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File: 1618577424910.jpg (82.27 KB, 671x761, 6f04c1491c4ce2b53a7bd37182bd39…)

No. 21723

A thread for actual complaints and suggestions staff will actually take the time to read. Filling the thread with spam or your personal vendettas will result in an immediate ban from /meta/. Coming here to pretend you didn't evade a permaban will result in another permaban. This thread may also be used in an emergency when abuse material is posted. Take technical questions to the appropriate thread.
This thread is not for:
- "can you ban this anon?"
Use the report system and don't waste our time.
- "Can you lock this thread because I don't personally like it?"
Use the fucking hide thread feature. If the thread violates a global or board rule then use the report system.
- "Bring back a banned topic!"
- "Hi cow! Hi scrote!"
If you complain about a ban, at least post the actual ban in question. You can also always appeal or email admin@lolcow.farm if you want the matter discussed in private.

No. 21725

Admin, you used to say that the GC anons were "racist" and that's why you hated them but now we are "sjws"? That's why you gave a star to that copypasta-looking post? You can't seriously complain about "sjws" while going around and accusing people of being "racist" towards you or whatever. Nobody even was anyway.

No. 21728

Please ban the scrote that's posting those fucked up gifs, thank you

No. 21729

File: 1618586093143.gif (1.82 MB, 387x498, 03595da846cd49e9574f84c8d6cec4…)

Thank you jannies!!! Bless you all

No. 21732

File: 1618597142560.jpeg (220.03 KB, 750x885, A368AD9B-68FF-4245-9726-C4E873…)

Dumbest ban I’ve ever received. Care to explain why?

No. 21733

Read the rules and find out.

No. 21734

Doesn’t qualify as infighting when it was a shit thread. Mods will make any excuse to ban anyone.

No. 21735

I think this thread is unnecesary, I'll be reporting it as a double.

No. 21736

>A thread for actual complaints and suggestions staff will actually take the time to read.
I'm sorry does that mean you never read the other one?

>You can also always appeal or email admin@lolcow.farm if you want the matter discussed in private.

Actual complaint: no one ever responds in that email

No. 21737

Just give this site to someone else already

No. 21738

yeah what exactly does GC/PP have to do with sjws? isn't it essentially the opposite?

No. 21739

It means that the previous thread was clogged with infighting and other off-topic garbage that made it harder to read actual complaints and emergency reports.

No. 21740

File: 1618610642570.gif (87.16 KB, 220x165, admin in her room.gif)

holy shit you're actually awake

No. 21741

File: 1618615132269.png (76.86 KB, 570x625, shit.png)

Proof mods don't even research the bans: the thing I posted isn't kpop. And it was on the dumbass shit thread because it was dumbass shit. Is this hellweek? This was a minor offense. Seriously.

No. 21742

nonnie your ip is showing
just take the two hour ban, it's not that long

No. 21743

Your appeal was accepted hours ago.

No. 21744

It's okay the internet boogeyman won't come and kill me in my sleep

No. 21745

>"can you ban this anon?"
This is what happens when multiple people are reporting an anon but nothing gets done about it and said anon continues to samefag, ban evade and shit up a thread

No. 21749

>no one ever responds in that email

That's not true. I reached to admin on that email when my IP was banned on accident through VPN stuff some months ago and she answered within an hour.

No. 21752

I couldn't imagine being this pressed over a 2 hour ban honestly, especially when what you posted was indeed annoying and could've been anywhere else besides dumbass shit thread. Why'd you make multiple separated posts like that as if we truly care about it? Why'd you bold it like that? Even if it is "jpop" why didn't you post it in /m/ where it belonged?

No. 21756

I was a baiting sperg and expected to be banned for that but I got banned for ban evasion because the farmhand thought I was the anon banned above despite me just making a joke that I'll be banned like she was. In fact I was a separate degen. Sorry for causing confusion.

No. 21757

The last thread devolved into infighting and stayed a mess because admin and co just checked out and stayed out. It could've been fixed with some attention and (gasp) actually deleting shit but nah, just let it crash and burn then write a new thread that will be totally different. Just like the last one was going to be totally different.
Just give up already, admin. You burned out quite a while ago and it really shows. Either embrace the fail or move on to greener pastures.

No. 21758

Stop bullying admin, you've got threads upon threads of cows to bully, go contribute

No. 21760

Exactly how much time must pass before a thread is considered "dead"? Not the OP but I was surprised to see someone get dinged for necroing after 6 days.

No. 21761

I'm retarded sorry


No. 21762

Fuck you and everyone else who posts here you are undeserving of everything i hope you all kill yourselves

No. 21763

take it to the vent thread babe

No. 21764

If a cow from a while back does something milky is it too late to post because they've been dry for too long? I guess them doing one milky thing after weeks of nothing is pretty boring but if an old cow was consistently doing something could they be necro'd?

No. 21765

You spelt scrot wrong.

No. 21766

What’s upset you hun

No. 21768

File: 1618808781164.jpg (77.09 KB, 1024x790, D2sfa3ZX4AAa1A7.jpg)


No. 21770

I thought it was anything irrelevant after 30 days is considered a nerco. Pretty sure you can bump the thread if you're not bumping it with aids.

No. 21771

File: 1618846699104.jpg (138.5 KB, 1036x584, theydoitforfree.jpg)

I would have assumed 30 days but apparently that isn't the case.


No. 21772

Even still learn to embed and not just pay a link asking if people have seen it. What is the context? Is it her video or someone else why is it relevant or is it off topic?

No. 21773

Looks like some retarded youtube commentary that I didn't watch. As the red text was for necro and not stupid shit no1curr or learn2embed my question is simply "how long before something qualifies as a thread necro". I don't specifically care about that post.

No. 21775

NTA. People have explained to you that's it's NOT NECRO if the post is valuable information such as a relevant video, which is what >>21772 was saying. So it wouldn't matter if it was 3 years before the last post or 3 months: if it's relevant, it won't be necro'd. Had that user embedded and we actually knew more information on the video besides some link and "it involves kiki", it probably wouldn't have been redtexted.

Other people have answered your real question already. 30 days is usually it, but more on the otgm boards. I've seen shorter necros on pt/snow/w because usually it's the cows themselves trying to remain relevant. (Hence why sometimes you get necro spammers)

Drop the attitude, people are actually trying to answer your question– not attack you, moron.

No. 21776

lol calm down, you read an awful lot of emotion into my post that wasn't there. Thanks for answering my question.

No. 21777

nigga you kept getting answers so that anon had to spell it out letter for letter for you. glad to see you finally comprehended it.

No. 21779

File: 1618868295688.gif (484.55 KB, 800x450, 9ut.gif)

>Drop the attitude
>makes a big angry post
I love /meta/

No. 21780

NTA but it's weird that a post was called necro after a few days. If the thread is active it's not necro.

No. 21784

There's a difference between sounding the way I sounded when an anon is being Big Dummy vs asking a question and getting snippy when people answer it for you.
>As the red text was for necro and not stupid shit no1curr or learn2embed my question is simply
That's attitude if I've ever seen it.

This is fair. Probs some newfag janny or something

No. 21786

File: 1618896354997.jpg (39.35 KB, 540x539, 80b.jpg)

>Admin makes new thread because the previous one was full of infighting and autism
>New thread fills with infighting and autism

No. 21787

Fictional CP/Beastality on /W/

No. 21788

>Fictional CP

No. 21789

Yes, Loli and animated drawings of CP acts. If you saw some you’d complain too because it’s disgusting.

No. 21792

I'd rather know if it's IRL or just drawings since one is greatly worse than the other and illegal. At least I could still go to a board if it's just degenerate art vs what scrotes were spamming boards with if I clicked catalog.

No. 21793

Jackie posting in Vickys thread is amusing but shouldn’t she be verified?

No. 21794

Loli cp on /W/

No. 21796

Loli gore on /g/

No. 21797

Loli gore on /g/

No. 21798

Loli horse cp on /w/

No. 21803

loli gore on /w/

No. 21804

Annoying schizo spamming his ramblings everywhere. Newsflash scrote it isn't 2009 anymore. Also posted their keyboard vomit here >>>/snow/1213179

No. 21806

Someone is posting porn in /snow/

No. 21807

Dont you think its a little retarded that Jackie keeps getting banned in the Victoria Bella Morte thread? Shes a person who has lived with Vick and knows her personally. Not to mention Vick has been kind of dry lately and Jackie is one of the few people answering questions and giving consistent screen caps. I'm certain whatever mod banned her didn't look at the context of the post. Can't you verify her or something? Asking to her to integrate is a bit silly

No. 21808

File: 1619005961939.png (130.39 KB, 2718x230, Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 07.5…)

Here's an example of what I mean. This person was banned for "cowtipping" despite not being a farmer/knowing Victoria irl. At least get the person monitoring this thread to pay attention, you know?

No. 21809

You guys always say this in hopes a mod knows where a cow lives to even try to traject who is posting with an IP anywhere close to where a cow might live. I don't know how you guys expect mods to identify who is posting unless its actually the same IP and the cow has posted before using that IP, but even then, a new device can change it too. And how would this disregard larping cow anons?

No. 21810

I'm mostly commenting cause its annoying for Jackie to get banned every other day. Also shouldn't the context of the comment matter? Imo the only things that's important. I'm sure most people don't expect anyone to check everyone's IP

No. 21811

Maybe Jackie should either integrate and then maybe email admin with verification. How would you expect admin to very someone solely based on their ip address?

No. 21812

And what if they are using a VPN? Mods don't have a way to verify themselves. Asking them to is dumb as hell unless the person with that IP, and never posts outside their IP connection or uses a different device, sends their ID to a mod, its just always going to be tinfoil about who is posting. Maybe just stop saying hi cow. Someone not agreeing with you doesn't mean they are whiteknighting or that they are the cow.

No. 21813

She can get a trip code. But she’s honestly should just follow the rules too

No. 21814

Jackie has made it clear she has no intention to integrate and tbh I think she is low IQ Guelph trash like Vic and couldn't figure it out even if she wanted to.
I'd be fine with jannies letting her get away with it for milk purposes, but I also appreciate them slapping bans on retards posting.

No. 21817

>I'd be fine with jannies letting her get away with it for milk purposes

its not like she reveals anything good. anon asks questions
>teeth bad?
>yes teeth bad
>yes very

its never anything good just parroting what is asked and not even insight like people want to believe. the same who think this is revelatory are the types to believe mystics. its all what you want to hear.

No. 21818

Hello, I got doxxed and harassed and my social media was shared in one of the threads even though I have nothing to do with the drama. Please help me delete it.

No. 21819

Link the threads here so we know which posts you're talking about.

No. 21820

It’s this one. Someone shared my Instagram and said really messed up things about me. I have nothing to do with the drama. The reason why I knew about this thread because I overwhelmingly received many threats on my personal Instagram account. Please help me delete it, thank you.

No. 21822

>Note: Talking shit about you, calling you names, or screenshotting your social media pages is not stalking, is not against the rules, and is not illegal.

Oh and show us proof of these "threats" you received from a 6 year old thread.

No. 21823

File: 1619066563177.jpeg (142.25 KB, 1125x212, 28BE48C1-3AB0-4D78-B17D-8D674C…)

According to this rule : you’re not supposed to doxx and drag people who have nothing to do with the thread. I got Instagram messages that I deleted enventually. That person is calling me and my husband pedophiles it’s not just talking shit.

No. 21824

I do not own the depop mentioned. I have nothing to do with those people mentioned, the reason why I knew about this is because I received many messages on my Instagram account.

No. 21827

Petition to redtext all variations of _____fishing like we have for "triggered", "POC" and "nonny".

No. 21828

you know, genuinely, i wish some of you ladies would stop poking shit. its a rule to not cowtip but its okay if you do it winky face if you dont revealhow you got insight. i have no clue why this chick was posted shes probable a dumb internet whore like the rest of them but too many people instigate shit i wish they would learn that some of the best shit comes from when you just leave people be. they make fools of themselves enough

No. 21829

Use the report function instead of quadruple posting you autist. Gomen for minimod but Jesus Christ

No. 21830

Uh… no. It means interactions with the cow to get milk or trigger milk too.

No. 21831

stfu i know what it means, cowtipping, telling someone their being posted here. i guess my drunk ass was mad that some one you guys cant refuse interacting with people posted here just to get a reaction.

but that is exactly what you shouldnt do. too many people come here and get worked up over some stuff then message people and their family and friends and stuff. werent you there for shays drama with her sister or whatever.

No. 21832

It's also manufacturing milk by interacting with a cow, not just mentioning lolcow. Learn2integrate

No. 21834

>Belle pedosperg confirmed

Why don't mods ban you? Everything you post is garbage tinfoil and you're just trying to make milk when there isn't any by trying to stalk their family and post them, regardless of who the cow is on multiple boards.

No. 21835

yes exactly what i said

No. 21836

>too many people come here and get worked up over some stuff then message people and their family and friends and stuff.

its not just mentioning the farm i know. but the people who try to bait people into doing shit just because. messaging them or their family. linking their thread or just even bitching at them about why they suck. like think about the thread where that one streamer raped his girlfriend while live and people wouldnt leave his family alone and shit.

there is no way lolcow could get to where we functioned the same as when tumblr shoplifters were doxed but my whole complaint is that newfags poke cows and want to stir drama when there shoudlnt

i dont go on /w/

No. 21837

Technically that's poop-touching. Cowtipping was originally just used to describe "tipping off" cows about their threads, but now the phrase has kind of expanded to also include poop-touching.

No. 21838

Poop touching came from LSA and the likes, it wasn't originally used here. This anon is right >>21832

No. 21839

"Touching the poop" has been around for ages. I think it started on SomethingAwful.

No. 21840

That's nice. Different board culture though, anon.

No. 21841

Someone make a new pro Ana scumbags thread pls it's at max reply limit & im retarded

No. 21842

Why is the new Venus angelic thread still in auto-sage?
I can understand for the previous threads because they were shit but the new one is better because all the scrotes and most moralfags left because she stopped posting on onlyfans.
Pls un-sage the new thread,TY

No. 21843

also its kinda hard for other anons to find the thread about her since its in autosage.
I didnt even know there was a new thread about her until i skimmed through all the pages on /w/

No. 21844

The same reason your retards force all threads to be saged: tinfoiling, making up milk,putting in your "I think..", posting old milk.. You really can't see why? And you can find her thread just fine. She isn't that far down.

No. 21845

>i skimmed through all the pages on /w/
just use the catalog

No. 21846

How do you know that the people who made those posts are the same people who tinfoil and so on? Schitzo.

No. 21847

I'm referring to why all her threads are autosaged. Might not be the same anons. I meant in general by anons who do these things.

No. 21848

Moralfags are fagging up the slutcasino/ruby mae thread with their infighting.

No. 21849

Anyone noticed that there seems to be a higher of influx of scrotes here lately?

No. 21850

i haven't noticed more scrotes but definitely more unintegrated newfags sperging all over the place

No. 21851

I know we're not supposed to complain here but they've been shitting up the thread for a day now and are still going despite reports.
Fyi if jannies don't know bc new thread, Subjects are 16+ and all info archived is publicly available. Some pearl clutching Karen figured out how to sage in thread.

No. 21852

cp in /g/

No. 21853

They’re not on pt the scrotes/pedos.
That leaves it for /g/ and /ot/. Aka old non farmers complaining about newer nonfarmers basically…retarded as fuck and also uninteresting as fuck. lol.

No. 21855

File: 1619395879498.jpeg (330.17 KB, 750x1064, 16F3098B-A2E7-42A9-ACC9-FAE124…)

Unreasonable ban, plus doesn’t make any sense (also I think you’re racist)
global rule #7:
>Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting)

/ot/ rule # 7:

>Don’t go into a thread to complain about the exact same thread. Hide threads you don’t want to see and take topic complaints to /meta/.

No. 21856

>posts a pic of shit to mock OP image instead of providing anything valuable to the thread
kek okay

No. 21858

So is anything going to be done about the tucker carlson derailing in the unconventional attractive thread? The whole photoshopping and "next Adam driver" thing is becoming annoying and derailing.

No. 21859

Two questions
Can we have random /pt/ and /snow/ Hell weekends/days? Or a long Hellweek soon? Plzzz admin

Also, is there a way to be a low key jannyor mandated reporter? Like I don't want to delve into /ot/ or be subjected to cp but I make a lot of reports of blogging, name fagging, infighting, non-sage contribution etc in the threads I'm familiar with in /pt/ and /snow/ and if there was a way to screen out the basic reports I'd be happy to be a basic click/accept/reject mod and leave the "fill in the blank" or questionable reports up to the next level.

There was a previous suggestion of a drop down menu for reporting of basic rule violations. I know it's coding but maybe it's something to consider? Leave basic "namefag" etc reports to low level jannies so mods can focus on real shit?

No. 21860

>t. shanefag

No. 21861

How about you get a fucking life and log off for once?

No. 21862

Why don’t you read the fucking description of this thread, you absolute mongoloid.

No. 21863

What the fuck

No. 21864

It's /g and the unconventional dudes you find attractive thread.

Let people enjoy things. I mean do you need to talk discuss that many important things in there? I feel like the thread is actually a lot of fun so far.

No. 21865

You're so mad about this and for what?

No. 21866

Except at this point, it has become a derail and people are rarely posting unconventionally attractive males. They're fanfic-ing about tucker and whatever else retards. Go check for yourself. It's become a derail.

No. 21867

File: 1619442402163.jpg (1.23 MB, 972x5220, Screenshot_20210426-090452_Chr…)

samefag. Hmm… I read thread description…. says "post unconventional males" not "fanfic discussion about what unconventional males would do and derailing."

No. 21868

You know that phrase “be the change you wish to see in the world”? Well, post the males you wish to see in the thread, and stfu.

No. 21869

If people don't post enough unconventional attractive men as it is, why not let Anons have their fun? It's literally a thread on lolcow on /g not a class at university where you should stay on topic or a thread on a certain cow in /pt or whatever. If people want to talk about their Tucker Carlson fantasies why not. The thread hasn't been this active since forever. So post some dudes or hide the thread

No. 21870

Ohohoho, so you consider Tucker to be mainstream attractive? So do I, dude, but nobody else seems to think so.

No. 21871

The toppest of the keks I'd expect nothing less from tucker anon
Anyway so like whats the general stand on the current state of the thread?

No. 21872

Probably the autism will die down in a few days but I agree that thread basically turned into the retarded shitpost thread

No. 21873

He's a political figure, it's obviously bait.

No. 21874

Yeah it's annoying. That thread is probably one of my favorites on /g but I feel that some of the fun has been taken out of it when anons are essentially namefagging and shitposting. But I agree with the other anons that we should just leave it be. People will just shitpost harder if you tell them to stop.

No. 21875

shitposting makes threads more fun tbh

No. 21876

Mods, will we ever get the kpop containment threads back? I don't even follow kpop but I enjoyed reading through through threads and it seems many anons miss them, maybe they could have a trial thread to see they can behave?

No. 21877

I feel like there's been a big increase in single-word replies of "cringe" or "based". The words are fine I guess, I mean I use the former especially, but if that's all you have to say it usually doesn't contribute much to discussion and can feel lazy and repetitive when you see it a lot. Some of these posts are unsaged; these are likely newfags doing a "hello fellow imageboard users". Again the words themselves are fine and even the one word posts like that can be fine and made by otherwise contributing farmers but idk just something I've noticed last few weeks

No. 21878

You can use the new k-imageboard since K-pop was banned on crystal.cafe

No. 21879

Thanks for letting me know, I will

No. 21881

Vtuber shitspergs are posting in the twitch thread now. Please stop this cancer from spreading.

No. 21882

cp in /pt/

No. 21884

I thought it was me being an autist so I kept silent and didn't report but yeah, the one liners like "based" or "cringe" are annoying (the latter being everywhere on LC these days)
Imo, it isn't much different than just writing "kek" "lol" and nothing else.

No. 21885

File: 1619522203026.png (645.75 KB, 865x819, 1619285732489.png)

>Vtuber shitspergs are posting in the twitch thread now. Please stop this cancer from spreading.

No. 21887

Mods, might want to wrangle in the vendetta posters in the Belle thread. They are on a nitpicking fit and now doing this retarded sperging because not every anon thinks she's ugly and finds nitpicking milk. Also the constant "hi belle"ing >>>/w/147443

No. 21888

File: 1619546124367.jpg (205.96 KB, 1080x541, Screenshot_20210427-105019_Sam…)

No. 21889

what's with all the terrible cringey reaction images lately?

No. 21890


No. 21891

That's nasty

No. 21893

Can mods please take the actual time to deal with WKs and active derailers in the Belle thread instead of constantly catering to the WKs?

Not sure if stuff hasn’t been done since sometimes the bans aren’t red texted, but it’s like the same person coming to the thread to call everyone jealous and mean/nitpicky because they aren’t praising the cow, but consistently revisits to complain, derail, and topic police. I’ve only noticed people across the aisle getting slapped with red text and not the active sus WK who complains in meta AND thread about no milk or what is or isn’t qualifying as milk.

Like this user. Who’s clearly a WK and probably same anon from last meta complaint thread.

It’s getting honestly exhausting trying to read with the WKs consistently in thread and people just baiting them to further derailment for luls. Jfc

Thankfully there’s new milk now, but holy kek please do something about the whiny WK for once. Please and thank you ♥

No. 21894

Can mods reveal the post ID of the belle white knight? I think it will be really funny.

No. 21895

This. Belle thread has a WK who attacks everyone posting there.

