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File: 1663315543355.jpg (245.75 KB, 1538x1075, 122bc7f1507c522a265e76a379d5ee…)

No. 288515

previous threads, from newest to oldest

No. 288518

File: 1663315736779.png (3.23 MB, 2688x1456, Aje clothing.png)

Reposting from last thread for >>288496

So do you mean the sculptural style, texture or colours?

I feel like clothing from Aje might appeal to you if you like the sculptural side. Pic is some of their pieces so if the shapes appeal to you then check out the website.

They are a little expensive but good quality and maintain a classic 'art - gallery' semi-stylish curator look.

No. 288519

I really though the thumbnail was some very stylish children

No. 288520

i love this threadpic anon

No. 288523

File: 1663316827308.jpg (789.44 KB, 2982x1850, ITried.jpg)

This is sort of a difficult question because no one "style" encapsulates this look. I see draping, sea foam green, art deco, bronze, straight lines, beaded crystals, soft and feminine elements. Some of the items in picrel are more timeless/vintage styled but could still be worn today. This was fun I hope you don't hate it kek
I hate this threadpic I am so sick of j/k fashion & weeb shit but whatev

No. 288524

File: 1663317010288.jpg (73.3 KB, 648x519, 3996.jpg)

early 00s japanese street fashion changed so quickly and it's fun to look how it changed way faster than in the west. i like these posts with some snaps of 2002-3 looks:
(photos are broken due https certificate being expired but you still can view them in new tab)

No. 288525

File: 1663317247466.jpg (218.4 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_20220916-013501_Fir…)

Samefag but here's a cuter crystal necklace, the one in my collage is sort of old-ladyish

No. 288531

File: 1663320499604.png (6.13 MB, 2224x1668, 39C6D6F9-5CBA-436F-8DA7-72ABEC…)

Where can I buy second hand male japanese uniforms that don’t cost a hundred bucks? I am recently obsessed and really wish I could have one to style in different outfits.

No. 288547

Thanks anons (and the ones who responded to the other thread as well, im on mobile so bear with me)! I appreciate your responses and am gonna try to see what I’d pull off out of these.

No. 288548

I appreciate your followup too kek thanks anon

No. 289056

File: 1663687693123.jpg (514.87 KB, 1393x1918, 20220920_161836.jpg)

Anyone knows what this type of top is called?

No. 289058

I love this top! I'm sorry I can't answer your question nonna, but if anyone knows where this is from I'd love to know.

No. 289062

I don't think this has a specific name.

No. 289063

Babydoll top maybe?

No. 289065

Thanks thrifted it today for 2euro lol

No. 289066

Yeah i think thats it ty

No. 289203

Nice find! Is there a tag with the brand name, by any chance?

No. 289219

Yes the brand is Street One, i checked their site and tried also to google the brand and to find that top but couldnt find it i mean it seems to be kinda from 00s

No. 289323

File: 1663787022655.jpg (72.41 KB, 670x869, guidi-q20-black-leather-bag.jp…)

Can we talk about bags? I'm in desperate need for a new one and need some inspiration, stores, brands, etc.
I'm looking for a bag that offers the following:
- real leather
- black
- shoulder strap
- closed with a zipper
- DIN A4 has to fit easily into it
- style shouldn't look elegant or posh, more grunge, goth, crumpled, but not childish (like Killstar, etc.), something like picrel

It doesn't have to be from a recent collection, I don't mind out of fashion stuff and if you have recommendations for stores (in Europe would be nice) that sell designer stuff cheaper, I will gladly listen.

No. 289409

File: 1663807149821.png (1.23 MB, 1360x1308, bags.png)

I like Rebbeca Minkoff, Sans beast, Longchamp (Leather totes) and if it's in your budget Polene (Definitely a investment piece, I love my Numéro Dix Hobo and they're based in Spain).
If you are ok with secondhand, then you could hunt around for a Alexander McQueen Novak handbag, it's an older style and I think it would suit your style of slouchy-gothic-grungy

No. 289478

File: 1663829934758.jpg (137.5 KB, 843x1200, fPeFHMJLXNdqi5QfcxPh54gHiq15QU…)

I had to see it so you all have to see it too (rick and morty x dollskill collab)

No. 289479

File: 1663830024323.jpg (110.51 KB, 843x1200, h6fWafaMdQjlrqk3RaToQULEzMKxKl…)

No. 289480

Is that a wiener?

No. 289481

This meme should’ve been dead for years by now

No. 289482

File: 1663830507703.jpg (88.35 KB, 531x800, 505c80278f7b4517beeb960d829a37…)

The Falabella tote is still the quintessential grown up edgy bag imo. If you can find a leather one second hand I think it's a great option.

No. 289488

thank you, will have a look at the brands, even though they look a little too "clean" for my taste

I love that bag, sadly it's not practical for me, my bag is always rather heavy and the handles would cut into my shoulder and I need a zipper at the top living in a rainy, big city.

No. 289495

File: 1663837203530.jpg (448.94 KB, 1080x2279, GP.jpg)

If you can afford a $300-$700 bag, def check out Givenchy's Pandora. It comes in tons of sizes and finishes and can be found used at decent prices. My dream bag. No offense to the other nonnies but the bags posted above are kinda ugly and grandma-ish

No. 289496

Samefag, I mean materials not finishes

No. 289506

They're all equally outdated, Pandora included.

No. 289508

Pandora might be years old but the clean, streamlined lines and silver hardware are very modern nonna. Best of all it's edgy which is what purse nonnie was looking for.

No. 289555

File: 1663861396244.jpg (223.27 KB, 810x1080, givenchy_pandora_bag_164385469…)

nta but the givenchy pandora bag might be dated by trend but it's still a nice bag and fairly timeless in terms of look. my issue is the material. i have one in the wrinkled sheepskin (it was gifted to me) and it's very… thin. i was shocked at how fragile it feels. i haven't used it once because i worry about its construction (plus i really don't use leathers or anything but woven travelbags). if you buy the pandora or anything by givenchy don't get the sheepskin

No. 289572

Nonnas I need help… I am tired of living in leggings and big t-shirts.. the problem is I have really specific sensory issues with certain clothes.
> cant wear jeans
> cant wear bras with wire
> cant wear off the shoulder tops/dresses
i struggle finding cute clothes where my bra straps don't show.
it is so hard for me to find cute clothes that don't make me want to rip my skin off.
Does anyone have any tips or stores they recommend?? I am just so tired of looking frumpy when I dress.. I wanna wear cute clothes

No. 289582

I really like this one. Minus the studs. But otherwise that's a really cool bag!

No. 289584

>cant wear jeans
You could try wearing a thin pair of leggings underneath, especially if you're going for baggy jeans that are currently trendy that'd be easy to do. Or wear trousers/pants made from something other than denim.
>cant wear bras with wire
>cant wear off the shoulder tops/dresses
I don't see the problem with this? They're not common in day to day clothing.
>i struggle finding cute clothes where my bra straps don't show.
Just let them show, no one cares about seeing a bra strap. Alernatively use transparant straps (I'd rather just let my brastrap show but it's an option.

Correct me if I'm wrong but to me it sounds like you can wear nearly any dress or any skirt+top combination you can grab at the store.

No. 289591

thank u, i find that the clothing style i like a lot of them have off the shoulder style outfits so its a bit hard.
skirts sit weird on me they make me look like wide..? idk how to explain it i just have a hard time finding clothes that i like on me that also feel comfy. i appreciate the help though thank u

No. 289636

I'm bag nonna and I don't care for "dated", I wore a 30 € bag to death, I will wear a 500 € bag to death. I'm not someone who changes her bag very often and therefore I'm looking for a durable, nice, practical bag. I love the Alexander Wang Rocco bag, but because of the studs it's a rather heavy bag and I'm always carrying around books and stuff, so there is enough weight in my bag already.
That Givenchy bag is really nice, especially the wrinkled sheepskin version, but if it feels thin, it might be the wrong choice for me (now I'm sad). Guess it's time to learn how to make bags, kek.

No. 289748

File: 1663925696622.jpg (49.52 KB, 768x768, alexander_wang_black_zip_bag_b…)

Maybe Alexander Wang Marti bag might be suitable? It can be converted into a backpack

No. 289751

File: 1663928946893.jpg (245.86 KB, 1080x3128, 4PurseNonnie.jpg)

I feel like the regular (cowhide) leather one would be more substantial than the sheepskin one tbh BUT if you carry heavy things, the shoulder strap connection point (?) does look insubstantial. I totally know what you mean about wanting to make your own dang bag because you can't find what you need. What about The Cambridge Satchel Co.? UK based very beautiful bags Ahhh actually there is no zipper closure, damn!!

No. 289834

File: 1663952757036.jpg (244.4 KB, 780x1040, MiniSophie-MidnightBlack-2_780…)

oh, I like that one, will have a closer look at it

I can make my own clothes, pattern, sewing, everything except the fabric itself, but making bags is just a very different subject.
That company has very nice bags, never heard of them before, might buy that Sophie bag for times when I don't carry half my belongings around.

No. 289840

File: 1663955736602.jpg (489.41 KB, 1800x1286, S8-551-DKB-SOFTG-G_01.jpg)

Can anyone recommend long lasting leather boots? I started to look at Doc Martens but after hearing how their quality has gone to shit since they moved their production overseas, I can't justify paying for its price.
I've started to look at Solovairs which seems to be comparable in price and quality to what Doc Martens used to be. Based on YouTube reviews and comparison, Solovair definitely lasts a lot longer than Docs. Do any nonas here own Solovair?

No. 289848

I feel like I hate 99% of aesthetics and clothes atm. I don’t know what to wear.

No. 289849

feeling same, nonna. it's even worse for me because i lack confidence and my desire to dress nicely got shattered. i could wear anything if i lost weight because i'm lucky and i got hourglass figure and never had problems with clothes fitting.

any tips how to overcome it and start liking fashion again, building a nice wardrobe? i currently dress in shitty fast fashion t-shirts (summer) and sweaters (rest of the year) and jeans. i like actual late 90s stuff that young women wore, than shitty zoomer y2k garbage and bimbo shit. neutral colors, simple forms but i feel like i wouldn't be able to pull it off.

No. 289851

Y2k 2000s empire waist milkmaid top. Probably the closest thing to it. You’ll find similar stuff on ebay and depop:

No. 289852

File: 1663959045557.jpeg (210.2 KB, 750x957, 492D5B1A-E6BA-4DA8-A414-09E2F4…)

>have one chance at life
>will never get to own this dolce & gabbana purse

Why even try to do anything?

No. 289957

AYRT I love doctor bags. They're so cool. I bet that one will break in beautifully. I loveeee worn in, slouchy genuine leather bags

This is so fuckin cute

No. 289980

File: 1664002230713.jpg (340.3 KB, 1500x1000, Vintage-Fashion-Vivienne-Westw…)

I feel you nonnie. Being a poorfag sucks.

No. 289987

Real military boots

No. 290002

You can get them from the Japanese equivalents to ebay like yahoo auctions. I use buyer to get girl uniforms, if you don't aim at getting from from famous schools you can get them for around £50

No. 290054

Question, what are some cute slightly androygnyous styles that are also lowkey? I've had a revelation that I really like oversized, drapey things but not really a lot of bulk either.

No. 290059

Try to look beyond copy paste aesthetics. I have a specific personal style and you can't find it as any aesthetic or -core online. Being caught up in aesthetics makes it difficult to see the potential of clothes

No. 290084

Why do you think you can't pull it off? Are they reasonable, grounded reasons, or do you just hate yourself? Secondly, what's the worst that'll happen to you if you wear a potentially unflattering outfit? You're not going to get stoned for wearing the wrong jeans.
As for concrete advice, what helped me the most in curating my wardrobe is knowing which silhouettes look best on me. I'm an hourglass so I like a cinched waist, A line dresses, cropped jackets. Beyond that I shop for materials that feel nice, and colours and prints that make me happy. IMO You're never too old to have a fave colour and as an adult it's your God given right to fill your space with it. As >>290059 said, copy/paste aesthetics are only useful to a point. Try to branch out and select individual pieces based on their merit (uniqueness, function, feeling, if it flatters you). The best way to do this, I think, is thrifting and shopping secondhand. It's a lot easier to find random/interesting things that stand out from the pile, compared to a mall or something, where these days the clothes are always grouped by style/aesthetic.

No. 290103

Thirding this. Don't confine yourself to a single aesthetic or what you think you "should" wear. It sucks the fun out of fashion. Branch out, explore, go shopping with someone who holds different opinions, buy something you usually wouldn't and try to incorporate it into your closet. Sometimes it doesn't work out and it's a lesson learned but in my experience if I really love a piece of clothing I find ways to style it with what I already have. It forces you to think creatively and go out of your comfort zone.

No. 290152

File: 1664077433109.jpg (752.61 KB, 1080x5297, AndroNonnie.jpg)

Try men's silhouettes but with silk or chiffon, like the tan shirt and the green pleated pants in picrel. Accessories can really help feminine-leaning clothing take on an androgynous style, such as the Oxford shoes and black boots combined with the soft fabrics which empasize long & feminine legs/ankles in picrel. Choosing more traditionally masculine colors will also help tip otherwise neutral or feminine clothing into masculine territory.
I'm sorry if this isn't what you were asking, idk if you mean "style" as in styles/cuts/silhouettes or more like naming of specific ~aesthetics~ & when I think "low-key" I think "casual" rather than draped generally, but I hope I got your jist nonnie!

No. 290157

File: 1664078706326.jpg (860.33 KB, 1282x7776, AndroNonnie2(1).jpg)

Here are some more ideas: a chiffon blazer jacket can be styled very casually. Or satin cargo shorts maybe? Camo is one of my favorites for playing up masculinity/androgyny (I always say jokingly that it makes me feel NLOG kek). You can try some pieces in satin so you can keep it low-key maybe? Or like the very bottom pic, the shorts aren't super flowy but they aren't crazy thick/structured and will relax with wear, paired with a flowy, boxy (always boxy if you want to look andro) button-up blouse. I really like small details on otherwise masc/andro clothing, such as small side slits at the hemline of shirts and shorts, or smaller less visually intrusive buttons.
This also depends on your hairstyle and general ~vibe~ of your face and body, in my opinion, so your mileage may vary! If you wanna drop more info I can possibly tailor the looks and come up with different stuff! I really enjoy this kek

No. 290167

I live in a cold climate and everything that looks comfortable and cute on other people somehow looks weird and matronly on me or as if I am heavier than I actually am because of my big chest. I already own the right bras but how tf do I dress for my figure without looking weird?!

No. 290174

File: 1664089915287.jpg (136.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Is it maybe your posture that needs work? Otherwise you could consider getting a color analysis done as the right tones can really make a difference.

No. 290176

getting your clothes tailored or learn how to do it yourself.

No. 290177

File: 1664090851832.jpeg (217.93 KB, 1024x1024, 1656731109390.jpeg)

How do you do this? where do you go and do this? and how can you potentially do it yourself? thank you

No. 290180

File: 1664096135170.png (2.08 MB, 1077x1620, bad taste in everything.png)

So it's called a Color Analysis and you can read/DIY it yourself. This website helped me heaps: https://theconceptwardrobe.com/colour-analysis-comprehensive-guides/color-analysis-which-color-season-are-you

I'm getting mine done in person and it'll include:
-a body analysis
-style refining (Vivienne Westwood but more texture) which will use the pieces I currently love and build a wardrobe around them
-Color analysis for both clothing but also skin & hair
-Faceshape and hair styling recs
-75 piece color fan of my 'best' matches

I've just graduate and after spending 5 years with no disposable income, huge weight fluctuations and skin aging/pigmentation I felt that the money would be well spent.

Pic is where I was a few years ago and I want to get back to it

No. 290181

File: 1664096182538.jpg (65.91 KB, 614x600, b2fc3766ddb9e6eb4a2dffdb2444ab…)

Google Seasonal colour analysis or something along those lines to see if you can do it somewhere locally. My mom did it once and took me along and it was just at some ladies' home lol. Basically they have you sit with no make-up on in natural daylight and drape different coloured pieces of fabric over your shoulder, and make you look in the mirror to see how a colour affects your face. Like certain colours are going to make your face look more tired and aged and bring out your imperfections and others are going to make your face look more bright and healthy. You could replicate it yourself by doing that with clothes you already own, if you have a good eye for telling the temperature and brightness/muteness of colours and how they affect your face. I saw it on my mom and I could kinda tell what colours looked worse on her after that lady had pointed it out a couple of times but it's not easy imo. Like in this pic >>290174 I can't tell at all honestly. My mom got this paper palette afterwards like picrel and it's true, those colours do look best on her.

No. 290236

i really like the aesthetic of a leather coat so i bought one, but now that i actually put one on, im feeling iffy about it. maybe its just my body because im short so the length is longer on me than on the model, but i also feel like im trying too hard. i do want to go for an edgy style, but idk i guess im just scared i might be called a school-shooter-in-the-making or something kek. i know leather coats have a bad rep but im in love with them and want to make this one work.

No. 290255

Are you routinely in trouble with the law? Do you actually carry a gun? If not then it doesn't matter if anyone thinks you look like a school shooter, because you're not! And anyone who would insult you to your face like that (unlikely in the first place) is an asshole. Enjoy your coat! Where it whenever and however you want! I understand feeling a bit insecure when you're trying out new clothes, especially if there aren't many other people with a similar style in your everyday life. I hope that you won't let these worries stop you from dressing how you want. Also if it doesn't fit properly, maybe you could get it tailored? Either way leather coats are very cool and super hot so I hope you will keep at it.

No. 290258

>i know leather coats have a bad rep
They don't, they've been a warderobe staple for ages, a timeless classic even.

No. 290267

Thank you for the recommendations!! I'll check them out and pipe up if I have any specific ?s.
And, idk, people have told me I look like a bronze (hair and skin) Bella Hadid/Fiona Apple which makes me feel very insecure, but probably suits lowkey fashions.

No. 290333

where to buy cute leather mary janes that are also well made? not a fan of t straps.

No. 290406

thanks for the reassurance nona, i really needed to hear this! it's true i'm feeling a bit insecure since i'm deviating from my usual style. also im afraid of not being able to pull it off since i want to look cool but i have a baby face and routinely get mistaken for being a 16 year old kek. i said its long on me but the length is actually fine for a coat (knee-length), its supposed to be a long blazer.

i think it depends on the leather coat but it seems like they have a connotation for being costume-y, especially if you can't pull it off well. but it's good to hear that they're a staple, i love the look of them.

No. 290416

File: 1664176530582.jpg (43.21 KB, 710x710, 49-53685__73321.jpg)

Would also love to know this! My last pair were actually school shoes, pic related. They were a great choice because they were comfy, good quality, durable etc (since they're meant to be worn every day for school), but they aren't particularly cute or stylish. I want something with a less sensible heel and a little bit of a platform maybe, I can only find patent leather and/or huge heels.

No. 290468

those are so cute! theyre the sensible yet cute shoes i am looking for. may i ask where you bought them?

No. 290474

I seem to remember reading in a book about Japanese fashion that Dr. Scholl's made Mary Janes. Maybe try them?

No. 290475

File: 1664211793095.jpg (49.79 KB, 983x621, asdf.JPG)

UNIF has a lot of cute, more "edgy" mary jane style shoes. I love these and will probably get them when my current mary janes start to wear out

No. 290476

Ah no, I'm talking shit. Dr. Martens, not Scholl's, lol.

No. 290533

oh these are really cute!

No. 290831

File: 1664318864223.png (665.66 KB, 629x942, shirt.png)

How would you style this shirt for everyday wear? I tried it with black skinny jeans but it feels too basic, like a millennial getting ready to go clubbing or a fancy waiter kek

No. 290832

Black velvet or satin mini skirt + black tights.

No. 290833


I agree with the black skirt and tights, but I'd wear a tennis skirt instead. + small black bag and a cute headband.

No. 290834

I was in the military, this is wrong. The shit is the cheapest they can manufacture, it's all garbage

No. 290837

File: 1664321068622.jpg (36.31 KB, 588x392, quoit.jpg)

I'm into Billie Eilish's old style, street wear, and the 00s baggy pants look, and I want to start styling myself this way. How do I do this without looking like a homeless monster? I'm not very attractive, a bit tall, and have a troonish build so I feel like a monster if I wear baggy clothes, but at the same time I feel like more gender non-conforming looks suit me better than overtly feminine clothing that emphasizes my unfortunate body and height. What to do?
t. same anon from a few threads ago asking about mori kei

No. 290873

Go to the men’s section. Buy or thrift. If you wear a baggy top wear fitted jeans (slim fit or straight or flared) and if you wear baggy jeans wear a fitted top. This’ll give you a nice silhouette and will stave off the homeless anachan look. Wear funky, fun stuff, interesting prints. I like that colored and printed pants are in right now - hot pink, deep purple, newspaper print. You could always pair a wacky pair of jeans with a generic men’s top.

No. 290909

File: 1664334059840.jpeg (131.57 KB, 720x1106, 39129CA4-CE03-4960-87E5-DDE7C4…)

What about an (updated) style like Avril Lavigne's? She has a different build but in pics she was often wearing fitted tops with baggy bottoms. Obviously her style is also different than what you described but as another tall nonny who struggles with baggy clothes, this type of fit seems like a decent alternative. Tighter clothes but still gives off tomboy energy if that's what you like

No. 290947

File: 1664346282941.png (563.17 KB, 794x1082, Do you want to play a game.png)

Do you want to play a game Nonushka? You're going on to your dream destination and you can only take carry-on luggage…
5 Tops
4 Bottoms
3 Shoes & 3 weather specific items
2 Bags
1 Accessory lot

Let the packing games begin…
Bonus points for telling where you'd go and what you want to do

No. 290951

File: 1664347400549.jpeg (87.41 KB, 680x653, FSBa0TwXoAMK6XD.jpeg)

Are femcel glasses a good fashion choice?

No. 290952

File: 1664347716654.png (780.67 KB, 1000x1285, 54321 Osaka.png)

So I'm going to anywhere with a cold seasonal Autumn with lot's of walking, theme parks, walking ghost tours and evening market food stall crawls.

I might change the sneakers to a pair of leather grey hi-tops but it's pretty bang on for what I would like to take (except the gucci belt, I'll just find a alternative)

No. 290954

How tf do I find what my style should be according to my face and body shape? I saw a video where she was talking about romantic, classic, etc, and why some women look great in jeans and t shirt and others look terrible, some women look great in quirky boyish clothing and some need to wear fancier more feminine styles, but I have no idea which one is me. I feel like most styles look dumb on me tbh.

No. 290955

Yes, because only smart, non superficial men will see past them to your true beauty. They’re good at weeding out shallow moids.

No. 290959

That's the Kibbe method, it's aimed at middle aged women and up, just saying because you're probably not middle aged. But if you insist on figuring out your type, there's plenty of guides online and even tests to help you figure it out.

No. 290974

Yep that's called Kibbe typing. You can do a test that measures your body proportions relative to each other which determines your type. There is a Kibbe thread somewhere in /g/. Honestly though I think it's more useful to define your best feature and then figure out how to compliment it. For example I have long legs, so I often wear pinstripes, match my shoes to my pants, etc. Personally I got a lot more use out of the concept of style essences, which can help you find out what prints and details look best on you.

No. 290992

I really like this video because it's about the parts of your body that you want to enhance and not about what's "right" or "wrong" for you to wear.

No. 290996

if you aren't really sure about your kibbe type, you can start out with implementing more classic lines. they won't be a perfect match unless you are one, but they should look fine on most women. don't let kibbe box you in of course, sure wanting to dress for your proportions is normal but don't get too autistic with it if you don't like the silhouettes suggested for you. kibbe typing doesn't really take face into account for the most part though. surely by process of elimination you can figure out which ones you definitely aren't and then can narrow in on types you fit better. You can trace a photo of yourself or post a photo to get typed.

No. 291332

File: 1664465162795.png (276.29 KB, 1025x1435, app005prod.png)

Does anyone have any recommendations for jeans/trousers for women with bigger thighs? I have a small waist so whenever I try on jeans it's too big there and too tight on the legs. I'd love a pair like picrel but I am apprehensive when ordering online because I always have mixed results.

No. 291339

You might have to get them custom tailored. Find a pair that fits well on the legs and then take on the waist.

No. 291371

File: 1664477356039.jpg (128.48 KB, 853x1280, Leo_High_Waist_Stomach_Shaper_…)

Has anyone bought underwear from woxer.com? Or any other brands that sell boxer briefs for women? I bought some men's boxer briefs but the waistband goes up way too high so I'm looking for alternatives. If you have recommendations for men's boxer briefs that don't go up to my nips that's good for me too

No. 291374

Oh I'm glad you think so, they're Clarks. But any school shoe store would have similar I imagine.

No. 291383

Would maybe maternity underwear be a better deal? You're likely not pregnant, but if you are looking for something that hugs your belly that way, it might be something to look into.

No. 291396

I'm NOT looking for underwear like that

No. 291469

Lmaooo what the fuck is this???

No. 291471

File: 1664520245631.jpg (Spoiler Image,904.81 KB, 1322x3421, AVRIL.jpg)

NTAYRT but omg nonna you sent me down a rabbit hole of nostalgia. I love her style (minus the neckties but they def had their moment).
Spoilered for gigantic collage, also the Pinterest Lite app is a lot better than the regular app if anyone else hates Pinterest like I do. The style will prob work for tall nonna but I also love that Avril is short. Inspo

No. 291472

Also bonus pic of Britney, bitch

No. 291474

Love this and Ty for the alt to Pinterest. I’m shorter like her and kind of get intimidated out of the grungey/tomboy look but seeing it on her makes me feel more confident abt it. She looks so cute. Imagine pulling off skater Avril on some days and then girlyish Britney on other days completely effortlessly ;-;

No. 291481

You can totally do both nonna! Why not?

No. 291482

ot but britney looks adorable in this style

No. 291673

I’ve been trying it out lately actually. My town is very suburban and everyone dresses the same so I’m embarrassed to do the more tomboyish look…but the other day I wore this midcalf skirt with a dark crop top and some converse and I got complimented so that was cool :) thx for the encouragement nonnie.

No. 291682

For me is the opposite. I like a lot of styles, so I don't know what to wear.

No. 291756

Anyone else have a fear of getting stains on their “nice” clothes? I have some beautiful silk tops I never wear because I’m terrified of getting a water stain on them. (And I have gotten water stains on them, and gentle washing didn’t remove them.) when I do wear them I end up hypersensitive to anything that could potentially cause a stain so people around me think I’m prissy.

No. 291759

For jeans, I think gap supposedly has a curvy line that has a smaller waist. But in general, you’re gonna have to get the waist taken in. Maybe that will add $15-20. Measure your waist where you want the pants to hit, measure your hips circumference, and measure individual thighs. Write this in a notes doc you can reference easily. Always check size charts when buying and compare to your measurements. Some brands “skew” towards being big thigh friendly and some absolutely do not. Over time, you’ll develop an intuition for which brand and styles work. Example, skinny jeans from Naked and Famous are murder on my thighs but their Max style is super relaxed and comfy without being too big on the waist.

No. 291762

I'm gonna buy and wear more dresses now. I'm sick of not being able to find trousers that completely fit me no matter what the price tag is since I gained a little bit of weight. I'm still skinny, but my ass and stomach are bigger now so I usually either find trousers (jeans or otherwise) that are too long for my legs, or that are the perfect length but I can't even fit my hips inside. The few pairs I have are a bit uncomfortable but the stores I bought them from are either abroad or have closed down in my country and I hate ordering shit online. Uniqlo in my country doesn't always have my size for trousers because the sizes are adjusted here for the local customers compared to Japan but I really like their dresses, they look casual and basic enough to go with any pair of shoes, jackets or accessories. And they're long and comfortable. Now I need to buy good quality stockings for this fall though.

