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File: 1659942857262.jpg (156.23 KB, 665x856, scream.jpg)

No. 1610150

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No. 1610152

File: 1659943043654.jpg (2.97 MB, 2066x6450, transcel50246439.jpg)

troon want to date andrew tate

No. 1610154

File: 1659943136245.jpg (74.61 KB, 597x433, 1659924789607.jpg)

its always too late

No. 1610155

File: 1659943254997.jpeg (98.91 KB, 750x515, BB050EE4-D0D3-4CD6-947E-A3A512…)

why was this thread the first thing that came into my head when i saw this? my poor brain.

No. 1610157

charls carroll was never the same after the baby

No. 1610160

>i’m autistic.
there, mystery solved. he also sounds gay as fuck, all he talks about is fucking dudes for money kek. who’s gonna tell him he can do that without transing? if nikocado avocado has an only fans, any guy can do it.

No. 1610162

File: 1659944187139.png (396.9 KB, 661x635, kek.PNG)

I don't think you even tried

No. 1610170

>at Oberlin last year
>hanging out in mostly girl class talking
>programmer socks troon buts into fashion discussion saying they’re going to be Lady Dimestruco mommymoding or some autistic insane nonsense like that
>Gets a few stares of acknowledgement, conversation continues

It was a small moment but it was so fucking satisfying to see nobody give recognition to them. I cannot believe men expect people to listen to them essentially list internet fetishes out loud

No. 1610175

File: 1659946402215.png (493.49 KB, 586x860, wtf.PNG)

No comment, just look at this shit

No. 1610187

They're saying that no intersex condition causes a perfect 50/50 of both as troons imply, you fucking retard. Most intersex conditions don't affect the external appearance of the genitals (for instance the internal testes example you used), so you're still raised as a girl if you have a vagina or a boy if you have a penis. Situations where the obstetrician legitimately "can't tell" of it's a penis or vagina are extremely rare even among intersex people. It's also physically impossible for a human being to have both sets of reproductive organs be fully functional. Also, intersex people don't live in a vacuum, they're all socialized as one gender or the other just like everyone else.

Seriously, do some fucking reading on intersex conditions before you waltz in here parroting trannies' misconceptions of them. Also it's really obvious that you're the same summerfag who was caping for drag queens lmao.

No. 1610191

genuinely who is calling her that

No. 1610194

>admits to being broke

No. 1610198

Stop posting this tif in the mtf thread you dumb mf

No. 1610200

OT but Andrew Tate gives me 100% closeted right winger vibes.

No. 1610203

This is a book meant for children and libfem actually show this to their children, god subhumans should not be allowed to have children

No. 1610204

this is going to get me no-no points but at this point I’ve gone from very liberal to not thinking gay moids should be able to adopt. They’re so…cumbrained, even when they’re not straight.

No. 1610206

File: 1659948962266.png (305.86 KB, 661x632, 543908730945654.PNG)

My bad wasn't paying attention kek that's on me

Anyway this is supposed to be butch. Should've worn a paper bag ages ago.

No. 1610207

i personally believe that all children need a mother or mother figure(s). in nature it's females who raise offspring with only a couple of exceptions.

No. 1610208

I do not let any male above the age of 12 be alone WITH my children, even my own male relatives, I have been accused of being sexist and ironically "misogynistic" claiming that I'm a gender essentialist but after reading so many horror stories of children being abused, I put the priority of my children above any sort of politeness, these libfems and tardthots who pit their kids next to priests drag queens and pedo priests are equally wrong and should have their kids taken away from them

No. 1610216

As much as I love a clean shaven look, why are most men so ugly without a beard? Their jaws are so cursed. The y chromosome makes them look inbred.

No. 1610217

that's a tif? damn she's looking rough

No. 1610225

good on you. its crazy how rape statistics list how 80% of cases are committed by acquaintances, with a general data range of 25-40% of those cases are committed by family members (depends on what data you look at)
i cannot imagine having children in this hell world. you are strong

No. 1610230

Same here. My mama did the same with me (even as a baby) because of her own horror story/fact-based mistrust of males as a whole. Lots of people in my life judge me pretty hard for this stance but the safety of my daughters is priority number fucking one. After that post last thread with the YMCA pedo troon, I’m nervous to even let them do park district programs when they’re big enough. I can’t help feeling we are doing the right thing here. Men are a disease. Sage for blog.

No. 1610255

File: 1659958449931.png (789.79 KB, 894x829, Walter Carlos.png)

I can't believe the cycle of men who look like picrel that end up trooning out continues to this day: >>1184168 It's funny and kind of scary.

No. 1610259

File: 1659958643157.jpg (207.39 KB, 556x960, Walter Carlos.jpg)

Btw, I found this interview of him from Playboy (1979). 1/2

No. 1610260

File: 1659958671973.jpg (212.94 KB, 556x960, Walter Carlos (2).jpg)

No. 1610264

He thinks women have privileges because he is a porn addicted degenerate scrote that only see women in porn

No. 1610268

That quote is so funny. Yeah if people feel weird around you it's because they are uncomfortable with themselves not the freakshow in front of them, of course

No. 1610273

it's so funny how he lists being able to "ride chad's dick" as a privilege. like could he be any more gay? he would be happier if he just embraced his gayness and opened a grindr account.

No. 1610278

File: 1659961438536.jpg (502.55 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_08_08_08_19_42_574.jpg)

apologies for the shit collage (phoneposting) but fucking kek at this guy super into Wallace from Wallace and Gromit in Laetitia Ky's comment section

No. 1610281

File: 1659961942689.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1261, dogs_on_mars.png)

just a thought but maybe we shouldn't be giving cross-sex hormones to people who think they're dogs

No. 1610301

File: 1659964710611.jpeg (575.32 KB, 1284x1599, 8D0EA8F9-D28D-480F-95F2-1C7239…)

Hopeful post, people in the comments are calling out the mass amounts of tranbians on the actuallesbians sub while the TiMs attempt to call everyone transphobes lol

No. 1610303

It’s hilarious when they are in a group of women and don’t know how to act. Turns out real females don’t actually act like all their LARPing moid friends. I hope it ruins their day.

No. 1610304

Nayrt but I legit thought it was that dude who pretends to be a butch woman on tumblr. Maybe troons need to just focus on becoming fat bc it makes it less easy for me to tell them apart.

No. 1610309

>people who aren’t sexually at peace with themselves tend to be uptight around me
Oh you mean like women who have been sexually assaulted and raped by men? I can’t imagine why they’d be uncomfortable around men outwardly displaying their fetish for all to see.

No. 1610312

File: 1659965801663.jpg (544.31 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot_20220808-093353_Red…)

No. 1610315

Your childrens safety is more important than whatever the fuck these people think anon, you’re doing the right think. Good for your kids

No. 1610319

File: 1659966433069.jpeg (115.47 KB, 1284x375, E562D0B7-A227-41D4-B7E1-93B5A9…)

kek go for it bro

No. 1610323

>I’m Jewish
Hold up everyone this American zoomer tranny is a genocide expert case closed

No. 1610325

File: 1659968071564.png (222.07 KB, 2312x206, Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 7.14…)

Troons have such a strong victim complex it's unreal

No. 1610329

Notice how they never show proof of so-called terfs calling for their deaths or for "genocide", because there is none. Not even Rowling, their most hated terf figure, has said anything remotely violent or hateful. They are actual narcissists.

No. 1610333

they're like a cult. it's like when jim jones were telling the citizens of jonestown to kill themselves because otherwise the us government was coming to kill them all. how is this any different?

No. 1610334

File: 1659968991463.png (540.33 KB, 800x800, 1658235133407.png)

Lets say you are a TRA, and I show this man, he is named Herman Lehmann, he came from a German immigrant family, when he was a child he was kidnapped by Apache natives, taken as a slave and later assimilated into their tribe, rising all the way to the rank of petty chief. most white people thought he was an Indian as well, cause his skin had become so tanned due to frequent exposure to the plains that he was "as dark as an aborigine" the only thing that revealed his white heritage was the fact he had a beard and had blue eyes, him and his tribe were eventually captured by the US government and forced on a reservation, even after the revelation of his heritage the US government identified him as an Indian rather then a white man
so here's my question if this man who was 100% white could pass as plains Indian and lived as an plains Indian, does not that prove transracialism has more as much basis then something like transgenderism

No. 1610336

File: 1659969083902.png (750.75 KB, 1289x2048, chrome_screenshot_165996905281…)

It's a fetish.

No. 1610338

File: 1659969261306.jpeg (514.32 KB, 750x1137, 4E5836DE-EB9B-430C-BF79-56A9C3…)

oh my god, their ballsack labias grow hair even after electrolysis. so fucking gross.

No. 1610339

is he aware that women's discharge is usually cervical mucus, which you need a cervix to produce?

No. 1610343

They shouldn't. Children need a mother and gay men are statistically even more likely to abuse children than straight men are. They coincidentally only ever want to adopt little boys and gender-select for boys when they do IVF with an impoverished surrogate mother as well. I feel so bad for those poor children.

No. 1610345

I don't think this one even has a neovag since he said he got his "discharge" at 16. He is literally just cumming into his underwear from gender euphoria.

No. 1610347

He's probably aware that showering daily will stop his dick from leaking smegma but just wants an excuse to coom from using panty liners.

No. 1610348

This, and this is even when they are legitimate reasons for women to wish they were dead. It would increase our level of safety and decrease our crime rate that they’re raising when their crimes get listed as a female crime. They’re the ones making death and rape threats towards women every five minutes on twitter.

No. 1610349

isnt this literally what johnathan yaniv used to say

No. 1610350

it's all about scaring people into remaining loyal to the group. the rest of the world is scary and dangerous, they all want you dead and we're the only ones who are safe to be around etc. i wouldn't care if they didn't use it to socially isolate children and teenagers from friends and family.

No. 1610351

I remember when that sub was actually chill and let women speaking about their experiences.

No. 1610352

Cult-like indeed.

No. 1610353

>"they dont understand why they want trans people dead"
silly women not being able to think logically only feel !!1!

No. 1610354

what a psychotic kuwaiti wife does to a mf

No. 1610356

whats the twitter of the guy who put is son on puberty blockers at a young age, and is obviously sexually abusing him?

No. 1610363

File: 1659971614583.jpg (172.5 KB, 719x590, Screenshot_20220808-111314_You…)

Wtf is this

No. 1610368

not a tranny

No. 1610369

Liev Schreiber?

No. 1610379

I disagree. Let's use our tax money to sterilize them immediately. Hell, I have made a lot from crypto – I will fund this one myself.

No. 1610380

No one wants them dead. We just want them out of our spaces. Men are such drama queens. Imagine being told you can’t invade someone’s space and thinking that’s genocide.

No. 1610385

File: 1659974504554.png (87.58 KB, 591x619, Screenshot 2022-08-08 175752.p…)

sometimes it's nice to see reddit users have more than three neurons rubbing together

No. 1610401

People will be reasonably pointing these things out and the TRAs will come and be like “oh this sub is just transphobic” in the most popular well known subs with the widest demographics of users. Yeah sure everyone else is transphobic instead of your little subs being massive echochambers for your degeneracy.

No. 1610404

>They’re so…cumbrained, even when they’re not straight.
Smegmoids revert to their natural form when theres no woman around to try and civilize them.

No. 1610418

Why are these misogynistic fags so obsessed with children? Very sus imo, kids have zero reason to know or be watching vulgar drag queen shit.

No. 1610421

Gay scrotes are far, far more coombrained than even the most degenerate straight moid, kek, they are fucking nasty spreading multiple diseases to their beard wives.

No. 1610429

also how is it genocide if they're doing it to themselves? none of these fucking trannies care about femicide either, and if you do you're suddenly giving off 'major terf vibes'

No. 1610446

never read a fakeboi getting wet by wearing men's underwear. it's always these moids fapping to the though of being a woman

No. 1610452

File: 1659981445260.png (1.01 MB, 1148x1038, 932180259870389289730915710985…)

"lesbian-identified male" i cantttt this shit is too funny. Ladies at Reduxx never miss.

No. 1610456

I got banned from lesbiansactually because I told a troon he is not a woman. (He asked).

Fuck reddit, fuck troons, and fuck lesbian handmaidens. The state of things…

No. 1610461

File: 1659982072881.jpg (78.06 KB, 1009x871, IMG_20220808_192432.jpg)

>his mustache shadow/stubble
>@ is "bimbofication"
>the autism eyes

No. 1610464

Don't forget
>responding to a picture of a fucking infant
Do men really get insecure when a literal baby receives more attention than they do? Oh right, of course they do.

No. 1610465

Imagine getting jealous and responding to a pic of a baby with a sexualized selfie.
And isn't that the pedo symbol on his shirt?

No. 1610471

>pedo symbol
anon wtf. it's just hearts

No. 1610472

The male cries out as he stabs you.

No. 1610481

File: 1659983630677.jpeg (493.93 KB, 750x1121, 809F34B7-D179-456F-95B6-099741…)

I wonder how many trans specialized surgeons are malicious butchers. All of them?

No. 1610482

File: 1659983678484.jpeg (58.26 KB, 1272x713, the-public-was-made-aware-of-p…)

may as well be

No. 1610485

File: 1659983849037.jpg (144.05 KB, 1200x540, 20220808_182928.jpg)

Literal nightmare fuel.

No. 1610488

File: 1659983964689.jpg (353.75 KB, 1644x2084, 20220808_183623.jpg)

Funny how they were at an "inclusive" "sapphic" party but the second someone is mean to them it's another case of the evil cis lesbians striking!
Also these two think they are they are wolves. Literal wolves. Not joking.

No. 1610491

File: 1659984220533.jpg (564.43 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20220808-.jpg)

Their obsession with teenage fashion (+writing style, music taste, aesthetic,…) and going to a "queer prom" when they're in their mid 20s is giving me pedophilic vibes. Hopefully just autopedophilic.

No. 1610493

Wall's icecream??

No. 1610494

holy bejeezus.

No. 1610496

Lurch trooned out?

No. 1610504

Based scrote butcher

No. 1610505

Surprised no one has talked about this yet: Guilty Gear Strive trooned out a GNC character once again. This time they made Bridget a MTF, and the troons are going absolutely insane.

No. 1610511

File: 1659985131079.png (195.21 KB, 546x258, bridget ggst.png)

samefag, dropped the pic. The trooning out literally negates his previous character arc, but the TIMs don't care.

No. 1610515

I used to think nothing of characters like Felix and Astolfo but now I feel only disgust
Now they got their paws on Bridget too, troons ruin everything

No. 1610516

lmaoooooo of course that ultra side-swooped scene hair is coming back in fashion, troons have balding hairlines to cover

No. 1610519

My day is ruined, why can't they let men be feminine without trooning them out. God damn it first it's testament now it's my son, when will it end.

No. 1610520

maybe I'm just elderly millennial, but no zoomers ever get the fucking makeup right on "scene" revival looks (or y2k in general they think its just Delia's clothes and money piece hair, never get the makeup right)
sage for unrelated sperg

No. 1610523

Animal testing is better than testing on children

No. 1610524

omg fuck no they just fucking ruin everything

No. 1610525

Please tell that to the Jews

No. 1610527

Why did you copy paste and post this from two threads ago? Nobody cared about it then either

No. 1610530

File: 1659986608045.jpg (182.76 KB, 1076x1170, 1657828459517.jpg)

They should cosplay as one of the RE monsters

No. 1610534

File: 1659986896767.jpg (64.26 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

kek at that reply

No. 1610538

It's probably necessaryspeed.

No. 1610539

pornsick scrote thinks having moobs is a glowup kek

No. 1610540

kek i thought they were talking about annette, but i guess he does look more like lucas

No. 1610542

Where's the genocide? Troons can freely do what they want;impose on womens events, harass women in washrooms, buy black market pills, have two whole months for them. What else do they want

No. 1610546

according to what I've read, he hasn't even changed his name officially and therefore, Markus isn't even a "woman", so he can't try to be a lesbian. If you want to read up on this shitshow in our German parliament, have fun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tessa_Ganserer
There were other women getting attacked by troons and there were scenes like this one https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1556621785902235648 the troon is asking over and over again how old the kids are

No. 1610549

File: 1659988018081.jpeg (267.55 KB, 979x2048, 3599C4B0-93CD-4B18-9323-CD0707…)

No. 1610552

File: 1659988227433.jpeg (852.45 KB, 1832x1787, 6FFF37E6-B353-4619-AD82-0C1E11…)

It’s so funny they think Terfs are doing literal violence when all these freak faggot agps do is threaten violence and rape. Don’t let a troon tell you “genocide” is happening

No. 1610554

File: 1659988325513.png (645.48 KB, 737x677, agg.png)

Yup, women have peaceful protests, it's the troons that are the aggressive one.

No. 1610555

The tide is turning so hard.

No. 1610556

File: 1659988506423.jpg (20.17 KB, 242x302, FZkKQAAWYAADfEx.jpg)

No. 1610557

File: 1659988662207.jpg (50.7 KB, 827x518, FZkKP-LXkAIexWX.jpg)

No. 1610558

Can someone explain the issue here for someone who isn't an animefag and doesn't know who this character is?

No. 1610560

File: 1659989221668.webm (672.11 KB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000capapf3c77ud63j8u2…)

"all natural"??? uh, yeah, we can tell by the hairline fag

No. 1610562

File: 1659989233197.jpg (750.72 KB, 1280x1280, P0.jpg)

>Powerpuff Girls shirt
>Pedo Logo
lmao nonnie, I have the same shirt. When you start thinking everything is a pedo/tranny symbol, the pedos and trannies win.

No. 1610563

what a coward fucking pig, hope it just 41% itself

No. 1610564

I fancy my chances against this skinny fat faggot honestly, he’s welcome to join me in the changing rooms any day provided he can restrain himself from molesting any children.

No. 1610565

naturally fucking ugly faggot lol

No. 1610566

I was casually into Guilty Gear lore back in like 2005, so I may be wrong on some things. But iirc originally Bridget's character was a boy raised as a girl, due to some weird beliefs in his village. (Something about him being part of a pair of twins and twins being seen as bad luck?) He was effeminate and often mistaken for a girl in his travels in game, but always identified as male and had wanted to learn to become more masculine

No. 1610567

I'm sorry Dano-nonnies but this is what the 2022 Riddler looks like to me

No. 1610568

it’s called narcissistic injury. bruising their egos and challenging their delusions is an act of violence.

No. 1610569

Bridget was the raised as a girl character. His village in their world had a thing where if a Male/Female set of twins were born, horrible things would happen. So, they packed the moid up, dressed up him as a girl and sent him to a nunnery to avoid the curse. Considering that they live in a world where science invented magic and ghost-curse spirits are real,nobody cared.Bridget was always comfortable with being male,He just wore the dress for reasons beyond his control and each game he wanted to learn from the other dudes on how to be more manly. Except Johnny who hit on him. Considering that they trooned out Testament as well, it's too be expected.

No. 1610574

File: 1659990143511.jpg (134.44 KB, 682x500, gakuen handsome.jpg)

This mf reminds me of this.

No. 1610575

Thanks for explaining. I recognize the character design but did not know the story.

Wow, they ruined the very basic/backstory of the character just to appeal to troons. Wish I could say I was surprised, but still… Bleak.

This is on a level of "jesus was a tranny cuz his hair was long and he wore a tunic" kek.

No. 1610578

File: 1659990676554.jpeg (264.67 KB, 828x927, 2E2FB7E1-1230-4733-8A66-F77EF1…)

what is wrong with men

No. 1610581

moids like these are all terminally online losers who blame their loserdom on feminism. moids as a whole are just incapable of taking accountability for their own failures. it's nothing new.

No. 1610583

Jean-Claude Van Damme in a wig, I can't…

No. 1610586

isn’t this the guy who got denied a nasa internship after telling one of the chief overseers to suck his dick on twitter kek

No. 1610590

where the fuck is this from?

No. 1610593

They were wearing the "white hand" of Saruman…

No. 1610594

found in a KF tranny thread, the irony is that moid constantly complains about video games and children’s YouTubers 24/7 and is calling anyone else a manchild lol

No. 1610595

anytime a male talks about women being children ask him why he’s a pedophile

No. 1610602

>overgrown, emotional children
what’s with moids and their ridiculous projection? is it because they think female psychology works the same way as theirs? because it doesn’t, the worst woman in this world isn’t as deranged as the worst moid.

