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File: 1606946141120.png (10.87 MB, 4500x3000, bellend.png)

No. 123836

popular (unfortunately) ethot, has a milky past, and still seems to be gaining popularity; I think she’s worth keeping an eye on. Here's my best summary of everything noteworthy:

>grew up in south africa, daddy left mommy (mentioning this a lot as of late), moved to UK in 2009

>introduced to internet around high school, got into anime, cosplay (read: learned a way to garner attention)
>dropped out of high school (she claims this was around age 14 and claims she began to work as well)
>had a scene girl phase
>began cosplaying and wore “the wrong wig” for some dumb love live cosplay and threw a tantrum that some randoms pointed it out
>ex bf threatened to expel someone from school who criticized one of her cosplays
>ex would generally sperg so hard to WK her
>ex is a huge weeaboo that dated some asian girl after they broke up, the same girl she did a “girl x girl” photoset with, now has a “new daddy” josh
>at 17 she wanted to go to venice so she made a deal with some guy to steal other girls’ (presumably over 18) nudes to sell to strangers (pedos) who assumed it was her
>belle began posting more and more lewd pics and lewd cosplay pics as she neared 18
>dva cosplay and the dreaded ahegao is what made her gain popularity mainly
>claimed she doesn’t even play video games which made people call her out then said she would never cosplay again
>panders to incels and neckbeards with “haha im such a meme troll xD lulz” type videos and responses, self posted on 4chan for attention, uses chan culture for clout and popularity for incels
>claimed to be selling her bath water, anons claim there was no real way to buy her bath water, however there IS a pic of about 100 jars of it, we DO know she likely sent some to youtubers to make videos on her for clout, no proof they did really purchase it other than claiming to but it could have been some kind of deal
>publicity stunts every few months, had a fake mugshot claiming to get arrested for painting a car (that her and josh bought) claimed to be some girl who stole her hamster, painted pepe on it of course for 4chan neckbeards to fawn over
>moved out and claimed had to buy a house instead of moving into an apartment because of “threats”
>got a nose job and likely other work done to appear more “uwu smol”/like her pictures
>mothers’ house got doxxed
>PO box saga summary: she opened a PO box and bought a moving van to pick things up before moving expecting 300-500 packages and instead only received a few letters (LOL)
>creepy patron tier gifts, like sugar baby levels, no proof whatsoever that she delivered with those promises
>cringey premium snapchats, like fake date crappy VN tier snapchats
>annoying tiktoks, annoying youtube videos
>pedo pandering (mostly the lolita cosplays and continually hinting/referencing lolita book in her room/multiple delores haze cosplays) “waahh my daddy left me” bullshit jokes
>recently appeared on MaxMoeFoe’s “cold ones” podcast
>appeared in H3H3 podcasts talking about kinks while ethan obsessed over her like usual (cringe)
>buys a ton of shit (expensive new house, furniture, clothes, etc) with all the money she makes yet assumes she can retire by 30 lolwtf
>recently started whoring herself even more and posting videos of her playing with dildos, escalated to “fuck machine” videos
>appeared on another podcast (this time IRL), simps mad that shockingly she doesn’t look like her shooped photos
>likely lurks because she follows a lot of cows on twitter (also said at one point she was a fan of shoeonhead)
>anons found that she follows some anachan accounts on twitter, unsurprising
>WKs and simps just wont stop
>new publicity stunt: now is coming out with a “porn video” xmas, though never specified it would be of her

No. 123840

op here, forgot to link old threads. sorry.
1st: >>>/w/2640
2nd: >>>/w/69238

was also discussed in these threads:

No. 123841

Its the toe in the thread pic for me

No. 123842

had to include it kek

No. 123843

>Assumes she can retire by 30
Dude she literally makes over a million dollars per month she’ll be fine. What’s this hope that she’ll somehow go broke anytime soon? Realistically she’s fucking fine and buying a few houses and shit isn’t going to put a dent in her future. She could retire right now and live a better life than 99%
of the world.

No. 123847

Your sperging the past few days is smooth brain af. Also you keep speaking about her finances like you know alot about it. Sus

No. 123848

I really doubt she makes 1mil per month on OF. She had about 4.5k patreons back when she was more popular than she is now and it was a lot cheaper so people are more inclined to pay. People aren’t going to pay $35 when it all gets leaked anyway. It’s all smoke and mirrors, fake it til you make it with Bellend, she pretends she is more popular than she is to boost her popularity kek.

No. 123849

read the old threads retard
you just gonna ignore all the other milk flowing? im not even interested in her fucking finances its barely a blip on the milk radar. yes she makes more than a lot of "sex workers" but its still an unsustainable lifestyle. i think thats the least of her worries, concerning her image tho lol

No. 123850

it would be hilarious if she went broke obviously

No. 123851

this thread is still in autosage mode? also really good summary anon kudos to u!

No. 123852

op again, thank you. i dont believe its on autosage, i think the last thread was taken off auto.

No. 123853

Indented skull take

No. 123854

also, i forgot to mention, she was discussed in the "annoying facebook girls" thread:

No. 123855

There was a news article that announced her subscriber count.
She’s way more popular than she was back then. She’s been on all these podcasts which has introduced her to the audiences of those popular YouTubers, exactly the kind of guys that would pay for that shit. Her trendiness of doing weird meme things has faded but she definitely has a bigger audience than she used to. Like it or not, which I don’t.

No. 123856

>guys she's totes making so much money n super popular ur just seething

No. 123857

I never implied anyone was seething. Just stating the harsh reality because so many people think she’s going to go broke as if she’s not one of the few onlyfans girls who’s made millions from it. And if she wasn’t popular why would she be allowed on all these podcasts, she has millions of followers. Sometimes it’s like you are all just being willfully ignorant based on what you want to be true.

No. 123858

these numbers are all alleged and just numbers, we have no proof they are legit anyway, and no way of knowing. her finances arent milky anyway, lets talk about something actually interesting lol

No. 123859

I disagree, I think it’s the other way round and a lot of these podcasts use Bellend to bait simps in to watching and get that sweet monetization if you look at their view count on other videos and compare. By now you couldn’t be a 4chan scrote and have that sort of fetish (closet pedophile) and not know who she is, so I would be surprised if she’s more popular now (with these people willing to pay her OF) than she was back then when she had 4m on IG as this type of audience get bored easily and I can’t imagine anyone outside of this “type” wanting to spend $35 on a scribbled out vag

No. 123860

She has a little over a mill on twitter and 500k on Instagram. That is significantly less than what she had before.

2 million dollars is not a lot of money when your income will likely disappear in a few years. Especially if she bought an 800k+ house with a mortgage (which is HUGELY conservative given that she lives in Brighton).

Yes, a 'friend' told a news agency what her sub count was. They did not actually log into her only fans and check it lmao. Given that she lies about everything under the sun, I highly doubt those numbers are accurate.

No. 123866

Are popularity and desperation now synonymous? Because I could buy that she's running from irrelevancy twice as hard these days.

No. 123867


No. 123873

Yeah this.
Spending the next 60+ years of your life on a few million sounds doable IF you intend on living a low key lifestyle and even then you might be coming up short in mid life. However Belle will likely be looking for more ways to earn and will never truly 'retire' because the cost of living to maintain the common influencer lifestyle is worth wayyyy more than a few million. That's the reality of the matter.

No. 123874

fuck i forgot to mention in the OP that she also pretended to sell her used panties but the "fan" who received them suspiciously uploaded a pic to reddit supposedly on a table anons found in the background of one of her videos (people said the reddit account was a throwaway with no other posts and likely josh). i dont know how true that is but its believable lol

No. 123876

I mean, it's shorter if she has a kid(s) because that's expensive.

No. 123879

File: 1606954575739.jpg (771.8 KB, 1350x2400, Viralmemekween.jpg)

No. 123880

File: 1606954632397.jpg (653.99 KB, 1350x2400, Simpnation.jpg)

No. 123881

what photo are they refering to?

No. 123882

Pics from the podcast

No. 123886

These are rich
inb4 she tries to hunt these posts down again

No. 123893

File: 1606957362127.jpg (64.84 KB, 1185x328, IMG_20201202_200227.jpg)

SEETHING CUCKQUEAN vendetta-chan identity exposed.

No. 123895

Aw anon has brainworms

No. 123897

File: 1606958091707.jpg (59.77 KB, 540x960, 4SkgrmA.jpg.c8473687828010a419…)

Sound like a nice theory. She made an auction: she got like 10k or something like that because people who want to participate had to pledge the money they offer. I imagine Josh pushed the bid to get more money and "won".

No. 123899

kek I want the screenshots! where are the screenshots?!

No one else would pay 10k, I mean scrotes would pay for them but no one is going to have 10k lying around to blow on those, not in her demographic anyway as highly doubt there’s an Arab oil tycoon waiting to get a hold of them kek. Watch if they “sell” this christmas condom, bet sockponce will win that too for half a mil and report it straight to the daily fail, or maybe she will ship it to Ethan’s desperate self to suck on during his podcast.

No. 123907

Not was from one subscriber, was from various, they had to bid making a donation.

No. 123912

if you can make 30k selling a story about how you sold your underwear for 10k, why wouldn't you?

No. 123914

What am I looking at here? It looks like colorful shit stains

No. 123917

Took me a bit to figure out wtf it was too, but they must be the bottoms she wore in the "I'm back" video where she had paint poured over her ass.

No. 123918

I was freaked out too but I remembered that was from her ass painting

No. 123920

File: 1606966735518.jpg (242.18 KB, 513x868, nj4NulD.jpg)

She's filing dmca claims against the biggest leakers in preparation for her le epic porn troll in a couple weeks.

No. 123927

I'm not sure how she expects to make money off a porn troll
even without leaks, it will be all over Twitter that it's a troll within 5 minutes of release, and then people won't pay for it

No. 123928

And isn't she technically breaking onlyfans rules, therefore the people who paid for that shit would get a refund if it was a scam

No. 123929

I see one of the mentally ill people who made all those shit edits and fanarts, and spammed the last thread with 0 content nitpicks and random images also made the new thread.

Please lord autosage this shit (and seek mental help) nobody cares about your obsessive nitpicking and toddler-tier repetitive insults. You might be new to lolcow but you are supposed to post milk here meaning new content from the cow where posting the same screenshot 50 times does not count as new content.

No. 123930

>>123842 >>123849 >>123928 >>123850 >>123854 >>123858 >>123874 >>123907

Sage your shit, stop reposting old milk, kek she's ugly isn't milk. Did you get banned from the PULL discord or what?

No. 123931

She’s not going to scam people. It’s different now that people are paying for it and not just awaiting pornhub release. She’s gonna be in deep shit if it’s just a troll thing and I doubt she wants to deal with the people who are giving her money being pissed off and disappointed. It’ll be like the Bella Thorne debacle but worse because she keeps hyping it up.

No. 123932

How's she breaking only fans rules?
Let's assume the insider info is true and she's going to sit beside a couple of real porn stars going at it. That's:
1. A porn video
2. With Belle Delphine in it
3. Featuring up close penetration shots.
No it isn't what people wanted, but it is exactly what she promised.
Simps would have get laughed out of court trying to sue her for their money back on the basis that their assumptions about the content weren't accurate.

Plus the idea that people will hear about it instantly and not pay is wishful thinking. Her subreddits are constantly full of new onlyfans subscribers who were surprised her pictures are censored on there. These simps are too dumb to check twitter first.

No. 123933

You can see by the top of the image they're replying to the same side by side comparison shit anon was posting in the last thread. Not "pics from the podcast" and regardless, kek she's ugly comments from random people on Facebook is still not milk.

No. 123934

Clickbaiting/bait and switch is against OF rules.
"Here's a video of me fucking someone..lol jk it's not me and it's just a joke, you don't know that til after you pay though."

Secondly, Bella Thorne forced OF to change some rules because of HER clickbaiting shit. "Have a nude…gotta pay first!" People paid, got trolled, MASSIVE charge backs.

Semantics can't be used here, if she doesn't advertise it as: "I'm in a porn video watching a couple fucking next to me" she's bait and switching. After Bella Throne incident OF is taking things seriously.

No. 123937

laughed out of court? I think you are misunderstanding how this works.

Onlyfans can choose to change it's terms of service and refund customers at any time if they choose to. And if this happened they absolutely would refund customers in order to avoid bad press/angry coomers

I'm no expert on OF but it's standard for any website that requires you to agree to terms of service that the TOS is subject to change at any time, and that by signing it you agree to potential subsequent changes.

OF can alter and enforce their TOS however they want.

No. 123938

The best part is that the comparison (if it’s the same one on the thread pic) is edited to make her look worse. Like that one makeup remover app which automatically makes you look like a zombie. It’s embarrassing to even care that much about what she looks like to the point you try to convince people that she’s ugly, as if that fucking matters.

No. 123940

File: 1606971302081.jpeg (168.94 KB, 900x720, 1606528236145.jpeg)

I love when this ~anon~ shows up whining about PULL, how fat/ jealous we are, how belle is a chamillionaire, how uwu epic gamer bro meme queen she is kek

No. 123941

What's funny is, it looks more like her podcast appearance than the original, heavily filtered full- faced "no makeup" selfie kek. I'd bet that's the closest thing we will ever see to her real makeup free face

No. 123942

Actually its huge milk when she,a person who makes a living by photoshopping herself to look childlike, just did her first in person interview and exposed herself by looking nothing like her pictures kek.
>>123933 you can actually see there is the precast pictures as well

No. 123944

File: 1606972319650.png (151.25 KB, 320x320, FD0319C2-3415-45FA-8E53-37F4BE…)

She’s shown herself without makeup before. 1 google shows this and shows the real no makeup pic without the editing.

No. 123945

File: 1606972426055.jpeg (65.78 KB, 492x500, 063C857D-426A-4621-A861-FEA7C8…)

Here’s the one featured in the thread pic unedited. Someone really edited her to look older and added wrinkles lmao

No. 123949

These are both filtered to hell and back. Idk why you're trying to convince us this is what y-she looks like, we saw the podcast

No. 123950

File: 1606973102089.jpg (237.94 KB, 947x947, FemaleElonMusk.jpg)

No. 123951

>Filtered to hell and back
As opposed to the filters put on the pictures in the thread image.
So it’s fine to filter them the opposite way? She looked like a regular human in the podcast. It’s a given she heavily edits her face and doesn’t look like her anime girl image irl but idk the point of pretending she’s some hideous old beast.
And posting screenshots of someone in the middle of talking to prove they’re uglier is some middle school behavior and the stalest of milk. Crop that shit at least

No. 123952

For someone who makes their living off her image.. why on earth did she choose to wear this cheap ass wig and hat that makes her look even worse.
No one looks good with a baseball smashed over long hair. I'm so confused, how did she look in the mirror and think "aw yes let's make my face look long and cast a terrible photo on myself." for how much money she makes, she really needs to hire an image person.

No. 123953

File: 1606974216203.jpg (1 MB, 1350x2400, Uwu.jpg)


No. 123954

She was self conscious of how the lighting would cast on her face

No. 123957

Yes yes, it was that silly hat making her ugly.. totally not the fact that she has been banking off a face that isnt even hers lol

No. 123958

>idk the point of pretending she’s some hideous old beast.

Mental illness. This one anon clearly spends hours every day making comparison edits (ITT and the last one) and posting them here and elsewhere >>123879

No. 123959

File: 1606975815285.png (2.39 MB, 2560x1440, POV I am pathetic screenshot a…)

POV I am pathetic screenshot anon: I searched Scarjo interview on Youtube, opened the first result, screenshot a random second of her talking. Here you go, amazing milk, I have outed Scarjo as actually ugly because everyone looks their best mid-sentence and anon is not just a mentally ill moron.

No. 123960

Cope harder kek belles busted as hell compared to her selfies
Anyway what's the scoop on the DMCA stuff where's the info leak

No. 123961

See,the thing is, you can still tell that's scarlet Johansson. And she does not look ugly. Belle is unrecognizable in her podcast, even her simps think so,joking that's what happens when you buy from wish kek. She looks like someone who wants to emulate belle, not actually belle herself. Like a skinwalker in person.

No. 123962

>Without editing
Oh anon, you sweet summer child.

No. 123964

PULL manatees really out there getting mad that she's "really ugly " and "not like in the shoops" instead of being happy that moids are getting scammed. This is how we know that you're not from here.

No. 123967

Do you expect us to give her a round of applause for contributing to the world spread pedophilia problem? Because it's not going to happen kek

No. 123969

We know you're not from here because you keep sucking this cow's clitty and you do a terrible job at integrating. It's like you cant comprehend the point of this website, it's not a fan club sweetie

No. 123970

PULL true and honest elegant lolitas pretending to actually give a shit about pedophilia or porn exploitation while literally wishing Belle would get Bianca'd. This is primarily why everyone thinks you're seething, not to mention that we here don't need retarded moralfag excuses to call a whore ugly.
>anything that isn't milkless seething is clitty sucking
BPD continues being a PULL staple. You have to go back.

No. 123972

Why are you shilling for Belle so hard? Thank you for your entertainment kek anyway back on topic

No. 123973

kek anon needs to get over their hateboner. No one cares about the topic because it’s mainly nitpicking Belle for looking like trash, editing her to look old, and siding with guys who shit on women for looking “ugly” with no makeup and think it’s false advertising. It’s not milk because there’s not a woman alive who wouldn’t have a gaggle of men pointing out that she’s ugly. The fact they’re making these collages of comments from anyone saying she looks bad says more about them than anyone else.

No. 123976

Why are you so mad we are talking about her looks? That's 100% of all threads on this site. Get over yourself and find yourself a safe space somewhere kek

No. 123978

They must be under the assumption that belle gets preferential treatment around here ha!
If anyone is all riled up , its you dear. Nobody has a hate boner we are all quite literally taking the piss about it. The price one pays to be famous lol(samefagging, ban evasion)

No. 123983

belle is a public figure now, getting criticized and judged comes with the territory.
No amount of whining and crying about a website that doesn't even exist anymore will never change that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 123984

Are you done defending your rat queen? It's getting kinda boring to see you each 3-4h defending miss herpes

No. 123985

File: 1606987628445.gif (1009.26 KB, 245x247, 6AEF3384-430A-4D31-94DF-662BF6…)

>mentions DMCA takedown and possibility breaking of OF rules if she does meme “porn”

No. 123989

The cows bring this on themselves. Of course by any normal person's standards, IRL belle is quite a pretty girl. But by constantly shopping herself into a kawaii loli uwu anime goddess, she's created an unrealistic expectation and her real self will always be uglier in comparison.
the same thing happened to UsagiKou/ Lori, she's objectively a very pretty girl but her absurd edits make her real face look horrible in comparison.
They dug their own graves. Either they have to go the Erin Eevee route and get insane amounts of plastic surgery to try to look like their shoops, or continue getting more and more drastic with the shop until they can't be seen in public anymore because they've edited themselves into a completely different person.

No. 123993

File: 1606992796921.gif (4.44 MB, 283x503, bxAy58d[1].gif)

you are right, Belle edits herself to look like a completely different person. i think part of the problem in here is that 1. she gets hailed as gorgeous sexual dynamite, so when her image is proven once again to be fake it's really annoying when she continues to get praised for how she looks in her videos or pics, when she doesn't look like that at all. 2. nobody cares about other's opinions of her irl appearance. to each their own - i personally think Belle is a very plain girl in a wig, maybe high end of average, but there's no reason to start attacking posters who disagree with that. the point is she is fake, i think we all agreed on that in the last thread. we could be having a discussion around that and yet there is still crying over whether people think she's pretty or ugly.

her real face has been seen before and she's always looked more mature than her years, maybe that's why she's so obsessed with trying to convince everybody that she looks 12. i also noticed she's cosied up to youtubers who have made videos on instagram vs reality featuring overly edited thots, probably so they won't out her in the same way

No. 123996

The announcement in >>123920 is from some redditors who were operating a mega archive with more or less everything she'd ever done. Their usernames are in the image if for some reason you think you want to take to someone who spends three hours a day organizing their e-thot collection.
There's also a few other redditors claiming to have posted leaks today that were taken down and are ranting about her putting pressure on reddit's higher ups, but nobody has any proof.

TLDR: >>123920 is all of the DMCA milk.

No. 123997

A bit of topic but I remember back when she still had her instigram she kept writting thirst messages about pewdiepie claiming to be his biggest fan and someone asked “when is the sex tape of you and pewdiepie coming out” and she replied “as soon as he replies to my dm ;)” which is a bit disturbing since pewds is with marzia and after they got married and belle returned she was wearing knock off merch begging on twitter how she could contact pewdiepie so she could send him a mystery box or some shit which was pretty embarrassing they are many more examples but I can’t think of any right now and before anybody dismisses this by saying “she dosent really like pewds she’s just using him for publicity” I disagree remember when her ex boyfriend was dating the Asian girl for awhile and using a sock account belle wrote under their comment section “Belle is better” she definitely gets off on thinking she is better then other women and she probably is aware Ethan has a thing for her and likes that she is indirectly cucking hila idk maybe I’m overthinking this but it does come across that way which is fucked up..

No. 124001

if she was making "enough money" she wouldnt give a fuck about leaks. smells desperate to me. something is up here, why wouldnt anybody expect leaks lol? literally everybodys OFs are leaked.

No. 124002

honestly you're retarded. ive never used pull, used lolcow for a couple years. belle IS milky, sorry simp, and i repost/discuss old milk because people are interested in it and probably dont want to dig through old threads. the shit belle does is milky as fuck, you are just salty that not everybody wants to suck the farts out of her asshole. all sex workers are "milky", period. you can't be a "sex worker" and be mentally stable or a normal person. i made the fucking thread and i dont even care about her finances or think she is THAT ugly, it's the fact that she got work done to try to look like her edited pedo pandering pics, which is just sad. why do we keep having to defend the thread existing to WKs? you dont think this bitch is worth keeping an eye on? just suspicious as fuck, if you dont like the thread then go do something else(nobody cares )

No. 124003

stfu, its hilarious to see simps mad that she looks different irl. god i fucking hate infighting over what "milk" is, its so annoying, can we stop bitching over this shit and talk about the fucking cow please?

No. 124005

god its cringey how much of a tryhard she is, you can tell shes super insecure lol

No. 124006

this. anons need to fucking chill. "shes ugly" isnt milk of course, but the point is that she is fake and doesnt look anything like her pics. THAT is milky as fuck. she is coping so hard, and so are WKs

No. 124007

Most of this site is about pointing out shoops and nitpicking how cows look irl, this is nothing new. Some anons must be insecure about something.

You rat-horse faces.

No. 124008

this is interesting to think about

yes anon, pointing out a fake girl looking different irl is because of insecurity, not trying to expose that a girl photoshops and edits her pics to oblivion. we should all just ignore it, and let her fool simps. retard.

funny you call us "rat horse faces" and some anons were called bellend that last thread kek. you salty?

i personally dont even think she is ugly, the point is she copes so hard irl trying to look like heavily edited pics. its pointless.(move on)

No. 124011

If nitpicking shoops and appearances isn't milk, there is little milk on this site. Check your reading comprehension and ancephaly.

No. 124012

you replied to the wrong anon, i agree, every girl on this site has milk about her pretending to look like someone else.

No. 124013

There hasn't been organic milk on her for quite a while. It all became an obvious try hard for attention after she lost her insta. She cannot be gotten rid of, if stealing photos, very obvious pedo bating and all around cringe behavior won't make her go away, it may be best to let her go the Onision route and fade away when she out ages her market. It is getting there. She seems to not be aging well.

No. 124015

all the anons fighting over her being ugly without shoop, she's ugly with it too lmao
she almost looks better without it because she looks less uncanny especially the times she makes herself look like some kind of jeff the killer monstrosity or makes her teeth look like a foot long kek

No. 124018

i agree, she looks normal irl if you ask me and the shoops and weird facial expressions she does in pics are actually ugly as fuck. hard to believe coomers like it AND fall for it kek

No. 124019

File: 1607002859636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 348.71 KB, 1188x2208, b45e59b.jpg)

This censor is very thin, her coomers must be pumping their fists in the air.

No. 124022

t. Obvious newfag

No. 124025

Why does her face look photoshopped onto a different body?

No. 124027

Feels like the money is running low and Josh needs his money from his E prostitute. If belle was by any meaning smart, she wouldn't choose the part to expose herself completely and milk her plebs with teasing photos. It sure looks like she wants or needs more money that she suddenly wants to show her vagina. I still bet she either bleached or had a labia surgery. Belle isn't actually completely white so it makes more sense that her Vagina would be darker, so could be she bleached some body parts as well in her absence.

No. 124028

Maybe she's doing this DMCA panic because she is running low on money.

No. 124029

>If belle was by any meaning smart, she wouldn't choose the part to expose herself completely and milk her plebs with teasing photos.

She used to do that before her break, now that she's back she sees shit like that won't fly especially given all the thots that rose up that offer better in between her break.

No. 124031

File: 1607006469983.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 650x863, 26tredCapture.PNG)

She can filter her face but she can't pick the hair off her socks.

No. 124032

She is too lazy to use photoshop and Snapchat filters can't do miracles.

No. 124033

Wtf is she doing vibrating her asshole? Why do people get off to her so much when her content is the most sexless thing to exist

No. 124034

If you think that you're contributing to the thread by whining over filtered photos then don't bother posting at all.

No. 124035

Speaking of filtered snapchats this whole DMCA thing will her simps start paying for her shit or will they keep trying to leak her content so they can view it for free

No. 124037

Deffs. Her nose dive into porn faster than Moo is symptomatic of her desperation to stem the irrelevancy garnered from her hiatus. She's not very subtle about latching onto popular creators for clicks either. The kind of popularity she's gained is hardly organic and isn't likely to be sustained. The big names grew a loyal fanbase over a a long period of time, whereas Belle like many others before her, went viral overnight. She'll eventually join the long list of people forgotten by the internet if she continues to follow this social media model. Realistically she can't sustain the stunts forever, nor do they yield a meaningful following.

No. 124045

mods WK and simp for belle so hard lol, why do they get mad that anons dont like this rotten hoe

No. 124046

bellend is too retarded to realize her simps dont like HER or respect her wishes, they just want to see her get naked and get fucked lol if she thinks this will do anything other than make her incel fans hate her, she is definitely stupid as fuck

No. 124047

When yall mention the dmca are you referring to the massive google doc? It's honestly not feasible to stop leaks, it's literally part of that business kek

No. 124050

They've even been deleting comments that dont even break the rules in the last thread and like another anon said they only ever do that for doxxing posts,cp, and gore. Hella sus and reminds me of the time shoe was buddies with one of the jannies here. If you're simping for the thread topic you don't need to be modding the thread

No. 124051

You mean like we do in quite literally every other thread on this website? Kek

No. 124052

She probably is a bit strapped for cash by her standards. I think it's obvious she took that year off to allow herself some time to heal from rhinoplasty, your face is swollen and your eyes are black for a good 6-12 months. I'm sure they had to manage their money a bit better while she was out of work and now that she's mostly healed and the well is running dry shes ready to get back out there, but other anons said shes had to step it up because her old shtick wouldnt bring in the pedobux anymore

No. 124053

Yes, i've noticed this as well. She thirsts really hard for male attention and puts herself on a pedestal. I think she's extremely insecure and is living out a fantasy of having men want her.

No. 124057

hard agree. they get mad at anons for saying shit that is said about EVERY cow posted on here. it is fucking ridiculous. they need to get over the fact that not everyone has an autistic love for bellends overshooped face.

