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Please keep posts focused on women and female homosexuality! If you want to talk about attraction toward males it probably belongs in the bisexuality thread or questioning thread (check the catalog, they're usually not on the front page but I promise they exist!). Please ignore obvious bihet/troon/tradthot/fujo/etc rage bait as well. Remember that when we take the bait and infight the trannies win! If you suspect a poster is XY pls report and ignore instead of shitting up the entire thread with accusations. Newfags pls lurk and read the site rules before posting, and be careful to stay safe and anonymous (use a VPN, incognito mode, be wary of external links/discords, and be very cautious about the personal details you include in your posts).

Topics of discussion may include but are not limited to:
>first crush?
>what’s your local lesbian scene like?
>cute stories about your gf
>favourite lesbian media? lesbian media you hate?
>coming out stories
>are there any cows you’d uhaul with?
>bitch about being lonely
>tips for coping with being lonely
>butch? femme? how do you feel about labels?
>top? bottom? how do you feel about those labels?
>what's your type?
>when did you know you were gay?
>f/f fanfic and book recs (pls)
>which lesbian stereotypes do you fit? which ones don’t fit you at all?
>what were you like as a kid? tomboy? girly girl who made her Barbies kiss?
>what do you wanna be like as an old lady lesbian?
>get mushy and describe your dream relationship/date/etc
>best date/match? worst?
>how homophobic are your family/friends? is it woke homophobia or oldschool homophobia?
>dating app horror stories
>everything we hate about every other online lesbian community
>lesbian friends, role models, or family members you appreciate
>lesbian history, literature, and politics

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hope i did it right and sorry if threadpic is repeated

No. 350515

File: 1695965956921.jpeg (102.18 KB, 736x975, Fd7sPBHWQAg2idC.jpeg)

I rematched with a girl I blocked on an app like a year ago. (It was messy.) We matched on a different app where I use a nickname. I actually really come to like her. We went on a date and I'm planning another.

I'm praying that she doesn't remember me, but if we get serious and she meets my friends/ family she's going to hear my actual name (It's super uncommon)

Should I come clean or just ignore it? I feel like we're different people now and a past argument shouldn't matter. Though, I don't really know her enough to know if she holds grudges.

No. 350518

maybe you could tell her after a few more dates (but def before she meets your family) that its a nickname and your real name is ___?

No. 350530

I feel this, I would like a bigger and stronger butch to wrestle in bed with for once but because I'm a butch myself I only get bihet pillow princesses looking for a moid lite to protect and serve them until they find a real Nigel. It's a sad reality.

No. 350579

Matched with a cute butch woman on tinder and at some point after we matched she changed her bio from just lesbian to “pansexual non binary”, too bad. She’s obviously still a woman but I don’t want to feel like I’m just playing along when it comes to a romantic partner.

No. 350584

I really like to dominate butches. I’m not overly feminine just neutral ish ig but it’s sad how so many butch ladies get pushed into being moid lites. I’m so sorry and know there are some lesbians out here who like to please butches ya’ll are hot and deserve it

No. 350784

How do I look slightly more butch/masculine/intimidating without having to stop wearing makeup and long hair? Should I start trying to gain muscle? Get a nose piercing? I feel so dainty and passive.

No. 350792

You dont. Be yourself. Lol

No. 350811

> Get a nose piercing?
Please, nona, people woth nose piercings never look intimidating, they just look ridiculous

No. 350835

The nose piercing will just make you look like one of those TQ+ women imo and I agree with what >>350811 said. Compared to that, gaining muscle sounds much better idea. Do you already have a masculine clothing style, nonna?

No. 350874

not sure what exactly you're going for, but attitude and the way you hold yourself can impact how "masculine" you come off. if you feel passive then practice speaking up for yourself, being more proactive, speaking in a lower tone (not in a forced way, but if you regularly notice yourself pitching your voice higher for no reason when talking), standing and sitting up straight, etc. working out will always be good whether you're trying to come off more masculine or not

No. 350921

not being introvert in your body language will help a lot. Not shaving and bleaching your body hair will help too

No. 351031

Nonnas I finally told my crush how I feel about her after being head over heels for months and she said she likes me back. It's been weeks but I'm still in disbelief. She's so perfect in every way. I've never been in a relationship with a woman before even though I knew I leaned towards women my entire life, and this just feels so right in a way that my previous relationship with men didn't, even though they were good people. I can't believe I get to be with her of all people too.

For those of you in longterm lesbian relationships, how are things going? Any advice?

No. 351032

I wish there was a guide on how to hit on someone, I want to be the one taking the lead for the first time but I just don’t know how. I’m afraid she’ll mistake it as me trying to be friendly. Everyone in this group cuddles and spoons on sleepovers and gives massages to each other, all as just female friends showing attention. How do I make my attentions stand out as something different?

No. 351033

Awwww congrats nonna this is such a sweet post. I’ve been with my wife for eight years (we’re 32 and 30 now) and honestly as cliche as it is, always communicate and always make sure you want the same things and both wanna work for them to be possible. Respect is huge, same with knowing your gf’s love language and making sure she feels loved and appreciated. The little things mean more than the big gestures a lot of the time, but of course she should reciprocate in kind. Building each other up, being supportive, all that stuff that sounds so blah blah but really matters. Also having fun!!! Laughing together is so important imo. Even if it’s just watching a dumb show or playing a game. My wife and I like to watch stuff we know will be really bad (movies with less than 5 on IMDb for example) it’s like our lil game and we just riff the whole time and talk over it and even now I still get excited when we can have a bad movie night hehe

Wishing you so much happiness w your new lady, nonnabella!!! ♥

No. 351038

Congrats, going to live vicariously through you for a bit if it’s okay, nonny. For real, happy for you!

No. 351045

my skin crawls whenever I swipe left on a tim and i get the little "you missed a match!" show up. tinder pls stop reminding me that these men are even perceiving me

No. 351046

Ew what?? I haven’t been on tinder ever I didn’t know they did that kind of weird manipulation shit when you swipe left on someone who right swiped you. So gross, sounds like something a scrote invented.

No. 351049

it's to try to entice you into buying a subscription but it just makes me want to leave the app more and more.

No. 351051

>"you missed a match!"

No shit because they right swipe everybody because that's what men do.

No. 351178

few days late, but i'm the same as the other nona. i'm not really fem or anything, but androgynous/butch women are my preference, and i always worry that they either want a more feminine woman or at the very least a submissive one…now i'm starting to think maybe this isn't the case kek.

No. 351240

I'm so tired of having to carry the conversation when dating. And when she does respond its to complain about work/ other bullshit. She never asks me anything about myself…

No. 351341

Oh nona, I don’t think it’s in the stars…it is better to decide to stop chasing cold, distant people (speaking as someone who does)

No. 351409

For nonnas in a LT relationship, how do you deal with the desire to look elsewhere ? I hate myself for having these thoughts and desires but they are there. Cheating on or leaving my girlfriend is obviously not an option.

No. 351416

"What you judge won't budge." When you stop hating these thoughts and yourself for having them, they will go away. They seem to trouble you because you love your girlfriend, value loyalty, and your relationship is a real priority in your life. Those are all wonderful things so of course the thought that you might ruin it all would frighten you. But thoughts are just thoughts. Try reading some of the book Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts by Doctors Sally M. Winston and Martin N. Seif. The language is easy to understand and you won't even need to read the entire book to gain a new perspective on intrusive thoughts. You can find it on libgen or Z-library I'm sure.

No. 351625

I'm pretty disappointed in my options for women around me. There's probably about 1 they/them or she/they out of every 3 normal women in my experience. Plus the women who then just turn out to be looking for women for their creepy boyfriend to have sex with. Also just a ton of creepy men stalking the platform (on Bumble). As for the normal women, they're pretty much always into concerts, bars, and sports, none of which I find relatable at all. Any of the women into the same stuff as me have crazy pronouns, boyfriends, or are severely overweight. I'm probably going to die alone, but I'm not that upset about it. It's a bit frustrating how bad the options are, but I don't mind just staying single.

No. 351698

You think women never have sexual thoughts of others than their partner? Or did you think the T stands for tranny or something.

No. 351730

LT stands for long term relationship.

No. 351747

I remember dating being like this. It was so miserable. Being into nerdy shit and hating concerts/clubs shrinks your dating pool. It might be frustrating (especially with the unicorn hunters and men) but you might find someone you like!

I personally am a bit nerdy with a big love for anime events (not cons, they're more like anime themed parties). I personally really want a gf who'll tag along with me, possibly cosplay and show me her hobbies. I need a nerdy gf who gets me

No. 351760

Thanks for your advice, I'll take a look. But I must add that beyond the guilt I feel these thoughts inside me. I'm horny as fuck.

No. 351796

I rarely go out anymore so I never have the chance. But I'm one year into my relationship with my girlfriend and I frequently find myself missing nights out with friends, casual flirting, and just in general feel carefree and open instead of caged. I moved to a new city and met my girlfriend the first week I was there. I've always been in long term relationships and wish I let myself be single for longer. My girlfriend is very introverted and never wants to go out, in fact she wants to leave the city, move to the burbs, and have IVF babies eventually. I love her so much and wish I could get rid of this part of me.

No. 351903

Because I've been seething about this for weeks and I need to get the poison out of me. Every time I see that picture of the gay mens choir where most of the members died of AIDs, which is fucking awful, but everyone waves it like a flag as to why there's no "Gay elders" and why young people have to "fight the fight".

Nobody talks about the lesbians. And it just rubs in more how nobody cares about lesbians, nobody knows lesbian history, they all just hate us because we're all terfy bigots because we don't want TiMs in our beds.

sage for sperging.

No. 351907

They don't care about us because we're women. Women are so irrelevant than even religions didn't give a damn about female homosexuality

No. 351950

I am having the exact same experience right now nona. Women with anything in common with me have pronouns, and the ones who don't have interests that don't match mine at all. There are also just SO many men, both tims and regular ass men

No. 352126

>always meet women who match up with me personality-wise or aspiration-wise but never both
I feel like I can never win…

No. 352134

Aspiration wise? What do you mean by that?

If your personalities are similar, there has to be something you have in common.

No. 352155

By aspirations I meant that our futures or goals for the future lined up, but I didn't know how else to word it. Usually if I meet someone who I really get along with and that I think I mesh well with, our futures end up looking very different and are incompatible.

No. 352326

>Be me
>Realize I'm a lesbian in my early teens
>Date a cute girl and enjoy every second of it
>Suddenly overcome with huge amounts of internalized homophobia and self awareness in my late teens due to moving to a more conservative environment
>While simultaneously setting everyone's gaydars off just screaming at people, women flirt with me all the time
>Am actually a really attractive butch if I might say so myself, good looking face, well mannered, charismatic, well spoken, funny, good conversationalist, muscular, very promising career prospects
>B-but no, I-I can't, nonnies! I-I'm not a lesbian! I'm normal! B-bisexual at most!
>Become the boyfriend experience for every LUG nevertheless but refusing any relationships because no-no, not a lesbian! Just having fun, h-haha!
>Late 20's
>Depression hits me like a dump truck and it's made even worse by the pandemic and social isolation
>Early 30's
>Have an epiphany after realizing that you're in your 30's now and you still never in your life have felt sexual feelings towards men or found them attractive
>I guess I better finally accept it and start living my life true to myself, a real movie moment
>However, all the numerous girls that surrounded you are gone now
>They're dating men and some of them even had kids with them, even the ones who swore up and down on their lesbianism
>The ones who didn't trooned out and the new lesbians you meet are the most boring kind of wine&travel normies that you are just are utterly unable to connect with
>Your own looks are fading and the mental damage depression has crippled your ability to forge interpersonal relationships, you're not the cute and fun 23-year old heartthrob experiment anymore
>Constant awkwardness among my peers and coworkers seeing them talk about their kids while I'm there trying to hide the fact that I'm childless, single and not straight to avoid looking like more of a freak to them than I already do looking like a haggard middle aged dyke
>Genuinely think about ending it all when I come back home to my empty apartment that will stay empty probably for the rest of my life
Young lesbos, do one thing for me and please embrace what you are and live out your best life as far as you can. I don't know why I wrote this, I guess this is just the only place where I could imagine at least one person will get it. Sorry.

No. 352328

Your story touches my heart nonnie. Internalised homophobia is a terrible affliction. Over the years you may have deteriorated in some ways, but that lovely, sensitive soul has always been yours. You're still lovable. We can accept that we are lonely/single right now without "accepting" that we'll be lonely/single forever. There's a difference between acknowledging our current pain and hopelessness, and giving up entirely.
The world is a crazy place, who knows what will happen and who you'll meet. I'm still rooting for you and your future wife, and your happiness in general.

No. 352332

Aw thanks nonnie. I don't have a lot of lesbian friends (in other words, none) so I don't really get to talk about this enough to gather my thoughts regarding it, so it ends up feeling like an endless void inside of me that keeps growing and becoming heavier the more I suppress it. It's really, really hard and painful to fake being happy for my friends who get engaged and move on with their lives and I genuinely do wish them all the best, but I just wish it was me for once. Internalized homophobia is a life-ruining bitch and the "why does everything have to be gay now!" whining comes from such a massive place of privilege, maybe if we had the representation we do now when I was younger I wouldn't be here picking out the best rope for myself. Being loved and accepted is a basic need after physiological needs and we as a society tend to forget about that a lot. Anyway thanks for your reply. It feels nice being heard for once.

No. 352333

Yes, it hurts the more you keep it bottled up, and the worst part is that your feelings are totally natural and expected, yet still seem inappropriate to some. Envy included. It's painful to watch others have joyous experiences that seem so far away (and at times impossible) for us.
Have you tried journaling? It's not the same as talking to another person who understands, but at least you can get it out of your head. And you don't need me to tell you this, but you're always welcome ITT. /lg/ is rather hit or miss but there's no shortage of women who know your pain.

No. 352382

young 20's lesbian, i'll do my best nonnie. Just got out of a 'passionate' friendship with a girl who may be bi but will date men exclusively for the rest of her life. it's tough out here too, and i wish there were any actual single, interesting lesbians within like 50 miles of me. I don't think it's too late for you though.maybe she's not out there right now because she hasn't come out yet herself, or is in the midst of ending a previous relationship.

No. 352463

it's pretty wild to be a lesbian in one of the most renown "gay friendly" cities in the world and feel so alone and "other." when i met my ex in 2018 everything felt so much easier and not saturated in queer pronoun bullshit. now, trying to date again, i don't even know where to start. i wish i had something more positive to say. i wouldn't ever trade being a lesbian for being straight but times are tough. in any case, manifesting a sweet cute normal girlfriend to not have to talk about identity politics with.

No. 353505

How to deal with feeling lesser in a relationship than if I were a man?
She's a lesbian, but for some reason I'm convinced that she'd prefer me if I were a man or if I transitioned. I've considered "testing" by asking if she'd mind if I got top surgery and took hormones which I won't do because that's toxic and nuts.
It's definitely me projecting my own dysphoria onto her preferences. She's made no complaints about my body and she likes female anatomy as much as I do, but because she likes my androgyny and because of her sexual preferences I'm able to extrapolate my nonsense. There's just a nagging in my head that it's true.
I've tried accepting that she can leave me and I'll be fine afterwards. I've tried looking at things logically. Am I just going to be low level insane about it on-and-off forever?

No. 353511

Sounds like internalised homophobia and misogyny is eating away at you. You won't be feeling like this forever and you CAN overcome it. In short, you need to undo society's brainwashing and remember that being a woman is not just the only thing you can be, but the BEST thing you can be.
I think a good way to start doing that is to embrace your femaleness in every aspect of your life. It might feel silly at flrst, but you can try making lists of everything you love about being a woman, about being a lesbian, and your unique advantages over men or things that are exclusive to the female experience. Ask your girlfriend to do the same, and any other close female/lesbian friends of yours. Hell, you could ask any random woman what she likes about her sex, just to see how diverse we are in the things that we notice and value.
You don't have to explain to these people the exact reason for your questions or anything about your struggles, but I would encourage you to open up about how you've been feeling to people you can trust. Your feelings are more relatable than you realise, and feeling alone or "insane" is a big contributor to your suffering. To me it seems that one of the main components of this problem is shame: you're ashamed of your insecurities and your dysphoria. Take a look at vidrel for more information on shame: where it comes from, how it binds us, and what to do about it.
Also, if you're interested in the fantasy or myth genres, spiritualism, or even just writing, you might like the book The Heroine's Journey by Maureen Murdock. It's all about the return to and acceptance of femaleness, and you'll see that countless women have rejected themselves just as you have. You are not alone in this and you have nothing to be ashamed of.
Normally I would recommend therapy, but the field's been overrun by genderism and they'd probably push you to transition. All I can say is that if you do go that route, don't talk about dysphoria itself until you really trust that person. Stick to working on self-esteem and emotional regulation. Of course you can do those things by yourself, too, but it does help to have people around guiding you and keeping you accountable.
Every time you have those thoughts "it would be better if I was a man" or anything like that, just… pause. Take a moment to notice that you've done it again. Don't beat yourself up or try to quickly change the subject, in fact don't do anything. All you need to do is be aware of it, and to know that it's just a thought you had, not at all a statement of fact.
I hope these ideas are helpful in some way, and that as time goes on you gain some more clarity about yourself and your feelings. I'm wishing all the best to you and your girlfriend. One day at a time, Nona. You'll make it. You're already on your way to a peaceful life full of love.

No. 353512

If it makes you feel more confident, I have a crush in head over heels for and I love her androgyny but would NEVER want her to be a man. The androgyny is sexy because she’s a woman… which I realize doesn’t make much sense when you try to put it to words but it’s true.

No. 353515

Stop being obsessed with yourself. You’re supposed to be obsessed with her in this relationship but you’re spending a bunch of time imagining what she thinks of you… waste of time. Selfish. Have some more confidence in yourself, you literally have a girlfriend, you won, you are in a relationship stop trying to sabotage it because you don’t think you’re enough.

No. 353552

>read reviews for a lesbian graphic novel
>one reviewer bumps her score down because a butch and femme couple is stereotypical
>she wishes it was 2 really girly lesbians shopping for dresses and painting each other’s nails and sharing high heels
Wtf is people’s obsession with the most superficial ideas of femininity. Why even go on about stereotypes only to beg for the most common type of fictional lesbian couple but with shallow tropes?

No. 353631

Nonas, do you have any tips for telling if a woman who has historically dated men is actually into you or genuinely loves you but only as a friend? (maybe such women will see this bumped in /g/ and reply to me lol) I am a lifelong febfem and weirdwoman, pretty confident socially and in romance atp due to many years of normal dating and hooking up with women despite being lonely and terminally online in my early 20s like all of us…. but recently confessed feelings to a very close bisexual friend of mine believing 100% that she felt the same way, and she was really nice about it, but said she had no idea about my feelings and had never thought about me that way. I was totally blindsided. We were spending a lot of 1-on-1 time together including very datey late night activities and trips, she touched me all the time for no reason, waiters and coworkers assumed we were dating, we would say we loved each other, etc. Obviously friends can do those things but I just got vibes so strongly. Some friends are saying she probably did have feelings or at least enjoyed RPing feelings with a girl but now has cold feet, and others are saying she was fr and girls are just friends like that sometimes. I never had a friendship like that with a girl so i don’t know about it… It felt really good to fall in love this way instead of on an app and im really feeling silly and set back in my social progress.

No. 353640

I’m sorry you experienced that nonna. I agree with what others have said, she either got cold feet because she’s never been with a girl, or she was enjoying the LARP. My first gf was like that, and it was because she was very afraid to fully “come out” and date a girl. She eventually did tho and now is a proud lesbian. I’m sorry you may have gotten used by a girl tho, sometimes straight girls do that shit knowing full well what they’re doing and it’s really mean.

No. 353657

I know 23 isn’t ancient or anything, but it’s still hard to be single (and friendless but that’s another problem) and see couples all around me. I could tell myself it’s just easier for straight people to find someone, which isn’t untrue, but I still see a number of gay couples around and it’s tough to stay optimistic.

No. 353680

God idk but this is happening to me right now. Even my therapist says she’s treating me like a partner and to be careful. It’s so awkward bc I did talk to her about it once and she said she couldn’t reciprocate my feelings, but she constantly treats me like we’re together.

No. 353685

have also experienced this, and it only ended when she pulled away herself. i guess the 'passionate female friendships' you see in fiction are real after all and it's all fun and games until one of you is Actually attracted to women (and actually sees herself with one in the future)

No. 353771

Ayrt. Yeah, it’s a nightmare and not even the first time something similar has happened. It’s like I’m a magnet for intense friendships with women who have no idea what they want. With this one, I told myself I wouldn’t let it happen again but here we are, and idk if it would be better to just break off contact or try and remain friends but put more boundaries in place (because it’s too hard for me to shut my feelings off as things are now).

No. 353848

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I actually returned to the thread to keep talking about her and I was happy to see your reply. Anyways, I still think about her every day, and I still am constantly running into little things that remind me of her. I wonder if she knew the whole time that I was in love with her and yet continued letting me dote on her and make her laugh and cook for her or if she really never saw herself as anything more than a friend to me. Sometimes I fantasize about confessing all of this to her, but it’s been months since we last spoke and we left off on bad terms, and regardless she has a long term boyfriend, and it would do nothing but make her feel awkward or perhaps even repulsed that someone she was so close to her was in love with her. So I’m posting on here again because she’ll never see it.

No. 353915

anyone know of any good lesbian otome games??? pls

No. 353973

Man, I’m sorry. It sounds like our people are pretty similar. Mine has also been in a LTR with a man but she still confuses me so much. She’s always getting me gifts or using metaphors to speak about how much I mean to her. When I did confess, she didn’t say she “didn’t” reciprocate, but that she “couldn’t”, and it didn’t seem to deter her from being overly personal with me at all. I know that’s me being hopeful and reading too much into it, but I wish if there was actually something behind these things, she’d just be upfront about it. She goes out of her way to protect her Nigel so much when he’s the most boring dude ever and I think maybe she just feels safe with him or like it’s been too long to leave. I know I’m wasting my time letting my feelings for her stew, but it’s hard to pull yourself away sometimes.

No. 353976

File: 1697828728835.jpg (395.51 KB, 1738x978, ss_4b5c1f0b81069bb1fc206d91d4b…)

I was also looking for some lesbian visual novels the other day, but most of them seem like bland scrote shit with the same animu faces unfortunately. I recently found out about 'A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986' and I haven't played it much yet to make a judgement of it, but it looks promising!

No. 353977

File: 1697829273014.jpg (1.05 MB, 2039x2894, redrebellion.jpg)

It's more of a vn then an otome game but I been looking forwards to this one. The game won't be out until next year though.

No. 354010

NTA I have played it and it's fantastic imo. Great art and genuinely interesting story in a setting we rarely see. It's a VN though, not an Otome. You don't get to make a lot of choices.

No. 354091

NTA but all the stuff about being woman being a huge spiritual celebration never helped me because it all centers back to shaming me for not feeling blessed to be a woman and loving all my womanly traits like being able to become pregnant or having breasts that cause me physical discomfort. I just want to not think about my gender at all but the society around me forces me to, gendies or not. I also don't think anon's problem was hating being a woman per se, but instead the fear that her girlfriend would prefer her to be a man because that would be "easier" to deal with. The overwhelming majority of bisexual women pick a heterosexual relationship because it's just much less trouble due to being the social normal. I often feel that there's a fundamental misunderstanding on just why butches and GNC women troon out so much these days, it's not that they really "hate being a woman" but they hate being rejected by society, are given no representation at all and being made to feel like they have no human value.

No. 354099

I hope that the everything is going good for the nonner who's wife got pregnant

No. 354113

File: 1697894787976.jpg (309.19 KB, 1000x696, 20231019_165546.jpg)

I told my girlfriend that my sister said that she (my girlfriend) doesn't actually love me and is just pretending to be in love. My girlfriend cried and said that I shouldn't rely on other people's judgement to understand her. Then she left. I'm not going to be seeing her in a week. What do I do now? She hasn't sent me any texts after that.

No. 354115

AYRT. I hadn't thought of it from that perspective and I can see how, if that's what OP was really struggling with, then I had a fundamental misunderstanding of her worries, making my advice ineffective at best and harmful at worst. Thank you for chiming in. Do you have any suggestions for that poster? Anything that's worked for you?
If the main problem is societal rejection then IMO a good approach could be (1) serenity and (2) found family. Serenity meaning letting go of that which we cannot control— namely rejection by others— and refocusing on that which is within our power— accepting ourselves as we are. Also a myriad of other things like curating our environments and consumption, escaping dangerous locations, pruning our social circles. That's what I mean about found family. We have the power and the responsibility to surround ourselves with loving people whom we cherish in turn. Obviously that's easier said than done but, butch lesbian or not, loneliness kills. A third thing, I guess, would be some kind of advocacy, a way to "give back" to other women and girls who might be struggling in the same way.
But this is all pretty general advice, and potentially still way off mark. I guess that's what happens when you consult anonymous posters on a free range cattle herding forum.

No. 354117

> I am a lifelong febfem and weirdwoman, pretty confident socially and in romance atp due to many years of normal dating and hooking up with women despite being lonely and terminally online in my early 20s like all of us….
How did you do it? Asking for a friend

No. 354124

that sounds… weird. maybe im missing more context, but she didn't reassure you about your relationship? anyone would've picked up on that unless they're a vegetable

No. 354128

Why would you tell her your sister said that you idiot? That’s so hurtful.

No. 354140

It's so nice to have a crush and I just feel so giddy. She's really beautiful and I just want to spend time with her. Since winter is coming I want to get the courage to ask her on a date to go to a local Christmas market when it rolls around but I'm already a bit petrified that she might reject me. I want to keep this giddy butterfly feeling a little longer if so kek

No. 354155

my loneliness is killing me so hard that ive become tempted to download tinder and put myself out there that way but just the thought of it makes me so anxious. first of all wghat if its full of trannies or hets ''looking for a third'' or aaaaa i simply hate the idea of meeting people online in general..
but i geniuenly have no idea where else to possibly find some lesbian dating prospects. id MUCH rather try to find ppl irl vs online dating. i hate it here

No. 354161

The reveals here that both these women had men on deck already was a good sign neither of you should have confessed… they may very well have been really into both of you but couldn't do anything because they were already in relationships. and if they had done anything, they would have been shittier people than they are. yeah, moids are moids and deserve nothing but the kind of girl who'd cheat with you or drop their boyfriend's ass the instant someone else showed interest is the type who'd do the same to you if you got together (and I'm sure I don't need to tell you that polyamory is for subhumans). the good news is that you're both hot and fun and you just gotta direct that energy toward available women.

No. 354165

Oh, in my case I never did confess. You’re right though, I’d thought through it multiple times and her immediately cheating on her boyfriend to be with me would have been a red flag anyways

No. 354169

Oh word, sorry to go off without reading it right.

No. 354179

Anyone have any experience dating single lesbian moms? I really like older women, and a lot of them already have kids from old marriages. Lots of them were basically forced to act straight for years, but there’s a few bi ladies there too

No. 354183

I have, and it can be wonderful but don’t get involved unless you wanna get serious about them AND their kid/s. I dated a woman with a kid and got attached to the kid and when it didn’t work out it was extra heartbreaking. Luckily we are friends now and I still get to be involved in her kid’s life in normal “friend/auntie” kind of ways but I know people who it didn’t go that way for so it’s just an extra layer of sad. As a whole tho I say go for it, single moms need and deserve love and partnership and to be treated like women separate from just being moms. Ily for considering them nonna ♥

No. 354209

ayrt this was a real conscious process so i will share my steps

>get uninvolved with codependent internet bff/gf

>get on tinder and meet aimlessly with women who seem nice to chat with
>(lose weight to normal bmi through r/loseit method )
>do things alone like travelling and going to movies and concerts so i have lots of interesting anecdotes to tell
>start a small school program full of normie people my age who all hung out together
>do everything i get invited to and also invite people to do things especially in groups until they realize I am nice and fun
>become normaler

whole process took about 4 years and i started around 22/23 (but I know women, especially gay women, who have done same or similar into their 30s). Also ty everyone for thoughts on my romantic situation

No. 354210

do you lesbian nonas have longer ring index fingers than index fingers? I asked all of my straight friends and their index fingers were longer. Pop science but just curious about you guys too

No. 354296

just checked and mine are about the same on both hands

No. 354303

both my ring fingers are longer by about 1cm/half an inch

No. 354306

Is this some kind of lesbian gene indicator? Can same sex attraction be determined by finger length ratio? You got me staring hard at my and my gf's hands nonny kek my ring fingers are longer, hers are shorter

No. 354313

I want to apologise for being homophobic in the previous lesbian general.

No. 354320

It’s a supposed sign of prenatal testosterone exposure in the womb which supposedly leads to masculine traits in women but I think it’s pseudoscience mostly.

No. 354334

I forgive you, nonny.

No. 354373

Yup my ring finger is longer. I know people say pseudoscience but it’s been pretty accurate in my xp

No. 354679

So I've somehow gone years having sex with women without a strap and want to try it out and see if I enjoy the positions it opens up for me. The boxer ones seem fundamentally goofy to me and I can't understand how it would not flop around and break rhythm, feels like a leather harness makes more sense? Please advise.

No. 354712

File: 1698163327668.gif (289.26 KB, 498x291, lonely-girl-come-back.gif)

Nonas, do you have any experience dating autistic women? Or could you offer any advice regarding how they express their affection? I'm unsure if a girl I've been talking to for the past few weeks is even interested in further pursuing a relationship. She's been pretty distant lately, she doesn't really write much, but she haven't told me that it won't work out. I don't know if it's a neurodivergent thing or if she really just lost interest. I'm pretty lost when it comes to relationships as well, don't really have an understanding on the concept of love, but I do want closeness. I'm just unsure if there are any boundaries I should be aware of, or accomodations I should make.

No. 354748

Sorry to be annoying especially since this was a few days ago, but just to clarify: otome specifically means a game where you play as a woman pursuing men. Some otome will have female routes, but typically they are "friendship routes" with occasional romantic undertones, and this isn't very common anymore. What you really want to look for are yuri VNs. Problem is that most of them cater to men.

Your best bet is to look for western-made visual novels that have both male and female love interests so that you can choose who you want to pursue. Try searching "amare games" as that's the definition decided upon for this type of game with mixed gender LIs. You can check itch.io, but some examples are When the Night Comes, Errant Kingdom, and Arcade Spirits. You can also check out the creator "ebi-hime" on itch.io as they create lots of different LGBT+ visual novels, quite a few of which are yuri games.

Just wanted to clarify so that you would have an easier time finding games in the future!

No. 354948

i'm a kinsey 4-ish bisexual and my ring fingers are longer

No. 355056

File: 1698253405847.jpeg (71.96 KB, 625x833, IMG_1831.jpeg)

Nonnas, I am craving positivity. Can you tell me some good things you love about your girlfriend/fiancée/wife? Like what is she good at? What does she do that makes you laugh? What drew you to her to begin with?

No. 355065

I heard my wife’s laugh across the bar and it was so loud and joyful and a little raspy, I loved the sound so much (am an music autist and singer w very sensitive hearing so sounds really can move me sometimes) I turned to see who laughed like that and it was her and I knew I had to talk to her. Her smile is so cheeky and big and she has the cutest dimples and big dark eyes that were so mischievous that night. We spent like four hours talking and ignoring the friends we had come there with, and now eight years and two kids later the rest is history. She makes me laugh every day and she stands up for me when I am too timid and I try my best to be the best wife I can to her. I love making food for her since she works full time and comes home hungry, and I love giving her massages because it makes her happy and also she has such a beautiful back it makes me want to cry. Ok I’m done wifesperging kek I can’t stop smiling thinking about her tbh

No. 355192

This is so freaking sweet and exactly the kind of stuff I want to hear about. I’m so happy you found her, nonna! Wish you two many good years ahead!

