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Please keep posts focused on women and female homosexuality! If you want to talk about attraction toward males it probably belongs in the bisexuality thread or questioning thread (check the catalog, they're usually not on the front page but I promise they exist!). Please ignore obvious bihet/troon/tradthot/fujo/etc rage bait as well. Remember that when we take the bait and infight the trannies win! If you suspect a poster is XY pls report and ignore instead of shitting up the entire thread with accusations. Newfags pls lurk and read the site rules before posting, and be careful to stay safe and anonymous (use a VPN, incognito mode, be wary of external links/discords, and be very cautious about the personal details you include in your posts).

Topics of discussion may include but are not limited to:
>first crush?
>what’s your local lesbian scene like?
>cute stories about your gf
>favourite lesbian media? lesbian media you hate?
>coming out stories
>are there any cows you’d uhaul with?
>bitch about being lonely
>tips for coping with being lonely
>butch? femme? how do you feel about labels?
>top? bottom? how do you feel about those labels?
>what's your type?
>when did you know you were gay?
>f/f fanfic and book recs (pls)
>which lesbian stereotypes do you fit? which ones don’t fit you at all?
>what were you like as a kid? tomboy? girly girl who made her Barbies kiss?
>what do you wanna be like as an old lady lesbian?
>get mushy and describe your dream relationship/date/etc
>best date/match? worst?
>how homophobic are your family/friends? is it woke homophobia or oldschool homophobia?
>dating app horror stories
>everything we hate about every other online lesbian community
>lesbian friends, role models, or family members you appreciate
>lesbian history, literature, and politics

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No. 378032

AYRT, I stopped checking these threads or /g/ in general and I'm sad but also glad to see other anons relate to this. I "went into hiding" for so long as a result, but I realized that's part of the problem so I'm slowly being more open and visible.

This was why I clung onto the bi label for awhile when I was 18-20, even when I realized I wasn't really attracted to men. I felt like I had a community and was less scrutinized when I was open about my sexuality towards women when I used to bi label. I ended up un-coming out as bi later, but I kinda regret it.

No. 378266

Lesbians musicians make awful music

No. 378287

File: 1707503324439.jpeg (68.63 KB, 600x406, IMG_0361.jpeg)

the butchies say otherwise

No. 378360

Faggot ass roastie jannies. Must be a fatass sjw who can't get a gf.(take it to /meta/)

No. 378379


No. 378408

They won't let me be a lesbian.

No. 378411

I'd be glad to see you go. Low iq weirdo who thinks about trooning out so much they suspect it just based on a single sentence
I miss when being a lesbian was about loving women and eating pussy. Now it's paranoia if they're really a woman, even on the Internet

No. 378414

What did that anon say?

No. 378442

Does anyone who took a while to come out ever think back to the times that you were low key in the closet before you even thought of coming out to yourself?
Just had a flashback to the time that I was at a school camp sixth grade and this popular girl asked me to help tie up her bikini top in the changeroom at the pool and I made an excuse to leave immediately afterwards because I found something shameful about the possibility of her seeing in a flustered state.

No. 378477

Definitely. I was in high school in the early 2000s and felt like a complete predator for my thoughts because there were no girls who were out at my school.

No. 378716

File: 1707709334606.jpg (659.54 KB, 2160x3840, lu keran.jpg)

Ugh she wore a crop top I need to lick her stomach and nonexistent cleavage

No. 378750

I swear 20-year old k-pop skinwalker lesbians are their own demographic. I call them LChat refugees.

No. 378756

Just because someone likes women other than butches doesn't make them a different lesbian.

No. 379018

File: 1707821621218.jpg (49.43 KB, 650x366, Party.JPG)

What are your thoughts on “Skirt Club”, an international organisation who host nighttime women only events aimed at bicurious women?
Would it be unethical to turn up if I am exclusively homosexual but just want to finger someone with no strings attached?

No. 379020

I feel like a total stereotype. I’m still in love with my ex. I want her back so bad and I think she does too. But we’re friends now and I don’t want to ruin our friendship. What should I do?

No. 379022

Take her back take her back take her back

No. 379028

I dont think anyone checks or cares if you are into men or not. But I feel like an event like that would mostly attract the some poly queerio types kek.

I was outed against my will in school when this "mean girl" saw me holding hands with my gf. It was horrible going to showers after PE classes I was scared the other girls thought I was staring at them.

No. 379077

Question for you nonnies, do you prefer lipstick or butch lesbians? I always have found it strange how many lesbians are butch and masculine, but I would think that as a lesbian a more feminine girl would be preferred?

No. 379078

>I would think that as a lesbian a more feminine girl would be preferred?
Are you male or just heterosexual? Serious question.

No. 379081

What's with these weirdly worded and probably bait "lesbians are so masculine" posts I've been seeing lately? Is this all the same anon?

No. 379086

I'm sorry I get my post sounded childish, it was just my sisters coworker said she prefers masculine/butch women
I haven't really posted itt before

No. 379092

neither. i prefer women with long hair and acne and lip hair but aren't hippies. grunge women i guess but they shower.

No. 379095

What does any of this post even mean. Lesbians are not a monolith, and everyone's preferences vary. What gave you the impression that lesbians desire more feminine women?

No. 379096

I've noticed it, too. It's weird but not surprising considering how many spammers and trolls come here to entertain themselves with anons who take the bait. But I've been wanting to talk about my preferences for a while now and this opportunity is as good as any, so I'll just go ahead.

For me femininity is an instant turn off, not just because I prefer masculine and androgynous aesthetics, but because it signals conformity and insecurity. I'm talking about things like wearing makeup and shaving, following fashion trends, self-effacing behaviors like shyness and indecision. No, I need a woman who takes up space and has the guts to be herself. The world hates women and especially lesbians, beats us all down and tries to force us into neat little boxes that can be easily understood and controlled. Butch may be its own stereotype, but I greatly prefer it to the self-loathing consumerist who, despite being homosexual, still dolls herself up for societal (male) approval. No hate to femmes as individuals, obviously, and I don't believe in policing or making political the personal preferences of other women. I'm not disgusted or hateful as much as I'm just… bored by it all.

So yeah, I'll be taking a barefaced, hairy butch as my wife. At the heart of it, I want to be with someone as unique as I am, someone who has never cared about fitting in or following bullshit rules of femininity. She'll be outspoken and courageous in the face of fear. We'll protect each other from people who try to change us.

No. 379099

Replying to you because I wanna talk about my preferences too but don't want to feed the obvious troll kek. I definitely gravitate toward GNC women and feel the way you do about most feminine women. But I love weird femmes and women who are feminine but not fully straight-passing feminine if that makes sense. A woman in a dress but with natural body hair is insanely hot to me. Or makeup when it's done just for fun, my ex was really into funky lipstick and eyeshadow but she didn't stress about foundation or her natural skin imperfections and I loved that. Confidence in your natural body is the hottest thing ever.

No. 379103

>women who are feminine but not fully straight-passing feminine
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean because (ironically) my style leans in that direction. I didn't say it in my other post, but I'm more "lenient" about skirts or long hair or girly aesthetics because, to me, they're not inherently conformist. Sometimes a sundress really is the most sensible or individualistic thing to wear. I see it as another "fuck you" to the male gaze to scavenge only the most appealing parts of femininity and leave the rest behind. It's different when a woman is obviously alternative or has a strong personality. That's how I see myself when I go out looking girly, anyway.

Ultimately, I don't mind if my butch wife is not in ~crossplay~ 100% of the time. My ideal woman's sense of style probably wouldn't fall into any neat categories, anyway. At the same time, part of my love for butches and desire to have a butch partner is that I need to be "the cute one" in the relationship. I'm still fairly boyish, though, so the woman I'm playing off of should have an air of masculinity so potent it blows mine out of the water. I enjoy relationships with that kind of contrast.

No. 379105

I have a system regarding this, with bisexuals I prefer the really feminine women but with lesbians I'm much more into butches and GNC women. Hyperfeminine bisexuals are usually more accepting of GNC lesbians although teeter on it being just a "male substitute" kind of deal but based on my experiences hyperfeminine lesbians on the other hand tend to be really condescending towards butches and think they're the scum of the earth that need to be eradicated as they're "making all lesbians look like freaks". I'm being hyperbolic of course and not all femmes are like this but every time I've met them they tend to be the kind who are either desperate for heterosexual approval or really snooty about being more valuable as women for being conforming. So in other words I'm attracted to both and don't really have a preference regarding masculinity or femininity but I have certain prejudices based on past encounters.

No. 379106

Nta but this was an interesting read. I feel people mean different things when they say "femme." I was introduced to the concept by basically hearing femmes are the more feminine complement to butches, but that they aren't necessarily feminine in a way that would be read as straight. I see myself as femme under this definition, because I like dresses and long hair, but I don't wear makeup or shave. So my type is definitely butch women, I also love the idea of contrast in a relationship. I think femme lesbians who violate certain norms of femininity are also very hot, but I dream of "complementing" a butch lesbian and find them so interesting and beautiful.

No. 379109

I’m a femme in the sense that I also like butches but honestly I don’t give a shit about being straight passing or whatever. The obsession with looking “gay enough” is pathetic. Being a visible minority is not fun lol.

No. 379125

Met this chick 3 weeks ago in talking stage both in our early 30s. Felt like she needed to tell me that she slept with multiple men before figuring out she was a lesbian, did a lot of heavy drinking and drug use like cocaine and molly all through 20s. Only smokes weed regularly now. I just feel kind of weird about it since I've never done anything like that. Also that her past is her past and she didn't have to tell me? And now I know and I think she might be like a repeat of my past abusive exes that had substance abuse problems. She said she was always really masculine and that she dated and slept with men because she wanted to prove peoples perception of her was wrong. I feel like it's normal for most lesbians to have some fucked up shit going on/ happening to them when they figure out their sexuality it just feels so weird to me because I didn't do any of that stuff. But I should judge people off me being a shut in goody two shoes.

What do you guys think? Thank you too.

No. 379127



She's very kind and I like where things are going so far but I feel like her putting everything on the table was probably good but I just really didn't expect it. I didn't know she smoked that much either but everyone smokes so I shouldn't be hung up about that either?

No. 379134

Substance abuse is a major red flag. If she's still smoking, that indicates that she doesn't know how to deal with her problems or regulate her mood without drugs. She could also be lying about what drugs she gave up and why. For all you know, money or accessibility could be the only thing in the way of her doing coke again, not any real growth or desire for sobriety and stability. Also you describe yourself as a shut in and a survivor of abuse. Obviously you're in a vulnerable position here. Even without oversharing the way she did, people can clue into that, and if you're already feeling hesitant and getting bad vibes, I think you should listen to your intuition. The person you're meant to be with is not going to throw up so many warning signs so quickly.

By the way, next time you want to correct typos or add things to your reply, you can delete and repost it within the first hour. Do that instead of needlessly samefagging. It clogs the thread.

No. 379146

i vote hell no. whether or not you feel bad for her or would feel mean for rejecting her isnt the issue, it's that it would be piss-easy for the combination of her and you to turn toxic/unhealthy. just stay friends with her at most

No. 379149

That woman sounds like a lolcow. No offense.

No. 379190

As an older recently out virgin lesbian, should I look for a serious gf on a dating app or look for more casual experiences to make sure I’m lesbian fr (not just pornbrained)?

No. 379234

If you just wanna experiment then yeah dating apps are fine, but a natural irl experience might be more telling of what you really like.

No. 379270

>natural irl experience
Into such thing exists for lesbians. The only lesbians I know irl are all in relationships.

No. 379284

Anon, it's totally okay that you feel iffy about her past experiences and her current drug use. It's important to listen to your instincts after surviving abuse, that's your indicator to help keep yourself safe.
In any kind of relationship, even just with friends, it's really important to have matching principles, and it sounds like this woman's doesn't match yours. You can have sympathy for what she went through without having to sign up for dating her/progressing the relationship any further. I don't think that it's that you're "judging her" necessarily, I think it sounds like she doesn't align with you on certain standards that you're seeking in a relationship. I wish you much luck and remember, you don't have to be with anyone you don't want to or anyone you feel guarded around.

No. 379286

Seconded. Your soulmate isn't gonna be someone you have to constantly be making exceptions for. Your girlfriend shouldn't be your project, but your equal.

No. 379291

genuinely as long as she’s hot I don’t care if she’s butch, feminine, a chapstick lesbian, whatever

No. 379309

Where does one meet lesbian women? I noticed that STEM and art majors generally leaned lesbian in school but has anyone had any luck at gay or lesbian bars? I miss having a gf and hate online dating. I feel kind of bad for the women I keep ghosting on dating apps but I just fucking hate it. I feel like I'll never meet someone I actually like and just settle for scraps and I don't want to subject another person to that role either.

No. 379318

why are all women bottoms? i'm part of the problem fuck this gay Earth

No. 379362

The problem with modern dating is that people don’t need each other anymore. You can use technology to DIY everything you need from a gf.

No. 379370

Do anons here really categorize lesbians as top or bottoms? I thought we agreed this was a gay moid thing. Unless you’re a pillow princess/only receive strap, you’re not a bottom. Like if I was about to have sex with a woman and she told me she was a bottom that would be such a turn off kek
I think you need to get outside more

No. 379379

the userbase is not a monolith. i don't mind what others say. i say top/bottom because it makes sense to me. and i'm not talking just about physical sex acts. it's also about dynamics. too many women are unassertive, insecure, passive, people pleasing, masochistic, desperate and pathetic. bottoms.
less cynically, some people just prefer to have a partner who takes the lead. myself included. most women have this preference but it's not a problem in het couples because scrotes gonna scrote. the problem is in a 100% female population the ratios are all fucked up. there's a top shortage. it annoys me.

No. 379380

Can you manifest becoming a top?

No. 379383

I sometimes pretend to be a "top" to seem more desirable to women, if that counts.

No. 379405

Idk actually this is interesting to posit. I think that we all have a natural tendency we lean toward but I also think as you change in life and have more experiences you may switch your preference and energy. I have always been the “top” with all my girlfriends because I’m tall, but also because I’m just comfortable being dominant and being the one who takes initiative in giving pleasure and directing things. With men I tended to switch around more depending on their vibe and how I felt, but with women I almost always am the one sort of leading things—which I do not mind at all. I feel so confident with women because I know I can make them feel so so so good and that makes me wanna take the lead more. Plus they just look so pretty when they’re all loved up hehe

No. 379410

There are no lesbian bars where I live but any sort of alternative music scene or hiking groups is a really great way to meet lesbians.

No. 379419

Would you open your mind to meeting someone online?

No. 379423

I promise I don't mean this in a snarky way but have you considered being less of a bottom? There are rare women who are stone but most women want a turn being taken care of instead of being stuck in the top role. I've been the designated top in all my relationships and it's exhausting. If a woman can't plan a date or initiate sex or make her partner cum that's not cutesy bottom vibes uwu it's a character flaw and it gets old really fast. In the het/gay moid world top/bottom works because men get pleasure from sticking their dick in someone, so it's easy for them to get pleasure from taking the lead. The majority of women can't cum just from giving. And even for women who love giving it sucks when that's all you get to do. And it sucks x100 when it breaches the bedroom and seeps into the whole relationship dynamic and the top is the only one planning dates, being the shoulder to cry on, communicating assertively, initiating important relationship conversations, etc while the bottom just sits around acting like their passivity is adorable and charming.

Like I don't think there's a 'top shortage' I think it's just natural that most women don't want to be stuck exclusively in that role. I think for lesbians top/bottom is often just used to hide character flaws we should be working on instead of identifying with. It goes both ways too, I don't want to just shit on bottoms. I've also met plenty of women who are domineering and chauvinistic but hide behind the top or butch label. If you aren't assertive you should work on that, because if you make it your whole personality and advertise how much of a pathetic unassertive bottom you are it's just going to attract weird controlling tops who want a doormat. Idk TLDR healthy relationships should be fairly equal.

No. 379428

NTA but agree with this
>too many women are unassertive, insecure, passive, people pleasing, masochistic, desperate and pathetic
Speak for yourself kek it sounds like you have a lot of internalized misogyny. I would never say any of this about any woman I’ve dated, because it’s gross to say and just not true
>inb4 don’t police my language on lolcow!!1!
It sounds like you’re the problem, and you’re projecting it onto all women/lesbians. Maybe you have terrible taste in women too, but that’s still a you problem

No. 379429

File: 1708007714519.jpg (65.54 KB, 749x421, 176654547.jpg)

>With men I

No. 379434

>some people just prefer to have a partner who takes the lead. myself included.
please grow up. What you're describing isn't a "top shortage", it's a maturity shortage.

No. 379438

interesting post but you made up a ton of stuff about me that i never said. maybe you were just venting about your own experiences? like you i've been the top in all of my relationships. they've all been unsatisfying if not outright abusive. that's why i'm annoyed. your call for equality makes sense to me. but being a bottom =/= being selfish. at least it shouldn't be that way. when i imagine myself in the submissive role everything i do is in service to my partner. i don't have problems giving love or being proactive.
at least you quoted things i actually said. sounds like you had better dating experiences than i did. good for you. question why did you feel the need to say "NTA but i agree"? which anon are you not? if you reply to me in the same post it's pretty obvious you're not me. i dont give a fuck about anything else you said. kek this is the language i care to police.
sure i'll keep growing up. my tastes might change as i get older. as far as i can tell though the dominant/submissive personality trend is something people are born with. i'll be better off with someone dominant.

No. 379439

you sound like an extremely unpleasant person. here multiple nonnas are giving you good advice, but you’re unable to cope with it kek

No. 379443

only one anon gave me advice. the other two insulted me. you don't know what i'm like or what i'm going through. glad to make your day worse.

No. 379444

You can't be a lesbian and this much of a loser. The dating pool is small enough as it is.

I recommend using something like Meetup (the app or the website). You can find lots of groups that do different IRL or online activities. Whether the groups are lesbian targeted or not, there are lots of women's hobby groups for different things. Anything outdoorsy gets lesbians flocking to it.

No. 379445

>interesting post but you made up a ton of stuff about me that i never said.
Sorry, I assumed you were including yourself in this description of bottoms.
>too many women are unassertive, insecure, passive, people pleasing, masochistic, desperate and pathetic. bottoms.

>being a bottom =/= being selfish. at least it shouldn't be that way. when i imagine myself in the submissive role everything i do is in service to my partner. i don't have problems giving love or being proactive.

Yeah this actually makes sense to me, you're probably not the type of woman I was complaining about. Maybe part of the problem is that nobody has a consistent definition of lesbian top/bottom? Like gay moids who identify as bottoms still give blowjobs and handjobs and work for the top's pleasure (as far as I know, I'm not an expert in gay moid dynamics). Which sounds like what you're saying? Like you'd still be happy to go down on your partner?

But most lesbian women who identify as bottoms seem terrified of pussy (in my experience) and want to receive but won't reciprocate in any way. Like I go down on a woman and my 'reward' is just the experience of going down on her, I am not allowed to expect oral in return because as a top I should just spontaneously orgasm from providing pleasure (which can happen and is fun sometimes, but gets really fucking old when it's every single time). That's what I think of whenever I hear "lesbian bottom".

No. 379451

speak for yourself

No. 379452

> with men

I hate this world lol

No. 379454

Piper Chapman has entered the thread

No. 379455

women delegate me as a “top” (ew) because im 5’11 but im such a retarded klutz when it comes to anything requiring hand eye coordination so I fuck it up almost every time. I think I should prolly commit suicide

No. 379468

I am often irked by the whole top/bottom nomenclature because it doesn't make sense for most lesbian sex acts and is functionally just a less BDSM-y label for dominant/submissive. Is eating a woman out topping or bottoming? It's not straightfoward, and the relative submissiveness or dominance of the act will depend on the women involved. Even fingering a woman isn't always a dominant thing–it is usually considered "topping," but I don't see why we should center our vocabulary about lesbian sex around penetration. It's also not even effective shorthand, because different women will mean different things. Some women use bottom to mean "wants sex acts performed upon them but won't reciprocate," some women use it to mean "sexually submissive but also reciprocal," some mean "enjoys being sexually penetrated and will reciprocate with non-penetrative sex acts," etc. etc. That said, the vast majority of women who've been vocal bottoms in my experience have meant "sexually submissive, wants penetrative sex acts performed upon them, and won't reciprocate anything at all" which is…a pretty miserable sexual experience, honestly. I have encountered a shocking number of women who self-describe as bottoms because they just can't conceptualize a relationship or sex without someone filling the role of "the man," and truly think you're going to be sexually satisfied by fingering her. I'm sure that works for some women (stone), but it's a crazy default assumption in my opinion, and I think this experience is what turns off a lot of lesbians to the terminology. Regardless, using a dichotomy of "topping" and "bottoming" as a proxy for penetration, who is "acted on," or submissive/dominance all feel like they are flattening lesbian sex into something more familiar and socially comprehensible, even though it doesn't translate well to actual lesbian sex. I think this discourse has poisoned how a lot of women see relationships and sex with other women and robbed us of our imagination as to what lesbian sex can be.

No. 379469

She is bi though?

No. 379470

Samefag as >>379370. Thank you, nonna! It’s driving me insane that lesbians are really categorizing themselves here by such retarded and inapplicable labels. Ngl when a lesbian uses those labels I assume she doesn’t actually have much sexual experience with women and has a warped view of lesbian sex

No. 379485

That sounds cute. Personally I like clutzy tall girls. Tall women who might be assumed to be a certain way but actually are cute and like someone else to take the lead are my type.

No. 379496

ok keep ignoring the part where i said it's not only about sex and also about dynamics. that includes nonsexual dynamics. reading comprehension in the toilets. or are you so stupid i have to spell it all out for you?
i'm amazed by your ability to give me the benefit of the doubt. you don't have anything to say sorry for. thanks for being nice to me when i'm so sour.

No. 379499

You're so aggressive considering I was not replying to you or addressing you specifically, and I actually did include discussions of how some women use it to refer to their relationships in general and how being a bottom means different things to different women. Hence why I said it isn't effective shorthand, some women use it to refer to some sex acts, some use it to describe personality, and some use it to describe both. If a woman tells me she's a bottom, I have to ask a bunch of follow-ups to even know what she means, thus defeating the purpose of concise labelling. Sorry if you felt like I was trying to single you out, but I was just chiming in with my thoughts on the topic in general.

No. 379512

>I've been the designated top in all my relationships and it's exhausting. If a woman can't plan a date or initiate sex or make her partner cum that's not cutesy bottom vibes uwu it's a character flaw and it gets old really fast.
>But most lesbian women who identify as bottoms seem terrified of pussy (in my experience) and want to receive but won't reciprocate in any way. Like I go down on a woman and my 'reward' is just the experience of going down on her
>women delegate me as a “top” (ew) because im 5’11
This hit close to home. You all worded it perfectly. I've felt totally undesirable in relationships with women for similar reasons. "Top" and "bottom" are aesthetics (being tall, being androgynous) but they're also personality traits (not being a pushover, having active sexual interest in other women, actually asking a woman out) and if other people decide you're a "top" they'll mock you for wanting to be in the vulnerable role/taken care of. It kind of feels like being "the man" in a relationship. No woman wants to do all the work in a relationship for no reciprocation. At this point, a woman telling me she's a "bottom" is an immediate filter. Lesbian relationships cannot be heteronormative by definition, but it does feel like some women apply straight dynamics to their relationships and poison them. Are these women actually even attracted to other women? Are they just "bi" and wanting a woman to fill the gap between bfs?
Small rant, but this is part of why I'm hesitant around short women. I'm quite tall and without fail sub 5'6" women expect me to be the top every time and are visibly disappointed when I have feelings like any other woman. I'm not your "tall mommy dom" (yes real women actually say this). It's like short women who are attracted to tall women just view them as men who like girly things like they do. Hope that makes sense.

No. 379524

This discourse has been stuck in my head all day and the more I think about it the more cranky I get.

In f/m and m/m couples, the top's pleasure is prioritized. The top is basically guaranteed to cum and a sexual encounter where 'the man' doesn't cum would be considered ridiculous. But in an f/f couple it's inverted. The 'top' is basically a human sex toy and her pleasure doesn't matter. She is unlikely to cum and is expected to be completely fine with that. Expecting her partner to reciprocate might even get her labeled as a predatory lesbian pressuring her gf.

Like I've had many women treat me as 'man-lite'. But it's not really being 'treated as a man' is it? Because in most relationships 'the man' is spoiled and coddled and in f/f relationships 'the man' is a walking dildo/unpaid tour guide for lesbianism. Like when I've been treated as 'the boyfriend' technically I feel like I've actually been in the role of 'the woman' - expected to be endlessly self sacrificing, expected to always center my partner's orgasm and do all the heavy lifting in the relationship, expected to teach partners basic common sense shit about relationships that really shouldn't need to be taught (yes it hurts my feelings when you vividly describe the sex dream you had about your coworker and go on and on about how hot he is, no that does not make me a jealous biphobic hag), expected to beg for scraps of affection and attention, expected to be cool with endless 'situationships' and being a dirty secret she won't tell her friends about. I've always been 'more masc' than my partners in terms of aesthetic but in relationship roles I think I've (ironically) always felt like the girlfriend of a shitty selfish dude.

It's especially weird because I'm not even all that butch. Androgynous and GNC sure but not super masc. Being tall, strong, GNC, and confident (I'm not confident AT ALL but since I'm able to message first and lead conversations that makes me confident compared to other women I guess) is enough to make many women put me in this box.

No. 379540

No nona you’re right. I’m not shaming anyone like this but I don’t think you can deny there is a psychology here and potentially problems that can stem from it, like >>379524. I’m a “top” but only because every woman I come across wants to be treated as “the woman” (especially bi girls, who also IN MY EXPERIENCE are often those things you describe - passive, masochistic, unassertive, basically whatever female conditioning has asserted on them. Not being biphobic or whatever, that’s just what I’ve dealt with.) Honestly it’s the same psychology as women wanting taller partners and/or wanting to be physically smaller than them, they subconsciously stem a lot of their self worth on feeling ““feminine”” and even in homosexual relationships unless they’re a butch they hardly ever want to take what the deem “the man’s” role.
Real, enjoyable lesbian sex should not have these roles imo. Intuitive sex never has these dynamics unless it’s bdsm IMO. But perhaps I’m the weird one. I have more fun with fellow “tops” because I don’t have to deal with these weird microcosms of gender roles.

No. 379548

As a short woman who loves shy/vulnerable/“”bottom-like””/idk-how-to-word-it tall women the very best… hypothetically what could someone like me say to show that I’m not expecting you to be “the man” in the relationship and am actually pretty “dominant” (I wish there was better terminology kek) myself without coming off weird? I wish I could rent a billboard advertising that I am seeking a tall woman to pamper and treat tenderly kek. It’s my heart’s biggest desire.

This is an open question to any other anons too btw. I’m retarded about this type of thing and need advice.

No. 379552

I'm so glad other anons get it because I felt like an asshole for feeling like so many women are selfish and barely interested in relationships. Why date when women are going to make you perform the worst of both the female and male roles? I go into lesbian spaces online and every day it's "lesbians never ask a woman out" "lesbians never show interest" "lesbians can't flirt lol" which I have to wonder if it's just a psyop to make lesbians less threatening to straight women by impressing onto them that "real lesbians" never show initiative or explicit attraction to women. I don't believe the majority of women who claim to be bi or lesbian are actually capable of loving another woman honestly, I think liberal nonsense has polluted the dating pool so bad that future ftms and bi women who only have male exes are the majority. I know lesbians exist irl and have met some but I don't think they're the majority in "wlw" spaces.

No. 379572

You're so right, every single word of this is so real and I didn't connect the pieces until now. I have almost exclusively been with bi women and they've all expected me to be 'man-lite' even though I'm not very 'masc' or butch in terms of fashion or personality, and have never projected that or communicated that was what I wanted. There was this default assumption that they were to be desired and fawned over, and I was meant to trip over myself catering to their every whim and be a walking sex toy whose desires were completely secondary. You're not allowed to feel anything, not allowed to want anything, not allowed to ask for anything.
I hate the whole "lesbians never ask a woman out" thing so much. I've had women tell me they were "so into me" but I "never noticed" and frame it as a teehee useless lesbians thing, but I feel it's obvious it's because they think woman = passive agent who gets asked out, so 2x women = 2x passive agents who get asked out, oh no!! It's so frustrating. When I like a woman and think maybe there's a spark, I tell her. I started to wonder if there was something "off" about me because so many women will not do this, I am always the one to initiate things. It really does begin to feel like all the women in those sapphic wlw kweer spaces are just looking for a friend to go on picnics with.

No. 379583

women like you are just as annoying. do you think you’re god’s gift or something? Just be normal, retard.(calm down, retard)

No. 379597

Leave it to this thread to remind me that half of the anons here are bitter femcels. I’m sorry so many of you have had such unpleasant dating experiences, but these seem like extreme cases. I’ve been in relationships with women and men but my relationships with women have always been more equal. I do understand the resentment for being “treated like a man” by bi girls, but with my last bi gf, this is something we overcame and she was still eager to please and even take the lead when I asked her for it

No. 379622

How is it being a femcel to acknowledge your experiences? If you’ve been lucky with your relationships that’s great but there’s no need to act like this isn’t a thing that happens.

No. 379639

Ayrt I kinda regret saying that. I’m sorry for calling you femcels kek. I just find it frustrating when nonnas here talk so negatively about lesbians because I feel like it generalizes us as a whole, but I just reread earlier posts and saw that many specified that they were only speaking from their own experiences. Even though women have absolutely hurt me, one thing I genuinely appreciate about dating women is the lack of strict gender roles and just the compassion we have for each other based on the shared experience of being a woman. But it makes sense too that some women retain heteronormative approaches to dating with other women

No. 379699

damn that's harsh kek. bad and passive lovers are really ruining the mood in the thread today.
I feel this but if you wanna show that you can take initiative, then take initiative nona! be the one to ask her out or message first if you're using an app or maybe put the phrase "seeking a tall woman to pamper (and top)" directly in your profile if you're willing to be corny
you have been utterly wasted on all these subpar women. identifying as a 'bottom' when you're female is a warning sign for sure.

No. 379700

No. 379816

>bi woman calling lesbians incels
Is it a day that ends in Y?
>I just find it frustrating when nonnas here talk so negatively about lesbians
This is the lesbian thread dipshit, are we going to complain about the straight women we've dated?
In real life or on dating apps? I guess "looking for tall women to pamper" isn't bad but you'd probably get a lot of attention from trannies. In real life, act normal I guess? Just be direct and take action and show active interest in her by planning dates and moving things forward.

No. 379840

Nonnies I had my first Valentine's date the other day and it was so fun. She gave me flowers (the first bouquet I've ever received) and we walked half of our city just talking about dumb shit. Her hand is so much smaller than mine and yet she holds mine as if she's afraid to let go. I'm crushing so hard on her even though we're dating. Hopefully I'll ask her to be my gf after our next few dates. We get along so well its insane.I can't believe just a few weeks ago I was about to give up dating I'm so glad I didn't

No. 379858

I'm so happy for you, nona! I'm glad you had a good time, I really hope things work out.

No. 379866

>with men I
>with women and men
Can bisexual posting please not be allowed in future /lg/ threads?