No. 124059

she looks massive here compared to how she tries to make herself appear. nothing wrong with her size (looks at mods) but her coping trying to appear like a tiny loli is so cringe and unnecessary.

No. 124065

They've done this to many photos and are spreading them on the internet, there's no explanation other than a personal grudge this is what this thread and the one before it smell of, grudge.

No. 124068

File: 1607018913510.jpg (142.92 KB, 500x376, 20201203_130831.jpg)

No. 124071

No. 124073

File: 1607019720204.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 653x816, ECECEC45Capture.PNG)

She's sucking in her stomach so much

No. 124075

all of you PULLtards should stop seething and realize that belle is a brilliant marketing genius and essentially the Jeff Bezos of Onlyfans.

Maybe if you weren't so fat and ugly you would realize that the podcast pictures are actually fake!!!!

No. 124077

I mean anyone can watch the podcast and judge for themselves kek but go off

No. 124078

nta but i think that was sarcasm

No. 124080

Imagine giving money for her photoshopped nudes kek how sad your life has to be and in 20 years they realize damn could have gotten so many things for that spended money on a Egirl who feeds her boyfriend to buy a beast pc with it.

No. 124082

>vibrating her asshole
My sides, anon.

No. 124083

Meh, people buy dumber shit than porn.

If she wanted to make money on being young and attractive she should have just gone the Tik Tok influencer route like Loren Gray. Not humiliating, you can still get a job after you age out, future boyfriends won't be embarrassed to be dating you, mainstream companies will actually pay you to promote them.

I guess she wasn't good looking enough to get mainstream attention, so she had to go the quirky gamer porn girl route.

No. 124084

For a quirky gamer girl she sure has a lot to say about video games. I might have a shred of respect for her if she at least had a genuine interest in that or streamed, she could be raking it in on twitch, but then she'd have to show her face and play a game and actually put some effort into what she's doing.

No. 124085

If she did gaming she'd probably pull the sssniperwolf fake footage

No. 124087

End station for her. She becomes one of many porn actress now. There isn't anything wow about porn nor her career at this point.

No. 124089

she has admitted in the past she literally doesnt play video games lol.

kind of random but she is from south africa and i couldnt really tell how well off she is? her dad left her mom but doesnt mean she couldnt have been rich. ive heard people say rich south africans are shitty people (like elon musk), anyone know anything about that?

No. 124092

I honestly don't understand this argument. There are tons of successful pornstars on OF. Doing porn isnt the "end of the station" of an OF girl. Thats most of the stuff on there

No. 124096

>uglier in comparison

Mfw egl moos actually believe that stylized animu dorito chin shoops are more beautiful than being normie pretty

No. 124099

No one is talking about other porn stars. She obviously won't be as much as relevant she used to be since there is dozens of pornstars doing the same job she claims to do soon, only difference is they look at least better and more natural than some clown trying to emulate anime ahegao visages while looking unsexy and forced as we all seen in her clips.

No. 124101

Join Belle's Onlyfans. Its literally the best one out there. Her porn is going to be amazing. She's also not married so stop saying that. Sounds like a whole bunch of jealous Pulltards here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 124102

Woah..easy on the denial there.

No. 124105

she got a rhinoplasty, anyone else think she got surgery on her waist? her belly button especially looks unnatural

No. 124112

um, I think it's just photoshop anon…

No. 124113

even in videos though it’s super tiny, no rolls or abs show

No. 124116

yeah anon it's called basic posing that every thot does

No. 124117

You have to be very delusional or making a joke: Belle herself admited to have a partner "from the "beginning, he was there before my name was Belle Delphine". Altought that is a lie because she was with Goran maybe is half true if you count she was cheatting. See yourself https://youtu.be/NNcy3R7RbFI?t=276

No. 124118

That's not admitting "from the beginning"..that's saying NOW after she got caught having one (given her "uwu I'm a single virgin" persona she tried having.)

No. 124119

I put an extra quote mark but you ignore all of them. That was Belle said about her Husband in that Happy hour video. Belle is lying because she become "Belle Delphine" weeks or mere days after the "wrong wig" scandal when Goran was WK for her on PULL, meanwhile she was cheating.

No. 124120

File: 1607044771360.png (193.34 KB, 546x626, Capture3.png)

"Belle Delphine" was born because all the backslash to her wrong wig shenaningans. She became aware how strong negative reaction on internet is in fact free publicity: Belle braged about how people on Singapore was talking about her. PULL helped to create that monster.

No. 124124

I didn't know pull contributed on her creation this should be added on the summary, Fuck pulltards

No. 124140

in all fairness, PULL was not the only domain that hosted a thread on Belle.

No. 124142

What was this 'wrong wig' situation…? I haven't heard of it until just now

No. 124144

File: 1607056894703.jpg (534.95 KB, 1010x3686, 1545378391577.jpg)


No. 124169

And hers is laughably obvious, because if it's done right the ribs don't flare.

No. 124170

Kek I remember her once saying on insta that she's "waiting for the right person" and that her photogtapher was a "she".

No. 124171

This is pathetic, they are so bent out of shape because of a shitty cosplay, kinda the same way they rage at Kenna for going to disneyland.

No. 124175

File: 1607082571378.jpeg (62.93 KB, 960x1200, 7DB91060-8906-43F1-BAF8-98D2B0…)

Kek “violet hair kotori”.

She does this all the time. She did a “Sailor Moon” cosplay, but wore the wig of Sailor Moon and the costume of Chibiusa, choker on upside down, outfit creased and I remember people bashing her for it. I thought she was just retarded or lazy, I never considered her clout chasing “any publicity is good publicity”

No. 124182

File: 1607089857289.jpg (35.79 KB, 500x613, EirxvYhWsAcz4Ln.jpg)

Yes, maybe were other forums but Belle and her boyfriend put all their effort to stop PULL talking about her, for some reason they considered that site important. She changed her FB name to "Belle Delphine" mere hours after her topic was created.

At first her mistakes were because she didn't have the money and dedication to do cosplay. Maybe she believed because she was pretty then people will ignore these " little details". Honestly for a person outside cosplay community these outfits really pass for good.

No. 124219

Some shit only cgl goblinas care about

No. 124233

i think cosplay is retarded but i'm pretty sure she doesn't even watch anime because she has only really mentioned Spirited Away and has even said in the past that she doesn't play video games. The worst trait of hers is, she is obsessed with attention. She obviously just saw that fans of anime and vg were often ugly guys who would be easily obsessed with her and she ran with it. She just knows how to get attention because she is desperate for it, probably because daddy left mommy because he didn't want her kek

No. 124249

File: 1607120035871.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.75 KB, 750x1062, 91380C62-4ECD-4534-8049-4A4E9E…)

Pretty much this. Even the incels in her replies aren’t buying it kek.

No. 124250

Ontop of that this is something all thots do, surprised she didn't choose something in flavor right now.

No. 124253

Why people is saying Rusty Fakes will collab with Belle in next YT video? honestly I can't believe that. Some news I don't know?

No. 124254

god shes 21 and has the poor social skills of a 14 year old tryhard who JUST discovered anime. why spend all that money on cosplays and merch, posters in your background when you dont even watch it? whats the point. its like those thots who wear metal band tshirts but dont even know a single song. its a waste of money and its for attention lol. growse!

No. 124255

where is that being said though?

No. 124292

File: 1607133261370.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 84.98 KB, 750x494, 1459A186-9A4A-477A-A0B7-334122…)

I just went to have a look on her twitter and it looks like people are replying about a collab on this post. She creeps me out so much with how she copy and pastes bellend right down to her poses, outfits, facial expressions and even using the same stickers to censor her photos, like as if one bellend isn’t bad enough. Imagine wanting to skinwalk so bad you even date their ex. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if her and Goran release a pr0n Christmas too kek. (Spoiler to avoid confuse as not belle dickfiend)

No. 124328

belle thrives off of one thing: male attention. flatters her, validates that she has sex appeal. for some reason she is obsessed with herself, appearing sexy, and these things. i bet the money is secondary to her real desires. so much so that she edits herself to hell and back and her normal appearance is fine, she shoops to look like a loli rodent from all the otakus and "gamer" redditor types because she knows its easy.

what a fucking leech.

No. 124329

Lmao I guess goran told rusty whatever snow filter belle uses , they have the same creepy fake face.

No. 124338

While the autistic gatekeeping is just as funny, Belle trying to fool people into actually thinking she has the intelligence or brain capacity to watch it is even funnier

No. 124350

What a loser, imagine validating yourself thru neckbeards online and the most embarrassing part she seems to be proud of that i wouldn’t be suprised if she believed all the youtubers who made videos on her like her or whatever she seems to possess that ego.

No. 124354

File: 1607167133145.png (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 746x1001, D1D331FC-EC28-429A-A4A9-E8BEC1…)

>Am I doing this right????

She made a whole video trying to debunk claims she was skinwalking bellend dickfiend https://youtu.be/R-0UnVMoSQs

She seems like she probably is an actual nerdy weeb gamer girl type and it’s obvious that bellend is everything she wants to be (i.e nerdy weeb gamer girl worshiped and validated by the scrotes for being so). So Rusty, a nerdy weeb gamer girl, LARPs Belle, whilst Belle is LARPing a nerdy weeb gamer girl in this tragic LARPception kek

No. 124357

What is it with these people who feel the need to constantly paint/pierce/dress themselves up in attention grabbing ways to "find their identity"? Or proclaim their interests to everybody they can reach?

Is it because they are insecure about their personality so they feel the need to constantly "create" one in the form of an "aesthetic"? This really applies to anybody who constantly posts about what series/comics/games they like, display their overpriced merch and paints themselves like a clown.

No. 124367

I think it's less about larping and more about cashing in on Belle's image. Nobody really cares about Belle any more but her image has high clickbait value, which I imagine is the only reason anyone would want to be associated with her at this point. To me it looks like she is trying to fish the same crowd who might mistake her for Belle and stick around for the same horrible sort of content she has.

No. 124377

she is proud of it because she obviously thinks being sexually appealing no matter what is the most important thing ever. she also recieves validation in two forms: money and attention online, all from her home just taking nudes. she IS a loser, because that well will dry the fuck up within a few years. once these guys see every part of her body, they will not care anymore and move onto one of the hundreds of younger girls doing the "teasing" photos she used to do.

No. 124378

kek @ the age cope in the bottom right. "cant believe i just turned 19 again". thats another aspect of these bitches. they cant even handle turning TWENTY. TWENTY??? dude say that to a woman in her 40's she would want to kill you kek. disclaiming that im only 22

No. 124379

What does she even mean by it? What does that have to do with being 19? She looks like she sharted everywhere.

No. 124380


No. 124381

she is saying she "turned 19 again" aka she turned 20 and cant handle that age and would rather be… literally just one number below it? probably still wants to be a "sexy teen". doesnt matter cause you can be early 20's and most older people think you look the same as a 18-19 y.o.

No. 124382

This, exactly
the uwu pink haired gamer girl image is a cash cow
but after belle took her break the image stopped being about belle and just became another stereotype that 1000s of e thots milk for simp bucks.
gamer girl e thots are a dime a dozen, which is why belles following is so much lower than it used to be. No one cares when there's a million look likes who are just as hot in their pictures

No. 124383

The "19" thing is probably(?) because when Belle hit her viral peak on Instagram, her bio was just "Belle 19."

No. 124384

>just as hot as their pictures

Make it more obvious you're a Belle skinwalker gassing yourself up in Belle's lolcow thread…

No. 124385

these hoes want to be the "hot girl who likes anime and video games" but don't realize you need to literally like those things for the image to be realistic. when men realize you arent ACTUALLY into the things they like, they will dump you and move onto another hot girl who actually enjoys what they like, because there's also a surplus of cute girls into anime/vg right now, and the numbers are just growing. its lame as fuck to just make it a persona. she used to do more of the "fairy elf uwu delores nymphet" aesthetic now its just nymphomaniac """gamer""" loli. her image has gotten worse and even more unrealistic kek she will never live up to what her fans want her to be, they will lose interest.

No. 124387

Coomers literally don't care if you really like games and anime. Throwing a game controller in the corner of a photo is enough. They don't think you're special because you really like games unlike faker Belle!!!1
You're all just novelty hoes to them.

No. 124391

Men care in the case of women in their actual lives sharing their interests - finding a girlfriend who is also into video games is something a lot of guys wish they had. As far as wank material, it's just a passive fantasy. Just look how many fans actually care about her podcast appearances. The majority of her audience just want to ogle her overprocessed pictures for a few seconds as they cycle through their twitter feed.

No. 124395

but they will lose interest if you want long-term attention i.e. a bf or husband. im saying its pointless to fake your interests because guys will find another girl and cheat on you if you're actually disinteresting to them. they really prefer women who like the same things, unless its just a wank. even then, they 100% dont respect you or care about you at all kek. she is a retarded loser.

No. 124397

Why does this sound like Rusty is in this thread. The cows are coming from inside the farm.

No. 124398

What a miserable life having to pretend to be into hobbies you’re hardly into yourself I don’t feel bad for these women not one bit they are in their 20s and instead of focusing on what they want to do with themselves and their life they are stuck at home doing that dumb fucking ahego face dressing up in cosplay of characters they search online by typing “list of anime waifus” all of this effort just so anonymous nerds find you attractive and cool is the attention that addictive?

No. 124400

ita. no. im not her, im the OP. i literally dont even have any social media or internet presence, only just imageboards.

No. 124402

It's the absolute minor effort they have to put in. Shameless hoes found a way to profit off of being lazy and taking selfies. It's kind of sad to imagine being trapped in that position once you start making any money. What an unfulfilling life.

No. 124423

can we stop derailing this thread? We have a skin walker thread. Talk about her there PULL fags

No. 124443

Can you stop derailing with your PULL sperging? You've been droning on since the ass end of the last thread ffs. Its been like a week now of your shenanigans and the PULL website hasnt even existed for some time now, that site went down months ago let it go kek

No. 124448

File: 1607222407232.jpg (136.56 KB, 640x994, mmseof1hqg361.jpg)

Belle is such a cash grab is posting "deep and personal thoughts" for 35%/mo. I like her a bit much but fuck, paying that amount for blurry pics and now for Facebook style content. 1/2

No. 124450

File: 1607222657921.jpg (135.77 KB, 640x994, fyv2id4hqg361.jpg)

And she talks like if she gave her soul in these podcast when in reality were mere public relations for her business.

No. 124451

this bitch has the personality of a wet sock, so basic. kek

No. 124452

kek I can only imagine the face of the c00mers knowing they paid 35 a month to see nudes and instead get some pseudo intellectual anne frank diary entry.

Clocked she had to throw in a little cheeky school memory of having her sock removed to give the pedophiles with foot fetishes at least something almost illegal to fap over. What a mean boy to someone so smoll and vulnerable uwu. Beg.

No. 124453

She's so fake, as if we're supposed to believe one minute she's a horny nympho, one minute shes a QuIrKy MeMeLoRd, then she's some magical fairy poet who just wants to stare at the city lights. Just act like a normal person, not a manic pixie dream girl stereotype for the coomers.

No. 124458

File: 1607231298650.jpg (81.23 KB, 720x960, 50160305_175643856760714_12433…)

Maybe is true, (the orange light, the towers in front of her mother house) but these kind of post belongs to facebook for the girl fandom not to OF. Honestly i dont understand how these guys never complain about how Belle uses her OF as social media and not as a erotica/porn source.

No. 124459

I'm 80% sure that Josh writes these

No. 124464

This is a cute post imo, but so at odds with sticking giant dildos in your coochie for incels.

She definitely wants to rebrand as a general influencer/celebrity since it's obvious the porn path is a bad one. However I'm not sure if she's already gone too far.
Paris and Kim both got "famous" via sextapes and the sextapes are largely forgotten, she's probably hoping for that. I would rather see her pivot to entertainment rather than be another soul lost to the sex industry. It depends if she gets support from her many mainstream simps.

No. 124469

this is what i thought too when she started doing podcasts, but then announcing her new transition into hardcore from softcore porn and suddenly posting uncensored nudes really doesn't give that impression. she's still advertising herself as a wacky pornstar and don't think 2020 is the right time to go the paris/Kim route and become more of a personality. she's never established that she had one before and even fans don't seem to care about these interviews

No. 124493

File: 1607275022764.jpg (56.18 KB, 631x410, keked.jpg)

this old screenie sums it up really well lol.
she is trying to come off as "normal" at times. Well bellend, whoring yourself out and posting videos of you shoving a pickle rick dildo up your ass in a cheap wig ISNT NORMAL, and nobody should have to say it. you are not a normal girl, you are just some e-whore sellout who leeches money and attention wherever you can get it from. you are pond scum, end of.

also lmao at "im lazy and dont want to get a job" we know, mary belle, we know.

No. 124494

File: 1607275235024.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, BEC26A5F-1F8B-42FD-92DC-737C62…)

Wasn’t this debunked as a lie

No. 124495

File: 1607275266481.png (3.03 MB, 1242x2208, 1196BFCC-B8F5-4671-91F4-627CEC…)

No. 124496

>now she's a business that makes her boyfriend 1M a month

kek, so not only is she too lazy to get a real job (said it herself) but she literally is just an object her bf makes money off of. lmao. it will dry up soon, more and more as she ages too.

lmao so shameful "news" pieces about her are coming out again. she is some boring thot who put out fuck machine videos for money. and of course this is going to be used to push the "sex work is empowering" narrative MSM is these days. so disgusting. its grooming our daughters, it clearly groomed mary belle.

and waitress? i thought she said she was washing dishes or something?

No. 124501

Honestly i hate her but i enjoy it how plebs waste their income on her boyfriend so he lives the life kek

No. 124518

File: 1607287540323.png (2.58 MB, 1864x1098, Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 12.4…)

There's nothing in the article that actually confirms what she makes


No. 124524

saged but when the fuck is this DDLG trend going to die out? im really sick of it i dont even have SM yet im aware of the thousands of ugly turds dressing in pink clothes from china with wigs becoming camgirls and saying "fuck me daddy" like bitches, i get a lot of us have cringy phases but can this no longer be the weird internet phenomenon it is? to me its all clearly some easy way to attention grab or they are like afraid of growing up so they turn sex into something it isnt… like all these women are so broken and they dont have to be yet they fuck themselves up like this bitch and parade it online proudly? get some actual help get a job go to college learn a trade, theres so many other options, fuck

No. 124527

The Telegraph fall at their lowest point with that article. No only because is about Belle, apparently is full of lies too: she is not a Londoner in any measure and calling her a "part time waitress" is a overstatement at best (maybe she did that for a week, never listen that before). The guy who wrote that piece have no idea.

No. 124528

It’s deffo Bellend and no dosh Josh running to these papers trying to sell their story rather than the papers chasing them because they are super famussss. There wasn’t even an option to check out to buy the bathwater and was just her sending a few to random youtubers for attention, Its not hard to buy a box of jars on Aliexpress when she goes to checkout that tacky wig and then take a photo with them afterwards, it’s already evident she’s happy to waste money.

News papers nowadays do 0 research. They did this when Bianca Devins was called a popular eceleb with 100k+ followers yet she only became popular and gained followers after her snuff photo went viral. Lazy reporting.

No. 124530

Even with research, the only way to actually verify what belle makes would be
a) look at her tax returns
b) sign into her only fans
c) look at her bank deposit hisotry
all of which are things belle would have to release to them, and if she had it would mention in the sourcing for the article that they verified it with one of those things, which it doesn't
online magazines that are desperate for clicks are happy to write up a salacious story about how an e-thot makes a million a month of only fans because it drives up ad revenue

No. 124549

It’s hilarious that all of these stories came out about her massive onlyfans earnings days after it was speculated on here that she would be broke by 30.

The sad thing is that if these girls want to leverage their looks for money it’s not even that difficult to do in a corporate field and keep your self respect. Make a mid 6 figure salary that will actually increase as you get older instead of drying up, and use being good looking to get your foot in the door/outperform co-workers in client facing roles. Getting into online sex work isn’t just humiliating, it’s financially retarded and there are much better options out there.

No. 124551

People have been speculating that she'll be broke by 30 since she started her patreon. You're tinfoiling over nothing.

No. 124571

DMCA update: her lawyers nuked the r/belledelphinepatreon subreddit.

No. 124590

One farmhand here was a bit sus. They complained when images from her patreon were reposted here as "nitpicking", despite the fact that most of this forum is about picking apart shoops and appearances. Is this another Shuwu situation?

No. 124597

File: 1607350069078.png (24.11 KB, 609x538, Reddit.PNG)

Not that anon but there is so much pullers here derailing the post. Thinfoil theories about "Belle broke" or "she never sold any bathwater"…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 124612

Oh no it's that ESL sperg from the last thread again. I forget your name, but you're definitely that pulltard from the last thread sperging about random "pullers" because you copped a perma-ban there for WKing. Please just go back to Reddit where you belong scrote.

No. 124613

The fact that farmhands havent banned this >>124597 pull sperging white knight is sus too. Hard agree.. looks like the shoe saga all over again.

No. 124615

It’s not really a tin foil hat conspiracy, just type in “I bought Belle bathwater” on google and you won’t find a single mouth breather in the search results or images, only Youtubers with an already large following. We know damn well Belle contacted all these channels and sent them a jar each for free as PR, she is always bribing YouTubers with free gifts to talk about her.

If these degenerate scrotes are willing to cum on a MLP in a jar and upload it to the internet, there sure as hell would have been all sorts of Gamer Girl Bath Water Cum Jars being uploaded too… if it actually happened kek

No. 124634

this bitch wears the same damn outfit she wore on the podcast. is that the only thing that fits you, damn

No. 124635

this is sus as fuck too i was thinking the same thing, very possible she just gave it away to youtubers to make videos about her. and to the mods calling me vendetta chan, you're a bunch of simps for thinking its somehow not ok to make a thread about a bitch that does THE SAME SHIT most cows on this site do. she will never love you kek

No. 124642

>never actually sold any bathwater, just sent it to Youtube simps
>Lives in Brighton

We'll assume that 10 million figure is wrong too, then

No. 124646

If Belle see this thread she will laught at LOL Bathwater conspiracy theorist.

No. 124651

It says she made the 10m in the three years after so technically it’s true but seems misleading as if most of that was from the bath thing when it’s just her popularity after the fact it went viral

No. 124653

Once again, doubtful.
The sourcing for the article doesn’t include any actual verification for what she makes
See this post

No. 124655

Saying Belle is a "londoner" is a big flag. Someone reading LOlcow guesses about Belle net worth will be more precise. At least we know she is a Brightoner :v(:v)

No. 124663

File: 1607378781788.jpg (206.62 KB, 1340x1118, 1.jpg)

since y'all are so curious about her numbers i found this for ya from a leak.
Left poll was pre-porn announcement
Right poll is post-porn.
This screenshot was taken ~3 days ago

No. 124665

are these requests? STEP SISTER? so scrotes want her to pretend she's their fucking sister and shove a dildo in her ass? what the fuck is wrong with scrotes, and what the fuck is wrong with the women who pander to them lmao.

yeah belle we can all tell you didn't even fucking finish high school, stupid bitch

No. 124666

I think it's kind of sad that she announced she'd do porn and the first thing they want from her is anal. Scrotes really do just want to degrade and hurt women and her pandering to them is depressing. There's no way she can do this and not have it affect her.

No. 124667

i almost feel bad for the bitch, kek. you are 100% right, coomers are so beyond having empathy or caring about any woman that they just want to make a girl suffer. have fun cleaning out your dirty asshole every day for that sweet male validation belle

No. 124673

I think you're a vendetta-chan because you sound so ridiculously unhinged and assmad in all your posts, to the point of getting banned and ban-evading so that you can keep sperging.

No. 124674

File: 1607381430314.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.27 KB, 467x947, BDDE6EBB-7391-4A52-9CEC-F4ABCF…)

Bellends pornhub channel is cringe, just her bouncing around through a hole in the wall (unsure if this is to hide the freeloader or she’s just having sexual relations with a phantom) I don’t think she actually understands what leaked means.
> Uploads it herself

Also kek @ her originally starting this pornhub channel to be like “uwu here’s me and 2 cocks.. CHICKENS! I would never make pr0n haha made u luk! I’m a meme kween!” to now desperately ramming anal beads and fucking pickles in her censored prolapsed anus.

No. 124678

Thots use the "leaked" to drive views and play on the "lol so meme queen!" attitude because searches will pick up onlyfans leak/leaked quite easily.

No. 124683

its funny to watch these whores fail when they think they are on top of the world, then men betray them and they act like it was never coming

No. 124704

Integrate better pulltard, your post history is showing. No one cares what Belle will think about the "bathwater conspiracy" except for you kek.

No. 124705

Why is it always pulltards claiming others are such?
Literally says nothing about bathwater conspiracy lol. When you search her name and onlyfans leaks that will come up. Take your hand off your dick for a minute so you can have blood in your actual brain.

No. 124707

All this pulltard sperging. Can you two scrotes kiss and stop derailing with the pullspurging.

No. 124711

There was no mention of pull until she did that in person podcast and we started dragging her to filth. Coincidence? I think not. Somebody's super bothered about all the chatter in here

No. 124725

She just posted a new video, that wig is awful
And those outfits.. yikes(imageboard)

No. 124734

At this point i wonder how she edits her face in her own videos? In the podcast she looked not even close to her youtube video lol

No. 124743

I’m curious if she’s in an open relationship because in the video she’s kissing another girl and making sexual suggestions with her. Maybe I’m looking too deeply into it but is she going to star in the porn with her? Or is it just going to be Mr Unemployed?

No. 124746

Doesn't have to be an open relationship, if you have an onlyfans while you have a bf/gf/wife/husband/partner it's not an actual relationship anyway. Probably just some girl she dragged off the street.

No. 124749

Keking so hard at the girl they used in the video. Of course belle chose someone unfortunate looking rather than one of those cuter ddlg sex workers she follows. Reminds me of those shallow ugly skinny girls who surround themselves with uglier fat friends to look better in comparison

No. 124750

lmao she is gonna rinse these simps dry with her porn stuff. unless its a troll again. she is a true business woman

No. 124751

> unfortunate looking
kek but I agree, to make her look better in comparison. I was kinda shocked to see someone else in her video but I guess since she is gonna do porn stuff now so she will be with other people

No. 124754

What the hell is going on with the absolute state of this thread? Literally no where else on the site is this much whitknighting allowed neither will you find farmhands telling farmers not to make fun of a cow's looks. Theres also no other thread on the entirety of this site that mentions pull because its IRRELEVANT. This sperg hasnt even gotten a red text but I've seen other farmers itt get them for dumb shit like "infighting" when it's this fucking wk baiting everybody everyday in here. Other anons said they saw the farmhand on this thread deleting comments that didnt break the rules. What the fuck is going on, mods? It's truly bizarre(>>>meta)

No. 124755

I noticed Belle has not even @ her on the youtube video or on her twitter posts, yet the girl has @ Belle on hers. Poor baby, Belles selfish ass is not going allow her a single simp or any clout from this collab kek

No. 124756

Most if not all of the sex workers she follows are on par with her brand and would have been a better fit visually, but they are more attractive/ more seasoned than her and it would kill belle to be compared to someone who could give her a run for her money.

No. 124763

I agree for the most part pull is irrelevant. I kind of forgot the pullsperging that's been happening this week when I noticed the verbiage of this poster >>124597
Then I added to it myself, my b. I remember this sped shitting up the last thread with pointless arguments. Looks like mods have redtexted his posts thankfully, but obviously not before I garnered my own ~pullfag~ accusations.

