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No. 282703

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

Sacramento Comm Drama
>20dollarlolita made a video basically accusing sacarmento comm mods of power tripping and vendetta banning frilledcriminal plus others in the sacramento comm >>281489 >>281530
>one of the mods claimed the ban was due to repeated rule violations - never gave any warnings about bad behavior before the ban >>281523 >>281549
>drama summary: mods allegedly banned frilledcriminal from comm without saying anything, some of her friends/the comm members got upset at the mods for the random ban, 2 weeks later mods gave reasons for the ban and friends of frilledcriminal claim lots of the reasons were apparently falsified/never actually happened and that mods kept switching up the reasons, mods also banned comm members who spoke up about it, mods then proceeded to try and get the comm members who spoke up banned from another comm in the state (bay area comm - they were unsuccessful)
>list of sacramento mods from the facebook >>281553
>kiras old tweets making fun of one of the girls she banned and potentially admitting to being a bully >>281861 >>281862
>mod anjelica/jellums suspiciously upset that another local comm was started >>282006
> kira (one of the mods) likes gross furry porn on her public twitter >>282658
>a few anons argue in thread that frilledcriminal was banned due to her long history of being very unhinged - however no caps of her unhinged behavior have been posted so far

DDZ / Dee Dee Zeta / Ddnazi / LOC leader (Instagram: revelation_kitty)
>made a tl;dr post about how she stopped being in the fetish/sex industry because of her becoming a bible thumper and sprinkled some feminist rhetoric in there to try and virtue signal (yet still conveniently neglects to address the fact she and her loc pals are friends with sainte the pedophile groomer) >>269432
>seething in her blog that she is posted/discussed in the threads (basically admits to constantly lurking here), calls it “stalking” and a “smear campaign” despite her sex work and all info being publicly available from searching for her former dee dee zeta alias >>269541
>massive hypocrite who says to make new/separate accounts for nsfw stuff and lolita yet posted her ugly coords under her nsfw fetish club alias for a long time >>269758 >>269773

Pedophile groomer and insane harasser Sainte / Alkamei / Olivine (Instagram(s): alchemy_and_gold, s_a_i_n_t_e, Lacemarket(s): Alchemy And Gold, Suuushi)
>posted loli rape porn to his facebook while knowing he is friends with minors who will see it (this is usually done as a grooming technique) >>274636
>talks about being in love with a 16 year old girl and admits he’s aware it’s wrong - speculation that this girl he refers to is momo when she was 16 (and he was in his mid 20s then - possibly groomed momo?) >>274637
>more of him admitting he is a pedophile who loved a minor >>274638
>long list of caps was posted of some of his harassing/pedo and generally unhinged behavior for those who somehow don’t already know >>275056

Toast / Toast chan / Lolicon loving degenerate (Instagram: toastchaaan, Tiktok: toastchaaan)
>used the scammed gofundme money to buy overpriced grapes in japan with the help of her mother as a filming assistant >>268545
>attempting to move to japan with seemingly no idea how anything works over there - apartment hunting and trying to open a bank account >>268040
>whines about not being street snapped while also wearing an awful ita outfit >>278376 >>278378
>more wearing ugly outfits despite her longing to be street snapped >>278663

Melissa / LOC member (Instagram(s): ___meri.xx, lifelibertylolita, Twitter: ___meri_xx)
>cringe weaboo/wapanese who started tweeting using google translated japanese >>268266
>embarrassing herself by being annoying, edgy, and unhinged in instagram comments after someone blocked her >>274364

Lara (Instagram: larasuzanne, Tiktok: larasuzanne)
>officially announces she is permanently leaving lolita (she has already sold most of her lolita wardrobe) >>269774
>claims to have been thinking about leaving since 2020, won’t give an official reason for leaving but alludes to the shitty community and says she has outgrown the fashion >>269775
*Note: Due to lara no longer being associated with lolita, any new milk regarding her (unless somehow lolita related) should go in the gyaru thread, general jfashion cow thread, and/or the coquette thread since those are the fashions she is currently focused on.

Nat / sp00py / LOC member (Instagram: oatmilkchan)
>old-ish milk: made a shitposty/troll ig story to harass lara after lara had blocked her >>267598
>old-ish milk: more of her bothering lara on her story >>267599
>old-ish milk: posted some awkward dms with lara after she was unblocked >>267606
>nat/loc confirm obsessively lurking/posting in the threads - seems to make a reference to retards that call her different ages every time milk is posted >>267665 >>267668

Discord ita (#seagull) related:
>autumn/wallpaper chan defending a racist (naturuallyracist/jenna), gets caught making up lies, admits to frequent shit stirring and being generally unhinged, starts backpedaling >>267894 >>267895
>more of seagull itas seething over nat and making a monumental effort to turn everyone against her >>274522 >>274537 >>274538
>segaull ita lala gets unnecessarily upset at a random woman for being in a women-only discord >>274539
>aggressive hulking male who goes by resh (wicked.resh) gets mad at a jfashion watchdog account for posting one of his predator friends and asks for the account owners info (doxx) from the discord itas, alludes to violence ala breaking kneecaps of the account owner >>274537 >>274753

KSK / Kuroshirokawaii / Hamplanet ita scammers (Instagram: kskawaiishop):
>ksk closing their shop in texas due to profit being in the negatives >>273630
>supposedly will keep running their shop online and alludes to going to future events >>273631 >>273632
milk reposted from previous threads:
>caught giving positive reviews to themselves by loc cows >>274035
>publicly exposed for being unsanitary scammers by the loc cows >>274107
>ksk raised a bunch of money with claims to be networking with jp brands to sell but only carries ugly ita western brand >>274205

Messy ita bully / Imani Brown (Twitter/Instagram: ipukekawaii)
>ipukekawaii, a weaboo in japan, gets called out for being an ita bully who caused some women to leave her local comm (nova comm?) >>271457 >>271547
>laughably bad at coording and fashion >>271574
>is a tattoo artist but makes horrendously ugly tattoos >>271881

Not so petite tomoyo / Ageplayer and DDLG alert (Instagram: petite_tomoyo)
>posted an ageplayer ddlg account to her instagram story (account is misti_baby_doll) >>273158
>possible ageplayer/ddlg posting, references the person in the photo with her as her “daddy” >>275612

Tyler willis (Instagram: tylerwillislwln, youtube: Tyler Willis)
>tyler willis still around and making embarrassingly abhorrent fashion choices >>275099

Brandon / Creepy predatory pedo (Instagram: Therealdrlove, Tiktok: Therealdrlove_88)
>posts some of the most cringey tiktoks ever made >>275624
>manchild tier stuff - starts from this tiktok and gets more embarrassing with each one, plus still dressing up and cosplaying as underaged anime girls >>275619

Liv (formerly dreamy_pastel_princess, constantly changes account names)
>dating an ugly porn addicted coomer - her bf follows porn accounts of male troons (which also appear to be subscription access only) on instagram >>275721

Texas related milk:
>old milk from the logs of momos former friends being scummy and shitting on her for blocking them after they purposely ghosted her along with being nasty about her weight and voice >>275809
>(old milk reposted) Liv and Hannah banned from a comm >>275939
>some weirdo obsessing over momo despite her trying to stay away from social media and drama >>275967
>speculation that whoever posted the previous momo photo may have edited the badly scribbled out profile picture in an attempt to frame someone else >>276156
>hannah made a new fb with a fake name to possibly avoid people finding out about her being a chronic shitstirrer >>279918

Gross creepy fetishist alert / Balding old man (Reddit: Rambo-Brite, Instagram: rambo-brite)
>nasty weird fetishist old man still allowed to attend comm meets in FL, hasn’t been booted from r/lolita (unsurprisingly) >>279427
>he used to follow fetish tags and disturbingly fetishizes muslim women and encasement >>247448 >>247449

Unashamed ita / Emily Hery (Instagram: theacalix, Twitter: theacalix)
>posts ita coord while going on an assblasted rant about how da ebil /cgl/ boolies made fun of her “award winning” ita coords >>281077
>friends with one of the rude sacramento mods (emily on the far right, rude mod kira in the middle) >>281872

For the #seagull/discordgate drama see previous threads. Don't ask to be spoonfed information when there were recently 3 full threads discussing it. The logs are on a mega zip link.

No. 282706

File: 1676879481670.png (35 KB, 646x407, crackhead.png)

kek. kiwi discussing mirror demon portal sex with someone on r/drugs. keep it classy sacramento

No. 282710

File: 1676880619825.png (4.35 MB, 1805x4200, CB8CBF6D-FB1C-438C-8947-58AD28…)

Thanks for bringing this to attention nonny I compiled some things from the autistic, furry, seemingly alcoholic, drug subreddit frequenting, ita Kira.

No. 282711

wow she is messy. can't believe she posted photos of herself and de-anonymized herself while posting embarrassing shit on the same account. though to be fair most of these except the drugs one are from many years ago, but based on her twitter it's not like she's changed all that much kek

No. 282712

great thread writeup op, thanks
also a based high effort collage. god she’s so trashy. how can they justify kicking out an annoying zoomer when their mod is the stereotype of an annoying millennial? just by looking at her you know she has a complicated relationship with harry potter
nta but specifically with “too unhinged to function well in a group of people” isn’t that the justification they gave for banning Nat until the insane vendetta was revealed? not saying you’re wrong to agree with frilledcriminal’s ban, but comms either need a higher age limit, or a drastically different way of dealing with depressed teenage girls acting out. it’s fucked up if mods feel like they’re being put in a parent or therapist position but if they instantly ban anyone acting annoying that’s extremely immature and unhelpful.

No. 282713

Yeah I’ll save you the trouble of going back ten years of posts and comments and confirm that she does in fact have a complicated relationship with Harry Potter.

I just cannot imagine being banned by this individual. I get that the post was from 3 years back but how as a mod in good conscience can you recommend devilinspired? I know that’s a nitpick but god that was just further icing on top a disgustingly sugary cupcake.

I feel like I have taken psychic damage going through all of the posts and comments (oh god the comments). I should be careful about saying that though, she might try to contact my local comm to get me banned for terrorism or some shit.(sage your shit)

No. 282716

Oh great it's this thread op again. Next time leave out the nobodies like the who is Imani Brown and why is coomer Brandon Love in thr OP again let alone main pic? Just wait for someone else to do it if you can't ffs

No. 282721

considering this is an anonymous site, you have no idea who made which thread unless you're a moderator who can see ips and post history.
I do wonder why there is always some autist whinging at the beginning of every new thread though, it's been happening for awhile now.
might just be a coincidence, or could it be a cow that doesn't like being mentioned in the op?

No. 282741

Yes you got me its me Imani Brown and Brandon Love! You retards just keep using the same typing styles, fonts and editing and changing the narrative. It's groundhog day.

No. 282751

File: 1676907512000.png (555.04 KB, 1322x570, larasuzannne.png)

>puts lara in thread OP
>d-don't talk about her here though!!!
Can this bs even count as j-fashion? Isn't coquette either.

>Liv (formerly dreamy_pastel_princess, constantly changes account names)

Don't forget @o.engro


Also @_i.leen(sage your shit)

No. 282754

Stop being dense. We know who really made this thread

No. 282756

Ayrt but I don't care who made it, think you meant to to tag >>282741

No. 282760

20dollarlolita posted a follow up vid

No. 282761

Reposting because old thread is dying
Why even bring it up, if its not your story to tell and you and your friend aren't comfortable sharing any details at all? It really just reads as you continuing to stir shit. This is a gossip board but everyone here prefers actual facts to tinfoil and hinting, either bring something solid to argue your case or accept that the ok outside community hasn't seen proof of anything other than Frilled being annoying and mods being incompetent

No. 282769

Why's it always the older degen power hungry mods that pick on autistic mentally ill teenagers?

No. 282788

File: 1676928170999.jpeg (104.88 KB, 828x767, 105B05A4-7A60-4470-85F8-BE090D…)

Unsage for documentation

So from the video I got

>sac mods being deranged on rules and giving mod positions to people who hardly shows up to meets. The people are mad that positions were giving to people who can’t show up to a meet.

>Sac Mod says, "If you don’t like the rules, you can make your own Lolita community," which they went and did.

>Frills Discord grows in popularity with nearly 200 members 

>Mods wanted to expel anyone from the Sacramento community if they joined Frills' "Unofficial Sacramento Lolita Community" discord server

>Sac Mods got pissed and changed their Discord community name to "The official Sacramento Lolita community."

>frill and her buddies made a joke back, making their discord "SELF-Proclaimed most officialest EGL Meets Of ALL TIMES!"

>The SacAnime moderators shittalked frill and her buddies' lolita panel and got mad when the sacAnime convention approved their panel.  

>Sac moderators got mad at Frill and her friends for promoting their own Discord community and placing a QR code on their panel. 

No. 282790

*The sac mods shit talked frill and her buddies sacAnime panel.

No. 282793

They leave out too much information and think mentioning to read about discord gate in past threads will suffice. This is what seagull wants. They want you to forget the leak happened and not talk about it. Eventually they’ll worm their way back into comms because they got off scott free.

Lara is also in the OP when she isn’t a lolita anymore. It’s suspicious.

No. 282795

it seems like the mods really are just power tripping losers who are mad they'd no longer be in control

No. 282796

I feel so bad for Sacramento lolitas. Their mod options are
>mentally ill furry itas who think mass banning people with little explanation is a good strategy
>mentally ill suicide posters who are constantly overstepping strangers' boundaries because "muh 'tism"

No. 282799

These ita bitches are just a bunch of jealous old hags

No. 282804

Sac comm member here; all of this is pretty accurate except for the 180 members, 20dollarlolita admitted in the video's description that she edited the number (supposed to be a joke, I guess? I don't get what the purpose of that was.) There's actually about 40 people, which is still pretty sizable considering how many people actually show up to meets(sage your shit)

No. 282807

I think it was a joke to poke fun at the tweets by the mods calling their comm dying and empty(sage your shit)

No. 282823

we been knew but instead of complaining just post new milk on them, beating the dead horse would be worse imo. right now the sac comm drama is hilarious

No. 282833

It was talked about for 3 threads, nothing new has happened

No. 282836

File: 1676953400698.jpg (124.08 KB, 1170x1296, shelby.jpg)

apparently shelby, one of the sac mods (xxdarkcharmxx from the screenshots) has her job just publicly listed on her instagram and fb, if that's anything

No. 282840

imagine crying about being doxxed because someone put half your discord username in a video, and then just having this shit out in the open

No. 282842

I'm gonna be real as a current sac comm member, before this entire thing with frilled, I had never seen or heard of shelby/xXdarkcharmXx even though they apparently started the comm.She used the whole argument of "You can't be mad at me for botching this, I haven't been active in the comm lately so I didn't know what was going on." as if that makes the situation better.

No. 282844

DDZ and Nat are older news and they’re still in the thread OPs.

No. 282845

And then she blamed it on covid, lmao. Was covid keeping her from using discord, too?

No. 282850

ok so the thread maker is altering the narrative but what's new? happens every time cause the cows are the ones making and vendetta posting eachother here, like how the end of last thread was unsaged crap from Frilled's clean-up crew.

No. 282851

Yeah the unsaged shit is annoying but you don't have to be one of Frilled's friends to acknowledge that the mods are weird pieces of shit that went on a power-trip(learn to sage)

No. 282854

Fuck, okay that one's on me. Could not have happened at a worse time.