No. 379896

>one thing I genuinely appreciate about dating women is the lack of strict gender roles and just the compassion we have for each other based on the shared experience of being a woman. But it makes sense too that some women retain heteronormative approaches to dating with other women
Agree lol, also related it feels awkward for me with the recent neo50s-trad trends for het couples, and the butchfem revival for lesbian couples, because although butchfem can feel empowering in the sense it's giving lesbian couples visibility it feels sometimes that it pushes women into those roles that would otherwise be considered "kiki" (aka does not consider herself butch or fem), but it's like that label hasn't made the revival along with the butchfem labels for some reason.

No. 379902

That's so sweet! I hope things continue going well for you two. It's nice to get some hopium posts like this amidst all the discourse. Only good things for you anon

No. 379910

File: 1708107309248.jpg (109.72 KB, 1080x1059, hussy.jpg)

me n u? Forever.(bait)

No. 379927

I'm so happy for you and I hope that asking her to be your girlfriend goes well! My girlfriend was also the first person to ever get me flowers and she continues to get them for me every now and then too. It's such a small but sweet gesture.

No. 380019

I might have an opportunity to have sex w a beautiful girl very soon (she invited me to paint night and wine at her apartment and no one else is coming) but I have like serious hang ups that are probably worse cuz I’ve been in a dry spell for a few years and im panicking because like IM SO HORNY but so afraid im going to fumble it because im retarded aaaaa someone give me advice …

No. 380029

Don’t go in with the expectation of sex because it’ll just make you more nervous at best or come across as too desperate at worst. Think about how nice it will be to spend time with her and focus on that! But still groom/trim/shave/exfoliate or whatever you might do before sex so you feel confident in case it does happen too kek

No. 380102

>If a woman can't plan a date or initiate sex or make her partner cum that's not cutesy bottom vibes uwu it's a character flaw and it gets old really fast.
Preach. I consider myself to be sexually dominant i.e. "top" and enjoy taking lead with those situations but if it's just me doing everything regarding our relationships that's a huge mental strain, the woman I'm dating should also take initiative with things like dates, vacations, cuddling etc. I might love giving sexual pleasure to a partner but damn I want a back rub, hugs and smooches without having to beg for them.

>5'6" is "short women"
You hurt my feelings nonny

You practically described the woes of a "man lite" to a T, and worded why I prefer being single and just date around a bit until I find my perfect lesbian wife than committing into a one-sided relationship that's going to emotionally destroy me in the end, even if it takes me until elderly age. As cruel as it sounds, bisexual women are only good for a booty call and flirting, catching feelings is the biggest mistake you could make with them. They will always pick a man over you and you will not be the person to change that.

No. 380103

How do bi women tend to treat femme lesbians? Do they ever get the moid lite treatment or do they just never go for femmes? Any experiences itt?

No. 380105

>bi women will always pick a man over you
Eh, I've met bi women who refuse to date men and are primarily attracted to women. I understand where you're coming from, but I think the real red flag is women who actively date men and have majority male relationship experience. A lot of women will call themselves bi for dating a tif as well. But I generally agree with you. Frankly, I'd prefer to wait to get into a relationship with a lesbian than date a bi woman also. You're inevitably going to have to hear her gush about some cockmonkey and she will never truly be able to understand how isolating it is to be a lesbian. A lot of bi women have different expectations of their male and female partners as well that are weirdly sexist. Especially with regards to how they view women's bodies and sex. I guess you could call it malebrained.

No. 380106

I'm femme and I was one of the people upthread complaining about being treated as man lite. Bi women will give you that treatment if you're in any way assertive personality wise and honestly I think they just view lesbians as men lite by default. So many straight women identify as bi now that I don't think it's worth the effort to parse them out.

No. 380121

How do you get over insecurity over your looks preventing you from dating and having sex? I feel like its harder when you're lesbian because women tend to be more attentive and particularly detail-oriented when it comes to taking note of others features. Like I feel like a woman will see my cellulite or tummy fuzz and think I'm unattractive. Is drinking alcohol all the time the way to go?

No. 380124

saying this as a lesbian it seems like bisexual women are eating more pussy than your average dyke because they like approach sex with women more casually … and are more sexually experienced in general because more opportunities to be

No. 380125

Would you be attracted to women with your own imperfections? I used to be really self-conscious about certain things until I realized I would never judge another woman for them.

No. 380127

>A lot of women will call themselves bi for dating a tif as well.
Isn't a woman dating a TIF a same-sex relationship, even if it's with someone who doesn't want to be female? Unless you mean TIM/MTFs which wouldn't count.

>because women tend to be more attentive and particularly detail-oriented when it comes to taking note of others features
Does that even apply to most lesbians? I was pretty insecure about aspects my appearance but I still have a GF who is attracted to me because I try to "make up for" my perceived flaws in other ways. I also realize I scrutinize myself too much and I personally wouldn't mind someone with my physical flaws if she had the same mindset I have about trying to make up for it in other ways.

>Is drinking alcohol all the time the way to go?

No, that's retarded.

No. 380129

The ones that'll either treat you like moid-lite or miss the aspects of dating a male (and cheat on you later) are the bi women that actually like being with moids. The trick is to find the subset of bi women who are unfortunately attracted to moids as a technicality but have no intentions to actually be with one.

No. 380132

Would you date a lesbian who had sex with or dated men in the past? Do you think it's unattractive but wouldn't say anything? Or do you not care?
I think a lot of women date men out of societal habit or just make mistakes and find it disheartening that other women consider women who've had sex with or dated men, even if it was just one, to be ruined.
>Isn't a woman dating a TIF a same-sex relationship
Yes, but liberal lesbians will call themselves bi for dating a "man".

No. 380133

I've seen way too many bi women who have "sworn off men" yet drop everything to be with the first Nigel who treats them like a human being.

No. 380134

Yeah definitely lol. It's not that hard to tell whether or not she's full of shit, though. Just avoid the ones obsessing over male celebs and movie characters despite being such a "man hater".

No. 380142

>Isn't a woman dating a TIF a same-sex relationship, even if it's with someone who doesn't want to be female?
Nta but this was me before I peaked. There are a non-insignificant number of "bi" women who are exclusively attracted to women (and women who call themselves men) and genuinely believe this makes them bisexual. In handmaiden circles, other women would often joke that I was "boy crazy" because I dated a lot of TIFs (butch gfs kept trooning out). I think it's pretty easy to tell a real bisexual from a brainwashed lesbian though.

No. 380151

Yes I would. But I wouldn't date a woman who like to fantasize about being with men while she is with me. Bi women say we don't like to date them because we are obsessed with purity/taintedness like moids are but that isn't true. I would date a woman who's been with a guy, I just hate it when women are thinking about being with men, it's disgusting and I feel like an alien next to them. That's the part that repulses me enough to think twice about pursuing a relationship with opposite-sex attracted women, not the fact that they've had sex before.

No. 380152

No, I think these women are a weird type of bi women, not lesbians. Nothing against normal bi women, I just think the polilez women have something wrong with them.

No. 380153

That's not what polilez means

No. 380161

They're (usually bi) women who date/have dated men but call themselves lesbians. Isn't that what anon asked about?

No. 380162

Nice reading comprehension

No. 380183

polilez are bi women who are too cowardly to use that label

No. 380188

(Longpost because there are so many other posts and it got me thinking) In my experience bi women have treated me pretty well. Like if they gush about a male character or talk about an exbf I just see it as their natural sexuality shining through and don't take it as a slight against me because obviously, to me, there is a reason she brought it up, so it's just about encouraging her to tell me the thought that made her want to talk about it, as I would with any conversation.

I believe insecurity and lack of socialisation is to blame for pushy behaviours. The one bi gf who wanted to do more than I was comfortable with had been badly treated by her exbfs, and her dad had died when she was younger so her "default" was being taken advantage of in a vulnerable state, so as a result even though she loved me we were incompatible, which sucked because I liked her a lot, she was flirty and had a good sense of humour and we agreed on a lot. Last I saw of her she had transitioned with her FTM gf. Sighs. After much time had passed I had a lesbian gf where we met through a mutual hobby and I loved her smile, but eventually she wanted to do more than I was comfortable with. I learnt her dad had mistresses and saw prostitutes and her mum watched "lesbian porn", basically she didn't have an idea of what a positive relationship looked like. I really liked her but my attraction towards her faded the more we hung out.

I broke up with them both of course and they didn't like it and threw a fit. Because they were unsocialised. But yeah with them I got treated as the woman-whose-boundaries-can-be-pushed, and naturally I felt disrespected, but it's like they didn't realise how they came across because they'd repeat the behaviour after telling them to stop. Anyway, normally I'm treated as an ordinary girlfriend. I imagine the moid-lite treatment is also as a result of poor socialisation but that's not up to me to decide since I've never actually experienced it.

In my experience being subjected to a shoehorned role is not exclusive to bisexual women, the ones who default into roles are insecure about themselves, but that's not my problem so I read the red flags and GTFO. My most healing relationship has been with a bi woman where it honestly just felt 100% right. We could speak and joke about anything and we "recharged" with each other instead of feeling drained. I still think fondly about her and I even backread my old dairy not long ago where I'd written about how kind she was, and it never even "changed" or "got worse", it just consistently felt very loving.

No. 380230

What does this mean…?

No. 380260

>Like if they gush about a male character or talk about an exbf I just see it as their natural sexuality shining through and don't take it as a slight against me
You are an actual cuck(infight bait)

No. 380269

>lack of socialisation is to blame for pushy behaviours. The one bi gf who wanted to do more than I was comfortable with had been badly treated by her exbfs
The fact that bi women are socialized by men is precisely the reason not to date them. They are poisoned. I'm sure there are nice bi women, but it's better for your peace of mind to stay away.
>Like if they gush about a male character or talk about an exbf I just see it as their natural sexuality shining through and don't take it as a slight against me because obviously, to me, there is a reason she brought it up, so it's just about encouraging her to tell me the thought that made her want to talk about it, as I would with any conversation
You are such a cuck lmfao. You sound like every woman justifying her porn boyfriend.
You guys aren't getting the post. It's not about bisexual women, it's about women who didn't realize they were a lesbian or otherwise experimented with men. A lesbian who has had been with a man or two before, basically. You know you can be straight or gay but have been with the other sex once or twice for whatever reason. It's common for lesbians to end up with men because it's expected for women to follow the script. I was asking if you'd be put off by a lesbian who's been with a man in the past.

No. 380271

>You guys aren't getting the post. It's not about bisexual women, it's about women who didn't realize they were a lesbian or otherwise experimented with men.
And you aren't getting their posts. Some people genuinely believe a woman cannot be lesbian if she has ever been with a man. They think it's not possible to have sex with someone you're not attracted to.

No. 380274

Hopefully anyone's not going to start sperging at you how they knew they were lesbians straight from the womb and were innately assured they wanted to be with a woman instead of a man because they are completely immune to the general female socialization and everyone else is a fake cockbreathed bislut.

No. 380275

Ah, I guess by that logic men who fuck other men in prison and women who have threesomes are true and honest bisexuals. Is this the gay version of the "one drop" rule kek

No. 380276

By this logic prostitutes are attracted to every single man they sleep with.

No. 380278

>They think it's not possible to have sex with someone you're not attracted to.
Nta but that sounds kinda naive cause people of all sexualities do this at some point. It's basically a stereotype that all gay men have slept with at least one woman for example.

No. 380290

This is what no pussy does to a lesbian.

No. 380292

What is this supposed to mean?

No. 380301

Never understood this logic even as a lesbian who has never been with a man and did know I was gay by 5. I have been with women who swore they were bi but were actually straight as a rod, something some of them couldn't accept for quite awhile. You can have sex you're not into for all sorts of reasons, and it's incredibly common. There is a huge difference between a woman who has sex with men because she feels like it's her duty and doesn't enjoy it, and a woman who enthusiastically enjoys sex with men and pursues it whenever she can. Many anons seem to think these two women are the exact same. On that note…
I would and have, as long as I was sure she genuinely liked women and wasn't repressing her attraction to men. I have been with women who repressed their attraction to men, and it wasn't the attraction itself that was the problem, it was the self-denial. But I did date a lesbian who had been with her first and only boyfriend from age 13-18, and she hated him for most of the time and only stayed to please her homophobic family. She had been miserable and withdrawn with her boyfriend, but really blossomed once coming out, and afaik she's never looked back. I found she derived a lot of joy from being able to be with a woman, which was refreshing and fun. So I wouldn't write them off wholesale.

No. 380305

The elephant in the room is no lesbian is born stone. There is something wrong with you if you're stone, so why the fuck would it be a valid dynamic. It's not. "Verse" is the only healthy lesbian way to have sex.

No. 380309

How can you know you are gay by 5? You don't experience sexual attraction until you start puberty… I don't think you can know you are straight either as a child.

No. 380310

I don't think this is always true. Some women are built differently and direct touching doesn't feel good. I've even seen some straight women say that they can only orgasm when they hump a pillow or are on top actively grinding their clit on something.

I guess kind of agree with you because I think some parts of stone identity are weird. In the straight world "I never want to be touched because of trauma" would be concerning. It's weird that for lesbians you're almost encouraged to embrace it and make it your whole sexual identity. But at the same time this
>There is something wrong with you if you're stone, so why the fuck would it be a valid dynamic. It's not.
Is so needlessly aggressive toward abuse survivors. No fucking wonder they end up doubling down on the stone identity when their boundaries get mocked. I've seen a lot of stones talk about girlfriends getting sick of the stone thing and suddenly getting pushy or touching them without consent and that's obviously horrible and makes everything worse.

No. 380314

>Is so needlessly aggressive toward abuse survivors. No fucking wonder they end up doubling down on the stone identity when their boundaries get mocked. I've seen a lot of stones talk about girlfriends getting sick of the stone thing and suddenly getting pushy or touching them without consent and that's obviously horrible and makes everything worse.
Agree 100%. Retarded blog but I have sexual trauma from being repeatedly molested by another woman and not having my physical boundaries respected combined with body dysmorphia and body image issues so until someone like me has worked through the tangled web of those problems the comfortable way for them to express their sexuality is through stone like behavior. People openly mocking it and yelling about how there's "something wrong with you" as if they weren't already aware of it doesn't magically make them rip off their clothes, kick back and relax while letting their pussy be eaten no problem. It makes anyone feel even worse about their situation and put themselves in situations where their trauma gets reinforced deeper.

No. 380318

ntayrt but attraction includes feelings and some 5 year olds do develop crushes

No. 380322

agree to disagree lol, just because it's not serious doesnt mean all its cases doesnt count/indicate the child's innate orientation

No. 380323

I mean maybe it could've gone either way, but I was asking about marrying girls and making my Barbies kiss and imagining myself as the prince who saved the princess in Disney movies when I was very young. My mom was completely unsurprised when I came out because I had demonstrated a very consistent attraction to other girls from a very young age.

No. 380327

Reddit is thataway good sir

No. 380350

Coming out video of Kidology posted in the hidden board thread. For the ones ready for the nitty-gritty let's go there to discuss it.

No. 380356

What is your point? I had crushes on other girls as early as 4 years old, and it never changed. I had a girlfriend starting in kindergarten, and these feelings continued throughout my childhood. Clearly, I was gay, and I knew it.

No. 380394

how do i find the clit if ive never seen another woman's vagina before… please i swear im not a man im just retarded(retard)

No. 380399

Look at your own

No. 380404

Hey, im retarded and trying to find a clit too
Maybe we can find each other's

No. 380421

I had the same problem for years. My clit is quite small and hidden. I needed a mirror to see it. It's right at the top of the vulva, in the cleft where your labia meet. Squeeze from each side with two of your fingers until it peeks out.

No. 380424

you sound like a dating app bio

No. 380458

Finding the clit isn't a real concept because it's literally right there so you're either a man or never even touched yourself in your life.

No. 380464

Some women have more apparent clits than others. I have a tiny one myself and it took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to even understand my own anatomy. It’s easier when you’re actually turned on, then you can pull the hood back a little and see it there if it’s very small.

No. 380475

There is erectile tissue under the hood, if you apply pressure to the area you can easily feel the clit. You do not need to expose the head at all, that has nothing to do with "finding" it.

No. 380478

I have a lebsian crush on my 30 something year old co worker. She has waist length black hair, looks like a fairy or something. She keeps feeding us these home cooked meals. Then I heard her cuss out a male co worker and I don't know why I love her more? I guess it was unexpected from such a tiny thing. She's also strawberry scented??? God help.

No. 380483

Some of us have tiny clits nona

No. 380496

I do too, you can't see my head at all. Still not something to "find" because when you actually touch a pussy it's very obvious where the clit is. It's dense tissue.

No. 380504

Tell us more about her. Does she ping?

No. 380508

man i want a stone gf i don't want to have sex
t. asexual tardbian

No. 380520

I detransitioned 2+ years ago and I'm in my first actually serious relationship with a woman. I don't know why I'm always nervous about having sex with her, I love the idea of pleasuring her but I struggle with letting her touch me. Somewhere the feeling of touching her breasts reminds me she can't do the same, I wish I could stop comparing my body with hers all the time. I feel like >>380305 has a point, as in I'm not born stone - I enjoyed getting taken care of before - but it's obvious something is wrong with the way I feel towards my body recovering from everything. Is this just something time takes care of or have you stepped out of your comfort zone sexually to get over this type of issues?
Also, she's into pain being inflicted on her and it's an absolute turn-off for me, I can't picture myself ever hurting her in any way, especially sexually, it makes me feel sick. Better to just drop it, or talk it out?

No. 380521

I have no idea if she would go on a date with me. But when I asked her to help me check out she said "I'll check you out" and skipped along to the register. Was this a joke?! Do I just ask?
She also kinda looks like Jenna Ortega
She's honey sweet most of the time but then she'll say the most out of pocket shit ever. It just makes her funny because you never know when she'll manifest and say something halarious

No. 380543

I mean maybe you can casually mention you’re a lesbian and see how she responds. that’s usually how I find out if I have a chance with a woman who’s sexuality I don’t know kek

No. 380649

I’m genuinely so happy, this woman who I’ve been in love with for a while now asked me out last night. She’s genuinely so sweet and loving, I don’t think I could find anyone better.

No. 380678

File: 1708469929451.jpeg (309.35 KB, 807x755, IMG_0551.jpeg)

So happy… for you… nonna……

No. 380687

my clit really isn’t that visible/developed

No. 380688

“apply pressure to the area” but like what area? let’s say im like directly in front of her and her legs are spread, like where is it typically? call me a retard all u want but please help me lol

No. 380695

I truly don't believe you're female or that you've ever masturbated but I'll say this so everyone can stop asking. Right above where the pussy lips meet at the top. it's very obvious if you spread her legs, just gently push her legs apart for her, it flattens out the skin there so everything is easier to feel up, especially if she has a bush. Anyway she will enjoy having you do that and you can clearly feel the clit when you make contact that way. It's not complicated or hard to do, when you pet the pussy enough or arouse her other ways, the clit tissue swells and becomes stiff so when you really need to touch her clit it'll have become more prominent to the touch. You may also be able to see otherwise "too small" clits peaking out of their hoods.

No. 380696

thank you I swear you helping a lesbian pray I can apply your advice

No. 380794

Idk why everyone is thinking you're retarded
They don't teach you anything about being a female in school, for men it's easy.

For people that live a sheltered life, even with pics it doesn't really explain much and it's complicated. I can't even successfully masturbate, I don't feel anything so it's like wtf is wrong? And then I ask for help just like this and get told I'm a man or I'm retarded. Sucks.

No. 380795

Do you think less of a woman who refuses to come out despite pinging really hard.

No. 380799

Is it strange to get turned on by the looks of your own vagina?

No. 380801

If it is then I'm strange too so you're not alone. I also unironically get turned on by the smell of my own underwear and will spend ages just smelling it and also the sweat and perfume on my clothes. It's the closest I've gotten to a real gf. I feel like a gross tranny agp fetishist when I do this lol.

No. 380803

I have gotten so good at being my own gf this year. Anyone else enjoying the relationship they have with themselves?

No. 380809

No I hate myself

No. 380818

I think it’s because it varies so much. I see >>380458 and am inclined to agree with it because the moment I started puberty I noticed where to touch through my underwear to feel good. Most people just discover it this way. Plus when you’re sexually attracted to someone you can literally feel the erectile tissues in your vulva get engorged, and that’s what arousal is - an itch to touch that particular spot. But I’ve realised through various /g/ threads that some people have reasons that might not make it so easy, like not having ever been sexually attracted to someone and/or having anatomical features that make it more complicated. Having a short outer and inner labia + no clitoral hood(?) means my clitoris is literally right there and the first thing you notice. But I could imagine that someone with longer labia and a long clitoral hood might have more trouble navigating when not aroused.

That being said I think the “female genitals are complicated” thing is overblown; it’s just that sexuality from a female perspective isn’t shoved in your face like male sexuality is and a woman’s specific parts are seen as something to disregard if it’s not something that can be penetrated for a man’s pleasure.

No. 380864

No. 380869

I feel kinda bad because I think no one will ever like me back. I mean I think (in my head, which might not be true) that I don’t fit the standards of anyone no where. I mean, I’ve been told I’m pretty and all. But ever since I became severely suicidal at 12, the rest of my teenage years I felt so lonely and a coping mechanism i developed, was skinwalking women I liked and convincing myself that I am them. And I think if someone would ever go through my stuff they’ll just have an idea of the people I’ve liked and not of me. And still everyday, even if I tried my best to get better it feels like I’m so numb to relationships in general. I don’t think I’m capable of participating in a relationship, only watching from the sidelines and copying everything they do, fuck, over the years most the stuff I bought was because I girl I liked also bought them. This is creepy and weird sorry. Maybe it’s kinda like that thing where they say you like people because you think they have something you lack so I thought all these girls had things I didn’t (smart, normal, friends) so that’s why I kinda made this weird thing of copying them because at the same time it kinda made it unnecessary to date them because I would adquire everything I like about them and at the same time convince myself that I was improving.

No. 380873

There is no advantage to coming out unless you get a gf.

No. 380874

Sad but agree. Being out is nothing but a disadvantage unless you're in a dedicated relationship. Like being a single why should I be telling people I'm a lesbian? It would just make my life even more miserable, it's bad enough that people constantly clock me as one and treat me like shit for it.

No. 380894

cluster b

No. 380895

I don’t have a personality disorder, and yes, I’ve been to the doctor, a lot, and have never been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

No. 380943

Have you ever had an autistic gf? What's it like?

No. 380994

No homo but what are the reasons a straight femcel would get mistaken for a lesbian?

No. 381003

a femcel? being a man-hating feminist (based), having short hair, wearing man clothes. personally i wouldn't mind if more straight women looked like lesbians.

No. 381012

Whenever a woman is genuinely funny I suspect she’s a lesbian.

No. 381019

If you have style similar to butch lesbians you could easily be stereotyped as one. Also alt fashion, at least a straight woman with dyed red hair and band shirts I know gets a lot of attention from women.

No. 381043

Simply not having any crushes. I don't dress butch in the slightest and still get mistaken for gay since I was 9 kek

No. 381051

She trooned out. Was nice otherwise.

No. 381124

I love my wife so much. I can't believe I got lucky enough to meet her. The world is a big place, it can be easy to lose track of your soulmate.

No. 381131

this is clit confusion anon… an update:

we smoke shotgunned and cuddled. the sexual tension is so palpable but we didnt have sex, but i think we will soon. im so afraid. dear god let some lez succubus possess my fucking body so i dont fumble…

No. 381133

i think im actually tired of being butch… it just feels like an extension of my autism and my inability to do things requiring fine motor skills like braiding, makeup, etc. idk im tired of being a failed woman and feeling judged for it. i want to actually try.

No. 381134

You said I killed you–haunt me then. The murdered do haunt their murderers. I believe–I know that ghosts have wandered the earth. Be with me always–take any form–drive me mad. Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! Oh, God! It is unutterable! I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 381174

Me and my girlfriend are both autistic and I'm really happy about it. Our interests are complete opposites but we have a similar dedication to them and love listening to each other sperg. We also have similar upbringings with not being able to fit in with other girls growing up (especially feminine, OSA, non-autistic) due to it and how getting diagnosed was a double-edged sword. I don't think I could date a woman who isn't autistic or at least ADHD.

No. 381237

I have a crush on a friend who has a boyfriend, we would literally be soulmates if only she didn’t have a boyfriend

No. 381280

I don’t want to encourage other butches to change themselves just because they want to fit in, but I feel you nona. I am currently at the “futch” stage (if you will) induced by working with homophobes, so I try a little, but you don’t have to go all the way. I still don’t shave my legs, armpits, or mustache. I just put my hair up, maybe with cute clips and wear modest androgynous-type womens clothes and even then, not always. You can always experiment with how much you want to conform, but don’t lose yourself. I noticed myself worrying about little things in my appearance and monitoring myself much more often. I’m not sure if people are nicer to me now, but I definitely would not trade how I was treated before for the discomfort being fully feminine is. I’m sorry society makes us feel this way. Another thing is to look at butches with fulfilling social lives. Charisma and confidence carry them far, and they’re happier for it, it’s inspiring.

No. 381282

You’re not a failed woman for not conforming to society’s insistence that a woman spend time and money to look perfect and “feminine” 24/7. That’s not womanhood, no matter how much troons push it to be.

No. 381287

Being a butch is not failing as a woman, what the fuck? I thought lesbians understood that better than anyone else. Please, be just as you are, don't feel bad about it, find your own style without wanting to fit in a category, enjoy experimenting with clothes and stuff like that. Men and homophobes can fuck off.

No. 381329

Just had my first heartbreak. I really liked this girl and I thought she liked me too. Our daughters are friends at school, and we ended up close as well. I helped her escape her abusive moid, and gave her a place to stay for a year while her and her daughter were homeless. She knew I was a lesbian from the start and she expressed that she’s not sure what she is, but it’s not straight. We went on unofficial dates, but every time I asked about if we should be together, she said she needed time to think about it. Totally fine, she just escaped a bad relationship, I gave her space. We’ve kissed and even had sex, but we haven’t officially started dating. Today, she told me that her moid got out of the psych ward and she wants to give him a chance. I asked her why the fuck she’d give that pos a chance, and she said she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up without a father. She’s moved out now so I can’t stop her from seeing him, but fuck, my heart is destroyed. I thought we had something special. I’m not gonna abandon her because I know this guys gonna hurt her again, but it sucks. I feel played with.

No. 381338

>I’m not gonna abandon her because I know this guys gonna hurt her again, but it sucks. I feel played with.
But you realize this will just go on forever, right? She will always chose the abusive moid over you, and she will continue to give him chances, and you are just gonna let yourself be dragged around like padding the cushion her fall?

No. 381365

>She will always chose the abusive moid over you, and she will continue to give him chances
I agree with this anon. Women like this are a lost cause. You shouldn't waste your life on a woman who wants to enable abusive men.

No. 381373

i'm genuinely sorry to hear this, nonna. i hope things improve for you soon.

No. 381375

Yes she's very hurt and confused by the emotional toll and storm she's going through, but she is also using you whether she means to or not, and whether she sees you as a savior or a safety net or a chump, and her feelings on it can always change for the worse. You're noble but you don't have to be her primary source of support especially when you're not setting up any sort of boundaries to protect yourself, and when she hasn't decided to cut her losses and get better.

No. 381411

just had the most awkward first kiss with a girl I want TO KILL MYSELF

No. 381412

I didn't listen to you guys about the chick I was talking to that was a possible lolcow. I should have listened! She acted so interested and planned future plans together and when I tried to kiss her on the third date (talking for a whole month by now) she moved away and changed the subject and the next day she said I was moving too fast and she couldn't give me what I wanted. I told her have a good life and blocked her on everything but I'm so sad. Why'd she act so interested and then said she wanted to be single because she recently broke up with her fiancé and she thought if we went slow it would be ok (but also not tell me this). I WAS JUST MOVING AT YOUR PACE. I want to get married so bad but if this is all that's out there this fucking sucks. It's been three days of just wanting to throw up I feel so naive and dumb.

No. 381414

im too autistic for intimacy and it makes me rly sad

No. 381418

oh she texted me tho maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought

No. 381427

what went wrong? I'm always scared of this too and I want to know what to brace myself for

No. 381460

it was just very stiff and awkward and my body went tense idk I need like prozac kill meeeeeeeeeeee I wish I was DEAD

No. 381465

That man will murder you someday. Get out.

No. 381478

no he wont, she isnt competition because she isnt male.

No. 381483

nta but not true, if anything, she's more in danger than if she was a moid

No. 381518

she randomly walked into my department to grab something, called me the love of her life and casually left. I'm just going to ask her next week

No. 381532

no she isnt he probably thinks their entire relationship is funny and harmless

No. 381540

Could be both, yes many scrotes view lesbian relationships as "girls having fun tee hee" but I have seen some that get completely enraged at lesbians near their gf even leading to violence. Better to be safe!

No. 381551

This. That man seems like the easily enraged type.

No. 381576

Are you Brazilian?

No. 381731

The guy who just left the psych ward, an upstanding citizen, won't harm women when they fuck his property because?

No. 381744

because he won’t consider it fucking at all

No. 381745

>>381540 put it best. Moids like the idea of "girl on girl action" if it's just women doing "foreplay" on each other so a moid can join in to have both but do genuinely get enraged seeing women actually happily fulfilled without dick. They do not see it as serious and they do get angry when they are proven wrong.

No. 381746

I have a lesbian friend who is a bit of a homewrecker, men definitely think they’d be ok with it until they aren’t. Especially if the woman is GNC and more attractive than they are.
I think that the idea comes from the fact men see PIV as a dominating act onto a woman, that a woman is “submitting” by doing that, so they consider only other men as prospects for taking their possessions.

No. 381753

Yeah, I knew a lesbian like this too and it seems like moids are even more threatened by a GNC lesbian stealing their girl than they are by any man. Because the "girl on girl" fantasy is about a man making two women perform for and submit to him, but the reality that women can be happy without him, without any man, will send him into a flying rage. Moids feel threatened by lesbians on the best of days because we violate their notion that they have anything special or unique to offer. So the scenario of his girlfriend leaving him for another woman is like a twofold bruise to his ego. This is why men hate butch lesbians in particular so much.

No. 381792

Sorry for the rant but I'm so tired of comphet masterdoc lesbians. All of these people just brush off their genuine crushes and attraction to men by saying it was comphet the entire time. I swear zoomer/twitter "lesbian" is its own sexuality at this point and as far as I'm considered lesbians don't exist until you're 27+, I've given up on my generation.

No. 381794

It's funny how straight and bi women can say their crushes on fictional and celebrity men doesn't count as OSA because "they're unobtainable men", yet I know plenty of lesbians who realized their sexuality because of a female actor or sometimes a character.

No. 381847

Same. Their behavior also gives ammo to right wingers. Bc they think "we can be converted to liking men" or whatever.

No. 381885

just had SEX for the first time in like two years

No. 381886

File: 1709013279869.jpeg (27.95 KB, 612x408, IMG_6853.jpeg)

No. 381905

I had “crushes” on unattainable guys before realising that I would panic if any of those guys liked me back. Would call myself “lithromantic asexual”.
I just can’t cope with being a lesbian so I’m never coming out.

No. 381913

I’m so sorry anon. There’s too many of these women who are currently in their internet-induced experimenting phase. They probably have genuine fun and butterflies when dating us, but it’s only because it’s a new experience for them, not that they’re actually attracted to us. So we end up having to deal with the heartbreak. You weren’t moving too fast, she was just dishonest with you and herself. I hope you can find a lesbian that’s truly in love with you soon.
I can’t find any genuine lesbians near me my age that aren’t taken or much older than me because of this. I don’t take anyone at their word when they tell me they’re a lesbian because 75% of the ones I’ve met have turned out not to be.