No. 355348

I love butches and the idea of one I'm dating deciding to transition is my worst nightmare. If that helps.

No. 355624

File: 1698502432036.png (1.34 MB, 966x1063, F3VsyP0WMAANFa8.png)

Girlfriend of 5 years. Met online, did ldr for about 2 years (It was very painful, but worked out). I love how sweet and caring she is. Completely contrasts my cold exterior. I can show sides of myself that my own family and friends haven't witnessed around her. We have a height difference with me being the taller. So it's cute when she tells me how safe she feels around me and how she feels protected. We both understand each other on a level I couldn't find anywhere else. I have a huge attraction to her long hair and freckles.

No. 355628

Awww, this is so sweet, I love it. I hope one day to meet a woman like your gf and experience the same thing. I hope your relationship only grows stronger!

No. 355697

Wishing and willing your future wife to cross your path. Thank you, nonna.

No. 355805

Does anyone know how the lesbian scene down in Louisville is? Im moving soon from a small town and when I visited I saw a bunch of rainbow flags but almost all of them had the retarded tranny chevron on them and I even saw a few TIMs when I was there. I gave up trying in my area (even dated a man for like a week and realized that I’m definitely a lesbian) so I’m excited to try a new place but I’m worried it’ll be infested with trannies.

No. 355809

nonna i'm probably too young for you but you are my exact type. we're all on the same struggle bus here but maybe you'll run into me one day without realizing

No. 355891

I feel this so much except I wasn't surrounded by girls when I was younger. I was often the only lesbian in my online friend groups and I lost my friends after high school. I've accepted I'll die alone which is why it stings to see straight (and bi ofc) women my age with a family and kids, I feel broken for not wanting that but I really wasn't given any other option to live.

No. 355941

File: 1698701296902.jpg (53.47 KB, 350x498, 2b69476cf7ec03d473c2367ea66c62…)

Alison Bechdel looks so fucking cool and she's a style inspiration to me, I want to have even half of her swag as a grandma butch. I don't care if this makes me an ~Aiden~, I like that she's presenting as unapologetically non-genderconforming and looking so good doing it. Sorry for sperging but I'm so desperate for butch role models like this.

No. 355989

File: 1698737603108.jpg (75.72 KB, 736x736, 56d537b9f8f0f5369375bb739a5bc5…)

so…i already tried asking everywhere, but i really wanted to at this thread.
where do i find lesbian friends online? maybe there are some lesbian discord servers i don't know about…

No. 356036

I feel like they're overrun with trannies. I was in a group for a while a couple years back, there was some controversy but they opened the server up to trannies and it quickly went downhill

No. 356052

that's actually really sad bc i don't want trannies anywhere near me

No. 356055

There are lesbian servers but you’re going to have to do a deep dive on tumblr for that.

No. 356078

Nonnies, how do you cope with the fear of putting yourself out? Just feeling miserable rn, so maybe someone had the experience. I am mid-20s and unexperienced and want to start using the apps to meet women, but I am always stopped by my fear of being ridiculed and cruelly rejected. I just clam up at the idea of putting my profile up for it to be scrutinized by hundreds if not thousands of randos

No. 356089

just remember that we all are different and there will always be bad apples, but mostly you'll be just fine! good luck finding gf!

No. 356228

Do any nonnas have any experience or tips on meeting women in "natural" settings? I'm fine dying a virgin with no romantic life to speak of, I just want to know if it's possible or not. I don't want to use dating apps or go to gay bars so I'm basically putting myself on hard mode, I live in a progressive city though so it's not like gay women are extinct here.

No. 356506

Does anyone else have no friends outside of your girlfriend? If so, how did you fix it? Both my gf and I work stressful jobs and we both were new to the city when we met. We've been together two years and we really don't hang out with anyone else. I want to cultivate a friend group but it's difficult to do when you have real life responsibilities. I dread how alone and miserable I'd feel if we broke up.

No. 356685

Go out together and try to meet other couples

No. 356754

Hey nonnas how long has your lesbian-brand stint of celibacy gone on for?

Officially for me, I just ended 5 years…

No. 356784

um, for life. lol

No. 356791

and why is that?

No. 356794

Why am I still a virgin? Excellent question but I’m about to go to bed and rather than write a long self loathing paragraph I’ll say it’s because I’m very picky (excluding anyone with a gender identity and osa women tends to narrow ones pool) and because I come off as a bit prickly to people, I think.

No. 356799

how old are you nona?

No. 356823

NTA & I'm not a burger so it may be different over the US, but over here I haven't met a single lesbian yet (well, one, but she was an aiden) and while I have met lots of bisexual women, all of were dating men already, so I haven't had the chance to even give my first kiss yet kek

No. 356826

My whole life. LMAO

No. 356839

No. 356848

6 years and regret nothing, but wouldn't mind ending it one day tho

No. 356894

I know exactly how you feel. Even though the 5 years was kind of grueling, I would rather wait for someone who matters than waste it with heart break or for some asshole.

I've honestly been dating for about 2 years now and not a single person until recently has been decent.


Same finding a lesbian has been so rare in 2 years of many dates I have only actually met 2…

I'm seeing a bisexual woman now. But she seems nice enough. She has said nothing about gender issues and is actually competent sexual. Like she doesn't expect me to become her man.

No. 356895

>would rather wait for someone who matters than waste it with heart break or for some asshole
Yep same. It's already been 2 years for me but I'm giving up the hunt and going volcel now. Genuinely think I'll be happier this way.

No. 356904

i haven't been dating since breaking up with my ex, but i tried going on dates. honestly, i'm more into slow burn and e-dating, but suck at it

No. 357014

How do I get over my anxiety about dating. For one, I'm 22 and have never dated or even had my first kiss. I was around 8 years old when I had my first crush on a girl my age and up until 13, I had increasing interest in girls and fear of the inevitable. I did however tell my mom at this age and am lucky to not have a crazy family. But since adolescence my sexuality was used as a way to degrade me when my family would get mad at me.

I was also shamed for my supposed sexuality from a young age, around 6 I would be accused of trying to get certain type of attention by my mom. I was also sexually harassed/assaulted by 4 different men since before the age of 8. The first time was at a homeless shelter where me and my sister were both assaulted by a stranger at the same time. She remembers it more than me but I remember his face. The second time was when I was around 7 where a man commented about my butt as I walked by (It took me years to stop walking in a way that would not make my butt "stick out" out of fear of someone looking at me). 3rd time was a family friend making me sit on his lap when i was alone with him, I was 8/9 and 4th time was an older boy in the neighborhood who said he'd kill me if I told anyone he touched me inappropriately.

I know this is a lot of information but the point I'm trying to make is that my relationship with dating and sex is fucked up and I think it's fucked up because of what happened when I was a child. At the same time, I also think that theres tons of other women who've had this experience so what is so wrong with me that I'm afraid of putting myself out there. I know the surface level things I tell myself, that I don't look mature enough and no one will find me attractive and that my body is not in shape enough so I've been working on those things because I can change them but I'm worried that I will be finished working on my body and confidence in my looks and the ramifications of my past will still hinder me and then I'll end up alone. I just don't even know what to do and I feel like the longer I wait the more unattractive and immature I'm going to seem because no one wants to date an old childish virgin.

No. 357060

There's the common stereotype of young lesbians having very intense friendships with another girl, with the reasoning being that she secretly had a crush on this girl. I'm a lesbian and I've had a variety of intense female friendships in my life, but I truly haven't been attracted to them. I'm in college and everyone thinks my best friend and I are dating, even our families, but I'm not interested in her in that way. It just feels so weird to even imagine. I love her as a friend but not like that. Does anyone else have this?? Is it weird that I get so attached?

No. 357074

Yeah I'm on the same boat. My best friend and I have been friends since we were just 3yo, we went together to the same pre-school and due to life also ended up studying the same thing on collegue & we are thinking of being roomates since the current economy doesn't let a person rent alone. The first thing people ask me when they find out I'm lesbian is for how long we have been dating. Sometimes I kind of wish I were attracted to her though, I don't know if I will ever find someone else I connect this well with, but for better or worse I hold negative romantic/sexual attraction towards her.

No. 357145

I had crushes on my friends, but it was because I saw them as a much cooler people than I am. Since I overcame it I haven’t had crushes on any other new friends.

No. 357270

Sometimes I wonder why I bother popping in on this site. Every time I see an OSA women insinuate lesbians must have it better even though I've resided myself to a life of loneliness and facing violence for my sexuality, I lose more sympathy for them. Every "female-only space" I've been in online and IRL devolves into lesbophobia, but I barely have any lesbian friends my age and I don't have access to any in-person scenes. I'm starting to become more receptive to lesbian separatism every day.

No. 357578

Hello, butch lurker from the older threads here. Asking in case other butches read this. Even though I don't plan to transition or anything how do I stop comparing myself to men physically? I legitimately think I have an inferiority complex when it comes to how much smaller, shorter and physically weaker I am even though I know rationally that it's an absurd comparison and that there's nothing wrong with me. Plus I have a warped self-image too, like my hips aren't ridiculously wide or anything but sometimes I get hit with the impression that they're super wide for no reason. I don't know, I don't even want to fixate on how my body looks of all things so much.

No. 357604

had a date with a woman and really hit it off, but i'm afraid she'll turn on me when i admit i don't believe in twaw. hoping it isn't a deal breaker!

No. 357974

I'm not butch, but this makes me sad because the thing that makes butches so appealing is that they AREN'T men. Female masculinity is beautiful, the physical differences between men and women are the point. The contrast between a butch being female while dressing and behaving in ways that are socially considered masculine is why it's so special. Do you have a strong lesbian community irl? I feel like the more time you spend around lesbians only, the less you think of men at all. They become a non-factor, totally irrelevant, you can't even be that upset about them because they don't exist in our world. I'm sure you're wonderful as you are, and there are tons of femmes who would be rushing to tell you the same.

No. 358122

where are the "strong lesbian communities" lol? i feel like if you aren't in with a lesbian friend group, you have no community. it's not like gay men where you can just go to a bar. even when i lived in supposedly lesbian cities like san diego and dc i felt this way. it's like lesbian community has been fragmented by women of gender and pushed into the domestic sphere… like friday night catan games in someones studio apartment you arent invited to.

No. 358135

This is me. I'm actually always worried people will think I'm into her because she's very conventionally attractive, but she coudln't be further from my type.
It's an irrational anxiety, but it's ramped up to 11 lately as I'll be speaking at her wedding soon and I'm scared any heartfelt message will make people jump to conclusions that I'm secretly in love with her or some shit.
Roast me for this nonnas so that I can get over it.

No. 358149

I deleted my rant on it but…
TLDR we have to live with the risks of being women, but also being lesbians, while also being ideologically diverse. It makes it harder to socialize with new people.

Also I have been thinking of a code only traditional lesbian bar on vrc. I know weird and hyper likely to fail and be infiltrated but a girl can dream. If any one has a lesbian only friend group online let me know. I live in bumfuck!

No. 358205

I need to make some spergy autistic lesbian artist friends like right fucking now. I can't take much more of meeting "lesbians" in art circles, only for them to rave on about girldick two seconds later. I don't give a shit that they're bisexual but what I do hate is that I have to play along with their larp because otherwise it's transphobic and my online presence is ruined… please god just give me one fellow female homosexual friend to talk about and create fictional women with.

No. 358212

Make a post in the friend finder thread, 8 may be interested depending on what you're like.

No. 358218

Seconding! I’m looking for the same

No. 358239

GF says she has dysphoria and has cobsidered trooning out. Wants the tit chop. Troonery is a dealbreaker for me and I told her as much, she says she'll "stay a girl" with 99% certainty and just get rid of her boobs. Is this even worth continuing? I adore her.

I guess a good sign is that she didn't immediately call me a terf bigot for expressing disdain for the idea. She also says my opinion matters to her.

Tf do I do

No. 358251

Say you’ll break up with her and make her go to detrans therapy

No. 358252

Talk to her supportively about a more constructive method of working through body image issues, which is what the tit chop boils down to. Especially if she's not planning on trooning out, that's what this is and just cutting off the offending body part is about as healthily endorsable as any other major plastic surgery.

No. 358254

Bi lurker but don’t let her do it nonna. If you’re worried about alienating her, try to be gentle and logical. The way I saved some exes/female friends from transing themselves was peaking them and 1) pointing that if being a woman/man isn’t determined by your sex/body, you don’t have to “change” your body and 2) stating that dysphoria is mental, often temporary, and can be improved with therapy and a different outlook. I’d also talk about complications from top surgery like loss of sensation and mobility and T causing atrophy and health issues and the like. Good luck nonna!

No. 358256

Ask her why she feels like she isn't a woman since most of what they feel is normal for women to feel.

No. 358287

this might not apply but ive heard of one case of a desisted woman getting rid of a large chunk of her dysphoria by getting a breast reduction first and seeing how that works for her. she had like hhh cups or something and it seemed like a large part of her dysphoria came from being sexually harassed by men and thus feeling like her breasts were inherently and only sexual gratification, which then extended to herself. her mother was worried about her and managed to persuade her to take the smaller step of a reduction

No. 358649

I don't know if I'm weird for feeling this but does anyone else wonder if having children is ethical if you're a lesbian couple? I've wanted kids all my life, I'm a teacher, and I've been discussing eventually starting a family with my girlfriend. However, the more I see people online talk about how traumatic it is to either be adopted or to be born from a sperm donor and have dozens of half siblings and no relationship with their biological parent, I'm starting to question myself. Obviously I feel like it's unfair that so many heterosexual couples aren't good parents and they get to have children without needing any intervention from anyone. But since I personally grew up knowing both my biological parents I can't really say how it would feel to not be born in that situation. Does anyone else feel this way?

No. 358717

Honestly I know many families with adopted children and they're fine. Some of them come from abusive families, while others are not and when they're older they keep in touch with their bilogical parents if they're able to. But all of them are happy with their adoptive families, and is definetly way better for their develoment to have one instead of living on an orphanage.
Most likely people who say being adopted traumatized them is because their adoptive parents are shit, (if the kid is from another country) were forced to fully assimilate their new country's culture and never learn a bit from their and/or weren't allowed to know their biological family. And again, probably because they don't know how shitty orphanages are and the way the second you turn 18 they kick you out.

No. 358741

Is it important for you to use an anonymous sperm donor rather than someone you know? I'm not from a situation like this but it can admittedly be difficult in various ways growing up not knowing half of your background and I've spoken to a lot of people in this situation (and others who were adopted) about this issue and yes, it can cause problems. It doesn't mean the child is doomed, but it absolutely causes difficulties and emotional upset. I wouldn't let this dissuade you from children, you seem like you'd be a good one for even considering this, but it's setting up something to keep communication channels open or using a sperm donor you know is worth considering.

No. 358760

Most fathers are completely useless anyway so you having kids with your girlfriend isn’t any less ethical than a straight woman having children imo

No. 358792

This is true. The vast majority of moids end up traumatizing their children whether they stick around or bounce.

No. 358855

i hate to say this, but ive never seen any lesbian successfully prevent their girlfriend from transitioning. it's gonna happen eventually, and it won't stop at top surgery. either y'all will break up, and she'll transition. or she will agree to not transition, resentment will build, she will break up with you, and then transition. literally seen this happen with like 3+ couples including my own ex

No. 358857

just like any cosmetic thing, women don't stop at one procedure or surgery or whatever. she'll be tempted to start T.

No. 358947


This is what I'm afraid of. We've been looking at buying a house together and shit. I'm fucking devastated.

No. 358966

I'm someone who has suffered from a lot of body issues and even considered if I was trans, and my girlfriend being supportive and actually listening to me actually what helped me decide that I'm just a butch woman. It meant a lot to me that she didn't just call me crazy and dump me but she asked me why I feel the way I do about my body and what I feel like I would accomplish by transitioning. Because of her I really understood that trooning out isn't a solution to having body image issues or not identifying with how a lot of people view feminity.

No. 359041

glad to see there are success stories

No. 359044

On the other end of the spectrum, I know someone who went cold on her gf when she announced she "might be" a man. Started treating her like one, like no kisses, no intimacy, nothing, just said "I am a lesbian and I want to respect your identity". The gf cut that shit out pretty quick and I always thought that was kind of a smart way of dealing with things, especially when you think of how many trans people that do get accepted by their partners start retconning their partners' sexuality. Plus she didn't risk getting outed to anyone as GC.

No. 359062

Pretty sure this is what Ellen Page's ex wife tried.

No. 359449

>Develop a crush on a girl who ticks all my boxes
>Flirt with her all the time, oh lord I want to kiss her so bad
>Get to know her better over time
>Oh shit, she's a kinsey 2 diagnosed BPD-chan with severe emotional baggage
>It's too late, she's obviously imprinted on me now
>Bail bail bail
It's like the third time this has happened, I will go to the grave single at this rate

No. 359451

That sucks anon, I'm sorry. Sounds like you were really excited by the new connection and now it's been totally soured. How long did it take before you realized she was crazy? I want to say this as kindly as possible, but I believe that we attract people with similar levels of "brokenness." If you're heeding the warning signs and doing what you can to get away from her, then major props. That's really the only thing you can do now. I just wonder if you're looking in the wrong places or have some work of your own to do.

No. 359456

It's definitely because I have some damaged type of personality that I gravitate towards people who cover their crazy with charisma. I'm not stupid, I know it's because of me being subconsciously intrigued by them. I've been getting better at seeing the red flags though, I got traumatized to hell and back by a suicide baiting girlfriend and I don't want to go through that again. But in the end it's just a fact that a lot of SSAs have mental illness caused by minority stress especially combined with being a nerdy weeb ostracized from the mainstream.

No. 359792

Hi nonas, sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask this but do you know any based (“trans exclusionary”) lesbian artists? Either singing or drawing artists. It’s disappointing as hell to find a lesbian artist and find out she supports troons or shills about trans rights.

No. 359988

i know i'm gonna sound stupid i just need reassurance
could a lesbian love an AuDHD shortstack goth femme/sometimes gnc who's biggest hobby is video games

No. 359998

I could.

No. 360040

there's lesbihonest-art(makes the comic leasebound), pillarsalt(illustrates animals), redkatherine(but she's not active anywhere), and shepple(worked on heartbeat rpg) for lesbian drawing artists that are explicitly anti-trans.

making your own stuff would rock though; there's barely any out there

No. 360116

is there an archive of redkatherine's artworks? I remember looking her up before, but I only saw some disturbing shit that troons drew of her

No. 360133

I’d have my throat slit a thousand times and have acid poured in it than get together with another bpd again

No. 360225

That sounds a little BPD of you, nonny

No. 360240

Thank you! I do make my own art but I am quiet about my views as my already tiny following is made up almost entirely of gendies, as well as my friend group ugh. I only recently peaked, I hope someday I can be honest about my views even if I get thrown to the curb.

No. 360274

I think as long as you don’t create art directly pandering to trannies it is already ok, many good artists become unbearable because of their virtue signalling. And silence is way better than pandering

No. 360519

I had this question many time with friend who were adopted and older family members and there is 2 main issues to me :

The first issue is the identity aspect like >>358741 explain well. The part that is the hardest for kids born from sperm donors,
and especially prevalent in the emotional upset of the kid is that it's not infortunate events on his biologial family who cause the origin of the issues ( like for adopted kids ) but it's a CHOICE by their parents, the one taking care of them and trying to help them through it.

The second issue is that people tend to base their way of treating and being treated by others on how their close family act. If a boy only saw women serving him and no man serving women he will not learn how to treat and be useful to women, I do think girls are less affected by it but boys certainly are, they do need to be led by exemple.
Maybe if you have very close male family members who can help you at home often and is safe to be left with the boy it could help. And since it's a 50/50 % chance to have a boy it's quite risky.

To end on a not too pessimistic note I do believe it's possible with a strong extended family to have biological children , if I could I would try to find a wife who's could have a donor from her family, or have a donation from a man who you are friend with and know his extended family well. I do believe Lesbian are 100% better fit than straight couples to adopt girls.

No. 360520

Thank you a lot for the kind words. I don't have a connection to irl lesbian community at all rn so I guess that doesn't help. I have like 3 bi friends and although I relate to them on some things (esp. the 1 of them who has actively dated women) I have 0 lesbian acquaintances or friends. I'm trying to work on that lately. The last woman I dated introduced me to a lesbian bar in my city, am planning to drop by by myself more often and let's see what happens.

No. 360819

If you're into manga most yuri artists who are female are quietly terf-y in their belief that men can't be women so most stories won't touch gender shit with a ten foot pole. However, if you run into a female artist whose main interest is hetero romance or BL, don't bother.

No. 361492

I made a couple of "lesbian" friends online awhile ago and every single one of them has stated they've felt attraction to men at some point but they wouldn't sleep with one so they're still lesbians. As if that isn't definitionally the polilez shit they claim to hate so much. Every self-proclaimed lesbian online is like this, it's genuinely so demoralizing. Is it impossible to find actual homosexual women these days? I've literally never had to "repress" thoughts of being attracted to men because it's the equivalent of wanting to eat cornbread to me; it never crosses my mind whatsoever. Just seems like everyone is a bisexual in denial now.

No. 361516


try the /clg/ server

No. 361537

I'm sorry you haven't been able to find the community you're looking for. Where did you meet these women? Asking so I can avoid kek. I wish that people would embrace the febfem label, it's more admirable to acknowledge your OSA and then abstain from acting on it than to falsely claim lesbianism.

No. 361561

word of mouth is /clg/ has been overrun by 4chan TIMothies all LARPing with each other for years

No. 361568

Embarassing to say but fandom twitter, I mostly make friends online through shared interests. I shouldn't have expected anything since fandom is full of TIFs/spicy straights but they weren't the super woke types and didn't list pronouns in their bios so I didn't think they'd be LARPers. Probably just going to stick to LC since every other site seems doomed.

No. 361619

NTA but I'm in a similar boat and it disappoints me how hard it is to find lesbian friends this way. I've found "crypto" bi and some straight women in fandoms before, but never lesbians. It's gotten to a point where if someone is super loud about being a lesbian I assume it's an overcompensating bisexual (or moid).

No. 361643

Never found another crypto in fandom so you're lucky. I just assume every "lesbian" in fandom is a bihet now honestly. You'd expect to find actual lesbians in f/f shipping communities but I actually think it's worse because they're all obsessed with futa. There's a small circle on Twitter made up of radfem fujos, some of whom are lesbians, which is basically the best community of lesbians I've found so far which is pretty sad.

No. 362391

File: 1701590041404.png (1.03 MB, 1182x956, 1464483300222.png)

How the fuck am I still a virgin at almost 26? I keep thinking about this every day now. Sure, I'm socially retarded but many awkward lesbians manage to find gfs. I do not seem to attract women irl, I feel like women pity me at best and outright hate me at worst. I think this is due to me not having anything in common with them, specially since I'm a huge womanchild into anime and vidya, so I very rarely get to "click" with women irl. Then there is the thing that my teeth are absolutely terrible and I need to get them fixed to improve my looks. I'm not fat or deformed and my face is pretty ok, but my parents never fixed my crooked teeth as a kid so now I gotta deal with it. I have the money to get the implants and all sort of shit, but I probably won't because I'm fucking terrified of getting a giant ass syringe in my mouth to numb it. Just thinking about it makes me reconsider that bitches ain't worth going through that and burning all my savings. Then what if even after fixing my teeth women still don't like me? I would be a poor 26yo with pretty teeth and a terrible personality that women hate. Now how do you even get to change your personality in your mid 20s, I feel like if I tried to stacymaxx I would not be myself, not to mention I would probably fail at it since I'm socially retarded, and the women that I could potentially attract by being a turbo normie are not the kind of women I want in my life, which I feel is part of the problem as well; the kind of girls that I like are not that common (at least in my country). Still, I would accept sex from a Stacy though. Not that stacies like me anyway, that's just a hypothetical scenario I've thought about. I say this but in reality it kinda terrifies me to have sex when I think about it and if a hot Stacy would offer me free sex I would flee from there, or I don't know, if I'm drunk and super horney maybe I could dead fish, or touch her a little. Honestly I'm unable to imagine a realistic scenario with that premise, even I don't know how I would react. I think I definitely have some intimacy issues probably due to a mix of never been much of an affectionate person and also social isolation. I had a LDR Internet gf once, I remember I could never treat her kindly like normal people do. The way I would show my affection was buying her whatever she wanted. I noticed that's something I do with people I love, both friends and family. I can never say kind words to them, on the contrary we always bant with insults, but that doesn't mean that I don't care about them, and whenever I go out with them I try to pay for as much as I can. Anyway, my ex hated that about me and I never was able to change it. I can imagine that having another gf would be putting another woman through the same unfortunate shit. Maybe it's actually for the best that I'm not in a relationship. I would still like to have sex someday though, I should man the fuck up and rent one of those Japanese lesbian prostitutes then off myself. Thanks for reading my blog.

No. 362400

>socially retarded
>unable to properly express emotions

nona you are literally me

No. 362479

Then kiss already you fucking retards.

No. 362515

File: 1701636092839.jpg (350.27 KB, 914x1580, Nikotine.jpg)

Hi, nona. I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but there's this fan artist, Nikotine, who's a lesbian and has openly made "trans-exclusionary" statements on her Twitter years ago. Her then-girlfriend (I guess her wife now? I'm not sure), Shepple, was the lead dev of the indie game Heartbeat, and she seems to be just as anti-troons as her gf kek. Unfortunately, they're not active on social media, but even if you're not into games, you may enjoy seeing a lesbian couple who are artists and stand up for female homosexuals. Here's the link for the drama that Nikotine's comments caused (picrel) but they never apologized kek
https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/heartbeat-trans-suicide-rate/ (this article is pro-troons tho)

No. 362521

How can I kiss anon when she probably lives 30000 kilometers away from me. And she wouldn't want to kiss me anyway.

No. 362524

obviously I don't know how bad your teeth are but unless they're disfiguring, they're probably way less important than you being super out and making it clear to other women that 1) you exist and 2) you're gay and 3) you're single and trying to date. I'm making a big assumption here but phrases like 'socially retarded' and 'attract women irl' kind of imply to me that you're perhaps more passive than you really need to be to find other women when we're basically kind of rare (I, of course, recognize this because I am also socially retarded and bad at taking the lead)

No. 362537

My teeth are in a pretty bad state right now, probably the worst they have ever been. Plus I've overheard women say that their only dealbreaker is bad teeth multiple times before so I know it's something women actually care about.

>you being super out and making it clear to other women that 1) you exist and 2) you're gay and 3) you're single and trying to date

Honestly I've thought about it and I've tried it a little but it makes me feel very uncomfortable to signal others that I want pussy. It makes me feel like some sort of desperate sexual predator creep. I dunno, it's just weird. And yes, I don't pursue women at all because of what I just said. What's the point of pursuing girls when they are all taken anyway, just makes me look creepy combined with my ugliness. I actually sent a girl from uni a yuri meme and we talked for like 5 minutes and I could tell she was uncomfortable as fuck. She hasn't talked to me since. I really really should just kill myself.

No. 362540

ayrt- I know it sucks to make the first move, it's just that we really are invisible if we don't. I'm really sorry about your teeth and the awkwardness. in my dreams, you work up the courage to get the work done and your newfound confidence lets you turn over a new leaf.

No. 362554

I don't think I would have much of an issue making the first move if I felt that the girl is at least comfortable with my presence, and single. But I can always tell how women hate my presence. They would rather interact with a fat ugly drug addict than me (this actually happened before).

No. 362560

you and me same. I need to find a woman who is actually into me in 2024. catch me at the feminist bookstore a few blocks from my apt every day until I get laid

No. 362566

nona i would kiss you but i live in the middle of nowhere too kek i'm pretty sure there's no other farmer here where i live and finding other lesbians is already hard to begin with

No. 362866

I don’t think the discord server had any trannies. Maybe lurkers? In my experience they out themselves pretty quickly lol.

No. 363151

Hey nonas, any of you know what's up with the fakeboi/TIF thread and their blatant hatred for women who do not perform femininity? Is that thread filled with conservative women and moids and somehow I've missed this information? I don't lurk there all that much, but I've been reading that thread a lot this week and it's shocking how many times I read that a woman who wears baggy/"men's" clothes, has short hair, and wears no makeup is a "retarded autist wasting her beauty". It might be a weird example/tangent, but years ago when all that controversy surrounding the reboot of She-ra was happening, I watched a video on the Qartering (I had no idea how bad that was prior to that), and that homophobic guy literally showed a pic of Noelle with short hair and said "see. this. obviously a boyish lesbian (…)" and there was so much disgust in his voice tone that was obvious Noelle being a boyish lesbian was THE argument he was using to shit on her, there was nothing else to be said bc anything could be more pathetic than being a boyish lesbian. See, I'm no Noelle Stevenson's stan. Actually, I find her insufferable, and I don't even like She-ra (I don't think it's that bad plot-wise, but I wouldn't say I like the step-sisters stuff, I hate the toxic relationship, and I hate all the tranny-coded characters). But his words were just gross, that was just blatant homophobia, as if being a boyish lesbian could remove any possible credibility a woman could have. So, that's the vibe I get on the fakeboi/TIF thread. That doesn't seem to be about how gender ideology is harmful to society, mostly women and children. No, it's about hating GNC women for not looking like Barbie, so hey let's make fun of those ugly, subfemales. If a TIF was conventionally feminine and attractive before trooning out, then "what a tragedy to see a beautiful woman ruining her precious beauty". If the TIF was obese or something before trooning out, then no empathy let's just laugh at this fat, mentally ill uggo. FFS, that thread is filled with tranny logic. The very same arguments TIMs use to say they're more real women with their drag makeup and wigs than GNC radfems, and the very same arguments regular moids use when they feel intimidated by a conventionally attractive woman who's unapologetically homosexual. It's very tiring to start using this website to escape the misogyny and regular and woke homophobia of every other online space, just to read shit like this. Sorry for the rant, nonas.

No. 363209

lolcow is suffering from malignant, late-stage trad cancer. Try not to let it bother you too much. I've stopped lurking most of the site except for the lesbian threads and a few others because it's getting really bad.

Unfortunately this is the natural life cycle of imageboards. 4chan was never good, but it was better before stormfront took over. Something Bannon-esque has been happening here too I think (and every female dominated online "TERF" community, look at Ovarit and TERF twitter). Take disenfranchised terminally online women and funnel them into alt-right bs. Sorry for schizoid take but I'm probably not wrong.

Maybe someday we'll make a new imageboard to migrate to, and it'll be good for a few years before the cycle inevitably starts again.

No. 363218

I suspect quite a lot of the vitriol comes from the girls in question being someone's personal lolcow on another platform, calling a TIF an ugly lesbo with wasted pretty privilege will get them cancelled off the face of the earth if they say it on tiktok so they say it here instead.
There always seem to be ex-gendies who're discussing their own feelings about themselves, their bodies and transition, but applying them to the cows. I think this is where a lot of the seething over looks comes from, women feel pressured to be beautiful 24/7 and if you're not Barbie then you must be a man deep down, so they feel mad that a beautiful woman is encroaching on their tranny territory when she's too pretty to need to transition.
Most gendies are lesbians in denial (ghey boifrens who are also TIFs abound for a reason) and they're plagued by internalized homophobia, so yeah. Shitting on lesbians is par for the course for them.

No. 363257

File: 1701899972661.jpg (72.94 KB, 622x519, tumblr_94a0ff129ccf2bc39cb2cc2…)

i wish i could finally date a terfy woman but the only women i've clicked with personality and interest wise have all been tifs. i don't even know if i could find a radfem/gc lesbian my age that doesn't live a continent away.

i don't really mind my current gf being a tif since she doesn't really bring it up, doesn't throw fits about being called "she" and doesn't plan to transition, but god i fucking wish i could find one woman who i get along with and who isn't a troon/handmaiden.

