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No. 1219153

You’re always full of shit, anon.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1211428

No. 1219157

Does anyone else get an uncontrollable urge to slap the heads of bald men? Shiny shiny

No. 1219161

File: 1654827063479.jpeg (133.15 KB, 736x1021, 363E1274-2CAD-4DD8-9470-64A272…)

he should become LC’s new ugly husbando move over paul dano

No. 1219164

File: 1654827227535.gif (896.77 KB, 400x400, 1653575642658.gif)


No. 1219165

File: 1654827250706.png (899.87 KB, 700x1709, dzZvlNp46hsVjIzASLeiMOq6YJnxs9…)

If there was a lolcow restaurant, I would want hot coco on the menu. There could be dairy but no beef. There could be a conversation pit with cow print seats for customers to huddle around and drink the hot chocolate in. No food that would require you to open your mouth super wide, because that would encourage nasolabial lines. I also think discharge should be on the menu, for Komaeda-chan to sate her cravings

I can't believe I'm so bored that I'm thinking about this.

No. 1219166

File: 1654827281092.gif (202.91 KB, 512x451, 0c2c511ce005a8b21d04f3daf34697…)

No. 1219172

oh shit melody is goin crazy!!

No. 1219174

no she isnt.

No. 1219177

File: 1654827580743.gif (16.22 KB, 290x67, D04E4E32-79E8-4135-99ED-F51E3F…)

No. 1219178

File: 1654827615551.gif (13.99 KB, 244x67, 33ED7FBD-3411-49E9-B494-253920…)

No. 1219179

File: 1654827706719.gif (39.54 KB, 1011x36, C6CE5D24-F59C-452E-B29B-B0A704…)

No. 1219182

File: 1654827788775.gif (7.16 KB, 192x32, 8FB6D8D6-5934-45A5-8C46-32A8CB…)

No. 1219189

File: 1654828060129.gif (121.33 KB, 678x88, DD045ADF-AF13-4F5E-88A7-6A117A…)

No. 1219190

File: 1654828104907.jpg (72.55 KB, 1242x712, 20200807_201410.jpg)


No. 1219191

File: 1654828137169.jpg (36.25 KB, 563x557, 1651429427431.jpg)


No. 1219192

Okay really what the fuck is this creature?

No. 1219194

i'm scared

No. 1219195

You have to disown ONE. Which one and why? I'd pick Jotchua. His crime would be a DUI that put a stain on our family name.

No. 1219196

No. 1219197


No. 1219199

File: 1654828472324.gif (156.06 KB, 1063x106, C4B10E75-B12F-4B44-A251-A3A4FD…)

last one sorry for shitting up the DUMBASS SHIT thread SORRY

No. 1219200

Don't apologize you enhanced it

No. 1219203

Kek I think the whole "mysterious and lowkey" vibe suits Shayna. I'm a little high. Does anyone understand what I mean

No. 1219208

File: 1654828912578.jpg (32.62 KB, 780x439, intro-1530138734.jpg)

You mean when she does that Ben Stiller face?

No. 1219211

KEK NONA. I meant how she's not posting too much on social media.

No. 1219213

A guy on a forum said something somewhat 'mean' to me but we know each other and everyone is mad at him except me. This is so fucking awkward kek, I just told them he's okay and I told him I didn't take offense. he tried to make a joke about my clothes looking like trashbags because they're secondhand and too big, who cares. I've been teased so much my whole life by both peers and family it just makes me laugh nowadays lol. I get why people are offended but it's nothing to go to war over even if it was a bit rude, they don't know we talk somewhat often It makes me so uncomfortable to have people 'stand up for me' for something so dumb kek

No. 1219218

the obsessive anons trying to dig up as much milk on her as possible is hilarious, just leave her alone already she’s not very milky. watch me be accused of being her for saying this too

No. 1219220

They're needlessly aggressive sometimes. I think it'd be kinda fun if Shayna dropped sex work completely and nuked all her socials (I know, not likely at all) after Ireland. The Shaynafags would probably go insane and the thread would implode. I'm kind of rooting for her.

No. 1219228

I hope she’s reads what you said and actually takes the advice. Come on one-up the stupid /snow/-fags already I know Shayna can do it kek

No. 1219233

File: 1654831352057.jpg (20.75 KB, 346x250, 1497740927039.jpg)

Thread pic is going to give me nightmares tonight, thanks op

No. 1219241

Same, actually. I don't personally like her and the "Ben Stiller smelled a fart" face drives me crazy, but the nitpicking and obsession some people have fir herbis INSANE.

No. 1219261

File: 1654833183444.jpeg (21.57 KB, 254x199, E372379F-0834-4C0C-A991-8102EF…)

I think this is one of the first memes I ever saw.

No. 1219272

You a baby.

No. 1219277

File: 1654833830978.jpg (8.45 KB, 275x173, 1648585109954.jpg)

My mother told me we're entering the 5th dimension and apparently not everyone is going to make it. Also some schizo ramblings about waking up normies. Any time she uses "normies" I want to bash my head in. I should ask her about the dimensional merge and her opinion on it. She knows nothing about Chris-chan and I figure how much worse could the rants be than they are now. I need a laugh.

No. 1219281

Kek who taught her that word?

No. 1219282

Yeah well what was the first meme you ever saw? A tree? Boom owned

No. 1219290

File: 1654834257420.jpeg (59.35 KB, 1200x600, 398220D7-E8B6-4EE8-800D-24D535…)

You’re walking down a rural dirt lane and suddenly you see him, standing in the middle and blocking your path. He reaches a gnarled, knobby paw out to you and says huu huuu huuu huuUUUU AAAH AAHHH AAAAHH AHHAH
What does he want? What do you do?

No. 1219291

Gen x streamers she watches and from telegram. She gets the "news" from both those "sources". just kill me, it'd be a mercy kill at this point

No. 1219294

Why did you bring the monkeys here dammit

No. 1219299

What is the 5th dimension anyways, new age shit is something else. I'm convinced it's some new weird psyop at this point. Creepy how they promote stuff like astral projection without any shadow work or protections, basically going raw risking spirit stds.

No. 1219309

>what is the 5th dimension
she doesn’t know…

No. 1219310

I miss when The Fifth Dimension was just a band

No. 1219315

I don’t like and have never used k*k, it feels to 4chan-ish. If I ever type it out I delete and rewrite lol.

No. 1219322

File: 1654835622583.jpeg (186.67 KB, 600x402, 631DF8E0-48C7-47C1-9B1D-ED6F5E…)

“Why did you bring the monkeys here, dammit?!” you scream, as if you were a lunatic.
The monkey stares blankly at you. He turns his head to the left, then to the right. He looks you right in the eye. There are no other monkeys here. No other monkeys but him. He gestures again with his paw. He remains silent, expectant.
Next move?

No. 1219325

Send him a playful and well-meaning wink.

No. 1219326

No idea. I don't think my mother really knows. She just spews what she hears. It's obnoxious and don't question her because she'll reee about it for days. Literally I can be eating fruit peacefully and out of no where she decides she needs to continue her rant at me because how dare I question.

No. 1219334

File: 1654836218456.jpg (282.93 KB, 1080x1634, 6qc9d4x3dnm61.jpg)

Remember that time a nonnie was talking about rolling a bead dangerously close to her ear canal and it became like picrel? Good times. Miss those days.

No. 1219344

File: 1654836602533.jpeg (102.92 KB, 640x427, D68BD2C8-C414-4A3C-B1CA-DEA516…)

This seems to confuse him. With one finger he points to you, then to his crotch, then back to you. He repeats this motion several times. He doesn’t really want to, but who is he to say no? He reaches down into his fur and pulls out his tiny, bright pink penis. It’s limp. He looks away in a sad and bashful manner. Is this really what you want?

No. 1219345

Aw, that was me. I don't know why anons seemed so appalled and interested though. I took those beads out of their usual container and it made me stop putting them in my ear.
Get that ugly pink-faced motherfucker out of here. Are primates taking over lolcow?

No. 1219346

Patrick Stewart?

No. 1219356

File: 1654837497688.jpeg (6.55 KB, 225x225, 6D6G4-567H78-895.jpeg)


No. 1219372

say you went insane and decided to make a t shirt which could potentially identify yourself to other /ot/ users in public, what would you put on it? Mine would be "I can't beli" with the image or "You have ruined my Valentine's Day alone and you have ruined every subsequnnet day since then" but in all caps.

No. 1219381

LOLCUR. I bet most people would assume its a fashion brand kek

No. 1219391

Ooh maybe “I warned you” with a cow or somethin

No. 1219395

File: 1654839664904.jpg (4.91 MB, 861x8551, Hallistheblondone.jpg)

A white t shirt with this bad boy in black text

No. 1219405

I have never seen this before and it made me laugh so hard

No. 1219408

File: 1654840307919.jpeg (75.13 KB, 600x600, A0B15B63-D6A7-4C05-991F-B5041D…)

The monkey tilts his head. What had anon just said? She wanted him to be Patrick Stewart? He supposed this was his lot now. Things hadn’t been the same since the joke factory closed down, and he didn’t qualify to be a barrel monkey. Screenwriting seemed to be his only option as a monkey, and while he’d never had a particular talent for writing scripts, he had tried anyway. He hadn’t sold a damn one and his pantry was now completely empty. He wasn’t a beggar. He worked hard. He had his pride. His ancestors used to forage on this land. He had tried it too, for a time. Months of living off what little he could find had worn him down. He was hungry. Suddenly a retard flies out of the bushes. “KSK KSK” she yells at the top of her lungs,”KSK KSK KSK KSK!!” She aimed an old plastic Febreeze bottle at the Patrick Stewart monkey. “KSK KSK KSK KSK
KSK” she repeats, over and over. The monkey starts to shake. His fur begins to singe and smoke. An unbearable pain. His skin bubbles, splits and blackens. Why? What had I done? He slaps at himself, trying to put out an invisible flame, but it’s too late. I only wanted a banana, he thinks, I only wanted to eat. He screams. Make it stop. I don’t want to die! It hurts. His vocal chords tear as he screams and throws himself to the ground, into the bushes, against the tree trunks. Please. Please make it stop. He is blinded by pain. As quick as it began, it is over. His body lies in the road. Charred beyond recognition. Almost ash. He will move no more. He wasn’t even Patrick Stewart.

No. 1219411

Nice one. I personally don't know, I'd just wear something subtle. Like maybe a plain tshirt with a small logo of the cow at the bottom of the website, like the Lacoste crocodile

No. 1219412

Bedazzled "anorectal violence" shirt. Or a picture of my husbando with "mopping the windows" under it.
Every time I see this I laugh out loud for like a full minute

No. 1219419

File: 1654840757923.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 2048x3072, 1987419_2x3.jpg)

This is the bald head >>1219157 was talking about. I want to smack his bald pink head like a watermelon
God I love you monkey anon

No. 1219420

Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! each Lucy! in a different fancy font.

No. 1219427

snorts ash

No. 1219439

File: 1654842502754.jpg (134.97 KB, 1200x1200, elotes-8-1200.jpg)

Today I found out that the little callous I have that looks like a continuation of my pinky nail is called a listers corn. I also cut it off with scissors yesterday (which relieved some of the pain) and I plan to use my electric file to file the rest of. I want this corn gone for good so I'm willing to damage my actual skin for it.

I stand with all of my sisters who get toenail corns. There may not be many of us, but I am with you.

No. 1219453

board-tan in a rage

No. 1219606

based on my impression of the average poster /g/ is mostly failed normies /ot/ is neets and/or nlogs

No. 1219635

Lmao this is perfect, boardtan could be maybe identified by people who are not really active farmers, but Lucy is farmer exclusive

No. 1219711

I’ve always wondered why simply_kenna/Cozykitsune never had a thread on here? Espically during her peak of drama stuff. I remember her threads on PULL was like 900 pages

No. 1219746

Oh my god that's what it's called!! I have it too!!! It doesn't bother me or cause pain but sometimes I clip into it to try and get rid of it but it just grows back the same way lol. My toe will hurt after I clip into it though.

No. 1219762

File: 1654868382675.gif (1.12 MB, 245x150, 6F506819-8884-4E5E-9451-AD96AD…)

I miss when I was young and going on holiday with my family and pretending to be mermaids with my little sister in the pool

No. 1219862

She had 900 pages on PULL because users were seething with jealousy and filled with posts about how, if they were a trust fund baby with the opportunity to go to Japan, they'd only ever eat plain white rice with vinegar in ancient jinja (that's Japanese for shrine, in case ur a pleb) while studying the reproductive cycle of minminzemi under some old fart priest instead of going to Disney World and eating pancake, and not because she was particularly milky. She had that one buddhism thing what felt like a decade ago even back when PULL still existed and then her autism-arc afterwards. That's about it, the rest was just them complaining about her shooping and looking nothing like her candids and wearing brown again. I know I'm sounding like a real hard whiteknight right now, but the only reason I had my weekly reading session of her thread was because it were pullfags who were entertaining, not her kek.

No. 1219870

NTA but Kenna was actually a cringe-worthy cow, and she still mentions pull as the 'bad website' on her Instagram stories, but now she acts like 'muh autismo' schmuk. The only problem w Kenna threads were the retarded PULLfags that wasted pages onto tinfoiling and blogposting.

No. 1219873

I miss this too, all the time.
Sometimes I would also pretend I was Vaporeon.
You can still do this in your head though, you know. No one at the pool will know if you’re imagining wind a mermaid

No. 1219876

So my worst fear happened. A man from work saw me on tinder before tinder banned me from the app for unknown reasons. I always thought this dude liked me since he practically drools when he's around me. Before I got banned from tinder his profile did come up and I swiped left and thought nothing more of it until he cornered me in the workplace today!!! He told me he added me by accident and I thought he meant a fb friend request because I don't know how you add people on tinder. Did he mean match?? He also explicitly told me it was a mistake and for me not to worry about it. I was so gobsmacked and speechless I didn't even tell him I had been banned lol. Homeboy went out of his way to tell me he accidently matched me on tinder when I didn't even swipe right. Now we both have to be embarrassed forever. I feel like dying

No. 1219886

He sounds like a major autismo

No. 1219888

He is we sat beside each other on first break and chatting like normal amongst other workers and then afterwards we walk into each other going around a corner and I laugh it off and am like haha see you later and then he was like "anon! Uh BTW, uh, I didn't mean to add you I mean uh, on tinder…" and I was just speechless like I don't want my male dominated workplace to be discussing my antics on tinder this is cringe plz stop talking lol

No. 1219899

wtf I am very awkward and socially retarded and I think in that situation just don’t bring it up unless the other person does. He’s a spazz.

No. 1219902

Yea I wanted to faint on the spot to get out of the conversation. And then he was hanging outside my department when I was leaving and I gave him the sheepish smile without eye contact. So much cringe I can't even do small talk now lol

No. 1219923

I just tried almond butter for the first time and I think I'm addicted

No. 1219964

File: 1654878219929.jpg (61.46 KB, 750x688, ce207260e7d84091fe3b0e000bbdbb…)

I've been dressing like this all my life and just learned it's called beatnik. Wow

No. 1220002

A shirt saying '(put to the pasture)'

No. 1220007

File: 1654881015524.jpg (34.09 KB, 564x434, e3a96c9eea5700a23af9e556f7a22f…)

Hey at least you didn't find out you dress like a skinhead and I still like the style

No. 1220072

File: 1654884247828.gif (808.2 KB, 540x221, 1649573573607.gif)

Looks like the rumors of the suspiciously wealthy furries are true and I just made $120… Fingers crossed I don't get ripped off lol

No. 1220083

omg……………………………. need me some of this

No. 1220100

Anons in the threads of old cows
>let me nitpick every detail then a-log and write a blogpost
>3 days full of infighting and armchairing while the cow does nothing
Anons in a new thread:
>ummm, she isn't milky enough, she just does the [same things other cows do]

No. 1220102

Fat art? Vore? Tell me your secrets. Anon in the confession thread is tempting me

No. 1220106

File: 1654885373103.gif (1.81 MB, 393x413, u1IN6au.gif)

THE LONGER I IGNORE HIM THE FREER AND HAPPIER I FEEL. Anons… he's not worth it. He is never, ever worth it.

No. 1220107

It grows back for me too, I think I've even broke my entire pinky nail and it still grow back. It might be a maintenance thing where you have to constantly trim it.

No. 1220129

mmmm elotes

No. 1220137

File: 1654886513637.png (205.58 KB, 380x327, Screenshot_3.png)


No. 1220196

File: 1654890170671.png (93.37 KB, 560x300, smiling-face-with-heart-eyes.p…)

No. 1220474

Late reply but no, surprisingly just regular cute little animated thing. And the sickest part is that I had only been active for less than a week. Furries don't fuck around

No. 1220491

Using a toilet when you have a big ass is actually a little uncomfortable. I never feel like I'm positioned right. I can't imagine what it like for women with fatter butts than mine, or for girls who got BBLs/implants/shots.

No. 1220498

yet another woman taking out her dumb ass scrotes actions out on other women. what did the moms ashes ever do to her

spread cheeks a bit before sitting down.

No. 1220575

someone turned graffiti on the skatepark near me that used to say VOID into MOID kek

No. 1220578

Good for you, nonna!

No. 1220583

File: 1654908551429.jpg (253.51 KB, 1078x1332, Screenshot_20210114-152816_Ins…)

No. 1220595

I wish there was a way to block all trannies from my vision

No. 1220596

I must be a coom brain because I did not see the red marks and just saw the letters DP and thought it implied double-penetration prevented pregnancies which makes no sense

No. 1220597

kek, do you think it was on purpose or they just did whatever without realizing what moid is?

No. 1220601

I really love creative and beautiful nail art. It's like little temporary, wearable masterpieces.

No. 1220607

Damn guess I have coom brain too because I thought the same kek

No. 1220608

Adorpion? What does that even mean?

No. 1220609

KEK I just noticed that

No. 1220621

Often online I'll get the feeling that someone in my online circle is lying. I know this sounds vague and paranoid lol. But people lie on the internet all the time. Every time I see something that confirms my views but is a little too perfect of a story I get suspicious. I'm also suspicious of people who suddenly have large hoards of people attacking them violently online or who seem to constantly receive anonymous hate and death threats. Maybe someone will know what current situation I'm referring to, I don't know. I don't want to post about it on social media because I don't want people to accuse me of being mean or not believing women or whatever. Lol.

No. 1220639

File: 1654914635173.jpeg (91.33 KB, 512x512, 66E32CA8-8303-461B-AC39-2F5D51…)

>hop over to /g/
>”i wanna be the last woman in a village, gangbanged by soldiers, femdom is cringe”
what the fuck. what the fuck breaks in ones brain to make them like this. i want to believe it’s all just male larping but….straight women do be trippin.

No. 1220645

even as a straight myself i found that post fucked up tbh

No. 1220646

What that anon in g posted is cringey but your autistic moid anime pic and way of typing like a wannbe black 12 year old isn't much better.

No. 1220647

>wanting to be violently gangbanged is as autistic as using ai generated anime as a silly pained reaction image and saying "do be trippin"
its okay to have brain damage but please know when to delete your posts for unchecked idiocy

No. 1220648

Going to the doctor tomorrow for my annual physical and gonna have to have my blood drawn. I'm okay with this because it's just routine, same thing with shots. But the second they pull out the needle it's like all rational in my brain gets thrown out and I'm having an internal mini meltdown in my seat. I know it's just a little pinch, but especially when they draw blood, I can't untense my hand/arm. I sit there and I freak out, especially at the idea of bending my arm closed and jamming the needle in there even though I'd have to make the conscious choice to do that and obviously I wouldn't. I'm just so fucking uncomfortable with the needle in my arm. Shots are tolerable since they aren't in the crook of my arm and take a shorter time. It doesn't help that I inevitably get very light headed after getting my blood drawn, not even from looking (I always look away), I just get light headed and need to lay down for a minute for the blood to come back to my head.

I hate that I freak out every time even though I'm completely fine and unbothered right until they come in with the needle. Once as a kid I wanted to be a doctor so I forced myself to watch my pediatrician draw my blood and I think it just fucked me up ever since. My only solace is accepting that I'm a little bitch and looking away and not having to care about being a wuss.

No. 1220651

File: 1654916085284.jpeg (109.06 KB, 660x488, 14A4B781-8F50-476C-B088-CB2328…)

I hate men but I keep thinking about this male I met a few years ago who kind of resembles jack from MGS lord help me I’m still obsessed with that character

No. 1220653

I am convinced if you have a picture of Spongebob on your computer you are retarded.

No. 1220654

at least it’s plankton and I stole it from a fellow nonnie

No. 1220655

She represents how fucked up i felt, its an imageboard lol.
>typing like a wannabe black
okay i will never use a single word created by black people again, does this please the White Overlords?

No. 1220659

Imagine thinking it's retarded to have pictures of one of the best children's shows, and not even tagging the post you're talking about

No. 1220675

Going to make some coffee via french press. Any nonas want some? I can foam up some milk, have vanilla and salted caramel syrups, and can make fresh whipped cream. I like making mine like a faux whole milk latte. I have a moka pot but kinda broke it. Whoops.