No. 1610606

Holy shit I knew the moids on there were incels but I didn't know they were ACTUAL incels who live in their mom's basement and have never seen a real woman

No. 1610613

everything negative moids say about women is projection. women being more emotional? projection. women being promiscuous? projection. women being shallow? projection. and on it goes.

No. 1610615

What a fucking retard but related to trannies how? Is it a KF "not like other trannies" tranny?

No. 1610617

yeah especially that whole "HYPERGAMEEEE" crap
they're the ones who monkey branch, cheat, and dump their wife of 20 years for the new secretary

No. 1610619

They need to cope like this because they need to carve artificial niches to pass on their genetics. Kek at the bottom barrel scrotes having a mental breakdown because women can reject them and still own property and get a job now.

No. 1610621

They project their shit qualities on to us and think our good qualities are theirs.

No. 1610622

And men say women are dramatic and hysterically over emotional. Projection.

No. 1610626

yes, obvs the whole "10% of all men get all the women" thing is a lie but lbr if moids were able to get with the top 10% of all women they would do so in a heartbeat. they always choose the woman they find most attractive without exception but then get angry when women do the same.

No. 1610629

They could literally just go outside to see the 10% theory just isn't true, moids who look god awful have female partners. I know a guy from school that complains about that and he literally has a female orbiter, she just is not pretty enough for him (and he is fucking hideous and fat himself, only god knows why that poor autistic girl is into him).

No. 1610630

File: 1659995147106.jpeg (613.32 KB, 750x844, 3C4A6A67-5A73-40D4-BD2E-251D28…)

“its not a cult”

No. 1610637

>scrotes: seethe that women are all adult children
>also scrotes: seethe that women mature faster so they aren't pedophiles from preying on kids, seethe that women out compete them in university/in careers, seethe that men are just natural risk takers and not retarded and behave recklessly like children, seethe that women should be solely responsible for doing the less glamourous parts of childrearing, seethe women should do domestic labour and it's just natural and emasculating to expect them to do it, seethes about women not serving them, etc
Kek, men are such entitled manchildren. There's a reason the word manchild was coined first and became so much more popular quickly than the male projection word womanchild, because men are more like adult children than women as they like to pretend. You don't see women in tech using their moderation abilities to try and reshape the world to cater to womens coom like men do with their tranny jannies. Scrotes are just mad because women don't worship them as the god king their entitled ass sees themselves as.

No. 1610646

I'm a millennial, so I know that the whole "hypergamy" and "a man can't fuck your degree" things are just recent scrote lies. Millennial scrotes were ADAMANT about only dating women with equal or better income than their own, and being unable to find a wealthy woman willing to also be a slave mule is part of why the unmarried ones never married. They only changed their tune because the original pua/manosphere fans from 2000 are 40~ish, single, and dateless now.

No. 1610647

KF is home to the most intense displays of projection I've ever seen on the internet, no joke. Literally blogging over shit only they care about. It's so boring combing through the endless pages of anecdotal sperging that I stopped lurking years ago

No. 1610652

Incels blame tranny shit on society tolerating things like womens rights when it’s literally because we started rewarding being an entitled nerd male and viewing nerd losers as sympathetic heroes instead of the creeping fascists they are. A plot point of “Revenge of the Nerds” literally involves rape.

This can be solved: Bring back public shaming for adult men who play video games, watch cartoons and anime, work minimum wage jobs, post on 4chan, etc. i’d say it’s killing two birds (Nazi incels and trannies) with one stone but they are literally one and the same.

No. 1610658

Nonnie, troons and incels are different sides of same coin. Same misogynist pieces of shit who think women have it easy and only fuck Chads. I am tired of manchildren, wish it had a war to get rid of them

No. 1610660

they feel so entitled to women’s bodies they think hot women should be fucking them out of the kindness of their hearts and receive nothing in return, not even an orgasm.

No. 1610666

So he just likes wearing little girl clothes not a pedo got it

No. 1610671

the emasculation thing is bullshit. women don’t like feeling less than either. men act like only they can be humiliated, as if ‘emasculation’ is women’s natural state.

No. 1610674

little girls don't shop at Shein retard

No. 1610676

no one with any self-respect should be shopping at shein tbf

No. 1610677

still not a pedo thing. Stop derailing

No. 1610678

this pic illustrate perfectly how neovags looks like kek

No. 1610680

Sorry I didn’t know you just had shit taste

No. 1610681

I watched a MATI stream recently out of curiosity (and the Keffels and Chantal stuff) and it was so fucking funny how Null seethed on stream about muh evil fatherless households being the cause of all misery, but then immediately changed his tune when Ethan Ralph called Null a lesser person because he was fatherless. Null started coping that it didn't matter that he was fatherless and he was raised great and is a fine person and got his muh special male role model from elsewhere. He switched tunes immediately when others tried to insult him using the fact that he was raised by a single mother, while KF fags ree about single mothers.

No. 1610682

Based. Men are the ones who commit most retard violence and harm with their embarrassing interests and actual degeneracy.

No. 1610685

the heart literally looks like one of the pedo dogwhistles and a pedo is wearing it, not to
mention that powerpuff girls was a children’s show. how is it not a pedo thing?

No. 1610686

Null is such a fucking embarrassing retard. Seething about muh minorities because he himself is such a failure at life lol. And the amount if projection, good lord. He is 100% jerking it to blacked & tranny porn too.

No. 1610691

Don’t insult my wife like that.

No. 1610700

Hope so. The other day I got advertised a Harry Potter bark box on FB, and the comments were 95% normies excited about it and sharing their houses. The other 5% were upset TRAs angry at Rowling who were getting laugh reacted to hell and back. Normal people are not terminally online and it put some hope into me. They’d see this >>1610549 and have no clue what it even means.

No. 1610704

I feel so bad for teen girls right now. The thing that makes me feel slightly better is seeing how many of them are terfs just on the basis of how terrible teen boys are right now. The boys are either radicalized by trans shit or right wing inceldom. It’s just sad.

No. 1610706

give it a time kek

No. 1610708

I’ll say it again: everyone at Kiwifarms is Chris chan. People obsessed with hating Chris chan, are Chris chan. Looking at him causes some deep acknowledgement they are the same loser autism males who jerk off to my little pony and anime to boil in them. CWC Derangement syndrome.

No. 1610720

fucking hell its almost sounds like what a scientologist recruiter would say

No. 1610722

are autistic men more likely to be antisocial, or are antisocial men being misdiagnosed with autism?

No. 1610734

funniest shit ive ever seen. nothing will ever top this moidery ever.

No. 1610751

can you schizos shut up for once

No. 1610755

yes, thank you. was looking to show my friend.

No. 1610758

how can kiwifarms users repeat the muh single mothers mantra when there are so many male cows documented on kf who are (or would be) aborrhent fathers? I think that everyone knows that many if not most men are useless or bad fathers, they just want an excuse to blame women for everything

No. 1610764

because to them it’s ultimately mothers faults that fathers are shitty. They will 100% acknowledge shitty fathers but then side with them. “It’s not his fault, he just didn’t man up to me enough, because my bitch fucking mother scolded him too much.” It’s sad and it reeks of maladaptive mental illness. Huge part of Sam Hyde’s schtick is this.

Sadly the only time absentee fathers get accurately shit on is by conservatives using it as an excuse to be racist, as if white moids don’t have an entire genre of music about your country truck driver daddy leavin’ town

No. 1610767

File: 1660004370386.png (157.18 KB, 1688x770, dunning 1.PNG)

Men have to compartmentalize their behaviour and rely on seeing anything via their Dunning-Krueger vision because to do otherwise is to accept they are a lesser choice compared to other men in some way.

No. 1610773

Samefag + to not do so means they must accept their behaviour in pursuit of coom is immoral, which gets in the way of their pursuit of women/coom.

No. 1610784

I want to know why this message isn’t being directed towards the men who have actually killed trans people. There has never been a TERF hurt or murder any trans person. The vitriol is psychotic.

No. 1610787

do you have more info nona? sounds believable and very entertaining

No. 1610790

File: 1660005582015.jpeg (92.17 KB, 1010x944, 24AB21AA-99CB-4D36-AAB0-2184F7…)

No. 1610797

Want to add that Homer Hickam is also pretty well known, he wrote the book the film October Sky is based off of. He’s well respected in the field and by normies alike so this was pretty sad and hilarious on the troon’s part.

No. 1610800

how the fuck did someone this unhinged end up working at NASA? was it to fill some gender-special quota?

No. 1610802

he used to be a popular faggy funny guy on twitter but trooned out. he's just leaning into the tacky stylings of early naughts fashion

No. 1610806

Idk. I don’t think this is the same TiM nona thought it was but it’s still funny. Unfortunately I think they did end up rehiring him bc of the outcry that happened.

No. 1610807

File: 1660006131408.jpeg (147.92 KB, 750x835, C8B7C41C-B743-429E-A983-EEA700…)

say that you’re a troon without saying you’re a troon. sage for not very milky but infuriating.

No. 1610817

Enjoy your led poisoning lol

No. 1610818

File: 1660007334712.jpeg (369.33 KB, 750x990, 66629D19-77E6-4603-9AF0-A4F137…)

>woman lite
no sir, you will never be any kind of woman. the rest of the post is kinda based tho.

No. 1610819

nah his name was Naomi not Sasha

No. 1610821

he later got rejected by the nasa bc of this shitshow kek, neswpapers were talking abt "poor woman got declined at the nasa over silly tweets". Also Hickam is a cuck because he helped the troon to get another space job offer from another company, he could have ignored the troon instead and made him learn his lesson

No. 1610822

that’s patriarchy in action. men never hold other men accountable.

No. 1610824

File: 1660008072419.jpeg (224.64 KB, 750x2567, 0BE12D89-ABE8-4E0A-A3C3-E2FDE6…)

the mento illness this mf radiates.

No. 1610825

So they admit it? They are lesser than women and will never be us and are just cheap abominations of mockery?

No. 1610826

I always had a feeling this one is a troon. You can always tell a scrote from how obnoxious and aggressive they sound.

No. 1610829

I miss manifestochan

No. 1610835

Yes let’s punch women in the face but the men who murder and beat us don’t get themselves on a sticker

No. 1610843

File: 1660010581361.gif (5.51 MB, 373x498, female-chad-female-gigachad.gi…)

>spends 10 years studying to become a plastic surgeon just to destroy the lives of degenerate moids

No. 1610848

File: 1660011044957.jpg (52.56 KB, 640x480, LEDrainbow.jpg)

No. 1610854

dark triad stacy

No. 1610856

this is basically every married troon who suddenly decided to transition while their wife is heavily pregnant. kek

No. 1610858

They know it deep down that's why they get so mad at the terfs for saying it to their faces.

No. 1610860

because men protect each other and women are the easier targets

No. 1610882

not from the trans flag?

No. 1610906

File: 1660020549997.jpg (105.87 KB, 454x600, American Mary.jpg)

So she's real after all.

No. 1610907

you can found all about him and his creepy groomer behavior in the Hollywood child sexual abuse thread


No. 1610913

File: 1660021301815.jpeg (862.36 KB, 1274x2892, 71A93BC0-5BB7-4050-A736-C05375…)


No. 1610915

God she’s such a bad bitch

No. 1610916

he looks like my aunt who has down syndrome

No. 1610921

File: 1660022677904.jpeg (514.45 KB, 750x2472, 7F4261EE-4143-4A1B-AD6F-E4E063…)

>[screams uncontrollably]

No. 1610930

>Dicks can be fun
Send the lord to cleanse us of this timeline

No. 1610934

This has to be a joke, right?

No. 1610941

fr, they will literally go after psycho bpd Chans who key their cars if she's younger and hot

No. 1610943

off topic but I am so curious what null actually looks like
does anyone know?

No. 1610945

American Mary is an Extremely based movie

No. 1610946

moids fail upwards, nona, they literally pay each other obscene amounts just to sit and send emails and go to retarded meetings all day

No. 1610948

he's fat you can literally google Joshua Conner Moon (his name) and his pic comes up

No. 1610964

File: 1660027962915.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

Found in the "unconventional male attractions" thread in /g/

No. 1610966

Kind of throwing stones from a glass house when we are all posting on a lolcow gossip site too.

No. 1610969

File: 1660028441987.jpeg (1.21 MB, 750x1220, 81BD36A5-1387-41BC-8B73-96EF18…)

what the actual fuck. sorry for the jumpscare.

No. 1610970

buffalo bill

No. 1610972

Nah, nobody here is documenting people’s schedules for when they take shits

No. 1610973

the more they talk, the more the LGB will remove themselves from then and they will have less allies

No. 1610976

thought it was a zombie costume at first god

No. 1610977

both are gossip sites, I never understood why there is this dumb rivalry every time KF is brought up, it's so autistic

No. 1610979

Like yeah what he's describing is gay lifestyle more than female one. Also kek at men's whole mind and life being dedicated to coom so they think women have it better because they have men harassing and wanting to rape them. They don't realise as women they don't get to just pump and dump.

No. 1610980

the users there are abusive moids like the ones they gossip about

No. 1610981

just another reassurance that you're doing the right thing, nonnie. my parents did the same because they are based and misandrist as fuck (especially my dad) and honestly i attribute that rule as a huge reason that i am the only woman i know that has not faced sexual abuse or violence as a child/teen/young adult. good on you for protecting your kids.

i dont mean to blog and derail too much but another super valuable thing i was raised with was a code word for "get me out of here" that only my parents and i knew. even if i was just scared/wanted to go home i would say it when they called to check up on me and they knew to make an excuse and come and get me. might be another good thing to do just for good measure for your kiddos.

No. 1610982

spend 5 minutes on kf then come back here and tell us you really don't see the difference kek

No. 1610987

i had to check his profile to make sure this wasn’t a corpse someone was posting pictures of.

No. 1610992

>I just hate being a trans woman
then stop

No. 1610997

File: 1660031841956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.42 KB, 700x700, Delusional.jpg)

this trans politican tried to make a law more popular, which helps transgender to change their gender and name more easily every year etc., and seem more normal by posting themselves in a sauna with two other young women and the difference is huge (and of course the comments were deactivated on Twitter, but a lot of people made fun of it and said "do you really want your daughter to sit in a sauna next to this?" and women posting: "Notice the man privilege. Every women posting such a thing would be ripped apart and harrassed to quit their job")

No. 1611010

Tbh yeah, I'd rather neck myself than be with a male like him. He's right about that. Why would I want a man to have authority over me lmao? I'd rather have cushy career and do what I want with my money and free time instead of being chained to an abusive asshole who will nag and neg me and tell me what I can and can't do, chain me to the house and have me as a servant. Wow, what a terrible life it is to be independent and comfortable kek. Seethe, scrotoid.

No. 1611011

moids can't be happy without women in their life and they project that on us

No. 1611019

File: 1660036329120.jpg (240.18 KB, 883x666, Screenshot_20220809-190429_Chr…)

No one has to leave lolcow to see that. Picrel is a low res diagram of this thread.

No. 1611020

File: 1660036736331.jpg (560.89 KB, 2048x1364, 238983429.jpg)

Not sure if this has been posted before but here is one of the Rocket League's Women’s medalists for England.

No. 1611027

File: 1660038959002.jpeg (256.11 KB, 1200x1600, FZjnpkYWAAESqTy.jpeg)

No. 1611029

I feel like saying it in this thread is redundant but god I hate how MtFs are spoiling women's spaces and accomplishments. Why cant anything be free of males

No. 1611030

File: 1660039506843.png (1.79 MB, 642x2119, m.png)

Someone please add them to the list.

No. 1611032

File: 1660039661128.jpeg (188.56 KB, 1200x900, FZjnpkWWQAgtq_2.jpeg)

Scotland also has a mandatory e-sports TIM.

No. 1611034

That's literally just… A bloke.
He doesn't even have long hair or anything. At least make the fucking effort.

No. 1611036

Troons fuck off challenge, her face says it all

No. 1611037

File: 1660040645676.jpg (376.73 KB, 642x2975, 1209457185910021850057917.jpg)

No. 1611038

imo it borders on sexual harassment to have your dick out like that. why on earth would he wear leggings?

No. 1611039

File: 1660040911214.jpg (119.98 KB, 1150x550, esports-england-gold-commonwea…)

No. 1611040

No. 1611044

Most of the comments are men circlejerking about how superior they are at vidya kek
Males really feel pride about the most worthless things

No. 1611046

This whole time I've been dreaming that there really was such a place as Terf Island and it ends up being the same hellscape as every where else.

No. 1611047

i'm so jealous. if only i was autistic enough to play the same video game over and over for years on end until i could compete with other unwashed moids. that's true superiority right there.

No. 1611049

Scrote mad that women don't need them to survive, meaning he will never have a mommy bangmaid slave to call his own, tale as old as time. This kind of meltdown is the embodiment of coping and seething - and ironically, of being an overgrown, emotional child. Fucking lol.
>Male character crossdresses
Boomer-levels of conservatism

No. 1611050

Why are males so fucking hideous? They really make it hard to feel bad for them because they don’t register as human. Look at the yellow haired tranny next to the afraid woman on the right. What’s wrong with his/it’s face? That’s a face not even a mother can love. There’s no harmony in there, no symmetry, no nothing. It looks like someone ate the face of a person and shat it out. An absolute fucking worthless ghoul. And you’re telling me these things are allowed to reproduce? I weep for humonity. If this thing was my father I would kill it and then myself because knowing how I look would ruin any moment that makes life worth living. Look at it, he can’t even look at the camera properly knowing it’s existence is a shame upon everyone around him. And you’re telling me, if you were to witness this beast having his limbs amputated on camera, you could feel “bad” for it? The expression of mortal peril would be absolutely invisible on his mask of a face, his frog mouth would still be gaping mindlessly and when he finally opens his dead-fish eyes as his dick is being stuffed in a blender, you still wouldn’t see human suffering in them. Vile!

No. 1611051

Kek, scrotes thinking it's an accomplishment to shit your pants because you're too busy mashing buttons than go to the toilet while playing your precious LoL tournaments.

No. 1611052

lololol Thank you so much, anon.

No. 1611064

Looks like a bloated corpse of Marilyn Manson in a dress

No. 1611065

Modern scrotes are truly the worst of the worst, at least they used to be somewhat useful and go out to work/build stuff and could fix things, and we can't even pretend like misogyny has been eradicated. Been a straight woman in 2022 is hell.

No. 1611069

I can't even get angry anymore at this shit anymore, I just know the freak writing it is some fat disgusting, degenerate coomer, no happy moid with a wife/ kids is this bitter at the world, kek. Probably 5mins away from trooning out too, they're obsessed with us.

No. 1611081

He’s soo right, I’m going to be replacing every insult in my dictionary with “dick” from now on, as all evil originates from males. Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, or men that are simply annoying… they’re all dicks. Filthy, unwashed, uncircumcised dicks.

No. 1611082

File: 1660046306410.png (1.29 MB, 1208x1223, 012582791057082157201975910.pn…)

How do you advocate for male supremacy in gaming while being a literal troon lmafo, aren't you in the "wrong body" with a "female brain".

No. 1611084

Tbf I feel like the sex difference that makes men far more prevalent in esports is the fact that autism is higher in male population kek

No. 1611086

M*n’s lives truly have no value and are of no benefit to society as a whole. Imagine wasting your precious time on earth playing bideo games. A cow leads a more meaningful path than the average male. We should just use them as livestock at this point and feed them the food waste cities produce. It’s environmentally conscious AND makes good use of the slabs of meat we let walk around aimlessly. Two birds with one stone.

No. 1611088

Why do troons always make up strawmen? If an award is meant to be for women, of course it doesn't make any fucking sense to give it to men

No. 1611089

File: 1660046756719.png (87.87 KB, 742x865, 934875203-98572-09345.PNG)

I knew r/lesbianactually was overrun with troons, but
>anyone with a connection to womanhood can feasibly ID as a lesbian
Jesus fucking christ

No. 1611092

I am really fed up with troons on every female subreddit asking if they are allowed on them, nonnies. Idk why they ask that, but you are never gonna see a woman doing those things, though I admit a part of me would love to see a real woman try and ask that same question just to see how the handmaidens would react. I also want to answer "no, you are an ugly man in a wig, obviously you don't belong, fuck off"
Why is that? Need for attention? Part of their fetish?

No. 1611094

The male need to invade women only spaces, I'm sick of it as well Nonna.

No. 1611096

Part of their fetish. Always assume that anything written by a tranny and most moids has been typed with one hand while the other was down his pants.

