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File: 1659845549844.jpeg (196.79 KB, 1080x1047, 9D0046DE-C42D-4A81-81C6-4AFF1B…)

No. 1292618

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

>How is this thread different from the dumbass shit thread?

The dumbass thread is for coherent dumbass thoughts, while this one is for yelling, shitting, and pissing into the void

Previous shitposts >>>/ot/1227447

No. 1292623

File: 1659845907123.jpeg (156.12 KB, 736x736, 61F5D398-F05C-4A87-BD78-F8CAB8…)

Happy weekend nonas!

No. 1292657

File: 1659849155454.gif (2.12 MB, 208x200, 1575484497004.gif)

spin spin sugar

No. 1292658

File: 1659849389892.jpg (187.34 KB, 1280x959, tumblr_373ec52514b6be003e34760…)

No. 1292659

File: 1659849575219.jpeg (69.7 KB, 660x1024, CC535909-9D8A-4FFC-B6AB-FB0853…)

No. 1292708

File: 1659856502655.jpg (35.26 KB, 564x548, cf7bb44986eef8cfe7d211a5fd35d9…)

I hope everyone is having a nice day today!

No. 1292711

File: 1659856784926.gif (476.93 KB, 203x282, ee05.gif)


No. 1292712

Jesus what the fuck is this website, found it from a meme. Check everyone’s hard drive here

No. 1292717

File: 1659857466999.jpg (42.81 KB, 563x542, 742b6154d5acfec66e1b644089e128…)

No. 1292720

File: 1659857786999.png (451.19 KB, 535x429, they hate seeing a girlboss wi…)

Cowboy Marshton says "what t'hell is 'trans rights?'"

No. 1292721

File: 1659857860940.jpg (21.93 KB, 563x557, 04df3f54d7b0a0d1fcf134b35b3691…)

No. 1292723

File: 1659858281812.jpg (62.66 KB, 500x487, tumblr_pmkqd4BOhc1senist_500.j…)

No. 1292755

ngl I anon I audibly laughed

No. 1293257

File: 1659898488020.jpeg (37.36 KB, 272x462, 08EEED1F-59E7-48C7-817D-8745BE…)

When lolcow doodle room was made I misunderstood it completely and did my own abstract style self portrait separate from it on my phone. I can’t remember if I was banned or just told I was posting wrong but here it is. Did it on my phone in maybe 3 minutes. Bully me as much as you want I do not take myself seriously as an artist at all.

No. 1293259

Samefag the signature in the corner is just “nonny” of something. Not my real signature.

No. 1293261

If you ever get filled with rage and feel like you need to take a moid down, kick them in the side of the thigh right above the knee and grab his hair as hard as you can. They never see it coming and then you can smash their head either to a wall or just to the ground if he is skinny enough. Jodi memes inspired me to violent schizo post.

No. 1293264

Kek I remember this. I honestly just ignored it but I think some other anons told you that wasn't the right thread.

No. 1293266

i think she didn't actually doodle on the board but like made a doodle on her phone and uploaded it in the thread?

No. 1293269

I should also say I was a fatty when I did this to men taller than me, pretty sure I would get murdered by a scrote if I did that now so maybe don't do it unless you have jodi energy

No. 1293276

also go for the eyes if you can, gouge them out with your thumbs

No. 1293290

Yes I used the same website for it but I made a different page because I didn’t want to fuck it up somehow. I didn’t know I was supposed to draw on the same page. I couldn’t be arsed to do it again.

No. 1293300

Also if you are attacked from behind you can use your elbow to slam it into the moids face, throat or chest. Depending on his height, either hurts like hell and will wind him.

No. 1293318

True but I am talking about attacking

No. 1293352

>don't do it unless you have jodi energy

No. 1293358


I take favourite artist's work and paste it into my favourite digital painting software


I trace over their work


No. 1293443

File: 1659906331042.jpg (902.01 KB, 2048x833, 0991.jpg)

No. 1293456

This is legitimately a good way to practice and improve art. Seething about tracing, stealing and shit like that is a surefire way to undermine development.

No. 1293458


No. 1293462

File: 1659906981587.jpeg (402.01 KB, 1170x775, F2F2E0C1-A551-44CD-A82B-5AEFF3…)


>don’t let the days go by

>could have been easier on you
>I shouldn’t trace though I wanted to

No. 1293470

Bad moon white again

No. 1293478

who this

No. 1293479

Gavin Rossdale

No. 1293480

A useless shell of a man that deserves nothing but pain and misery for eternity and onward

No. 1293525

Uh oh, seems like someone hasn't traced the work of their favourite artist yet and is in dire need for some dopamine as well

No. 1293598

File: 1659918455508.jpeg (58.17 KB, 800x450, B30064CB-EA2C-45D6-A5FC-D53327…)

Happy Sunday, come on over and grab a slice of None Pizza with Left Beef. There’s enough to go around

No. 1293615

Thank you nonnie, good sunday to you too!

No. 1293644

File: 1659922845377.jpg (224.3 KB, 641x960, 9c8822ee8704bad6b2443e4720e629…)


No. 1293654

If my marriage fails I'm coming to the neighborhood nonnie. That sounds spectacular.

No. 1293684

I would love to move in immediately! And for movie nights we could play things on a big projector to watch together and have a little courtyard where we'd have our tunesdays.

No. 1293709

where do i sign?

No. 1293713

This sounds like the dreme and we could have a little daycare for the mom nonas

No. 1293718

I will do anything I can to help make this happen. It'd be so comfy and my dream life tbh

No. 1293737

Maybe this belongs more into the comiccon thread on snow or something but it's always funny to me how comic artists and contemporary artists for that matter tend to be lolcows. Pretty sure https://popartzombie.com/ (read her blog for entertainment) has some slight cases of schizo or some marbles lost in her head. Even just the Aramando huerta drama is entertaining. Also, as an LA native, it's funny seeing people in the entertainment industry/art industry be retarded and cutthroat and bitch about other transplants being shallow when they're no different, especially people who just go to cons to expand their social reach/connections etc.

No. 1293772

File: 1659929714041.png (2.56 MB, 1000x1330, Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 8.35…)

I'm so there

No. 1294090

How the hell did I stab myself under my thumbnail with a piece of dried up cheese. How is cheese so sharp, how is undernail skin so weak!

No. 1294091

was is perhaps sharp cheddar?

No. 1294330

you reminded me of jamming garlic under my fingernail when i was peeling it, it burned so bad

No. 1294350

Why are there so many people fantasizing about sex with aliens when they wouldn't even fuck half of Earth's own lifeforms

No. 1294352

easy. aliens are the right kind of ugly

No. 1294450

Do you mean they as in the aliens or they as in us?

No. 1294453

Ask Nigel "hey Nigel bring me home vodka for something I'm making" he comes home and hands me a brand I don't recognize "The other two had trans flags on them" he tells me. So we'll trained

No. 1294485

>implying aliens won’t find me fuckable
Pussy is out of this world babe

No. 1294575

File: 1659987634255.png (180.14 KB, 393x336, captures_chrome-capture-2022-7…)

He's an island boy, got that island style

No. 1294621

File: 1659990260241.jpg (210.28 KB, 1280x1236, 32654873872.jpg)

No. 1294792


No. 1294809

I just did the biggest shit and I think there was blood or something in it cuz it turned the water a dark orange colour. I feel clean now though

No. 1294819

brought to you by that annoying ass google ad

No. 1294822

No. 1294836

Cat Connection Subliminal

No. 1294898

File: 1660011016355.jpg (768.05 KB, 1920x1080, 1633569042329.jpg)


No. 1294904

File: 1660011588297.jpg (131.73 KB, 1080x1025, same.jpg)

No. 1294955

File: 1660015123545.jpg (76.63 KB, 564x890, 992c1a702c73fb25e514ce410707b0…)

reply to this post or else your mother will have a good nights sleep

No. 1294971

My mama deserves good sleep

No. 1295101

File: 1660029473006.jpeg (40.4 KB, 720x583, B42A7A8A-B06C-4FBF-B9F8-008EAF…)

Where’s that anon that gave a girl who bullied her leukemia? I need that spell she cast on her asap

No. 1295104

I gave mine MS but it backfired because now she gets even more attention so careful what you wish for

No. 1295106

not on my watch

No. 1295118

I need to curse a greedy landlord lmao

No. 1295119

NTA but I wanted to bury the hatchet with the girl who bullied me in pre-school as an adult so I suggested we go hiking. She got bit by ticks and ended up with Lyme's disease. Now she clogs up facebook and instagram with her activism and how her fucked up immune system can't sustain a pregnancy to full term.

God truly worked in mysterious ways, heh heh.

No. 1295127




Mort Goldman (again)

No. 1295159

Oh my god, you're still hating on MS girl? You deserve to be miserable.

No. 1295169

I'm pretty sure this is the first time I'm mentioning this? Might be another anon you're thinking of.
Either way, what separates it from the other anons cheering about lyme disease and fucking leukemia?

No. 1295170

Truly vile. Where is the shitpost? I only see actual shit.

No. 1295171

Ooh I guess you're not like the other psychos are you?

No. 1295174

Kek how is a former bully getting a disease our faults at all anyway? We're just joking about the witchcraft part. Don't take it so seriously, fucks sake

No. 1295177

That isn't a bully, that's a toddler. Maybe you deserve to be bullied, weirdo.

No. 1295188

This post is so fake.
>preschool bully
You would have to have a physical deformity or be the kid eating paint and shitting themselves frequently to be bullied in freaking preschool

No. 1295193

Who the fuck even remembers preschool, let alone hold grudges from it? What happened, were you make-believing that you were unicorns and she didn't commit to the character enough for your liking?

No. 1295197

Finally some nonnies with sense

No. 1295275

NTA but you bitches need to be bullied. Children can be fucking evil for no reason. If you’re getting bullied in your formative years of course you’re gonna hold a grudge. It’s trauma that shaped your psyche.
It’s even worse when you’re getting shit on at home too. Nowhere is safe and feeling that as child will scar you for the rest of your life.
I really hope none of you have kids if you can’t understand that. Like imagine if your child is a shitstain bully. Y’all would probably cape really hard for it while it happily inflicts trauma on others.

No. 1295277

Projection-heavy rant caping for someone who was talking about hexing someone who allegedly bullied them when they were toddlers

No. 1295280

Nta but I remember being called ugly, beat up and made to feel uncomfortable everyday in kindergarten so it is possible for kids to be really evil. If I found out my kindergarten bully was a fat single mom now I'd be happy. I'm still mad.

No. 1295281

You're unhinged anon. She was in her formative years too, she was literally a toddler. You'd have to be a total nutcase to not only hold a grudge against another girl from pre-school but to then celebrate her getting lyme disease and becoming unable to keep a pregnancy. Both of which are a hell of a lot more traumatic than pre-school bullying . You are fucked up, cope.

No. 1295282

Uh huh. Sure, nona.

No. 1295283

Kindergarten makes more sense than pre-I, where kids are more heavily monitored because they’re literal toddlers

No. 1295284

I'm not her. If my kindergarten bully has a shit life I'd be happy and I don't care if you think that's childish.

No. 1295285

It's more than childish, it's unhealthy and disturbing.

No. 1295290

File: 1660041947459.jpg (132.81 KB, 800x776, 1657291662139.jpg)

adult anons holding grudges against 3 year olds as if they had any clue what they were doing or how it'd impact others. just another day on LC…

No. 1295291

I don't care. I had to go through all of my formative years(age 5-17) feeling ugly, unwanted and weird and now I'm fucked up for life. And some of my bullies from kindergarten continued being my bullies in middle school and high school. I wish the worse on all of them kek

No. 1295294

Boo fucking hoo

No. 1295297

I take great pleasure in knowing most of my past bullies are fat now and I'm still thin.

No. 1295303

File: 1660042378021.jpeg (222.66 KB, 1400x906, spongebob.jpeg)


No. 1295321

But that isn’t preschool

No. 1295324

Learn to read butterball she wasn’t the one that hexed her. You’re gripping on the preschool anon’s story to twist this into something more nefarious than it really is.
I’m not sure why you’re taking this so personally. Were you a bully when you were a child and are afraid someone is holding a grudge against you?

No. 1295332

Not at all and I’m not exactly as passionate about the topic as a couple other anons appear to be, I just find the concept of a toddler bully hilarious. What did she do, wipe boogers on your arm? Slobber on your lunchbox? Curse you out in Wingdings?

No. 1295333

Pre-K age varies a lot everywhere. I was 5 in pre-k in public school in the US. Pre-k here was offered as free daycare for 4-5 year olds with low income parents.

I dunno where nonny who was bullied was from so who knows how young she was.

No. 1295339

I want the juicy details. Did she pull out her tooth? Stomp on her toes with her light up shoes? I’m invested now

No. 1295340

another anon wildly underestimates the traumatic nature of aggressively intentioned WingDings. smh there's no empathy in this world despite the wealth of evidence that childhood font-based trauma is longlasting

No. 1295346

Were they even two years older I’d believe it entirely. Children can be so fucked up. But ages 3-5 they’re still too retarded to even learn from their alkie dads racism yet (otherwise I wouldn’t even joke about it) so I’m not sure what violent crimes against humanity they’re committing. Unless you’re dealing with like a real We Need To Talk About Kevin, Omen type kid like what happened.

No. 1295349

if it wasn't clear, i was agreeing with you and was just shitposting. i don't remember shit from pre-k

No. 1295357

I wasn’t arguing I’m just really curious now

No. 1295376

File: 1660044984247.jpg (217 KB, 962x720, antichrist.jpg)

I need to insert objects into my ears I need to insert objects into my ears I need to insert objects into my ears I need to insert objects into my ears I need to insert objects into my ears I need to insert objects into my ears

No. 1295379

File: 1660045058461.png (12.52 KB, 109x100, 1654270166374.png)

Say something nice about Knorkles

No. 1295407

File: 1660045766634.jpg (12.8 KB, 564x423, 3bd037be196b687bdad81d73962ccc…)

unlike sonic he gdoesn't chucjkel

No. 1295416

The 'touch grass' meme comeback is pretty pervy when you think about it. Grass is a living thing and it didn't consent.

No. 1295431

i love u u dirty red hot enchilada of my heart. You are fire in between my loins and I wanna slather your spicy chipotle sauce all over the kitchen table

No. 1295456

He accepts

No. 1295512

File: 1660048850802.gif (1.96 MB, 400x400, 30e97y1.gif)

i said it before and i'll say it again, it should be "munch glass". it sounds deadlier.

No. 1295593

No. 1295659

Nice observation nonnie!

No. 1295665

He's hot.

No. 1295666

its ok to be right anon

No. 1295693

File: 1660055079508.jpg (33.54 KB, 564x575, bc0e59ad0dd639a8adfac463d69008…)

No. 1295712

File: 1660056658730.jpeg (10 KB, 225x225, 31ce726703afd6d6bfff153ac5a043…)

No. 1295713

File: 1660056872487.jpg (333.97 KB, 1025x1453, 5254.jpg)

No. 1295782

You should've stopped putting those marbles in your ears while you still could.

No. 1295815

the antichrist doesn't want people to experience true asmr

No. 1295843

File: 1660065670013.png (92.34 KB, 320x320, 5215429-dr._eggman_(sonic_lost…)

Chantals real father

No. 1296045

File: 1660073566703.gif (572.84 KB, 540x540, download.gif)

No. 1296047

Is that Foodie Beauty??

