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File: 1618577424910.jpg (82.27 KB, 671x761, 6f04c1491c4ce2b53a7bd37182bd39…)

No. 21723

A thread for actual complaints and suggestions staff will actually take the time to read. Filling the thread with spam or your personal vendettas will result in an immediate ban from /meta/. Coming here to pretend you didn't evade a permaban will result in another permaban. This thread may also be used in an emergency when abuse material is posted. Take technical questions to the appropriate thread.
This thread is not for:
- "can you ban this anon?"
Use the report system and don't waste our time.
- "Can you lock this thread because I don't personally like it?"
Use the fucking hide thread feature. If the thread violates a global or board rule then use the report system.
- "Bring back a banned topic!"
- "Hi cow! Hi scrote!"
If you complain about a ban, at least post the actual ban in question. You can also always appeal or email admin@lolcow.farm if you want the matter discussed in private.

No. 21725

Admin, you used to say that the GC anons were "racist" and that's why you hated them but now we are "sjws"? That's why you gave a star to that copypasta-looking post? You can't seriously complain about "sjws" while going around and accusing people of being "racist" towards you or whatever. Nobody even was anyway.

No. 21728

Please ban the scrote that's posting those fucked up gifs, thank you

No. 21729

File: 1618586093143.gif (1.82 MB, 387x498, 03595da846cd49e9574f84c8d6cec4…)

Thank you jannies!!! Bless you all

No. 21732

File: 1618597142560.jpeg (220.03 KB, 750x885, A368AD9B-68FF-4245-9726-C4E873…)

Dumbest ban I’ve ever received. Care to explain why?

No. 21733

Read the rules and find out.

No. 21734

Doesn’t qualify as infighting when it was a shit thread. Mods will make any excuse to ban anyone.

No. 21735

I think this thread is unnecesary, I'll be reporting it as a double.

No. 21736

>A thread for actual complaints and suggestions staff will actually take the time to read.
I'm sorry does that mean you never read the other one?

>You can also always appeal or email admin@lolcow.farm if you want the matter discussed in private.

Actual complaint: no one ever responds in that email

No. 21737

Just give this site to someone else already

No. 21738

yeah what exactly does GC/PP have to do with sjws? isn't it essentially the opposite?

No. 21739

It means that the previous thread was clogged with infighting and other off-topic garbage that made it harder to read actual complaints and emergency reports.

No. 21740

File: 1618610642570.gif (87.16 KB, 220x165, admin in her room.gif)

holy shit you're actually awake

No. 21741

File: 1618615132269.png (76.86 KB, 570x625, shit.png)

Proof mods don't even research the bans: the thing I posted isn't kpop. And it was on the dumbass shit thread because it was dumbass shit. Is this hellweek? This was a minor offense. Seriously.

No. 21742

nonnie your ip is showing
just take the two hour ban, it's not that long

No. 21743

Your appeal was accepted hours ago.

No. 21744

It's okay the internet boogeyman won't come and kill me in my sleep

No. 21745

>"can you ban this anon?"
This is what happens when multiple people are reporting an anon but nothing gets done about it and said anon continues to samefag, ban evade and shit up a thread

No. 21749

>no one ever responds in that email

That's not true. I reached to admin on that email when my IP was banned on accident through VPN stuff some months ago and she answered within an hour.

No. 21752

I couldn't imagine being this pressed over a 2 hour ban honestly, especially when what you posted was indeed annoying and could've been anywhere else besides dumbass shit thread. Why'd you make multiple separated posts like that as if we truly care about it? Why'd you bold it like that? Even if it is "jpop" why didn't you post it in /m/ where it belonged?

No. 21756

I was a baiting sperg and expected to be banned for that but I got banned for ban evasion because the farmhand thought I was the anon banned above despite me just making a joke that I'll be banned like she was. In fact I was a separate degen. Sorry for causing confusion.

No. 21757

The last thread devolved into infighting and stayed a mess because admin and co just checked out and stayed out. It could've been fixed with some attention and (gasp) actually deleting shit but nah, just let it crash and burn then write a new thread that will be totally different. Just like the last one was going to be totally different.
Just give up already, admin. You burned out quite a while ago and it really shows. Either embrace the fail or move on to greener pastures.

No. 21758

Stop bullying admin, you've got threads upon threads of cows to bully, go contribute

No. 21760

Exactly how much time must pass before a thread is considered "dead"? Not the OP but I was surprised to see someone get dinged for necroing after 6 days.

No. 21761

I'm retarded sorry


No. 21762

Fuck you and everyone else who posts here you are undeserving of everything i hope you all kill yourselves

No. 21763

take it to the vent thread babe

No. 21764

If a cow from a while back does something milky is it too late to post because they've been dry for too long? I guess them doing one milky thing after weeks of nothing is pretty boring but if an old cow was consistently doing something could they be necro'd?

No. 21765

You spelt scrot wrong.

No. 21766

What’s upset you hun

No. 21768

File: 1618808781164.jpg (77.09 KB, 1024x790, D2sfa3ZX4AAa1A7.jpg)


No. 21770

I thought it was anything irrelevant after 30 days is considered a nerco. Pretty sure you can bump the thread if you're not bumping it with aids.

No. 21771

File: 1618846699104.jpg (138.5 KB, 1036x584, theydoitforfree.jpg)

I would have assumed 30 days but apparently that isn't the case.


No. 21772

Even still learn to embed and not just pay a link asking if people have seen it. What is the context? Is it her video or someone else why is it relevant or is it off topic?

No. 21773

Looks like some retarded youtube commentary that I didn't watch. As the red text was for necro and not stupid shit no1curr or learn2embed my question is simply "how long before something qualifies as a thread necro". I don't specifically care about that post.

No. 21775

NTA. People have explained to you that's it's NOT NECRO if the post is valuable information such as a relevant video, which is what >>21772 was saying. So it wouldn't matter if it was 3 years before the last post or 3 months: if it's relevant, it won't be necro'd. Had that user embedded and we actually knew more information on the video besides some link and "it involves kiki", it probably wouldn't have been redtexted.

Other people have answered your real question already. 30 days is usually it, but more on the otgm boards. I've seen shorter necros on pt/snow/w because usually it's the cows themselves trying to remain relevant. (Hence why sometimes you get necro spammers)

Drop the attitude, people are actually trying to answer your question– not attack you, moron.

No. 21776

lol calm down, you read an awful lot of emotion into my post that wasn't there. Thanks for answering my question.

No. 21777

nigga you kept getting answers so that anon had to spell it out letter for letter for you. glad to see you finally comprehended it.

No. 21779

File: 1618868295688.gif (484.55 KB, 800x450, 9ut.gif)

>Drop the attitude
>makes a big angry post
I love /meta/

No. 21780

NTA but it's weird that a post was called necro after a few days. If the thread is active it's not necro.