No. 1611097

Any female community is a threat to the patriarchy. Male chimps also work together to tear bonds between women apart. It’s the “this will make raping them easier” instinct. Don’t think too much about it, know your rights and blow their brains out when they’re trespassing on your property.

No. 1611098

bet there’s some retard in the replies saying he’s welcome even if he is bi lmao

No. 1611100

Anon I love you. Will you marry me?

No. 1611107

Yes!! Together we will reach levels of transphobia previously unknown to womankind.

No. 1611108

Thanks, nonnies. I forgot to mention one crucial thing: their selfies. I hate them so much, no one wants to see their ugly and disgusting male faces.
I admit I am pretty salty because it was a sub about dealing with breast problems and while I find the sub so useful it is riddled with fetishists lurking and now it is a sub that panders to troons and they coomer fantasies. I am sad, it helped me a lot gaining confidence and I didn't feel alone in my insecurities and they had nice fashion tips too.

No. 1611110

what bothers me is how upvoted their selfies always get. it can be a 60 year old moid with a crusty wig and what's obviously his wife's dress and it will have 5k upvotes with handmaidens fawning over him.

No. 1611122

I feel you Nonna, in the past I used a lot of women-oriented subreddits when I was underage and only learned about the creeps and fetishists the hard way. Eugh. And it's like they don't even try to seem presentable in their selfies, bad lighting and worst angles possible. And you can smell their dick cheese through their photos. And like >>1611110 said, they always always have a shit ton of upvotes because they're an 'iNclUsIvE' subreddit. No sane lesbian or bi woman would ever settle for these disgusting trannies unless they hate themselves and only say they do for fear of being called transphobic by trannies and handmaidens.

No. 1611133

All autistic and porn obsessed men need to be sent out to the fields. They could be doing labor right now for their local communities by picking the vegetables and whatnot.

No. 1611137

I think people nowadays are just fucking cowards. People spoke out against the church knowing they could be burned alive for it, but they’re too scared to say “you will never be a woman. Go wash under your foreskin.” Absolutely dishonourable.

No. 1611139

reddit has barely any women (and especially not there). A lot of trannies just say they are women (even when you register an account) and they get counted as women too. The website is like 60% men, 25-30% trannies and the rest are women. The ones upvoting it are trannies and barely any handmaiden. Why else would these lesbians subs be only full of trannies instead of women?

No. 1611141

The discomfort on the womens faces. I feel like it’s that way every time you see a picture of women with a TiM. You can always just feel how much they’re being fake nice because women are so taught to put their own feelings aside. It’s sad to see these women be forced to stand there with him but the pictures remind me TiMs will never be us or understand our socialization. I hope after this the two of them went out for coffee and talked shit.

No. 1611142

File: 1660052396991.jpg (175.37 KB, 1080x1474, boomerhon.jpg)

Upvoters are mostly women too. Moids don't care unless they're chasers and not even other trannies feel that pressed to gas these moids up, only women are altruistic enough (and sufficiently socialized to be pleasant and polite at all times) to take pity on these freaks.

No. 1611143

Exactly, there are studies and anecdotes alike that show women are happier and healthier when they aren’t chained to a man for their lives. In contrast, men are the opposite. They become more miserable and have worse health in the long run. It’s projection as always.

No. 1611150

Was thinking about this, part of me really wants to do just that. Might as well since troons are allowed to invade women's spaces like that without being told to fuck off most of the time.

No. 1611151

Isn’t it not even true? These things are sausage fests and men tend to play more video games, or at least games of genres that are included in tournaments, but there isn’t even a huge different between men and women when it comes to reflexes/reaction time and spatial thinking. The biggest issue for why women aren’t more represented is pure sexism. Women already tend to shy away from a lot of competitive online games because we know what happens when a scrote finds out you’re female. It’s the same way in STEM fields. Women are just as capable and yet the fields are made up mostly of men (so it makes sense why they’d hire TiMs over real women, they want to keep it that way).

No. 1611152

Why would people even say that about this? It’s just maddening because two autistic moids took places from women.

No. 1611153

If a woman did that in a male space she would instantly be receiving demeaning, harassing, sexual DMs. They have so much privilege it’s astounding but of course I guess they’re hoping women will do this to them or something. I don’t know. Everything they do has a disgusting overtone.

No. 1611160

Yeah. It would either be harassment or being completely ignored, depending on the individual moid, because men don't do "you go girl" shit for women, not even for the women who orbit various kinds of scrote politics. Remember mecharandom, she got constantly harassed by the conservative moids she simped for, and was still dumb enough to think it was "sjw" bot farms doing it any time it wasn't the account of one of her moid "friends".

No. 1611161

He really thought this was some kind of genius gotcha moment. There is no need to go in depth about bone density or whatever else. We don't need to go that far. Female category, female award, female winners. These two losers are male. That's it.

No. 1611171

>Can't win against your male peers.
>Call yourself female and defeat the women.
Every morning. Every single morning. There's some sort of tranny worship. I'm not a religious person but at this point, I feel like I should become a nun and start praying for more lightning bolts and fire to rain from the sky.

No. 1611175

Attitudes like that are the reason why women have spent most of human history trapped in their homes as broodmares for males.

Not even true, what the fuck. Pedophiles are opportunists, they fuck whatever children they have access to without much regard for gender because they're obsessed with innocence and control. Most pedophiles are in relationships with adult women regardless of the gender of their victim(s).

Honestly, that's not a bad idea. Most child molesters are male, after all.

No. 1611184

Pedophiles don't own concentric hearts you schizos. If pedophiles are the first thing you think of when you see a small heart inside a larger one, you need to be put on antipsychotics.

No. 1611185

Same. They would’ve had breasts if they were meant to be allowed near children.

No. 1611196

The law of hammurabi also demands women’s teeth be bashed in for speaking out of turn. It’s always the same shit with men, faggots or not.

No. 1611206

If you agree most rapists/molestors are male you might want to rethink your stance on >>1610207
Anon isn't saying that because women are meant to be childcarers. It's because men are, at best, uncaring manchildren and at worst literal babyfuckers

No. 1611209

File: 1660059549779.png (1.56 MB, 1195x1149, 091765012891571075019850912850…)

>death before detransition
i've seen this before I swear, is it some new blood oath they came up with in a troon discord server or what?

No. 1611215

exactly. if men had been the ones looking after children throughout most of human history we would all have died out by now. it's not because women are all meant to be mothers, it's because men are incapable of looking out for anyone or anything other than themselves.

No. 1611216

Also, PETA should focus on male “pet owners” if they actually care about animals.

No. 1611228

It doesn't help that they mod those subs and ban every women at the slightest sign of thoughcrime

No. 1611235

It does suck but it has the benefit of waking people up too. I’ve seen a lot of people who didn’t know about all this say something very innocuous in a comment and get banned for it, which makes them really confused. The first step in peaking, and reddit is doing all the work on its own.

No. 1611236

good lord, that hairline kek

No. 1611250

File: 1660063010367.png (709.89 KB, 678x675, leavebridgetalone.png)

Lesbians are the goal. Women.

No. 1611252

You are the straight man you're lying to. Also if someone made gendie nfts or put those ugly ass monkeys in front of pride flags they'd buy the fuck out of that

No. 1611259

MRAs are obsessed with saying women who aren’t married or in a relationship are unhappy and pretending and secretly whore themselves out. The virgin porn brain obsession with hypergamy I think borders on psychotic delusion (like troonery).

Hit the nail on the head, they’re weeding themselves out from ever breeding and ruining a woman’s life with their porn rot and gaming addictions. The only thing I worry about is these freaks shooting up more women’s spaces or doing that costa mesa incel harassment video

No. 1611297

>you are the straight man you're lying to

KEK nonna my sides

No. 1611299

kek I love that my joke made it into thread pic. This is it girlies, I made it.

No. 1611305

I'm assuming this is related to moids blaming women/feminism for the tranny outbreak.

Moids becoming addicted to hentai and developing a fetish for misogyny because they are terminally unwanted, then get the idea they can game the system by becoming """female""". It's not at all related to any feminist beliefs, only male depravity and anxiety over their own sexual value.
But then again most retarded chYmps think feminism's ultimate goal is to make women whores who only have sex with chads. They're too cumbrained, stupid, and sexually neurotic to ever conceive of anyone doing anything other than to coom themselves. Incel moids will never know that THEY are a troon's closest kin, not actual women.

No. 1611306

File: 1660067016830.jpeg (127.25 KB, 750x1038, 751B46A3-C94F-492B-BD51-B0E753…)

No. 1611315

File: 1660067368725.jpg (281.05 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20220809-194924_Dis…)

Why does literally every transvestite look like this

No. 1611316

File: 1660067413227.jpeg (424.37 KB, 1200x936, 8F68A4E4-66D8-4A02-BA75-EE6C72…)

Might I suggest…?

No. 1611318

File: 1660067455837.jpeg (79.93 KB, 1079x936, D0617AB1-1140-42A7-9470-1E3C6C…)

No. 1611320

File: 1660068053580.png (26.37 KB, 388x189, Screenshot-636.png)

Would you look at that!

No. 1611322

such a pickme

No. 1611324

Nonas always deliver. thank you!

No. 1611328

TiL there are wool bras

No. 1611335

No. 1611342

til only women wash their faces

No. 1611343

Is this girl lowkey calling her mtf friend a stinky bitch?

No. 1611347

Honestly pretty believable given the state of most mens skin

No. 1611358

one thing that cracks me up about reddit is their retarded award system. predditors are paying real money to reward others moids’ ugly selfies and brain dead takes with reddit gold in a massive troon circlejerk. that’s what reddit is, men virtually sucking each other’s dicks.

No. 1611362

> if someone made gendie nfts or put those ugly ass monkeys in front of pride flags they'd buy the fuck out of that
Thanks for the business venture nonnie. I'll also send all the money to TERF/feminist organisations.

No. 1611368

Dahvie Vanity looking creeps

No. 1611370

If I didn't know better I'd say that hairline was a joke

No. 1611382

Unironically this would cure them. Men get this way because they have way too much time alone with their own thoughts and no ability to self reflect or think critically.

No. 1611389

If you don't like it here, you can always go back to preddit.

No. 1611393

it's so funny how trannies can't hide their maleness even on anonymous imageboards

No. 1611394

Trending over here in the US too, and it also was yesterday.

No. 1611396

This. Incapable of saging and just come over here to shit on women.

No. 1611398

It's the same troon that's been racebaiting in /ot/ and /g/ all day and yesterday

No. 1611399

File: 1660073335791.jpg (181.31 KB, 1440x1551, FZtZtW9XoAISdaF.jpg)

No. 1611400

File: 1660073345401.jpg (293.21 KB, 1080x1948, Screenshot_20220809-202610_Red…)

No. 1611402

File: 1660073529554.jpg (19.61 KB, 640x427, 44d7e0544ac97a48d734fa3cc70a3a…)

Oh god get that real cat away from him

No. 1611403

I would kill myself if I went to a concert and had to stand near this 6 foot ogre wearing cat ears AND tail for 2 hours

No. 1611404

I remember seeing these claims on twitter, and they were never actually sourced, only "it was in his book" but no actual quote. The closest thing people were able to find was a quote from Jones saying something like "we though a guy in a dress was funny"

No. 1611409

File: 1660073973871.jpg (361.62 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220809-143901_Twi…)

Keffals got swatted the other day & apparently cops seized his phone. On twitter most are saying KF are behind this

No. 1611411

Whatever the fuck, you mean cotton

No. 1611413

File: 1660074069820.jpg (713.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220809-204043_Red…)


Oh christ, I think it is a buttplug tail….

No. 1611414

need backstory

No. 1611415

What was the crime? I’m not gonna watch this shit

No. 1611418

Is there actually proof this happened beyond keffals' word? This is absolutely something he would make up for grift bux

No. 1611426

lol imagine being this ugly and selfpost. xD

No. 1611431

uh isn't the girl in red audience mostly young teenagers? I might be wrong idk

No. 1611434

File: 1660075989666.png (167.94 KB, 320x285, honstanza.png)

No. 1611435

Its weird because 2 others youtubers got swatted today ( ishowspeed & Adinross ) and now this troon too ? Adding the fact that it has been shown on the KF thread that Lucas stole the money from the canada communist party that he joined, and then later said that "it was too transphobic there" as an excuse so he could easily remove himself from the party with the money stolen. i dont trust this weirdo tbh

No. 1611438

this clothing “style” doesn’t even suit girl in red’s type of music. he’s going to stick out like a sore thumb

No. 1611439

Being a troon should be enough to get you arrested tbh

No. 1611441

Does what happened even count as swatting? Seems like there was a legit search warrant.

No. 1611442


Lol tranny shit was the groomer bad end apparently and they still celebrated. My son is still gnc

No. 1611443

I’m pretty sure the only reason he’s going is because she’s a lesbian and writes “songs for sapphics” so he has a whole crowd to prey on

No. 1611446

well he explained on his video that someone pretended to be him and made a fake email sent to the police and the email was like " i own multiple prohibited guns, im gonna shoot every cisgender outside and i just killed my mom" then the police quickly jumped on him at 6am, so yeah it does count as a swatting since the email was from a troll

No. 1611447

ah got it, I didn't have it in me to actually watch the video so my bad.

No. 1611452

men are inveterate liars and will bullshit made up facts like this to your face. They are the definitions of feelings > facts.

No. 1611474

That sounds like it would be torture. Hot, itchy, and difficult to wash? Might as well make a bra out of fucking brillo pads lmao.

Yeah I think they (I'm not convinced OP isn't a tranny themselves) are just retarded and meant to say cotton.

No. 1611476

If I were to guess, I'd say it was the fact that he's been trying to sell bathtub HRT to minors. Distributing prescription medication without a license is illegal.

No. 1611478

File: 1660078838866.jpeg (255.74 KB, 1200x674, 1619518368723-diyexclusive2cre…)

Isn't girlinred mostly like melancholic indie lesbian music? And the singer herself has very loose comfy street style?
Why the fuck is he dressed like if he was going to a nightcore dj live.

No. 1611484

police are investigating his phone/computer + his fiance's laptop, i hope they find out abt the diy HRT sponsor that he loved soooo much bragging about

No. 1611485

Merino wool, Smartwool and performance ultralight wool is used in high end outdoors undergarments for years and has been expanding to regular consumer clothing. I love my wool panties and I'd like to get a few bras as well. It's super light, dries almost instantly for travel and is much better at moisture wicking than cotton. Treat yourself ladies! I like Icebreaker brand, but Smartwool is owned by the same company.

No. 1611486

knowing that Lucas wanted to move to the US so bad, i dont believe that bullshit, also on his gfm he made his goal up to 30,000 usd, weird because he has already money from twitch's livestreaming, he's def gonna use this money for something else

No. 1611491

some troons like to dress like they are an ~animu gorl~ instead of a normal person. hence, the cat tail, thigh highs, and bow choker, etc.

No. 1611500

I guess he thinks his real self is a horny catgirl, and if he dresses like a human being he's not being ~authentic~

No. 1611501

Oh true. Tbh I was thinking about everyday bras and not performance ones for outdoor activities. I live in a really hot climate and my thought process was immediately like wool = for cold weather people. Ty for the recs though!

No. 1611505

Exactly. He probably just wants to prey on women or get a “euphoria boner” and make everyone around him uncomfortable.

Can’t say it isn’t deserved considering the amount of trolling he does and his lack of care for anyone who isn’t him or his cronies.

No. 1611509

File: 1660081386373.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 614.37 KB, 828x1530, 3BC39E36-7665-47BF-9244-C5E96F…)

Not really sure why I even use tumblr when I see shit like this

No. 1611510

I don’t know but I hope the actual lesbians side eye the shit out of him.

No. 1611511

>Big titty goth gf Wallace
I can't even begin to explain how much I fucking hate this

No. 1611535

File: 1660084185566.png (1.99 MB, 1204x1208, lookatdalawyerdawggg.png)

Has anyone made a thread on troonsbian lawyer known as Alejandro Caraballo (@esqueer_ on twitter) ? since his friend keffals got swatted im sure he's gonna sperg for days tweeting abt the troons genocide happening rn

No. 1611555

I searched the singer because I am a grumpy millennial without a TikTok, and this is a singer who is popular with tween girls and this troon wants to go in fetish gear and a buttplug in one of her public concerts? Holy shit. They don't know limits to their degeneracy

No. 1611557

File: 1660085362635.jpg (431.19 KB, 2408x1371, 95801985913805197910516790.jpg)


No. 1611563

>can we talk about transphobia in lesbian spaces

You damn faggots only talk about this stupid scarecrow you fucking dishonest asshole

No. 1611564

File: 1660085840297.jpeg (624.06 KB, 1284x1209, 6DBD188B-A95F-403E-8617-C13C0D…)

Mask off in those comments, they hate women so much. How dare lesbians use some black humor to deal with one of the worst things to happen to women in the US. Wont somebody please think of the peens??

No. 1611566

File: 1660086047910.jpeg (155.36 KB, 1181x485, 4E6AB0A9-5AE6-4FE2-8F0D-9E282E…)

Oh trust me, we already knew you wanted to do that.

No. 1611570

>my partner has a vulva now
but not a "vagina"? did it close up? does this woman hate sex? so many questions

No. 1611577

Sorry, I read it wrong. Seems like that one is a TiF with a male partner who got an axe wound.

No. 1611579

Kek on how they view social media as basic need.

No. 1611585

Hopefully if they are tweens there will be some parents there. He sticks out like a sore thumb. There has to be at least one sane parent there that will watch him out.

No. 1611588

>grumpy millennial without a tik tok who hates troons
are you me?

No. 1611595

I'd put some distance, just in case

No. 1611599

File: 1660088579330.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 625.59 KB, 1170x1157, 23CB68AB-95C3-4C04-9B75-49D52B…)

>”how much estrogen can change the body in a year”

No. 1611600

Yes the fan base is supposedly young lesbians. It’s a bit of a meme to say that “do you listen to girl in red” as code for “are you a lesbian”. Cat girl tranny is gonna peak so many of the girls in the crowd.

No. 1611604

because they literally ALL dress the same. it's a uniform to make them coom
>short skirt like their animus (plaid schoolgirl preferred)
>thigh highs
>fishnets or tattered hose
>baggy sweater to hide their manframe
>mask to hide their manface
>tradwife sundress
>cosplay bullshit and cat ears, hairclip or some other bullshit

this subreddit is basically full of clones aside from the occasional hsts who wanders in dressed like a hypersexualized 17 year old influencer type instead


No. 1611605

The way they believe in magic pills like a religion kek

No. 1611607

He's clenching his butt on the left which makes your hips look smaller. Dude has 0 brain cells

No. 1611611

File: 1660089606317.jpeg (438.49 KB, 750x749, 8E036B4A-334C-4DFE-881B-C9C972…)

transbians in lesbian spaces be like

No. 1611617

hrt is their holy water. idiots.

No. 1611621

Nonnies, O ask you how many women in daily life you see dressed like that? How many of you have an anime maid uniform and wear it frequently?
It is all fashion from porn and hentai. They claim to be feminine but their brains are the most male ever lmao
And the last one even didn't try

No. 1611628

This subreddit is disgusting holy shit. Like, they talk and dress like anime porn stereotypes. Beyond reality this shit

No. 1611634

He wasn't of american indian race, but he was a member of their group. Durr.

No. 1611635

File: 1660091622984.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1668, 56C6EDC7-8285-4BBD-BEA8-916FBF…)

>massive brow ridge

No. 1611636

So is the girlfriend behind the moid?

No. 1611639

File: 1660091891484.png (581.28 KB, 2048x1658, chrome_screenshot_166009182084…)

No. 1611643

Keffags is easily the most obnoxious troon on twitter, I burst out laughing when I saw his tweet about being arrested. I wonder what the crime he apparently didn’t
commit was. Possession of CP?

No. 1611645

Samefag, amazing to see that his retarded GoFundMe got nearly $50k in 11 hours, meanwhile women trying to escape abusive households routinely get ignored. I hate trannies and handmaidens.

No. 1611646

File: 1660092547819.jpg (109.25 KB, 640x1138, 5ykdng4d0pg91.jpg)

At least this one didn't buy the Wish.com polyknit skater skirt in a size too small.

No. 1611648

Oh, now he's a fat soyboy

No. 1611657

File: 1660093669820.png (526.27 KB, 1081x2579, chrome_screenshot_166009313393…)

Play stupid game, win stupid prize.

