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No. 134794

No, he's not stupid, he just doesn't give a fuck.

Old thread:

No. 134797

>No, he's not stupid, he just doesn't give a fuck.
thank you, op. it's true, in my case and so many others.

No. 134807

I'd like some advice. I'm a cishet who's almost exclusively dated straight guys. I found my dream man and he's bi. We've been going out for a few months now. He's everything I've always wanted in a partner. But he's almost exclusively dated men and I have a weird hangup about it that I'm having a hard time kicking. He deserves a partner that doesn't have this hangup. I'm trying to work through it. Sometimes when I go down on him, I think "a dicks been here" and other weird shit like that. Why am I like this and how do I stop being like this? I feel like there's a part of his body that I can never satisfy, despite him telling me unprovoked how much better I am in every way compared to all of his previous partners

No. 134815

is it a hangup or is it kind of just a reasonable thing to worry and think about

No. 134816

i wouldn't think that way, you're overthinking in my opinion. you can literally think this way about anyone you date. they are exes for a reason and he is with you for a reason. unless your hang up is being grossed out by gay sex, you just need to be more confident. bi dudes are great because you can fuck their ass and reap the benefit of seeing a guy in a really vulnerable state, but it's not with a real part of your body so it's not dirty. just buy a strap on.

No. 134818

> He deserves a partner that doesn't have this hangup

I mean if you can consider that 'a hangup' then it's a hangup that an awful lot of women share too. I would think most women.

Even if you two don't work out.. this is something he'll have to face any time he approaches datng a woman.

No. 134819

Maybe most women on this site, but most women aren't homophobic.

No. 134823

I think youre being honest and trying to work through this. I've had similar thoughts when being with a bi guy and it made me question if I'm homophobic. I knew the guy had been with girls and stuck his dick in their holes so why should I care if its a man he's fucked as well? I think it's normal for all us at times to feel insecure about previous exes, everyone is different and has something different to offer. If your bf says he prefers you you either have to believe him or you don't and it might ruin things.

I can understand if he's only dated guys it makes you hesitant because guys and girls are actually different. Just don't apply any other pressure to your relationship for time being and feel put if you trust him or not because that's what it comes down.

No. 134825

> but most women aren't homophobic

I think it's more complicated than biphobia or homophobia though, it's like having a flat chest and hearing about all the large breasted women that a guy dated before you… women worry about being enough to keep a guy sexually fulfilled and faithful long term.

No. 134830

You're not homophobic for not wanting to be with a guy who likes dick up his ass. There's a difference between not liking gay people in general and just not wanting to be part of gay men sex. I couldn't be with a bi guy, some women can, but if you also can't that's certainly not your fault or a reason to beat yourself up.

No. 134838

Yeah you didn't mention what his role was with his previous partners, did he ever bottom? Is that something he wants and would struggle without? Is it something you'd be into or is that type of play a no-go for you?

No. 134855

Anons, I'm genuinely cringeing as I type this because I'm fully aware of how pathetic this is but I can't stop feeling unnecessarily jealous over my boyfriend's exes. I don't have any logical reason to be jealous, he loves me, we have been together a year and he has only ever mentioned them in passing if it was relevant to the conversation, and never in a wistful way, but I've done the girl thing and facebook stalked some of them and they're all thinner and prettier than me. It's making me go slightly crazy because now I can't stop worrying about whether sometimes he wishes he was back with one of them. He has literally done nothing wrong here, I know this is very much a me issue, but do you guys have any advice on shutting these thoughts out?

No. 134857

Think of the ex as similar to you rather than competition. It's not like guys date in a wildly varying group of women; essentially you have the same /10 score as they do and you are just more critical of yourself than you would be of other women. Also, importantly, it's over, so it's just strange girls living their lives who probably don't have a passing thought about him.

No. 134858

You just need to force yourself to not check up on them. Never view their shit intentionally again. You don't want to have them on your mind and bring them up some day to him. I've done this before in fights and it's not cute.

No. 134884

You know I've never thought of it from that perspective, but that definitely helps, thank you
Thanks, I'll make a point of not doing this anymore - no good can come of it.

No. 134887

that's completely different from like say >>134830. someone feeling insecure because they think their partner likes something else is totally different than passing judgement (and implying that anon is somehow a part of gay men sex??)

No. 134888

Well I'm bi and sometimes women don't want me because a dick has been inside me. Sucks but it's how some people feel.

No. 134893

it's not the same. obviously it's upsetting to know you can't provide for your partner because of your physiology and know that they probably are desiring other people because you don't fit their "type" (be it that you're small boobed and they prefer big boobs, that you're not the race they 'prefer', or just that you're a woman and they usually prefer men), but also, bisexual women and lesbians aren't 2 cumbrains enabling each other the way bi men with other men are. also, the whole disease thing. let's not pretend they're the same, especially when men are very short-sighted and impulsive. i would be both afraid for my health, and concerned that i couldn't satisfy. all of my bi male and gay friends have cheated and don't care, there absolutely seems to be a very "whatever" culture around sex with these men, etc. people who aren't living in their fujoshi fantasies have these concerns, and it's normal.

No. 134896

Leave him, anon. If it bothers you now it will always bother you. Most men think other men are superior lovers because they know how deal with a dick. I think it's horse shit but I've had this thrown in my face when asking why my bi boyfriend cheated on me. Other excuses I've heard from men who cheated on their wives is that they need both, male and female. Most bi men will eventually crave dick and then you're really fucked.

No. 134903

This probably has enough replies but if it makes you uncomfortable then who cares what your bf deserves, what about what you deserve?
Don't you deserve to have the mental security that a man likes you for you, and wouldn't leave you to go fuck another man?
>I feel like there's a part of his body that I can never satisfy
That's called the prostate and unless you're willing to peg or fist you're correct on that. If he's never been with a woman until you and has been a gay man up until this point, then why you? Why now? What does he gain?

No. 134981

Hi, I'm a big time lurker here. I think I need some advice or maybe I just want to vent since things are actually pretty clear. Met my bf 2 years ago at university, we start dating after I push it for weeks. First spoke to him online making up a lie since I'm very shy and I had a crazy ex in the same class who was still obsessed with me and was controlling me all the time. We spent 8 months in my country together and 1 year apart. We were seeing each other every 2-3 months. I graduate, he comes to my country and put me in a very stressful situation which had me studying and preparing for graduation while he's at my place crying and screaming how much of a bitch I am. We had just planned I would go to his country to stay together and enroll in a master. I noticed the Red flags but I didn't mind since I was in a very stressful time due to my graduation. I went to his country and start university. He started to be very abusive with me. Words became gradually more offensive with him calling me crazy, dumb, bitch and useless. He would scream at me for petty reason like not closing the wardrobe door or forgetting to buy tomato, the top one was for changing my jeans before going out. That was it: i changed my jeans and he called me insane and a whore bc of that. On top of that, he started to become physically violent, he tried 4 times to slap me and even said I would deserve it. I got away for out rented place and I payed for the 2 places this months: the one in which I am right now and the old one. Some weeks after I notice he wasn't screaming nor insulting me so I thought he had changed a bit, I said I would come back to our old place. As soon as he thought I was going back (after he begged me to come back) he started acting like before, calling me a piece of shit and hoping I would die. Coronavirus breaks here too so we got quarantined, he called me to ask if I was gonna come back and I said no, he got angry and smashed his phone and blamed me for it. He went to his family house to quarantined, all while suicide guilt-tripping me for 2 days. We still talk and he was ok. All until today, we were talking peacefully on WhatsApp but suddenly he brings up suicide and starts to blame me for moving, saying I was a bad person for leaving him alone and destroying his life. I tried to calm him down but it was useless so I told him he had no right to mistreat me that way. He replies by saying I deserved everything bc if he got angry it was my fault. Example: I'm a whore bc 1 day I was looking at people in the bar we were at (bars here are very small and I have social anxiety so I was looking away to snap out of it, as usual, he didn't let me explain nor talk and proceedes to call me a filthy whore. He keeps saying I am the insane one bc he think I'm overreacting and I like drama. I positive I have my fault in this but I surely think I don't deserve having to be insulted all day (no one deserves this).

No. 134982

File: 1585240206193.png (24.1 KB, 400x300, cycle of abuse.png)

Wow. he seems pure evil. I'm glad quarantine has graced you with time away from him. the suicide-baiting and whatever he's putting on you is not your responsibility. calming him down, etc., you shouldn't have to do that, and don't have to. he won't ever change, it seems a cycle of abuse. you definitely don't deserve this even if you played a part. are you planning on leaving him behind for good?

No. 134984

He says it's my fault for his rage but I find it impossible to explain myself. I used to keep quiet bc he told me to shut up so I spent hours listening to his monologues about why I'm a shitty person and insulting me. If I tried to leave and lock me in another room not to listen to that we would follow me and get angry if I didn't open the door. I tried to leave to walk and he used to threaten me he wouldn't let me come in at night. I got tired of letting him get away with this so I spoke up and told me he should let me speak when I want to speak and to stop insulting me with out listening to any reason. He got mad and That's when he started being violent. I got scared and I moved out bc of it, but apparently it's all my fault.

No. 134986

this is sounding like a restraining order and cops need to be involved, that's really scary

No. 134987

Ty for replying. Yes, I want to leave him bc he's getting worse every month and I can't bare all of this. He's the one who would always comeback and act like nothing happened, but I can't do anything to get him to appreciate me. I left my country for him and he's calling me a whore bc he thinks I have another bf in my country (?). I've told him many times multiple things so he could try to understand why I act in a way he maybe doesnt understand, but he still doesnt listen and just labels me as evil and a bitch so I think I'm fuckin wastin my time

No. 134989

Cut him off in every way.

No. 134995

I want a boyfriend and to be lovey-dovey with someone but at the same time I want to date more and meet more men before settling down. But I can't get over the "I'm a whore if I see to many men" feeling, probably something I developed from reading too much 4chan posts from incels.

I've never been in a relationship, only kissed 3 people and slept with one (it was appalling). What do you guys suggest?

No. 135004

Dating is good because it lets you see what kind of traits and personality you're looking for. You don't have to sleep around if it's not what you want. It's a lot easier to get manipulated when you have no experience in relationships. Incels want an innocent virgin because she can't compare them to anyone else and realize how shitty they are.

No. 135006

You can’t find a nice boy to settle down with if you don’t date around to get perspectives about what are truly important to you in a life mate. Absolute pink pill to know how many women literally don’t know what’s healthy or not because they only dated one or two shit men, just check the /g/ thread… Don’t buy the hurr durr cock carousel whore meme. Men want you to devote 100% to the first man that shows you attention when these are the same faggots that get “practice girlfriends” and dispose them without second thought when Stacy walks by.

No. 135007

any advice with detaching from someone prior to breaking up? been involved with a guy on and off for some time now, the ‘relationship’ is going nowhere and at this point is just filling me with constant anxiety and emotional distress

i need to end it for my own mental wellbeing but i’m a BPDfag so attachment is a huge issue and leaving someone seems almost impossible

No. 135011

But uh flirt with at least 2 new guys. Having multiple rebounds helped me a lot in leaving my fp, also stopped me from latching on to one person too quickly. Also make a list of all his sins for when your own brain decides to gaslight you.

No. 135080

I miss a guy I met on Tinder in September. We were both traveling through the country so didn't go on any further dates.

It wasn't even what he looked like (he was really good looking though), we spent all night talking and watching TV, our goals align, we both travel and run businesses. And a billion other things, I've never matched so well with someone before.

Probably never gonna see him again because like I said, we live in different countries. Given that we both can travel anywhere we want at any time, I guess it's possible. But it'd have to be a coincidence.

No one I meet compares to his personality. :(

No. 135084

My boyfriend is really lovely….when he’s around. Which is rarely. It’s a sad state of affairs when your bf isn’t excited to hang out and can’t be arsed to make plans. Just want him to want me. We haven’t texted or anything for a week : (

No. 135086

Dump immediately before you get even more attached. No, fuck off dumbasses with your "just communicate" bullshit.

No. 135091

My ex was so hot I can't date anyone else. He was a 12/10, no one compares in looks and that's now destroying my dating life.

What do I do?

No. 135093

(Guys communicate freely and w/o prompt when they're with someone they actually like and are attracted to).

Sorry sis, if he wanted to he would. You think men miss their video game appointments?

No. 135094

Accept that you have high standards and might be single for a long while or try to appreciate other types of looks?

I'm honestly in the same boat, my ex had long hair, a beard and was muscular, that combination is rather hard to come by where I'm from.

No. 135095

Yeah I have ridiculously high standards.

My ex was a 6'4 ripped blond with blue eyes. Literally hitler's wet dream, every time I looked at him I wondered how the fuck someone could be that good looking. Now if I like anyone it's because they vaguely resemble him.

No. 135106

Can’t you still message and call him, anon? If you really liked him you could always find a way to keep in touch until you can meet in person again. Don’t give up!

No. 135117

I have his number, but I don't know if I should. He mentioned not looking for anything serious on Tinder. Even though we clicked I don't want to bother him.

No. 135121

I have an annoying problem. Whenever I get along really well with a guy, I stop being able to be sexual with him. Like I friend zone him because we get along too well, even if he's a super hot Chad. But I WANT to get along well with a potential boyfriend. I want to be best friends with a partner. My stupid brain automatically friend zones him if that happens.

What do I do? Why do I have this issue?

No. 135123

So you're only sexually attracted to people who treat you like shit? Go see a fucking therapist.

No. 135124

No, cmon.

What I meant was if I get along too well with someone I stop being sexually attracted to them.

No. 135125

Like I said, see a therapist. People who feel that way have serious self-esteem issues.

No. 135126

I'm not attracted to people who treat me like shit. It just feels like my mind can't be best friends and sexually attracted to someone at the same time. But maybe you're right idk. I don't have self esteem issues

No. 135127

Maybe you're afraid of intimacy? Like, getting really close, vulnerable with someone, trusting them. Or there're some other fears concerning romantic relationships. So you prefer keeping the distance and not getting to the next stage.

No. 135129

I think you might be right. I don't know why though, because I crave intimacy. How do I even go about fixing this? Dating more?

I was a late bloomer and only had my first kiss at 21, maybe it's the inexperience too

No. 135141

Am I being a bitch for asking my boyfriend not to drink?

My boyfriend goes out and gets beers every time he has a bad day or has any small amount of stress (like normal workday problems). He recently was laid off due to coronavirus and his first course of action after freaking TF out for a solid 30 minutes was to go out and get alcohol while I went to work. Every day since, I come home and he has a beer in his hand.

This has been an ongoing issue with him even before this–he knows how I feel about the drinking (For the record…if he was drinking in a good mood around others I wouldn't give a fuck. It's the using it as a coping mechanism that I can't stand. His dad was an alcoholic.) but he doesn't stop. He always tells me he's done drinking just because he's upset and that he doesn't need to, but invariably the very next day I come home and he's drinking alone again because "he's stressed". He doesn't think it's a problem.

Now…because he was laid off money is going to be tight, tight, tight. He is saying we need to ration what food we have because we might not be able to afford more and rent. I agree FYI. I have stocked up on our essentials and spent nothing frivolous and put everything I can into our rent fund. He has basically 0 dollars and 0 cents to his name right now until he gets paid. I have a little money, all of which was put into rent for next month and for essentials like our heat bill, etc. etc. I put a 25 aside in the house for the heat bill, which I normally pay. I came home the other day and found some of it missing. Since he had bought beer that day, I asked where he got money for it, and he tried to pass it off like he had a few bucks left. He had given me the last of his money for a dinner he wanted a few nights previous. I point blank accused him of taking money from me. He admitted it.

Am I being a bitch for being absolutely fucking LIVID? He's literally telling me we won't have food but he's TAKING MONEY FROM OUR BILLS TO BUY BEER. And was trying to lie about it straight to my face. It's not a lot of alcohol–it's just beer. It's not hard liquor. I can't tell if I'm overreacting because his dad was an alcoholic or if I'm justified at being pissed off. He's drinking while I'm getting shit done. It pisses my shit off.


No. 135143

I think deep down you know the answer, anon. You were not being a bitch. That’s troubling and irresponsible behavior on his part. And just because it’s beer and not hard alcohol doesn’t mean it can’t be alcoholism… it still gets you drunk. Drinking every day is a red flag. Using the money YOU set aside to pay your bills is a bigger red flag.

No. 135147

His father was an alcoholic and your bf is allowing himself to go down a similar path. He took your money to buy alcohol in such precarious times, when you say he has nothing to his name. Even if it seems a small amount, every dollar counts because you have no idea how long we have to social distance.

No. 135155

My boyfriend can't get over the fact that I'm not a virgin. I lost my virginity at a pretty young age, 15, to my long term boyfriend at the time. I do regret it, but I also know there's nothing I can do about it now. My boyfriend on the other hand is KHHV due to being homeschooled all of his life. He doesn't want premarital sex and sees sex as a very personal and serious thing, so he's upset that I gave mine away and he says I'm easy.

We don't argue much, but all of our arguments so far have been over this. I don't know what to do, anons. I love him and I don't ever want to leave him. I know that it's not easy, but I wish he'd just get over that it happened because I'm tired of talking about a thing I cannot ever change over and over again. I'm really stuck on what to do.

No. 135156

If he's stealing your money to drink he has a serious problem with alcohol. He needs help before he goes down the same route as his father, or perhaps he already has.

No. 135159

Dump the stupid fuck, why is this even a question? You're dating an incel. Do you honestly think staying with this retard forever is a good idea?

No. 135160

Are you dating some kind of religious fundamentalist??
>I love him and I don't ever want to leave him
I just want you to know that this is a fallacy by your brain. You can and should dump him.
He sees you as used good. But don’t you dare buy into it. Unless he himself seeks to dismantle his Madonna/whore hang up, and whatever sexuality issues he has, there’s nothing you can do make it better. You have literally done nothing wrong. It wasn’t as if you lost your virginity frivolously in a one night stand, you gave it to a long term romantic partner, there is no possible excuse for him to have his scrote in a bunch.

No. 135161

Honestly it sounds to me like he's highly insecure about his sexual inexperience as an adult and wants you to feel bad about your sexual experience instead to mask his own insecurity and inexperience. He hides behind "I value sex so much I want to wait until I'm married" because he's scared and insecure about his inexperience.

No. 135165

I really cannot emphasize enough how little he thinks of you, if he's calling you easy and bringing this up repeatedly. Men who flip out over their gf's past think of them as disgusting used goods who have waived their rights to any respect or decent treatment, and feel fully justified in treating them like shit. Unless he's legitimately religious, it's highly unlikely that he actually takes virginity seriously. More like he has developed sour grapes towards sexually active people because he failed at becoming one of them.

It's not fair nor deserved, it's a major defect in the male psyche, but it is what it is. He will never get over it until he gains experience of his own, cut your losses.

No. 135168


Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for him that you've only had one boyfriend before him. I'm afraid the insecurity is terminal, there's no pleasing someone like that.
>change the past
>I can't

No. 135169

Thank you girlies, needed someone to tell me the truth.

No. 135189

Boyfriend has a great personality and we get along super well. We've been together for 4 (almost 5) years. However, I found out recently that he cheated on me with three different women about 2 years ago. He hasn't cheated since, but I feel like things just will never be the same. He's also a complete pornstick and can't cum when we're having sex. He refuses to stop his obsessive porn shit. I'm scared to break up with him because I feel like I'll never have a boyfriend with a personality like his ever again. Previous boyfriend did the same shit to me. Worst fear is that it'll happen again or I'll end up alone period because I'm not very attractive. Feel like I deserve better, but I won't get it.

No. 135190

Dump him. What would you tell someone else if they were in the same situation?

Find someone who won't cheat on you. There are billions of men out there. If you've had boyfriends before, you'll have another one again. I'm sure you're not as unattractive as you think.

Imagine your perfect guy is out there but you'll never get to be with him if you stay with your dipshit boyfriend.

No. 135195

Is him cheating on you and being pornsick not indicators of his actual personality? What kind of person with a "great" personality would cheat on their SO…

No. 135196


you’re holding yourself back from the happy, healthy relationship you deserve anon, keep that in mind when you hesitate about leaving. you DO deserve better and you’ll find it one way or another if you make the first move toward a better life for yourself

i’ll share my own experience so you can see how bad it can get, keep in mind that on a personality and humour level we were perfect for each other but in reality that’s not enough for a healthy and well functioning relationship

i wasted three years of my life with a pornsick loser, even moved into a flat with him and by then my brain had convinced me that his behaviour was normal because i couldn’t deal with the stress and insecurity that the reality of the situation gave me. he didn’t physically cheat on me (that i know of) but spent hundreds, possibly thousands on cam girls and even recorded them during his live jerk of sessions and resold their content like a true piece of shit. our “sex life” was me jerking him off while he stared at his phone screen with noise cancelling headphones on and he had the nerve to make jokes about my lack of sex drive/lack of wetness when we tried having sex (aka when he spat on his dick and tried jackhammering me with no foreplay or romance/intimacy) they DO NOT change. porn will always take priority in their brains. they will choose porn over an actual human in front of them who love them without a second thought. you have to gather a bit of self respect and run far away, i wish i had done it sooner. i sat there with a bunch of safari tabs of research open that explain the real life effects of porn/sex addiction and the moron pretended to listen and change his ways and tried to do it behind my back instead. your dude will be no different, PLEASE leave anon. what i talked about was the tip of the iceberg, you’ve got two years on the relationship i had and i’ll tell you right now that it’s going nowhere slowly. there’s a very real chance that if you tried to confront him about how much it’s affecting you he’ll get angry because he would probably rather have no one than not have porn. you could always give him the choice: you or porn, and see how he reacts?

i hope you heal and move on well, i’m rooting for you. sorry if this comes across as aggressive it’s genuinely from a place of love

No. 135201

My ex treated me badly but he was the first person I was with so I can't get over him easily. It's been 6 months and I still miss him.

I know he's useless and I should forget him, but easier said than done. Any tips on how to help myself get over him quicker?

No. 135204

>Boyfriend has a great personality
>he cheated on me with three different women
>He's also a complete pornstick and can't cum when we're having sex. He refuses to stop his obsessive porn shit.

For fucks sake anon, what kind of good personality is that? Cheating and getting off to rape on tape to the point he can't even enjoy normal sex no matter how you feel about it?

These threads are honestly like a parody of themselves at this point. There's a reason it says "Break up with your boyfriend" right there in the OP, because like 90% of the time these men are just garbage and the only solution is to drop them. idk what other kind of answers you're looking for.

No. 135208

Wake the fuck up you retarded faggot.

Be a big girl and actually follow through with some conviction and break up with him. Are you really this mindless?

No. 135209

anon please leave him, being alone is better than being with a cumbrain like him and you are worth more than this. i promise it gets better even if it hurts at first. you're here to get a new perspective, right? leave him. no matter what he or anyone else says, he doesn't respect you and youd be better off long term without him. you talk a lot about how youre unattractive and you're scared no one else will love you, but that's what he and your trauma have conditioned you to feel. someone else is out there for you that's going to respect you and love you, and even if not, being alone is better than being with trash like that. you deserve better. he sucks.

No. 135211

This guy is not normal whatsoever, have some hope

No. 135305

Why did you break up?

No. 135307

File: 1585664114502.jpg (7.86 KB, 302x167, aggr.jpg)

My SIL is making me feel uncomfortable. I hope I am being delusional.

- She seemed nice and totally a-okay before we met eachother IRL, was polite, supportive and acting like a decent human being.
- Meets me IRL. Is actually a spoiled 29yo woman who have never studied or had a job. Got kicked out by her bf.
- Ever since I met her IRL she has always been staring at me, checking me out in a jealous way. Would make compliments by only using the same tactics:
Ah I wish I had your Face! - kind of stuff
Compliments me and right after starts throwing herself a pity party by comparing herself to me or immidatley saying a negative comment about herself Both of these things she throw at me make me uncomfortable and I do not know how to answer but smile gently n wish for it to be over.
- Can't stand it when things are not about her. Starts making every conversation and topic about herself. ME ME ME. If not about her, she just leaves. After we go to her room after some time, she starts being 'wahhh i was feeling so lonely / i thought i was so boring ' with a TERRIBLY BAD acting. Its always obvious she wants attention.
- Admits herself that she is a huge attention seeker.
- Call me quirkyxdxd but I always use emotes in my messages. She aske d why, I explained. After that she told me she is going to do that to steal my cuteness away. Does that now.
- I took a picture of my new setup and sent it to gc because MIL was curious about it. Day after we go visit them… She replaced everything to look exactly like my setup does.

I am not going to be surprised if when she goes outside she's trying to dress up the way I do. I am scared and I deeply hope I am just overthinking, but I swear to god. All the stares and comments and the fact how much she uses her 'low-self-esteem' as the way to get showered with compliments (everywhere, even on internet) is crazy.
Is she trying to copy me now? I am speechless because I am 7 years younger than her. I want to talk to her as less as possible, but she lives with MIL and my husband is obsessed w her because wah sister sister. I think I just need support. Maybe she could also be jealous because her mother and grandmother loves her and she said her bfs family hated her.

No. 135312

Different ideals and goals in life.

No. 135322

File: 1585675276262.png (14.33 KB, 100x96, limit.png)

I finally broke up with my bf who both dated a 15 year old and didn't use soap, ever. Those were both pretty popular posts on here so maybe some of you will recognize them. Right now I just feel so angry and I can't eat. He was my only real friend and now I have no one. I am a clown.

No. 135330

I think when you truly find the right person it doesn't matter so much. I thought I felt like that when I dumped my ex, who (according to others) looked like various kpop stars and esports players. But when I met my current bf all of it melted away.
How long has it been for you? After a year+ I can no longer tell if my ex is attractive or not, I can't even really picture him.

No. 135331

You're right - people always become more attractive when you fall for them. But I can't get myself to fall for anyone in the first place.

>How long has it been for you?

6 months. I go through phases of not caring then feeling terrible again. We weren't compatible. Every time I thought about our different ideals my heart sank because I knew it wouldn't work. But he was very attractive and very nice, so my dumb brain can't get over him.

No. 135332

everyone is a chump at least once in their lives, it's for the best you aren't together anymore

No. 135338

you're not a clown anymore, anon. you're bettering yourself and your life will only get better now that you've cut that garbage excuse of a human out of your life.

No. 135340

>download dating apps
>having some okay convos, but mainly disappointing
>stumble upon ex's profile
>feel sad again

ugh, guess it's still not time to start dating.

No. 135346

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this since it's not much of a relationship (yet). I met this guy on Tinder and he's surprisingly really interesting. Since matching we've talked for hours on end. There's a couple problems though and I need to know if it's my fault or his. I'll preface this by saying we havent met yet due to the quarantine. One issue is that majority of the time I'm starting the conversation, whenther it be Facetime or starting a text convo I feel as if I always initiate it. Another issue is that when we are on Facetime, he is the one to always exit the conversation first and majority of. the time it's because he "needs" to play video games with his buddies. I find this kind of a red flag because it screams man-child to me but he doesn't come off that way at all when we're talking. I've asked him if I'm bothering him at all with all the contact I've been trying to make and he just kind of shrugged it off.

I feel like I'm being dramatic because I don't even know the guy yet and I'm already feeling entitled to his attention but I really just can't get him off my mind and it's driving me nuts.

No. 135348

You may be coming off as clingy, or worse a bpdfag. You said he talks with you for hours, that’s a good sign. I don’t see any issue with him playing vidya with friends unless he plays excessively. At this point in time, you’re less important than his friends… Try not texting first and see if he reaches out.

No. 135349

Thank you, this is really helpful. I really don't want to come off as clingy because I'm usually not like this. But yeah, I'll definitely try waiting for him to contact first, I didn't even think of that lmfao.

No. 135515

Advice for a virgin:

Never been in a relationship, never found the kind of love I'm looking for–
But with this pandemic going on, it seems like more and more people are getting online to date someone

How feasible is it to start an online relationship with someone? It's going to be long distance to start with, but what if they lived in another country–the next country over?

Should I try and find someone closer just because it's easier or should I find someone I actually like regardless of distance?

No. 135519

No, don't. It'll be exciting at first then quickly become incredibly frustrating because you can't see each other.

Just wait 1 or 2 months for everything to open up again. People will be so tired of being quarantined it'll be the easiest time in existence to get laid.

No. 135523

I don't want to get laid (I mean I do but that's not what I mean), I want an actual relationship

I will totally heed your advice and expect to have a bit more success when the pandemic calms down–but ultimately, I never had that much success beforehand
Even if people are touch-starved, I really don't see myself finding someone once everyone can find someone they actually like near them

No. 135524

The problem is you're gonna get a lot of people that start off wanting the same thing then drop off and ghost along the way because texting for months without meeting is tiring no matter how well you get along.

Honestly I haven't had any relationships either. I just lost my virginity to a Tinder hookup because I couldn't stand being a 22 year old virgin anymore. It was destroying my confidence around men. I'm pretty, I just have the same issue with finding someone genuinely compatible. The only person I've ever gotten along with perfectly lives in a different country, and we met while traveling.

I'll keep doing casual app shit until I meet someone by chance.

No. 135525

yes, every single person will pair up just like in middle school PE and you will be the only one left without a pair. come on, like give it a try at least. be very upfront you want a relationship only and maybe something will come of it. more likely than if you did nothing anyway.

distance wise, probably would be wiser to look for someone closer to you so meeting up can be more feasible as LDR sucks and you cannot really gauge a person through online/calls etc. maybe you live in a severely underpopulated area or like idk Luxembourg, in that case never mind, but surely you can find someone you click with in 1 country's radius kek.

No. 135526

File: 1585865317583.png (429.47 KB, 633x619, original.png)

I broke up with my boyfriend of one year today after I told him last night how it bothered me that he told me I wasn't his type and that he was liking pictures of half naked women on Twitter on top of (literally) thousands of half naked little anime girls. His response wasn't loving or understanding. The only thing he did was defend himself saying he didn't think it was that big of a deal that he did/said those things to me and saying to stop painting him as the bad guy. After that, he ghosted me and deleted me off social media (we are LDR due to school). I felt crushed and I realized he wasn't in love with me and didn't even care about me.

I added him this morning to end things like an adult. It did feel better when I did that and his response was still the same - uncaring and just wanting to be right. He could do no wrong. And still not making effort to understand why saying such a thing and doing those things would hurt me. So I thought, well I don't see a future with this man then if this is how he handles things.

I'm sorry if this reads like a mess. I'm definitely feeling broken. I still loved this man and would have never done the things he did to me. I gave him my best effort towards our relationship and I realize now that he didn't give much back in many aspects. He often used me as his therapist but would ignore if I tell him my personal thoughts problems so I rarely did. The night before, he told me how he loved me, wanted to go through life together with me, and would never leave me but it was only after he came twice from sexting with me. These were things I would say to him when we weren't lusting. I feel foolish and disgusted thinking about this.

Could I please get some supportive words or any thoughts, anons? I would very much appreciate it and could use it. I haven't posted here in years but I remember you guys being quite supportive. It feels sort of free not being with him anymore but also a little sad of course.

No. 135528

aww anon. he is a colossal dick and not worth your time. in the long run this is for the best as evidently he didn't care about you in the way you did about him. plus the hentai and ethot bs on top of it all, like if seeing drawn child tits is more important to him than you, the relationship was kinda doomed anyway, i am glad you stood your ground. wanting to be constantly in the right is such an annoying and selfish trait, well done not succumbing to it.
break ups always suck, there is no way around it, but i hope you don't feel too lonely in these corona times and if you do live alone, maybe take time to reach out to friends and family more? hang in there, i hope you heal soon!

No. 135529

>like give it a try at least
What do you think I've been doing these past 24 years?
I just mean, the chances of me finding someone after the pandemic will probably be the same as the chances I had of finding someone before the pandemic

I probably do have the option of hooking up with someone, but that's still not really what I want.

Like do you seriously think I was just twiddling my thumbs indoors waiting for someone to discover my presence through magic?

No. 135531

Thank you so much, anon. You are very sweet. He made it clear that he was selfish when he kept making it about himself and ignoring my feelings. I know it was only a year, but I was so devastated to realize that I was spending time trying to make things work with someone like that. He tried adding me back again after I said my farewell and I ignored his request and changed my username so he cannot bother me anymore. I think he was just having me kind of there at this point because he told me how he didn't have a strong connection with anyone he talked to and he just left his parents' house over the weekend due to fighting with them daily. I think I was the only person who was showing him love and affection anymore and he took me for granted.

No. 135536

I've read your thread and honestly no you won't find someone with that attitude. If you keep saying you with find someone then you won't.

As far as online. It's a gamble. You might get someone close or someone far away. LDR suck ass and can be a big headache. If you do decide you want to try online go for ones where you can choose how far or close they are from you. You'll have to endure the possibility multiple ghosting and even more after the pandemic over and you are able to meet each other. Realize with online most men aren't talking to one girl only, even if they seem very interested, so you should too.

No. 135537

Does attitude really have anything to do with it?
It's not like my profile is filled with stuff like "you probably won't like me… :("
And like, I'm allowed to have an attitude

Sorry if I'm coming off as mean or rude, it's just, everything you're saying about finding someone is kind of a cliche and I've heard it all before and even when I do make changes it's never worked out.

I'm allowed to be frustrated about how unlucky I've been in love.

No. 135540


Then get the fuck off this thread if you don't want to hear anon advice that you don't agree with. Have some patience with yourself and your timeline

No. 135549

Nta but
>Does attitude really have anything to do with it?
Yes. Attitude has everything to do with it. Because even though you say
>It's not like my profile is filled with stuff like "you probably won't like me… :("
…it comes off in your affect & attitude, it's unpleasant and unattractive, and it's most def easy to pick up on irl. People that come off that way are a pain to be around.
These comments you made:
>Even if people are touch-starved, I really don't see myself finding someone once everyone can find someone they actually like near them
>everything you're saying about finding someone is kind of a cliche and I've heard it all before
>even when I do make changes it's never worked out
>how unlucky I've been in love
Are completely self-defeating! You're fucking it up for yourself before you're even able to make a connection with someone else.

But to answer your original question about LDRs… I mean, it would open up your dating pool so you may find someone you're more compatible with vs. the people in proximity to you, so maybe it'll be fruitful. I agree with the anons saying it's not worth the headache though. Something about not meeting people face-to-face leaves too much room for deceit and weirdness, but to each her own.

Also, what >>135540 said. It's harsh but true.

No. 135632

We aren't officially together yet atm but my SO watches hentai and plays weird 3D games on steam that have sexual stuff and it makes me uncomfortable
I can't change what he likes etc and he isn't harming anyone but how do I feel better

No. 135634

>aren't together yet
Are you underage? Get some self-respect. Also he's not thinking of you as SO so keep that in mind.

No. 135635

He literally called me his SO and we were in a relationship for several months but broke up due to issues. I don't know why you're calling me a child over something like this. And him playing porn games has little to do with how he sees me, you think no guy in a relationship watches porn? I think you're underage if you believe this

No. 135636

I wouldn't date a cumbrain to begin with so. I see your on and off relationship is gonna go well this time seeing that you're already uncomfortable before you even got back together. Have fun getting cucked by Projekt Melody lol

No. 135637


Uhh did he call you his SO while being in your relationship, or is he calling you his SO right now? If that's not the case, then he's not your SO lmfao.

Seconding what anon >>>>135634 said

Please, raise your standards a little, have some self-respect and remove this cumbrain from your life and thoughts. Clearly not worth it.

No. 135639

He called me his SO a few days ago so now. We are on the same page. I mean I get that most men have sexual urges and usually more than women do. You know most of them watch porn even in relationships

No. 135641

>she never dated a man who isn’t coomer
Tragic. Anyway, women get sexual urges just like men do. But we prefer to actually have intimacy with our partners instead of giving ourselves sexual dysfunction with rape on tape or loli tentacle hentai. If you’re gonna cape for your man porn addiction this hard then why even post to begin with, keep feeling bad, SIMP.

No. 135642

SIMP. Most normal, cute functioning women would leave a guy who plays anime porn games cause they know they can better.

No. 135649

How the fuck do you prepare to break up with someone?
Ive already secretly purged my nudes off all his stuff

We’ve been dating for almost 4 years and I’m sick of his shit

No. 135666

Do you say the same about women who watch hentai/porn? I don't know why you all still haven't learned that most people do this kind of stuff.. And calling it an addiction? Just because you're interested in something doesn't mean you're an addict. Do you ever drink alcohol or coffee? If yes then apparently according to you you are an addict

No. 135674

>You know most of them watch porn even in relationships

Which absolutely shouldn't be as socially accepted as it is. You wouldn't want your SO/boyfriend to jerk off to a naked woman in real life in front of him, but when it's a porn actress/model/manga on his screen it's suddenly okay?

No. 135677

>Do you say the same about women who watch hentai/porn?
Yes and no. Women can be cumbrain. Difference is women internalize (want to be abused, self inserts as female performer) while men externalize (self inserts as the one abusing the female performer). Porn makes men objectify women, but makes women objectify themselves.
>Do you ever drink alcohol or coffee? If yes then apparently according to you you are an addict
Brainlet analogy. I don't lose my ability to function if I don't consume alcohol and coffee. Your "SO" on the other hand can't have sex with you without fantasizing about anime titties and comparing you in his mind kek
Don't know why you're still defending this when you said it makes you feel bad. Is your lord looking over your shoulder and praising you for being a good pet?

No. 135686

Apparently you did lose your ability to function, seeing as you can't talk to someone with respect and without all those belittling sad insults. Ironic how you don't even notice your own bad behavior while complaining about others.

No. 135687

Okay but what can we do? This is the standard and it's what people do, and it's human nature

No. 135690

Doormat wants respect all the sudden, huh

No. 135691

Sort your own issues out first before attacking randoms for no reason, this isn't high school, petty insults don't make you a cool kid sweetie.

No. 135692

fuck sake stop enabling the normalcy of porn. No, there are men out there that aren't as sex obsessed as your SO, but you've decided to say 'fuck it, I must be okay with this' because you have no self-respect. Get a grip and put yourself first, you said yourself it makes you uncomfortable and makes you feel bad so why tf are you sticking around.

No. 135694

B-b-but muh human nature,,wahmen watch porn too! Nothing we can do uwu,,,
Oh no I'm not cool girl like you. Evidently, he's a vinyl hipster who loves fetish manga.

No. 135705

File: 1586014797589.jpg (1.08 MB, 500x208, UyTpOS7.jpg)

No. 135706

File: 1586015870299.png (525.35 KB, 479x530, h.png)

Is SIMP just another way to say "pickme"?