No. 1296067

File: 1660074370037.jpg (445.98 KB, 2477x3500, move over loomis.jpg)

I hate my stupid tumblr art style. I'm only going to consume how to draw anime books from the 90s until I learn to produce QUALITY

No. 1296380

File: 1660095111955.jpg (65.88 KB, 500x602, 1575280998158.jpg)


No. 1296382


No. 1296390

File: 1660095799140.png (170.43 KB, 433x577, IMG_1406-removebg-preview.png)

>blocks your path

No. 1296397

I would fucxk your crostini with my creuset eau contraire bitch au mare di Fresca di Fresca quandro il Bippi FROWNING FACES

No. 1296400

So quirky

No. 1296401

>hugs you

No. 1296408

File: 1660098200161.gif (9.56 MB, 640x640, proxy-image.gif)

im gonna nuzzlez exdee you until you fuck off

No. 1296410

File: 1660098318260.jpeg (100.67 KB, 934x1169, BF3E9AD6-CC73-4863-81EC-A1AFB1…)

No. 1296415

glomps your pit hair

No. 1296424

Pick out the fleas while you’re at it please

No. 1296459

>hugs back
thank you

No. 1296515

File: 1660106354626.png (284.14 KB, 1092x408, Discord_v6GiyyeQal.png)

No. 1296528

File: 1660107300315.jpg (31.01 KB, 736x414, 503fc14679c2ad77e25afe926220d9…)

Found a pic of the panting kpop dogboy crying. Thought some of you may find this cathartic.

No. 1296531

He's crying because nobody wanted to adopt him so he's going to be euthanized.

No. 1296533

Please stop posting my pics. I'm reporting this to the police for invasion of privacy

No. 1296539

That apartment is too clean. Please put her on a raw mattress no sheets, behind that a window with dead succulents and fucked up blinds.

No. 1296541

will use it as an image reaction, thanks

No. 1296542

awesome job

No. 1296564

File: 1660109883400.gif (2.63 MB, 520x374, spaghet.gif)

This thread has been extra retarded today thank you

No. 1296570



No. 1296623

deje el bullying nonny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1296626

Deje el bullyng, el bullyng no es bueno

Te destruye, el alma y el cerebro

Deje el bullyng, el bullyng no es bueno

Te destruye el el alma y el cerebro

No. 1296628

deje el bulin nonie

No. 1297253

File: 1660164596424.jpg (34.16 KB, 720x543, d707de9e26bc7fb2ceca523b701e80…)


No. 1297309

File: 1660169075336.gif (6.61 MB, 400x267, kisiel.gif)

McDonald i kisiel mniaaaaam
Też nie wie czy sól niosąąą
A Szajni gotują sobie…
Noga czółka gardło
i ściana…

No. 1297315

File: 1660169374874.gif (3.21 MB, 275x215, 1652897707905.gif)

Another day of beating the shit out of male coworkers at the office

No. 1297320

fellow shawol.

No. 1297326

how do i tell my coworkers i need to go home b/c i cant stop pooping. you know, in a professional way

No. 1297328

>hello i need to go home otherwise i will unleash a brown substance all over this vicinity.

No. 1297339

Don't go home. Stand by the water cooler and go uh ooh, do you smell coffee? Every few minutes.

No. 1297374

i like this idea
this idea i do not

im replying b/c im back in the bathroom again

No. 1297423

File: 1660177692820.jpeg (Spoiler Image,428.58 KB, 750x872, 00FBC32C-D2C3-4890-9BE1-117F6C…)

No. 1297448

File: 1660181012574.jpg (51.41 KB, 640x608, Tumblr_l_2484629678398.jpg)

No. 1297464

>i'm not feeling well and i think it's best i go home
> >>1297328

No. 1297471

what is your most used reason for reporting? my top result is autism

No. 1297478

On my phone, the first autofill suggestion is currently schizo troon, followed by scrote.

No. 1297507

so many variations on scrote/moid, although tranny and racebait have been getting some use lately

No. 1297519

File: 1660186741491.jpeg (144.34 KB, 896x896, 849B2A4E-DC6A-4A73-949E-44DD2E…)

Hey bitch, neigh bitch don’t slay bitch say bitch to your face bitch fuck you bitch fuck a ham bitch go off bitch is this it, bitch?

No. 1297529

I hate this image

No. 1297532

File: 1660187554539.jpg (83.86 KB, 1200x675, grandpacover.jpg)

It reminds me of the old man that are paint accidentally

No. 1297535

Eh it’s cute

No. 1297558

lrn 2 sage but only because I lurk the leftcow thread on /snow/ and it's constantly full of tourists from twitter and reddit

No. 1298180

Anyone seriously into brap belongs in the sewers. Nasty.

No. 1298252

emoji kek.

No. 1298287

File: 1660240117152.jpg (49.19 KB, 597x676, 1659994885216958.jpg)

I knew it

No. 1298293

Freebleeding on the bus to protest the public transportation policies of the local municipality

No. 1298295

Freebleeding on my boyfriends couch before breaking up with him

No. 1298299

No. 1298306

You're horrible……………
Anyway mine are "moid moment" and "troon" third reason is unfortunately "cp"

No. 1298310

File: 1660240739337.jpeg (786.71 KB, 1009x1173, A57DB31D-9CC7-48CF-9BF5-904122…)

>be me
>too poor and unimportant to have a pool of my very own
>visit the community pool on a hot summer morning
>it’s filled with snot nosed brats and their screaming mothers
>start free-bleeding all over the place
>everyone evacuates once the water noticeably changes hue
mfw living the lifestyle of the rich and famous for absolutely 0 bucks

No. 1298317

they're scared to get hiv

No. 1298322

When they should’ve been scared of getting viral gastroenteritis instead!

No. 1298354

No. 1298786

File: 1660258871008.png (323.11 KB, 500x334, C8AF14AC-709F-49F3-8DA7-0135FF…)

♥ Girls who got zits on her forearms because her desk mat is fucking disgusting from eating in front of the computer and never wiping ♥

No. 1298790

i wish there existed an infinite blunt

No. 1298878

File: 1660262233639.png (263.22 KB, 910x736, GOKUUUUUUAAHAHGHGHG.png)


No. 1298903

Is this fanart or is there context for this? Haven't been in the MtF threads in a long while.

No. 1298926

that's the FTMTF parody thingy. i forgot the name

No. 1298945

ayrt and a new kikomi comic was posted in the ftm thread

No. 1299120

File: 1660282221727.jpg (63.35 KB, 563x730, azelia_court_looks.jpg)

I will NOT get scared while driving today, this message is between me and God, fuck you for giving me anxiety but I will conquer it ! All of you are my witnesses !

No. 1299123

i thought this was a dall-e pic for a second

No. 1299154

lmao same.

No. 1299163

pass the infinite blunt pls

No. 1299235

I think the racebait scrote and the black-penis spamming scrote from yesterday should passionately make out

No. 1299262

while the giant isopod who hates all women watches from the corner.

No. 1299294

they're not the same person?

No. 1299298

They are. The tranny even commented in the doodle/draw board thread about how much he likes how annoyed elsie looks, but it got deleted

No. 1299302

french canandian bean soup syrup slurpers DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE IO hate
cGI so much

No. 1299397

File: 1660312755118.webm (661.54 KB, 576x768, tiktok_1660312459117.webm)

Dogboy is kinda cute.

No. 1299867

The shelter dog After picture in a before and after

No. 1299910

he looks like he still has his baby teeth

No. 1300000

File: 1660339990056.png (610.33 KB, 1280x954, tumblr_ovuzslTV2r1td5vf7o1_128…)

Dangerously Based

No. 1300016

Based post, based get

No. 1300036

Its a gopnik reference. Gopniks would usually say "got a phone? What if i check", here it got replaced with gender.

No. 1300042

Wow this is one beautiful cat.

No. 1300047

is this old or is she back????

No. 1300069

what breed? it just looks like a tabby to me

No. 1300083

lol i'm sorry about your baby, anon. it's so tough. the M on the forehead is for tabbies though, though obviously mainecoons can have them too because they have tabby patterns. this is just a domestic shorthair tabby to me

No. 1300091

That’s a tabby/standard issue cat
A maine coon would be almost 2x its size and super fluffy if they were side by side

No. 1300178

File: 1660348987403.jpeg (659.68 KB, 1170x983, EB27241F-E032-41C6-88A2-426454…)


No. 1300187

File: 1660349458813.jpeg (112.98 KB, 1632x918, butterlamb.jpeg)


No. 1300188

File: 1660349559957.png (162.51 KB, 512x512, 0ed7320f25ee181c8af00288f8acae…)

you meant to post these

No. 1300233

the HOLD these had on me. absolutely demonic lol

No. 1300256

File: 1660351791959.jpeg (72.82 KB, 800x534, E1966E7F-A840-41A3-93AB-DAE2D3…)

I need you to tell me that I'm a good person. I know that I can be selfish and narcissistic and self-destructive, but underneath all that, deep down, I'm a good person, and I need you to tell me that I'm good. Diane? Tell me, please, Diane. Tell me that I'm good.

No. 1300261

NO!!! Horse scrote

No. 1300328

No. 1300342

File: 1660353589247.png (302.67 KB, 540x388, 50CEB245-9663-4EC3-A1E5-A21689…)

No. 1300358

One of the best so far, me when I accidentally graze my clit

No. 1300370

File: 1660355624635.jpg (75.47 KB, 380x355, 1660236987046062.jpg)


No. 1300379

Oh the noises I made when I saw this little one, my goodness looks less than a day old!
Thank you for the wholesome in the midst of porn and race bait.

No. 1300404

I'm going to feed her

No. 1300422

Based feeder

No. 1300435

So cute and tinyyy

No. 1300493

what a widdle widdle bwaby kwitty kwat
I will prepare the saucer.

No. 1300502

File: 1660359899375.jpg (39.64 KB, 736x736, 9483098888e3ff05146c164e0d502a…)

No. 1300505

If that tiny nose touches me imma explode in a thousand little hearts

No. 1300526

File: 1660361036280.jpg (81.32 KB, 736x727, 18314ed2c39443524996f092ada716…)

what would you do in this situation

No. 1300532

Love him unconditionally with all his swag

No. 1300538

File: 1660361491589.png (499.58 KB, 708x840, Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 8.12…)

i love so many of the posters in the celebricows thread so much. i wait a few days or week to catch up and then spend a day or two belly laughing. i wish i could be friends with a few of you irl. thank you for making me late for work because i'm snorting coffee out of my nose at 5am instead of getting dressed

No. 1300542

Id make him a gelatin parfait

No. 1300544

File: 1660361838996.jpeg (10.78 KB, 263x192, A0072A1A-049B-433D-99E9-2617C1…)

Whomevers keeps posting tiny kittens .. I will Kiss you.

No. 1300555

>wanting to befriend bone rattlers and twitterfags
are you sure about that

No. 1300557

It's all ogre meow.

No. 1300579

i swear i recognize some of the posters writing styles from livejournal days and it brings me joy

No. 1300583


No. 1300619

too functional for that, just depressed

No. 1300734

File: 1660371816257.jpeg (201.26 KB, 1170x545, 6271DFEA-9D9B-4021-A115-861384…)

🎶 You might need me more than you think you will
Come home in the car you love, brainy, brainy, brainy 🎶

No. 1300736

File: 1660371909101.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1289, 195B0EDA-726C-4156-8A98-E03952…)

No. 1300739

look she’s not wrong

No. 1300741

File: 1660372279199.jpg (42.67 KB, 607x319, DKCb6iSWkAAaZJ6.jpg)

fielder is a catman. another reason why he is based

No. 1300745

Schizoid doesnt mean schizophrenia you absolute fucking retard

No. 1300746

Exactly I'm keeping on theme with the thread.

No. 1300759

File: 1660373258884.jpeg (194.82 KB, 998x600, Schizoid-Personality-Disorder.…)

this is what it feels like to be on an SSRI lol

No. 1300769

File: 1660373598519.jpeg (76.19 KB, 976x646, 590922485ea3b9efdaefaf6407f80f…)

No. 1300990

File: 1660386355535.gif (1.26 MB, 639x563, hamter.gif)

No. 1300999

And he dance dance dance and he dance dance dance

No. 1301049

this is what it feels like when you are a girl on the internet

No. 1301064

wtf anon, i woke up hours ago with that retarded song on my mind. what is this telepathy

No. 1301107

Growing up a pharmacy near my house used to sell these honey stick things for sore throats, they were really just sweets. cough cough… mom my throat is sore.

No. 1301134

Warm veggie burgers are a plague against humanity. They could never compare to a true, blue beef burger and the gall, the sheer AUDACITY for them to try……it truly makes me sick! However, I will say this, cool/cold veggie burgers Slapp!!!

No. 1301165

i usually just put in male/scrote etc, but also racebait due to the influx of /pol/ weirdos and tradthots

No. 1301259

where is this gif from

No. 1301327

Your mom (she is a very skilled animator!!!)

No. 1301349

File: 1660406821727.jpeg (23.44 KB, 220x293, 68331ACD-5784-4CCE-A357-0F303C…)

No. 1301368

File: 1660407593479.png (436.06 KB, 564x752, soggy.png)


No. 1301382

File: 1660408115277.jpg (47.78 KB, 653x612, 20220802_152203.jpg)


No. 1301386

File: 1660408301478.jpg (196.32 KB, 528x312, pangolin-cute-pagecopy.jpg)

No. 1301393

File: 1660408582020.jpg (89.96 KB, 550x978, 1660406860328071.jpg)

WElcome to the lolcow diner

No. 1301395

New show called Hamster and Gretel

No. 1301410


No. 1301439

File: 1660410603675.png (1.55 MB, 1192x1184, alussa.png)

If this bitch had her own restaurant

No. 1301441

>BOYS! Stop using the LADIES room!


No. 1301579

File: 1660415875789.jpg (96.11 KB, 500x500, pikautism.jpg)

fat pikachu best pikachu

No. 1301595

for shame

No. 1301778

File: 1660426431204.png (698.04 KB, 684x630, kurt.png)


No. 1301789

File: 1660426943831.jpg (440.59 KB, 1483x1360, 033.jpg)

jtdgfdcrdys6j64sw63teu seetr'‽//7=6#_#[/÷<'<♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤₩⊙°•¤

No. 1301790

lmao this is the type of post I'm here for

No. 1301811

File: 1660428594262.gif (1.59 MB, 400x300, 5fbf93eee939dd52cd4b51b40a9f2e…)

please nonny save this picture and use it on a friday, k thanks

No. 1301894

File: 1660431993949.png (1.04 MB, 640x879, 34D894A9-4A60-4A16-B420-BD0071…)

Miles "Tails" Prower debates whether or not he should assassinate Robotnik while a unicorn tries to convince him to pull the trigger (1996)

No. 1301937

Wasn't that how WWI started?

No. 1302067

File: 1660447946002.png (419.72 KB, 1229x1924, 1660436415612405.png)

No. 1302260

File: 1660464062815.jpeg (262.93 KB, 750x816, DD20F638-AADA-49DF-B2B0-CC4AA2…)

No. 1302271

File: 1660464754239.gif (591.6 KB, 512x288, 54E40242-4097-41A3-BD35-596DE3…)

When you find out the trendy “goth” pop band is made up of private school kids with industry connections

No. 1302295

Tale as old as time

No. 1302301

Many such cases

No. 1302306

My first thought but realized it was painfully twitter and I needed to think of something else

No. 1302564

which one this time

No. 1302575

Tell us which one anon I love to talk shit

No. 1302584

which oneeeeee

No. 1302639

File: 1660496874385.jpg (48 KB, 828x828, EnkWT1sVgAAdbLw.jpg)


No. 1302696

No. 1302975

Bump for #5786577 reason to never have a son.

No. 1302983

Moids are so fucking weird and contradictory
>I hate X race!!
>Posts porn pics of said race
What in the actual fuck

No. 1302990

Thats why trannies claim terfs want to fuck them. They cannot wrap their heads around actually hating something without being a rape-ape

No. 1302992

Men are almost always exactly what they hate. Overtly homophobic to hide that they’re gay. Overtly racist and jerk it to interracial porn. You know the drill.