No. 291763

Well, fuck, I just bought a pair of Doc Martins. What's the deal with quality? How long can I expect my pair to last? I don't plan on wearing them everyday and I take great care of my shoes so hopefully I can keep them for several years, maybe even a decade?

No. 291766

if it makes you feel any better i was given a pair of doc martens for my 14th birthday and i wore them up until i was 19 (including when i worked at mcdonalds where they got heavy wear). i was going to throw them away but my younger sister took them and has continued to wear them for the past 4 years for her mcdonalds job and they’ve been fine. the soles are completely worn down and have holes in them now but that’s not bad for nearly 10 years of continuous wear. i have since bought a pair of the platform boots (but don’t wear them as often because they’re so heavy and honestly uncomfortable) and they’ve been fine, i’ve had no issues quality-wise. at the same time my friend bought a pair a few years ago and she barely wore them a few weeks before the sole of one of them fell cleanly off. i’m not sure if all manufacturing has moved overseas or if i just got lucky (or my friend unlucky).

No. 291777

Nta but i have an industrial pair that i bought for $30 at a thrift store, and they’re still in good shape 10 years later! And slip resistant/electric work grade!

No. 291779

What type did you get? The vegan leather or any metallic/glitter ones are definitely worse than the plain genuine leather ones.

Manufacturing moved to Asia nearly 20 years ago but the general consensus online seems to be that the quality has continued to decline throughout the years, so a pair made in 2018 is likely to be worse than one made in 2008 despite both being Asia-made.

No. 291780

>but that’s not bad for nearly 10 years of continuous wear
Ok that sounds good enough for me, that's what I expect from my pair.

>at the same time my friend bought a pair a few years ago and she barely wore them a few weeks before the sole of one of them fell cleanly off.

At the store I've been told by an employee that if there's a manufacturing issue I have a year long warranty on my pair. I hope I won't have to use it.

I bought the most classic pair, made in leather. No fucking way I'm spending that much money on shit plastic shoes. I wanted the black classic pair because I know it will look good with most of my wardrobe.

No. 291795

I'm struggling to find a brand that makes very cute sweatshirts. any recommendations for brands to look at, anons?

I want something that isn't plain (has some sort of pattern or graphic), kind of oversized, slightly drapey and not too bulky or thick, and isn't fluffy/fleecey but not rough either. Spent a very long time at the thrift store and only found one that fit the bill. Maybe I'm being too picky.

No. 291800

Question for lolitafags here: do you only wear lolita fashion on special occasions?

No. 291807

Mostly on the weekends and occasionally, but I wore it on the daily for about 3 years

No. 291814

I wear it whenever I get the chance, which is usually weekends because I wear a uniform to work. I wear classic so I can wear lolita most places including church.

No. 291830

Docs are shit quality nowadays, even the genuine leather ones are crap. They're nowhere near as comfy as they used to be and they're just not gonna last you 10 years. I sold the last pair I bought because they felt so bad compared to the pair that I bought 15ish years ago. I you bought them for the brand name then enjoy your tag, but otherwise I'd return them and buy some actual good quality boots.
NTA what type of outfits do you wear daily?

No. 291857

nta but what boots would you recommend that are similar looking to doc martens then? was actually going to buy some since i feel like they would be easy to wear with a lot of my outfits, but if theres any other recommendations i'd like to know

No. 291858

File: 1664663742451.jpg (3.16 MB, 2826x4517, noooo.jpg)

How unfashionable is this bracelet? Is it a matter of what I wear it with? It's made of shiny polished stones - even the tiny beads - and while I do find it cute, I am scarred from the horrible fashion decisions I made when growing up to the point of being bullied.
Also, yes, I found it randomly, kek. Trashy? Yes.

No. 291871

Anon. How old are you. Is there honestly anyone around you that would give even a single shit about what kind of bracelet you're wearing. Because I find that hard to believe.

No. 291872

Kek whenever i see someone wear something like this i just assume it is personal… nothing trashy with this you need to focus on what outfit your wearing to look trashy

No. 291873

Kek probably 14

No. 291877

I didn't mean to imply someone cares that much about accessory choices, I'm more worried about not looking put together. I like browsing outfit ideas and etc. online and I never really see stuff like this even though it seems absolutely basic.

No. 291881

Nona, you can always deviate from what you want to emulate based on what you like. If you like the bracelet, wear it. It might look odd if you're going for a super professional look, but for a casual day-to-day look it most likely would not stick out at all no matter what you're wearing, because it looks like a pretty casual accessory if that makes sense

No. 291890

I think it's cute and it looks fine. As other anons said just keep in mind that it won't work if you're trying to look super professional/glamorous/etc., but for daily wear it's perfectly fine. Pair it with some earth tones. Find other jewellery to match if you like it enough. Unless you're going to an event with a strict dress code (like a wedding or something) nobody is going notice or care. And anyone willing to bully you over a bracelet is an asshole whose opinion doesn't matter.
I know we all love fashion ITT so it's important to all of us, but some of you seem really hung up on what other people think of your style choices. It makes me sad. I want everyone to feel confident enough to wear what they enjoy, without letting imaginary insults from strangers take bites out of their self esteem. I know you specifically have been bullied so I can understand your worries, but it's not normal or healthy, and you do not have to live in fear of others opinions. Nobody does.

No. 291947

It's ugly but it can be worn with a boho(-ish) or earthy look. As long as your outfit has earthy tones it'll probably look fine. Don't wear it with like light wash blue jeans and a pastel frilly top.

No. 291950

Last thread had a lengthy boot discussion.

No. 291951

File: 1664694866008.jpg (10.2 KB, 300x168, 2Q==(9).jpg)

I have no experience with them but everyone names Solovair as THE alternative for Dr. Martens. Apparantly they're made in the factory in the UK that originally produced Dr. Martens before they moved. If you google you can find plenty of content comparing the two brands.

No. 292070

NTA but for daily lolita my go-to outfit is a plainer jsk or skirt (no petticoat) with a cutsew or turtleneck, lace tights, and my faux victorian boots. The boots are brown so I mostly use neutral offwhite tops and try to pick main pieces with a suitable color palette. My personally style leans more muted sweet with lots of BTSSB rather than AP pastel explosion so the colors tend to work better. I just bought another pair of those boots in black, so my color options can expand. I guess the overall look is more "otome" than lolita but it means I wear the pieces I love. My philosophy is that I enjoy what I wear and not every outfit has to be social media suitable and perfect.

No. 292083

it's not a versatile bracelet but i would definitely not think anything of anyone who wears it, i would assume it's sentimental or just something they wear routinely with no regard for how it matches (which is fine, there are tons of people who wear things that don't match EVERYTHING because they're just personal staple pieces for them for multiple reasons). i don't think anyone will judge you for your bracelet

No. 292098

Seriously don't know what to wear in the winter, I forgot how complicated it is because I didn't really leave my house in the past 3 years. There's a lot of snow here so I have to wear boots but all the pants I own are wide and baggy, so either I tuck them inside my boots and look ridiculous all winter long or I keep them out of the boots and get them wet.

No. 292119

I just wore normal coords with a smaller petti but paid more attention to fabric and details. I wore mostly cotton JSKs that have basic cuts. and avoided buying more fragile pieces with lace overlays, satin, etc. that are easily damaged. A solid set of undergarments to protect your clothes from the inside is something I recommend along with good leather boots that are suitable for walking long distances. Pick fabric accessories like wristcuffs over jewelry that tends to be fragile and get caught in stuff.

For socks I mostly wore basic OTKs with a frill or lace at the top that you can get on aliexpress and other such places, but Innocent World socks are also everything-proof in my experience. Innocent World in general has a lot of very sturdy pieces.

It's only been a year since I quit but typing this makes me so nostalgic, fuck

No. 292185

Anyone have any tips for making office wear look less stiff/more youthful? I went straight to a friends dinner from work last night and they joked that I looked like I was at a board meeting.

No. 292186

File: 1664822088591.jpg (140.3 KB, 564x1340, 722d16d623f8c1f06ee81880c6457d…)

how about these? you can sub out the shoes for more comfortable ones. i think a lot of similar outfits can be made with thrift store stuff cause some of these are similar to what ive worn but in different colors. also if you know your good colors, body shape that can tell you what to buy and use the most. im a cool tone that looks best in midtones and im a pear so wrap tops or a nice blouse with high waisted bottoms works well for me.

No. 292257

File: 1664856045644.png (410.94 KB, 426x374, shorts.png)

anynon know where i can get shorts that look like this? with the shearling trim or whatever the correct term is.
there's one on shein but it looks cheap the fur isnt right and the color is too neon for me
the brand says lindsay which is a generic name so i cant find it anywhere sadly. please help and thanks!

No. 292264

Do they have to be pink also or is it just the sheerling lining that you want?

No. 292268

preferably pink but i dont mind other colors as long as they arent too gaudy

No. 292282

You can buy normal pink shorts or shorts in any color you want and diy the trim on them, looks very easy anon

No. 292290

File: 1664876845582.jpeg (167.8 KB, 776x576, rs_1024x759-220919102211-1024-…)

just watched Do Revenge and i fell in love with the lavender/mint color combo. i wish this was my uniform growing up, i was always jealous of the schools that had the mint dresses while we had the boring maroon ones.

anyway it's inspired me to add more pastels to my wardrobe.

No. 292369

Related to this photo here, where can one find saddle shoes? I'm in the UK and can't find any that don't look like fancy dress ones.

No. 292428

this movie sucked but the outfits were usually cute

No. 292473

My two least favorite colors

No. 292475

try here: https://www.femestella.com/netflix-do-revenge-camila-mendes-outfits-drea/

some of the shoes are mentioned

my two favorite colors lol.

No. 292555

Any usa anons that have ordered from closetchild? I found a ton of stuff I like that's 4-15 usd but when I checked shipping the price was insane at 4,000 yen starting and increasing per weight. It seems like if I buy $50-200 of clothes I would practically pay the same amount in shipping? I've only bought cheap/free shipping but more expensive per piece from uk/canadian/usa girls getting rid of their japan clothes.

No. 292558

Yeah that’s typical shipping price from Japan. Any time I would buy 2 pieces from closet child, the shipping alone was about $20 (when the stuff I got was $4-$8). That’s why people do group orders sometimes to cut down the costs.

No. 292632

File: 1665047739453.jpg (96.66 KB, 1280x1280, P0 (1).jpg)

So today at my local thrift store, I bought a Reformation skirt for 10$. However, I'm having some trouble making sure it's 100% legit. I am following a guide online that someone wrote for their dresses. There are no misspellings on the care tag and the size tag is sewn in next to it. The fabric tag on the waistband is stitched down on the sides, which is a sign of the real deal, according to the guide. However, that's different compared to this depop listing of the same skirt, which just has one stitch at the top of the tag, as well as white thread instead of black on the care tag. Is that suspicious, or am I just reading into it too much?

Then, there's also the issue where when I bought the skirt, I hadn't properly read the tag, and didn't realize it was a size 20 when I am a 10. Is it worth having someone take it in for me? Would love some advice.


No. 292642

Not suspicious, Reformation is horrible quality.

No. 292651

Ah, good to know, last I checked a lot of folks seemed kind of obsessed with the brand. I better about taking it in now.

No. 292748

Don’t think anyone would bother making Reformation reps. All reps I’ve heard of are for designer brands and Reformation is a mall brand. You’re fine. As for whether it’s worth it to tailor, depends on how much you like the piece! If you really like it then go ahead. If you’re iffy on it then maybe donate the piece back. If you know some sewing you can try taking the waist and sides in, it’s not that hard.

No. 292774

NTA but Reformation reps are super popular on AliExpress and Taobao, I guess because they're so easy to replicate for cheap.

No. 293043

File: 1665233270488.jpeg (112.96 KB, 640x715, 2CCE6D95-51F8-4721-B30D-EFBBBF…)

sorry to bother you nonnies but does anybody know where i can find this dress ? i looked up the name of the shop in the picture but it says it doesnt exist or its gone and i could not find it by looking up the name of the dress also in the picture. please help ! if it's hopeless/a discontinued brand, can anynonnie point me to where i can find something similar ? thank you in advance !

No. 293048

No. 293050

omg ! thank you so much anonette !!! i guess i didn't look hard enough, sorry !

No. 293052

Stop writing in that retarded recognizable typing style.

No. 293104

I'm visiting my boyfriends' dad for the first time tomorrow, what should I wear? We're not going to do anything in particular, probably just talk a bit and maybe have a beer. He's pretty relaxed from what I've heard and doesn't wear suits or anything but my usual style is kind of trashy (hoodies and joggers with band shirts or crop tops), so I'm a bit worried he'll think I'm some type of trailer trash lol. I won't show up in a tracksuit but I don't want to wear a pretty dress either just for them to sit in their worn out T-shirts. What is the middle road? I want to look like myself but a little bit more classy.

No. 293108

Imo you should just wear what you always wear for two reasons: He's a man, he probably won't notice. But if he does, you'd be setting wrong expectations on how you usually dress. But that's my two cents. But if you insist on dressing a bit nicer, maybe ditch the joggers and wear a nice pair of jeans with your tshirt instead.

No. 293111

Thanks nonna, that's what I was thinking too. I think I will just wear some nice utility pants, a long (covering up) T-shirt and a hoodie. My boyfriend said on the phone his dad is curious and looking forward to meeting me, so I reckon my behavior and personality matters much more to him than my scuffed up boots. We have interests and world views in common from what I've heard so it will be okay.

No. 293206

How are stockings from Calzedonia? Is the quality good? Do they have thick stockings for fall and winter?

No. 293212

yeah, they've got those thermal ones that have fleece material on the inside and some of the lower denier stockings i've got from there lasted a longer than expected. They have sales and two for one deals frequently too, so definitely worth if you get them on one of those occasions.

No. 293239

Yes, but these vendors often won't put a Reformation tag into their goods because that puts their business at risk. It's hard to get busted for stealing basic ass Reformation designs, its easy to get busted for stealing someone's actual brand name because that's counterfeiting. (And by busted I really mean seized by customs or booted off Aliexpress)

No. 293520

File: 1665490326628.jpeg (19.63 KB, 626x626, C4DE3F55-8825-4A50-B7BB-824E43…)

I bought these boots recently I really love them and they’re a bit more beige/creme in real life. What could I style them with? I looked on Pinterest for outfit ideas and I like some but most of it doesn’t seem coordinated well with these boots (in my personal taste I guess if that makes sense.) I was thinking of just wearing like a white fluffy sweater and some light brown pants and then these and maybe some hat or something. I’d like to know your thoughts!

No. 293555

i would get an off-white/cream colored hat to pair it with, then your outfit can be basically anything

No. 293615

What brands have the coolest sweatshirts? I want ones that aren't too thick and are fleeceless.

No. 293624

File: 1665539464965.jpg (14.44 KB, 225x400, mitsukotan.jpg)

what is this kind of top called? ruffle/frill layered/tiered camisole comes up with nothing but ugly shite not in this shape at all. they were all cropped. i absolutely hate this either cropped or oversized clothes epidemic for the love of god when are clothes going to be regular sized again
all i know is the brand is liz lisa but that's not what im looking for, i want to know what this kind of top is called in general regardless of the brand.

No. 293626

tiered camisole or layered babydoll top

No. 293684

I'd only wear them with skirts/dresses, I don't like boots with non-skinny jeans and those aren't in rn.

No. 293720

Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but I’m shopping for a pair of slim black sweatpants/joggers for my nigel’s birthday. Currently it’s between the “Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Joggers” (68 dollars) which are made of 80–82% cotton/18–20% polyester
OR the lululemon City Sweat jogger (128 dollars) which are made of 52% Polyester, 42% Cotton, 6% Lycra.
OR Roots Organic Original Sweatpants (84 dollars) which are 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester fleece.
I know nothing about clothing material except that polyester is not the best. Looking at the lululemon ones, they seem the worst but I really like the brand and have items from there that have lasted more than a decade with minimal damage. All the pants look more or less the same but the feel of the lulu ones is nicer than the feel of the nike ones (i went in store to check)
thoughts anyone?

No. 293725

Polyester will be warmer that cotton, I know that much. A polyester & cotton blend will be okay, it won't feel like plastic. The original sweats by Roots appear like regular sweatpants because there's not a cuff on the bottom, idk how much you care about that tho. If you're looking for regular sweatpants and are a Burger I highly suggest LA Apparel 14 oz. Heavy Fleece Pants, I have some and a hoodie of the same fabric and they are fantastic. Looking for fabric weight per yard is a good indication of how thick fabric will be (ie LA Apprel Sweats are 14oz/yd) but I looked and none of the pants you posted have that info. Those are all teally nice nonna! Personally I would go with the Lululemon because there isn't a giant stupid logo on them. Ridiculous pricing, but that's personal preference.

No. 293734

I prefer cotton to polyester and I hate polyester fleece. Personally, I would look for something 100% cotton, but that's because I feel like polyester is way too warm for my taste. It also depends on the kind of cotton they used, there are huge differences, but most companies won't tell you what cotton it is. If you own lululemon and are very happy with how they lastet and if for your taste it feels nice, I would go for them.
So, for my personal taste I would only buy 100% cotton roughened french terry (don't know if you call it that in English) for sweatpants, but I'm very biased when it comes to fabric, happens when you have to work with it, kek. If you made good experiences with one brand and feel like they are still up to that standard, go for it, honestly, nothing wrong about it and yes, it's a "lot" of polyester, but for some people it's the perfect choice and polyester comes in different forms with different purposes. And like nonna before, I hate such huge logos, after all you paid good money for that brand, you don't have to be a walking advertisement.

No. 293754

Merci so much! This is good info. Sadly not a burger but I looked at the pants and they look super cozy, love that its 98 percent US cotton. I know the lululemon has a pretty high price but I'm willing to pay more if it's good quality because he tends to buy cheap H&M shit that get ruined in like a year from wear. The Roots ones do have a big giant logo kek I was thinking about that, I don't mind them on the salt and pepper colour but it looks bad on black I think.
Side note: the wesbite for the pants says
>Our experienced sewers earn up to $25 an hour and no less than $16
Is that supposed to be good? 16 dollars an hour is nothing. I mean it's a dollar above minimum wage kek
wow thanks, its cool you're super knowledge about fabrics. I did a quick search for 100 percent cotton ones and couldn't find any. It gets cold here so I'm not too worried about them being too warm, I just don't want them to pill or get super rough after like two washes like cheap ones do.
Thank you so much nonnas, I think I'm going to just go for the lululemon ones!

No. 293761

16$ an hour as a sewer is a lot, in my (first world) country I would earn minimum wage in that job, that's now 12 € (around 11,50 $), before that it's been 9,50 € and we have high rents and everything got so expensive, you can't live from that kind of money. I'm a learned dressmaker and I would never earn 25$ only for sewing, kek. Therefore, I love you nonna, for paying a higher price for good craftsmanship, wish everyone would do that instead of just buying huge amounts of cheap shit they never wear.

No. 293768

>just don't want them to pill or get super rough after like two washes like cheap ones do.
Make sure to hang dry them if you don't already! It extends the longevity of clothing soooo much & you don't get pilling as easily.


No. 293847

Hello I am looking for a small backpack that is stylish, and preferably anti theft (zipper end up against the back)
Its a treat for my self since my bday is soon.
I have a generic one from amazon but maybe some nonnas can help

No. 293851

How to style a dress with a peter pan collar without looking like a child? I like these collars but don't know how to style them as for tights etc. I'm pretty short and have a babyface

No. 293860

Idk how people hang dry natural fabrics indoors, I had to do it once when my dryer was broken, it took 3 days and my clothes all smelled mildewy by the end.

No. 293863

Just wear them, no children wear peterpan collars only twee quirky girls. I promise your uwu babyface isn't gonna get you questioned over your collar.

No. 293870

are skinny jeans really out?

No. 293875

Many apologies, but I want to piggyback off this–what sweatpant material is near immune to pilling and fairly resistant to getting stuff stuck on it that isn't a strange one (like velvet)? Is cotton really just it? I've been wanting tapered, big ones but pretty much to this day have failed. I ended up finding a brand new pair of Vuoris at the thrift store in a bout of dumb luck, though the smooth material is super prone to getting hair stuck on it, plus doesn't really retain the shape so looks baggy even if it's slim-fit.

No. 293878

I think so. If teens, who are the easiest to push trends onto and care the most about trends aren't wearing them then I'd say they're out of fashion. You can still wear them and be cute though, who cares.

The less texture, the better. Sorry I can't be of more help nonna. I'm surprised that the smooth material of the pants (?) you thrifted
are picking up a lot of hair. Make sure you vacuum a lot, too.

No. 293884

Yes and no. Yes they are out but anyone who's not a fashion victim will see that there's still plenty of women and even teen girls wearing their skinny jeans because most people can't and/or don't want to change their whole warderobe on the whims of the fashion trends.

This is the unpopular opinion but I'm not actually a big fan of cotton pieces, especially bottoms. I started switching to 100% cotton pieces when I realized how much nicer this random cotton shirt I got felt and how my other clothes suddenly felt like plastic in comparison. But after a while of wearing my new cotton purchases I noticed that I had a much tougher time getting stains out of my new pieces (turns out natural fabrics indeed stain more easily when I googled it) and my cotton jeans ripped noticeably quicker than my polyester blend jeans. So I'm personally leaning towards believing that cotton/polyester blends are actually a decent choice.

No. 293894

I don't own a dryer and therefore have to let it dry indoors and I put on the heating in the room the stuff hangs to dry, only solution so far, as I can't put it outside because of 24/7 smoking neighbours

sometimes it has something to with the dye they used, when it's more "on" the fabric, hair can stick to it. Fabric production and resources used is a very big area and depending on what they use and how they process things you will have different outcomes. For example you have different length of cotton fibres and the shorter the fibre, the more pilling you will get, as there are more fibre ends sticking out of the fabric. If I have the choice, I prefer pima cotton (extra long stable cotton) and if you like a silky and more "shiny" appearance, look out for mercerised cotton. When I go shopping I take a small fabric piece that always loses a lot of lint with me and go over the thing I might want to buy with it, to see how much keeps on sticking on the fabric. I also test the things I would like to buy if they lose the dye very fast with a slightly wet piece of white fabric.
Polyester just has the advantage that the person making it can decide which characteristics the fibre should have and they can make it that way. That's why most sportswear is made of polyester, it dries faster and you can equip it with stuff like "anti smell" things, etc.

No. 294097

This might be a dumb question, but are there are any blogs or fashion channels that talk about eyeglass trends? I need some new frames and don’t wanna look too outdated kek.

No. 294122

Does anyone of you know a website where I can have a look a designer handbags from older collections, something like an overview which designer did what in X year. Tried to find something like that but without luck, but maybe someone here has an idea.

No. 294264

File: 1665925443334.png (7.19 MB, 2717x2000, hmm.png)

Am I fashion blind? I see so many people applauding her style and outfits yet they all seem like some strange pastiche of clean minimalist corporate style and dolls kill edginess.

No. 294267

No idea who this is but those outfits are really, really ugly.

No. 294279

Is that Miranda Sings?

No. 294282

those shoes look cheap and most pieces look like what my friends and I wore 15 years ago, kek.

No. 294295

goofy and bad, even just from the silhouette you can tell how little she understands about how to create outfits

No. 294297

As a french nonna, I'm offended.

No. 294310

>just from the silhouette you can tell how little she understands about how to create outfits
As someone who's trying to better my fashion sense, please explain

No. 294337

It looks like she tried to combine several different styles from 2012 tumblr. The end result is horrible.

No. 294351

Nonnas, where do you buy your jewellery? I want to build a little collection of good quality jewellery, but I wonder where to start looking and buying from. Are there some smaller brands you like, that have good quality craftsmanship? I'm more into minimalist styles or a little bit grunge / rock / goth / post apocalyptic stuff. Please, just post everything you like, kek.

No. 294352

the easiest rule to follow is to combine more fitted clothes w/ looser clothes, ie a baggy top and more form-fitting pants, or baggy/wide-legged pants with a tighter top. this is why her center outfit looks the least cringe (imo), cause at least it kinda has that balance that the other two lack, until you get to her goofy shoes.
the other option would be to create kind of a "shapeless" silhouette through all oversized/baggy clothes, but those are harder to give advice on. the two outfits on either side are truly hideous, and part of that has to do with how chaotic the silhouette is

No. 294353

every piece of jewelry ive bought within the past year has come from etsy, no regrets, i love buying directly from the artists whenever possible

No. 294355

I'm kind of wary of Etsy as it's become a hotspot of dropshipping over the years. What are some ways I can tell it's a real shop with a real artist behind it, rather than someone peddling Aliexpress plastic?

No. 294357

I get my jewelry from local brands that I found through googling things like "contemporary (prefered material) jewelry brands" "best (style) (prefered material) jewelry brands" things like that

Oh please be careful with etsy, they allow things that aren't handmade or vintage nowadays.

No. 294358

i guess the easiest thing to look out for is uniqueness even tho thats not very good advice. im only interested in really minimalist stuff as well. if the shops been around for a long time with a high review score ive never been worried they could be involved with dropshipping, but maybe im just naive.
my most recent purchase from when i got my new job.

No. 294362

File: 1665956984610.jpg (255.32 KB, 750x1000, aaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

What brand sells good, tapered/pencil shape and somewhat high waisted mom jeans that retain their shape? I found out that bulkier bottoms look so much better than me, though it's been hard finding a pair that isn't too slick, nor too baggy, and has a nice texture and finish to it. Picrel is kind of close.
And yeah I've been looking in thrift stores. Oddly, haven't had much luck.

No. 294367

idk if the quality has changed since but i got 3 pairs of levis that were all 99% cotton w/ a button fly right before the pandemic from their website and theyre still in top shape today

No. 294368

Etsy is something I've been looking at, sadly many companies are in USA or Australia and the shipping costs are like 30 € for one piece.

I'm always using reverse image search when shopping on etsy, won't pay good money for cheap Aliexpress stuff.

never thought about local brands, but I guess there has to be something in my city, as it's one of the largest in my country, kek. Guess I will have a look at things made in this city and maybe find something nice

I love what you bought, seems like we are looking for the same stuff.

No. 294371

Ntayrt but to me the center one is the worst compared to the other two because it makes her look like the letter P

No. 294373

thats her body doin that, she look like the letter p in disguise

No. 294425

what's the relation ?

No. 294438

File: 1666006671614.jpeg (177.81 KB, 828x882, 01656D49-D749-4B26-BEEA-7BE21D…)

Has anyone bought boots from Altercore before? I need a new pair of combat boots but I don’t wanna spend a 100€ just for them to fall apart after a couple of months.
Or does anyone have a recommendation for similarly priced boots that are nice (vegan btw)?

No. 294440

All plastic shoes are going to fall apart in a few months. If you want longevity you need real leather, sorry.

No. 294441

not buying leather, all I want is for the soles to not fall apart because they’re glued on

No. 294446

IDK I have vegan buffalo sneakers, 3 years now, and they look great still

No. 294449

I have no experience with this brand but if the soles are your only concern, you could always have them repaired at a shoemaker should they fall of. People forget this is an option because we've been brainwashed into throwing out and purchasing new instead of repairing but a small repair like glueing soles back on is a realistic and affordable repair. I know this because that's what my mom always did with our shoes and boots.

No. 294456

Not true, maybe if you buy literal cheap trash from shein but I’ve had plenty of “plastic” or simply not animal hide shoes that last years and years of almost daily wear. My current plastic boots are from goodwill and cost 9 bucks, going on my second year now.

