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File: 1677868754376.jpeg (1001.66 KB, 1242x1359, 7C647FC4-EA45-4FB7-BAD8-55F7CC…)

No. 1513705

Containment board for Shayna memes and Shatposting.

This is a thread for collecting and archiving all Shay related media, mostly farmer generated. Please curb your autism and save any discussion of milk for the threads on /snow/, and spoiler any NSFW images.

No. 1513708

You forgot to link the old thread >>1481862

No. 1513715

Shayna is like Chris chan, she'll eventually have "consequences" but retards don't understand that she's a woman, not a man waving her dick around for attention. Sadly people view her as a poor harassed woman just wanting to make her gross porn on peace. She can literally film porn on the balcony because the idiots cowtipping come off retarded instead of actually being people concerned.
She's not going to stop being a gross disgusting flasher despite what she says. As society works the fatter and uglier she gets the less sympathy she'll get for her actions because sadly that's how women are judged for this kind of shit in certain area. Idk if I'll even be in the main shayna threads it's annoying to me how she can do whatever and it's waved away, I also don't believe that she was given just a slap on the wrist. The way she acted showed that she was deeply bothered by the situation.
She won't stop however, maybe she won't post the grosser shit online but she's the type of idiot who literally has to see the bottom of the garbage can to realize the state of her life. She said she doesn't want to.miserable at some other job.
That was the most honest she has ever been, she'd rather be miserable for a lick of attention rather then being miserable doing a job that benefits her and others in a way that's NOT harming herself.
It's annoying she's so fucking coddled but cowtippers don't understand Shayna is see as some gross kinkster who hasn't broken the rules. She'll fuck around and find out on her own

No. 1513718

File: 1677832961487.jpg (601.41 KB, 1372x1280, 202303031268373693832239349.jp…)

I haven't seen brown poop eyes sperg anon in a while

No. 1513720

And to be very clear shayna is no different from scrotes filming bathroom porn, flashing in public and being fucking gross in public to Mr at this point. She likes the idea she's taking risks where someone may see her.In my eyes she's a sex offender with no care or regard for anyone around her

No. 1513723

okay but why her specifically? there are probably hundreds of other women and millions of moids just as degenerate as she is, so what's special about one loser that you spend your days obsessing over

No. 1513727

It takes 2 mintues to check shaynas thread and move on.
>Why her
Why any fucking cow on this site? Why do we have a thread on junky Jonny Craig, why do we have a thread on photoshop girl? Why do we talk about anything? You dont have to be a spectacularly horrific or interesting person to be talked about. Why anything?

No. 1513768

She somehow looks even more demonic here than she does with her natural black rat eyes, this is actually terrifying

No. 1513778

File: 1677844979582.png (233.79 KB, 1212x670, Screenshot.png)

This is honestly kinda scary

No. 1513781

>her name has become synonymous with the site

No. 1513901

File: 1677860607978.jpeg (528.44 KB, 750x1005, 399799A8-F83D-4153-8C4C-29A91A…)

No. 1513902

File: 1677860629729.jpeg (481.21 KB, 750x1080, AE52AD2C-90CD-444C-8F8F-89ED9A…)

No. 1513907

I mean, a dick out is a rape threat. A tit or two out isn't.

No. 1513934

Weird anon, I was reading Shayna's last thread and had an epiphany that she is basically the Chris-chan of the 20s and came here to post it lol. For these reasons:
>Poor social skills
>Bad hygiene
>Doxxes herself constantly
>Puts off creating her content with increasingly retarded excuses
>Desperately wants an s/o that loves her but has nothing to offer in return
>Has a million videos of her doing inappropriate sex acts on the internet forever
>Has a legion of haters that are weirdly affectionate for her and want to help her
>Now has weens that cowtip and everyone hates them

The only difference is there aren't any anons posing as johns to try and troll her over the phone.

No. 1513958

File: 1677864242378.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 7C2D4E43-0B80-4E6E-9C01-33944F…)


No. 1513962

Literally everyone is saging because they're arguing about cowtipping again

No. 1513965

I wonder if the normie office worker lady posted about this ordeal on reddit or anywhere else

No. 1513986

File: 1677865882788.jpg (72.18 KB, 1125x2436, tumblr_3e474786b3675bd76c0d66c…)

No. 1514099

This is really, you know shayna sees rejection of her sex work/porn as a reflection of her. If scrotes can't even pay $3 q month enough to keep you afloat, if you struggling basically baring it all then what the fuck are you worth? Literly selling yourself and not getting much. Which is why shayna will keep going even if only one scrote was tossing her $200 a month and she had to sell ass on the side. That online validation pays more then money to some of these women

No. 1514435

File: 1677906332626.png (4.39 MB, 3250x1795, D1CE5A7E-BA85-42B6-AFBB-DFE16D…)

peak shaytardation

No. 1514460

shaytorians (shayna historians)

No. 1514480

File: 1677912485468.png (1.08 MB, 747x930, 1670561146666.png)

even the autistic midget poly guy dropped her the second she started being Shayna. like those types of guys literally fuck jars with my little pony figurines. the fact she raged and raged and said she was in love because he fucked her once and then ghosted because she was annoying. one of the bleakest moments of all time.
he was older, had less money, was uglier, and had kids and a wife to hide from like a scrote but still didn't want to keep being fuck buddies with shay… and then you remember the creepy bald guy shay fucked weeks before that and how he didn't even get hard and quietly started fucking uglier women than shay and stopped interacting with her. pick me karma is absolutely cruel and ruthless.

No. 1514529

File: 1677917286745.jpg (215.99 KB, 563x2019, 1676199407413.jpg)

If you ever wonder if men are in the shay thread, they absolutely are still. I translated this from the finnish thread, it's from an anon finnish discussion app

No. 1514873

The anon who keeps trying to deflect from that pedo high school teacher is so annoying, I’m starting to think it’s Ellen helping Shat from losing customers.

No. 1514918

Does anyone else think the anons who were defending kink and porn are also the same anons who are trying to cover up the pedophile high school teacher? Where the hell did these freaks come from?

No. 1514924

Shaynas threads are full with twitter e-whores. I also think the person who keeps defending the teacher is either Ellen or one of the diaper scrotes who try to infiltrate.

No. 1514953

Whenever i remember this photo exists it makes me laugh so hard god her move to washington was the funniest her threads have ever been

No. 1514954

File: 1677967723922.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 767.27 KB, 781x1575, AE3B4393-6787-4C18-B7FF-1D2ADA…)

Forgot to spoiler oops

No. 1514955

File: 1677967777676.png (87.7 KB, 581x388, Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 10.0…)

I miss womack's retardation

No. 1515088

They're the ones who say "No man would ever want her" like yes they would dafuq msn will fuck anything

No. 1515194

"for breakfast budgets, for wreck fast nuggets" is so retarded it's almost poetry. new autistic earworm my brain will repeat for the next week, love to see it

also does anyone else think the cowtipper is shaymu herself? something reeks of porcine up in that thread

No. 1515253

File: 1678004149900.jpeg (408.05 KB, 1242x2208, 60E39623-C9BD-4ED1-888A-D68D07…)

No. 1515310

File: 1678017402224.jpg (122.25 KB, 838x1077, Tumblr_l_1566261384554742.jpg)

i hate how much Clawdeens face looks like Shay when she photoshopd herself to hell, paints on weird freckles and Yaniv smirks

No. 1515353

…. I see no resemblance whatsoever?

No. 1515476

File: 1678033936715.jpeg (409.39 KB, 1242x1740, 1678029763933.jpeg)

Does anyone else think Shay's Stacy sister reads the threads??

No. 1515580

My theory is that shayna is retarded and everyone feels bad for her so her sister probably lurks but feels bad and is super nice to her

No. 1515758

File: 1678062893607.jpeg (518.37 KB, 960x700, 1676942366608.jpeg)

Cowtipperchan has me so upset. Literal definition of mental illness truly giving shat a run for her money. They deserve a life sentence in the gulags of the shaynatorium, sentenced to a lifetime of whatever the hell this is

No. 1515760

File: 1678062982673.jpeg (132.79 KB, 416x372, 1676950796872.jpeg)


No. 1516156

File: 1678118790207.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 475.36 KB, 750x963, 3F6410CF-6DF9-4999-A7E3-A47871…)

shayna is the biggest bitch at the shoot again

No. 1516464

File: 1678138593423.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1169x1856, 4834A85B-01B3-44BB-A7AA-A3F4B3…)

future shayna

No. 1516473

kek, I nearly choked on my wine, that looks like 90% of the boomer ladies living in my shithole part of city.

No. 1516509

File: 1678140811648.jpeg (394.53 KB, 955x628, The Gimp.jpeg)

Cowtipper to be given a life sentence holding their nose into the Gimp's mouth hole and smelling his teeth and breath for all eternity.

No. 1516511

Her hooves are comically small.

No. 1516513

File: 1678140915594.jpeg (430.07 KB, 853x995, 7FBDF4B5-6F98-4467-9087-65406A…)

The people in Shayna’s life and online are so ugly lmfao

No. 1516515

I agree. Shayna has been lurking the farms for years, she probably knows all our lingo and how to pass as a farmer. They way they said "I wouldn't have known how to dox her without Lolcow!" definitely gave it vibes like someone with a reason to get the thread taken down.

No. 1516517

I always thought she was too cute and had too nice of a body to be doing sex work. Now I understand.. god damn Lurch looking motherfucker.

No. 1516553

please spoiler this moid’s disgusting gaping maw

No. 1516568

The old lady grabbing that girls tits and manhandling them like that kek. Did she do it to Shayna? Shaynas 1 hard limit is no touchy her frankentit

No. 1516577

File: 1678145410574.png (7.64 MB, 1242x2208, 08B3C20D-B7A8-4E43-B2B4-31E7B6…)

No. 1516621

File: 1678148997202.png (221.87 KB, 985x745, 1678148630490.png)

what stage is shayna

No. 1516691

File: 1678153645098.jpg (334.46 KB, 1080x1975, Screenshot_2023-03-07-01-39-11…)

Shay's coomers make me laugh so much.

I swear half of them are legitimately mentally handicapped.

No. 1516754

His curtains are sending me

No. 1516795

It screams adult male that lives at home and still has the same bedroom furniture his parents bought him as a child.

No. 1516811

Why are more than half of the accounts who interact with her retarded enough to put their face/name on their cooming account? I don't think other ewhores have as many retards as I've seen in Shaynus' replies.

