki getting pussy elsewhere

No. 138946

I wish they would keep the existing ones and simply add to the collection. The St. Kota one and Kiki dancing are just too good to lose.

No. 138951

>Kitty was commenting on what she thinks Kevin's dick size is and lusting over his ass, so I think that would be hilarious
Post caps. If this is true I really question why are anons putting this average thot on a pedestal just because she's comparitively better than Looni? That's not an achievement.

No. 138957

File: 1613784661794.jpg (112.58 KB, 1280x769, IMG_20210219_182937_180.jpg)

Not that anon, but here's the screencap.

No. 138960

So it seems rikki likes crazy cows because kitty and lorena are both crazy cows, kek
Moo, they’re both in here

No. 138961

Exactly. She ran over to the other farm to get her revenge on Loonie and somehow she's a hero.

>>138957 This post is just conjecture on "kitty's" part. I'd say post milk but I think she's all dried up.

No. 138962

Why are farmers kissing this mini cows ass? Just because she took dick away from Lorena? Bitch even admitted to copying her 02 disaster as “trolling”.

No. 138964

I love you anon, hope it actually gets added
isn't it how it's supposed to work?

No. 138965


yeah, not fan of the ass-kissing but

i mean, if a crazy bitch spent literally years skinwalking me, i'd be spiteful as hell too + act petty (esp if I felt like i was going crazy for thinking like that)

i actually see the Kevin-worship as just her egging Lori on since she knows it'll make her REEEE.

kitty should gtfo since the milk is pretty dry and chaffing the udder

No. 138966

Jesus christ, the state of that comment. Writing a whole detailed paragraph about some guy's dick on the public internet which identifies both of you. Girl has some serious issues.

No. 138968

File: 1613794487740.png (3.2 MB, 1366x4121, 1.png)

Doing my best to archive what Kitty is saying in the other farms.

Here are some statuses of Lori crying because Kev dumped her back then after "accusing" her of cheating lmao


No. 138969

File: 1613794531969.png (1.44 MB, 1366x1907, 2.png)


Aand done.

No. 138974

Yikes. Girl is unhinged, who keeps deleted old screenshots of the bitch who you stole their husband from? I thought maybe she went back and took new screenshots but they show all different times. She def needs to gtfo unless she has decent milk that doesn’t come across as cringe vendetta

No. 138975


Kitty is the unhinged one? If someone gaslit and stalked me, I would save everything as evidence in case the psycho went Fatal Attraction on me. It's not a vendetta - it's self-preservation from a psycho.

It's great that Lori's bullshit, no matter how old, is finally being brought to light because that psycho cunt needs to held accountable. If Lori won't take responsibility for herself, then people deserve to know what a piece of shit she is so they can avoid her in the future.

No. 138976

I mean I still have old ass screenshots of peoples posts when we were on bad terms and I just never got around to deleting them so they're saved on my hard drive. Difference is my screenshots are from people I'm back to being on good terms with so I don't really think about it but if I had old stuff saved from a psychopath that stalked me I'd probably keep it stashed away just in case.

No. 138977

dude what, if someone was skinwalking me or as insane as lori doing this I'd be screenshotting it too. that's like, the time to keep receipts. especially for when it all comes out, like now. she's lucky she has evidence, makes it clearer for us and make lorena look worse.

No. 138978

Nta but they're both varying degrees of insane. I refuse to engage in the clit licking going on in this thread just because someone's objectively better than Looni. Air borne diseases and STIs come close in comparison. I'm just here to kek and if this "kitty" person wants to make her autistic vendetta as public as Looni made hers it's fair game to point and laugh at the both of them for differing reasons.

No. 138981

I agree with you guys. Bitch is crazy for keeping the caps, a real Stacy would ignore looni and live her best life.

No. 138982


"Cringe vendetta?" "A real Stacy?"

So, are you dumb or are you a WK?

I hope you never ever have a stalker or a harasser. It can be fucking terrifying and one of the first things you should do is hold onto all evidence to protect yourself if needed. It is literally self-preservation 101. It's weird that anyone would criticize a victim for trying to protect themself.

It's also really fucking weird that anyone would try to minimize how awful stalking is and get mad about Lori being held accountable. Strong side eye on this shit.

No. 138984

Hard disagree on this one. Misskittymelon is handling this extremely poorly and she's giving stale cottage cheese milk as it is. Being petty and vindictive against Looni isnt self-perservation or whatever you want to call it, it's called being immature and refusing to move on. All of the garbage she vomited so far is just regurgitated expired milk we already knew about from past threads. And she's already considered snowflake material from being a homewrecker who meddled with Looni's Rikki during that timeline. Nobody is innocent in this and they are all clowns.

No. 138988

The emphatic defense itt for someone as batshit crazy as this girl is pretty suspicious. Accept the fact they are both lolcows of high order and get back to discussing the milk.

No. 138994

Kek I've had bpdfags do similar shit to me, the difference is I didn't sleep with their husband, theorise publically about their boyfriends dick, or sperg about them on the farms. This has nothing to do with "self preservation". Don't get me wrong I'm grateful we're privy to this info, it's hilarious. I'm just not about to modify my perception of someone's behaviour because I dislike the Lori… "Strong side eye" @ the incessant caping for Kitty.

No. 138998

Omfg just shut up and move on dude. She isn’t even posting caps here, it’s on another site. Some of us like seeing the caps and Kitty posting in the other thread is more entertaining than yet another post of Lori having a seizure to a Melanie Martinez song for the upteenth time. Who fucking cares.

