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File: 1643233201659.jpg (273.65 KB, 1280x737, tumblr_4464f10a88220ef6197c7fa…)

No. 195091

Previous Threads:

Notable Cows:

>uses garageband for a majority of her music, knows nothing about music theory
>Deletes own songs without notice for attention, "muh depression"
>Swarms of 13 y/o fans who idolize her
>horrible tumblr art
>claims to have DID, now, apparently.
>Has deleted most of social media
>Milk has dried up lately but there are still anons who vendetta post here.

Aki Glancy/ EmpathP
>Mediocre producer who got to live our her fantasy of becoming a vocaloid
>Spearheaded VOCAMERICA. Enough said
>Still has not delivered on the stretch goals for a related kickstarter. Where's the 22k Aki?
>Instead, uses the money to create unbelievably shitty XXXXL sized vocaloid cosplays to parade her obese body around in

>Has a history of being thief, sending death threats to a minor, and exposing nsfw to minors in his discord
>Obtained unreleased voicebanks through hacking and bragged about it on Twitter and Youtube
>Won an official voicebank giveaway but the prize was forfeited after people snitched about his hacking
>Briefly trooned out for a few months, possibly woke-shielding
>Half the fandom used to hate him until he blew up on YouTube. Now they're kissing his ass
>Is now desperate turning his reputation around by actively "canceling" easy targets in the vocaloid fandom like EmpathP

Old milk:
Hazuki No Yume and TheBlackCero
>vocaloid subbers, got into a fight with rachie, circus-p and some irrelevant utaites
>basically they said the hazuki and cero were just reuploading videos
>apparently rachie stole hazuki's translyrics, and cero is mad because "hazuki's japanese skills are superior"
>cero goes on large twitter rants and just can't fucking let it go
>hazuki "retires", and ultimately just leaves and deletes all their accounts. Says she wants vocaloid wikis to delete all her translations.
>cero is mad that people are reuploading hazuki's videos, because hazuki is the fuCKING bEST

>vocaloid song/producer database
>vocaloid song downloads:

No. 195301

File: 1643371399151.jpg (276.74 KB, 1126x1723, lolcow.jpg)

New year, new thread, new lolcow.

No. 195316

>draws the gay and black one fat

No. 195334

Whoever made the thread pic bless you, so many good mikus

No. 195786

I can't join the discord server posted last thread. Anyone know why?

No. 196228

It might've expired. I was worried the link would be something insidious, so I didn't look further into it.

No. 196229

File: 1643936610126.jpg (756.7 KB, 750x2314, twitter.jpg)

I guess people aren't allowed to make fun of Tora anymore. His wks are weird.

No. 196247

not to defend him, but it is pretty unhinged to make a joke about somebody because they made a joke about your favorite vocaloid(sage)

No. 196375

wtf is that "black history month" nonsense
how tf is that relevant to this lol

I swear twitter is a walking meme. You could write that anywhere else and people would think you were being ironic or something

No. 196480

File: 1644165369026.jpeg (64.6 KB, 757x881, 3788F4DF-F00C-4694-9619-C8AA93…)

Not milk and obviously just a dumbass rant from me, but I was curious about the Vocaloid community. I dipped sometime during the Vocaloid 3 era when I was in high school. The landscape is a cesspool nowadays.
Obviously, the kids in it nowadays can’t really tell because they’re just kids, and it’s not like the atmosphere back than was any less cringey and pretentious, but at least there wasn’t a competition to be the “most ethical person”.
I miss you “Damn you” Len fangirls who wouldn’t stop spamming about Len’s shota ass in the comments of Imitation Black and bringing up Shota Shota Island or Spice wherever they went. Lenfags nowadays are just shotacons in denial, and Mikurin is no longer based - it’s the norm, not because they genuinely want to but because it’s a less problematic wlw ship, and they need those brownie points to hide the fact they prefer fujo ships.

No. 196536

File: 1644208058247.png (23.95 KB, 596x159, 17d4ac5e-c5ca-40a2-91f3-021d17…)

Tranny goes berserk because todays fandom drama isnt about them

No. 196549

Also not milk, but, I missed navigating the vocaloid Fandom, when I didn't have to be affected by always feeling pressured to confirm or ignore viewpoints by people who have clout. Thankfully, I never really idolized western nor eastern producers, but it's gotten really bad lately where simply disagreeing with the producers mentioned on here or others (I wish I could mention them) could get you hated/dogpiled by the entire vocaloid Fandom. I missed being younger and just having the same playing field as them, now only people who have lots of clout has their viewpoint respected. I actually knew a lot of the more popular folks when I was younger, but now, it's all about fame and who puts out the most collabs/views/patronizing tweets.

No. 196551

File: 1644226173823.jpg (42.39 KB, 563x637, len len.jpg)

i swear to god if a nigga talked down on len i would beat they ass fr fr no cap(sage your autism)

No. 196625

I've been away from the fandom for years, so did not know about this MikuxRin replacing MikuxLuka. It's so strange that the fandom is in a twist about ships and innapropriate songs now. Used to be we would ship based on what voices we thought went well together. The people I knew did that at least.

No. 196717

That would be the logical thing to do, since they're all just fucking voice synthesizers.

Is there not even people with good taste in music left in this fandom anymore?(sage)

No. 197116


You deserve a beating of your own ass. And a rope around your neck

No. 197208


Go back to KF or 4chan, scrote.

No. 197305


I'm only posting a link here because someone asked about it, this is the artist that Circus has been buddies with recently

their about me is the only noteworthy thing though. They're a huge puritan, so that could probably hold a candle to why Circus's been like that recently

No. 197386

>the big virtue signalling over ~no freaks!!!
>only seems to post about characters like len and piko

No. 197389

It's so dumb. They have a fixation on Len crossdressing and all the young male vocaloids but still act like a pearl clutching weirdo towards others.
If you don't want your stuff to be sexualized that's fine, but holy shit shota fans aren't the same as maps.
Also they draw like ghost lmao. Their style is fine for comics but who would get them to do pvs?

Is Circus a puritan like this weirdo?

No. 197396

terf len fan confirmed?

No. 197450

this is so typical for len fangirls it almost doesn't even register to me. maybe i've just been on tumblr too long
it's every middle school len phase repackaged for the modern age. seriously though, what is it with these people and the len/piko/fukase trifecta?

No. 197498

they sound nice together, in covers. they're the big three, the male equivalent of miku/luka/rin.

oliver's sometimes included, but he only really sounds good with len serious/cold and fukase soft/english. ironically oliver's the only vocaloid that's fawned over by shotacon perverts and puritans.

I wouldn't have a problem with it if the people in the community weren't all modern-age puritans who all have the same headcanons.

No. 197499

lmao if they saw shota shota island their head would explode.
the virgin modern len memelord vs the chad old fandom shota len enthusiast

No. 197621


Fukase too. I want to know who made the Fukase/Len memelord thing so I can beat the shit out of them kek

No. 197623

iirc Circus tweeted a while ago that he was uncomfortable using Miku's voicebank because he wanted to make more adult songs and "she's 16". So yes. Almost all western producers bought into the puritan virtue signaling

No. 197657

That's fucking stupid on multiple levels. Multiple japanese songs already use her for more adult songs (Cantarella, cendrillon, romeo and cinderella, anything by kikuo or deadball p) so either he never listened to a japanese song, or he's acting dumb on purpose.

If he's uncomfortable with Miku's age, he can just…change that. There's fanloids of her too, Hagane Miku which is 19, and Yowane Haku which someone else pointed out. Miku's just an instrument at the end of the day, so it's a bit dumb that he's acting like she's a real person. You would expect more thought out reason from a music producer reaching 30.

Even if Miku's being sexualized while underage - again, she's lines on a screen jfc

Does that affect his friendship with Empath P? Since she made that shota joke some time ago. these types are obsessed with digging up old tweets for drama after all

No. 197670

Nta but I mean, most vocaloid songs should be cancelled then, just starting with Spice in which Len sings about fucking all of the time and wanting to fuck Rin.
The more they virtue signal the more dirty laundry they probably have under the bed, he could use Meiko and that’s it, problem solved, yet they always have to make stupid ass statements that nobody gives a fuck about.
Do they really think that most people care about the producers’ opinions on vocaloid? Unless everyone is somehow working for crypton, then it’s pointless.

No. 197709

I remember when Kaito and Gakupo were part of the big 3 instead

No. 197740

Kaito and Gakupo (especially gakupo) are old and forgotten in the vision of new fandom. Shipping Len with either is considered problematic, which is probably why most of them go to FukasexLen or PikoxLen to satiate their BL desires. Similar to how MikuLuka is considered a nono ship because of the age gap, and instead Miku is shipped with Rin to fulfill some meaningless quota, as opposed to just shipping for fun.

newfags don't know kailen is the sacred oldfag pair

No. 197785

vocaloid ship wars were always so stupid to me because there's hardly any canon, and what little there is doesn't matter. it's amazing these people still find ways to screech at each other about ship morality or whatever the fuck

No. 197992

No one is going to talk about how the American fandom is collectively losing its shit over an alleged blackface in Project Sekai (a Japanese game that doesn't even have an English version, mind you). And on top of it all apparently the Japanese fandom doesn't give a shit, which pisses Twitter off even more lol

No. 197994

It has an English ver now

No. 198002

Really? I didn't know that, I feel like an idiot now lol

I still think it was overblown, but that changes things a bit…

No. 198026

it looks like ganguro makeup at best kek

No. 198104

Really, they're just voices. Aren't these sensitive newfags aware that adults voiced nearly all of these Vocaloids? Miku and Rin's voice actors are adults. The majority of Vocaloid's voices came from adults, except for Kaai Yuki and Oliver (not sure if there's been more), who were voiced by children.

At the end of the day, the anime art and characters that went with the voice software was just advertising for the product. It's ridiculous seeing fighting over ships or arguing about songs. The fandom is ruined.

No. 198107

my favorite part is the slacktivism. theyre all still gonna play the game, but they just won't whale out (for now). that'll totally show them they mean business

No. 198166

Seems like Tora's in hot water yet again. https://twitter.com/chocmaca/status/1495442109318701056(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 198195

this is exhausting. I would hate to have any amount of notoriety on the internet because this is all it leads to. not to defend tora I really don't give a shit about him it's just that the same shit keeps getting brought up by weird sanctimonious twitter neets every other month, it's boring.

No. 198196

This again? Tora could be outed as a groomer tomorrow and he'll be still fine. He's practically untouchable at this point.

No. 198208

i cant enjoy this as much as i want to because the twitter speak makes me want to bash my head against a wall. half this shit isnt even worth bringing up anyway.

No. 198238

But he and Empath have met IRL and seem to like eachother, and if he's obsessed with the AOC of vocaloids while she made shota jokes, i doubt that wouldn't drive a wedge between them and conjure a rift in the western fandom. Plus, again, puritans are the type to be obsessed with everyone joining their hugbox, so he would definitely be upset about the shota joke if he knew.

It's not important, but it's fun to think about the drama that could occur.

No. 198282

Nah people like that ignore discrepancies from their friends until someone else brings it up, then they make a bunch of tweets like "ugh I always knew I got bad vibes from them" to try to save face. It's a bunch of hypocritical cliquey shit and I hope it blows up because it would be so funny

No. 198286

Shit thread full of absolutely nothing. OP must just be a bored person with too much free time.

No. 198348

the vocaloid community has gone to shit. the only fucking thing i remember being fucking bad back then was the whole planty shit. id rather have that then these special hypocritical snowflakes crying over the dumbest of fucking things.(sage)

No. 198399

oh but anon-kun you see if they only RESEMBLE underage characters it's still pedophillia because blah blah they look underage and sound young and are stylized to look like minors.

I wish oliver fans were mostly comprised of weirdos again instead of ghost simps. i hate how ghost's songs are now more well known than steampianist's.

No. 198763

The way autistic neets on this website miss obvious jokes and rage over it never fails to make my melanin grown stronger by each passing second

No. 198764

Too many raging teenagers that need to go back to daycare in this thread.

No. 198783

Hi anon, would you somehow have anything to do with the people discussed here?

No. 199006

File: 1646020382604.png (46.44 KB, 416x115, streaming.PNG)


No. 199017

Loads of people are doing Ukraine fundraisers & ghost happens to be one too. It's all keeping up appearances because its expected to constantly advocating for something nowadays

No. 199289


Pretty sad tbh. If you advocate then you're seen as either a good person or attention-seeking/not doing enough, if you don't advocate then you're a horrible murdering racist.

Anyway, what are this thread's thoughts on POCALOID? I remember this fandom used to have major spergouts about how wrong it was, not sure about the state of the scene now. I honestly couldn't care less, the software does cost a fuccton.

No. 199304

pocaloid based

No. 199314

I never really cared and I don’t think it matters much anyways. I never got why people were cancelled for it. The people that think those users with 10+ Vocaloids and “bought” every single new Vocaloid voicebank release are naive.
Most Utaloids sound worse in quality and the program is more difficult to use. Might as well just get Pocaloid.
I’m not in the current fandom but knowing how sensitive they are about even just shipping, they probably hate Pocaloids too. Or maybe they’ve taken the “some people are poor and disadvantaged and have to use pocaloids!” stance.

No. 199320


>some people are poor and disadvantaged and have to use pocaloids

The poor and disadvantaged thing is kinda dumb, it's just they can't afford it, but honestly I'd take this stance too, pocaloid's pretty fun ngl kek

No. 199343

Yeah kek but you know twittertards, they like making strawmen arguments and coming up with excuses for their actions

No. 199395

I once saw someone from some random South American country say they "HAD to" pirate vocaloids because they were poor and disadvantaged, etc etc. I don't really give a fuck about piracy itself but I thought it was really stupid to try to frame it like there's some noble reason for doing it. Just say you want the software for free, lmao.

Chances are good that folks like Ghost probably have a shitload of pirated VBs. I saw her list on some website and it was more than a dozen, and that was a couple years ago now. Either she's shit at finances or pirating them.

No. 199442

File: 1646397556222.jpg (126.49 KB, 1000x750, 1594583681235.jpg)

Why the fuck is the western vocaloid community such a shitfest of tranny incel garbage?
How did it get taken over by zoomers and radical leftist SJWs? It's fucking repulsive.

I got into vocaloid around 2007 to 2010, I thought it was really neat all the MVs and songs the japs made, I eventually learned music production later as a hobby making some touhou remixes and being heavily influenced by anime songs, I remembered about vocaloid 3 years ago and decided to check out some discords / twitter.
The people in these servers are fucking retarded, twitter community is full of faggots whining constantly about things that offend minorities and trying to cancel producers/companies. I've never seen such a miserable fanbase. regardless I tried to find the good side to the western community, looking through the hot steaming pile of aids infested shit for the slight chance that maybe there's some producers who arn't garbage or some fans who arn't woke leftist cucks but I gave up. It's been infilitrated and is never going to change.

Reading through the last WVC thread who the fuck would want to try to produce songs for these faggots, no wonder the western vocaloid community only has amateur at best producers and only a few of them. Japanese fans even hate this community. It's honestly sad and embarassing, and such a shame. Could've been cool like the Japanese side.

If anybody plans on producing Vocaloid songs, I'd suggest to completely ignore the western community. Just fucking google translate for your vocaloid and pretend your Japanese or something.

No. 199443

I got into vocaloid around the same time as you did, and the western community turned into trash as soon as SJWs stepped in.
I don't get how they can even like vocaloid as a whole and don't say it is "inherently problematic" because 80% of the popular songs have controversial lyrics and MVs.

It's so revolting to see people trying to get reputation points on twitter whilst listening to songs with shotacon, lolicon, incest, rape… but it's okay because it's a japanese person who made it, right?? Fucking weeaboos have no idea what they're doing.

Then some western producer makes a song where Miku is, I don't know, saying she's innocently in love with her teacher, and the person is instantly obliterated out of existence because they're now gross and horrible.(sage)

No. 199478

>most utauloids sound worse in quality
That really depends. The thing about UTAU as a whole is that it's like a wild-west counterpart to Vocaloid - anyone can make a vocal synth using any voice and design, and any TOS they feel like.
I feel like UTAUloids can come into multiple categories. Some can sound "good" in terms of having HQ voice samples and being VCV but still not be appealing because the voice itself is unattractive or the design is meh (looking at popular western utaus)

To me at least, CV is still worthwhile because it adds to the charm in a way. Sure the vowels can't connect, but Rin and Len act 1 still hold up to me despite having that quality as well.

It really depends on two factors to create a good utau - good design, good voice samples. The common understanding is that VCV is superior to CV, and while that's true in the technical aspect, it all depends on the sample quality. for instance don't use your headset mic, and don't record in your room while everyone's awake and chatting. your vcv will still be shit if you record like that.

No. 199547


They literally tried to cancel project sekai saying it was blackface for the characters, when they praise themselves for creating black versions of the characters and fat/disabled versions on twitter. It's???

Your not welcomed in the current community unless you have pronouns/LGBTQ/RainbowFlag/VAXXED/BLM/Mental/ADHD disability in your profile. They'll find a way to out you if they suspect you have your own opinions. Don't say shit to anyone they'll eventually create a twitlonger. It's like a high school clique. I've seen the most random twitlongers accusing ppl of shit, then the ppl who are accused get attacked till they lock their profiles. It's ridiculous lol This reminds me of GOONSQUAD as if they do it on purpose for the laffs.

All of them are hypocrites, or attention seeking lol

TBH I am in the community, I'm scared shitless of saying the wrong thing, I barely talk anymore just observe. I have 3 friends who could end me online at anymoment cause we jokes about feminists/the community in private. I can't believe I even think like that, I've always made jokes with friends, but with the way things are nowadays it feels like I have a gun to my head lol…

TBH the very beginning days of vocaloid discord chats was fun, seemed like everyone was cool but mods/admins/sjws ruined it for everybody now(sage)

No. 199556

Wish you spent all that energy sperging about nothing on learning how to integrate

No. 199653

>reeing about censorship & cAnCel CulTure in a niche interest thats dominated by tweens and autistic adults
>tEh EssJayWees aRE sO cRinGe
>goes on an even more cringe rant that smells of unwashed permanently online moid
>admits to making stale bread feminism jokes in their 3p discord chats
You are a different side of the same tard coin.
This entire thread is just twitter refugees shit flinging while behaving like the people they bitch about.

No. 199747


>I'm scared shitless of saying the wrong thing

Just say it nonnie. Live or die.

>Then some western producer makes a song where Miku is, I don't know, saying she's innocently in love with her teacher, and the person is instantly obliterated out of existence because they're now gross and horrible.

Japanese producers get similar treatment these days now kek, like the Kikuo spergout over a few of his songs and that one album art that had a naked young girl.(learn2sage)

No. 199822

I miss when the fanbase mostly cared about the vocaloids themselves instead of the producers. Sure there was some shipping autism but I'd much rather have that than the retarded e celeb drama that plagues the western fanbase now

No. 199823

Sounds like you badly wish you were Japanese but too bad you'll have to spend minging with gaijin.

No. 199824

I wish there was some place where older fans can chill. It might exist but I'm too lazy to look for it(sage)

No. 199870

I don't because I feel bad for the stress that very thing brought Wowaka

No. 199898

I think about it quite often, but… is there actually anything we can talk about?

I still love the Vocaloids, and the whole concept of music made on the internet with synthesized voices and "virtual divas" in general, but I don't see much happening.

The only civilized place I know of where you can talk nice and quiet is the vocaverse forum, but that place is basically a newsletter in forum form, and as such is extremely formal. I'm not saying it's bad, but it just doesn't feel like real conversations.

And furthermore all those sites have anti-piracy rules that seem very archaic to me.(learn2sage )

No. 200150

On /jp/'s vocaloid thread, someone shilled a discord server claiming it was mostly chill boomers. I have no idea about it though.

No. 200216

Is what we have nowadays better per se though

No. 200467

literally i would be happy with a place i can shoot the shit with other fans and it's not 80% about how len and fukase are memelord bfs or flower is nonbinary or whatever

No. 200473

kf has a Vocaloid thread and a Vocaloid community thread like this one. that's the only place I know people talk about Vocaloid stuff without the zoomer autism. It's pretty dead though. Alternatively someone should just make a thread on /m/.

No. 200482


I miss that thread honestly, but looking at the state of kf I'm not going there again. /m/ sounds like a decent place but it's kind of boring talking to just nonnas at this point kek

No. 200712

There was a vocaloid general on /m/ but with the state of /m/ right now it's inaccessible

No. 201159

take back what I said about the kf vocaloid thread, not only it's dead it's been taken over by some troll-shielding tranny

No. 201591

Does anyone have any archive of TheOliverManiac's posts? The wayback machine isn't helping that much…

No. 201637

Only thing I've found are in this tumblr thread here: https://askthecinnamonrolls.tumblr.com/post/156960965154/ive-been-retaining-this-for-months

Maybe you've seen it already? This is probably old milk.

No. 201671

I've already seen that. But thank you for posting it regardless, it's a good refresher on stuff and I sure wasn't gonna search the old threads for it.

Again, the wayback machine didn't work for me, but I was just wondering if someone had a better archive or was just using the wayback machine in the correct way.

No. 202738

File: 1648062161116.png (732.79 KB, 2601x1767, why do you do this.PNG)

I hate how GHOST acts. Years ago I listened to her music, but because of her spergouts, she has ruined it for me. Wanted to listen to Candle Queen the other day and she's blocked the comments with an 'apology' longer than the song.

No. 203255

I never understood how the song is ableist specifically or targets specific individuals. All it is about is a person who has shitty behaviour and therefore was left by her friends because she mistreated them.
I don't even blame Ghost on this one, there's just so many virtue signalling people who always assume something is harmful to a group that they're most likely not even part of. Like yes, mental disorders should be less stigmatised so people can seek help and such, but the song has nothing to do with that.

No. 203264

File: 1648280303249.jpg (644.93 KB, 1440x2304, IMG_20220326_173012.jpg)

>"a lot of people with those disorders were hurt targeted harassed"
nobody was harassed. people just love to lie. reminds me of the time rip lied about being harassed to deactivate their accounts to gain scare sympathy from their fanbase kek

by the way, thoughts on this new OpenUTAU thing? is this allowed or could they get copyrighted?

No. 203436

I've been into vocaloid since Miku's release and looking at western vocaloid fans over the years gives me fucking depression and i can't help but feel nothing but immense vitriol when i see Miku. Especially those awful "diversity" edits people make of her.
The most shocking thing to me though is how it's gotten even worse than it was in the past 10 years. I'm surprised that despite Miku's popularity and how many actual good western musicians know about her, the only people that use them are troons with dunning kruger syndrome. What went wrong?

I've been out of it for awhile and dipped sometime in 2013 save for keeping up with a few old school producers, but are there any actual good western producers that use vocaloid/vocal synths that have cropped up in recent years and aren't complete fucking cows?

No. 203518

Recently I'm liking Crusher's singles and she's one of the only sane adults I can see. Glad to see she changed from being a bpdchan ages ago. Most of the new SynthV community seem to be decent as well, and the vbs are high quality. I'd also recommend Yameii, or Lauren Estes' music is decently soft and nice.
Quasar P needs a lot of work on his tuning but his production on instrumentals is pretty good too.

No. 203731

In a way, that's part of why Ghost isn't a good writer - they bend to other peoples' wills. They only allow themself to work in the parameters of what's morally acceptable, which is ironic considering their music is meant to be out there, creepy, not meant for the mainstream public.
That's the type of person they wish they could be, but are obviously way too spineless to show any authentic, genuine expression.
That's what sets them apart from others like Steampianist and the like. He doesn't give a shit about what others think, he just creates. That's what making music with vocaloids has always been about, actually.
And as flawed as communications was, it was ghost's last example of genuine expression. Even if you (in a general sense) don't personally like it.