No. 124764

File: 1607437178625.jpg (208.97 KB, 1102x2048, EorFNQDWEAM9cT4.jpg)

looks like this is the same filter that Belle usually has in all her usual photos. just look how distorted that other woman's poor face is. i think she must have invested in some after effects type editing software because in these youtube videos her entire facial structure is too different from her podcast appearance. no amount of bad lighting is going to elongate your head and morph your face.

No. 124769

The girl she collabed with is the same girl who took the picture of belle wearing a legcast and tried to frame it like she just caught belle outside during her hiatus when people found out it was staged she deleted the photo and denies she ever posted it.

No. 124775

Wait till they fight and throw shade towards each other. Belle is incredibly stupid to put another girl into her content. Wait for it kek

No. 124778

>we started dragging her to filth
No offense, nonny, but this is such a Twitter phrase, kek.
Mostly can't wait for Belle's simps to start reeing about how she'll never be Belle, and how she's trying to steal her spot or whatever it is scrotes think.

No. 124783

lmao @ the dumb pepe poster in the back, she really wants to be a meme queen

who is this ugly bitch? of course she picks a girl way uglier than her lmao and all she does is throw on a pink wig and put on cat ears why does she never do something else

No. 124785

File: 1607443000734.jpeg (2.28 MB, 3000x3999, 10E5B567-315F-4E23-B100-CE9D6A…)

I found a tagged photo of the girl Belle is photographed with. Went from minecraft head to dorito chin. This should give a vague idea of the heavy filter her and bellend uses for their perfect uwu animu waifu desu aesthetic

No. 124788

she needs to learn how to put on falsies better.

No. 124790

Damn if thats same person, seems like she is like belle abusing photoshop to get the uwu dorito chin waifu face too

No. 124792

lmao @ all the belle handmaidens saying she doesnt waste all her money. the new video is her showing off a bunch of props and new outfits and some disgusting new wig that looks like a chameleon pissed all over it. explain yourselves kek

and the gay pandering was super cringe, like all she did was barely kiss a girl and lightly smack her ass.

No. 124793

Belle did her dirty, she looks way cuter here than in the pictures with belle

No. 124794

i want all the lazy costhots to die in a hole, and i dont even like cosplay tbh

No. 124796

File: 1607444845361.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.82 KB, 1080x764, 20201208_172541.jpg)

She legit looks like she's taking a giant shit.

No. 124799

she really has no sex appeal. she tries too hard. even kissing another girl or pretending to use a vibrator, she is unbelievably dry and dull to watch. i'm not even trying to diss her, she is just objectively bad at porn because she is too awkward and comes across as narcissistic.

it's still really weird to me that she veered down this path after building this very solid image as a meme troll who makes a mockery of simps with her non-porn. she has trapped herself in doing this - she either sacrifices her epic meme troll reputation and gives the simps the hardcore anal porn they wanted to force her to do in getting her insta shut down, or she pulls another pornhub stunt and pisses off all of her onlyfans consumer base. either way, it will make her look very bad.

No. 124801

Hard agree, she looks way better than Belle

No. 124803

Of course Belle did, this girl's naturally attractive. Idk if anyone else has noticed this but I find women who're genuinely pretty look strange - if not worse with apps like meitu/snow. Where as the plainer the person the palatable the results. Maybe it's just me idk?

No. 124806

A big part of what meitu/snow do is they shorten the face to make it look more youthful, and then slap on a Dorito chin.

For someone like belle with a horseface, snow is a huge improvement. Because this girl already has a cute short face (minus Dorito chin) the face shortening part of snow makes her look insane.

No. 124808

Seems like you missed it out that another anon posted her unshopped face here. Pretty much square type and close to belle. Sure short cute face -→


No. 124809

Can we not compare this girl to belle and try to big her up they are both internet whores and im sure this girl is just as degenerate and probably has a garbage personality like belle and her being “prettier dosent change that”

No. 124810

based take. i agree, i can tell she doesn't enjoy it at all lmao. any girl would rather explore her sexuality with a bf/gf than so publicly lol. she is already regretting it, she definitely should have stuck with just being a wannabe memer.

No. 124811


No. 124813

what is that white structure in the corner there? anyone know?

No. 124819

I think it’s a doll house. Just looked on her old room tour and it looks the same colours.

No. 124820

File: 1607454586251.png (598.42 KB, 2082x1252, 111245345_65Untitled.png)

This is hysterical. Her coomers believe that she's "tiny with a fat ass"

No. 124821

>I prefer children’s bodies
>Yeah I like prepubescent bodies too, especially girls with a normal sized ass but skinny waists from purging

yah, she’s soooo curvy and thicc. i stan an e-girl nicki minaj. kek

No. 124835

compared with Belle's long horse face it's an improvement, her face is literally short in length. For an unshooped candid she looks pretty good (much better than in the meitu belle video)

No. 124857

Weaboos and degenerates tend to obsess over having a slim anime dorito face, especially one that's almost boney and comes from tons of purging. But most mainstream normal beauty standards that people who aren't fucking weird like tend to gravitate towards symmetrical faces, strong square jawlines. (look at the faces of most hollywood actresses) Hence why this other girl unshooped looks a lot more appealing to the eye than belle. She looks healthy and fit.

No. 124863

holy crap, she edited that poor woman’s face so much. the pedo-baiting with editing her face and now this lady’s face to look like a child is so disturbing.

No. 124964

File: 1607505278500.png (Spoiler Image, 391.49 KB, 411x555, Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 1.12…)

So apparently her and pixiecat did make a porno, and she got pegged by her as alleged on pixie's twitter. Wonder how her husband is eventually going to feel about all this, with Belle dedicating her time to having sex with a different person, on camera, to please different people. Behind closed doors it's probably constantly arguments and jealousy.

No. 124965

lol imagine pretending to like girls on camera for money
she needs to fix her thigh highs and her boobs look really fucking odd, its fine to have small boobs that lay like that when you lay down but whats with the weird line under them? surely small boobs like that wouldnt crease so much?

No. 124969

Belle is on her uwu dick?"what's a dick" career end. All her temp fame came from her meme styles and trollings. Surely dumb to choose the maimstream porn route. Belle will be forgotten within years.That other girl should have joined her in the PEEK of belle's career not now were she obviously seems to running out or low on money and is forced to do porn all out of sudden. Say goodbye to your life and enjoy the temporary money and temp fame from someone who is already afraid herself to become history on the internet.

No. 124970

lunch lady arms, so much for being smol kek

No. 124971

Just a year ago she was trolling her fans by promising porn hiding her nudes under stickers people were praising her for not giving in what happened to being above it all Belle? I guess once you start waving the bone you have to eventually toss it or else the dogs will maul you she was doomed from the start.

No. 124972

I doubt Josh probably cares as long as he’s got his cash cow to buy him new pc games uwu I kinda imagine their sexlife to be dry af kek

No. 124973

i feel like when you shove dildos in your ass/vagina for money, it has to become boring, tedious, and dry tf up eventually.

No. 124974

Lol what straight man would be against their partner being with another woman. Now if they bring another man into the situation, that would more likely cause issues. I wonder if they'd do that or keep it exclusively Josh, and do simps realistically want to see Belle only ever get fucked by her boyfriend?
I do not like the gaybaiting at all. It's a convenient way to bring a third party into their porn who isn't a man and also tick the girl on girl box. The desperation in her to appease men, it's really sad.

No. 124975

This. What an absolute mess.

No. 124977

>Lol what straight man would be against their partner being with another woman.

hate to break it to you anon but not all straight men are degenerate coomers lol. i cant think of a single relationship where the guy i dated would actually have thought that was fine. it's considered cheating by the (albeit rare) normal, non-degen, non coomer male.

but hard agree with your other points. she clearly isnt into women or at least, this chick. its not sexy at all, nor is it convincing. they probably just know that the coomers would be mad if they saw a regular guy have sex with her, but another girl with a (degenerate) strapon? TOTES COOL what a cool girl bellend is! kek

No. 124981

The fact that people unironaclly believe straight men are into their straight girlfriends lezzing out shows how porn has fucked everything up now in current year normal relationships are considered “prudish”

No. 124982

yeah girls who date guys who have porn addictions cope really hard. no wonder belles female fans are so insecure kek. even women these days are super pornsick and actually think it's okay to take a man seriously if he really likes to watch porn because they think there are no men out there who think porn is fake and gross and impossible to get off to like any rational sane person would. they really think they have no other choice lol

No. 124983

I think straight men are in to it when they are not emotionally involved with the woman and/or can “join in” and have both women themselves. Belle is everyone’s girlfriend, Josh’s girlfriend is the money. He ain’t bothered as long as it gets that paper kek

No. 124986

File: 1607513570044.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2304x4096, 078B3BFE-5797-4905-B4E5-C1B877…)

i kekd someone who unsubbed because they were bored of their content resubbed “finally” since promising to peg belle. this is why they had to turn it up a notch and start making porn, this is what happens, once they’ve seen it all they’ll unsub again unless you do more. becaus belle lacks any likable or funny personality that is not forced to the point she unironically uses pepe as some sort of gag punchline, she knows there is no other option but to sell her body more and more because as she’s become a junkie to the attention she craves.

also why have they filtered themselves to practically look like infants? belles whoville nose looks mental, like it somehow always looks like it’s pasted on the wrong side of her face

No. 124991

they arent that ugly irl, dont see why they feel the need to filter to hell and back when it does make them look worse.

shes already a total attention junkie. she's obsessed with being validated for being sexually attractive. let the milk flow. it hasnt even started yet anons.

No. 124998

Jfc Belle's cat ears look so bad and out of place

No. 124999

>>124977 >>124983
Hard disagree, not everybody sees their partner as property and plenty of normal types are perfectly capable of trusting their partners. To get back on topic though, >>124986 the way she edits herself to look as childlike as possible is beyond disturbing, even in the video she is trying so hard to look and act like a child. Youtube shouldn't be allowing pedopandering porn ads on their site, but if they take her vids down again she knows it will cause another scandal and give her more publicity. She is playing them by pushing the line.

No. 125000

File: 1607516598178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 695.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201208-170431_Red…)

That stale 4chan baiting pepe meme

No. 125001

get out of the thread you gross libfem. nobody cares about your stupid relationships, you obviously are just salty i said any normal man would consider that cheating. read: NORMAL. of course there are plenty of fucked up people like you who think youre uwu progressive with your poly bullshit. stfu

No. 125002

what is that wig, it looks like shit
also dying at the anons saying theyre jealous of her body she has a typical skinnyfat body, nothing wrong with that but she clearly doesnt work out or have some kind of ~rare~ special body any girl with a mild ED looks exactly like her kek

No. 125005

Piece of shit is "normal" for moids, libfems are dumb specifically because they think males are people. Stop simpetting for scrotes.

No. 125006

Males see bi women as harem potential, so like a property that generates more property. Wake up.

No. 125007

>I doubt Josh probably cares as long as he’s got his cash cow to buy him new pc games uwu

My fucking sides, this is exactly what their relationship is.

No. 125013

She's squishing them together as far as I can tell? Sometimes it's hard to believe the narrative this thread is populated with women kek.

No. 125023

>>124986 Belle product is posting overfiltered pics, why people like that is the mistyery.

No. 125035

How lolcows don't know that? They are happy creating all sort of theories about Lilpixiecat and Belle, all wrong.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125036

Liliepixie or whatever her name is has been friends with belle for awhile she isn’t some random that belle picked

No. 125037

ata, actually i think its a line in her skin left from a too tight bra.

No. 125042

File: 1607530538783.jpeg (160.69 KB, 1080x1920, E914308C-2577-483F-874F-9BFCD0…)

found this on twitter some coomer posted. this friend was the one who posted belle trying to do the whole “spotted in public” skit when belle doesn’t even leave the fuckn house kek

No. 125043

File: 1607530718513.jpg (2.78 MB, 1920x1920, 6g92elm9wq451.jpg)

>>125036 Lilpixie is more like a Belle's coworker, i imagine Josh coach Lilpixie and her boyfriend on how do OF and social media. She helped doning that failed stunt.>>125042

No. 125044

It wasn't so much a "failed stunt" and more of a "belle isn't in jail lol" spotting.

No. 125047

>Vacuous complaint about the topic
Oh gee who could this anon be?

No. 125049

These pics kill me. I don’t know what they are supposed to mean. Let’s take them for a moment how Belle intended us to perceive them… why would someone be hobbling around with a broken leg and broken arm after falling off a roof, with an asda bag of groceries, holding their phone with their broken arm completely unsupported by the sling, then sitting down on the floor? How did she get down there with a broken leg? How would she ever get back up? Who sends a cripple shopping? Why did you not home delivery? So many questions.

Tbf if it was real I suppose it’s possible Josh would send his cash cow shopping for tendies as he’s earned 5gbp for being a good camera boy and must be rewarded while he plays league of legends and itches his sweaty balls.

The fact her and Pixiecat rubbed their 2 whole braincells together and come up with this makes me kek hard.

No. 125053

Allegedly belle was planning on faking Josh’s death with this stunt the whole idea behind the photo was josh and belle got into a plane accident and belle survived with a leg injury and she was going to announce to the internet that her boyfriends death was the reason behind her long hiatus in the picture she is talking to the doctors while trying to look “worried” for the camera Im not sure how true this is sounds way too crazy even for belle

No. 125059

kek it’s mental how far she will go for a bit of attention in the form of coomer juice on a dirty sock

> “hey you gamer boys it’s belle here xD i know i’ve been away from the internet for a while and i hav missed all the pepe memes… so my “bf” u all heard about well he wasn’t my bf, he was my friend who takes my photos but he is dead anyway now in a plane crash x_X ikr crazy huh!?! uwu well i’m single now so please buy my OF ^x^ here’s some pics of my paintscribble.jpg puss teehee xoxox”

No. 125073

I've gotta say, this "kawaii" animu-ish style only looks okay when the person is ran through 10 filters. It always looks haggard and dumpy irl.

No. 125110

Lol agree, this really never looks good in person. She looks like she is wearing children's clothes. Belle might have the worst taste I've ever seen.

No. 125115

alleged by who?

No. 125138

File: 1607569877903.jpg (31.86 KB, 820x550, image001-820x550.jpg)

After many articles made by wannabe reporters (free ads) Belle was interviewed by a real journalist in her own house. https://spectator.us/belle-delphine-pink-haired-online-sensation/

No. 125140

I couldn't get passed the first paragraph kek

No. 125142

I'm surprised by how open this article is about her living with her "partner" and how he will be fucking her in the porn vid.
Did little Mary expect the reporter to be more discreet or is she just trusting her fans to be too illiterate to discover the article?

No. 125146

Damn, I actually feel kinda sad for her.. "his face won't be in the video because hers is prettier" SURE believe him on that belle. She's actually pretty naive, she has no idea what she's getting into. "Bourgeoisie" mom with a secret? Good luck fading into obscurity after this.. Plus she's addicted to the attention, she'll never stop

No. 125148

lmao fanart literally depicts her as a rodent. looks horrid ahahaha

No. 125149

File: 1607573390698.jpg (113.5 KB, 681x762, rat_skittering_noises.jpg)


No. 125150

Is not fanart , is some picture Spectator USA put in Belle article. Uk version (the source) uses none of them. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-internet-raised-me-the-strange-world-of-online-star-belle-delphine

No. 125151

Is this supposed to make us feel bad for her or sympathize with her? Her pedo-baiting really isn't justifiable or cute, she needs therapy. Her dad leaving must have made a pretty big impact on her, seeing her describe her constant attention whoring crap starting in childhood.

No. 125152

kek i agree if anything the "opening up" seems to mostly center around her dad leaving her and says to me she likes to pretend it didnt affect her but clearly it did. all her current issues stem from that

No. 125154

>"the internet raised me"
she said on instagram years ago she didnt discover the internet until high school (like every normie did) but ok belle go and pretend like you were on 4chan at 12 years old…

No. 125155

File: 1607574571288.png (411.49 KB, 1189x699, Capture.PNG)

I liked that article because have certain level of criticism but the fact a seasoned journalist visited her house and made an article about her is… and she is in the front page at Biden pic right side. She is no more a lolcow, sadly her hideous product is successful.

No. 125161

We been knew about this for a while. Her whole MO was doing shit for attention and trying her hardest to stay trendy and gain fans by cuddling up to the big YouTubers who are most likely to have simp audiences. She was one of the first e-girls to take advantage of pandering to 4chan edgelords at the highest level while also degrading herself and becoming a meme.

No. 125167

These days even a slug can appear on articles so can some people stop acting they traveled back to the 80s and it's a phenomenon? She will be part of internet history pretty soon after simps see basic porn of her. Logically they all paid her in the hope to "see more". What do you wanna pay after the porn to see? Her Aliexpress items or? Matter of time till she becomes just a name memory.

No. 125170

God damn she got a manly square roblox head but she looks better without that retarded filter smh

No. 125185

I think she's paying for these articles prior her video launch. It's a known thing that many articles are undisclosed ads/promos.

No. 125188

>pink haired
>has always been wearing an obvious wig

I like how they get it wrong even in the headline.
>This interview is arranged by her partner, whom she asks me not to name
Josh, manager-san. The journalist also repeats the same bathwater lie when it, like this article, was just promo.
>I knock on the wrong door, and a bewildered middle-aged man points me up the hill
Lol her poor neighbors who have to direct people to this freak show.
>The partner opens the door. He is young. He looks tired. The house is covered in tableaux: pink balloons arranged round a chair; Harry Potter artifacts. It’s a child’s bedroom spread across a comfortable suburban house. She looks nothing like the girl in the video and I’m glad
Emphasis mine.
>Her hair is long and brown, and she is dressed in casual clothes. >She is luminously pretty. She has a soft, squeaky voice. Her real name is Mary.
Pullfags triggered now. (I assume the journo is not an attractive woman herself from this line, Belle is pretty average for the UK)
>She left at 14 after being bullied online.
Another lie, you need to stay in school until 18 in the UK.
>Six months after turning 18 she decided ‘the only real way to make money is to be sexual online’.
>I’m not sure how she feels about it because she contradicts herself. She says she loves ‘boys’, but also says: ‘I hate that I am inspiring other people [women] to do it.’
Some self-awareness and intellect is showing.
>She says it is ‘fun’ but then says: ‘I understand it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to hear that your daughter’s doing porn.’
>But,’ she says, ‘I always get great satisfaction after posting it. Because it feels like I have accomplished something.’ Her subscribers expect 30 to 40 updates a day.
That's a fuckton of updates, do coomers just watch porn all day long?! However could be a lie since this journo is blissfully unaware of anything about Belle.
The rest of the article paints a kinda tragic figure. It's not a good sign when the journo is feeling sorry for you.
>I ask when she will stop. She doesn’t know. She talks vaguely about a future life with a future family in which she will be a bourgeois mother at the school gates with a secret. I have to remind myself how young she is. >I find her charming and touching, and I think of her as Rapunzel trapped in the tower wondering when to let herself out. >It won’t be soon. She makes $1.2 million a month.
So uh is she implying Josh is forcing Belle to do this?

No. 125193

Also the last line is wrong.
>4715x35 = £165,025 per month
Source: Poll voters on the left prior her promo/porn announcement boost >>124663

-20% Onlyfans fees, 10% Paypal, and 19% corporation tax on company profits.

Probably leaves her with something like 100k a month on average. Still pretty good, not 1mil. You can't say you feel bad encouraging people to be porn stars while lying about your profits.

No. 125196

File: 1607597770473.jpeg (112.8 KB, 750x704, D2E4CEB6-B41A-4408-B122-540B17…)

Article by the same journalist that brings us works such as this.

That’s a big yikes from me. Praying this news site is sister company to The Onion.

No. 125197

File: 1607598361538.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 28.96 KB, 233x382, 4FDFB287-67B5-4331-A8FC-18D8DC…)

>(I assume the journo is not an attractive woman herself from this line, Belle is pretty average for the UK)
Well you’re not wrong there kek. The woman is a moose.

No. 125209

What a shocker a women who sells her body for a living is unhappy I definitely didnt see that coming all jokes aside its hard not to feel sorry for her when reading the interview she sounds like she regrets her entire life, I really appreciate how honest she is about her work instead of lying about how she loves entertaining coomers and that it’s the best job ever and all girls should do it because it’s “EMpoWeRIng”

“The only way to make money is to sexually sell yourself online” this line right here is why I have a hard time sympathizing with her belle admits she is too lazy to get a real job so she resorts to the easiest most degrading job for a women who has hit rock bottom while financial supporting her pimp and then wonders why she is miserable Mary Belle if you would love yourself a tiny bit more and realize women have a lot of potential in life then being a walking docile sex toy and when you stop letting the shitty men in you’re life like you’re boyfriend, dad, porn addicted fanbase and youtubers define you as a person trust me you will feel much better than you currently do.

If I were Belle I would probably change my name, move to a different country use all the simp money to go to college and get loads of therapy, get a career, find some friends that aren’t ethots, find a normal decent guy that won’t be ok with pimping me, get married, have kids, and live out the rest of my life like any other normal person would.

No. 125222

Greed is one hella drug and sin.

No. 125223

Unless they are smart about investing, most of it is gone with taxes and whatnot. And I don't think either of them can rub their two brain cells together about investing in anything besides aliexpress wigs and ears.

No. 125224

File: 1607611730509.png (110.98 KB, 719x425, Capture.PNG)

I think she gave same answers as in any podcast (was not Belle being more honest or openly) but she was interviewed not by a podcaster-wannabe-journalist: that journo read Belle non verbal language and was really listening then went beyond Belle mask of" i'm happy doing this". I think Belle will not like the result of that interview, looks like some people got aware of what is happening in Belle real life.

No. 125227

tbh they did her dirty this is such a bad look

No. 125229

No. 125234

What if she actually suffers from depression? I don't wanna be that person but belle or not, this can end fatal if she doesn't change her life, before it's over. So many superstars suicided and it wouldn't wonder me with the miserable life she has, that it can happen to her too. Money doesn't fix such deep issues as we seen in many famous , more and much more successful people than her.

No. 125241

Then she can join the club like the rest of us peasants. Except she gets the privilege of being depressed from her ivory tower kek. I'm more concerned about the dangers of the men she caters to, but when all's said and done; play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 125242

That claim about being about a drop-put result of cyberbulling and depression is very unbelievable taking account all she did after. And her school days publications on TW or YT are pristine, there is no proof of someone harrasing her, maybe she got depressed because nobody take care of her early shenanigans.

No. 125250

File: 1607627073326.jpeg (92.2 KB, 750x609, 037402D3-5863-43EE-8804-A13E2D…)

her 12 year old twitter kek you can see why she’s so desperate to achieve that childhood dream uwu I wonder if she knew it would be through prostituting her pussy on the internet.

Idk I’m not buying all this depression stuff, I mean she deffo has issues but I feel she could be doing it to be ~relatable~ “I’m just like u!” girl next door but also social influencer and very likeable. I mean, aren’t coomers mostly social rejects who have probably been bullied and are depressed binge watching Eva in their parents basement. Also saying that makes her seem so smoll and vulnerable, make all the white knights want to protecc m’lady
I imagine most kids who are bullied to the point they drop out of school would not make a video called school life and upload it unless it was a columbine video kek

No. 125252

I'm honestly shocked that no one from her old school made a post about how she was really like back in school.

No. 125253

I'm fucking dying at the 'bourgeoise housewife' line. Belle, your husband does not work. If you were planning on becoming an upper-middle-class housewife, becoming an infamous porn star was probably not the best move.

No. 125264

I can say with all security she is not catering to Incels (stop framing us). She wants guys who can't differentiate between a real relationship and a illusion and can't control their own credit card. There is a story about a married guy who gave all his family savings to Belle for personalized nude videos. There are many stories about boyfriends obsessed with her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125266

Source? Post caps or it didn’t happen kek. I ain’t buying in to none of these “wow she earns $3million an hour” bait posts.

No. 125267

Belle's smart. She's going to all the top youtubers known for getting people cancelled like d'angelo wallace and buttering them up. Get ready for a kiss ass video from d'angelo. So disappointing as he usually covers the facts and since Belle has ran so many scams/lies you'd think he'd have lots of fun covering her but nope……. it's gonna be all about how great she is. lol

No. 125281

Im glad there is still people who go "Belle delphine? Who is that?" and once they see her they laugh and cringe at her.

No. 125304

File: 1607649212727.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1894, 0227DF83-A26B-47DF-86D1-91BB29…)

No more in person interviews kek

No. 125306

The subscriber number you’re using is from the girl she just did a collab with, not hers

No. 125308

Her having "depression" is an absolute joke. She lives in a luxury house while people are struggling to even pay for shitty apartments and groceries during this pandemic. She constantly is showered in love and validation and asskissing from everyone, has tons of friends and a husband. She's probably one of those people like PixieLocks who sits around living a life of luxury without working and then pretending to be uwu mentally ill, because living a life without struggles/problems is so boring she has to make them up.

No. 125311

Now I don’t think she has depression but are you sure about all of this?

It’s not like she was born rich or married into it, she had to acquire this money through sex work, which to my understanding is cushy on the outside looking in but really takes a toll on someone after a while.

Attention from very online people isn’t love or validation… and I’m not sure if Josh is her husband (I thought he’s just the bf) but he doesn’t seem very loving or attentive… to me it’s obvious she likes him more than he likes her. All of this is a tinfoil bc none of us know her, but I wouldn’t assume she has a ton of (real) friends.

Again, I don’t think she has depression, but I don’t think her life is ideal or depression-proof in any way.

No. 125313

Lol, I guess she realized in person appearances aren’t a good move for her.

If she really wants to drum up publicity for her porno, flying out to la to knock out a ton of podcast appearances would be a good move (aside from revealing her irl face)

No. 125315

But Logan Paul lives in California, why Belle will travel only to do a podcast? Logan was in UK or what.

No. 125316

I don't expect much from a self aggrandising zoomer to begin with ngl.

No. 125319

I watched about 3 mins of this podcast skipping through and she pretty much said she’s ashamed if any of her family or future kids see her current content it’s all shit so may as well make the porn as the censored is just as bad… The cope.

…Or you could have just stopped Mary, you could have just stopped doing it.

Also that she was attending swingers parties aged 18 because she’s a ***~seXuAl BeiNg~*** or something along those lines kek.

If anyone gets round to watching the full video can you post a TLDR of any milk, I cannot subject myself to the torture of an hour of drivel

No. 125322

you must be 12 to have this shit take. if you still believe that money can buy happiness, ill just excuse it cause ur obviously a child. even though she may have millions, she doesnt have security. being secure about your future, who youll be with, what youll do, where youll live etc and knowing that all of that will bring you joy; thats happiness. not making a shit ton of money all of a sudden then having no way to keep the income flowing and being not stable in your life. you can have as many things as one can buy, but if you arent secure you wont be happy. if you dont have actual people that support you, not people that are just there for the money or to see you naked, then you wont be happy.

No. 125325

Most international and east coast influencers fly to La pretty regularly to get exposure from interviews/podcasts/collaboration with you tubers. Hard to do if you’re a catfish though

No. 125339


Idk man, kinda looks like she was bullied.. look at these fb comments

No. 125342

Did you seriously dig up some comments from a 7 year old picture? Then on top of that post a link on an image board? Man for somebody who -totally isn't belle- you sure seem butthurt about what other people say about someone who isnt belle at all. Nothing weird about some ~totes random anon~ trying to tug on our feelings because of some uwu mean comments that hurt her feefees and made her despressed. iDk mAn lo0ks LiKe sHe WaS BuLLieD !!1 Nothing weird about some of these comments itt today at all kek

No. 125351

It also could have just been teasing banter between friends, like when friends jokingly roast each other. It really doesn’t prove anything and it’s hilarious people keep going through this thread trying to wk her and say she has some kind of hard life

No. 125354

Worst people are the ones who try to keep her relevant and get extra clicks as well for it. She is like a lemon, eventually all this hard squeezing for views etc without any bathwater one hit ideas will make her dry up.

