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File: 1657904486841.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3464x3464, 8DD2F95D-AB9A-4F18-8A75-6D83CE…)

No. 229309

Belle Delphine, a 22 year old ‘ marketing genius ‘ who desperately seeks out any attention from men, made a comeback in april 2022 after her failed porn and is just adding more failed marketing stunts to the list. Best known for shoving gummy worms up her snatch, lying about selling her bathwater, getting bolt on implants & photoshopping her nips, buying followers/likes to boost her failed marketing stunts, dressing in children's bathing suits, selling another girls nudes claiming it was herself, and bootlicking any youtuber or lolcow with a following.

Previous thread: >>223624

>Meme girl e-thot of "Gamer Girl Bathwater" fame

>panders to pedophiles and neckbeard incels, desperate NLOG floundering
>"hello fellow 4channers" meme humor

Recent updates:
>Spent months hiding in the background on friend’s social media posts >>165089, >>168157, >>168156, >>168163,
>Belle announces her return on Twitter, flexing that she’s totes a rich e-girl >>207697, and posted on facebook >>208342,
>She had braces again. >>208018, gives her reasoning here >>210870, totes not for pedo pandering uwu
>And possibly had a boob job >>208056, to appeal to her anime coomers >>212411,
>Botched plastic surgery >>210516, >>212102, >>212068,
>used twomad for a music video that flopped >>223837
>doxxed her own house >>223833
>put gummy worms in her snatch >>226603
>went on holiday with sex worker besties and posted ugly photos >>225678

Past threads:
#1 >>>/w/2640
#2 >>>/w/69238
#3 >>>/w/123836
#4 >>>/w/128835
#5 >>>/w/134956
#6 >>>/w/144354
#7 >>>/w/165079
#8 >>>/w/212589
#9 >>>/w/223624

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

No. 229357

No new milk from this cow

No. 229359

File: 1657918346400.jpeg (139.82 KB, 602x602, 06DB030F-3B7D-4A52-B880-4180A5…)

You didn’t mention her fugly chode of a boyfriend

No. 229362

Josh hasn’t done anything milky, hes probably only with Belle because shes holding him hostage

No. 229363

>And possibly had a boob job

what is the point of saying "possibly," when it's been confirmed not only by the clear comparison shots but also admitting it.

No. 229372

No. 229380

Is that Belle recording in the start at the airport, voice sounds like her? Did she not want to make any appearances because it wasn’t being recorded on the Snow app kek

No. 229393

File: 1657930913029.png (969.53 KB, 1159x789, Screenshot 2022-07-16 032156.p…)

belle is not the one recording

No. 229394

File: 1657931247821.png (567.13 KB, 1186x781, Screenshot 2022-07-16 032709.p…)

she showed her accidently here for a split second sitting next to josh and she looks fat

No. 229395

Based anon for not being autistic and putting Josh in the title [because he's not even known]

No. 229399

OT but kek @ the autismo lanyard

No. 229400

It's avocados.

No. 229417

since she got a boob job I'd get my vagina done again too if I were her. surprised she hasn't to upkeep the loli image

No. 229425

Is this the one who can't fuck to save his life?

No. 229440

So you're telling me Belle's schtick hasn't always reeked of millenial scrote and that the ceo of her company, who also happens to be the ceo of tiny cocks is a complete unknown? So glad this thread is filled with logical and unbiased anons.

No. 229442

The very one.

No. 229444

Kek imagine going on holiday just to sit in silence next to your ugly bf because you can’t bear to show your face on your friends vlog. Hiding in shame. Either that or anons are correct she is socially awkward with no personality.

No. 229457

>So you're telling me Belle's schtick hasn't always reeked of millenial scrote

This anon gets it.

No. 229497

She looks completely detached from reality

No. 229502

Whoever this is has a double chin though

No. 229504

You mean Joshua John Gray the simulated child rape porn co-producer? Yeah he definitely doesn't deserve a spot here.

No. 229509

A weak chin and huge teeth that they’re tightly holding their lips to hide. Sounds like Belle.

No. 229512

Belle caught a chest infection from the dirty air-con and was in bed most the time. Thats also why her pictures from the holiday she looks glassy eyed and puffy

No. 229513

File: 1657978671081.jpg (Spoiler Image,512.6 KB, 810x1080, 1657973808875.jpg)

found this edit of her on 4chan lmao

No. 229515

You anons have a severe crush on her boyfriend, this isn't healthy, nonnie.

No. 229516

File: 1657978787605.jpg (Spoiler Image,570.36 KB, 1042x767, 1657975258007.jpg)

No. 229517

stfu scrote

No. 229518

File: 1657978915073.jpg (871.14 KB, 1079x1273, 1657976053042.jpg)

she really gained weight wow

No. 229519

While she's garbage, that's actually good she did. But I would sooner say it's the fact it's less edited, not that she gained.

No. 229520

She's probably eating like a normal person now

No. 229521

What a glamorous holiday kek. Either Spain is way more dogshit than I realized or they really cheaped out on a nasty hotel/resort

No. 229522

File: 1657979652027.jpeg (39.64 KB, 203x275, E420E851-03CB-479D-B25A-E94443…)

That looks edited compared to the same pic that was posted in the previous thread..

No. 229525

File: 1657980131974.jpg (364.36 KB, 2048x1536, 1657979626827.jpg)

legit question but do you guys think belle looks like a teenager? i heard a lot of people saying she looks very young like 14-15 but i just don't see it? especially when she's wearing normal makeup

No. 229528

She looks like a photoshopped to hell and back e-thot that started a trend of other e-thots copying the style. In terms of unedited photos? No she does not look like a teen, at all. In terms of her edited photos people seem to think is how she looks? Sorta, she has that 2018+ era "teen" look where they're looking much more "mature" for their age.

No. 229529

Beefy Belle kek

No. 229532

I think she definitely looks 17 in that photo after photoshop and all her surgeries, but if you look at photos when she was actually 17 she looks like shes 24+

No. 229533

No. 229534

Retarded edit anon is back

No. 229535

I’ve fucked better looking men than that and gone on to regret it.

No. 229536

Id rather look like an attractive 24 year old than an ugly deformed grinch teenager kek

No. 229537

She always looks glassy eyed and puffy.

No. 229543

anon…she looks 25 to me but i'm not white so maybe to white people she looks young lmao

No. 229544

File: 1657983649874.jpg (634.72 KB, 1080x1581, 8362719198464.jpg)

She uses snow to edit her pics and vids

No. 229546

Im a britfag so all the actual teenagers look years older anyway lmao

No. 229547

What is that supposed to mean lmao

No. 229548

File: 1657984089443.jpeg (73.05 KB, 213x275, 1654190204071.jpeg)

No. 229550

i honestly thought she was my age (which is 25) until the last thread

No. 229551

File: 1657985129607.png (18.88 KB, 646x160, Screenshot 2022-07-16 182528.p…)

belle crying stomping the floor rn

No. 229552

Oh wow who could’ve thought a 4chan scrote would say insulting things about a woman doing porn. Just because a moid or someone else has the same nitpicks as you doesn’t make it milk or an interesting gotcha moment. They look for any moment to criticize and insult her for being a whore saying she’s ugly etc meanwhile they’re jerking off and possibly even paying for messages.

No. 229556

Eh, this is somewhat relevant considering she's recently been calling herself a tall queen. She keeps trying to rebrand herself things her simps clearly hate.

No. 229561

Honestly, most women who take care of themselves even a little, there is little demonstrable difference between their appearance at 16 or at 25. If you told me that was a photo of a 15 year old I’d believe it but if told me it was a photo of a 30 year old I would also believe it. Like, she’d look kind of old for 15, kind of young for 30. But neither is a shock. I always thought she was older than she is based off her millenial references and just looking a bit mature facially.

No. 229563

It looks super facetuned but the long midface is a sign this is a grown woman. That lady who used the teen faceapp did a better job of pretending to be a teen.

No. 229565

And you know this how?

No. 229573

You can tell belles depressed fat and seething because shes not posted in a week 10 days, i cant blame her, i would hide in the dark if i looked like that too

No. 229575

>Anons call Joshua John Gray out for producing simulated child porn with his girlfriend and pretending to rape her.
>Anons make fun of him for being fat and call him a fag.
>Anons want his name included because he gets away with things they both do with Belle.
>This anon: You have a crush on him!!

You are retarded, anon. Go read some books before WK'ing a pedo in a dumb way that makes you look like a clown.

No. 229577

She looks like an autistic middle aged woman who had abused plastic surgery.

Tragic jawline.

Even with surgeries, wigs, fillers, heavy ass make-up, filters and absurd angles she looks like a grown ass and tall woman. She tries to look like a kid, though.

No. 229578

Insulting? Kek he just called her tall which she is.

No. 229581

>nonnie salty over being called out for obsessing over belle's bf
>Go read some books
>Doesn't know what the definition of WKing is
I wasn't aware this is a topic about a cow's boyfriend.

No. 229586

File: 1657992113911.gif (7.36 MB, 382x680, 20220716_100205.gif)

(do not post fanart)

No. 229587

why did you edit her eyes smaller

No. 229588

Reported. I hope they ban you forever.

No. 229589

File: 1657992336507.jpg (1.97 MB, 2880x2160, 1657981771470.jpg)

this is the only picture of her with no blurring/smoothing filter i've seen

No. 229590

Begone, pedophile. And read a book.

No. 229591

It is obviously smoothened. Check the photos of her shared by her friends or her podcast for her actual skin.

No. 229592

why are you defending her pimp boyfriend so much? go suck josh shrimp cock somewhere else you skank

No. 229596

I got this from 4chan

No. 229605

These aren't milky. Stop posting.

No. 229614

File: 1658000503155.jpeg (218.54 KB, 640x370, 7E37A844-267F-4B46-8D3F-FD307A…)

No. 229616

too many chemical peels and botox, like most young models now

No. 229617

It has thinned her skin out so much she has no durability or flexibility. She’s going to look like a pudgy bulldog at the age of 32 you watch.

No. 229618

can you sage your dumb shit

No. 229621

Stop being so butthurt, nonnie, and contribute instead. They were on topic talking about the picture posted.

No. 229622

this is what skin looks like. i dont get it.

No. 229623

Thin crepey old lady skin, sure

No. 229627

Nta but she's right, Belle's skin looks normal idgi.

No. 229629

stop nitpicking it's literally normal lol? post your skin then beauty qween

No. 229630

No2currs about your nitpicking. Go back to 4chan.

No. 229631

can we please leave the nitpicking in the last thread? thanks

No. 229632

We have salty nonnies from the last thread that were called out, expect infighting over literally everything til a janny decides to clean it up.

No. 229648

It seems a bit too wrinkly and dull for someone who is only 22 though. That looks more like the skin of someone in their late twenties and older.

No. 229649

Where are her laugh lines though? There's some skin texture but no laugh lines at all?

No. 229650

In her edited pics she could easily pass for late teens imo. IRL she has always looked older. She looks like someone in her late twenties to me because she has more prominent facial features.

No. 229685

Kek you're one of the POC people that thinks your people don't age? We get wrinkles but your faces legit sag so seethe more

No. 229686

Okay chill out anachan

No. 229687

The nitpicking is honestly too much

No. 229701

Wtf are you retards even pointing out? Makeup?

No. 229708

Raging aging cracker identified(racebait )

No. 229709

No1curr about your racial superiority complex twitterfag, nor did we ask what irrelevant shade you are on an anonymous imageboard.

Ignore the retard they want an excuse to unleash their race-bait manifesto, don't give them one.

No. 229714

Some of you anons are blind because that is some very very thin, dehydrated skin on a 22 year old. Skin texture is normal but that is a texture you're more likely to see on an older woman.Another nonna said she's probably doing too many chemical peels and thats exactly what it looks like to me. Poiting this out isn't nitpicking either Jesus some of you act like we can't discuss the cow at all get over yourselves

No. 229716

You cannot tell the skin is thin from this photo. Stop nitpicking this shit already. This isn't milky.

No. 229717

Yes, you can physically see when someone skin is thin and dehydrated. Not sure why this is the hill some of you want to die on maybe drink more water and stop exfoliating so much about it idk

No. 229725

She never laughs because she is depressed and has a miserable life

No. 229734

what skin texture are you talking about? she has fine lines when she smiles/makes expressions but even kids have them

No. 229741

honestly the nitpicking of her long face, skin texture, height, etc. is so stupid. she looks her age- no more no less. some of you in here must be equally delusional when you look in the mirror because apart from the obvious surgery she looks fine in these recent pics.
and it absolutely REEKS of male in this thread.

No. 229745

I swear some of the nitpickers don't know what humans actually look like, while at the same time they complain about the photoshop. it must be the autistic kids on their summer breaks plus men plus the general retardation of belle's threads, but that seems to be her following everywhere so are we surprised

No. 229753

File: 1658054256490.png (481.97 KB, 956x720, 20220717_064112.png)

We are allowed to talk about the cow, and just like the time when you whiteknights were clutching your pearls about the height thing, anons only talk about it because she pedo panders.anons are only talking about her skin because she edits herself to hell and back to look like a child. Her skin IS dehydrated it IS thin from said dehydration, rife with fine lines, and its obvious that many of you summerfag children here have no idea what aging skin truly looks like. Did we strike a nerve? Unless you're the cow herself stop taking shit so personal and go write about your dumb ass feelings in a jourmal or something.What DO you think the point of these threads are? For us to sit around holding hands, while we sing kumbia and talk about awesome these cow are ? Come down to earth and stop being delusional and samefagging yourself.. We ARE going to talk about how haggard and how horse faced and how tall she is because reality is a stark contrast from the fantasy character she depicts. This IS a gossip site. If this thread bothers you so much, log off the internet babes. If reading mean things about beefy belle bothers you so much, stay off /w/ or hell, the entire site for that matter. Nobody is here to coddle you or the people you like. There are subreddits and discord chats where you can talk yourself blue in the face about how awesome belle is and you can all sit there and soak up each others awesomeness.

No. 229785

Says you KEK

No. 229808

you are a retard from pull arent you, its very obvious because none of you braindead morons know how to integrate.

This thread is filled with pull ''sex-workers'' who more so hate belle because they wished they lived her life instead of the fact that belle is a bad person, thats why this thread is filled with so much autism and nitpicking. Just look at the ban evading-editor for example.

No. 229815

anon I posted that pic of her in a bikini and I didn't even realize it was edited cause I found it on 4chan lmao sorry

No. 229817

why does it trigger you so much to point out that white people's skin/face ages faster than other races? it's a literal biological reality. learn to cope retard

No. 229836

File: 1658070693827.jpg (Spoiler Image,160 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20220717_090751_208.jpg)

why did you also edit her face, butthole and vagina anon?

No. 229839

i didn't i literally said i found the edit on 4chan. learn to fucking read retardddd

No. 229841

Stop all the infighting and fake editing ffs. Belle is probably reading this thread laughing, farting and being fed icecream mochi by her fat bf.

No. 229843

because there is someone in here that likes to edit her face all the time to make her look less attractive because they think it's milk

No. 229846

I miss nona who would make funny picrels of belle seething over being ugly/ not a minor

No. 229848

You white knights are more insufferable than people failing to integrate to be honest.

No. 229851

there is someone here here who keeps editing her pictures and tries to pass them of as real and, thats why we they ask retard.

pull literally made a belle server for you sex-worker fatties to sperg about belle, so go there until you learn to integrate.
Telling retards to fuck off and waiting for actual milk does not equal whiteknight, dumbo.

No. 229855

>pull literally made a belle server for you sex-worker fatties
>Assuming quite a lot.
Seems like you got triggered by that statement. If you want to kiss belles ass, sub to her onlyfans and do it directly. This site isn't for that.

No. 229862

are you one of the spergs, how is telling spergs to stop and wait for actual milk mean that i kiss her ass or should sub to her. Like did i interrupt you while you were editing her vagina.

No. 229867

>just say you have a double roast arby down there.
You sound like a moid and that you also just learned the word ''trigger'' yesterday kek.

No. 229872

Yep I have a great life. Good looking bf, parents love me, job I can be proud of, plenty of money, nice house and I’m able to show my face in public and go on holiday without hiding my grinch face in the hotel room. Now can you kindly fuck off and get a life?(no1currs)

No. 229899

maybe instead of calling anons here names that only incels would use go and fix your life you bitter hideous failed e-prostitute/e-girl.

No. 229901

maybe instead of calling anons here names that only incels would use go and fix your life you bitter hideous failed e-prostitute/e-girl.

No. 229905

Lots of projection there, nonnie.

No. 229907

maybe instead of calling anons here names that only incels would use go and fix your life you bitter hideous failed e-prostitute/e-girl.

No. 229920

maybe instead of calling anons here names that only incels would use go and fix your life you bitter hideous failed e-prostitute/e-girl.

No. 229923

>let me just repeat what you said back to you, that will totally make me win this argument

retarded pulltard just stop, but dw you will get banned soon, but it is in pulltard nature to ban evade unfortunately.
Did i hit a nerve or something, are you a failed e-prostutitute.

No. 229925

File: 1658080933896.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3464x3464, C28F8574-42E4-4F58-B580-F4058C…)

Big belles body irl caught on autism-chan’s vlog

Inb4 its not her - same bikini and everything stfu

No. 229927

File: 1658081000613.jpeg (70.78 KB, 828x579, 9AFA1A62-E5C5-4674-863C-F2A998…)

Big belle standing next to kai winter who is 6ft

No. 229928

She looks fine. You're nitpicking contours based on where the sun is hitting.

No. 229931

I swear some of you just nitpick for the sake of it, this is literally just normal.

No. 229934

I would just love to know what her manlets would think of their loli-idoru belle delphinedesu being a strapping 5 ft 10

No. 229935

shock horror, a normal female body. this thread reeks of scrote.

No. 229936

Belle/Josh trying to get thread locked or trying to make these threads less reliable after her nipple slip up.

I also find it hard to believe that an anon posts an edited photo of Belle and right after that another anon tries to find the same OnlyFans photo without the edits and succeeds. This derailing has been going on for a while now, right after the nipple slip-up was ridiculed on 4chan.

