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File: 1585418103926.jpg (939.67 KB, 595x789, biE44yA.jpg)

No. 766091

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>758822

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), mariahthecatlady (used to be momoscats), momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis and blog posting are against the rules.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>gets liposuction for the upteenth time to make her uniboob and stomach flat
>LVLUP Expo booth consisted of day drinking, uncensored adult material and cringe Tiktok dances
>makes a anal plug set and shows coochie. Orbiters rejoice, anons puke their lunch
>recorded her liposuction in her instastories
>can't decide if Corona virus is to be taken seriously or not, makes jokes then says people need to take it seriously because others are making jokes
>Sometime between LVLUP and the beginning of Corona pandemic, Vamps and Moo mend their relationship
>claims she quit weed and Monster energy drinks "cold turkey"
>claims through a interview in October 2019 that she makes 20-40,000 USD a month from no-nude photosets
>gets buttmad about Steven Universe, pretends to know the lore and support shitty characters
>promotes a shady site that apparently "wipes the internet" of a camgirl's content to protect it. Whiteknights can help pay for a camgirl's subscription fee.
>cuts her hair because it been severely damaged

No. 766092

File: 1585418191915.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.94 KB, 1250x1874, OmqsP4S.jpg)

No. 766099

That is absolutely stomach-turning.

No. 766103

File: 1585420568387.gif (495.68 KB, 240x211, OccasionalElaborateDassie-max-…)

No. 766104

I don't know why she's pretending to be a cosplayer still when all she does is this gross porn shit. Does she really hate sex workers that much that she doesn't want to admit she is one?
No wonder those girls chased her out of the community

No. 766108

File: 1585424273058.jpg (20.37 KB, 425x413, Picrelated.jpg)


What the actual fuck is the hairline on that wig? looking like that weird vampire fringe

No. 766109

Photoshopped her eyebags out. Will that be her next surgery?

No. 766120

File: 1585428932972.gif (835.14 KB, 500x281, stares.gif)


She picks the worst contacts. I'm sure they edit them to be more vibrant, but that's not even the issue - the pupil is weird altogether. I know these guys have no standards, but I can't imagine jacking it to this image with those fucking terrifying eyes. Definitely not alluring or sexy.

No. 766124

Jesus Christ get a hold of yourself Mariah

No. 766154

those bottom eyelashes look so sad

No. 766164

File: 1585440161550.jpeg (175.87 KB, 534x376, 5016D7BB-EA07-4B50-AB6C-34A966…)

she must be insecure about her new haircut if she’s already wearing wigs on stream

No. 766201

If she's already wearing a wig, just lop off all the hair and start anew. Get something on that body healthy.

No. 766208

File: 1585454291679.gif (485.95 KB, 175x177, giphy (1).gif)

This looks like a baby spitting up, or a retarded child eating a bunch of glue. Fucking nasty.

Who the hell comes that much, anyway? Is she roleplaying as someone who jerked off a horse?

No. 766209

File: 1585454728085.png (520.9 KB, 590x1056, 1585329734440~2.png)

This looks like the hair dresser lost her scissors and decided to just chew the hair off.

Is frogdresser responsible for this mess?

No. 766211

File: 1585455536106.png (37.9 KB, 490x613, Screenshot_170.png)

No. 766212

she could've done this shit blindfolded in her bathroom with craft scissors for free

No. 766215

short hair is for dykes anyway anon and she's only a pretend one for the thirsty neck beards

No. 766218

Of course she's insecure now. She looks like her Mom cut her hair with kitchen shears because she got bubble gum stuck in it.

No. 766219

Why the hell didn't she just shave it? It's still fried as shit, just shorter. None of that mess was salvageable.

No. 766223

that's a chemical cut, moo. and it's gonna keep snapping at the ends long before it grows. she's going to stick extensions in or mash that shit under a wig asap I guarantee.

No. 766229

File: 1585465616682.jpg (42.76 KB, 1024x646, yvO7N1V.jpg)

If you showed me a grainy edit of Moo as is and told me it was 80s Judd Nelson I'd believe it.

No. 766231

Well since all salons are closed or supposed to be by order of the governor who the fuck cut it?

No. 766232

probably herself. that’d explain the hack job.

No. 766233


Maybe umbran cut it for her. Moo trusts her with styling all her wig, so why not let her chop her fried hair off.

No. 766238

Yikes. She really does look like Asherbee now.

Right? I guess cutting off the weed and energy drink supply didn't help cause she's still high out of her mind to think that it's still not fried.

No. 766245

Fucking kek anon. Except Judd still manages to have better hair

No. 766248

She looks like a fat countess Luann from RHONY

No. 766254

So here’s the deal. I’m always amazed by just how much vitriol is directed in Moo’s direction in respect of her looks. Don’t get me wrong, if people want to cast aspersions relating to her personality thorn I get that as she seems like an immature, self centred waste of oxygen. But ugly? Really? I mean it’s obviously a personal preference thing, and I happen to prefer curvy women over what might be termed conventional super model looks, but Moo is a long way from being physically unattractive.

Rant over.(thirst)

No. 766256

no one cares that you think a bloated whale carcass is sexy. sage your shit.

No. 766260


Droopy jowled, lazy eyed, fish lipped face. Lumpy, weird proportioned, lipo botched body. Only going to get worse over time.

>>but Moo is a long way from being physically unattractive.

lol. Okay Umbran (or whichever sad hanger-on you are)

No. 766261

no one but anachans think "supermodel" body types are sexy, besides, moo is OBESE - not curvy, so shut the fuck up and learn to integrate if you wanna pass as anything but a) one of moo's retarded paypigs who she'll never give a shit about or b) one of her irl doormats she throws money at

No. 766263

fuck she totally looks like Asherbee.

No. 766275

this comment is like 3 years late my dude.
She used to be cute and curvy and a few years ago a lot of the nitpicking on her looks wasn't warranted, but she's truly grown into the disgusting mess we all thought she was way back when, personality and looks wise.

No. 766282

how can you say you prefer "unconventional" people and refer to her when shes had a fuckton of surgery to keep her looking the definition of conventional? shitty bait.

No. 766288

I mean… Moo's hair is the same texture as Umbran's wigs so makes sense to me.

You can think Moo is cute if you're into people who age like milk left on the counter. Do you fantasize about her floppy jowls, her dead eyes or her lumpy hank hill ass more?

Also there's like a 100lbs difference between moo and 'super model'. 'Conventionally attractive' falls between them.

No. 766295

I just realized with the stay at home orders, if frogdresser was smart she would not be accepting clients right now. (Plus that's not a professional blow out.)
that means Moo went stir crazy with her grown out extensions and cut her own hair. lmao.

No. 766296

Well played, it's amazing how buttblasted your one comment has made everyone.

No. 766305

Or Umbran cut it for her

No. 766309

Please sage your posts, especially if you're going to jerk yourself off. Thanks.

No. 766310

Momo is a liar anyway but the problem is she's manic for other reasons too. She also didn't say anything about her pill problem or drinking booze.
Even without all the drugs this was the same screeching idiot who threw a plate of eggs at her mom because it isn't what she wanted and would throw a bitch fit on other peoples birthday because it wasn't about her. Girl acts like a retarded gorilla (and looks like one too)

No. 766318

fuck off back to reddit

No. 766319

File: 1585528731713.jpg (22.4 KB, 400x266, 553a98434aa21808310057d3.jpg)

Just started reading the earlier threads.
Not a single inkling of improvement - instead, she's tumbling more and more and can't climb her way out of it. What is she, 25 now? You'd think there was something in her life that'll snap, an epiphany that'll have her go, "I can't believe I've been doing this. I have to set things straight." And if she GENUINELY turned herself around? Sure. But she hasn't. I don't know much about the Con scene and from reading about Momo, she's a vapid cunt.

I pity her.

No. 766320

Your pity is better wasted on a kicked over trashcan tbh.

No. 766329

Have you ever seen her irl? She's a solid 5/10.

No. 766333

you've gotta see her without photoshop,lulus,makeup,wig and contacts HAHAHAHAHA

No. 766338

Moo is so dumb she doesn't care that she's infamous. She just cares about money. She can be as delusional as she wants. She would only lose her shit if she can't get paid to be a thot

No. 766347

She's admitted to being a sex worker but nothing she is doing now is anything any other thot isn't already doing or at least a good portion. It's like the second OnlyFans became more popular everyone started doing amature porn or straight up anal shit like Moo. Give it more time. Moo will do straight up sex, but as long as she doesn't a cosplay here and there she can still claim it. It brings in big beta cuck bucks anyway.

No. 766349

>she's a solid 5/10
That's pretty generous anon.

No. 766351

I mean, she's not the thicc goddess that the people say she is on Instagram/reddit but she's also not a goblin that people say she is on here. But I will admit, her ass is awful 2/10 on that shit she needs to put some of that plastic surgery money into them cheeks

No. 766353

File: 1585549352012.png (Spoiler Image, 498.75 KB, 492x655, moo1.png)

No. 766355

Imagine waiting so long for her to go topless and you get rewarded this lumpy mess for your patience.

No. 766356

This. Her head looks smaller than normal in here too, oh man.

No. 766357


that fucking wig hairline I'm goddamned out of breath

holy shit can someone just teach this used condom how to put on a wig already

No. 766372

It seems like women like to wait until they hit rock bottom before they show the goods. Maybe they need the confidence boost or to try and restart their careers? 25 years ago I though Helen Hunt was hot as shit but instead she waits until she is old and wrinkly to get naked. What a waste.

Same with Moo. I admit I used to jerk it to her a few years ago, shitty personality or no, but this shit is just embarrassing. She is washed up in her 20s.


No. 766373

I was kind of wondering if drugs weren't the motivation for the turn to porn to boost money. She always has that vapid dead-inside look on her face anymore. Maybe she's on drugs all the time besides the weed.

No. 766398

Place your bets on her getting labiaplasti after going full nude so she has perfectly tucked and symmetrical hentai pussy lips.

No. 766403

Nah she may be an alcoholic or something but I think she has just been losing her neckbeards(money) after the countless things that have happened and she's getting desperate. To be able to somehow lose actual incels that only view you as an object says a lot.

No. 766430

The fact that she has to photoshop her botched body to somewhat resemble a human one is funny. At this point Square can demand anything of Moo and she has to do it or she's fucked since she left a permanent stain on the photog community.
But the moment he stops shopping her I can see her numbers dropping rapidly

No. 766469

She used to have a cute face but she's gone way overboard on fillers and her lifestyle has taken a toll on her skin. She also makes bizarre facial expressions all the time

Her body looks worse than a regular fat girl's too since her lipo has misshapen her

It's sad

No. 766470

Can't even blame Moo for that one, Umbran does that weird fake hairline for all of the wigs she makes

No. 766509

File: 1585613048381.png (132.95 KB, 720x711, Screenshot_2020-03-30-16-56-32…)

No. 766510

File: 1585613125837.png (945.7 KB, 720x1209, Screenshot_2020-03-30-16-57-17…)

I'm guessing this was taken down? She boob jiggles and has cameltoe

No. 766511

File: 1585613160908.png (929.46 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-03-30-16-57-34…)

No. 766512

File: 1585613270717.png (458.88 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2020-03-30-16-57-47…)

No. 766515

wtf. That's not even recognizable as her actual face.

No. 766519

The fuck is with her typing the way a parody of a black gay man would speak?

So gross.

No. 766523

>I was so uwu
Is posing with fake cum really that big of a deal?

No. 766526

File: 1585615699933.png (2.06 MB, 1242x2208, 4533C549-089D-4F40-9CF2-7EB16D…)

I s2g she spends money for the sake of spending it. I don’t believe she can sit still for five minutes and meditate when we all know she’s manic AF and can’t be separated from her phone for anything.

No. 766528

I predict more than half of these will be dead in a month or so. Not saying which but I can tell from this photo there are a few that have high maintenance that often get sold cheaply and told they're easy to care for when it's the opposite. She always goes for 'aesthetic' but rarely does research or care for any living thing.

No. 766529

File: 1585617331670.png (475.22 KB, 720x982, Screenshot_2020-03-30-18-13-03…)

No. 766530

god she looks fucking rough since we last saw her a few weeks ago. i guess she would be making full use of food delivery services with resturaunts being one of the few things still open during quarantine. classic.

No. 766531


lmao that wig looks like it was snatched off her head and haphazardly plopped back on.

No. 766537

it looks like she just went to home depo and compulsively bought all their indoor plants. All I have to say is… poor plants

No. 766538

she feels all smug cuz she got the fat sucked from her neck and gut so in her head she thinks she isn't obese.

No. 766541

God, nitpick but Jesus Christ. She looks like one of those 50 something divorced women who try to start a Pitbull rescue but get in over their head and suddenly they’re just hoarding dogs in their trailer.

No. 766547

Is she wearing a fake wedding band or is the image flipped?

Also looks like she got sick of washing her sheets, bed looks bare again

No. 766555

They're like her weird Cartier love rings
She either wears them stacked or just one of them on one finger

She started wearing them about 6 months ago, same time when Squarecuck became single

No. 766557


She's becoming a MLM hun it's just that her onlyfans and patreon are the MLM.

The abuse of emojis, slang, overly long descriptions, praising anyone who helps her with the scam, etc are 100% hunbot behavior

No. 766564

File: 1585624778400.png (878.83 KB, 718x1205, Screenshot_2020-03-30-20-16-39…)

No. 766565

File: 1585624919395.png (615.51 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2020-03-30-20-17-03…)

No. 766567

File: 1585625900839.jpg (Spoiler Image, 706.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200330-223730_Chr…)

She's getting into touching herself now. Jesus fuckin christ

No. 766572

It takes a lot to repulse me and now seeing Moo starting to do porn, compared to everything else she did, is just repulsing. Slackjaw, mouth open, nauseating. Maybe its the extremely gross bloating from the surgeries she just had though still. She's way more potato looking than usual. Or it's the unflattering hate cut. She needs oils or some shit for it. For cutting wigs, Umbran actually has no idea about hair care.

No. 766573

File: 1585628324986.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 720x1280, ed4f5bd-1.png)

It's over the panties, but still gag worthy

No. 766575

As always, dirty ass room, she even has a cat in the shot behind her. Poor cats.

No. 766576

File: 1585628755789.png (994.59 KB, 1539x792, silky.PNG)

those pjs are worth more than $300

No. 766579

Someone really wants a sponsorship, jfc.

No. 766581

same company, same cut, includes the same pants and comes in black lol. She literally posts the company name and all their pj sets are between $100-$400

No. 766588

omg she is a hun bot at this point

No. 766592

yep, none of them are getting anything close to enough light or probably humidity seeing as she lives in LV. the fern is definitely dying ASAP and all the succulents/cacti will rot from overwatering, i'm sure.

No. 766604

How do you even kill a fern they’re like the easiest plant to look after

No. 766613

I wanna know if the water fountain on carpet makes anyone else cringe…that’s some mold waiting to happen

No. 766615

I know we give her a lot of shit for umbran‘s wigs (and rightfully so) but this has to be the cheapest-looking wig she’s worn in a very long time.
And I absolutely love that she seems to hate her hair so much, that she keeps wearing it in all the pictures nonetheless.

No. 766622

File: 1585653282319.png (182.51 KB, 835x644, 7llo6lqya0p31.png)

This bitch thinks that just because she has a bunch of plants and some silk pajamas that she's some kind of thot monk. Lmao

No. 766631

Aren't some plants toxic for cats?

No. 766632

Wouldn't be the first time, she first tried on the 'peace warrior' new age bullshit to try and ride circleofchiefs' dick and deflect hate from her after the molestation scandal.

What, did Marvin wise up and move out? I thought he was stuck in Casa del Cuckbux with Moo and Umbran.

No. 766640

I’m pretty sure most of them are fake. I recall during one of her “I’m a pro designer for backgrounds and sets” spergs she said a lot of them were fake.

No. 766664

in motion

She doesn't make sounds like she's getting into it. You're not missing anything. I thought she said she was asexual at one point? I didn't snag it but someone posted a screen of her DM for this clip on OF and it was like "~QuArAnTiNe MaDe Me HoRnY~" or something like that. It was deleted but I'll try to find it

No. 766667

Asexual people can still feel horny, it's just not triggered by being attracted to a person. This coming from a sex repulsed asexual.
That being said I HIGHLY doubt she's actually asexual. It sounds like just another one of her attention seeking ploys.

No. 766671

So completely unrelated to anything but can we all agree that when something happens in a series or for a character she's claimed to be a huge fan of we dont say anything for a solid week or so just so we can have more hard evidence that she's a fake fan?

I'm sue with a lot of stuff she's only gotten updates because people call her out on not jumping on it in the thread.

No. 766672

File: 1585676625244.png (304.87 KB, 627x749, Screenshot_2020-03-31-10-39-31…)

I know but I got the impression that she has a very BASIC understanding of everything. Shes claimed to be a lot of things but stereotypes it.

No. 766675

File: 1585676869474.png (Spoiler Image, 880.19 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2020-03-31-10-44-49…)

Also she broke a nail

No. 766678

File: 1585677035554.png (955.4 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2020-03-31-10-44-39…)

No. 766679

she only says she's asexual as an excuse to why she doesn't have a real boyfriend

No. 766680

back to making VERY insensitive jokes. No Moo, thousands of people didn't die those don't count, the only real causality is your nail

No. 766682

File: 1585677473721.png (2.64 MB, 1521x1077, 5A3C0B56-B148-4F40-AFFC-8AD526…)

Back to square one eh? Only she looks a lot more rough now thanks to all the lipo sessions, frying her hair to death and botched lip fillers.

No. 766683

Throw on the fact that her organs are covered in a thick layer of fat. Moo can't stand up without being out of breath. Girl, go to a doctor

No. 766684

Stupid bitch isn't even smart enough to turn off the fountain while she films? JFC Moo, real sexy. But hey, it just means all her fans will be peeing, instead of throwing up, so I guess that's a step up….

No. 766686

Ugh. Proof her face was always ugly.

A lot of anons lately trying to say she was once cute. Nah it was just contacts, false lashes, photoshop etc she was definitely LESS ugly but still ugly

One unpopular opinion I have though. the lipo may have made her all weird shaped but since she is too lazy to work out she was better off getting it. The reason she is popular is she has fat chick tits and thighs but her gut doesn’t hang like it was staring to back when she did that Mei groping set. It’s weird and lumpy, sure. But maintaining the waist to hip ratio is what makes her attractive to the neck beards

No. 766688

Oh boy. I assume Squrecuck doesn't actually live with her, just spends most of the time at her house, so now that they're forced apart she's going stir crazy.

Also total tinfoil, but anyone notice ever since her and square have become a "thing" is when she started to get more and more pornographic?? Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Oh well.

No. 766693

They aren't a thing anon. He does nude shit like this with other girls he shoots too. Much just has the most money out of everyone he has shot with and continues to shoot with. Plus Moo knows he won't show he unedited shit. The conspiracy they are fucking is so old. It's not happening and it's garbage tinfoil.

No. 766694

It's not that far off, anon. A few months ago they were acting like there was something between them, but Moo normally does that. Squarecuck was doing it too.

No. 766698

She's probably throwing money at him left and right to keep him from ditching her.

He's more likely an unlabeled sugarbaby situation. It's easy for some people to pretend to be into someone like moo for money.

No. 766700

Has… has she ever in her life masturbated? Or seen a woman masturbate? It looks like she‘s just… scratching her labia. Maybe she confuses sexual pleasure with the relief she gets from scratching the itch a yeast infection is giving her.

But honestly, her astonishing lack of knowledge about anything remotely sexual (her carrot-toothbrush blowjob simulation, now this) makes me think she might actually be asexual.
(Not saying that anyone who’s having an active sex life automatically has to know how to give an aesthetically-pleasing blowjob to an inanimate object or masturbate. But for the love of god, she’s a SW and getting paid for it.)

No. 766703

The water sounding like piss, the cheap looking wig, cat right next to her as she "masturbates" when she has a toy collection that work so well according to her, complaints for being horny when she only goes outside to eat and pamper all makes this hilarious. Her fans are going to demand insertion soon if she's "so fucking horny".

"My gut not being as stuffed as usual makes me want to rub myself by my cat. Watch me moan randomly too."

No. 766709

The guys that have slept with her said she's bad at sex. She just needs to be in a relationship or have a steady booty call.

No. 766710

I would not be shocked if these were fake plants from Marshalls/TJ Maxx which would actually be smart of her since I doubt she's responsible enough to give them the correct care.

No. 766711


I don't think her ignorance = asexuality. She's just a clueless dolt, there are plenty of "normal" people that are this unaware and bad at anything sexual. Some guys can go their whole lives and not understand how to touch anything down there.

Speaking of, that's what Moo looks like in that video/gif - a guy that thinks he's good at foreplay, when really he's just rubbing your labia without a clue in the world. It's kinda strange for someone not to know what feels good on themselves, but then again we also have people like Shayna Clifford that don't seem to know how to masturbate either. It's not crazy uncommon, I think these girls just think it's easy to be naked, and nudity = sex appeal? When that's not the case at all, someone can have big tits, nice body, etc. and still be a complete turnoff because they're awkward or weird or don't know ANYTHING about what they're doing. It's not hard to get paid to get naked because guys will jerk it to anything really, but it does require some sort of natural know-how on being genuinely sexy and not a naked train wreck.

No. 766717

You can tell that after the video ended that she just got up, threw some clothes on and went to lay around with some food. She was making the same kind of fake faces that Shayna does but it was more obvious. She looked like she had no clue how to please herself and was trying to think of what pornstars look like when they do.

No. 766722

Theres that and she pretty much treats it like a chore she has to get out of the way because it’s taking up her “self care” time. That’s what I get from her lifeless performance.

No. 766726

It's possible that she masturbates differently the way that is considered normal. there are women out there who can't get off by using their fingers

No. 766732

>"Speaking of, that's what Moo looks like in that video/gif - a guy that thinks he's good at foreplay, when really he's just rubbing your labia without a clue in the world."
So just like her paypigs then!
Mariah got all her "sexual knowledge" from hentai, porn and fanfic/doujins. That and she half-asses everything (or getd someone else to do it for her), so it's no wonder she can't convincingly masturbate on camera. Instead she makes overdone faces and noises and breaks her nail off fingering her ass.