No. 135714

gb2twitter faggot

No. 135754

i dont get your meaning? simp is another word for cuck or whiteknight

No. 135793

File: 1586096543719.gif (2.41 MB, 498x281, haru.gif)

So, I met this guy on a dating app a few weeks ago, and we've been texting regularly since. We just had our first "date" on Zoom (lol) because we both agreed that we shouldn't go out with each other until after quarantine.

He's been playing this "wholesome good boy" angle since we've been talking, which I found to be massively endearing after wasting months of time talking to cumbrained fuckbois and old shallow assholes who were looking for a no-strings attached FWB. But enough of that, and more on this particular guy:
>only had two previous girlfriends
>claims one of them was physically abusive
>says that he's "basically" a virgin despite having had intercourse
>says the most important goal in his life is to become a good husband and father to his children
>already talking about "catching feelings" for me and his friend's already been calling me his gf (uh…)
>unapologetically a weeb (and constantly calls me a tsundere which i may have been passively enabling by not telling him to stop outright)
>raised Hindu but recently converted to Christianity for reasons he didn't get into
>Scored libertarian right on an online political compass quiz i made him take last night (lol)

But the main reason I'm making this post is because some his most recent hot takes on… I guess women's issues? Two days ago, he invited me to a video call with him and his best friend. And I forgot exactly how or why the topic of abortion came up, but he established that he was strictly pro-life. His reasoning was something like "A poor quality of life is better than no life because all life is inherently valuable", and when I said that I thought women's opinions on this subject should be valued more than men's, I think he was like "Our opinions should all be equally valued as human beings" or something in that vein. I restrained the urge to chew him out in front of his (pro-choice) best friend, but just last night he told me some things I found even harder to brush off.

>says "don't drop me for this okay" after i send him the political compass test

>a "close friend" cut him off after they had a debate
>close friend was female and the topic of the argument was related to feminism
>says she got emotional and accused him of mansplaining
>thinks that she got upset over "something about kavanaugh"
>"i don't think my opinions on feminism are that controversial"
>says he only likes having arguments with "the boys" because with them the discussion is free of animus(?) and "nothing, feelings or otherwise, extends outside of the discussion"

Maybe it's internalized misogyny and my fear of coming off as an "emotional woman" , but I've been avoiding asking him too many questions about these kinds of things despite the fact that knowing this is starting to make me question the prospect entering a serious relationship with him. Should I figure out a way to make this work, or should I drop everything and run? (cuz we haven't even met irl yet lolol)

No. 135794

If she allows her bf to watch porn then it means she's a pickme

No. 135795

test the waters and tell him your political views, if he is not acceptable and obviously not willing to change cut it short and dump him.

No. 135798

Okay so a couple of months ago I was very bored and went on Omegle. I used only text because I didn't want to see any penises and filtered people by adding an interest. I briefly talked to some boring people until I found this one guy who lives in the other side of the world that wasn't absolutely stupid and we talked a little bit more. After a while I don't remember why we both confessed we browsed imageboards so we started to feel more comfortable and it was genuinely fun. At some point he says he has to leave but asks for a way to contact me and we exchanged numbers. We have been talking since then and it has been mainly ok/friendly (although we already fought over some political views). We are both self isolating because of the virus so we have even watched movies together and read some books, and sometimes he's so into me, messaging me all the time and being sweet, but other times he's cold and doesn't say much. I'm kinda the same so I don't take it personally but I'm starting to think about him more and more often and feel sad when he doesn't talk to me.

I guess I'm just venting here to rationalize and accept the fact that I should just stop talking to him because this won't end well or go anywhere.

No. 135805

drop. him.

abortion is a huge issue and if you're not on the same page then you shouldn't be together. if issues are arising this early on, there's no point carrying it on.

No. 135806

Dropping everything and running would be the same outcome as if you confront him about these things, and it goes wrong. So if you're prepared for that outcome anyway, then why not confront him? I wouldn't enter into a relationship with someone who has opinions that make me mad or uncomfortable.

though tbh he sounds like a simp. he might just back down on those views once you tell him how you feel about it.

No. 135809

File: 1586107818937.jpg (38.39 KB, 409x277, full.jpg)

hey so, i find this guy to be 10000/10. i'm just curious how attractive do you find him? i just wanna know because if you don't find him attractive that'll make me happy, because less competition. anything that looks like this, i'll cream all over for. anything that doesn't look like this i find totally disgusting. i guess i wanna know if i have 'too high standards' or if i just have a very specific 'type'? if i had to describe him.. apart from trashy pretty white boy, he has the deep-set eyes and prominent brow you see in a lot of male models, in general his face is just pretty lol but not as much as the instafamous prettyboys if you get me? still a bit more masculine looking than that. also blond and tall/skinny.

No. 135810

no, manon. you don't look attractive. gtfo

No. 135816

Don't be daft, that message didn't sound like it was written by a man at all.

You're in luck anon, because your dream boy is nothing to write home about. Go after him kek, the heart wants what it wants

No. 135817

he's handsome but he's too elfy looking for me. i wish he had a bigger nose or something kek. i would say you have a type and you should go for it. it's not too high. i'm the same way with a different type. i love deep set eyes/prominent brow bones too. they're not THAT rare, you just have to be on the lookout.

No. 135818

Looks like a troll

No. 135820

ugly albino

No. 135823

He looks like white trash and about to OD. Kinda cute.

No. 135824

File: 1586112900683.jpg (58.4 KB, 960x539, MV5BNjRiOWUxYWItODg1MS00MzExLW…)

cute in a slightly trashy way. reminds me of this russian actor I find kinda cute. he has a weird nose that keeps getting him villain roles

No. 135826

please don't feel guilty for having a type with like one conventionally attractive feature. do you think the average man feels guilty for finding a pretty girl next door attractive? it's not selfish to have a type like that, especially since if you do find someone who fits, you can make him feel incredibly wanted. that's like a rare gift you can give someone. besides, clearly plenty of other women have the opposite type or no type, there's plenty to go around. it's perfectly sane and healthy to have a type that can be summed up as everyday run of the mill handsome. instead of feeling guilty or high maintenance, i suggest feeling excited and happy that you have enough passion to even feel this way about anyone. many people don't. i say really let yourself get into it with no apologies. it's fun.

No. 135831

Not my "10000/10" personally, but not unattractive at all either. His light complexion looks rly nice too, a bit "elfy" like >>135817 said.

No. 135832

Would cheat on/10

No. 135847

Thank you sis. Seriously, it’s weird. I tried going on various dating apps and I found all the men so gross that it made me depressed. Like I’ll never be happy because I’m not attracted to anyone. I even got matches from men who I’m sure are conventionally attractive by most people’s standards, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable even sitting next to them on a date. This guy is perfection to me. My brain is too wired to think of him as perfect, but logically I’m pretty sure he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. That makes me happy because it means someone like him is not as high up in the desirability scale in real life as my brain thinks. You guys calling him an albino troll, I love that lol

No. 135848

dating apps make everyone with any kind of tastes or standards feel like that. you're literally being asked if you find random strangers dateable or not, ofc you're gonna say no to most of them. not to mention how horrible men are at taking hot pics of themselves. don't feel guilty or unrealistic. just keep a sharp eye out for your dream man and be confident in your sexuality. even if other women found him perfect too, why be ashamed? it's not wrong to have conventional taste even if jealous men make you feel that way.

No. 135849

samefag but you're talking about yourself like you have some weird brain disorder or fetish but you're literally just describing having healthy sexual preferences. you have neither low/pickme tier standards nor do you have delusionally high ones and you can make some blonde elf guy out there very happy one day. that's great. ffs. embrace it.

No. 135858

>not to mention how horrible men are at taking hot pics of themselves
lmao this, why are men so appalling at taking photos of themselves? they all look miserable, angry or like lunatics. the hottest guy I've known took terrible photos of himself that undermined his attractiveness severely. they're really doing themselves a disservice

No. 135859

plus they know nothing about angles so even a guy with good bone structure will take a pic where he looks like an egg with a double chin. men really need to learn to self objectify a liiiitle bit. it would do both us and themselves a favor

No. 135861

He maybe somewhat cute now but he 10000/10 will not age well. Also you're a slut for Cook from Skins.

No. 135864

I work in a store in a trashy neighbourhood and he looks like all of my skelly male costumers who are 25 yet look 40, have god knows how many kids, don't think they need to wear shoes nor a shirt if the weather is nice and carry beer bottles in the pockets of their pants.
I'd usually wish you good luck, but here it's not needed, just go for him anon, he's virtually yours already lol

>he 10000/10 will not age well
Definitely this

No. 135867

tbh i see so many anons drooling after pink skinned guys. idgi. literally cannot understand the attraction of very white men. pink skinned men are honestly so unattractive, no matter the haircolor.

No. 135869

they cute now but yeah they be aging like shit. always fucking balding.

No. 135872

File: 1586133994250.jpg (74.64 KB, 450x234, NakedMoleRat-01.jpg)

they're not even cute now tbh. they have molerat skin even when they're young…

No. 135874


Oh my God my sides

No. 135875

File: 1586135242536.jpg (150.58 KB, 1021x546, sd.jpg)

There are both ugly and attractive men with that coloring. Let’s not generalize so much.

No. 135878

i agree with you but that pic isn't a good example. guy on the right doesn't even have pink undertones, he has kind of a tan, and doesn't have any ginger in his hair lol. no fair.

No. 135888

File: 1586158602475.png (728.1 KB, 1023x544, 203923828932.png)

No. 135891

File: 1586165344397.jpg (54.29 KB, 600x600, f7f54be048f339562e033178ee7a1f…)

I love blonds so much, it's such a satisfying look when they actually look good. But I've noticed the key difference between good and bad looking blonds (guys):

The bad looking ones have cool undertones. Pinkish look, see through skin, poor hairline. Hair color is more mousey. Probably of British descent.

The good looking ones have warm undertones. Their skin has a more yellow/tan look naturally, it looks "thicker", their hairline is good. Hair color is more hay-like and "pure" blond. North European but probably with some South Euro genes.

No. 135892

Yeah I used to wonder why blond women are so lusted after but then 'tall and dark' men are equally such a thing. Like you said I'm guessing it's to do with skintone and looking 'healthy' based on complextion and how hair brings out different tones.

I was blond for about six months of my life, didn't think it suited my pale look all that much but then men still showed way more interest, probably all based on some assumptions they have about bottle blonds though.

No. 135893

blonde haired men are so ugly to me lmao. they have to have dark hair. so much sexier.

No. 135895

most of the blonde guys i've met looked nothing like the pic you posted, i guess that's why i never really liked them
also the combo blonde + blue eyes makes they seem cold imo

No. 135899

Let's not derail. But yeah, anyone who says river phoenix isn't hot is out of their fucking minds lol

No. 135903

File: 1586188712246.png (2.55 MB, 1102x1664, Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 10.5…)

How do I get my boyfriend to present himself a little better? He's naturally slim and very cute in the face, but if he doesn't shave his face and wash/style his hair he looks quite…junky and greasy? More so than other guys I've dated, like his skin is naturally more oily maybe.

It doesn't help that he has this cool vintage almost sleazecore style of dressing like pic related, while it's very appealing when he's clean-cut, it sometimes adds to the dirty look because vintage clothes tend to look worn-down. Sometimes he even has tiny holes in his clothes.

I feel really bad for expressing this because 1, I myself have gotten quite slovenly while working from home too, and 2, he has a lot of student debt and says things like "ah, when I've paid off my loans, I'll get some nice pants and shoes." So I don't feel like I can really say anything. Should I just buy him clothes and be really meticulous about my own hygiene to set an example?

No. 135906

Suggest doing nightly skin routine together. Suggest going shopping together. Basically, dress up his training as cute couple activity.

No. 135930

How do I get a bf at all?

Everyone in this region is gross and the guys I meet online all end up being losers. I have never felt so hopeless.

No. 135934

File: 1586222226334.gif (494.77 KB, 263x197, samphone.gif)

My bf goes to strip clubs without telling me and then confesses after the fact. I honestly don't know why I'm fine with it and I kind of suspect I just let him cause he gets really self destructive and panics when he feels guilty so I just assure him so I won't have to deal with him freaking out. Since I'm bi he wants me to go with him and he wants to pay for me to get a lapdance and idk I just think I'm too awkward to be in that kind of environment. Every time he tries to get me to go I chicken out.

How much of a turbocuck am I for letting it get to this point?

No. 135938

Quite a colossal turbocuck here. Him "packing" and being self-destructive aren't reasons to go to strip-clubs without even telling you, sounds like he's an abymissal wimp at that. Aren't relationships based on trust and communication? How can you let your man get away with this? How can you even tolerate that? Sounds more like you lack self-confidence to show your discomfort and trying to justify it because he has "issues". That doesn't justify it at all.
Don't do and tolerate things that make you uncomfortable.

No. 135948

This is pretty pathetic anon, he only sees your bisexuality as a fetish for himself. He literally gets lapdances and chills in his spare time wasting away his money on strippers and you let him.

No. 135950

He's using you for his fetish and he sounds like a pretty pathetic guy that can't own up to what he likes. Do you really want to be with someone like this?

No. 135953

Seriously girl, only breaking up with him is not enough. There's nothing worse than guys like this, first being driven by his dick and then guilttripping you by playing sensitive little boy who loves you sooo much. And then instead of lying and saying it was a one time mistake he thinks confessing is enough to absolve him from any wrongdoings and then on top of that he has the audacity to try and make this into both of your "thing"? Imagine you ordered a male prostitute, he comes home and you say "uwu I'm so sorry but hey, why don't you just watch while he goes down on me? Oh, and how about he does you later on? Otherwise I will feel so guily and you don't want me to feel sad, right? Right?!"…
>he gets really self destructive and panics when he feels guilty
My suggestion (although it's doesn't sound like you'd ever do that) is using this to make him suffer as much as possible, let him have the panic attack of his life, absolutely destroy any ounce of confidence he's ever had.

No. 135954

Ask how he'd feel about a male stripper gyrating on you. No reason why he should oppose that.. unless he has one set of rules for you and a whole other set of rules (none) for himself.

> How much of a turbocuck am I

You're choosing to stay in a bad relationship where he doesn't respect you and by extension you don't respect yourself either. The sooner you get away from him the sooner you can work on growing a backbone again

No. 135967

Doesn't matter if you're bi or aren't bi. He shouldn't be doing this and I wouldn't doubt he's asked you for a threesome with another woman. Fucking find a man who respects you and cares about you, anon. Cuz this shit is just sad.

No. 135984

how much are you trying? sign up to every dating service you can and look for them on a daily basis. compile a large stack of potential bfs and narrow them down by the best suitor. what part of the region are you from btw?

No. 135985

Is it normal for all women to get "99+" tinder likes in about 10 minutes? not trying to brag. i've never used the app before, but i signed up using my sister's photo (she doesn't know, just for experiment to see what's it's like and what's out there, i don't intend on talking to anyone) and that's what I got in 10 minutes. I did widen my area to include multiple cities near me though, also i live in a big major city. I just often read on reddit about how men sign up and some are lucky to get just 1 match in a whole month. I only swiped right to the ones I actually like, and got around 10 matches and about 8/10 sent me a message first. this seems weirdly too good to be true, but if it is i'm really excited. i know the majority are going to be booty calls but still, that's a really wide net to find a good fish.

No. 135986

If you're pretty, yes. I got 400 in like half an hour. Men swipe on everything. They just swipe right endlessly

No. 135987

describe the toppest tier match you got? was he hot/rich/fit?

No. 135988

Can confirm. They are desperate and do not read profiles.

No. 135989

6'4 fit blond blue eyed Chad. we had dinner while traveling and he was a sweetheart but we live too far apart. I still miss him and anyone I like has some of his features. I'm gonna go cry now.

but yeah, I only swipe on guys that I find extremely attractive, because I know people use their best photos and are likely to look slightly worse in person.

No. 135995

There is such a thing as "fake likes" so they can sell you the premium/gold version. But yes, it's possible, men will swipe right on literally anyone (and then complain later like retards about women getting more matches)

No. 136002

>I live in a major city

It's mostly this.
When I lived in the depressed part of the country I used to get no dating app matches. Then I moved to a highly dense suburb near a city with thousands of people moving to the area every month, 99+ matches usually within a day. Boom.
Ditto what everyone else said about men shooting their shot to every woman though. That's why I only use a dating app for dinner and dick, I don't expect to find any special man on there cause none of em are thinking that way about women.

No. 136003

>That's why I only use a dating app for dinner and dick
Lmao sounds fun

After this lockdown shit is over, I plan on filling my schedule with Chads from dating apps and having some fun until I meet a genuine, HVM Chad away from an app.

No. 136004

me and my girlfriends' 1 year is coming up. i'm having trouble thinking of special things to do during quarantine. i can't buy her anything and we're limited to only doing things in my apartment. i want to do something more than make dinner together. any ideas?

No. 136006

You both sound pathetic

No. 136007

And you sound jealous, anon-kun.

No. 136009

what's the problem exactly?

No. 136015

File: 1586288168463.jpg (131.05 KB, 736x920, 7c636e5f2883b7e52e1a6c62c93981…)

I'm so sorry if this is way lame and not your thing but I think it could be super cute and romantic to build a blankets-and-pillows-fort inside and decorate with some cute lights and (fake) candles and watch movies or something.

congratz on your anniversary!

No. 136044

north-eastern US.
I have not tried at all frankly as dating sites depress me and I am not very photogenic.
everything is about appearance now

No. 136047

I have the same issue.

I can't find anyone. All the men here are absolutely disgusting and very low quality given how large this city is (London, UK). ANYWHERE I've been to in this world has had more attractive people, i don't know what's going on.

No. 136049

Jealous of what? Whoring yourself out for free meals? Anyone can do that except males, kek.

Libfems glorifying dumb shit.

No. 136058

Why are you so salty.
Its a cute idea especially being the fact they can't go out and celebrate

No. 136060

File: 1586319379029.jpg (90.73 KB, 1200x1252, Link reaction memes_328bb7_744…)

Anyone else tired of being an absolutely psychopathic and paranoid gf who has 0 trust in their partner for no reason

No. 136061

Why do you care? Only salty scrotes get pissy at the thought of a woman getting a free meal out of their bullshit. There's women who do it for men every day for free because they call her "girlfriend." Eat shit.

No. 136063

>only men care that women objectify themselves for food

No. 136065

Why's it so hard to find a guy that I find attractive and has some backbone/integrity?

I don't even care how much money they make or how tall they are.

No. 136066

Psychopathic is surely a strong word for whatever it is that you mean. A jealous type?

No. 136067

>women getting what they want is objectifying
>no comeback to the fact that women do sex for nothing in return all the time in "relationships"
I use the salt from scrote tears to season my free food chef kiss

No. 136082

How the fuck is whoring yourself out for food cute? Do you have brainworms?

How about you actually find a decent man instead of putting up with scrotes' bullshit for food in the first place? Like holy god damn shit, you'd rather please random men for $40 when you can just pop down at a nice restaurant on your own, and enjoy the meal on your own bullshit-free?

But no, you'd rather risk STDs, pregnancy, and on top of that he gets more physical pleasure out of the encounter than you do because men don't give a fuck about their casual lays. That is absolutely pathetic. Take better care of yourself.

No. 136085

>implying we fuck them after dinner

No. 136087

13 year relationship.
Many ups and downs.
Recently I gave up my high paying department head job and my home to move 500 miles so he can be near his family and feel better.
He is one of those fatalist "everyone/always noone/never" people.
We have not moved yet. I want to send him packing home and move down south to be with my sister.
He gets very loudly angry and yells while flailing his arms. I was severely abused as a child and this sends me into a meltdown.
He says he's lonely, but feels crowded. I think he wants out too but won't admit it. I wish I was brave enough to admit it to him.

No. 136088

Fuck's sake, I don't even plan on sleeping with them, I don't even necessarily want them to pay for my dinner. I just want to spend time with attractive men because flirting is fun.

>find a decent man

one day. until then, I'll have my fun.

No. 136089

You sound like you would be very uncomfortable doing those things, and that’s fine. But other women enjoy doing it and can look after themselves just fine. So to them it’s not putting up with bullshit, they’re having fun and getting perks at the same time. Seriously, this is the definition of projecting. You’re putting yourself in that anon’s shoes and reacting angrily as if it’s you in that position. Let hoes be hoes if it makes them happy and they know what they're doing.

No. 136092

this is literally the same logic that robots use about relationships, anon. this is how women get murdered.

No. 136097

honestly i dont even care about the sex part. doing the whole 'tee-hee i can get free food by going on random dates with dudes because im a woman' is embarrassing. framing it like its some kind of victory is just incorrect. you pretend its somehow empowering because you want to keep getting the short-term rewards. don't take advantage of other people.

No. 136099

ya'll took it too far. I just want to go on dates with attractive guys. i'm more than happy to pay my half.

No. 136104

Forget the relationship aspect at all, and see what this anon truly desires.
Gorging on vapid material experiences and meaninglessly satisfying her base senses. Degenerate men, luxury food, indiscriminate sex, all grotesque indulgences.

Why bother with criticism of a person like this, when it's obvious they are beyond guidance? Take this as a motivator for yourself and to strengthen your own resolve.

No. 136106

>degenerate men
who says I'm gonna meet degenerates?
>luxury food
oh c'mon anon, I have no desire for luxury food, and said several times I have no issue paying my share.
>indiscriminate sex
I only want to date, not sleep around

Maybe you were referencing someone else. I just want fun dates, to date around and gain experience around guys so I can learn what I want in a guy and tell when I've met the right one. Many people stick with one man for all their life because he's the first that they met.

No. 136110

Don't let that anon shame you. Make the man pay.

No. 136111

what I loved about dating european men (non western) is that they straight up don't let you pay, it's ridiculous to them and an insult. western men I've dated fucking eye you up as the bill arrives

No. 136112

Why do men have photos with their much more attractive friends on their dating profiles?

God guys are so terrible at online dating it's hilarious. The hottest guy I know has a SHIT profile, he's missing out on women because he can't put proper effort in.

No. 136114

He may be looking for women who aren't shallow

No. 136115

at the consequence of missing out on hot(ter) woman, I doubt it

No. 136116

You still don't know whether he cares about getting hot shallow women or not

No. 136117

You can be hot and a good person

No. 136122

Any anon with experience in long term relationships?
I'm going to be brief: my bf and I've been together for 4 years and we've moved on together for 1.2 years. Obviously we have some problems, nothing too bad. Just domestic stuff but we both have some communication problems (we both lonely and friendless losers 28 years olds). the problem is that even tho I absolutely love him and see a future with him, I have problems having sex with him. I'm attracted to him but sometimes when we are about to have sex, it takes me TOO long to get really aroused. He knows what I like so he does it but still, it's hard for me. I'm not in love with him anymore or what? does any anon have experienced something similar?

No. 136123

Mm I was in the same situation with an NEETish guy your age who was terrible at communicating. We dated for 3 years and moved in together at the end. To also keep things brief, the best advice I can give is to force yourselves to discuss this together regularly. I would usually prompt my ex to tell me if he thought we weren't having enough sex, and then use that to start a discussion about what we can try. One time it just turned out we needed to try a new lube because our old one was causing me discomfort so I started to have a negative association with sex. But I think I just don't like sex in general, so take this with a grain of salt.

No. 136124

I went out with asian men, korean/chinese/viet (not asian-american), and paying is natural for these men, they don’t even think about it. Even the broke college student, he doesn’t have a lot of money so he suggested we hit a bunch of street food spots and saw a local band. They feel it’s a privilege to go on a date with you, they just want you to have a good time. Not this pseudo-feminist numale shit in the west where going on a fucking dinner date felt like getting in debt and having pressured to pay in sex. Wild.

No. 136125

Exactly.. I feel like in the west men don't actually do it to be "feminist" or whatever, they just do it to benefit themselves and for social justice brownie points.

A guy I went out with wouldn't open the door for me because he thought I'd be "offended" as it would imply I'm not strong enough to do it myself. ffs

No. 136126


First of all it's normal to have periods of time when the libido is lower. Just communicate it openly. But as for more active attempts of facing it, obviously changing up things is something worth trying, routine is the biggest enemy. I don't know what your comfort zone is but roleplay is always good, even approached very lightly in a joke manner, not some serious acting. Or maybe trying to put an additional effort you normally wouldn't? I'm talking a long shower together, getting dressed up in something fancy, massages, general not straight-up sexual foreplay.
I hope you figure it out. :)

No. 136127

Maybe it’s an attempt at the “cheerleader effect”. Like a k-pop group, member who is 5/10 on their own but standing in a group he seems like 7/10.

No. 136134

Yeah I probably should've just said that. But it's really extreme. He has so many attractive female friends that kind of simp for him and it makes my blood boil. But every time I bring it up out of insecurity he gets mad at my lack of trust. I'm forced to just deal with my insecurity about it or argue with him/make him lose respect for me

No. 136135

>why don't you find a decent man?
Never thought of that anon! Lol. Because that requires a degree of emotional labor that I have no desire to entrust with a designated man right now. Relationships are tough work for women and most of it is thankless. I'd rather have my little dates and have fun with no pressure attached to it. I got out of a LTR of almost 4 years from a man who I loved but always took me for granted. Please stop acting like relationships necessarily protect women from being used and having their feelings hurt.
>putting up with scrotes' bullshit
I don't put up with any bullshit. And certainly way less than when I was a pickme begging on my hind paws for that 'decent man' you lectured me about to throw me a fucking bone.
>you'd rather please random men for $40
Please? Do you assume I kiss and have sex with anyone who asks? I pick and choose sis, if the guy bores me or doesn't turn me on then he doesn't get sex from me. End of. 
>you can go to a restaurant on your own
I do that sometimes too.
Sometimes I want romantic company.
>You'd rather risk STDs
I have a very high body count and don't have STDs. Meanwhile a very nice girl I met in grad school wound up with HPV from one scumbag boyfriend she dated who knowingly gave it to her, before she met her husband. Did she deserve it cause she 'risked' it by having sex with a man? No. Life's unfair and there's no guarantees. 
I have a nexplanon implant that has a better protection rate than sterilization. I've had it for 6 years and also got the added bonus of no periods. I'm good.
>on top of that he gets more physical pleasure
Well if you just let men use you like a starfish, sure. I make sure a man wants to do things that please me beforehand, don't you have those discussions? Sex would be pointless if I got zero pleasure from it, I don't give a damn what the man feels. 
>men don't give a fuck about their casual lays
Neither do I. That's why I'm not looking to husband them lmao.

Don't be mad.

Women specifically get murdered from dinner dates? Funny, most of the raped and murdered women I see in news articles were just carrying about their dailies without a thought in the world about men. Like women going out for jogs, or dancing at a bar with their girlfriends, or sitting at home in their houses.
Life is fucking unfair and nothing you do guarantees shit.

Lmao, mom?

>this is the definition of projecting
Agreed sis, thank you.

No. 136136

Then that's fine.

They're rewarding shitty men with sex. I don't care what you say, any man who has casual sex is inferior scum to begin with because they are looking to use women.

Lmao, relationships don't take emotional labor from the woman unless you just suck at choosing men. Which at that point you shouldn't be fucking random dudes because you have poor judgement.

>I have a nexplanon implant that has a better protection rate than sterilization.

Imagine fucking up your hormones and body just to get fucked by random dudes. That is really the ultimate pick me act. Something really messed up your brain to the point where you think getting used by shitty guys is better than having a devoted partner who actually cares for you and would do anything for you. No, I don't care if you get "pleasure" from it or whatever, he still sees you as a cheap, easy lay and looks down on you along with the 50 other men you fucked.

No. 136137

>relationships don't take emotional labor from the woman
Why are you chewing me about anything when you've clearly never been in a relationship before to think emotional labor never happens? I'm getting embarrassed for you.
>you get nothing from your birth control implant besides fucked up hormones!
Well also the part where I don't have to deal with the cost and pain of periods, and it made my adult acne better. But sure anon, you know more about my life than I do.

You scrote? You're behaving like a scrote, which is way more pathetic than even the most degenerate thots who've sucked 10,000 dicks.

No. 136138

>Why are you chewing me about anything when you've clearly never been in a relationship before to think emotional labor never happens? I'm getting embarrassed for you.
Have you only been with manbabies? Because otherwise there is no emotional labor. Unless you consider listening to the person and helping occasionally to be labor, in which case, you shouldn't be with them.

>Well also the part where I don't have to deal with the cost and pain of periods, and it made my adult acne better.

You're still fucking up your hormones and it will have long-term effects you absolute retard.

No. 136139

No. 136140


Christ, why are you so invested into her business? Stop sperging like a retard, you don't pay her bills, she's safe, protects herself and doesn't harm anybody. Totally projecting.

No. 136141

Because this is the relationship thread. She could've posted her shit in the sex work thread instead.(infighting)

No. 136142

Not a prostitute. Have a decent day job or did my mention of that friend being someone I met at grad school not clue you in? You're assblasted.

No. 136144


God how is it even related to sex work? I believe that she talked about her experiences and relationships with men, so it kinda belongs to the topic. What's so wrong with dating around if both parties involved are ok with it, do their thing in private, and are safe? What harm is done here?

You're so pressed about it for absolutely no reasons, it's beyond me lmfao. Ah, whatever.

No. 136145

Reminder that infighting is highly penalized on this board, and it is hellweek. Feel free to report excessive infighting.

No. 136192

anonette, do you have any side effects from nexplanon?

I really hate having periods, and pretty much everything gives me side effects. I also do a lot of sport and lift weights, and the lowered testosterone from the pill is something I wasn't happy with.

I also have a huge fear of pregnancy, I don't want kids at all and I don't trust condoms.

No. 136204

>A guy I went out with wouldn't open the door for me because he thought I'd be "offended"
Wtf, the state of western men. Although I totally believe they purposely do this shit to be lazy and conveniently blame the "feminists".

No. 136210

Yeah cuz eastern men are so much better right…they're worse lmao look at all the sexism and problems they have.

No. 136214

Appetite increase and weight gain but I'm sure if you're sporty you'll manage it better than I did. People get different side effects sometimes so I don't want to get your hopes up but I've really liked what this implant did for me. Before I got it I was always very anxious about accidents.

No. 136215

Literally no one said that. Just that aspect of dating retard, westfags are just as sexist but they dress it up as progressive or whatever

No. 136273

self sabotaging my relationship with someone that's actually ok what do i do anons

No. 136287

Be open about your struggles and apologize for your misdoings. If he/she's serious about your relationship it may be worth it and make the both of you grow. Good luck, Anon! Everytime you will be tempted of self sabotaging remember it's because you're afraid, but you can't afford to be scared forever. You will make mistakes and the only way to confront and defeat them is to be open with yourself and the person you care about. This is a nice opportunity to grow for yourself.
I'm sending much love to you

No. 136326

broke up with my boyfriend today and now i can freely pursue the girl i’ve been hugely crushing on for months. she’s also super into me too. anons, i never knew i could be so happy. i’m deliriously overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!

No. 136343

Congrats anon!

No. 136364

this isn't a relationship, jus the guy ive been seeing off tinder for about a month has suddenly stopped responding to or reading any of my messages for the last couple days. literally a week ago he told me he liked me and was so sweet so i have no idea whats going on. i think im gonna try to message him one last time and then see if i can leave it for a week or so and if i hear nothing i might just need to move on. it sucks so bad because in person he treated me absolutely perfectly :-((

No. 136391

File: 1586577865211.jpg (58.56 KB, 640x640, hiwugnz9a0s41.jpg)

I think I'm starting to realize that my boyfriend and I are incompatible in the longterm. We've been dating about 9 months now and I don't feel like I fully connect with him. I feel like we just talk at each other than really have conversations. We have a slight age gap as he's still in college and I just graduated. Our majors and general interests are extremely different. His is a lot more technical and I have nothing to really contribute to the conversation when he talks about it. He'll explain things like how to properly plan for payroll and balancing budgets when I honestly couldn't care less. I can tell he feels the same way when I talk about my more niche interests like weird low-budget animated films from the 70's. There's a disconnect and instead of feeling fulfilled I just feel empty. He only occasionally likes my art on instagram and doesn't seem to be particularly interested in my drawings. He's not mean about it but it's not like he really gets into it either. It's just passivity.

Our values and life goals are fairly different too. I'd say I'm far-left and he's more centrist. He doesn't understand why I criticize pretty much all the media I consume and I can tell it's frustrating to him. He doesn't understand why I hate advertising constantly being thrown at me or why I'm not thankful for my job deeming me worthy enough for a paycheck. I have to pretend to be grateful towards predatory companies trying to sell me shit I don't need under the guise of being my friend through shitty Twitter accounts or the fact that my job is a cushy retail stint that has no real bearing on who I am as a person or that it's not a reflection of my intrinsic value. I don't think he fully understands that just having a job will never make me fulfilled as a person and that I want so much more for myself.

I stayed at his house this week because of construction going on in my house and I wasn't able to leave my room from 9-4. We didn't fight but I got really sick of being around him all the time. It started to feel mind numbing because we had literally nothing to talk about. I always feel like I have issues I want to talk about but I never want to really get into them with him because I feel like he won't understand. A few days ago we were driving and we passed a billboard that said something akin to "Thank you Doctors/Nurses for being heroes FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT RANDOM LOCAL CASINO!" I told him that putting up an advertisement like that was just virtue signaling bullshit and if they really care they would've just donated the funds spent on the billboard directly to a Hospital. He just went on about how awareness is important and that it's a nice gesture. Yeah words are nice when then come from a real person complimenting your skirt but not from a faceless corporation during a Pandemic that is almost inevitably leading into another economic depression.

I feel trapped and frustrated and unfulfilled. We have some similar surface-level interest but when I dig there's a lot of incompatibilities. I really want someone to challenge, but even before that I want to be on my own and learn to rely on myself. I just really want to be alone right now.

No. 136392

he sounds boring and gullible af

No. 136404

>bf told me he's been cheating on me with a cis girl
>don't want to break with him because he's all I have
>tell him its okay against my better judgement
>pretend like everything is okay after
>all I think about now is him railing another girl because I can't satisfy him
>think about him getting comfortable enough to bring her home and have sex with her loudly while I wait in the next room
>forced to hear bed slamming the wall and her loud moans as she claims ownership over my man
>get immensely turned on
Am I a cuckquan?

No. 136405

File: 1586603593819.gif (87.07 KB, 192x197, 1A821B1F-07C7-4C09-882A-BFE669…)

For the time being I have to live with my ex. He dumped me and I was super sad and now I can’t fucking stand his presence. We have to go out and get stuff for my dog because he’s the one with the car. I want to yeet myself into the sun, moving out this month thank god.

No. 136406

Pickme and afraid of being alone

No. 136407

Some people feel hypersexual in times of despair, if you genuinely get turned on you are I guess.

No. 136408

Why are specifying that she is "cis", are you a troon?

No. 136451

He honestly sounds a little stupid, if not lacking perception. Someone like this would drive me insane.

I suggest breaking up, this is clearly something that can't be fixed. You are above him in passion and drive.

No. 136492


Def a troon.

No. 136496

My bf told me he doesn't love me anymore.. But is willing to give it another shot. I know I'm a clown but I love him so stupid much and I'm just so sad about it. I just want to say this somewhere since I'm autistic about talking to my friends regarding things like this.

No. 136510

Sick trannie who wishes to be a woman (but never will be one) is trying to recreate a plot of typical NTR manga…. Gtfo.

No. 136519

I don't know what to do. My bf is going to jail over something he hasn't done. I don't know how to support him or what to say. Can anyone please give any advice? Fuck.

No. 136521

>My bf told me he doesn't love me anymore.. But is willing to give it another shot

uh sounds like "I don't want you anymore but I'll keep you around for sex until I've found your replacement"

ofc idk the details of your relationship and the situation but tread carefully anon

No. 136548

What happened? Does he have a hearing?

No. 136563

An ex of mine is trying to get back together with me and using my fear of abandoment (from c-ptsd not bpd lol) as a way to get back with me…it's really creepy and scary especially since he was the one to leave me first and he threatened to leave all the time during fights even though I always told him I was scared he was going to leave me. Why does he expect me to trust him now?

He was always normal during casual conversation but once a disagreement happens, he'll get so worked up, emotional, be overdramatic, and twist things to make me feel sorry for him. What is this behavior? It's really confusing.

No. 136575

Block him and don't engage, he's an ex for a good reason

No. 136581

I don't want to go into too much detail, but basically, we were attacked in the middle of the night and he simply protected us. He didn't kill the guy or endanger his life, but it looks like he'll go to jail anyway. I don't know what to do anymore. Does anyone have any advice?

No. 136592

How long is his sentence?

No. 136601

That's not really relationship advice, you need a lawyer.
But are courts still going wherever you are with all the current lockdowns?

No. 136610

I have been dating this guy for a couple of months. We live in the same city but he hasn't been able to meet me for almost a month now because he has been busy playing hearthstone tournaments which I was okay with at first. He doesn't have a job so I think he relies on the tournaments that give money to the winners. He keeps losing these tournaments but I don't pry since I know its a sensitive topic for him. But its just ironic because he plays tournaments which he keeps losing when he could have just spent time with me. Every time I would ask him to meet he would say "sorry later" or "I will meet next week". Hes always been flaky like this… we didn't celebrate Valentine's or other holidays together because he is busy playing his game.

I have been patient with him, I just wait until hes available. I live in a foreign country so I am away from friends and I don't have a family anyway, so I try to cope being alone. We haven't seen eachother from one month until now. He originally flaked yesterday telling me that he couldn't see me because his head hurt. I asked him to take medication but he told me he wanted it to go away naturally. But today I just got so upset with him. Its my birthday tomorrow and he told me that he would be there to celebrate. But I got a message from him saying hed only be able to spend the morning for my birthday as his mother is sick. I don't know if it's a coincidence or he is lying but I just got really upset at that moment. I feel bad but I can't help feeling that he flaked all this time and he can't give me 1 day of his time. I asked if he could leave the following day if his mum was sick but he told me he couldn't.

So I pretty much will spend most of my birthday alone tomorrow. I told him that I was sick of him being really flaky and that I was really upset. He was apologetic and told me he would change his ways and habits. He said that spending time together didn't matter and what matters is being in each others hearts he also told me he was frustrated because no matter what he says is not enough for me. Which made me feel bad but at the same time I can't help but feel this way. Is it a legit reason to be angry or am I just being to much?

I am actually just thinking of breaking up now since I don't like this kind of relationship. I always end up in relationships where the man has no time for me.

Update: I spoke about my feelings and he is reluctant to see me now because I am "angry".

No. 136614


Dump him. He doesn't seem to be interested in the relationship at all. Everything he said to you are excuses, what's this "what matters is being in each others hearts" bullshit? He doesn't have any legit excuse not to spend time with you. Would it be understandable if this was a LDR, but you live in the same city and haven't seen each other for a month.
Even if you didn't say anything about your feelings he'd give another excuse to ditch you again.