No. 1220681

I’m convinced that anyone who feels the need to get mad over SpongeBob is retarded

No. 1220683

File: 1654919518447.jpeg (166.48 KB, 1400x788, 8ADAB5D4-B81B-434C-AC4C-7F8F6F…)

Go back to Shays thread you salt lick.

No. 1220706

I hate how rude unprovoked some anons can be.

No. 1220709

degenerates gonna degenerate

No. 1220718

I know I’ve seen this said on here before but personally I’ve noticed in a rise in this sort of behavior in the past few weeks specifically. Not sure what’s causing it, if it’s an influx of nasty newbies or what, but I’m hoping it stops soon

No. 1220728

That fantasy sounds like something a man would write while lapping as a woman. Men seriously think all womens enjoy rape fantasies and anyone saying otherwise is lying

No. 1220740

It has literally always been this way.

No. 1220747

Did you miss all the posts shitting on that anon and the retard who kept defending her fantasy (the "femdom is cringe" one)?

No. 1220763

I followed the chain of replies to see the original post, I was just seriously disturbed and disgusted by it.

No. 1220887

JFC I kept my mouth shut when I saw it but it gives me a huge relief to know I'm not the only one to be SERIOUSLY disturbed by this one

No. 1220920

File: 1654946970333.jpeg (57.96 KB, 564x423, DDC275D6-AF75-4F45-A6A5-B58C51…)

I don’t wanna be at work I wanna shit post with the girls on lolcow.farm!! What’s everyone saying? What’s happening? Fuck work! Where’s that butch that wants a housewife, because it’s sounding more tempting every day, I’ll be like a gay Retsuko, getting married to escape the grind.

No. 1220930

File: 1654947732305.png (914.7 KB, 763x831, EFE04317-B6F7-4AFA-B7EC-E2AE56…)

there should be more entertaining things

No. 1220933

Damn why did nobody tell me George Michael died

No. 1220935

We thought you knew

No. 1220939

Well I didn't, please tell me next time even if you think I already know

No. 1220948

Happened on xmas day too. Makes 'last christmas' kinda a tear jerker now

No. 1220960

KEK fucking art

No. 1220965

this is haunting, what was the prompt for this?

No. 1220966

god I'm retardo, I just noticed it's right there kek

No. 1220999

File: 1654952573613.jpeg (42.07 KB, 571x577, 4CE71B8E-0C59-448B-AABC-8FFDF4…)

Have any of you anons ever lived in an unhygienic household for years and only questioned the levels of hygiene when you were older? I still live with my parents and it was only now I started to realise how dirty we are. I kind of knew we were messier compared to other families, but I didn’t think much of it. I first started realising how unclean we were when I transitioned from taking showers from once a week to once a day when I entered college as well as change my bed sheets every week, which I would just never change before. I’m trying to make the house more hygienic. The kitchen floor is just completely dirty and I’m cleaning it right now. The bathroom tiles, mostly on the floor, have dirty groat and mold and I need to wash the bath mats. I feel kind of disgusted at myself for living in this mess my whole life and ,although being a little embarrassed about it, never actually thinking about it or doing something about it. I now have so much work to do and it’s tiring

No. 1221010

Quora may be shit at times, but I'm always thankful for users explaining the mechanisms behind most mundane stuff my stupid ass isn't getting on an neurotic level to detail.

No. 1221014

>I first started realising how unclean we were when I transitioned from taking showers from once a week to once a day when I entered college
We used to take one shower a week too until I entered high school because my mentally ill father would threaten or beat us up if we took "too many" showers. He's so obsessed with money I didn't dare brush my teeth until high school too because I was scared he would beat me up for being in the bathroom for more than 10 seconds because it used to actually happen. Once he harassed me all day long because I was in the toilets and flushing too many times in one day because of my periods and he only stopped when I yelled at him that I have my periods and I'm basically "peeing" blood clot the size of my fist with visible bits of flesh, since he's a Muslim retard he was way too shocked to react. I wish I were joking. Anyway because of that shit my back and face are covered in acne scars from when I entered puberty and I hate my parents for it and for saying that skin care is exactly like makeup, and thus, it's haram until I'm 18 years old.

On a less disgusting note, my family would often just drink from the same glasses or the same bottle when eating together and they'd be surprised whenever we all got sick at the same time. It's a miracle I'm still alive despite their stupidity.

No. 1221050

My face looks like that emoji in the OP but I don't drink or take drugs. This is misinfo.

No. 1221066

risking what now

No. 1221112

File: 1654959222988.jpg (69.83 KB, 1280x720, FLdzSlqXwAAp0VT.jpg)

>buy Harry Styles tickets for my wife and little sister
>buy an extra ticket so my sister can take a friend because she deserves it
>"but anon I want you to come! it won't be the same without you!"
>can't say no to my little sister, love her to bits
>mfw I realise that not only am I lining this faggots pockets but I'm also now obligated to see him in concert

No. 1221139

But at least your sister will cherish the moment forever! I remember the first concert my bro took me too. Hated the music but loved being there with him. Dont forget earplugs!

No. 1221187

File: 1654961816962.gif (159 B, 16x16, 13445.gif)

Really makes me think whether I should bring my s/o to my favorite band (which he doesn't care too much about) with me or get a more expensive ticket alone. I never been to a concert before, but I've always wanted to watch this band live.

No. 1221204

File: 1654962462929.jpg (31.76 KB, 564x564, 1650683060079.jpg)

Well, do you love your sister or not? Do it for her or I'll kill you.

No. 1221211

that's so sweet tho

No. 1221223

Ever since I was like 13 and read a thread on a girls' board I frequented about BJD dolls, once or twice a year I get this massive itch to actually buy a BJD but after like 2 weeks of browsing stores and exploring options, I lose interest and forget about it for months. I've gone through this cycle for like 10 years now but I've never actually bought one. I guess what keeps me from doing it is being scared of ultimately losing interest and the high cost of customizing/high skill level needed to do things yourself if you want it to look good. I also have so many other interests I pursue. I wish I had 10 lifetimes and more money.

No. 1221237

I think the memories you'll have with your loved ones will outshine that faggot. Enjoy, anon! that's actually really nice of you.

No. 1221240

Has anyone else noticed how different cats and dogs react to petting? I feel like dogs turn into statues when they're being pet

No. 1221255

File: 1654964086011.gif (495.62 KB, 482x347, tumblr_mx4s55EUn31shu0zqo1_500…)

I went to several clothing shops because I frickin need clothes, I keep wearing the same things over and over but I literally cannot find anything that catches my eye. Like no, I don't want my stomach to be out and no, I don't want neon colored things. Ffs I want the 80s fashion trends from 2 years ago back desperately

No. 1221263

I feel this. Lately I’ve had a hard time finding clothes made from single source materials and not blends of plastic…I stg polyester feels like saran wrap these days

No. 1221269

Thrift you fools

No. 1221272

You're all very right. The memories are the important thing and it's very sweet of my sister to want me to come when I know for a fact that her friends would fight me to the death for that spare ticket. Just the other day I was worried that with my sister getting more mature and independent our bond might suffer, so it does mean a lot to be invited.

If you're in a serious relationship and he doesn't flat out hate the band, then I say invite him. I joke about Harry Styles but the truth is it's inoffensive pop music, for my wife and little sister I can put up with it and have a good time with them. You're never gonna have the exact some preferences as your partner and IMO a good partner is willing to broaden their horizons a little and go to different concerts/films/events/whatever with their partner. That being said, if he's not willing to commit to it and complains about it you should absolutely get yourself a better ticket and treat yourself; don't let your first concert be a shitty experience, especially since it's your favourite band.

No. 1221273

Nah its like so many nonnies are on edge, they are either being extra snippy about small shit or just rude outright. I can't be the only one noticing this. Maybe it's just summer anons.

No. 1221291

nta but thrifting sucks where I am. The only thriftstore in the area seperates """""high value"""" itens and items fro popular fast fashion stores, they ask near retail prices for used stuff. Insane.

No. 1221306

I can’t speak for others but I have been feeling strangely nervous and on edge lately. I wonder what’s up with that.

No. 1221312

babe its been like this for months.

No. 1221315

File: 1654967133296.jpg (71.85 KB, 600x300, Raidenraiden.jpg)

Jack as in Raiden?!??!??!??!??!??!?!??!??!??!??!??!???!

No. 1221316

Thought this was a young Honter Schafer at first.

No. 1221317

kek, what if she means Jack as in Naked Snake/Big Boss though

No. 1221318

File: 1654967282067.gif (2.73 MB, 469x302, Big_Boss_Crying.gif)

That's fine, he's an upstanding man who loves his mother

No. 1221324

File: 1654967887449.gif (3.12 MB, 498x498, hwang-hyunjin-hyunjin.gif)

No. 1221328

Can someone make the new celebricows thread?

No. 1221329

kill yourself nonnie this most botched moid i have ever seen in my life

No. 1221330

i will since i always make it
>kill yourself nonnie

No. 1221332

File: 1654968109385.gif (2.09 MB, 498x482, hyunjin-skz.gif)

Go take a shower

No. 1221333

Korean moids are scum ask any Korean woman

No. 1221336

thank you nonna!! kisses

No. 1221338

File: 1654968314481.jpeg (68.42 KB, 418x398, B1447C87-2B78-499C-8A38-9D33D6…)


No. 1221339

File: 1654968322085.gif (1.82 MB, 268x370, 7d7efcbb9f72027fca8e7658e45960…)

I literally thought this was a gif of Emilia Clarke kek

No. 1221341

go sperg about your plastic moid somewhere else

No. 1221342

what do you want me to name the next thread because i have lost all creativity

No. 1221348

No. 1221349

File: 1654968483458.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, 1644441595617.gif)

Not as pretty as mine

No. 1221350

Being a kpop fat is a mental illness lol

No. 1221351

kek this gif reminds me of this website

No. 1221353

Ezra miller is better than your moid

No. 1221354

music stops playing

No. 1221355

hmmmmm I'm not really good at naming threads either unfortunately kek

No. 1221356

I hope he throws a chair at your scrotes plastic face

No. 1221358

File: 1654968710861.gif (5.18 MB, 640x640, hyunjin-hair-push-hyunjin-hair…)

My moid is NOT a pedo, yours likes fat children so that automatically make plastic moid better, kiss my ass.

No. 1221359

Does this K-pop man also kidnap and beat women?

No. 1221360


No. 1221361

I would rather be kidnapped by Ezra miller than your plastic moid

No. 1221364

File: 1654968936327.png (923.81 KB, 720x538, Capture.PNG)

Nothing revolutionary but 'Crashed wedding edition'? Or 'Wedding crashed by stalking ex' edition?

No. 1221365

File: 1654968982190.jpg (126.49 KB, 736x858, 971f2100d9974c838b07bfcde83de2…)

2D or no D

No. 1221366

There is no hope for Ezrafags. None. I say this as someone who doesn't even care for K-pop.

No. 1221367

beep beep faggot

No. 1221370

File: 1654969093703.jpg (172.17 KB, 1080x1080, bed8e1809e98a118ab1e530e142451…)

your not even a ezrafag because ezrafags get along with us. Trying to cause a divide tsk tsk tsk.

No. 1221371

you'd be too old for ezra anon

No. 1221372

File: 1654969171049.jpg (104.41 KB, 736x599, 12b839a20305f47b56aeb28a41a4c2…)

2D or no D

No. 1221374

I didn't know Malfoy was trans-Korean.

No. 1221376

how did you not know anon?

No. 1221381

do you want to see my pinterest folder of pics and gifs? at least i keep my sperging to the husbando thread unlike you and your waxy faced scrote pics

No. 1221382

theres nothing wrong with being waxy faced anon.

No. 1221385

What's with all the weird shitting and pissing ITT instead of using the dedicated one on /g/

No. 1221386

Anyone here has a better idea?

No. 1221387

No. 1221390

Possible(?) Kidnapping Edition?

No. 1221392

File: 1654969645373.png (1.86 MB, 1652x924, Capture.PNG)

Kidnapped by a madman edition?

No. 1221394

don't laugh at me nonna please kek

No. 1221397

or a mad"them"

No. 1221398

kek sorry nonnie that response to the ideas made me laugh

No. 1221399

File: 1654969786150.gif (447.42 KB, 480x270, baekhyun-cbb9.gif)

ill make that the next thread name.
this one is good too

No. 1221401

Ezrafags BTFO edition

No. 1221402

omg I love this

No. 1221404

wish that was me edition

No. 1221407

i wish that was Ezra choking your moid
that is good anon kek

No. 1221409

please make it this, >>1221342 nonna!!

No. 1221410

File: 1654970023452.jpg (122.73 KB, 1920x1080, a1e12ff82f36be57b08251f9412473…)

>ezra choking my husbando
I would pay to see that.

No. 1221411

ew, no, love yourself hon

No. 1221412

i can't help it nona

No. 1221414

File: 1654970116325.jpg (127.63 KB, 1320x743, 16548009252608.jpg)

and actually this would make a perfect threadpic

No. 1221416

No. 1221418

is having tokata in the photo threadpic okay since she is ot a celeb?? or is it okay.

No. 1221419

just have a cute pic of him

No. 1221420

I think it is okay since she interacted with Ezra, who is a celeb

No. 1221422

anon stop

No. 1221423

File: 1654970462677.jpeg (24.87 KB, 300x300, F97F5E12-6F97-475F-BC79-9C1629…)

i don't think i have ever at first glance found a woman more punchable looking

No. 1221425

who is that? it looks like multiple celebs together on face app

No. 1221426

Who is this?? She looks like Steve Buscemi and Angeline Jolie mushed together

No. 1221427

some model named natalie gal

No. 1221429

File: 1654970639415.jpg (126.06 KB, 691x1000, Natalie Gal Hercules Premieres…)

I feel like if she changed her expression and didn't try to do the empty model face thing and instead smiled or something she would look pretty

No. 1221431

She'd look better if she dissolved those lip fillers, I'm getting Chloe Cherry from those things

No. 1221449

she looks like she's disgusted

No. 1221453

i personally think she looks like female Nicolas Cage

No. 1221457

In a bad mood but at least I have fresh homemade guac and some leftover pineapple.

No. 1221459

File: 1654972538505.jpeg (3.66 KB, 80x80, 706D45A1-5D4B-4F64-AACA-0987AB…)

ITT anons rooting for a fat pedo

No. 1221461

File: 1654972576109.jpeg (57.52 KB, 625x467, 8CF98FF5-B61B-4506-95E3-2FB2B2…)

When the girls start to strut
You could look at her but
You shouldn't do that
Think about just that
Because her clothes are just as pretty
They’re not just to cover her kitty

No. 1221462


No. 1221470

File: 1654972998317.jpg (46.29 KB, 474x589, 5aeb09355c65e00ff698019ee8c4ca…)

>watch vlogs about cabin crew, immediately obsessed with becoming an air hostess
>watch vlogs about becoming rich via yt, bitcoin and so on, feel like i need to do the same

i'm just so desperate to not have a "normal" job
i've only been working for a year and hate it so much, but this is pretty much the only job i can do with my degree
i feel like i need to find a "dream job" fast, otherwise i'll have an harder time because of my age

No. 1221478

you have no self-respect but i understand since your family probably abandoned you on a hot roof when you were a baby, ezrafag

No. 1221486

This is me but with random moving/travel vlogs
>find a random vlog of a person moving to England
>omg I gotta find a way to move there, it looks amazing
>random vlog of a person taking a trip to Dublin, Ireland
>omg looks amazing, I want to live there

No. 1221493

Can you taste paprika?

No. 1221498

Yeah, especially if it's smoked.

No. 1221499

No. 1221501

No. 1221510

No. 1221517

kek yeah that too, i was obsessed with so many countries already
i can't watch a single documentary without kind of daydreaming myself into it

No. 1221563

there are so many beautiful places to live in england and ireland

No. 1221571

File: 1654977163628.jpeg (179.52 KB, 1080x1528, building-instructions-lego-655…)

Did anyone else play with Lego Clikits as a kid? It's one of those things you never hear about when people talk about nostalgia stuff, but I loved this when I was little.

No. 1221577

I know jack shit about k-pop and I don't know who this dude is but this gif never fails to make me crack a giggle kek

No. 1221582

That gif makes me laugh whenever I see it

No. 1221591

I loved watching Eurovision with other nonnies, the stream was so chill and the anons in the chat were so kind and funny

No. 1221602

I always wanted these as a kid but never got it. My dad only bought me the classic lego stuff, but not this.

No. 1221631

I could not find a single hair tie so I cut up a mask thread's and fashioned them into hair ties. It was a mask I used for painting earlier so did not go to waste but Jesus christ.

No. 1221637

File: 1654980544809.jpg (8 KB, 296x170, index.jpg)

I had pic rel. Damn you really dug out that memory from faaar back in my brain.

No. 1221639

You're a regular renaissance woman

No. 1221641

I skipped the part where I turned the whole house upside down trying to find one and got so sweaty and gross that braiding was the only option but thank you nona

No. 1221644

I still have an orange frame with a pic of my late cat in it!

No. 1221655

i dont know if you are still here but i made the new celebricows thread >>>/ot/1221651

No. 1221663

They're still in my attic somewhere and I wanted to dig them out and make crafts of them. They're so cute

No. 1221673

File: 1654982538507.png (443.72 KB, 784x444, thefuck.png)

I can't believe this shits real

No. 1221677

Is this the new Pokemon?

No. 1221687

File: 1654983357232.jpg (414.95 KB, 1257x710, 1654983347801.jpg)

No. 1221693

Love it.

No. 1221697

Fuck marry and kill: sperg eddition

Romani-anon, Paki-chan, the ana-chan and trannyhands, the anti-fujo sperg, the coquettes, Crap-chan, vpn-chan also known as dyke-hater, Kanyefag, Ezrafags, Boyegafag, Hyunjinfag , all the spergs at the cosplay board (most autistic board).

(there are more spergs than this i know but these are the only ones i remember right now)

No. 1221701

I yawn loudly to make my bf yawn because I am the puppetmaster

No. 1221717

Marry Boyegachan, kiss Komaedachan and kill Hyunjinfag (and everyone else on that list).
Boyegachan is a hoot so I would have no problem marrying her.

No. 1221719

best moment of all game shows

No. 1221720

>kill hyunjinfag
damn but we wouldnt have celebricow threads anymore if they are gone kek.

No. 1221723

marry a fellow ezrafag
kill hyunjinfag

No. 1221724

marry /w/ anons, cancel romanianon's, antifujosperg's, trannyhand's and dyke-hater's vpn service and force the rest to take their meds

No. 1221732

Marry hyunjinfag, fuck boyega-chan and kill everyone else on that list especially vpn-chan and ana-chan spergs..

No. 1221738


No. 1221739

> Marry hyunjinfag
I bet this is a self post

No. 1221747

still hate romanianon but I secretly admire her only because she’s really saying what we’re all thinking about everyday and isn’t afraid to express her homicidal venting. I don’t know any of the other spergs but I would marry boyegachan because she seems funny and loyal to her shitposting, fuck pakichan because she seems like she needs romance in her life, kill ezrafags before they get the gun and decide to kill me first

No. 1221752

i would marry Ezrafags so i can save them from joining Ezra's weird groomer tranny-cult and then put them into a fitness program.

Dont worry Ezrafags i am coming to save you.

No. 1221759

kek nonna

No. 1221761

Fuck: Ezrafags, they're unhinged but nice.
Marry: Romanianon, I can fix you girl I'd spend my money on her so she could be a full time neet.
Kill: Vpn-chan and trannyhands, if she doesn't die from starvation kek.

No. 1221765

me but kidnapping men online and forcing them to roll an entire large pot of cabbage rolls under an hour in an underground cellar. If they fail i kill their loved ones and their favorite podcast hosts. Let's see how fake you think household labor is mr Male

No. 1221767

-cosplay spergs, idc about cosplay so their autism won't affect me probably
-hyunjinfag, literally who, i just needed more people in this category
-ezrafags, maybe i can fix them
-boyegafag, I missed her posts but I like john (?) boyega so
-paki-chan, so she can leave Pakistan and finally be free of its moids (despite everything I feel bad for her)
-ana-chans, hoping they're the type of anorexics who like cooking for others
-kanyefag, on the off chance it's azealia
-romanianon, to put her out of her misery
-tranny jannies, self explanatory
-anti fujo spergs, annoying with no redeeming qualities
-crap-chan, for the good of society she must be stopped from passing down her extremely autistic genes like she wants to
-dye-hater, cringe
-coquettes, they haven't done anything to me but I can't marry or fuck underage people

No. 1221769

Kekkkkk kekukkkkukakakkkkkekkkkkk

No. 1221771

Pakichan hates white women because she's jealous they get to have white men. She'd probably kill you in your sleep kek.

No. 1221777

crap-chan won’t let your (jewish)(white) rothschild george soros controlled marry/fuck/kill list stop her from securing an existence for her mulatto race

No. 1221780

marry ezrafag, fuck boyegachan, fuck hyunjinfag even though I will never understand the appeal, kill dyke hater, anachans and weeb regulars, threaten to kill coquettes for fun but don't actually go through with it

i want to befriend romanianon and I'll probably have to start carrying around a knife (ha ha ha) but i want to meet more crazies, I don't want pakichan to hate me as a white woman but I want to befriend her too

everyone would probably want to kill me who I fuck befriend or marry because I am a woman unworthy of their love

No. 1221787

Why shouldn't I?