No. 1611659


No. 1611663

kefka trooned out

No. 1611667


Attending Oberlin really sped up my peaking process

No. 1611670

Men genuinely do not value anything in relationships with women until the relationship is over and it's all gone. Real the grasshopper and the ant energy.

No. 1611674

File: 1660095217523.png (557.78 KB, 2048x1627, chrome_screenshot_166009507275…)

Another perv to add to the pile.

No. 1611682

>the see through leggings with the dick bulge and lace underwear
troon can't dress himself

No. 1611684

shouldn't have put your porn sick fetish first then, asshole.

No. 1611685

Idk have you seen fathers rights guys talk before? Divorced dads are legitimately terrifying, unhinged people.

No. 1611687

>gendering genitals
sounds like a band name kek

No. 1611692

>in a lesbian relationship
>with a man with an axe wound
>lesbian mom who magically made a baby with another cis woman
this comment is such a clusterfuck

No. 1611704

this is so true. my dad might be the most ethical, pacifistic and well-meaning scrote alive. Mention my mother wanting child support even once and he goes into a manic rage. It's a phenomenon that probably requires actual studies and scientific inquiry. Don't do XY even once kids.

No. 1611707

someone please parse this for me

No. 1611708

No. 1611712

samefag, I'm still laughing, holyshit! Scotland struck gold! Some art anon has to paint this masterpiece. This man is clearly the signifier of the end times, we are entering into the next phase, this is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life jesus I might break a rib

No. 1611714

File: 1660098637599.png (1.2 MB, 1284x2466, 0D283C2A-D396-452C-A27C-37C2A7…)

No. 1611722

Men shitting on women pretending to be women shitting on men. Free misogyny pass, I doubt its a troll.

No. 1611724

Even tifs understand how fucked up these men are, I'll give them a point for that

No. 1611725

Nona you just made me realise that I could probably count the amount of TiMs I've seen wearing actual pants on one hand. The closest they usually get are the ones with leggings displaying their disgusting bulges.

No. 1611748

File: 1660101276308.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1919x5027, 0109DEC4-E254-45AA-BC5A-FB5206…)

someone in the comments is telling him he has a beautiful clit kek.

No. 1611750

>transwomen go along with it because they are pathetic excuses for human beings
Lmao, on whose side is he on?

No. 1611752

what the hell is that red shit???

No. 1611754

File: 1660102052382.jpeg (637.23 KB, 1170x3493, 826D08BE-18E6-458B-858C-B22B65…)

your average r/actuallesbians poster

No. 1611756

probably exposed tissue. not a medfag tho.

No. 1611757

1 month after "coming out as a lesbian" already lecturing lesbians about the right way to be lesbians… I've often wondered what life would be like if I had the unearned self confidence of a man.

Kek, I think this illustrates beautifully what it'd be like actually.

No. 1611772

>rotpocket league

No. 1611776

File: 1660106296416.jpg (281.41 KB, 750x1806, 4248b11b-8b93-553a-9f09-c0fcc2…)

Ovarit uncovered another gold mine of bullshit. Men ruin the lives of women if they get any chance, and then weaker men whine about how much easier women have it.

No. 1611782

You genius, nonna.

No. 1611784

>death before detransition
Your terms are acceptable.

No. 1611785

File: 1660107861252.gif (890.06 KB, 391x365, 4D31A541-83DD-43C7-85FC-E0C732…)

No. 1611790


Good. I hope she's happy as hell without a basket case.

No. 1611794

>women live like queen's

Citation needed. Women have to work and pay for shit just like everyone else. I'm not gonna sit here and say that men don't have their own self imposed society life issues that are different to women but 'women have it soooo easssssy' isn't one of those issues. At all.

Grow the tf up.

No. 1611820

>a world war might start soon
If only, so failmales like this can be culled.

No. 1611831

File: 1660112432259.png (803.73 KB, 958x752, kek.png)

the wide man shoulders

No. 1611833

File: 1660112803339.png (7.9 MB, 2488x2125, 473E9793-7C01-48D1-9862-AD6B4F…)

No. 1611834

is this that Irqia gay dude who trooned out and still pretend he's a feminist

No. 1611847

did he forget what sexuality is about? It is not about gender (which does NOT exist) it is about sex. And he should think about why he did get downvotes so much, it is because you cannot comment that you disagree without being banned, so only downvoted can show what all think. If it disturbs you that much, then stop going to that sub, when trannies have already overtaken all the other lesbian subs. If you hate it that much than let them stay in one sub without transgender

in this >>1611306 thread this skirt was mentioned by all the trannies as the thing, which they bought first kek. The tranny skirt. They really have no indivuality (and I honestly thinik the starter pack thing was written by a tranny pretending to be not one)

No. 1611848

she is probably doing way better than him and probably has already found a non-loser
how can they not see it is sick to steal the underwear of a family member (especially of th eopposite sex)?

No. 1611861

File: 1660116578936.png (70.9 KB, 709x689, what_the_fuck.png)

What the fuck…

No. 1611863

Who would willingly give a troon their menstrual blood? Is he stealing used tampons out of the trash?

No. 1611864

I am waiting for the first cases, where women get kidnapped by trannies because of this

No. 1611866

there's no more estrogen or progesterone in menstrual blood than there is in regular blood. what is this creep going on about?

No. 1611867

File: 1660117187961.jpeg (579.57 KB, 828x1314, 4D46D759-2D2F-4D8E-9A54-84ACED…)

Troons will always be incels with their loud support for males who are horrible people. Also I get the court case might be controversial so let’s not derail on it but it’s just ironic since johnny depp said some transphobic stuff but he’s not a women so ofc the troons will turn a blind eye.

No. 1611869

File: 1660117372841.png (901.08 KB, 1081x3723, chrome_screenshot_166011736872…)

No. 1611870

skin walker expect now he wants to consume women too to become a woman. Let's hope he will not suddenly come up with the idea to eat human meat

No. 1611872

sounds like the precursor to him coming back to shoot up that mall and make those roasties who dared laugh at him pay

No. 1611875

The twin cities are pretty troon-friendly. How fucking ugly do you have to be for Minnesota nice to fail that hard? Was he dressed like >>1611400 ?
Anon please, there was a shooting at that mall less than a week ago. God bless America

No. 1611881

Ngl, at first glance I read that as "sausage" and somehow that feels more appropriate here. kek

No. 1611884

>"not only because of AGP"
yet you still admit that is part of it, that it's sexually motivated aka a fetish

Man crying from the top of the world about how hard his life is, while the rest of the world below is drowning in his tears.

No. 1611890

File: 1660120951253.png (787.15 KB, 1440x1551, homophobia_tweets.png)

Trans-lated it into what they're really saying here.
The level of open and vile homophobia is so big in the trans community that no one there bats an eyelid over it.

No. 1611891

File: 1660120974302.jpeg (50.37 KB, 750x520, ffbuq0vkghg91.jpeg)

Mom, the AGP Neanderthal white men are being racist again.

No. 1611895

The advantage these boys have is that the entire gaming industry is sexist and harasses girls and women, which they are not. One way they do this is by giving prizes meant for females to entitled boys like these.

No. 1611896

Jazz Jennings is Latin American, isn't he?

I mean, maybe. If he's looking to pass as a zeppelin.

No. 1611898

this is literally a reply to that exact tweet you autist, it's not a "lie" to clarify exactly what the guy meant.
terf = derogatory term for women
you people = referring to gay people/women

No. 1611899

File: 1660122586667.jpg (55.83 KB, 1080x2026, mydadsgonecrazy.jpg)

Dad r u ok

No. 1611909

File: 1660123706416.jpeg (175.3 KB, 750x875, CD7FE387-7525-4609-B94C-D6A89C…)

gotta bend over backwards for these scum

No. 1611926

I thought they were Indian, but theyre just Jewish. Jazz's tan threw me off

No. 1611942

They always beg women around them for "girly advice" or to talk about "girl things" as part of their fetish, but if women try to help on their own accord they're now infantilizing them. You can never win with narcs, nothing is ever right or enough for them. Maybe the women were trying to "help" because they can see you miserably failing at larping as female and are socialized to coddle males.

No. 1611952

File: 1660132253998.jpeg (117.26 KB, 827x836, ACE61815-973B-4768-A59D-1234C7…)

No. 1611955

Why are they OBSESSED with Honter lmao

No. 1611960

I want to see him looking a woman in rural Afghanistan in her eyes and tell to her face she is privileged because she doesn't play games and masturbates all day like he does. I am starting to get a really hatred of men, nonnies
I didn't read any news lately, but there is really a chance of world war happening or is just a delusion from this AGP moid?

No. 1611961

File: 1660134940939.jpg (29.91 KB, 600x400, 3OrfFbj.jpg)

Bc he’s a super stealth trans princess it’s obviously zendaya who’s the manly one

No. 1611963

This dumb moid realizes Ukrainian troons had to fight too? And that Ukrainian women aren’t living like “authentic queens” as refugees or trapped in a fucking war zone?

Also even if FeMaLe PrIViLeGe was a thing, troons still wouldn’t be able to access it because they’re male. A man with a rot pocket is quite literally the worst of both worlds. No one sees you as a woman, YWNBAW, but hey, feel free to fuck around and find out.

No. 1611965

Jazz Jennings is jewish. Honestly white troons pass the absolute worst. Asians pass better because there are not that many differences in male and female facial features, they all have soft and round faces. Black troons pass okay because they are mostly HSTS and put in a lot of effort plus their dark skin kind of hides bone structure. I have never seen a middle eastern tranny but I assume that since middle eastern women often have big noses and strong features they would do okay. White men are absolute bottom tier.

No. 1611969

Kek I can't believe they unironically say that when Honter's head is almost twice the size of Zendaya's in this photo, not to mention the Hulk shoulders and gorilla hands

No. 1611992

Lipstick on a pig.

No. 1611993

File: 1660137257142.jpeg (92.28 KB, 800x800, 33DCF9F7-8A7C-42A8-A35D-9CE8CF…)

Trannies are always examples of this quote I swear

No. 1611994

I was wondering too. I can’t imagine that many people in Twin Cities having any kind of outwardly negative emotion towards a TiM so it’s probably fake, but if it’s true then good.

No. 1611996

I loved the crazy moids who tried to claim he passed better than Zendaya. She looks so delicate and feminine next to his big broad Scandinavian male genetics.

No. 1611997

They want women to force feminize them the way that makes their penises most happy. The fact that they hate being told things like “welcome to womanhood” so much just makes me want to do it more. They seem to hate when we talk about things like our periods being awful too so might as well make sure I complain loudly about it around them. Anything that reminds them of how much they aren’t actually female pisses them off to no end and ruins their little fantasies.

No. 1612008

File: 1660138830355.png (809.66 KB, 750x923, 2C5418DD-D91E-4DD2-9B60-640957…)

Kek, saw this going around on tumblr. I guess sometimes they are self-aware. Hope it leads to infighting among them. The tags are filled with Asian TiMs agreeing (though I have to wonder how many of them are actually Asian vs larping so they don’t get cancelled). I’ve noticed lately they really seem to be eating their own with TiMs against TiFs and things like race coming into question. The movement is extremely unsustainable because the only thing that unites most of these men is that they all have a similar fetish, and sometimes not even then (HSTS vs AGP).

No. 1612012

File: 1660139561219.png (58.13 KB, 808x480, gross.png)

I hate men

No. 1612014

This is a month old now so sorry, but I found it interesting how aggressive the TiM got when the TiF clocked him. He looked like he wanted to strangle her and then the production crew.

No. 1612018

I mean he’s right, all the white troons flooding social media with pedo anime catgirl memes and lesbian fetishism are deeply creepy & unsettling. And I’m glad it’s their fellow TIMs calling them out this time, since they can’t dismiss them easily as “TERFs” like they do with us.

No. 1612025

I’m glad too but now I wonder if the next step will be troons claiming transracialism too to make it a thing (not in the way it is now, which is usually used to describe someone of one race raised around another). I can imagine 50 year old hons and 30-something programmer TiMs alike claiming they were really supposed to be born cute Japanese girls and this is how they’re living their truth.

No. 1612032

>completely drenched
He's just constantly jizzing in his pants, isn't he?

No. 1612033

Troons have tried that before. There was a reddit(?) post in one of the earlier threads from a girl who’s roommate had been stealing tampons to make “tea”.
You know, for totally brave and valid reasons of self expression.
I hope more troons will wear their period fetishes on their sleeves, it makes it so much easier to explain the concept of AGP to people, and AGP really is one of those things that, once seen, can’t be unseen.

No. 1612036

He fully has enough shoulder for two Zendayas. There’s a reason they didn’t try to have her biking him around, kek

No. 1612044

is this guerilla marketing to tank the dior brand? if so, it's working!

No. 1612047

No. 1612049


A nonna of taste I see

No. 1612052

is taking adderall before a debate cheating?

No. 1612053

nta but I agree, a refined palate

No. 1612056

Probably. In one of these threads there were a bunch of caps with troons talking about doing just that.

No. 1612059

i forget the name, but theres a subreddit all about scavenging used pads and tampons from bathrooms. its fucking vile

No. 1612066

The sad part is that sub isn’t even just TiMs, it’s men in general. MtFs want to act like they’re any different from any other pornsick fuck.

No. 1612072

Yes, a debate competition has the authority to stop you taking medication prescribed by your doctor.

No. 1612092

File: 1660146002154.jpeg (125.61 KB, 750x747, 23950371-CF2E-4F4F-B202-47A83D…)


No. 1612094

Imagine caping for a blatant groomer. I hope his life continues to be in shambles

No. 1612099

Yeah, man up kek.

No. 1612104

I think China threw another fit about Taiwan recently, maybe that's what the troon is referring to.
This meme again. None of them pass.

No. 1612112

You know it was a peaceful arrest where no violence actually happened when the most notable horror is being misgendered and some things being taken as evidence

No. 1612117

>that manvoice
>those mannerisms
>"uwu is it obvious?"


No. 1612125

someone add this to the white troons next to black women collage since they believe they pass better than actual women. I can't stand these ugly cavemen.

No. 1612131

He's balding and his hair is so brittle and dry you can actually see where the hair extensions/clip ins go past his real hair, and this is through video with top lighting and everything. Imagine meeting him irl.

No. 1612133

I love how he got annoyed at how the TiF said it was the first time she has ever talked to an MTF face to face and that usually she is able to clock them from a distance. These dudes really believe they pass as females or are so up their own asses they think everyone else is too.

No. 1612136

I may be blind, nonas… If it I didn't know she was a TIF I would have thought she is a very effeminate guy, but the quick apologies and mannerisms seemed of a girl and that is how I would clock her
The TIM is so clockable tho, especially next to her

No. 1612139

>TiM likes video games
>TiF likes drawing
Jesus, the stereotypes. Also the TiF has such feminine mannerisms still, especially the putting the hand up to the mouth while laughing thing.

No. 1612140

Nah that tif is surprisingly passable, her voice is very convincing

No. 1612142

Lookin'my(lol wut)

No. 1612145

It is, I was surprised at how naturally male her voice sounds. I don’t speak the language though so maybe the way she talks is feminine and I just can’t tell. The hands size and facial shape/features were more of the tells for me.

No. 1612153

Wow he got soo male and threatening right away when the TIF clocked him. His hand gestures, crossed arms and shouting. The TIF passes well but you can really see male/female socialisation in their body language and even when comparing their hobbies (TIF draws, Tim vidya). And kek the TIM malding and seething through the whole video. The producers and the TIF immediately clocking him are based as fuck.

No. 1612157

Wow that shit was kind of scary kek

No. 1612170

i wouldn't clock her either, she looks like one of my fav kpop idols KEK
even the mannerisms

No. 1612171

File: 1660154658725.jpeg (974.21 KB, 1200x5436, ADDFC08A-530B-4BBD-9186-001F16…)

No. 1612173

File: 1660154998902.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 714.22 KB, 750x1202, 677EEBBE-9E66-46E4-9523-816A1E…)

this surgeon didn’t even try.

No. 1612177

Oof, is it just me or is the scarring here more intense than it usually is? Along the outside like. Just really red and painful looking

No. 1612179

File: 1660155290831.jpg (203.89 KB, 1080x815, so brave lol.jpg)

do i even have to say anything lol. the comments are about as unsurprising and fetishistic as youd expect

No. 1612180

>clitoris appearance

No. 1612187

Some women pass really well.

LOL. I need a name.

No. 1612189

Women wanting them dead doesn't matter anyway. What matters is if we're actually killing them and we're not, so…

No. 1612191

i think it's the weird segmented things in the center. it looks really wet in an infected wound way

No. 1612195

kek it looks like edamame

No. 1612198

>waahh women have more variety of clothing
>women are supposed to be pretty dolls for men to look at
>women have fought this for decades and earned their clothing variety

>waaahh we have to fight in war

>women were seen as unfit for the battlefield and politics
>men have to fight wars that other men started

>waahh no one cares when men feel sad

>sadness is associated with women and anything associated with women is looked down upon by men
>women are more likely to understand each others feelings (and are socialized to coddle), men will leave others in the cold

Moids, the patriarchy backfiring on men is not female privilege.

No. 1612201

also women love it when men wear outfits that are colorful and creative. it's other men who make fun of men for doing that. they need to stop blaming women for the toxic sludge they call manhood.

No. 1612203

File: 1660156799722.png (1.01 MB, 1364x616, jin.png)

tbf i didn't have a particular name in mind when i said this, but she reminds me of Jin from BTS
now of course Jin is almost 180cm tall so he 'passes' better

No. 1612205

you know what’s funny? How even Twitter trannies pull the daddy issues card when women don’t want to fuck them. Moids truly are just projecting 24/7

No. 1612206

Everything they get mad at us for is their own doing. They are the ones who uphold all these rules for what masculinity and manhood is. Like you said, they’re the ones responsible for war and how mental health for men is approached. They blame women because they have no idea what it means to be held accountable for something.

No. 1612207

You can still tell that the person with the plaid shirt is biologically female if you know what to look for. The lips and eyes and skull shape are a dead giveaway.

You can tell the person in a black t-shirt is male.

Sexual dimorphism may be subtle but it's really prominent.

No. 1612208

Oh wow the only way I was able to clock the TIF was because her body language is very very feminine.
>I feel a different vibe from you compared to girls normally like a different atmosphere

No. 1612209

it’s really funny how in my entire life I’ve only met one or two women with father issues but virtually every male I’ve gotten close enough to ask about it has trauma from their father in some way

No. 1612223

File: 1660159122402.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-10-20-18-01-842_deco.jpg)

'My good side'

No. 1612224

I am sorry to say but this looks like a wound that was left wet somehow and now the scarring is kinda inflamed, nasty

No. 1612226

I think her sitting down also helps her pass. The hips are always a dead giveaway. TIFs just pass better in general though

No. 1612238

I really do not see this becoming an issue at all.

No. 1612239

INFP is the type some people like to say they are because they think it gives them the excuse to lash out at others, whine all of the time, and wallow in their self-pity

No. 1612240

One of the other shitty things is that most of the people who help women and girls are usually doing it to help offset some of the damage a male has done to the female's life. It's not some free woman bonus. All that counseling, homeless shelters, child/mother charities, poverty scholarships stuff is there to help fix maybe 2% of the destruction some selfish scrote caused.

No. 1612260

File: 1660161714074.jpg (365.98 KB, 1914x1479, 456645456546645564546546.jpg)

No. 1612265

Seriously. I don’t know a single woman in my life who hasn’t been sexually or physically assaulted by a male in some way. It’s so common that people don’t even take it seriously. I have no sympathy for scrotes when they’re constantly tearing women down.

No. 1612267

File: 1660162193982.png (478.7 KB, 1130x580, Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 3.06…)

Kind of blindsided by the amount of people willing to donate so much money to a well-off, white Western man. Idk about his "legal fund" but $70,000 is quite the steep number lmao

No. 1612270

do we even know why he was raided? what if it's because of cp or something? should they not at least wait and see before throwing 60k his way?

No. 1612271

File: 1660162485034.jpeg (636 KB, 1284x1366, FB6BFECC-03A6-4CCA-B9A3-560302…)


No. 1612273

the realism in 3D games is getting scary!

No. 1612278

I believe it was because some random person swatted him.

No. 1612285

EA is cancelled

No. 1612290

this is exactly what i imagine dudley dursley's face looks like

No. 1612295

Excuse me sir but you're acting like a bit of a crac-crac-head

No. 1612297

File: 1660164127319.jpeg (728.47 KB, 828x1034, 82E5D6D4-CB87-4A2A-95C8-895099…)

found in the wild, review of a skirt I was thinking of buying for a halloween party. the top of the image wasn’t visible until i clicked and it jumpscared me. absolutely horrifying.