No. 229937

File: 1658081798234.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.02 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20220717_121439_248.jpg)

really seems like you are obsessed with editing her vagina and asshole a little too much

No. 229940

I don't care about her fat belly. I find it hilarious that an e-thot includes Belle in her video yet she still can't show her face because of Belle's reputation and fear of being seen without filters. Imagine not being able to show your face in the video of a girl that has the same "job" as you. That's a sad and shameful life and they are all aware of it.

No. 229946

there is a scrote here who called someone a roastie as a insult, so yeah there are males here.

No. 229953

yup youre definitely a male. Cant larp as a woman to save your life.

No. 229956

aren't you the one editing Belle's vagina to look like an arbys roast, but also get offended when you got called out "roastie chan"

sounds like you are projecting your insecurities into editing belle's pic to look like your roastie

No. 229958

you are making it seem like a girl can't call another girl a "roastie" sorry some girls aren't born with an arbys roast anon

No. 229963

File: 1658085576453.gif (6.83 MB, 480x360, E992BD83-8AF5-4E98-8F6A-47A239…)

No. 229970

Someones been eating too many icecream mochis(sage)

No. 229990


The milk isn't her painfully average body, it's that it looks nothing like the photoshopped version she claims it is online. Stop feeling attacked because you relate to belle, it's not about you.

No. 229991

It just shows again and again how much she edits her "Belle Delphine" pics

No. 229996

File: 1658090719888.png (3.16 MB, 2305x1240, Titelloses 33_20220717234348.p…)

No. 230007

I'm not gonna lie this is fucking mean

No. 230008

She looks so pasty and skinny fat.Too many crisp sandwiches on white bread.

No. 230014

I know she doesn't look like a teenager and I know she photoshops herself to look like one. When is she going to start using the faceapp teen filter like coconutkitty?

No. 230016

Because you can see her real body on the right side…? I mean, come on everyone knows or should how much most influencer abuse Photoshop.
It's 'mean' of them to encourage/normalize fake images on Instagram

No. 230027

idgi? what's wrong with this?

No. 230028


Stop samefagging you retarded scrote failure and what the are you talking about i was literally calling out the autistic editor who does that, seems like you are brain-damaged but thats just your genetics otherwise you wouldnt be fapping to filtered pedobait.
Go back to 4chan pol.

No. 230032

honestly anon her body on right looks way better to me but that's just me

No. 230034

Interesting, I thought she was skinny yet broad. It's not a bad thing to be chubby though. It's not really milky.

No. 230035

This is the average body of a thin white woman, why is everyone so angry about her body? Ana-Chans and gay faggotshave united to shit on her. She has done really shitty stuff but nitpicking her normal body isn't helping anyone.

No. 230049

ffs can the edit anon get banned already. this thread is getting clogged up with fake pics and nitpicking.

No. 230058

File: 1658103893867.jpg (12.32 KB, 317x267, 6feb2225c4efab2618f1ba79c2b3d4…)

Kek the whiteknight is in meta again crying to autosage the thread again. Some jokes write themselves

No. 230080

cracking up at this

No. 230094

File: 1658114149739.jpg (155.86 KB, 1080x1203, Nbmmbvcfh.jpg)

No. 230096

File: 1658115712962.jpg (1.1 MB, 3826x4094, 20220708_101335.jpg)


No. 230097

This is kind of based, actually. She should continue taking money from idiotic, seething men. Many of them will sit in this thread posting wojacks and talking shit, but at the end of the day, they're still going to crawl back to her.
When you make that level of money, you literally don't have to have an anachan body. Whatever the fuck British people eat, may she enjoy

No. 230099

File: 1658115999631.jpg (103.49 KB, 1080x605, 20220717_234819.jpg)

Deleting and reposting…taking a page right out belles book lol

No. 230100

>being confused that people delete and repost to add extra thoughts
Newfag detected. Are you upset you can't repost Wojaks?

No. 230103

Nobodys confused kek your extra thoughts are stupid go suck belles ass somewhere else

No. 230105

I'm not the one subscribed to her OF, moid

No. 230109

Take your meds im not a moid and im not subbed to her OF kek you're retarded for whiteknighting her so hard

No. 230110

You right now >>230096

No. 230111

imagine thinking spreading your legs like belle has been reduced to + having to photoshop yourself into a child and stuff gummy candies in your hole is based lol

No. 230112

It's not, it's the opposite, but extracting this much rage from bitter men and trannies is commendable

No. 230113

Are you retarded? you must not comprehend the meme you tagged kek

No. 230114

>nooo it's not what the meme means
Sad kek

No. 230115

I'm honestly convinced some of the failed e-prostitutes/e-girls are troons. Wasn't there one actual tranny from Reddit who cosplayed as her? The incel speak and hatred for women in general just reads "gay failed XY"

No. 230117

Retard confirmed. Anyway>>229996 its pathetic that she has to hide herself on vacation because she's too scared of shattering the false image she's made for herself online

No. 230118

Autism personified.

No. 230119

Do you just come here to whiteknight belle, derail, and infight? Kek you sure are very invested

No. 230121

It sounds like you're projecting more than a little bit, no one's whiteknighting for pointing out the cancer in these threads

No. 230122

File: 1658119279525.jpg (119.06 KB, 935x462, Screenshot_20220718.jpg)

No. 230123

File: 1658119320465.jpg (351.04 KB, 1078x684, 1606530008281.jpg)


No. 230124

Again, autism personified kek. Must've had the tab open for quite a while(infighting)

No. 230143

To be fair, Belle's vag is a weird thing to sperg about for a person with their own. It's not milk and nobody cares. Some people's just look like that.

No. 230144

Either a faggot who's jealous or a AGP that's again, jealous he will never have a "roastbeef". She doesn't look like a child like in her pictures but she's still conventionally pretty and she has a good body. Her issues are the way she got into the sector even though it'd follow her for life and continued to appeal to pedo incels. Ignoring her issues and talking about how she has a bit of a tummy that all biological women do or how she dares to have a pussy does really make those anons sound male.

No. 230145

I think people only talk about it because she tried to cover it up and hide it for the longest, because she knows the audience she panders to. Also its fine/normal for a grown woman to be more lippy than others sometimes and only funny because she tries to make herself look like a child.

No. 230150

Don’t lie. Don’t project. You’re the one lurking and refreshing 24/7 as if you’re personally invested in the pedo pandering giantess and then crying to /meta/ trying to get the thread locked. Get a life.

No. 230152

can you start a livejournal for your blog, you spongebob posting twitter faggot.

No. 230154

She is not pretty but that is not milky either way. Stop derailing and baiting.

No. 230165

File: 1658134729607.jpg (513.59 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20220718-095045_Gal…)

found this on one of her friends insta stories.

No. 230167

KEK more like your own camera role.
Belle might not be pretty but she certainly mogs those two fat little goblins.

No. 230169

I see 3 equally busted whores

No. 230171

File: 1658136585888.png (605.94 KB, 1252x664, Belle.png)

And weirdly wide shoulders, that's 100% Belle. I wonder if Pixie wanted to hide her or it was Belle who asked for it because of her insecurities.

No. 230172

This is tragic

No. 230174

Did you edit Belle's eyes smaller and nose/teeth bigger? Didn't see the original photo but she kind of looks different here.

No. 230176

File: 1658137483782.jpg (98.92 KB, 405x546, 75435789.jpg)

Reminds me of picrel

No. 230177

Not every photo is edited by anons here. It’s just the filter and makeup and also probably her own editing. She seems the type not to let people post photos unless she’s edited them first.

No. 230178

Seems fine to me quit nitpicking

No. 230179

It's just butthurt whiteknight and Josh lovers bitching. You can literally post a picture directly from Belle's OF/Socials and they'll accuse you of editing.

No. 230180

Its from magickodaly's ig story.

No. 230185

Kek imagine being so paranoid of your real face you think even the pictures you posted yourself have been sabotaged by other people. Must be a sad, anxiety inducing way to live life

No. 230187

File: 1658139113024.jpg (93.34 KB, 466x944, 20220718_061535.jpg)

No. 230189

We are supposed to be jealous of this person who is clearly severely mentally ill with crippling body dysmorphia. And an ugly bf.

No. 230190

File: 1658139421536.jpg (5.41 MB, 4096x4096, 2626829283.jpg)

No. 230192

File: 1658140177886.jpg (510.08 KB, 774x769, Screenshot_20220718-063254_Gal…)

Its her

No. 230195

why does she look so different here??
i swear belle is posting these pics to just fuck with us

No. 230197

This is literally a normal average body retard

No. 230198

Its not the fact that this isba painfully average body, its that it looks completely different from what she edits and uploads herself

No. 230200

File: 1658144830679.jpeg (46.04 KB, 697x440, FF790B16-6551-4FAB-8A50-24057A…)

she looks like that one alien from Men in Black

No. 230202

Is she autistic?

No. 230203

Have you never seen a woman irl or something??? Genuine question. I swear, this thread and the Taylor one can rarely focus on actual milk. It's just nitpicking on regular things?? Which is confusing. Are you going to post about how she has 10 toes next or what

No. 230205

Wide lass.

No. 230207

Boohoo go cry about it in meta

No. 230218

File: 1658149802929.png (1.31 MB, 1156x952, 1551616335046.png)

She has this duck with her in a few old photos for some reason.

>belle got a chest infection on her holiday
Post proof or stfu

No. 230220

Damn now other anons have me curious too, I really wonder how far back these two go…. belle is only 22 and josh is in his fucking 30s (and can't fuck to save his life)

No. 230221

Kill yourself.

No. 230222

I stg theres so many pics where belle is sporting a giant herpes sore on her lip kek

No. 230224

I wonder if Belle has even one friend who isn't a sex worker.

No. 230225

Where is this photo from?

No. 230226

Her bleeding herpes though, yikes! Remember when she didn't have a single photo without the disgusting bleeding lips?

No. 230228

A friend of hers

No. 230229

Her average womanly body is nice. The fact she hides it to larp as a teen is pathetic.

No. 230230

Her belly looks weird. I don't know why you keep calling it "average" though.

No. 230231

File: 1658154219903.jpg (358.67 KB, 996x1722, Ducky.jpg)

It's an inside joke, I wonder what that Ducky means for these sex workers though.

No. 230232

There was an anon many threads ago, who I obviously suspected was a close friend/frienemy of hers, who said she rents the mansion to a bunch of sex workers (which seems to check out) and Josh manages most of their onlyfans/content

No. 230233


The milk isn't her bloated stomach, it's that she photoshoos herself to the point where she's unrecognizable in public. Nonas in this thread are just feeling personally attack because their bodies look the same.

No. 230234

Serial killer vibes from some of those drawings
>said she rents the mansion to a bunch of sex workers (which seems to check out) and Josh manages most of their onlyfans/content
This makes a lot of sense considering that house and grounds are huge for 2 NEETs, and the kneejerk denial in the thread whenever anyone points out the obvious that a lot of/all of her content is directed, filmed, photographed or written by a scrote.
Weird how people can accept a pop singer doesn't write her songs or an actress doesn't write her lines, yet people deny that a sexworker might not generate all her ideas and content organically.

No. 230242

File: 1658156700153.jpg (4.07 MB, 4096x3072, 73625272892.jpg)

Pixie and Maureen live with her
i suspect emicat does too…
Perhaps all the sex workers that were on the Barcelona trip in general

No. 230243

File: 1658157084002.jpg (112.69 KB, 362x1033, 20220718_111502.jpg)

No. 230244

can you stop saying the same thing over and over again. it's not milk when we all know how much she photoshops already

No. 230247

So the house she showed off and got doxxed actually belongs to like 10 sex workers?

No. 230249

The whiteknight is very devoted aren't they? Lol

No. 230253


Especially when you consider that when Belle was a teen, she was proud of not having gone naked for her content and talking about how she can have a normal family life because she never did actual porn. Now she lost her dignity and any other career options permanently after going fully naked and doing (failed) porn. She was obviously encouraged to make porn by her ugly boyfriend. I don't care she ruined her life though, she is a disgusting pedophile herself who deserved it.

No. 230258

Can YOU stop saying the same thing over and over again? Go cry about it to /meta/. Or whinge about it on “real opinion of cows”

No. 230259

They’re all too skint to afford their own houses kek.

No. 230260

Cute! Love the matching herpes sores

No. 230261

belle looks like her breath stinks of shit

No. 230263

She probably eats Josh’s poorly wiped asshole

No. 230265

File: 1658162345409.jpeg (489.48 KB, 1170x2322, 1652491398960.jpeg)

Josh really got fat by pimping his girlfriend.

No. 230268

Why cant this tubby cunt buy some clothes that actually fit? He looks like an overcooked sausage bursting out of his casing.
Also he’s just one of those guys who you know has a chode just by looking at him. Clearly this is accurate because ive seen his pathetic excuse for a cock and not only is it a chode it’s crooked and lopsided, just like it’s owner.
I’m pretty sure he’s autistic or dyspraxia too because he moves so fucking weirdly and who stands like this? Looks like Halloween at the special needs group home.

No. 230269

Kai is the only one looking human in that group

No. 230270

What is she doing here?

No. 230271

File: 1658163591021.jpg (Spoiler Image,529.1 KB, 1920x1080, 163683890.jpg)

No. 230272

File: 1658163698608.jpg (Spoiler Image,669.47 KB, 1920x1080, 163644701.jpg)

No. 230273

what even is that?cum?

No. 230275

Whatever lube shit in the purple bottle she is rubbing all over her ass

No. 230277

She really has a bad sense of style. Like if she's not directly trying to cosplay as an existing thing, like a child in pajamas or a cartoon character, her shit is just all over the place. Like big dark frame glasses, programmer socks, fake tattoos, dirty white trainers, and some kind of thin, ribbon lingerie? For a BDSM thing? So the theme is a gawky troon with Lisa Loeb glasses doing bondage in a dank basement? Just bizarre. I know the scrotes she makes the content for don't give a shit and it all is the same to them, but you'd think a woman with any interest in her own image or even just "being sexy" would give a little more thought to theming or styling? Maybe she really is on the spectrum.

No. 230280

Is she autistic?

No. 230283

Actually haven't seen that anachan in a while, hopefully she got a life or a job kek.

No. 230284

Yes, this has been confirmed by her social media posts.

No. 230286

Kai looks like a sewer rat

No. 230291

File: 1658166602579.jpeg (689.31 KB, 864x890, BA1872D1-30AB-4701-809F-47124D…)

this was so funny to me from their forest kidnapping weird roleplay thing. the face shes making lmao.

No. 230292

Vagina isn't the outside, only a male would refer to someone's labia as vagina. You should definetly consider dick lengthening surgery for yourself.

No. 230293

No. 230294

How is that thread even allowed kek I thought this was lolcow, a place to watch cows, not myproana dot com

No. 230297

No. 230299

I love how we have retards so desperate to whiteknight Belle they resort to dumb shit like this:
No one says technical terms in casual talk unless they're being retarded (you).
>You should definetly consider dick
"Ahem, no one calls it a dick, you would call it a penis or the part you're referring to, corpus cavernosum." See how dumb you sound?

No. 230301

>>230291 I think >>230271 is funnier tbh

No. 230307

She looks like someones granny trying to lather up in the shower
I think she has to be, she shows so many typical autism behaviours and all her friends (emi, bella etc) are always screaming about how autistic and special they are

No. 230312

"Little face" lmfao
Her face is bigger than yours, Josh.

No. 230314

apparently she hyped up a 36 minute “hardcore bdsm” porn video just to not post, released a painfully boring 3 minute clip of nothing she promised, and this was the aftermath in a belle dedicated telegram.

No. 230315

File: 1658170114891.jpeg (2.01 MB, 4000x4000, 673EEE3C-CB07-4B85-821A-6C1930…)

No. 230318

This is why I hate that people support e-thots. She's almost momokun levels of being deceptive. She's sincerely trying to back out of her "I need to do actual porn" phase she got walled into because she got caught having a bf after trying to hide the idiot for so many years.

No. 230320

File: 1658171532844.jpeg (486.4 KB, 728x640, CCE0272C-45A9-4AA7-80E1-C4CC50…)

>She looks like someones granny trying to lather up in the shower

No. 230321

They mention she had lied before/She lies a lot. What milk did we miss?

No. 230322

What was her excuse to not to post the whole video?

No. 230324

These men are at the bottom of the society paying for OF thots for their sexual needs and thinking they have bonds with e-girls who are unrecognizable with filters. They are ugly no-lifers with porn addiction and most probably no social life. It should be incredibly hard to disappoint such scrotes. Imagine revolving your life around trying to please such nobodies, destroying your dignity and future and they still say these shit to you.

No. 230326

I love how dumb she is with her excuses for hiatus breaks. "I got arrested lol", "I broke my arm filming a video", "I got stalked and got death threats on 4ch" and now "I got sunburnt".

Nothing she types online has any truth to it.

No. 230328

File: 1658173344517.jpeg (228.83 KB, 1024x569, Joshua John Gray.jpeg)

It's insane how much they changed in a few years.

Also, they have the "Ducky" here too. I think Belle just brings it with her to everywhere and dresses it up. Or maybe it's Josh doing it. Hard to tell since Belle can't leave the house without her boyfriend.

No. 230330

File: 1658173699359.jpg (133.45 KB, 1117x290, Ducky.jpg)

NGL it's cute and interesting. I wonder if Belle makes the tiny clothes.

No. 230332

Why did you edit Ducky's beak bigger?

No. 230333

It looks really manky like she’s had it since she was a child.

No. 230335

To be honest, this kind of humanized her for me.

No. 230337

It’s a pathetic ploy for attention because she can’t accept the fact that she’s an adult and she has no real personality. Taking her childhood toy around with her that looks like it’s 20 years old and been washed twice?

No. 230339

Maybe it's a gift from her father?

No. 230340

Is it? You seem like you know her very well…

No. 230342

honestly, that's cute but I feel like they probably sexualize it cause they're into ddlg…

josh's chode probably gets hard from seeing belle carrying that old duck plushie around

No. 230343

exactly, she sexualizes generic childhoods in her porn, easy to believe she sexualizes her own in her personal life.

No. 230344

honestly i hope she's okay, it does seem like she's on drugs or having a manic episode with this recent erratic behaviour..

No. 230345

He shouldn't wear a mask for porn he actually looks like a rpist.