No. 1302999

Scrotes are a disease bump.

No. 1303019

I'm laughing about the fact that this random moid has dozens and dozens of photos of dicks on their device, just ready to go. Just, so many dicks. Really owned us there

No. 1303020

File: 1660518803806.jpg (34.2 KB, 477x447, 312394_427158857357592_1068378…)

Bump for scrote

No. 1303021

File: 1660518835721.png (140.49 KB, 538x419, 20190429_004318.png)

Some FMA for you to cover up the scrote, bump

No. 1303022

File: 1660518869559.jpg (66.67 KB, 640x724, ita8ew8cxoe31.jpg)


No. 1303025

god damn it kek.

No. 1303026

File: 1660518963317.gif (1.94 MB, 500x459, 1660267496879024.gif)

No. 1303028

No. 1303031

My grandma (may she rest in peace) always talked about this boy she knew as kid, didn't have any toes, had 7 fingers in each hand and never learn how to talk. Wtf was that all about.

No. 1303032

This dude that went to my hs had no arms just hands attached to his shoulders. He rode a squidward bike

No. 1303038

File: 1660519696432.jpg (211.8 KB, 686x1024, vbyoyo.jpg)

i have a hard time identifying spiders

No. 1303044

probably was an incest baby

No. 1303045

was he just hunched over so his hands could reach or were there a weird ass handles present

No. 1303046

this was in the 1930s in a relatively small town so yeah, that or some shit from the town's factory

No. 1303051

was just about to make a thread for us to argue in and I added "no race talk, no men talk, no money talk" and realised, shit, what else is there to argue about these days

No. 1303056

something mental health related

No. 1303060

Pineapple on pizza

No. 1303061

Spicy food: good or bad?

No. 1303062

No. 1303065

very spicy food shouldn't exist

No. 1303076

File: 1660522408639.gif (1.3 MB, 498x231, 1645555198463.gif)

>I will NEVER be a bad gyal

No. 1303077

Good, if you don’t like extremely spicy then no one is forcing you to eat it

No. 1303091

i love this gif

No. 1303099

Scrotes cope about white men being superior but more white men cut of their dicks from coom addiction. Me thinks the spammer is gay and has a fetish for bbc.

No. 1303104

what would happen if every post on /ot/ was saged, would it stand still or am i just drunk and forgetting how sites work

No. 1303107

you're uninvited to my house

No. 1303109

samefag but I dont like how the "do you let people eat in your house" thread had ireland marked as no, wtf we will leave you incapacitated and cry if you say not even to abeverage

No. 1303110

Anonymous would be blue in the namefield of every post

No. 1303112

we're enemeies now

No. 1303118

everyone would just use the catalog instead (or do what i do and leave tabs open forever) but on the outside it'll look like an old abandoned town like during the wipeout months

No. 1303119

All anime men are women to me.

No. 1303122

Men should not watch anime

No. 1303126

Men should not watch anything but paint dry

No. 1303145

I fucking knew it. Dudes make pop songs but slap black and white makeup on and call it goth lol

No. 1303245

Immmassaging my chin muscles feels so calming, thanks anon in the TIL thread I’m mmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck yeah

No. 1303247

No matter how many tutorials I watch I can’t manage to crack my thumb joint I hate my life

No. 1303296


No. 1303390

File: 1660556590719.jpg (595.49 KB, 1280x1273, Lorenz Helmschmid - Pair of Ma…)

I wish I could wear an actual armor

No. 1303391

In this weather? It's practically a cooker. You'll smell appetizing though

No. 1303702

File: 1660576508957.jpg (358.85 KB, 1920x1080, star-trek-captain-catchphrases…)


No. 1303729

Beautiful thanks for sharing

No. 1303733

It’s uncomfortable

No. 1303903

File: 1660587046683.jpg (70.08 KB, 680x644, photo_2022-08-15_11-40-52.jpg)


No. 1304201

File: 1660603321646.jpeg (30.85 KB, 640x757, skamtebord.jpeg)

No. 1305196

File: 1660673573149.gif (1.27 MB, 383x214, index.gif)

No. 1305411

File: 1660686201872.jpeg (185.12 KB, 750x751, B9E18A6B-7A18-4756-AB4B-D41D53…)

Honk shoo
Honk shoo

No. 1305412

File: 1660686236129.jpeg (55.09 KB, 843x851, 1660523738869.jpeg)

Let's go ingerland

No. 1305432

Kek why does this get posted so much here

No. 1305439

File: 1660688335669.png (972 KB, 720x870, ahhhhhhh.png)

Cuz it's funny

No. 1305497

Is this an edit? Please tell me it's an edit, what happened to his face

No. 1305501

File: 1660693198128.jpeg (47.87 KB, 585x768, 271599204_10222068172235809_45…)

No. 1305503

He got coomerization surgery

No. 1305536

plays with the blobs of uterine linings
Heh it does feel like boba.

No. 1305540

True but is the left supposed to be cute? because it's not

No. 1305713

No. 1305803

File: 1660715559664.jpeg (Spoiler Image,6.66 KB, 240x240, download (1).jpeg)

Guise its my fursona pls don't be mean to her

No. 1305808

Lmao I genuinely want this costume

No. 1305809

File: 1660715988978.jpeg (76.45 KB, 720x720, 8E3A09F2-4E79-4490-BF31-558999…)

No. 1306237

fat retard

No. 1306545

File: 1660769172817.jpg (76.82 KB, 612x472, 1652637184657.jpg)

you called?

No. 1306684

File: 1660779791115.gif (3.4 MB, 358x408, 157a166da38335304677de8abdd756…)

"Horse penis"

No. 1306696

Please for the love of god stop posting these ugly moids everywhere

No. 1306705

why does he look fat here

No. 1306724

I only posted one but I shall oblige your request for the next 24 hours.

No. 1306728

Sphinx sweater shoopign nonnie I missed you

No. 1306743

He really do be saying horse penis. In fact he's probably begging for it.

No. 1306851

File: 1660792087936.jpg (104.67 KB, 753x920, 13b3d14aca28301cf70bdc1d0ccc8f…)


No. 1306857

We have to put up with danofags on a daily basis so I don't mind some korean dudes for a change

No. 1306858

File: 1660792524087.png (416.98 KB, 680x660, original_b7fc633e624ed67ae078e…)

No. 1306862

the danofags at least stay in their own thread

No. 1306918

what do when find out partner has a weird but non-degenerate fetish

No. 1306920

How weird we talkin

No. 1306923

i was givin him a foot rub but then he asked me if i would punch the soles of his feet as hard as i could….

No. 1306927

Def weird but I wouldn’t say it’s a dealbreaker. Are you sure it’s a fetish and not some like weird alternative medicine pressure point thing he was trying?

No. 1306932

legit weve been married five years lmao, and its not a fetish thing in the classic sense but i KNO dude likes having his feet touched and he moaned when i did it

No. 1306950

His feet was hurting. That isn’t a fetish.

No. 1307088

nta but lmao anon, why are you so sure kek ?

No. 1307095

File: 1660812514993.png (124.77 KB, 500x617, gndrblnd1.png)

heyy i didn't see a g(ender)c(ritical) shitpost thread so plz help if there is one

No. 1307097

File: 1660812570613.png (151.35 KB, 500x711, gndrblnd2.png)

No. 1307098

File: 1660812691553.png (86.42 KB, 500x496, gndrblnd3.png)

No. 1307099

File: 1660812788596.png (138.41 KB, 500x723, gndrblnd4.png)

No. 1307102

wtf did i just read and why did i read it

No. 1307104

I'm srry im looking for terfs help a decrepit old nonni

No. 1307105

Kek I love you

No. 1307106

LMAOOO queen

No. 1307110

I'm srry im looking for terfs help a decrepit old nonni

No. 1307117

So people are listing their pronouns on Omegle now? Omegle, a website where you can only have a 1-on-1 conversation and will never use third person pronouns to refer to someone?

No. 1307127

they both put in 'nonbinary' as a topic so that's obviously gonna be a thing they discuss

No. 1307129

Im omegle op if u tag the right things (queer, transmasc, nonbinary etc) u will get ppl who legit WILL ask u pronouns.

my response is always "we're talking one on one?"

reaction is always mixed. "lol yeah makes sense" "you're no fun" or just a neutral reiterating of pronouns

No. 1307155

I mean, it's not really different from m/16/ny, just woksterfied.

No. 1307325

File: 1660834656822.jpg (77.98 KB, 600x600, e5a500e9c10dafeaa9851dea298ac3…)

Eats spaghetti.

No. 1307615

File: 1660849517457.gif (4.27 MB, 270x480, giphy.gif)

oh hell YEAH spooky season

No. 1307627

I love my nigel so much he flicked my bean this morning then gave me a double dose of sexy time. Afterwards he woke up the kiddo and made breakfast for us all. Just because he thought it would be nice. I'm out running errands while he handles the house, all thanks to the nonnie who strongly advised I quit babying this man and kick him in the ass. My eternal gratitude, nonnie.

No. 1307628

I thought you were trolling them, come on what a good build up but np delivery/punchline! I'm fucking disappointed. Never post again please.

No. 1307633

Won't last long nonnie. He's doing it because he expects something back that will benefit him.

No. 1307637

I wasn't trolling nonni I was conversing with fellow queers(emoji-using Twitterfag)

No. 1307652

File: 1660851855021.jpg (73.45 KB, 640x480, u0h83ff3m2b31.jpg)

Don’t trust a moid, never trust a moid
Won’t trust a moid ‘cause a moid won’t trust me

No. 1307661

this sadly

No. 1307666

>I love my nigel
The ultimate retarded shitpost.

No. 1307682

it sounds awful to me honestly

No. 1307708

File: 1660853974879.jpeg (910.67 KB, 1890x1107, 0FA5571B-B531-4032-9B92-5074DD…)

>be me
>trying to teach dog a trick
>she’s supposed to squint her nose when I say “nosejob” giving her a slimmer snout
>”this is so funny, imagine if we had plastic surgery for dogs”
>google “plastic surgery for dogs”

No. 1307714

nonnie you are an icon i’m stealing this idea to teach my pup

No. 1307717

Omg.. the slay will be out of this world!!

No. 1307719

I was not shocked when I saw the words Korea and plastic surgery together. Seriously though.. this is fucked up if not fake

No. 1307727

NTA and I'm not sure if that exact image/story is real, but I remember a few years back there was controversy at a dog show because the best in show had had some sort of surgical cosmetic improvement. It definitely exists

No. 1308053

File: 1660867386590.jpg (41.62 KB, 320x320, 269f8faa4d10c85de1a6758c90caad…)

Pussy holders

No. 1308060

Are you fucking blind? That's a cloaca

No. 1308077

Butt cheeks

No. 1308079

teenage mutant ninja turtle with his eyes gouged out (rip)

No. 1308084

This made me laugh and slap my hands on my bed like a walrus

No. 1308144

No. 1308201

File: 1660879794164.jpg (132.1 KB, 719x495, FaceApp_1645812009034.jpg)

No. 1308284

cute anon

No. 1308305

Not you

No. 1308598

No. 1308615


No. 1308616

No. 1308624

N O cannot b e l i e v e you stole my N O O D L E

No. 1308625

how dare you nonna it is mine

No. 1308811

File: 1660933149030.png (189.93 KB, 766x764, what if we turned all the moid…)

No. 1308814

squid mouth

No. 1309165

File: 1660953613379.gif (574.85 KB, 278x243, ezgif.com-gif-maker - 2022-08-…)

They see me rollin'~
They hatin'~

No. 1309202

Bing bong

No. 1309213

File: 1660957971305.png (557.17 KB, 640x480, 337B60D9-0684-4623-8667-0D6019…)

Haha heyyy lol

No. 1309215

No. 1309296

File: 1660966260484.jpg (5.01 KB, 276x183, index.jpg)

>the big guy in the sky
colonel blimp????

No. 1309508

File: 1660987128743.png (1.24 MB, 870x870, wth.png)

No. 1309536

Is that Ben Shapiro

No. 1309537

nta but yes

No. 1309556

No. 1309654

File: 1661002757919.jpg (167.02 KB, 1079x1078, 20220818_140633.jpg)

No. 1309675

File: 1661003518853.jpeg (165.45 KB, 1280x883, 7434C8B2-C008-472D-BBE0-E3BD79…)

No. 1309702

I miss Sam O Nella

No. 1310212

No. 1310218

I feel the same way everyday

No. 1310222

me too

I wish I was this cool

No. 1310224

I was thinking about him today. Miss him too

No. 1310231

No. 1310232

Samefag but is there a reason he’s not uploading? I heard from a podcast he was on that he was going to school for something science related. Or was a teacher I forgot

No. 1310245

my husband took me to see some dragon ball z movie today and u know what? wasnt too bad. gohans daughter was cute and i like the green alien man

No. 1310280

why am i generating monsters when i'm sensitive

No. 1310294

What monsters? How? Please share

No. 1310312

File: 1661047176581.png (Spoiler Image,2.26 MB, 1160x1030, monsters.png)

leaked stable diffusion on google colab but i have pro and idk if free version works. if you have a gaming pc with 6gb/8gb vram you could use the 4chan guide to run it locally. ppl ran the model through virustotal but up to nonnies if they want to try https://rentry.org/retardsguide i clicked spoiler this time…….

No. 1310336

They look better than 90% of the moids posted here

No. 1310342

Nice job! Very based and husbando tier

No. 1310466


No. 1310715

File: 1661094219098.gif (2.27 MB, 380x230, eee.gif)

A few days ago I was walking to work when some classic amberlynn lines entered my mind and I could not stop repeating them like it was a song stuck in my head. The main 2 lines being everyones faves
> Rain and petals evesdrop
> I wore the wrong shoes
With a few others in the mix. I started to picture her falling because of the combo of 'drop/wrong shoes' I only heard about the traumatic ankle sprain moment today and I don't think there's any other reasonable explanation… I manifested it.

No. 1310747

File: 1661095651574.jpg (7.12 KB, 168x300, images (1).jpg)

let me take you for a ride

No. 1310752

This image for ants

No. 1312043

File: 1661174020758.jpeg (36.77 KB, 225x225, B0C3CD74-6650-42D9-90DC-20620E…)

No. 1312044

File: 1661174064278.gif (2.39 MB, 532x498, 81F3E0DB-8B6A-46D8-8A96-357CFA…)

who even makes these

No. 1312047

File: 1661174089818.gif (1.85 MB, 244x390, 9283D333-AA2E-46AB-A882-8A5F86…)

No. 1312050

File: 1661174144622.gif (1.25 MB, 500x492, D8C0DC0E-EF1A-4E76-AD9B-4BDDC2…)

No. 1312056

File: 1661174495168.gif (2.48 MB, 319x498, 74h32z1.gif)

combo breaker

No. 1312057

File: 1661174551392.gif (925.99 KB, 280x240, 3497A3BA-18CA-4008-B30C-3CCF03…)

No. 1312058

File: 1661174576719.gif (1.18 MB, 430x410, 9691BB4A-6ECC-44BC-B26C-7D10A9…)

No. 1312064

File: 1661174749253.gif (2.69 MB, 320x240, get dunked on.gif)

ngl, saw these on the front page and out of context i thought the tbp guy was going for a different angle

No. 1312066


No. 1312069

File: 1661174975394.gif (3.12 MB, 500x492, 543DCE6F-FA36-4459-81BA-4EC183…)

I was scared of coming off that way kek

No. 1312071

File: 1661175133437.gif (562.87 KB, 376x380, F95F0C38-6851-47CD-9396-3C27FA…)

No. 1312073

File: 1661175155701.gif (3.17 MB, 480x450, 6C694D23-D982-44A5-98A5-D3725B…)

No. 1312084

Wow Jim haberp rasic confirm

No. 1313031

File: 1661242864380.png (2.15 MB, 1330x1330, wafflecone.png)

No. 1313071

voodoo energy

No. 1313072

doodoo energy

No. 1313073

poopoo energy

No. 1313080

File: 1661248129986.png (320.67 KB, 677x830, IMG_7720.png)

boycotting snickers for my sisters

No. 1313137

File: 1661256595255.jpeg (86.44 KB, 747x922, F46782A2-3B62-4BDD-BE78-AA3718…)

This is a spell of misfortune on all the men who have voyeured, exploited, and harmed women in any way. You will receive your due consequences. You will not know happiness. Your life will not improve. You will be miserable.