No. 294468

Now that I think about it, the more I spend on shoes the faster they disintegrate. Especially if they are brand new.

No. 294489

File: 1666027706374.png (134.93 KB, 380x380, 0000199675300_2__ab.png)

I have 3 pairs of shoes from this brand! They are very comfy and hold up really well.
Picrel are my favourite, the Altercore Roca black.

No. 294495

They look cheap and stuck in 2014.

No. 294496

nta but oh well, no one can keep up with the trends in 2022 anyway. Might as well wear what you like and get your hard earned money out of it if you can't keep up with fast fashion on steroids anyway.

No. 294498

No. 294499

NTA and I support wearing whatever the fuck you like, but 'keeping up' with trends really isn't hard these days with social media. You don't even need social media, go to a store that isn't walmart, old navy or h&m and you'll be able to spot trends easily.

No. 294500

Didn't anon mean keeping up with trends financially? Being aware whats in any given season is easy, trying to keep up by having it in your closet though is a ridiculous goal

No. 294502

You don't have to buy literally every trend you see. As long as you update your pant silhouette, bag and shoes you will look current.

No. 294503

They look cute with my band shirts and goth outfits, idc if they're considered tacky. I don't like current fashion trends anyway.
Wear whatever sparks joy, nonas

No. 294511

I meant financially, yes.

>Replacing all of your good bottoms, shoes and bags every few years just to chase the ever changing "current"
do you even hear yourself?

No. 294524

nta, and nothing against you two, so please don't fell attacked, but how does that work? Everything you owned before goes into the trash because it's not "trendy" anymore. Well, not for me, I'm rather stuck in 2014 or 1960 or 1890 than supporting this fast fashion low quality bullshit that makes life for way too many people and the environment a living hell. Also, you can make new clothes out of older clothes, especially if they are good quality and the fabric used isn't meant to be worn only for half a season.

I like those shoes, being comfy and comfortable with what you wear should be the most important part of any outfit. Sad that I don't wear shoes that aren't leather and their sizes are too small, kek.

No. 294554

File: 1666058764078.jpg (107.06 KB, 736x1012, 75c308806e094b8492d5625b686f91…)

anyone got an idea of what sort of hat she's wearing?

No. 294556

looks like either a large bucket hat or a safaricap/pith helmet. hard to see from this angle+photo quality

No. 294576

Leather is infinitely more animal and environmental friendly than plastic. Choosing to go for the crueler option simply because its vegan and that makes you feel better isn't ethical you know.

No. 294579

Do none of you declutter? wear things out? Stop liking things? Donate old clothes? kek

No. 294582

Do you even know how leather is made? They raise cows for the specific purpose of becoming leather products, it’s not ethical to animals in any way. There’s so many toxic chemicals used to treat hides that it pollutes the air and water of the places that do it. Muh plastic bad and vegans wrong! is a super cool take except when you realize you’re wrong completely and there are other options besides PU for lasting wearable items.

No. 294586

Nta but a good pair of leather shoes/jacket/bag/whatever can last you decades (although it's very difficult to actually find that quality today). I'm not denying that leather requires SOME animal cruelty but it can minimize it when people make the deliberate choice to own no more than truly needed and take care of their belongings for decades if not a lifetime. If everyone did this down the line it'd result in the least harm to animals possible. Your fast fashion also disposes a lot of chemicals into waterways affecting animals and their habitats, just not as directly as killing a cow for it's skin, except most fast fashion lasts only a fraction of the time leather can. I'd also rather buy a bag or a pair of shoes once made by someone who's compensated fairly for what they made than repeatedly buying clothes that were made by poor girls and women under inhumane working conditions. You know they even get locked up, forced and blackmailed in those factories there to make the tshirt or shoes you buy at Zara? Funny how that never seems to be a concern for vegans who pride themselves on not having purchased a pair of boots a cow had to be killed for.

No. 294603

so meat is thrown out, you idiot? all parts of animals are used because it's wasteful to raise them just for leathers. and you didn't hear about vegetable tanning ever? which is way more enviromentally friendly than typical process using lot of harmful chemicals with heavy metals. microplastics are massive problem and PU and other shitty fake leathers are made from fucking petroleum, they last less and can flake easily. and real leather has bigger chances of degrading than plastics that can take 500 years to degrade. real leather lasts years and you won't replace leather shoes/jackets/bags as much you do with plastic crap. i don't care about fucking animals, domesticated cows and other farm animals were domesticated for human use. i guess you're one of these militant vegans who would let domesticated farm animals out just to wreck ecosystems "because muh no suffering". you probably don't care about people too, dumb cow is more important than curbing consoomerism and avoiding materials that wreck environment more. until 00s real leather was even used by fast fashion chains and some of these pieces i see listed second-hand still look decent.

i fucking hate vegans. the most entitled and first world bullshit. they are dumb because they deprave themselves of nutrients to virtue singal.
based nonny.

No. 294621

If you like looking tacky then go for it

No. 294644

I wear my stuff until it falls apart. I only sell stuff that doesn't fit anymore and I don't donate in my country as most of the stuff goes into the trash or to religious organisations. I'm in the process of making everything I wear (except for shoes and underwear) myself in the future. At the moment I only buy second hand. I've seen enough to keep on supporting brands like H&M or Zara or follow fashion trends that look ugly on most people.

that's just it, the fashion industry is one of the big factors to environmental pollution, but it's more important to be trendy than owning what you really need. The last bag I bought was cheap and made out of faux leather, after 2 years the upper layer comes apart and I can put that bag into the trash. My leather shoes I've been wearing for 5 years now, a little bit of leather care and they look like new, if I resole them in the future, I can wear them the next 5 to 10 years.
Honestly, I think it would help if people that like fashion would have to make one basic outfit themselves under the circumstances people in the country there clothes come from had to make them, guess 90% would never buy at Primark, H&M, Zara, etc again.

No. 294645

You think making everyone make clothes magically gives them enough money to buy ethical brands?

I also doubt you've gotten very far in learning to make your own clothes based on your comments. It's expensive to learn and expensive to do. If you were actually making clothes you'd be more appreciative of the amount of money, time, and skill it takes and would not be acting like it's something everyone can realistically do.

No. 294646

Also underwear is super easy to make. Why is that something you wouldn't make lol

No. 294657

File: 1666108724724.jpg (441.15 KB, 1079x1013, Screenshot_20221018-175244_Dep…)

Any ideas where i could find shoes similar to those? Or any winter shoes with pompoms at this point

No. 294699

>Or any winter shoes with pompoms at this point
I bet you could get some regular boots you like and tie pom poms onto the shoes/laces pretty easily.

No. 294711

What silhouettes/colours do you like to wear and do they flatter you?

What do you wish you could wear but it just doesn't suit you?

I have very curvy stomach and hips, so I look great when I accentuate my waist and hips with a pencil skirt or fit n flare shape but if I wear regular jeans+t shirt combo I look wide in the middle. So I tend to do skinny fit trousers and a long loose top and boots. Or a top tucked into a maxi skirt.

I love unique clothes too. Like cool prints or mismatched buttons or more Avant Garde stuff. I thrift a lot to find unique pieces.

I'm pale as fuck and cool toned so I wear mainly blue, pink and grey. Browns and oranges look awful on me.

I wish I could wear Mori kei or cottagecore style but it's too soft for me… Sharper, more classic shapes suit me better.

No. 294727

kek, it's my job to make clothes and patterns, I know how much money, time and what skills it needs to make clothes. I know what it's like to work in a fabric that produces clothes. And I know it's not realistic for everyone, I'm poor myself, I know what that stuff costs, but it's still not a reason to buy your stuff at Primark every other week to be trendy, I rather make a coat myself that I will wear for 10 winters than buy a coat for 20$ that only lasts 2 months. And I didn't mean poor people that buy that bullshit because they have not other choice, I mean people always wanting to be trendy, buying new stuff every week, spending so much money on their clothes a month that they could afford sustainable, well made pieces.

except when you like seamless laser cut underwear and to make preformed push up bras isn't that easy without the right machines.

No. 294728

File: 1666134646142.jpg (41.73 KB, 672x511, 123456.JPG)

I've been watching the tv show Slasher the last days and I'm in love with that pullover. Does anyone know what it's called or what I should look for?

No. 294732

You might like Justin Davis jewelry based on how you describe your tastes

No. 294784

Pointelle sleeve/pointelle knit sweater

No. 294787

Any grandma german clothing catalogue

No. 294795

I seriously doubt the $250 coat you make will last longer than the $25 parka I've been wearing for the past 6 winters but you do you.

No. 294842

I don't have another image example but the hat is supposed to be velvet material and looks somewhat like a stiff bucket hat and I've seen it worn by women in the 20s
still no idea what the name of the hat is called but it's not a safari or pith hat

No. 294890

Help, nonnas…I’ve been invited to a wedding in December, and I’ve only ever attended one (as a kid). What do I wear?! Any website recommendations? I’m looking to keep it fairly inexpensive. It gets very cold here during the winter, so I’ll definitely need a cardigan to wear over my dress. I’m not sure which colors or styles are the most appropriate, though.

No. 295229

File: 1666391228677.png (400.84 KB, 525x686, coat.png)

Looking to buy some warmer clothes for winter since I don't have many clothes. Kept seeing ads for this kind of coat, and I can't decide if I love or hate it. I think it almost looks a little too cutesy and a bit too much for day-to-day wearing. Might keep looking, but a more subdued style would be cute. I guess I like the shawl and bows and the like. Reviews said it was pretty warm and well-made but the candid pictures I saw looked a bit tacky. Anyways, any thoughts?

No. 295234

It's incredibly tacky. Pls no anon

No. 295235

File: 1666393541636.jpg (567.9 KB, 1280x1751, tumblr_oh2e0diy2t1rchxfuo1_128…)

Lol, it looks like a bad replica of an Angelic Pretty coat. I have picrel in black and it's very warm and cute.

No. 295236

anon this is a cheap taobao knockoff lolita coat… just get an actual brand one from someplace like closetchild and if you don't actually plan on wearing it with sweet lolita (which it seems like you don't even know what that is) it's probably best to just get a black one

No. 295238

File: 1666395379728.png (658.27 KB, 1050x696, ahhhh.PNG)

Hi nonnies! What are some basic, versatile and comfy brown boots that are pretty lowkey? Waterproof preferred. I wear a lot of sweaters, sweatshirts, and other casual-ish clothing.
I'm still not decided on whether or not I want laces or not or if it matters or creates a more sporty vibe. Also, is the tone of brown relevant to how versatile boots are? I love rich browns.

No. 295240

is there any good sites to talk about… actual fashion? this thread is almost always filled with "where can i get (cheap thing)?" and id like actual fashion discussion

No. 295241

Yeah, not gonna buy it. Candid pics looked (I finally found the word) costumey? Probably gonna buy something far more normal looking.

No. 295247

There are several generals about fashion, not just this one. There's one for fashion trends you miss and ones you hate, for example.

No. 295251

Ask the couple what the dress code is and where it takes place, it'll help narrow it down.

No. 295269

i have been in those threads before, but theyre dead now and i dont feel like this would be the best place to talk about fashion anyway given the evidence so im asking for if anyone knows another SITE.
for example fw just happened but theres no discussion anywhere on this site about it, i would like a site that has some.

No. 295280

There pretty much isn't. Every "fashion" community slowly devolves into just normie clothing advice. And don't get me wrong, there is a place for that and it can be useful but it's frustrating when you are lookong for actual discussion.

No. 295281

Samefag, forgot to add that lolcow's demographic and people who keep up with fw are two completely different communities kek

No. 295287

yea the communities are different but ig i was just hoping for a little bit of overlap.
i used to go on /fa/ years ago (embarrassing to admit) and even tho it was obviously all about mens fashion there was actually a decent amount that cared about high end shit so it was ok. it has devolved into total shit newfag posts tho so i stopped going there.
for mens fashion in general there seems to be a lot of guys who make content but i can't find any about female fashion that does the same. i have only found channels about accessories or cheap teen/fast fashion clothing

so ig if anyone knows any female fashion content creators that aren't normies please recommend

No. 295293

The replica is cuter than the real thing. The hearts and bright pink bow on the real thing make it worse.

If you mean discussing the work of of designers and analyzing it as art, Bliss Foster on youtube (a fashion critic) has a community that loves discussing that stuff, but it's behind a patreon paywell I'm pretty sure. That's the only centralized place for non-normie fashion discussion I can think of.

No. 295298

I feel like if you want a fashion community you have to look on mainstream websites and not obscure niche image boards. Maybe a huge fashion meme page like diet_prada or youtubers/tiktok that talk about fashion without trying to promote their own brand/line.

No. 295306

I decided to wear a thin dress at work for the first time ever and realized that all of my bras rn probably show my nipples in natural light. Thank God I had a sweater on me holy shit

What types of bras should I be looking for that hide everything but aren't really rigid and prone to becoming misshapen? Can anyone recommend specific bras (especially ones available in the UK)?

No. 295308

Do you mean not rigid as in no molded cups?

No. 295309

Marks & Spencers do really good bras and aren't as expensive as you'd think. They always have good ones on sale. I bought a genius bra on there for like £12 at most I think - it's a simple unpadded and non-wire one with a longer band around the back for support and it's so comfortable and silky but doesn't show any nipple. I would 100% recommend trying something from there

No. 295321

I'm very happy with my bras from H&M right now. I've got the normal push-up once as I like padded bras with wires. They hold up very well so far, even after putting them in the washing machine often the form didn't change. Also, the push-up effect isn't extreme, the preformed cups just have a nice form around the breasts.

No. 295330

I think so
Thanks nonnies, I'll look into the genius bra and what H&M has

No. 295505

Nonnas, where should I look online if I want a vintage 60s/70s dress for a special occasion? I can’t afford super expensive things, and I don’t live in a first world country.

No. 295508

Because women are forced to participate in fashion as part of beauty standards, most beauty sites aimed at women will be relatively normie. Men who are into fashion are doing it out of choice, not obligation, which is why male fashion blogs tend to be more in-depth. Without gatekeeping, most female fashion forums will become general "what clothes wear" forums over time. If you want, start an "expensive/designer fashion" thread and state that it's for discussion of high fashion, I'm sure several nonnas will join you there.

If you're looking for a community, try /r/ffacj_discussion. It's slow but unlike /r/femalefashionadvice you won't get pilloried for wanting to buy expensive clothes. /r/expensivehumanfashion is gender neutral and mostly operates on their discord, but is much more active. PurseForum is exclusively focused on designer brands and relatively active, but it's mostly for purses and shoes, and it's a very particular aesthetic.

the-rosenrot.com has the blog of actual fashion designer with good commentary. youlookfab.com is aimed at old ladies but posts a lot of trends and pricier outfit recs. bluecollarredlipstick is a blog and an instagram of an artsy woman who posts both on fashion and interior design and the connection to art history. I haven't found any good youtubers for female fashion.

No. 295531

Idk, I have one with molded cups and it hasn't misshapen yet. I regret not getting one sooner.

No. 295544

I love wearing more masculine items like masculine rings, cargos, and have a dominant energy (don't know how to describe it). How do I avoid giving off lesbian vibes?

Obviously not only lesbians wear those things but how do I soften my look?

No. 295545

ebay is best for that kind of stuff but you have to be patient and willing to dig through a lot of trash. also id recommend using gixen for bidding on ebay auctions

No. 295546

Is that common with bras? I've never had regular t-shirt bras become misshapen I think.

No. 295556

Don’t be silly anon, men’s fashion communities are overwhelmingly autistic “what do I wear?” discussions. Gay men actually into high fashion use the same places women do. I agree though that a thread specifically for looking at designer stuff would also be fun.

No. 295569

thanks for the recommendations anon!
and i never thought about mens vs womens fashion interests being like that but it could definitely be true.

i am lucky i like wearing some mens stuff here and there so i can still enjoy mens content, but i have never found any womens ones that are similar, its disappointing.

No. 295570

File: 1666556127819.png (591.06 KB, 1234x536, Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 21.1…)

what model are these dr martens?

No. 295574

they just look like jadons in the smooth leather option

No. 295582

do you ever want to buy clothes that are similar to pieces you already own, just because you like that kind of style? and by similar, i mean that no one would really notice they're different unless they look closely or pay attention to what you're wearing every day of the week. i have this problem where i feel the urge to buy shirts similar to ones i already own, just because i think the style is cute but i know no one would even realize they're different except for me

No. 295657

someone actually started a high fashion thread now, chefs kiss to them. here: >>295515 all you weird, expensive, and designer fashion lovers come over

No. 295727

thank you!!

No. 295797

Can any anons on here point me to brands that sell cutesy goth clothing? Preferrably nothing with that killstar egirl look to it, I'm really looking for something more in the vein of casual/everyday gothic lolita style.

No. 295896

File: 1666705915698.jpeg (355.52 KB, 579x811, 900C8B5B-EBDF-4799-8639-58CE43…)

please does anynonette know where these shoes are from? i cant figure out what brand that is. help!!!

No. 295897

Isn’t the brand logo printed on the heal? It’s covered by a pink sticker.

No. 295898

yes but its not my picture so i dont have them in real life (unfortunately for me) otherwise i would just remove them haha. i cant figure out what logo that is. i can only guess from what i can make out with the "spo"… "sport"? or maybe its missing one letter instead of two. i dont reckon a brand named that would make such a shoe kek

No. 295899

File: 1666706798688.jpg (122.57 KB, 736x981, Tumblr_l_44497123101211.jpg)

does anyone know where this skirt is from, the triangle fringe one?

No. 295900

I don’t know but I really, really love this outfit. I don’t even know what to call this style, it’s so unique.

No. 295906

90s designer gypsy chic

No. 295910

Nonnies I need help, I’m completely fashion illiterate and have spent the last 10years of my life cycling through the same 10items of clothing and I want to really change it up.
Do any nonnies have recommendations for where to begin or what to look at? I really like Lolita style clothing and 1950s fashion (poodle skirts, cardigans, stockings) is there a more modern take on this styles or a practical everyday wear version?
I have no idea what I’m doing, I just want to look more put together and actually enjoy the clothes I wear.

No. 295989

seconded, fashionable anons help us

No. 295997

File: 1666740173588.png (1 MB, 720x1295, Screenshot_20221025-191557.png)

1. What the fuck is this
2. Why is it $1,800
3. Who the fuck is paying nearly two grand for this

No. 296008

You might like ChicWish, they have a lot of retro inspired clothes that look modern. High quality too.

No. 296013

where to find cute underwear? cotton with lace trim and bows is my favorite but im having trouble finding anymore.

No. 296014

>Phillip Plein

No. 296015

File: 1666748101215.jpeg (22.83 KB, 244x304, e9d3ea8c-1a9a-5cf8-a27c-6611a8…)

If you want some places to look for 1950s style clothing, this list might be of service to you. https://vintagedancer.com/vintage/vintage-inspired-clothing-retro-clothing/
As for lolita, idk what kind of style you like, but I would consider investing in one or two pieces from a classic lolita brand like victorian maiden, maybe an op. I have picrel from victorian maiden and it can very easily be worn outside of lolita, so maybe look out for pieces like that.

No. 296018

Nta and not fashion knowledgeable. Is phillip plein some meme designer?

No. 296024

File: 1666754394563.jpeg (302.69 KB, 2005x1125, 75F3642E-A056-436B-804B-29126E…)

does anyone know where i could find a good quality sailor dress like OG venus wore? um for a costume cough ahahaha

No. 296029

File: 1666756216537.png (903.66 KB, 1280x1919, KIM_0053.png)

yes he is. He is known for making the most gaudy street wear to ever exist. I'll leave it to you to know the kind of people who this kind of aesthetic appeals to.

No. 296052

The stickers make me think it's a cheap pair of shoe and probably not available for purchase anymore even if you can find the original brand. You'd be better off looking for similiar ballet flats.

No. 296053

That said I think it says Sport On or Spot On? You can read the "On" on the left shoe. It really reads like it's from one of those stores that sell shoes for like 10-15 bucks by "brands" you've never heard of and nothing comes up when you google it.

No. 296075

Get on Etsy and search for things like- Ren faire tribal gypsy fairy- and you will find all kinds of stuff like this.

No. 296079

File: 1666786952210.png (642.42 KB, 600x800, skirt.png)

No. 296080

thank you!

No. 296088

nta but how did you manage to track that down?

No. 296225

I used reverse image search on anon's pic and that site was one of the first results, so I looked through it and found the skirt. It's not 100% reliable though, I tried searching for the other anon's ballet flats too but nothing turned up kek

No. 296271

It sounds like the styles you like are modest, feminine, and fun. Lolita and vintage can both be pretty overwhelming if you don't have much of a fashion sense yet, so I would recommend starting with things that are more toned down. It'll be easier to style and you'll feel more confident. I'd start out with 1 or 2 pairs of nice neutral colored shoes, some cardigans (boleros are pretty in right now and should suit your taste), and some casual dresses.

If you don't know what brands/styles you want start with, explore for a while on Pinterest/insta/TikTok. Some keywords to start with might be "twee" (not super trendy right now but whatever) "softgirl" "girly" "pastel". To make sure you don't go for inspo that's out of date, try to make sure it was posted in the last ~3 years. Also, try buying your clothes in person first. That way you can feel the fabric and make sure clothes fit you how you would like. If you're feeling spendy, a lot of department stores even have personal shoppers available.

No. 296274

I think the difference is that the skirt was a professional photo, whereas the flats seemed personally taken. It's worth it to try no matter what kind of photo it is, but just generally speaking it's easier to find professional/commercial photographs through reverse image search.

No. 296371

No. 296640

File: 1667085629482.jpg (33.17 KB, 500x430, 649ffad096ad476378b451968020e9…)

I got a necklace similar to picrel and have no idea how to wear it. I usually don't wear jewellery besides a simple gold studs, I do have two pearl stud earrings in difference sizes and hanging ones.

No. 296641

File: 1667085712587.jpg (159.33 KB, 800x800, HTB11ob2XyLrK1Rjy1zdq6ynnpXaS.…)

the pearls are small like picrel and the sliver clasp is of a blooming flower with a pearl in the middle of the flower

No. 296758

Oh man, nonny all I know for sure is that this dress is old Bodyline. I wish I had more info of where you could actually get it these says aside from secondhand markets online, but hopefully knowing the brand helps a little.

No. 296775

Is there any way for a curvy woman to pull off the 'men's suit' look (like Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted)? Like just some straight pants and a loose hanging shirt. Whenever I try to get that look it makes me like my clothes don't fit correct instead of it being a conscious style choice.

No. 296780

I think you could, hasn’t Christie Alley worn similar outfits? It’d just be a matter of making sure it doesn’t pinch in at the waist.

No. 296784

In what sense do they look like they don't fit correctly? My first thought was you were referring to how loose tops hang off a bigger chest which can be unflattering but I'm not sure if that's what you're reffering to?

No. 296827

Does anyone know any brands similar to Gelato Pique? Preferably in non-asian sizing. I love the style of Gelato Pique clothing, but they don't fit me. I'm quite taller than average and have an hourglass figure, my breasts either can't fit into the tops or they look completely squished in unflattering and my hips are usually too wide for the bottoms. Both tops and bottoms from that shop end up too short on me anyway. For reference I usually wear an american Large

No. 296837

Gilly Hicks isn't exactly similar, but they do sell some cute teddy/sherpa pajamas that are similar to Gelato Pique's and their sizing is more inclusive.

No. 296905

File: 1667224999166.jpeg (70.4 KB, 652x478, 544F4089-2041-4FCC-9554-3DB12E…)

Where should I look to buy a similar dress?

No. 296914

File: 1667231877871.png (370.12 KB, 998x814, headdress.png)

what does it mean by fabric in this case? and do anons know if antique beast ships to burger land?

No. 296916

pretty sure it literally just means fabric type for the non-lace part. my best guess is that broad probably means broadcloth, and the other stuff is all actual fabric names. google images results have some decent closeups that should give you an idea of what they look like

No. 296992

I want to try out the "dark academia" trend, it seems cool and androgynous. Would the style make me look like too much of a sperg though?

No. 297024

If you have to ask them probably, yeah

No. 297120

why would it look spergy? people have dressed that way for decades, it's basically prep style in darker colors kek

No. 297358

Whenever I wear pearls I tend to match the colors more than anything, so whatever goes with that off white pearl color. I also used to wear pearls more when I dressed vintage (like 40s). The fact that your necklace is made of small pearls I think makes them more versatile than normal sized pearls that look more dated and heavy. It depends on the necklace though. I think simple, minimal, clean outfits or more layered textured outfits (like mori kei) could work.

No. 297400

I was worried I might not have the confidence to pull it off for some reason. But you're right actually, that's a good point.

No. 297402

File: 1667482493044.jpg (31.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1.jpg)

Does anyone like the Fjallraven Kanken bags? I love the look of them and am considering buying the sling version, but I hear some people don't think they're worth the price.
I like that the company is allegedly environmentally friendly.

No. 297403

I have one and don’t wear it anymore because i don’t like the colour i choose anymore but functionality is great! It’s really sturdy and can fit a lot. I really appreciate the sqare form because it makes it fit so much more. It also opens pretty wide. I don’t care about the straps being thin because i anyways don’t wear it on bare skin. I should get one like picrel since i only wear black these days

No. 297404

I've loved mine for a loooong time and it's still holding up really well but I'm more into my ping-pong backpack now because of the back structure the fjällräven doesn't have. The quality is good and it hasn't broken on me despite using it as a university bag for a long time

No. 297433

File: 1667488499486.jpg (367.4 KB, 1124x1500, fjaellraeven-kanken-mini-sky-b…)

I agree with what >>297403 and >>297404 said in terms of practicality and quality; I've had mine for about five years and it hasn't shown any signs of wear apart from the colour. I'd definitely advise getting a dark coloured one cos I have picrel and no matter what they say about being able to clean it, nothing I've tried has ever worked and it looks a bit grubby now

No. 297532

Hi nonnies, I've been looking for a jacket that's:

>slightly androgynous, almost streetwear esque hoodie but still cute and has something interesting about it; muted pastels and muted darks preferred too

>not thick, plasticky, nor fleecy; I'm a huge fan of 100% cotton feel.
>oversized though also drapes nicely + is loose on the shoulder/armpit area (drop shoulder?)
>not too long

I looked in two thrift stores and the only thing that vaguely resembled what I want was a sweatshirt. I snatched it and it's the comfiest thing I've ever worn, but yeah, I still want a jacket.
Is there any brands that might interest me? For reference, something like "Uniqlo" is just too boring looking for me and I'm not sure where else to look for something with a lil more spice.

No. 297728

File: 1667625528487.jpg (37.52 KB, 770x578, hat.jpg)

So, I've had this hat my bro gave to me for a while now, I wear a lot of hats, so I've been wanting to wear it but it never looks good with any of my usual attire. It just looks out of place on me I guess. How would one go about styling it? If it's one of those pieces that takes a special person to pull it off, or a very dedicated sort of style I may wait to find the right person to give it away to, since I hate seeing these things go to waste.

No. 297729

File: 1667626052697.png (4.37 MB, 2560x1440, 6BFB1742-C26C-4038-BB73-1A664B…)

Yeah I feel like a newsboy cap only works with outfits that look like they wouldn’t be out of place in 1915 London. I’ve known a couple guys to wear them and they didn’t do this, and the result was always terrible. Compare picrel to what you picture when you think of a fedora-wearer.

