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No. 195091

Previous Threads:

Notable Cows:

>uses garageband for a majority of her music, knows nothing about music theory
>Deletes own songs without notice for attention, "muh depression"
>Swarms of 13 y/o fans who idolize her
>horrible tumblr art
>claims to have DID, now, apparently.
>Has deleted most of social media
>Milk has dried up lately but there are still anons who vendetta post here.

Aki Glancy/ EmpathP
>Mediocre producer who got to live our her fantasy of becoming a vocaloid
>Spearheaded VOCAMERICA. Enough said
>Still has not delivered on the stretch goals for a related kickstarter. Where's the 22k Aki?
>Instead, uses the money to create unbelievably shitty XXXXL sized vocaloid cosplays to parade her obese body around in

>Has a history of being thief, sending death threats to a minor, and exposing nsfw to minors in his discord
>Obtained unreleased voicebanks through hacking and bragged about it on Twitter and Youtube
>Won an official voicebank giveaway but the prize was forfeited after people snitched about his hacking
>Briefly trooned out for a few months, possibly woke-shielding
>Half the fandom used to hate him until he blew up on YouTube. Now they're kissing his ass
>Is now desperate turning his reputation around by actively "canceling" easy targets in the vocaloid fandom like EmpathP

Old milk:
Hazuki No Yume and TheBlackCero
>vocaloid subbers, got into a fight with rachie, circus-p and some irrelevant utaites
>basically they said the hazuki and cero were just reuploading videos
>apparently rachie stole hazuki's translyrics, and cero is mad because "hazuki's japanese skills are superior"
>cero goes on large twitter rants and just can't fucking let it go
>hazuki "retires", and ultimately just leaves and deletes all their accounts. Says she wants vocaloid wikis to delete all her translations.
>cero is mad that people are reuploading hazuki's videos, because hazuki is the fuCKING bEST

>vocaloid song/producer database
>vocaloid song downloads:

No. 195301

File: 1643371399151.jpg (276.74 KB, 1126x1723, lolcow.jpg)

New year, new thread, new lolcow.

No. 195316

>draws the gay and black one fat

No. 195334

Whoever made the thread pic bless you, so many good mikus

No. 195786

I can't join the discord server posted last thread. Anyone know why?

No. 196228

It might've expired. I was worried the link would be something insidious, so I didn't look further into it.

No. 196229

File: 1643936610126.jpg (756.7 KB, 750x2314, twitter.jpg)

I guess people aren't allowed to make fun of Tora anymore. His wks are weird.

No. 196247

not to defend him, but it is pretty unhinged to make a joke about somebody because they made a joke about your favorite vocaloid(sage)

No. 196375

wtf is that "black history month" nonsense
how tf is that relevant to this lol

I swear twitter is a walking meme. You could write that anywhere else and people would think you were being ironic or something

No. 196480

File: 1644165369026.jpeg (64.6 KB, 757x881, 3788F4DF-F00C-4694-9619-C8AA93…)

Not milk and obviously just a dumbass rant from me, but I was curious about the Vocaloid community. I dipped sometime during the Vocaloid 3 era when I was in high school. The landscape is a cesspool nowadays.
Obviously, the kids in it nowadays can’t really tell because they’re just kids, and it’s not like the atmosphere back than was any less cringey and pretentious, but at least there wasn’t a competition to be the “most ethical person”.
I miss you “Damn you” Len fangirls who wouldn’t stop spamming about Len’s shota ass in the comments of Imitation Black and bringing up Shota Shota Island or Spice wherever they went. Lenfags nowadays are just shotacons in denial, and Mikurin is no longer based - it’s the norm, not because they genuinely want to but because it’s a less problematic wlw ship, and they need those brownie points to hide the fact they prefer fujo ships.

No. 196536

File: 1644208058247.png (23.95 KB, 596x159, 17d4ac5e-c5ca-40a2-91f3-021d17…)

Tranny goes berserk because todays fandom drama isnt about them

No. 196549

Also not milk, but, I missed navigating the vocaloid Fandom, when I didn't have to be affected by always feeling pressured to confirm or ignore viewpoints by people who have clout. Thankfully, I never really idolized western nor eastern producers, but it's gotten really bad lately where simply disagreeing with the producers mentioned on here or others (I wish I could mention them) could get you hated/dogpiled by the entire vocaloid Fandom. I missed being younger and just having the same playing field as them, now only people who have lots of clout has their viewpoint respected. I actually knew a lot of the more popular folks when I was younger, but now, it's all about fame and who puts out the most collabs/views/patronizing tweets.