No. 1313478

File: 1661283595935.png (90.4 KB, 233x331, bebchik.PNG)


No. 1313498

is she Ainu?

No. 1313503

Amen, may they suffer endlessly

No. 1313505

Nta, yes

No. 1313553

File: 1661287849254.jpg (48.78 KB, 564x401, d6d181ef8ee30456e5692fac51631f…)

I spend so much time here, I've probably had a conversation with each one of you kek, it's a bit embarassing

No. 1313560

same I need to stop kek

No. 1313564

maybe it's just the two of us out there nonnie

No. 1313920

File: 1661311016775.jpg (208.43 KB, 500x397, i8.jpg)

looking at me
what do you see
yes, I've lost my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind

No. 1313948

I adore this post, run away with me

No. 1313957

File: 1661313538412.jpg (140.8 KB, 445x445, 0o0o0o0.jpg)

where we heading to

No. 1316058

File: 1661439547700.png (120.02 KB, 259x255, alfredsplayhouse.png)

What's the buzz tell me whatsahappening what's the buzz

No. 1316067

File: 1661439741313.jpg (66.82 KB, 735x876, 60f70d5791e0bf6835e2a3a41b6cb3…)

It's your birthday!

No. 1316226

File: 1661447566470.jpeg (Spoiler Image,425 KB, 4096x1548, F255C91E-5632-43CD-99B8-78B787…)

Crunchy wig theory

No. 1316234

Don’t care didn’t ask plus that’s a male

No. 1316252

looks like a man who defends lolicon in youtube comments and dropped out of his comp sci program

No. 1316253

Kek anon is that vinny? My god I wouldn’t be surprised if that moid was balding and was capfishing this whole time

No. 1316285

Yes it is Vinny kek

No. 1316320

Kek I fucking love this. I buy into this theory 100%. Nondescript silent hill protagonist looking motherfucker KEK. Look at how much life is in his eyes post-wig. I love you for posting this nona, my eyes have been opened.

No. 1316579

File: 1661463183456.jpg (353.8 KB, 1080x2233, screenshot0.jpg)

so whats the answer ladies?

No. 1316586

File: 1661464053178.png (86.15 KB, 579x158, 70A8A2D8-9202-42D3-87FE-DB5F98…)

also does anyone have the Jesus is the perfect husbando lolcow screenshot?

No. 1316589

File: 1661464122416.jpeg (24.93 KB, 326x237, 6D931E29-C5F9-4678-AF9B-4620F3…)

the answer is always beans

No. 1316697

File: 1661470857378.jpg (49.51 KB, 1050x654, FB_IMG_1661470779397.jpg)

No. 1316915

File: 1661484059979.jpg (45.14 KB, 712x752, FB_IMG_1661482807630.jpg)

No. 1316928

Teenage mutant ninja turtles

No. 1316947


No. 1316951

How the hell foes that happen? How do some men manage to develop abs over their beer gut?

No. 1316955


No. 1317071

File: 1661493877296.jpeg (86.66 KB, 634x951, 57299EB5-1A9F-4B10-BEA1-707B1C…)

Beano Feldstein

No. 1317110

File: 1661496564614.jpeg (21.31 KB, 472x480, 73C75A2E-737E-445F-B43C-BDD670…)


No. 1317119

people who people my people who things i ate things i grate late mate who things hate hate people who shit, people who blink, people who have shitable blinks, people unpoopular dogs who who who who who who who who who who who who who wjo who who that i

No. 1317124

File: 1661497391780.jpg (546.17 KB, 1560x2305, ae7ddd71b86ef3b32c69a177c7e9b0…)

No. 1317127

You can just tell that it's micro

No. 1317130

You can just tell that it's macro

No. 1317132

I heard this story from a youtube chanel called wanse entertainment or something but this mother was having financial issues she was living off of paycheck to paycheck, but i think she won like a lottery ticket or got donated money so she was able to take her and her son to Disney land but as soon as they were done with the theme park and ready to go to their hotels the mother needed to go to the restroom so she told her son to sit on a bench and wait for her when she got back he wasn't there she yelled his name out tried to look for him then she found him he was wearing a ehole Mickey mouse suit she tried to take the helmet off but he slapped her hand before she could do anything and she just thought he really liked it or something so they went back to there hotel room not taking it off once there plane ride back home ( oh yeah sorry they took a plane to Disney world sorry i didn't mention that.) but he didn't take off the suit once she got concerned and she took her son to the doctor, the doctor and the mom were trying to take off the helmet but it seemed like it was superglued to his head or something so they did a x ray on him and the doctor looked pale when he came out and was terrified, it was only the sons head and spinal cord in the suit.

No. 1317135

No. 1317148

I knew a woman shaped like this once. I liked her but there was no way to not acknowledge she looked like the penguin every time she came into view.

No. 1317295

File: 1661516453323.jpeg (93.94 KB, 750x748, 86152F95-6F78-4D1B-AC0F-C28641…)

Lol the fatass

No. 1317297

Every time I get my period I keep singing material girl but replacing material with period. Like this:

Cos we are living in a period world, and I am a p-period girl.

And it just goes on and on for the first 2 days.

No. 1317300

Thought you ate that up huh

No. 1317305

I really don't know what you mean lol

No. 1317306

I thought you ate it up

No. 1317332

Taking a shit feels unbelievably good. It's like I feel renewed.

No. 1317335

No. 1317336

sirius black is so hot I want to feed him chicken in a cave and then make him beg me for sex

No. 1317367

File: 1661522504955.jpg (18.1 KB, 320x400, download (19).jpg)

That's nice sweetie, maybe if you posted this to Tumblr you'd get like 10 notes!

No. 1317372

File: 1661523363730.jpg (105.19 KB, 602x755, chorgy (chicken fed orgy) with…)

see you in the cave babe xx

No. 1317377

File: 1661523545274.jpg (12.77 KB, 194x259, macho_man_pose.jpg)

After a long analysis I can proof that Macho Man is a confirmed TIF:

>Tall hat to hide short height

>dress like a gay cowboy
>boots with heels to look taller
>have a shorter fem gf to look less feminin next to her
>act like a violent man baby to his gf to look manly
>frog voice hidden because it was permanantly ruin from shouting with a deep voice.
>cannot talk without gasping for air because he speak out of his natural range and HRT
>balding fried hair
>glasses to hide facial features
>coveted fully grown beard to hide the jawlett
>can't stop himself from using highly feminin fashion items like glitter, pink spandex and fake fur
>big hand movements and colorful finger wrap to hide small hands
>always stand with legs flexed to camouflag female figure.
>pant pattern that show focus on his dick
>over the top dude bro vocabulary
>was litteraly called a macho KING ounce
>get jealous of male coworkers
>get very angry easly and throw tantrum
>run quickly

becareful, this is a top secret. You would not wan't an OHH YEAH trans men are real macho men at your door…

No. 1317420

File: 1661526933973.jpeg (67.13 KB, 360x450, 1A1D5374-E93E-418C-BDB2-F789FF…)

greetings earthlings

No. 1317423

File: 1661527142716.jpg (60.27 KB, 498x690, 1655413855664.jpg)

I'm gay eminem ama

No. 1317424

wait I meant gay

No. 1317427

he looks like young winona ryder

No. 1317432

File: 1661527902784.jpeg (38.11 KB, 640x362, ywr.jpeg)

young winona enters the chat
she asks what this place is and why everyone keeps calling her newfag

No. 1317438

We really missed out on female eminem.

No. 1317462

This is a picture of Eminem when his name was actually Marsha. It’s very disrespectful for you to post photographs of him taken pre-transition without his consent.

No. 1317856


No. 1317859

File: 1661557479557.jpeg (42.73 KB, 690x517, 15585C8F-D467-4B29-B524-A42DA5…)

He looks like Anna Faris

No. 1317862

he looks like a weather girl or regina george

No. 1317864

File: 1661557808291.png (270.37 KB, 500x500, f2lvbo1_500.png)

No. 1317866

File: 1661557924065.jpg (89.83 KB, 400x400, 98ad8e45-b069-4eef-8b8c-f829dc…)

No. 1317870

File: 1661558126790.jpg (110.91 KB, 400x400, 093353ca-b064-4ed7-a5ed-a51129…)

last and my favorite

No. 1317893

File: 1661559332838.jpeg (7.07 KB, 300x300, 5BB1E629-2E37-4B47-A0EE-ACD918…)

I knew a woman shaped like this before bbl bodies were a trend, I thought she was skinny when we were sitting but she got up and oml. She said she starved herself and showed me her cuts. She was a weirdo. Her body was all weird too,.

No. 1317894

I know you want me baby I think I want you too.

No. 1317895

File: 1661559555839.jpg (63.76 KB, 640x624, apdhi8u084n71.jpg)

Immo beel ice

No. 1318097

File: 1661581676938.jpg (145.81 KB, 736x727, you are a bad fish and i am di…)

No. 1318110

abuse me and rap about how you want to kill me

No. 1318140

That’s an awfully hot coffee pot

No. 1318148

File: 1661592371921.png (947.73 KB, 675x676, 1661445313427.png)

tag urself I'm top right corner

No. 1318162


Middle bottom because from afar it looks like bread to me

No. 1318163

Her horns* kek

No. 1318230

There was a pimple on my chest looking at me noooo staring at me and ok I gave in and take care of this guy and eeeeeeh now I have a huge red bump on my chest. I hate it.

No. 1318269

did you use picture to picture to make this? Or does the algorithm know who our mascot is…

No. 1318425

File: 1661618606793.jpeg (79.01 KB, 504x696, 46C28B31-6726-4A4E-98A0-E6AB16…)

When the neighrbors fightin

No. 1318692

i want a snarky redtext too spank me with your banhammer janny

No. 1318693

420 blaze it smoke weed evryday B)) mlg i eat dank memes for breakfast Shrek is love Shrek is life illuminati confirmed comic sans u wot m8? KYS cancerous john cena csgo mountain dew Doritos B)) 1v1 m9 dank

No. 1318695

It's a repost from /m/, the input was 'beautiful stylized drawing of woman with blonde plaits wearing overalls, happy, girl, loish, norman rockwell, 8k, illustration, color, with horns'

No. 1318707

hi Netjester

No. 1318728

wait i know what to do:

now give it to me(Here is your spank)

No. 1318734


No. 1318785

There is a timeline to the Animal Crossing series.
Wild World > City Folk > Population Growing > New Leaf > New Horizons > Pocket Camp > Animal Island
In Wild World, the village is barren, the ground is mostly just dirt, there's like 88 animals, and you can only have one house fir 4 people, it's a tiny village just starting out.
In City Folk, the town has grown substantially, it's attracting more animals, you can even take the new bus service to the city.
Thus is where it gets fucky. In Population Growing, a war is going on outside the borders of the village. The village closes it's borders, opting for a train service rather than an easily accessed bus, more animals are staying in the village, the foliage has grown lush from lack of outside force, the stores suck ass now because of various socioeconomic reasons.
By New Leaf, the war is long over, the city has had to condense in size and move closer to the village to ensure enough business comes through, Tortimer has retired, one of the borders of the village has eroded away leading to sea exploration.
In New Horizons, the village I'd now an island due to global warming raising the sea level and erosion from storms, there's no more regulation on what you can put in your yard thanks to the changes made during the New Leaf regime, travel has to be by sea plane due to sheer amount of space between the remaining islands.
Pocket Camp takes another leap into the future, global warming has left so little land, animals no longer settle in vilkages and instead travel the remaining islands. Things are more expensive than ever, and animals need help more than ever.
The final entry is Animal Island, set waaaaay further in the future. Many animals have died out, society has collapsed, and even language has been wiped out. The remaining few animals live solitary lives on tiny islands

And now you know the truth. Please feel free to add any details I forgot.

No. 1318815

File: 1661648027105.jpeg (151.13 KB, 823x960, C64EB010-715A-4D7D-BC88-943551…)

No. 1318816

they look like human pitbulls

No. 1318818

File: 1661648733095.jpg (50.16 KB, 800x480, cfw47nxz0t331.jpg)

Okay and where does Desert Island Escape DIE take place in your idea?

No. 1318938

help i melted my brain with einstein on the beach

No. 1318941

I grew up around a lot of these guys and the irony is that theyre more pleasant and less misogynistic than the suburban incels that infested my uni/major

No. 1318948

File: 1661656869824.png (456.69 KB, 880x1275, 6A082408-7F22-46A8-BA6E-DB37E9…)

guy on the right is like

No. 1319059

I love things like this. I love animal crossing

No. 1319067

The events of Amiibo Festival take place shortly before New Horizons, seafaring and island exploration are in their infancy here, and mostly done for leisure, the village is prospering
omg thank you, me too, I love aminl

No. 1319286

File: 1661705122616.gif (8.67 KB, 75x114, lbAJZOG.gif)


No. 1319309

File: 1661707087780.gif (40.93 KB, 400x350, gd.gif)


No. 1319761

File: 1661739057569.png (574.08 KB, 500x659, 3FA92E53-27CC-4D2F-A1BD-83DCB5…)

Dog small

No. 1319900

File: 1661751086512.jpeg (64.64 KB, 480x597, 98E91D73-C853-4FD0-91C3-9E4DC8…)

I’m a terf but I make an exception for her.

No. 1319902

I’m the top middle, I like wearing eggs in my hair.

No. 1319907

File: 1661751658424.gif (7.72 MB, 358x640, AF9ECF7F-689B-48C2-AA3F-23E13D…)

Pass the infinite Dutchie to the left hand side
Pass the infinite dutchie to the left hand side

No. 1320079

File: 1661770371208.png (253.45 KB, 2518x1024, jim vs dwight.png)


No. 1320083

Years of being bombarded with office memes & quotes and this is the first thing that actually makes me want to watch it kek

No. 1320091

The office is a genuinely funny show if you’ve ever been working class. I think the “omg it’s suu overhyped ugh so stupid didn’t laugh didn’t get it crickets” crowd usually stems from people praising it constantly or making it their personality. It’s not that great but it is enjoyable when you’re just watching it with a clean slate to enjoy it.

No. 1320159

NTA but I could never get past how much of a dick Jim is. He harasses his coworkers for lols and essentially ruins Pam’s life and first marriage.

No. 1320495

File: 1661804835998.jpeg (108.22 KB, 640x266, 38340CFE-3BF7-4D22-A1FD-640B10…)

No. 1320547


No. 1321224

File: 1661873143715.jpg (302.85 KB, 1920x1080, EJ8c16RXsAAoYk_.jpg)

me but with her

No. 1321328

File: 1661882046693.jpg (98.63 KB, 1079x730, 302281152_106483072192947_5365…)

who is in to group-buy this stupidly cute baby platypus doll? i think we all need this. we all will share custody

No. 1321330

File: 1661882095955.jpg (184.79 KB, 1079x1482, 301869109_106483122192942_5308…)

another of our soon to be child

No. 1321450

I love her sm I want her on Tuesdays and Thursdays

No. 1321582

Sisterhood of the traveling platypus doll

No. 1321677

File: 1661901909845.png (136.83 KB, 669x655, 1.png)


No. 1321684

froobs (frog boobs)

No. 1321689

File: 1661902552271.jpg (146.03 KB, 1528x1528, ii0s1it499o41.jpg)

Ribbitits if you will

No. 1321691

No. 1322067

File: 1661936341687.gif (3.27 MB, 480x270, 1661811505877.gif)

The only good thing that came out of the kiwifarm thread is this gif, I never realized how cute kiwis are, I want to pet one so bad now they are so round and soft, what a perfect creature!