No. 204406

I checked back in on the Vocaloid community and was weirded out by the woke Miku edits. What happened to just being a black or Muslim girl who liked Vocaloid and putting your own spin on a Miku cosplay instead of making some often-badly drawn edit?

No. 204426

It's not woke or funny enough to them, which is probably racist or some shit in their eyes.

No. 205251

This community is just filled w a bunch of mentally ill faketrans autists I can’t lol. The ones who grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth especially annoy me. Well off but still complaining over the most tedious shit, sperging out over fictional characters. Like lose some weight and get a real job ffs

No. 205255

Are you done spamming the thread with bait scrote or do you need more attention for 5 more minutes since obviously you don't get it from daily interactions

No. 206792

Sorry for the necro. I'm 90% sure that the memelord Len was popularized from that old tumblr ask blog askthelen. Don't beat em pls. The artist, Socky is chill. I like 'em. You may beat up the Fukase one.
Anyway, obviously, the best Len portrayal in the west Hikusa's.

No. 206793

I'm not only old but also illiterate. *is Hikusa's.

No. 207271

I thought it was Ghost that made the whole Len Fukase meme funnie thing. That's interesting.(sage your shit)

No. 207734

File: 1650336871045.png (10.1 MB, 4000x3000, Untitled320_20220419125311.png)

Probably necro, but that troon, whiteglove, is definitely cow material, like ghost and aki level. She openly admits to face leaks of her obese ass being her and then vendettaposts about more successful producers while having to bring in blatant racial insults. What's hilarious is her humour being entirely "women bad" while being one herself. Wouldn't be surprised if she's a pedophile.

No. 207740

i seriously cant wrap my head around someone deciding their troon goal is to become a fat neckbeard weeb….what in the goddamn hell

No. 207743

is she aki's daughter kek

No. 207772

What did she look like before? Maybe she’s just a fatso that realised fat man are treated better than fat women and this propelled her into this

No. 207791

ot but since when were fat men treated better than fat women? fat women get seen as body positivity models and "so confident" while fat men get laughed at.

No. 207806

nta but you're seriously detached from reality

No. 207814

Depends on where you are anons. Like in many social media spaces you do find a lot of coddling of fat women and their body positivity shit, it's gotten into the mainstream modelling industry as well. On the other hand there are just as many spaces where fat moids are coddled because people think they can't help it or that they just need love or some shit.

No. 207919

>"i've gotta find a femoid to groom
Who the fuck would want to be groomed by some 18-year-old bitch who already has a beer gut

No. 210166

She's been a FtM for years now. I think that's why for a long time, Iroha's VA was a "secret". Iroha is advertised as female and obviously sounds like it, so it probably bothered her VA since she's supposed to be "male" now.

No. 210173

Yeah I know, that's why I found it kind of lol that only now she's made a video about coming out and it includes her outright saying that T was detrimental to her singing voice.

No. 210182

tbh the zoomers in America would probably eat up an updated FtM Iroha kek (I would never want that to happen though). They already like transing characters.

No. 210365

i regret to inform you this has already happened

No. 210806

And that's fine. The samples they added to Iroha_Natural in 2015 sounded dissonant enough lol

Iroha, even her VOCALOID2 voice, is one of the est voices in that software and I don't think more of her is needed or can't be easily achieved with what's already available.

Lol that reminds me of the shitfest Flower's new design "Ci Flower" is. People on the west is not mad because it's a generic CeVIO design, they're mad that it's no longer "non-binary" enough.

wtf is that

No. 211336

I hate how mushy Vocaloid has always been. Iroha is my favorite and I was pissed they just tweaked her old bank for that v4 update.
Yeah sure maybe in her head but (even gender crit aside) up until the past couple of years she's just been a crossdressing woman this entire time.

No. 211669

the fuck do you expect when vocaloid's early japanese fanbase was built by social outcasts and edgy lgbt teenagers?
futaba-channel and internet culture based art and music communities were pretty far left-leaning, and full of fujoshi.
none of that really matters anyway because only dumbass terminally online zoomers feel the need to make sure all of their hobbies or interests match their personal political ideology.

No. 211730

idk some fan investigated and even her sister called her "brother" several years ago on a blog/post, it's been an open secret that she's ftm not on t

No. 214555

This thread reeks so much of Twitter is not even funny lol

This community is truly a shit fest, even the 3 or 4 terf friendly people in the totality of it are fucking losers. Yikes.

No. 214919

Now, to keep up anonymity I cannot reply to the post I want to, but I definitely want to say TERFs should be allowed in the community, as well as transmeds. I'm tired of the community being an echo chamber, even if I am not a TERF myself, I sure as hell understand why y'all become that way. And I am also tired of getting accused of being a TERF because, what, I once said I'm not calling someone "it?" I miss the early days of the community where politics were disregarded.

No. 215004

hi izzy.(hi cow)

No. 215111

File: 1653503915724.jpg (114.88 KB, 302x583, Screenshot_20210505-184103_Ins…)

Nah, I don't know who Izzy is, I'm tempted to make it a little clearer, though. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm revoking my anonimity, I'm WhiteGlove lmao
I gotta say, at least when you admit it's you, you're being honest, and not being a double-crossing bitch. Continuing on, I don't think calling someone a pedophile over an unfunny discord mod joke is a good idea.
I've seen weirder goals, better than an anime girl or yaoi twink, honestly. Which is half the community's goal, and is frankly unoriginal, unrealistic, and shallow. Testosterone makes your hair fall out, so even if you DO become an anime twink, it won't last.
You know that Gender Dysphoria exists, right? As long as someone has a medical diagnosis I honestly don't care what they do. Plus, I have pissed off the community on multiple occasions by saying this. Pic is also related, from around 2017 when I came out in 2019. In 2017 I was 148lbs and 5'5, now I'm 225 or so and 5'9, just shorter than my dad and taller than my mom.(no one cares)

No. 215162

>Goes to an anonymous imageboard
>Posts a photo of themselves along with a blogpost and their username

No. 215171

You're the tranny who's been trying too hard vendetta-posting on kiwifarms.

No. 215252

Vocaloid trannies need to 41%. You ruined the community and made it into politics.

No. 215714

So was gaining weight apart of your transition?

No. 215802

Calm your fucking tits, girl, do you crossplay or something? Being a Japanese woman who thinks she's a man and gets everyone to play along for whatever reason is its own flavor of sad, I was sick of tweens going along with this 'uwuu he's such a cute utaite pls respect his gender' shit when pretending a female vocalist isn't one is just delusional. Doesn't matter how lefty the community always was, that was all I was saying. Also not everyone is a fucking zoomer who uses this tranny vs TERF shit.

No. 217383

Sorry for the necro. Has the VA identified as a guy since the beginning? They came out as trans last year, but I could've sworn everyone just referred to them as a guy even before then.

Maybe it's just the Mandela Effect fucking with me, but I was so sure that everyone was saying Iroha's VA was biologically a man as early as 2012. With utaites like Piko, I never questioned it.

No. 218741

He's identified as male and has been open about that, just not being trans.

Yes, the utaite scene is full of high pitched male voices (mafumafu, piko, kradness just to name a few) so most people just thought Kyounosuke was a cis man who could sing really high and pull off a convincing female voice.

I don't really get the hate on him, to be honest. He's been open about it, he only pointed out that Testosterone has been detrimental to his range as a side effect. He's obviously most happy being a man.

No. 219439

Lose some weight fatass troon.

No. 219478

Holy shit you are fucking nuts lmao, who the hell self post with a pic of themselves attached, this has to be some vendetta larp posting I refuse to believe someone can be so retarded to do this but the vocaloid community does attract unhinged attention whores after all. Do you realize LC isn't like 4chan and threads don't get deleted so your pic with your handle will be here for as long as this site is up right??

No. 219532

>the hate on him
to be fair this place naturally holds very unfiltered opinions. there's been active threads shitting on fakebois, trooning out, and gender-queer identities. not necessarily complaining, i bounce between being supportive and critical all the time myself.

but honestly, this guy just seems to be vibing and only wants his audience to understand. he's pretty gently informative over the whole thing.

No. 219595

Nobody thought that, you sound new. Before coming out, everyone always knew Kyounosuke was a gnc woman. Women can have deep voices.
Not surprisingly despite the troon creeps in the community this is the only thread full of handmaidens, hatsune miku says trans rights did a number.

No. 219682

how narcissistic are you?
>You know that Gender Dysphoria exists, right?
and it's a mental illness.
>In 2017 I was 148lbs and 5'5, now I'm 225 or so and 5'9, just shorter than my dad and taller than my mom.
So sad sweetie.

No. 220214

Thanks for saying it nonna, I'm so fucking exhausted of these spineless tranny dick-sucking pickmes polluting this community. Always letting men and infantile bpd shitheads like ghost, akiglancy and our resident troon here get away with all the shit they do and always sucking up to whatever deranged bullshit they come up with. Spineless cowards, grow some goddamn ovaries and stop hating yourselves!

BTW is it confirmed kyonnosuke definitely trooned out? I've been a fan of hers, since Iroha came out. She was such a giga Stacy for being openly butch and rocking a deep voice, if she's given in to pressure than its so goddamn tragic.

No. 220665

sorry for the late reply anon! yes, she trooned out. she did an entire video going over her dysphoria, with english subtitles.

No. 220727

>nobody thought they were a man
NTA you replied to. I thought that they were born a man. All of my weeblet friends thought that. Lots of “Iroha is voiced by a GUY XDD” on the wikia page comments at the time. When you had people like Piko, it was easy to run with it. Kids just don’t think too hard about it. Also some girls legitimately thought 96neko was a dude, so again, kids normally don’t think too hard.

No. 221304

Why is the Kyonosuke reveal even relevant anymore?
Is nobody gonna talk about the elephant in the room, aka the SynthV defamation?

No. 221331


No. 221408

File: 1655683161859.jpeg (181.22 KB, 1801x1064, 2961437B-E060-4B32-BB29-50B194…)

No. 221989

Seems sketchy to me. The 50k figure for a vocaloid is ancient (from the zunko days), 60k for an ai bank with color features being added esp especially doesn't seem unreasonable? Bank dev has always been extremely pricy and the price point quoted seems reasonable. I don't know for sure what the ai bank dev process is like, but it probably involves pricy gpu based processing and having a large dataset that's expensive to gather; I actually work with ai stuff myself, the prices have gone up recently due to equipment shortages and ai experienced devs being super valuable. The poster doesn't even say how much the older banks cost (besides one ref to "half" which I find hard to believe, you recorded over 80 hours audio and did dev time and ai processing for only 30k??? What slave wages would they have been paying everyone involved??), if the pricing difference is because of ai, and we don't even know what a v5 is nowadays. They claim "deep info" but quoting a decade old Googleable price estimate for vocaloid and guesstimating a modern bank with more features and inflation might cost more isn't exactly some esoteric secrets.
I'd believe genbu/volor might not do more if they haven't seen profit, but tons of synth companies have failed in similar ways on all popular engines. It's a big part of why vocaloid died.
Also talking about crowdfunding but not mentioned specific projects? Or MEDIUM5, which is the company that seems most dead set on releasing a ton of banks (a lot of which have been delayed)? Why even focus on VOLOR? The implication that solaria partially faked funding is massive but there's zero proof or mention of how this is possible. Why would solaria be exempt, she's the most recent one? This makes no sense?
Dreamtonics wanting the pro market also seems legit but another "anyone with eyes can tell" fact, and it seems reasonable. They promote character vocals on their website just the same, I don't get how this is viewed as evil. Makes sense for the engine devs to focus on some core pro level vocals and let 3rd parties do the multimedia character stuff.
Also the person is alleging mistreatment but doesn't mention what's wrong besides the price point being 60k and volor being vaguely terrible and not paying well. Sucks for people at volor, but how is that dreamtonics problem? Maybe volor is just a cluster fuck, but they're not the only bank producer on synthv. I want genbu so it's sad, but if AH and other companies can shoulder the costs then synthv will be fine and it is what it is. There's no concrete facts or insider knowledge here. I'd just ignore it tbh.(sage your ‘tism )

No. 222876

Hello everyone, i guess i have some troubles with my 13 year old sister (lol), she likes vocaloid music (good one (and i like it too)), but she has fallen into a tranny shit trap (she likes GHOST music), please reassure me a bit that it's just puberty and everything is going to be OK with her :( . Btw i've made a final solution with tranny shit at much older age (17-18), sorry for off-topic, just looking for some support(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224342

Does anyone here actually like Yohioloid? As someone who owns him he's not as bad as I used to think he was.

No. 224375

I’ve heard some people say that GHOST’s “shay” nickname is short for her real name, shailee. Can anyone verify or is this pure rando speculation?

No. 224396

this picture actually made me wince omg

chemicals in the water. seriously though, it's because anglos have no actual problems to face

No. 224784

Can you please, PLEASE for fucks sake learn to sage? Every time I think some new milk is being posted cause the thread is bumped its you and your bullshit takes no one cares about.

I know the average vocaloid fan IQ is not very high but it cant be this fucking hard to learn to type "sage" in the email field if you are not posting anything relevant. Ffs I swear its not a concept that hard to wrasp unless you are a kid or mentally deficient.

No. 225293

File: 1656806785033.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1319x1930, 65649907-BDFF-4E1B-BEEE-2D5C01…)

The absolute state of vocal synth community. I cringe every time.

No. 225614

Did your Kevin fan design flop anon? This stickman Kevin design is autistic as fuck but mostly harmless. Post actual milk.

No. 227065

File: 1657287590860.png (173.9 KB, 600x549, 38AB5F6C-844E-4767-9F19-153E09…)

>The absolute state of vocal synth community. I cringe every time.
this is how it’s been since day one, faggot. get over yourself.

No. 229611

Anon the previous generation had people portraying Gakupo and/or Kaito as pedos, preteens roleplaying twincest in the comment section, and an outspoken number of non-closeted shota enthusiasts. I'll take minecraft shirt Kevin over them anytime.

No. 230157

they're fictional characters who gives a shit
also that's a zelda shirt dumbfuck

No. 230999

File: 1658342932160.jpeg (70.99 KB, 960x615, DAC2E191-6133-4233-A48A-0D4B51…)

Samefag but yep, I did some more looking. Her full name is shailee Carlson, dad is some kind of pastor so maybe that was the seed that germinated into the overly edgy tumblr catholic aesthetic.

No. 231154

>that’s a Zelda shirt
first of all, nerd

second of all, don’t bring that “it’s fiction reeee” discourse into here because I don’t give a shit whether you’re offended on the behalf of shota fetishists or offended on the behalf of fictional shotas everywhere. either is stupid. aforementioned previous gen’s fandom activities was cringe not on the basis of morality but on the basis of fujos being fucking embarrassing in the open.

No. 231178

and we're just supposed to believe you?
also this isn't milk dumbass, take your necro shit somewhere else vendetta-chan(sage your shit dumbass)

No. 231301

>first of all, nerd
Glass houses, anon. Remember we're in the Vocaloid thread, kek

No. 231310

second statement was definitely not tongue in cheek, but my calling them a nerd was lmao

No. 231779

where'd you find this anon(learn2sage)

No. 232770

I know this isn't about the topic at hand, hence why I saged it, but I'm so fucking angry. Someone said "Why did you come back to the voice synthesis community when you said you were leaving?", I dunno, maybe I CHANGED MY MIND?? I'm so tired of being based of what I did as a naive, self hating child. And it's like. Nobody BUT those people remember what the hell I even did, so why bother making an issue out of it? I'm just tired.

No. 233549

desuka, as someone who was excommunicated for stupid shit he did as a child, i can't really comment much on the fake screenshots, but i think there's a massive difference between actively lying and being an asshole, but an up-front, violent asshole
i may have threatened people all the time at 15, but at least i wasn't lying about others.

No. 233563


Jesus christ, that cuts deep. I'm not a liar anymore. I've helped people… I don't hurt anyone anymore. Just look at the Synth V community, they… like me. They don't care about my past. I am TRYING to fix things from the past though, is that really that bad?

No. 233679


you are so shallow it hurts. every thought in your mind is dumb. every word you even speak is dumb. i pray every day that nobody forgets what you did. you've already probably noticed people spending a lot of energy trying to put you down. take it personally, you lying violent asshole. you're not special. you're not funny or relatable or even that mentally stable of a person. you keep talking about how much you've improved, and yet you still fall into the same holes. nobody wants you here and it would be better for all of us if you left the community for real and never came back. you are everything that's wrong with yourself.

No. 233764

And ontop of that, what makes you think you’re going to get sympathy here? You’re a fucking joke, dude. Get a grip, quit acting like a faggot, and get off the internet.

No. 233846

look desuka, you've got two options;
A. keep your old channel, don't whine that you ruined your name. catty women and sensitive & effeminate men never forget when you fuck them over. you can either take power in it and play an assholish character, or you can try to turn the other cheek and reform yourself. either way, don't expect the community to react well to it, you'll set yourself up for disappointment.
B. make a new youtube. do not make any other social media, have a different username, do not make any suggestion it's you. if you draw your own art, don't do that anymore, or at the very least try a vastly different style. make no hint it's you.
just a warning; none of these are guaranteed methods of throwing off heat and if you freak out, we'll all laugh at you. this hasn't worked for ghost, moros, poetfog, or steampianist, so don't expect it to work for you.

No. 234561

ootl, checked the previous threads but what exactly did desuka do?

No. 234583


Clingy towards ghost, was essentially a white knight. Faked a suicide in order to spite someone. Tried to go after ghost to "mentally break" them after they rejected him. told people to cut themselves. Lied in part about his familial situation to gain attention. Lied about a break-in for attention. Told a trans person they were their original gender. Made a terrible meme about Wowoka's death. Oh, and this one is just a rumor, but he may have spent a week in jail for threatening to do something bad to his school. He's done a lot of bad shit, as long ago as it was. Frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't tried to rebrand, he's far too soiled.

No. 234602

>Told a trans person they were their original gender.
Based moid.

No. 234617

>Told a trans person they were their original gender
Quickly do you know where you are?

No. 234841

Don't forget faking screenshots of multiple producers & cover artists, siding with a well-known cover artist lolcow just to drive the knife into GHOST and several others, then throwing the lolcow away when they were no longer of use to them, causing the lolcow to sperg out and threaten to kill multiple people because they were "betrayed…"
2018 Vocaloid drama was a fucking trip.

No. 235025

>> 233563

The Synth V community only likes you because they are probably not aware of the things you did. Not a good idea to continue having the same username as anyone who knows what you did can and will expose your past

No. 235051


It’s been five years. I don’t excuse the shit I pulled, and I’m fine with the consequences. All I’d like to do is make up with the ones I hurt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 235159

I mean, you can't change the past and this community is extremely pissy about that. I'm pretty well known for being the community's Voldemort where mentioning me publicly is seen as a bad omen, coincidentally you fucked me over when I was younger, but I personally don't hold it against you.
I get how it feels, truly, but you should accept your tattered reputation, or you should leave and return under a different name, as I said earlier in the thread.
I do genuinely feel miffed at your behavior towards others as of late, but I personally don't hold anything against you. I get it. When I was finally let back into the community, I fucked it up by making fun of some stupid bitch for using neopronouns, well worth it imo

No. 235227

File: 1659464803261.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, A1464B02-9FEB-45A6-9823-D8AB30…)


No. 235528

>calling ghost a they
>told a trans person they were their original gender
I wish you fucking troons/faggots/pickme ball-lickers stayed in your goddamn containment discords and stopped posting in this thread. You are not welcome in this website and will never be, the women in here will never accept your pronoun crap mental illness bullshit and we quite frankly hate your guts, cope with it already.

Kill yourself and stop self posting you pathetic scrote piece of shit, no 1 fucking cares, no one even mentioned you. God i wish the men in this goddamn fandom commited mass suicide and would let us enjoy something to ourselves for ONCE, you are all waste of spaces incel pieces of shit with furry parafilias to cope with the fact that you don't know the touch of a woman. Get a goddamn job and lose some goddamn weight.

Christ imagine going to a female-dominated imageboard and start selfposting like this since you can't get any bitches attention through any other means than invading their spaces, fucking pathetic.

No. 235655

Retard, imagine thinking that female-only spaces exist on a goddamn imageboard. Keep your man-hating to yourself you pathetic, fat, femcel piece of shit. I feel like feminists only exist because they're mad other females want nothing to do with them, or the inverse, and it's because they were the Queen Bee and decided getting dicked down wasn't for them, then made them being a skank everyone else's problem.
Now, I'm fully aware this site is, for the most part, dominated by radical feminists and has a majority-female userbase, but unless you're on a forum exclusively for lesbians, calling anywhere online a "female-only space" is retarded at best and delusional at worst.
I agree that the other anon was retarded for assuming this forum is troon-friendly, but because it's anonymous nobody really gives a fuck if you are one as long as you don't bring it up or chastise other users for saying shit like "tranny," and you sage your sperging and don't shit up the thread.

No. 237840

i honestly do think this is real, i dont really see any reason to lie and i googled it up and you do see a lot of ghosts art along with that exact name. im just curious how you found that up anon? and is there any info about their father's name?

No. 237852

File: 1659915240650.jpeg (10.69 KB, 124x120, 71F2DAF8-3086-4D02-AA1E-14C097…)

>REEEEE why aren't anonymous shittalking chan forums my personal safespace echochamber
>everyone who disagrees with me must be a troon!

No. 237890

Even then, not every troon is an AGP or a trender or generally batshit insane, which makes that other anon's period-clot of a brain's sperging so much funnier. "You're annoying so you MUST be a troon! Get the fuck outta my safespace!!!1!"
Like who cares? Vocaloid people are oftentimes forced to use trenders' pronouns so much they can end up internalizing it, regardless of troon status. I think that anon complaining about misgendering could just be one of those community NPCs and not something to get upset over.

No. 238620

This site is women only seethe about it faggot. And quit spamming the thread nobody cares

No. 238659

I'm not spamming, and it isn't women only. If even one person with a phallus lurks or posts, it's not women only. The site rule is to not announce you're male, not "PUSSY ONLY REEEE"

No. 238697

Cry about it more scrote it's a gossip site for women. If your tranny ass can't handle it either off yourself or go back to your shit board on 4ch.

No. 238707

The irony? I am a tranny, but not a "scrote." I'm FtM, retard. that's why I hate feminists.(you are not special)

No. 238779

You realize there is more than one kind of feminist, right? And if you hate them so much, you chose a hell of a place to visit. It's like deliberately sticking your hand in a beehive, but then complaining about it, despite you knowing what would happen.

And just because someone with a dick visits here, it doesn't negate the core demographic, intended audience of the site, and you being in the minority. You're being rather all or nothing about this.

No. 238968

so an aiden. A mentally retarded one for a change

No. 239474


Got curious and went to check for any information on this. I only found a callout document. The document seems like bullshit though. Yeah there was some weird shit there, but nothing bout sexting.

No. 239484

This bout chelovek's artist, right? I'm retarded so uhh yeah.

But yeah, everyone just went to shit on her. Someone pulled some shit out of their ass and said they were groomed for 5+ weeks. I saw a counterdoc and it said that the minor was ghosted for 2 weeks. Not even 5 weeks of grooming at all and these twittertards be saying some massive bullshit there.