No. 1221788

it's not that flavorful. i guess smoked paprika is a little better but paprika is kind of bland, no? it's sort of the parsley of spices

No. 1221805

File: 1654988448334.jpg (59.95 KB, 500x375, tumblr_237cbe7d25490eea6ab3792…)

No. 1221814

Parsley is delicious though, what kind of parsley have you been eating to think it's bland? I do agree sweet paprika is very bland, it's mostly for color.

No. 1221838

People say I'm a hard person to get to know but the fact is that they simply don't ask me any questions in return. Why would I tell you if I'm not asked? Actually, I get a thrill from extracting information from people. It's fun when I know so much about them but they don't know anything about me, and they offer everything so freely! Please, tell me more.

No. 1221854

No, you just eat sad paprikas.

No. 1221889

File: 1654992977203.jpeg (144.48 KB, 960x544, 664BC213-283A-4F65-93AF-BD79E1…)

marry Komaeda/discharge-chan

No. 1221892

Based, what even happened to her? I miss her posts

No. 1221898

Boyega-chan is the ideal wife. I already have the hips she's looking for.

No. 1221914

Didn't she get told off for avatarfagging at some point or something? I wonder why it took comparatively long if you compare it to victorianon.

No. 1221918

FUCK OFF SHE’S MINE but seriously she’s so beautiful and cute, i hope she deals with whatever she’s going through and i would totally look after her ♥

No. 1221928

i think she needs help and i feel bad for her but both of you girls are going to end up murdered and she'll use your blood to write her kaczynski inspired manifesto.

No. 1221941

kek anon I'm laughing my ass off

No. 1221955

I'm willing to team up with romanianon and pakichan and my celebrityfag friends for a little vigilantism? Like can we start a girl gang? Let's go whoop ass and hunt down our dreams

No. 1221959

No, they're the same anon. She's also comachan.

No. 1221960

There are at least two Komaeda anons. One of them is the wall of text writing husbandofag. Discharge-chan is the other one (they're separate anons) and she said to be more of a kinnie than a husbandofag iirc. Pretty sure Discharge-chan was also outed as Finnish, while I remember asking Mrs. Komaeda if she was Finnish and she denied.

No. 1221961

I remember her posting a couple months ago, but I think she has been here less because she wanted to focus on other things. Thats what I remember hearing anyway.

No. 1221966

File: 1654999501014.jpg (515.53 KB, 789x770, Marilyn McConnell.jpg)

what's the longest ban you nonnies have ever received, and what was it for? Mine was one whole week for posting this in the Marilyn Manson thread.

No. 1221969

I got the biggest laugh out of that. I love you, anon

No. 1221973

you were right to post this. a week, i think.

No. 1221981


No. 1222012

He looks like blump in the body

No. 1222014

File: 1655002983332.jpeg (245.87 KB, 480x516, 3422B72A-70BF-4CB7-88A6-DEFAF5…)

Monkeys back
Back again
Monkeys back
Tell a friend

No. 1222016

File: 1655003041093.jpg (31.95 KB, 290x387, ac5c65114972d0879d78b40209a73d…)

(monkey's back)
(monkey's back)

No. 1222019

File: 1655003144049.jpeg (80.69 KB, 721x721, images (3).jpeg)

He looks wise, even wiser than the Sanic totem. O Wise One, may I have a riddle? I will pay you in very chunky banana

No. 1222020

File: 1655003160431.jpeg (57.36 KB, 570x570, D0E7EB0B-90A5-4629-8C34-D54F8B…)

Now everyone report to the dance floor
To the dance floor
To the dance floor

No. 1222023

File: 1655003306662.jpeg (145.92 KB, 1023x685, E2ECAF8D-2C2F-4163-8851-7D3C46…)


No. 1222024

File: 1655003764039.gif (75.92 KB, 200x200, di76XrLAT.gif)

No. 1222027

Mustache mankey is cute.

No. 1222121

This OP image makes me kek every time I see it

No. 1222282

I almost got banned for an entire year because I got misunderstood as being underage. I felt so lost in the two or three hours it took to appeal my ban.

No. 1222286

File: 1655034025983.jpeg (106.36 KB, 1200x1200, 9D91953D-DD84-4507-A2D2-F547FF…)

This is so cute.
ANYWAYS I sincerely hope every woman that’s had to kiss this beast for a role got a million dollar bonus. Can you believe this ugly fucker gets romantic lead roles? It’s all a psyop to get women to believe dating old ugly men is acceptable and the best we can do. No. I refuse.

No. 1222342

File: 1655038013636.gif (1.74 MB, 202x255, 1651688328066.gif)

I'll never see Will Ferrell again without thinking of this dog

No. 1222366

File: 1655039748348.jpg (33.95 KB, 800x533, paper-receipt-pile-pile-paper-…)

I finally cleaned my back bag with was looong overdue. Almost half of the bag was filled with old ass receipts (I found one from 2018 kek) and had about 5€ as coins lying around in it. But most importantly I found my shopping cart chip that I thought I lost a while ago. It's disgusting and I have to change that habit of collecting all receipts that I get.

No. 1222417

Love it when my retarded sleep-deprived ass does some dumbass shit like downloading an entire series to binge-watch in one sitting the night before a watch party for the latest episodes, but then I end up wasting like 4-5 hours getting distracted with unimportant shit, and then after I finally start watching the show I get so fucking sleepy halfway through that I just give up a couple hours before the watch party begins.
I'm sorry I've been super busy as well this past week and wanted to come back for this today but I only made it to episode 12

No. 1222428

File: 1655042199591.jpeg (101.81 KB, 749x890, 55C01ABA-79CA-403C-A09F-F54ADA…)

have you ever noticed that ever since meth was made illegal hundreds of years ago the mental health epidemic worsened? food for thought

No. 1222432

File: 1655042331649.jpg (115.47 KB, 1200x838, tumblr_p4w2s9SvBY1ujktejo2_128…)

I don't want to own a pet but I really want to interact with one!! aaaaaaaa

No. 1222452

dumb fucking cute cat has cement for thoughts. literal cute little shit has no idea how blessed it is being a dumb fucking cute cat, shit

No. 1222483

What? Oh no did woll Ferrell get turned into a dog? Rip

No. 1222485

File: 1655043827036.jpg (122.98 KB, 1080x1080, FScZm7lVsAIDWuO.jpg)

get a cat, nonnie. you won't regret it. they're great people and great company. they're so funny.

No. 1222513

My tits and hips grew even more at the age of 24 so I got to say another checkmate to the pedophile scrotes who think 18 is a magic grown adult age. 12 was the magic age in the middle ages for girls to fuck and marry but that wasn't right now was it lmao. And no, I didn't gain any weight whatsoever. I always look fantastic. (AND SO DO YOU NONA XOXO)
If anyone's curious about the first checkmates it was losing teenage babyfat in the face at 20 and again at 23. Is this post necessary? No. I just hate pedophiles and grown men going after literal teenagers.

No. 1222519

I woke up from a nap having heart palpitations and with weak ass legs, what the fuck

No. 1222520

You can volunteer for a shelter or a foundation, idk if you have these in your country but there's a lot here, specific foundations taking care of neutering homeless cats and finding homes for these who socialize well with humans, they always need help with cats that wait for being adopted!

No. 1222528

Idk if she's NEET but she can also get a job working with animals at a shelter. They don't pay much but it's just a starter position walking dogs, feeding animals, cleaning cages. If she's in usa, we also have petsitter apps now. There's also one specifically for cats.

No. 1222530

Hell yeah girl keep physically maturing and growing!!!

No. 1222538

Ily nona I feel SEXY!!!

No. 1222586

Bizarre, good luck with the rest of your day, sounds like you may need it

No. 1222595

I'm chilling with a tea and refreshing the vent thread, love when anons are so active

No. 1222942

just woke up and the tab says 200+ new posts, what are they fighting about this time

No. 1222959

File: 1655060012358.jpg (63.62 KB, 463x617, 4.jpg)

I'm thinking about cutting my hair this short in this style but I'm kind of worried I'll regret it. My hair is super damaged from split end picking so I won't lose much in terms of quality hair but my hair is kind of my shield and I'm afraid I'll feel uncomfortable if it doesn't end up looking as nice as I hope it will.

No. 1222978

You should go for it, I used to have really long hair and got a haircut similar in length to your pic and it was definitely the right decision. My hair was very damaged and limp/stringy-looking before and getting it cut made it look so much thicker and healthier (I got kind of addicted to it and went much shorter the next time I got it cut kek). I'm sure you'll look cute, and remember that hair grows back deceptively fast so you can always grow it out again if you want.

No. 1222989

What are you afraid of? Hair always grows back. I guarantee you a nice fresh cut will look a million times more flattering and hotter than having damaged, unkempt hobo hair

No. 1222995

Nah I bet it would look good. Frizzed up hair can look stylish if it's cut like that, and the other nonnies are right, it will grow back. Whenever I'm about to make a retarded decision, I just tell myself that I'm practicing the Buddhist concept of detachment. Just say the same lol

No. 1223006

Then I'll take both of them, sister wives though discharge-chan holds a special place in my heart

No. 1223010

You're right.. I think I'll just do it
>practicting the Buddhist concept of detachment
I can get behind this lol

No. 1223021

PLEASE smomebody tell me about discharge chan i'm literally crying i don't know what people are talking about

No. 1223028

They're the same nonna, nonna

No. 1223032

same here anon, someone care to share the dischargechan lore?

No. 1223034

File: 1655063767158.jpeg (10.36 KB, 176x176, 997E9001-9418-4A79-BDDD-143580…)

Go here and be enlightened >>>/ot/674732
I don't know anymore, either way I'm marrying her/them.

No. 1223047

and the original itself >>>/g/159384
I can't remember where she revealed she was also Komaedanon though.

No. 1223050


No. 1223053

You know what she is saying.

No. 1223061

File: 1655064337316.jpeg (96.17 KB, 749x714, 9F65100A-0A3C-44A9-A978-858196…)

read a little more first ok

No. 1223064

Whenever shitty youtuber bitches say "OMFG…….. CREEPSHOW ART MADE OVER 300 POSTS IN THE SPAN OF 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm like… Bitch watch me make 300+ dumbass posts on lolcow in less than a freaking MONTH

No. 1223066

I've been cutting my hair shorter for a few years and I typically wear this length to armpit length. It's done wonders and is so much healthier.

No. 1223073

File: 1655064767217.jpeg (624.97 KB, 691x1676, 58C7D869-1A63-4749-B9AA-6E47F5…)

the big reveal:

No. 1223085

Lmfao anon. But I think just two or three days.

No. 1223089

NONA I JUST cut my hair YESTERDAY to this for the same reason (I've been wearing fusion extensions for a long time because I damaged my hair so badly it melted) I've been recovering from surgery and haven't been able to take care of the extensions so I cut, but my god my hair is so much healthier looking and it looks SO much nicer now, and I'm used to having 28'' hair. Do it!!! You'll love it, it'll honestly be super pretty.

No. 1223090

I think short hair can look a lot chicer than long hair, I used to think my face was too chubby for short hair but I now have it above chin level and I am a lot more confident than when it was really long. Also when I cut my long hair it did wonders for my texture as I've discovered it's naturally a lot wavier than it looked when it was long. Beware though like >>1222978 said, it gets really addicting to cut your hair shorter and shorter once you'll realize how cool it looks on you

No. 1223093

thank you for compiling such a thorough reportage on the bodily fluids connoisseur

No. 1223094

The only reason her posts are concerning is because they’re all on cow boards talking about herself in third person kek

No. 1223096

People used to tell me that my face is too round and chubby for short hair. Yet the shorter I go, the more comments I get about how slim my face is, to the point of concern. I've also asked hairdressers before, they said I got an oval or slightly oblong face. Far from round. Really weird.

No. 1223097

It was a big deal because she was gossiping about her friends, kek. Also i remember seeing her posts and thinking they were funny before she was exposed, I hate the pickme bitch but her passive aggressive nitpicks were fun

No. 1223232

some of you are going to realize that the reason why your caps are never in the caps thread is because you’re probably one of the funniest people on LC and that autistic women have weird/terrible otaku “quirky” taste in humor and they will never appreciate what you say

No. 1223240


No. 1223243


No. 1223249

File: 1655076196537.jpg (41.36 KB, 613x531, mope.jpg)

No. 1223251

see what i mean. shrek stopped being funny in 2017

No. 1223254


No. 1223274

Respectfully, shut the fuck up

No. 1223292

ladies, ladies…you're all equally beautiful and autistic to me, ok? ♥

No. 1223300

i love that you triggered all the unfunny cappers keep fighting the good fight nona

No. 1223314

I fucking love japanese fujos and husbandofags. They just get it. They always get it.

No. 1223331

Why don't you post caps then, or are you behind the posts that no one found funny?

No. 1223397

File: 1655090198214.jpg (55.27 KB, 731x1024, 1548653480408.jpg)

i'm new who is this?

No. 1223404

File: 1655090834360.gif (1.44 MB, 500x375, tumblr_ndcqmypcye1r72ht7o1_500…)

Big fat thank you to the nonnie in the vent thread who told me to just confess to the guy I like a few days ago

No. 1223409

File: 1655091970403.jpeg (45.1 KB, 567x567, 267DC41F-2BC6-4F1B-9501-73D814…)

thank you nonners kek, sometimes it isn’t you it really is the people you are around

No. 1223410

your mom

No. 1223418

No. 1223484

File: 1655100366741.png (46.96 KB, 275x92, 1655098053371.png)

No. 1223493

holy shit I love this banner

No. 1223497

File: 1655102510812.png (51.8 KB, 200x200, 45753658954686.png)

If I could go back in time I would go back 5 hours earlier and beat myself up for eating that food because I'm craving it NOW and I don't have anymore

No. 1223783

The crypto world absolutely fascinates me. I can't get enough of videos like vidrel and articles and other shit. Do I invest in crypto/believe in it? Absolutely not. But it's absolutely fascinating to watch schemes rise and fall and then read/watch all of the analysis of everything afterwards. I can't put my knowledge of how crypto works into words (other than "crypto bad") because my understanding of it is really rudimentary and I'm honestly too retarded to really understand how mining/the blockchain/etc really works, but I love it nonetheless. It's one of my favorite topics. I can't contribute anything noteworthy to say but I can and do listen to this shit for hours.

No. 1223798


No. 1223800

Crypto is fake and gay and even worse than stocks. It's rich scrotes trying to make $ out of ball stank and hot air. If block chain ever happens it'll literally become the matrix.

No. 1223866

bipolar be like free energy go brrr

No. 1223922

My brother is going back to see extended family for the summer and I'm excited to basically have the apartment to myself and not have to worry about what to cook for dinner every night but at the same time I know I'm going to be sad and lonely. Having him at home forces me to cook an actual meal because otherwise I'll eat a few slices of bread and call it a night. It's also a comforting thought to know someone else is at home with me, to chat with but also for protection kek. He's much taller and stronger than I am, and I stay in my room a lot which is the farthest point away from the front door, so it makes me feel good knowing there is a buffer of a person between myself and the front door in case anything happens kek. I tend to get spooked easily when I'm home alone, and our parents come home late so we pretty much always have the apartment to ourselves.

No. 1223923

Hahaa nonna did you forget your embed into the field

No. 1223938

I really love the video you linked, I've watched it like 3 times already and it feels good to have something I can refer to and send to people who try and shill crypto and NFTs. I'm not so eloquent myself and prefer shitposting over debating so I'd rather just drop Dan in to do it for me kekkk

No. 1224008

I understand why >>1223243 got b& but why >>1223240? lol

No. 1224009

YES fuck I always do that kek

No. 1224010

Anybody watch this channel before? Appeared in my recommendations. Thought it would be similar to other former model channels but kind of creeps me out, guess since it's a man.

No. 1224015

I wish I could succulently summarize the video since I know many people would be turned off by a 2 hour video but it's so worth the watch! He was featured in an episode of the Financial Diet's podcast and said that there was actually even more he wanted to/could have talked about but then it would've been an even longer video lol.

No. 1224040

File: 1655143391094.jpeg (81.67 KB, 598x448, 66025BE9-0FBA-4DCB-A4D1-549FD8…)

im a lazy-chan who uses 2 in 1 but apparently that is scrote behavior, im so sorry nonas i’ll stop. sage bc i am just too embarrassed….

No. 1224042

File: 1655143418886.png (647.74 KB, 613x405, Capture.PNG)

Did you mean succinctly or my ESL ass just learned a new word?

No. 1224045

it's okay sweaty you probably smell nice and clean and wash between your asscheeks

No. 1224046

I'm sorry nona my retardation is just off the fucking charts today kek. I did mean succinctly and I didn't even know succulently was a word either and my spell check didn't even pick it up.

it apparently means "Full of juice or sap; juicy" huh. Learn something new every day

No. 1224077

i've never went to the tinfoil thread until now and i'm shocked they're really like that

No. 1224106

I just glance at it when it shows up but that “satanic” shit right now? Those girls are legitimately schizo, how do they live everyday like that. How are they even posting online, don’t they think the evil internet is gonna steal their souls? Frickin crazies.

No. 1224109

I don't even know what you mean by 2 in 1 here kek so rest assured that they're nothing wrong with you.
Also I just googled that to have an idea of what you're talking about but the second result is some truly disgusting, vile urban dictionary definition that makes me want to puke. What the fuck is wrong with moids? That site needs to be nuked so that all the gross sex shit disappears forever from random innocuous search results

No. 1224124

I meant 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, sorry you had to see scrote degeneracy

No. 1224160

Don't shoot the messenger, if it weren't for urban dict, I'd have to see a lot of weird definitions with my own eyes instead of getting a compact explanation.

No. 1224173

I wish I could go grey prematurely. I have black hair and it would look so cool with grey streaks in it but I'm never frying it off again. Naturally grey hair is so beautiful, I love all the tonal differences when it's just the beginning few years and after that it looks like something from a fairy tale if it's long, and super cute with a bob! My dad is 60 and barely going grey and my mom didn't start greying until she hit 50 so the chances are slim, but I still hope to live long enough to have long grey hair some day ♥

Late reply but you can make a thread on her considering she's still doing the autism larp (though I doubt many people will respond). I do remember her having a thread on here but it was all nitpicks and before all the actual drama went down. I miss Syren Cove as a cow, too bad she's not as online as she used to be. She was never super milky but I liked her thread, it's been years since I read it though so it might be boring as fuck and only interesting to my sheltered underage self back then kek.

No. 1224179

File: 1655149756184.jpg (87.76 KB, 1000x667, 58c60cc24ac3811848a4dff13bdafc…)

I love salt and pepper hair so much! My mom makes me help her dye her grey hair but I'm excited for my grey hair to come in. I have her hair type (fine and thin) so I hope I'll take after her in getting grey hair. My dad is a year younger than my mom but still has a full head of black hair lol.

I know Claire just has one patch of grey hair but nonetheless it's such a unique and beautiful look.

No. 1224196

File: 1655150315552.jpeg (49.79 KB, 614x586, 1597681909667.jpeg)

I keep forgetting my Sister had a boy Child and she gets angry everytime I post memes along the lines of is it a girl or an abortion, bitch all I care about is my niece.

No. 1224209

This may be controversial here, but of all the ones I've gotten to know, I've never known a truly terrible male. I wonder if it's because I just haven't gotten to know them well enough, my standards are low, or something else.

By terrible I mean causing harm by molesting a woman and feeling no guilt (like I just saw one poster say of their shit brother), or deliberately inflicting mental damage. I forgave my male friends their growing pains in their early teen make me a sandwich ""joke"" misogyny phase and they're now vocal advocates for women in that they'll call out men's bad behaviour to their faces, not like "male feminists" who turn it into an identity, but I would call them feminists from their actions.

Also all my boyfriends. Of all 4 long term ones never did I feel like my sexual boundaries were disrespected, and that I felt limited in my actions or behaviour. They didn't have double standards and beyond basic male socialisation (like assuming i'll do the lions share of housework which was swiftly corrected) I was never made to feel lesser. Sure there was misguided entitlement as always, but they would listen to reason. I've always assumed i'm safe with any male i'm close to because I've never seen otherwise.

I don't think my dad is a good man, but I didn't choose for him to be in my life. But of the, lets say about 15 men, I've gotten to know closely either through friends or romance, not ONE so far has confessed or done anything I'd condemn. I don't doubt women's stories about men, but how did I manage to stay away from that sphere? I've been in some damn vulnerable positions in my life and I feel statistically should've come across one. What's going on? Am I just a blind fucking idiot?

No. 1224214

File: 1655151135856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.64 KB, 1080x1001, IMG_20220614_014132.jpg)

Fuck. You weren't kidding. I'm pretty sure that wasn't even the actual meaning of 2in1, but urbandicfags love to purposely say vile shit in name of 'dark humour'.