No. 1516852

File: 1678164969620.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1500, BC545701-8074-44A8-B4F8-F6DD62…)

Losers attract losers

No. 1516853

File: 1678165055057.jpeg (858.26 KB, 1242x1609, B8206817-ABB0-4403-9FFD-1260BC…)

He’s definitely special needs. The handwriting, the facial expressions..

No. 1516863

File: 1678165903555.jpeg (1.9 MB, 3465x3465, D409AD9C-133F-4074-9E9D-B3E49B…)

Another creepy degenerate moid orbiter

No. 1516865

File: 1678165930211.jpeg (944.67 KB, 1242x1464, 0CB27F24-C5A7-4B7A-98AE-D3205E…)

No. 1516866

File: 1678165965239.jpeg (807.35 KB, 1242x1476, 83249439-4230-4A12-83FD-EAF602…)

No. 1516868

shaymu looks just like this moid

No. 1516936

Jim Carrey's illegitimate son who has aids

No. 1517119

I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about Shayna. Here's the result:

Shayna, oh Shayna, our dear Bimbo,
Her weight fluctuates, like a yo-yo,
She drinks like a fish, can't stop at one,
Her eating habits, a binge-eating fun.

Hello Fresh meals, she tries to prepare,
But the kitchen's a mess, oh dear, oh dear!
The coomers she had, that once adored,
Left her alone, feeling quite ignored.

Her house is dirty, it's quite a sight,
It's such a mess, it gives us a fright!
But Shayna, our Bimbo, she doesn't care,
She'll just have another drink and stare.

So here's to Shayna, aka Barbie too,
We hope she gets it together, it's true,
Until then, we'll just sit back and laugh,
At her crazy antics, her drinking and chaff.

No. 1517137

File: 1678197448317.jpg (85.76 KB, 1124x1113, FZhmlt-XgAYKWVi.jpg)

No. 1517256

That poem was beautiful Thank you nonna

No. 1517272

File: 1678207492435.jpg (320.63 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20230307_072625_Twi…)


someone needs to take his internet away

No. 1517616

How many people do you think stared at shayna with confusion in the airport? People go on about how crazy she looks in sweat suits in shit but no she has to be a sight. I imagine one tit bouncing and the other one stiff as she shuffles through the airport. This is worser then that outfit she wore when she claimed to take a random scrote home. You know the ugly daddy cropped tank top,ugly harness thing and ugly too small non matching shirts. I do not get why she's trying to make going out in public her thing but the bow and my little pony bag really has to have people thinking she's special needs or very trasy.

No. 1517757

File: 1678249493541.png (Spoiler Image, 3.72 MB, 750x1334, 4C77D14C-A38E-4FE9-B919-DA31FC…)

can someone tell me whats going on with those black dots on her legs? spoilered because ass boils

No. 1517797

File: 1678253105808.jpeg (23.73 KB, 244x275, 79767C69-A31C-4996-8A5E-9D4B0E…)

No. 1517798

Ew she has really ugly old legs. They don’t look like they belong to a twenty something year old

No. 1517820

Varicose veins, obesity and lack of exercise are risk factors.

No. 1517835

Can anyone explain how her feet get so fucking crusty when she clearly sits around on her fat flat ass all day? I just can't wrap my brain around it

No. 1517853

File: 1678257128550.jpeg (383.32 KB, 1242x1786, 4A3470DE-1B62-4C51-9C80-6F626F…)

Shays orbiter in a diaper showing off a cake about doxxing

No. 1517854

File: 1678257166340.png (11.04 MB, 1242x2208, 21D90FAE-12EF-4B80-9D3D-5F212A…)

No. 1517900

Shayge for blogpost -and my first post in the shaynatorium- but I’m Shayna’s age and I used to be fat not that long ago. I lost that weight by working a shitty job full time that required me to be on my feet for most of the day.
Shay will never change her ways, but if she wanted to move her body more than she does now, maybe she would look less like an ogre.

No. 1517926

kek love when she does her monthly
>remember when i was goth in high school?
bitch looked like this. then discovered tumblr and added a black choker at most.

No. 1517943

File: 1678267166771.gif (2.43 MB, 725x397, 1638606920025.gif)

Shay inspired me to stop drinking, I hit 3 month mark today thanks you fat alchy pedo piece of shit

No. 1518167

I hate these ugly freaks so much

No. 1518418

Well done nonnie

No. 1518419

Imagine if shayna back then met herself now.

No. 1518790

File: 1678340665493.jpeg (166.62 KB, 750x719, 762927A1-C8F6-4E2F-91F8-205D14…)

No. 1519019

Huh?? This under a shay post? Kek

No. 1519025

File: 1678369141048.jpeg (528.66 KB, 1170x1770, 3F0A0352-51C8-4866-9D56-9803A8…)

No. 1519286

File: 1678387905004.jpg (190.94 KB, 720x1269, Screenshot_20230309-135201_Chr…)

No. 1519353

I realized that se looks just like one guy I know, too bad that hes over 40 year old drug addict

No. 1519363

never seen a woman whose lips look like that, like a literal open sore, who wasn't homeless, severly mentally ill and addicted to meth at the same time.

No. 1519386

File: 1678394229403.jpg (401.77 KB, 720x1269, FaceApp_1678394348835.jpg)

No. 1519485

File: 1678400288943.jpg (157.11 KB, 864x1214, FaceApp_1678399955847~2.jpg)

No. 1519562

What did you change?

No. 1519838

File: 1678435624189.gif (8.9 MB, 942x567, DF7F425F-632F-4C7D-9FE8-2D83E3…)

No. 1519924

File: 1678449654025.png (157.27 KB, 600x600, 117958_ATJXhKs3.png)

Shaycrew (shay picrew)

No. 1519926

>>1519838 This is by far the funniest thing she has ever posted. Every time I see it I snort

No. 1519973

i can hear a pop sound everytime i see it

No. 1520040

KEK my latest guilty pleasure is looking at fatspo, edtwt is so mean and edgy it’s funny. I knew Shay had been made fatspo at one point, thanks for reminding me!

No. 1520415

this gif makes me lose it every time it's posted
this bitch has vericose veins at age 25 jfc

No. 1520680

File: 1678509640298.webm (450.71 KB, 1920x1078, for weekend shaytards.webm)

different nona but i searched the og video to hear what she says and its even funnier now KEEEEK

No. 1520685

File: 1678510256019.png (580.94 KB, 665x467, Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 10.4…)

the chad pixyteri pooping vs the virgin shayna comedian farting picture. history always repeats itself.

No. 1520757

File: 1678522429461.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 197.97 KB, 602x617, 0FDC8B41-4B21-4C24-9990-E00BBB…)

What is wrong with her toes? The 2 smallest ones are fucking deformed?? No wonder she never has her feet out - thick yellow calluses, deformed toes, cankles and poor circulation. Nonas, feet are already weird and gross but holy shit Shaynas are fucking FOUL.

No. 1521105

Is anyone else considering doing a cozy reread of all her threads? I have read them all the way through once (I think I started following her in 2020) and I’m feeling Shaystalgic for the milk I experienced both firsthand and through past threads before my introduction to her kek looking forward to rereading her downward journey tbh

No. 1521174

KEK nonna I saved it bc I need to be able to see this always. The speaking part took me the fuck OUT.

No. 1521230

>>1521105 I did that when I first found shayna. Probably thread 80 something. It was very entertaining but I would never do that again.

No. 1521237

It’s mostly because a lot of my favorite threads just aren’t milky anymore sad face. Kek yeah it’s gonna be a dark ride but I am looking forward to the fanart

No. 1521247

I’m curious how long have you nonnies been following Shay’s downward spiral? I’ve been here since like the second thread kek somehow it just keeps getting worse

No. 1521265

I would going pass her thread all the time, whatever the time where she was wearing that green tube top socks and sandals and was out with fupaul was when I finally stopped going past her threads. I remember opening the spoiler of one of her posts I was newer to lolcow and I was like wtf. This is porn. Shayna annoys me.too much to read through her threads.
While I always reread stefanys, creepshow, that girl from snow whose name I always forget with the dark hair who acts like Stefany, even Erin Painters threads.

No. 1521314

I have to go back and see but it was the first Fupa saga kek I distinctly remember her moving into her “Barbie dream house” in Oklahoma Lmfao

No. 1521408

Since Fupahoma, it’s been a great journey with you all. I admit I haven’t read all of the threads prior to when I started reading. Shaynus makes me laugh like no other cow can.

No. 1521424

File: 1678583939107.jpeg (105.77 KB, 750x1021, F1405EB2-21F8-4462-AE22-676A03…)

School girl????????

No. 1521436

Schoolgirl that's been marinating in a pickle jar for 2 months, more like

No. 1521567

File: 1678597984855.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 60.44 KB, 750x838, 1678563845805.jpeg)

Really nasty picture but it made me laugh so hard. Any other nonnies also laugh super hard at Shayna's porn? I feel like I probably come off like a liar to anyone else because who tf laughs at actual porn. Her pussy in this picture seriously looks like Homer Simpson's mouth.

No. 1521871

File: 1678639196525.jpeg (126.37 KB, 1101x1435, 1D425964-EB6E-441B-B0B9-232E1D…)

Doing my reread on this lazy Sunday and this sure aged well kek. Who would have guessed she’d STILL be struggling away at this…

No. 1521897

shatna literally lives in a groundhog loop of a life. it was pretty obvious since, let's say, thread 40? that she'd not change because she's an old dog incapable of learning new tricks. some things change with her, but the base always stays the same like she's genuinely too low iq/emotional intelligence

No. 1521913

is there any sort of overview or intro like on kf threads? i want to understand the lore but don't want to read every single post in 100+ threads.

No. 1521942

File: 1678644354184.png (101.64 KB, 717x593, 1617230654746.png)

Jason r womack

No. 1521958

File: 1678645559749.jpeg (128.44 KB, 1242x1297, 70952283-85D8-4589-94E7-22C4C1…)

Shayna’s coomer was traumatized like Shayna was

No. 1521964

File: 1678645628410.jpeg (179.47 KB, 1242x1525, 0DB67B90-D2F6-463A-B199-F4F4F6…)

Such a fucking loser.

No. 1522007

File: 1678648113648.jpeg (377.74 KB, 1439x1315, 1678642406495.jpeg)

Whenever my dad complains about me forgetting to wash a dish in the sink I just want to show him this failson to make him stfu.

No. 1522055

My autistic ass might make a summary about Shayna’s milk and shit she did that makes her a forever cow

No. 1522163

File: 1678654087090.jpeg (288.46 KB, 1440x1467, 97D0F5CB-8495-491A-B400-217B06…)

More fat NEET leech tweets, this guy is the absolute fucking worst. I’m laughing at the one that looks down upon people with jobs like he isn’t grifting off the salaries of his parents by living at home.