No. 125356

File: 1607679475107.jpeg (98.38 KB, 960x720, A3884CE5-1125-41CA-BDE3-25C3E6…)

I think it was banter, you can see her in photos on the ones profile.
>Photo from May 2014 with same girl from her school youtube videos.

No. 125364

christ, if i didn't already know any better i would have thought this picture was fanart of shoe0nhead with pink hair

No. 125391

One funny this is usually Logan and mike from the podcast usually obsess over their girl guests and talk about how hot the girl is and how they have crushes on them, etc. they didn’t do that over belle. They even acted surprise by her fame. And when they looked at her out of cosplay pics they were like “uh you look good/ cute”. Usually with girl guests they are like “omg wow you’re soooo hot”

No. 125395

File: 1607707419464.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3098x3873, C14C486C-6CAC-4880-91AC-B0A864…)

This part of the podcast made me kek hard. They did her dirty by googling “Belle delphine without cosplay” especially with what images came up kek

No. 125413

It also seemed like they didn’t believe her onlyfans numbers lmao

I’m guessing because mikes girlfriend is literally the #1 pornstar they have a very good idea of what she actually makes

No. 125423

did the podcast get taken down? I can't find it..

No. 125438

That bedroom looks filthy, that waist shoop is lazy that wig is shitty and that meme is tired. Pretty much sums up belle. A lazy,tryhard,half assed,tired joke of a person.

No. 125439

Given what she did with the whole hamster stealing and mugshot saga,i wouldn't be surprised. Her fans are retarded enough to believe her unbelievable stories.

No. 125440

The interviews Belle Delphine has made for the past few weeks including that article that made her sound depressed is just “local sex worker realizes that being sex worker has consequences” in a nutshell

It’s so funny how back in her pornhub troll bathwater glory days she was so overly cocky to the point of it being narcissistic she saw herself as this untouchable simp queen teasing with the idea of being a slut but was waaaay too good to actually fully become one and now fast forward she is having some weird female version of post nut clarity I hate this british slag but I just wanna ironically cry over how pathetic her entire situation has become

No. 125466

i’m an old friend of belles and i’ve been reading up on this stuff because she reads this thread too it’s a bookmark on her phone but recently the fame has gotten to her head and i’m tired of it if you guys have any questions on this i’ll spill all the info i can, this bitch deserves to be exposed and surprisingly i am the first of one of her ex friends to post on this (that i know of) i have so much to say and i don’t even know where to start i hope she doesn’t know who i am but she’s done many people in the past so wrong so i’m sure she won’t know

No. 125468

prove that you knew her

No. 125469

what >>125468 said and what i'm mainly curious about is what belle was like before she blew up on the internet, and if your friendship went south before or after she started being an e-thot

No. 125471

ask any question and i’ll answer to the best of my ability

No. 125473

1. What does she look like irl
2. Is her boyfriend using her?
3. Is the cringe persona she put on for the inpaulsive podcast the way she really acts

No. 125475

we go back to her facebook days i remember the wrong wig situation like it was yesterday but before the fame she was so sweet but over time i became the friend group she would always be around in fact i’m in one of the old pics posted on here, she was definitely very weird and disliked, she dropped out due to bullying is what she told me, she’s a huge weeb and no one wanted to be her friend besides me and her other group of friends which were just as odd, then the tiktok fame hit, this is where it went down south, she stopped talking to that other group randomly and just dropped them because she thought she was too good for them, me, my friends, and josh were all she had for these past years, she started getting cocky and mean to me i thought i had done something to cause it and i asked her but she never answered my question, she got closer to pixie and just ghosted me, it really pissed me off so i remembered this thread and came to it i had said something not too long ago about how much she makes and you guys tried to debunk what i said when it’s factual

No. 125478

Honestly you aren't giving any info anybody can't read here in this thread. If you really know her you have to give more precise details.

No. 125479

she’s definitely a pretty girl i think the in person podcast did her dirty she cried about it and said she was bloated which i believe but without the makeup she’s nothing she uses editing software (found out she can use it in vids too) to clear her skin, thin out her waist, make her head smaller, and more. josh makes good money, not sure about what he does because i know nothing about computers and it has something to do with that, but he does tend to use up all her money when she tries to save, i disagree about the money situation you guys say she has over 50 mil in the bank (she showed to brag) so i don’t think they will run out anytime soon but josh tends to be a dick and they constantly argue and take breaks often (he has cheated during the breaks). i didn’t see much of the interview just a small snippet but her personality is pretty bland on there if i’m being honest, she just seems so shy in these interviews but irl she’s a fun person to be around but can sometimes be a bit too cocky and i feel as if her e fame is the reason why she is like that

No. 125480

For anyone who actually got through the podcast
The CLIP where Logan says “I can see drugs in your future Belle”

No. 125482

trying my best here please don’t get angry with me just want to bring facts to this thread and show how she really is

No. 125483

How does she have 50 mill if the highest number she even claims in interviews is 1 mill a month on onlyfans?
She only had ~5k subscribers on patreon, No brand will do a deal with her, her YouTube Adsense can’t be over 20k a month because she barely puts out videos, bath water was fake?
Even the most generous estimate for merch + onlyfans is nowhere near 50 million.

No. 125484

Anything about her new porn schtick? It’s difficult to believe someone who comes in here claiming to know someone. I remember a post last thread about someone saying they were an insider and her porn was going to be fake lmaooo

No. 125486

like i said josh has a well paid job they’re good with saving i have no further info on money but she really downplayed the talk with money on the pod, i know she made 10 mil the first month but it went down so i have no clue

No. 125487

i wasn’t friends with her during the porn idea but she definitely always knew she would progressively show more and she saw the opportunity for more money with it but never did she say she was going to do it any time soon we rarely talk on her job because any other person wouldn’t talk about their job a lot to their personal friends

No. 125492

How did she meet Josh, and is he the brains behind her “brand”?

No. 125493

josh is a lazy piece of shit if i’m gonna be honest he only helps when she bribes him with things, he gives her ideas from time to time to tell her what guys like but for the most part her manager/ assistant does everything for her

No. 125494

forgot to answer the first part but i’m not too sure she kept her love life private like reallyyy private and i only knew once they got engaged and he moved in

No. 125495

This sounds like when erin was self posting honestly

No. 125496

Samefag sorry but how can you say that josh spends all her money in one post and then say they have 50 mil from saveing and joshes good job. If he is blows through her money im sure he blowes though his too

No. 125504

she doesn't really have a history of 'downplaying' her money, if anything she takes every possible opportunity to brag.

Why did she say josh works for her on the pod then? I mean I get not wanting to say something that identifies him, but it would be pretty easy to say he works with computers or something along those lines.

And josh has a good enough job to significantly contribute to someone making 10 million a month? is he running a hedge fund or a startup from belle's basement? is he running a venture capital fund? Please explain

No. 125505

they put money into savings from when i last saw which was quite a while ago there was 50 mil they could have more but josh blows all of his money and hers she always brought this up when they would argue

No. 125508

she makes a lot more than what she says he doesn’t work for her she bribes him i didn’t watch the pod so i don’t know what she said she lies a lot in the public eye i don’t know what those fund things you’re talking about are but this is all the info i have on the money aspect

No. 125512

I don't believe this person one bit. It's clearly obvious that Josh does the editing, technical, and sometimes photography work for Belle. That's his only job.

No. 125514

you think she doesn’t hire professional people? don’t believe me but you’re missing out on real info

No. 125523

This feels like Belle posting herself and acting as that anon "friend" on photos posted here ( Says I hope she doesn't find out who I am but tries to make it look valid and says I'm on one of the photos, exposing herself/himself. Which so called friend would even mention this that they appear on one photo? Of course if it's Belle herself she talks a little bit bad about herself but makes it look believable.)

No. 125524

I mean, I’m friends with people and we talk about our jobs a lot. Even girls I know who do sex work will talk about what they’re planning and looking forward to lol no need to be defensive

No. 125535

like i said if you don’t believe me don’t believe me i’m just here to tell my truth

No. 125536

we’re not those kind of people she’s closed off with it and i’m closed off with my work we just hung out on weekend took trips and drank together we were pretty close just not THAT close

No. 125537

jfc what even is this
proof or gtfo sorry. if you're in her life you should be able to verify without doxxing yourself. at least try.

No. 125538

Well i can post here too saying im the kidnapped hamster and the car painting jail fight story was totally true, u dont have any insight about her daddy issues?
Also >>125479
>she’s definitely a pretty girl

No. 125542

Ah, does she take effort to stay anonymous in public just in case or is it enough of a difference that she looks like a normal person and not a pink hair anime waifu? If someone recognized her irl that would be the most embarrassing shit and maybe even dangerous

No. 125544

LOL why is everyone acting like this is a Q&A. Either post milk or GTFO. I don’t belle-ive this “friend” is a credible source. Most of us think belle exaggerates her earnings, “friend” says earnings are actually 5x more than bellend says. “friend” says she is cocky but also says she downplays it. says josh burns through their money, but they also have 50mil savings? Says bellend cried about an extremely recent interview, also says was ghosted for pixie. Unless you’re super BPD and have classed her not talking to you in the last 4 days and having a photo shoot with someone else as ghosting, everything you say seems to contradict.

Is the point of you being in this thread to reduce the credibility of what has already been posted? post receipts with your claims “insider”.

No. 125545

So far all this information has been shit anyway I have a few things to ask if you really are who you say you are
1 did she really cheat on her ex goran with joshua and led him on while she was cheating?
2 did she really drop out of middle school
3 what was the real reason no one wanted to be her friend? Was it really because she was a “weeb”?
4 is the main inspiration for the belle delphine character her father leaving her (lol)
5 do any of her ex friends besides you that know about her fame if so what do they think?

No. 125554

we live in such a small town she’s rarely gotten recognized i think her main audience is america

No. 125555

wish i could but receipts will dox me

No. 125556

idk if she cheated like i said i didn’t even know they were a thing, but her ex just suddenly stopped coming when we’d hang out and her only explanation was that they were taking a break, yes but she never talked about this, she was one of those weird weeb kids that were annoying, she left her father but idk how to answer this question because idk what her inspo was, she brags so of course friends know but they’re all religious mostly and try talking her out of the onlyfans

No. 125558

is this calliope? you were never her friend kek. move on

No. 125559

I think it's someone trying to muddy the water, either Belle shittalking Josh (who is the only person really getting insulted here) or just a random anon. Possibly an ex friend from years ago but they either know nothing or lack the English skill to express it.

No. 125560

God this is so lame hardly any new information the answers so far have been just “idk,maybe,I’m not sure” i don’t really care if you are her friend or not you’re clearly useless and all you’re answers have been vague you said in you’re post you want to “expose this bitch” yet you have been defending her for the most part and shitting on joshua do you want us to feel sorry for her? Wtf is going..

No. 125561

Yep this, claiming
>She has 50mil, I've seen it
like anyone shows their bank accounts to their friends. Along with all these contradicting statements. And of course right after this post which makes it clear she is not earning 1mil on an average month >>125193

No. 125596

One thing I don’t get is if she allegedly has so much money (even just a mil) why does she have cheap amazon wigs and ali express cosplays. If she really would have money she would look much better or you would notice somehow. That’s why I’m sure it’s just bullshitting.

No. 125597

Okay, here's something people need to learn once and for all (this isn't singling you out):

Thots that get money doing the bare minimum DOES NOT have to invest in ANYTHING as they know they'll get money regardless.

When the money dries up, they then decide to actually care about their image.

No. 125600

Ah yes that makes sense

I was just thinking if I had so much money I would look like a pink plastic turd

No. 125606

I think most thots make minimum around 2-5k in a month ( The totally low tier ones without many subs or good content) on only fans. My bet is she gets around 100k, not 1mil.
>>125193 I think this is the most accurate. Who is she to make 1mil a month? Besides few incels paying for her content and some pedo youtubers who support her pedo pandering content, She ain't a hollywood star or real actress to make such fantasy amount just in a month.

No. 125626

I believe she’s making around a million if you see her social media reach and OF likes. Not too far fetched that she can make a million each month when people in the top .01 percent have a fraction of the attention she does. The poll shows an increase in votes and thus subscribers, keep in mind not all subscribers care to vote. She’s been on all these top podcasts, made YouTube videos to advertise, and she’s well known among the community that cares to buy lewds so why doesn’t anyone want to believe the real numbers?

No. 125627

god everyone is so toxic here i’ll expose her on some other forum

No. 125629

she brags you guys have to stop asking questions i already gave the answer to

No. 125631

i’m just gonna say all i can this will be my last post but that company she owns is not the only one, she has some agency type things that cast 18 year old girls and fairly young girls with onlyfans, they make them sign all these contracts saying they can’t say anything about this company and if they do they could be sued but the whole purpose of this is so they can grow these girls and take 40% i think, of their earnings, she currently has quite a few in the US and two in the UK, this is where she makes i’d say most of her earnings which is why she has more than you guys think, she owns this company so that’s why she isn’t concerned with the money thing unless of course onlyfans gets shut down, some random things i hate about her are that she barely showers, always brags, was a trashy drunk, is in an abusive relationship with josh and doesn’t know it, puts on this fake nice uwu girl facade when she’s totally mean, does some illegal things behind the scenes, she got a nose job as well as certain filler to make herself look young, she purposely tries to pedobait, got liposuction (scars in ik back music vid), her sex life is actually boring i’m assuming she wanted to spice things up with the porn thing, she very well has an eating disorder and has had one since she was 13, she hates her life can be suicidal and i’ve had to comfort her during these times

No. 125634

“She barely showers” ok now im convinced you are her friend im sorry for doubting you anon its nothing personal it’s just that this forum has been derailed so many times people were afraid it was happening again when you came in claiming to be her friend and in fairness this an anonymous forum so people can have their doubts anyway you mentioned her doing “illegal” things what is she doing exactly? belle does come across as a lying cheater so it really dosent come across as a suprise

No. 125636

i understand why you wouldn’t believe me but she started wearing the wig because of her greasy hair and only shows her true hair once she showers (not often), i don’t want to get her into too much trouble but i do want to see her career burn to the ground, she used to be a prostitute, she’s hooked on coke and once sold it, she did these things due to dropping out so neither her or her mother could afford the things they wanted, they have some type of money laundering things going on right now though their whole business is just sketchy because no actual e thot would make the amount she makes without doing illegal degrading things

No. 125637

If anyone has the mental fortitude to find and screenshot her scars in the I'm Back vid I'd be curious to hear more. Don't think I can stomach watching that cringefest again personally.

No. 125638

i know you’re reading this belle please stop having josh call me lol now you want to be cool again fuck you back stabbing bitch

No. 125641

File: 1607817614457.gif (194.77 KB, 220x258, tenor.gif)

>she used to be a prostitute

No. 125642

Kek are we really believing what anon is saying just because she said “she barely showers”?? I could post that on any thread saying that about any cow. Sounds like a vendetta chan to me. If there are lipo scars visible you would have posted them? As for being worried she will know it’s you, surely posting about josh calling you would be doing just that?

Something smells fishy and it ain’t belles electronic dildo rammer 9000.

No. 125645

alright, if you really want to prove this is accurate, what was her name when she worked as a hooker? Are there any old ads with it still floating around?

No. 125646

So what you’re saying is once belle dropped out of school she became an underaged coke addicted prostitute…….maybe that’s why she pedo panders so much and uses ddlg language idk it seems hard to believe that belle would go from coke addict street walker to softcore porn star who does cringy ahego faces for nerds plus she was very picky about showing her nudes to her fans until recently

No. 125647

So if she has this massively successful onlyfans agency, why even make the Christmas day porn??
If shes making so much money off all the girls she has signed, why even humiliate herself that way?

No. 125649

The spectator Journalist give more information about Belle in one visit to her house than you and your suposedly friendship with Belle, GTFO.

No. 125650

I would believe that josh has some sort of marketing/editing thing hes doing for other girls too. They probably had to improvise while belle was out of work healing from surgery. The other things you say dont surprise me in the slightest, especially after taking a look at her reddit sock account history

No. 125651

Idk, selling sex to strangers isn't quite in the same ball park as posting closeups of your asshole to be preserved on the internet for the world to see. This still reads like mad vendetta chan fanfiction but I am so here for it. Where is this going exactly, do we just speculate on your clams or do you have any solid proof for us to discuss?

No. 125653

File: 1607819723330.png (207.56 KB, 531x380, Capture.PNG)

We knew that well before, Lilpixiecat and her boyfriend are like employees of Josh and Belle both have OF managed by them. The theory about Belle being a scort is very old and unproven.

No. 125655

Lol the point isn't that being a prostitute is more difficult or easy than selling nudes on the internet or whatever the point is there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Belle delphine was ever a hooker until proven otherwise it will stay that way

No. 125659

File: 1607821058154.jpeg (227.48 KB, 1242x1895, B8112C1C-53F6-4156-8B71-3EC713…)

No. 125660

i have no clue only knew she was a hooker

No. 125662

she finds it “empowering”

No. 125664

the girls she’s about to collab with are part of the agency they’re not just some random girls she’s just getting close to pixie at the moment

No. 125682

im OP and i really hope this is real but i wont get my hopes up lmao

literally wtf should i even include that anons sperging "im her ex friend" in the next OP?

No. 125683

>abusive relationship with josh and doesn’t know it
any more details? are they abusive to each other or is one of them a clearer victim than the other? you know how they met or no?

No. 125688

No. 125690

So she won’t talk about her work with you but she tells you about her secret company, sex life, fillers, lipo, and prostitute past? Kek sorry but she just seems like a lazy bitch who sold herself to the internet and there’s probably not much past that unless you have proof. Judging from her having a Facebook and doing cosplay and makeup all the time I doubt she was a drug addicted prostitute at 18. Lipo claim made me laugh, should’ve got a BBL

No. 125692

File: 1607830649871.png (405.45 KB, 861x508, Eh7HVdZWAAIXunp.png)

>> 125637
She have a scar but looks more from a pelvis femur joint surgery than any other thing. Some people said is from a "liposuction": that is ridiculous.

No. 125696

File: 1607830872796.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 42.26 KB, 546x546, A1B07209-DC34-4880-8A18-57D8FC…)


this is what real lipo incisions/scars look like. i highly doubt belle got lipo though, she just has a standard naturally skinny fat body type with little musculature

No. 125697

Maybe it’s just a stretch mark

No. 125704

meh, anon could have meant that she does coke regularly, which is semi-believable. Posting half-assed over-edited cosplays online isn't exactly rocket science.

It's doubtful that she was a 5$ streetwalker, but belle being a sugarbaby who fucked men for money is possible. The whole teasing simps concept always seemed like her trying to exert power over the dumb simps than actual self-esteem

No. 125708

Is nice to know the dark secrets of Belle but that anon made a ton of sensational claims and don't bring any proof.
Hard to give credit to our "Belle friend".

No. 125721

>>125708 it's the "I can't prove it without doxxing myself" that makes it so ridiculous. Like show a screenshot or something of you messaging her or her telling you these things over text, or something that proves you know her without doxxing yourself. As soon as we started point out she was praising and defending Belle, she immediately started backtracking and saying Belle doesn't shower and people ate it up. Nice try pedo-baiter. Continue scraping bottom of the barrel and making 25 year old losers want you.

No. 125749

i don’t know how they met didn’t know him till they got engaged but once he moved in with her she had random bruises but claimed it was from stunts when she doesn’t do them very often she stayed at my house a few times after josh got heated he has bad anger issues

No. 125750

i never said she was 18…

No. 125751

plus she wants to he tiny i forgot to mention she’s fatphobic and goes to extreme measure to be skinny she gained weight like women do in their beginning 20s(lrn2 integrate, lrn2 sage)

No. 125770

File: 1607859821657.jpg (245.9 KB, 1200x824, 1592931416637.jpg)


No. 125778

File: 1607863785339.png (66.48 KB, 1440x317, illegal.png)

If this part is true it would be pimping/brothel type activity, which is not legal in the UK.

No. 125780

do what you want with that info i want to see her career burn

No. 125781

Someone post it on reddit, there is enough people who dislike her to report this bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125785

I remember on the belle patreon reddit somebody made a post about how belle might be money laundering of course I would show a screenshot but now the subreddit is banned a bit strange how “belles ex friend” is also mentioning something about money laundering maybe there is some truth to this whole thing

No. 125787

File: 1607868336153.jpg (40 KB, 480x640, gD76R2Mops4aiw0igmXCGhu17-zKYv…)

"Belle ex friend" has repeated each conspiracy theory written on PULL…

No. 125794

They have a point regardless though, spreading shit around and showing EXACT proof can easily point out who you are, as dumb as belle and other thots are their friend/family circles aren't so huge they have a faulty memory.
>Like show a screenshot or something of you messaging her or her telling you these things over text
And if she told only this specific person? They just doxed themselves. Slander -is- a legit thing you can get into legal for you know.
Feel free to post screenshots and an archived copy if true. Link specific posts from past threads if true, otherwise you're just as baseless as the "ex friend" you're trying to discredit.

No. 125795

I have better things to do than try to be your common sense. Feel free to believe all tinfoil theories about Belle.

No. 125796

"I'm just talking shit."
Got ya. If you can't backup your claim you're not better than the supposed ex-friend.

No. 125800

She looks like a man in drag tbh. Even on her podcast she has a strong muscular face.

No. 125804


She just admitted here she makes $1 million per month and had the largest single OF withdrawal of $2 mill

No. 125806

File: 1607876579438.png (Spoiler Image, 348.49 KB, 577x510, Capture.PNG)

I tend not to believe Belle says in these podcast but some facts support her claims: a ramdom tiktoker is earning 300k solely from subscriptions (someone here knows her?).
Taking that in account is very probable Belle is doing 1.2M month.

No. 125809

I always find it suspect belle claims to earn so much but has her subs hidden, if she was earning so much wouldn’t this be visible to back her claims

No. 125811

Is a nice point but tinking a midget tiktoker with mere 400k followers is doing more than Belle sound like denial.

No. 125816

File: 1607879131824.jpeg (231.47 KB, 517x1334, B1E71E14-EC0E-43F1-8B05-087250…)

At number 17… £1m per month where?

No. 125822

if josh really is supposedly calling you then he already knows you're posting about it here might as well show us a screenshot or two of you messaging them at least once. dont even have to reveal who you are just show us some new proof

No. 125830

Shes MUCH better looking, and has a lot more main stream appeal than belle does. Her pictures aren't so filtered they look like paintings, and she does hard-core uncensored content on a regular basis, also lower sub-price.
Not that hard to believe.

No. 125868

what exactly do you want to see? i can show you conversations through text but there’s no real evidence because she’s smart enough not to text all the sketchy shit she’s done josh would kill her if she did, she’s already threatening to sue me but i know she won’t because if she does that’ll open a case and bring more attention to her activities

No. 125869

anyone thinking belle makes 1mil monthy is naive to begin with. With all the taxes etc she is probably left with around 200-250k. Not sure if that shady business is meant to earn her 1mil but definitely not via only fans where there is actual porn stars and famous people above her filtered/photoshoped content.

No. 125914

She has more mainstream attention than “real porn stars”
Onlyfans isn’t a competition over who has the best professional content or skills, it’s based on how many people know about you and your reach to fans. Famous people like Bella Thorne make millions in the span of days.

No. 125915

That cumshot video is so awkward lol

No. 125924

>Belle is pretty average for the UK

yes but pretty in the US which is why she pulls in so much money. she is average or below average for europe though

No. 125927

Really, you're comparing her to Bella Thorne?
First of all, Bella Thorne has over 20 million Instagram followers and was a Disney channel star, Belle's not exactly in the same league.
When men are paying for porn, they're absolutely choosing who to subscribe to based on the quality of content.
Girls like Riley Reid and Lana Rhoades who have millions of Instagram followers, make tons of hardcore content, and look like the girl next door, are much more likely to get subscriptions than an e-girl who just started showing her tits a few months ago.

Maybe average in Ohio, way below average in NYC or LA

No. 125933

No they’re not on the same level but I was trying to say how easy it can be to make large sums of money if you have enough fame. I’m sure those other porn stars also have more followers and a lot of success but they’re much more traditional in what they do. Belle would appeal to the edgelord loli-loving internet incel crowd more than your average porn star and has larger presence being a meme/personality on social media rather than just a porn star that most people wouldn’t be exposed to unless they searched for it specifically

No. 125934

OMG she just posted a video of her getting a full on cumshot from Josh

No. 125935

Is it against this forum rules to post a p3nis lol

No. 125936


Yes, they are not in the same leage:
-Bella Thorne can make a million with one pic
-Belle Delphine can make a million in a month

Very different leagues. Believing her claims is not crazy, crazy is the amount of money Sims give to these girls.

No. 125937

File: 1607923347599.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201214-002701.png)

I'm just going to post the zoomed in version..

No. 125940

File: 1607923428886.webm (Spoiler Image, 728.75 KB, 574x1022, EmptyAgedIntermediateegret-mob…)

God this thread is still pullfag hell. Couldn't even spell her name right in the OP and comments are cancerous as ever with newfags falling for bad bait.

Anyway she really went overboard on that nosejob. Trying to look like a snow filter irl never works out

No. 125942

Fuckk did her parents ever mess up
This is actually sad as hell

No. 125943

How much awkward is the video?

No. 125944

>that chunky cottage cheese cum

No. 125946

Imagine being such a hollow, empty shell of a person that despite making enough money to live comfortably for at least a decade you show yourself on camera getting a cumshot to the face. No offense to anyone here but I wouldn't even let a guy pull that shit on me in real life, degrading as hell

No. 125947

For the people who want to see the video : hurry before is deleted.


No. 125949

Her dad must have really fucked her up(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 125950

It's already posted ITT, lurk more

No. 125970

That video was so fucking disgusting I wanted to puke all over my screen and her horse teeth made it worse I hate how this is considered acceptable

No. 125971

Lol she spat most of it. All her effort goes into trying to look and sound like a fucking cartoon. Her porn is going to be an incredible disappointment to her coomer fans.

No. 125982

Calm down, we're not even at 500 posts yet.

You've mentioned numerous times now that you're the OP of this thread. The OP is shit and no one cares anyway.

No. 125985

She just looks cringe in that video and if it wouldn't be for the belle delphine title, guys would laugh at that faked moaning and acting.

No. 125992

Gross. Those lil thick poots of cum. Looks like gosh is a frequent coomer who couldn’t have waited to stock pile his soldiers for 1 damn video kek.

No. 125995

For sure they had to make that scene many times. I doubt that is a first take is pretty good for Belle explicit scenes standard.

No. 126000

fuck this is too sad

No. 126004

The nose job is awful, yes. But more importantly what the fuck is wrong with that creature's ejaculation?

No. 126006

The nose looks so failed kek, well deserved for a scammer like her. Not sure if those simps even like watching another guy having "fun" with their botched nose job qween. Huge second hand embarrassment to see she goes lower and lower each day.