No. 230349

This shit look like it was edited on power point i'm laughing my ass off

No. 230351

imagine calling this creature on the right daddy…
he is the most British looking fag I've seen and there is something incredibly homosexual about the way he purses his lips together.

No. 230352

She's never put in a lot of effort, but these weird powerpoint slides she's releasing are on another level. Like I'm sure scrotes would prefer a 30sec video of actual sexy motion that she could still pose and edit, versus whatever this shit is.

No. 230354

She's not into weightlifting or fitness, so this is what a normal skinnyfat body looks like.
At least some of those popular twitch girls are actually really fit afaik

No. 230361

A few years ago she lied about her nudes/ used someone elses nudes
I think this content is because of laziness and she knows her scrotes will still pay.
Seems like Belle must be very walled in mentally with body dysmorphia because the only evidence of her existence nowadays seems to be specific approved photos from snow app.

No. 230362

File: 1658179158276.jpeg (139.82 KB, 602x602, 1657786261907.jpeg)

He thinks he is hot KEK

No. 230363

File: 1658179234791.png (3.2 MB, 1792x828, AFE8383A-F912-4267-85DB-8F585D…)

Belle brought the duck on holiday too… either shes autistic or shes trying to be a manic pixie dream girl who carries a toy duck everywhere

No. 230364

He gives bi vibes. I bet hes a starfish too

No. 230366

Where is this from?

No. 230367

File: 1658180871862.png (138.63 KB, 583x428, 1658103761673.png)

Moids are so pathetic holy fuck they're now seething about her content being mid after they literally made her millonaire based on pure mid nudes just because they're obsessed pedo coomers that cannot let their pedobait e-girl go i genuinely hope they all go broke

No. 230370

>shes trying to be a manic pixie dream girl who carries a toy duck everywhere
It’s this. It’s a personality crutch. A really shallow and disingenuous one too. Also autopaedophillia.
She posted something not long ago about how when she’s going home in a taxi after a night out she listens to the RuneScape theme or some shit because it reminds her of a happy time in her life when she was 12. She just wants to be a child forever which is peak /snow/cow behaviour.

No. 230374

How? Pretty sure all anon is doing is evidence of belle's editing not bodyshaming, not sure why half the anons here are mad isnt this what the past threads were about?
This. Ironic the anon who calls you a retard is the triggered retard here.

No. 230375

I don't know or really care to learn belle lore but did she get herpes from josh? and is he her first boyfriend because I can't imagine getting herps from your first boyfriend.

No. 230378

File: 1658183872129.jpeg (79.01 KB, 564x279, 196BE9E0-BE69-4862-8401-13F8B5…)

She fumbled the bag doing porn and I’m convinced it’s all Josh’s bullshitting. “You’ll make millions off of porn and then I’ll invest it all in crypto!! We will be set for life!!!” But then they chickened out once everyone laughed at their pathetic performance, and I’m sure Josh fumbled the bag with the crypto just like so many others who are less retarded and more financially savvy than this hunchback of notre dame looking fucker, and after blowing through all of their money with rapemobils, Aliexpress home decor and botched surgery, they both went into hiding. Belle in her menagerie of faux-child/adolescent bedrooms, Josh doing whatever Scrote shit keeps him occupied. I think their relationship is deeply co dependant. She has thrown everything away for him, he parasites off of her pitiful internet “fame” and “image” (which is not only intended to appeal to the very worst of society and the epitome of sexual deviancy, but is also a filtered mirage and a farce). I wonder does she resent him at all? Is she too stupid to see it or is she just too ashamed and codependent to leave? Admit that she made a terrible decision? All of this for a meagre chode.

No. 230380

Vagina which is the term you used, is also a technical term, pussy is equivalent to the outside in a more casual manner like dick is. Anyways you should seriously consider taking a break from nitpicking young women and saving up for surgery. No one will love a tiny dick porn addict.

No. 230381

i'd argue this is more depressing than cow behaviour

No. 230382

damn she's chubspo, my legs and frame currently look like that so i would know. She should really lay down the carbs and diet like the rest of us.

No. 230383


Should I be worried I have the same body type at 34 or am I just getting a dose of ana chan mentality

No. 230384

Her body is fine she’s just rather on the skinnyfat side, just like most women. She’s look much better if she did some proper exercise but it’s not necessary. Will you stop getting butthurt about it now?

No. 230385

you're getting ana-chan mentality, hag.

No. 230386

we get it you're fat or your body looks like hers (chubby/high end average) so you feel attacked nonna. She isn't a fatty but she's definitely not close to thin. It's moreso funny because she makes people think she's tiny and waif like when IRL she's average as hell

No. 230388

Is it more depressing than being a junkie with rotting teeth and a rotting arm and drinking piss that looks like egg yolk? Is it more depressing than having a physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive parasocial relationship with your mother? Is it more depressing than being a bodychecking anachan on deaths door or a body positive obese queen also on deaths door? A grown woman attention seeking isn’t that depressing and a lot of women don’t have dads in their life.

No. 230389

You're just attracted to him.
Jealous-chan, the issue isn't her content "being mid", it's that she lied about what she was hyping up. Sage your retardedness next time.

No. 230390

You call 30 year olds hags then piss and cry when we point out that she has done too many chemical peels and fucked up her skin?

No. 230391

is she edited by edit anon there? she looks like a 30 something housewife it's jarring

No. 230393

Why are you so hell bent on thinking someone edited her? These are being pulled directly from her (and friend's) socials.

No. 230394

Why do you accuse people of being attracted to Josh? Especially when they mock him on lolcow.farm?? You are genuinely retarded. Piss off, pedo. Defend this 30 year old fugly man leeching on his girlfriend on reddit and take a shower.

Exactly. She is skinny but she has fat on her belly and she has wide shoulders, so she doesn't look petite at all. That's normal, editing herself to look completely different is not.

No. 230395

Pubic hair o'sullivan looks like a bootleg Jesse Pinkman with hair. The both of them look like total white trailer trash

No. 230396

>Why do you accuse people of being attracted to Josh?
>Proceeds to make accusations and sperg.
Touched a nerve there, nonnie?

No. 230397

Why are you so mad

No. 230398

That's just how she normally looks, anon.

No. 230399

because we had an anon constantly editing her uglier in the previous thread you silly goose.
Too bad, she used to be pretty cute but she's not aging well at all with everything she puts her face through. I wonder if she even uses sunscreen daily

No. 230400

File: 1658185847332.jpeg (64.66 KB, 780x438, ACFBE2FB-C0AE-4838-9877-A527D3…)

>you’re just attracted to him!!!

No. 230401

File: 1658185956850.jpeg (56.66 KB, 432x560, 413B413B-93F1-4243-93C5-7F8F5A…)

>she used to be pretty cute!!!

No. 230402

She shouldn't have gotten those implants

No. 230403

I'm pretty sure comparing these 2 post, (230394) is the one mad. Take the infighting elsewhere.
I mean, she's nothing special but nothing horrendous either.

No. 230405

No one asked though, stop derailing.

No. 230406

I wonder if those sex workers still stalk this thread and seethe over getting called ugly. Kai still mentions here time to time.

No. 230439

What do you mean it was belle who kept uploading the wrong pictures, deleting them, then reuploading the ones she preferred

No. 230443

yeah welcome to belle when she cannnot SNOW app filter and photoshop her photos lol.

No. 230461

Honestly, that telegram probably produces more milk than lolcow since everything there is sourced directly from her onlyfans and out of the grubby hands of faneditors. Ironically, her obsessors are usually the quickest to point out her bullshit/lies and edit mishaps faster than we do.
Her last minute excuse was that it was too “bdsm” for onlyfans after a month of hyping it up and promising a trailer/full video. You’d think she’d learn the TOS since the gummyworm set removal. Frankly, it was pretty scammy and not a good look, especially when there are plenty of avenues to release it even so.
You’re both correct. It is true there was an anon in the last thread fanediting her pictures, as if she wasn’t already fake enough; However, you can fault Belle completely for the photoshop fails and sloppily posting both edited and unedited versions of the same photo by accident.

No. 230465

Take your meds

No. 230485

>a post about belle delphine in a belle delphine thread is derailing

No. 230494

Starving yourself when you're that ducking old kills you, dumb hag. That's why ana-chans mysteriously get worse when they're 30+ even if they started recently. Take a break from this website and whatever ana-chan echochamber you participate in.

No. 230529

Nta but stfu already

No. 230543

Anon omg good shit lol

No. 230550

File: 1658231156705.jpeg (612.29 KB, 3464x3464, 5281C188-940C-40C2-9D37-4C6DF4…)

If anyones interested i found the perfume belle uses to smell like playdough/ my little ponies. she uses 2 body mists and layers, theyre the strawberry and vanilla body mist from the uk brand ‘Bodyshop’

No. 230555

I'm buying these right now so I can emulate that playdoh smell, thank you nonnie

No. 230560

Thank you nonnie! This is valuable info. Now I can smell just like my idol, the bathwater pedo panderer.

No. 230567

Wtf, is this a form of advertising?

No. 230574

Bodyshop has upped their marketing game KEK

No. 230595

Why would we care about this and how do you know this, anon?

No. 230599

When the posters in this thread are just as psychotic as belle, match made in heaven

No. 230605

Top kek

No. 230608

her doing porn , bad one, basically destroyed the fantasies of a lot of men who thought she'd be this kawaii top tier sex goddess. Instant turnoff
Goes to show yet again that just because a girl is cute, or perceived as cute/good looking, that doesn't mean she'll be good in bed

No. 230631

She just has like zero sex appeal, scrotes have even mentioned this in podcasts.

No. 230632

That perfume is way too cheap for belle, she probably uses like marc jacobs daisy or ariana grande cloud

No. 230635

Belle is cheap as fuck, she shops from Aliexpress and Amazon. If she were to use expensive perfume, it would be a knockoff kek(learn2sage)

No. 230639

File: 1658254179172.jpg (108.03 KB, 890x859, 20220719_141239.jpg)

Anon in a previous thread was saying its christian dior. probably one of the SWers that live with her posted it kek

No. 230674

File: 1658261600969.jpeg (232.94 KB, 921x1009, F12E3673-F93D-4371-B25F-40AC1E…)

Bill enjoying a crisp sandwich

No. 230685

That pic legit?

Looks so weirdly fake and uncanny-valley like…

No. 230696

obviously not

No. 230699

File: 1658265562456.jpeg (37.3 KB, 828x291, 66E1720E-A52E-43F7-92A0-2D87D2…)

Belle tweeted about having siblings in 2012, the account is definitely hers as she posted selfies on there

No. 230703

Its so funny that the mansion she loves to brag about isn't even completely owned by her and she has to split the expenses with a bunch of other e sluts

No. 230718

she has a sister

No. 230725

Older or younger sister?

No. 230726

No, she doesn't. The pedophilic barely 18 sister stunt was debunked the day she came out with photos of her "sister"

It was proven to be one of her IRL's named Katie, going under a fake name "Connie Delphine" and pretending to be 18 when she's 22. The fake photos of her sister are just heavily edited pictures of Belle's friend.

On Belle's fathers Facebook, there is a photo of a young boy from like 10 years ago who has similar features to Belle. She probably has a younger brother, but that's all that we've seen of her family.

I would add photos of Belle's friend next to Connie and some of the proof of the two being the same person, but I'm not sure if it's against the rules. Everything is public information and anyone could find these IRL photos on legit anything

No. 230744


No. 230750

her selective Doritos chin edits are great

No. 230754

How much do you all bet that she is going to use her fake sister for a cringey act about her doing incest porn so people talk about her again

No. 230772

dont give her any ideas

No. 230775

File: 1658274215942.jpg (195.79 KB, 437x592, KT01.jpg)


No. 230783

File: 1658276649852.jpg (364.71 KB, 1080x1920, 20220719_202647.jpg)

The cats that live at belles house have a tiktok and im not surprised to say her house is generally pretty filthy

No. 230790

wow this account has a lot of her old pics but theyre from when she was 13 so idk if i wanna post them here.

No. 230796

File: 1658281847775.jpg (2.79 MB, 3072x4096, Kek.jpg)

No. 230797

File: 1658281917305.jpg (85.09 KB, 594x913, IMG_20220720_034423_598.jpg)

No. 230800

Damn, that's one boring update from 2019 4chan's favorite memequeen. Admiring somebody's goofy ass front door is very old ladyish, as is wearing a watch to track your steps. Funny to imagine that Belle's actual personality is quite dowdy and twee. Again a sign of possible autism kek but likelier this is some weird sex thing that we won't understand because we're not perverted scrotes. Like the muddy shoes or some shit.

No. 230810

she edited this to the point of her legs looking like ps2 graphics lmao

No. 230816

There's a hard shadow, not really seeing the edit tbh either.

No. 230817

Meant to sage but put it in the wrong box, my bad.

No. 230820

all of that money and she still isn't happy. let that be a lesson to you nonnies, family and self respect >>> wealth - although if you have both and the money isn't from scamming people (coughcough) consider yourself lucky.

No. 230822

This isn't Belle anon

No. 230824

File: 1658296340478.jpg (901.23 KB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20220720-015611_Twi…)

Are you retarded

No. 230826

File: 1658297441065.jpeg (31.11 KB, 828x212, 5ACAFB2D-6D16-48BF-AAA2-BB2D34…)

Its def belle, reading these tweets actually humanises her for me

No. 230829

Belles actually a very tidy person, i could imagine all the SW rats making the place a tip and belle seething and cleaning up after them

No. 230830

None of them live together, nonnie.. you're either belle trying to hide where she lives or just plain retarded. Belle lives in the large white house and pixie lives in her old house.

No. 230842

Don't post underage photos of Belle. Wtf

No. 230845

Its not the first time they've been posted anon quut clutching your pearls

No. 230848

Shut the fuck up.

No. 230856

the bar is in hell

No. 230857

From every one of these diary entries or OF updates I've seen I can't tell if she is pretending to be retarded or is legitimately retarded. She is so fucking boring she is posting about pedometers and doors on her porn account. She is the most empty headed neet I've seen.

No. 230860

i can't even put words to how obscurely she describes things, like she's trying to exude the image of being a dainty little moron.

No. 230868

She's using her OF like a diary like Venus also does now, sad that zero of her repulsive subs want to or will read that but, part of her obviously still wants to be a normal person who people engage with outside of sex shit.

No. 230876

File: 1658316558392.jpeg (272.6 KB, 640x838, E527FC13-CAEA-4874-AD74-625CFE…)

Look at the size of that gut

No. 230885

File: 1658325062186.jpg (62.08 KB, 796x772, IMG_6458.jpg)

Her face is suuuper bloated
Ig it's all the fillers adding up

No. 230886

Serving chubby Tesco cashier realness.

No. 230887

This actually makes her seem quite sweet. I wish I could fix her.

No. 230888

Could it also be alcohol bloat?

No. 230889

why are her braces gone?

No. 230891

Cuz they were fake and she wore them only to partly appease her coomer-fans, partly to cope with her body-dysmorphia induced fear of being old

No. 230894

File: 1658326582976.jpg (114.89 KB, 1080x1787, 20220720_081404.jpg)

No. 230896

Yeah it pretty much confirms (oh such a surprise) her wearing fake braces

No. 230897

File: 1658326856274.png (1.94 MB, 1280x960, unknown-10.png)

No. 230901


Bruh… whats the shoop and whats legit? Or maybe both bs?

No. 230904

its a filter anon use "remini app" it basically removes anything that looks blurry or far away and enhance the quality

No. 230906

something is off with this picture..

No. 230913

File: 1658328558039.jpg (159.33 KB, 715x1270, 1658264853725.jpg)

No. 230914

It's an edit from one of our resident editfag anons

No. 230928

i think her fillers are starting to migrate, they're becoming apparent in several places

No. 230942

to be fair remini does clear up photos and by chance took out the braces as an object needing removing. Other than that it looks exactly as what can be mostly seen w/o using that application

No. 230946

Those shoulders though

No. 230950

I dont get the anon editing photos accusation. I follow the mickey deer thread and the app filters are pretty extreme, i dunno why some here are so adamant that any picture where she doesnt look like her posted pictures is somehow an edit?

No. 230953

Because the suspicious ones are cropped and don't show the full picture from her onlyfans. I understand it but I don't think it's been happening in every case

No. 230956

initially the anon was blurring out the watermark for the leak page, on that same leak page were the original photos.

No. 230959

Her eyelashes have been removed in this picture by some app. I imagine it may be one of those de-makeup apps that scrotes loved using as a gotcha against women a few years ago. You can see in the photos from the same outfit here that she has big fake lashes on. >>230897

this weird anon editing is so dumb. Most people here don't like Belle but this thread looks really retarded, jealous and pedantic because of these edits.

No. 230962

Its so disgusting how she wears school uniform-esque stuff to make nsfw content, shes sick

No. 230965

Just shows how normalised this shit is in our culture that all her friends, boyfriend and everyone are all okay with it
- i expect thats why all her friends are autistic because the normal people realised how sick shes being

No. 230972

You..you do know that's because people who leak content tend to remove that kinda stuff, right?
People want to whiteknight the cow.

No. 230980

>that kinda stuff
You mean the watermark? Sure. Everything except the face? No, because that isn't what people who leak her content tend to do lol

No. 230983

Considering the leaked content, I've never seen anyone purposefully edit her pics. Like, ever. I know we're not her targeted simps but there's 0 reason to edit her pictures more than she already does and 99% of her photos are edited by her (or her bf I guess.) Though I guess at the end of the day people who are fapping to her isn't looking at her face anyway.

No. 230987

can we see the original photo she posted?
I have the same (bulky) upper body neck and shoulders structure and I gasped, I never thought her physique is this 'strong'.

No. 230989

It's from a video

No. 230992

Then post it. Post something that isn't cropped and clearly posting just for nitpicks sake.

No. 230993

They're moids, they get upset and offended about everything quite easily, it's not that complicated.

No. 231002

Wrong thread?

No. 231011

The bar is in hell

No. 231031

File: 1658347979809.jpeg (141.08 KB, 1656x902, 87A1E384-5B20-43F7-933F-EFD3B1…)

I’m not same anon, but I ran what I saw of the video through remini and this is what I got. Idk how to attach a video here unfortunately.