No. 21899

someone wrangle the spergs in celebricows already

No. 21900

Jaelle (pretending not to be Jaelle) is shitting up the Nika & Jaelle thread, mods please help

No. 21901

Where is the fucking mods in Ashley’s/Maddies thread??? There’s this one sperg there that won’t stfu and they need to be banned yesterday

No. 21902

I’ve been reporting them for 4 hours, must be farmhands day off

No. 21904

some spergs ban evade. its not terribly hard but its a good indicator of autism

No. 21905

Yeup. It’s made worse when people won’t stop playing into them and getting triggered/replying. Which is exactly what’s happening in the Ashley/maddie thread. Someone should post that “this is bait” pic kek

No. 21906

Not agreeing she's ugly isn't whiteknighting and not thinking filters is milk isn't either. You guys go on tangents, nitpicking the same old photos every thread and having nothing new to say. That rape anon isn't me being a whiteknight to report. It was straight autistic embarrassment. cope

No. 21907

File: 1619587446169.jpeg (74.08 KB, 514x333, D5B9611E-D58C-4E2D-9F26-4704D5…)

Hmmm, you’re rather heavily invested in this aren’t you dear?

No. 21908

The Belle thread is always so embarrassing, you can taste the desperation and jealousy from some of these posters who have to upload the same unflattering photo every thread, insist she’s actually not making money, and go as far as edit wrinkles onto her to prove she’s busted. It’s just the same criticisms day in and day out meanwhile she hasn’t even been active since february when she plugged that keyboard collab. There’s some photo of her at a theme park now which is the first droplet of skim milk in months.

No. 21909

Can you show me the photos where they’ve “edited wrinkles” on to her? Or have they just posted pics of her unfiltered face?
I agree her looking fat at Alton towers isn’t milk, but is it really worth sperging to meta about?

No. 21910

File: 1619587980448.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3024x4030, DAE5F52E-09FB-429F-9F46-B4FBE3…)

You’re literally triggered enough by people calling her ugly that you came to complain here and call it nitpicking/vendetta posting (some were, validly - but not all). Take your own advice and cope. You’re heavily WKing Belle in the thread with ridiculous logic that easily gets countered, and so here you are crying for farmhands.

Suspiciously invested or just that much of a WK - who knows.

No. 21911

What logic? That I don't think she's ugly but you do, so I must be wrong? You sound so unhinged about being reported. Lol

No. 21912

It's so cringy and telling when anons are posting together or device hopping because this retarded ass patting always happens amongst the vendetta posters. You fags did this in the nicole thread too and mikan thread.

No. 21913

It’s really weird, I feel like the constant accusations that people are purposely editing her to look worse or that everyone in the thread is a failed sex worker vendetta chan would get shot down immediately in threads on other photoshop addicted OF cows like PNP or Shayna, and it’s not like everyone behaves in those threads either. People definitely need to stop responding to the bait but this feels like an obvious case for banning the autist(s) posting about how much of a disney princess she naturally looks like and picking fights. Would be nice to just get a response from the farmhands about why it’s not happening?

No. 21914

Not the anons reported, but honestly not interested in WK tirades and frankly sick of reading white knight anons derail the thread consistently since the previous one. You’re upset about them not finding Belle’s filtered image attractive. Sounds a bit hypocritical of you to cry about them not finding the same about your thoughts. Circular logic imo. This isn’t a fansite so idk what you think this is..? Posters full of jealousy and desperation? That reeks of white knight logic. Sorrynot sorry.

Here’s to hoping mods take note. The WKs are ruining all of the Belle threads imo. Afaik I’ve only ever seen one WK get slapped with the cry in meta red text, but here we are.

Please mods, this is getting annoying to read through with constant WK and bait.

No. 21915

There's literally an anon who mentions they are an ex sexworker who has tried warning girls of the DaNgErS of sex work. So yeah, that's why people are calling the sperg anon an failed sex worker. Also keeps mentioning how they couldn't dare degrade themselves. They outted themselves and keeps self blog posting.

No. 21916

The issue is you can comment that you don't think something looks bad after anons caption a photo with how much they hate her and then anons flock to demand you think she looks ugly and you must agree because look at this photo of a rat and her. Come on.

No. 21917

God you are such an embarrassing retard.have a day off.

No. 21918

I can see the other side of that, and it sometimes is the nature of the bull on LC - but it’s like a moment of reading the room prior to making a comment of that nature?

No. 21919

They keep self posting about their experience and even said they were on/in magazines. Why are you mad? Lol

No. 21920

And what if I posted a photo saying she looked nice? This may be a gossip site, but its not a straight up hate site. I'm indifferent about her, but anons literally put a stop at any praise because they are so hell bent on proving how old and ugly she is just from a simple "I don't think she looks that bad here." Then spam the same photo repeatedly. Or bring up some rando pedo she has on facebook to prove a point that isnt there and trying to say his drama is her's just to force tinfoil milk.

No. 21921

I’m not a regular in the thread, pretty sure the only time I’ve posted in the current one for her was to say I don’t think we can assume she’s getting fat off that one picture, but glancing through it now that everyone is shitting up meta because of it, I don’t think she’s the only one who doesn’t find belle attractive thats getting called a failed sex worker vendetta chan. She also got redtexted for her blogposting, so I’m not sure what else you want farmhands to do about her.

No. 21922

Take the fucking belle sperging back to your containment thread god damn

No. 21923

Nothing. I'm responding to the anon saying anons are referencing an anon who is one. Some anons are identifiable, so looks like they just refer to their posts as that anon. They have posted after the redtext too.

No. 21924

Literally one person said that one time. Stop lying/exaggerating
>“They keep saying it! They’re all doing it! Admin!!! Admin!!!! Admin PLEASE stop them!!!!”
Why are you so frantic? Why don’t you have a nice cuppa tea and some biccys. Take a break.

No. 21925

Sorry, anon. Just needed mods to get a real glance that the crybaby WK was the real consistent issue in the thread. Back to containment we go.

No. 21926

Good you need help.

No. 21927

KEK. You’re the one who obviously needs help. You’re the one with a deranged obsession. So we don’t think belle is a beautiful intelligent businesswoman, and is instead homely and stupid. So what? Cry about it.
>ok failed sex worker!!!
>ok! Seethe jealous femcel!!!
>omg go get help!
>omg cope!!
You literally lurk the thread every single day.

No. 21928

No one said any of that. All anons have been saying is that her nose looks fine and some photos aren't ugly.

No. 21929

You’re the one complaining that “nobodies allowed to say she looks pretty!”
Well…nobodies allowed to say she DOESNT look pretty according to you? Nobodies allowed to say her nose job is a failure and looks like shit. Nobodies allowed to call her bf fat. Why is that? Why are you so invested? I literally promise you, if you stop shitting up the thread, it will die. People literally just want to bait you into a meltdown because it’s so easy and you’re unhinged.

No. 21930


No. 21931

Belle is washed up, fat and ugly.

No. 21932

This WK cries about it whenever anons send any unfiltered photo of Belle. Some anon claimed Belle looks like a Pixar character with heavily filtered photos and other anons posted her real face to show she doesn't.

No. 21933

honestly, I’m kind of tired of this bait and switch with the WK. It’s just constant derailment with twisted misconstrued logic. Usually WK shenanigans.

It will never end…even here.

No. 21934

Reveal the poster I.D like they did when Erin was shifting up her own thread.

No. 21935

I don't think you understand what a whiteknight is

No. 21936

coming to the defense of a cow and calling people desperate and jealous for not thinking she looks attractive or calling out a cows differences between her filtered shoops and candids is most definitely WK behavior.

No. 21937

A white knight is someone who relentlessly brigades a thread standing up for a cow. That’s you. You’re a white knight.

No. 21938

Please put out farmhand applications if u guys need help, the lack of mods is very obvious right now

No. 21939

seconding this. i've seen multiple threads in desperate need of wrangling the past few days - like the totally-not-jaelle sperg who's been going at it for the past 48 hours on the jaelle/nika thread. it's getting genuinely embarrassing at this point

No. 21941

Mods answer question plz

I find Dua Lipa to be very overrated, don't get me wrong, if I woke up tomorrow looking exactly like her my ugly ass would be delighted!kek but as a celebrity I don't understand why everyone says she's so beautiful, her lack of carisma doesn't help one bit.(BPD)

No. 21944



No. 21946

anon you should have kept this retarded sperg in the discord….

No. 21947

Can we get hellweek going? And include the offtopic boards too?

No. 21948

why are we getting a new admin? I feel like there's a lack of communication lately.

No. 21949


No. 21950

I can only hope admin screens the applicants properly. You just know the scrotes and trannies would love to weasel their way into the position and fuck everything up.

No. 21951

she'll probably pick a scrote because she hates us

No. 21952

Why offtopic too?
Not that I'm inherently against ist just wondering

No. 21953

OT isn't exempt from other board rules which people think it is which is the issue.

No. 21955

it's called off topic for a reason tho. what else could possibly be banned, it actually seems chill now

No. 21956

I just checked the application and it doesn't even have a section asking which sex the applicant is, like that's not important to consider.

No. 21957

Are you implying I would take someone's word for it solely based off the application?

No. 21959

Some scrotes unaware of and ignorant to this board's culture and demographic may be retarded enough to fill in their sex honestly thinking it will work in their favour, considering the position requires knowledge in programming language which is (unfortunately) male dominated. So I can see scrotes proudly adding "male" to their application thinking it will make their programming ability and application in general, perceived as superior and more likely to be selected. Adding sex selection to the application could help weed out scrotes and act as a trap because since when do males ever fail to announce they own a dick and balls.

Of course how the application fields are filled and the writing style may be easy to identify if applicant is a scrote or not, but adding sex options could potentially make it even easier since a lot of scrotes' pride in being male will make them write it. That's what I theorise anyway.

No. 21960

Don't backtrack now

No. 21961

File: 1619735340208.png (348.49 KB, 1080x1164, 1616800683926.png)

>Some scrotes unaware of and ignorant to this board's culture and demographic may be retarded enough to fill in their sex honestly thinking it will work in their favour, considering the position requires knowledge in programming language which is (unfortunately) male dominated. So I can see scrotes proudly adding "male" to their application thinking it will make their programming ability and application in general, perceived as superior and more likely to be selected. Adding sex selection to the application could help weed out scrotes and act as a trap because since when do males ever fail to announce they own a dick and balls.

>Of course how the application fields are filled and the writing style may be easy to identify if applicant is a scrote or not, but adding sex options could potentially make it even easier since a lot of scrotes' pride in being male will make them write it. That's what I theorise anyway.

No. 21962

>Retarded cringey reaction image
>Doesn't know how to sage
Scrote much.

I have no idea what you mean.

No. 21963

I was banned and told lrn2 embed and sage after I posted a relevant video link in a thread.
Leaving aside the rudeness of the latter request, I suggest site admins automatically embed video links if they are going to be this anal about it. This should not be something that requires instructions in 2021.

No. 21965

or just integrate instead of boohoo’ing about being too retarded to embed a video on an image board?

No. 21966

if they didn't want suggestions then this thread could easily not exist, being an asshole unnecessarily is very moid of you

No. 21967

what's the suggestion though? be nicer? do you know where you are?

No. 21968

the suggestion is add automatic embedding, jesus fucking christ. You really want to tell me I'm retarded for not wanting to have to manually embed a video while you can't even read a three-sentence comment fully?

No. 21969

Hey scrote, this isn't 4chan. It's laid out this way to weed out idiots like you.

No. 21971

no, lrn2 embed

No. 21974

Some newfag is still shitting up the June thread with unsaged non-milk posts repeating things that have already been said a million times. Has been told to learn how to sage SERVERAL times and just refuses to do it. Please deal with this shit I have reported it so many times.

No. 21975

Admin is giving it to someone new? Good.

No. 21977

Maybe after this admin dips we can get a less Twitter-pilled staff

No. 21979

Hopefully we can have our fucking MANHATE thread back

No. 21980

We can only hope, but I'll remain cynical until I see it

No. 21981

keeping my fingers crossed like you have no idea

No. 21982

I don't think it will happen, but if there's anyone who can code…

No. 21983

Why don't the three of you who are so desperate for it just go make a discord or something?

No. 21984

Why do you even need it? You people make every thread a manhate thread anyway

No. 21986


Don’t lump me in with you faggot. Manhate, allowing Twitter to take over and tempcow ruined the site. I hate men but shoo

No. 21987

No you’re so right. Tempcow really was the beginning of the end for some reason.

No. 21988

PULL shutting down didn’t help either

No. 21989

Come on anon give admin some credit. I'm sure she'll ask for pictures of applicant's forearms for verification and pick the most femme looking one.

No. 21991

I mean, why not. It should have a section where a legit photo of the shoulder/ clavicles or hands and wrists are uploaded for sex identification purposes.
I want a scroteless lolcow. It's what we deserve.

No. 21992

hairline check

No. 21993

It allowed unintegrated users to get the balls to post on a chan type board regularly. munchies doxing themselves, the weird types pixilocks brings in, trans were able to police discussion about sex you name it. i mean, it was nitpick city and just an unregulated shithole that never should have happened. id have rather the site went down for awhile and people who were here for a lark to just fucking leave instead of get their bearings and do exactly what this place became.

we can only wish

No. 21996

Yeah exactly and unfortunately it happened to coincide with the peak of the onision/billie “I betrayed my wife” or whatever thing when there were so many new lurkers and the onision threads were full of underage/unintegrated posters who then seemingly started regularly posting during the tempcow fiasco. It was just the worst possible time for it to happen. I feel like things had already been going downhill a little before tempcow with the increase of cows from youtube and the audience that brought, but post tempcow it just seemed like there was a sharp decrease in quality with the userbase that never fully went back to normal. Then I think around 2018 also seemed like a major change with the various manhate type threads and users that attracted and that becoming extremely dominant across all boards which also never really seemed to die down.

No. 21998

Petition to move Celebricows back to /ot/ since everyone wants to treat it like it is anyway.

No. 21999

>never really seemed to die down
in the last month or two it's ramped up by about 1000%

No. 22000

Cp on /W/

No. 22002

You shoo, you retarded fucking newfag.

No. 22003

Cp on W

No. 22004

Cp on /w for almost half an hour

No. 22005

First time I've seen the suspected cp on lolcow (I avoid /pt where they normally post).

Pls delete the post on /w, farmhands

No. 22006

close your slashes

No. 22007

Shutuppp you stupid fucking spastic kill yourself

No. 22008

Seek help

No. 22009

Just an FYI to anyone, the cp is gone

No. 22010

Entering there and seeing anons just straight "1/10 would not fuck" celebrities and talking about their "saggy tits" is wild, it really should be on /ot/, so at least they can be called out without it technically being a derail

No. 22011

Long time lurker, moderately drunk poster. I'm always here around 3am to catch shitposting. Applued for hand. Vote for me!

No. 22012

thanks for moving celebricows to /OT/! it’s been a shit thread full of garbage nitpicking forever so i’m glad it’s finally out of /snow/

No. 22013

Did admin or farmhands archive the website (even if it's just before leaving) for the case of what happens after a new admin takes reign?
I'm sure LC also has to deal with a good bunch of legal cases, so it would be a shame if it would just disappear without a trace or backup in case of things going bad.

No. 22014

I doubt it’s going to get better if the new admin is coming from the current userbase, there doesn’t seem to be any normal oldfags left at this point.

I don’t get how that’s remotely confusing. They’re sjw moralfags for what they perceive as misogyny (everything) and can’t accept anyone disagreeing with them but not for anything else. It’s a pretty common thing even irl for someone to be “prejudiced” in some way but also extremely sensitive about some perceived prejudice they experience.

No. 22015

Why did you reply to me? That's exactly what I said in my comment, she is very sensitive about perceived injustices (which did not happen) while having the guts to call other people sjws.

No. 22016

it's so funny to see unsaged retards who can't even format a post correctly accusing others of being new and ruining the site.
Admin was new to this site and tried to install a culture that was counter to the one already here. It backfired. She was never cutout to be admin if you want to be blunt about it since she admitted to fucking CRYING over being called a tranny on here by random anons.

this is the exact type of newfaggotry i mean. wtf are you even talking about? radfems are 2nd wave feminists. sjw intersectional feminism is 3rd wave. insult radfems all you want but at least be correct in what you say. sjw is identity politics while radfems are squarely against because they view women are a class because of their belief that sex is unchangeable. Sjw doesn't just mean "anyone that talks about social issues" you smegma stained dumbas.

You people think you're slick coming in here from twitter/PULL/Reddit, pretending you've been here all along and it's the mean radfems/racists/facists/women that call doja cat's tits saggy/whatever your buzzword is for the day that's "ruining" lolcow when the truth is it's these very fucking convos that are ruining it because dumb faggots like you can't just hide threads and MOVE THE FUCK ON.

Hate radfems? Do what I did when they started pissing me off. I hide their fucking threads. But no little bitches like you wanted to cry and moan until the threads were gone. Now it's how many fucking years later and we're still having this convo? The threads are gone and it's STILL not enough for some of you whiney cunts. It's even funnier that admin caters to you deluded morons. You're complaining X group sees everything as an attack while you complain about fucking threads that have been gone YEARS.

So now we have threads because shut down/moved/denied and even the new ones are full of 20 newfags demanding to know why THIS cow has a thread because they're not even interesting anyway. lolcow is dead. And you are the reason. Not nazis, radfems, the media, onision or anyone -fucking -else. It was you and your pathetic fucking agenda.

No. 22017

Did you just ignore all the talking points mentioned earlier? Problems existed way before the last 2 years and it's also the change within internet culture and cows.

No. 22018

That thread is a mess, full to the brim with Twitterfags, underage tards and gay scrotes from LSA:

>She's fat!

>No she's not!

>She's black!

>No she's not! Muh one drop!

>How do you do, fellow farmers! Lana del rey is fugly, isn't it!

> She's beautiful vendetta-chan, but go off I guess!

Nuke that thread.

No. 22019

What she said on discord or whatever doesn’t actually affect the board, the post she that gave the star to was complaining about people acting like sjws in their actual posts here, which is obviously not the same thing. I don’t care if someone’s an sjw or not as long as they’re not sperging about it here. If you’re talking about what was said actually on lolcow, she said there was a problem with racebait in the pp thread which there was. I don’t think that’s being an sjw, racebait has always been banned and isn’t beneficial to the board overall.

You are the one who seems new or just very autistic. Have you even read the posts that this relates to? What I was saying was that it was extremely obvious what that anon was talking about when they referred to sjw behaviour in that specific post. It’s very obvious that they were using the term to refer to things like moralfagging, sperging out whenever people disagree with them, going on self righteous political derailing rants. Having a meltdown about how technical thats not ‘the true definition of sjw’ or whatever is helpful to no one. It was very clear to anyone who’s not a literal sperg what they were referring to.

> You people think you're slick coming in here from twitter/PULL/Reddit, pretending you've been here all along and it's the mean radfems/racists/facists/women that call doja cat's tits saggy/whatever your buzzword is for the day that's "ruining" lolcow when the truth is it's these very fucking convos that are ruining it because dumb faggots like you can't just hide threads and MOVE THE FUCK ON.

Everyone who disagrees with you isn’t a newfag, I’ve been here since the beginning you can believe me or not. What thread do you want people to hide when they’re talking about problems that aren’t contained to any one specific thread and are prevalent across all boards? You’re an idiot if you think people in /meta/ complaining is the biggest issue with what’s ‘ruining’ lolcow. There have been problems with the site for years that just weren’t addressed.

>So now we have threads because shut down/moved/denied

Okay so what? There have always been threads that have been shut or banned for being low quality. Even all the way back in like 2014/2015 with the Berry thread. This is a good thing and there’s nothing wrong with shit quality threads or threads that attract undesirable users being closed.

>new ones are full of 20 newfags demanding to know why THIS cow has a thread because they're not even interesting anyway

Newfags asking to be spoonfed has literally always happened and you can just report them. Cows being less interesting now is just a result of how much internet culture has changed. If it’s happening more recently it’s probably at least somewhat because of how poorly written the OPs of certain recent threads are.

No. 22020

Just today there was more racebait tit sperging about black women in the celebcows thread

No. 22021


No. 22023

cute, but continually applying a fresh bandaid wont fix the issue. hiding threads and parsing out definitions wont address the deeper issue, the infection will spread once those posters keep getting away with their retarded behavior. thats why i brought up tempcow. a containment thread or board will only work for so long or so well. thats why all this weird belle shit has gotten so rough or posters >>22007 like this get emboldened to move out of their hidey hole. go ahead and continue to call people newfags when theyre not immediately agreeing with you but nothing you offered is a solution.

No. 22024

What shit with the belle thread? Stop bringing it up or we’re gonna go bait it some more

No. 22025

Based. I wish people would just stfu complaining. If they do then the least they could do is make it fucking funny.

Also saying “nigger” isn’t racist, neither is saying “kike” “spic” “paki” “cave demon” “chink” or “curry scented bitch” go back to twitter.

Also you will NEVER ban the words retard or faggot on an image board you retarded faggot

No. 22026

Sperg going on about black women and their bodies is back in the celeb thread and people won't ignore him

No. 22027

Literally zero people have been asking for any of those words to be banned

No. 22028

This is some really stupid bait.

No. 22029

the bait has been a lot worse lately. like 14-year-old scrote level.

No. 22030

It is. Wasn't even relevant to anything anyone said.

No. 22031

Honestly, did Lolcow get heavily namedropped on 4chan or KF in the past month or something? I've never seen people Soyakposting here until now, in several threads, together with a bunch of posts who generally sound like completely unintegrated channers.

No. 22032

There's literally a lc.farm thread on kf if you weren't aware.

No. 22033

lolcow is always namedropped on 4chan and KF. We've had a retarded influx of men for 2 years now

No. 22034

Well, what do you think.

No. 22035

>for 2 years now
Nah, we've had that since forever.

No. 22036

True. That's why we had a robot containment thread at the time.

No. 22038

You people are the ones ruining lolcow IMO. You need your heads examined.

No. 22039

>n-no you!

No. 22040

A mod needs to say something about the nitpicking in the Belle thread. All they do is post old photos repeatedly because "SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE HER FILTERS". Its spam at this point. Can we report it as spam and nitpicking?

No. 22041

They just found out she is using tinder, which is on topic and milky, what are you talking about? Just leave the farmhands alone.

No. 22043

Kek they got ban evade retexted. Knew they were.