No. 126011

the fact that she is making substantial coin on OF and has been getting some publicity through podcasts is completely blinding her to the fact that she has become a joke on the internet. she gets used as clickbait and has success on OF, beyond that, nobody cares. her porn screams narcissism and desperation.

No. 126016

I thought most porn was over the top fake and overacted. I don’t trust the guys that sub to her OF to understand the realities of sex or anything about women so it probably won’t phase the majority of them.

No. 126018

What the FUCK is wrong with his nuts? His cum looks like wet styrofoam

No. 126019

File: 1608037635480.png (Spoiler Image, 4.28 MB, 750x1334, 0DDF6AB0-2AD8-4F88-A89E-7E6B7C…)

not only that but wtf is wrong with his feet kek

No. 126023

This is really disgusting, so much for the smart girl teasing the simps. That ship has well and truly sailed.

No. 126032

Wtf is that feet? is some editing causing it?

No. 126034

While I'm not a guy if I had to assume he probably jerks off a few times a day every day so literally not proper build up lol.

No. 126036

Legit this,Belle or josh or this super secret real scort company she owns(lol) is fucking retarded i cant believe ppl really though she was Jeff Bezos level of marketing.

No. 126037


100%. She has come full circle and she is putting herself through pure degradation. So much for her reputation for being a self-aware meme queen. If this is really the way she wants to go then she will lose any shred of "respect" she used to have.

No. 126044

If you look closely the pixels of the fluffy wall move like they are attached to her body. Especially around her shoulders and Joshs p33nar if ya play it frame by frame. She also looks like she has a bizarre case of yaoi hands but unsure if this is cause she is uwu so smoll and petite or editing.. I believe the later..

>inb4 anyone says I’m nitpicking, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with Joshs chimp foot

No. 126087

Why is she moaning while getting a facial? Tho it's not like her coomers will be able to tell that it doesn't make sense.

No. 126104

Thots think it's sexy.

No. 126119

File: 1608068361663.png (Spoiler Image, 4.93 MB, 1201x1800, 3AD46F05-5042-4B76-81D0-778144…)

Yesterday Bellend posted 2 tweets containing these images which has recently disappeared. Do you think she realized looking like she pulled out her mooncup, missed the toilet then slipped just wasn’t doing it for the moids who coom over the fantasy she has not yet reached the age of menstruation, or do you think she’s still getting mass reported by.. those very same moids? KEK

No. 126122

This pose never fails to make me laugh. The way she sucks in her stomach so hard, arches her back and sticks out her ass to make it look like she has a waist and hips, forces her broad shoulders back to look smaller, makes sure she still has a thigh gap. It genuinely makes me feel better rather than worse about my own body to see how hard she has to try.

No. 126126

show text convos

No. 126127

i am the op. tell me the correct way to spell her name then, i was pretty sure it was correct

No. 126130

File: 1608074134824.jpeg (127.73 KB, 700x458, 664980F8-3D70-411A-85EA-544D76…)

Yes. We get it. You are the OP. Would you like a badge?

What is with this bait infantile behaviour on this thread sheeeesh

No. 126132

blood/fake blood is against onlyfans rules

No. 126133

File: 1608075082666.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.43 KB, 750x396, 029A24F9-004D-4F4C-A7A4-B9AFDA…)

This was on twitter, is this against twitters rules too or not? I thought twitter was lenient with anyone who isn’t orange man (bad)?

>Also ew @ Josh’s gross dorito stained willy. I hate the fact I’ve seen more of that than I have his face.

No. 126134

Lol I don't get why she keeps saying she is the op when this thread op is awful.
>Shit spam pic edits from the last thread
>wall of text that nobody read
>No links to socials
>No links to previous threads
>Thread got autosaged after a few days

No. 126136

>Owning the simps

I wonder if this sudden nosedive into cumshots and being covered in fake blood is inspired by the two recent contentious things in these threads
>Someone posted that the porn video will be a troll (This was immediately followed by some insane spamming of nonsense for several hundred posts)
>Ex friend who makes various accusations such as Josh cheating, and them running a secret sex worker agency on the side
Like is this thread making them lose their mind over in Belle towers? Are these things in fact true or is this nosedive coincidental?

No. 126139

Imagine these guys paying 35$ of their hard earned money to see Josh Gray dick. They are the lowest scum on earth.

No. 126148

File: 1608077397189.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.27 KB, 733x906, CB850EEC-EC3E-4151-B385-700F92…)

Something somewhere must have happened for her to go from
>To this
She seemed quite against it at one point.

It could be she’s set a goal for herself to be the number #1 egirl and is running out of ideas on what to do that will give her the validation and create as much of a buzz as the whole bathwater saga. Now everyone else has onlyfans maybe feels she has to step her pussy game up to complete and try to remain on “top”.

In the Logal Paul interview she said he and her mother aren’t on great terms now either, whoopsie. I imagine your mother would probably keep you from going off the rails and if she’s surrounded by bad influences such as pixie and her lazy boyfriend then that’s exactly what will happen. Sad really because there are boring girls like Bella Poarch who pull lots of stupid faces on tiktok and make dumb dance videos that are probably more popular than Belle. She should have just stuck to being cute. She didn’t have to sell her pussy LMAO

No. 126149

You can really tell that suit was made for someone who actually has tits lmao

No. 126151

>Josh finally doing some work to prove the mean nasty ppl on lolcow that he is not a lazy free loader >:-(

No. 126155

That person pretty accurately guessed how much she'd make a month, that's exactly how much she was calculated to make upthread >>125193
When was that comment written? I'm thinking sometime in 2019 on her Insta?

No. 126158

what part in the video did she say that about her mom? i wanna see it but dont wanna skim through an hour video

No. 126159

notice the angling of this with the wide lense to give him a bigger dick but also subsequently gave her salad fingers. his dick is placed on the outer portion of the frame for this effect. wow. i knew people would hyper analyze his dick and so did they so they did the best they can.
honestly my take on this is that theyre average people but they hold themselves, or think people hold them to a high standard. thats where their struggle comes in and they try to overcompensate. shes an average girl that over filters herself cause she has a high standard and when people see her w/o the filters they think shes ugly, but shes just average or above depending on who you ask. his dick is the same lol.

No. 126160

I hadn’t watched the full thing, only clips, just to zoom through on 2x speed to find. Think I now have a brain aneurysm.

No. 126161

Belle was talking from a bussinnes and economic viewpoint, nothing to do with being modest and pure.
Offer and demand, Onlyfans showed Belle was a demand for her nudes and well paid.
She was testing the waters for weeks polling her subs about a companion and explicit material.
I believe for a time she discarded doing porn because Rusty Fawkes case was a telltale (yes, she did everything).

No. 126185

no, let someone else make the next thread. someone who doesn't fall for fake and gay bait and knows how to sage, even in an autosaged thread you stick out like the newfag that you are

No. 126203

Personally I think she just is going the wrong path/ went the wrong path. Her audience aren't same as other porn star audience. Hers are the typical basement weebs who believed a while ago she is single. Now seeing Josh's wiener in her face and and soon pussy? Totally took away that "innocent uwu me smol tease" image away. Should have stayed with that content and not over greed money and destroy your meme tease queen image. Smells like big unsubs in her only fans soon. So much about her being a "smart" business woman.

No. 126205

File: 1608100916819.jpeg (197.19 KB, 828x728, BF410BAD-35EE-484C-A326-1414BE…)

what did she say before she deleted it?

No. 126206

NewFag lurk more.

No. 126210

It was those after she posted these >>126119 with something something am I evil something something yandere LARP

Why? Do we talk about twitters tos or is this so I see a 3rd photo of Joshs face someone’s managed to dig from the depths of the internet - meaning I’ve seen his peepee twice but at least his face 3 times so can’t hate it anymore? If not, stfu.

No. 126231

okay? cry more bitches

No. 126232

and i dont even use social media why would i bother linking them i dont even know them lol fuck that bitch

No. 126237

She is playing against her own instinct from 6 months ago: Belle always believed doing porn was bad business. It's hard to think she will continue that suicidal path if subs start dissapearing, something good for her earnings happened. Maybe her original base dissappeared and now other worst degenerates sub her and they like Josh nudes too.

No. 126247

well op, it’s because you are the op and that’s how you op, op >>>/pt/396455

but next time don’t

No. 126259

i get it, i will next time, and if you look at the old OPs for the other threads they were shittier than mine and their op pics were terrible. i dont know why some users now obsessively hate other users lol the site is about cows of course majority of people on this site are probably cows too, who gives a fuck. used the site for years and suddenly an influx of people who are nasty to other users just because they want to be lol so unnecessary


No. 126263

I agree at this. Can you guys stop derailing and keep focus on Belle herself. It's not the " OP and his/hers flaws " thread.

No. 126265

>Hers are the typical basement weebs who believed a while ago she is single. Now seeing Josh's wiener in her face

Literally zero of her subs wanted to see another guys dick, and certainly don't want to see someone else fucking their animu waifu. Whatever business smarts Belle was using before obviously went out the window.

No. 126266

You claim to be an imageboard user who "doesn't use socials" and have used lolcow for years, yet didn't know that every cow thread includes links to their socials. I'm 100% certain you are actually a skinwalker pullfag. And please stop threatenng to make the next op.(infighting; derailing)

No. 126271

you really are such a little baby. i already fucking said i will include her socials next thread. i never said "durr i didnt know that ops typically included socials!" i literally said i am too lazy to look for them. i dont fucking use that shit but i will go out of my way next time sure.

for the last FUCKING time. i never used pull, i always thought pull was retarded because it required accounts, just like how i said i dont use SM for the exact reason.

you are so retarded. go cry in a corner if you're going to be such a baby about other users on this site. we are supposed to make fun of the cows and post milk and speculate for fun, not reeee at other users and nitpick other users for not doing everything perfectly. you are probably just another pullfag projecting, i swear all the ACTUAL newfags and pulltards just project at each other in threads because they're insecure that THEY are the newfags/pulltards. go to meta to whine about it, not the fucking thread.

saged for OT, im so sorry that this retard keeps derailing the milk in the thread because they have some weird vendetta against me, probably just jealous i beat them to making a new thread kek(quit sperging)

No. 126276

Your huge blogpost about yourself above combined with the desperate effort to use imageboard lingo and blend in hurts my soul

No. 126277

Considering most of her fan base obsessed over the possibility of seeing an actual nipple and would edit baginas in to her photos, it’s safe to say they clearly don’t get laid. I imagine they let out a few enraged REEEEs having to experience REEEEjection all over again
> "Drats, cucked again!”

No. 126288

This thread has me raising eyebrows. Ive lurked for quite some time since about 2017 and literally no other thread is like this one. Literally no other thread has some crazy anon screeching about pull, just droning on and on, literally no other thread mentions it because its literally so irrelevant. Would be comparable to someone sperging about GGfags invading the thread. Those sites are defunct honey let it go. Some weird anon who keeps wk, getting butthurt cause we keep talking about her face and generally trying to blend in keeps sperging about it, and it only started happened in the end of the last thread when the cold ones podcast popped up on youtube and we all saw her real face in all its glory. Go to any other thread, ive been here for years and never seen a thread like this.. its highly suspicious and some posts got me giving the side eye i wont say why because its not worth the ban but i know other anons see the damage control in here too.

No. 126291

>desperate effort
ok fag even though ive literally used 4chan and lolcow since 2017. keep coping that your little pullsperging is annoying and unwarranted. can we just fucking discuss belle for ONCE? she is about to become some kind of porn star after years of acting like she wouldnt and her relationship with her only parent just fell apart its hilarious she should have seen it coming.

i know im part of the thread drama but i agree with you, dont understand why people keep screeching about pull the site doesnt even exist anymore and was always irrelevant to this site

No. 126292

It’s suspect, not only the wk part but around that time the amount of ban evading and poor fan art/podcast comparisons spammed. Reason being I noticed some facebook crosspollination coming from a particular account that kept posting comparisons from here on some pewdiepie fan account and then posting the male comment reactions here, not sure if all the same person or a coincidence. Just odd.
inb4 jealous pewds fan. I was searching to see if these were legit reactions lel

No. 126293

Anytime anyone tries to discuss her and it doesnt go in the direction that anon wants,
>belle is pretty irl and makes 1 mil a month
sperg anon starts screeching aboiy pull
Its comments like these ya know

No. 126297

Are you the schitzo-chan that's constantly banevading (totally getting banned because the farmhands are secret simps out to silence you) and screeching that everyone is belle and making collages of random redditors posts as "proof"?

No. 126298

Lol schizo chan? The lack of self awareness in here from you is unreal. The infighting attempts and derailing are so tiresome. Theres like one sperg anon who keeps replying to themselves everyday to wk,infight, bait and REEEE over the handful of other anons in here who doesnt agree with them.

No. 126299

Are you the anon that posted a bunch of irrelevant collages tho?

No. 126300

No but the fact that you came out of the gate REEEEing like this is exactly my point though lol. The fact of the matter is , other than you making 90% of the posts in here, its a dead thread. Belle is not some special wonderful cow that we all love to follow, this thread is one of the lesser active threads and the thread topic isnt even worth being in snow or pt which makes your sperging even more embarassing. Nobody cares this much but you, not even the anons who come here to take the piss on belle and get screeched at. You really seem crazy accusing people on an anonymous image board posting things you dont like. Like why do you care so much lol im going back to shays thread this is crazy and suspicious and "anon" im really embarassed for you. if anyone seems schizophrenic its you, get help anon. Im going back to read shays thread . /w/ is fucking cancer

No. 126304

I think that's op anon since the op includes said irrelevant collages, which nobody except op thinks are amusing or interesting. Probably some samefagging from op anon since two "different" anons one after the other claim to be using lolcow since 2017 yet their posts are just irrelevant word salad infighting.

Also we should probably stop this derailing but someone was certainly triggered at the suggestion they are a skinwalker pullfag, maybe close to the truth. Is rusty from the UK? The posting times would match up.

No. 126306

Again, its comments like these.
Other anons see it which is why it's just mostly you responding to yourself. This whole thread reads like 1 anon obsessively posting and wk/baiting/infighting everyday and like, 2 or 3 other anons who pass by and comment every now and then only to get screeched at by you or accused of posting bad pics of her. You seem like you are projecting and have an unhealthy obsession with belle and the things people say about her for some strange odd totally non suspicious reason. W is a containment board it's not for cows who are worth a damn. Reading this thread and a few others from w reminds me why it was made in the first place

No. 126307

The fact you insist there's just one sole anon ITT who disagrees with your nonsense, who you are also certain is Belle makes you seem pretty crazy ngl

No. 126308

File: 1608146076401.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 188.09 KB, 750x1112, 31D71B03-63CC-4E7B-830F-20FB06…)

actually W is for the weebs kek

>Caption pepes thoughts of this photo

Plz can someone tell me if this supposed to be ironic dead meme kinda vibe or do they think this is hip cool trendy because I keep gravitating towards the later and it kills me a little inside.

No. 126309

I insisted theres one main anon responding to themselves (as they admitted>>126305) and less than a handful of others to rebuttal your wk. Go read any other thread it's obvious what's going on and doesnt read like any other thread with organic responses. and it's why this thread is so dead . If you want to keep coming here to post bait, fight, promote your of content then reply to yourself about it, go ahead but I'm embarassed for you(infighting; derailing)

No. 126313

File: 1608147289865.jpeg (7.41 KB, 158x319, images.jpeg)

In the same way she admitted somewhere that she doesn't play video games, seems plain to me that it's the same deal with meme culture. She references memes months after their expiry and in such an unfunny way that the humour seems lost on her. I always got "cool mom" vibes from her. Why she gets hailed as a self aware meme lord I will never understand.

No. 126314

Focus on the thread subject.

No. 126317

Nta but who admitted what? There is no >>126305 There is at least 2 of us, I’m not samefagging. I feel I’m being gaslit kek. Please stop causing doubt in the thread.

I feel the same but then I also find myself doing mental gymnastics of “what if… Is this her as Mary or a character Belle that she has created like Poppy, a social commentary on current meme culture and as a woman it doesn’t matter how unfunny you are as long as you sell sex.” But I doubt Belle is that big brained.
>Pulls out another sheet of sweet aluminum.
I just have to accept, it’s as simple as it seems - Belle simped the gamer boys attention before they ever simped her.

No. 126320

You admitted to replying to yourself and when i called it out you dirty deleted it. God this thread is a dumpster fire.

No. 126321

>Belle simped the gamer boys attention before they ever simped her.

The accuracy of this.

iirc she said in a podcast that she's "branded herself", strongly implying Belle isn't a character. But clearly it is a persona she puts on to an extent (gamer girl/i don't play video games) I've wondered myself if maybe she is a bit lost in Belle Delphine. That shit has surely gotta fuck with your head.

No. 126322

These anons trying to make us feel sympathy for her mental state. How many times now have u tried to make us feel bad because you were armchairing about her having depression earlier itt.

No. 126323

File: 1608148583501.jpg (79.84 KB, 1007x269, Screenshot_20201216-145527_Chr…)

Nice try

No. 126325

That didn’t happen and if it did to assume it’s all the same anon and not someone trolling is a bit bait but OK. Agree to disagree.

I think it’s probs a big cope. She doesn’t seem to have any real long term friends. If you look at those videos and pics at school, where are they now? The girls in the photos seem to all still be friends. I think she has narc tendencies because she is so uwu broke and insecure inside. I don’t think she is depressed, just has issues and the desperate need for male validation and in need of a therapist.

No. 126326

I literally watched it in real time and took a screenshot but ok. Brainworms is strong with this one. Anywho I'll leave you to continue talking to yourself until a real site user drops in and dares to challenge the opinion you hold of your beloved kween bellend kek

No. 126329

I deleted because another anon posted at the same time, I meant the last 2 posts of the argument prior to the post right before mine.

I don't think pepe is even used as a reaction-image anymore, it's wojack now. These thots can't be assed to get a real job so I guess they're not gonna bother with keeping up with whatever their target demographic is into.

No. 126352

let stop derailing and infighting and speculate.

i think pepe would say, "yet another girl ruins her relationship with her only parent in her life because of the porn industry's grooming." that's why he is sad

either way she begs so much for engagement and likes lol "she is rich" dont give me that any wealth she has acquired is always dwindling and her bf is money hungry af. i can tell he doesnt love her lol

No. 126374

She is attention seeking and he has no issue with exploiting her.

No. 126397

100% agree.

No. 126412

File: 1608174341827.jpg (467.55 KB, 1080x1040, 20201216_220430.jpg)

This girls face is warped to hell and back

No. 126441

funny, in this screenshot you can also tell how edited Belle's face is herself. just look at her mouth and undereye kek, that's fucked. i knew these videos were fake as shit.

No. 126449

I think it's probably adobe. There is many functions and changing "shapes" isn't hard to do for experienced people with the program itself. We all seen how belle looks out of her own clips and videos. Podcast didn't lie, her own content always does.

No. 126450

That nasty shiny wig makes her look so bad in comparison. Looks like she got dunked in oil

No. 126464

File: 1608212954760.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1655, wat.jpeg)

can she fucking PLEASE stop making this dreamworks face its so ugly i s2g

No. 126471

god please I NEED to know what she looks like under the wig
what horror lies beneath that would make her want to wear one 24/7

No. 126472

File: 1608220173299.jpg (232.39 KB, 1077x1465, EGSPHf5XoAAeROI.jpg)

In fact Belle have a really nice hair, has more to do with her simps wanting to see her wearing that cheap wig all time.
Girls trying to copy her "mugshot" always fail in the hair part.(ban evasion)

No. 126478

File: 1608221997581.jpg (61.68 KB, 640x640, A popular theory that has no c…)

man she really has the same thing going on with her face that Suzy Berhow did, that weird-looking philtrum upper lip area

No. 126479

I have to commend Bellend for at least one thing and that is not over indulging in lip fillers like every single instagram famus white chick nowadays. Sometimes I wonder if thats what these simps find appealing, that she is ”not like other girls” - no tan, no breasts, no hips, no ass, no lips, just plain old stephanie from lazytown in that shiny pink polyester wig kek

No. 126483

Alright, and what makes you sure this isn't a "NIcE" lacefront wig? If you seen her irl and know how her hair looks without editing or wigs, aka outside photos, then hey spill out you naughty little thing. Otherwise don't bullshit people here.

No. 126484

Belle have some kind of "low hanging fruit" effect: she is pretty but not in a level guys see a female as out of their league. That facilitates creating imaginary relationships with her, is part of her success.
>>126483 her wigs look like shit in each photo why you think she will put more effort in that "mugshot" stunt. That is her hair, not all of her have to be bad or ugly.

No. 126488

anon you're naive as fuck if you think that mugshot isn't shooped or posed or if any part of that whole debacle is real
nta but thinking her hair is fake is one of the most reasonable assumptions in this whole thread kek

No. 126489

Why wouldn’t she? It doesn't look like she colours her hair, sometimes it looks like she doesn’t even brush it or straighten it. It’s just long hair. She might wear extensions to thicken it at a push but she’s just an average caucasian girl, her hair isn’t going to be nappy kek. It’s not nice enough to be a “nice lace front” nor does it look like a cheap wig, Belle doesn’t have an eye for quality, everything is aliexpress tack.

Your hate boner has got you reaching

No. 126506

Sure. Maybe search up 200€ lacefront wigs and then ride on your fantasy horse. They look more realistic than the thought you having a reason to be on this thread. No one says anything unreasonable and i highly doubt someone like her takes good care of her hair to be that full and healthy looking. Belle has toe and fingers nails like a goblin so lets not start about hair. Anyway if you think it's really nice hair, then no discussion needed. End of topic.

No. 126509

I highly doubt skater/rock boys with long hair are sat with their Pantene Pro V hair mask every other night and going to the salon for their monthly trim and pamper. As long as you don’t do anything to damage your hair, caucasian hair will be 9/10 healthy. But as I said she might use extensions to thicken it. I don’t particularly see anything special with her hair, any social recluse can grow long hair? She wears a wig when she takes photos and rarely go outdoors so she wouldn’t be damaging her hair. We’ve seen her failure to blend her other tacky lace fronts because she’s lazy so I doubt it’s a wig. She probs washed it for this photo and pushed it back? lol

Her nails are probs fucked because she’s an anachan who never leaves the house to get any vit d. It just sounds like you love her hair but hate it’s on her head kek(infight, derail)

No. 126511

love that term for it.. dreamworks face

No. 126518

It sounds like you love her hair more than anyone else here that you worship it and bring it up. Stop derailing with your hair obsession and move on fangirl. Cool that you think people love things about her " they cant have and wish to have". You are clearly one of those anons who derails and comes up with " you wish". Pirates parrot.

No. 126522

File: 1608237626572.jpeg (466.75 KB, 715x900, E0DCF5A5-4F6A-4DB0-8D36-F6DB8C…)

surprised you guys see her hair as nice cause the first thing i noticed in her no wig pictures is that her hair looks like its never been conditioned, moisturized or brushed. super thick but with no shine. just frizz.
she used to have nice hair before she dyed it many years ago and doesnt know how to maintain hair health, now she just puts on a wig all the time and only washes and brushes it when she needs to like the mugshot pic.

No. 126529

File: 1608239654418.jpeg (43.05 KB, 1024x512, EECB7342-4C53-45CE-B6D4-A02EE7…)

It’s so crazy how different her face looks in this photo compared to her old face. I wouldn’t think it was the same person.

>She looked her age at one point (continued…)

No. 126530

File: 1608239685128.png (Spoiler Image, 3.57 MB, 924x1800, A9D31F04-F35E-4893-B4F4-F8FF17…)

>Then became more mature looking then Benjamin Buttoned.

I wonder what caused her to start going crazy on editing apps out of nowhere or did she not know it was a thing around this time because it’s odd for anyone to post photos with sores on their lips. Especially our perfect 3D loli waifu.

No. 126536

>that full and healthy looking

You know hair just grows with no effort right? Actually the "friend" above who says she rarely showers may be telling the truth. The best way to have healthy hair is to wash it less frequently. Mystery solved, it's not a wig you loons. Having healthy hair due to low effort is exactly aligning with what we know of her character.

No. 126540

im mostly so confused that she suddenly have boobs here, wtf?

No. 126550

Look at the hair warping around her boobs and the carpet around her waist, it's edited.

No. 126610

File: 1608258767296.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1125x1108, 1FB2987D-2E63-4135-B6FB-666DC1…)

What is this

No. 126624

diarrhea doo doo

No. 126625

Josh really wants to stick his penis in everyone's face this week huh.

Also red paint doesn't look like that, I assumed it was fake blood but now with that caption I think it is blood.

No. 126627

adobe isn't a program. If you mean photoshop then no shit every thot out there is photoshopped to hell and back.

it's fake blood, but even fake blood isn't allowed on onlyfans so they're pretending it's red paint.

No. 126642

Are those cuts on her legs ?

No. 126666

I think it's wet tights/socks that have bunched up a bit.
I'd love to see Belle's sub count drop every time another image of Josh's dick is posted, I can't imagine the incels are enjoying getting cucked like this.

No. 126671

what's happening on her left side is like her hip is draw? everything is so bad quality i dont know what im watching anymore

No. 126683

Why are they simulating blood in this scenario anyway? Who the hell wants to watch a porn where the girl is fucking bloody on her ass

No. 126688

I doubt they use in videos meitu or snow app to change their face shapes? I mean Belle and Pixie. The quality would drop a lot. Photoshop doesn't edit face shapes in videos unless I missed out something?

No. 126691

Adobe Afereffects
and the quality is awful

No. 126694

> it's fake blood, but even fake blood isn't allowed on onlyfans so they're pretending it's red paint.
I really hope some cuckedcoomer rage reports her and she is banned from onlyfans and subsequently all the internet. At first I though that this is what she was trying to do so she doesn’t have to upload the porn, take everyone’s money, get banned and disappear from the internet and LARP the whole “uwu it’s not my fault I’m always banned”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the insistence of Josh wiener being included now everywhere as some possessive assertion of his ’alpha’ dominance over the beta male fanbase.

Also imo it’s a dumb move to be posting all these mini porns running up to her grand porn release. She would have made more not revealing anything until that one video but I guess smoll business woman genius Einstein brain of marketing Bellend knows what she’s doing….kek

No. 126695

jesus where do you guys dig for this content at this point. shes very adamant with her dmca shit rn.

No. 126700

This, accurately said.

No. 126702

>I wouldn’t be surprised if the insistence of Josh wiener being included now everywhere as some possessive assertion of his ’alpha’ dominance over the beta male fanbase.
Oh he's definitely tripping on the illusion of power it's giving him

No. 126703

I get the feeling they are doing this knowing it will be leaked and are trying to use it as promo. If these videos make the rounds it could give them more reach.

The blood is really fucking weird, if it were Halloween it might make a little more sense, but the blood teamed with Josh's dick is the weirdest move, it's almost like they're trying to get people to unsub.

No. 126745

Agreed with all of this, I thought all the same things.
She very easily could get banned for this and she knows it, and nobody even wanted this?? bloody porn?
Josh is 100% asserting dominance by sticking his dick in every photo this week. If I had to psychoanalyze all of this I'd say they want out.
And they also are definitely reducing the suspense for the "porn" with all this gross stuff they've been putting out.

And finally also questioning Belle's so called business acumen, everything they're doing lately is career-destroying considering their customer base.