No. 231034

But there's edited shit in this very thread?


Look at these pictures vs what they're replying to

No. 231037

Can you post the same cap but the original?

No. 231038

She looks like she might have a tad heatstroke here, all red and swollen.

No. 231040

File: 1658348608732.jpeg (248.55 KB, 828x451, E6990258-1E06-4290-8EC0-7C6E45…)

I think this is the one. I took like three caps lol

No. 231042

So she’s not wearing her fake braces anyway? It looks exactly the same as the original to me but then I am on a phone kek.

No. 231043

So >>231040 is the blurry original from her Onlyfans…

And >>231031 is what the A.I enhances it into?

If so she legit pulled a BadBunny. Guess we know why she´s so paranoid about being filmed.

No. 231045

File: 1658350177739.jpg (432.92 KB, 1280x960, 8765432345667.jpg)

No. 231050

File: 1658353894294.jpeg (966.13 KB, 3464x3464, AA273461-21DD-4AEA-95B3-FB2F44…)

Lol You can buy her phone number on 192.com for £15.99 if u have no life(cowtipping)

No. 231052

Why the fuck are you trying to encourage doxxing? I swear some people are very invested on trying to get this thread locked. They post dumb shit like this or start infighting then run to meta to beg the Jannies to lock/autosage it. Very obvious and stupid

No. 231055

It’s because it’s so blurry that the braces aren’t even picked up in the enhanced version, I think she was still wearing them but camera quality bad lolz

No. 231056

NTA but it isn't doxing, that website is a bit inaccurate for one since it mixes records of people who have ever lived at a property, ages are wrong too iirc, I looked up myself and fanily on there before ages ago and none of it was accurate.
but I think it's just public records for the UK from multiple sources that the website tries to charge for.

No. 231061

You can for literally everyone in the worlds phone number. You just learn this anon?

No. 231070

Something tells me you want to do that.

No. 231078

>this thread looks really retarded, jealous and pedantic because of these edits
Yeah, it's just the edits making this thread seem unhinged… Sure…

No. 231079

File: 1658358933298.jpg (48.83 KB, 596x358, 56774172736367282.jpg)

No. 231082

Before any of you autistic bitches make yourselves look retarded, yes belle herself writes like this, so don't even attempt to say 'only a man could write this.' Even if I were a guy I don't see the point of this, is this supposed to make me horny or something to read about her getting horny going checks notes walking?

No. 231084

Samefag, no1currs about these useless updates. This isn't milky just because she wrote it.

No. 231086

I mean, it's milky because it seems completely pathetic and depressing in addition to trying to sound like an uwu teenage girl. Wowee zowee life is lewking up for meh RN cuz its sooo sunnyshiny! Anyway I'm howny! Between retard updates like this where she seems to be RPing as a 10 year old girl, being horny over everything, and those programmer socks and godawful sense of style, she's basically coming off like a troon.

No. 231088

What 10 year old are you talking to you fucking creep that comes off in conversation like Belle is typing? You guys come up with the dumbest reasons to post this stuff when it's not even true. Nothing about >>231079 comes off as a child. Wtf is wrong with you? Do you honestly sexualize everyone's typing and call it childish and this assume the person is a child or larping as one because you already internally sexualize children? Get some fucking help, anon. No one wants you greasy cock here. Go back to reddit with your disgusting takes on what a 10 year old would type to you and sound like.

No. 231089

Go back to milk police academy. Can you find anything that meets your strict milk criteria in the last 3 Belle threads, and if not, why the fuck are you still even here? Just to get mad at the lack of milk? Every other cow on this site gets their miserable and doofy-ass social media posts blasted on their threads as milk, why should Belle be treated differently?

No. 231093

This post isn't sexualizing kids. Why are you bringing up external factors when talking about this milkless post where you are bragging about how a 10 year old would type and Belle totally types like that while using terms like 'horny'. it's fucking weird, anon, and extremely gross. Going out of your way to try and connect everything Belle does with children, when posts like that have nothing to do with it, its ridiculous.

No. 231094

Samefag, im not the one sexualizing children, Belle is. Pretend all you want that she isn’t but don’t turn around and act like someone pointing out she talks about childish “innocent” shit like doorframes and how sunny it then says she’s horny from walking is creepy, and act like I’m the creepy one. You sound like a weeb scrote who pretends that we’re all weird for pointing out how pantyshots in their favorite loli animes are creepy. You know a lot of adult porn stars who say they went on “an adventure” going for a walk? Then you go crying in meta that I’m a scrote and the same as the doxxing anon. I’m not. I know you want to pretend Belle doesn’t sexualize kids and ackshully people who point that out are the REAL perverts but you thinking it won’t make it true.

No. 231096

This post isn't sexualizing kids. Why are you bringing up external factors when talking about this milkless post where you are bragging about how a 10 year old would type and Belle totally types like that while using terms like 'horny'. it's fucking weird, anon, and extremely gross. Going out of your way to try and connect everything Belle does with children, when posts like that have nothing to do with it, its ridiculous.

>how sunny it then says she’s horny from walking is creepy

Actually to add some extra info for you, working out can cause people to be horny, so can being outside because it puts you mind in a good mood. This has nothing to do with kids and you infantilizing basic shit like the sun and calling Belle a child because of it.

No. 231099

>walking around makes me horny

Everything she posts reveals how truly asexual she is

No. 231100

She's clearly an exhibitionist, so that's probably why.

No. 231101

File: 1658360810670.jpg (62.96 KB, 1080x354, 8764465334678999.jpg)

No. 231102

Sage your old shit and things that have nothing to do with what is being discussed.

No. 231104

It’s poor wording on her part. It’s not a “collab” it’s meeting up with a stranger you’ve seen online and doing sexual acts with them. Josh pimping out belle is no different than Ellen pimping out Shat.

No. 231107

Where does it say that? That facebook post thing wasn't real, anon.

No. 231108

She looks nice here, why was this posted?

No. 231114

File: 1658362532509.jpg (135.92 KB, 594x490, 425106-^2022-06-28_princess_fa…)

Milk or not, the drivel she writes is hilarious

No. 231115

Anon shouldve saged it, thats for sure, then.

No. 231117

>It's like fantasy… And I fucking love fantasy.
Kek, I can't. Coomer scrotes can't seriously be reading this and going "wow I'm so turned on right now".

No. 231119

> owwwwuuuuch
> kinda an innocent girl
> my little holes
boy, who could ever possibly accuse Belle of pedopandering & combining childish things with sexual things through text? Let me guess the next WK leap
> but all pornstars talk like this!
and all pornstars, including Belle, pedopander and it's milky and disgusting.

No. 231124

read, retard it says right there on her OF post.

No. 231130

Where do you get this idea its a stanger?

No. 231162

I think every sex worker should copy and paste this on their accounts.

No. 231181

Tbh my main beef wasnt that her braces vanished, its that she apparently looks borderline 35 at just 22 without filter-magic.

What kind of ingredients are in a cocktail that allow you skip like 15 years? Stress? Drugs? Alcohol? Surgery-abuse? Boy o boy…

No. 231192

Well it doesn't help that people were nitpicking her ruthlessly about her podcast appearance when she actually looked fine. I'd garner better than most people on video. That was too much tbh

No. 231193

Honestly just stfu anachan not everyone wants to be a bag of bones like you, it's called a uterus and every woman has one

No. 231194

We don't really know what she actually looks like without filters and I imagine she looks like your regular 22 year old girl.

No. 231217

File: 1658388754181.jpg (4.44 MB, 4096x4096, 664368765.jpg)

we saw her unedited and unfiltered on the cold ones pod cast a while ago wym

No. 231221

She’s hideous

No. 231222

These pics are apart how far? Like a year? 1,5 years no?

Damn, looks like that bulimia pendulum came back full force.

No. 231226

File: 1658392738478.jpg (2.33 MB, 4096x2304, Jinkies.jpg)

No. 231227

I’ve never seen anyone age so terribly.

No. 231228

It’s called a beer gut.

No. 231232

File: 1658398374607.jpg (4.14 MB, 4096x3072, BellevilleGoblin.jpg)

No. 231234

Lmao nonnie shine on you crazy bitch

No. 231236

So this is why she didn’t release the “hardcore bdsm” because she looks like shit in 98% of the footage.

No. 231242

She could stand to run a low-heat flat iron over at least her face framing hair or blowdry with a round brush. I really wonder what her relationship to her family is like.

No. 231245

>I really wonder what her relationship to her family is like.

There is none. According to Belle herself, her Dad´s not in her life, her Mom was never happy with her "career" choice and cut contact when she released her first porn-vid.

No. 231250

Damn that's pretty sad. She's so young. Terrible decisions and now she's on the track to Shaynus-tier pedolife. Tragic. Did she say how she felt about her being estranged from her family? I wonder what kind of home/family environment someone like this grows up in. And her piece of shit bf just doesn't give a single fuck I'm sure. Probably makes it easier to manipulate her into shit

No. 231251

File: 1658403478312.jpg (818.09 KB, 1920x1282, belle-delphine_1396.jpg)

No. 231253

She has a big ass jaw and chin like himeahri

No. 231254

Literally stop pretending she's incapable of making her own decisions.

No. 231256

She is a disgusting pedophile.

No. 231258

You're retarded if you don't think a 22-year-old girl estranged from her family and desperate for lowest common denominator scrote attention isn't being manipulated by her porn-sick boyfriend (who she is also extremely desperate for approval from) to make a fuckload of money and shoot pornography. Yes she decides to do it but she can also be manipulated. Seethe about it

No. 231261

File: 1658406810083.jpg (Spoiler Image,371.91 KB, 1200x900, Bellend.jpg)


Belle constantly frames herself as childlike though. What 22 year old wears an Elsa shirt with a plastic tiara, or carefully constructs an entire collage for a photoshoot full of mlp, Powerpuff Girls,Lizzie Mcguire, Pokémon cards, SpongeBob and "I survived camp" badges?

No. 231264

>You're retarded if you don't think a 22-year-old girl
She can make her own decisions.

No. 231266

I literally said she has free will to make decisions, let me spoon feed it to you:
>Yes she decides to do it but she can also be manipulated.
Are you 22 also?

No. 231272

>She can make her own decisions.
Can she doe? Could she just decide she doesnt want Onlyfans, Sexwork, her pimp-boyfriend anymore?

Yeah but what would she be then besides out of a "job", prob about to be homeless, close to skint and single?

What to do then? Beg her mum to let her in again, register with her local jobcenter trying to get a GCSE?

Belle "I´m lazy dont want a job rather party until 3AM morning" Delphine? Unlikely.

No. 231273

>Can she doe?
Yep, just like Mia Khalifa decided she didn't want to be a slut anymore yet still thirst traps. Does that mean she's more successful now? No, but not one person on the planet will give up easy money even if they don't want to do it. So regardless of:
>she just decide she doesnt want Onlyfans, Sexwork, her pimp-boyfriend anymore?
She won't stop it because that's giving up more money than most people who ACTUALLY work make.

No. 231274

If i could do what belle does and be a millionaire who works remotely i would in a heartbeat, if belle is financially calculated, she could retire at 25

No. 231277

You don't need to spam this fucking collage every thread just because you add new photos, autistic fuck .

No. 231278

>retire at 25
You are so naive. Please stay in school.

No. 231287

Calm down

No. 231290

>She won't stop it because that's giving up more money than most people who ACTUALLY work make.

Are we talking about the same planet with the same economy?

The way you say it sounds like Belle´s guaranteed to get whatever job´s in the pot. She just needs to reach in and take what she fancy´s most.
But SHE decides not to because SHE decided the paychecks to small.

And then the CEO runs away crying, hiding in the closet, ashamed of being rejected by the multimillionaire business genius memequeen…

Fat Chance for a 22-year old highschool-dropout with no formal education and a work-history consisting of dishwashing, babysitting and Onlyfans.

No. 231291

Go make failed porn and suck feet then, no one cares about your sex worker fantasy.

No. 231294

She looks fine? I'd actually say she looks pretty there. Not sure why you guys nitpick these ones so much. There's lots wrong with belle and its not that she's not pretty kek

No. 231297

No. 231300

"How dare she not have a 50 inch thigh gap !1! Reee."
She looks natural and cute here I'm glad she didn't edit these ones as much.

No. 231303

No. 231304

You either suck up to Belle bc you compare your own body/face to hers or it's a scrote

No. 231305

yeah because anyone who doesn’t call her fat and ugly is a fan- piss off lol. looks/weight wise she is average, and there is much more milky shit to talk about rather than constantly discussing her weight, teeth, height, etc. half the pics you guys nitpick are edited anyway. this thread is so fucking autistic.

No. 231308

Stop writing weird fanfiction for your love of Josh. Some of you anons are way too invested in his minimal stake in everything.

No. 231309

>yeah because anyone who doesn’t call her fat and ugly is a fan
You're literally trying defend a cow on lolcow. This isn't the place for complementing them. This is like trying to go to 4chan for legit convos.

No. 231311

nitpicks also go against the rules in lolcow, yet you cant stop yourself from doing that now cant you.

No. 231314

doesnt this mean she was 15 in this comment, not excusing but it really shows how much the ddlg community destroyed and groomed young girls back then and yes belle was groomed too since she was 15.

I remember there were even ddlg facebook groups backk then filled with grown men trying to contact underage ddlg posters.

No. 231322

Josh is a fat and ugly leech btw

No. 231324

He's just an ugly fat guy who plays the rapist for simulated child rape porn for a living, Joshua John Gray.

No. 231340

You seem confused, friend…

The topic was how Belle could probably be easily controlled/manipulated/pushed into even more escalatory/degrading things…

Because she REALLY needs to keep the Belle Delphine spiel going as long as possible, since she really doesnt have much other options career-/make-a-living wise…

Because if the Belle Delphine enterprise were to die out, UNLIKE Josh, she would basically fall buttnaked into icy water. You know, Future-wise…

Nobody specifically mentioned him but you.(obnoxious typing style)

No. 231346

going outside really is a big deal for her isn't it. that is sad.
can't really blame anyone for nitpicking how she looked when you see the effort she puts into hiding her real appearance. she looks fine, but the difference between that and her edits is so stark.

No. 231364

Tinfoil that belle's scrotes are in this thread and seething out of jealousy for josh

No. 231365

scrote go away

No. 231374

File: 1658432956904.jpg (125.41 KB, 444x430, Arent You.jpg)

>this girl not no perspective except e-whoring

>sCrOtE gO AwAy

No. 231376

If you think calling a guy out for participating in simulated child rape porn is jealousy, you are a sick fuck and you shouldn't be here.

No. 231377

>and you shouldn't be here
Neither should the ones who think Belle is innocent in all of this.

No. 231380

Exactly, the nitpicking of Belle is basically in keeping with the rest of the cows. Lori's thread would make your head spin, and Amanda Bret too. If anything way more anons admit that Belle is occasionally pretty than in those other threads where the women get treated like disgusting goblins outside of their shooped images.

No. 231383

Literally no one said Belle was innocent.

No. 231386

>"She's from a broken home, she's manipulated into all of this."
That's basically saying she's innocent, you manipulate people to do things they normally wouldn't, so people are saying her entire porn career even before people had confirmation of her boyfriend's existence is through manipulation rather than her wanting to make money off horny men.
Exactly. The fact she's so edited to hell and back and sometimes almost a different person, seeing unedited photos will be talked about. That isn't really "nitpicking", it's pointing out observations on shit we barely see.

No. 231394

Tree trunk legs compared to what she normally portrays. She's really put on some grown woman weight hasn't she?

No. 231396

That pfp is either from Twitter (her account was created in 2019) or OF (which was founded in 2016, not sure when she made an account)…so I highly doubt that comment is actually 7 years old. She wrote that as a grown ass woman.

No. 231397

that's from her facebook page

No. 231413

nonna how young are you?

No. 231476

File: 1658464334727.jpg (418.98 KB, 1088x1282, m00.jpg)

she has to be doing this on purpose lol

No. 231493

File: 1658468808132.jpg (2.16 MB, 4096x4096, Malding.jpg)

Not sure if it's the wigs or the anorexia (or both) but she is balding so badly

No. 231495

Why did you take out the face and she has thin hair, a lot of it, but her hair itself is thin. If that's what you call balding, you need help or a book.

No. 231496

File: 1658469171328.jpg (5.37 MB, 4096x4096, MaldingWITHFACE.jpg)

Simmer down lmao its only so you focus on the thinning hair im talking about and not "nitpick" anything else but since you wanna REEEEEEE so hard here you go. Also yes thats alot of balding for a 22 year old woman(nonstop nitpicking)

No. 231497

Dont know why its always about her looks. Yes, shes not exactly a model, she just looks like the normal girl next door and thats, what her ugly incel fans want(learn2sage)

No. 231498

Looks like an off-center cowlick and thin genetic hair. And yeah. Still a nitpick. She's not balding.

No. 231499

Ooh looks like I struck a nerve with the whiteknight today nonitas kek she's already samfagging and deleting and reposting and seething ITT awww

No. 231500

Anon, her hair right there is feathered out and not clumped together. Do you have any concept of what a scalp is?

No. 231501

She needs to get rid of those fake braces because they look absolutely awful. I kind of feel like she’s insecure about her teeth because they have that too-big-for-the-mouth affect like Prince William. That’s why anons here call her horse face.

No. 231507

Wide cow.

No. 231508

Do you have that right hand photo in full resolution? It looks like it'd make very cute reference for drawing.

No. 231511

Nobody cares about your traced e whore artwork.

No. 231514

Why are you so mean? Why do you call women whores? That's what moids do.
It's a cute picture with defined shadows and in direct sunlight, I'm learning to use colour and light because I'm having trouble rendering outside of black & white.
You're so needlessly rude, what have I even done to you to make you act like this?

No. 231515

Kill yourself

No. 231522

Crazy how this shit is consistently allowed in this thread but anons just trying to laugh at the cow on lolcow gets a red text. Why does /w/ Janny allow all this whiteknighting everyday

No. 231527

>can she quit though?
>sure blahblah job stuff
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the girl who has an absent father and no family contact would be more concerned about her moid leaving her or disapproving of her than being able to find a good job when considering quitting.