No. 240261

File: 1660617084754.jpg (148.42 KB, 1080x1066, ew.jpg)

this is what the majority of western miku fans look like irl

No. 240355

Based cute snowmikufag

No. 240528

Honestly, almost anyone can do a better cosplay than Aki. You can literally be an obese 4/10 who buys from something like EZCosplay, which I'm pretty sure describes this picture, and be infinitely better at cosplay than Aki.

No. 241437

>you're homophobic towards gay men and hate trans people for no reason other than because it's cool
Welcome to Lolcow newfag, I suggest you take your retarded ad hominem back to Twitter.

No. 241449

God can any of you at least try and attempt to sage, please?
Every time I see this thread get bumped it's some troon selfposting or something from years ago being brought back up. Nothing about vocal synth in general, whether it be developments of voicebanks or milk.(didn't sage )

No. 241565

Says the asshole who doesn't sage

No. 241621

hi whiteglove
seethe newfag
we hate troons because it's mental illness, mutilation, and mass grooming children, retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 241625

Fuck yeah newfag cope me I want you to hate it

No. 241648

stop infighting, seriously. sage or go back to twitter.

No. 243064

any milk?

No. 243076

Well, only milk that comes to mind is that a former VocaloP resurfaced under a new alias. The dude who wrote Pogo's Playland.

No. 243336

Oh, MOROS? What's the pedophile fuck's new channel?

No. 243391


Appearantely he's around in furry servers as Leetheboob, and active on social media as stoopidhed(Stoopidofficial on twitter)

He had a falling out with one of his furry retard friends and they're spilling the beans.

No. 243641

give us more juicy details(learn2sage)

No. 243707

here is Leetheboob's selfie's before i left the server with him because he was being accused of being a pedo

No. 243719

No. 243724

update yet again
also he was recently got arrested for cp and is now on parole

No. 243736

also he tweeted this and now its deleted

No. 243737

File: 1661884668223.jpg (42.45 KB, 591x303, pWqxUdY.jpg)

funny how when i tried to find the same tweet it looks to have been inspect-element'd in your screenshot, anon

No. 243738

why did you use inspect element

No. 243739

how do i remove this post i forgot to remove my twitter icon

No. 243745

No. 243747

that is a different tweet you retard pedo defender https://imgur.com/a/SO3hf2z
he was arrested for child porn

No. 243748

File: 1661887265892.jpg (30.45 KB, 579x168, DqQhRuA.jpg)

lol these tweets don't even fucking exist retard. you're clearly editing tweets et al this one.

get us some real milk or get out.

No. 243750

lmao funnier that those people are still mutuals with him anon, if they tweeted those things wouldn't they have blocked?

No. 243752

Not yall trying to make fake screenshots, this is a stretch buuuut: what if the furry in question moros had a falling out with is the guy posting these screenshots???? Like there's no evidence of this "moros falling out with discord furry" just stupid ass screenshots and pictures of the dude like… where's the call out post or like where's the part where it says he's on parole???? Like there's plot holes in this

No. 243753

exactly what i was thinking anon. tired of the fake milk, i don't think any of us are really here for crappy fake or petty drama

No. 243754

IM SAYING like imagine being so butt hurt because the pedo you wanna be friends with doesn't wanna be friends with you lmaoooo

No. 243757


No. 243760

they’re losing it lmao

No. 243762

At this point there is less and less solid evidence and no answers to the questions and just pointless bickering go eat shit or something this isn’t twitter where you just come here and expect people to get cancelled here what a bozo

No. 243763

didn't you get caught up the pedo stuff trusty??

No. 243765

if u go on that person's profile they haven't tweeted at all today lmao

newfag naming your friend isn't very anon of you. also the tweet in question was also edited. source: https://twitter.com/cartyfear/status/1562763263322259458?s=20

anon we've said time and time again now, give us some real milk, or go home.

No. 243767

yeah it looks like anon is having a soyrage about someone he's just had a petty twitter fag fall-out with

No. 243768

all this furry whining when they're all basically zoophiles anyway

No. 243769

Cry harder lmao

No. 243770


No. 243771

nobody talks like that newfag get out of your schizo fantasy world

No. 243772


No. 243774

Anyways you're retarded, nobody believes you,go to twitter since these screenshots are so real, new milk?

No. 243775

i cum a lot does that count ?
got you trusty fucker Mexican retard

No. 243776


I am pretty sure this is one of Moros's troll friends fucking around here. IP check them and compare them to me, that way everyone knows I am not that degenerated.


Working on something legitimate. Just double checking some old sources to make sure the evidence is there.

No. 243777

So, is Emoto the one Moros had a falling out with, since he accidentally outed himself in here? Or is Emoto the one flooding the thread?

No. 243778

its not me lets talking more about Stoopidboyo

No. 243779

can you delete this since it mentions my name

No. 243780

i agree

No. 243781

you can't ip check them, if you do you can arrested in Germany

No. 243784

here is a white nationalist trying to get him banned (also i was kicked from this server for no reason but i won't surprised it be for the child porn)

No. 243785

Can someone ban them already lol

No. 243786

Is this the emoto were talking about here that just outted themselfs here

No. 243787

it's not illegal to check a person's ip retard, ips have to be logged on websites for legal reasons in the first place.

No. 243788

remove this as i don't this up here
yes it is

No. 243789

This, but also, if the IP is coming from a certain country then I already know who it is.

No. 243790

File: 1661893496280.jpg (39.86 KB, 720x214, Screenshot_20220830-160405_Twi…)

Interesting that they mention this yesterday and yet here they are

No. 243791

File: 1661893542895.jpg (15.16 KB, 589x91, Cb3eyw8.jpg)

it's funny he's acting like we should believe him or think it's not him posting when he literally tweeted yesterday that he was "going wild"

No. 243792

ok stop i will admit im EM now stop i just hate this pedo and all the post's are real

No. 243793

but multiple people have screenshotted and sourced original tweets from the ones you edited?

No. 243794

i did not edited anything, stop this slander, im just trying to expose a pedo

No. 243795

So you just admitted that you were the ones posting all these screenshots ggez

No. 243796

No. 243797

File: 1661894533013.jpg (272.05 KB, 720x1102, Screenshot_20220830-162229_Twi…)


No. 243798

I'd done the same thing if I knew tweets were getting fabricated lmao.

No. 243799

can you stop looking at my twitter

No. 243801

delete this

No. 243803

No. 243804

how do i delete this

No. 243805

please i wanted to expose a child porn fucker
now please stop stop stop

No. 243806

all i did was archive what i found in them servers before i left them, all i done was done alone now please delete it all

No. 243807

trusty you Mexican fucker are you behind this? you fucking Mexican retard latin nigger

No. 243808

now please stop trusty, you owe me

No. 243810

that's it i quit, im bleeding
all i wanted to expose everyone i knew
and trusty, fuck you nigger
fuck you laz, fuck you inaba, fuck you mspg, fuck you polaris, and fuck you cart and fuck you quenny and fuck yooouu pedo Stoopid fuckerrrrrrr, fuck you jax and fuck you FW

No. 243811

get help

No. 243813


No. 243815

Stoopidboyo is nazi alt righter

No. 243817

you say that right after spamming nigger lmfao what a fag

No. 243818

Stoopidboyo come to germany i will kill you

No. 243819

also Stoopidboyo is a furry faggot don't forget,
they are the lessor so you all gotta team up with me

No. 243822

Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo Stoopidboyo
answer meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(take your meds)

No. 243824

meet me at hamburg port-anniversary event
then we can fight there

No. 243825


Nice screenshot. Go get some real fucking sauce you fatherless cucc.

No. 243827

Never thought a community based around digital singer anime girls would be this mentally ill and crazy. sage for off topic.

No. 243828

fuck you trusty
also pretty sure this goes against TOS of discord babe

No. 243829


Same fag here. Short compilation of Moros/Lee's past accusation of using CSA to "cope" with his trauma. Confirmation that Lee/Stoopid/Moros/Shudder are the same person.


Not that much milk, but certainly aged and needed to be brought back up again. Really hope that dude won't be accepted by degenerate furries. Dude has been running away from his responsibilities for years and the last person covering him up decided to finally open up. Either way, bringing out that skeleton out of that closet may be for the better for the long run, so people can actually properly avoid him, regardless in the Vocaloid community or Furry community.

No. 243830


Somebody get yo mans before they explode

No. 243831

Carty is this you? That's the racist undertale gote.

No. 243833

who the fuck is trusty

No. 243834

No. 243836

this person that was mentioned above ?

No. 243837


To put it short, Lukey, Trusty, MSPG, Laz, and any other person mentioned in that trolls post are mutual friends of Emoto and Moros, which some idiot troll friend of Moros decided to weaponize. Dude is literally mentally insane most likely. Most likely was not Emoto as he's smart enough to sage a post.

No. 243838

Yeah. This person is known to be racist and throwing around slurs for fun. But as milky as they seem, they're dry like a goat.

No. 243839

same fagging

No. 243840

No. 243841

Sorry, am the samefag, but I wanted to reply to this reply and noticed it too late lmao.

No. 243846

No. 243854

At this point this topic about moros is running dry with me there nothing new except he’s a furry now

No. 243860

im feeling milky, here is lukeys twitter
and he sells shitty shit gems that are 100% fake lol
he lives in in Central California and is a redman of the niggers
in his spare time he likes pretend to be a faggot dragon that rapes little children

No. 243861

lucas gomes is a funny name lol

No. 243862

No. 243864

No. 243866

got more milkie
there's a person called "laz" he never completes his art and owes over 1000 in owed comms
also he had a boyfriend who he cheated on as far as we know he goes by "percy"
also the boyfriend he dated has a diaper fetish
and here is their usernames

No. 243868

something to note, inaba got angry at me the other day how there was a lot of pedo's in his server, pretty insane to think about

No. 243870

Doesn’t your mum own a bakery in Hamburg Germany?

No. 243872

No. 243873

fuck you carty the rip of undertale asriel who diddled a child and who likes shota haha

No. 243876

keep talking shit carty and i will dox you, wales boy who is 16

No. 243877

Yall need a job

No. 243879

carty sure does need a job, we know he used to work at GAME a uk store

No. 243880

You are literally the only one on this thread, you are talking to no one but yourself.

No. 243882

whatever you say carty, we know you fuck your mother

No. 243883

Em, just stop

No. 243884

carty we know you have no friends, all of them are just using you

No. 243885

This isn't Carty but ok.

No. 243886

Did people just forget this is a vocaloid lolcow or are they this stupid

No. 243887

No. 243889

Ever since white glove came here this all went to shit I’m out of here

No. 243892

Same, this site is tiring

No. 243893

want me to leak your dms carty?

No. 243897


Literally watching the same person talking to themselves to bury the sauce. Lmao people in Germany are probably sleeping. Find a new target for your weird furry bullshit and get off the vocaloid lolcow. Maidenless behavior.

No. 243898

whatever you say furry retard

No. 243900

I mean this is my first last last time ever looking at this site but ok.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 243901

Also this isn't Em either, I don't like Em but I just ignore them because not worth your energy

No. 243902

nobody click on it, its a ip grabber

No. 243928

are you serious, is this what we're doing now, what a bunch of freaks

No. 243942

What the fuck did I miss? All I did was ask about milk and the fucking thread is inflamed. I'm so sorry nonnas I didn't know a fat furfag (who I would NOT have sex with btw) was gonna join and shit it up.

No. 243964

So lemme get this straight.
Some random furfags we don't care about are impersonating people and spamming the thread to bury it.

But MOROS, a KNOWN PREDATOR in the vocal synth community, with a HISTORY OF CP, is back, active and up to their old bullshit.

And the furfags are defending him? You'all fucked up holy shit.
Your literally defending someone who goes after minors and even tried to pin a fucking staged suicide on someone to deflect when they got caught. Get totally fucked.

We give no shits are given about your past trauma. You had plenty of time to get real mental help and you INSIST on continuing to draw CP and predate minors.
You, MOROS, are a monster. An absolutely, unapologetic, disgusting monster.
You have no intention of changing and you're out of excuses.

You belong in a concrete box, away from kids.
I hope you get doxxed so you get what you deserve.

No. 244049

for the love of god i can't i have to come on this bastard of a child of 4chan website,
first off >>243964 if you actually bothered to read above you know what's going but knowing some people "muh duh" just read the closest thing and expect muh >>>>>>>>>
now here actually happened,
so the person called "EM" or "Emoto"
but for the sake of this thread im gonna refer to him as EM whom is a vore, inflation fetish's whom may or may not killed a few his pets just to get his rocks off which will i talk later about
so EM who was/is my ex "friend" which i might or might not been dating and which had a massive crush on "MOROS, Leetheboob , Stoopidboyo" or whatever the fuck name he wants to use for the week
what he told me he was a "ex Vocaloid member"
but knowing my curious George dick i wanted to know more about his new friend he told me about "just to note apparently he known him longer than he told me" and i used to listen to old Vocaloid shit, he told me had a youtube called SHUDDER, but my curious George dick was still not hard so i wanted to know more. only after a lot of convincing and a lot of digging on my own i found out SHUDDER>MOROS>Stoopidboyo
so i told EM either stop talking to him or we not gonna talk anymore and that i was starting want to leave him over the "pet" thing don't worry we get to it
because of this we were no longer dating, he started not to take his "high functioning Asperger's medication" and of cause there's no excuse what he did next but it is something to keep in mind
he went and started to go co co in his brain and thought "Stoopidboyo" was talking behind his back and was talking to a 15 child and wanted to "start shit" with him. so he wanted Stoopid to live the worse live he could get, so what EM told me he made a fake few dms on threads on here, started to bully him and there, and overall wanted him to suffer, isolate him from every single friend group he was apart off, try to convince to cut himself and finally live stream his and i quote "to live stream his suicide"
he then send a DM to him (which i will include below) and then wrote this above >>243391
then went on rampage after it got out he wanted him kicked from a server which he saved all the message's he could from the server he shared which are here >>243707
during all this i was notified what he was doing i told him to stop this was just going wayyyyy to fucking far, but of cause he kept going he made note he was "gonna keep going till he passed out lol" retard
he started to claim Stoopid was on "parole for cp" which if you know how law works, he be in prison lmfao
as you can see he was making fake fucking lies lol >>243736 >>243737
then he went and on a and i quote from him again "go on a rampage like shadow the hedgehog"
and started to throw his "friends" under the bus
as this was going on i was in thread reading it real time and trying to tell him to fucking stop this retarded shit, he kept telling they will be my friends still after all this shit goes down and will end up blaming someone like trusty (?) or carty (?) or the person he was ok with with polaris (?) and or a person called lukey lux (?) and i honestly don't have any idea they are nor care in the world, and he mentioned some other names but i honestly don't give a shit or have the time of this shitty planet
but anyways as you can see he exposed himself here >>243790 >>243792 >>243739
he cried to me how to delete the post at this point i gived up on him and far as i know he started to fake dms and crap
and he wanted to get people doxxed he didn't like up here

now finally what's this "pet" thing EM has been liking or should i say "inflate them" with a ton of "gas" so he could "kill" and "eat" it to feel "full" and you can fill out the rest of the blanks. i honestly don't want to drag this any longer as i am currently drunk on dog piss and if there's any spelling mistakes and shit i don't give a load of fucking shit all i care for you all just going "i don't care to long to read"
fuck you EM and fuck Germany
and here is the dm i promised above


No. 244060

This is probably the biggest bag of complete word vomit I've seen in a while.
We already know half these messages are fake and yours probably is too. Just more furries defending a pedo. Cope.

No. 244063

cope seethe mold EM, i know what you did babe, you fucking those killed those poor baby pets you sick fuck

No. 244068

File: 1661971315470.png (190.41 KB, 752x1066, cc66b88138ea8fae1bcec20ebec21a…)

Lmao ok keep trying.
I got the real messages from Em, quit your bullshit.
If you're gonna make shit up then at least do a good job, so far all I see is some bitch grasping at straws.
Maybe don't impersonate someone you're not and grow a pair. It's ok Moros

No. 244070

hi EM ? how does it feel being accused killing baby animals and deflecting it ? lol get fucked you sicko, I got the real messages from Em!!!! you sound like a retard rn go slash your wrists babe mwah

No. 244077

i did cut my arm sick i hope you are proud to be a killer

No. 244080

Aw the little baby predator got their feelings hurt and is projecting. I'm sorry your whole defense against liking kids is spamming and pointing fingers at like one guy.
I feel "so bad" for you and your feelings. It must be hard work being this terrible. How's the corner feel?

No. 244082

Lmao these fake messages are great, the desperation is real. Where's my popcorn.

No. 244084

mwah babe love you lots!!
also for the record i don't a fuck about Stoopidboyo all i care for he could get ass aids and cancer so grow a few brain cells mwahhhh

No. 244090

why so quiet babe :<<<<
is it because i just exposed you for killing animals ?????
boo hooooo

No. 244091

why have you clammed up bitch wah wah wah boo hoo, insert gas into animal and pump that cock up and down YEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAW

No. 244092

Someone's getting off on their own posts
What in the tomfuckery

No. 244093

trust me, after learning what he did and making the thread about himself and exposing him, you would too

No. 244101

Btw here's the freaks's public social medias for some refresher.


I expect his hometown in 48 hours.

Don't think about deleting or changing usernames sweety, they're already archived. 💋

No. 244105

literally nobody asked

No. 244108

> Saying nobody asked
The topic literally being about Moros lmao.
Man quit trying to deflect. I'm sorry you and your disgusting furfag friends are afraid of the truth.
I bet the only reason you only like little boy penis is because you got one yourself.

No. 244110

All anyone has been doing is throwing around random people’s social medias with the hope of what? There is no milk, what has been posted is not reliable. Stop treating this as your schitzo echo chamber unless you have actual fresh milk from the tit.

No. 244112

Then clearly moros and his buddies have gotten away with burying his predatory behavior. Huh?
Lmao sad, you had it right there plain as day.

No. 244115

where though, unless you’re referring to what that Emoto guy showed which is all bullshit, if you can’t tell any of those are doctored you are actually a cuckold faggot

No. 244136

Wait, EM is Salem?
Also known as the wannabe VOCALOID producer that's a diagnosed Sociopath and sent zoosadist wordvomit confession shit without consent to various producers, mostly smaller ones like Zion, Poetfog(Chiptune123 at the time IIRC), and PumpkinHead? I only know one of those is confirmed, but they all used to hang around in 2018 before that and I honestly felt so much pain and anger when I heard he did that.
He also convinced me to leak GHOSTS' Patreon Rewards from December 2017 when I was a kid, which I'll confess is absolutely on me and I was a sped, but if you're going around and convincing 14-16 year olds to do your bidding, you're a prick. That's small potatoes compared to the cat killing shit, though.

No. 244147

>>244136 Care to enlighten us as to who "Salem" is, anon? And if you're going to claim Emoto is this person named "Salem" you better at least have proof instead of throwing around baseless accusations.

No. 244150

Who the fuck is Salem?
But ok if we're just gonna make fun of Em and ignore the literal pred.

No. 244175

all of you are literally insane and i've completely lost interest in any of this shit. go take your normal pills retards.

No. 244183

It's painfully obvious you never use boards considering how shitty your etiquette is.

No. 244194

I never claimed Em was Salem, I was just asking if they were both the same cat killer that caused the community to lose it's mind in 2018. That's why I saged it, and am saging this.
If Em isn't, that's good, actually. Still a schizophrenic retard but at least they don't kill cats.
And also, obviously Moros is a fucking necropedo, or at least a """fiction-only""" freak, which I doubt due to the existence of Pogo's Playland

No. 244198

File: 1661997280576.jpeg (23.47 KB, 636x482, images - 2022-09-01T115332.968…)

Can we please get to the topic of anything actually related to Vocaloid again instead of these nobody furfag freaks infighting?

No. 244214

I'm 100% certain Em isn't Salem and doesn't kill animals. They're just some weirdo people mock because they can't speak english for shit.

No. 244219

tl;dr moros (ex-vocaloid producer) and em (ex friend of moros) are fighting in this thread bc who cares they need to really get off lolcow jeez(sage your tinfoil)

No. 244260

Not even ex, they're still active under a new name.

Personally I'd love to see if all the post claiming to be Em are even the same ip.
The writing style changes like every 5 seconds so I'd bet it's just moros and his friends spamming.

No. 244294

>furfags being degenerate
You are all the living proof why people think male faggots deserve to burn in hell you goddamn subhumans.

No. 244296

File: 1662049812032.jpg (195.27 KB, 720x887, Screenshot_20220901-112723_You…)

Nope, they left the community because this was their final song, they're a ex-vocaloid producer. And from what I remember moros cut ties with em becausr em would start so much shit with other users on utau twitter to which moros really just had enough of em causing useless drama to users because he truly believed moros did nothing wrong. So bow here he is starting drama because god know why, hopefully this clears up something, I can answer some questions while I'm here to clear some thing up and hopefully emoto can stop being a cry baby https://youtu.be/a7TXCLR7Yxg and then they started going under a new name stoopidhead or whatever

No. 244329

Kek what is this logic. We hate you furfags because you're one inch away from zoosadism and usually are pedos.
Just stop feeding the scrotes please.

No. 244348

>This lack of reading comprehension
Christ you are retarded.

No. 244377

> em causing useless drama to users because he truly believed moros did nothing wrong
This much is obvious but at least people agree Moros is a fuck.

tbh I couldn't care less if em is a crybaby or whatever, we already know most these posts are fake anyways and almost no one here is who they say they are.
Exposing Moros was gonna cause drama no matter who did it.

No. 244378

It's not even leaving if someone just changes their name to hide from controversy. That's just hiding from their obvious guilt lmao.

No. 244388

em here can you y'all delete the thread please, my police got in contact with me and i am in massive trouble for what i did

No. 244392

if you do, i will give more juicy details about Schtewpidhed as he changed his name

No. 244393

No. 244394

and they keep bullying me for my crocks

No. 244396

he has admitted to be map supporter
https://imgur.com/a/mw28M9H(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 244404

This is so sad, the pedo furries really getting desperate.

No one who admits their name on an image board is actually who they say they are lmao.

No. 244406

who do you think the pedo furry's are?

No. 244412

i got some juicy details
the pedo has private his instagram now can we doxx him along with his pedo friends, i have the discords(ban-evading sperg)

No. 244417

They literally already doxxed themselves earlier trying to stir shit lmao.

No. 244420

Care to explain who it was?

No. 244474

Lmao that's what always happens. A pedo has a friend that believes them wholeheartedly and fights for them tooth and nail.
Then later on the pedo betrays the friend to try to start fresh.

News flash, don't betray the person holding all your secrets if you don't want to get caught. These retards never learn, but it's a good thing.

No. 244492

gotta remove the ?hl=en to get the archive. But it do be there lmao.

No. 244555

everyone contact him, he is being a bully and knows a lot of juicy details about Schtewpidhed(cowtipping)

No. 244557

sounds like a good idea(samefagging)

No. 244558

after work im gonna troll the shit of that pedo faggot

No. 244560

Ah yes, lemme totally say who is involved and drop all their discords and twitters so I can get into shit for it.
Yes that is such greaaaaaat idea!

No. 244561

you sound like a faggot, give us milk

No. 244562

i demand the milk!

No. 244563

these people are so obvious, it's painful

No. 244585

File: 1662166652110.png (53.62 KB, 623x707, end of the retard.png)

the end

No. 244586

please delete this you worthless scum lukey

No. 244590

File: 1662167132487.jpg (272.24 KB, 1402x1745, FbqjtxLUsAEb5NL.jpg)

No. 244591

No. 244596

Damn the furries really do be self destructing lmao

No. 244624

File: 1662175657995.png (331.49 KB, 563x480, 3274767.png)

This thread for the last few days has been nothing but unsaged esoteric crap and vendetta-posting. You morons fundamentally can't integrate for shit. News flash, people can tell how old you are and which communities you fuck around on based on your dumbass syntax alone. No amount of 'retards' or 'faggots' in your posts will help you.