No. 196551

File: 1644226173823.jpg (42.39 KB, 563x637, len len.jpg)

i swear to god if a nigga talked down on len i would beat they ass fr fr no cap(sage your autism)

No. 196625

I've been away from the fandom for years, so did not know about this MikuxRin replacing MikuxLuka. It's so strange that the fandom is in a twist about ships and innapropriate songs now. Used to be we would ship based on what voices we thought went well together. The people I knew did that at least.

No. 196717

That would be the logical thing to do, since they're all just fucking voice synthesizers.

Is there not even people with good taste in music left in this fandom anymore?(sage)

No. 197116


You deserve a beating of your own ass. And a rope around your neck

No. 197208


Go back to KF or 4chan, scrote.

No. 197305


I'm only posting a link here because someone asked about it, this is the artist that Circus has been buddies with recently

their about me is the only noteworthy thing though. They're a huge puritan, so that could probably hold a candle to why Circus's been like that recently

No. 197386

>the big virtue signalling over ~no freaks!!!
>only seems to post about characters like len and piko

No. 197389

It's so dumb. They have a fixation on Len crossdressing and all the young male vocaloids but still act like a pearl clutching weirdo towards others.
If you don't want your stuff to be sexualized that's fine, but holy shit shota fans aren't the same as maps.
Also they draw like ghost lmao. Their style is fine for comics but who would get them to do pvs?

Is Circus a puritan like this weirdo?

No. 197396

terf len fan confirmed?

No. 197450

this is so typical for len fangirls it almost doesn't even register to me. maybe i've just been on tumblr too long
it's every middle school len phase repackaged for the modern age. seriously though, what is it with these people and the len/piko/fukase trifecta?

No. 197498

they sound nice together, in covers. they're the big three, the male equivalent of miku/luka/rin.

oliver's sometimes included, but he only really sounds good with len serious/cold and fukase soft/english. ironically oliver's the only vocaloid that's fawned over by shotacon perverts and puritans.

I wouldn't have a problem with it if the people in the community weren't all modern-age puritans who all have the same headcanons.

No. 197499

lmao if they saw shota shota island their head would explode.
the virgin modern len memelord vs the chad old fandom shota len enthusiast

No. 197621


Fukase too. I want to know who made the Fukase/Len memelord thing so I can beat the shit out of them kek

No. 197623

iirc Circus tweeted a while ago that he was uncomfortable using Miku's voicebank because he wanted to make more adult songs and "she's 16". So yes. Almost all western producers bought into the puritan virtue signaling

No. 197657

That's fucking stupid on multiple levels. Multiple japanese songs already use her for more adult songs (Cantarella, cendrillon, romeo and cinderella, anything by kikuo or deadball p) so either he never listened to a japanese song, or he's acting dumb on purpose.

If he's uncomfortable with Miku's age, he can just…change that. There's fanloids of her too, Hagane Miku which is 19, and Yowane Haku which someone else pointed out. Miku's just an instrument at the end of the day, so it's a bit dumb that he's acting like she's a real person. You would expect more thought out reason from a music producer reaching 30.

Even if Miku's being sexualized while underage - again, she's lines on a screen jfc

Does that affect his friendship with Empath P? Since she made that shota joke some time ago. these types are obsessed with digging up old tweets for drama after all

No. 197670

Nta but I mean, most vocaloid songs should be cancelled then, just starting with Spice in which Len sings about fucking all of the time and wanting to fuck Rin.
The more they virtue signal the more dirty laundry they probably have under the bed, he could use Meiko and that’s it, problem solved, yet they always have to make stupid ass statements that nobody gives a fuck about.
Do they really think that most people care about the producers’ opinions on vocaloid? Unless everyone is somehow working for crypton, then it’s pointless.

No. 197709

I remember when Kaito and Gakupo were part of the big 3 instead

No. 197740

Kaito and Gakupo (especially gakupo) are old and forgotten in the vision of new fandom. Shipping Len with either is considered problematic, which is probably why most of them go to FukasexLen or PikoxLen to satiate their BL desires. Similar to how MikuLuka is considered a nono ship because of the age gap, and instead Miku is shipped with Rin to fulfill some meaningless quota, as opposed to just shipping for fun.

newfags don't know kailen is the sacred oldfag pair

No. 197785

vocaloid ship wars were always so stupid to me because there's hardly any canon, and what little there is doesn't matter. it's amazing these people still find ways to screech at each other about ship morality or whatever the fuck

No. 197992

No one is going to talk about how the American fandom is collectively losing its shit over an alleged blackface in Project Sekai (a Japanese game that doesn't even have an English version, mind you). And on top of it all apparently the Japanese fandom doesn't give a shit, which pisses Twitter off even more lol

No. 197994

It has an English ver now

No. 198002

Really? I didn't know that, I feel like an idiot now lol

I still think it was overblown, but that changes things a bit…

No. 198026

it looks like ganguro makeup at best kek

No. 198104

Really, they're just voices. Aren't these sensitive newfags aware that adults voiced nearly all of these Vocaloids? Miku and Rin's voice actors are adults. The majority of Vocaloid's voices came from adults, except for Kaai Yuki and Oliver (not sure if there's been more), who were voiced by children.