No. 231534

File: 1658494797833.jpeg (182.25 KB, 432x518, 9BE533B2-6ED2-418D-8BAC-D88615…)

Kek these people are fucking losers

No. 231553

Begone, scrote. We don't care about your ugly art.

No. 231557

Yes, google Grinch. And don't come here again.

No. 231558

josh started dating her when she was 17-18 and groomed her into this lifestyle

No. 231561

old enough to drive, get married, have kids, join the army. what age are females actually deemed mentally competant these days? or does it only count when they do things "the council of feminism" approves of?(competant moid )

No. 231563

White knights really are impressive to the point of thinking women don't have the ability to think for themselves. My generation must be the last ones then.
According to those types of people, as long as a guy is involved in her life, a woman has no autonomy or ability to think for themselves, especially if it has anything to do with porn.

No. 231566

you sound like a scrote yikes

No. 231572

Keep this crap in meta and get help.

No. 231573

Kys scrote

No. 231582

File: 1658504212026.png (151.21 KB, 892x590, maleposts.png)

No. 231583

This, apparently a woman being an adult is a bad thing, so they're kind of telling on themselves they're the target of her pedobaiting.

No. 231613


you know that your prefrontal cortex is not done developing at 17-18 right?

No. 231630

Ah now the Mia Khalifa reference makes sense: moid poster.

No. 231653

I kek so hard knowing that those hoebags are only friends with belle because she lets them live in her haunted house next to a swamp. She flexes her ‘10 bedrooms to fuck in’ yet if you think about it, the inside of that over-occupied house is gonna be far from luxurious. Eurgh makes me feel sick, imagine all the lube bottles covered in fingerprints and used condoms lost behind furniture, not to mention the lingering smell of skips and playdough perfume wherever josh and belle go

No. 231658

This is a cute shoop style tbh. More mature and closer to how she looks.

No. 231667

Scrote begone

No. 231681

File: 1658521606083.jpeg (664.54 KB, 1842x1228, 55CFBEED-753A-4ED9-A86D-8059A1…)

No. 231684

failed at making a funny picture

No. 231685

Get out my thread fatty, belle doesnt want your micro-penis go cope instead of wking

No. 231694

I like how you made belle huge

No. 231697

File: 1658523263595.jpeg (362.69 KB, 1078x684, DFEB6A4C-3C02-4D92-A5F4-3E5A0F…)

That was a very fast reply…

No. 231705

File: 1658523819380.jpg (27.7 KB, 594x188, 425106-^2022-06-28_princess_fa…)

Kek, not sure which is more pathetic;the fact Belle DM's this shit to her simps in hopes of tips, or the fact her fans believe she is single/would want to fuck them

No. 231709


No. 231714

Those are some chunky legs wew

No. 231715

This would work before she got caught having a bf lol.
At least it's better looking than the edited to hell and back shit.

No. 231717

her legs are fine ana chan

No. 231743

File: 1658532502733.jpg (93.32 KB, 537x485, 5434568875423.jpg)

No. 231744

Cute Grinch

LOL at autistic Josh and huge Belle

No. 231748

HAHAHA you're good nonna(sage your shit)

No. 231749

U mad??

No. 231753

She always looked chubby in the photos her friends shared.

No. 231755

Belle and Josh's autistic faces alone are funny though

No. 231777

I think she looks cuter chubby imho she had some beauty to her but ruined it all with fillers

No. 231797

File: 1658546447232.png (267.55 KB, 1200x630, female vs male ideal of perfec…)

lol. are you straight, gay or bi? women dgaf what other women look like, only real preferences are if you're ok with dating someone obese or not. men prefer curvier bodies

No. 231834

the other way around

i don't think it's unrealistic that belle might be influenced by Josh, groomed is a big reach, but she does seem naive and a bit sheltered maybe for her age. i wouldn't be surprised if he was manipulating her in some way but it's unlikely. it's baseless tinfoil. end of the day, belle is an adult, her choices and actions are her own and she should be held accountable for them

No. 231839

The nitpickers who care more about her appearance than the obvious pedopandering are ana-chans/bulimia-pukers and of course other sexworkers who are less popular, hence earn less. Normal people would care about her pedopandering and how she's an autistic retard who's doing this because she's too dumb while sexworkers already think that parts of her life are normal because they do this shit on the daily and assume everyone else agrees it's normal to ruin your life for men so they only nitpick her appearance and get mad when you point out how she ruined her life by getting into this career and shamelessly pandering to pedos who now hate her.

No. 231844

the (obnoxious typing style) farmhand redtext tho. There's someone (probably this anon) who types like this in the jvlogger thread and it is obnoxious. You can tell they think their totally mundane, humourless thoughts are very important.

No. 231849

File: 1658573717139.jpg (110.14 KB, 828x1472, S2xsgzRvJv.jpg)

That angle tho,you can really see how she edits her nose.

No. 231854

Wtf has she done to her nose. It looks horrific.

No. 231858

Of course the horse is not tagged.

No. 231874

Her eye would also be warped. Thats not an edited nose. Thats the slope she paid for and looks fine tbh.

No. 231877

She has an enormous mouth and teeth

No. 231892

Compared to her old nose it looks awful, at least to me. that slope looks extreme and will not age well, as already seen by the droop.

No. 231902

There is no droop.

No. 231906

File: 1658590054029.png (590.32 KB, 878x536, nose.png)

nonna your top lip isnt nearly supposed to touch your nose when you smile try it yourself

No. 231913

It looks fucking awful. Her normal nose looked fine. No I will not get a picture for you go watch her old vlogs.

No. 231922

she looks like a titan from AoT

No. 231937

File: 1658596610842.jpeg (914.08 KB, 3464x3464, F1068E8A-546D-4041-8896-9C70BF…)

Inb4 nitpicking, photos arent related

No. 231944

No. 231956

File: 1658600113162.jpeg (799.73 KB, 3464x3464, 17BB8F9C-93AA-423A-87F9-C25AAC…)

Belles face evolution the
Britfag ——> e whore pipeline(nitpicking)

No. 231958

I don't think there's anything resembling her irl nose in the left pic, all the pics from those sets are so harshly edited that she looks nothing like herself at all anymore.

No. 231965

Not milk. Retarded nitpicking anon.

No. 231970

Aww u mad?? Go cry about it petal

No. 231971

It's comparisons to how we normally see her edited to hell and back. It fits here, white knight. Unless you're trying to get Josh's attention by doing this belle is the last person to care about you whiteknighting and will notice you.

No. 231974

Aww go cry about it in meta. Anyway her nose looks awful, the tip is very bulbous for her surgeon to have sloped her dorsum so harshly

No. 231979

She's private now kek

No. 231996

At what point does this minimodding become infighting anyway? Posting comparisons of a cow's candids vs their posed social media shit is completely normal. Same with pre and post plastic surgery. There are banners on the site comparing a cow's appearance to some animal or other ugly thing, it is a normal thing here too. Why isn't this 'allowed' in the Belle thread? Not that we'll ever get an answer kek

No. 232003

They just can't stop lurking here kek

No. 232024

There's literally no reason to complain about her nose or aspects we've already beaten to death every time she posts a photo. We don't need all these photos from before constantly posted on repeat. That's when it becomes an annoying problem

No. 232034

Are u scared of hurting belles feelings? Because she really doesnt give a fuck. This forum is Anon for a reason, we talk shit about people.

No. 232039

Anon, take some critisism. It's just boring because it's nothing new to talk about.

No. 232066

>Roastie whores
Scrotes literally cannot integrate.

Belle may have sold her dignity off to not even the highest bidder kek it's sad and honestly retarded, but fuck I don't see any woman that doesn't hate herself calling another woman a roastie whore

No. 232069

Could be that Ana-Chan poster.

No. 232086

Mini modding and infighting derails the thread more. Report if you think it's against the rules and move on already, retard.

No. 232087

None of them look like her actual face though. They are all filtered heavily. Look for her old room tour video and podcast for her actual face change.

No. 232088

Banner material

No. 232156

Everyone just ignore the white knights. If they come galloping in here on their trusty steeds to tell us her collapsing nasal bridge and deformed plastic surgery is not milk, or that it “looks fine” “she’s pretty” “we are jealous” IGNORE THEM they want attention and to derail so badly.

No. 232183

Britfag here, saw her at this event really briefly. She's taller than me (I'm 5'6) and looks like any other British girl, my friend pointed her out and it took us a couple seconds to register it was her because she looks insanely different irl. 100% edits her body to be smaller and her braces aren't fake, or if they are she's wearing fake braces to go drinking on a beach which is retarded

No. 232187

wait wait wait wait wait she wears the braces in her personal life? jesus fuck i thought it was just a porn thing. i wonder if she thinks her teeth are too big

No. 232199

Those braces aren't like grillz anon, you can't just pop them in and out
The pics of her that have been posted without braces have been enhanced with AI which removes them

No. 232200

She got them re-added, anon. It's not the fake kind of braces a lot of e-thots use.

No. 232218

File: 1658663639266.jpeg (87.25 KB, 600x443, A0B70497-E132-4197-9246-ED2A5E…)

Keking so hard, belles ‘mansion’ has a septic tank, for those of you who dont know its basically a huge storage of her shit and urine that has to be emptied by a company every month(this level of nitpicking tho )

No. 232224

Was rereading this yesterday, for anons who don't know a certain lolcow was caught posting back in 2016, both shitting on other cows and posting gore, as well as defending herself on anon

The top posts here are her defending herself on anon, kinda reminds me of what goes on in this thread:

No. 232228

What’s so hilarious about that? My family owns property like Belle and our septic tank hardly has to get emptied. Anon this is absolutely retarded.

No. 232232

File: 1658669916157.jpeg (167.19 KB, 828x1155, 54419745-7B92-4557-9041-B08B6C…)

Because belle acts like shes so rich and fancy when in reality, she lives in an over-occupied house full of sex workers, a swamp in the garden and her toilet goes into a cess-pit. Far from luxury if you ask me

Also wtf is the picrel LMAO

No. 232234

what a strange burn, making fun of something that’s normal in many households. this is such a weird comment lmao

No. 232243

I thought this too kek but I didn't want the pullfags to hi cow me

No. 232247

Belle attracts a specific breed of hater who, despite the many legitimate things to critique, opt for things like 'Belle's house has normal things in it! She had a nose job!' I assume because they are also a cringe sexworker so dunking on that is too close to home for them

No. 232252

Common for old houses. Wtf anon?

No. 232253

I find it so weird, 80% of posts on here are nonnies hating on irrelevant things like her perfume or a fake gucci necklace, never actual milk like the fact she chooses to make simulated rape porn when normal stuff makes more money

No. 232255

No it’s fucking retarded. Please criticize her living with other ethots, dirty unkempt house, how gross belle is in hygiene/pedo porn instead.

No. 232264

tfw you come to the belle thread to shit talk the most annoying bitch in the world and nonnies are trying to dunk on her for having a septic tank

No. 232279

The biggest kek would be if septic-tank-chan was Belle herself

No. 232282

I swear they post stuff like this just to take away any credibility from the thread, then they go whine in meta to lock it kek

No. 232285

Belles mates have definitely posted on here in an attempt to derail in the past. Wouldnt be shocked if she herself lurks because shes a neet and uses her 24 hours for dumb shit

No. 232288

nah they are just that autistic. as someone else said she has plenty of pedo pandering type shit to speak on, they just latch onto weird nitpicky things

No. 232289

It truly comes off this way ITT

No. 232292

My grandparents have a septic tank and they empty it like every 10 years.

No. 232296

Stop feeding the derailing septic-tank-chan

No. 232326

How do you even know she has this?

No. 232336

Probably since all properties in the countryside have these, such a weird thing to point out though when 50% of english homes will have a septic tank

No. 232337

why do you retards act like she's trapped on some rabbit hole human trafficking ring her boyfriend is not some grind 200 IQ business mastermind that you all pretend he is he's literally just a coomer that gets off of dating pedobait whores or he's just pretending to like her because he wants easy money.

No. 232343

If anything a septic tank is a sign of wealth. It means you don’t have to live in a crowded neighbourhood and share a sewage system with everyone else. I know we should stop talking about this but it’s just funny.

No. 232346

The sexworker-chans who nitpick the strangest things have really resorted to pointing out Belle pisses and shits like the rest of us. Truly destroyed the heady view we had of Belle before now.

No. 232358

Exactly like this >>232346

No. 232362

I'm not any of the ones complaining on meta, I think it's a mix of Belle's friends posting and genuinely deranged anons, it's been like this for years so I can't see it changing. I'm this anon >>232224 there are definitely similarities, kiki even spammed negative stuff about herself in some kinda distraction/diversion method, so it would be in line with some of these weird posts.
Anyway, they're wasting their time because this thread will never be locked, same as Erin being the main poster of her own thread and repeatedly demanding the thread get locked. Threads only get locked if a cow dies I've never seen an established thread locked for any other reason.

No. 232381

This is exactly what I think is going on too

No. 232383

No one wants it locked. It should be autosaged.

No. 232424

no, belle(hi cow)

No. 232439

I genuinely think Belle stays with Josh because Josh has something on her that will ruin her life.

No. 232443

I think belle is insecure, has no one else who ‘loves’ or ‘cares’ for her, no relationship with parents, this is why she stays with josh because he has made her believe that he loves her. People stick to what they know.

No. 232446

Idc how old this is or sage, next thread pic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 232449

File: 1658749436343.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.28 KB, 595x897, belle_delphine_bdsm_dungeon_on…)

So, this was her explanation for the big "hardcore bdsm" video debacle. She started with a 30 min video, was "forced" to cut 90% out and was left with a video just under 2 minutes of her rubbing lube (which inexplicably ends up foaming like soap) all over her ass cheeks kek

No. 232457

huh, it's almost like she never filmed anything beyond five miunutes. "too bdsm for onlyfans" didn't she post rape porn there? of anything she's posted, that video would surely be the one to be go. she doesn't have to pretend to like bdsm
i don't think she has nearly as many subscribers as she says she does

No. 232464

She just has to cut it down because she realised that she looked like a horse throughout most of it.

No. 232470

Yeah,her ass was bloody and extremely welted and it falls under torture almost for OF. At least it's an adult setup with time and just basic sexy nerdy girl trope.

No. 232482

How do you know what the video was if she can't post it? So tired of belle and her cohorts in this thread

No. 232490

Check thread 8, anon. Was posted in June.

No. 232499

File: 1658765772069.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.51 KB, 564x1280, 8764837363782.jpg)

No. 232504

At least she wasn't dressed like a child in this one, but the outfit was hilariously retarded. Her arrested development and/or autopedophilia means she really has no idea how to dress in any way other than costumed up like a child. The 'nerd girl' outfit was just troon socks and glasses.

No. 232508

It’s so funny how she got the shit beaten out of her for practically nothing. Her life is a fucking joke.

No. 232509

File: 1658766986074.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.89 KB, 595x863, belle-delphine_1519.jpg)

For the anons who were wondering why she's been typing so weirdly lately, especially about being sweaty and having dirty shoes from her walk, I tinfoil she's gearing up to start selling well worn items if she's not already doing so in private dms

No. 232517

File: 1658768042796.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.44 KB, 728x971, belle_delphine_extreme_spankin…)

This is what you're referring to? She released this set 20+ days ago, same outfit though. Looks more like a nasty rash than "torture".

No. 232525

Oh my god she's such a dumbass. "No blood" is one of OF's top rules which instantly rules out any hard-core bdsm. So why even go that far?

No. 232529

The acting it out is different from photos.

No. 232530

That makes a lot of sense, it would explain those super specific posts about sweaty panties and muddy shoes.

No. 232536


It looks like she rubbed her ass with steel wool. Wouldn’t be surprised if she did either.

No. 232546

Those dots of red as broken blood vessels under the skin, it's how being smacked repeatedly usually looks and how the skin responds. Steel wool would actually have cuts and bleeding. This isn't actually blood, but close to it if the welts turned into blisters.

No. 232547

Her body is so flabby and pasty it makes me feel sick, she looks like dough sat in a proofing cupboard

No. 232549

Okay, Ana-chan.

No. 232550

That is her nose?

No. 232551

Yeah it seems to look completely different in every photo, probably from collapsing cartilage, the tip looks like venus’s, yikes.

No. 232568

File: 1658776485707.jpg (850.06 KB, 1080x1435, Screenshot_20220725-151225_Tel…)

She must also feel this way, or else she wouldn't suck in her gut and contort her body to the point where she looks like she's in pain just to take a selfie

No. 232569


No. 232570

LMAO she did that to her self, using her right hand. The fingers are pointed towards her butt crack, meaning she did it herself. If it was someone else, they wouldn't awkwardly stand in front of her while spanking her.

The hand mark would be the completely opposite way around, with the fingermarks towards her front.

No. 232571

The pickme-est pickme to ever live got picked. What's the mystery?

No. 232574

respectfully stfu anon

No. 232576

File: 1658778620697.png (44.26 KB, 102x304, Screenshot 2022-07-25 224921.p…)

surprised she didn't edit this

No. 232579

Her hands are really stubby with big knuckles, im suprised she doesnt edit them slimmer.

No. 232580

File: 1658780342338.png (267.95 KB, 472x466, Screenshot 2022-07-25 231904.p…)

her calves/ankles look edited to me here. i recall her having thicker calves

No. 232581

File: 1658780348357.jpeg (867.98 KB, 3464x3464, 4C8D4AEE-70FA-40A6-910F-6B477C…)

She likes those wrinkles, they add to her cute grandma aesthetic.(nitpicking)

No. 232582

File: 1658780520803.jpeg (654.71 KB, 1329x1113, 3E0F45C5-5B96-44E1-82B1-F70DE5…)

Yeah she has naturally very lunch lady shaped legs, i expect if she gains much more weight shes gonna look like luisa from encanto

No. 232583

The pavers are warped kek belle our lil chunkster

No. 232584

File: 1658780746762.jpg (34.49 KB, 204x608, Screenshot 2022-07-25 224921_a…)


No. 232586

Belle is definitely too old for pedobaiting, she probably could make a lot of money if she monetised her mature look and went the sexy grandma route. In some photos she reminds me of that blonde skeleton lady whos dating that black dude on tiktok

No. 232589

Yeah she gets shit on a lot, no one really likes her other than retards. When people make videos about her bullshit, Kai and her other incel BBFs will come to her defense KEK

No. 232591

this Asian fishing black girl LOL. she really hates herself

No. 232593

this girl deserves her own thread

No. 232596

>>232593 her eyebrows are almost touching kek

No. 232597

That is very clearly not a Asian woman, anon.