No. 136618

take your losses now that you're only a few months in and dump him. Nothing good's gonna come out of this.

>I spoke about my feelings and he is reluctant to see me now because I am "angry".

this is borderline manipulative.

No. 136619

He’s just felling you bullshit over bullshit, over just being a useless piece of shit. Don’t waste more time with him, while you could find someone who will be happy to keep you company.

No. 136622

hey anons, i recently got into a new relationship with a guy i've been friends with for about 8 or 9 months. he was interested in being exclusive but would never try to further the relationship. i decided it was something to pursue on my end, so i asked him to date and we're here.

good right? well, no, because this seems to be a continual theme. he's romantic and he likes me, but he always seems to lack tact after a certain point. for example, he's leaving for a few months to be with family in another country, and i said "hey i'll miss you, so message me every once in awhile", his response was "well unlike you i don't have attachment issues, so im not really going to miss you. ill try to be on my phone." hes also implies a lot that he really likes what we have, will emphasize that he be "lost" if i wasnt involved like i am now, but in the same breath he will say nothing changes and he wouldnt be sad if i was gone.

it threw me off, what the fuck does that mean?? his actions are so sweet but his words are bipolar beyond belief. its hard to tell if this is a red flag or not, because his actions are super super sweet in how he takes care of me but his words are definitely demeaning.

No. 136623

Absolutely a red flag anon! jfc not only was that really rude, but the fact he won't miss you after being gone for a few months? Not normal.

Given the hypocrisy in his statements I think he was just being deliberately callous for god knows what reason, and I would leave that hot mess before you become more invested, and he finds out more about you to use as ammo at random times. Maybe he didn't like that you requested something of him? I had an ex that when I requested a behaviour change he'd attack me and my feelings, you don't want that kind of unhealthy manipulative communication.

No. 136626

90 days probably. But obviously, he won't be able to find a job or anything afterwards.

The guy who attacked us has rich parents. So even though we have a security footage of this asshole attacking me first, my bf will still probably go to jail over this. 90 days is really the best case scenario. We got the best lawyer we could afford anyway. I really don't know what to say and what to do with him.
And everything is getting delayed because of corona thankfully.

No. 136634

red flag, bail. Anon if your with someone who makes you question their feelings / intentions / affections toward you, what they giving is not enough for you. Don't chase, you won't change who he is. Find someone else who will treat you how you need to be treated to feel valued and loved.

No. 136642

Sounds like he's manipulating your feelings intentionally, by swinging between "I won't miss you" to what you describe as more compassionate treatment. If he's only warm and loving in person it means he only likes being close to you(r body) and your company, but seems to have formed no mental attachment. Dealing with those guys is a nightmare since you're pushing for when you have more success/power which is in person - but he has no mental attachment to you and never will have. You're just torturing yourself by continually dealing with this hot/cold treatment.

No. 136644

Samefag, the clue is in his
>unlike you I don't have attachment issues

He's literally admitting he's not attached to you via framing having a mental/emotional attachment to someone you're in a relationship with (aka a very normal and expected thing) as an "issue"

Having feelings for your SO -attachment issues, according to this guy

No. 136653

>well unlike you i don't have attachment issues, so im not really going to miss you. ill try to be on my phone
Lmao what a little bitch. When someone tells you who they are, believe them. He plainly said he's not going to miss you and the distance isn't sad. Oh, and, he thinks he's superior and more mature than you for it.

No. 136654

Not a romantic relationship so I hope this is alright, but I'm looking for some general advice on what to say when ending a friendship. We've been friends for about 7 years now, and we work for the same company which is adding a tougher level to this. But long story short, her personal issues and constantly negative outlook has drained me and I simply don't want to be close with her anymore - the friendship doesn't make me happy. I want to focus on friendships that are fulfilling to me, so I intend to approach her once we're back to normal living, but how can I explain this while doing as little damage to her as possible? She has very low self-esteem and reacts badly to personal critique, so this will be pretty miserable…yeah, any tips on what to say, or what not to say, would be appreciated anons.

No. 136656

Why do you feel there needs to be a formal end to a friendship? That's so dramatic. If you don't like hanging out with her, don't. Make excuses, and fill your time with those fulfilling friends you mentioned. You can naturally drift apart without having to blatantly state why you don't find her palatable anymore. That way if she finds herself in a better place in a couple of years you can still be friends without the bitter memory of trying to end things during what sounds like a dark place in her life.

If it's a matter of her being unavoidable, then just be honest and tell her when she's being negative. Make up some shit like that you're going through your own process and what she says brings you down even if she doesn't intend it. If she gets mad over something reasonable like that then that's when you can check out of the friendship because at least you'll have proof that she disregards your feelings and input. As opposed to her thinking everything between you has been fine for several years, and you're ending the friendship out of the blue as a mean way to critique her behavior.

No. 136658

>why try to give it to her straight and cut her off, just lie for a while!!
this is so immature, anon.

No. 136659

well, i had one talk previously where i sat him down and said "this type of behavior makes me uncomfortable" themed, or something. he didnt get mad at all and was super understanding, and obviously he wasnt being a weird fuck in that conversation. so its not like hes deliberately manipulative at all times but i see what you're saying esp cause >>136634 anon also agrees its red-flaggy.

yeah this directly confirms some of the issues i had with it too. to preface an underlying concern with myself, i used to be needy/clingy/annoying but ive been trying to work on it for the past 5ish years, so i feel like it isnt as present as an issue anymore. but i dont know what a good balance is so now im trying to figure it out and comments like "attachment issues" really bother me.

i really thought that it wasnt weird to want basic communication but i guess i needed reaffirmation.

i might bring up the issue with him, but if something doesnt change might as well move on. thanks anons!

No. 136661

Lie about what? How is avoiding someone who drags you down lying? Why would you immediately cut off a seven year friendship just because someone is having a bad time?
Yeah you're being black and white and it's immature of you, I'll type it louder for the lurkers in the back.

Forgot to mention the reason why you shouldn't "tell it straight" is because people like you often fail at it because you're tactless and autistic.

No. 136668

I agree with the other poster, don't really understand why that it's "lying." Life isn't static and relationships develop over time, there's no need to formally put a stop to a relationship because things could improve again and that friend could always be brought back into life.

Just give them space and stop involving them if they cause issues. It's simple. You look like the problem if you create an event out of not wanting to talk to someone; just stop talking.

No. 136679

I understand you anon. It's very difficult navigating what are appropriate boundaries and what are reasonable expectations.
Be aware that many men these days will absolutely call you things like "clingy" even when you're not because they just don't want to put in the effort, fear getting attached, or feel shitty about themselves when they let you down. It's compounded by the fact that so many men act like fuckboys, and while we as women don't want to smother or overwhelm someone, we do want signs that interest is there. It's frustrating because little things like a phone call or text are so simple to do and should be ENJOYABLE for the guy if he is really into a woman, and yet there's so many men who fail at it. Then they somehow frame it like it's our faults that they suck at relationships! Speaking from personal experience, I've been called "annoying" and "needy" by men who actually didn't like me. Yet the same behavior was seen as "cute" and a sign of being a good girlfriend in relationships where I was wanted. It's not you, it's them.

If they give you an excuse for why they're not reaching out to you or not making you feel desired (bonus points if they try to flip it like you're the problem when you bring it up), then they're just not into you. They're pulling you along for reasons. Maybe this guy said what he did hoping you'll break it off (horrible if true). Maybe this guy views you as a convenient option, and as long as he has you no one can say he's single while his insecure ass looks for greener pastures. Idk, I don't want to make you feel bad anon, I just think you deserve better. What he said to you isn't even mild fuckboy, it's downright hateful, "I won't miss you and if you miss me it's an emotional issue." Like jesus tapdancing christ what an unfeeling asshole sociopath.

No. 136680

me and my boyfriend broke up because my mental health was getting really bad and he wasn't able to support me or take care of me. ultimately i blame myself because i became too needy, i constantly needed attention and reassurance and it got too much. so i decided some space would be good.

but how the fuck am i supposed to heal when i miss him constantly. i still talk to him about my feelings and stuff, but i genuinely think hes sick of me…

we talked about getting back together but he was very hesitant because he didn't know if he could support me.

what the fuck do i do anymore i cant take this, it hurts so bad.

No. 136698

Thanks for the advice anons, I guess it would be better to just try to naturally pull away. The reason I was going to be upfront with not wanting to hang out is because she's very aware of how much attention people are or aren't giving her. I will definitely be confronted as to why I'm not making time to see or speak with her..but I'll try to avoid her as subtly as I can until hopefully she doesn't want to spend time on me either.

Also >>136658 isn't me.

No. 136733

anon i do not want to kick you when you're down but are you shayna by any chance

(answering seriously, just switch your phone off, watch movies, work at your job if you can, laugh at cows, make art, clean around the house, make good food, there's twenty things you can distract yourself with. hang in there okay? )

No. 136734

Advice for a friend
A friend of mine is obsessed with her ex, 7 years older
she's 22, but was 20 when they met, lost her virginity to him

how do I help her?
is dating still an option if she's still thinking about her so much?

No. 136735

Your boyfriend is autistic. The comment about not missing you was just a typical spergy blurt, you should not overanalyze it. As long as you are calm and direct, you can talk to him about anything without receiving a negative reaction.

No. 136741

Am I just the biggest femsimp?

>Be me

>Meet guy on tinder
>He's ~poly~
>Fall for him anyway because he's a smooth-talker and a romantic and the dick is bomb
>Spend 4 months building the weirdest non-relationship ever
>Tells me some girl harassed him last night
>His IG story is all just talking about this girl and how she said she loved him and is now ruining his life
>Describes their issues and they're word-for-word the shit he argues with me about/accuses me of all the time
>realise I'm basically listening to my not-boyfriend's dating problems
>realise she probably meant way more to him than I ever will and just didn't give him the same blind naive devotion I do
>Realise I'm the substitute/rebound
>can't call him out as he's in such a bad state I can't make this about me

Can't even be mad about it since every person I ever asked for advice prior to this told me to just dump him.

No. 136742

Choose between dick is bomb and dump him

No. 136743

I think your only mistake is getting emotionally attached. If the dick is bomb, enjoy it. If he gives you company, take it. If his smooth talk makes you feel good, bask in it.
Just don't love him or care beyond a platonic level, and if you start to feel like you are then cut him off immediately.

I don't see anything wrong with listening to problems from a non-boyfriend, but what's going on here is that he's building a narrative that he's a victim and bitches are out to get him. Isn't it convenient that the multiple women he has sex with eventually turn out to be fucked? The part where you said that his IG story is what you guys argue about? Well, maybe one day he'll make an IG story about you if he gets pissed enough, and those very issues will be the new story. It's certainly what he'll tell other women to gain their trust and sympathy. No offense anon but he sounds like garbage. I entertained a poly musician once and kept him around because he was into my body and I enjoyed his attention, but at the end of the day he was so delusional and full of himself I couldn't stand him. Try to find someone who puts you in first place and doesn't treat you and other women like disposables.

No. 136745

I need some female perspective concerning my gf. ngl the situation is pretty shitty all around so Im going to be specific as I can before I get banned. It's kinda a discreet and a time sensitive problem so I cant ask advice from anyone.

We were in a huge fight earlier. She threw a lot of shit at me, yelled at me and I had to get out. She has had a history of self-harm so I won't blame her. I need to get back to check on her but I have no idea what to do to appease her. I really love her but I broke her trust and caused her to flip out. You could call it cheating but that isn't important. I think I should get her something or or know what to say but I cant. I have no idea what to do. What do girls like? How can I go back there and calm her down? She thinks I had sex with someone but that actually never happened and there is nobody to back for me. She just has this weird notion of me sleeping with someone else. I just need to say something to get her calm down but fuck if I know what I should say or get. I dont want to be like that

I don't want to call the cops on her since it's all my fault. I do "give a fuck"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 136752

>Make excuses

No. 136753


Ghost him and get over it.

No. 136758

How do you deal with a boyfriend who is too codependent on his family? My bf relies on his dad to drive him everywhere, refused to move away from his home town when we moved in together, his family calls him every single day even on weekends and if they can't get through they start calling my phone. I think it's cool he loves his family and all but at this point I'm just irritated, can't we have a day without this? I think they are a bad influence on him and used to always ask for money because only one out of 5 of them works. I don't want to be controlling but like I'm so sick of him running for the phone when we are doing other things; he's even answered while we were having sex. Multiple times. It's getting to the point where I'm starting to resent them and I feel like an asshole like I'm being really controlling. I just want to date an adult, he's 28 years old and should not be so dependent, I want to move somewhere better. I never get to see my family because I moved to where he lives but he gets to see his daily. I'm getting angry but I don't want to break up with him over something like this and I also don't want to tell him he's being a man child. What should I do?

No. 136769

You'd be in the right to break up with someone like this and he should absolutely be made aware that he is severely co-dependent. Why I tell you this? Because him being a momma's boy who relies on you for everything and has to answer his family while having sex, isn't going to change once these people become your in-laws. It'll probably get worse. You're going to be made out like a controlling bitch for wanting boundaries now instead of nipping this in the bud when it first happened. They're gonna fight and try to manipulate you to continue to accept this. It will appear to them that you only now have a problem with this, and to them that makes YOU the problem. Not that their immature, needy, and pathetic son needs to step up.
Anon I speak from experience. This is identical to one of my past relationships. From the detail that he doesn't drive down to his mooch relatives playing cozy to try to get money. Almost four years living together and he never changed because he knew he'd have me to fall back on. I wish I left sooner. Oh and his creep family dropped the act the second we were no longer together despite all I ever did for him, so there's that too.

No. 136774

> emotionally abusive boyfriend, came for advice here before and went into detail and everyone confirmed it was abusive when i showed the messages and behaviour so I didn't feel like I was imagining it anymore

> stand up to him tonight well and truly, take NONE of his shit, explain to him how I've taken it time after time and that it was never ok and it damaged me, explain that no matter what i do he wasn't appreciative and treated me like shit just like he does his mother

> anon you're cruel anon this is toxic anon I always try so hard anon APOLOGISE NOW for calling me abusive

I'm going to break up, but just to confirm, is this response the textbook abuser one and if so how does it work? Is he decided or just completely narcisstic?

No. 136778

Classic textbook abuser. No acknowledgement of his wrongdoings and no genuine apology to you because he is NOT sorry. He's trying to brainwash you into believing you're the problem and you're the one who needs to apologize even though you were the one voicing how wrong he was being to you. Lol, isn't it almost comical what bald-faced liars they are?
Good for you anon!

No. 136783

>apologize for calling me abusive

Is the exact "you upset me by being upset" gaslighting technique that no-gooders use to deflect from their wrongdoing. A normal person would agree to work on whatever issues you raised, where reasonable, not blame you for being upset.

No. 136784

Just quickly searched some terms, here's the first result which gives a detailed description of this technique:


No. 136789

File: 1587018760494.jpg (628.12 KB, 1125x884, 4c984ff.jpg)

No. 136793

I cannot handle conflict, like at all. It's really embarrassing. I had an argument with my bf yesterday (which was my fault, I won't get into it, it's mild and petty) and I legit could not sleep last night because I felt sick and overly upset. I have emotional dysregulation problems and I struggle to understand that someone can love me and also be annoyed with me at the same time. I assume that if the latter is true then the former is now false. I know this is illogical and makes me seem like a complete idiot, but it's really hard to not panic at the first sign of conflict because I just automatically assume a break up is imminent. Any tips on how to grow the fuck up, handle conflict maturely and stop being such a sad wreck?

No. 136795

I'm not that anon, but thank you so much for posting this link. I've been down lately and started missing my ex, and now I remember that he actually doesn't deserve it in the slightest. It's crazy how his brainwashing may affect me to this day (and it's been almost 4 years now), sometimes I just really do forget eveything bad or kinda start making excuses for him. I guess it's still hard for me to truly believe that someone can be this… indecent?

No. 136811

Look up attachment types, you sound like you might be in the 'Anxious – preoccupied' category.

I used to be kept awake all night if I fought with my ex, meanwhile he'd sleep soundly. Learning about attachment types helped me understand why.

No. 136828


Thank you for the responses and link, I'm gonna check them out

Found out from a friend this morning that he's even been twisting it to his friends behind my back and that friend is one and was disgusted

Not a single apology or acknowledgement that he fucked up and is toxic as shit, he's saying "I've spent six months building her up and she never reciprocated look at me I am victim"

He's spent six months tearing me down and taking me for granted so now I think he's not only toxic I think he's horrid now

No. 136838

Sounds nice though anon. Just enjoy him! don’t worry about that other stuff.

No. 136855

In having issues with a friend who fell in love with me. We've been friends for years but it's been extremely up and down. She has severe autism which has left her socially isolated, and I'm basically the only one who has put up with her in the long run. Anyway she recently told me she finds me attractive, and enjoys it when I touch her. On the other hand I feel quite uncomfortable with her, she often complains about her life, insults me, and admitted to cyber stalking me. She's also constantly asking me for complements and reassurance which I don't want to give her because I'm worried she's just needy and sees me as her surrogate mother. We don't actually have much in common and her weed habit worries me. She calls me close minded for not smoking up with her, and gets annoyed at me when I point out how annoying stoners can be. I also think she might be a NEET, she's told me her life ambitions, but refused to tell me her progress in bringing them about and her vocabulary is so limited that I find myself defining a new word for her every conversation.

At this stage I've told her that I can't reciprocate her feelings but that I'd try to for her sake. I don't think she loves me, I think she's just emotionally dependant on me and denies it because she's too fragile to come to terms with the reality of the situation. What should I do? I wasn't looking for a relationship, but I want to help her, she knows that she needs to work towards improving her life and I'd like to see her succeed.

No. 136858

>I don't think she loves me, I think she's just emotionally dependant on me
I think you are right, a person in love with you wouldn't treat you like a shit friend, autistic or not. What do you mean you "have to" put up with her? Because with someone who makes you this uncomfortable, the advisable course of action is distancing yourself.
How did she react to you turning her down? Personally, I wouldn't have told her that I'd try because chances are an autist will take that seriously and hold it against you. You're not her keeper, not her mom. You've given her your friendship for years; obviously that isn't enough to help her be better. You can't fix a person, don't put your own needs and comfort second to those of a bad friend.

No. 136871

File: 1587095372672.png (116.16 KB, 562x596, tumblr_p5alm9TIkb1rsuch2o1_640…)

You could post even 1 picture and an army of men will leap on you, they just want to fuck you, but find the diamond in the rough who wants the same as you

No. 136872

if they were male you would have moved on, why are you letting their gender stutter a normal reaction? This 'relationship' is too far gone she can't recover even if she 180'd tomorrow; the damage is done, you need to move on!

No. 136875


She tends to complain a lot about everything to be honest, she doesn't have a nice life and has lived by herself for years. I feel obliged because her life is so bad, and she does have good qualities about her. She said I made her feel sad, but she thanked me for staying open minded to the idea and I honestly am trying to forget the past between us, but my feelings haven't changed at all.

That's what I find so odd about her, I don't understand how she's suddenly caught feelings after how poorly our relationship has developed over the years. Usually it's only men who are so oblivious to the situation because they're only interested in sex. I know it is probably because she has autism and so she can't see how our relationship has left such a bitter taste in my mouth, but I don't want to judge her for being autistic either. I guess in trying to spare her feelings I've only made things worse with false pretense, I've tried to tell her to consider seeing someone else but I'm not sure if she's just too scared to look elsewhere or that enamored with me.

You're both right, I should really try harder to distance myself before things get any worse.

No. 136934

For the record I told her how I felt. At first she seemed to agree, but then when we started talking as just friends she asked me if I thought it would ever work and I said no. I'm leaving it at that.

No. 136982

I can't help but feel bad because we used to talk everyday and now just a couple times in a whole month. And when it happens he says everything is fine, just busy. Not my bf but surely was acting like he was. I'm overall bad at this stuff and am afraid he's tired of me and slowly getting away from me idk. It's so confusing.

No. 137000

> Not my bf but surely was acting like he was
> we used to talk everyday and now just a couple times in a whole month
anon he's moved on from you as a romantic partner and there was no official breakup for you because you weren't an official couple. Sorry, but it's time to accept that there's nothing left for you to gain from him and move on. You can find someone who actively wants you and your company, don't waste your precious time on someone that doesn't. We've all had to learn this lesson!

No. 137009

File: 1587298046966.png (563.57 KB, 492x474, 1.png)

No. 137012

File: 1587302989780.jpg (15.73 KB, 275x170, 1559981773317.jpg)

My boyfriend seems to have lost the understanding of the difference between a compliment and being generally gross. Like recently he has become so overtly sexual I think I am falling out of love with him.

>Mention to him that I am going to start exercising at home since gym's closed.

>He makes it weird by saying that he might not be able to resist staring at my ass and 'feeling me up' as I exercise.
>I tell him that's a fucking weird thing to say, like his choice of language is making me uncomfortable
>he gets defensive and says that its his way of complimenting me and I should appreciate it.

>Sitting together on the couch watching sonic x, he has a hand on my leg, we often sit like this and it has not been strange before.

>He makes it weird and by apologizing for 'groping' me but continues doing it anyway
>I tell him that he does not need to announce that he is 'groping' me, we are a couple and he can touch me
>He apologizes again???? And continues touching me saying how he can't resist 'feeling me up'
>I move to a different couch

>I am in the kitchen making soup

>He comes in, starts groping my butt, again apologizing for 'being rapey'
>I, for the 100th time, explain that his use of words is odd and that we are couple and consensual touching is normal
>He does not seem to get it, says that it's his way of appreciating me

Its like he comes up with this stuff at the most unsexy moments and I've got to say It is the absolute greatest turn-off ever. His touching is no longer a affectionate but has actually become full on groping. It's like he wants me to be uncomfortable/not consent and that's just no bueno for me.

He's also recently become obsessed with BDSM and brought a bunch of paraphernalia without asking me. Now I have been roofied and raped in the past and have an issue with being 'submissive', he knows this.
He uses the argument of 'what you do behind closed doors has noting to do with who you really are.' And that because 'You make more money and have a more prestigious job' it will make him feel more confident and in control.

Like he wants to scenes and I just don't think I have it in me. He wants to do anal which I am not into and has brought these leathery bdsm 'sexy' outfits that chafe and embarrassing to wear. He got upset when I refused to wear them during sex.

The more he does it the more I avoid him the more persistent he becomes, its like a cycle. This man used to be my best friend that used to love and respect me as I loved and respected him, now he is just another creep I have to deal with on a daily basis.

No. 137014

>because 'You make more money and have a more prestigious job' it will make him feel more confident and in control.

oh my god men, that's all they fucking care about isn't it, being the alphamale over a woman.

No. 137016

My vag dried up just from reading the greentext. Rest of it was even worse. Buying shit and expecting you to partake in a sub role given your history… big nope. The fact that he's spending money on all this weird sex paraphernalia shows how confident he is that you'll just do whetever he wants. Creep.

No. 137034

Is it normal to get engaged after 11 months of dating? Is it too soon?

No. 137040

Abnormal and it’s a red flag to propose that early

No. 137044

So when covid is over you're kicking him to the curb right?

I suspect he's bored with his time and is getting into creepy porn shit on the internet. That's why he's buying all the gear and making weird advances on you without your consent. Him suddenly having confidence issues and wanting niche sex like anal is a big giveaway that he's consuming some toxic internet culture. Be careful.

No. 137048

disagree, it shows he's willing to commit which most men don't like to do. Better to have an early proposal than waiting for one that never comes. That begin said, >>137034 just say you're not ready for an engagement yet and if he reacts badly to that, THAT is a red flag.

No. 137064

Thank you, your reactions have helped me realize the stuff he does is not just strange, but outright dangerous.
I am 80% sure of that, this is a four year old relationship and he has never acted like this. I have opted for one last cometh to Jesus talk but I think he is too far gone, he doesn't look at me the same anymore. I agree that he is probably influenced by a mixture of the munosphere and abusive porn, we have both had time on our hands. I've chosen to improve myself while he just sits on his ass on his pc all day.

No. 137069

Should I be worried about my boyfriend who listens to "ASMR anime girl calm affirmations for stress/panic/depression"?

No. 137073

I personally think it's kind of weird but really it's just how you feel about it. Do you think its weird? Do you not like it? If so, why don't you like it? can you communicate that to him and will he respond reasonably?

Just ask why he listens to it and figure out why you may or may not like that he listens to it then explain it to him. He might feel like he's missing out on compliments or affirmations irl so needs to listen to them to feel better or he might just be a weeb into that kind of stuff. It all just depends if you care enough for it to be a problem.

No. 137075

>He comes in, starts groping my butt, again apologizing for 'being rapey'

Someone has been watching a lot of rape/surprise sex videos and has a new fetish he wants to try, hence making normal things weird to intentionally make you uncomfortable.
It would go better if he just spoke to you about the fetish so you can work with it or disregard it on your own terms, rather than just trying to sneak it into your relationship. Reminds me of guys who try to accidentally slip it in the ass without prior discussion or lube.

No. 137076

Didn't read this bit yet, adding BDSM to the list of fetishes he wants to try without asking you about it first

>He's also recently become obsessed with BDSM and brought a bunch of paraphernalia without asking me

Genuinely sorry that he has fallen into the pornpit anon and he's acting like a coomer creep. Another man lost.

No. 137096

I've been dating my boyfriend for a couple months now. He has confided a lot in me, but I'm not quite as open.

A couple weeks ago I was ranting about my upbringing and he said, "I'm sure it was mostly normal." Then I replied, "You don't know everything." And his response was, "Were you raped?"


I said no because nothing like that happened in my childhood and changed the subject.

Today we were hanging out normally, and all of a sudden he asks me if I've ever gotten a dick pic from a guy. I told a story about how it happened once, and I was mad. Then he asked, "Have you ever been sexually assaulted or something? Like does that happen to you?"


I said yes and got upset this time because it just basically threw me into a painful place against my will. I basically just turned my back from him and then he apologized and told me I didn't have to say anything more and I was safe.

Is this weird for him to be asking questions like that or am I just dealing with some trauma brain shit?

No. 137101

yea straight up asking if you've been raped/sexually assaulted is weird, only you should decide if/when you're comfortable telling someone. especially if you've only been together for a couple of months. if there aren't other red flags i'd brush it off but if not, please leave him.

No. 137103

Anyways I'm glad my boyfriend isn't a massive creep or coomer but I think it has to do with growing up with women. We've both beat up creeps who were groping friends before.

No. 137116

I really don't know if my boyfriend is dumb or just shitty?
For example:
-I send him nudes once and didn't really like it then told him to stop asking bc it makes me feel uncomfortable and he stopped for a week but now he's asking me almost daily.
-Move his hands many times bc I don't want him to touch me there and ask him to stop and five min hes touching again.
-Tell him that clit stimulation is better than fingering but he keeps fingering anyway.
-Barely texts me. We have not talked at all during this quarentine.
-When he calls me hes always talking to his game characters instead of me.
-Thinks sex is just boobs and pussy and don't know how to foreplay.
-Shoves he's tongue down my throat and I always ask him to stop and he always do it again.
-Thinks women didn't contribute to society until now.
-Believes in meritocracy and think his parents are poor bc they don't work hard.

What do you guys think?

No. 137117


Are you serious or is this bait? Why are you dating that tool? He must've some hella redeeming qualities for you to put up with that shit.

No. 137118

I think women should grow a spin and leave that idiotic bastards.

No. 137120

he has 0 respect for you, dump his ass.

No. 137127

How do I break free from this mental prison where I convince myself that he actually cares about me just because he says so when his actions proof otherwise, then rinse and repeat.

No. 137134


I'm >>136828 and in a similar boat- at the end of the day we have to come to terms with the fact that actions speak louder than words. My bf just did the same, multiple friends have now called him out for abusing me and he keeps saying "but when things are good I've bought you things and treated you well" and I've said "but you've NEVER respected me" because all he does is lie, gaslight and attack me and others

we deserve better. Let's be happier alone than miserable together with these cunts.

No. 137138


it's simple. just do it. stop trying to rationalize their behaviour. stop giving them chances. break up immediately. what are you waiting for? it's gonna hurt but you will be better off for it after a few weeks. you will feel refreshed and realize how dumb you were for staying for so long.

No. 137141


I need help. The last week I've come to terms with the fact that my partner is abusive, manipulative, generally toxic with a bad reputation. I describe him as very manic, very fast to try and get everyone to like him and when that crumbles he's even quicker to try and ostracise them.

I finally stood up to him earlier in the week, he came back with a bunch of bullshit. I told him that multiple mutual friends of ours had reached out from concern over his treatment, that I'd talked with them and that they found his behaviour abusive- and so to stop trying to tell me it was in my head or me being crazy or whatever.

His reaction to my entire explanatio of his treatment lacked any concern for me, of course, he started to get abusive, demanding I "give the names now" of all the people involved and that "they don't know shit", he started threatening me even though I said I didn't feel safe telling him that right there and then.

He flipped it on me, saying HE didn't feel safe because he felt like he was being watched. It turns out that because he has a bunch of private twitters where he's slagged people off he's overly paranoid. So I refused, but genuinely I'm afraid of him now because not only do I have to break up with someone abusive, I have to potentially watch them make it a messy one where he already twists enough as it is.

I know most people are sane and see through him but he's become so malicious and outright cunty towards me that I am really scared.

I even told him to please stop and I was having a panic attack, he goes "I'm sorry you're having a panic attack but I must know who's talking about me, NOW"

so…..on top of an abuser is he just a downright psycho?

/how do I break up SAFELY in a way where nothing can get used against me?/ I'm slightly suicidal at this point. I feel helpless. He's known for months how his lies and lashing out has hurt and I can't put up with it anymore. I want to love my damn self….but I want to be safe and not another person he obsesses over.

No. 137142


oh, just as an added clarification, prior to our relationship he'd already gotten a bad reputation but at the time I was not aware until people recently reached out to help me. I also sent screenshots to the friends who did reach out with several of his abusive episodes, so I know for a fact it definitely isn't twisted. He also apparently already tries to twist it on one of his private accounts, maybe that's why he's paranoid because some of the people he thought he could safely be toxic around actually don't have his back.

oh, and two of his friends are apparently aleged rapists so now I'm super fucking afraid of him.

No. 137144

How to break up with someone on a bad spot in life without hurting them too much?

No. 137145


there is no safe way to break up where nothing bad will follow in a case like this. he will make you look like the crazy psycho bitch to his friends but do you really care about people like that? don't even try to justify yourself except to the mutual friends you truly care for. and do you think he actually would try to pull some serious shit? he sounds like a limp-dicked loser who would just go on endless tirades online about how women just can't understand a true gentleman like himself instead of doing anything serious harm like turning into a rapist. just keep your distance from him and get rid of him. don't even try to keep contact.

No. 137147

A good rule of thumb is that if you second-guess or have to convince yourself that someone cares and respects you then just cut them off.

No. 137157

25 yo me dating 32 yo him
Have 2 girls, 8 months and 3 yo
Been cheated on while in labor with first, has a child from that event he denies (2 yo boy)
Broke up with me at 8 months pregnant with second child for toothless (dentures) skinny pill addict who later rejected him
Calls me worthless, retard, cunt, bitch weekly and almost daily
I do all chores cooking cleaning children make sure bills are paid
Am stay at home mom with small income from babysitting
He makes the majority of money because he is a manager of local well known business
Talks to many women, is known as a manwhore
Me desperate and pathetic constantly trying to win his love and affection
He sighs when i walk in the room, annoyingly says what?! When i try to speak to him, constantly puts down everything i like
Constantly reminds me that our house is HIS house and our money is HIS money
Degrades me in front of family and friends
Talks shit about my family and friends who dont like him
He set me up over a period of years through gaslighting and manipulation so that i would have nobody and nowhere to go if i left him
Refuses to have sex with me or give me pleasure of any kind. Accepts blowjobs but gets angry if i masturbate. Threw a manbaby fit when he found a vibrator.
Im basically a maid and baby sitter, verbal punching bag, and female cuck
Set me up so that if i leave he gets custody of kids because I'm unemployed and have had documented (from over 5 years ago) mental illness of depression and self harm.
Cant escape and cry everyday dreaming of my children not being babies so i can leave and hopefully take them
Fantasize daily about him dying of a heart attack (heart disease runs in the family )
Just want someone who loves me as much as i love them. Im not one to be touched by people. Am not a whore. Im decently attractive like a 6/10 could be higher if i lost weight .
Feels bad anons

No. 137160

Are you married or are you "dating"? How can he take your kids if you're just dating? Are you NEET or do you have income from babysitting, which one is it? Regardless, having children that young means the odds are in your favor, it takes a loooot to take children away from their mother, being depressed isn't ground for that.
For now, stop trying to engage with him at all, sounds like he'd leave you alone if you let him. Use the next 12 months to lose weight and try to focus on yourself and your kids. REACH OUT TO DV HOTLINES, emotional/financial abuse is abuse. They provide shelters, daycare, work placement, and even divorce lawyers. This isn't recommendable but you can also emotionally cheat, set up a relationship with a beta provider if you -really- need a man to fall back on.

My mother was married to a man like this, he didn't beat her but was very emotionally abusive, treated her worse than dog shit. She was unemployed immigrant so she was very scared that leaving him means they'll deport all of us. So my little brother was in 1st grade? He fell and got this big ol bruise. My mother took a picture of this and went to his school, saying her husband did it. They arranged a van to come and moved us away that very day while he was still at work, no question asked. After that, they paid for our nice apartment, gave us food money, health insurance, and helped my mother find work. She divorced his ass without ever having to see him again. I still admire my mother for that grown woman shit, saved us from having to spend all our formative years hearing her cry everyday.

No. 137164

Dating, well just co habitating. He gets insanely jealous if other men or women are interested or even just positive about me. But doesnt think im capable of actually sleeping with someone. I have an income but isnt much. Its about $600 a month. I tried to leave once and he called the police and pressed kidnapping charges on me which he later dropped when i came back . a judge told me we have to have a custody agreement if i want to leave the county without his permission.

No. 137168

have no guts to end my toxic relationship and it's slowly killing me, anons. he wants to fuck and see me as a former slut because i did bdsm. i don't want to live in the past, i've told him several times but he's envy af. makes me feel like i did/do something wrong and he keep telling me all the shittest things he can spit out. the reason? i deserve it, either, he's making it clear for me it's a revenge for my pissing attitude. i'm a neet with no contact with my family or whatsoever. so ye, it kinda sux. i'm stuck(namefag)

No. 137172

Wow, where even to begin anon?
Maybe you come from some rough circumstances but it's so unfortunate. Don't take this the wrong way and I'm sorry if it offends anyone, but is your man black? I just know there's a certain culture where they tend to blame their women for everything yet expect everything out of them at the same time, and it would explain that court ruling as things tend to be racially biased in the courtroom obvs. I'm sorry if that rings true.

Anyways, what you got here is abuse. It's probably not fathomable for you to leave anytime soon but what you can do in the meantime is talk to someone so there's a paper trail that documents the abuses. He's financially and emotionally abusing you. Do you have a recording capabilities on your device like a phone or laptop? The next time he berates you or emotionally abuses you secretly record him. Specifically the segments where he gloats about how you can't realistically leave him and he's got you trapped, or that he'll take your kids. It's unfair because you have limited opportunities to seek better employment with the burdens of childrearing and whatever other obstacles this man no doubt throws in your way. Have you looked into family court lawyers that could work with you pro bono or at a discounted rate? Do you have transportation to talk to anyone in person about this, or seek counsel? You can do this anon you just gotta bide your time and get smart about exposing this asshole to the proper authorities so he won't have rights to your kids when (not if) you leave him. We believe in you!

No. 137177

Why did you tell him details about your past sex life…? I know some guys ask about bodycount, but I can't imagine they ask for specific details. I would've said that's private, idk. I hope you can find a way out.

No. 137186

Hes black, italian, an first Nations… So im fucked on the having native kids being a completely white girl. Ive been secretly recording him for a year now. And alot of people argue but i cannot realistically leave until im done breastfeeding when my baby is at least a year old… I know formula is an option but my kids seem to have severe dairy protein allergies . his family will pretend to take my side because they know how abusive he can be, but ultimately the end decision will be whatever keeps the children with/or around them. My family is kinda in the dark but they also dont care anymore because i chose dicc over listening to who not to date. Also moved to complete opposite coast in america away from them. I have like one friend here in town that i truly trust. The town's people are all right wing trumpers men's rights activists so all these douchebags dads get primary custody and force mother to pay child support and supervised visits. Its the norm here. Wish i knew that before i ruined my life. Although my children and finding out i was pregnant four years ago made me stop using drugs 100% and stop self harming. And lolcow is the only thing that brings me joy besides kids. I obsessively and pathetically browse it because i dont have any social media. I know what i need to do but it sucks having to secretly plan and time things right.

No. 137189

guys, please tell me if any of you are struggling or have struggled with this. I have a really bad habit in relationships where I look at my SO and think that there must be something wrong or off with them and that I just haven't discovered it. This stems from the fact that I'm insecure and constantly wonder why anyone would want to be with me despite objectively being attractive and successful. It's like there surely has to be a reason they've settled with me or are attracted to me, and that they're secretly an asshole or they have hidden skeletons in the closet. I never let them know I feel this way , I just secretly think it.

No. 137191

Whew, I thought I was crazy for thinking like that. I don't think it's normal, but it's not uncommon.

No. 137195

I wonder sometimes if my SOs truly love me or it's just convenient for them to be with me. Like, there's no other option but they would not be looking for someone else intentionally. I experienced it both in my current and past relationships, both guys are introverts with no to little romantic/sexual experience. But it's not like a constant feeling, I get paranoid only from time to time. I would also doubt anyone's feelings towards me though, think that my parents or siblings don't really love or care about me and so on.

I suggest going to psychotherapist even though I still haven't heh.

No. 137196

I think this way too! nice to know other anons also think like this. I talk to my SO about it when i think it and surprisingly he also thinks the same way. I think it's just common,

No. 137201

he sounds absolutely lovely and kind and caring

No. 137204

I'm dying. some of the people on here will really list out characteristics that can only align with a degenerate and have the nerve to ask what we think. Anon is doomed if she can't look at that list and realize the dumpster fire her bf is

No. 137233

I've been having trouble with my bf lately. I have noticed he never really seems enthusiastic about me, I have always been very up front with him and open about who I am as a person. I found out a while back that during the beginning of our relationship he had been obsessing over an e-girl he used to talk to online and he tried to reach out to her many times while with me. He finally answered me today when I asked him why he thought she was so special but he never seemed to say anything nice about me compared to how he behaved with her. He used to constantly write about how beautiful she is, she's the love of his life; shit like that. He's never really shown me that affection but we've been together a long time and he seems happy now present time. His answer for why he was so excited about this woman instead of me is that he had to chase her and with me he didn't have to chase. I always thought I was being a good person not playing romantic games with people, I value being straight forward in relationships. I'm really hurt by the explanation. He said he used to ignore me sexually because I wanted it. Now that I feel like shit about myself and am scared he isn't attracted to me he says it makes him want sex even more because I'm keeping it from him. I don't understand this mindset, is he crazy or do I just suck at dating? Why is it bad when I want sex and am affectionate? It's more attractive for me to lay like a dead fish in the dark instead of having satisfying sex with the lights on? Why is that better? Am I taking this too personally?