No. 381924

I immediately distrust anyone my age who identifies a lesbian too. I've heard way too many stories about "lesbian" friend groups where 5+ years later the majority have boyfriends/are married with kids. Every self-identified lesbian I've met online/offline eventually "joked" to me they were attracted to men but came up with the most retarded excuse for why it didn't actually count. The worst one was a girl wanting to fuck a male actor but claimed she was still a lesbian because the attraction wasn't consistent and she only thought that when watching edits on TikTok. Maybe we should just go back to the Kinsey scale or something, I don't know.

No. 381929

>Maybe we should just go back to the Kinsey scale or something, I don't know.
We genuinely just need to go back to bullying.

No. 382015

Straight girls who say “I should date women” after a moid breaks their heart have no idea how intense lesbian breakups are. I know some go over pretty well and they end up staying good friends, but my last 2 breakups ended with a suicide attempt and her trying to break into my house with a knife. Is this the experience for anyone else or have I only dated crazy girls

No. 382017

Why did she break into your house with a knife?

No. 382021

Fair enough. You can be happy without a relationship if you work on other aspects of your life.

No. 382026

what does "unattainable guys" mean? i see comphet fakebians cope with shit like "all my crushes on men dont count because the men are unattainable!!". does this mean the man is a celebrity therefore realistically you have no chance with him? this doesn't make sense because the attraction is still there. like it doesn't matter if the dude in question likes you back or not, or whether you have a chance with him, because the bottom line is you're still attracted to him.

No. 382045

I wouldn't bother trying to reason with someone using such a stupid justification, tbh. So many of us in here most likely had a gay awakening with a crush that was unattainable due to it either being on a celebrity, a straight girl or both. For some retard to just stroll on in and talk about her totally fake unattainable crushes not counting is actually infuriating.

No. 382061

Are situationships common amongst lesbians?

No. 382069

Long story but she didn’t like that I broke up with her so she was gonna hold me/my cat at knifepoint and threaten to kill us if we didn’t agree to get back together. She’s never broken into a house before, and I changed the passcode on the lock, so she kinda just guessed random numbers, yelled at the ring camera while waving her knife, then got frustrated and left. I didn’t know this happened until the next morning because she did this at 2 AM and I was knocked the fuck out.

No. 382090

No this is a thing. I think women tend to experience deeper love and with another woman it can become unrestrained since that intensity is reciprocated. I’m not lesbian (Kinsey scale 5) so sorry for my input but since I’ve experienced relationships with both women and men it’s really apparent. Relationships with men are like playing house and going through the motions. But some of my lesbian relationships have been so all consuming I think it induced BPD symptoms in us lol. I don’t know how to explain it but it feels like women are the only people can really … look at people deeply and psychologically? Like they’re really seeing you. It feels soul to soul. I think this is why even straight girls experience harsh “friendship breakups” and intimate ride or die relationships between each other and not men even though they’re not even sexually attracted to women.

No. 382113


Regarding the ~unattainable male celebrity crush~ the main point, from what I’ve read, is that romance and intimacy are completely out of the equation so there is supposedly a certain “safety” that comes with having one- the would-be-lesbian in that scenario is enabled to project whatever qualities she finds desirable onto i.e. a fictional character/celebrity and can take her fantasies with them however far she likes but would likely feel uncomfortable if said individual were to actually make a move on her and initiate something physical/real (maybe because it’s takes the power away from her in that a real person would be real and not just a concept that is about as deep as they bothered making it? I’m not entirely clear on that either)

I’ve also seen people argue that the “unattainable crush” is comparable to straight women’s girl crushes or men’s man crushes in that they differ from their usual orientation but shouldn’t disqualify a lesbian from being a lesbian anymore than it would a straight woman from being straight, which I find more understandable a concept

No. 382114

>I'm not lesbian
Then gtfo.

No. 382121

Is it worth trying dating apps at all as a non white woman?

No. 382122

I don’t think this is as much of a problem in lesbian dating. I think being attractive seems to have more bearing.

No. 382124

In theory, the idea is that if you are not actually attracted to men, then when someone (or society, at large) is pressuring you to come up with a man you're attracted you, you may just blurt out a man who is completely unattainable (like a celebrity) because it satisfies everyone's desire for you to express attraction to men, but is also "safe" because you know it'll never happen. But the comphet doc fakebians distorted this completely, which is ironic because crushing on unattainable men is famously associated with young straight girls who want to project their fantasies onto idealized men because there's no risk of disappointment or heartbreak. The original concept of comphet was just acknowledging that because lesbians are women, and society pressures all women to center men, lesbians may struggle within patriarchy in unique ways that hadn't been considered much prior to Rich's essay about it.
The second argument makes more sense to me too. No one thinks twice about straight people joking about being attracted to celebrities of the same sex unless they are talking about it frequently and consistently. But that caveat is what a lot of these "lesbians" are refusing to take into account. A one-off comment about some Kpop guy being cute is one thing, but if every single day is man crush Monday, then, well…
This will probably depend a lot on your location. Either way, it's probably worth a shot. I've dated some pretty racist white women before, but I was living in towns that were heavily skewed white (like 80%.) When I moved to a more multicultural town, it wasn't a problem. So I say try it out, but just be ready to nip it in the bud and leave if anyone gets weird.

No. 382134

Like >>382122 said, being attractive is much more important. Lesbians aren't (usually) as cut-throat as gay men about race. Years ago I used to get gloomy and think being Arab was hindering my dating/sex life, but ultimately, I just wasn't at my peak. I dressed like shit, my haircut didn't suit me, no real skincare routine, only sporadically used the gym. Once I fixed those issues, I was good to go.

No. 382188

>being attractive seems to have more bearing
>yeah, being attractive is much more important
I look ass, in photos especially. i am so fucked

No. 382189

>some of my lesbian relationships have been so all consuming
>it feels like women are the only people can really … look at people deeply and psychologically? Like they’re really seeing you. It feels soul to soul.

Nonna this is so romantic can we kiss.

No. 382277

You're not fucked, nona. I'm >>382134 and trust me I'm like, a 6 on a good day, tops. Just try to implement little changes when you can. A good haircut for instance can make a huge difference. As for photos, that's easy: there are tons of guides on YouTube on how to take good ones. Looks are important, but they're not the whole package. Honestly, confidence is probably what will get you to actually close the deal with women. I've been on dates with super attractive women who had next to no confidence, and it's a bit of a turn-off. Your looks will attract women, but they won't help you keep them. That's down to personality and your general aura. Keep your chin up, you can do this!

No. 382303

Hahaha, lol, lmao, lmfao, and kek. I am a 3 (even used that photofeeler thing once years ago and maxed out at 3.4 for all of my best pics). I really just need to accept my lot in life, but it’s hard. Especially when 6s try to reassure you about how they found success thinking it’ll make you feel better. No hard feelings, I understand this is 100% my problem, I’ll stop venting after this. If anyone has any tips for coming to terms with lifelong celibacy, please share. I’m finding it harder and harder the older I get.

No. 382309

AYRT, c'mon don't spew that blackpill shit here. Like I said, looks are only part of the puzzle. Being such a massive downer is a huge repellent and it'll hold you back much more than your looks. Speaking of which, have you even tried improving yourself? Don't hit me with the "But I'm a 3 because some spergs website said so, I may as well just curl up and die!" if you've not even tried improving yourself. I'm only at a 6 (a rough estimation btw, don't put such massive stock in these ratings) because I accepted that I looked like shit and committed to improving myself to the best of my abilities.

No. 382310

Of course I’ve tried, anon. I am well groomed and thin and dress well and have the most flattering haircut I could have. Sometimes no amount of self improvement changes the reality of an ugly face, that’s just the truth for some of us and tbh I think the platitudes of “looks don’t matter that much” and “just try harder” do more harm than good for people who are actually legit hideous. I’m happy for you though, I was just throwing my celibacy question out there in case anyone else is in this position and has learned to be happy (enough)

No. 382311

Nonna even if you're ugly other ugly women exist and would be happy to date you. Deformed people, midgets, downies, etc all find partners and fall in love. You are a regular woman who's not hot and maybe a little autistic (just assuming since you post here). You are perfectly capable of finding a partner but you need to get some confidence and also accept the fact that you won't be able to pull a 10/10 Stacey and learn to be happy with a woman on your level. Most people who bitch about being forever alone have available matches around, they just don't notice them because they're hung up on unobtainable supermodels.

No. 382325

I agree 100% that the only logical option is to date “on my own level”, but I also think it would be cruel to date people I’m not attracted to, and when I’m ~2 or 3 on a good day, I’m just not gonna be legitimately attracted to anyone like myself. Which is the same reason I don’t blame anyone for not wanting me, it’s not like I feel like I deserve supermodels or something. Anyway, that’s why I said I plan to be celibate for life. I’ll stop posting now though I get that it’s hard for normal looking people to understand what I mean. I was just feeling down earlier, I regret posting now.

No. 382342

>as far as I'm considered lesbians don't exist until you're 27+
KEK that was the age I accepted after years and years of pretending that I'm "bi" because I couldn't accept the fact that I wasn't attracted to men. My "comphet" was daddy issues and trying to look for validation from them since it's exhausting to be hated by 50% of the population and being a disappointment to your father. Sometimes it's hard to tell apart the need for platonic acceptance and the need for romantic and sexual attraction.

Yep, 35 and almost all of the "lesbians" I knew in my early 20's are now married to or dating men but still love to brag about how gay they are for making moidlike comments about women's breasts.

No, it's not some innate "wahmen love deeper!!" thing. Same sex attracted women are more likely to have experienced abuse and ostracizing during their formative years due to their same sex attraction which accumulates to their minority stress and trauma, so mental illness is also more common. This is backed up every single study conducted on the topic of the prevalence of mental illness in homosexual groups. For example, I dated a BPD-chan and that was full on her severe childhood trauma and developing unhealthy coping methods, not because her chromosomes made her the magical ~le feeling gender~. You're much more likely to develop mental instability if you grow up being told you're a disgusting degenerate because of your sexuality.

No. 382353

>No, it's not some innate "wahmen love deeper!!" thing.
Thank you! I'm so sick of trauma bonding being glorified and mentally ill behaviours being brushed off as deep and intense womanly love. I guess I'm extra sensitive after being abused myself during my "amour fou", but it's really jarring to see this narrative pushed.

No. 382356

>My "comphet" was daddy issues and trying to look for validation from them since it's exhausting to be hated by 50% of the population and being a disappointment to your father. Sometimes it's hard to tell apart the need for platonic acceptance and the need for romantic and sexual attraction.
Nta but this makes a lot of sense

No. 382391

This is something I’m not quite sure how to ask (I don’t frequent this site that much for personal reasons) but do you guys think it’s normal for lesbians to watch exclusively gay male porn? I’ve been seeing post after post on Reddit and elsewhere about how it’s normal and even encouraged for lesbians to watch gay porn. The claim is that it’s less patriarchal, but I’ve seen it before and it seems to have all the same issues as lesbian porn? It truly makes me wonder if some of these people are closeted bisexuals or if I’m just too much of a prude.

No. 382399

Ew, no. Granted, I don't watch porn at all, but that sounds viscerally off-putting to me and I don't get the appeal. I am glad no women are being hurt, but that doesn't suddenly make it hot to me. Crazy they're talking about IRL porn and not even something like yaoi. Remember that the majority of "lesbians" on Reddit are MTFs and spicy straights and safely ignore their rambling.

No. 382400

I'd almost buy it for high quality gay literature and cinema (because of course you're gonna prefer brokeback mountain to harley quinn and poison ivy), I'm extremely disappointed when people say this about shipping and fanfiction, and I simply don't believe you're a lesbian if you're an enthusiastic fan of live action videos of blowjobs and anal sex.

No. 382405

>exclusively watch
>gay male porn
Absolutely not. Also Reddit is full of clout-chasing idiots who love creative writing, and I personally dismiss half of what it has to say and take a grain of salt about the other half. It sounds to me that the specific case you saw is just hets and bis trying to win cool girl points from the tranny mods

No. 382417

This claim that lesbians commonly watch IRL gay porn has never made sense to me. I get porn addiction can escalate and I knew coomers in high school who watch anything (legal) because they were bored/curious, but gay male porn is made for men just like straight and lesbian porn is. I also have a few anti-porn gay moid friends say that gay porn is often violent, so I don't buy that it's "less patriarchal" and therefore more palatable for lesbians.

No. 382483

File: 1709303614942.jpg (68.01 KB, 1400x700, joo-dee-1.jpg)

there are no fakebians on reddit dot com

No. 382484

What does this weeb meme mean? I have sex so I wouldn't know.

No. 382486

Don't get on a high horse about weeb shit when you literally post on lolcow.farm.

No. 382494

Calm down, it's called banter.

No. 382522

Kek I guess it’s because this is something I experience and I don’t have any trauma. I don’t think women are more emotional whatever, I just feel like any relationships with moids are very vapid, from both what I’ve experienced and my observations in other people’s relationships. It’s obvious in moid-women relationships but moid-moid relationships are some of the most shallow relationships in existence. They genuinely don’t seem to be able to experience depth.

No. 382523

Does anyone else have sexuality OCD or know anyone who does? Like thinking you must actually be straight even though you are not and trying to test yourself by looking at hetshit but being grossed out? I keep on thinking I have just been in an extremely long phase from childhood and I will grow out of my same-sex attraction any day now even though the thought of it makes me want to kms, I would rather die than touch a moid. I keep on using really dumb homophobic arguments like I am too cute and petite to be lesbian, nobody assumes I am lesbian so I must not be one, it's too rare so that can't be me. The fact I am even questioning this must mean I am straight. The only good argument I have for being straight was my terrible porn addiction I had as a child where I fapped to everything but even then I found the stuff I fapped to gross. I have a very high physical libido so when I'm going through my pre-menstrual period my body is on fire and my genitals are always throbbing and this makes me think I must be attracted to everything.

No. 382525

It's an American cartoon, I've never watched it but the "there's no war in Ba Sing Se" meme is just pretending a factual statement isn't true. So >>382483 is saying Reddit is full of fakebians.

No. 382540

Yes, I was diagnosed with OCD but quit therapy before we ever talked about how it manifested in regards to my orientation. If I passively think an anime boy is cute it sends me into a death spiral thinking this is it and my lesbian phase is finally over. It got so bad I decided I must be bisexual, but the thing is, with something like this, you will always find something to obsess about. When I was trying to meme myself into being bisexual, I would spiral every time I couldn't find a man attractive. In that case, my anxiety that I was a fake bisexual turned out to be true, but it still wasn't a healthy way to navigate those feelings. I was constantly testing my attraction, looking at pictures of famous men, trying to prove to myself I liked them, but nothing. No matter how I have identified my orientation, I have had impostor syndrome/obsessive thoughts about it. All you can do is try to parse your real attraction from the anxious looping thoughts. I still hesitate to call myself a lesbian because I have some deep feeling like I'm faking and will be proven wrong, but every time I try to force attraction to a man, I can't. (But then I wonder if it's because of the anxiety, or because lots of straight women aren't attracted to just any man, or because I want to be proven wrong, or because men are just ugly in general, and so on and so forth.) I know it's OCD because I have similar thinking patterns about other things, which is how I got the diagnosis, but it's still hell to deal with. Really hard on relationships, too.

No. 382545

Thanks for replying, I feel a lot less alone. I literally never hear lesbians talk about this. I feel better when I go out in the real world with other people, it helps ground my thoughts and I realise how stupid they are. When I'm in a good mood I'm pretty certain that I'm lesbian (not 100% but I'm not 100% certain of anything). My friends and mother also reassure me when I make my arguments to them and they call me retarded and gay or just laugh at how ridiculous I sound. I'm a little bit homophobic while simultaneously being revolted by straight-related stuff which really doesn't help me. I got my homophobia from growing up in male-dominated spaces so I had it ingrained in my brain that it's not possible for lesbians to exist and all women love chad and should be hyperfeminine milkmaids or some shit. It really ruined my natural sexual development. I sometimes think I turned homosexual because I consume too much femslash (primarily) and slash content. I need concrete answers to everything and the ambiguity and complexity surrounding sexuality, especially when it comes to its origins really irritates me and sends me spiralling.

No. 382555

Anyone else’s worse fear being cheated on with a man?

No. 382556

No because I know it won't happen to me

No. 382561

Just don't date bi women. I know they hate it when we say that, but my depression over how I'll never be as good as or seen as an equal option to a man disappeared when I decided I'd rather be alone than chase after bi women. Maybe febfems/kinsey 5s aren't like this, but I never met one in real life.

No. 382562

I get really annoyed when OSA people call themselves gay as an adjective. I know it's fine for it to be used that way but it really irks me to hear someone call themselves gay while they're touching/have touched the opposite sex and are into it.

No. 382572

Has already happened to me, she didn't even tell me she did (repeatedly) and I found out from a mutual friend who was angry on my behalf. Terrified of it happening again, but what can you do. I'm not even sure if avoiding bi women would be guaranteed protection because there are so many women pretending to be lesbians who would still cheat on you with a man (happened to a friend of mine, but my ex was bi.) Haunting stuff, I don't get it.

No. 382573


>Maybe febfems/kinsey 5s aren't like this, but I never met one in real life.
Oh, but they are. Febfems tend to have a bit of an ego about their choices as they're basically polilez 2.0 and any other bi woman who swears up and down she's "basically gay" is basically a lying ass bitch. It's not how sexuality works when you're bi, and that's fine. But I hate being told that men will never factor into things when you're tangled up with a bisexual woman. It's simply not true, I've heard many horror stories and been part of a few myself. Enough to know I'm strictly les4les.

Same. That word has a meaning, and they're diluting it, just like they did with queer (I hate the word queer but still, it used to have a fixed definition). I don't get how the same people who tell you being bisexual is the enlightened sexuality and better than being a nast genital fetishist and then when they talk about themselves it's gay-gay-gay-gay-gay.

No. 382577

>Oh, but they are. Febfems tend to have a bit of an ego about their choices as they're basically polilez 2.0 and any other bi woman who swears up and down she's "basically gay" is basically a lying ass bitch.
I don't want to believe it, the febfems I see online seem nice…

No. 382579

Don't get me wrong, there are nice ones out there. I've met some nice ones too, but mostly they've been quite uppity about it, but YMMV. IMO it's just not that easy to sever off that part of your life as they like to make it seem. Based off the ones I've known IRL, I genuinely think they'd be happier if they dropped the febfem thing and just dated the guys they liked. Most end up doing it anyway, so why be all cloak and dagger about it and hurt some other woman's feelings? For something that's meant to be a feminist choice, it can ironically do a lot of damage to the SSA women who date them.

No. 382580

They're nice, but in my experience they're strongly repressing their attraction to men out of guilt and shame. They view lesbianism as more morally correct, and so tend to come off as self-hating bisexuals desperate to be told they're basically lesbians and absolved of their sinful attraction. It just isn't healthy in many cases. I'm sure there are normal bi women who don't date men for more well-adjusted reasons, but I am wary of the super vocal self-flagellating ones. I'd honestly prefer a bisexual woman who just accepts herself as she is and makes it obvious she's into me and just me. I think it speaks to more confidence.

No. 382596

>Oh, but they are. Febfems tend to have a bit of an ego about their choices as they're basically polilez 2.0 and any other bi woman who swears up and down she's "basically gay" is basically a lying ass bitch. It's not how sexuality works when you're bi, and that's fine.
AYRT, are we referring to the same thing? I've known shitty febfems in my private online circles (they run back to men because "dating women is hard" and act like lesbians forced them to use the label), but the b in febfem means bisexual, they're not polilez or pretending to be exclusively gay. That said I do notice that some bi women in GC/radfem spaces feel a "pressure" to label themselves as febfems to look like they're pursuing "the right choice", I honestly don't think most are suited for it unless they really do have a dating history of mostly or only dating the same-sex.

No. 382606

idk if anyone remembers awkward kiss anon but it ended up not mattering at all we’ve been having greaaat sex

No. 382624

congratulations… i’m jealous …

No. 382643

I have anxiety and I experience the same thing, it’s just a normal intrusive thought, straight people also have intrusive thoughts about being gay. It’s just your head playing with you.

No. 382664

No because I don’t date anyone lol.

No. 382685

File: 1709407387963.jpg (1.44 MB, 2252x3052, FIlUcvgXIBAlOLb.jpg)

Do any of you have a favorite femslash ship? Bonus points for more obscure ships you love. Please no weeb/anime stuff, I would go to the yuri thread if i cared about it.

No. 382716

It's not only yuri, but also GL general, so you can post it there.

No. 382784

i have this same exact thing, i have ocd too about pretty much everything and it's so stupid because i know how retarded my thoughts are but i can't stop thinking them for example if i masturbate and think about women i think that i am actually just manipulating myself into being a lesbian by orgasming to women and thus associating sexual pleasure with them, all the stuff about straight women consuming lesbian porn doesn't help at all because it makes me think that i could actually just be a straight woman who is attracted to women.

No. 382786

>The fact I am even questioning this must mean I am straight.
Relatable. I've known I'm a lesbian since childhood, yet I keep denying it and I'm actually really wary of openly labeling myself as one because I'm afraid that tomorrow I'll magically come across the man who awakens my heterosexuality and then I'll be one of those embarrassing bisluts who faked being a lesbian, catfished everyone and ruined the lesbian reputation. I'm a gold star in my 30's, still no attraction to men, a female only dating history, absolutely no desire to have sex with them or marry one, but I can't let go of this paranoia. It's definitely due to lesbianism being so highly policed and constantly being redefined as anything else but "exclusive sexual attraction to women".

>If I passively think an anime boy is cute it sends me into a death spiral thinking this is it and my lesbian phase is finally over.
This too. I absolutely can't stand those waifu characters made for men and I get told I'm not a ~real lesbian~ for it. I like both female and male anime characters and love reading BL for example, but I don't fantasize about me having sex with the male characters nor have I ever found an actual 3DPD celebrity moid desirable in my entire life. Yet even that's not enough of a proof. I honestly envy gay men for being able to be accepted as gay even after 50 years of marriage and children with a woman while lesbians need to live by a goddamn code.

No. 382793

Damn you still think about this shit in your 30s? Here I was hoping time will save me.

No. 382794

>It's definitely due to lesbianism being so highly policed and constantly being redefined as anything else
This. I've only started to have these intrusive thoughts after lurking on online communities

No. 382797

Yeah no, sadly it doesn't go away with time and it's one of those things you need to actively work towards and as evidenced I don't really have any advice to offer. I'm in a long term relationship but fully committing (like marriage) is still impossible to me because I don't want to be the evil opportunistic bihet who dumped her girlfriend of 8 years for a man.

I'm pretty sure growing up in a very homophobic environment affected my self esteem, I'm still not even fully out to my family (I don't really keep contact with them at all) because I'm still afraid of them going "glad you got over that awful phase" if I'm ever suddenly converted. It's not going to happen and it's stupid and all inside my head but you know, that's what homophobia does to a bitch. But online communities definitely increased it tenfold because the identity politics are fucking crazy, both the "you can't be a lesbian if you held hands with a boy in middle school unless you're from a 3rd wold country or if you aren't fully committed to a separatist female only life style" and the "anyone can be a lesbian regardless of gender and sexuality, it's just a state of mind" sides do nothing but cause brain poisoning to everyone who just wants to eat pussy in peace.

No. 382804

Does your gf and reassurances from her help you?

No. 382808

Not trying to start shit but this sounds less like "internalized homphobia OCD" and more like deep paranoic denial about feeling sexually attracted to men but not being able to fall in love with them irl so you keep considering yourself one but I think that deep deep down you've already realized you do feel sexual attraction to them.

No. 382810

Are small hands a turn off for lesbians?

No. 382811

NTA did you even read that post? She said she's not attracted to men. Do you even know what OCD is? Nothing about her post indicates she's attracted to men and you're a cunt for fueling her mental illness like this.

No. 382812

Please be bait

No. 382813

>Nothing about her post indicates she's attracted to men
Sorry but loving the fuck out of 2D boys and BL is attraction to men. I've seen this too often in different varieties but it all comes down to one thing: 2D men are idealized and safe. IRL men are the opposite. Sexual attraction to males is there in their brains, but they cannot fall in love with real men due to trauma/pinkpill/internalized biphobia.

No. 382814

2D is not real. Go outside. They are literally pixels on a screen.

No. 382816

2D is not real unless it's loli, right? Let's stop pretending to be retarded. There are no heterosexual women that are obsessed with GL and waifus, and no heterosexual men that are obsessed with yaoi and husbandos. Suddenly lesbian fujos are the exception? Don't make me laugh. At the end of the day this doesn't affect me directly, but it's sad to see this behavior because you're so scared of being bisexuals.(infighting/baiting)

No. 382817

Says the shota and BoyLover(infighting/baiting)

No. 382818

Not trying to start shit but if we're having mentally ill armchairing hours here it seems that you yourself are insecure about your sexuality and that's why you're aggressively jumping at the chance of calling out a "fakebian" for having one insignificant trait that shouldn't matter in the bigger picture but you took out of context and escalated to be a bigger thing that it really is. You're projecting your own internalized biphobia to others because you're afraid that recounting thoughts like this might make you question yourself, so you react by being combative against someone who you see as the side of yourself that you're trying to repress.

No. 382819

Oh, it's this broken record schizo again. Report and ignore, nonnies.

No. 382820

Not this anon but I agree with her. If you say is true then the crush i had on Meg from Rule of Rose and Homura from Madoka when I was younger that made me realize I was gay did not mean shit and that’s just not true. Man, this board is weird and worse than the L Chat with this obsession with males in media

No. 382821

Mental illness

No. 382822

You are free to think whatever you want of me. And even if you're right and I turn out to be a bisexual coping, I still wouldn't change my mind about women who like 2D men being sexually attracted to real men by consequence. It's delusional to think that
>you like anime boys
>you like BL
>your brain bothers you at night calling you a fakebian it causes mental anguish
And think that maybe, just maaaaaybe, you might be a little bit bisexual.

No. 382823

According to this logic men can be attracted to “passing trans women” and still be straight because they “look like women”, “they’re idealized versions of women, they like anal and don’t menstruate!”, “it’s okay if they’ve had the surgery”, etc. No way lol. Its genitals which define sexual orientation, period. 2D drawings with mock up sausages aren’t whole ass men.

No. 382824

Lesbian = female exclusively attracted to other females as opposed to males. Drawings are not males. You don't know what lesbianism is yourself.

No. 382825

No you don't understand Nonna, this only applies to "lesbians" feeling attracted to fictional men. Lesbian fujos have special powers that are able to bend reality and make logic that applies to everyone else not apply to them. Please be understanding, they are special!

No. 382826

Speaking from another 30-something: Get out of these communities. They're full of immature zoomers and developmentally stunted young millennials. As soon as I got a girlfriend I lost all interest in being in these spaces often.

??? The post said she's not attracted to the 2D men. I don't believe in "lesbians having husbandos" (unless they genderbend them I guess), but she literally says
>I like both female and male anime characters and love reading BL for example, but I don't fantasize about me having sex with the male characters nor have I ever found an actual 3DPD celebrity moid desirable in my entire life.
I have favorite male characters and BL ships too, but I don't think it's hot or want to fuck them. I just like gay stories and good characters.

No. 382827

You are the one warping the definition of lesbian to fit your needs.

No. 382828

If a dude is attracted to a passing tranny and never realized is a tranny then yes, although that's a very unlikely hypothetical. When moids are attracted to trannies is because they know they are actually men (just like you know anime boys are men despite coping by saying "they basically look like women")

No. 382829

>no heterosexual women that are obsessed with GL
Not true, I’m straight and I used to obsessively scour mangadex for GL (by women, the male authored ones are weird) and binge read them through the night when I was like 20. I had a bunch of GL story ideas too kek

No. 382830

Het women also love watching lesbian porn yet they are still het

No. 382831

Human brains abstract drawings to the point your brain automatically puts them in a "female/male" box and you're attracted to what you're attracted to. And yes, people who like loli/shota are pedos by consequence of this.

No. 382834

Just because you prefer men romantically and think you are heterosexual because of that doesn't mean that you're not sexually attracted to women to some degree.

No. 382835

Says the literal lolifag. We know who you are. Btw your assertion isn't an axiom, they could be attracted to drawings for any reason and they still are technically drawings.

No. 382836

>>382834 I mean she could ne straight as Yuri is not like Yaoi as there is rarely sex in Yuri. That’s dumb to compare the 2 as Yuri was created by women for all girls and is enjoyed by all démographic, at least in Japan because in the west the demo is lesbian, bi and men, while Yaoi is a pornographic genre created by women for women

No. 382838

>Yaoi is a pornographic genre
Just say you've never read BL. Tons of BL are literally just shoujo manga with a gay couple where the farthest they go is a kiss

No. 382839

I'm the original anon you're throwing your retarded temper tantrum over and I won't entertain your mental illness any longer and I pray mods are quick on their feet to redtext you ASAP. I said I'm not attracted to those "totally real" anime men, I specifically said that I don't fantasize about having sex with them. I just like them as characters and I like reading about them, and I even mentioned liking anime girls just the same, just not the moidgaze waifu ones. I don't know if you were cheated on by a bihet fujo or what in world is the root of your problem, but you saw one goddamn word that pushed you over the edge and started shitting all over the floor like a rabid monkey samefagging up a storm, it's because of your bitchless ass that this thread is useless in trying to talk about lesbian specific issues such as society around us always keeping us under the microscope trying to catch us just to point their fingers at us saying "see??? you desire cock after all just like every other woman!!! gotcha!!". People like you are the kind of trash who have a 50% chance of getting tired of their based honest and pure ultralesbian larp at some point when they get over their fear of men, after spending years policing and bullying already self conscious lesbians to feel better about your own insecurities. Fuck you, at least I can take comfort in the fact that you're stuck in your own edgy misery and imageboard addiction masturbating to anime lolis.

No. 382841

I don’t read Yaoi because I don’t care for men however I now the origins of both Yuri and Yaoi as I read multiples studies and essay on the subject and I can tell you with confidence that Yaoi was created as a pornographic genre for coward women while Yuri take its inspiration in Shojo bunka and the works of the lesbian legend Nobuko Yoshiya. They are not the same, sorry

No. 382842

>hey uhm maybe consider that a romantic and pornographic genre involving only males is not the most lesbian shit ever
>reeeeee samefag lolifag mentally ill!!!
LOL. Sometimes I think biphobia from lesbians is actually justified, seeing shit like this.

No. 382843

>I read multiple studies
And all of them failed to mention that BL started out being published in shoujo magazines? Just stop talking about stuff you know nothing about

No. 382845


No. 382846

Stop replying to her. It's never going to end with that schizo, just ignore.

No. 382847

Yes I know and ? It does not contradict what I said

No. 382850

You guys are triggering my OCD…

No. 382855

Can mods please just ban any mention of BL from this thread because we have had this infight a dozen times already.

No. 382862

can BL-loving bisexuals go back to their own containment thread, tnx

No. 382864

Liking BL, cute boys, male celebs and falling for a random fat balding scrote in your 30s "out of nowhere" is lesbian culture. Please stop gatekeeping.