At the end of the day, the anime art and characters that went with the voice software was just advertising for the product. It's ridiculous seeing fighting over ships or arguing about songs. The fandom is ruined.

No. 198107

my favorite part is the slacktivism. theyre all still gonna play the game, but they just won't whale out (for now). that'll totally show them they mean business

No. 198166

Seems like Tora's in hot water yet again. https://twitter.com/chocmaca/status/1495442109318701056(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 198195

this is exhausting. I would hate to have any amount of notoriety on the internet because this is all it leads to. not to defend tora I really don't give a shit about him it's just that the same shit keeps getting brought up by weird sanctimonious twitter neets every other month, it's boring.

No. 198196

This again? Tora could be outed as a groomer tomorrow and he'll be still fine. He's practically untouchable at this point.

No. 198208

i cant enjoy this as much as i want to because the twitter speak makes me want to bash my head against a wall. half this shit isnt even worth bringing up anyway.

No. 198238

But he and Empath have met IRL and seem to like eachother, and if he's obsessed with the AOC of vocaloids while she made shota jokes, i doubt that wouldn't drive a wedge between them and conjure a rift in the western fandom. Plus, again, puritans are the type to be obsessed with everyone joining their hugbox, so he would definitely be upset about the shota joke if he knew.

It's not important, but it's fun to think about the drama that could occur.

No. 198282

Nah people like that ignore discrepancies from their friends until someone else brings it up, then they make a bunch of tweets like "ugh I always knew I got bad vibes from them" to try to save face. It's a bunch of hypocritical cliquey shit and I hope it blows up because it would be so funny

No. 198286

Shit thread full of absolutely nothing. OP must just be a bored person with too much free time.

No. 198348

the vocaloid community has gone to shit. the only fucking thing i remember being fucking bad back then was the whole planty shit. id rather have that then these special hypocritical snowflakes crying over the dumbest of fucking things.(sage)

No. 198399

oh but anon-kun you see if they only RESEMBLE underage characters it's still pedophillia because blah blah they look underage and sound young and are stylized to look like minors.

I wish oliver fans were mostly comprised of weirdos again instead of ghost simps. i hate how ghost's songs are now more well known than steampianist's.

No. 198763

The way autistic neets on this website miss obvious jokes and rage over it never fails to make my melanin grown stronger by each passing second

No. 198764

Too many raging teenagers that need to go back to daycare in this thread.

No. 198783

Hi anon, would you somehow have anything to do with the people discussed here?

No. 199006

File: 1646020382604.png (46.44 KB, 416x115, streaming.PNG)


No. 199017

Loads of people are doing Ukraine fundraisers & ghost happens to be one too. It's all keeping up appearances because its expected to constantly advocating for something nowadays

No. 199289


Pretty sad tbh. If you advocate then you're seen as either a good person or attention-seeking/not doing enough, if you don't advocate then you're a horrible murdering racist.

Anyway, what are this thread's thoughts on POCALOID? I remember this fandom used to have major spergouts about how wrong it was, not sure about the state of the scene now. I honestly couldn't care less, the software does cost a fuccton.

No. 199304

pocaloid based

No. 199314

I never really cared and I don’t think it matters much anyways. I never got why people were cancelled for it. The people that think those users with 10+ Vocaloids and “bought” every single new Vocaloid voicebank release are naive.
Most Utaloids sound worse in quality and the program is more difficult to use. Might as well just get Pocaloid.
I’m not in the current fandom but knowing how sensitive they are about even just shipping, they probably hate Pocaloids too. Or maybe they’ve taken the “some people are poor and disadvantaged and have to use pocaloids!” stance.

No. 199320


>some people are poor and disadvantaged and have to use pocaloids

The poor and disadvantaged thing is kinda dumb, it's just they can't afford it, but honestly I'd take this stance too, pocaloid's pretty fun ngl kek

No. 199343

Yeah kek but you know twittertards, they like making strawmen arguments and coming up with excuses for their actions

No. 199395

I once saw someone from some random South American country say they "HAD to" pirate vocaloids because they were poor and disadvantaged, etc etc. I don't really give a fuck about piracy itself but I thought it was really stupid to try to frame it like there's some noble reason for doing it. Just say you want the software for free, lmao.