No. 282855

I made this thread and didn't "alter a narrative", not even sure what narrative some of you are referring to. I went through the previous thread from beginning to end gathering links to all the caps of milk anons posted there and tried to briefly summarize each one in the op. I attempted to make the layout look similar to some of the ones from previous threads thinking that'd help with readability. there's no need to keep shitting up the thread with autistic tinfoiling

No. 282857

which is why ppl are saying you did a shit job

No. 282861

You did fine. It was thorough and covered everyone except the drama at the very end of the last thread. The people complaining have probably never contributed a single god damn image to this imageboard.

No. 282864

Nothing wrong with this thread, usually if people complain about a thread on here it's truly terrible, thrown together, two lines of text and mods will mark it with (shit thread) or lock it. This is perfectly fine and thorough, most lolcow threads copy the format of the previous ones for consistency, it doesn't mean it's made by the same person.

Newfags be newfaggin'

No. 282866

for sure, there are always going to be some spergs that only come here to get angry about inane shit instead of actually contributing. I didn't want to go too much into the drama at the end since nobody was showing receipts of frilledcriminal being unhinged (assuming that's the drama you're referring to?), but maybe somebody will post caps in this thread.
yeah I'll just ignore the incessant whining, this is the first thread I've posted on /w/ too so none of the accusations are even close to being right kek

No. 282878

File: 1676977557367.jpeg (91.94 KB, 301x560, 8E13FB7D-5514-4998-A21A-005478…)

God Liv is fucking huge! I didn’t recognize her at first since she changes her user names. Did she gain more weight? I thought she hated fatties(sage, Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself)

No. 282895

File: 1676987013426.jpeg (394.03 KB, 828x580, 65E0B90D-4886-41ED-81FB-7BCECF…)

This is what the sac EGL mods are doing on their free time of not doing their job.

No. 282915

Fucking ew, that is no okay to do in public

No. 282920

File: 1676992068766.jpeg (725.04 KB, 689x1598, FD5B088E-278D-459C-992F-53B9A9…)

So the mods who shit talked frilledcrimminal came over to a meet at her house? What a bunch of fake lying bitches. They were working overtime to get Sarah banned

Unashamed ita / Emily Hery (Instagram: theacalix, Twitter: theacalix)
>posts ita coord while going on an assblasted rant about how da ebil /cgl/ boolies made fun of her “award winning” ita coords >>281077
>friends with one of the rude sacramento mods (emily on the far right, rude mod kira in the middle) >>281872

No. 282921

File: 1676992249368.jpeg (431.37 KB, 828x753, 483EF9BF-0295-42F5-AAF2-F2C10D…)

No. 282936

$5 they went to her house just to snoop around. reminder she's what 19 and these bitches are 30

No. 282937

Genuinely fucking unhinged. I’d feel pretty violated if I were her.

No. 282938

Except none of the mods went to that meet lol? Although I do see Jimmies Rustled/Lilac Scented over on the right with no headdress. She was originally SF comm so it's funny to see how she ran to Sac after something really silly happened in the bay server. Now she's back and we don't want her because all meets have to accommodate her

No. 282941

It was her 18th birthday party….

No. 282944

I mean, Lilac nearly died by being crushed to death by an 18-wheeler and has a weak heart, which requires them to be seated in a wheelchair. Trust me, she’s less annoying than the other unhinged clowns in SF who shove their clout at every meetup. I could understand the need for accommodations for life threatening injuries and a heart condition. 

No. 282945

While it’s nice of 20dollarlolita to summarize all of this, I somehow don’t trust her version of events. She seems pretty unhinged and unstable from her own blog posts and I can see how she is making this into an opportunity to attract people to her shitty blog. I took a look at her blog and got some caps from Discord. It looks like she’s claiming that she wasn’t at the Fanime panel, but when you look at her actual ban list, that wasn’t one of the reasons she was banned. She also lied about the amount of people banned and the amount of people in the new server to make the charges worse. Here’s some stuff I found about her that makes me doubt her her story and believe some of the reasons for the ban.
She’s unable to function as a normal person, especially at work. This backs up the claims that she was bonkers to other members. Not only does she lack basic social skills, she also seems to revel in being as aggressively unhinged as possible. Her response to being asked to do her job was to LICK A PEN that other people would use during COVID, so yes, I can believe that she’s a passive aggressive bully.:

No. 282946

File: 1676999425578.png (1.17 MB, 1079x1881, 5210A5F1-44C9-4455-98F6-65143D…)

She took some shots at cgl over her ita coord.

No. 282947

More links and thoughts.
The first part of this posts talks about how she knows the seller is uncomfortable with her talking and keeps doing it anyway:
She presents herself as a sewing authority but this is the quality of her work? Look how much she butchered this dress with the addition of the shirring panel. You’d think a self-claimed pro like her would actually do a good job, but this is terrible. I can see how someone with such a massive ego and nothing to back it up is going to lie about things to sound better.
She buys replicas and knockoffs and pretends its for content and a learning opportunity when really it’s just word salad excusing her poor choices disguised as a PSA. She sounds like she hides behind this pseudointellectual word salad type post to sound smart but again, it doesn't actually sound like she's that smart and is intentionally misunderstanding her ban reasons to generate outrage.:
She did help out with Frilled Criminal’s panel at a local convention, so it looks like they are truly friends despite the age gap:
In a lot of posts and the caps I got, she seems to overestimate her importance as a person and acts like she has a lot of power. I’m talking about serious delusions of grandeur. She worked at JoAnn’s, yet she thinks she’s got some kind of contract preventing her from selling sewing machines even though she's only a regular store worker. I think is part of the reason why she's pushing this so hard even though they already have their own separatist comm; she's just too delusional and thinks this is her crusade.
TL;DR: Maybe 20dollarlolita is telling some of the truth but is lying about details that we don’t know anything about and seems like an unreliable narrator in general. We don’t know the full ban list, and we don’t have any screenshots because the mods have not released any, probably to protect anyone who complained. Additionally, she made a new comm with her friends and their friends all joined which is what they wanted. What the fuck is she going to do if they unban her and her friends? Interact with the comm normally after talking shit about them and the mods the whole time? She’s doing this to only further her own blog and be some kind of martyr for Frilled Criminal who at least isn’t screaming about this in order to get the Lolita Police to do what exactly? However, I’ll be looking into Frilled Criminal later too. She seems normal enough if not a bit awkward, but I think there might be some truth to why the mods banned her if she’s such good friends with 20dollarlolita/Polly Gausewitz/Pink and the Keytar Cat.(imageboard )

No. 282949

Good catch, thanks for pointing this out.

Considering how she tried to label inappropriate group behavior as a disability that needed accommodation otherwise it was ableist, sperged all over the place to the point of spilling coffee on herself, brought up "poop" as often as she did, and filmed over an hour of ranting combined so far… she was already coming across as pretty unhinged. It's pretty clear everyone from this comm is crazy.

No. 282950

Her headdress is on the table next to her teacup, she probably just took it off. It’s a candid photo obviously.

No. 282952

Emily is not a mod

No. 282953

She's definitely a little obsessed with the entire situation but as someone who witnessed their entire falling out with the comm it's a pretty accurate retelling of events, all things considered.

No. 282954

File: 1677001211280.jpeg (404.3 KB, 386x802, 747BF69B-D477-4484-ABB4-F50695…)

Not a mod but a fake friend

No. 282959

There's nothing wrong with the OP, you even specify old milk and its not like the discordgate stuff is left out. But when there has been no update since it dropped in what, October? Is there any point in continuing to drag it up as if its brand new? I'm seriously asking what the complainers expect, for us to just periodically spoonfeed newfags about this? If thats the expectation it seems odd to have it centered on just this one group of people instead of some sort of insane decades long recap of lolita drama in general. Almost as if the people screaming and crying when we don't talk about discord for a while have some sort of agenda.

No. 282961

nonna, i think that is a face mask. it's the size and shape of one, plus some of the other girls in this photo also have face masks laid out on the table

No. 282962

File: 1677004210770.png (1.6 MB, 1242x891, 3168BA41-5FE9-455B-8D59-81B490…)

No. 282969

Including Lara in this screams desperate vendetta

No. 282970

I think mentioning she didn't wear a head accessory was more of an identifier since there were other people in the picture. She seems to usually wear one

I agree that Lara is a vendetta at this point since she has done nothing worth talking about recently and is keeping to herself

No. 282973

literally also unsaged annoying shit

No. 282974

OP, nice job leaving out pedophile and lolicon loving beck and her pedophile ddossing /b/tard boyfriend wt snacks which everyone swept under the rug and continue talking to them as if it never happened.(learn to sage)

No. 282981

NTA and not OP, but Lara did announce her departure last thread so its worth mentioning in the recap. Anything after that, though, is unnecessary.

No. 282985

Tbf everyone who is speaking up is getting banned, so I don’t blame them for not making a fuss

No. 282987

Everyone's laying low right now, the comm discord's nearly dead except for a few people posting coord pics

No. 282989

The Official one, or the new one?

No. 282990

When will you tards learn this is an imageboard? Cows DFE you need to archive or screenshot

No. 282991

That was discovered and talked about years ago, you unsaged retard.

No. 282993

The official one

No. 282994

File: 1677014046437.png (99 KB, 600x872, Screenshot_20230221_080730.png)

She scrubbed her twt when her receipts saying n word hard r and pedopandering came out and her IG has always been bland, there just isn't much to say about her. This made me lol though, do they just regularly get 'robbed' to start gofundmes or why is that their go to solution every time it happens? Normal people just take the hit and replace their own goods not beg for others to do it.

No. 283002

All meets have to accommodate her? Dude she just shows up. Or are you just upset her wheelchair is in the group photo? Don’t be a pussy and ask for one without her.

No. 283003

>She also lied about the amount of people in the new server
She stated the number was a joke on the video

No. 283004

File: 1677020302827.png (22.44 KB, 542x159, EB15EA3E-78F1-4330-ABEA-1C5D10…)

Kira claiming they invented the term “content creator”

No. 283005

File: 1677021473932.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1949, A0C6B87E-6B67-4956-ACAD-C92440…)

kira and oakglitter both un-privated their twitters so now we can see this exchange in its entirety. this was right before they banned frilled

No. 283006

File: 1677021839232.jpeg (334.6 KB, 1242x566, 8A616B77-CD0A-47FC-A66C-15BDC0…)

If this is how they act sober, they should go back to being an alcoholic. Wish them a very nice relapse.

No. 283007

This makes me genuinely sick to look at. The depravity of these washed up, haggard white women flexing their hall monitor pass on twitter. The female equivalent of coomer neckbeard discord mods. The only thing stopping them from descending into full degeneracy is the other x chromosome. Thank fucking god for that.

No. 283008

File: 1677022009935.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1219, FE7BB335-CC6D-47F9-943D-1AAEC8…)

Found the spawn-point

No. 283009

Hm, the official one has some meets in progress so you might be thinking about their breakoff side server. Also, there is still no proof from 20dollarlolita that everyone speaking up is getting banned. Until we know who else is banned, I'm thinking Frilled Criminal's friends are all in here talking to themselves trying to deflect why they were banned. Additionally, other than being terrible at dressing themselves, there is nothing that shows Theacalix being a bad friend which isn't even interesting. Where are you all getting this from?

No. 283012

Both servers have been quiet tbh. All the people who were vocal about the Sarah issue that I know of were banned, so it makes sense that others wouldn’t want to speak up a ton.
I believe like 5 people were banned for the incident but I could be wrong by like 1 or two in either direction because the mods aren’t saying who got banned.
This being said though, they did kick a bunch of people at the time that were unrelated to the Sarah incident. I think the others were mostly due to inactivity and it was just really bad timing. I do think those people should’ve been reached out to beforehand though.
I think nonny up there mistook Emily for a mod because she is often seen with them, and then when told that they flopped to saying that if they aren’t a mod they are a bad friend because they didn’t want to be wrong.
This entire thing is fucked.

No. 283017

Thread op was clearly written by frill and her crew trying to throw calix under the bus. They deserved the ban tbh and I’m glad they’re no longer in the comm

No. 283018

File: 1677025749573.jpeg (85.34 KB, 598x687, 6DF81E2F-753D-4C0A-8CC2-3D93CD…)

No. 283020

nice tinfoiling retard but she was brought up last thread(learn to sage lolcow.farm/info )

No. 283021

You’re either new or you’re just stupid. Emily is brought up all the time, including in the last thread, for her coords and shit. She’s cgl’s favorite little ita. That being said I don’t think she had anything to do with the banning like some people think.

No. 283022

Exactly. I believe people mistook information and ran

>friends with one of the rude sacramento mods (emily on the far right, rude mod kira in the middle) >>281872

No. 283027

Anyone else noticing how 20dollarlolita’s passive Retardism video is similar to the replies in the thread. Seems orchestrated(Take anon’s advice)

No. 283028

Just throwing shit at the wall until something sticks? Take your meds, nonny.

No. 283029

Do I need to repost the fat wokaj again

No. 283032

Round 2 didn’t work out for you huh?

No. 283033

Let some other communities "bully" her. maybe she'll realize she is the problem

No. 283034

File: 1677029070099.jpeg (134.77 KB, 1920x854, 2B054752-94AF-4704-BE26-C0740B…)

Either or, but please take one.

No. 283035

File: 1677029945990.jpeg (618.2 KB, 1280x1280, 7CBF4DBC-ADBD-45D2-946B-6D97EE…)

what, you don’t trust this unwashed ita as the premier authority on lolita sewing nonny?

No. 283036

File: 1677030451459.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3072x4096, 47013F3B-6C91-4A36-8F73-C0F2A0…)

Anyways here the mods talking more shit being drama whores


No. 283037

File: 1677030512063.jpeg (66.15 KB, 828x371, 0D3A0758-C16A-4AB6-B6A2-931D6C…)

Jellums and her shit talking rants

No. 283038

File: 1677030676853.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3072x4096, 7BDEC3A9-3201-40BB-9264-DB9F1C…)

Sacramento mod @jellums, @oakglitter, and @kandiedkiwi
Bending up some rules to get some people banned from the comm

No. 283039

File: 1677030817544.jpeg (1006.57 KB, 3072x4096, 3556FE05-2CDD-4439-82ED-127FC9…)

No. 283040

File: 1677030987908.jpeg (101.5 KB, 828x555, A816DA36-7023-49AC-97C1-78053B…)

@jellums has been a massive shit talker on other comms for YEARS. I vividly remember how she talked shit about comms like Dallas

No. 283041

Something I haven’t seen talked about much is the fact that the mods banned people for rules not made yet

No. 283043

Really fucked up that a significant reason for the bans was the fact that some abrasivly criticized comm members (mods) in a private groupchat, yet the mods were talking shit publically for months.

No. 283044

File: 1677031571828.jpeg (243.22 KB, 1242x1637, E29A147C-38CD-4303-8A8E-2F511F…)


No. 283048

Sorry for newfag but what are their instagram @s?