No. 382871

i hate fujoshis like you and i wish you would just leave this thread. go to your fujo porn thread.

No. 382872

Your brain is literally screaming at you that you're not a lesbian. You should listen to it instead of being in eternal denial and getting butthurt at women telling you that lesbians don't obsess over gaymen.

No. 382873

Learn to fucking read the posts you reply to. This is peak paranoid bitchless behavior.

No. 382874

>People like you are the kind of trash who have a 50% chance of getting tired of their based honest and pure ultralesbian larp at some point when they get over their fear of men, after spending years policing and bullying already self conscious lesbians to feel better about your own insecurities.
It sounds like you're describing yourself, honestly. You sound insane.

No. 382876

I read it, both of your posts actually, and this is why I believe you already know you find men sexually attractive but live in denial.

No. 382879

I’m not, though. I’m 100% straight, I just liked GL. Idk why. But the other anon was right, there’s not a lot of sex in GL generally so that’s probably why I was able to get into it.

No. 382880

Were you ever actually super obsessed with GL as fujos are with BL or not? Because reading BL/GL from time to time is nothing special. Being obsessed with the theme is what makes the difference.

No. 382882

Then why tf are you stalking this thread kek

No. 382884

Don't reply to her. She's been here samefagging for hours and ban evading, report and ignore.

No. 382885

Can the mods actually confirm samefagging please. I'm tired of people screaming that when faced with posts they don't like.

No. 382888

I can't stand it anons I can't fucking stand it. There's nowhere I can go. I can't find a single good community on reddit without some DUMB MOTHERFUCKER posting a screencap of it on the mtf thread and getting it overrun by troids and 55 y/o women with 11 kids and 3 husbands claiming they're oh-so lesbian while getting off to gay male porn. I can't have this thread because it's full of stupid fucking shit about yaoi and BL and other assorted infighting about gold stars and straps and the daily "here's a description of me, the most average woman ever, will I ever find gf???". Can't have a tumblr because it's full of violent moids and aidens who will gladly send you rape threats at the drop of a hat, along with tradwife "radfems", political lesbians, and clinically insane gender critical 22 y/o drug addicts who will also send you rape threats. In real life I'm surrounded by homophobic gender-havers and milquetoast liberals who think they're allies, as well as conservative boomers who think I need to "just try a christian therapist" aka go to conversion therapy and try to fix myself. Maybe this isn't the place to vent but I am SO SICK OF THIS SHIT and I just want to be done. I can't even tolerate internet spaces anymore I want to get into an all out brawl with these people. None of them would dare do any of this shit to my face. It all takes place over text messages or social media. I'm done with it. I'm going hermit mode. I hate everyone and I'm no longer afraid to admit it.

No. 382889

Good riddance. No one likes you here.

No. 382890

It's why I mostly only interact with my lesbians friends on discord. Get a lesbian friend circle and leave the rest of the internet. I only put up with the retarded bisluttery and trannyism because it can be funny most of the time, but when I'm not feeling up to it I just stop browsing lesbian spaces anywhere on the internet.

No. 382892

Good on you, I'm the same, I try to only make friends with other irl lesbians and I've got two I talk to on discord. No group chats or anything like that. Public facing lesbian spaces are full of polilezzes and other freaks.
Yeah I was definitely talking to you kek

No. 382895

I was just about to comment with this. I don't have any community IRL besides my girlfriend, but I keep myself sane by finding a friend circle of actual lesbians in their 20s and 30s that are capable of talking about other things besides tranny/bihet/radfem discourse. I honestly wish this was something every lesbian could find easily, but I met a lot of them via luck and from jumping in-and-out of various online circles for the last 5 years. The main tip I have is if you see someone online who seems cool and you have things in common, just try to talk to her.

No. 382898

File: 1709509830778.jpeg (27.03 KB, 259x194, IMG_9902.jpeg)

Good lord. What in the fresh hell is happening in this thread?

No. 382903

Good ol' bishits thinking that casually mentioning their gaymen cocklust is a lesbian struggle because everywhere they go they are called retarded bishits for it.

No. 382910

>Can't have a tumblr because
Everything else aside it's actually easy to not be bothered on tumblr. Just turn off anon asks and don't post about tranny shit.

No. 382914

>I can't find a single good community on reddit without some DUMB MOTHERFUCKER posting a screencap of it on the mtf thread and getting it overrun
I doubt that anons posting about your super obscure subreddit is what's causing to get overrun, that' just what happens to any women's space on reddit nowadays once it hits a certain amount of followers.

Anyway, you should take a break from the gender stuff. On tumblr you can ignore people that post about gender bs or just block the terms. Not sure what other social media platforms you use, but ignore any trans related topic and only interact with the most apolitical topics, yes they'll pop up but as long as you show no interest the algo will stop pushing it on you.

Basically just touch grass or at least stop, why spend all this time in a lesbian thread that decided to talk about…BL for some reason

No. 382917

this will always be the shittiest lesbian space on this site. back to the female fantasies thread.

No. 382920

that's not just a lesbian thread though

No. 382921

oh wouldn't it be nice to talk with other lesbians about our lives perhaps about relationships dating and stuff wait no it's the 10000000000000000000000000000000th retard slapstick fight started by the mentally ill women displaying more obsessive behavior and thought patterns about certain subjects compared to the literal self admitted ocd people. don't you ever get tired? every single time i open this thread it's bivestigation time here

more lesbian than this thread

No. 382922

Cannot believe there's another fucking yaoi infight in /lg/, at this point anyone bringing up yaoi in this thread will be banned for baiting because they must be retarded. Any further infighting on this topic will get twice the normal ban length.

No. 382923

Maybe stop mentioning that you love cute anime bois and BL and you won't get questioned. Retard.

No. 382924

not the same anon, you yourself are obsessed with the subject of fujos. give it a break already and learn to ignore it.

No. 382925

Sorry but just like I don't stay quiet when troons try to gaslight others into thinking they are women I also won't stay quiet when dumb fujos gaslight others into thinking gaymen lust is a lesbian trait.(continuing infight after farmhand post)

No. 382926

your negative obsession about males and maleness is still an obsession centering males, it's still nothing but talking about men men men all the time.(continuing infight after farmhand post)

No. 382927

Gotcha, next time I will let it slide so /lg/ can become a safespace to talk about how much lesbians love fictional males.(continuing infight after farmhand post)

No. 382929

anon… read the thread title…

No. 382930

It did happen, sorry you weren't with me to see it lol but from the day it got posted on the mtf thread we got a huge influx in troon sob-posting about how the meanie terfs in the sub won't accept them. It used to get less than five posts a day before it was "featured" here. It's still a a fairly nice place but you can feel the tide turning as it gets more infested.
>why spend all this time in a lesbian thread that decided to talk about BL
I don't, I came here because I wanted a breath of fresh air and sanity, only to find more bullshit. I shouldn't be surprised anymore but I remember when these threads were better and I had my hopes up. I can't believe I'm being lectured on lcf of all places on how to curate my online experience.
Literally my safe haven

No. 382934

Girl at work asked if I was gay a while back. I'm socially awkward as fuck and didn't know how to answer the question so I just kind of avoided it. Asked my friend later what that meant and was told the coworker probably likes me. Is it too late for me to make a move or have a I flubbed it

No. 382935

why are you asking us?! she's the only one who can answer that! go forth, nonna

No. 382956

I need to have more sex w women who have personality disorders

No. 383031

Same. I went on some LGBT event at the office for Mardi Gras week to get out of my dull call centre job for a couple of hours. Some stereotypically lesbian looking women shared their coming out stories with me personally and were like “so what were you doing in 2017 (when marriage right were extended to gay people in Australia)? I think my answer was stupid and made me look closeted.

I’m not out at work because I’m single and I’m don’t want my straight woman boss to see me as a predator. I once was out an another job and got treated like a creep for it.

No. 383074

I am asking again - are small hands a turn off for lesbians? Would you ever not date a girl for their small hands or worry that they cant give you pleasure? Or do you think they are cute and precious?

No. 383077

i don't think anyone really cares about that, it's not like a dick measuring competition moids have.

No. 383079

Some womens A spot? G spot? are in pretty deep apparently. Ive also seen some lesbians describing long fingers as a turn on. Some women also say that they derive no pleasure from fingering due to small fingers.

No. 383080

Nta, but would a woman with a tongue-tie also be a dealbreaker for someone? My tongue can barely come out of my mouth, basically. I can still sort of lick but I wouldn't be able to actually move it around inside or go any deeper. I have thought about getting a surgery for it but haven't considered it seriously yet. I heard it may worsen your speech if gone wrong which makes me worried, and I am not sure if getting surgery just to have good oral sex is a good enough of a reason.

No. 383082

Can you make out with someone properly? I mean a proper sloppy makeout.

No. 383083

File: 1709583918391.gif (8.58 KB, 150x150, dizzy.gif)

I am a khhv, so I wouldn't know. I was hoping that when I do get a gf, it'd be her who would mostly lead(?) the kiss.

No. 383090

So she will lick into your mouth while your tongue passively just hangs there? Idk if thats cringe or surprisingly hot.

No. 383094

I have short fingers and I feel a little insecure about it, but no woman has ever said anything negative about it. Although I notice women with nice hands and long fingers, most of the women I’ve been with also had small hands for some reason. I don’t think it really matters, at the end of the day
I don’t think not being able to stick your tongue out far would matter for kissing, honestly. I wonder if it would affect sex, though? But I’m sure it’s something you could still work around. Most women, in my experience, don’t like THAT much tongue. I feel like a bit of a weirdo for how much I like sloppy french kissing kek

No. 383098

Well, lmao, I can still move my tongue inside my mouth but being able to lick my lips fully is the maximum length my tongue can go for and trying to go further than that hurts. Anyway, I will probably try to compensate that with my fingers instead although they are also pretty average-sized kek

No. 383100

>I feel like a bit of a weirdo for how much I like sloppy french kissing kek
We should date, nona. I sometimes feel like its hotter than sex.

No. 383101

I didn’t realise another lesbian pointing out that I have long fingers could have been sexual flirting until a decade later.

No. 383111

I just saw a video of a 13 year old lesbian in russia living a happy life with her gf. You nonnies have no excuse.

No. 383119

my 13 year old niece has a gf and im so happy for her but it also makes me feel like a stinky handholdless lescel at 30 years old. its easy to for kids to socialize at that age because its compulsory though, much different when you're older and everyone has shit in their lives going on.

No. 383139

Glad I’m not alone in this, nonna. Hopefully I can find someone like you one day kek

No. 383149

Another elder lescel here. We lived in a different time, give yourself a chance to date at your own pace. I went on my first date last year, it sucked but I’m willing to try again once I recover from an illness.

No. 383175

I fear to be called bait or a fake lesbian, or a tranny, incel etc for how pathetic this sounds, but did anyone else only date men because they thought they weren't good enough to date women and didn't want to 'burden' them? I was always conventionally unattractive so when I had my first boyfriend at 15 I latched onto him because I was afraid that I'd never get to experience love especially for someone like me. Then we broke up and my only other boyfriend happened when I was 23. I broke up with him because he wanted to get serious and by that time I knew I didn't like men but felt the need to stay with men like I was self-harming, and yet I felt guilty for leading him on and even though he was very nice, I did not want to spend my life and force him to spend his life with someone who didn't fully love him. I know this is a common theme among lesbians for feeling guilty liking women, because they (we) don't want to come off as predatory and I felt it tenfold and it has always persisted throughout my life, which is why I dated men almost like I was punishing myself lmao. I feel somewhat 'washed up' now that I'm almost 30 (28, 29 soon) with zero experience with women at all. I honestly feel like I doomed myself to be with men for the rest of my life, since again I feel too sorry to burden a woman with my baggage, which has only increased because of my stupid decisions. I seriously wished I had just stayed celibate, I have no idea what to do, how to even approach a woman romantically at my age, especially because of my age and my appearance, or how to find other lesbians or anything.

No. 383180

Repressed anons are so fucking annoying.

No. 383185

>it's another "I love to suction dick as a form of self-harm" post
Honestly kill yourself at this point. It's actually baffling that some subplebbits has less fakebians than this thread.(a-logging)

No. 383189

i dont get this lol if you believed you werent good enough to date women or you were a burden then why not just abstain from dating all together. lots of lesbians have self-esteem issues it doesnt make them want to date men. "doomed myself to be with men for the rest of my life" nobody is forcing you to date men you simply want(ed) to

No. 383190

agreed. if youve been fucking dudes your entire life and hit 30 and "realized" youre a lesbian stop posting about it on here

No. 383197

Just not feeling myself today, guys. I feel so ugly and low… sigh. Guess I better go suck a bunch of guys off about it.

No. 383198

>i dont get this lol if you believed you werent good enough to date women or you were a burden then why not just abstain from dating all together.
Exactly this. I know a bunch of bisexual/straight women who are celibate so I don't buy any excuses other than being forced/pressured into relationships by your family or whatever. If you have the choice to not be in relationships with men I don't know why a lesbian wouldn't just choose that over dating the sex they're not attracted to multiple times.

No. 383205

Perhaps some people were “going through the motions” with regards to relationships and had sec with men because it felt like the right thing to do.

I’m a 30+ virgin so I’m on the other extreme, I don’t even know if I’m asexual or lesbian but don’t plan on experimenting with women since that sounds objectifying.

No. 383207

>but don’t plan on experimenting with women since that sounds objectifying.
the state of /lg/.

No. 383223

We gotta kick the virgins out. It's easy to justify bihettery and judge the immoral dykes for their lustful ways when you're a dork with no social skills who couldn't even get a girlfriend in RuneScape.

No. 383230

For fucks sake it is okay to desire women. It is even okay to just want sex, as long as you are honest about it and dont fool some poor chick who wants a gf. Or if you are some nervous insecure baby who is afraid of other women at least admit it and dont make excuses kek.

No. 383259

more pussy for me

No. 383262

im spiraling rn because I just ended a two week fling with this bipolar girl. genuinely best sex ive ever had but she was manic the entire time (is that why?). like I was so turned on that it overrode my fear of fumbling in bed, I just wanted to get in there! never felt so much palpable tension with another woman like none my other flings or girlfriends come even close.

but she like tweaker adderall rage smacked me in public because I playfully knocked off her snapback like as a joke. then she told me I liked it? and now she doesn’t even want to date me, I’ll just be on her fuck rotation I guess. I don’t think I want to do that but this woman has really hooked me. I would have tolerated anything to be with her.

yes she’s bisexual.

she’s been texting me but im leaving her on read because every day that goes by the more fucked up little details I remember from our bender/sojourn. not sure if I should inform my roommate about the smack, they are best friends. would that be stirring the pot or does he have a right to know?

No. 383263

we also bought a fucking harness together kill me… we split it.

No. 383264

>but don’t plan on experimenting with women since that sounds objectifying.
How? I understand casual sex is bad for straight relationships or for college age adults who aren't ready, but why is experimenting bad if you're both mutually okay with and want it? None of you will get girlfriends thinking like this.

No. 383269

File: 1709658893049.png (13.66 KB, 715x574, 5o9pap.png)

No. 383273

>never felt so much palpable tension with another woman
What's it like? What sort of things do you do? I want to learn. Pls I'm not a creep, I'm just a clueless virgin nonna.

No. 383275

Dude this woman is insane and you know it.
>but she like tweaker adderall rage smacked me in public because I playfully knocked off her snapback like as a joke
Insane, absolutely insane. You need to gtfo NOW before you end up addicted to the crazy BPD high-low rollercoaster. She has hooked you because she's nuts. If you stay on her fuck rotation you'll get more and more crazy until you're just as unhinged as her (which sounds hot in theory but it's not hot in real life, it's sad.).

No. 383278

I mean the usual stuff… cunnilingus, fingering, etc. (we switched). but she also did this thing where she would like put her entire body weight on my pubic bone like pressing onto my clit….. AAAAAAAA. how it felt? it felt like for the entire duration of my dry spell, there was this TIGHT knot inside me making me bitter and moody. and then when we started kissing/petting I felt it slowly releasing and then very quickly releasing as I finished. oh my god I can’t even explain. even when we weren’t having sex I’d be unbelievably horny. like at a cafe squirming around and she could TELL. I know I sound like a pervert but for the past two years I’ve been a total prude, I think this situationship or whatever has broken my brain.

No. 383279

she would also like vampire bite me almost drawing blood

No. 383289

>oh my god I can’t even explain. even when we weren’t having sex I’d be unbelievably horny. like at a cafe squirming around and she could TELL.
That sounds really hot.

No. 383354

not to be overly earnest on lcf but it really sucks that you feel like you've been tainted by your sexual history and don't deserve what you really want. there will always be people who care about your past and there will always be people who care about who you are now. you'll always feel old because you're always older than you've ever been before, and yet you're always the youngest that you'll ever be again. so if you really want to be with women, I hope you can be brave enough to overcome the shame and start dating them so you don't have these same thoughts at 35 and 40 and so on.

No. 383359

>you'll always feel old because you're always older than you've ever been before, and yet you're always the youngest that you'll ever be again.


No. 383365

DA, I agree, and it's also not rare for lesbians to be "late" to having same-sex experiences. I didn't get into my first relationship until I was 30, and I had to spend a lot of "alone time" after failed attempts to date to be able to be mature enough to try to find people organically.

No. 383400

Why don’t more women in their 30s want to have a living apart together relationship? usually only see articles about these kinds of relationships featuring people aged 60+. Are my tastes too mature for people my age?

No. 383403

Maybe some people can't afford it, I'm not sure about other reasons, I think it can be ideal too

No. 383442

Maybe it depends on your income and where you live, but I've given up on moving out/living alone because even when I worked full time my paycheck wasn't enough to cover rent or buy a house. That's why I've talked with my girlfriend about living together later instead. It makes sense that the 60+ crowd is more open to it since boomers had it easier economically as adults and most I know via work still live in the same house they got decades ago. I'm totally all for the idea in-theory, I just don't know about in-practice.

No. 383459

Younger singles want to build a life together whereas older singles already have an established life. It’s much more effort to fit a new person into your life if you have an ex spouse and/or kids from a previous relationship.

No. 383477

I think the majority of 30 somethings can't or doesn't want to afford a lifestyle like that even if it's appealing in theory.

No. 383483

why would you not want to live w the love of your life

No. 383491

I’m a good gf yet a bad housemate.

No. 383495

Shit happens so even the "love of your life" might end up cheating or leaving you or randomly trooning out, and breakups are significantly more complicated when you cohabitate. Plus in my area you become common law after so many years cohabitating so even if you aren't married you can end up with a big alimony/asset division headache. My last relationship was great until it suddenly wasn't so I'm hesitant to put myself in a situation where a breakup could fuck me financially.

No. 383497

subleasing is a thing

No. 383499

Some people might have different priorities in life. I prefer having my own space to myself.

No. 383500

love is the only reason to live

No. 383555

How do you know if you’re ready to come out?

No. 383564

When you're dating someone.

No. 383598

>you will never be loved by women the way men are loved by women
Why live

No. 383624

weird disordered thinking pattern

No. 383641

You know it's true.

No. 383667

would you say that you will never love a woman the way that you'll love a man or do you live on a planet where you're the only lesbian who's ever existed or what?

No. 383678

I used to feel this way until I started dating another lesbian, I don't feel a need to compare myself or envy men anymore. It's not hopeless.

No. 383722

A speech impediment would be way more of a turnoff

No. 383735

Meh, I get it. I like to look good and it sucks knowing I can't be "conventionally attractive" to the average woman the way a man can. Like, I'd like to impress random women at the grocery store and make little old ladies say "if I were ten years younger". I'm a simple woman with simple dreams. And this is related but I fucking hate men who complain about women who expect them to have a nice haircut and washboard abs. Like goddamn do you have it easy. However I will agree that you shouldn't get suicidal over it kek

No. 383737

yes certain women will love me in a way they could never love a man, so who really cares?

No. 383738

File: 1709879354391.jpg (61.49 KB, 1280x720, monmothma.jpg)

I just started watching Star Wars Andor this week and GOOD LORD she's kicked my attraction to older women into overdrive.

No. 383741

Ayrt, I already do have some problems with my diction(probably caused by my tongue), but I don't think it is that bad, idk.

No. 383754

Thanks for alerting me to this beautiful woman's existance.

No. 383775

It's not just about being attractive. It's about the standards they set. Women will go up to bat for school shooters, rapists, and violent wifebeaters, they'll defend their subhuman moid with every fiber of their being no matter how despicable and downright vile and dangerous he is. You will never be forgiven for anything, given the benefit of the doubt, always have people trying to empathize with you, cleaning up after you like you're a retarded child. There is no such thing as a lesbian pickme because women's attention isn't valuable. You will never be loved unconditionally by a woman because you are a woman. And before you ask, I don't know if I'd ever experience unconditional love for someone. I'm not going to blog but I don't know. I get tired thinking about having to date a theythem so probably not.

No. 383783

Do women care if you show up to dates with makeup or not?

No. 383785

either you're saying
>I personally will go to bat for school shooters, rapists, and violent wifebeaters
>I'll defend my subhuman moid with every fiber of my being
>I'll never forgive a woman for anything because their attention isn't valuable to me
>but for some reason, I expect other women to do this for me and I'm super mad about it
or you're admitting you're a retard moid larping to make lesbians feel insecure because anything you say about women includes you.
>And before you ask, I don't know if I'd ever experience unconditional love for someone.
then come back and complain once you have anything to offer women in return for the devotion you're mad you won't get, kek

No. 383786

some women here sure always find a way to talk about males and in general talk and act as miserable as possible about lesbianism like isn't there enough sadness about it already with homophobia and all that do you have to ruin it for yourself (and others) too

fucking LIGHTEN UP

No. 383789

This is not true kek. My dating history has been a little, let's say passionate, and I can safely say there are plenty of women who would kill and die for other women and be so unconditiomally in love with them, it'd put any pickme to shame. Mind you I don't think this is always a good thing and I'm currently volcel because I'm so prone to overwrought, all-consuming relationships with other women and I am too busy right now for that. But I promise there are many women who will love other women just as intensely as any woman could love a man. If anything, I find many lesbian relationships to be more devoted and intense than straight ones. You are projecting hard.

No. 383793

>You will never be loved unconditionally by a woman because you are a woman
This has to be bait, why the fuck would a lesbian not value female attention and love? An actual lesbian doesn't care about attention from males so she's not going to be "going up to bat for school shooters, rapists, and violent wifebeaters"

No. 383795

Pure projection

No. 383798

my theory is that moids are so good at making each other angry about how hopeless dating is by saying that women are dumb whores who don't know real love and posting "tfw no woman will ever love you because you're not chad" etc. that they think they can come here and make lesbians just as hopeless and angry with the same shit but unfortunately, they forget that all of their arguments are dumb as fuck and make no sense and they only believe it because they want to

No. 383813

>then come back and complain once you have anything to offer women in return for the devotion you're mad you won't get
It's not just me. Women don't devote themselves to women at all. Every lesbian I know is barely attracted to women besides whatever fictional character they're simping over and can't move forward in relationships besides childish picnic dates. Grown women. Every one I've met has barely any interest in having sex with other women/calls themselves asexual and any relationship they're in just constitutes watching anime together. You can get pissed at me if you want but can you prove me wrong? I think being born a lesbian is a romantic death sentence. How many of you are in passionate committed relationships? Or are you just settling for one of the 10 lesbians in your area?

>you're saying

>I personally will go to bat for school shooters, rapists, and violent wifebeaters
>I'll defend my subhuman moid with every fiber of my being
>I'll never forgive a woman for anything because their attention isn't valuable to me
I'm not straight. I don't do any of those things. I'm talking about the way straight women love men and how lesbians love women. Can you prove me wrong? I have never once in my life seen it. I'm not trying to get more than I give, I'm just making observations. But you know straight women devote themselves endlessly to men who treat them like shit anyway.
Lesbian women do not love women like straight women love men. Women upthread don't even want to live in the same fucking house as their wives. Half this thread is venting about selfish sexual partners who have no real interest in pleasing a woman. You think unconditional love between women exists? Can you prove it?

>why the fuck would a lesbian not value female attention and love?
Not to the extent straight women value male attention.
Maybe I'm being too negative in the lesbian thread, but I'm being serious. This has been my experience 100% of the time with everyone I have ever met. What other conclusion am I supposed to come to?

No. 383815

>Every one I've met has barely any interest in having sex with other women/calls themselves asexual and any relationship they're in just constitutes watching anime together. You can get pissed at me if you want but can you prove me wrong?
Yes, I can prove you wrong. I love women. I want to marry a woman and have sex with her every day. I’ve had several ex gfs who were literally bisexuals that had only been with men before me, but after we got together, they were like ravenous bloodhounds when it came to sex. like they would beg for me to let them eat me out, when I would have been perfectly content just giving them the strap. I understand how it can be hard to feel truly desired by women, I really do. But you’re still projecting your own unfortunate experiences onto lesbians as a whole

No. 383816

Assuming this isn't bait, it's interesting you ignored women talking itt about their very reciprocal relationships and instead fixated on the specter of the asexual weeb fakebian that haunts this thread's collective psyche. You have either had very bad luck or don't have much experience, but irl I find this is nowhere near as much as a crisis as anons make it sound. You're projecting your doomerism onto all lesbians even though it isn't a universal experience by any means.

No. 383817

Maybe nobody wants you because you are unloveable

No. 383819

Can you take this shit back to /2X/ or Twitter, please?

No. 383832

Anyway, I love my wife. We recently became mothers and I am so in awe of her. Nine months carrying twins, two days in labour. She's a goddess and an absolute soldier. This life is all I ever wanted and I nearly missed out on it by listening to "forever alone" doomers who only ever mentioned lesbianism in conjunction with misery. Don't listen to blackpill retards which might be moid psyops, hardening your heart like that is a sure fire way to stay single for life. Be soft, mushy, hopeless romantics! Dare to dream! If anyone else wants to post nice things, please feel free to add on. This thread has become a depressing, crabs-in-a-bucket, PVP zone lately.

No. 383836

>Not to the extent straight women value male attention.
Why are you even comparing straight women and lesbians though? From the sounds of it you hang around a bunch of twittertard fakebians (aka straight or bihets), not actual lesbians who love and are sexually attracted to other women.

No. 383837

Sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask, but out of curiosity, did you do IVF? I'd really like to do it someday to feel like we are both involved, but the cost sounds like a lot to deal with.

No. 383839

imagine having children and still being on lolcow.farm wtf?

No. 383841

It's ok, nona. Yeah, we did IVF (reciprocal) and it was quite pricy. I'm very fortunate that my business has done well and I was able to afford this for us. We're in the UK and one round of IVF can cost around 5-6k, with costs rising all the time due to the economy tanking. Reciprocal can cost easily double that, depending on where you go and what level of care you want. It's a privilege I never thought I'd be able to afford. I do know lesbians who did it the old-fashioned way: with a craiglist ad and a turkey baster. I get it, though. Being able to go through pregnancy together and see your children be born is phenomenal.

There's this thing called "free time" and "moderation". I don't have social media, board culture is what I'm used to and what I like. So this is where I come when I get some time.

No. 383843

>Every lesbian I know is barely attracted to women besides whatever fictional character they're simping over and can't move forward in relationships besides childish picnic dates.
This is probably my second favorite "made up fact by a shutin moid" post this week after the one about how "Filipinos pretend they're hispanic all the time!!!" so thank you for this

No. 383851

Anyone quietly phased out of their family after coming out? My parents don’t contact me anymore, if I call they talk to me like a work acquaintance they’re politely trying to brush off. My brothers don’t even have my number or social media.

No. 383855

>This life is all I ever wanted and I nearly missed out on it by listening to "forever alone" doomers who only ever mentioned lesbianism in conjunction with misery.
How did you guys meet? And how did you get out of the doomer mindset? If you don't mind talking about it of course. I'm trying to be less negative but I've had a rough couple years and my last relationship was a shitshow. I don't want to be so negative but it's so hard not to be.

No. 383857

>Every one I've met has barely any interest in having sex with other women/calls themselves asexual and any relationship they're in just constitutes watching anime together. You can get pissed at me if you want but can you prove me wrong?
you should stop hanging out with minors and barely legals unless you are one too. no woman i've ever dated has been obsessed with anime in her adulthood.
>I think being born a lesbian is a romantic death sentence. How many of you are in passionate committed relationships? Or are you just settling for one of the 10 lesbians in your area?
funny you say that, because a couple of women i've dated in the past broke up with me because they felt i wasn't passionate enough! (i am weird about expressing my feelings, but that's another topic.) lesbians have different expectations from relationships than straight/bi women do and if we ever do settle for the only lesbian we know it's for good reason (safety, lack of local lgb spaces or funds to move somewhere, etc) unlike straights/bis who have millions of scrotes to choose from, but the bar is so low they'll settle for the guy who's willing to cook dinner once a month and regularly showers or does his own laundry.

i was expecting to. my culture is very conservative and at this point any family member who hasn't shunned me just avoids any talk of marriage around me. some of my aunties will throw comments like "oh you're such a pretty girl why don't you wear makeup/dresses/etc." my parents are divorced and i lived with my mother who took her own time adjusting to me but has come around, and i've introduced her to my current partner. i never officially came out to my father, but i'm sure he's figured it out by now and doesn't talk about relationships or marriage with me. he and i were drifting apart ever since he got remarried, so his opinion doesn't matter to me.

No. 383863

No. Even women that think nobody should wear makeup won't be rude about it. Don't stress about it.

To share something nice, my girlfriend and my family get along swimmingly and I'm ecstatic about it. We've not been together that long but she's managed to capture the hearts of everyone she's met in my family as quickly as she captured mine. My grandmother asks about her and my father invited her to our next family vacation. It's great to watch in real time as the people I love notice what I love about her.

No. 383868

have you considered that maybe you just fucking suck

No. 383871

conflicted because im glad i gained valuable experience in the bedroom but i feel very used and discarded by this girl who wants to keep things casual/fuck men on the side. im cutting her out of my life but i wonder if in the end this whole "situationship" will have a negative impact on me…

No. 383873

Trust your gut.

No. 383876

>If anyone else wants to post nice things, please feel free to add on. This thread has become a depressing, crabs-in-a-bucket, PVP zone lately.
I plan on coming out to my family and tell them about my "friend" is actually my girlfriend. I think they already know, but they're normie lib types so I'm thankful the worst they'll do is be cringe about it.

>I nearly missed out on it by listening to "forever alone" doomers who only ever mentioned lesbianism in conjunction with misery.

Leaving online radfem (emphasis on online, not activism and reading theory) and pinkpill spaces was the best choice I made for my mental health. I figured even if I ended up alone it was better to not surround myself with that shit making my self-esteem worse. The moment I got a girlfriend I stopped caring about trying to Gen Z doomer femcels. I'm not a babygay anymore, I'm tired of spaces full of them.

No. 383880

>this girl who wants to keep things casual/fuck men on the side
you'd be exposing yourself to countless STDs and HPV by continuing to see her. penises are filthy and men don't care where they stick it. be glad it's over, you dodged many bullets.

No. 383881

I don't think it has to have a negative effect if you don't let it get to you honestly! hope you had fun and can move on in a chill way

No. 383913

The only reason you ex-doomers have a gf is because you live in first world countries. I live in a third world shithole and I'm surrounded by bihets that date trannies at best. Fuck you all.