No. 21784

There's a difference between sounding the way I sounded when an anon is being Big Dummy vs asking a question and getting snippy when people answer it for you.
>As the red text was for necro and not stupid shit no1curr or learn2embed my question is simply
That's attitude if I've ever seen it.

This is fair. Probs some newfag janny or something

No. 21786

File: 1618896354997.jpg (39.35 KB, 540x539, 80b.jpg)

>Admin makes new thread because the previous one was full of infighting and autism
>New thread fills with infighting and autism

No. 21787

Fictional CP/Beastality on /W/

No. 21788

>Fictional CP

No. 21789

Yes, Loli and animated drawings of CP acts. If you saw some you’d complain too because it’s disgusting.

No. 21792

I'd rather know if it's IRL or just drawings since one is greatly worse than the other and illegal. At least I could still go to a board if it's just degenerate art vs what scrotes were spamming boards with if I clicked catalog.

No. 21793

Jackie posting in Vickys thread is amusing but shouldn’t she be verified?

No. 21794

Loli cp on /W/

No. 21796

Loli gore on /g/

No. 21797

Loli gore on /g/

No. 21798

Loli horse cp on /w/

No. 21803

loli gore on /w/

No. 21804

Annoying schizo spamming his ramblings everywhere. Newsflash scrote it isn't 2009 anymore. Also posted their keyboard vomit here >>>/snow/1213179

No. 21806

Someone is posting porn in /snow/

No. 21807

Dont you think its a little retarded that Jackie keeps getting banned in the Victoria Bella Morte thread? Shes a person who has lived with Vick and knows her personally. Not to mention Vick has been kind of dry lately and Jackie is one of the few people answering questions and giving consistent screen caps. I'm certain whatever mod banned her didn't look at the context of the post. Can't you verify her or something? Asking to her to integrate is a bit silly

No. 21808

File: 1619005961939.png (130.39 KB, 2718x230, Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 07.5…)

Here's an example of what I mean. This person was banned for "cowtipping" despite not being a farmer/knowing Victoria irl. At least get the person monitoring this thread to pay attention, you know?

No. 21809

You guys always say this in hopes a mod knows where a cow lives to even try to traject who is posting with an IP anywhere close to where a cow might live. I don't know how you guys expect mods to identify who is posting unless its actually the same IP and the cow has posted before using that IP, but even then, a new device can change it too. And how would this disregard larping cow anons?

No. 21810

I'm mostly commenting cause its annoying for Jackie to get banned every other day. Also shouldn't the context of the comment matter? Imo the only things that's important. I'm sure most people don't expect anyone to check everyone's IP

No. 21811

Maybe Jackie should either integrate and then maybe email admin with verification. How would you expect admin to very someone solely based on their ip address?

No. 21812

And what if they are using a VPN? Mods don't have a way to verify themselves. Asking them to is dumb as hell unless the person with that IP, and never posts outside their IP connection or uses a different device, sends their ID to a mod, its just always going to be tinfoil about who is posting. Maybe just stop saying hi cow. Someone not agreeing with you doesn't mean they are whiteknighting or that they are the cow.

No. 21813

She can get a trip code. But she’s honestly should just follow the rules too

No. 21814

Jackie has made it clear she has no intention to integrate and tbh I think she is low IQ Guelph trash like Vic and couldn't figure it out even if she wanted to.
I'd be fine with jannies letting her get away with it for milk purposes, but I also appreciate them slapping bans on retards posting.

No. 21817

>I'd be fine with jannies letting her get away with it for milk purposes

its not like she reveals anything good. anon asks questions
>teeth bad?
>yes teeth bad
>yes very

its never anything good just parroting what is asked and not even insight like people want to believe. the same who think this is revelatory are the types to believe mystics. its all what you want to hear.

No. 21818

Hello, I got doxxed and harassed and my social media was shared in one of the threads even though I have nothing to do with the drama. Please help me delete it.

No. 21819

Link the threads here so we know which posts you're talking about.

No. 21820

It’s this one. Someone shared my Instagram and said really messed up things about me. I have nothing to do with the drama. The reason why I knew about this thread because I overwhelmingly received many threats on my personal Instagram account. Please help me delete it, thank you.

No. 21822

>Note: Talking shit about you, calling you names, or screenshotting your social media pages is not stalking, is not against the rules, and is not illegal.

Oh and show us proof of these "threats" you received from a 6 year old thread.

No. 21823

File: 1619066563177.jpeg (142.25 KB, 1125x212, 28BE48C1-3AB0-4D78-B17D-8D674C…)

According to this rule : you’re not supposed to doxx and drag people who have nothing to do with the thread. I got Instagram messages that I deleted enventually. That person is calling me and my husband pedophiles it’s not just talking shit.

No. 21824

I do not own the depop mentioned. I have nothing to do with those people mentioned, the reason why I knew about this is because I received many messages on my Instagram account.

No. 21827

Petition to redtext all variations of _____fishing like we have for "triggered", "POC" and "nonny".

No. 21828

you know, genuinely, i wish some of you ladies would stop poking shit. its a rule to not cowtip but its okay if you do it winky face if you dont revealhow you got insight. i have no clue why this chick was posted shes probable a dumb internet whore like the rest of them but too many people instigate shit i wish they would learn that some of the best shit comes from when you just leave people be. they make fools of themselves enough

No. 21829

Use the report function instead of quadruple posting you autist. Gomen for minimod but Jesus Christ

No. 21830

Uh… no. It means interactions with the cow to get milk or trigger milk too.

No. 21831

stfu i know what it means, cowtipping, telling someone their being posted here. i guess my drunk ass was mad that some one you guys cant refuse interacting with people posted here just to get a reaction.

but that is exactly what you shouldnt do. too many people come here and get worked up over some stuff then message people and their family and friends and stuff. werent you there for shays drama with her sister or whatever.

No. 21832

It's also manufacturing milk by interacting with a cow, not just mentioning lolcow. Learn2integrate

No. 21834

>Belle pedosperg confirmed

Why don't mods ban you? Everything you post is garbage tinfoil and you're just trying to make milk when there isn't any by trying to stalk their family and post them, regardless of who the cow is on multiple boards.

No. 21835

yes exactly what i said

No. 21836

>too many people come here and get worked up over some stuff then message people and their family and friends and stuff.

its not just mentioning the farm i know. but the people who try to bait people into doing shit just because. messaging them or their family. linking their thread or just even bitching at them about why they suck. like think about the thread where that one streamer raped his girlfriend while live and people wouldnt leave his family alone and shit.

there is no way lolcow could get to where we functioned the same as when tumblr shoplifters were doxed but my whole complaint is that newfags poke cows and want to stir drama when there shoudlnt

i dont go on /w/

No. 21837

Technically that's poop-touching. Cowtipping was originally just used to describe "tipping off" cows about their threads, but now the phrase has kind of expanded to also include poop-touching.