No. 363278

Hope you keep doing god's work keeping gay tomboys away from the globohomo tranny psyop.

No. 363320

Just existing as a plain/frumpy woman is basically social suicide nowadays. Sad.

No. 363396

i relate to this. i wish i could peak her, but every time we talk about it she gets uncomfortable and shuts down. she's perfect in every other aspect and i want to marry her kek

No. 363453

If she doesn't get assblasted about pronouns, doesn't plan to transition except in her imagination and gets uncomfortable when you bring up gender, she might be on the road to peaking already. There's a lot of internalized hate for feminism and lesbians in gendies, if she's peaking it's basically like a cult member deprogramming. Give her time, and carry on doing your part in keeping her from spiraling into total troondom.

No. 363456

The forever struggle of “is this girl flirting with me or is she just showing platonic affection?” A girl wrapped her arm around me but I thought she was just being friendly and I didn’t make a move, now I feel like an idiot. I put the L in LGB

No. 363517

I think this is a cope. there’s plenty of lesbians who peak and then transition. some women just can’t “logic” away their sex dysphoria even if they understand they’ll never truly be male

No. 363518

most ftms I come across are bisexual, but date almost exclusively men

No. 363527

There are a few types I've seen. There's the lesbian tomboy rationalizing her gender non-conformity that gets talked about here a lot, it's legit very common. There's also the straight or straight-leaning tomboy rationalizing her gender non-conformity though, that never in my experience goes FtM but sometimes becomes enby. The fujoshi with autoandrophilia - that's usually enby, sometimes FtM but I've never seen them medically transition.

No. 363529

Instead of focusing on individual lesbians there really needs to be more done to connect gnc women with each other. I agree, I don’t think that you can reason away that level of self hate/social isolation.

No. 363530

Oooh, forgot the fourth, which is just girls who want attention in their "woke" social circles. Sometimes they self-rationalize with arguments 2 and 3 would make, but those are usually straight and from what I've seen always go the enby route.

No. 363533

nta what category does those women trying (and failing kek) to hook up with gay men on grinder and women with a whole biological husband and children calling themselves "he/him" fall into?

No. 363536

I've never seen the last one but I'm sure it exists out there. 100% have seen the first but they were also looking for points in their art hoe social circle that included a lot of gay men. It's like, I don't know, the fourth with tendencies to the third since they get off to being a gay guy.

No. 363537

I think most FtMs are het girls with some sort of sexual trauma, that's why a lot of them were dating women pre-T, then become absolute horndogs plus feel "safe" in their modified bodies so they return to their natural state of feeling exclusively attracted to men and act on their urges. HSTS pooners are the minority. They probably don't even exist anymore outside homophobic third world countries.

No. 363538


No. 363539

Would you date a lesbian fujo?

No. 363544

Why would you date a "lesbian" who is obsessed with males having sex?

No. 363549

Because according to them they are as valid and as lesbian as anyone else. Don't wanna be a bigot.

No. 363550

You don't want to be a "bigot" against fujos by not dating them? Kek what?

No. 363559

You're invalidating their lesbianism.

No. 363566

Maybe the ones who read/watch bl focused on romance or plot.

No. 363569

You don't invalidate people by not dating them, that's moid and troon logic.

No. 363588

Yeah why not
If I can sperg to a girl about anime and romance, it's a win

No. 363590

Why is literally every thread on this site sperging about fujos these days?

No. 363680

I think even self hatred is an over simplification, but that’s definitely a factor. Sometimes it’s also just like… female autism lol.

No. 363739

i got my girlfriend into lolcow and she’s been lurking on snow for months. she made her first post today. i’m so proud ♥

No. 363759

This isn’t a club for mentally healthy people anon. Why would you do this.

No. 363760

I don’t really understand the appeal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen two men in relationships I thought were cute with each other, but I’ve never wanted to see them fuck. I couldn’t imagine any woman who wanted to see that would be homosexual.

No. 363835

>I couldn’t imagine any woman who wanted to see that would be homosexual.
Because it doesn't actually make any sense. Fujos will cope with >muh 2d but when confronted about lolicon and pedophiles they will do insane mental gymnastics. Then they will say that other demographics can like celebs without being questioned about their sexuality, but the reality is that if you see any "heterosexual" woman absolutely salivating for a female celeb in a sexual way, or a "gay" man doing the same, you would immediately question if they really don't find some women sexually attractive. Same with "het" men who like yaoi or traps, you would never actually think they are straight, because it doesn't make any sense. It's not some conspiracy about doubting women/lesbians' sexuality like fujos think, it just doesn't make any damn sense to show that you're sexually attracted to people of your opposite sex and then claim that in reality you aren't.

No. 363837

I'm not into yaoi but 2d isn't even close to being comparable to 3d. Most fujos I know are revolted by 3d gay sex.

No. 363846

God you butch/GNC women are so sensitive it's not even funny. YOU made a choice to present yourself as masculine as possible and deviate from societal norms, of course people are going to think you are weird or laugh at you. Most people will laugh at anyone who comes across as extremely LARPy, especially if they are ugly and fat. It's just normal. If you don't want to be oppressed then stop dressing and acting like a laughing stock. Learn to laugh at yourself and get rid of your little victim complex.

No. 363848

At the end of the day 2D is an abstraction that your brain still acknowledges as human. This is why your average heterosexual man finds anime girls attractive, your average heterosexual woman finds bishies attractive, and your average pedo jerks off to loli.

No. 363851

Agreed and I've always found it ironic that the ones presenting as butch are the most sensitive and emotionally manipulative. There's this massive victim complex, yet it seems like people are allowed to shit on femmes as much as they'd like because they can disguise their nlog misogyny as trying to help women break free from supposed standards or they'll just deem us trannies when we're not.

No. 363852

what's with all the tradthots on this website lately

No. 363853

Nice try but I hate tradthots. I'm not even saying you have to dress a certain way, just don't be surprised when people laugh at you for looking bad and being obsessed with gender. You lot are so whiney. You're not really oppressed for dressing a certain way, by that logic troons who pass are oppressed.

No. 363854

Nta but I don't see how this is tradthottery in the slightest. I don't know about the other nona, but I've been using lc since 2015 and I feel like I've seen the gradual acceptance of shitting on femmes/lipstick lesbians and its ironic given how many anons came here directly from /cgl/. It does feel like whenever anybody challenges butch women, especially on here, they're extremely defensive and quick to deem others as sell-outs or decry any femme for femme spaces as tranny havens. Its tiresome and aggravating, because you'd think that other women would just have the stance of 'hey whatever you feel most comfortable wearing!' and leave it at that.

I don't like the not so subtle attempts at flinging shit at us all for what seems to be sour grapes that nobody wants to date them. It doesn't mean I wish anything bad upon them, but its very exhausting and dissuades me from making connections.

No. 363860

wdym "shitting on femmes"

No. 363862

ayrt, i dont even id as butch? calm down you aggressive chimp. shitting on masculine women DOES make you sound like a homophobic tradthot but idk

No. 363867

>your average heterosexual man finds anime girls attractive, your average heterosexual woman finds bishies attractive
do they really? like the average joe working as the school janitor is gonna think anime girls are attractive and not find them off putting kek

No. 363868

why is dressing masculine being obsessed with gender bur dressing feminine isn't?

No. 363870

Both extremes are very gendie and indicative of someone who has no personality and so has to rely on obsessing over their external features to make up for it. Butches are just as vapid as hyperfemme bimbos.

No. 363872

You really think your average moid has never jerked off to hentai?

No. 363875

Nonas will clog this thread with "woe is me, I'm forever alone" posts and then devolve into groundhog day arguments about fujos, trannies, butches and femmes etc with zero self awareness. Incredible.

No. 363877

Hentai is always on the top 10 searches in normie porn websites. I assure you your average moid would absolutely fuck anime girls if they were real.

No. 363878

uh, yeah, average moids aren't terminally online weeaboos. this opinion is based on me being an actual job having person who deals with normies/the average people all the time

why do you give a shit honestly

No. 363883

i mean i guess maybe men in your country are hentai weebs but i can assure you the average moid here where i live has no fucking idea what hentai is

No. 363885

>why do you give a shit honestly
I don't particularly care. I just find it funny how butches demand pity and oppression points for the way they dress.

No. 363886

you are blowing your entire asshole about it

No. 363887

Your obsession with replying to me makes me think you are a seething butch yourself

No. 363889

the butches living rent free in your head sure could fix the wiring while they're at it

No. 363891

im sorry she hurt you….

No. 363892

This is the first time I have ever posted about butches. Also look at you not even denying it. For a masculine woman you are a really sensitive crybaby

No. 363894

File: 1702155823120.png (436.19 KB, 500x622, averagebutch.png)

Who hurt me? Oh, you mean this creature? Yeah, I guess this thing stumbling into you would be pretty painful.

No. 363895

i don't give a shit what image random basket case has about me in their head also sure i am 200 lb military dyke part of the navy seals and all that beware of my power

No. 363896

>image random basket case
According to butches with victim complexes everyone is shitting on them and they are soooo oppressed guise. Yes I'm so scared of the power of your whinging!

No. 363897

File: 1702156047718.gif (117.72 KB, 396x400, 87b8e8bbbe27e7e19447563f7fe0a6…)

its okay anon i forgive you. i hope you can learn to be a more kind and compassionate person one day

No. 363898

k. have you gotten your pussy ate lately.

No. 363899

If you think you live in this magical country where men are not degenerates I hate to break it to you. Even in Islamic countries where porn and anime are banned, hentai still comes in top 5.

No. 363913

I don’t care about hentai at least it doesn’t involve real women/children. I would rather moids watch it than real porn.

No. 363914

File: 1702157883604.jpg (83.81 KB, 1000x625, 1473636878768.jpg)

Just ask yourself, how many heterosexual women do I know that are obsessed with yuri? Heterosexual women are like 90% of the female population, while lesbians are less than 1%. This means that statistically there should be waaaaay more heterosexual women who obsess over yuri than lesbians that are fujos. So then, how many do you know compared to lesbian fujos? If the answer is essentially zero, why do you not question the existence of lesbian fujos?

No. 363915

>trying to get fujos to use logic
I admire your efforts, nona. But they're a lost cause.

No. 363917

File: 1702158162939.png (158.02 KB, 821x667, 1444062589744.png)

It's not that they are fujos, it's that they are bisexuals in denial. Even non-weeb bishits in denial are delusional as fuck. Just admit that you like men instead of making people think that lesbians love men and dicks and gay men holy shit.

No. 363918

>Do I eat it??
Do it and report back.

No. 363920

You're too sweet anon lol. This discussion makes my head ache. You could argue that any woman being treated unfairly by a misogynistic society should simply change her behavior or appearance in order to be treated better but the point is that it's unfair. That's all. I would love to see anon put together a moodboard of what she considers acceptable fashion.

No. 363921

True. At this point, there's been so much discourse about this that bisexuals in denial and fujos read as the same to me. I forget there's a handful of sane fujos who are actually honest about what they're doing.

No. 363924

Love that we're having an lchat spergout and fujo spergout at the same time. Historic day for /lg/.

No. 363935

But there are fujos that don't love men and don't love gay sex. Why do you lack nuance?

No. 363937

They might not love real men in the sense of wanting their companionship, either because of SA or pinkpill, whatever, but they are still sexually attracted to them and that means that they are bisexual. Simple as.

No. 363938

But they aren't necessarily attracted to men either. Some people just love shipping

No. 363939

If you can love shipping anything regardless of your sexuality why are there no heterosexual women that like yuri with the level of obsession that fujos like yaoi?

No. 363940

Because women don't give a fuck about other women

No. 363941

File: 1702160421223.png (475.24 KB, 656x718, 1419042623023.png)

And lesbians naturally give a fuck about men because they are women? What?

No. 363943

Men can be written in a cool and epic way. Women usually aren't. Shipping isn't always about coomerism.

No. 363950

File: 1702160896592.png (347.8 KB, 500x333, 1349543958183.png)

>mfw the lesbian fujo fears the gachirezu yuri due to male gaze despite being created by a female lesbian author
>mfw the lesbian fujo is unable to read the gachirezu yuri without violently ejecting fluids from all her orifices over the disgust of seeing 2D women having loving sex with each other without a penis on sight
>mfw the lesbian fujo is unable to read action gachirezu yuri because her internalized misogyny tells her that women can't be cool and her latent bisexuality only makes her attracted to male characters
>mfw the lesbian fujo tells me that yaoi is not about the coom while consuming brutal rape shotacon pedo fics because she cannot flick her bean if there isn't a mention of dicks and cumshots and teared anuses every 3 words

No. 363951

This is why I don't go to this thread anymore

No. 363957

Your post has so many buzzwords and Japanese slang that it gave me headache

No. 363958

Lesbian fujos bring me a lot of joy

No. 363960

File: 1702161841109.jpg (699.05 KB, 888x1500, 1606075847211.jpg)

ngl one of my fetishes is to cure a fujo from her bisexuality by going from brutalizing her with my strap to gently fingerbanging her but she stays my sex slave forever.

No. 363961

I don’t think attacking butches is the way forward, although I have to admit I’m not a fan of butch lesbians because they tend to exude moidish energy whether intentionally or unintentionally and it makes me uncomfortable, it feels like they’re always only one step away from going full tif. I’ve also been sexually harassed and molested by butch lesbians before when I was in my teens and nobody takes it seriously or butch lesbians try to downplay it and refuse to believe women can be predators. I’m also not a fan of any aesthetic that tries to emulate male fashion or hairstyles, I’m sticking with femme lesbians and sadly genuinely feel safer around them than butches.

No. 363962

Nobody asked for your moidy rapey fantasy details.

No. 363963

>I’ve also been sexually harassed and molested by butch lesbians before when I was in my teens

No. 363964

>and boys

No. 363967

Just ignore the baiting moid saying he wishes he could have been molested by women and how he wants to use rape correction on women, hes a tranny convinced he’s a real woman and trying to make lesbians look rapey and gross.

No. 363968

No. 363969

File: 1702162117103.jpg (19.68 KB, 552x505, tbhfamsmh.jpg)

Sorry, I forgot you're not sexually attracted to women so let me rephrase that for you
>ngl one of my fetishes is to cure a het boi from his heterosexuality by going from brutalizing him with my manly cock to gently fingerbanging his anus but he stays my sex slave forever uwu

No. 363971

Not a fujo or the anon you replied to, retard. God I hate you mindrotted cumbrained fic fans.

No. 363972

Why did this thread suddenly get shitted up by trolls for the past 3 hours?

No. 363973

you have the mind of a porn sick scrote, kys

No. 363974

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's trolling.

No. 363976

the average fujosperg, everybody…

No. 363978

File: 1702162552344.gif (1.09 MB, 100x141, 1396205157819.gif)

Inshallah I will make a fujo forget about bishies someday.

No. 363979

It’s just one trolling moid shitting up the thread and posting bait. He’s bragged about starting flamewars between radfems and lesbians before.

No. 363981

ofc the rapist tranny scrote has yellowfever

No. 363983

File: 1702162749637.webm (244.86 KB, 884x720, 1575580110077.webm)

>fujo meltdown
lmao. If you don't believe I'm a foid hit me up, qts.

No. 363988

Are you from /clg/?

No. 363989

Go away dude.

No. 363991

File: 1702163127903.jpg (396.34 KB, 1350x2048, 1619568272459.jpg)

Eh, I guess you could say that, although I haven't been a regular for over 5 years.

I can VC you without fear, sweetie.

No. 363994

4chan has given you a 100% disgusting coomer scrotebrain, I hope no woman ever has to be around you. Btw your pic could very easily be yaoi because most fujo artist draw men like women.

No. 363995

File: 1702163395958.jpg (122.64 KB, 1081x750, 1622347539309.jpg)

So if anime men are essentially anime women why can't you imagine these two girls are men with long hair and become a yurichad?

No. 363998

Stop replying to the personalityfag attention whore troon. Just report him.

No. 364000

But I do love yuri more than any other type of pairing (not anime yuri because I don't like anime/manga style but femslash in general). I just dont like you saying anyone who likes gay pairings is doing it for the coom, there are some gay ships are nice because they have an interesting dynamic that I never see in femslash. I think most lesbians that like gay ships love yuri.

No. 364004

Talk to me instead calling me a tranny because you disagree, coward.

Fujo does not equal liking some gay ships from time to time. Fujo is being absolutely obsessed with yaoi and having BL brainrot. I have watched a couple yaoi anime before, but I don't obsess over it or fictional men.

No. 364014

i normally hate troonfoiling conspiracy theories on this site but this thread got so gross and weird today it could be none other than a false flagging tranny or tardthot trying to make lesbians look bad.
>>363991 based taste in games though

No. 364019

So how is denying that lesbians are sexually attracted to men "trying to make lesbians look bad"?

No. 364026

Waaa strong and confident women scare me because I'm used to hanging with hens exclusively. Masculinity doesn't belong to m*n

No. 364027

99% of butches are pussies. My femme gf could make them cower away and cry in under a minute.

No. 364063

I know this thread is full of dumb fighting about Fujos for the 100th time but just wanted to vent a little.
I kinda still feel really disgusted towards myself for being a lesbian, mostly because my introduction to sex was mostly degenerate moid stuff because I was a nerdy girl who liked anime and videogames, it makes me feel really ashamed of myself because a lot of actual lesbians that I know are normal and not creepy and weird. I hate fucking troons so much, I know people keep complaining about them here but they annoy me and creep me out even more because I’m exactly the type of person they want to skin-walk. And I hate thinking about the stuff I watched and that turned me on when I was younger because it makes me feel like a troon or a moid, I’m already out to my parents(my mom who have a better relationship with me is clearly ashamed of my sexual orientation) and believe it or not my grandma is gay, but she’s just a normal person who fell in love with another woman. I don’t want to open up about weird shif like this or get into detail but it’s really making me hate myself. Sorry if my post is dumb, i never actually post here, I just lurk & I’m on mobile. This is probably really nonsensical but idk where else to talk about my feelings in regards to this.

No. 364069

It's unfair how your healthy sexual development was stolen from you by pornsick moids, I grew up similarly. It will get better, in the meantime be nice to yourself and try to find friends who get you.

No. 364086

I am not at all surprised that the sperging against butches and fujos and a scrote outing himself happen coincidentally at the same time.

Because they're homophobic and that thread has been lesbophobia central since at least 3 years ago. No buts or ifs about it. There's your short answer, no armchairing, just saying as it is. It all comes back to good old fashioned hatred of us disgusting dykes.

No. 364087

I know this is the retard scrote baiting but for future reference, all the female yurifags that I personally know are straight women as are most yuri mangakas. I don't know a single lesbian woman into yuri, they're more into creating their own F/F OCs and stories than reading yurishit because they all say the same thing - it's boring and unrelatable, either grossly infantilizing or uncomfortably sexualizing. Het women eat that shit right up because their image of a lesbian relationship is an idealized sisterhood of two attractive women giving each other the emotional connection average moid isn't able to provide. That's why straight women also have ignorant takes like "I wish I was lesbian, you don't know how bad we have it for being attracted to our oppressors" you see on lolcow from time to time.

I have not once on my 8 years on Lolcow dot farm seen anyone systemically shitting on femme lesbians, ever. Unless you're talking about people making fun of trannies and their transbian catgirl aesthetic which in turn has nothing to do with femme lesians.

No. 364094

File: 1702186423831.jpg (273.66 KB, 1448x1080, 1508429127506.jpg)

https://voca.ro/1fWF0pVriegl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364095

What fucking accent is that? Finnish?

No. 364096

>argues in voocaro
what a chad

No. 364097

Sexy ESL.

Yeah, I'm tired of getting ad hominem'd despite offering to chat privately in good faith.

No. 364098

I guess the appeal of staying anonymous is what attracts them everywhere. A big part of the current tradwave on Lolcow seems to be from Tiktok refugees who keep insisting that they're fully justified in making bigoted statements because "they have no other place to go to" as if the problem is the SJW gay illuminati controlled world around them and not their small minded self thinking a woman having short hair and a masculine way of dressing is upsetting.

The fakeboi thread in particular has the peculiar trait of reposting the same eldritch horror troons that have been in circulation for years over and over again and then applying their schizo behavior on your average pink haired Aiden. Like no I genuinely don't think some random Twitter he/they will think that breast cancer patients should give their surgery slots to FTMs and I also don't think they want to be pozzed with HIV to feel "validated as a gay man". And I genuinely don't know how the endless images of botched skin dicks or gawking at keloid ridden surgery scars is "milk". They claim to feel pity for women being shamed and sexualized for their bodies to the point they get themselves mutilated but then act like the biggest tragedy was them "losing their feminine beauty", not that they were being made feel like failwomen for not wanting to fulfill the societal role assigned to them.

I'm not listening to the attention starved tranny's vocaroo but wouldn't be surprised if it was one of those demented Finns kek

No. 364099

Guess that one anon was right, facts and logic are too much for fujolards to handle.

No. 364104

LESBIANS. get yourselves together and stop taking this retard's bait. redirect your energy to talking about pussy or something idk

No. 364109

doesn't sound Finnish to me.

No. 364111

Whiney nasal troon voice.

No. 364183

>They claim to feel pity for women being shamed and sexualized for their bodies to the point they get themselves mutilated but then act like the biggest tragedy was them "losing their feminine beauty", not that they were being made feel like failwomen for not wanting to fulfill the societal role assigned to them.
Young people ruining their health and bodies IS the most tragic and horrifying thing about troonism regardless of whether those young people were beautiful or not.

No. 364204

what does it mean when a woman holds eye contact with you slightly longer than usual every time she sees you around, NEVER turns to face you when she’s sitting at the next table at a restaurant, but keeps stealing glances at you when you’re outside and she’s eating and talking? I’m socially retarded

No. 364210

Yeah? You're essentially just repeating what's being said in your own words so I don't know what you're arguing against. The tragedy is exactly that young women are driven to do these things to their healthy bodies to begin with, not that they're losing their beautiful boobily motherly milkers and ability to give birth to all the wonderful children their magical womb could be used for or dropping the long luscious hair and All American Girl style for ugly tattoos and muh danger hair. Anons in that thread always hyperfocus on how she looks and the "we're just concerned for her health" angle gets thrown out the window when they're cracking cruel jokes about the dry pussies and botched aesthetics of top surgeries. A lot of that thread circles back to hating butch lesbians specifically, it wouldn't be the first time they posted just generic bulldykes and butches identifying as women and called them tranny eggs and moid adjacent. I genuinely do not understand who else than homophobes and ex-gendies turned trad find it entertaining to scroll through endless amounts of "she would've been so pretty if she didn't ruin herself!!!!" posting or blogging about how much they hate Noelle Stevenson or some other lesbian twitter artist for being a horrible pickme nlog misogynist monster for having trauma-based gender brainrot pushed upon them. It stinks of anons looking for a sense of superiority through schadenfreude, there's only so many times one can go "wow she really let herself go" when they see a post-T stringy haired goblin until you grow tired of and numb to it.

No. 364224

I just need to vent. This week was supposed to be the week of our marriage. After that, she would apply for a residence permit to live with me. I wasted so much money, have been in so much stress, but all it fell through, because we were denied visa right on spot. I'm feeling so fucking broken for these past months. There's no hope for anything good happening anymore, although i'm still looking for ways to make it work, i should just give up. And to destroy me further, my home country, the source of all of my current issues, banned lgbt organizations (with really vague rules of that making it possible to persecute over anything gay).
I'm looking back at my teen years, when it was shitty still, but at least there was hope for the improvement. I've been dreaming to go to an actual pride with my girlfriend one day, to see people like us. Naive, sure, but I really had hope for the better life for us. Now, i'm out of hope. I'm an extremist in my home country for loving a woman, I'm a horrible terf in a lgbtlgtvqiap+ for loving a woman and not being a gendie. It sucks.

No. 364226

>Anons in that thread always hyperfocus on how she looks and the "we're just concerned for her health" angle gets thrown out the window when they're cracking cruel jokes about the dry pussies and botched aesthetics of top surgeries.
I get what you're saying, but then again, this this is lolcow.farm. It's a gossip site build on voyeurism, not a feminist safe space, as some anons seem to believe. Even with societal and feminist discussion that can be found on the site, the cow threads are ultimately about gawking at people making a spectacle of themselves online and most of the time their issues are not going to be discussed with sensitivity.

No. 364232

File: 1702216254406.png (6.56 KB, 810x113, oh no not the cute boobs.png)

Being a gossip site doesn't absolve the posters from being criticized for contributing to lesbophobia and misogyny, anon. A TiF doing something extraordinarily retarded is gossip, 10 posters replying to a bad dye job writing blogposts about how this personally offends them is not. Just like nitpicking Shayna's vagina isn't "milk" some random troon's top surgery isn't that compelling either, especially when it's gazed upon like picrel. If they can shitpost about how ugly they find fat Aiden X and Z then I can bitch and moan about their low quality posting when the topic comes up.

No. 364239

That post was clearly made by a scrote

No. 364264

You look stupid or she's into you

No. 364306

You are shitting up the thread seething about butches with retarded lesbophobic tranny-adjacent stereotypes about them being fat, ugly man larpers so how is it an imaginary victim complex, but this "LC hates femmes" (which your type only thinks because LC doesn't rabidly hate butches) isn't >>363854

No. 364312

you can cure yourself of this by shifting away from the degenerate moid stuff that is bad and anime/yuri stuff that is unrealistic and unobtainable to normie tier stuff. like if you're talking about stuff you watch for the ships and not actual porn, literally just go to autostraddle and try watching whatever normie shows they're shilling lately because there's a single lesbian couple on it. or watch The Wire. there are lesbians on The Wire

No. 364313

The thread is about TIFs, though, and it's most certainly tradthottery to take it over with random bitchfests about butch lesbians and other masculine women "destroying themselves" just because you enjoy degrading once feminine women for cutting their hair short and no longer wearing makeup

The fact they made their way from there to the lesbian thread to double down is so pathetic

No. 364314

How often do you happen to end up at the same restaurant at this woman, anon

No. 364315

Why the fuck havent mods cleaned this thread up yet

No. 364319

first time last week. I’ve only started seeing her around at work since the start of this month. She’s not really a coworker but we bump into each other often, being in the same building and all. I smiled at her the other day and she shot me a tiny smile and looked away hastily. No idea if I’m creeping her out or she’s shy with me

No. 364338

No it wasn't

No. 364385

Thanks for the advice!! I’ve been considering checking out more normal shows with lesbian characters, I’ve watched a couple of movies but I usually don’t watch TV shows. Unfortunately the degeneracy I was talking about was actual exposure to porn from a young age and the fact I grew up being friends with coomer porn-obsessed moids(unfortunately my female childhood friends weren’t very different, but they were fujoshis and I don’t really like reading about two men having sex lol) because we liked anime & videogames, and other stuff that I ended up being exposed to. I guess it happens to everyone with unrestricted internet access, maybe it just feels more isolating to me because I happen to be lesbian. Maybe I could talk about this with my therapist but I’m embarrassed to tell her about my sexual orientation after my mom clearly didn’t feel very good about it, which really messed with me personally because I consider her my best friend and her opinion matters a lot to me.
I have a lesbian cousin as well, but my last message to her was so embarrassing I think she hates me lol. My mom doesn’t like her and doesn’t want me talking to her so idk. I know 2 other girls who said they were lesbians and they’re pretty normal, I just didn’t hang out with them because I thought I embarrassed myself and I am really shy.

No. 364396

File: 1702240605061.jpg (168.37 KB, 1000x650, edge awards.jpg)

here you go you worked hard for it nonnie

No. 364398

File: 1702240885397.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.39 KB, 1200x1200, hunter-schafer-euphoria-hbo-tr…)

How am I being edgy when normies cream themselves for shit like pic related.

No. 364399

You don’t sound like a troon. I think I might be in love with you. I don’t like you shitting up this thread with edgy posts and fighting tho, but oh well. I guess I just like women with accents lmfao.

No. 364403

I agree that Hunter is a disgusting moid & I hate how everything lesbian is hijacked with troons. But I think she was just trying to help by saying that I should consume more normie media to escape internet degeneracy. There’s still some normie shows with lesbians and no troons, but I think most of them aren’t from current year lol. Like 2019 to before.

No. 364405

I will give you a summary of every normie lesbian show ever
>teens or young adults
>party hard drugs sex lmao yolo
>lesbians trying dick because how do you know you're a lesbian if you haven't gotten dicked amirite
>lesbian is evil/possessive
>lesbian dies
>occasionally good end
This is literally what life is to normies. Party hard, use drugs, cheat, throw temper tantrums to your partner and then live happily ever after. And that's not even getting into trannies. I swear schoolgirl yurishit has more depth than normie garbage. But if this is what you want in your life to be "attainable" go for it I guess.

No. 364411

Yeah, I know what you mean. But like, I genuinely don’t know then. Or I consume dumb normie shit full of “bisluts” “lesbians trying dick” or the ocasional tranny. Or read yuri that moids and trannies jack off to. I guess I wanted to distance myself from yuri because I found out one yuri writer was a troon (they were selling his manga at the bookstore so I was thinking about maybe buying it but no way I will after finding out) and I just hate reading something knowing troons are jacking off to it. Every place for yuri is filled with moid & troons, every fandom for yuri is just troons. I fucking hate troons, so much. It’s impossible for this thread not to go into fighting about troons because they literally rob everything from us. These are the same people who exposed me to porn, and now they’re appropriating people like me and stealing everything from us with their degeneracy and leaving us with no were to go.

No. 364413

Both are garbage. Average yurishit is basically
>Plain Introvert girl meets attractive Extrovert girl
>They're both in high school
>Introvert fixates on Extrovert girl but it's portrayed as a cute and romantic crush even when it's approaching unhealthy obsession levels
>Endless pining of will she confess her feelings, blushing and Cute Girls Doing Cute Things
>Extrovert girl suddenly makes the first move
>Somewhere a new transbian is born reading it
The direct opposite of the western equivalent and just as tacky.

No. 364419

Japanese yuri is mostly trash. Y'all should check out chinese and korean GL comics instead for more varied stories that are obviously written by women

No. 364422

You're so easy, nonna. I do apologize for shitting the thread, I really do want to understand the psychology behind lesbian fujos. It just doesn't make sense in my mind, you know. All the weeb lesbians I've talked to don't like yaoi and they also don't agree with the idea of a lesbian fujo. And I have never seen lesbian fujos in lesbian spaces, I guess they all must be in BL spaces or something, so I haven't been able to actually talk with one about it.

>Or read yuri that moids and trannies jack off to
If it makes you feel better, yuri existed for women first, and there are a lot of female authors out there, I would say more than 60% of current non-H yuri authors are female, either publishing in yuri mags/anthologies or doing doujins. I can give you female author recs that don't do schoolgirl shit if you want.
>I guess I wanted to distance myself from yuri because I found out one yuri writer was a troon (they were selling his manga at the bookstore so I was thinking about maybe buying it but no way I will after finding out)
WataOshi maybe? I had to go into several yuri places and redpill them on the author being a tranny, funnily enough I got attacked by more women for it than men.
>Every place for yuri is filled with moid & troons, every fandom for yuri is just troons
Stop going to normie yuri spaces. You might not escape moids, but at least in the places that I visit they are strictly anti-troon, and there are also a lot of lesbians.
>It’s impossible for this thread not to go into fighting about troons because they literally rob everything from us
I know, I fucking hate it. After 2015 or so saying that you are a lesbian that likes yuri immediately got you labeled as a transbian in many places, but it specially hurts when it's female spaces.

>>Somewhere a new transbian is born reading it
I kek'd. I agree schoolgirl shit is not good, but since I'm not a normie I relate more to those kind of stories rather than parties and drugs.