No. 283049

File: 1677033466865.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3072x4096, 840BD079-F13B-45A8-A2BE-73DD56…)

Lili from Bay Area
Twitter @lilianaavriel
Instagram @lilianaavriel @paradiseroseshop @lilifrill

No. 283050

File: 1677033646217.jpeg (2.17 MB, 3065x4086, 2B0CDFA8-1E36-4ACC-A248-59CC9C…)

Lili used frillcriminal to promote her shitty shop just to turn around and talk shit about someone who supported her business? Look at the dates of the Instagram post and the tweet

No. 283051

File: 1677033722056.jpeg (341.56 KB, 828x1302, FD6B4038-DC17-4BFC-9992-04DC26…)

She’s literally 30 and Her Twitter is a vomit pile of trash

No. 283052

File: 1677033814357.jpeg (139.77 KB, 764x430, 8A6268D5-F67E-4962-A980-B9630D…)

All three of her Instagram pages for thread caps

No. 283053

So basically this entire situation is a bunch of gross cringy old ladies fighting with an annoying kid and her friends? What a lovely comm

No. 283054

Her other twitter is private but @frillyliliana

No. 283059

File: 1677036886661.jpeg (2.75 MB, 3072x4096, DCCA0427-DBB9-4865-B7F3-BB2B66…)


Top left
Anjelica lapid /jilli/jillums
Twitter @itsjullums

Bottom left
Shelby rose
Instagram @sheblyrosecurls

Top right
Instagram: theacalix, Twitter: theacalix)

Bottom right
Kira / kyra maker grell
@kandiedkiwi Twitter
@kandiedkiwi Instagram
@kandiedkiwi twitch

No. 283060

What a fake bitch. Her shit is trash btw

No. 283062

If you keep framing thecalix like this, people are going to continue mistaking her for a mod involved in this situation. It feels mildly deceptive.

No. 283063

theacalix isn't a mod, though.

No. 283066

I think we should talk about how Kira talked about wanting to get her strap on sucked on the same account she gives out lolita advice on reddit

No. 283069

That's not Shelby bottom left. I know her but not going to name her bc she hasn't been involved with any of this.

No. 283070

Agreed. They also haven't been involved with any of this drama. I don't know why they keep getting brought up.

No. 283071

These whores really need to get their shit together lmao. Can’t tell two people of color apart, and keep mistaking/misinforming thecalix as a mod.
But that brings up another point. That’s the only picture I’ve seen that people have claimed to be Shelby. Are there literally no pictures of her in lolita? Is she the absentee father of the comm lmao?

No. 283072

File: 1677038027623.jpeg (687.27 KB, 1242x1415, D354F39B-F0B0-49A0-8329-3919D8…)


No. 283073

they also called jellums "jillims" and "jullums." why try to put all that information together if you can't get any of it right lmao

No. 283074

File: 1677038076523.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1196, 65912140-6756-4837-B239-346744…)

this is @dahliadellaluna

No. 283075

File: 1677038220593.jpeg (69.48 KB, 828x365, F21BD3B5-BCA1-4779-BE51-EC4780…)

She is so fake

No. 283076

Frills clean up crew is shitting up

No. 283077

File: 1677038394849.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1272x1859, B22F6828-47B9-41EA-878A-3D6A45…)

Yeah here you go.

No. 283078

I don’t think it’s frilled’s crew considering thecalix is perfectly welcome in frilled’s server. Plus I’m guessing they actually know who Shelby is, and would be incentivized to get it right.

No. 283079

File: 1677038580512.png (533.25 KB, 568x709, 356D868D-992A-42E5-BFB0-787874…)

No. 283080

The most autism moment on lolcow farms is this exact thread. Both teams should roll off a cliff

No. 283081

What if we all collectively decided to talk about something more interesting. No? No takers?

No. 283082

This is what happens when you got frills discord and the sac egl mods discord in the same room.

No. 283083

Are the mods in the room with you right now?

No. 283085

I’m starting to think al of these replies are coming from the same person who got Sarah banned in the first place.

No. 283086

Oh you mean Victoria Readbeansoup, the only person allowed to have hearing loss in the tristate area?

No. 283087

*redbeansoup, and @soup_72

No. 283090

Doing a great job of caping for Frilled from the trailer your parents are paying for, aren’t you @seraphserenade IG @h0neyvanity Twitter? You should finish your fashion degree after 6 years in community college to finally afford a real Vivienne Westwood orb necklace to go with your Aliexpress goth coords.(learn to sage)

No. 283091

sage your shit sweetie. also take your pills.

No. 283092

File: 1677043319944.png (231.24 KB, 411x648, doubledogdoxxing.png)

Wrong person but nice try kek. This is you, though

No. 283093

File: 1677043687957.jpg (312.6 KB, 2048x1536, yourcrownmilady.jpg)

you dropped this

No. 283102

File: 1677046034890.jpg (429.07 KB, 705x432, besties.jpg)

Is this who you're talking about? They are in a lot of her pics and she captions them as best friends.
Hold on, if this was a DM sent to Frilled Criminal, then she would have only sent this to her friends right? So we can assume one of her friends would be posting this. Damn the rabbit hole goes deeper…

No. 283103

it was posted in frill's discord. thats why she was originally accused of doxxing.

No. 283104

So why didn't she just block her instead of doing all of this?

No. 283105

After Victoria sent her that, she didn't say anything until Victoria publicly wished her good luck with her hearing or some shit.

No. 283108

Sac comm member here. Victoria Lam/redbeansoup left a reply on discord publicly that was something along the lines of "I hope you can get your hearing aids!" or whatever after accusing her of faking, which set her off. (Reasonably so, imo. Accusing someone of faking hearing loss in their dms and then pretending to be supportive just to get at them is deranged behavior.)

No. 283109

You expect someone as mentally ill as Frilled to not blow up when someone accuses them of faking going deaf?

No. 283110

File: 1677046980087.jpeg (51.66 KB, 498x567, 241208DA-8A7C-4F47-8608-5F1731…)

No. 283111

So all I'm getting from this is that Sarah/Frilled Criminal is really as insane as we thought. No wonder they wanted her gone. Kira may be a degenerate, but even a broken clock is right twice a day!

No. 283113

She handled it pretty well imo, she just said something along the lines of "why are you pretending to be supportive when you're in my dms accusing me of faking?" and then Victoria went and whined to the mods in the other server that she'd been "doxxed," somehow.

Sarah also tried to respond to her privately, but Victoria never responded. Just dumped the wall of text and then bounced.

No. 283114

No one is arguing that she isn't ill, but I think publicly outing someone who accused you privately of faking hearing loss, only to then publicly taunt you about it isn't that bad.

No. 283115

File: 1677047594371.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x1727, D6F43EE3-FE24-488D-A596-B4CD5B…)

Funny how these freaks have a track record as long as the bible for their shitty behavior but we've still yet to see a single screenshot of Frilled doing anything ban-worthy.

No. 283116

Note that this happened in Frilled's server, not the main Sac EGL one.

No. 283117

yo vicky maybe if your grandpa hadn't shoved all those rocks up his rectum to join the people's liberation army he wouldn't have died of ass cancer in 2015(learn to sage)

No. 283118

Is all of norcal filled with crazies?

No. 283147

Why this bitch wants to be the authority of whether someone has hearing loss or not? Like wouldn’t that be like privacy invasion if she’s requesting for her documents and frills mom information?

No. 283156

File: 1677078881964.jpeg (232.44 KB, 828x1106, 6BF55B2C-7FE7-4AF8-8BE2-0CF06F…)

Her profile

No. 283159

I read through all of these, nowhere did she say she licked a pen during covid. She gave someone a free pen because they were being an asshole. This is such an obvious vendetta post, this seems to be her work venting blog.

No. 283161

File: 1677080891361.jpeg (11.54 KB, 420x73, ADA540BB-ECB7-4AF7-94F8-DE55AF…)

from the Imgur link.

No. 283166

File: 1677082626323.jpg (273.77 KB, 959x1561, 20dollarlolitatumblrarchive.jp…)

Love how you are coping by calling the Tumblr her “work venting blog” and claiming a vendetta when the blog description clearly mentions lolita fashion and she posts often about lolita fashion more than work. https://archive.is/ZR2z2 It’s another record of her unreliable behavior which is fair game.

No. 283183

File: 1677088289556.png (151.76 KB, 1080x1555, hearing.png)

Frilled Criminal/Sarah had a very brief GoFundMe for hearing aids which can be covered by insurance. Her friend 20dollarlolita/Pink also has hearing aids and talks about them a lot, so it seems like a social contagion thing rather than genuine need. Everyone around her is "special" so she needs these to stand out and be the most "special." Her GoFundMe was posted right after she was crying about not being able to buy a full set of a new release, so who's to say the money wasn't a grift? If needing hearing aids are such an issue, then stop buying brand for a while until you can pay for them yourself or insurance will cover some or all of them. I can't really side with a perpetually broke bitch who is swimming in brand. Sell that $800 miracle candy you bought before crying about needing money for something like this lmao

No. 283184

insurance hates covering hearing aids, actually. You have to have the exact right hearing loss and then they only cover like 30-40% of the $4000 hearing aids. Direct to consumer are like $800 but insurance won't cover it.

No. 283186

Imo if people want to donate, they can. Everyone who donates would know she’s a lolita anyway. I understand your concern about “sell your brand!!” to afford it. But if they’re over $1000 she would probably have to sell the majority of her wardrobe to afford a necessity because America is healthcare hell.

No. 283187

She has a lot of AP so it wouldn't be hard to sell maybe 3 dresses in good condition or even save up while working. Does she have a job? Maybe if she's between jobs and also needs to make rent I can see why she needed the money fast.

No. 283188

I don’t think she actually has all that many dresses anymore, she’s been selling so many recently. She is also def in between jobs(learn to sage)

No. 283191

At this point we need to start tallying the lolitas who use GFM to grift brand kek. Missing anyone?
1. frilledcriminal
2. beckkattack
3. lolitadebtcrisis
4. toastchaaan

No. 283194

Getting hit with unexpected medical expenses is devastating, especially in the shit healthcare system in America. I don’t blame this girl for setting up a go fund me to get a medical device that shouldn’t be thousands of dollars in the first place.

No. 283196

I think the difference is that the others were shown to have make big purchases after, while frilled took down the gofundme and didn’t put it back up

No. 283197

It seems more like she took it down after getting caught kek

No. 283198

She probably took it down because some lunatic was harassing her about it lmao

No. 283199

One private message and then trying to move past it is not a lunatic. Soup clearly was friends with Frilled Criminal at some point and must have figured that there was no point trying to get her to delete the GoFundMe, so she tried to be a supportive friend. Frilled Criminal had no reason to blow up at her the way she did because Soup sent her a PRIVATE message. The only reason anyone saw that message is because Grilled Criminal herself put it in the discord for sympathy. So good job losing a friend over this I guess

No. 283200

Asking someone attempting financial gain off their purported disability privately if they have an official diagnosis or some kind of proof especially when the person is, by her own admission, frequently accused of LARPing multiple illnesses is harassment? If she’s apparently so constantly questioned it seems like the common denominator is her.

No. 283201

Did you even read the message? Where does soup get off demanding proof of her medical diagnoses/details

No. 283208

nonnie your fanfiction is unmatched. How do you know they weren't just comm acquaintances before then? Because them being "clearly" friends isn't confirmed, unless you are a member of their comm. "friend" or not, fake gofundme or not, who in their right fucking mind thinks they have the right to demand medical records from anyone to prove their disability, and then suddenly turn around and act like they supported their disability all along in a public space? That's deranged.

No. 283215

She's in their private discord that branched off from the main one, so she's probably closer the rest of the original comm. If someone is demanding money in the thousands, it's not a bad idea to make sure the person asking really intends to use donations for that purpose. We've seen enough people scam for brand so it's fine to remain skeptical.

No. 283216

If you're that skeptical then just don't donate. You don't demand the person to prove themselves to you. As other anons have said, that's deranged.

No. 283218

Doesn’t give you the right to play judge, jury and executioner when it’s none of your business in the first place

No. 283220

File: 1677103112273.png (131.67 KB, 661x378, moneywoesgone (1).png)

calm down everyone, she's gonna be ok with money. her friend pink is teaching her how to do fetish work at market rate. she can easily buy those hearing aids and- oh wait she's gonna buy new shoes with the money. right. totally prioritizing this pressing need.

No. 283223

Scamming coomer men for money is based behavior.

No. 283224

inb4 people start accusing this person of grooming: it’s not crystal clear what the best response is if a younger friend (18+, but still young) says a guy offered to buy her feet pics/dirty underwear for a nontrivial amount of money. if it were my friend I’d worry that if I told them no too harshly, they’ll rebel harder and fall for some narrative about pearl clutching millennials slut shaming gen z, overcompensate and end up on OF within a couple years.
It seems like Pink sees it as inevitable that FC will sell the shoes and wants her to avoid doing it unsafely, but offering tips and tricks doesn’t seem like the best response either. I hope someone reached out to FC privately and compassionately, and pointed out that she might regret this in a few years.
How does getting paid make it based to let a dude jack off on your shoes? Sex work won’t make you rich or confident or happy

No. 283225

>Look,as an adult, I cannot tell someone who is 10 years my junior that it's okay to benefit from fetish people as long as you're 100% safe about it, So I'm not going to say that

do you know how to read, anon?

No. 283226

thanks anon, apparently I missed the first link altogether.

>>283166 I clicked the links you provided and read them, I didn't bother looking around further. And, you linked the top of her tumblr.

No. 283228

Where was all this sympathy for people like Liv? It sounds like her friends are here trying to help. Anyway it's interesting that regardless of what she's doing to get money, her first priority is more lolita not her hearing aids. I don't think she really needs them if this is how she treats easy money that falls into her lap.

No. 283231

nta but Pink says she “cannot tell someone“ younger than her that it’s “okay to benefit from fetish people” and then immediately starts giving advice for how to “benefit from fetish people” with maximum efficiency (“don’t do fetish work for less than market value”.) Still don’t think it’s groomer behavior or at all cancel worthy, since Pink clearly thought she’s helping keep someone safe, but it wasn’t ideal behavior.

No. 283232

The fact that she was sad she couldn't buy some release is hardly evidence that she was trying to grift brand. She is genuinely not well off, she is not employed right now, and she sells her dresses a lot. I'm pretty sure her actual number of dresses is quite small bc she sells one to buy one. And she never buys anything new. If you were to see her wardrobe in person you'd be able to tell it's done on a small budget, trust me.

No. 283234

Damn, nonnies. If you knew them you'd know that was a joke delivered dryly. Friends know those things when they interact–the idea it was grooming is laughable. Neither of them does SW.

No. 283238

Who gives a shit

God someone is so desperate to get these girls blown up here.

No. 283240

It's not grooming for sure but it is some proof that she's gonna spend any money she gets on brand and not those hearing aids. It doesn't matter how she gets money since its not going to her medical "need" anyway. Why didn't she just start a new go fund me and post it into her own server with her friends? They like her enough to come flood the board but not enough to give her money kek
It's nice to have something different to talk about than stale vetted drama

No. 283241

> If you were to see her wardrobe in person you'd be able to tell it's done on a small budget, trust me.
Kek so you admit you're her friend. The more you wk these girls the worse it will be for them. She tried to grift money period.

No. 283242

I'm in her comm. I wasn't trying to hide that fact. I honestly don't know her very well at all though.