No. 21838

Poop touching came from LSA and the likes, it wasn't originally used here. This anon is right >>21832

No. 21839

"Touching the poop" has been around for ages. I think it started on SomethingAwful.

No. 21840

That's nice. Different board culture though, anon.

No. 21841

Someone make a new pro Ana scumbags thread pls it's at max reply limit & im retarded

No. 21842

Why is the new Venus angelic thread still in auto-sage?
I can understand for the previous threads because they were shit but the new one is better because all the scrotes and most moralfags left because she stopped posting on onlyfans.
Pls un-sage the new thread,TY

No. 21843

also its kinda hard for other anons to find the thread about her since its in autosage.
I didnt even know there was a new thread about her until i skimmed through all the pages on /w/

No. 21844

The same reason your retards force all threads to be saged: tinfoiling, making up milk,putting in your "I think..", posting old milk.. You really can't see why? And you can find her thread just fine. She isn't that far down.

No. 21845

>i skimmed through all the pages on /w/
just use the catalog

No. 21846

How do you know that the people who made those posts are the same people who tinfoil and so on? Schitzo.

No. 21847

I'm referring to why all her threads are autosaged. Might not be the same anons. I meant in general by anons who do these things.

No. 21848

Moralfags are fagging up the slutcasino/ruby mae thread with their infighting.

No. 21849

Anyone noticed that there seems to be a higher of influx of scrotes here lately?

No. 21850

i haven't noticed more scrotes but definitely more unintegrated newfags sperging all over the place

No. 21851

I know we're not supposed to complain here but they've been shitting up the thread for a day now and are still going despite reports.
Fyi if jannies don't know bc new thread, Subjects are 16+ and all info archived is publicly available. Some pearl clutching Karen figured out how to sage in thread.

No. 21852

cp in /g/

No. 21853

They’re not on pt the scrotes/pedos.
That leaves it for /g/ and /ot/. Aka old non farmers complaining about newer nonfarmers basically…retarded as fuck and also uninteresting as fuck. lol.

No. 21855

File: 1619395879498.jpeg (330.17 KB, 750x1064, 16F3098B-A2E7-42A9-ACC9-FAE124…)

Unreasonable ban, plus doesn’t make any sense (also I think you’re racist)
global rule #7:
>Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting)

/ot/ rule # 7:

>Don’t go into a thread to complain about the exact same thread. Hide threads you don’t want to see and take topic complaints to /meta/.

No. 21856

>posts a pic of shit to mock OP image instead of providing anything valuable to the thread
kek okay

No. 21858

So is anything going to be done about the tucker carlson derailing in the unconventional attractive thread? The whole photoshopping and "next Adam driver" thing is becoming annoying and derailing.

No. 21859

Two questions
Can we have random /pt/ and /snow/ Hell weekends/days? Or a long Hellweek soon? Plzzz admin

Also, is there a way to be a low key jannyor mandated reporter? Like I don't want to delve into /ot/ or be subjected to cp but I make a lot of reports of blogging, name fagging, infighting, non-sage contribution etc in the threads I'm familiar with in /pt/ and /snow/ and if there was a way to screen out the basic reports I'd be happy to be a basic click/accept/reject mod and leave the "fill in the blank" or questionable reports up to the next level.

There was a previous suggestion of a drop down menu for reporting of basic rule violations. I know it's coding but maybe it's something to consider? Leave basic "namefag" etc reports to low level jannies so mods can focus on real shit?

No. 21860

>t. shanefag

No. 21861

How about you get a fucking life and log off for once?

No. 21862

Why don’t you read the fucking description of this thread, you absolute mongoloid.

No. 21863

What the fuck

No. 21864

It's /g and the unconventional dudes you find attractive thread.

Let people enjoy things. I mean do you need to talk discuss that many important things in there? I feel like the thread is actually a lot of fun so far.

No. 21865

You're so mad about this and for what?

No. 21866

Except at this point, it has become a derail and people are rarely posting unconventionally attractive males. They're fanfic-ing about tucker and whatever else retards. Go check for yourself. It's become a derail.

No. 21867

File: 1619442402163.jpg (1.23 MB, 972x5220, Screenshot_20210426-090452_Chr…)

samefag. Hmm… I read thread description…. says "post unconventional males" not "fanfic discussion about what unconventional males would do and derailing."

No. 21868

You know that phrase “be the change you wish to see in the world”? Well, post the males you wish to see in the thread, and stfu.

No. 21869

If people don't post enough unconventional attractive men as it is, why not let Anons have their fun? It's literally a thread on lolcow on /g not a class at university where you should stay on topic or a thread on a certain cow in /pt or whatever. If people want to talk about their Tucker Carlson fantasies why not. The thread hasn't been this active since forever. So post some dudes or hide the thread

No. 21870

Ohohoho, so you consider Tucker to be mainstream attractive? So do I, dude, but nobody else seems to think so.

No. 21871

The toppest of the keks I'd expect nothing less from tucker anon
Anyway so like whats the general stand on the current state of the thread?

No. 21872

Probably the autism will die down in a few days but I agree that thread basically turned into the retarded shitpost thread

No. 21873

He's a political figure, it's obviously bait.

No. 21874

Yeah it's annoying. That thread is probably one of my favorites on /g but I feel that some of the fun has been taken out of it when anons are essentially namefagging and shitposting. But I agree with the other anons that we should just leave it be. People will just shitpost harder if you tell them to stop.

No. 21875

shitposting makes threads more fun tbh

No. 21876

Mods, will we ever get the kpop containment threads back? I don't even follow kpop but I enjoyed reading through through threads and it seems many anons miss them, maybe they could have a trial thread to see they can behave?

No. 21877

I feel like there's been a big increase in single-word replies of "cringe" or "based". The words are fine I guess, I mean I use the former especially, but if that's all you have to say it usually doesn't contribute much to discussion and can feel lazy and repetitive when you see it a lot. Some of these posts are unsaged; these are likely newfags doing a "hello fellow imageboard users". Again the words themselves are fine and even the one word posts like that can be fine and made by otherwise contributing farmers but idk just something I've noticed last few weeks

No. 21878

You can use the new k-imageboard since K-pop was banned on crystal.cafe

No. 21879

Thanks for letting me know, I will

No. 21881

Vtuber shitspergs are posting in the twitch thread now. Please stop this cancer from spreading.

No. 21882

cp in /pt/

No. 21884

I thought it was me being an autist so I kept silent and didn't report but yeah, the one liners like "based" or "cringe" are annoying (the latter being everywhere on LC these days)
Imo, it isn't much different than just writing "kek" "lol" and nothing else.

No. 21885

File: 1619522203026.png (645.75 KB, 865x819, 1619285732489.png)

>Vtuber shitspergs are posting in the twitch thread now. Please stop this cancer from spreading.