No. 1522278

File: 1678668422901.jpeg (140.37 KB, 1242x1558, C740DA49-4671-4C61-AE09-7B076F…)

She looks more huge compared to that tiny ass purse kek Womack looking ass

No. 1522300

this song reminds me of Shayna: Rich Girl by Hall & Oates:

"You can rely on the old man's money
It's a bitch, girl, but it's gone too far
'Cause you know it don't matter anyway
Say money but it won't get you too far, Get you too far…"

No. 1522375

Jackie Kennedy given the rosemary treatment

No. 1522578

GOOD GOD. this guy is so annoying. i wonder if he even genuinely likes Shatna since i see that his tweets to her are somewhat passive aggressive? it's obvious he has either no money or not enough money to spend on e-whores, so what does he do with Shatna? just follow, shade her under her own tweets and…? it seems like she might be a lolcow to him but since he's a moid she thinks it's normal? weird shit.

No. 1522580

Her butthole eyes look even scarier than normally here

No. 1522713

It sounds like he's on the verge of trooning out so he's probably jealous that Fat Shat is a woman that can sell herself for $3 instead of getting a real job. Men like that are mentally deranged.

No. 1522749

File: 1678722680248.jpeg (230.53 KB, 1242x1629, 1B07F9D8-80C9-435A-940D-0D7B68…)

Shayna naked like a fat man child with her floppy tits out and a tutu to cover her beer gut looks like a parody. This has to be the worst outfit she’s ever had

No. 1522754

it looks like she's holding a mini version of herself

No. 1522797

Rereading Anonica here (kek) it’s crazy how in the early threads there were SO many people ITT chimping out over muh kink being fine and ageplay not being gross and pedo etc I’m glad the tides have mostly turned and there aren’t too many stupid BDSMfags lmao

No. 1522916

This post deserves more love. I agree the Shaynatorium ruined the Shayna threads. Cant have fun there anymore without risk of being banned for posting something funny. But its a bit too autistic in here for me to stay for long periods. The Shayna Lyrics are mega cringe altho I would laugh if a Mambo No. 5 version dropped.

No. 1522927

File: 1678733969622.jpeg (444.02 KB, 2047x2047, 667C27D7-0F47-41A1-8315-0C22EF…)

Noodle is so cute, I wish I could rescue her so she could eat a proper diet, run outside in my backyard, and receive all the pets and rubs to make up for whatever PTSD Shat has inflicted upon her.

No. 1522931

File: 1678734113237.jpeg (390.59 KB, 2048x1536, A0601D72-62E4-4D23-B123-39BF65…)

I hate Shayter (Shayna+Mater) so much

No. 1523028

so pathetic it's beyond parody. i love looking at shayna's coomers because they're all their own special brand of retarded.

No. 1523036

File: 1678742999660.jpeg (389.56 KB, 2048x1536, 086A7906-FCF2-4F52-9D33-021746…)

I will try for you
I know Shay’s just not right for you
And you can’t tell me if I'm off
But I see you can’t escape
When you walk into Shay’s disgusting sets
And you're spending all your time
In this wrong situation
And anytime you want to run off

I know I can treat you better than Shay can
And any dog like you deserves attention

Tell me, why are we wasting time
On all your wasted crying
When you should be with me instead?
I know I can treat you better
Better than Shay can

No. 1523122

Ignore my autism but If I were Shay and realized I had let my weight get totally out of control, I would play into it and do a bunch of cam shows titled "fat whore works out" or whatever and just do a bunch of streams and tell scrotes to pay me to keep going or to stop. It works with her humiliation fetish I think, and it's not like she can go below the pedo-adjacent stuff.

No. 1523496

I had a dream about Shayna. We were college roommates and she accidently set our dorm room on fire. Then when the EMS arrived she spent the entire time trying to go home with the fire fighters.

Honestly I woke up mad. Dumb ho

No. 1523668

How long could you be friends with Shayna before you end up sperging at her? I feel like I could not be friends with her for long listening to her talk about fucking nasty old fucks for eat street and stuffies. If she ever brought up the ABDL shit I think I'd be cancelled IRL for what I would say to her.

No. 1523877

I would just be loosely friends with her to screencap stuff for the farms.

No. 1523922

Has anyone ever considered cosplaying or dressing up as Shaynus for Halloween?
I guess you’d have to have your ass and tits hanging out for it to be accurate but I think you could probably do a more conservative version if you tried. I’m laughing thinking about the ridiculous wig I would wear to recreate the coke can bangs.

No. 1523999

Nona this is a FUN question lmao. I’m variant of mom friend but it’s very strict mom type and have actually helped shape up a few friends (ex: telling them uncoated truths while also being there to emotionally support when they flip out bc I told them uncoated truths kek). Shat would certainly be an out of my league tough case but I would prob try bc I enjoy a challenge and it still, despite what a piece of pedo pandering shit she is, think she could change if someone literally forced her to hahaha

No. 1524018

Everything shayna does annoys me but I don't have a reason? I won't pretend to moralfag. She just… is annoying.

No. 1524019

What truths would you tell Shayna and how? Lol

No. 1524348

Oh too many to count, nonette. Too many to count kek. I would prob start with her rape/abduction fetish bc im an actual survivor and I like to think (stupidly perhaps) an IRL dressing down about it might be different than just seeing people Ree online. Also her substance abuse/addictions (including food) and her complete lack of regard for her own personal safety. I know she’s got hella mommy issues tho so who knows how she’d react to an IRL woman spitting harsh truths.

But tbh she may well just be an irredeemable piece of shit ultrakek

No. 1524388

File: 1678894877849.png (9.66 KB, 247x348, 6F7067D6-0005-45DB-A4D0-75EA73…)

Rereading the first few threads makes it clear that Shat does hate sex. I think one anon said it right when they said her drugging kink is because she doesn’t want to be awake for sex. She really fetishizes getting raped and being a sexually assaulted toddler just to get attention.

No. 1524397

File: 1678896403584.jpeg (89.18 KB, 1125x869, D540B554-D00B-4046-B65C-BDB64B…)

I’m also rereading and found this gem in thread 4 I believe kek ahhh the hits keep coming…

No. 1524565

File: 1678915196394.jpeg (141.13 KB, 1242x1686, A578556C-14CC-4A06-B599-FC0B76…)

Her coomers are so fucking ugly. Does she not realize they are a reflection of her? Ugly attracts ugly

No. 1524588

File: 1678917578188.jpeg (107.87 KB, 1242x1384, CD2FD123-7CB9-47DB-9A95-623770…)

It’s just an ugly fat dog. It’s not cute at all.

No. 1524598

File: 1678917725985.jpeg (525.17 KB, 2048x1138, 25B51E2E-B4C8-4F8C-8AD3-D7B066…)

Her pets are crusty and ugly just like Shayna. Not their fault but they probably have so much Shay germs on it. Petri dish mfs

No. 1524599

File: 1678917650682.jpeg (525.17 KB, 2048x1138, 25B51E2E-B4C8-4F8C-8AD3-D7B066…)

Her pets are crusty and ugly just like Shayna. Not their fault but they probably have so much Shay germs on it. Petri dish mfs

No. 1524616

Just because you’re a heartless dog hater doesn’t mean everyone is. Her pets should really be considered victims, she doesn’t care for them, obviously neglects them, and deprives them of happiness.

No. 1524665

She's cute

No. 1524709

The sad thing about this is that the dog probably loves Shayna with every fiber of it's being, yet she's a fat lazy sow that doesn't even give enough of a shit to walk it around the block every other day.

No. 1524720

File: 1678929706697.png (134.02 KB, 710x540, shaymoji.png)

For your shayneeds

No. 1524722

i can fix her

No. 1524980

I don't know why but it's so funny to me when people call her dogs fat and retarded. Like can a dog be special needs? Kek

No. 1525193

File: 1678990121000.jpg (68.23 KB, 732x960, shay.jpg)

No. 1525430

hey! that doesn't look like shay.. and the number too many 0's… could someone edit it better lmao

No. 1525677

File: 1679023916037.png (108.76 KB, 732x991, lel.png)

No. 1525730

Kek nonnie this is perfection

No. 1526033

File: 1679071281854.jpeg (77.26 KB, 1125x752, 6DB1E407-375A-45F1-940D-72337C…)

There are so many instances like this in the earlier threads it makes me kek so loud

No. 1526036

New thread pic PLEASE

No. 1526040

File: 1679072156072.png (Spoiler Image, 364.13 KB, 750x1334, 8E6D884F-22EE-4E7A-B254-20CE14…)

she just uploaded this WTF

No. 1526043

File: 1679072538607.gif (800.27 KB, 268x268, 1D6799BD-4420-4A8C-B6DD-E6B11B…)

No. 1526137


this is so tacky

No. 1526141

The edit on her chin qnd breasts wow

No. 1526228

what kind of body is that kek and the arms also where’s the new thread?

No. 1526250

Did she raid the seasonal costume section at walmart? She's fucking insane if she thinks this looks good. Bathtub Peach moment for real.

No. 1526268

straight off the rack from dollar tree

No. 1526290

It's from the same year/approximate time period as bathtub Peach iirc

No. 1526361

Bruh this photo shoot is from three years ago

No. 1526366

File: 1679098193443.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.15 KB, 1170x841, 08E9CC6C-C3A8-4502-BD70-5D9698…)


No. 1526367

The daughter the daddy can't resist with tight little holes

No. 1526370

looks like she has a black eye?

No. 1526375

Kek nonnas, pls we need a new main thread in case this big bitch actually goes on cam tomorrow

No. 1526376

Updated links to the list of Shaynatorium threads for whoever makes the new main thread (I humbly request these be included in the description even though I don't make threads):
Shaynatorium 1 >>>/ot/1481862
Shaynatorium 2 >>>/ot/1513705

No. 1526407

File: 1679100251833.jpg (253.03 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_2023-03-18-00-42-06…)

Shat and her "tight holes" fucking 7 monster sized dildos in one sesh including a horse dick

No. 1526413

Seems edited so is her pussy mound

No. 1526421

Lmao some nonnie edited her to have a black eye and bulge.
Funniest part is I didn't realise right away. I was fully believing Shay posted such an image

No. 1526427

lmao thank you for helping out my drunk unobservant ass

No. 1526428

"Horny and depraved" yet cant even secure a tinder date ok Shay

No. 1526441

It feels like she films way too many videos or is it just me? I think she’s making like $200 max from each video. Another nona in a past thread has said this but the more content she produces, the more the other videos’ values depreciate. From my understanding (not an online sex worker) you’re supposed to occasionally film a video, get paid, and then do whatever you want in your massive spare time. I think she makes these videos and concepts 24/7 to make herself busy and give herself purpose. Maybe also to keep herself relevant? Idk someone please explain this to me.