No. 126765

A bit of a tinfoil but maybe she really is trying to sabotage her career on purpose in the hopes that onlyfans does end up banning her so she can cry about it on Twitter and it can create this uproar similar to how so many youtube losers came out to defend her when belle got her youtube banned maybe the idea is that she wants something similar to happen again and she will be the first pornstar to get banned on onlyfans and it would get mainstream attention angry coomers and empowered sex workers will create a hashtag "I stand with belle delphine" or some shit youtubers will make videos on it, journalists will interview her on her experience on getting banned and she will talk about how excited she was to finally post her porn but unfortunately it will never happen due to the ban that way creating more hype and publicity and maybe she will dissapear again and use this as an excuse and come back a year and a half later with another music video titled "I'm back part 2" and so the cycle continues

No. 126776

I think this is very possible, though would mean she'd lose whatever sub money was still owed her this month. iirc onlythots pays monthly now, and if you get banned you lose all your unpaid earnings. That makes me think the current activity is just plain stupidity.

But also anon, please use the comma button/key since your posts read like one breathless run-on sentence.

No. 126784

For the coomers that literally get off to little anime girls getting abused/raped in ways that would make them injured, or some stupid annoying yandere fetish to make belle seem like an edgy uwu psycho path. most people are disturbed by sight of blood and some faint at it, so now you can really see the level of mental illness in belle’s fans

No. 126788

saged, but i feel so bad for her mom; a single mother who probably tried to raise her daughter right (not sure why she would let her drop out of school, bad move) and the internet, porn industry, and Josh groomed her daughter into a wannabe pornstar. she could be normal and she was naturally pretty before but nahh she just had to get an unnecessary nosejob and god knows what else and slap a cheap pink wig on and all these ugly rodent filters, shove a huge dildo in her asshole for men to fap to. really, really sad.
Christmas is a time to spend with family and if her mom and her are on bad terms now, looks like she will be spending it without her daughter and can easily know that her daughter is spending her christmas making money off a stupid sex tape instead of being a normal happy girl. her poor mother… she must be embarrassed, angry, and resentful (rightfully so).
belle is the poster child of "pretty young girl gets ruined by the porn industry". she did choose this though, so i don't feel bad for belle. she is obviously money hungry and a fame whore. wonder what kind of milk we can expect in the coming years. if she is depressed, she shouldn't be surprised. i have bad feelings about josh too, he just seems like a total chode with a complex. he is definitely flexing on coomers by being included in her porn, how insecure lol. coomers' money and josh pulled her away from her mother and any semblance of a healthy lifestyle. their new house may be nice but i see luna slater-style dirtyness coming up within the year, with josh's nasty chunky jizz, paint, and lube getting piled up on all her backdrops in her videos lol. they probably dont even clean the house. we already have had some insight from belle herself that she is somewhat sad about the corner she's backed herself into. she was so thirsty for male attention and she let them lead her into a shitty lifestyle. i can't imagine making sex a hobby or job lol, no wonder "sex workers" always seem to actually dislike sex after about a year doing it. it isn't natural or healthy at all to sell intimacy for money, coomers are NEVER appeased, always want more.
sour times, huh? it's really fucking sick how pornography, coomers, and "sex workers" are grooming young women to be so sick and unhappy, because we aren't meant to be sexual objects lusted after online. ALL "sex workers" are mentally ill, and many are addicted to drugs to numb the pain of the situations they put themselves in.
sorry for the sperg but i think it needs to be laid out there.

No. 126796

> she was so thirsty for male attention and she let them lead her into a shitty lifestyle.

Belle half way through talking about how boys only started noticing her when she dyed her hair and put effort in to her appearance but then would get dumped after a day.
Talks about how she “used to be the simp” and has “a lot of stories” about her “trying to impress boys” including painting a pokemon mural on her wall because a boy she was dating liked pokemon (especially mudkip) and that she used to save up her pocket money for each boy she liked and buy them gifts (O no this sounds familiar)

Podcast clip where she talks about her family and mother:
Surprise surprise Joshyboys family are all ok with the porn uwu as long as he’s living a cush life leeching off his sugarmama.

She says she used to be a simp, but she literally is still a simp. She simps for male attention to validate her. Simps for Josh whilst she whores herself out to buy him new PC games. It’s actually tragic.

No. 126804

She should put all that "simping" energy into making proper friends instead of trying to impress YouTubers, porn addicted men and boyfriends who only want to use her and could care less about belle as a person.

what women her age need to realize is when shit hits the fan or you're boyfriend/hudband decides to leave you or worse hurt you in some way it's you're close girl friends (if you choose wisely) who will be there for you and help you get through hard times
female friendships are so important for women
and these types of "men" that she is relying her happiness and income on could care less what happens to her

I'm not saying "men bad women good" the point is if she wasn't such a fucking pick me she could've seen this misery coming from a mile away

But considering she is a disgusting selfish degenerate herself just like the men she desperately wants to please I'd say belle and her fanboys belong together and they could all rot in their own cum for all I care.

No. 126808

File: 1608328193976.webm (13.59 MB, 500x500, anal.webm)

Get more here [redacted](USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 126822

Wish I could unsee that.. in what world is that considered "sexy"???(newfag)

No. 126828

Is she having a seizure at 2:56?

No. 126830

>but then would get dumped after a day

Yeah probably when they realized she has absolutely zero personality. She should have worked on that instead of botching her nose and selling what looks like period porn.

No. 126833

i would rather do anything else than monetize me rubbing my cooch with nasty fake blood that has got knows what chemicals in it. i feel so bad for her mom.

No. 126835

saged but im literally screaming stop putting your fingers in your asshole its so disgusting

No. 126838

so now we know belle is obsessed with getting male attention and "impressing boys" kek

No. 126839

well now we know that belle 100% lurked that discord since it got deleted

No. 126840

hahaha they ask her height and she says "5'6" and they say "oh so you're average height" (not "omg soo smol and shooort)" and she makes an annoyed face and blinks like shes pissed

No. 126843

File: 1608337635144.png (103.35 KB, 204x220, lmaoo.png)

No. 126844

you need to be 18+ to post here
all advertisements are against the rules, newfag
she went to the shoe0nhead school of attentionwhoring. their stories of "uwu i was so unpopular with the boys and i simped so hard for them but nobody wanted me and i was just so shy and awkward and that's why i know now that we must protecc men" sound alike.

No. 126845

sorry degen its disgusting to put stuff in your asshole. nice try though im much older than 18

No. 126846

>”I like ogres, I like something so big and so grotesque (that’s right, someone who looks like you Mr. Basementdweller-san, you have a chance with me) overpowering something smoll uwu”
>Boyfriend looks like a college boy twink with coke addiction

No. 126847

damn she really did botch her nose. It's sad really, she has all this money but she has to live with some unemployed scrote that will leave for the next belle delphine when she ages out ala shoe0nhead. also his dick is fucking gross. she could be out there getting some good dick but instead…

No. 126848

Don’t worry anon, I doubt anything has passed through Miss Anachans bowels in weeks kek

No. 126849

All the kink sperging comes off as so fake kek

No. 126852

NTA and I don't do anal either but your "ewww she's putting stuff up her poopoo hole xD" post comes off extremely sheltered and immature. It's her finger. You can relax. You're probably one of those weird girls that are uncomfortable with their body, have never seen their own pussy/asshole and don't use tampons because it makes them ~uncomfy~

There's so much wrong with her and yet this thread always finds the most inane bullshit to circlejerk over.

>inb4 I'm Belle because I'm not clutching my pearls over a sex worker touching her own asshole

No. 126857

it's disgusting. can we stop with the "its sooo immature!" shit in regards to literally putting your finger where loads of bacteria and literal SHIT reside? YOU are the gross one. go stick your finger in your butthole you freak, not everyone has to normalize it like you. and why do you fucking care if a woman decides she doesn't like tampons, you're one of those bitches that shames other grown women for deciding she uses pads like a cunt.

>sex worker

go back to twitter

No. 126858

lmao seethe, keep reposting your comment(infighting)

No. 126859

keep shoving your finger in your shit encrusted asshole degenerate

No. 126860

>Sex worker

Lmfao, I'm sorry our respectable young empowered Dell Computer is showing us a respectable and woke days wages.

After seeing whatever the hell uncanny valley soundtrack and B list horror acting that was i agree with earlier tinfoil posts shes tryna get permabanned before xmas so she doesn't have to deliver sauce and can milk it.

What else is banned on OF or Twatter? She might try to play with other fire.

No. 126863


Anyway I'll take this ban idc. I agree with other anons pussyfooting around the issue. Belle and Josh are obsessed with this thread and wont stop self posting and sperging in here at her defense. They have done terribly at integrating on this website, even with their weak insults peppered in their posts. How many posts now have you ended with
>inb4 I'm belle
Look at the last thread too they love saying that shit after wking her in their posts. It's so cringey, just like any other time she pops up to talk about herself (luckily this is an anonymous forum so it saved them the trouble of making a slew of sock accounts to juggle).

No. 126865

>Dell Computer
kek i like that one

No. 126866

What's wrong with calling her a sex worker now? She is one? I guess I should have called her a whore, but she doesn't sell physical interactions, just pics, so sorry for using the umbrella term and getting you all assblasted. It wasn't intended to be politically correct uwu, y'all truly sperg out about anything holy shit.

No. 126867

and videos and panties/gimmicks, before someone gets on my ass about "she doesn't just* sell pics!!!!"

She's still just an e-whore, not a regular irl whore, so I'll call her a sex worker. Sorry if you spent so much time on Twitter that you think it's exclusively a woke term and not just a descriptor.

No. 126869

File: 1608344621953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.61 KB, 1176x1151, attackofthesimps.jpg)

kek this was in response to the reaction to her bloody butthole video

No. 126870

She truly boxed herself in a corner kek. The comers say jump and belle desperately asks how high

No. 126878

Shut up and dance,monkey

No. 126880

lol inb4 belle joins the 27 club because this is just the beginning of coomers' wrath and hatred towards women, even the ones like her who always pander to them.

belle, get out and go back to mummy. it aint worth the money.

No. 126885

Simpception. The moids have finally revolted. I guess I would be pissed too if all I did was coom and I just spent $30 after PH deleted my bookmarked aznpr0n only to have my peen retract inside my body at the sight of blood and seeing Josh wielding his cock about like it was grindr and not a single vageen in sight kek. Most of these coomers find the thought of women having even periods icky, women are supposed to be perfect sex dolls with no bodily fluids (unless requested) uwu

Belle had all this big talk about working for herself, but you really aren’t are you, you work for a bunch of degenerate cumbrians who want you to cater to every sexual demand they have, rage if you don’t, then keke with each other about you being the next bianca devins. You are working for the worst people.

(repost because annoying typo)

No. 126886

yep, she has basically imprisoned herself, making men her little prison walls. i feel like she just had a girlcoomer phase and now she's stuck in it lol. watching her videos especially, i believe that she appears uncomfortable, sexually inexperienced, and honestly, really fuckin' bored. i can tell she isn't enjoying herself at all. how many girls would really like masturbating (probably a lot if she really updates 30-40 times a day like she said in that interview and doing multiple takes means even more! wtf) SO MUCH every day and also worrying about how they look doing it? it's too much work. i don't understand that about "sex workers". they are lazy then realize that making a "career" out of sex and masturbating actually does require time and effort and then they get even lazier, look at shayna lol. this just screams to me, intimacy isn't a commidity and isn't MEANT to be sold. it doesn't work that way. and her coomer audience can tell now she doesn't even like doing this shit.

No. 126890

>Expecting kindness and decency from incels

No. 126892

Offtopic and NTA but criticizing some random anon for not being sexual enough for your liking…not a good look. Not all of us think it's a great career move to take photos and videos sticking things up our holes for the internet, deal with it.

No. 126894

>I guess I would be pissed too if all I did was coom and I just spent $30 after PH deleted my bookmarked aznpr0n only to have my peen retract inside my body at the sight of blood and seeing Josh wielding his cock about like it was grindr and not a single vageen in sight kek.

Lol anon it's comments like this that make this thread worth reading.

No. 126897

What's so weird about a girl being uncomfortable with her body? Plenty of girls feel uncomfortable with doing stuff like inserting things or their own fingers into their asshole. Don't judge someone for not wanting or not feeling comfortable with something like that.

No. 126899

Nothings wrong with it.
But in Belles case, being her career and all, it’s the equivalent of a midget joining the NBA. It’s just awkward to watch.

No. 126929

Be gone from whence you came vile creature

No. 126930

She ruined her own career for more money greed. Clearly unprofessional, low experience and uncomfortable in whatever she posts lately. Soon, one day, her post will be,"Please please don't unsub me I swear I try harder just don't unsub me!"

No. 126931

This pick-me shit. "put your finger up your asshole, anon". Why, because men like it? Or are you one of those dumb thots that swear she loves it. Get the fuck outta here you retard.

One day she's going to realise she'll never be able to do enough, and the more she debases and abuses herself for them the ruder they'll be. She hasn't figured out she has no worth to these men. Yes, she's Belle Delphine but she's also just another onlyfans girl. Men always talk about how they sub to onlyfans but would never date a girl that has one.

You can still back out, Belle.

No. 126936


Going "out of (my) comfort zone" for a single scrote is already a mistake, never mind doing so for thousands of scrotes. It seems like Belle is learning this nasty life lesson at an unnecessarily large scale; it doesn't surprise me the scrotes are revolting since the deeper she goes into porn content, the lower their (already subzero) respect goes for her. The fact she's writing pleading captions asking these scum to be kinder to her is a sign she doesn't truly understand what she signed up for.

No. 126950

No one ever cared about her “comfort zone”. In the poll for her first ever porn they wanted to see hardcore anal. Her popularity was because she presented them this manic pixie dream girl archetype, someone with no depth only there to fulfil their fantasies, her popularity was not because they wanted to please her, but because they wanted her to please them.

No. 126972

Pretty funny how she presents herself as this “genius meme queen that trollz/owns the simps” when she’s so pathetically desperate for their attention and approval lmao

No. 126973

why all the frequent double posting? it clogs up the thread

No. 126975

The naivety of her, my fucking sides. Her self esteem will hit rock bottom if she ever finally realises what men actually think of her. How can she be surprised at the backlash for the blood porn though? If that response is genuine then the fuck was she snorting when she decided to go ahead with that shit. Her "fans" don't want joke porn, they are degenerates who want to see her degrade herself to her lowest for their own enjoyment, and she's truly played herself by succumbing to their wishes.

No. 127057

She has been doing some of that already with the masochistic barbed wire posts and the set where ste licks a boot.

No. 127122

Half of this fucking thread has been infighting and anons falling for the dumbest bait. Can you all finally just shut the fuck up and stop replying to each other about unrelated things? Holy shit.

Sinking down to the level of full on porn was sad enough, but man her "don't be so hard on me uwu i'll do whatever to make you boys happy" comment after she got backlash from her lonelyclan simps is actually depressing. Her whole shtick was "trolling" the very same men she's now begging not to berate and degrade her so they stay and give her money. Whatever ego she had built up by being in control of these losers and having them in the palm of her hand will be totally gone a month from now when they're demanding more and more hardcore content from her.

No. 127139

File: 1608439371428.jpeg (461.96 KB, 1242x863, 734B0BFD-00AC-40A5-9071-6BE523…)

The filter is making her eyes look retarded kek

She couldn’t just do lewds anymore she had to stoop to this level to make money

No. 127143

File: 1608439917667.png (Spoiler Image, 296.11 KB, 534x583, Capture.PNG)

Belle is really wrong about porn: is not something people learn. And guys started feeling weird by her childish look in these harcore scenes. For me that blood video gave some "uncanny valley" vibes, mixing porn an snapchat filters is not good for sure.

No. 127147

I love that the majority of the twitter replies from what I can see are men acting hurt more than happy. It appears its doing the opposite of what belle was aiming for, to these degenerates she was supposed to be their pure virgin loli waifu and these videos are just making them feel NTRed. She would have been better off doing solo stuff or just flashing them a clitoris kek.

No. 127151

saged, Since Belles blood b hole video, a bunch of anons are saying anal is bad and can't be enjoyed, it can be with mutual consent and tons of preparation and lube considering there's intense pleasure nerve endings there. The problem lies in the fact that Belle is doing it in a way where it wouldn't be for her own pleasure, the simps like the kind of forced rapey anal sex that puts women in intense pain, hence why Belle's poll had anal in the top votes.

No. 127174

>it can be with mutual consent and tons of preparation and lube considering there's intense pleasure nerve endings there

nobody cares though.

No. 127183

without being tinfoil hat, did she dub sloppy sounds on to the video kek the timing doesn’t match up, nor how loud it is

No. 127202

File: 1608477973086.png (845.11 KB, 1440x1061, sadbois.png)

She really doesn't understand her audience at all

No. 127203

File: 1608477998325.png (833.45 KB, 1440x1845, boissad.png)

No. 127204

After watching the clip I do believe Josh is losing his mind and this is all him cucking the incels and playing power games with them. He was happy to not include his dick as 50% of the screen…until now

In the interview linked above Belle says the porn will mostly feature her since she's "prettier" than Josh. But now it's just Josh's dick, all the time.

Also she looks utterly bored and like she's taking a selfie.

No. 127205

File: 1608478950615.png (192.54 KB, 1440x879, spectator.png)

(Interview linked above)

So why is Josh's dick half the screen? You understand dicks are not pretty, right?

No. 127206

I still don't get that bloody anal video, most of her weirder photosets have been based off of anime & gamer tropes or meme shit, but that video just looked weird, gory and gross. Then that BJ one, using pickle Rick as the censor for Josh's dick…its honestly like she's trying to turn the simps off? Is that her new troll technique, or do they just have no idea how to capitalize on her waning fame? Agreed with the anon who said she'd be better off doing solo stuff or just fully nude pics, it seems bizarre to go straight to quite hardcore shit. I'm not a genius businesswoman I guess.

No. 127208

Kinda too late. I think many will unsub her due EXACTLY knowing she has a partner. Boom on their neckbeard dreams that maybe she notices and dates one of those guys in their fap basement. I don't think she will ever raise again, while she is no stop lately on podcasts etc. The comments seem like the guys don't enjoy her content either anymore. After they will see everything mire and more they stop paying her eventually.

No. 127220

File: 1608485149999.png (31.18 KB, 582x217, bro.png)

Yeah she's totally not bothered you guys.
Also if you got a degradation kink it just shows how mentally unwell you are.

No. 127221

>I have a degradation kink
This is the biggest cope, every porn cow says this to cover up how embarrassed they are about their lack of skills and how they look. She just sounds like Shayna

No. 127222

calling it honestly, this bitch is EXACTLY like shayna lol. she has some "porn" filmed at her "peak" and when she gets criticism she deflects and copes by saying "hahahahha NOT bothered guys humiliation/degradation JUST TURNS ME ON" nobody who says that shit ever fucking means it.

you gonna get obese one day too belle? you are a mini shayna, just with more money kek

No. 127224

the funny thing is too last thread posters had screenies that she follows shat too. getting some inspiration from the girl you should LAST be inspired by eh bellend?
what a tough day in the belle household. still feel so bad for mummy, her daughter is releasing a porno xmas instead of having dinner with her family. i doubt she will even go see her mom since they are on bad terms now. it's not worth it sweetheart.

No. 127227

I was JUST thinking this yesterday. Lolll I didn't want to say it but clearly I'm not the only one thinking this….

No. 127228

I'll do better, massa!

No. 127229

what a cope. if she doesn’t care/enjoys it why is she begging for scrotes to be nice to her on OF >>126869

Kek this is exactly the same “sassy” “not bothered” shit people say to save face before they cry about it in private. We know the rejection and lack of validation is killing her inside, I imagine she’s REEEing in to her tear soaked bedroom pillow right now.

No. 127231

She couldnt even handle the wig saga, and admittedly broke down about it. Imagine, being as insecure as she is, how she's dealing with the criticism after showing the entire internet her shitty porn kek. Shes truly a desperate jester at this point, trying to keep her KING basement pedos entertained

No. 127233

File: 1608488140845.png (Spoiler Image, 3.36 MB, 1334x750, E169FBB7-12C0-42A8-9CE8-DA3C8C…)

It’s not even “leaking her porn on Christmas” at this stage, she just makes porn now, she has absolutely no other social media presence or personality other than porn. Christmas is going to be leaked so so quick.
Link of someone commented on her twitter post with a vid of her sucking Josh’s weewee again while her fondles her butthole.

I’m so excited for this new shaya route! kek

No. 127235

Looks like guys are dissapointed at Belle porn. https://boards.4chan.org/gif/thread/18614563

No. 127236

Rip. Titanic went down and that deep. I don't see any success in all of these things she does lately. It's embarrassing, cringe and just ugly to look at. Biggest fail in her entire so called "career".

No. 127238

yeah cos she has no idea what shes fucking doing and is staring at herself in the viewfinder like a bdd freak a la eugenia cooney. everything about her sexual acts is a huge turn off. she is just cute, she should stop trying to make porn she has no clue how to suck a dick where it would actually feel good and doesnt even know what to do with her hands and body.

this porn thing is just a way to check her body probably and get male validation, to me she doesnt look sexy or act sexy at all. her bfs uncut chodr disgusts me as well.

No. 127239

so belle is basically a failed porn star just like shayna. she should have stuck to the weird teasing bullshit, everybody went from loving her (barf) to hating her which is perfect, exactly what she deserves. cannot wait to see her get fat and for the money to dry up. bitch has no clue how to be sexy at all. give it up belle lol. she is already losing her audience and is no longer successful. rest in peace.

No. 127240

File: 1608489700256.png (102.24 KB, 553x402, 108A95D1-AAE3-41AF-BF33-71D112…)

No. 127241

Belle idea of posting these videos was so dumb that is the only explanation. A more collected meme kween should waited until 25 before publishing anyything, but Belle is losing her mind at her simps criticism.
The failure is becomming viral as her stunts. https://boards.4channel.org/tv/thread/143870308

No. 127243

File: 1608490344663.jpg (2.34 MB, 1836x3264, Teachmehowtosuckbttrking.jpg)

Are these scrotes also seething with jealousy? Top Kek

No. 127244

File: 1608490616821.jpg (139.43 KB, 1076x447, Screenshot_20201220-135606_Chr…)

Same thing going on over here too. What a mystery

No. 127257

>Owning the simps

Oh wait just degrading herself for men like every other porn star. A tale as old as time. She really is this dumb to stomp all over her USP to be just another thot in a wig.

At least it will be more difficult for thots to claim she's an inspiring businesswoman when this is just bog-standard porn with absolutely no inventiveness or wit behind it.

Also so weird that it's basically a selfie/Instagram story that happens to have a dick in it, it's like she's dissociating and doesn't realize there's really a human there and millions of actual humans are watching this. She exists only as a person interacting with a phone screen and none of this is "real" to her.

Wouldn't wanna be Belle in the moment this all sinks in. It's not a videogame. It's not a selfie. It's not all happening within your phone. This is the equivalent to appearing in front of a stadium of people to give a blowjob to your boyfriend.
Also not believing she "gets off on being degraded" when she won't appear on camera under any less than 15 videofilters, wig, thick makeup and careful angles.

No. 127263

> 404 Not Found
Whats going on @ 4chan? DMCA or jannysimps?

No. 127264

threads get deleted a lot cos of stupid jannies

No. 127268

OF logo in the corner so this is the kind of content $35 will get you. Josh would get more eye contact from a fleshlight. 0% passion, 100% body checking. I’m sure there’s a porn genre already for this “something something bored fucking whilst on phone”. She almost appears trafficked.

No. 127270

File: 1608497268154.jpg (202.73 KB, 1063x461, 5678864.jpg)

No. 127271


She looks like she trying to eat a limp hotdog with utmost disinterest.

No. 127276

She is trending on Twitter and everyone is roasting the shit out of her lmao it's quite refreshing to see her not be praised for once

It's funny how she thinks just because she's THE belle delphine that people would let her get away with low effort porn What a narc.

No. 127280

File: 1608499739273.png (809.18 KB, 818x798, pottery.png)

kind of messy but the simps hate comments were too good not to make this edit

No. 127281

The coomers may now all be flaccid but my hate boner is fully erect. This is hilarious watching this car crash. She got greedy, tried to take advantage of the simps and now the scrotes realise the fantasy was better than the reality and are filled with disappointment. She did all this and for what?

No amount of degradation fetish cope will help. Being told to suck dick like a worthless whore might get a masochists coochie swimming, but no one wants to hear “y’know what, don’t worry about it, I’m good” kek this is glorious!

No. 127287

It's hilarious to watch how even her own simps start to dislike her now. "Bellend" happened sooner than expected. Nothing saved her. No podcast, no tit show, no pussy showing and not even her sucking dick. Make spot for the other coming Egirls. Ciaooo kirschner.

No. 127289

This,there's a lot of doubleposts. Please delete your shit.

same here anon, i'm glad to see this bitch's fame finally dying off. She was never cute or funny or anything special. She just got lucky with coomers and we all knew damn well how it ends when you pander to coomers. She's done for this time and i'm delighted to see it happen. I love redemption arcs and always did but she's the first lolcow in all my years that i only grew to hate more and more.

No. 127296

File: 1608502811453.png (31.86 KB, 1440x317, 854367.png)

She probably thinks this is going well…

No. 127301

File: 1608503301919.jpeg (94.04 KB, 750x546, 798B6C7A-F477-48D7-B60F-EEDBF8…)

>she’s laughing all the way to the bank
>Belle is laughing all the way to the bank anon
>laugh to the bank guyz

If someone offered me ”10million” to have the whole world laugh at me being a shit lay whilst I’m trying my best I would prefer to laugh all the way to my cardboard box kek

No. 127304

File: 1608504141504.jpg (34.79 KB, 600x507, 2d0368746563eb8f74a4a6d9ebbe21…)

literally bellend rn kek

No. 127311

>I can't imagine the incels are enjoying getting cucked like this.
Too pure for this world.

No. 127312

Interesting how her #1 fan itt has been radio silent since everyone and their mother started relentlessly dragging her yesterday kek. Must be too busy crying about all the backlash

No. 127318

From reading the Twitter reaction, this seems to be an opportune moment for pickmes and closeted gay men to pipe up about how it's a bad bj/they could do better. Good for you, guys!

These porn previews seem to be sending the message that the Christmas Day porn will be an unsexy filtered mess. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. She honestly should quit since she's been doing this content for years and it's still not even slightly sexy.

No. 127321

File: 1608508606316.jpeg (36.93 KB, 300x345, 061CFB5C-E999-4635-84EE-969915…)

I can only imagine what it’s like atm in the Delphine household, bet shes so horny right now with all that degrading
>”Don’t listen to them! I promise Mary, you are really good at it. Please don’t cut off my GBP allowance!”

No. 127325

No. 127331

>I'm very excited for the eventual research on camgirl earnings, career outlook, and post performance life. The documentaries are going to be hilarious

god, me too. i know obviously people have been doing "sex work" online for 20 years now but this social media "e whore" craze drives me up a wall because of how obviously horrible of a life trap it is, and how many chicks seriously fall for it. look at half the cows on this site, seriously ewhores groom minors indirectly posting their fake "thriving bought a house etc" content and only underaged girls and dumb people fall for that shit. we are watching hundreds of young women ruin their lives right now, on display. it's very sad but it's a very interesting point for why selling your intimacy is a horrible decision. it's ruining young women's sexuality and making them give themselves away, and ruining young men's sexuality by warping it terribly. this shit is like one big psychological study to me, i'm horrified and intrigued to the point that for 2+ years i've spent a lot of free time watching these people's lives crumble due to "sex work". it's a fucking trap, i hope young women STOP falling for it.