No. 766765

Never Will understand how an ass can be so wide yet so flat

No. 766786

It's something obese people develop. Since they only get up to shit the fat just spreads out to the sides. Kinda like how you get a playdough ball and smoosh it against some glass

No. 766790

They’re not forced apart

She isn’t social distancing at all and has bragged on Facebook about how she’s not complying to the guidelines

No. 766791

post caps of her bragging or gtfo

No. 766792

Seriously because he's been with his two dudes and has been shopping just for them. Moo and Maddie are on their own it think. Haven't even seen Kevin, but anteras might be there.

No. 766793

Cat has been trying to (or has) moved out. If you go to the calves thread, there are caps of her complaining about living with Moo.

No. 766843

it's not rocket science, btich

No. 766859

A nitpick, I know, but that water fountain thing over carpet is making me shudder… Can you imagine how disgusting she let's it get?

No. 766868

That's a really specific example and I can't stop laughing thanks anon

No. 766889

yikes. this whole post sounds like a mom trying to be cool. when she started she sock puppeted "h-hewwo just a shy weebo" then the stupid mlg bro phase "me mates my guy my dude" now its like some bitch that watched rupauls drag race one time "Yesss mamamaaa yasss queen slayyy sinched to the gods! on jah!" …cringe

No. 766904

This anatomy doesn't even look human, I'm so confused by her legs here. Her upper body looks way too short as well. Is this bad shoop or just her posing awkwardly while also being an obese midget??

No. 766909

Considering our cow has never had an original idea in her life…yes, this looks about right.

No. 766911

We are going to see 3 pics of her house full of plants that are going to mysteriously vanish or be replaced with over priced fake plants.
That and currently I don't think she can buy another cat so this is probably fulfilling her need to neglect another living creature

No. 766932

File: 1585768431355.jpg (Spoiler Image, 660.06 KB, 1250x1874, B7D58E6E-4D7B-4652-A3BF-96177A…)

No. 766934

File: 1585768531690.jpg (Spoiler Image, 607.46 KB, 1250x1874, 6F63095B-1A1A-4E6D-A077-ED4B77…)

No. 766935

it's a grim prediction but I feel like in the next year she's going to be doing low grade porn. In a few short years she's going to end up in the hospital for a heart attack or liver failure
That amount of photoshop. They are paying to look at a CGI model

No. 766936

File: 1585768633107.jpg (Spoiler Image, 604.02 KB, 1250x1874, 8B727FA0-E360-4569-AB77-EE5AB3…)

No. 766937

her christmas tree is still up. I dunno why this bothers me so much

No. 766939


Seeing these smoothed to shit vs the reality of the ones she already posted….. lmao.

No. 766943

We haven't seen a clear candid of her actual skin she didn't post in years. Not since she did Bikini Mei and those beach shoots.

No. 766949

i know it's make-believe and ps but i'm kinda impressed how they actually managed to give her boobs volume, everyone knows they're all deflated naturally

No. 766957

Also those are still shooped as hell. Some lipo alone isn't going to fix those udders.

No. 766961

I hate really hate when people who do this shit fake shit with photoshop. Adding volume to the ass and tits is so shitty to do because you do get naked. Why fake it that extent and still want to do nude and shit? Fuck Moo.

No. 766969

Lately she has been going on a tirade about how real her body is and how imaginary people don't believe it in person. So her sets are like "Ha! See fatty? I'm not like you, I'm curvy." But in reality she's a shapeless blob who has to do porn for attention.

No. 767136

oof these pics are beyond gross and those pleasers just look weird on her/out of place
yeah that bothers me too, it doesnt even have anything on it, would be sooo easy to just put away, such a lazy fuck
why do you think she will have a heart attack/liver failure tho? we know she is unhealthy but i dont think she's at that point, she no shayna clifford

No. 767143

oh yeah by ps i meant photoshop, not plastic surgery, shoulda clarified
i mean. her diet is shit to begin with. but she's also gotten so much lipo around her body that the fat she gains will end up gathering more and more around her internal organs which is even worse than gaining all that where it can be seen (and removed by lipo)

No. 767149

I think it’s supposed to simulate a tree in a snowy forest and she put it there without ornaments as a prop. (Repost, forgot to sage)

No. 767167

Anons. She said she never takes it down and never will when she gets her own place. The game also came out during the holiday season. Also trying to copy the background and how bright it is from Sakamichi's drawing of Melody. The whole idea behind the shoot is based off of that or photo.

No. 767192

From what I understand is, for the most part is that when you gain weight your fat cells are just growing in size and you only gain fat cells when you gain a bunch of weight.

The only way to make your body and organs better from 'weight loss' is actually losing the weight through healthy diet, exercise and calorie deficit. This causes your fat cells to shrink and therefore the fat cells throughout your body will shrink

Moo has continuously gone for lipo to get rid of her fat cells which means all of her remaining fat cells keep bloating and multiplying because the fat cells that are left in her body are still at a high size which will mean they will multiply that much more easily. When she gets the outer fat cells sucked out, it's not dealing with the bloated and multiplying cells lining her organs.

tl;dr- She's basically like trying to shovel water out of a leaking hole without trying to fix it so eventually the whole bottom of the boat is gonna fall out.

No. 767224

I really hope Umbran decides to do the gemsona cosplay with Moo, she's literally built like Eggman. Cannot wait for this.

No. 767248

It's going to be as bad as Moo cosplaying Mew and Mewtwo with Vamps. No one understood wtf they were

No. 767314

Doubtful since they also had "clownsonas" when Joker got big and bailed on that costume idea from missing the window of hype.

No. 767457

File: 1585963081581.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.15 MB, 720x1280, 1585887363503.webm)

This is porn

No. 767461


Can you embed this I can never see these

No. 767463

You really don't want to….

No. 767470

be thankful

No. 767474

Jesus. Her stroke faces along with the ambience from a men's urinal can't possibly be a turn on to anyone, neckbeard or not.

No. 767475

She couldn't be bothered to pick up the damn room or even shoo the cat out. Also if you pause at 0:01 her hand looks tiny as all hell.

No. 767480

Why? Who is she trying to impress, you?
Seriously you guys bitch about her house being messy but you keep forgetting what her target audience is. It's in her best interest to be a disgusting bitch

No. 767488

Its not even messy, anon..

No. 767489

This place is pristine compared to her old work room. Back when she'd use contact cement and paints all over her carpets.

No. 767537


Great now I gotta pee. Thanks for the “girl bating in the men’s bathroom at a truck stop “ porn.

No. 767548

The faces she makes are so unnatural. Has this chick ever touched herself before?

No. 767588

fucking ew. who are the men getting off to this? don't they have any modicum of taste?

No. 767595

As we're proved time and time again; no they do not.

No. 767625

File: 1586053008436.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2208, 32C5FA78-8E9F-4C5E-91B8-484C8B…)

Who knew she had enough shit in her empty McMansion to necessitate a storage unit. Lol at the bin labeled “trauma”.

No. 767629

Lmao that video is lame asf people actually pay to see that shit

No. 767644

File: 1586069555867.png (2.74 MB, 1800x1614, EA0FDECD-954F-4A86-B6AA-7482E1…)

No. 767648

Ew…is she really going the furfag route? Doesn’t seem like a smart move…

No. 767650

Moo when we say no one wants you, we mean NO ONE WANTS YOU. You can jump to every community there is to soak up that attention and validation you so desperately crave, but you’re already infamous. You get nothing! You lose! Good day, cow!

No. 767659

Why did she put a picture of Nigri in here? A gijinka cosplay isn’t the same as a furry

Is she trying to kiss up to her still?

No. 767663

Remember when she made fun of that guy going to med school that happened to be a furry? And then pretended like she was also in school?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

No. 767672

Just when you'd thought she had hit rock bottom, and her parent's shame couldn't get any deeper. I wonder how long before they just start telling people Mariah died in a terrible accident, instead of having to explain how she ended up…

No. 767696

Can’t believe I have to “defend” a cow but she’s not joining furries, there’s a tiktok meme among highschool kids to put together random PowerPoint presentations and show them over zoom. Except she missed the part where it’s supposed to be something completely random and out of left field, this was an excuse to post jessica

I’m sure the one labeled “trauma” is some costume or two that cat made for her since they clearly had a falling out and she has to move the costumes out because she’s sooo hurt. That or it’s one of her AX costumes like the ugly fate armor that melted the year she got outted as a molester

No. 767715

these are only good for beating it to the nudes you all leak instead of reading the same revolving commentary from women, trannies and fags sperging out over a fat girl on the Internet for the 110th thread.
thank u for your continued service!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 767716

I think it's just her old cosplay crap? But you're right, she could have stored it in the garage or something. But I guess she likes wasting money. Unless just LOOKING at it triggers her (mentioning the one labeled trauma)

No. 767717

She has been trying to get into a new community since the cos/gamer ones want nothing to do with her. However the furry community wants nothing to do with her either since she made fun of them a few times.
Or she wants a full fur suit to hide her misshapen body

No. 767719

File: 1586116107296.jpg (608.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200405-144827_Ins…)

No. 767727

Yikes, it’s like watching someone’s mom in workout gear. I noticed she’s been using that filter an awful lot to hide how blemished her face is. Probably because her facial lady isn’t making house calls atm lol god forbid she wash her own face.

No. 767729

File: 1586124458745.png (4.25 MB, 1242x2208, 054EFB56-7975-42A7-8164-E94789…)

She’s always been an obnoxious tryhard…

No. 767730

File: 1586124806057.png (3.06 MB, 1791x1059, 2C34B96F-EB41-47D3-81F2-9BF7FA…)

All that money and she couldn’t be bothered to commission a logo since she planned on removing “Starbucks” from it anyway. She has a bunch of sellout artists working for her so she has no excuse. Her ineptitude is going to get her ass sued at some point.

No. 767737

i'm going to save this image to post whenever anyone claims moo was pretty when she was skinnier. she looks like johntron and egorapter had a baby.

No. 767738

File: 1586127456222.jpg (Spoiler Image, 841.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200405-175726_Chr…)

1/2 from only fans

No. 767739

File: 1586127580438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 851.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200405-175720_Chr…)

2/2 onlyfans

No. 767742


Is that a compression shirt? Or just really tight on her

No. 767746

why do these retards think they're better than us when they're not even paying for her content? this one even talks like a girl while calling people trannies

No. 767750

because they have the same brain functionality as moo. that shit is on the same level as what she'd post, they just didn't call us lesbian dykes.

No. 767752

File: 1586134272664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 649.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200405-195003_Dri…)

Screenshot from her POV dildo blowjob ((which she put it in her mouth 3 or 4 times and licked it. Charged 30$))

No. 767753

I want them to know they can come here anytime to access her free content, not paying her makes them worse than us

No. 767754


"not paying her makes them worse than us"
wha.. what?

No. 767755

"I'm asexual guyz!"

This is full on Internet sex work now

No. 767757

She looks like a fish

No. 767760

pretty sure starbucks would be pissed that she's using their IP. They are insanely strict about this shit, they send cease and desists for the smallest of things. I'm surprised someone hasn't forwarded this to their customer support already lol.

No. 767761

File: 1586136640318.jpeg (186.42 KB, 750x1176, 42B5A959-F77D-4C52-8850-476303…)

Now she’s doing POVs on Tik Tok…it’s only a matter of time before she does gross shit on there too

No. 767763

File: 1586136675155.png (1.39 MB, 1242x2208, 65E9854C-571D-4509-9B1D-9A91C0…)

Not surprised she likes Juno in Beastars.

No. 767764

The fact she’s selling content with their branding should be grounds for a C&D. But Moo gets away with literally fucking everything so I’m sure nothing will happen.

No. 767768

have you not seen her subreddit? They relentlessly bully her, in HER OWN SUBREDDIT which she is quite active in, while saying "I'd still hatefuck her though" ?? I'd say that's much worse than farmers calling her a cunt for the shit she's done, or for just calling her fat

No. 767770

File: 1586139248615.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1204x1278, breakfast.png)

No. 767771

remember guys, she was never fired for being late every day (her words) they were so sad they threw a good bye party for her

No. 767772

inaccurate school uniform with shitty ears and a tail

No. 767775

Don’t forget the overly long, ratty wig!

No. 767779

Her sad broken hair with the ratty extensions got her looking like Vicky Shingles.

No. 767781

File: 1586150536473.png (Spoiler Image, 480.15 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2020-04-05-22-17-42…)

She also copied another sex worker by deepthroating a dildo behind a facemask

No. 767782

Why would she post this when it reinforces the fact she has no ass?

No. 767785

File: 1586155872820.jpeg (219.9 KB, 1080x1080, 9A12002E-BBA0-4A2C-BD44-792270…)

Someone on Kiwi was kind enough to provide this edit. I can’t unsee it now lol

No. 767787

I dont know how to post the full video but she isn't even deep throating. She cuts the video when it's half out her mouth and cuts it to the mask all the way on. She literally can't even do the fetish she is trying to pander to. That will actually turn these dudes off.

No. 767788

Watching Moo's Twitch stream rn. Umbran just…checks out while she's sperging about Fate clips. She tried to show tiktok clips on her phone to Moo but she just passes over it. Moo asked her why she didn't like
Emiya and Moo shoots it down.

>isn't into yaoi but has a ton of Lancer x Archer doujin
>wants to do Emiya Gohan recipes on Twitch when the game comes out
>thinks omurice is just eggs and tomato rice. Never had it (but then claims to have consumed it multiple times???) Watches a youtube clip of someone making it with the anime side by side and said it wasn't made right. Defends her view by saying it wasn't "~total Japanese style~" and watched a Munchies clip
>says the guy in the Munchies clip is "her type" (likes chubby boys)
>says food in Japan wasn't expensive
>when she went to the onsen Bessho Sasa Hotel, she asked if the staff could turn down the onsen temp because it was too hot

No. 767793

File: 1586162466780.jpg (84.24 KB, 1760x990, lologuy.jpg)

No. 767805

File: 1586172478960.png (57.35 KB, 340x420, ED1172C2-73C4-45C6-8688-CCEC31…)

No. 767826

Goddamnit anon my fucking sides

No. 767827

File: 1586190874763.jpg (Spoiler Image, 693.67 KB, 1079x1079, JUkWJQl.jpg)

No. 767828

I’ve never seen anyone look this bored while doing something that’s supposed to be sexually appealing. She looks like she’s been told to give an instrunction on how to use this ridiculous mask. At least try to look like you’re having fun.
She also cares more about her hair than anything else.

No. 767829

Lol. No way in hell did she actually deepthroat that. What a scammy piece of shit.

No. 767832

And here I thought shayna’s BJ stills were revolting…jfc. This makes men hard? The bar is so low.

No. 767833

The video if someone can find and post it, cuts from the still where she's holding it in her mouth to then the mask being all the way on. Moo can't even do the fetish she is trying to get dudes to jack off to. There's letting simps get creative with their imaginations and then there is literally pulling bullshit and they really take shit like this to heart when its jackoff time.

No. 767834

File: 1586193168003.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x2560, asexualdeepthroat.jpg)

She doesn't, the dildo has a very obvious round base. I'm sure the paypigs don't care, though.

No. 767835

This is seriously pathetic, Moo.

No. 767836

File: 1586193946149.jpg (309.3 KB, 1065x1736, inbound1214052672715803598.jpg)

They are upset actually

No. 767838

File: 1586196784643.jpeg (116.81 KB, 640x900, 486CFAC3-05C6-4E73-811D-3D0C9B…)

Forgot to post this. She accidentally released some of this months selfies last month so she’s delayed the set for who knows how long.

Her $10 pledges don’t get anything

No. 767839

Its delayed because she didnt realize how long she wouldn't be around square. She can't edit worth shit because her photos are such bad quality and square doesn't do phone photos unless Moo really wants to get desperate like that. This stay at home order is going to blow her lipo out and she can't go to the gym so no one is there to hold her accountable. Oh man, all her surgeries are about to be shelved again like we knew they would and she has no help to make decent quality content. Welcome back to the land of shit quality leaked nude phone camera shots Moo.

No. 767845

Yeah I noticed she's relying to much on her phone's beauty filter and just narrowing her pictures to make her seem slimmer. It's really weird because her picture quality relying on shitty beauty apps is really somethin. I guess that's why she's pushing more porn lately, but now she has to stick to it. People aren't subbing to her 100 dollar tier for cosplay, that's for damn sure

No. 767849

File: 1586204547109.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.11 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3729.jpg)

Nurse Pochaco set obviously has her terrible headphones

No. 767850

File: 1586204894379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.59 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3745.jpg)


I think they messed up photoshopping her tiddy, it merges weirdly into her armpit

No. 767851

Her lack of knees bother me so much.

No. 767852

File: 1586205044641.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3973.jpg)


Back shots are not her friend, can't hide her back titties swallowing her bikini

No. 767853

File: 1586205131702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.09 MB, 3840x5760, MARV3723.jpg)

No. 767854

File: 1586205262359.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.14 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3982.jpg)

If your gonna try to show off your ass, maybe focus the camera on it and don't blur it to the point it looks drawn on

No. 767856

File: 1586205393693.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.87 MB, 3840x5760, MARV3641.jpg)


Every single photo her knees are either covered or removed

No. 767857

File: 1586205510821.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.58 MB, 3840x5760, MARV3763.jpg)


Even in photos that should have some sort of knee cap

No. 767861

File: 1586206129713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.41 MB, 3840x5760, MARV0553.jpg)

I don't know what to say about the Teasing girlfriend set other than a nightmare

No. 767863

File: 1586206324038.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.39 MB, 5760x3840, MARV0496.jpg)


Is she trying to do a biting lip face but her lips are too fucked up to do it?

No. 767864

File: 1586206337024.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1242x1589, 24CE9BE5-22C1-44F8-BC5E-CF7D60…)

Lol holy shit…

No. 767866

File: 1586206760719.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.86 MB, 5760x3840, MARV0582.jpg)

No. 767867

which cosplayer did it before?

No. 767868

File: 1586206973293.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.75 MB, 5760x3840, MARV0610.jpg)

No. 767869

File: 1586207122139.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.62 MB, 3840x5760, MARV0631.jpg)

No. 767870

File: 1586207270666.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.77 MB, 3840x5760, MARV0639.jpg)

No. 767871

File: 1586207435365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.22 MB, 3840x5760, MARV0640.jpg)

No. 767872

how do you get invited to the new subreddit(thirst)

No. 767874

File: 1586207943005.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.19 MB, 5760x3840, MARV0623.jpg)

No. 767875


They messed up more than that one eye is way bigger than the other

No. 767877

Holy shit those eye bags…. and the shadows aren’t helping

No. 767878

Her face literally looks like it’s melting holy shit
Nightmare fuel right there

No. 767879

File: 1586208443403.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.02 MB, 5760x3840, MARV0591.jpg)


Enjoy some eyebags

No. 767880

This editing makes her look like she has straight up microcephaly. Like, she always has a tiny head but usually at least the size of her face matches.

No. 767881


These look weirdly unnatural to me, and it's kind of difficult to look at them.

No. 767883

nitpicky but if you're trying to sell yourself off as a "girlfriend" maybe take the ring off your left ring finger during the shoot. i know she's not even in a relationship but you'd think something like that might break any illusion she's trying to give

No. 767887

i heard she does ass play stuff now. i wonder who would pay for that

No. 767888

Her skin texture/makeup in this pic is vomit-inducing. Look so dry and cakey.

No. 767890

It’s probably because it’s the only thing in any of these photos that /has any texture at all/

No. 767898

Why can’t she ever brush her fucking hair, especially for a shoot ffs.

No. 767900

She looks like an antique doll that you put in the attic, forget about for 10 years, then find when you’re cleaning with cracked skin, matted dust covered hair and yellowed sealant. She’s so gross.

No. 767902


This looks like her head from another shot was cut pasted onto her body.

No. 767904

you know her hair is too weak to brush, it will probably disintegrate if she tries.

No. 767907

Christ she looks like she’s had a stroke.

No. 767915

this straight up looks like cgi

No. 767921

Moo needs to stop getting nude nails. They look like pigs feet and they kill me every time.

No. 767933

File: 1586243684131.jpeg (121.61 KB, 613x900, 126C5A9E-A618-448D-AE64-CBE13D…)


Her profile is like the middle of an Animorphs transition.

No. 767985

The fucking filter flying on and off KEK

https://m.imgur.com/a/FEKrlOf(this is an imageboard, upload the webm.)

No. 768007

The way her mouth looks is fucking nauseating.

No. 768023


The clear dildo was a mistake. It’s already nauseating but the translucent toy makes it look even more uncanny. Wtf.

No. 768024

File: 1586288118136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.3 MB, 2880x3840, Photo Jan 29, 10 30 09 AM.jpg)

She released her selfie set. I wasn't prepared for the horror

No. 768025

File: 1586288322723.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.55 MB, 2880x3840, Photo Jan 29, 10 30 22 AM.jpg)

No. 768026

File: 1586288476999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.25 MB, 2880x3840, Photo Jan 29, 10 31 16 AM.jpg)

No. 768028

The slow descent of her career never ceases to amuse.

Christ. I'm genuinely concerned for her breasts, they don't look even slightly alright.

No. 768029

File: 1586288756487.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.95 MB, 2880x3840, Photo Jan 29, 10 31 26 AM.jpg)

No. 768030

Did you edit these before posting? What is going on here

No. 768031

File: 1586288900404.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.97 MB, 1932x2576, Photo Jan 29, 11 48 15 AM.jpg)


I still don't think what she was thinking with that womb tattoo

No. 768033

File: 1586289057133.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.58 MB, 2160x2880, Photo Apr 05, 2 30 17 PM.jpg)


These are unedited by me, only whatever editing she/beauty app did

No. 768034

File: 1586289213745.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 2160x2880, Photo Apr 05, 4 35 42 PM.jpg)

She included the Mask dildo photos in their original order.

Please note the times in the file names.