No. 297732

Ah, I see. So it's just one of those items that you can't really wear as a regular thing. I guess I'm not surprised my brother gave it to me then. Maybe some Chimneysweep larper would look good in it, who knows. I'll find someone else to pass this on to. Honestly I associate guys who want to dress "dandy" or whatever with my little pony, and smelling really weird. Cool fashion, but boy does it not work out in real life.

No. 297805

File: 1667666610307.jpg (683.28 KB, 2441x3564, Maude_Gonne_McBride_nd.jpg)

just posting a sick fit, how come in the advent of atrocious zoomer fashion it's still socially unacceptable to wear whole bird wings on your head

No. 297806

Modern animal protection movements? This fashion almost made a lot of birds go extinct.
That lady was a really cool person though.

No. 297825

File: 1667674042937.jpg (51.99 KB, 468x625, cgl elite.jpg)

Well it doesn't have to be taxidermy wings, it's possible to make some kind of structure with wire and foam or whatever cosplayers use and cover it with feathers.

I once went to an antique shop and found a super cute hat but when I turned it around to get a better look, there was a whole bird head looking at me. I didn't know about taxidermy hats back then, so it really freaked me out

No. 297882

File: 1667690115698.jpg (92.58 KB, 927x675, snkrs.jpg)

I need new every-day-wear-with-anything sneakers and can't decide which to buy. The first three are a solid combo of trendy and timeless and go with 80% of my wardrobe. The all black forums would go really well with the darker portion of my closet. They remind me of early 00s skate shoes I used to wear in middle school kek. But I fear they will look dated in a year or two. Idk I really like them but I think they're a bit too gorp core for every day wear? I'm almost tempted to buy white sambas that everyone is wearing because they're just so easy to style.

No. 297883

Samefag, gib opinions please obviously.

No. 297885

I like the khaki but would skip the black.

No. 297942

I think it depends on what clothes you have, but I like the brown pair best out of these.

No. 297955

They all look like ugly guys' sneakers to me but if I had to choose the, the white one.

No. 297961

Ayrt, the issue is I swing between a few different aesthetics. Bit of streetwear, bit of french girl, bit of 2012 tumblr grunge, bit of y2k and pops of color. Ideally, I'd buy a basic pair of white jordans and a darker pair but I don't have that kind of money.

No. 297977

File: 1667735511471.jpg (14.41 KB, 563x576, zased.jpg)

Do we have a farmer fashion server? I've never bothered to join the general one, only my national one (that doesn't have any fashion related channel)
Would love a fashion server that is tranny and scrote free since it's fucking impossible to find nowadays

No. 297981

black, the rest are ugly

No. 297986

File: 1667739127183.jpeg (326.86 KB, 1115x1280, DBE2F705-7216-461A-B0BD-D9DFF1…)

ooh im obsessed with those hats! they go with many of my looks such as 'british gangster', 'middle aged californian animator', 'soviet spy' and 'nonagenarian'. pretentious gnc girls pull it off better than men btw.

No. 298006

File: 1667746643386.jpeg (239.18 KB, 600x800, 1666611844.jpeg)

Nonnies… should I buy it? It'd look so good with my retarded platform crocs, would truly be an aspie fit

No. 298007

yes !!!!! what would you wear as bottoms ?

No. 298014

Kek last christmas we had a contest for the ugliest christmas sweater at work and there was a guy who wore this one and he won a bottle of jack danniels

No. 298016

God no. It's not cute or fun not even in an ironic way. It's kind of sad if anything.

No. 298018

defo buying it now

No. 298024

Well I hope you enjoy your purchase then

No. 298027

File: 1667756734165.jpg (75.78 KB, 640x939, ae86f23b3ac81a3bb2b6b7575983f2…)

I recognized everything I buy is just because I'm thinking that others may like it. And that I do not have fun with fashion and I have no clue what I'm doing. And I guess not everyone needs to be into fashion. My retarded mind is stuck in highschool and thought I need to be a fashionista to be likeable. That's why I'm dressing like a clown Maybe some nice anon can help me out. I just want to look put together, with a boring ass and safe outfit because I'm really not into fashion. I would like to dress like a business lady. But I have no idea where to start really no idea I'm so lost. If anyone has tips would be so nice… Maybe I check YouTube videos later too. I want to be seen as a responsible nice lady

No. 298038

(I’m >>294890.)
The dress code is semi-formal, and it will be taking place in a small church. I hate the feeling of tight dresses, so I’d like something on the flowier side. I’m just worried about looking too casual.

No. 298050

I think it's the fabric, pattern and accesoiries choices that can make a dress look casual. Colour-wise a jewel tone or dusty colour (whatever looks good on your skintone) would be nice. A maxi-dress would probably be good because it looks more formal and it's a bit nicer against the cold. Asos has nice budget-friendly options.

No. 298115

The brown Adidas and blue Nikes are cute! Both are interesting colorways for the respective brand's original styles. Idk something about an all black shoe that looks like that is diabolical

No. 298166

File: 1667817026058.jpg (507.19 KB, 1079x1404, Screenshot_20221107_112819.jpg)

I know it's such a basic shirt, but how could I dress it up and make an interesting outfit with it?

I usually don't wear color and thought I'd buy this to move out of my comfort zone a bit (the color looks much more vibrant in person) and would like ways to make it look less basic. Was thinking of pairing it with a black faux leather skirt with tights and ankle boots?

No. 298200

Are there any black over knee boots that are actual good quality and not sweatshop fast fashion? I'm basically thinking of really long Doc Martins or something with a zipper since I don't do heels and suck at laces. Or is there anything that achieves the same feel that's not overtly fetishy? Maybe I should just stick to 11 eye boots because thigh highs can't be worn with much…

No. 298221

It's fine? It's basic and not particularly interesting but it's cute enough for a cute casual outfit, it doesn't have to be more than that if you don't want it to.

No. 298237

Maybe add a vest to your outfit, or have a patterned skirt, maybe houndstooth. I'd wear it with a vest or blazer and patterned slacks, with one a contrasting color and the other neutral. Neutral legwear with bright shoes (think red or yellow) would be cute too

No. 298404

just wear it with mom jeans

No. 298409

Not the greatest suggestion if nonna is concerned with making an interesting outfit.

No. 298420

File: 1668035566484.jpg (94.53 KB, 1300x1667, 0005352800_1_2_1.jpg)

First thing I thought, faux leather pants and heavy boots, ankle boots with these heavy platforms would look great too, they're pretty popular nowadays; so we have very similar idea here. I'd either fully tuck the shirt or french tuck it. Small leather backpack or handbag as an accessory.
Otherwise, kinda similar but less edgy because not leather, pants and shoes like picrel, shirt fully tucked, black beret maybe?

No. 298500

File: 1668072317162.jpg (50.79 KB, 564x846, 6066f03c53f4fe7d6dcad8069d4f70…)

nonas what is this top called?

No. 298589

File: 1668113408342.jpeg (36.99 KB, 320x320, 3F94998C-8AD6-452C-81F9-F4AA69…)

take inspo from pinterest

pieces you need

- turtleneck tops
- mini skirts like in the pic
- straight pants
- long coats
- simple sweaters

choose warm colours wear simple accessories

No. 298592


No. 298620

Those are some times called chelsea or platter collars, but I think you’ll get more just just searching prairie puritan collar blouse.

No. 298791

Nonna's I recently bought a scarf online, only to realize it has shimmery thread woven into it and I thought it was horribly tacky at first but I think it's grown on me a bit (you can mainly see it shimmer in the light it's not over the top). Any thoughts on this, is it tacky?

No. 298806

I don't think so? From the sounds of it it's not like it's all shimmery right?

No. 298808

File: 1668203447130.jpeg (76.21 KB, 500x648, YfFGshC.jpeg)

You're kind of like me. I generally don't care about what I wear too much and am not that creative and so I stick to basic pieces/neutral palettes. This has led me to wear east coast ivy league prep style clothing. It's really basic and my clothes usually consist of a sweater, jeans, loafers, basic t-shirts, and cardigans. However, this is a very costly fashion style. If you wear the wrong, cheap pieces you'll look incoherent or like a tryhard. If you overdo it (wearing pieces like tennis sweaters outside of the court), you'll look like a preppy caricature. Requires a lot of research and has a list of brands to buy from. It was simple enough for me and the research was fun. Also wear more colors that suit your skintone; this is especially easy to follow in a neutral palette. The image you attached is pretty frumpy. Make sure you have clothes that actually fit you and flatter your body.

It unironically feels rebellious to wear too amongst all the gaudy Depop type outfits people wear now.

No. 298888

I'll be going to a classical concert as a one-off thing. My day to day style is very casual, I don't own any fancy/chic clothes. Can I get away with a wrap or blouse dress, black tights and basic sneakers or is that way too casual?

No. 298891

Only lolcow nonnas can make dressing business casual so complicated and convoluted.

No. 298907

No it's cotton, just has shimmery thread throughout it. Thanks though, I don't think it would look all that bad once I actually wear it.

No. 298920

sneakers are a bit too casual but the rest sounds fine. if you have a pair of simple flats or maybe even a loafer you could get by with those.

No. 299535

Dressing preppy isn't business casual. Not even close.

No. 299764

File: 1668649262683.jpg (690.32 KB, 1017x1946, Screenshot_20221117_013643.jpg)

any anons know where i can get a sweater like this? i specifically love the detailing on the collar; ive never seen anything like that

No. 299860

File: 1668703604582.png (3.66 MB, 2746x942, preppy vs business casual.png)

>Not even close.
Not trying to be snarky but these look pretty similar to me

No. 299863

NTAYRT but I really disagree, I don't think the outfits in your picrel would be appropriate for a more traditional workplace

No. 299868

Preppy and business casual are so different… They're both neater and more formal than the standard but business casual has amuch more reserved and professional aspect to it. Agreeing with the other anon, a lot of pic related doesn't fly as business casual.

No. 299895

Preppy can be either VERY casual or highly affected and can also be more cutesy and scruffy. Not kawaii or egirl cutesy, more cheeky. Think rolled up pants cuffs, patched up blazers, unbuttoned or rumpled collars, pattern mixing, worn down shoes, short hemlines, sportswear worn with more formal clothing for a high low mix. Business casual is meant to look rather boring and sexless-the most you can get away with is a loud print. While a blazer, an Oxford shirt, and a pair of loafers may be items the two styles share in common, one would wear different items or style them differently in both contexts. As much as J. Crew circa 2010 tried to convince you otherwise, they are not the same

No. 299926

I used google lens and tried my best to find it but that particular collar style was nowhere

No. 299928

File: 1668733779318.png (392.38 KB, 769x494, jeanne pierre scallop edge cab…)

Found it by searching "scalloped knit turtleneck"

No. 299929

Maybe you could find something similar with that same search entry, but you could probably find this exact sweater second hand on sites like Ebay, Poshmark, etc.

No. 299930

I don't see the difference either other than one has more colors and sweaters I guess.

No. 299951

>Think rolled up pants cuffs, patched up blazers, unbuttoned or rumpled collars, pattern mixing, worn down shoes, short hemlines, sportswear worn with more formal clothing for a high low mix.
I'm seeing almost none of that in the photo references for preppy style. No patches, nothing rumpled, no scuffed shoes, no patterns.

No. 299952

well, some patterns, but absolutely no pattern-mixing at all

No. 299995

File: 1668784318274.png (840.53 KB, 676x1000, 2B61AE87-87FE-4652-B587-E8FC49…)

my friend wears super cute clothes, she has basically picked a "theme" for her life (a plant she likes) and bases her whole style around it, it sounds a bit silly but i really admire that and i think her whimsical vibe suits her perfectly. plus i can't imagine anyone ever has trouble finding gifts to give her lol. i also want to have a "thing" like that but i'd wanna pick 50 different things because of my commitment issues ughh (picture is just an example btw, neither of us dress anything like that but it's still cute)

do you like doing themed outfits nonnies?

No. 299999

Being obsessed with one thing to the point it translates into the clothes you wear is quite childlike in my opinion. It reminds me of little children wanting to have everything they have to be about dolphins or horses or space. But I guess it could be cute when it's someone who's a bit whimsical or eccentric.. but doing it for the sake of wanting to have a themed aesthetic like your friend is just.. no.. Your friend probably has the right, genuine energy for it to make it cute, you don't if you have to strategically, deliberately settle for something to get the aesthetic.

No. 300005

I assume picrel, in which case the fact that she chose cherries is suspect

No. 300006

I don't see it as childish but I agree with the other nona (>>299999) that it's really obvious when someone dresses this way because they're eccentric and think everything is cuter with cherries on it versus when someone is trying to emulate that.
However, the overall thing you want is achievable. What do you like so much that you would wear at least one image of it every day? If you like horses, congrats, every store on this planet sells something with a horse on it. Go nuts. If you like pangolins, you're going to spend many years slowly accumulating the odd knick-knack or piece of jewelry. Be patient.
Most importantly, be genuine, or you won't be able to stick to anything.

No. 300018

Themed outfits might be a little too cutesy. I am personally obsessed personal color analysis and kibbe so my outfits typically have a specific cut and color. If you want your look to be cohesive just narrow down what colors you like and pick some fabrics, really.

No. 300025

you're right, authenticity is the problem here. i guess i've always been "eccentric" too but i come off more like a freak and not cute/cohesive, but maybe that's ok.

i love pangolins how did you know.. and thank you, this is really good advice, like if i already know i enjoy collecting knick-knacks i could start from there.

i already did all of that btw. still have an identity crisis.

No. 300029

I'm saying this kindly, your identity isn't tied up in clothes or purchaseable goods anon.

No. 300032

File: 1668802967987.jpg (171.82 KB, 1600x1200, GreenLady6.jpg)

as someone who does dress mono-thematically like this, it happened gradually. I like the color red and heart motifs and over time, just buying what I liked without much thought the majority of what I owned was red and/or had hearts on it kek. I think there's a good chance of you growing bored of the theme if you force yourself to buy a ton of stuff at once, and it's definitely not for everyone. tbh I wonder if it's somehow autism-related

No. 300036

I feel you nona, it's not even about picking a specific object or theme but even just a general vibe I'd like to have. I just wear too many different styles but also I feel like none of them scream "me". Like my physical traits don't lend themselves well to cute/girly outfits, but I also look weird in classy attire, and streetwear looks forced on me too.

No. 300054

stop worrying so much about which classification your style falls under, it's weird and you sound like a pathetic zoomer obsessed with having an 'aesthetic'. Just pick out stuff you like and mix and match it together and you will start to notice that you gravitate towards certain colors and patters and shapes.

No. 300059

I'm not obsessed with it, I've been living all my life dressing in various styles and I didn't mean to make it sound like a big deal. I just wish I could find a style (or even several) that actually complement me

No. 300070

maybe just pick two styles you like most so you're not stressing about it? i don't really understand why you think that your clothes don't suit you, unless you're a kibbe nerd and you're rebelling against your type or something. you don't have to dress like the same '-core' every day to be authentic, you are allowed to like different things on different days and it's not weird or trying too hard. you are also allowed to wear things that you like without worrying about whether it's the ~most flattering~ thing you could possibly wear. if you like frilly lace, just wear it.

No. 300077

File: 1668833680041.jpeg (233.94 KB, 971x1037, 84BE20C7-9567-4E60-9EEE-1228B5…)

I think racing jackets are neat.

No. 300087

File: 1668843775536.jpg (38.08 KB, 564x846, kpopfagjacket.jpg)

Does any anonita know brands that make winter jackets that are warm and look like pic rel? I really like the semi-cropped oversized look but most jackets that have that aren't warm enough. I live in Scandinavia so something that can protect me from the -25C inhumane weather.

No. 300093

I can guarantee that if someone saw you and the other anon out and about they would not think you dress preppy, but for the office. Obviously short mini skirts in tartan are not business cas but >my clothes usually consist of a sweater, jeans, loafers, basic t-shirts, and cardigans.
absolutely is just business casual. This does not sound like the trendy tik tok preppy style to me.

No. 300096

Wearing what you like IS your style. Also consider that your clothes don't have to scream "This is me!!!!" because unlike what tiktok tells you, your clothes don't prove who you are or that you are someone with a personality.

No. 300101

Not related but do you guys have leisure outside in that weather? Like you walk outside or play sports? Or is it too much?

No. 300130

Thanks nonnas I already ordered some pieces based on what you said and it really seems attainable for me. Also the preppy vs business sperging was very entertaining to read. I think I'm a little bit more knowledgeable now and will buy some preppy rich girl pieces and also some pieces I just really like too. Maybe fashion is fun for me after all! And when I look like shit somedays I won't die.

No. 300131

Depends on the person. There's skiing and snowboarding, but people don't really go and play football on the snow or some shit kek. I like walking outside, but not everyone does esp. when you don't have a warm enough winter jacket.

No. 300135

i like to go walks in really cold weather too, it is beautiful when for example the air kinda freezes and you see these tiny ice particles glittering around in the air. there is different kind of beauty in it, the silence, the feeling.

No. 300154

obviously your clothes don't have to be anything in particular but is nona not allowed to want her clothes to scream "this is me" for some reason? what is your problem?

No. 300205

it is bewildering that she doesn't already think that, like, you bought them because you like them i assume? if not then.. why?

No. 300208

File: 1668908393868.jpeg (138.53 KB, 587x1120, 4A1FEC4E-930E-41ED-B621-CC9098…)

Aritzia’s mega puff (picrel) or super puff. Just size up a size or two for an extra-oversized look.

I own their long super puff and it’s an extremely warm jacket.

No. 300213

NTAYRT but dammit, the super puff is exactly what i need but it's way too expensive

No. 300245

Can I ask what's the coldest it gets there? I've had an puff Adidas jacket at the same price point and it didn't keep me warm, but I might just be a cold-blooded bitch kek.

No. 300250

Problem? I don't have a problem. Am I saying she can't get clothes that she thinks scream "this is me"? No. I didn't say that whatsoever. I just think her posts scream "tiktok told me I need a very narrow social media-approved box of fashion to show the world who I am" and I think that's such a flawed and sad mindset towards clothes and frankly yourself.

No. 300251

NTA but I agree. If an ultra defined, themed aesthetic does not come naturally to you then that just isn't you! And whatever you are already wearing is much more "you". I find it helpful to just not think when shopping. The less I worry about what's my style or how a piece fits into my wardrobe the more fun I'm having and the more interesting my fits are. I hate most online fashion spaces because they take everything so seriously. Your personal style does not need to have rigid and defined rules. I get rules for some specific subcultures like lolita, but there is no point in limiting yourself that much in daily life. Fashion is supposed to be fun!

No. 300255

ive thought about this and my style goal is that i want to look cool but in an effortless way like i put on random shit in the morning and it just happens to look great. i want to dress in a fun and individualist way but not in a way that makes people think i use tiktok, i want to make and alter my clothes but not like a fashion student, like i dont care about the clothes and just do whatever

No. 300271

File: 1668956625797.jpeg (222.33 KB, 807x939, EE018244-88AD-4396-A08F-CC1B99…)

I live in Ohio where it sometimes gets -15F in the winter. The reason the aritzia puffers are so warm & so expensive is that they use “responsibly sourced” goose down. Down is much warmer than any poly fill material could be, and it costs a lot to get down from mills that aren’t excessively torturing their birds before slaughter. Imo a good down coat is a must-have in a cold climate and is just one of those things you have to shell out some big bucks for as an investment and plan to keep in your wardrobe for years.

No. 300277

Oh damn I need one of those. Where I live it can get to -35C in the winter. Shame it’s so expensive.

No. 300279

$250 is expensive but if you wear it for 5 years that's 50 a winter, put into perspective that's reasonable.

No. 300284

Thanks anon. I live in EU so it's going to be a tad expensive to import it, but I'll look into it! Looks super cute.

No. 300285

I'm sure you can find equally good options within the EU that don't come with hefty import taxes. Surely your fellow Scandis aren't all importing jackets from Canada? lol

No. 300339

proving once again how much of a retard you are. what does the east coast usa style and prep have to do with tik tok? prep is the opposite of trendy and whatever you saw on your gen z tiktok app isn't prep. just stop posting itt if you don't know fashion. anon clearly has a lot of access to money. prep includes things like brunello cucinelli and loro piana which are like 2 thousand dollars a piece. you can make an outfit that's business casual with some items like loafers but prep is a lot more specific which is what anon said she wears. stop acting like you know what you're talking about it's embarrassing

No. 300357

this coat is really ugly, sorry

No. 300383

Okay grandma, i'm sure your expensive sweaters and jeans are very unique and special.

No. 300458

File: 1669071903971.jpeg (29.92 KB, 225x225, 20312-1gj11hk.jpeg)

why in the living fuck so many 700 euro coats these days don't have a lining

No. 300566

Because people are dumb and will buy them regardless, as long as it's branded and expensive. I've see $4000+ coats with the shoddiest tailoring from brands that position themselves as having uber premium high quality materials and craftsmanship. It's all a joke.

No. 300602

I feel like this was rarely seen just a few years ago and this season it became #1 cost cutting technique even for fairly expensive coats. Also the most on trend cut seems to be a big ass david byrne in stop making sense rectangle. I just want to drop my money on something nice and there's nothing.

No. 300603

If you have $$$$, find a good seamstress and get your dream coat. Or thrift a nicer coat and get it tailored and fixed up.

No. 300662

Does Skims have good basics? (Pls no Kim sperging I just want an honest answer)

No. 300667

File: 1669188215425.jpg (113.42 KB, 720x496, ugly sweater.jpg)

should i start dressing up in ugly christmas sweaters already? i cant wait!!

No. 300698

Do it if it makes you happy! I thrifted the most obscenely hideous Christmas cardigan and I can’t wait to wear it

No. 301120

How much do quality rings cost? I’m tired of wearing random cheap crap that stains my fingers green and turns copper-colored after a week. Just looking for some pretty dainty ones that last a decent amount of time, but I’m not sure what price range to set the filter to.

No. 301127

any other nonnas spend time and money building up a wardrobe to just still feel frumpy and ugly and outfit less? The other thing is all the outfits I like show legs etc and I really don't want to so I'm limited to midi and maxi dresses/skirts (don't wear pants either). I just feel ugly and not cute. I'm going to try to stop caring I think and just wear what's comfortable.

No. 301130

You can get a sterling ring for like $10 at the cheap end.

No. 301131

I dont know about gold yet, but the best, most lustrous silver jewlery ive ever bought that doesnt tarnish even though I wear it all year is from jonnajintonsweden. still looking for a quality gold vendor that isnt a rip off. a lot of these places say ___karat gold but its crap and obviously so. and even designer stuff is often really brass.

No. 301137

Can someone tell me some stores or websites that have high-quality simple alternative clothing? Doesn't have to be too out there. It's just that most alt clothing stores seem to be shit quality or fetish garbage.

No. 301142

Unironically Goodwill and black Rit dye

No. 301148

File: 1669521646664.jpeg (183.72 KB, 683x1024, 543C32C5-371D-401F-919F-FFF75E…)

I know anons love Iris Van Herpen here but which big name fashion brands or houses are your favorite or the best in your opinion? I love Dior, esp when Galliano did their couture collections. Im also liking the Maria Grazia Chiuri years, but I consider Raf Simmons to have been a bust even if profits grew during that time. Picrel is a cottage core look from Galliano’s years as creative director—that tiny man was ahead of his time. I’m usually not a fan of cottage core stuff either. I also love Galliano’s usage of rococo, mod, and 1920s(?) fashion.

No. 301154

Stop thinking of clothes as alt and normie. Almost every normal store and thrift shop will have something that is alt or can be made alt.

No. 301157

File: 1669538644116.jpg (654.86 KB, 1343x2048, gettyimages-1314723525-2048x20…)

Galliano was a visionary. Spring 2004 is one of my favorite runways of all time. He put out so many amazing collections that it's really hard to pick a favorite. The stuff that passes for couture now is laughable.

No. 301158

i JUST bought balenciaga shoes like the day before the whole controversy happened. should i keep them or return??? i love the design of them but they are very obviously balenciaga.
obviously the whole thing is gross but i kinda doubt anybody involved with the design of products was apart of the weird shit in the ads??? so idk what to think

No. 301194

Does anyone have any recommendations for diet_prada like pages? I should specify like diet_prada before it was given to a woke scold to run

No. 301197

Lol stop pretending you give a shit about things like that, you obviously don't

No. 301201

No. 301206

Why do you have to be told what to think? Anyway you already made it clear you only care about what others think and not how YOU feel supporting the brand.

No. 301217

i think it's more so this one is just crazy…
it's like not a conspiracy but it is? idk how else to describe it
i'm talking about all the other stuff in the photos and not just the bear. the bear ad itself is not the issue to me
but with the other photos it's all so weird.
but then who do you point the finger at?? how many knew??? was it just one guy that was designing the sets being a creep or was it a whole team??? most people wouldn't notice stuff like that

i should mention i have had the matching bag to the shoes for almost a year… so if i return the shoes do i just say fuck the bag and never use it again? it was still a big purchase for me so i feel wasteful. if i just continue using the bag like i was before do i get labeled as a pedo supporter or something

No. 301219

the answer to some of your questions are here >>>/ot/1417898
fwiw i don't think it's a conspiracy/tinfoil either but that's where most of the info about this is. too long to paste it all here

No. 301220

Real life is not twitter. Nobody will stone you in the streets for owning one of the most popular luxury brands of today.

No. 301229

You should return the shoes. Not because balenciaga has been unceremoniously cancelled for their cringe marketing campaign snafu, but because they will almost certainly make you look like a try-hard fashion victim.

No. 301243

it's not hard to pull off some black boots anon…

anyway i contacted the SA about a return earlier so i have to wait for what she says

No. 301251

Alexander McQueen, both his own house and Givenchy when he was head designer. Guo Pei and Schiaparelli are my favourite current but that is more to do with the black/gold combo and embroidery

No. 301659

File: 1669819635518.jpg (47.42 KB, 594x492, c2b0f929752b37856dd65061283d88…)

Nonas, do you have experiences in buying underwear online?
I really need a good place that specially has big size bras for women who aren't big themselves, when i have to look for one IRL i just end up crying because it's really stressful and i feel like there's nothing that fits me.
If i find something decent, it's some ugly cream colored grandma looking one that wears off in 2 months.

I hope i don't ask for too much but i don't like to wear mismatched stuff and i like lacy/floral/frilly designs (nothing childish), i just wish to wear something that i feel comfortable in but also like.

No. 301686

Are brown or black lace-up boots more versatile; aka, can be worn with different combos of outfits? I know. By default it should be black, but there is something timeless about brown boots too.

No. 301713

it depends on what you typically wear, if you like a lot of high contrast/varied outfits then yes, black boots are better, but for example all my clothes are earthy colored so it wouldn't make sense to go for black ones.

No. 301758

depends on what's already in your closet.. I'd go for brown if it works with your wardrobe, it's just a little nicer than defaulting to black imo.

No. 301785

Does anyone here have garments made from Alpaca wool? Does it last as nice as they say? According to the internet, alpaca wool is the only wool that doesn't get those little balls/pilling. I'm looking to get something that'll last many years.

No. 301815

Alpaca is the only wool I find a bit itchy so try to see how it feels first. Good quality stuff does last ages but if pilling is your concern with other wools just get a quality (thick) item and a shaver for it.

No. 302015

I’ve had an alpaca wool sweater for like 10 years and it’s definitely stood the test of time, great quality but it definitely does pill. I don’t find it itchy at all tbh.

Does anyone have any very unknown brands that they like to shop at? Or sites that have shit like that? I’m so tired of all this basic shit. I have a taste for every style.. maybe something a bit more eccentric if that helps.
i posted this in ot as well for max responses if you feel like your having deja vu

No. 302130

I wear a 34FF and exclusively shop online, I have never once seen my size being sold in a brick and mortar store. Fantasie as a brand has worked for me.