No. 383924

I stopped being a doomer before I got a gf, I just didn't want to continue making myself miserable online when my real life sucks enough.

No. 383966

I find being a doomer comforting because I plan to live in the closet forever or until I find the courage to overdose.(bait)

No. 384017

I posted this on the vent thread but /ot/ is kinda dead so im posting here as well

I hate how I keep going on places like 4chan it makes me want to kill myself. Like i integrate pretty well because my writing isnt obviously female but I hate going on there and seeing people say that lesbians dont exist or that women dont have souls. It’s stupid bullshit but it always gets to me. It makes me want to end my own life for being a woman. I fucking see dudes saying that lesbians want to secretly be raped by men I want to end my own life before any man rapes me. I fucking started going there everyday even though there’s nothing there for me. Why the fuck do I do this and how the fuck should even ever cope like what the fuck like what the fuck. I knew this and you guys on here warned me but now im completely destroyed what the fuck. They think all women want to be raped.

No. 384019

Embarrassing confession but I used to go on some 4chan generals several years ago because it was the only non-super "woke" space for my interests, and I left for that reason. Just don't go to moid spaces, download an add-on that block websites if you have to. It does make me bitter how I've known straight and bi women who are all into the "token femanon" thing, I know they're pickmes trying to be "cool" and unaffected by the casual racism and pornsickness of 4chan culture, but it's also because they're not affected by how every other thread I used would go into how lesbians aren't real and secretly want dick. It does feel like a lot of spaces are fundamentally not for us despite being considered "online culture".

No. 384021

Yeah ive come across these girls a lot. Some people have surprisingly been really nice on there but I just can’t take reading this type of shit I think today I will finally block 4chan from my phone and computer. I should waste my time on healthier stuff that i actually enjoy. I used to go on here everyday and it was better. I gain stupid daily routines of checking specific things/websites everyday.

No. 384023

I don't go on 4chan as much as I did during the pandemic, but now when I do it's only for things like /mu/ once a month. I'd download an RSS feed reader and follow good websites to check instead. It stopped me from doomscrolling Twitter and moid spaces in general.

No. 384025

I downloaded an app called “blocksite” on my iPhone and it works! Fuck finally this is over its kinda embarrassing I have to block myself from certain sites because I have no self control.

No. 384040

are women supposed to stay miserable and celibate for you or what do you third world guilt trippers want

No. 384041

Yep 4chan gave me a childhood porn addiction and sexual OCD. I keep on thinking I must be secretly into pedoshit/animals/moids because of what I was exposed to. I also want to kms because of what I've seen and how much internalized misogyny it instilled into me growing up. I genuinely thought I was inherently inferior, a whore, an idiot, will eventually end up with a moid, etc. because of the shit they fed me since age 12. This sounds embarrassing but do you live with anyone like family or friends? Ask them to block 4chan (and preferably other imageboards) with parental control and tell them to not give you the password. Its better to rely on others to block things for you. Also try to replace imageboard addiction with at least anything else that is online and easy to get addicted to, maybe a video game or something. The lesbians from 4chan I've talked to were all racist, some flavor of political extremist and implicitly pro-tradshit.

No. 384046

NTA but I have this kind of background too, early exposure to that stuff lead to me still getting random imagery that makes me sick. I've been working very hard to overcome it all, at least I know for a fact that these images they made me look at (older online "friends" sending me things) were not things I'd ever want to actually have in my brain.

No. 384051

Quit it cold turkey. Every time you want to open a 4chan thread, distract yourself with something else. Find a new community to post to. Just make a tumblr account with 0 followers to scream into the void or something, talk to chatgpt, just anything but sinking into that abyss.

>The lesbians from 4chan I've talked to were all racist, some flavor of political extremist and implicitly pro-tradshit.
This is my personal experience as well. Most of the lesbians from 4chan that I've come across have been terminal porn addicts on top of being extremists and conservative gay pickmes (the "I'm one of the good ones" type) at the same time, usually with stunted social skills and severe emotional issues to the point sometimes their lesbianism boils down to a mix of mommy issues and internet inflicted coomerism. I avoid them like the plague because they're the edgy imageboard equivalent of the teenage twitter radfem polilez with a k-pop pfp.

No. 384056

I'm not any of those things. I started going on here, lurked for a long time and then I started replying to threads and I enjoyed it. Decided to go to a more popular imageboard like 4chan so I could make random thread or when I was bored. Eventually I went everyday there out of habit. I made 2 4chan posts when I was 12 but I didn’t browse it at the time. I blocked it on my own but if I still go back to it I will ask my mom to block it for me. I was friends with male 4chan users when I was 12 tho (mostly because I liked anime) and they were all 10 years older than me, sent me loli abuse porn, zoophilia manga and real porn, it fucking sucks and this type of thing is probably getting more common since most children are online and into anime and videogames now so these types of people probably can get as many teenage girls to traumatize as they want. I’m sorry for you for being exposed to that place so young. I also struggle with intrusive thoughts, seeing this type of content also made me have intrusive thoughts about zoophilia and pedophilia too. Unfortunately it’s too common these days. I think it will get better with time.

No. 384063

>The lesbians from 4chan I've talked to were all racist, some flavor of political extremist and implicitly pro-tradshit.
Other than this too, I once saw one of them say she'd be fine with dating a 14 year old just because it's legal in her country (context was some other poster asking everyone how young they would date)

No. 384069

Also checking out the current state of cis lesbian general there's someone sperging about how being attracted to butches is "latent heterosexuality", femme&butch is a "heterosexual dynamic" and butches themselves are inherently failwomen who will troon out because "they desire to be seen as the opposite sex". Mental illness and actual troon mindset. Will never visit /tttt/ again.

No. 384073

>The lesbians from 4chan I've talked to were all racist, some flavor of political extremist and implicitly pro-tradshit.
>Most of the lesbians from 4chan that I've come across have been terminal porn addicts on top of being extremists and conservative gay pickmes (the "I'm one of the good ones" type)
The one time I looked at the lesbian threads on /lgbt/ I saw a bunch of right wing politics and anons exchanging links to Pornhub videos. I get that being a lesbian doesn't inherently mean you have a certain political view (I've known Christian and conservative lesbians), but that put me off hardcore. I once had someone recommend the Discord server to me as a potential female-only space and I had to politely decline because a server full of women like that sounds hellish.

No. 384156

At what age did you meet your wife? I'm almost 30 and worried I'm running out of time.

No. 384165

Was she Mexican? May have met her before.

No. 384208

DA but 30 is not out of time for lesbians, for fucks sake. I didn't get into my first relationship until I was 32.

No. 384225

Idk about her but most of the edgelord 4chan lesbians I knew were from eastern europe or latin america.

No. 384233

Honestly places like "lesbian" subplebbits and LC make me want to kill myself more than 4chan because at least in 4chan those are moid fantasies, but in reddit and in here you read about actual women leaving their female partners for bottom of the barrel moids. It's why I only browse this place a few times per month when I'm incredibly bored. Before I felt going psychotic and my hatred for women grow exponentially.

No. 384234

>unashamed misogynistic ESL 4channer
Are you lost? Are you right in the head?

No. 384236

I'm more right in the head than most people here.

No. 384238

You literally just talked about your suicidal thoughts, psychosis and extreme hatred of women. Touch grass.

No. 384241

I mean when I went there I didn’t go on /tttt/ because I assumed that even the cis lesbian thread was filled with trannies. Honestly I don’t know how they can handle it, the whole thing about women secretly wanting to be raped, idk my biggest irrational (or rational, depends) fears are rape in pregnancy and the amount of times moids say awful shit about women only existing to get pregnant really gets to me personally. I love edgy women who say awful shit even if they’re kinda stupid and stir up drama everywhere and im South American too but I’ve never actually met another lesbian from 4chan.

No. 384242

Wow you're so smart taking posts literally.(infighting)

No. 384243

I'm old /lesgen/clg/ Mexican shitposter and that may or may have not been me. Honestly I just don't remember but it does sound like something I would post to rustle some jimmies.

No. 384245

*rape AND pregnancy. Idk how someone could end up seeing that type of content long term. I just guess it kinda feels more disturbing to me. I mean I know some women are awful I was bullied by other women for most of my life, I used to make this distinction between me and other women when I consumed more moid misogynistic content when I was younger, but I guess now that I’m completely aware that I too, am also a women no matter how much other women exclude me. It makes me also disgusted because those people think those things about me too, and they act like no matter what you do to prove yourself as someone with a soul, thoughts of your own, intelligent and who doesn’t take advantage of other you will always be subhuman no matter what.

No. 384251

>I love edgy women who say awful shit even if they’re kinda stupid and stir up drama everywhere
Same, but then 4chan women (actual women) who do this often just spout typical racist alt-right type edgelord shit instead of old school shitstirring trolling. They're so boring.

No. 384252

>Same, but then 4chan women (actual women) who do this often just spout typical racist alt-right type edgelord shit instead of old school shitstirring trolling. They're so boring.
Because they're not just trolling, they mean everything they say and are bitter…

No. 384257

Assuming that you're not trolling, I actually understand what you're saying, but I think that you're confusing different types of women in your posts. The first type of women you talk about are hets and bihets, and yes I've also seen how they would fight tooth and nail to defend some degenerate shitty ass moid while demonizing other women for way less. The second type of women you mention are basically polbians and deranged febfems that barely find other women sexually attractive (if at all) and spend their time on the Internet demonizing actual SSA women for finding female sexual characteristics attractive. Though I will disagree all of these women have childish dates or watch anime, in my opinion they are the most normie women you will ever encounter and they definitely not watch anime due to "male gaze" reasons. Now you may definitely find one of these "asexuals" who are obsessed with female characters but they are likely autistic as fuck and not that numerous anyway. And finally I just want to say that pickme lesbians also exist, but in my experience they tend to grow out of it when they realize how degenerate men truly are.

No. 384258

She said LESBIAN, not hets/bihets. You are not reading her posts properly.

No. 384260

In the first post she said nothing about lesbians specifically defending shitty men.

No. 384280

Should I lie about having had a gf before since I’m a 32 year old virgin? Have only started dating this year.

No. 384281

Why is everyone ITT a 30 year old virgin? Is this really common for lesbians? Anyway lying about your dating history is a lot more embarrassing than admitting to being a virgin if you're female.(baiting, infighting)

No. 384282

It’s because it’s lolcow, some of the hets on this site are the same. But it is still common for lesbians to experience things later.

No. 384283

Because dating as a lesbian is nightmare mode.

No. 384286

Ikr? I’m 18 and sometimes it makes me worried. But at the same time I think dating a 30 year old lesbian who’s still a virgin would be cute.

No. 384290

I thought I was asexual until I was in my late 20s because I took antidepressants for 10 years.

Been scared to date since I feel immature compared to women my age due to my lack of romantic experience. I will be potentially making relationship mistakes that my peers have learnt from over a decade ago.

On the plus side I have had plenty of time to develop self awareness as a result of my self imposed isolation.

No. 384292

I knew girls in high school that had girlfriends. I saw a video of a 13 year old girl in russia who is out and proud with her gf. I know dating as a lesbian is hard but it's also probably your fault.

No. 384294

If normie lesbians have trouble dating just imagine the autistic ones that come here.

No. 384299

I mean, I’ve been into girls all my life and have only dated them, since 14, and I’m bi (sorry). That being said I think the obsession with being a “virgin” is dumb, and people should be able to move at their own pace with any milestone, especially when it comes to sexuality and relationships. I agree with >>384290 in that I think having better self-awareness is good. It’s way more preferable than those bi and straight women who got fucked over by a scrote in their teen years and left with emotional scars. Happens to some lesbians or asexuals too, because they want to rush into relationships or sex without understanding themselves first, so they don’t feel like they’re falling behind. Also, some people grow up in countries where dating as a lesbian is difficult at best and dangerous at worst.

No. 384307

>That being said I think the obsession with being a “virgin” is dumb
Says the bishit that can easily find a man to like and have sex with.

No. 384308

gonna be honest if you are 25+ lying is sometimes the move…. just say you’ve been in a multi-year dry spell. if you do manage to get in bed with her ask her to direct you when you eat her out, whatever. it’s not like they have virgin-dar.

No. 384311

Are you confused? The obsession people have with losing their virginity doesn’t make sense regardless of if I’m bi or not. And I find most men unattractive for the record so… no. Like I said I’ve only dated women.

No. 384312

I came out when I was 16 and didn't get a girlfriend until I was 30 because I didn't have any good ways to meet lesbians in real life. Lesbians don't always have the same opportunities as straight/bi women do, especially when you live in rural or non-liberal cities. Every "bi" girl in high school was faking it and the one token lesbian besides me was a "lesbian before graduation", and when I was in my 20s there were only "queer" communities because lesbian became a dirty word. I also just simply wasn't ready to date until I was 29. I would've preferred to date someone in the same boat I am of "missing out" during my teens/20s, but my girlfriend isn't a virgin but doesn't mind. It's stereotypical advice but if you overplay being a "kissless virgin" past 25 it's going to make you look like a dumbass, you just have to focus on your strengths and what you can offer for someone.

No. 384331

I'm 18 and want to try dating. Is there anything I should look out for or certain things I should do? I know my best bet is to try dating apps, but I'm still nervous. I don't know what I should put in my bio or what kinds of pictures to add.
I'm not interested in hookups and would like to date to marry. Will it seem odd if I put that on my profile? I'm also not interested in younger women. I've talked to older women online, never in a serious way, but I'd still end up feeling hurt and used. It's "helped" me learn what to avoid, but in general, what should I look out for that I might not be thinking about?
I've liked women since I was very young, but I'm really inexperienced. I've never dated, had sex with, or even held hands with someone. I'm really not sure what to do.

No. 384340

>I’m 18
>I'm not interested in hookups and would like to date to marry. Will it seem odd if I put that on my profile?
I wouldn’t put that you’re dating to marry in your bio if you’re only 18, even if you feel that way now. It comes off as kinda intense and you should focus on getting dating experience first. That doesn’t mean you have to hook up with strangers

My advice for dating via the apps is to immediately cut off anyone who brings up sex before the first date in any capacity. That’s one of the easiest ways to filter out people just looking for hookups

No. 384388

Anyone ever met a gf through a running club?

No. 384404

kind of a vent but i'm also looking for dating advice.
i'm stuck in a horrible small town rn and the apps are full of bihets, troons and "sapphic" straight girls and i'm going insane.
just had a few months of my time wasted, was dating a girl who was very proudly "gold star", then drops it on me almost 2 months in that she will never have sex ever because of a laundry list of munchie conditions. i don't mean to sound like a moid but i feel hurt and led on that she wasn't more upfront about this because i would've loved to be just friends, but now i can't because it'd hurt too much (my feelings for her were really strong, i nearly told her i love you before all of this).
where do i find women not on the apps? fb lgbt groups for my area? sit around in a bookstore or coffee shop and pray for a miracle? and how do i get better at weeding red flags out, because after debriefing this situation with my best friend, i missed a lot about this girl.

No. 384413

> i missed a lot about this girl.
Like what?

No. 384421

i don't want to get too specific but some of her hobbies/interests were a red flag (gaming a LOT, chronically online, involved in lots of discord drama, avid twitter user, etc.) and she kept saying how she doesn't NORMALLY respond quickly and hang out with people a lot but i was just SO special and different (which admittedly i fell for hook line and sinker)

No. 384428

No offense, but 18 is way too young to be looking to marry and if you put that on your profile its going to scare off girls your age. It's also weird you say you're not interested in younger women when you honestly shouldn't be when you're so young, dating anyone under 17 would be against the law in most of US (unless you live somewhere else, but it still stands). I don't think you should go for anyone older than 20 either if you're 18. When I used apps most lesbians put "no hookups" in their profile, so if you don't want that just be clear about it when talking to matches.

No. 384445

No I hate running, but I heard there’s a lesbian running club in my city that some of my friends are a part of, so it seems like a promising way to meet other women

No. 384453

By younger, I just mean adults under 30, not minors. I've tried to change how I feel but I can't. I know it's wrong to feel this way, but I have doubts when women around my age say they're lesbian. Even with my friends, all of them just ended up dating men, so I'd rather not take my chances.
I'll just say no hookups so I don't come across as too intense. Thank you.

No. 384462

It's normal for lesbians to be attracted to older women (when I was on dating apps I got a lot of attention from 18-23 year olds), but I don't recommend going for anyone older than 21 because older adults who go for teenagers (even if "legal") are horribly immature at best or predatory at worst. I don't think age matters as much when you're older but one of my former friends had an 11 year age gap and it was super creepy and healthy. I don't believe it's somehow okay when women do it, I've been groomed when I was 15 by adult women and one of my girlfriend's exes was taken advantage of by a woman too old for her.

"Fake lesbians" have existed for every generation, when I was in high school in the 2000s every lesbian I knew later married men, and I just recently ended a friendship with a 34 year old bisexual who is now on the "lesbian with comphet" train (she's obsessed with male celebs). Just like having to vet your matches for serious relationships/no hookups, you have to vet if anyone is fake or not like 24-30+ lesbians do.

No. 384474

>I only come here a few times per month!
>Constantly baits the thread every other day

No. 384490

> I have doubts when women around my age say they're lesbian. Even with my friends, all of them just ended up dating men, so I'd rather not take my chances.
I'm seconding this reply >>384462 and gonna say it would suck if you missed out on a connection with someone who thinks like you and is on the same level of maturity and ready to experience life the same way just because of the spectre of the LUG. Even straight people end up having relationships and being left for someone else and even older women can be immature.

No. 384498

>I've been groomed when I was 15 by adult women

No. 384507

Maybe a bit off topic, but I wish it was easier to talk about grooming in lesbian spaces without people jumping to conclusions about all lesbians being groomers. I was also groomed as a 15 year old by a lesbian much older than me and it fucked with my sense of self for many years. I knew other girls who went through something similar. Now that I'm in my mid-20s, I would never entertain the thought of dating a teenage girl, but I feel like there's this common sentiment that it's somehow less nefarious if a woman is the one doing it, or that it's necessary because there's not enough lesbians to date each other.

No. 384583

how tf are y’all encountering enough same sex attracted women in the wild to be preyed upon like I feel like there 0.5 per county where I live

No. 384611

A little insensitive lol
I wasn’t groomed per se but when there are limited options you are more likely to encounter another SSA woman with an age gap. I had a bisexual friend group in secondary school and we met another mixed-gender lgb group while out that were a little older than us. The oldest girl was a butch in her 20s that flirted with all of us and joked about taking our virginities. She ended up sexting my friend who was not ready for this at all and was creeped out. Another thing is that a lot of “straight” women still do weird things, I’ve had much more inappropriate encounters with older women who at the very least present as heterosexual than with lesbians.

No. 384619

I played sport as an adult which is where the fit dykes are. The single ones weren’t my type though.
I don’t know where else to find a consistent supply of homosexual women.

No. 384629

Not to be a doomer but do any other subsets of lesbian here live as loners because they don’t feel like they fit in with any of the lesbians they know?

No. 384630

Yup :/(:/)

No. 384631

In what way?

No. 384633

I’m Black.

No. 384634

So am I, I’ve not had trouble fitting in (in England). And isn’t that less of a lesbian specific problem?

No. 384646

Where do you live that this is an issue? Where I currently live Black lesbian communities and events are some of the most thriving, and even in my third world hole of a home country even the NEET women could find kindred spirits.

No. 384650

Where are you from?

No. 384651

I live in Australia.

No. 384711

How do you feel about women with slightly saggy breasts and stretchmarks?

No. 384715

No. 384717

All breasts are nice and big boobs tend to sag anyway, even if they're the saggiest boobs ever they still deserve to live as natural as possible and I would love my partner no matter what

No. 384778

I think stretchmarks are attractive and sagging is inevitable. Especially with big boobs. I prefer saggy naturals to plastic balls.

I admit I was being a bit of a doomer upthread but after seeing everyone argue I thought about it some more. It's probably easier than ever to find other lesbians. It's not illegal to be openly homosexual in many countries, it's not a threat to your life either, and the internet is full of local groups where you can "hunt" for them. It's an active effort to find other lesbians but it's easier than ever imo, I don't think being negative is correct. You'll find someone, or at least a nice social circle. Just be patient and keep trying.

No. 384823

I like firm tits and a clear, even complexion

No. 384826

How creepy is it to constantly fantasize about the girl I like in sexual situations? I do it almost every day for the past 2 months or so. I just feel so attracted to her. Also is there a point where you can cross the line to sexual objectification? If so what would you say is that?

No. 384828

I don't think it's creepy, it's normal to be sexually attracted to your crush. In fact I think it's weirder if you're not. I get it though, sometimes I feel a little guilty when I fantasize about my crush and then have to talk to her. I don't think you cross the line of sexual objectification unless you, well, see her as a sexual object and don't see her humanity.

No. 384829

>see her as a sexual object and don't see her humanity
What is this like though? How do I even know if I'm doing this?

No. 384832

Like if you resent her for not having sex with you, especially if you let it bleed into your interactions and feel entitled to her attention. Or if you can't interact with her normally anymore because you're only ever thinking about her sexually to the point you don't respect or care about her. Basically, if you consider her feelings, needs, and boundaries, which it seems like you do if you care enough to worry about this, then you're not objectifying her.

No. 384837

That's true, I would never want to make her feel uncomfortable or transgress on her person. Also as much as I think of lewd things with her I also think about holding her hand, hanging out, talking to each other. She's not even someone you could consider to be super sexy but I think I like her on so many levels she makes me fucking horny and I just want to ravage her.

No. 384891

Would it be shitty of me to like this butch lesbian’s dating app profile just so I can ask for her IG? Not to pursue her romantically because I already found my match, it’s just so rare to see another butch lesbian let alone one who’s also an immigrant from the same country as me, so I got excited.

No. 384980

Just go for it, you could explain your reason too. The worst she could do is say no.

No. 385003

you are overthinking this lol

No. 385004

why are u on dating apps if you’ve found your march tho

No. 385009

The answer is in the original post lol. I wanna ask for the ig of another butch lesbian. Regardless I've had my profile paused since I found my match, who is still on the app too. She's gone back-and-forth between shitty dating app dates and going back to the app. We're still getting to know each other and planning a date. I'm not sure what you're expecting.

No. 385020

is it possible to be a lesbian boymom?

No. 385036

Yes. I’ve met one before. They’re retarded. But I’m not sure if the retardation precedes the adoption of a male child or the other way round lol

No. 385050

I would understand if it was her bio kid because most of the time pregnancy fucks up your brain so that you can unconditionally become the slave of a crotch goblin, but if it's an adopted moidlet then I'm sure she was already retarded.

No. 385053

horrible words

No. 385054

yes, also possible to be a lesbian pick me

No. 385055

you are like hinge or whatever just for this specific person lol?

No. 385056

What is horrible about it?

No. 385066

>you are like hinge or whatever
What? But yes it's hinge

No. 385078

tells me you are antisocial and chronically online

No. 385080

okay so you’ve set up one date via hinge with a girl I assume you haven’t met irl yet, and you think it’s like… dishonest to text another girl on it at the same time? aren’t you just using the app the way it’s meant to be used?

No. 385094

>and you think it’s like… dishonest to text another girl on it at the same time?
I don't? I didn't say that at all? Again, I said
>Would it be shitty of me to like this butch lesbian’s dating app profile just so I can ask for her IG
As in, I was wondering if it would be rude to HER that I was wasting her time. Pls nonna, or if it's 2 nonnas, stop making me repeat myself. I'm gonna follow >>384980's advice anyway.

No. 385099

Is it weird that I like terminally online edgy women? But at the same time I don’t like online relationships and want to exclusively date people in real life

No. 385106

Where is the lie though? Pregnancy does induce hormonal and brain changes for you to bond with your offspring during childbirth in a way that fathers or adoptive parents do not bond with their children.

No. 385107

what is the biggest turn-off or "ick" (cringe term but whatever) another woman can have in a relationship or has given you in the past during a relationship/date?

No. 385109

No. 385110

Same, it's happened to me several times that straight (or straight identified) women have grabbed my breast with 0 warning or done something inappropriate

No. 385111

guess what, terminally online girls exist in real life too

No. 385112

Therapy speak, she was constantly using therapy buzzwords and accused me of having autism

No. 385114

You're in LC, you're very likely on the spectrum.

No. 385116

Where do you find them. They’re most commonly tifs tho, at least these are most visible

Even if I did find one I don’t know if it would do anything for me I feel like I can’t feel anything for anyone and things would still feel empty and full maybe I shouldn’t even try

No. 385118

She started sending me "sapphic" TikToks and videos about gender. She started identifying as nonbinary after we broke up.

No. 385121

I'm the same way, I think it's because I am a terminally online edgy woman. It's probably pretty normal to want a girlfriend who shares some things in common with you.
Huge turn-off for me is when a woman tries too hard to emulate the whole "let's go on a picnic and hold hands" hyper-sanitized lesbian trope. Or when she makes a ton of references to memes online about U-hauls and "useless lesbians" and cottagecore. They'll never have sex with you and will evetually she/they anyways, so I cut my losses early.

No. 385123

Wh-what's wrong with going on a picnic date and wanting to hold hands?

No. 385125

Nothing in theory but it's part of the whole cottagecore lesbian thing. I mean I also just don't really like picnic dates, but more importantly every single woman who's suggested it to me just wanted to take aesthetic pictures of her quilt and woven basket for her Instagram/Tumblr. It feels like they're less interested in you and more interested in cultivating a specific persona, but maybe I overestimated how common this type of woman is. They were everywhere in the college town I used to live in.

No. 385127

I want to have rough sex and go on picnics…. maybe after the picnic

No. 385128

I thought it was a red flag in general. I would love to go on a picnic first date with the girl I like and aim at at least holding hands because I'm unsure how much she actually likes me and to what extent she's okay with getting sexual.

I wish she would say this to me.

No. 385134

turn offs: bisexual, had sex with a dude before, insanely low self-esteem, no hobbies or interests, they/them, uses the word sapphic or wlw, listens to taylor swift, poly (whore), below 5'3", obsessed with celebrities, into woo woo bullshit shit like crystals tarot etc, can't drive, unemployed, likes gay male media, uses tiktok and uses tiktok lingo in real life, realized shes a lesbian through the infamous lesbian masterdoc (bisexual), too feminine,….theres more im forgetting

No. 385136

This is a very solid list and I agree with pretty much everything except the height thing because womanlets can be cute.

No. 385159

played tabletop games…. however chess and cards r cool

No. 385186

Some stuff from this list I fit into:
-likes gay male media (I mean I really like mxtx but I don’t like yaoi and stuff like that I got into it because I liked Chinese stuff)
-listens to Taylor Swift (I actually don’t like Taylor Swift but my last fm is saying that I listened a lot to her because I liked a girl who mostly listened to her so I stalked her Spotify and made myself listen to all her playlists so it looks like I have 200 scrobbles of Taylor Swift.)
-too feminine (I don’t think I am I mean, personality wise, but I like jfashion and I like cute things, but I don’t frequently use makeup)
Idk sometimes these lists make me feel insecure when I vaguely fit into these categories

No. 385187

Those turnoffs cover most of our dating pool lol.

No. 385215

Bisexuality is the biggest one but also having slept with a man, not having creative passion, being too normie or too terminally online, being a pillow princess, libfem or non feminist, man sympathizer or "one of the boys", only likes male authors/artists/philosophers, wears makeup, extremely low sex drive

No. 385218

Kek I don’t fit any of these except the below 5’3” one (5’2”). Luckily I’m dating another 5’2” girl

No. 385221

Would you ever consider dating a certain type of bisexual if you feel compatible enough?

No. 385225

I am moving to the UK, specifically London. How hard is it to find a lesbian gf there? I am looking for somebody who is intellectual and strange. Where can I find a girl like this?

No. 385229

>too feminine
It's over lolitanons
Really though, 90% of women have at least one trait on this list. Good luck I guess lol.

For me, instant turn offs (but not dealbreakers): plays DnD, much shorter than me, any pronouns beside default, likes mostly media made for men/all male cast/gay male shows, talks to her parents too much, super tra, Amazon basics/Temucore goth girl/grunge aesthetic or pink cutesy plastic shit
Deal breakers are not having hobbies, doesn't have any in depth interests/not passionate about anything, no life skills, can't drive, neet, obese, low sex drive, male sympathizer, isn't over her ex, bad hygiene, sex worker, poly, openly attracted to men, "bottom"

On the other hand, what are your green flags?
Inversely, I love women with short hair, I especially love the ones with hands on hobbies like sculpting, repairing, hiking or foraging, and I think it's cute if it's paired with a goofy nerdy hobby like video games or collecting something random. I like when she's knowledgeable about random things. I'm a turboautist so sociable women with large friend groups/social connections are super attractive (for many reasons, but one of them being that they can talk to anyone and they're talking to you), I'm above average height so a woman who is taller than me is so exciting, I know it's superficial and dumb but I just like it… And number one is good sense of humor and doesn't hold grudges, doesn't talk about people badly, can make me laugh, I know it sounds generic but sense of humor is so individual and some people are really humorless. I like spontaneous women who like roadtrips and traveling.

Yeah, as long as she hasn't mostly dated men and won't make me hear about men she thinks are hot while we're dating. I would really prefer to date a lesbian though. If I met a woman who checked all the boxes I liked and happened to be bi I don't think I'd really care. Everyone has problems or flaws, I'm not going to demand a perfect woman. I already see myself in some of the turn offs people have posted, so I try to be open.

No. 385231

A bi girl probably would not date anyone who thinks her sexuality is a flaw lol. They think it is biphobic.

No. 385235

DA but I've always been open to dating febfems or anti-queer theory bisexuals who don't self flagellate over their sexuality (the "biphobic bisexuals" in my experience seem reasonable at first but inevitably turn around and claim they were "forced" to act that way by some evil lesbian radfem cabal), but I've never met one in real life and I'm already taken so I'm not going to look for them.

No. 385238

Lol that’s what I mean it makes me insecure. Like I can’t tell if they’re talking about normie feminine women or also people who are into jfashion or cute shit. Like, I hate that whole “I’m just a girl” (insert stereotypical thing) tiktok making yourself dumb tiktok crap. Or the whole “oh I’m feminine so I have to be submissive with no backbone or no sense of humor whatsoever”!! But like what about people who just genuinely like it, I love old stuff and I was into vintage fashion but jfashion and I really want to learn sewing but I’ve always been a pretty funny person who liked to scare and disgust people when I was younger.

No. 385251

>the "biphobic bisexuals" in my experience seem reasonable at first but inevitably turn around and claim they were "forced" to act that way by some evil lesbian radfem cabal
That's funny. In my experience, finding out that bisexual women stereotypes are true is what made me hate bisexuals and self-hate a little bit. I still think that acting like the bad bisexual stereotypes is dependant on your personality but sometimes I wonder if there is a bislut gene kicking in at some point in life that makes you cheat on your wife/girlfriend for a random scrote and that scares me shitless.

No. 385253

Has anyone else here felt like a girl was too good for them? How’d you deal with that insecurity?