No. 283243

I took the interaction (if serious, which I still don't believe it was) to mean that she'd specifically have been selling her old tea parties so she could buy new ones. She's a sweet lolita, she's not going to sell her only tea parties without replacing them kek

No. 283269

File: 1677130873618.png (2.69 MB, 2500x2500, 3E8D8842-BEF5-4E8D-9045-C949BB…)

I’m glad dissecting the life of a mentally ill person if giving you guys so much motivation. I’d suggest using said inspiration to pick up a gun and put it to your temple.(lost faggot)

No. 283276

Making that image is mental illness get help weirdo

No. 283303

Everything you've said applies to half the people you discuss on this board but that doesn't stop you from coming back. We've been talking about her poor financial habits and grifting without bringing up any possible mental illness. Making this picture is mental illness though lol. Enjoy defending your friend because all you do is make her look worse

No. 283317

In one of her spergy videos, doesn't she claim she has been wearing the fashion for 10 years?


No. 283326

sounds like someone has their jimmies rustled
10 years only to look like that lmao it's surprising she's not featured on the ita thread more

No. 283374

File: 1677196186497.jpeg (463.78 KB, 1242x1629, FE25819F-4F08-470C-9320-A6491C…)

reposting here because I accidentally posted in thread #13
They’ve recently made attempts to be active again after not posting since last year. A sad attempt at keeping as many remaining members as possible. Other than this there’s no mention/announcement made addressing the situation

No. 283375

weren't they getting mad over some of the comm members planning that starbucks meet not too long ago? but now all of a sudden comm members are encouraged to make meet plans… seems super hypocritical

No. 283377

translation: someone please host a meet, we kicked out the only people who actively hosted meets, please i beg of you we even made a spreadsheet

No. 283378

I think the mods are mad that people are leaving their shit comm and going into small friend group circles or frills new sac discord

No. 283379

But the discord has been planning meets? You guys sound like the ones who got banned and are salty they have all moved on. I guess they can all meet in peace now that you've been kicked to the curb kek

No. 283382

Keep sucking the mods' dicks, they'll still kick you out with everyone else the second they start finding you annoying or you question their wannabe dictatorship, whichever comes first

No. 283386

most of us aren't in either discord because wasting time somewhere filled with annoying circlejerking ita slobs is extremely unappealing

No. 283388

lol I joined to watch the drama but no one it's boring because no one who stayed cares. This is like when all of you joined our server to watch the jardsale trashfire except nothing is happening.

No. 283393

>implying anyone knows or cares what your jardsale is

No. 283412

Did you have a stroke? What are you on about?

No. 283500

It’s funny seeing the disgusting unwashed brandless itas cry about how their better-dressed comm members are bullies. Tale as old as time.

No. 283502

File: 1677302132018.jpeg (784.66 KB, 704x1169, 35FE902A-7801-4B9F-A2D1-A1E7E2…)

better dressed is a pretty bold claim anon

No. 283508

lolita anons are always like “look at this ita coord” but it’s actually a fine, not particularly special or offensive coord, you just think she’s fat or something. It’s the same with most of the coords I see described as ita, you mostly just think the girl is ugly. I feel like the people who nitpick to this degree either don’t wear the fashion at all or only wear head to toe from the same set and never mix and match.

No. 283510

the shitty, unstyled cosplay wig was certainly an ita choice on its own, star clip seems wholly out of place, texture of blouse does not balance with texture of socks, and an underskirt is definitely needed

No. 283513

File: 1677313027845.png (870.66 KB, 720x961, 9AFE9526-2DB0-4B18-B1B0-2FEB0A…)

literally every other girl 20dollar and frilled are crying about ITT is either more well dressed, prettier, or has a better wardrobe than them. >>283156

frilled is a hulking hambeast (picrel) and 20 looks like inbred the hills have eyes tier white trash- even kira looks better than they do in her shitty plastic wigs and too small dresses. it’s pretty clear that they’re bitter towards girls with more burando than them, and that’s why they’re defending being munchie ebeggars online

No. 283515

File: 1677315501464.jpeg (347.3 KB, 797x749, B2C8DBF8-C8AA-4FFA-A679-B44FCB…)

didn't she delete that picture after it got posted on the ita thread? looks like you've got a vendetta just saving the worst pics you can find of her kek. also are we looking at the same photos? victoria's daddy's-money coords are fine but she doesn't even show her face in any photos (presumably for uggo reasons) theacalix looks like she gets dressed in the dark, and kira looks like this.

No. 283516

File: 1677315723075.jpeg (319.77 KB, 450x1047, 37160931-1370-4B51-A3BE-5BBE45…)

> it’s pretty clear that they’re bitter towards girls with more burando than them
case in point

it’s also not a vendetta- i live nowhere near California and literally never heard of these girls until you spergs started defending them. that picture is one of the first results when you google frilledcriminal. if you didn’t want random anons to dig up your embarrassing history then you shouldn’t have aired your dirty laundry everywhere.

No. 283517

File: 1677315932481.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1619x1441, 3D772CC4-D5C4-4BDA-A40F-994580…)

oh and ofc pink/20dollar has a history of ebegging after getting “robbed” the same way lolita ebeggars beck and snacks do. >>282994 no wonder she’s influencing frilled to also make gofundmes

and instead of telling her to actually buy the hearing aids she so desperately needs with coomerbucks, she encourages her to buy $250 shoes. grifting ebegging lolitas need to understand that nobody in the community is going to give them free money especially when they know it’s going to be frivolously spent on brand.

No. 283521

Once again, Dahlia is not involved with any of this and no one has complained about her. She shouldn't even be ITT.

No. 283524

JFC. There is no evidence that these GFMs aren't legit. Do you have a shred of evidence to show either GFM was intended to be used for burando rather than their stated use? Do you have any evidence that the interaction between Pink and FC about the shoes was serious, rather than joking between friends? Pink has shown herself to have a very dry sense of humor. For that matter, do you have any proof that FC actually went through with selling her old tea parties and buying a new pair? Do you have proof that even if she did buy some, she bought brand new burando TPs, rather than new to her TPs from LM or knock offs? And since when do TPs cost $250? (It's not like $250 would pay for hearing aids anyhow.) All this "oh they're grifters" shit is based on a whole lot of assumptions without evidence. Show me the receipts.

No. 283526

File: 1677326048982.jpeg (898.51 KB, 986x1889, 4CDC932E-586B-4361-AF39-CD569D…)

it doesn’t matter if frilled got the fetishist money or not, the point is that her immediate thought was to buy TPs and not the hearing aids she supposedly so desperately needs. she’s proven she’s not responsible with her money and that she’s the tiktoklita type who has a history of spending $800 on dresses that aren’t even rare.

it’s also hilarious that she has NO KINK in her bio despite entertaining a conversation with a fetishist.

and since when has any other lolita who made a gofundme been defended as hard as pink or frilled are right now? really reeks of white knight in here

No. 283528

If she was joking, which I think she was, then it makes a lot more sense to joke that she was going to sell her old tea parties for new ones, But even if she wasn't, it is hardly the same thing as just getting money out of the blue and using it for something irresponsible. It's no different than selling a dress to buy a dress, which a lot of lolitas do. She's a daily lolita, so I don't blame her for wanting better everyday shoes. And where does it say she spent $800 on a dress? You can tell from her pics her wardrobe is full of old and faded dresses, and you can see from her LM history that she's sold a lot of items and not bought much recently. Hilarious how you can never agree with someone who is criticized around here without being called a WK, like it's a damn crime to defend someone when you think their behavior has been reasonable. I'm allowed to have a different opinion than you. Personally, I'd defend anyone poor (which no one has been disputing AFAIK) putting up a GFM for something practical that they needed. I don't think poor people don't deserve decent clothing or should have to sell everything they own before asking for help. If you don't think it's worth donating to, don't donate. It's that simple.

No. 283529

P.S. It may be that Pink in particular is getting defended bc she's spent a ton of her own time for no income helping people on her blog. Her latest post is a good example of her taking a long time to answer a stranger's question thoroughly and for nothing. That kind of behavior tends to win you admirers and fans. And she's the one who was posting widely about FC.

No. 283530

File: 1677328042730.jpeg (219.68 KB, 860x423, 12569430-4D07-41D4-82C5-592DDE…)

> And where does it say she spent $800 on a dress?
>>283183 pointed it out first
>inb4 she bought it a year ago
blowing $800 on a single dress is irresponsible af if you don’t have any savings. based on her behavior and e begging, she never had any

No. 283537

File: 1677331429668.png (71.86 KB, 882x400, Screenshot_20230225_045316.png)

Ah, I missed that. However, it might not make a difference to you that she bought it a year ago, but it does to me. A person's economic circumstances can change a lot in a year, and whether she had savings then or not is pure speculation on your part. Was she e-begging then? Bc no one has said she was that I've seen. Oh, also–like others I actually joined the Sac discords to watch the drama, and searching just yielded this. She said she was making good money at the time (so presumably had savings) and that she used a payment plan. Doesn't sound that irresponsible to me. I also saw where she said she was thinking of selling it, though it was crossed out. Could mean she changed her mind, but could also mean she sold it to a comm member privately.

No. 283543

She sold the dress a while ago I think

No. 283558

Love how many anons "joined the sac discord to watch the drama" Accepting a wave of people immediately when this dropped? Get real kek. Just admit you're the cows themselves or their friend because no one else would cap this hard for them.

No. 283562

there's no way they're letting new people in but frilled and her friends all got banned from the discord

No. 283564

I'm too lazy to bother compiling screenies but the original banning seems to have happened on 1/22. Since then, by my count one comm has added 11 members and the other 4. The second is more tightly moderated in general (guess which one that is kek) but I'm in the vicinity so I got in. I assumed the others were lookie loos, too. Believe what you like though.

No. 283569

She's been in the fashion for a decade but couldn't be bothered to buy MC when it was $100-$150? $800 is pure insanity, it was and never will be worth half of that.

What are you even on about, most people never heard of her before this drama. A low effort blog doesn't equate to her being some kind of martyr and anyone with a brain can see she is a narcissist who likes hearing her own voice and spends more time on her sperg entries about BPD. I've seen more helpful lolitas on ig/twitter who reply to comments and don't expect asspats. Plus even if her personality was golden, it's hard to be a fan of someone who looks (and acts) like such a mess, especially when she excuses it as a disability. I wouldn't put it past her to send herself anon messages or even make fake accounts to interact with.

This, there is no way they wouldn't ban a flood of new members who appeared after all this drama. It is pretty obvious everyone from both sides is ITT and whiteknighting themselves because no one else ever would.

No. 283573

She's 19, she hasn't been in the fashion for a decade kek. That's Pink. And it doesn't take "most people" to come here and defend Pink. It only takes a handful of dedicated followers.

No. 283582

File: 1677352335417.jpg (773.4 KB, 2484x1898, yikes.jpg)

in other news celestialbat or whatever from the discord is completely frying her hair off

No. 283596

jesus. all that hairloss for such a shitty result. just wear a fucking wig at that point.

No. 283603

holy shit, did she try doing the bleaching by herself and leave it on too long?

No. 283617

There’s been a lot of shit talking at meets from mods

No. 283620

the sac mods? or just in general?

No. 283629

You should just post the mods then. A lot of comm mods are being exposed for their power hungry behavior and favoritism.

No. 283634

Please elaborate

No. 283641

So the mods who allegedly don't go to meets are talking shit at meets they don't go to? How the fuck does that work?

No. 283644

must be a different comm cause there's no way kiwi's driving her fat ass down from chico to go have coffee with everyone she and her posse see as plebs

No. 283647

Yeah this must be about previous meets because I have not seen any of the mods at meets recently. Maybe it’s about the meet the mods made just for mods

No. 283707

File: 1677456836230.jpeg (351.24 KB, 828x462, D0A06413-5F31-45DC-AF33-9B46AB…)

Lost 2 more members this week

No. 283861

why would you be this fat and name yourself celestialfat. literally calling yourself planet-sized

No. 283879

I cant believe stupid people really cant bleach their own hair in 2023 when we have nothing but hair tutorials out there and instructions. kek

No. 283892

File: 1677578729225.jpg (180.71 KB, 1439x2285, Screenshot_20230228_050336_Pho…)

No. 283893

every time i start to feel a little bad for her i remember why i shouldn’t. embarassing

No. 283923

anyone else think it sus her usernames were excluded from OP? tinfoil someone's trying to frame her as the creator of the thread or some bs

No. 283925

Hate her or not posting from her private story is fucked anon

No. 283935

So was bullying and witchhunting Momo out of a comm, and off the public internet in general, for doing absolutely nothing. But yes, anon, go off about how awful it is to post something she decided to post online.

No. 283936

no shame in hiding that she uses lolcow at least twice a day

No. 283937

Didn’t the logs show that it was the discord chans feeding her the Momo stuff?

No. 283938

She aint special, other lolitas have had their priv stories leaked too, stay mad

No. 283941

So remind me again..they both used Cgl and posted people.

No. 283942

Jealous of what? Not being able to zip up that parka? I can smell the pork sweats on her unwashed clothes just by looking at this.

No. 283944

No. I was there, she was the one that initially decided it must have been Momo. Everyone fell in line and supported her based on her word and implications she had reason to believe it was her. Then the mods claimed to have "proof", which never materialized, and was partially impossible because some of us knew who posted the Reddit caps and it was not Momo.

No. 283945

Nice outing yourself for partaking in getting momo banned

No. 283946

Who is this? Because it seems like momo can’t catch a break from some anon in her comm posting her.

No. 283948

File: 1677627452695.jpg (40.18 KB, 382x315, 1513896621580.jpg)

That's my post so Liv if you're reading this I would never be jealous of a fat age player with a balding boyfriend but keep deluding yourself ♥ KEK

No. 283949

Did I write what I said incomprehensibly or something? I didn't participate in anything. I watched what happened and defended her outside of the server, because the mod team in there is fucking insane and would absolutely find a reason to ban you for going against that main group inside the server. I'm not in her irl comm. I just hate Liv for being a dick to someone sweet for zero to cover her own ass after the sw stuff came out.

No. 283951

In a past few threads, they say it’s birds_symphonia, who knows both of them IRL. The seagulls' discord logs show how unhinged bird_symphonia was that it made its way to her getting into Facebook group drama and being banned from groups, lacemarket sellers reporting her, and allegedly, from the logs, having Rose Nocturnalia make a video on her regarding her salty behavior in Facebook groups. These Texlitas clashes in the same comm and been nothing but trouble. She also got into it was frizzled rosequartz and her discord plus with liv. It’s entertaining seeing texlitas eating each other alive and I’m a eurofag

No. 283957

File: 1677634237684.jpg (222.6 KB, 729x1209, TikTok_screenshot_03_1_23_0210…)

I’ve never seen this bird symphonia chick, but it never fails to show how ugly Texas lolitas are. Anytime Liv or Cupcake are posted, they’re squeezing out their dresses more. So glad I don’t live in grease pot burgerland where people are not mentally challenged online and at comms. 

No. 283959


This bitch really out here flashing her whole ass titties on tiktok

No. 283960

>having Rose Nocturnalia make a video on her regarding her salty behavior in Facebook groups
KEK where in the logs is this mentoned?

No. 283961

Spoiler this disgusting shit. The problem is people over share way too much on the internet.