No. 232598

she could pass for half east Asian or fully Southeast Asian(Cambodian, Indonesian, Filipino) imo. she also got shat on for doing Asian fishing makeup but the woke club decided it's fine when a black girl does it lol. I won't derail further tho sorry(derailing)

No. 232601

I'm sensing this girl either shat on this/these anons or they're trying to deflect away from Belle in her own thread.

No. 232610

>calls other people "the woke club" while saying someone is Asianfishing because of their makeup

No. 232612

Seems like anytime anons point out her really bad photoshop or her unedited candids and other milky stuff, the thread gets derailed with nonsense. Yesterday it was the septic tank today its this random kek try harder its obvious

No. 232625

This girl is fucking DEAD. Piss of you cunt.

No. 232626

Photo editing fag, kys. This isn't milk.

No. 232633

File: 1658790208618.gif (16.6 KB, 267x32, 1658599087506.gif)

No. 232634

took 2 seconds to find out this girl is 15, half Indian and half black.


I don't get how a child not wanting to be belle delphine counts as milk?

No. 232651

Why do you want a literal kid to have a thread? Because she dissed Belle for being a pedobaiting sex worker?

Stop derailing the thread with other people and leave underaged girls alone. I swear Belle and her sex worker friends derail this thread whenever they mention it on streams or Instagram.

No. 232670


Of course anons are posting minors
Fucking creepy ass posters. Can't even post anyone below 16 as is the rules. Nitpicking a fucking child. Wtf

No. 232671

No, it's the anons who want her doxxed, wont stfu about Josh, and keep nitpicking. They ruin this fucking thread.

No. 232676

That last sentence of your post!! You can't convince me that's not what's going on itt. Who else would be so invested to whiteknight and derail everyday?

No. 232681

>No, it's the anons who want her doxxed
Nta but what the fuck are you talking about? Anon is replying to YOUR comment demanding that some 15 year old have her own thread just because she doesn’t kiss this pedobaiters ass. Then out the blue you start crying that people are mentioning her pimp who literally acts like her fucking manager. Why on Earth are people so weird about this bitch? Yes we are shitting on her and her chode bf, log off and cry about it.

No. 232682

Nta but why don’t you shut up? Go defend Ms Cankles from all the boolying “Asian fishing” teenagers on tiktok. You’re pathetic.

No. 232684

What are you talking about? Im defending a thread not be made. I'm not even that anon.

No. 232686

>waaaa! I’m not even that anon!
Go shit in your diapers you boring old whore(infighting)

No. 232687

How about you don't post minors or encourage discussion about actual children unrelated to Belle. She had nothing to do with Belle. Fuck off, pedo. Can't believe you have photos of a child on your phone/computer.

I hope mods are able to report your posting to the FBI for harboring childrens photos and comparing her to sexually active adults. Based mods for deleting the photos.

No. 232688

Neither of us even posted those, both of us where against her being posted. I think you’re just overly invested ITT because of what >>232651 said. The FBI should check your computer and I guarantee you will have cp on there that is not simulated and produced by some flabby 22 year old.

No. 232692

How do you go from
>don't post minors from >>232687
to calling the anon a pedo instead? None of you are defending it, so wtf is the problem? Stop justifying posting minors in general. It's fucking weird >>232682 Anon is literally mad they can't post her here for some reason. It's lolcow rules.

No. 232693

The most entertaining thing about this thread is the derailing in order to argue about who is derailing and the conspiracies about why derailments are happening, and yet that in itself is a derailment, and it's just getting increasingly meta.
Some of you anons are truly your own worst enemy

No. 232695

I’m sorry but who is mad they can’t post her? That anon was replying to >>232574
Who replied to >>232547
And it was >>232593
Who wanted the teenager to have a thread

No. 232698

Damn nonnie why you gotta do this random woman like that. She looks very nice.

No. 232702

you morons throw the word pedo around so loosely it has lost all meaning, are your cognitive abilities impaired? the video was clearly related to Belle - then anons chimed in with unfiltered autism and made a spectacle of themselves

No. 232703

I honestly think it’s a belle fan projecting.

No. 232706

Completely disregarding the underage girl being posted by anons part. nice job.

No. 232707

Get a fucking grip, it’s a teenagers tiktok that is publicly posted on the internet. Yes it’s right that it got deleted cos we don’t post minors here but stop acting like it’s fucking cp or that the anon who posted it had any nefarious intentions other than slagging off pedo-bait-belle. It’s not our fault that belle is being looked down upon and cyberbullied by the teenagers she desperately tries to imitate (and rightfully so)

No. 232716

File: 1658833555364.gif (971.43 KB, 400x250, backrolls.gif)

No. 232717

Skin creases sometimes, anon. Human beings aren't made of rubber.

The last thing I want to do is cape for this cow. Just pointing out that some of these nitpicks are autistic as fuck.

No. 232722

Ye we got it, you posted this last thread too

No. 232732

she looks normal. calm down.


all that for… 450 likes? i thought she had a million fans on patreon or something? do onlyfans accounts show how many people are paying?

No. 232742

Still against the rules and she's underage. Being this obsessed you cant post achild is really telling, whether she has a public account on TIKTOK or not. Its really weird to keep justifying it.

No. 232747

Nta but everything >>232707 is correct and it's the height of newfaggotory to tinfoil everyone is the same person. Throwing pedo around at any slight detracts from the very serious implications it's supposed to have.

No. 232749

And yet anons do the exact same thing when anons. The word pedo is throw around. I'm not talking about that though. I'm talking about being uoset a minor can't be posted.stay on topic anon. No1currs about your hurt feelings or the anon offended, defending a child be posted and justifying it practically by throwing a fit that "BuT sHe Has A TikToK.". Just deal with it and move on.

The nitpicking, photo editing,posting random girls not affiliated with Belle just because her name is involved, is all fucking weird.

No. 232755

Tinfoil but that anon self posted their tiktoks hoping to be applauded and called based. Belles skinwalkers have self posted on here before cough alice

No. 232756

It wasn't the anon self posting. Its pretty clear.

No. 232757

I swear that it must be a retarded belle simp trying to derail, why should a child that doesn't want to look like belle fucking milk? The thread is literally all about belle not tik tok teens, Can we all get back on topic.

No. 232758

Can we all agree that no-one here gives a shit about innocent tik-tok teens and focus on the pedo panderer.

No. 232759

The same anons poetically have all those going photos of Belle that got teposted ITT and last thread too. Anons, stoo keeping underage cow photos on your devices. Its creepy and scrote-like. Its not milky either. Just stop.

She makes a good Venelope cosplayer, tho.

No. 232773

You need to log off and get some sleep now because your repetitive white knighting posts are turning into word salad.

No. 232775

File: 1658854785720.jpg (Spoiler Image,360.25 KB, 597x2294, Belle-Delphine-Sleepover-Fanta…)

Belle's shitty fanfic (1/2)

No. 232776

File: 1658854858990.jpg (Spoiler Image,431.27 KB, 561x3818, Belle-Delphine-Sleepover-Fanta…)


No. 232782

Shes so pornsick how embarrassing, also the ugly greasy photos of her at the bottom, shes like the autistic furry in your class who would read out smutt randomly and show everyone pictures of their bumhole

No. 232784

Belle definitely wrote this on her own, so many spelling and grammar mistakes poor autistic freak

No. 232785

Take your meds

No. 232786

She looks horrible here. I am surprised she posted this.

No. 232787

different nonna
sorry for thinking its funny the worlds biggest anachan egirl gained weight

No. 232788

File: 1658856825322.jpg (10.58 KB, 166x180, Belle-Delphine-Sleepover-Fanta…)

No. 232789

>sorry for thinking its funny the worlds biggest anachan egirl gained weight
This. No one has a thing against chubby girls. It's just funny when someone whose whole online image revolves around looking as small as possible appears tall, wide and broad. Anons are making fun of her delusions and insecurities, not her weight.

No. 232790

No. 232793

File: 1658857403882.jpg (134.25 KB, 728x971, belle_delphine_adult_vanellope…)

Are you high? Belle cosplays Vanellope like she's legit retarded

No. 232795

I wonder how this looked like without the filter kek

No. 232796

She really thinks scrotes would READ porn lmfaoooooo

No. 232797

She is a big girl

No. 232798

She looks worse every time I see her

No. 232806

She does make a good Venelope, though. I'm not referring to the sex shit she shot. I'm referring to just selfies.

No. 232807

Get a fucking life. You do nothing but lurk this thread and white knight constantly.

No. 232809

Vanellope is supposed to be a child not a tubby pasty man-sized prematurely aged 22 year old.

No. 232811

No1currs about your nitpicks

No. 232817

File: 1658863480447.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1055x1406, 7C330B33-1563-4C0C-8759-919667…)

you must be joking. also idk why this wasnt the thread pic.

No. 232818

It’s not a nitpick it’s a very accurate description. She looks an absolute fucking state for her age and she’s rapidly getting worse.

No. 232819

She looks so deformed.

No. 232822

all that infection just to, for lack of a better term, one-up a community of desperate excuses of cosplayers who sexualize children's cartoon characters.

No. 232825

Lmao you just described belle to a T

No. 232832

File: 1658866282566.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2598x3464, 2FBD85EB-59BA-42DA-B310-04D0F2…)

Next thread pic any suggestions

No. 232834

File: 1658866538391.png (489.64 KB, 595x941, nose.png)

No. 232835

File: 1658866574673.png (564.78 KB, 486x797, goblin.png)

and/or this one lmfao

No. 232836

She looks like a sweet granny here tho

No. 232839

File: 1658868588551.jpeg (676.59 KB, 1842x1228, CFAE9605-9AA4-45EE-B18E-4600C8…)

No. 232864


cant forget this gem: >>231226

No. 232866

Anon, no she should not be cosplaying a literal child, let alone certain shots in that photoshoot.
>b-but it' was josh's idea!
She doesn't make a good anything other than e-thot.

No. 232871


Thanks for posting this anon. I needed a laugh today.

No. 232877

No one said that.

No. 232882

File: 1658875753407.jpg (5.89 MB, 4073x4096, 73625261891917.jpg)

No. 232884

Thread isn't even close to being closed. I'll make the next one.

No. 232907

Most white knights here believe Belle has 0 autonomy and isn't an adult capable of making her own decisions.

No. 232913

File: 1658879510730.jpg (51.91 KB, 338x392, 4324678976424678.jpg)

No. 232915

Post the full photo for once. Otherwise you're just editing them yourself again

No. 232921

NTA but that logic is retarded beyond reason and you should feel bad for being that stupid. If you want the full images you can go look at it yourself. Focusing on a specific area doesn't mean its edited.

No. 232922

Anons have been caught editing cropped versions several times. So, no. This is an imageboard, not a fanedit shop.

No. 232923

File: 1658880549517.jpg (813.13 KB, 4032x2266, TODDLER BANGS.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with her eyebrows? And that witch nose too

No. 232924

Belle has been posting the worst pictures of herself lately and everytime someone calls her out or points it out the whiteknight REEEEEES that its edited by anons everytime when its not. Her sets are massive 12+ pics most of the time and a lot of them look terrible as if she didn't spend much time tweaking her photoshop

No. 232928

File: 1658880769336.png (934.95 KB, 698x900, 9547357394857862.png)

She looks inbred

No. 232930

File: 1658880961535.jpg (172.12 KB, 960x1280, 654467887522579996.jpg)

No. 232932

she looks cute, and i'm not one to not say it how it is
i actually think she looks way better in this set than she has lately.

No. 232935

It's cute, def. The elf thing works for her.

No. 232948

This tho

No. 232953

No1currs you like huge women who larp as children.

She looks inbred.

No. 232956

How does she still manage to look bad with heavy makeup and filters? She is so lazy.

No. 232960

nonna shes a horse either way

No. 232965

Photoshop will do that when you look a hot mess underneath all that ps.

No. 232967

End result is cute. Idc. There's nothing wrong with the picture. Its a basic photo. Even the room she's in looks cleaned up, probably another ABB rented for shooting.

No. 232996

That backdrop is pretty stale its either that or a forest, she should try to switch it up once in a while being a millionaire and all

No. 232997


anyways what’s the thing around her neck in photo? Is that a tattoo or choker? I could hardly tell with how flat it looks

No. 233000

Yeah, she is cute, and cows fly. The derailing and scroting here is getting cringe.

No. 233026

i don't mind her at all when she's steering away from romanticizing woman abuse and pedophilia, hopefully she continues with shit like this instead

No. 233030

File: 1658908159438.jpeg (536.3 KB, 1125x1370, 0A067971-3B7E-48BB-9BFC-E43208…)

the way she writes is like a joke i cant image someone being turned on by this. sadly men are easy.

No. 233032

>tiny moisturized little feet

Aint no 5'9" chicks with tiny feet.

No. 233034

File: 1658909248333.jpg (1.91 MB, 4096x2048, Lookatthosebigassstompers.jpg)

No. 233048

For someone who earns from porn she is extremely boring and cringy. If you are going to lose your dignity and other career options over it, at least do it right.

No. 233049

>little pussy
>delicate lil hands
>little ass
>tiny feet

I love how this giantess larps as a tiny woman just to pedopander and then just attaches photos where she looks man-sized and broad.

No. 233050

Why does her nose wrinkle from blinking?

No. 233061

I always thought she forces her face into that expression because she thinks it looks cute or it's related to the work she had on her nose

No. 233063

could it be extra skin from completely removing her nose bridge??

No. 233065

Isn’t this fake like that other fake one where “she” tried to sell herself?

No. 233073

Where is the, "run me over with a truck" option, would do that for 6 coins

No. 233083

So large she buys kids clothes. Stfu.

No. 233091

Kids clothes run in so many sizes though and being able to fit isn't a sign of smallness because most women could. Belle is not petite, the way she constantly pretends to be something that she isn't is mad cope

No. 233095

>delicate lil elf hands

Kek, cope harder belle u 5 ft 8 big grown ass

No. 233098

Don't need to move the goalpost.

No. 233107

File: 1658938091039.jpg (707.97 KB, 1920x1600, belle-delphine_1095.jpg)

Jfc as if Vanellope wasn't bad enough–she also cosplayed as someone even younger; Darla from Finding Nemo (8 y.o)

No. 233110

We know. Lurk more and stop reposting old shit.

No. 233114

File: 1658939130793.png (683.71 KB, 530x527, belle.png)


No. 233116

no it’s not. stop this conspiracy shit shows the source right there.

No. 233118

So these apparent, close up shots that anons keep posting, are from scrotes doing it on the scrote sites? Which.. I don't see them doing. So, where's the source because all I see is normal leaks on most of these including, fapello.

Anons need to stop being autistic and editing and cropping photos. It's not milk because it completely fucks with the entire discussion and that's why they keep getting banned for nitpicking too.

No. 233123

File: 1658942791968.jpeg (406.66 KB, 375x1334, E7309EFE-3CCB-4810-8913-7ECF84…)

nta that isn’t edited, it’s just more awful writing by belle.

No. 233124

Referring to this nitpicking maybe?

No. 233128

could be, my bad if it was. Thought they might’ve been referring to this comment >>233065

No. 233129

Nta but what are you talking about? How is it moving the goalpost to acknowledge kids clothes range into sizes adult women can easily fit into? It's not some grand achievement to fit into clothing a chubby 12 year old would wear.

No. 233141

She looks like an autistic wasian twink in a wig

No. 233146

So large she is as broad as a man.

No. 233147

So little amount of likes and comments though. She fell off even on OF? Also what's that goblin cosplay?

No. 233149

Did you miss the part where it says it was posted '6 minutes ago' in the photo as well? Maybe read before assuming every single follower must've seen it and ignored it lol It's been 6 minutes.

No. 233150

23 likes in 6 minutes is still so little

No. 233152

She dresses up as a 8 year old character and uploads it to a porn website because she thinks children/being childlike is sexy. And scrotes upload those to websites like "fapello". Truly disgusting.

No. 233154

File: 1658949269136.png (307.53 KB, 371x401, 1215750.png)

She really likes goblin ears.

No. 233155

Better post the original before her whiteknights accuse you of editing.

No. 233156

File: 1658949446063.png (10.64 KB, 300x300, grinch.png)

No. 233162

Nta but I just laughed so hard my dog came over to see if I was alright

No. 233163

she looks fine there?

No. 233166

sorry I meant >>233156

No. 233188

She can only fit into the XXL children's shirts. Id like to see her wearing the pants on that minecraft pajama set. We won't though, because she's too wide and tall for them. Imagine trying to brag about fitting in XXL children's shirts as an adult. Bleak

No. 233222

File: 1658965786994.png (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 810x1140, E1CEA82F-CF4D-4E46-BC9D-E1A72C…)

why are her knees so fucking low is she editing her legs to be shorter? fucking kek

No. 233234

idek she’s absolutely massive but her legs are always bowed like a bulldog in pictures of her standing or she’d look just about level to most men

No. 233235

She's not editing her legs.

No. 233238

File: 1658972629880.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.41 KB, 810x1080, 183247923475237635.jpg)

The image anon posted is edited, look at the watermark. This is the original image, and I do believe that she's editing her legs since they look tiny.

No. 233239

Learn anatomy and what legs look like when locking your knees.

No. 233241

File: 1658973190122.png (Spoiler Image,703.24 KB, 465x917, 128324782398745234.png)

except in her porno LMAO

No. 233244

File: 1658973880016.jpeg (1.37 MB, 2160x2880, FYsg8rnaQAAhux8.jpeg)

New photos from twitter.

No. 233245

File: 1658973922435.jpeg (546 KB, 1365x2048, FYsg9jmWAAAfd13.jpeg)

No. 233247

She looks like an adult trying to look like a teen

No. 233248

she looks so old all of a sudden, you'd tell me she's some 30y mom and i would believe it. overusing filters, too much makeup ruining her skin and surgical procedures ruined her face

No. 233249

>she’s absolutely massive
anon please kek

No. 233251

File: 1658975108668.jpg (123.18 KB, 853x1280, 7636372736629292.jpg)

No. 233259

These are pretty..