No. 302185

Gorman, Obus, Elk, babaà, Paloma, Romance was born, Marimekko, Leonard Street, Ganni, Dodo Bar Or, Solomon Street, Louisa Ballou.

Often I'll just browse Wolf & Badger to find new brands too.

No. 302363

File: 1670200503693.jpg (78.43 KB, 736x920, d33fdfebab8c9c18ca1e978b6f3542…)

What is this style called ?

No. 302379


No. 302399

Thanks anon, a couple of those brands I could get with. Kinda expensive though.
if anyone has any other recs please drop them, I’m begging you. Doesn’t have to be high fashion it could be little stores you like

No. 302415

Princess dangerfield could be a good alternative and often those brands do big 70-80% clearance sales 2-3 times a year

No. 302432

Princess Highway/Dangerfield you mean, and co-signed I love them for slightly alt clothes. And Revival too for more retro stuff.

No. 302483

I could be wrong but I don't recognize this as a specific style.

No. 302496

What are you nonas opinions on Next in Fashion on netflix? I'm a huge sucker for creative competition shows (big pottery throwdown was my jam) and i'm really enjoying it so far. Fair warning i'm literally just getting into fashion as an art form whereas before I used to see it as 'just clothes', so the show could be hot garbage and I wouldn't notice. I'm curious as to what nonnies with more knowledge about fashion history think?

No. 302508

File: 1670275335887.jpeg (610.52 KB, 750x976, 5BBD3558-35EB-4227-A467-360901…)

any mori type brands besides wonder rocket, axes femme and earth music eco? im just starting out and all of my staples so far were thrifted as are most of my clothes. im not really looking for something new just brands to look for, even if they arent explicitly a mori brand or a japanese one.

No. 302512

Bunka student's first runway show

No. 302518

Feeling sad that I sold most of my gyaru pieces years ago

No. 302620

I love a good leather bag idc. Got a cute from from the mall half off. I finally have my staple black purse. Much excite

No. 302621

Genuine leather is great. I have a couple of pieces and they're so much better than their polyester or pleather counterparts.

No. 302624

Yes. I'd like to actually keep it for longer than ~2 years and decent leather will last a life time.

No. 302628

Fashiononna's I need your advice, I have a square scarf/shawl but I have no idea how to wear it. I tried folding it into a triangle and wearing it over my jacket but it kept falling, is there any other way I could wear it?

No. 302668

What’s the fabric?

No. 302671

Finely woven wool! It's very nice quality so it sucks I don't really know how to wear it. It's about a square meter.

No. 302967

Oops, sorry I forgot I replied to you. It’s a little bit more difficult with that fabric to wear it in any funky way. Look up alternative ways to wear scarves and you’ll find a bunch of options but you could also do a “wrap” type thing around your head, make a triangle tie it to the side over anything, or twist and use it as a belt

No. 302997

File: 1670491835323.jpeg (29.7 KB, 390x260, 1..jpeg)

I saw a pair of pic related in my size at a good price and I'm trying to decide if I should get them or not. I used to really like Y3 in like 2015, but my style was super feminine at the time and I couldn't justify spending so much on sneakers. Should I go for it or do they look too dated now?

No. 303007

That sounds about right Nonna. You'll always end up spending less just buying overpriced jfashion listings since intln shipping costs always ruins things unless you're getting a BIG order.

No. 303054

I would say they're pretty dated nowadays, but if you really like them and can incorporate them into your wardrobe, who cares?

No. 303067

File: 1670531258614.png (1.12 MB, 864x1555, Screenshot_20221208-212638.png)

I stumbled across this Instagram and can't believe their "millennial makeovers." Literally every one makes the woman look frumpier, more disproportional, chubbier, and worse. Here they have suggested pull-on pleather joggers for a day of travel.

No. 303069

File: 1670532262821.png (560.6 KB, 431x832, expunging the millenial.PNG)

If not for the symbols I wouldn't be able to tell which one is supposed to be the bad one, lel

No. 303070

same for me. The left outfit is so unflattering. The right is dated but it flatters the woman's shape. just swap the boots out (i'd put it with lug or ankle boots and some patterned tights) and ditch the necklace to save it.

No. 303071

samefag but probably don't even need to ditch the necklace.

No. 303077

File: 1670534397461.png (621.95 KB, 431x762, uhh.PNG)

After scrolling some more I decided they do this on purpose

No. 303078

Their right outfits look consistently better. In all three images I prefer it. lol In the first one they both look a bit awkward but the jeans and top are totally mismatched on the left. In the second, change out the boots like one anon said but the right dress is pretty cute. That's a massively impractical scarf but right is cuter in the third too, left looks so frumpy and bland.

No. 303083

lol the wrong outfits looks so 2010. I genuinely like it can't wait for this sort of fashion to have a comback

No. 303087

That's maybe why I like them. They look like what people wore in my late high school/early college years, a.k.a. my main reference point for what "normal" looks like and the last time I was halfway normal myself.

No. 303094

The 'right' outfit is not modern at all, she just incorporated random pieces that were trending last year. Very millennial of her kek. This isn't what current fashion is like, at all.

No. 303096

Reject modernity embrace 2010.

No. 303103

File: 1670542881532.jpg (100.82 KB, 534x800, a5e865f739864250301becd26373e3…)

I'm down

No. 303104

Retvrn to hipster

No. 303108

File: 1670543624450.jpeg (81.67 KB, 728x730, 52A1C534-809B-4C17-8445-ABEC85…)

fuck i miss hipsters

No. 303115

I remember a fuckton of detailed cute tops and blouses being sold in 2012 or so and I happened to be kind of broke then, sad. After the peter pan collars were over, there was this kind of lacy dainty era of tops with delicate ribbons and whatever. So I look forward to this resurgence, whenever it will happen.

Of course I am an adult now with more income so it shouldn't matter to me what H&M or whatever the fuck is selling. It's more how I remember looking and wanting and deciding I needed to spend my money on a pair of decent professional shoes (here I mean a pair of €60 shoes for interviews) vs. on stuff that looked pretty but might fall apart. But I have all these weird memories of finally being interested in owning pretty things and then just having to browse and turn away. They aren't even bad memories. idk how to describe it but they feel quasi-cinematic. kek sorry

No. 303141

the outfit on the right isn’t even bad. she just needs to swap out the bag. the one on the left is worse imo. the cowboy boots and the casual sling bag do not work together, and the colours all clash.

No. 303142

i really love goblincore but i think its a stupid ass name, it shouldve been called mushroom picker core or gatherer core or something

No. 303150

Ah I love this even if it's jist admiring because this twee stuff doesn't look good on me. I genuinely think people are already nostalgic for 2010's fashion because it genuinely tried to be cute while also being comfortable.

No. 303152

File: 1670569031790.jpg (33.99 KB, 640x480, 80622acb2d2051911412ee0142e707…)

Sorry I don't want to look like I have a tumblr blog that explains my harry potter themed polycule. We should bring back soft grunge and health goth though.

No. 303155

health goth is just normie athletic wear, never understood it

No. 303271

im kind of angry, i have a lot of trouble finding dress slacks that fit me properly and i knew banana republic had a size that fit me well. i bought new pants in that size from them and they were huge. i sized down again and they are still baggy. that was a size 0, they dont offer any smaller sizes than that. like what the fuck? im like a size 2-4 in other brand pants. these fit like a size 6 would in another brand. the vanity sizing is insane. they are/were one of two brands i can buy well fitting pants under $150. now im down to 1 unless theyve gone and fucked with their sizing as well

No. 303281

Reminds me of that one hair makeover IG account where this lady takes people with actually nice, healthy hair and gives them ratty mullets.

No. 303284

which ones did you buy? i work there and they definitely carry 00 or even 00 petite (or xs or xxs if it wasn't a number size) if you are looking for normal work pants the sloan pant is a pretty sleek cut and we sell a ton of them. the siena also is really fitted in the seat. really curious to know which ones you got because in my experience the sizing is pretty accurate for most pieces but there is the occasional one that is cut strange.

No. 303358

i got the sloan slim pants. i actually have 2 pairs of those high-waisted sloan skinny pants i bought 2 years ago from an IRL banana republic store that i have really liked. i can link the exact ones i bought below. sadly the 0 is the smallest size. maybe its because its the BR factory vs regular BR?


No. 303392

yes BR factory is a completely different company. they are like a cheaper knockoff BR. my store definitely has sloans in 00 and 00 petite so you should be able to find some.

No. 303532

File: 1670776483042.png (243.68 KB, 356x787, Screenshot_20221211_052930.png)

nonnies, please help. I have to attend a wedding and I thought I would feel confident in a dress I had already, but I'm going through something hormonal. I have a big cyst on my ovary (next ultrasound will determine what gets done about it), and I look puffy where normally I have a slim/flat stomach. I've been working out as normal and dealing with the pain but it's driving me insane that am going to my friend's wedding and potentially looking weird or bloated.

Some of it is my BDD but I don't care, I want to look pretty and not weird. The dress isn't bodycon or anything but now I feel like I want to cover up. I will reply later with a pic because this fucking moid sitting behind me keeps gawking at my screen whenever I pull up dress, fuck him. It's a spaghetti strap dress kind of like picrel, just shorter (right above my knee) and with more chest coverage.

Is there a type of blazer I could get to make myself feel better? Not necessarily to cover the abdomen but as a mental comfort for my BDD? Or is there a universally flattering dress I can buy somewhere? Wedding is in a warm climate. Dress code is "festive" or basically whatever we want. I'm 171cm, size small but with larger chest (28 or 30E cup size). So I need to be able to wear a bra. I have a strapless bra already. I just want to look cute and confident even if my abdomen looks puffy, nonnies

No. 303533

I'm just attending the wedding not in it, so I can wear a different dress but I need to buy it, either in Europe before I leave or order it to the place I'm staying in the US (California)

No. 303541

How about a skirt with a volumous tulle skirt?

No. 303561

Nonnas, I'm in college but my friends have joked I dress like a pokemon trainer. I think its because I like to wear cute hats or beanies. I can't tell if its an insult or they're saying I dress childish. I know I'm not the most fashionable person in the world. But is wearing leggings under shorts like..2016 fashion? I don't like wearing jeans most the time. Most the time I'd prefer wearing an oversized shirt with leggings underneath and a beanie or hat.

No. 303567

thanks nonna, will look around for a skirt.
also ordered some kind of shapewear and will see if that minimizes my abdomen a bit. It does kind of hurt to compress that area so I will ask my dr if this is safe

No. 303568

>But is wearing leggings under shorts like..2016
yes kek but who knows, watch that trend come back around in under 5 years. I can see what your friends mean but I say wear whatever makes you comfortable. You're still in school, you might not have the luxury to wear comfortable clothing once you're working a 9-5 office job, no need to sentence yourself to less comfy clothes early imo.

No. 303570

Oops I meant a dress with a volumeous skirt! But a seperate skirt could work too I guess.

No. 303607

What are some good fashion tiktok/blogs?

No. 303920

File: 1670975560500.jpg (20.61 KB, 300x300, ddaf1227-7f3d-4239-9a26-9b4a17…)

Hi! I got these waterproof booties a long time ago and admittedly I haven't been wearing them because I'm not really sure what to wear with them besides leggings/super sporty things. Ideas?

No. 303924

File: 1670976134981.jpeg (817.69 KB, 1170x1819, 19EB65E5-F999-4CBF-81BC-D7E0BF…)

This dress is really great, I have one and it’ll cover you up great on the lower half. You can even pull it up a little more than in the pics so the bottom half is higher

No. 304073

does anyone know where to get knock off maison de fluer bags? There are some sanrio knock offs but I'd prefer the one in picrel's style

No. 304075

You dropped your pic

No. 304080

Thank you!! I am going to a Nordstrom when I arrive and I will find this to try on. Seriously, thanks.

No. 304081

Does anyone know where I can find some boots in the style of Moon Boots? Only other shoes I've found are from Michael Kors and Steve Madden, which are both around the same price as a real Moon Boot. Not really looking for a knock-off perse, but just a boot in the same style that isn't expensive

No. 304090

File: 1671096039254.png (1.04 MB, 1075x1647, Screenshot_20221215_022029_Sam…)

shit sorry

No. 304095

Hmm, you should find a tailor and ask him to make one for you. At least you’ll know it doesn’t have lead in its paint like other knock offs. I’m sure it’s very easy to sew.

No. 304116

This is such a cute bag and if you set out to sew it yourself or have someone else sew it for you like anon said here >>304095, I mean the possibilities and pattern/stuffed bear combinations are really endless!

No. 304203

So true, I'd love to learn how to sew but space is extremely limited for a sewing machine set up. also lazy lel

No. 304287

this is kind of specific but any recommendations for good quality knee high boots that have a slim calf?
i like a lot of platform knee high boots that are trendy like naked wolfe ones but their faux leather looks so cheap. then all the real leather ones i tried the calf is has so much room on me i feel like it looks dumb
i'm willing to spend a lot cause i really prefer real leather but they've all been huge so far

No. 304350

Piggybacking off >>297433, careful with the color. I have a pink one and the stains don’t lift much. The material it is made of makes it naturally water resistant, but I’ve heard that you still have to be careful and gentle when washing of course. I would take mine to school and the blue sweaters I would wear left blue stains all over the back and bottom. I really hate it, and I only noticed it until it was too late. It also just has a lot of stains on the edges. That being said (I’ve also had mine for 5 years), it held up. The only thing wrong is that the zippers inside tend to fray a lot.

No. 304361

File: 1671248326257.jpeg (607.07 KB, 960x769, FABD381E-289A-4B6D-9871-FEF173…)

I miss 2010-2016 fashion because it felt unapologetically cute. It had simplicity while still having detail. I’m not even minimalist in my fashion, but I feel like lots of the fashion I see nowadays is shit flinging to see what sticks and being bored. I also feel like maybe I’m really stuck in this kind of fashion because it was something I felt I understood inside and out. I’ve seen how fashion developed after this, but I didn’t feel like I was part of it anymore. I’m glad lookbook still exists so I could look at old outfits like this and old lolita coords.
I love the way annika victoria would dress, and this outfit is older then when I would watch her but I like it nonetheless. I’ll admit that sometimes I look at the pulp girl zines shit tuna used to be a part of and find inspiration in those outfits.

No. 304362

You made me remember of a Modcloth hoodie I got that had lace on it. It was so cute and comfortable. I'm never gonna find a hoodie like that again.

No. 304420

File: 1671283283288.jpg (52.37 KB, 560x560, c38b8b59f93d2a1cb68207394b1d25…)

what would you call this style? i really like this outfit

No. 304421


I’m not like other girls *

No. 304427

If you're looking for a hyper specific -core style, it belongs to no such thing.

I like the outfit though.

No. 304442

Gives me big "Black Lady from Sailor Moon" vibes.

No. 304443

90's alternative cartoon lady.

No. 304461

mall goth

No. 304462


No. 304464

File: 1671299533135.jpg (99.3 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

Has anyone purchased Vivaia shoes and are they worth it?

I have stupidly shaped feet (wide in the front, super narrow in the back) and I want to dress more femininely but I cannot find shoes that look cute and fit me. Flats fall off my feet, same with high heels and Mary Janes make me look like a frumpy churchgoer. I have thick ankles so ankle straps are also no-go

No. 304469

File: 1671301258428.jpg (570.6 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20221217-181926_Chr…)

I'm reading the old nympette thread and fell in love with these shoes, does anyone know where they're from? I know I'm trash

No. 304470

I could see this style of bootie being quite cute with black or cream colored tights & a skirt/dress if you’re open to the idea nonnie!

No. 304471

They're from a 2015 collection by Olympia Le Tan
https://www.livingly.com/runway/Paris+Fashion+Week+Fall+2015/Olympia+Le-Tan/Details/ao7KKaoa9l0 Next time try using google lens, this took 5 seconds to find.

No. 304475

File: 1671302859805.jpg (2.85 MB, 4096x3276, junko shimada 2009.jpg)

It looks like ripped off Junko Shimada 2009 shoe down to the little elastic bow in the front, but made it more basic and wearable

No. 304481

>made it more wearable and basic
what's the difference besides one bow?

No. 304484

the velcro is so ugly

No. 304498

File: 1671312222255.jpg (48.33 KB, 322x480, Junko Shimada Spring 2009 ball…)

The outsole and heel, you can't see well on that image because it's on a black floor but the outsole is a black platform and then a heel has this glass look to it. Picrel is on a lighter background. Olympia Le Tan are stilettos. Toe box and heal seam on the originals are also more ballet shoe like. When you take a deeper look they're not that similar, no one really owns the ballet shoe style, if Le Tan's didn't have the little bow on the toebox I wouldn't have made the connection.

No. 304525

That's a really pretty shoe. It's like they're floating

No. 304533

Is it worth spending the $$$ on Thursday booties? I want the most sturdy lace-up bootie that'll be comfy and last me years and be very streamlined. I've been burned before with a shoe that was technically high quality but felt awful to wear.

No. 304547

This is genius. She looks like she's on pointe! Really pretty.

No. 304570

Is it possible to even buy these anywhere…

No. 304653

Anon, pleaseee lmk if the dress worked out for you or what you’re going with, I’m invested.
Not currently. I looked for a bit and I haven’t seen them selling on any platform. They’ll be crazy expensive if they pop up
Can’t even find these being sold either

No. 304749


No. 304801

File: 1671466711163.jpg (17.3 KB, 600x600, 1590683676ad254f8b1224f1c8dfa6…)

Any idea where i could find those criminal damage pants? I looked everywhere and cant find them

No. 304883

File: 1671496757027.jpg (1.85 MB, 2268x4032, PXL_20221219_182633748.jpg)

nonna, you saved my life tbh. I got that dress in dark grey and brought a cropped jacket in case I got cold (I didn't). It worked very well. I did wear some compression high-waisted underwear to make myself feel better. I'm still upset that this happened right before the event but you helped me out a lot. I didn't have anyone else to help me! I'm just eager to have a verdict on what will happen with the cyst. I'm not even eating much because I feel full all the time.

No. 304928

File: 1671831307252.jpeg (97.67 KB, 477x672, 059ECC32-FB5C-46C6-8A4D-C11387…)

So I got this dress for an event next month, and I can zip it up but it wrinkles a lot along the sides not like the picture even though it’s a thicker fabric, especially around my waist. Is this a sizing issue or an issue from it being strapless? I like it and how it fits overall but this kind of makes it look sloppy imo which bothers me because I want to look my best

No. 305095

My long torso-short legged ass is dreading the low-rise jeans comeback

No. 305886

Has any noni bought clothes from wconcept and can tell me how it's like? Is the quality worth the price after customs or is it like multibrand Zara? I noticed they have some nominally great fabrics, compared to what is sold in the west for the same prices. Also I have trouble conceptualising whether my ass will fit into anything bc they don't provide sizing charts.

No. 305889

How much would hiring a stylist be? I dont need expensive brands, but I want to rebuild my wardrobe. Alot of it is bulky and boxy and also I have lost a lot of weight. By the time
i would use a stylist, I will have money put aside.
I want a new POV, and a wardrobe i can piece together.

No. 306053

File: 1672666762986.png (1.5 MB, 793x953, rvrpnts.png)

I'm obsessed with these knock off Balenciaga jeans. I already loved the original ones but these are ever better. Ughhhhh why can't I afford this shit. I thought about diy but I can't even find any jeans with the same fit. I saw some scrote on yt try to replicate them and he chose straight leg jeans? It looked absolutely awful and nothing like what he was going for, it looked cheap, it was pure shit. It made me so angry, he should be ashamed.

No. 306095

Aw, amazing!!! I’m so happy it worked for you and I was able to help. I bet you looked beautiful, I like the dark grey. I hope everything goes as well as possible with your doctors appointments! Don’t stress yourself out ♥
Nah but tripps Lolita pants are pretty similar, you should check those out.

No. 306658

File: 1673041536115.jpg (72.13 KB, 550x1155, 6c675ea2241a6716fe1813663a5d09…)

Are Spanx old fashioned? If so, are there any good alternatives?

No. 306667

File: 1673042569267.jpg (81.25 KB, 389x600, anna.jpg)


No. 306672

How can shaping undergarments be old fashioned? I've heard great things about Skims though I would never support kk.

No. 306706

Shut up nlog

No. 306716

ntayrt but how is that post nlog sounding. i swear no one knows what this term means anymore kek

No. 306753

Nta but how in the world is promoting women to love themselves a bad thing? You're ruining this site just so ya know

No. 306774

File: 1673110588550.jpg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-01-07_16-52-01-480.…)

What would go well with these tops?

No. 306794

File: 1673120730581.jpg (395 KB, 1024x768, cruz-de-santiago.jpg)

This cake?

No. 306814

File: 1673127257469.jpeg (64.55 KB, 700x938, Woodsmoke Crochet Haiti Black …)

Probably something like picrel and a matching cardigan if it's cold and some brown or cream fur details would also be cool. And of course lots of silver and pearl jewelry. Alternatively you could wear them over a blouse with frills/lace and either a skirt or dress-pants. Also SAUCE??? I fucking love those

No. 306816

something really baggy / wide / flaired to contrast with how tight the top is. >>306814 definitely has the right idea. also some chunky shoes or boots and eye makeup like you've been caught in a rainstorm

No. 306833

File: 1673131212180.jpg (279.72 KB, 736x1309, 660f3496b8967c06efdb3d489c1d84…)

Brilliant suggestion. If I wasn't intermittent fasting I'd eat that in one go. kek are you the same anon as >>306667?
OK not bad! I feel like you've read my mind as I've been looking at skirts like that. You can find the tops at depop and ebay if you search raven deadstock.
>some chunky shoes or boots and eye makeup like you've been caught in a rainstorm
Ooh I like the sound of that. From your suggestions I'm thinking of something like picrel.

No. 306835

Same fag, forgot to mention that if you get a corset, go for a size up because they're very tight.

No. 306871

I'm on the fashion thread for fashion advice, not life advice. Thanks anyway.
I have no intention of supporting her either. Thanks for the rec though.

No. 306913

post the fit you want, I do a lot of DIY and sewing so maybe I can help

No. 306936

Cake anon here, thanks for taking the joke. I feel you, I'm on a diet too, I wish we could eat that cake together. I'm not the anon that posted the medieval painting tho. Also, what do you like about those tops? Is it the meanig of the Santiago cross? Are you Galician or Portuguese? Everything you've been recommended so far seems nice!

No. 307092

Why do we even have a fashion thread if caring about your silhouette shape isn't allowed?
>Ruining this site
That's more than a little dramatic, don't you think?

No. 307349

Np it was pretty funny. Sorry to disappoint but I'm not Hispanic in any way. Red is my fave colour and I thought the cross looked like some cool gothic imagery.

No. 307784

Late, but for any veganons out there that want leather, buy it secondhand. It cuts out the commission of the exploitation (no money goes to the manufacturer) and therefore does not incentivized it.

No. 308068

File: 1673786379386.jpg (247.72 KB, 1280x1280, P0 (1).jpg)

where do i actually find underwear that's both cute and affordable? looking for both stuff that passes for daily wear and ~sexy lingerie~

genuinely feels like an impossible task. i love vintage look underwear with silk and lace especially (pic not related lol, these are just cute) but those listings on etsy and depop are obviously way outside of sane price range.

No. 308069

File: 1673786581872.jpg (250.35 KB, 1280x1280, P0 (2).jpg)

better example of what i mean by "vintage look" i guess

No. 308077

I don't get the point of these things, unless you went through a surgery or lost a lot of weight and now has loose skin, they just look uncomfortable.

No. 308089

File: 1673796144439.jpg (19.41 KB, 600x705, e98.jpg)

I do have loose skin nonna

No. 308103

I want to stop buying fast fashion bullshit(target, kohls, Forever 21) and actually get pieces I can maintain for years. How do you determine what is “quality”. Not opposed to thrifting for dresses/tops/skirts but I have a real aversion for second hand for pants/shorts.

No. 308142

There's no such thing as durable clothing that's easy to maintain. If you don't take good care of your stuff, it falls apart. I have many fast fashion items that I have owned and worn for 10 years. These days most expensive brand clothing and cheap brand clothing use similar quality of material, and although the QC and finishing is usually better on more expensive brands, if you can tell when something is cut wrong or seams are crooked, etc, there's not much difference. IF you go out looking for any one basic item, like a plain white collared shirt, you will notice that there's absolutely no difference in trendiness/fabric quality/cut quality between a $400 shirt from Nordstrom and a $20 shirt from H&M.

No. 308175

I'd watch this video, her main points are about fabric quality, it's pretty interesting, but to be honest most clothes I own don't meet most of the criteria, but I'm also not rich.

No. 308200

Buy shit that isn't made in China. Look for stuff made from 100% cotton, 100% merino wool/virgin wool. Quality stuff can be checked by the stitching, the quality of the fabric, as well as the country of origin. Fer instance, I have some vintage Brooks Brothers polo shirts made in the U.S. (shocking, I know), and they've lasted a damn long time. Look for brands like Brooks Brothers, Marc Jacobs, basically any yuppie/WASP brand, and look for vintage that way.

No. 308239

File: 1673881642867.jpg (197.39 KB, 813x1200, pjharv.jpg)

reminds me of this pic of pj harvey, maybe you could search for what she wore here.

No. 308267

File: 1673896771932.jpg (2.87 MB, 3464x3464, OutfitsForAnon.jpg)

I made a collage of outfits I think look similar. If you search whimsigoth on Pinterest you might find what you're looking for. If you want something edgier, search for casual goth outfits.

No. 308275

They’re useful for those of us who don’t have completely flat stomachs or a little chub here and there.

I’m normal bmi with violin hips and need them to even out the stomach area whem wearing tight sitting dresses or skirts… I look terrible without them.

No. 308284

Dunno if this is the right place to ask but is there a type of bra that makes big boobs look smaller without flattening them into a monoboob like a sports bra? I'm sick of how my boobs make me look so wide and stumpy

No. 308287

Minimizer bras exist(they push away and compress your boobs, like a sports bra) but the best minimizing bra will be any unlined seamed bra that fits you correctly and provides enough support. Have you been fitted right? If not check r/abrathatfits. Their calculator was a game changer for me.

No. 308288

Great short vid with tips on what too look for in a seamed bra.

No. 308290

Oh I realized I didn't explain why minimizers don't work. They flatten your boobs from the front, spreading them out over more surface area and widening your entire torso in the process. A good unpadded bra with support pushes your boobs more to the front and upwards and creates a slimming effect.

No. 309563

nonnas, how you would style a leather blazer?

No. 309567

File: 1674133390191.jpeg (121.63 KB, 500x770, 584D7F8C-694E-42ED-ABED-8DF429…)

I miss the days when peak fashion was skinny jeans, oversized sweater, ankle boots. It was so easy to get dressed

No. 309569

Skinny jeans are the devil.

No. 309574

File: 1674135955047.jpg (45.56 KB, 640x958, 4b8fcffe150b2be3645ea26b69b8d7…)

Nta, but why? I think they are very comfortable when fitted correctly, and they don't make me look like a fridge (I don't like crop tops on myself and hate low rise jeans too tbf)

No. 309576

They're so hard to put on

No. 309577

I have disproportionately big boobs and linebacker shoulders, but my legs and butt always get complimented. Years of weightlifting, but I gained weight and lost muscle. At least my legs look shapely to a degree still. I want good quality, thick, mid rise denim jeans or higher than fast fashion denim mix, not skinny jeans but idk what cut other than that. Anyone have brand recs or tips to finding what I want? Cut reccomendations?