No. 1612301

When your surgeon is still mad at his dad for forcing him to go pre-med instead of studio art so he secretly brings the scalloped scissors to work

No. 1612305

no one cross dresses like gaston
no one cooms like gaston
no one's neck's as incredibly thick as gaston
for there is no man in town half as creepy
perfect a pure agp

No. 1612309

"you'll never be a real cat, skinbag"

No. 1612317

Thank you, I needed a good laugh tonight.

No. 1612324

Black women are so beautiful, how dare they even compare.

No. 1612329

Well they already call themselves lesbians, people turning into Asians really isn’t a reach. Some troons do it already, it’s just not popular yet

No. 1612333

I'm dead nonnie

No. 1612334

File: 1660166016242.jpeg (325.38 KB, 750x953, 9694BC5C-478F-4D22-8FD8-05331A…)

even in a game troonsbians are mad lesbians don’t like dick.

No. 1612339

omg marry me anon

No. 1612341

Lmao some people are beyond needing to touch grass, this one needs to roll around in it and eat it. Become one with the grass motherfucker.

No. 1612347

I laughed nona. Have to get through the pain of seeing it somehow.

No. 1612348

Black women mogging troons is my favorite genre, if only because I know how hard it triggers the hulking nazi moids lol

No. 1612349

The downvotes are promising.

No. 1612352

Tbh we don't really need the picture collage to prove it.. all black women mog those disgusting perverts.

No. 1612354

Seems like he doesn’t know the meaning of straight. Yes retard a straight person wouldn’t date a gay person. Crazzzzy.

No. 1612356

No. 1612373

File: 1660168373977.jpeg (185.49 KB, 750x1170, 22B6C393-A13B-4EDC-8961-CB5718…)

i clocked op as a troon as soon as i read ‘tiddy pillows’. they don’t pass even when they share memes on a supposedly lesbian sub.

No. 1612374

Uh oh. Imo this is the final evolution of this cult's rhetoric. This may be a phrase we will be hearing more and more of as the tide turns for good and they can't hold people hostage with threats of self-harm any longer - they will drop the pretense, finally complete radicalizing, and admit their god is Violence as they reveal their big predictable plans and go out in a poof of faggy glory.

No. 1612382

File: 1660168813938.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1344, 129E9438-773E-4708-80AF-8E8F78…)

Aren’t those weights too light for a male?

No. 1612383

File: 1660168999685.jpeg (445.68 KB, 1200x2489, 90E1D9EB-4149-4D6C-90C3-7FB8D2…)

free her.

No. 1612386

>if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1612388


No. 1612396

File: 1660170004798.jpeg (2.35 MB, 3000x3999, Gencoom.JPEG)

A troon just got called out on twitter for being a predatory fuck with this woman at Gencon.
While reading the thread, as soon as I read "she" was being a creep, I just knew it had to be a troon. Of course.

Sidenote, and obviously I feel bad for OP because no one should have to endure this predatory shit, but she's a "She/They" and I hope these handmaidens fucking wake up and stop associating with these males and the whole gendie community. This experience should show her that these creeps are obviously still men, and are going to do the same nasty shit that other men do. They aren't any safer just because they do it in a frumpy skirt.

No. 1612402

And most women who end up single moms on welfare genuinely thought that they were loved by the scrotes who fathered their children and then ran. I don't look down my nose at them, because I got fooled the same way, I just luckily avoided making a baby. So much misery is made by men being nasty, lazy, dishonest shits.
The obvious X-Men Halloween wig is a nice touch.

No. 1612405

Is that a PC-only thing? I play on console and there is no mention of sexuality in CAS.
Based EA kekk

No. 1612408

they're not even hiding their misogyny what the fuck(sage your shit)

No. 1612409

They're pedos, simple as. People who make any form of coomershit have no business being around children. Hell even the CEO of drag queen story hour got caught being a pedo, alongside many other individuals who were in that group.(sage your shit)

No. 1612410

what esports team is this? what game do they play?

No. 1612413

Pathetic dyel loser

No. 1612415

I don't play on console but I thought the new update added it there too, it's another tab in the gender drop down menu. They had to include a whole apology paragraph in the announcement that the game is old and has to work on a binary lol

No. 1612417

a girl who shared room with this dude also got assaulted by him

No. 1612422

if troons start spawning as randomized townies, i’m gonna make sure to delete all of them.

No. 1612430

Oh God. I can't imagine being trapped alone in a room with such an aggressive creep. I feel terrible for whatever young middle class woman got fooled into thinking he was "just one of the girls". Live by the trailer park/ghetto, at least you get experience with what low IQ, high libido, rapey men with zero filter are really like.

No. 1612432

File: 1660172918486.jpg (455.34 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20220810-180414_Fir…)

My alma mater accepts men now. Fucking hell.

No. 1612434

File: 1660172974122.jpg (60.91 KB, 463x647, troon.jpg)

you're so right. why do they all dress this way???

No. 1612435

File: 1660173037080.png (265.55 KB, 680x940, sims.png)

>Is a straight male sim gonna reject trannies?

No. 1612436

They always make these gross infantile posts. I hate it.

No. 1612439

Hope they’re ready for some lawsuits when the inevitable happens.

No. 1612442

Because they're faggots. The jarring thing is that girls who dress like this are 15-19 whereas troon moids 20-30 are trying to do this. You know, it says a lot about the nature of troons because it's already well established that they most often try to skin walk what they're attracted to

No. 1612458

>Because they're faggots.
but majority of these are het perverts who wanna larp yuri in real life

No. 1612460

as a former scene kids i just feel special kind of hatred at these weirdos though

No. 1612462

File: 1660174369027.png (142.75 KB, 746x1380, 5665655546456645.png)

Heres the other woman who got assaulted by that troon

No. 1612466

Sorry, when I say someone is being a faggot I mean they're acting like a sex pest, not a homosexual slu

No. 1612480

inb4 "moid REEEEE"
This is the part of the culture here I don't get. It's clear we-vs-them thinking, and unhealthy. It's like the animosity seen in religious people against people of different religions, only directed towards half of the world population.

No. 1612495

I don't think the parents of the students will be thrilled by that lmao
It will backfire, I hope they lose money

No. 1612500

I don’t think there are any women left on r/actualtroonsbians, it’s just a sea of headpats, cat ears and coomer nonsense

No. 1612501

I’m sure women here are used to having to deal with men every single day. They probably care about or love some of them. But a lot of us come here to put that on hold and vent about them because elsewhere you’ll get reported or dogpiled by men. Women are rightfully angry and want to vent their frustrations and rage. That other half of the population has been oppressing, raping, and killing us since the dawn of time. I think a little bit of shit talking isn’t going to kill them. If you don’t like it, I bet plenty of other places would love to have you. I’m sure you’re trying to come from a good and reasonable place but this thread of all the threads here is not the one to do it.

No. 1612505

don't care didn't ask

No. 1612511

File: 1660177362228.jpg (961.95 KB, 900x2000, kikomigasm.jpg)

this is not very subtle but whatever

No. 1612512

Holy shit I checked Twitter and the women’s stories are harrowing, that can’t possibly be the first time he’s assaulted a woman. He sounds like a serial predator. Fuck moids.

No. 1612514

Oh nooo, won’t someone think of the poor moids who commit 98% of the violence on this planet

No. 1612518

Kek I laughed so hard, I love Kikomi so much
Go live your bio girls trans girl dreams, queen

No. 1612520

File: 1660178161322.png (850.83 KB, 1195x888, if-only-you-knew.png)

No. 1612521

Yay kikomi has returned. Bless you anon

No. 1612530

>A faulty generalization is an informal fallacy wherein a conclusion is drawn about all or many instances of a phenomenon on the basis of one or a few instances of that phenomenon
Do you genuinely think this is applicable when talking about male violence against women and girls? How fucking retarded are you?

No. 1612534

Literally nobody asked, also kill yourself!

No. 1612536

hii hi kikomi hiii

No. 1612537

Thank you for your service

No. 1612538

Yesss fresh kikomi conent!!!

No. 1612541

Fucking incredible how they use black women as props

And by incredible I mean disgusting. Thank god for black women not drinking the tran koolaid tysm

No. 1612543

>Reee not all men
But only ever men, nor do men ever oppose it when coming from their friends or when they benefit from it. Men generalise women all the time and we're told were feelings over facts for calling them retarded when they commit 90% of violence and destabilize society. Women have every right to hate men. Don't see anyone reeing about not generalizing women on places like 4fag kek.

No. 1612545

Love you Kikomi-chan.

No. 1612546

Men live by the double standard, it protects their pathetic asses always

No. 1612548

Don’t care + didn’t read + men rape babies

No. 1612549

File: 1660181020923.jpeg (83.05 KB, 827x681, C12D1A2F-D23D-42EA-8AA9-ADFC4E…)

No. 1612550

Yeah it’s “not all men” but also “you were asking for it/why didn’t you do 10,000,000,0000 things to prevent it there are sick people out there BUT NOT ALL MEN but it’s always your fault” who the fuck would want to communicate with someone like that, who will openly say they protect abusers because it benefits them, then deny they have any part in rape culture. All men do in fact keep these systems in power, and if they really believed “not all men” then they would be admitting they outnumber abusers, so what’s holding them back from dismantling things like human trafficking and seeing women like human beings? All men are that insecure that the idea of women being autonomous means they have to face their flaws that they know they can’t. The only love is freedom and men don’t give that to women.

No. 1612551

The manlady doth protest too much

No. 1612553

How would you feel if you were locked alone in a room with a strange man? Answer quickly.

No. 1612555

This. It’s literally only men who believe in “is vs them” othering mentality, women don’t give a shit we just don’t want to be raped and beaten, so weird. It takes the most literally insane kind of insecure competitive bullshit brain damage to think that women share the same antisocial traits that men do, and also have not been peaceful and diligently trying to work through a baseless hatred of us that does kill us and enslave us since the dawn of time.

Like how the fuck have men convinced themselves, after countless years of biological evidence, that women would act like we have their mutated chromosomes. That’s their projection, not ours. Women are against misogyny, not men, and it proves how deeply ingrained misogyny is with men that they identify as misogynists before equal human beings that women are very pro social towards. It’s not that difficult.

No. 1612558

He knows a real pedophile purge would mean nearly all moids and all troons would be wiped out by it

No. 1612562

This is funny that they’re advocating a nazi purge when nazi doctors are the ones who pushed trans surgeries, and trump verbally on record has gone on about his idolization of hitler and his power. The left also funds trans surgeries. Both sides are ultimately working together in some way and corrupt asf, but wow men really do only understand things in an us vs them mentality can’t unsee

No. 1612566

File: 1660181810961.jpeg (115.34 KB, 589x594, 8BA619FA-088F-4EA6-AFA8-381215…)

yaniv physiognomy

No. 1612580

File: 1660182745412.jpg (110.42 KB, 1280x866, beff6aa2718f8025.jpg)

yes this is how males are what about it

No. 1612583

i don't know if you are THE kikomi anon but if you are, i love you so much and i show your comics to my friends and family.

No. 1612585

please tell me your mom likes them

No. 1612590

No, sadly, she thinks TWAW etc (moreso to be "nice" than being outwardly handmaideny) My dad and brothers love it though

No. 1612595

no shit. those mythical full-body female orgasms troons fantasize about are probably an idea they got from women faking orgasms in porn and irl.

No. 1612597

File: 1660183618624.jpeg (96.54 KB, 750x706, 26B8E27D-13BF-48D6-931C-AA629E…)

C’mon now, they are straight moids identifying as lesbians (and sometimes gay moids identifying as straight women). Their truth is not based in any material reality.

No. 1612599

no one else is going to mention the fact he's taking this in the doctor's office with a bottle of… something on the table?

No. 1612601

File: 1660183739164.png (510.88 KB, 725x716, lois.png)


No. 1612602

File: 1660183807205.jpeg (108.23 KB, 731x654, DCDB6836-2534-436F-A491-48A0DF…)

kek look at this Twitter for android-user’s profile pic

No. 1612603

Thank goodness it wasn't so much worse. I always hate convention horror stories, because people put so much time, work, and money into conventions, and then a shithead ruins the whole thing, usually for multiple people. Imagine if that was your $1000 weekend vacation for the year.

No. 1612604

how do they know the fucking blackface lunatic wasn’t living her truth and her best life? she’s still not black, and troons aren’t the opposite sex.

No. 1612608

the weirdest part about these is how they're always gaping open like a cave. I bet if you took a troon in a pool and then tipped him over, a big bubble would come out like when you tip a cup underwater kek

No. 1612613

imagine admitting you hate spending time with your sister and resent her entire existence merely because she was born female and you have pussy envy. and not see anything wrong with that enough to post it online. at least he's self aware that he is not a woman at all kek.

No. 1612617

File: 1660185878931.jpg (32.91 KB, 377x358, slow-mo-guys-6ft-water-balloon…)

No cliff-jumping for trannies kek

No. 1612618

kek you're cracking me up but I noticed that too. it's ironic considering you know these trannies are the same incels calling women loose meanwhile they look so wide open their axe wounds resemble the Grand Canyon more than a real vagina.

No. 1612621

they wouldn't even hit the water, the sheer amount of tapped air in their pocket would allow them to safely glide away like a parachute

No. 1612623

Rachel wasn't lying though. She consistently said she identified as a black woman regardless of her birth race. She presented as black, married a black man, had black children, socialized with black people, spent her whole career working on racial justice issues etc. That goes way beyond lying. She was delusional in the exact same way troons are delusional (i.e. thinking you can change your race or sex just by believing it so.)

No. 1612627

Fr and since their rot hole is void of musculature, it would legit fill with water and rupture like the balloon in the pic.

No. 1612628

File: 1660186822262.jpeg (882.58 KB, 1620x1036, 2A06D17E-DC32-4EE2-B45A-B24A4B…)

Random comment on YT that I found on a vid called “The Emotional Objectification of Men” that popped up in my recommended.

No. 1612634

What a gross piece of shit. And you know he probably lives in some shitty apartment that hasn't been vacuumed since before he moved in.

No. 1612637

Right? I thought that was a picture of yaniv in the thumbnail. Troons love those fake roots blonde wigs

No. 1612648

agps have to be some of the most terminally moronic people on the planet. they think being mentally challenged makes them more bimbo-like, except at least bimbos aren’t balding fridge shaped freaks of nature.

No. 1612651

>people don't understand depression cause they can't "see" it so I'd rather have actual cancer
I'm sorry, people could see your nut cancer? Don't show people that

No. 1612656

File: 1660191169270.jpg (138.64 KB, 1884x2048, FXbehzLakAArPhr.jpg)

I love you

No. 1612662

File: 1660192775689.gif (1.83 MB, 986x800, 1660120635286931.gif)


No. 1612663

Being the teenage goth girl they couldn't have

No. 1612665

I’ve seen this a million times but it will never not be funny

No. 1612671

File: 1660194373356.jpeg (250.81 KB, 750x958, 1972C403-DB46-4F88-B09A-8A0CB4…)

No. 1612673

"my bio transgirl ladies" gdi now i read kikomi in the voice of Anna Bey
i'm a virgin so disregard anything i say about sex but maybe the fact that they spend half an hour to several hours building up desperately trying to achieve orgasm with their severed nerves has something to do with their idea that it's a whole new kind of orgasm, instead of rubbing one out in 2 minutes.

No. 1612676

I noticed there are a lot more straight moids playing the sims recently. I'm wondering if it's because of the WickedWhims mod which apparently allows beastiality, and there's a rip off of it made by a pedo (who the creator of WW was originally buddies with) where you can rape child and toddler sims, no wonder so many moids are playing sims now.

No. 1612685

I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but these "self-aware" AGPs are never gonna reach enlightenment without understanding feminism. But we know that's never gonna happen. Easier just to seethe at the women and trannies they envy. Pretty much all these self-aware AGP communities turn into incel communities no matter how well-intentioned they began because they don't operate on any feminist framework. Feminism is the key for them to understand their gender envy.

No. 1612686

yes kek not to mention the most fetishized type by scrotes. the troon definitely speaks like a whiny Fi-dom so I’ll give him that

No. 1612699


No. 1612707

they gave lucas his stuff back but eot the hard drives. i bet he wasn't even swatted and this is a CP/grooming investigation

No. 1612709

How are they fetishized I took that stupid test and that’s what I got how bleak is it

No. 1612710

holy shit lmao nona, it really does. can't pass for what it was going for and comes off like a fleshy, wounded version of an edamame pod. shit so bleak idk how they aren't constantly suicidal

No. 1612718

Men have the longest femurs ever, if it’s not the delusional projecting and smirking, it’s 100% always obvious by their disproportionately lanky gross man femurs. I’d say I don’t know why they can’t stop wearing skirts short enough to immediately clock them and their knobby knees but every single person including them knows the answer.

No. 1612720

File: 1660202713591.jpg (701.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220811-032453_Boo…)

Diaper or furry shit every fucking time!

No. 1612724

how does he describe himself as a submissive childish person and in need of a parental figure and at the same time says that he surprises other with his emotional maturity and can stand up for himself?
he won't find anyone, who will marry him and even if he did you can bet that he will not do anything expect playing games and if he feels less lazy he will order pizza or make frozen fast food. Women stayed home back then not only to cook and clean the house but also because it was clear that they will have to have children and take care of them

No. 1612725

File: 1660204085083.jpeg (91.76 KB, 750x381, 7A11D6AB-0923-4ABA-84F1-D1D036…)

shut the fuck up

No. 1612726

What the fuck is mr doughy 5 o’clock shadow talking about? The fact that it’s a “common trope in literature” means absolutely nothing. It’s also a common trope for trannies to wear fucking human skin suits isn’t it? Or for male serial killers to wear the clothes and shoes of their victims?

No. 1612727

File: 1660204513731.jpeg (129.5 KB, 750x603, F3DA1DDF-97B1-470B-A8E3-148636…)

The illusion of choice as 13 year olds have double masectomies performed on them.

No. 1612728

Why is it that the same group of people that think college students aren't together enough to decide their future or pay for their own healthcare, also think 11 year olds can make gender reassignment surgery decisions? FUCKING OK THEN.

No. 1612729

File: 1660205493401.png (770.41 KB, 1376x1580, 5k22fv.png)

same energy

No. 1612731

This retard doesn't realize both can be true. Some tomboys are forced into dresses and femininity, others are transed out. Both options are shit but transing mutilates a child's body so it's the significantly worse option.

No. 1612735

It's bizarre that troons can not seperate fiction from reality. It's a trope, so it must apply to real life? I think they can't conceive that having ACTUALLY BEEN gnc gave former tomboys the experience to know that you can be a non feminine woman without having to choose between mutating our clit into a twizzler with testosterone or killing ourselves because we can't have an Bloodborne-esque horror penis

And why do they treat everything like a hive mind? This troon seen a handful of women mention their own personal anecdotes about being a tomboy until they got into a relationship and immediately interpreted that as every transphobia is an evangelical mega conservative gender role obsessor

No. 1612739

he's publicly talked about illegally getting hormones, which are permanently sterilizing drugs, to many minors. hope they arrest him for good

No. 1612741

To be fair this is true in a sense. Some tradthots parading as radfems do this shit all the time saying how instead of accepting GNC women and girls in danger of trooning out as they are they should just "find their femininity" and find the right dick to fix her and magically turn her into a proper woman because some vague "I was a tomboy too but I grew out of it like a normal person" anecdote dismisses everyone's experiences. It's why so many women don't find a home in gendercrit circles, you get people hating on butch lesbians but thinly veiling it as anti-tranny discourse there all the time.

No. 1612743

I'm so glad that men are here to explain to us what our own experiences with misogyny, gender roles and womanhood actually mean, since we're too stupid to figure it out on our own. Troons stay in your lane challenge: impossible.
Not to mention how their narrative flip-flops all the time. "Transphobic" women/terfs are all either feminine conservative trad wives or mean assertive lesbians, depending on what's convenient for them in that moment.

No. 1612744

File: 1660208891514.jpg (63.43 KB, 490x666, cope.jpg)

The cope in this one
In the pinned tweet, they speak and claim that "Terf can't clock you out from the voice"
You can voice act all you want, still male

No. 1612746

Doesn't help that gnc representation amongst detrans women us very low. All of them end up being stereotypically feminine after detransitioning, a lot of detroons are also why there's been a lot of conservative talking points floating around gc/radfem spaces. They're constantly sperging about how feminists will never get anything done and we need Matt Walsh and Tucker Carlson's help.