Chances are good that folks like Ghost probably have a shitload of pirated VBs. I saw her list on some website and it was more than a dozen, and that was a couple years ago now. Either she's shit at finances or pirating them.

No. 199442

File: 1646397556222.jpg (126.49 KB, 1000x750, 1594583681235.jpg)

Why the fuck is the western vocaloid community such a shitfest of tranny incel garbage?
How did it get taken over by zoomers and radical leftist SJWs? It's fucking repulsive.

I got into vocaloid around 2007 to 2010, I thought it was really neat all the MVs and songs the japs made, I eventually learned music production later as a hobby making some touhou remixes and being heavily influenced by anime songs, I remembered about vocaloid 3 years ago and decided to check out some discords / twitter.
The people in these servers are fucking retarded, twitter community is full of faggots whining constantly about things that offend minorities and trying to cancel producers/companies. I've never seen such a miserable fanbase. regardless I tried to find the good side to the western community, looking through the hot steaming pile of aids infested shit for the slight chance that maybe there's some producers who arn't garbage or some fans who arn't woke leftist cucks but I gave up. It's been infilitrated and is never going to change.

Reading through the last WVC thread who the fuck would want to try to produce songs for these faggots, no wonder the western vocaloid community only has amateur at best producers and only a few of them. Japanese fans even hate this community. It's honestly sad and embarassing, and such a shame. Could've been cool like the Japanese side.

If anybody plans on producing Vocaloid songs, I'd suggest to completely ignore the western community. Just fucking google translate for your vocaloid and pretend your Japanese or something.

No. 199443

I got into vocaloid around the same time as you did, and the western community turned into trash as soon as SJWs stepped in.
I don't get how they can even like vocaloid as a whole and don't say it is "inherently problematic" because 80% of the popular songs have controversial lyrics and MVs.

It's so revolting to see people trying to get reputation points on twitter whilst listening to songs with shotacon, lolicon, incest, rape… but it's okay because it's a japanese person who made it, right?? Fucking weeaboos have no idea what they're doing.

Then some western producer makes a song where Miku is, I don't know, saying she's innocently in love with her teacher, and the person is instantly obliterated out of existence because they're now gross and horrible.(sage)

No. 199478

>most utauloids sound worse in quality
That really depends. The thing about UTAU as a whole is that it's like a wild-west counterpart to Vocaloid - anyone can make a vocal synth using any voice and design, and any TOS they feel like.
I feel like UTAUloids can come into multiple categories. Some can sound "good" in terms of having HQ voice samples and being VCV but still not be appealing because the voice itself is unattractive or the design is meh (looking at popular western utaus)

To me at least, CV is still worthwhile because it adds to the charm in a way. Sure the vowels can't connect, but Rin and Len act 1 still hold up to me despite having that quality as well.

It really depends on two factors to create a good utau - good design, good voice samples. The common understanding is that VCV is superior to CV, and while that's true in the technical aspect, it all depends on the sample quality. for instance don't use your headset mic, and don't record in your room while everyone's awake and chatting. your vcv will still be shit if you record like that.

No. 199547


They literally tried to cancel project sekai saying it was blackface for the characters, when they praise themselves for creating black versions of the characters and fat/disabled versions on twitter. It's???

Your not welcomed in the current community unless you have pronouns/LGBTQ/RainbowFlag/VAXXED/BLM/Mental/ADHD disability in your profile. They'll find a way to out you if they suspect you have your own opinions. Don't say shit to anyone they'll eventually create a twitlonger. It's like a high school clique. I've seen the most random twitlongers accusing ppl of shit, then the ppl who are accused get attacked till they lock their profiles. It's ridiculous lol This reminds me of GOONSQUAD as if they do it on purpose for the laffs.

All of them are hypocrites, or attention seeking lol

TBH I am in the community, I'm scared shitless of saying the wrong thing, I barely talk anymore just observe. I have 3 friends who could end me online at anymoment cause we jokes about feminists/the community in private. I can't believe I even think like that, I've always made jokes with friends, but with the way things are nowadays it feels like I have a gun to my head lol…

TBH the very beginning days of vocaloid discord chats was fun, seemed like everyone was cool but mods/admins/sjws ruined it for everybody now(sage)

No. 199556

Wish you spent all that energy sperging about nothing on learning how to integrate

No. 199653

>reeing about censorship & cAnCel CulTure in a niche interest thats dominated by tweens and autistic adults
>tEh EssJayWees aRE sO cRinGe
>goes on an even more cringe rant that smells of unwashed permanently online moid
>admits to making stale bread feminism jokes in their 3p discord chats
You are a different side of the same tard coin.
This entire thread is just twitter refugees shit flinging while behaving like the people they bitch about.