No. 137237

You already know the answer anon, and so do I. Your ugly piece of shit boyfriend settled for you because he's a weak coward. It has absolutely nothing to do with who you are as a person. Being upfront and straight-forward are great, admirable relationship qualities. Playing the chase game is fucking stupid, but your boyfriend isn't secure enough to appreciate someone who is willing to give him the love he is searching for; he's chasing a fantasy high of honeymoon infatuation: "what ifs", and all that. And you are going to ask this board if there's something wrong with YOU, while your bitch boy is messaging e-girls during your relationship and withholding intimacy and affection from you simply because you WANTED it? You're dating a straight-up loser who takes you for granted. I hope you dump him.

No. 137238

Been dating my boyfriend little over a year now. I almost broke up with him a couple of times after half a year because I found myself missing the passion my (abusive) ex had, how we could talk nonstop for hours about our passions and drives. My ex was very cruel and spiraled and ended up trying to destroy my life, I don't want to be with him. My boyfriend is very sweet, he has never hurt me or at all been cruel or mean, he doesn't watch porn and he'll listen to me ramble..

But he doesn't get "it." Do you know what I mean? The fire of life, it's like he's missing it. He's more concerned with his immediate surroundings, physical things, family and eating and fucking. Things that go beyond this he usually finds too stressful for him to be concerned about. Idk, as a really passionate anti capitalist and feminist and artist it sucks to be met with silence or misunderstandings or disagreements when I pour my heart out. It's so unfulfilling but I can't handle the idea of ending a "fine" relationship without him having done something wrong.

It doesn't really feel like I'm in a relationship, I can't see myself being married to him, I constantly find myself daydreaming about feeling true love and I know that this isn't it. I'm a beta coward

No. 137239

>His answer for why he was so excited about this woman instead of me is that he had to chase her and with me he didn't have to chase.
>He said he used to ignore me sexually because I wanted it.

I don't know how you could ever look at him the same way again anon, I'm so angry for you. Please dump him, he doesn't appreciate you and the whole "hurr I like fucking you when you don't actively want it" is some creepshit. He doesn't care about your wants, needs, or pleasures, he only cares about himself. Don't even worry about the e-girl, even if he had a chance with her he'd likely be an asshole to her as well because it's allllllll about him. He'll always have that wandering eye and need for sexual domination because he's a loser with a complex like what the anon above said.

No. 137247

>My bf is emotionally cheating on me with an e-girl, values her above me and specificially wants to have sex with me when I feel unattractive to him and don't want to have sex, but ignores me when I do want sex. Oh anons, what oh what should I change about myself for this angel of a boyfriend????

Come on anon, have some self-respect, my god.

No. 137254

With his 'I just love the chase' attitude he's pretty much guaranteed to full on cheat on you eventually (if he hasn't already)

You're straight forward, you don't play games.. you initiate sex, all things that a different partner will appreciate in you. Save yourself the humiliation of being with this guy.

No. 137264

This question is in retrospect, we have since broken up. I'm asking because I had a lot of anxiety and can overthink so this could be clouding my opinion on it. I think it's weird af. This has happened in other contexts but is roughly the same pattern.

>we agreed to spend our evenings doing our own thing

>I tell him I plan on listening to a new album, ask him what he's going to be doing
BTW I ask him this every time, have been for months and he'd answer he'll game, go on youtube, look into some area of interest etc
>he says "I'm not telling you"
>"I'm like…why not? What is it?"
>he again says he won't tell me and I'm thinking the worst because he's acting cagey af
>he's now arguing that he has the right to withold and I shouldn't be so controlling to NEED to know
>I'm not throuoghly confused by this abrupt confrontational tone when my/his asking what we'd be doing always seemed very casual and he'd openly say so ofc I'd be suspicious
He has possibly the worst communication skills I've ever seen and I know he'd just shut down if I asked later, so I knew it would never be adressed why the fuck he was acting like that. I came out of the interaction questioning if I was ever too demanding in asking what he'll be doing, isn't it normal for couples living together to roughly know what their partner is up to when spending time separately in the apartment? Then obviously wondering what the fuck he's actually doing and why he was so strongly arguing for his right to privacy for this standard question.

I still can't make it out tbh. It was the exact kind of thing to exacerbate my anxiety.

No. 137265

I have no idea what he could have been doing but I don't think it was because he genuinely thought what he was doing was worth hiding. If he thought it was worth hiding, he would have simply lied and said he was doing something other than what he was doing. This was clearly an exercise of control over you and he was trying to demonstrate power and his ability to withdraw at any time.

>he's now arguing that he has the right to withold and I shouldn't be so controlling to NEED to know

It's a typical abuser tactic to create arguments about technicalities and semantics when asked simple questions. Again, this is about deflection, detachment, control, and power.

No. 137268

>If he thought it was worth hiding, he would have simply lied and said he was doing something other than what he was doing. >This was clearly an exercise of control over you and he was trying to demonstrate power and his ability to withdraw at any time.

Keen and seconded. It would be one thing if he politely told OP before that he's getting tired or annoyed of the questioning, but out of the blue like that? He's angry and needs to feel in control.

No. 137271

long distance anon here
when i first started dating my gf things were really nice and we were affectionate towards each other. we still say i love you which at first was really difficult for me but i feel like now my affection isn't being reciprocated sometimes. also when we talk on the phone i don't feel like it's enjoyable. we don't talk about normal couple things anymore, i basically don't get a word in because she's busy doing stuff. a while ago, i was really excited to talk to her because i missed her a lot, so i asked to call and she said she didn't know what to talk about. i know she didn't mean to offend me but i was genuinely upset after that because we're dating and i feel like if you miss someone you'd want to hear their voice, even for a few minutes. we talked about how she's not very good at convos but she was fine before, even then, i took that into account and tried not to pressure convos even though we're dating. i can be really sensitive and it takes a bit for me to start giving/initiating affection and i feel like the last couple times i tried it was kinda just snubbed off while she was visibly online, maybe it's less of a big deal to her, i just took it really seriously. i tried to bring it up earlier and basically said something along the lines of "i haven't been able to enjoy our conversations because i feel like you don't really miss me anymore, i think my expectations were wrong, maybe we don't have to call as much if it's just silence when it wasn't really before" and i'm not sure if that's too mean. maybe we just have different needs? i just wanna know if that was mean of me to say like if i'm subconsciously hurt or something and i said that in a mean way

No. 137272

Have you guys had deeper convos much? Like do you guys ever keep up with eachothers feelings? "How have you been feeling lately? Are you ok?" Does she actually open up?
Because usually if you ask how shes feeling you will find the reason why she might be aloof and distant. If she says shes fine and dandy then you can ask her directly. "I noticed you've been kind of aloof lately, is anything going on? Do you wanna talk about something?"

If no clarity is given throughout the whole ordeal, you need to tell her that the situation is beginning to feel one-sided and you want reassurance if everything is on the same page regarding the relationship. If you jump in too drastically she may feel like you're accusing her of something. Just try to figure out what's going on in her mind and infer from that before saying things that may come across accusatory. Not that you were, but things dont often translate well over text. Calling can also be complicated if the other end is already aloof. Good luck.

6 year long distance experience under my belt lmao.

No. 137275

Came to say this. It was just him trying to feel like the big man.

It could just be something that happens in a relationship, after the initial excitement you just don’t feel the need to talk as much. Or it could be sign of hidden issue. See if she’s open to having designated hang out time? You’ll know if she’s willing to make a slot in her busy schedule to spend time with you. You can watch something or play games together? Conversation should come easily when you are doing tasks together instead of just standing around on the phone.

No. 137277

My god anon, this sounds exactly like my relationship.
That just ended 2 weeks ago.
The thing with long distance, is that both parties really need to love each other to make it work.
Since you guys can’t see each other, you have to be doing what you can to fill in what ever gaps by calling/facetiming/ect.

You have to figure out if it’s worth it at this point.
You shouldn’t have to ask for your loved one to want to be around you regularly, especially when you don’t see each other.

Please be careful, being in a long distance just to have it fizzle out is painful.

No. 137280

I had an ex like this, I'd ask him how his day was at work and he'd blow up. Left me feeling like I must be crazy or super annoying.. always felt so confused about how I was managing to set him off.. it's only after the relationship ends that you can see clearly.

He's just abusive. He's being unreasonable, he's letting you think you're in the wrong for the most inoffensive thing. God knows if he was doing something sketchy too but his communication screams controlling/abusive asshole.

No. 137284

I also had an ex that wouldn't answer some casual and innocuous questions on principle. And it's not like I craved to know the answer, I was only being curious and trying to keep the ball rolling. He still could just say that he didn't want to answer but in a completely different way. He got unnecessarily tense instead and asked what difference would his answer make. Like the mere curiosity annoyed him this much. Although there was a moment when he asked me a similar question and I jokingly kept refusing to answer just like he did it sometimes. He took it seriously and got genuinely upset with me lol. Was sulking at least for an hour.
His next girlfriend then told me how he was complaining about me literally bombarding him with questions about his day at work, which wasn't like that at all. I would ask just once. How stupid, lol. Oh yeah, and he tried to forbid her from talking to me. All in all, a controlling asshole.

No. 137285

Why does my kids father always go for drugged out looking gutter whores instead of decent and attractive women ? Why does he choose that over me? I just dont get what's appealing about being with a chick that looks like she went to rehab 3 times

No. 137287

I know its not worth it. But im so close to just fucking showing up to his work and beating his ass and getting him fired. But that would catapult everything else in life

No. 137293

File: 1587598509006.jpg (110.62 KB, 1161x576, image0.jpg)

I need advice on how to break up with my boyfriend of almost 6 months. He's 29 years old (8 years older than me) and used to heavily abuse drugs, he's currently recovering now but recently went to the local psych ward to spend time in "rehab", now he's at his family's place in the countryside. I can tell he loves me very much, but I can't keep being in a relationship with him, nor do I feel ready to keep being in a serious relationship even though I still feel an emotional connection to him.
He's a musician and a burnout, can't hold a job for more than 2 days because his brains are fried from all the speed use and the damage to his nervous system, and his parents give him money and pay for his apartment. I got together with him because I had already known him for a while, and I wanted so desperately to be loved after I had relatively recently left a year long physically and emotionally abusive relationship (which was my first serious one). We get along well, but I don't think I'm able to be in this anymore simply because we're both at radically different times in our lives, and he's at a point in his life where he's obviously unstable and needs to get his shit together. He asked if I wanted to move in with him and I said no; I can see that he wants to hold onto me but I have to let him go. He already "broke up" with me 2 months ago over the phone when he was going through some sleep deprivation induced psychosis but I let him back in to my own naivety lol.

This is honestly the first time I've broken up with someone instead of the other way around, I haven't seen him in about 2 weeks. When he comes back to the city I want to do it, but how do I go about it? Do I invite him to a cafe or for a walk somewhere?

No. 137298

in response to my messages she basically told me she got really carried away in the beginning and apologized for it setting my expectations after kind of ignoring me for a bit while playing video games but i guess that's how some people deal with things. i'm not upset anymore, i just want to force myself to care less and not bring up problems if it's going to end up like this. i feel like my brains shutting down a little bit. this is probably not very healthy but the fact that i kind of had a near panic attack over this when i rarely have those and it's just like. hours later "oh yeah sorry wasn't all genuine sorry if you thought it was" has me really tired. maybe i'll think differently tomorrow but i think i just need time away from her right now

No. 137302

I’d definitely just say “hey, we need to talk”. If he’s mature he’ll do it in person, if he’s not he’ll insist on doing it over the phone (which isn’t necessarily bad if that’s how he wants to do it, also keeps you safe in case you’re scared of his reaction). Just be nice and say basically what you’ve said here— that you care for him but you have different plans for your life. My last boyfriend wasn’t a hard drug user but was in heavy debt due to his drug use, and when I found out it was the straw that broke the camels back. It’s completely fair for you to want to share your life with someone as responsible as you, and who shares similar goals and ambitions. Good luck anon, I hope it goes well for you.

No. 137310

Just curious, what age range limits do you have for guys and how old are you? I’m 25 and I prefer only a 3 year age difference, whether older or younger (so 22-28). Any older I won’t feel much equal connection to and any younger I’ll feel like a hag next to him. The only exception for a very hot guy would be 32, but that’s the absolute limit. Dad age grosses me out when I don’t feel like I’m mom age.

No. 137328

I’ve been talking to a guy about 400 miles away since about mid to late March, and I’m kinda concerned about it. I work a mix of morning and afternoon shifts at work and have a shitty memory, and right before we started talking, he had bought some stuff when I worked and we talked for a little bit before he left. Next day, his adopted mom tells me that he had added me on FB and thought I was cute and to not be alarmed by his friend request (because some other girl had freaked out when he tried to add her before). I didn’t remember him or the conversation we had that day before, but I went ahead and added him back to be polite and have been talking to him since.

Now, he seems nice, do not get me wrong, but I’m weirded out by the circumstances of how we connected. He says he’s liked me for a while, but I just found out the other day that he’s known of me and liked me for almost five years - almost the same time I’ve been working at my job. He says he only decided to try talking to me because he finally decided to move here to my state, but I don’t understand why he didn’t try to reach out beforehand. He told me he doesn’t like the state he lives in, but even with the reasons he gave (better taxes, my state feels like home, his family is here), it still sounds weird. It almost sounds like he’s moving for a possible relationship - and we’ve yet to actually date for the first time due to the pandemic shutting everything down. I’ve agreed to a date for the sake of giving it a try, but I can already tell we are complete opposites. There’s also a 4 year gap between us making him as old as my oldest siblings, and while I don’t know his dating history, I have very little experience with long-term dating (last date was during the theater run of Batman vs Superman).

I’m sure I sounds crazy, and he really is nice, but is it okay for me to feel this concerned about it?

No. 137329

You're not crazy, there's a reason the other girl he added before freaked out. You don't owe him anything, this shit sounds really fucking creepy. Seems like a bad case of the 'tisms and an enabling mother. He's been stalking you for FIVE YEARS and you're second-guessing your concern because he's "nice"? I'd discourage meeting up with him at all. Trust your gut, you're getting weird vibes for a reason!!

No. 137330

I’m not sure I can fully agree with the stalking, though it’s still really weird nonetheless. I don’t keep enough activity on local social media save for coworkers on Snapchat to justify stalking me, and the only reason we connected on FB was because I hadn’t deactivated it again after the last creep I dealt with last year.

No. 137368

that's kind of creepy anon… there's no solid evidence but if it where me I'd trust my gut feeling and nope the hell out of there. It's better to be safe than sorry.

If you know who it is, maybe it's worth talking to that girl who freaked out for some insight. I agree with the other anon, there must have been a reason she freaked out.

No. 137383

Okay, so I met my boyfriend at my current job where I work full-time on my year out from university, so with him being full-time too I see a lot of him.

Back in January I moved out of my shitty, messy house (I was one of four housemates, none of whom would pay me for expenses I mistakenly took on in my own bank, like the wi-fi) because my boyfriend offered for me to stay with him until my tenancy was up and I could be out of that horrible situation. Now obviously we've been stuck together during quarantine, and in the 9 months we've been together we've not had a single argument, even through lockdown. The combo of living with my boyfriend and also working with him was wonderful, and neither of us feel too stifled by the closeness as we're often doing different things in different areas both at work and at his.

In July, when my actual tenancy is up, I'll be moving in with two friends from work, and I'll also be returning to university so dropping down to part-time work. I've really enjoyed sleeping next to my BF every night and cooking with him, being able to give/receive affection at pretty much any time, etc. and I think that the moving out combined with dropping to part-time work - as well as not being able to work day shifts (which is when he works) and not being able to see him whilst I'm working in uni/on projects on location - is really going to take a toll on my mental health. We'd definitely make it work given the circumstances, and I'm only moving a bus ride away (the main student area of my city is basically down one long road serviced by 24/7 buses) but I really don't want to move out now. I can tell my BF doesn't want me to either but it's impractical to be living out of a gym bag of belongings and half a wardrobe of clothes. I like my own space too and to decorate but not if it's at the expense of being able to see my partner twice a week if I'm lucky.

Anons, what could I do about this situation? How can I handle going from contact every day in the same household to barely getting chance to see him? Even if I'm busy with uni work, I could still do it in his company if we were in the same place, but now it just seems like I won't see him at all…

No. 137386

Saging for samefagging, but that sounds like my past LDR with an abusive (for other reasons, not just this) ex-girlfriend. She would snub my messages despite visibly being all lovey with friends on Twitter - it got to the point where I realised that pleading for her attention and affection when a relationship is supposed to be a two-way street is not going to work out. Granted, she broke up with me because I was too blinded to see how bad it was, but my takeaway is that both LDR parties have to be in LOVE love to make things like that work.

There's no point not even being able to have a conversation over the phone just because you want to hear their voice, especially when there's no way for you guys to meet up and chat face-to-face. Even if you guys have different needs, you should be able to respond to your partner's needs and vice versa, so I personally don't think it's unreasonable for her to try and make more effort with talking to you when you try to communicate. Communication is very important regardless so she needs to up her game on that front.

This doesn't sound worth it. I think you know that too, anon. You sound very self-aware of the situation so you need to assess whether you really want to continue to be snubbed.

No. 137391

is there any reason why you can't move in with him?

No. 137392

We're looking at getting a place from next year, but at the minute he's in a contract to stay in his current place for another year. There's no problem with staying at his really - I imagine I'll still be round here lots from July anyway, hopefully - but all of my stuff is still at my old place and I have collections of things that his room doesn't really have space for, hence why I've left them in my old/current room.

No. 137417

That's me RN anon. My boyfriend doesn't care about anything beyond his interests wich are games and anime and we have nothing to talk about.
I only see him get excited about something when hes talking about Pokemon. He doesn't know about almost anything going on on the word and he's just so boring. Even if he had a opinion now I don't think I would care. We need to stop being stupid and find someone right for us and that treats us right. Good luck anon

No. 137434

I'd like some advice. My bf would rather watch porn and masturbate than get a blowjob from me without porn. Has always been reluctant to fuck me and never gives me head (says it's boring, as if being his fleshlight isn't boring). I give him two blowjobs a day on average, sometimes less and sometimes more, but I never miss more than a couple days. Seems either porn sick or doesn't find me attractive. Was totally aghast that I asked him to not watch porn while I gave him a blowjob once. Doesn't look away from the screen when I'm blowing him. Will literally be watching clothing hauls and girls sporting events in his spare time which bugs me because hell, he doesn't look at me in his spare time, lol. Partially my fault because I let it be this way for so long. I love him a lot but every time I try to talk to him about it he says I'm being negative and I'm making a situation out of nothing. Am I crazy? Why would you choose porn over your girlfriend almost every single opportunity? When I've put my foot down in the past it made our sex life even worse because he didn't want to feel like he had to do it. I've taken to going on aimless walks for hours because of the built up resentment I feel makes it impossible to be in the same room while he's watching other girls. I'd really like someone else's feedback because my head is so clouded with anger. Is it fair of me to be upset with him for not wanting to fuck me? Seems stupid and ridiculous when I look at it that way

No. 137436

dump him now. No joke. dump him immediately or as soon as quarantine is over depending on your living situation. he is in the process of traumatizing you and destroying your self esteem. you have every right to be angry, you need to LEAVE him. he does not love you. he is using you as a sex toy.

you love him more than he loves you. he is not willing to quit porn and he values porn more than his own girlfriend. he is an unempathetic coomer. you deserve someone who loves you. he is treating you like a cock sleeve and i bet he already lies about how much porn he watches.


No. 137439

'Is it fair of me to be upset with him for not wanting to fuck me?'

how tf do you type this and then dismiss it as being ridiculous? Dump him, he's completely below you, what are you doing wasting your time and love on someone so fucking selfish god damn

No. 137442

samefag but the more I read >>137434 the angrier I got. Seriously why are you bending over backward to please this fucking pisschild of a human? Get some self-respect, his needs aren't more important than yours! He sounds gross af LEAVE HIM. HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU. LEAVE. HIM.

No. 137448

File: 1587727594257.gif (1.78 MB, 400x279, 1564062383259.gif)

Boyfriend recently revealed to me some sexual abuse things he "thinks" he experienced, he's not sure if it really happened or not. In the past few months he changed his sexual orientation and gender identity, we've been dating for 9 months. I would feel like shit leaving him but honestly, I feel he's changed super radically over a fairly short time span.

He won't stop talking about his abuse (like even in a fun light-hearted conversation he'll find a way to interject about it), he's been using a lot of drugs once a week (the powder varieties, won't go into specifics) and drinking the 6 days he doesn't since quarantine started. He had revealed to me he had NUMEROUS suicide attempts he never told me about, 6 months into dating, not before. He didn't tell me he was questioning his gender identity nor sexual orientation before we started dating as well.

I do believe he was a victim to some extent, but it's burdensome and I'm not attracted to him given his change of gender. Then the constant drug use as a treatment, the hiding his suicides, the iffy stuff with his sexuality. It's all just so much I can't handle and he expects me to as a girlfriend. I feel like I can't break up with him due to his emotional and mental state, but I want to. I've become distant but he's been demanding more attention from me and I'm exhausted. I just want to focus on finishing uni, not some stupid partner who's having a full on mental breakdown.

No. 137449

Forgot basically, how can I exit this? Can I just grey rock out of this and not be seen as the bad guy? This is the type of dude who would beg after a relationship ends, I also don't trust him not to become dangerously suicidal with the quarantine, his sexual abuse which is a maybe, and his dysmorphia as well. I haven't checked out, but I just want to get on in the most painless way possible as quick as possible.

No. 137451

File: 1587730915170.png (16.1 KB, 500x261, 3793C2BC-4C38-410A-B944-B6BC62…)

Anyone have any tips on how to break up with a very long term boyfriend without hurting his ego so I don’t have to be paranoid about retaliation? He has no idea it’s coming and I feel terrible. I so badly don’t want him to be hurt but I’m so much happier alone and the relationship isn’t healthy for me.

No. 137452

1. Does he have photos you don't want out? Either make him delete them manually or get access to delete them.
Done with that or don't need that?
2. Become "depressed", become too busy with a sick family member, etc. Literally anything that wouldn't put the blame on you.
3. Grow more distant naturally, talk about your problems or just say "I'm pretty down today, and have been for a while" that's it.

No. 137453

Anon this is a funny coincidence because I have a sick family member I’m taking care of right now. We’re apart for the first time ever and that has opened my eyes to how much I enjoy being alone. Thanks for your reply and advice I appreciate it.

No. 137467

Hey anons, boyfriend and I had a really fckn dumb argument (I was stroppy with him when he asked a question on a phonecall last week and he was pissed off by it). I've apologised and accepted I was being rude, but I think he's going through some stuff (quarantined with his parents and sisters, probably struggling) and he wants us to not speak for a couple of days so he can calm down. I'm bpdfag and I'm not coping. I know it's minor but it feels like an abandonment and with the lockdown there's only so much I can do to distract myself before I burst into tears again. This reminds me of my ex who said he wanted a "break" for a month and then broke up with me and left me devastated (I'm aware it's a different scenario but my brain isn't). How do I get through the next couple of days without spiralling? Sorry for sounding pathetic.

No. 137496

File: 1587760184748.png (186.92 KB, 512x512, 1555119815580.png)

My fucking god, how are you even alive with this low of an intellect?
Do you have any respect or self esteem?
Wake the fuck up you bumbling retard. Stop blindly accepting society's norms concerning men and their sexual standards.
I'm surprised you can even walk upright without a spine.

No. 137502

This guy sounds disgusting. I'm sorry. This situation is my absolute worst fear. Please for the sake of your self-respect dump this asshole.
I'm assuming you must have some kind of attachment to him and outside of his porn addiction he's a good person? But please realize that this situation is not okay in any sense, and he is 100% entirely in the wrong. You are above him in every way and deserve someone who respects women and YOU specifically.

No. 137507

>I give him two blowjobs a day on average, sometimes less and sometimes more
Do you have nothing better to do? Please, dump him and try being less pathetic. Get a hobby or something. Start valuing yourself, your time and your effort.

No. 137509

You’re dating a chinese flag store. His mental illness isn’t your responsibility. Just tell him you are not educated and equipped to meet his needs, and that he deserves someone who can blah blah blah, exit stage left. There isn’t any “nice” way to break up, he’s the type of troon who gets with a woman, lets you get comfortable and attached before guilt tripping you into being his mommy beard so he can safely play with high heels and dicks. Let his family member or friend know if he started acting suicidal but do not personally respond.
The amount of these posts are convincing me that anons here are unironically ugly and low IQ to put up with men like that. Like, it’s not just a low self esteem and muh early life abuse tendency anymore.

No. 137513

I'm only up to here,

>I give him two blowjobs a day on average,

why are you serving a man sex on a platter when he clearly doesn't appreciate it? Is he giving you $$$ every day?

No. 137514

Read the whole thing now, didn't Onision do shit like this? He seems legitimately insane and you need to carefully extract yourself from his grasp..

No. 137519

How long have you been together and what age are you?

No. 137521

my gf has avoided me for the past week with dumb excuses and i found out she's been with her ex instead the whole time. i keep crying and i'm just waiting for her to dump me.

No. 137522

Dump her first.

No. 137528

Honey there are ugly fat women out there being WORSHIPPED by their boyfriend's, assuming you're 5/10 at the very least you can easily find a man who will appreciate you, you dealing with this behavior only makes him and other men think it's okay to do this. Break up with him and find a man worth your time

No. 137531

bf deals with stress by drinking and gaming, I’m kinda letting him do whatever cuz of quarantine but he comes home and bitches about work and then is like “is dinner ready yet?” No hi honey, no I love you, I missed you. I wanna kick his fucking ass. I’m not your mom dude.

No. 137546

…. just move in with him? then move when he moves, bring your shit. seems really simple.

No. 137550

I agree lol you're making it so unneccersarily difficult

No. 137551

Can't you tell him you think he's treating you like crap and being a dick? If you don't talk about it he might be too dense to notice you're unhappy with it.
The gaming and drinking I kinda get because I've also been using these things as coping mechanisms, but treating you like that is not ok and he should realise it even if he's stressed. It sounds like he's taking the things you do for him for granted, cooking dinner and the like. If he's not willing to change his behaviour you might as well let him take care of himself until he does.

No. 137563

Can anyone tell me their experiences with revenge cheating? Did it help you feel better? I don't think I love my boyfriend and I don't care about his feelings but I think he'll be hurt if I do that, and I want to hurt him.

No. 137564

Anon just leave him… and key his car or something. Is there someone you’re already interested in or would you be seeking someone just for the purpose of cheating?

No. 137565

cheaters like the satisfaction of seeing their partners upset. don't give him the win. just breakup and tell him it's because of some flaw of his. don't mention cheating.

No. 137568

I've found that rising above all that shitty behaviour feels better in the long run, like would you want to explain your revenge cheating to your next partner and see how that sounds to them?

No. 137572

Men get hurt more when you take down their character. Work on that instead of fucking up your reputation.

No. 137573

Personally anon, for a lot of people past cheating is a dealbreaker in future relationships. If i ever found out my partner had cheated in the past i would dump them. No matter how "justified" they said they were to do it. It's crossing a very big line.
>>137568 this.

No. 137581

started seeing a guy a few months ago, we were casual but he told me he wasnt talking to anyone else didnt have feelings for anyone else. he was saying after lockdown ends he cant wait to take me out and take me camping and stuff. but in the last 2 weeks he had his uncle and his pop both die and now i can barely get a message back

i know he hated his uncle bc he said he was glad about it, dunno about his grandpa but. we never defined the relationship so i'm worried hes in the process of dropping me. he still watches my stories and will sometimes reply to my messages but every SINGLE time i say or imply anything about seeing him in person - he will read and not respond.

i asked if he wanted space? he said idk. but everytime i ask to come over or him to come over he will leave me on read, he won't even say no

what do u reckon? he's got a lot going on and he's the type to distance himself so do you think if i give him a couple of weeks, maybe check in with him once a week then maybe? i can't help but feel like this is the beginning of the end

i dont want to give up - he has been nothing but perfect to me up until now. he came over and played animal crossing with me and held my hand in public and kissed me all the time and respected my wishes to wait to have sex. i don't want to lose this guy but he won't communicate w me

No. 137584

Unfortunately you can't force people to communicate with you. You can still check in on him every week but I honestly wouldn't make him my main focus because he's not really giving you much. I know he's suffered grievances so that's why I don't want to say just cut your loses.

No. 137589

File: 1587869297921.jpeg (132.23 KB, 580x653, 60D34826-BF01-42F1-9643-18B9F5…)

My boyfriend recently got quite a lot of money and wants to buy things for me. Nothing in particular, just wants me to make use of the money since he doesn't want to buy anything. But for some reason I always feel really really bad using other's money. He keeps insisting that if I ever want clothes or games or whatever I can ask him, since I'm a poorfag, but it just feels so immoral to me. Am I over exaggerating or do any of you also feel this weird? Should I buy some things I want or ask him to save it up? I'd just feel awful and I guess shallow/superficial asking him something like 'hey, I wanna buy these clothes' or 'I want this game'

No. 137591

I have always felt the same way as you, anon. My current boyfriend at the start of our relationship was the same way, he wanted to spend money on me and I would always refuse. However the more it happened the more I came to understand that part of that was how he wanted to show his affection and sometimes if I didn’t tell him things that were useful to me or that I wanted he would end up buying me random stuff that I didn’t need, and I felt worse. I wouldn’t compromise what you feel is right or be extremely selfish with it, but consider that he may be wanting to help you or take care of you in his own way and it’s okay sometimes to allow it.

No. 137593

Why are you trying to date during a pandemic anon? It's pretty likely those two deaths were hastened by the coronavirus (at least for pops who is in the vulnerable age+it hits males harder), suprisingly your bf doesn't want to meet up right now? You're not even supposed to be socialising…

It sounds like he's been deeply affected by the deaths and you should just leave him alone for a while. I wouldn't feel like romance after two relatives died in a really short space of time.

No. 137595

i get you. i love gifts but having to ask for specific things when it's not my birthday makes me feel awkward.
but if there's something you truly want, bring it up to him and let him finish the request for you.

No. 137603


I agree with >>137591. This sounds like him trying to show his affection toward you the best way he knows how (as a guy) - by providing things for you you can't provide yourself. If you're uncomfortable with it, why not try to get him to buy something you both can enjoy? Like maybe you could tell him you'd love to take a weekend trip away somewhere once it's possible and ask him to save it until then, or maybe wait to buy tickets to an event together, or maybe along with some clothes you buy some sexy underwear for him to enjoy on you. You're not shallow for how he is choosing to spend his money, though I do know it can feel very awkward. Try to imagine if you were in his position - if you wanted to buy him something expensive, I'm sure you'd feel so happy you could be the one to buy him something he'd really enjoy.

No. 137606

I'd feel uncomfortable asking for stuff for myself too, but maybe you can turn it into something for the both of you? Maybe a game (or whatever you're into) to play together or a date.

No. 137675

I understand completely. I think he just wants to spend his money on you because you're the most important thing going on in his life. I'd suggest going out to eat together, doing activities, seeing museums, etc. Things you can do together. Rent a kayak together. Play laser tag. Go on a short trip. You'll cherish the memories you make together.

No. 137750

Catholic farmer here. Mentioning the catholic part because I think it's important to understand my problem. I've been talking to a guy I met online, it was just casual and friendly for months but I started to like him a lot and since he lives so far I felt brave enough to ask if he liked me too (I wouldn't be able to do that irl). He said he did but maybe not as much as I liked him. That went on for a while but we became much closer after that and now he has confessed to have feelings for me, he talks to me all the time, wants to do stuff together like reading the same books or watching movies and we ended up talking about sex during the last two days. Basically sexting I guess and it's the first time for me. I didn't send pics or videos because I don't feel comfortable with that but he respects it, didn't push me or anything, and he did send some stuff which I liked seeing. Anyway, the problem is that both times this has happened I felt good in the moment and then freaked out and asked him to delete the chat (second time he did it without me having to ask). I feel extremely guilty for all this lust and I can't even go to church to confess (I'm not even sure if I'd be able to because it feels like such a weird thing to tell to a priest). Maybe it sounds stupid but I worry about my soul and his. I wish I could get rid of the sexual thoughts I'm having these days, specially because before this I used to think I was very sex repulsed, but I want this guy so much, I find him so perfect for me intellectually and now even sexually since I think we are both interested in things that complement each other very well. I know this will end badly because I don't even want a LDR and we have only been able to talk this much because of the lock down, but I can't stop even if I think I might go to hell for this and that we can't have an irl relationship.

TLDR: catholic girl meets the guy of her dreams online and after sexting she feels like she will go to hell for it.

Any advice on making myself stop all the sexual thoughts and the relationship in general?

No. 137751

I can't comment from a religious point of view, but desiring sex and having sexual thoughts is completely normal and healthy. Surpressing it is not. Shouldn't it be okay bible-wise as long as you don't act upon your thoughts before marriage anyway?

No. 137752

(and with acting upon it I mean physically, not sexting)

No. 137755

I think what worries me is lust affecting my life and soul, as sexual desire for an specific person is a voluptuous emotion that numbs the mind. I have touched myself in the past because I have a body and I know it's natural, but I never wanted to share something so intimate with another person (I has a boyfriend before and even kissing felt like something I didn't want) and sharing it now with this guy I can't even contemplate having a life with is wrong to me and yet I can't stop. I'm basically just waiting for him to wake up today so we can do it again, and at the same time I wish I had the courage to block him.

No. 137757

The fact he said he doesn’t like you as much as you like him is just his polite way of saying he’s stringing you along until he’s bored (which is fine since you don’t want him). I can relate to you with religious guilt since I was raised in a Muslim household, but you won’t go to hell for sinning once. If this is really damaging your faith, block him. I don’t think it’s worth potentially ruining your faith and self worth for a guy who doesn’t fully reciprocate your emotions or feel you guys are compatible.

No. 137758

I feel like now he even likes me more than I like him in a romantic way, not sure if he said that because it was really true or he just didn't want to confess his feelings at that point (he is christian as well). It's all mess but you're right in that it's not worth the guilt mainly because we live so far that most of the time we live in different days.

No. 137760

Oh anon. This is making me sad. I don’t think god would make you burn for eternity for wanting to cum. I’m sorry you feel that way, there is no advice someone can give you without telling you to either block him and pray a bunch or give up a part of your beliefs. Do you really want to believe you will go to hell, like you love god so much and believe in all of it, or is it an uncontrolled fear you have? There is no way to make your human feelings go away, there will never be a way to do that. You can ignore them and move on or choose to believe something new, but there’s nothing to say to fix your lust. It’s your choice to believe you are truly committing an act of sin or not.

No. 137761

I don't think you should be looking for advice here if you want any from a Catholic perspective..

Anyway didn't God give you these feelings of lust because he wants humanity to marry and reproduce? Isn't intimacy and sexuality his "gift" to humans? Why is something that he gave to you wrong then?

No. 137763

>There is no way to make your human feelings go away.

This is what scares me, I never felt desire so strongly and I feel like I judged people with sexual behaviors I disapprove off unjustly because it is something very hard to control and a huge temptation.

About going to hell, it's not really the sin per se (doing something sexual without being married) but how strong the feeling is that it's making me go against my morals, I worry I might sin more and more if I don't stop because I want more of him and because he made me realize I'm capable of feeling something I thought I couldn't.

I thought this would be better than a catholic forum since I know everyone will tell me I need to confess and stop talking to him and judge me the way I've judged other people before.

>Anyway didn't God give you these feelings of lust because he wants humanity to marry and reproduce? Isn't intimacy and sexuality his "gift" to humans? Why is something that he gave to you wrong then?

God wants me to have children and have a good relationship with my husband, and I'm not married nor having a child. Lust is the excess of any feelings really, having your mind and heart numbed because you want too much of something, not something God gave us.

No. 137768

The issue isn’t hard, anon. Stop talking to this guy, try not be horny and repress thieve feelings or continue and feel anxious about going to hell. Perhaps this is karma for you being so judgmental, glad that God showed you that you aren’t above the rest of us shit-munchers.

No. 137792

Seconding this post big time. If you're gonna regret and feel bad about this later, don't do it just for some what sounds like a fuckboi on the internet.

No. 137796

I mean if you feel that strongly about your religious morals, then the only solution is to stop talking to him no?

No. 137804

my boyfriend's ex had huge breasts, and he's a recovered porn addict but i found his old tumblr and it had girls with huge breasts. i have a/b cup breasts, and i prefer having small breasts, i do NOT want big breasts at all. my boyfriend swears up and down that he has no preference, that he "doesn't have a fetish for small breasts or huge breasts," but like.. isn't that a lie? i sure hope it's not but based on his ex and old tumblr reblogs i don't see how it isn't a lie.
again, i prefer having small breasts, so instead of wishing i had big ones to be his preference i just wish he had different preferences, but he can't help that.
i feel really self-conscious lately, it sucks because i always loved my chest and now i feel really inferior despite genuinely preferring to be this way.
is this something to just ignore and let go of? i know he loves me but good god

No. 137812

Is your guy "perfect" lookswise though? Like, does he have all the features that you find the most attractive? If not, it doesn't really bother you, right? It might be just the same with him. Or his preferences could've just changed, why not. If not, at least he doesn't shove them in your face now and clearly doesn't want you to think about it.

No. 137816

I caught my bf watching porn a couple months ago. It was completely off the table and I numerously stated to him I do not tolerate porn in a relationship and he agreed every time.

The problem is I still haven't gained an ounce of trust back. I don't even trust him with more mundane things anymore.
Will I ever trust him again or should I let it go?

No. 137818

honestly, he’s probably lying to you about not having a preference given his ex and that blog, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t find you attractive or love you any less. People can like certain traits physically that their partner doesn’t have, and still love and appreciate their partner fully. Like the other anon said, is he perfect for you lookwise? If not, then don’t even worry about it.