No. 22045

We all know the last Manson thread descended into shit, but is there any interest in a new thread encompassing Manson, his orbiters and the bat shit crazy element that is Annie. So much - frankly hilarious - insanity has come to light since the thread died. I’d be happy to do the lord’s work if there is interest.

No. 22046

Will you shut up about the Belle thread already?(ban evading)

No. 22047

Why when mods see it too? 4 redtexts in under a day.

No. 22048

Hide the fucking thread cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22049

I don't know who's modding the thread, but blessed. Finally something is being done about the vendetta posting and nitpicking. The thread has 5 pieces of new milk and the rest are anons complaining about how ugly she is without without filters and the tinfoiling is ridiculous like her being a madam. Maybe just follow the rules, anon.

No. 22050

How about you follow the rules and stop spamming the absolute fuck out of meta, obsessing over one thread, harassing admin every day. Since it bothers you so much we are all going to continue baiting and talking shit. Belle is ugly Josh is fat bye <3 and they both have herpes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22051

Mods why don’t you ban the retarded white knight? Or reveal its poster ID. I think it will be highly unsurprising.

No. 22052

You guys already made it clear you have a discord group. Good for you I guess? Keep announcing your ban evading.

No. 22053

Belle is ugly Josh is fat. You’ll never get your own way so stop swinging your retarded dick around.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22054

Please do something about the e-girls thread, it’s about 6 threads late for an autosage

No. 22055

File: 1620066799273.jpeg (30.56 KB, 730x720, nxDmQnF.jpeg)

Just dropping in to say FUCK YOU to the jannies and good riddance to shitmin who won't let us have anything GC related.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22056

Do you ever stop to think maybe other users don't want that shit. Lolcow isn't your personal hivemind.

No. 22057

IMO discussion about tranny celebrities should be banned from the celebricows thread and contained in the tranny threads.

No. 22058

Maybe, if the thread wasn't moved to /ot/

No. 22059

Sounds like a good idea to me. The main talking point is always about their transness, it fits there.

No. 22061

Yes I also think this would be better
Why was it moved? Surely now that there’s no expectation for posts to have to be related to actual milk in some way and blogposting and derailing is technically allowed it’s only going to make the thread even worse. Genuinely asking bc I saw a lot of people asking for it to be moved back to /ot/ but don’t get why people thought that would make it better.

No. 22062

that cesspool never belonged in /snow/

No. 22063

Nta but how does move it to ot where there are less rules help? Seems like it'll be more of a cesspool there.

No. 22064

Okay but now it’s just as much of a cesspool except with added blogposting from various anachans about their time in the psychiatric ward…

No. 22065

Seconded. I don't give a shit about Manson but an Annie thread would be really great.
Girl is a massive cow and is milky af (her lies and photoshop would put Vicky Shingles to shame)
However, she definitely should be permaban first since she's known for samefagging/sock-pupetting like crazy and was largely responsible for the dumpster fire the Manson thread was (even posted a selfie holding a piece of paper with /snow written on it)

I'd like to make one myself but my English is quite shitty and I don't want to make a mess of an OP. Also, I don't know if admin/farmhands are ok with it, so…

No. 22066

They'll blogpost anyway if anorexia is mentioned in any thread, by any cow or user. Plenty of "recovered" anachans are still in a constant competitive mindset and battle stance, it truly is a scary mental illness. You don't need to medfag, bring up the DSM-5 or talk about authentic psychward experiences to convince people that a 600-lbs woman isn't actually anorexic, but lord help you if you try to stand between an (ex-)anachan and her one time to talk about her special interest.

No. 22067

Don't forget the constant bait

No. 22068

The camwhores and the e-girls thread should have all their images auto-spoilered. I had to hide both threads even tho they are sometimes interesting because people keep posting half or fully naked crackwhores without spoilers.

No. 22069

Can I get an explanation why you basically killed the celeb thread by moving it to /ot/? It is now unreadable.

No. 22070

File: 1620124847297.jpg (111.28 KB, 1080x883, Screenshot_20210504-123716_Sam…)

Can my ban be lifted, because I was not ban-evading. I always post on the same ip adress and don't even have a VPN. I will be careful what to post in belles thread from now on (the retarded tinfoil was a bit too much, I admit). Ban me for going overboard with my tinfoil, but not for something I did not do

No. 22071

Pretty sure farmhand meant IF you banevade the next ban is perm

No. 22072

File: 1620125068631.jpg (254.52 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot.jpg)

Samefag, I was the anon who posted these messages.
I have never ban-evaded on lolcow, because that is a retarded thing to do.

No. 22073

kek that's the dumbest tinfoil i've seen in a while.
you weren't accused of ban evading, they're saying you'll get banned forever if you try to ban evade.

No. 22075

Maybe you're right, but still, a ban of 4 days for only a retarded tinfoil? I wasn't even the one nitpicking belle's appearance. I was even asking people to stop doing that. Oh well, I'll just wait it out I guess, but it sucks and feels unfair

No. 22076

tranny janny is right on this one, the belle thread is a smoldering pile of shit and you aren't helping by further shitting on top of the pile

No. 22077

Yeah and btw, "anorexia" should be red texted.

No. 22078

what’s with everyone confused about celebricows being in /ot/ when that’s originally where it was? it was only moved to /snow/ when /ot/ was gone for that short while.
and anyone that thinks the subject matter was any better in /snow/ should just go back and read the first 50 posts of the most recent thread before it was moved kek.

No. 22080

You're so identifiable and if you don't use a VPN, you realize you're admitting these are your IPs that are banned. You have been evading, everyone in the thread can tell. I hope you get banned forever with your little group.

No. 22081

come on nonny. can't you think a little bit? like, just think for 10 fucking seconds of your life as to why people would believe that celebricows originally belonged in /snow/ as opposed to /ot/?

No. 22082

File: 1620142346691.jpg (262.73 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20210504-083101_Sam…)

Just to add, we all can tell this is you, anon, and its the only redtext under Tuesday atm.

No. 22083

File: 1620142940128.jpg (58.78 KB, 620x346, IMG_20210504_123950.jpg)

I know I ask this a lot, but it's because it's still a problem.
Please, redtext all bans so shit like this can be avoided. Also so we can see what's allowed and what isn't. There's literally no reason why only a few bans should be redtexted.

No. 22084

They should absolutely be all redtext if its a rule break ban. I get it would clutter, but at least it sets examples of what lolcow won't put up with on the threads. Also the frequency that mods believe the "I-I've never shitpost, why am I banned with my IP?" stories need to stop being believed. I bet it happens, but not the frequency anons come here to complain about. It just unbans a lot of obvious trolls who think uwuing will get them out of trouble. We need to be stricter due to how shitposting has gotten across all boards. I'm tired of reading the "she's ugly" then that's the post.

No. 22085

epic comeback

No. 22086

it makes more sense for it to be in /snow/ rather than /ot/ but you're also admitting that you are basically a newfag.

No. 22087

That poster could easily be banned for minimodding/metaposting though, it's not like this "couldn't be avoided", this is a thread to question modding, not cow threads.

No. 22088

That's not me. It's not my fault someone ban-evades. I only posted here because I didn't understand the ban. Now I do and I agree that the tinfoil was too much and I'm just going to wait out the ban and probably never post in the belle thread anymore.

No. 22089

It's the only tuesday redtext and your ban was filed tuesday. I get not all bans are redtext but a ban evade warning and a ban evade redtext, is clearly you.

No. 22090

That entire thread was offset by one anon saying something, so it would make sense that only that idiot would be redtexted while any infighting under it simply be banned as opposed to redtexting. There's like hours of infighting and I dont want to squint through the bright red that mods put on.

Your post has no value whatsoever, nice.

No. 22091

Okay it looks like the redtext doesn't match the ban, that's a mistake and you didn't ban evade. However the warning is valid because not only are you tinfoiling about whiteknights, you have a significant history dedicated to nitpicking in Belle threads. There are other anons ban evading so that's why you probably got lumped in with them in error.

No. 22092

Thank you. I agree I was nitpicking earlier in the thread and the tinfoil was stupid. This was not helping the thread at all. I will be more careful from now on and I appreciate you checking up on the ban

No. 22093

Nta but she’s saying it originally belonged in /snow/ in the sense that if we’re going to have a celebrity thread it should have always been there, not that it always was

No. 22094

Twitterfags are shitting up the egirl general thread. Can a seperate Olivia King thread be made so they can migrate over there please.

No. 22095

bruh why the fuck does the page keep skipping straight to the bottom on the sjw containment thread I cant read shit

No. 22096

Gore was just posted unspoilered and I saw it on front page and completely ruined my appetite ew I did report though

No. 22097


Yeah came here to say the same thing.

No. 22098

Snow is for snowflakes, celebrities aren't snowflakes in that sense.

No. 22099

Yeah that’s true I guess, I think celebritiws can definitely be snowflakes and because it’s called celebricows people view it as talking about celebrities who are also cows but in reality it functions more as just general celebrity news. I still think it would probably work better in /snow/ because it’s more similar to the various /snow/ general threads than any of the other threads in /ot/.

No. 22100

Idk I just see them all as cows.

No. 22101

File: 1620229575609.jpeg (34.48 KB, 828x159, 683A5DE6-2F38-4F7A-9069-F5B1CD…)

got this when trying to report a post, what does it mean

No. 22103

I would love to see MM threads back but I wouldn't tolerate Annie any longer.
Are you sure it's gonna be milky tho? Now it's only that interview with his ex gf and a few more accusation articles from the victims with nothing new.
We should probably wait when the investigations drop some juicy details about his life.

No. 22104

Means you're banned on that board. Try making a comment in that thread.

No. 22105

We should still be able to report stuff when banned tbh. I only report really serious shit like cp, gore, that retard who spams naked black women everywhere and the retard that responds with naked white women.

No. 22106

I wouldn't even know what I would've been banned for, especially in that thread, but I'll check back on it later

No. 22107

File: 1620255454428.jpeg (285.64 KB, 733x1058, B91D0BC2-6123-46CD-BBC9-328EC9…)

>gets banned for 5 days because of my autistic spamming
>ban expired few hours ago
>one of the jannies still permabanned me

I literally did the crime jesus christ is it still possible to be unbanned?

No. 22109

Clearly you shitpost a lot. Hell no.

No. 22110

Still ban evading and baiting across threads meepmeep?

No. 22111

No. Anons deserve no rights when banned.

No. 22112

Can I suggest a pro cat thread in /ot/? They just are the funniest creatures.

No. 22113

I agree with this! If we have a doghate thread then why not I wouldn't mind if doghate got locked though

No. 22114

You can make any thread you like as long as it's not in the catalog or 6 months old

No. 22115

Can you finally answer my discord message then?

No. 22116

It's off topic, make any retarded little thread you want. Usually they get locked if: redundant, not unique enough to have its own thread, or if it belongs in another board, or if it's just retarded spam

No. 22117

I feel like ageneral pets thread is more appropriate

No. 22118

I hate general threads, when you share a thread with people you hate it's going to lead to infighting.

No. 22120

>thread full of people who hate each other
That's literally all the threads on this site though…

No. 22121

So you don’t care about cp being spammed? You care more about punishing people for shitposting?

No. 22122

File: 1620287519939.jpeg (396.44 KB, 586x1001, E21EEC8D-D04E-49D4-B307-D2114D…)

Admin you are even more worthless than the last one. Kys. Nobody here values you.

No. 22123

Also wtf is that ban message? Is that supposed to be witty and amusing? You need to resign and go the fuck back to Twitter.

No. 22124

There is no hope for lolcow if we can't even agree on a cat thread smh

No. 22126

Well do I make a cat thread or general pet thread? Whatever I do is not ok by someone. Fuck that shit. When simple posting becomes problematic like that, I'll just go talk about cats elsewhere. That's why I'm saying there's no hope for lolcow is it continues like this, posting needs to be a smooth experience.

No. 22128

Jesus, you deserve the ban. You're insufferable.

No. 22130

The rules clearly state that you can make whatever thread you want as long as it's not already in the catalog or a 6 month dead thread, sure anons will complain about anything that isn't a redundant vent thread but it doesn't mean you'll get banned.

No. 22131

Admins and mods need to stop shitting their pants and give us back a GC thread. This will keep happening because you give us NOWHERE TO TALK ABOUT THIS. Like how retarded are you really, admin? Do you think you can run a site that is a haven for TERFs and think they will not keep bringing up TERF shit on your site?

Either be the minge you are and close the FtM thread cause you can't handle any discussion about scrotes that is not "haha lol funny tranny" or give us a fucking place to speak to each other about these issues that are obviously very important to us.

This site is honestly run by retards and it is sad because it's one of the only places for women to go.

No. 22132

lmao when was posting on LC ever a smooth experience?

No. 22133

you make us all look bad kys

No. 22134

It looks like you didn't see the recent ban you got for derailing the thread with studies over how much testersone black women have. The rest of your post history in the MtF thread is really just you venting about the men in your life. Those are discussions you should be having with your therapist. Notice how none of that is related to MtF milk.

No. 22135

That’s obviously not true since you repeatedly lock threads that people use and enjoy, like the macaroons thread and the infight thread and many, many more. You deleted my comments saying this just now even though it’s true and always has been. People have to walk on eggshells around here even when they’re just playfully posting about retarded shit. What harm is a fucking macaroon thread, for Christ’s sake? Or an infight thread? “Oh it’s retarded shitpost 2.0” so what?
And why is any political discussion around here mocked and stamped out? What on earthh is wrong with having a thread about politics? “Oh it will make people infight” boo fucking hoo, are you that fragile you have to relentlessly police the communication here until it is a vacuous cloying shitfest of nitpicking girls vaginas and lusting after ugly old men? Just fucking give up, you suck. Stick to deleting the cp and stop sticking your oar in everytine someone wants a heated debate. Eventually nobody will post on here anymore.

No. 22136

Nice strawmanning without addressing any of the issues I have raised you useless sack of shit handmaiden.

No. 22137

Kek based.

No. 22138

Anon: People are posting off-topic GC stuff in the MtF thread because you don't give them a place to talk about GC things.
Admin: LulZ ur post history tho, off topic posts! Get banned!

This is why people hate you.

No. 22139


The entire "no infighting ever" rule is dumb and makes it so no valuable discussion can ever be had. A site where everyone always agrees with each other is boring as shit. Get the fuck over it and hide threads you don't like. Nobody is forced to look at a GC or politics thread. There are a shit ton of dumb threads about camwhores I hide cause they don't interest me.

You will never have the sanitized hugbox site you desire because you gave people an ANONYMOUS site to shit-talk. Make a forum and be a female Null if you desire to dictate people's opinions.

No. 22140

Admin needs to fuck off and go be a Reddit moderator.

No. 22141

I don't lock any of those threads, I'm actually the one who unlocked the infighting thread.
As if half the threads on this site don't already devolve into GC discussion and men. You're not entitled to a GC thread because you lost those rights a year ago, cry about it all you want.
The irony here is your history of ban evading and being a nitpicking sped. I feel sorry for you.

No. 22143

File: 1620299857823.jpeg (93.28 KB, 640x417, 5AD0BAAA-ED05-4609-88AE-A787DC…)

No you didn’t, it’s still fucking locked. And I didn’t “nitpick” you literally ban anyone that doesn’t kiss belle delphines grubby ass. So I think she’s fucking ugly and a disgusting person who posts rape porn and MRA tier statistics about how 70% of women enjoy rape, so what? She deserves all the scorn she gets in her thread. The fact that ONE anon had a huge vendetta against it and spammed about it here should concern you, but it didn’t. You should of banned that anon.
I’m the one “nitpicking” but not shartna anons that have almost 70 threads about how fat and stupid she is?

No. 22144

Admin you LITERALLY go into belles thread and delete nasty comments about her. What the fuck is wrong with you? Did she pay you off or something?(samefagging)

No. 22145

File: 1620301883174.png (36.27 KB, 1705x224, whypipo.PNG)

You're just fucking bitter and thinking you're owning us by taking away the one thing we want and silence our discussion cause it gives you some weird powertrip over the "entitles white TERFs". You're not admin material, you're a bitter loser and you can't even code, you literally let a gay man handle the backend cause you are a useless piece of trash who just wants to cry about being oppressed all day. That's why you can't just give up the site to someone who cares, it's the only power you have.

You will never be a white woman.

No. 22149

can something be done about the one sperg/multiple spergs who keep shitting up the manifestation thread in /ot/? it’s very obvious they’re just being a dickhead for the sake of it and it’s getting tired

No. 22150

>implying being a white woman is everyone's final goal
kek nonny, nobody gives a fuck about you, cave monkey. go play victim or something. Also, the fact that you're crying and taking your aggression out over a dramaboard just shows your retarded entitlement.

No. 22151

Seriously. High testosterone alert, kek

No. 22152

File: 1620318364079.jpg (634.88 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20210506-092540_Sam…)

Yo, farmhand. The spergs from the Belle threads are back.

No. 22153

You feel like walking on eggshells because you can't just spergout unquestioned or unfiltered? Anon can dry what they want and I love the redtext hammers. Its putting a stop to autistic posters like you who previous farmhands just let go and just autosaged things they couldn't handle.

No. 22154

She’s ugly, get over it.

No. 22155

Nta but wtf is wrong with you? Admin clearly started the retarded race baiting to begin with. Clearly you can dish it out but you can’t take it back. “Cave monkey” but I thought we where all rich terfs?

No. 22156

Are all of admins friends coming to defend her because we made the bitch cry again? Kek.

No. 22157

Also nta, but what? No one was talking about race until >>22145. That screenshot is months old

No. 22158

Personally I don't give a fuck what admin did or didn't do. You saying "You will never be a white woman" is kind of an insult to every single other race, as if that's the goal, so you were the one that started that shit HERE. don't double back now by playing victim AGAIN, cave monkey. (But this is exactly what I expected of you)

No. 22159

Get banned again. Cope.

No. 22160

Ok? Admin wants to bring race into it, why? As if white women never have to deal with DV or rape. And that other nonny said “cave monkey” >>22150

>>22158 I never said that you fucking retard, it was the nonny that posted the screenshot.

No. 22161

Shes ugly and washed up and nobody likes her. Not even her own parents.

No. 22162

This is secondhand embarrassment to watch someone shitpost like this.

No. 22163

Oh no what will I ever do about my tarnished reputation?

No. 22164

The funniest part about GC and manhate demands are that you can see plenty of casual manhate or gender critical shit all over the place in chunks and it's allowed to stay if it isn't overly autistic. I haven't seen the "glory" of old GC threads, but I doubt you'd contribute actually good discussion on theory or literature over >>22122 freudian armchairshit like this. Keep that shit for your tumblr, your personal musings don't interest people.

No. 22165

NTA, but why are you triggered about the words “cave monkey” but completely unbothered by the racist “You will never be a white woman” comment from the screenshot poster? Do you really think anyone with a brain will agree that it’s okay to insult every race of woman except white ones, lol?
Keep quiet for all of it, or none.

No. 22166

Yeah you wish you could ever contribute to a discussion like that. Moron. Nothing wrong with pondering the depths of humanity. You’re just a fucking dunce who doesn’t like to think deeply about anything.

No. 22167

>tips fedora

No. 22168

File: 1620320716383.jpeg (83.24 KB, 1624x224, D0487618-6FB2-44CA-8D43-EB96BB…)

Admin literally said THIS. She’s the one with a hateboner for white women. That’s why I didn’t care when she said “you will never be a white woman”.

No. 22169

You proved my point. Fuck off back to Reddit with your memespeak.

No. 22170

So, because the admin said something, you think it's okay to evoke white supremacy (indirectly insulting ALL women who aren't white, not just her), then cry over “cave monkey”.
By the way, anyone can be a cave monkey. Look it up, it’s not a slur.

No. 22171

“Stupid white bitches don’t deserve to discuss gender critical politics”
“You will never be a white woman”

Seems like you’re the one who’s triggered. I’m just pointing out what a flaming hypocrite you are.

No. 22172

I’m sorry that you’re triggered, because >>22145 reminded you that you’ll never be a white woman. Personally I don’t think that’s a bad thing but you seem pretty upset about it.

No. 22173

You are the reason meta dissolves into shit every few days. Report it and move the fuck on.

No. 22174

I didn't say any of those things first quoted, so I'm not a hypocrite (more projection from you crying over "cave monkey" like a toddler), but keep playing the victim and samefagging, cave monkey.
I hope the anon who originally called you that feels vindicated. Because of people like you, we'll probably never get GC threads back until we get a new admin.

No. 22175

Lmao I didn't know about this how pathetic

No. 22176

There's no name as to who posted that or a time, date. Anyone could've wrote it. We've had trolls and scrotes in our discord for years. This could even be off the lolcow discord. You want anons to take this as admin by face value alone? Lol this is obviously some bad larping

No. 22177

Keep crying over “you will never be a white woman”
You love to accuse people of crying and playing the victim don’t you? Projection much.
Literally sperg about cave monkey all you like, nobody gives a fuck. Just don’t expect us to care when you’re crying about people “evoking white supremacy” for a throwaway comment. That’s all I was saying.
How does it feel to have someone put words in your mouth? You’re going off at me for a comment I didn’t even fucking make.
Sorry that you’ll never be a white woman, I guess. I don’t think that’s a bad thing personally but you clearly do.
I never even cared in the first place.

No. 22178


No. 22179

File: 1620321364286.jpeg (52.18 KB, 680x580, 9389383.jpeg)

cave monkey lol

No. 22180

Literally where did I say that you couldn’t say cave monkey? I said stop being a fucking hypocrite.
You couldn’t make it any clearer that you’re seething with monkey brain rage.

No. 22181

Exactly literally every other post in every thread is manhate/gc yet because this one Valerie Solanas from Wish, manifesto length spergout got a banned they’re being “silenced”. It’s a cow thread, being that autistic about literally any topic would get someone banned. Any time they aren’t just given special treatment they act as if they’re being persecuted.

the fact you think Ian was gay shows how new you are and how little you know about the site

No. 22182

The way Lainey talk is banned from the Onion thread, can speculation about whether Sarah would have stayed with the Onions if real life didn't happen be banned? It's v annoying.