No. 1526514

No, she just only works and makes a vid when its a custom, generally. Because she has to. Then decides she might as well post it and make a few extra bucks. Very few vids in the last couple years were her idea and because she felt like actually filming.

No. 1526559

That would work if she had lots of coomers willing to pay for videos, she doesn't so she has to make more videos to get more money out of the few coomers she has.

100 coomers paying $10 a video = $1000
10 coomers paying $5 a video = $50

No. 1526576

For the love of god, I wish shaytards would stop bringing up their own kids or abuse stories in the thread.
I’m here to laugh at a fat retard larp as a bimbo, I don’t want to know that your kid has the same water bottle as Fat Shat

No. 1526675

>>1526366 Why does she have a dick?

No. 1526729

She’s always had that

No. 1526743

File: 1679150674097.png (460.88 KB, 750x1334, FC5CC426-B86C-4939-B54B-947AF8…)

could she look any greasier?

No. 1526754

File: 1679151773775.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.74 KB, 995x495, shaynabender.jpg)

She looks so much like notorious child neglecter Alice Bender in this pic holy shit kekkk

No. 1526755

KEK she went full Matilda’s mom

No. 1526776

Personally I disagree just for the anon who pointed out that her daughter has the same sippy cup. That became proof to me that Shaynus isn’t just buying her fetish gear off Etsy or something but actually going to the baby aisles in stores to buy props for sexual content. That to me was like a new level of irredeemability for Shay.

No. 1526803

Another Shein sausage casing that she can barely force herself into. She always looks so bloated and uncomfortable because she has an aversion to buying clothes in her actual size.

No. 1526812

File: 1679158753465.jpeg (55.74 KB, 750x719, 1D6D99DF-5D7A-4757-B30D-136C3B…)

please we need a new thread she's going to cancel her camming tonight i feel

No. 1526813

File: 1679158757215.jpeg (100.09 KB, 750x1067, 9F2DB18B-21A1-49A7-BBFF-314F08…)

whomp there it is. She is so ungrateful towards her actual “fans”. Her lack of success is due to her weight and making bizarre custom fetish videos that only one coomer asked for. She also probably would have had a better following if she took care of the constant herpes outbreaks that happened when she was skinny.

No. 1526815

File: 1679158839295.jpeg (69.71 KB, 750x785, 1F85A07D-359F-47A3-B1E9-D6320A…)

She deleted that reply and replaced it with this one

No. 1526817

she loves to brag and put other "creators" down when she throws pity parties what a bitch kek

No. 1526821

File: 1679159288525.jpeg (110.79 KB, 750x991, 5D98882A-D5B2-4AB9-A053-0D2D89…)

If anyone wants to fight the urge to a-log, read about this mid 30s ABDL pedophile moid’s “trauma”

No. 1526827

Lol, she can keep saying it until she's blue in her ugly porcine face. Under no circumstances is finding sexual gratification from emulating an infant ever acceptable, you freak.

No. 1526829

“I get more interaction than a lot of sex workers” damn she really is incapable of living her live without comparing herself or putting down other women. Also that’s incredibly sad standard to set if she’s taking that as a positive.

No. 1526875

I can make the new thread if someone will tell me the preferred thread pic and the new highlights they want- am just remembering the flight to Skidmore and her horrific sleep apnea porn offhand

No. 1526891

File: 1679162492095.jpeg (118.16 KB, 994x1410, 1678434031871.jpeg)

The Fatter Bitch Project has my vote

No. 1526896


No. 1526925

File: 1679163585572.jpeg (54 KB, 750x501, F06EE276-67C5-42E5-A3B0-56BB68…)

No. 1526963

File: 1679164822948.jpeg (18.33 KB, 360x408, 515FEE82-B6B0-45A8-B4CC-2FFB13…)

>the hot guy in question

No. 1526966

File: 1679164851211.png (186.49 KB, 680x766, 335695297_1334942703955483_181…)

She is a loser and a failure kek. She has a rare moment of clarity before the delusion kicks back in

No. 1526971

File: 1679165091153.jpeg (29.2 KB, 474x316, 50F34387-CCBE-4B3F-A81F-ED67D1…)

why does she look like fucking magicarp

No. 1526973

new thread here nonas >>>/snow/1790716

No. 1526992

Shayna Bender kekkk

No. 1527061

File: 1679169378280.png (216.63 KB, 1080x720, 1654403139913.png)

Reminder of her size in the original >>>/snow/1252175

No. 1527284

she owns so many dildos yet uses the same nasty old salmon coloured in every video. much like howshe owns so much shein and dollskill garbage yet only wears her bimbo sweater, pink tracksuit, tank top and gunt belt

No. 1527594

File: 1679185095997.jpeg (362.08 KB, 828x1472, C25E792F-EEB0-4DB0-A3F9-4C6C41…)

Saw this one out in the wild, i did a full double take. First name scribbled out because she’s unrelated to the farms.

No. 1527600

this is the kind of thing that makes me think some shayniacs need a break kek

No. 1527738

the way she streches and scrunches her dry ass lips, without noticing how dry and cracked they are triggers me to tears

No. 1527821

File: 1679203844231.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 22.7 KB, 500x357, 96F88E22-F562-462D-B4BA-EBFDA3…)

No. 1527907

File: 1679213732937.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.99 KB, 750x587, 292983C8-B6D9-4900-82E8-46F13C…)

No. 1527945

File: 1679220661953.jpeg (142.56 KB, 1080x1080, 5CD48090-B1A6-4EA8-B7AE-0C5B9F…)

Built like Sam Smith

No. 1527952

File: 1679222217640.jpeg (68.36 KB, 1242x1341, 7AA1FAC3-24C1-4567-A91F-A695B6…)

She looks like a drumstick lmfao

No. 1528066

File: 1679237034464.jpg (147.14 KB, 1200x900, Shaynasty a collage.jpg)

I have been having some fun on sims with Wicked Whims. I am aware I need to get a life. Kek.

No. 1528072

File: 1679237436994.png (193.57 KB, 1403x587, shay-pepe.png)

She looks like pepe

It's like she has her ass on the wrong side.

You can use Wicked Whims with the Nisa's Wicked Perversions mod and Ksuihuh's AEP mod to make her a sex worker.

No. 1528141

Nonas who are the characters in the Shay Universe (Shayniverse?)? So far I have four that I can think of.
> Shayna
> Ellen
> Womack
> Mike Slack
Who is her enemy? Do the characters that showed up for one saga count? Or would her ultimate enemy just be lolcow.farm?

No. 1528144

To add to this list some minor recurring characters
> John Kendall Cox (Ken)
> Dawn

And some minor enemies
> Sol Salvatore
> Vivi Clouds

No. 1528145

File: 1679244733696.jpeg (42.7 KB, 828x204, 1679185095997~2.jpeg)

Waiting for the appropriate Womack moment to use it as a reaction image for

No. 1528148

The remaining users who have hated her since her shay-gnar days

No. 1528149

Her mom is her perceived ultimate enemy

No. 1528399

Somebody pls explain this to me, I honestly cannot comprehend this fat distribution. Are those bulges squishy? Or solid like a rock? I’m assuming not hard because no muscle right?

No. 1528640

Probably squishy, I’m thinner with thighs that protrude like hers and I think it’s due to being quad dominant. I also gain weight in my thigh region so they are squishy to the touch, like fat and not muscle. We know she doesn’t work out so fat is most likely.

No. 1528736

File: 1679298287744.png (32.86 KB, 327x220, YanivDemandsMuslimSalonOwnersW…)

Wax them now

No. 1528783

Her face looks better than it did when she was skinny.

No. 1528801

File: 1679308368135.png (35.27 KB, 273x306, sha.PNG)

looking very trim and athletic

No. 1528804

File: 1679308808152.png (36.12 KB, 303x366, shay.PNG)

she has come so far

No. 1528806

No. 1528846

File: 1679314122029.png (42.94 KB, 1176x461, bing chat.png)

No. 1528929

shayna is such an ugly name

No. 1529320

Real trailer trash name for real. Especially the "y" in there, if her name was Shaina she would have been a dental assistant instead of a failed e-whore.

No. 1529324

KEK nonna pls. You’re right tho. It also just sounds so 80s to me for some reason? Like a trashy woman who hung out in divey biker bars trying to be someone’s old lady but nobody besides the most uggo nasties would be interested in taking her out to the alley for a quickie.

No. 1529331

It doesn't even sound like a real name in the English language (I'm esl though so maybe it's just me), it sound made up. Or from a different language.

No. 1529341

Who made this I’m cackling

No. 1529369

I’ve never met a pretty woman named Shayna they’re all ugly and fat

No. 1529411

File: 1679377440928.jpg (139.93 KB, 1044x1445, jhygtfdsa.jpg)

What does Shayna see in the crystal ball nonnies? adding my second autistic edit here sorry

No. 1529500

what she wishes? marrying fupa
her actual future? another low tier scrote fucks and dissappears from his life… again… she says it was love… again

No. 1529698

>What does Shayna see in the crystal ball nonnies?
Obesity and wrinkles

No. 1529922

File: 1679433995178.jpg (50.12 KB, 468x624, shauna.jpg)

Shauna (Shay sauna)

No. 1529924

File: 1679434244517.png (230.13 KB, 832x665, 637DDE49-A4B9-41AD-9DFD-42ABB9…)

No. 1530192

File: 1679458235309.jpeg (265.6 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_ny0wsb7SeV1rmiw96o3_128…)

My unpopular opinion is that Shayna was very pretty back in the day. I would have killed to have her look

No. 1530195

Actually so true. Shayna is a pedo pandering freak but I feel like if she just stayed with the tumblr weed girl vibe she wouldn’t be totally unfortunate to look at

No. 1530204

File: 1679460480736.png (Spoiler Image, 464.83 KB, 427x879, 1528479465219.png)

meh, i dont think she used to be ugly but i also dont think she was anything special. she had a nice body and a decent face at most. even in her "prime".
pretty sad that she doesn't realize coomers dont care that she listens to dadrock or that shes going blonde for the 15th time. she used to get coomers because she had a nice body and thats it. she focuses on the wrong stuff always.