No. 137821

Anon seek professional help for fucks sake. You are the classical case of a religious girl who's been guiltripped all her life into feeling like shit over the simple idea of sex at all. What happens to you is normal. Wanting someone is something that literally happens to everyone, men and women alike, gay or straight. You are not commiting any sin, you are getting to know a single guy you are interested in and he's interested on you. In a monogamous, consensual relationship. You aren't cheating, nor hurting anyone. Seek a therapist that helps you accept the fact you are experimenting sexual feelings like any other person because is normal and it's like if you had been brainwashed into feeling bad for feeling hunger and enjoying some nice food. It isn't ok. I am from a Catholic country and raised a Catholic too, religious school and everything and no one in here is indoctrinated like this, wtf.

No. 137839

I’m in right about the same situation anon. Current bf is sweet and nice as hell, he’s been nicer to me than any of my ex’s really.
But there’s no sense of wonder in him, no ‘fire’. He refuses to form his own opinions on any matter and doesn’t seem to be passionate about anything. I’m very spiritual and feminist, I can go on forever about the raging thoughts in my head and he’ll just sit there with a blank stare and no response.
My ex’s were also abusive as shit but at least they were artists, or even THINKERS

No. 137841

Seen so many anons post the same thing, tbh I think all this does is force them to get better at hiding their habit. Very few are actually giving up porn like they claim. Do porn-free men exist or are we just shaming them into a pretence that'll backfire on us spectacularly when we find the inevitable porn stash and feel betrayed?

No. 137844

My boyfriend genuinely does not watch porn but that’s because he is a WoW player so instead of having a sex drive, he just has a drive to grid on WoW. Not much better, it’s kind of annoying.

No. 137846

lol that's how my ex of several years was. we would have sex but his sex drive was so low because he got his dopamine fix from WoW and league of legends and runescape. i ended up getting him into radical anti-pornography politics though so instead of being apathetic/bored towards porn he started genuinely hating it for ethical reasons

No. 137848

I also caught my bf watching porn twice since I moved in with him even though he knew I wasn't okay with it. Nothing has been the same, I also found out he cheated online. I'm still with him so this is hypocritical, but he doesn't care about you as much as you think. If he did he wouldn't jerk it to other people knowing it would ruin things with you. I stayed because I'm ugly and I'll probably never find anyone else. I assume you can do better and you should.

No. 137849

OP here.

I had long winded conversations with him on negative effect of porn and toxicity of the industry. He ensured me he doesn't watch it and respects my boundaries. So it seemed we have similar views, I trusted him completely.
Cue to him trying to show me something on his laptop and there was a pornhub link on his copy-paste.

I'm a bpdfag so I took it badly to say the least. I just can not trust him at all now.

No. 137851

A dealbreaker is a dealbreaker, be it cheating or porn, you should really uphold your own words and make him actually suffer the consequence of his action.
This is why it’s important to be ruthless and unforgiving with your terms in a relationship.
Men can only act right when they know punishment is certain and no amount of apologies will change that. They do this with their mother, teacher and boss.
The alternative is sticking your head in the sand and once again silencing your own discomfort and boundary just to stay with a man who knows he doesn’t have to respect you.

No. 137853

Anon don't put yourself down for bpd when someone shows a sign that they've done something dishonest, don't crazymake yourself.
Do reaffirm your boundary and insist how important it is to you in the calmest manner you can muster, and carry out the consequence if the behavior doesn't change. And make sure there are consequences or it's meaningless.

No. 137855

ok, does your boyfriend ever, and i mean EVER, reference your bpd in arguments or does he ever try to change the narrative of what happened? i'm worried anon, you shouldn't dismiss your absolutely justified feelings here

No. 137906

>and make him actually suffer the consequence of his action.

my god, this anon. If you take any of the advice here, take this.

You're literally showing him now he can just do whatever he wants, "dealbreaker" or not, because you'll allow it. Don't be surprised if he starts pushing other boundaries and dealbreakers aswell.

No. 137938

This is long and maybe I'm just stupid.
My boyfriend and I met while I was working abroad, started dating and then I moved back home for a temporary 6 months before moving permanently to be with him. We've been together for 16 months. During the last 2 or 3 before I left, his depression kicked up and so did mine from stress, and he ended up putting on about 20lbs. Between his personality switch and weight gain and not wanting to do anything active with me anymore, I ended up falling more or less out of love. I stopped finding him physically attractive and just started to find the relationship a chore. We talked about it, decided on a little break in which we both work on ourselves. We were planning on getting an apartment together, he has my cats and most of my stuff etc, we're on good terms. I still love him but slightly on the aspect of just a friend. I can see the future somewhat that we had planned, kids and a house with a garden and all the typical stuff.

I ended up getting back into my old friend groups and hanging out with more people (since I had basically only hung around my bf and 2 friends and that was all) and ended up developing feelings for one of my friends. I found him insanely attractive physically and crave the kind of boyfriend he could be, but there's no future (he's younger and not sure of his life) and a lot of issues that would be a guarantee if we got together. It would basically be one of those hot and fast summer flings that fizzle out, fun adventures and probably hot sex but there's nothing lasting there.

I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place with hurting both of them. I also just feel like a piece of shit for wanting to have sex with someone else when I know I shouldn't.

Every time I think I can cut it off, I just feel guilty and go back to square one. If I could have it both ways I would but that isn't an option (been discussed and even then if they said yes I don't think I'd be comfortable with it) and I know I'm being a dumbass. "Go with the good future and promised life" is the smart thing but my feelings have diminished for him and I'm struggling to fight myself out of a pit of depression and can't focus on building back up a love for anyone. I can't do that to him knowing how much he still loves me, it's not fair to go back into it if I'm not 100% in it for the long haul.

tldr I'm a dumbass who fell out of love with an otherwise great bf and ended up crushing on a friend and can't let either of them down.

No. 137948

I love that! I’ve been kinda of doing the same thing and he seems really interested and receptive. He was never a porn watcher, though he was one of those people that sexted with strangers constantly. I got him out of that habit and told him how a lot of the women he was talking to didn’t seem as willing as he thought. It’s cool he was willing to learn and change for me, the video games seem like a good outlet for him honestly. (Men are sad creatures kek)

No. 137958

> told him how a lot of the women he was talking to didn’t seem as willing as he thought. It’s cool he was willing to learn and change for me
Holy fuck this isn't sweet or wholesome anon

No. 137963

You sound like you already now what to do, to be honest, but you're trying really hard to convince yourself to stay.
I'm just an anonymous girl on the internet, but hey. You have one life. Do not waste it with someone you don't want to be with. I don't exactly believe in this "stable future with a good guy" narrative that is always being pushed onto women as The Right Choice. I think the only right choice is to do what makes you happy. If this relationship doesn't, and there's no prospect of this changing, don't waste your time. Don't stay just for the other person's sake, to not hurt them. This way, you both end up hurt eventually.

Of course I know nothing about the other guy, but you're judging him quite harshly. I don't know how old you are, but majority of people are not sure of their lives. If you want to date only men serious about their future, it's okay, but most of the time people just figure it out together.
Good luck, and take care of yourself.

No. 137966

Dude why the fuck are you not cutting his nuts off right now? I'd be livid if I found out my boyfriend was doing that, to me that's way worse than porn on the continuum of cheating-like behavior. He was interacting with them, they are real people and it was two-sided, even if it was just online. You should not be gently nudging him, he should be fucking groveling for your trust back or you should be packing up and leaving. A dude doing that seems like a surefire way to get cheated on or into a different bad situation down the line because he had a repeated addictive behavior that involved other people. Seriously, were you aware of it and just ok with it? Because if so…you do you I guess, but for the love of god, please show yourself some respect. Dude should get a couple of nice hobbies, maybe even one you can share, for his dopamine fix, not a replacement addiction to vidya. sage for autistic ranting

No. 137972

Honestly thank you for the reply.
I'm 25 and the new guy is 20, my bf? exbf? is 25 as well.
Part of the reason it won't work is that I'm set up to move in with the 25 year old, and the 20 year old lives in another country entirely. He's unsure if he wants kids and stuff until he's at least 30, and realistically it wouldn't work since I'm looking at settling down in like 5 years.
I think the relationship was great overall, I just fell out of love because he started to remind me too much of my ex (in regards to depression/not wanting to do things/just being difficult to exist around) who is.. coincidentally an ex friend of the 20 year old. Yikes.

he's making big strides in getting himself back on track with diet/exercise/mental care. I would think that in the next 6 months things could very well be back on track for us, my issue is the guilt for having wanted to fuck someone else and getting in my feelings and verbalizing them.

No. 137976

I kinda disagree with the other anon especially if you feel like things would probably be back on track in half a year. Most good relationships will sometimes temporarily get stuck in a rut, and if you want a stable long-term relationship, sometimes you have to push through just leaning on the commitment you have made, not your feelings. The important thing is knowing that there are better things to come, and working to make them happen.

Of course, it's different if there's genuine resentment between the partners, or if it seems there's no real hope that things improve.

In any case I don't think you should have hopes for an actual stable relationship with the other guy, you would need to accept that he would only be a fling. Or in the worst case, you would waste a few years in some LDR type thing while he's not actually ready to settle down.

No. 138028

My boyfriend says I’m out of his league and this made me less attracted to him because it shows he doesn’t have self esteem… i think he’s attractive and men and women r attractive in different ways so he shouldn’t compare himself to me. He is just being very insecure thinking ill cheat and im getting turned off. Am I overreacting?

No. 138035

I get being turned off, especially if he thinks you'll cheat. That is really insecure and unattractive. But him saying you're out of his league doesn't sound too annoying, unless he's really fishing for compliments. You say he's attractive, but there are so many average men with beautiful women it might be the case here.

No. 138036

If my guy said he's afraid I'm gonna leave him because I'm oh so out of his league, I'd take it as a compliment and try to lift him up and make him feel more confident. BUT cheating talk is different. Shows not only insecurity, which isn't that big of a deal, but lack of trust. You say you're turned off, but aren't you offended by him implying you could cheat? Next time he says something like this, be firm about, tell him he needs to stop because he's hurting you and your whole relationship.

No. 138037

We weren’t in any kind of a relationship when he was doing this. He wasn’t sending unsolicited dick pics to unwilling women, just saying Hi to a lot of women and trying to start conversation is what I meant by that. It shows a lot of promise that someone is willing to change for you male or not. I think it’s nice that I could give perspective to a dude, and maybe next time he talks to women he’ll have a different outlook. I get what you guys mean though, and I don’t think he is a cheater and besides if you want my personal opinion he is way nicer and more respectful than normal men. He would never call me a bitch in an argument for example. He has boundaries that make me feel safe while other guys are legitimately dangerous. Thanks for being pissed for me though

No. 138050

I don't know how to ask this without sounding like it's meant to insult, but it genuinely isn't. Is he autistic and you just haven't mentioned it in your posts? I ask because his not-so-wanted messaging of women already sounded odd. You needing to explain basic shit like that to him is quite worrying. It's like you're describing a child.. but one that sexts a bunch of women.
>way nicer and more respectful than normal men
Is he not in the group considered normal?
>He would never call me a bitch in an argument for example
>other guys are legitimately dangerous
Again, not insulting but asking because something is odd there and your reasoning here totally misses the point.

No. 138060

No, I’m autistic though and we’re not complete social retards but yeah maybe that’s why my wording sounds odd KEK. There’s plenty non ASD people who harass others in an unaware fashion imo. Though again he wasn’t harassing women, I just felt like he was sexualizing women and using them at sexting tools instead of thinking of them as people. I explained to him how some of these woman might actually like him and he’s just using them blah blah. That type of shit. He is an alternative type, so it’s just kinda like he’s different than the general public/ “normal” people I guess. Not that he is special. My point was that most men are extremely aggressive or easily angry, and so many more guys actually straight up cheat on their partners. With him I don’t have to worry about those things bc he is actually a genuinely kind person. Your point was that he seemed like a disgusting creepo cheater, he isn’t so it’s just moot. I mean all men suck a lot, but I just thought the idea of helping them see our side of things was nice. Didn’t mean to make my maybe shitty relationship the focus here

No. 138066


^ so to continue the story, he now is pressuring me to find a third girl to mess around with but the rule is he also gets to fuck her. And it has to be his type (as explained before, not me at all). I feel like this is a huge red flag and I don’t know what to do. Do I wanna fool around with a cute girl? Yes, I love girls. Do I want him to fuck her too? Part of me would get off to the jealousy, the other part would want to just up and leave. Fuck.

No. 138067

If you think there's any chance you won't be okay with it later, like if you think you'll be jealous and unhappy, don't do it. You'll ruin the relationship.

No. 138068

If a guy is mass texting/messaging women he is desperate to shag and or date them. If your boyfriend is doing that, something is seriously wrong.
Don't excuse it like he doesn't understand, it's a common technique online to message every woman you can find to increase your chances of success. It's not some random habit he picked up.

No. 138069

Anon wtf are you thinking staying with that guy letalone giving him a free pass to fuck someone else because you aren't good enough for him. It is 100% the reddest flag. Dump him, find a cute girl who likes the way you look to be with, because if you let him fuck one he will just obsess over her and neglect you. Novelty is everything to men.

The fact that he wants a third, especially bad enough to pressure you, and not wanting to have sex with you is a direct insult to you. When he shows you who he is and how he feels about you, BELIEVE HIM.

No. 138070


Rereading it he isn't currently doing this (as far as you know) but that type of mass texting women guy is not so unique and gentle as you think.
It's completely run of the mill male behaviour that at least 70% of guys do. It suggests he doesn't think of women as individuals but almost as a mass-generated service for him. Anyone who has or has had a roster of women: not a gentle sweet sensitive soul. It's no different to using porn in the way it makes men view women as services and not people.

No. 138072

I feel like a bad girlfriend for being upset that I always have to initiate sex with my boyfriend. I understand that as relationships progress, you start having less and less sex but it just makes me feel super unwanted that I always have to initiate.

I can't think of one instance this past year where he wanted to have sex without me putting the work in first.

It's to the point that when he reciprocates my advances I don't even want to do it anymore. The mood is completely ruined for me. There's no excitement in it anymore. It just is, there's nothing new at all and I just think of it as a workout.

Am I stupid for thinking he's still attracted to me? I've talked to him about it and nothing's changed.

No. 138076

> I can't think of one instance this past year where he wanted to have sex without me putting the work in first
You're not a bad gf for being annoyed a whole year into this, nearly anyone would. Realistically you would probably need couples counselling to get to the real root of the problem seeing as you've already communicated this without any change happening.

What really stands out though, is you start your post by asking us if you're a bad gf and you end by asking if you are stupid… your self esteem is in the gutter right now anon. It might be time to move on if this how your relationship has you feeling.

No. 138084

His weird obsession with tomboys, tan skinned and small tits really make me think he’s fallen into a weirdo group of men online. I’ve seen these circles and they’re absolute freaks with zero respect for women, run.

No. 138085

You are beyond stupid. Leave your retard boyfriend who clearly spends all day on boards and get some self respect.

No. 138096

Ah ok, I was originally going to ask if either of you are autisic because it seemed very obvious to me that you are struggling to understand peoples points I didn't want to get backlash though lol. Please consider that your perceptions and your reasoning seems way off here, if that's caused by ASD I would hope that you have relatives or someone to talk to about these things and to tell you what's healthy in relationships.

What he did says alot about how he views women. It's naive to think that you can magically make a man like that respect women. And your black and white thinking of 'my bf good, other men bad' isn't healthy. Take him off that unrealistic pedestal and stop comparing him to hypothetical men who 'are worse cos they hit women and cheat' I'm a little worried that given your naivety and issues around having ASD you're not in a great position to be dating and to know what's healthy. Again I hope that in real life you have someone looking out for you.

No. 138118

> His weird obsession with tomboys, tan skinned and small tits really make me think he’s fallen into a weirdo group of men online

Explain yourself, Anon

No. 138122

my biggest pet peeve is words/things being repeated to me. it's an autism tick for me. my boyfriend is also autistic but he repeats the same words/phrases over and over as a tick of his, stuff like my name, or "how are you?" i don't know how to tell him it's an annoyance tick, especially since it's one of his ticks.

No. 138184

I finally, once-and-for-all broke up with my verbally abusive, absolutely awful ex-bf and I feel like a whole new person! If anyone in a similar situation is reading this, know that it does get better. I'm so excited to meet new people again!

No. 138191

I have such an intense crush on my coworker, but I'm not sure if he likes me back. We work into different departments so we don't interact a lot, but when he's made effort to talk to me before and smiles at me. My heart flutters every time we make eye contact, but I don't know how to make a move. He's very reserved and soft-spoken, so I don't expect him to try first. Should I try something?

No. 138224

sure you should! if you don't know if he likes you and he's reserved, just give him more attention. smile at him first, don't just smile back. strike up conversations. offer snacks or help. basically like you would friend someone, but because he's a guy he will pick it up if he's into you. it's the safest way and it's good with shy people.

No. 138243

Hi everyone!

Well, I don't know how to put this… This is about me and my bestfriend, but quite indirectly.

Let me explain :

My bestfriend is in a 1/2 year relationship with her bf. Said bf is quite um, well… Whatever. I don't mean to sound like a meddling mom but here's a few examples :

>He is short-tempered

>Rarely apologizes/uses the typical deflecting or ghost apologizes such as "You know I didn't mean it that way" "guess I should apologize" "Christ, I said I'm sorry already!" "Guess I'm sorry that you took it that way"

>Following the rare apologizes, simply doesn't acknowledge or feigns to ignore what he did/said is wrong.

>Has never invited her at his home (he lives with his parents), but has went to her's plenty of times.

>Has never introduced her to his parents, but has already met her's.

>Has never mentionned her to his parents, once again, but… well, you already know…

>When asked the reasons of the 3 aforementioned examples, he says that : 1."My sister or parents always come in by bedroom so we can never have intimacy", 2."I'm not used to introduce my girlfriend, same for my sister, we usually don't feel the need to introduce our SO's to the family". 3.Same reason as the second point.

>In 1/2 year of a relationship, the number of real dates is inferior to 10. They either meet at hotels, her bedroom, his grandpa's house where no one lives, or his car (at night). And she literally has to beg for him to at least have a normal date like going for a walk together, hold hands, going to a restaurant. She had to get angry at him just for one date at the swimming pool during summer. They didn't even go. He wasn't even too keen on planning a tiny trip to another city to celebrate their one year anniversary. (They succeded to go on a small trip, but damn, did she have to beg and get angry). He often reschedules, pushes back their dates until he cancels them. (saying he's working a lot, he doesn't feel like it). He finally goes on dates with her when, again, she snaps, so that it gives her the feeling that finally, he's changing

>Belittles her and treats her like a child when he has the opportunity to do so. (She's quite an airhead and naive)

>Doesn't have close friends (this is quite a red flag to me)

>Wouldn't feel interested to introduce her to them if he had any

>Is unreasonably jealous, has already spyed on her phone and has never apologized for it

>She pours all of her love and into this relationship, but he's not demonstrative. Never really compliments her on her achivements, doesn't feel the need to do it.

There's a lot more but I feel that it's already enough as it is, and I don't want to get to deep into analyzing him. He can be quite nice with her friends (and me), can be helpful with others when asked a service, but… that's not enough to be a decent boyfriend.

Now, coming to the point of this post. My bestfriend often complains to me about this boyfriend, but always tells me how she loves him, and such. But when I ask her what are his qualities, or is he really "boyfriend material" she's unable to answer me. She doesn't see a future with him at all, and knows this won't last, but she just… carries on. She keeps telling me "oh, bf did this, oh bf is so silly, oh I can't wait to see him, oh he's my baby", while knowing that he's not made for her, and I just don't… understand? I've told her plenty of times to make the right choice, to leave him (they already had plenty of serious talks), but she just… remains here. "Yes, I'll think about it, yes I will talk about it" Without even doing anything. Always complaining about him, and in the same breath praising him and shouting how much she loves him. And I'm just uncomfortable about this, I really don't want to make this about me, but I'm torn between the fact that I want her to leave his ass, and keep nagging her, and the fact that I feel like a bitter asshole when she tells me how much she is happy when she is with him, and how much she loves him.

I really don't know what to do. I won't try to talk or nag her anymore, because this isn't my relationship, but I just can't stop worrying. Have you anons ever dealt with a situation like this? Do you have any opinions on this matter?

I'm lost

No. 138244

he sounds like shit indeed. unfortunately, you probably can't persuade her to break up. you might have to tell her you don't want to hear about her relationship anymore if she keeps meaning to break up but doesn't. it will hurt, but what's more important is making sure your friend knows you care about and support her.

clearly he's a self-centered asshole or too fucking stupid to realize that meeting his parents is important to her. even if he thinks "oh it doesn't matter!" it matters enough to his girlfriend she already introduced him to hers. other big red flag is spying on her phone 6 months in. he already has trust issues. he might even be projecting and be cheating himself, hence why she can't meet his family.

No. 138247


*I meant 1 year and a half, not half a year sorry for the confusion!

But he indeed spyed on her phone when they barely where six months into the relationship.

Honestly, I've already told her to stop mentioning her boyfriend, and she has stopped for a moment until she started mentioning him again, not at the same frequency though. Should I tell her again more firmly? I really don't want to hurt her feelings and I feel like the only things that she happily talks about is her bf. She hasn't been in a good place mentally as of late with this quarantine and her own problems, and today her bf got her a cat (reluctantly) but she is so overjoyed by this "gift", and the fact that she saw him that I'm scared of being a kill-joy.

No. 138265

my boyfriend and i have had no issues until rn. his situation went from great (about to move in with me and finally pursue the job he wants) to rock bottom because of the pandemic. he's basically trapped in a situation/job he was about to get out of and is now dealing with twice as much as work so when he couldnt come see me (he lives an hour away) and went mia for a week i was understanding. he was inactive everywhere so i knew it wasnt just me. he told me he felt like he lost it. he's the kind who shuts down from stress and this is a lot of sudden stress out of his control so ok, i get it. past two days we called like normal and this morning he called about him maybe coming to see me today. i call later to see if he's coming so i could get things ready. "hang on baby one sec" okay. hours go by. i call. nothing. i start to panic and call/message to know what's going on.

finally he says, "im busy with my dad." his situation with his dad has always been weird and now his dad lost his job so the bills falls on my boyfriend but idk how i couldnt logically assume he's fucking around rn. he's seen me on a consistent basis for two years and suddenly two weeks skipped, now with a weird vague reason. i told him what i felt like was happening and asked why he couldnt explain. he said, "im not explaining anything right now. just stop bothering me for a second." he's been understanding and given me proof of situations before why not now? i told him this and he said, "i cant deal with this right now jump to conclusions if you want." this uncaring person came from nowhere and im having spiked anxiety on verge of breakdown.

i admit i kind of spammed him but he knows about my anxiety and until now he did everything to reassure me to prevent me spiraling into spamming him. now idk what's going on. like why can he take the time to reply those hurtful things but not tell me what's supposedly going on with his dad. he knows i wont stop "bothering" him. he'd have to block me basically to even cheat cos of how my anxiety is. i wont let it go without explanation. he hasnt blocked me even though i spammed most of the day because i freaked out so i just dont know. he's broken up with girls before so now i feel like, why let me suffer like this and phase me out to a sidechick instead of just leaving me. i dont know what to do now. i just have so much going on already i dont want my relationship to end like this

No. 138287

He is intentionally being an asshole to let you worry about him cheating, arrange to meet you then ghost, go silent for a week. He may be struggling to cope during the pandemic but kindness is free. The way he's communicating with you e.g. I'm not explaining anything is unkind.

Now you know what he's like during a crisis. Not a person you'd want to marry or have kids with.

No. 138288

>I'm so excited to meet new people again

Maybe take a break from dating for a while rather than rushing straight into it after leaving a verbally abusive boyfriend.

No. 138289

He's treating her like a mistress. Sounds very unpleasant for her, especially the places they do meet like grandmas house and his car.

No. 138294

I’ve been with the same man for 7 years and been married 2. he’s the only person I’ve ever been with. In the past I have let a lot of things slide. He has never physically cheated but it’s certainly come close. The last 3 years or so everything has been content. However I have allowed things to build up inside of me and I believe I have grown to slightly resent him. It’s hard. I love him, and he is the person I see myself growing old and having a family with. If I think about him with someone else it hurts me. However I sometimes imagine possibilities if I were to leave. I regret not standing up for myself sooner. I’m also just insecure and afraid in general that no one else would ever love me. I never told anybody in my life when we had issues because I was always afraid of my friends and family disliking him. Anyone have any experience with relationship counselling? Is it worth a shot?

No. 138295

All I'm gonna say is, if Mama June got a loving boyfriend, so can you.

No. 138296


100% he’s dealing with emotional stuff with his dad. You should cut him some slack. Men pretty much have no emotional maturity and will avoid confronting each other until the absolute last moment. I’m gonna guess this is something that’s been building for a long time and is now being dealt with because of the pandemic. It’s probably extremely messy and he won’t open up with you about it until it’s over. Guys solve emotional problems one at a time because they’re so bad at them. Like I said I’d give him some space because it honestly sounds like he’s going through a lot.

No. 138345

You are being way too much. If you know he has issues with hai dad and completely stressed about and like you said shuts down from stress. You are making things 10x times worse.
Just try to imagine it like. You are having an argument with your mom maybe yelling back and forth and you can't escape from it and now you have someone else on the side also constantly demanding you attention. Its way too much for one person. He's pissed rn with the situation and probably doesn't even know how to cope. So guys have no idea how to handle their own internal emotions. Just calm down, remember he can't even go anywhere with everything in lockdown.

Personal I'd send a text saying sorry for the spam and realizing that it was excessive.

No. 138353

I’ve been seeing this guy for the past 5 months, I am completely in love with him and things are perfect. I have been treated badly before by men in the past and he is stronger, more intense, and more alive than any of them, yet he is the kindest person I’ve ever met.

We both come from the same smallish town, and aside from respective 6 month - 1 year trips abroad etc. neither of us has ever lived anywhere else, and both of us seem to be VERY ready to move on. It’s something we bonded over when we were first seeing each other when not realising how far things would go with us, and now seems to be something we are both sort of putting on hold/not so subtly planning on doing together… the thing is I don’t know how smart this is (even though I feel like it’s already happening). I can tell the reason why we haven’t made anything “official” is because we’re both aware of each other’s plans and neither wants to be the one to weigh the other down, right now we’re living in a limbo because of the quarantine but it seems like at this point, by agreeing to enter a relationship we are also agreeing to moving somewhere else together, to give it a shot with each other in a really big way. In my heart of hearts I actually really want this! I haven’t said it out loud to him but I really love him already. I’m just getting really caught up in the “5 months”, on paper timeline that makes me feel silly. I don’t want to be an idiot.

What I really want to do is tell him everything, say that I love him, start a real relationship, and plan our next move together. Is this a really naive thing to do? I’m 26 and I’ve never been head over heels in love before, this feels like something I should have dealt with when I was 18.

No. 138355


This is so cute anon. If you know, you know. Take the plunge! You'll regret it if you don't!

No. 138369

File: 1588656632567.jpg (15.82 KB, 400x400, U7O60R4y_400x400.jpg)

What do you guys think about lying to hang out with friends when you have an insanely jealous gf? My male friend does it all the time when we go to clubs and we can't even post pics together or comment on his photos. One of the girls in our group started following him and he said his gf asked "who's that?" and got weird all day. I also think he's crossed the line a few times sending shirtless pics to me and to our group (we're all girls) and being too flirty. Sometimes it felt like he was actually hitting on me but he always acknowledged me as just a friend. What'd you do in that situation?

No. 138374

I told my boyfriend I hate men and why I prefer girls in a relationship, he is super offended but I made it obvious I wasn't talking about him, is he purposely being stupid? We get on well but he tells me im an asshole for thinking "this way"

No. 138378

Honestly? Tell the gf. She deserves better. Usually if she's Like That she has a reason to be.

No. 138379

sounds like he's gas lighting her. He flirts with other girls, hits on other girls, and she's insane for being suspicious? Nah, she deserves better and you shouldn't entertain any of that bullshit from a desperate man. Next time call him the fuck out, don't just sit back.

No. 138381

What would you think if your bf told you "it's not you, but I hate women"? Does it look normal to you?

No. 138384

I've been talking to a guy I met before lockdown almost everyday during lockdown. We had voice chatted a lot, done movies nights, played games together. If felt like we were really growing close even though we were apart. I had a terrible end to last week and fell into a slump, so my amazing mum who I'm staying with at this time noticed my down mood, and together we spent pretty much all weekend at my local stables. Getting out in the fresh air and doing some physical labour was so helpful and I felt much better after. But I noticed yesterday that I haven't heard from this guy. I checked my messages and nothing. I don't know, I feel pretty disappointed. I know he can have his own stuff going on too, but if it were the other way around and I hadn't heard anything from him all weekend, without any warning, I would be concerned and reach out considering we've been talking daily. It's midday Tuesday now and I still haven't heard from him. I guess he isn't as interested in me as I thought. Should I bother contacting him, continue as normal? Or just leave it.

No. 138388

I would feel the same way as you, anon. You could shoot him a simple message if you want to, and maybe ask him how he's doing/how his weekend went, but if you being away for two days is too much for him, I would scoot.

No. 138391

haha I'm like this with a guy for the whole virus time. There's streaks of perfect communication and then few worse days where I overthink as hell. Don't wait for his move, he may be feeling the same as you do. I think my guy gets insecure and plays little games too, to see if I'm actively interested and not just responding, because sometimes he needs just a little meme sent his way to start communicating like usual again. It's like he's waiting for it. It's difficult time so don't be too hard on him. You can begin worrying when it's only you initiating the convos but some worse days are to be expected.

No. 138395

I don't know him that well and I've never seen her either. We met on a club. And he's 2 years younger so I never took him that seriously

No. 138405

are you purposely being stupid?

>>138381 agreed

I can stand behind hating men but telling anyone you hate their gender while being in a relationship with said gender and expecting them to understand is fucking stupid

No. 138406

so? none of that means you should allow him to act single when he's not and you should be reminding him of that, not laughing it off or ignoring it. you said yourself he's crossed the line a few times, you know very well his intentions, and whether or not you take him seriously won't hurt his girlfriend any less. He's lying to her and that alone is enough of a reason why he shouldn't be with her.

No. 138409

Idk, I used to hurt my boyfriends feelings by saying things like that but he wasn’t a little bitch who got offended, he just spoke to me about why it hurt him and he’s decent enough to acknowledge there is a reason lots of women feel this way. He isn’t a cuck or loser by any stretch, and you can find someone okay with your man-hating, they might even change your mind a little.

No. 138435

And why would I lose a friendship to warn someone who'd probably side with him anyway? That's their problem, she's not my friend

No. 138451

Why are you so desperate to be friends with a dude who is a liar and clearly does immoral things you shouldn’t do in a relationship? Don’t you have any standards in regards to the people you surround yourself with? Women like you need to be paired with men like this, you deserve each other.

No. 138460

Chill lol. I'm not desperate to be around him, we just hang at the club. It's his moral obligation to tell her, not mine and I'm not making things awkward in my circle of friends

No. 138464

You sound pretty morally deplorable and gross, why even ask for advice when you clearly don’t listen to things you don’t want to hear lol.

No. 138488

>I don't know him that well
>And why would I lose a friendship to warn someone who'd probably side with him anyway?
you don't care about him as a friend, you clearly like that he flirts with you because you like the ego boost. I didn't say to tell his gf, I said to call him out on his shit, which you don't want to do because again, you like the ego boost. I agree with >>138451.
You're a trash person anon.

No. 138512

long story short

bf flirted with girls online for x reason
i feel his apology was sincere and am determined to work things out
sexual things kind of repulse me now
i think(hope) it will be worth it. but what are the chances i'm being a fool?

pls be gentle

No. 138513

this sounds like something that's going to be in the back of your mind as long as you're with him…. what kind of flirting? Was he sliding into people's DMs? Sexting people? And when did this happen?
You were betrayed by someone you trusted, this is going to create an intimacy roadblock for you. Does he have a pattern of ignoring your feelings? Do you really feel like he respects you enough to stop doing this?

No. 138519

His apology is NOT sincere anon, do not trust any man who cheats on you, ever. He might regret it but he did it once and he will do it again given the chance. I've been in the same situation as you are and he ended up being a manipulative prick and a pathological liar who repeatedly did the same thing. I am not saying your bf is the same but he probably is. You can't trust men like that. Don't let him treat you this way.

No. 138522

The trust is damaged and now you're naturally put off sex.. which will only lead to a higher likelihood of him cheating again. I wouldn't bother anon, he killed things.

No. 138527

Also been through this, please listen to everyone else here. The trust is broken anyway, and he will have a lower threshold for doing it again too when you forgave him once.

I tried forgiving my ex in a similar situation. He kept lying and cheating but just got more careful and better at hiding it, so it took two more years until I figured out everything. He sounded 100% sincere too after I first caught him, with crying and feigning self-hate and remorse. Not worth it, and the reason you're put off by him is that you have the correct gut feeling that it's not worth it.

No. 138536

>i feel his apology was sincere and am determined to work things out
I think there is something inherently doubtful about a 'sincere apology' that only comes about once he's caught. Can't be that sincere if he didn't already change of his own volition.

No. 138537

I'm 7 months into trying to make it work with an online cheater who gave me a sincere apology and hasn't cheated since. I hate sex even more as time goes on. I feel so worthless and ugly, he literally picked online girls over me. Your boyfriend did the same to you. I doubt you'll ever feel the same again, I sure as hell haven't felt happy with him since it happened. How can you ever be happy with someone knowing that they don't think you are good enough?

No. 138544

Not sure if it should go here or in the dumbass things thread. Me and my bf have been together long enough that we're discussing getting engaged. Neither of us want kids anytime soon, but it's a possibility in the future. My bf has casually mentioned on several occasions that if he had a son he'd name him after himself. (Bf is "the second" of his name so the kid would be "the third"). Am I the only one who thinks that's silly? He's not a medieval king, who names their kids after themselves? I personally wouldn't want a kid with the same name as my husband, that'd be weird. Also just, you know, completely uncreative.

It's not a huge problem since it was never said in complete seriousness but I'm just baffled about that whole concept. How do I go about nicely telling him that?

No. 138548


That's stupid and narcissistic. Maybe say you want a name that would represent the child as his own person and not just his father's offspring? Or just straight up say you want input in naming YOUR child too the fuck. Don't have kid with this guy if he can't handle disagreement or confrontation.

No. 138550

Maybe you can persuade him to just have his name as a middle name for you possible future son…

No. 138551

is he sorry or is he sorry he got caught?

No. 138559

How would he react if you suggested naming a daughter your exact name.

No. 138572

You should at least give him a middle name so the son can (likely) reject the first name. My dad was named after his father, their relationship wasn't particularly good to be fair but everyone called him by his middle namem

No. 138582

Hate to point this out but I know so many once-happy couples that now co-parent kids but who deep down resent each other for various reasons, dad cheated or whatever.. how would you feel raising a son with his same exact name in those circumstances? Nobody likes to think of those scenarios but it's so common now

No. 138625

This concerns dating apps, so maybe this belongs in another thread, but I'm having the HARDest time connecting with people.

I should start this by saying I am kinda falling out of love with someone I used to be obsessed with, but I'm still chasing the same sort of feeling I got when talking to them

There was this deep admiration and love for everything they did and I just couldn't get enough of their attention
I'm talking to new people and there just isn't that spark! I don't know what it is.

Am I going about this the right way, looking for that same sort of feeling, chasing that sort of romantic high?
OR should I accept that people are different and that I should have more room for other types of love, though more cool and less fiery?

No. 138632

Men flirting with other girls is one of the biggest turn offs for most women tbh

No. 138637

>My bf has casually mentioned on several occasions that if he had a son he'd name him after himself. (Bf is "the second" of his name so the kid would be "the third")

People tend want to pass forward the things that they enjoyed about their childhood or like about themselves. Maybe he really enjoyed being "the second" growing up and so envisions his son being "the third" to carry on the tradition.

No. 138644

I've honestly given up on dating apps. It's full of trannies, couples with a ugly man seeking out unicorns, and if you do find someone it's going to be really hard to click after the initial pre-meetup stage. If I'm ever single again I'm going to stick to bars, that's how I met my current girlfriend.

No. 138697

My boyfriend has been increasingly abusive and manipulative towards me and we think he has BPD. He's implied multiple times that he'll kill himself if I leave. He's a pathological list and twists our relationship to his few equally as creepy friends, and every time he's ever insisted he's sorry a day later he forgets and tries to gaslight me or hold "How much he's done for me" over my head

How do I safely let go? Actually terrified of him. He always tries to make me feel like I'm a cruel awful girlfriend if I try to. Also his hygiene is terrible and I'm 26 and worried I won't ever find anyone after this ends but he drains me so much he's literally psycho according to my friends

No. 138698

do you currently live with him?

No. 138699


I don't

No. 138700

ghost him

No. 138706


Without saying it's over or?

No. 138708

nta but yes, that's the definition of ghosting isn't it?

No. 138712

don't ghost him, if he's manipulative he will use this to guilt trip you and paint you in a bad light to everyone. Basically make sure to end things very diplomaticaly and properly, so he can't victimize himself too much.

If you're scared of him and/or prone to his manipulation, don't do it in person. Text him what you need to say, block if needed. Don't let him make a discussion out of it, don't reason, don't overexplain. Say what you need to and bye bye. Be sure to cut contact so he can't cry about killing himself or whatever. And remember, he won't do it. AND 26 is super young, a lot of people breakup around 30 from their first serious relationships, so it's not like you won't find anyone because all the good one are coupled up or w/e, don't worry. Tell us how it went!

No. 138715

hey anon, I think >>138712 gave you the best advice here, but I just wanted to say you are not cruel, or evil, or anything close to a nasty person for caring about your own well being. This man does not love you, you know that. He might say anything to get you to concede to staying with him because HE is the cruel and nasty one and cares only about himself. Stay strong, and absolutely block him on every possible platform he can communicate to you on. You can do this! You will be so much happier without him!

No. 138730

Tl;dr my boyfriend's ex popped into his inbox yesterday, flipped out on him, and sent me a message warning me about him. What should I think about it?

So I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. We've lived together for a few months. Things are great, we've had our bad fights but he's never treated me badly or abused me in any way.