No. 22183

File: 1620321644362.jpg (111.45 KB, 432x645, MONKEY_CAVE_34_0105.jpg)

kek I'm not reading any of this, I promise.

picrel it's (You)

No. 22184

Ian “was” gay? Well hopefully that means he’s dead now.

No. 22185

File: 1620321653119.jpeg (371.25 KB, 1024x594, cavemonkey.jpeg)

No. 22186


No. 22187

cave monkey

No. 22188

That’s ok I know it’s difficult for niggers to read

No. 22189

seethe harder please, it's so funny

No. 22190

Controversial take coming through: we don't need more onion threads, he's a dry cow at this point, the threads are now full of sperging, trolling and off topic autistic infighting.

No. 22191

File: 1620321844368.jpg (52.91 KB, 800x531, monkey-cave-thailand-190505723…)


No. 22192

Kek you’re the one chimp raging all over the thread with your “offensive” memes. You bloody wish I was “seething” don’t you? Would that give you a little power trip over the ebul white waaahhmen?

No. 22193

Are you the angry tranny GRRR ANGERY anon? You’re both painfully unfunny and schizophrenic

No. 22194

File: 1620321968222.gif (759.04 KB, 220x140, angery.gif)

No. 22195

You will never be a white woman

No. 22196

File: 1620322097714.png (Spoiler Image,72.22 KB, 250x293, hmmm.png)

>Who could be behind this post?

No. 22197

File: 1620322168656.jpg (171.79 KB, 1600x1067, you.jpg)

No. 22198

Go on, keep venting nonny. It's okay. You are heard and loved here. We support you.

No. 22199

File: 1620322381070.jpeg (241.26 KB, 800x1125, D8E92F2E-E01A-411C-B3D1-96CF76…)

Awe monkeys are so cute aren’t they?

No. 22200

Ily nonnette. Thank god not everyone here is a psycho Twitter nazi.

No. 22201

File: 1620322497506.png (176.9 KB, 680x329, 2bd.png)

Meanwhile, the cave monkey

No. 22202

File: 1620322574114.jpeg (1.81 MB, 2406x2994, 9A4BED37-9DC2-4EC5-9257-B23EB8…)

Chill out and eat sum leaf

No. 22203

File: 1620322709821.png (387.14 KB, 1024x576, h8icdo8237s41.png)

NTA but those are gorillas, also acknowledged here in case you prefer gorilla nouns: >>22179
However, we are inclusive of all screeching cave apes and monkeys here on Lolcow. Keep raising your voice ♥

No. 22204

Nonny you’re the one screeching and flinging faeces at everyone over a nonny that got banned hours ago. Chill out and eat a banana. or some watermelon

No. 22205

File: 1620322905234.jpeg (313.33 KB, 2880x1500, cjvjvotu2j551.jpeg)

It'd actually be funny if they tried to reverse uno with gorillas, because gorillas are actually chill, in stark contrast to the constantly racebaiting/samefagging cave monkey.

No. 22206

File: 1620323048096.jpeg (120.55 KB, 692x813, 2CACEAC2-DC96-47E4-965C-7B2D5C…)

I think all monkeys are cute tbh.

No. 22207

Holy shit this picture is amazing nonny. Thanks for sharing.

No. 22208

I didn't ask for a new thread I asked for an irrelevant topic to be banned. There's already a thread for his orbiters.

No. 22209

File: 1620323436623.jpeg (187.73 KB, 1280x800, o1dn0s3Mlf1u1j57co1_1280.jpeg)

>I think all monkeys are cute tbh.
>can't even bring themselves to save a picture of their own kind, a cave monkey
>instead posts picture of based great ape
You will never be a gorilla

No. 22210

File: 1620323613909.jpeg (138.08 KB, 800x664, E57620E8-5CE6-4327-97C1-ACCB1E…)

Here, I made you into a white woman

No. 22211

honestly i agree. site wasn’t great in 2018 when i started using it but this site loves to censor anyone they dont agree with, the farmhands and admin are worse than cows and other users, literally get off on picking on certain users because you have posted some takes they disagree with. if farmhands had a social media presence, they would literally be cows. thin skinned cunts who try to act like they’re “so unbothered” but get a power trip REEing at you when you read the ban message. they take things personally and literally nitpick posts and ban based off of their hurt feeling nitpicks. i look at threads from years ago and barely see redtext. no wonder the site is dying, even OT sucks now, cant post jack shit lest it hurts a sensitive pussy farmhand. they make it clear they fucking hate you if you aren’t also a condescending, man-hating, white-hating liberal on this site. it’s pathetic how little tolerance they truly have for users with different opinions then them. inb4 b& for this but you know its true.

No. 22213

I just realised you probably meant to not make a new thread when it's full kek. I prefer when the thread dies and only gets resurrected if something happens. Usually makes him sperg if lolcow doesn't have a thread.

No. 22214

File: 1620323744562.jpeg (30.79 KB, 530x530, c0c33.jpeg)

An albino gorilla, thankfully, is still a gorilla and not the incel cave monkey.
Please never catfish again

No. 22215

Are those Macaques? So cute. Just like the gorillas.
I wish I was monke

No. 22216

Please, what are you trying to accomplish? Nobody is offended by you constantly spamming cute monkeys.
If you had half a brain you’d be calling us Neanderthals, because they are actual cave monkeys, but you don’t even know what they are.
Isn’t it funny how white peoples have to help you think of insults for them? Bc you’re that fucking stupid.

No. 22218

how does the left NOT look better than the right on that post?? she looks fine, its the filters that actually make her look ugly af.

No. 22219

Is this your debate tactic? To bore people until they can’t take any more? Because it’s working.

No. 22220

based. i fucking miss GC, so much. personally helped me because i lost a few close HS friends to TRA rhetoric and becoming “they/them”s

No. 22221

Kek sorry for not making myself clear.
>Usually makes him sperg if lolcow doesn't have a thread.
More reason to not make one right away after this one dies, he's not doing anything milky these days anyway, only crying about his irrelevancy.

No. 22222

File: 1620324223492.jpeg (735.76 KB, 1500x1104, cave monkey.jpeg)

tl;dr. Chill out, really, stop being triggered at some cute monkey pictures. Again, it's not a slur.

No. 22223

She’s ugly AF. We are allowed to think so. How many people sperg about anya Taylor joy, emrata, dua lipa? A lot of people think your waifu looks like a sewer rat.

No. 22224

KEK what do we care if it’s a slur or not? Nobody cares what niggers think.

No. 22225

File: 1620324546741.jpeg (14.67 KB, 319x280, 5de5d2bcbf38bf6b605b7bff2c7181…)

Calm down, eat a banana. Take a nap in your cave, too much sunlight is bad for you.

No. 22226

File: 1620324673275.jpeg (186.47 KB, 800x600, FC60118F-DBE8-40C2-A7C8-CC3579…)

No. 22227

File: 1620324909596.jpeg (63.79 KB, 600x750, last-wild-monkeys-in-europe.jp…)

Great, glad we're all on the same page.
That's an Indigenous Brazillian monkey, by the way. I think this one is from Europe.

No. 22228

No. 22229

File: 1620325057658.jpeg (142.92 KB, 600x900, FB62ED07-2930-48C4-9FFF-1BB6AA…)

Kek you wish you could be this beautiful. You probably wouldn’t be flinging your shit if you where. Funny how it’s always the ugly black chicks that screech at white women.

No. 22230

Did the zookeeper have an identity crisis and turn into a racist what's going on

No. 22231

but muh smile lines!

No. 22232

File: 1620325165467.png (359.05 KB, 400x386, fat_guy_3.png)

>Please, what are you trying to accomplish? Nobody is offended by you constantly spamming cute monkeys. If you had half a brain you’d be calling us Neanderthals, because they are actual cave monkeys, but you don’t even know what they are. Isn’t it funny how white peoples have to help you think of insults for them? Bc you’re that fucking stupid.

No. 22233

File: 1620325192079.jpeg (88.51 KB, 1000x669, 2745061459_6d4c9fd140_b.jpeg)

Sorry I can't understand monke when you get so angry. Please be calm and phrase your words coherently.
Gorillas never get this way, very strange…

No. 22234

That man isn’t even white kek

No. 22235

Lmao right? What the fuck happened. That anon's bait is horrible

No. 22236

File: 1620325267923.jpg (366.22 KB, 1600x1289, animal-monkey-twiddle-ass-angr…)

No it's just a triggered cave monkey chimping out over there

No. 22237

Yep, it’s always the fat ugly black women with the dry, ashy grey skin that like to shit on white women. I’ve never seen a good looking black women seethe about le cracker bitches, because they know they’re good enough to bag a man of any race. Unlike ugly niggers like you, who aren’t wanted by anyone.

No. 22238

File: 1620325459184.jpeg (120.78 KB, 626x900, 48fd27f56cbc6414757d0408d1a889…)

>Yep, it’s always the fat ugly black women with the dry, ashy grey skin that like to shit on white women. I’ve never seen a good looking black women seethe about le cracker bitches, because they know they’re good enough to bag a man of any race. Unlike ugly niggers like you, who aren’t wanted by anyone.

No. 22239

You know it’s true.

No. 22240

Sorry but this is so untrue. It’s literally always the ugly ones who try to pander to the vanilla gorillas

No. 22241

File: 1620325701570.png (353.56 KB, 1200x630, unnamed (1).png)

Feeling better now? I'm not sure what made monke so upset, but please don't fling any more of your shit or rip off anyone's face.
We want peace. You too can evolve one day, don't worry.

No. 22242

That’s true but I don’t know why you’re saying this, since I didn’t mention anything about pandering. I’m saying good looking black women don’t humiliate themselves like this. They know they’re hot not because of their race, but because of who they are as a person.
Ugly niggers like to bring down white women because it makes them feel prettier.

No. 22243

Kek you are the one spamming 100s of pictures. Go have a bath, nourish that ashy dry skin.

No. 22244

File: 1620325979593.jpeg (153.41 KB, 697x1023, 3922778180_b632f5476f_b.jpeg)

For some reason, it seems like monkey pictures make this particular anon really angry and black out into racist spergouts. I was posting them out of boredom at first, but it's actually really funny now. They're putting so much emotion into these n-word rants no one's going to read or ever care about.
This is how I imagine he/she looks in his/her room right now.

No. 22245

>thinking water moisturizes and nourishes ashy skin

No. 22246

so is that why you're doing this? it makes you feel prettier?

No. 22247

File: 1620326200190.jpeg (20.66 KB, 271x200, _blogger_761_1659_1600_Probosc…)

More than one person's been posting, though. Do monkeys even know what baths are? I Googled, and it seems like at least the Japanese ones do, not sure about cave ones. They're pretty cool.

Cave monkey anon just exposed that she doesn't bathe lol

No. 22248

Nobody puts just-water in their baths kek.

No. 22249

Did you have to ask a human about that? Kek

No. 22250

Not trying to sound too stupid but wtf is going on here
Why monkeys?
Why don't you people bath?!

I'm so confused I forgot why I came here

No. 22251

Wtf is going on in here? What kind of retarded David Attenborough wildlife, monkey, ape race-bait sperging is this? Sort yourselves out, bunch of absolute spergs. This is pathetic and it's not even funny, it's dumb.

No. 22254

One anon called another a cave monkey after they racebaited about being white. A third anon jumped in to take offense at the term "cave monkey", then people started posting monkey pictures, to which they responded with mask-off racism, and now here we are.

No. 22255

I love monkeys. Sorry for saying nigger <3

No. 22256

Thanks for the update

Honestly people are really unhinged for a Thursday.
Is it fullmoon or something?

No. 22257

Just stop it.
It's not funny.
Go out and eat some gras.
If you want to act like a cow commit to it.

No. 22258

File: 1620327946109.jpg (210.82 KB, 2431x1823, 142941200-589ca98b3df78c475817…)

Fuck you, bourgeois pig

No. 22259

It's the Belle Delphine vendetta sergs. They already outted themselves as the posters and bragged about IP hopping to evade.

No. 22260

>make post simply to piss off admin cause she is a worthless shit janny
>come back several hours later to check replies
>monkehs everywhere

Chill out guys, I just wanted to remind admin that her vendetta against the perceived superior white rich girls on this website (this is her paranoia) is hopeless and she will never be a white woman.

No. 22261

You did end up exposing that we have a /pol/tard problem here, though. Foaming at the mouth and writing schizo racist essays over monkey pics.

No. 22262

There has been a major gendersperg/radfem/whateverism derail in the MtF thread for like half a day now, can these ovarit escapees get a timeout to cool down or something? I've only seen one original sperg redtexted, but they've been at it pretty consistently. Inb4
>report and move on
I did report pretty much all of them, they're still posting walls of texts no one cares about
>hide the thread
No, I just hate unintegrated spergs that don't even pretend to be talking about troons or social media posts anymore, but straight up blog their thoughts on men just to get (you)s for "going off".

No. 22265

File: 1620337049105.jpeg (169.9 KB, 1354x265, 40A3EFE9-278A-4E4F-AD3F-4AA40A…)

not like I made the post of the year of anything, but it bugs me that giving the slightest context to the point you’re trying to make is considered blogging. I swear they’re gonna start banning for saying ‘I’ soon.

No. 22266

Oh look it's the faggots who were sperging about which race has saggier boobs in celebricows the other day
Kill yourselves

No. 22269

File: 1620337459014.png (237.35 KB, 1137x1125, 1618264098769.png)

>Oh look it's the faggots who were sperging about which race has saggier boobs in celebricows the other day
>Kill yourselves

No. 22270

CP in /snow.

No. 22271

>the other day
The creepy white incel/femcel who’s obsessed with black women is still shitting up the celebricows thread on and off, calling random people “fat ugly jealous black women”. Probably the Belle Delphine sperg too. You can tell by the soyjak that there's some scrotal business going on here, probably a troon.

No. 22272

i dont like her either but its a personality thing. people have the right to say shed ugly if they think she is but i don’t believe you actually think that. like if u passed her on the street and she wasn’t a stupid ethot, i doubt you would be like OMG OMG GAG EWWW SO UGLY. have you gone outside lately nonny? belles editing and personality and poor life choices are the true ugly parts of her.

No. 22273

it's weird how insistent certain people are that every /pol/ sperg is 1) male and 2) all the same person. There has pretty consistently been a sizeable amount of users like that here since day one.

No. 22274

NTA and I don't want to sperg but her mouth triggers me. When she smiles she has that autistic face, similar to LJ. I can't really describe the vibe.

No. 22275

>probably a troon

Normally I'd disagree but somehow the combination of male aggression with mental instability makes me believe it too.

No. 22276

Don’t act like they fit in, I’ve been here for years and am just now seeing this particular rash of them. They all talk the same way, and they’re always in the same threads because they don’t know how to navigate this site correctly. They just follow the links given to them by other Discord trannies.
Also, soyjak posting is something scrotes consistently do when they come here, I’m surprised if you haven’t seen it. The latter started with the Vtuber pedos and spergs immigrating here and getting angry that their thread was locked for having no milk

No. 22277

Have you considered suicide? I think it could benefit you.

No. 22278

They just try to connect the dots in order to feel smart. Like how they where all insisting the zookeeper was posting cp, or the diverspergs where posting cp, or the diverspergs where trannies who where posting cp, or the pizza gate sperges where posting cp and also trannies. now all the belle sperges are the same as the monkey spergers, and I’m guessing, are either scrotes, trannies or cp posters.

No. 22279

Maybe with the person posting soyjack but to every instance of racebait people are always immediately like “hi scrote” now and I just think it’s really weird, as if /pol/sperg “edgy” egirl is not like a very common genre of girl online. I don’t even agree that it’s particularly new for lolcow like to my memory even back in 2014-2016 racebait used to pretty much exclusively mean “said something negative about white people” and even in the thread years ago when we were voting on the board-tan one of the major reasons people wanted that one was “she’s white and blonde that’ll make the sjws seethe!” there has always been these kind of users.

No. 22280

>soyjak posting
yeah I've noticed this, I wonder if they know it makes them stand out a mile away and don't care or if they're genuinely too autistic to realize

No. 22281

Lots of women soyack post. People like you derail discussions with your baseless tinfoil takes. It’s annoying.

No. 22282

It's not tinfoil, maybe they do on 4chan where it's part of the board culture but not here. And if they did they'd also be raging newfags who can't integrate

No. 22283

It's not the meme itself but the way it's posted. If you've been around when the vtuber sperg sperged out and started spamming every board and greentexting random posts you'd notice it's obviously the same person. So far I haven't seen a single soyjak here that was used in a normal post.

No. 22286

Nah I think it's real too. It's not very exciting nor is it a matter of cleverness to notice. It's very reminiscent of banned kiwi farmers coming here and being as unable to integrate in lolcow as they are in real life.

It shouldn't derail a thread but. If it's not reportable you just have to ignore it.

No. 22287

i think the idea that just anyone from kf comes here after being banned over there is retarded. bans are handed out like nothing here but all you do over there is collect little top hats and trash cans until the userbase ignores you or you shoot up a school like couch cuck and usually its only the handful that frequent beauty parlor that make a splash between here and there. you can even look now, kelly is about to have her legs chopped off and people are going to her thread only because its featured to comment that damn i dont follow girlcow shit but man. but its not like shes even talked about here, its just girls 18-32 who are mainly connected thu anime or youtube or instagram. its so confined and basic. at least kiwifarms is diverse.

No. 22288

>i think the idea that just anyone from kf comes here after being banned over there is retarded. bans are handed out like nothing here
nta but this is an anonymous board not really tied to accounts, its easy to act retarded like wojack posting and get banned as opposed to it being tied to your persona. It's not rocket science.

No. 22289


lol k guess i imagined it all
Actually just most of >>>/snow/998558

When I said it reminded me of kiwi posters, I simply thought that their scroteness is what was familiar, but now I've read your post, I'm starting to wonder if we have been visited by some "diversity" this week.

No. 22290

Kek sorry someone doesn't support your thread personality attempt at being "the essay-anon", replying to 3-4 people at once with full screen sized discount freudian shit.
>it's the meeeen, they won't let us talk about them
and other nice conspiracy theories, you cross-site tourists can't imagine there are women that don't want shit teenage level analyses to take over the thread. Screaming that you're being banned for being gendercritical every time you get called out for not being interesting or funny with your derailing just shows you're a sperg with zero self-reflexion. Is radfem-entitlement a term yet? No hate to actual, politically active oldschool radfems, only the terminally online kind that thinks it can't be blogging if they avoid using "I"

No. 22291

>evoke white supremacy
No horse in this race just experiencing the heartiest of keks "anon".

No. 22293

I don't know if anyone's ever informed you but you're not talking a person named "anonymous" who suspiciously never sleeps

No. 22296

Not all bans are red texted you know.

No. 22297

File: 1620388044649.jpg (20.16 KB, 320x318, 200295800481_7286.jpg)

>Everyone I don't like is a scrote

All day, every day. Women can have different opinions from you. Women can be racist. Women can be spergs. What does it change if you go around calling people scrotes instead of just reporting them for being racist or whatever bothers you?

No. 22298

It’s actually funny because if it had been “evoke misogyny” in response to some scrote making a weird comment about men being superior and insisting it’s because the admin was mean about scrotes in a private server, you probably would’ve agreed, but yeah, fuck any women that don’t either fit a specific box or hate themselves enough to let those that do trod on them, kek. Mucho feminismo.
Also, not being racist doesn’t make someone a newfag, shockingly enough.

No. 22299

If they're gonna post like scrotes lost on their way to kf/4chan, people will call them scrotes. Simple as

No. 22300

100% if a woman gets called a scrote and gets offended, good. Get your shit together and sort it out.

No. 22301

I agree with this however simply disagreeing with anons' dissertations on why men are subhuman isn't posting like a scrote. Neither is saying those posts don't belong in the mtf thread

No. 22302

>If they're gonna post like scrotes lost on their way to kf/4chan
But that’s what people are saying, they aren’t posting like scrotes from kf, they’re posting like farmers. Because there have always been a significant amount of racebaiters here. It’s just odd how desperate people are to always attribute every problem to scrotes, I don’t get what world you live in where it’s like unfathomable to you that plenty of women are racist/spergs especially the kind who post on imageboards

No. 22303

Ofc they would. They go on and on about how important lolcow, a gossip website, is as a “haven for women” to “talk about their experiences” or whatever to try and justify being allowed to be a relentless gc sperg but I and a lot of women would never really be able to “talk about our experiences” bc it would just get banned for racebait (which is fine, I’m not saying it should be allowed), but I just hate the way they try and portray it like that. It has nothing to do with “giving women a place to talk about their experiences” and if it did, it only applies to a small amount of women.

No. 22304

Being racist is not a scrote-exclusive thing and neither is being right-wing/conservative. There is even a fucking thread on tradthots on this website that shows that women can hold those same kinds of views.

Every time someone on this site goes even slightly against any kind of libshit view the "OMG YOU MUST BE A SCROTE! WOMEN WOULD NEVER THING THIS!" tards come out.

Just fucking deal with the fact that some women have different views than you.

No. 22305

No one here is obligated to believe you’re a woman when you act like an abrasive scrote. You won’t die because someone called you a man. If you’re this bothered about it, why not just make your own site for totally 100% real women who are tradthots and conservatives? Or stay on /r9k/, /pol/ and KF with the moids you pander to.

No. 22306

There is a big difference between these examples because while trannies are not welcome on the site, non-white women are, so of course no one would bat an eye at "gc sperging" directed at outsiders vs. racebait which targets users on this site. And if said users choose to confront you over it, that's on you.

No. 22307

I’m not talking about the gc sperging itself. I’m talking about the way that whenever they get a ban for it or whatever it gets framed as “women not being allowed to share their experiences” but that is clearly not what they actually care about, they just want to be able to post their constant sperging. You could frame getting a ban for racebait as “not being allowed to share my female experience” too but they wouldn’t care about that and you wouldn’t get any special treatment so why should they.