No. 1322074

Idk I liked that part where a random congresswoman appeared

No. 1322075

Seeing this image just reminded me I was attracted to this frog as a kid

No. 1322082

File: 1661937570268.png (160.51 KB, 412x561, TERF.png)


No. 1322095

Hehe he is shaped so cutely

No. 1322105

No. 1322107

File: 1661941199309.jpeg (173.17 KB, 1072x992, 93384829-2C34-4BD0-8E58-77EBB6…)

Me and my nonny

No. 1322373

File: 1661966893455.gif (2.31 MB, 500x364, lessthanthree.gif)

No. 1322450

how can i be homofobic, my bitch is gæ

No. 1322857

This gif horrifies me, the awkwardness of his movement, it's like he's qwopping into position

No. 1322858

File: 1661998261663.gif (11.99 KB, 121x105, DEC965A5-D471-4156-9279-74CB8D…)

so are you

No. 1322894

File: 1662001831042.jpg (103.68 KB, 640x427, 2864464088_0d750241ac_z.jpg)

Preach, TERF Azumarill!

No. 1323063

File: 1662020866283.jpg (67.16 KB, 564x732, ab98ed301de344107aa5d24ce29a64…)


No. 1323067

Holy keks, need this on my wall

No. 1323072

No. 1323338

I'm blue. If I was green I WOULD die

No. 1323355

She seems cool and I wanna hang out.

No. 1323403

File: 1662059634829.jpeg (90.66 KB, 572x470, 510C051B-C99F-471B-B4EF-5739D8…)

>be me
>absolutely retarded scrote is bothering me (speaks too much about football, has no lips, etc)
>rediscover cutedeadguys, instant middle school nostalgia rush
>spend 30 to 45 minutes browsing photos of men who had all of their limbs cut off
mfw he can’t raise my blood pressure anymore. Thanks Internet!

No. 1323491

File: 1662064975126.gif (385.16 KB, 220x220, goatboy.gif)

nonny why did you thirst for him

No. 1323522

Sorry to sound like an underaged retard but what is that site like? Like is it just gore or is it actually dead cute dudes who may be gorey looking? I am so curious but traumatised by middle school gore sights, then again if they're men I don't think it would affect me

No. 1323539

File: 1662069384034.gif (33.15 KB, 358x147, tumblr_lxsw6vEXC91qft2pdo1_400…)

N-nonnies, i dont feel so good

No. 1323549

NTA but it's just a gore site with dead moids. Stuff like homicide and suicide. They aren't even cute and the pics are nasty. Also in my experience looking at gore makes you desensitized and act weird and its just not worth it especially if youre already a bit weird to begin with

No. 1323560

so I visited and the guys don't do nothing for me, gross but they're just men lol

No. 1323561

thank you based azumarill

No. 1323564

File: 1662071741201.jpg (50.05 KB, 640x591, FaXW6i1XkAEv5oO.jpg)

>it's just a site with ugly dead moids

Gross. Well at least they're dead now.

No. 1323566

I am butter. Spread me on some toast. Sprinkle me on your popcorn babyyyyyyy snack snack snack

No. 1323674

is this that retarded bts song

No. 1323749


No. 1323821

he's just a tist nonni

No. 1323822

well at least you won't come back pregnant

No. 1323895

File: 1662110335781.jpeg (Spoiler Image,834.56 KB, 1600x1600, 1e45a6c890a0877i6543f34.jpeg)

turn around, sharp eyes

No. 1323896

mmm no

No. 1323906

File: 1662112760464.gif (581.26 KB, 220x214, 1661386976186.gif)

And we'll all float on, okay
And we'll all float on, okay
And we'll all float on, okay
And we'll all float on, alright

Already, we'll all float on
No, don't you worry, we'll all float on, alright
Already, we'll all float on, alright
Don't worry, we'll all float on

(Alright, already) And we'll all float on
Alright, already, we'll all float on, alright
Don't worry, even if things end up a bit too heavy
We'll all float on

No. 1323908

File: 1662113018916.png (528.86 KB, 784x570, 3355B581-B31A-4570-AC6E-FCF8F1…)

im a little teapot short and stout. here is my handle here is my spout… if I feel a wee down I pour and pout. I am a little teapot. here is my handle here is my spout

No. 1323942

ah, found the eye teeth

No. 1323947

File: 1662118093660.jpeg (57.01 KB, 465x382, 6F93824F-39A5-4B77-87C9-AF49D5…)

posting to get literal cp off the front page

No. 1323950

File: 1662118391739.jpg (237.79 KB, 1080x1080, 286291397_961956684472193_1880…)

Likewise. Be safe out there, Nonas.

No. 1323956

File: 1662118755430.jpeg (125.97 KB, 691x801, FaXQARLXwAEQfSQ.jpeg)

Thanks for the warning nonnettes

No. 1323994

File: 1662123084261.jpg (49.45 KB, 680x673, photo_2022-08-14_23-24-44.jpg)

thanks nonnie

No. 1324050

File: 1662127725050.jpg (31.83 KB, 420x420, E-zTJvMWUAAQN9t.jpg)

Stacy Nonnie Stacy Nonnie Triggered Triggered Troom

No. 1324054

File: 1662127908704.gif (343.92 KB, 220x264, 1643210487082.gif)

Triggered Nonnie Nonnie Nona Victim Nonnie Noo

No. 1324371

….? hm? oh, uh… well see, blahblah blah, blah blah BLAH. If that makes sense? Heh..

No. 1324376

This is so creepy I was JUST talking about this specific picture of plankton to my sister earlier

No. 1324382

File: 1662143812944.jpg (144.51 KB, 1279x720, pinacolada.jpg)

No. 1324421

File: 1662145001352.png (335.33 KB, 500x500, 59735304-41E3-4E9B-BDA8-62195B…)

honk shoo honk shoo

No. 1324520

File: 1662148487855.gif (24.13 KB, 135x101, Tumblr_l_513546795204824.gif)

hello NONNY dance with me

No. 1324536

File: 1662149296042.gif (104.19 KB, 234x302, dancing-w-nonny.gif)

yeah let's go !!!

No. 1324596

File: 1662151359507.jpg (29.67 KB, 638x680, photo_2022-07-28_19-37-29.jpg)


No. 1324869

File: 1662174900762.jpg (47.93 KB, 735x581, 56c73c212971b8663bbd36ef113d06…)

Whoever posts next in this thread is my one true love.

No. 1324874

File: 1662175145869.jpg (172.21 KB, 830x1024, 1658249376879.jpg)

it's me anon, it's always been me
(picrel is us together taking over the city in our very cool outfits)

No. 1325023

File: 1662181538657.jpg (15.52 KB, 500x483, a.jpg)

hey nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie
hey nonnie nonnie

hey hey hey, it's fat nonnert

heeeeeere's nonnie

No. 1325136

Yall ever shit

No. 1325144

Yes. How did you know

No. 1325147

File: 1662186375243.gif (1.87 MB, 304x282, shocked-cat.gif)

omg same bestie

No. 1325293


No. 1325359

File: 1662204443326.webm (793.48 KB, 552x720, ssstwitter.com_1662201389696.w…)

Video memes thread in /m/ is dead, viva la retarded shit post thread

No. 1325361

File: 1662204830063.webm (1.82 MB, 576x1056, ssstwitter_1661349722.webm)

No. 1325369

File: 1662206078683.webm (1.08 MB, 540x960, hamper.webm)

You got that fucking song stuck in my head again curse you

No. 1325763

File: 1662227700879.png (2.47 MB, 1280x779, C58DFB69-A9C6-4C51-92AA-D0F260…)


No. 1325764

File: 1662227737207.png (1.73 MB, 1074x1074, 4D986AB5-C591-46F6-A186-BD0C4E…)

Cp thread bump

No. 1325766

File: 1662227948556.jpg (62.28 KB, 564x752, 1651779208456.jpg)

Thank you nona

No. 1325767

File: 1662227967944.jpeg (528.26 KB, 828x1049, DA4310B7-9999-4DD5-8A05-2C843F…)

I am very interested in American culture
I eat with plastics cutlery every day (forks, spoons, knives, and even sporks) and even enjoy using paper plates.
I have studied firearms intensively and hope to one day be able to practice at a shooting range~
If you know of any apps to help me practice my (American-style) English and all of its dialects (Bostonian, butchered aave, and valley preferred, for reference) I would appreciate it greatly. Have a blessed day!

No. 1325974




thanks lolcow for giving me a place to post this kek

No. 1325978


nonnie nonnie nonnieL0RRDDDDnonnie nonnie nonnie

let this all be worth something


No. 1325982

one final spergout


you'd better not make me go on long walks with you

No. 1326004

File: 1662239540609.jpg (61.91 KB, 680x619, D2r5OBIW0AMbBH1.jpg)

Huh hubba wha…….

No. 1326039

I know the lady that runs this place!! She closed the restaurant down this year :( can confirm she would fit in here kek

No. 1326462

File: 1662269109047.gif (Spoiler Image,2.35 MB, 640x640, 28383992929.gif)

slut neighborhood

No. 1326617

File: 1662285995257.gif (156.88 KB, 704x704, tumblr_b49eebe26c88a4036579162…)

on my way to kill my retarded loud moid neighbor

No. 1326620

Ive got 4 dog owners on my floor and the dog thats next to me barks all the damn time from 6am until it starts feeling tired because its owners don't bother taking it out for a walk, and of course its a tiny one.

No. 1326710

Woke up this morning with intense gut pain, farted at about 110 decibels repeatedly. All is now well, aside from my neighbors asking about the explosive train horn in my house.

No. 1326730

just thought about what if breasts were on your back instead and wow that would be annoying glad God got it right the first time. Praise His Name!

No. 1326732

what's it with people who adopt tiny deformed dogs just to proceed to more or less abuse and neglect them? In the Café I used to work at there was the old woman who lived in the same building of it and I would see her get out the door with the dog, get her Irish coffee and go back, not even letting her poor anxious looking Yorkshire terrier sniff a single tree while this. And barely go out at all. Like dont get a dog if you dont walk it, fucking evil assholes.

No. 1326734

What if we had them hanging on our lower tummy/loins like horses

No. 1326740

File: 1662299214106.jpg (429.09 KB, 1188x1652, 20220904_083118.jpg)

crunchatize me faggots!

No. 1326761

No it doesn't
t. stringbean

No. 1326781

god doesn't always work in mysterious ways I guess, bless

No. 1326790

Kek I called non-emergency police because the man above me was letting his fat little moid child jump off the fucking couch and run around repeatedly crashing into the ground for hours well past 10pm while he sat out on his porch drinking and talking about how he is ashamed of his fat son. I wasn't about to have a confrontation with a drunk scrote; how the fuck do you not know that shit is shaking the entire ceiling of the apartment below you. Luckily it hasn't happened since.

No. 1326807

File: 1662303394541.png (5 MB, 1369x2048, CD13BD05-CC12-4ED6-B295-0E1CE0…)

>it approaches
What do you do?

No. 1326808

I hug it.

No. 1326811

This freaked me out for a second, cause it reminded me of the axewound timothee chalamet edit someone made

No. 1326814

omfg I’m so sorry kek. I was thinking about spoilering it because it looks kinda creepy haha

No. 1326827

I got a fright scrolling past this because I literally thought the fucking Sander Cohen head ass who made the axe wound timmy was back at it again

No. 1326830

File: 1662306254481.jpg (402.56 KB, 1200x793, hikSrSrwqwztuXcLL65nSR.jpg)

Thought this was a predator at first.

No. 1326843

File: 1662307353430.jpg (602.62 KB, 451x7863, oldest.jpg)

you have to claim one of those objects, what do you choose ?!

No. 1326850

The dog tooth purse, it's very metal. I'll end up selling it for lots of cash to some celebrity to wear on some red carpet event.

No. 1326855

the dog teeth purse sounds cursed

No. 1326888

im taking either the recipe or the glasses

No. 1326913

Easy. Oldest instrument.

No. 1326916

I need that globe yo

No. 1326918

pretend not to see it

No. 1326941

Cameltoe socks

No. 1327137


No. 1327138


No. 1327139


No. 1327140


No. 1327142


No. 1327144

wake up

No. 1327145

File: 1662326210180.gif (14.5 KB, 225x51, text (2).gif)

No. 1327146

File: 1662326252308.gif (10.08 KB, 225x51, text (3).gif)

up up up

No. 1327179

File: 1662328749995.jpg (28.12 KB, 567x315, otp.jpg)

Can I get a kiss?
And can you make it last forever?
I said, I'm 'bout to go to war (Uh-huh)
And I don't know if I'ma see you again

No. 1327249

File: 1662333486300.png (268.23 KB, 1019x494, 4323454.png)

No. 1327346

File: 1662339793656.jpg (29.74 KB, 515x596, enemies to lovers.jpg)

No. 1327360

sorry she posted your notp

No. 1327456

My husbando may be cringe and I may be cringe for loving him but I don't give a fuck, what truly matters is my love for my husbando.

No. 1327509


No. 1327515

File: 1662360167277.jpg (32.88 KB, 736x654, 30613cb797c4323c87506fee0293c2…)


No. 1327516

alien cat husbando strikes back

No. 1327537


No. 1327578

Donald-sama nuzzles Joe Biden Kun with his dainty wrinkled hands. As they push against each other and kiss, Their penises simultaneously erect and touch each other, poking through the fabric. Biden raises his leg and wraps it around Donald. He loses his balance and falls over, “sorrry i had a uhm a uh wob uh whoa I fell heh” joe stutters. Donald reassured him by touching his cheek, “that’s alright.” They are on the floor now. Donald on top of Joe, they continue kissing, they’re macking and moaning and slobbering. Donald kisses on Joe’s neck. Joe whimpers. Upon hearing Joe surrender to such pleasure, Donald ejaculates, the semen comes out as sparse dust through his wrinkled member.

No. 1327581

File: 1662367325424.jpg (67.48 KB, 540x471, tranp looks.jpg)

Donald Trump is a Transbian!

No. 1327583

Donna Trump

No. 1327584

File: 1662367592350.jpg (17.02 KB, 201x201, tranp.jpg)

No. 1327587

File: 1662367920264.jpg (93.48 KB, 423x628, transbian putin and trump bdsm…)

Incorrect. Trump-chan is taken by her sekushii trans lesbian gf Putin-chan

No. 1327733

damn it's feminem

No. 1327742

wtf is this LMAO anon

No. 1327751

I’m literally crying and shitting what is this

No. 1327981

tak kurwa mać
szajni to życie

No. 1327994

Beautiful artwork

No. 1328025

File: 1662406335345.png (37.17 KB, 407x763, Sonic and.png)

Sonic the Hedgehog next to an 185cm human, such as Ichiban Kasuga.

No. 1328026

How much does sonic weigh though?

No. 1328028

If Sonic was a gay fleshy he could suck Ichiban while standing.

No. 1328029

File: 1662406485282.gif (2.3 MB, 640x640, osaka.gif)

Is Ichiban Kasuga the father of Ayumu Kasuga?