No. 768035

File: 1586289265882.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.45 MB, 2160x2880, Photo Apr 05, 4 36 52 PM.jpg)

No. 768036

File: 1586289383673.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 2160x2880, Photo Apr 05, 4 37 01 PM.jpg)

No. 768037

File: 1586289625873.webm (Spoiler Image, 18.58 MB, 720x1280, Video Apr 05, 2 33 07 PM.webm)

75% of the set is just her starbucks photos & videos.

One of them she forgot background music to its super awkward

No. 768038


So… did she legit get this tattooed on her? I was under the impression it was a fake press-on.

No. 768039

It is fake, it was already flaking off in the other pics.

No. 768040

File: 1586290056752.webm (Spoiler Image, 18.48 MB, 720x1280, Video Apr 05, 2 51 33 PM.webm)

No. 768041

File: 1586290624058.webm (Spoiler Image, 18.05 MB, 720x900, Video Apr 05, 5 18 57 PM.webm)

It always surprises me how terrible she is at acting sexy

No. 768044

jesus christ this reminds me of tiktok
also what did she google to get this shit jazz?

No. 768045

File: 1586294274279.webm (Spoiler Image, 18.11 MB, 720x1280, Video Apr 05, 5 27 48 PM.webm)

Speaking of tiktok she included one in her selfie set too

No. 768049

File: 1586299208014.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 960x1710, oKXg8NI-Imgur.webm)

No. 768050

We really need someone to post all those old facebook comments and tweets of her talking down to pornstars and people who "show off their bodies", because my has she fallen.

No. 768052

The filters keep coming off in the videos cuz they can't keep up with her face and body and it just reminds me of all the times she says she loves her obese body more than her "Anorexic" one

If asked she still says she's different from those girls just because she pretends to be into "nerdy" stuff so the neckbeards will like her.
I just remember her stolen phrase "Lewds before nudes" and "I don't need to take my clothes off for attention"

a lot of remembering

No. 768056

if she wanted to pretend to have an ass she should have shoved the pants in her ass cheeks to resemble the shape of buttcheecks

No. 768063

why the back of her pants still have a tag on, c'mon moo

No. 768074

Her top has a zipper all the way down but she lifts it instead?

No. 768076

That eye roll, oh my god she could not be less interested in this if she tried.

No. 768078

Watching the background bend around her was starting to give me motion sickness, oh man. Either way, 0/10 for the video in all categories. Learn how to suck a dick before trying to make a video, you stupid cow. I know you know how to google tricks and tips and pornhub is littered with that shit and so is youtube if you're afraid to look at real cocks.

No. 768083

File: 1586322567637.png (Spoiler Image, 327.47 KB, 419x453, sss.PNG)

am I the only one who noticed the weird fold under her right (our left) breast everytime she squished it up? Keep watching just below it and you'll see what I mean, it looks like her surgeon kinda botched her breasts

No. 768084

she does not know how to suck a dick

No. 768085

When she had her recent lipo, there was scarring revealed under her boob. She also had a reduction so it just might be loose skin

No. 768092

hilarious that she keeps her clothes on and just plops her gross tits out like she's trying to crush a can, instead of taking off her shirt and unclasping her bra, which would be infinitely sexier. her insecurity is obvious.

No. 768093

it looks like straight out of hentai.
i thought it was temp.
this looks awful.
awful tattoo.
she should have made it more abstract, but honestly idk if that would make it better.

No. 768095

would it kill her to pick up a hairbrush? even her wig looks beyond fucked up

No. 768104

It is temporary. Its not real. Thats why its literally flaking off in multiple pics. These are recycled pics.

No. 768105


She just doesn’t know how to act natural, does she?
Like, at least when she did the hooters stuff she used beer as prop and at least tried to be a little bit in character.
Why doesn’t she say a word in these? What barista will just stare ‘shyly’ (?? I guess that’s what she’s trying to go for?) at you and then flop their tits out just because.
That could’ve been done so, so much better. But oh well. After all it’s Moo, so what did I expect.

Watching her videos is reminding me of those clips of people who hurt themselves by accident out of sheer stupidity: It’s kinda funny because - well, karma, but at the same time it’s painful to watch.

No. 768106

And recycled wigs,poses,looks and non recycled junk on the floor. She’s a one trick cow .

No. 768114

Christ, a clear dildo was not the right move.
Being able to see her massive bottom lip too, it looks like one of those hentai's with the distended, impossibly stretchy lips. Except it's worse because this is real.

No. 768148

File: 1586365405191.jpeg (113.91 KB, 1125x706, 6A53EFA1-AC78-4433-9BC7-1761DB…)

Dont know if this was posted before but Im in a Japan Travel group on facebook and someone asked about Halloween in Tokyo and someone posted this candid from when she was last in Japan. For some reason it got taken down a minute after it was posted

No. 768150


She’s as big as both the others combined…

No. 768155

I fucking lost it as this comment.
'Shit jazz'
Someone should shazam it and find out.

No. 768160

because Momo hates Candids. Even with waist trainers and lipo she still can't hide the fact she's obese.

Even now after her last round she's still huge, so she's using filters to the max limit to hide the fact she's still gaining.

No. 768171


God you can really see her size in this pic she also looks awful compared to those two girls not surprised it was taken down, she can cosplay a different weight all she wants but at the end of the day she still lives with that body and anyone can take a candid of when she's out in public

No. 768176

Good lord I wish she was sucking me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 768177

Does anyone think she actually enjoys this stuff or is she just trying to stay relevant?

I really feel for people who have to do this to make a living, but it feels like she doesn't have to do any of this.

No. 768178

File: 1586381461397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.43 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3786.jpg)

She forgot to upload 11 photos from her Nurse set

No. 768179

File: 1586381820703.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.07 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3800.jpg)


Atleast try to look interested

No. 768182

File: 1586382773339.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.28 MB, 3840x5760, MARV3862.jpg)

No. 768183

This just looks so stupid. So much blurring and shaping that is just too noticeable. Her thong looks like a jock strap (and also has more definition than her thighs so it just makes it even worse).

No. 768184

File: 1586383046014.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.08 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3866.jpg)

No. 768186

File: 1586383382112.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.42 MB, 3688x5532, MARV3880.jpg)

No. 768187

File: 1586383520179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.12 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3884.jpg)

No. 768188


Sorry if you already noticed this, but that seems like she just recorded 4 seconds and the last 4 seconds are just the video backwards

No. 768190

File: 1586384366981.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.91 MB, 5760x3840, MARV3969.jpg)


She did one photo where her face wasn't in focus, so ofcourse it looks terrible

No. 768192

File: 1586384639566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.07 MB, 3840x5760, MARV3984.jpg)

No. 768194

I audibly cackled when she just flopped her tits out with no warning. Who finds that sexy? Couldn't she have at least built it up and teased a little?

No. 768196


I don't think she understands teasing or sexual appeal at all. She just tries to do what other girls do.

Perfect example is the womb tattoo, she heard about it and maybe saw some examples but didn't grasp the concept of it.

No. 768197

it's honestly no wonder she can't get any irl, even if she throws money and gifts at the guy. Oof

No. 768204

Those editing skills make her look cell shaded.

No. 768206

God I hope these studios are disinfected after each session.

No. 768208

She really tried to outdo them two by having the bigger tits, while also having that busted ass face. She looks like an autistic kid spacing out

No. 768217

Agreed. She seems attention starved and lacks the personality to keep attention without being half-naked.

No. 768298


Holy shit… How much padding is in that bra? Her tits look fucking TINY when she pulls them out…

No. 768299

She never even tries to be in character, yet preaches about being a super fan constantly. One google search of the character shows she's cheerful and nearly always smiling. Neckbeards are just paying her to be her own boring self dressed as any character who could be considered in some vague way "thicc". Baffling shit

No. 768324

I think the last time she attempted to be "in character" she was a racist tard and was screaming "Ching chong" in a Mei cosplay.

No. 768333

What are you on mate, that guitar solo was fire.
It isn't exactly John Coltrane or anything but it still sounds like a really solid piece of music with some good chord changes. If it was any other context but this mediocre, sad porn clown-show you'd probably like it.

No. 768343

Sakimi released a 'sexy' isabelle be prepared for the incoming 'lewd' set

No. 768361

File: 1586490156494.jpg (480.42 KB, 640x1136, YB4btR0.jpg)

Time for her to fake more orgasms and break more nails

No. 768365

She wouldn't actually put that in her pussy/ass, she'd fake it just like she did with her "deepthroat". The paypigs are going to tire of this real quick.

No. 768366

Mmm, nothing sexier than a sex machine right by a box of cat litter.

No. 768368


so she's just a whore for money now? what happened to her "i am a true artist, i would never lower myself to internet skankdom" bullshit? she never even used to show nipples and would spazz about how it's her body and she won't do that. then one day, she did. what the hell changed. did she realise she was losing paypigs and had no choice or?

No. 768369

She hasn't lost cuckbucks. She's gained. Please stop thinking she's doing this because she's losing money. She's making more whether anyone likes it or not, but now its the money from men who like women looking degraded because of how far she has sunk and doing normie porn plus cosplay porn brings in a bunch of new venues.

No. 768371

Lol. Found the poor sap that wrote the shit jazz for Moo.

No. 768381

File: 1586496057670.jpeg (27.71 KB, 677x678, received_216731136049048.jpeg)

>Might have to ride this while wearing a cowgirl cosplay
Bitch, you might need Jesus???
Who the fuck actually needs this? The nerve endings in your clit are dying off if you really need this much to climax.

No. 768383

I don’t get why she -needs- to add a cosplay at this point. Like, if you’re going to do porn, just do porn. Stop adding costumes to your porn just to maintain a cosplayer label. Just ride the damn machine? Is the cheap costume allowing her to do some sort of bizarre mental gymnastics that she’s not doing porn?

Shayna puts a vibrator on her clit and fakes orgasms in all her movies for the last 4 years- thinks she’s a porn star

Moo jams a butt plug in her ass while wearing a wig- just a cosplayer my dudes

No. 768386

This just seems like a mentak break down. She always goes more extreme after a target of hers tells her to fuck off and she tries to show them what they're missing.
Who scorned our cow this time?

No. 768387

I dont think thats the case. its more about the fact that she can't do anything decent by herself so to keep interest during the pandemic she has to up her game. She is making more than she has, but without being able to go try on cosplay commissions and cuck to edit her photos taken with his cameras, she has nothing going for her in that house. She doesn't know how to do anything so all she can think of is baiting porn.

No. 768392

thing cost 800 bucks!! I don't know man… spending this amount of money to use it as a prop?

As long as she sits on it and turn the power on, she will feel something.

Im just wondering if she's dumb enough to do it during live stream

I honestly think she never truly orgasm in her entire life. This machine can be a game changer for her.

For worse or good. Depends how you look on morality xD(xDDDD)

No. 768404

oh my god Mariah you live with other people these machines are LOUD
How the fuck does Maddie not have PTSD after living with her, unless Maddie is encouraging this degeneracy

No. 768412

Nothing screams ‘asexual‘ like buying a Sybian rip-off and advertise yourself using it.

But what >>768365 said. Can’t wait for her to awkwardly sit on it, trying to act like she’s having the time of her life, doing her interpretation of ahegao and turning it off after 10-20 seconds, and giving herself one final stroke while doing the same blank-stare and smile she does in all her photos when she’s trying to be sensual.

No. 768441

maddie probably jacks off to it

No. 768455

At least she didn’t actually shell out for a sybian. She’ll try it once or twice and then claim it was too much for her or didn’t work properly.

As long as she keeps it on that disgusting carpet of hers, the sounds should be minimal. It hums LOUD but carpet flooring does dissipate it. But not entirely. Bet she’ll be as motionless as a statue on that thing. Can’t have her cucks see her jelly rolls flapping and shaking everywhere.

No. 768473

Knowing that let's see if the camera shows her sitting on it in full, or is cut to only frame her chest upwards. She gets to fake it and have control of her rolls that way and jiggling everywhere probably terrifies her.

No. 768481

Or she'll be sitting in front of it, pretending it's actually inside her, and then horribly faking an orgasm. No way does she actually show penetration (ass or vag)

No. 768482

It will disappear under her girth.

No. 768484

My prayer is like all her stupid bandwagon cosplay ideas we never hear about it again

No. 768493

She said she was going to do like 18 cosplays last month. We might see two. But as another anon mentioned without square to edit her pics she's just going to do cheap porn. And by the time this shit is over she most likely woulda out grown the stuff she commissioned.

No. 768520

File: 1586570802572.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 112C9E76-66B2-443F-89DB-41DD9F…)

Please tell me thats a fake….

No. 768521

File: 1586570995162.png (136.04 KB, 720x899, Screenshot_2020-04-10-19-04-34…)

No. 768522

File: 1586571026209.png (904.38 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2020-04-10-19-05-54…)

No. 768523

Does she even know how to shoot all these guns she has? She's one of those people that I'd legitimately be afraid of getting drunk/high, swinging around a gun she forgot was loaded and shooting a hole in her floor/wall/someone's leg.

No. 768527

that's terrifying. someone as unhinged as her owning multiple guns is absurd

No. 768530

Apparently the pink gun next to her leg is a airsoft. The reason why she needs such a big gun is probably absurd, by her standards

No. 768537

Lmao cow thinks she's a bad bitch posing with a gun she doesn't know with the tag still on it. Why does someone like her have a gun? I can see her going off the rails in a few years before she hits 30 (looking 50) at some guy who didn't wanna sleep with her.

No. 768540

File: 1586575397121.png (148.88 KB, 720x951, Screenshot_2020-04-10-20-19-37…)

No. 768541

File: 1586575492202.png (149.8 KB, 720x970, Screenshot_2020-04-10-20-19-45…)

No. 768542

File: 1586575600222.png (73.76 KB, 720x547, Screenshot_2020-04-10-20-19-58…)

No. 768545

She's missing the point. I think what the dude meant is idiots like her getting a gun on a whim for no real reason. Especially someone as unhinged as her who plays with a flame thrower like it's a water gun and someone who injured her friend with a metal rod because she thought it was funny to whip him. There is no reason she needs a gun like that.
One of these days she's going to be high as fuck and shoot the mail man.

No. 768552

Guns are so fucking tacky. Can't imagine what living with this unhinged bitch is like. She'd probably whip a gun out at Maddie for taking the last slice of cake.

No. 768553

No. 768554

haha she is exactly, EXACTLY the type of person that does the pointing an 'unloaded' gun at your friend's head and pulling the trigger to be edgy and extra move. and 1% of the time with these retards it's not properly unloaded

No. 768560

Acting like she's a big bad bitch, but when someone pointed a gun at their computer screen a few years back, she lost her shit.

No. 768563

Yep. She cried, said she'd call the police, and then kept crying on Twitter.

No. 768564


Have we ever actually SEEN her shoot? I mean yea we’ve seen her posturing at a gun range but actually shoot? And we never see any targets worth bragging about. If she had put anything in the black she’d be bragging forever.

No. 768583

When did she go out and buy a gun when Nevada is on lock down? Wasn’t she also promoting stay safe and stay home yet she’s out buying guns and having people come over? And ordering things that are deemed unnecessary and risky for delivery drivers to be handling?

No. 768588

Of course she can't actually shoot. She's just posing. She doesn't put practice time in anything at all in her life (not even the "cosplaying" that funds her lifestyle). If she ever shows off a target, you can bet she didn't shoot it herself.

No. 768593

File: 1586618368401.jpg (85.49 KB, 304x672, 20190928_224626.jpg)

If she actually trained with this shit like she was supposed to, we would know because once again, she can't do shit without advertising the entire thing in her stories.
She probably shoots whatever they hand over to her at the range and then buys it.
I kind of wonder how she stores these? I know she doesn't have kids around so it doesn't matter much, but I just imagine this shit sitting around under her bed or in a closet with something in the chamber.

No. 768595

lol with all your weird ass fake situations in your heads as to how she’s gonna mishandle the gun.

She’s just being a poser and trying to act like a “big tough bitch”. That gun, if at all real, is gonna be used in pictures to show how “hardcore” she is. Another stupid prop waiting to collect dust in her storage unit of a house. Next.

No. 768597


Maddie has admitted to being a simp for Moo, she sperged a few days ago on her IG story about how much she loves her and would fight anyone who fucks with her.

No. 768599

agreed. She would have also showed off the ammunition she bought as well "Look at how much ammo I have! Don't fuck with me" fake bad bitch shit like that. But still, I'm more pissed she is low key making fun of the lock down while pretending to give a shit.
Probably why she took down the post, she looks stupid and she forgot she's suppose to stay at home.

No. 768602

top tier reaction image anon

No. 768610

sage your gatekeeping next time, scrote.

calling a gun a "baby" and posting those emojis with it… ugh. repulsive.

No. 768616

I thought advertising owning a gun was considered a bit stupid since they're one of the most valuable items for burglars

No. 768621

In her case since I doubt highly she can actually use it, or secure it properly, yes totally stupid to flex that you own something that’s a red ticket item

No. 768624

File: 1586635648077.png (973.63 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-04-11-13-05-47…)

No. 768625

>stay mad woke bro

Is she trying to be alt-right now? This is absurd. Who is she trying to cater to? I'm pretty sure no SU fan is pro-gun. Why can't she just admit she's a wannabe pornstar?

No. 768636

She's trying to cater to what she perceives is her incel/simp/alt-right demographic like Tara Babcock does with her pseudo-intellect Ben Shapiro supporting shtick. She gets the gun thing from her guru Nick, the tattoo parlor dude who banged Collette, and trying to emulate the dude bro gangster sub culture in gaming. Its her old song and dance of trying to tap any community that will accept her which inevitably fails since she just hates herself still.

No. 768639

Exactly. This isn't a losing money thing, is how to gain more money and she will grab any demographic and pander to it she can. She never did the mommy thing and now she refers to herself as 'mommy' on her OnlyFans, she has to compete with other girls on there, so now she feels she has a safe place to pander harder to softcore incels who are into cosplay or fat chicks with the guise of 'thicc'. She is actually good at this shit, but the thing is that now that she's done some porn stuff, she will be expected to keep itup or they will lose interest. Nipples are cool and all and buttplugs are basic white girl trying to get 'freaky' stuff. Im curious about how this works out within the year and if she has had to amp it up to this degree. OnlyFans leaks everything. They have zero protection for you. Moo will learn this the hard way.

No. 768666

It's actually sickening, cause to me it seems like she only caters to the demographic she knows has the most money. SU fans are typically kids and don't have disposable income. Women typically don't spend money on pornographic images of other women, unless they're lesbians or stans (lesbians have higher standards too…) She's literally just looking to whatever twitter subculture has more money and tweaking her content accordingly. It's fucking freaky. Never change classy Moo

No. 768670

Youre forgetting a huge part of the SU fandom. They are the same ones who were into the MLP fandom too. These are the guys she aims for with these cosplays, but I'm curious if she has BDSM cosplay plans for these though? I don't remember her saying if she was, but I think this was more like her 'I DID THIS LOOK AT ME WOW THIS IS POPULAR' before she even finished the series because she wanted something nice to wear to Katsu. She's easy to read and we know everything she does and why. I just really want to see how long it takes before she does actual porn. Not meaning with someone else, but penetration. Sucking a dildo and wearing a buttplug like I said earlier is basic bitch camgirl shit. It's softcore.

No. 768674

I haven't seen nearly as many neckbeard su fans as I have mlp fans. Regardless of who she's catering to it's pretty non-comparable.

I really do hope she does more su cosplays though, I want that crusty bodypaint so bad…

No. 768676

I meant as far as the sensitive, nice guy types who are into those types of kid shows. They are there. Trust. I'd be kind of surprised if she keep the SU stuff going. It just ended so the hype is going to die down.

No. 768678

Honestly SU isn't as popular as it was 2 or even 3 years ago. The only ones left are the hardcore autistic fans of the show. Well, I guess that's a part of Moo's demographic anyway

No. 768679

File: 1586664243630.png (2.13 MB, 1242x2208, A0A647FF-B417-4BDF-91B5-D8C99A…)

Can’t tell if it’s the filters, but those lips are fucked.

No. 768680

Damn all the fillers in her top lip went away after just a couple weeks but the bottom ones are still inflated. It's a weird look

No. 768681

She's begging to be banned for purposely having her shirt zipped.

No. 768703



No. 768706

Sage your shit and no cowtipping

No. 768707


Nah they’re right, report her ass(ban evasion)

No. 768717

nice samefagging but no, no they're not right. stop encouraging cowtipping.

No. 768833

File: 1586737362438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 744.25 KB, 1874x1250, marv1282.jpg)

Moomoo posted a set of herself next to a normal sized woman, hoo boy

No. 768834

File: 1586737537171.jpg (Spoiler Image, 773.39 KB, 1250x1874, marv1276.jpg)

No. 768835

File: 1586737632268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 851.39 KB, 1874x1250, marv1303.jpg)

No. 768838

File: 1586738290481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 705.41 KB, 1874x1250, marv1309.jpg)

No. 768839

File: 1586738622126.jpg (Spoiler Image, 827.26 KB, 1874x1250, marv1344.jpg)

No. 768840

File: 1586738785147.jpg (Spoiler Image, 900.97 KB, 1874x1250, marv1314.jpg)

No. 768842

File: 1586738935735.jpg (Spoiler Image, 755.04 KB, 1874x1250, marv1357.jpg)

No. 768843

God she looks like a big retarded baby

No. 768850

How does this set not wreck her self-esteem? It’s not even her fatness in comparison, it’s like her entire frame is a huge behemoth. She just looks monster sized compared to that other chick. The other girl isn’t even tiny or petite, she’s average/maybe even a little bigger than average (not fat) but like doesn’t have a tiny frame so Moo is just like… another level.

No. 768851


It's funny how you can see some small details of the skin like pores and even little hairs but then you look at their faces and they're like wax. Heck who edited this?

No. 768853


Based on the filenames, I assume Squarenoodles/Marvin took and edited the photos

No. 768855

File: 1586746091071.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, 81D07987-8F1C-41B8-A9A0-851B55…)

She has her bra out on stream…

No. 768856

File: 1586746143882.jpeg (114.7 KB, 942x712, 82CACF4F-F4BF-4C9F-8172-51EB16…)

No. 768857

why does she put herself through this? i know they are both edited to hell and back but miso looks really pretty while she just looks special needs. why put herself in a photoshoot with someone thats way prettier and sexier than her? that's just dumb

No. 768859

Get ready for "I dunno why I got suspended on twitch??" story
If she insists on flashing her udders why not go back to Camversity

No. 768860

Twitch recently changed TOS and is allowing cleavage on stream so I doubt she will be banned. Doubt she will make it on there as a titty streamer on there however but who knows.