No. 309582

That was 3 years ago, you'll survive. Aren't you bored of wearing the same stuff for years? Skinnies reigned for waaaay too long.

No. 309583

Stop buying clothes that are too small for you.

No. 309585

You can still wear this or something similar. There is no need to give up what suits you.

No. 309586

No one's putting a gun against your head anon. I still wear skinny jeans because I feel like looser/wider legged pants and jeans make me look fat, even when I'm actually not.

No. 309590

Same here nona. I feel like i look half a foot shorter and 20 pounds heavier in jeans that aren’t skinny or at least slim leg. Love the look on women who are super tall but not for my average height self. Plus, it’s so much easier to wear boots with skinny jeans and you never have to worry about the hems getting gross in wet/snowy weather. My skinny jeans are not going anywhere, zoomers be damned.

No. 309591

Pay attention to seams. How is the stitching? Are there any loose threads? Are the seams reinforced? If there’s a pattern, did they match up the pattern? Seams are a good indicator of quality.

Design warning signs to look out for: drawstrings, non-functional pockets or buttons, exposed zippers, sheer and flimsy fabric, tops that only have a pattern on one side, unlined dresses/jackets/skirts. While these are not always indicative of poor quality and can sometimes be stylistic choices, they tend to show that the designer cut corners.

No. 309592

I've never had a pair of skinny jeans that didn't feel like they were digging in my skin, they are also way too warm for where I live and look no good on my body type. There was a time when I literally could no find jeans that weren't skinny, even straight cuts were actually just skinny jeans, for a while I just gave up wearing pants at all.

No. 309603

Skinny jeans make me feel like I'm about to burst out of them any second even when they're the right size, despite being thin. Tho I find jeans in general to be very uncomfortable

No. 309695

reposting to reword
nta, they're flattering on some people i wouldn't say theyre the devil but they make me look ridiculously emaciated and flat or highlights it rather in a tranny way, in other words fridgelike. i don't think skinny jeans look very good on thin people but obviously they look better on people with nicer body types so it's really a personal thing. that said your picrel looks really good

No. 309700

I've started dressing like that again sometimes for uni because I enjoy sleeping in. I don't think we have to follow every zoomer fashion rule, following the rules won't make us any younger honestly. I'd say go for it if you like skinny jeans, life's too short to not do the things we enjoy.

No. 309877

File: 1674373463726.jpg (89.71 KB, 640x631, 4j9dueteeia81.jpg)

What's a good site to buy tradwife dresses? I want to look like a 1950's mom.

No. 310087

What's a nice bag that I could wear for work? Right now I'm just using the same Muji backpack that I used in school, but I'm wondering if it's time to upgrade to something nicer. Usually I just bring a notebook, my scheduler and a water bottle to work so I don't need something huge, but it's got to be at least large enough to hold the things I just listed.

No. 310095

Unique Vintage. Love yourself more tho.

No. 310145

Real tradwife would make her own with a vintage pattern

No. 310193

File: 1674599652205.jpg (128.97 KB, 563x771, serviceable.jpg)

>wanting to wear postwar scrote pleasing fit and flare bullshit instead of 1920's frumpcore sack dresses with huge pockets

No. 310197

1920s style is so cute though.

No. 310203

How dare you

No. 310318

File: 1674686199677.jpg (49.33 KB, 564x788, 619a5b839aa49a7105da04432bf943…)

kek I meant it affectionately I swear

No. 310319

File: 1674686684791.jpg (34.25 KB, 563x780, 242da2ecd353e57bffd615fc4b987b…)

samefagging with more vintage frumpcore day dresses because I love them so much

No. 310320

File: 1674686772894.jpg (45.59 KB, 489x750, d4e4d4981795c10cea203bb502c94e…)

No. 310321

File: 1674687187759.jpg (99.52 KB, 564x905, 8deef6346655b3ca5559cc82995927…)

progressive era queen looking comfy as hell

No. 310358

I desperately need recs for a trendy handbag that isn't huge but can hold a wallet, water bottle and maybe a small notebook. Under $200 if possible. I like small shoulder bags but they're so impractical for daily life. I'm basic but keep up with zoomer trends to an extent. I like casual "French girl" style, Zadig and Voltaire poser rockstar cool girl and whatever Bella Hadid is doing. I like pops of color, interesting shapes, edgy elements, retro/boho vibes. I like the look of Stella Mcartney Falabella and Frayme, Philip Lim satchels (and satchels in general), Chloe Faye, Vivienne Westwood Chancery and Yasmin and even really gaudy stuff like Pinko.

No. 310363

File: 1674733881211.jpg (38.19 KB, 371x600, 486dd7fccf51280f54a450117e8138…)

Oh to be a comfy 1920's girl and have a swimsuit hunk bf.

No. 310425

File: 1674782171284.jpg (50.69 KB, 500x697, cuties.jpg)

God her outfit is so cute. I love it when the guys look a little bashful.

No. 310474

bump I still need cute bag recs!

No. 310482

Do any of you fashion nonas know any cute underwear brands that aren't too pricey but of good quality? I like cute fun underwear and lingerie but it's rare that I find something that isn't just tacky or costs way too much for me to justify buying it

No. 310552

File: 1674910350893.jpg (322.06 KB, 2280x2646, 20230128_121837.jpg)

Thrifted this cute top for 2€

No. 310639

File: 1674997707143.jpg (132.23 KB, 1080x1080, 53430122_124046061995223_69162…)

Do you guys know any more brands like ank rouge or apres jour?

No. 310644

Honey Salon
Honey Cinnamon
Honey mi Honey
Liz Lisa
Earth music ecology
Merry jenny
Dear My Love

No. 310649

File: 1675007713649.gif (2.94 KB, 36x69, have an l.gif)


No. 310760

also Secret Honey and Lodispotto

No. 310926

File: 1675171045685.png (1.21 MB, 937x937, ifeelsocool cardigan.PNG)

Can you anons recommend me European slow fashion brands that are colorful? I'm trying to consume more ethical clothes but everything is beige, white or black. The colors can be a semi-muted (?) like pic rel.

No. 310928

Lucy & Yak is great for colorful pants and dungarees! They are also really size inclusive.
They also have some kind of tax agreement going, so you don't have to deal with duty when ordering from th EU.

No. 310946

File: 1675188015825.png (577.95 KB, 500x709, gudrun.png)

If you don't mind the hippie art teacher look Gudrun Sjödén has some super comfy and very resistant clothes, as well as a lot of colorful basics. I don't know if they are considered slow fashion but they do try to have a more ethical approach

No. 310956

I would wear gudrun but not only am i poor, but yes offence, i feel like wearing gudrun says ‘my vagina smells of stale marmite’ and as someone with an earthy, tangy notes vagina, i will stick to second hand allsaints and m&s men’s

No. 310992

File: 1675213779513.jpg (205.96 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_7bc697b6ebca3ec4dce3d2c…)

i love picrel enough that im seriously tempted to buy this actual fleece jacket, but i have to accept the reality that it would look horrible on me. posting here as a cope instead

No. 311012

File: 1675229124787.png (1.7 MB, 949x948, green mayhem.PNG)


No. 311017

Armedangel(s?). Most of it isn't that colorful but they also have really cute colorful clothes.

No. 311027

Ok that is actually a nice cardigan

No. 311062

File: 1675289057708.png (2.65 MB, 1694x1775, 1675033911263.png)

I am not sure if this really counts as fashion, but does anybody have any suggestions for exotic/trendy but still good quality lingerie? I've been recently wanting one or two pieces/sets of the impractical lingerie you see cows and ethots preening in (such as this example that Shayna wore kek. I find it cute, sue me), but a lot of it comes from cheap ass places like Shein. I'd take something a bit less "trendy" in design if it means that maybe it's not doused in industrial chemicals.

No. 311064

Seconding, this is really cute but I just know it crinkles loud af like a sunchips bag with the slightest movement.

No. 311074

File: 1675298758714.jpg (110.51 KB, 750x750, 678123.jpg)

Research into independent brands, they're usually expensive but good quality & fit. Trendy thot lingerie are in that shein fast fashion circle. I follow a UK brand called Buttress & Snatch, they do more vintage/pinup inspired stuff but it's all handmade & they use sustainable fabrics, picrel is one of their cute set

No. 311420

Nonnies, I need big help.
What medium-small bags you could recommend for a sporty look?
Often I wear a parka, sweatpants, sneakers and a backpack. And most of the time I actually don't need the backpack lol so I'm looking in something smaller and over shoulder.

No. 311481

nylon bucket or crescent bag?

No. 311482

This silhouette.. are top heavy silhouettes coming back in style? I love that

And throwing on a pair of baggy jeans and a top isn't easy? I like 10's fashion as well but I don't see how dressing like this is easier than current styles. (If anything baggy jeans are far more easier to get into and out of than skinny jeans. Don't miss that aspect of skinnies)

No. 311485


Nike or Adidas festival bag, they're over the shoulder

No. 311505

Thank you, I'll look into them!

No. 311511

File: 1675621815290.jpg (208.52 KB, 900x1350, look-3.jpg)

I love my Fossil Syndey Satchel! It holds wayyyyy more than it looks like and the 2 zippers go all the way down the sides of the bag so it's easy to find things if you need to

No. 311521

Anyone else cycle through being obsessed with a certain style for a couple days/weeks then absolutely loathing it? I genuinely can’t make up my mind what aesthetics I like, every time I buy something, I end up hating it by the time it comes in the mail 2 weeks later.

No. 311561

Kind of. Might be different for you, but sometimes I see something that I superficially like or a style that I think looks cool, so I screenshot it to look at a little while later and then realize that it looks kinda juvenile or impractical and I wouldn't really have a setting in which I could wear it, so I end up ditching the idea of looking for it. I am generally a pretty impulsive person with poor sense so whenever I feel really excited about something I just take note of it and then analyze it later once the excitement has died down and I can analyze it more objectively.

No. 311645

Maybe you’re using clothing as a way to reinvent yourself or not be bored instead of confronting your real issues, so you keep getting into a cycle of trying to buy a new identity and then getting bored with it because you realize it isn’t fulfilling .
To be honest, I usually just put limits on the clothing I buy so they all end up cohesive, regardless of style (color palette, fabric, print).

No. 311661

Thanks for the reply! It's nice but it doesn't go with my style. I ended up finding a few brands that I like though: Charles & Keith, JW Pei, Hvisk, Arket, Home of Hai, Eliza Faulkner, Offbeat Sweet.

No. 311674

File: 1675707812647.jpeg (106.41 KB, 828x1193, 9317DB1C-F20C-40C5-A451-2F563D…)

I’ve been debating on getting these jeans but I always get a size or two up since I fluctuate in size and there’s no way of me to belt these jeans at all

No. 311677

Those are cute, where are they from?

No. 311679

File: 1675714711372.jpeg (200.98 KB, 1138x1500, ba6a4320-ef63-4c59-baa0-3a9989…)

Do you have any sewing skills? If so, could you add an elastic band in the back? If not have you cosidered clipping the back with dress cincher?

No. 311694

They are from urban outfitters
I was thinking about maybe putting some elastic on it but the dress clinchers sound like a better idea! Thanks anon!

No. 311726

Does anyone know where to get a shirt dress? A midi to maxi dress with a collar and waist tie. I can't even find pictures of it online but I saw it in a music video and I love it, I want one.

No. 311732

File: 1675740718492.jpg (90.7 KB, 635x1500, shirt.jpg)

I've considered getting one or two of these shirts since they look easy to style with what I already wear often, being white or light colored shirts, black pants, boots, casual jewelry and sometimes a hat. Dunno if there's a point in going into the specifics. I already own button down shirts in both white and black, and I wonder if a sleeveless one would look cute when the weather gets hotter, but when I looked to see if I wanted to buy one, most of them seemed rather thin and poorly fitted, so I decided not to buy any, since it would just look baggy and sloppy rather than cute and casual. Has anyone made these work? I like wearing white button downs with black pants because of the versatility, and I wonder if I'm honestly just being autistic about this and there's no point in even fussing over something so minuscule when I already noted that most of them seem poorly fitted or of low quality material.

No. 311775

All white collared shirts for women are made of tissue paper instead of fabric. Most aren't even finished anymore, it's just a big square box with holes for your arms and head. Doesn't even matter how much you spend. You might have better luck getting a quality shirt if you look for second hand ones.

No. 311781

If you can't settle on a style, settle for comfort and/or flattering on you in terms of colours and cuts.

No. 311806

That looks incredibly comfy, nonnie. Are there companies that still make dresses like that or do you need to sew your own clothes if you want to be a frumpcore flapper?

No. 311808

Any nonnies have tips for someone with large bust? Honestly I am tired of dressing up like a frumpy old librarian but every fashion trend/style seems made for women with small bust. It feels like if you have large breasts you can only dress like a bimbo or old babushka. I want to be elegant.

No. 311822

just so you know i'm really bad at the whole 'elegant' thing but here are a couple of ideas:
>cropped tops/jumpers/cardigans to create a high waisted silhouette
>bodycon dresses can be quite elegant
i'm sure you'll look fine in any sort of style tbh, women have breasts and its ok

No. 311849

File: 1675835191091.jpeg (110.84 KB, 750x695, F3E2D2CE-5229-4FC7-95C7-A1ED3A…)

any tips for breaking in mary janes? i just bought mine mindlessly and although they were thrifted they honestly look brand new with little to no creases and therefore are hell to wear. apparently these types of shoes are really difficult and i haven't got any shoe expanders to help, and speaking of which are they really a good investment or not?

No. 311868

Are they leather, coated leather or plastic? Cuz you can't break in coated leather and plastic.

No. 311869

You should go for cuts that flatter a bigger chest, like v-necks and wrap tops. Personally, I like turtlenecks but I know that's controversial kek. I prefer tops to be tight, to accentuate my waist and avoid the frumpy look. Also, avoid very heavy fabrics, heavy chunky knits, structured shirts etc. Flowy, thinner fabrics drape better imo. Look for shirts/dresses with darts that help create a nice silhouette in the chest. Avoid detailing around the chest and neckline, like pockets, frills etc. Maybe vidrel will be useful to you.

No. 311873

Does anyone else find it super annoying how styling tutorials are almost always about fighting against what you naturally have?
Like if you have large boobs, stylists tell you wear this to make them look smaller, if you have small breasts they tell you what to wear to make them look bigger etc. Same with makeup, it’s usually all about trying to create the illusion of the opposite of what you naturally have.
I even see stylists and makeup artists trying to ‘correct’ features that are desirable a lot of the time. It’s really irritating.

No. 311874

oh definitely. I have a pear body type and I only see shit about "making yourself look more like an hourglass" bitch i don't want that ? I like my body shape ? If anything I'm trying to find what's gonna make it look best, not trying to hide it… it's so annoying. Not saying that all advice like that is bad, there definitely are things that make some shapes look better but it gets seriously sad when it's constantly suggesting you hide anything that isn't hourglass

No. 311875

It depends on how large your bust actually is and your overall silhouette and build.

Commonly given advice like "minimal details in the chest area" might not work for a tall, wide shouldered woman with a more dramatic inverted triangle body type for example, I am something like a 30I with this body shape and it looks better if I go for a 80s type silhouette and proportionally large details that will fill the wide surface, rather than small things that will make me look comically wide due to disproportion.

If you are a more "common" kind of busty with an all over balanced body shape see >>311869 and also, V-necks and wrap tops are indeed solid advice for every body type. My own personal controversial piece of advice is keyhole/boob window tops (if you have a good bra there won't be too much cleavage) they look elegant if you pick a color like wine red or beige in a ribbed knit and wear them with pants, and another thing I rarely see recommended is getting a good quality denim top that can hold your breasts by itself, it's good for summer.

Same feeling. I love being dorito-shaped, I don't want advice on how to look more like a regular potato chip

No. 311890

Try manually bending the sole and wearing it in so that your foot/ankle has less work to do. Getting the bottom of the shoe to bend easily is key to breaking in shoes.

No. 311891

This doesn't make sense. You can break in plastics and coated leathers, it just won't be as quick or comfortable as a natural leather. You really think a coated leather shoe or a plastic shoe NEVER breaks in? Materials are going to bend and wear with use.

No. 311894

Plastic and plastic coated materials don't break in like leather. Leather literally molds to your feet, softens, changes shape, and stretches. Yeah they'll 'bend' and wear out with time but that won't make them any more comfortable.

No. 312050

File: 1675966135727.jpeg (144.02 KB, 761x412, 8068C261-92E7-4EED-BECE-B7FBF0…)

Does anyone know what these shoes are?

No. 312104

Where do I start learning how to actually dress myself? The older I get, the less I want to rely on shirts and jeans, but maybe it's because I'm not used to seeing other clothes on me, they look like they aren't fitting me right. Like I want to buy more dresses, but it just doesn't work out. I'm not sure what kind of body shape I have, if I'm honest… Do I just like, find a stylist or something? How does all this work? Sorry for being a retard.

No. 312109


They’re Rick Owens, probably geobaskets

No. 312174

I just got a new job what kind of outfits should a broad shouldered woman wear in the office? Because I’m so tall I’m half tempted to just wear cheap men’s office shirts in black with my black flared pants.
I usually wear thick socks to break in my shoes. If you’re afraid of blisters then tape your feet with duct tape.

No. 312175

fill a plastic bag with water, be careful not to overfill with water and make sure there isn't any air left in the bag put it in the shoe and in the freezer. By freezing the water, it expands and turns into ice thus loosening the shoe. When taking the shoe out, make sure to to wait 20 mins to take the ice away to avoid the ice and water going into the shoe

No. 312215

How can I dress more mature without having to put in much effort? The past two years I lost my motivation for dressing nice and I've just been wearing tracksuits or the same pairs or wide cotton pants with graphic tees. I feel stupid dressing this way even though it's comfortable, the nice things I own are bright colored dresses I couldn't wear on an everyday basis. Any ways to cheaply look a bit more put together and still be comfortable?

No. 312353

I bought clothes on sales recently and I feel like now I just need to buy more pair of jeans and maybe some blouses to have a complete wardrobe but… I've been looking for jeans for a long time and can't find anything that fits me anymore because my ass, and only my ass got bigger. The ones I used to wear until they got too damaged are from a Japanese store I can't go to because I'm in Europe right now and from New Look from before the store in my city closed down, and it seems like the few New Look stores left are only in the UK and in Ireland. I'm so annoyed by this. I can find jeggings that look like the real deal at Uniqlo and bought one pair but I don't like how it looks and feels when I wear it.

No. 312376

Have you considered getting a couple of jeans tailored or learning how to do it yourself? It's a bit of an investment but it might be worth it if it means satisfying your need for jeans for the next couple of years.

No. 312380

No I haven't, I always assume that kind of things must be expensive. Is it?

No. 312388

Taking the waist in on jeans (assuming that's what you need to make a pair fit) is about 15-18 euro where I am which I think is reasonable. But I know prices on things vary a lot from Euro country to country so check your your local prices, most stores post their prices for standard repairs/adjustments online.

No. 312389

15 euros?? For taking in the waist in jeans?? Damn, I never paid more than 4 per clothing item.

No. 312390

I mean like I said prices vary from country to country right…. For all I know you pay 2 euro for something like that in yours. I live in a high income but expensive country to live in, you're not going to find jeans for under 30 euro here (and a 30 euro pair will be shitty)

No. 312394

I don't live in a mud hut out in the boonies, I was just shocked that simple alterations are /that/ expensive. By the way, Zara and Mango have pretty okay jeans for 30 and less imo.

No. 312477

File: 1676214413106.jpg (212.68 KB, 1000x1350, 5T3188DW1216_C272_001.jpg)

It's not just the waist that would be an issue though. I either find pairs that fit me when it comes to the waist but that are way too long AND large for my legs, or it fits for my legs but I can't even actually wear it because my ass can't fit inside at all. I think if I were to buy a pair of jeans in that situation I would have to change too many things for it to actually look good on me. I thought about just buying pairs that are a bit too long and just make them a bit shorter but they would still look bad on me for other reasons.

> By the way, Zara and Mango have pretty okay jeans
It's been years since I went to Mango, I should check the store nearby because the last time I went there I had a much smaller budget and I was too skinny to wear anything from there. As for Zara, I hate it. I feel like I can't find basics because of how often they change their collections, everytime I find good things there it's a coincidence. Last time I went there a few weeks ago I only bought two tops because all the pairs of jeans I found looked like pic related at the ankles and there's no way in hell I'm wearing this at my job.

No. 312484

No, they always looked like plankton to me and I cannot be the only one who sees it

No. 312660

File: 1676310208666.png (1.43 MB, 903x1023, 18.png)

Do any nonas know of brands that sell clothes similar to Unif or those old Delia's catalogues? I know I have basic zoomer style I can't help it.

No. 312666

grandma dresses are in with zoomers now?

No. 312677

Delia's is back nonnie! I think only through DollsKill tho

No. 312720

have we just given up on underwear? no has responded to any post about cute affordable undies.rip

No. 312731

I just wear hanes, I don't care about how my own underwear looks and I don't have anybody to look nice for.

No. 312734

Felina, but buy it wholesale or from ebay. YOU'RE WELCOME

No. 312811

File: 1676408368869.jpg (113.7 KB, 540x540, rilakkumakeychain.jpg)

Does anyone know what to type to see examples of people with cute keychains on their bags? It felt like I was the only one who did it in my circle and then suddenly I see from both "cool" girls who are like into Sandy Liang/Indie Sleaze and weebs suddenly out and about with keychains, and I really like some of the ones I've seen

No. 312817

Cuz I don't wear cute underwear, I just get plain black ones that match my plain black t-shirt bras.

No. 312824

Maybe ita bags? Some of them are just consoomer and husbando/waifufag stuff but there's some creativity from time to time. I don't know how to find examples of more casual stuff though, to me, cute keychains and wallets are things that either suddenly appear in your home, are gifted to you by chance, you found them on the ground or you searched all over the world and stumbled upon them after getting lost during a long trip to some obscure town.
I have lots of bad luck finding cute wallets and keychains.

No. 312825

I just think the cute patterns of my Amazon underwear are cute enough, when my underwear has stuff like lace, tiny bows and such, it can be noticed and then I only wear my cutest underwear at home when I'm really in the mood for feeling extra and when I know I won't be walking around for too long.
Women's secret is quite awesome tbh, I bought some really cute packs of underwear a long time ago but they got stolen so I don't know if they're durable or not tbh. I also think they don't deliver to the USA but I'm illiterate so I don't know.

No. 312874

Unif clothes are almost always ripped from vintage 90s brands / styles so you're best to look on ebay and depop for true vintage.

Or like other anon said, delias had a dollskill resurgence but it's mostly crap quality with exorbitant prices

No. 312875

I never bought from there because it's too expensive and not my style but you can try Victoria's secret. I usually get my stuff from oysho, they're comfortable and cheaper.

No. 312885

That’s what I’ve been thinking. Unif clothes are pricey and usually not great quality so it’s probably better to just start thrifting more. I wish fashion magazines were more common so I could know more about what brands to look out for.

No. 312914

>I wish fashion magazines were more common so I could know more about what brands to look out for.
What do you need brand names for when you're thrifting and see the garment before the brand name?

No. 312918

i wear aerie underwear. they don't last more than a year or two but i buy them when they're like 10/$35 and they're super cute and comfy.

No. 312934

File: 1676497680947.jpg (232.24 KB, 1400x1400, irregular-choice-catching-butt…)

What are some brands that make shoes like this besides irregular choice?

No. 312941

File: 1676499646642.png (1.27 MB, 1849x843, hot chocolate design.png)

if you mean kooky shoes there's hot chocolate design. picrel is the heels section. i have some mary janes from that brand and they're honestly so durable and cute so i do recommend

No. 312946

File: 1676500425713.png (2.47 MB, 1000x1000, B968BC67-ACB1-4731-9F10-B29290…)

These are so cute, nonnie!!! Ahhhhh I love them

No. 312962

Mostly so it’d be easier to look up stuff on Depop and stuff like that. In-person it wouldn’t matter, but when buying online/using an app it’s easier to search the brand so I don’t have to filter through a bunch of stuff that’s not my style. And I have a hard time describing what I’m looking for so having the brand name would help when I’m searching online.

No. 312975


These are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen, and I love them. I have a weakness for dumb, kitschy looking shit.

No. 312980

File: 1676521765299.jpg (907.37 KB, 1200x1800, IMG_7739.jpg)

Wear dresses and heels. I recently discovered that there are casual dresses you can just throw on and go, it looks classy and it's less work than choosing pants and a shirt.

I like dresses that have stretchy tops. If you have large breasts and a small waist I suggest LuLaRoe, all their stuff is surprisingly comfy and looks good on hourglass shapes.

No. 312982

File: 1676528308705.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1242x1862, E7DD63A0-656D-48E2-8106-55AC0D…)

I’ve come to realize I hate pretty much all modern western clothing and cuts. I wish it was socially acceptable and practical to wear traditional historical clothing from whatever culture you want, it’s just so much more beautiful whether eastern or western.

I also wish it was easier to find pure silk versions instead of just polyester larp garb.

No. 312987

Are you seriously suggesting a pyramid scheme

No. 312991

Picrel doesn't look classy it looks dumpy

No. 313015

File: 1676565939147.jpg (228.22 KB, 1702x2560, Georgiana-lookbook-8-scaled.jp…)

I just came across revintaria and the style is so pretty (and expensive damnit), does anyone here know of any other modern brands who make vintage-inspired clothing like this?

No. 313023

You could create similar outfits with modern clothes, maybe found in second hand shops. Like, get a silk cami or strap dress, then layer a kimono-style dress over it and wear with a belt. Lots of people are done with modern fashion, look up history bounding.

No. 313024

File: 1676570657417.jpg (171.64 KB, 670x1024, DSC_0277-670x1024.jpg)

Yes. Their clothes are:
-dirt cheap (you can find them for less than 20 dollars online easily and they flood thrift stores)

-stretchy (super great if you have boobs that deform most dresses)

and best of all, the "Amelia" style of dress has pockets.

Because all the saleswomen are middle aged uggos who don't know how to accessorize. Like the other anon said, this brand is a pyramid scheme. Sadly most pictures of the clothes reflect that.

No. 313025

Nonnas, I need some guidance. I live in the south and my childhood friend is getting married this summer!
We chose what we wear, its a causal comfy wedding more so than traditional. What should I wear? Ive lost 75 lbs and just dont understand my body or how to look classy and dressed up.
>what fabric should i wear to avoid sweat stains?
>i am big chested and tall, whats considered appropriate length?
>can I get away with boots ? I know thats stupid, but i hate heels and usually think flats only accentuate my wide ass feet
>how early should i reach out to a tailor for the dress?
And also,
Anyone recommend men style blogs/ stores? My bf has also lost so much weight and he avoids shopping at all cost. Should we just rent a suit?
A kiss on the cheek to any nonna who can help guide me. Its such an important day and i dont want to look bad. I told my pal in hs id be at their wedding and here we are!

No. 313059

File: 1676590290504.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3464x3464, C167694A-69CC-4725-BCCE-6BFD89…)

I have these two ideas for you, the pink dress is cute, I honestly think it's better to look overdressed than underdressed.
I don't know about sweating tbh, just wear a really strong deodorant and take any pictures with your arms up before the party begins, then check yourself out in the bathroom from time to time if you're very self conscious about it, maybe keep some wet wipes and napkins around to clean yourself throughout the party.
I think these two dresses are nice, I'm also looking for ideas with pants, I will post them later.
These dresses are fancy but classy, the length of both are nice, not too long, not too short. And you could wear boots with them as long as they're not straight up frumpy combat boots with wear and tear.
You could wear some nice, simple tights with some really nice boots, I will post examples of nice boots just in case.