No. 1328031

File: 1662406512222.jpg (35.92 KB, 680x549, c2152c5e47da27cc3e3d299437a2b0…)

I doubt it.

No. 1328037

File: 1662406987978.gif (83.12 KB, 250x188, meitanteiconan.gif)

Big brown eyes, a bright and positive disposition, I think I'm onto something, actually.

No. 1328348

This thread is officially besieged by Team Rocket

No. 1328349

File: 1662429447380.png (604.6 KB, 1036x700, 071A1AD8-45ED-4BE6-9858-11A1EF…)

FRIENDLY REMINDER you stink and need to go wash up. now.

No. 1328350

ahhh stop besieging me

No. 1328397

File: 1662432376315.gif (1.53 MB, 257x257, 69e7ec73-16-4469-bf1c-c84cea1c…)

bring it around town
bring it around town

No. 1328525

File: 1662440997149.jpg (109.1 KB, 626x680, 3b2ae85c761df9346bc99895e8d37d…)

No. 1328529

I tried my best but I couldn't

No. 1328572


No. 1328573

File: 1662448507455.png (814.83 KB, 626x680, here.png)

No. 1328577

i don't want it to find ME

No. 1328581

No. 1328601

File: 1662452255521.jpg (22.35 KB, 660x720, FB_IMG_1662452168315.jpg)

The fuck? This almost made me spill my scalding hot pumpkin mocha matcha sun tea lattecino with whipped cream and sprinkles with three shots of espresso and vanilla beans at the bottom

No. 1328654

File: 1662459016146.png (1.34 MB, 1676x944, jghjghjghjh.png)

I'm feeling Japanese the windchimes tell my history

No. 1328659

Omfg so tiny

No. 1328671

hoo hoo
am i a dove or an owl?

No. 1328672

File: 1662461471325.png (1.62 MB, 1080x888, EDC35C56-AAE4-4F25-8976-0562F1…)


No. 1328675

File: 1662461819474.jpeg (456.88 KB, 1800x1350, 1800.jpeg)

No. 1328678

File: 1662462249026.png (324.85 KB, 500x500, BA4C67B8-CE48-47FF-9C4E-6EFACA…)

No. 1328679

File: 1662462435153.png (344.92 KB, 500x500, 637791DD-AF4D-4195-B849-634D63…)

No. 1329058

File: 1662490449989.png (49.92 KB, 301x277, fake.png)

look how fake this looks, I can't believe that people think that the moon landing was real, look how grainy and weird the earth is, you can tell that Stanley Kubrick took those pictures

No. 1329076

That’s whatever was the threadpic for one of the food threads

No. 1329100

File: 1662492783971.jpeg (Spoiler Image,430.79 KB, 821x786, 226E0462-81FD-49B3-9921-1E64BA…)

No. 1329101

reminds me of a neovag

No. 1329103

No. 1329115

File: 1662493546418.png (274.63 KB, 1281x473, DO NOT FUCKING SAVE AS JFIF.pn…)

i'm going to get silly

No. 1329117

I knew there was a reason I hate that pic

No. 1329166

why neovagina Timmy Champagne

No. 1329171

The Universe is deterministic so it had to happen

No. 1329349

based toadette

No. 1329402

File: 1662513576003.gif (5.34 MB, 267x200, ccfd6b2c29406b6dfb1b2e89823174…)


No. 1329422

File: 1662515621318.png (140.81 KB, 531x527, birthday~.png)

it's my birfday :)

(please dont ban me on my birthday, the smiley face is a joke)

No. 1329432

HaPPY BIRTHDAY WOO tweeks on u cutely i hope you have an excellent year to come and lots of hugs from me! Are you seeing anything fun today?

No. 1329436

File: 1662516993344.jpg (13.96 KB, 184x184, haha.jpg)


and some fancy snow ice cream

No. 1329493

File: 1662522454623.jpg (12.23 KB, 364x485, 1660803847977.jpg)

Hope you had a goooouuuuuaaaaiieeeeooood birth day

No. 1329500

File: 1662523140016.jpeg (126 KB, 1080x1636, 923C30DB-3F50-4DE1-AB91-BC301B…)

No. 1329529

File: 1662527213577.gif (1.89 MB, 498x498, transparent-cat.gif)

happy birthday nona!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1329561

File: 1662532123681.jpeg (56.17 KB, 944x690, image.jpeg)

let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die
let me die

No. 1329566

goddd that sounds so yummyyy, I always see those dumpling restaurants on tv shows and movies, I'm so jelly nonny lol

No. 1329571

no sorry you’re stuck here with us

No. 1329573

File: 1662532741995.gif (13.19 KB, 41x73, Jazz_2_3dspazspin.gif)

[SLUR] Jackrabbit

No. 1329575

uuuuuughhh is the orange juice at least fresh?

No. 1329576

File: 1662532795815.gif (235.85 KB, 220x165, goodbye.gif)

no sayonara

No. 1329579

Wait, nonna, take me with you!

No. 1329589

File: 1662534378208.gif (1.55 MB, 308x308, tumblr_2823226e4348096f6f472d6…)

NO YOU CAN T SAY THATNO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!

No. 1329591

File: 1662534544354.gif (4.38 KB, 87x177, 15-char_spaz.gif)

TRIGGER WARNING: violent ableism

No. 1329605

you use a kitty gif and didn’t even say sayonyara? disappointed in you

No. 1329609

File: 1662535916148.jpeg (147.13 KB, 1200x762, 751BA4C3-DEBE-489E-979C-57391F…)

bumping with random shit till the cp is gone from the front page

No. 1329610

File: 1662535953576.jpeg (1.93 MB, 4032x3024, 96BB9EF2-889D-41D4-B6BA-F885A7…)


No. 1329611

ew god that looks like a paralisys nightmare demon

No. 1329612

File: 1662536002170.jpeg (47.92 KB, 640x638, 1651429222413.jpeg)

maybe I can help

No. 1329614

File: 1662536034925.jpeg (140.79 KB, 1241x1225, 1654651727341.jpeg)

No. 1329615

File: 1662536035369.jpeg (70.06 KB, 720x559, 6EE59271-DE6A-41FD-B3FA-8A0014…)


No. 1329616

italian erasure, not inclusive enough

No. 1329617

File: 1662536182244.jpeg (2.42 MB, 4032x3024, 75F20BCD-D9B4-4226-8747-3CC151…)

love you nonnie, together we can at least try to combat the men trying to shit up this board with bots. i wish they'd implement some system to stop them though but idk about the logistics of that
have a flower from my garden

No. 1329618

File: 1662536236999.jpg (1.08 MB, 2250x2250, 1657262188314.jpg)

that's such a pretty flower! thanks for sharing!

No. 1329621

File: 1662536409006.gif (259.21 KB, 270x200, 894B7B6A-F449-4E82-9FA2-92B7C7…)

wow wtf tats so cute what is it

No. 1329623

File: 1662536514792.jpeg (189.13 KB, 750x849, 2C57AE94-D943-4D1C-8505-F47002…)

um sweaty italians aren't ppl it's food. get with the times.

No. 1329627

She looks like she shat herself wtf

No. 1329628

mini small rugs! they're handmade I think

No. 1329631

yeah she sure as fricks poops with that bottom..

No. 1329658

File: 1662541887471.jpg (258.17 KB, 1000x900, tumblr_56e83fd164ac3725e79f4ef…)

trannies be like

No. 1329682

Nah this lady is cuter than any tranny I've seen. She doesn't look like she smells of piss and smegma.

No. 1329702

This is killing me.

No. 1329719

File: 1662552377770.jpeg (57.71 KB, 622x605, EA023824-579C-410A-BAD5-B02F27…)

some of u are dumb but I am the dumbest of all

No. 1329720

Queen of the absolutely retarded shitposters

No. 1329727

picking scabs truly scratches an itch deep within my monkey brain

No. 1329815

Don't be like that, Nonna. Here is the thing, once there was a dumb barnacle, she was so dumb that everyone died.

No. 1329817

File: 1662562708960.png (580.92 KB, 720x720, 0FDA7953-C3D1-443F-BB4E-CA6359…)


No. 1329827

File: 1662564008412.jpg (320.26 KB, 1280x909, 1602525619616.jpg)

Be long.
Be talented.
Be lolcow.

No. 1329837

nonnie i fucking love this. i hope you see a nice looking animal today or you find the time to sit down with a drink and enjoy it thoroughly

No. 1329851

who is she kek ?

No. 1329862

It's bad enough JK Rowling wrote an abelist novel but now we have abelist nonnies too, what the fuck, have some respect retard

No. 1329864

not my fault Epic Games are violent ableists, they're probably TERFs too!! Boycott Fortnite NOW

No. 1329873

File: 1662567959433.jpeg (99.83 KB, 809x466, 4D9FA114-F75F-4B5A-97E7-823C8F…)

Choose which one to kill

No. 1329874

File: 1662567978227.jpg (49.77 KB, 772x736, special boy.jpg)

JK Rowling can't be abelist, dumbass. The main character of harry potter, reader, is clinically retarded. They've even included infographs in all the reprints for people like you.

No. 1329875

idk who any of these are but all of them except for maybe the literal animal

No. 1329877

File: 1662568084718.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1536x2048, 46FFC8EB-E48E-4D42-84F8-7E28D1…)

Ayo where my bad bitches at, sound off

No. 1329878

Lmao nayrt but I want to see those infographs

No. 1329880

File: 1662568193908.jpeg (56.01 KB, 500x279, 9F860DB3-1987-4BAE-9D72-0C0DE7…)

thank you for letting the pokemans live

No. 1329881

ok, definitely sparing the pokeman

No. 1329885

File: 1662568273998.jpg (102.96 KB, 615x620, dog or blueberry muffin2.jpg)

The only answer is to kill and consume them all.

No. 1329888

A friend of a friend's post always get shown to me and she is always sperging about how shitty and corrupt American politics is. This dumb bitch is ITALIAN

No. 1329897

mama mia

No. 1329910

i've wanted this wallet since i was like 13 does that make me a bad bitch

No. 1329914

Not true, the villain in her latest novel has chronic pain. People are going to be introduced to chronic pain for the first time by reading her novel and immediately associate people who have chronic pain with evilness! Yes I saw this take on Tumblr.

No. 1329931

Actual spoilers for The ink Black heart no the villain is just an mra with a skin rash

No. 1329934

……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. really?

No. 1329937

File: 1662571221511.jpeg (161.33 KB, 828x648, 83295F7E-7A1B-4292-8B7A-C28D74…)

the baddest bitch of them all

No. 1329943

yeah that's the murderer, an incel. The spoonie girl isn't the villain.

No. 1329981

File: 1662575518126.jpg (111.42 KB, 657x552, 06a58c2f8a3c1410cbafa0e4410971…)

oh hell yes my life is complete

No. 1330014

I still remember both episodes like it was yesterday kek
As a kid I had crush on that green one.

No. 1330017

File: 1662577343422.jpg (134.71 KB, 716x1024, 1662167649431.jpg)

my husbands are better

No. 1330031

File: 1662578330387.jpg (105.45 KB, 626x491, sample-fbd883710347a54c9821e2a…)

No. 1330044

File: 1662578838170.jpeg (Spoiler Image,618.17 KB, 900x1162, 6E968DC7-1273-463E-975A-5CDE19…)

Bakura is simply a gateway drug to Komaeda

No. 1330045

File: 1662578870078.png (Spoiler Image,113.34 KB, 400x240, tumblr_8530fefae529659d5122704…)

mine is better

No. 1330058

"funny" Japanese anime character designs are so bad

No. 1330062

You get it. You get it!!

No. 1330067

don't be mean to my fatass husbando

No. 1330078

File: 1662579797540.jpg (194.55 KB, 1748x1240, FKC4xSGakAM3NZv.jpg)

I love these jobbers so much it's unreal. Pumped hundreds of hours in Duel Links to build a Spirit Board meme deck, so I could job in style!
Edgy dreamcatcher-kuns are always best boys, fact.

No. 1330094

File: 1662580519828.jpeg (346.76 KB, 1125x1365, 84056F4F-F8F1-4FBA-8BA9-598D51…)

I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop holding your tampon in while you’re taking a shit. Just let it go. Do your guts a favour. You can always put a new one in afterwards, times are tough but they’re not that tough.

No. 1330100

No. 1330113

No. 1330122

I know I’m not the only person here who physically holds their tampon in place while shitting because they don’t want to put a new one in. I’m just saying, let’s love ourselves more. The plumbing can take the odd tampon for the team. Just push and let it drop with the shit. Get a new tampon once you’ve cleaned up. You’re worth it. It’s all good nonny

No. 1330125

>shes disabled
>and a victim

No. 1330135

No she isn't, she is a suspect.

No. 1330136

just wear pads lol why do you need to wear tampons all the time?

No. 1330137

I hold farts sometimes

No. 1330141

kek this is dumb just take the tampon out before you shit

No. 1330147

File: 1662582681108.jpg (54.19 KB, 680x614, EhlVyvjWsAMltPX.jpg)

How do you shit comfortably while holding in your tampon? You gotta let all those pelvic muscles relax. You girls made me flashback to my disgusting mother telling me not to bother changing tampons between urinating - at absolute best you get piss all over the string.

No. 1330155

I used to try to tighten and relax at the same time and it kind of works. As for peeing, I learned to dry off the stringy.

No. 1330159

Pads? Pads? Listen, I choose to love and support all of my sisters but people who prefer pads just instinctually creep me out. I cannot explain it, pad-wearers just have terrible energy and are usually mega normies. All the HP and Disney adults I ever knew were pad wearers.

Idk about you but my mother couldn’t afford sanitary products when I was growing up. I used to get rationed to one tampon every 24 hours. Used to walk around with fat wads of tissue paper I stole from public toilets in my underwear. I’m just saying anons, you’re free now. Shit and piss and let the tampons fly free. It’s all ogre now

No. 1330165

I can't even stand my own piss accidentally getting on my hands. Worse when it's a pet's. Doesn't matter how fast I can wash them.

No. 1330166

as a pad wearer i can tell you that i hate disney and never read HP. i'm one of the good ones.
but if the tampon's gonna come out anyway you might as well take it out before shitting. no difference except it won't sit in a bowl of shit.

No. 1330169

I swear I’m not weird but my endometriosis ridden vessel cannot wear anything but pads kek

No. 1330170

what the shit are you even talking about? must be another form of burger retardation, where i live women overwhelmingly choose pads

No. 1330172

I can shit with a tampon in and I don't have to squeeze my muscles or anything. It just stays put. Do I have a super vag? Are my poops just less powerful than yours? Questions

No. 1330180

What about reusable ones? What kind of vibe do you get from reusable pad users?

No. 1330207

Hmmm mine would sometimes stay in, sometimes not. I get anal fissures, though, so I think it is worse if you strain while you poop. Do you ever have constipation? Or are your stools usually soft?

No. 1330212

Listen up stringy, I'll enjoy my HP and wear my pad and poop not holding any muscles and you ain't nobody to judge me. Freaks like you holding stuff while pooping, like what the hell, this is worse than people who are on their phones while they poop. You're like poop hands, damn right you're no normie, no one who holds anything while pooping is normal. Freaky tampon hands. True freedom is a pad. I should avada kedavra you.

No. 1330223

Wow, all of those warning posts about the book were all dead wrong who would've thought

No. 1330228

>imagine to have such a strong opinion on something so irrelevant as pads and keep suffering while taking a shit
kek imagine to be such retard

No. 1330237

File: 1662588620129.jpg (29 KB, 720x439, Screenshot_2022-09-07-23-07-21…)

About fucking time

No. 1330339

File: 1662596168672.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.53 KB, 720x725, 961837a01afe056f7be9f058ec88a3…)


No. 1330342

>first autistic character
reader-insert fanservice

No. 1330357

Plot twist, my nappy wearing friend, I AM poophands-chan. I am many -chans, as I am unequivocally based across all topics. I am here to tell you that pad wearers can seethe and/or mald; ya nasty. Same for mooncup users, though they’re unpleasant in a different way.