No. 233275

Agreed. Even several years ago she didn't look this old. I think it's mainly the surgeries she had , which makes her look plastic and her botox injections, too early started.

No. 233283

Found the dress if anyone is interested kek it’s probably the most quality garment she possesses https://m.armstreet.com/store/medieval-clothing/princess-in-exile-dress

No. 233300

Her hair looks so disgusting it needs a good wash, condition and brush. Also I think she’s cutting her own fringe because it looks ridiculous. And she needs to get rid of those braces ASAP because they look SO ugly on her prematurely aged face.
KEK omg these two are pitiful.

No. 233301

File: 1658991122560.jpeg (459.04 KB, 1282x1500, 2F0373A9-5B97-487F-8F6E-4B7173…)

She really does have BRF teeth no wonder she loves those braces so much.

No. 233309

File: 1658993537849.jpeg (385.28 KB, 776x525, 83597C8C-9866-4BEA-85BA-429958…)

she came back with an entirely different nose

No. 233310

Do you not understand photoshop god damn it some of you are so freaking stupid

No. 233312

there are Asian apps that change your height lol I used to have one on my phone that had one feature about height

No. 233314

it looks like her nose is collapsing she's gonna need a revision rhinoplasty

No. 233320

ok this looks really pretty, the dress is cute
I'm super tired of her shitty pedo pandering tho

No. 233321

Enormous mouth

No. 233327

it's almost like i was alluding to that gigabrain anon

No. 233329

Noses do tend to drop after surgery and no you can't do anything about it, the more you knife play it, the worser it will look. Her dropping shape does look like it, although her photos always been photoshopped to an entirely different person, might looked shit from the very start.

No. 233332

All the people talking about her nose and i´m just here awing at that Bogdanoff-style cheekbone…

No. 233337

has there been any closeup candid of belle or picture taken by someone else (that's not shooped) ?
I know there's that podcast video everyone talks about

No. 233338

File: 1659004048520.jpeg (339.27 KB, 828x1364, D34AF32D-F19E-412F-AB09-09703C…)

plenty at the cmc she attended. here's one, note her height for the nonnies who care - the guy said he was 5'6 in the comments. she's not short and not colossal

No. 233340

That’s not even the right angle. You freaks need to get a job.

No. 233344

Kids kill themselves

No. 233352

Anyone who chases clout with Belle or collabs with her in any way is another cow, never been any exceptions. I can't wait for Belle's promised "future collabs with Youtubers" to laugh at them.

No. 233353

>Anon suggests thread pic
>nitpicking red text

Nothing was even nitpicked. Moderation in this thread is a joke. It has its own rules when compared to other /w/ threads.

No. 233357

His profile photo is also with Belle. So Belle actually hugs her fugly incel fans?

Also, where do you even find those cmc photos?

No. 233363

File: 1659009499353.png (272.99 KB, 1202x757, fuglyfan.png)

Love the comments

No. 233365

ohhh,do post more if you can!

No. 233376

holy shit, farmers need to see this moderation if they don't already know about it. I barely look at this thread. A Belle WK mod on the farms. fuckin hell

No. 233378

mods don’t care unfortunately.

No. 233391

>His profile photo is also with Belle.

And its one giving very "couple-ish" vibes. Guy wishes he had things. The only he´s prob got is a 35$ monthly deduction on his bank account. Sad.

No. 233398

Incels are embarrassing

No. 233457

File: 1659026953739.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3464x3464, A4D84ABB-EA9F-4B51-8B61-2B2CB8…)

Belle should capitalise off being tall and elegant

She pulls off the tall ethereal princess look way better than the midget goblin look.

No. 233459

She looks taller than she is because her proportions are her having long legs compared to her torso. She's lanky, but not tall.

No. 233463

Let this be a reminder not to fuck up your face with eating disorders and injectables yikes

No. 233465

When u make your brothers ninja turtle toy fuck your monster high doll

No. 233472

You can't have children and also be an incel… how do you think children are made. He probs just wishes he could fuck Belle instead of his wife, which is a different kind of sad

No. 233477

How do you know about him even

No. 233478

anon she's only 5'6 stop

No. 233480

I think nonnies projecting

No. 233482

Sorry i wont call u tall anymore :<(:<)

No. 233483

Anon stfu. She’s not tall. We where all saying that as a joke because she tries so hard to be uwu smol and lies about her height. Also elegant? Where? I know she looks like a horse but that doesn’t make her elegant.
She absolutely sucks at fantasy cosplay. She will actually have to put effort in, work to put a nice outfit together, buy decent pieces and not edit her photos to hell and back in order to be popular and she’s shown that she’s incapable of that. She can poorly combine an aliexpress mini skirt and halter top that says “daddy’s little cum dumpster” and a pair of tacky dolls kill wedges and slap on a party city wig and boom, e girl, but fantasy cosplay takes a lot of work and creative expression. She has none of that.
First things first those braces need to come off. The older she gets the more ridiculous she looks especially now she’s got her deformed nose.

No. 233485

it's not milk that she's slightly taller than average autist-chan. take your pickmeness somewhere else preferably pull

No. 233488

man she really did herself dirty in this elf set, she looks so bad it's comical

No. 233492

File: 1659035846162.jpg (2.52 MB, 4096x4096, 73628910826261.jpg)

And thats with the snow filters

No. 233494

File: 1659036021475.jpg (624.26 KB, 1079x1421, Snow.jpg)


No. 233502

Go ask on Twitter

No. 233517

File: 1659042134861.jpg (390.92 KB, 1008x1374, roxannedelphine.jpg)

She really looks like a Disney character

No. 233529

Why did you edit Roxannes nose bigger?

No. 233532

this is such a weak insult

No. 233535

It's cute she'd make a good Roxxanne.

No. 233536

File: 1659046330355.png (444.99 KB, 540x540, tumblr_5848adeb56bc5394a230b59…)

this is a better comparison nonna

No. 233554

Wow nonnie you really told her!

No. 233555

Belle does look like Roxanne kek

No. 233556

Is that art based on Belle or an actual character?

No. 233557

She pulls off tall goblin look in her latest sets. She never looks short, because she isn't short.

No. 233571

Shes 5 6.

No. 233582

File: 1659058944891.jpg (2.01 MB, 3072x4096, 837265181926.jpg)

There are other people who said they met her in person and she was closer to 6'0. Another nonna posted the screenshot in an older thread

No. 233586

an actual character with dolls, the resemblance is uncanny

No. 233612

I think she got her cheekbones reduced, which is a thing in Korea where people said she got her nose done to look “youthful”. I think it can work sometimes on Asian faces, but not Caucasian women. She would have needed to get some kind of face lift. Even with popular jaw surgeries on Asian women, there is frequently loose skin that later needs to be worked on, and forms of fat transfer to make up for the lost structural support.

No. 233614

Belle put gummy worms up her vagina while cosplaying an 8 year old and you fucking retards want to spend 200 posts arguing about her nose and how fat she is.

No. 233619

She looks like Reagan from the exorcist

No. 233627

How much more do you want us to talk about it? Does it turn you on or something?Get over it.

No. 233628

I can’t believe you took the time to collage this together. Go outside I’m on my fucking knees begging you. I’m grovelling. Please go outside and stop idolising e whores.

No. 233636

Stop being a retarded WK

No. 233640

Stop being retarded in general. I literally just called her an e whore and your retarded ass can’t comprehend the most simple of languages.

No. 233642

Your retarded ass thought >>233517 was idolising e-whores, so stfu.

No. 233665

in the pic with that guy who claimed to be 5'6 she was the same height as him.
also, stop sperging about her height and derailing

No. 233670

>>233665 Short king lol. But yea I have a hard time thinking a guy would lie and say he's shorter than he is. 5'6 ish sounds pretty accurate

No. 233673

File: 1659103899329.jpg (221.88 KB, 1078x1586, 20220729_101112.jpg)

Just because you come here everyday to zealously whiteknight belle in this thread, meta, and opinion on cows thread everyday doesn't mean it will ever stop us from talking shit about her, especially her looks which is directly related to her pedo pandering. In case you and the janitor for/w/ forgot, this IS lolcor. I agree with anon who was saying /w/ janny is a belle fan, this thread is so oddly moderated compared to the rest of the site. I guess its nitpicking to point out belle blatantly using SNOW to take her pictures

No. 233675

In what other thread are whiteknights allowed to come and derail, infight like this? Everyday this whiteknight is allowed to argue on how belle is AKSHUALLY really pretty yet never gets banned or red texted. This much WKing would never be allowed in another board. Really activates the almonds and reminds me of the shoe fiasco

No. 233678

They’re active in a few /w/ threads, which is also the only board on the site where such flagrant whiteknighting occurs and so many “nitpicking” bans are handed out. They also only WK pretty weeb girls, no defense of vtubers or Terry is allowed for example. It’s retarded but it is what it is, might be that the /w/ mod is an overzealous fan. You can’t infight the wk without catching a ban but they can call you a pedo for pointing out how gross Belle is.

No. 233682

Based. Nitpickers are the worst. Don't need to add to your retarded collages every time you see a hand with an editing app. Take your meds, Belle-fag. You spam these every thread like an incel obsessed with her.

No. 233683

She is by saying she looks like a Disney character. Even if that Disney character is a rat. It’s obviously white knighting now fuck off.

No. 233689

Belle is really hot and looks young for her age! Shes really rich too. Like.. a mil a month! Wow anyways…

Sub her onlyfans/belledelphine

No. 233691

Belle Delphine attracts autism. Her bf is an autist, her WKs are autistic retards who think giving away life savings will make her like them and autistic anons on lolcow who make collages and dumb edits. I just want to read the dumb shit Belle does and how gross she actually is. This thread needs heavy moderation in the worst way.

No. 233692

>Saying Belle looks like a rat is whiteknighting.

You are genuinely retarded, stop trying to derail this thread, moid

No. 233693

belle has been spotted at a weekend larp event with josh and tayszea
i wonder if their gunna fuck and make "lesbian" cringe content this explains her cringe gold rape chart on of

No. 233694

Who is tayszea

No. 233695

No one has WKed her though is the funny thing. Anons claim it when being called out for their ridiculous posting and when mods see how nitpicking it is, they ban. Mods are agreeing with the need for heavy moderation, not this garbage >>233517 This isn't milk.

No. 233697

Neither is this shit but you just can't take it to meta and derail this thread every other day

No. 233701

No. 233703

This. It does come off like the time shoe had a fan on the mod team on /snow/

No. 233706

Belle's "gf" who pretends to be bi to gaypander to scrotes on of and has done cringe "lesbian sex" content with Belle where they coudlnt even touch each other

No. 233710

Belle going to a larp event isnt milk, LOVE how the heavy wk bait i posted hasnt even been picked up by mods(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 233719

Taylor R thread

No. 233728

Pretty sure some of them are Belle, Josh, Kai, Pixie, Chanceofcosplay etc. They all mentioned this thread on their social media and/or streams. I don't believe they just lurk here all the time without posting themselves. They check this thread even on holidays, whoever from their friend group gets posted here makes their account private asap.

Jannies in this thread don't give a fuck about the WKs though, the WKs start infighting all the time and everyone else gets redtexted. Never the WKs/minimodding scrotes. Posts where her looks aren't even mocked are redtexted for "nitpicking", like that thread pic suggestion.

No. 233733

ok saying "belle is muh giant and secretly 6'4" is not milk is considered white knighting now? shut the fuck up retard

No. 233734

NTA but you need to calm down

No. 233735

i'm tired of seeing ancient milk of belle when she was underaged and anons sperging how she looks tall for the 1000th time. it's killing the thread

No. 233737

You're right, anon. It isn't milk, but just report the posts for "Take complaints to meta, derailing, nitpicking, infighting". The mods will handle it. They don't know how to take criticism for their shitposting.

No. 233739

>report the posts for "Take complaints to meta, derailing, nitpicking, infighting"


No. 233740

Basically whatever the nitpickers are posting under. Like >>233701 is "derailing" and >>233691 would be "take complaints to meta" because it's complaining about the moderation. Basically let the thread die for a while until the mods handle it.

No. 233745

Let yourself die you fucking worthless cunt. I wish I could piss over your lifeless corpse.(a-logging )

No. 233751

>you getting this upset at the concept of the Belle thread becoming inactive

No. 233754

touch grass

No. 233756

Take your meds, jesus

No. 233786

Lets leave this thread become as inactive as joshes sex drive thanks to belle

No. 233800

Belle would LOVE for this thread to go inactive kek why do you think there's so much whiteknighting and crying to autosage/lock it. Remember how she would sperg out about pull having threads on her? Pepperidge farm remembers

No. 233807

We just need good moderation for once lol.

No. 233824

she’s probably the one always mentioning the dead PULL site here, or that one sperg that would WK here after their post nut clarity. Kek

No. 233851

Thats what I always thought. Not to mention her friends have confirmed that she lurks

No. 233852

You sure? Nothing else? Maybe let's take down lolcow completely. STFU and fuck off degen.

No. 233859

When/where did they confirm this?
Also does anyone get the impression her friends secretly hate her? As in PissyCat and the girl who pretended to be Connie. They always seem to be leaving her our in pictures.

No. 233861

anons who think anyone who complains about this thread is either belle or josh needs to admit themselves to a psych ward asap.
you sound deranged and paranoid

No. 233863

Calm down

No. 233909

File: 1659194842848.png (24.82 KB, 342x300, E67AE892-6D69-4729-84D2-BB60FB…)

They definitely only use door-belle for her money and dont actually care about her, i mean why else would they want to hang around an ugly grinch lookalike with the personality of an autistic 13 year old

No. 233962

Why are so many people trying to spread this idea that Belle Delphine is this uwu innocent young girl with autism? She clearly isn’t autistic and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to push it herself because her type of autopedophilic ddlg woman often likes to claim autism because they think it makes them come across as younger and defenceless. She’s just a normie woman who fakes her entire being, down to branding herself a gamer girl and animu fan when she clearly does not partake in either hobbies. Now she’s trying to jump on the autism bandwagon? Inb4 she claims porn is her ‘special interest’.

No. 233971

No one said she's innocent. Anons don't think notpicking is milky. Do that in your discord server.

No. 233988

Your right and you should say it anon, no other cow gets this much leeway on mental illnesses that they don't have. This thread has become compromised by retarded scrotes who don't even know what real female autism looks like and thinks they all act like anime girls.

No. 233990

I called her autistic because she is tactless, unsympathetic, socially awkward has poor hygiene and cant even drive.

No. 233996

don't be ableist and outdated anon, autism doesn't make a person retarded. belle's just the result of poor parenting, increasingly loose morals, teenage grooming and overexposure to porn and hentai. of course she's got a couple of screws loose and no sense of self preservation.

No. 234028

I don't see how she is socially awkward. She seems to be someone who attends lots of parties and such, and lives with friends. Empathy is actually usually high in autistic females too. Either way I'd like to avoid labelling Belle as on the spectrum because I'm sure it's something she would revel in to further push herself as infantile

No. 234034

I'm pretty sure it's just one person trying desperately to plant that seed in this thread for reasons you and others have pointed out. Super annoying and very obvious what they are trying to do.

No. 234086

Autism isn't a mental illness. She may have BPD, which is a mental illness, but that's a whole different thing.

No. 234108

>don't be ableist
Idk where you've wondered in from and frankly I don't want to know

No. 234120

She attends these events but literally just stands with her bf in silence…. In the barcelona vlog she wasnt with the main group having bants she isolated herself and when she did talk with her friends it was very cringe and awkward. Maybe shes not literally autistic but she definitely makes the perfect retarded example

No. 234128

How bad was her outfit

No. 234135

These moments are likely because she’s desperately avoiding the camera so she isn’t seen in motion without a filter and without having more control over her appearance. She’s perfectly socially capable, stop trying to shill her as autistic.

No. 234141

I also feel like her friends don't care about how she looks in photos at all nor check her before posting. Half of the ugly candids on these threads are from Kai's instagram. He also said "I can't wait for this to be on lolcow" when posting a selfie with her before. He is a clout chaser who features Belle in his photos for some kind of fame. It's pathetic only place he is famous at is lolcow.farm, one of the worst places to have a fame at. Those sex workers really don't care about reputation as long as they can get fame/money.

No. 234147

Sure, Jan. Of course you did. Just like you saw Connor at the anime party, Sharla in Japan, and now Belle. Post caps. No one believes your fictioal story. Anyone can make up a story about Belle.

No. 234160

>He also said "I can't wait for this to be on lolcow" when posting a selfie with her before.
Was this meant ironically or deliberately?

Like Belle clearly doesnt want to be on this site. But apparently her "friends" want her to.
Every time the flame dies down a bit, they throw in abita fuel again. Nice people to be around.

No. 234171

I don’t want to pity this bitch but if her friends really are like that, then….yikes. What a bunch of parasites.

No. 234173

Thats some garbage humans right there

No. 234178

File: 1659283545013.jpg (396.63 KB, 1074x1911, Screenshot_20220731-165347_Ins…)

>>234171 NTA but from what I've heard in his stories he speaks like an entitled, arrogant prick aswell. He tries so hard to sound upper class, and especially since Pixie's been rich enough to leech off. I've heard from irl's of theirs that all their group seem to do is brag to their friends about knowing her. Kai only got his twitch income after he plastered their friendship online. They absolutely love the attention here, even if it's at the expense of their "friend".

Without Belle they can't make money of their own.

No. 234183

Like Belle looks fine here, but I don't doubt that Josh acts like Jake Paul.

No. 234195

They all lurk here, especially belle, its so funny that they camp out here. Anyway whats with this whiteknight anon trying to shill her as autistic and garner sympathy because of 'muh booly friends!!1' ?? this poster always finds some reason in every thread to "feel really bad for her and try to plant a seed of sympathy when she doesn't deserve it, whether its because of her super duper meanie friends or because she's totally being groomed by Josh and has no agency over her own self!!!