No. 244627

tbh this shit has just been entertaining to watch. it's so bad.

No. 244650

File: 1662183516457.jpg (29.27 KB, 400x400, 3d5.jpg)

Sup, the real Em here. Was asleep while >>244586 was written, as it was literally 3 in the morning. At this point I wish the authorities already contacted me so I can say that some furry retard has been posing as me on the internet and doxxed people that had literally nothing to do with Moros.

Been distancing away from this thread for a bit while I contacted the admin, but got no response so I decided to write a reply. Feel free to IP and background check me, I don't mind. But can you believe everyone missed the doc I organized with my friends because of all the spam in here, lmao.


I covered his secret shit up for years on end because I believe he was not a danger to minors to begin with, but after the multiple attempts of being called out and eventually "quitting" Vocaloid as a whole I started to feel suspicious. Even sorry to some extend. Appearantely he lost all of his friends, or a majority according to his words. I invited him in my friend circles, and next thing I hear he talks badly about me despite all the shit I did for him in the past (Refer to the Kayn drama and me defending him of his pedophilia accusation) The moment I was requesting a bit of distance from him, I was seen as the bad guy and I decided to split off my friend circle. And now there is some sort of vendetta against me lol.

Plus my twitter handle >>244585 has changed, I just backed this one up in order for people to not fabricate more fake screenshots of me. Who the hell uses Imgur to upload screenshots.

Sincerely.(global rule #4)

No. 244686

File: 1662207249257.jpeg (46.59 KB, 554x554, images - 2022-09-03T221510.226…)

No. 244740


I have 0 idea wat this site even is for or what this whole thing is about. But that is not me, nor is anyone mentioned in this post actually them. Someone here is lying and its pretty funny. But id rather not be thrown into something I have 0 interest in. I imagine the rest of the people in it would say the same. Thank you(namefagging)

No. 244786

nobody gives a shit, you shitted the thread up with lies and crap, at this point nobody knows what's real and what's not, just fuck off you are a cancer

No. 244790

who the fuck are all these people no one gives a fuck about your petty friend group drama just shut up

No. 244822

lmao they didn't even shit up the thread. That was so fucking obviously someone else, you prob.
You're so fucking retarded just accept the cat's out the bag and bury your dick is the sand.
Fucktard Stoopidhead is already known for shit with minors so I dunno why you're still trying so hard to defend them.

Fuck off with your gay ass furry friend group and your drama, no one cares that some nobodies are trying to protect a kiddie diddler.

No. 244829

Sir, you are in a terf forum. Please pick your retarded dog-diddling friends up and get out.

No. 244904

File: 1662274399117.png (428.2 KB, 700x620, 1341408297924.png)


How about I tl;dr it for you:

Moros never left but only rebranded as Stoopidhed, and once Em called it out one of Moros retard friends spammed this thread as "Em" to make the callout look less credible. If anything this makes Moros look even more guilty if you ask me.

No. 244910

Still nobody gives a shit EM you are wasting your life on petty drama you caused, nobody cares at this point wants to change the channel and see somthing, you are done the show has to end

No. 244912

Nobody cares that a potential predator may subject his weird coping mechanism as songs for children to see? Boy someone must be missing a bunch of context.

No. 244925

Literally shut the fuck up.

No. 244932

nobody cares about your retarded drama and all of you should kill yourselves hth

No. 244975

All of you are pedos and furfags and nobody wants you here. Take your drama back to Twitter.

No. 244984

It's hilarious how unbothered the vocaloid thread is about a vocaloid predator lmao.

No. 244993

Look retard, i didn't want any part on this but I'm gonna break it down to you because you are apparently so cumbrained you can't understand basic social clues. But its what >>244975 says.

Long version: you are a furfaggot who together with your friends you just hikacked a whole goddamn thread to post your personal drama in and started shitting and pissing all over it, in a female focused website because you all, like good little mysoginistic faggots you are, are so entitled to female attention you expect women in here apparently to do all the dirty work for you and be your personal army. men like you make me sick and i think I'm talking for all the other anons itt who aren't tourists.

If you had an ounce of respect and manners, you would had first learnt THE TINIEST BIT about this board's culture and respect the rules, made a long comprensive post about what this faggot did and why is he a cow and a kid-diddler, upload the goddamn pictures instead of spamming links like a fucking retard with the literacy of a 12 year old who just god his first computer, and giving a goddamn actual explanation of his behavior so we, strangers on the internet who are not obligated to give a single fuck about any of you, could understand what is going on. But instead you decided to doxx (which is pretty sure is actually against the rules) and spam the whole thread FOR DAYS STRAIGHT with imgur links and literal diarrhea posting like the fucking retard you are as if this was the cumstained discord servers you usually dwell in, which makes me think you didn't even bother reading the sites rules before even pulled this crap. Again expecting the women in here will be obligated to give a shit cause, well, we are women ig. Which speaks volumes about your character and how the likes of you view us.

Tl;Dr fuck You retarded scrote, go back to twitter if you want attention. You literally have come to the last place in the internet where people are obligated to give a shit about any of you, and with the shittiest attitude in top of that, and you expect to be listened to just because?

Did i make it clear enough for your tiny scrote cumbrained brain?

No. 245020

You're actually retarded if you think these were all the same person.

They clearly fucked up by making a google doc instead of putting it right on the board lmao.

Not even their friends that hijacked, they'd need friends in the first place. It's Moro's fuckbuddies with their dumb furry vendetta. Expect them to keep going for a couple more days before they get bored.

No. 245159

File: 1662358399358.jpg (11.23 KB, 260x194, download.jpg)

No. 245260

This could've been so good fresh milk if furries weren't retarded.

No. 245329

Oh god this shit is still going on, I would’ve thought it would’ve moved on by now or something aki or ghost related would come, guess not

No. 245714

File: 1662507023219.jpg (328.2 KB, 1080x1335, 20220906_182825.jpg)

Tora got called out again. Mostly same old stuff thats been talked about before, but I feel like the zoo accusation is new, though it's over furry shit.


No. 245723

Two pedos in a row, peak vocaloid community.
Oh, and a zoo/furry as well, double points!
The gift that keeps on giving.

No. 245740

File: 1662509936300.jpg (223.77 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_20220906-191317_Twi…)

Now that's funny, one of tora's biggest dick riders is now going against them? Oh this is getting so good
Tl;dr mia was best friends with tora blah blah sucking his dick and now the chip and dale porn was her final straw

I don't know of anybody cares so im going to sage this

No. 245878

So he's being canceled over things he doesn't support anymore and vanilla furry porn? Boo fucking hoo

No. 245887

^ Tora dick rider spotted

No. 245895

Lmao isn't Mia a massive asshole too? They'll come crawling back when people forget about Tora and the cycle continues.

No. 245909

I doubt Tora would still want to be friends with someone who dropped him just like that. I know I wouldn't, lmao.

No. 245981

File: 1662575055227.jpg (338.04 KB, 1080x1110, 20220907_132506.jpg)

She says she hasn't been associated with him since I guess his last big callout? She says months.

I honestly don't follow along with what any of these people do cuz they're all annoying and bitchy, so if she did publically disown him months back I wouldn't know.

No. 246078

File: 1662589976027.png (352.27 KB, 930x561, teastgsg.png)

Sup, Em here yet again, i got spicy more details about Moros/Stoopidboyo will be updating tomorrow p.s have evidence his friend group taking part doing cp(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 246108

Tora has gotten away doing terrible things in the vsynth community for a while now but it only took a fucking chip and dale furry porn for people to finally drop him?

No. 246120

i just want him to get cancelled so i dont have to hear about his annoying bitch ass ever again. i dont really care why at this point

No. 246329

Kek this. He's annoying but he rarely does anything milky.

No. 246560

File: 1662736825517.jpg (221.57 KB, 719x684, Screenshot_20220909-101750_Twi…)

Tora changed their twitter @ which is surprising because they usually just opted out and make a new twitter and lock the old one, probably just changing his at so that none of the tweets can't connect to his current @, what a pussy

No. 246605

If anything the tranny who wrote the doc is just as insufferable as Tora is, if not more.

No. 246873

Great, another tora dick rider. Saying shit like this isn't going to make anyone think "oh wow I never thought of that tora is such a good guy I'll change my ways and start kissing him on the lips" ffs do you think we're that stupid?

No. 248259

that was fun while it lasted, damn wish I got to see the full clown rodeo lol
Mia is one of the biggest cunts, they're just trying to save face because we all know they on thin ice too
this bitch goes out of their way to harass people, literal garbage tier

No. 248319

this is probably a fujo, so it's a she.

No. 248371

nah Tora is male

No. 249007

File: 1663208252946.png (28.52 KB, 600x224, moros discord.png)

Late to the party but I'm in servers with this fucking creep so i figure Id drop their Discord. do with it what you want. or don't. Maybe I'll drop their accounts when they rename again, or not, Im lazy.
Dude's weird as fuck so I don't mind pissing him off.

No. 249040

Hi emoto

No. 249448

File: 1663302686718.png (210.2 KB, 424x802, mia lied lmao.PNG)

so that was a lie, didn't even tried covering her tracks either lmao

No. 249450

File: 1663302918537.png (65.68 KB, 611x579, mia even liked the tweet too l…)

No. 249961

File: 1663668838152.png (3.31 MB, 2560x1896, 976741.png)

give us more juicy more details, and if possible give us the discord servers he is currently in

No. 249990

hi emoto(hi cow)

No. 249997

literally stfu you swine

No. 251588

GHOST released a new "song." Parts of it are good, I loved a lot of the lyrics, but Kevin both doesn't fit her style, and her instrumentals have the exact opposite problem of her old songs; they're too quiet and obsessed with "mystery."

No. 251654

I think it's okay at best. The choruses tuning is pretty good imo

No. 252086

ot but SynthV AI is getting really good

No. 252507

I agree, but it defeats the purpose of a vocal synth, in my opinion. Personally, I don't like realistic synths because the entire gimmick is not having a robot vocal not sound the part.
Kevin is just unrealistic enough he gets a pass, but I can't stand ones like Solaria.

No. 252514

fair enough, I like how there's variety within vocal synths then, because you get realistic ones and also robotic ones- it's really up to the producer and that's why it's good

No. 252656

As much as ghost can be a cow, I don't feel good about making fun of this one. This song is obviously about csa and processing trauma.

No. 252810


newfag here, sorry if i dont know how to format this, but its also worth mentioning that she made the song in less than a day for some sort of challenge.

No. 254150

File: 1664890267149.png (14.69 KB, 618x166, resim_2022-10-04_163118457.png)

ghost goes by he/him pronouns now, thoughts?

No. 254392

It was just a matter of time, I can't say I'm surprised.

No. 254605

Even outside of it being troon shit, Ghost has no dysphoria. And has, for years, thrown bitchfits at the idea of people having dysphoria. I will never consider this fat retard trutrans, only a fakeboi.

No. 256718

File: 1665262301179.jpg (349.27 KB, 1536x2048, 20221008_134931.jpg)

I know this is from June, but RIP did a face reveal and she somehow looks infinitely uglier and fatter than expected. Since she's 18 now, I figured it was only fair to say she's fat and retarded.
Tweet Link: https://twitter.com/le_RIP_/status/1537841296953397248?t=SNaFqOfe6BL6Qo2bLPh_Ew&s=19

No. 256929

Why do they always get fatter, I remember a few years ago she was actually normal. Then again that's what the Vocaloid community does to you kek
At least her music's pretty decent and isn't edgy discordant metal pots and pans, though it's starting to get there as of recently.

No. 257102

Is anyone here aware of Vane Lily? they are a ghost copy and their whole personality is "gay racist hispanic", they talk about being hispanic and gay all the time and theyre blatantly racist towards white people. They have a lot of milk potential IMO.

No. 257104

hi whiteglove

No. 257123

I agree. He once chimped at a community artist for drawing art of his black demon character… As a demon with distinctly demonic features. And got her excommunicated from the community
Why do they always go after lesbians?

No. 257140

Hi cow.

Screams GHOST ripoff honestly. Especially with their music videos.

No. 257425

I liked some of their earlier music, since it had some interesting well done composition but they fell down the ghost copycat rabbit hole

No. 257498

"racist" is a bit far to put it, all they do is make "white people bad" jokes that practically half the internet especially zoomers make now

No. 257844

no clue how to format but ive been lurking for a bit and this is likely the only time ill speak here. i absolutely despise the shit the little kids in the comments of uncanny pull. the songs downright obviously about csa and actual trauma meanwhile little timmys in the comments are applying it to their "emotional trauma" of their mommy telling them no more tumblr before bed or whatever their bullshit is. thats not fucking trauma but the normalization of calling every little inconvenience "trauma" is leading to so many little kids especially in the western vocaloid community pulling this shit and parroting it in their echo chambers.

and i know for a fact the same kids in the comments are gonna use their "trauma" as excuses to pretend to have did. im not gonna deny that ghost probably went through shit and is still affected by it, but do i think its did? to be honest no, especially with how rare that disorder is, how extreme it is and how so many other disorders have similar symptoms that can be misdiagnosed all the time. its infuriating.

sorry for the text wall. i cant say this stuff anywhere else without getting called ableist by voidbonesghostspirit-p (system of 420 alters) (shrek fronting uwu)

No. 257861

to be fair ghost comment sections are always either full of:
1. faggots and kids going "this made my organs dance" and other cringe absurdist humor on a very serious song
2.troons calling every minor inconvenience trauma instead of growing a pair of balls (or ovaries)

No. 257917

welcome to the entirety of gen z kek. agreed though

No. 257953

File: 1665633197869.jpeg (846.83 KB, 1622x886, 73A6B90C-8D8B-4B72-8B6B-858AF4…)

I don’t think I ever liked ghost’s songs to a large extent but come on. At least the original song had some soul put into it but just from this thumbnail it looks like shit. See you all in 7 minutes.

No. 257961

The instrumental and PV are better, the vocals are worse. I thought GHOST was gonna use VY2 when I saw "Yuma," but was disappointed. I fucking hate her new artstyle, it's soulless and looks like it came from a pooner blog on Tumblr.
The funny part is that this song is that the original was about her getting facedoxed in one of the old threads here, but it also reeks of 2018 Vocaloid drama, when a certain sperg ran around fedposting because she got barred from everywhere. It's an odd coincidence this was remade while Keffals is huffing axewound.

No. 257986


can’t believe im saying this but i miss her old Tumblr style art and not whatever the fuck this is . it was fine for one song maybe but this seems to be all she does now and i think it’s a downgrade honestly

No. 257987

idrk why people hated her old Tumblr artstyle so much, I always found it kinda cool and unique. I really miss it tbh, now she's like every generic twitter artist.

No. 257988

>her getting facedoxed
samefag but where?

No. 258064

Even if it was kind of disjointed her old art had this nice macabre vibe to it. It was probably the main appeal. Now it’s just a boxy husked out mess.

No. 258081


its in one of the older threads here, maybe #2 or #3 i can't remember


agreed. it had this charm to it that seems to be gone now.

No. 258084

File: 1665690025548.jpg (511.23 KB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20221013_123909.jpg)

This exchange is so fucking funny to me. Either both of them are calling us "incel stalkers," or Ghost and Zion are both vaguing old drama.

No. 258092


only ghost can take her "stalker" character and turn it into a trans rights meme lmfao, insanely funny that zion is here to speak, isnt zion infamous for plagiarism or am i confusing them with another ghost copycat?


sorry for necroposting im still a newfag but i didnt know vane is male lol

No. 258095

that doesn't make sense though, someone posted a collage of multiple pics of her on the other thread but that was only like a year ago. spider on the wall can't have been about that since it was written 5 years ago right?
not plagiarism directly but old songs were full copycats

No. 258096

Seems a bit tinfoil anon, looks like just an average absurdist humour joke

No. 258098


spider on the wall was oct 16 2018, so it could actually be within the timeframe. not entirely sure when it was posted though, i dont think its necessarily the selfies but maybe the other "stalking" on here.

i do remember in an earlier thread from the time that someone here said they were who the spider was based on, so i think it was based on a person on here and not the whole thread. but who knows i guess

No. 258100

In the past, people thought Zion was a plagiarist, but he never stole anything. He and GHOST, however, were both stalked by a very unhinged pooner.
It's tinfoil, sure, but it lines up well, as the stalking and (if I recall correctly) facedoxing were around the same time, albeit unrelated.

No. 258140

Pretty sure bunch of producers are stalking this thread, considering there was a raid recently. Wasn't Kenji-B or whatever his name was on here too?

No. 258142

>>>>258084 Emoto, WhiteGlove and Desuka are the only confirmed lurkers as far as I know

No. 258291

Haven't heard of Emoto for a while though. He may have lost interest if anything. Last time I saw Whiteglove was on Kiwifarms.

No. 258293

I'm glad Emeto's gone tbh

No. 258298

Maybe I'm ootl, and sage for ot, but VOCALOID6 is out, thoughts?
V5 removed a bunch of stuff from V4, hope it's back.

No. 258299

Most posts were by spammers most likely, but honestly glad it's over.

Vocaloid 6 seems just like a slightly improved vocaloid5. It may have Korean and Spanish support though, so who knows if it'll catch up to the hype.

No. 258334

v6 reminds me of some daw idr the name of. either cakewalk or garageband. it looks fine but lately these synths have been getting all in the bandwagon of simplified guis and all. call me old fashioned but i prefer the clunkiness of v4 and previous versions because it actually looks like a daw with physical notes rather than a vector image. i find the ai aspect interesting though combined with how similar the ui looks to synthv and have to wonder if/how much synthv inspired v6.

cant say ill be too thrilled about the growing use of ai vocals though. there was something special about tuning for yourself and developing actual skill in it; tuning isnt gonna go away but with everything being automated with the ai now i bet therell be much less effort put into songs and covers bc the program does it for you for the most part and as someone with a quality-over-quantity mind it bums me out.

No. 258423

The AI shit I usually despise, but the new VOCALOIDs actually don't sound human still, so I'm pretty thrilled about that. After playing around with the software a bit, it doesn't seem to have an option to auto-tune without lifting a finger. However, untuned VSQx still sound pretty alright due to the encoding. It can go either way, honestly.
I know it forces you to pitchbend instead of notebend, though. And people are pretty pissed about that.

No. 258456

>call me old fashioned but i prefer the clunkiness of v4 and previous versions because it actually looks like a daw with physical notes
>there was something special about tuning for yourself and developing actual skill in it
Interesting take. I like both depending on the vocal, I think that's why I got into vocal synth because there's a variety of robotic vs AI vocals and stuff. You're right on the whole people not putting effort though.
but even AI vocals untuned/plug-and-play still sound shit

No. 258474

I genuinely like AI voices, even the ones that sound human. Really like synthesizer v. And there are still people doing creative tuning and putting a lot of effort into their tuning even for ai voices… the downside is that lazy people flock to it and think they can just use the features without doing any other edits.

I agree that V6 AI is nice because it doesn’t really sound human but it still sounds good. The engine itself looks meh, but gumi v6 and potential future ai vocaloids look very promising to me.

No. 258490

gumi V6 sounds so sweet and powerful omg

No. 258492

Who The hell was the pooner?

No. 258502

WhiteGlove was the pooner GHOST & Zion stan. She's why Zion made 'The Problematic One' and 'A Marvelous Contraption.' There's a chance 'Spider on the Wall' could have some influence from her, but it's more likely it was due to the facedox.

No. 258703

that retard still posts here and on KF every now and then with the fail personal army requests

No. 258715

Really? Did she at least leave the KF thread alone?

No. 258749

last I checked other users told her to fuck off and that she was digging herself a hole but she just didn't listen and would sperg about her life and how she's supposedly so strong and not caring about it

No. 258852

What a cow. I'm shocked she doesn't have her own thread yet, or at least gets mentioned here more often.

No. 258866

File: 1665950808904.png (732.62 KB, 1149x1054, lmao.png)


Some youtubers did already cover WhiteGlove, and I am mildly surprised that they are the only Lolcow that got that much attention, considering the shit that's coming from the Vocaloid Community.

No. 258869

Same here. I'd expect Aki to at least get shit for scamming, god.

No. 258873


seriously hope someone calls aki out for the scamming shit, shes gotten away with it for far too long

No. 258874

Not until she wears a fedora and claims to be hydrophobic lmao.

No. 258903

I can't tell what's worse, being a 260lb wannabe-incel pooner, or being a 360lb wannabe-cosplayer. I'd say White Glove has dignity, or at least she does compared to Aki. I wouldn't be shocked if she'd have a purposeful gunt slip one day.

No. 258927

related but unrelated (and probably old milk) but does anyone have any info on what happened with Whiteglove and Gray / Monstrosity? it’s referenced in this discord call but i couldn’t find anything.

No. 258949

Grey/Monstrosity stalks her server members by looking at all their social media on a daily basis, even if it's under a different name or unlinked to Discord.
Whiteglove, who was 17 at the time, was allowed in the server, under the presumption that she would use neopronouns, and wouldn't say slurs anywhere. Monstrosity, at least at the time, didn't say anything about requiring people to abide by her rules off-platform.
Whiteglove, unaware and ready to sperg, told someone who used neopronouns on Twitter that she hoped she (the neopronouns user) stayed in the mental ward on an announcement post.
Grey then banned Whiteglove for being "enbyphobic," to which Whiteglove had her friends raid Grey's server.
Whiteglove runs a "discourse" Tumblr where she does similar shit on a daily basis: https://at.tumblr.com/count-incel/he3od42a9suf

No. 258961

i had the privilege of encountering whiteglove on tumblr in the wild because she decided to get into a slapfight with someone i follow (not vocaloid related) and i instantly recognized her from this thread because she has exactly one shirt and wears it in every selfie she's ever posted. great to know getting into retard fights is her #1 pastime

No. 258969

what did she do? spill the milk!

No. 258971

not very remarkable sadly, thus the sage. one of those situations where someone made a """blocklist""" of """literal nazis""" and for some reason whiteglove decided to brigade. lots of pathetic anons full of death threats. she tried posting a selfie to prove how she is totally a trans chad and i saw the ugly ass walmart shirt and fedora combo and knew who it was because i saw her selfie in this thread mere days before. kind of amazing how she manages to be an annoying twat to just about anyone with any kind of opinion ever

No. 258982

Can someone link any other threads/milk on whiteglove? idk if it fits here though because it's not all vocaloid related

No. 258983

still shocked she has no thread from all the bullshit she's pulled across multiple communities
the problem is sorting her. /w/ or /snow/ , which way nonnas?

No. 258988

File: 1665982636248.png (1.58 MB, 3000x3000, Untitled384_20221017155640.png)

Sorry for the shitty collage but holey fuck, autism.

No. 258992

I never expected to see a person in this community to be an open Trump supporter, honestly.

No. 258993

Whitelardstain can be found in the comment sections of ALL those videos, claiming she doesn't care at all but obsessively defending herself. Hilarious shit

No. 258994

Juicy shit! Any thread yet? At the very least, any juicy finds?
She also claims to be 220 pounds, but she easily looks closer to the upper 200s.

No. 258995

god every facet of her existence reeks of "i'm not like other girls" syndrome

No. 258996

i'm not like other girls, i'm a fat incel boy amirite

No. 258999

cba to get the ss atm but she mentioned stuff about how she doesn't shower because of sensory issues, which is just a bullshit excuse.