No. 21887

Mods, might want to wrangle in the vendetta posters in the Belle thread. They are on a nitpicking fit and now doing this retarded sperging because not every anon thinks she's ugly and finds nitpicking milk. Also the constant "hi belle"ing >>>/w/147443

No. 21888

File: 1619546124367.jpg (205.96 KB, 1080x541, Screenshot_20210427-105019_Sam…)

No. 21889

what's with all the terrible cringey reaction images lately?

No. 21890


No. 21891

That's nasty

No. 21893

Can mods please take the actual time to deal with WKs and active derailers in the Belle thread instead of constantly catering to the WKs?

Not sure if stuff hasn’t been done since sometimes the bans aren’t red texted, but it’s like the same person coming to the thread to call everyone jealous and mean/nitpicky because they aren’t praising the cow, but consistently revisits to complain, derail, and topic police. I’ve only noticed people across the aisle getting slapped with red text and not the active sus WK who complains in meta AND thread about no milk or what is or isn’t qualifying as milk.

Like this user. Who’s clearly a WK and probably same anon from last meta complaint thread.

It’s getting honestly exhausting trying to read with the WKs consistently in thread and people just baiting them to further derailment for luls. Jfc

Thankfully there’s new milk now, but holy kek please do something about the whiny WK for once. Please and thank you ♥

No. 21894

Can mods reveal the post ID of the belle white knight? I think it will be really funny.

No. 21895

This. Belle thread has a WK who attacks everyone posting there.

No. 21899

someone wrangle the spergs in celebricows already

No. 21900

Jaelle (pretending not to be Jaelle) is shitting up the Nika & Jaelle thread, mods please help

No. 21901

Where is the fucking mods in Ashley’s/Maddies thread??? There’s this one sperg there that won’t stfu and they need to be banned yesterday

No. 21902

I’ve been reporting them for 4 hours, must be farmhands day off

No. 21904

some spergs ban evade. its not terribly hard but its a good indicator of autism

No. 21905

Yeup. It’s made worse when people won’t stop playing into them and getting triggered/replying. Which is exactly what’s happening in the Ashley/maddie thread. Someone should post that “this is bait” pic kek

No. 21906

Not agreeing she's ugly isn't whiteknighting and not thinking filters is milk isn't either. You guys go on tangents, nitpicking the same old photos every thread and having nothing new to say. That rape anon isn't me being a whiteknight to report. It was straight autistic embarrassment. cope

No. 21907

File: 1619587446169.jpeg (74.08 KB, 514x333, D5B9611E-D58C-4E2D-9F26-4704D5…)

Hmmm, you’re rather heavily invested in this aren’t you dear?

No. 21908

The Belle thread is always so embarrassing, you can taste the desperation and jealousy from some of these posters who have to upload the same unflattering photo every thread, insist she’s actually not making money, and go as far as edit wrinkles onto her to prove she’s busted. It’s just the same criticisms day in and day out meanwhile she hasn’t even been active since february when she plugged that keyboard collab. There’s some photo of her at a theme park now which is the first droplet of skim milk in months.

No. 21909

Can you show me the photos where they’ve “edited wrinkles” on to her? Or have they just posted pics of her unfiltered face?
I agree her looking fat at Alton towers isn’t milk, but is it really worth sperging to meta about?

No. 21910

File: 1619587980448.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3024x4030, DAE5F52E-09FB-429F-9F46-B4FBE3…)

You’re literally triggered enough by people calling her ugly that you came to complain here and call it nitpicking/vendetta posting (some were, validly - but not all). Take your own advice and cope. You’re heavily WKing Belle in the thread with ridiculous logic that easily gets countered, and so here you are crying for farmhands.

Suspiciously invested or just that much of a WK - who knows.

No. 21911

What logic? That I don't think she's ugly but you do, so I must be wrong? You sound so unhinged about being reported. Lol

No. 21912

It's so cringy and telling when anons are posting together or device hopping because this retarded ass patting always happens amongst the vendetta posters. You fags did this in the nicole thread too and mikan thread.

No. 21913

It’s really weird, I feel like the constant accusations that people are purposely editing her to look worse or that everyone in the thread is a failed sex worker vendetta chan would get shot down immediately in threads on other photoshop addicted OF cows like PNP or Shayna, and it’s not like everyone behaves in those threads either. People definitely need to stop responding to the bait but this feels like an obvious case for banning the autist(s) posting about how much of a disney princess she naturally looks like and picking fights. Would be nice to just get a response from the farmhands about why it’s not happening?

No. 21914

Not the anons reported, but honestly not interested in WK tirades and frankly sick of reading white knight anons derail the thread consistently since the previous one. You’re upset about them not finding Belle’s filtered image attractive. Sounds a bit hypocritical of you to cry about them not finding the same about your thoughts. Circular logic imo. This isn’t a fansite so idk what you think this is..? Posters full of jealousy and desperation? That reeks of white knight logic. Sorrynot sorry.

Here’s to hoping mods take note. The WKs are ruining all of the Belle threads imo. Afaik I’ve only ever seen one WK get slapped with the cry in meta red text, but here we are.

Please mods, this is getting annoying to read through with constant WK and bait.

No. 21915

There's literally an anon who mentions they are an ex sexworker who has tried warning girls of the DaNgErS of sex work. So yeah, that's why people are calling the sperg anon an failed sex worker. Also keeps mentioning how they couldn't dare degrade themselves. They outted themselves and keeps self blog posting.

No. 21916

The issue is you can comment that you don't think something looks bad after anons caption a photo with how much they hate her and then anons flock to demand you think she looks ugly and you must agree because look at this photo of a rat and her. Come on.

No. 21917

God you are such an embarrassing retard.have a day off.

No. 21918

I can see the other side of that, and it sometimes is the nature of the bull on LC - but it’s like a moment of reading the room prior to making a comment of that nature?

No. 21919

They keep self posting about their experience and even said they were on/in magazines. Why are you mad? Lol

No. 21920

And what if I posted a photo saying she looked nice? This may be a gossip site, but its not a straight up hate site. I'm indifferent about her, but anons literally put a stop at any praise because they are so hell bent on proving how old and ugly she is just from a simple "I don't think she looks that bad here." Then spam the same photo repeatedly. Or bring up some rando pedo she has on facebook to prove a point that isnt there and trying to say his drama is her's just to force tinfoil milk.

No. 21921

I’m not a regular in the thread, pretty sure the only time I’ve posted in the current one for her was to say I don’t think we can assume she’s getting fat off that one picture, but glancing through it now that everyone is shitting up meta because of it, I don’t think she’s the only one who doesn’t find belle attractive thats getting called a failed sex worker vendetta chan. She also got redtexted for her blogposting, so I’m not sure what else you want farmhands to do about her.

No. 21922

Take the fucking belle sperging back to your containment thread god damn

No. 21923

Nothing. I'm responding to the anon saying anons are referencing an anon who is one. Some anons are identifiable, so looks like they just refer to their posts as that anon. They have posted after the redtext too.