No. 22308

So should we report anon who complain "whiteknight" in posts just because someone isn't vendetta posting?

No. 22310

Pretty much. Some of the same anons who go on about not censoring women’s voices re: trannies love to attack women who aren’t exactly like themselves (as we’ve seen here), and then pretend to be innocent. They throw rocks, and then hide their hands.
Not all are like this, but there are definitely users here who claim to be “GC” or “radfem”, but they’re truly neither and don’t actually care about women as a group. Hell, a few of them probably aren’t even that bothered about troons in women’s spaces. They’re just unhinged weirdos that are bitter about not having the male privilege to harass and abuse other women as much as they’d like for not being white or whatever, lmao.

No. 22311

>acting like a scrote
It's not acting like a scrote tho. There are millions of women on this earth who hold conservative views. Will it kill YOU to not call everyone you disagree with a scrote, which contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation and is completely pointless spam?

>stay on /r9k/, /pol/ and KF

No. Die mad and triggered, amerimutt. It is such a fucking retarded american worldview that divides people into "left" or "right" and everyone "on the other side" is bad and should be silenced. In other parts of the world we aren't scared to share a place with people who don't vote the same as we do.

No. 22313


No. 22314

Fuck off, scrote.

No. 22315

Ok so my theory is that if they're actually not male, "you will never be a white woman" anon is one of those edgy tumblr users who exist in a weird overlap between terf tumblr and edgelord fashwave tumblr

No. 22318

File: 1620424308628.jpeg (172.34 KB, 912x718, 1620019417993.jpeg)

No. 22319

File: 1620424335054.jpeg (303.98 KB, 1242x1141, 1620394600213.jpeg)


No. 22320

File: 1620424364481.jpg (56.96 KB, 710x533, 1620047337925.jpg)


No. 22321

File: 1620424382601.jpg (69.17 KB, 896x1172, 179642119_283233223433168_6494…)


No. 22325

File: 1620424645590.jpg (517.32 KB, 750x933, 1619311166378.jpg)


No. 22326

I appreciate this anon. I hoped it was gone by now

No. 22327

File: 1620424699057.jpeg (93.47 KB, 1187x1280, 1619206414632.jpeg)


No. 22330

I hope admin reports you and you rot in jail.

No. 22342

Posted a bunch of threads, cp is off of the meta first page now.

No. 22343

Thanks a lot.
I hope admin files a police report about cp posters so they don't get away with it.

No. 22344

I appreciate this so much.

The poster is so mad at being called a scrote, so insistent about arguing the point, it has to be a troon. The CP fits that theory too.

No. 22345

>bringing up terf tumblr.

found the troon. also learn that there are women who are not danger hairs who are twitter pilled and uwu light and positivity

also you spergs were asked to not spam when cp is posted. its gross and i hope those fuckers burn in the deepest level of whatever hell their belief set includes but its retarded. just close your browser and do something to make you smile.

No. 22346

not you bb but >>22315 that dummy

No. 22347

It does nothing but clog threads with "IM DOING US AFAVOR BY HIDING CP" when its an excuse to shitpost and probably the poster IP hopping to avoid being caught

No. 22348

>Wahhh don't hide the CP thread, let everyone who visits meta without knowing there's cp see the cp, kek it's nbd. everyone should see it and then log off for the day

It's one thing if it's somewhere else like on /g/ and everyone is saying "there's cp on this other board" but it was an entire thread here as well as a pic in THIS thread. The correct move, if it's up for 2 hours, and to be a nice fucking decent human being is to make sure nobody sees it. Admin asked us to report, and not to just repeatedly spam "cp on xyz". That's fair, but not when users come here for a completely different reason and the first thing they see is child porn.

I'd literally rather you just commit suicide instead of suggesting it's okay to leave actual CP up for 2 hours. You're assuming everyone magically somehow knows that it's here.

No. 22349

"clog thread" just go ahead and say you like cp, anon. I was the person spamming. And I don't care if you find it annoying. Plenty of other anons were grateful and don't have to see child porn and I'm okay with that.

No. 22350

Who cares if someone spams to get cp out of the way? If it got deleted faster then no one would have to spam

No. 22351

Is there a reason that posts in the Kelly and compurrs thread have been deleted that I missed? Am I dumm?

No. 22353

Weird assertions to make about an anonymous stranger kek. I'm sorry I laughed at (your?) buzzwords anon. I'll remember to take lolcow shitposts more seriously next time, and be sure to acknowledge the reality we're a board of feminist icons who think the same.

No. 22354

nta but oh my god shut the fuck up. Nobody gives a shit about your "clever" and "witty" response and dragging out a day old shitfest.

No. 22356

If an anon calls you a scrote, why is it so hard for scroteanons to just let it go? Don't infight over such stupid shit. What do you have to prove on an anonymous board? It's scrote behaviour tbh.

No. 22357

File: 1620449621534.png (251.81 KB, 1456x2221, severe autism.png)

it literally makes them suicidal lmao

No. 22358

Isn't this also the anon that made the "Things that would get you called a scrote" thread and proceeded to post a pic of their hand and room to prove they aren't a scrote? Or am I mixing them up with some other anon that got emotional over being called a scrote

No. 22360

Kek, even if that turns out to be trolling, it's good value

It's pretty normal for people to want to avoid seeing these images at all costs. I really didn't want to see it twice in one week.

No. 22361

File: 1620457741513.png (268.33 KB, 468x468, 2CBA8844-6D56-4F3B-A922-2BCB4E…)

what in the blue fuck happened to this thread

is there even an admin anymore?

No. 22362

Can of worms opened when /ot/ was locked and now can't be closed again. That's when everyone flocked to /meta/ to sperg, and the sperging still hasn't stopped. Making a fresh complaints thread and putting "actual" in the title did nothing to stop it.
Admin's still here responding to "actual" complaints. Like, I got my cat thread and I'm happy.

No. 22363

Using Tumblr is for libshits, are you retarded? Tumblr is literal pronoun-in-bio-mentally-ill-sex-positive hell on earth.

Only a literally retard who assumes everyone on this website can be grouped into some kind of "tumblr user" would not understand that the post was made to make fun of Admin for her burning hatred of white women, whom she perceives as better, richer and more priviledged to herself.

No. 22364


You're confusing Tumblr with Twitter pal

No. 22365

File: 1620463934543.jpeg (47.4 KB, 750x419, 9A61DD98-F724-4479-8DDB-DE584D…)

go to bed, anon

No. 22366

Or she just perceives them as massive cunts and you just proved her point.

No. 22367

corporate asked me to find the difference. i cant

No. 22368

From what I hear, Tumblr hasn't been the same since they banned porn and all the radlibs packed up and left to terrorize Twitter. You're a couple years out of touch, anon.

No. 22369

She self posted a lot. It could be those.

Dumbass. Do you think LC has a finite number of posts. Dumbest take in this whole thread and that says a lot.

No. 22371

/meta/ was filled with spergs way before that too lol. can't think of a single time it wasn't.

No. 22372

That's definitely a tranny. I've been called a scoere a lot for my dumb opinions. Any anon that's actually a real woman will likely not care, considering they know what's in their pants and don't take it personally. Unless they have a dingaling then they start crying like this kek

No. 22373

*scrote, fuck you autocorrect. All you fucking do is change scrote to score no matter how many fucking times I use the word….

No. 22374

I don't find being called a scrote offensive it's more the idea that all women think the same way/they assume every single woman is as dumb as they are and anyone who isn't must be a man that's annoying

No. 22375

Totally, I've been called a scrote when someone misunderstood a comment of mine. I just explained and moved on.
Troons can't move on since they're male and can't handle it when people point out that they don't pass.

No. 22376

Yeah, I understand that concept. but getting suicidal over it? And sperging about it on an anonymous imageboard when nobody asked? Weird. I can understand making note of it in /meta/ and having a meaningful discussion about it but those screenshots just don't show that.

No. 22377

oh sorry I didn't see what you were referring to, yes anyone getting suicidal over it is unhinged lmao. I thought you were just talking about the people who had brought it up in /meta/

No. 22378

What the fuck? I'd take 80000 spam posts over CP any day.
No wonder people were calling you a scrote, you're out of your fucking mind.

No. 22381

you are a creep

No. 22382

Not the first person to say “god it’s no big deal! Stop posting annoying spam and log out!” In reference to literal CSA images. Imagine being more upset about memes and pics of botched zac efron than fucking CP, god. Sorry but it’s a complete fucking day ruiner, and Most people can’t just log out knowing that horrible shit is still lurking on the board.
“Don’t say it’s a day ruiner, you’re giving the cp scrotes what they want!”
Well, it’s a day ruiner. Can’t do anything about that.
I didn’t even see it this time.

No. 22384

Found the SJW.

No. 22388

Damn I didn't expect my half assed tinfoil to trigger people like this lol. I bring up terf tumblr because i post there
>tumblr is only for libshit dangerhairs blah blah blah
You. Have. To. Go. Back.

No. 22390

I'm pretty sure the Thread Request thread in /pt/ is for all boards.

No. 22392

>You could frame getting a ban for racebait as “not being allowed to share my female experience” too but they wouldn’t care about that
I see someone wasn't around last year when the pinkpill threads got locked.

No. 22393

How is that related to what I'm saying? I'm saying that if I was to post about the experience of being a black woman and write these manifestoesque spergs in every thread talking about the horrible treatment you get from white women and the way white women are socialised etc etc, I'd be banned for racebait (again, not saying this should or shouldn't be banned), even though that is my "female experience". As much so as the way men treat you. However, whenever some gc sperg gets a completely valid ban for derailing with some novel length sperg in a cow thread we have to endure days of spamming /meta/ about how they "won't let women express their experiences!" and there's some huge conspiracy about the tranny mods trying to silence women and lolcow needs to be a safehaven blah blah blah but it's obvious that's not what they care about and they just want a place to relentlessly sperg bc only one female experience is even really allowed on lc. Many women already can't post about your experience and are "silenced". Why should only theirs be exempt from the rules?

No. 22394

Damn anon are you camping here?
It's related because the opposite of what you claim happened in that closed thread fiasco lmao.

No. 22395

The pp thread being banned for racebait isn’t relevant to what I’m talking about outside of it just also being related to racebait. What I’m saying is that is disingenuous that one group being currently completely exempt from the rules and getting special treatment because their “female experience” must be protected above all else is framed as some important act of “protecting women’s voices” or whatever even though many others are being “silenced”. No amount of derailing every thread with racebait the way gc anons do would be accepted. No sperging in a /cow/ thread about race (even a semi relevant one like tradthots or whatever) would be allowed the way it is with the mtf thread. People would understand why you got banned and wouldn’t be running to /meta/ making up conspiracies about the white supremacist jannies and their plan to silence non white women because it would obviously be stupid so why are we expected to coddle them and accept it from them?

No. 22396

I literally have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, but you do you.

No. 22400

I think they're taking the tranny janny conspiracy anons a little too seriously. 4chan has its own conspiracy too, it's not exclusive to LC, and for the majority of anons it's a joke. I'm not sure where the race blog is relative, I think they just wanted to inform us they are infact not white?

No. 22401

so what if i can suck a dick and not think i was raped? lolcow wants a female friendly space but i can have sex with a man and almost enjoy it. you ladies spend too much time policing each other on what to think that you forget that freeze peach is allowing others to think differently.

No. 22403

Ladies remember to ignore low effort bait.

No. 22404

You are talking absolute shit tbh

No. 22405

Go to lipstick alley kek

No. 22406

File: 1620554571913.jpg (769.8 KB, 1280x1920, monkey-1452007949upz.jpg)

No. 22407

You will never be a white woman.

No. 22408

Yes everyone seems to understand that if someone wants to post about that they should go to LSA but can’t fathom that if someone wants to post about gc/pp they should go elsewhere as well

No. 22409

why don’t you make a thread and call it “white women hate” ?I promise you nobody cares

No. 22411

Here’s a thread where NOC (nonnies of color) can discuss the negative impact white women and girls have had on their female experience.

No. 22412

I made you a thread in OT. You are free to discuss your female experience.

No. 22413

There is not a single person using Tumblr who is not severely mentally ill and you can't convince me otherwise.

baste thread, I hope admin joins us to talk about the disgusting white devils trying to keep us down

No. 22414

>There is not a single person using Tumblr who is not severely mentally ill
Oh have I got news for you about the site you're on right now, anon

No. 22415

Yes please do. I hope it will be a wake up call to all the woke white girls on the site: black women hate you. Stop wasting your time trying to befriend or defend them, they are not on your side, never where and never will be.

No. 22416

Everyone in this thread is a scrote tranny. I don't think a single woman is even using this site, cause if you were women you would all agree with everything I say.

No. 22417

File: 1620562544731.png (Spoiler Image,213.09 KB, 500x500, scrotes.png)


picrel are all posters on this site except for the JANNIES who are TRANNIES

No. 22418

I know the shay thread is a dumpster fire but is it possible to ban people on her thread that compare her to yaniv? They are so fucking annoying

No. 22419

File: 1620562953457.jpg (86.78 KB, 700x643, 5d25b6acf0103__700.jpg)

Farmhands, please, okiro

No. 22420

CALLING YOUR TRANNY FRIENDS, SCROTE? I can smell your stinky scrotum from here, disgusting.

No. 22421

Sorry you look like yaniv

No. 22422

They're pretending like they don't understand your point but you said nothing but facts. There are radfem and GC communities on Tumblr, Twitter, and even websites like Ovarit and Spinster where you can sperg about troons until your heart's content. I don't know why they insist that they need to be able to word vomit all over the site, I mean you can already do that on the MTF thread as long as you stay on topic. I don't know what more they want.

No. 22423

File: 1620564185660.jpg (43 KB, 491x625, 1618312561392.jpg)

>CALLING YOUR TRANNY FRIENDS, SCROTE? I can smell your stinky scrotum from here, disgusting.

No. 22424

Ty. I didn’t think what I was saying was that confusing and I thought it was obvious I wasn’t asking for a white woman hate thread, just that it would make the site better for rules to be enforced equally.

No. 22425

Triggered, scrote?

No. 22426

Well, I gave you a white woman hate thread, since you clearly need it. Now go sperg to your hearts content about the ugly hot dog water pasty white coloniser bitches and their entitlement, maybe you’ll feel more validated and pretty when you’re bouncing on some pink cock.

No. 22427

File: 1620565227614.png (65.4 KB, 333x519, you.png)

No. 22428


No. 22429

lmao look at this scrote, scroting about being a male and having a cock and balls

go back to 9gag, male

No. 22430

How did you two find each other?

No. 22431

File: 1620568234911.png (Spoiler Image,91.73 KB, 335x502, scrotes_go_home.png)

This is your fate, scrotes. I will take it upon myself to point out every single scrote-poster on this website until the scrote mennace is exterminated.

No. 22432

Tranny jannies will not silence me. Calling people scrotes is not against the rules! So I will continue to call out all the scrotes on this website until they go back to 9gag!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22433

It's infighting

No. 22434

You must be new here.

No. 22435

Silence, scrotes!

No. 22436

Might as well nuke the site now

No. 22437

>maybe you’ll feel more validated and pretty when you’re bouncing on some pink cock.
Wtf, is that what all your sperging was really about? Talk about bitter. You can keep your men, Brenda, just stop filling the site with trash.

No. 22438

Can farmhands just delete the retarded bait threads being made in /ot/ instead of locking them? Genuinely curious

No. 22439

Scrotes detected! SCROTE ALARM! These posters are males!

No. 22440

Stop getting rid of the funny bait threads in /ot/

No. 22441

File: 1620573240684.jpeg (106.5 KB, 680x680, AEA23592-622A-4C00-B9FC-642893…)

>maybe you’ll feel more validated and pretty when you’re bouncing on some pink cock

this site is rancid now

No. 22442

Go back to reddit, male! Women don't post anime girls!

No. 22443

File: 1620575538214.png (404.05 KB, 719x1098, lol.png)

Cave monkey post history reveal when?

No. 22444

they’re really out here putting the “men” in “mental illness”

No. 22445

Scrotes thirsting to see a woman's post history, why are men so creepy?

I am not ashamed for telling Admin-chan he will never be a white woman! Scrotes stay mad!

No. 22446

Hahah! get it? Scrote-anon called me a scrote cause I call people scrotes! It is an epic win for sure! When you call people scrotes you get an insta epic win! What are they gonna do? Post their vagina? They can't do anything! It is so epic!

Scrote scrote! I never get tired of calling people that!(move on)

No. 22447

What's it feel like doing actual work for once, moid mod?

No. 22448

cave monkey.

No. 22449

Only a scrote would be this racist and call people monkey, you gave yourself away, yikes!(mentally ill attention whore)

No. 22450

File: 1620577495801.png (587.61 KB, 912x511, proof.png)

Here is my arm for proof that you just called a woman of color a cave monkey!

Go back to /pol/!

No. 22451

That’s an admins arm if anyone gets confused. Idk if it’s a current or previous one. Anyways ignore the baitaholics.

No. 22452

You are ungodly autistic and bitter that anons keep mistaking you as a scrote. Just get over it already, this site sucks Adam Driver’s nuts (and they aren’t very big either)

No. 22454

There is nothing wrong with calling people scrotes, it is part of this sites culture, you should try to integrate more, sweaty. If someone disagrees with you, they are a scrote. Easy logic even a moid like you could follow.

No. 22455

File: 1620590992556.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.62 KB, 720x1280, 167728958_4208255402518573_422…)

>This is your fate, scrotes. I will take it upon myself to point out every single scrote-poster on this website until the scrote mennace is exterminated.

No. 22456

all these fucking boomers bitching about furiners and mexicans taking jobs and not paying taxes living illegally on their dollar but fucking facebook and shit like that are all hosted on foreign soil to avoid the bs american laws hold them by. shit on these people all you want but they are all the type to go to cancun and yell at the local vendor because they dont understand english

idubbz left the internet because he cant eat his own shit
[3:08 PM]
what a faggot. made all these other people feel like shit for their life but now that its public hes a fucking retard he runs away

maybe if he owned up to being a fucking cuck i could have respect for him but what an asshole

No. 22457

File: 1620592171123.png (Spoiler Image,236.35 KB, 1028x1288, nigger.png)

Black Kangz literally posting their own ass to own the racist Karens. And you wonder why people are racist.

No. 22458

I just shit and cum.

What does this mean?
The amount of shit (and cum) on my computer and floor has increased by one.

Why did you do this?
There are several reasons I may deem a comment to be worthy of feces or ejaculation. These include, but are not limited to:

Being gay

Dank copypasta bro, where'd you find it


Am I going to shit and cum too?
No - not yet. But you should refrain from shitposting and cumposting like this in the future. Otherwise I will be forced to shit and cum again, which may put your shitting and cumming privileges in jeopardy.

I don't believe my comment deserved being shit and cum at. Can you un-cum it?
Sure, mistakes happen. But only in exceedingly rare circumstances will I put shit back into my butt. If you would like to issue an appeal, shoot me a hot load explaining what I got wrong. I tend to respond to retaliatory ejaculation within several minutes. Do note, however, that over 99.9% of semen dies before it can fertilize the egg, and yours is likely no exception.

How can I prevent this from happening in the future?
Accept the goopy brown and white substance and move on. But learn from this mistake: your behavior will not be tolerated in my mom's basement. I will continue to shit and cum until you improve your conduct. Remember: ejaculation is privilege, not a right.⠀⠀

No. 22459

That’s a Malaysian. He’s been posting his ass for weeks. If you haven’t seen that picture, you must be a newfag for sure. You’re obsessed with black people lol

No. 22460

If you call not wanting to see a black scrotes pockmarked ass "obsessed" then I guess I am. Sorry I am not up to date on the ass-posting. I don't check /meta/ every day to see if a black person has posted their ass again.

No. 22462

It's probably the cave monkey anon again. I'm pretty sure they're a scrote, probably samefagging

No. 22463

You will never be a woman, tranny.

No. 22464

You’re right. They’re probably the even the one that posted the ass pic. I guess Southeast Asians are black now(?) too kek. Hope the "anon" gets bored and leaves soon

No. 22465

cave monkey.

No. 22470

File: 1620594671121.jpg (Spoiler Image,223.43 KB, 882x872, 190411-monkey-pr.jpg)

No. 22471

Can we ban the anon who calls everyone a scrote?? It's so fucking annoying

No. 22473


No. 22475

no because they hate us.

No. 22476

n-no you!

No. 22479

hang yourself and post it to /m/

No. 22480

File: 1620596378611.jpg (63.58 KB, 620x330, 2-2-620x330.jpg)

This thread had gone schizophrenic

No. 22482

i don't know who to trust anymore

No. 22483

File: 1620596435074.png (46.09 KB, 600x712, 1a7.png)

>I am not a scrote, but you will probably join the 41% soon, tranny!

No. 22486

File: 1620596689568.png (39.12 KB, 466x593, 1619098788642.png)

>hang yourself and post it to /m/

No. 22487

Moid mods literally deserve death

No. 22488

No. 22489

No. 22490

File: 1620597373247.jpg (71.8 KB, 1064x1100, Ⓔ Ⓛ Ⓑ ⓞ.jpg)

No. 22492

File: 1620598057157.png (115.93 KB, 782x758, 1571137045552.png)

Remember when soijack posting used to mean something? When It was a legitimate satire of bugmen and lefties saying shit on this website? Now it's been meaningless for almost a year, a le ebin quirky schizo funny face XD, and guess who is responsible for this. It's the same exact reddit appropriation that happened to the rage faces, that's why you kill it before it reaches that point, but unlike rage faces you retards were more complacent with it and we have this catalog full of giggling cancer using 4chan as their toilet.

No. 22493

File: 1620598761739.png (288.35 KB, 479x455, WPMY6fO.png)

>Remember when soijack posting used to mean something? When It was a legitimate satire of bugmen and lefties saying shit on this website? Now it's been meaningless for almost a year, a le ebin quirky schizo funny face XD, and guess who is responsible for this. It's the same exact reddit appropriation that happened to the rage faces, that's why you kill it before it reaches that point, but unlike rage faces you retards were more complacent with it and we have this catalog full of giggling cancer using 4chan as their toilet.