No. 768861

I assumed she burned bridges on Camversity lol. But yeah, I thought Twitch was pretty strict on this? But she’ll cling desperately to this and cosplay than admit she’s a degenerate amateur porn “model”.

No. 768862

she already showed anal penetration though, keep up. She shoved a butt plug in her ass

No. 768864

It's not miso, it's elizabethrage, and they both look ridiculous. Momo with her huge body and tiny head and shitty headphones and rage with literally the same face in every picture and creepy stalker eyes.

No. 768865

oh great lol she could try to be different but here she is yet another titty streamer on twitch because she has no personality or real interest in what shes playing zzzz.

No. 768878

because Elizabth isn't the prettiest either. Prettier body wise, but Moo surrounds herself with girls who have ugly faces and boy does she have an ugly face. Every photos has one eyebrow popped making her look like her eyes are lopsided and one too big for the other.

No. 768880

Thats' not the same as penetration, anon. They mean watching her actively insert, not already inserted. There is a difference. That's why people keep saying she's doing basic bitch that softcore porn. She's not doing anything any other chick doesn't do for basic likes as far as porn goes.

No. 768882


No. 768884

sorry they all look the same to me, but true this one is a real butterface ugh

No. 768904


she is still playing this game??? Didn't she post last summer (?) that she is about to finish it? (or her friend or cousin who played it for her) lmao

No. 768925

Yeah she pretended to play it until the hype died down. She probably dug it up again now to prove she‘s in fact a real fan!
Or she got too bored pretending to like or care about AC.

No. 768929

Sorry for OT but this, along with seeing the japan trip, was a gut punch because I didn't realize Rage was friends with Moo. I didn't think she was that low. I met her in person and she seemed a genuinely nice girl with a nice heart, but the more I looked into it the more snake vibes I get from her. Makes sense I guess, they deserve eachother. Still disappointed.

Seeing cosplayers I love support Moo and be friends with her will always be the biggest disappointment.

No. 768940

what on earth is moo's pose? spreading your legs as far apart as you can is not how you make a thigh gap

No. 768946

i'm super sick of people saying this shit. costhots are never going to be nice girls with nice hearts. ever. and by costhots i mean lewd cosplayers. i feel like strippers and camgirls are more likely to be nice girls since they keep it in an adult industry.

No. 768962

There are thousands of costhots out there that dont support scum like moo and generally stay off the radar. Just because the bad eggs are extremely rotten doesnt mean there arent good ones.

Cosplay has p much always had a lewd/nsfw side (there's been cosplay porn for decades) it just happened to get big recently. Sorry your feefees got hurt though.

No. 768974

It went from a niche of like 1% of con attendees acting like degenerates with so few people doing it that their names are still known (ex. nigri, usagi kou, boner robin) to like the predominant public perception of the hobby. But keep wking costhots because you see nothing wrong with ruining some mostly wholesome nerdy hobby about sewing and construction and making it mostly about boobjobs and patreon betabux.

You and the people who aren't so bad ain't shit for needing to turn some weird niche hobby into a sexwork lite moneymaking opportunity. Like wow, you made a few hundred bucks showing off your flat ass and cleavage in cosplay, how empowering. Those actions definitely occured in a vacuum and don't affect the general public equating cosplay with sex work at all.

No. 768992

Being "nice" doesn't equate with if you're toxic or not. Some people just want to be liked, but it doesn't mean their actions match overall, or that they are supporting good communities. The costhot community will always be toxic. These girls are just a bunch of leeches at the end of the day.

No. 769003

I don't think they can be in the same class as other costhots like Nigiri anymore though. There is still like 1%. The growing number of "Cos thots" produce up right porn. They arein the sex industry but like Moo think they are better than cam girls and strippers because they slap on a wig…

which… funny enough a lot of strippers and came girls wear costumes and wigs for their persona. So there is really no difference other than the toxic belief of "I'm not like other girls" crap.

No. 769018

I agree, there's a difference between Jessica Nigri wearing skimpy costumes and Moo telling her followers that she's wearing a buttplug while shooting a costume and then taking pictures of it.
These days it seems like most girls who started out claiming to be "lewd cosplayers" are now shilling their onlyfans and are at least doing implied nudes, if not full on porn like Moo.
I don't care if you want to do sex work, more power to you. But don't call it cosplay. Just because you call yourself a cosplayer doesn't change the fact that you're a sex worker.

No. 769032

I think both Moo and people like Nigri fall under the classification of downright sex workers while there are still some ero-cosplayers/lewd cosplayers.
There's a difference between a cosplayer doing panty shots, beach shoots, showing some skin and cleavage, suggestive poses and expressions, tight fabric, then there's coswhores like Nigri spread eagle almost or fully naked where the only limit is "LOL BUT I DON'T SHOW THE GENITAL PIXELS" or Moo with a buttplug up her hole showing her pussy, "masturbating", moaning like a dying cow, so intense you can smell it through your screen.

It's a little like the difference between the Ecchi and Hentai genre. It's in how hardcore and explicit things go. Also, how much of yourself and your intimacy you show (not to be a prude).

Just my take though. Sorry for derail

No. 769035

Mah "toxic" You buzzword using cucks are worse than reddit! What a bunch of closeted SJWs!

No. 769044

What are some toxic things she has done?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769049

Agreed. Seriously, I can’t believe how many cucks in this thread got triggered at the sight of a gun. Then again, I’m really not surprised, seeing as how people here throw around words like “nip nops” and “pepperonis” when talking about breasts.

This thread is supposed about Mariah and how she provides us with entertainment by doing stupid immature shit. Reading most of these posts made me realize that maybe Mariah is not the only one who needs to grow up around here.

Saged for going off topic, but let’s try not to embarrass ourselves. Mariah is already an embarrassment, and that is more than enough.

No. 769056

Anon, she called them ‘nip nops’ herself, that’s why people are using it.

No. 769071


>grow up

>on a website designated to make fun of shit

No. 769080

somehow highroading others in a website dedicated to talking shit about others makes you even more pathetic

No. 769082

Anon, Nigri is so far behind the hot rain right now its hilarious. She's barely starting to even slightly do other things other that's are doing on OnlyFans and a nude onsen shoot isn't the same as Moo and other girls shoving buttplugs up their asses. Nigri is still n the lewd cosplay part of all this.

No. 769087

really sorry to break it to you but 'erocosplay' isnt a thing at all. its just a term thots created to give themselves the false sensation that they aren't sex workers

No. 769088

What drives people like you? You're 5 years late on the epic maymays your spouting, and yet, you feel like you can call others an embarrassment.

No. 769090

This. There is no difference they're both made for cucks to jack it so lmfao. "Lewd" is still just softcore porn.

No. 769096

Lots of dumbass new people and white knights on here lately.

Look, we know you’re fans that just found out you can see her ultra air brushed ass on here for free. Download your pics and go.

If you’re asking stupid ass questions like “what has she done that’s toxic???”

Or complaining about the nipnops that SHE said herself
It’s obvious you don’t actually know or really care why we don’t like her.

Just be grateful you can get her sets on here for free and shut the fuck up. This thread isn’t here to sing her praises, and you’re obviously butt mad we think you are disgusting/stupid/degenerate for finding a disgusting human being sexually attractive.

No. 769097

Lol at this >>769044

But in all honesty all of her Reddits where people keep posting wins are getting shut down because of DMCA, it's actually partly this threads fault because someone kept posting screenshots with the subreddits name in it, she's gaining more followers by being a pornstar and some of them will migrate here because they're too cheap to pay. Either stop posting her shit or move this thread to somewhere with less traffic.

She hasn't done anything lately that is toxic despite how many anons comb over her social media with a fine tooth comb, while she deserves to be in PT because of the shitty things she's done in the past, the milks been gone for awhile. The only entertaining thing is watching obsessed spergs argue over shit like how she doesn't know how to take care of plants.
You guys keep posting her porn like it's milk worthy but has she gone on and on lately about how much better she is than everyone else?
Has she started fights with cosplayers over sheer hypocrisy? Not in a long time.


No. 769099

Yeah yeah. So boring and no milk and you're here typing up a diatribe. This thread isn’t special. When the milk is slow people do the same to EVERY cow.
I’ve seen people like you in basically evwry thread “no miiiilk! types a long ass paragraph deriding people for gossiping on a gossip site

She’s one of the biggest/most well known cows so a lo of people are gonna talk despite your objections. If the milk continues this slowly the thread will die on its own.

No. 769104

It's 100% a thing. It's a whole type of cosplay in japan, hence the term "ero"

just because you're not used to it overseas doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

No. 769111

File: 1586909886818.png (823.8 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2020-04-14-17-15-25…)

Umbran is as wide as Moo

No. 769114

she looks trans af she's just missing the agp smirk

No. 769117

She’s got those ugly long nails like Moo. What’s next, a gucci necklace and fanny pack?

No. 769119

She already has a fanny pack anon lmao
Maddie is obsessed with Moo, she would do anything to skinwalk her she even wears her clothes time to time

Also anyone noticed she's gained a little weight since living with Moo?

No. 769122


>a little weight

You’re being very generous anon. She’s on Moo’s diet now so she’s ballooned noticeably since moving in with her.

No. 769125

Those nails…it's like putting lipstick on a pig.

No. 769130

File: 1586916333980.png (302.44 KB, 692x362, 5C6C4B5C-507B-4877-98B9-12C615…)


Tell me why this bitch looks like a Nick Swardson character.

No. 769132

It’s like what moo would look like if she never had lipo. She’s even losing her wrists. It’s just a hand on a stump. And those nails…clearly someone came to their house and did their nails. Not sure why she chose that length…

No. 769135

File: 1586919310114.jpg (698.18 KB, 685x568, T6UcAkg.jpg)

Hopped on her stream kinda late:
>said her mom is from Beirut, Lebanon and father's family from Florence, Italy
>still sticking with the lie about financially supporting her parents and her dad is proud of her
>said her Umineko tattoo was a "gift by the artist" because he was a "huge fan of hers"
>tries to talk about different universes in Fate but it's obvious she's reading the wiki and her instastories
>Umbran comes in and says Moo was drinking wine to get through the stream…then says "just kidding"
>someone says one would need to play the game to get the full story. Moo said yes but the anime does a good job conveying the story on their own.
>likes "bratty bottoms"

No. 769136

File: 1586920151541.jpg (672.53 KB, 702x562, JfqQe4n.jpg)

I should mention her camera was out of focus the whole time
>calls herself bit of a "switch"
>favorite villagers from AC is Tipper, Whitney
>buys figures from eBay, Amazon, "hobby shops". Has 5 cases worth of figures and have more in storage.
>someone asked what anime did she consider a waste of time but finished the season anyways. She said Sword Art Online
>talks about Monty Oum, how she watched Haloid (Samus versus Master Chief shorts) and discovered she loves girls. She mentions Nigri casually as Cinder's VA.
>has not seen Queen's Blade
>someone asked where Vamps was and she said "she's at her house/I don't know"

No. 769137

Her arm does look skinnier but what are those lumpy things on her armpit?.

No. 769138

Her deflated uniboob

No. 769144

File: 1586921513303.jpg (436.31 KB, 528x548, tALp8qY.jpg)

>said "fuck Yuri on Ice" because it ended poorly
>only had "like 2 serious boyfriends"
>likes Hasbin Hotel, apparently has been following them for years
>said she has some VAs personal numbers and some have been in her DMs

Now she is drunk and singing in chopped Japanese to anime openings she likes. I'm dipping out.

No. 769154

didn't she say she quit drinking or something? Or was that just the energy drinks and weed?

No. 769160

this thread doesn't have enough descriptions of her smell from people who have been around her

I'm saddened , i would have not know she does not bathe and smells like hot cotton cheese had i not had other sources

No. 769161

Is she wearing a corset or are her side/back-boobs still this big even after lipo?

No. 769165


Yuri on Ice isnt finished its getting a second season. Catch up Moo.

No. 769191

Not sure how I feel about her not seeing Queen’s Blade as Cattleya is one of the few anime characters close to her body shape.

But that will also fuel her mommy fetish and creepy love for young boys.

No. 769198

everyone has vic mcpedona's number, moo.

No. 769207

No I think she is going on about the DBZ voice actors. I don't think she realizes how low their VA are on the celebrity scale. Nerds like them, but that's the small portion who cares about who voices their anime and game characters, but unless you are an actual A-list celeb no one is impressed that you know voice actors, moo.

No. 769209

still not a thing. even if it came from the 'great nippon' it still was coined by thots who wanted to feel good about themselves. japanese or american, it doesn't matter really, or do you think that because something came from japan first then it's ok?

No. 769210

probably. it was more of a joke. moo probably doesn't know that random congoers regularly hang out with VAs and even low-rung japanese guests (like nabeshin) at cons too because gasp! they're real people.

No. 769212

Its short for erotic. There is nothing special about thots owning the term or coining, whatever bullshit you just spewed, or japan owning this term. Ero is a term used to describe lewd/sexualized things. It's not only a cosplay, thots, sex worker, or other term. It's just short form for erotic.

No. 769214

she is honestly a neckbeard who has lady parts. Her explanation is she doesn't need to bathe or brush her hair since she thinks she can do without it. Especially if she bothered to do full make up then you can bet money she wont bathe in days until the make up smears.

She can't get laid for good reason and she's surrounded by scummy con going dudes who will dip their dick in anything. I can't think of the smell when you're next to her, let alone if she spreads her legs. Pray for the lady who waxes her puss.

No. 769216

Upon you mentioning moos nasty smelling twat. I was reminded that moo shoved her bare ass in Nigris face a few years ago at katsucon. Hopefully nigiri was too drunk to notice the smell.

No. 769217

She hasn't been in direct contact with Moo for over a year and makes no effort to hang with her. Moo can't buy Nigiri so why would she willingly hang out with a living compost pile

No. 769218

Why are you so constantly obsessed with how Moo smells whether it is the hotdog smell rumor one hamplanet on Instagram made a joke about or this comment about her ass in nigri's face who hasn't hung out with Moo since 2018.

No. 769219

anyone have the last onlyfans video?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769220

fuck off back to reddit scrote

No. 769221

no shit its short for erotic. i talking about erocosplay, which isn't a thing, because there isn't erotic cosplay. even if it's a canon sexy outfit, it's just cosplay you retard.

No. 769222

I went there and came back but there's nothing

No. 769223

Moo is ruining your precious cosplays with her erocosplay versions of them. Just deal with it. It is a thing. Erotic cosplay has been a thing since the 80s. Shortening it apparently makes you upset. Just like ero-lolita is a thing.

No. 769225

Hate to break it to you, but just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

No. 769227

I know they don’t talk. I’m just mentioning that when moo was riding the mei overwatch hype that she literally shoved her bare smelly ass in Nigris face. Bet Nigri has ptsd over that horror show

No. 769231

File: 1587001086915.jpg (552.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200415-203807_Chr…)

No. 769243

All her lies about her family and their origins would be funny if they weren’t so tragic. Her lebeanese roots are all in shithole villages in the south that the Israelis like to blow up every few years.

No. 769245

Not sure how she’s gonna fit in a Realise swimsuit. They are incredibly small, their largest size 5L is a US medium

No. 769246

4L is a US L or almost barely an XL. 5L would be XL. She might make it fit but shoving the whole thing up her ass and having a rubbed raw tailbone for a few days.

No. 769248

Absolutely she won’t fit.
I owned one years ago when I was barely 53kg or so and needed the second largest size.

No. 769256

Forgot to add, there’s very little give in them too especially if you go the metallic version.
They really are designed for a certain body type (short, no hips, minimal boobs) and are quite uncomfortable. Look fantastic on though but I had marks on my shoulders afterwards because I was too tall so she’s in for a nasty surprise.

No. 769261

If anyone's sliding into her DMs it was probably Sabot back in her Gohoe days.Didn't she claim him or Sean were harassing her mom or something?

No. 769262

No, that they personally called her mom somehow. Like looked up her number and knew 'That's Mariah's mother' and called her up to tell them about her daughter. It made no fucking sense and seems more like a run in story and Moo called her mom and shoved the phone at him. Moo thinks their interactions mean they are best friends and she know's d-list celebs.

No. 769263

The problem with Moo is if you have a following or some kind of connection she wont get out of your face and seems insistent on getting numbers or sliding into their DMs. That's what makes her think she's friends with these people even though they don't know each other personally. D list celebs are too shy to tell her to fuck off so they ghost her instead

No. 769267

Like when was the last time she even talked to him? She's barely been at cons since 2018 because of her harassment and her voice is not good for VA at all. At least Jessica can somewhat change up a female voice, but Moo has an ugly voice and she can't make different voices either. Can you imagine her attempting to try to sound like a sexy villain with how nazily and unsoft at all times she is? HA.

No. 769268

The people in her DMs, by the way, are probably low budget YouTube or other type stuff like that that want someone with big tits to voice a character even if it sucks because zoom calls with big tits

No. 769275

File: 1587027765370.png (2.61 MB, 1242x2208, CFBD531C-7AE7-4DA2-A0D0-6CC3A4…)

No. 769277

So Moo is drinking every day again. Kek

No. 769287

Kg? We only use freedom units around here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769322

When has she ever actually done her taxes?She's too full of herself to let anyone do them for her and lord knows she'd fail at software. Betting the only reason she's posting is she thinks she'll get the stimulus check. Pretty sure it's only for those that have down their last 2 years of taxes.

No. 769334

I don't know why, Moo hits the income threshold unless she isn't reporting her actual income to the IRS.
Moo makes more than the cap off of $99,000 so no, she wont be getting a check.
And way for her to get started the day AFTER taxes are traditionally due. I'm sure she was hearing about the stimulus checks and was finally reminded.

No she gets them done every year. An anon usually reminds her taxes are due in the threads. She got her parents to file for her. However things could be shady this year since she filed herself as a business so she can get a return on her vacations… I mean "business trips."

I just feel like she's going to get in trouble with the IRS like Onision did. They both have that smug "I'm untouchable" and "I'm above the law" vibes going for them

No. 769345

Funny thing is if she gets a stimulus check we will know she makes less than 100k a year since that’s the cap for single earners with no kids (95k) so yea

No. 769348

so no matter what the outcome is, she's been caught in a lie

No. 769358

If she does do this expecting some kind of stimulus check, wouldn’t anyone else find it pretty gross? I mean, she obviously isn’t hurting for money at the moment given she just bought a goddamn fuck machine…

No. 769361

Her lewd content sucks
I'm no expert in this but if some idiot paid 30 bucks or more for this and saw just her tits/underwear when she promised more,
I'd hope they unsubscribe. https://imgur.com/a/tGoFUe4

No. 769362

File: 1587064831473.png (160.47 KB, 607x1022, bad tinfoil anon.png)

You are wrong, first off, thinking this was $30. The video you posted specifically if the close up tits one, $4. This seems about right and tbh this actually doesn't look that bad, but you can tell she's wearing that SNOW face editing filter.

No. 769366

File: 1587065801444.jpg (Spoiler Image, 716.29 KB, 1080x2220, 20200417_073333.jpg)

I can never unsee a face when she hikes her underwear up like that. >>769362
Even $4 or $6 is too much, for something you can find free literally anywhere else, but I guess a fool and his money are easily parted.

No. 769368


I can confirm (without receipts sadly but I saw them first hand on their phones) that she was sliding into VA's DMs sending them nudes when she was like 100 lbs lighter. Lots of youtube VAs and the kinda in-betweens. Basically if they were well known or had a big enough following she was trying to suck their dick (literally and metaphorically). It was basically a running joke because she was caught sending the same nudes to different people cause VAs love to gossip among each other at cons.

It was around the time when she was trying REALLY hard for Team Four Star and Starbomb/Game Grumps to notice her.

No. 769369

The whole reason guys pay specifically for this shit from Moo is that they want to see her specifically, not just a video you can see anywhere. Thats the mindset you have to remember they have so of course they will overspend now that she shows nipples and anal.

No. 769373

File: 1587067374666.jpeg (55.33 KB, 257x228, 14A29F4F-4764-4B96-BE0E-AC0347…)

lol at the bottle and shaker she really has been drinking the whole time

No. 769375

This is so fucking pathetic. What a desperate loser.

No. 769376

It is weird. It seemed she was intending on not doing her taxes until she heard about the stimulus checks yesterday. But she doesn't qualify to get one. If she does, she's lying about her income or is lying to the IRS about how much she makes. Either way she's doing a very scummy thing by claiming her vacations as business expenses in hopes the gov will give her a return on them

>It was around the time when she was trying REALLY hard for Team Four Star and Starbomb/Game Grumps to notice her.
And most of these dudes are either married or have girl friends as well. I mean, fits into her fetish of stealing men. It's def not the first time she whored herself for fame

No. 769378

Not surprised. I wonder how bloated she will be at the end of quarantine.

No. 769448

File: 1587107267438.png (1.48 MB, 1215x2048, Screenshot_20200417-000616.png)

No. 769452

She looks so fucking bored/annoyed. Jfc…
She hates herself a lot, doesn’t she?

No. 769453

It‘s kinda odd to me how the bottle is conveniently turned back so you don’t see the label.
Might just be a coincidence, but somehow it looks intetionally placed to me.

No. 769462

To me it just looks like something she forgot on the background. The label is facing the edge of the counter too.

No. 769477

hahahahahhahaahahaha i cannot get over that this bitch did lewds dressed as a barista what a shit idea and the HAT WHY THE FUCK im absolutely pissing it

No. 769484

This is so uncanny valley. There is so much editing it looks like one of those creepy CGI humans that don't look quite right

No. 769485

no i agree with >>769453 she leaves bottles and shit in her pics all the time. she clearly hid the brand logo, but kept the bottle and shaker/ice bucket in.