No. 1224220

You're just lucky.

No. 1224223

Don't take offense to this, but are you white or at least middle class? I live in a poor (racial minority) community and every other male is a predator in some way. I don't believe any male in my extended family is normal. My whole existence is barely holding on by cope.

No. 1224234

I thought it may be that. I'm white and grew up in a poor area which was patriarchal and religious, and I've flirted with homelessness a few times but was lucky enough to get a place with too cheap rent with a landlord who definitely wasn't doing it by the books on more than 1 occasion,
And literally lived in the spare room of a random couple when in my early 20s, in hindsight they could've really fucked me over. I remember vividly a friend of mine when we were around 10 offhandedly mentioning her neighbour was a pedophile. No doubt there have been bad men on the outskirts of my life, but I've never looked it in the eye.

No. 1224239

I also love long gray hair. When I was a child my grandma had a friend who lived on the same street and she had the most beautiful hair I've ever seen, like her hair was better than even most younger women's. It was long (down to her butt), thick/high density, wavy, and pure white. I'm not exaggerating when I say her hair was gorgeous, even my mom agreed with me that she had good hair. I would post a picture with similar hair but tbh I couldn't find any hair that looked like hers.

No. 1224260

File: 1655154479077.jpg (189.77 KB, 1332x850, kot-ulybka-oskal.jpg)

Checked in on reddit after two weeks. Says I got suspended. Oops.

No. 1224263

Haha that's so sweet, I dye my mothers' hair too but I don't understand why she wouldn't want it to grow in. She's beautiful with her blonde hair too but I think women should embrace aging more. It's a sign of life experience. The woman in the picture looks so cute, very unique and she looks super happy with it! Too cute.

That sounds so beautiful! I love it when older women stay themselves once they age and don't conform to the whole 'cut your hair short and wear boring clothes once you're 60' thing. Never worth it.

No. 1224280

File: 1655155537066.jpg (66.18 KB, 591x443, b6bqg.jpg)

Devious! What did you do?

I got permabanned for my countrys sub for saying why the fuck is the NZ weightifter tranny allowed to participate, surprised my whole account did not get suspended. Meanwhile actuals racism only gets you a ban of max a couple weeks.

No. 1224285

That picture is amazing.

No. 1224286

I'm watching South Park on TV right now, and the older episodes really were something else kek. The kids found some triangle which Barbra Streisand needed to finally transform into Godzilla and now she's destroying the town while the army's fighting her.

No. 1224287

I had two accounts with fake e-mails. One was for lurking, the other I used to write terfy comments on mtf subs. Got banned and accidentally used my lurking account to comment once. Suspended for ban evasion. Pretty dumb stuff, really.

No. 1224291

Kek good work though, anon.

No. 1224304

Kekk, based though

No. 1224326

I barely watched South Park when it was on TV and I remember this episode. Is it actually that old?

No. 1224332

I must be years late for this one but I'm going to try that Randonautica app. It's sent me to a place 8 minutes walk away. I think I might get murdered or something if the creepypasta type stories are true. Maybe I'll go anyway to get my day's worth of steps in.

No. 1224334

> have a deep vocal fry
> broad shoulders
> skinny, no curves
> very small breasts
> big Roman nose
> grow facial because Latina
And yet I’m still a woman and make moids seethe. Kek nonitas it feels great having masculine features.

No. 1224343

Wish we could go together anon so we defend each other

No. 1224350

I wasn't interested in catching Pokemons but manifesting things sounds like an experience. I didn't even want to be murdered but when I had to think of the thing I wanted to happen I thought too much about what if I get murdered.

No. 1224351

Get on my level
>taller than 99% of the female population
>broad shoulders and big arms
>flat chest
>large chin/jaw
>large nose (moderately)
>relatively deep voice with a fry (like you)
>ring finger slightly longer than index finger

And yet I'm comfortable with myself and completely and unapologetically female. If I get a bit skinnier I look cool as fuck honestly, I just have to learn to navigate my body better and I'll be unstoppable
I'm still also unmistakably female, though when I have short hair I get misgendered by chinese old ladies or the occasional child kek

No. 1224356

I would date you nonnie.

No. 1224360

Can someone describe to me what really good sex feels like, I know I'll never experience it

No. 1224365

Like masturbation but worse

No. 1224369

kek true

No. 1224387

>really good sex
oxymoron, nowdays. might as well play the lotto you'll have more chances.

No. 1224416

I'm trying to do findom shit and I'm so autistic fucking hell they talk so insanely much too but I've made
$100 just today and I don't show any photos of myself or call KEK

No. 1224420

help a nonny out how do you do it

No. 1224428

kathy is seething KEK you've just made her whole month's pay!

No. 1224436

Nta but I made a good amount in one week on whisper. However whisper is full of pedos so you'll do waaay better if you put your age as 14-17. Its actually useful since you can say you dont have a bank account, cant talk siblings share your room, etc, have them send you egift cards to a burner email. I also forwarded the chats to their Facebook people if they were dumb enough. Turns out the military doesn't like that kek.

No. 1224449

File: 1655166951005.jpg (328.68 KB, 1242x873, Tumblr_l_41334064997069.jpg)

Do any other nonas feel absolutely insane when ovulating or is it just me.

No. 1224453

If that comment is about nintendogs then I agree

No. 1224471

this reminds me of my high school ancient history teacher, she had a french husband, aged like a goddess with grey hair down to her hips, she used to always ask me to read outloud in class because she used to say i had a beautiful speaking voice, in hindsight the other teachers probably told her that i used to cry giving public speeches, she also ran her fingers through my hair one time and my friends were like, "that's so creepy". it wasn't creepy at all, it was tender and maternal and i didn't have that at home. blog post but the recollection made me really emotional

No. 1224472

File: 1655168137721.png (3.52 MB, 1800x1343, Imperial_Empress_Crown_2.png)

>I also forwarded the chats to their Facebook people if they were dumb enough. Turns out the military doesn't like that kek.
Hey Queen, you dropped this

No. 1224483

How tall are you? And is the ring finger thing even that significant? My ring fingers are very noticeably longer than my pointer fingers.

No. 1224485

the 'tism fingers

No. 1224501

This episoded aired in 1998. The first seasons are great.

No. 1224506

This comment attacked me kek

No. 1224509

File: 1655171894596.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1016.45 KB, 1536x2048, FAC42D61-6BD9-4CD7-AC63-F266BD…)

No. 1224517

The finger ratio indicates level of prenatal testosterone exposure, a longer ring finger compared to your index finger means more exposure so it's associated with males. It's not really that significant since there's a lot of individual variation, but it's been studied a lot in terms of how it might affect behaviour.

No. 1224518

what happens in relationships/marriages where the dude only marries the chick because he thinks she's attractive and either sees everything through rose tinted glasses or straight up subconsciously tolerates shit

No. 1224527

File: 1655172793560.gif (142.14 KB, 480x360, giphy (1).gif)

Really? Is that really tism fingers? Makes sense I guess

No. 1224529

My index is shorter than my ring finger and I DON’T have autism

No. 1224530

who is this ugly troglodyte

No. 1224531

My dad (be nice)

No. 1224535

>left ring finger longer than index
>right index longer than ring finger
what do I do now

No. 1224536

It means you're nonbinary yasss

No. 1224537

I'm a squatty 5'4" can't reach the top of the fridgelet. My ring fingers are both longer than my pointer finger. I wear a 30F though, so whatever test I was exposed to in utero wasn't powerful enough to cage the estrogen.

No. 1224538

Post-wall Skeet Ulrich methinks

No. 1224541

I just remembered that one of the first times me and my mother went to an Asian market together she asked some random Asian dude if he worked there. In all fairness, the employees were in regular clothes and she didn't have any bad intentions but it was embarrassing nonetheless.

No. 1224544

File: 1655173847239.png (Spoiler Image, 657.5 KB, 997x679, 5216CC0B-5AB8-405D-823C-9ED253…)

Incorrect, but close.

No. 1224558

Zoinks! Scoop that is like totally mean dude

No. 1224576

I heard Fireflies by Owl City in a grocery store 2 days ago. I wanted to scream and run out.

No. 1224592

Ever since I decided that I'm not ugly, my mental state has been better. I don't look in the mirror and think "I'm so hideous" and even when my face is puffy or I have a bad pimple I understand that it's a temporary inconvenience. I feel more confident in general. Funnily enough, getting rid of the idea that I'm ugly has made me more dedicated to cosmetic/vanity shit that makes me look better. I think it's because I used to think that no matter what I did I would be unattractive.

No. 1224594

File: 1655179139855.gif (1012.68 KB, 208x240, 1643001511552.gif)

Think of the biggest almond that you can possibly imagine? Are you doing it? Yes? It's pretty big isn't it. Pretty cool!

No. 1224596

Based. "Ugly" is an emotion and a random blemish or being tired/bloated/dehydrated is only temporary. True beauty is found in mental strength

No. 1224598

File: 1655179307682.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 302.66 KB, 426x807, 296F8CF0-D640-4AA0-8110-C10BBE…)

Why do women try to look like this, it’s so ugly

No. 1224600

Body dysmorphia.

No. 1224602

Twitter tags will call you racist because “black women and latinas naturally have that shape!!”
t. upside down triangle latina

No. 1224604

no, ugly faces are real but it's not from being tired/bloated/dehydrated or anything temporary

No. 1224615

File: 1655181331670.jpg (67.49 KB, 960x1009, chickenshp.JPG)

food service uniforms are sexy. i've been trying to convince my girlfriend to dress up like a fast food employee at least once before we have sex but she thinks i'm joking. :((:()

No. 1224619

What is the fast food chain with the sexiest uniform?

No. 1224621

once in a while I will see anons post a sleepy looking person and go "is she/he high?" and i wonder if people irl see me the same way when in reality i just don't sleep and have actually never done drugs before. but that would explain the people who've stared directly at my face for over a minute for no reason

No. 1224624

File: 1655182333872.png (147.57 KB, 757x973, tyrone.png)

I had no idea latinas and black women had such abnormally round fat distribution on their hips, to the point it's unevenly filling in their natural hip structure. Twitterfags are known experts on race though, so I wouldn't doubt their judgment.

No. 1224629

Black culture? Aaliyah, Malik, and Jamal are all Arabic names, kek. It’s actually very hard to pronounce Aaliyah correctly in because it’s first letter doesn’t exist in English. Even Imani is derived from Iman, which is also Arabic.

No. 1224630

Women try to look like that because it's 100% natural, anon. You're just peanut butter and jelly.

No. 1224631

I wanna tell y’all a story:

The Death of Her Song

There was a kingdom far away, where a very talented singer along with others entertained the king and his court. She was a beautiful young lady with long dark hair, skin as white as snow and eyes that sparkle and smile while looking at you; she had the lust and admiration of men, and the envy of women.

However, she was not free to continue her passion for very long. The king was dying and his heir appointed needed a wife in order to become a legitimate king of the land they govern. The prince already had someone in mind - the young songstress he had seen in concerts earlier when she was just becoming a woman; he was so enamored by her beauty, grace and voice that he must have - no, that he will have her by any means necessary.

The king was against it but eventually let him have her as he knew he hadn’t had much time left. The young songstress had no choice to deny the prince’s proposal for the alternative was to become tainted and used by the court for their pleasure like all the other entertainers will be. She accepted although she knew of the heir’s vices and temperament however, she fell in love with him regardless.

They were privately married off due to the the king’s embarrassment of his heir appointed marrying a singer and the prince already being an embarrassment like all his other sons and did not want to cause a scandal that may threaten his rule.

So the king died and his son was declared king right away. The young songstress who was allowed to sing even after their marriage was finally asked to stop as she now became Queen consort of the land, and because her husband forbade her from singing to other men whom are not him. Her voice was his and his alone, she went from a talented songstress with many accolades in her young age to the materialistic yet elegant queen of her country; her appearance remarkably changed to the point her own countrymen no longer recognized her, she was dressed in the finest silks and jewelry wherever she accompanied her husband and became reserved yet polite.

When the king died on that day, so did her song.

No. 1224632

this reminds me of whenever doja cat's body (pre-weight loss) was bought up in celebricows

No. 1224636

You are so right. This stuff has made me realize that there are ugly people, but no one is unsalvageable and personality really does account for a lot when it comes to how attractive we perceive people. Just as an example, if you've ever seen someone and thought "how come they can get a partner and I can't", it's probably because they have confidence and good energy.

No. 1224641

I wonder how people shaped like this find good pants or jeans. My tights are lowkey tick and its a nightmare shopping for pants.

No. 1224643

File: 1655183795826.jpg (765.08 KB, 3000x1596, Everything-Everywhere-All-at-O…)

I feel so retarded, but I did not realize that picrel is Jamie Lee Curtis (in Everything Everywhere All At Once) until just now. She literally looks unrecognizable to me.

No. 1224644


No. 1224646

don't forget

No. 1224647

I've also known white people named Tyrone and Rhonda

This thread is like a live idpol battle
>I see your Asian Appropriation and raise you Trans Can Do No Wrong
>Bet you didn't expect me to play Black Names Matter!

No. 1224653

File: 1655184605043.jpg (82.56 KB, 1080x720, jolibee.jpg)

I really like the Joilbee unforms. So cute. Especially the half-apron (I hate full apron uniforms like Starbucks)

No. 1224655

File: 1655184708535.jpg (183.41 KB, 1024x724, FRANCIS-LIBIRAN-JOLLIBEE-3.jpg)

Better view of apron

No. 1224658

I learned that a girl I used to go to university with is working at Oxford university now and I'm baffled. She was one of those students who crammed everything word by word and if someone posed her a question in a wording that was slightly different than the one she memorized she just didn't know how to answer. Oxford University. And she's not even an English citizen. Idk how she did it

No. 1224659

Because what was considered thick/curvy nowadays is so distorted and warped now. It's horrifying to believe that the women dancing in the baby got back music video would not be considered to have a big ass nowadays because of these disgusting ant bodies that are popular. The worst part of this is that they insist that women can naturally have this kind of body and they 100% do it so moids will want them or so they can enter the entertainment/sex industry. This surgery is also a short cut for fatties to pretend they are not morbidly obese.

Imo if it's not an African name you really can't call it a black name. Even so, a lot of Africans have european names like patrick, john or arabic names like this anon said >>1224629 You can name your child whatever you want as long as it's not retarded, I don't see how it's problematic to get inspiration from another culture when naming your child. This argument screams "i am american and I have never left the country before but i know everything about the world somehow".

No. 1224665

Come aaaaannnnn, where everybody at?

No. 1224667

Americhans are asleep, Eurofags are just waking up

No. 1224669

File: 1655186474989.jpg (452.92 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220614_075958_com…)

When the image won't expand and the text stays like in the screenshot I have an aneurysm trying to understand it. Once I do and it's shit like this it makes me laugh harder kek

No. 1224670

I'm not an expert but depending on where she works within the university it's not that hard to get a job there. An institution so large needs a lot of people right.

No. 1224671

Same it's fucking annoying

No. 1224672

File: 1655186785573.jpg (123.39 KB, 500x750, 4112.jpg)

even during american hours it was weirdly slow around here

No. 1224678

No. 1224683

File: 1655188192205.png (36.81 KB, 771x302, f508cc70-143f-45cb-808e-f8b758…)

PC screen supremacy

No. 1224691

Anons, I'm so bored I want to do something that will make federal agents appear outside my home.

No. 1224696

File: 1655189259125.gif (319.61 KB, 500x373, 1WIu.gif)

Wwwwweeeeeeooooooo wwwwwweeeeeooooooo wwwwwweeeeeooooo hold it right there! You're under arrest!

No. 1224726

File: 1655193320052.jpg (178.63 KB, 800x803, RIP.jpg)

I Am Ferdinand Von Aegir!

No. 1224736

File: 1655194878876.jpg (220.21 KB, 609x824, 1655194756823.jpg)

I am this cat

No. 1224811

God I wish I was your gf (thinking you were joking)

No. 1224826

I can't believe I ever disliked his long, soft hair from after the time skip. Lord forgive me for my sins.

No. 1224832

It's so sad that his eng va has stage 4 cancer

No. 1224843

Wait what? I only played it in Japanese and don't pay attention to that sorr of stuff, when did that happen?

No. 1224847

He actually passed the other day. RIP

No. 1224879

Damn, I didn't know. I mean, being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer is already a death sentence, but he didn't look like he was about to die. So sad, rip.

A while ago the english voice actor for Ferdinand (and a bunch of other anime/game characters) announced that he was going to take a break because he got diagnosed with cancer. He was hoping to get better but unfortunately he passed away.

No. 1224907

Fuck that's awful. I looked him up and he was so young. It's just awful I dont' even know what to say.

No. 1224910

File: 1655213929572.jpg (68.58 KB, 800x534, mcds.jpg)

I'm really bummed about it because I don't think I'll ever get this fantasy to become reality. I'd love to see her walk into our bedroom like this one night. (The boxes would be empty. Eating food in bed is disgustin)

No. 1224912

Somebody please
Just give me a few thousand dollars
So I can buy my dream house and afford the down payment
Come on now

No. 1224913

I was randomly joking with my gf the other day that we should work at our local mcdonald's the polo shirt uniforms are really cute and a lot of women seem to work there

No. 1224918

File: 1655215075924.gif (2.15 MB, 275x269, FE36C24E-704E-4468-8833-A60A88…)

No. 1224945

I might be a weirdo but I really like watching these videos for cute cows getting healed and walking safely afterwards

No. 1224955

nona I have to know when this fantasy started, just….why?

No. 1224966

File: 1655218647383.jpg (185.81 KB, 1440x960, mcds2.jpg)

I hope you don't mean these new gray uniforms? Honestly… I think they're fucking hideous, uninspired, and look very corporate. Employees don't wear the red and gold anymore here in America, or at least where I am. I wish they did.

I dunno, lol. One day I was at a fast food place and found myself really attracted to the woman at the register. At first I thought it was just her (she was cute) but I realized it was also the uniform, especially the visor. When I got home I looked at my girlfriend and thought about her wearing a uniform and it kinda snowballed from there

No. 1224989

I don't like how rude online speech is. In my native language I would never say some things (of course, it's ok when you're on an anonymous shitposting board). I think I should stop swearing because it's trashy.

No. 1224998

those and the horse hoof ones. obsessed.

i'm weird though i also love that video of horses sleeping and farting. it's so relaxing.

No. 1225000

being trashy is kind of fun sometimes tbh. it's not like the internet is a formal environment.

No. 1225003

It's just words, nonnie. It's not "trashy" and the only reason you think it is is because of the shame other people place on you. Swearing is fucking fun.

No. 1225008

It’s okay. I told someone to please read more about something the other day after giving them a break down on why their fear wasn’t founded (I was trying to help them) and some lurking overly sensitive tone police decided my please wasn’t polite and decided to shame me. I’m about to just start not being nice myself.

No. 1225019

It’s really interesting to see how the loudest “feminist” (she’s a twitter activist so that already says everything) in my friends circle is the biggest handmaiden. We always talked about how much we hated scrotes and all but the second she got the chance she left us to be bffs with some misogynistic gay dude. She also regularly defends other scrotes online and even fights other women. I legit don’t believe they mean half the things they say cause when I tell them I don’t wanna engage with any scrote, or if someone does something and I point out their malenesses as the reason they’re so taken aback, as if I’m some extremist. They don’t realize that when I say I hate men I truly mean every word of it.

No. 1225020

Is this sarcasm?

No. 1225022

Rhonda is a blonde white womans name to me

No. 1225074

does anyone else notice the drinks at tacobell taste flavorless now? i might as well be drinking water, which is fine when i'm actually in the mood for that but when i get my diabetes drinks i expect sweetness dammit.

No. 1225128

NTA, if anything other people place shame on me for not swearing

No. 1225131

I have this peach fuzz on my face right now that's.. new. Like I know everyone gets it but I swear my fuzz count just increased by quite a bit overnight. What?

No. 1225133

It's a full moon

No. 1225275

Does entitlement come with age because most are world weary from life and think we deserve a break? Are we really meant to suffer the same fate?
I will never forget how my old boss and I went to a cafe and she flipped a shit that the soup wasn't to her liking, saying that she was 50 years old and doesn't need to put up with this kind of thing anymore. I couldn't imagine becoming like that. Are we really doomed to become 'Karen'? I want to think us zoomlennials have more empathy and patience but maybe I'm just lying to myself kek

No. 1225282

It is so hard to get a decent broccoli soup these days or a french onion soup. It's disrespectful because soup is so easy a moron could do it

No. 1225298

Ok fair point, but she also told stories about threatening to call corporate for minor shit in retail too

No. 1225328

As a small child I thought a lot of men were pregnant because I knew about sea horses and in The Nanny, Fran said at one point that her stomach got so big because of the twins that she couldn't see her feet anymore standing up straight, which equaled in my child mind that once you're so fat you can't see you feet, it means you're pregnant for sure. Whenever I was worried about being pregnant out of nowhere (no CSA taking place, just went to a christian kindergarten), that's how I tested whether I should be cncerned or not. Can see my feet? Well, guess I'm fine (this is not a pun on Fran Fine).