No. 1530226

She’s always been an ugly rat faced bastard those are just good pictures.

No. 1530232

In that pic she does look decent, but in >>1530204 you can see the rat face and Yaniv smirk was always there. The "tumblr weed girl" aesthetic fit her so much better than the baby bimbo uguu shit though

No. 1530365

if she had taken measures to refine the aesthetic she had going on here and developed even one actual skill/talent she probably could have had the life she's always wanted as a braindead influencer but alas, she's too terminally stupid for even that.

No. 1530379

between the cow tippers and embarrassing posters claiming to be fans of shayna now makes it feel cringe and embarrassing to keep following her threads

No. 1530394

If I didn't know this was Shaynus I would think she was hot. I know too much about her though kek

No. 1530431

She could have had a unique look if she took really good care of her skin body and hair, and stuck with a more grunge/alt style, maybe even got some tattoos. She didn’t tho because she’s a pedo pandering gross piece of shit so it doesn’t even bear discussion at this point sadly. The perfectionist/skincare obsessed person in me wants to force her to get a routine tho somehow lmao

No. 1530589

I have a tinfoil that Ellen or Shayna herself is actually posting in the Shat thread. I've even started speculating that the derails about pear vs fridge body types and other infights are Ellen or Shayna or someone who wants to distract anons. The below posts are really sus to me, esp whoever wrote the first two because what the fuck?!

No. 1530745

File: 1679523877748.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 78.45 KB, 1125x636, DAFDC340-4BE8-4717-9C76-D75664…)

Found out I live 15 minutes away from shaynus plus we’re the same age and it makes her life so much more depressing to me. Shayna could be going to gigs and make actual friends and actually meet “hot tattooed guys” but instead she’s getting wasted in her apartment pandering to Jason Womack and mike slack alone

No. 1530794

File: 1679530041065.png (99.51 KB, 576x346, keks.png)

re-reading the old threads is such a wild ride, some true gems (picrel)

No. 1531487

File: 1679603073184.jpeg (68.65 KB, 750x938, DCFE805E-5EBA-4DC5-88E6-0184F9…)

Random but I found this disgustingly hilarious, I was reading the old threads and this is a girl that Shayna did that MFC podcast with

No. 1531517

File: 1679604654507.jpeg (24.76 KB, 419x696, 90A19AEC-2AB5-48BF-BF6C-8F5A54…)

Woof notre dame hunchback looking ass

No. 1531522

File: 1679604760077.jpeg (43.74 KB, 703x540, BA30CE43-70DA-49F5-B459-940889…)

Her hair makes her look more like this MF

No. 1531523

File: 1679604792856.jpeg (9.06 KB, 311x321, 42348252-BB1A-41D2-9E08-90BA0C…)

No. 1531525

File: 1679604897017.jpeg (189.38 KB, 1242x1504, 21EF9DD0-7944-4B01-8969-5650C6…)

No. 1531583

File: 1679608383959.jpeg (329.28 KB, 1125x1377, 2A4B210C-399B-4B2D-B777-C72061…)

Shaynus think she look just like them

No. 1531587

Uh…am I shaytarded or is shayna saying that people (troons) who don't want to be called men/women because their bodies are now policing women, who don't want to be called uterus havers/vagina owners? Or am I just retarded. I find it hilarious that troons say they just wanna be called a woman, but then get mad when some women say, "cool, just call me a woman too, don't call me this me this,, i don't like it"
Maybe the fart fumes are getting to me because I don't know what shayna is saying kek.

No. 1531869

I think that
>people who don't want to referred to as the body parts they have
are terfs
>they are policing what people want to have based on body parts
Terfs police transwomen by saying men can't be women bc women don't have dicks etc.

No. 1531871

Btw I was just trying to "translate" Shayna's tweet I'm not a TRA

No. 1532104

thank you for your translashaynion

No. 1532166

File: 1679686353831.jpg (43.84 KB, 612x408, when pigs fly.jpg)

was inspired by the Skidpoor shoot posted earlier in the month and finally got around to making it

way late to this, but you could always just read through all the thread summaries instead and click on the posts cited that seem the most wtf/kek worthy to you to see the greatest hits

No. 1532239

KEK NONETTE I’m out getting food and just checked the thread while my friend is in the bathroom and had to cover my mouth to hide the absolutely hideous laugh that just tried to escape you’re amazing

No. 1532275

IM CRYING, someone should edit some shorts on her and post this to a cheer or gymnastics community for some advice on her technique

No. 1532276

I want to make an updated version of this old video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zgvjk8rrveqqwtd/STDolly%20Mattel.mp4?dl=0
but I'm not sure where to start. Last time, I had that "21 humiliating things" video to use as an outline. What videos would anon like to see compiled this time? Any ideas for a theme/outline? Thanks, love you, mwah!

No. 1532310

No offense but the porn in this is not funny it’s really disturbing. If that was your intent when adding it to the complication, good job

No. 1532391

well that was the porn she made wdym

No. 1532616

Did anyone else get mega depressed looking at the number of women in the videos of the moid Scott Hancock’s Twitter? It actually depresses me to think of Shayna doing degrading blowjob porn with an actual moid. I legit want to cry seeing so many women degraded online for the internet to forever view.

No. 1532951

File: 1679790749697.jpg (7.06 KB, 333x99, my protege.JPG)

told my bf about shaynus, he's making shay references in conversation now

No. 1532969

File: 1679793356934.jpg (203.53 KB, 1080x2129, Screenshot_2023-03-26-02-09-31…)

She's a stupid motherfucker for doing no research. This article is one of the top results.
Enjoy your STD Shay.
This dude is sticking his raw dick in over 1000 women's orifices for porn and been caught faking an STD test and the comments on the article say it's not the first time he's been a problem.


No. 1533102

cringe as fuck. pick-me's never prosper, so get him the fuck away from shay. your moid is probably the type to make fun of an e-whore then jerk off to her later kek

No. 1533389

nah he doesnt visit the threads. he is more into laughing at lucas werner. he mockingly asks me "what is shayna clifford up to" as a way to make small talk.

No. 1533551

sad. just sad. no further comment, i hope your day is as good as Shaynas kek

No. 1533753

damn anon, you missing your ex or something?
file name made me laugh. i hope you have a better day than Shaynus, nona ♥

No. 1533773

File: 1679888112489.jpeg (35.17 KB, 750x865, 113B248B-F828-482C-8B8C-653706…)

No. 1533814

File: 1679896564863.png (1.01 MB, 996x917, 1639443282801.png)

this fits more to the way pixielocks is built. short, heavy and evil. shayna goes more into a shapeless blob territory where the weight gain doesnt go to tits or the ass, just to random unfortunate places like upper legs.

No. 1534200

File: 1679942349169.jpeg (130.69 KB, 861x1519, ECC4B003-5649-4FD1-A365-05AD88…)

No. 1534201

File: 1679942424005.jpeg (151.49 KB, 995x1208, 181A5ACD-8B6A-48F6-8219-A33E8D…)

Shayna in 20 more years:

No. 1534204

File: 1679942471314.jpeg (230.08 KB, 1047x1916, B19201D9-E236-4235-A5A7-6610CF…)

Shayna’s “twin” “girl crush” from Scatmoor shoot.

No. 1534206

should had added more sag everywhere else except her implant

No. 1534261

That costs extra kek

No. 1534319

the fact this uggo still has a better body than shayna has to be devasting for her… didnt she used to be fatter than shayna only few months ago?

No. 1534491

File: 1679958255408.png (Spoiler Image, 236.56 KB, 275x509, Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 4.52…)

samefagging cause i found the pic.
exactly a year ago shayna and her twin looked like this in their first shoot together. really puts shaynas ballooning to perspective

No. 1534501

idk why nonnas were saying that she looks better with that makeup, she looks like ready to glare

No. 1534653

That's not the same girl, get your eyes checked.

No. 1534695

File: 1679989144197.jpg (7.34 KB, 155x275, titmouse.jpg)

No. 1534997

File: 1680015940872.gif (4.04 MB, 600x800, ezgif-2-19227b03ec.gif)

She in love with her food
She likes takeout
On her ham pink boobs
It is compressed

Now it's 2pm
She just woke up
But will she get doordash
I bet she will

She will

She's got a date at midnight
With Jason Womack
Oh baby Ellen Dressel
ain't got nothing on you

Well when I called her stupid
She just laughed.
And had me buy plushies.
Baby bimbo.

Yeah you wanna go out
'cause there's fast food and hoeing.
You can't go out
'cause you have a bad brain day.

Gettin fat.
Gettin fat.

Fat fat fat fat failed hooker
Fat fat fat fat failed hooker

No. 1535111

File: 1680028460024.jpg (383.17 KB, 1536x2048, mewtwo thighs.jpg)

Thanks nonnies (or nona)! I haven't used Photoshop in over 10 years and pirated it to make that kek. Thank you fellow Shaytards for getting my creative juices flowing again. Have another shitty edit

No. 1535116

File: 1680029022139.jpg (598 KB, 1596x2048, mewtwo shayna.jpg)

No. 1535141

File: 1680030796506.jpg (86.11 KB, 1083x720, Picsart_23-03-28_11-45-16-963.…)

Shayna Clifford's dad had always known that his daughter was a bit different. But when he saw her beating her dog named Noodle with her cats, Mr. Peanut Butter and Ribmeat, he knew that something had to be done. "What the hell are you doing, Shayna?" he shouted, "First the incest porn now this?!"
"I'm trying to kill Noodle to eat her," Shayna replied, her voice dripping with malice. "She tried stealing one of clients."
"You're disgusting," her dad spat. "And you're getting fat too. You need to go to college and get an education."
Shayna rolled her eyes. "I don't need college. I'm a hugh class baby bimbo daddyyy.." she batted her eyelashes and twirled her hair at her father. He shuddered.
But her dad wouldn't let it go. He knew that education was the key to success, and he was determined to make sure that Shayna didn't waste her life. So he made her apply to college, and she begrudgingly went through the motions.
Meanwhile, Noodle had escaped from Shayna's grasp and run far away to a grassy field. She was wheezing from her obesity and diabetes, but she was euphoric. It was the first time she had been out in months.
A young woman who was studying at a picnic table in the park saw Noodle and took her home. She put Noodle on a diet and took her for walks every day. Slowly but surely, Noodle became healthier and happier.
Shayna never did go to college, in fact things got a lot worse for her. Michael Slack, her biggest supporter died of a heart attack in a 7/11 bathroom. Jason Womack began orbiting Vivi Clouds, he paid $1,700 to have a threesome with her and her bf. He moved into their trailer, and stopped paying Shaynus for videos or her rent. She sat on Ribmeat and killed him during a cam show, the coomers loved it so much they gave her 80 tokens. She was arrested.