No. 769501

It looks like she lost the Ponchacao wig Maddie styled before. This one has longer pigtails (maybe her Hibiki wig?).
I don't understand why she doesn't make new headphones if she insists on doing 50 shoots as this character

No. 769509

her reasoning is they (the artist?) canonically “finally made pochacos pigtails longer”

No. 769515

File: 1587149822366.jpg (34.86 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

I don't doubt that she's drinking every day, but I'd bet money on that being a sugar substitute.

No. 769519

Cept she ignores the fact that he also gave her ponytails a blue underlayer. At first I thought it was a shading choice but on the sonico pieces she has it too but none of his other work has a blue shading like that.

But how could I mistake… Moo is such a big fan and TOTALLY isnt just using it as an excuse to call her low effort taobao lingerie shoots 'cosplay'

No. 769529

File: 1587155345619.jpeg (561.29 KB, 750x1048, 958F2762-5BE3-49DD-943E-22AA20…)


No. 769530

File: 1587155405720.jpeg (204.37 KB, 750x486, 69626362-768A-4E5F-8D77-028A5F…)

imagine having stuff made for you and still bursting out

No. 769533

Jfc.. there's so much editing she's levitating on that couch. TopfuckinKEK

No. 769534

One side of her face looks like they photoshopped it smaller. Not to mention this character is blonde. She didn't wear a wig for kiara either. She cant keep claiming she does cosplay

No. 769535

At this point can what she does be considered cosplay? The only cosplay I've seen her do was the pink Diamond one or the pokemon one months ago but now all she does is shittily slap together some barely accurate costume and takes lewds. This bunny costume? And the Starbucks one have no more effort or creative thought put into them than ordering a sexy nurse costume from a sex shop.

No. 769536

File: 1587156905676.jpeg (293.52 KB, 1242x570, F71F58FC-ACCD-4CE2-9A89-6464BB…)

Jfc what the fuck is even going on there

No. 769540

did she photoshop those stockings on? it almost looks like they've been painted on

No. 769543

It looks like she did and wtf with her legs they literally look animated. She really knocked cosplay outta the park by becoming so photoshopped she is a cartoon

No. 769555

Sage for retardation, but why is she "censoring" Onlyfans and Patreon by writing "0nlyfans" etc.? What purpose does that serve? Thanks.

No. 769558

instagram algorithms throttle posts with those words in them, so people censor them to avoid their posts getting shadowbanned

No. 769572

File: 1587170954995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 574.33 KB, 1874x1250, marv2225.jpg)

No. 769574

File: 1587171249651.png (14.99 KB, 478x189, Screenshot_174.png)

No. 769578

File: 1587172682172.png (80.05 KB, 327x450, Shimakaze_Card.png)


She didn't even bother putting on a wig for the cosplay. Shimakaze's blonde not burnette…

No. 769579


Relooking at the pic I can't tell if thats side boob or a huge fat roll.

No. 769580


That is a wig though, remember she chopped her hair short a few weeks ago. She just wears a wig 24/7 now

No. 769585

She took these weeks/months ago (possibly in Japan) when her hair was still long
She's so edited there's a halo of blur around every bit of clothes and cow

No. 769592

File: 1587177337196.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.67 KB, 1024x1536, mariah.jpg)


No. 769597

File: 1587181118406.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 3840x2560, 8YetPUB.jpg)

blurred to fuck

No. 769599

File: 1587182294089.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2164, Screenshot_20200417-235818_Chr…)

What the fuck is this

No. 769604

If you're going to Photoshop the ever loving fuck out of everything, couldn't you at least color in the sock pills/lint?

No. 769608

File: 1587187456280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 706.31 KB, 1079x1231, Screenshot_20200418-002323_Chr…)

This cheek is so smoothed when its cropped like this, you cant tell if its digital art or not. Does square noodles do this with everyone he shoots?

No. 769612

Shit looks like it belongs on the front page of deviantart with the amount of uncanny valley blurring

No. 769616

It's the copy stamp on the photoshop that was badly used so we can see how he stamped it all on

No. 769665

What a bizarre choice of cosplay for her, for one thing she never showed interest in Kancolle, which is much less popular than it was a few years ago, and Shimakaze is also a flat chested loli and not a mommy character

No. 769693

I think he only exclusively shoots Mariah these days? I know when he was dating that other chick he’d do her photo shoots too but I don’t think he does any other photography besides this shit.

Years ago she actually threw him under the bus fkr editing her pictures so bad, now she has to have then uncanny valley just to post them.

No. 769711

It was an outfit available in the love hotel they shot in through their tv ordering options. She has no interest and doesn't know anything about the characters or series. Thats why she didn't have a wig ready.

No. 769713

She threw him under the bus for one of her shoots and said she was going to tell him to go easy and yes he still shoots other people including Vamplette, Miso, Aly, Rage, Nicoletters.. You have to see the tags.

No. 769733

It says right in the caption the cosplay was made for her by Cat.

No. 769734

Cat did her dirty if that was really made by her.

No. 769735

I swear it was on the love hotel purchase screen. She got the bunny outfit on that too. Thats why everything is so small on her. Cat knows to make her armholes huge. This makes no sense since everything with the cosplay is wrong unless she is calling the outfit Shimikaze which she is a dumbass as fuck then.

No. 769740

would the love hotel even have a japanese size 6L which is likely what moo wears?

No. 769743

Thats not even close to being a 6L in Japan. The gloves can't even get past the elbows. No wat Cat made this. She's been making everything else Moo makes according to her fatass, even her Umineko gloves were high than this, so she knows how to make these. Not saying those gloves stayed up at all though. I doubt she made it 'more sexy' too as an excuse. That is fucking sweatshop material and stitching for cheap cosplay.

No. 769745

Even if they did; she‘d still be too delusional to admit to herself (much less someone else) that she‘s passed being a size L/XL ages ago. She still thinks she fits those sizes because she yanks her bottoms up to her lipo-ed waist and only buys pants that naturally stretch up several sizes and hoodies bc uwu oversized!!

No. 769847

Unless Cat was working off previous measurements and Moo had gained weight since those. I also remember it being ages back that Moo said she had Cat making her a Shimakaze cosplay so if she's has the costume sitting around for a while, of course it's no longer going to fit right.

No. 769857

Yeah i remember that too, it was ageees ago. I don’t remember her buying the costume from the love hotel, so i guess it was made by Cat a long while ago before Moo went on her trip. Might be wrong tho

No. 769876

I dunno. Maybe it’s just me. But I find it comforting in these troubled times that moo is still out the shoving things up her butt for $30.

No. 769881

File: 1587260519296.jpg (Spoiler Image, 493.88 KB, 1080x713, YPH9Pe3.jpg)

No. 769884

What the fuck is with the carrot? I know Shimakaze is somewhat rabbit-themed but afaik she doesn't have a carrot prop..? If she's really trying to put out Easter content now I feel terrible for her paypigs.

No. 769885

some parts are so smooth and blurry but then….the boob is pixelate? what a natural queen

No. 769886

Apparently it's a vibrator

No. 769903

The only vegetable she’s going to eat

No. 769907

Isn't the appeal of this character suppose to be flat chested loli Esq. girl?

No. 769923

I'd love to see these without photoshop. You know they're horrific.

No. 769924

Moo's too much of a pussy to show raws

No. 769988

Moo wants to keep the illusion she isn't obese she's ~thicc~
Cuz oddly enough I still get the vibes she looks down on fat chicks even though she is one. Call it a weird form of self hate.
Also why she corsets herself to the point of possible injury in public. Can't be fat if you have a waist.

No. 769995

It has always been a problem with anons that she recycles this want of being appreciated as a ~plus sized woman~ but she clearly has a problem with obesity from a vanity standpoint. Being obese means having imperfections in the skin, it means having fat in places you don't want. The fat/body acceptance movement doesn't mean you suck the fat out or plump your face artificially because it's the body you aim to manufacture. I blame this on how her father probably acted around her as a kid that made her have this fucked up idea of how a body should be.

No. 770001

Which is why I think will be her downfall in the end, and she will do it herself.
I don't think she's going to less cons because she's hated. She always pretends to be loved and swarmed by fans even if people tell her to her face she's disliked.

I think it's because she can't find cosplays to hide her body anymore. She wants to create this reality where she's a cartoon character with big T and A with a tiny waist. Even with the lipo she's gaining weight, making her body botched. Her future is diseases and heart attacks.

I wonder if she has panic attacks when she looks in the bathroom mirror naked and then snaps a pic and edits it to make herself feel better.

No. 770016

She's shaped like that Grimace McNuggies meme in this photo. Can't the people she works with ever find her a decent pose and angle?

No. 770044

She has accidentally posted RAWs before. I remember she uploaded a gif/ of video of her and also uploaded the RAW as well. It was a clear difference, and really showed how much edits her stuff.

No. 770046

When was this?

No. 770067

I wouldnt blame it on her dad.

Momo has obviously always had issues with food and always had help or an easy way to lose the fat.

She wasnt fit/a healthy weight for very long (a couple years isnt a lot with someone with food issues) and as soon as she didnt have a sport to keep the weight off it was a VERY easy snowball effect for her. First she just hid it with shapewear and then she had enough money to buy fancy corsets and then from there she had enough money to get lipo and lipo and more lipo and more corsets etc.

If she did the bare minimum from when she started she would never have gained the weight and without that much effort NOW she could easily shed the fat but she's too lazy.

She has always chosen to have yes-men in her life and basically if someone says no too many times to her she ditches them. From the very beginning the only way for her to allow someone to tell her no is if there's a dick attached to it or they have a bigger following than her.

She'll never get better and will inevitably die from something health related because the only exercise her heart gets is when she's chugging energy drinks.

No. 770077

File: 1587333568720.jpg (854.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200419-165932_Ins…)

She got two more cats

No. 770078

wtf is she doing with 6 cats? She's over the limit of cats in a Vegas home at once without a pet fanciers permit

No. 770079

Geez her house must smell like cat shit

No. 770080

I was coming here to post this…the ragdoll ranch? hoarding cats isn’t starting your own sanctuary like she dreams of. also if she wants to takes cats in because she loves and wants to care for them so much shouldn’t she get some less fancy cats too? like…old ones? or ones that are super in need of homes? she just wants to be surrounded by fancy furry cats

No. 770081

She can't claim to be a rescue if she's BUYING them from breeders. She also doesn't have a pet fancier permit or a rescue permit. She's hoarding animals just for the hell of it

No. 770084

Could some of these cats be umbran’s? Might be why we haven’t heard her gush about getting more fucking cats.

No. 770088

that’s her account for her cats, Umbran hasn’t mentioned or shown cats whatsoever while momo has been posting them all day

No. 770094

She probably got them from the same breeder that was abusing cats at their facility.

No. 770111

Not to nitpick, because she definitely seems to be hoarding the cats, but she would need over 12 cats to need a fancier licence according to the Las Vegas government website.

How does she even have the attention span for all those cats and what the hell does she do when she swans off to Japan for weeks on end or events?

No. 770133


Easy answer she makes her mom feel bad and come take care of them all. As it is she mostly seems to ignore them. Wow being in your 20s and already a lonely fat catlady…that’s life worth living .

No. 770134

>How does she even have the attention span for all those cats
She has neither actual friends, nor hobbies and puts the least amount of effort into her work. She has nothing else in her life.
Plus, bold of you to assume she actually gives them all the attention they need. She spends time with them when it’s convenient. She can’t even be bothered to brush them (not really surprising though, considering that she doesn’t even brush her own hair).

>what the hell does she do when she swans off to Japan for weeks on end or events?

Last time she went to Japan, Maddie took care of them.
The trip before that, I think either Kevin or Cat or both were living with her, so they probably did.
She’s apparently incapable of living on her own as is, so she might as well make her slaves cat-sit for her while they’re at it.

No. 770161

She's smothering them with affection all the time. Wtf are you talking about. We have seen her play with them constantly before. Because she doesn't post videos about it doesn't mean she ignores them. She has enough people in her house at least that they should all get attention. 4 people in the house, 6 cats. Thats more than 2 per person. I doubt they are being ignored.

No. 770166

You’ve only seen her play with them BECAUSE she posts video of them lol wtf. She trots them out whenever she needs engagement on her accounts.

I don’t know about you, but just because you live with someone who has cats, doesn’t mean you’re required to pay attention to them.

I agree with the other anon, it’s pretty pathetic to be a lonely, obese cat lady at the age of what? 24-25? But hey, to each their own.

No. 770184

File: 1587351347648.png (93.03 KB, 720x679, Screenshot_2020-04-19-19-52-15…)

Look who is lurking
She got 6 cats but doesn't know this info up front I can't with her

No. 770185

File: 1587351478855.png (49.87 KB, 720x332, Screenshot_2020-04-19-19-56-47…)

No. 770195

You're literally asking her to stream her playing with them all the time. That makes no sense, anon. They aren't neglected.

No. 770203

File: 1587359328389.jpg (697.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200420-000756_Chr…)

She does realize that to have a cat fancier permit she has to be showing these cats right? It literally states they have to be in one show each year. We all know she wont actually take the time to do that

No. 770214

File: 1587371545827.png (220.41 KB, 496x538, Screenshot_20200420-032148.png)

She did a blonde Hestia? Wtf is her deal with wrong wigs?

No. 770215


Im calling some bullshit about Pochaco cosplay Hestia. I think there was a figure for that actually.

No. 770223

File: 1587381180055.jpg (95.58 KB, 800x1131, 2_mbcqofwwl6.jpg)

yeah there's a SonicoxHestia Figure and some art of Pochaco

No. 770239

File: 1587390128379.jpg (802.53 KB, 1080x1988, 20200420_143906.jpg)


Removed the cat list from her insta bio, pretty telling

No. 770241

File: 1587390653863.jpg (595.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200420-085059_Ins…)

She removed pochaco hestia too

No. 770254

What was the point ofher cutting her damaged hair but keeps suffocating still damaged everything left, inuding her ends, under these? Jesus Moo. You should be spending this time nurishing whats left vs wearing a bad ratty wig all the time. She is so dumb. This doesnt look any better, in fact worse.

No. 770260

the wig won't do anything to her hair anon, but i agree it looks bad. she just doesn't want to look like a lesbian or whatever she claimed.

No. 770264

Tbh I’m just glad it’s not named Momo Scats anymore

No. 770275

Is Jada getting close to dying and these are her replacements? More kittens when you already have 4 cats just seems manic.

No. 770276

I'm sure if that was the case, we'd hear about it.
Moo has threatened to kill herself before if that did happen.

No. 770277

File: 1587399777346.jpg (235.58 KB, 1920x1840, inCollage_20200420_102234638~2…)

Looking over her cat page she comes off as a slob owner too. She wipes a crusty booger from her cat's eye onto the back of his head.

No. 770286

she never mentioned the permit until she lurked here on lolcow and read it from anon. She doesn't have a permit. She's just scared someone is going to call someone.

No. 770288

Since she has the income, she could very well just deal with the once a year competing rule if she wants more cats.
I don't get how she thinks she's slick with this

No. 770293

Because that takes a lot of time and effort and to show her cats she has to have their papers and where she got them from. She can't show them because she got her cats from basically a kitten mill.

Also final kicker… you can't show altered cats. They all have to be intact. So no, Moo doesn't have a permit

No. 770294

"Intact" like no deformities? Full bred? Sorry I'm trying to understand

No. 770295

her cats cannot be spayed or nurtured in order to show them

so it's literally impossible for her to have a pet fancier permit

No. 770296

Wearing a wig all day everyday definitely does damage your hair and/or scalp eventually. You can’t wear your hair the way it is underneath, so you’ll either have to wear a wig cap or tie it up very firmly. Either way, there’ll be continuous friction which causes breakage. Hell, it’s recommended to sleep on silk pillow cases to reduce the friction as it can damage the hair, so there’s that PLUS the friction of the wig (or wig cap). It undoubtedly fucks up her already brittle and damaged hair.

But I genuinely wonder how she does it. She’s already lacking hygiene in that department and rarely washes her hair. I know talking about her body odor has been frowned upon just recently but dear god, bitch must stink even worse now. She probably sees the wig as a way to wash her hair even less since nobody’s gonna see it anyway.

No. 770300

File: 1587405373636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 469.1 KB, 1080x1141, nsKGoJa.jpg)

According to a source (not me, take with a grain of salt): In a now deleted Patreon post " she had a message that …the next set she's releasing on patreon "the one with the skirt and red and white lined socks" is a topless set, but mentioned her $100 tier would have a full nude set.. The problem with this is that full nude, can also mean, "doesn't show anything below the waist but just isn't wearing anything."

No. 770313

Don’t give her ideas. She’s already bad enough and her paypigs are worse.

No. 770326

you missed the part where SHE apparently said this then deleted it.

No. 770366

>the one with the skirt and red and white lined socks
So she really doesn't know it's Shimakaze.

No. 770372

The fucking perspective on this makes her look like one continuous blob with an ass tacked on

No. 770395

File: 1587425409788.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x510, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

No. 770431

Catching up and I’m late to comment, but this isn’t a bad clone/copy stamp from photoshop.
He used frequency separation to blur and smooth her ass/leg and when you blur the texture/outlines in FS, it gives it that weird blurry line look. It is her ass cheek blurred into her fat thigh so it looks like a big ass, not hank hill with fat legs.

No. 770449

File: 1587443198342.png (208.21 KB, 600x510, moo.png)

woops my hand slipped

No. 770450

Thanks I hate it

No. 770451

Oh no, this is horrendous. Good job anon!

No. 770455

File: 1587443665254.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1798, JBf6AyT.jpg)

No. 770457

File: 1587443904894.png (1.08 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2020-04-20-21-33-45…)

She probably probably rubbed one out to this dude and got the idea to do it

No. 770476

File: 1587453801711.jpg (459.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200421-022245_Sam…)

You'd think with how much she spends on plastic surgery she would get rid of her hank hill ass by now.

No. 770478

I wouldn't be surprised if her next surgery is a brazilian butt lift

I think after coming back from Japan she said she wanted to go to southeast Asia for "travel" but you know that means she just wants to get cheap work done

No. 770479


ol’ 180° angle ass. Her whole back is just one straight line. Posture is bad, too. She always looks like she’s skulking around like an ape.

No. 770515

Keep in mind she's wearing compression gear/Lulu's, betting she's more gelatinous in person. Can her cheap filters keep up with the ripples for this "hentai" video?

No. 770517

jesus and she just recently lipoed the fat off her back. There's really no point in her sucking the fat back if it comes back a month later. It's cheaper to get no work done and just let Square photoshop in a new body. She's doing that already

No. 770548

God and she's the worse kind of weight gain just wider not gain in specific locations, though this could be cause of her interference of lipo. But even her teen fatty pic looked like she just gets wider. Imagine having genetics so fucked even obese you can't get an ass

No. 770557

That’s not even Reika in the image; that’s Sei. More “super fan” bullshit incoming?

No. 770578

File: 1587510240493.jpg (256.8 KB, 1080x1985, 20200421_180404.jpg)


No. 770579

File: 1587510354881.jpg (436.5 KB, 1080x1975, 20200421_180350.jpg)


No. 770582

Another "hobby" for her to pick up and abandon kek

No. 770591

I'm not gun expert but what gun is that? it looks unnecessary.. like is she joining the trump brigade, protesting the stay at home for covid thing and buying guns now? i know she had a gun before. It worries me someone as manic as her is allowed to have a permit.

No. 770592


The Brick looking one is a TS12. Technically a shotgun apparently? The video she has poor shooting posture with the Mossberg and can actually hurt someone shooting it like that. And he had to turn the safety off? Jesus I wouldn't want to be anywhere near her at the range.

No. 770593

That wig looks fuckin terrible

No. 770594

moo seems the type to do a mass shooting and then off herself.

No. 770595


She also used the wrong ammo in the damn thing.

No. 770597

Not to WK Moo but it is kinda fun to go shooting. You don't have to own guns or be super interested in them to have a bit of fun. Nothing looks too far off, and she's got that burly man standing there in case she has a tard moment. At least it would be a more realistic pastime for her, rather than sucking the fat out of her body to try to keep up with the ethots online.
Edited so I don't get accused of blogposting lel.

No. 770598

moo also buys guns though. so your point is moot.

No. 770599

Does she? News to me, but I don't follow her that closely. Point still stands about it being a more realistic hobby for her imo.

No. 770600

Did she.. get a new set of extensions? To me the hairline looks like she doesn’t have a wig on, (or i really need glasses, which might also be true.) Anyways it looks awful

No. 770602


Holy yeah those are. She can't put them in the front because her hair is too thin there but she accomplished the extention mullet. Perfect to match all the MAGA protests happening. Moo showed off her gun when people were against shops being opened and then they closed almost right after.

No. 770604

She has at least 3 guns
One she keeps in her glove compartment and showed it off cause shes "a bad bitch" which is hilarious cause she needed Vamps to threaten two girls in an elevator for her

Also lurk more anon it's in the same thread

No. 770605

Going to a shooting range during a global pandemic.
Wasn't she mooing about people social distancing and saying she's doing it?

No. 770628

File: 1587528987799.jpeg (249.09 KB, 705x765, 54C62272-4C41-4CC8-87CB-F84BAD…)

thanks for the profile, momokunt.

No. 770629

that top lip deflated so hard

No. 770631

She looks like a mix of the two Mr meaty characters

No. 770632

Probably just shoot the mail man thinking it's one of her haters or something. What worries me is if she sneaks a gun into a con and loses her shit

No. 770633

there goes that neck lipo. what a waste of money and effort

No. 770635

She has the profile of fucking Peter Griffin

No. 770636

Well as if we didn’t know it before we know now she lurks here as it was mentioned up thread how we never see her actually shooting anything. Only posing. We still haven’t seen targets so I’m sure she can’t hit shit if she was in an outhouse with the doors closed.

No. 770639

Don't be this level of fucking stupid. These guys wouldn't let her out here just for photos. She's shooting shit anon.

No. 770642

I told you guys earlier up she’s been hanging out with people and talking about it on her personal fb. I just can’t cap it.

No. 770644

Not really though. People have called her out on her ‘posing with my gun’-post on IG, so it might just as well be because of the triggered gun-nut neckbeards that came at her.