No. 21924

Literally one person said that one time. Stop lying/exaggerating
>“They keep saying it! They’re all doing it! Admin!!! Admin!!!! Admin PLEASE stop them!!!!”
Why are you so frantic? Why don’t you have a nice cuppa tea and some biccys. Take a break.

No. 21925

Sorry, anon. Just needed mods to get a real glance that the crybaby WK was the real consistent issue in the thread. Back to containment we go.

No. 21926

Good you need help.

No. 21927

KEK. You’re the one who obviously needs help. You’re the one with a deranged obsession. So we don’t think belle is a beautiful intelligent businesswoman, and is instead homely and stupid. So what? Cry about it.
>ok failed sex worker!!!
>ok! Seethe jealous femcel!!!
>omg go get help!
>omg cope!!
You literally lurk the thread every single day.

No. 21928

No one said any of that. All anons have been saying is that her nose looks fine and some photos aren't ugly.

No. 21929

You’re the one complaining that “nobodies allowed to say she looks pretty!”
Well…nobodies allowed to say she DOESNT look pretty according to you? Nobodies allowed to say her nose job is a failure and looks like shit. Nobodies allowed to call her bf fat. Why is that? Why are you so invested? I literally promise you, if you stop shitting up the thread, it will die. People literally just want to bait you into a meltdown because it’s so easy and you’re unhinged.

No. 21930


No. 21931

Belle is washed up, fat and ugly.

No. 21932

This WK cries about it whenever anons send any unfiltered photo of Belle. Some anon claimed Belle looks like a Pixar character with heavily filtered photos and other anons posted her real face to show she doesn't.

No. 21933

honestly, I’m kind of tired of this bait and switch with the WK. It’s just constant derailment with twisted misconstrued logic. Usually WK shenanigans.

It will never end…even here.

No. 21934

Reveal the poster I.D like they did when Erin was shifting up her own thread.

No. 21935

I don't think you understand what a whiteknight is

No. 21936

coming to the defense of a cow and calling people desperate and jealous for not thinking she looks attractive or calling out a cows differences between her filtered shoops and candids is most definitely WK behavior.

No. 21937

A white knight is someone who relentlessly brigades a thread standing up for a cow. That’s you. You’re a white knight.

No. 21938

Please put out farmhand applications if u guys need help, the lack of mods is very obvious right now

No. 21939

seconding this. i've seen multiple threads in desperate need of wrangling the past few days - like the totally-not-jaelle sperg who's been going at it for the past 48 hours on the jaelle/nika thread. it's getting genuinely embarrassing at this point

No. 21941

Mods answer question plz

I find Dua Lipa to be very overrated, don't get me wrong, if I woke up tomorrow looking exactly like her my ugly ass would be delighted!kek but as a celebrity I don't understand why everyone says she's so beautiful, her lack of carisma doesn't help one bit.(BPD)

No. 21944



No. 21946

anon you should have kept this retarded sperg in the discord….

No. 21947

Can we get hellweek going? And include the offtopic boards too?

No. 21948

why are we getting a new admin? I feel like there's a lack of communication lately.

No. 21949


No. 21950

I can only hope admin screens the applicants properly. You just know the scrotes and trannies would love to weasel their way into the position and fuck everything up.

No. 21951

she'll probably pick a scrote because she hates us

No. 21952

Why offtopic too?
Not that I'm inherently against ist just wondering

No. 21953

OT isn't exempt from other board rules which people think it is which is the issue.

No. 21954

Seconded. Good lord, we need another hellweek.

No. 21955

it's called off topic for a reason tho. what else could possibly be banned, it actually seems chill now

No. 21956

I just checked the application and it doesn't even have a section asking which sex the applicant is, like that's not important to consider.

No. 21957

Are you implying I would take someone's word for it solely based off the application?

No. 21959

Some scrotes unaware of and ignorant to this board's culture and demographic may be retarded enough to fill in their sex honestly thinking it will work in their favour, considering the position requires knowledge in programming language which is (unfortunately) male dominated. So I can see scrotes proudly adding "male" to their application thinking it will make their programming ability and application in general, perceived as superior and more likely to be selected. Adding sex selection to the application could help weed out scrotes and act as a trap because since when do males ever fail to announce they own a dick and balls.

Of course how the application fields are filled and the writing style may be easy to identify if applicant is a scrote or not, but adding sex options could potentially make it even easier since a lot of scrotes' pride in being male will make them write it. That's what I theorise anyway.

No. 21960

Don't backtrack now

No. 21961

File: 1619735340208.png (348.49 KB, 1080x1164, 1616800683926.png)

>Some scrotes unaware of and ignorant to this board's culture and demographic may be retarded enough to fill in their sex honestly thinking it will work in their favour, considering the position requires knowledge in programming language which is (unfortunately) male dominated. So I can see scrotes proudly adding "male" to their application thinking it will make their programming ability and application in general, perceived as superior and more likely to be selected. Adding sex selection to the application could help weed out scrotes and act as a trap because since when do males ever fail to announce they own a dick and balls.

>Of course how the application fields are filled and the writing style may be easy to identify if applicant is a scrote or not, but adding sex options could potentially make it even easier since a lot of scrotes' pride in being male will make them write it. That's what I theorise anyway.

No. 21962

>Retarded cringey reaction image
>Doesn't know how to sage
Scrote much.

I have no idea what you mean.

No. 21963

I was banned and told lrn2 embed and sage after I posted a relevant video link in a thread.
Leaving aside the rudeness of the latter request, I suggest site admins automatically embed video links if they are going to be this anal about it. This should not be something that requires instructions in 2021.

No. 21965

or just integrate instead of boohoo’ing about being too retarded to embed a video on an image board?

No. 21966

if they didn't want suggestions then this thread could easily not exist, being an asshole unnecessarily is very moid of you

No. 21967

what's the suggestion though? be nicer? do you know where you are?

No. 21968

the suggestion is add automatic embedding, jesus fucking christ. You really want to tell me I'm retarded for not wanting to have to manually embed a video while you can't even read a three-sentence comment fully?

No. 21969

Hey scrote, this isn't 4chan. It's laid out this way to weed out idiots like you.

No. 21971

no, lrn2 embed

No. 21974

Some newfag is still shitting up the June thread with unsaged non-milk posts repeating things that have already been said a million times. Has been told to learn how to sage SERVERAL times and just refuses to do it. Please deal with this shit I have reported it so many times.

No. 21975

Admin is giving it to someone new? Good.

No. 21977

Maybe after this admin dips we can get a less Twitter-pilled staff

No. 21979

Hopefully we can have our fucking MANHATE thread back

No. 21980

We can only hope, but I'll remain cynical until I see it

No. 21981

keeping my fingers crossed like you have no idea

No. 21982

I don't think it will happen, but if there's anyone who can code…

No. 21983

Why don't the three of you who are so desperate for it just go make a discord or something?