Reusable pads? Different vibe: insufferable hippy who doesn’t mind that her clothes always smell a bit rank. Probably doesn’t use a detergent on her clothes either, just soap nuts/bicarb/vinegar. Does not wash hair often enough. Rancid smell drowned in lush products or straight patchouli/joss sticks. You probably know more about her vagina and menstrual cycle than you do your own, based on smell and the fact that she never fucking shuts up about sex and menstruation and divine womanhood.

No. 1330360

I am on tramadol and iron pills; my shits are literal fossils and I fear cracking the toilet every time I go. They squeeze out the contents of my vaginal cavity like a tube of toothpaste, they are extremely unforgiving.

No. 1330365

File: 1662598513183.png (851.38 KB, 624x464, tumblr_lugy40e19B1qd8avbo1_128…)

Sometimes when I shit I get a big gopoby blob of vagina juice (discharge probably) that will just stretch down to the toilet water and refuse to fully disconnect, even when it grazes the water. Is this normal?

No. 1330370

Its normal for sexy, cool and hot girls. I think

No. 1330372

Yes, usually when you’re ovulating. I hate standing up after the toilet and feeling cold egg whites fwip-stick to my inner thigh.

No. 1330387

I get ass discharge sometimes and it usually for some reason pushes all the excess doodoo crumbs out and when I wipe I only need to like 4 times cause it’s clear.

No. 1330403

File: 1662601270673.jpg (495.69 KB, 1079x1340, FaceApp_1662601324929.jpg)

>Gigi, I…

No. 1330405

Just hold the string back baka

No. 1330414

Hold the string back??? You want me to lean forward with my hand under my ass to hold a string out of the way while trying to have a relaxing piss??? I'll just get a new one, baka.

No. 1330416

Fine then I'll sit on your lap and hold your tampon string back while you pee pee and I'll make eye contact with you when I do it (physically eyeball to eyeball type of eye contact) and you will then know there's more than one way to make love in this world.

No. 1330417

are you talking about mucus in your poops? you probably have ibs anon. do you ever shit bubbles? sounds like youre describing a mucusy poop. do you smoke weed?

No. 1330438

terrible taste. pads are objectively the better of the two shit options. i use cups if i don't use pads. tampons fucking hurt so bad esp when you pull them out

No. 1330489

File: 1662607072436.jpeg (25.34 KB, 275x234, cat booger.jpeg)

i want the cereal i need the cereal i require the cereal i am one with the cereal i want to taste the cereal i do not want to get out of my chair to get the cereal i hae haijif i wah heh s shse h ho awderh heap emamaf

No. 1330501

File: 1662607642587.png (110.49 KB, 512x512, 4668e05e6d9eb7322795f50b73f92c…)

it better be this cereal or i won't tolerate this level of cereal lust

No. 1330733

File: 1662625800546.jpg (228.4 KB, 720x725, mongus.jpg)


No. 1330935

File: 1662643293276.jpg (80.44 KB, 679x679, 71yuZjbe5nL._SX679_PIbundle-2,…)

…i'm so sorry nonny

No. 1330942

File: 1662643832234.png (42.44 KB, 348x318, EB8CE59B-3645-46EA-B3B2-54CE0B…)

Nta but I recommend this.

No. 1330947

Haters will try to say it's fake but look at the shadows. You can't fake that.

No. 1331134

>ass discharge
Okay Shayna

No. 1331756

anon, why don’t you take stool softeners (docusate sodium aka Colace) nightly to keep things moving? Or Miralax? Neither are stimulant laxatives and are very gentle. You really don’t want to wind up with an impaction or something. Only you can prevent fossilized feces!

No. 1331886

File: 1662667774920.png (582.12 KB, 570x441, shay.PNG)

this shayna fanart from the cow photoshop thread looks like rosalia

No. 1331891

reminds me of erin painter?

No. 1331896

fat poppy

No. 1332064

No. 1332118


No. 1332156

File: 1662677896483.jpeg (619.31 KB, 1365x2048, 1662657902947.jpeg)

kek she does
also whoever made this, please make it into a banner PLEASE

No. 1332434

File: 1662698350752.jpeg (Spoiler Image,845.45 KB, 2048x1152, C254858A-C51F-4FB9-8B9D-7279F6…)


No. 1332435

File: 1662698491633.jpg (134.01 KB, 1449x1446, 7157VHaxzAL._SL1449_.jpg)

Rip to da queen bumping this one in memoriam

No. 1332469

Oh my god anon, I was JUST thinking about this TODAY, except this happens after I pee. Sometimes I don't realize I have it until I stand up and wipe. Makes me shudder if I'm spreading the toilet water germs and shit everywhere on my thighs if I'm not paying attention.

No. 1332480

Crossposting Shayna should be banned you bitches are a cancer

No. 1332575

File: 1662703927297.jpg (879.78 KB, 1170x1356, 1662646955049954.jpg)

No. 1332580

He he I hamtar I piss on wood shavings I chew on cardboard he he

No. 1332586

anon how dare u maek fun of hamter anon! she was da bes thing 2 happen to lolcow! i crie

No. 1332589

This is what you think is funnier/more worthwhile to post? Kek, you're really pathetic. Go back.

No. 1332592

File: 1662704571729.png (75.08 KB, 800x553, fancystep.png)

No. 1332593

you're so fucking pressed

No. 1332596

File: 1662704630734.gif (2.41 MB, 280x210, 7B6D3C44-1860-491E-A873-148EAD…)

No. 1332597

Everything hates you

No. 1332600

No. 1332602

No one is "pressed" but literally you/and your cohorts who have now started openly calling people "cunts" for enjoying things you don't.

No. 1332603

File: 1662704746049.jpg (36.02 KB, 650x381, hurrrdurrrrr.jpg)

it's a newfag, it's a moid, it's a facebook tumblr twitter reddit tard, she's bitter and she doesn't like what i like and that makes her mad which makes me mad im right and she's wrong reeeeeeeeeee newfagssss

No. 1332604

Exposing yourself as a precious newfag because we have been calling eachother cunts on this board since what, 2013?

No. 1332608

yet another exhibit of suspiciously male behavior/stale meme use that men are well-known for

No. 1332609

File: 1662704836909.gif (946.99 KB, 500x281, 9EDEA1B4-67DC-49D9-8AA4-FE161F…)

What is in the air tonight making everyone here so insane and bitchy

No. 1332612

my bet is kiwicels

No. 1332613

probably longer.

No. 1332614

We aren’t allowed to call eachother cunts since we are wimminz, oh no. Yeah smells like scrote.

No. 1332616

File: 1662704977380.png (519.87 KB, 874x1073, BC0A73C1-E6B5-428A-8F54-D43597…)

No. 1332618

you two are fucking retarded. lolcow.farm was not a thing in 2013 and it had ONE board, which was /pt/. way to expose yourselves despite your bitching about everyone else who enjoy fun things as being "newfags"

No. 1332619

kek nonnie I'm not a fucking moid I just like the damn meme, there was nothing moidy about me shitposting. Please, nona, I'm begging you, stop it

No. 1332622

I was on here in 2014 and before that I was on staminarose. Die mad!!

No. 1332624

whoever it is isn't a farmer, they're using the same argument claiming everyone is misusing terms and is a newfag, when they probably don't even know what sr is.

No. 1332625

what were the other two

No. 1332626

Probs Blaine

No. 1332627

you think we weren't calling eachother cunts on /pt/? you're retarded.

No. 1332630

File: 1662705130389.jpeg (121.17 KB, 845x555, 6E242580-07B9-4F8D-96A7-7AB7CC…)


No. 1332631

the aforementioned board was THIS one, not SR. nice backtracking

No. 1332632

The absolute state

No. 1332634

We have been calling eachother retards and moving on to the next stupid topic for almost a decade.

No. 1332636

the entire conversation is about ot/b, not /pt/, which was and is entirely different and populated by tons of different people. and if you haven't grown up or changed at all since 2014, you're really pathetic

No. 1332637

Yep, iirc lolcow is only about 7-8 years old.

No. 1332638

I gotta start hiring PIs for this shit figure out who is a real nonnie and who is the newfag

No. 1332639

>minimodding the retarded shitpost thread

No. 1332640

Die mad stupid cunt there is no backtracking you’re just autistic and trying to gotcha! everyone(infighting)

No. 1332641

It’s 8 years old. A giant chunk of SR migrated here.

No. 1332642

File: 1662705311269.jpeg (285.18 KB, 2048x1746, BC11BF17-A563-499C-AE1C-60BDEC…)

I am reporting everyone who infights in this blessed thread so you best behavior

No. 1332643


No. 1332646

10th bizarre suspiciously male moment in 5 min

No. 1332647

File: 1662705437063.png (320.15 KB, 433x566, DFA42C2A-7B87-4AA0-B599-5E5D26…)

If you got stopped by a twink officer and he was by himself do you think you would be able to outrun him or beat his ass? I do

No. 1332648

File: 1662705442789.jpeg (1.31 MB, 2889x2632, fullsizeoutput_a00.jpeg)

Watching this thread like

No. 1332649

You want us to be male soo bad for talking the way we have always talked here. Sorry you aren’t going to rewrite us into being gentle tenderqueers that are meek and polite.

No. 1332654

exact argument trannyhands and his ilk make constantly to justify their displaced and out of place scrotalrage

No. 1332656

File: 1662705625718.jpeg (31.14 KB, 800x450, 12e456698h76e55.jpeg)

Why did an argument break out over a hamster shitpost what is going on am I missing context?

No. 1332658

No. 1332659

File: 1662705709542.gif (1.11 MB, 498x351, 7873D52A-4465-4454-B511-46B053…)

No. 1332667

An anon in the recent shopping thread made a few posts pretending to be a hamster and chaos ensued.

No. 1332673

Why do you think it's apparently so unwomanly to be aggressive, rude, or angry? I think women have plenty of reasons to be on edge and cranky. If you're allowed to post fujo shit and hamster LARPs, I can be a bitch and take out my rage about the world on you for being a cringe loser.

No. 1332677

He’s starting to look like big Ed from 90 day fiancé.

No. 1332681

think it has been edited, anon. though i don't disagree he looks like shit

No. 1332694

i like this one kpop girl but people call her ugly im sad

No. 1332697

Your idea of cringe and mine are very different.

No. 1332702

Which one

No. 1332714

File: 1662707505021.jpeg (82.25 KB, 1440x1800, 593C048B-B8B1-41DE-A5F1-82FF82…)

jihyo. she’s a beautiful healthy woman who is talented and has both a great face and a great body. i know she doesn’t fit conventional standards but that doesn’t mean she’s ugly.

No. 1332718

File: 1662707808566.jpg (1.99 KB, 86x83, uh-huh.jpg)

There is nothing ugly about this girl in any way???

No. 1332719

she's really cute

No. 1332731

>i know she doesn’t fit conventional standards
what the fuck do you mean??? I refuse to let this post make me feel bad about the way i look CURSE ON YOU

No. 1332744

she's a great dancer in all their performances as well! but people still pretend that momo is the only dancer in the group because she's prettier

No. 1332745

File: 1662709176309.jpeg (74.92 KB, 750x406, FA12DB3E-6F05-4ADC-B77C-388116…)

idk nona koreans like to call her fat and ugly and one scrote openly told her she should be a weight lifter (deragatory). i posted her in a thread and an anon called her the least attractive one in their group.

No. 1332758

Koreans have the most rotted brains from living in a country the size of Indiana. So very little to do and so compressed on top of eachother that overcompensating into hypergroomed plastic versions of people is the only way they’ve became notable worldwide. I’ve seen videos of really beautiful idols breaking down when they receive a sincere compliment.

No. 1332773

yeah i suppose that in a culture where anorexic 16 year olds with over filled faces are seen as the pinnacle of beauty this is to be expected.

No. 1332788

File: 1662711861261.gif (843.83 KB, 220x217, monk.gif)

yucky. pure girls who dont do drugs nya

No. 1332793

I started using cloth pads two months ago and I had them in the laundry basket folded up with my blood on them and they don’t smell bad at all

No. 1332886

File: 1662726634005.gif (86.11 KB, 340x136, edward cullen asked you out.gi…)

what do you do!

No. 1332890

File: 1662727147610.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1814x2400, 5b.jpeg)

kill him

No. 1332892

You're pretty uppity for a monkey

No. 1332895

ouch ouch ouch

No. 1332961

File: 1662732115201.jpg (34.74 KB, 564x383, 2977e20037ff32a91b9fc599eb5119…)

Soon, there'll be no more snails out and about

No. 1332982

Nooo why

No. 1333056

Hi I am farmer! i like shitposting, nitpicking, infighting and occasional bone-rattling. My hobby is being Shayna's gynecologist

No. 1333081

File: 1662736632423.gif (80.46 KB, 100x100, BF072E5F-BBB1-48A3-8ECB-D5CB3F…)

>be me, sitting on the toilet after taking a shit
>notice pad needs to be changed, rip it off my underwear and press on the pedal of the trashy can
>5-7 tiny bugs fly out
>literal chills down my spine, instant flashback to a previous incident just like this one where I opened the trash can and TENS of bugs went flying all over the place (I was 11 and also on my period)
Do… do bugs feed on blood? Do they lay eggs there?

No. 1333082

File: 1662736683691.png (14.27 KB, 96x96, smad.png)


No. 1333092

File: 1662737300389.jpg (105.74 KB, 501x500, mosquitos.jpg)

idk about laying eggs, but nonna has to know about mosquitos and horseflies. Drain flies are a huge nuisance too, they love damp areas. Just a pro-tip, don't free bleed over clogged plumbing.

No. 1333097

At first I thought you meant you found flies under your pad bc im retarded but thank god that wasn't the case. I've had fruit flies infest a small trash can with pads in it in the summer but that was when my whole kitchen had them. You can set up traps near the trash cans and sink

No. 1333114

I think they’re drain flies! Ah fuck thank you

No. 1333383

File: 1662752790949.jpg (108.51 KB, 1000x639, Sadbitchsnail.jpg)

It's gonna get fucking chilly here. Poor sluts need scarves and we have none

No. 1333387

the giant mosquitos are no match for my sword

No. 1333397

disclaimer: I have not watched vidrel but it is best cereal

No. 1333459

File: 1662757156776.jpg (172.39 KB, 1024x768, one-shot boyxboy lemon dont li…)

watch out i'm opening the time rift to 2005

No. 1333468

File: 1662757918542.png (74.78 KB, 241x197, lissen here u basard.png)

you close that time-rift or so help me . . . !

No. 1333470

File: 1662758151028.jpg (123.46 KB, 980x980, 2398kqcn6n351.jpg)

No. 1333472

I had a hate boner for this anime for some reason even though I didn't even watched it. The pink haired boy just seemed annoying and everything that I hated so I instantly hated it as well, even though I liked shit like Junjou Romantica lol

No. 1333473

File: 1662758344847.jpeg (35.23 KB, 720x450, 1175BB3E-5D38-4547-BDBE-F61B06…)

No i don’t want to go back to high school

No. 1333476

fuck everyone else i'm going it's the last year i was happy

No. 1333491

I watched this anime with my little brother with comcast on demand

No. 1333501

you were in highschool in 2005? how old are you

No. 1333523

someday you’ll be 30+ too, wee nonita

No. 1333524

Nta but this is probably going to shock you……..I was in highschool in 2007…..think about that…….don’t let your brain explode, zoomer……

No. 1333529

Nayrt but I was in high school in 2015 and I think it’s cool older nonnies are still here

No. 1333540

File: 1662762713377.jpeg (74.17 KB, 800x480, lolgoogle.jpeg)

32, I was 15 in 2005. It's really not that old lol but I guess when you're a zoomer anyone over 25 is a grandma. Want your mind really blown? I've been on the internet since around age 9 or 10 ish, you do the math. Pic related is a screenshot I took from I don't remember when.