No. 1535147

File: 1680031090729.jpg (198.66 KB, 1160x1452, gassy mattel.jpg)

For comedian fart anon

No. 1535218

LMAO THANK U NONNA I legit snorted into my tea

No. 1535219

in celebricow someone posted a video of pornstar Mia Khalifa crying because she was out at dinner and some woman and her scrote wanted a picture.
She said no and one of them was like, "I told you that wasn't her she doesn't have nut on her face" or something gross.
I was reading shayna's, "I LOVE BEING SEXUALIZED" post and thinking about how she'd LOVE for this to be how people interact with her 24/7 in her brain but probably would be the same as Mia Khalifa.
In her fake stories she's like
>OMG, i was out & this guy & his gf, where at the other table, & I noticed her bf kept staring at me & my gf. So he gets up and comes over with her & she's giving me the evil eye and he's like
>Are you dolly mattel?
And i'm like
And he's like
>oh my god, I almost didn't reconize you without nut dribbling out of your pretty tight pussy!
And his girlfriend was red in the face & he asked for a picture!
But anyone whose dealt with scrotes hitting on you, knows that shit is gross and scary, now imagine being a sex worker like Shayna and what kind of freak watches her enough to know her.
She'd probably cry but cope online like she loved it.
If big pornstars like Mia Khalifa and others who actually have a large fanbase of gross scrotes get weirded out and don't like the IRL attention, I can't imagine that Shayna would.
Or maybe she would, because any attention is good..until it's not

No. 1535397

sonic the shayhog

No. 1535421

I stg the anons who keep calling Big Shaynus “cute” and now derailing the thread with stories of eating their ‘husbands’ ass is Ellen or one of Shat’s friends trying to fuck up the thread. It must be the same person because this only started happening recently. Pls stop engaging with whoever these people are and ignore them anons.

No. 1535457

sometimes I think it's scrotes, everytime a new scrote is in Shay's life or being spoken about, suddenly we get weird ass posts.
I feel like Shayna tells every scrote she works with about Lolcow, not even to be like, "you'll be harassed" but simply to talk about it.
They probably are like, "I'm not scared of no incels/jealous bitches!" and come in there pretending to be a woman or a fan.
Probably that scrote who said he wished Shayna had ate his ass, pretending to be a woman going, "I eat my husband's ass". During the Landlord shit, there was a weirdo constantly defending Shayna/kink shit. During Shane Pierre Sonnier, someone came in being weird as well.
I think they do it to derail the thread so they won't be spoken about

No. 1535461

File: 1680057846133.jpg (51.83 KB, 1080x1263, poll.jpg)

so i've seen the main thread and thought i'd make a poll kek


No. 1535463

Kinda good tinfoil but for all three retard scrotes to be savvy to lolcow enough to sage and kinda blend in? I don’t know. I think the asseater is just one of the resident catty ethots telling on herself. Like maybe Vivi?

No. 1535468

ew why would you (general, not you) ever eat a mans ass… if a woman asked me to i would consider it but i would never want to put my face near a mans hairy asshole, barf. men are so deranged and love to degrade women thats the only reason i can see for a man to want that from a woman.

No. 1535470

It's also so fucking gay, I'm sorry any man wanting anyone to play in his ass (even himself) is gay. I think a scrote raising his legs or opening them is so fucking gay, like what the fuck gay boy. I can't be the only one? It's such a "Submissive thing". I remember when ass eating first became "popular" to talk about and it was focused on eating a woman's ass (Gross, but I first heard this years ago, a girl talking about a scrote eating her out and then eating her ass as well), now it's all focused on manholes and women doing it.
Then the same women eating asses want to call the men gay AFTER the fact or expose it, well sorry miss ass eater, maybe it's the shit going to your brain, but you did it.
Ass eating brings out such an anger in me, men are lucky some of us suck their skin sticks, now expect us to go near their nasty hairy assholes. Fuck you

No. 1535481

Based, I was so disgusted seeing the anons in Shat’s thread trying to defend it. It’s not pearl clutching to have boundaries and firm “no”s regarding sex acts that are meant to degrade women. Literally every other site is a pickme hell that will yasss kween every handmaiden licking her bf’s nasty poopy asshole. Let LC be the sole safe haven that it is where I don’t have to read about some retarded woman licking her [likely ugly, fat, old] husband’s poop chute.

No. 1535486

This is the same anon hating on ass-eating. Probably an actual forever alone femcel kek.

No. 1535493

I eat my husbands only because it's hairless and he scrubs it well. It's not eating shit lol it literally just feels like licking the back of someones hand. And it brings him pleasure so why not? No ones forcing your head down into some dudes dingle berries idk why you're so pressed about it.

No. 1535494

and no he's not ugly or fat or else I wouldn't do it. he's handsome and well groomed.

No. 1535495

The only reason Shayna wants to eat ass because more women have been "meme'd" or pressured into Anal, that it's not seen as something "taboo" for scrotes to get women to do anymore. It's played out, "Oh your girl lets you fuck her in the ass? Well my girl licks my asshole!!"
And idiots like Shayna who don't view sex as a way for her to get pleasure, more so to pleasure moid in her being degraded/to get the attention she TRULY values, will now talk about eating ass because it's the next step[ of "Oh dear".
I bet when fisting scrotes becomes a thing and women start going, "My wrists are skinny enough to enter a scrotes asshole, without ripping him open, you fat hoes could never!" she'll be on that wave a few years late.

No. 1535502

Because of people like you who want to totally pretend it’s normal and not at all degrading and degenerate. If you want to suck and lick rectums, good for you! But stfu and stop trying to normalizing humiliating and potentially harmful acts. Eating shit isn’t healthy, licking the literal waste chute of another human is revolting on its face (your face in this case) it’s not in anyway defensible. So keep that nasty repulsive shit to yourself and count your blessings your partner isn’t outwardly getting off to degrading you.

No. 1535505

>Eating shit isn’t healthy
No one here is eating shit you fucking mong

>stop trying to normalizing humiliating and potentially harmful acts

No ones trying to normalize it, I simply said I do it. Then 80 radfems started screeching because you can't imagine loving a man so much you'd literally rim him. And he rims me too kek.

Again, no poop here. Literally tastes like clean skin.

No. 1535510

>want to totally pretend it’s normal and not at all degrading and degenerate
>trying to normalizing
How do you tiktok zoomers walk away from a 24/7 steady stream of online shit thinking anyone talking about anything is "trying to normalize it"?

No. 1535511

I notice the retards who try to derail almost always do the greentext + space combo. Interesting

No. 1535513

you are eating shit and in denial just like your husband who gets off on you degrading yourself

No. 1535514

That is a normal aspect of board culture you fucking mong. It makes it easy to see the quoted text and response.

No. 1535517

Because talking about it is normalizing it? That’s how you normalize things? What part are you having trouble with? A “woman” in this thread has literally been memed into it because it gives a moid pleasure, as if subjecting yourself to something degrading for someone else’s pleasure is a good thing. As if licking someone’s rectum is just a natural conclusion to come to in order to get someone off and not the result of societal porn sickness.
We all follow shay, you can see how she gradually normalized things by “just talking about them”.

No. 1535518

Don't bother arguing nona, the anons here would lose their mind thinking about lesbians who like to eat ass.

I think trying to fit every sex act into a weird powerplay is extremely weird and I feel bad for anyone whose girlfriend thinks he's a fag because he likes a finger up the ass sometimes.

No. 1535520

File: 1680061143078.png (618.93 KB, 1125x2436, FC9A0B30-C9E6-48E7-904D-8E2951…)

I was the first person to comment on the original twitter screencap w the ass eating and I regret it so hard now lmao I haven’t even said anything since that but now it’s all gone to hell…for the record tho it’s possible to have a loving relationship w moid who understands that the anus is an exit hole only, Gesù

No. 1535524

Nta would rather be a femcel than a dirty scrote ass licker

No. 1535532

you're his beard

No. 1535549

Why any anon would reveal their sex habits on the Shayna thread is truly beyond me. I couldn’t bring myself to think of the subject at all in such a horrible place.

No. 1535554

You are so fucking retarded kek

No. 1535558

Dying at the asseater calling other anons mong. Someone’s pretty defensive for someone who’s so sure their asseating is fine kek. If you’re so secure with licking your fag husband’s asshole why feel the need to justify yourself to literal anonymous strangers? Go eat his ass then girl. Tbh sounds like you have a stick up yours

No. 1535571

Can’t believe they’re clogging up the shaynus thread to share their sex lives lol. Truly inappropriate and revolting

No. 1535583

i mean its a thing in degrading porn for men to grab a womans head a force her face into his ass so maybe thats why im "so pressed" and i doubt its scripted either because of the amount of sexual abuse, coercion, and downright rape that happens in porn. its not like its that niche of a thing either, i dont watch porn anymore because it disgusts me (in part because of shit like this) but when i was a teenager and did i would be watching stuff on the literal front page of pornhub and the guy would just randomly force the girls face into his ass. if you dont think moids do this shit irl to women too because theyve seen it in porn idk what to tell you. anyways no ones telling you you cant eat nasty moid ass so just do what makes you "happy" and shut up about it. we dont want to hear about it.

No. 1535585

Indeed, the defensiveness is a key indication that she knows it’s disgusting hahahaha. Imagine licking a booty hole, that’s so gross. And to be like “I LOVE him” about it as if avoiding someone’s fecal exit isn’t just… basic hygiene practice? That OP is retarded if she thinks her husband is clean down there bc men are lazy as hell with hygiene. Knowing how sick scrotes are I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t wash his asshole and gets off on his wife licking his feces germs.
Note how the “wife” keeps calling us femcels btw like that other anon who was picking fights in the Shaynus thread a few days ago. I wonder if one of Shay’s married friends like Sarah Gregory has started posting here…

No. 1535611

This legit may be the most retarded discourse I've ever seen in a shay thread. I'd personally never eat ass but seeing how you make so many people seethe and derail is hilarious to me. Thanks for the keks ass eating anon

No. 1535657

As if I wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not I was licking literal shit particles off of someone’s asshole. You’re retarded.

No. 1535659

Imagine bragging about what the taste of a man's asshole is like.

>a scrote raising his legs or opening them
This made me crack tf up kekkk

No. 1535707

If her husband really loved her he’d never let her eat his ass even if she wanted to

No. 1535752

I think your husband would rather have sex with a man if you’re eating his asshole like one. Tell the tapeworms we say hi.