I actually second this. Most Korean and Chinese GL is written by women, probably over 95% of it (pretty easy to tell from artstyle and writing). Chinese yuri fangirls are also the most unhinged and rabid yurifags I've met, mad respects for them.

No. 364426

>I really do want to understand the psychology behind lesbian fujos.
No you don't. You chimp the fuck out at anons who aren't even fujos calling them degrading names and keep shitposting by yourself even when people are carrying the conversation to other topics because everyone is fucking tired of it. You've already decided on your stance on the issue which is "fujos are bisluts in denial who want to fuck them anime bishies and I want to corrective rape them with my strap" so what's the point in even trying to have the conversation with someone so strongly biased and overly aggressive behavior? Either take your meds or get a different hugbox to have your schizo tantrum at so you don't have to ban evade.

No. 364430

The only other "topic" at the time was someone shitting on butches. But anyway, I actually thought about it, I even discussed it with a friend, and I would genuinely like to understand the perspective of a lesbian fujo. No namecalling, no getting angry, I can do that just fine if I put some effort.

No. 364431

Yup, it was WataOshi, I found out through the tranny thread on here. I’m not American so the manga section on book stores isn’t that big so I was surprised they were selling yuri. I agree with you on lesbian fujos, in elementary to middle school I was friends with porn addicted Fujos who sent me REAL gay porn in 5th grade and only talked about nsfw yaoi. I tried reading it because that’s all that they would talk about and my school was very small and those were the only nerdy girls in my grade but I just couldn’t. I’m just absolutely repulsed with anything sexual involving men. I do like some gay romance tho, I really like devilman, I own the physical copy of the manga and I read (but never finished) tgcf in 2021 because I like chinese stuff and it had that whole thing that one of them was searching for the other for thousands of years. My gay male friend recommended a gay romance book but I couldn’t get past a sex scene, I just couldn’t. I don’t understand how someone who is lesbian can enjoy reading two men having sex. But let’s move on from talking about Fujos because filling the lesbian threads with discussions about Fujos is annoying. But if you can recommend good yuri written by women that would be cool.

No. 364434

I sincerely hope naive and well-meaning anons will stop responding to your bait and giving you an excuse to shit up the thread with your tard rage fits and that the mods would redtext you more.

No. 364447

I'm glad more people are finding out that dude is actually a tranny, most fans still think he's a woman, and I don't want people thinking lesbians support degenerate incest garbage by proxy.
>But if you can recommend good yuri written by women that would be cool
I will enlist some of the authors that I think have done good stuff before.
>morishima akiko
>amano shuninta
>akiyama haru
>takemiya jin
>sal jiang (I'm in love with her honestly she's so fucking perfect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIOJZtA8lds)
>sudou yumi
>yamaji ebine
>tamasaki tama
>shimura takako
>fukaumi kon
>takano saku
>ooshima tomo/towa (they are gfs)
>kanbayashi makoto
>morinaga milk
>oosawa yayoi
>nishi uko
>hayashiya shizuru
>usui shio
>momono moto
>inui ayu
>shino torino
>hayako goto
>takashima hiromi
>sakaomi yuzaki
These are the ones I remember works from at the moment. I also left out some female authors I don't like such as Kodama and authors that I'm sure are female but nothing is confirmed so I don't want to mislead anyone in the future.

I was never baiting. A lesbian saying she's a fujo is almost as ridiculous as a tranny claiming he's a real woman.

No. 364448

ayrt, I didn't say that normie shit was obtainable, I just said that the sort of romance you see anime and manga is unobtainable, which I think is both true and a fact that can feel very alienating to an american middle school weeb who reads too many japanese comics online is all. and again. my example of a show was the wire, not euphoria.
and yeah sorry, that wasn't even really good advice if you're talking about feelings arising from porn exposure at a young age, but I'm rooting for you to feel better. I spent years feeling very isolated until I made friends and found a girlfriend and after a recent breakup and a bunch of other life difficulties, I can feel the isolation creeping in again honestly. it really is hard to stay grounded and feel normal when you're a minority like this

No. 364452

File: 1702249418591.jpg (297.4 KB, 750x1093, L'oiseau_Blew_02.jpg)

How the fuck can any born woman stomach someone like Milk Morinaga who's genuinely like a 45-year old man pretending to be teenage girl and even recommend it to someone BUT have a problem with Kodama who draws exactly the same kind of shit is beyond me.

No. 364454

I'm not Morinaga's biggest fan because despite all the seething about Utena fucking Akio (justified), she still did a bunch of het H before going full yuri. Still, I like Girl Friends and that one manga she's still publishing in Galette. All her other yuri schoolgirl works have been super mid and uninteresting.
>Kodama who draws exactly the same kind of shit
Kodama can't go 5 panels without having some bislut cheating or sucking cock so yeah, I will take Morinaga's boring ass shit over Kodama any freaking day.

No. 364459

Why do moid tummies look so weird and gross?

No. 364463

Seconded. The characters are allowed to be fucked up and interesting, jap yuri (and jap content in general) is so fucking bland, one-note and vulgar. Jap content in general has no fucking nuance, the more dramatic and simplified everything is the better. I have seen childrens shows with more maturity and subtlety than japshit. Yes I know there are exceptions but this is generally the case.

No. 364466

I mean, I like Korean yuri too but come the fuck on, most of it is a fucking telenovela of an excuse to draw sex. Not that I'm complaining, I read yuri for the lewd a lot, but it really isn't that much better to female-drawn JP yuri in terms of plot unless you think K-Dramas are the epitome of good stories.

No. 364467

Thanks for the recommendations!! Also lol I have a book by Kodama but I didn’t know it was bad, they were also selling it at the bookstore so I bought it. I haven’t read it yet so I don’t really have an opinion.

No. 364470

Personally I don't like Kodama because I don't like the type of themes she writes about and bisluts, but maybe you like that, I don't really care if you do honestly.
>they were also selling it at the bookstore so I bought it.
Oh man don't tell me it's Netsuzou Trap. Don't read that garbage, it's the absolute worst work she has done. Just read whatever from her in here that's not that and form your opinion based on that. Netsuzou Trap is genuine trash.

No. 364475

No it wasn’t that one, it was the one “I faked a relationship with my junior to shut my parents up.” I’m not really a fan of books about bisexuals, I like when both of them are lesbians. But idk I’ll form my own opinions. I just like going to the book store every time I go to the mall and getting at least one book there.

No. 364480

Ah, thank fucking God. In here the only manga of hers that got licensed is NTR, and it's her most popular so I thought it might have been that. Anyway hope you enjoy her, she's not THAT terrible but I just don't like her shit.

No. 364481

My big problem with yuri and GL in general is that I can't bring myself to be interested in any recommended series because I find slice of life the most boring genre out there and they're always two normie looking adult women doing boring normie adult things or two cute high school girls doing cute girl things. I checked out half of your recommended authors and every single one of them was like that. I want messy characters involved in conflict with high stakes and above all I want butch characters who are notoriously extinct from GL media and lesbian media in general. BL has a lot more variety including edgier and more ambitious story lines that I'm a huge fan of and GL just doesn't scratch that itch, I would like to see more lesbian characters doing stuff that isn't meeting friends over dinner or preparing for a school play and has characters that are more masculine in other was than just wearing a pair of pants instead of an A line skirt. Most of the fujo lesbians that I know are butches and they infamously tend to troon out and date other FTMs specifically because they don't feel represented anywhere in society including the media we consume, so they come to the conclusion that they must not be women at all.

No. 364489

They exist in non-GL anime and manga though. Nowadays everything is hyperfeminized and coomerized (Like what happened to King from King of Fighters) so they've gotten rarer but back in the day Sailor Moon scored two butch lesbians in total and androgynous female characters were called bifauxnens.

No. 364492

File: 1702253214623.jpg (1.39 MB, 2230x4093, 1515202799343.jpg)

Sure, GL manga doesn't have many action series written by women, so when I want cool women in action settings I either watch GL-themed anime where it's more common, or I just read non-GL manga that has such characters. You won't find what you describe in BL anyway because the characters are men, and if butches are identifying with male characters instead of masculine female characters that's already showing signs of a psychological or emotional issue such as gender dysphoria or internalized misogyny. Hell, I had gender dysphoria ever since I was a kid until my late teens and I never felt more identified with yaoi rather than manga that had pooners or reverse traps, such as Hourou Musuko. Yaoi never did anything for me at all.


This too. The standards for masculine women are different in East Asian countries than in America or Western Europe. I don't really feel that attracted to butches anyway, I prefer young tomboys or futches so I probably just don't understand I guess.

No. 364500

Yeah I don't know if I count as a 'fujo' because I skip the sex scenes and nudity but I do prefer the relationship dynamic and storylines in yaoi. Plus as you said butch4butch does not seem to exist in yuri and most clothed bishonen look like masc females anyway so it's very easy to read them as butch.

I honestly don't know how we're defining fujo though so maybe I do agree with fujosperg because I don't understand why a lesbian would want to read graphic bara porn or something. When I was a teen I was into the KH yaoi fandom and would write genderswapped KH fanfic about an all-butch Organization 13 and that's the type of "lesbian yaoi fan" that makes sense to me.

No. 364506

Honestly, the fact that you unironically use the term "pooner" (and post unhinged fantasies about "brutalizing" fujos and making them your sex slaves) shows you yourself have some unsorted emotional baggage regarding the issue and just refuse to see where it's coming from no matter if it was explained in an academic paper or if it hit you in the face carved on a rock. Your "but they're men" argument would work if the genre was fully written and produced by men, but the fact that every single character is created by a woman for an exclusively female community makes them just as credible as men as malegaze female characters created by male authors can be seen as women. Not a single soul looks at an average anime woman written by a man and thinks yeah, that's what real women are like. Just like moids make fun of the male characters in BL being so "girly". As for "why not just write about women", different people have different reasons. Some people found solace in the already established fully female community and made their home there. Some people grab a GL manga and get depressed over not being able to relate to the girly girl characters and feel alienated by the community split between men and femme women and seek other options. Some people just find it liberating to experience a story about these yaoigender characters that don't remind you of how miserable it is to be a woman constantly being put under a sexualized gaze. Some people enjoy the sex scenes for the direction of the erotica rather than for the male bodies. Some people just don't want to associate with deranged himejos talking about raping other women they first call pedos followed with posting vocaroos to beg for more attention on an anonymous imageboard just to ban evade to continue their spergery. The reasons are numerous, everyone has theirs and I hope this puts and end to this retarded argument and we don't have to go through it every goddamn week.

No. 364512

What the fuck is up with this recent schizoposting in this thread? It used to be about that one older lesbian talking about her wife and crazy experiences in her life.

No. 364514

I'm a crazy woman too, will you have a crush on me? I have an accent too, a british one ; ) Do be warned, I might try to stuff you into a fursuit..

No. 364515

Ew no, you must be making fun of me (which is understandable) or a troon. I’m not a furry.

No. 364516

Sorry, I’m actually fucking crazy and have no where to go. When I said the people and things I saw fucked me up I really meant it. I should definitely open up about my sexual orientation to my therapist. I just feel like I have no one to talk to and so I just replied on here and now I can’t stop.

No. 364519

I use pooner because I was a /tttt/ regular for a long time, plus I find the pooner pics pretty funny. No deeper meaning behind it I think.
>Your "but they're men" argument would work if the genre was fully written and produced by men
Male characters written by women are still male characters. Sure, they are an idealized male, but your brain still registers them as male. They are what you wish real males were like.
>Some people just find it liberating to experience a story about these yaoigender characters that don't remind you of how miserable it is to be a woman constantly being put under a sexualized gaze.
That's so fucking weird. I get not wanting to deal with sexualized female characters, stay out of anime then. But turning to vent your sexual frustrations on male characters is not very lesbian at all. To me it sounds like emotional baggage these women have with real men so they turn to fictional males for comfort and date women for real life intimacy.


I'm so sorry for this, anon. I hope you can stop liking shitty women. I'm not crazy like your crush, but women definitely hate me for other reasons.

No. 364521

I really don't understand why people here try to analyze fujos so much when there can be so many different reasons for liking BL like you said. It's really not super deep. I personally enjoy some yuri media but as far as fandom spaces and communities go, I tend to stay away because they're unfortunately full of trannies these days. Even if you try to stick with the japanese side of fandom, they tend to have coomer brainrot which leads to futa fanart being unavoidable when you're trying to look through a yuri ship tag. It's depressing seeing an artist who used to draw mostly yuri suddenly swap to drawing nothing but futa.
Fujo spaces don't have it that bad in my experience, in the end the community is still mostly women and there are fandoms that are somewhat troon-free which means you'll be able to find actual gay fan content without too many jumpscares. They just feel safer in a way I guess.

No. 364526

>which means you'll be able to find actual gay fan content without too many jumpscares
except for the random tit scars

No. 364531

I really think it's moids, especially after the pooner comment. Women who hate yaoi are typically healthy enough to just ignore it and move on with their lives instead of having a 100 post meltdown and desperately trying to prove their femaleness with hand pics and voice clips.

No. 364539

Are you that girl who was obsessed with that korean manga pink hair fox girl?

No. 364540

I'm just tired of the lesbian fujo stereotype that makes people think lesbians' sexuality is fluid or that they can turn them with dick.

I don't even hate yaoi. I watched Loveless, Umibe no Etranger and 91 Days. Plus when I was in middle school a bunch of fujos made me read erotic Kingdom of Hearts doujins which I found meh. Thinking about it I only have two main problems with lesbian fujos:
- It makes people think lesbians like men sexually
- It doesn't make sense that a lesbian is obsessed with gay males


No to all of these. Plus I'm not in any server from here.

No. 364542

Sorry for my deleted post it must’ve been really creepy. I won’t message you or anything I just was feeling really bad, it happens a lot at night (it’s kinda late here) so yeah, also I’ve never posted on image boards before (although I’ve been lurking here for years) And I must admit it’s kinda fun. But I won’t bother you I promise. Idk I genuinely am that easy and you also type exactly like one of my friends.

No. 364543

You can talk to me, I don't really mind. But you sounds pretty young so we probably don't have much in common.

No. 364559

NTA but I really don't think the lesbian fujo stereotype implies sexual availability to men. They don't assume we're interested in them because a tiny niche of terminally online lesbians read about anime boys kissing, it's because they hate us and fundamentally don't respect us or our boundaries. Most moids don't know about this stereotype or know what yaoi even is. Honestly, it doesn't seem like there's any "reason" that will satisfy you. Part of the issue is there are a lot of different reasons that lesbians might gravitate towards BL. I got into BL and M/M shipping when I was very young because the offerings for GL and F/F were few and far between and I hung out in fandoms for girls. I've since lost interest with the rise of GL webtoons that appeal to me more, but I like femgaze romance stories. I also read a lot of shoujo when I was young and would pretend the men were butch lesbians. None of this has ever made me interested in any man sexually, romantically, or even platonically. It sounds like your real gripe is with lesbian fujos who exclusively consume BL porn and have zero interest in fictional women, but I just don't see this happen enough to think it justifies the level of sperging about it that happens on this site. At this point it feels like making up a woman to get mad at. I'm sure there are repressed Kinsey 5s who are calling themselves fujos, just like I'm sure many lesbian fujos are exclusively interested in women. And I find it exhausting that lesbians are constantly hyper-scrutinized for our interests in a way literally no one else is. I see straight girls talk about their waifus all the time, no one is interrogating them for it. If a lesbian wants to read some Genshin yaoi rated M slow burn 100k fanfiction I'm just not going to stress about it. Especially not when at the same time, there are women insisting it's true and honest dyke behavior to have sex with actual real men.

No. 364588

>I use pooner because I was a /tttt/ regular for a long time
Yeah we can tell.

It's a waste of time explaining it to her when she isn't open to considering things outside of her own experience and perspective and only drags out the conversation just to have a fight over it. You can repeat "but we don't self insert and mostly enjoy the female community and edgy stories" until exhaustion and she would still go in circles about it. Engaging with an average obsessed fujosperg is pointless, it should've ended with the troonbrained rape fantasies.

No. 364628

Nona are you the anon who posted earlier about having consumed heavily scrote-y content? I would talk to you if you want, I struggle with similar issues myself.

No. 364632

>They don't assume we're interested in them because a tiny niche of terminally online lesbians read about anime boys kissing, it's because they hate us and fundamentally don't respect us or our boundaries
Not like simping after fictional men helps anyway.
>I got into BL and M/M shipping when I was very young because the offerings for GL and F/F were few and far between and I hung out in fandoms for girls
What attracted you to BL though? I got into yuri 12 years ago despite it not being plentiful at all, but the little yuri out there made me very happy. And during puberty I also hung out with lots of weeb girls who were fujos and tried to get me into yaoi, but reading about two men together in a romantic setting was super boring to me. Given, I never liked anime men or had a husbando (which makes sense because I like women?) so I suppose that's why I find yaoi deeply uninteresting.
>I also read a lot of shoujo when I was young and would pretend the men were butch lesbians
I'm not attacking this, but I find it very curious. I guess I'm too autistic to make up headcanons. Probably why I was never big into fics or parody doujins. This is just something I truly don't understand, but again I don't think I have an issue with it. Just weird.
>It sounds like your real gripe is with lesbian fujos who exclusively consume BL porn and have zero interest in fictional women
Well definitely, but specially the fujos that have husbandos and read erotic yaoi and masturbate to it. Some anon here said she reads BL but skips the sex scenes or something, which sounds fair to me but it's also weird that you read something that you don't actually like? Why would you put yourself through BL works if you're disgusted by them anyway?
>but I just don't see this happen enough to think it justifies the level of sperging about it that happens on this site
Not sure about other places but at least in imageboards those lesbian fujos are pretty common. Maybe the anonymity allows these fujos to admit they like ero yaoi because if they did elsewhere they would have their identity questioned by people that "know" them.
>I see straight girls talk about their waifus all the time
Tell me where you see these heterosexual girls who have waifus unironically. Just because they are in a het relationship doesn't mean they are not bisexual. All the weeb girls that I know IRL that have waifus and read yuri are bishits in hetero relationships.
>there are women insisting it's true and honest dyke behavior to have sex with actual real men
Well in my opinion if lesbian fujos didn't have yaoi brainrot they very well could be those women if they had LGBTQAII+++ brainrot and were normies instead. Fujos that poon out and used to date women and other fujos already do a 180 and exclusively fuck men afterwards.

No. 364636

what did she say? I missed it kek

No. 364643

We need a thread for lesbians who leave the house and have sex. Then I wouldn't have to read about manga or fucking anime all the time.

No. 364645

Agree. The obsessed yuriweeb's behavior is so ridiculously bitchless I'm exhausted just scrolling past her retardation. Lesbians who actually go outside don't fantasize about brutally raping other women and at least don't sign them with a vocaroo link of all things, the state of Lolcow users keeps sinking. Where the fuck are the mods.

No. 364658

For someone who complained about yuri being "infantilizing" you sure are butthurt when women express their sexual attraction to other women. So for you women cannot have sexual fantasies that do not fit your standards (whatever they might be), and this is why you turn to sexualize fictional men because you're absolutely repulsed at the idea of seeing women in a sexual light. You're not even bisexual, you're a fucking hetero bitch LARPing.

No. 364659

I genuinely do not give a shit, Blaine. Go away.

No. 364661

>I genuinely do not give a shit
You sure show it by having made a dozen posts not even replying to me being absolutely buttblasted about the situation.

No. 364663

I feel like I have terrible luck with women. The only women who actively pursue me are actually not that interested in women and just want a fun taboo experiment. Where are all the lesbians? On dating apps? I've avoided them because of the stunning and brave, unicorn hunters, general awkwardness, etc., but I'm sick of being lonely and a plaything to women who physically recoil at the prospect of sex with other women. Are dating apps worth it? If you have a gf, where'd you meet her?

No. 364664

I assume you don't have a circle of friends that could introduce you to girls irl, so I think the answer entirely depends on where you live. In Anglo countries and Europe I think most women meet each other through dating apps these days. Yes, you have to dig through the undesirables but most single women are in these apps. Good luck finding a lesbian though, lesbians are very rare. I would say that your best bet is a bisexual that only wants to date women.

No. 364666

I said I’m in love with the yuri person
Idk if I should share my discord on here but yeah I’m the same person. I’m not sure if I can help but I’d also like to talk to someone who went through similar experiences as me!

No. 364669


No. 364673

I made a throwaway mail if you feel like sending it to me that way: 3956334@protonmail.com
I'm not really looking for help, don't worry, it's just nice to know people similar to me exist. Maybe that's "help" in itself, though!

No. 364678

Not to be all stranger danger and a nagging bitch but for lurking newfags and Twitter refugees, always be cautious about contacting people from threads. Multiple anons in the friend finder threads have been outed as moids. Even some of the verified female ones have been outed as trolls working with their fugly r9k boyfriends to fuck with women here. Not saying it always ends badly but be careful.

No. 364679

It makes me so mad to see some autistic straight woman call you a man for liking lesbian content while she thinks she cna claim to be a lesbian even though she comsumes hardcore gay male porn, unironically is in love with a male actor or character and gets turned on by men.

No. 364681

Samefagging schizo

No. 364683

Anime was a mistake

No. 364684

File: 1702314291724.jpg (33.07 KB, 446x400, laughing_rapists.jpg)

I don't need to samefag when thankfully people with a brain lurk in this thread. The idea that lesbians are not obsessed with gaymen and gaysex shouldn't be controversial holy shit. I swear you fuckers are tranny-tier delusional. On a side note, I'm actually sorry for shitting up this thread, but the posters that confronted fujos in the past threads were so easy to give up common sense in order to not start a fight. I get that most women want to be understanding and kind, but to forgo common fucking sense is what got us into this tranny mess in the first place. Fujos might be way more harmless, but it still hurts my intellect to see women being so rabidly set on being lesbians while fucking men irl, and fujos are just one step below by being such huge husbandofags and moid lovers even if fictional because autism. Just absolutely baffling.
>wahh titties trigger me
>wahh i can only relate to a fandom that's 90% heterosexual women
>wahh i hate seeing women in sexual situations even from female creators thus i must jerk off to dicks
At this point I'm truly convinced that you're not even bisexual. I actually feel dumb for even making that assumption.

No. 364685

Don’t worry you don’t sound like “a nagging bitch” at all. I’m very stupid with internet safety, I use my real first name almost everywhere (mostly because I like it and because I’m too lazy to come up with a new one) and I have a tendency (you can probably tell, sorry) about sharing personal details about events and people in my life. I’m kinda nervous to contact that person but I’ll try to make a throwaway email as well. Sorry for my posts, you can probably tell I’m really naive and dumb by reading them lol.

No. 364690

No one is shitting on you and calling you a moid just for being a fujosperg, you literally write moidy rape fantasies about women you don't like and write the most vitriolic 4chan-tier shit. You are so fucking obsessed and deranged. Just kys or learn to integrate. You have no self-awareness. Male-brained cluster b POS.(alogging)

No. 364691

File: 1702316338291.png (1.02 MB, 2900x4096, 55181060-ae36-4aa6-ab5d-5f07ea…)

Ah sorry, I guess femoidy rape fantasies about moids raping moids is more up your alley like in your beloved buttfucking mangoes, unfortunately I don't find moids sexually attractive so I would rather have those fantasies with only women in mind. But of course, me sexualizing women in ways that your heterosexual brain cannot comprehend makes me moidbrained, because lesbians can only validly sexualize women in your own terms, which is some kawaii uguu turbo sapphic handholding rebranded BFF or some kind of shit. I cannot like titties and ass, that's disgusting malegaze stuff. Male male male. I must have males rent free 24/7. I must remind myself constantly that sexy women are disgusting because men like sexy women. I must not have any fetishes that are not hetero foid approved or I'm a male. Because I hate men and because I'm so obsessed with them I must find refuge in 2D world and have a bishie husbando I will gaslight myself into thinking he looks like an anime girl despite not being even close to looking like a trap. I must consoom bishies fucking each other because women are so disgusting they don't turn me on but it's fine because I can pretend bishies are somehow butches with their very butchy proportions and dicks fucking each other in their butt. The epitome of lesbian sex. At last I truly see.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364694

Why do you people keep replying to him? You should be banned too, fucks sake

No. 364695

I'm not even a fucking fujo or whoever you think you are talking to you. No one is telling you to like men or hetshit you fucking retard. Just kys already, no one likes you. Yes your disgusting rape threats are moidy and embarrassing. Your mother should have aborted your mentally insane low iq ass. You have the worst reading comprehension I have ever witnessed.(alogging)

No. 364699

>rape threats
I never threatened anyone with rape. If me voicing a fantasy is your whole fucking problem then you're fucking stupid. As if there aren't women here with worse fantasies than "raping" a fujo. There is a fucking furry animalfucker in the thread for fucks sake.

No. 364703

>there is a fucking furry animalfucker in the thread for fucks sake

No. 364707

furry =/ zoophile

No. 364709

No. 364711

Lolicons are also not pedos and other lies you tell to yourself.(bait)

No. 364713

but furries are humanized, they don't look anything like real animals

No. 364715

lmao what the fuck

No. 364718

wasn't this written by a troon who compares homosexuality to incest in this story?

No. 364719

Anime art style can be so boring sometimes that it doesn't make me feel anything

No. 364722

No. 364723

>during comphet
Of course

No. 364724

WAIT IS IS???? I honestly rarely look into the authors because I just read what I like, is that true?!?? Girls can’t have sHIT

No. 364725

File: 1702319778826.png (529.29 KB, 956x601, Discord.png)

I always found this to be absolute garbage just like any other isekai really, but when I found out that the author is a tranny I trashed it. MC is like lesbian Kanako but 1000% more unfunny. Maria Holic is also trash but at least the author is a foid and it makes me laugh.

Pic related what she sent me today at 2AM. She bought VR just for this shit. I know she browses LC so I tried censoring to the best of my abilities. If you're here, I apologize for airing out your business like this.
>wasn't this written by a troon who compares homosexuality to incest in this story?
Dunno if in the story but the dumbfuck really went to twatter and posted a "love is love" kind of shit with the incest. Of course since most of his fanbase are western retarded they cheered on him like the stupid tranny cocksuckers they are. I also hate that most of his fans are women. Wish they would wake the fuck up.

No. 364726

File: 1702319945312.jpg (53.43 KB, 550x341, 1098287136017.jpg)

Do yourself a favor and stop consuming isekaishit. I swear zoomers are unable to have good taste in yuri.

No. 364727

this is the tamest shit ever, it's not even furry
it's just an anime girl with dog ears

No. 364728

If you two live in nyc let’s scheme on which lesbian bar to start making the official lolcow hookup spot. Unfortunately they do get troons and and riffraff, but there’s power in numbers.

No. 364729


AUGH I DIDNT KNOW THAT EW!!!! I swear everytime I actually enjoy something with f/f ships there’s always a catch. Lesson learned, im gonna wash my brain with bleach now


I grew up in a conservative country, if I allowed myself to enjoy anything f/f at all, I would have gotten into huge trouble. I was super ashamed of being a lesbian at the time and my preteen brain thought I could “cure” myself by forcing myself to enjoy straight stuff…didn’t work ofc

No. 364730

I just wanted to show you that she's really a furfag. Like fursuit and everything furfag. Had that conversation a couple times, and the dog/dragon dildos.

No. 364732


Any yuri recs I can use to bleach my brain with? Lesson has been learned, I’m not an avid yuri consumer so I usually only see stuff that gets mainstream, which this one did

No. 364735

File: 1702320426504.png (111.97 KB, 207x503, todayisafinedayforyuri.png)

>I swear everytime I actually enjoy something with f/f ships there’s always a catch
>so I usually only see stuff that gets mainstream
Yeah, I can see that. If you don't fucking know how to Google, no wonder you all think yuri is by men made for men since you sit on your ass being spoonfed by moids and normies with the shit they like. You can read some from these authors, they are all women(female(XX)) >>364447 or if you tell me what you like maybe I can give you a more spot on rec.

No. 364737

File: 1702322126647.jpeg (159.27 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1572.jpeg)


I really like fantasy stuff, which is probably why I fell so hard for that one. I read some yuri written by women, but it usually tends to be slice of life. Nothing wrong with slice of life, of course, but I like fantasy settings with royalty, knights, magic and such. Also I’m sorry for having horrible taste in yuri, I have no lesbian yuri friends to steer me in the right direction

No. 364740

Someone needs to start a waifu shitposting thread

No. 364743

>Even some of the verified female ones have been outed as trolls working with their fugly r9k boyfriends to fuck with women here
pathetic, almost wanna use some blackpilled language here.

No. 364750

File: 1702325212789.png (2.94 MB, 1038x1500, 1488251258886.png)

Tbh I hate the fantasy genre, and also there is not much of it in JP yuri, but I will list out the ones I remember.
>omae gotoki
Not sure about the author, but the artist (Minakata Sunao) is a woman "married" to Morishima Akiko, another yuri author. Story is pretty dark as far as I know, so not a comedy like WataOshi.
Author is a woman, and as far as I know there are a lot of feminist rants in the novels. Personally I don't like japs take on feminism so it's probably cringe but honestly I don't know for sure.
Unsure about the authors sex, I think they are a duo. Not like it matters though, even if they were women this work reads as if it was written by middle schoolers but if you really like fantasy settings you might enjoy it. The yuri develops quite fast unlike the next one.
Author is male. Honestly one of the few male yuri authors that are readable. It's good if you're into JP net and urban legends. Read the novels though, the anime is beyond salvation and the manga is slow.
>the witches' marriage
If you like fluff, comedy and lighthearted series you might like this. I think it counts as oneloli though so careful if you seethe with that, but if you are into it then check out Itou Hachi she also does a lot of fantasy settings.
>akai ito/aoi shiro
These are visual novels. I will be honest, I only played them once like ten years ago so I don't remember much besides them being good and having a whole fucking lot of heavy lore and Japanese mythology. Artstyle is not the best though, since they are early 2000s moe. They are NOT ero btw.
>nagori yuu
These two are female authors that do a lot of fantasy/monster girl romance focused works if you're into that.
>onee-sama to kyojin
I know what I said about isekai but the action in this one is pretty good and I like the MC. Author is male though.
I don't fucking know the appeal of this one, I dropped it as soon as best girl died. It's pretty popular in nipland though. Author is female and also does yaoi.
>the princess of sylph
In my backlog, will read soon. Sorta popular right now and looks nice.
>the princess in wolf's clothing
Kemonomimi in some sort of medieval Europe setting. Pure fluff diabeetus etc etc it's just romance but I liked it.
Pic related. It's an anime and hands down it's one of the best I've seen. Even if it wasn't yuri it would be good in my opinion. Like half the episodes were written by >okada mari when she was still good. Beware contains GB (female > male) for plot reasons, but the main characters are never GB.

There are many more fantasy yuri that don't really get translated and they also get axed pretty early on. Overall, fantasy and action are not very popular in the genre, and most of the people who venture to write about it are moids anyway. My honest suggestion is to check out Korean and Chinese GL instead.

No. 364754

>Itou Hachi
So are you against lolishit or not?

No. 364756

File: 1702326161653.png (864.07 KB, 844x1200, 006.png)

I know this will sound like cope but I read Itou Hachi for the onee-sans. They are just so fucking cool. Otherwise, not that interested in oneloli. Like for example I never finished works like Yuzumori-san or Be Careful Onee-san since I lost interest. Only loli show I genuinely enjoyed was Ichigo Mashimaro because it's funny. WataTen and TsubaKuma put me to sleep. I really can't stand most lolis.

No. 364757

I have learned over the past 24 hours that lesbians have no self control when it comes to not responding to bait. You guys are still seriously engaging with a poster that unironically says “foid”, watches loli, has fantasies about raping women, and admits they came from 4chan. Truly pathetic

No. 364758

Go read about scrotes, fujolard.