No. 127351

I'm over 18 and I think oral, anal, and cumshots are nauseating.(no one cares)

No. 127356

lol, she doesn't realise dudes who worshipped her as their uwu tiny waifu goddess absolutely hate seeing her suck another dude's dick, and scrotes who do want to see that are probably porn-sick losers who just want to see her getting her face fucked and don't care about looking at her filtered face. no-win situation.

No. 127361

if she just lets josh actually take over a fuck her, the porno would be ok. but no shes gonna keep looking at the fucking cameras viewfinder checking that she looks good. word of advice, you want it to seem like its just two ppl, not you, ur bf and the viewer watching like a creep. so if its a pov its fine, not just staring blankly at the camera like its an instagram story. she has such a diluted impression of sex, and also mixes it in with how self conscious she is. she has to look good all the time now esp. while shes getting fucked. all pretty with no sex appeal. hilarious. should’ve just taken the more difficult sfw route but thatd be too hard wouldnt it?

No. 127376

File: 1608525193223.png (25.16 KB, 841x179, Capture.PNG)


Looks like her video will be a big disappointment albeit expectations now are not so high.
She knows that and she don't want to repeat Bella Thorne scandal making that video PPV, the she will post it for "free" in Only fans.

No. 127378

do those views also extend to sageing and keeping your 2 days late blogposts to yourself?

No. 127379

who would have thought such an insecure creature would be awkward on film and completely unsexy. who could have predicted.
anyway, if she were smart she'd have disappeared from the internet entirely. the fact that her fanbase is made up of incels and simps makes me think someone'll end up stalking her and hurting her irl. catering to these losers… what a horrible move.
>the only real way to make money is to be sexual online
how sad. no, you can go to college. or a tech school. or work on your humor and become tiktok famous making memes and shit. become an actor. there's so much out there. the fact that she just defaulted to "okay i'll whore myself out for the lowest common denominator" is sad, but this is a choice now and i don't really feel bad for her anymore.

No. 127380

just watched the infamous blowjob vid. man i know it's supposed to be focused on her but the complete silence from her bf and her occasional grunting is so unpleasant. a video devoid of sex appeal.

No. 127381

post it here, this site is DMCA proof

No. 127384

File: 1608527934590.jpg (90.6 KB, 1080x390, Screenshot_20201221-001549_Chr…)

No. 127386

No. 127387

i feel like i'm watching a crossdressing twink virgin give head for the first time, this is so awkward lol

No. 127389

i can't bear to watch the whole thing but she just kind of wipes the head of it around her mouth and doesn't seem to be covering her teeth, like, i'm no bj expert but that seems like something basic you wouldn't do if you were trying to make an erotic vid

No. 127392

File: 1608530906115.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.93 MB, 1836x3264, Seethe.jpg)

No. 127398

are you telling me he never cums??? what’s the fucking point. what she did was basically what you do the first minute of giving head, like foreplay. have to explain cause i feel like you’re all virgins here from what i’ve seen. nothing sexually arousing about her not being able to make her boyfriend cum.

No. 127401


throwback to when she exposed herself for giving bad head by being awkward with a banana and got roasted, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Belle uses sex as an attention-seeking tool, she doesn't enjoy it, she just wants to see men put her on a pedestal. i imagine she's spent too much time as a shut-in depending on filters, she's so gassed up thinking she has natural sex appeal when she doesn't even understand what "sexy" is.
>she almost seems like an asexual immitating what someone who likes sex might do
based comment

No. 127405

Fucking kek
She's too vain and narcissistic for porn, and she has a virgin's understanding of sex. Called it from the start. She's more focused on keeping her her filter from falling off than her bf's disinterested and flaccid dick that needs to be constantly propped up, which just tops it off beautifully, absolute gold.

No. 127411

File: 1608543174016.jpeg (179.86 KB, 526x458, C7E9C821-CBD9-4A50-8E73-DD85B7…)

imagine missing the opportunity to do an ahegao face during your first blowjob scene when it’s the only reason you’re famous. every time she’s on an interview they ask her to “do the face”.
i knew from the first time i saw that banana clip that her head was trash but gave her the benefit of the doubt ‘cause i thought it was more so foreplay. but nah that’s all she does.
i’m getting so much second hand embarrassment from this shit lol reminds me when i was 16 and didnt know what a penis looked like irl i thought you’re actually supposed to blow during a blow job.

No. 127416

You can see around 00:44 that he stars getting flaccid. That's so sad

No. 127421

Giving an actual blowjob doesn't look pretty, since this is all one giant narcissistic exercise for her there's no chance she'd do it properly on camera while in character

No. 127422

File: 1608554957962.jpeg (229.22 KB, 750x1032, 36AD9784-E3CB-4EE4-B0E9-BA6FC5…)

>Luckily for me i don’t have a dad!
Big yikes!

No. 127423

And ofc scrotes immediately sympathize w the poor scrote father. Like no. If there is sth wrong with the kids, it is the moids fault. No simpaty.

No. 127425

Yeah so normal for her, we see it all in her content lately how "comfortable and normal" all this is for her. Sure Bellend, sure.

No. 127426

her nose job here… holy fuck she looks like michael jackson postmortem

No. 127427

lol is she gloating about it? sweetie everybody legit just feels sorry for your dumb ass, you look like the stupidest person to loads of people right now. yes bellend a lot of things that aren't good CAN be "normalized" over time. you can get used to living a horrible lifestyle, like shayna.

>everybody has sex, i'm just letting people watch

girlie nobody wants to SEE you give bad head! i can bet she will just sit like a starfish during her "porno" yaaaawn. "no biggie!" yeah belle it is a bad move when all your simps are disappointed in you. you look like such an idiot, one with zero sex appeal. i knew from those fuck machine videos that she didnt know how to do anything sexual at all lol. she's been with that guy for a while, you'd think she would know. and loling now at the "fetish" clips from logan paul's podcast acting like she is a ~kink qween~ it really reminds me of my virginal bdsm phase where i really embarrassed myself in front of several men, glad i didnt post it online for everyone to see… belle get some sexual skills and stop making your BDD so obvious staring in the viewfinder like a pathetic creep.

No. 127429

the fact she doesn't even attempt to cover her teeth really seals the deal

No. 127435

i also find it suspicious how she says in logan pauls podcast that choking is her "favorite kink" yet no vids of her being choked on her OF? if you love it so much why wouldn't you want those? or does she think shes too ugly almost passing out kek. almost as if all these "kinky" girls like her actually are not kinky at all let alone sexual whatsoever lol. i only hope this fake "kinky" trend dies and it becomes popular for girls like her to openly say "actually i don't have much sex~ so pure~" or some shit lol

No. 127441

Oml does she ever shut up about her dad? Every chance she gets it's my dad this my dad that "hey stranger! did you know my father left me? tehe"

She brags about it so much it's kind off creepy.. I wonder if she's marketing herself as being a broken girl with no father to simps who have that weird fetish so they are more eager to pay for her content.

No. 127443

>I'm just letting people watch
If this is what she's like in bed she's lucky to have a boyfriend with such incredibly low standards, jesus christ. Maybe she normally does pretend to be an anime character staring into her viewfinder while passively chewing on a flaccid willy.

No. 127444

His dick is actually TINY like one hand tiny. They used camera lens distortion before to make it look bigger, but now that his dick is more to the center it's visibly small.

No. 127445

She did weirdly romanticise ddlg on a podcast. I do think she is either trying to cater to that crowd, or has serious daddy issues, or likley both. I definitely think she is desperate for male approval and is obsessed with the idea of men obsessing over her. She practically begs and simpers for men to worship her.

No. 127447

File: 1608563205183.jpg (586.17 KB, 1080x1507, 20201221_160447.jpg)

Coomers finding positives?

No. 127449

>I don't even feel nervous about getting into porn
-cant get comfortable on camera-
Sure jan

No. 127450

File: 1608563434890.jpg (173.66 KB, 1080x707, 20201221_160935.jpg)

Boogie himself says her porn is bad?

No. 127451

why yall acting like her bf is some prime material with that tiny weird dick of his and his giant untamed bush, lmao
they're both gross

No. 127453

men molest and rape their own daughters and sons so yeh. I wonder if they'd be saying the same about a man doing porn

No. 127454

tinfoil but i wouldn't be shocked if she's never had sex at all before this porn debut bs. i know she wants people to believe she's a virgin and i hate taking the bait but after seeing that oral video it seems entirely possible. if not, then she doesn't seem to enjoy sex enough to be good at it

No. 127456

someday she'll have her mia khalifa moment of realizing doing porn isn't that fun and her online presence will have terrible repercussions on her life. wonder if that'll be sooner or later.

No. 127458

……or she just gives awful head because she's too preoccupied with making sure she doesn't look ugly. Dont hurt yourself reaching so hard

No. 127459

no they never do. it's always "this is someone's daughter, how shameful" not "this is someone's son, how shameful" when he's raping women on camera or sucking dick out of desperation

No. 127461

more like she's so sad her father abandoned her she uses this as a coping mechanism, a really bad one that is ruining her life. she thinks she is a ~kink qween~ yet she has no sexual appeal. what a freak

No. 127464

>im putting myself out of my comfort zone

>i dont even feel nervous getting into porn

so what is the truth belle?

No. 127465

Truth is, she's trying hard to cope kek

No. 127470

She needs to leave the internet again. She's going down the porn path and she's having conflicting feelings over it.

No. 127471

Oh he should be just as embarrassed kek don't get me wrong, they're both cringe af with their weird porn

No. 127472

belle needs to go back home to mummy kek josh gray does not love her

No. 127475

Backlash from neckbeards was inevitable, but I think she really could have pulled this off if she had gone about it in a smarter way. By the time she shows her vagina, they'll already be so used to seeing her asshole and blowjob that it won't even feel exciting. She should have started with just a vanilla sex video and then maybe worked her way up to anal like other porn performers do. By doing it this way and still treating sex as a meme, she's devaluing the significance of her going all the way. That combined with her insecure staring at the viewfinder to figure out the best face to make just all makes her big debut fall flat. She doesn't look like she's enjoying herself and her bf is just a passive participant who might as well be a dildo. She's just not selling the pov fantasy of "oh my God I'm having sex with Belle Delphine" at all. If she and her bf knew what they were doing they would have gotten a cameraperson so they don't have a viewfinder to look at, and done something more intimate. She's trying to go for a porn studio look and feel with the ring light and the posing and the anal, when something amateur would have worked so much better for her.

I think she's probably going to leave the internet after releasing a few videos and maybe come back once every few months to drop new material, make some cash and fuck back off again. Rinse and repeat until nobody cares anymore, which will probably be in 1 or 2 years. She's not that recognizable irl and doesn't seem to go out much so she can probably live an unbothered life if she dyes her hair and is happy living in a small town.

No. 127476

ya this just proves to me her bf probably doesnt even like her, she is clearly really bad in bed and fixated on her appearance like someone with BDD. he doesnt seem excited at all to be with her.

No. 127483

I mean, he probably loves her but given this is…for porn and it's to "please" other guys, most people who do porn aren't excited for it. How it usually is.

No. 127484

More guys are paying attention to Josh wiener than seeing what Belle does, is pathetic.
>>127454 She really didn't have so much sexual experience. 1 Goran 2 Josh end, and both didn't look like Chad type.
>>127456 She made that obvious in that The spectator article: "She talks vaguely about a future life with a future family in which she will be a bourgeois mother at the school gates with a secret".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127485

he just sees $$$ when he looks at her. she isnt ugly but she is void of a personality and doesnt seem like she has any hobbies. she is bad in bed, pretty obvious there's no passion there looking at the vids. its obvious he just wants a pretty gf that makes him money lol.

No. 127487

>She talks vaguely about a future life with a future family in which she will be a bourgeois mother at the school gates with a secret

ur right about that point. she won't be bourgeois by any stretch of the imagination but i wonder why she wants her life to be so fucking sad. why fantasize over such a sad future lol?

No. 127488

Well for Josh it’s a double win - more money and gets to dick down the woman all the simps are chasing boosting his ego with all his alpha male dominance in the same way a dog pisses on a lamppost.

No. 127489

that's exactly why i think he is a douchebag who doesn't even like his gf in the slightest.

No. 127490

either that or he’s doing the stupid “it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, I will always love you, now strip” whilst he simultaneously ruins every other aspect of her life that doesn’t concern him

No. 127491

i'm really curious what mummy delphine thinks about her daughter's boyfriend. if it wasn't goran encouraging her to go into porn, it had to be josh. any mother would despise a man for making her daughter think it's a good idea to go into porn.

No. 127495

its funny how unbothered she pretends to be when i can tell in her reply she is super passive aggressive and seething lol and she has been like this for years

No. 127497

There is honestly more cute girls on only fans. Say what you want but they don't look like on crack like Belle. At least no botched nosejob. Her making it look like what she does is normal aka having sex, yes it is but everyone does that in their own four walls dear bellend. She should stop encouraging young girls that whatever she does is "normal". No, porn is never a normal job and from ancient times only slaves were chosen to be prostitutes , the low tier women. Selling your body is never EMpoWEring. I hope no girl idolizes belle and goes the wrong path. It's not wrong to be a sex worker but no it is no where empowering or a first good choice option.

No. 127501

this, im tired of women encouraging younger girls (MINORS) to go into porn thinking it will make them loads of money. you make jack shit doing porn, the businesses you work for pocket most of the cash iirc even onlyfans takes a cut of your pay. it isnt worth selling your dignity, yes there will always be women doing "Sex work" but it is normally low tier women who have no other options. not privileged middle class girls who can go to fucking college like a normal person.

No. 127504

I have a question with how trendy onlyfans and online sex work is becoming and seeing how most porn stars are open about suffering the consequences especially since belle seems to be slowly going in that direction do you think in the future their will be massive negative outcome for some of the women who hopped on the porn bandwagon without question?

Will belle and some other onlyfans girls create outrage against online sex work in the future because it wasn't exactly how they imagined it would be?(stay on topic)

No. 127511

>i only hope this fake "kinky" trend dies and it becomes popular for girls like her to openly say "actually i don't have much sex~ so pure~" or some shit

I'd love this so much. Belle obviously not only has no interest in sex, she is shit at it. She just wanted attention this whole time, the sudden dive to porn is partly due to her actual 0 sexuality. Solo videos, the next logical step which she skipped, requires actual sexual feelings existing rather than being a receptacle/mannequin for a male. She went straight to dead-eyed blow-up doll territory. It's easy for an asexual person to compartmentalize and brush it away as nothing since they literally feel no sexual things - it's just an activity like brushing your hair. It's easy to say it's "just sex, everyone does it" when it means less to you than all the devastated scrotes in the comments.

She should have stuck to being an e-girl but this was the way to make the most attention, even though it's clear now she is not a naturally sexual person by any stretch of the imagination. Which is fine, but explains the odd, jarring passage of her "career" as a porn star.

No. 127512

agreed. if she stuck to just taking cute photos, doing makeup videos, showing off her room + outfits she would have a much more successful "brand". some of the stuff she's made herself are pretty cute actually. she's not ugly, she should have stuck to "being cute online". but nahhh she wanted the most attention and money the fastest way possible. lust, greed… deadly sins, deadly for your dignity kek

No. 127518

she did a bit of censored solo stuff but it was the same dead-eyed childish noises performance where she blatantly wasn't into it at all. you're spot on with this, she really is utterly detached in all of her sexual content. why oh why is she trying so bad to be a sex idol.

No. 127519

The hilarious part is also that her coomers don't seem to notice that much that she isn't into it. They only see Josh peepee and how bad she is at giving head. That typical male self-centered himpathy.

She really has turned into imitating a sex doll, no sexual feelings whatsoever.

No. 127521

yeah coomers love facial abuse and weird extreme shit because their brains are fried and don't care at all if the girl in question is into it because she isnt even a person to them

belle picked THE WORST group of people to pander to lol

No. 127522

I saw what I assume to be male comments pointing out that all she does is stare at herself in the view finder on 4chan before the jannys 404 the thread, trust me they’ve noticed kek

No. 127533

File: 1608583883003.jpeg (326.81 KB, 630x644, 1E7ADAD6-FCE8-4783-BEF8-CF789F…)

Jesus she really is an ana-chan, when you can see her whole body in the beginning she's sucking in her belly to a ridiculous degree.

No. 127535

Well it's as soon as another party got involved and she started interacting with another person and a penis did it become obvious to her male audience that she is bad at sex and more interested in eye fucking herself on her phone. Zero effort is acceptable when it's solo because the only person she has to be pretending to be good at getting off is herself.

I'm honestly still cringing/laughing internally at the image of her licking that tiny droopy dick like she Did Something. It's the head you'd expect from a virgin.

No. 127543

the worst thing about her is how shes basically doing all of this just to feel good about her body lol

No. 127576

She is so pathetic and so transparent. Also, she has no facial expression that doesn't involve sticking out her buck teeth. This is what these guys find sexy…a special needs toddler.

No. 127581

I mean, they hang out together. That seems like a friendship

No. 127593

File: 1608613107738.png (430.11 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201222-000259.png)


No. 127594

holy shit. trying to retcon her fucking height?? this is amazing.

No. 127599

>165cm is 5'4 right

It's 5'4.96 but sure that's how rounding works

No. 127600

woman please

No. 127602

She’s such a pick me bitch it hurts my brain. I can’t even begin to imagine the mental gymnastics she does all day to feel good about herself.
Sage for nitpick

No. 127610

She must be doing this on purpose lmao this fucking height complex with e-Thot girls. Did a podcast dude comment on how unusually tall she was irl and this is her way of getting the last word?
What a waste of sex toys also. She’s going to have a whole room of her house filled with dildos she’ll never use.

No. 127612

So all the other cosplays she ordered on her "wrong size" fit until now but after people pointed more and more out that she is gorilla size, she shrink over night?Interesting. Those people who had her on podcast probably laugh their balls off if they see this. Bellend you are huge get over it and not 150cm uwu smol fairy.

No. 127614

Bitch u still not ~smol~ or tiny it’s average.
I must have missed her getting a nose job at some point can someone tell me when? Was that recent?

No. 127616

I'm starting to think she was sitting down in that podcast group photo for a reason

No. 127617

File: 1608626830027.jpg (87.49 KB, 1003x607, 20201222_094600.jpg)

Googling a conversion is hard.

No. 127618

I wonder if she knew when her ig started blowing up that it would end with her slobbering on some fat moids pathetic dick and getting roasted about it by everyone, what a sad race to rock bottom.

No. 127619

These egirl pickmes have a universal tendency to strive to be a: thicc yet smol, hypersexual and kinky yet virginal, MRA toddler.

No. 127623

She got a nose job during her break from the internet.

No. 127624

File: 1608631304270.jpeg (154.68 KB, 960x638, 29C021B2-0869-4FCC-B14A-2F9D61…)

kek I love this
>i so smol cannot pick up big box so smol uwu
>it changes your perspective of things
girl you are the same height, your focal point is the same, you’re still taller than other actually smol girls your meet, what perspective? even minus the platforms in this photo you're still the tallest in the group! kek

No. 127633

File: 1608640469494.png (26.96 KB, 127x145, reeeeeeeeeeee.png)

belle is an odd combo of juwune and shay lol, she JUST SAID on logan paul's podcasts she's 5'6 and made this face like she "uwu isnt smol enough" girl please. nothing wrong with being average height. this is just pedo pandering kek

No. 127634

during her hiatus (before she made the im back video on yt) she went to asia, got a nj and likely other work

No. 127636

She must suck at giving head. Dude isn't really that hard. Kek

No. 127637

File: 1608640937577.jpg (67.53 KB, 960x960, 1604131654589.jpg)

she wanted more of a ski slope nose and ended up looking like MJ postmortem kek

No. 127643

File: 1608645617155.jpg (569.29 KB, 1057x1202, Screenshot_20201126-235306_Ins…)

So itty bitty n smol uwu

No. 127649

OOT can someone tell me the shoe brand, I never seen it

No. 127650

Maybe if you learn how to sage

No. 127651

Pic on the left is from last year after her first nj. She took a short break to get her nose done, posted the halloween vid, did pornhub awards, then her hiatus happened and she got her nose done again
God her dress sense is horrible. She definitely isn't 5'4 kek, I suspect she could be taller than 5'6 tbh

No. 127652

She looks as tall as the guys. Really killing the uwu small girl fantasy at record speeds.. I’m almost impressed. Cant wait to see the dumpster fire porno she’s created.

No. 127653

Its obvious this picture was strategically taken. If she were to be standing amongst those men, she would easily give them a run for their money as far as their height is concerned.

No. 127659

i think you can buy them over at uglyshoesltd.com#

She looks taller than the guys even sat down. We stan an amazonian kween kek kek

No. 127660

I certainly think she looks as though she would be taller than the guy in the red sweater, even without the shoes. And the platform shoes weren't doing her any favors.

>wants to be smol gorl

>naturally 5'6+
>wears platform shoes

Make it make sense

No. 127661

me too kek im excited for all the milk. she is going downhill fast. anybody think she should be moved to /snow/? she isnt even a weeb at this point, its proven she doesnt play vg or even watch anime. just look at that horrid sailor moon cosplay she obviously never even saw 1 episode

No. 127662

I personally don't think shes /snow/ material

No. 127663

For context red sweater is JaackMaate hes an easy 6' maybe a bit taller. So while I doubt shes that tall (her boyfriend's fragile ego couldn't take that) Shes definitely not 5'4. I'm also trying to figure out how she "accidentally" added two inches (5 cm) all these years.

No. 127666

can you explain why not? she is basically a combo of june and shay, my favorite /snow/tards. she makes terrible porn like shayna, and is obsessed with her appearance and looking "so smol uwu" like june. also has a bf that just uses her to make money.

i wanna get a better idea of what other anons think about this. i asked in meta yesterday if she can be moved but nobody responded yet lol

No. 127667

There is a reason its autosaged in /w/

No. 127674

Bit funny you want her thread to go to snow a few days before her porn debuts (which she already does porn at this point so not quite sure why its being hyped as her debut porn)

No. 127681

File: 1608655363620.jpg (725.4 KB, 1079x2028, Screenshot_20201222-113048_Chr…)

Everyone over at meta is busy chattering about the new snowflakes and here's our bella wk sticking out like a store thumb, replying to themselves like they admitted they do here >>126323
And on 4 chan>>127244

kek. Nobody cares that's why nobody responded to you

No. 127686


i was referring to when a new thread is made. idk why some anons are so butthurt and mad, i know the thread isnt that great and i want it to improve, it has potential to be better and worthy of a better board, nobody fucking goes on /w/. her responses to her shitty porn vids are milky as hell. i feel like in a few years she will end up like shay with just a bit more money.
i dont understand why some pissed people defend belle and josh so much, is it because they think josh is uwu hot? and not everyone in the thread used pull some of us never even went on the site once lol.

i dont like the overly tinfoil-y pulltards either who keep saying "hi cow!", ugh i just want the thread to be better next time around.

No. 127687

she is 5'5 or 5'6, i doubt she is over that. lets stop making shit up lol all the tinfoiling over things with little to no evidence is cringe and makes the thread look bad and full of pullfags

No. 127689

File: 1608657189735.png (242.15 KB, 590x420, 20201222_121257.png)

I guess anon is done crying about the backlash over her trash tier head video and is ready to come out and defend her again kek.

No. 127696

Her height would not be a topic of discussion right now if she didn't lie about it on only fans randomly like she didnt just admit to being taller than average on the podcast. Such a stupid thing to lie about, really casts a spotlight on her state of mind.

No. 127700

>i know the thread isnt that great and i want it to improve,

Hello again op anon who made op

No. 127707

Are u butthurt because anons were laughing about how she isnt worthy of being in /snow/ or /pt/ a bit ago? And that /w/ is generally for shit threads that most of the userbase would likely avoid? I don't see how shopping your pics and putting out crappy porn is milky enough to warrant moving the thread. The most milky thing about her is how she cant handle criticism and self inserts herself into any corner of the internet that doesnt give her the validation shes yearning for

No. 127718

Parody of op anon, spoilered to save anyone accidentally reading this as serious content

Hello I am op anon I wrote op hello

Ill make the next op better i know its bad. Bellend's thread should be in snow for ??? some reason (my own convenience) because despite using lolcow for "years" I did not know w/ was for weebs (Bellend is not a weeb despite trying to filter herself into an anime character in every photo, doing cosplay of anime characters, having anime posters in the background and dressing in jfashion back when she wore clothes)

I am a massive cow in my own right, only use /snow, specifically the Shay thread since I am a sex worker like every poster in the Shay thread, and I think my moronic compilation edits are "milk" which needs to be seen by a wider audience.

No. 127720

After watching her blowjob video and the rest of her content, its quite clear that shes a terrible lay, and very awkward in bed. Coupled with a bland, moldy personality…. I'm not surprised she gets cheated on

No. 127723

Her whole schtick comes off as a girl who gets cheated on by loser guys and goes through a huge gross whore phase to prove to him how wanted by other guys she is.

No. 127726

File: 1608664721344.jpeg (282.13 KB, 1015x2048, C2D9A59C-1A70-4BE8-B49C-E28EDE…)

This. She is short man height, at least Couldn't find anything about the guy in the photo’s height or any pics of him
stood with Ethan h3h3 to get idea of how tall she is but deffo not 5ftuwu4… more like 6ft 4 kek

top kek, not-op

This thread belongs where it is because most of you can’t sage ur rage and she’s a fucking weeaboo desu.

No. 127728

Gorille delphine

No. 127730

File: 1608665787240.jpg (782.45 KB, 1080x1027, Screenshot_20201222-143453_Ins…)

For reference. The girls on the left are closer to the height she wants to be

No. 127735

Hey guys, I have been lurking for quite sometime here and decided I want to add my own comment on this whole belle delphine shtick going on for quite a while now.
First of all, since the height is in question now, my best friend is 5'4", ans Belle looks much MUCH taller then that. I bet she is lowering her height inch by inch and she is going to end up saying that she is 5'2" or something lmfao.
And as for the pedopandering she is doing, as a girl who likes to dress childishly since it fits me the most, considering I look younger then my age, it still makes me uncomfortable whenever I see her. I think that one day she will get in trouble for that, like she is either going to get hurt by someone badly,or she is just going to raise the number of pedophiles and we dont need that. Thats just all I wanted to say for now.(newfaggotry)

No. 127738

you mean the 2 dwarfs at the side anon? surely they are 2ft tall as belle is only 5ft5 kek

No. 127742

She looks HUGE holy shit kek
how long til she crouches next to other girls like shUwu?

No. 127765

File: 1608681811088.jpeg (85.93 KB, 500x375, Longanimelegs.jpeg)

Damn shes got them long anime legs

No. 127776

dont compliment her..she wants to be an anime girl so bad

No. 127779

nta but not this kind she wants to be a uwu smol loli

No. 127780

I know Belle has the personality of stale moldy bread, but she should've tried cultivating a fake stage persona and started streaming. Could've really raked in those simp bucks, maybe even reeled in a sponsorship or two, and not have to give up her dignity by doing porn which she's also terrible at. So much for genius businesswoman.

No. 127781

File: 1608685549064.jpg (57 KB, 640x1138, wannabe Belle.jpg)


Sadly many young girls have Belle as a role model. It's not only some coomers defending her.

No. 127784

File: 1608685700282.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 248.38 KB, 750x998, 6DA9C53A-C6FC-424A-BF3D-715D1E…)

The fact people are making fan art like this I just — imagine sketching, editing, rendering and uploading and not once thinking to yourself “what the fuck am I doing with my life?”