No. 1225338

That was probably just menopause, nonna.

No. 1225340

I think it can if you choose not to keep yourself in check. It's easier to feel as though you're owed something by the world/others around you than to practice compassion/understanding. I think a lot of the younger generation having to work through retail/food service jobs that requires patience and forces us into the other person's shoes really helps to build that sense of understanding of what it's like to be on the other side of the counter. Not to say some people can't still be asshole regardless but that's how I view it.

Occasionally I get frustrated, but I try not to be too mean. But sometimes they just plain aren't helpful and the service undeniably sucks kek.

No. 1225347

I get so annoyed when I'm looking at stuff and sleep paralysis and people say they're demons trying attack. That doesn't help at all in so many ways, I need a real way to figure out this shit. Maybe I'm just salty because I'm not religious so I can't just start praying during sleep paralysis to make it go away.

No. 1225353

I heard that trying to move your body starting from your extremities is supposed to make them go away. Like, first try to wiggle your toes and fingers, then your hands and feet, your wrists and legwrists, your forearms and shins and so on.

No. 1225361

if you are sleeping on your back then stop.

No. 1225363

File: 1655236959890.jpg (7.55 KB, 275x272, 1655205522723.jpg)

ily nonnie but what

No. 1225365

maybe she meant ankles?

No. 1225369

File: 1655237215322.png (7.36 KB, 500x570, legwrist.png)

I forgot what picrel is called in both, English and my native language.

No. 1225373

yes those are ankles

No. 1225374


No. 1225377

I get sleep paralysis a lot (though I'm lucky to not have hallucinations during it) and as a kid, a family friend told me to take deep breaths. This is usually the only thing that helps me since my breath is the only thing I can really control. Even if I feel like I'm moving parts of my bodies like my fingers or toes, I feel like it doesn't help because at some point I realize I'm not moving anything and I get sent into a spiral of panicking. I focus on my breathing and eventually my body wakes up.

No. 1225379

kek I figured that was the case and knew what you meant, sorry I just thought legwrist was a really funny way to describe an ankle, ily

No. 1225400

this was a fun little read, thank you. I think as a child I thought babies came out of your ear? I have no idea why.

No. 1225443

File: 1655240691804.jpg (101.68 KB, 600x600, 5d39b2e1c2b4287c935542eb6a1bd5…)

I want one of you cool anons to be my friend so we can go to botanical garden together, sketch plants and relax

No. 1225467

I enjoy chewing on the sticks of lollipops more than the lollipops itself. Once they decide to replace the plastic sticks of lollipops with paper sticks like they did with straws and lids and packages, it'll be my eventual downfall.

No. 1225468

I only had sleep paralysis once in my life but I went from being in bed unable to move to feeling like I was floating in a void where a demon then appeared in front of me and it took me years to fully be able to wrap my head around that not being real because it felt as real as anything.

Sucks that people lean so heavily into spiritual explanations but I get why. I dunno why I saw a demon and not an alien because tbh I was watching alot of ufo shows att so surely my imagination should've conjured up a whole alien abduction scenario?

No. 1225479


No. 1225488

What's the thing called when you stop breathing and moving in your sleep for a few seconds and have a hard time waking up

No. 1225493

No. 1225494

Sleep apnea???

No. 1225495

Sleep paralysis

Oh I didn’t know bear disease did the same thing

No. 1225501

A what, also I just figured after posting you also said no moving so why the fuck was I saying apnea kek

No. 1225502

Every now and then I'll delete my watch history on youtube (just because my recommendations aren't doing it for me) so I'll start fresh and see what it recommends.. Random US news clips will show up but if you watch any clip with a woman being the victim of an assault.. youtube assumes you're a woman hater and recommends you so much messed up content that's just sadism and bitterness aimed towards women. Algorithm telling on men.

No. 1225517

I wanna be your friend

No. 1225528

ok im in

No. 1225551

We would have such a good time together!

No. 1225555

I guess it would be sleep paralysis apnea then.

No. 1225586

I'm pretty sure you don't stop breathing during sleep paralysis but then you don't stop moving during apnea. I've slept next to people who each had one of these issues but how often do they overlap?

If you have this I'd get a sleep study done. Apnea is a pretty serious condition.

No. 1225622

the chorus is pretty fun. thank you for reminding me that it was tetora's birthday. enstars is weird for me since i dip back into it every half year or so.isn't the blue one a skinwalker?

No. 1225625

File: 1655247716834.gif (1.39 MB, 500x250, 119891_original.gif)

No. 1225628

samefag but i solo'd one of his ssrs in the birthday box ty nonnie

No. 1225639

True, we should also go to one of those greenhouses with the butterflies

No. 1225833

File: 1655261829629.jpeg (17.75 KB, 640x343, 70.jpeg)

Can't believe there's an actual steven universe fan on /m/

No. 1225930

I was about to fall asleep, but then I had the realization that my dentist can see right up my nose.

No. 1225935

damn is it me from 4 years ago?

No. 1225943

i feel dangerously close to killing myself out of bordem WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYONE

No. 1225950

No. 1225953

We’re right here

No. 1225959

File: 1655266411775.jpeg (23.26 KB, 275x275, 1654890616645.jpeg)

No. 1225967

LC is so horny tonight that we have anons currently discussing threesomes with Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.

No. 1225973

File: 1655266808839.jpg (102.89 KB, 697x614, 732987655009.jpg)

oh yes it's me again. who am i again?

No. 1225990


No. 1225995

Idk, Gladis the lady who works at the corner store during the graveyard shift and during the day is the local bag lady trying to sell you cheese cloth. Apparently thinks cheese cloth is the new tinfoil hat or something.

No. 1225998

>what is satire

No. 1226003

File: 1655267766615.jpeg (445.78 KB, 828x777, A495F8CF-16F8-4FF2-A64E-A7A30E…)

oh god no, even picrel would be better

No. 1226010

oh yeah that's definitely me then. i need the money.

No. 1226011

Some of you really are autistic. It’s all satire. Obviously they do not want to actually fuck them but it’s still funny hornyposting.

No. 1226013

> what you replied to

No. 1226014

File: 1655268256902.png (38.23 KB, 130x147, 5EC06893-F236-4B1B-A709-CC6A2E…)

>Obviously they do not want to actually fuck them
Oh nonny.

No. 1226016

shitposting thread

No. 1226018

It's funny how porn stars say they love sex and that's why they do porn but at the same time they say they don't have sex outside of work

No. 1226019

I made the first post. I do not want to be in a spitroast with them it’s just jokes lol

No. 1226022

How much for some cheese cloth?

No. 1226023

who is this woman outside who has a hold over my cat. he paws at the window and yowls for her when she goes out for a smoke. he hates everyone else.

No. 1226024

You may not, but I haven't forgotten certain /g/ anons

No. 1226025

that's god

No. 1226064

That was blatantly obvious they’re just controversy-farming

No. 1226177

File: 1655286378020.jpg (1.03 MB, 1276x2000, John_William_Waterhouse_-_The_…)

I spend waaaaaay too much time daydreaming about draining men of their money and power. I could probably start some shit at work but unfortunately I'm bad at finishing the things I start and none of the moids there are cute.

No. 1226180

I mean if any man is into that he's likely some loser porn addict, also get a Job

No. 1226181

>get a job

Did you even read what I said? I didn't mean it as a fetish thing for moids either but purely something for my entertainment.

No. 1226183

nonita thinking like that is a fallacy. you cant scam men into giving you money by leading them around on their dicks. every rich sex worker you see has a million deranged moid stalkers who fantasize about cutting off her head. most succesful onlyfans girls are clients to companies who actually employ people to chat with her customers so she doesnt have to. in any case, the scamming men industry is extremely oversaturated. the only thing you will find there are moid stalkers, vindictive males who doxx and threaten you, mentally ill freakazoids who will confess the wildest shit to you and give you trauma, and males who are playing YOU and fucking with YOU. once you think you can scam men by way of their dicks youve already lost. its not possible

No. 1226187

Nah don't worry, nonna. I wouldn't let them touch me but I know there are men desperate enough to blow money on women just for the chance of getting with them eventually. I do agree with you though, all of that is probably not worth it, considering they could potentially harm me for leading them on but hey, a woman can dream.

No. 1226189

File: 1655287241554.jpg (125.92 KB, 1280x720, 1602073807_00030.jpg)

that's even more embarrassing, like do you hear how ridiculous you sound, cause you sound like one of those "eyeliner so sharp it can kill a man" pop libfems on twitter

No. 1226193

You're even more embarassing for getting so triggered over me daydreaming about dumbass shit, hence why I posted it in this thread.

No. 1226195

File: 1655288319934.jpeg (319.04 KB, 1536x2048, DD108C78-B18F-42F3-B0B2-46CA8C…)

Nta but why do you daydream about being retarded instead of based
Pic unrel

No. 1226197

Because even based nonnies have retarded thoughts sometimes. It's part of being human, nonna.

No. 1226199

Why are you so buttblasted nonna, it was just a daydream lol

You did nothing wrong baby, I don't think you are actually going to do it? Maybe start scamming /soc/ moids with fake feet pics like some nonna does kekk

No. 1226202

Thank you! Yeah I'm not, I'm aware that things work out differently in reality than they do in dreams. LC has been weird for a while. Can't even post about dumb shit in a dumbass shit thread without someone reeeeee'ing about it, especially over something like this.

No. 1226211

File: 1655290074140.jpg (217.7 KB, 1080x1508, FDS5S26WEAo_SzJ.jpg)

The former prime minister of my country who was ousted by the military in a coup d'état, is now posting thirst traps of himself as part of his re-election campaign

No. 1226236

Literally thought this was some French guy before seeing the instagram name

No. 1226247

He looks filthy.

No. 1226260

Aw don't feel bad i also have similar fanatsies. I love to humiliate men so much and its not even in a sexual way I just think they're so retarded and primal like a literal ape, which makes it even more funny because they can't help themselves kek. Its fun to knock them down a few pegs because they deserve that and more.. i agree about how weird it is here lately.. I copped a ban in the 'how u really feel about cows' thread the other day for confessing that I want to humiliate and abuse that mentally ill "detrans" youtuber kek. Nonnas were reporting me left and right.. still want to beat him up, make him cry,and force him read his disgusting search history and embarrassing DMs out loud to me so I can make fun of him some more kek. why even have threads like these in ot if you'll get dog piled or banned.

No. 1226262

I live on a dead end street in a rural-ish area. There's no kids around and you don't get people knocking on doors to sell you shit or anything like that.. but every now and then someone will knock on my front door and by the time I get to it they're gone and it bugs the absolute hell out of me not knowing what it was about.

If you've come here to knock on my door surely it's worth waiting 20 seconds to actually let me get to it? I'm tard mad.

No. 1226266

I love how my boob sweat smells

No. 1226267

Bottle it and sell it

No. 1226281

File: 1655297917475.jpg (48.48 KB, 630x1200, FK.jpg)

He's from a minority tribal ethnic group, most hot men in my country are literally from tribal ethnicities, your likely never gonna encounter in the west cause most of them are tribals under feudalism, ngl they are actually preety hot but probably the most regressive human beings on the planet

No. 1226283

How's the American dream working out for you pakianon? Did you steal a bottom of the barrel white dude from his gf yet?

No. 1226289

My pussy stank but at least I have a real one that isn't attached to my colon

No. 1226291

Bitch if your pussy stank do something about it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

No. 1226294

My fave thing about pakianon is how she raves about how attractive the tribal peasants in her country are.

No. 1226299

File: 1655298791500.png (8.02 MB, 3464x3464, C_13.png)

I was actually supposed to be there by next month, but there's an economic crisis going on right now and a lot of shit is happening, riots are happening, there's only one Airplane line and prices have increased and also a wave of terrorist separatist attacks are happening(ethnic separatist not female separatist, cause of course but I wanted to specific that cease separatists are mostly corelated with female separatists here) so yeah not looking good, I am actually really scared that we are gonna have another Military dictatorship cause that happens almost every time during these states
so yes as stated things are not looking good, my parents will only allow to me leave when the prices have gone back down, even though they can afford the ticket and are unware of my plans to leave
objectively speaking they are, compared to most Urban ethnic Muhajir and Punjabi Pakistani men, literally 4/5 men I see everyday have fat jiggly stomachs and weak arms, tribal peasants are the only one's with flat stomachs, fit arms and can actually grow facial hair, I mean how is that controversial

No. 1226361

File: 1655301674499.png (42.91 KB, 547x650, 8f0e1427556fa3cd0f81d680ecadf0…)

You are my favourite weirdo on lolcor. Wishing you much luck on your pilgrim to to America. i need to know the shit that's gonna happen if you do

No. 1226380

File: 1655302952554.jpg (65.19 KB, 800x600, 31631652744-0.jpg)

its not gonna be that perfect, a life as a live in servant/caretaker for my cousin and also having to work some form of part time Job for extra income, I'd like to find an America citizen I can marry, my cousin and their partner also explained to me that I will be sharing a room with their kid, I have stated this many times but my life will not be Ideal in many ways, it will be boring and hard but at least it will be safe and I can finally know peace of not having to worry about being honor killed, I'd also like to go a beach, that is my main wish
I can never fully experiences the beaches of my home country, but at least in California I'd be able to actually go swim in the Ocean, without men ordering me to stop and beating me half death for not covering myself(picrel is the average beach experience for most women, this is as close to the water as we get)

No. 1226404

File: 1655304872282.jpeg (160.5 KB, 1003x771, 74D9FF9F-1B09-4842-9FEE-AD9F05…)

>part time Job

No. 1226409

i like my pussy stank smell tbh

No. 1226419

what does have to do with me getting a Job

No. 1226425

File: 1655306471674.png (76.94 KB, 798x600, 1100415960.png)

>picrel is the average beach experience for most women
Yeah, I know. I'm in a thirdy muzzy country afterall. Pakistan sucks a little more than mine ofc so I will give you that. My condolences..

>living with your cousin

>searching for a part-time job in america
>waiting for an ameritfat prince on his shiny mobility scooter to rescue you
Like I said, wishing you MUCH luck. Just go and have new "experiences". Honestly, you were born dead anyway so it doesn't matter.

No. 1226442

File: 1655308203174.gif (4.49 MB, 498x498, anya-spy-x-family-anya-forger.…)

I get so nervous talking to this girl, I just think she's so cool. She's a good friend of a friend, and I guess… we're sort of friends now too?! We've hung out a few times and went on vacation together as part of a whole group. She's appears very quiet and aloof to me but according to my friend she's just very introverted and anxious but she comes off as very cool to me. Maybe because I am the opposite - very loud and obnoxious kek.

No. 1226443

File: 1655308288211.jpg (15.83 KB, 425x424, 628eddb12d0532d6a2b122c62d5cc7…)

If its between my home and country and belong alone, I wouldn't care much, I don't care if I found a man that I don't love or even like, I wouldn't care what race he was, as long as he was willing to marry so I'd get citizenship, also a part time job would be enough for my own extra spending, I mean I'd have my laptop and phone which is pretty much all I'd need but I'd miss my books
I'm a very diligent workers and have some skills that could be useful, I can cook, clean, do housework, clean toilets and can also do some manual labor job
also what do you mean i was born dead ?

No. 1226447

File: 1655308590790.gif (914.45 KB, 117x149, 1458817234650.gif)


No. 1226468

omg best song evar!!

No. 1226496

File: 1655311339408.gif (616.86 KB, 356x200, 200-2575487854.gif)

No. 1226524

File: 1655313246694.jpg (182.4 KB, 1080x863, IMG_20220615_191202.jpg)

>find out there's new Bella Janke milk
>kiwifarms is full of low IQ retards that keep getting trolled and defend troons
why, I just want to see the milk, not your 50 theories about your discord fuckbuddies

No. 1226526

If a moid defends trannies, he watches tranny porn

No. 1226532

What are you on about? What do you mean I was born dead

No. 1226533

Hit go to highlight in the thread Noni. It’s jumps to the next “important” post. Still trash but better than nothing. Remember to bring eye bleach

No. 1226539

Just got finished watching a storytime vid where a woman spent two hours describing an absolute shitshow of a dating life. Last night I watched another similarly long dating disaster vid from her. Lots of mess, overlap, rebounds, cheating, mind games, spying, dragging friends into it… Lil bit of everything toxic. The type of stories where everyone looks bad by the end of them
> And after this, omg guys I was celibate for almost a year. Nearly an entire year you guys… A year! Close to twelve whole months!!
.. is that meant to be a lot? Hell take another year off kek

No. 1226590

It really didn't help much, I've seen so much anti-choice sperging, racism and "white women fuck dogs lol!". This is why I don't usually touch kiwifarms.

No. 1226595

I wonder what happened to inshallah hater nonna… inshallah she's safe..

No. 1226598

NTA but it's kinda creepy knowing how muslim culture treats women

No. 1226602

I hate islam with all my might but i use inshallah ironically

No. 1226608

No. 1226620

inshallah is used the same way Americans use "oh my god", it's just something people say regardless of religious connotations at this point. You've never heard it irl?

No. 1226621

Couple of the deathfats that I follow over on KF have had hysterectomies done.. I'll never get over some of the retarded posts I've seen over there from men who have a shockingly poor understanding of what lies beyond a vagina.. cervix who? what is that? Men who thought that when you hit the end of a vag that's the womb you're knocking directly on right?.. weird shit. No wonder they love trannies. Easier to understand how a lady dick works or even a shit tube that's been refashioned in a new bonus poop chute at the front. A hole is a hole and they barely know the difference.

No. 1226631

The difference is that we are speaking english and saying inshallah while speaking english stands out
God is kinda used neutrally in the modern day, would feel weirder if somebody said "Heavenly Father"

No. 1226637


No. 1226641

sorry, on lolcow farm we will assume you are an islamic terrorist.

No. 1226658

Allah literally just means "god" and people say this type of phrases in any languages, just treat it like a loan word.

No. 1226660

Also I live in a catholic country and I still find it a bit weird when somebody greets me with a religious greeting like pfiat di

No. 1226663

Why do we have to say so many Islamic words now? Allah Mashallah Halal Inshallah etc. At first I thought it was cute, but like any abrahamic religion I think it's time to stop.

No. 1226664

what are you on about, Allah is the name of God in Arabic, Inshallah is 100% an Arabic Muslim world, the only reason even modern Muslims use the term is cause of Islamic culturalism becoming more and more present, my grandparetnts don't say Inshallah they terms that translate "Khudah ka hak" which translated too, "buy the will of God"

No. 1226669

Not sure if you're american, but if you said inshallah in certain parts of europe you would get beaten up. It has different cultural connotations and you are aware of it, that's why you say it ironically.

No. 1226671

File: 1655318832854.png (411.3 KB, 858x482, gs.png)

These two radiates so much casual lesbian energy whenever they're together I'm pretty much only watching this mediocre af show in hopes of them sooner or later revealing they've been together the whole time (and because of the music)

No. 1226674

I'm in Europe though, you should say where exactly you could get beaten up because that's not the norm from my own observation.

No. 1226675

No. 1226678

You must live in some islamic terrorist woman beating bubble

No. 1226682

Italy, Austria, Southern Germany, all of Eastern Europe in my experience, the hatred for Islam there is strong.

No. 1226683


No. 1226687

Petition to start abbreviating samefag as SF. I samefag a lot and get tired of typing that shit.

No. 1226695

I was joking (badly) sorry nona

Kek honesty is always good

No. 1226756

So I finally caught a ban from someone else using the same ip/vpn. Sometimes I wonder if the jannies will think we're the same person.

No. 1226808

I found this weird youtube channel lately where a guy sets up a kinect? and the sensor captures these figures walking around his living room… like it's picking up spirits. What the fuck… dunno how I ended up on it but I'm entertained.

No. 1226825

If I was a ghost and some mfer caught me walking about with his shitty kinect I'd be so embarrassed. But I'm interested… what's the name of the video??

No. 1226827

this isnt an attack on you but i don't know why so many anons think this. samefagging isn't just replying to yourself, it's when you reply to yourself while pretending to be someone else. there is no need to announce it especially if you are clearly continuing the same thought. it's ok to stop if you're tired!

No. 1226831

>there is no need to announce it especially if you are clearly continuing the same thought
sometimes the mods get mad if you don't lol

No. 1226835

probably because you're actually samefagging but theyve been kind of retarded for a while so i take it back, carry on with your announcements

No. 1226838

File: 1655325087281.jpg (756.55 KB, 1440x1800, 20220615_223108.jpg)

What do you think of Ken?

No. 1226839

No. 1226840

Too old

No. 1226842

This was already posted in celebricows, everyone agreed he's ugly

No. 1226848

There's about 10 or 12 on em on the channel but here's one. He's english so his accent might be a bit strong for some.

No. 1226852

he is an imposter and will never be ken

No. 1226855

I got like 3 you were banned!!! Messages in a week for boards I never even go on, shits annoying. But they were all old, from maybe a month or 2 ago and I never am actually prevented from posting? Idk is the system broken or am I just not understanding it

No. 1226856

After seeing both main actors, this movie better be a campy comedy. Anything else would be a disaster.