No. 22494

It's probably the stwawbewy milk Agatha gal

No. 22495

Anon, ayrt was clearly joking…

Off topic but does anyone else miss the PT spoiler image?

No. 22496

What? It's still the same to me

No. 22497

File: 1620635661462.jpeg (14.86 KB, 186x272, download (1).jpeg)

I see you being a passionate lover, indecisive at times, and needing to take good care of your health.

No. 22498

What a loser.

No. 22499

I'm a poorfag on mobile, it's been months since I've seen our queen in spoiler images. All I get is a grey box.

No. 22500

I used to have that problem, I think you have to delete cookies or cached images. If you fossick around there was a solution mentiomed in a tech help thread it think.

No. 22502

Is the Alicia Day thread on autosage? I get she's not a big lolcow but her last pig got stolen (and people who did it were recorded), and the story is kinda interesting, so it would be nice if it got bumped. I mean, less milky threads got bumped (like fakeboi's)

No. 22503

Just test drove your advice in the Shatna thread. Bless you kind anon, I can now gaze upon the queen again!

No. 22504

Why are the mods protecting scrotes?

I work hard to identify posters who are male and my comments just get deleted. Is it because the mods are moids and want these scrotes not to be exposed for what they are? Protecting your brothers, huh?

I think we need to make a better effort in identifying scrote posters and tell them to fuck off more!(The "You will never be a white woman" sperg)

No. 22505

File: 1620666780905.jpg (134.28 KB, 1080x1063, horse.jpg)

No. 22507

The wojackposter that randomly copies and pastes posts with a wojack image reaction should be banned tbh

No. 22511

Can we lock the Erin Painter thread? At least until there’s new activity from her or actual milk for once?

She’s been MIA for almost two months now, strangely dropped off the face of the Earth, and yet there’s still people shitting up her dead thread with unrelated memes. We’ve been asking for the thread to be locked ever since it was first made due to the nonstop cowtipping and tinfoil, but I feel like now is the perfect time to finally do so as Erin Painter is currently missing. Lock the damn thread already, at least until she shows back up.

No. 22514

I can't believe even my retarded ass is noticing so much infighting recently. I hope we can get a hellweek soon.

No. 22515

a lot of nonas are literally on their periods. not even joking

No. 22516

I know I shouldn't utter the S word, but there are some very obvious LARPers in some threads intentionally baiting, and anons keep falling for it, even though they often write in such an unnatural way and will never ever sage.

No. 22519

Someone's goreposting in the stupid questions thread. Reported it, please delete it

No. 22521

Thank you!!! Kisses

No. 22523

They are back at it in this thread: >>>/snow/1222039
Sorry I posted the wrong link first

No. 22524

Read it as gossiping

No. 22525

Clean up in plastic surgery thread pwease, anons keep taking the bait and engaging with obvious trolls.

No. 22526

Seconding this

No. 22529

File: 1620856116368.png (98.45 KB, 760x570, amerimutts.png)

Can't even say amerimutts? Amerimutt is not a race, so it's not racist.

Fuck you Amerimods.

No. 22531

You know exactly what you're doing calling mixed race Americans mutts. Fuck off.

No. 22532

The LBW thread is a mess. Huge influx of instafags due to cowtipping that won’t shut the fuck up and learn the rules no matter how many times they are told.

No. 22533

all you had to say was ginger. no one likes them. its like saying american nigger vs english nigger. theyre both black just from different areas

No. 22534

You're so brave for posting this

No. 22535

File: 1620895391838.png (28.23 KB, 769x573, ban pls.PNG)

Come on farmhands, this was a joke reply to an anon who asked about the identity of the other anon confessing to being a celebrity popular on lolcow and being sick of being fetishized here. I just thought it was funny and would fit since Driverspergs are notorious on Lolcow. How the hell does this qualify as "driverfagging"?

No. 22537

I don't want to live in a world where people from different countries can't make fun of each other. We make fun of the british on here all the time and nobody bats an eye.

>mixed race Americans

All americans are mixed race mutts except for first generation immigrants and natives. Sorry amerimutts, that's part of who you are. You should be proud cause they say mutt-blood gives you genetic diversity and therefore strength. I'm still gonna make fun of you tho for looking like clowns.

I have also called people amerimutts on here several times without ever getting banned, is it because he's like 34% black? At what shade of skintone can you not call someone an amerimutt anymore? Can I get a scale? He's barely even tan.

No. 22538

>unspecified reason
Not even driverfagging jesus christ mods are retarded

No. 22539

It's at least 34%

No. 22540

They were banned for driversperging, not driverfagging and it was redtexed as such

No. 22541

Enjoy your no contribution ban

No. 22545

File: 1621011560285.png (96.57 KB, 1119x740, adam driver.png)

This was literally in the dumbass shit thread and appropriate context for the post it was replying to

No. 22546

Why am i banned hoe

No. 22547

Wait… am i actually banned kek…. is anyone seeing this?

No. 22548

Put the celebrity thread back in /snow/ you bumcheese bitches.

No. 22549

>Put the celebrity thread back in /snow/ you bumcheese bitches.

No. 22555

>Some newfags are being spergs in the western vocaloid fandom thread

No. 22556

Is this just Admin-chan taking out her frustration posting as anon? The fact that these aren't getting deleted or red-texted really shows how much the mod-team and her hate the posters on this site.

Hope we get someone new soon.

No. 22557

What a tinfoil.

No. 22558

File: 1621187599146.png (273.67 KB, 378x474, tinfoil.png)

Think about it.

No. 22559

There have been plenty of these that have been deleted, you obviously don't know that because they don't exist anymore but I've seen them. This is the same faggot that exclusively posts in the vtuber thread over in /w/, why would admin only do that? Ignore the wojack retard and stop your stupid tinfoiling, don't acknowledge them.

No. 22560

File: 1621189198869.png (425.47 KB, 600x600, tin_foil_cat_cat_1.png)

I won't fall for your deception! They are putting trannies on the mod team that are turning the lolcow.farms gay!

No. 22561

this type of autism is the main problem these days

No. 22562

It's a fucking joke, relax. Lack of a sense of humor is a much bigger issue.

No. 22564


No. 22566

We got the same schizo-chan constantly bumping Eve’s boring ass thread, can we get it autosaged? There’s no milk, or I at least haven’t seen any farmers posting any milk so far.

No. 22567

Seriously the scrote that keeps shitting up threads by copy pasting our comments with a wojak needs to die, he's probably one of the vtuber thread trolls

No. 22568

Jesus christ, yes, please can we deal with that? It's currently bothering people who complain about pornsick freaks so it's clearly some retard scrote

No. 22569

Shouldn't the new Eurovision thread be moved to /m/? All the other Eurovision threads were there

No. 22571

I have seen an uptick in autistic soyjack posting

No. 22573

>Seriously the scrote that keeps shitting up threads by copy pasting our comments with a wojak needs to die, he's probably one of the vtuber thread trolls

No. 22575

>The wojak retard is posting again in /w/

No. 22576

Put the celebricows thread back in snow.

No. 22578


i agree but why? just to see if more people have reasons to change it to /snow/

to me its the focus of the threads. the threads are for people in the entertainment business, but the attention should be on celebrities with milk, snowflake or cow behaviors. therefore its a /snow/ issue, while having an entertainment or music news thread would be an /ot/ or a /g/ issue and could be use for containment of spergy faggots who need to nitpick random celebrities with no milk. someone like demi lovato is very much a celebricow, but something like billie eilishs new hairstyle is just entertainment news to discuss.

reading this thread though i see most anons seem to prefer it in /ot/ so i think its sadly just you and i nonita.

No. 22581

it was a billion times more nitpicky in /snow/ tho

No. 22583

Why was the Eurovision thread locked?

No. 22584

It belongs on /m/ where all the other eurovision threads are

No. 22585

that's exactly why it was moved back to /ot/

No. 22586

File: 1621381190692.jpg (240.7 KB, 1920x1080, wp5859265.jpg)

When i will become a farmhand?

No. 22587

Nta, I also preferred it in snow. I don't see why it has to be more nitpicky there, as snow has more rules that mods can use to ban people doing that shit and also fucking blogposters. Blogposting is fine in other ot threads but so out of place in celebricows unless a celebrity shows up.

It's also a lot slower in ot and kind of boring now.

No. 22588

Egirl thread is the biggest shitshow. Can we please get a crumb of moderation.

No. 22589

e-girl thread has always been a shitshow, can farmhands remind the selfposters and unintegrated e-girls to behave themselves or else it gets put on autosage, there's hardly any real milk in that thread anyways.

No. 22590

I'd like it if there was an /ot/ or /m/ thread for general celebrity gossip & chatter and then a celebricows thread for milky, cow-ish celebs like Demi Lovato. Problem is defining who is a celebrity cow versus who is just a celebrity would be subjective.

No. 22591

All celebrities are cows. Let's just move the thread to /snow/.

No. 22592

Tbh I don't get why the MtF thread is in /snow/ but the celebricows one isn't. The subject is just as vague in both threads

I have a feeling Demi will need her own thread once she starts her podcast

No. 22593

Are you all new here? Celebricows started in /ot/ and has been in /ot/ for years. It stays in /ot/. just because you dont like visiting /ot/ and your lives revolve around incessant drama of /snow/ doesn't mean you get to have all of your digest in one board.

No. 22596

No one would care about celebricows being in /ot/ if /ot/ fags didn't barge in with 200k words blogposts and all sorts of unrelated shit.

No. 22597

That's literally why it started and stayed in /ot/ for years. The thread is made for off topic retarded shit related to celebrities. It's not meant for "milk only" and was never meant to be as such.

No. 22599

I feel like the "things that would get you called a scrote" is a huge waste of space and should be locked. It's just a NLOG thread with a pinch of pickme and a dash of salty lesbians. Everyone goes there simply to bitch about being called a scrote somewhere else on the site, so in a way it's just a thread for salty anons. Plus most of them use it as an excuse to dump anime tits.

No. 22600

Nope, I'm not new, thanks for the concern.
Why does it have to stay in /ot/ if it started in /ot/? There's a bunch of threads in /snow/ that deal with similar topics (YouTubers, Twitch streamers, the Western animation thread which btw talks about a bunch of stale milk, MtFs, swj artists), and celebricows is about the latest dramas of celebrities, instead of just general "off topic retarded shit related to celebrities". I'm sure no one goes there to read anons' blogposts and back when the thread was in /snow/ the anons who posted their retarded shitposts got banned instead of clogging up the thread. I use other boards other than /snow/ but the move of celebricows to /ot/ doesn't make sense

No. 22601

File: 1621441946395.jpg (Spoiler Image,118.07 KB, 694x700, lol.jpg)


No. 22602

>the move to /ot/ doesn't make sense
You mean the move BACK to /ot/? Anons couldn't help but retarded shitpost in celebricows after promising they'd actual post milk and be productive. There's no reason why mods wouldn't move it back to /ot/ after giving it a chance in /snow/. Look at how many complained about the celebricows thread in previous /meta/ threads. That's how I know you're new. Why would mods continue to listen to anons whine and whine about the "off-topic" stuff in celebricows when it's on /snow/ instead of just putting it back in /ot/? If you want a "milk-only" celeb thread, why don't you request it?

No. 22604

pls don't tell me some retard bumped it just cause their waifu OCs got called ugly. why can't they go to literally any other imageboard

No. 22605

Anon you're too obsessed with clocking newfags

>Why would mods continue to listen to anons whine and whine about the "off-topic" stuff in celebricows when it's on /snow/ instead of just putting it back in /ot/?

Or -hear me out- the mods could've just handed out bans for off-topic discussions instead of moving it "back" (since you're so stuck on semantics) to /ot/ where off-topic discussions are encouraged

>If you want a "milk-only" celeb thread, why don't you request it?

That would be pointless, there would be just a bunch of cross-posting from the celebricows thread to the milk-only thread because they're basically the same thing and by making a "milk-only" thread you're just praying anons aren't retarded and won't shitpost. Just ban the spergs and moderate the thread just like any other thread on there.

Idgaf where the celebricows thread is in the end because it's not like I can't just look on another board for it. My original post was more of a "if x, y and z qualify for /snow/, why can't this one be there as well?" question

No. 22606

Nah, there was way too much autism for moderators (come on… the mods here… you're really praying on their moderation and hoping they'll be active mods for that thread?) to want to even deal with, hence why there was always a barrage of "omg she's fat" which ISN'T MILK and yet it happened hourly.

No. 22607

Yeah that thread tends to be really nitpicky in regards to the dumbest things when the milk gets dry
Paradoxically, I think the sperging died down a bit since it was moved to /ot/ so it's not all that bad

No. 22608

can the eurovision thread be moved to /m/ then?

No. 22609

There is one in /m/ >>>/m/142465

No. 22611

>We need another hellweek already.

No. 22612

I agree, there are way worse threads on /w, like the Mikan or Pixielocks ones.
But the problem, in my opinion, is that her threads tends to attract WK scrotes, blogging/armchairing Pulltards and weird old ladies from KF (the rubberlips anon or the pointy-chin-chan that keep sperging to this day)
Since farmhands are pretty busy, I think it's easier for them to keep it in autosage mode.
Just my 2 cents.

No. 22613

File: 1621520441601.png (774.93 KB, 1848x3592, weebwars.png)

love how weeb mods ban people for criticizing their weeb comics, but don't ban people defending the weeb comics even tho they call others braindamaged and fighting with them over several posts

biased, much?

No. 22614

File: 1621520796447.png (36.57 KB, 928x738, ban.png)

Absolutely pathetic.

No. 22615

mods on the site nowadays are absolute garbage and ban farmers more over hurt feelings than farmers infight with each other

No. 22616

Cute and salty infographic, nonny. You left out the part where that other anon was banned and redtexted for infighting

No. 22617

Only after several posts in a fight THEY started by calling people nonces and braindead and banned everyone who dared to call them out for it.

Sorry but there is obvious bias going on here you can't deny that shit.

No. 22618

File: 1621521276587.png (45.78 KB, 1444x776, rules.png)

No. 22619

File: 1621521320892.png (43.35 KB, 1444x448, rules.png)

No. 22620

It's not against the rules to insult other anons. It's against the rules to antagonize aka infight, racebait and constantly sperg/samefag/post the same retarded le memes to own le weebs (clearly you're doing so). "Are you talking out of your ass or braid damaged" omg that's totally infighting………

You're embarrassing yourself, nonny. Please have some dignity.

No. 22621

it's the same anon sperging out continuously at people over their favorite anime and several different people telling them rape porn is not art, do you lack reading comprehension?

No. 22623

Nah, I don't. Do you lack the mental capacity to understand that constantly going thread to thread and sperging about "big manga BAD manga", literally hoping that anons will infight with you about it is just retarded and antagonistic?

If you're that bored, read a book.
While you're reading that book, think about all the other media that contains depiction of rape and think of ways to start infighting on that topic too. Then turn off your computer and go outside.

Hopping from ip to ip just to get your kicks infighting is braindead behavior.

No. 22624

NTA, but if you start flinging insults at people it means you are looking for a fight and it will inevitably lead to a fight. Or do you think that if you attack someone they aren't going to reply?

No. 22625

"you're embarrassing yourself"

No. 22626

>"you're embarrassing yourself"


No. 22627

Wojack spammer in /w/

No. 22628

I think we should merge /w/ with /snow/

No. 22630

Please lock this thread >>812031
There is already a new news thread. Plus it’s kind of cheap to use junkos face.

No. 22631


No. 22632

How is it cheap? The thread is for stories that affected us deeply. I, and several other anons were affected by what happened to her. What could have been cheap is using a picture of her dead body, or a picture of the degenerate scrotes who killed her. That picture preserves her as she is generally remembered - a sweet young girl. And you can stop bumping the thread already, it's annoying

No. 22633

Not all bans are red texted. Maybe they should be, but it doesn't meant there's a giant conspiracy against you.

No. 22638

Micropenis wojak poster back in /w/ ty ahead mods

No. 22639

can users who post those wojak pictures get an automatic ban? is this b/ trying to troll?

No. 22641

If there was, we would never see cp/gore

No. 22642

Mods should not ban unless a post is reported. I swear there's some NEET assblasted mod on lc 24/7 just looking for an excuse to tempban. And locking popular threads permanently definitely killed this site.

No. 22643

Which post didja get banned for? Also what thread was locked?

No. 22644

I hate this website. People care more about wojackposting than fucking child porn.
You’re all just as autistic and depraved as the men you claim to hate.

No. 22645

When you make assumptions you make and ass out of u and me.

No. 22646

you fucked the saying up

No. 22648

I assume farmhands ban the retarded reaction meme guy (I assume male since a woman would never be that unfunny and he's clearly only amusing himself) who greentext copy pastes random posts and adds an annoying reaction image from his folder of 100 virtually identical incel reaction memes…petition for farmhands to continue deleting them when they see them, and I wonder if you could ban his whole vpn ip range or would that fuck up the site for innocent parties.

No. 22649


I see I am not the only one tired of this guy.

No. 22650

I don't get you CP gets reported all the time.

No. 22651

>(I assume male since a woman would never be that unfunny and he's clearly only amusing himself
Correct, it was basically confirmed that it's the vtuber sperg.

No. 22652

Feel free to voice your dissenting opinion but im at the point where all wojaks need to get auto banned it's unfunny and most of the time scrote posting

No. 22653

You're making assumptions.

No. 22655

Can a mod move >>>/snow/44761 to /w/ please?

No. 22656

> you could ban his whole vpn ip range or would that fuck up the site for innocent parties.

youre retarded wtf

No. 22657

let me clarify, ban all posters from one region because the median comes from one range but what about legit users in that area. like , i havent used tor to browse lolcow because it was a blanket ban and really fucking stupid.

sometime you get uncomfortable and most of the time thre is no solution. just grow a pair and move on. id rather retardef wojack posing over hurtcore.

No. 22659

learn to write though

No. 22661

this. and the people who run this place are just as deranged and out of it. who in the fuck is the sicko moron constantly downplaying literal child porn like it’s no big deal? at this point the site needs and deserves to be nuked because the user base is too young, too dumb and too grotesque to deal with, and they aren’t going to get any smarter. admin and jannies don’t give a shit about the CP, have the most hands off attitude towards it that i’ve ever seen anywhere online, like is mr. girl a janny here?

do everyone a favor and give it to josh, he may be a moid and a feeder but he wouldn’t let this shit slide for a second AND he would clean the place up to the point it would be useable again. both fun fems and terves have a home at KF and the best part? they don’t have to look at fucking CP when they just want to kick back and gossip about some fucking weeb.

No. 22662

I don't know where all you omniscient fuckers come from who apparently know everything about what the moderators do and don't do. There are specific guidelines about reporting and dealing with CP from the host side, but I don't know why you think they should make a personal report to you everytime on how they proceeded. I'm not surprised that most of them straight up ignore this thread.
Do you not understand the difference between an anonymous imageboard and a non-anonymous forum that requires you to submit some kind of data, ex. e-mail address (which came to bite KF in the ass after their data breach)?

No. 22663

>he would clean the place up to the point it would be useable again
KEK yeah he was so great at this when he ran 9chan. nevermind that he ended up shutting it down after barely a month or two because people were literally spamming it 24/7 with CP. great idea, anon.

No. 22664

And everytime this mother fucker comes around, their one and only suggestion is to nuke site and give it to Josh. Fucking repetitive kiwifag.

No. 22666

then just nuke it, idgaf. looks like admin wants a replacement anyhow. better to kill it off.

your safe space for women is filled with child porn and trannies. have, um, fun?

No. 22667

> a non-anonymous forum that requires you to submit some kind of data, ex. e-mail address

burner email
you’re welcome.

No. 22668

It puts a gate on CP spammability, is the point. And it also showed how Papa Josh isn't the freedom fighter genius that will protect them from everything and everyone, always 10 steps ahead of curve, like the persona he tried to create.

No. 22669

The idea of Josh's fat ass lurking in the shadows everyday all day just to post this is sending me. That nigga gay how crazy do you have to be to frequent a site exclusively for women and constantly seethe you're not admin it's so pathetic lol

No. 22670

If you allegedly don't give a fuck, why are you still here? It doesn't make sense that you'd keep coming back to a site "filled with cp and trannies", it's almost like you enjoy it. Go back to KF. You embarrass yourself everytime you post here, by acting like know everything about the site and that the only way to stop cp is to pass it off to a male as if the CP wouldn't continue, when you likely don't know a fucking thing

No. 22671

File: 1621862973760.jpg (78.07 KB, 1200x675, unga.jpg)

>do everyone a favor and give it to josh

No. 22672

Fuck off Josh

No. 22673

>admin and jannies don’t give a shit about the CP, have the most hands off attitude towards it that i’ve ever seen anywhere online
You clearly haven't spent much time on imageboards if you think this, lmao. The CP doesn't get cleaned up quickly because this place is heavily understaffed.
>he would clean the place up to the point it would be useable again.
Null is one of the most incompetent, Cluster B admins of a major website in recent history. He bungles every venture he embarks on and is only kept afloat by the junior high-tier orbiter culture he's somehow managed to cultivate. If you really want Null to run this place then you need to gb2KF forever.

No. 22674

I'm literally always have this site open on my phone and very rarely come across CP and if I do I report and hide thread and scroll by. Sounds like some cunt that thinks a vpn is an invisibility cloak is posting and spamming the board so he can wk and save it. Fuck off.

Um, how about fuck off to a site where you're wanted and have, like, fun. No one wants to post on a site you run. You sound like a total faggot

No. 22676

nah youre right these other users are too young and still believe in the moid boogyman

No. 22678

Retarded moid posting troon porn on /g/

No. 22679

It's the same nitpicking in the Belle Delphine thread. You can't even wait for milk without anons posting old photos and complaining about "shes so ugly ugly ugly did I mention ugly?" And going on tagents about how Belle Delphine is why sex trafficking exists even though its MEN who are why sex trafficking exists, not a self made thot who isn't street walking.