Yesterday my boyfriend called me while I was out in town doing errands to tell me that his ex girlfriend (that he broke up with 4 years ago and dated for a little over 4 years) contacted him, started nice, sending him music and tying to connect with him. He didn't want to humor it too much as it was really odd and they hadn't spoken in years. She started demanding apologies for things he had done when they were together, bitched at him saying that she thought she meant something to him, and he apologized for whatever she was still upset about and said goodbye and blocked her. She then promptly went onto another social media account of his and told him she would tell all of his old friends what he did to her, and that she would message me about what he did to warn me because "she hoped that I knew exactly who he was." And after I got off the phone with my boyfriend, I found that's exactly what she did. The message was long and drawn out and some of it was verifyably false. She tried to say he had a felony for domestic abuse, which isn't true. I've been abused in the past and thoroughly google every man I date before it goes too far. He has a minor criminal record for weed and for one fight he got into when he was young that I already knew about. No felonies. He's also passed background checks at all of his recent jobs. Soooooo that's not true. She also tried to say that he was the reason they both became homeless for a while, another thing I knew about. She said he refused to get a job (she also didn't have a job, and expected him to take care of her children according to bf), was the reason her kids got taken away (my boyfriend says this happened because she also got busted for pot), and she's now an alcoholic to get over what happened with him. She says he abused both her and her children, and that he's a narcissist and that behavior "just doesn't go away." My boyfriend says he spanked one of the children once (he was in his mid 20s at the time, stupid, and much different and is now in his 30s and doesn't believe in spanking) and the kid apparently went to school and told people about it. CPS was called and he was talked to, but was cleared of any suspicion of child abuse. I can't verify any of the other shit (abuse allegations) but my boyfriend says they aren't true, that they would fight a lot and he would push her away sometimes when she got into his face and that's as far as it went.

Full disclosure–I have peeped this girl's Facebook before when I learned about her. Who doesn't do that, right? Her Facebook still had pictures of him plastered ALL over it. A relationship from 4 years ago that she claims was horrifically abusive…and she was dating someone else at the time too. He also didn't have his other social media account (trying to keep this vague for ID reasons) when they were together, so she had to have been stalking him to know how to find it. Because of my history with abuse, of course this entire incident shook me a little bit. I told the girl to fuck off and mind her own business but I have to admit the message is nagging at me a little. But. It's very suspicious knowing the girl tried to connect with my boyfriend first by being nice before flipping out when he didn't give in and wasn't interested. Seems like a smear campaign to me to get over a failed reconciliation. Idk what to think though. It's kind of a red flag to me but I'm still not sure what to think. Any thoughts?

No. 138735

So my boyfriend has an ex-girlfriend who was a notorious personal lolcow, literally one of the most pathetic pathological liars I've ever met, but she's actually quite pretty and a lot hotter than I am. I think he would prefer her over me if she didn't have the personality of a rotten egg.

They met IRL at some point, with her coming to visit him, but from what he's told me of the experience so far it was not a very good time, but he might just be downplaying it so I don't get upset.

They've been broken up for a good many years, and I've been with my boyfriend for several years now too, but for some reason I still feel threatened by her?

I have nightmares about her taking him from me, him still talking to her and cheating on me with her. In reality, sometimes she messages him on discord with random tidbits of information, looking for attention, and I don't know how often he responds, or how often he tells me this happens.

Additionally, the one time me and my boyfriend decided to watch porn together, he chose a video of an actress who IMO looked almost exactly like her with the same sort of facial structure and petite body, whereas I am much more broad and on the heavier side. It made me very uncomfortable because I recognized what she looked like immediately.

How do I get over something like this? How can I ask him if he had sex with her when she visited him? Can I even trust his experiences with her are genuine and he's not going behind my back?

No. 138739

honestly, if he's as bad as she's saying, i'd think you'd have gotten at least hints of that after more than a year together. unless you're not being honest with yourself about that, i would be very skeptical to believe that this isn't just a smear campaign by an ex. i think you did the right thing by telling her to fuck off.

No. 138748

Thanks. I told her in no uncertain terms that our lives were none of her business and to never contact me or him again, which felt good at the time because duh…I love my boyfriend. She was shitting all over him and telling me shit like he will start hitting and using me. But lying awake in bed last night I couldn't shake the paranoia. I've been hurt before badly and it really shook me up. I've been anxious all day over it.

No. 138760

Sounds like she's out to hurt him, if she's doing this years after their break-up. But anon, if you're feeling anxious, you should tell your boyfriend. Just let him know her intrusion has affected you and you're feeling unease, you don't have to do into details about what exactly it is you're feeling. But allow him the chance to reassure you about how he feels about you and your relationship, don't hold your worry to yourself.

No. 138779

I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years, living with him for 3. During this time I've:
>been promoted three times, more than doubling my income
>learnt to drive
>got a car
>nearly doubled my savings, getting enough for a big deposit on a house
>developed my hobbies
>volunteered at charities

During this time he has
>quit his job
>lost most of his friends
>started during furry porn for money

He has no motivation or inclination to get a job of any sort. He has a degree but it's in an art subject, he graduated years ago and has no experience in it. He refuses to get a "9-5" job (which I have) as he thinks it's beneath him; he worked part time for ~6 months last year before quitting entirely in summer last year.

Since summer he's not worked at all, living off benefits and money that his mother gave him for a deposit on a house. We've been in lockdown for the past 50 days; I'm considered an essential worker so I've been working from home with him and I can see what little work he actually does - he claims he wants to develop his skillset so he can "live off his craft" however the vast majority of his time is spent playing video games, watching debates on youtube or browsing reddit/4chan.

I recently was offered a promotion that will mean I have to move (but it will be in a position that I will thrive in and will massively improve my career and income). I don't think he'll get a job or change, and I don't feel comfortable getting a rented house based on my income alone as I don't want to be responsible if he can't pay.

Quite frankly his lack of motivation to do anything is unattractive. We've not had sex in well over a year. I can't remember the last time he treated me as his girlfriend rather than just someone he shares a bed with and can joke around/play video games with.

I have no choice but to break up with him, do I?

No. 138780

File: 1589132373510.jpg (13.7 KB, 482x336, 3fates_hercules.jpg)

Cut. Him. OFF. Now please.

No. 138782

>I can't remember the last time he treated me as his girlfriend

What exactly do you mean by that? Just curious.

>I have no choice but to break up with him, do I?


No. 138783

kek that made me laugh, thank you
the last time he held my hand in public, or complimented me, or said i love you, bought me dinner, anything like that. we kiss on the lips maybe once a week or so? dear god i'm depressing myself now.

No. 138784

Kek that's pathetic anon. You changed your life for the better yet you keep that disgusting leech? What's wrong with you that you haven't broken up with him months ago?
Dating a dude who openly uses 4chan is so retarded. Learn self respect.

No. 138786

thanks for the harsh words, it's nice seeing a third party perspective on it.

No. 138787

take your promotion, ditch him and get yourself a new cool place with your new money. It'll be a breath of fresh air and a new start for you and you're only going up. Time to leave him.

No. 138788

Anon, you should use the move as a opportunity to rediscover yourself because honestly from what you wrote it reads like that he was dragging you down instead of prepairing to make a future with you. You deserve to have a better partner then a slacker

No. 138790

thanks guys, i always do that mindtrick of "what would you say if your best friend told you that this was happening to them????" but i'm shit at applying it to myself apparently. he also doesn't tidy up after himself or clean (obviously because why would he when i will come home from work and do it for him?) so at least my new place will be nice and clean.

No. 138791

Did you dump him yet? It feels like you wrote this story around eight times already. When will you finally move on?

No. 138794

We talked about it a bit more yesterday after I didn't sleep well and it helped a bit. I'm glad someone else agrees this sounds like an angry ex out to get him for some reason and I probably dont have anything to worry about. The abuse victim paranoia really gets to you sometimes. I felt really bad doubting him and what I knew to be true from my experiences with him. People change and he says they had an incredibly toxic relationship and things got really heated really often but he doesn't remember doing any of these hitting incidents she wants an apology for. Just shoving sometimes when there was a bad fight and she'd get in his face screaming at him. From what I know about him…this tracks to me. We have had awful fights before and he would get angry but would always go sit in the other room by himself muttering to himself at worst. I wouldn't try to get in his face and he wouldn't try to get in mine. Nothing ever happened. She tried to say when he doesn't get his way he gets physical…that just isn't my experience. Sounds like she got in his grill often and got pushed off and was a dramatic bitch about it, is a drunk now and was thinking about him and wanted to get to him. Feeling a lot better about it now.

No. 138859

How can I tell the difference between being super comfortable and in tune with someone and being in love?
I've been in a relationship with my bf for almost 2,5 years now and the initial butterflies in my stomach passed after about half a year. I love spending time with him and we get along really well. Physically we are very comfortable with eachother and the sex is decent too.
That being said, I'm not super attracted to him in a romantic sense anymore, and I don't know if that's normal/to be expected or not. We do a lot of nice dinners and such together and we can talk about anything, but it kinda feels like we're best friends who also cuddle a ton.
It doesn't outright bother me and I appreciate him a lot, but I can't help but wonder if that romance/'passion' is usually more present in long term relationships.

No. 138866

It's like lighting a match. Very strong to start then dying down a bit is normal. the best thing you can do is be open and honest with him so you can continue to get your needs met together. It really helps to do new things together and go to new places. Vacations are a nice thing, but not the only way to achieve this. Camping is good. Day trips are good. It's rough right now since a lot of things are closed, but you could go on a hike together or have a picnic. Anything but routine. Even if you get caught in the rain and covered in mud, the novelty will help. It's also good to make time for some really high-effort sexual activity like you used to have.

No. 138870

i got into a big fight with my boyfriend over a recent incident. long story short, i was at the food court, where i slipped and dropped my bag. there was this rly hot guy who helped me back up. we exchanged pleasantries, smiled and then he was on his way. later on i notice him again and couldnt stop checking him out. my bf who's returned from the restroom, notices this and starts getting rly angry at me and tells me off. i try to explain to him how i almost got badly hurt but he wasnt having any of it. idk why he was so pissed? why did he have to tell me off? why couldnt he just take it up with chad?

No. 138875

Are you trolling?

No. 138876

Lol. I never understood why boyfriends would get pissy of their girlfriends for looking at other guys. It's not like they aren't ogling girls when their girlfriends aren't around…

No. 138878

He sounds like a dipshit. You're the one who should be upset at him. Sounds like you may have been physically injured? I'd be more concerned about his lack of concern for your fall.

No. 138883

As long as he´s watching porn, following hot girls on social media and checking them out when you´re not around he´s got nothing to say

No. 138888

> me and my bf broke up 2 weeks ago
> we're still friends
> says hes already over me and has no feelings left for me

lol what

No. 138889

Why does it matter to you?

No. 138890

Leave your bf and get with chad already

No. 138891


If this matters to you, you should go no contact.

No. 138893

As previous anon said above, no contact is the way.

No. 138936

My boyfriend and I just broke up. I'm going through so much shit and life is difficult at the moment but I know it's for the best.
The last straw was when I recently got diagnosed with MS and he just couldn't understand how devastating it is to me, because he's so used to his mom living with chronic illness his entire life. I'm furious that he had the nerve to call me toxic because haven't had the mental strength to discuss our relationship problems recently. Sorry I'm just venting now.
He has accused me of gaslighting and I'm starting to wonder if I actually did it by accident? Or if he's an abusive pos because I'm actually doubting myself

No. 138937

I've been amazed before at how quickly guys switch those feelings off. Maybe maintaining a friendship isn't smart.

No. 138938

you have to be of age to post on lolcow

i don't want to sound judgy but if someone has dealt with a sick person all their life, i would expect the person to understand your situation much better than someone who doesn't know what's up. MS isn't a seasonal flu. what the fuck is he on about?
i'm so sorry you're dealing with this, girl. if you wanna share what he said you gaslighted him about, you can get perspective here. if you don't, just put it behind you and move on. it's clear that the thought of gaslighting someone makes you upset, usually it means it's not like you to intentionally put someone through that. you're good, and you shouldn't be worrying about whatever he's complaining about right now, you should be taking care of your health
there's a reason "men aint shit" sounds so right

No. 138940

maintaining a friendship with your ex is rarely smart

No. 138945

any tips on cutting off an ex of two years without being an asshole about it? when we first broke up after a 9 month relationship I was distraught and acted out a lot and the guilt of acting out post-breakup made me want to somehow claw back a friendship with him after the dust settled, so I would message him most days. we ended up apologising about everything and became decent enough friends. fast forward to now and I'm with a boyfriend of almost a year ago I really love, and I just feel a bit weird about having an ex in my life. I've tried not starting conversations but every couple of days he'll message me and I'm not good at just ignoring people. he knows I have a boyfriend and I was kind of hoping our friendship would taper off naturally but so far it hasn't, and I keep losing sleep over it because it somehow feels disrespectful to my boyfriend. any tips?

No. 138946

>unemployed, underachieving, wannabe furry artist
Dump him and reevaluate your dating choices

No. 138951

Next time he messages you, say you need space and can't talk to him anymore, and then block him on your phone. Stop using social media.

No. 138954

I've started having thoughts of breaking up with my bf out of my own insecurity.
My ex cheated and gaslighted me for years and i wasn't exactly confident to begin with, so it messed me up really bad. I've been dating my current bf for over 2 years, he is a very honest person, looks out for me and is very supportive - which is perfect. But he also is very attractive and before meeting me used to be a bit slutty - which I don't judge but he still has a lot of female friends and a lot of women pay attention to him, which makes me feel insecure; to the point on which I started having thoughts that maybe not being with him and not having to deal with that outweights all the obvious benefits of the relationship.

Am I being irrational? Or if I already started having such thoughts it means I should just go through with it?

No. 138961

>Am I being irrational?
Sounds like you're self sabotaging out of a fear of abandonment "I'll just walk away before he inevitably leaves me"

There has to a better way to deal with those feelings. IME if you self sabotage one relationship you'll probably only find a reason to do it again in the next relationship too. Have you had therapy to deal with how your ex treated you?

No. 138964

You're right, I have no idea how to deal with it though… I did therapy but I feel like I was unable to comunicate how much of a struggle it is. Therapist helped me becoming aware of being self destructive and when she suggested every time i feel like this I just let it peacefully pass since i'm already aware - in a therapy meeting it always sounds so doable, but then when it actually happens I almost never can actually make it pass peacefully. If i'm alone it's usually ok, but when I'm with my bf i'll always end up reacting in a way I very quickly regret. He is very patient with me but he has every right to not be.
I tried going to different therapists hoping for a different approach but neither of them I felt comfortable with and it was very unpleasant to open up about everything to a stranger again. So at this point I have no idea what to do anymore.

No. 138968

(Quite NSFW)
So, boyfriend and I are long distance right now because of corona, and we both got horny. We were on call and he asked me to turn my cam on so he could see masturbate. I did, and he couldn't see my face. For some reason I wanted to burst out crying. I hated it so much. I don't know how to describe it, or why it made me feel sick, I just really hated it and got very sad. I told him I don't want to anymore and he said it's ok. He told me I don't have to fake enjoying doing anything for him, but if I don't I'm so afraid that he'll leave me. I don't enjoy sex, but he does. I probably sound stupid rn and I'm still shook up for no reason so I'm probably bad at wording things. I just don't know why I felt so bad.

No. 138970

Just don't do it again and you will be fine, anon. Lots of people would be uncomfortable camming while masturbating.

No. 138986

Not sure if I should post this here since this doesn't concern me, but while talking to this male friend when we were drunk he said some things about his sex life. Me and my friend kept asking about it and when we mentioned condoms he was like ??? He genuinely doesn't use condoms and he said his gf might use contraceptives, he called them "remedy". He just doesn't know or care. I just want to know, out of concern is it safe not wearing condoms at all? He sounded very stupid not gonna lie

No. 138990

You should talk about it, but i think it would be best to replace "i hate it" with "feeling uncomfortable". I hope you both will understand why and find compromise. Maybe you are scared of it because of hardships that actual camgirls go through? Our you got insecurities that he might be cheating on you (cuz you said you cried because he couldnt see your face)?
If he is that much of a horny jerk, which is already an alert based on "if u are that scared ill leave you", then idk…

You could also try doing that without webcam, by just using a voicechat, even though men are like spoiled kids once you do camming for them more than two times cause they enjoy looking. Or maybe you could both turn on the webcams…

No. 138991

I can understand that. There's no intimacy, no touch, no love felt, it can feel very alone and objectifying. It's okay to not be comfortable. It shouldn't be a problem in a mature relationship, it's just a passing hardship. If you want to compromise, you should try exchanging nudes, this way you're not "performing" but you're in control and you can do it on your own pace, and stop when you want. But as I said, it's a passing thing so if you don't want to do any of that, it's fine too, it's not like he can't jerk off.

But. You don't enjoy sex in general? That's something you should be more concerned about. Are you forcing yourself? Are you unhappy? Does he know?

No. 138994

I've never used condoms because I use contraceptives (the pill) and only ever had sex with two people, for both of whom I was their first partner. If your friends gf uses some form of contraceptive and they don't sleep around/have stds it's perfectly safe. I know tons of people who never use condoms for this reason.
If his gf doesn't use anything like that it is stupid though.

No. 139003

I had a similar thing happen in that my boyfriend kept asking me to send videos of me masturbating while on call and when I did I just couldn't stop crying. It was an overall terrible experience and I don't understand why I cried so hard. I just knew it made me uncomfortable and I wasn't ready for it.

It's hard to navigate social cues while in long distance. He couldn't have known it was uncomfortable for me because I wasn't communicating with him I just wanted to make him happy.

Don't compromise yourself for other people. So what if he leaves you because you don't want to have sex as often or because you are uncomfortable with the things he wants to do? Then he obviously wasn't as great as you thought he was and you deserve a lot better than that.

Boundaries are good, they keep you sane. It sounds like he's very okay with you not being into certain things. Be open with him, you're going to need to communicate with him a lot more if you want keep a healthy long distance relationship.

Be honest and tell him why you don't enjoy sex too. Some people have lower libidos which is normal and that could be the reason. If
you're forcing yourself or if he's not putting in the effort to make you feel good then that's not okay. Either way you're going to have to be open with him. It's not fair to you to keep it bottled up because you don't want to make him feel bad.

No. 139020

Not that anon but this is a very good post.
I've had a similar experience with being asked for nudes by my boyfriend. And that's coming from someone who generally has no problem with sending nudes, but for some reason it only feels right for me when I'm the one to take initiative in sending them. If it's the other person asking, I feel like I don't really have choice because I don't want to disappoint them or be weird about it. Really gives me an awful sinking feeling in my stomach.

No. 139023

He seems like a kind, understanding guy. Just ride out this time. He could try participating more to help you feel more comfortable? Or you could use a toy. I know for me I hate trying to act aroused without any warm up, so maybe he could do that for you in some way.

No. 139046

I've been in a long distance relationship with someone, for about 1.5 years. He is the most important person in my life and the past two years were only good because of him and I never felt so close to someone. Last year I was so depressed that I began to feel suicidal but then I went to see him and I was so happy for a short time. He protected me from my n-mom and just generally helped me a lot. I love him. But he really triggers a bunch of my issues. I get so much separation anxiety and feelings of abandonment and it's all weighing down on me so much. He keeps saying that I shouldn't want to talk about our future because rn we can't move in together and I still have a year left at school and we live in different countries, so he says that it's too far off in the future to talk about it. Also he is in his 30s but has no job and lives with his parents and says that he doesn't want to depend on my income so we can only live together if he becomes independent. But I really need some certainty. He told me sometimes that he wants me to be there with him etc. but I need like constant reassurance and it annoys him. I just don't know what to do. I want to be with him and I don't even want my life without him, but it's so painful sometimes. I don't think I cried so much as I did this last two years. Is there any way I can not feel like this and just appreciate the good parts? I really want to because he's amazing but sometimes it all just feels almost too much.

No. 139048

Why is he in his 30s, unemployed and living with his parents?

No. 139051

I'm not sure, he doesn't really leave the house and has pretty bad anxiety I think. He wants to change his situation though, but he also kind of thinks it's too late for him. I don't mind it though, but I know he'd be happier if he was independent.

No. 139052

How would your grandmother feel if she knew you were crying over an unemployed man?

No. 139054

Lol I don't know and I don't care. I'm with him so clearly him being unemployed is not something I have an issue with. Sure it would be better if he wasn't, but it wouldn't make him more valuable to me or anything, it'd just make things easier. I dated someone who had a job and I dated someone who had his own company, they don't even compare to this man though.

No. 139057

Hes 30, jobless, lives in another country and has no plans to move out. Hes inconsiderate and lazy. I think you're just scared to be alone and that's ok.

No. 139061

File: 1589428407511.png (55.18 KB, 300x270, 990DA08F-E090-4288-9BF9-C44A57…)

Quarantine has really gave me time to think and I’ve realized that I really am incompatible with my boyfriend and that we don’t have a future together. How do I hype myself up to be able to actually do this?

No. 139065

So he doesn't even love you enough to do the bare minimum of adulting to comfort you and ensure you have a future together? Even if he's got anxiety or whatever, you should be so important to him that he would get a fucking job just to make you happy. Stop wasting your time on someone who probably only likes you because you take zero effort other than talking online.

Hopefully this emotional appeal gets through to you, because apparently the prospect of a guy with no job, no investments, no retirement savings and whatever mental issues resulted in him failing at adulthood haven't clued you in to how much of a financial liability he would be. I cannot emphasize this enough - a guy like that can ruin your life completely.

No. 139072

I mean… if thanks to quarantine you learnt you're incompatible then be grateful? you won't waste more time. Quarantining together is honestly a great training ground for a relationship. Don't force yourself, why would you.

anons are giving you some tough love but they're right. Especially >>139065
Seems like he's more loving/caring than your previous boyfriends and you're riding high on that. You're not seeing that he's giving you bare minimum. Refusing to talk about future after 1.5 years is even bigger red flag than unemployment. He's living with parents, rent free, no job, emotional labour done by gf to whom he won't commit properly, gets annoyed when gf wants reassurence. Can't you see how egoistic is that? Sorry but he doesn't want to change, at 30 y/o he would do something about that already, and sounds like you're being manipulated into pitying him while he's all comfortable. I hope our replies sparked some thoughts for you because seriously, I feel so bad for you, you're being led on by a manchild.

No. 139075

Generally I'm not afraid of being alone, in my previous relationships I was always trying to get away and have my own time. But with him I'm suddenly super dependent.
I don't know what things will look like in 5 years or something, I don't want it to be wasted time but it's my favorite thing to spend time with him. I thought I'd start to feel less in love with him after a while as it happens with most people but not yet. Maybe it's because it's mostly online so there is a lot of anticipation and maybe living together would be very different.

Thanks. Tbh, I'm not sure where his issues come from and he only told me about his living situation quite a while after we started talking and expected me to leave. I don't look down on him or anything. I have a tendency to withdraw and I did especially during this past year, but then I couldn't take it anymore and worked on having some financial stability and going back to study. I would help him financially even if that's really stupid, but he doesn't trust me to not change my mind about him, and he says if he moves out then he can't go back so he needs to be able to support himself. Which is good I guess but he doesn't really do much to make that happen. I mean, he has a bunch of things he wants to do but never seems to finish them. I know it's unlikely for him to change significantly, I mean he is 34 and has been like this since high school but still, I'm sure he doesn't want to be 40 living the same way.
Also I need constant reassurance and I see how that is annoying, and it took him forever to trust me even with small things so I can see how he doesn't want to depend on me. He did say he wants me to live with him and he never talks about me in a temporary way, but I don't know. I like to make plans even if they are not feasible in the near future.

No. 139076


Ugh sorry was supposed to reply to these

No. 139081

I’m really bummed because the guy I’ve been involved with for the past six months will probably not be able to visit. He’s in the military and is currently deployed. He got leave approved months ago to visit me but because of the virus he might be stuck in the country he’s in for a while. I don’t know if this relationship is doomed or not, I don’t know if I should try to meet someone who lives within driving distance. I have serious feelings for him but I don’t think we would ever be able to have a relationship that isn’t mostly made up of us missing eachother.
I tried to ask an irl friend for advice about this and she just tried to set me up with her uncle.
I need a second opinion.

No. 139095

I had a similar situation. We were long distance and always kept in touch. At a certain point I did start seeing other men and honestly, they bored me. I found myself comparing them to the guy overseas.

We got together "officially" after he finished his 4 years and now we've been together for 2.

I think it depends on the actual person and not the distance itself? But maybe I just got lucky.

No. 139096

Trust your gut anon, don't believe that there aren't 40 year old men still living with their elderly parents because they definitely exist. Men with serious intentions want to talk about and plan their futures with partners they really want to be with. It's a red flag when they don't want to or are waffling.

I think you should continue to talk with him if it brings you comfort to feel like you're in a relationship with someone. I don't think it's a waste of your time if talking online brings you emotional happiness, it's not like it's a huge investment.
But I don't think you should move forward with him until he's made a huge stride to be employed and to be self sufficient. If he's been content with this kind of existence since high school, then it stands to reason that it doesn't bode that he'll change. Sadder yet that your relationship with him doesn't appear to set the fire under his ass, does he think you'll linger forever and tolerate being kept around as a last resort? That's kind of why I don't think he cares that much anon, I think you yourself deserve better options. Again of this situationship brings you happiness and doesn't cost anything then fine, but also consider how unrealistic this actually is long term.

No. 139124

Do you prefer to let the relationship form organically, or would you rather have a straight-forward conversation about it in the beginning?

I have this thing with a guy for months, but we took it the romantic route just before quarantine. In the beginning we talked a lot, then we had a bad period and now we are back on it again, voice-chatting every night for hours. The thing is, officially we are not together? Because we left things on weird grounds, we basically only kissed then bye bye, virus. I didn't want to bring feelings up because it felt like it's too early, I wouldn't even know what to say myself. My friend though thinks I should have a serious conversation with him and establish what are we. I see where she comes from but I'd rather have things unfold by themselves. I feel like she's treating me like I'm stupid for that. What is your style of, idk, establishing a relationship?

No. 139139

If you know what you want specifically, it's in your best interest to bring it up early imo to avoid wasting time.

No. 139140

File: 1589500533113.jpg (4.8 KB, 279x180, pls.jpg)

I'm dating illiterate, and even more so when it comes to online situations. I matched with a co-worker (I know, but curiosity got the best of me) who I happened to fancy and was surprised to see that he matched back. He's in an open relationship, so I expected that my role was someone who wasn't his top priority, however he often goes days, if not weeks without continuing the conversation. He hasn't unmatched and has been flirtatious back when we were talking, but this round of silence has been about two weeks now. My main question is: should I unmatch? What are the reasons for him not unmatching? He told me that our relationship wasn't any concern, so could it be that he's just "too nice" to unmatch? Should I just ask him?

No. 139142

He's keeping you as third option

No. 139143

Is not unmatching someone that meaningful? If I don't care enough to talk to someone, I don't care enough to unmatch them either. I don't need a cultivated list of matches that has been filtered to my top choices, I'll only unmatch them if they're bothering me.

No. 139144

My friend said that and I'm thinking that makes sense. Being only an option kinda sucks, but all I want to do is fuck him, so…but this is just dragging on.
It probably isn't but I thought most people unmatch when they aren't interested, but it makes sense to think of him just not caring enough to unmatch.

I gave in and messaged him. But, if there's no reply, I think it's best to move on.

No. 139162

leaving things ambiguous and organic is nice until some obstacle comes up. what happens if either one of you makes out with someone else at a party? what happens if either one of you gets bored and starts ghosting or holding back? imo it's better to see where you stand now so you don't have misunderstandings later. it doesn't even have to be a concrete defined label, it can be something like "idk lets just long distance date for a while and see where it goes" but the important thing is that you have a similar idea of what it is.

No. 139163

lol also i realize the party example is not appropriate during quarantine. what if either one of you sexted someone from tinder? better example

No. 139189

yeah I get it… When we were just hanging out I feel like we were each other's "primary interests" but I've talked with people on tinder and he told me he rejected someone so I know he had been talking with girls, too. But I think that's fair, we weren't close or anything. Now when things progressed I don't look for other options and I feel like he doesn't from a long time, he's pretty focused on me. But yeah I see the risks. Ugh it's just so awkward to bring it up when it's so early and we don't really have any romantic experience/moments together. Hard to explain, I'm an anxious person. But I'll think about the way to bring it up.

No. 139276

My boyfriend has a history of looking at porn behind my back and promised he isn't doing it anymore. A lot of the time when we try to have sex he gets soft part way, he can never go two days in a row without getting soft. I was taking antibiotics for an ear infection and couldn't fuck for a week because I'm prone to secondary yeast infections if I even go near my vagina while taking meds. After that we tried to have sex, and of course he got soft right before he was about to put it in. I felt ashamed that I was making him soft, after a week of no sex he should have definitely been able to get hard, it's the only time he really can give it to me good is if he's had a break. If it were up to me we'd have sex daily. Today I found a wad of tissues with cum in them under his mattress. He had sworn to me he was waiting for me, he lied to me when I asked if he had just cum recently and that's why he couldn't get it up. Why is he lying to me about masturbating and leaving me to feel like an ugly outcast? He could have just said "hey I went without you, sorry lets wait even longer," but instead he lied about it. Now I'm wondering if he's watching porn behind my back. I also found food wrappers hidden in the bedroom (a big no since we have bugs in our building) and I found a fucking bottle of fucking piss!!!! I told him never to do that again and if he does any of that shit he damn well better hide it better. I keep catching him in little lies everyday, lies he doesn't even need to do. On top of that he's fucking disgusting, that was a mattress I paid for and he's putting old cum rags under it? He's peeing in the bedroom and risking spraying pee on the floor or on my blankets? The bathroom is RIGHT next to his bedroom. And he's fucking summing without behind my back and then gets limp dick when we can have sex because he can't recharge normally for some reason. I'm not sure what advice I want but I guess I'm trying to figure out if I'm being too controlling or whatever. Our sex life sucks, if he's masturbating and able to cum but can't get it up while with me then I don't think he should masturbate at all anymore because it affects our sex life. I'm really hurt and angry. Also fuck him having empty food wrappers and fucking M&Ms spilled on the floor when I'm fighting so hard to keep bugs out of our apartment. I'm so angry. Is this unfixable? I know a lot of people will say yes, obviously because he has a piss bottle! I don't know what to do because I still love him but this is so repulsive to me, all of it is repulsive.

No. 139278

Yeah after twelve words I knew what you have to do, then I read the rest of it and why are you even doing this to yourself?? Sorry but it's not going to get better, and if you don't leave now the only long term outcome is that your self esteem will be ground to dust before you have to eventually dump him anyway. Jfc, he couldn't be any clearer about how happily he's choosing porn and his sad limp dick over your happiness and sexual satisfaction, so believe him.

No. 139280

my boyfriend is abusive and horrible and has gradually destroyed me over eight long months. I try to leave but it's so fucking hard because it hurts so much. How do you guys end a relationship that you've invested so much energy into, in the tiniest hope it'd work? I'm so terrified, my stupid brain will tell me I made the wrong decision if I leave because whenever I've been close he's managed to convince me that he loves me and that I shouldn't. Yes I know I'm stupid.

No. 139283

Oh my god, these threads are fucking exhausting. You know what you have to do!

No. 139284

There's no other thing to do than just telling him it's over and blocking him everywhere. Fuck him. You already know what to do.

No. 139287

why would you want to stay with a guy who lies about the littlest of things, most likely has a porn addiction, can't satisfy you in bed and is gross/has terrible hygiene.

Out of all these things, all the lying is the biggest red flag and that's not something you can easily check if you "fixed" it or not

No. 139288

it's a meme at this point

No. 139289

I rolled my eyes after the first two sentences. Then I laughed at you for the rest of the post.
>I don't know what to do because I still love him but this is so repulsive to me, all of it is repulsive.
Obviously if you really love this monkey then you should shut up and continue suffering with its monkey ways. /s

No. 139290

I just don't even know what to say to these poor unfortunate souls who write a wall of text of their offensively awful boyfriend's every horrific flaw and end it with
>but I love him, what do I do!!

Men as a whole are never gonna improve or learn to be decent if women as individuals don't start asserting boundaries and being willing to be single rather than stay in terrible relationships with terrible people.

No. 139292

I feel you. The momentary pain is just so intense even when you know you absolutely have to leave, and after agonizing for a while, you remember there's a miniscule theoretical hope that things could work out after all… which feels familiar and comfortable because it immediately alleviates the pain a bit.

I don't know a universal solution because I also struggle with this massively. I don't understand how people can just up and leave long-term relationships basically at all. I guess some people just pair-bond more easily, so your brain will just seek every possible way to make a hopeless situation work and never seriously stick to the decision to leave.

But it's possible, I did it after I started planning to move to another country, and I guess having something like that you truly anticipate could help? Other solutions include getting a crush on someone else (not ideal), or internalizing the maxim of "if not now, then when?" (which helps you see how sucky your situation is and will indefinitely be, so why not end it now). Obviously go no contact after you end it and have someone hold you accountable for it. It's normal to just cry for days or even weeks, but it sounds you really really need to do it, so I'm rooting for you. Trust me anon, the pain is temporary and you will get through it.

No. 139305


I want to hug you, thank you, it's completely like that. Like, I'm not afraid to be alone per se, I live by myself and I was single a long time before this, it's the concept of leaving and thinking I fucked up even though everyone around me can see that it's the right thing to do.

I wish I could just turn off the feelings like you say and I've definitely made it clear to him over this time how it's affected me. He says he loves me but he's a combination of selfish, psychopathic and immature….so love or not, nothing changes. I want my stuff back when the pandemic is over because I worry he'll break my things and one of those things is very precious to me in particular, from my family. I think your idea of getting a friend to hold me accountable is brilliant, so when I do this (eventually) I will. I've been crying nonstop and I've even wanted to die. It's not healthy anymore and I appreciate you listening, even though I'm being frustrating and I'd tell any other friend to just leave/run.

No. 139308

basically don't give him a chance to change your mind. List all the things he does that hurt you and anger you. Think about yourself, your feelings, do not retionalize his behaviour nor excuse it. Only you and how you felt matters.
Prep a breaking up message, sit on it. When you're in the right mindset, send it, unfriend him and delete from everywhere. Block his number. With someone abusive and manipulative you have to cut contact so he can't manipulate you back. If you have friends, get very busy with them. Make sure you're busy in general. You'll power through it. After a while his charm over you will wear off, you'll notice that. Then you're free

No. 139309

Agreed. I'm so goddamn tired of anons going on these huge screeds about how disgusting and horrible their boyfriends are while being completely unwilling to dump them. Stop fucking settling for shitty men, guys. You're making things worse for everyone else by teaching men that it's okay to act that way. Grow a spine and dump these clowns, you wimps.

No. 139366

Is this bait? I lost it at piss bottle anon, sorry. Dump him you retard

No. 139397

Am I ridiculous for being upset my bf uses the same pet name for me as he used for his ex? He's defintely moved on from that relationship so that is not an issue.

No. 139400

that is kind of weird. Is it a really common type of pet name or more of a personalised one?

No. 139401

>Is it a really common type of pet name or more of a personalised one?

It's sth fairly common/normal in his language but definitely not ever used as a pet-name. So I guess it's a bit weird…

No. 139402

tell him you would like a unique pet name, or else not one at all. It's not asking anything for him to change it, if he can't do that for you why would you keep him.

No. 139403

should I tell my friend I slept with her ex after a night out? Am I obligated to tell her, would it just cause trouble? They broke up about 2 years ago. He's not really a mutual friend (as in I don't hang out with him) we just happen to have met up that night, drunk too much, and then hooked up. I have no intention of pursuing anything with him. Idk, thoughts?

No. 139408

I'll definitely bring it up, thanks for hearing me out anon!

No. 139409

That depends on how close you are with said friend. BFFs for ages, sharing everything always - you gotta tell her. Friends hanging out sometimes but not the best ones - no reason to bring it up, unless maybe it becomes a regular thing, in which case it would be weird if you never mention it and she hears it from a different source.

No. 139410

Just seems like it would only cause issues even if you guys are close. I think the implication that she would care about some dusty ex from two years ago whom you don't even plan to pursue anything with would be more insulting. I wouldn't bother, sounds like drama.

No. 139415

Not a current relationship, but an ex. I found out he's gotten a poor girl pregnant and is abusing her, using the baby to manipulate her. I'm so stressed and worried I can't sleep and although I know it's not my problem I feel guilty that I didn't warn anyone about him. I just tucked my tail and ran away because I wanted to pretend it never happened and because of my selfishness this girl is trapped with him for life. I'm trying to make up for it by being there for her as much as possible and I'm so fucking angry at him for ruining this girls life.

No. 139424

Just wanna say, you're an amazing person for being there for that woman and caring about her. Sisterhood is so important. Chances are he'd gaslight her so much she wouldn't believe your warnings at the time anyway. You're doing so much more now than most of the people would.

No. 139439

Do caring, loving, men who are porn addicted misogynistics jerks exist or they are just a myth?

No. 139445

Shit happens. If I were your friend, I would rather you not tell me. It's an ex from two years ago. Don't bring that shit up unless you're trying to start something. Also, be safe hooking up and going out right now, and maybe don't make a habit out of fucking this guy.

No. 139454

How can a men who hates women be loving and caring?

No. 139455

I think anon meant “aren’t”

No. 139462

They do, but only if they were raised by a good family. But men will always have their idiotic flaws, because everyone are humans. As long as a person is actually aware of its own flaws and is fixing them, things r good.

I personally met geniunely good men only if they had a good, caring and non-biased mother. If he also has a sister, its a hit or miss, because sisters who are spoiled idiots who will get jealous of you most of the time.

No. 139469

Pretty much what this anon said. Always look for the relationships they have with their mother or other key female figures in their life. It also helps if the household is female run (this could go the other way and make him hate women but be more crafty about it, so just be careful).

Honestly like with all men just keep your wits about you and know what you want from the interaction before speaking to them! But there are good boys out there still, trust me.