No. 364759

For someone who is supposedly disinterested in scrotes you sure love talking about them and their cocks. You've done it by far more than anyone else ITT.

No. 364760

I won't be desexualizing yaoi in my words to appeal to your delusion that somehow it's not a fetish.

No. 364761


No. 364762

ignore them anon. Bi/straight women who have porn addictions love to larp as lesbians although you KNOW they have never ever had even one gf nevermind did anything with a woman irl. Theyll just masturbate to men and say theyre lesbians to cope with the shame they feel because of their porn addiction. Its not that different than men who suck dick, enjoy tranny porn yet identify as straight

No. 364763

furries are zoophiles, lolifags are pedos. please get help and stop consuming those contents

No. 364766

I believe fujos are bisexual/straight too, but the delivery and obsessive schizoposting in this thread is way too much.
Based for mentioning Simoun, but mento illness is mento illness, or maybe this is what absolute desperation looks like?

No. 364774

At this point I'm pretty sure it's him replying to himself. The mods need to be quicker nuking his posts.

No. 364778

>Discussion on yuri media
Take this to the yuri thead

No. 364798

What delivery do you want though? Meekly bow to the fujoshits like people did in past threads because they would gang up on them? I'm not afraid of confronting these delusional retards and calling them out on their stupidity.

No. 364807

Just elaborate on your views and drop the argument after, you posted so much and sound so assblasted i wouldn’t be surprised if a fujo cucked you.
And yes, I’m brainrotted in my own ways but I wouldn’t date fujos because they’re insufferable, I don’t have fujo friends either because pretending I’m into their subpar gay scrote fiction is exhausting, so they can go be “lesbians” in their contained spaces, I simply ignore their posts on here, who the fuck cares? You can’t ban them off the thread and many posters aren’t into weebshit in the first place, so this kind of draggy infighting gets ridiculous fast. Sure, you could go on a different tangent about the current state of imageboards and I would probably agree with you, but that’s beside the point.

No. 364809

Anon I think you have incredibly based tastes. Is it okay if I message you?

No. 364811

Anon she's just going to call you a "fujolard" and sperg more about cock and anal tears and "foids". Don't engage, she's been here literally around the clock with no gaps in between for several days doing this shit, she's not going to be swayed by your post.

No. 364813

I don't live in NYC but at this point I'd fucking move because it's that dire. Actually, the last time I was in NYC, I met a girl at a club and we did make out, but I had to leave the next day and forgot to get her number before I left. I'm fine with elbowing a tranny out the way if it gets me to a beautiful interesting lesbian, idc anymore.

No. 364815

A fujo didn't cuck me but yes, I am assblasted for the same reason I get assblasted when moids pretend to be women or anyone else tries to deny the reality of things for whatever reason. Again, I apologize for the spergout. I acknowledge I did go too far. I did genuinely try to understand lesbians fujos before I lost it to the retarded fucker calling me a tranny and a samefag for the 20th time though. I concede.

Sure, nonna.

No. 364846

i hope you two hit it off and start dating only for anon to come out as a fujo 3 months into your relationship

No. 364854

Kek nona

No. 364865

Is it weird that I can’t sleep without thinking about sex/cuddling someone? I stay awake if I don’t. Its always a specific woman too, and I’m beginning to straight up hate it because I’m getting the ick I should’ve gotten a long while ago. Its so hard to think about random people I can project my thoughts on like fictional characters or celebrities unless I’m straight up masturbating which is different for some reason. I don’t know who to picture in my fantasies anymore. I know shes unhealthy for me, but she’s the only thing that comes to mind. It just feels so pathetic now.

No. 364867

I mean, it's not healthy but I'm in similar shoes. I always need to think about cuddling someone to sleep, and unless I'm deliberately trying to trick myself into ignoring my feelings (at that point I'll think of like… my first major crush which was Hermione or something), it's a specific person too. So this type of unhealthiness might be more common than you think.

No. 364877

>fujo cucked you
Nta but oh my god stop consuming porn. Why would you think about cucking when anons point out women who get turned on by men and male bodies are straight? How pornrot is your brain that you use an insult only pornsick men use? Also stop calling everyone samefag, if you spoke to any lesbian irl and told her you got off to men, she would tell you you are just straight. This isn't some super unpopular opinion.
No one besides fellow male attracted anons think you can like men's bodies and be attracted to them but still call yourself a lesbian. Both fujos, husbandofags and straight anons have tens of threads to post in but you still come here to fight because you get so upset about not being to invade the one place that you're not allowed to talk about your attraction to men in.

No. 364906

That anon wrote disgusting coomer fantasies about corrective raping fujos into sex slaves and went full scrotelike chimpout on everyone telling her to calm the fuck down and stop shitting up the thread putting her edgy 4chan socialization on full display complete with obsessive descriptions of anal sex and unironical use of stellar vernacular like "foids" and "pooners", loli content apologism and admitting to being a /tttt/ regular of all things. I think someone making a joke about imaginary fujos living rent free inside her head having traumatized her with cucking is the least malebrained thing that has happened in this thread for the past days and she has no right to play victim over having been called a tranny for acting like a textbook one in a thread that constantly gets derailed and baited by one. Over fucking Japanese cartoons.

It's clear that she has an enormous chip on her shoulder for one reason or another combined with severe emotional issues and I'm seething at the mods for not stepping it despite multiple reports being made by several different anons. It's not even about fujos anymore (if it ever was), it's someone having a full on schizo meltdown and thinking "oopsy woopsy I apologize for going too far!!!" and then getting provoked into continuing again and again puts her at no fault. I remember when this thread was actually respectful and adult having a surprisingly high average poster age a few years ago but now I feel like I'm at least 15 years older than the current generation of people posting here. God bless the great lesbian anons who I've had eye-opening conversations on here but this is it, /g/ is dead and abandoned.(derailing)

No. 364911

If fujos can get off to the sickest porn like a dad raping his son or brothers raping each other then a lesbian can post about whatever fantasies she wants in the LESBIAN thread without being judged.

No. 364912

Not everyone wants to read about your degeneracy though. This thread >>>/g/342326 might be more up your alley

No. 364913


No. 364914

Her meltdown was triggered by someone asking "would you date a lesbian fujo", (which in itself sounds like a bait being laid to be honest) nothing more. Nobody was here talking about incest rape, nobody was really even talking about fujoshis before she went on her rampage. The only person who's been talking about gay sex has been her. Having frequented these threads for years literally the only time I even remember fujos bringing their fujo-ism up was someone mentioning that she likes to cosplay anime bishounens with her girlfriend or something and that was a very long while ago, the only other times the topic has come up it's always been someone ranting and raving about fujos being fake dykes completely unprovoked. It's actual mental illness to have a psychotic episode lasting for days like that and start posting vocaroos and explicit sexual fantasies in the middle of it and any marginally sane person will agree with this. When even other antifujos are telling you you're insane then you know you crossed a line.

No. 364915

Posting here because desperate, want input from lesbians and because I'm afraid that depending on where I post I will just get "transition you idiot".
I've dealt quite a bit with internalized homophobia and sexual shame ever since I figured out I was a lesbian, all the way through coming out and starting to date women, and I've never really found a constructive way to deal with it, even though I'm out. I flip-flopped a lot with coming out and with dating women, using Christianity as a crutch to suppress my feelings and to avoid confronting my sexuality in general, as well as the fact that I suspect I have some degree of gender dysphoria (things like hips and height).
I would label myself as butch mainly because it describes my experiences faster and more simply than anything else, but at the same time I've been tempted go on T (or low-dose) for a while, and part of why I haven't is because I guess for a long time I got too fixated with figuring out whether I was trans or not and with having the "right" label (putting myself in a box), and then by being exposed to more radfem ideas that made re-think whether I needed to do anything medical/social at all. So at this point I'm basically just trying to work on trying to get to the point where I can be happy, but it's weird because I'm out as a lesbian to people at this point but at the same time I have all this other identity and sexuality-related stuff going on in the background that no one knows about and I would struggle with explaining anyway. I'm in my mid-20s and I feel that I should have gotten used to living in this sort of murky intermediate area (where my experiences overlap a lot with butches and also with trans people), but I haven't really. I've questioned for long whether transitioning to live as a man (and being read as a man) would make me happy in the end but I'm getting more and more skeptical about whether that could happen or whether I ever even really wanted to be a man or just to get rid of the shame and loneliness (and to cope with dysphoria as I know do by losing fat and lifting weights). I guess maybe looking for a community of people IRL who will share some of my experiences might help. I currently don't spend any time IRL with any lesbians. I've taken some steps relatively recently to look for more community online (on reddit, reading articles and news, etc.), and I've started pushing myself to read things by lesbian writers (like Stone Butch Blues).
I also really want to date someone but I still feel very challenged and afraid of my own sexuality. I generally feel very unattractive and feel that if I do what I want as a GNC person that there's no market for that (which is false I know). I also have garbage body image in general due to being smaller in size and height. The aforementioned internalized homophobia is probably not helping at all. I have the impression a lot of this stuff would be best addressed with a therapist, but I'm a bit worried about whether I'm going to be able to open up about this after holding it in for so long in situ, especially to a straight therapist. Any advice is welcome.

No. 364916

Is your BMI over 30? Don't you have anything better to do than stalk a thread and attack anyone who criticizes your porn addiction? You answer so fast and this argument has been going on since yesterday even the original poster has left. Like go take a nap at this point.

No. 364917

Obviously don't transition. Consider that most people don't want to date a trans person (except tranny chasers, but they're rare and probably crazy). Trans surgeries look really bad. Idk what else would help, maybe read more gencrit theory.

No. 364919

youre both pornsick retards who should take it to dms and stfu on here. we are tired of you relentlessly making the thread about yourselves, one is addicted to rape porn, other is addicted to cucking or homosexual men raping one another. you are both ruining the mood and I beg you to just take your personal vendettas to a private platform where you can argue as much as you want without derailing here.

No. 364921

It's just a straight woman who wants to control what anons post. She's also been spamming in meta as if she isnt the main person igniting infights in a thread she's unwelcome

No. 364922

I'm the anon who brought up cucking (kek), we are more than one poster. Weird reaction given how obvious it is the og antifujo sperg is one person instead, and she posted much more than us combined. I made a joke, never argued with her original point, only said she was shitting up a thread with the same flavor of ragey autism again and again, and most posters don't give a fuck. I appreciate her calming down and understanding my point, but what are you going schizo over now?(infighting/derailing)

No. 364924

For the love of god please stop derailing and take this to another platform. No one cares about your infight aside from maybe 3 anons.

No. 364925

File: 1702376106674.jpg (36.22 KB, 540x960, 1700514973620821.jpg)

Stop arguing

No. 364934

SAMEFAG(use reports)

No. 364935

I love antifujo sperg and I want to marry her

No. 364936

She has hardly slept in days, she is probably very stinky because she is too busy sweating and seething to even shower

No. 364937

Makes me like her even more

No. 364938

I want to lick a cute womans sweaty pits

No. 364940

Me and you both

No. 364941

fr. I mean I love manga and anime, but for the love of god 'd kill to have a space to interact with lesbians who actually go out and do shit like camping and fuck women

No. 364951

Thirding. Preferably like, post-workout or something though, not after an online argument.

No. 364958

I dreamed about her btw

No. 364960

Who asked

No. 365004

File: 1702407427069.jpg (241.22 KB, 860x860, 1476479863365.jpg)

Wow, how come women only like me when I act like an absolute nigger? My exgf fell for me the same way. When I'm Nice™ I'm essentially invisible to women. What the fuck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 365048

Is there a lesbian term for beard? I’m seeing this really nice older woman who’s been telling me about how she absolutely despises sex with her husband, and that she doesn’t really love him, but she sort of forced herself to present as straight in order to get tuition money from her religious family. Then she got pregnant and sort of felt like she had to stay, but she’s only exploring her sexuality now, that she isn’t stuck at home anymore.

I really like her and we almost made out today, but I couldn’t go through with it cause I don’t want to be the affair partner. She very clearly isn’t happy in her marriage, and she’s been talking about leaving her husband and dating me, but I just can’t bring myself to actually do anything with her until after they break up.

No. 365049

I'd also be cautious in this situation. If she's willing to cheat on her husband, she's more likely to be willing to cheat on any of her partners– which would include future-you, too. Have empathy for her situation, always, but temper your expectations and make sure you can trust her before getting into anything serious.

No. 365051

“Lavender marriage”

No. 365058

Ask her to get a divorce before doing anything.

No. 365066

it's good that you're working out - physical exertion and improvement does a lot to improve your mental and physical health. Just keep working on yourself and building up your skills so you don't have as much room for and/or care less about, your physical appearance. IRL community (or even a close online friend group) can go a long way in helping you feel more understood and with your "tribe," so to speak. At the same time, try to avoid things/reminders that trigger your dysphoria the most if you can. I avoided looking at mirrors for more than 5 seconds for like a year, for example. There's no reason why your instance of dysphoria won't also be one of the majority cases that go away one you make it out of your young adulthood.

A lot of transitioners seem to use transition as a bandage solution for a gaping wound of an identity crises/confidence booster that requires uncontrollable external validation to maintain, rather than a "I've tried methods x y z a b c and decided that my mind-body disconnect is so severe that medical intervention has to be in my treatment". What kind of changes are you hoping T would give you? Maybe you can keep a notebook to dissect those hopes and see their underlying roots when you have bits of time, e.g: I'm dysphoric over my voice and it makes me wish I took T -> why? because I want a deeper voice -> why? my voice feels too feminine for me -> why? is it the pitch? speaking patterns? etc? -> if I had a deeper voice I'd sound more authoritative and powerful, and people would treat me as such -> why? because of misogyny. women's voices are described as shrill/soft/submissive/people-pleasing/etc while men's voices are often at worst considered neutral -> the fault is not in my body, but society. Meanwhile, I can practice speaking more confidently with no up-speak, decrease the frequency I use "like/uh/um/if that makes sense?/etc" that make my words lose their momentum.

Maybe reading 'Detransition: Beyond Before and After' by Max Robinson can help you even a little. She's a detrans lesbian who wrote a memoir about her experiences and within the general lgb and tq+ community during and after that time. I'm still on a waiting list to read it from my library, but I've heard great things about it from the desisted/detrans women I know.

No. 365081

Be careful, chances are this won't grow into anything serious and you will get your heart broken. Being with married people is wrong, especially if they have kids. How would you feel if you knew your father cheated with men?

No. 365086

I’ve been pretty much keeping her at arms length cause I definitely don’t want to be the affair partner. She’s really nice and unhappy, but she’s also really afraid of divorce, even though she knows she’s never gonna truly love her husband. I’ve pretty much been her emotional support friend but I feel bad for her too

No. 365106

advanced dedication to arguing to post a vocaroo link kek but you're right and i like your voice

No. 365135

Most married women feel like her, even if theyre straight. The husband probably neglects her and her kids, she seeks out love from someone else because she isnt valued at home. While we all feel bad for her, we cant do much to ensure her happiness. Just dont fall for her. She's already seeking a type of love she's never going to find, you'll end up in the same position if you fall for her. It's a complicated situation.

No. 365369

It’s understandable to feel bad for her, but you have to take care of yourself, too. Don’t let yourself get dragged into something that will only break your own heart in the end.

No. 365472

>Maybe reading 'Detransition: Beyond Before and After' by Max Robinson can help you even a little. She's a detrans lesbian who wrote a memoir about her experiences and within the general lgb and tq+ community during and after that time. I'm still on a waiting list to read it from my library, but I've heard great things about it from the desisted/detrans women I know.
Seconding this. I actually found a free copy online via Z-Library, but I highly recommend buying it too if you can.

No. 365798

Thanks a lot for the advice. I will go over all the suggestions, and I have already got the book (thanks for that suggestion as well, didn't know the author).

No. 365807

What's her @ pls

No. 365827

Nta but thanks so much for bringing up that book. There's a woman I've been in love with for years who went enby, she let it get as far as top surgery because she wanted femininity to be like a mask she could take on and off. Predictably, she's showing major signs of regret and I've been looking for resources she might find useful.

No. 366012

why is this type of woman always from a europoor country lmao

No. 366063

I'm pretty sure she's south american.

No. 366175

what about her voice makes you think so?

No. 366229

Sounds Eastern Euro to me. I've known similar types of women from places like Romania and Latvia too, I don't know why.

No. 366231

I can guess pretty well where someone is from just from their accent and she sounds very south american to me.

No. 366358

Agree. Japanese yuri is still clearly made for moids or by traumatized, self hating women in Japan. Chinese GL is so superior.

No. 366362

I live in D.C, but we really only have gay bars here, though they are welcoming to most.

No. 366413

You have to be seriously delusional if you think self-hating/traumatized women publish works like this

No. 366432

Can someone explain what Yuri is to a non weeb

No. 366437

File: 1702948472230.jpg (1003.34 KB, 1000x1414, 87080918_p0.jpg)

Yeah this has moid vibes

No. 366455

shut the fuck up about yuri please. all weebs are a terminal cancer on the world

>first crush?

I had infatuations on characters from shows as a kid (Azula from Avatar the last airbender, Gwen from Total Drama Island), but my first actual crush that I only later realized was one, was on my middle school best friend. as little cringelords tend to do at that age, we talked about all the memes we saw on tumblr at lunch and got along like a house on fire. I moved away for high school and she was the only one I bothered to keep in contact with through texts, although we drifted apart when I stopped initiating contact. I even got to a point where I dreamt that we were at a pool party, held hands, and kissed under the fireworks and still came away thinking I was asexual lmao. Luckily I realized in high school that I'm homo
>what were you like as a kid? tomboy? girly girl who made her Barbies kiss?
Total tomboy, I'd run around barefoot all the time and my parents had to twist my arms to get me into a dress, and that was only after hours of fighting. I didn't even register gender roles as anything but stupid for a while, and was surprised when me using the male form of address to other people (ESL) made people around me do a double-take.
As a kid I didn't see much great female characters around on the screen and just kept reading books. I hate that Riordan shilled out to become a clueless woke normie, but Annabeth Chase and Clarisse La Rue were so amazing. Especially in the final book where Clarisse single-handedly cleared several blocks of monsters by herself out of her love and grief for Silena, her dead friend. It was a pretty powerful scene
>lesbian literature
I read Carmilla the other day! Written by a moid but I always heard of it as one of theee books to read when it comes to historical lesbian lit. Ngl speaking from a modern perspective I wish Carmilla racked up a higher body count and thought she was kind of funny for basically being a scummy fuckboi

No. 366471

its japanese media about 2 girls/women in love

No. 366486

File: 1702969291938.jpg (1.47 MB, 1153x2560, 2311.jpg)

Am I thinking too much about this, or should it be considered a red flag?

I've been involved with my partner since early October. We've gone on several dates, she has slept over several times, and I've introduced her to my friends. We've been dating for a bit. She talks about her family and friend often but she has never introduced me, not even to her friends. I once told her that it would like to meet them, but she made it seem like it wasn't worth me time, that they would "overwhelm me with questions" so I dropped it.

I'm just worried that I'm being kept as a secret, or being lied too? It's December, enough time has passed. I haven't even been invited to anything around her neighborhood. All of our dates have been in my area.

No. 366498

Oh I have read that one, it's pretty cute. Yeah the author is a normal married woman with a child, she wanted to try her hand at drawing GL.

No. 366528

Yes, it's a huge red flag and shady af. She could invite you to coffee or lunch with one or two friends if she thinks they would overwhelm you. She is either hiding you from them or hiding them from you. Sorry, anon.

No. 366529

It's reasonable to feel the way you do, anon. Try to find a time to speak to her about how you feel. She might just want to hang around your area more because it's more fun for her. Tell her your feelings and how you want to meet her friends, etc. some people dont want to introduce their girlfriends to their friends after only 2 months. Also, the holidays are a weird time for everyone. I would give it until after new years to be fair.

No. 366534

File: 1703005147967.jpg (Spoiler Image,244.37 KB, 750x1087, Love_and_SeX_11.jpg)

Next you're gonna tell me that turboshoujo works like this have moid vibes.(spoiler shit like this)

No. 366540

im sure some anons will say it is because the women are feminine and not awkward nerds or masc
also you gotta spoiler that anime titty, im not a minimodder but anons love to sperg about minor trangressions like that because they have nothing going on in their life

No. 366577

It's that one is significantly taller towering over and has a shitty tail it's like an autistic furry tranny self insert lmao, don't do femmes like this. Minor transgression sperging being your post about your imaginary opps

No. 366644

can any nonas tell me about their experiences with relationships or women they’ve liked? I don’t have much of a reason to ask, I’m just used to hearing stories from a heterosexual perspective and it’d be nice to hear a lesbian one. whether it be venting about an ex/crush or wholesome and cute stories, I’d love to hear it!

No. 366680


I hate the fact that being attracted to femme/large breasted women or women who wear makeup is seen as treason in the lesbian community especially by weird insecure butch gatekeepers. If you aren’t attracted to flat lanky women with pixie cuts or obese bulldykes with crew cuts you’re seen as a superficial lipstick lesbian with moid taste for appreciating femininity, as a LESBIAN no less. God forbid women who are attracted to femininity are attracted to pronounced secondary sex characteristics.

No. 366693

You're fucking stupid. Women of all sexualities salivate for a partner taller than them (I seethe because I'm a womanlet but what can you do). The kemonomimi is whatever but a lot of weeb women like that too. Shit there is a whole pedo fujo series with that theme obviously created by a woman. And as another anon said, the author of that one manga I linked is a hetslug with a baby and all. You're delusional.

Love and Sex oneshot by Chi-Ran.

>God forbid women who are attracted to femininity are attracted to pronounced secondary sex characteristics.

I'm convinced that women like these either have radfem brainrot or have sexual trauma that they project onto others. Or both at the same time. The amount of posts I see on the Internet from young lesbians being ashamed of feeling sexually attracted to women and fear that they are "objectifying" them is dumbfounding. These girls get gay converted into becoming troons because they end up convinced that women cannot sexualize other women and that's a moid thing.

No. 366722

anon you only dated her for few months, calm down

No. 366731

The feminine anime girl is tall, flat and lanky though. What is this victim complex?

No, that's just how your cartoon furry fetish looks to anyone sane on first appearance and saying "but characters like that are actually drawn by pedos and hetshitters with husbands and kids" doesn't help.

No. 366733

Can you do as other anons said and shut the fuck up about yuri and blathering on about lesbians being obese bulldykes with crew cuts who hate your taste in it because the cartoons wear makeup jesus christ

No. 366736

Farmhands need to start banning her for personalityfagging and baiting at this point. She is single-handedly ruining these threads with her turbo autism and antisocial nature. But it seems like they won’t do that, so the only option is for anons to STOP responding to her anime porn sperging and other cringe antics.

No. 366738

I can't believe you nonnas judged me for like anthro mlp while salivating over the most bland cardboard weeb shit with those gross flat 2d faces. Can't you at least post about hot 3d witcher games women?

No. 366742

>The feminine anime girl is tall, flat and lanky though. What is this victim complex?
Meant for >>366693

The thread begs for her to stop replying to herself to play woe is me because some lesbians don't wanna schlick to her nasty pedo manga porn (she compared the height gap to a pedo comic by a woman to defend it, what the fuck) with 6 foot underage boy Hunter Schafer proportions that the het author obviously based off her husband in question in "her first try at GL", anon is proving the point that one anon thought it seemed moidish by saying that. Begging for this JAV addict to step outside and meet real lesbians, being feminine and attracted to femininity is normal I promise, this is not. It's the white Discord kitten wannabes with an Asian fetish thinking Asians are more feminine and delicate and special, like they really wish they were, who treat femininity like it's not normal and go to anonymous imageboards to spam cartoon porn of them to prove how turned on by women they are. Meanwhile claiming it's proof they're bigger lesbos than [insert weird, hostile stereotypes about hairy scary asexual radfem lesbians because you have to be that to not be turned on by anime porn]. Retarded larp especially when the drawings posted usually don't look like grown women

No. 366751

I guess that could be a factor. Tbh she never brought up whether or not she's out to her friends or family. I have only assumed that she was because she is really affectionate in public. I'll try to bring it up after Christmas. I'll ask about New Years, since it's more of a friend holiday, and see from there.
That's what I'm afraid of. We share a lot of interests. Writing short stories, DnD, other nerdy hobbies. She tells me about all of the things she does when out with friends. I've always offered an invitation whenever my friends and I go out, incase she might be interested, so it bugs me that she never tried to include me in her circle even just for a small hang out.

And about being "overwhelmed" by her friends- feels like there is some odd implication? I'm generally a social person and can hold a conversation with just about anyone. I feel like she thinks there's a reason I won't like them or they won't like me or we won't click. I don't know? It was weird for her to say.
All and all, I feel that if she's happy to be involved in my life and meet those that I'm closest with she should offer the same. Also, we are both in our late 20s nearly 30, and not our first relationships. It's just stranging how she's moving with this…

No. 366795

It's a 4chan weeb obsessively schizoposting to make whichever thread it hyperfixates on all about anime porn/gay porn/schoolgirl love/dollified Japanese girls with big tits/women being moidish pedos too. If you disagree you're a fujolard or ugly fat dyke who hates lesbian sex. It could just go to the yuri thread but it wants to personalityfag here for attention from lesbians and get their emails and Discords.

Mods banned it but it ban evades and starts the same argument with itself again. I don't know why nonnies don't just scroll up instead of falling for the same bait.

No. 366838

Take your meds.(infighting)

No. 366839

I don't understand your point. You think that one series is moidish because the author made one of the girls slightly masculine and there is a big height gap? What? And at the same time you have people bitching in the thread that yuri only has turbo femme characters so they gotta read yaoi to headcanon butches into it. Then it's also moidish because the author is a het woman, but I suppose that you would say the same of similar works made by lesbian authors. At this point just say that your brain associates the anime artstyle to male authors and be done with it instead of talking retarded shit.(derailing)

No. 366842

I think she’s right

No. 366846

Why are you replying to it?

No. 367186

My gf recently told me that she wants kids in the next few years. I've always thought "maybe someday" but have never felt a strong urge. We've been dating a year and a half and I'm crazy in love with her but I don't know what to do. I don't want to waste her time if I end up not wanting kids, I just don't know right now. I really don't want to start over, we have such a good relationship. Has anyone experienced this before? It's tearing me up, I spend every night trying to imagine a life with kids…it's hard to imagine it but it's also horrible to picture my life without her in it

No. 367193

>1 year dating
>already wanting kids
She's 100% leaving you for a scrote so I hope you can fall out of love soon before you suffer. My condolences.

No. 367194

First time hearing real lesbians don't have kids together. First time for everything I guess

No. 367195

As long as you're telling her you're not sure about having kids, you should be fine. It does suck but it's better to discuss how you're feeling than to let things continue further

No. 367196

this isn’t a red flag. she said in the foreseeable future, not immediately. expressing this 1.5 years in is very normal especially if she’s in her late 20s imo

No. 367198

We've discussed it a lot, we both know where the other stands and we don't want to break up. But I know she could find someone who 100%, absolutely wants kids instead of waiting a few more years for me to decide

No. 367200

I see and don't feel responsible for her waiting. It says that she loves you and while she does want children, she values being with you and waiting with you more.

No. 367212

I'm not implying that, just that if she's already this desperate she might go fuck a moid just to have kids.

No. 367216

You speak as if you've never interacted with other women before.

No. 367220

I've literally seen this happening before. Women who are dead set on having children will do it no matter what, and since the nonna doesn't want them eventually she's gonna get dumped or cheated on. At the end of the day it's not my problem though, which is why I always clearly voice I don't want kids early on in my relationships so I don't waste my time with some breeder.

No. 367235

Sure you did nonie. You're definitely not a loser blackpiller or a moid. Ivf and adoption doesn't exist either

No. 367270

Sometimes this feels like the straightest website on this planet, looking at the threads on this board makes my eyes bleed

No. 367273

Please ignore anons with such low iq that they think women would rather fuck random men than use ivf, kek.

No. 367292

Holy shit just look up the costs of IVF. Women with no fertility issues don't pay that unless they have enough money to burn. And okay, let's suppose the breeder wouldn't fuck a scrote to have kids, she would still need to use the turkey blaster method which is almost as disgusting. This is why I stop following lesbian YTs that get pregnant, plus sometimes they have sons and I just die of disgust. I get that adoption sucks and adopted children almost always turn fucked up as shit but letting your wife get pregnant by any method is peak cuckoldry to me. And kids suck. Why would anyone want kids. Absolutely baffling.

No. 367296

Sorry if it's been asked already, but has anyone else gone from butch to femme before? I've been masc all my life and rejected skirts/dresses/makeup throughout my childhood, but in the past couple of months, I feel like I'm hard swinging the other way. Not sure about makeup still because of feminist sensibilities, but I've been wanting to wear feminine, cute clothes, and all manner of girly shit.

No. 367300

File: 1703269194554.gif (2.55 MB, 640x360, thats-bait-fury-road.gif)

fellow lesbian anons, do not respond.

No. 367304

I haven't gone all the way femme, but I've been a tomboy all my life. I noticed I've been wanting to dress up a bit more. I feel pretty in long wigs (I keep my hair short irl) and I put on dresses for special occassions. I still feel more comfortable in suits and pants/button ups, since I can't do 100 percent femme with nails and such. I think it's fun to do both though, since we're are versatile like that. Just dont let society dictate your love, since women have it bad no matter what they do.

No. 367310

Kinda rant

So I've been out for 3 years. I'm 21 and haven't been in a relationship with a woman yet, only had hook ups. This is like half by choice tbh because I didn't want a relationship at the time. Back when I was unpeaked and very protroon and had a long distance relationship with one. When we met irl I broke it up because I realised it was no different from going out with a man. It felt like having a bf because I did have one. I tried dating some women after but didn't find any I was interested in. Spent some time sorting out my mental health whilst having hook ups. This year I haven't done anything, just been single with no dates or chat. I feel way better now.

Well now I do want one but I'm finding that recently I've had seething jealousy towards men. I hate that I'll never be able to be seen as a great choice or a perfect match. That with whatever woman I end up with, there will be places we can never go because we're not straight. I wish that I could be inside her like they can. Fingers just aren't the same. I want to feel her convulse around me. I want her to be obsessed with me. But I feel like I can't have that because I'm not a man. I wish I could feel her through the strap.

I'm still closeted from my wider family. Hiding my sexuality is so tiring and pretending that I have a bf so they don't suspect it is taking it out of me. I know a lot of this is incoherent so sorry for that but I'm just down. I don't ever want to troon out but I just feel so much envy that men can have the things that I want so badly. Is this just internalised homophobia or am I just retarded

No. 367403

I'm bad at sensing bait but if this is a lesbian. I think you are envying an idea of something you've never experienced so you're envying something that doesn't actually exist (How you perceive it is to be a men having sex with a woman is something you can't and won't ever know so how would you know that it's more enjoyable than tribbing). Also most women aren't obsessed with their moids. I also think you have some internalized homophobia you should look into. Why do you think you're love as a woman to another woman isn't enough.
As a gen zer I feel like we are the most antisocial generation around.

No. 367410

How important is oral sex to you when you're in a relationship?
I hate both receiving and giving it and I'm a bit worried it'll doom my future relationships because a lot of lesbians make it sound like it's absolutely necessary to regularly go down on each other. The woman I used to be in a situationship with was always very disappointed whenever I rejected trying out oral so that didn't help my anxiety in this matter kek. I don't want any future girlfriend to think I'm secretly disgusted by her pussy or something, it's just something I'm really not into for some reason.