No. 283963

those titties aren’t even sisters, more like third cousins holy shit

No. 283966

She doesn’t want to admit it but fatties really did bullied her out of lolita. I hope she’s doing okay

No. 283972

Adults who shows their boobs on TikTok with kids on there are weird.

No. 283987

the mod is admitting she's fat in their response….and she thinks they're jealous?
does she actually think she's not fat or something? is this reverse body dysmorphia?

No. 283994

File: 1677661390212.jpg (631.84 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20230301_090132_Fac…)

OK but for real who the fuck is this ugly b?

No. 283997

[adware link redacted]

No. 284003

Unsaging post
Clearly a virus link (Do not click it fellow anons).

Did someone get offended?

No. 284004

oh stfu, considering her tattoo placement this makes complete sense. she’s not fat so what’s the problem? this “radfem” board loves to shame the non-sexual female body.

>inb4 hi-cowing - alyssa is a drama whore but this is fine

No. 284007

>she’s not fat so what’s the problem?

No one said she was fat? insisting on your own insecurities here, I see. 

But when Lara gets attacked for being a larger size at 30, that’s fine. Getting her private photos from her Facebook posted, and you all had a field day shaming her. So why is it so different now with this bird girl who got posted for her flabbing boobs on her lolita tiktok? 

>This "radfem" board loves to shame the non-sexual female body.

Cope. This has been happening since the dawn of web-based board like LiveJournal and way before that. Magazines and TV shows do it too, not just these "radfem" message boards. Put your blame somewhere else rather than spewing about radfems when it’s really male ideology. 

No. 284008

kek you seem new, this is not and has never been a radfem board. the only "radfem board" here is /2X/. idk why you'd bother coming to a gossip board if seeing cows being made fun of makes you upset

No. 284018

>reverse body dysmorphia
she's got the shaytaan delusion

No. 284021

The hypocrisy of this board. The whole Lara thing was totally fine apparently but boobs are not OK… grow the fuck up. You all acted like she was morbidly obese Amberlynn reid status and leaked private photos of her. Does that make you feel good nonnas?

No. 284033

momo was a two faced bitch idk why anons ride her strap so bad both are terrible people

No. 284034

to be fair nonita this thread is filled to the brim with hypocrites doing the same things they shit on others for doing i learned that a long time ago

No. 284035

I have a feeling there were only a handful of circlejerking vendettafags that kept posting lara since most of the time they'd post milkless selfies from her social media trying to bait her into getting upset about it. like >>282751 posting an unsaged photo of her just sitting there wearing a dress as if it were milk, same exact thing happened in the previous threads too. I wish she would've ignored it because showing that it made her upset was the reaction they wanted

No. 284039

Why do you assume it’s the same people posting Alyssa who complained about posting Lara? Plenty of people post here with different opinions, trying to point out “inconsistencies” and “hypocrisy” is useless unless they say themselves they’re the same anons.

No. 284041

cringe attention whore. even worse since there are minors who follow her

No. 284042

that's not vendetta tho.

No. 284043

Explain how.

No. 284045

File: 1677701847690.jpeg (197.22 KB, 827x1758, D17A00B6-6879-47D3-A783-C9D025…)

>Not fat
Slightly got a fupa

No. 284048

not everyone gets a boob job, anon

No. 284049

Go fuck yourself. Not milk

No. 284051

so is many other girls in this community, it doesn't make them milky unless you have something to provide farmers

No. 284052

obvious vendetta posting, but lolita community has always been little bitches about any nudity so continue on. just isn't exactly milky. Texas is full of shitters that post each other like we care about them or something. Infact, it's normally your own community posting milk-less shit. Enjoy.

No. 284054

If you haven’t learned already don’t be so quickly defensive as this anon explained it
>>284035 it makes you look bad

No. 284055

lolcow is not a radfem board. Why do people keep pushing this meme

No. 284059

Newfags don't get the main joke of this site is why.

No. 284064

Because lolcow is transphobic.

No. 284065

like >>284064 said its because we use evil radfem slurs like Troon here so the newfag SJWs assume we're all radfems.

No. 284067

Even though a gossip website where everyone picks on and degrades the appearance of women is not a feminist effort… It would be like saying all consertatives are terfs because theyre transphobic

No. 284069

File: 1677709882661.png (194.81 KB, 608x407, toast.png)

not really milk but made me lol, is she trying to get a japanese marriage visa? this is her love quest?

No. 284070

looking for an 18-21 year old girlfriend free japanese boy

No. 284072

Look, there's nothing wrong with her body but the post is fucking tacky and if you don't see anything wrong with it then you're tacky too. You can barely even see her tattoo in the photo, and most women who get tatted there push their boobs up and take up close pics when they want to show it off. She literally just wanted to show everyone her breasts.

No. 284097

She managed to get ita thread on cgl deleted because this picture got posted. The momo slander was never removed but mentions of her are erased within minutes. Why would a jannie waste time deleting every post about her and that quickly?

No. 284117

File: 1677725145362.jpeg (251.99 KB, 997x527, FC407BDC-EB60-4F40-B640-AD9C26…)

Sac are mods at it again apparently because someone just dropped this in Frilled's server. Sounds like they're responding to the exact vague "you're making everyone uncomfortable" accusations the mods sent the rest of Frilled's friends. This particular member is 17, the mods are nearly double this person's age fighting with them.

No. 284118

Why do 30+ yr old women constantly harass minors in this community?

No. 284119

File: 1677728728718.jpeg (277.75 KB, 644x918, F7AEF8DF-712E-4DB1-B3BD-0B861B…)

Who would be jealous of someone who maxes out the shirring on their dresses. Poor dress looks like it’s ready to burst

No. 284121

Kek hating trannies doesn’t make anyone a radfem, it just makes them normal.

No. 284124

omfg you cant even tell its got shirring! lay off the marshmallows!

No. 284126

This sounds like someone from frilled criminal's server posting. You would have to be in her server to have access to that, and you cut her name off so you must be friends. If she's 17 and you're looking out for her, why would you post her comment from a private server like that? The call is truly coming from inside the house. Again, we don't have the full ban list, so shut the fuck up about this bitch and her friends unless one of them does something stupid in public.

No. 284127

minors shouldn't be in the community.

No. 284130

>You would have to be in her server to have access to that

Wow, anon! Someone posting caps from a server means they must be in that server? Genius! You should be a detective!

No. 284131

What's the tldr of the sac drama? Both sides seem childish using this board for personal vendetta against the other side

No. 284132

No. 284133

Original Sacramento comm mod banned someone for questionable reasons, she made her own server, and both have been duking it out in the thread. The mod sounds like a gross old person and the girl who got banned sounds perma broke and has crazy friends so she might be crazy too as some anons have said. Her friends came into the thread to defend her and proved that they were in here and her main supporter is a huge ita, just like the mod who kicked them out. It's a fun bit of local drama but I think it's lost steam and will never top Liv simply existing.

No. 284134

There's no solid reason to crop the name though. One of them is posting their friends or they edited this for attention. I can't find a code to join their server, so whoever posted this is in Frilled's server and is trying to stir up drama.

No. 284135

It's wild how much of a disaster the western lolita community is now. Everybody is way fatter and more poorly dressed than even a few years ago. There are no standards anymore. What the hell happened?

No. 284139

Or have you considered that they’re just literally fucking trying to conserve her privacy? The nerve of you.

No. 284140

I'm now fully convinced one of her friends is here and trying to deflect attention away from the fact they posted the screenshot. No one else would care that much about protecting privacy on an image board. You guys have a lot of nerve too posting about a minor in your own server lol

No. 284142

Ayrt thank you nonna! It was getting hard to follow

No. 284143

t.obvious newfag

No. 284149

What Japanese man would want a black scammer for their mate?

No. 284151

>>283582 ah so she finally unprivated. Shes so ugly i nearly forgot

No. 284152

Starting to see a pattern of deflection here. Why is this posted immediately after any time the birdsymphonia girl gets mentioned. This isn’t really milk at all

No. 284160

[link redacted]

No. 284165

oh great here we go again with the 'deflection' crowd. this is a general thread get over it, if you want to talk about txlitas then do it but talking about other people isn't banned

No. 284180

all the good ones get run off from the fat drama hungry ones

No. 284182

discordfags at it again

No. 284215

File: 1677792025706.jpeg (116.74 KB, 599x895, 98FF3C39-5D15-4541-A4AF-569F72…)

She made an Japanese apartment video, and it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s so small and cramped up, with shit just thrown everywhere. She lays her drying Laundry over a bunch of electronics and smushed her brand in a small cabinet. She says she pays about 300 or 500 USD, but it honestly looks pretty depressing. 

No. 284216

File: 1677792113366.jpeg (638.27 KB, 804x1187, 3D2C8EF1-4DD7-4F66-B8B5-23AA20…)

No. 284218

File: 1677792212223.jpeg (257.81 KB, 447x780, CF1C0A80-CCA1-4DD3-91D3-08B395…)

No. 284219

File: 1677792336880.jpeg (268.23 KB, 464x790, E94CA28D-35AF-4965-8CDC-F30B8B…)

No. 284221

Place looks like a fucking Zoo. No shame on how they live

No. 284224

The Texlitas deserve their own thread at this point. They’ve proven they can’t keep themselves out of trouble and deflect here to bury the current issue they’ve created.

No. 284230

File: 1677805960386.jpeg (404.73 KB, 2048x1367, 45E0DF7C-3271-40B9-971F-1DCA6E…)

The state of her hair worries me

No. 284232

File: 1677806103846.jpeg (351.28 KB, 1536x2048, EB72F0EE-0340-4377-80B0-CA87A7…)

New Imani tattoo just dropped. Looks so bad it could be racist.

No. 284233

File: 1677806459620.jpeg (371.99 KB, 1440x1440, 4980B753-FAC9-431B-B5E8-F232A1…)


No. 284243

Maybe it’s best that she doesn’t sell her brand because imagine the damages she's done by storing the dresses that way. 

No. 284247

Why are you suddenly worried when she’s looked like this for years

No. 284269

File: 1677836535158.jpeg (773.95 KB, 789x1424, 7DC00AC6-18A2-4EB4-A5F2-16594B…)

>inb4 the ita thread gets mass reported because she was posted there too

No. 284271

No one cares. We know this and it’s getting repetitive

No. 284275

I care so stfu, this thread is slow anyway

No. 284281

Pure Autism

No. 284282

Deflection. It’s so funny seeing the same people who are total nobody get posted right after the cow above gets posted. Like big community cows, they will start posting other cows that no one really gives two shits about and convince themselves that their heinous behavior isn't like theirs. Discord gate and Texas Lolitas like >>284215 are a big example of using the deflection strategy.

No. 284296

I care nonny… it’s okay

No. 284312

I’ve seen how some of you dress, you have no place to be calling others autistic lmao

No. 284318

File: 1677875924363.png (2.77 MB, 2464x1708, IMG_0753.png)

Sage for old news but shilling and showing off an underwear brand on your fashion account is tacky. Christian girls fall hard.

No. 284319

other people care you biased numbskull. no one else is getting special treatment other than this fatty mcfatson. way to out who you are.

No. 284322

Anon it's underwear. How much of a tradwife are you that you're clutching your pearls at a fully clothed woman talking about a bra being comfortable?

No. 284325

Nayrt but you can only make fun of a fat girl for existing for so long before it gets old
The SAC and discord stuff was way more milky

No. 284327

Obviously none at all if I'm making fun of her religion retard. The point is Texas is tacky. First Alyssa showing her boobs now Hamnah showing her underwear.

No. 284328

Is this Alyssa birds_symphonia? Or different

No. 284329

No. 284347

File: 1677894297006.png (914.14 KB, 720x1440, 1677009988935074.png)

Not sure why this wasn't posted yet. Fluffykawaiijo pandering to a foot fetishist!

No. 284349

Are we sure that's her foot and not the foot of a corpse?

No. 284353

this is hannah retard

No. 284357

read child

No. 284358

Definitely bites her big toe nail

No. 284369

Maybe the sissy who always runways in her shoes does it for her. He does have some chompers!

No. 284371

File: 1677912605054.png (22.45 KB, 573x148, muhtism.png)

>harasses a mentally ill teenager
>"i have empathy because i cry over hot anime boys"

at that point i think it has less to do with autism and more with never mentally aging past 13

No. 284422

Is anyone else starting to think frill is obsessed with this kandiedkiwi?

No. 284424

not her but sure anon, making fun of someone's dumb tweets is obsession but going on about the texlitas for years and following their private accounts just to post about them here is normal sane behavior

No. 284433

honestly doubt it's frilled or her friends posting here, it's normal for drama to get egged on long after it's dead by thread watchers

No. 284435

As if we haven’t just witnessed how unhinged her crew like 20dollarlolita?

No. 284447

File: 1677998907212.jpeg (1.96 MB, 2630x2927, 36C671F2-33C9-43C8-9D02-B041F1…)

some good old-fashioned cringe. the juxtaposition of these ita coord pics with the rambling virtue signaling captions made me actually laugh out loud

No. 284458

File: 1678006129202.jpeg (994.5 KB, 1170x1462, 15325FAC-FE2A-4DE3-BA05-995FF2…)

this is the funniest shit i've ever seen

No. 284464

This is pure, distilled narcissism.

No. 284476

this is beyond insensitive…does she not have friends to explain how this cones off?
>tw: xenophobia and racism
>smiling brightly

No. 284479

Her constant soapboxing always rubbed me the wrong way, especially on an account dedicated to her (genuinely awful) outfits.

No. 284485

Why the fuck is she writing about herself in third person, does she think she's in a magazine?

Also I'm shocked no one called her out for using these topics as virtue signaling, especially when combining them with such narc photos/self descriptions.

No. 284499

File: 1678056031625.jpeg (551.2 KB, 1170x1234, F4A842C7-7CDD-404E-92FE-DEABF1…)

>bans someone for being "extremely mentally ill"

>has a self proclaimed "laundry list of mental health diagnoses"

No. 284516

Keep hating. That’s why you got banned frill

No. 284525

This is the cringiest shit ever. My favorite part is where she looks up police statistics and doesn't find what she wants but makes a bunch of assumptions that support her woke bs anyway. Like, girl you were so close…

No. 284526

everyone in and out of the sac comm knows you're a deranged ita, keep convincing yourself it's just her though

No. 284544

The vendetta against Frilled is weird, she's a mentally ill teenager. The real cringetard is 20dollarlolita for uploading TWO videos about their niche comm drama imo, how old is she?

No. 284630

Frilled seems to be about 20 so I can see why she might act weird in public, but 20dollarlolita is over 30 and should know better. They did the right thing getting rid of 20dollarlolita because I can't imagine going to a meet and then attempting to socialize with THAT. Someone upthread said she sounded like a narc and I see it too after reading some more of her psycho blog posts.

No. 284638

Have you seen her face up close in these videos? She looks at least 40.

No. 284649

File: 1678206002920.png (754.25 KB, 1424x1048, hmm.png)

did they just stop updating this or are they not getting submissions?

No. 284661

Might be a combination of both? I had sent one about a week ago and it hasn't been posted yet, but if that is the only one they've received in that long of a time frame, they might not check the account anymore. There's probably a lack of community engagement too since tumblr doesn't have a way to anonymously reply to comments either. I miss that about LJ since we could have actual conversations about topics that were brought up.