No. 313062

File: 1676591180917.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3464x3464, D4D15BE9-68AC-408C-A4B6-2CAA35…)

Samefag, I prefer these sorts of boots because they're slick, they also don't have ridiculous needle-like heels so you can walk around, specially if the place has grass, I absolutely hate stiletto heels at garden/beach parties, not only on myself but on other women because they look ridiculous, they sink in the dirt and then they get all dirty.

No. 313063

File: 1676591563415.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 714CD081-15D4-45C7-88BB-175B49…)

And same fav to add that you can look classy with pants as well! These outfits are some nice ideas, that one with the white blouse would need to wear another color of blouse but it's just so you have an idea of what you could wear.

No. 313066

Just because you have boobs doesn't mean you have to wear legging dresses and mumus. And I know how frustrating it can be but high street brands have options. And anything is better than llr. Lularoe is dumpy by default, it would be dumpy no matter who styled it.

No. 313074

File: 1676594325214.jpeg (156.55 KB, 828x1792, 3B3F8E38-AD3C-4D9D-B54B-2C9ADA…)

Nonna nita, my mamacita! Thank you so much for your ideas! I was actually thinking something like this? Maybe not pink, but whatever family of colors the bride leans towards. If the pants fit more like the ones in your pics, I think I would rock it. Maybe a nude tone top with pops of embroidered color?
Thank you for the thoughtful reply and images to reference. It may be a while from now but i will report back.

No. 313180

nta but I think picrel is very cute

No. 313236

Advice on mixing styles? I keep wanting to change my style from hippie-ish to folk inspired and back/forth. I love both but folk clothing and accessories are usually quite expensive because of the age so I can't just go out and buy a whole folk wardrobe much as I wish I could. What is a cheap way to mix in style X with style Y without having it look strange/out of place? I will say I'm lucky in the regard that my normal style goes fairly well with folk elements because they have similarities (lots of flowers/similar patterns/fringes and embroidery, fairly similar silhouettes in the sense of being quite loose).

No. 313263

My general rule of thumb is:
Similar motifs and patterns
cohesive metal tones
cohesive colour scheme

I've found this works with my wardrobe which I'm building inspired by the idea of a 'Mari Lwyd goes to a smashing pumpkins concert after beating a Vivienne Westwood store clerk that couldn't come up with anymore rhymes as to why I couldn't ransack their store'

No. 313274

This is great advice. I'd also personally try to stick with only one "loud"/statement piece of clothing or accessory, so it doesn't look like the styles are trying to dominate each other.

No. 313325

Voriagh, Little Women Atelier, Linennaive, Kaneko… Most of these type of brands are expensive though.

If you don't mind synthetic fabrics you can probably find fancy stuff on Taobao as some chinese lolita brands such as Miss Point and Foxtrot also sell more subdued vintage inspired pieces. If you have a lower budget, browse secondhand fashion sites for vintage pieces (lots of pieces with 30s-40s vibes that are actually from the 80s and therefore cheap, also look for brands that sell dirndl, they sometimes carry more unconspicous long skirts/dresses made of plain linen and some nice blouses). Pinup brands like Hell Bunny, Collectif, Banned etc. sometimes sell suitable pieces as well, especially around fall when they pull out the tartans and all that, and you can find them secondhand for decent prices.

No. 313396

Thank you for your suggestions nona! You're knowledgable, do you usually wear this vintage type of style? I did actually found some nice things by looking up dirndl sellers.
I like natural fabrics like linen so I'm going to save up for some pretty items now.

No. 313401

File: 1676810384684.jpeg (403.19 KB, 2813x3937, EC252C99-CF64-4462-9803-4A463E…)

is there a word for shoes like this - flats/ballets flats with buckles or straps?
and what's a nice pair to get that won't break bank?
pls help nonnas, i see this style everywhere and im obsessed

No. 313402

I think they're just buckle ballet flats honestly, I love the repetto and miu miu flats and wish I could afford some! there's tons of dupes out there though

No. 313422

These are so pretty! It's a shame ballet flats are uncomfortable to walk in and wear out really fast, I'd be all over them otherwise.

No. 313450

Anyone got a link to a starry blue fairy esc long prom dress im struggling over here nonnas

No. 313461

File: 1676840234074.jpg (434.77 KB, 1500x1926, 080421-members-vmed-3p.jpg)

>Mormon style dresses are expensive

That's wild. Reminder that this is what little women atelier dresses look like on people who aren't models.

No. 313462

nta but they're expensive because they're made of natural fabrics and niche appeal/small business drives up the cost.

The type of woman who buys from a brand like linnennaive probably has an unique/eccentric/sober idea of what looks good anyway

No. 313466

Of course those dresses are expensive, for the reason other anon said. And non-mormon women who are looking to emulate a type of romantic historical style will style the dresses differently than your pic.

No. 313534

File: 1676859484097.jpg (174.1 KB, 1080x1080, chestleggings.jpg)

Hey now, don't knock boob leggings (bleggings). They're comfy and make big boobs look great the same way leggings make big butts look great.

No. 313536

File: 1676859700803.jpg (94.81 KB, 1000x1400, kott.jpg)

Wtf, I am in love with this brand now.

No. 313540

How can I wear a short/mid sleeve blouse when it's still cold out? By still showing the sleeves I mean. I love the details on the one that I own but I can't wear it as it is, only with a cardigan. Anyone got a solution?

Lol is that Abby Shapiro

No. 313646

Nonna I need pictures PLEASE

No. 313714

File: 1676975670148.png (5.24 MB, 2064x1556, Mari Lywd.png)

I'm still building the wardrobe but here's a inspo post. And I can't really say how I came up with this 'Mari Lywd goes grunge' other than I have a very vivid imagination and this idea gave me the giggles for a week.
I'm going to focus on texture, dyes, customizations and high quality statement items. Unusual fabrics for structured items like over sized leather blazers, iridescent two-toned velvet dresses that hug and amplify everything. Prints don't matter as long as the colours match; gold jewellery shaped like coins, hardware & figa hand charms. Whatever you think you'd discover in a welsh bog, I want to wear as an accessory or in my wavy hair.

I still wear whatever I like around the house & gym but I'm moving away from lolita and want to keep some fun/whimsies to my everyday dressing in the form of an annoying pun-telling horse ghost that doesn't know when it's not welcome.

No. 313720

Update; ive been asked to be a bridesmaid! I am so happy and elated, but that also means I bookmark all my wishlist outfits and wait for her further instruction. Thank you style nonna for your help!!

No. 313723

>Mari Lywd goes grunge
This is great. It makes me want to dream up the fashion style of magical beings in my country. Like elegant skogsrå.

No. 313724

File: 1676985811654.png (2.05 MB, 854x1280, F22-_WHOLESALE-FLATS-04-02-202…)

what shoes would you wear with this?

No. 313728

This is so adorable, I love it! Also you inadvertently helped me out with the color chart, thanks nonna

First thing that comes to mind are suede gogo boots, something simple without much detail so the dress can really shine

No. 313772

This is so pretty wtf, love the illustration of the girl on the right panel, surprisingly subtle.

I think I'd either wear them with ballet flats like >>313401, something like Valentino rockstuds (heels/sandals not the sneakers) or maybe even off-setting them with boxy shoes like creepers? Not even necessarily black either, I think they'd be pretty cool with navy blue or purple.

No. 313785

Definitely something retro. 60s or hippie/boho inspired. Think suede, wood, leather, knee high boots, lace up sandals, clogs. Random but I think silver cowboy boots could also be cute, depending on how tall they are.

No. 313798

Would be cute with some simple, chunky shoes. Like clogs or platform mary janes

No. 313819


thank you to everyone who replied, yes gogo boots will be perfect! I knew I was missing something obvious.

No. 313832

I think they look pretty cool tbh

No. 313865

File: 1677069056302.png (998.51 KB, 1254x944, MIKIOSAKABE Jewelry Ribbon Sho…)

I love these shoes, it's exactly the kind of aesthetic i want but it's 300 $. Does anyone know a cheaper alternative ?

No. 313866

Buy cheap pink sport shoes and put white ribbons on them yourself.

No. 313867

File: 1677070600143.png (292.17 KB, 902x488, pink shoes.png)

that is such a specific aestethic. is it the clear sole you're looking for? found these nike vapormax pink shoes with a clear sole for 167usd, you could put a bow on em like the other anon said, wouldn't be the same but they are half the price
another shoe that has a similar look is nike air max 720 in pink , these are cheaper (going for about 70eur where i live), but you'll have to look for them on your own cause they're out of stock on the official site

No. 313869

tips on how to dress when you feel depressed? nothing I own feels comfortable/makes me feel weird and ugly.

No. 313871

File: 1677071971634.jpg (370.4 KB, 800x1000, Givenchy-Large-Voyou-Bag.jpg)

Givenchy recently released this bag and it's unstructured nature reminds me of late 00's/early 10's boho and grunge-y styles, when unstructured, oversized bags were in. What are the chances those styles are going to make a comeback?

No. 313874

I'm not sure if I've been depressed tbh, but whenever I have too many intrusive thoughts I go for the safest options, it's always good to keep some blouses or button up shirts around, loose ones with neutral colors or with colors that you really really like, so you can put on some denim pants and any shoes, preferably something like flats or moccasins even.
Whenever I feel sad I try to look as decent as possible so I can make myself feel better, as in wearing clean clothes that kind of match each other.
So yeah, don't go all black, try to add some colors or patterns, like maybe an animal print sweater or with flowers, get some funny socks, try to match your hair accessories with your clothes and glasses, being all matchy matchy with your stuff is a good way to lift your spirits because then, when you look at yourself, even if you're wearing some frumpy pajamas, you will feel like you're at least somewhat trying.
And you may not think it's important but it's actually important to have underwear that doesn't have any holes or random bleach spots, having clean and neat underwear is nice, you don't need to wear shit with lace and sheer parts, just having some cotton underwear that's clean, doesn't have any holes, fits you nicely as in it isn't too tight or too lose and matches even if they're not from the same brand/store, feels great.
So start from the smallest stuff, like your underwear and hair accessories that you use to keep your hair out of your face, match your home slippers, your socks and such, doing so can make you feel better because you will feel like not everything is out of control.
And make sure all of your clothes are okay, if they have random holes that shouldn't be there, damaged patterns and such, then you will have to donate those, if they're too tight or too lose, donate those as well and get new stuff that fits or maybe learn how to recycle your old clothes or even sell them.
Cleaning up your closet and making it all matching and "limited" helps a lot with keeping everything organized but it also helps with making yourself look more sharp I guess.
I'm rambling but that's just what I tend to do so I feel better, I hope this works.

No. 313879

i caved and bought some 'flare leggings' aka yoga pants. they're so comfortable i dont wanna wear jeans anymore

No. 313880

brandy melville unironically has very cute cheap underwear–ofc… one size though. so this may not be an option for most

No. 313882

thank you so much, the nike are perfect !

No. 313896

File: 1677087434395.png (828.79 KB, 741x630, 1677060771465.png)

Is there a real life version of this dress?

No. 313969

File: 1677117787246.jpg (130.6 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230223_030307_Gal…)

I got these for free from a girl who was getting rid of her goth clothes and I was wondering if I still can wear them or if they're considered too cheugy. They're comfortable af as far as platform shoes go

No. 313972

Nah nonna, if you style them well why would it be cheugy? Litas are so versatile that it depends on how you style them. Plus, they were never as mainstream as some other 2010s cheugy stuff like galaxy print. But I have nostalgia goggles on because I always wanted the Litas tumblr goths wore… NGL I've been thinking of living my highschool dream and getting secondhand Litas recently and your post amplified my urges

No. 313982

look for 'wednesday dress' or 'pilgrim dress'

No. 313984

Thats what I thought as well, they're simple black platform boots, not all that different from whats in style right now, just less chunky. And 2015 is gettig popular again so, you're right, I'll wear them. I also had that same dream as a tumblr kid kek, go for it.

No. 314097

They are but not for long, I keep seeing little bits of that era of fashion slowly making its way back. I dislike them now because they legit look like hooves. The exaggerated toe box with the platform is a lot different than modern platforms.

No. 314198

what's that thing called in english where jeans have these lighter parts on the thighs yes i have tried to google this but i don't know what they're called in english

No. 314209

monkey wash?

No. 314235

kek well i made a pair of hooves out of knockoff litas when i was younger, maybe i should wear those as well

No. 314260


No. 314439

File: 1677450300188.png (468.38 KB, 728x546, Capture d’écran 2023-02-26 à…)

Does anyone knows what this kind of top is called ? This one is from Selkie and it's listed as a "Ruffle Apron Top" but when i look it up on google i only find the original one but it's freaking 200 dollars.

No. 314469

Yeah, I think they're usually called "hideous haunted baby doll top"

No. 314479

boob curtain

No. 314481

Looks like a grown woman wearing baby/toddler clothes

No. 314629

File: 1677558571530.jpg (539.09 KB, 3824x1372, rufflies.jpg)

I like this, as long as the wearer has the right vibe. It's cute on a playful type person but would look ridiculous on someone with severe looks or a fat person. I couldn't find any results for ruffle apron top either, besides the one you found. I did find picrel which is a little less cutesy but still has the same effect imo. Madewell Side Tie Ruffle Top, there are a bunch floating around on ebay and poshmark.

No. 314661

This is actually uglier than the Selkie top though

No. 314687

it's called ruffle apron top

No. 314705

Y-yeah, that's literally what I said in my comment and OP also said that's what it's called so I'm not sure what your point is?

Sorry you're fat and/or old looking nonna

No. 314708

I would say rattle rattle but I know fat wannarexic hands typed this

No. 314716

ah shit, I didn't read your comment cause it was too long, my bad

No. 314722

Babydoll crop top gave a few similar-ish results but the design is unique to selkie.

No. 314724

If you think away the ugly bow choker, I actually think this is pretty cute. It probably only looks good on a very specific body and face-type though.

No. 314764

File: 1677641718543.png (1.13 MB, 996x1590, love.png)

Am I an old woman if I love Etro? I bought my first Etro piece today from a boutique with a sweet old lady owner. It's just so soft and warm and the embroidery is beautiful. I want more Etro now, every piece she had in the store had such soft and beautiful fabric.

No. 314831

which shipping agent do you recommend for mercari japan? i hate buyee and there used to be a list like 10 years ago of a few anons from /cgl/ and lolitas who lived in japan and would be an agent for people. is there anyone still doing that?

No. 314835

I think its gorgeous and whimsical

No. 314836

Japonica Market is the cheapest option. I've never had issues with them but some people have, apparently they prioritize older customers, so your mileage may vary. Otherwise you'll need a more expensive option like Sunflower Seed Shopping Service or Tenshi.

No. 314843

Vivienne Westwood?

No. 314852

Totally depends on the styling. Check out the ETRO tag on wear.jp for more modern & alt fashion looks.

No. 314861

hoyoyo has been good with mercari for me, their purchasing speed can be hit or miss though so I'd go with tenshi if it's an item that will sell out in a few hours

No. 314959

Is anyone here interested in fashion (clothes, accessories, bags) reps? I've been part of the rep community on reddit for ages but I'm tired of their drama so I made a new server, and since they have a monopoly on reps in that comm I'm reaching out to my nonnas here who may be interested. Literally if anyone is at all wants to join respond and I'll post a link the server.

No. 315052

Nonnies, what are your favorite more ethical fashion brands? Im trying to move away from fast fashion shit. Right now I buy everything from Uniqlo or independent artists. I know Uniqlo isnt perfect either but their whole design philosophy feels better to me than like, H&M for example. I'm in college still but I would rather save up to buy 1 dress knowing it was made by a woman getting paid an actual, ethical wage and not in a horrible factory. I just want to avoid being like my friends and their shein hauls..

No. 315123

Does anyone else think vanity sizing is way out of hand? I'm not thin, I know it, yet sizes that used to fit me are now way too big and I have to size down 2-3 sizes. I never know what size I'm going to need anymore. I can't imagine how thin people are handling this.

No. 315125


You need to know your cm and inches size at hand instead of guessing whether you’re 10 or whatever. It’s just a lot more easier and saves you time

No. 315128

I do, it's just not helpful when you're in a store and you have to eyeball whether or not the clothes will maybe fit you since the measurements aren't written out on the tag, or you're buying things secondhand and they didn't bother measuring the garment.
I've also had situations where I buy online and the listed measurements are just plain wrong.

No. 315129

That's not my experience, I've steadily been weighing the same and wearing the same sizes for 10+ years now.

No. 315133

I carry a small retractable tape measure in my bag and whip it out when in doubt

No. 315154

I noticed the same, especially with cheap places like walmart and target. I used to wear old navy jeans when I was in middle school, just checked their website and I am somehow a smaller size there now than I was when I was 12 kek. I think the rising obesity rates are causing it, iirc the average American is like a size 16 so it would make sense to make everything bigger to compensate. Between the sizing and nearly everything being the flimsiest polyester imaginable I have been buying more and more jfashion and hardly ever shop from normie US brands anymore tbh

No. 315167

this is predominantly an issue in north america and north american companies. a 0 today was a 6 ten years ago.

No. 315168

File: 1677900064768.png (1.91 MB, 1118x2048, Screenshot_20230303-211818.png)

anyone recommend users to follow on wear?
i just made an account and would like suggestions outside me searching keywords


No. 315175

File: 1677905676686.jpg (95.51 KB, 733x1100, 190123_sl14258-st1882k01-white…)

try searching ruffle swing tank

No. 315205

so what has the original 0 become? minus 6? 00000?

No. 315216

Depends on which country the brand is from. If the country is somewhere obesity is common, the sizing will be bigger and it has more to do with buyers being fat/tall rather than vanity sizing.
For example, Asian brands have super small sizing while American brands have much bigger sizing because the average Asian and American women obviously have different bone and body structure along with weight and height difference.
Your best bet is to find a brand that's fitting to your bodytype and get the pieces tailored to fit even better.

No. 315232

im eastern euro and i experience this too, with european fast fashion. some of it is the rise of the oversize silhouette and people growing taller, it seems like the subset of really tall teens is now much bigger than in my generation

tis the zoomer lookbook.nu?

No. 315234

I was gonna say I can't imagine a non-app for posting fashion pics taking off in 2023 but it also has an app. I wonder why Lookbook never made an app. The website's interface looks better than Lookbook's at least. Has it been popular? I hadn't heard of it before.

No. 315249

That's literally the definition of vanity sizing.

No. 315299

Hello guys

Is anyone here who sews, stitches, does embroidery and/or even make their own fashion pieces interested in starting a discord server or a subreddit where we can share and give/get advice and critism for the pieces we make. But also appreciate/ critique design, art and literature and it’s many movements.

I’ve been looking for a (not necessarily fashion but a) design community that are mostly made up of art students or ppl who work in the industry that can healthily and not just brand addict s or people who shame other for their tastes and also give and receive advice (that are mainly women). I looked on Reddit but to my dismay found only the r/womenswear and threads similar to it that are just basic outfit piecing threads and r/EHF that is conveniently problematic and subsequently a ultra private community

I’m a graphic design (soon transitioning to product design) student myself who’s recently got deep into fashion and hoping to make a couple of pieces for a large project that I’m doing that isn’t solely fashion, since I don’t really have many friends that do design and willing to do it at uni i thought to turn here as a lot of the people are pretty nice and mature!

If enough people respond I’ll try and make either a subreddit or discord server!!

No. 315334

File: 1677999048426.png (271.97 KB, 528x425, bootiesss.PNG)

Would these look awkward with any particular styles or pants? I plan to get them for the versatility, though they are a bit of a chunkier and rugged look than usual so I'm not sure if I'm in over my head. Asking as someone who has had a history of horribly mismatching shoes with clothes and I don't want to default to only wearing jeans with them to play it safe.

No. 315341

my thought is that if you want them for the versatility, these are a bit heavy for when it's nice and warm during spring and summer so that immediately cuts of a large part of the year. Unless you live in a year round climate I suppose

No. 315353

what are some brands that sell nice thick graphic tees?

No. 315360

Well it definitely wouldn't go with any office style or anything mildly elegant. I personally don't consider that versatile, but if your entire wardrobe is casual I guess it's ok.
I actually know two women who wear exactly such shoes as their default, they must be comfy.

No. 315361

Samefag, just out of curiosity, how tall are you anon? Both those friends that wear the same boots are shorties, I'm wondering if those are short ppl boots

No. 315371

Ha, nta but I also wear those boots & I'm short. You're onto something here anon.

No. 315388

skip the cheap zipper and get actual lace-up boots so you can wear them in any weather

No. 315393

nta but why would you not be able to wear zipper boots in any weather?

No. 315401

With short boots like that dont get with a zipper. It looks dumb to have zipper on short laced up boots like that imo, like whats the point? It will also break and/or let water in. Just go with just laces.

No. 315404

I sew as well as if I was using my feet tbh, but I'd be interested in a general nonnies fashion discord server

No. 315407

whats your fav tradwife type of style website to shop on

No. 315415

The dumpster.

No. 315436

File: 1678050088166.jpg (39.46 KB, 426x679, 613cBcL6myL._AC_SY679_.jpg)

>try dress like this

>it fits fine on the waist and the skirt is super cute but my boobs look beyond porny, they just leak out of the sides

I swear boobleggings and mumus are the only things that fit me, reee.

Your post reminded me that in much of the third world people still make their own clothes. Someone should make a website for nepali grannies to sell their wares to Westerners.

No. 315445

I'm kind of tall at 5"7. I'd be morbidly curious about a survey of that observation.
I misspoke. I mostly meant weather versatility/sturdiness and wasn't sure about the versatility otherwise. Thank you for saying this because I kept struggling to envision them working with half of my outfits and I didn't really understand why.
I still want a brown lace-up boot that's still pretty sturdy but a bit more generally versatile.
You're right; I usually hate zippers on boots too, kek. I made an exception because I really like the color/finish on these.

No. 315448

I must know what boob leggings are.

No. 315458

gimpgirl is that you?

No. 315460

Hopefully this is the right thread, but how do you deal with the fabric on your pants wearing thin? The inside of my pant legs from the crotch to the knees are always getting thin and it's a huge chore to patch them up. Do any nonas here know how best to repair these, or at least how to prevent them in the future? If I wore pants for men, would they wear down any slower?

No. 315467

Your thighs rub together, create friction and thin the material. Either buy higher quality pants or lose weight.

No. 315477

File: 1678065096946.jpg (383.6 KB, 1600x1600, 3fc4b3f5-0499-439f-bd5f-39b3ca…)

You can try ironing on some of these denim patches inside the garment or if you sew, use scrap fabric and sew the shit out of it inside the pants (look it up for instructions). This is only semi-related but maybe it will help someone- If you have the issue of shorts riding up your crotch area when walking, you can sew a strip of fabric along the length of the crotch and it will eliminate the issue. I can't seem to find a pic of what I mean but there are also products- google "polyester boning for shorts". Actually, come to think of it, you could also use the denim iron on patches for this purpose as well.

No. 315479

File: 1678065375537.gif (536.92 KB, 320x178, Heylinda.gif)

No. 315575

File: 1678113106667.jpg (402.25 KB, 790x950, tabi-boot-edit-hero-copy.jpg)

I love them so much… o to be a poorfag

Late response but in french they're called "babies", you can find a lot with straps. They are usually kitten heeled though

No. 315577

Aren't those the fetish boots for dressing up like a pig?

No. 315580

File: 1678114832126.jpg (65.94 KB, 770x1024, 5-Things-You-Can-Put-between-Y…)

Usually the criticism is
>pig feet
>lama feet
>goat feet
>doe feet
>horse feet even though doesn't look like that
The based one is being compared to teenage mutant ninja turtles

No. 315582

They don't look anything like ninja turtle feet, which are regular toes with toenails. They look exactly like cloven hooves.

No. 315584

Their feet were directly inspired by jika-tabi or ninja shoes, same inspo for margiela

No. 315591

Me too anon! I've seen replicas online and those werent cheap either tbh. For me personally, go hard or go home, i am going to get the legit version as a graduation gift for myself.

No. 315594

What's the appeal? Genuinely asking

No. 315595

nonny wishes to be a goat

No. 315596

Nta but I always got edgy vibes from these because they remind me of a goat, which reminds me of occult things. I'm curious to know what others say as well. Fwiw I like them a lot

No. 315598

what can you even pair these with that isn't goat themed

No. 315612

Always been into slight mori oriented fashion, so unironically this >>315595 for me. To me, they're cute and edgy at the same time (mainly talking about the boots, loafers, mary janes, and heeled ballets, I hate the sneakers)
Margiela is really good quality, especially when it comes to shoes; resole them and they last for years.
Literally everything, especially the boots, it's not that unique looking. If you had to theme code fits according to one designer piece, fashion would be fucking lame imo. Rick owens fans will probably disagree to that though

No. 315619

Nta but what the heck is goat-themed style? You can wear them with anything that would look good with black boots.

No. 315622

Does anyone know what happened to Swankiss? They don't have a website, their Twitter doesn't seem to say anything and was last updated in December 2022….did they just close the brand/shops?

No. 315627

>Since a lot of brands closed stores during corona only for them to open new ones again, it might be a good idea to have a dedicated on all the new stores. RIP Swankiss while at it, their parent company vanished without a trace and so did all stores. Nothing of value was lost with how shitty their quality was.
from cgl

No. 315632

some of their stores were posting sales ads on Instagram in January but yeah apparently the parent company disappeared

No. 315634

Gone bankrupt according to jp twitter

No. 315635

Actually the Margiela tabi boots always remind me of Monsoon from Metal Gear Rising, kek

I really like classic/"normal" jikatabi, but I can't handle the edgy naruto fan aura so I don't wear them.

Babies is the french equivalent for Maryjanes. I always wondered where we got the name "babies" from (short for babydoll ?)

No. 315677

File: 1678173097012.png (1.05 MB, 923x1200, 2714f63eceb290f028d08aeed2433f…)

hey guys
anon again, I bought the boots in picrel, now I need a bag to go with it please, doesn't have to match the boots

No. 315679

Oh my goodness those are rad

No. 315711

did they come with the shoe jewerly(?)? that's kinda interesting.

No. 315733

File: 1678205787656.png (857.46 KB, 1609x2048, Screenshot_20230307-101622.png)

No. 315751

Cool looking heels, I like them but I'd be worried about how quickly the jewelry would rust

No. 315759

Damn nonna, way to flex on us poors. You have good taste at least.

No. 315760

Love the boots, love that dress, don't love them together. Are you gonna wear them together?

No. 315767

They're both statement pieces, one wouldn't usually wear them together unless you want to look like an an overdesigned anime character.

No. 315768

NTA but you sound boring

No. 315769

I'm not boring for thinking they don't bring the best out of the other garment. I also think the dress would look better with silver metal rather than gold, at least going by how the colours are displayed on my screen.

No. 315771

File: 1678221157607.png (2.71 KB, 1536x315, clothes.png)

Nonnies, I subconsciously buy clothes that are within this color palette but they hardly ever work together. I do have some basic white/black/brown pieces that help but I'm getting soo bored with my wardrobe. What are some other colors that would work well with what I already have?

No. 315782

File: 1678226552019.jpg (50.87 KB, 577x815, 1.jpg)

I like the boots and the dress together. I'm getting Stevie Nicks vibes. I don't really like the gold with the cool-toned colors dress though, but I really, really dislike anything gold. I think it could be cute with a crochet hippie vest and tons of matching gold bracelets, bangles, maybe even a little chain belt? Like a maximalist bohemian look. I have no idea what your preferred style is though. Along that same vein, a cute kind of bag could be something suede with fringe (the different textures of the bag and boots could be neat), or maybe a white hand-tooled leather bag with gold hardware? Not sure how you feel about mixing metal colors but a silver bag might look nice? Not sure about that though. If you want an extremely elevated look, picrel could be nice. I like how it plays off of the crescent shape of the boot jewelry.