No. 367439

Tbh I think it kind of depends. I have TMJ so oral physically hurts for me to give for too long and I'm also kind of autistic about stuff like toilet paper bits (and get in my head about it when receiving) and prefer us both to shower first, so all these conditions mean oral is too much work and I prefer scissoring/grinding or fingering. But that still involves sexually interacting with pussy so I've never had a partner who seemed to think I was disgusted by it or anything. I will say some women are also just not very good at giving, no shade because I probably am not good at it either, but I was shocked because I thought I didn't like how receiving felt/was indifferent until one woman made me realize it's more a skill thing. I think it's easier for women to be good at fingering because a lot of women finger themselves and so they intuitively know what feels good, but you can't eat yourself out so you don't know what feels good. And I haven't ever had a woman use strap or dildos with me (or vice versa), but I imagine it's probably similar (like women who use dildos on themselves will have better technique using it on other women)? Sorry if this was TMI or too long kek, it's just my working theory.

No. 367441

Both are extremely important to me, but I've known lesbians who refused to give and straight women who refused to receive so interest levels definitely vary. I personally have zero interest in strapon sex and some people talk about it like it's an essential part of their life, for contrast.

No. 367968

same nona. i wish the lesbians/non-bihet bi women on here would start sperging about women and pussy as much as the hets sperg about their nigels

No. 368015

If we did we would just get trannycalled or accused of being porn addicts, and the straight women would get triggered and tell us to go back to this thread despite the constant infighting.

No. 368862

I use the "eat some pussy" as a figure of speech but truth to be told I'm not a fan of oral. I'm fine with giving it but I don't like receiving it myself, I much prefer fingers. It gets tiring after a short while and like you said you have to be really good at it in order to make it feel satisfying and not awkward as fuck. Fingers are much more nimble and don't get tired as easily.

No. 368873

If you're already in your late 20's or in your 30's this is a very sensible discussion to have imo, especially because you're not yet far into the relationship and if either one is very adamant about your stance on the issue you can still break it up with minimal damage. If you don't want children and she wants multiple then your relationship is just doomed to fail since starting a family is a huge step to take and she will be resentful and bitter if you keep telling her "it's just not a good time" each year. Especially in a lesbian relationship since it's not as easy as just you two going off the pill but there's a lot of touchy logistics to be addressed with the conceiving (how it will be done, which one of you will carry the child, are there any laws restricting you, will you go with adoption instead etc). My other lesbian friend really wants children of her own and she's getting on with her years so she has to start every promising relationship with the baby talk as she doesn't have a lot of time left before the pregnancy would become too risky to carry on.

I don't think it's a weird topic to bring up tbh, I'd actually prefer if a new girlfriend mentioned it as early as possible so we don't have to build a life together and then have it all torn down over a big decision like that.

This, if any people here ever go to /tttt/ and see the lesbian thread there (where she malds about lolcow btw) it's full on constant stream of rape fantasies and lusting after moidgaze porn. It's online grown weebs with /b/tard brainrot seething about other, more well-adjusted lesbians considering their anime porn addiction disturbing. If you want credibility at least talk about actual IRL sex rather than schizospamming hentai coomery. The current breeder sperg is 100% her since that amount of warped thinking belongs to nobody else but someone who's been breathing edgy imageboards since the age of 12, unmistakably reminds me of Isabella Janke.

No. 368890

>see the lesbian thread there (where she malds about lolcow btw)
Just went on there to lurk and is this her, lmao

No. 368892

Extremely important, eating pussy is the main way I have sex. Most people are not very good at oral though tbh.

No. 368928

Anyone 30+ with no plans to come out ever?
I plan on distracting myself with career, investments and functional alcoholism.

No. 368936

I will come out when I’m in a relationship, it’s pointless otherwise.

No. 368938

Can you realistically get a gf while in the closet?

No. 368943

ive never been there before and wow, that whole thread reads as moids larping as women to me. cesspool

No. 368960

she also posted a spergy yuri rant on thelchat where she mentioned lc kek

No. 368961

Kek caps pls

No. 368962

I just want to say I hate porn addicts, also if you're lesbian it doesn't make you better than the average man, tranny, etc addicted to porn.

No. 368965

File: 1703565445250.png (60.7 KB, 1075x494, tlc.png)

No. 368968

She's just not looking in the right places when we already have a yuri discussion thread on /m

No. 368977

Pretty sure that even here most people that post anime are troons.

No. 368986

i went to a dance night a few nights ago with a friend of mine who has said she thinks i'm cute and her type, but she's not into relationships (and we both wouldn't be good in a relationship together, both of us have issues with relationships which, when put together, would make for hell on earth kek). we danced together most of the night (before she abandoned me for a moid…) and nearly kissed a few times (i wish we did, ugh). now she's talking about how she totally could date me, if not for the logistical issues (and even then, she's saying that short term mess could be fun). i got out of a long term relationship not too long ago so i'm not going to pursue anything serious, and plus i really don't think it would work and don't want to lose our friendship, but ughh i just wish she'd kiss me. another friend is trying to set me up with a mutual, so i'm hoping i like her so i can get this out of my head and start pining for someone else, lol

No. 368997

>Enter a discussion to post graphic rape fantasies about other women you don't like and make your terminal porn addiction known to everyone immediately
>Spam obvious moid/hetgaze porn of underage looking anime girls
>Sperg about "fujolards" and angrily accuse everyone of being one while bringing incestuous anal rape into the discussion time and time again
>Make up a cope about how loli porn isn't that bad because "I read it for the onee-sans"
>Refuse to take your spergery to the yuri thread where it belongs and instead ban evade for days
>Repeat this in every lesbian space you enter
>Guys why are all lesbian sites ran by straight polilezzies??? Can't even lust after Japanese schoolgirls in peace!!!
I get that she wants her little himejoshi circlejerk but like >>368968 said she's looking for it in the wrong places. A lot of lesbians aren't chronically online pornfed freaks like her and the equally horny himejoshis themselves don't hang around lesbian communities due to usually not being lesbian. Or female.

No. 368999

>(before she abandoned me for a moid…)
>now she's talking about how she totally could date me, if not for the logistical issues (and even then, she's saying that short term mess could be fun).
Red flags everywhere, anon. You would be a little experimental fling to her and you'd be left heartbroken after she grows tired of it. Let her go, I hope the date your friend is setting you up for goes well though!

No. 369002

You can get a chatbot gf.

No. 369006

Early 20s but I have the same lifeplans, except replace alcoholism with an eating disorder and add unintentional permavirgin celibacy.
Unironically this is actually entertaining. One of my rock bottoms.

No. 369027

Nonnies I'm dating around rn and it's miserable. Does anyone know where is good to date nerdy girls? Everytime I'm on dating apps I rarely come across them. Most women on apps have absolutely shit profiles with no substance.

So far my likes are

I'm not expecting the best people ever but I'm exhausted already. I just want a nerdy gf so we have a commonality to start with.

No. 369034

MDMA Druggies are good practice gfs.

No. 369039

Why exactly that kind? Are they somehow different from other drug users?

No. 369044

MDMA is a fun drug. Helps you loosen up and enjoy life if you struggle with being uptight or neurotic.

No. 369045

File: 1703608118755.jpg (271.55 KB, 1000x1000, 1521570013818.jpg)

Damn literally rent free. And the one in /tttt/ is not even me although I know her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 369052

Usually the nerdy girls on apps are neets ime. Would way rather date a normie who knows how to take care of herself (and can drive!!)

No. 369066

I genuinely think about you everyday(don't encourage them)

No. 369072

this is getting embarassing

No. 369079

nta but nothing made me feel more depressed than when i tried an app like that kek probably in part due to the fact that the girl who wasn't ready to be in a relationship with me showed her chatbot off to me and how good it was making her feel KEKKKK and that wasn't the only time i basically got cucked in similar ways. some days those were… no offense to botloving anons but i wouldn't ever be able to take robots seriously no matter what

No. 369083

I am so lonely and romantically touch starved right now. I’m kind of a neet due to social anxiety, and I really just need the loving, romantic touch of a woman. I don’t wanna sound all lesbian femcel cause I don’t hate women, I’m just so socially awkward that I can’t even start conversations with people online, talking to someone romantically irl sounds impossible. I want to date, of course, but right now I just want to be held by another woman who’s romantic with me. I want to feel her warmth against me, I want to run my hands through her hair, and just hug and cuddle together. I wish I was brave enough to venture out, but I’m still very awkward.

No. 369120

If you don't do something you will become a lescel. I'm a 26yo virgin and I have a 30yo virgin friend. Good luck.

No. 369135

Just sign up on dating apps lol

No. 369150

It's personally not. Receiving oral is something I don't ever want due to trauma/SA experiences in the past. I'd love to give oral on the other hand, but if my partner had similar issues as me I'd be okay with going without it. I found out my boundary is a dealbreaker for a lot of lesbians since I'm not stone otherwise, but I'm currently happy the way I am now. If I change my mind it'll be with someone I fully trust and love.

No. 369162

nta but I would be embarrassed to even mention that I have anxiety. In my eyes, I have unhealthy view that I must be perfect to have a partner.

No. 369200

File: 1703674363892.jpg (68.44 KB, 900x505, GBFkGODXMAEiuWl.jpg)

So there's this new Korean-Chinese lesbian film called the Green Night, which i really liked. But of course lesbians can't have fun because it's being now cancelled for being "transmisogynistic" and ppl are bombing letterbox reviews with die terfs etc. The embarassing thing is the "transfem" in the film was never specified to be one, I think he was very clearly a transvestite. The girls just robbed him when he was dressed as a man and passed out in a women's restroom. They go to his hotel room and find women's clothes and ask why would a man want to be a woman when being a woman is so hard. That's it. That's the "violent transmisogyny".

No. 369202

Oh I need to watch this so bad

No. 369224

Thanks for the film rec nonnie!

No. 369226

Does anyone else get intense fatigue at being around straight people? I have a group of women at work I lunch with but all they talk about is their male partners and it tires the shit out of me having to hear about what mediocre shit each Nigel has done for the week. I really just go because otherwise these women are nice to me and everything.

No. 369227

File: 1703687517361.jpeg (492.76 KB, 1170x1189, 52CA35AB-A29E-4FCC-BA0B-4DF049…)

The way you can’t win with trannies… the woman who left the review had to edit her review to talk about twansmisogynny and gets this. He even rated Poor Things 5s which is up there with Léon as a litmus test of how pedophilic a user is (seriously, look up the plot)

No. 369237

Be friends with straight people who have hobbies and don't navel gaze or think about their relationship constantly

No. 369245

Letterboxd users are so retarded…who tf cares about some nobody commiting wrongthink in a film review. And by wrongthink I mean not bending over backwards to include muh twans issues in everything you do. Don’t even get me started about the braindead peacocking around who will write more le funney quirky film review

No. 369256

Have you tried talking about something else if someone elses relationships are not interesting to you?

No. 369258

I totally get you nonnie. I had straight friends all through high school (or 'bi' ones who would never actually date or marry a woman) and it was hard feeling like the odd one out. As other anons have said maybe you can pivot the conversation away. Or if you have a gf maybe you could talk about her, and it can turn less into a conversation about bfs/husbands and more into a conversation about relationships in general.

No. 369274

why would a woman director decide to include all this shit about a transvestite? i don't think it's based, it seems annoying and unnecessary.

No. 369277

Given the feminist themes I guess it's an outright anti-troon statement which is based.

No. 369420

i find it tiring, like i dont give a shit about trannies or weird men. why include it for the sake of a based radfem moment lol.

No. 369421

yes. do you all live at home?

No. 369432

Could someone explain the hatred against stone butches? I totally get that it's a red flag that someone is so insecure about their body and sexuality that they don't want to be touched and how unattractive that is, yeah, but so many lesbian communities openly mock and ridicule them. Is it just the generic butchphobia manifesting or is it something more? It just seems cruel and vindictive to me, the only person they're really harming is themselves and you can't blame them for reacting that way to how the society treats GNC women and GNC lesbians specifically.

No. 369449

They usually tend to try to enforce heteronormativity with them being the man and you being the woman. So then it leads to them treating you like you're a dumb bimbo and putting you in a box

No. 369495

Not to be dense but how do you hit on women without outing yourself as a dyke or using a wlw app?

No. 369509

why am I so fucking spineless?

I can chat up and show rizz towards ANY woman except the ones I actually like. I turn into a fucking puddle whenever I see her

No. 369510

i have mostly straight female friends, and whenever they bore me with their nigels i bore them by chatting about my current crushes, they take the hint and don't do it again kek

No. 369525


No. 369579

how the fuck do i stop attracting bpd women

No. 369582

Because you are young and awkward

No. 369593

Right we're not not scared of butches so how can we be butchphobic KEK oh wait

No. 369598

The only thing the average 4'11" butch can do to me is roll over and try to smother me with her 200lb of masculinity, but I'm pretty sure I can outrun them.(bait)

No. 369685

File: 1703822659437.png (318.23 KB, 542x809, YZ1lXJj-3840406295.png)

Girls with long hair and masculine clothing style are the best.

No. 369739

where's this from?

No. 369741

Anon please… Where is she from

No. 369742

Sauce?(samefagging retard)

No. 369745

They do look nice, but not your pic related one

No. 369752

File: 1703848319274.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.94 KB, 780x1170, Murcielago_c005x2_v01_p212_Dig…)

Murciélago by Yoshimura Hana.The author is a male but some of the sex scenes are still pretty great imo.

No. 369774

As a long-haired butch, ty for the rep

No. 369776

Goddamn she is fine as fuck. How could a man have possibly made this? Insane.

No. 369792

Do you all have a preference for dating lesbians vs. bi women or notice any differences? I don't have anything against bi women in theory, and I've almost exclusively dated bi women thus far, but they keep cheating on me with men. I sometimes think they weren't even actually bi, which makes me wonder if it's fair to write off bi women because of it. But if there are so many straight women LARPing, how do I make sure I don't waste my time? I feel like my confidence has taken a nosedive because these women are all about holding hands and cuddling, but then when it's time for sex suddenly they act like you're a disgusting pervert. I've always backed off and tried to be respectful, but after my 3rd time of having a gf cheat on me with a man, I felt like I was going insane and took a break from dating. Am I just insanely unlucky? Would I have better luck seeking out a specifically lesbian girlfriend, or are there a lot of political lesbians who exhibit the same behaviors? All I want is a girlfriend who won't cheat on me and won't treat me like I'm a predator for wanting to have sex more than once a month.

No. 369794

I'm sorry Anon. Maybe you've been down on your luck and assholes just keep coming your way or something's in the water that most bisexual women are 99% male leaning or something, because there are definitely bisexual women out there who actually like pussy and having sex with women. You can also exclusively date other lesbians to bypass the issue entirely, nothing wrong with that. Good luck to you.

No. 369798


In my experience of dating both lesbians and bi women, most of the bi women who cheat on their gfs with men are rarely bi to begin with, they just see their girlfriend as quirky fun experiments rather than someone to settle down and live a life with. My longest relationship was with a bi woman, and we just drifted apart rather than her cheating on me. You’re probably gonna find more luck with dating febfem bisexual women, which are bi women who exclusively date women, but just are attracted to men in fantasy.

No. 369806

Febfems are not "attracted to men in fantasy", they ARE attracted to men, just claim they won't act on it. I would say that even with febfems date the ones that highly prefer women sexually, because a lot of febfems are essentially just polbians.

No. 369811

The funny thing is that what you've described is similar to what I had to deal with when it comes to one of my ex girlfriends. She claims to be a lesbian these days, but back when I met her she didn't divulge that she was bi until I expressed my interest in women first. She had never dated another woman. At the time, she was online dating a homeless dude in another state who pretended to be a woman and even after she found out he was a guy, she stayed with him because 'she loves who she loves'. I, stupidly, agreed to date her maybe two years after that and she not only never expressed interest in wanting to have sex with me, but like you I also felt like a disgusting pervert for wanting to be intimate with her. When I asked her why she never seemed interested in that, she got vague and flighty and told me that her religious upbringing made her feel that way yet she never seemed to have any problem consuming yaoi and obsessing over certain male musicians who happen to be related making out with one another on stage and was pretty pissed when one of them married and his wife asked him to stop doing that. She blamed the wife for ruining her fun, which is something that I wouldn't have expected from someone claiming to be a die-hard, man-hating lesbian. She and the only other chick she's dated are both on board with the gender and tranny shit, her girlfriend seemingly being the more vocal one constantly whining about everything being something-phobia and always trying to drag everybody into drama.

No. 369815

I don't want to sound at all like I'm victim-blaming you— it is not your fault that your exes cheated on you. They chose to do that all by themselves. You did not deserve to be hurt or betrayed for any reason, and you deserve to have a loving partner who commits to you in full. At the same time, along with your exes bisexuality, a common denominator here is you. You have consistently chosen partners who are immature and cruel enough to lie to, shame, and betray you. This is not me saying you're naive or gullible, or that you should have anticipated their infidelity, but what is it about your decision-making that keeps you trapped in this painful cycle? Did these women have other red flags you ignored (e.g. dishonesty, substance abuse, victim complex, bullying, etc.)? Were these codependent relationships? Did you settle for partners that you didn't really like or struggled to see a future with?
Worries about your partners capacity for same-sex attraction are valid and real. At the same time, I'm certain there must be women from Kinsey 2-5 who are capable of committing to a female partner that they truly love. Have I met any? No, because I'm very isolated and severely mentally ill, so I also attract/attach myself to damaged people. At least in the past I did, I'm much better about things now. But empirically speaking, bisexuals who can/do commit to other women must exist. Exclusively dating other lesbians is an obvious protective strategy, but it won't shield you from cheating, abuse, codependency, or failed romances in general. They'll just cheat on you with another woman, instead! I agree that that would be (perhaps) less psychically damaging, but you're still no closer to the healthy relationship you're seeking.
If any of this resonates, I'd advise you to do some self reflective work on your past relationships, your opinion of yourself, and how your family/society have contributed to your ideas about love. There are tons of books and videos and journal prompts online. Not many lesbian specific ones but, despite what others may say, we are women and human beings just like any other. The generic (and implicitly heterosexual) questions/resources will, for the most part, still apply. If anyone is interested, I can share some things I've read that helped me to better understand myself and become better with romantic relationships. Either way, good luck to you. I hope everyone ITT will find themselves satisfied with their love lives in the new year.

No. 369832

>Did you make your Barbie’s kiss?

This is actually a funny story. As a girl, I never knew lesbians were a thing. I just assumed women could only date men because I saw that every day in real life, so I sort of played with my girl bratz exclusively and only gave them boyfriends if someone else requested them. I only had 2 male bratz. One day, one male bratz doll is lost and my friend claimed the other one, but she wanted both our dolls to have boyfriends. So, I cut the hair off a bratz doll without a ton of makeup, and I said she was the temporary boyfriend. I dressed her in boy clothes and we played as usual.
Thing is, I eventually started to enjoy playing “boyfriend” all of a sudden, but only with this short hair girl doll. I thought she was incredibly beautiful, and I made up a game where she had to pretend to be a boy in order to date another bratz doll, some hidden lover type thing.
Eventually, I stopped dressing her as a boy, and I started dressing her in prettier clothes, and I thought she was even more beautiful with short hair and bratz style clothes. I used to have her and her girlfriend bratz doll sleep together, bathe together, go on dates, etc.
I stopped playing with dolls after a certain age, but I recently went attic diving years ago and found that old Butch bratz doll, but she was in ROUGH condition. I don’t know where she is now, but Butch bratz doll was my first realization that “maybe the reason I don’t like playing romantic doll games is just cause I don’t think the boys are pretty like the girls are” Thank you, Butch Bratz Doll, you were my awakening

No. 369835

Ayrt, and I didn't want my original post to be too blog post-y and long, so I didn't get into it, but I do think a major factor is being too permissive/giving too much benefit of the doubt. Like I said, some of these women were pretty clearly disinterested in being intimate with another woman, but I just thought it was a me problem or, like >>369811, would believe really vague and weird excuses even if they didn't make sense. Like one of them insisting she had trauma surrounding sex, but still loving explicit BL and hentai. Ultimately, all the women who cheated on me were mentally unstable and generally bad people, so I think their propensity to string along lesbians wasn't a coincidence. Part of taking a break has been to evaluate how this keeps happening and to develop a better "screening" method. I think I'm also too much of a hopeless romantic and want to see the best in my partner, so I ignore red flags and make excuses for them. My first girlfriend cheated on me for 3 years and never even told me, not even when she dumped me. Every time I would even mildly push back on her behavior, like how it made me uncomfortable she'd hang out with male friends overnight and be un-contactable, she'd cry and suicide bait and call me biphobic and controlling, stuff like that. But I was so blinded by how much I loved her that I really believed I was the problem until someone finally confirmed to me she'd been cheating for most of our relationship, but telling everyone I was abusive to make sure no one would tell me the truth. She ended up doing the exact same thing to another lesbian after me. But in my mind, I've been convinced that if I just find a good partner, my trusting them completely won't matter because there won't be red flags to miss. But that's naive. You're right, I need to be more reasonable and level-headed about these things if I don't want to end up in another doomed relationship.

I also think that for lesbians, navigating sex is especially tricky because we don't want to be like pushy men and we are already hyper-aware of the stereotype of lesbians being predatory. So I had it in my head that if I ever communicated feeling bad about my exes not wanting to have sex, I'd be just as bad as men who pressure their girlfriends. I don't know how to deal with the issue tactfully, and I'd like to sidestep it altogether. It feels gross to set some arbitrary rule (like if she doesn't want to have sex by date 3, it's over), but I'm at a point where the ATTRACTION part of my orientation feels even more shameful than it did before I came out. I do think political lesbianism + bisexuality are a lot more common than is socially acceptable to talk about right now, and I think the types of people who do that are more likely to cheat (and have other issues like being selfish, inconsiderate, etc.) I will try to work on my own problems of being a doormat, but I still worry about the possibility of meeting women who are just pretending to be SSA because it's trendy right now. I do wonder if part of it was age though. I'm a zoomer and recently graduated from college, and so my dating pool has been other college zoomers. Maybe post-graduation, some of the appeal of faking will go away? I really hope so. I have enough issues to work on without also having to deal with women who hate pussy but still try to date lesbians. Sorry this was rambly and all over the place, you have all given me a lot to think about.

No. 369840

I see myself with a woman who's more femme but lately all that's caught my eye are really butch women. I won't pretend like my mom being very against me being/dating studs or butches hasn't made me more biased. Like she was excited to hear what my preferences were till I mentioned that. Maybe she thinks it's "too real" idk.

No. 369843

I'm the other nona you quoted >>369811 here and a lot of what you've said resonates with me. I also would accept the vague, weird excuses from my ex girlfriends about why it couldn't happen and each one were either involved in the yaoi/fujo communities, consumed art or hentai of it, and they were also roleplayers. I wasn't into roleplaying and I didn't stop them from doing that with their friends because I was pretty young and naive at the time and these were my first relationships with other women. None of them cheated on me, but there were many incidents with each of them where something would come up and they'd take the side of a moid they were friends with and I was always the bad guy. I'd get told repeatedly that my version of what happened isn't what actually happened and how they can prove to me and others that it wasn't. Outside of my therapist's office I haven't divulged much to my friends or even my current s.o. and I don't feel like that's fair. I don't think its fair that its been I don't even know how many years at this point and yet I still feel like if I vent about this, offline or online, one of them will "come" for me for nothing more than me wanting to be able to get shit off my chest and connect with others who understand. I feel like the word gaslighting has been used so much that it doesn't have true meaning anymore, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like this is what that felt like. I'm not interested in being with any of them or being friends, but at the same time I don't even wish anything badly on them even when I developed very real trust issues and questioned reality because of the time spent with them. I shouldn't have to feel afraid to confide in others. Especially when I'm not trying to send people upon them or anything like that. I don't tell people where they live, their real name, none of that.

Much like you, I've also been made to feel like I was abusive. I'd like to hope that my exes don't go around telling people that's what I was, but some people will do anything for a story and a chance to play victim. I found out through a few of my friends who actually did run into one of my exes that she does in fact do exactly that and if they challenge her she threatens like she did with me about how she can prove to everyone what "really" happened, emphasis on the implication that I am actually the guilty party and she isn't. Honestly, thank you for sharing your experience because even though I've been anxious while typing all of this out about receiving threats, I just want to be able to finally speak to others. I'm so sick and so tired.

No. 369847

Nayrt, but you’re really wise, nonna.

No. 369848

Kek, that's a sweet story nona. I didn't make my Barbies kiss, but then again I didn't really play with barbies and instead preferred "boy toys" because I'm old and in the 80's and 90's toys were heavily gendered. But like you, I didn't know lesbians were a thing because again, I'm ancient (by internet standards). But I was always playing the role of the father or the boyfriend when other girls wanted to play home and I enjoyed it. I always self inserted into male cartoon characters and got the corresponding toys, bless my mom for being progressive and allowing me to. I liked pretty princess characters, but never in a "I want to be like them" way… it was much more staring at them in awe and what could really be described as nothing else than attraction. It wasn't until much later when I grew up and heard from other lesbians who had the same experiences in their childhood I realized that the reason I resonated with male characters so much was not only the cool masculine aesthetics but especially their romantic proximity to women, particularly seeing how I always liked the ones that had a pretty girlfriend. I guess kids today have a different experience growing up since homosexuality isn't such a hush-hush topic anymore and there are plenty of tomboyish characters but it's pretty interesting to look back on my formative memories and finally connecting the dots.

No. 369862

File: 1703896895065.jpg (27.65 KB, 474x355, cats.jpg)

Thanks for responding nona, I relate to you a lot honestly. Mine were also all really into yaoi and roleplaying. I also had the issue of ex-gfs repeatedly choosing moids over me, even after months or years of dating. It was always so hurtful because it felt automatic, like by default I mattered less. If it was me vs. random man #129030923, it was always going to be him. Men's opinions were more important than mine, their feelings, their comfort, their interests, absolutely everything. It really destroys your self-confidence as a woman and as a lesbian to be treated as inherently inferior because you committed the crime of not having a dick. And then they tell you it's your imagination, or even your fault, and that you're a bad person for wanting to be treated with respect. I hope things improve for you, there's nothing wrong with venting about how you were treated. People who perpetually play the victim have a way of making you feel like you have to keep coddling them even after they're gone or else you've done something wrong, but I hope you can grow to prioritize your happiness. I'm sorry you went through all that. Hopefully 2024 treats us all better.

No. 369893

I appreciate this so much nona and I really hope 2024 is good for you, too! My ex was a like a young Paula Abdul lookalike and I'll admit she gave me a type.

No. 369958

I’m older too and it’s always validating knowing how many other lesbians share this kind of experience.

No. 369968

I'm a zoomer and this was my experience growing up. btw I wonder if people like us had gender dysphoria as children? I remember I did but thankfully at around 16/17 I started to grow out of it and just be homo.

No. 369969

im in my 30s and while i didnt play lesbians with my toys, whenever i played pretend games with my friends i liked to take on the role of "the guy". i wanted to be the boyfriend or husband and i was happy to kiss my friends. this later evolved into me doing online roleplay and i always chose to play male characters against female characters. i have never once in my life played a female character to write with a male. i wanted to be the male.

i think i did, but i'm extremely glad i never transitioned. i see my gender dysphoria as me coming to terms with my feelings toward women (i'm not a lesbian but bi and female leaning, i hope i'm allowed to speak my experience here just because the recent posts inspired me to want to share my story.) also my own tomboyishness, though i've been told i appear femme, my interests now sway from high femme to very masculine but i refuse to subscribe to "nonbinary" or "transmasc" or any of that shit. being a woman is great.

No. 369972

I too had some gender dysphoric feelings, but I think it is a lesbian thing, since as kids we only see heterosexual couples so it is easy to identify with men and therefore feel dysphoric. Plus as a kid I hated heterosexual relationship standards and couldn’t relate to what is considered a good womam/wife and always thought it was stupid.

No. 370059

Good evening, lesbians.
I'm looking for erotica book recs. I specifically don't want any troonshit, hettery, strap-ons, humiliation/degradation… Basically anything coombrained is off the table. I want a normal, healthy, loving lesbian sex packed novel.

No. 370060

has anyone else given up? I am 23 and it seems like every time I “put myself out there”, socially or romantically, it completely backfires. I am tired of rejection and I don’t want to try anymore, abstaining at this point feels less pathetic…. but how do I accept I will be an outsider for the rest of my life?

No. 370066

You're literally 23. I'm a year younger and if it makes you feel better I was saying the exact same thing in lchat after getting rejected. We'll be ok.

No. 370070

has your life improved since then

No. 370080

What do you mean by "outsider?" Outsider as in single or outsider as in lesbian? Because regardless of whether or not you are partnered, you will have to make peace with your homosexuality and all it entails.

No. 370088

It was 5 days ago so yeah

No. 370103

File: 1704010823160.jpg (363.76 KB, 1920x1080, drop it.jpg)

I just bury my head in the sand and never think about how bad things really are. It's worked perfectly up till now.

No. 370104

five days of what?

No. 370106

How did you try to "put yourself out there"? Maybe we can find out what you did wrong and how to fix it.

No. 370120

She probably either meant making a profile on dating apps or attending lgbt events.

No. 370144

This story resonates with me except I have never had a date, let alone a sexy time. Am in my early 30s. I would be less depressed if I completely gave up hope but the part of me that wants a gf refuses to quit.

No. 370155

I got rejected like 5 days ago but now I'm back

No. 370158

nonas how do i break up with my gf? i like being friends with her and i think she's cool but we don't work romantically.

the issue is i'm scared she'll fall into a depressive episode and hurt herself. we broke up once before and she didn't take it well to say the least. she isn't doing well mentally at the moment (including being suicidal) and she has fears about me abandoning her. i want to be there for her and help her but she keeps bringing up romantic stuff that i'm not comfortable with and i don't know how to respond anymore.

we have very different things we want from a relationship and i never saw it working long-term from the start, but she apparently did even after i told her i can't give her the things she needs. i think i'd want to gradually break up if that makes sense, because i think if i just broke the news tomorrow or something that she would react much worse. any advice?? i just feel stuck in place, i don't know what to do.

No. 370163

I feel like everyone's mental health is the worst this time of year. Maybe break up with her in the middle of January. But unfortunately you aren't responsible for her mental health. It's important that you always keep that in mind and don't hold back from doing what's best for you. So break up with her in person and explain that you want to be friends. Tell her that you're worried about her mental health but fo course not in a way that makes it seem like that's the reason. Who knows, she might surprise you and reassure you that you breaking up won't cause her to commit suicide

No. 370164

>sexy time
this is why

No. 370176

I'm in an identical situation nona. It hasn't been working out with my girlfriend in a long, long time, years in fact, and like you I enjoy being friends with her but anything romantic sexual makes me really uncomfortable because I just don't have the same feelings for her and she's clearly bothered by it but doesn't want to break it off. Her mental health is in a horrible condition and she suicide baits a lot so I'm always carrying the responsibility of keeping her alive since she's not in good terms with her family and she has no other friends in her life. Besides that I'm also afraid that if I dump her she'll go into a psychotic episode and air every bit of dirty laundry about me in public. Both results would destroy me so I'm just suck kind of existing and waiting for the problem to fix itself. It's pathetic but I don't know where else to go, I'm crushing on another girl that I actually have dreams about but I know I can't pursue it beyond friendship. I hope it will work out for the both of us at some point, but I feel a bit less hopeless knowing someone else deals with this too.

No. 370178

What's your "dirty laundry"? Did you fucking kill someone?

No. 370180

Just stupid and "problematic" shit about myself I've confided in her or said about someone when I've been angry and emotional. I've seen enough people just post their Discord DMs out of spite after a messy breakup to fear it's a legitimate possibility, when a girl I know broke up with her partner in bad terms she just let like 5 years worth of sensitive gossip about the ex to everyone who gave her the time of the day.

No. 370182

Well gotta take responsibility for your actions. I have never said/done something I don't truly believe in so even my anti-troon/anti-mood/racist shit I will get behind if it ever gets leaked.

No. 370183

Uh.. good for you I guess?