No. 139660

File: 1590057851046.jpg (89.13 KB, 1200x675, DWRg0zvXUAENRxv.jpg)

> be one of the previous anons here and on the break up thread trying to distance from abusive relationship for months

> get to maybe march and realize he's probably never going to change

> tldr he gets with me while still obsessed with his ex, is shady about other girls behind my back, anger issues, honesty issues, generally red flaggy and multiple people have burned bridges with him so I started distancing myself around this time because I didn't have it in me to break up right there and then

> get sick of him leaving me empty, crying and wondering why I'm not enough, try to cope through self isolation because it doesn't help being apart from friends

> other guy and me become friends through our mutual interests and hobbies

> literally the match I never thought I'd stumble into, become close over time

> incredibly supportive, honest, thoughtful, motivated and encouraging, everything I've always yearned for in my messy relationship

> last night get a bit tipsy, admit to him that if things had been different I'd have let myself like him but no matter how messy my current relationship is I'd never drag him into it or cheat

> he's refreshingly good intentioned about this and admits that he's always liked me but has always held himself back out of respect for my relationship even though he HATES my abusive bf

> we both cry and have a heart to heart, nothing happens but it feels incredibly cathartic

> know that deep down I'd probably fall for this guy if I wasn't still slowly moving out of my abusive relationship

> look at relationship that I'm slowly making a breakaway from, realize that for the entire near year we were together he never changed or once considered my feelings or appreciated me yet this friend of mine has ALWAYS had my feelings and me in mind without ulterior motives

> tldr my abusive boyfriend has never had any issues flirting with other girls behind my back, simping over the girl he only ever chased me to forget about, and would probably cheat on me if he had the opportunity to do so….meanwhile, I've caught a crush on my amazing friend who makes me feel all these things bf never did and I don't want to cheat but I definitely smile thinking of him and go to bed feeling a little safer than I have these last however many months

am I evil?

the boyfriend I'm with has been looking elsewhere since August when this started, hiding so much shady shit and always saying he'll change then letting me down. Now during the last three months of slowly packing up my feelings, I realize I have a small crush on this friend who is amazing but I never expected to stumble into so suddenly, I don't know whether to feel guilty or not when he's been doing awful things behind my back for months and I was always a replacement for this girl he was obsessed with but didn't requite.

anyone else been in this weird limbo? I would never start a relationship fresh out of this one anyway and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a guy friend who likes me but isn't expecting me to dump my abuser for him (he's just been supportive of me being out of that mess like my other friends) and I'd never cheat but last night we stayed up til 5am having this heart to heart and my doormat ass is used to feeling guilty.

No. 139665

I swear to god, reading posts like these feels like reading someone insisting that 1+1=3. Except that it's more like
>he's abusive/unfaithful + you have feelings for someone else = staying with an abuser for some reason

>am I evil?

Frankly, abusers and cheaters forfeit the loyalty or respect a person should usually expect from their partner and you should feel zero guilt. In fact, you should feel good because he's getting a taste of his own medicine. Stop with the self flagellation, you know perfectly well you aren't evil considering you wrote a whole post explaining exactly why you aren't evil and why he is.

No. 139668


oh no, I don't think I'm evil for acknowledging that he's treated me like shit, it took a few months for that guilt to fade, I just don't know if I'm a bitch for developing a romantic crush on my friend but trying to justify it as "well, my boyfriend doesn't appreciate me and was never faithful"

that's the bit I'm unsure about, I'm sorry if I didn't clarify that well enough.

No. 139674

You’re not.

Your relationship has no love, care or basically anything that makes a relationship real, he never was there for you, how can you keep your heart into it if he doesn’t do the bare minimum.

You deserve better, and you actually have the chance of doing better right now, with support from someone who actually cares about you.

Just leave your shitty boyfriend. Stop delaying it.

No. 139677

what are a few good ways to deal with avoidants?

No. 139685

You should stay single for awhile after isolation measures are lifted and you break up with your current asshole. This other guy may seem good comparatively speaking but consider the following:
>It's easy and the bare minimum to be respectful online or over the phone, you have no idea how this guy would operate in a relationship irl.
>He is fully aware that you are emotionally vulnerable and in a bad relationship, and even if he claims he intends no disrespect he knows exactly what he's doing by talking to you and creating this type of relationship with you–it's 'friendly' manipulation.
>You have extreme guilt over the thought of hurting other peoples' feelings if it means protecting your own feelings even when it's logical, which is indicative of someone with low self-esteem and lack of boundaries. This lines up with your mentioned feelings of emptiness and feelings of low worth and it will absolutely come back to haunt whatever relationship you get into next.

No. 139697

my bf
> 6'2
> socially awkward
> doesn't verbally/physically mistreat me
> polite/soft spoken
> skinny fat
> anxiety issues - he exudes vibes for lacking confidence
> poor posture walks with a slouch
> dandruff/various skin and health conditions
> complains about his mother often although tbf she does seem to also antagonise and mistreat him
> loves anime/video games
> probable former incel (as far as I know I am his first)
> is very frail for a man - sometimes I have to open jars for him…
> faithful hasn't cheated on me yet and I don't think he ever will
> isn't respected by his peers

I am thinking I can do better but I'd feel bad for breaking up with him especially during these trying times. Should I tho?

Also I'm very afraid if we have children they'd inherit his health problems..

No. 139699

anon there have been far worse examples of bfs. girls have had bfs who've abused them, extorted them, terrorized them, and beat the ever living shit out of them. aside from his defects, your bf seems like a decent fellow with some redeeming qualities. he sounds like a nice person despite being a pushover. and he's tall if youre into tall guys that is. guys being decent human beings is so rare imo. idk, maybe you should keep this one? and tell him to stop bitching about his mom jfc

No. 139700

Honestly it sounds like he could do better. Dump him, let him the chance to get a gf who genuinely cares about him

No. 139701

If you're not satisfied, move on. Life's too short anon.

No. 139703

LOL. if anon doesn't love him then dump him, go for some chad and get abused and dumped.

No. 139704

dont be so hard on anon. seems shes trying to be impartial given the topic of this thread.

anon if u had to ask here then u were already entertaining the thought of breaking up with him. u should rly think to urself whether u rly care about him. seems he cares about u?

No. 139707

Why did you start dating him in the first place? I guess you could see poor posture, dandruff, bad skin, love for video games and other things from day one.

You're clearly not attracted to him, so I see no other alternative than just for you to leave him.
I feel bad for your bf tbh. You sound a bit narcissistic.

No. 139708


This Anon basically said everything you need to think about: >>139685

The other dude kinda rubs me the wrong way with the "Always held himself back out of respect for your relationship" part. It screams the exact opposite of good intentions to me. But maybe I'm just paranoid. See how much his behaviour changes when you actually get out of your current relationship. Could be an emotional manipulative asshole who actually expects you to go for him straight after since now he thinks he has a real chance with you.

No. 139711

anon's bf does seem like a bit of a loser who would be willing to clasp onto any girl who would have him. maybe's that's what anon is getting at? and personally, if i had to choose between healthy children and unhealthy children, it's absolutely the former. if anon is already thinking THAT long term then just get it over and dump him. and im surprised of the negative reception. girls SHOULD know their value and accept no less.

No. 139716

i wouldn't date anyone who's disrespected, emasculate and talks bad of his mother. those are some red flags. i would prefer someone who is well respected, confident and physically strong because what else are moids good for? so i can see where anon is coming from. just dump him already. and speaking of children, were something to happen to u, do u trust this wimpy moid to take care of ur kids and ur parents? seems he cant even handle himself in a tough situation.

No. 139725

I dunno, it seems like anon also at least WAS the one who's 'willing to clasp onto anyone who'd have her', because why would she get together with someone this repulsive to her in the first place. That's what I'm talking about.
And I don't get why mention his faithfulness and politeness among all the negative things. Like it makes him even more pathetic or what? This pimply loser wouldn't even swear at me or flirt with camgirls, oh what an effeminate shit. Sorry, the way anon describes all this just seems a bit weird to me. I'm not saying she has to unconditionally love him forever or something.

No. 139726

it's natural for people to list the pros and cons of their relationships, i guess.

No. 139738

Sounds like bait but ok
> faithful hasn't cheated on me yet and I don't think he ever will
Lol because he has no self esteem
> doesn't verbally/physically mistreat me
> polite
These aren't pros, these are just minimum requirement to be above garbage
Why the fuck would you even consider having children with someone you think is cringe and pathetic. I'd never stay with someone I don't feel absolutely proud to show off to the world. Your little ego may feel bad now because you want to be the innocent uwu gf who's not "superficial" who'll never hurt anyone but you'll just resent him more and more the longer it goes on. You're just as pathetic as he is for not being honest about what you want and going after it.

No. 139748

Why tf is the bar set so low? Anon admitted the bf to being a former incel. We're talking about a goddamn greasy scrote here! Wtf is wrong with some of the replies. Yeah and so what he doesn't beat the shit out of you? That's the bare fucking minimum. Anon to hell with his shitty scrote genetics. Stop being quite literally pinned down by this scrote and move on. And while you can do worse, you can do so much better.

No. 139750

If you care about him and are actually attracted to him then encourage him to improve himself. If his mother is like he says then that's the likely source of his self esteem issues. Get him to eat a better diet and do some exercise. It's something you can do together that will improve his health. If you're not attracted to him and are just with him because he's better than nothing then the relationship is already dead.

No. 139752

Some deep insights. But if he's already in such a poor state, how can a push or two radically change him into anon's perfect boyfriend? Some ppl are cursed. Ffs the guy needs anon to open jars for him… Bahahhaha how pathetic is that? There is no diamond in the rough. Anon can only hope to polish a turd. Said turd anon should abandon!

No. 139753

Some people are born lucky. They can abuse their bodies and still look in top shape. Anon's bf wasn't one of those people. He's likely on the opposite end of the spectrum. Perhaps no amount of self improvement can save this sinking ship? The question is, is he even worth the effort? Doesn't sound like it. It's up to anon to decide. Personally I wouldn't even consider dating someone like that. God no. He honestly sounds like a avid redditor.

No. 139777

The responses to anon have been priceless.

> Avid redditor


I'm in agreement with the ones who say dump him. He's no prize catch. You'll do better anon!

No. 139798

Feel bad for putting both of you through a half assed relationship, not for breaking up with a guy you're not into. You don't owe anyone a relationship. The minimum is not "not a horrible person". The minimum is someone whose presence and appearance you genuinely enjoy. Break up with him. Now is the best time ever to be single since you're not really missing out on anything.

No. 139800

Wish you the best of luck anon. Sounds as tho you aren't attracted to him at all. In the future, never enter in relationships with someone you aren't attracted to. Isn't that relationships 101? Kek.

Always look for red flags and avoid them like the plague… By the looks of it, you most definitely knew he was an incel just by being in his presence. He would've been trippin' in those incel mannerisms. It beats me why you would even go along with it. Must be desperate. Don't be desperate and move on.

No. 139818

need some help in not being completely paranoid and unreasonable. bf of 1 year did a year abroad a couple of years ago before I met him, he had a girlfriend whilst he was over there but I don't know when/how that ended (whether it was due to incompatibility or impending distance). He's mentioned her once or twice but only in the context of a relevant story. But every time he mentions how much he enjoyed his year abroad/how much he's missing the country I can't help but IMMEDIATELY assume he's missing his overseas relationship, and I just get really paranoid and weird. I haven't brought it up because I know it'll sound pathetic. any tips on getting tf over myself?

No. 139831

living overseas for a year is an incredible life experience anon, there´s just so much to it. The country, the culture, the people, living on your own (perhaps for the first time) in a foreign country…. there's so many reasons to thouroughly enjoy and miss that experience and look back on that experience with great joy that are unrelated to that girl there

No. 139837

yeah you make a great point - thanks anon, I'm definitely making pretty big reaches in worrying about it

No. 139905

tonight I'm breaking up with my boyfriend I ranted here about who was abusive and doesn't deserve me. I'm not here for advice but I wanted to thank the anons who have been so helpful and patient with me, because it's fucking time to take the trash out

No. 139982

how to build trust back into a relationship after a lot of lies and weird behavior. i really want this to work out.

No. 139983

A looooot of patience and genuine intentions to own up for past mistakes and work on improving themselves on the offender's side.
It's crazy hard to rebuild trust but it's not impossible if every party involved really wants to do it. But the second the trust is broken again, it's better to just give up to not end up in a toxic cycle of forgiveness and reoffences.

No. 139994

are you the one that's trying to rebuild trust in the other person, or the one that's broken someone else's trust?

No. 139995

The person who told the lies has got to be 100% on board for taking accountability and admitting they fucked up or else it will never work out. The reason why it's so hard to work relationships past liars is because they felt or still feel justified in telling their lies and are likely to do it again if it benefits them.

No. 140014

You don't. It's not going to work out.

Might as well ask how to start a business with a convicted thief as a partner. Just don't. It's not worth it, it's stupid and will bite you in the ass majestically.

No. 140020

File: 1590357201855.jpeg (45.85 KB, 591x531, 3F3A577B-234E-483E-8950-6D13C1…)

I know I need to break up with my boyfriend but I’m such a coward that I can’t do it. I like him enough in that I enjoy spending time with him but it’s all on a very shallow level for me. I have a lot of deep seated issues that I’ve only really let myself deal with in the past two years or so. I know he tries to be understanding but he just doesn’t get it. The way I’ve processed and internalized my trauma is just something he can’t fully grasp his head around and we both know it. We have fun watching TV and going to movies and getting food but anything past that feels like talking to a wall. We’re different politically and he doesn’t understand why I get passionate over the things I do. He has this habit of talking down to me a lot on certain things too and it’s become especially grating recently.

Even if things are alright now I know we don’t really have a future together. I absolutely need to move to LA to pursue the career I want and the only place he says he’d want to live in California is San Francisco. Neither of us are willing to budge on this so we don’t even really talk about it anymore. Quarantine has really made him question his purpose and life and now he’s thinking about going into the military which is something I know I cannot handle. I refuse to date military men because the military is a major reason why my Dad has so many issues and a major factor in the emotional abuse he’s inflicted on me. The military takes desperate people and abuses them in exchange for financial stability; the flip side being that you’re left with a lifetime of mental illness once they’re done with you. I know a lot of people who go into the military like this are too brainwashed to know even better but I cannot allow myself to follow the same path as my mother. If I ever have kids, and that’s a big if, I can’t let them go what I went through. They deserve better. My boyfriend is definitely not as damaged as my Dad was when he joined but I still don’t trust the military enough to not do damage.

I hate that I’m too scared to just end things because while it’s definitely not the worst relationship right now, I just feel so unfulfilled. We just don’t have the chemistry I need to start a future together. He’s not a bad person and I think we both deserve better people who can understand each other on a deeper level. I read stupid shit about how if you can fall in love with anyone if you get to know them well enough and that is just genuinely not true. Some people you connect with on a deep, intimate level and some you don’t and that’s fine. He and I just don’t.

No. 140086

Relationship doesn't have to be the worst or even bad to end! You know very well that you're wasting time continuing it right now, it might have been nice but it ran it's course and that's it. Ending it now you have a chance to end it on a good note and maybe keep the friendship if you both want it; from the things you say seems like if you keep it going it will only get worse and worse, leaving you both miserable.
It seems like you've made your decision already, so be strong, go through with it.

No. 140107

You’ll find a way. Remember, you’re always growing as a person, as so is your partner. Outgrowing each other or coming to realise they can’t provide what you now know you need is a part of life, not every relationship has to end badly for it to still need to end. Sometimes that’s harder for the other person to understand, but it’s more important that you end it than drag it out trying to find the right words.

No. 140357

Not sure if this is the right thread as we weren't exclusive but I'll post my predicament here anyways. I met this guy online and he was into me, I'm talking facetiming everyday for hours, texting everyday, personal conversations..etc He said he wasn't talking to anyone else, which I found a bit odd since we've never even met (due to quarantine), he was always talking about how he wants to come visit me, how he sees us being in contact with eachother for a while etc, etc and I liked the guy so I was fine with all of this, happy even. But then suddenly he gets "busy", at first it's a couple days, then a week goes by between talks, he doesn't want to call anymore.. and I'm really confused. I keep thinking I did something wrong but I don't want to seem clingy, especially since I'm not his girlfriend and I don't get any stake in how he spends his time. So I'm wondering, what should I do? Should I just cut my losses and ghost him? I'm really unsure.

No. 140402

He’s found another girl anon. I say ghost him but if you want to be clear and own it, just say something like ‘it’s been so nice to get to know you but I’ve come to realise now isn’t the time for anything romantic in my life, but thanks for the memories’ and then just let the conversation die.

No. 140405

bf and have been together a year, we love each other and I have no doubts about this, we are in lockdown separately so haven't seen each other in months.

I am a very emotional, emotionally-open person. If I feel something, I struggle to keep it in. He is the opposite, preferring not to get too vocally emotional about things. I understand this and -in normal circumstances- it doesn't affect me.

yesterday I got worked up and sent him a message gushing over missing him a lot, and he responded awkwardly. When I was like "wtf" he reminded me that he responds weirdly to stuff like that and isn't comfortable being vocally emotional. he told me that he tries not to think about missing me as the fact that we don't know when we will see each other is depressing.

I was not angry, just surprised, as when we were long distance for a couple of months last year he had no problem telling me that he missed me. When I mentioned this to him he said "I got to see you way more then".

I think he is usually more comfortable with physical affection, which for the forseeable is literally impossible. I don't want to force him to express affection in a way that makes him uncomfortable, but does anyone have any suggestions for some kind of affection alternative or compromise?

No. 140414

Hoping for some help

I just downloaded a password manager app and downloaded all my passwords from my browser. I just found a login for POF with my bfs usual username!
I tried to login but the account is gone now and I’m too stupid to figure out the wayback machine.
Does anyone know if there’s a way I can find out when the account was made and used? I just want to snoop before confronting him about it.

No. 140417

well if the account is gone there's not much snooping to be done, hte only thing i'd do is search his username in " " on google to see if anything comes up under the same username/maybe a cache of his pof profile is on there or a pic of him in images

No. 140425

Could there be a reason why I'm only attracting underachieving dudes, who are underemployed and don't even have driver's licenses?

For background on me: Late 20s, always been meaningfully employed, two degrees, have hobbies, friends, just got a brand new car, nice-but not a pushover.
Tbh aside from being fat I don't know what I'm doing to attract these types. Do all accomplished women attract these men yet the difference is I'm just not attractive enough to pull anyone better? I honestly don't get it and I'm mad because I know worse looking/less accomplished women who are in relationships where their men provide the majority of everything. I'm not even asking someone to provide everything for me, I just want someone batting in my league who I don't have to take care of like a mommy. I'm so tired of being a Bob the Builder and yet no man has ever helped me! I have no clue what I'm doing wrong or if I'm just not putting myself out there enough.

Also I feel like I'm stuck in a weird limbo ever since I broke out of a several year relationship that I keep through most of my 20s. I feel like the majority of decent men are already in committed relationships now. The other late 20s men hunting for relationships are scumbags who got broken up with/divorced, or are wanting to fuck around and break women's hearts before they turn 30 and start hitting their walls. I don't feel like the majority of men who accept dates with me view me as anyone special worth keeping, just good enough to pump and dump like the feckless cowards they turn out to be. Just leaves me feeling lonely and angry.

No. 140516

I'm completely retarded when it comes to relationship milestone timelines. Every relationship I've been in has moved super fast (saying i love you within a month, etc), but I'm dating a guy right now who is much more conservative in that sense. We've been dating for almost 3 months, I have no idea when I should expect to meet his family, exchange i love yous or any of those things

>inb4 every relationship is different!

there must be a general consensus on when these things would be considered normal to happen? i feel like i'm going crazy expecting this relationship to progress much more quickly than it is but i know that's not healthy

No. 140522

I'd like some advice anons. I just found out my boyfriend follows a lot of camwhores and ""lewd models"" on instagram, and it's been bothering me a lot. Honestly he may be one of the most attractive men I know and our interests line up perfectly, and I've been with him for a while, but this is something I just can't get over. He's also bipolar so he's often cold and distant and shows affection very rarely. How do I distance myself from him and eventually break up? I'm used to talking to him all day every day and I think that's my biggest issue.

No. 140523

why do you want to break up with him?

No. 140525

He's cold, emotionally distant, a prick and constantly compliments other women I don't even slightly resemble (I'm relatively fit and in shape, he likes chubby women and is VERY vocal about it to everyone and I can't help feeling insecure) and disinterested at his worst. At his best (which is rather rare) he's sweet and affectionate, which is what made me stay with him for the year we've been together. I know he loves me, and I've tried to explain to him why all this bothers me but he just uses the regular "that's just the way I am" or "I've been busy lately" copouts and just vanishes for a few hours or a day. It's worth to mention most of my friends hate him too, since I turn to them when he hurts me for comfort.
The camwhore thing was just the tipping point I guess.

No. 140526

why not make it a quick, clean break?

No. 140528

I guess I'm scared to do so, scared of not finding anyone as compatible or attractive. But that's the smartest thing to do, thanks anon.

No. 140538

His complete disregard for your feelings is concerning. Talk to him about it, but tbh probably break up.

No. 140589

dude. You are a fit, attractive woman. You would have men SCRAMBLING to take you out and woo you and win your heart if you put yourself out there.

If you wanted to go out and have sex TONIGHT, do you think you'd have a problem? (quarantine aside) No.

If your bf wanted to go out and have sex tonight? Highly unlikely it would happen.

Don't allow some moid to hold you back. You are highly sought after, and you have your pick of men.

No. 140618

this anon speaks the truth. don't sell yourself short anon >>140528

No. 140703

Been meaning to post this one: Recently reconnected with an old friend group and ended up hooking up with a friend who I crushed on for a long while. We continued seeing each other and hooking up but I realized that he also has a severe substance abuse problem and unresolved mental health issues, both of which he completely rejects seeing a professional for help. Unfortunately, some wires crossed in my brain and I ended up mixing attraction with genuine concern for someone I care for as a good friend and want to be there as a positive support. But the substance abuse stuff really bothered me and I had to withdraw a bit when it got too much for me to be around.

I've moved and we no longer live in the same city but we still check in on each other but I can't turn off out the part of my brain that thinks about him and if certain things were different I'd probably consider a very emotionally draining relationship with him. A healthy boundary while still trying to be a supportive friend when I've already had sex with this person seems pretty impossible at this point. I'm worried I'm fucked no matter what since there's not a good chance of things going back to the way it was before we slept together? It was never an exclusive thing, but I know we did a number on each other since it was kind of a rollercoaster event. the worst situation to sit and think about all quarantine.

No. 140716

when i was first getting to know my boyfriend he ended up rejecting me like a week later despite constant flirting and a really good connection because his ex came back in his life and claimed she wanted to start over and he told me he stilled loved her and really wanted to try again with her. Well like a few days later she ended up dumping him again. He came back to me and we started to talk again and though I was apprehensive I decided to go with it because I never felt a connection to someone like this before, we had a ton in common, similar life goals, personalities meshed well, etc. Fast forward like five months and now I'm starting to remember that time he rejected me for another girl again. Now I am starting to feel like I am just second best and that I'm scared if another girl came along that he might just drop me again. He hasn't shown me that he would do that and he seems to adore me but also apparently this is kinda normal for him to be awestrucked with any girl he dates from previous things he has said.

Am I just being dumb or was I dumb in the first place for letting this continue? Is there anyway to get past these feelings? I want to try talking to him about it but I feel like it'll seem like I'm trying to pick a fight or something because the issue is rather old. I have been rather stressed lately too so I'm not sure if this is why I'm suddenly feeling like this as well.

No. 140770

So he rejected you once when you two just met, few days later came back and then you started a relationship, am i reading it right? If he was really fresh out of that previous relationship it's normal peoples' minds are kinda clouded by post-breakup grief. He quickly realized the mistake. If after that you two started your relationship and he did nothing for you to feel insecure, I'd say this kind of past is forgivable.
This said though, you need to talk with him about it if it's lingering on your mind so much. Make sure to communicate what you're saying in this post here - that you don't want to pick a fight, but it's weighing on your mind and it would really help if you could have a moment and talk about it and move past it. Bottling up feelings like this is never good. I hope it goes well!

No. 140780

When you accepted being his second choice, you set the tone for the relationship. Dump him, he'll never respect you.

No. 140786


Major blogpost but i've been/currently am in this exact position, i was getting to know a guy over the course of a couple months in 2018, however he acted like a tard a couple times and i decided to call him out on it which resulted in him deleting my number and getting back with his ex.

Fast forward a year later, he ends up contacting me again once things hadn't worked out with his ex. He was very apologetic for his actions and said he acted out of immaturity/insecurity explaining he left me hanging the year prior for the easier/safer option of his ex. Not only this but told me he had thought about me constantly in the year we had apart (his friends vouched for this too cause he would mention me to them) and wanted to contact me but he had no trace of me after deleting my number (i dont have any social media.)

I've been with him for 5 months now after reconnecting in December and things have been going pretty well but throughout this time i have been riddled with the same doubt. Maybe i'm the second option, or the easy route for him, but every time i've had these doubts i bring it up to him and he wholehearedly explains to me that isn't the case.

Anon if he truly loves you for you, tell him exactly what you've told us and his response will give you your answers.

No. 140882

I just don't know. I have really particular standards, I want a soulmate type relationship, and I'm 28 already so I should be doing something to find a partner despite the lockdown, but online dating just doesn't do it for me. I can't really get interested in these people, and I don't know if it's incompatibility or if the medium is just wrong. Maybe if I got to know some of them as friends, I could slowly develop a crush, but in this setting I'm not sure I can.

I feel like I need to get a good idea of how caring and empathetic a person is, and this just isn't apparent when the communication is text-based. Getting a true grasp of someone's personality seems less reliable anyway if it's on a dating site. On the other hand maybe I'm really nitpicking. I've been chatting with this literal rocket scientist who seems pretty wholesome and has enough actual hobbies that he might not even be a total coomer, but now I'm getting a bit annoyed by his writing style, and
>into capeshit
>into Myers-Briggs
>watches lots of TV, including soccer and ice hockey… ahh watching sports is just such a turnoff, it should be inconsequential but I just don't like it
> mild case of Musk fanboying, I guess it's an occupational hazard in his field

Looking at all of this, it would maybe not be an issue if I got to know him normally in a friend group, but as part of the limited information I get through online convos it all feels like more grating than it is. But I can't just force myself to get interested in him either, can I? Gah, I just don't even get crushes often, I don't know how I'm ever supposed to find a relationship that leads to marriage even though I really want that.

No. 140886

just wait until after lockdown anon why do you 'need' to force yourself into likimg someone rn?

No. 140887

>musk fanboy
>sports fanboy
>probably over the age of 25

Anon this isn't a potential partner, thats a cringy manchild

Pursue someone whos interests mostly align with your own but who has variation on certain others and the soulmate bond will follow. Love at first sight or 'text' is a meme. Be rational. It won't fail you because at the very least you'd get a friend from the interactions.

No. 140889

Oh I'm not going to do that, it's just that I have really specific standards that men rarely fit. Guys who e.g. are extremely empathetic, caring and doting even in the long term, porn-free, child-free, not socially clueless, and only ever interested in long-term relationships aren't something you can just easily find in a few months. This corona shit will probably last for a while, could be a year or so until I can build a regular friend group or take up hobbies where I can meet people, and even then a guy like this won't just materialize into my social circles automatically. So it just seems reasonable to try the online route instead of doing nothing until the lockdown ends, and now it's frustrating to find I might just not get interested in people through online dating at all, or generally unless I'm friends with them for a long time.

Yeah, of course I can't just choose to be fine with those traits if I don't like them. He doesn't really seem cringey about any of that though, and has his shit together way more than most guys in their mid-to-late 20s. And tons of other interests that I actually share, so maybe I'll still see where it goes.

No. 140904

>watches lots of TV, including soccer and ice hockey… ahh watching sports is just such a turnoff, it should be inconsequential but I just don't like it
>mild case of Musk fanboying, I guess it's an occupational hazard in his field

Woah if you didn't mention the capeshit, MB, and excessive tv watching I'd think we're talking with the same person, and we're the same age so anon are you me? Lol. I feel you, I really do.
I actually voiced my disdain for Musk and sports to him yet he seemed to respect my pov (I think he even changed his mind on Musk and he doesn't bring him up when we video chat anymore). Although the sports thing I'll have to compromise with, most men never drop their precious sports. I guess I can't be too critical cause I have hobbies plenty of guys would see as useless too.
One thing I like about starting a relationship with online mediums is that it's wayyyyy easier to establish boundaries and voice dissent on things because there's less tension than there would be irl. So at least you'd have that on your side if you wanted to lay down the law if you can see yourself getting serious with the guy after covid is over. Doesn't sound like he ticks the right boxes for you in general however.

I'm like you in that I want a guy who's emotionally intelligent, hygienic, seeking commitment, communicative, and isn't a porn-addicted sleaze. I feel like the guy I'm talking to whom I met through a hobby forum checks these things, but he definitely doesn't check all my boxes either.

Anyway I don't have solid advice to give, dating has always felt like a matter of luck and a numbers game to me. I just wanted to express that you're definitely not alone in navigating these waters.

No. 140905

are you straight? why not date women?

No. 140909

I'm going through a rough patch.

Recently my bf lied multiple times about smoking. The smoking is not the problem, I understand the addiction. It's the lying and sneaking about I'm angry at.

I was starting to get over it until I found he was looking at small tits on reddit.

I asked him why and he said he didn't jerk off, he got angry at his games so it calmed him down since he can't smoke.

We have sex like once a month because of his libido so I'm furious that I get none yet he'll look at random girls?

We talked a lot yesterday and I'd like to move forward but I don't know how. And leaving will be difficult because we have 4 pets and I have nowhere to go.

No. 140910

>dating male Karen

No. 140912

> he got angry at his games
He's a liar in several areas (that you know about) already and he gets all upswet about games.. that and you have sex once a month? I think you'd be better putting your energy into finding a way out of this situation. I've stayed in not so great relationships before when I had nowhere else to go. Partners pick up on that and take advantage of it, pulling shit like "oh I wasn't looking at tits for sexual reasons, durr I just find them therapeutic!"

No. 140914

Anon I dated a liar, and if he's lying to you about smoking then he's lying to you about what he's actually doing online too. It's no coincidence that your sex life is in the toilet while he's looking at tits on reddit. He doesn't respect you, and he figures he can keep you on the hook if he keeps lying. Don't date liars, they never change, they just learn how to cover themselves better.

No. 140915

File: 1591114424605.jpg (47.07 KB, 480x480, P6.jpg)

You know what to do, anon.

No. 140928

>I- I swear anon, I look at tits to cope.

No. 141162

I need help. I want to break up with my boyfriend because he just doesn't make me happy and hurts me too much. I feel like he and I are too different. I just don't think this relationship is worth trying for anymore.

But, I have tried to break up with him before, I think a month or so ago, and he freaked out. We are in a LDR at the moment (cringey, I know) so the breakup was over discord (pls don't laugh.) I broke up with him, blocked him, removed him as a friend, all of that. I didn't know that even after someone blocks you, you can edit your messages and they can see. He edited the last message he sent before I blocked him into this really long emotional paragraph. Then he asked all of our mutual friends to message me telling me to unblock him, or telling me that he'll change for the better or whatever, begging for me to just talk to him. I forgot to block his second account, so he messaged me on that, I told him to leave me alone, and blocked him on that. THEN he made another new account, tried to add me, I declined. So he asked a mutual friend to start a group chat with us, the mutual friend left, and he messaged me through there. He even tried to get my attention on fucking R9k and said that even if I never talk to him again, he'll come to my house and force this relationship to work. I don't know if that was just an empty threat or what. I know this sounds very dramatic and excessive, because it is. I gave him another chance because I'm a retard, but things just aren't working out. I know that I don't want to be with him and I can't ignore these signs that we should not be together anymore. I have no idea how to break up with him, though. I really don't want to have to go through that whole drama of him being obsessively clingy again. I know it's just online but I don't want to have to change discords just because of him. Help. Pls.

No. 141164

Jeez, that sounds stressful. Really all you can do is to put your foot down and tell him that it's over and that you will never be together again. I'd also advice making a new discord, deleting your old one, and only giving people you trust your new discord so he has no possible way to contact you again. Does he have any personal info of yours like your address or phone number?

No. 141165

>He even tried to get my attention on fucking R9k and said that even if I never talk to him again, he'll come to my house and force this relationship to work.
He's mental and will never change. If you can't follow through with cutting him off then buckle up. Because this is what the rollercoaster of your relationship will be like especially when you argue. He'll flee to a shithole like r9k to either attention-seek or get revenge at your expense.
When you say you block, you need to also not respond when he makes a new account. You may need to delete your current accounts and get new ones if he persists. Also tell your "friends" that you're no longer communicating with him and that you'd appreciate it if they didn't relay his messages. You don't want to know. If these "friends" continue to do this to you then they are not your friends, they are his friends(or love causing your drama at best), and you need to block them too.

He will eventually tire himself and go away, is he on the spectrum?

No. 141166

> said that even if I never talk to him again, he'll come to my house and force this relationship to work
Dude really needs to learn that harassing a woman doesn't equal a relationship. Him using triangulation is a major red flag too, getting other people involved to 'take his side'

All you can do is stick to your word this time. Absolutely no turning around and giving in to him. Use very final terms in telling him it's over and then make yourself as unreachable as you can.

No. 141167

I'm sorry you're in that situation. I think what you did the first time was good.
If I were you I would block him & all that shit again but put your foot down with your friends. Whenever they bring him up I would tell them you don't wanna talk about him. if they keep bringing him up or being persistent, take some time off discord/their servers. I've been threatened by my exes as well but the chance of them following through with their threats is incredibly low. So what if he comes to your house? Call the cops. The faster you get this over with, the sooner your freedom comes.

No. 141168

He has both my address and number, but he can't message my number for some reason. I don't want to have to get a new discord, because I've had this one for quite a while. As cringey as it sounds, I have memories attached with this one, you know? Sometimes I like reading through old chats with friends.

Sometimes I think he may be on the spectrum, but I don't like to assume. He's not very compassionate, and he's quite self-absorbed. He even admits that himself.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever feel truly unreachable to him because he knows everything about me and where to contact me. Heh, if he's desperate enough he may even try to contact me through fucking lolcow. It would suck if I had to change which websites I browse just because of him. I guess I could always just not respond, but I know he'd know I'd see them.

Thank you for responding anons!

No. 141169

Ignoring him is making yourself unreachable. Leaving the emails and messages unread or sticking to just never responding to a word he says is remaining unreachable.

No. 141183

I literally can't find anything similar to this in internet searches, this is something pretty gross and fucked up that happened to me so..I've been with this guy for almost 2 years now that i really love and we've gone through a lot already, now currently drifting apart and both trying to make it work. So the first time he told me that he's bi or more specifically being "into large dicks" was when he was shitfaced drunk early on into us dating. He never talks about guys or being gay ever since then except for a few times only when drunk. The other day I found 2 rotten disgusting moldy cucumbers (he is a very messy lazy person when it comes to cleaning up, room/car is constantly filled w trash everywhere) in his nightstand as I was cleaning up. When I realized what it was and what i found on one, I was appalled and then told him about it that there was just rotten cucumbers with mold all over them in there. He was like "oh yeah I've been meaning to clean those out" and kinda turned red just looking at his phone. I want him to admit to me what he was doing with them. Should I ask? I'm pretty sure he never talks about him liking gay shit because he's ashamed and tbh I am disappointed that he is into guys or whatever. But I do stuff to his ass every now and then without him asking I guess he needs more ugh. I just wish he was honest about it at least and wish above everything else that he would clean up and especially something like that..

No. 141184

I've been with a guy who was into that stuff before. He wasn't secretive about it though. He liked large objects and fists, alot of the time men into that do escalate to stupidly large insertions. What you really need to figure out is whether that is going to be too much of a turn off for you. Think of the long term.

If you are willing to persue that play with him I'm sure he'd jump at the chance but as someones who has been there.. really carefully consider if you're truly ok with it. It's not the kind of thing you want to do just to please him or to be a cool gf, it'll ruin your attraction to him if you force it. I did stuff to please my guy and I now have memories of a man full on shitting on my hand! And I really struggle to feel any attraction to men even two years after dumping him. If your guy is messy enough to leave those cucumbers to just rot in his room then his 'hygiene around play' sounds awful already.

If you choose not to partake in this play then you'll constantly worry about him finding that elsewhere (with men) and bringing home STDs to you. It's a lose-lose situation tbh. There's a very good reason why most women would consider him a write off.

No. 141185

Your boyfriend sounds disgusting. How can a grown man forget about the cucumbers he stuck into his ass to the point that they start to rot and grow mold? Good luck living with someone like that

No. 141188

I know it’s really awful. I don’t get it at all but his mom has a bit of a hoarding garbage house so since childhood he’s learned to just throw stuff on the ground and walk away. Idk which is more of a problem to me

No. 141189

It is not his mothers fault that he leaves literal ass fucking cucumbers laying around, stop making excuses for a grown man by thinking that's somehow relevant.

Your guy is one layer of nasty piled on top of another.

No. 141190


Love yourself, >>141188 . Find someone better. His behaviour is creepy and disgusting as fuck.

No. 141191

Anon i wanted to believe you were taking the piss but i know you're not. Agreed with >>141184, there's a lot of men who "have kinks" but they don't know anything about hygiene, psychological effects of it, literally anything outside of "hehe feel gud" whereas I think women spend time wondering why and exploring it differently. He could have gone into any sex shop but he chose to not only use cucumbers but let them rot with god knows what on them. Get out kek

No. 141197

Barring all the gay shit, if you go further in this relationship and he moves in with you, you'll be the one stuck cleaning up his ass-cucs and vehicle trash. He sounds immature in general, you'll be picking up after his manbaby ass because it sounds like he has major trauma that prevents him from being cleanly that isn't gonna change just cause you'll be upset. Save yourself the trouble.

No. 141201

How do I tell my boyfriend nicely that if he doesn't get his shit together, man up and actually stand up to his shitty parents that I'm going to leave him. I'm tired of coddling him and seeing him cry real tears about some verbally abusive shit his mom said to him, when he should be defending himself. I'll always listen to him vent but he just refuses to do anything about it other than tolerate it. He wants to elope with me when all it fucking takes is him telling them that he's moving out and then leaving. He's not running away anymore, he's just moving out.

He's an adult man, he's more than capable of making his own decisions. It's not like he's doing it alone and he's not a NEET either. He has me and other friends to stay with but he just chooses to stay stuck with them.

No. 141202

Sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having taking care of this literal child, soothing and shushing him while his parents are gone fucking kek. Chalk this one up as a loss and be more emotionally distant at the start of relationships so they can't meme you into enabling them acting like children

No. 141207

Have you ever tried talking to him about this before?

No. 141213

My ex was in the closet and a abusive asshole. It's changed how I view every relationship i've been in since.
I don't take much shit and I don't let many red flags go by.
I was telling my new bf about it, I was very emotional it's a long..long story, that I've never told anyone up until him. He started nitpicking me and focusing on a small part of the story.
I love him, he's the first person in a long time that I don't just want to walk away from.
I don't know what to do. It feels like he's taking my ex's side and it hurts, because he's taking the side of someone who lied and was very abusive towards me, it's like he can't get past his own beliefs and he's not even caring about anything i'm saying.
He does not want to see things my way or even attempt to sympathize. He's so hyper focused on one part of my statement that it turned into my views on that issue and now he's telling me, "i don't see you the same"

I want to walk but I really do like him, i've liked a lot of men and walked but with him i know it's something different.

No. 141231

you need to actually tell us what that part of the story is. context matters.