No. 284664

>since tumblr doesn't have a way to anonymously reply to comments either
yea this is why tumblr/any social media rlly isn't a good option for secrets which is unfortunate cause those are the most used platforms.

No. 284666

Someone just needs to man up and make a dedicated website for it. I'd do it but I don't care.

No. 284672

heads up that melissa runs this

No. 284675

a dedicated website for it? you mean like lolcow? kek

No. 284684

No she doesn't.

No. 284699

This is a thread on a huge board, not a dedicated website. It was nice having BTB to post smaller drama and keep this thread for major milk.
Problem is there’s no website you could host it on that would allow anonymous commenting and not ban you when people inevitably mass report.

No. 284721

It's wild discordchans mass report everything when it's to do with them since they can't handle the heat. BTB lasted years until they started getting posted

No. 284730

Anon… the LJ BTB was shut down because LiveJournal stopped allowing anon messages because the Russia-Ukraine war.

No. 284735

I meant the dreamwidth version they got removed to make their own version. I don't know any other platform that allows anon comments it could have moved to.

No. 284737

That was run by entirely different people so you can't even say it lasted for "years" until discordcunts reported it. It didn't even live a year. It was a sad imitation of the original.
Besides, secrets were already on their way out and we'd have weeks with no submissions or only a couple.

No. 284748

The LJ BTB suspiciously was never mass reported but the dreamwidth and Tumblr page were-both mentioning the discordchans but the original LJ BTB didn't and stayed up.

No. 284793

LJ BtB had a bunch of rules and would take down posts featuring complainers. Also, cancel culture wasn't as big, and I'm not sure Russians would care enough to ban the community.

No. 284834

Is lacemarket down for you too?

No. 284835

Also didn't the DW BTB have Melissa's unhinged list of people's full names and their locations posted? I could be mixing up her having that on her personal insta/DW,though.

No. 284837

Yes, it just says
>We're sorry, but something went wrong.

No. 284842



Olivia/Liv pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy (formerly dreamypastelprincess)
toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan
rainier#6904 (Rainey?) = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Hannah ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender] LM: Rosequartzroyalty
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina

Radical Eddy#1987 (originally from Wisconsin)

Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl
tokkigo#7380 = (FB: Mani Devlin) @tokkigo LM: tokkigo [particularly heinous offender, ragequit after being posted]
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
JuJuJu Bi#3579 = (Ha-Anh Dinh) @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie, twotartsandaprincess.com
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (works at Baby SF, has leaked secret shop info to discord)
dedizenoflight#5279 = @dedizenoflight (Twitter)





North Bend, IOWA

Lala Land#7138

#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234

evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe




Cookie Cat#7077 (Chelsea Clarke)= Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com




Jess#1258 (@jess.in.pink?)

celestial#8008 = @bumblebat, batlatte, acute-bird, coof-police LM: bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]

Lucid#9208 = lychee.cute?, lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org [particularly heinous offender]

PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea

Cake#9854 AKA @abbie_666

UK (P0ssibly Malaysia?)



alys#0310 = @digitalangel96 @fentanyllfairyy (name change)[particularly heinous offender]

pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art


Inaka, Kanamara, JAPAN
Saturn#5252(sage your shit)

No. 284843

It did

No. 284845

My personal tinfoil is that people in the bay area are so crazy because they're poisoned by the residual mercury contamination in the local watershed that's left over from the Gold Rush.

No. 284846


No. 284852

>has leaked secret shop info to discord
What secret shop info was leaked? Caps?

No. 284859

File: 1678311353922.png (432.95 KB, 1079x1355, 1667584681609.png)

think thats made up cause of vendetta but i found this which is from someone as creepy as he looks (pic reposted from old thread sage for old news)

[22-May-22 06:01 PM] ImNewHere#9064
I had an ex like that

[22-May-22 06:01 PM] ImNewHere#9064
and I secretly recorded her apologizing to me because she wanted some money

[22-May-22 06:01 PM] ImNewHere#9064
she admitted she lied to everyone

[22-May-22 06:01 PM] ImNewHere#9064
didn't know I caught it all

[22-May-22 06:01 PM] ImNewHere#9064
and sent it to everyone

[22-May-22 06:01 PM] alys#0310
but that's some ace detective move

[22-May-22 06:01 PM] alys#0310

[22-May-22 06:02 PM] Aiu#0642
u in a state where you only need 1 party for recordings?

[22-May-22 06:02 PM] ImNewHere#9064
no idea

[22-May-22 06:02 PM] ImNewHere#9064

[22-May-22 06:02 PM] Aiu#0642
I had to look into this a few years ago for reasons

[22-May-22 06:02 PM] Aiu#0642
but I guess if she doesnt know anything about it either then ur good Scotty

No. 284867

you're probably not wrong. also explains all the crazies and scammers that were in that area on asiajam.

No. 284874

sac comm member who hasn't been following discordgate super closely here, not surprised tokkigo is on there since she's friends with the sac mods

No. 284876

Be serious. I am not taking any of that discord business seriously anymore it was stale to start with anyway now i know it's a petty catfight between two parties being exposed on a gossip website

No. 284877

The discordchans at it again obviously

No. 284881

This, it's the discordchans mass reporting circlly!!

No. 284904

agreed at this point
hundreds of discordfags in and out for years yet I've lost count of how many posts are fixated on texas, california and seattle comm itas

good chunk of this list (heinous offenders aside) seems to have fucked off/changed handles, left years ago and don't give a shit or their milk ran dry in 2019

feel somewhat bad for tx and ca to have so many shit stirrers tbh but there's too many literal who's on the lists and butchered info to give a shit like 6 months in now

No. 284909

It's been proven they have a leak or three so wouldn't be shocked. When the DW BtB went down within minutes it was back up under another handle so its someone who knew they were mass reporting.

No. 284930

File: 1678337369602.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230221-210243.png)

saging incase its been posted already.
Aly has a new insta

No. 284945

Ngl, I hate LC and would love to see it go down permanently. Then someone can make something better, finally

No. 284949

Nobody is going to make a better version because women are terrible at coding. Literally every woman run site sucks.

No. 284956

what's with the low effort bait on the watchdog girl? you the same anon who tried to frame the lipstick tooth ita last thread?

No. 284966

Nobody cares about your vendetta for this fish eye'd zoomer e-girl

No. 284968

you might want to crop out your pfp next time

No. 284969

She has been for months now. Cringey as ever she even body checks in stories

No. 284970

hey @littleatmosphere

No. 284973

why was she ever popular when she looks like this kek now shes a nobody plus ugly. not even that skinny either

No. 284978

File: 1678369392376.png (5.37 MB, 1440x2572, poledancerchan.png)

Imagine throwing stones when you have all this on the same Instagram with your lolita shots.

No. 284979

found Aly's twitter it's puffnipples she's a degenerate on here as well, talk about fucking dragons, no wonder she is friend with Angeleeku

irrelevant to the conversation

No. 284985

Never understood why people thought she was cute she looks like a photoshoped 30yo MTF at only 19 kek

No. 284986

you tards always take the bait kek. littleatmosphere doesn't follow soupkatito or cemeteryfrills. why would she unfollow them but not change her pfp?

No. 284989

Obvious bait from the start no one cares about the chick posted to begin with It's the watchdog vendettaposting all over

No. 285012


Melissa is adding your post number to her "testimonials page" of any criticism she's ever received as we speak. She can't stand when people don't see her as the fat Bob Woodward of lolita.

No. 285013

alys self posting for attention. the bottom bar with the pfp is shooped, I can tell from the pixels.

please get better at photoshop.

No. 285021

does not seem likely to me: her last post is from 3 weeks ago and she has been posting less and less she is hiding to avoid consequences

No. 285025

People have lives out of lolita and the internet. I hope she does not come back
I find her face and her mannerism so grating but we have multiple friends in common they all kiss the ground she walks on so I keep quiet

No. 285028

"I stay to myself" no you bother every one around you Alys

No. 285031

I'm not Alys you daft sod can you read?

No. 285035

File: 1678392319698.png (85.4 KB, 800x173, kekw.png)

From her blog its clear she ran to avoid consequences of her gossiping in the discord. She sounds so full of herself she thinks she's so cute and quirky and loved kek

No. 285037

>paying real money to cover up your shit personality and then outing your old username anyway

No. 285040

She deleted her old blog and made a new one to escape. Even more pathetic. Nobody will hold her accountable because she is a white skinny reasonably attractive it sickens me to my core she was so mean in the logs and shows no remorse. Psycho.

No. 285041


No. 285044

Nonna most are fat (celestialteapot, liv, aiulura, starstarfairy mylesjennifer etc) ugly (wickedresh, scotty bishop, ghostlieangel, abhorrentfrills, beckkattack etc) or some combo of. They're not getting away with it for being uwu skinny and cute kek that sounds really vendetta. Alys isn't liked even by her own friends since they leaked her coord pic before the logs even dropped >>>/w/244200

No. 285046

Not a vendetta nonna. She's not even truly skinny or attractive just not a total unfappable fat uggo because people standards are low.

No. 285047

The point stands she is showing no remorse for her actions and no one canceled her

No. 285048

Ok scrote, go cancel her then

No. 285052

>no remorse for her actions
Do you mean like every other discord person in the logs? I’d honestly give up on any hope you have of these people actually caring about what they’ve said or done.

No. 285054

Already said but that’s some piss poor bait. In other news did anyone grab screenshots of dollsmeat calling Alys out for following her art page and immediately blocking her?(sage your shit)

No. 285058

Guess who follows soupkatito and cemeteryfrills and also has reason to hate Alys?

No. 285065

You people are retarded. Clearly anons forget to drop before they post

No. 285097

Wtf is going on with the AZ comm lately… Who is this new ita mod team? Where are the old mods?(sage your shit)

No. 285225

>can't tell bad Photoshop
>doesn't know memes
>on anonymous BBS board trying to convince others of shit bait
the newfags really come out of the wood works sometimes

No. 285229

File: 1678480029875.jpg (217.12 KB, 1080x1077, thecelestialteapot.jpg)

"if you hear anything bad about me believe that shit and leave me the fuck alone" kek at least she's embracing it

No. 285233

File: 1678483389688.jpeg (51.34 KB, 769x807, E5D16034-C370-4577-BF89-2D8DC5…)

Photoshop or not this bitch is a sex worker ita

No. 285234

File: 1678483741891.jpeg (795.89 KB, 828x1262, 5B09DAA2-E4E6-41E0-BCC8-DA8F93…)

Her degenerate sex party sage hosted

No. 285235

File: 1678483967304.jpeg (250.1 KB, 828x1007, 0B2D8B02-2C3C-4113-90D0-22353F…)

Showing off her ass in front of children and families.

No. 285240

Don't be obtuse that's a bathing suit at a pool.

No. 285241

KEK this is my problem with some anons, they nitpick the absolute dumbest shit to fit their narratives, it's so incredibly annoying sometimes and shits up decent threads

No. 285244

Same nonna. They've been shat up for a while now, wish they'd at least sage their vendetta.

No. 285245

The post is obviously a New Year’s party anon. We get it, you have a vendetta/trying to deflect off yourself

No. 285246

It's amazing how polar opposite anons in this thread will go when >>284318 is note worthy and tacky but >>285235 is not. Everyone has an agenda in this thread and it's painfully obvious.

No. 285255

I don’t know Nonnys. she looks like a typical age player

No. 285256

Looking at the photo makes me want to convert back to conservatism. It’s getting pretty tiring seeing girls throw their bodies on the web in the name of body positivity UwU and having scrotes get off on their movement of internet slut postings. 

No. 285299


No. 285301

This photo reeks of piss
oh wait
pisschan aka dollsmeat is there.

No. 285313

>anon like it's not obvious who it is posting

No. 285339

she did the same unhinged callout public posts about other girls previously but it's the first time i saw a name drop kek.
Since they hate each other should she not be happy that Aly blocked her? She told us Alys stalked and relentlessly bullied her but why did she not have her blocked there if she says she blocked her everywhere a long time ago? How can she tell she is copying her if she is blocked? Smells fishy. I think both are crazy in a different way. They both look so busted I think the drugs are in for something

No. 285340

Great Value playboy mansion, are they in a polyship or just friends?

No. 285349

Remember when it was mentioned above Aly made a new account. It would make sense she didn’t know to block the new account. She also probably had friends that told her? It’s not as weird as you think(sage your shit)

No. 285351

BS, insta lets you block all new accounts too now

No. 285360

Still a tad weird to check on someone you say you hate or have your friends checking nonna.
Old schoolers think they are unique and love to boost their ego by yacking about how they are copied but they are like nicole dollaganger calves: same cringe different coat of paint.

No. 285361

If only you were there lol

No. 285376

wtf is that why she goes by puff?

No. 285383

that's disgusting, never thought her proper for posting shitty artistic half nudes of her porky flabby body online but this puts her in the degenerate category

No. 285402

I know /cgl/ is annoying about drama, but is there a list or something of sellers NOT to buy from or are known scammers?

No. 285405

Laballerina boutique but she is more disgusting than a scammer she sent a IW haircomb with lice eggs to one of my comm member

No. 285432

There's a ban list on LM but sorely out dated.

No. 285483

File: 1678588088597.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 74.12 KB, 828x488, B9E878ED-A374-4AC1-8498-B802BB…)

She posted her butt about 20 times on her lolita account

No. 285494

File: 1678589937712.jpeg (600.04 KB, 4096x4096, 35EFB1A9-7D28-4B37-8D58-3A8F26…)

Ayrt? She’s following them. Awesome deflection right there

So the discordfag would purposely start drama after being exposed and going into hiding? They think everyone can forget their shit behavior by laying under the radar. It’s not adding up aubrie


Hi cowing

No one cares. Post milk

They all do drugs and even show up to meets with drugs. I hope the Illinois mods ban them for drugs promotion

No. 285577

File: 1678647864725.gif (162.29 KB, 220x124, 6A63AB06-3E06-49B6-989B-56A2DB…)

I would hate to be in her comm. she’s so gross and annoying

No. 285654

Why are we shaming women showing their bodies now? I didn't know lolcow was so prudish

No. 285662

You must be new here

No. 285671

this is genuinely embarrassing. i feel like i came across someone's personal mirror pic that they used for examining their body. why would anyone post this grainy pic of a dirty hotel room online?

No. 285673

are you stupid? the only response that Hannah post got was saying that it wasn't milk.

No. 285678

So you agree? You agree this website is prudish and brands anything including body parts as degeneracy like pearlclutching housewives from the 1800? Kek

No. 285679

It's ok nonna just say you don't have the body and confidence to do that

No. 285683

“Just say you don’t have the body or confidence to do that”

Delusion of modern day feminism

No. 285686

better modern day feminism than all the projection from sad hags ITT

No. 285693

it doesn't take confidence to be a skank kek

thing is, the community shuns those who post nsfw shit alongside lolita posts. always has, always will.

No. 285714

File: 1678683169526.png (110 KB, 715x479, A337466C-AF75-4B44-BB3E-9DF1E1…)

This thread is so dry anons have resorted to infighting and baiting about some random.

No. 285718

welcome to the lolita gen thread lol

No. 285744

other anons have called out both for being non-milk

No. 285746

Im not sure how you think that would help you, or stop the "issue" of women posting their bodies online. Have fun with the scrotes who think your only purpose in life is to clean up after him and pop out crotch goblins.