No. 1226860

I don’t get it either. I got am expired noticed from 2020 last week. Doesn’t make sense.

No. 1226862

File: 1655325934634.jpg (203.97 KB, 1284x1456, Eyy3yhpXIAMft_p.jpg_large.jpg)

Its a meme nonnas lol

No. 1226863

Samefag but I think it might have just clicked…. Maybe whoever got the ban didn’t post again through that IP so it shows up whenever it’s recycled and someone else comments because it’s the first time popping up.

No. 1226868

There’s nothing demonic about them

No. 1226874

Ohh, I guess that makes enough sense.

No. 1226901

You know how some people just give off that unpleasant vibe? (Take lindsey ellis as an example youtuber)
I wish there was a way to judge yourself on that, or maybe everyone has a different view

No. 1226910

>You know how some people just give off that unpleasant vibe?
Yes. I've felt the vibe in so many people, but I always feel crazy and tell myself to "not be so judgemental", but then the vibe turns correct
>I wish there was a way to judge yourself on that, or maybe everyone has a different view
Same. I wonder what vibe do I get, I think it's different to your personality, in a way
>Take lindsey ellis as an example youtuber
Genuine question, why her? Or what vibe do you feel from her?

No. 1226912

Anon could very well likely just be a bitch and think her microscopic criticisms are some sort of otherworldly intuition it absolutely isn’t

No. 1226917

I do understand, but I don't want other anons or janniez to get confused so I always clarify that I'm continuing my post.

No. 1226922

I liked some of her old videos like the Robin Williams Aladdin one, it was informative. But when she drifted more and more towards breadtube and politics I was getting kind of an uncomfortable 'this person isn't genuine' vibe. With her specifically she smiles a lot and tries to be the cool woke aunt, but she also drinks a lot and loves being petty on social media, also something about her make-up choices.

Then you find out how she bought her hugo nomination and new york times bestseller status and has stagnated on patreon and youtube and is trying to get relevance with drama, oof.

No. 1226925

Lindsey is a cow though, she has a thread on snow or is grouped up in the breadtube thread. From being the sausage gif girl on reddit to being hontra's little handmaiden.

No. 1226928

Nta but Lindsey's personality does come off as annoying tho, and she's a troon supporter.

No. 1226931

>she bought her hugo nomination
What? Really?

No. 1226938

There's more info on that online and I'm probably not the best person to explain the rigging but you can do that if you have an ok amount of money. I do know however how many authors rig the "new york times bestseller" thing and it's an open secret in the industry that some companies offer to do that for you.

No. 1226964

damn that's so sleezy. wish I could know every author who's bought their awards and nominations and bestsellers lists. would be a plethora of milk

No. 1226965

I mean we can probably tell what deserves it, she nominated her fucking hobbit video for a hugo award lmao

No. 1226976

I wonder how many farmer grandmas hornypost on g

No. 1226981

Hornyposting granny reporting in

No. 1226983

all the danofags are the 65+ anons

No. 1226986

hey, some of us are only 60 and we simply enjoy how nice and proper that Paul boy is.

No. 1227010

sometimes i have the humour of a 14 year old fortnite addicted little boy. like vidrel is one of the funniest things i've seen this month

No. 1227057

File: 1655335844191.jpg (113.34 KB, 404x424, download (18).jpg)

Sounds like you're talking about me; I wish, though

No. 1227080

File: 1655336912651.gif (4.28 MB, 640x320, nicholas-cage-funny.gif)

>mfw I just learned that the creator of HAES is an Ayden

No. 1227091

Omg, I did not know this.

No. 1227180

My spelling has been so bad recently and my sentences have always been awkward. Sometimes I wonder if people who come across my posts (here and on social media) think I'm ESL.

No. 1227182

Smoking after dinner is the best! I don't like to smoke except after I stuffed a pasta portion for 2 down my throat, just one, it's so amazing, ahh..

No. 1227194

File: 1655343386385.jpeg (70.55 KB, 865x579, woolly-worm.jpeg)

At night while I'm sleeping my wooly worm eyebrows detach from my face and crawl around the world gathering information. Then they crawl back onto my face and deliver the intel via dreams. This is how I play the stock market.

No. 1227207

Damn, you lucky gal! I envy your awesome ability. Do they have names?

No. 1227221

good for them

No. 1227235

Their names are Wiggles and Woggles

No. 1227238

nonnas should I do shrooms tonight?

No. 1227243


No. 1227283

I feel like no matter how I do my eyebrows they always look messy and too hairy. I'm fine with not being an eyebrow queen, but I wish they looked a little better.

No. 1227322

>It's horrifying to believe that the women dancing in the baby got back music video would not be considered to have a big ass nowadays
lol every time I think about this obsession with massive butts I remember a YouTube comment on that music video that was basically this

No. 1227331

It's an annoying-ass glitch that happens in various imageboard software. I think almost every altchan has this issue. It happens even on desktop when a post is too short and has a huge pic/video thumbnail or something I forgot.

No. 1227379

No. 1227397

File: 1655356407752.jpg (131.61 KB, 533x800, 4fc140703d5829d59e770092db1cee…)

And she changed her name from Linda Bacon…. To Lindo Bacon.

No. 1227452

After having no wifi for almost two weeks I'm back to working from home for 2 days in a row and I finally got enough sleep today. Feels good. I will shitpost here instead of working whenever I'm a bit tired and nobody will know.

No. 1227494

File: 1655364411220.jpg (70.27 KB, 1024x659, hot-dog-fingers.jpg)

Having long nails makes my hands look so big. I guess I have long fingers but I just don't notice until I have long nails. They don't look freakish or anything but I'm not completely used to it.

No. 1227518

I'm not usually a horoscope person but a few months ago I got into the habit of playing horoscope vids in the background to fall asleep. Most of them on YouTube have these relaxing voices they use.

I might stop soon. Its hitting me that every week… Every month there's these predictions that something will happen at work, something will happen with friends, I'll travel, an old flame will come back, a new romantic interest will enter my life. Two men will fight over me…

Bitch where. I have no life. I mean I never took it seriously but it now feels a weird reminder of how nothing happens to me in a typical month or even most years lol

No. 1227520

Freaky picture lol

No. 1227534

File: 1655367771759.gif (1.57 MB, 532x640, yassified-yassification.gif)

This is, unironically, what society expects and wants from women, even in our worst life threatening moments

No. 1227535

very true unfortunately

No. 1227543

File: 1655368822908.jpeg (80.92 KB, 622x592, 0C11E20D-4469-47D2-B8EF-75B86F…)

Got a job interview today in like 10 mins please pray for me nonnies

No. 1227545

File: 1655369211699.gif (186.19 KB, 152x157, emoji-emoticon.gif)


No. 1227546


No. 1227567

File: 1655373430396.png (1.28 MB, 960x1153, dallemini_2022-6-16_19-40-47.p…)

tag yourselves, nonnies

No. 1227569

Bottom row centre. Yeah that's right my face is a lil off but I've got a great pair of tits.

No. 1227572

how did it go?

No. 1227575

Went alright I think, there was 2 other girls there but they were really inexperienced, didn’t dress properly and didn’t respond well to the questions so here’s hoping I get it and stop being a poorfag.

No. 1227576

Thank you queens ♥

No. 1227580

noice! good for you nona!

No. 1227585

Would moid be offended if I told him I only date people from my country?

No. 1227586

i dreamed i was having sex with saul goodman

No. 1227587

Most likely, moids get mad at you as soon as they find out you don’t want to fuck then.

No. 1227600

How do I explain delicately to this bitch I can't deal with the huge cultural differences? Is it so unreasonable? Fuck

No. 1227608

You don't own anyone an explanation? Make some bullshit up
>Sorry Bob, I think we just don't click together that well

No. 1227609

File: 1655378929034.jpg (74.81 KB, 650x867, 20220616_110735.jpg)

If I surround myself with only amazing people I feel like I'm not good enough.
If I surround myself with shitty people I feel annoyed by them.

No. 1227627

"I'm not into you"
Tbh the more you explain yourself to scrotes.. the more they try to pick holes in your reasons.

No. 1227660

File: 1655385977096.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.14 KB, 439x480, 1654548701091.jpeg.jpg)

I sent this picture to a guy friend last night after getting mad at him. He hasn't opened the message but it was on snapchat so I bet he did the slide over thing and saw it because he doesn't usually leave my messages on delivered for over a day. I hope he responds just so I can send more manhate memes. Fuck males.

No. 1227687

My boyfriend and I watch horrible reality TV shows together to make fun of them. Obviously the scrotes are horrendous and monkey-brained, and my boyfriend always gets exasperated, picks them apart, and says the girlfriends should kill them, kek. Even when a gold digger shows up every once in a while, he says the guy deserves to be drained for all he's worth because he clearly is only using her for her looks. It's a simple thing but shows how perceptive he is, when so many scrotes jump to defend men no matter how bad they are.

No. 1227694

Makes me think of that thing where we have different sides of ourselves that we bring forward depending of whose company we're in. Men watching films or shows will adapt their commentary depending on whether they're with their male friends or with their girlfriends.

No. 1227719

File: 1655391092298.png (104.33 KB, 643x160, vfkdf.PNG)

why is YT showing me this gross worm man

No. 1227735

I'm the anon from last Friday who had a tinder nightmare happen in work ie a coworker tried to match me on tinder and then tried to talk about it in work to me while I tried to get swallowed by the earth. Anyway, today was the first time since I saw him from that encounter and didn't I make small talk and relieve all the pressure he put on to me to handle the situation. God. I'm like a social ghandi

No. 1227740

What the fuck happened to YT??????¿¿¿ At least Markiplier and pewdiepieee were hot !

No. 1227746

Based anon

Peggle always makes me think of “pegging” and I cannot see the appeal of either one

No. 1227774

god, this guy still exits?

No. 1227785

>>1227687 This just means your guy is a used-up manwhore. He knows what women want to hear, memorised word-for-word. I bet he’s more manipulative and snakey than the average moid. You should hear the sorts of things he says when he’s with his friends.

No. 1227802

and not groomers (afaik)

No. 1227813

NTA but jeez, that just means anon should never date ever. Heterosexual? Don't mind that, go for celibacy. I'd rather be with a man that's obedient and useful to me than an asshole.

No. 1227818

He's not exiting fast enough

No. 1227832

That is true. He tells me he can only joke like that around me because he knows everyone else will get offended.
Weird conclusion to draw from 3 sentences.

No. 1227905

File: 1655402383011.jpg (327.4 KB, 614x1307, 1655402193399.jpg)

No. 1227909

who is she……

No. 1227928

File: 1655403685493.gif (5.96 MB, 230x230, Tumblr_l_33843474474446.gif)

Tinfoil time. I know some nonas hate tinfoiling about the moderatos and admin but whatever. I don't use discord and I don't care to so idk how it looks in the lc discord. I think that either oldmin abandoned the site, or newmin chickened out of becoming an admin. There are maybe 4-6 mods around. Admin (whichever one) is either legit MIA or doesn't communicate much with the moderator team. It's gotten worse over time and will continue to get worse over time. I might be undershooting but I bet it'll get really, really fucked by the end of the year. Admin will not be making any comments or announcements anymore.

No. 1227935

You are 100% right. Also I believe the theory Ian is still around

No. 1228061

File: 1655409741180.jpg (18.73 KB, 400x400, WCF5A0on_400x400.jpg)

>tfw get a butthole pang AND vagina pangs

No. 1228068

the Y chromosome more like the Why chromosome

No. 1228071

cause why does it exist

No. 1228124

Yea these two posts are going in the vault kek thanks for the laughs ladies

No. 1228129

File: 1655412219451.jpeg (100.81 KB, 1491x1029, 1653781042653.jpeg)

No. 1228135

Instead of posting on social media I just think of posts I would make in my head, then imagine the likes and replies I'd get, and slap my knee saying "hohoho, classic me!" and then proceed to not post anything

No. 1228139

cry harder and go clean the cheese out of your foreskin

No. 1228148

Totally botched a conversation with someone while buying something at the farmer’s market today. How do I stop myself from thinking about it and dying inside for the rest of the day?

No. 1228149

File: 1655412825174.jpg (12.31 KB, 256x256, d0286208ee46ac23fc160cc318064e…)

I love celebricow nonnas so much, everytime I visit that thread, I'm guaranteed to have a healthy laugh.

No. 1228264

I wish seafood wasn't so sinfully expensive where I live. almost 10€ for 250g of frozen shrimp is insane.

No. 1228287

Might be the same scrote defending men from being "emasculated" in the confessions thread lol

No. 1228290

File: 1655424628954.gif (967.2 KB, 310x234, Q9no.gif)

You weren't supposed to make a delicious dessert from your foreskin crumbs, it isn't fair

No. 1228332

I can't stop playing with my pubes

No. 1228335

I can't stop fucking laughing at this lmaoooo
If ghosts are actually real my house must be full of them, how cool is that? Actually that's pretty embarrasing, ghosts must be watching my cringe ass self when I'm alone doing and saying dumbass shit

This, when I became an lc regular I had to get used to announcing my doubleposts with "samefag but", because I saw everyone else doing it and figured it was just the culture here, where "samefag" means something else. It's actually called doubleposting or tripleposting, etc. (And I think mods hate it like >>1226831 said because you could just delete your first post to add new information and repost, instead of making an additional post to correct yourself or add more.)
It's the same with "OP". It could stand for "original post(er)" too, but on every imageboard it only ever means "opening post(er)". Again, I figured this was just part of the culture here but now I dunno. OP meaning "original poster" is more convenient than saying "the first person in this reply chain" or "the person who originally posted this thing", though.
There's also writing board names like /ot or g/. lolcow's culture is so weird lol. Not that that's a bad thing.

No. 1228358

Yeah but the “samefag” thing is semantics really, it’s really common to say it and it isn’t like it’s meant seriously. It does appear like you’re replying to your post like a samefag even though you’re just adding an afterthought to doublepost.

No. 1228371

File: 1655433502437.gif (4.75 MB, 640x554, 1647029676195.gif)

I really wish I had bitchy girlfriends to laugh about how fucking repulsive ugly men are. None of my friends want to engage with me in my ugly man routine and it kinda stings. I think it's because they know their boyfriends are ugly. I'm glad lolcow exists and laughing about ugly men is just every day, 24/7.

No. 1228410

File: 1655437240521.jpg (194.92 KB, 983x1200, FL1LXfcXwAEF_lP.jpg)

No. 1228411

join a discors server, its fun. I think lolcow needs a manhating discord server

No. 1228415


No. 1228418

The true ending.

No. 1228419

>ghosts are literally just chilling with him and hanging around
Asshole moid

No. 1228510

I've been experimenting with make up at the old age of 30 and doing my eyebrows makes such an insane difference. My eyebrows are very blonde so with darkening them a bit it's like I can actually see emotion on my face.

No. 1228522

TIL what a bixie hairstyle is. I am still thoroughly confused. Someone explain it to me in a simpler way for my dumbassary is too strong.

No. 1228532

I think it's just the haircut that the ladies in the front area of the doctor's office wear. Like unteased Karen cuts.

No. 1228533

File: 1655449153250.png (2.84 MB, 1174x1280, Dolly_x_Duncan_Hines.png)

I never saw the Dolly Parton cake mix near me, and I'm very sad about it. I love bananas a lot and I'm a country girl so I really wanted to try them. These cakes probably aren't even available anymore. The packaging is so cute too.

No. 1228534

Literally some anons here think that kek

No. 1228536

I get it now. Thank you!!

No. 1228544

No. 1228547

File: 1655450950681.jpg (352.37 KB, 1080x2163, Screenshot_20220617-002821_Chr…)


No. 1228610

File: 1655458637216.jpeg (155.12 KB, 1000x842, 1653218964919.jpeg)

enjoying being on my period cause I'm not a moid or troon ehehehe

No. 1228615

It’s 38 degrees in Lyon tomorrow in JUNE! I didn’t think that part of Europe could be so hot, surtout this time of year like wtf

No. 1228624

Putain je dois rendre des vêtements qui me vont pas en centre ville demain, prie pour moi anon, je vais mourir dans le métro avant d'avoir atteint Bellecour.

No. 1228626

I went to Brittany I think last June, heard this region given it's so far in the north is never really going much above 26-28degrees on the hottest days, ended up having around 35 every day for a week. Can't deny climate change

No. 1228631

damn sis i can't imagine living urban in those temperatures, je viens de kent in england mais ici il fait chaud…comme 24 degrees, donc i thought that was super hot, je me sens comme si je suis en train de mourir, but then for you in france…38? sois forte, like honestly je vais crier pour ceux qui vivent en lyon surtout toi ma nonnie, et sur le metro ca sera comme l'enfer. desolee si c'etait un bordel de francais et anglais, je suis en train d'oublier ce que j'ai m'appris au college kek (aussi je ne peux pas trouver les accents sur mon clavier)
woah nonnie i was going to visit brittany to avoid the heat but damnnn, and it's only going to get hotter if i'm in it so i guess i won't go anymore rip. if you live somewhere really hot btw my sister said put ice cubes on pulse points it actually works trust me, rip if you live in france too

No. 1228639

kek I thought you were from Lyon too sorry. 24°C is the ideal temperature imo, especially when there's a little bit of wind, that's how it used to be in June here like 15 years ago. Now every summer there's usually crazy heat waves followed by crazy rain and thunder, then the weathee become bearable until there's a new short heat wave that ends with more thunder. Last year we had a lot of rain so it felt great but some people had their houses ruined and some subway stations were closed one specific day because the rain just wouldn't stop. Anyway I'll go to stores downtown to get my money back early in the morning to I won't melt and die. Et t'inquiète pas pour ton français, je trouve que tu as un assez bon niveau pour progresser rapidement. Et c'est normal pour les accents, ils sont pas sur les claviers QWERTY mais c'est pas grave du tout.

No. 1228648

I should have bought the strawberries. I told myself I can’t eat them fast enough so it’d be a waste. I want strawberries so badly rn maaaaan.

No. 1228661

we're lucky tbh, although heatwaves and storms sound exciting, they'd probably only be nice in the short term, it's wild that some people's lives could be messed up and disrupted by summer weather. glad you'll get to go early as well, like imagine being on the train in full heat and capacity
>imagine the smell
qwerty keyboards are the bane of my existence, also i'm mad flattered for that compliment from a french girl, i am now extra arrogant and big headed, even for a british girl, so merci innit

No. 1228715

File: 1655472845111.jpg (26.68 KB, 1000x667, Fresas-Con-Crema-4.jpg)

Strawberry season will be over soon, don't miss out while they're the most delicious! If you have a lot left you can always make a smoothie or strawberries and cream dessert, makes it much easier to consume a lot at once than eating one after another too

No. 1228824

I just ate 500g of strawberries lmao, NO REGRETS

No. 1228834

File: 1655479799260.jpeg (769.45 KB, 828x1125, C80B22A2-E06C-47B6-9B11-F207EC…)

No. 1228857

File: 1655480325335.jpg (41.39 KB, 828x812, 1640799928366.jpg)

No. 1228863

I want to separate nicki minaj the person from her artistry. Her discography is great. I can just vibe to her songs all day.

No. 1228872

This is sad hardcore as the average lolcow user gets. Sometimes, she goes to bed at 9:30 instead of 9…

No. 1228882

What's the ost of this scene

No. 1229026

>smegoid gets called short once

No. 1229035

Can and do. That woman wrote itty bitty piggy.

No. 1229062

File: 1655488552843.jpeg (146.08 KB, 732x1000, FKYVTApXoAUjBiD.jpeg)

Bump for porn raid, be careful

No. 1229076

File: 1655489591064.jpg (68.1 KB, 600x580, yyyyyyyyyy.jpg)

lol @ the moid why is he spamming tranny suicide pics though we're transphobic here

No. 1229084

i found it samefag

No. 1229094

Do Kinect sensors just…do that? How is that possible?

No. 1229096

i was on the plane with dwayne, u can call me whitley i go to hillman

No. 1229145

File: 1655493110762.jpeg (166.88 KB, 640x602, 7C36F957-E5D7-4134-927D-FC75E7…)

Found this unhinged sounding lady on reddit. She claims to have been trafficked as a child by Waldman. What do you think? I kind of believe her, but she could just be schizo

No. 1229147

File: 1655493143725.jpg (22.21 KB, 512x321, media_E9XK-icUYAMOOND.jpg)


No. 1229196

I followed pizza Gate as it was happening and the actual leaks and a guy that wasn't the shooter actually went to the place and posted photos of the weird pedo art and the sectioned off rooms that didn't make sense for a restaurant. Qanon came out a year or so after it all and I noticed a lot of misinfo being spread about around that time and after what I feel like was a staged shooter at the pizza place because then that was all anyone talked about. Not the fact that there was a leak of all these symbols and codes about pedophilia and trafficking children. People operate businesses as fronts all the time to launder money or for nefarious reasons. I'm from UK and years ago a pedo ring of working class muslims was busted for operating child trafficking am I to believe they're more sophisticated than the government.

No. 1229217

I have been without romantic affection and dealt with so much rejection that now I feel repulsed by anything sexual or romantic. I went from really wanting to cuddle and be affectionate with a man to finding the whole thing disgusting.