No. 21984

Why do you even need it? You people make every thread a manhate thread anyway

No. 21986


Don’t lump me in with you faggot. Manhate, allowing Twitter to take over and tempcow ruined the site. I hate men but shoo

No. 21987

No you’re so right. Tempcow really was the beginning of the end for some reason.

No. 21988

PULL shutting down didn’t help either

No. 21989

Come on anon give admin some credit. I'm sure she'll ask for pictures of applicant's forearms for verification and pick the most femme looking one.

No. 21991

I mean, why not. It should have a section where a legit photo of the shoulder/ clavicles or hands and wrists are uploaded for sex identification purposes.
I want a scroteless lolcow. It's what we deserve.

No. 21992

hairline check

No. 21993

It allowed unintegrated users to get the balls to post on a chan type board regularly. munchies doxing themselves, the weird types pixilocks brings in, trans were able to police discussion about sex you name it. i mean, it was nitpick city and just an unregulated shithole that never should have happened. id have rather the site went down for awhile and people who were here for a lark to just fucking leave instead of get their bearings and do exactly what this place became.

we can only wish

No. 21996

Yeah exactly and unfortunately it happened to coincide with the peak of the onision/billie “I betrayed my wife” or whatever thing when there were so many new lurkers and the onision threads were full of underage/unintegrated posters who then seemingly started regularly posting during the tempcow fiasco. It was just the worst possible time for it to happen. I feel like things had already been going downhill a little before tempcow with the increase of cows from youtube and the audience that brought, but post tempcow it just seemed like there was a sharp decrease in quality with the userbase that never fully went back to normal. Then I think around 2018 also seemed like a major change with the various manhate type threads and users that attracted and that becoming extremely dominant across all boards which also never really seemed to die down.

No. 21998

Petition to move Celebricows back to /ot/ since everyone wants to treat it like it is anyway.

No. 21999

>never really seemed to die down
in the last month or two it's ramped up by about 1000%

No. 22000

Cp on /W/

No. 22002

You shoo, you retarded fucking newfag.

No. 22003

Cp on W

No. 22004

Cp on /w for almost half an hour

No. 22005

First time I've seen the suspected cp on lolcow (I avoid /pt where they normally post).

Pls delete the post on /w, farmhands

No. 22006

close your slashes

No. 22007

Shutuppp you stupid fucking spastic kill yourself

No. 22008

Seek help

No. 22009

Just an FYI to anyone, the cp is gone

No. 22010

Entering there and seeing anons just straight "1/10 would not fuck" celebrities and talking about their "saggy tits" is wild, it really should be on /ot/, so at least they can be called out without it technically being a derail

No. 22011

Long time lurker, moderately drunk poster. I'm always here around 3am to catch shitposting. Applued for hand. Vote for me!

No. 22012

thanks for moving celebricows to /OT/! it’s been a shit thread full of garbage nitpicking forever so i’m glad it’s finally out of /snow/

No. 22013

Did admin or farmhands archive the website (even if it's just before leaving) for the case of what happens after a new admin takes reign?
I'm sure LC also has to deal with a good bunch of legal cases, so it would be a shame if it would just disappear without a trace or backup in case of things going bad.

No. 22014

I doubt it’s going to get better if the new admin is coming from the current userbase, there doesn’t seem to be any normal oldfags left at this point.

I don’t get how that’s remotely confusing. They’re sjw moralfags for what they perceive as misogyny (everything) and can’t accept anyone disagreeing with them but not for anything else. It’s a pretty common thing even irl for someone to be “prejudiced” in some way but also extremely sensitive about some perceived prejudice they experience.

No. 22015

Why did you reply to me? That's exactly what I said in my comment, she is very sensitive about perceived injustices (which did not happen) while having the guts to call other people sjws.

No. 22016

it's so funny to see unsaged retards who can't even format a post correctly accusing others of being new and ruining the site.
Admin was new to this site and tried to install a culture that was counter to the one already here. It backfired. She was never cutout to be admin if you want to be blunt about it since she admitted to fucking CRYING over being called a tranny on here by random anons.

this is the exact type of newfaggotry i mean. wtf are you even talking about? radfems are 2nd wave feminists. sjw intersectional feminism is 3rd wave. insult radfems all you want but at least be correct in what you say. sjw is identity politics while radfems are squarely against because they view women are a class because of their belief that sex is unchangeable. Sjw doesn't just mean "anyone that talks about social issues" you smegma stained dumbas.

You people think you're slick coming in here from twitter/PULL/Reddit, pretending you've been here all along and it's the mean radfems/racists/facists/women that call doja cat's tits saggy/whatever your buzzword is for the day that's "ruining" lolcow when the truth is it's these very fucking convos that are ruining it because dumb faggots like you can't just hide threads and MOVE THE FUCK ON.

Hate radfems? Do what I did when they started pissing me off. I hide their fucking threads. But no little bitches like you wanted to cry and moan until the threads were gone. Now it's how many fucking years later and we're still having this convo? The threads are gone and it's STILL not enough for some of you whiney cunts. It's even funnier that admin caters to you deluded morons. You're complaining X group sees everything as an attack while you complain about fucking threads that have been gone YEARS.

So now we have threads because shut down/moved/denied and even the new ones are full of 20 newfags demanding to know why THIS cow has a thread because they're not even interesting anyway. lolcow is dead. And you are the reason. Not nazis, radfems, the media, onision or anyone -fucking -else. It was you and your pathetic fucking agenda.

No. 22017

Did you just ignore all the talking points mentioned earlier? Problems existed way before the last 2 years and it's also the change within internet culture and cows.

No. 22018

That thread is a mess, full to the brim with Twitterfags, underage tards and gay scrotes from LSA:

>She's fat!

>No she's not!

>She's black!

>No she's not! Muh one drop!

>How do you do, fellow farmers! Lana del rey is fugly, isn't it!

> She's beautiful vendetta-chan, but go off I guess!

Nuke that thread.

No. 22019

What she said on discord or whatever doesn’t actually affect the board, the post she that gave the star to was complaining about people acting like sjws in their actual posts here, which is obviously not the same thing. I don’t care if someone’s an sjw or not as long as they’re not sperging about it here. If you’re talking about what was said actually on lolcow, she said there was a problem with racebait in the pp thread which there was. I don’t think that’s being an sjw, racebait has always been banned and isn’t beneficial to the board overall.

You are the one who seems new or just very autistic. Have you even read the posts that this relates to? What I was saying was that it was extremely obvious what that anon was talking about when they referred to sjw behaviour in that specific post. It’s very obvious that they were using the term to refer to things like moralfagging, sperging out whenever people disagree with them, going on self righteous political derailing rants. Having a meltdown about how technical thats not ‘the true definition of sjw’ or whatever is helpful to no one. It was very clear to anyone who’s not a literal sperg what they were referring to.

