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No. 120388

Well, we got a cosplay board, why not use it?
>Cosplay Questions/Help
>What are you working on currently?
>Dream Cosplay?
>What cons are you going to?
>What region are you in?
>Regional Conventions/Cows/Dramu
>Convention Horror Stories
>Seagull Nostalgia/Vintage Milk
>Etc Etc

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No. 120389

File: 1564418428649.gif (1.58 MB, 500x281, 8q1iifgD1sp9j.gif)

Let's set the scene with some aughts Cosplay Gothic:
>The year is 2008…or something
>You add everyone you can on MySpace and scour their con pics for a picture of yourself
>Gotta get those hot new cosplay pics to your Cosplay.com account
>You follow all your favs on deviantART
>You talk shit about all your favs on /cgl/
>Word is that cosplayer didn't make their costume…they BOUGHT it. They're just doing it for attention!
>PikminLink uploaded a new pic, he’s sooo hot
>Can’t wait to upload that pic of you with the Pedobear cosplayer to your MySpace lololol
>Don’t believe in yourself, believe in me who believes in you!
>You hear the crack of a yaoi paddle echo across the dealer’s room. You don’t have to look, you know it’s (Naruto/Kingdom Hearts/Death Note)
>You walk past a line so long and dense you can’t even see what’s at the front. You don’t need to, you know it’s Vic Mignogna.
>Your Hatsune Miku wig is tangled
>Where did this grey bodypaint come from?
>You've saved EVERY tutorial from the Tutorial thread. You might need them someday!
>You’ve saved all those scans of wig and makeup tutorials from Japanese magazines. They’re in Japanese. That’s fine, you’ll just follow the pics.
>Muffled sound of Caramelldansen from somewhere in the distance.
>You practice Hare Hare Yukai in your bedroom. Y'know…just in case it comes up.
>There’s a /cgl/ thread about the con you were just at. You refresh the thread hoping someone posts your pic. Maaaybe you self-post.
>That L cosplayer isn’t wearing shoes. That L cosplayer is wearing flip-flops. You don’t know which is worse.
>Handcuff sales skyrocket
>The person who glomps you hasn’t bathed all weekend.
>The middle aged man who you've seen at every con in the tri-state area, wearing the same costume every time
>Don't make eyes contact Don't make eye conta- he asks for a pic with you. He puts his arm around your waist without asking.
>The Nigri reckoning is not yet upon us

No. 120390

i dont really have any insane stories. i think 2008? 9? when I was still in middle school i was trying to go into a panel room and the volunteer at the door stopped me then opened his arms for a hug before he would let me in.
i was 14 and really flustered so I did it. he was very fat and sweaty and smelled of BO. i wish i had an adult with me.

No. 120391

Shouldn't this be in /g/? /w/ is for cows/flakes that are weebs.

No. 120427

File: 1564467403298.jpeg (128.23 KB, 1024x1015, 39A67E54-10D9-43B3-9193-C4E404…)

Yeah, that sounds about right. I think anyone girl who went to cons in the ~2006 onward time frame had that experience (which really sucks). I think I was 15-16 when I went to my first con, and it was always just dudes that did shit like that. Like it was always the cocky dudes that would just walk up and hug you and act like they knew you or ask for a pic and then get WAY too close and comfortable. I hate the costhot trend, but I think it’s also helped actually thin out some of the creepier habits with the whole “Cosplay is not Consent” stuff.

Anyways, My next con is PAX West, it’ll be my first time there. I’m currently working on Kasumi from Persona 5. I’d like to make her Phantom Thieves outfit, but the friend I’m going with recommended I keep it as light/comfortable as possible because it’s so spread out….so probably just her uniform then. Anyone been to that one before? Any tips?

No. 120444

you can always change out costumes halfway through the day if you took a car or have a hotel room. i never wear my intense cosplays for more then 6ish hours usually.
it does take more time out of ur con time but im not in too much of a rush anymore to feel bad about leaving for an hour.

No. 120487

>The year is 2008…or something
>PikminLink uploaded a new pic, he’s sooo hot
If that ain't a hit to the memory organ

I've been trying to get into the full cosplay scene for years, but haven't been able to afford a con ticket, the trip to any con, or finish any cosplay I've had planned. At this point I've just been working on pieces of different ones.