No. 234223

If I was allegedly making a million a month, I would not spend my time refreshing a shitass thread like this. She must be really miserable.

No. 234243

kys scrote
she is histronic, she thrives off of attention and being desirable, its sad

No. 234271

She's not ITT. Stop falling for bait,retard

No. 234287

I obviously resent her hoeing but does anyone else think she's genuinely really pretty?

No. 234294

Not really, belle dresses in extremely unflattering ways and her makeup doesn't suit her. Everytime she edits her photos all they do is make her candids look even worse.

No. 234297

The stuff about how her dad isn't in her life makes me feel sorry for her.

I think if he was there for her she wouldn't have done this. Dads are super important to young girls.

No. 234312

Kai is the biggest cow among Belle's friends. He says he is a feminist so he manages Pixie's OF, he is a cuck pimp like Josh, he is so arrogant and at one point he shared Belle more than his own GF in his stories for fame. All he does is to leech on sex worker women for money and fame without doing anything with his own life. He also lurks this thread often as he keeps mentioning it.

No. 234315

Nah, she looks like a rodent.

No. 234326

I think if people reached out to her dad and told her that his daughter is in a bad place he would make an effort to be in her life more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234327

If her dad didn't care about her when she was a kid, I doubt he would care about her now unless it's to leech money off her.

No. 234329

Do you really think one of the most hated internet figures who became a sex worker after her stunts has a father who didn't see those content? Someone probably already reached out to him, whether a relative or some obsessive hater of Belle.

No. 234335

She's his daughter. He must care about her. I'm sure he cares on some level.

No. 234337

Sometimes blood isn't thicker than water. She has a deadbeat dad, it's not uncommon many people do. You believe in fairytales and others choose to live in reality.

No. 234338

Idk I was raised to think dads always love their daughters even more than their sons.

No. 234348

Lmao, are you fucking retarded? Men rape infants they fathered to death on the regular in shitholes where they can get away with it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234361

Get fucking help. Holy shit.. this is way off topic, not even close to anything Belle related. Take your meds. Sorry your dad fucking sucked.

No. 234362

Always one of you retards.

No. 234363

Don't encourage cow tipping.

No. 234401

>She's his daughter. He must care about her. I'm sure he cares on some level.

Found the middle class anon with a nice life, how can you be on lolcow.farm and think all fathers care about their kids? Like even the momcomics thing on Twitter yesterday, deadbeat dads are the norm and not giving a shit about your kids is the norm. An absent father cares even less.

However this is derailing, she made her choices and it's mostly her gross groomer boyfriends at fault, look at Stephanie Michelle and what happened to her after she got married. It's obvious Belle wants to drop the sexwork stuff since she absolutely sucks at it, some of her recent looks hark back to her pre-porn elf/fantasy photos. The father being there or not is way less relevant than the scrote she lives with. Plus I've followed girls with present, supportive fathers who still went into sex work, there's no correlation.

No. 234402

Samefag, momlife_comics, every comic is basically 'my husband is useless and I do all the work' and all her followers obviously relate to these comics.
And while this anon >>234348
is talking about something very dark, it's true, some men have children specifically to prostitute them later.

anyway tl;dr it's josh and her other coomer friends at fault

No. 234419

wtf does that have to do with belle. you are insane.

No. 234421

Can we not make up pedo situations?

No. 234431

Anon if this were true, Belle Delphine wouldn't exist. What do you think the genesis of pickmeism is?

Ewww look at these faggoty greasy coomers with literal pedophile facial hair ew ew ew. I wonder what it's like knowing your bf's friends jerk off to your porn, and would definitely rape you if given the chance? I wonder if she enjoys the ""power"" or if it scares her.

No. 234444

No one asked for your manifesto

No. 234452

Stop trying to create issues when there are none. None of this shit involves Belle. Go to /ot/ or something, anon. You do this constantly and bring up useless shit and people not affiliated with her at all.

No. 234460

He looks like he’s literally a hairs breath from trooning out.

No. 234461

>Dads are super important to young girls.
You wish Scrote.

No. 234472

Yes actually but her accent ruins it imo. It was shocking to hear the deep britbrong voice for the first time. Doesn't match her aesthetic at all and ruins it

No. 234488

Maybe she used to but four years worth of Body Dysmorphia, Bulimia and Surgery are starting to take their toll. And it only seems to get worse.

No. 234543

Everyone in this photo needs to have a bath and brush their teeth, holy shit.

No. 234546

I also love how Kai doesn't even bring up his girlfriend, the girl who introduced all these sex workers to each other, as one of his "favorite people" kek

I think there are more photos of Belle than Pixie in his gallery. It's getting weird how much he mentions and shares Belle in his social media.

No. 234570

I don’t think he even fancies belle. Or pixie. He seems like a closet flamer to me or so deep into AGP he can only get hard for himself. He looks like a disgusting dirty rat.

No. 234573

liberal feminism in one selfie

No. 234595

He's a gay coomer using pixie as a beard. Hes only attracted to himself and other dudes who he thinks look like him, like a true narc kek. He openly simps for other dudes all the time, I could never date a bisexual/gay coomer moid. I do feel like he takes advantage of pixie because she's autistic and retarded. Definitely mate crime going on there especially if you look at her personal twt where she whines about her social circle not liking her and not fitting in

No. 234605

Can we talk about Belle and not her friends who have nothing to do with this thread?

No. 234611

You mean all her sex worker friends that Josh supposedly manages, the same ones who live in the mansion belle brags about owning online? The same ones who come here and post? The same ones she travels with?? K I guess they totally aren't relevant at all

No. 234628

>pixie is autistic
Bullshit. She’s just a run of the mill low IQ chav. Every snowflake these days thinks they’re autistic.

No. 234629

Go ahead and talk about belle then retard. Nobody is stopping you.

No. 234652

Pretty sure she's diagnosed and all. I don't doubt she's a retard. She's just an autistic retard

No. 234716

Pixie is the only one in that friend group who is a good person, thats bc shes too autistic and naïve to see theyre all narcs and leeches

No. 234719

File: 1659389496556.jpeg (1.89 MB, 3464x3464, E0EE0C6F-85DF-4396-AEF5-C0C7C7…)

Yes, belle is the spitting image of beautiful actress sacheen littlefeather. Belle’s mum is part Argentinian so that explains her unique eyes and high cheekbones(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234721

Argentina is where Nazis fled to. It has a massive white population, nonnie. Lol

No. 234722

So THATS why belle looks racist… nazi dna!

No. 234727

Belles mum is a native she even made art pieces about generational trauma

No. 234746

I've never met/encountered online anyone named "Kai" who wasn't suspect as hell.

No. 234766

I’m sorry but are you completely insane?

No. 234769

Is that every single meat ever on one sandwich?

No. 234803

Don't do sacheen dirty like that nonnie, and while you're at it be less transparent when you're pulling shit out of your ass.

No. 234811

dude what? she is 100% white or do you have any actual proof of this

No. 234867

is this that one sperg who tried pretending Belles mom was Asian a long time ago? this is so unfounded and tinfoil

No. 234924

? Her accent is really pretty(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 234981

That one anon again, Hi cow(hi cow )

No. 235003

He just uses a fake name to seem famous, his real name is Luke Hudson

No. 235009

File: 1659430487914.jpeg (172.34 KB, 674x424, DCCDC8DE-B11B-42D0-BDCD-0EC8B8…)

studying? i thought this chick was a middle school dropout lol

No. 235012

studying what tho
did she ever even post personal content like that?

No. 235013

I think she just bullshits a lot.

No. 235020

She was pretty when she was in high school, before the nose surgeries, stupid make-up, and dressing up

No. 235022

There is tons of girls who turned to prostitution and porn despite having a father/good relationship with him. Absent dad might have played a role in her case, but she just sees prostitution as easy money

No. 235109

File: 1659454929235.jpeg (394.6 KB, 750x774, B4A18CCD-85BC-43E5-B9D5-F88C74…)

“studying”. posted and immediately deleted and reuploaded with a different caption yesterday.

No. 235112

>posted and immediately deleted and reuploaded with a different caption yesterday
God she’s so contrived. She must be unbearable to be around.

No. 235131

Doing sports and studying kek. Wasn’t her quirky personality part of her gimmick/rise to fame? She just listed off such generic shit that she does offline, you’d think she would have said something more chan-approved. Maybe the Josh breakup tinfoil is right and she just doesn’t know the Belle Delphine persona marketing shit as well as he did.

No. 235142

Wheres the other one then

No. 235143

recent post on her twitter.

No. 235167

File: 1659458859472.jpg (189.35 KB, 528x477, SmartSelect_20220802-093508_Tw…)

Belle's xl loli feet kek

No. 235187

those flippers

No. 235224

Shes probably studying hentai to get more gross ideas for her fail porn

No. 235226

If you told me this was a troon i would have believed you

No. 235230


how do u know this

No. 235233

Was this reply to the anon who said her shoe size was a uk 7.5 or something, i just scrolledpast earlier and saw it kek

No. 235235

yep. sounds like she's one of belle's friends lmao

No. 235240

All the while hiding her ugly face from friends' videos and photos and falling off. "Bestest summer" for sure kek. It feels like she read this thread and trying to feel better about herself.

No. 235244

She put “studying” and “playing sports” to larp as a teen.

No. 235256

File: 1659469858280.png (36.99 KB, 710x296, Capture.PNG)

No. 235257

as a nonnie with cute petite feet ( 36 EU size) , those are pretty damn big feet

No. 235301

36 eu is pretty average nonnie and no one cares

No. 235307

shes a US size 7, i recall from her amazon wishlist. thats average.

No. 235309

File: 1659477382546.jpg (8.65 KB, 270x220, goblin feet.jpg)

those huge feet are no where near size 7

No. 235321

Learning how to have sex like someone who isn't asexual/be erotic

No. 235330

The vaguing about "playing sports" and "studying" and "having the best summer" sure sounds like it. If she was actually telling the truth she'd just name the sport and the subject like a normal person would, not that her pretending to exercise or have interests or go outside is convincing anyway

No. 235335

it is weird, her feet do look larger than a size 7 or 7.5. maybe she squeezes into 7.5 shoes but meanwhile is an 8.5

No. 235342

yes but not as much, she keeps messing with her face and body

No. 235372


Studying? Now that’s a laugh. But seriously, is she a high school student that doesn’t go to school? That’s what this sounds like to me.

No. 235385

Shes a uk 7.5 thats like a us 9.5 i believe

No. 235390

Feet nitpicking and anons ask why they get banned.

No. 235391

KEK she’s like Ricky from trailer park boys.

No. 235393


Nah, there’s no way she’d ever eat 9 cans of ravioli

No. 235406

I dont understand how Belle expects to have a career in sex work/porn, theres just nothing sexual about her, even when she is completely naked its like looking at a naked barbie or something she just looks like its indifferent to her.

I’ve even heard guys say she is pretty but just has 0 sex appeal, they said this on the sidemen podcast

No. 235407

while I agree she's not good at being erotic I don't believe she has no sex appeal to men. men only care about how you look for the most part to bust a nut and she has been successful putting 0 effort in

No. 235408

Are you sure? Have you seen how chubby she has gotten lately?

No. 235409

By 0 effort do you mean photoshopping every single photo from her face to nipples, getting surgeries and putting on absurd amounts of make-up? Belle tries so hard if anything.

Also, next thread should include Josh's name for sure. Making pedopandering porn and pretending to rape someone is as bad and cowish as pretending to get raped for it.

No. 235410

i meant 0 effort put into acting horny/sexual

No. 235412

I think she considers making dumb faces in ddlg clothing erotic enough. Her life depends on erotic content and she sucks at it, that's sad

No. 235413

Can you also share the cosplay photo, nonnie?

No. 235414

If she even knows what that really looks/feels like. So far it looks like a big charade for Patreon/Onlyfans sake.

No. 235420

You need to make the new thread quickly before the white knights get to it and add her “flattering” photoshopped filtered selfies as the threadpic.

No. 235421

>>235414 her onlyfans content and the updates she writes all look like she's doing an impression of someone who is really sexual and horny. she's probably brainrotted from hentai and let that shape her ideas of porn and sex.
>>235407 it's true that men have low standards but there's only so far that looks are going to take you in the porn world, that's been seen in action since the xmas porn came out. the numbers she put on the music video don't make sense either so she feels the need to lie about it, that says enough about how it's really going for her

No. 235424

New thread

No. 235431

We're only at 999 posts, threads lock at 1218 posts fam

No. 235434

None of the previous threads had a link to the next one because making a new thread took so long even after the locking message.

No. 235436

They get locked at 1200 but it is expected to make a new one soon after hitting 1100. New Belle threads are usually made a week or two after the previous one got locked down.

No. 235437

Is this from FB?

No. 235439

Their forest sex screenshot got me cracking, great thread photo

No. 235442

File: 1659526880710.jpeg (344.48 KB, 692x692, 1F2C454D-4543-403F-BB55-C7BA27…)

what an empowered woman

No. 235444

They are both disgusting

No. 235448

I'm glad someone beat the wk to it..especially since they never link all the threads when they make a new one.

No. 235456

They also don't include all the milk, like the planned Connie Delphine barely legal incest porn, they even made an OnlyFans for Connie Delphine before her appearance.

No. 235461

Empowered woman and her self-proclaimed feminist boyfriend

No. 235465

Connie Delphine accounts are still up, maybe she will come back

No. 235473

File: 1659531022846.png (705.12 KB, 682x801, ahri.png)

Her cosplays are the worst, you can tell she doesn't even know any of those characters but just tries to look like she is into anime or gaming to entertain scrotes.

No. 235474

File: 1659531170885.png (471.13 KB, 679x631, small.png)

"Small delicate" Belle and her "tiny" feet KEK

No. 235475

Why does she keep posing in bathtubs with clothes and wigs on? It also seems like she never takes off her fake eyelashes

No. 235476

You can say the same for anyone in Belle's friend group

No. 235480

Looks like a troon

No. 235481

She manages to look wide with tight and minimal clothing somehow.

No. 235482

Rat, not a bunny

No. 235484

TBH it was Belle who said she has tiny feet. Have you seen the Lori thread? I don't see anyone getting banned there for "feet nitpicking".

No. 235489

looks like she forgot to edit her waist kek

No. 235493

That's why she makes someone else make and voice her songs to keep larping as a "loli".

No. 235495

I think this is how it looks edited already. She doesn't let anything go untouched.

No. 235498

>lil outfit

No. 235508

Tbh if she wanted to level up her look i think she would look better with blonde hair, she has the skintone to pull if off and her current hair just looks fuzzy and boring

No. 235509

amerifags you've been told multiple times how british schools work. learn2google

No. 235517

How is it relevant Britfag?

No. 235518

Nah, she looks worse with it

No. 235520

That's not the point KEK

No. 235535

Sage for nitpick and mild rant of oft-discussed topics but does this moron even have the vaguest concept of working out? It irks me because with like a couple months of gym time she could have a nice athletic figure and not this skinny fat pudding body that is so goddamn unappealing. Lazy people are so disgusting and lazy people with money even worse.

No. 235549

I think she only worked out once for her music video

No. 235561

I think it's the surgery making her look like some trans guy, adding how bulky she is

No. 235576

Imagine getting so many surgeries to look like a kid and end up looking like a botched man

No. 235579

She only visits her tennis court for filtered OnlyFans photos, I don't think she ever works out or does sports with all the free time she has.

No. 235581

Yes, threads barely have any information and they usually have Belle's edited OF photos. Like this one was obviously made by a WK or Belle herself. >>>/w/144354

No. 235597

File: 1659542900757.jpg (42.37 KB, 620x727, squashies-drumsticks160gbagclo…)


No. 235601

That thread was made by vendetta anons who hate Belle and wanted a thread made asap. There's no bio, no updates, no nothing. They did the same with a few other threads around the time. We alrwady know the Belle-fag jumps around to other threads and does the same shitposting too.

Lol blaming that on WKs is just hilarious.

No. 235607

lip tint from snow filters clipping into her gummy teeth. it can be spotted on many photos, it seems she cant go without it.

No. 235610

snow filters glitching

No. 235612

Are you the same retard seething in new Belle thread about how she doesn't pedopander? Take your pills

No. 235616

finally someone pointing this out, in almost every photo of her the top half of her teeth are pink

No. 235619

Do you know how faces look with braces at all? She's not gaping her mouth open. Its called rounding perspective.

Are you serious?

No. 235623

She just abuses filters to the point even her teeth look weird and fake.

No. 235624

nta but some of you get mad over the strangest things

No. 235626

You are that anon though, lol. You guys larping as other anons is always funny as hell.

No. 235669

Belle looks like she smells of a PE clothes lost and found box

No. 235670

Belle used to have a clean rich vibe but now she looks like a tranny who puts chicken blood in their knickers to simulate a period

No. 235675

It’s called “looking like Prince William”

No. 235705

confidently saying the wrong thing is peak comedy

No. 235719

kek, ignore the clown

No. 235720

When did she have a dorito bath?

No. 235722

I googled "belle delphine doritos bath" and I nearly vomited.

No. 235726

Are you aware of the context or are you choosing to be retarded? It was Belle herself who said she had "tiny moisturised little feet"
People are just calling out her bullshit, anon.

No. 235731

File: 1659553308843.png (1 MB, 894x742, 3964698329655645.png)

the last time she did she looked like a 24 year old single mom

No. 235736

How does she look like a mom here? Are you okay, anon?

No. 235741

the snow filter on her teeth lol

No. 235765

Why is the quality of this so, so bad? Honestly looks edited almost. I hope anon didn't get this from another scrote site because usually the grainy, badly photoshopped edits they make are this quality. Would be easy to pretend she reposted it too because this one didn't exist to begin with.

No. 235767

File: 1659554751152.jpg (430.85 KB, 1536x2048, 34657658536234.jpg)

Yes, look at the first hint of her fake sister tweet.

No. 235768

File: 1659554861925.png (829.14 KB, 775x921, faking posts again.png)

I take it back, it's edited. All the icons and the main photo are a completely different quality from the text alone and this is not how Twitter looks either. Its a complete shop job. Mods need to do something about this fake milk and calling it her "messing up" when it's anons and off sites BSing shit as usual. This completely bogs down real milk.

No. 235769