Like, this girl is so pretty, chill, sociable, goes out with her group of friends often, has more experience dating, works out daily, has a full-time job and is going into grad school. Meanwhile I’m a total autist, barely any friends, living with parents, still in this lame part-time job, acne scar-ridden face, don’t work out at all, butch but the short awkward nerdy type, and this is the first time I’ve dated someone. I’m not sure what she sees in me and she could definitely do better. (I don’t voice this to her, I know shitting on yourself is unattractive)
On the other hand maybe she’s into my personality? We share a few interests, she tells me I’m sweet, cute (because of how I talk), cool (for volunteering at soup kitchen-type stuff), also I couldn’t resist sending paragraph-long texts about my interests and historical facts I know, I felt bad but she thought it was really interesting and wanted me to educate her more lol.
And she has beautiful instagram photos where she’s all dolled up, but her social media accounts are private so at least I know she doesn’t care about public approval. Plus she’s kinda normie in aspects, but very much alternative in what she listens to and how she dresses, so maybe she’s into weirdos. Still think she could do way better than me though.
But anyway I’m trying to sleep properly, get back into exercising, work on my skills, and make myself more kempt/stylish so I can look better for her. Plus despite all the attractive lesbians she must have seen, she went for me so maybe that means something?

No. 385254

This sounds so sweet. Some people just like you as you are, for some reason. I think sometimes attraction cannot be described and just happens. It's good that you're improving yourself, but do try to be more confident about the qualities that you already possess. Wish you luck nonna.

No. 385257

Please nonas…. reply.

No. 385259

What? Are you on a time limit or something? Will you die if you don't have a weird intellectual gf in 24 hours? No one lives in London. You want to meet some? Try grad school.

No. 385262

>Are you on a time limit or something? Will you die if you don't have a weird intellectual gf in 24 hours?
>Try grad school.
What do lesbians like to study?

No. 385267

marine biology, animal science, geology, civil engineering

No. 385268

>civil engineering

No. 385270

why is the sky blue

No. 385271

I've met more women in software than civil engineering.

No. 385274

What about other engineering fields? And other sciences?

No. 385276

makes sense, everyone and their mother is trying to get into CS

No. 385279

It's really sweet you're trying to improve for her. I'm sure she'll be proud of you. I agree with the other anon, sometimes attraction just happens and you click with someone. She sees something in you and maybe you can't see it for yourself, but I think you should just roll with it.

No. 385281

Where the fuck are you finding all these nerdy gay women who are into DnD and tabletop gaming. Send them my way.

No. 385286

Jealousy and clinginess are huge turn offs to me, my personal hell is meeting friends and having to come home to someone who's making a scene every single time I meet other people and wants to do everything together like we were joined at the hip because she has no other social contacts. I also don't like judgmental people who constantly talk shit about everyone they consider "weird" or "annoying" because it's exhausting to listen to and I don't really care. Just generally dramatic BPD-chan traits make me lose interest immediately. When it comes to looks the only thing I find genuinely unattractive is obesity, I'm perfectly fine with chubby but BMI 30+ just doesn't look good on anyone and it's a huge health risk. And likewise underweight/ana-chan isn't attractive either.

Yeah for sure, what the fuck. I'm a dweeb into vidya and roleplay games and shit why am I only getting straight girls?

No. 385287

I found them when looking on Meetup.

No. 385290

>Jealousy and clinginess
>has no other social contacts
damn, I am like this.


you're on lc.

No. 385291

Glad I'm not dating you then. Try to work on those features so you won't ruin any poor woman's life.

No. 385292

Here's a new idea I just had: "Material sexuality" (what people DO with sex acts) and "spiritual sexuality" (what people FEEL with sex acts) are different things and therefore a straight/gay person has the potential to be bisexual/pansexual on the material level. Like, eating pussy or sucking dick does not necessarily mean you're [insert label] per se.
She's inferring that the Anon she quoted isn't getting any pussy and therefore has accumulated a ton of bitterness.
Apparently bi but Taylor Schilling (the actress) is definitely dating a woman at the moment.
And Laura Prepon (the actress) has been defined as a lesbian icon, even though she's most likely straight and exclusively dating men.

No. 385293

Has interest in men, is a loser academically or career wise

No. 385295

I guess that would make most nonnas ITT somehow asexual and homosexual at the time because they get no pussy. This is a useful categorisation but it kind of makes no sense.

No. 385312

Material Sexuality is a good term but splitting any fake spiritual division will just embolden the fake bisexuals and autistic troons who want to apply gay male top bottom dynamics in an overthinking way to normal lesbian sex

No. 385313

Definitely the biggest turn-off is a woman who enjoys the bimbo aesthetic. As in deliberately dumbing herself down, having little to no skills or hobbies and generally infantilizing herself. I hate the aesthetic that comes with that too, the Lolita/super girly crap like please dress your age. That "I'm just a girl"/"girl dinner"/"girl math" shit that was popular all over the internet made me want to kill somebody.

Other turn-offs but I've never met a woman that doesn't have at least one of these: Obese, bisexual (includes "febfem"), terminally online, uses discord, uses TikTok, uses Instagram, no sense of humor, sjw, uses they pronouns, troon lover (obsessed with gender shit in general), prefers having male friends/"I get along better with guys"/male panderer, agoraphobic, low sex drive, pillow princess, refers to herself as top or bottom, lazy, libfeminist, wears makeup, unintelligent, can't drive, no job, weeb, socially retarded, has 4chan edgy 14-year-old boy type of humor, suicidal, very into fashion, too feminine or deliberately doesn't do things she perceives as being unfeminine, enjoys wallowing in self-pity and self-deprecation, adult who enjoys children's media, e-girl/tiktok wannabe goth aesthetic, likes Hello Kitty, collects anime figurines or funkopop, likes Lana Del Rey, religious

No. 385314

And fujo. Forgot to add.

No. 385319

my type in women is best described by that reddit post meme that’s like “i adore lazy women”. the idea of a woman being lazy doing nothing productive all day and me working all day giving her my money cleanjng up after her is ideal for me. u guys saying bad hygiene is a turn off but i genuinely find it hot when u can tell a woman hasnt showered in a while i like a little funk. i had a roommate who would lounge around all day and drink and smoke til she passsed out and was constantly napping and when she was awake she would yell at me for random shit it was so hot

No. 385320

Damn you just described the entirety of lolcow users

No. 385321

Marry me nonna

No. 385323

Nah, I'm sick of people trying to taxonomize everything this way. We don't need shorthand to communicate our sexual histories and functionally seems like reinventing the split attraction model.
Genuine question, what kind of woman do you like? Like outdoorsy normie lesbians?

No. 385327

No exactly like idk why everyone want someone extremely normal with no problems whatsoever. For me that’s the appeal I think, I like giving things to people with nothing in return.

No. 385328

You are definitely at least 2 of these yourself

No. 385329

“Obsessed with gender shit in general”

The call is coming from inside the house

No. 385330

I think I’m your soulmate

No. 385331

Is this a variation of findom?

No. 385334

Jesus, you must have a dating pool of one other woman. What are you attracted to?

No. 385335

you can fix me

No. 385338

What is the appeal of this? How is it hot for a woman to do nothing with her life? Like >>385331 said, is it a findom fetish thing? If I lived with a woman who did not contribute to household chores, stole my money and had the nerve to yell at me I would lose my shit. Gotta be a mental illness on both sides. The smelling bad thing is especially egregious. I would not let that slide even if she was the hottest woman in the world.

No. 385339

That’s so boringggg thooooo

No. 385341

>I would not let that slide even if she was the hottest woman in the world
Idk man, stinky girlmusk from a super hot girl sounds really fucking nice.

No. 385347


No. 385364

Where and how do i meet women like this nonas…

No. 385366

Use LC as a dating website.

No. 385367

ok who said anything about stealing money i would willingly give her my money although i wouldn’t mind if she stole some behind my back now that i think about it.her not doing stuff around the house is the entire appeal i dont mind doing all the household stuff for her. also its just hot to me to have a woman yell at me to do things for her and complain if i don’t. as for the smell thing im not saying she should smell like straight up sewage i just like the natural unbathed smell and have been like this about every girl my entire life if i had a girlfriend i wouldnt want her to wear deodorant or perfume or wear makeup and id prefer it if she was generally unkempt wearing same clothes everyday really i could get into details that are actually objectively a million times grosser than this but this isn’t a safe place it seems….

No. 385372

I ask this with zero judgement, do you have mommy issues? Since you want to be your lover's caretaker and your careé's lover

No. 385374

You're gonna reject a woman over Hello Kitty of all things?

Jealousy is annoying because it means they don't trust you, but clinginess is the best. Need a woman who needs me and will embarrass herself for it. I guess it's only cute if you like her back, right? Self aware clinginess where she wants to be with you all the time and always wants your attention but logically knows she can't make you do that so she has to force herself to hold back is ny ideal. I want a woman who has all-consuming love for me. I want to know someone is looking forward to seeing me, I want to know it makes her day when we talk. I'm not bpd but I do love intensely. Mild, boring love isn't for me.

No. 385375

To be fair, she said they were turnoffs and she's never met a woman who doesn't have at least one, so I'm pretty sure she didn't mean dealbreakers, and I honestly feel a lot of them are pretty reasonable (as a makeup wearing socially retarded top who would get shot down for sure)

No. 385376

>if i had a girlfriend
Hmm I wonder why you don't have one…

How old are you? It might be no big deal if you're a teen but any older than that, that situation is not fun. Speaking as someone who has lived among slobs, it's hell. Could not imagine being sexually intimate with a slob either lol.

No. 385380

>i could get into details that are actually objectively a million times grosser than this but this isn’t a safe place it seems….
Please do. I'm kinda into this as well.

No. 385401

please come to the female fantasies thread these tumblr radfem rejects don't like it when women are horny

No. 385407

Has anyone here seen the new lesbian movie called Love Lies Bleeding starring Kristen Stewart? I saw yesterday an article that said some man went to go see it and got arrested because he pulled his dick out and started jerking off in the movie theater

No. 385408

Gonna see it next week with a date.
>I saw yesterday an article that said some man went to go see it and got arrested because he pulled his dick out and started jerking off in the movie theater
The official A24 account for some reason used that incident to jokingly market the movie, makes me sick honestly. If I hadn’t already bought a ticket I’d probably skip it and pirate just for that kek. But I don’t want to ruin my date’s enjoyment by mentioning anything about that incident to her.

No. 385412

Reading all these replies I feel like a lot of anons have absolutely no dating history when their "turn offs" are basically just listing everything that annoys them in online communities instead of actual traits that matter in relationships. I couldn't care less what social media my girlfriend uses or what movies she enjoys, me and my current gf have vastly different aesthetics and hobbies and we don't meet eye to eye in those things a lot of the time but it doesn't bother either of us at all because our personalities click and we have plenty of other things that we like to do together. The "actually I'm a jealous possessive mentally ill stinky gf/I want a jealous possessive mentally ill stinky gf" takes are pretty telling too, I wonder if this thread has any well-adjusted adult women over the age 25 posting.

No. 385415

>come to the terminally online mentally ill women website
>are shocked when the users are terminally online mentally ill women

just saying maybe you normies could go to facebook or reddit or something if you are bothered by the common imageboard userbase

No. 385416

youre on lolcow you arent well-adjusted either

No. 385417

jojo siwa

No. 385432

Nta, but some of you need to spend more time outside and less on the internet, it's embarrassing really.

No. 385438

My groomer was a man. I thought we were friends and they had bad intentions.

No. 385440

>coming onto lolcow to paint yourself as the beacon of normalcy and being well-adjusted
Don't you have a girlfriend to go fuck or something?
I think lesbians gravitate towards all STEM fields equally, in my experience. Art, too, but that's where you meet the genderspecials. Almost never econ, health, business, or law. Even though dog groomers are stereotyped to be lesbians I've never met one in veterinary school. I imagine the super normie lesbians probably are business or health adjacent, though.

No. 385452

>I wonder if this thread has any well-adjusted adult women over the age 25 posting.
Not really, besides the one recurring married woman, because even the 30-somethings have warped views like "experimenting with another woman is objectification" and can't even sustain a friendship with another woman.

No. 385458

i mean i do go out 5 times a week just to go to work i am honestly quite normie passing kek. i just don't really get why exactly do people like you come here of all places to demand normalcy, like can't us freaks have our own corners to hang out.

No. 385459

Anons in the replies are shitting on you but you are absolutely right. It sounds like those lists are coming from anons who's never dated or had a long term relationship before. Turn offs would be something like poor hygiene, lack of emotional availability, low effort contribution to the relationship, lack of ambition, etc things that would hurt the relationship.

No. 385460

but no one is shitting on her for saying that, i am shitting on her barging inside a freak circus and then getting offended when freaks are present

No. 385465

So hypothetically speaking you're going out with a girl. And hypothetically speaking, you find out that she gets off to videos of hot pulsating pussies. Hypothetically speaking, how angry would you be at this?

No. 385466


No. 385467

Your gf cooms to videos of pussies. Would you be angry? Specially if you're generally anti-porn.

No. 385470

If someone has a partner why do they need to goon to videos of strangers' genitals when they could just have sex with you? Seems like an addiction.

No. 385471

What if she did that before meeting you?

No. 385473

Maybe sometimes she gets horny and her gf isn't there and just wants to satisfy the urge.

No. 385474

That's more understandable even though another concern would be the exploitation in porn and also how it messes up your brain but if she stopped once she was in a relationship with me it wouldn't be a dealbreaker.

No. 385475

In cases like that either she should use her imagination or ask her gf for pictures/videos instead of using vids of strangers.

No. 385476

What if it's just homemade videos from lesbian couples.

Wouldn't this be more objectifying? Demanding pics or vids from your partner whenever you're horny.

No. 385477

I think it could be intimate as long as you're not pressuring your partner into it. I would prefer that over a partner using porn personally. Maybe others in this thread would be more okay with it.

No. 385486

>getting along great with girl
>she loves going to bars, traveling to concerts, beaches, and other locations hours away
>I like staying at home, occasionally go to places nearby or an hour away at most, hate beaches and concerts
Fuck is this gonna become a dealbreaker? I’m happy to support her doing whatever she wants, I can stay behind while she has fun with friends. But I get the feeling she’d like me to go to these places with her? Should I try to be open-minded, get over it and go with her if she asks?
I have gone to beaches, other states, countries before but only because I had to. I find the traveling process exhausting and have gotten sick sometimes, I don’t find beaches very fun, plus being in a packed crowd at a concert made me nauseous.
But at the same maybe I should go? Because she wants to go to the same things I go to, so it’s only fair I participate in what she likes too. And she deserves a gf who can be there with her.

No. 385491

Watching porn is a huge dealbreaker to me, I'm not a full-on radfem but I've had an unhealthy with relationship with porn as a teenager and would like a partner who understands the issues of porn and doesn't support it.

>What if it's just homemade videos from lesbian couples.
Homemade porn is less bad than industry porn, but there's always the risk that it's a leaked sex tape or revenge porn. I think the concept of "ethical porn" is a meme, it's not worth the risk. I have a high libido and can masturbate fine without porn. My orgasm isn't more important than witnessing what might be nonconsensual or leaked revenge porn.

>Wouldn't this be more objectifying? Demanding pics or vids from your partner whenever you're horny.

No, it would be if you were pressuring your girlfriend to send photos, but I've exchange photos with women when we were mutually okay with it and took a picture that looked good. We both ask each other permission just in case we're not in the mood or are checking our phones in a public place.

No. 385492

I just don't understand why people rely on porn so much. If you have a partner you should revel in having someone exclusive to you. That is what makes sex rewarding, that you have a bond with a real human being instead of just having your monkey neurons being stimulated meaninglessly by strangers on the internet. Not to disregard the importance of the possibility of exploitation and avoiding it. I think that is a great mindset that more people should have.

No. 385504

Would you date a woman with a permanent STI like herpes or HPV?

No. 385506

Well okay I will be more specific about my case. I have a huge thing for watching pussies contract in an orgasm. My gf lets me watch hers when I'm feeling into that, but the problem is that she cums too fast and I also need to stimulate her so most of the time I cannot get off while I'm watching her because my hands are busy. She also isn't into letting me record it, and I'm okay with that boundary. That's why sometimes I'm feeling horny for that I watch videos of women getting off but close up to their pussies. And honestly I'm not getting off to the woman in the screen as a whole, I just find their vaginas erotic, and as I approach orgasm I think of my gf anyway. But obviously this makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong because porn and also she is very anti-porn so if she knew I do this I think she would be angry on several levels.

No. 385518

You should definitely, definitely give them a try at least for a little while! I'm a shutin nerd too and the difference between having a great time at a beach or concert or whatever and being intimidated/bored is whether I have someone to share the experience with. If she always goes with a big group of friends and she's splitting her attention a bunch of ways and you have to just enjoy it on your own, it might be a dealbreaker. But if she's having a good time with you, then she might be an awesome gateway into you having a really exciting life. Sometimes you just have to figure out how to do things your way, like you figure out which venues are fun to go to and which aren't or you bring an umbrella to the beach if you hate the sun and chill out and take photos while everyone else plays volleyball. If it isn't obvious, I'm very jealous right now but I hope you end up having a good time with this

No. 385519

>But obviously this makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong because porn and also she is very anti-porn so if she knew I do this I think she would be angry on several levels
Yeah, I know I would be pissed if my girlfriend was watching porn behind my back when we have each other. You also aren't thinking of the ethical conditions of the videos you watch, you're just fixating on seeing pussy and not if the video was rape, a leaked video/revenge porn, someone who might be underage, etc. I get it since I have a high sex drive, but your orgasm isn't more important than the problems with porn in general.

No. 385529

Well I'm not that worried about the ethics of the videos because I mostly watch from couples that got a fuckton of them so I think the chances of that being non-consensual is low. I am however worried about my gf equating this to cheating or feeling that she's inadequate, because it's not like that. I love her a lot, just some days I get cravings of this "fetish" (if you can even call it one). I am thinking of maybe convincing her of letting me record a good take so that I can get off to that instead, but I would feel bad if she gives in just because I'm insistent.

No. 385531

Can you name the uploader for these videos or something because I think on top of everything else going on, I am having a hard time picturing someone getting off to up close videos of 'hot pulsating pussies'

No. 385535

Sure I will post some. These are from the same uploader.

Then webm related is one I got saved on my phone. Forgot to spoiler video.(/g/ Rule 4 - Posting pornography is prohibited. )

No. 385537

Read the rules, retard, you're not allowed to post porn here.

No. 385543

Fine, here is a link.
https://files.catbox.moe/sim1zh.webm(ban evasion)

No. 385549

I hope your girlfriend finds out how much of a porn addict you are and breaks up with you. Coomers regardless of sex are so retarded.

No. 385551

STIs freak me out so I’m inclined to say no, but also if it’s well managed it shouldn’t affect anything

No. 385556

God I laughed my ass off at this, it looked goofy as fuck complete with the fake exaggerated porny moaning. IRL porn just doesn't do it for me at all, it's so awkward looking.

Anyway if I was your girlfriend I would find this obsession strange, not so much the fact that you're watching porn in general but having this one extremely specific niche paraphilia you clearly are overly enthusiastic about to the point you're explaining it in such a detail and breaking the rules and posting links to pornhub and ban evading to do so is what makes it sound like an addiction.

No. 385560

I’m dying alone and no one can prove me otherwise and I’m staying celibate for the rest of my life and will never even date

No. 385562

I wouldn't say that this is an addiction as I don't think about this 24/7 and probably watch these videos only a couple times per month. I just find them oddly hot and pretty much get me wet instantly.

No. 385566

the porn addicted copetard is so fixated on begging us for forgiveness as a proxy that it's hard to believe it's not a scrote

No. 385571

Agree wholly

No. 385572

Yeah finding pussy hot is a scrote-only thing. Lesbians don't exist.

No. 385574

They meant the way that youre approaching this is the same way a porn-watching scrote on reddit would do a "AITA for watching porn behind my girlfriend's back?" post and then cope in the comments

No. 385576

Porn addict-chan, if your gf has explicitly stated she doesn't want you to watch porn and you lie and do it anyway, that's bad. You shouldn't lie to your partner like that. Even if you're completely certain these videos are consentually posted, this is so bizarre. Why can't you just stop? You'd rather betray your gf's trust than stop watching "pulsating pussies"? No normal woman with a healthy self esteem is ok with her gf/bf watching porn.

No. 385586

File: 1710644101327.jpeg (749.74 KB, 1284x856, IMG_1321.jpeg)

Do any of you remember your very first fictional girl crush? I really liked Sailor Moon as a kid, and Uranus was my first ever girl crush. Although, in my country, they rewrote the script so that her and Neptune were cousins/sisters or some type of related. I remember thinking “wow, my cousins have never been that affectionate with me” and I only learned after leaving my country that they were actually lesbians

No. 385588

I didn't get into Sailor Moon until I was a teenager but I know if I saw them as a kid (I only saw the first season reruns on TV) I'd crush on both, lmao

No. 385590

File: 1710645251885.png (406.86 KB, 306x1096, 223123.png)

I was a horse girl and she ran the horse archery minigame in OoT.

No. 385598

File: 1710646720511.png (261.78 KB, 540x366, harumichi.png)

She was mine too! I was in kindergarten. The first episode I saw of her was the one where she's a runner & racer (and she meets Michiru/"Michelle" as her "cousin"). Which was confusing because it didn't make any sense for the plot and felt obviously off. The scene where she saves Michiru (picrel) also confused me because it reminded me of the "prince saving a princess" trope and made my heart flutter, but I knew they were both women and allegedly cousins, so I didn't get why I felt that way. Shortly thereafter, I demanded my parents buy me the VHS tape with that episode on it and I wore out the tape and had to repurchase it. My mom said I would pause and stare at Haruka and started asking about if two women can get married, but I actually don't remember asking that. I remained obsessed with Haruka for years, she was my first desktop background and I drew her all the time and would hang up the drawings. When I found out she was canonically a lesbian, I was so happy and became a hardcore Harumichi fan and even made a Neopets page dedicated to it. My mom says it's part of why she wasn't shocked when I came out at in middle school. I am forever grateful to her for being my gay awakening kek.

No. 385602

Based mom and this is so cute.

No. 385611

File: 1710652328740.jpg (560.19 KB, 1170x870, 112962826.jpg)

Kek, same as you nonnas. Except I was an ESL preschooler/kindergartener watching vhs tapes of the english dub and had no idea what was happening or being said 98% of the time, but one thing that stood out to me clearly was that these two girls were in love. Picrel was a shot I remember particularly entrancing me. I must’ve been lucky as hell that the tapes my parents got me were all from s3(too bad they sold them or something). So yeah, imagine my shock looking it up years later and finding out the dub made them cousins lol.
It’s strange that despite my 4yo self knowing they were girlfriends and having a major crush on Haruka, it took me 10 more years to realize I was even into girls (even more embarrassingly, I was on tumblr and thought I was asexual before that). It probably didn’t help that starting 2nd grade I wanted to be a tomboy and dress like one, but every time I expressed that my dad would shut it down because “only lesbians do that. You’re not a lesbian are you?” kekkk. Both he and my mom kept pressuring me with traditional femininity crap and most of my clothes were shit they picked(they still hated that I kept wearing jeans lmao). I randomly rewatched Sailor Moon in my late teens and somehow it helped me come to my senses. Even if Haruka technically didn’t help me realize I was gay, at least she was my butch awakening. I tried to have elegant short hair like hers but eventually I just chopped it into a crewcut and got a punk look. She’s still my first (fictional) love though.

No. 385639

I actually didn't care about Haruka and Michiru at all because I always thought Haruka was a smug douche and Michiru was too mean (also they weren't censored in my country and I was fully aware of them being lesbians) but I self-inserted into Seiya so hard to date Usagi kek.

No. 385652

while you might not view that material yourself by using pornhub you are giving traffic and money to a website that has and does host cp

No. 385654

or you could just set up an ad blocker.

No. 385655

or you could just not support one of the most exploiting and horrible industries of the world also not lie to your girlfriend

No. 385656

>Well I'm not that worried about the ethics of the videos because I mostly watch from couples that got a fuckton of them so I think the chances of that being non-consensual is low.
also this is retarded reasoning. lot of so called "homemade porn" is not homemade at all, porn companies know people like to watch "homemade" porn so they produce and mimic videos that resemble that. there is no way of knowing if these are real couples or actors who make "homemade" porn for money for some company.

the fact that there is lot of videos doesn't automatically mean it is non-consensual either. what if they regret it later? what if they currently are having financial or substance abuse issues that's making them do this? are they mentally ill, traumatized and that's making them behave like this? how old are they, if they're under 25 then they are physically too young to actually think about long time consequences of posting videos like this online because their brains aren't developed enough? there is tons of issues with homemade (or "homemade") porn aside revenge porn alone.

No. 385660

that doesn't do what you think…

No. 385684

I hate my ex girlfriend so much. She is so fucking righteous and thinks she is above all. She thinks she is a fucking scholar and always tries to medfag or nitpick everything I do. She has BOTH BPDs and probably schizophrenia. I've known her for a while but we dated for three months. The worst three months of my life, and I've had fucking cancer. I became favorite person-itized and treated like a saint. Which was cushy for a while don't get me wrong but I could not do fucking anything. Since I was viewed as a saint, anything I did got ridiculed for hours and hours in a circle jerk coddle session asking if what she's feeling is "valid" in regard to me doing whatever the fuck I want. (Within reason, obviously, I'm not talking to girls or anything just literally living my life) Don't text her back within 20 minutes? 10 literal walls of incoherent texts from her sperging out thinking she did something wrong when all I'm thinking of is the video game I'm playing. I set my phone on Do Not Disturb and it pops up in the chat. I must've gone on DnD because of her!!!!! Time to flood my fucking phone with accusations and retarded trauma dumping. 6/7 days of my week were me waking up to texts of her saying she's sobbing or having a breakdown or fighting with her step mom. I would've loved to help her through these things but I felt as if my only purpose was to do so. As I was "the only person who could calm her down". She had a fucking meltdown because I wasn't texting her enough while she was at WORK!!!! FUCK OFF!! I cut shit off with her after I hit my breaking point and cordially explained how she had been treating me like a therapist fuck doll savior. It feels like she just wanted me to fix her. She blocked me on every platform you can think of. Pinterest? Seriously? She unblocked me on Instagram and messaged me after a glorious relaxing month without her. I've been sparsely texting her since, today was my breaking point. I send her screenshots (because its fucking funny) of a drug addicted moid, who is genuinely incoherent in his comments, arguing with me about his extremely apparent child neglect on IG and she responds, " y u picking a fight over someone kid tho" Your medal is in the fucking mail! Your cookie is almost done in the oven!! Seriously go fuck yourself cunt, get your fucking priorities straight. A moid is fully neglecting his child and I'M in the wrong for calling him out? I know for a FACT she would start dating me again at the drop of a hat due to how insecure and lonely she is. Even though I've told her to her face my stomach literally drops when I see her name pop up on my phone and I dread responding to every text she sends me. See will never see this, as she is too fucking retarded to use anything other than TikTok at this point. kek

Marceline from Adventure Time 100%

No. 385689

Why are you cruel to people who actually love you??

No. 385692

Are you delusional? I wasn't loved I was used as an emotional punching bag for months.

No. 385698

Stop texting her altogether then lol, she was shitty and toxic but you're not helping yourself by doing that and purposefully starting shit to get angry at her. As it is right now, you made yourself compatible with her.

No. 385703

I only text when she initiates it. Don't know what you mean by purposefully starting shit. Today was officially the end, I've pitied her too much.

No. 385704

I can't believe this retard is doubling down on watching porn so much when she has a girlfriend.
Imagine being so desperate to see pussies twitch that you go on a site that profits off hosting rape and CP videos and making up copes for how the videos you watch are totes consensual when even if there's a huge risk of being revenge porn. Just record your own pussy at this point if you need it to coom so badly.

No. 385707

My bad, I thought you texted her first sometimes because of the
>I sent her screenshots
and didn't get why else you'd talk to her when you started by saying she's a moralizing tiktok user. Good luck on cutting contact and moving on!

No. 385708

We met online and used to be very aligned humor and interest wise, I really don't know what changed along the way but she's normie-fied. Thank you nona <3

No. 385714

Pretty sure mine was Kagome from Inuyasha.

Also who else was shipping Haruhi and Renge from Ouran Highschool Host club? Or Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket with her two friends? Please kill me.

No. 385720

>Or Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket with her two friends? Please kill me.
Guilty as charged. I never finished it but I used to fantasize about having girl friends like her at school.

No. 385721

I'm unable to crush on fictional characters or celebs because I need mutual interaction to catch feelings, but I would still find some cartoon/anime characters attractive as a teenager. Never to the point of being obsessed though. Also won't post them because they're essentially moid media and underage so I'm sure that anons will sperg.

No. 385731

Who gives a shit what some dumbass sperg thinks, most of the characters we've posted about are underage
Also I find it hard to crush too because I'm a shipper, I'd rather they be together and self insertion is cringe

No. 385733

File: 1710703709021.jpg (89.56 KB, 626x646, 565765735.jpg)

i'm gonna be real cringe and moidlike for this but i was obsessed with jessica rabbit as a young child, i mean like 5-years-old young. i was always mesmerized by the scene where you can only see her leg between the stage curtains.

the first fictional woman i thought about when i learned to masturbate was ann darrow from king kong kek

No. 385736

Jessica Rabbit was hot. I was kind of turned on when she played patty cake.

No. 385738

File: 1710705311730.jpg (122.92 KB, 600x770, 823318424.jpg)

>Also I find it hard to crush too because I'm a shipper, I'd rather they be together and self insertion is cringe
I like doing both. There are some couples I only ship, and there are some other couples I enjoy self-inserting into one of the girls. I was really into Love Live! as a teenager and I think the EliUmi ship is prime example of this. I used to find both of them attractive so I enjoyed the shipping but also self-inserting into either of them. Then other ships like for example NanoFate I mostly only liked Fate and couldn't give any shit about Nanoha, or some other ships like ShizNat I 100% respect and don't self-insert or anything. Just depends on the characters and the nature of the ship to me, I guess.

No. 385739

Shiznat is perfection.
We need more of it.
I love psycho lesbian stalkers and their unaware targets.

No. 385740

File: 1710705954464.gif (153.61 KB, 992x794, e_21.gif)

Bless. I still think about ShizNat every other day despite being so old. I'm a sucker for the psycho dyke trope and I wish they would come back to media in general. I don't care if it's "bad representation", I just want to see women burning down the world for the woman they love. I guess Homu or Chikane are the next best things but Shizuru is just on another level.

No. 385741

>Also won't post them because they're essentially moid media and underage so I'm sure that anons will sperg.
Spergs will sperg regardless, I think it's normal to like underage characters when you're the same age as them. I liked May from Pokemon when I was 10 and Utena when I was 14.

No. 385744

That reminds me I liked May a lot too, probably my favorite main Pokemon girl. Then I played 4th gen games at 13-14 and got into CynthiaxDawn thanks to unsupervised Internet access.

No. 385746

Non non biyori and Kiniro mosaic had a kind of psycho lesbian vibe in a comedic way
And I really wanted sasami-san@ganbaranai to be more yuri

No. 385748

>Non non biyori and Kiniro mosaic had a kind of psycho lesbian vibe in a comedic way
I get what you mean, but I like serious psycho lesbians doing psycho things for their girl. Banana from Revue would've been a good candidate if she was gayer for Junjun. And Salami-san is wasted potential and the incestshit pandering ruined it for me, but the robutt was precious.