No. 770645

Lurk more before you post then, retard.
Yes, shooting can be fun but she’s more likely doing it to show off how much of a badass boss bitch she is. (And failing miserably lmao.)

No. 770647

God you reddit libtards need to suck on a gun until it goes click!
What a waste of air you are!

No. 770648

That doesn't change the fact that you're a reddit percluching libtard cuck!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 770664

File: 1587567103696.jpg (567.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200422-105012_Ins…)

This is disgusting.

No. 770667

>viral transmission killing people in the world
>does this
Cunt should be reported

No. 770673

Didn't she pretty recently get lipo on her neck? Why does she still have no chin? Her neck just goes straight up to her head, like a big meat tube. Gross.

No. 770674

So, lemme get this straight. Moo’s ADHD means she can’t control her impulses to grab others’ dicks and tits without permission, but it’s under control enough so that she can get a license to carry and owns guns and goes to shoot them for fun?

Which is it moo?

No. 770677

hot damn thats fucking tragic kek

No. 770682

actually, since they're roommates this isn't a big deal.

No. 770688

It's pretty fucking nasty. In the past she would have gotten a ton of heat for doing retarded as fuck shit like this, but she's not as popular as she used to be. She's a bigger nobody now than before even if she deludes herself into thinking otherwise.

She doesn't even know cause she lies too much. She lies so much that she forgets about her long-term lies. Like school.


This too.

No. 770691

Legitimately fucking gagged at seeing that cap. who knows what else these two trash nuggets get up to in that dumpster they live in ughhhh

No. 770694

>She doesn't even know cause she lies too much. She lies so much that she forgets about her long-term lies. Like school.

Honestly she mus see Trisha as a god or goals. I don't think Moo is trying to be popular. I think she wants to be as infamous and botched as Trisha now

No. 770699

File: 1587578279202.jpg (370.16 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200422_105727.jpg)

Nightmare fuel

No. 770720

File: 1587585369022.jpg (32.63 KB, 500x374, momolips.jpg)

She really nailed this cosplay

No. 770747

What the fuck? Why would she post this? There's nothing fun or amusing about it. It's just unhygienic and disgusting. What a fucking moron.

No. 770753

Umbran is such a disgusting enabler, she's definitely worse than Vamps

I can't imagine how much worse it would've been if Umbran was around when Mariah was sexually harassing other cosplayers at Cons

No. 770759

Umbran is just more gross than Vamps. Like Moo she's a coward in real life. At least Vamps was a little more ballsy irl. Umbran is a weaker, more autistic Moo

No. 770770

This seems like another disgusting gesture on Mariah’s part to make Umbran feel like they’re close without having to buy her anything like she did with Vamps. It’s sad when Mariah’s streaming on twitch and Umbran comes in the room and she immediately tells her to get out and not touch her stuff lol

No. 770776

File: 1587607176677.jpg (88.5 KB, 352x500, 184192.jpg)

Lmfao. I bet she thinks she looks like a cute anime girl with heavy artillery. All of her cucks probably have a hard-on for that trope.

No. 770798

File: 1587622604759.jpg (728.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200423-011555_Twi…)

The difference is astounding. She wasn't cute back then but at least she wasn't drooping in the face like a bulldog

No. 770802

Kek at her arms looking three times bigger now than back then. What a fine job she has been doing trying to lose weight, it seems like she never stops growing

No. 770809

she's going to start pandering to the "bimbofication" fetish within the year, calling it now

No. 770842


Is there a clip of that Anon

No. 770845

Literally watch every stream. The stream before this one she came into the room to show Moo (what I assume was) a TikTok and Moo freaked out telling her to not upload it. Umbran asked why and she said "because I told you not to" and Umbran sneaked away.

No. 770857

umbran is an immature twat in the worst way. vamp was at the least not a babby womanchild and tried to help moo out. umbran seems absolutely annoying and unbearable to just be around, let alone live with. she prolly gets on moos nerves hardcore. makes me happy moo has to deal with this.

No. 770858

I feel like Moo wanted Vamps to be what Umbran offers but is slowly regretting the fact that Umbran is so invasive. Moo has a shitty taste in friends and what friendship "should be"

No. 770859

i agree. she seems like she wants what other costhots have in their men, but as a woman so she doesn't have to commit. someone who is loyal but quiet and protective. who revolves around her life but doesn't want anything from her. she had a lot of those things in vamp, but vamp was too independent, now with umbran she is far too needy.

No. 770862

Plus: someone who‘s ugly and awkward enough so she won’t have to feel insecure or as if they’re competition in any way.

No. 770877

Exactly. Maddie is on Mariah's diet and it shows. Also, Mariah only seems to post extremely unflattering videos/photos of Maddie.

No. 770879

I can't remember the specific streams because they're pretty long, but I remember one time Umbran came in the room with food and Moo told her to leave and that the couldn't eat upstairs. Another time she picked up a figure or a sword (I can't remember) and Moo told her to put it down because it was expensive. There's a lot of passive aggressive moments

No. 770890

so basically treating her like an autistic child. Makes sense since Maddie acts like one. I know Maddie will provide some good milk in the future like raws of Moo.
Well, she USE to post raws of Moo a lot but has stopped. I guess our cow scolded her for it

No. 770897

File: 1587681011754.jpg (1007.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200423-173006_Ins…)

Both looking like dumpster fires while most likely disobeying the stay at home order

No. 770898

File: 1587681191927.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 2576x1932, 2576x1932_c8d0adb9bfdb1eccaa24…)

Lipo made her armpit underboob look weird

No. 770899

File: 1587682026090.png (797.79 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2020-04-23-15-42-39…)


No. 770902

yikes, she looks like Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men

No. 770906

The fuck is this Play-Doh looking mess? It took me a moment to actually figure out what exactly I was seeing here.

No. 770908

Her elbow looks like a nipple and it makes it look like her boob has a huge fold in it, I can’t unsee that now

No. 770909

File: 1587685122647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.29 KB, 415x739, images (9).jpeg)

I dont have any idea in this year.

Finally she stay in the porn side or no?

[My phone has problems, sorry](newfag)

No. 770914

File: 1587686666931.jpeg (312.76 KB, 853x1280, F7410B4A-AE36-44B8-9F93-A701EE…)

No. 770917

beautiful work anon haha

No. 770919


No. 770927

umbran, please, moo will absolutely never have feelings for you, she won't even pretend because you're not even moderately attractive like vamps.

No. 770934

She wishes

No. 770938

This is awesome next thread pic option!

No. 770954

File: 1587695192203.jpg (79.88 KB, 781x853, 20200423_222527.jpg)

Flexing a 500$ skin care routine and looking like this.

She used such heavy filters to hide this crusty reality.

No. 770960

This. She’s too dumb to realize her diet and other habits effect her skin and hair. Keep eating shit Moo.

No. 770962

$500 isn't even that crazy either.

No. 770976

Upon looking at this a second time, you gotta love how she’s absolute shit at shooping out the stretch marks on her stomach. With as grainy as the rest of the pic is, it’s completely smooth there, pixel wise. She can’t fucking email her overpaid cuck photographer to fix her shit now?

No. 770987

The marks are still so clearly visible, too, like red stink lines wafting up from her vag.

No. 770988

File: 1587708680255.png (Spoiler Image, 281.01 KB, 496x416, Screenshot_20200424-005549.png)

>>770898 she's really trying to pass her legs as her hips lmao

No. 770989

Yikes lmao thunder thighs kun

No. 770990

It’s so sad how hard she has to suck in even with all that lipo. Why would she lose with her legs out like that? You would think she’d have her legs together it just looks strange

No. 770996

the fact she's trying to pass this shopped mess as her actual body is even funnier. She really wishes she was 100 pounds lighter

No. 771037

Lol, the fact that her thighs are the size of a normal sized persons hips makes this even more disgusting.

No. 771039

He legs are spread out, but they are still massive and not even muscle thunder thighs. Just chunky obese thighs. Its not even working as hips lol

No. 771041

I know, that is quite funny how hard she tries to pass as a normal sized curvy person lol

No. 771085

File: 1587782197649.jpg (Spoiler Image, 612.35 KB, 1250x1874, marv0816.jpg)

No. 771089

Square actually really sucks at details. He can edit muscles and asses bigger and stuff but he cannot for the life of him actually pain using PS. Look at the asscrack. What even is that and the skin looks awful. Just every time. Its so fake and you can tell he adds noise over it to try to pretend it has texture, but dude, it's not working. It looks like you used the blur tool in facetune and everyone knows that app does shitty blurring.

No. 771090

File: 1587784412364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.73 KB, 496x753, image0.jpg)

No. 771096

I hate how in one picture her backside is so smoothed out that she's masquerading as a thin chick. The second it reveals how overweight she really is. So much for being real

No. 771098

I know, lately her body is different in every pic. She can't have Square keep references to keep the shop more consistent?

No. 771099

Square doesn't care to be consistent so why start now? Kind of like how Moo doesn't want her cucks to pay for real pics of her body. They know she's shooped to hell

No. 771100

File: 1587787067228.jpg (36.33 KB, 968x681, ghostbusters-slimer.jpg)

fuck, Momo over here starting to look more and more like rebooted Slimer with bigger arms and shoulders.

No. 771101

I love how she keeps tilting her head up like this in pics to make people believe she has a neck/jawline. But damn, there’s no hiding how wide she is in photos anymore lol.

No. 771105

Love how the amount of blurring and smoothing rids her body of any natural lighting/shadows and makes it look like she has a tiny T-rex arm.

No. 771158

I'm poopin'!

No. 771188

Holy fuck I never expect her calves to be that massive, it catches me off guard every time… Her knees must be in so much pain considering she never exercises and carries around all that weight.

No. 771202

good god her ass is one of the more horrifying things about her. Who tf has square inner ass cheeks? And why are they so large but have such a huge gap in between them?? Honestly revolting.
Also kek at how tiny her ass actually is, when you cover up the fake buttcrack. Moo needs some surgery on that hank hill ass ASAP.

No. 771213

File: 1587859850132.png (426.22 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-04-25-17-05-37…)

>has a fan base that perpetuates this type of thinking
>has expressed this type thinking before in her FB posts
>WhO hUrT tHeSe MeN

No. 771223

File: 1587861314664.png (918.65 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-04-25-17-32-27…)

No. 771225

File: 1587861436061.png (977.03 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-04-25-17-34-02…)

No. 771230

Called it I knew the moment that janky ass Isabelle art dropped Moo would fucking leap at it.

No. 771231

Let me guess
She's basically going to do the dalmatian bikini "cosplay" but in yellow and probably putting on a bell collar

No. 771240

By the time that Isabelle is finished the hype is going to be dead. It's already dying down. Most cosplayers get to work before a game is released to prevent this. She can just skip a step and show her pepperonis. her fans wont care/notice

No. 771249

File: 1587872326885.png (384.1 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2020-04-25-20-02-25…)

No. 771255

"Don't judge me but I can judge you"

No. 771337

>nothing wrong with being lovely and kind to ladies
>especially women who model, do fetish, or gravure etc
>I think it speaks highly of you

You should be nice to women but mostly me. Please simp for me. Please?

No. 771338

meanwhile she's that girl that pushes herself into guy friends relationships to the the point their gfs make ultimatums. Uplift my ass. Speaking of, has Sensei all but cut ties? I know he brought her flowers shortly after he moved out but he's dropped off since.

No. 771348


Wasn’t there a screen cap that was the exact opposite of this? I mean verbatim.

No. 771378

That, and all she did/does is bully/harass other women (esp sex workers in the past) lmao but ofc she wants men to simp for her. if u act like a cumdump ur gonna get treated like one. the dude in the other cap was right af.

No. 771381

She still can’t even admit she’s doing porn. “Model, fetish, gravure” stop trying to delude yourself.

No. 771383

Yeah, it hasn’t been just lingerie shots in ages, it’s just porn now, has been for a good while. Nothing to do with cosplay anymore, so she could stop pretending to like the things she claims to.

No. 771394

It's why she can't get connections with other cam girls. They hate her cuz whenever she was in front of a camera she was saying she was better than them because she doesn't get naked. She's everything she hates right now. A fat balding sex worker who pretends to be a lesbian for clout.

No. 771414


She could have just said “Please continue to simp for me and don’t hold me accountable or call me out whenever I try to dunk on you for complaining about my shitty actions and behavior”. Would have sounded a lot less holier than thou and completely up her own flat, nonexistent ass.

No. 771425

short Q & A time:
>someone asked if she's going back to silver but she said she's leaving it alone, letting it grow and leaving it her natural color
>Favorite villager is Meringue and made her a bakery on her island
>next cosplays are Isabelle, Raven, April, Mountain Lady
>is doing another Depop drop soon.
>admitted to doing nude content
>wanted to redo Camilla from FE for AX this year. Did it 3 times, considers her a hard cosplay and was going to collab with Castle Corsettry for a remake

No. 771429

File: 1587961822449.png (674.29 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-04-26-20-51-31…)

No. 771431

wtf! I know she obviously got her lips re filled to a clownish extent but wtf did she do to her face?! Why is it so swollen? Did she get cheek filler as well?

No. 771433

It's gotta be the filter. It's blurred to shit too.

No. 771435

File: 1587967022589.jpeg (261.58 KB, 1242x844, 80227AFF-F754-4159-888A-40ED0F…)

Super interesting when it says this.

No. 771436

She said there's no selling rn because of the Corona but later she'll drop a load of hotdog water smelling clothes for cucks to buy

No. 771437

imagine 3 houses being out and STILL cosplaying camilla. hell im surprised she didnt try to cosplay sonya when echoes/gaiden came out what a fan.

No. 771439

Who even buys her shit, her betacucks? She doesn’t even mark up the sizing on her stuff.

No. 771440

File: 1587970802862.jpeg (554.39 KB, 1242x1611, 9C51FF74-D3CA-40A1-B344-94DF07…)

Congrats on looking like a dumpy midget toddler, Moo. Jfc those proportions are hilariously bad.

No. 771447

Does anyone else feel like she sends herself those questions just to promote her content?

No. 771448

As much as I believe every other "influencer" does, yes.

No. 771453

what a weird unconfident pose. aside from obviously not thinking about body language, here she looks like she's got abdominal pain

No. 771464

Thought this was one of those maternity photos that women take at first glance kek.

No. 771471

She's so retarded because you're right. This is the type of men she panders to constantly. She couldnt even go to katsu and eat normally. she has to make everything hyper sexual and wonder why men dont respect her as anything but an object.

Case and point >>771223

No. 771478

She has literally nothing to offer the world but her willingness to degrade herself for money.

No. 771479

What the hell, who the fuck would pay 150 for that shit. We really deserve this virus.

No. 771521

Holy cow this looks like some kind of pregnancy glamour shot or Somthing.

No. 771556

She always does this thing where she presses down really hard on her hand. It makes her look retarded. Hand poses are just as important as body and she has mastered neither.

No. 771583

Girl shut up. People are dying.
The pockets of her neckbeards are bottomless. As long as they can sniff her old clothes, they're content.

No. 771584

God this angle and pose are horrible even by Squarecuck standards. It shortens her legs and makes her look like a sea lion. Why is her hand on her gunt? Why would she choose to draw attention to her fupa by putting a hand there? Also, her fingers bending backwards like that makes me want to throw up.

No. 771587

I might have just had my glasses off but she looks like she soiled herself in the photo too unless it's supposed to be sweat. On the top too. Maybe is the compression of the photo? She looks like she shat herself with her 'heh' chin to neck cast off to the ground gaze and then sweat a lot while doing so. This is the ugliest and fattest looking Hibiki cosplay from this show I have seen and Jesus there are some chunky girls out there claiming its muscle and Moo takes the biggest slice of cake which is the whole cake.

No. 771647

File: 1588071756961.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 169.72 KB, 640x852, 7800E2CB-CBE6-4269-B675-9EA03B…)

Man that’s a big behind. Wonder how long till she is using dildos and making gape videos(old milk, learn to spoiler)

No. 771649

her images are always so ambiguous because of her messed up shape and poor poses. Looking at them takes time to decode what it is. At first i wondered if this was a dude

No. 771652

Jfc you’re slow. >>>/pt/760809

No. 771666

I think an image of her entire ass and butt plug is worthy of a spoiler

No. 771677


No. 771678

File: 1588086722862.png (2.95 MB, 2516x1134, Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 10.0…)

Summary of her Twitch stream last night:
>Said she wanted to go back to school to be a vet tech
>Mentioned moving to her new house and creating a cat sanctuary called "The Rag Doll Ranch." She's also training her cats to be therapy pets
>Talked about her dad accidentally killing her pet rabbit
>Someone in the chat warned her about wearing low-cut tops on Twitch. She dismissed it but later comes back in a hoodie
>Sucks on her boba tea straw suggestively
>Burps obnoxiously throughout the stream
>Umbran shows up toward the end of the stream with clown makeup to try to get some attention

No. 771685

File: 1588088517637.jpg (655.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200428-104116_Ins…)

"I lOok like Ada WoNG Gaiz! Get it cause I'm totally asian?" She changed her whole face with a filter and expects people to believe her?

No. 771686

She's trying to look like Billie to rope Umbran in

No. 771688

Would anyone have a link to the mega with their shows on cam ?, the old one is broken and I ended up losing the ones I had ;-;(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 771690

She would have to practice proper hygiene and wear scrubs. My friend is one and would casually tell me "I saw a cat get it's arm get amputated today, it was really neat!"

No. 771694

Thought this was someone she invited over. Wtf is she thinking thinking people will believe she looks like this naturally? Not even with makeup is this doable because she changed everything about her face.

No. 771698

Here we go with this tired ass bullshit from moo. This is what the third time she’s said she was gonna go back to school and maybe the second or third for her whole cat sanctuary idea? Fuck off with that moo you aren’t doing shit except getting fatter and lazier and more edge.

No. 771699

The first time she said something business oriented. She went back and forth saying she "graduated". The second was to be a school teacher. I believe she said she didn't care her face was on the internet?
Now it's a vet tech. It's clear she's trying to distract us from the fact that she has too many animals in that house. I don't think training therapy animals just means hoarding six cats and petting them when you feel sad.

No. 771707

There is actual testing for real therapy animals and you have to prove in front of a jury of professionals before you can license them as TA. Moo has no idea how any of this actually works and just having a cat with a calm demeanor isn't enough. It also comes down to breed, hair length due to allergies, noise disruption, movement disruption.. There is so much. She is a fucking idiot. None of hr cats even pass any of these from what we've seen except maybe Jadae but she has a temper from what we've seen so already that is a 100% no for a license. Just sleeping all day doesn't make a cat a TA. This will become a hoarding situation soon. Sanctuaries are usually for abused animals too. Moo, you are taking in animals sold for breeding. This is FAR from a sanctuary.

No. 771709

She also said she was going back to school to be a pharm tech? (or pharmacist?) this was during the time she was still close to Vamp.

No. 771712

I feel like Vamp said that because she's tired of working front end at her store and would rather get the pay boost to work in the pharmacy pickup booth instead but you need a license usually. Moo probably hoped she could use Vamp's work to copy from so she thought it would be easy. Moo has a crap memory. It'd be hilarious seeing her trying to remember anything from tech.

No. 771715

These look like two different people. She's not fooling anybody with a brain.

She's suddenly bringing up school after school was brought up a few days ago. You'd think after spending years lurking here that she would try to be less obvious about it.

She can't keep up with her lies. She forgets them and then tells a new lie every single time and that's why no one believes a single word she says. Well, except for pet rock Umbran.

No. 771716

File: 1588102286548.jpg (33.07 KB, 779x580, 1260139055821.jpg)

Tinfoil here.
Exactly HOW does one develop a personality like Moo's?

No. 771719

A combination of being a narcissist or having bi polar disorder with enabling parents that spoil u lol.

No. 771723

File: 1588107409876.webm (6.06 MB, 640x1136, mariahmallad_95464277_59371341…)


I had to upload a copy of that video, you can see the filter freaking out on her lip

No. 771724

moo would want to make a cat sanctuary with designer breeds wouldn't she.

No. 771725

File: 1588108421899.png (1.48 MB, 2560x1440, fqtvpme70c221.png)

Oh definitely Mariah, I totally see it /s

No. 771726

Not to mention theres no need for a ragdoll rescue. Those cats go for big money, there’s no shortage of demand for them like other “common” cats. I’ve never seen one stay in a shelter for more than a few days, same reason there’s only a small handful of corgi rescues in the US. she has impulse control problems and is using buying animals for the instant gratification of spending, no one is buying her “rescue” shit. How long before she starts trying to get donations for her selfless humanitarian work?

No. 771727

she would be the type to ree about her emotional support animal being a trained therapy animal to try to get into places with her shitty cats since people don't know the difference. lucky they are starting to ban emotional therapy animals from may things since they don't get training. trained animals are extremely obvious compared to shitty support animals.

No. 771728

File: 1588111071980.jpeg (196.79 KB, 828x1485, E9E2A7D6-9CD9-4C98-8C1E-4C8F6C…)

YIKES the bags under her eyes!

No. 771729

She is just scared because she exposed herself as an animal hoarder. So she's praying that if she lies enough no one will report her.

No. 771731

This bitch is yellow facing now?

No. 771732

File: 1588111921595.jpg (138.37 KB, 750x1103, IMG_9507.jpg)

Her lash extensions are making her eyes a bit wonky

No. 771733

It's the filter, though we all know her eyes naturally look like they're melting off her face. Guess the filter can't fix everything.

No. 771735

Stop. That's not a thing.

No. 771736

bitch looks more like a chola than >>771725 lmao.

No. 771740

now that you said she looks Hispanic she's going to burn that filter now

No. 771755

The asymmetry is almost comical lol, this looks like a joke

No. 771757

File: 1588119574007.jpg (165.08 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20200428-181727_Ins…)

She outright looks like a hispanic guy.

No. 771759

She actually looks like Dahvie Vanity from BOTDF and it is the worst possible look for her.

No. 771766

this makes her nose look worse and kek on the dahvie vanity post anon had me rolling

No. 771769

Honestly makes me wonder if she is going to get more things done to her face other than the horrid lip fillers (tbh even the turtle lips were better than these overstuffed sausages) Just seems like she's hinting towards getting plastic surgery, Idk I'm probably reading too much into it but yeah. Fugly filter either way.