No. 1535755

So true! You would definitely be able to tell your man fed you his feces from the taste alone. Thankfully I'll never experience such a thing because I have self respect. What happens if he pops a corn kernel in your mouth? Do you suck on it like hard candy? Or does he expect you to swallow? Are you allowed to spit it out into the vomit bucket you have to keep next to the marital bed? So many questions.

No. 1535773

had to come here just to discourse over this because ass-eating is icky and I cannot believe people are defending it.
why the fuck would we eat ass when the pussy is right there? if you would ever eat ass a lesbian you are either terminally pornsick or terminally retarded, eating ass is not normal and no matter how much you clean it is not sanitary; any mouth on genitals shit isn't sanitary, but licking the poop shoot is degenerate behavior; you belong on a cross. not to mention women literally dont have a prostate and so any ass play isn't really pleasurable for us like it is for men besides having weird porn filled or social contagion fantasies.
i cannot even imagine thinking of a womans asshole while i can readily suck on her titties or eat her pussy or finger her or do literally any normal, non-degenerate, non-degrading sex act.
jesus christ some of you actually eat mens asses and are having discourse over it, i am so, so glad i'm a dyke.
this was a great laugh to read through though, you guys are fucking insane kekek, i look forward to when watersports gets normalized and there's some handmaiden on here talking about how her husband lovingly pisses on her.
i buy it.

No. 1535837

when i told my husband that every other man i'd ever been with was rabid for anal he lost all interest and has never brought it up ever again. it is so wonderful i am finally free.

No. 1535842

lmfao nona

I feel the the threads are made of two groups- covert camwhores/degens who are there to make fun of how bad she is at sw despite being on the same level as her, and women who are comfortable voicing that porn is damaging and some sex acts are inherently demeaning especially when it involves a man and I can’t believe the ass eater started the war between the two

No. 1535850

If your rectum sags out of your skin you’ve got a prolapse, hope it helps

No. 1535861

> jesus christ some of you actually eat mens asses and are having discourse over it, i am so, so glad i'm a dyke.
repressed bihet behavior tbh if you believe that women are too sweet and pure for ‘degenerate kinks’. women eat each other’s asses all the time, you can both eat her ass and pussy, they’re millimeters apart anyway and it’ll touch your nose half of the time. Vaginas expel bloodclots and brown dead tissue. Have you smelled the rottenness off a menstrual pad? Pussy wetness is mostly made off blood plasma and squirting is urine. is eating pussy ‘degenerate’?

What if a girl pops a blood clot the size of a kidney bean in your mouth? Do you suck on it like a gummy? Or do you swallow?

Not even into men but it’s beyond weird to see people unaware that you’re supposed to shower your prívales, and freaked out at the fact that sex involves licking and touching genitals which are inherently filthy. Who would’ve though.

No. 1535880

>repressed bihet behavior
OK, you're badly baiting at this point, that makes no sense, I'm only sexually attracted to women, I know that good and clear, and I'm not sexually attracted to a woman's asshole nor a man's or any part of a mans body for that matter.
explain mr. baiter, explain? i am genuinely curious where you are taking this I thrive off of getting into slap fights with retards online whether they're baiting or not so no matter what I win cause I'm getting my kicks in right now.
i dont think women are too "sweet or pure" for those kinks, no shit they have them, I'm saying if you have them your a fucking degenerate with porn brain rot. not to mention I don't get it, because I am aware of how degrading it is to eat ass, suck my ass is an insult for a reason, eating ass is something inhuman borderline demons make prisoners of war do to each other to humiliate and demoralize them.
>not even into men
no one believes that when you're fighting so hard for the oppressed handmaids to suck on men's assholes and lick em like a tootsie pop
You are 100% a man larping as a woman and you're larping as a lesbian at that kekek you are not blending in especially with your
>it'll touch your nose half the time anyway
I refuse to believe you have ever seen a vagina much less have one, how the FUCK, your chin maybe if you somehow managed, but your nose? not only are you a moid, you are a moid who cannot find the clit. vaginas don't look how you are describing, and the asshole is not "millimeters" apart I get hyperbole but c'mon sir.
>muh blood plasma
what do you think spit is? do you really think blood plasma is on the same par as shit? regardless blood and viscera isn't as disgusting as literal waste, but get this mister, I wouldn't eat out a girl on her period either! shocking I know, but I don't like bodily excretions like that to be in my mouth! if my girlfriend wanted to have period sex i'd stick to my fingers or a toy. also, squirting is piss and it is gross and not every woman does that, I know I don't! that is not some universal female thing, you are porn sick and a degenerate.
go fantasize about eating shay's ass somewhere else kekekekekek

No. 1535885

Women don't have to have a prostate to enjoy anal what is this statement.
LC is full of terminally online people who think women aren't naturally degenerate on their own, Shayna chooses to be a degenerate into pedoshit. Porn didn't brainwash her or make her a pedo and trying to pivot the blame elsewhere is braindead behavior.
So you're a squeamish lesbian then. Eating someone out on their period as long as they're not profoundly bleeding is fine, please touch grass and understand that plenty of normie dykes eat ass. You sound insecure and unhinged.

No. 1535909

The last “femcel” comment about “thank god” for none of us having kids because we’re disgusting and ugly…seems moidish but it could be a pickme as well. Do we think Sarah Gregory is the ass-eating pickme anon? Discuss.

No. 1535912

File: 1680106827473.jpeg (9.01 KB, 311x162, download (37).jpeg)

Imagine bragging about this

No. 1535913

Nta but just go on any other website than this one, I BEG OF YOU. Most women do not enjoy anal without some coercion on behalf of porn and moids. This is the truth but everyone like yourself is always belittling and outright banning women who have these opinions. This is an obscure image board. Why can’t we “prude femcel” anons have our fucking site and you go literally anywhere else. Anywhere else, yes literally anywhere the fuck else on the internet will support your totes sex pozzie opinions whether it be Reddit, Twitter, or any forum really. Just go there and never look back, please.

No. 1535917

>What if a girl pops a blood clot the size of a kidney bean in your mouth? Do you suck on it like a gummy? Or do you swallow?

I can't believe I just read this.

No. 1535953

Lot of shame leaking out of idiots in this thread after rightly being called out as degenerate for eating assholes. Most people don’t feel the need to lash out after being called out for a behavior they think is perfectly reasonable. Maybe you should examine why pushing your sexual boundaries in service of someone else’s sexual pleasure never struck you as odd before. Make sure you’ve worked out your firm sexual boundaries nonnies because once a man convinces you to eat his shit chute he knows he can probably convince you into doing more depraved acts.

No. 1535959

Poop eaters make fun of Shayna as if they're not the same as her kek

No. 1535970

Shayna thread is full of anons who think they're better than her.
Pooper eater, ewhores, autistic shut ins, bikini baristas ect ect.

No. 1535982

I'm bored you guys are being rude and boring. Lets discuss various cowfights.

Who do you think would win between a physical fight between Shayna amd Luna? I feel like Shat would probably take this one as she gets punched in the face all the time and is probably more mobile – if only due to being (slightly) more sober. Actually, she would have dummy drunk bitch strength and Tuna would just be zonked out.

If it was an intellectual debate I think Luna would probably win because she at least pretends to be well read and ~reflective~

No. 1535986

eat a man ass because he asked for it? gross and gay.
eat a man ass because i love to put men in an awkward situation regardless their asshole? love it but they never let me

No. 1535987

Literally NO ONE is bragging fucking retard.

No. 1535992

Thank you nona. The pearl clutching about ass eating is ridiculous. Acting like we're sucking the hairy dingle berries off of some scrote we just met at the bar. They sound scared of their own bodies.

I hope you ladies realize you're NOT wiping properly if there is shit all around your asshole throughout the day. Please get a bidet.

No. 1535996

"suck my dick" is also an insult. Is that also horrible and degrading? Some of you radfems would probably say yes kek. If licking dicks and assholes is degrading then so is licking pussy. Thats where your PISSHOLE is dontcha know. Be a normal person who properly cleans their genitals.

No. 1535999

>I wouldn't eat out a girl on her period either! shocking I know, but I don't like bodily excretions like that to be in my mouth!
Are you just constantly leaking shit throughout the day? You might want to get that checked out. Are you just popping out turds during sex? You sound like the fucking nasty one.

No. 1536005

dear man ass eater:
you can reply to multiple posts in one comment. thanks.

No. 1536006

Some of you are sounding like you have a fucking scat fetish with the way you keep bringing up shit, tasting shit, describing in nasty detail of licking up shit, and have done so repeatedly. Several times. This hyper fixation on it is fucking weird and more degenerate than the plain ol ass eaters.

No. 1536011

Some of you ladies sound extremely selfish in bed kek. Do you seriously not do anything for the pleasure of the other person? Your pleasure HAS to be involved somehow? That's just fucking weird and selfish. What pleasure do men get from eating us out? Nothing but they'll do it because they like to see us experiencing something pleasurable. That's exactly why some of us will lick the rim of a mans asshole. Acting like "eating it" means we are literally taking a spoon to their anus and shoveling shit into our mouths.(stop sperging about ass eating, no1currs)

No. 1536015

Pushing your sexual boundaries? If you aren't okay with eating ass DO NOT DO IT and DO NOT PUSH THAT BOUNDARY. It actually IS within some of our sexual boundaries believe it or not.

No. 1536017

The nonas in here must have only dated men who don't wash properly kek. Also if you constantly have shit waiting centimeters away from your exit hole, you should probably go to the restroom?

No. 1536027

Agreed nonna I’m bored as fuck w the ass discourse now. Like please can we just get over it? Everyone is acting retarded, both standpoints kek.

As for your question, I think Luna could win bc she’s a BIG bitch. Just her sheer mass, she could like body check Shaynus and then roll on her like a Miltank lmfao

No. 1536039

File: 1680117481030.jpg (12 KB, 217x234, 1674695141572.jpg)

Poop eater nonnie needs to take her ban in stride, go outside, and touch grass. Pic rel is poopchans man

No. 1536042

It’s Chris Pine’s ass or nothing for me

No. 1536043

Nonnie's itt acting like there isn't one man they'd eat like a cupcake.

No. 1536077

> extremely selfish in bed
Because we don't want to lick a freaking butthole where shit comes out? This has to be a troll.
No, I wouldn't even for the hottest man alive. You're disgusting and a fucking annoyance who keeps derailing threads. Where did you people even come from? Derailing the threads from the cow is a bannable offense.