No. 385749

Starlight revue was a godsend.
It felt like the first time I watched Aikatsu, I was hugely into rinao. Same vibes, and yeah Banana is based, she's kind of like Rika-chan/Homohomu, based.
I finally finished Higurashi and I heard aome whispers of something like Rika/Satako or something which I can see, but I think it has something to do with Unineko. I really wish they'd remake it since Bernkastel/Lambda was pretty popular and paycho lesbian.

No. 385752

Umineko was one of my first animu but I don't remember anything about it at this point. I just have some pics of the yuri ships saved in my PC and that's it. Never really got into Higurashi for some reason, but IIRC the author pulled another Urobutcher saying the relationship between Satoko and Rika is merely platonic, so I have no intention of catching up to it either.

No. 385754

That's shitty, but that happens all the time. We wouldn't be wanting more if it was perfect.
Higurashi is a good watch, and with so many AUs there's no way they aren't gay in at least half of them.

No. 385771

Back then I stumbled upon fanart shipping Dawn with Commander Mars. I never considered it before but the fanart was so sweet and well-done it converted me. The artist has been memoryholed but now I wonder if its still online.

No. 385779

File: 1710713077652.jpg (620.59 KB, 1600x900, 15422463875751.jpg)

>tfw I never got into fictional lesbian couples because they were all two normie superfemmes in both looks and behavior and instead I just self-inserted into straight couples as the male character and thought I was a man because of it and had a long Aiden phase until I peaked years later
>tfw this was in the 00's and nothing has changed in lesbian representation since then

No. 385780

I think it's better for the lesbians who like femmes, I love a cute femme, but yeah there should always be more yuri.
Try manga, there's a lot more out there for you.

No. 385782

File: 1710713669717.jpg (52.3 KB, 460x518, azx7goz_460s.jpg)

Hi, hello. I'm just a visitor for now here. The other day, I freaked out in /ot/ about which sexual orientation I should use. Here's my original post


I think I am open to being labeled as bi but just traumatized + extremely strong preference towards the same sex. It really scares me to offend or hurt lesbians by mislabeling myself, yet at the same time, it is very hard for me to be turned on by men as a general rule. In fact, if I sit here and try to remember, I can say in full confidence that I have never been turned on by a male in all honesty. Hence the dilemma.

I was told by a lesbian on that vent thread to maybe come here for clarity, if anyone is interested in helping me out of course. No pressure! But ye, it's a mindfuck for me and I'm scared I'll be wrong no matter which way I'll go in terms of labeling myself correctly.

Thanks in advanced and happy st pattys

No. 385783


Ah oops, it didn't copy and paste. Here it is:

"I don't know what to label my sexual orientation. I am female and after so many times of trying to concentrate or try to feel something, anything, towards male bodies.. I realize that I just can't do it, no matter how hard I try. They either cause me to feel sick to my stomach at worst, and absolutely nothing at best.

With female bodies, though, a completely different story. I get aroused even when women are doing nothing sexy at all, or doing something benign.

At the same time, though, men have had sex with me, and I did tried things with them, so I think lesbian is out. I don't want to offend people or make them think I am trying to be something I'm not, but I don't know what to do or what to label myself that is as unoffensive as possible.. yet lets me reject males in peace.

I can't let another man touch me ever again. If one tries, I might just kill myself, I'm not kidding."

No. 385785

First off labels don't really matter, you like females and not males most people would call that a lesbian. Some gay men have had sex with women and are still considered gay. What you label yourself is different from how others label anyway.
Fact is that if you feel like you're a lesbian, then you probably are. Unless you think men are women. Your own personal history and past with finding your sexuality doesn't devalue your attraction one way or another. Now you know.

No. 385787

Stop with this whishy-washy shit. If she's exclusively attracted to women then she's a lesbian, otherwise she's not. If she's gone through periods of sexual attraction to men in the past she's also not a lesbian in the present. This isn't the thread for discussing this shit anyway, go to the questioning sexuality thread.

No. 385788

Idk what wishy washy shit you mean.
That's literally what I said to her, if you can read.

No. 385789

And you're also just outright wrong about previous attractions.

No. 385792

1. Labels are not subjective
2. Being a lesbian is not a "feeling"

If you've been sexually attracted to men in the past you're not a lesbian. The fuck is this bullshit?

No. 385793

You're wrong.

No. 385794

Why can't bisexual retards stay in their thread. Or at least don't spread your fluid sexuality bull crap here.

No. 385795

Bypassing the other slapfight about this, you can "reject males in peace" no matter what for any reason. A 'label' is just supposed to describe what you do when you are doing what comes normally and naturally to you. They're not supposed to be putting limits on you, even if they're limits you want. Can you try just giving yourself permission to live the way you want? I mean, I would say you should stay away from commenting on sexual orientation because it's clearly not something you understand very well, but you have permission from the world to date women for the rest of your life if that's what you want.

No. 385796

Seethe and cope.
Labels are in fact subjective.
>Do you want to label the black and white cow black or white?
The cow is both so why try to define it as one or the other?
You think so rigidly that someone who has once been attracted to a thing can never change? Did you once like a food and get tired of it? Nah, you still like it.

Your argument is counterintuitive. As if people can not grow to like a thing.

You think factually that preference never changes.

No. 385797

>go to the questioning sexuality thread.

Oh fuck, I'm so sorry! I thought this was the thread because I saw "lesbian" and thought this was it kek.

Where is it, if you could point the way? Really sorry for being in the wrong place.


Thank you. I absolutely do not think men are women, and I find transwomen to be disgusting throughout, if that's what you're trying to say. Males can never be female.

It's sad but one time I forced myself to look at photos of post-op pics of transwomen's surgery pics down there and it was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life. None of the so called "vulvas" crafted in the surgery looked real. Made me want to vomit looking at it, unlike natural biological vulvas which makes me immediately horny when looking at it for a hot minute.

>If she's gone through periods of sexual attraction to men in the past she's also not a lesbian in the present.

That's my big issue, though, I have never once in my life felt that sexual heated feeling towards men. I remember in middle school when girls was like "oh isn't he cute!?" and saw them point to one guy and yeah he wasn't bad looking at all and I said so. And they were like OH YOU LIKE HIM and I was like "I guess I am! This means I am straight/bi." and never thought more of it.


I think you're right. In the end, I can't even stomach the idea of going on yet another date with a man without wanting to cry, so I am just gonna be with women exclusively and that's that. I guess it doesn't have to mean homosexuality if that's not what I am, and that's fine also.

Thanks y'all, sorry if I'm in the wrong thread.

No. 385800

Like can you explain to me what would be the worst thing that possibly happened if you just described yourself as bisexual on dating apps or wherever the topic comes up? If you set your "looking for" option to women only and put your sexuality as bisexual in any form that asks for it (and bypass the part where you clarify "traumatized + extremely strong preference for women" because that seems like you're overcompensating) and if anyone asks if you're interested in men, you just say no… Why is that not an option for you? Can you answer that?

No. 385802

No, sexuality labels are not subjective. A heterosexual is exclusively sexually attracted to the opposite sex, a homosexual is exclusively attracted to the same sex and a bisexual is attracted to both sexes. You want to feel extra spicy? Go ahead and use tumblr labels that fall under bisexuality so at least everyone else knows you're retarded.

No. 385803


I think part of the reason is that if I say I am bisexual, that it signals to other women that I can never love them the way a lesbian could. And of course that's stupid because I've definitely known bi women in serious LTRs with women before, but I'm just worried of being seen as something negative, in a way.

I've been in love with women before. I've dated women before and wanted to get serious with them before, but they would choose a man or some ex instead of me. So it just.. didn't happened.

No. 385804

Can you please go back on Twitter?

No. 385805

I don't use Tumblr, litte Tumblrina.
The fact is that you're so stupid you can't consider the fact that sexual attraction is a label and labels are subjective. The fact is that in this moment she is not attracted to men, and appears to feel she was never attracted to them. Having sex with a man/a sexual encounter doesn't make you straight.

Go back to preschool.

No. 385806

Nvm y'all I found the questioning thread, thank you!

No. 385807

Go back to your bishit thread already.

No. 385808

NTA but how I see it bisexuals would be much more willing to honestly label themselves as such instead of this "I think I'm a lesbian because I have a strong preference" if bisexual spaces and community wasn't all about sucking cocks in a mff threesome and thinking of bisexuality as a 50/50 attraction deal. Like I can't really blame them for being tempted to identify as a full on lesbian if you only want to date women when "bisexual" is a dogwhistle for spicy straights and seen as a meme sexuality that isn't real. What's to be done about it, in all honesty if homophobia wasn't still such a huge issue maybe those bisexuals who are more SSA leaning would be more visible amidst their ranks.

No. 385809

Ahhh, so that's what it is.
Did wittle baby fall in love with a bislut and get hurt?
Probably left you because you're retarded.

No. 385811

Not my fucking problem. Call yourself a bisexual or get shat on.

Go jerk off to your M/M porn, bishit.(infighting)

No. 385812

Is this some schizo just baiting and replying to themselves now? It feels like one of those moments right now.

No. 385813

ayrt, I actually really appreciate your honesty but it kinda sucks that you'd be willing to be dishonest about who you are in order to manipulate the way that people see you.
I get you and it sucks but it's still frustrating that we can't all just be honest instead of trying to control every aspect of how other people see us. If you say you're a lesbian, then the average man on the street is going to make a bunch of assumptions about you, and lesbians have to live with those in order to be honest about themselves. So why is it that bisexual women can't just say they're bisexual and live with the assumptions that other people make? If the assumptions are wrong, then you will prove them to be wrong through the way you live and act.

No. 385814

I always hope that's the case whenever this thread devolves into retarded slapfighting, which seems to happen every other day. The alternative is honestly worse.

No. 385815

I'll watch M/M porn while eating pussy. I'm still a lesbian. I don't really understand how someone can be so stupid.
You can't even think about it. You're just so enraged and seething that you can't comprehend basic facts. How unfortunate that humanity gave birth to such a dunbfuck.(infighting)

No. 385817

Okay now this is just really weak bait.

No. 385818

Not really.
I think that thinking that people who think about sexuality as being black and white are braindead.

No. 385819

The one that cannot comprehend the very basic fact that if you were ever genuinely attracted to men then you're not a lesbian is you. And the fact that you're unironically defending the fluid sexuality bullshit just makes it too obvious that you're a bisexual coping. Hope you can someday come to terms with it but you're probably so retarded that 10 years in the future you will be married to some scrote and still LARP on the Internet as a lesbian.

No. 385820

>but it kinda sucks that you'd be willing to be dishonest about who you are in order to manipulate the way that people see you.

I don't want to be dishonest, though, hence why I'm stressing over this. I think, in the end though, I think it's better I just say I'm bi who leans towards the same sex and just don't feel at all interested in being with men ever again, which is the honest truth at this point.

I don't want to hurt lesbians so thank you for giving it to me straight, I appreciate it.

No. 385821

>I think it's better I just say I'm bi who leans towards the same sex and just don't feel at all interested in being with men ever again, which is the honest truth at this point.
I think this is the best way to put it, honestly. Many lesbians are not opposed to dating bisexuals that no longer salivate for moids. Also, you can always date another bisexual woman, they are way way more numerous than lesbians anyway. I don't get this obsession of bisexual women with wanting to date lesbians only.

No. 385823

ayrt and honestly, you don't even need to say that. You can just leave it at "I like women" or maybe "I'm into women and only interested in dating women" since that's how you feel and elaborate and say you're 'questioning/confused' if they want more info.

No. 385824


You know, it's crazy, but when I sit and think about this, the vast majority I've dated previously have all been lesbians. It seems hard to find a bi woman who is open to the idea of having something serious with me or another woman. Makes me bummed out tbh, because I've def been crazy for specific bi women before but they did not wanted to be out of the closet at the time so it was just bfs or hubbies for them.

I don't blame them ofc, living straight is living life on easy mode so I get it.


Thank you honey, I will do that.(learn2integrate)

No. 385825

What the fuck kind of dumb shit is this? You're literally retarded.

So you're telling me that someone still going through puberty and thinking that a male is attractive, then grows up to find themselves only attracted to women is therefore bisexual? But they don't like men.

I mean really, what's the point of arguing with someone like you? You have no real argument.

Mine is this:
People are not one dimensional. For people that socialize with others on a regular basis and don't live in some kind of sjw anime world they realize that people grow and change. This includes sexuality, which is really on a spectrum.
Look at people who prefer butch/femme, what the fuck does that say about people? Stupid ass. Preferences change, sexuality can change, labels are subjective.

Please give your argument. And maybe don't just attack my character, but give a reason.

No. 385826

Yes. If you ever found males sexually attractive at any point in your life then you're not a lesbian. And I will be 100% honest, every single post out there I read of "ex-lesbians" claiming that they fell for a moid "out of nowhere", they probably felt attraction to men in their teens/early 20s and just ignored that for a long time. Sexuality doesn't change, and if you feel it does change for you, then you're bisexual. Simple as. Why can't bisexuals just accept this?

No. 385827

>So you're telling me that someone still going through puberty and thinking that a male is attractive, then grows up to find themselves only attracted to women is therefore bisexual?
nta but yes that's literally the definition of bisexual. not liking men doesn't change that if you're still horny for them, tons of straight women are the same way.
>sexuality can change
yet you never hear about anyone turning straight…

No. 385828

>yet you never hear about anyone turning straight…
samefag forgot to add, unless you believe in conversation therapy kek

No. 385829

So some girl who thought she was a lesbian actually isn't.
Then that means some girl who thought she was straight might not be.
That wasn't actually reasoning, it was just you saying something that you saw. Can you bring any real evidence of what you're saying?

Here's mine:
If someone is attracted to butch females, isn't that kind of bisexual? Because they look like men?
No? Why not? Oh because it's a spectrum, huh? Almost like preference is just as subjective as labels.

You young cunts are so fucking obsessed with labels that it's pretty much controlling your life.

No. 385830

>If someone is attracted to butch females, isn't that kind of bisexual? Because they look like men? No? Why not? Oh because it's a spectrum, huh?
no because butches are still women. sexuality is defined by sex, not how someone looks

No. 385832

You don't?
Lmfao. Yes, you do.

No. 385833

You're literally making no sense. Instances where bisexuals think they are lesbians exist, and instances where bisexuals think they are heterosexual also exist. And what do you want for "real evidence"? There is no objective scientific way to test the sexuality of a person, so the best we have is to observe their sexual behaviors.

>If someone is attracted to butch females, isn't that kind of bisexual? Because they look like men?

If you actually get wet for butches because you know that they are female, that's pretty homosexual. It's like men who have a trap fetish, they only think it's hot because they know the thing has a dick, which is pretty gay.

>muh spectrum

Stop acting retarded and go back to twitter please.

No. 385834

Yes. That's exactly right.
So now when we think that someone who no longer likes men and only likes women, what do you come up with?
Right, she only likes one sex. Females. That means she's a lesbian.

No. 385835

File: 1710717636912.jpg (1.05 MB, 1475x1776, 1710548026448.jpg)

>If someone is attracted to butch females, isn't that kind of bisexual?

No. 385836

I think you should talk to other bisexuals about "bi-cycling", it will probably make more sense to you than what we are talking about because our sexuality is not """"fluid""""

No. 385837

So you believe those people going through conversion therapy/summer camps, closeted people claiming they were "healed" into becoming straight after going to church and things like that actually, honest to god turned straight?

No. 385838

>There is no objective scientific way to test the sexuality of a person, so the best we have is to observe their sexual behavior

Damn, my literal argument in a nutshell. So what the fuck are you still arguing with for?

Because I disagree that if someone has ever been attracted to a male then that doesn't mean they aren't a lesbian?

>Instances where bisexuals think they are lesbians exist, and instances where bisexuals think they are heterosexual also exist.

And the instances where this happens to lesbians doesn't?

Is this bait?(learn2integrate)

No. 385839

>Because I disagree that if someone has ever been attracted to a male then that doesn't mean they aren't a lesbian?
Yes, as a lesbian is someone exclusively attracted to females.
>And the instances where this happens to lesbians doesn't?
I never denied that lesbians who had sexual encounters with men and realized they don't feel sexual attraction to them this way aren't lesbians, but you are arguing about women who actually felt sexual attraction to men in the past, and saying that because they don't feel that way in the present then they are lesbians. And I disagree with that because that's an extremely bisexual thing.

No. 385840

How is everyone so insecure about their own sexuality here? So threatened by bisexuality that they can't even have a reasonable conversation.

No. 385841

I'm so glad you can be so secure of your sexuality you get to label yourself a lesbian while simultaneously salivating for cock. You go girl!!!

No. 385842

It doesn't matter if that's a "bisexual thing". The fact is that it can happen and it does. It's so delusional to believe that just because the majority of people who are like that are bisluts that a lesbian could NEVER have that happen, it's just conceited and delusional. The world doesn't revolve around your perception of "I think that ONLY a bisexual could feel this way."
That's not how it works.

No. 385843

You sure think about cock a lot for a lesbian. You sound like you might be attracted to it. I think you're bisexual…

No. 385844

Well yeah, a lesbian wouldn't be genuinely sexually attracted to males at any point in her life, that would make her a bisexual.

No. 385845


No. 385846

Yeah I'm just agreeing with you, can be a lesbian and be obsessed with cock like me. I'm living proof of your argument.

No. 385847

Thanks. That means I won the argument. No need to continue.

No. 385848

please look up the definition of lesbian i'm begging you

No. 385849

Wanna be gfs? We can read our favorite BLs in bed then cosplay hot bishies and fuck each other in the ass with a strap. The perfect lesbian relationship uwu.

No. 385850

File: 1710718589948.png (315.93 KB, 861x421, 1000001357.png)

Okay. Where in the definition is there a time specificity?

No. 385852

Okay, silence when I bring up the definition? I guess I was right.

No. 385853

Nice ban evasion.

No. 385854

Nice job trying to ban me for disagreeing with you.
What a great safe space you have.

No. 385855

Okay so imagine you have a gf and one day your sexuality decides to be fluid that day because sexuality is le funny like that and you suddenly fall for a moid. Would you still call yourself a lesbian that day? What if it goes away after 3 days, are you back to being a lesbian? How does it work?

No. 385858

Every time we have these weird 30+ reply infights about the same topic I like to imagine it's the same two NEET women and they're secretly soulmates and that's why the Universe magnetically draws them together to fight here.

No. 385859

One of them is clearly new, or pretending to be idk

No. 385870

is this what they mean by Toxic Yuri…

No. 385873

part of me wishes it's fujosperg and the anon who flirted with her. they broke up already and when they inevitably flirt again, they'll create new emails and share distinct online monikers and life stories with each other so as to not overlap and preserve maximum anonymity, never knowing that behind each other's new facade lies a familiar face

No. 385880

Why do bi women have such weird obsession with lesbians and trying to date us?

No. 385881

fetishization, much like straight men

No. 385883

14 days since I had last sex with my situationship… I’m dying. Masturbation doesn’t work anymore. I need her back but she’s evil and WILL DRAIN MY LIFE ESSENCE. I wrote her a letter .. but instead of mailing it I drove to her place and put it in her mailbox. I saw her car out front, did she see me? Will she ever see me again? She hasn’t been around town lately, and our mutual friends haven’t laid eyes on her in weeks. I neeeeed her. I am floating in an abyss.

No. 385884

last had sex*

No. 385885

the hot ones can fetishize me anytime

No. 385887

>t. bisexual lesbian

No. 385889

I am not bisexual

No. 385891

I got eyefucked hard four years ago and I still think about that woman everyday. I wonder if she’s married by now.

No. 385895

File: 1710730315796.jpg (782.16 KB, 3280x4096, ef169fe5ba3bbf222fdf8527e40d87…)

Nonas in this thread are fighting like this

No. 385897

File: 1710730527683.jpg (12.98 KB, 195x315, 1431622606780.jpg)

I wish I could grossly LARP with a nonna from here about being cute anime lesbians like in that one fujo pic with their catboys.

No. 385901

File: 1710731565614.jpg (104.81 KB, 1072x869, farmer on farmer crime.jpg)

every time i come back here there's always some crazy shit that's gone down with deleted posts and the farmhands got involved. respect.

No. 385907

Does anyone here think someone can become homosexual because they were abused as a child? Not going into detail but I was groomed and molested by a female family member my entire childhood and I believe if that didn't happen I wouldn’t be homosexual today. I’ve done psychotherapy when it happened and for several years after and I still believe many homosexuals are that way because of getting abused as a child. As a teen I had a therapist who was awful for the most part but agreed that it’s possible that as a result of sexual abuse my brain was wired in a way to be attracted to women. I also had a male therapist back who asked me for so many unnecessary details about every incident clearly for perverted reasons and would downplay the abuse constantly I guess because its not as frequent as male perpetrators (common reoccurrence). The only group I’ve seen discuss this in real life are religious ones and they can’t be objective because they enjoy abusing kids too it’s all the same. Anyway I’ve only had sex with two other women since then and I had to be drunk to go through with it and I don’t think they particularly liked me lol. Now I’m 23 and have been celibate for like 5 years & will be forever so I’m definitely gonna die alone because women make me so viscerally uncomfortable that the thought of one touching me makes me physically ill and whenever I find myself desiring it it just reminds me how much of a mental illness this shit is. Either way I realize this is a taboo topic and I’ve never spoken to homosexual women about it only ever homosexual men. I have a close friend who got abused as a child by a male family member and we have similar experiences and approaches to relationships/sex and he said that he likely wouldn't have been homosexual if not for childhood abuse or at least he would’ve been bisexual in some way/or his same sex attraction wouldn’t be so pronounced which I resonate with. However he does have a more extreme view than me, he believes that all homosexuals were either molested and if not then they desire to molest and it’s generally just a cycle of abuse. I’m interested in hearing about other perspectives if you’ve been through something similar in childhood because when I search it up I mostly see stories from lesbians who were abused by men. Also before you get mad at me first remember I’m retarded beyond belief and I’m not saying that you can’t be a homosexual unless you’ve been abused I’m just saying there might be people who are that way as a result of abuse myself included

No. 385910

A therapist also told me I might be a lesbian because I was sexually assaulted by a girl when I was really young. Anyways, I think it's bullshit and it's really evil to plant this in a lesbian's mind when she's vulnerable. Think about it nona, if this was true and there was a causal link between abuse and orientation, wouldn't there be some data to support that by now? What would make one girl being abused by a man end up a lesbian, and a different girl end up being straight? It just doesn't make logical sense to me. There is strong data to support that gay men and lesbians are disproportionately victims of childhood abuse, but there hasn't been any causal link established and there are several alternative explanations (such as children who seem "different" being targeted for abuse). Ultimately, they do not know what makes a person homosexual, but the science indicates it's a confluence of factors and can't be chalked up to any singular environmental, genetic, or psychological cause.

No. 385912

I don’t think this makes sense because I’ve also seen lots of people say that being abused by moids makes girls into lesbians. I think it’s a coincidence but I understand why it feels like a connection to you.

No. 385913

Go to the questioning sexuality thread, retard. No one wants to read about your sexual abuse story here.

No. 385914

>I’m retarded beyond belief

take your self-hate elsewhere

No. 385915

I would go there if I was questioning my sexuality dumb fuck that thread is just women talking about being obsessed with faggot cartoon porn

No. 385917

>women make me so viscerally uncomfortable that the thought of one touching me makes me physically ill
You’re just straight.
Please take your homophobic rhetoric somewhere else.

No. 385918

Nah, traumagays are totally a thing and I agree that some have homosexual tendencies due to abuse since that tends to really warp one's sexuality in strange ways, but many others (like me) weren't ever abused and still are attracted to the same sex.

No. 385919

>some have homosexual tendencies due to abuse
That idea undermines the whole gay rights movement

No. 385922

Not really. Sexual abuse can cause all sort of paraphilias in the victim, and as long as the victims aren't cooming to illegal shit I think it's plausible to respect how they cope with their abuse. I think we also should talk more about how homosexual behaviors are multi-factorial and can stem from abuse, socialization, genetics and fetal development.

No. 385923

I think it's true that that kind of experience can warp someone's sexuality but at the end of the day, there'd still be differences between healthy ssa and het people who were influenced in some way when it comes to having sex, relationships, etc.

No. 385929

the idea of liking the opposite sex being a paraphilia akin to wanting to fuck dead people or children is not a good thing.

No. 385930

Giving myself a little gold medal for not participating in seething about bihets today because I feel like an incel when I complain about them

No. 385931

Well sadly it's something that happens to some sexually assaulted people. But it's not even the only thing that causes homosexuality so I don't see how this undermines gay rights.

No. 385933

but homosexuality by definition isn't a paraphilia. looks like this thread is being brigaded by homophobic scrotes posting their lesbian abuse wank fantasies and trying to convince lesbians they can "heal" themselves with the right dick.

No. 385937

JoJo Siwa said recently she badly wants kids and has her sperm donor already picked out. Not only did she say she has the names of her unborn three sons picked out, but she has the names of her nonexistent sons tattooed. Why do so many lesbians seem to prefer to raise little boys?

No. 385938

I'm going to take this as genuine.
You may find these helful. They helped me:
>The Survivor’s Guide to Sex by Staci Haines
>The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis
^This is a great starter book so if this list seems overwhelming, start here. It talks about male and female sexual abuse victims that are straight and lesbian and mentions how abuse cannot affect your orientation in the end. And I agree. Abuse acts the same way as drugs, the brain gets used to the adrenaline and the dopamine threshold is heightened, which means the brain thinks it needs continuous stimulus which may lead to acting out behaviours and developing paraphilias to cope. The brain needs to be weaned off these intense feelings and coping mechanisms and these books here help with that.
>Outgrowing the Pain by Eliana Gil
>The Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Wendy Maltz
>Allies in Healing by Laura Davis focuses on partners
>Can't touch my soul: A guide for lesbian survivors of child abuse by Donna Rafanello
^You may or may not relate but I included this here since you're asking in the lesbian thread. There are other women who were abused as girls by female family members in this book. This book talks about healing from that that you may relate to.
>Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation by Suzette Boon, Onno van der Hart, Kathy Steele
^This book is actually extremely useful and talks about difficulties healing with focus on the body i.e. meditation with focus on the body can make symptoms worse and lead to dssociation and repeating the cycle of self harm.
>Hyposexuality and Hypersexuality Secondary to Childhood Trauma and Dissociation Mark F. Schwartz ScD & Lori Galperin MSW and LCSW (10.1300/J229v03n04_06)
^The only paper on hyposexuality (the "asexual" feeling) that I have found. You may find it useful.

Also JoAnn Loulan's books Lesbian Sex and Lesbian Passion provide good sex education around safe sex, sexual healing from abuse, and moving forward with partners and alone.

(You can find all these on zlibrary or annas-archive. However I can upload them somewhere if you cannot find them.)

As for the "sexual abuse made me gay?!?!" thing, I can attest even though the books above already debunk that freudian theory with actual studies, here are real life examples: I have had a male friend who was abused by women as a boy and he is gay and has a healthy romantic relationship now, however I also had another male friend assaulted by a woman and he is straight, I listened to him for 3 years every day and he was able to heal and find a girlfriend. A boy at school who was homophobic turned out to actually be gay but his brother had sexually abused him so he had hated men and sex, but once he healed his natural orientation was homosexual. As for my sister, she was never sexually abused, and turned out bisexual, so orientation is not determined by abuse, but rather abuse affects how you see yourself and view sexuality.

This is from The Courage To Heal, I have this highlighted.
>Reclaiming Your Sexuality
>“For years I thought of sex as a way you hurt people. And for me, it wasn’t just the abuse. As a young woman, I was enraged about the objectification of women that I experienced every day. I hated anything to do with sex and sexuality. Gradually, as I went through my healing process, that started to change. Now I love sex and think it’s wonderful and empowering. For me, sex is now connected to spirituality and health and joy. But it’s taken a long time and a lot of effort to get there.”
>The perspective on sexuality that is presented here applies to both heterosexual and lesbian women. Although there are some differences in the difficulties these groups face, they are far outweighed by the similarities.

I wish you good luck.

No. 385964

I made peace with dying alone since I’m a homebody with a difficult personality.

No. 385966

>Nta, but would a woman with a tongue-tie also be a dealbreaker for someone?
kiss me first and ill be the judge of that (wink)
bipolar girls are a whole another level. had a hookup with one and the sex was indeed intense. not intimate, but intense. just pure porno material. theyre open to doing whatever you want in bed because they want to please you. but for a relationship theyre a rollercoaster of emotions and at the beginning its awesome but then it ends very badly. if things start great be a little wary. its the stage where they obsess over you and what follows is them loathing you. do something else instead. go to a rollercoaster. that way youll get the same level of adrenaline without getting tangled up in messy situations.
i want to fart loudly in the peace of my own home without anyone nearby
she's so hot oh my god

No. 385973

Idk most lesbians I know either say they don't have a gender preference or would prefer raising daughters. For myself I don't want a son because I don't want to do with him growing up and hating me because I didn't teach him to be an alpha chad or whatever. But maybe some lesbians think they would rather have a son who doesn't have to deal with all the misogyny in the world. Jojo Siwa was exploited from a young age and the fanbase of Dance Moms is largely old creeps so maybe that's scarred her very deeply from wanting to raise a daughter.

No. 385985

I wonder if you are homo because a woman abused you or a woman abused because you were a homo child… I guess it could go either way.

No. 385988

>turn offs
addicted to anything. drugs, alcohol, gambling, phones, porn, eating, you name it. really into astrology, chrystals, tarot or religion to the point where it's impacting her life. im cool with text messages but i dont want that to be our only method of communication. bad breath. code switching all the time. for those who dont know what that is, it's when you alternate between languages into a single conversation. for example she speaks spanish, suddenly switches to english, then spanish again. it confuses me and it sounds odd. too masculine is not my cup of tea.
>turn ons
observant. remembers details about me. will blush when flustered, it's adorable! affectionate. optimistic. sense of adventure, i cant with a scaredy cat. formal clothing. russian and french accent.

No. 385990

how do you explain the hundreds of hetero sexual abuse victims? why didn't they turn out gay?

No. 385991

File: 1710774104932.png (1.05 MB, 1080x900, Screenshot_20240318-170255.png)

im here but im under 25

No. 385997

Is anyone working on a lesbian space or opening one up? If I had money I'd love to open one. The closest "lesbian bar" to me went on record to say "we didn't use lesbian because we didn't want to be exclusive" and it still makes me mald. We have nothing. All gay bars are for fags. Males have everything for them. We aren't welcome anywhere and have nowhere to congregate. I just want a lesbian bar or nightclub or fucking anything. Somewhere where men aren't fucking allowed, not somewhere for quirky straight girls to go on dates with their boyfriend to. Even though there's less homophobia the lesbian community is weaker than ever. Lesbian hiking bowling fuck idc I just want to be around like minded people.

No. 386008

lesbians stay in and play catan instead of going out to clubs/bars

No. 386011

What's the longest you've crushed on someone without saying anything? Did you eventually get over the fantasy or have to will the feelings away? Or did you wind up dating after all?
And any success stories with being a bi girl's first gf? I need the cope rn

No. 386012

I am terrible about crushing on women for years on end without saying anything because I'm retarded. I think the longest I've gone without saying anything is 3 years. Normally, when this happens, either she confesses to me first and we date (I've mostly dated bi girls) or she says/does something that makes it obvious she isn't into me so I move on and find someone new to silently pine after. Being a bi woman's first gf can be very hit or miss, it really depends on the woman.