No. 199747


>I'm scared shitless of saying the wrong thing

Just say it nonnie. Live or die.

>Then some western producer makes a song where Miku is, I don't know, saying she's innocently in love with her teacher, and the person is instantly obliterated out of existence because they're now gross and horrible.

Japanese producers get similar treatment these days now kek, like the Kikuo spergout over a few of his songs and that one album art that had a naked young girl.(learn2sage)

No. 199822

I miss when the fanbase mostly cared about the vocaloids themselves instead of the producers. Sure there was some shipping autism but I'd much rather have that than the retarded e celeb drama that plagues the western fanbase now

No. 199823

Sounds like you badly wish you were Japanese but too bad you'll have to spend minging with gaijin.

No. 199824

I wish there was some place where older fans can chill. It might exist but I'm too lazy to look for it(sage)

No. 199870

I don't because I feel bad for the stress that very thing brought Wowaka

No. 199898

I think about it quite often, but… is there actually anything we can talk about?

I still love the Vocaloids, and the whole concept of music made on the internet with synthesized voices and "virtual divas" in general, but I don't see much happening.

The only civilized place I know of where you can talk nice and quiet is the vocaverse forum, but that place is basically a newsletter in forum form, and as such is extremely formal. I'm not saying it's bad, but it just doesn't feel like real conversations.

And furthermore all those sites have anti-piracy rules that seem very archaic to me.(learn2sage )

No. 200150

On /jp/'s vocaloid thread, someone shilled a discord server claiming it was mostly chill boomers. I have no idea about it though.

No. 200216

Is what we have nowadays better per se though

No. 200467

literally i would be happy with a place i can shoot the shit with other fans and it's not 80% about how len and fukase are memelord bfs or flower is nonbinary or whatever

No. 200473

kf has a Vocaloid thread and a Vocaloid community thread like this one. that's the only place I know people talk about Vocaloid stuff without the zoomer autism. It's pretty dead though. Alternatively someone should just make a thread on /m/.

No. 200482


I miss that thread honestly, but looking at the state of kf I'm not going there again. /m/ sounds like a decent place but it's kind of boring talking to just nonnas at this point kek

No. 200712

There was a vocaloid general on /m/ but with the state of /m/ right now it's inaccessible

No. 201159

take back what I said about the kf vocaloid thread, not only it's dead it's been taken over by some troll-shielding tranny

No. 201591

Does anyone have any archive of TheOliverManiac's posts? The wayback machine isn't helping that much…

No. 201637

Only thing I've found are in this tumblr thread here: https://askthecinnamonrolls.tumblr.com/post/156960965154/ive-been-retaining-this-for-months

Maybe you've seen it already? This is probably old milk.

No. 201671

I've already seen that. But thank you for posting it regardless, it's a good refresher on stuff and I sure wasn't gonna search the old threads for it.

Again, the wayback machine didn't work for me, but I was just wondering if someone had a better archive or was just using the wayback machine in the correct way.

No. 202738

File: 1648062161116.png (732.79 KB, 2601x1767, why do you do this.PNG)

I hate how GHOST acts. Years ago I listened to her music, but because of her spergouts, she has ruined it for me. Wanted to listen to Candle Queen the other day and she's blocked the comments with an 'apology' longer than the song.

No. 203255

I never understood how the song is ableist specifically or targets specific individuals. All it is about is a person who has shitty behaviour and therefore was left by her friends because she mistreated them.
I don't even blame Ghost on this one, there's just so many virtue signalling people who always assume something is harmful to a group that they're most likely not even part of. Like yes, mental disorders should be less stigmatised so people can seek help and such, but the song has nothing to do with that.

No. 203264

File: 1648280303249.jpg (644.93 KB, 1440x2304, IMG_20220326_173012.jpg)

>"a lot of people with those disorders were hurt targeted harassed"
nobody was harassed. people just love to lie. reminds me of the time rip lied about being harassed to deactivate their accounts to gain scare sympathy from their fanbase kek

by the way, thoughts on this new OpenUTAU thing? is this allowed or could they get copyrighted?

No. 203436

I've been into vocaloid since Miku's release and looking at western vocaloid fans over the years gives me fucking depression and i can't help but feel nothing but immense vitriol when i see Miku. Especially those awful "diversity" edits people make of her.
The most shocking thing to me though is how it's gotten even worse than it was in the past 10 years. I'm surprised that despite Miku's popularity and how many actual good western musicians know about her, the only people that use them are troons with dunning kruger syndrome. What went wrong?