No. 285788

>if you don’t defend some ethot you’re obviously some tradthot

Nta but not supporting ethotting is a completely normal thing to do.

No. 285928

i'm anti porn but this is not the same. A woman showing her body is being a thot? Nice scrote mindset yall got so puritanical that you revert to act like the moids you claim to detest. Even in your posts you attack their appearance like a man would. Reevaluate yourselves, all of you.

No. 285929

samefag but i miss what this place used to be before retarded edtwt zoomers came in

No. 285949

File: 1678828832662.png (567.99 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20230314-142034.png)

I hate how my comm has degenerated into mostly sissies and white women pretending to be trans. The Facebook page has been our main way of communicating and organizing for over a decade but now some teenage ita and a totally-not-grooming 30 something whale pushed all the old mods out and are forcing us to use their discord and some weird Instagram page? Fuck this I'll just be a lonelita. Pic related.

No. 285957

That anon literally said
>Looking at the photo makes me want to convert back to conservatism

Agree kek it's all so fucking tiresome, especially when they use ~uwu radfem~ language to act as literal church ladies

No. 285962

A woman showing her ass unprompted to strangers with a grainy hotel room shot is not being a thot? How can you make your friends see your ass on their feed like that and NOT feel like some kind of disgusting perv flashing people and begging for male attention? Delusional WKing

No. 285981

>wearing comfortable clothes
>showing ass unprompted to strangers
>flashing people and begging for male attention
terminal moid brain

No. 285995

>comfortable clothes
Nta But clothes are meant to cover you up, these are almost if not actual “cheeky” styled underwear. No one is upset because she’s simply wearing something revealing or showing her body off, it’s because it’s next to and on the same account as lolita content. The behavior of having posts of this nature on the same account as egl has always been looked down upon and should continue to be shamed.

No. 286001

if this is about sac the main comm's mods consist of a bunch of fat (drug-addicted, in kira's case) 30 year old vtuber-obsessed permaitas with superiority complexes kek. their discord and fb page still exist btw unless they kicked you out of it

No. 286002

Have we reached the level of pearl clutching that a girl in a swimsuit at a public pool is considered degeneracy?? What about the shirtless dad in the back? Literally no clue who this chick is but this is next level retardation.

No. 286012

Nonna she meant the pic of dollsmeat >>285483

No. 286025

Who the fuck is this supposed to be

No. 286047

Post originally quotes >>285234, not >>285483. The swimsuit picture also got retarded pearl-clutching kek. Either way, that's an ugly ass picture but doesn't seem out of the ordinary for this person's instagram. She has less than two thousand followers and it's clearly a personal account of a person who does many things, one of which is wearing lolita, who the fuck cares it's posted on the same account she posts lolita… "content"? Personal profiles aren't fucking posting "content", you hyper-online entire-life-commodified-for-social-media ass zoomer cretins, normal people don't pigeon hole themselves in one single noun-core clout-maximizing coherent aesthetic for "content creation". Are you literally 15? Not you quoted anon, >>285995 and other pearl-clutchers
>No one is upset because she’s simply wearing something revealing or showing her body off
>it’s because it’s next to and on the same account as lolita content.
It's clearly not, if anons are saying she's "being a thot", "disgusting perv flashing people", etc. No one said a thing about "revealing pics next to lolita"

No. 286052

>No one said a thing about "revealing pics next to lolita"
Not only are you blind but you’re retarded. Multiple people disagree with you for a reason. No one cares if you’re not an influencer, if you’re posting revealing pictures with lolita on the same account you’re going to be judged. Do you know what website you’re on?
>you hyper-online entire-life-commodified-for-social-media ass zoomer cretins, normal people don't pigeon hole themselves in one single noun-core clout-maximizing coherent aesthetic for "content creation". Are you literally 15?
No one said literally any of this. Go back to Reddit

No. 286083

Its not about sac, idgaf about your stinky patchouli ass comm. Its AZ.

No. 286091

That post is not on that "chain" of quoted posts, retard
>if you’re posting revealing pictures with lolita on the same account you’re going to be judged
And if you're being a retarded zoomer church lady you are going to get posts like mine and other anons' telling you you are being a retarded zoomer church lady. Multi people are also disagreeing with you kek, it's hilarious that women who wear one of the most out there, least socially acceptable fashion styles will then turn around and say "you need to be appropriate and conform or else!"
>no one said any of this
No, but it's implicit in the "how dare she post personal pictures on her personal account where there is lolita content" sentiment. Maybe someday you'll learn to read between lines, autism-chan

No. 286094

you must be brand spanking new to the lolita community. it's ok if you're in a rotating door. we don't care, fetish fuck.

No. 286095

there's a difference between having a nice, model figure and being a dirty frumpy looking skank.

promise you. women have higher standards than men, whore bag.

No. 286096

File: 1678897469231.jpeg (22.46 KB, 710x790, 3A23218C-B38E-4954-A5A9-AC692D…)

Can’t wait to see the girls at the pool this summer in the only lolita friendly swimsuit to ever wear exist

No. 286122

I can see her feet, disgusting whore.

No. 286126

kek are you from 2007?

No. 286152

So since shes here whats the justification posting this if its totally not for male attenshun!!! Because no one posts this for a female fashion base.

No. 286156

Frill crew trying to shit up the sac comm. since they left there’s been little drama

No. 286158

weren't you guys trying to start shit with her for literal months, couldn't find anything on her, so you just started making stuff up? sounds like you're the drama ngl

No. 286194

No. 286270

Your mom

No. 286301

>no one posts this for a female fashion base
>sapphic women appreciating the female body cannot possibly exist
you're just trolling now

No. 286317

you're not going to convince anyone to give a shit about this in 2023 anon, give it up.

No. 286319

>"revealing pics next to lolita" also aren't an issue if you're uncontroversial and relatively pretty. I have a lot of followers, and have somehow never been posted here. But I post my cosplays, thirst traps and lolita all to one page. This is who I am, take it or leave it. I refuse to be lovely and pure to make anons on the internet happy.

As long as people aren't sexualizing lolita itself I don't care.

No. 286320

>never heard of gays

No. 286326

No one cares. If you’re a fat, ugly, sjw, sex worker then yes that’s cow behavior.

No. 286394

This, dollsmeat is a cow, always has been and always will be considering how old she is acting like this. Her bio says 26-27 iirc

No. 286533

>fat and ugly
>cow behavior
the influx of wannabe mean girls is painful we get it you were bullied in high school for one of the above and now you're projecting kek

No. 286583

Nice bait. But it’s funny because there fatties that bully people out of lolita and screech at brands to cater to their fatness.

No. 286593

You hags really can't stop thinking about her because she did a piss picture once. It was funny you're all so stuck up. She has been harassed and stalked since and does nothing wrong it's not cow behavior you're all obsessed she lives under your skin kek

No. 286597

she really told people to upload pics peeing outside too, something disgusting & illegal. we get it you're another edgy oldschooler who thinks that normal but most of us have standards. she's also harassing Alys and uploading edgy lewds, the peeing photo was not her only attention seeking behavior. get over that your fav is a cow.

No. 286599

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you can’t harass people who bully you. Discordgate logs prove Alys is obsessed with dollsmeat(sage your shit)

No. 286618

Didn't read the logs because I have no time to skim through dust old gossip from nobody itas but dollsmeat posted seven consecutive stories talking about her in public over a block kek. Who's obsesed again?
Idc to know who is right or wrong in the story but it's funny to look at unhinged old schoolers.

No. 286619

Samefag: I stopped following Alys because she never post anything juicy and her content is boring like watching paint dry. All she talk about is her bedroom the outdoor and her mid outfits. If she talk shit it's on a private account.

No. 286621

it was a fucking joke learn to take it, she is being harassed by more than Aly several ppl ITT contributed to stalking her because she has a good wardrobe and a following you're all deranged

No. 286624

File: 1679162734674.jpeg (142.85 KB, 828x1028, 8460994F-E448-47C0-AF65-9658A7…)

Is this her?

No. 286626

Isn't that the same lolita who posted a picture of her diarrea with sanrio stickers on tiktok?

No. 286628

Nayrt but look who uses this board to see why dollsmeat gets harassed itt: it's mostly people who hate her like alys herself and her discordchan friends

No. 286634

How is stripping down to your underwear, taking photos, and posting them online for everyone to see described as "just wearing comfortable clothes"? This WKing is incredibly stupid and obvious

No. 286638

She did this to herself by posting pictures pissing in lolita on a public group, harasses other girls in her public stories, has a history of posting other people on /cgl/, scamming then ghosting lolitas and more. Words on a board is not harassment just close the website. Close the tab and move on same goes for discordchans. At least most have the bright idea not to sperg about it on their socials like autists.

No. 286641

This isn't what WKing means but ok you are all so obsessed with those girls for showing skin maybe get checked they live under your skin kek

No. 286647

Jesus fucking Christ could you get more deluded

pisschan is a lolcow because she looks like someone’s grimy, unwashed toddler, she posted herself pissing, and cannot keep herself from sperging out all over the place. She will be a lolcow for as long as she dresses in this fashion because that will not change. She will not learn to groom herself or look presentable, she will not stay off these sites and keep herself sane. It’s a fucking ouroboros of mental illness

No. 286663

File: 1679174192566.jpg (91.32 KB, 1200x567, EwA4jzxVoAAeCSU.jpg)

No. 286665

KEK you sound so mad. Struck a nerve? Just admit she lives in your mind. Or that you are Alys because hiii I know you're in here posting you psycho stalker(hi cow)

No. 286673

File: 1679179903552.jpeg (143.36 KB, 828x811, 569BDAFC-D5E3-40A9-B3EB-8CB518…)

I hate to side with the discord gate bitches, but it's no wonder that Aly posted dollsmeat and stripping pole littleatmosphere. Aly is a complete shitshow stirring drama ita, but her comm are a bunch of laughing stalks embarrassing themselves in this thread. I’d imagine these people are behind the recent shitting

No. 286674

They’re just going to say you’re jealous nonita.

No. 286687

>She will be a lolcow for as long as she dresses in this fashion
A statement that applies to every lolita
the curse of having the same interests as fat ugly bitches

No. 286719

I don’t even need to see the proof. I believe this is true

No. 286771

lmao where is this picture from? Straight up looks like some kind of gross sex party

No. 286773

No, this is that cupcake ita that started a crusade against cookie cat because she thought she was fatphobic.

No. 286779

Littleatmosphere only got posted because she kept her insta profile pic in the screenshot of her posting Aly. I don't think that even the piss crew can try to pin this one on Aly, even though I've seen Dollsmeats whingeing stories about being harassed by her. So funny that Dollsmeats has been saying that Aly has been posting her here for years, but her friends get outed as posting Aly. I have no horse in this race, they're all cringe old schoolers, but Dollsmeat has been screaming about harassment for so long that it feels like the boy who cried wolf.

No. 286840

This and the screencap is dated 2/21/2023 but posted 3/08/2023 2.5 weeks later kek. Makes dollzmeat/aubrie look like the psycho here

No. 286914

this is a picture that smells bad to look at

No. 286919

Pisschan has drawn loli porn, made fun of girls with eating disorders, and bragged about being a camwhore who pandered to pornsick moids, long before her and Alys’s deranged slapfights occurred. She’s a freak and everyone who defends her behavior should be side eyed.

No. 286921

Not to wk nonna but where's the receipts?

No. 286939

Don't know about that but she scammed her very own friends and notoriously posted other lolitas online for years on /cgl/ leaving sloppy tracks behind she deserves every bit of mockery

No. 287020

Guess littleatmosphere went private and posting on her story about it.

No. 287032

Whatever happened to providing proof.
Not wk'ing but the amount of random rumors posted here in the past few days doesn't mean anything without photos or evidence
…The lolita thread has always been an unmoderated disaster..

No. 287036

File: 1679338700382.gif (5.02 MB, 490x498, i-have-never-ever-been-happier…)

kek dollsmeats is sperging about lolcow on her instagram story watch her go private too

No. 287037

No. 287038

not capping all 15 parts of her shitshow go check her instagram(lost samefag replying to her own request)

No. 287046

File: 1679345232801.jpeg (194.29 KB, 1080x1919, AEF6D9BB-BB4C-4C98-9E4E-5F5BED…)

Caps I saved of dollsmeat story

No. 287047

File: 1679345276226.jpeg (205.26 KB, 1080x1919, 47CF3D9A-B9CE-4768-9C2C-6FF967…)

No. 287048

File: 1679345292296.jpeg (317.28 KB, 1080x1919, DF8856CC-C570-4AC2-BAED-9788ED…)

No. 287049

File: 1679345319149.jpeg (168.18 KB, 1080x1919, DF86FF7B-96FC-4814-A49A-F02291…)

No. 287050

File: 1679345374190.jpeg (296.72 KB, 1080x1919, 9B8F5474-A9F2-41BB-9E3F-57B2F7…)

No. 287051

File: 1679345402289.jpeg (304.47 KB, 1080x1919, 66289441-1823-4110-B361-64C4EA…)

No. 287052

File: 1679345536100.jpeg (219.78 KB, 1080x1919, 2862ADD1-AB82-4783-AB9B-E5377B…)

No. 287053

File: 1679345574395.jpeg (288.79 KB, 1080x1919, 6D622AD6-B95C-4BCD-9FA4-2F5905…)

No. 287054

File: 1679345623487.jpeg (285.08 KB, 1080x1919, F6915946-B946-45C7-9431-3A8D38…)

No. 287055

File: 1679345656460.jpeg (255.62 KB, 1080x1919, 90A138FA-9C64-4ED5-9017-159B6E…)

No. 287056

File: 1679345730375.jpeg (245.36 KB, 1080x1919, 9B1EF1F4-4939-4B47-8499-FB5D18…)

Her Cocaine addiction

No. 287057

File: 1679345773505.jpeg (233.56 KB, 1080x1919, 8E08C890-7521-4974-B24B-532301…)

No. 287058

File: 1679345805475.jpeg (316.25 KB, 1080x1919, 4624F879-BDF3-4E43-9385-5EC847…)

No. 287059

File: 1679345842006.jpeg (213.29 KB, 1080x1919, 9B2EDD80-79BA-4893-BA69-D5301A…)

No. 287062

Jesus fucking christ, what a shit show. Is she having some sort of manic breakdown? Why post all this if it clearly bothers her intensely to be talked about negatively? I don't even feel strongly about her one way or another but this makes me MORE likely to believe she's an insane cow, not less.

No. 287065

kek now this is milk

After reading that I am starting to believe she was the one harassing and stalking girls and not the other way round.

No wonder she always looked like a can of busted crackers, why is she talking about her disgusting kinks when no one asked?

No. 287067

>Showing off her ass in front of children and families.
>Showing off her ass

What ass? She looks like a nursing home inhabitant below the waist.(sage your shit)

No. 287073

File: 1679350719930.jpeg (11.87 KB, 280x266, 093EB998-76A6-4670-9CBE-1F5A1A…)

She really showed us. That cocaine must’ve really fried her brains.

No. 287079

File: 1679351990727.png (Spoiler Image, 30.21 KB, 634x515, 60EEB541-BB1E-4E94-98E8-1D752D…)

Anyways, Sacramento idiots boosting their home life on the web. Calix mom is irresponsible for having 3 grown men in her home.