No. 22680

I'm probably the like 100th person to suggest this, but a hellweek of sorts is needed on multiple boards whenever possible.

No. 22681

theyre looking for a new admin, no way the emotional and time expense will be wasted on one. admin is checking out and jannies are just walking around blind. imagine doing this shit free lul

No. 22683

One is for weebs, one is mostly normie drama. That makes no sense. These threads would get lost in a combined board due to traffic too.

No. 22685

And mods still haven't deleted or at least locked the retarded thing.

No. 22686


No. 22688

File: 1621974827948.jpeg (62.3 KB, 750x920, D2650BD1-5AE1-41F9-B391-6A85A0…)


No. 22689

I'm bored of the sad cunt that samefags and derails the threads. I hope they die.

No. 22690

It used to work just fine and the boards had way more traffic then. It was a strange decision to split out /w/ in the first place and not particularly popular (voting was 50/50)

No. 22691

How do you not realize by now that they do it to trigger you. So naïvefag. Stop your incessant bitching for mods to protect your CONSTANT WKing. You are equally problematic. There are worse things going on rn than your poor feelings for an ethot like Belle Delphine.

No. 22692

This. /w/'s a slow board anyways, inb4 "c-corona virus is why we haven't gotten good milk!!". Even pre-corona virus, it's always been a slow board. The split caused a lot of anons to stop following /w/ calves since they couldn't find them in /snow/.

No. 22693

iirc the last townhall or the one before it was actually voted in favor that /w/ be merged back with /snow/ and admin just never acknowledged it kek

No. 22694

File: 1622001000206.jpg (22.92 KB, 440x352, c06f878005444cc6acb11cd99ed0d7…)

belle drama in /meta/ still? your type are like lice

No. 22695

It's not necessarily a bad thing for a board to be slow. The benefit to /w/ imo is that it keeps discussion of legacy cows who are mainly of interest to oldfags and might not be super relevant alive, though a general oldfag/legacy cow board could probably serve this purpose better (pls take under consideration admin, imagine the nostalgia)

No. 22696

Idk, it makes it easier to find the cow you're looking for imo based of if they are in a more normal drama or nerd/weeb drama.

No. 22697

most /w/ posters are pullfags if anything

No. 22698

Don't get me wrong, /w/ has some of the worst threads on this godforsaken website, but the fact that it's slow lets some more interesting threads from old weeb subcultures surface every so often, and because the cows involved aren't very relevant it's often an actual update or actual gossip or people with new info from their glory days or interesting retrospective discussion instead of nitpicking over nasolabial folds or w/e. I'm not saying that /w/ should necessarily stay but that it does serve an unintentional function that could potentially be extended to all types of legacy cows.

No. 22699

Thanks for reminding me to troll that thread relentlessly to piss off y’all.
P.S sex work isn’t work.

No. 22700

Which threads?

No. 22701

>the fact that it's slow lets some more interesting threads from old weeb subcultures surface every so often
Wholeheartedly agree with this, /w/ being its own board may have spawned a few shit threads but it has also uncovered a lot of hidden gems that would have gotten lost in the faster pace of /snow/

No. 22702

Exactly, its like 4chan having their cgl boards and whatever the snow equivalent would be, seperate for a reason.

No. 22703

Angry troon in /snow/ Mtf thread.

No. 22704

it feels like half of this thread is going to be wasted on bitter /tttt ers if we don’t fix this soon

No. 22705

Requested this also by report, but can >>>/ot/475318 please be unlocked? There is no point in making a new thread instead, there are so many posts left. It would be better to continue the discussion rather than completely start it anew. Besides, I'm not 100% sure if other anons will want to reply to me.
Thank you in advance!

No. 22706

where are the mods??

No. 22707

He's starving for a crumble of stacylolcowpussy

No. 22708

The mtf thread is exploding with retardation.

No. 22709

Mods? Trannies been throwing a tantrum in the mtf thread for a while now.

No. 22710

legit. i can’t even keep up with reporting at this point.

No. 22711

Where are the mods? The trannies in the mtf thread got boring already

No. 22712

How does it take 3 hours to get anyone banned anymore? How many farmhands are we down to?

No. 22713

Because it literally makes more sense for you to ignore them instead of engaging until they leave/the raid ends. If they use VPNs, then what? You'll just be arguing with them even longer regardless. Report what you can and browse a different thread for a little bit.

No. 22715

There's gore in the mtf thread.

No. 22716

File: 1622064188254.jpeg (89.5 KB, 805x713, 083B2F81-CCCA-4201-B7B4-A510A3…)

Here’s the tranny currently posting pics of dead women in the mtf thread. Send this to fbi if any cp gets posted

No. 22717

Jesus christ he will post cp soon, I can feel it in my terfy ass bones. I suggest anons hide the thread for now, there's gore and it keeps coming

No. 22719

theres a angry man posting disgusting shit in the MTF thread.

No. 22720

he's posting shit in OT, i'm just going to camp out in this thread.

No. 22721

He's posting gore in ot now, I saw and reported some on the confession thread but I think I'll tap tf out for now. Where are the mods but then again, vpns

No. 22722

How are mods so fucking slow on these scrots

No. 22723

Gore being slammed in /ot/

No. 22724

>mfw I will get banned in 5 seconds after calling someone a scrote or a tranny but the le epic /tttt/ tranny raid gets to keep on going

No. 22725

Can someone here say when all those posts are gone? I'm scared to post anywhere but here.
thanks in advance.

No. 22726

Can we report them somewhere, like fbi?

No. 22727


I whish there was some way to gatekeep scrots out

No. 22728

What the hell set the tranny off?! Whatever the case, I just saw a dead woman in both /OT/ and /Snow/ and while that was horrific I hope he understands that even in death these women were still more of a woman than he will ever be in life, that is all take care jannies I know it's tough looking at and dealing with this shit for you too but also please kindly remove it.
Yeah can someone post when it's over because I'd rather not be grossed out on such a nice day like this-trannies arent allowed to give me frown lines. Thanks in advance!

No. 22729

True dat

No. 22730

What is wrong with the mods? Are they all sleeping at the same time or what? Holy fuck

I got banned twice on a mtf thread just for making fun of someones nigel and saying they're soon to troon out, yet they're that slow on these scrotes

No. 22731

Anon don't be stupid kek

No. 22732

Dear god, can the mods hurry the fuck up, delete all of the grotesque gore, and file the police report already? I’m so tired and I just want to shitpost stupid images I’ve found on pinterest. I have no patience for some pissed off sociopathic white diseased and expired milk from /lgbt/ spamming this place

No. 22733

Can not fucking unsee some of that shit

fuck me

No. 22734

The tranny purposefully entered a space where their sickness is criticised, got upset that he was criticised, and then like a real man started posting dead women to express how much he hates females

But dont delete it. Simply lock the thread, and archive EXACTLY what these people are truly like

No. 22735

Wait is it confirmed it's from there? It's always so surpising a site like that has trannies/TRA's on it.

No. 22736

Users are incapable of doing this, they think insulting the tranny is going to hurt his feelings or something.
Just fucking report and move on jfc.

No. 22737

if trannies can go on a gore posting rampage and still not get banned we DESERVE a man hate AND a pink pill thread.

No. 22738

Same. Don't know if I'm too much of a ~sensitive wahman~ but those things will stay in my brain for a while now

No. 22739

Or they go against everyone and ban the mtf threads as well kek you know they want to do it

No. 22740

anyone else interested in doxxing this fucker?

No. 22741

Literally got an amber alert while looking at the thread. The alert was about a 16 yo girl being abducted by a 36 yo man. Kind of overwhelming rn.

No. 22742

We can make a thread for this specific tranny here?

No. 22743

Is that the same Chijo tranny that has multiple threads on /cow/ and KF?

No. 22744

I’m just speculating but think about it anon, some tranny from Reddit wouldn’t spam gore, they would spam transbian and semi-violent “kill all terfs” memes. The ones who are posting gore are definitely from 4chan, and definitely has browsed /b/ since they loved posting gore there. And since it’s happening in the mtF it’s only rational yet came from /lgbt/

No. 22745

>man hate AND a pink pill thread
aren't those banned now?

No. 22746

He is threatening to murder people, send that to fbi even if he doesn't send cp.

No. 22747

That's what I'm thinking, we'll be the ones that end up paying for this lmao i fucking hate men

No. 22748

This is what happens when you start pandering to men and pickmes. Where's our democratically voted radfem board and/or pinkpill threads?

They'll probably just cave and delete anything criticizing the gender cult and misogyny after this.

No. 22749

Yes make him neck himself

No. 22750

4chan has a huge tranny userbase. It's not that weird when you consider how high the correlation between autism and troonism is, or think what kind of a person someone who cooms and shitposts for their formative years ends up to be

No. 22751

It seems like he stopped, but he could use a vpn so I don't know if it's safe.

No. 22752

Yes, they're from 4chan. They posted earlier in the thread some retarded comment about being too lazy to learn archiving and asking if people could post some pictures taken from 4chan into the thread

No. 22753

You're surprised 4chan has trannies? The incel to troon pipeline isn't a just meme

No. 22754

Why? They're not trannies in the way that Blair white/Gigi/Nikita are, they're loser pornsick white males who realized they can escape social criticism simply by uttering the words "I'm a woman". That's exactly the demographic of 4chan.

No. 22755

No they just locked the mtf thread

No. 22756

Oh I see it now, thank you.

No. 22757

Trannies definitely have infiltrated the farmhand ranks. Weren't they just posting about looking for mods? Its what they do, its a vocalized strategy of theirs.

No. 22758

No. 22759

I would believe it, it's not like they do any real bg check to make sure they are actual women.

No. 22760

Are they going to unlock the thread once they've cleaned it up or are they going to let unhinged troons dictate what threads are allowed from now on?

No. 22761

>in the mtf thread on /lgbt/
>they actually know what happened
>only response is "based" or "they deserved it"
It's like they want to be hated holy shit.

No. 22762


I see some people interested in archived mirrors of the thread, and I actually made archives of both our thread and the /tttt/ one that has the plotting. I was going to post it to MTF gen but it got locked before I could.

MTF General #19: https://archive.is/RKUyl
/tttt/: https://archive.md/wRURn

No. 22763

scrotes are always trying to make real women uncomfortable because they can’t fuck/be one. the anons in that thread really shook them up enough for them to start posting gore and rape threats, it’s their only way of feeling in control because they’re threatened by a group of biological women laughing at them

if the mods/farmhands have the ips of these mongs and pictures of them surely they can give the information they have to someone who can actually hold them accountable? i do feel awful that they have to see all of it regardless

No. 22764

Thanks, anon

No. 22765

it's /tttt/, they're unabashed fetishists and proud of it

No. 22766

TBH Nikita, Gigi and Blaire all model themselves after bimbos and all Nikita talks about is sex.

No. 22767

Going to be honest, some of the farmers are getting too laxed when it comes to male posters. I know the Discord isn’t representative of this website but they allow men to post in the server if they aren’t causing any trouble. Contrary to them pretending to be agitated about trannies and men being rude and spamming gore and being online nuisances, it’s all a farce. They rather have the anons suffer rather than help us

No. 22768

Societal tolerance for them is decreasing, especially amongst women. Multiple places are restricting their privileges. The only thing they have left is bullying women online.

No. 22769

Great work anon

No. 22770

Cant pretend to be a woman if they still have the distinct Male trait of raping and murdering women into submission. Funny how their penis seems to pop back out as soon as women start speaking ill of them~

Maybe we wouldn't be so alarmed by troons if they weren't, y'know, men

No. 22771

so is it safe? Is all the gore gone?

No. 22772

If anyone wants to move to another site, we could use some more posters over on C.C

No. 22773

thank u <3

No. 22774

What is c.c?

No. 22775

no it's all there still

No. 22776

No. 22777

crystal cafe

No. 22778

Isn't that place swarming with larpers and trannies as well? I can't remember if they allow men to post there too.

No. 22779

It isn't though

No. 22780

They may be sex obsessed but at least they're not interested in raping women the way these "transbians" are

No. 22781

Men are not allowed to post there

No. 22782

What boards don't have disgusting shit on them? Is /m/ safe?

No. 22783

It's gone but I think the people at /lgbt/ are planning to do it again once the thread unlocks and they reset their IPs.

No. 22784

ok sorry, it was right before I replied.

No. 22785

last time i checked

No. 22786

CC has had TERFposting for a while now, ever since current admin banned PP and GC. It also has more femcels and weebs which is probably why farmers think its a giant tranny larp. I just think it's ironic that they have active GC threads allowed by the admin and we don't and we still call them trannies.

No. 22787

all boards seems ok from a quick glance

No. 22788

No. 22789

idk where else to post, but thank for cleaning up all that gore jannies. I’m sure it’s not easy

No. 22790

What a bunch of rational human beings and totally not menbrained at all!

No. 22791

They’re in the new thread now

No. 22792

Annnnnnnnnnd the fags are back

No. 22793

mods better be fucking cleaning up. jfc

No. 22794

File: 1622068470460.png (36.13 KB, 338x166, retard.png)

They're back.

No. 22795

File: 1622068502156.png (15.27 KB, 507x167, retards.png)

No. 22796

…why even make one so fast? It's obvious they're paying attention to /snow/ now, there's a reason the thread got locked. Wait at least a few hours, fuck

No. 22797

These scroids really cannot leave us alone can't they? they have a whole ass board to talk about their bullshit and yet can't deal with us having a thread where we criticize them

No. 22798

File: 1622068548085.jpg (77.09 KB, 559x200, 1270589238250.jpg)

It's not going to stop until this seething male feels better about being born a man and being clocked every time he walks out his front door, sigh

No. 22799

I scrolled down and saw some shit about "Cisgender" on snow, guess the man is back

No. 22800

these fucks will get bored once we ignore them

men are very simple-minded creatures at the end of the day. mommy will call them up for din din so they can leave their basement dwellings

No. 22801

This. This is how we don’t get these threads anymore, too.

No. 22802

They'll just lock the thread and ban MtF discussions instead 'cause troons make the rules now

No. 22803

Gore is back in the new thread.

No. 22804

>gc threads gone
>pinkpilled threads gone
>man hate threads gone
>soon mtf generals will be gone too
well it was fun while it lasted.

No. 22805

Between the gore and the wojak sperg I really don't envy the mods rn. Isn't there a way to just stop everyone from posting pictures for a while? They might still sperg but at least there won't be any disturbing pictures

No. 22806

men ruining everything, yet again.

No. 22807

I find it interesting how it's always mtfs pulling this shit and not ftms

No. 22808

Stop fear mongering, one autistic scrote isnt going to get all mtf threads banned

No. 22809

The newist MTF thread for deleted and the last one locked so maybe we did actually lose it

No. 22810

you guys would not have survived fall 2015 when /r9k/ was raiding for months and the male admin was so hesitant to ban them

No. 22811


No. 22812

>No angry ftm spamming threads with gore
>Only mtf scrotes
Really makes you think

No. 22813

it's one bored troon, give it a few hours and the thread will be back

No. 22814

should probably just wait it out. Lukas will get bored. he's an attention whore and is having fun this afternoon.

No. 22815

They have to go dilate at some point

No. 22816

File: 1622069199499.jpg (455.88 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1622069507805.jpg)

So anyway, just in case people dont want to take a peak at the thread, here is the brave and stunning "lady" who was shitting the thread up with gore. Apparently infamous for stalking behaviour and uploading his failed suicide attempts

No. 22817

Mods have been waiting for an excuse.

But you know, it's hard to be too mad at tranny chan. I find this all ironic in a way. Yes, you rattled some wammen with your gore pics. But you know what you proved, and continue to prove every day? That male socialization is real, and you are male right down to your gametes. Congrats! You prove our point every day just by being yourself! ♥

No. 22818

Yeah I know lolcow is a normie imageboard but it's a little too obvious sometimes. I guess most posters don't have a huge overlap with other boards and are mostly from gossip sites.

No. 22819

it baffles me that someone would even take the time to do this like that's a lot of googling, copying and pasting and going back to their headquarters to get asspats for owning us or whatever the fuck they think they're doing

No. 22820

He is really just fighting our fight for us, like 99.9999% of them do.

No. 22822

I'm a little jaded from being online for so long so gore is nothing to me but I feel sorry for normie anons in here lmao

No. 22823

Malebrained creatures

No. 22824

Fair point, they still need to have a good amount of windows and tabs open though. That's still more effort than I'm even going to be willing to put into an online fight though

No. 22825

>Mods have been waiting for an excuse.

I genuinely don't understand why. The MtF threads are rarely raided and other threads that are spammed with gore and/or child porn aren't locked and banned.

No. 22827

I wish I was as naive as you. It’s definitely going to start again, and there will be a part 2 electric boogaloo, and it’s definitely going to keep happening. Mods don’t want to go through the trouble of protecting users and having to keep deleting posts so they rather shut it all down and decide to make it a bannable offense to create those kinds of threads just like the GC and man-hating threads. A bunch of incels kept playing devil’s advocate and the threads were full of redtexts. Just accept that it’s over, please it saddens me too

No. 22828

>>22816 Who was the person posting their pictures? Did they get hacked before or were those pictures from 4chan?

No. 22829

Most of the trannies on /lgbt/ are already cows that are catalogued on KF or /cow/.

No. 22830

This person has cow thread about them on other sites. Their pictures are all over the place, and well as their videos, and the creepiest Discoed screenshots ever

Also had their YouTube doxxed it seems

No. 22831

It's going to happen I feel it in my boooneeees

No. 22832

>being normie means having a normal negative reaction and aversion to something that is inherently wrong to look at

anon get help soon being desensitized really isn’t good

No. 22833

Seeing it all laid out is so miserable. But at the same time enlightening, because it points out that it doesnt matter if you get rid of the "problem" thread. All they do is target another. Lets say we get rid of the mtf thread, now what? Now they just pick threads in /ot/ or /g/ to rage at. They report every post thats "noninclusive" until lolcow is redditized too. There will never be such a thing as winning, not until you hand the site over to a tranny to turn it into yet another pill peddling playground for young vulnerable kids to get sucked into.

I hope for this reason admin won't just give up and surrender the mtf general. Literally will be no point, they'll just target something else they dont like-evidenced in them not only posting gore in snow, but in /ot/ too. You cant just axe every other part of the site until it's nothing but women bashing and onision threads..

No. 22835

gtfo bucket head

No. 22836

It looks like the kiwis have caught on to it in the tranny sideshows thread (or someone here has posted about the incident), It's going to be fun watching them document the whole thing. Especially the video of the tranny trying to hang himself.

No. 22837

still haven't roped?

No. 22838

RIP mtf thread.
It's been amazing posting with you ladies. Men ruin everything.

No. 22839

oh hey that's the exact face I used to make for selfies in middle school when I hated myself and didn't want to show what my face actually looked like

No. 22842

In moments like these I wish the stories retards tell each other about kiwi farms making trannies kill themsleves were true

No. 22843

The threads attract a lot of unwanted attention and it's probably too much for mods to handle. That banner asking for applications has been up for weeks and they're notoriously understaffed.

Maybe CC is worth a shot? I don't enjoy/use the rest of the site, but terfposting can be good and if enough of us migrate it'll help boost traffic and liven the thread up.

No. 22844

I swear men can't stand not being the center of attention.

No. 22845

I have considered applying but I mostly phonepost and I assume that might be an issue

No. 22846

thanks mods for dealing with all this. I hope we can have the thread back eventually.

I heard before that 4chan has some kind of AI that can flag images removed for cp and gore, making it easier to delete ones that have been posted before. Not sure how true this is or how effective but could LC look into having something like that? for mods' sake as much as everyone else.

all these troons did is peak more people btw.

lastly, a tip for other users… what I do to avoid gore best I can is check the front page at regular intervals. every time I've seen gore it was in a thumbnail there, which I checked from my phone. doing it like that and also purposefully bracing and defocusing my vision helps me know if gore is being posted without seeing too much detail. then I close the site and wait for it to blow over. kek this sounds ridiculous typed out but might be helpful to someone, I hope.

No. 22847

that's exactly how i do it as well

No. 22848

Ty for the suggestion! On a side note, I really wish the farmers who are going to /lgbt/ to fuck with the moids would just stop. Don’t even engage them - idk why they do this to themselves. Just gives them more ammo to come bother us, too.

No. 22849

Yup. Don't give the scrotes attention, they're attention starved and that's it

No. 22850

Might as well apply, if it's an issue you'll just get get rejected.

No. 22851

No. 22852

Are you an adult sitting around in akatsuki robes? And you want us to take you seriously as a woman right?

No. 22853

>adult women are not allowed to cosplay!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22854


No. 22855

so if I go to an anime con or whatever, every single female cosplayer there will be under 18?

No. 22856

File: 1622073414632.png (356.25 KB, 900x2000, fortroon.png)

hello i wanted to cheer you up so i'll just post this here sorry if it's a wrong place and time

No. 22857

I love you, based Kikomi-Anon.

No. 22858

I love you <3 thank you kikomi-chan

No. 22859

In our time if need you were there for us

No. 22860

In these dark times it's nice to have a hearty chuckle.

No. 22862

I love you Kikomi-chan

No. 22863

based. tell me kikomi-anon, does your back hurt from carrying the whole website on your back?

No. 22865

just make the thread later tonight when they've gone to sleep, stop replying to them and stop going over to 4chan

No. 22866

Marry me, kikomi-sama.

No. 22867

will the mft thread be unlocked? i'm unclear on what happens after a raid, is this standard procedure?

No. 22868

well it sounds as ridiculous as literally everything else we have to do yo protect ourselves and each other from men, both online and irl
thank you for the wisdom anon

No. 22869

I'm late to this but kikomi anon, you are my hero and my heart is weirdly but genuinely touched by this gesture in our time of need.