I've been out of it for awhile and dipped sometime in 2013 save for keeping up with a few old school producers, but are there any actual good western producers that use vocaloid/vocal synths that have cropped up in recent years and aren't complete fucking cows?

No. 203518

Recently I'm liking Crusher's singles and she's one of the only sane adults I can see. Glad to see she changed from being a bpdchan ages ago. Most of the new SynthV community seem to be decent as well, and the vbs are high quality. I'd also recommend Yameii, or Lauren Estes' music is decently soft and nice.
Quasar P needs a lot of work on his tuning but his production on instrumentals is pretty good too.

No. 203731

In a way, that's part of why Ghost isn't a good writer - they bend to other peoples' wills. They only allow themself to work in the parameters of what's morally acceptable, which is ironic considering their music is meant to be out there, creepy, not meant for the mainstream public.
That's the type of person they wish they could be, but are obviously way too spineless to show any authentic, genuine expression.
That's what sets them apart from others like Steampianist and the like. He doesn't give a shit about what others think, he just creates. That's what making music with vocaloids has always been about, actually.
And as flawed as communications was, it was ghost's last example of genuine expression. Even if you (in a general sense) don't personally like it.

No. 204406

I checked back in on the Vocaloid community and was weirded out by the woke Miku edits. What happened to just being a black or Muslim girl who liked Vocaloid and putting your own spin on a Miku cosplay instead of making some often-badly drawn edit?

No. 204426

It's not woke or funny enough to them, which is probably racist or some shit in their eyes.

No. 205251

This community is just filled w a bunch of mentally ill faketrans autists I can’t lol. The ones who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth especially annoy me. Well off but still complaining over the most tedious shit, sperging out over fictional characters. Like lose some weight and get a real job ffs

No. 205255

Are you done spamming the thread with bait scrote or do you need more attention for 5 more minutes since obviously you don't get it from daily interactions

No. 206792

Sorry for the necro. I'm 90% sure that the memelord Len was popularized from that old tumblr ask blog askthelen. Don't beat em pls. The artist, Socky is chill. I like 'em. You may beat up the Fukase one.
Anyway, obviously, the best Len portrayal in the west Hikusa's.

No. 206793

I'm not only old but also illiterate. *is Hikusa's.

No. 207271

I thought it was Ghost that made the whole Len Fukase meme funnie thing. That's interesting.(sage your shit)

No. 207734

File: 1650336871045.png (10.1 MB, 4000x3000, Untitled320_20220419125311.png)

Probably necro, but that troon, whiteglove, is definitely cow material, like ghost and aki level. She openly admits to face leaks of her obese ass being her and then vendettaposts about more successful producers while having to bring in blatant racial insults. What's hilarious is her humour being entirely "women bad" while being one herself. Wouldn't be surprised if she's a pedophile.

No. 207740

i seriously cant wrap my head around someone deciding their troon goal is to become a fat neckbeard weeb….what in the goddamn hell

No. 207743

is she aki's daughter kek

No. 207772

What did she look like before? Maybe she’s just a fatso that realised fat man are treated better than fat women and this propelled her into this

No. 207791

ot but since when were fat men treated better than fat women? fat women get seen as body positivity models and "so confident" while fat men get laughed at.

No. 207806

nta but you're seriously detached from reality

No. 207814

Depends on where you are anons. Like in many social media spaces you do find a lot of coddling of fat women and their body positivity shit, it's gotten into the mainstream modelling industry as well. On the other hand there are just as many spaces where fat moids are coddled because people think they can't help it or that they just need love or some shit.

No. 207919

>"i've gotta find a femoid to groom
Who the fuck would want to be groomed by some 18-year-old bitch who already has a beer gut

No. 210166

She's been a FtM for years now. I think that's why for a long time, Iroha's VA was a "secret". Iroha is advertised as female and obviously sounds like it, so it probably bothered her VA since she's supposed to be "male" now.

No. 210173

Yeah I know, that's why I found it kind of lol that only now she's made a video about coming out and it includes her outright saying that T was detrimental to her singing voice.

No. 210182

tbh the zoomers in America would probably eat up an updated FtM Iroha kek (I would never want that to happen though). They already like transing characters.

No. 210365

i regret to inform you this has already happened

No. 210806

And that's fine. The samples they added to Iroha_Natural in 2015 sounded dissonant enough lol

Iroha, even her VOCALOID2 voice, is one of the est voices in that software and I don't think more of her is needed or can't be easily achieved with what's already available.