No. 259000

She's right, she isn't like other girls. Unless the girl in question is a pig.

No. 259001


No. 259003

whiteglove's posts here

No. 259005

different anon but she also posted here

No. 259006

God, she's pathetic. She also looks 100 pounds heavier than her pic at the time. I can't imagine how her eating must have impacted her intelligence, probably some correlation.

No. 259013

File: 1665993048138.png (482.35 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20221017-094935-487…)

She is from the vocaloid community, so we all just stuff it in here lol. May be for the better so we can filter the Moros spam out since that killed this thread. A revival may be pretty well deserved, especially if they announced their return with a vocaloid cover.

No. 259014

it's so bad lmfao, even plug and play untuned covers sound better.

No. 259015

whiteglove is a bigger cow than ghost and aki combined tbh

No. 259016

Aki is at least smart enough to orchestrate a scam without getting police, or the community involved.
Ghost has a lot of natural talent for art and music, even if she chooses to squander it.
White Glove is like a small child that just learned what a slur was.

No. 259026

File: 1666000017400.png (244.41 KB, 548x653, ewwww.png)

found in a kf thread. do with this what you please

No. 259028

>"struggles with self care"
>the size of a blimp

No. 259034

late but vocaloid6 comes with a feature where you can import a vocal track and the AI software will listen and literally turn it into a vocaloid track along with the pitch/tension/tuning just like the real vocal. It's amazing how vocal synth has gone so far but this is going to ruin the whole thing about tuning effort because people will abuse this to death. Despite how good it sounds, it's sad.

No. 259050

To be honest I don't see vocalo changer being used that much once the novelty wears off. Having to get a clean vocal track, either from yourself if you happen to sing well or from a vocalist, is a hassle and an awkward extra step.

No. 259077

Just search up acapella on YouTube or use one of those vocal remover/splicer apps or sites, it's extremely easy.

No. 259111

Most acapellas have reverb and harmonies, and the results of those vocal remover apps are poor in quality. Vocalo changer needs very clean and unprocessed vocals to produce decent results or it sounds awful, because it picks up all the impurities and you can't even edit anything that it spits out (in the V6 editor itself that is). That's why it's a hassle. The general consensus I'm seeing among people who have used it is that it's really more of a fun gimmick than an actual useful tool.

No. 259127

Yeah, plus most Vocaloid producers don't release their isolated vocals or VSQx/VPR anymore, so most people would still have to make covers from scratch or find a vocal file after scouring.
And even then, 9 times out of 10 the cover will fuck up when you plug a VSQx into an AIloid.
For some reason, VOCALOID6 bugs when notebending, whereas in V4, it was a very common practice.

No. 259131

Sounds like Vocalistner from back in the day. I can see it being a good gimmick or shorthand for people that actually have vocal talent but…well isn't the point of vocaloid that you don't need to be good at singing yourself?
I can only imagine the janky results you get trying to use it even with good quality audio to reference.

No. 259133

I tried to port the raw, clean vocals from a scrote meme into Vocaloid6, but the vocal fry killed a lot of the quality when ported it. Some of it sounded very similar, though.
Impressive, but the minute someone tries to do something even slightly growly or screamo, the software is going to break.

No. 259155

Does the VocaloChanger thing in V6 turn the audio file into an actual vocaloid sequence that you can edit the phonemes of etc.? Does it just turn it into an uneditable audio?

No. 259158

It turns it into uneditable audio, yes. I hope a future update turns it into a sequence, but I doubt it will happen.

No. 259159


No. 259183

Whiteglove is still active on KF if anyone is interested, though I believe most of the users on lolcow don't touch KF. They go by Mr. Cool Ice.

Hope someone documents it here, because I certainly won't. I just like to observe and eat some popcorn as they keep destroying their reputation.

No. 259185

She's getting close to Chris Chan levels with how much she overshares about her life and claim she doesn't care what people say or think, in a hilarious amount of copium.

No. 259188

File: 1666056149562.jpg (669.64 KB, 1080x2098, Screenshot_20221017_181800.jpg)

Make sure she doesn't get any, she has to be put on a diet with how much she's blimping.
Also, a screenshot without comment.

No. 259206

File: 1666062902171.jpg (859.17 KB, 1080x1829, Screenshot_20221017_201323.jpg)

Samefag as above, but she posted her pig-face publicly. Definitely morbidly obese at this point.
Link: https://count-incel.tumblr.com/post/698410455521263616/pictures-from-saturday-not-pictured-my-doc

No. 259207

she definitely does not clean her nails.

No. 259208

File: 1666063663082.jpg (979.69 KB, 1440x2441, IMG_20221018_142657.jpg)


No. 259209

File: 1666063686036.jpg (744.79 KB, 1440x1976, IMG_20221018_142708.jpg)

(2) Is this Gen Z's humour now?

No. 259212

File: 1666063872278.jpg (897.88 KB, 1440x2050, IMG_20221018_142905.jpg)

(3) I have a mesomorph body, and am not a Nazi pick-me, lady. Also "freebleeders" KEKEKEKEKEK

No. 259214

How long until her cottage cheese morbidly obese gut gets leaked LMFAO

No. 259216

serving young lucinda

No. 259224

she looks like a discord pedophile lol.

No. 259226

And she's only gotten fatter and more disheveled since

No. 259227

File: 1666070096730.jpg (796 KB, 1080x1804, Screenshot_20221017_221431.jpg)


No. 259231

is that a fucking swastika?

No. 259233

it almost looks like the rammstein logo, may as well be lmfao

No. 259234

File: 1666075208037.jpg (386.52 KB, 1440x1625, IMG_20221018_173939.jpg)

"I'm not fat" sniffing that copium I see

No. 259235

File: 1666075246025.jpg (738.9 KB, 1440x2108, IMG_20221018_174029.jpg)

2) "sneed"

No. 259236

File: 1666075255105.png (185.57 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20221018-083710-678…)

Highlight of the day: Whiteglove admitting that she has screamed at a baby the word "nigger".

No. 259238


well… >>259235 lol

No. 259239

File: 1666075921748.png (211.94 KB, 1440x1060, Untitled386_20221018174952.png)

Just when I thought you couldn't be that more retarded.

No. 259279

to be fair, Mr. Cool Ice/WhiteGlove is literally enjoying the attention we're giving them, if we make a seperate thread for them. Let's just compile most of her shit on here for now, and see if we can get the attention from other anons to check out the Vocaloid fandom lol.

No. 259322

The most interesting use of vocalo changer I've seen so far was that someone imported a clip of Solaria tuned in SynthV as the base vocal file. So maybe it could be useful for tuning vocals in a more complete engine, then transferring the tuning to V6?

No. 259328

she IS a discord pedophile. in her own words >>207734 she talks about wanting to """groom femoids"""
whether it's legit or just her putting on her best incel larp is up for debate

No. 259344

Tbh this sounds like they're trying to bait everyone to think she's a incel.


This is a image board, not VocaloidOtaku, go carry your V6 shit to twitter.

No. 259363


yeah it sounds a lot like vocalistener. i guess it would be useful for producers who already know how to sing and use that as a means to get melodies out beforehand and then edit / fine tune after, but calling it now a lot of people are gonna use it to make low effort covers which isnt the intended use of it. if vocaloid / mainstream vocal synth in general wasnt overtaken by the kids using it for covers and was more professional-used like how they try to come off, it would be great for indie producers especially ones who cant hire professional singers every time they want to make a duet or just something that dense sound like them.

No. 259365

also glad to see whiteglove floating around again. watched the videos anon posted a few weeks or so ago for the hell of it and each instance of him just makes me wanna look away but cant stop watching. discord/reddit mod scp material.

ive seen this guy at work first hand a few times before and still cant decide whether hes the worlds biggest troll or just incredibly mentally ill. at least he makes a lotta milk which is probably why he keeps lurking around for the attention.

No. 259373


Personally I just believe he wants to become a CWC herself, a living meme at this point. No way someone would add a neckbeard to their artistic representation to be "cool".

No. 259402

No. 259414

She's genuinely mentally ill, she's been completely socially inept since her earliest instances online. Zion wrote a couple of songs about her, this one being (slightly) more listenable than any of his other old works. Still kind of shitty, but I feel it gets the point across.
Back on topic, nothing White Glove has done suggests she's a troll. A genuine cow in the wild. Overly trusting, obsessive, desperately wanting approval of others, and violent when turned away.
That's actually how she dresses, and has said she genuinely likes how it looks.

No. 259432

i tried the new v6 effect on my tuning and renders from synthv and it actually works decently, you might have to tweak the original svp a bit to work for certain voices but otherwise it transfers fairly well. considering the v6 ai tuning parameters are a mess, i think this feature might be necessary since it copies the (pitch only) tuning well

earlier in this thread she says that people have "worse goals":

No. 259445

Yeah, so the whale wouldn't be trolling at all.

No. 259482

can you vocal fry in V6?

No. 259493

Vocalo changer is the only way I know how

No. 259510

thats a good question actually, I don’t know. I didn’t see it as an option but V6 layout is very different and ive found it hard to find stuff. It does have every other V5 feature so I imagine it should be there too? I’ll get back to you on that as soon as i can

No. 259527


Rather surprised that she wants to return at all. She's like a hopeless cause like some other individuals that left and returned to the Vocaloid fandom. Though, they are so easy to milk, especially considering no one has banned them on Kiwifarms.

No. 259535

File: 1666187847285.png (695.06 KB, 1440x3023, Untitled387_20221018180324.png)

This is so depressing if it's not copium.

No. 259576

eating yourself to death is still 41%ing, babe

No. 259604

She's the type of person to never leave any community at any point in time, desperately trying to make friends and do what she seems to love at the cost of herself and everyone around her. It makes for easy milk, but pretending to be some fat sperg's friend for months just to get milk seems exhausting. It's like she's a hyperactive child with no knowledge on how to socialize. Her considering everyone her friend is a very, very common thing with her.
How does she not understand that's still trying to 41%?

No. 259614

ngl it’s pretty fucking funny that she thinks she passes at all and that she thinks her weight makes her pass. she’s clearly female.

No. 259621

eh, that's borderline cowtipping so not recommended.
>How does she not understand that's still trying to 41%?
Pure copium for her.

No. 259632

Wouldn't that be whale-tipping?
In all seriousness, I think cowtipping is a terrible idea too, but I also noticed her overly trusting nature.
Yes, but nature is cruel to her. Imagine nearing 300lbs and having such small tits and a Hank Hill ass. No wonder she thinks trooning is the solution.

No. 259640

she genuinely thinks people look at her and see anything but a fat ugly woman? i'll have what she's smoking.

No. 259676

See for yourself, with her Twitter.

No. 259689

imageboard, post screencaps please.

No. 259690

"don't ask me to exercise" this motivated me to do a workout when i get home

No. 259696

File: 1666234401343.png (10.42 MB, 4096x4096, White_Gluttian.png)

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

No. 259701

>thinks everything is about her

No. 259733

File: 1666256525217.jpg (77.71 KB, 670x283, Screenshot_20221019_194148.jpg)

To be fair, Miss Piggy did get a lot of attention in commentary for her Gunt Slip

No. 259747

File: 1666265536556.jpeg (1.06 MB, 960x1860, 204F4EED-1489-4629-802C-3DF3BD…)

Wait a minute I’m pretty sure I’ve talked to her on the kiwifarms telegram. People would tell her to lose weight and she looks like PPP. The chat deletes itself every 24 hours so there’s no way I can scoop her logs now. Only KF users say “Gunted” as it’s a reference to Ethan Ralph.

No. 259749

Yep, that's her. She's very well known in Vocaloid for being a fat, racist pig, and exiled for both that and "exorsexism."

No. 259753

File: 1666268875855.jpeg (474.54 KB, 960x906, 8E2CAC84-06A6-405B-AEB7-68D188…)

Yeah I know she idolizes Buck Angel. Even on the KF telegram she’s gotten banned/muted for hours on end. She’s accused users of knowing who she is but lol most of us didn’t care and if they did it was probably because she alluded to being infamous and it got people curious. Honestly surprised to see her posted on the Vocaloid thread of all places. Had no idea she was apart of the fandom.

No. 259755

Why is it that autistic girls become obsessed with fedoras like how autistic moids become obsessed with trains?

No. 259757

She wrote vocaloid songs and they're cringe. Plus she seems to be very obsessed with GHOST of all producers. Though, gotta admit GHOST is one of the better edgy producers if you compare her to Moros or Creep-P.

No. 259758

It’s because she grew up on the internet and pretending to be a fat neckbeard makes it easier to pass. She’s said multiple times that her boobs are easy to conceal with loose clothes and gained weight.
Western Vocaloid producers were never that good. Surprised circus-p got attention because I always thought his songs were bad.

No. 259759

Didn't she leak all of GHOST's VSQX files up to Candle Queen because GHOST banned her from her server, because she was stalking Zion and threatening to kill and rape them repeatedly?

No. 259779

I don't get why whiteglove feels like the world revolves around them. Mom needs to pull the wifi cable off the wall, like jesus christ, chronically on the internet up the ass dude, if they want to be so hated so bad they might as well just start eating shit

No. 259792

Tbh, Circus-P always goes out of his way to make his music stand out, and while sometimes good, his style just becomes so inconsistent that I rank his songs in ages at this point. Copycat was in his Golden Age era. Meanwhile Aki's music is the same as ever, same with her weight.

No. 259806

Anyone else think it's funny how she genuinely switches from thinking "reeeeee i'm NOT FUCKING FAT!!" to "I'm obese and it's okay I'm happy about it" kek
Personally I loved Circus's music but only the old stuff where it actually had some melodic uniqueness. Copycat all the way to Breathe/Dream was definitely his golden age. Now it just seems like incredibly generic pop, although his mixing is better and such.
Only when they grow up in red states kek

No. 259830

i do agree with your stance on the old stuff. god damn was some of it edgy (insanity) but wildfire I genuinely love the tone of, copycats a lil overrated but still holds up, and while i personally dislike circus monsters melody the production is still unique. mixing was shit but that ig showed that it was a person behind the song rather than just another generic pop artist like anon said. id kill for a shift back into 2000s / 2010s era music production.

No. 259836

Didn't she grow up in California, then move to Arizona?

No. 259850

wildfire based

No. 259851

to be fair theres some pretty overly conservative areas in california as with the other states but i have a hunch the fedora thing comes from something that was supposed to be ironic like the reddit mod joke that got taken way too seriously kek

No. 259852

Anything that they do is taken too seriously

No. 259860

Well, she is an autist.

No. 259978

File: 1666309857233.jpg (1015.73 KB, 1440x2092, IMG_20221018_174115.jpg)

No. 259981

File: 1666310984444.png (6.38 MB, 3025x2243, Untitled272_20221020170905.png)

Is it just me, or did most of her weight go to her stomach and face?

No. 259985

Lived long enough to see women transition into neckbreads, fascinating

No. 259992

I'd take a Yaoi character over this shit ‍♀️(don't use emojis)

No. 260022

ot but how does that phenomenon happen? is it just more weight accumulation?

No. 260029

I honestly have no clue how she went from 101kg/223lbs to 117kg/260lbs in 3 months, nor how she manages to have a tiny ass & tits at her size, it's an enigma to me.

No. 260035

body type? idk because ass/thighs can have different accumulation among different people but the tits is strange. maybe she binds?

No. 260057

she probably binds, but she still looks really strange for fat distribution. cant quite put my finger on it

No. 260105

this is lc lmao. we just watch and laugh

No. 260109

File: 1666347104725.png (25.78 KB, 740x267, kek.png)

No. 260110

File: 1666347235081.png (184.73 KB, 378x772, jfc.png)

samefag but wtf

No. 260112

File: 1666349089052.png (145.14 KB, 380x348, notdex.png)

>Reads "Dex" as singer
>Clicks on "not interested"

I really wish he would let Dex die like everyone else.

No. 260113

yeah wish he'd used one of the V6 guys at least

No. 260130

Most women who bind still look relatively normal, I've only seen it look like morbidly obese man titties on girlies who are fat as all hell.
It seems like she has a hormonal disorder if that's true, possibly caused by her blubber.
Looks like her persona. The hands are fucked up and even her depiction of her whale ass is way too thin.
I've always hated Dex. I wish he wasn't used so often, and was replaced with an actual good vocal, or even one of the V6 vocals.

No. 260134

I find it hilarious how she decided to make her persona a blubber whale just like herself unlike most fatties who at least design their vtubers or personas skinny anime bishounen or something.

No. 260137

Does that mean she's self aware on some level?

No. 260140

She is. She openly talks about it and says she doesn't care. In >>259535

No. 260145

She was 16kg lighter, back then. Did her opinion change, or is she consistent? It feels almost like a fetish.
In any situation, she's clearly going to die in 5 years at her current pace, considering she's confessed to eating 1200 calories in one sitting on a regular basis and hates moving.

No. 260360

Samefag, but any new milk?

No. 260410

it's too bad, the mv is actually pretty cool

No. 260437

agreed. dex can be overused and ive heard a lot of shitty dex songs, but this song is pretty good imo. not circus' strongest song but definitely not a bad one.

No. 260456

I just want him to use Miki or Leon/Lola again, honestly. They're hard to use, but great when used properly.(sage your shit)

No. 260462


Honestly if he wants to use Dex or a voice like Dex, just ask nostraightanswer to cover it for him, considering he always covers Dex originals for no reason except to shill that he's the VP for Dex lol.

At least nostraight sounds better than his vocaloid counterpart.

No. 260475

I liked it tbh. He should've used a V6 vocal though. Considering he's one of those producers who jumps onto new vocal synths the moment they're released to try them out, I'm surprised he didn't use a V6.

No. 260526

I agree, but I think he might be too busy doing faggot VTuber grifter shit, honestly.

No. 260570

Samefag, but some commentary faggot is doing a stream on WhiteGlove

No. 260632

imagine transitioning into a reddit atheist LOL

No. 260634

At this rate, she's transitioning into an Ethan Ralph incel-teen hybrid

No. 266068

Really getting tired of her ugly new art style, every piece she’s done lately looks the same and not in a good way.

No. 266093

I genuinely thought she drew the flesh tube arm skin peeling thing at first, before realizing it was ace bandages.
It could still be that but it seems more like self-harm edge to me. Also for someone who's seemingly so "progressive," the lips look like it came from a racist cartoon(learn2sage)

No. 266230

the art style/anatomy wise has definitely gotten better since that really bad same face syndrome anime stuff from before ill give it that, but it looks really samey like anon said. i cant tell if the lineless and cloud background thing is supposed to be "lore" or just the style, but coming from an art perspective you cant just keep with one specific style thing for every drawing. it looks really repetitive. all the characters look the same too. learn character design silhouettes. don't get me started on whatever that pose is too; the perspective is so fucking weird looking.

for the song with the art its not great. the voice samples in the middle are cool ill give it that but the rest of the song sounds so fucking boring and identical to the new stuff. noise but not even done right. doesn't help that the overuse of the glitchy choir thing isn't even using different choir tones/samples along with the same instruments over and over. if you wanna have that glitchy noise genre be your work at least learn to make songs that vary in tone jesus.

No. 266244

Yeah, her instrumental songs peaked with Pierre Janet, she hasn't made anything better than that in awhile.

No. 266271

File: 1668639646834.jpg (333.89 KB, 1143x928, 1666602242511.jpg)

What is it with anons on /w/ posting unsaged directly after a
Redtext from farmhands kek?

No. 266289

It's been confirmed that a lot of producers and content creators lurk here, but the poster numbers are unconfirmed.
The Farmhands likely have to warn/ban said producers as well as Kiwi Refugees frequently.

No. 266355

another one

No. 266360

Is that just black Power from Chainsawman lmao

No. 266362

File: 1668678611916.png (99.22 KB, 578x714, chainsaw man power.png)


That was my first thought too lmfao, she has drawn power on her twitter and her icon is power right now too. There's no way this is a coincidence tbh

No. 266441

File: 1668714264484.jpg (536.74 KB, 1080x2006, Screenshot_20221117_124235.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this is milk, but the description is so fucking funny. It reminds me of her previous series, Communications, where the parts weren't intended to be deep, or even related at certain parts, but fanfare made her desperately try to appease them.
She's probably going to have it end exactly the same way, too.

No. 266534

File: 1668759521086.jpg (267.59 KB, 1919x1080, Screenshot_20221118-091023_You…)

Speaking of getting inspired…
A while after two of a kind was posted I stumbled upon a fella named Cepheid and strangely enough the song the stars are falling character has similarities with the one we see in ghosts two of a kind. Even star themed tho genre wise it couldn't be more different.

No. 266584

to be fair its just a generic long hair anime girl with a blue color pallet which is really common with space themed characters, especially ones trying to be cute. its probably not that level of plagiarism as much as just generic character design without much thought put into it, but I do see what you mean. the lyrics of the two songs are similar in theming from the couple lines I skimmed over though.

No. 266585

for the love of god just make music without the need to give it a story.

on a similar note why cant there be more character-less songs? why the fuck does everything need to have an anime character doing a weird standing pose in the middle of the song? ghosts yt posts said something about trying to be more professional, but personally at least you would be treated more seriously if you just made a few things without the anime character thing, just saying.

No. 266705

bigger question: how the fuck does she think she will be more professional now when her youtube comments are full of cringe twitter funnyman humor.

even if her content was seen as "professional", scrolling in her comment section for 2 seconds will definitely change that impression kek

No. 266837

it's the impact of kagerou project. everyone's trying to make the next popular series in song form but kagepro's popularity was a fluke

No. 266916

I don't even mind that. Tho i can see why it's so disliked.

Yet, what else do you want the songs to be about?
If I understood correctly, KIRAs lyrics are getting on some people's nerves and he's not even telling a story.

No. 267000

>on a similar note why cant there be more character-less songs? why the fuck does everything need to have an anime character doing a weird standing pose in the middle of the song?
but that's always how the vocaloid community has worked. Having anime art that goes with the song is standard. Even the songs that doesn't have a story does this

No. 267329

ghost and their friend group "team 6x111" has made a new merch, a plushie of one of their characters. thoughts?

No. 267337

Cute plush, but the promo video is way too long and painfully unfunny

No. 267357

Would be cute, had Tamari been anything other than a troon and "pee oh see" mouthpiece. I wish Tamari had actual character. Great design, but shit story.

No. 267409

File: 1669155684769.jpg (474.17 KB, 4096x2296, 20221122_232005.jpg)

it's really blatant.

No. 267434

Am I the only one who thinks her recent art looks heavily traced? The flat style isn't helping either

No. 267491

tbh i dont think ghost has a reason to trace, she does have artistic talent. but her new art style is horrendously bad and its weird that she literally made bootleg power from chainsaw man lol.

No. 267995

late but that's a bit of a tinfoil tbh
I've liked ghost's content pre-2020 and now looking at Tamari I genuinely don't get the hype. His song is literally AI generated lyrics and earrape and he only exists to be nonbinary pee oh see representation without any depth or interest in his character.

No. 268062

I agree. I've listened to GHOST's music since 2014, and while she's done earrape before (Chaos Theory comes to mind), Tamari feels so blatantly pandering it hurts. Chaos Theory was, at the very least, written by a child and out of genuinely wanting to practice a new genre. I'll come back in a second with actual milk on 6x111, if I end up samefagging I apologize.