No. 1612754

I think they fight dysphoria by using mega femininity as a crutch. Like, they do the whole song and dance of being as "womanly" as possible as reassurance. There's one on Twitter who got dogpiled for saying radfems are CSA victims who are jealous she has a boyfriend, she went from ftm to manic pixie trvdwife. TONS of detrans women go hurtling into extreme performative femininity as a cope

I don't think I have ever seen that type of swing in a mtf troon. Are there any mtf who go from tranny to tradmoid? Normally the only detrans mtf you see are HSTS who just continue being a happy feminine gay man when they realise it's ok to be a dude who like feminine things

No. 1612763

Usually as you mentioned the only guys normal enough to detransition are HSTS gay men, so no, the tradfag pol types simply stay troon while also been their normal retard selves, such as where you get the whole 'Never ask an mtf about his past' thing from, because they've always been incels who ree about the jews on fag etc. It's why 4chans lgbt board is called /tttt. The gay ones dealing with homophobia (but not the ones who do it thinking they can fuck more men) have more hope to recover from their mental illness since it's not perpetuated by their sexual degeneracy/sexual failure. The less porn related the transition, the more likely a person is to detrans.

No. 1612764

I have seen it happen with a TIM, but this was years ago so i dont remember who. Sped up the detransition process by abusing steroids, only to swing back to troonery. Rough

No. 1612773

KEK thank you. I hope it continues to grow.

No. 1612775

File: 1660213715934.jpg (428.53 KB, 2560x2255, Creestina.jpg)

Actually insane. Instead of bettering yourself and listening to what your gf wants you decide you're a girl?

No. 1612779

Finding out about all the degenerate moids who play sims was insane for me. I've never used mods (besides cc) but I got recommended a tweet about that sex mod and the replies were 90% male freaks, not even all troons. All that whining over the mod excluding teens was ridiculous.

No. 1612788

Men in dresses being psychotic abusers and murderers is another common trope in movies and literature, maybe you troons should stop echoing it.

No. 1612790

bless you kikomi-anon
i was gonna suggest you make one where she whines about not being able to date lesbians, she passes so well i forgot she was afab for a second lmao

No. 1612791

Why can't men separate reality from fiction

No. 1612793

real equivalent would be kikomi whining about chasers not chasing and fetishizing her

No. 1612795

File: 1660217503835.jpg (1000.41 KB, 810x2645, Screenshot_20220811-072450_Chr…)

What a waste. He has a young daughter too who appears to be around the same age as when he began his transition. They're all the fucking same. AGP assembly line.

No. 1612796

EVERY time

No. 1612802

Troons are teaching me that having boundaries is healthy, I see too many woke-pleasers get trampled all over because they have internalized that they have to "accept and validate" anyone and anything at the cost of their own well-being. "it's just a(my) dress, it's just some makeup, he's just polysexual but still loves me the most, it's just fake boobs i can pretend to be into it to validate him, it's just an anime loli and not a real child he's fapping to"

No. 1612804

Hell world, he looked normal. Remember anons, no gamers, no anime watchers, no programmers, and no government employees.

No. 1612805

And most importantly, no porn-watchers.

No. 1612809

Watch people pass this around without context as an example how "women can be predators too" and to support their "lesbians are rapists" narrative. This poor woman.

No. 1612810

1 out of 6 women are raped and over 80% of all women report being sexually assaulted in their lives, and the numbers are most likely higher due to women not being able to recognize interaction as sexual harassment but instead something they just "have to deal with". Oh and fuck off faggot

No. 1612820

File: 1660221777840.jpeg (561.19 KB, 1194x1035, 794593F0-93A1-4FB9-B932-8AFCF4…)

>TiM dating a real woman
>”she’s straight as fuck but I’m the exception”
Sure you are dude lol. Couldn’t be with you bc you’re a whole ass man.

No. 1612827

File: 1660222577707.jpeg (535.06 KB, 828x1308, 0C384641-6EDA-482A-9D1F-6D929F…)

hard to watch

No. 1612829

the "I'm on hormones too" part shows that he probably barely changed. I clicked on his account, he is 20 (which means he probably only recently started with the hormones and most handmaiden are young, so who knows when she will leave him and if they grew up together etc.) and he said in another post "I'm 100% the husband lesbian. And I'm trans. Tomboy trangirl moment", which shows he probably still wears almost only boyish clothes, so basically nothing changed kek(sage your shit)

No. 1612833

File: 1660223974301.png (69.82 KB, 596x694, wall of moid fury.png)

>I don't think I have ever seen that type of swing in a mtf troon. Are there any mtf who go from tranny to tradmoid?

There are quite a few of these troons who become full on detransitioned trad-tards like Limpida, arch-tumblr 'lesbian' tranny turned insane tradmoid, but they try to blend in with their cuckchan friends ASAP rather than remaining overtly other or in places where women are likely to find them like the gay detransitioned ones do.

And these ones constantly blame every single step of their transition on women and TIFs as a mea culpa. Limpida blamed his TIF girlfriend for 'grooming him into transition' to gain trad cookie points and played up the idea of him stealing, sniffing and wearing his female relatives panties and jerking it to sissy hypno on cuckchan as 'normal male behavior' to other tradscrotes (who agreed with him), graduated to exclusively blaming women for trannyhood as a whole, and has gone AWOL since March (likely to blend in and 'get a wife' as he claims is his mission)

Then we have cuckchan-adjacent misogynists like cafebeef who are AGP but pretend to be gay and untransitioned to shield themselves from hon accusations

No. 1612837

The way I would have immediately started beating that ugly ass XY if she was my friend. How much fucking longer is this going to go on.

No. 1612839


Civilian government is fine. Especially branches that involve a connection to the real world - so OSHA, forest service, providing medical care, etc. I work in Gov and all the men in my department are normies boomers who only use the internet for sports scores.

No military, no intelligence agencies, no security agencies though. Nothing a moid might be using to live out a masculine fantasy.

No. 1612840

i will not a-log, i will simply rejoice that this retard will die alone and take his degenerate bloodline with him

No. 1612841

This is what confuses me the most about these scrotes. If you so love someone then why is a nasty fetish more important every time..

No. 1612845

What do you mean 'waste'. Ugly over-compensating white plain guy to ugly wrinkly over-filtered guy in a dress.

No. 1612848

Right kek he was already ugly. Some farmers need to raise their standards. The only thing I’ll say is they looked happy before, but smiles can easily be faked and a lot of narcs will intentionally lay on the charm in public, holding you in pics or making it look like they really love you while treating you like shit behind closed doors.

No. 1612850

>feminists say women are weak
Women are PHYSICALLY WEAKER than men, what's wrong with that? Only a moid would think physically weaker = inferior. They're so dumb

No. 1612854

Because they don't love them. Just look at the way married scrotes speak about 'their' women in any homosocial environment. Even in that post he's only valuing her in terms of being 'part of [his] life' and what she does FOR him (i.e being the waste dump for all his toxic shit)

No. 1612855

I know the girl you're talking about. Her moid ain't nothing special. He's a bisexual drug addicted prostitute who plays transphobic but has admitted to fucking troons. After being boolied for saying all radfems were raped as children, that girl locked her account and I'm guessing borrowed drugs from her moid, she was saying shit like she was going to hack her tits off and overdose on so much testosterone no one will ever recognize her as being female, as she will be so far removed from being a woman, then she threatened to commit suicide, deleted the tweets and unlocked like nothing happened.

He's actually back, his name now is americandog1998, he has a private alt that only his closest buddies know about, thats where he went hiding for a few months. In general, I dislike 99% of male detroons. They are lazy, they expect women to do all the work for them while they make serious sounding twitter posts and do interviews all week with random youtubers.

No. 1612856

Quite a few women these days think saying that is antifeminist

No. 1612857

I will continue to clock and he/him the shit out of every troon I meet in vrchat. They can't fake it anymore once you notice how they all sound the same

No. 1612860

>Her moid ain't nothing special. He's a bisexual drug addicted prostitute who plays transphobic but has admitted to fucking troons
So he's a gamp tranny in denial like cafebeef is? If you fuck troons you're 99 percent likely to be one

His closest buddies are all trad-tards so that proves my point, they are likely enabling his 'wife quest' or whatever the fuck.

Also, of course he expects women to do all the work for him, he's a moid. All tumblr and twitter TIMs do is summon gangs of TIFs and handmaidens to bully others, act as ideological enforcers, donate to them, eliminate TERFs and do all the hard work. TIMs do not do anything other than threaten, cajole and piss themselves in apoplectic rage.

That does not change when they detransition and write thinkpieces about how women's rightful place is barefoot and pregnant in a state of purdah. All moids have ever done historically is outsource the majority of labor to women, most women throughout history did back-breaking thankless work while moids sat on their ass or did exponentially less, then writing screeds about how women who work deserve to die for 'destroying society'. The problem isn't just trooning out, it's misogyny.

No. 1612880

File: 1660229626042.jpg (74.28 KB, 1280x720, chris chan tmg.jpg)

This reminds me of that time Chris Chan did exactly that at TooManyGames. He got too huggy and kissey to many attendees. It ended with him curled up like a hedgehog

No. 1612885

Trannies always swarm to protect their own, huh?

No. 1612891

say the quiet part out loud, biggest red flag is being white

No. 1612893

File: 1660230600464.jpg (18.4 KB, 277x371, corylaquay.jpg)

Lookin like a 2011 Metalcore/Crabcore band guy

No. 1612894

kek do you get attacked for doing that in there?

No. 1612927

>assigned futa at birth
>melee player
Imagine the fucking smell of this degenerate.

No. 1612987

File: 1660238657269.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20220811-164249.png)

Moids fan art of himself Vs his actual body

No. 1612989

Men are absolutely demented and delusional. No wonder every nation on earth is damned with them being able to vote.

No. 1612991

The only trans girl I'd date or maybe I should reject her so she can truly feel like a TiM being rejected be lesbians

No. 1612996

now if he ever gets a lover again (impossible), he can disappoint them even more with a limp useless dick

No. 1613027

kek its a classic joke among oncologists that only shitty awful people get testicular cancer

No. 1613038

I'm so fucking tired of scrotes and their "ur infantilizing women" manipulation. It's right up there with them insisting that if you were stronger and more secure, you wouldn't mind that he cheats.

No. 1613043

File: 1660242087745.jpeg (254.55 KB, 750x577, 55946769-F35A-4459-A667-85ECAC…)

Was this posted yet? Kek

No. 1613050

They need to be sent to fight the current fires in southern Europe
Only thing moids are useful for

No. 1613054

File: 1660242644099.jpg (5.58 MB, 2926x2577, PXL_20220701_151337343.MP.jpg)

Kikomi supremacy

No. 1613064

>watch video of conservative moid confronting tranny on doublespeak at a trans rights protest
>go on channel
>literally all his non tranny videos are him going to pro choice rallies and calling women stupid whore baby killers

Is this how they see 50% of the population? As being comparable to fucking Yaniv?

No. 1613067

is he getting cancelled for this now?

No. 1613088

no men in general, what the fuck do you need them for?

No. 1613093

No. 1613097

File: 1660245294684.jpeg (45.83 KB, 466x521, FZwMjYYUsAEtYgm.jpeg)

Tif posted this ad and this TIM reposed and got mad, she deleted. She says her dog doesn't like moids, troons get even more mad in the comments.

No. 1613098

Rare tif W.

No. 1613100

File: 1660245425838.jpg (186.4 KB, 1080x1943, FY1sUrsXEAIRYeF.jpg)

Ladies dont you hate when your vagina has to have a hairball removed

No. 1613101

Kek that was a good read
>Your dog won't suck my girldick? You must abuse your dog! Fuck you and your terf dog.

No. 1613109

Careful, they're gonna start claiming that's the reason they call it a "pussy"

No. 1613113

These people are seriously mentally ill. They want their dick cut off NOW and don't give a shit how bad it turns out

No. 1613114

I-is this AFTER he got FFS?

No. 1613117

File: 1660246346955.png (34.85 KB, 596x287, kek.png)

Tranny threatening to commit suicide over an apartment listing
Why are they so fucking dramatic?

No. 1613121

Typical moid rage. One woman doesn't want him in intimate quarters with her, and his brain instantly resorts to some kind of violence. Even if she has never once been made aware of his existence, it's her fault that he wants to inflict pain. Rejecting him is the ultimate betrayal in his mind, so it's totally normal and sane to guilt trip a poor girl who doesn't want her dog to live in terror. Funnier still is that, if he saw her as the man she claims to be, he most likely wouldn't have had any reaction at all. But since she's a woman, she's committed an evil thought crime against him that rocked him to his core.

No. 1613130

I was wondering this too. He looks exactly the same and just as male

No. 1613132

thet play rocketleague. The game is like crack for autists.

No. 1613148

All men watch porn.
I'll just abstain from men. Or settle down with a nice woman.

No. 1613150

File: 1660248866559.jpeg (176.61 KB, 1125x588, 51C34C07-9E78-4A7D-B6A8-57FA35…)

typical moid behavior

based terf dog

No. 1613153

wow I love him even more now.

No. 1613154

File: 1660249041979.jpeg (185.89 KB, 1170x682, 92E83FE4-B066-4798-9F2E-B9E81C…)

amazon telling it like it is

No. 1613182

And? Why the fuck would terfs care how big a troon's dick is? We want you to keep your dick in your fucking pants, not measure it.

No. 1613187

I think he's implying that he would sexually assault women, nonnie.

No. 1613194

I never understood the "what a waste" discourse around troons. Even if one of them was handsome, intelligent, kind, accomplished etc. before transitioning (which is never true) you already know he's mentally ill due to the troonery. So what exactly is "wasted" when a mentally ill moid becomes even more mentally ill?

No. 1613195

It blows my mind how many retards are on ovarit defend men's right to wear skirts in public, do do their gendie shit in public. "But as long he doesn't claim to be a woman it's ok YOU BIGOT, you're just oppressing him and as bad as a Christian fundamentalist." Oh my God, fuck off, how do these people not realize that this is how we got here in the first place? No woman should concern herself with whether or not some moid's fee fees are hurt because he can't express his shit self to the fullest. If they respected women they wouldn't be attracted to this shit in the first place. It's like going to bat for virtuous MAPS.

No. 1613198

Wtf why do they hate white gay people. Why does them being white make you hate them more.

No. 1613205

File: 1660252336870.jpeg (309.43 KB, 1536x2048, FZ1bRkgWYAE3YdA.jpeg)

No. 1613208

File: 1660252576306.jpg (185.04 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20220811-231500_Chr…)

Yeah, so much moid rage

No. 1613217

Oh, wow. Thinking about it, I have never heard of a black tranny trooning out after he got married and had kids. I'm sure it's happened, but damn, it seems like black troons just go from gay boy to troon.

No. 1613220

File: 1660254314836.jpeg (342.59 KB, 1170x1012, 65E687EC-DD22-4519-A0F2-6FFACE…)

Rent free 24/7

No. 1613221

Based JK

No. 1613222

so not wanting rape apes peeping into your dormitories makes you a terf? Alright then.

No. 1613224

males when the world doesn't circulate around them and something doesn't go exactly their way be like

No. 1613233

Hee looks like Tyler Oakley
How can they type shit like this and then be surprised nobody wants to live with them. I would genuinely be scared if I saw somebody reacting like this in real life.
So entitled, so aggressive, so male.

No. 1613236

i am a woman with unusually long legs (particularly the femur) tall girls always get so hypocritically backhanded in tranny hate, can we leave it to the men considering it's their insult of choice to call us trannies anyway

No. 1613241

Have you heard of a straight black man trooning out at all? Black troons are nearly always HSTS. That’s why I don’t believe trooning out is “natural”, it’s 100% a cultural trend.

No. 1613243

Nonna don’t worry, your long legs are 100% more beautiful than a troon’s knobby hairy hideous moid-legs in a schoolgirl skirt.

No. 1613250

But tall girls with long legs looks like magical girls on anime and trannies with long legs looks like baby giraffes in shitty shein skirts don't worry

No. 1613252

Oh God. I keep thinking I've reached peak troon hatred, but apparently not

No. 1613259

File: 1660257120855.png (67.8 KB, 641x619, FZ2FZReX0AEDVFm.png)

Why are they always so disgusting

No. 1613262

the amount of copium these retards are on is always astonishing

No. 1613273

He’s saying his dick smells like a high school women’s locker room but what women do you know that go to high school? He couldn’t have just said women’s locker rooms, he had to add the “high school” to play into his fantasy of being a young girl. Of course he insists on it being his wife’s words tho, as always blaming the woman

No. 1613274

His wife's forced smile in that last picture is sad.

No. 1613276

He's still filthy, lounges around unwashed, and/or still makes his poor wife do his laundry. MUCH WOMAN.

No. 1613277

That has to be fiction. I don't want to consider what the fuck must be wrong with a woman who would say this and support a nasty nonce like this, if true

No. 1613286

>my boobs are tender and when they flop (up and down), it seems like they could break my jaw
>my dick smells like a (high school) women’s locker room
The fixation on describing stuff in a not-so-subtly perverted way makes this worse.

No. 1613288

>My long hair is all over the house and I don't complain about my wife's hair being everywhere anymore because of that.
I think this post might be true since the troon basically admitted that he and his "wife" are both malding.

No. 1613293

My breasts are pretty large and I have never in my life thought they "flop around so much they could break my jaw" kekk wtf

No. 1613300

Imo I think it could have the opposite effect if all clothing was not gendered. There would be nothing sexually exicing for them if it was not "forbidden".

No. 1613301

What the FUCK, how can they publically say this and think they are on the right here?

No. 1613303

File: 1660259618210.jpeg (84.11 KB, 828x658, 5514EC1E-6459-4043-AE1E-34EE26…)

all these freaks do is post porn and threaten terfs with rape.

No. 1613305

You make no sense. If clothes weren't gendered men wouldn't claim they're women because they like skirts

No. 1613309

File: 1660260235367.png (589.67 KB, 1180x1550, ok groomer.png)

"for perpetuating harmful stereotypes" The jokes write themselves honestly.

No. 1613312

my favourite thing about this is the immediate screeching over transphobia when there's one of those gigantic hideous flags right there on the wall kek

No. 1613315

not enough to for Amazon to get a redemption arc yet, but it's a start

No. 1613324

File: 1660262013609.png (413.26 KB, 710x478, what.png)

huh? are reddit moids just extra coombrained? wtf is he even talking about

No. 1613327

wtf is a wombroom?

No. 1613328

that's what i want to know!

No. 1613329

is that like a woke menstural hut?

No. 1613330

Any room that men aren't allowed to enter

No. 1613331

No. 1613343

Exactly. These dudes were already a waste.

Sorry but other nonas are right on this one.

No. 1613345

File: 1660264163314.png (1.76 MB, 1261x2048, chrome_screenshot_166026177094…)

No. 1613346

Uh. Yeah. Because girls are more at risk for sexual violence. What a dumbass.

No. 1613355

kek no way, he must be trolling
though they are literally men in wigs so he is not far off lmao

No. 1613379

This is so funny to me. So you are saying trans women AREN'T women? Why would they not be allowed in the women's dorms, by their logic? They literally out themselves as thinking trans women are men when they say shit like this

No. 1613388

exactly. they go from misogynists to giga misogynists. nothing of value was lost in the process.

No. 1613397

First reddit now twitter,troons are so damn lucky to have these shitty companies behind them.

No. 1613407

Puka puka

No. 1613411

moids should be banned from wearing skirts purely because they universally look fugly as all hell in them its an eyesore

No. 1613412

File: 1660271301257.jpg (307.69 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20220811-221512_Twi…)

men are so entitled it's insane lmao

No. 1613422

idiot. there is no other immutable characteristic that has the ability to be weaponized the way a penis can be. no way this can be compared to race or anything else like that.

even if someone wants to bellyache "not all men," even if, say, 99% of men are fine, that as little 1% can easily inflict violence on countless women is why we have separate spaces

never mind of course that on average men are significantly larger and stronger than women. Men are built with a plethora of immutable characteristics that enable them to inflict said violence with their penises if they have the intent.

troons know this. hsts will cry about needing to avoid male bathrooms and the like for exactly this reason. AGPs know this because it gives them unfettered access to women

No. 1613453

can a nonna who is smarter than me explain this kek? I am literally not following the troon's logic lmao ???