No. 141232

right? like hey this thing is huge, it's a roadblock in my relationship, i'm not going to talk about it but how do i get past it fucking what

No. 141238

File: 1591420686104.jpg (11.99 KB, 275x268, mantal.jpg)


No. 141248

File: 1591429076543.jpg (182.73 KB, 1799x626, So my ex was a meth head.jpg)

No. 141250

Well, turns out your bf is a brainlet who lacks critical thinking, cares more about male feelings than that of his own gf, and also thinks he, a man, has the right to talk over a woman in regards to what defines a woman. Red flags abound.

No. 141252

Also kek like even if i was a retard troonloving brainlet i'd still push it aside if it was clear it was very interwoven with experiences that have brought great sorrow to my girlfriend and yet he's doing this. he's really "i'm right, you're wrong, i'm a man and this is how you do it"ing a deep personal issue you took a while to tell him. not to immediately reach for the dump him meme but this is blatant disrespect

No. 141253

Your boyfriend sounds like a piece of shit. If I opened up to the person I should trust the most in the world about past abuse and he was defending my abuser I'd immediately gtfo. It's inexcusable to belittle your abuse just to defend someones fetish. Makes me wonder if he's so hellbent on defending that shit because he also fetishizes trans women.
What you need to ask yourself is: "Am I going to get over my bf defending my abuser after I opened up about such a heavy topic for the first time? Will I be alright with him doing it again in the future? Am I ok with him having such wildly different opinions from myself, going so far as to push them on me when I'm emotionally vulnerable?"

No. 141256

Sounds like he takes it weirdly personal.

No. 141257

Kek, i'd love to know what horse anon's boyfriend ends up having in this race but the reaction image scared her away.

No. 141263

>you are saying that trans women are not women
Watch out anon, sounds like this guy watches the tranny porn too and doesn't know how to cope with the fact that he might be bisexual. Regardless, do you really want to date a man with no grasp on basic biology?
I've dated men who are more than happy to be polite to trannies at face value like using their suggested pronouns in public so as to not be assholes, but they know they are not women.

It's also super telling that this idiot put your abuse on the backburner of the situation so he could defend his precious trannies, why would you want to date someone who isn't going to defend you if it meant protecting men who pretend they're women? Insta-dump.

No. 141266

I love lolcow like of course a tipsy anon came in to talk about her boyfriend prioritising troons over abuse and of course there's a general tinfoil that he wishes he could troon out himself this is so perfect kek

No. 141267

Lmao anon, speculating that he wants to fuck trannies and gets mad when people threaten his masculinity by calling trans women men =/= thinking he wants to troon himself.

No. 141269

and of course the infights kick off from me making a comment about my perception of troon sperging. peak lolcow

No. 141271

Well you quoted me specifically and I wanted to clarify because that is not what I said. In fact none of the replies mentioned that OP's bf wanted to troon out so it was just a sperg thing for you to have said in general. You do you boo.

No. 141272

>a sperg thing
>You do you boo.
what did she mean by this

No. 141282

What's the etiquette on texting people from OLD before you meet up?

I matched with a cute guy off of tinder. He's probably the cutest guy I've matched with but he seems to want to text a lot. Like sending me good morning/good night texts too. It comes off as clingy to me because I haven't met him at all.

Also I have no idea what to text him about. I don't feel like bringing up anything too deep or personal.

No. 141285

Sorry for replying so late, I slept for like 13 hours and forgot to check the thread.

I've talked to him about it a couple times before in the nicest way I could. He always finds an excuse saying that his parents wouldn't allow it, but he's 21 years old, he doesn't need their permission anymore.

I think I asked him once to ask his parents about something he did actually need permission to do and he called me a nag after I had to remind him a few times because he refused to ask for several days.

Kind of done with him and don't know what to do. I've just been too nice and I need to be firmer but I don't know how to do that without sounding like a bitch. I think if I do bring in that ultimatum that he'll wake up and actually see that he's acting like a child.

No. 141286

Kek, the way you're saying it makes it feel like you're trying to fuck a 9 yo who's afraid to get cooties.
He's find a way if he wanted it, stop chasing him now, for your own sake.

No. 141287

A lot of younger men on tinder are like this because popular culture and twitter meme shit has glamorized being clingy and many normie women expect gn/gm texts even before the actual relationship starts. I think it's annoying but you should consider it a compliment, it's probably what he thinks you want. Don't feel obligated to carry on if it's overwhelming, though. There are always other attractive men on tinder.

No. 141288

He's not younger. He's actually two years older than me. I guess he's bored/lonely from quarantine.

No. 141290

Gross. At least he didn't put the cucumbers back in the fridge to pretend nothing happened. Or maybe he has before. Dump him.

No. 141291

Fuck me, the first time I read it I skipped the gay thing and tought he would get the center off them and fuck them, like organic fleshlights, and was like damn, that's fancy.

No. 141292

so I'm that anon who wrote that HUGE novel, and YES the reaction image did scare me off last night. I was emotional (drunk) and talking about this was something huge to me to do, not only to him but online.

Thank you to everyone (and even the person who ninja'd it) who responded.

Basically, I feel I should walk. I love him, but I think I should go with my gut.
I talked to him today, things aren't better. I don't think he's a tranny chaser or anything, but even when talking to a male friend of mines about it, he told me chances are he's just some super ultra woke bro or he may be telling on himself.
Then coming here, I feel like i should go with my common sense and not my heart.

I love him, but..I can't see myself getting past this. Everything points to a bad road. I tried to explain to him that I don't care what he thinks about trans women, my main issue is that he's focusing SO hard on that.

To the point he's even defending my abuse. I do want to ask him if maybe he's taking it personally because it IS personal, but I don't know.

I like closure, If we can sit down and both talk again, say our points clearly and somehow we can understand eachother then MAYBE, but if not I hope we can do that and move the fuck on.

No. 141294

File: 1591469135266.jpg (138.3 KB, 1300x865, 85157827-happy-free-time-with-…)

Be free, anon. You'll end up finding a man that doesn't want to fuck a troon (eventually, after going through a lot of them).
I'm cheering for you.

No. 141297

‘ a lot of them ‘
How many men want to fuck transgenders? This is a genuine question lol, is it a common thing. I’ve never met a man irl who wasn’t anything but disgusted by trans women.

No. 141298

File: 1591472684948.gif (2.52 MB, 800x450, c2763106fae32740cfaea638300242…)

I'm rooting for you anon, you deserve better and you will find better

No. 141305

Ninjanon, sorry for my reaction image but i'd like to feel me reposting it wasn't out of complete nastiness, i sort of wanted it to be seen, i'm glad i didn't upset you too badly and happy you got the good and actually helpful responses you deserved. Don't even walk, strut at this stage. Give updates kek

No. 141308

Yeah, they'll all say that until you catch them red-handed with their dick out to some tranny loli porn.

Men get pornsick easily. Wanting to fuck troon steams from pornsickness.
So, if you uncover the treasure trove of a man not watching porn, yes, you get a good chance to haveone whose not a secret tranny chaser. But good luck on that, coomers are everywhere these days.

No. 141310

it's okay, i'm happy you reposted it.

I used to think it was common, but on the internet it makes you think things are bigger then they are. I also think it's the TYPE of guy I date.
My ex was an ex-bodybuilder from what a friend said a lot of those guys, are into trannies, but a lot of those guys are angry roid monsters.

Right now I'm just adding more red flags to my collection. I'm bisexual but I never seriously dated a woman, maybe that's my problem.

but before I worry about anything, I'm going to handle this situation. We plan on meeting tonight to talk.

No. 141311

File: 1591482768845.jpg (182.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Dude, you got enough red flag laying around to decorate your own float at the tranny parade. Ain't that neat?

No. 141331

i OD’d yesterday because my ex, who i adore more than anything, keeps posting outing me as an abuser after we broke up.

we both did bad shit to each other. he has blocked me everywhere and keeps hacking my icloud, emails and google docs.

i ODd because i miss him so much and it hurts that he keeps posting about me, saying he wishes me harm and stuff. i’m in so much pain.

i just want his friendship, my life is worthless without him.

No. 141348

You're being pathetic, bpd-chan. Are you really going to kys because of some asshole scrote when there's plenty of actually good guys out there?
doubt kek

No. 141349

i have the unhealthy habit of controlling my bf especially when he is partying without me, i call him and text him wanting to know when he'll get home and get mad when he doesn't come and he blames me very hard for that kind of behaviour and yesterday i was out without him for the first time in our 2yr relatonship (i have no friends kek) and he was waiting for me at home and constantly texted me, basically a complete role shift between us and i feel bad because i enjoyed it so much. finally being in control and making him feel what i had to feel everytime when he was away and didn't give a shit about me. pls attack me for my unhealthy relationship

No. 141350

How do you know for certain when it's time for a relationship to end?
I've been really hesitant on breaking up with my boyfriend. I keep flipping between 'it's for the best for both of us, I can't do this anymore, it's not worth it' and 'I don't want him to be upset or lonely, I'll feel guilty for leaving, what if things get better?' et cetera. It's not easy to make up your mind when it involves another person and i know he doesn't want to break up.

No. 141352

Tbh, in my experience, once you're constantly thinking about breaking up the relationship is basically over anyway.
It's not your responsibility to keep him from feeling sad, but it IS your responsibility to make yourself happy. Break ups suck but he will get over it eventually.

No. 141354

> How do you know for certain when it's time for a relationship to end?
> I can't do this anymore
That last sentence is how you know. There's usually no bouncing back from that point. And if guilt is the main thing keeping you there then you're really only dragging things out.

No. 141356

Nothing says it’s over quite like “guilt and wistful thinking are the only things keeping us together”

No. 141361

You guys should break up, this is a recipe for disaster.

No. 141374

I'm this anon and I just wanted to talk about what happened.
So basically, we sat down and the conversation started horribly.He was basically saying TRA talking points, even asking me would I knowingly date a trans-attracted guy again.
I said no. I asked if he was trans-attracted, he said he was open to it and told me, "The way you feel hurts all women, but especially transwomen and men" then said some other bullshit.
I stopped listening because I knew that his attraction to transwomen and not being seen gay for it, was more important than how I felt.

he broke it off with me before i could say it but I was going to break up with him anyway,I'm not really hurt by it. Happy I found out now instead of later.

It's funny because my homegirl called me an hour later, saying he called talking shit about how I was "Transphobic and homophobic". I'm over it and him.

No. 141375

>"Hurts all women"
good to hear you're not blaming yourself for him being retarded and kek again at him trying to pretend like him defending his pweshis trannies is feminism. He called trying to cancel you to your homegirl lmfao. What an absolute retard

No. 141377

Wow, what a load of bullshit. Good fucking riddance.

Be careful next time you date and make sure you bring feelings about troons at the very start of the relationship (or even before) so you won't find yourself with a tranny chaser on your hands yet again.
Good luck.

No. 141394

Good for him.
He was dating a transphobic asshole from what I gathered from your post.

No. 141400

The lengths pornsick homophobes will go to to defend their fap material, omg. Bullet fucking dodged though I'm sorry it turned out like this anon, shit sucks.

No. 141401

Shut the fuck up

No. 141402

Anon are you lost? Learn to integrate before posting

No. 141405

This has been a rollercoaster and I am glad you dodged a huge bullet sis

No. 141411

After more than a year together, my still has to ask to verify my birthday (we have celebrated one together) and doesn't know how to spell or pronounce my last name. He just pronounces it the way he wants to (a butchered attempt at the original pronunciation before it was Americanized) and he asks me how to spell it every time. He won't even try to learn and said I was overreacting last time he asked me and I said he should know by now. It's not a crazy hard name. Its 6 letters for fucks sake it's just European and foreign sounding. My friends can spell it. Why can't he? He isn't dyslexic. He has no excuse. I asked him today how to spell my name when he said it right FOR THE FIRST TIME and he said "I'm not playing this fucking game."

Am I wrong in feeling pissed off about it? I know his fucking birthday and how to say his also foreign name. What the actual fuck are men.

No. 141412

Honestly i also have a name that you have to adopt an accent to to pronounce correctly but do you expect him to put the voice on for your last name
But the spelling is ridiculous even for barely friends i always go out of my way to memorise spelling and pronounciation, feels like basic respect. 6 letters? Fuck lol stop letting him fuck you

No. 141413

The dumb thing is my name is americanized. You CAN pronounce it the authentic way but I say it the easier American way as does my family. He tries to fancy it up and add extra sounds to make it sound more foreign. Pisses my shit off lol

No. 141414

Ayrt him not making the effort is just him disrespecting you, i have let the "MAKE THEM SAY IT RIGHT!" of my youth slip and let the americanised name be fine and mostly use it myself now but him fancying it up it's just literally disrespect is the only way to describe it

No. 141415

That's what I thought. The lack of effort is astounding. I'd be embarrassed if I didn't know how to write his name after a month let alone a year…it makes me so angry that he thinks its some kind of game I am playing.

No. 141416

He doesn't actually think you're playing a game, this is just men making you feel crazy/pretending you're acting crazy as they usually do. Very very bad trait

No. 141424

Next time he mispronounces it, correct him and make him repeat it back. Tell him to only pronounce it that way from now on. If he persists, he's just being a shithead.

No. 141482

My work closed because of the pandemic. Luckily I’m in Canada so the government support was enough to keep me afloat, and now I’m back to work. In prep for that (since I’ll be losing my govt money and only working PT) I counted my cash stash that I keep for emergencies. It was… a lot more money than it should’ve been. Did maths, it was pretty much over $50/week since I stopped working. Bf never stopped working and has a MUCH higher paying job (I work customer service, he’s a scientist so like 3x as much). Pretty obvious that he put the money there, he’s the only person that’s been to my apt since the pandemic started. Am I a total tard for feeling like a cheap whore because of this? He doesn’t know I noticed it. We don’t live together so it’s not like it’ll be going towards shared expenses. But I really can’t help but feel like a sugaring NEET whore even though we’ve been together for years. Doesn’t help that the money is in the bedroom kek. Should I bring it up? Put it back in his wallet? Shut the fuck up and take the money?

No. 141496

Just take the money. I would kill to date someone who isn't a cheap bastard. He cares about you, left some money secretly because he probably knew you'd refuse it if he offered. He sounds like a catch.

No. 141515

Yeah, I'm sorry but controlling your partner that way is abuse. Stop doing it or you're unlikely to get any sympathy should any man do the same thing to you.

No. 141520

get help and/or work on yourself for your own sake before you ruin your relationship beyond repair

you're not a sugaring neet whore because your boyfriend decided on his own to silently help you out. Be thankful you have a boyfriend who cares for you like that, that's rare tbh. Like >>141496 said, he sounds like a catch. Maybe do something extra nice for him later to thank him or something so he knows you appreceite it/him

No. 141538

This. I think the best thing you could do would be to make sure you keep that money in savings for a rainy day. If you ever get to the point where you are living together, the money will be coming back to him in a way.

No. 141552

Thanks ladies, you helped me to see things from his perspective and get my head out of my ass lol. He is definitely a catch. >>141538 I love that idea of saving it and using it on shared things in the future. I think I’ll do that!

No. 141563

File: 1591780432014.jpg (25.04 KB, 720x711, welp.jpg)

I talked to my boyfriend on the phone two days ago and he admitted he looked at a woman's ass for like three seconds while he went bike riding. He sounded like he was sorry. Should I be relieved he was at least honest about it?

No. 141565

Kek. Be glad he's not chasing troons. This is fucking nothing.

No. 141568

Lol anon that’s honestly pretty sweet. Not only did he tell you, I assume he’s never done this before when he’s actually with you either. Let me tell you there are guys out there that will outright leer at other girls while wrapping their arm around your waist, your boyfriend seems to respect you a WHOLE lot to confess like that. I want a boyfriend like that.

No. 141586

Even respectful/faithful people notice the odd bit of eye candy, but telling you about it afterwards is odd. I guess it's sweet if he felt bad about it but talking to you about other womans asses.. will only lead to insecurity and arguments if he makes a habit of telling you. Some things don't need to be shared.

No. 141587

Agreed. Sometimes the mind just kinda wanders and you don't realize you're staring at someone, but that doesn't make anyone a bad person or a cheater lol. I catch myself looking at cute women sometimes even though I'm very faithful to my boyfriend. Just because someone's in a relationship doesn't mean they can't appreciate an attractive strangers body that's in front of them for a few seconds, that's just kind of human nature tbh. As long as it's really just a few seconds out of 24 hours in a day it's harmless in my opinion

No. 141589

Okay, here is a bit of a rant. But I need to vent. Maybe if someone has similar experiences they can help me?

So I recently decided that I’m gonna stop giving my boyfriend blowjobs. He always keeps asking me about it, and I’m always trying to change the topic.

He is away for work in another town now, but the next time he asks me, I’ll straight up tell him “no more”.

The fact is, he hasn’t deserved it. He’s literally NEVER made me cum, and he doesn’t really wanna go down on me. I’m not angry at him, and I do love him.
I’m just SO tired of always having to please him, while getting nothing in return.

Giving blowjobs is fucking tiresome and nasty. Dick doesn’t taste good, and I don’t like having something down my throat. They say vagina smells bad, but have they ever smelled themselves after a long day ahhah?

I also hate when men (my BF included) expect us to teach them everything about sex with women. They’ve probably spend hours upon hours watching porn, but have never found time to look at actual sources on how to give women orgasms?

So yeah. Sorry for my long ass rant, but he’s not getting any more BJs until he deserves it.

No. 141590

He's never made you cum??? How long have you guys been together? Jesus lol

No. 141591

I’ve been together for about 7 or 8 months. I’ve tried explaining what he can do to make me cum. But at this point when he asks I literally just want to tell him to pull up google and find out for himself.

No. 141592

power to you anon. If it won't cause your BF to flip out, I'd say go ahead and admit to him when he inevitably asks you why you aren't, that you will when he gives you an orgasm. Watch the look on his face lol

No. 141593

He sounds lazy and selfish as hell. Yikes.

No. 141594

Thank you! Luckily I don’t think he’s gonna flip out. Probably get more sad and disappointed over himself. Unless I’ll end up seeing new, different side of him.

No. 141599

good for you for standing your ground anon, hopefully it'll be an insentive for him to fix his lazy attitude

No. 141603

When I was younger I spent 3 years with a guy who didn't make me come even once.. but he got bjs most nights and had no problem 'playfully' complaining if I went a few days without blowing him… in my experience no amount of demanding an orgasm will make up for the fact that he deep down doesn't give a fuck about your orgasm. He is not enthusiastic about making you come, if he was then he would be doing it already!

Glad you're tackling the issue anon. If he's made it 7/8 months without caring about your orgasm he's unlikely to suddenly become an amazing and considerate lover with coaching. You can teach a man technique but you shouldn't have to teach a man to simply care about your pleasure full stop. That's a very bad sign.

No. 141606

Wow… thats sad.. I hope you found some that actually treats you right in that way.

I hope that my BF will end up getting better, or at least nagging for blowjobs. And I hope that men will stop believing that their dick is holy.

No. 141607

You guys have been together for 8 months and he has never cared enough to make you orgasm but demands blowjobs on the daily. Selfish guys like him don't change lol.

No. 141615

Agree with >>141607 even if you were to sweep 8 whole months of him being a selfish lover under the carpet.. men like that don't change. You'd have to nag him and even then he'll half-try and then return to not bothering again. If he cares this little about your sexual pleasure there is no way he values you.

No. 141673

What should I do if I'm jealous of my boyfriend? Dumb question, I know. He has a friendship group full of people who like him and he can go to whenever, he lives in a nice neighbourhood, his mother cares a lot about him, et cetera. I don't like his friends and I don't think they like me either, but I'm still jealous that he has that. We've talked about this and he told me he wouldn't talk about his friends around me anymore because he knows how it makes me feel but he still mentions them from time to time and, I don't know, I just feel insanely jealous. It's so unfair. I'm not mad at him or his friends of course, I just really envy that he has the things he has.

No. 141683

Anon don't take this the wrong way but you really need to work on getting your own friends. You're lonely. Guarantee you wouldn't give a fuck about him hanging with his friends if you had your own to hit up. Like I know how you feel but it's the only reasonable and mature solution. Unless you have a hobby you could do solo that would occupy your mind instead or something.

No. 141684


op again, sage for not advice question but I just wanted to say thank you again to the anons who helped me with coming to terms with my now ex and how terrible he was. I broke up just under a month ago and I have felt so much happier in myself, meanwhile he is miserable and angry that I'm out of his grasp and absolutely nothing he has tried to pull will get me back. Absolutely wonderful and your girl has a date after lockdown with someone who is so appreciative and down to earth!

looking back idk why I stayed for so many months, he never made me cum, just cry.


you're doing the right thing anon, don't let him be so selfish.

No. 141693

Does he really plan a future with you where he keeps you and his friends totally separate and he never mentions them to you? I mean it's healthy to each have your own friendship groups but if there's such an extreme separation between you and them how do you two progress in the future? Usually you blend a little bit, I know this is getting way ahead but if you two had a major event to celebrate these are the people who'd be invited to your party/wedding/dinner.

No. 141694

How is he separating them though, anon said she doesn't like his friends? Sometimes it's good to have separate friend groups anyway, it's weird when couples want to enmesh themselves into every single facet of each other's lives.

No. 141695

Could you update us? I'm really curious to see how it went down (no pun intended) between you two.

No. 141703

Yes I will! He is coming to my town tomorrow, so I’ll update you when its gone down.

No. 141704

I obviously meant that she is the one doing the separating but he's agreeing to go along with it by not mentioning them around her.

9 times out of 10 my husband meets his friends without me tagging along, but with events like our wedding and certain parties you all come together so it really helps to stay civil and somewhat up to date on how his friends are if you have plans to be together long term.

No. 141726

File: 1591942691468.jpeg (298.96 KB, 2048x1536, 690D9D47-4364-4E68-8F47-F4A08F…)

I’m sick. So today he told me he looked at a woman in a tight dress while he was in the lobby of his apartment. I told him I wasn’t mad at him, but then he told me he had a talk with his mom and she told him that it was normal to look just don’t be gawking at anyone. She even said that sometimes she looks, too. And something about the tone in his voice when he said that… Sort of like a ‘heh my mom says it’s okay,’ which I didn’t like. These couple of times aren’t the first which is why it’s bothering me now. It’s funny though because I don’t care if he watches porn because it’s usually 2D anyway, buuuuut this hurts. Am I being too sensitive?

No. 141728

No, you're not being sensitive. Either he enjoys making you feel jealous or is incompetent enough to ask his mother about this and tell you he asked her, ffs. Tell him to stop being a cumbrain and refrain from telling you he's looking at other women if he can't stop leering. If this escalates or continues consider leaving him!

No. 141730

This is such weird behaviour from your bf. It’s one thing to sneak a glance at an attractive woman, that’s human nature- what is NOT normal is his new need to inform you every time he checks out another woman. Maybe anime is rotting his brain so he thinks this type of behaviour is normal. Also, it’s very weird to teach your son that checking out women is okay, it’s just a strange conversation to even have with your child.

No. 141733

Be wary of momma boys. Not men respecting and loving their mothers but men who do that kind of shit and expect you to treat them like their mom.
Tell him to cut out that shit, you're not his mom and you won't enable that behaviour.

No. 141739

I replied to your first post pretty much saying that people do look at eye candy but telling you all about it is the weird part. Again he's shooting himself in the foot if he thinks telling you this is appropriate.

TBH he sounds so socially retarded that I would dump him rather than have to explain such basic dating etiquette to him.

No. 141740

Sounds like he's rubbing it in her face to get a jealousy response out of her

No. 141741


my abusive ex was like this, would make all this effort to look cute for him and he'd spend the entire day 360ing his head and fully gawking at other girls, I'll never forget the awkward train ride we shared on our first date where he full on ogled and spied over the shoulder of this latina girl and smirked at her while he checked her out and she looked at me as if to say yikes, anon is right.


actually now I'm not sure? It sounds like he's trying to neg you, make you jealous. Try doing it back and hold your forehead as you feign false remorse that the guy at the gym's abs nearly made you faint…..but it's OKAY right?

No. 141742

So I am mostly venting right now. I met a nice guy, we got to know each other and I told him I'm sorta interested in kink. Which is true, I fantasize about it but never seriously considered making those fantasies a reality. Turns out he is super into kink and now every time things heat up he tries to push me to do stuff. It mostly makes me uneasy. I got spanked for the first time in my life and I basically hated it. Turns out real pain doesn't feel as sexy as it looks.

I'm realizing I will probably have to break things off with him since it feels like I put completely wrong expectations into his head. It was probably stupid of me to tell a guy about my intimate fantasies so early on. Never making that mistake again…

No. 141749

>"Oh bf, I have something to confess as well. Today I saw this guy about 6'3 and had the glutes gifted from the gods. I couldn't help but glance!"
I'd fight fire with fire every time he brings up other women around you, make sure you make the men as attractive and as opposite from how your bf is as possible. How would he feel? Sorry but at best he's trying to get you to react jealously and it's immature. Btw if he's telling the truth about fraternizing with his mom over other women he gawks at, be prepared to have nightmare tier triangulation if she's set to be your in-law. Any decent mother would have scolded her son for that behavior, or at the very least not enabled it. Lots of abusive men are enabled by shit mothers, and btw he doesn't have to be hitting you to be emotionally manipulative and abusive.

No. 141751

I can't handle running into porn anymore. Random reddit searches for words always bring up nudes or sex stories, and my heart sinks. I get so angry for hours afterwards, and don't want to touch my boyfriend.
He's been stressed at work recently and our sex life plummeted. It wasn't enough for me before the pandemic, either. I keep trying to initiate, and each time I feel worse. At night, he'll sometimes go soft in the middle and say he wants to sleep. I play it cool and say sweet things and that it's okay, because I know that digging that hole will do no good.
Why do men think porn has ANY type of good impact on anyone's life? It makes them shit in bed, and it harms women.

No. 141758

I would dump him on sight, or do as >>141749 says.

Make him feel how you feel. Please know your worth. Don’t settle for an asshole like that. I’d totally leave him if he continued like that.

No. 141759

Is your boyfriend an avid porn watched?

No. 141761

Do you know that porn is actually the issue? You said yourself that he's stressed from work and needs to sleep. Stress from work and a lack of sleep are two pretty common reasons why men lose experience a dip in libido.

I had a similar issue with an ex and the problem was that I initiated sex late at night. By initiating it earlier in the evening he could enjoy it more without worrying about being exhausted the next day. Do you notice any improvement when he has time off work?

No. 141762

It's not going to get better and this is just going to destroy your self-confidence. Been there, he isn't interested in a healthy sex life and never will be no matter how understanding you are.

No. 141764

Nayrt but ime what anon is describing is a dead giveaway of a pornsick bf imo, guys try to hide it and pass it off but this is always it

No. 141766

Yeah I wanted more detail because she didn't say whether she's caught him with porn. If the issue is work stress they at least stand a better chance of working through the issue, if it's pornsickness.. not so much.

No. 141768

Why'd you bring up porn anon? Is it because you've caught him watching some, or do you just get mad because it reminds you of your dead bedroom?
If it's the latter then you need to have a frank discussion about your sex life with him. Like what the prognosis of your relationship will be if you can't work it out. You really need to let him know how him not initiating or pursuing you is making you feel. Give him a chance to fix it, but if he refuses/can't/shifts blame, then seek greener pastures. Many men out there are sexually giving without their women having to beg for it.

If it's the former, then bad news anon. My long term ex pulled the "WAH IM SO TIRED AND STRESSED FROM WORK," as an excuse when I pointed out how he no longer initiated with me–that's after his blaming me for not initiating failed to land and when I pointed out I had a stressful job too (ftr: I worked at a high volume call center where I was screamed at all day, whereas he was a bartender with not much load and stayed out until 2-3am after shifts to drink more). Later on I caught him red handed: When I had to use his chromebook to print something. I checked his history, and he had been going to camgirls throughout the entirety of our dead bedroom. I confronted him about it but all he did was try to remember to delete his history so that when I'd check back on that laptop again I'd find relatively little evidence of his betrayal. Same thing happened when I caught him in a lie on his phone, he just proceeded to password protect it. I also found his google map history which showed him taking Ubers to bar hop after his shift before he returned home. Talking didn't work, he just found a way to turn these problems around on me and whined about his violated privacy. It just set me up to take more blame because men like this NEVER want to admit they're pieces of shit. Because changing their attitudes and working on their relationships would be too much hard work and all they chase is the dopamine hit of instant gratification. If he's a comer, leave. You're wasting your time and if he hasn't changed for you now, he never will!

No. 141769

Thank you, ladies. It's soothing to speak to women about this, and isn't something I'm eager to bring up with friends.

When we weren't dating yet, he was quite open about having an entire hard drive full of porn. He's said he got rid of it a few years ago, I don't know if it's true. These days he will just not discuss porn with me because 'he doesn't want me to compare and feel bad' and I'm pretty sure the porn he watches is quite extreme.
I want to believe in change, and I want to see a future with him. We started making plans to move in together, talking about family etc. but I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I cannot live like this, in a constant anxiety whether he has been jerking off in the shower, or when I go to the shops, and wishing tonight is the night I deserve to feel desired. Um. I've started crying a bit.

I'm so sorry that happened to you, Anon. That is completely heartbreaking.
My previous long term relationship had me in an actual dead bedroom, and I found out I had been cheated on, called a 'bore in bed' and 'good to keep around for money' behind my back in chat logs. Bit of a fucking irony I keep ending up with men that don't want to fuck me.

No. 141776

Men like this never change. Some anons may say this is extreme, but you should just dump him and find someone that actually likes you.
> These days he will just not discuss porn with me because 'he doesn't want me to compare and feel bad' and I'm pretty sure the porn he watches is quite extreme.

I’m not sure if I understood that correctly. But to me thats like a backhanded “compliment” if you get me. He doesn’t want you to compare yourself to them, or make you feel bad…? He should rather have said “don’t compare yourself to them, instead of saying he doesn’t want you to compare yourself, incase you’ll feel bad.

And if he actually cared about you feeling bad, he wouldn’t look at it. He’s taking a big chance by doing this to you imo. He could potentially lose you, and that shows he doesn’t care.

No. 141777

>he will just not discuss porn with me because 'he doesn't want me to compare and feel bad'
I smell weasel words here. What or why would you have anything to feel bad about or compared to if he wasn't watching that porn? Mhm! And besides like what other anon mentioned, it seems like a neg towards you. You'd think he'd be more reassuring if it wasn't the case.

No. 141782

> These days he will just not discuss porn with me
> started making plans to move in together, talking about family etc. but I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I cannot live like this
This really sounds like one of those situations where getting out sooner rather than later is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

No. 141841

Boyfriend won’t do anything unless I ask him to do things. Now we can sit in a call for hours on end of silence and he thinks that’s “hanging out”. Every time we argue, he talks as if hanging out with me is a chore..

His main excuse for not doing anything at all is “I don’t know what to do”. He says the same thing when he messes up and does nothing to fix things. I always have to be the one to think of something and suck it up so that things won’t be awkward.

I’ve been wanting to break up for a while now but I’m scared of the consequences.
What do I do to cope?

No. 141843

Anyway you could snoop around his pornstach? (or ask him details but beware of lies. Ask to see the files, don't believe him)

You need to know what's all that about. Is it furry shit? Is it amateur consensual sex? Is it gore and forcing actress to the point it's actual rape? Is it intimate videos he bought from camgirls?

If you want to proceed and have a life with this guy you need to know Wtf is he fapping to right the fuck now. It'll save you a lot of heartache and time than to realize 3 years down the line that he's a porn sick creep getting off of big tiddies women crying while doing deeptroat.

No. 141844

Garden variety manchild, you know it's completely pointless to waste more time in case things magically change or whatever.

There's nothing you can do to "cope" anon, you're choosing to stay in a crappy relationship you (rightly) don't want to be in, delaying the breakup that would improve your life. Stop making excuses and pretending that what you need is a way to cope. I get that leaving is difficult and things will suck for a while, but you're being just as complacent and lazy as he is. Have some agency and responsibility over your life and just end it.

No. 141847

Leaving him will be hard for you. But I promise you., in some months, everything will be okay.

Then you’ll know what trap not to fall in next time.

No. 141848

Meh, sounds like you're doing all the emotional and mental labor to make the relationship work and he's not interested in that kind of effort. You know you don't want to actually be in a relationship with this kind of guy, set him free if he's so burdened. A man who's super into you is gonna do whatever it takes to make it work and especially when you're upset.

No. 141849

Hello again. I'm >>141841

I want to just "cope" because the consequences of leaving are very hard on me. He's been blackmailing me every time I mention breaking up. It's either suicide or leaking my nudes. I can't handle any of those at all right now especially with work coming up. I just feel like the only thing I can do at this point is to just suck things up and find a way to cope… but nothing on google helps at all. Thank you for taking the time to read and for replying.

No. 141850

Don't worry, he wouldn't actually kill himself. It's just emotional manipulation to keep you around. Revenge porn like that is illegal in many countries and you can tell him that you'll sue him if he does it. Screenshot him threatening to do it right now, just in case you need it later on.
Get out anon, you deserve better.

No. 141851

My ex bf ma was a weird enabler about this. My ex had very strange ideas of what a lady was but commonplace to talk about sex at the Christmas dinner table and your sisters husband dick…i digress but watch out for weirdo families. My ex would leer and stare at other women, I noticed it well before he opened up about it which led to him also opening up about past sexual experiences and all the fun conversations he has with his mum. Watch out for mummy boys like anon before said, they'll tell their ma absolutely everything about you and the mums basically dictate what their sons find attractive. Very odd behaviour

No. 141853

The galaxy brain move here is to say you'll kys if you have to stay in the relationship, or if he leaks your nudes.

Also listen to >>141850 , she's right

No. 141866

If he threatens suicide, try to have a record of it and contact mental health authorities. You can't set yourself on fire keeping someone else warm.

No. 141877

Not sure if this is the right thread but I only feel at ease when I'm in a relationship, even if it's bad. I'm an incredibly lonely person with no offline friends. I know it sounds pathetic (because it is) but my loneliness is so painful it physically hurts, haha. How do I cope with this?

No. 141878

Same. I just always need to feel like I'm working towards a shared future with someone, and like all this everyday kindness and effort will slowly build a structure that will support me until I'm old. Everything is just more meaningful when you're building something like that, and if I'm not, even if I have a bunch of cool projects going on, I feel like I lack direction and an opportunity to grow "roots" in a sense.

I don't think it's necessarily pathetic, humans need company and closeness to varying degrees. And even though friends are important, they won't prioritize you over everything, or work with you to find a compromise if they or you have to move across the country or something. Stability and commitments are important, and even the closest friendships can't always provide these.

But having this need does make you stay in bad relationships for too long, and enter useless rebound relationships, unless you learn to also be alone. I guess patience is the best way to cope - even if you feel like you need someone right now, just try to learn to be OK with all the times you will necessarily need to spend single before finding your life partner. That's just part of the process. Work on yourself and your vetting skills, so you can find the best person for you, and be the best person for them. Even if you're kinda unhappy while single, you should still be able to look at your past and present and be content with everything you're accomplishing even on your own.

No. 141891

File: 1592109718608.jpg (21.69 KB, 485x372, 06eb8157b541a4c935600f79499349…)

>distance myself from male friend who acted ambivalent over reciprocating my feels for him
>conclude he must not actually like me
>get mostly over him
>suddenly is more interested in engaging with me
>also clearly uncomfy and when I say I've gotten over it

Is this a Men™ thing? I was pretty aggressively pursuing him before, which I know isn't standard or recommended. But he's passive and sensitive so I thought it was necessary.

I s2g this will be the last man I'll ever consider dating. They're so frustrating and confusing.

No. 141894

if he isnt at least pretending to be passionate and all about you then I personally dont see him as a good option

proceed with caution as he may have been mulling over his options with someone else and that didnt work out so now he's down with you

No. 141899

Yes, this is a male thing. I've had at least 2 guys be suddenly way more interested when I started being aloof after courting them or starting to chase me only after talking of being interested in another guy.
Maybe it's FOMO, maybe it's pride, idk.

No. 141910

You worded this beautifully, thank you anon

No. 141923

The West includes Europe and men here pay all the time for first dates. At least in France, Spain, Italy etc. Plus the men aren't ugly like Vietnamese and Chinese dudes are.

No. 141928

In fairness to the man, his reasons for not dating are understandable (he may not be able to stay in the country after I confessed at peak Corona, and I know his parents are controlling and religious). But his excuse for not engaging/expressing passion was that he didn't want to risk getting attached that way.

He's just cryptic. Even during the break he was ruining it by adding love songs for me to a playlist.

I'll be careful like you said. It is possible he had a falling out with a girl during our time apart. Perhaps seeing him irl soon will help too, since he's not the best liar.

Boys r dumb
This has happened before which is why I wondered.

No. 141929

> But having this need does make you stay in bad relationships for too long, and enter useless rebound relationships, unless you learn to also be alone.
Really felt this post. I stayed in two miserable as hell relationships, wasting 3 years in each of them and yeah in one way I felt better because I felt somehow stable or like my future was 'heading somewhere' But now I look back and I remember things like crying 3 times a week or walking on eggshells to avoid getting screamed at. I saw that as having more stability than being alone??

Now that I'm older and I've done things like moving across the country and securing a mortgage by myself I see a relationship as an option rather than a necessity. If a find that person then it's a nice bonus, but my happiness or future doesn't depend on that happening.

No. 141978

File: 1592203021580.jpeg (47.26 KB, 640x640, BC2F7905-5530-4C6D-B123-211580…)

I’ve been getting a lot of mixed signals from my ex. Guy I was dating a few years ago seemed like ‘the one’, pretty much everyone thought we were going to get married and all that crap. He moved, left me for another girl first week he was there, then regretted it and we got back together for awhile before dumping me again because of the distance. I was devastated first time and just normal upset the second time. This was about a year ago and I’ve started dating someone else since then. We didn’t really talk for awhile, until a few months ago where he would sometimes react to my Instagram stories. I mostly just post memes and doodles so I didn’t think too much of it. Within the past few weeks, though, it’s ramped up considerably.

Part of why we initially connected is because we both wanted to work in animation. He had already graduated from college so that’s why he left and I stayed. Now I’ve graduated and I’m planning to move out to where he is now by the end of the year. He's the only person I really know out there so I asked him if he knew anyone looking for a roommate to let me know. Ever since then he’s been reacting to my posts every few days and making more and more conversation with me. He’s also been complimenting my art a lot more and we’ve been having discussions about current events. They’re not super long conversations but definitely a lot more than a random emoji here and there. He even sent me a meme that was like ‘this is so you!’ which he hasn’t done since we were dating. He’s also been posting pictures of him and his female roommate together and I can’t really tell if they’re dating or not.

My current boyfriend, while I love him, the more I think about the future the more I think our paths are divulging. Besides some other incompatibilities, he absolutely does not want to live in California while I don’t really have a choice on where I can build my career that I