Lol that reminds me of the shitfest Flower's new design "Ci Flower" is. People on the west is not mad because it's a generic CeVIO design, they're mad that it's no longer "non-binary" enough.

wtf is that

No. 211336

I hate how mushy Vocaloid has always been. Iroha is my favorite and I was pissed they just tweaked her old bank for that v4 update.
Yeah sure maybe in her head but (even gender crit aside) up until the past couple of years she's just been a crossdressing woman this entire time.

No. 211669

the fuck do you expect when vocaloid's early japanese fanbase was built by social outcasts and edgy lgbt teenagers?
futaba-channel and internet culture based art and music communities were pretty far left-leaning, and full of fujoshi.
none of that really matters anyway because only dumbass terminally online zoomers feel the need to make sure all of their hobbies or interests match their personal political ideology.

No. 211730

idk some fan investigated and even her sister called her "brother" several years ago on a blog/post, it's been an open secret that she's ftm not on t

No. 214555

This thread reeks so much of Twitter is not even funny lol

This community is truly a shit fest, even the 3 or 4 terf friendly people in the totality of it are fucking losers. Yikes.

No. 214919

Now, to keep up anonymity I cannot reply to the post I want to, but I definitely want to say TERFs should be allowed in the community, as well as transmeds. I'm tired of the community being an echo chamber, even if I am not a TERF myself, I sure as hell understand why y'all become that way. And I am also tired of getting accused of being a TERF because, what, I once said I'm not calling someone "it?" I miss the early days of the community where politics were disregarded.

No. 215004

hi izzy.(hi cow)

No. 215111

File: 1653503915724.jpg (114.88 KB, 302x583, Screenshot_20210505-184103_Ins…)

Nah, I don't know who Izzy is, I'm tempted to make it a little clearer, though. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm revoking my anonimity, I'm WhiteGlove lmao
I gotta say, at least when you admit it's you, you're being honest, and not being a double-crossing bitch. Continuing on, I don't think calling someone a pedophile over an unfunny discord mod joke is a good idea.
I've seen weirder goals, better than an anime girl or yaoi twink, honestly. Which is half the community's goal, and is frankly unoriginal, unrealistic, and shallow. Testosterone makes your hair fall out, so even if you DO become an anime twink, it won't last.
You know that Gender Dysphoria exists, right? As long as someone has a medical diagnosis I honestly don't care what they do. Plus, I have pissed off the community on multiple occasions by saying this. Pic is also related, from around 2017 when I came out in 2019. In 2017 I was 148lbs and 5'5, now I'm 225 or so and 5'9, just shorter than my dad and taller than my mom.(no one cares)

No. 215162

>Goes to an anonymous imageboard
>Posts a photo of themselves along with a blogpost and their username

No. 215171

You're the tranny who's been trying too hard vendetta-posting on kiwifarms.

No. 215252

Vocaloid trannies need to 41%. You ruined the community and made it into politics.

No. 215714

So was gaining weight apart of your transition?

No. 215802

Calm your fucking tits, girl, do you crossplay or something? Being a Japanese woman who thinks she's a man and gets everyone to play along for whatever reason is its own flavor of sad, I was sick of tweens going along with this 'uwuu he's such a cute utaite pls respect his gender' shit when pretending a female vocalist isn't one is just delusional. Doesn't matter how lefty the community always was, that was all I was saying. Also not everyone is a fucking zoomer who uses this tranny vs TERF shit.

No. 217383

Sorry for the necro. Has the VA identified as a guy since the beginning? They came out as trans last year, but I could've sworn everyone just referred to them as a guy even before then.

Maybe it's just the Mandela Effect fucking with me, but I was so sure that everyone was saying Iroha's VA was biologically a man as early as 2012. With utaites like Piko, I never questioned it.

No. 218741

He's identified as male and has been open about that, just not being trans.

Yes, the utaite scene is full of high pitched male voices (mafumafu, piko, kradness just to name a few) so most people just thought Kyounosuke was a cis man who could sing really high and pull off a convincing female voice.

I don't really get the hate on him, to be honest. He's been open about it, he only pointed out that Testosterone has been detrimental to his range as a side effect. He's obviously most happy being a man.

No. 219439

Lose some weight fatass troon.

No. 219478

Holy shit you are fucking nuts lmao, who the hell self post with a pic of themselves attached, this has to be some vendetta larp posting I refuse to believe someone can be so retarded to do this but the vocaloid community does attract unhinged attention whores after all. Do you realize LC isn't like 4chan and threads don't get deleted so your pic with your handle will be here for as long as this site is up right??

No. 219532

>the hate on him
to be fair this place naturally holds very unfiltered opinions. there's been active threads shitting on fakebois, trooning out, and gender-queer identities. not necessarily complaining, i bounce between being supportive and critical all the time myself.

but honestly, this guy just seems to be vibing and only wants his audience to understand. he's pretty gently informative over the whole thing.