No. 1229454

File: 1655512549361.png (260.51 KB, 357x536, Capture.PNG)

why am i so late to Doja playing sims 4 and why am I loving it so much?

No. 1229458

Damn that's cute

No. 1229469

For the first time in my life I kind of want to use a guy for sex? I specifically want to go after some himbo type of jock that I would never seriously date and then use him for my femdom shibari fantasy that I'd probably never use on a real bf. Most men who are ok with femdom stuff are really pornsick and therefore not bf material but GOD i want this so bad even though i am anxious af and most likely will not even try to attempt this

No. 1229486

is she playing on yt or streaming on insta or something

No. 1229646

what does it mean if a guy's top 2 artists on spotify are elliott smith and carly rae jepsen?

No. 1229650

No. 1229653

sometimes i wonder if the nonnas with the same 3DPD husbando as me stopped posting because they simply left the site or because i gave off weird energy lmao

No. 1229654

who is your 3d husbando?

No. 1229656

Kek that's what I would have thought, except I'm pretty positive he's into me so I don't know what to make of this.

No. 1229682

Do I go out to get a shitty gas station drink? It's late and I'm feeling like doing something completely retarded.

No. 1229684

We have the same brain I say yes

No. 1229686

Okay brain twin

No. 1229687

what drink anon? is it late and dark out?

No. 1229689

This weirdass tea the gas station only carries. It's 11:13 and dark. I got pepper spray and a taser.

No. 1229691

File: 1655533573327.jpg (1.14 MB, 1439x883, Tumblr_l_98505323060832.jpg)

It's 2:30 AM and i need to go to bed but i don't want to

No. 1229693

Do you have work or any commitments tomorrow?

No. 1229696

Keep crying for no reason to gang gang

No. 1229697

No but my sleep schedule is fucked and I'm trying to get my shit together

No. 1229700

Gang gang

No. 1229708

I hope you can just pass out soon. Rooting for you nonnie

No. 1229715

nonnies my car stopped working and I have to walk to work. At midnight. It’s about 20 mins away, I hope nothing creepy or weird happens, I don’t think my neighborhood is to bad.

No. 1229718

I brought my taser…but it’s not charged, of course, when I could finally use it.

No. 1229722

aw this made me miss my young coworker who left a few months ago. she said gang gang an obnoxious amount of times but she was cool.

No. 1229723

Alright, keep your eyes moving, listen to sounds, trust your gut, use whatever you have as a weapon (use taser to hit head, left side between temple and ear preferably, shoe can be a blunt object, etc.). No such thing as a clean fight, always go for the nards first then head blow. Just stay alert and you should be good.

No. 1229724

Thank you Nona, I hear birds so now I'm really going to go to sleep kek

No. 1229726

Thank you nonnie! I’m pretty much there. There was a guy who did a real slow u turn, and then did one at the next light, and then came back from a side street so it was impossible for me to not walk in front of him so I seriously just turned around, he finally left me alone after that.

No. 1229730

Good. Glad you're okay.

No. 1229764

Who gives a shit about what some random celebrity is doing

I’d rather be playing the sims 2

No. 1229830

I know you won’t attempt this but seriously don’t. It’ll only hurt you in the end.

No. 1229834

Lyon anon here, I survived, but barely. I'm gonna hibernate for the rest of the day, and I'll unfortunately go vote tomorrow morning so I hope the morning will be ok. Thanks for your support Kent anon.

No. 1229860

Today I'm going to get an EEG done and I'm going to be asleep through it. I swear I've never been more terrified of having a sex dream.

based. Sims 2 is great.

No. 1229870

File: 1655551694678.gif (15.01 KB, 125x122, everest.gif)

I think I'm gonna unplug my pc and put it away for a few weeks because that's literally the only way I can see myself fixing my totally fucked up lifestyle

No. 1229871

do it! sounds like that could be really good.

No. 1229928

File: 1655558100883.jpeg (53.37 KB, 450x450, 3EBC3025-5AC2-4FC1-8B83-47B950…)

The first time I drank this (at my mom’s insistence), I thought it was a fluke and I was at the end of my cold anyway so that’s why I felt better after drinking it. I’ve been a bit sick the past few days, so I took a stab at it and drank a cup last night and ended up not coughing as much and my stuffy nose mostly went away… Not sure if it’s a coincidence or my mom might be onto something with all her weird chinese herbal supplements kek

No. 1229929

I kind of wonder if the TikTokers who like this song even notice the lyrics. It's literally titled "Transgender" and it goes like this (pretty self-explanatory)

>Will you ever preserve

>Will you ever exhume?
>Will you watch petals shed
>From flowers in bloom?

>Nothing can live up to promise

>Nothing can stop its narrative
>Nothing in place of catalysts
>And you'll never be pure again

No. 1229940

I've been working over 40 hours a week since ly last week long break since February. I'm off for 8 days!! Everyone was so nice to me today and basically offered to do everything for me today so I could get away early. Aww. It's nice to know you're valued lol

No. 1229955

Damn, it's hard to leave behind fantasy men and become "normal". I could just write erotica and get off a hundred times, instead I end up talking to dudes that think suggesting cumming on someone's face is sexy talk. I might just completely regress, even though I miss physical touch.

No. 1229959

that reads like word salad to me like wtf does that even mean

No. 1229963

This was always my favorite CC song back when I liked them, I don't care about the title or the retarded lyrics
I bet the tiktokers love the title though

No. 1229965

reading the comments. crystal castles aren't that good but still, tiktok zoomers fucking ruin everything, my god. embarrassing.

No. 1229966

I think a friend of mine may be browsing here based on some borderline manhate-ish things she said that I've only ever seen mentioned here. If not here it must be some other place where women share similiar sentiments.

No. 1229970

I hope I'm that friend. Reach out to me, nona. Mention the code phrase "Hall was the blond one" and I'll reveal my farmer status.

No. 1229971

>Will you ever preserve, will you ever exhume?
Puberty blockers. "Preserving" one's body pre-puberty in a bid to "exhume" its natural male or female characteristics later on
>Will you watch petals shed from flowers in bloom?
Physical decay and side effects on what should be an otherwise healthy, strong body "in bloom".

>Nothing can live up to promise

The "promise" being the idea that you can change your sex. Therapists, other troons and quack doctors literally selling you promises about being able to pick and choose, "become a girl uwu", etc. No pill, surgical procedure or body can actually live up to that ideal.
>Nothing can stop its narrative
The narrative = your physical body's actual narrative and its development can't actually be "stopped". You can't really "pause" puberty, but you can fuck yourself up and end up infertile with osteoporosis and other issues.
>Nothing in place of catalysts
Again, side effects of fucking up your hormones. HRT issues.
>And you'll never be pure again
Should be obvious, the "purity" of the body is ruined. Alice Glass did comment that "purity" is an illusion used to justify things like bride burning, child molestation, genocide, etc, but the alternative painted in these lyrics is also very bleak. It basically paints a picture of someone trying to live on promises, using whatever they can to try and stop the body from doing what it was meant to do from the start (and ultimately, dying). It's basically "YWNBAW: The Song"

No. 1229976

wtf based? now I like crystal castles again

No. 1229978

File: 1655561602347.png (1.75 MB, 2048x1662, 1611017969726.png)

My moid never listens to anything anyone says and always suffers the consequences in the end. At first it was stressful for me but now I just laugh at his pain. He deserves it and I deserve the entertainment.

No. 1229979

This is so unhinged but I support you because I relate.

No. 1230000

File: 1655563553194.jpg (118.2 KB, 990x728, a7c90dab38cf832d809b495daa71ee…)

I'm boiling corn to eat for breakfast at 7:45 a.m.

No. 1230005

File: 1655563909788.webm (2.92 MB, 720x720, 1654460307249.webm)

I love how much this blind women seems to have a fun time, but honestly I would be so scared if I were to feel muscles for the first time without any idea what to expect. It must be so surprisind, almost like touching another specie kek

No. 1230009

I think I caught covid but I can't be sure cus I ain't paying money to get a test, but I never had anything like that.. I've been sick for like an entire month and it's not gone yet. Weird thing is that I almost died from the flu which lasted like 2 weeks but this shit is still here making me unable to eat without feeling like I'm gonna throw up

No. 1230039

are you in the us? tests are free through usps if you are

No. 1230051

Samefag, didn't sleep at all. How do I remove the paste thing they put on my head?
NAYRT, I'm pretty sure it was "Hall is the blond one"

No. 1230056

I hate how the roided pos moid got her to touch his unwashed ass.

No. 1230065

File: 1655568252862.jpeg (30.84 KB, 300x300, E51CBE5C-F4AC-4BD0-8FB7-7A43A5…)


No. 1230072

File: 1655568634670.jpg (13.18 KB, 470x460, 86d06013fac663ee9a86209d5f8126…)

i think i had covid? i had a cold like 2 weeks ago, the symptoms went away after like 3 days but i was super exhausted so after trying to push through at work i got a sick note for 3 days. the doctor asked if i had covid before and i said no. she just shrugged and said "ok then" and gave me my note. no further testing from her side. i never tested positive and my only covid like symptom (aside from the cold symptoms) was super exhaustion that lasted for almost ten days. i never considered that it was covid since i was negative every single day. meanwhile my mom, who is basically my clone regarding illnesses of any kind, was super fucking positive immediately when she had covid earlier this year. so i assumed it would be like that for me too. but then i talked to my friend today and she said when she tested positive she had the exact same experience as i had. hm.

No. 1230092

I love how much my mom hates men, I didn't even know she did but there was a commercial on about that 3 in 1 bodywash shampoo scrote shit and I made a comment that I thought it was retarded that they couldn't just buy separate shampoo. She said with a stone cold face and no hesitation 'men don't wash themselves anyway I'd rather they use that'. I don't know why but my mom hating on men so blatantly is the best and funniest thing that has happened to me in a while.

No. 1230106

>should i send a pile of shit anonymously through a prank site to my bosses wife who verbally assaulted me last shift?
(The answer is yes. The question is when)

No. 1230116

File: 1655571373497.gif (1.06 MB, 220x123, satisfaction-get-it.gif)

oooah I love this song, go nonna, gogogogo

No. 1230121

Your mom sounds great. I'd love to chat with her. My mom's a pickme so talking to her is socially unstimulating.

No. 1230150

File: 1655572837471.png (571.27 KB, 740x1582, Screenshot 2022-06-18 131341.p…)

my mom is a pickme but my therapist recently said that men are emotionally unintelligent out of nowhere and the way she said it with pity and condescension was hilarious like she thinks they're legit retarded hahaahhahaha

No. 1230156

Based mom. Mine has seen the light a while ago, I joked that we should slash the throats of every slightly violent men after she told me she saw a video of a guy slapping or punching his wife at their wedding on tiktok and she told me I was completely right and that they deserve it and it would prevent more domestic abuse and femicide.

No. 1230181

my mom swings wildly between "not all men" and "yes all men", though her "not all men" means "your stepdad is okay when he's not being a dumb bitch." we love shittalking men.

based therapist. i know it's cringe to watch rick and morty but that episode with the female run planet where the women had an advanced, peaceful society and the men were brutes that were constantly waging war and raping sex dolls was just a mirror of society.

No. 1230202

File: 1655575109353.jpg (45.4 KB, 857x628, 16-38-55-283854995_74459978654…)

I hate the state of lc now, just infigting, baiting moids, nonnas falling for the bait, bug porn

No. 1230208

Lyon nonnie you survived! le woohoo!
I found out that draping a cold damp cloth around your neck really helps with the heat if you're indoors. Hibernate well UwU

No. 1230225

File: 1655576344177.jpeg (701.45 KB, 848x1131, 7E49CBD1-0DB3-4A36-B006-11F5BD…)

No moid of any species will enter heaven.

No. 1230232

Go off queen
No really please go off the deep end kill rich ppl

No. 1230236

why not just castrate the dog?

No. 1230238

File: 1655576924121.jpeg (29.17 KB, 602x337, 66C6414C-BA2F-4F06-93C9-17819E…)

In my 27 years of life and all of the depraved things I have learned about, I could have never, ever have come up with BUG PORN in a million fucking years. Human depravity is as vast and incomprehensible as the universe itself. Will there ever be a time where I’m not shocked? It’s like any depraved thing a human can possibly do, it’s already been done. What is the point of it all? We are no better than beasts and we should stop pretending that we fucking are.

No. 1230247

File: 1655577209335.png (449.54 KB, 500x571, normal is just a setting on a …)

Can't believe only now I noticed Doctor-chan checking out TARDIS-chan's boobs in this still kek

No. 1230249

My asshole scrote neighbor is moving finally but the baby hotdog weiner that he is keeps slamming his front door! I get he's getting rid of shit and it's windy outside, but he always slams his fucking door. Need to be quiet for his special ass but he can be as loud as he wants. Bloo bloo I have ptsd yet I play very violent vidya games. I want to commit homicide so badly.

No. 1230286

this image is giving me flashbacks

No. 1230317

OMG THE TIMING, nonnas i found a farmer on twitter; she reposted almost instantly from a /snow/ thread and its so obvious
No ladies noooooo dont put your face on those accounts! Im half amused by the happen stance of scrolling through tags but bbygirl stay anonymous please

No. 1230322

File: 1655582533779.jpg (16.77 KB, 400x400, 9P4l154__400x400.jpg)

I keep my pepper spray strapped on my waist like it's a gun

No. 1230332

Link pls

No. 1230333

what a cute lil buckaroo

No. 1230336

No nonna, i will not dox. She may be dumb but its not worth it .

No. 1230338

not saying you should link the twitter but linking soneone's twitter is not doxxing them kek

No. 1230339

kek i know exactly what you mean

No. 1230342

File: 1655584932887.jpg (40.78 KB, 500x434, c28b11ae37be3675d70ff82335f125…)

So they have to clean up dog semen off that thing?

No. 1230358

File: 1655586288632.jpg (28.9 KB, 208x251, 54524.jpg)

Which one of you posted this on /mu?

No. 1230359

This is why literally my entire family refuses to get a male pet, unless it’s a fucking hamster or guinea pig. All they do is piss everywhere and hump shit. My male relatives have no problem acknowledging this in animals, but struggle when it comes to themselves.

No. 1230361

File: 1655586668085.jpg (45.24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>bug porn

No. 1230362

theres a naked slut bug throwing its ass back right here >>1230342

No. 1230364

File: 1655587010431.jpg (127 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.3584910482_opcx.jpg)

i miss playong katamari

No. 1230366

I've been slowly peaking my normie libtard friend for the last few weeks. I started out by acting like I felt sorry for the troons and then I work my way up. If you say they're fetishists right away or too early they'll disregard everything you've said or will say. Today I said fuck it and sent him a bunch of screencaps from Ray Blanchard's typology Wikipedia page and screenshots of r/mtf euphoria boner posts and euphoria boner memes and he agreed with me that they were fetishists. Feels good nonnies.

No. 1230367

Female dogs do this too.
Retarded backyard breeders, retarded "animal rights" activists, and retarded moids who think it feminizes their male dogs (yes really).
Attention whoring moidlet yesterday was posting very weak "shock porn" of a woman with roaches crawling inside her vag.

No. 1230372

That explains the state of the site.

No. 1230380

File: 1655589140318.jpg (18.99 KB, 474x313, OIP (6).jpg)

There's no 'All I Wanna Do' fanfics on Ao3 dammit. Are there any media like it?

No. 1230383

Anything other than the lolcow style or maybe girl talk theme is unusable to me

No. 1230392

I have the notsuba style for idk how many years now. Everything else is jarring to look at for me.

No. 1230396

Same, either notsuba or darkcow

No. 1230400

I like most of the themes but I hate that the catalog does not change along with the theme, it's jarring.

No. 1230402

same with front page, I use darkcow and it can be jarring to go to the front page and catalogue.

No. 1230403

How do I deal with a emotionally volatile mean girl in a small workspace? Shes snappy and dramatic for no reason. Tinfoiling autisim honestly

No. 1230415

>Female dogs do this too
NAYRT but yeah I've seen it, Why do they do that?

No. 1230421

Because they're in heat, if they aren't spayed. But once they learn it they'll just do it for fun, even if they are spayed later.

No. 1230434

Pussy sugg RightNow yes no? Bingsu bead slime sounding? Crack

No. 1230438

I am 100% certain if men returned to caves they would do this too

No. 1230471

>Bug porn
I'd joke that they'd jerk off to anything but then I remember they would literally have sex with a chicken sandwich. I don't ever want to see or hear how a degenerate moid's mind work. Ain't worth the lifelong therapy. I already mentally block enough crap, no way I need that insanity added on.

No. 1230494

>I don't ever want to see or hear how a degenerate moid's mind work.

Enjoy listening to this audio of a gay chat line

No. 1230514

I don't even want to think what bug porn means, it's just beyond my comprehension

No. 1230517

Give so little shit about my dad I just had my bf get me a random card for him when he was out

No. 1230520

File: 1655595659264.png (211.47 KB, 998x937, 1525978139421.png)

We need a database of males in our local areas sorted by height, family history of male pattern baldness, work ethic, and dick size, STAT.

No. 1230539

in the crisp new snow
where our whispers go
secrets buried by time
pains that ebb and flow

alone in the car whilst
raindrops tap dance down
tracing a picture of
the ghosts we left
in this worn town

migratory birds cry in mourning
and in morning your plane will leave
bleeding colour of sunset trailing you
in the sky, now
the cold wind has scattered my pleas

in crisp new snow the past lies still,
we leave it pristine, caressed by sun
prettier from afar, mountain top beacon

in that untouched place, you’re still smiling at me

ooh squiggle my piggles it’s in lowercase which makes it extra deep!!

No. 1230552

where is this from anon

No. 1230562

i made it twenty minutes ago are u proud of me

No. 1230600

yes, it's great thanks for sharing

No. 1230605

Clap clap clap very beautiful

No. 1230607

File: 1655598292637.jpg (105.7 KB, 700x525, unnamed.jpg)

i think its hilarious that the moid got so triggered by yaoi that he started spamming gore, men really are that fragile and worthless.

No. 1230612

i don't even get why yaoi upsets them so. they're so impossibly irrational all of the time.

No. 1230618

you need to cleanse your mind you don’t see the actual evil of men, your life centers them. you are an actual sheeple dumbass kek

No. 1230620

its even more pathetic because they come here to raid/troll and then get upset when they see yaoi replys so they start chimping like typical sub-males.

No. 1230632

The cartoon men are pretty and lack all of the flaws and threats real men possess though. If we don't like a trait of a fictional man, just create your own headcanon and bam, better lol

No. 1230633

you need some burned sage, exorcism you are not right in the mind. you are not right in the head

No. 1230647

You sound exactly like a religious fanatic, how curious

No. 1230649

File: 1655599436279.png (329.68 KB, 1994x1589, pickmes never win.PNG)

Scrotes are literally retarded and rely on cognitive dissonance to pass on their failed genetics.

No. 1230680

File: 1655600099835.gif (9.29 MB, 498x498, get-out-of-my-head-cat.gif)

>tfw come on after not being on all day and scrotes are spamming and jannies are sleep and anons are sperging about yumejoshis and fujoshis and pickmes and trolls and yaoi and retards and polilez' and men and women and hyunjin and what's funny or not and

No. 1230701

Kek idk anon I'm enjoying the chaos

No. 1230702

File: 1655600561414.jpg (16.18 KB, 403x312, 1409777140439.jpg)

Calm down eat some healing cream it will be back to normal before we know it

No. 1230712

I wish males would clean a toilet for how much they like seeing gross shit and use their degeneracy for something useful.

No. 1230717

its just yaoi.. and the vanilla kind too. oh anon

No. 1230732

It's a pretty pathetic spam too… the brazilian scrote must have a mental disability

No. 1230742

Yeah, it's called being male.

No. 1230770

I fucking hate it. This fucking male got his incel friends here and now they're spamming shit. Seriously thinking this is why males die so early, they're just consumed by rage.

No. 1230789

File: 1655602848554.jpg (80.05 KB, 509x800, 1802875578_d0af6b5692_c.jpg)

I've never been to a gynecologist. I really need to go to one because I'm out of options, but I'm honestly a little scared.
I've never had a truly negative experience with doctor in the past and I know I could do more damage to my body if I don't go. There's also that aspect of letting someone see (and smell) my vagina in it's current state. I know this is what doctors are for, I just can't think logically about this.

No. 1230802

I feel very bad for youtubers and other creators who have to perform crazy amounts of emotional labor for weirdo fragile stans.

No. 1230808

Try to find a female gynecologist of you can.

He's from Brazil? Could he be from that Brazilian scrote imageboard that raided that one Brazilian female-only imageboard?

No. 1230814

>Could he be from that Brazilian scrote imageboard that raided that one Brazilian female-only imageboard?
There's a brazilian only female imageboard?????

No. 1230815

>Could he be from that Brazilian scrote imageboard that raided that one Brazilian female-only imageboard?
he said he came here after watching a video on creepshowart

No. 1230860

That pic technically counts as hijab

No. 1230886

Compared to actually cramming bugs into your vagina or penis, a chicken sandwich does seem pretty sexy.