No. 127787

Well they got one thing right.

No. 127789

I think we all suspect who's doing all the whitknighting here kek and it's not her skinwalker

No. 127794

File: 1608688531337.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1284x1899, Z1.jpg)

4 seconds preview to show how clumsy she looks at doing porn. https://boards.4chan.org/b/thread/842926453

No. 127798

im dying lol it looks like josh just took off thigh highs

No. 127802


linked new vid. really annoying how she just stares at herself and tries to overplay her reactions. reminds me of trying to be good in bed as a virgin because of coomers. it looks like bad sex to me. and why does she act like she's into hardcore bdsm? this is as vanilla as it gets. and josh seems annoyed trying to keep it in the entire time lol. i mostly just feel really bad for her mom.

No. 127803

Can you please upload it properly and not google drive links.

This was honestly the most boring sex I’ve ever witnessed. I could swear missionary would be more lewd. Why I low key feel the pr0n is more of a bodycheck. Back to the camera so the filter don’t glitch kek.

also it’s not christmas yet? logic please anyone? help or is this a “take that back! I’m not shit at sex” retort

No. 127816

MFW everyone says you're a shit lay so you pick up a "training" narrative to try and make some lemonade out of those lemons.

No. 127817

File: 1608695037452.jpg (2.24 MB, 1836x3264, pt2020_12_22_22_43_00.jpg)

No. 127820

File: 1608695437737.jpg (2.21 MB, 1836x3264, pt2020_12_22_22_50_23.jpg)

No. 127825

File: 1608696607232.jpg (2.52 MB, 3264x3264, Oof.jpg)

No. 127828

I was thinking the same thing. Fucking boring-ass porn. It's funny how it's very obvious she's watching herself and making sure she looks good every second. And like, you see nothing. All you see is her making stupid exaggerated faces while her boyfriend sloppily fucks her. And like, wouldn't showing her body be part of the appeal to a video like this? It's almost like she doesn't want to show off her body at all. Very awkward.

Alas, the only REAL appeal to this video is the fact it's Belle. If this was anyone else, it'd be just another porn video.

No. 127829

literally the fakest orgasm sounds meanwhile her boyfriend isnt even making a sound. all of the wonderful unrealistic sexist porn tropes already showing up.

No. 127830

I feel like Belle honestly COULDN'T show any kind of "normal", loving sex between them, because that would remove the focus on her and her alone. And also it'd lead to her simps not being able to self insert easily. So it's easier to default on those sexist tropes. Like damn the dude's not even fucking trying. It's embarrassing for both of them.

No. 127832

Its not even that. There are plenty of good pov videos where its easy for dudes to self insert themselves because the girl has natural sex appeal. Most of the guys on 4chan were roasting her performance from what I saw

No. 127833

It's like two normies shagging after the staff Christmas party, still wearing their Christmas jumpers. So unintentionally British and silly.

No. 127835

Yeah I did see some of the responses on /b/ and /gif/, it's always interesting to hear the male perspective on these things. It's all just awkward meat slapping about. Nobody's sexy in these videos, but one of them certainly thinks they are.

No. 127838

I think seeing Joshs arse crack would be a big boner destroyer. Also belle seems to be holding on to that inner labia reveal for dear life uwu kek

No. 127858

this is a retarded comment.

The porn is boring.

This thread is full of PULLtards.

it's never interesting to hear a males opinion, especially on things they know nothing about, like having sex. Dumb pickme.

No. 127860

Seethe, my darling

No. 127861

No, I actually think their comment was pretty humorous and spot-on. Please stop with the infighting and calling people PULLtards, if I see someone bring up PULL one more time, I swear. Let’s just focus on the milk please and if you don’t like someones comment, ignore it

No. 127862

It's just lens distortion

No. 127863

Yes, like she could have sold more weird shit, or made more cringe music videos but maybe include sponsorships. This is just- no.

No. 127864

Sure jan.

No. 127867


Her face is still so long while you can see the video is blurred and edited hella back and forth. Imagine you pay 35$ for such trash.

No. 127869

Why is the dude wearing this ol‘ ratty sweater it looks like shes being humped by a hobo

Is this video supposed to be a teaser to the porn or will it be a different set up?

No. 127882

Looking like she’s about to sneeze. Her face in bottom left panel is really funny.
She says it’s no big deal doing porn because it’s natural when it’s obvious she’s too insecure to portray it in an authentic way. It’s the equivalent of sucking in her stomach for photos. Tbf I didn’t expect much different

No. 127884

Hahahaha christmas came early, this is fucking bad. I honestly expected she would put a little effort into the xmas vid and film it in the same quality of the (still edited) music videos, that the screenshot she shared on OF was from that, but no, she's filmed the shittest most pointless porn that shows nothing and had to be run through fucking Snow or whatever nasty app she uses. Her performances in this and the bj vid are like she had her first sexual experiences, decided she'd nailed it, then never improved or learned anything about sex since.

No. 127899

Hi, stumpy legs-chan.

No. 127900

File: 1608735000776.gif (147.13 KB, 480x270, f475a0d98573832f191f3369a348db…)

Samefagging here, but she looks nothing like anime, not her face, not her body, her porportions are really just average and in no way are her legs long in porportion to her torso. She is tall(ish), but not in a modelesque way, just in that awkward unimpressive way that makes her not-stand out.

No. 127903

Wasnt she banned on tiktok? I believe any youtuber supporting that pedo panderer is lowkey a pedophile. People need to wake up.

No. 127906

File: 1608737196138.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, AC0995B7-5955-49F7-BF93-594804…)

Reposting, put in my email in when I didn’t have to. I’m new to this sorry.

I found this tik tok account for her angel belle delphine. She’s posted a video for YouTube rewind.. does she think she is a YouTube star now? ⭐️⭐️⭐️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127908

If you're new then read the fucking rules

No. 127910

Ok boss. I obviously read them to know what to do.
Mistakes happen.. you should know that

No. 127911

Can you just not use “huge” as a synonym for tall? She’s not a gigantic gorilla or anything, she’s just tall.

No. 127912

its funny how shes put on a pedestal for no reason when she literally has rat tier plastic surgery face now and an unimpressive skinny fat body.

No. 127913

and she has no skills whatsoever. no hobbies. no personality. empty eyes that are void of any real desire or passion for life. she just wants to be a fuck doll everyone stares at all day.

No. 127914

You know what…in that last image, I just realized she looks like Magibon if Magibon fixed her teeth.

Holy shit, the internet clearly has a type

No. 127915

No. 127917

Thank you.

No. 127922

File: 1608741504333.jpeg (181.63 KB, 1459x781, C7B1B5BB-0A59-4DB7-9208-CC1F31…)

I don’t know where you’re seeing Magibon, I can’t even look at them without seeing

No. 127924

File: 1608741762906.jpg (18.29 KB, 255x351, mgi.JPG)

I think you're picturing the kawaii desu magibon she tricked us all into believing in. I mean this magibon

No. 127925

No. 127926

no one cares if you're new. Integrate or don't post you dumb pullfag.

It's so obvious that user from PULL with the cow icon that was always oversharing about how she's fine with her coomer bf watching porn still posts here. Fuck off.

Josh is a fucking scumbag. He was an unemployed nobody with his trash tier "photography", met a girl, lives off her, convinced her to do porn after she said she wouldn't do it. Belle is dumb as fuck for letting some scrote live off of her.

When they break up he definitely say he owns half of the company and take a lot from her. She's going to learn hard.

Also Josh's dick is ugly and not fit for porn. Coomers always think they can be in porn. He couldn't even keep it in her. Hope he has to watch her fuck an actual porn star soon kek

idk why you retards keep falling for this. She makes a disgusting amount but not 1 mil a month.

No. 127927

but.. i thought belle was completely against porn (for herself) and made a big deal out of never ever wanting to do it? what's all this now then?

No. 127928

If i see this bullshit again. She makes around 200k if anything stop being so retarded and bringing up those articles. It's getting derailed at this point to constantly bring up the bullshit 1mil income clickbait articles.

No. 127932

Given that they formed an llc and it looks on paper that he owns 50% equity

He absolutely will take half and ditch her for a younger thot he can rinse and repeat with in a few years

No. 127936


No. 127938

learn to sage

No. 127940

sage and stop using emojis

No. 127944

Josh is skinnyfat and flabby, thats why he wears a hoodie

No. 127945

Belle was against not getting money for doing porn: never was an ethical or moral stance and gave her some sense of superiority.

No. 127949

yeah his body is really ugly, not overweight but literally looks somewhat chubby to me, maybe i just hate any guy that isnt lean/thin idk. id be pissed if i took him home and he took off his clothes to reveal… a plain skinnyfat loser body.

dare i say belle is too pretty for him, and i dont even like the bitch. he looks like he has no muscle mass or works out at all. shitty diet and prob just sits around editing photos and playing vg all day. his face and weenur are fine though. we dont know if he is a douche for sure but if he turns out to be one ew.

No. 127951

Maybe his smallish weiner is better for business than a big one because it doesn't make her coomer audience feel insecure about their own unimpressive weiners.

No. 127958


Eugh. She either constantly checks herself to look uwu or is hiding behind that aliexpress costume. Also she is still hiding her vagina.

No. 127961

kek,belle doesn't realize that by the end of 2021 she'll be long forgotten about. She milked every hot trendy meme so fast she couldn't get back to being half as relevant even with her nutty "bitch stole my hamster" story or the staged pictures of her in crutches. Even if she committed arson in a shitty cosplay no one would care more than two days anymore because she tryharded her way through it all and people are tired of her already. Even her coomer fanbase is leaving her ass because they're getting cucked by floppy josh.
Never in my many years of internet drama history did i witness someone be starved for attention to that extent. It's not going to end well for her and i wouldn't be surprised if she ends up staging her suicide or needs serious therapy in a near future.

No. 127963

That sketch makes it look even smaller than in the video

No. 127968

Other anons brought this up earlier in the thread, but one of the "appeals" of Belle prior to this is the fact that she WASN'T doing porn. Like she could attract new simps by making them wonder what's under her clothes or what she's like in bed (see: the banana video, her previous Pornhub uploads). That sexual tension is clearly a part of the appeal. Another anon mentioned how she fell into porn faster than Momokun did, which is hilarious but also sad to think about.

Now all the "mystery" is gone. Now anyone can see what she looks like nude or how terribly she gives head. The last thing she really has to show off is her inner labia. I wonder if she thinks it looks "gross" (see: normal) and is scared to show it off to her gross fanbase fearing that they'll call her a roastie or some shit.

No. 127969

I feel like a moid saying this but if she’s not a roastie I’m going to tinfoil hat so hard that during her hiatus she got surgery on that too and that’s why it was scribbled out for so long

No. 127977

not to derail but this was a fucking bad picture of her,magi was a cute girl,just not as perfect as the internet made her out to be.
It's the same thing happening over and over again,cute girl gain attention for being cute on the internet,turns out she's not all that,she's now totally super ugly according to the internet.

No. 127985

I already wrote this once too. She most likely got a reducing labia surgery or gel injection on the outer labia to hide her inner labia. It isn't expensive only around 2-3k (for her it isn't expensive) so high chance she did something down there or some bleaching. Tin foil but lol she whitewashes herself often on her photos too. You can see on the preview screenshots how yellow skinned she is compared to josh out of her edited pics.

No. 127992

200k is extremely low estimate for how much attention she’s getting on there. You guys really underestimate how much these people can make if they’re well known enough, accept that it’s probably true with her prices and simps. Idk the need to prove to yourselves that she’s actually not making so much when all signs point to the contrary.

No. 127993

Trisha pastas is a good example of someone who's actually making a million a month. Look at belles house and her furniture and her clothes and wigs and general appearance. That girl is not raking in that kind of OF cash. I saw this exact sperging on the 4chan thread and that anon was getting roasted too. Nobody believes it

No. 127997

If that monster get a 1M month is not far fetched Belle does same or more.(ban evasion)

No. 127999

Like I said the proof is in the pudding. Trisha has actual sex appeal and knows how to keep her subs dicks hard, that's why she's so obviously a millionaire. Trisha has lavish cars, a HUGE mansion, a hair and makeup team, like, you can think Trisha is an ugly beast all you want but she's actually living the life of a millionaire porn star. The woman spent 30k alone on a birthday party just because. All of belles content has been shot in her cramped tacky bedroom wearing cheap Allie express clothes. Its all so cheap and tacky. Like another anon pointed out, even the Paul brother who knows top earners didn't believe her

No. 128002

I wish lolcow awards had a section for nitpick of the century because this would be it

No. 128009

there’s a reason OFsubs count is hidden. if she was making so much she would have it on show but she obvs doesn’t want anyone to know how much she’s earning. $35 p/m is expensive for low quality content that will leak anyway. The more she fakes it until she makes it, the more people report on her and give her more publicity for being so rich and then she then makes more money

No. 128013

The specific crowd of moids she caters to largely aren't going to fork out for her content when they know some sap somewhere will leak it for them anyway. She might be successful, but she isn't swimming in simpbucks like she claims. Her fanbase aren't interested in supporting her as a content creator, they just want to see her goatse her asshole for them.

The fact she uploaded this preview after the backlash for the bloody porn and bad suck job clips before it was even Christmase Eve is wild to me, she's like the queen of self-sabotage rn

No. 128016

the funny thing is the amount of scrotes who I’ve seen since say
>”we did it boys!”
and gloating it’s another one they’ve pushed in to porn. She may not like to admit it, but the ones who are in control right now are the ”simps” if we can even call them that anymore.

No. 128021

i fucking hate men so much because they truly gloat from ruining a girl's life and turning her into a brainless slut they will jack it to then call a whore and throw like a cum tissue but quite frankly belle deserves this.
she dug her grave herself by cattering to this kind of people and now she is gonna lie in it. if you worked harder and got a degree you wouldnt be where you are rn but you wanted it "easy". She is being played like a fiddle. The internet groomed her and she is fiercely parading and gloating about how she trolled the simps.
I predict she will need extensive therapy to recover from the damage she inflicted on herself

No. 128024

Belle has completely destroyed her whole legacy. Like…why. I swear that shitty bf of hers plays a big role in it.

I'm sick of men grooming young girls and then pimping them out. And I'm sick of young girls not using their brains and never thinking critically about things. We've never had as many dumb sluts as we do now.

No. 128025

I think right now Belle probably laughs at comments like this because she’s so high on the money and attention. But give it 5-10 years and we will have another “me too” movement about how ethots were groomed by onlyfans despite being warned by practically everyone not to do it
Feel sorry for her mum too, hope she doesn’t have twitter.

No. 128028

at least back when women were actually hooking or stripping or w/e it was private and something they could plausibly deny once they decided to get out

online pictures through OnlyFans will never go away

No. 128030

Why would you believe trisha of all people when it's known she lies about shit all the time for attention and is terrible with finances. Just because belle doesn't have a spending problem buying wasteful designer shit all the time doesn't mean she's not making as much lol

No. 128031

not to fucking sperg but this is the worst thing. Everyone has evidence you're a whore, it'll never go away. Men will hold that shit over your head til you literally die.

I saw an ethot mention how her fucking dentist bought her OF and imagine your dentist having seen you shove shit up your pussy. My god, where has shame gone. Where has it gone. It's becoming a case of every woman can be bought now.

ok but Trisha is the one person who could make a million a month and still never become wealthy bc her spending addiction is so fucking bad.

No. 128043

File: 1608774575874.jpg (19.6 KB, 500x419, cbwiohnpycuz9m1vb01s_19139.jpg)

That is a modern way to get rid of porn past, ala Mia Khalifa. Then people opinion change from "you are a whore" to "you are a brave person"

No. 128048

Trisha doesn't have to talk about it on lolcow and 4chan, trying desperately to convince strangers she's rich, she is just out here living that life. Trisha is a (real) troll (unlike belle) but financially irresponsible? Doubt it. She's still a business woman at the end of the day and knows how to keep the views and money rolling in

No. 128055

OT for trish talk but she has terrible habits with money, horrible credit, and has been broke several times in the past. She wastes so much money on shit like overpriced bags and clothes, music videos, cars and vacations because she’s desperate to be seen as bougie and that’s all she has in life. She’s really a dumbass impulsive person who is the epitome of money can’t buy you happiness or good relationships. She said she made a million/month whilst bragging about it on a podcast, I would say that’s less credibility than a news article. I also don’t know if her content would be more appealing than belles unless dudes really like seeing toilet paper in someone’s gaping asshole.

No. 128065

Kek like news outlets are a reliable source either. And its not even about Trisha bragging on a podcast (like belle does on podcasts and anonymous forums). Compare Trisha life to belles. Trisha doesn't even have to flex, even her doing vlogs in her house on the kitchen floor you can tell she's rich rich. Belles house, on the other hand, does not look like a mansion, is cluttered with tacky cheap furniture and knickknacks, she didn't even have a nice lavish millionaires pool to shoot in like Trisha, she literally had some cheap inflatable intex pool in her claustraphrobic bedroom. Her clothes are cheap, she does her own crappy makeup, her wigs are cheap. Look at any of belles photosets and tell me thats a fucking millionaire making millionaire quality content kek.

No. 128067

>less credibility than a news article
>recalls the jussie smollett incident
the new reports what they are told, they aren’t going to ask for proof or investigate especially for these sorts of articles, and the more clickbaity it sounds the more it is welcomed. half the news articles I see states her followers being that of a catfish account completely unaware she was banhammered from the site.

No. 128068

>Everyone has evidence you're a whore, it'll never go away. Men will hold that shit over your head til you literally die

It's interesting because the tide is turning, half of pornhub got deleted, new laws are being posited to reduce illegal uploads. I think the ethot thing actually has a limited lifespan which may be why Belle is throwing all her cards on the table right now. It could even be over as soon as the end of 2021.

No. 128072


God this is so weird. She's fully clothed, he's wearing a sweater, like why are they making porn if they're both so opposed to nudity?
Her angling the camera at her face is wild too like belle what is supposed to be turning me on here all I can see is your arms?
Josh is pretty flabby and gross and struggles to keep it inside her, and her bouncing up and down on him so slowly is so awkward.

Tbh all of these shots could have been done without any penetration at all you really can't see anything

No. 128076

The only people supporting her are radfems. Libfems ignored her and men continue blaming it on her and will never let her forget the past. It's def not a public opinion

No. 128089


Not able to download this right now, but this guy is a hardcore Belle Delphine collector

No. 128097

She’s definitely cheap in regard to the quality of her content. But just because she’s not outwardly spending her money or flaunting it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it. She won’t show any real side of her life compared to Trisha who’s open about every aspect of her existence and films pretty much daily

No. 128100

Okay she earns 1mil now fuck off. This derailing is getting slowly weird. This one ANON wants to convince all anons that belle earns 1mil for whatever reason.

No. 128114

Mia Khalifa doesn't regret doing porn she regrets not making enough money from it and going rival, she said in several interviews she is ok with women selling themselves as long as they can remain anonymous and get rich quickly even though the lesson should be is to not fucking do it at all in the first place.

I don't understand, you willingly become a slut even though society warns women against this shit but you ignore them because they are just a bunch of "sex negative mysoginist" amirite?
And then you cry about the consequences it's like well wtf were you expecting?

If you're going to do porn for the benefit of it then you should be prepared for the cons aswell.

No. 128128

Josh is doing porn but he can't even be bothered to lose the flab. Belle needs to cut his videogame allowance and tell him to use that home gym they have.

No. 128129

She looks just like Kitty Sophie here tf

No. 128135

Nice advertising pullfag. No one gives a shit about skin walkers on this thread

No. 128138

I’m surprised she doesn’t pull that shitty ahegao face since she’s so well known for it and this would probably be the only appropriate context for it

No. 128142

First of all, Trish already said her 'best' month ever (doing the threesome with LTP and Adam) she earned 1 mill, average month is 150k.

News articles report whatever their 'source' tells them, unless belle released her tax returns or let them see her bank deposits they would have no way of knowing what she makes.

No. 128144

File: 1608818234927.png (Spoiler Image, 827.45 KB, 478x836, Capture.PNG)

Responses are overwhelmingly negative, Belle gave so bad image to her fans nobody in his right mind will admit colleting her merch IRL.

Belle got more disgusting in each pic.

No. 128145

Is her new thing gonna be "bulimia but make it sexy"?

No. 128149

This is probably Josh posting. Its the reddit fiasco all over again

No. 128150

All ebay people selling Belle Delphine things is Josh…(ban evasion)

No. 128163

Belle never existed is Josh using makeup.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128164

her nails are so ugly and ratty ewwww. at least take care of yourself before you put images out there forever

No. 128166

She can't have nice nails because she's bulimic. You can see how they tried to blue out her acid stained knuckles

No. 128169

You think someone who’s a millionaire would at least have the decency to go get a expensive manicure with all that simp money.

No. 128174

not to mention that million dollar backdrop. Everything is always creased including her cosplay costumes, does this girl not own an iron? She’s so fucking lazy for someone who doesn’t have a job other than sticking objects in her vagina.

No. 128183

File: 1608842297800.png (938.6 KB, 906x502, naru424eUntitled.png)

This isn't that new but she really did filter herself to look 7. Ew.

No. 128205

the fuck do you think you are, pullfag? this thread is crawling with pick-mes.

No. 128216

the clip(imageboard)

No. 128221

Why are you so obsessed with pullfags anon? This is about Belle. No one gives a fuck about pick me's, especially when Belle herself is one.

Get a fucking grip and stop being an autistic moron with your infighting. Shit is old.


No. 128223

I’m sick of retards here posting sketchy links with minimal to no context and not using the fucking imageboard like an imageboard. Half the links in this thread have been 404.

No. 128233

Just post the fucking clip instead of posting sketchy links.

No. 128266

wait don’t tell me that was it…or is this all the teasers put together? this shit is weak. it cuts off whenever she’s actually getting fucked. you can tell how nervous they are, makes me pity them.

No. 128296

File: 1608889065305.jpg (1.96 MB, 1836x3264, pt2020_12_25_04_36_43.jpg)

Belle getting roasted for shilling her content kek. Still aggressively pushing the multimillionaire narrative that nobody believes

No. 128297

It's just the teasers stitched together. If she has any sense (although the last month has proved she doesn't) she'll at least tweet an announcement when it goes live.

No. 128306

File: 1608891983743.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 32.3 KB, 382x720, 7B279F5E-2D3B-48F1-8C51-AF3952…)

This video was absolutely revolting. Belle spraying layers of co-op whipped cream on josh p33nar like he was a smelly banana split, only interacting with his peepee when bribing herself with food. She seemed hungry and more interested at staring at herself in the viewfinder than finishing josh off, had to do it himself. Also josh has suspiciously the smoothest balls I’ve ever seen kek kek

No. 128309

he's hairy like a hobbit and his tummy is huge, belle your bf is over here lookin like santa claus, make him go work out lol

No. 128313

Is it just me or does he have tiny baby balls lmao his dick looks disappointing and sad really. Isn’t today the “hardcore” porn reveal?

No. 128317

He’s got a dad bod/potbelly lol how sexy to see

No. 128321

File: 1608897333855.png (1.44 MB, 1440x1525, 8532811.png)

I think she'll post it on American time, Christmas morning depending on timezone for US folk is from now to a few hours from now.

See how she chose a pic which looks nothing like her and looks like a child to accompany this message.

No. 128322

imagine being a 21 year old woman and posing + filtering yourself to look like a minor and it just makes you look like a rodent.
peek those nasty nails too lol. is that a dog bone? yuck

No. 128323

imagine if she just stuck to doing cute myspace poses, what a waste

No. 128324

agreed. belle was pretty and could have just kept being cute and doing stupid meme shit, but nahh she had to ditch her mom and become a wannabe ~uwu lulz pr0nstar~~. her life is so sad, what a mistake. the plastic surgery and rodent filters did her no favors either lol

No. 128325

File: 1608897950028.jpeg (63.9 KB, 825x391, 1592850769037.jpeg)

yep totally believable that these are the same person.

No. 128326

Is it worse than becoming one man's cooking cleaning breeding punchbag sex slave and potentially ending up with nothing when he cheats or leaves you for a newer model? Hell no(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128327

File: 1608898527349.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.66 KB, 640x640, 025566B6-BA21-4B4E-A7D1-DE91A3…)

So someone posted clips from her video on reddit

No. 128328

File: 1608898558930.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.24 KB, 640x640, B0F44ADF-6BC4-422E-A12E-012A69…)


No. 128329

File: 1608899021556.jpeg (139.01 KB, 1200x1200, 2CBD7B32-8D0C-49CA-8658-5B8FAB…)

Of course

No. 128330

relax manhater, not all men are exactly like your evil ex bf.

i dont care who you are, its sad af when your kid ditches you for her porn obsessed bf turning her into a wannabe pornstar

No. 128331

wtf are you even talking about, this is a completely different issue.

No. 128332

Those were in the teaser, iirc it's not from her christmas tape

No. 128333

File: 1608900108390.jpg (12.93 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


No. 128334

gtfo with this dumb bullshit its irrelevant to the issue anyway

no one cares your ex was mean to your dumb ass you never had to develop a complex over a person

No. 128335

she straight up looks 30 here

No. 128336

She has more mature features without filters, a longer skinnier face. Not inherently bad unless you're a pedo-panderer kek

No. 128369

genuinely think she might have a complex or at least a serious insecurity about it, in reality she looks more mature than her years and is a bit obsessive about looking as immature as possible. she looked just fine though, i think it's a shame she botched her face with surgeries in an effort to look like a toddler.

No. 128371

At least she kept her nasty teeth in her mouth for this one, jfc.

No. 128373


Ngl the ultimate simp trolling would be her having a huge schlong.

Is it gay though?

No. 128375

Imagine forcing your thighs together this tightly just because you're afraid the ugly chodes who have full control of your income will poke fun of your natural vagina. What a life, Belle.

No. 128387

that's not what a 30yo looks like anon don't be delusional. she definitely isn't a smol uwu loli like she wishes she was but she does not look "old" in the slightest.

that's depressing and yet that's the life she chose

No. 128396

Nta but She looks late 20s early 30s if I had to guess. Her face is very mature and she has quiteloss of volume in her upper cheeks/under eyes per the podcast appearance and some pretty mature smile lines. You can tell she's lost her youthful babyfat in person
This looks so bad and retarded I'm speechless kek

No. 128402

Kinda ironic that she's DMCA'ing all these sites that leak her content but she steals artwork from an artist who drew her and uses it to sell her trading cards without repercussions.

No. 128405

All her DMCA stance is legal but very hypocrital from someone who says "internet raised me".

No. 128407

Maybe it’s just me but her face didn’t look skinny in the candids from the podcast. It’s definitely longer that she shops it to be, she has an actual chin, but she’s got kind of this older, doughy look. I don’t think she looks 30 but she definitely looks mid 20s.

No. 128416

Did she drop a video on OF or not? It was supposed to be today correct? How the fuck are people saying this cow doesn't deserve a thread on snow??

No. 128417

she did

No. 128418

My bad, I thought there would be more milk about it

No. 128419

File: 1608923789359.png (337.27 KB, 1440x1771, DMCA.png)

This thread absolutely does not belong in snow, op-chan.

She's released so many teasers nobody is sure if what they're watching is the teaser or the actual video. I'm checking the tags to see what's happening and Belle and Co are pretty speedily DMCA-ing videos today. >>128402

No. 128422

File: 1608924098688.png (1.11 MB, 1440x1761, 075211.png)

Wow pwned as if you didn't just post tons of porn clips online this week. Her business plan is all over the place.