No. 120493

Yeah, I usually don't change into other stuff unless we're staying in the con hotel. I'm not sure how far away we're staying? (friend got the room and stuff) just seems like too much of a hassle for a con I'm not familiar with. I'll still make it for the next one though!

I know what you mean. I feel like it's really difficult to meet new people in the cosplay community too? Seemed so much easier when I was a young unabashed weeb. It's been so long now I'm too cynical. I don't trust anyone that isn't a self-loathing weeb, lmao. I moved from south-east to the midwest, and all my con friends are back home. I can't bring myself to go to any local cons alone to try and make friends, it just feels weird. Also the Nigri reckoning and costhot takeover only makes me more embarrassed to ever bring it up, cause now it's so much more in the zeitgeist I just get
>cosplay? isn't that that sex thing?
from normies. Either way without a friend group or community I'm much less motivated/inspired to actually finish shit.

No. 120514

File: 1564589650626.jpg (140.91 KB, 500x746, 08PYM.jpg)

>Seagull Nostalgia/Vintage Milk
Oh man, yes please. Wish I could remember all the cows of those days. What was the deal with Miyu? Why were we all so obsessed with her again? Just cause she was hotter than your average weeb?

No. 120515

File: 1564590188419.png (62.85 KB, 578x179, miyu.png)

Also when looking for pics of Miyu, this board archive popped up. Gave me a good chuckle because she's completely indistinguishable from the thousands of costhots of today
>miyu walked so costhots could run

No. 120539

Yeah I know that feeling. There was hardly anyone down here where I lived that was remotely interested in cosplay that I could've gone with, and I lived so far away from any of the bigger cons that driving myself was out of the question (closest major con is like A-Kon I think). I joined the online half of the coscom about late 2000s, so anyone I had talked to and became friends with are either out of the hobby now,or I've lost contact with. The community's just a lot different now, no one's really using sites like Cosplay.com to keep up with anyone anymore.

No. 120557

I'm about to go to my first convention in a couple of weeks. Trying my best to lose some of the last pounds before the con so that my costume has more of a cute baggy sort of look.
Super excited!

No. 120710

Well to be fair I still think she’s prettier than Nigri, if that matters. Why did she quit? If she hadn’t quit would Nigri have blown up like she did? It seems like Miyu leaving cosplay just completely cleared the way for her because she didn’t have any serious competition after that as far as I can remember.

No. 120711

Ooooh and back then photoshop didn’t have the liquify tool yet and photo editing appa didn’t exist yet so girls couldn’t literally change their faces and bodies unless they got plastic surgery and hit the gym a lot

No. 120739

File: 1564833601600.jpg (149.01 KB, 600x450, 1350480927670.jpg)

Oh yeah, no doubt she's prettier than Nigri. But at the same time her face always looked too mature to me? Like her features just scream I'd like to speak to your manager.

As far as why she left, it's all fuzzy but I assume it had to do with seagulls obsessing over her and harassing her. Like, did she really do any other cosplays besides Velvet? I remember there was a scandal about her being a dancer previously or something? Which is an absolutely absurd thing to be up in arms about compared to what cosplayers will do now for a quick buck. Some olde seagull historian probably knows the deets better.

No. 120741

Photoshop still had the dodge and burn tools which a lot of people used, though they were a lot more obvious

No. 120748

I guess all that matters is she’s doing better now. From what I know from other threads, she became Christian and started a family. That sounds like a huge improvement over being a cosplay thot.

No. 120761

Because at the time she was a coke-snorting stripper who wanted to act like she was better than everyone else for the fact that she was "hot" and that superiority complex didn't improve as she switched to being a /fit/izen and tried to insert herself as some kind of savior into peoples' lives like when she tried to "fix" Pixyteri?
Miyu was seething jealous of Jnig too.

If it's true that she finally bagged a man >>120748 and is pretending to be a good Christian woman, then that and minding her own business is the best thing she could have done for herself. And considering she's closing in on 40, it's about time. All the og thots who stuck around to grasp for Jnig-tier cosplay success just wound up being Patreon whores.

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