No. 386025

My ex was bi. Not a perfect relationship by any means but it felt really good anytime I would do something I considered basic (baking her things she liked, remembering her dad's birthday, braiding her hair) and she would tell me no man had ever done it for her before and it made her feel really good. And that she liked being able to wear my clothes and talk freely about periods and medical issues related to being a woman. It was really an ego boost.

No. 386036

First time I was a bi girl's first gf she wasn't that into me. Second time I was a bi girl's first gf she really treasured me and I still blush about it lol even though that was nearly a decade ago now. Never thought about the concept of being a bi woman's "first gf" before but now that you've got me thinking about it I'd definitely do it again because it seems really romantic to me.

Also get closer to her naturally so it feels more wrong that you're not dating lolol.

No. 386041

7 years and then she made fun of me for it and we never spoke again. Probably never will.

No. 386043

Female child molesters aren’t nearly as common. My driver’s ed teacher slept me with me when I was 15 and she was 37, but I was already lez. Certainly gave me a complex tho…

No. 386050

Not a comment on your situation, but this reminds me of a pro-athlete who attended the same church as me when I was a teen. She had a long-term partner, I think, but wasn't fully out (this was before gay marriage became legal in america). Anyway, I was very attracted to her and maybe she could tell be the way I behaved around her. This was almost 20 years ago, but part of me still wishes she made a move on me back then.

No. 386053

baby lesbian here. from a very conservative country so i barely know any lesbian culture, etiquette etc. can you nonnies inform me about anything and everything related to lesbianism? all i know is the uhaul stereotype, butches, femmes and mascs and carabiner lol

No. 386062

I won’t scrotefoil I won’t scrotefoil I won’t scrotefoil
Jokes aside, I can relate as a zoomer who just kind of passively absorbed millennial lesbian culture through the internet without having any real ties to it. I know next to nothing about lesbians my age because I don’t like to spend time in ultra lib “queer” spaces. One time I joined my university’s lesbian group chat a few years ago and I quickly left, not being able to stand the gross tims and this one girl who would not stop talking about her boyfriend (I guess she was bi or something but I wish get-partnered bi women would leave us alone)

No. 386064

Can you elaborate on this "complex"? What do you think were the effects of having sex with someone that old when you were so young? I ask just out of curiosity because when I was 15 my biggest fantasy was to have sex with an older woman and of course I never thought about the negative effects that could've had on my person lol

No. 386075

punchlines to jokes are not the same thing as culture. read books written in your country about the topic

No. 386077

Lesbian culture is arguing about what is and isn't lesbian culture.

Honestly, an ideal domestic lesbian life is actually without any distinct "lesbian culture." Domestic lesbian life is just two committed women bringing their unique family cultures together. There's no "butch gender role" or "femme gender role." All of that superficial stuff falls away after dating a woman for a few months.

No. 386078

When I was a teenager I looked up all sorts of "lesbian slang" only to realize no one besides maybe extremely terminally online people care about those words like "noodle girl" or "futch" or whatever. If you're interested in that sort of thing you can always look on tumblr but I wouldn't worry about it. I hope you can try to connect to more lesbians wherever you're living nona.

No. 386101

Fuck is noodle girl

No. 386105

gave me a homewrecker kink and ive slept with two married women

No. 386106

scrotefoil….. stealing

No. 386107

KEK. Well could be worse. Hope you cucked some scrotes and not other women though.

No. 386118

>>386050, here
jesus christ, sounds like me. i stopped the homewrecking thing after one married woman i met at the gym got interested in me… only to randomly introduce me to her husband and kids one day when she spotted me at a restaurant. it was awkward to say the least and i had a feeling pursuing her after that would have me end up on an episode of true crime, lol

No. 386120

This thread is enough for me.

No. 386126

Generally lesbians do not have as much casual sex as gay men, and don't go to bars as often to look for it. I think that's why lesbian bars cannot be exclusive like that, they cannot sustain themselves if they are. The lesbian customer base is too niche. They are businesses after all. Didn't some women start a members-only lesbian club in the UK? I'm not a business major but I think a business model like that is pretty much the only way for a truly exclusive lesbian space to sustainably exist. There could also be issues with discrimination in some states/countries if a business refuses to serve a customer, right? Someone with more knowledge about the history of lesbian bars please correct me if I'm wrong!

No. 386146

Does the concept of hitting the wall or twinkdeath apply to lesbians? Is there an ideal age for comfortably giving up?

No. 386189

Nah, I've seen plenty of lesbian couples at 40, 50, maybe older. Unless you're geriatric and senile there's no limit for love

No. 386196

I reckon you should start taking T and become a pooncel if you want to signal to lesbians that you have truly given up.

No. 386222

I don't usually care about being single but every time I cook I get lonely. I want a wife that can't cook for shit and is impressed by everything I cook for her. I'm such a good cook and it's wasted because I have nobody to cook for.

No. 386256

Marry me nona, I'll be so impressed by your cooking and I'll eat it all, I won't even leave a single crumb.

No. 386260

When I was 18 I dated woman that was in her late 40s, I was only three years older than her oldest child. It kind of messes with me mentally now honestly, I just feel really grossed out and not connected to that version of myself. At the time of course I had intense mommy issues and it was my ultimate fantasy. But now I really just want to find someone close in age so we can experience all of the stages of life together.

No. 386263

I’ll be happy to be your placeholder gf until you meet >>386256

No. 386283

Not really. Unless you're elderly or in retirement, I don't think there's a limit. Finding dates is a bit harder past your 20s but I entered my first relationship when I was 30 and seen 40-50+ lesbians manage to thrive and find love.

No. 386344

how can I astral project into her dreams so she calls me up again

No. 386378

go outside her house and start playing the flute at 3 am. i don't know if this will make her call you but it would be interesting to see the aftermath

No. 386381

The new kink fad of "dykebreaking" is really scaring me. It's becoming so popular that I've accidentally stumbled across content about it multiple times now. The first time I heard of it was when I typed "dyke" into Tumblr search and it was the very second thing suggested. A few months ago I found a bunch of dykebreaking stuff in the likes a bi female friend who didn't realize likes on Tumblr are public by default and I was so horrified that I just ghosted her without any explanation or confrontation. I was totally speechless. I had talked to her about the fact that I'm a survivor of conversion therapy and of male-on-lesbian rape. Every day I feel more like I have a target on my back.

No. 386384

I hadn't heard of this before so I just googled it and all this weird shit came up on tumblr and I feel fucking sick to my stomach. I'm so confused. Are these posts made by trannies or something? There's no way women could actually write that shit

No. 386386

File: 1710937245280.png (112.87 KB, 758x760, mentalretardation.PNG)

This bullshit is clearly written by fucking trannies, those fucking subhuman scum. These people need to be wiped off the face of the fucking planet, this is so fucking disgusting. They cry about being 'genocided' KEK but they really do deserve to be killed off brutally. How does Tumblr allow this shit but god forbid you call a man what he biologically is

No. 386400

Love how they are projecting their sissy hypno fantasies too.

No. 386403

Sadly I think that this is nothing new. Several years ago I met a bi woman into this in a discord server and she admitted getting off to lesbian SA posts in Tumblr and reddit. When you talk about this in female spaces no one believes you though, I don't know why women cover for bishits constantly but yeah, bisexuals are hypersexual degenerates barely any better than tims. I think one of the mods of /r/lesbiansgettingdicked or something like that is also a bisexual woman, and while there is a high chance it's a tranny I wouldn't be surprised anymore if it's actually female.(baiting)

No. 386421

why would you bring this up… keep your gooning to yourself

No. 386427

It scares me too. Unicorn hunters are heinous predators and the women are just as bad as the men. I can't remember if it was this thread or Tumblr but I read a story from a woman who met up with a woman, was in bed with her, and suddenly hubby comes in to join. I think the lesbian ended up pretending she needed to pee and going out the bathroom window.

Pornsick women view lesbians as sex toys and dykebreaking is just an extra gross manifestation of that. It doesn't surprise me at all that women are into it, meeting 'single' women on apps who are actually trying to lure you into sexual activity with their moid is basically a lesbian right of passage at this point.

No. 386428

I don't think it's really a new fad. People have always viewed lesbians as a fetish. Even before there was an explicit name for it, I had plenty of experience with men who salivated over the thought of "fixing" lesbians. Tumblr has a bizarre concentration of this sort of content (alongside TIF "breaking" and misogyny kinks), but I think it's just porn-induced brainrot. I'd say blacklist the tag and ignore it. These people never leave their house anyways.

No. 386435

Hi everyone. Sorry for intruding but Im frustrated with my best friend and looking for advice… not sure about what. Am straight and previously assumed she was les but apparently not? She says she's rarely into passing trannies and I'm just. disgusted. She's not woke by any means but still swallowed the gender koolaid apparently. Seriously upsetting to hear. I'm very masculine and probably won't be able to have children (long story) so I prefer to have gay girls as friends. I feel like an asshole saying this out loud but I don't want to lose her to a man someday. I feel a bit scared and almost alone. Idk why I'm here. But damn I don't think I would be able to handle this if I were les myself. It would feel like betrayal. How can someone so normally intelligent fall for gender ideology? I think it's easier for bisexuals because the rest of us know how insupressable bio sex is. She's ok with me hating all penis people (lol) and joins in sometimes. What's that about? Is she a gendie or not? Does she just tolerate "transphobia" coming from me because we're good friends? We will stay that way but I'm confused.(wrong thread)

No. 386443

It is gross, there's also a subreddit called r/dykeconversion for bisexual women who larp as lesbians and men to talk about their fantasies of corrective rape. They got raided a while ago by lesbians from Twitter and then pulled the "kink shaming" and "it's just a fantasy" cards.

No. 386451


you can’t control who she fucks or who she ends up with in this life, so suck it up

No. 386454

>Am straight
>prefer to have gay girls as friends
>But damn I don't think I would be able to handle this if I were les myself
This is a post for 2X

No. 386504

File: 1710989298698.gif (1.95 MB, 500x500, tumblr_nnmw89bqsd1rpco88o1_500…)

Any ladies here detoxxing from the net? I've already deleted my social media (so much homophobia), and basically just use this site, a few education sites, and I started a bearblog so I can put my studies on there.

No. 386515

I thought online bullying wasn't a thing when you become an adult, and boy was I wrong! Thinking back: it's really weird and pathetic how some people followed my account only so they could repost me and make fun of really basic stuff, like my choice of music, shows I liked, and my art (which was pretty bad, I admit, but I was just starting out at that time). I never made political rants or did hot takes on things I knew nothing about because back then I was pretty naive and didn't care current issues and stuff. Based on the total number of followers I had back then I was a literal nobody. I'd never met 99% those people IRL, so I don't get why some of them hated me that much.
One morning, I decided I had enough and deleted all of my personal social media accounts. Now I only maintain art accounts on insta, tumblr, and DA. I mention having a girlfriend from time to time, but that's all. I don't talk about anything personal online anymore if I can't post anonymously.

No. 386523

Nonnas I’m dating for the first time and I’m afraid I’m falling too hard, I don’t know how to cope if we ever break up kek. She’s had a bunch of relationships before but they didn’t work out for long, she likes that I can keep up a conversation though. How long did your first relationships last?

No. 386541

I saw the video and she actually said she wanted a girl and two boys, the girl's name would be Freddy. Also the tattoos are fake, I don't know if it was for publicity or what

No. 386542

I would say your first relationship never lasts, but it's ok. You'll usually start resenting the other person before that happens though kekk. How long first relationships last depends entirely on the person, the situation, and at what point they are in their life.

>I don’t know how to cope if we ever break up

That feeling is called the honeymoon phase, it's normal and will pass at some point. Be careful about becoming obsessive though, please do not tell them you will kill yourself if you break up or something as drastic as that (which isn't as rare as you might think).

No. 386559

Those who watched She-ra, what do you think about Catradora?

No. 386568

Cute but I feel way too old for it. I wish She-Ra had come out when I was in middle school because I would've written a 500k word epic fic about them.

No. 386571

Would've changed my life at 14 and I'm glad young girls have a canon on-screen lesbian romance to look to.
My first relationship lasted for 4 years, but we started dating young and stayed together through high school. After that, my relationships tended to be shorter, like maybe 6 months to a year. Just give it a shot though, don't worry about what might happen.

No. 386642

If I had children in the future I would adopt, but recently I've been seeing a adoptees online saying that adoption is always traumatic no matter what. Some even say adoption is selfish as it's "for" the parents rather than the child. I don't agree with the selfishness aspect but it really made me think. I expect some of the trauma they're talking about could be from interracial adoption and/or not being told they're adopted until they're older, neither of which I think I'd have to navigate (1. I live in an extremely ethnically homogenous country and 2. we'd clearly not be the biological parents as we are lesbians). But it got me thinking about my future children nonas, I never expected adoptees to be so against adoption. Any thoughts?

No. 386643

Yeah the adoptee rabbit hole is an old one. You can find many experiences online from both the adoptee perspective and adoptive parents perspective. I see that adoption has too many challenges to make it worth, even leaving the paperwork, cost and meeting requirements aside. I don't think it's worth it at all. First, if it's an interracial adoption then there is a high chance that the kid you're adopting was kidnapped and sold to the adoption industry, plus the kid will have a racial disconnect growing up which I've seen fucks them up most of the time (it's why I'm also against breeders race mixing because then you get halfies seething on the internet about how miserable they feel about their existence). If the child is from your own country then most of the time they come from druggie parents, so they tend to be low IQ children with a plethora of mental issues, so be prepared for the constant murder attempts. And yes, on top of this they will grow up to be resentful and seethe at you and have an abandonment complex. This is why I would never adopt a complete stranger kid, only if it was a kid from my family or my GG's family that became an orphan.

No. 386644

It just depends, honestly. You will see adoptees who are livid with the implication that their parents are selfish kidnappers, and you will see adoptees who believe all adoption is inherently unethical. It's really not a black and white issue, and I think you'd have to do your homework. I vacillate on what I personally would want to do regarding adoption vs. IVF.

No. 386646

> breeders race mixing
jesus fucking christ lol

No. 386647

>it's why I'm also against breeders race mixing because then you get halfies seething on the internet about how miserable they feel about their existence
lesbian thread high quality as usual

No. 386648

Yeah yeah I don't fucking care how terminally online that sounds. I've read too many posts of resentful hapas.

No. 386652

have you ever gone outside?

No. 386653

Informing your view on a diverse population by reading posts on the internet. Just hoping you're some illiterate burger, otherwise…

No. 386654

Well it's just a very common experience. Even the anon who deleted her post admitted to have struggled with it in the past. Some mixed people just stay resentful all their life.

No. 386672

My cousin and his wife adopted a child who's the same race and the kid is mentally okay and doing well in school as far as I know.
On the other hand, I also know a woman who adopted two biracial kids. She told them pretty early on that they were adopted. Her biological son is also biracial, but she divorced from his father. Things seemed to be okay until she got married to a guy who has two sons of his own and they bullied the fuck out of those adopted kids, calling them racial slurs behind her back. She kicked them out for it. One of her adopted kids was recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder and had problems in school which I assume was triggered by the bullying. I dunno about the other adopted sibling's mental health, but her biological son is doing really well and just finished med school.

No. 386696

I want to adopt too but I think it’s more about the parenting or when you adopt the child lol. I’m antinatalist too (sorry if you guys think it’s cringe) so I’m against getting pregnant and don’t want my wife to get pregnant either.

No. 386706

This is how I feel too. I felt a little creepy for liking it lol.

No. 386714

Mixed kids struggle in a racialized world sure but those kids would have struggled with some other thing if it weren't race. Kids will become traumatized and struggle growing up, it's not a good reason not to "race mix".

No. 386744

I deleted because I didn't want to further derail, but my struggle was related to people being racist towards me and my family. I didn't have any inherent angst about being mixed.

No. 386754

If you want your kid to struggle with their racial identity on top of the other normal struggles, go for it lol

No. 386761

Reading posts online… as opposed to talking to people directly? Seriously?

No. 386781

if you really wants kids, like a lot, then adopt. it's going to be a long process of course and usually they might have some mental issues being left from their families, but it's a good test if you're going to raise a child correctly imo. because if its expensive that means that you have the sufficient money to raise it, you go through a very long process so if you dont give up midway through that means you REALLY want to have kids thus youll try hard to improve their life and also some social workers will visit you once in a while to make sure the kids are okay mentally. and even if you could somehow birth a child, then there's a chance it would have mental and physical problems anyway, you never know. i wish the process was easier though because poor kids… but if you really want to, go for it and don't listen to anyone but your heart

No. 386823

Is there a ‘beauty standard’ for lesbians? Is being butch considered more attractive than being femme?

No. 386829

lol I feel like hot women are just hot regardless… symmetry, unblemished skin, etc…. these traits are attractive across the board. I think lesbians appreciate female androgyny more but even straight women will appreciate a tomboy if she’s hot

No. 386834

Does anyone get offended about the marrieds in their life assuming you want to get married one day? Marriage is so heteronormative.

No. 386886

I want to get married, thoguh.

No. 386898

i'll see a lot more saying they like tall, masculine, dominant and with deep voice

No. 386913

Me when the only one that I fit is dominant

No. 386923

Yes because I find it heteronormative too, but I keep that to myself because I know they're trying to be supportive. It bothers me more when it's assumed that I want kids though, it's like even liberal-leaning people can't imagine women doing anything else in their life.

No. 386927

How is it "heteronormative"? It's a binding legal contract that grants your spouse the spousal rights like inheritance, child custody rights, joint taxes, next-of-kin hospital rights and so forth, there are always some rights that domesticated partnerships don't have. I would absolutely get married to save my partner all the horrifying legal bureaucracy and paperwork if I suddenly died or was hospitalized. Some anons in this thread I swear.

No. 386944

ikr … before gay marriage or civil unions if you lived w someone for decades and they died you were not guaranteed their property, pension, ANYTHING. so you’d be like a sixtysomething dyke kicked to the curb because your dead lover’s great uncle was inheriting the house you and your would-be wife shared for like 30 years. and other stuff you wouldn’t even consider now… like, you weren’t entitled to bring suit after your domestic partner’s wrongful death, cuz unmarried you had no legal standing… read this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Diane_Whipple

No. 386954

>the marrieds
Why does this feel like a slur kekkk

No. 386969

1. People shit on marriage as a cope because nobody wants to marry them.
2. In general people need to stop making shit up about heteronormativity, sounds like something a butthurt polilez made up to criticize everything real lesbians do. What the fuck is hetero normal about two dykes getting legal rights to each other.

No. 386982

>People shit on marriage as a cope because nobody wants to marry them.
If you lower your standards hard enough you could be married asap.

No. 386985

>t. butthurt polilez

No. 386987

FYI I am gold star just don’t care for imitating heterosexual traditions. Had to break up with my last gf because she wanted us to start living together when I told her I didn’t want that ever at the beginning of our relationship.

No. 386990

Yeah there's a reason why older people tell you to get married if you're in a long term serious relationship. It's not for conservative reasons but to avoid being kicked out of the life you built together in case either one of you dies. Or if you get hit by a drunk driver or even murdered by someone your unmarried partner wouldn't have the rights to the compensation. I've heard stories of gay men and lesbian women not being allowed by the bedside to say their goodbyes to their dying partners because they haven't been granted next of kin rights due to gay marriage being banned and it's really, really sad.

Pretty sure it's just someone baiting about a stupid topic again, this is literally what homophobic people think those nasty dykes seethe about all the time. Next up they'll bring up how using straps is heteronormative or butch/femme is heteronormative or some other tired old infighting topic.

No. 386994

Ohhh but anon, now you're imitating the het male tradition of breaking up with your gf because she wanted to move in together! Kek
True, might as well consider it bait at this point.

No. 387032

>I've heard stories of gay men and lesbian women not being allowed by the bedside to say their goodbyes to their dying partners because they haven't been granted next of kin rights due to gay marriage being banned and it's really, really sad.
This is why I hate SJW radqueers who bitch about same-sex marriage being the central focus of gay rights movements. I hate them with every fiber of my being. Gee I wonder why older LG activists who watched the AIDs crisis happen prioritized marriage instead of spicy pronouns! Can't possibly have been a good reason for it! Nope they're clearly all just lame suburban heteronormies.

No. 387065

who ruled that a union between two lovers is just for heterosexual couples and for what reasons? listen to yourselves.
did the mountains carve it to the stone, did the wind yell it to the world, did the nature itself dictate that when two people love each other and want to form a union to honour that it must be between man and a woman? that this manmade rule is the rule of the natural world?

the heteronormativity is living in your heads!

No. 387069

>girl says she's lesbian, only interested in women
>prefers to identify as "queer"
I don't understand. Also it kind of peeves me when she calls me queer too kek.

No. 387072

that means she wants to try dick someday without feeling any shame

No. 387095

I've seen women saying that they "don't like the word lesbian because it reminds [them] of porn and TERFs", though that was like 10 years ago mostly.

No. 387137

have ANY of you slept with another woman in the past 30 days

No. 387139

Lesbian is often used as an insult in my country, and of course as a porn category, so many women prefer to call themselves with the word for gay man or just homosexual. Queer is also used these days, but not wanting to be called lesbian was even before all these modern labels.

No. 387144

yes, and?

No. 387194

I've seen lesbians do this to include transmen in their dating pool tbh.

No. 387230

Yeah I publicly identified as queer when I was younger because I kept getting screamed at for being attracted to women with pronouns. Also mtfs were less interested in me since they demand a real lesbian for the validation so that was a bonus.

No. 387238

>Yeah I publicly identified as queer when I was younger because I kept getting screamed at for being attracted to women with pronouns
Was this before nonbinary and he/him lesbians were a big thing? Basically every other self-identified lesbian goes by some he/they she/he variant now, how times have changed.

No. 387241

Where can I find a woman to have casual sex with? I've had bad experiences with apps, but wonder if I should give it another try just for hooking up purposes.

No. 387249

How do cryptos attract each other on dating apps? Does mentioning Harry Potter and radfem authors work? Or should I just give up and settle for a normie handmaiden gf?

No. 387320

File: 1711355291988.jpg (28.33 KB, 720x720, IMG_20240325_133014_401.jpg)

No. 387340

Apps work if there's no bars or meetups near you.

No. 387351

She's so hot

No. 387359

i wish i had a cute gf who wouldnt mind me being a shit of a human being

No. 387361

Isn't that way too obvious? ofc normies won't know what that means but any troonie who used twitter before could easily recognize that and have your profile reported or banned

No. 387397

Just say you like the colours and play dumb.

No. 387414

File: 1711396674033.jpeg (71.08 KB, 1170x694, IMG_7818.jpeg)

It looks like the colors of the aroace flag kek. You could also say it’s that if anyone suspects you

No. 387430

If I'm dating anyone, I want to date a fellow farmer. We should signal to each other by saying one of our hobbies is farming or something kek

No. 387440

For me it's the opposite, I wouldn't date anyone who uses imageboards, much less lc.
(yeah I'm a hypocrite)

No. 387441

I wouldn't mind a farmer gf honestly. I'm not on dating apps myself but my friend let me customize her Hinge profile into anything and I mentioned using imageboards in a prompt to see if she'd get any interesting reactions kek. She still got likes from women but none of them responded to the imageboard prompt unsurprisingly

No. 387442

Damn, why not?

No. 387455

hard agree… I hate internet poisoned people in general

No. 387478

They should make a lesbian dating app specifically for image board lesbians, but FarmersOnly is taken

No. 387509

Would you be satisfied with an app that has 25 users at most?

No. 387528

Is it normal to get a low libido for three months in a row? I have not been able to find the will to masturbate for so long.

No. 387531

Also users that are femcels, polilezzes, lonely straight anons that just want friends and couple of lurking troons lmao.

No. 387608

I thought femcels were just a meme

No. 387613

Femcel is a mental state of mind

No. 387621

Would it be weird if I wore tight-fitting clothes to meet my lesbian friends, or would it seem like I'm trying to seduce them? I don't want to make it awkward between us.

No. 387622

Are you an actual retard serious question

No. 387624

No. 387628

I am a femcel for demographic reasons. I’m Black and Muslim in a mostly White/Asian area so it’s challenging to find someone who will understand me well enough to be my gf. I unironically would like a gay version of BLK even if there were only 20 users in my area lol.

No. 387639

If you normally wear that style it won't seem weird at all. If you're randomly wearing something super outside of your usual look then it will be confusing, though I doubt anyone would assume you're trying to seduce them specifically.

No. 387666

It has the same colors as the genderqueer flag, as an ex-queer theory type I first thought that's what the colors meant when cryptos used it.

No. 387755

What dating app should I get if I live in Melbourne? The pros and cons of dating me are listed below:

>6.5/10 face
>not fat
>enjoys the outdoors (hiking, kayaking, gardening)
>have my own place
>can play football (AFL)
>sensible with money

>mental baggage from years of isolation
>don’t like having my photo taken
>self hating lesbian
>regularly whinge about my corporate job that I don’t enjoy
>bad breath no matter how well I brush and floss my teeth/tongue

No. 387757

The bad breath is too much big of a con, have you tried consulting a doctor about it? It would've been a dealbreaker for me.

No. 387803

I miss when she would put her hair in a messy bun before she ate me out

No. 387806

You might be depressed, nonna

No. 387855

Get your fucking rotting teeth/gut checked for the breath there is no excuse.

No. 387857

Do you by any chance get tonsil stones? Those can make you smell really bad even if you practice good dental hygiene. There's nothing you can do about them, they're fucking gross. If you aren't sure what they are look it up.

The other thing is if you are like on keto diet or not eating much at all that can cause bad smell coming up from your stomach.

Try to figure out what's causing it, bad breath is a deal killer for almost everyone. Or I guess start chewing gum when you go out.

No. 387878

Nonnas she read my texts on monday but hasn’t replied since sunday.. am I being ghosted? I wonder if she’s just tired from work but even then she’d always respond at the end of the day. I guess I should have suspected something when she said stuff like “I’m not like those people who ghost or some shit” or “I’m honest I’ll tell you how it is” kek. I just got my hopes up when she gushed about all the plans she had for us.
Her last texts were saying she got out of a relationship recently and wasn’t ready for a new one, but she still wanted us to be friends, likes spending time with me, and wants to hang out again in the future. Maybe it was all just bullshit and her way of easing out of this.

No. 387899

she’s probably semi ghosting because she knows you’ve latched on

No. 387909

Latched on? I did genuinely want to be friends so I guess? I was already losing interest (romantically) because I noticed we wanted very different things out of life, plus she kept making me do everything according to her whims (like calling me while I’m driving to tell me to stop and wait, so we can arrive at our date at the same time so she’s not late) We also live 40-50 minutes apart so it got really draining when she turned down my ideas, decided on date locations close to her place, texted me about getting ready, and I drive there only to find out last minute she can’t make it (for understandable reasons though, I know it sounds bs but trust me). She’s still a fun and sweet person and we had a great time together, so I wanted to stay friends, so when she ended up saying that same thing I was relieved.

I don’t know why she’d say all that stuff about making spotify playlists for us, being my #1 supporter for my dream, wanting to travel with me, wanting to help me with a community project, and not expect me to latch on a little. She reached out and I accepted.
Plus my last texts were me agreeing with her about hanging out, then telling her about some volunteer work on the weekends. (for context I mentioned volunteering making meals for underprivileged communities, and she said she wanted to do it too because it sounds fun, that she’d love to garden, make meals, and give to the community and that I should let her know the next time we’re doing it. So I told her I’d let her know if there’s anything on the weekends where she’s free, but no pressure if she can’t do it). I wasn’t trying to push anything serious, I was talking to her like I do with my friends.

No. 387937

God I hate zoomers so much. I'm not even the type to think you can't be lesbian if you even locked eyes with a moid at 2 years old but the zoomer girls at my uni are insane. All of the "lesbians" there believe you can be lesbian and enjoy having sex with men, you can be a pan/bi lesbian, etc. The few who don't believe in this are complete handmaidens for troons and would die for them and think PiV sex can be gay, they are absolutely vile and hateful towards anyone who doesn't support this backwards sexist homophobic ideology. How do you even contest with people like this? I thought they only existed online but I was wrong. How do you respond to people who get their info from tiktok and think bis can be lesbians? They don't understand their opposite-sex attraction privilege. They will all end up with moids within 10 years and they don't think this makes them any less gay. They don't understand the loneliness that comes with only liking women. I'm so miserable and jaded. The only zoomers who don't fall for this are straight up homophobic muslims. Society is really going backwards. They don't care about preserving homosexuals identity or safeguarding for women, they care more about virtue signalling for moids and muslims at my uni. Do you really think this will ever go away? Somebody give me some hope for this generation.

No. 387939

At this point I will be happy to find any zoomer at my uni who is GC and not homophobic, whether they are straight, gay, moids, girls, etc. I just want to know they exist.

No. 387944

There is no reason to respond or state your opinion, we are at that point that if you dare to as much as to say among zoomer girls that you don't believe in lesbians having sex with even regular moids, you already are a bigot and gatekeeper. Saying anything other than "anyone can be a lesbian uwu" will inevitably make everyone suspicious about you. This is also why you'd rarely if ever will hear a differing opinion to the current norm. Zoomer girls, even if they do not believe in this bullshit, just do not want to be ostracized, so it's easier to stay silent. I had tried to discreetly tell my opinion to my uni friends, but of course it didn't go well at all. In my uni it's not only zoomers who are almost exclusively gendies, but even lots of people over 30.

No. 387948

I want to come out as GC anyway, just to separate the wheat from the chaff and figure out who will be my true friends. I don't want to waste my time anymore on people who think I'm satan just for having this opinion. But I would like a career in research and I'm a bit scared that it will harm my career prospects, is that possible?

No. 387949

I don't know about how it is in your field, it might not be as bad, but I'd still personally be really cautious about things I say, drop hints and not tell it straight away, since you never know if these people will work with you later. If you are too bold about it, information about you might spread to the future employers or commissioners. But again, it might be just that I'm paranoid. I do hope it would not affect your prospects and everything will work out for you!

No. 387952

Thank you nonna. Maybe I will start with using the suffragette flag on my socials and tell people I am GC without elaborating much, I'm in STEM so I think it could be way worse.

No. 387969

>Do you really think this will ever go away? Somebody give me some hope for this generation.
I feel the same way. I'm overly pessimistic so I honestly don't think much will improve and these types will only crop up more in the future. Personally I wouldn't bother trying to befriend these GSA/queer types of "gay" people, I'm only friends with normie straight women who don't care about trannyshit and I'm much happier for it. Sorry you're surrounded by these types, you're better off avoiding them for your own sanity.

It's highly unlikely you'll lose your job for having basic GC opinions like "trans women shouldn't play in women's sports/lesbians only like biological females/etc." especially in the STEM field because these are all opinions normal people have. A lot of normies won't admit it until they're comfortable but most of them do not recognize troons as their identified gender and only go along with them to be nice (I've had friends admit this to me and even during my handmaiden days I thought this). I wouldn't advise openly calling troons bathroom rapists or purposely "misgendering" trans people obviously but reality isn't as dogmatic on defending them compared to the internet. But if you're in compsci just don't say anything GC/trans related because you might enrage some 35 year old Lilith.

No. 387971

using the suffragette flag will out you as being like the boomer uk terfs to the terminally online TRA types.

No. 387992

would rather date a lib normie lesbian who performatively supports trannies without actually interacting with them, than a terminally online gender crit sperg who’s like weirdly obsessed w trans shit

No. 387993