No. 139000

I'm the anon you replied to and yeah I have a stalker. It's nothing like how loonie is acting. I've been chased down the street, been followed to school and still get messages online. Best you can do is ignore them because restraining orders don't always work.

No. 139001

Calm down anon you're projecting hard, this is lolcow you're no different kek. Idc about this milk but let's stop with the armchair.

No. 139002

I don't know what makes Kitty a cow because everything you're all critical of aside from the dick comments really isn't an issue, the copying and petty stuff she did was years ago and she admitted it was cringe and she wasn't in a good place. The only reason she even went to KF was because someone she knew sent her the thread. I just don't really see how someone clearing up misconceptions and posting screencaps to fill gaps of info is milky cow behavior? Like if you want to cringe at her for making tiktoks and looking how she does, I get that. But calling her a cow for helping farmers archive Lori's bullshit, how is that cow level? All she does is work and live by herself and cosplay. After she's done with receipts, she'll probably just fade away. Also, I think legitimately there's only a couple people here who actually like Kitty. Literally everyone else here and on KF doesn't, I see more complaining about WK than I do actual WKs. Hopefully you retards can stop bickering about how MLP lady cow and we can get back to LORI

No. 139004

I agree this isn’t about kitty it’s about Lori if you don’t like it don’t read it, if you don’t like her go make a thread about it! but it is going to be you and Lori that would be sitting in that thread though lol so have fun with that!

No. 139015

File: 1613847240584.jpeg (264.71 KB, 873x1280, 7A0E45AC-4ED1-4E25-836E-6BBC98…)

there are a lot of elves with pink hair with extra blush art out there this one was one I posted cause I’m sure Lori did see it. After all, it’s that doedeere fireflypath group she wants to be part of so bad, and for Lori to say she made this up is hilarious cause there are so many out there it’s ridiculous she just tries so hard to be so be mystic/enchanting but she ends up looking like a stripper on crack also thinking she getting tired of the Zerotwo and she’s looking for a new anime to copy off of but gotta wait for the next hot thing!

No. 139017

After thinking about it, her blush makes her look like she’s having a lupus flare

No. 139024

File: 1613853674640.jpeg (1013.78 KB, 828x1415, CCD41BA1-C247-4D52-8341-0FE348…)

This photo don’t make no sense but at least she tagged her “boi”

No. 139025

Lol she just might be more about showing off Kevin now that kitty said he had a nice ass hahaha!!

No. 139034

File: 1613864379993.jpeg (987.78 KB, 2858x1487, 33997134-F7D3-4CB9-8643-E12DDA…)

On a side note Kevin made a book on his shoes. where else did someone burn him about the shoes beside’s in the farms?

No. 139037

I am calm and I'm enjoying the milk regardless of who it's provided by, idk what you spergs are reeing about. I inferred Looni had bpd not Kitty, learn to read kek.

No. 139038

I think he's just triggered because anons here realized the black pair of shoes were knock offs before he even did

No. 139045

These all seem like the exact same anon, they only seem to show up after Kitty is mentioned and they all suspiciously write like Kitty… This explains why the thread spiralled into "Kitty vs Looni" for a moment there.

No. 139048

Does she make any other face besides this stupid one?

I can understand why you'd think that, but maybe anons itt have also had experiences with psychos on Lori's level. Its not farfetched, we have a whole thread for personal cows and shit like this happening over in /ot/.

No. 139050

Different anon than any of the ones who posted those, but as a person who had an extreme stalker in the past- you basically do anything you can to get them to back off, even if it means copying THEM so they can stop copying you and have no new content to leech off of. Basically not even acting like yourself because they get you to that level after ignoring them doesn't work. Because ignoring them sometimes only angers them to do things to harm aspects of your life, and sometimes there isn't enough tangible evidence for a restraining order.

That's just my experience though, I don't know how Kitty personally really handled it or if she was the real stalker or what. They're both weird but at least it seems that Kitty has lower levels of delusion than Lori does and is more self aware of her behavior.

No. 139051

Learning to integrate better I see.

Only one person in this thread would be mad about these screenshots and would even care to check the time..

This. I keep thinking of the Emalee situation, ignoring just fuels them to be even more dangerous.

No. 139052

File: 1613880125299.jpeg (512.53 KB, 1936x1936, 4BBEF151-651D-4C31-9E20-07130E…)

Kitty is starting an ethot cow war. Shots fired

No. 139057

Wasn't he aware and asking people if they looked legit in the last thread?

No. 139078

Cows claiming they were cowier cows by fucking another cow’s ex, claiming that they started buying mass manufactured Chinese plastic platform shoes before other cow and created the kawaii waifu style that every cos-hoe wears, was the first to have blue hair (kek), complains that she doesn’t have as many followers as other cow, and is now publicly sweating on cow’s current boyfriend and shooting shots on their insta for cow points and hopefully more followers.
What is this vendetta, box folding factory cow trying to achieve by all this? More insta followers? Her very own thread on lolcow?
Tinfoil, but I bet Lori completely forgot about this forgettable cow Kitty, and now that Kitty has seen Lori’s fake “success” on Instagram, she’s trying to get a piece of this e-thot pie by publicly linking herself to Lori and claim she’s the reason behind why Lori has so many followers. I’m guessing kitty is building this up so she too can soon jump in on the only fans/twitch action.
I love when cows mooo at each other. This is the sweet, sweet milk I’m here for.