No. 219595

Nobody thought that, you sound new. Before coming out, everyone always knew Kyounosuke was a gnc woman. Women can have deep voices.
Not surprisingly despite the troon creeps in the community this is the only thread full of handmaidens, hatsune miku says trans rights did a number.

No. 219682

how narcissistic are you?
>You know that Gender Dysphoria exists, right?
and it's a mental illness.
>In 2017 I was 148lbs and 5'5, now I'm 225 or so and 5'9, just shorter than my dad and taller than my mom.
So sad sweetie.

No. 220214

Thanks for saying it nonna, I'm so fucking exhausted of these spineless tranny dick-sucking pickmes polluting this community. Always letting men and infantile bpd shitheads like ghost, akiglancy and our resident troon here get away with all the shit they do and always sucking up to whatever deranged bullshit they come up with. Spineless cowards, grow some goddamn ovaries and stop hating yourselves!

BTW is it confirmed kyonnosuke definitely trooned out? I've been a fan of hers, since Iroha came out. She was such a giga Stacy for being openly butch and rocking a deep voice, if she's given in to pressure than its so goddamn tragic.

No. 220665

sorry for the late reply anon! yes, she trooned out. she did an entire video going over her dysphoria, with english subtitles.

No. 220727

>nobody thought they were a man
NTA you replied to. I thought that they were born a man. All of my weeblet friends thought that. Lots of “Iroha is voiced by a GUY XDD” on the wikia page comments at the time. When you had people like Piko, it was easy to run with it. Kids just don’t think too hard about it. Also some girls legitimately thought 96neko was a dude, so again, kids normally don’t think too hard.

No. 221304

Why is the Kyonosuke reveal even relevant anymore?
Is nobody gonna talk about the elephant in the room, aka the SynthV defamation?

No. 221331


No. 221408

File: 1655683161859.jpeg (181.22 KB, 1801x1064, 2961437B-E060-4B32-BB29-50B194…)

No. 221989

Seems sketchy to me. The 50k figure for a vocaloid is ancient (from the zunko days), 60k for an ai bank with color features being added esp especially doesn't seem unreasonable? Bank dev has always been extremely pricy and the price point quoted seems reasonable. I don't know for sure what the ai bank dev process is like, but it probably involves pricy gpu based processing and having a large dataset that's expensive to gather; I actually work with ai stuff myself, the prices have gone up recently due to equipment shortages and ai experienced devs being super valuable. The poster doesn't even say how much the older banks cost (besides one ref to "half" which I find hard to believe, you recorded over 80 hours audio and did dev time and ai processing for only 30k??? What slave wages would they have been paying everyone involved??), if the pricing difference is because of ai, and we don't even know what a v5 is nowadays. They claim "deep info" but quoting a decade old Googleable price estimate for vocaloid and guesstimating a modern bank with more features and inflation might cost more isn't exactly some esoteric secrets.
I'd believe genbu/volor might not do more if they haven't seen profit, but tons of synth companies have failed in similar ways on all popular engines. It's a big part of why vocaloid died.
Also talking about crowdfunding but not mentioned specific projects? Or MEDIUM5, which is the company that seems most dead set on releasing a ton of banks (a lot of which have been delayed)? Why even focus on VOLOR? The implication that solaria partially faked funding is massive but there's zero proof or mention of how this is possible. Why would solaria be exempt, she's the most recent one? This makes no sense?
Dreamtonics wanting the pro market also seems legit but another "anyone with eyes can tell" fact, and it seems reasonable. They promote character vocals on their website just the same, I don't get how this is viewed as evil. Makes sense for the engine devs to focus on some core pro level vocals and let 3rd parties do the multimedia character stuff.
Also the person is alleging mistreatment but doesn't mention what's wrong besides the price point being 60k and volor being vaguely terrible and not paying well. Sucks for people at volor, but how is that dreamtonics problem? Maybe volor is just a cluster fuck, but they're not the only bank producer on synthv. I want genbu so it's sad, but if AH and other companies can shoulder the costs then synthv will be fine and it is what it is. There's no concrete facts or insider knowledge here. I'd just ignore it tbh.(sage your ‘tism )

No. 222876

Hello everyone, i guess i have some troubles with my 13 year old sister (lol), she likes vocaloid music (good one (and i like it too)), but she has fallen into a tranny shit trap (she likes GHOST music), please reassure me a bit that it's just puberty and everything is going to be OK with her :( . Btw i've made a final solution with tranny shit at much older age (17-18), sorry for off-topic, just looking for some support(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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