No. 268078

File: 1669414775726.png (3.77 MB, 2598x2598, Untitled384_20221125151929.png)

Samefag, but I have milk now so I hope it's okay.
Sources used are the Team 6x111 Carrd ( https://team6x111.carrd.co/# ) and Toyhouse ( https://toyhou.se/team_6x111/characters )
Out of the 6 characters, only 2 are not confirmed troons
"Micah" Tren is a confirmed AGP who gave himself massive breasts. Sarai was confirmed off-platform as a troon despite dying in the 1980s. James Vela is also male, but a special case. He was raped by a priest in early childhood, is homosexual, but uses "any pronouns" for brownie points. Tamari is enbie. Only Kieran and Nina don't have a confirmed troon status, much like how everyone on their team is a troon as far as I am aware.
They kicked off Pumpkin Head and Z_GRDM, but the reasoning isn't public. Z has had trouble with Vane, as Vane has a habit of copy striking people he doesn't like, even if the other person owns the content, collaborated with Vane, or used Vane's content in fair use.

No. 268116

How are a bunch of characters being troons any new milk though kek. That's the case with literally all their characters and basically every Twitter artist's OCs.

No. 268159

Fair enough, but I miss when GHOST and Monstrosity made actual characters with personality. The other current team members never had much luck in that regard, though.

No. 268688

File: 1669619609215.png (181.19 KB, 587x630, mikudiffsvc.PNG)

It's funny how the vocaloid community tried canceling Tora for porting a bunch of vocaloids to utau when people now do worse things like this. For the nonspergs, it's a diy AI voice changer where people feed audio samples to train. Still sounds like shit though. This might become milky in a few days once more people hop in training their own vocaloid voice changers.

No. 268691

Weren't the western people already getting up in arms about AI art? I'd imagine this will explode with negative press sooner than later.
Also, why does the name "Kaiske" sound really familiar? I know Kaitsuko is the one that steals VSQx files without credit, but Kaiske sounds really familiar still.

No. 268701

File: 1669630869384.png (205.27 KB, 640x640, 3_BigPic.png)

No. 268780

File: 1669662475398.jpg (177.39 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20221128_120016_Chr…)

R.I.P is getting burned at the stake for posting about Desuka without clarifying, only telling people to go to this thread, then getting called 'transphobic.' I know R.I.P has a reputation for being extremely petty and blocking half the community, but getting "canceled" for telling people to visit here was not on my radar. ( https://mobile.twitter.com/le_RIP_/status/1596567646061092864 )

No. 269224

can this desuka drama just die already, irrelevance and nothing actually interesting

No. 269258

File: 1669854074938.jpg (422.71 KB, 1080x1447, antiblack-sperging.jpg)

R.I.P deleted the tweet, so I believe there's hope in that regard.
Unfortunately, people are still whining about multiple incidents from 2018 in this community, so it can go either way.
Here's an archive of R.I.P's words, to show how petty this is. Even funnier the community chalked it up to racism instead of eating their own

No. 269299

everyone here is just an idiot, moving on

No. 269813

diff-svc drama just popped lol

No. 269834

it was only a matter of time kek. what are your thoughts on it? i think its pretty pathetic because half of the diff svc defenders are hypocritical.

No. 269839

idk I've never found an issue with jinrikis so I don't get the sudden hate for diff-svc as a whole

No. 269953

true, it does seem interesting anyways

No. 270230

iirc the problem with diff-svc it can produce really good results if properly trained vs a jinriki which sounds like a youtube poop. Would be funny if someone would render miku saying shit like trannies should 41%.

Please post screenshots.

No. 270397

there is some mildly interesting milk today. its about madotspooki and mellow shaymin. i believe madotspooki has been mentioned in passing in a previous thread, but im kind of surprised it hasn't been talked about as much since both of them are bigger cows now than before.

i don't really need to explain this one, but their new song is a blatant rip off of team 6x111's perfectly sweet. which is pretty fucking funny since mellow hates ghost rip offs and rants about zion xyz when she does the exact same shit.

there were several comments on the video talking about this, but they nuked it. i managed to save a few of them.

No. 270398

File: 1670292685477.png (5.41 MB, 1920x1920, crispy.png)

samefag, i forgot to upload the image.

No. 270413

File: 1670294851841.png (Spoiler Image, 3.55 MB, 1920x1417, ok ok ok.png)

also worth mentioning she drew gore art of ghost and mors' oc and put it in their song. you can still find the artwork on her tumblr too.


No. 270434

I could be biased, but I think they're both ripping off Perfectly Sweet because (if memory serves right) every member has had a hand in going after them, both for understandable and completely bullshit reasons. If I had the know how, I'd probably rip off people I hate's work in a pissy mood, too. Then again, that's probably wrong. Sure would make great milk, though. I'm interested in seeing this play out, especially because Madotspooki holds one of the only MP3s left of a song making fun of Zion, by a producer who DFE'd after having their life and virginity threatened by White Glove when she was 15.

No. 270436

Lindsey has been notorious for being a worse copycat than any other copycats she tries to shit on, followed by terrible music and reuploading/remixing stuff that producers didn't want up, then blocking said producers when called out and reeing about how her mental health issues made her unable to deal with it.
What? What happened? That's fucked.

No. 270437

White Glove was banned from Zion and Z_GRDM's servers in 2018, then went on a year's long rampage before eventually cooling off.

No. 270441

self/blogpost but I used to make shitty YouTube covers and Mellow commented on them and they were positive but I always got weird vibes from her for some reason, glad to see I wasn't tinfoiling kek
Just a bunch of underage kids being dramatic retards, nothing new. Is the anon in all or most of them whiteglove?

No. 270444

All were White Glove by self-admission
She still constantly bickers with Zion, maybe not as badly, but it should be noted two grown women cannot get over four year old retard drama.

No. 270450

Whiteglove's constant self-admission is so hilarious to me. She claims she's taking accountability and not running away from her mistakes and that talk, but wouldn't the best choice be to just move on and not talk about it in any way?

No. 270453

She's confessed repeatedly that lying scares her, and judging by her online presence, it's tremendously easy to get a reaction by lying to or about her.
I don't want to immediately jump to trauma, but this behavior is so atypical it probably is.

No. 270629

Samefag, did anything come from the Lollyland Tour situation or has it been curdled milk for the most part?

No. 270726

File: 1670395821749.png (279.22 KB, 1739x673, 011.png)

i get the impression that vane and team6x111 dont want to deal with either person. im sure theres stuff going on behind the scenes but nothing has happened publicly

lindsey is deleting any content that mentions sarai or perfectly sweet, except for the one implying its better of course

there isnt any new milk here, aside from a few comments here and there

No. 270735

I don't blame Vane or his team for being drained or tired of this, after dealing with both for several years.
Mado deleting comments is pretty funny, though

No. 271037

File: 1670485921959.png (10.58 MB, 4069x4096, cow fight.png)

you would not believe the degeneracy that happened in the server today. apparently theres several ghost archival servers and they all hate each other. the lollyland shit caused several fights to break out.

not the milk i was imagining would spill, but it sure is something kek.

i included whatever i found to be interesting.

kind of funny they thought i was tied to ghost at first too. obviously i think ghost and vane are huge cows too, but its crazy mellow thinks shes somehow above them.

No. 271057

This is so entertaining & juicy and funny as fuck, please keep it up
I can't feel bad for R.I.P or GHOST getting negative attention, because both girls are narcissistic, whiny pieces of shit that shouldn't be shocked about getting negative attention, the same applies to Mellow and Mado, though.

No. 271058

that "redesign" looks like a fucking troon pride inflation fetish what the fuck are those body proportions

No. 271059

these are all underage retards or underage retards in adult bodies, no different from average discord server drama.

No. 271063

File: 1670494923266.jpg (385.37 KB, 1440x1592, IMG_20221208_211426.jpg)

Whiteglove is now self diagnosing DID. What I find interesting is how none of these symptoms are necessarily the DSM criteria for DID. Just sounds like average body dysmorphia and hating your obese pig body. Can't say much on the memory though, maybe it's just forgetting her stupid comments when called out for her behaviour.

No. 271065

File: 1670495382431.jpg (354.92 KB, 962x1715, Screenshot_20221208_032653_Chr…)

With this added context, it seems more to me that she isn't self diagnosing, but is instead an anxious, dysphoric retard that's unable to really tell who she is anymore.
Zion has mentioned in the past she thinks Glove has a personality disorder, it's possible she's just not fighting what others say anymore.

No. 271067

this is just sad tbh

No. 271286

File: 1670574382335.jpg (305.14 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20221209_012541_Chr…)

White Glove got banned from Twitter lmfao, we might get interesting Tumblr posts again

No. 271292

glove's obsession is depressing. as >>270453 said, it may not be trauma but her clinging to any shit that happened whether it be last week or 5 years ago or whether they love or hate her sounds like some attachment shit and is really atypical.

No. 271324

Glove is a genuinely unstable asshole on a good day. I can't tell whether she's just an unironic femcel or just so nostalgia-oriented she puts herself and others in various predicaments for a high from the past.

No. 271401

File: 1670623800586.jpg (2.43 MB, 3096x3096, Untitled.jpg)

speaking of troonish bad proportions, here's other art by mellow lol

No. 271402

Now we know who is the retard posting the CP and gore.

No. 271403

Who are we talking about

No. 271404

>>271401 mellow solos stay mad post your art rn if mellows is so bad lets take a look at yours

No. 271405

No. 271407

File: 1670624355616.png (15.58 KB, 700x98, 01.png)

you're not very smart, are you?

No. 271408

You’re a creep, get a life instead of stalking kids on the internet

No. 271409

File: 1670624506477.png (108.23 KB, 1160x623, 01.png)

you posted about it publicly in a server that you are fully aware im in. i hardly consider it stalking.

No. 271412

The retard on these screenshots is the retard posting child porn, other types of porn and gore.

No. 271420

i would be interested in what milk you have, i don't see any cp on this thread.

No. 271425

Whoever that is, he or she is posting porn, illegal shit and gore on other boards.

No. 271427

oh ME? no i am not, i think you are confusing me with someone else. i only use lolcow for vocaloid drama. i can list all the posts i have made on here if you need.

No. 271430

is this an admission of guilt

No. 271431

And now he's admitting to be posting child porn and gore on other threads and boards. This retard is part of the others that are constantly raiding lolcow with that shit.

No. 271433

and you think this is the same guy in the ghost archival server, the one i screenshotted?

No. 271447

Are you admitting to being a troon too? This thread is so infected

No. 271450

the person spamming posts here and getting butthurt over valid criticism is very obviously the troon in these discord screenshots:

No. 271452

im not the one accusing you of gore and cp, when i say valid criticism i mean the mellow bullshit

No. 271458

you need dysphoria to troon out, retard. the reason why you all commit suicide and/or turn into terfs (and i mean actually trans-exclusionary radical feminists), is because you try to go on hrt without the mental illness it treats

No. 271462

i was literally discussed here multiple times, and what did i do? laugh about it! answer anons on tumblr! move on with my life! you're all fucking pathetic retards and i miss the old vocaloid community where you speds weren't there

No. 271463

jannies do something about the raid of retarded twitter humour kids please

No. 271464

Holey shit all of you underage pronoun faggots return to your containment Discords and Twitter cancel threads. This is worse than when Moros and his pedo furfag friends shitted up this thread.

No. 271467

I'm not even the anon you've been replying to. Get a life and finally just join the 41% though.

No. 271469

Little baby mad, I'd like to see you catch someone on the streets rather than make suicidebaits online. Why don't you follow your own advice about arguing online?

No. 271471

This has no business being as entertaining as it is lmfao

No. 271475

Can we please go back on topic?

No. 271476

underage idiots screeching isn't that funny after a while tho kek

No. 271479

being a kid doesn't make you exempt from criticism especially when you use the status that you're a kid to be lulzy first.

No. 271481

Fuck off troon, we genuinely don't give a fuck about your sob story unless you supply us with something to laugh at. All you're doing is disrupting discussion.
You specifically interrupted when we were talking about not only the graveyard or wherever you came from, but a delusional stalker even the outcasts like you have disavowed.
Not every troon we discuss is a martyr, or is innocent. Hell, ITT we mostly discuss horrible people in the community, and it's been confirmed that several producers and cover artists alike use this thread for one reason or another. From RIP to Desuka, from Zion to White Glove. All four are confirmed lurkers at the very least.

No. 271495

tiny baby.

No. 271497

Why the fuck aren't jannies banning your asses then? You can't use the excuse that you're a child, then post here whining about it

No. 271498

The thread isn't about people under the age of 16 lmfaooo. Just bringing them up once or twice isn't against shit. Plus we're not focusing on any one kid, just facepalming at all the retardation from practically 70% of the vocaloid fandom aka kids.

No. 271499

Thank you, farmhands.

No. 271507


No. 271514

This is really interesting, I wonder what she said that got her banned lol

No. 271515

She got banned from Zion and Z_GRDM's servers in 2018 for simping over school shooters as a way of acting out (according to her) and political differences (also according to her)
Zion's probably the only way to get an accurate answer, mostly due to Glove's delusions

No. 271516

do you really have to wonder when she's the sort of person who acts like she just learned what a racial slur was kek

No. 271518

She's probably the most racist person actively committed to the Vocaloid sphere. That, and misogynist. Def some 4Chan vibes.

No. 271522

Oh for sure, its more that it could've been several different things, it could've been racism, it could've been misogyny, so I wonder which one it was lol

No. 271524

From February to May 2018, Glove getting banned around April or may, she was obsessed with Columbine and in the TCC, so it could have been that, too. Not to mention being a Trump supporter in the past

No. 271526

>4chan vibes
whiteglove is still active on kiwifarms being a pickme so this checks out

No. 271527

By being a pickme, do you mean the misogyny, wanting to be "one of the good (trans/women/et cetera)?" Something like that, maybe all the above? Any of that would check out.

No. 271529

all of the above

No. 271535

That's in character for White-Glut, so I wouldn't doubt it

No. 271646

Anything happen today? Did the fat pig do anything today? Anyone else?

No. 271783

no but I had a burger

No. 271792

Burgers are nice. It's just frustrating that half the time this community sings kumbaiah, holding hands, and half the time it's a complete and utter trashfire. It seems like only Madotspooki, GHOST, and White Glove give any kind of milk anymore.

No. 271974

File: 1670868557066.jpg (402.36 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20221212_110914_Gal…)

Samefag, but we've got drama! Masa is threatening to kill himself after he threatened to ruin the life of a teen who re-uploaded his music.

No. 271979

File: 1670869467204.jpeg (93.46 KB, 622x949, CD6FD037-45E0-4992-BEE2-2C93FB…)

He also uploaded this image lmfao

No. 271982

I don't understand how a grown man can act like this.
If he really is suicidal, I hope he gets help, but I know Japan makes that practically impossible

No. 272023

Ooo, I haven't heard this yet. Yeah this is cringe, but not all that surprising considering who masa is.

No. 272031

Is this a pattern? What did he do before?

No. 272046

File: 1670898310393.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.79 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

Basically, he was just a coomer male that always made 'shock porn' songs. Songs about rape and gore and shit like that. I never had any concrete evidence, but basically knew that if a moid like him was only ever posting porn, gore or both… Basically I knew he was probably trash tier IRL. It's fine to like some spooky/edgy stuff, but when it's your whole personality, there's usually something wrong with you. Masa fits the bill perfectly to suicide bait after being a total edgelord, imo.
Picrel is art he drew. He has lots of similar artworks.

No. 272052

He's a moid who fetishizes lesbians and has the most wonky, sexualized art style I've ever seen. Its actually pretty shocking that no one has openly called him out for it until very recently. I can post more of his art after.

No. 272059

He also made this…

No. 272061

File: 1670901851768.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.27 MB, 4096x4096, male moment.jpg)

Samefag, but tell me you're a male with a porn addiction without telling me you're a male with a porn addiction.

(Reposted because I forgot to spoiler it)

No. 272062

Interesting, I've always liked his instrumentals, and never paid much attention to the lyrics or stories, even if I gravitated towards the 'His World' series (Bunker Buster, for example) as a young teen, I mostly had it in the background.
I don't like assuming the worst, as most producers in Japan are some level of edgy, although Utsu is probably the only one that has condemned the porn industry & prostitution openly, writing songs pointing out how it's slavery.
Joruzin drew loli porn, so he's a creep by default. Lamaze confessed to being a pedophile, so likewise.
To me, Masa just seemed like a man who had lost his touch and yearned for attention again, not unlike western producers.
This, however, is another level.

No. 272063

I don't have a screenshot, but in the past Masa has said he enjoys Hentai (not surprising). The difference between Masa and these other producers is that his fanbase was predominantly non-Japanese, mostly English Hispanic and Russian.

No. 272064

You're right, actually. Masa had a MASSIVE overseas fandom, people used to get into slapfights over fan shit and everything.
Ironically, Masa is the only producer I've seen besides Ghost and Cephid (throwback!) that fucking hated their fans and tried to police them that hard.

No. 272066

Masa is apparently giving copyright strikes right now for a lot of people who covered his old songs, reminds me of GHOST lol. He's also said while he "appreciates" his western fans, he wishes he had more actual Japanese people liking his songs. Maybe its because Japanese people recognized he was a weirdo immediately.

No. 272067

Yes, GHOST used to do that until there were so many archives she couldn't strike them all kek
The problem here is that most Masa fans bend the knee to his bullshit and scatter.
Ironically, most of his overseas fanbase is female from what I've seen, at least the English and Russian ones
I always wondered why he used Rin, but refused to use Len, I guess he just wanted coombait

No. 272068

In the compilation of art, he did draw a female Len with a panty shot. Len has never been used in his songs though, probably because he is a coomer.
Its the third image on the top left.

No. 272070

Well, that's disgusting. I hope he's never allowed near people under 25 ever again

No. 272076

No. 272138

File: 1670945207532.jpg (71.86 KB, 1342x2048, 9345.jpg)

No. 272146

I really hope someone calls a wellness check on him.

No. 272202

Don't worry. There's no way he's not just baiting. His profile pic on youtube is literally an anime chick pointing a finger gun at her head while making a deranged face. He eats this shit up.

No. 272208

He also reverted his twitter back to normal, I think thats a sign that he is safe.

No. 272220

I'm saging to be safe, because I'm not sure if this is milk, but…
Fair enough, but I believe that's a reworked character from Revolver Dragon (and Cappuccino), so he likely used art he was proud of
Well that's good. If it was a real mental breakdown, I think he's doing much better, as sometimes the most unhinged people only take a day to revert. Major Bipolar vibe from him.

No. 272252

The character in revolver dragon is the same character as his profile image. The character's name is Aya-chan. Aya-chan might be a troon, theres not a lot of information about it but MASA had referred to the character in the song as being in a "boys world" and a lot of gendershit MASA fans see them as a twans qween.

No. 272257

If memory serves right, Aya is canonically a trap (not a troon) and an American federal government/military plant

No. 272258

Most of the fandom considers Aya to be a TIM, but I think you are right. Thanks for explaining.

No. 272259

Of all characters from Masa's work they could troon out, they arguably picked the most offensive to their kind kek

No. 273121

File: 1671438321901.png (713.72 KB, 745x1285, whiteglove masa comment.png)

I spotted whiteglove in the wild today under a post about MASA. Thoughts?

No. 273126

Not surprising, honestly

No. 273194

File: 1671821222821.jpg (427.71 KB, 967x2412, Screenshot_20221223_114647_Chr…)

Good to be back, nonnas! Our favorite morbidly obese troon has been getting absolutely demolished on Tumblr again.

No. 273626

File: 1672426061656.jpg (25.34 KB, 434x434, emran.jpg)

ironic this fat fuck would call out a pred when they look like this

No. 273644

Looks like GHOST dropped a new song. It feels like a cross between a vent song and a diss track of a violent, paranoid fan who "exists out of spite." Anyone feel the same about it?

No. 273649

Huh, it sure feels like it lmfao. The lyrics and some of the art in the music video kind of seem like theyre about specific drama… Its hard to take seriously with how fucking ugly her art is now lol

No. 273652

I can only think of two people this seems pointed at; Glove, and Little Bear/Mado

No. 273657

rip ghost's old art style. it had some unique signature features to it, now it's just shitty twitter artstyle. i guess associating with twitterfags for a while does that, though.

No. 273663

Her old art style was genuinely very beautiful, in my eyes. Because it has a heart. Her new style looks like she traces real people in photographs

No. 273684

Is that supposed to be moros or emoto?

No. 273719

Its not Moros, I remember seeing a screenshot of his degenerate account and his selfie was his icon. Maybe emoto?

No. 273736

Do we even know Emoto's age? I'd wager the photo is of a 40-something
The way that the poster of the photo worded it, I'm assuming the poster is of Moros or Emoto attempting to gain a personal army against nonna. Maybe a falling out?

No. 273764


Why would either of them even continue this drama as it lead to nowhere. I call bullshit and >>273626 just wants to stirr shit up for no reason.

No. 273777

Between those two and Mado's clique I'm not sure which moid spammers were worse

No. 273862

Saging because Vane deleted their stream right after it ended, but GHOST said that they based Scapegoat on "Being villainized until you finally snap," so I think it may have been GHOST threatening us over posting about their shitty degradation in art, among other things. Rather than some slapfight.

No. 273983

Whiteglove was the catalyst behind the Rogue, Internet Man trashfire that happened a few months ago after getting butthurt about getting banned from his discord server. He/she? (I cant tell their real gender due to the grotesque obesity lol) doxxed Rogue and caused a spergout documented on KiwiFarms that was pretty milky. Sage for autistic internet drama but I do love a good cow crossover

No. 274001

File: 1672713691009.jpg (240.81 KB, 711x1264, 20230102_204049.jpg)

Nope, it's emoto. He was stupid enough to confirm it

No. 274007

No, that was Wendi Diego. Rogue even confirmed it, in this video she flagged down. The most WhiteGlove did was have a delusional episode, which they have since apologized for and stopped going after Rogue after finding out he was doxed.
WhiteGlove was innocent in that situation, with the exception of delusionally commenting on Dillin's content and ranting aimlessly
Please, get evidence for your claims. This is an image board.

No. 274032


Doubt that it could've been Moros though. Why would Moros bring up old milk about himself just to doxx Emoto?

No. 274034

Yeah. Maybe a self post, then

No. 274197

You're probably right, I'm starting to believe he's just making it about himself for attention and the drama probably never happened and probably just some whiteglove schizo copycat

No. 274203

If so, he misses why White Glove is funny; she's an actual schizo

No. 274374

File: 1672952323596.jpg (302.39 KB, 713x832, Screenshot_20230105-145145_Twi…)

Samefag that brought this up before and of course mia lies and swears they don't hang out with tora anymore, saw it coming lol

No. 274394

How come every time somebody brings up Tora and Mia I lose more faith in humanity?

No. 274583

i too think every person named mia is the same person

No. 274588

File: 1673115399730.jpeg (672.92 KB, 1170x756, F8087EC1-F809-412E-AC29-B37BB2…)

Sage because this isn’t 100% confirmed but did you know the worlds most famous pick me Ghislaine Maxwell was a Reddit powermod?

No. 274607

Are you sure you're in the right thread? I'm pretty sure Maxwell has nothing to do with Vocaloid.

No. 275372

File: 1673508373693.png (83.34 KB, 681x597, IMG_3040.png)

No. 275470

>>275372 Pretty late with this info retard, he has confirmed it already. >>274001

No. 276237

vocaloid6 already flopped, we got basic nft loids, and gumi is its only saving grace.

were fucked

No. 277571

It could always be worse, be glad it didn't go the Emvoice route

No. 277746


> Caustic

That is a name I haven't heard in a while. What is his relation with Emoto?

No. 277830

Aw, it looks like Emmy got a little upset about their selfie being posted. Oh, that's a shame. It looks like you can't take a joke.