No. 771771


She did have other surgeries planned in March, right? I wonder which ones got canceled. Im thinking the new lipo on her stomach did. They did her back boobs and side boobs and her chin/face. So I think she missed out on her arms again, thighs to enhance her ass like she tried before her bikini Mei disaster, and probably normal lipo on her side-sides because she desperately wants to be hourglass. Not to mention the other processes of the already fucked up scarring from the stretch mark filler.

No. 771772

Someone in the stream commented on her lip fillers and she looked uncomfortable and said she doesn't get them done that often. The last time was apparently in November.
She usually doesn't admit to anything unless she's called out or sponsored

No. 771773

but it's obvious she recently had them filled. Doesn't she also proudly admit when her lady friends "re touch" them?
Or does she want people to forget she has turtle lips and she's all natural?

No. 771776

>>771773 Wait when has she had a lip filler come to her house? Ive only seen her in offices for that. I know her hair and lash slaves sometimes come.

No. 771777

Nails, too.

Look at her acrylics in >>771757

They’re just recently filled

No. 771778

Fix your eyes anon. Those are not filled. This is all a filter. You know that, right? She didn't get her lips done and those nails are over a month old from the grow-out.

No. 771779

File: 1588134338862.jpeg (68.72 KB, 500x500, 74FFD944-B068-4530-A5C8-A80137…)


Bitch got Josuke nose and lips. (In the worst way.)

No. 771780


How dare you.

But on another note, when will she ever have her nose done? Feels like she's avoiding it because she doesn't want to admit it's ugly.

No. 771781

i'm loving all these blurred photos hiding how bad her skin is. 10/10

No. 771789

That's like 3 week growout.
And I didn't say she got her lips done, but she's had her hair done there's literal evidence. Don't be stupid.

No. 771790

Maddie lives with her, anon. Moo already used her shitty handiwork on her own hair lol and Blaine sent her a new wig/extensions what from Ive seen on her stories. If I missed something please post it.

No. 771850

I think she mentioned wanting to get her nose done at some point. But only very vaguely, not like she has actual plans to do so.

No. 771857

If it was up to her she would have plastic surgery all over herself. Hell, if it was up to her she would have a different body to ruin

No. 771862

File: 1588197682955.jpg (270.27 KB, 620x948, IMG_1704.jpg)


A lot of things got put on hold but rn this is what you’ll be seeing releasing the next month of May 💖

No. 771863

File: 1588197735599.jpg (139.1 KB, 450x700, IMG_1847.jpg)

No. 771864

File: 1588197858898.jpg (60.78 KB, 335x726, IMG_1855.jpg)

No. 771865

File: 1588198069312.jpg (55.48 KB, 298x494, IMG_8940.jpg)

No. 771869

File: 1588198219635.jpg (390.66 KB, 903x1708, IMG_1858.jpg)

No. 771873

I am 100% sure she wouldve abused herself with surgery if she was more popular at the start of her cosplay stuff. Imagine her still being althetic skinny-fat and botching up that and THEN getting fucking huge. She was already 190 at least her first lipo round, so that mustve looked bad.

No. 771882

looks as if Mizkif was attacked by a swarm of bees

No. 771898

this is why i think she doesn't have any $$ saved. it clearly burns a hole in her pocket otherwise she'd be able to save up for more expensive surgeries.

No. 771900

Falsely representing a costume she rented in a love hotel that didn’t even fit her when she rented it in Japan as a product of Adam and Eve. Mariah is clicking add to cart that stressful for your fat fingers? Fucking lazy retarded cow

No. 771901

File: 1588216045611.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 358.6 KB, 1125x1168, B668B9B9-090E-424A-97FE-9A0CFC…)


Photo for above comment

No. 771904

The straps cutting that deep into her shoulder fat… ugh. The outfit looks like Wish quality lol.

No. 771911

itd probably look better on someone it actually fit lmfao

No. 771913

Thats not even Adam and Eve isn't it? Her and Rage both got bunny girl outfits from the online shopping through the love hotel didn't they? They were going through the screens when selecting costumes.

No. 771922

Summery of her Twitch stream:
>Wore a shirt with a high neckline and said, ”I’m not a booby streamer today.” Probably because of the viewer who warned her about Twitch policies last stream
>Her stream was a figure unboxing. She forgot to bring scissors and attempted to open the first package with her teeth, acrylic nails, the boba straw from her last stream, and a chopstick (which broke). It was kind of like watching a kid grapple with a child lock
> She opened 8 figures and immediately broke one of them in half and lost the hand of another. She said the most expensive figure in her collection was worth $1,000 before she took it out of the box
>Wants to do a photoshoot with her new guns. When someone told her to be careful she got defensive and said she has a permit
>Did a lot of cringe weeb shit, like flaunt a can of Oi Ocha, sing along to anime intros, and say “so desu ka.” She also burped loudly, broke into random accents, did a Tik Tok dance, and was overall obnoxious

No. 771927

Ahh, now she can say how she's not like other girls because she loves hentai!

No. 771947


No. Please don’t do that to Josuke.

No. 772022

You mean she broke them in half on purpose after taking them out of the box or assembling them? I can’t believe she’s be so wasteful and careless but it’s her M.O.

No. 772049

File: 1588279142101.jpg (120.03 KB, 1074x893, 20200430_153904.jpg)

So much for chin lipo. She's really packing it on in quarantine huh

No. 772059

She was trying to figure out how to assemble it and ended up breaking it in half with her big paws. It was honestly the only funny part of the otherwise boring stream

No. 772060

Gotta of course find the bug tit chicks from hentai to show that shes "soooo openly sexual"

No. 772081

Momo's inner monologue "It's okay, the lipo suction will fix everything"

No. 772107

Yet tots asexual my dudes

No. 772118

I noticed that it's been how many days and she's not actively shooting content nor providing BTS on the content she's shooting. Regardless of Squarecuck being there or not, it's obvious she has the equipment. She's so lazy.

No. 772129

I’m dying how her wings and false lashes are going totally opposite directions.

No. 772137

she's never going to understand how to apply falsies.

No. 772160

looks like an old lady in the middle of a stroke

pull the plug, its over

No. 772165

What fucking figure is worth 1k that she had? Also if they’re worth that much then she really doesn’t care about the money when opening them

No. 772166

they don't even make them that much unless she overpaid for the shitty 1/2 scale pochaco fig.

No. 772235

I'm guessing when in Japan a figure seller thought she was a stupid foreigner and ripped her off. Though Momo also doesn't know the value of a dollar soooooo

No. 772249

Lol. He saw her coming a mile away.

No. 772275

I am adding onto what >>771922 said about her stream. I was curious of the breakage etc.

About the figures:
>Banpresto Gotenks - claims she spent 25 USD. Takes the figure, has trouble attaching the head to the neck piece and taps the top of the figure on the table to lodge it in
>claims she was made into a huge recycle person by Kevin.
>claims she "only buys official" but it's known she buys her shit from Amazon and eBay.
>Bandai Spirits Android 21 (red eyes ver) - claims she bought it for 50-70 USD. Claims the "plastic didn't cure right" because there are imperfections in the figure. Struggles to put stand on the figure, looks at the box for instructions then tossed it aside because there are none. Finally figures out after a patron comments that there is another hole for her stand in her hair, another beneath the tail. Struggles to fit it in hair.
>says "kanpai" as she drinks the canned green tea
>Megahouse Naruto Gals Tsunade (everyday wear, not swimsuit)- repeats that the figure is super expensive, she spent 70-150/250 USD. Someone said "its not expensive anymore" and she said that person was wrong.
>a To Love Ru figure she owns is 1000 USD and is her most expensive. Said 1000 dollars is "rent money"
>Kotobukiya ARTFX J Eren Yeager- bought all three of her figures "used" from Japan for 300 dollars.
>is wearing her headphones unplugged because "its cute"
>patron said the key is for her to do closeups of her figures and her doesn't understand them
>claims her Kotobukiya Levi was bought "fucked up" and she needed to "glue some things". Unboxed Mikasa and said some parts are missing for the figure.
>tells her viewers to not send her to jail because Mikasa is underage and she totes doesn't find her attractive or anything
>MisoTokki hops in and asks if she's doing a real versus fake figure video. She still plans on doing it
>claims she's still helping Belle Delphine with her instagram
>FOTS JAPAN Elma figurine - broke the lower half of the figure off trying to attach the tail.
>equates situation with a story of hurting her little sister and telling her that nothing happened, to keep quiet so little sister wouldn't tell dad.
>bought 2 more guns and is going to do a photoshoot like anon said. A Mossburg "something" and a "cool LR". CCW permit holder, is trained to hold guns.
>thought the figure was a Mashu, was sent a Megahouse Ozymandias. Also bought the Gilgamesh that matches. Admits she ruined the resale value of her figures to keep them forever. Tried to research Ozymandias but couldn't find anything.
>apparently was into Fate in highschool. Her coach was also her Mythology teacher. He asked "since when was [she] into Babylonia", she showed him a episode of Fate and he said it was stupid.
>makes another cancel joke
>explained she waited for the Altria figure for a while because she said she'd buy it after Japan, and the price fluctuated. She first bought a fake to "test it out", wanted to make a video on how to get your money back with Ebay, the seller apparently "lied" so she eventually she got her money back. The listing said "branded", she realized the figure was not branded and fake and she got her money back eventually.
>Good Smile Company Altria Pendragon (Lancer)- struggles to open packaging. Threw away packaging with a piece still in it (part of the glove/reins), complains she cant find it. After bitching about it for 5 minutes,she realized she threw it out and retrieves it.
>has "credits" that rolls over her stream at the end. Asked her helper to teach her how to use it despite probably being told already.

Sorry if this seems excessive

No. 772286

The stream was like watching an especially clumsy kid opening their Christmas presents that they're going to forget the next day

No. 772305

She really spent too much on those. Also I’m pretty sure no to love ru figure is worth over 1k. The way that she just crowds them in the background once they’re open is so weird, does she intend on just keeping stuff she bought for so much money on a cheap table?

No. 772309

This streaming of hers reminds me of when she bought all those figures in Japan only to cram them into a suitcase and leave the boxes there for others to clean up. She’s like sid from toy story.

No. 772310

For claiming all her figures are “official” she sure does get a lot that come to her fucked up. Hmmm.

No. 772322


I checked the prices of To Love-Ru statues just to see if they are even close to that. Besides for the 1/1 scale ones that are like 23-26k, most expensive are the 1/4th scale which are around 230-290. If she paid close to 1k she got scammed hard.

No. 772333

FOTS figures are known for being shit and breaking easily so it doesn't really shock me thats the one that broke on her.

No. 772342

Shes either lying to flex or she got scammed either way its pretty funny. Shes shown how little she knows about this stuff, its entertaining to watch her look like an idiot pretending she knows

No. 772345

Wait, why is this cow claiming she is helping Belle Delphine with her insta? That's weird clout chasing. She can't help anyone. She deactivates her own account and pretends it was haters for flex.
She like, messaged her a few times and Belle replied once to her, now she thinks they are BFF

No. 772346

She bragged about this around the time Belle’s account was first taken down and yet… she’s still not back lol. So much for moo’s “team of lawyers”.

No. 772350

While normally I would say that a lot of Moo's interests are suspiciously recent with whatever is trending, I'm inclined to believe she was into Fate, at least somewhat. I can't see why else she'd tell that story about her mythology teacher. It's like hearing about Hetalia fans showing the series to their history teachers. Why would you make up something so embarrassing?

No. 772352

Because it shows how "UwU weeby" she was.

No. 772353

Yeah, didn't she use to bully kids who were into anime? Of course she would be making up shit like this.

No. 772355

from her ex-classmates stories it sounds like she just bullied everyone and probably didn't have many real friends since she was a bitch.

No. 772356

File: 1588396485149.jpg (Spoiler Image, 945.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200502-001436_Chr…)

Unspoiler at your own risk

No. 772359

Still rocking the sex doll look I see

No. 772362

what the absolute fuck? did she let her cats shave her pubes or something?

No. 772363

Those are the stretch marks she tried to get lasered off to no success. I'm pretty surprised she would post something that shows the actual state of her body.

No. 772364

actually those are the stretch marks that she lasered off and are still healing. You can tell from how they look (they aren't dark red but more brown/tan). Those kind of lasers take a long time to heal (like 6 months +) and need to avoid sunlight to heal well. The fact she went to hawaii so recently and probably tans means she most likely fucked the healing process. But for sure, these are still in the healing stage. I had them done for my pregnancy scars so..

No. 772366

Eh, Fate was pretty obscure at the time. Even if UBW was out when she was in hs (I can't remember when she graduated), Fate didn't get super popular/trendy in the US until FGO released in the US in 2017.
Even if she had seen the anime and liked it, I doubt she was hardcore and I don't believe for a second that she's read the VN.

No. 772376

Shit, that's hilarious.

Was it? I remember seeing Fate around a lot before FGO, but no one I knew was really into it at the time, either.

Her interest in any series seems to be shallow to me. I hate to gatekeep, but every time she brings up a series that isn't mainstream, I get the feeling she's just using it for brownie points.

No. 772380

Subreddit went private

No. 772387

Looks like her account has too. My guess, given the warning on her subreddit, is that people were posting/leaking paid sets and she's attempting to stop others seeing them for free

No. 772390

I also think some of her weeb interests are genuine, like Higurashi and DBZ. By genuine I mean that she was into them before she started cosplaying and would probably watch them even if she couldn’t get attention for it. Though I also agree that her interest always seems very shallow. Even if she did like Higurashi as a teen, it was mostly because all the gore and violence makes her feel like a bad bitch and not because of the story, which she barely understands.

No. 772394

thank you for sitting through her streams lmfao

No. 772419

According to her own story and eyewitness accounts she used to be a fat weeb herself, then got semi-buff and turned full hardass guidette nearing her senior year in high school and bullied everyone. Having followed her over the years it adds up and she has posted to anime forums a lot in her teens as proven by screencaps of her edgy Higurashi phase. I'm willing to say that she genuinely enjoys weebshit and is an actual nerd and that has always set her apart from the thots who don't even attempt to fake to be interested in whatever shit they pretend to be into and it's honestly Momo's only redeeming quality. The thing is that her interest is pretty surface level and she consistently keeps misunderstanding character motivations and story points which makes it all look fake. And some of the things she gets into are definitely to fit in with her friends or the current trends.

No. 772433

She's way too much like a Jersey Shore thot to ever have been a real weeb, but I'm sure, as you said, had a surface level/superficial interest in it and never went down the weeb rabbit hole. It's probably why she can engage, but then it goes all down hill when she pretends to be hardcore. The only thing she got down was the bad hygiene of a weeb.

I'm just so surprised at her continued popularity. Not that she has popularity because she a porn star fatty, that's a fetish. More that she originally started as having a realistic thicc body in a skin tight suit with slight curves. She just got giant and obese without ridiculous lipo proportions. Her fan bases must have changed, but she still gets money. Smooth transition I guess monetarily.

No. 772444

She was complaining that if it was general shit it's fine to post but her nudes/tit shots were not to be posted in her sub because people were ripping her off. Her sub wasn't good anyways. She didn't take care of it, seldom posted and bitched at criticisms.

No. 772448

Following up: apparently she bahleeted everything, locked/kicked people out the sub? I wonder if she's making another one or pulling from Reddit altogether

No. 772449

By the time she was a teen, anime was 'cool enough' for her to try and pretend to be into it. She's not some later 80s/early 90s kid when she was a weeb would have been the era of FMA, late night Toonami etc when these shows were on TV and when she was a fatty she just latched onto Higurashi which, at the time was a hot button thing to be into. You couldnt go to cons back then without seeing a bunch of cosplays from it and every forum you went to someone would be using art from it as an avatar or a sig image.

>that she genuinely enjoys weebshit and is an actual nerd

If that were true then hoe come she only hops on things she thinks she can ride to popularity?

How come she cant be assed to make even simple costumes or get these shoots done if she loves weebshit so much? Hell why not actually post more weeby content? She could post nicer pics of her figured that she supposedly spends the hundreds to thousands of dollars on. There's even some recent things that have happened/that are going on in several of her precious favorite series(es) that unless I missed it she's not posted about at all (I'm being vague cause I want to see how long it will take her) There have also been figures of characters she claims she totally loves uwu that she didnt get/never mentioned.

Moo's behavior and existence is proof enough she's not a real weeb/nerd. She just knows that if she drops the facade and show how much of a normie she is that she'll lose her neckbeard bucks. Everything she does is just trying to copy Jnig or some other popular nerds to the bank.

No. 772463

she likes a few popular characters but she never finished ANY of the games. I don't think there is a single game she finished to completion. Moo is just a pro at pretending to have interest so incels will think she's cool.

No. 772464

File: 1588440414517.jpg (Spoiler Image, 841.29 KB, 2160x2880, good try whore.jpg)

She's an idiot.

No. 772465

File: 1588440447661.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 2160x2880, tlww49j6gbw41.jpg)

No. 772466

File: 1588440540973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 2160x2880, jhf52npufbw41.jpg)

No. 772467

This pretty much. I believe she watches the anime and enjoys it, but pretends to like it more than she does to appeal to her neckbeards. It's fine if you like anime on a surface level and want to cosplay, but there's a lot of gatekeeping that she's trying to get past. The problem is that she never does the necessary research to make her claims seem valid and thus gets caught in her lies.
Like, ya, it's believable that she's been into DBZ for years because it was pretty mainstream and tons of kids watched it. Fate, not so much. The VN has never been officially translated and reading it in English requires patches and such. She gave up pretending to play FGO because soooo many things have happened that she never posted about (and pretty much everyone who plays posts about it at some point when they get a servant they want etc.)
Sorry, I'm a huge fate fag and it drives me crazy that she acts like the biggest fan ever when she's clearly only watched the anime on netflix.

No. 772469

Yes that's true. One story mentioned that she would wonder over to popular kids at school and sit near them to feel included. It was awkward for them and when they walked away to get away from her shit talking she just followed and kept going even though no one replied to her.
She did this a lot in guitar, lacrosse and theater. She would make fun and bully people in front of the cool kids but it was awkward because apparently the popular kids in those classes were actually nice. In fact all the popular kids hated her because she was unnecessarily mean

I believe it because she does this in cons all the time. Doesn't know anyone in the group, waddles over and pretends she was invited. Even goes as far as photo bombing pictures and crashing dinners.

I don't feel bad for this loser who never developed beyond high school.

No. 772473


God those lips look terrible

No. 772474

This looks fucking awful.

No. 772479

These pictures look like when you walk in on your mom changing. You both are mortified and one of you have to leave silently so you can prepare for the awkward conversation that leads afterwards.

No. 772502

Even after all this time, she still leaves random clothing and trash in the background of her "photoshoots"

Mariah vacillates between weeb culture and normie culture as needed. She has a genuine interest in anime, but exaggerates things in order to seem more knowledgeable than she is. She does fit some weeb stereotypes, like claiming to be conversational in Japanese (throwing in random words), being obsessed with surface-level Japanese food and culture, and power leveling about stupid anime trivia

No. 772518

Eyebags are gone with whatever filter she's using. All those stretch marks and veins must be a lot worse if we can still see them in these "totes natural" selfies

No. 772528

File: 1588466515950.png (988.95 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_2020-05-02-17-39-16…)

No. 772530

This wig or hair style (someone said she had extensions - I personally can’t tell and don’t care enough, so whichever applies) makes her head look even bigger. And somehow the hair looks just as bad, even though it’s overall less damaged and brittle. It still looks like a $20 wig though.

She genuinely looks like she has a dick.

No. 772533

File: 1588469711871.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1242x2009, uDGRXb7.jpg)

No. 772536

File: 1588470284347.jpeg (201.01 KB, 548x404, DC8BDE12-97F8-4523-BE71-42D77A…)

>tooless blowjob

No. 772537

File: 1588471113849.jpg (126.13 KB, 1242x2208, 94976297_233740951375429_36570…)

kek looks like your post got to her anon

also Kevin posted this originally, I thought he moved to FL to live with princess.rabbits, but he's been around in some of Moo's stories since quarantine started so I guess he still lives there (or moved back)?

also Moo's cousin Brandon was in one of her streams recently so I'm guessing he still lives there too? I posted >>763751 and >>763752 last thread because we weren't seeing as much of either of them in Moo / Umbran's stories and they weren't posting Moo either but maybe she's got them (and Umbran) mostly gagged as far as candids go lol

I agree with this read on Moo's level of interest in anime / weebshit / nerdery, I actually think she's genuinely into it but not as deep as she makes herself out to be. I also think she's probably ~80 IQ which doesn't help her credibility when she's speaking about anything. I mean… up until recently Moo's been a serial offender of using 's for plural rather than possessive (unless she's intentionally trying to sound ESL like Mira as part of her "brand"). plus, there's the possible ADHD, which is not a valid excuse for her groping, but if she has it, it probably means that she has trouble paying attention watching long-running series or maintaining interest playing longer games. I imagine Moo constantly on her phone and talking, drinking, smoking, eating, etc with the people she's watching stuff with, which limits the amount anyone would be able to absorb from what they're watching, let alone someone who's dumb as bricks like Moo

No. 772538

File: 1588472317181.png (1.08 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-05-02-18-59-38…)

She hasn't lost weight at all.

No. 772544

File: 1588473622125.jpeg (620.35 KB, 1242x1627, 82387830-747E-41EB-836E-098540…)

Making it more obvious that she lurks.

No. 772545

not to nitpick but omg, her boobs are like in anime art when the artist has never seen a naked woman so the clothing is drawn in a way that would expose nipples, but the artist doesn't realize.

No. 772547

Sorry anon,not even.

No. 772549

she loses some weight thanks to lipo, pretends it's due to working out, stays at a certain weight, gains 50+ pounds then photoshops to hide the shame. Rinse, wash, repeat

No. 772550

boobs looking like a buttcrack. and one huge round mass, like an ass. not like boobs.

No. 772551

Did she borrow those bottoms from Steve-o?

No. 772552

what's with those cherries that keep showing up in pics? is she trying to hide her bags?