> You people think you're slick coming in here from twitter/PULL/Reddit, pretending you've been here all along and it's the mean radfems/racists/facists/women that call doja cat's tits saggy/whatever your buzzword is for the day that's "ruining" lolcow when the truth is it's these very fucking convos that are ruining it because dumb faggots like you can't just hide threads and MOVE THE FUCK ON.

Everyone who disagrees with you isn’t a newfag, I’ve been here since the beginning you can believe me or not. What thread do you want people to hide when they’re talking about problems that aren’t contained to any one specific thread and are prevalent across all boards? You’re an idiot if you think people in /meta/ complaining is the biggest issue with what’s ‘ruining’ lolcow. There have been problems with the site for years that just weren’t addressed.

>So now we have threads because shut down/moved/denied

Okay so what? There have always been threads that have been shut or banned for being low quality. Even all the way back in like 2014/2015 with the Berry thread. This is a good thing and there’s nothing wrong with shit quality threads or threads that attract undesirable users being closed.

>new ones are full of 20 newfags demanding to know why THIS cow has a thread because they're not even interesting anyway

Newfags asking to be spoonfed has literally always happened and you can just report them. Cows being less interesting now is just a result of how much internet culture has changed. If it’s happening more recently it’s probably at least somewhat because of how poorly written the OPs of certain recent threads are.

No. 22020

Just today there was more racebait tit sperging about black women in the celebcows thread

No. 22021


No. 22023

cute, but continually applying a fresh bandaid wont fix the issue. hiding threads and parsing out definitions wont address the deeper issue, the infection will spread once those posters keep getting away with their retarded behavior. thats why i brought up tempcow. a containment thread or board will only work for so long or so well. thats why all this weird belle shit has gotten so rough or posters >>22007 like this get emboldened to move out of their hidey hole. go ahead and continue to call people newfags when theyre not immediately agreeing with you but nothing you offered is a solution.

No. 22024

What shit with the belle thread? Stop bringing it up or we’re gonna go bait it some more

No. 22025

Based. I wish people would just stfu complaining. If they do then the least they could do is make it fucking funny.

Also saying “nigger” isn’t racist, neither is saying “kike” “spic” “paki” “cave demon” “chink” or “curry scented bitch” go back to twitter.

Also you will NEVER ban the words retard or faggot on an image board you retarded faggot

No. 22026

Sperg going on about black women and their bodies is back in the celeb thread and people won't ignore him

No. 22027

Literally zero people have been asking for any of those words to be banned

No. 22028

This is some really stupid bait.

No. 22029

the bait has been a lot worse lately. like 14-year-old scrote level.

No. 22030

It is. Wasn't even relevant to anything anyone said.

No. 22031

Honestly, did Lolcow get heavily namedropped on 4chan or KF in the past month or something? I've never seen people Soyakposting here until now, in several threads, together with a bunch of posts who generally sound like completely unintegrated channers.

No. 22032

There's literally a lc.farm thread on kf if you weren't aware.

No. 22033

lolcow is always namedropped on 4chan and KF. We've had a retarded influx of men for 2 years now

No. 22034

Well, what do you think.

No. 22035

>for 2 years now
Nah, we've had that since forever.

No. 22036

True. That's why we had a robot containment thread at the time.

No. 22038

You people are the ones ruining lolcow IMO. You need your heads examined.

No. 22039

>n-no you!

No. 22040

A mod needs to say something about the nitpicking in the Belle thread. All they do is post old photos repeatedly because "SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE HER FILTERS". Its spam at this point. Can we report it as spam and nitpicking?

No. 22041

They just found out she is using tinder, which is on topic and milky, what are you talking about? Just leave the farmhands alone.

No. 22043

Kek they got ban evade retexted. Knew they were.

No. 22045

We all know the last Manson thread descended into shit, but is there any interest in a new thread encompassing Manson, his orbiters and the bat shit crazy element that is Annie. So much - frankly hilarious - insanity has come to light since the thread died. I’d be happy to do the lord’s work if there is interest.

No. 22046

Will you shut up about the Belle thread already?(ban evading)

No. 22047

Why when mods see it too? 4 redtexts in under a day.

No. 22048

Hide the fucking thread cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22049

I don't know who's modding the thread, but blessed. Finally something is being done about the vendetta posting and nitpicking. The thread has 5 pieces of new milk and the rest are anons complaining about how ugly she is without without filters and the tinfoiling is ridiculous like her being a madam. Maybe just follow the rules, anon.

No. 22050

How about you follow the rules and stop spamming the absolute fuck out of meta, obsessing over one thread, harassing admin every day. Since it bothers you so much we are all going to continue baiting and talking shit. Belle is ugly Josh is fat bye <3 and they both have herpes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22051

Mods why don’t you ban the retarded white knight? Or reveal its poster ID. I think it will be highly unsurprising.

No. 22052

You guys already made it clear you have a discord group. Good for you I guess? Keep announcing your ban evading.

No. 22053

Belle is ugly Josh is fat. You’ll never get your own way so stop swinging your retarded dick around.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22054

Please do something about the e-girls thread, it’s about 6 threads late for an autosage

No. 22055

File: 1620066799273.jpeg (30.56 KB, 730x720, nxDmQnF.jpeg)

Just dropping in to say FUCK YOU to the jannies and good riddance to shitmin who won't let us have anything GC related.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22056

Do you ever stop to think maybe other users don't want that shit. Lolcow isn't your personal hivemind.

No. 22057

IMO discussion about tranny celebrities should be banned from the celebricows thread and contained in the tranny threads.

No. 22058

Maybe, if the thread wasn't moved to /ot/

No. 22059

Sounds like a good idea to me. The main talking point is always about their transness, it fits there.

No. 22061

Yes I also think this would be better
Why was it moved? Surely now that there’s no expectation for posts to have to be related to actual milk in some way and blogposting and derailing is technically allowed it’s only going to make the thread even worse. Genuinely asking bc I saw a lot of people asking for it to be moved back to /ot/ but don’t get why people thought that would make it better.

No. 22062

that cesspool never belonged in /snow/

No. 22063

Nta but how does move it to ot where there are less rules help? Seems like it'll be more of a cesspool there.

No. 22064

Okay but now it’s just as much of a cesspool except with added blogposting from various anachans about their time in the psychiatric ward…

No. 22065

Seconded. I don't give a shit about Manson but an Annie thread would be really great.
Girl is a massive cow and is milky af (her lies and photoshop would put Vicky Shingles to shame)
However, she definitely should be permaban first since she's known for samefagging/sock-pupetting like crazy and was largely responsible for the dumpster fire the Manson thread was (even posted a selfie holding a piece of paper with /snow written on it)

I'd like to make one myself but my English is quite shitty and I don't want to make a mess of an OP. Also, I don't know if admin/farmhands are ok with it, so…

No. 22066

They'll blogpost anyway if anorexia is mentioned in any thread, by any cow or user. Plenty of "recovered" anachans are still in a constant competitive mindset and battle stance, it truly is a scary mental illness. You don't need to medfag, bring up the DSM-5 or talk about authentic psychward experiences to convince people that a 600-lbs woman isn't actually anorexic, but lord help you if you try to stand between an (ex-)anachan and her one time to talk about her special interest.