No. 315785

>>315782 in reply to >>315677. I'm having computer trouble and I'm about to flip my fuckin lid sorry for posting twice instead of fixing my previous post.

No. 315788

i feel like pulling in navy/dark blue might help refresh your wardrobe. it also might be a good time to go through your clothes and decide if there's anything you aren't in love with anymore.

No. 315800


thank you everyone for your advice and I'm mortified to realise that of course gold doesn't go with cold tones, I'm gonna take the jewelery off them. I saw them together in a lookbook but I can't find the image now. All I can say in my defence is it's not a super yellow gold and somewhat muted, but still obviously gold and not silver.
I bought them somewhat impulsively as gogo boots are really hard to find nowadays.

anyway, thank you for all the replies, if anyone has bag any other bag recommendations?

No. 315818

Nonna is likely just fantasy shopping, post a pic of them IRL

No. 315824

Can you describe the overall direction you'd like to take the outfit in? It's hard to come up with options without knowing what your intent was when you bought the boots.

No. 315827

evening wear, something you could wear to a night out, I bought the boots because I thought navy and knee high were a good fit plus they're from the same brand… I guess my usual evening bags and shoes don't quite work (leather doesn't seem to go with it, and it needs to be more retro as anons have noted)

No. 315860

File: 1678281371356.png (717.74 KB, 927x929, fender pants.PNG)

Is there any Google pro anons among us? I want Wrangler x Fender jeans that are in picrel, but I can't find a place that doesn't have them sold out for the life of me. Are there any secret tips that would make looking for them easier? They came out a year ago so I didn't think it would be this hard to find them from somewhere. I'm googling for them with the official product name Wrangler Women's x Fender Westward Rockstar Souvenir Jean but I can't catch anything. I would Google only Fender x Wrangler jeans but there's shit ton of Fender jeans for some reason.

No. 315861

Try Google Lens. This site seems to have them. Otherwise Lens is really the best place to start if you have an image of any product ever.


No. 315999

File: 1678331456377.png (4.84 MB, 1170x2532, A46A0C5E-2B3E-4D96-9A81-CD404C…)

Does anyone know what kind of shoes these are?

No. 316070

These shoes look like Creepers, nonna! Look around 2nd hand sites and grab a pair. They need to be broken in since they kinda hurt.

No. 316076

File: 1678383457573.jpg (665.83 KB, 960x2622, creepers.jpg)

Nta but those don't looke like creepers at all. Creepers are flat, soft rubber-soled shoes.

No. 316080

File: 1678384511188.jpg (155.17 KB, 1080x787, Screenshot_20230309-095137_Sam…)

Found them! UO Alyssa Oxford. So cute, love that they're squared off. Look up chunky 90's lace up oxfords for similar. They appear to only be on Japan Urban Outiftters unfortunately.

No. 316111

File: 1678399373076.jpg (776.93 KB, 1600x949, 69555879_2540855159479685_6340…)

Bought a pretty dress on Vinted for quite a bit of bit of money (despite it being second hand) so I was wondering if Rouje really worth it? There's a few tops from them that I like but they're around 80 bucks each ffs

No. 316408

File: 1678541152587.jpeg (141.76 KB, 750x1080, 2D7CC6F7-8272-4CDB-9122-2AA17A…)

Any suggestions for “whimsigothic” or witchy clothing? I feel like most goth clothing sites are trying hard to be edgy and make cheap/trashy looking clothes. I wanna get into wearing skirts more that I can be comfy in but look good wearing boots/close-toed shoes with cause my toes are fucked.

I liked picrelated until I realized how sheer most of the skirt was and it’s actually more like a veiled mini-skirt.

No. 316446

File: 1678556910184.jpg (126.02 KB, 750x1000, e020a0ebc6c719986971890929bb9a…)

They can look very sleek

No. 316454

There are a million tiktok videos about this that you can copy + paste your aesthetic from, hth

No. 316458

Try searching for 'lug sole' oxfords. If you're open to loafers instead those might be easier to find than oxfords though.

No. 316460

layer up! that's what I do. i love mesh/lace/sheer skirts, most of them are short or are just a layer to go over a dress or skirt. so i wear a longer skirt or skirts or pants under them, and it creates new outfits.
ill look for a stock photo or photo of someone to explain what I'm talking about because i don't want to share one of me

No. 316466

Ok miss Totally Unique And Speshul Style

Honestly any store could have pieces that work. I got some long skirts from a clothing store aimed at moms, they look nice with my stomper boots etc

No. 316480

File: 1678569347119.jpg (186.36 KB, 1000x1500, Untitled-11_2.jpg)

i wish i was rich. Zimmermann is the only designer brand that has styles i really like, in my dreamland i would have a whole closet full of the pretty, flowy stuff.
i found a romper/playsuit in a thrift store for $5 several years ago. i hate that type of clothing but i bought it because, great deal (it was originally $415 or so), and to wear pants/a skirt over or layer with a blouse underneath. it looks cute that way.

No. 316487

nonnies with a bigger bust; how do you deal with wearing dresses with a bra? i can't wear strappy dresses/tops without a bra showing, and the bra is non negotiable as i can't get away with not wearing one. i found a couple of pretty lace bras that can "go with" the dress, but not sure if that makes me look trashy/cheap.

No. 316488

-legitimate functional bustier or
-a bra that matches in color and style or
-a sports bra style bra with thick straps that could pass as a whole other layer in the outfit
fuck strapless bras lol

No. 316489

i tuck in the straps into the bra (strapless bras options are the wrong shape for me and I'm done trying new ones) or wear bra-sized multi way bikini top and make it strapless. if the armholes are low then i wear either a matching tube top to the dress/top or one that is close to my skin tone. low backs/lace or mesh backs are not possible, so if I am wearing one i just make whatever im wearing look like it's supposed to be part of the outfit.
and I want to mention that the bra band does 90% of the support, so if you are wearing bras where you think you need to have the straps support you, and are thinking you cannot tuck the straps into your cups, you are wearing the wrong size and need to size down in band an up in cup.

No. 316491

File: 1678572442798.jpeg (103.66 KB, 1370x1600, A3E69CB4-454E-4122-A736-ABAEA3…)

i found this costume jewelry choker by chanel i’m completely obsessed with and i’m considering buying it through a personal shopper on buyma. is that retarded? it’s either this or using a personal shopper i find on ig but in this case i’ll at least be able to use paypal. direct bank transfer seems scary (standard for personal shoppers on ig and other personal shopping services).

No. 316492

did you contact a chanel advisor about best way to purchase it?

No. 316495

File: 1678573423113.jpeg (88.55 KB, 1370x1600, E631CA10-897C-4732-94C0-E01B84…)

i’ve been in touch with the one chanel boutique in my country and they don’t have it. i’ve also been in touch with a few reputable personal shoppers on ig but the lack of security with bank transfer stresses me out. i just want my pretty necklace

No. 316502

You really gonna spend a thousand euro on brass, glass pearls and strass? It's ridiculously cute but damn

No. 316577

Wonderbra ultimate strapless bra is amazing. Better than some of the normal bras I own. Can't recommend it enough. Before I found it I used boob tape and pasties. Some bralettes in the style of triangle bikini tops can work, the support is minimal but at least they don't show. Sorry to other anons but I think a visible bra looks bad with tops/dresses 99% of the time.

No. 316596

you're joking, that ugly piece of crap is a thousand euro? it looks like something a child would wear.

No. 316712

File: 1678664433132.png (113.66 KB, 1009x732, Capture.PNG)

Try Disturbia. They have a lot of comfortable midi dresses/skirts that look witchy without being over the top or trashy.

No. 316716

File: 1678665807983.jpg (494.89 KB, 1700x1078, autismcore.jpg)

pls rate my style board thingy

No. 316718

File: 1678666340210.jpg (78.57 KB, 765x800, 11e2e3c175dddb833e47f97ba4a071…)

I love folkloric 'fashion' and I want to wear aprons like picrel (not daily but on days that I'm doing something fun). I feel like it's kind of weird and out there, I don't care that much what people think but I'm scared it might look like a strange costume and not the cute way I see it because it's so uncommon. Should I just get one and see what happens?

Looks really cool nonna, reminds me of early grunge and punk. I like the colors too, very cute!

No. 316724

yes get one. as long as it isn't shein-level quality where it does look like a cheap costume. wear it out, play around with it with outfits, and see how you feel in it. if it makes you feel good, confident, you love having it on, you know it's all good. and you can definitely work it in nicely where it goes with the whole outfit, and perhaps not even noticed at first by a bystander.

No. 316726

Thank you nonna ♥ I found a second-hand one that is a nice fabric and doesn't have much details like embroidery, only some on the bottom. I've been loving them for years I think I should just go for it (even if I never end up wearing it, it's under 10 euro's so it's not the end of the world).

No. 316731

You would be the object of my silent pining in high school, nonna. I used to think girls with that aesthetic were so attractive but they would never go for my normie ass, lol

No. 316733

File: 1678677163614.jpg (51.17 KB, 564x845, 327dc6b5f182e127cdc1acd37d29e3…)

I've been thinking of somewhat changing my style (which is not really cohesive anyway), but I'm facing a personal morals dilemma. I have a lot of clothing and it's good quality but I don't feel like all of it reflects me anymore. Many things were bought by my mom and while she has a good fashion sense, I wish the clothing was more outlandish and edgier and reflected my personality more. I care about being low-waste, consuming less, and being thankful of the things I have, so I don't really wanna shop for new pieces. Even though I'm excited about altering some clothing to suit changing styles, it also feels like a burden because I am very swamped with work and with my schedule altering all the pieces I want to change will take a long time. Not everything can be altered to suit my changing tastes, either. Picrel is sort of what I want to transition towards: I want to express my alternative side more with modest/draped clothing but still maintain my love for feminine and romantic fabrics. It seems like it would be hard to change some of my clothing into looser styles. Lots of pieces are 2016-18-ish, if you can imagine the sorts of cuts that were popular then.

Does anyone have any thoughts f helpful advice for changing styles while working with what you have and buying less?

No. 316734

File: 1678677226952.jpg (78.5 KB, 564x736, 0a93bed1a85a8e8e0d57242cb517fc…)

picrel is along the same veins of what I want to wear, but maybe more alternative. Again, not sure if I can convert my existing clothing into something that looks like this.

No. 316735

File: 1678677363527.jpg (19.84 KB, 564x840, 62539ffa3d09866b97a4b11795007f…)

Silhouettes like this would make me so happy if I could alter the clothing I have into it. It seems so effortlessly cool and non-revealing.

No. 316736

Define 'more alternative'

No. 316745

I meant to say incorporating alternative fashion elements like gothic staples, more victorian fabrics/patterns, accessories that tastefully show my interests in metal music and horror literature.

No. 316746

ayrt, basically I want to toe the line between normie and completely non-conforming. I need to style myself appropriately for work so I can't 100% dress how I would want to if money and expectations weren't an issue.

No. 316750

It's like wearing a hakama with a button-down shirt, which, admittedly, does sound kind of cool.

No. 316759

This is so pretty, I especially love how the sleeves sit just a sliver above her elbows, that's really hard to find in tops ime.

No. 316811

That dress is up in multiple sizes on ebay for a few hundred dollars, anon. A bunch of people buy Zimmermann dresses and only wear them once to an event then list them. You can get some great deals by just going there.

No. 316829

nta but Zimmerman has a lot of replicas/ripoffs so be careful with that

No. 316839

File: 1678768253066.webm (10.4 MB, 1080x1920, Your boobs deserve the perfect…)

bimonthly reminder how a bra should fit

No. 316899

File: 1678814716561.jpeg (29.35 KB, 670x632, saga.jpeg)

where can i get a top like this? i've found some on fashion nova, but i want something good quality.

No. 316906

I gave up and wear bralettes now, much more comfortable.

No. 316965

Yo anon is there a name for this style of boot??

No. 316999

where can i buy some sleek work clothes? nothing too stiff or fussy, but a bit polished if you get what i mean. dark tapered trousers, slouchy button ups, turtlenecks, things that drape well and don’t look too schlubby or cheap (i don’t care if they are fast fashion, but sometimes something just looks visibly cheap)
are mango and cos good? i bought some trousers from cos that looked great, but it seems like a lot of their clothes are dry clean only.
i am tall, pear shaped with really broad shoulders, and enjoy an andro silhouette paired with chunky boots or shoes if that helps with recommendations. i do wear skirts and dresses from time to time, but they are generally midi or maxi, and i only wear long sleeved turtleneck dresses (just to give a general idea of my style). thank you

No. 317017

I never actually understood that I had the wrong cup size until I happened to accidentally buy a smaller size without properly checking the tag, which ended up fitting me perfectly. Turns out massive gapping in the cups is not a normal thing, who knew? I just accepted it as a part of wearing a bra lol

No. 317039

File: 1678908630184.jpg (287.84 KB, 1406x1665, MODEL-YANNIS-E-PHOTO-MONICA-FE…)

Really nice; try to search for second hand Yohji Yamamoto pieces or look at yohji runaways and google lens similar pieces if you're weary about investing

No. 317188

File: 1679007176000.png (32.1 KB, 1602x1201, 623df8d782e9bb0e50dedcd6bbbbe6…)

Can anyone link me to a good quiz/analysis to find my seasonal color? I've been looking for a while but a lot of them are super gimmicky or ask me for me for my email. Pls help!

No. 317595

>a lot of them are super gimmicky
Because it's a pseudo science, so it's by default gimmicky in the first place, as is Kibbe. Moralfagging aside, if you're really into it you could take an irl appointement with a color analyst, here they're called "image consultants", sure it's not free but it's better than the usual shitty quizzes

No. 317604

It's not pseudo science because it doesn't present itself as science. I'm not saying it 100% works as presented online but cmon everyone has colors that better suit their skin tone, undertones, depth etc.

No. 317611

Eh it's just colour theory. Going by your logic anything they teach in art school about colour theory is pseudo science. Also >>317595 is right, it doesn't present itself as a science.

The only thing I'll say I think it's subjective and trend-sensitive to a degree. Sometimes we think gold and silver (warm and cold) look great together and sometimes we think it looks horrible together, for example.

No. 317620

I really hope cargo pants don't go out of style. I know they've been in for a long time, but I'm worried it'll go back to skinny low rise jeans which doesn't suit my legs AT ALL.

Baggy and especially cargo pants that cuff at the bottom make my legs/body look really good.

No. 317621

No. 317646

File: 1679260467529.png (340.05 KB, 1637x2048, Screenshot_20230319-161030.png)

ye i love cargo pants. they are so useful. it's easier to find them now than ten years ago which is nice.
i also have pic related from outdoor voices but have complaints, i would not buy them again. too much money for just meh pants

No. 317735

File: 1679305485194.jpg (72.27 KB, 799x1000, Sophia-Loren-scarf.jpg)

Is it possible to wear silk/satin scarves without giving off retro or vintage vibes?

No. 317738

Entirely possible with a timeless pattern. Opt for more unconventional designs, something angular perhaps.

No. 317742

I've seen women wear them on their bags which I think is really cute, but I suppose that's not what you meant

No. 318135

Pointed toe block heel boot

No. 318234

File: 1679636260237.jpg (8.96 KB, 273x87, Screenshot_20230324_013424_Ins…)

Anyone know where I can find a belt like this? Any helpful keywords to use for it? Closest I got was "gypsy leather belt" can't seem to find any in this style anywhere.

No. 318242

No. 318243

No. 318273


No. 318288

Vent: I feel like regardless of my efforts I always manage to come off as frumpy. I try to dress preppy-ish, so Oxford shirts, mary janes, colorful scarfs, a-line skirts and in theory I always feel like my outfits are supposed to work but there is always, ALWAYS something off and I don't know what it is. Like today while I was dressing up I thought I'd look great but then I looked into the mirror and I looked like a 40's librarian. My boyfriend also made a comment that 'I dress like a conservative schoolteacher' and he added that he really likes it but somehow made me feel bad because that is not the vibe I'm going for. I'm starting to think that the styles I like simply don't translate well onto my body or something

No. 318291

That does sound frumpy, sorry anon. There's a fine line with vintage preppy styles and looking like a librarian. Nothing wrong with that imo but if that's not something you want to project, maybe try changing your silhouette. More form fitting clothing, shorter skirts or skorts, modern elements, more accessories, makeup or a different hair style could all help. It's hard to say without seeing your closet.

No. 318292

File: 1679678372414.jpg (26.55 KB, 612x612, 2ad55a50-2fb5-4891-b6a8-7016ac…)

Maybe you could try to go more posh/modern with it? Try some different oxford cuts something like picrel, try some above the knee a-line skirts, etc. What accessories do you wear aside from colorful scarves? Maybe your look looks a bit too dated, what do you do with your hair? Sometimes if an outfit looks older your hair can really throw off the vibes.

No. 318302

maybe you're using too many accessories or novel elements and it comes off as excessive. The scarfs specifically, try your outfits without them. Do your shirts fit you well, do you have a larger bust?

No. 318306

It's entirely possible those types of cuts just don't work for your body type full stop honestly.

No. 318340

Bit early but what are some nice and comfortable summer shoes or sandals that I can pair with long skirts? I usually just wear boots with them because I hate sneakers with skirts but it's way too hot for the summer. Preferably hippie-ish but plain ones are just fine too, I really like Birkenstocks but they're a nightmare to walk in imo.

No. 318355

File: 1679714806021.png (1.31 MB, 930x1140, s-l1600.png)

I've decided to buy more Etro to fill my work wardrobe. I haven't needed proper work clothes for years because of covid and working from home but I got a promotion and will have to go to conferences and the occasional work meetup so I do need at least a few nice things.
I'm probably going to be known as the gaudy consultant but I don't care.

No. 319611


A good rule is that you should show off either your top half or your bottom half, to avoid looking grumpy in these style. So if you have an a line or swing skirt, pair with a tighter turtleneck or a form fitting blouse/sleeveless button up/nice v neck t shirt. If you have a shirt and a baggier sweater vest up top, wear some skinny-type trousers and a nice belt and maybe french tuck it if you wanna show the navel area of the trousers. Mary Janes are great for this look BUT they can look a bit clompy and librarian with some outfits, so I'd consider getting some boots/shoes with a slight heel (1-2 inches) to elevate the outfits that seem a bit too frumpy. Also yeah, scarves can make or break an outfit because they are so associated with fat grumpy teachers and librarians. Look on Pinterest for inspo nonna, you got this

No. 319850

I'm looking for sturdy sandals that I can be pretty rough with and will last for years to come. Anyone know of any good brands for that? I know there's Birckenstock but those aren't that cute

No. 319943

File: 1680555601858.jpeg (67.58 KB, 1002x1500, D349F26A-1002-488F-B498-7FC3B4…)

Do people still dress like this with skinny high waisted jeans and stuff outside? Or is everyone wearing bell bottoms and bootcut pants now? Idk haven’t been to a public place since like 2018.

No. 319944

I noticed a lot of the rich Chinese students in my town wear layered hanfu type sheer floaty kimono dresses/coats in pastel colors with jeans and heels underneath. It looks pretty classy and whimsical but also modern and chic.

No. 319946

Plenty of people do, where I live bell bottoms and bootcut pants are something you'd only see on like, high schoolers, maybe very young adults

No. 319951

Depends a LOT on the area ime. Some places all the girls are decked out in y2k retro outfits straight from tiktok and others you still see plenty of girls and young women wearing their old skinnies. Depends how fashion-forward your area is I guess.

No. 319953

Oh okay I figured, I’ve only seen zoomers online wearing it. I don’t really like the bell bottom trends so yeah.

No. 319954

Yeah, 30-somethings

No. 319993

File: 1680582245425.jpg (298.8 KB, 1080x1440, DSC07445_1800x1800.jpg)

i found this brand unlogical poem through pinterest and now im sad because 1) im a poorfag who cant afford nice clothes and 2) most of their stuff runs in tiny sizes anyway

off topic but looking for unique clothing online from small independent brands has made me realise that anyone can have an interesting and 'unique' sense of style if they just throw enough money at it. if i had the skills for it id start making my own clothes for sure

No. 320005

>i had the skills for it id start making my own clothes for sure
No one starts out having the skills to make clothes.. so why not learn? Plenty of free resources on the internet. A pencil skirt like in picrel is one of the most basic, easiest garments. You could be making and wearing some of your own clothes relatively quickly.

No. 320051

She said she's a poorfag. Sewing clothes is expensive especially if you have to learn how first.

No. 320129

id like to learn sewing. its just,.idk. i can sew enough to fix holes in my clothes but i do such a piss poor job of even that that i think investing in fabric to try to follow a simple pattern would be a total waste of money and time. clothes making seems to require a lot of space, time and money to initially invest in materials, and then a hell of a lot of patience on top of that. i like to think that when i have a bit more of everything to invest in resources i could maybe think about making a simple garment, though

No. 320306

does anyone know where to buy a pair of leather mary janes that are good quality? i dont want a heel or t-strap.

No. 320310

Thrift your fabric and hardware. All you really need to buy new are needles, thread, and bias tape.
Sewing machines are easy to find secondhand too because of how many old ladies die and don't have children that can sew. Also don't bother buying patterns full price. Wait for sales or look for them free online (Mood has a bunch).

t. poorfag

No. 320315

ill make one soon i hope!!!

No. 320337

Sewing can be relatively affordable if you're willing to be thrifty. When I started out sewing I practiced on old duvet covers people gave to me or purchased at the thrift store for 2 or 3 euro and even today I have garments made from thrifted fabric, threads, patterns and zippers. If you live in a city you probably have fabric markets where you can get ugly polyester fabric for almost nothing but that's good enough to practice on. As far as a machine and basic supplies goes, almost everyone has a woman in their family who has a sewing machine you could lend or alternatively you could hand sew if you really, really don't want to or can't get your hands on a (cheap) sewing machine.

Space wise you don't need more than a table to work on and space to store a sewing machine, a few basic supplies and a bit of fabric. You don't have to hoard tons of fabric and supplies like you see seamstresses online do. So yeah it's true it requires a bit of space (but nothing major) and it's true that it's time consuming, but that's true for a boatload of hobbies. Hobbies don't have to be time efficient, you're not working for a boss. Anyway, at the end of the day it was just a suggestion. Do with it what you will.

No. 320362

File: 1680745231140.jpg (107.91 KB, 688x968, preg.jpg)

Does anyone know where I could find a vintage style nightgown that isn't Chinese sweatshop fast fashion?

I'm pregnant and need some loose sleepwear that won't irritate my growing belly.

No. 320435

i would say thrift stores tbh. not every thrift store would have them. a lot of churches have rummage sales around this time, so maybe try there too. if you dont want secondhand it seems like something people would sell handmade on etsy.

No. 320444

Thrift, vintage stores, Etsy, estate sales, Goodwill will all have 80s nighties.

No. 320471

File: 1680811335506.jpg (20.67 KB, 600x600, e8fa6a91a770710751924e2c3b169a…)

Okay so I'm a huge autist when it comes to fashion and I'm going to participate in a big student show/event soon, where I've basically been told I should wear black if possible. I have a plain black button up shirt, but no completely black trousers (I don't have any skirts or dresses). Closest thing I have is a pair of loose trousers with a dark green check/tartan pattern (similar to picrel except wider and the pattern is more discreet). Do you nonnas think that would be appropriate/fancy enough for a big occasion, paired with that black shirt ? Or should I look into borrowing plain black pants ?

No. 320472

honestly i think it'd be fine, is the event for an artistic event or more educational? :o(emoji)

No. 320476

Artistic, I'll be singing basically

No. 320477

yeah i'd say go for it! it'd pop well with a plain black shirt & also gives a lil bit of 'personality' to the outfit without going too over the top
good luck with your performance!!

No. 320482

I'd try borrowing someone's black jeans or skirt honestly. I suppose it's entirely possible the dress code isn't that serious and plenty of people will show up in different colours but if you're the only one who's not entirely in black that's gonna suck a bit. But you're the better judge.

No. 320484

Definitely borrow them, I'm sure they would look nice but you don't want to be the only one dressed in the wrong colours. Tbh unless you're seriously strapped for cash you should consider getting some black pants… They're basic staples and are often the dress code for things. I've had plenty of jobs where the only rule is to wear black pants and they supply a uniform top, for example.

No. 320487

File: 1680818348177.jpeg (552.26 KB, 2048x2048, 33BA385F-5742-4EB5-A856-0DC7D3…)

I need some summer swimwear advice! So I’m a small waist big cup girl, US 32G/ EU 70G. Anyone with a similar dilemma know where I could find cute swimwear for sizes like that? I’m so sick of only finding grandma-style swimwear.

No. 320490

Omg those are hideous, sorry for the unhelpful comment.

No. 320492

File: 1680819451184.jpeg (505.69 KB, 2048x2048, 745E50DD-28D2-4CC4-8913-22CC4E…)

Kek I knew some of you nonnies would think that. I’m a zoomer so this style is really trendy and cute in my opinion, the coconut girl aesthetic.

No. 320493

Buy a pair of black pants, thrift them if you have to. You'll stick out like a sore thumb, plus its a staple so you might as well get them now

No. 320495

File: 1680820954639.png (226.49 KB, 1024x576, Untitled_design_1_1_d165d956-2…)

I started wearing trench coats and cute hair scarves Audrey Hepburn-style and suddenly I get many compliments. The truth is I wear the scarves to hide my shitty hair kek and I'm tired of trying to make it look better when it's obvious I can't improve it past a certain point. I always thought scarves wouldn't serve my face but they actually fit me so if you hate wind and you have shitty hair like me and you can bullshit your way into looking nice I highly recommend to try it out.

No. 320501

>coconut girl

No. 320502

pacsun and target have bright floral style bathing suits like those. i think they both sell tops and bottoms separately

No. 320503

File: 1680827877586.jpg (52.95 KB, 564x705, 47b5aca4229593a18fd98f08f0ce2e…)

I also got recently into scarves nonita! Only difference is I gravitate to more maximalist prints.

No. 320522

Holy fuck I thought you attached that picture as an example of grandma swimwear. Those patterns are so dated and cheap?! The fashion cycle really has shortened to way less than 20 yrs huh

I think this is super cute but I know for a fact I'd stand out like a sore thumb with a headscarf

No. 320523

Cute! I want to get a twilly to put around my neck. But scarf around head is also nice I always have problems with cold ears that would help me so much actually

No. 320583

File: 1680881250342.jpeg (361.02 KB, 1179x2096, 1FC5BA01-DFF7-4338-83E5-FB3266…)

Well not anymore kek. This is all I see more trendy girls my age wear on the beach. Definitely a generational gap I guess.
>coconut girl ???
Trendy style on TikTok during summer, I think it’s peak was summer 2022? Like pic related.
Thank you anon! I don’t think target ships to my country but pacsun probably does!

No. 320584

I don't know where you live but apparantly old hollywood style-scarves are a trend now.

No. 320586

how is this different from that one vsco save the sea turtles type of aesthetic

No. 320587

File: 1680882739354.jpeg (43.48 KB, 480x480, 6D2E0B44-3A8A-4F22-BD76-1AD3A9…)

The VSCO girl aesthetic is what I would say is very outdated. It’s very 2019-2020. I don’t think anyone uses that term anymore even. Pic related is VSCO girl. Coconut girl has more y2k influences, it’s supposed to imitate the colorful and kitschy nature of our childhood summers in the 2000s.

No. 320589