No. 1613461

File: 1660279854724.jpeg (130.77 KB, 828x1301, 8C2054F6-593B-4015-9993-01DEF1…)

Anyone else frustrated that the only prominent pop culture voices in anti-trans activism are fucking pro life trad moids who hate women?

No. 1613470

File: 1660281286149.png (31.01 KB, 746x326, 2022-08-.png)

dumb reply

No. 1613482

What is it about troons where they are obsessed with being cold all the time? I didn't think that women were naturally colder, just that they often wore flimsy clothing and exposed themselves more. Who is going to freeze more in a corporate office? A man in a suit and tie who has socks and leather lace up shoes on his feet or a woman in a flimsy skirt and blouse with ballet flats?

No. 1613490

that sounds nice

No. 1613502

Dormitories will lock students out based on their sex, male or female, so therefore they are terven doors and she is a terven whore.

No. 1613503

File: 1660282955273.png (769.96 KB, 857x788, Firefox_Screenshot_.png)

No. 1613504

File: 1660283002208.jpg (85.15 KB, 637x708, FZuAB1xXkAMxlGB.jpg)

tranny bingo

No. 1613505

File: 1660283083300.jpeg (686.79 KB, 750x1290, 10CB01EB-9241-4FE9-A81A-87FD2D…)

pity compliments probably.

No. 1613507

This just seems like autistic gay moid bingo

No. 1613508

why is he dressed like a hitler youth anime girl?

No. 1613509

kek, based terven doors won't let moids into our womb rooms

No. 1613515

My thought exactly. Is this supposed to be neofolk?

No. 1613517

Fr the only one that isn’t like that is slothqween and Sydney Watson who grew out of her cringe pick me stage from 2016.

No. 1613521

Definitely not what I meant and I apologize. Tall women genuinely have the best proportions, and I can promise you unless you literally have a rapid femur growth disorder, your legs look nothing like a man’s ever will. There’s so much more to it than that, and as a woman your legs will never look like the bones were grown to deal with a penis, or the musculature/fat distribution.

I meant whenever I want to clock a man immediately I look at their gigantic man femurs and from there all the male details instantly become crystal clear, like the knobby ass knees and anorexic man thighs. You probably look gorgeous and men will attack literally anything to slowly weaken definitions and brainwash people like they do with black women. That will never make any of that true.

I just hate agp man femurs now and they will never be beautiful tall woman legs.

No. 1613524

I can't even imagine pity compliments for that, more like panic compliments. Like, they're so shocked they frantically come up with something nice to say lest they accidentally show how weirded out they are.

God damn though. His creepy infantile posing and blatantly adult male face are nightmare fuel, everything about him is deeply repulsive. The autism radiates so clearly.

No. 1613526

You can literally see the joy draining out of her eyes as the pictures progress. That poor woman.

No. 1613536

Yeah exactly, nta but I never took your comment as an attack on tall girls. A woman with long femurs is still going to look miles more beautiful and graceful than a man’s big hulking femurs and troons can seethe about it.

No. 1613537

You need to spoiler Matt Walsh nonna, his big ugly head is almost as unsightly to look at as a rot pocket.

No. 1613547

File: 1660286239850.jpg (430.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220812-023012_Boo…)

I'm so tired of the women have no self-control stereotype.

No. 1613548

File: 1660286273816.jpg (137.27 KB, 1080x636, Screenshot_20220812-023302_Boo…)

>Can't wait to get on estrogen so I can gorge on chocolate and masturbate all day, teehee

No. 1613556

as a leftist atheist (so definitely not an evangelical whatever) I get what you mean. I just don't trust men not to be fetishistic attention seekers so any public wearing of ~feminine wear~ by men makes me roll my eyes.

No. 1613557


No. 1613559

Just once I want to click on the profile of an ugly TiM posting in a makeup subreddit, and NOT find hundreds of sissy/humiliation pictures.

btw totally not a fetish guys

No. 1613560

So what he's saying is…trans women are men. Got it. Fucking kek these people are so retarded. Not even troons believe TWAW.

No. 1613572

File: 1660288836992.png (902.1 KB, 768x1024, 06068EA9-FC4F-4102-941D-9268D3…)

bumble is a milk machine

No. 1613573

is he trying to be a Girls Frontline irl or what

No. 1613574

>Oh my God, fuck off, how do these people not realize that this is how we got here in the first place?
No, we got here because society at large hates gender nonconformity for its association with gay people and specifically with GNC men it's due to things traditionally associated with females being seen as inferior. It's not like these AGPs are one of those men who legitimately think being androgynous is the right thing for them, they're only in it for the sexual thrill. If they didn't have a fetish for skinwalking the girl they had a crush in high school because they literally want to consume her and become her out of a misogynist need to own and control women, they wouldn't be interested in wearing effeminate clothes. This blockheaded "it's because of all the disgusting fags and their retarded stupid fucking handmaidens (btw not a misogynist) enabling them that we got here" rhetoric truly sounds like some conservatoid dogwhistle when it's absolutely the work of manipulative gen X to boomer billionaires and influencers who funded the movement and its lobbying.

No. 1613576

That's exactly what I was going to say. They always get mad when men are excluded. It's almost as if… they relate to them? How could this be?

No. 1613583

He literally breasted boobily down the stairs

No. 1613588

How did we get to the point that other men laughing at men in dresses was somehow oppression. People laugh at alternative fashion all the time. As I see it, if people are just talking shit and not putting their hands on you, does it matter? The gender critical movement is mostly trans critical boymoms, they aren't critical of gender itself, I would abandon Ovarit if I were you, tbh.

No. 1613590

No. 1613605

i apologise anons it wasn't my intention to try and bait anyone into my pity party but thank you for these kind responses all the same, was having a sensitive moment after an off handed comment from a co worker. godspeed ladies

No. 1613606

>penisperson whines about evil, evil women being scared of dick ppl

damn where have i seen this shit before like are trannies like determined to show how male they are at every opportunity. i will never forgive the retards who pamper these idiots when this shit it over i will always remember that bunch of autistic men with porn addictions let so many people convince them that they're the most oppressed women of them all

No. 1613613

I knew that this was how it's gonna go. I fucking knew it. The only way criticism of gender shit can be somewhat mainstream is if alt-right cunts like Walsh perpetuate it (because of course, the women who've been speaking out for years are ignored, as to be expected). Swinging right back to trad conservatism and men taking credit for fighting against this nonsense. Woo. Amazing.

No. 1613615

luckily jk rowling is too big of a name to ignore and her telling walsh to eat shit helps

No. 1613643

Real question, why are they all SO gullible? I know there's overlap with autism and mental illness but even then they seem overly delusional to believe even the most mundane claims. Mtf seem to be peak delusional and even believe literally impossible things like they can get periods or shrink down 1/3 of their bones. Mtfs are generally a bit older than ftms, I see waaaay more teenage ftm than mtf, but the girls still seem a bit less delusional than their adult male counterparts. I've never seen a ftm claim they can produce sperm, for example.

No. 1613644

File: 1660296227726.png (1.43 MB, 1165x2391, tranny.png)

No. 1613649

>troons know this. hsts will cry about needing to avoid male bathrooms and the like for exactly this reason

This. The whole "transwomen can't use men's restrooms because they risk assault by men there!" is so fucking ridiculous, it just proves they know very well they know men are a threat simply because they are men. And what makes those men a threat to transwomen is that they have male bodies, male aggression, male socialization, and patterns of sexual violence and assault. All of those things still apply even if the man has a dress and wig on, and studies show transwomen are more likely to be in jail for sexual assault than even "cis" men.

No. 1613655

File: 1660297334688.jpeg (737.44 KB, 1170x1136, CF04C945-423B-4D5C-89F1-B4B6EA…)

Emanates an absolutely autistic, school shooter aura

No. 1613657

why are they all giraffes

No. 1613670

>no matter how kind, I'm always a gross tranny in ppls eyes
Correct, sir

No. 1613671

Is this what they imagine women do? Jesus christ

No. 1613684

Why'd he write the caption like a shitty y/a monologue lmao

No. 1613697

File: 1660304573221.jpg (274.15 KB, 1080x1746, troon.jpg)

No. 1613699

Looks like a post-menopause grandma but I’m gonna guess this is some 20-something UK male?

No. 1613704

File: 1660305392528.png (795.38 KB, 801x707, Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 12.56…)

No. 1613705

exactly, and this is the same talking point they push when they blame terfs for the supposed trans genocide. they think terfs banishing them to the mens room is genocide because…men are the violent ones and that tranny deaths are all our fault because we sent them off to the male bathroom gulag!

No. 1613707

Looking at this he does pass. Not only is he fat which hides a lot of his bone structure but his face is much more feminine than the average adult man. He has big eyes, a weak chin and a relatively small nose.

I would think he was just a mid 30s to late 40s frumpy fat woman with thinning hair.

However when you see them move in person and hear them speak they rarely ever pass. Photos only tell a small part of the story.

No. 1613710

Mid 30s? Are you kidding me. As a woman, he doesn't look younger than 50-60. His whole chin is made of wrinkles. As a man, I'd say 45-55 because men age like shit.

No. 1613711

The expression also gives him away. They always have that look on their faces. He has that excited pervy hyped up look in his eyes and a smirk that only AGPs have. A woman that actually looked like that would likely be very self conscious. Even conventionally attractive women don't walk around all day looking over excited by their own bodies. That expression alone prevents him from passing. I have never seen a bio woman with that expression.

No. 1613712

He doesn't have jowls or too many wrinkles. A lot of women actually look like that in their mid 30s. He's ugly but he doesn't look that old. My mom looked like that at 37. In fact he looks like her.

No. 1613713

She also hated her appearance and stayed out of family photos. A lot of her friends and a lot of the women in my community also looked like that in their mid 30s to late 40s. Most of them had a lot of children.

No. 1613716

File: 1660306473235.jpg (492.08 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20220812-075242_Chr…)

More of that sweet gender ewwwwwphoria

No. 1613717

He has both jowls and too many wrinkles. So your mom looked 50+ at 37, and? He also looks 50+, it's not normal to look this aged at mid 30s.

No. 1613719

He does not look like a woman. Fat people do look more ambiguous, but he does not have feminine attributes.

No. 1613720

I mean if you grew up around middle class women who spend money on their appearance and don't have 4
+ children and don't smoke then yeah, a lot of women in their mid 30s remain looking younger. However most people have some degree of crows feet and naso labial folds by the time they are 40 if they haven't had Botox.

He doesn't look that old to me, but then I grew up looking at poorer or working class people who can't afford Botox or expensive skincare products and most of them smoke. My mom smoked 2 packs a day and drank beer daily. That probably didn't help.

No. 1613721

Sorry that your mom is ugly

No. 1613722

you don't need to use expensive skin care to not look 50+ at 30 lol of course if you smoke 24/7 it'll ruin your skin

No. 1613731

Chasers seek out troonwammen specifically because they aren't women, wouldn't that be the opposite of ~gender affirmation~?

You really hate your mom, huh? Hopefully she didn't pass the troon face genes to you

No. 1613732

Lmao no he does not look like a mid 30s woman, are you insane?

No. 1613734


No. 1613746

File: 1660309355647.jpg (308.66 KB, 1080x1396, Screenshot_20220812-150219_Red…)

He is 46

Anon maybe you didn't zoom in on the photo? His whole chin is cottage cheese and he has that loose turkey neck thing I haven't ever seen on a non-grandparent.

No. 1613749

File: 1660309460861.jpg (357.94 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20220812-150427_Red…)

He looks like a slug with cognitive dysfunction

No. 1613774

File: 1660310689927.jpg (215.06 KB, 828x1250, IMG_5574.jpg)

2 faced yellow teeths, admire the different yellow tone nuances!

No. 1613776

he looks 15 years older than he actually is

No. 1613785

God why the fuck do they care so much? You’re allowed to not choose someone as a roommate just like you’re allowed to say no if someone asks you out (which they hate too). Maybe it’s because they have a job where you are on opposite schedules and it won’t work out or something. Maybe it’s because someone’s pet doesn’t/won’t like you. Maybe it’s because someone wants to feel safe in their own fucking apartment and you give them bad vibes (a valid fucking reason bc sometimes gut instinct is legit). They’re so male they want to penetrate and ruin women’s lives so much just like they want to rape and kill us. Like WHY do they care so much about this random person’s guidelines for who she wants as a roommate?? What the fuck?

No. 1613786

File: 1660311692639.jpeg (466.49 KB, 750x767, 5E33C62E-2FBD-4E41-AD6C-1BD78A…)

This is the guy from the waistline comment
>fat and depressed
>talking about his fat saggy ass and amazonian (hagrid) physique
>staring at his face apped pictures daily
>previously hobby LARPer, now full time woman LARPer
>has a ”supportive” wife he came out to a few weeks ago
Not posting all his posts but yes, he did make a post about how gender reaffirming it is to get harassed by a man.
Every time I look up a rando posted on here, they are all the same, no variety, no diversity, literally just copy and paste

No. 1613787

Looks like those pics of nazi men dressing up like women.

No. 1613789

The fact that I haven’t yet throttled one of these moids shows I have infinite self control.

No. 1613790

File: 1660311839265.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3024x3101, 1CC17A75-B822-4B07-A064-61EA4F…)

amazonian strong big definitely female natural woman

No. 1613795

I have never in my life even considered this. If I’m eating chocolate on my period it’s because I feel like shit and just want to have something as a little pick-me-up. I don’t have the energy to get myself off when I’m dying of cramps. The idea of combining these things together is just. What? I know using chocolate during sex is a thing but the idea of doing whatever it is they’re talking about sounds weird as fuck.

No. 1613798

They’re always so ugly looking.

No. 1613800

This reminds me… recently my little family and I took a trip to the mountains of NJ to surprise my mother-in-law for her birthday. On our connecting flight from Charlotte to Newark, two trannies boarded after we had seated and secured our two year old daughter. The trannies were wearing black mini dresses on lanky, tall frames with stringy long hair dyed green and one in a BDSM collar. The entire cabin was giving them the glare. Not a single cis person on that plane felt comfortable and that was palpable. The bristling energy was clearly affecting the two trannies and they started audibly sighing. Nearly two hours later, we land in Newark. As we all left the plane no other person went within ten feet of these psychos. No one spoke to them, just glares and careful watching. In that moment I felt a strange sense of comfort realizing a majority of people are still sane and don't see these perversions of nature as anything but. This movement will not last long. All this screaming and demanding special treatment will only breed further anger and contempt. These vain, narcissistic genetic rejects will only suffer because of their pigheadedness.

No. 1613802

Nayrt. There are a few good posters on Ovarit, blackcirce is the first that comes to mind because her takes are great. A couple of older butch lesbians who get it too. But a lot of users there either only GC like you said and don’t care about the other stuff or they’re baby’s first radfem, or they’re on the conservative side trying to interject their opinions all the time. There’s a ton of infighting over the stupidest shit. I think last week there was an endless thread where this woman was talking about male circumcision being stupid but not comparable to FGM and the entire thread devolved into her and others arguing over where her husband’s uncut dick was gross and unsanitary or not. I learned more about him than I ever cared to know. Shit like that is why nothing gets accomplished. I use the place to keep up with what’s happening and that’s it.

No. 1613803

He wrote a whole thread on some lady at dinner? Psychotic.

No. 1613805

He doesn’t have jowls? Are we looking at the same picture?

No. 1613810

Gotta love how men could say "I only want a 120lb or less roommate who's this nationality and this race and HAS to be AFAB" the most picky bullshit but anyone saying they dont want a MAN in general as their roommate is automatically trannyphobic, nazi, misandrist, evil devil spawn from the furthest ditch in hell.

No. 1613812

based stacey and her husband

No. 1613814


Yeah, most people aren't terminally online wokies, they're normal people wondering why a man in a ill fitting mini dress is wearing a kink collar in public? Tbh up until maybe 2018 I had no issues with trannies. Who cares what someone wants to wear? Pronouns? Whatever, if that's what makes you happy. But now, they're hellbent on erasing women out of jealousy that they'll never measure up. And it's disgusting.

No. 1613816


This one passes but not in the way they want. I'd assume this was someone's grandmother. (Sorry to all the grandmas out there)

No. 1613821

Most women are ugly after a certain age or when they have kids. Just go to any playground anywhere that isn't LA or some rich area of London and look around you. Of course They're not as ugly as troons or men but most of them aren't attractive.


There he looks way older and has a literal turkey gobble. The lighting makes it less obvious in the first picture and just makes his chin look fat. Over here you can see he has loose skin. Just proves even if they almost pass in one picture they probably don't look anything like that in reality.


I look more like my dad, he has a more delicate face and a smaller jaw and he is smaller in general.

I don't hate my mom. I just admit when people are ugly whether I like them or not.

No. 1613825

tf is up with your spacing

No. 1613827

it's a reddit fag

No. 1613830

It's called grammar.

No. 1613845

File: 1660314537852.jpeg (603.45 KB, 1400x1750, 1_UvXlehba6conRJrhrx9lSw.jpeg)

Even if you take away the fact that there is obvious sexual dimorphism, the facial expression just gives it away every time. I'm not saying women are always smiling or anything retarded like that, but they don't walk around looking constantly excited by themselves and high all the time. Even if a troon 100% passed as a woman physically the facial expression would give him away every single time.

Look at Colin Montgomery. He's a perfect example of this phenomenon. He passes well but when you look into his eyes all you can see is AGP.

Even if we were to give them by magic literal women's bodies they would be fetishistic men.

No. 1613849

agp smirk = duping delight

No. 1613858

File: 1660314953479.jpeg (121.12 KB, 828x812, 76802AA3-F553-4050-8B52-220A33…)

retarded Barbie head glued to an Action Man body

No. 1613860

>He passes well
You must have never seen pics of him next to other people. He looks huge and manly next to women and fits right in with men

No. 1613870

File: 1660315224739.jpeg (101.26 KB, 645x868, 4FF0FA85-A3B8-473A-AF76-7D5327…)

KEK the triple chin, almost thought it was a scarf

No. 1613873

Dayummm Colin is a TANK. His hands are actually bigger than his face.

No. 1613876

No, most women aren't ugly after certain age, just older. Ugly young women become ugly old women, attractive young women usually become attractive old women if they live healthy. And normally aging becomes very apparent after like 45 or 50, not mid 30s.
But you're an anglofag and come from some trailer park it sounds like so that explains a lot. Women who smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day and drink daily aren't the norm at all and yeah, those will age terribly.

No. 1613880

Of course he doesn't pass at every angle in every situation and it's that way with almost all of them. However even in images where he does pass physically he has AGP in his eyes. Like I said if by some sci Fi magic you could literally grow women's bodies and somehow place all of the troon's consciousness in them and they would just be pervy males.

No. 1613883

It's an oldfag (literally), they taught them how to type like that in high school in the 70s and 80s lmfao

Male skulls are so different from women's, since the troon explosion even andro pretty dudes look like masculine manly men to me now.
Also, Colin and Tim Petras are smart to not take a lot of pics with women, their skulls are fucking massive

No. 1613884

This really looks like some dude taking the piss as a joke or prank. How are they this delusional.

No. 1613885

I live in Bulgaria now and most of the women here, in fact most people here look aged by the time they are in their mid 30s. If you live in suburban murica where all the women have botox and tummy tucks then yes people will look young for longer. Most people in the world are actually too poor and work too hard for that shit.

No. 1613888

Now I want to see pics of Collin with actual women. I’ve only ever seen him from the chest up.

No. 1613894

Woman here with a massive skull.I need men's hats or a woman's L-XL. I'm also slightly below average height so it's not because I'm tall. Women with big heads, big shoulders, big jaws, big noses, tall women ect exist. Let's not pretend that some troons don't pass at least physically especially at certain angles and in certain scenarios.

No. 1613896

I am slav from 2nd world country and idk where you get the botox thing, no, most women don't look like >>1613746 in their 30s jfc and aren't suddenly ugly after having kids. Sounds like you're coping or whatever

No. 1613901

File: 1660316493740.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, A3B275B4-6B40-4BE2-A541-A6FBC4…)

Idk if this has been posted yet but this came up on my fyp lol

No. 1613902

Women with big heads still look like women. Jesus christ don't compare yourself to tims

No. 1613904

Most people aren't trailer park trash like you, stop coping.
It's amazing how blogposters can instantly kill a thread.