No. 772554

Off topic, but while ADHD does cause that, and remembering things like controls in a game you like or what was happening in a series can be difficult, there is also the side effect of hyperfocus. It's an extreme tunnel-vision focus, normally on something the person likes, although it can really be triggered by anything.

Surely there is at least one hyperfocus-inducing subject Moo has that she can't get enough of, right? As someone with ADHD, I would imagine she has them, even if they sometimes come and go in phases. I wonder what it would be. Has she hinted at anything like that?

No. 772555

File: 1588478031443.png (497.51 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2020-05-02-20-27-47…)

No. 772557

File: 1588479261026.png (1.11 MB, 1328x714, Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 11.0…)

Summary of the Stream:
> Next Friday, she and some other OnlyFans / Twitch models are going to be talking about their work on stream
>Smoked a blunt recently for the first time in a while. She used to smoke five times a day, every day
>Her friends offered her psychedelic tea, but she was too scared. She also ate shrooms at an anime convention, but nothing happened to her
>”Everybody” she knows does acid, but they’re still functional adults
>Said Adderall makes her calm and proceeded to manically ramble and scream for the next few minutes
>Wants to do a meet up in Las Vegas after COVID
>Dieting and eating a lot of Vegan food. She’s also taking walks every morning. But she ate Chipotle today
> Someone asked her to do a Mad Max cosplay, but she’d never heard of the movie

I tapped out after 40 minutes. Listening to her making weird “tsktsktsk” sounds every five seconds and her Chipotle burbs were too painful

No. 772558

No surprise she still smokes weed when less than a month ago said she stopped
And yes Moo, we already knew you did heavy drugs. THAT much is obvious. I would be high 24/7 too if I had your life

No. 772559

What the hell kind of friend circle do you have to have where everyone is doing acid? What?

Also, Momo should know better than to be taking that kind of medication while doing drugs. Have fun with serotonin syndrome. Or less severe, the drugs will basically completely overshadow any of the intended effects of your prescription, meaning you've essentially wasted your money. Not that she's any stranger to wasting money, but this is a controlled substance, and it could be better used somewhere else.

Funnily enough, there was a study in Japan where they found that putting ADHD kids on a medication regimen meant they were less likely to struggle with substance abuse as an adult. Makes sense, but Moo seems to be some sort of statistical anomaly.

No. 772560

Its Vegas and the cos scene tbh. I'm not surprised.

No. 772561

File: 1588481868037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 716.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200502-235353_Vid…)

Prepare for some unsettling screenshots of her new vid. Shes totally dieting.

No. 772562

File: 1588481910646.jpg (Spoiler Image, 630.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200502-235438_Vid…)


No. 772563

oh god im puking what the fuck gross no wonder she needs all that shoop

No. 772564

File: 1588482005455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 735.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200502-235549_Vid…)


No. 772565

File: 1588482082354.jpg (Spoiler Image, 738.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200502-235629_Vid…)

She sucked her tit for about one second, rubbed herself for about 5 seconds which was her main selling point for this 2 minute video. Minimum effort. 4/4

No. 772566

Watched the video. She moves around sporadically like she's finishing a essay last minute so she can meet the criteria for a grade.
For 13 bucks she jiggles her tits, rubs her labia area (I don't think your clit is in the middle of your vagina Moo) for 5 seconds then decides to make weak loogies on her droopy tits so she can kind of suck on one of them??

No. 772567

I cannot believe she put this out herself and it wasn't some sort of candid or leak

No. 772568

File: 1588482969428.gif (3.24 MB, 500x272, eivzwx.gif)

No. 772571


LMAOOO she thinks holding her tits like a Nerf gun is sexy?! Like is this supposed to be a quirky “blooper” shot…?! No? She’s serious? lmaooooo

No. 772573

honestly with her current health (she should be over 300 pounds but the lipo hides that, but her organs are still buried in their own fat) and her mixing drugs and alcohol I will be surprised if she lives past 30
She's her own worst enemy.
She single-handedly ended her own cosplay career in a few short years and already has to resort to weird fetish porn to help control her outrageous spending habits.

No. 772574

File: 1588484259020.jpg (42.95 KB, 400x400, tcwwK9x.jpg)

I knew this looked familiar her early weeb is showing she probably bout this Lum Invader ages ago and just dug it out. I doubt she's actually ever watched/read the manga though just had cause made by the same creator as InuYasha and Ranma

No. 772575

The resemblance is uncanny. Thanks anon

No. 772577

she probably bought it in japan recently. lum is still really popular there.

No. 772579

i meant her nips are too far down

No. 772580

Subreddits been set to members only. Guess shes mad?

No. 772581

Huh, so people like her are he reason whenever girls posted in the fb group I was in a couple years ago would also do a shit, effortless (typically flavor-of-the-month) cosplay and expect nothing but compliments.

No. 772594

I love that she thinks these kinds of poses are sexy when her ham sized arms are bigger than her own boobs and they just make her boobs look much smaller in comparison.

No. 772595

File: 1588492349392.jpeg (582.54 KB, 750x980, 068DFCE0-F49D-478B-8BFE-157919…)

here’s how that wigs looking

No. 772596

File: 1588492389380.jpeg (232.54 KB, 750x910, 35515877-A5D0-4FF6-B2FC-A01A63…)

she doesn’t openly say it’s for momo either

No. 772598

I think this person is working on her Isabelle costume unless something happened? Or they just did the ears and Umbran is doing the wig? Which, I understand Moo's hustle for befriending a wig maker for free/discounted shit. But not being to rope in anyone better for costumes? Fuck. I wonder if she ever regrets what she did to KBBQ

No. 772599

File: 1588494599673.jpeg (500.74 KB, 750x1153, A8301F53-1342-469F-AB60-BB6AC8…)

surprise another Asian guy

No. 772600

She wishes
And there she goes showing her sexuality again. Moo I thought you were suppose to be an asexual lesbian pansexual? (she claimed all)
She's the perfect example of bored white chick slapping on labels to seem more flavorful.

No. 772603

I mean… she’s done worse, I guess?

No. 772606

Plenty of people with adhd can maintain an interest in anime or games. You clearly have as good of a grasp on what adhd means as moo.

Imagine taking adderall and still gaining 100 lbs, getting lipo, and regaining the weight. Fuck sham doctors who will give an adhd diagnosis and free lifetime pass to amphetamines to anyone if you have enough money.

If she isn't paying him, he need to make like the BTS member he wants to be and Love Himself.

As an elder weeb I can guarantee you she has not read or watched a single chapter or episode of this. It's in licensing hell, a ridiculously long running series, and you have to really care to find it illegally in the last decade. Where. Are. Her. Goddamn. Horns.

Tbh anyone who takes her google and wiki level knowledge of anything with zero critical thinking or opinions to back it up seriously are approaching the same level of braindead.

No. 772607

File: 1588505058354.jpg (290.64 KB, 714x1135, 20200503_062259.jpg)

Truly one of the worst "shoots" she's ever done. She honestly looks bigger than she ever has before, and this is just a month or so after lipo. This is the stuff of nightmares. I can't believe these weren't shopped or facetuned to hell before posting.

No. 772611

just think, if she's putting this out without being shooped to hell and back that must mean she thinks so looks good, imagine how busted and melted her body looks on a "bad" day

No. 772613

This. Or she couldn’t get squarecuck to edit them for her.

No. 772618

I'm thinking this is the case, but I wonder why isn't he? They can be sent digitally. For real, this recent set is the most low quality shit tier set she has ever done and that's saying alot.
I'm going to assume it was a quickie no thought to keep her betas swimming around her whale form.

No. 772621

Anyone got the video?

No. 772628

Is she really doing the seams on the outside/inside-out look for her sweatshirts? That was played out in the 90's. Super in touch Moo, as usual.

No. 772639

Its just weird that some randon asian fuckboy tiktoker/ streamer is doing her merch? i looked him up and didn't find anything about owning a merch company or anything.

No. 772642

Since he wrote it’s a sample, I‘m pretty sure she sent it to him. Obviously the comment makes it look like ‘omg you purchased my merch and wore it I’m so flattered uwu’ when really, she probably told/paid him to. It’s just basic promo-stuff. However, really bad promo. She only wants to be recognized by this guy because his audience is not the same audience Momo caters to (except for maybe the very few other unpopular fat costhots that see her as some body positivity icon).

No. 772643

Ironically, the Adderall should be suppressing her appetite. Does anyone know how long she's been taking it? I would assume for as long as she's had the ADHD diagnosis.

She probably just couldn't be assed. I can't imagine they've had a falling out or something of the like.

No. 772644

Shit anon you probably right. I read sample as in he was working on the merch and just showing the early stages of it.

In that case, Mariah is more pathetic then I originally thought, which is an accomplishment

No. 772647

I like how she probably sent this shitty sweater to a asian boy she liked simply to garner his attention. We know that irl he would never talk to her.

No. 772648


Imagine having to hover to get that sad state of an arse shape

No. 772651

It's her being high/drunk all day plus incels telling her she looks beautiful now that she's doing porn that's keeping up the delusion in her head.
Though she still has to add some beauty filters and stretch the pictures to make herself look thinner.

She was on it since high school I believe to help her study. though she doesn't need it now. She never did since it does nothing for her other than being manic

No. 772652

Meds have different effects on people and she was already over eating as a kid. Nothing can fix that, even aderall, and then the stretched out stomach from eating all the time because of being high or drunk. She probably feels hungry 7 times of the day and then stuffs. Her brain isn't connecting to her stomach and this is something so many fat chicks deal with. This isn't just some other medical thing, its just what happens when you over eat for years. She has to retrain her stomach to deal with being hungry so it can shrink back down and her brain is going to need advil for the food headaches. Moo hates being uncomfortable. She will never lose weight.

No. 772653

Her face is melting lmao.

No. 772665

File: 1588533967405.jpg (273.63 KB, 1080x1798, wI6SW1V.jpg)

Not my cap but the person who capped this said her whole comment section is full of simps doing the most. I am not posting all of the caps because I think we'd all get brain cancer

No. 772666

File: 1588534061750.jpg (237.43 KB, 1080x1798, oaWnNku.jpg)

No. 772667

File: 1588534163673.jpg (210.34 KB, 1080x1798, 8JKkGUa.jpg)

No. 772668

File: 1588534240595.jpg (296.03 KB, 1080x1798, d3GxwyD.jpg)

That's it. There's no continuation on her comment unfortunately

No. 772674

I feel like some of these are either paid accounts or people who are only here for the porn and just telling her what she wants to hear to encourage her to do porn

People who aren't trying to brown nose her put her in the category of sex worker. She isn't a cosplayer anymore. That ship sailed a long time ago. If she announced she would stop all lewd content and do normal cosplays she would be over in a few months.

No. 772675

File: 1588536138421.png (870.73 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_2020-05-03-12-56-36…)

No. 772677


good god that's probably the worst one she's done so far.

No. 772678

Putting a mop on your head would be just as effective as this wig.

No. 772682

So she gets shit on all over only fans. Good.

No. 772696

File: 1588541704621.png (154.93 KB, 506x578, 0e5632772ffae57120187388cae50a…)

I don't understand. Epiccosplay has a wig of the right color in the same style she bought it in, yet they picked the wrong color instead

No. 772698

Does anyone think momopoon is gonna learn the Lucky Star dance? You're not a real og if you never learned hare hare yukai or the Lucky Star dance.

No. 772702

she might as well be using foam to make these wigs, a spray painted foam head piece would be the same as this

No. 772707

Take this to her calves thread

No. 772709

that's not really calves stuff

No. 772711


Deleted my posts to put them on the calves thread and it's maxed out. It's been that way for over a month now and no one has missed it because Moo has alienated almost everyone in her life to the point where I don't think we really need a calves thread.

It isn't like we have a huge cast of characters anymore. All that's left is, what, Umbran? Squarecuck? Miso?

No. 772712

i mean umbran lives with her now so unless it's discussing umbran directly it's thread relevant.

No. 772713

File: 1588544736495.jpg (79.91 KB, 640x640, 42186751_2205913262984659_6959…)


Anyway, there was a point where Umbran could make a wig look kind of smooth. The stylisation was there, but it didn't have any of her current day staples like leftover crimp marks, steel wool texture, and awkward proportions that make the wearer's head look teensy weensy.

Maybe she's got a thing for little heads. She has a weird crush on Moo so it adds up.

No. 772715

File: 1588546883762.jpeg (599.66 KB, 750x899, 732B2DA4-13C1-4FB6-B4DD-F8FEB9…)

I still think it’s funny how she won’t name
Momo on Patreon but will tag her for that sweet ig clout.

No. 772716

Maybe it's the acid

No. 772717

File: 1588548198869.png (267.82 KB, 637x654, b301f4b71c341adfc4abf18fec5546…)

Doesn't look too bad desu. The problem comes when the person who wears it inevitably ends up being some ugly cow.

No. 772718


anon are you blind it looks like it would feel like office carpet if you touched it

No. 772719

File: 1588548528931.jpg (164.4 KB, 664x1000, cosplay1.jpg)

I'd say it looks more like cotton candy. It's tough to emulate the 'anime' style when it comes to hair and faces which is why I recommend not trying desu.

No. 772720

why do you speak like a retard

No. 772721

images aren't a requirement for posting.

No. 772741

probs from 4chan. imo gets automatically switched to desu so i guess they do it by choice now

No. 772766

tbh filters to desu, seagull crossposter here (not that idiot) but we still have cumbrains regularly white knighting moo and posting random threads of her.

No. 772770

I've read that nose jobs are extremely painful and have a long recovery period. Also, it's easy to hide lipo; kind of hard to hide a big ol' bloody bandage on your face for a few weeks.

Actually, now that we have to wear face masks, now might be the perfect time! Make that appointment, moomoo!

No. 772773

This looks so good
I don’t understand why she keeps overcrimping now

No. 772776

the crimping allows for a thicker look with less wefts (meaning a lighter wig). but you're supposed to do it on the underlayers like teasing, and then lay a layer of untouched hair/fibers over the crimped part.

No. 772778

Honestly it’s the bane of the cosplay community right now. Someone coined it as a ~professional technique~ and now fucking everyone is over doing it poorly

No. 772781

It’s common sense to put the crimped parts on the lower layers where you can’t see them, it ends up showing in photos and just looks all around wonky. Plus if you can’t even get the color right, wtf are you doing then?

No. 772784

dumbran clearly has no common sense. getting popular on IG for cosplay stuff is a easy as living on social media 24/7 and constant posting/ass kissing/clout chasing.

No. 772851

File: 1588629412892.jpeg (416.87 KB, 750x958, 58AB4857-04A7-4553-988E-82FDE8…)

No. 772853

>that jawline
Is she using a old photo from her glory days? lmao

No. 772856


Thats from November. Its from that drunk girlfriend shoot where square really edited her jawline.

Also I like how everyone >>772851 is here because Moo had to make her own group since no one would let her on their already existing podcasts. Moo is just going to burp and be annoying about how much she likes Xyz all the time and read this and this and this and this fetish does that and she's into pegging. She's going to bring that up. Moo isn't into pegging. She's into futa. That's the extent of her mind with that. It's only pegging if it's a guy, but I am pretty sure she has an obsession with girls with dicks.

No. 772871

Must be a remnant from the time she totally "dated a transgender" kek

No. 772949

She dated umbran?

No. 772960

File: 1588685311767.jpg (234.68 KB, 1600x1066, Screenshot_20200504-232228_Bra…)

No. 772968


If it’s going to be anything like her recent solo videos, then that’s nothing to get excited about at all. It’s going to be the most boring, tame shit ever that she is going to hype up as “OmG sO lEwD u GuIzE!!!!!”

No. 772975


Didn't her cucks hated it last time when she had a ~hot bod~ male model on the side? They don't want to be remembered that most of them are all fat fucks.

No. 772982

Did she lower her price? I remember it being like $12 a month but maybe I'm remembering wrong.

No. 772989

This'll make every sub a pocket of $5 for her if it is $6. Once you get over $10 it's $2, $12 is $3.

No. 772997

File: 1588695772368.jpg (327.05 KB, 1440x1212, Discountthot.jpg)

She's having a sale to get her numbers up. I wish onlyfans showed how many subs she gets.sje mist have had a mega drop at the start of the month.

I did notice that her patreon goal percentage went from 49% to 32% at the start of the month.(you can hide your numbers fatass, you can't hide goals you post)

No. 773002

well this aint gonna end well, either her cucks rile up again about how unrealistic the guys body is OR he's another fat useless slob and they just cosplay astronomic collisions

No. 773004

I'm assuming this is what happened.
After harassing dozens of guys and IMing them unwanted nudes she finally got one guy to do it for an inflated price.

However this guy is only going to last one or two shoots because of Moo aggressively sexually harassing them or just her flat out trying to fuck them. Momo has never treated an attractive guy with respect and it shows since past models don't want to work with her anymore.

No. 773013

lets not forget Momo being VERY unprofessional by taking them out on dates, giving them a lot of expensive gifts and taking inappropriate selfies with equally inappropriate captions that will make people assume they are dating (even if the guy clearly has a GF)

Most guys can't say anything because it sounds ridiculous to say they were sexually abused by a female thot and Momo knows it.
She really is a female incel.

No. 773014


Despite her claims of “being totes asexual my dudes” or “not looking for a relationship” the second a hot guy comes along, she is all over them like a fly on shit. She desperately wants a new fuck buddy to tote around as her new boyfriend but no guy with any dignity or self research wants to be seen with a whale like her. So she has to pay the stupid amounts of money to shoot with her all the while she acts like an unprofessional, damn near desperate housewife with her grubby sausage fingers all over him deluding herself into thinking “Oh yeah he totally wants me” .

No. 773018

Her asexual claims came out because she was that embarrassed about being alone. So she made it seem like it was by choice.

Also I think it causes her large discomfort knowing people only like her heavily edited pics but she can't trick them irl. She can't hide her stretch marks, surgery scars, cellulite, fat and smell. She can't accept that. Bonus, the guy has to deal with her very dangerous personality. She's a danger to herself and others.

But go off Moo, at least the guy will have a few months rent thanks to you.

No. 773021

Is paying a man the only way she can get one to touch her now? Kek.

No. 773030

Pretty much, she's gone through how many male friends? Sad to say the only one who remotely showed interest was Etika during one of his last manic episodes which she in turn milked for all it was worth. Until I think friends and family told her lard ass to fuck off. It's been a few threads since, so memory is hazy. Even he was uncomfortable by her the one time he met her with her trying to buy him expensive shit.

No. 773033

etika barely showed interest and even turned her down for gifts. i honestly can't wait for this to blow up in her face though. these coscucks won't want to see a lot of what she's been doing with a guy there. even if it's POV again since before with kbbq it was just implied.

No. 773034

Just say it's Eric or Kevin, Mariah. LOL

No. 773036

Yeah i guess so too. But imagine having to deal with all that and her manic ass with all the guns she owns.

No. 773042


Maybe if she wasn’t such a catty bitch who is only interested in trying to steal away taken guys from their girlfriends she’d be better off. The only time she is remotely interested is when she can snake some guy away from another girl to the point of the girlfriend issuing some ultimatum which funny enough has never worked out in her favor. Despite all her “look what you’re missing out on” thirst posts not once has the guy considered leaving their relationship for her. Which bruises her ego that she tried to play off as “I’m not interested in a relationship/too busy making money to date anyone on my level/totes asexual”

No. 773058

>Despite all her “look what you’re missing out on” thirst posts not once has the guy considered leaving their relationship for her. Which bruises her ego that she tried to play off as “I’m not interested in a relationship/too busy making money to date anyone on my level/totes asexual”

The thought of how hyped she might’ve been when Miso and Squarecuck (wait, it were those two, right? not sure rn) broke up and him still not wanting her, makes me kek.

No. 773059

I'm talking about when he posted on one of her lewds during a manic episode with "I want you." That, that is the only level of interest she's ever gotten to. A depressed ill man fighting his own demons having a manic moment.

No. 773063

Assuming she realizes this and has noticed the comments the that her cucks wanna see her fuck a guy. If its that shes pretty much paying for a hooker kek

No. 773070

during that time he was clearly only doing activities that were self destructive. But she still couldn't connect the dots and took it as a compliment that a man wanting to destroy himself wanted to fuck because it was an obvious bad choice and that's it.
But even then he still didn't even wanna smash

No. 773095

Didn’t she say the only way she’d do shoots with another dude again is if she’s dating him or at least hooking up? I’m curious who this will be.

No. 773134

Mariah put some coco butter or bio oil on your stretch marks cmon. (Unless that’s what the ppl like I guess???)

No. 773144

File: 1588732858264.png (185.04 KB, 353x329, Screenshot_2020-05-05-19-38-30…)

Wow Moo looks excited to be outside

No. 773145

File: 1588733047999.png (1.01 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2020-05-05-19-42-43…)

Second day in a row. Too tired to sit in front of a screen

No. 773161

She's probably absolutely exhausted from standing at the park.

No. 773168


Don’t help her

No. 773173

Really got that 'mum watching her kid at the park' look going on

No. 773176

Is that one guy she shot with last year out of jail or something?

No. 773180

antontheanton? or i think it was someone else

No. 773185

how much do you want to bet the guy who posted the pic wearing her merch is her new "male model"? they seem to know each other at least, and he looks asian which we all know she has yellow fever.

No. 773190

I was thinking this too. Won’t be remotely surprised if it ends up being him

No. 773233

Regardless of who she's paying to touch her, isn't it wildly unsafe and stupid to be shooting with someone you haven't been quarantined with?
She's gonna have him drive over during a pandemic and get incredibly close and intimate.
Moo is just as idiotic as her Mayor

No. 773241

File: 1588787059905.jpg (2 MB, 3840x5760, z4wzmI3.jpg)

According to a source, her 100 dollar onsen set it "not ready yet". The reception is that she really airbrushed the fuck out of her ass and body. I could be wrong but it looks like she's making her eyes freakishly bigger as well.

No. 773242

File: 1588787089436.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 5479x3653, 5Q5siny.jpg)

No. 773243

File: 1588787181068.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.89 MB, 3840x5760, 8U807Hz.jpg)