No. 370185

me. I’m done with romance. And this is someone who’s dated a whole lot. I don’t think I can find the right woman for me, ever

No. 370193

I've given up searching for good lesbian content and just write my own stories now kek.

No. 370214

One solution is to basically blame your own mental health, say you're not in a good headspace to deal with a relationship and even though you care about her, you just don't have the bandwidth to be with her and need to work on yourself before you can be in a relationship again. She might insist that you can work on your issues together, but just be firm about how you need to learn to stand on your own feet and work out your own problems alone. I've done this before, and although they're obviously not satisfied with the answer because they can sense it's not the full truth, it's close enough that you won't feel too guilty for it (because being in relationships like this are bad for your happiness, it's true), and it is something they can more readily accept as not their fault. But I don't think this is really the "right" answer and I normally only do it because I'm scared of the fallout and consequences of just being honest that I don't want to be with her anymore. Definitely don't drag out the end of the relationship, you have to cut it off and be clear or else she'll keep holding out hope. It's cruel to her because she will keep thinking she has a chance, and unfair to you because you'll have to keep coming up with excuses as to why you can't be together and dragging around the dead weight of relationship baggage that just won't stay in the past. This is why I wouldn't want to do the "mental health" excuse again, one woman definitely thought it was temporary and once I was fine again, we could be together. You have to be clear that it's over for good and that it's not a reflection on her. Although, honestly, you shouldn't be responsible for your girlfriends' happiness and safety. If she's so prone to putting the onus of keeping her alive on you that you're scared to break up (especially if you think she'll try and publicly punish you, like the second anon), I have to question how healthy a friendship would be.

No. 370222

Seconding this as a possible solution, though everything this nona said about an ex holding out hope with this kind of excuse is true. I was in a nearly identical situation as >>370158, so I used an explanation along these lines and we stayed friends—and then I did in fact have her asking me a few months later if there was a possibility of us getting back together, so unless you draw that clear boundary she might not let go. If you frame it as being entirely a "you thing", problems that come from you and not her, you're very likely going to be able to avoid a major blowup.

And the thing is it doesn't necessarily have to be untrue, you can absolutely use this time in between relationships to work on whatever problems you have or just try to understand what you want out of a relationship. It's not a complete blatant lie if you really do the soul-searching tbh.

I'm actually experiencing the inverse right now. I "gave up" a while ago because there seemed to be no hope for me anyway, so why even bother…but then I realized that there are so many other lesbians who have "given up" out there, and one of them might be the woman meant for me, so now I'm forcing myself to be more proactive and not let anything pass me by.
Not in a desperate way or a "flirt with everything that moves" way, but I'm making an effort to connect with people because one of them might be that woman, or know that woman. I'm not super extroverted, and haven't dated a whole lot, but this year I want to really push myself to take chances, because if I don't do it it certainly isn't going to fall into my lap. I'm not going to tell you how to feel, nona, but we're both so so young, and I hope you find hope again someday.

No. 370267

DA but I think the fact you haven't given up hope might say something. I'm the same age and I'm in my first relationship now, but it was when I stopped looking for one, ironically.

No. 370314

How challenging is it to adjust to being in a relationship after being single for a while?

No. 370332

ntayrt but it's very challenging in the best way. the worst part of starting my last relationship after getting used to being single was staying dedicated to going to the gym when hanging out with my gf was so much more fun. the best part was realizing that any time I want to come up with something totally different to do like a day trip or trying a new class, it was going to be awesome no matter what because I could take her with me.

No. 370337

anonnette, older women who are kissless virgins are my thing so if I'm out there, I'm sure there's more

No. 370373


the best lesbian content isn't explicitly advertised as lesbian, has anyone else noticed this? almost everything recommended on websites like lesbrary is complete ass, but you will occasionally find gems that are like the only published novel of some random woman who died in 1983 or something.

No. 370428

can you name any good books you'd recommend? I just read Big Swiss and have been combing through shitty refs like the lesbrary for more, but I don't want sci fi, fantasy or YA.

No. 370446

It's also not unheard of for 30+ lesbians to be inexperienced. My current gf is more experienced than me and she doesn't mind at all that this is my first time, and before we got together I would've preferred to date another virgin my age.

No. 370586

how did you meet your gf?

No. 370601

should i move to queens

No. 370658

No. 370684

>If anyone is interested, I can share some things I've read that helped me to better understand myself and become better with romantic relationships.
Can you please share them?

No. 370891

How the fuck do i tell my mom that im not straight and i literally want all men to die in a fucking genocide

No. 370892

I came out to her but she didnt believe me even though i literally cannot sleep without thinking about lesbian sex. She said shes supportive but says I should try dating men first because its more “natural”. Fuck no. I’d kill myself.

No. 370913

File: 1704346075355.jpg (43.62 KB, 640x640, 1620741431679.jpg)

im kind of trapped nonas. im at college and im dating a girl i met while over there, she's my only real friend and connection in that area. however im deeply unattracted to her sexually. she kind of catfished me (we met on a dating app) with angled photos and stuff and i didn't realize how autistic and neetlike she was until we were basically already dating and i already had feelings for her - it was basically like a screen had fallen and i saw the real her.

i feel awful posting about her like this but i cant stop thinking about how excited i am to move on and date "real girls." aka ones who aren't hikkikomori lite. i thought she had cool hobbies and aspirations but that also felt like a trick and she's making me really depressed, but i feel so trapped. im thinking, can i blame her for being depressed if her life is so shitty, ykwim? shes my best friend and the best thing thats happened to me in college so far (dealing with actual violent homophobia on campus, plus a computer engineering major) but she's awful for me.

im transferring to another school a state away next year. i already had plans for this before we met but idk what to do until summer. we've barely had any sex and i love her but im repulsed by her at the same time. it's literally the perfect femcel dynamic and it's so fucking awful. im worried im only attracted to her because, again, she's my only remotely positive connection and my major and my sexuality has isolated me so much.

it's gotten so bad it's made me second guess if i'm even sexually attracted to women. i have one of the most stereotypical butchy phenotypes on the entire planet and even thinking about penises makes me want to die. help.

No. 370916

i wonder what she looks like and also what you look like

No. 370919

this makes me so sad for your girlfriend, damn

No. 370920

shes cute face wise, tall and knows how to dress, plus she's funny. she knows how to take care of herself and she keeps up with hair care and skincare so thats why i didn't think that much was up until i saw her room for the first time. and also until i learned she has a tumblr. she eats like shit, she only takes care of herself above the collar.

im relatively short, i go to a barber and i pride myself on my hair care, i dress somewhat formally with button ups, nice shoes, nice slacks, because i have a customer service job. i need to talk to people face to face/in meetings and on the phone so im not hopeless socially. im nerdy (have been told i look like a professor or an academic) but i work out a few times a week.

idk maybe im just an autistic loser too but im really ambitious and i have long term goals for myself, im a workaholic, i have way too many hobbies and i read too much. she just doesn't do anything with her life. we initially got together because of our shared interests in writing and film.

No. 370921

you know you just need to break up. you can make more friends.

No. 370922

so you're an ugly butch lol

No. 370924

yeah, most likely. my dating history up until now has been solid and i dont think im bad looking but im probably not the best judge. if im on lc that's a good indicator of my looks anyway. i just try to take care of myself and i mingle well with other lesbians.

No. 370934

Poor girl, you keep her close by even though you don't like her. Honestly you sound toxic af, and by your description, you sound ugly on top of that. Leave that woman alone you weirdo.

No. 370943

if a girl I was dating wrote this about me I would kill myself. break up with her already, you're hurting her by staying with her while harboring these feelings

No. 370944

Kek this sounds like the women who all rejected me writing about me. Thanks anon I already gave up on love but this was even more confirmation I didn't know I needed

No. 370947

>she has tumblr
You are literally posting on lolcow lmao you have no business to be turning up your nose at that

No. 370968

Just break up. It’s too bad you ever decided to date her and not just have a friend but you can’t go back in time. Sooner the better. Whatever you do don’t wait until next school year when you move that’s crazy. Break up, break up, break up you don’t even like her.

No. 370984

You are not "trapped" you are just a weak-willed ugly retard. If you are so butch maybe you should grow some balls and not be so overly dependent.

No. 370985

You already know you should break up with her. You don't have to be dating to be friends. If you're scared you'll lose that friendship as a result, it's understandable, but you're moving anyways so it seems pointless to drag this out. Just seems like there's no other answer. This is wasting both your time.

No. 371004

We started out as friends and met by chance. Cliche/what they all say, I know. I used to blow off the advice to "don't use dating apps, just go make friends" because there's no lesbian community near me (I was hoping 30+ LGB people would be more reasonable but they drank the TQ+ kool-aid too) and I'm pretty socially awkward, but I guess they were onto something. But it's not hopeless if you're in my boat, before we got together I was actually already accepting that someone like me would end up alone and I was proven wrong by surprise.

IDK why most of the responses to you are so aggro - But you're honestly better off breaking up for both of your sakes, you sound incompatible lifestyle and goals-wise/better off as friends. Acting like having a Tumblr is a negative is kinda funny from someone posting on LC, though. I don't think anyone on here has room to talk on this.

No. 371008

Send her my way. I will appreciate her in a way she deserves.

No. 371015

How hikkineet and autistic are we talking about here? In what ways does she lack ambitions?

No. 371026

>be 27
>use her app
>get moderate amount of likes
>all from women aged 18-22 (and the occasional troon)

Why? Wouldnt they feel like I am a boring old lady? Or do I seem immature or something. How would I appeal better to women my age?

No. 371039

If you find out let me know because I have the same problem, just a year older.

Although in my case it might be because I'm alt

No. 371041

I noticed lots of younger lesbians seek women older than them, so that's probably why.

No. 371048

I have this problem too.
Am irked by the idea of dating someone using slang I don’t understand.

No. 371058

I started using apps when I was 28 and had this same problem to the point I gave up. I got 40+ likes overnight from women (I autoblocked the TIMs) in that age range to the point I wrote in my bio I'm not interested in anyone under 25, but they don't seem to read bios lmao. I couldn't even see anyone younger than that anyway, so what's the point of liking me when they know we won't match?

No. 371062

this is so obvious, mommy issues

No. 371064

> idk maybe im just an autistic loser


No. 371068

Is anyone up for starting a dating thread? Or chatroom?

No. 371069

I had an exact same thought a while ago but thought it would be weird on lc

No. 371071

File: 1704414889568.jpeg (35.17 KB, 474x315, IMG_0434.jpeg)

I want to know how to get better at showing my best, truest self on dating apps. I love you nonnas but don’t think it’s healthy of me to develop emotional connections online knowing that I will be unlikely to meet anyone from here irl.

No. 371075

>I will be unlikely to meet anyone from here irl
you never know!

No. 371110

We already have the friend finder thread and it is already a shitshow filled with newfags and scrotes. Can you imagine how much worse it would be in a thread specifically for lesbian dating? Troons would flock to it and ruin it for everyone. Not to mention the fact that, among actual farmers, 90% are mentally ill and unfit for romantic relationships. It seems like an obvious solution when so many anons ITT are girlfriendless— why not just date each other? But in practice it would damage the health of the board and I doubt the people participating would actually be fulfilled.

No. 371126

My thread waifu is probably a chatbot that can convince me that I’m funny.

No. 371128

nta but from the anons i saw who mentioned dating other anons before, one of them ended up being abused by an anon and another met one who only wanted to show her pics of anime guys after sex and just left

No. 371137

This is genuinely the worst possible idea. Aside from newfags, trolls, moids, the mentally ill and moidtroons causing problems like >>371110 said, let an anonymous IB be an anonymous IB. You can date literally anywhere else. Honor the anonymity of this place, it's rare nowadays.

No. 371139

Have any anons ever experienced being the older one in an age gap relationship?
I don’t like the idea of younger women as they make me feel old but it’s seems it’s an option to keep open if I want a childfree gf.

No. 371144

I was thinking more along the lines of meeting in a more normal way and then finding out you're both farmers. 100% against the idea of a dating thread for several reasons.

No. 371168

>Not finding her more attractive for being a weird borderline hikkineet

No. 371175

I have, but I realize age gaps matter less as life goes on past your mid-20s (as long as it isn't anything huge like over a decade). Like, a 28 year old dating a 34 year old is technically an "age gap" but IME most people in their late-20s and early/mid-30s are in the same period of life, so it feels like we're roughly the same age. It depends on how old you are now though, I'd never date younger zoomers, but finding women who didn't have kids from a previous relationship or want kids now was super hard.

No. 371177

>one of them ended up being abused by an anon
This is the peak lesbian experience though.
>and another met one who only wanted to show her pics of anime guys after sex and just left
And this is why you don't fuck/date yumes and fujos.

No. 371189

It's crazy to me that so many posts are seething over >>370913 and projecting their insecurities onto her. all she did was vent about her feelings toward this girl and clearly feels bad and doesn't want to hurt her but you guys are talking like she told this girl to kill herself for not having ambitions or something

>toxic af

No. 371194

I noticed the same thing, most of the replies see themselves in the girl and are projecting onto her. I don't think either woman in this situation is in the wrong, they're just clearly not compatible and OP was venting.

No. 371199

So she's good looking but you're sexually repulsed by her because her room is a mess (I'm guessing) and she has a tumblr plus another bunch of stuff you dislike of her personality/habits? I'm assuming she has no hygiene issues because you don't mention this, so in theory you would have no problem having sex with her given you were actually sexually attracted to her. It sounds like you don't actually feel romantic attraction to her, since romantic attraction and sexual attraction go hand in hand. You just bonded with someone who shared some of your hobbies, as a friend. Also by the way you describe all this it seems like this is your very first sexual/romantic relationship IRL, so I'm thinking that you either got too excited about meeting someone IRL who shared some hobbies and confused friendship for romance, or you're not as sexually attracted to women as you think you are since you seem terminally online interacting with real women for the first time. I think you should be honest with her about your lack of sexual attraction and see if she's willing to stay friends with you, but also respect if she doesn't want to stay friends. Try to be more introspective so you don't confuse these feelings again, and go out with a couple more women to see if you're truly sexually attracted to them (if you keep feeling sexually turned off by random stuff then you're probably not).

And I would just like to remind other terminally online women here that romanticizing online interactions with other women or feeling attraction to Kpop idols/anime/celebs or hating men so much you find them repulsive nothing of this necessarily translates to being sexually attracted to real life women. Go touch some grass before assuming you're a lesbian and then having a mental breakdown or hurting some poor girl because it turns out you aren't.

No. 371204

there's no non-sexual romantic attraction, please don't bring that tumblr bullshit here. she did say that she only takes care of herself below the belt, felt cat-fished by angles, and that she eats like shit, sounds like hikkogf is an unhygienic fat fuck.

No. 371205

>there's no distinction between romantic and sexual attraction
This is what I said. She clearly confused friendship with romance because she's not sexually attracted to her at all.
>she did say that she only takes care of herself below the belt, felt cat-fished by angles, and that she eats like shit, sounds like hikkogf is an unhygienic fat fuck.
If she takes care of herself below the belt, and also grooms her hair and has skin care like she mentioned then she has good hygiene. If she's fat I would understand the lack of sexual attraction but she didn't mention that anywhere. You can eat like shit (as in not having proper food and nutrition) and be skinny.

No. 371207

i meant to say above the collar >>370920

No. 371208

By above the belt, anon probably meant that her gf has poor genital hygiene but tried to be discreet about it.

No. 371209

If the issue is hair I think anon can talk to get gf and make her trim it how she likes it. If it's a more general hygiene issue like an infection or not knowing how to wash at all then it's probably over.

No. 371397

I'm going to come off as a complete asshole for this but anyway. My girlfriend has gained a lot of weight and I've lost my attraction towards her. She used to be very petite but a really nice, shapely body that I loved so basically genetic lottery served her well, but during the pandemic she developed really unhealthy eating habits and gained over 40lbs. I can tell it's bothering her because she keeps bringing it up and talks how she hates how she looks now but she can't control her eating. And yeah, I don't find her as attractive post-weight gain anymore. It's changed her facial shape and body to the point she looks like a different person. She has a history of eating disorders from when she was a teenager so I'm really careful about how to approach her in encouraging the weight loss without triggering the past excessive restrictive eating and exercising. Any ideas on what to do?

No. 371424

I just realized I'm a lesbian recently and I feel so overwhelmed and happy. I knew I didn't like men, so for so long I thought I was broken, that I just didn't have that sort of love in me. I'd watch people fall in love on TV, in books, even in real life, and I'd think that could never happen to me. I feel so happy because everything finally makes sense now. I was oblivious and I buried my feelings for women for so long, but I'm not gonna do that anymore.

No. 371434

Break up. My ex also gained weight at some point and I gradually stopped being attracted to her. Nothing you can do if she doesn't want to lose weight and they tend to get very sensitive about this too so you cannot even bring it up without a meltdown.

No. 371443

Research a professional service she could use that would tell her exactly what to do so she doesn’t go off the rails. Buy it for her if you have money. She needs a two-year plan if she wants to lose it and change her habits for the long run. Do you want to stay with her for two + years while she works on it? You don’t have to. you don’t like her as much now that her looks changed right? to me that means you never liked her that much, you two would be better off separate.
As for her old restrictive eating disorder this is just the other side of the same coin. She still doesn’t know how to listen to her body to know when she’s actually full or actually hungry. She should take up meditation and talk to a nutritionist.

No. 371445

Break up. If I knew my partner was saying this stuff knowing I had an eating disorder in the past(which is why she looked the way she did when you first met) I'd lose all attraction. I hope she finds someone better.

No. 371449

I think that too. If I loved someone, even if I stopped being attracted to them as much I’d still be in love. It’s fine not to be, but if she’s having these thoughts then just leaving is probably the better option. Asking her to try and lose weight, especially with past ED experience would kind of suck if it’s an ultimatum between that and not wanting being with her.

No. 371450

If she had an ED it's better to actually go to a professional who can set up a weightloss plan and inform them about the ED. Maybe you can go together, try and do the diet also together. Try remove all unhealthy snacks from the home, start cooking together and excercising with her.

>which is why she looked the way she did when you first met
Are you trying to say that anon dated her when she is a skelly? She says that she had as shapely body when she started dating her. However

Anon said she doesn't find her as attractive anymore as her post weight gain. That doesn't mean she doesnt love her at all anymore or that she thinks she butt ugly kek.

No. 371454

>if I knew my partner was saying this stuff
but she doesn't, idiot, and she's very obviously trying to keep her girlfriend from knowing that she feels this way before figuring out a gentle and mature way to express it. Projecting your feelings on some random venting about how she isn't attracted to her partner because of body changes and wants to know how to approach her partner about it ethically is incredibly retarded.

No. 371456

She can easily see the post on ops post history and connect it to being about her, retard. Op doesn't deserve to be in a relationship with someone she only likes because of her body. You can't see someone as an object and get mad when people judge you for it.
And to think that she's asking for ways to get an anorexic to relapse without it being too obvious so "she" feels attracted to her again makes me think the person behind the post isn't even a woman to start with.

No. 371457

>If she had an ED it's better to actually go to a professional who can set up a weightloss plan and inform them about the ED.
Strongly agree. I wonder if she ever got professional help? Because it sounds like she still has an ED. 40lbs in 3 years is abnormal.

No. 371459

Anorexics can be curvy, retard. Body shape has nothing to do with weight, plenty of 40-45 kg women might be unhealthily thin yet still have a womanly figure. You've obviously never dealt with an ed if you think telling someone with a ed past to see a dietician isn't gonna get them to relapse. She finally recovered and anon wants her sick again.

No. 371460

>She can easily see the post on ops post history and connect it to being about her
How? Don't only mods have this function? And maybe her girlfriend doesn't even know about this website.

No. 371461

Imagine asking someone to relapse and get sick again because you're not sexually attracted to them in their healthy weight. This is definitely a man larping as a lesbian to ask for advice, I don't think any woman would be cruel enough to take advantage of a mentally ill person they "love" just because they prefer thin women.(offtopic sperging/scrotefoiling)

No. 371462

you're overreacting kek are lesbians not allowed to be not attracted to fatties?

No. 371463

People here sure live in fantasy world.

No. 371464

She got told to break up which is what she should do. Feeding to someone you're supposed to love's mortal mental illness(anorexia has the highest mortality of all mental disorders) because you like them better when sick isn't exactly something women do.
I'm skinny and I also would date someone who only likes me because I'm skinny, some of you are creepy.

No. 371465

>Imagine asking someone to relapse and get sick again because you're not sexually attracted to them in their healthy weight
OP never said she would do this, or even wanted to. And by the sounds of it OP actually met her at her healthy weight then became overweight.

Apparently we're men for having that preference. Still I bet all the women here projecting their insecurities into OPs gf are American/UK fat fucks. The rest of the world is relatively normal weight and you don't end up having this sort of arguments as much with them.

No. 371466

So what do you suggest she do then? Since you clearly disagree with the notion of breaking up with someone for being repulsed by their body.

No. 371467

>Anorexics can be curvy, retard
I would like to know what you define as anorexic and curvy. Because you need to have a super low body weight. Yeah no shit people have different body type, but if you have almost no fat you will just look like a skelly eitherway. 40-45kg can be healthy depending on what your height is also.
>She finally recovered
You think gaining 18kgs in such a short time and not being able to control her eating is healthy? You just want her to swap one ED with another one kek.

>Still I bet all the women here projecting their insecurities into OPs gf are American/UK fat fuck
I think so to, lately I have seen a lot of "fat acceptance" post on ot also. Like im not saying we need to bully or hate fat people, but they will get so angry if you even talk about losing weight kek. They are especially being weird now because OP literally said how its bothering her girlfriend.

No. 371468

Oh no, I also suggested breaking up. OP is trying to look for a way of not triggering her anorexia ED but I don't think that's a possibility. People with EDs are extremely sensitive about people commenting on their body even more so from a romantic partner. Even if OP sucks it up her gf will eventually realize she's no longer sexually attracted to her and drama will ensue. If OP cannot be attracted to overweight women at all then I think the best thing to do is break up.

No. 371469

I’m >>371449 and I’m the anon on /ot/ who said I’m repulsed by fat people kek. Why is it fat acceptance bullshit to not see that this is not exactly the thoughts of someone deeply in love with someone. And that’s fine. Literally just break up.

No. 371470

I don't think it's fair to ask OP to just live sexless and it's just as unfair to her gf. I don't think anyone here except the delusional bihets are okay with being in a sexless "romantic" relationship.

No. 371471

… Which is why we’re telling her to break up with her? Are we not in agreement?

No. 371472

I'm the one who's been arguing with you and I'm underweight and suffered from anorexia since I was 11. Nice try angering us with random fat insults directed at our body though, you totally proved you're mature enough to give excellent dating advice.
Yeah she should break up and tell her it's for another reason. Anons here are weird as fuck and the way they fetishize thinness makes them come off similarly to those fat men who only want super thin girls.

No. 371473

I'm just disagreeing with the statement that this not what someone who is truly in love with someone else thinks. Unless the epitome of "romantic" love for you is just unconditional platonic love.

No. 371474

Being in love with someone isn’t platonic, but I’m not going to get into that argument. If it’s not the same for you then that’s fine.

No. 371475

File: 1704558052029.jpg (402.24 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20240106_192201.jpg)

40 kg isn't healthy even if you're 165cm, in fact it's severely underweight. If she was 40kg and now weight 58, she'd literally be more healthy compared to her old weight. Why are you trying to defend your fetish for obviously emaciated women?(derailing)

No. 371476

>Being in love with someone isn’t platonic
Exactly, which is why people drastically gaining weight or becoming disabled can kill the sexual attraction in their partner if great part of their attraction came from their physique.

No. 371477

I never disagreed with that, so, what’s your point?

No. 371478

How much do you weight yourself? If you think 40kg is normal weight for an average woman then you're either a man that knows nothing about women's weights or too obese to know how lower weights work. I'm 47kg and I get told I'm too thin and usually even the smallest sizes of clothes fit too big on me.

No. 371479

It's a man ragebaiting, ignore it. He thinks women should weight 40 kg and that it's healthy, kek. There is no way a woman doesn't know how women's weight works to the point she would think 40kg is healthy and ideal.

No. 371480

You can be in love with someone and lose attraction given their body changes a lot in undesirable ways, doesn't mean you never truly liked them as you are trying to imply. If you stay with someone despite not feeling sexually attracted to them anymore because you deeply care for them that's platonic affection.

No. 371484

You never answered how much you weighted yourself or how you thought 40kgs was healthy weight for a woman. It's sad seeing such a pathetic try to ignite an infight, why dont you do something you enjoy instead?

No. 371486

What? I'm not that other anti-fat anon arguing in here.

No. 371490

you know that women shorter than 165 cm exist too?

No. 371494

Just answer the question, if you hate fatties so much admitting your own weight shouldn't be that much of an issue?

No. 371495

How the hell would you know if shes 165cm or what even her weight is. No shit 40kg is to light for a 165cm tall women. I literally said that 40-45kg could be healthy depending your height if your a fucking midget like me. You are assuming that she was underweight when she was dating OP, but you dont even know if thats the case.

I think you are confusing that anon with me kek.

No. 371496

It's still too light for a 160cm woman and I doubt most women are 145cm since that'd mean they have a medical condition. Now just tell me how much you weight because if you agree that 40kg can be healthy, you also agree you're a fattie who has no idea how lower weights work because you've never been there

No. 371498

>perpetuator of the fatphobia was a fat midget

No. 371500

>you either must be 160cm or 145cm nothing in between
>if you dont agree with me you are actually a fattie!!!
I don't know why you would think I would care to be called a fattie. Nor am I autistic enough to post my weight and height. I think you are projecting your own insecurities.

Is this something anons unironically say here now.

No. 371503

Stop derailing unhinged fat midget. This whole infight you were just projecting your insecurities. It's always fat anons that keep weight baiting like you were but get offended when they're asking stuff about themselves. Maybe go on a diet, will make your short stubby legs look less disgusting.

No. 371506

Yet you're autistic enough to call yourself a midget? Lol

No. 371510

What is going on? Why are these threads always like this?

No. 371511

Why is this thread getting derailed over an anon not being attracted to fatties? It must be the same puritan fujoshits getting triggered by women's sexuality.

No. 371512

Wouldn't surprise me tbh. I'm 164cm tall and weight around 55kg. No EDs. Hate fatties. What's your cope now?

No. 371513

holy fuck you're fat

No. 371514

If Americans understood that you're not evil or a moid for not being attracted to overweight women this conversation wouldn't even be controversial.

No. 371515

Anon you're literally fat yourself, wtf. Midget bitch is probably even fatter though so you can cope with that.
As said before, the fatphobes are always fat themselves.

No. 371516

What do you mean? She'd literally be seen as chubby herself in any euro country… I can't believe all the fatphobes turn out to be chubby/fat themselves. A normal weight or skinny woman wouldn't be obsessing this much about weight I guess.

No. 371520

>unironically saying fatphobe on lc

No. 371523

File: 1704566622774.jpg (382.07 KB, 870x788, meandmydonkey.jpg)

You can try to LARP to be ana-chan all you want, but this is what actual normal weight looks like. And you talk about being obsessed about weight yet you immediately jumped to call everyone fatphobic in the thread (nothing wrong with being fatphobic I don't wanna die smothered by a BBW). Btw just stop eating when you're not hungry, it's not that hard, Amerilards.(attentionwhoring)

No. 371525

I think a single Shayna thread would probably be enough to kill these posters, kek.

No. 371526

Is that actually you?fuck me please.

No. 371528

Sure but the anime shirt stays on during sex.

No. 371529

everything in this picture screams autistic teen boy.

No. 371531

So we moved on to the next ad hominem when you can't call me fat anymore.

No. 371535

Fat teen boy, there fixed it.

No. 371536

Why are nonnas saying this is fat? Is this bait? She's literally a healthy BMI.

No. 371537

You win this argument anon, I'm fat and a moid and fatphobia is no more. Please keep on chugging 5L of coke daily, diabetes is a big pharma lie and you're healthy at 200lbs fuck dem retarded ass doctors n shiet.

No. 371538

Your style is very ugly. My grandmother with dementia has a better sense of style than you do. Wtf are those ugly boots and that frizzy hair

No. 371539

Because they're bone rattling and trolling.

No. 371540

They're 100% fat fucks pretending to be anorexic, otherwise they wouldn't be seething about fatphobia.

Not even gonna try to fight this, I know I dress terrible kek.

No. 371542

healthy weight sure, but looks skinny fat and untoned. adds up I suppose, the skinny fat anachans are always the most unhinged. I guess cause it must suck to reach your ideal weight and still look pudgy once your clothes are off.
still, when you're built like a teenage boy with no hips and dress like you raided your 12yo brother's wardrobe, you gotta take whatever win you can. although I don't see what any of this has to do with lesbianism.

No. 371543

I want to be your gf and pick out clothes for you. We will go to a luxury shopping centre and your donkey will be our ride. My weight fluctuates though, I have both been a couple of kgs underweight and a couple of kgs overweight before. I'll make you love my supple curves anyway. : )

No. 371544

learn to integrate and stop self posting you glue huffing nlog

No. 371545

I'd prefer a cute old lady style to a weeby one.
She's not thin, she's just a manminded retard that expects women to be 40kgs as "she" said above.

No. 371549

Your donkey looks just as retarded as you are.

No. 371550

Kek that's sweet nonna, though I do need someone to show me how to dress good.

No, I'm addicted to female attention because I don't get any irl. Also I need to prove fat amerilards wrong on the Internet.

Again, I'm not the other anon you were arguing with. And 40kg on a 160cm~ woman is death-tier lmao. Anorexics look as bad as fatties.

No. 371551

Leave the donkey out of this, cunt. She's a sweetheart.

No. 371552

christ can we stop with the weight derailing and go back to talking about homosexuality

No. 371553

I have really hot boobs and butt, all my fat goes there. I know you'll just adore me. I love giving mentally ill unkempt girls like you attention. Where do you live?

No. 371554

Gotta hit em' where it hurts.

No. 371555

File: 1704569592004.png (137.74 KB, 538x442, 1485794358123.png)

How BPD are you? There gotta be a catch.

No. 371556

retard isnt going to shut the fuck up because it’s the one moment she gets any attention in her life. just report.
>Nonas, whats the cutest date you’ve ever been on?
I went on a beach date as my first date, we had ice cream and watched the waves together. We walked for like 4 hours just talking about everything. The sunset was beautiful, it was like a dream. We ended up dating for 6 months but we were too busy to see one another, but that memory will stick with me forever.

No. 371557

Umm I'm not BPD because I'm not the one asking for attention. I'm the one who's going to spoil you. But everyone tells me to get diagnosed for autism. I'm really cute (I look 14 and I know you liek loli manga) with nice tits and pale skin so you will love me. I will have to cure you of your weebism though, I don't like otakus…(being this cringe is illegal, stop trying to cyber on lolcow.farm)

No. 371558

You somehow look 14 but have huge boobs and ass? Kek. Try to be more consistent next time.

No. 371559

Yes, I'm baby-faced and short. But I have really nice boobs. This isn't an inconsistency, people always think I am 14. I'm your real life kawaii loli chan.

No. 371561

I find this disgusting so you can stop your LARP now. If you want to bait me into doxxing myself better say that you're a hot older woman that wants to fix my mommy issues.

No. 371563

what the fuck do you need a donkey for?

No. 371564

>that pic
that makes me asexual holy fuck

No. 371565

Donkeys are fierce as fuck they will defend livestock pretty well. Plus they are nice and you can ride them.

No. 371566

But you love lolis so much nona, you've talked all about it. Don't you want to be my mommy? We will go on so many cute walks. I will even let you shit on my back. : 3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 371567

>shits on gf while looking like homeless man

No. 371568

I hate lolis actually.