No. 1613911

Most women don't look quite as bad as troons but they still look visibly aged well before 40 and most have some wrinkles by the time they are 35. Most are flabby as well. Most people have a cognitive bias and only pay any attention at all to attractive people. I'm still baffled by the Shayna thread where anons insist she looks middle aged. She really doesn't. Some people don't live in reality.(derail)

No. 1613912

bruh… how are people taking these creeps seriously? it's like a skit from SNL.

No. 1613913

There's always that one anon. Yasmeen Ghauri is tall with wide shoulders, Rihanna has a big head, Laura Pergolizzi is frequently called a man, etc. Sometimes I wonder if these anons are trannyhags

No. 1613915

You realize this isn't your thread? We know way too much about you

No. 1613916

No anon. No troon passes in person. Not a single one. Some are just better at angles and photoshop and look okay in photos but the illusion is broken once you see them irl

No. 1613917

I love that this derail started because of a troon who looks 20+ years older than what he actually is, looking absolutely haggard even by unhealthy fat white male standards.

No. 1613918

lol shouldve taken a pic nona. I was passing a train stop close to where I live and this hukling 6'4 troon comes stomping down the platform in a very short skirt, tights (man legs are so clockable)and some gothic top. He was really skinny and had a bad posture. I just glanced and noticed everyone he passed were looking at him kek. I think he was autistic by his gait and inability to look comfortable. I think troons mostly are NEETs because when they go outside it's so obvious it's a man with mental illness.

No. 1613921

Thank you. I'm tired of women with long femurs, wide shoulders, big heads etc. running here to sperg out and demand validation when we make fun of troons for having those features. Obviously there's a huge difference between a woman with larger features and a fucking MAN, and if you need that spelled out for you, you might just be insecure. I'm 5'9" with long legs and I've never compared myself to a troon lmfao, they wish they looked as good as any woman itt.

No. 1613923

The thing is…who fucking cares if roommate preferences are "transphobic"? Why would you want to live with someone who doesn't like you and feels unsafe around you anyway? I'm a black woman, and if I saw a roommate ad that said "whites only" I'd laugh at them for being a weirdo and keep scrolling. I certainly wouldn't threaten suicide and berate the person to change their requirements to make me feel less bad, because who cares? One racist idiot out there isn't preventing me from finding housing elsewhere. But I guess I can't relate bc I'm not an entitled man.

No. 1613924

Thank you. Every time I check apartment listings in any city, there are literally hundreds of freakazoid males seeking 18-25 yo conventionally attractive women as "roommates" (i.e. soft sex trafficking) and no one gives a shit. Yet let ONE woman say she doesn't want to live with a man and they lose their minds. The entitlement is endless.

No. 1613925

File: 1660318649582.png (785.13 KB, 720x1433, Screenshot_20220812-183538.png)

This is Colin's Instagram. There are pics of him with other troons but there are some with women as well. He always positions himself at a certain angle when he's taking pics with women.


No. 1613927

Definitely. I have seen a couple that actually did behave normal (and tbf they had that fat androgyny look, like Pat from SNL), but otherwise most troons coming into my old workplace were clearly socially stunted guys testing out their horrible goth/egirl clothes by running into a convenience store for five minutes. And they always looked visibly uncomfortable because they don’t pass.

No. 1613929

Totally anon. I saw two big smelly-looking troons on a recent flight and one was wearing a shirt that said "My Tits May Be Fake, But My Cock is Real." No one wanted to sit near them. I'm sure they'll go home and cry about "transphobia" instead of looking in the mirror and understanding people will naturally be uncomfortable around a 6'4" man in fishnet stockings and a rapey t-shirt.

No. 1613939

Saw one with fried blonde hair walking into Walmart with a leash on that was held by a fat goth girl, dude was wearing thigh high socks and some occult vomit witch dress, this was in the country in Texas LOL

I wonder if women can avoid people's spergfests by saying transmen only, maybe that could be a codeword for female only roomates? Hm…

No. 1613940

>I wonder if women can avoid people's spergfests by saying transmen only
nah, anything that inherently excludes "AMABs" is very problematic to them. even the "t4t gay trans men" are now being called out because "t4t does not just mean afab4afab"

No. 1613942

Real touched nerves. Are you a woman? Yes or no? If yes then no one is talking about you. Troons know they’re not women and are clockable, that’s why they try to insinuate that tall women with broad shoulders are just like them (male).

No. 1613946

Like >>1613940 said. I don't recall now in what thread it was, but someone posted a scrote whining on twitter about this, with some transmen/enbie looking for a roommate who was also a transmen/enbie as "proof" of their transphobia.

No. 1613948

not even joking… i had dreams about a demon looking like this year ago. If i saw it on the street i'd wanna fight it.

No. 1613966

Dressed like a member of the hitler youth kek

No. 1613968

I was thinking about this too. Specifying the desired gender of a new roommate has literally always been a thing. Also, why are these troons so offended if they're not looking to move in with this exact person? Some rando having a preference shouldn't matter. They only get offended because they can't imagine something not being about them, personally. The male entitlement jumped out lol

No. 1613976

Why do so many trannys have napoleon dynamite mouth?

No. 1613977

Nonas I really didnt have much of an opinion on transgenderism before lurking around here. Rarely meet one irl. But the threads were horrifyingly entertaining…

I kept seeing complaints about reddit catering to men in women's spaces but figured it was a minority and internet complaining exaggerated. Quit reddit for like a year or 2 except small stints. Used to see maybe 1 a month dude wearing makeup in makeupaddiction or whatever but he was trying at least.

Went to AL and sorted top past 24hrs. Of 19 top posts, 9 of them were TiMs according to the profile.

Nonas I have peaked. You all opened my eyes to the misogyny. I can't unsee now. Wtf if going on. I need to lay down.

Sage 4 blog.

No. 1613978

I saw a post on r/ftm recently with the OP complaining because their Uni set them up in a dorm with three women instead of co-ed. There was some semblance to sanity in the replies because all the aidens told her it’d be safer to live with women and she shouldn’t judge them without meeting them first.

No. 1613982

File: 1660322072638.webm (2.92 MB, 332x720, tumblr_rget62JQWe1zsdrp7_720.w…)

found this on tumblr, lmfao @ face and voice

No. 1613983

sorry that you are surrounded by ugly people but as a 30-yr-old boomer none of the women in their 30s or 40s that i know look like that fat hon and i know plenty of heavy drug users and alcoholics lmao

No. 1613987

literally a cro magnon. How is anyone suppose to gender him correctly when he isn't even human-passing?

No. 1613998

Kek, she's based. The scrote appearing and going "She's a teeerrrfff" is basically a self-own

No. 1613999

I think some of these insecure-chans actually are troons. All this shit about "s-stop insulting us women with large features, we're indistinguishable from troons and we can't pass either!" is highly suspicious.

No. 1614000

Men will always sperg about being denied any level of access to women, nothing we say or do will stop that. All we can do is stand by our preferences and laugh at their misplaced entitlement.

No. 1614002

Oh my god it’s you again, fellow Bulgarianfag, you had a retarded take in the Shaynus thread about how all Bulgarian women are as fat as she is. Bulgarian women are beautiful and just because a woman ages it doesn’t make her ugly. Keep seething some more insecure-chan.

No. 1614004

Are there any actual women left on r/actualtroonsbians? I checked in recently and it was a sea of cat ears, headpats and smegma.

No. 1614005

Lmao, David P is one of my favorite online troons. The autism & shitty moid socialization just LEAPS forth every time he opens his mouth.

No. 1614006

Damn, if you told me he was 66 I'd say he looks bad for a 66yr old, but 46???

No. 1614009

So he's a munchie too? You can't make this shit up

No. 1614020

Fucking HOW

No. 1614022

File: 1660324656726.jpg (316.2 KB, 1194x1662, 835099782938509967483205976830…)

Goddamn I feel so bad for these women. She wasted like 30 years being faithful to a moid who would do this shit to her.

No. 1614023

I'd assume he's a kid tiddler, his face creeps me the fuck out. He's like a sleep paralysis demon

No. 1614026

File: 1660325044198.png (50.46 KB, 1177x251, 829086923791681027619279032167…)

Forgot to add that he also started taking DIY HRT behind her back. I watched an interview with a transwidow and she said her husband took estrogen behind her back and she had miscarries (they were trying for a baby) and ovarian cysts. She thinks it's because of him taking estrogen gels and injections.

No. 1614028

Kek he sounds like iDubbbz

No. 1614033

>posted in early 2013
>that number of qrt compared to thee rest
kek, what happened?

No. 1614040

Their desire to look like an anime girl is so juvenile. most actual women know that it’s unrealistic to want to look like a fucking cartoon.

No. 1614044

File: 1660325902773.jpg (340.44 KB, 1184x1197, image.jpg)

bro this is such a fucking MALE thing to say it's insane how far away they are from anything female. Everything from "masturbating while eating chocolate" to "owo I love sexual harrasment" to this, you will never be a woman. Super male freaks.

No. 1614047

Beautiful women are literally the exception in every country. You sound like a moid romanticizing about mail order brides. Most eastern European women are haggard and at least half are slightly overweight or obese. It's just a fact. Most people aren't that physically attractive. Attractive people are the exception around most of the world. It's like how moids sperg about Ukrainian women when most Ukrainian women as a whole if you include every age group and demographic of ethnic Ukrainians are flabby and haggard. Most moids are ugly too.

No. 1614051

File: 1660326267925.jpg (6.36 KB, 173x292, ao oni.jpg)

My first thought was this thing.

No. 1614058

Lmao they are insane. Orgasms for men and women are pretty similar, ours typically last slightly longer but not a ton and not every woman is capable or comfortable having multiple orgasms. If this dude is having tremors for a minute he needs to go to the doctor and get that checked out. They watch way too much porn. Reality is getting off, enjoying for a few seconds and then moving on with the day.

No. 1614059

The only people I've seen who seriously want to look like "cute anime girls" are ugly hulking middle-aged white moids. I don't get it, why set yourself up for disappointment? I could say I want to look like a 6'5" Chad Thundercock, but it's still never going to happen in this lifetime and it's not "petite womanphobic" to tell me that's delusional kek

No. 1614060

These moids are so pornsick, jesus christ.

No. 1614063

Jesus it's like if someone took a halloween decoration and dyed the hair pink

No. 1614069

A decent portion of women don't even orgasm regularly if at all. Moids are the only sex guaranteed to have one.

No. 1614071

2 decades ago this literally would have been a joke. Everyone would have died laughing. Now we have to take these people seriously.

No. 1614072

Look at his eyes, he's autistic. Who takes the opinions of literal, diagnosed autists into account for anything in life?

No. 1614074

>>1614058 , >>1614069
Um, nonna, you sound like a moid! I have 3,000 orgasms in the span of a second and I howl at the moon like a wolf when I orgasm. I grip the bedsheets so hard my foam topper is ripped into shreds and the police are called because they think someone was murdered! I squirt sooo much that my entire house explodes and I have caused over $1,000,000USD in flood damages in my city. My girly pheromones makes an exclusion zone where every time I have a girlygasm (that's what I call my orgasms) everything in a 3km radius gets sissified and their testosterone gets flipped to estrogen, becoming hecking valid intersex babes, babes. >///<!!!
autistic women > autistic men

No. 1614075

That actually makes me kind of sad tbh. Not that they’re the most important thing in the world (like so many moids seem to think), but they’re still nice. I’ve heard some women say before that they’d never had one but later realized they just didn’t know how to achieve it because there’s so little info out there related to womens orgasms and most men don’t give a shit about learning to give them. Is what you said related to some kind of medical issue? I didn’t know that was a common thing.

No. 1614076

>autistic women > autistic men
This just makes me think of all the ones who invade spaces specifically meant for autistic women, like they understand the experience at all or the stigma and lack of research regarding how girls with autism are treated or understood.

No. 1614077

Pretty sure you are the moid, you’ve been sperging about how “ugly” women are, are you secretly a troon that’s trying to make himself feel better by trying to bring women down? “Ugh, all women are ugly, I TOTES pass!”. Go back to Reddit tranny.

No. 1614080

AYRT I was making fun of trannies who think female orgasms are these mystical earth-shattering wormhole-opening things. If I was the /m/ tranny I'd be posting shitty 2016 memes and Simpsons reaction pics by now

No. 1614081

I’m autistic and I’m starting to hate it since it seems like the majority of autists are AGPtards, but I keep reminding myself that scrotes will keep scroting - and that includes all of them

No. 1614082

What? I was talking about the second part of your post. I didn’t say you were a male.

No. 1614083

Most people are ugly if you include every age group and demographic. Troons are way uglier than women though.

No. 1614084

I honestly think male and female autism should be diagnosed as different things. The symptoms are so wildly different and women keep getting misdiagnosed (or not even diagnosed at all) because they think "well, you 'act' normal and don't want to fuck trains, guess you just have a personality disorder" It's really sad. Don't feel bad - you're not an autist, just autistic

No. 1614087

I would kill myself if I looked like that mid 30s and I’ve never seen another women who looked like that in her 30s. Your mom sounds hideous

No. 1614090

>I wondered if i was having a seizure
and every time i think i am overdoing it with the kikomi stuff oh my god apollo leave me alone i was just joking

No. 1614098

lmao they prove you right every time.

No. 1614099

Blog posters didn't ruin the thread, spergs who can't read an opinion they don't agree with and move the fuck on did.

No. 1614100

File: 1660328972203.jpg (130.76 KB, 1014x823, keffals discord headmod.jpg)

This is one of the head mods for Keffals DIY bathtub HRT grooming discord. This message is in response to a tranny, who was revealed to be a convicted felon through reddit, "flirting" with a 16 year old. Some KF fag exposed the convo they had and the mods had to ban the tranny. Notice how he warns other tranny pedos about the importance of "digital hygiene". Bunch of pedophiles.

No. 1614111

File: 1660330654242.jpg (121.93 KB, 1074x1433, 1660325045983692.jpg)

No. 1614112

That is a married man reaching his fifties, nonas. Anime and it's consequences have been a disaster for human race

No. 1614115

File: 1660331127262.jpeg (88.75 KB, 1024x956, EEzZqSqXkAAompw.jpeg)

I'm still in disbelief that this is a thing, like I don't want it to be true. The lack of uproar over this is chilling to me. Even when taking grooming out of the equation, politicizing the right to convince children online to take drugs is a bugfuck insane hill to die on. Adults shouldn't be talking to children they aren't related to in the first place, whether it's real life or online. I thought that was a fairly fucking established principle but NOPE. I want to throw up

No. 1614116

If you would kys for being ugly you know that's pretty sad. You are going to look ugly when you are old unless you have loads of work done. What are you going to do then? The majority of old people are really ugly my default.(sperg)

No. 1614118

Males have a higher core temperature (I think it is 1 degree warmer or something like that) which means women feel colder more often. It's science, biology. Trannies pretending they are cold is just that.. Pretending.

No. 1614119

she said mid 30s stop sperging

No. 1614120

ah yes let's invite the drag queen named Flow Job to read to kids great idea this could in no way go wrong.

No. 1614123

He can't even brush his wig. How bleak does it have to get?

No. 1614124

nonnie the 5 o'clock shadow is worse than the wig kek

No. 1614125

File: 1660331887910.jpg (37.69 KB, 604x404, Wat8.jpg)

sorry to say my first thought was this lol oops

No. 1614130

The thing that gets me the most is the projection. They love to claim evil terfs are a danger to children and want to give genital checks or whatever (what??) but they LITERALLY have discord servers dedicated to grooming minors. They are legitimate pedophiles and you just know how much they’re reveling in it because they’re finally getting taken seriously by society. I know it sounds tinfoily but I really do think a lot of these men are ecstatic and taking advantage of this, saying they are TW just so they can do this shit without anyone criticizing them. It’s horrifying.

No. 1614133

women could just orgasm just as easily if moids gave a shit and actual female sexuality wasn't considered such a taboo subject. the "vulvas are so complicated" shit is just a misogynistic myth used by moids as an excuse not to give a shit. even worse when poopwounded trannies spout this to "explain" why they can no longer coom rather than the fact that they mangled their junk

No. 1614139

It’s not about looking ugly when I’m old. It’s about looking like a 60 year old in my 30s.

No. 1614144

welcome to sanity, although i warn you it’s not easy and it doesn’t get better. you will peak many times more, it never stops.

No. 1614145

yes you will always be a gross tranny

No. 1614148

File: 1660334374844.jpg (69.57 KB, 1024x562, FY-2tdEX0AIICMu.jpg)

learn to sage and not use cis here(it isn't a real word), retard.

No. 1614149

File: 1660334383643.jpeg (78.09 KB, 621x380, B519A5C5-736B-41DD-90BB-C914F1…)

On an unrelated note I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when handmaidens and grooms force innocent girls to turn to troons or confide in them. Young girls/women naturally look for other women in distress and I can see it being fucking frightening.

No. 1614151

File: 1660334825364.jpg (63.51 KB, 828x591, FZ2LuZhXwAAHguk.jpg)

No. 1614161

I’m the anon the other one was replying to and >>1614075 and that’s what I was thinking. The majority of women I’ve heard claim that they can’t orgasm eventually do learn to give themselves an orgasm and that’s why I asked if it was some medical reason they couldn’t. I just don’t see that being as common as women not knowing their bodies and how to please themselves because our pleasure is not taken seriously at all.

No. 1614162

This is true and I think we should add for the newly peaked that it’s ok to step back from it sometimes. I’ve gone through periods where I make myself feel crazy reading all this stuff because male depravity is so horrible and sometimes you really need a break from it for your own mental health.

No. 1614164

I have never seen what this tweet is talking about happen.

No. 1614165

Someone should tell him hyenas don’t count. It’s still a clitoris.

No. 1614166

I know what you mean, it is hard to even think of what has been stolen so far. I would recommend at least not looking at the part of the internet with trannies. There is some that is still okay

No. 1614169

File: 1660337473087.png (52.17 KB, 1147x422, lol.png)

which one of you is this?

No. 1614171

File: 1660337569720.jpg (64.65 KB, 692x960, FZ8SNrAacAA7TnK.jpg)

Men cant handle when women deny them. Love to see it!

No. 1614172

I've never seen a dude type like that

No. 1614173

File: 1660337753334.jpeg (167.6 KB, 828x662, F8D6C1C0-0500-4474-A4BC-57AD59…)

No. 1614175

This has to be fake. There were children present in the story with the old lady, you can easily find that information. I don’t know any “cis man” bf who would be typing like this, either a crypto terf or enraged TiF or something lol.

No. 1614177

Love that those women stood their ground and kept him out.

No. 1614178

Men trying to coerce women into having sex with them through guilt tripping. What else is new?

No. 1614179

as opposed to the disgusting sex troons like ie multiple partners , dressing up as little girls etc

No. 1614182

So they should be fine showing up to a date and finding out the person their meeting is a fellow trans woman, right? Since transbians are real women and real lesbians to them, there would be no issues?

No. 1614186

If this is real, I hope he calls her a terf real soon so she can dump his loser GAMP ass.

No. 1614188

File: 1660338845591.jpg (419.75 KB, 1781x1277, 63esz3gwx8h91.jpg)

I like that moids waste their money on ffs

No. 1614189

for all the "t4t pride!" shit so many of them spout virtually any transbian would immediately drop the act as soon as an actual woman and particularly a lesbian-identified woman breathed in his direction. they're all just jailhouse fags.

No. 1614192

samefag, actually even fakebois are preferred to fellow mtf trannies, even if the latter claim to be "lesbians". anything for the pussy i guess.

No. 1614194

File: 1660339241952.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.6 KB, 1259x732, 3lw63tupg5h91.jpg)

nsfw disaster wounds

No. 1614196

File: 1660339540940.jpeg (577.63 KB, 1170x1430, 2F8EDDAB-E5EB-4127-B89A-0DC65F…)

Yes these are actual tracklist names by a SoundCloud tranny.

No. 1614197

Is the right one the after? I'm presuming it is because it looks worse.

No. 1614198

How is this legal. I have no fucking words.

No. 1614199


No. 1614204

5 years get removed from my lifespan every time i see this horsefaced scrote

No. 1614208

File: 1660340939131.jpg (166.1 KB, 1080x836, 4chan.jpg)

No. 1614209

No piece of fiction or satire could ever accurately parody the clown world we live in. He literally proved himself to be the misogynistic man in question. Lol.

No. 1614210

He admits that men get angrier than women at them and yet women are the target for their abuse.

No. 1614211

you know you're too deep into your fetish when even fellow fetishists point this out