No. 22067

Don't forget the constant bait

No. 22068

The camwhores and the e-girls thread should have all their images auto-spoilered. I had to hide both threads even tho they are sometimes interesting because people keep posting half or fully naked crackwhores without spoilers.

No. 22069

Can I get an explanation why you basically killed the celeb thread by moving it to /ot/? It is now unreadable.

No. 22070

File: 1620124847297.jpg (111.28 KB, 1080x883, Screenshot_20210504-123716_Sam…)

Can my ban be lifted, because I was not ban-evading. I always post on the same ip adress and don't even have a VPN. I will be careful what to post in belles thread from now on (the retarded tinfoil was a bit too much, I admit). Ban me for going overboard with my tinfoil, but not for something I did not do

No. 22071

Pretty sure farmhand meant IF you banevade the next ban is perm

No. 22072

File: 1620125068631.jpg (254.52 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot.jpg)

Samefag, I was the anon who posted these messages.
I have never ban-evaded on lolcow, because that is a retarded thing to do.

No. 22073

kek that's the dumbest tinfoil i've seen in a while.
you weren't accused of ban evading, they're saying you'll get banned forever if you try to ban evade.

No. 22075

Maybe you're right, but still, a ban of 4 days for only a retarded tinfoil? I wasn't even the one nitpicking belle's appearance. I was even asking people to stop doing that. Oh well, I'll just wait it out I guess, but it sucks and feels unfair

No. 22076

tranny janny is right on this one, the belle thread is a smoldering pile of shit and you aren't helping by further shitting on top of the pile

No. 22077

Yeah and btw, "anorexia" should be red texted.

No. 22078

what’s with everyone confused about celebricows being in /ot/ when that’s originally where it was? it was only moved to /snow/ when /ot/ was gone for that short while.
and anyone that thinks the subject matter was any better in /snow/ should just go back and read the first 50 posts of the most recent thread before it was moved kek.

No. 22080

You're so identifiable and if you don't use a VPN, you realize you're admitting these are your IPs that are banned. You have been evading, everyone in the thread can tell. I hope you get banned forever with your little group.

No. 22081

come on nonny. can't you think a little bit? like, just think for 10 fucking seconds of your life as to why people would believe that celebricows originally belonged in /snow/ as opposed to /ot/?

No. 22082

File: 1620142346691.jpg (262.73 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20210504-083101_Sam…)

Just to add, we all can tell this is you, anon, and its the only redtext under Tuesday atm.

No. 22083

File: 1620142940128.jpg (58.78 KB, 620x346, IMG_20210504_123950.jpg)

I know I ask this a lot, but it's because it's still a problem.
Please, redtext all bans so shit like this can be avoided. Also so we can see what's allowed and what isn't. There's literally no reason why only a few bans should be redtexted.

No. 22084

They should absolutely be all redtext if its a rule break ban. I get it would clutter, but at least it sets examples of what lolcow won't put up with on the threads. Also the frequency that mods believe the "I-I've never shitpost, why am I banned with my IP?" stories need to stop being believed. I bet it happens, but not the frequency anons come here to complain about. It just unbans a lot of obvious trolls who think uwuing will get them out of trouble. We need to be stricter due to how shitposting has gotten across all boards. I'm tired of reading the "she's ugly" then that's the post.

No. 22085

epic comeback

No. 22086

it makes more sense for it to be in /snow/ rather than /ot/ but you're also admitting that you are basically a newfag.

No. 22087

That poster could easily be banned for minimodding/metaposting though, it's not like this "couldn't be avoided", this is a thread to question modding, not cow threads.

No. 22088

That's not me. It's not my fault someone ban-evades. I only posted here because I didn't understand the ban. Now I do and I agree that the tinfoil was too much and I'm just going to wait out the ban and probably never post in the belle thread anymore.

No. 22089

It's the only tuesday redtext and your ban was filed tuesday. I get not all bans are redtext but a ban evade warning and a ban evade redtext, is clearly you.

No. 22090

That entire thread was offset by one anon saying something, so it would make sense that only that idiot would be redtexted while any infighting under it simply be banned as opposed to redtexting. There's like hours of infighting and I dont want to squint through the bright red that mods put on.

Your post has no value whatsoever, nice.

No. 22091

Okay it looks like the redtext doesn't match the ban, that's a mistake and you didn't ban evade. However the warning is valid because not only are you tinfoiling about whiteknights, you have a significant history dedicated to nitpicking in Belle threads. There are other anons ban evading so that's why you probably got lumped in with them in error.

No. 22092

Thank you. I agree I was nitpicking earlier in the thread and the tinfoil was stupid. This was not helping the thread at all. I will be more careful from now on and I appreciate you checking up on the ban

No. 22093

Nta but she’s saying it originally belonged in /snow/ in the sense that if we’re going to have a celebrity thread it should have always been there, not that it always was

No. 22094

Twitterfags are shitting up the egirl general thread. Can a seperate Olivia King thread be made so they can migrate over there please.

No. 22095

bruh why the fuck does the page keep skipping straight to the bottom on the sjw containment thread I cant read shit

No. 22096

Gore was just posted unspoilered and I saw it on front page and completely ruined my appetite ew I did report though

No. 22097


Yeah came here to say the same thing.

No. 22098

Snow is for snowflakes, celebrities aren't snowflakes in that sense.

No. 22099

Yeah that’s true I guess, I think celebritiws can definitely be snowflakes and because it’s called celebricows people view it as talking about celebrities who are also cows but in reality it functions more as just general celebrity news. I still think it would probably work better in /snow/ because it’s more similar to the various /snow/ general threads than any of the other threads in /ot/.

No. 22100

Idk I just see them all as cows.

No. 22101

File: 1620229575609.jpeg (34.48 KB, 828x159, 683A5DE6-2F38-4F7A-9069-F5B1CD…)

got this when trying to report a post, what does it mean

No. 22103

I would love to see MM threads back but I wouldn't tolerate Annie any longer.
Are you sure it's gonna be milky tho? Now it's only that interview with his ex gf and a few more accusation articles from the victims with nothing new.
We should probably wait when the investigations drop some juicy details about his life.

No. 22104

Means you're banned on that board. Try making a comment in that thread.

No. 22105

We should still be able to report stuff when banned tbh. I only report really serious shit like cp, gore, that retard who spams naked black women everywhere and the retard that responds with naked white women.

No. 22106

I wouldn't even know what I would've been banned for, especially in that thread, but I'll check back on it later

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