It was too easy finding your facebook through your family's restaurant. You really were too trusting with your personal information back in the day. But I'm having fun knowing you have no idea it's me.

You've been quite busy, haven't you? In only four short months, you managed to dox five people, wrote two cancel docs, and even managed a hate crime. A new record! I'm proud of you, a German, for working so hard for once.

Meanwhile, I've been spreading your dirty secret. I was so looking forward to watching you get removed from your silly little team, but you did that on your own. So unfair of you.

Looks like you have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with children, don't you? How fitting.
It would be such a shame if your family found out that their little boy is also a paedophile. Or perhaps sharing your Twitter with them would do enough damage on its own, don't you think?


No. 277831

It's an image board, retard. Just post the image directly instead of a link.

No. 277861

File: 1674311753700.png (318.93 KB, 707x590, okay.png)


That's it? Emoto is a predator because he supposedly dated a 17 year old and shared with them their first sexual experience when he was "young"? And what is up with that retarded wording of yours, we are on an image board you degenerate.

No. 277862


It's called taunting the retard, and there's more images if you actually clicked the link instead of complaining. Degen.

No. 277906

Sorry for being cautious after Emoto self posted and spammed the thread, moid.

No. 277945

File: 1674352773779.jpg (427.56 KB, 1184x762, image.jpg)

The community is on a speedrun telling everyone else to gatekeep because diff-svc has gotten out of its niche containment. Someone made an AI model of Ariana Grande's vocals and it blew up on stan spaces. They got their fun, now it's the normies' turn.

No. 277955

It getting normalized can be both good, and bad, we'll have to wait and see, but I sense a shitstorm
In other news, I made a 13k step VB out of 19 samples to test it. The UTAU used had no v's or l's and it unfortunately sounded like Daina (but better quality)

No. 277976

thats already been a thing for a while

No. 278091

File: 1674414347225.png (765.58 KB, 890x3526, merged and censored.png)

I thought this site was down but I guess that was too good to be true. Let's see if I can actually do this right.
Since Em tried to use his drama to incriminate me I’m just gonna say “screw it” because I’m over it.

I was ‘friends’ with him until I gained enough nerve to tell him to fuck off. Was afraid of him doxxing me for a while. Literally randomly started messaging me out of the blue one day and I didn’t want to be rude. He’s using me to attack people I have nothing to do with because he’s a twat.

It’s obvious the person in all of these images is the same. Em never told me they were a minor else I would have told him to hang himself.
Of course Em used selective screenshots to incriminate them.
The chat lines up EXACTLY with >>277830. They’re just repeating back what Em told them.

It looks like Em manipulated a minor to draw him cub porn, ERPed, sent them nudes, and blackmailed them to keep quiet. All of which are fucking unacceptable.

The fact Em evaded and didn’t even try to deny being into kids is reason enough for me.

I’ll drop the rest in a doc because it adds nothing here. I explain a few things but it’s mostly bitching about Em’s behavior.

That’s enough of this site for a lifetime. I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell Em to fuck himself.

No. 278152

File: 1674436900448.jpg (316.77 KB, 1142x2048, 20230102_131228.jpg)

Aw some of my images vanished. Lets try that again! Take a look at all the images this time ;D


No. 278429

>>278152 no one cares

No. 278436

File: 1674529448797.jpg (404.21 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20230123_200327_Twi…)

Yeah, plus vendetta posts aren't milk. Blog posts are against the rules (if memory serves) and I think that post is treading the line just close enough that Farmhands find it okay.
In other news, White Glove sure seems to spurt constant milk.

No. 279487

Topic's dead but Emoto has already been called out as a pedo before. How could anyone forget? So that fag has done it at least twice now.


While I'm here, he has a second account so furries don't find out what he is.

https://twitter.com/ScalyArms(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 279646

File: 1675210684579.png (15.56 KB, 598x232, Untitled.png)

says the pedo jackoff that went insane and threw a fit and blew up the thread lmao stay mad

No. 279658

File: 1675220416987.png (2.86 MB, 1341x2222, Café & Bistro Bei Maria Hambur…)

We're still going? Have his family's coffee shop, dipshit always had a bad habit of sharing too much. Maybe don't fuck around if you don't wanna find out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279664

>>279658 Surprised the retard hasn't fucked his dog to death yet. Dude has so many issues.

No. 279702

White glove is milky as hell she's death spiraling on kiwi rn, not because she made any enemies in particular but she's just annoyed or pissed off everyone.
Its fucking impressive and if I collect enough unique milk I just bust out an OP

No. 279710

what happened now? care to share some screenshots?

No. 279717

NTA but here from the Kiwi thread. Finally makes sense. Here's some of her sperging out on KF.

No. 279718

File: 1675270701801.jpg (606.21 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20230201_115557_Chr…)

Forgot pic (1/2)

No. 279719

File: 1675270759000.jpg (1.05 MB, 1077x2727, Screenshot_20230201_115640_Chr…)

From here https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lolcow-farm.11942/page-50#post-14534932
She got put in her place there pretty good but is still seething.

No. 279721

I've heard that she face doxed herself on the fediverse instance of kiwi of all places, I've known a few trolls who's whole point is they don't fear being doxed and I don't think this is the case here. She seems like an attention whore pick me but in the way she wants to be an incel of all things, truly a bizarre mind, and since she so clearly demands recognition and understanding in places one shouldn't exactly want such a thing I expect her to be trolled quite a bit.
Is there a location dox or any socials? I think it's a matter of when and not if for making a thread here after that kind of sperg out since there is prior milk out there so even if she leaves the internet tomorrow there's likely enough for one thread.She won't ever leave and is playing this poorly so it'll be a few threads I'm thinking with how she admitted she comes here to "correct the record in third person" kek.

No. 279722

I don't think there's anything but the facedox I haven't heard a name although it's bound to happen the amount of spaghetti she keeps spilling, but I just learned coming from KF who this chick is and just searching the name ITT shows she's probably threadworthy in both places, kek. I'll be keeping an eye out and reading up on her. She wanted attention she's gonna get it now.

No. 279725

File: 1675273033820.png (966.79 KB, 1000x750, 1650336871045.png)

If it hasn't happened already, picrel courtesy of our kiwi friends, White glove is clearly very active on discord and we all know people power level like crazy on discord.

No. 279728

File: 1675273607179.jpg (17.76 KB, 454x250, 3698578-2d9a372ec8e9834c0d259e…)

it's from earlier ITT >>207734 kek, but yeah, anyone has her current twitter or other socials? says above she got banned from twitter and has a tumblr?
her KF facedox is here and she spergs out a bit https://kiwifarms.net/threads/i-heard-a-bunch-of-you-idiots-facedoxed-and-did-other-embarrassing-shit-on-the-telegram.129648/page-2#post-12958823 she was yelling NIGGER at some couple's baby they were holding up to the screen too, very classy

No. 279729

File: 1675273676239.jpg (223.45 KB, 719x1158, IMG_8938.jpg)

(samefag) most TiFs either want to be a gay twink or Chad, her transition goal is literally a fedora tipping neckbeard incel

No. 279730

She even got a containment thread on kiwi(linking for lurkers https://kiwifarms.net/threads/an-autistic-redditor-fan-of-white-glove-wants-attention.122085/)there's clearly even more than I thought on this one so I'll have to read through the whole thread here more carefully before I repeat known stuff.
She shared a picture of herself as a kid to kiwis and clearly Josh hasn't banned her to let her produce more milk.
>says above she got banned from twitter and has a tumblr?
That's a pity on the Twitter but expected, I'll try to hunt that down Tumblr but I'd be shocked if much was there that wasn't old enough for me to not want to collect.
>Yelling nigger at a baby
>most TiFs either want to be a gay twink or Chad, her transition goal is literally a fedora tipping neckbeard incel
And she's getting there but why bother? I can't help but notice that she's this young and trying to get attention from kiwis so the expected avenues must be full of burnt bridges.

No. 279733

You're slightly late, but there are a few notable things
She has a second containment thread - https://kiwifarms.net/threads/debate-mr-cool-ice-on-how-artificial-hormones-are-totally-the-solution-to-her-being-a-fat-chick-with-gotis.123435/
She has two Tumblr accounts, one for discourse - https://at.tumblr.com/count-incel/o600jsm8lpcg
And one for art, which is mostly inactive - https://at.tumblr.com/white-glovian/1gqxln2sebvf
She also has a Twitter - https://twitter.com/vampincxl?t=vTsL7Bya1EHdtS6XLLxuRA&s=09
Her YouTube is here - https://youtube.com/@whiteglovian

No. 279734

Well thank you for saving me and anyone coming here in the future some time.

No. 279737

No problem. Her most active social media is her discourse Tumblr, which is very unhinged.

No. 279739

ayrt but not the other better informed anon, I'd make her a thread but honestly I know nothing about the Vocaloid community so it would be missing a lot. If someone does make one though it would probably be a better fit for /snow/ imo>>279730

No. 279752

File: 1675289275232.png (420.59 KB, 1039x769, a.png)

The way she was blogging on kiwifarms to literally nobody who cared was hilarious. Posting her diagnoses too, embarrassing for her. "Gender dysphoria", autism (because of course), caffeine-induced anxiety which according to her was actually generalized anxiety, OCD and depression. Sad! Love how she's convinced she's not like the other fakebois. She totes has troo gender dysphoria guise, she's the 1%, the one in a million neckbeard-class ftm who is def a real man. Also in picrel she admits to posting about herself in the third person "to correct people". Who wants to tell her about global rule 9?
>Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason.
Do we see a future post history reveal on the horizon, nonnies?

No. 279753

File: 1675289340230.jpg (495.38 KB, 3217x671, b.jpg)

Her diagnoses

No. 279754

File: 1675289589433.png (50.48 KB, 619x244, Screenshot from 2023-02-01 17-…)

I love that even Josh told her to fuck off after that one. She is probably a hair away from a Kiwi halal, too, I wonder if she'd be the first to have both.

No. 279755

A halal? This woman is constantly telling her buiness and theres pictures of her. If anything it'd just be a thread following her not revealing anything new. She's fucking crazy

No. 279760

> not revealing anything new
now that's understating the power of kiwi autism tbh. I bet there are skeletons in her closet. the only reason I'd think otherwise is she's so young which is depressing tbh but she's not the first baby to seek attention on KF

No. 279761

>I bet there are skeletons in her closet
If there are it's only a matter of time until the skeletons come out, she just can't resist revealing every unnecessary detail about herself unprompted. She milks herself. And kek at this post upthread >>215111 she's 225 lbs and 5'9, so that's at least BMI 33.2, obese. More because she'll have gained weight since then. The way she just flat out states it as a proud self own, kekk. Handing out her own self owns is a common theme with her as if it excuses her from being posted about.
>neckbeardism is better than a shallow anime girl or yaoi twink
The not-like-other-fakebois thing she has going cracks me up. She's like a turbo NLOG taken to retard levels, complete with internalized misogyny and believing every other fellow fakeboi is shallow except for her.
>Instagram filename
Reverse image search gives nothing obviously but there's a Whiteglove instagram somewhere out there

No. 279762

File: 1675293107191.jpg (120.33 KB, 1080x1416, 20230201_161005.jpg)

She's 5'7 and 260lbs, according to what she said after seeing a doctor for the first time in months.
This was posted to Twitter during one of her spergouts: https://twitter.com/izi_kun/status/1619157899426795520?t=tlKgr-TDteZmwEwWAeVUBw&s=19

No. 279763

I found some more accounts she has:
A carrd, seems a bit outdated https://whiteglove.carrd.co/
Profile on a vocaloid forum https://utaforum.net/members/whiteglove.3289/
Another vocaloid forum https://vocadb.net/Ar/83471

No. 279764

It looks like her art from 2020-21 if I had to guess, which I have not seen an identity crisis from her in 2022. It's safe to say she's one of the trutrans fakebois today, rather than the more common types.

No. 279765


No. 279766

No clue what she means by 8w7, but ENTP is accurate considering how much bullshit she starts out of what I can only guess is boredom. Also how she constantly has a rotating door of people trolling her that she thinks are friends, who eventually decide she's more trouble than she's worth.

No. 279767

she used to have a deviantart acc named "the-crimsonfuckr". i found other accs with the same name (idk if they're hers):

No. 279768

it's enneagram

No. 279769

Doubtful. It's a reference to an abridged Anime dub, the Twitter is the promotional account for it.
I don't think she's willing to sit through actual anime series considering how short-lived her attention span is. She has also expressed a hatred for reading, so the AO3 wouldn't be hers either.
I have noticed, she does look like The Major from it, but with blue eyes and brown hair.

No. 279770

Archive, please, nonnies as you go. Thanks for the milk!

No. 279772

Twitter's not hers, she'd not be popular enough to have almost 90k followers, location says england and she doesn't type like that. The MAL probably isn't her either because on the carrd she says her favourite anime is daganronpa and it's not listed anywhere on the MAL profile. A03 could be her because of the vampire stuff but I wouldn't say it is until it's confirmed.

No. 279774

Yeah. I definitely think none of those are hers.

No. 279792

Even more accounts:
Github https://github.com/whiteglovian
Github-type site https://bytemeta.vip/@whiteglovian
Video game forum https://gamebanana.com/members/1658439
Another game forum https://gbatemp.net/members/whiteglovian.403535/
Sexypedia (kek) https://sexypedia.fandom.com/wiki/User:Whiteglovian
Minecraft skin site https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/whiteglovian/
Vocaloid forum https://vocaverse.network/members/whiteglovian.7031/
It's kind of amazing just how little she hides her accounts. In all of her very similarly named profiles she lists that she's 19, from Arizona, and calls herself Allistair or Al. No opsec at all kek

No. 279793

File: 1675312465576.jpg (490.4 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20230201_213140_Chr…)

Most of her requests for the past two years involve fedoras or trilbys. I've seen a lot of autists get obsessed over weird things, but this is a new one.

No. 279794

Her ideal personality and transition goal is basically an average fedora-tipping reddit neckbeard. What a strange thing to aspire to.
There's some youtube videos made about her. I haven't paid much attention to her before now but she was up to some antics, alogging Rogue, Internet Man and getting banned from discord servers. Sage because this is several months old stale milk.

No. 279796

File: 1675314985381.jpg (400.01 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20230201_221324_Chr…)

She's been sperging about how everyone's lying about her and that she was framed and she stopped ALOGging Rogue and she "lost her friends" (in the Rogue community) to her own Rogue fan ALOGs
She seems to trust everyone she meets without any sort of thought about it. No wonder she gets "screwed over" a lot.

No. 279799

File: 1675320910731.png (605.49 KB, 1502x959, whiteglovianid.PNG)

No. 279800

So her name is Rita Page Griffin. What is this, 1957?
I know her dox is the most important aspect, but that triple chin is just hilarious.

No. 279807

Man if only she Rita the rule Page.

No. 279835

KEK anyways when's the halal going up?

No. 279853

File: 1675358817233.jpg (84.18 KB, 902x254, the fedora files 2.jpg)

No clue but I have found some new material and she does not like anyone insisting that she is not a True and Honest Tran™.

No. 279887

I've been fascinated by "whiteglove" for a while now. They deleted the tweets, but they did at one point claim to have helped dig up and spread the news stories about Rogue's brother beating his daughter to death. Beware: they're a notorious self poster who would post about themself in the RIM discord to try and get Rogue's attention

No. 279888

she's so young, kek, I almost feel bad, but same age as Bella Janke was when doxed. who knows how deep the rabbithole goes?

No. 279892

That sucks, but please post evidence if you ever come across it. We'd all be interested in seeing that
She's been a lolcow in internet circles since around 2016. I know 13 year olds can't necessarily be lolcows, but she grew very little in terms of maturity and also tends to hold those same grudges

No. 279904

Is her involvement in the Rogue drama/doxing posted about on KF or anywhere else? Not really my scene but Rogue actually made some videos I liked.

No. 279909

Yes, but the threads are dead and White Glove has consistently denied any and all involvement, even sharing the delusion that she "scared Rogue and made him go away" because she had been ALOGging him relentlessly until the dox released. She proceeded to cry about guilt and say he "didn't deserve that," causing JasonMetloney to sperg out and tell her she'd regret it. I'm the anon, but the screenshot I posted at >>279796 has her "proof Jason wrote the ED page." The link is here: https://twitter.com/vampincxl/status/1620949224321085440?t=sE5X5M5TxGwj1K08drBXeQ&s=19
An interesting fact about Rogue is that he doesn't like troons and has made that clear by calling White 'she' and even referring to her as a "morbidly obese woman who tries to control the lives of other troons."

No. 279934

File: 1675402523079.jpg (353.39 KB, 2010x1614, WG highlights.jpg)

>She seems to trust everyone she meets without any sort of thought about it.
And will blurt things out in random public servers.

No. 279935

File: 1675402555093.jpg (449.82 KB, 1943x1765, Shockingly unaware~2.jpg)

No. 279938

File: 1675406632552.png (381.99 KB, 1037x942, fire.png)

Looks like Whiteglove's gained her own personal alog. If it's not just a sock of hers falseflagging.

No. 279971

ayrt. Before Rogue deleted all his content there were a lot references, gags, and rants about Whiteglove in his streams. Some of the streams have been reuploaded on archive channels

>An interesting fact about Rogue is that he doesn't like troons
I didn't join his Discord until close enough to the day he shut it down, but something that REALLY surprised me is that a lot of the most active Discord members where different flavours of enby. I began to recognise their names from streams and these people were quite literally some of his most active/supportive members

No. 279976

Do you have some links to the White Glove gag streams, or at least clips?

No. 279991

noticed someone posted white glove in the thread requests thread in /pt/. If that nonna is in here, honestly just make a Rogue Internet Man general thread because white glove is not at all the only cow in the roguesphere. Between her, wendidiego, depresston, the guy who ran to Dillon Thomas to do an expose video, and even the people who join the streams there's a lot of genuine milk to discuss

No. 279992

File: 1675440656948.png (598.69 KB, 1920x924, kf.png)

No. 280028

Don't forget Bag, Kit Riker, and the girl who helped Wendi dox someone. I can't think of any others, though.

No. 280031

Kit Riker himself afaik isn't milky, but good God the people he has on his streams are beyond cringe. When Rogue deleted everything then people flocked to Kit Rickers stream, and I was surprised that they eventually got a dedicated fanbase of 30 people considering it's a RIM bootleg with moids who are cardboard cut outs (dry, have no takes, boring) and two furry women who keep trauma dumping and a-logging like a pair of actual retards. Something about Rogue makes him like a big magnet for autism despite somehow not being that much of a cow

No. 280038

I guess. He is, at the very least an ALOG of rogue's detractors and even some of his fans. Every time he tries to act it reminds me of a dying animal. At least Furski has the excuse of being retarded.
YouTube changed the URLs for VODs which requires an update in the imbed system, so here's an example of his shit acting: https://www.youtube.com/live/tltgvuaE2tI?feature=share

No. 280072

File: 1675473560838.png (195.24 KB, 431x429, alog.png)

kek, Anthony LoGatto is this Antonia LaGotta's transition goal

No. 280073

kek she looks more like a sandy milonakis to me, except i'm pretty sure andy has xxy chromosomes or something

No. 280139

dunno if this is real or not but if it is then rip has been hiding a big secret. got it from a source who claims that rip said this during a debate on a discord call but was swept under the rug due to their reputation being at stake


No. 280147

lmfao that's nothing like rip's voice. rip livestreams all the time (unfortunately she takes them down afterwards) but she sounds like a fat tif and not a wannabe shannon

No. 280148

damn okay. thx for the knowledge guess that source was bs lmao

No. 280149

its fine, its to be expected from this community

No. 280164

Uh, that sounds more like an AI-generated clip of GHOST. What the hell?

No. 280180


Pretty sure this is just that new AI voice cloning thing that's been going around on twitter. Bullshit for real lolm

No. 280191

File: 1675561971957.png (289.18 KB, 1497x713, sperg.png)

No. 280194

if its really true that most producers use lcf or kf to watch her thats hilarious lmfao
imagine being that hated

No. 280375

File: 1675644942449.jpg (11.29 KB, 134x275, 1593288484340.jpg)

so emoto groomed a groomer? man the cycle just never ends. If nobody remembers thibud, he sparked attention couple years ago for grooming a minor and being open about it too and everybody just… forgot about it? thibud blamed moros and emoto about his grooming. This is interesting.

No. 280376

File: 1675645075488.png (43.53 KB, 601x415, emotogroomedagroomer.PNG)

Samefag, in the twitter link it starts with this screenshot but it also shows emotos shitty behavior

No. 280383

File: 1675647975192.png (53.61 KB, 603x612, caustic.PNG)

samefag again again, There is alot of mess in this whole operation. Emoto teamed with caustic(?) to expose moros on this thread but somebody fucked up and got triggered happy and just fumbled the whole thing. Apparently he used caustic to gather info and make a doc on moros since caustic is mentally ill as it is. Caustic saw through it and backed out. I'm really confused hardly believe caustic himself but who knows. I'll try and watch what might unfolds next and try to report back on what happens on this "emoto failed to expose on moros-p" saga (Tinfoil:I'm starting to believe that caustic and emoto started fighting on this thread or something but everything mostly backfired on emoto) https://twitter.com/NotSoCaustic/status/1620949298774159361

No. 280386

wait a fucking minute. its you caustic, so you're the one doing the doxxing? lol holy shit never mind I'm not keeping track of this bullshit if you guys are going to bitch and whine at eachother for fucking up, both of you deserve anything that happen . Can't believed I just wasted my fucking time with this shit

No. 280405

File: 1675654373063.jpg (110.24 KB, 933x914, 43f64741-ccc2-4a19-8869-1232b5…)

i come back from life shit and it turns out caustic and emoto are taking turns self posting with caustic doing doxes. what the shit?

No. 280954

GHOST released a new song in collaboration with Carbon (barely-18 TIF) and Vane (race-obsessed TIM) It seems to be about suicide, but the art is so unappealing it's nauseating.

No. 281242

Ghost's new artstyle is a disaster. Elements of it could work in theory, but she doesn't have nearly enough sense of colour or composition to pull it off. No idea why she went in this direction, her old art was just fine, if a bit stilted.

No. 281322

the song itself doesnt sound awful but the video is so muddy that its hard to look at

No. 281334

Yeah, GHOST could probably pull it off in her style, R.I.P or Carbon could probably do it for her despite being worse artists, at least R.I.P seems to understand color theory.
Agreed, but that's probably because Vane actually knows music theory whereas GHOST took a high school class at most

No. 282189

File: 1676649070060.png (53.5 KB, 728x420, Autism.png)

Newfag, so excuse the autism. GHOST streamed last night and said that she based Deathbody off of when she was and I quote: "ass deep in psychosis" and she thought she had Cotard's syndrome. She also said that she wrote Honey I'm Home when she was "ass deep in psychosis. I don't have a good pic because I'm fucking stupid, but I have this from the stream

No. 282236

I'm glad she's at least finding an outlet, she used to sperg out constantly because she had none. I doubt she has Cotard's, and I think she probably quit therapy or something on a whim, if she was in it at all.
Death Body has some good musical elements but parts of it feel unlistenable.
I wish The Human Body was released because so much of her modern music is unlistenable or at least mediocre

No. 282237

Yeah, I can't stand her new art style. It's like the weird twatter art style. Though She does need some therapy. I don't doubt that something happened that fucked her up.(sage your shit)

No. 282238

I think what I don't like about the new song is the weird muddy, dark blue filter over everything. Even when I turned my brightness all the way up, I could barely see it.(sage your shit)

No. 282244

File: 1676678054007.jpg (233.06 KB, 1080x1140, kf.jpg)

No. 282247

I have never seen a more misogynistic woman in my life, I have no doubt she's suppressing her homosexuality as a defense mechanism.