No. 371569

i've always thought that this is one of the worst threads in here, always makes me associate negative feelings with being a lesbian but fucking hell what the fuck is happening here you're really outdoing yourselves this time

No. 371570

>I will even let you shit on my back. : 3
was that a typo or..

No. 371571

This is exactly what I expect a farmer to dress like. Is that really an anime shirt?

No. 371572

looks like a shadow of the colossus tshirt

No. 371573

My tinfoil is men and trannies come to derail so nonas are unable to discuss relationships that don’t involve moids and agps

No. 371574

Not being heteronormative makes life difficult. No need to sugarcoat that since this is an anonymous website.

No. 371575

yeah i figure some of them have to be trannies and moids but these threads have been so shitty for so long that there's got to be some mentally unwell real women posting here too

No. 371576

>shitting up the thread by responding to bait
literally why
i ended up watching this a few days ago and really enjoyed it. also it was pretty obvious that the guy was a crossdresser, i dont get the hate for it

No. 371577

>gets mindbroken when women don't act how she expects
>mentally blames it on lesbians
Peak bislut thinking not gonna lie.

Yes it's an anime shirt.

No. 371578

oh i see the homophobic society just forces you all to act unhinged about her clothes etc

ok mental health patient

No. 371579

What anime, nona

No. 371580

lolcow e youkoso

No. 371581

No. 371582

thank god the lesbian thread is always here to teach me that finding deranged attacks on some completely normal woman's clothes and body unhinged makes me attracted to men, a cocksucking slut even, really can trust this place to connect with other lesbians kek

No. 371584

be my gf nonny, I will beat you and slap your face until you become less autistic retard

No. 371585

It's time to stop infighting/derailing, stop responding to attentionwhores and stop responding to bait. The bone rattling and weight sperging has veered way off topic.

No. 371586

holy projection batman.(infighting after farmhand warning)

No. 371587

but it's fun tho

No. 371589

honestly do you know what projection means because what the fuck are you talking about(infighting after farmhand warning)

No. 371626

Shit, came back hours later to see the thread gone to hell with infighting after my post. For the record she went from being normal weight to obese in just a year's time, NOT from ana-chan to normal weight. It's due to binge eating unhealthy high sugar food that's already causing her health problems and self esteem issues. I was looking for advice on how to help her to return back to healthy living habits WITHOUT prolapsing straight to the other extreme which would be just as bad, that's why I mentioned the ED background. Should've been more clear about that but I'm still getting used to the fact that this thread is being camped by that clinically insane internet fight addicted schizo these days. Sorry.

We don't live together but I've tried getting her to partake in exercising with me, but she rarely has the energy to and gets tired immediately. It's depressing because we used to enjoy doing stuff like hiking together in the past and I'm a very outdoorsy person myself. I've been trying to get her to see a professional about it but she's too embarrassed to seek help, which is also why I was asking on how to encourage her about it if someone here had been in a similar situation.

No. 371628

can you retards really not tell the difference between a transbian and an actual woman? they out themselves VERY quickly. im tired of tranny paranoia discouraging lesbians from interacting. it's obsessive at this point! im tired of discussing them.

No. 371629

is it so wrong to want both? someone you get along with and are physically attracted to? like if her looks didn't matter i would be satisfied with a bestie.

No. 371633

get her to move in with you and insist on handling the groceries/meal prep. keep it simple, CICO and taking walks around the neighborhood.

No. 371640

NTA but in all honesty I don't think the majority of anons in here have been in long-term, successful relationships. Hence the total cluelessness to the importance of physical attraction and sexual chemistry. It's easy to get on your high horse and post about how you'd stick by your love if the attraction went when you're inexperienced and have an idealised view of relationships that's barely based in reality.

No. 371644

>post about how you'd stick by your love if the attraction went
I'm positive posters like this are bihets that don't even feel sexual attraction to women that's why they are fine being in a sexless """"relationship"""".

No. 371647

I hope this doesn't cross into armchair-psychology territory (only speaking from personal experience) but it's likely the binge eating is just another manifestation of her old disordered eating. The root problem is in her mind which makes it very hard for you as an outsider to actually do anything about it. Typically it's like unhappiness makes her binge makes her unhappy makes her binge makes her unhappy, it's a never-ending loop. She has to make some sort of decision to break the loop herself. You don't even live together you can't control her food. She should get professional help but, again, you can't make her. She only has one life and there's no point is spending it ashamed of herself and unhappy just because she got fat a couple years ago but she has to realize that herself – when her self confidence comes back her weight will fall off because she will stop emotionally binging.

You could do something physical but low-impact with her on a very consistent basis and that could give her a needed mental boost. Like beginner yoga or walks, or maybe even shorter duration harder activities. Take a self defense class together, that's always fun. Or a non-physical activity like an art class, doesn't have to be fitness oriented as long as it can get her out of her head. Meditation is good for bingers.

No. 371650

>the importance of physical attraction and sexual chemistry
Yeah like that matters if you plan to grow old together.

No. 371651

She should just break up with her already ASAP, she's not her mother, they're not married nor extremely committed by the sound of it, and anon doesn't even want to have sex with her anymore. Break it off because you're wasting your time, you can't help her if you're not on the same page.

No. 371653

What's even the point of dating IRL if the majority of people you'll meet are turbo normies and your type is autistic weeb women who are imageboard shitposters.

No. 371654

So that you can serve as a warning to others ITT.

No. 371657

hot women are hot well into their 50s and even their early 60s…

No. 371658

Yeah but good luck finding one with a sex drive at that age.

No. 371660

even then, it would give me pleasure to just look at her

No. 371661

So you're gonna masturbate yourself to sleep or hump-rape her when you're super horny?(baiting infighting)

No. 371662

are u saying u cant appreciate a woman's beauty unless u are fucking or masturbating

No. 371666

incel detected(infighting)

No. 371672

Sure can but if I'm in a relationship with her I would expect sex sometimes…

No. 371673

i think even if the bedroom was dead at age 50 id still prefer to be with a pretty woman

No. 371679

there are actually an insane number of autistic weeb women on dating apps trying to find love if you dont mind dating anime lovers who self identify as neurodivergent or autistic. lots of them have a gender or are polyamorous though.

No. 371685

>lots of them have a gender or are polyamorous though.
That's why I'd prefer it if they were imageboard users, at least then they'd be based and terfpilled. They are still a form of normie one way or another.

No. 371717

Doubt you really want to date an imageboarder. I did and it wasn't a good experience.

No. 371718

What happened?

No. 371723

>50s and even their early 60s
>thinks women have no sex drive then

you got to be male trolls at this point i won't believe actual women are this retarded do you think people in their 50s are some wheelchairbound corpses already

No. 371729

This is what I’m saying. If I had been attracted to her when she was still thin AND I was in love with her I don’t think I’d ever want to leave her. I was planning to watch her looks fade away anyway. Like, that’s what it means to be in love with someone for me. If it’s a casual relationship then whatever and the other anons’ attitudes make sense.

No. 371730

The thread is filled with male trolls lately. The one who thought 40kg is natural for women and the one thinking women don't fuck after they're 40 are both definitely men.

No. 371750

i could get it if these are some 18-year-old virgins or even underages at that point who tend to think everyone over 30 is dead anyway but it's just so bizarre as someone who knows lot of women in their 50s to see people speculate if women have sex drive at that age. what are you talking about (also i have an ex who is a professional cougar hunter, with me being her perhaps only ever exception in her dating patterns, she pretty much only ever dates 50+ women and claiming those people do not have active sex lives just sounds so funny (also listening to her stories about her older girlfriends really kills the idea of adult wisdom permanently kek i have learned that being retarded is a permanent state of mind everyone is going to be stupid for the rest of their lives))

No. 371761

They forget the rampant sexually transmitted disease epidemics in retirement homes, ladies are getting it in even in their 80s. My tinfoil seems so much more valid now that these troll posts keep popping up in here, the trannies and moids really want actual lesbians to not fuck each other.

No. 371774

I think they also want to ruin the thread so we stop posting in it. Some threads on this board have great potential as meeting places for like-minded or similarly "oppressed" women, but they are notoriously cancerous from scrote terraforming. Anything to damage our class consciousness.

No. 371799

I unironically want to date 164cm55kg-chan.

No. 371800

>top? bottom? how do you feel about those labels?
What kind of question is this out of curiosity? This is gay male slang. Lesbians don't have penetrative sex organs. Is this a result of terminally online fangirls who are addicted to slash fanfiction? Except I've dated bi fujoshi and even they never used top/bottom for our relationship. So how did this come about?

No. 371804

To me it's more about "is your sexual behavior more dominant or submissive", I don't see them used that often unless you clearly align with either label. Even though there's no penetrative sex I see lesbian tops liking being more in control of a sexual situation while bottoms enjoy being the opposite. I think it's whatever if you clearly have a preference but IME it's considered more of a "what's your horoscope/MBTI type" kind of silly subject of conversation not to be taken that seriously.

No. 371807

I've heard women use it to refer to who "gives" and who "receives" oral/fingering/strap or use it synonymously with who is more sexually dominant/submissive but I've never found much utility in the terms. I feel like there is an obsession with labelling everything and lesbians do this too ("pillow princess," "high stone femme/butch," etc.)

No. 371834

These were my exact stats when I was exercise bulimic. It is a completely normal weight though. Damn, where the hell were you when I lost weight specifically for female attention that I never got? Kek.

No. 371850

Oh no kek, I’m sorry that happened nona. Piggybacking off this idea though (what attracts women), is there any kind of beauty standard for lesbians, do you think? Obviously types always vary from person to person, but I wonder if women have their own standards of “conventionally attractive” like men do. If I were to think of one it would be that taller women do not seem to have as much trouble finding women to date.

No. 371861

nta but definitely tallness. I frequently hear people gushing over tall women or just having a tallER gf but never any preference for shorter. There's also the desire to be taller, my friend is 5'4" and she complains about feeling short.
I'm 5'0" and people exclusively say rude things about it

No. 371868

Taller, older, and masculine/androgynous seems to be the popular preference. I'm 5'4" and only interested in dating women taller than me but literally 99% of the women I've met are shorter, usually enough that I'm already slightly looking down to make eye contact. I'm convinced that almost every masculine woman on earth just so happens to be 5'2" and under somehow.

No. 371873

Definitely tallness; especially if you're GNC. I'm quite a bit over 6'0 and when I look back at some of the women I've been with I have to conclude that the height clinched it. Like I'm not ugly, but I used to have a shit haircut, didn't take care of my skin so good, dressed kinda blah. I do not believe I'd have the same amount of notches on my bedpost if I was average height. Idk where the standard came from, but it's getting worse with the creepy "step on me mommy" shit on social media. My only theory is that maybe it comes from the idealisation of polarity between butch and femme.

No. 371874

Yeah, I feel bad sometimes that I’m so exclusively obsessed with tall women since it seems like everybody is and us shorties are chopped liver. Unfortunately it’s logically impossible for everyone to have a taller gf so I feel many of us are doomed to fail kek

No. 371885

obviously this isn’t true for every woman but sometimes menopause really does kill your libido

No. 371889

Just remember all you short lesbian nonnas; there are tall lesbians who love you. My wife is almost a foot shorter than me and I’m obsessed with it. I love being able to carry her to bed when I’m feeling ~hopelessly romantic~

No. 371894

I feel it's quite similar to the general female beauty standards i.e. skinny and conventionally attractive, maybe tall for butches like other anons said. I'm a butch average in both height and looks and haven't had that much trouble with the ladies but I feel like if I was a womanlet I would be screwed and on the other hand if I was taller I would have to fend off women with a stick. But I like shorter women myself so I don't really know.

My girlfriend is also a lot shorter than I am and I've always found it cute. I'm not that much about height but I have to admit that it's part of why I'm so attracted to her.

No. 371898

im 5’10 and I love 5’5-5’7

No. 371899

I am short and don't want my gf to be much taller because dramatic height gaps are kind of scrotey/het and uncomfortable. I am worried that other girls won't like my height though.

No. 371901

They will! I’m one of the tall nonnas w a short special lady and we’re friends w another lesbian couple and they’re both short! One is like two inches taller than the other. Don’t fret, nonnica there’s a gal out there for u ♥

No. 371902

Wow this is the first time someone on lc has been nice to me

No. 371913

Same, feels like it would be awkward to have a partner that is way taller than you. Would prefer a gf of the same height as me easier to kiss her that way too.

No. 371930

>Definitely tallness; especially if you're GNC.
>it's getting worse with the creepy "step on me mommy" shit
DA Haha I'm having a similar problem. I'm 5'4 & feminine and I keep getting women who wanna dom me and call me princess/good girl. Why this.

No. 371936

I fucking hate hetbrained women like you. Yes I'm short and I will seethe.

No. 371938

I’m 5’4” and want a gf my height or shorter so bad.

No. 371961

>I frequently hear people gushing over tall women or just having a tallER gf but never any preference for shorter.
I like short women, personally. My gf is taller than me and says she prefers taller women but apparently still finds me attractive despite it, and I've crushed on both short and tall women.

No. 372030

For me it's weird that women are so obsessed with height. For me it's the least of my concerns when it comes to dating.

No. 372041

Right? I can’t really understand what difference it makes at all. Whether or not I find a woman attractive is dependent on her face and body type.

No. 372043

Height wouldn't be nearly as big of a deal to me if people didn't put me down or neg me over it. I'm not insecure in the sense of wanting to change my body (I'm totally happy with it) but I do feel insecure in the sense that I recognize that people treat me differently because of my height. Idc about other women's height, but height is a relevant topic for me because people make it one.

No. 372057

>the creepy "step on me mommy" shit on social media
the amount of times I've had women approach me with the expectation that I'll mommy them because I'm tall and fem is actually bleak. I don't really consider height a dealbreaker in any sense but now that I'm actually thinking about it it would be a plus to date a woman who's close to my height, trying to do anything at all with my last GF (who also had a weird mommy expectation now that I think about it?) was awkward because of the large gap.

No. 372064

This makes sense. But I think I'd wanna date someone close to my height. I dated a woman 6 inches taller than me and didn't like the hand holding asymmetry/awkwardness

No. 372079

For me it’s because I’m a short masc and insecure lol. I know it’s my problem to work though but it’s awkward being like this.

No. 372099

Is finding an older mommy gf actually impossible

No. 372104

>short masc
hot, there is no reason to feel insecure, I would take care of you nonny

No. 372106

I was reading all the posts on this thread and decided to stop lurking just to say that the yuriweeb fujosperg from one month ago was 100% correct and every "lesbian" fujo getting mad at her and posting bibles trying to explain why it's totally lesbian to get wet over anime men fucking each other in the ass were all pathetic bi women in denial. Also i didn't listen to her vocaroo but if she really was a woman then i'm in love with her too(baiting tor revive month old infight)

No. 372111

Uhuh. Anyway

No. 372144

I feel like it is mostly insecurity of their own height. I used to feel weird about my first gf being shorter than me, because I thought I was freakishly big compared to her. Now that Im fine with my own body I dont really care how tall woman I date.

No. 372176

Ty nonna lol it’s nice to get love

No. 372178

i love smaller tomboys theyre gamine cuties

No. 372180

rent free, why cant you stop thinking about them?(reviving old infight)

No. 372234

Does anyone else feel like relationships with women are often oddly intense? I feel like this doesn’t happen with the same frequency in heterosexual relationships. But it’s very common to develop an emotional, almost codependent relationship with other, of course it’s not every relationship though.

No. 372235

I think it's because women have higher empathy than men, they bond more easily. And also you don't have the gender difference where men think they're better than women.

No. 372245

I miss my hs bestie i had such a crush on her, seeing her with her nigel makes me sad. I hope shes happy though.

No. 372246

Try reconnect with her, it wouldn’t be bad to rekindle that friendship. Also maybe this is shitty to say but moids fuck up all the time, don’t count on it but sometime in the future you may have a chance.

No. 372262

I have a preference for shorter women and feminine. I never felt attracted to masculinity much in appearance yet I myself am kinda muscular because I want to exercise for health and admire people who are muscular without steroids for their dedication. Only issue is that many feminine women I find are straight. Sad emoji. But that's just the aesthetic preference I have. When you see one that fits your preference it makes you feel good for a bit and that's it. If I'm in love with someone it would happen because of our personalities and bond mostly, not her appearance. If I love her, she will be beautiful in my eyes no matter what she looks like. And I have noticed that with love, it shows up in the most unexpected ways… She will speak to me about her day and I will pay attention to her intonation, to the expressions and gestures she makes, the sound of her laugh, and I will feel happy. She will be sleeping at night and I will wake up briefly, looking at her face, and I will be happy. She will be walking and as she does so, I will notice each step she takes, how it's unique to her alone and the sound it makes, and I will feel happy. And there are many ways she will make me feel good, that I cannot put into words because it's impossible to know without first experiencing it. It's the most random things yet those are the most memorable. With a preference you have an expectation, a set image and you know what will come, but with love you feel it new as it comes. It's an adventure altogether. So I would say I have a preference constructs an image which is clear in your mind and unchanging, a "still life" as I call it. While in love it is like reading a book that writes itself, a dictionary perhaps, and each word has a new definition whenever you look. When I try to think what the woman I love looks like, I can't, because how do you describe infinity? You just have to experience it as it comes.

No. 372263

File: 1704804342435.jpg (167.99 KB, 635x823, harpist.jpg)

I just joined a lesbian group in my city.
Im super nervous but im sure everything will go ok. Im tired of being surrounded by males all the time and I really need new friends. The only socialization I get is at my school's technology club and the only 2 other women there are straight, married, and way older then me. Yesterday some moid started talking to me and complaining about the feminist agenda to make all women girlbosses and how its turning us all into lonely cat ladies. Im so done with it.
I really hope i can find friends there at least or even a gf if im lucky.

No. 372293

I’m about to go on my first ever date with another lesbian tonight. I only realized I was a lesbian in 2022, and I’ve never really gone on a date before, so I’m pretty lost when it comes to how to act. Are there any tips/etiquette I should have in mind? I know general politeness is a thing, but should I do things that guys normally do, like paying the bill and opening doors? Sorry if this is a retarded question, I’ve never been on a date and the only dates I’ve been witness to have been straight couples

No. 372296

I think it’s polite but not absolutely necessary to offer to pay if you invited her on the date and vice versa; otherwise, it’s perfectly fine to split the bill. tbh when I dated men, they always paid, but with women, we usually split. as for opening doors and stuff, I don’t think you can go wrong with “chivalrous” stuff like that, unless she’s really masc and wants to fulfill that role herself. be sure to be flirty, because sometimes dates with other women can feel too platonic, where you’re not really sure if she’s attracted to you or not. but don’t be sexual flirty on the first date, keep it tame

No. 372358

I mean this in the best way possible, it’s because a lot of women are a bit crazy.

No. 372363

Yes and I don't really know why it is, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's why I've never been able to keep male friends. They've always been so lifeless and uninteresting compared to my friendships with women. I used to think it was because I'm such a lesbian I can't even be interested in moids platonically, but it's clearly not just romantic since I've had incredibly intense emotional friendships with straight women too. My romantic relationships with women have always been even more intense. I think I'd miss the intimacy and closeness if I had a more "well-adjusted" relationship, but I am also probably a little bit crazy.

No. 372364

same. men just seem so boring to me. I've had close friendships with women of every sexuality but the closest I've ever been to a man is acquaintances. we just don't have much in common, and the world of men seems so dull and uninteresting.

No. 372366

i think it's because the female endocrine system (and, by extension, the female mind) is always in flux. gives us a certain mystique.

No. 372414

Dumb question,
Is using an app to find a partner less stigmatised amongst lesbians compared to bisexual/straight woman?

No. 372417

Aw anon this is sweet, I relate. Love makes us see beauty in so many things. I miss being in love.

No. 372510

>Single for 8 years in bumfuck town
>Friend wants to introduce me to an "alt" vegan cafe where bisexual women are
Please please please @GoddessAbove @earthmother @Artemis_Real @MotherNatureOfficial @Venus can I get a girlfriend this year please please please

No. 372517

>"alt" vegan cafe where bisexual women are
I hope that you're into genderspecials and polys.

No. 372528

No it’s cringe to be looking for a gf on a hookup app.

No. 372535

ignore the above post. i feel like it's definitely less stigmatized because everyone acknowledges that there are less of us and not really all that stigmatized among straight people either.

No. 372538

File: 1704931584937.jpg (84.79 KB, 640x906, imlesbianimbi.jpg)

I can Hope for a normie.

No. 372541

as a bisexual who leans toward women, a vegan cafe sounds insufferable and so do the clientele and i'd never go there, but i also hope for you anon.

No. 372591

im manifesting the love of your life in the alt vegan cafe

No. 372630

I'm not a burger but over here is relatively normal because I swear there's a cap of 1 lesbian per town. Every lesbian I know found their girlfriends either over dating apps or social medial.

No. 372675

Yeah, dating apps suck but I don't see how it would be "stigmatized" for lesbians to use them when straight people do too and I've never met a lesbian my age in my town.

No. 372704

Do any of you have high libidos? Sex is really important to me and I don't know if I'm being reasonable or if I'm being a moid about it. My last LTR ended because of a dead bedroom. I was upfront from the beginning that I have a high sex drive. She told me she was the same, things were great for the first while, and then she later admitted she has a very low drive and lied so I wouldn't reject her. Said she thought if I fell in love with her sex wouldn't matter. I did love her and I felt awful but I had to leave because I was miserable. Couldn't even get myself off because if she noticed me charging my vibe or taking too long in the shower she'd make shitty little comments about how I was acting like a teenage boy.

I'm trying to get back out there and date again but I'm terrified of ending up in the same situation. My ex had an unusually low libido but I also have an unusually high one I guess. I'm happy with once or twice a week but would gladly go every day if I met a woman who was into that. My sex drive also doesn't really wane once the NRE wears off. Being in a stable relationship makes me crave more sex, not less, and the women I've dated and talked to seem to be the opposite.

I don't think I can be happy in a relationship where sex isn't a priority and I'm scared that makes me a gross predatory dyke. I'd never demand sex and obviously sex will wax and wane with life stressors. I wouldn't be upset if we had a temporary dry spell. If she had a medical issue that lowered her libido that would be different and I would be supportive. But I think that infrequent sex plus an inability to talk about it and try to find a solution would be an auto dealbreaker for me and I'm scared it makes me shitty person. Seriously considering becoming a polyfag or something and just having fuckbuddies because I don't want to fall in love, commit, and then have a repeat of my ex.

Sorry for blog I just feel like I'm going crazy and this turned into a vent.

TLDR: Am I insane? Am I a sex-obsessed monster? Older/married nonnas if you still lurk here do you have regular sex with your partner? Am I moid-brained for caring about sex so much? How tf do I screen for high libido when everyone fucks like rabbits anyway during the honeymoon phase and just tells you what you want to hear when you ask the big compatibility questions?

No. 372707

>high libido
I have the same problem too but I m*e everyday as I am single.
If an active sex life is important to you then find gf who is on the same page. I think it would be bad for your self confidence if you felt like you were bothering your partner for sex.(don't self-censor, this isn't twitter or tiktok)

No. 372730

>I m*e everyday
you wot?

No. 372733

File: 1705009808388.jpg (72.16 KB, 710x508, 65434567.jpg)

Maybe she's a drug addict?

No. 372735

I have the same problem and it's so horrible. It makes you feel so evil to ask a woman for sex and you can just see the pity/reluctance/guilt in her eyes because she doesn't
want to. It feels moidy and disgusting and makes you feel like a sex crazed predator. This is why I get such autistic rage over the uwu sapphic hand holding blushing picnics and useless lesbians U-hauls are 3rd base blah blah stereotypes like I wanna eat pussy is that so wrong kek. Do not feel gross though, you're not alone. I've met older lesbians who do have sex multiple times a week and have assured me there's nothing wrong or predatory about wanting a partner who is sexually compatible. Lesbians are just highly sensitive to the issue because we are women and we don't want to make other women uncomfortable and we subconciously fear living up to the stereotype of the evil predatory lesbian. And I understand you so much about wanting sex more the longer and more committed your relationship is. I think it's a romantic thing honestly.

No. 372738

Why won't you just meet up for sex instead getting into a relationship?

No. 372745

Why do you say that as if an active sex life is incompatible with being in a relationship? Especially since the anon is talking about twice a week…

No. 372747

>Older/married nonnas if you still lurk here do you have regular sex with your partner?
That's a question I'd like answers too.

I have the opposite problem, after a few I lose interest in my girlfriend sexually. I don't know what to do about it.

No. 372753

nothing gross about a high libido… in fact it’s refreshing and sexy to see that in a woman.

No. 372755

I feel this, I've always been terrified of entering a relationship because I'm afraid of it going all dead bedroom. It happened to a lot of my lesbian friends, one admitted to me that she hasn't had sex with her fiancee in years. The thought genuinely terrifies me, I would be absolutely miserable in a relationship with no sex. Like I can even go as low as once every two weeks but months? Years? Not a chance. Like you said, if it was a medical issue I would be understanding of course, but for normal everyday life it just wouldn't work out for me.

>I don't think I can be happy in a relationship where sex isn't a priority and I'm scared that makes me a gross predatory dyke.

I often feel like in lesbian relationships particularly there's pressure to look past a nonexistent sex life since you're supposed to just "love" your significant other no matter what and sex is just a side thing. Like related to the discussion upthread, the physical and sexual attraction you have towards your partner is extremely important for a successful relationship. Sex is a normal thing to desire and nobody should be made to feel like a monster for valuing it as a part of a committed, long-term relationship.

>Seriously considering becoming a polyfag or something and just having fuckbuddies because I don't want to fall in love, commit, and then have a repeat of my ex.

Same. I often have the intrusive thoughts of being jealous of the sex life gay men have kek, I wish I could just have sex first to see if our libidos and preferences match and then look into a more serious relationship but I feel like I have to buy an engagement ring before even getting to the first base.

No. 372761

>after a few I lose interest in my girlfriend sexually
every girlfriend you've had or just one?

No. 372762

>I wish I could just have sex first to see if our libidos and preferences match and then look into a more serious relationship but I feel like I have to buy an engagement ring before even getting to the first base.
It's rough because having sex first is no guarantee of anything. Everyone is horny and happy when the relationship is new. AYRT but I guess I'm extra jaded because my ex straight up lied about having a higher libido and wanting a sexual relationship, and everything was fine during the honeymoon period so I never questioned it.

At this point I feel like there's no way to know someone's actual attitude toward sex until after you're cohabitating and the real personality comes out. Which I guess is true about everything but it sucks extra hard with sex because it's so hard leave someone over sex without being an asshole.

No. 372775

The most worrying aspect of a dead bedroom is feeling like a horny creep for wanting more sex from a partner.

No. 372837

I have a high libido and the last time I was in therapy I was diagnosed with a hypersexual disorder from past abuse. I used to take medication, but having no libido from antidepressants made me miserable. I gave up on dating for a long time because I felt like I was too "impure" for most lesbians and had a phase where I chased after bihet women because I thought I deserved to be abused by them (I was taken advantage of by a bicurious girl when I was young which contributed to that). Sex matters to me, but I didn't want to have random hookups with strangers, I want to like her as a person too and be on the same wavelength about it. It feels harder since I'm not a libfem, I don't like porn or hardcore BDSM stuff and it seems like the only options in my area is a sexless U-haul relationship or weird kinky dangerhair polycule shit.

>I often have the intrusive thoughts of being jealous of the sex life gay men have kek
I feel so bad for admitting this but I think this too. I once watched some Youtube video where a gay man was complaining that his community was too sexual, and I felt bad that I was almost jealous. Moids of any sexuality are unabashed horndogs because they're "supposed" to be like that, but it seems like so many lesbians are too scared to be sexual. I can get why, because even among other lesbians there's policing when it comes to how we have sex or what we're into, saying we could be objectifying women we're not dating, etc. Even though I've known plenty of straight and bi women who do the same thing or are openly into weird stuff and don't get shit for it, it makes me bitter.

No. 372866

>Sex matters to me, but I didn't want to have random hookups with strangers, I want to like her as a person too and be on the same wavelength about it.
Same, hooking up with strangers feels dangerous and there's always a possibility of catching feelings when the other person sees you as a meal ticket for sex, but on the other extreme a sexless relationship isn't a possibility because for me sex and touching is part of my love language.

>I can get why, because even among other lesbians there's policing when it comes to how we have sex or what we're into, saying we could be objectifying women we're not dating, etc. Even though I've known plenty of straight and bi women who do the same thing or are openly into weird stuff and don't get shit for it, it makes me bitter.

For real though, if a straight woman says she doesn't like oral everyone understands but if a lesbian doesn't like it she's a fake bislut. And the constant "is penetration straight" question when it's literally built into our biology to find it enjoyable. There's so much policing around lesbian sex and it often feels like a next level taboo, sorry for tangential blog but when I was a teenager and trying to figure things out I had no idea how to have sex as a lesbian because female sexuality is already a repressed topic and lesbianism even more so. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I started hearing about sex experiences from other SSA women and up until that shitty moidgaze lesbian porn was the only thing I had knowledge of.

No. 372868

Kind of goofy but it frustrates me that 99% of the dating advice on the internet specifically geared towards interacting with women is for straight men.
I know the dating advice on the internet is largely trash (and a ton of it expressly misogynistic) but I still comes across it when I'm trying to figure out what's up with a woman's behavior. But most of the stuff about how to be attractive to women is all about "being in your masculine" and showing her you are a real man and in control of your emotions and shit like that.
I'm butch-of-center and all so it makes me wonder if I'm supposed to just behave like a moid to get girls to see me as confident and attractive. Obviously I know that isn't true, and the right woman won't be looking for me to act like a man, both consciously and unconsciously. However I tend to attract (and be attracted to) bi women so it gets hazy and confusing. I've had a lot of experiences with women playing mindgames with me, idk if anyone else has experienced things like that?

No. 372877

Because anon want daily, that's insane amount. Honestly she should get checked. Too high and too low sex drive is not healthy or normal.

No. 372880

As obvious as it may sound, just be yourself. All these dating advices are shit and in the end, woman should love just as you are.

btw, why are you only attracted to bi?

No. 372881

NTA but as someone in a similar situation bi women are often the only ones showing any attraction or attention to butch women due to their masculinity, in full lesbian communities I feel like the focus is strongly on femininity and butches are considered men lite in a derogatory way (cough Lchat). It sucks and makes you cynical towards relationships when your dating pool consists of only bi women who will most likely leave you for a man when they're nearing their 30's and feel the pressure to start a family and directly contributes to the butches trooning out epidemic tbh.

No. 372886

lchat is like specifically for lipstick lesbians tho

No. 372887

Ok I understand now, it makes me really sad what butches must go through.
Personally I love butches and I wish I could have gf like that…

No. 372889

Don’t shame anyone for their sex drive being different from yours.

No. 372890

Lchat is a lesbian gossip site, not a community specifically for lipstick lesbians. It's just inhabited by the most insufferable kind of drama addicted lipstick lesbians for their unhinged RPF shipping fantasies and to develop their parasocial relationship for unattainable celebrity women they headcanon as lesbian. As for the butch part they really don't like them because to them they're all ugly fat old cringe troon bulldykes compared to the impossibly beautiful k-pop idols cycled through 15 rounds of plastic surgery and starvation diets.

No. 372893

Nayrt but I don't think it's un-normal per say. I think the high/low libido dichotomy is not entirely accurate. There is a sleeve of emotional issues that can lead to hypersexuality and it's worth asking yourself whether that pertains to you, but excluding those, I think libido can be highly situational for most people. If you are single or in a relationship where you don't feel sexually desired, it's normal to experience an increased libido as a response to that. I consider myself high libido, but have been in LTR where I was low, or still had a high libido but didn't desire my partner as much any longer. It's a universal dilemma, regardless of sexual orientation.

No. 372895