No. 287080

why do so many cows believe weed is good for you? inhaling smoke is still objectively bad.

kek every cow does this like clockwork. they overshare a bunch of personal information for no reason about their drug abuse and kinks to "show the haters", and singlehandedly humiliate themselves further. the WKing upthread was also extremely obvious but i guess we can't technically count that against her

this is such insanely irresponsible behavior. unrelated men (stepfathers and boyfriends) cause the highest rates of physical and sexual abuse to children. bringing 3 of them to live with your daughter in your house because you need dick that badly is unhinged

No. 287081

So instead of poking the stick at a crackhead attention whore troll, why don’t you anons figure out what Toast Chan has done with the scamming money or discordchans stalking minors?

No. 287082

people have for months. everyone has already pointed out those things. stop trying to derail when new milk just dropped.

also she's not a "troll". the only person she's humiliating is herself

No. 287083

Hilarious attempt at derail. Me and my three girlfriends are laughing at you.

No. 287084

We can focus on toast and the rest of them later. Being caught shitting up The Farm and creating 20+ meltdown posts is unhinged. To admit that you did cocaine to your anonymous enemies is just so dumb. I’d never share such information like that on the web, and apparently her job knows about this because she told them. 

No. 287086

>the local comm loves me
>I'm not in the local comm
Which is it? Also is she saying here >>287056 she's into dolls sexually?

No. 287087

I think she gets off by pretending to be a doll?

No. 287104

sounds like her and lor have that in common

No. 287106

but do they smoke weed?

No. 287127

please anons post the milk

No. 287189

Yes, they do.

No. 287205

If there was proof it would've been posted. Just another vendetta against pisschan.

No. 287216

File: 1679418447811.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 127.93 KB, 1680x960, 74D08AC1-068C-4ADE-B86B-DA0DAC…)

idk anything about her posting friends on /cgl/, but here’s her nsfw fetish artwork

No. 287218

File: 1679418635712.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 297.84 KB, 1242x1883, 0E8D1304-4F2A-423D-968D-6749BE…)

here she says “What can I say? Weeb boys give me their cash, it's more than what you're doing”

No. 287223

File: 1679419738621.jpeg (151.5 KB, 778x809, BBA9966E-D2ED-4A2D-8CC8-12290E…)

Bringing this down because it’s relevant to vendetta dollsmeat and littleatmosphere battle.


Olivia/Liv pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy (formerly dreamypastelprincess)
toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan
rainier#6904 (Rainey?) = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Hannah ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender] LM: Rosequartzroyalty
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina

Radical Eddy#1987 (originally from Wisconsin)

Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl
tokkigo#7380 = (FB: Mani Devlin) @tokkigo LM: tokkigo [particularly heinous offender, ragequit after being posted]
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
JuJuJu Bi#3579 = (Ha-Anh Dinh) @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie, twotartsandaprincess.com
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (works at Baby SF, has leaked secret shop info to discord)
dedizenoflight#5279 = @dedizenoflight (Twitter)





North Bend, IOWA

Lala Land#7138

#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234

evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe




Cookie Cat#7077 (Chelsea Clarke)= Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com




Jess#1258 (@jess.in.pink?)

celestial#8008 = @bumblebat, batlatte, acute-bird, coof-police LM: bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]

Lucid#9208 = lychee.cute?, lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org [particularly heinous offender]

PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea

Cake#9854 AKA @abbie_666

UK (P0ssibly Malaysia?)



alys#0310 = @digitalangel96 @fentanyllfairyy (name change)[particularly heinous offender]

pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art


Inaka, Kanamara, JAPAN

No. 287227

Least you can do is update this before reposting you tard

No. 287228

Another attempt of derailment I see

It’s sad that her family didn’t give her enough love that she resorted to seeking attention online. Was this her cocaine snorting era?

You know your local comm doesn’t love you. After acting unhinged at the cemetery meet with your host littleatmosphere :^(
it’s better if you two just stay out of the Illinois comm with your terrible drug influence to members.(:^()

No. 287229

It's literally not relevant at all and was already posted upthread. Stop derailing.

This. She's trying to pretend shes "trolling" after inexplicably revealing info about her addiction and unhinged mental illnesses to anons who make fun of her. How could anyone be that dumb? I guess she thought it was some kind of checkmate against people who assumed her addiction was meth?

No. 287230

She looks like a haggard 45 year old here. How old is she?

No. 287233

File: 1679422538435.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 503.18 KB, 1920x1920, 067521AC-3A9B-41F3-92D9-F1A500…)

More of dollsmeat nsfw fetish artwork

No. 287235

File: 1679423003585.jpeg (158.6 KB, 1080x1919, D5FE5674-2988-4F74-9C96-9915CC…)

No. 287236

File: 1679423061336.jpeg (245.91 KB, 1080x1919, 35EDD07A-B202-4389-A520-5B774D…)

It’s all gags anons. It was a silly troll joke

No. 287238


No. 287241

Literally "I was just pretending to be retarded" the person

No. 287246

File: 1679427277686.jpeg (97.5 KB, 960x960, 14E5DC61-0EC2-496E-BE9D-7F06C8…)


No. 287247

File: 1679427392702.png (631.25 KB, 828x1792, 24E1453C-797D-476D-95BB-F533ED…)

The hands. That is permanent on someone’s skin forever .

No. 287248

Dollsmeat can’t even spell to save her life

No. 287250

Again, take this to another thread.

No. 287256

Like Alys doesn't look as bad without all her filters right?

No. 287262

OK it's updated the best I can find.


Olivia/Liv Engro pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowghostbunny @o.engro (formerly dreamypastelprincess) [particularly heinous offender]
toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan LM: toastchan
Rainey rainier#6904 = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Hannah Franke ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty LM: Rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender]

Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy (originally from Wiscousin) LM: RaddicalEddy

Anna Shipman Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl LM: aiunyan [particularly heinous offender]
Mani Devlin tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo LM: tokkigo [particularly heinous offender, ragequit after being posted]
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
Ha-Anh Dinh JuJuJu Bi#3579 = @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie, twotartsandaprincess.com
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (works at Baby SF, has leaked secret shop info to discord)
dedizenoflight#5279 = @dedizenoflight (Twitter)

Ezra biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun, @gl.ossuary, @gl_ossuary LM: biscuitbun
Nif @prettyprincess.club LM: niftynif

Arianne Golding cardinalcopia#8114 = @kdycu, @telltaleyarnco
melomania#8041 = LM: melomania


beck#2603 = @beckattack, becksux LM: beck


North Bend, IOWA
Scotty Bishop ImNewHere#9064 = @scottyspor LM: ImNewHere

Lyla Hyatt Lala Land#7138 = @clefableist [particularly heinous offender] LM: Ensomnia
agentlemandoesnotconga = @agentlemandoesnotconga LM: agentlemandoesnotconga

#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234

evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe

Julie starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy, @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairy

zepplis#6640 = @zepplis LM: zepplis


Chelsea Clarke Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com

Lily Lee Lucid#9208 = @lucidly lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org

Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia

wallpaper-chan#9414 = @voyeurism.s LM: velveteenchemise

Jess#1258 (@jess.in.pink?)
Kim Varley ghostlie#7579 = @ghostlieangel @shopbellefreams

celestial#8008 = @twinklebatdesigns, @batIatte, acute-bird, coof-police LM: bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]

PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea

Cake#9854 = @abbie_666 [particularly heinous offender] LM: donutdemon

UK (P0ssibly Malaysia?)

Elina Princeataia elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina [particularly heinous offender]


Alys Pain De'spice alys#0310 = @webfairywiz, @puffnipples [particularly heinous offender]

Amber pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art


Inaka, Kanamara, JAPAN

Kate rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie LM: rougeaerie

Savannah Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins
Melissa harmlessmonster#7160 @grownhaunted
Eileen Resh#8336 = @_i.leen
romeo#3055 = bunii_boy LM: bunnyboy
Jennifer Myles jennkitty#3462 = mylesjennifer, D_walkure LM: legnanellaf [particularly heinous offender]
purestmaiden#8700 = purest,aiden LM: wonderfinch

pwassoncha#2894 = @pwassonchat LM: pwassonne(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 287265

wonderfinch/purestmaiden is bay area & sacramento btw

No. 287267

You're so dedicated to derailing nonna. I admire it.

No. 287270

File: 1679434462025.png (47.71 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20230321-143149.png)

Fat ass fucking Melissa again, you're the only stalker here. Why did you not take the first redtext as a hint?

No. 287278

It's not derailing to point out who is attacking dollsmeat itt

No. 287279

So you know for a fact all the posters "attacking" dollsmeat are discordchans? Are you a psychic? Meanwhile we DO know, with proof, that Melissa is derailing actual present milk to sperg about her personal crusade again.

No. 287283

which one are you?

No. 287285

There is actual zero proof of it being them. Go outside and get help Melissa you have been caught twice now.

No. 287289

Twice? It gets posted every thread

No. 287292

It's been posted three times in this thread alone. Along with someone was bitching and crying they weren't included in the OP enough >>282793 and after someone was bitching and crying that no one was talking about them yesterday >>287081.

No. 287293

ayrt I meant it's the second time she has been caught redhanded.

No. 287295

At least the third time was 'updated' but still wrong since purestmaiden isn't right >>287265

No. 287298

NTA, but psychic here. discord chans are prowling this thread like rabbits in heat.

No. 287303

File: 1679444138305.png (37.09 KB, 1144x246, newlink.png)

Looks like log link was changed:
https://ufile.io/sphxdxqb from the docu, pic related.

No. 287306

File: 1679445123442.png (11.69 KB, 322x472, dollsmeatnsfw.png)

list of her known aliases: dollsmeat, bambisbum, hexkboy, irklarer7

No. 287309

sage your milkless shit no one cares

No. 287343

i posted >>287216 >>287218 and >>287233 and i’ve never been involved in any online comms or discords. i just feel strongly against pedo apologists like dollsmeat, toastchan, beck.

No. 287537

Are you aware this is a gossip website? People are talking about her or you because you keep doing milky shit like pissing on streets, posting nudes on your normal profile or wking your deranged behavior as normal here.

No. 287544

where's she posted nudes anon? scrote mindset

No. 287551

This and the rest is the most manic shit I've read in a while. It's also the exact same typing style and word choice as >>286641 , >>286593 and the other white-knighting posts (everyone is obsessed with me, I'm getting under your skin, it was funny etc).

Repeating "scrote/moid mindset" everytime someone discusses your actions doesn't make you fit in any better.

No. 287668

>Is a sex worker
>crying for people to buy her nudes on social media.

No. 287776

File: 1679593472738.jpeg (58.71 KB, 724x888, 279A2DA0-2B4B-4F6B-9388-A20DAB…)

Can someone explain why Kuroshiro kawaii is closing?

No. 287807

Yeah absolutely. Can you use ctrl+f?

No. 287817

kek Nonnie this absolutely sent me, ily

No. 287989

File: 1679626440306.jpeg (167.16 KB, 817x1548, ABF3536D-EA6A-4C10-A6EF-315737…)

So her comm is DC Kawaii Style I just found. She is the self proclaimed queen of DC. I thought she lived in Japan and was a girl boss best tattoo artist? she raps too.

No. 288068

please are her raps as tragic as she is?

No. 288093

This bitch is not lolita

No. 288094

This bitch is not lolita

No. 288119

This unfortunate clown school dropout's incomprehensible posturing on Facebook isn't even milky. Every single time she's posted it has nothing to do with lolita. Can you please take your vendetta somewhere else?

No. 288153

She's for sure a cow but not lolita, is there a jfashion/alt fashion general thread?

No. 288160

why yes, nona, funny you should say that! it's right here
It hasn't been posted in for a month but I'm sure they can revive it

No. 288567

File: 1679778413790.jpg (16.16 KB, 225x225, 9559357.jpg)

Some ita called ainiwaffles is currently having a nervous breakdown in cgls bst thread because people shat on her wishlist and she started defending herself in third person. I looked and her twitter and it's full of AIshit, coomershit, 4chan references and images from cgl. Any german nonna have more milk on her?

No. 288600

She's cute and you sound bitter

No. 288660

Kek this is milky. That thread makes her sound deranged

No. 288663

this is some of the more deranged infighting i've seen recently, I can't even tell what they're arguing about anymore. I'm wondering why the CGL jannies haven't nuked the thread yet

No. 288668

Agreed, it was a little hard to follow. Why did she start sperging about the goth chick?

No. 288676

if I'm reading right it's because she believed that's who was trying to sell her blue HD for $3k?

No. 288681

I don't think current cgl has any jannies at all tbh. As far as I understand after she defended herself, she went off about an anon from the previous thread who offered to sell her a scalped hospitality doll and said they were salty, trolling and don't own the dress. Then scalperanon supposedly turned up and told her they weren't trolling but changed their mind after seeing how deranged she behaved. She then further derailed the thread and thought everyone responding to her was that anon until they actually turned up again with imageproof and told her to stfu. Then she completely lost her shit and started rage spamming closeup images and insults of thingsweneverdid who owns all hd sets. She probably googled hospitality doll in blue or went through all hd listings on lm, saw a blue op being sold to her and decided that the scalperanon must be her. Its a real galaxy brain move to think only one person can own your dream dress and then insult that person and act as deranged as possible to make sure they will never sell it to you lol.

No. 288688

File: 1679847927063.png (52.87 KB, 1396x1254, 1.png)

Not posting the whole spergout but here's the start of it and here's the archive for context https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10837621

No. 288689

samefag but check the dates, girl is unhinged this went on for W E E K S

No. 288693

The one with the image at least started off convincing until she botched it with last part kek. She really isn't fat, just extremely unhinged. She even made a whole reddit for herself https://www.reddit.com/r/ainiwaffles/

No. 288694

>11 Members

No. 288718

Thank you for the summary, good to know I understood most of it. This is comedy gold honestly.

No. 288754

I was the one with the image (10840332) and I stand by what I said, she's annoying and ita but not fat.
This isn't really milky anyways… we really need Behind The Bows back.

No. 288759

She may not be fat, but her unhinged sperg out is definitely milky.

No. 288760

File: 1679862376792.png (14.59 KB, 1889x122, Screenshot_1.png)

i'm 10840329 in this screenshot and it's so hilarious how all of this is unfolding. i don't agree that she's fat obviously, but her spiral meltdown reaction to that initial comment just makes her such a cow. she posted like three times under her namefag again for damage control claiming she wasn't any of these posts but it's so obvious that she was both 10840322 and 10840329. realistically, who is going to cape for a complete random on cgl to the point of going to her socials and citing what exact dresses she has and that they're jealous of her "upper arms," like what the fuck kind of comment is that? if any outsider was going to comment on it, it'd barely be that emotionally involved and specific, like how >>288754 was for example. i honestly believe this girl is self obsessed enough to wk herself, given that she has a domain email of her own handle (aini@ainiwaffles.com) a paid for verification mark on twitter to feel important, and her own subreddit. does she really think she's famous or something?

No. 288774

File: 1679864550359.jpg (152.48 KB, 1021x779, ok.jpg)

This reply absolutely sent me. The mary sue complex tier description, and she's "made a name for herself" in the lolita community despite being a literal who.

No. 288791

I do miss BTB, did the discordchans move forward with theirs? Secret sisterhood doesn't seem to be active.

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