No. 1333541

File: 1662762807503.jpeg (44.33 KB, 400x533, C5E1266C-99FA-43CD-835D-95D0A6…)

What haircut did you have because I had this

No. 1333543

Same. I have naturally thick and curly coarse hair and it became so crunchy and burnt from flattening it all the time kek. It also looked really weird when I just did a wash and go with no styling because I cut it weird.

No. 1333547

33 here and your screenshot is giving me life particularly the open tabs and bookmarks (Berserk fuck yeah)

No. 1333551

File: 1662763396579.jpeg (49.26 KB, 717x486, dumb bitch manifesto.jpeg)

Hell yeah, Berserk all the way! Once a weeb always a weeb for me, now I just buy as much weeb shit as I like. I think my favorite decade so far for myself is being in my 30's, everything is finally stable and I can just vibe.

No. 1333552

File: 1662763428355.jpeg (51.7 KB, 1024x782, 4E4996D3-FAA4-44B3-B483-2A8FF0…)

It hasn’t even been a week

No. 1333554

I wish these stupid ass channels was get taken down. Has no have any actual respect?

No. 1333556

god I wish I had my screenshots from 05-09

No. 1333560

Look if you weren’t around for yaoi paddles and Naruto headbands sold at Suncoast then u ain’t a real weeb fr. We were forged in the cringe fires.

No. 1333563

File: 1662763839152.png (269.78 KB, 479x308, culturedseinen.png)

I just realized too that I didn't have a tab that specifically said Berserk in it and you just gleaned it from my specific bookmarks.

No. 1333567

File: 1662764034406.gif (295.79 KB, 220x293, B9DB0E7E-9387-45CE-858A-3A40EF…)

That I did, precious anon. That I did.

No. 1333568

nostalgia alert

No. 1333569

Bro I was there through it all. The glomps, caramelldansen, the fucking haruhi suzumiya everywhere cringefest. My con was Anime Expo my dude, you wanna talk yaoi paddles? Motherfuckers went to my school in Naruto headbands and did the run. It was chaos.

No. 1333570

File: 1662764110755.jpeg (43.7 KB, 424x666, img.jpeg)

>was get taken down. Has no have

No. 1333572

glomps u XD!!! ^_^;;

No. 1333576

No. 1333577

When the only manga you could find was licensed through TokyoPop with the chunky red logo on the spine.

No. 1333579

Oh my god

No. 1333581

And the only licensed anime you could watch was $40 a dvd and you had to buy it at the mall

No. 1333582

File: 1662764527444.jpg (49.13 KB, 640x480, niceboatdude.jpg)

when tokyopop died and you had an incomplete manga series

No. 1333583

Ok but why did you call the snail a slut I'm not getting this

No. 1333595

have you seen the way they drag their wet p*ssies around?? very inconsiderate of others, not everyone wants to see that all of the time. RIP to these cold hoes though

No. 1333599

boss bitch shit! snails are cute and should always be raw and living and surrounded by an abundance of their preferred sustenance.

No. 1333601

File: 1662765855731.jpg (19.28 KB, 275x383, neck.JPG)


No. 1333605

I miss when manga was $7

No. 1333613

I dont think snails have a pussy!

No. 1333620

File: 1662768116183.jpeg (597.49 KB, 828x1254, A5E5C5CA-DD56-4B5B-857F-83370B…)

No. 1333645

File: 1662770886042.jpg (56.3 KB, 276x597, 20220909_214930.jpg)

No. 1333677

File: 1662774975570.jpg (136.05 KB, 1280x720, BTH101land.jpg)

It's Friday night y'all!

No. 1333787

File: 1662781587661.jpeg (630.9 KB, 828x902, 2C4FA1E9-8FFD-4622-BB5B-2B7B15…)

the way i would die for this my little pony baby wear snowman that comes with a snowsuit. hes so fucking cute. i would die for this motherfucker. the snowsuit for the baby pony is so fucking adorable too and this lil man goes in the pocket. he would never cheat. he would treat me so well. i have a fever.

No. 1333851

*saturday morning

No. 1333886

oh my god I need 100 of this lil guy

No. 1333891


No. 1334026


No. 1334068

sibling of the male sex

No. 1334072

pew pew pew

No. 1334076


No. 1334079


No. 1334096


No. 1334168

File: 1662810189197.png (993.92 KB, 1101x1153, juniper.png)

no, the voiced by a female & feminine girl is not a they/them and i will not respect a fantasy characters pronouns

No. 1334179

game? is this another case of trannies inserting their politics into translations?

No. 1334189

xenoblade chronicles 3, there's a single mention in the game of her being a they/them (that a lot of people missed) and it was datamined that internally she's not coded as male nor female, but 'other' gender

No. 1334200

its a shame that even Japan is falling to the troonery

No. 1334202

File: 1662815078267.png (25.4 KB, 816x380, hotdog.png)

the new pokemon are crazy

No. 1334206

Thought those were hobonichi planners for a minnit

No. 1334417

wee wee wee wee
woo woo woo woo
wee wee wee wee
woo woo woo woo

No. 1334547

File: 1662830508087.jpg (12.29 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Training? What training? All we did was sit around, drink coffee, and watch women's tennis.

No. 1334599

File: 1662832584969.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.33 KB, 720x905, Screenshot_20220910-135347.jpg)


No. 1334609

File: 1662833274531.jpg (17.58 KB, 376x371, 1662735109813028.jpg)

any nocturne mid enjoyers

No. 1334791

>nocturne mid

No. 1334975

Nonnas, I am in my mid thirties. I just sent one of my fave artists a dm on Instagram telling him how much his music feeds my soul. He is quite an unknown artist from New York but I fucking love him and I hate that i found him through Spotify. I dreamed of him the other night (really fucking randomly, like I know I’m fangirling right now but I didn’t listen to him the night in question)
He is unknown, as in only his inner circle knows who he is.
Urgh. Just hnnnng. I wanna meet this guy and I’m half way across the world.

No. 1334986

Cannot think of a more mid-thirties thing to type lmao
Anyway good luck, hope he responds!

No. 1334988

Nayrt, I’m in my early twenties and I still do the “le” prefix for things kek

No. 1335007

Thank you nonna. (I have had a couple of beers now) the dream may have dictated my emotions but regardless if I met this man in person I’d probably forget how to speak….. but I’d still sit on his face regardless. Jesus Chris why am I like this?????????

Which brings me to this question: ladies if you met your fave artist how would you react?

No. 1335307

File: 1662873046274.gif (163.68 KB, 360x334, A03C5537-E5F4-4D45-B8DF-3BE31D…)

I feel like a piece of meat luv

No. 1335311

File: 1662873488226.jpg (60.05 KB, 640x853, sidm973ev7g41.jpg)


No. 1335323

File: 1662874297850.jpeg (57.96 KB, 732x732, 2.jpeg)

I'm cleansing the reddit out of you two, thank me later.

No. 1335354

as a zoomer i honestly dont find it cringe at all. whats really cringe and actually reddit is the heckin pupperino chonker thing, this is fine. only thing worse is buzzfeed 2013-17 type humor
not that i have any authority but let them do their thing, it will be really cute in a few decades imo when they actually become old in a few decades and still use slang from earlyish internet kek imagine a grandma saying le me derping around or something. i like it when anybody of any age uses slang and speech mannerisms clearly from their generation, except for well male zoomers…
>no cap bruh tbh ngl common L

No. 1335374

File: 1662877760354.png (127.13 KB, 1220x1302, Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 11.2…)

can't wait for Pixar's cowboy bebop

No. 1335377

I don't even like anime and I still instantly vomited

No. 1335476

File: 1662886770484.png (2.91 MB, 2731x3626, noice.png)

No. 1335683

No. 1335832

Omg this is so embarrassing.. what the hell is wrong with drunk me??? I hope he never looks at his insta messages cos if he responds to it I’m gonna die of embarrassment

No. 1335927

File: 1662918217085.jpg (90.17 KB, 783x960, 306324019_10101489953573374_12…)

No. 1336373

File: 1662946857439.jpg (26.48 KB, 500x464, bad3dca229b90502008befc71a8d04…)


No. 1336384

so true!!!

No. 1336385

cat, cat, cat!

No. 1336398

this is so stupidly adorable

No. 1336810

They’re called snussies

No. 1336812

where can i acquire a cat cat cat

No. 1337177

File: 1663012393345.png (297.87 KB, 996x750, shitpost.png)

No. 1337348

File: 1663023592662.jpeg (127.81 KB, 785x427, 17D5AE7D-C048-4091-B397-550124…)

No. 1337358

lmao nonni

No. 1337363

im so drunk should i hump a pillow

No. 1337372

No I liked the post, I liked the LE SIGH especially

No. 1337417

Never drink alcohol again nonny.

No. 1337575

File: 1663039440069.jpg (18.31 KB, 438x468, a355039da8ac0662a2a2534075ee3e…)

I see you
And I just wanna dance with you
{Giggles Menacingly}

No. 1337578

File: 1663039600619.jpg (326.54 KB, 1078x1065, Screenshot_20220912_222712.jpg)

I think I found the brand

No. 1337834

File: 1663069562910.jpg (61.97 KB, 500x615, 84574869a622755813bc69d50fcfab…)

Is THIS ratatouille

No. 1337857

Oh god

No. 1337878

No, that is Ratatouille’s fat friend, Hamothy

No. 1338099

File: 1663091454808.png (61.32 KB, 233x160, aeh.png)


No. 1338135

cover thine mouth little one lest you spread the coof

No. 1338185

can anynonny here draw some terf island england hetalia fan art? i need it for a friend

No. 1338224

File: 1663096654252.jpeg (114.43 KB, 671x720, 3F375283-F297-470E-B8CE-1DD1B4…)


No. 1338243

File: 1663097313762.gif (2.84 MB, 400x300, 1589671255644.gif)

Codidng a beginer caze study while listening 2 le epic cybergoth musik liek a baoss

No. 1338255

File: 1663097749395.jpg (80.2 KB, 1080x403, IMG_20220913_213642.jpg)

No. 1338258

No. 1338278

Funny is subjective.

No. 1338877

File: 1663124474997.gif (978.12 KB, 220x391, 2E1E3E61-2BC7-4F84-A599-1DFDE0…)

This thread needs rejuvenating

No. 1338923

You're my popcorn nonny,my hamburger nonny,my fettuccine..nonny! You're my caviar nonny,my vampire nonny,my ritz, nonny..
My ritz, nonny..
My ritz..
oh you're my ritz.. Nohonehey.

No. 1338943

File: 1663128084834.jpg (59.54 KB, 540x675, tumblr_9ac477be992b064499050ec…)

Pum kin…

No. 1338944

File: 1663128123830.jpg (66.54 KB, 540x667, tumblr_ebd178ac572926749461889…)

Pom kien.

No. 1338947

File: 1663128211400.jpg (34.31 KB, 540x583, tumblr_52fc5185a3bbd11996aaed4…)

Poomp kiln haha yes

No. 1338950

File: 1663128426277.jpg (22.89 KB, 467x462, 1657414611635.jpg)

Pempkmin Pii pay

No. 1338958

No. 1339276

bombgin hehhee

No. 1339382

File: 1663163623711.jpeg (123.06 KB, 450x300, fregg.jpeg)


No. 1339404

File: 1663165600346.jpeg (294.88 KB, 1170x1120, 175549D2-49CD-4545-9574-790C2A…)

Posting the Jojo psyche dolls for posterity and because it made me wheeze so hard tears came out of my eyes

No. 1339406

File: 1663165642509.png (106.51 KB, 246x222, E4F9C3CA-9865-46ED-AF8D-B22E44…)

No. 1339410

File: 1663165840213.jpeg (276.29 KB, 828x578, 1813D225-2845-4456-868F-9F5128…)

Kids today will never understand what we had

No. 1339445

Didn't the 4chan panel at otakon or whatever take place right near this?

No. 1339451

File: 1663167271106.png (980.57 KB, 1249x1222, 1633955756590.png)

play cruelty squad nonnies it's so fucking balls to the walls and ugly it wraps back around into being coherent and beautiful.

No. 1339592

File: 1663175406382.jpg (194.92 KB, 1600x2000, wfes.jpg)

Here's a cute cat because moids are spreading bait again.

No. 1339682

File: 1663179267739.jpg (82.09 KB, 735x800, 1661677225879.jpg)

aweeweeweewee what a cutie

No. 1339688

File: 1663179646622.jpg (243.86 KB, 1638x2048, EpUL0sHWEAE2QPM.jpg)


No. 1339692

Why is this legitimately terrifying

No. 1339711

File: 1663180766677.jpg (42.82 KB, 620x430, ezgif-5-1150acdbc4.jpg)

No. 1339717

File: 1663180985544.jpg (123.65 KB, 1100x619, 170721143452-green-puppy-1-sup…)

God bless grinch dogs.

No. 1339724

File: 1663181317573.jpg (34.77 KB, 399x545, 1550006631032.jpg)

>blocks your path

No. 1339726

Why is that puppy shrek

No. 1339758

File: 1663182329995.jpg (68.8 KB, 720x541, fc5ada793e53033eca7ace55354540…)

this is shrek the dog, that was grinch dog. learn the difference

No. 1340149

File: 1663201056437.jpeg (195.46 KB, 750x750, 04F01F12-768C-43E3-B55E-1A7568…)


No. 1340214

I wanted to for so fuckin long but I'm broke. Playing it in spirit, it looks so sick

No. 1340731

File: 1663246823142.png (168 KB, 512x720, 3615MakiCleanURIdolized.png)


No. 1341915

File: 1663344249188.jpeg (442.32 KB, 1170x681, AEBE31C6-6FD3-4D0B-9EA9-2DDD77…)

No. 1341956

File: 1663348023391.jpg (16.87 KB, 326x326, 792e6ab1b9703e81cb59104e45b321…)

I've already been to heaven

No. 1341973

mfs be hanging with anyone these days…smh…

No. 1341978

File: 1663349631056.jpg (309.72 KB, 1076x571, Screenshot_20220617-224730_Fir…)

omg are they still chasing me?? are they behind me now??? help me, nonnies, i

No. 1341980

fucking RUN anon RUN!! They are behind you FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

No. 1341987

File: 1663350068727.jpg (482.72 KB, 919x1338, Screenshot_20220916-134150_Fir…)


No. 1341988


No. 1341997

File: 1663350887284.jpg (214.08 KB, 1078x754, Screenshot_20220916-135504_Fir…)

No. 1342001

he ordered the beef nonnington…

No. 1342021

It's me, I'm the Beef Nonnington.

No. 1342033


No. 1342253

File: 1663558735404.gif (2.83 MB, 348x270, 46dd1270-dc0d-446c-9ae5-4cb2a5…)


No. 1342254


No. 1342259

File: 1663559147673.gif (2.07 MB, 480x267, giphy.gif)

No. 1342273

I find this video very fitting

No. 1342303

so this was all thanks to that British moid people kept posting in the bunker thread huh

No. 1342304

No, it wasn't, the site was being updated

No. 1342309

No it was morissey

No. 1342310

I don't know if this is some gay joke I'm not in on, but whatever nona

No. 1342313

It is a gay joke haha I know the site is being updated

No. 1342315

You friggin rascal

No. 1342318

File: 1663561018442.png (84.48 KB, 843x380, mozz.png)

It was the power of Morrissey.