No. 1230894

File: 1655612672764.jpeg (263.93 KB, 655x1265, BCA94E44-D31E-4F7C-B7B7-9612E1…)

I love manifestochan.

No. 1230895

File: 1655612722041.jpeg (205.88 KB, 667x952, AF66CF41-7348-4556-8CC4-EC794B…)

No. 1230903

Thank you for these posts. For the first time in weeks the burden of my breakup actually feels lifted. They really are all the same.

No. 1230906

File: 1655613421441.jpeg (170.78 KB, 597x952, 454B794E-D5CC-402D-8EB5-3E3BFA…)

I wish I had more.

No. 1230912

The moids who fuck chicken sandwiches spam gross shock porn too.

No. 1230917

Yes I know…why are you acting like I’m white knighting chicken sandwich fuckers?

No. 1230918

If commies advocate for economic equality for men and women, how is that rooted in resentment towards hypergamy (the same hypergamy that apparently is caused by economic equality)? One of the goals of communism is the abolition of the institution of marriage, because in marriage, women are men's property. So are all male commies beta males that somehow advocate for their own destruction because the resent the fact that women are fucking too many men? I don't get what she's trying to say here.

No. 1230920

This was from the left cows thread so they aren’t proper “commies” just fat misogynists screeching about hypergamy. Also male communists are notorious for being hypocrites.

No. 1230921

File: 1655615257900.png (105.32 KB, 1011x264, the leftcel manifesto.png)

Ah I see kek. That's 100% true, ""left""cels are a notorious example.

No. 1230927

Was reading the celebricows thread where anins were discussing gay men and their link to pedophilia. A scrote who was very close to me was abused by a gay scrote in the literal fucking boyscouts and waddya know, he grew up to be a faggot pedophile.
Still not saying all gay guys are pedos but I wouldn't leave any children with any.

No. 1230928

Double posting to add faggot misogynist* pedophile

No. 1230935

File: 1655616783679.jpeg (390.36 KB, 1000x1329, 518AD7C4-398C-4573-BB65-9304C6…)

I had to walk to work at night again, but I left 2 hours earlier this time. Not AS scary I guess, honestly it would be a nice walk if I wasn’t scared of being stolen and sexually assaulted, the sounds at night are lovely. Pic of KD Lang unrelated, I just looked at some old photos of her yesterday and she was such a cute dork.

No. 1230966

File: 1655620221934.png (97.88 KB, 720x760, Screenshot_20220616-233848.png)

Idk why this headline makes me laugh, it feels like an Onion bit or something

No. 1230974

File: 1655621193302.jpg (169.01 KB, 1300x1299, cat-kitten-singing-microphone.…)

My Nonnie lies over the ocean
My Nonnie lies over the sea,
My Nonnie lies over the ocean,
Oh bring back my Nonnie to me.

Bring back, bring back
Oh bring back my Nonnie to me, to me,
Bring back, bring back,
Oh bring back my Nonnie to me.

Last night as I lay on my pillow,
Last night as I lay on my bed;
Last night as I lay on my pillow,
I dreamt that Lolcow was dead.

Bring back, bring back
Oh bring back my Nonnie to me, to me,
Bring back, bring back,
Oh bring back my Nonnie to me

No. 1230978

So cute, thank you very much!

No. 1230979

File: 1655621406322.jpeg (112 KB, 827x720, FD51C7F9-26BC-475B-96F4-3DC94D…)

He need sum CHAWKLET

No. 1230981

It's time to go to sleep!

No. 1230983

File: 1655621714249.png (434.25 KB, 499x506, 8D2FE6FA-2D37-483A-9257-05F981…)

I got four hours of sleep last night and im in a really strange and giggly mood, just laughing at all the shit people are posting on here and posting retarded shit myself.

No. 1230990

that's me on 8+ hours of sleep

No. 1230991

same, and when i get a normal/healthy amount of sleep i'm grumpy for the whole day

No. 1231015


No. 1231017

I used to post pictures I took on tumblr when I was a teen and that blog is still up. Today I realized that tech has progressed so much that one can unleash google lens on some of my pics and figure out exactly where I lived in literally 2 seconds because they have castles and country seats and such in them that are listed online on cultural heritage websites. It even works on grainy, shaky shitty gifs. Not even any famous buildings, just some old ones from around the village I lived in.

No. 1231025

File: 1655625367425.jpg (52.44 KB, 435x510, Joseph_Broussard_en_Acadia_HRo…)

Beyoncé's direct ancestor, Acadian leader Joseph Broussard also known as Beausoleil(The Beautiful Sun) say something nice about him

No. 1231028

did he put a ring on it

No. 1231043

he was a prisoner, a slave, a warlord, an explorer, a healer and a slave owner

No. 1231131

File: 1655637539887.jpg (406.27 KB, 1536x2048, FVld99-XwAEJ-YU.jpg)

Why do men write shit like this? Was this necessary? Do they think?

No. 1231157

those dead eyes lol

No. 1231171

File: 1655640011488.jpg (43.07 KB, 720x717, 1650846349993.jpg)

Please nonnies, never stop posting funny pictures, I have so many stuff saved from this website. Even if I don't always reply to a message attached with a cool picture, it's in my hard drive and I look at it lovingly, waiting for the perfect oportunity to post it !

No. 1231177

File: 1655640486409.jpg (385.45 KB, 1079x969, Screenshot_20220619-080736_Gal…)

I've been wanting this mug for a while

No. 1231201

I just came up with the most amazing house song in my head thinking it was a song that already exists but i realised i can't make it myself because i can't sing like jennifer hudson and don't know anybody who does and i have never made a song before and it's driving me insane HEEEEEELLLLP

No. 1231229

File: 1655645215924.jpg (126.63 KB, 972x826, bulk cat.jpg)


No. 1231239

Imagine comparing the natural and automatic process of development of a male fetus with a surgeon taking your dick, folding and turning it inside out in a poor attempt at making something barely resembling a vagina.

No. 1231240

Troons, genderspecials and their retardation totally ruined fandoms for me. Before them, fandom spaces on twitter and tumblr were really fun.
I'm really into this franchise but I had to delete my twitter account so the queers couldn't ruin the show for me. Why do they have to project their mento illness on every character and get mad at everyone who doesn't agree that their "comfort character" is a "transfem enby lesbian"?

No. 1231241

boycott winged eyeliner. 2022 and recent years makeup is so fucking boring. we've moved from full tranny makeup to just boring "snatched" "fox eye" "lifted" "cat eye" shit.

No. 1231245

This is kind of upsetting because you know full well that these “unconventionally attractive” women are better looking than 99% of moids.

No. 1231257

most of these women sound like they never got over shit that went down in their teen or college years… get over it, we've all gone through something like what they described at some point. what do you expect when you're 200 lbs? even "conventionally attractive" women get made to feel like shit at some point.

No. 1231259

That’s the point you retard
They’re simply pointing out how men will treat you like a subhuman if you aren’t attractive and they aren’t exactly denying it doesn’t happen attractive women ffs

No. 1231260

Cute bait go dilate

No. 1231266

File: 1655647946128.jpeg (128.02 KB, 750x824, 11FBF8B6-347E-4778-BB26-0F430F…)

omg he’s serving (in jail)

No. 1231273

File: 1655648252039.png (333.72 KB, 392x591, 5s.png)

Best takeaway from that video: Men don't care.
All the "It's the socialization!! We can teach them!!!" copers need to let this sink in. They do not care. I don't know how to say this in a nice way, but they're not normal in the head. You can explain to them until you're blue in the face. Unless you're their mother/sister/daughter (and sometimes not even then), unless they want to fuck you, unless you are in charge of their money in some way, they just don't care lol. Just don't even bother unless you hold some sort of leverage or temptation. Appeals made purely out of empathy, guilt, human decency, simply not being a hypocrite, etc are pointless
Men are unironically the biggest Regina Georges, but without the good looks. Laughing at the gay scrote mid-video talking about the "patriarchal male gaze" trying to get his daily het lady validation

No. 1231274

i don't care. everyone goes through it, it's not an issue that solely exists to shame uwu women. grow a spine.

No. 1231276

File: 1655648344250.jpg (107.34 KB, 564x668, 85acf956b9f1983f71e3f83c504586…)

this is so cute holy fuck the tiktok gen is onto something

No. 1231278

I do have a spine that’s why I’m brining this shit up
Why don’t you grow a whole damn skeleton since you obviously can’t handle this being brought up lol

No. 1231283

i obviously don't care if it's brought up since i'm sitting here calling you a retard to your face instead of running away from the convo lol. how do you care so much that a dude didn't buy you a drink one time jesus christ…

No. 1231284

You think? I’ve been thinking about buying this skirt for a while now. I don’t have the luxury of money though so I have to be picky about what I buy.

No. 1231286

>i obviously don't care if it's brought up that's why I infight and insult over several replies over dumbass shit
nta but kek

No. 1231287

>everyone goes through it
Kind of a cope. Like it or not, the sorts of things described in this video don't actually happen to all women

No. 1231289

They're still pretty young in the vids so even if it's college shit.. are they not allowed talk about that for a 20 second clip without you thinking that's somehow ott? Trying to work out why this hit such a nerve with you tbh

>get over it

>i don't care
You clearly do care but for some personal reason lol

No. 1231311

File: 1655651857391.jpeg (470.96 KB, 711x1240, 5E426392-9E8E-4B73-8ECD-3985AF…)

idc if i get lynched for this but most if not all women look better with makeup on (when applied with effort)

No. 1231313

I don't own or wear make up or care to try it out but why would you get lynched?

No. 1231315

so many anons here think makeup is evil or just have a hateboner for it

No. 1231319

I think it looks dumb but it's not that deep

No. 1231323

File: 1655652590359.jpg (38.17 KB, 747x701, 1648344235751.jpeg.jpg)

>check lolcow in the morning
>hmmm what are the nonnies up to
>see unusual mentions of "kikes" and jews
Sniff sniff… smells like a raid might be incoming.

No. 1231325

This whole outfit bangs and the way she has matched it with the scenery perfectly…

No. 1231326

Normal sunday vibes

No. 1231327

How am I supposed to show off my flawless skin if I’ve got makeup on?

No. 1231328

NTA but by knowing that makeup isn't just foundation or other skin products…?

No. 1231329

Read the post she's replying to.. pic is about full make up rather than partly done

No. 1231330

How was it referring to full makeup? The picture said "mascara and lip balm" which doesn't even qualify as wearing makeup, ever.

No. 1231332

This is just how I dress in the summer, minus all the accessories and instead of whatever top that is I wear a bathing suit top or something. Because beach.
True, but mostly because I can't recognize myself in a mirror if I wear makeup and it freaks me out.

No. 1231334

I’ll ask you again: how am I supposed to show off my flawless skin and delicate little features and sharp cheekbones if I’m all tarted up like a tranny?

No. 1231335

tbh even if you have good skin you'll still look better with makeup lol

No. 1231336

>you look like a tranny if you wear make up!
ogre looking wannabe tradthots are a dime a dozen and you all look like gremlins. appreciate your confidence tho

No. 1231337

makeup wearers seething itt.

No. 1231338

Nta but I could do alot of things to look better and here I am just.. not caring to

No. 1231340

If you weren’t ogre looking yourself you’d never of gotten into makeup in the first place. Women wearing a full face in the middle of the day screams “I’m shallow and insecure”. Beautiful women look better without makeup. Go put some bio oil on your mottled acne scarred skin and you might have some genuine confidence.

No. 1231341

I watched that new resident evil movie knowing it was going to be shit like all the others (but slightly less shitty) and was not disappointed, what the fuck did they do to leon and why is wesker so fucking ugly

No. 1231343

File: 1655653361759.png (851.38 KB, 624x464, tumblr_lugy40e19B1qd8avbo1_128…)

No. 1231344

Actually I find it funny that this thing that women have been doing for thousands of years has been hijacked by weirdo not-like-other-girls that think they're better than other women for not putting on make up. Good for you if you think you're an ace without it but you reek of insecurity and you sound unhinged
> Go put some bio oil on your mottled acne scarred skin and you might have some genuine confidence.
Says the freak that is actually so confident in her skin and not triggered at women wearing make up. Are you a moid by any chance or do you have some horrid complex because you never learnt to put eyeshadow on?

No. 1231345

It could have been such a good cheesy movie but they made Leon a washed up drunk and they made Wesker a good guy gone bad (which really bogged down the movie with unimportant bullshit). There were some neat shots and sequences though. Shame about the script and characters kek.

No. 1231349

>are you a moid?
You’re the one that came here screeching about women looking better in makeup. I honestly think you’re a tranny upset that the natural look is back in and drag race makeup is out. If you want to look better start with getting off your fat arse and go do some exercise. You’ll feel better about yourself too.

No. 1231350

File: 1655653590370.png (110.25 KB, 388x488, 1622216104408.png)

No. 1231353

>never learned to put eyeshadow on!
Nope, and I still turn heads and get called pretty all the time. Seethe.

No. 1231354

You mean like when we were powdering ourselves with literal poison?

No. 1231355

I'm not the anon that wrote the original post, and you're actually clinically retarded if you think makeup has to look like "drag queens", you're obsessed with trannies and it shows because this is the third time you've conflated make up with trannies.

No. 1231356

Isn't there a whole make up thread in g?

No. 1231357

You forgot about the ant juice eyeliner

No. 1231360

you go you beauty queen you

No. 1231361

Inducing allergic reactions for slightly plumper lips. Gluing another beings hair to your eyes.

No. 1231367

File: 1655654464464.png (21.8 KB, 360x450, hmmm.png)

what glam trends do you nonnies dislike? i hate unnecessary use of eyeliner. a look can totally be complete without it. i see this issue mostly in tutorials on tiktok and quote unquote beauty influencers.

No. 1231369

Imagine if trannies actually were nice and feminine. Imagine if they actually wanted to be feminist women and quit taking mens side after transitioning. Imagine if the libfem fantasy of trannies was actually real, I'd welcome them with open arms

No. 1231371

File: 1655654639545.jpg (33.3 KB, 550x550, 34ba65c725f05e2b8841b056feaf9a…)

I hate the full face with no liner/mascara. It just looks like you tried so hard to look like you toootally don't care and totally didn't put in any effort.

No. 1231375

Pause the fight. This skirt. Buy. Yes or no?
Pros: cute, green!, i’ve always wanted weird-ish patchworky skirts, its nice to see some color
Cons: the material wont be the best, sometimes i hate wearing clothes that arent oversized because i have little fat on my body except my tummy

No. 1231376

oh i hate this too. a full face definitely needs AT LEAST a good amount of mascara or eyelashes. eyeliner isn't even necessary if you use eye shadow depending on the look you're going for. the opposite is just as bad, like full on liner with nothing else on the eyes or on the face or lips. i recall someone mentioning this in another thread.

No. 1231377

I really dislike those brows or any brow-shaping trends

No. 1231378

Not the biggest fan of makeup in general but the one thing I irrationally hate are those stupid square fake eyebrows like so >>1231371 (and far worse examples) it's so ugly it makes me upset.

No. 1231380

why do you hate trannies?

No. 1231381

A woman stopped me yesterday to compliment me on my 'shaved head' and ask me if I did it myself? Kinda cornered me and seemed fascinated by me.. I have no hair on my head. I have no eyelashes. I have no eyebrows. Zero, zilch. Was painful to try and get out of there without having to spell out what's wrong with me. First time I've actually had someone get in my face.

No. 1231385

What do you mean by unnecessary eyelinr? Now I'm worried I'm doing it wrong kek

No. 1231388

Yeah do it, skirts with that material feel really nice in the summer

No. 1231392

instagram eyebrows and makeup 'wings', even worse if it's a combo of both.

No. 1231393

Trying to sue women for refusing to touch their genitals, attacking a woman's domestic violence shelter for not letting a tranny be a therapist for women, harassing women online and offline, showing their dicks at women's spas, assaulting women when in female prisons, yelling at people to "respect pronouns" in discussions of rapists and murderers, child grooming Discord servers, child grooming in general, trying to force women to not talk about their periods or pregnancy and to call themselves "vagina-havers"/"menstruators"/"people who get pregnant", racism against black women, racism against Asian women, racism against brown women, fetishizing Islam, fetishizing childbirth, attacking detransitioners, porn addiction, trying to enforce gender stereotypes so they can have a box to fit into, trying to force "girldick" on lesbians with the "cotton ceiling discourse", getting physically assaulted/raped near-exclusively by biological males but still blaming women ("the terfs!!!"), trying to deny and invalidate women's experiences if they can't relate, being creepy old men, being por

No. 1231397

I have tranny friend who acts sane. Never did any this.

No. 1231398

I'd embrace them as valuable allies but they would still never be women. If they actually wanted to support feminism instead of merely hijacking it to make it all about themselves they would acknowledge that fact themselves.

No. 1231399

Welcome to the we love make up and trannies thread.

No. 1231400

File: 1655655808292.png (1.2 MB, 1128x564, download.png)

sorry for the long answer: eyeliner changes your whole face so it's important to know when it's appropriate for what occasion and look you're going for imo. and it's always better to use it sparingly if you don't really know what you're doing. i'm a huge advocate of using primarily eyeshadow, sometimes even eyeshadow with zero eyeliner (yes that's a normal thing) and i feel like zoomers especially have lost touch with it, and they opt for exaggerated "wings" like >>1231392 mentioned because that's the thing that's in. i think if people are gonna do exaggerated wings then they should at least be creative with it, like using colour instead of jet black.

No. 1231401

Yes! I think it's very cute. Do you have a link? It sounds like you know specifically where it's from?

No. 1231402

No such thing as sane tranny or they wouldn't be a tranny dumdum

No. 1231403

But he won't stand against any of this, and he'll take the side of other trannies attacking the women who try to speak up. I'm not going to put the one "sane" guy who really wishes he was a woman above the rapist, misogynistic pigs playing victim and trying to groom 24/7, thanks

No. 1231405

thank you

No. 1231408

Can you post before and after examples cause I strongly disagree tbh

No. 1231411

File: 1655656499915.jpeg (102.28 KB, 430x709, 290581B5-41A7-465F-80C2-3E8183…)

Yes, it’s on aliexpress/various other sites! Just look up “Rockmore green midi skirt”, and it should pop up right away

No. 1231413

Can the make up posters just take it to g already.

No. 1231414

File: 1655656566432.jpg (40.47 KB, 640x428, c8bbe2b0ee07cc87ccd65b7259d40c…)

No. 1231415

I dressed like this in highschool and was hella bullied for being weird

No. 1231416

File: 1655656655894.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080, Skjámynd 2022-05-27 034128.png)

Forcing themself on lesbians and then telling them that they are transphobes and not a real lesbian for rejecting them, being envious of pregnant woman or more specifically their bodies as their fetishes are gone to the roof and would do anything to find " euphoria" as they become degenerate. Taking naked selfies in public bathroom for women and children, taking room in women wards at hospitals making real women uncomfortable and dressing inappropriately compared to real women as they want to resemble young teen girls or animu loli girls. Grooming teens and children. Your "friend" will never take a side with women that has been abused by men nor see the injustice/harassment that women face mentally and bodily starting from a very young age.

No. 1231419

i mean she's kinda implying a woman's natural features are ugly…
contouring, highlighting, and block brows

No. 1231420

You were based and they were jealous

No. 1231421

I don't even wear makeup but it's the dumbass shit thread, anything goes

No. 1231424

this style existed way before the tiktok gen was born

No. 1231426

Your a fucking tranny loving scrote, just perish already.

No. 1231427

>average-looking man dresses himself up like a woman
>looks unhinged
What did he mean by this?

No. 1231428

Jesus what's wrong with you. Chill out lol. It was a joke and I'm not the OP. Seemed fitting with the tranny talk ITT.

No. 1231430

File: 1655657399786.jpg (45.48 KB, 824x500, 1638476325560.jpg)

No. 1231431

Congratz you understand what make-up is used for

No. 1231432


No. 1231434

As opposed to weirdo girls who think they're better than other women for putting on makeup..when will the reverse-nlogs realize that they're acting the same as the group they hate?

No. 1231435

Makeup scares me, why does it change my face?? I can't recognize myself if I wear any makeup it freaks me out and then makes my skin break out the next day. I don't understand how you nonners do it, it's like a jumpscare walking past a reflective surface when I wear makeup

No. 1231437

I agree that the
> teehee I hope nobody lynches me
poster is a tranny

No. 1231440

See how this shit plays out for the next few hours.. you might take that back lol

No. 1231441

There has to be a reason some anon asked "why do you hate twannies" as if it isn't obvious

No. 1231444

Idk, the amount of women in this site obsessed with the Shayna's of the world and nitpicking their bodies, makeup etc could be a /snow/flake too

No. 1231445

I saw the lych post and waited for a follow up tranny post and.. there it was right on time. They can't help themselves.

No. 1231449

what is this mental illness? for a site full of women it's weirdly hostile to talk about a female oriented hobby like make up.

No. 1231450

File: 1655657976898.jpg (106.52 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Shut the fuck up faggot, no one cares, at least go to /g/ if you wanna post bait