No. 282302

All lesbian genderfucks are more dangerous by themselves alone than all the tims in the world combined, it's true I agree.

No. 282348

A separate thread for Whiteglove should be made at this point tbh. Little of the drama about her discussed here is relating to Vocaloid or its community in general.

No. 282444

And if someone does make it, they should probably link it here. She started in this community but is hated by so many that it's getting off topic.

No. 282494

She started her cow antics years before the Vocaloid community though.
Speaking of which, rest in peace the Vocaloid community. No more music except for underrated people who get just 50 views per song, the new V6 voices and SynthVs are practically NFTs, rip Solaria and Megpoid AI is the only thing holding it together.

No. 282500

Even more of a reason for her to have a thread. A threadpic & every account being listed will be hard, though

No. 282527

File: 1676815472156.jpg (925 KB, 1816x2518, 20220630_160255.jpg)

I've got more milk when it's made but I'm cursed and as such should not make OPs.

No. 282537

She is not 225lbs lmfao. At least she admitted she's 5'7 if memory serves. Probably close to 300lbs if I had to eyeball.

No. 282541

Most certainly lol, forgot to mention I was dropping that for material for an OP pic, if nobody else creates one I'll probably end up working on one later today. Rita is fat and well she would enjoy it if nobody had sex with her so it's time to think of a new line lol.
In all seriousness, knowing what likely made her this way makes me pity her but she literally can't learn so I can giggle nonetheless. In all honesty, if it weren't for her ineffectual threats and admission of not even knowing the difference in how men and women act she wouldn't be as funny as she is. Thing is you can't help someone who won't help yourself, so why not laugh?

No. 282542

Themselves* my bad.
Tl;dr: This cow may evoke pity but throws it away quite effectively.

No. 282543

What do you mean by "practically NFTs", nona? I can't find anything crypto-related about the vbs.

No. 282548

File: 1676822792033.jpg (436.03 KB, 2417x2736, 20220407_164823.jpg)

I know she probably doesn't realize it, but her art of herself is shockingly accurate. Most artists tend to make themselves seem more attractive or "good" than they are. Meanwhile, she's drawing herself as a morbidly obese (probably not fat enough) pale little evil slob. Asterik, an artist in Rogue's community, drew her as the Hamburglar. Her art is a self-own but this is still more accurate

No. 282561

Kek, are you a moid or a troon? Maybe both. I highly doubt she's an abuse victim, but I do think she's genuinely just an autistic FtM. About as close to a real tranny as possible, and she's admitted she doesn't have a clitoris on Kiwi, so maybe that's why she's so opposed to taking a dick, or maybe, being a lesbian in denial has a lot to do with it. You speak like a scrote that wants to force lesbians to take your girlcock.
That doesn't mean I respect tranny's pronouns. I think transition is a terrible idea and not at all the solution to GD. Its risks are too high, and the sooner we point out the delusions of troons the better.

No. 282626

Their art, vocals and marketing was so painfully generic that it reminds you of NFT shit. Not literal NFTs though

No. 282627

>she's admitted she doesn't have a clitoris
samefag but I'm sorry, WHAT? Was she not born with one or did she get it chopped or something…

No. 282628

I don't think she's ever explained if it was chopped or a deformity. She has stated that she grows hair internally and has no visible labia, so either she had some sort of surgical work as a baby, Money-style, or she has some fucked up deformity. She has also said she has severe uteran cramps to the point of being unable to move, so I think it was the latter unless she had absorbed a twin.

No. 282648

>She has stated that she grows hair internally and has no visible labia, so either she had some sort of surgical work as a baby, Money-style, or she has some fucked up deformity.
Aight wtf…no wonder she thinks trooning out is a solution. It's subconscious.

No. 282650

If she really did have that happen, it would be very fucking weird

No. 282704

Like…inside her vagina and cervix????

No. 282736

Breaking rule whatever not blending in blah blah. I shouldn't check here as it's unhealthy but whatever.
Literally didn't post here until the one one time.

At the time I definitely didn't want to be involved and avoided it like the plague. I didn't know who or what Moros was at the time either because I never kept up with community stuff. I barely know who is who or what they're known for. I didn't know what Em was either until incredibly recently.

I wouldn't doxx people because that wouldn't achieve anything? It's nit worth it. Like I literally want nothing to do with him after months of mental anguish and worrying he was gonna doxx me and crap.
It's not my fault Em is literally insane and has to desperately burn down others every time he pulls some bullshit.

Em triggered some(?) furries and the most petty shit went down here and that blew over, big deal. Meanwhile Em simmered for months bitching and whining because he didn't get what he wanted.

It ain't that deep. I just want to sleep and smoke weed at this point.

No. 282752

Apparently double posting isn't something you're supposed to do but idk the etiquette beyond saging.
I realize now that was probably bait from Em or something probably idk. It reads like someone's trying to start
/continue more shit no one cares about. Accusing me of doxxing with no proof.

Honestly as long as he doesn't leak my irl address I don't care what he says. If you believe a word from him your an idiot. Continue your regularly scheduled whatever the fuck.

No. 282776

I think she's claified it's only at the bottom and not going very far internally, but I could be wrong

No. 282832

Whiteglove spotted in /ot/. Says that the schizotroon harassed her.
>>>/ot/1505302 (anon asks if it's her)
>>>/ot/1505305 (she confirms it's her)

No. 282835

File: 1676953395095.jpg (1.1 MB, 1078x4596, Screenshot_20230214_100748_Dis…)

No. 282839

That response was good compared to her standard.
The screencaps may not be concrete, but they show a parallel to the other users' typing style and that user (Waffle) revealed his hand too early with the schizo posts on her profile ligning up with the DMs when she didn't state it publicly previously. Correct me if needed.

No. 282849

Waffle doesn't sound like the troon to me. But there's another vendetta poster (and new account) on that thread who kinda does sound like the troon. And he tries to tard wrangle WG like in the screencaps. I won't name it but it stands out kek

No. 282875

Is it hot fire?

No. 282887

Hint, Waffle is using a similar typing style due to them being trolls from the same site. Ms. Hot Fire is likely a kiwi from BP. Don't forget that Rita is posting in this thread all the time using third party pronouns deceptively and falsely accused anyone who slightly pushes her back as being one person.
Damn that's a good milking.

No. 282889

I think she's just paranoid, I doubt she would knowingly falsely accuse everyone of being Blaine.

No. 282892

What I meant was if you push back at her she will call you Blaine so I agree with the paranoia. I think she just sees that as an out when really it just making me wonder…

No. 282894

Absolutely. She seems to be clawing for an escape from the people laughing at her.

No. 282898

Which is extra funny because she's attacking the people who told her to get out. I just can't laugh until a cow shows a cruel streak so it's just fitting to me how she ignores any good advice and chooses to try and flex instead. I look forward to that thread being written, I know the moralfags won't have trolls remorse on this one because I can't think of one that hasn't been burned by her lol.

No. 282900

Half the time she seems completely unaware she's even burning them in the first place. The only times I can think of where she knowingly does so is if they tell her to detransition. Every time that happens, she spergs out at them.

No. 282903

Pick mes never prosper nonna, but yeah it's so weird you'd think she recognizes that there's certain lines you cross that make someone not want to help them. I'll be frank, that conversation that she posted that she thinks helps herself? Anything but. I get that she has severe autism but idk how someone could try being more direct with her than that and she clearly didn't learn from that lesson.

No. 282904

Most of her being cruel in those screenshots seem to be internalized misogyny, but of course she'd deny that even exists kek

No. 282905

She would and did lol, I think the troll pointed out how she was internalizing her misogyny and self homophobia but clearly you can't get through to Rita.

No. 282906

File: 1676989426537.jpg (70.36 KB, 640x500, which-pooner-are-you-v0-qr9x57…)

Logically, I know a lesbian or TIF would never touch her, she's similar to the furthest right girl on this image, but much fatter. And I cannot think of a single woman who would be attracted to a girl with the brain of a child and emotional control of a rabid dog, let alone one who's pushing 300 pounds and dresses the way she does.
But had she gotten into a relationship, she seems like she would only care about herself and verbally abuse her partner while being unaware she ever did it in the first place. Then panic and try to force her to stay.

No. 282907

You're completely right, she thinks of transitioning as some great cure-all when really she's just picking the one personality type nobody expects anything of. She's lazy and doesn't want to sexualize herself. Any relationship would be her replicating some horrific scrote porn she's seen on some poor gullible woman.
Frankly I'm glad she was caught at this age, she won't listen and her path she's taking would only hurt herself and others, who knows what kind of monstrous shit she would have gotten up to if she was enabled.
She was sexually abused and due to how she acts there is no reason for anyone to believe she wouldn't simply continue the pattern. I have a feeling when the brother that abused her is doxed he will look like a fedora incel.

No. 282908

She has been openly a troon since around March 2020 and was abused sometime in December 2021 if I've got my information right. He lives somewhere in Oregon and is a meth addict. If that's true, he's likely a hobo with faggy attire.

No. 282911

I've heard from a reliable source that fags like meth and ketamine so that tracks.
>Trans for three years.
Doesn't she claim to be trans medical? Shouldn't she have a beard by now? Was she running around in tranny discords trying to gatekeep without even?
Of course she was who am I joking.
Nobody deserves to be abused so I do hope her brother ODs in some ocean of trees in Oregon.

No. 282913

Wtf wasn't vocaloid about music? Who the hell are all these nobodies?

No. 282914

Yes, she does, but she's stated a list of reasons why she hasn't gotten on testosterone yet. Starting with getting forced to live with her "insane religious grandma" from September 2020 until December 2021, living with her brother in law in Oregon for a bit, moving to LHC in February, not getting any sort of medical care until July because her insurance & medical office had a waiting list, her doctors having her run around in circles, until she finally got a referral to an endocrinologist in December 2022, in which they responded by saying they don't cater to troons. Most of which being stated on her Kiwi page, and those that weren't on Tumblr and Twitter. I don't know if she pestered her primary doctor for another endo yet, but had this been a runaround for any other condition I'm certain they'd get bad press.

No. 282916

File: 1676991712821.jpg (323.77 KB, 2048x2048, part 1.jpg)

It's all come from her mouth so likely she never even tried. Rita dumped the whole DMs on her profile wall so I saved some highlights that she didn't post to that kiwi thread, I think it sums her up very well.

No. 282918

File: 1676991752201.jpg (324.45 KB, 2048x2048, Part 2.jpg)


No. 282919

File: 1676991813413.jpg (287.26 KB, 2048x2048, part 3.jpg)

Her saying she's too cowardly or she would be a serial killer was a treat.

No. 282922

I can barely stomach reading these jesus christ blaine is so cringe with his larp. By the way, the posts ITT referring to himself as a 'troll' are him.

No. 282923

I don't think she's lying about any of that. Remember, in March 2020 she was 16 and would need parental consent to do anything. If one parent disagrees, it makes the parent who does agree unable to do anything. So while I think she's telling the truth about it, she likely never had a choice in any of it even if she wasn't. Judging by the way she talks, it's likely she still has her mother at the very least in charge of everything medical.
If I'm misunderstanding and you're saying that she was likely never abused you're a rape apologist

No. 282924

You did misunderstand but I should have clarified that due to where she's living I don't buy the doctors rejected her for being trans story.
She's clearly abused, it doesn't justify her behavior but it does inform it.
See >>282889 and think before continuing.

No. 282925

File: 1676992713811.jpg (164.4 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20230221_081624_Dis…)

Hi blaine! Nice gayop! Unfortunately for you, you just revealed yourself by posting screenshots otherwise never revealed to the public. Here's what it looks like on my end. Sorry for revoking my anonymity, but you're a fucking retard.

No. 282926

You posted the whole thing to a Google drive and Blaine posted the whole thing on another site. Psycho.

No. 282927

File: 1676992918300.jpg (547.47 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230221_082148_Chr…)

There's a timezone discrepancy. On my end, it says 9PM. On Blaine's, it says 10PM. Plus, those screenshots don't match the size of my phone screen, like so.

No. 282928

Slow down and read, the answer to why is in the post you ignored.
>Blaine posted the whole thing on another site. Psycho.

No. 282929

File: 1676993201757.jpg (465.05 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230221_082530_Dri…)

Nope, also not true. These are my only screenshots in the Google Drive, and a link to it is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UH1_xn2RXfgyeDjAs2WLhQmTckR98l-z

No. 282930

Now I think you're purposefully falsely accusing everyone of being Blaine, nobody could be this stupid.

No. 282932

I never uploaded the whole thing, you're free to check if you'd like. Plus, I'm in MST, Blaine is in Central.(derailing)

No. 282934

Yeah no shit I got them from another site, as an aside you can change what's in your Google drive at any time so it proves nothing. You seriously need to stop playing into your own paranoia, have you even slept?(derailing)

No. 283096

Do we need another jannie purge omg

No. 283297

File: 1677163515050.jpg (200.53 KB, 1080x786, liars get hacked.jpg)

Huh wonder who she pissed off…

No. 283304

File: 1677167662103.jpg (151.47 KB, 1080x633, Screenshot_20230223_085137_Chr…)

Someone wrote a shit thread on her, and the person who wrote is made an obvious vendetta post "in collaboration" with 2+ newfags who's post history almost all is about her.
I don't think she got hacked. I think she turned tail and ran from public eye.

No. 283306

No she got hacked. People used obvious socks because she attaches to someone like the plague. She sought the tranny out and has vampire in her name and got mocked and now everyone's the tranny. Pick me nlogs like that don't walk away. I think I'll have to check the content of that to make a thread on this disgusting creature here.

No. 283310

File: 1677170502955.jpg (106.19 KB, 250x342, 4604824-0e6aba60076b92fa0682bb…)

Samefag, I was talking to Rita the OP of that thread has 2.5k posts, it's not a sock as usual she's lying, Rita is a self proclaimed pedophile who desires to groom women. She's projected this onto other, she should not be pitied. She is a lying, manipulative pedophile by her own word and deed. This PG thread isn't an automatic failure but the Opening Post was, Rita here thought that meant nobody wants a thread on her when everyone posting in there(over twenty separate accounts)only ever expressed their desire for the Halal to be done right.

Summary for any farmers who don't wish to dig into her kiwifarms thread, there's a long history she has where she always acts the same way.

No. 283353

Blaine, do you have any proof for any of this, or are you trying to shift the blame for your CP spam and/or distract from it?
Everyone knows she's a vampire larper, everyone knows she doesn't spam CP and larps as an incel because she finds iy funny.
Cry as you might, you're still not going to convince anyone she's the one spamming CP or that she's hacked.

No. 283356

She was obviously joking and like >>283353 said it's all part of her incel neckbeard larp.

No. 283359

>Joking about pedophilia
You're self posting, make a thread for Blaine. Stop giving him free rent.

No. 283361

Kek why do you hate her so much? Is it because despite being a ftm she's still more feminine than you'll ever be? Do you feel like she's taking her XX chromosomes for granted?
>She is a lying, manipulative pedophile by her own word and deed
She's a tard but she's not a pedophile. I remember you yourself said that pedophile is a word that should only be used when proven so why are you making up serious accusations and providing no proof? If your image is supposed to be your "proof" well that's hilarious because that's an obviously an ironic post. You've made some alarming posts under the guise of quote "comedy" unquote so don't try to pretend that those were made in seriousness. You're being real hypocritical here blaine. I could tolerate you posting here solely to provide milk but you're just pulling things out of your ass to make your vendetta look rational. Spoiler: it doesn't.

No. 283417

Really hoping all those posts are from Rita, farmers know better than to assume and throw a fit over this and also downplay announcements of intent. This thread is clearly plagued and I am simply going to sign up for kiwi to talk about this horrible awful person without her waddling in here and schizophrenically calling anyone who says anything slightly negative about her as the same person.

No. 283462

Kiwifarmers don't take the "lol I have to find a femoid to groom hue hue" shit seriously with any cow. Until they have actually done something, they don't give a shit. Plus, while there are some radfem Kiwis, they're typically laughed off or chased away from any board that isn't BP. So it'd be like walking into a valley of wolves.
If you truly feel like she needs her own thread, why not make one in /snow/?
Rita's thread on KF is already plagued with ""newfags"" who's only posts are about her, and most of them seem to have had the exact same experience. Jannies are already trying to sweep up the thread, but I'd recommend posting on LCF due to both this and the wildly different site culture.

No. 283519

lol @ the shit tier gaslighting attempt while simultaneously seething

No. 283545

File: 1677337591662.png (719.8 KB, 575x726, OCdonutSTEAL.png)

This thread, courtesy of kiwis.

No. 283565

Not everyone, just you. It's because you can't even pass anonymously and your nonsensical autistic edit(s) only make it more obvious.

No. 283628

Whiteglove needs her own thread. not sure what to add in it though. maybe her names, the stuff she's done but I'm not sure of the chronological order or what's most important

No. 283655

Can someone PLEASE get on that? I would make it myself but I'm still a newfag

No. 283681

Frankly. Look at how this threads been. Why would anyone who could write an OP want to bother?

No. 283696

Lol muskie got banned and nuked from the farms for obsessing over my dick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 283701

Lol I got the whole Rita thread nukes with the power of my penis(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 283713

What is it about a talking singing anime voice program that draws so much autism?

No. 283714

File: 1677458781931.png (451.52 KB, 1076x1920, tumblr_161ed2626406376526b136f…)

No. 283716

Whichever moid linked this to where the rapist could see it, kill yourself.

No. 283717

It's a talking singing anime voice program.

No. 283718

File: 1677459714731.jpg (214.74 KB, 1002x1014, Rita on trusting farmers.jpg)

Anyways Rita I know you read your own thread, I know you posted to /meta/, I don't hate you and the obvious gross poster has threatened to rape the both of us so scale back on the thought that anyone who desires to have a thread on you is the schizotroon. You have a very long history and especially if people feel like you're being too coddled on kiwifarms it will only get worse.
You knew back then that kicking the hive wasn't good but this trust thing is not a good thing. I think most farmers should agree that you shouldn't trust some account on kiwifarms. You never know who has good or bad intentions for you, especially you lol no offense, but that's just general advice farmers give to each other.
I doubt you'll learn from this but stop thinking anyone laughing about what you get up to or even disagrees with you hates you. It's simply not true. Got a few more screens to dump so they won't be memory holed.

No. 283719

File: 1677459839578.jpg (139.8 KB, 1030x523, can only find the most basic v…)

This is a good example, I just find it funny you couldn't find other vampires. There's no maliciousness in my mirth.

No. 283720

File: 1677459921458.jpg (147.93 KB, 989x1084, asexual fatman sex.jpg)

No. 283721

File: 1677460026121.jpg (93.64 KB, 982x464, odd game idea .jpg)

Last one for now, what I saved was not your most embarrassing things before you DFE'd. Think on that.

No. 283722

I have no clue what these screencaps are supposed to contribute. These aren't milk, these aren't interesting, they're just… random tumblr posts that just show whiteglove's vampire obsessed femcel neckbeardness like every other post she's ever made? Surely there was more than this on her account? At least provide some context, come on
>inb4 blaine says I'm rita

No. 283723

There was more, did you not read? Someone linked the Tumblr without achieving. I said above that most of it's not that funny just an example of what is what because people will wonder. I saged it, it might not be too milky but it's on topic. The context is right there, I highly doubt anyone would think you're Rita they would just think you didn't read the posts content.

No. 283724

Also it slid the dick pic kek

No. 283725

>The context is right there
Lol what context can there be to a tumblr-style rant about most vampires in fiction being victorian? It's like you purposely pick the least interesting screencaps you can find. go make a thread for her to reach bump limit with tumblr posts

No. 283726

The Tumblr it was from was deleted without archival, people will be curious. That was the clear reasoning but I'm cautious about making her a thread right now, if it was only me caring then it would be far less of a problem. I'd rather let things cool down so it's not infested with people running over from Kiwifarms who can't even archive properly.
Rita's funny, moids threatening to "correctively rape" her are not worth dealing with.

No. 283727

It speaks volumes how Whiteglove managed miss Castlevania series and vampire the masquerade and various other forms of fiction

Then again it's Rita we're talking about with a bat fursona and otherkin delusions.

By the way Rita is at the point where even kiwifarms laughed her out.

Whiteglove might not be the most milkable cow there is, but it's pretty damning when even KF doesn't want her around. If anything Whiteglove is a example how not to act and deserve to be booted out every community she worms into and fails to Integrate

No. 283729

File: 1677462859647.jpg (124.05 KB, 983x672, vam_pire.jpg)

It's particularly funny when you factor in the media around vampires that appeal to moids are all very avoidant of the victorian era vampires. Or did she think tempest Von Dracula being in England 400 years later wasnt just him blending?
It seems the rape scrote tuckered out fast so maybe a thread sooner than later won't be so awful?

No. 283736

Lol you got banned from kf

No. 283737

By dick follows you everywhere

No. 283738

Also it was uwuthenize me or whatever the fuck his name is

No. 283739

Are you on HRT?

No. 283741

Tag who you're talking to. jfc

No. 283743

File: 1677467230107.png (158.57 KB, 1080x290, Untitled622_20230226182024.png)

(I fucking did this twice kek)
Didn't you get banned under this username and Mrs. Hot Fire? They don't ban like this unless you're a sock of a banned user. Care to say anything, Blaine?

No. 283744

Oh I'm Muskie Hunter but not Mrs. Hot fire, what's that prove? That I got the rape guy to get off of Rita's back and kept that thread from getting too hostile in tone?
Stop assuming everyone and everything is Blaine, any account banned under the spam reasoning does that, I gave out too many ratings on accident because I forgot the amount they have on auto flag.

No. 283746

Not if you have a new account, they also auto flag for too many posts. How would you know what the admins did if you're not Rita btw?
I know you're over eager to try and pin everything on one person but do at least try to make sense with your posts.

No. 283747

Samefagging to say, I know xenoforo's settings is how I know about autoflags on new accounts.

No. 283748

The best part is every post you made in Rita's thread is gone.

No. 283749

All because your jimmies were rustled by my dick

No. 283750

And the whole fucking thread got tanked

No. 283751

Told you bitch you need a good rape to stop you from doing dumb shit

No. 283752

Not Muskie but I was also in that thread. Literally not a single soul had their jimmies rustled by your micro dick. If we didnt think it was funny at most we were surprised its so tiny, maybe had a little pity. Definitely not big enough for rape but makes sense you have so much rage.

No. 283754

>Literally not a single soul had their jimmies rustled by your micro dick.

Clearly muskie did

No. 283755

It's just so small.

No. 283756

Small but with great power

No. 283757

Seemed more like disbelief to me.

No. 283758

And it's still in your head.

No. 283759

Bitch just wouldn't stop posting about it. She just couldn't get over it.

No. 283760

No. 283761

Also ladies thank muskie for bringing me her. If it wasn't for her autistic obsession with my dick. I would never have found this place.

No. 283762

It was a mixture of that and confusion but now at least I know that's the root of his issues. But we shouldn't engage with the obvious moid, it sets a bad example for the newfags even if the farmhands are clearly away on this Sunday night.

No. 283763

My dick really has that kind of power. Also your jannies are weak and inept.

No. 283764

File: 1677470386093.jpeg (968.41 KB, 1202x898, x.jpeg)


I mean, it rivals Bam Margeras and Ethan Ralphs. Its not surprising she was sharing the funny.

You're right but its just crazy he's so proud of it to show it off.