No. 22870

This is so cringe

No. 22871

GC is basically off the table

No. 22872

File: 1622083481674.png (66.65 KB, 655x592, fdfff.png)


thank you for hate criming me, i am validated by facing such persecution

No. 22873

You are so heckin cute and valid kikomi!

No. 22874

Thank you kikomi, truly a bastion of hope in this dark time

No. 22875

Admin hasn't said that.

Blessed ♥

No. 22880

Late reply kek. Only in a perfect world will WKfag not bring their crying about the BD thread here when there’s CP and worse going on right now. Kek.

Hope mods are able to get it all… dude is disgusting as fuck.

No. 22881

BD fags love CP and snuff that’s why.

No. 22882

crystal.cafe is on a tranny iceberg meme which supports the tranny claims imo

No. 22883

kek i think the anon who was doxing him is a moid that stalks their threads at /tttt from what i saw in that archived thread on 0chin. the trannies called him a 'he' but that could be men just assuming everyone online is a guy.
but if so, kind of a based moid (not gonna ask why tf he archives their shit).

No. 22885

Thank you Kikomi-anon


No. 22886

cc is a shit show right now, they're getting raided.

No. 22887

Moids really cannot stand not being in the center of women's attention, can't they?

No. 22888

damn do they never get bored

No. 22890

I would like to thank the mod responsible for fulfilling my request yesterday despite the shitstorm happening. That was really cool of you and I appreciate it a lot ♥

No. 22891

I can always count on Kikomi-chan to cheer me up, a true queen

No. 22892

Pretty sure the discord made voice verification mandatory now.

No. 22895

We’ll just have to continue to make new ones. Don’t let them take it all away ladies.

No. 22897

Radfems, fuck off. Your desperation to show up the troons makes you look embarrassing as fuck.

No. 22898

Good thing voice changers have advanced and make it easy for anyone to pretend to be a girl.

No. 22899


Oh boy, scrotes are back.

No. 22900

this is such a weird place to complain about radfems it's like going to 4chan to complain that there are men there

No. 22901

Anon if you really think that having a place to discuss the violent, predatory, and embarrassing behavior of wolves in sheeps clothing moids who are currently getting women's spaces handed to them on a silver platter is being "desperate" and just an attempt to pwn troons, then you're past help.

No. 22902


Nobody tells troons to fuck off when they're having womens rape aid shut down for "not being inclusive"

So are you a scrote or are you a troon? It's one or the other if you think mocking people who routinely rape and murder us then try to silence us with "muh transphobia" is ok. They're gross

No. 22903

File: 1622138464413.jpg (48.72 KB, 500x375, 986.jpg)

>radfems, fuck off

No. 22905

Neither, just another farmer who knows from being here long enough that the GC spills over into other threads even with a containment thread. Allowing it brings massive shitposting every time. Then when the thread gets locked, meta has a massive influx of the same shitposting. You guys get as bad as the kpop farmers.

No. 22906

Well, there's a thousand other websites you can use (including imageboards) if you're bothered by discussion that is anything but asspats for troons and men(something that doesn't make one radfem btw, for the xth time).

No. 22907

File: 1622146934102.png (9.01 KB, 808x126, selfawarenessisnull.PNG)

after reading over the /tttt/ thread, anyone wanna tell me how any of this makes sense?
- claims not to be a "rightoid" but is spamming racial slurs and unironic racist takes against black people on our board
- claims to be scared of radfems and scared of the people who watch their threads saying that they have no lives (picrel). then posts diaperpic and other degeneracy not seeing how much easy milk they give lc and kf kek
- talk about narcissists and claim that the mtf general thread (on lc) is full of narcissists… no explanation needed for how hypocritical and retarded this is lmfao

No. 22908

NTAYRT. LC isn't a radfem website, it's primary function was to host gossip that was banned from /cgl/. Websites change over the years and LC is no exception. The issue here is LC is a women's image board for gossip and general life/hobby discussion. Changing LC to be a political radfem and GC site would destroy any other function it once had. Look at what happened to 4chan and 8chan after the addition of politics boards. All other boards on the site became innately political. It doesn't matter if you agree with the political opinions being posted, the result is the same.

No. 22909

unironic mental retardation

No. 22911

Weapon grade autism

Special ed, but waaay off the charts

No. 22912

Again, making fun of troons doesn't make the posters radfems, nevermind there's a shit ton of actual political topics freely discussed on the website, but for some reason only when the talk is about troons that becomes a massive issue and the site becomes "too political" for certain people. This discussion already happened the past 6-something /meta/ threads and I'm surprised you're not tired of it yet.

No. 22914

Chijo's back in the MtF thread

No. 22915

This is so funny why is the tranny so bothered by women

No. 22916

File: 1622152841484.jpg (165.62 KB, 750x1125, Dfu7DPpV4AEyuRo.jpg)

How I sleep at night knowing this unstable troon is most likely gonna kill himself soon

No. 22917

please ban the trannies in the mtf thread. they're both annoying but priority to the one posting gore.

No. 22918

Judging by his past lc thread he can't even do that correctly lol. Knowing how men act he's gonna get pissed and post his 2 inch penis in a few hours

No. 22919

The troglodytes have awaken to another day of hard work posting gore and mushy brain takes.

They keep coming back for attention and the farms keep giving.

No. 22920

is anyone still replying to them? i would think these girls would be smart enough to know to ignore them, but maybe I'm overestimating my fellow manhaters' intelligence huh

No. 22921

There's always some retards who think they're somehow winning by replying

No. 22923

It's them replying to themselves.

No. 22924

Nope. Every time a tranny comes screeching in the thread anons try to trigger them exactly the same way. It's not hard to tell which ones are regular posters in the thread

No. 22925

And there's a thousand other websites for the gc-obsessed to go and shit up instead of insisting that this place was built solely for their indulgence. Like >>22905 said, you numb fucks can't keep it contained so it gets locked and then you start spamming meta and accusing everyone of being troons for not bending to your tantrums.

No. 22927

>And there's a thousand other websites
Okay, then name 5.
The other part of your post is just the same old strawmanning. If there's gc talk that's unrelated, report it, if not, hide the thread.

No. 22928

Mods have told GCers to be the ones to use other sites kek

No. 22929

is the mtf thread gone?

No. 22930

It's on autosage >>>/snow/1236993. Fair warning, there's gore getting posted in there again right now

No. 22931

Lolcow doesn't have to change their rules and posting choices just because a bunch of radfems want to complain about trans. There are other sites, go to 4chan even. You'd fit in better there. Lots of dudebros to asspat you.

No. 22932

Finally Admin has been given an excuse to get rid of the thread and userbase she always hated, she must be so happy right now!

No. 22933

4chan is full of trannies, are you retarded?

No. 22934

Can you point to one that's women though because that's entirely the point-4chan in case you've never been there is primarily comprised of men posting. So even if you get a good trannyhate thread its still going to be laced with how shit women are + the gore anyway so where are these 5 sites that are mainly women and also allow the for once non-positive conversations surrounding MtF's and how their demands directly impact womens rights? Because that's the main reason the thread is there to begin with-most women dont hate trannies for being trannies, we hate them for constantly trying to invade spaces and stomp on rights and please understand that I say this with complete seriousness. I would literally love to find more sites where its perfectly ok to say exactly what we think without having to shiver in fear of what next angry mangled man will do or say to stop us in our tracks.

No. 22935

Honestly the Tranny Sideshow thread on Kiwifarms is probably the best option, they allow more discussion too that would be considered off-topic here and get you a ban from tranny jannies.

It does have scrotes tho and the occasional incel raging out, but there's more and more GC posters and no porn unlike on 4chan.

No. 22936

No. 22937

KF isn't any better since Joshua Conner Moon is a pedo

No. 22938

So are all Hollywood producers and all the owners of all companies whose services you use daily. Bill Gates visited Epsteins Island regularly and yet here you are using a computer.

He's not involved in the tranny thread over there, so who gives a shit about some dumb rumors from a 10 year old ED article?

I have been using both this site and Kiwifarms for for a while and if Admin closes down the MtF thread here I have no reason to stay. Where the fuck else are we supposed to go?

No. 22939

I didn't realize the site is still a better alternative to Ovarit, Spinster, or even KF, considering that tranny/male farmhand accusations are made on a daily basis.
The MtF thread is not about women's rights, it's a cow thread.

I'm not going to hesitate to lock the thread if people encourage spam and gore. It's not like you don't know it's better to avoid engaging. Don't pretend that there wasn't a 3 day ban disclaimer for replying to bait in the PinkPill threads. I don't like having to subject janitors and mods to see child abuse and gore for hours at a time, it's not fair to act like a shit who wants to get the last word in to own some mentally ill scrote. Going to /lgbt/ and trying to garner more attention is just cowtipping. We'll do our jobs as long as you meet us half way, and if not I won't hesitate to lock the thread. The majority of posters in that thead never even really adhered to the thread subject or board rules in the first place, but encouraging and inviting raids and spam is just beyond me at this point. I know the majority of you couldn't handle this, because then you would be the one putting in your personal time to delete the nasty shit degenerates post on here. I can't honestly ask my volunteers to babysit the thread you help sabotage anymore.

No. 22940

Putting the blame on your userbase cause mentally ill scrotes come to harass us because they know this is one of the only places to discuss issues that are banned everywhere else and then threatening to ban the discussion here too cause you don't like it. Glad to know you are still ever the pick-me whiteknighting for scrotes.

You know why they come to spam these threads? Because they want you to close it so women have one less place to talk about these things. And you are doing exactly what they want because you do truly not give a shit about your userbase.

No. 22941

You are absolutely to blame if you can't stop yourself from going back and forth with some retarded kid.
I don't know how many times you need to hear "report and move on".

No. 22942

I haven't responded to anything and avoided the thread since it is happening, but this is clearly something Admin has been waiting for as an excuse to finally get rid of a thread she always disliked.

Literally every other thread has people cowtipping and being autistic, replying to bait etc. It's not just this thread, but this is a thread and a userbase she hates.

No. 22943

>Literally every other thread has people cowtipping and being autistic, replying to bait etc
Nta, but that doesn't usually result in gore/cp getting posted

No. 22944

Curb your raging persecution complex.

No. 22945

It's not the lolcow.farm users posting that shit tho, it is crazy trannies who are upset that women have a space where they dare to criticize trannies. They can't stand that there is a place online that they can't control so they spam it so THIS EXACT THING happens. Literally that is their entire goal, to get this thread shut down and Admin is gonna give them what they want.

No. 22946

I think the warning in the thread will be enough to stop engaging in case of another raid.

And literally no one said it has to. Again, if there's rule breaking, report it, if not, hide it. Having an opinion you don't like isn't rule breaking behaviour and shitting on deranged troons similar to the ones spamming dead women, again, doesn't make the posters radfem. And I'm pretty sure a good chunk of anons here can go without the disgusting shit posted on 4chan on a daily basis, which is why they prefer LC in the first place. There's also no cow/snowflake board and KF is insufferable judging from how badly they integrate here and from their owner still shilling himself here kek. Also
Go back to twitter.

No. 22947

There is a big overlap of people using the Kiwifarms thread and using the thread on here, you can tell cause both threads steal content from each other and reference things that happen on here.

Literally don't understand the weird "KF is evil and everyone mentions it is Null" mentality some people on here have when plenty of people post both here and there.

No. 22949

Yes, and I noticed it and personally hate it. I wish Kiwifarmers would either go back or at least try to lurk a considerable amount of time to understand that this isn't 4chan and that they should lay low if they're male, otherwise I'd have no problem with them. LC is great because of its userbase (and no, I'm not just talking about the topics that get talked about) and most of the time I genuinely enjoy reading what anons write no matter what topic because of the way discussion works here. There's no other website like LC and if the userbase changes to a majority of the same as the regular KF/4chan/twitter/reddit etc posters, it wouldn't be fun anymore.
Also fuck Null/Josh whatever, the nerve of him even trying to get LC, several times. I still take admin raging at us over whatever illness that scrote has in a heartbeat.

No. 22950

You only notice the posters who don't integrate cause the others… integrate. Duh. I have been using both sites for a while and I'm not a scrote, idk why everyone thinks that everyone who uses KF is a scrote. If you try reading the tranny thread on there you will see that there are tons of femanons having GC discussions (cause it's actually allowed there).

No. 22951

Yeah, as I said I'm fine with the ones who integrate. I also didn't accuse you or everyone from KF to be scrotes, but my impression is that it's mostly a male userbase. Seeing who posts and that upvote function also takes a good chunk of the charm.

No. 22952

Did you miss the part where "lolcow" posters were going to the troon thread on 4chan and arguing with them?

It's the exact same situation as the pink pill and GC threads. Some people can not keep it contained in the appropriate thread and in this case, even the appropriate site.

No. 22953

Don't be so dramatic. You are true that they are spamming the thread because they hate women, but that doesn't make someone obligated to reply. Don't respond to the bait, and they'll lose interest. These degenerates thrive off attention, it doesn't matter if it's positive or negative.

Exactly. Going to 4chan to rage post in response makes you similar to the scrotes that come here. Take the high road, report, and move on. Simple as that.

Admin, is it possible to add big red text somewhere in the thread, at the top and/or bottom, that says replying to bait will result in a ban?
I love the thread and I think it's so important to have as a woman. Anything that can be done to keep it would be great.

No. 22954

>Admin, is it possible to add big red text somewhere in the thread, at the top and/or bottom, that says replying to bait will result in a ban?
I second this idea

No. 22955

>Exactly. Going to 4chan to rage post in response makes you similar to the scrotes that come here.
Shit take honestly. The scrotes attacked first and literally posted women being killed. How is telling them that they will never be women the same thing? I don't think posters should be punished for off-site behavior like we're fucking Twitch. Plus you don't even know if it's not just trannies arguing with each other.

No. 22957

Yeah, because going to 4chan to post revenge will really show them and they'll be so hurt they stop posting here. That's why I said "similar" and not the same. Posting gore and dead woman is on a totally different level, but scrotes will scrote. No one ever "wins" an online argument, so it's pointless responding and again, giving them the attention and ammo they so desperately crave.

Internally, they know they will never be woman - they like seeing woman upset. So by replying back to their posts here, they think they're getting a rise out of us, which is their goal.
Your last sentence is true, unfortunately. That's another thing I'm scared about and I don't think there's a way to actually police it.

No. 22958

Before a few trannies on 4chan knew LC exists. Now all of them in that thread know LC exists.

No. 22959

tbh, at first I didn't get why admin dislikes them, but the gc sperging is annoying and many don't sage

No. 22960

It must truly suck for the mods to see all that shit. There got to be a good solution to this.

I sure hope the mtf thread can stay, because if it was removed it would mean that any cow that chimps out strongly enough can have their thread removed. Don't reward the aggression by giving in to them!

No. 22962


i think a red text is a good idea, i hope from now on everyone continues to post their usual stuff while the retards sperg away, the posts will always be removed thanks to the mods and the thread will continue to exist as long as anons stop falling for the bait, people keep whining that admin is “looking for an excuse” to close the thread even after she clearly stated that it will only close if people continue responding to the dumbasses

i have to wonder if sometimes the scrotes are replying to themselves for that reason because i find it hard to believe that any of the farmers in the threads regularly would ignore a warning like that

No. 22963

File: 1622215475492.jpeg (85.16 KB, 750x735, 1607734784198.jpeg)

Just passing by, thankfully missed all that shit because I've been away for few days, but I wanted to say I'm sorry for all the anons and mods who had to see that shit. I still remember the former farmhand who made that post about how traumatizing it was to see the dead women spam during moid raids. No one should see that kind of stuff.

No. 22964

That's due to the fucking trannies bragging about "trolling the TERFs" you retard.

>yes admin you are so right, GC women are so dumb, you should totally close the thread so we can have fun on the site, just us real girls teehee

No. 22965

File: 1622219003216.jpeg (172.68 KB, 1440x1368, B6128C16-A779-44F7-808D-555AA9…)

Same, I really hope everyone is okay. I was here during the raid and was not prepared. I can’t imagine being the admin/mods who have to actively deal with it.

No. 22966

It is the users. Stfu

No. 22967

If its banned everywhere else and boohoo LC is the only place to talk, it's the same reason LC bans it too. You guys shitpost, it invites spammers, it'll bring back CP and gore to bait the admin, jesus. How are you this dumb to not know the majority of that thread spills over and finds the LC expe6 for other farmers? This has been going on for over a year. No one wants your group of obsessed tranny haters to have a thread. You don't stay on topic and it turns into infighting.

No. 22968

I don't have much to add to this discussion, but I just want to say admins and farmhands don't get enough appreciation on this site sometimes. I don't think I could've stomached dealing with all the gore posts in their place. They did a really good job handling it.

No. 22969

I agree, it’s been discussed to death so there’s nothing more really to say but it’s had such a bad impact on the site as a whole. It’s leaked to pretty much every other thread. People now think that lc is a radfem website, that all the users are radfems, that gc is the point of the site. Even reading cow threads from 3/4 years ago are so different and it’s changed the overall culture in a negative way. I don’t see any benefit in keeping it. I don’t think things will improve until it’s just entirely banned from the site, containment threads never work.

No. 22970

Reminder (also) not to respond to obvious infighting bait.

No. 22971

People thinking the entire site is radfem just shows how much all other sites kiss troon ass. They see women who don't and think radfem.
Same. Wishing the mods and admin all the best, it's awful that you have to deal with psychos whose response to ridicule is photo spam of dead people.

No. 22972

Reading posts like this it really feels like a bunch of twitterfags don't want to admit to their friends that they read lolcow because they'd be branded as le evil terves and that's why they're complaining about muh radfems all over the board. Raids and goreposters have existed even before radfem shit, if anything those were a huge factor in making the userbase hate men so much.

No. 22973

File: 1622225538408.png (2.34 MB, 4400x3080, tranny.png)

Let me introduce you to the kind of person who thinks the GC people are just too damn retarded to not fall for "the bait" and just don't learn their lesson and hmmm maybe Admin is right and we should close down the MtF threads…

Absolutle braindead pants-shitting retarded tranime avatar moids who shitpost the dumbest most senseless things all day long.

It's almost as if… men don't like it when women have a place that doesn't include them and they have to try to subvert it by posting gore and then saying "Oh you see?! They freaked out! They took the bait! You are so right Admin-chan, these TERF-posters just can not integrate with our website, we should totally get rid of them!"

Wow how curious.

No. 22974

File: 1622225938614.png (141.9 KB, 1512x508, lolcow.farm.png)

No. 22975

KF users are literally the scum of the Internet. I wish it was a bannable offence to admit you post there.

No. 22978

This is outright disingenuous. No one is suggesting that criticism of men or trannies be banned. The MTF thread on /snow/ is a thread to laugh at troons because every single one of them is cow, no exceptions. It's not a thread for posting GC manifestos and hot takes. The thread is not political and GC anons are being told to contain there autism.

No. 22979

I think it's because it would be more fitting for /ot/

No. 22980

Nobody? what about >>22969? lmao.

No. 22981

This site has the potential to be very popular but sadly it has gone downhill over the last few years. I say this as a casual observer. One thing in particular I have noticed is this insane culture of manhating terfs or something. Who even are you fucking people? Lol. Instead of reading about lolcows I just have to read the comments on literally any thread, and enjoy the madness of these batty anon cows.

It's no wonder Admin is looking to hand over the site. This place makes KF look good.

No. 22982

He's posting gore again in the MtF, just a warning

No. 22983

In the same moment that >>22981 gets posted, how curious.

No. 22984

Of course you'd make that assumption, you batty cow. We don't live in a world of coincidence.

No. 22985

File: 1622228852409.jpg (45.18 KB, 500x514, sigh.jpg)

Anons need to stop feeding into the gore obsessed tranny's posts, just report them. The next thread should have some redtext as a warning to not reply to tranny posters.

No. 22986

Glad that Admin has moids like you on her side!

I hope she does close the MtF thread and then this site will fall into complete irrelevancy and just be used to post CP by scrotes like any other irrelevant imageboard that bends to the will of scrotes.

Criticism of trannies and scrotes is the only thing that makes this place unique.

No. 22987

Remember not to respond to them. The less we do, the sooner they'll get bored.

No. 22988

Lol they will just respond to themselves. You still don't see what's going on here?

No. 22989

File: 1622229474315.gif (2.85 MB, 600x600, droppedthis.gif)

No. 22990

22981 here.

I just came to the site for the first time in a while to express my opinion about the site. The responses I received already speak volumes about you weirdos.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 22991

One anon replied to you, integrate or fuck off

No. 22993


i’m assuming the mods and admin can see if they’re replying to themselves through their IPs. when they say not to reply, they mean the farmers who are trying to reason with scrotes

i got a temporary ban because i got fed up of the thread being shitted up but i wasn’t directly replying to anyone, so they know who are farmers and who are spastics samefagging in the hopes that it’ll close the threads

No. 22994

>I'm a 23 year old incel who hired an escort to lose his virginity
KEK kiwifarms needs to be nuked, these are the people bitching about muh GCspergs

No. 22995

Notice the user is also a "True and Honest Fan" which means he gave Null 20 bucks to get more fake internet stickers.

No. 22996

He's spamming gore against because he got banned on 4chan since even they can't tolerate him apparently. Don't reply, report, move on.

No. 22997

i was just about to come here and say someone is spamming gore. first thing i see when i come onto the homepage and someone is spamming gore jfc

No. 22998

I suggest using an image blocker if you want to read milk and chat in peace rn.
As other anon said, just report.

No. 22999

why can't he be blocked on here tho? i really don't understand how he hasn't been banned yet

No. 23000

Yeah, does 4chan have a better ban system?

No. 23001

god i didnt even think of that, thank u for the suggestion <3

No. 23002

retard autists like him ban evade all the time

No. 23003

i assume he can't be blocked due to using a vpn :/(emoticon use)

No. 23004

Because the bans are based on your IP and you can just use a VPN to change your IP.

No. 23005

I think they don't allow VPN posters to begin with.