No. 1536090

> actually believes her man is washing his ass
> trusts men with anything hygiene related
Yep you are confirmed retarded. Let me guess, you retards have children as well? Take my suggestion and go on any other site where other retarded pickmes will gush about licking a poop chute entrance.

No. 1536116

>actually believes her man is washing his ass
You know its extremely easy to tell if its washed or not right? Are you brain dead?

No. 1536129

Pussy isn't anywhere near as bad as those, i can't believe you'd compare them when men constantly get dick cheese and think wiping is gay

No. 1536139

You must be the lowest common denominator of sub-human if the men you're having sexual relations with think wiping is gay and have dick cheese. I have never come across dick cheese in my life.
It's like anons that complain about men with skid marks in their underwear. Why the fuck are you dating men with literal shit stained underwear? You realize that's not normal right?

No. 1536252

Samefag as >>1536027 I also would like to remind u that Luna's thighs caused that earthquake in Haiti so, she could just clap them and send Shayna flying off into the sky lmao

No. 1536256

File: 1680126405681.png (59.77 KB, 361x331, 305E7B93-B042-4F26-AB1C-ABECE1…)

ass eaters itt

No. 1536259

shayna labeouf

No. 1536264

I've been married for seven years and it has never once occurred to me to eat my husband's ass. I like his ass, it's a nice pert man ass but it's also very hairy, especially the inside of his ass crack. The thought of putting tongue anywhere near his asshole makes me feel sick.

No. 1536270

Good for you. My man is pretty much hairless

No. 1536276

So he shaves his crack?

No. 1536281

nta but what the fuck? there are men with few body hair as women hairy as a gorilla

No. 1536297

Ffs stop sperging about eating your nigels asscrack, pickmes never prosper no matter how hard you sperg. Back to shay

No. 1536312

>pussy juice has blood in it!
Still not shit particles.

No. 1536314

Shayna would guzzle alcohol beforehand and beat the shit out of Luna. Luna would scratch and kick, shayna would scream and drunkenly bellow while throwing her huge hamfists at Luna

No. 1536316

Wait wait I wanna add something—do we think Lurch would be lured by Big Shaynus bc she’s smaller than Tuna or would he defend his woman and use his Easter Island Head strength to join the fight kek this is so retarded and funb

No. 1536321

I would also like to add - what are they fighting over? Benzos? A coomers last penny? Idk much about Luna but I feel like she's so ~soft girl~ she would lose, but also Shayna has been raised sheltered her whole life and I doubt she's ever been in a fight. Maybe Luna would win after all.

No. 1536332

The last dirty once-pink cheap velour tracksuit kek yeah Shayna being soooo sheltered would def factor in, but the booze tard strength that can happen makes me rethink my initial opinion that she would lose lmao. Luna’s heft and height give her a size advantage but Shayna seems more capable of viciousness.

No. 1536347

They would fight over Lurch kek

No. 1536398

LOL it’s true…I think he’s officially old, crusty & degen enough to be a potential “daddy” for Shay

No. 1536421

>im happy for shayna
Probably a troll
>Im excited this will bring new milk
Shayheads, I think i'm almost at the end of the rope.
What new milk? SHE DID THIS SHIT ALREADY. She's not going to lose any weight, if she keeps drinking and eating how she does. Bitch doesn't need a fucking gym membership, she just thinks a gym membership is a "Quick" fix because someone will "Force" and "guide" her into doing work outs.
Then she'll just go home, drink and MAYBE she'll buy some expensive diet meals, but she's not going to stop snacking or drinking.
it's retarded in there. Whats the fucking milk? She's going to fail again. She's not going to stick to it.
There's no point. It's the same shit every other day, except now we have ass eaters/trolls who come into her thread to compliment her to clog the thread.

No. 1536422

Same anon, she's not going to count calories which IMO would do more for her then going to work out for at best a hour, then sleeping, smoking, drinking and eating out. it's not going to do shit, I'm a fatty and I know. I've been through it. So I don't see the milk. I don't see the difference.

No. 1536686

I wonder if the diseased scrote said something about her weight that made her attempt to crack down

No. 1536766

i feel like luna would be larping that shes so uwu smoll and weak and cant hit hard but would still end up winning because her layer of fat would absorb all of shaynas hits. shed be like spongebob when he gets punched by the bully

No. 1536841

Aye is anyone working on a new thread?

No. 1536858

File: 1680195458749.png (139.56 KB, 442x310, image_2023-03-30_125815749.png)

Nonas, in a pick me off who would win?
Lets say we paid Shayna and Shoe $500 each to do a "Social expirment". Using these pictures and this information they make a social media profile. They DO NOT talk about their past in anyway, they just make a profile on a dating site. At the end of the month, the data collected. Who do you think attracted the most scrotes and got "picked" the most by pretending to be a 100% normal woman just trying to find "love" on the internets

No. 1536865

Shayna could break the skinny retards' neck like a twig. However, I feel like the girl in the right has been a much more chronic pick me for a longer time. So, ideological she's the winner. But shayna would definitely win a wrestling match between the two.
And for the dating app shtick.. the brunette wins. She's kinda cute

No. 1536866

Lmao this made me irl kek. Honestly I’m gay and think shoe is def not hideous physically (sue me, she’s cute even if everything else about her is ugly and stupid) so prob her. But honestly would be v entertaining to see the results

No. 1536871

Oh shoe on head would win, while her personality is ugly she definitely is not and I think she has a nice body, shay is fat, ugly and lacks a personality to make up for her fatness

No. 1536939

>who would get more dates?
>Shay could break her neck
Made me kek out loud.

No. 1536982

File: 1680204113011.jpeg (127.15 KB, 750x1081, D72335EE-C691-4CAD-B171-EB4D8A…)

Anons make the new thread please

No. 1536985

File: 1680204208178.jpeg (112.53 KB, 750x1030, C5F0E5A2-F619-4D74-BD77-0FC8E4…)

Thank god she never wants to be a mother, lifetimes of complete and utter suffering were saved

No. 1536998

where new thread plz

No. 1537004

Someone definitely needs to photoshop that pin on her dress to say "Pick Me!" instead of try me.

No. 1537007

I agree with >>1536139 that you must be fucking with some gross moids if you think having dick cheese is a "constant problem" with men. To answer >>1536139 's question, dick cheese is probably more of a thing with uncircumsized guys because the cheese collects in the dick flaps, but still. Uncircumcised guys tends to smell like old piss more than anything, never experienced any "cheese" when they roll back the flap.

No. 1537010

This makes her "I wanna be the hot step mom!" Shit even weird, every man she's taken seriously has had kids, why constantly date men with kids seriously but not want to be q mother or step mom? If she continues dating 30+ men most these losers are baby daddies/ex husbands/fathers.
Why does someone so selfish constantly date scrotes with stings attached? Nevermind I forget shayna is a only fans sex worker and not just any sex worker, but one who dresses like a baby and has all kinds of gross porn and info about her online.
So I guess she couldn't get a unattached scrote whose 30+ with no kids or ex wife or baby mother, because those are the only men who'd be seen with her. Even then they easily dump her and marry women who want to have kids/they can be seen with.
Her life makes me itchy

No. 1537011

Come on now mod, red texting in the Shaynatorium? Do we need an even deeper level of Shayna thread where us ass-eating shayheads can exist in some fucking peace. If we can't eat ass and make shitty photoshops of Shayna, why does Lolcow even exist?

No. 1537065

File: 1680208308753.jpeg (69.2 KB, 1242x1341, 76B8CE5D-7FCC-4D91-876C-989D62…)


Some thread pic options for the nonnie that wants to make the new main thread. There was so much good stuff this time kek pic included is my favorite screenshot from her recent stream

No. 1537206

File: 1680216046193.jpg (522.37 KB, 1706x2047, FsgEhrpaMAAs2AM.jpg)

where tf is the new thread

No. 1537213

I thought she was beat up but I realized it was her eyebags casting shadow

No. 1537235

File: 1680218811438.jpeg (469.78 KB, 2828x2828, 7142DEE2-0E81-4B90-B16F-F1E3E1…)

the tit is dead

No. 1537257

File: 1680221044422.jpeg (390.55 KB, 2048x2048, 1B1F2CEC-D8B5-4BE9-BF0F-284048…)

I can't wait for when she gets the implant replaced

No. 1537276

Is this supposed to be domestic violence porn?

No. 1537284

The fact that shaynas got like 100+ threads on here but no one cares enough to make a new one, combined with people saying that in a normie off Shayna would lose, but could probably take on a literal junkie in a fist fight is killing me

No. 1537285

because even shaytards don’t like her enough to make a thread plus recapping everything gives us whiplash

No. 1537286

File: 1680223609683.jpeg (11.45 KB, 232x278, 52349C95-CF6E-4B98-BAE6-B8E3A5…)

No. 1537288

File: 1680223656035.jpeg (59.41 KB, 876x735, 69EC86F9-40A6-45A2-A997-F7667F…)

Bitch is getting bigger by the second

No. 1537292

File: 1680223883438.jpeg (57.02 KB, 832x669, 2FE3B98F-775A-4511-BF80-9587E8…)

Shayna looks like a TIM wearing rainbow in hopes of attracting a lesbian

No. 1537299

File: 1680224871381.jpeg (34.13 KB, 481x593, 732B820A-BEE5-4306-9E3C-7C3E9A…)

No. 1537303

File: 1680225435253.jpeg (39.88 KB, 663x495, CC18D1BD-7192-4D09-88B1-A72822…)

She’s so fucking ugly like I can’t believe some anons think she’s decent looking

No. 1537305

im making one now

No. 1537306

File: 1680225726928.jpeg (124.39 KB, 960x1434, 48EF7F9C-5A04-4CAB-9625-97DE97…)

Same energy

No. 1537313

No. 1537317

File: 1680227088931.jpg (154.5 KB, 1044x1445, image.jpg)

This was the original thread pic I was considering

No. 1537348

bless you nona

No. 1537353

No. 1537560

Shoeonhead is like a model compared to shay

No. 1537584

I don't think I can ever get over how much more the front of her thighs stick out compared to her pancake ass

No. 1537785

File: 1680274955548.jpg (138.32 KB, 1226x804, UnderTheSea.JPG)

the crab posts in the previous Shaynus thread had me losing it.
So I made an attempt.

No. 1537954

Fucking kek this is so shaytistic I love it. Great job in capturing her range of complexions, from porcine jaundice to Clifford red

No. 1538252

File: 1680327758993.png (6.51 MB, 1242x2208, A3919919-E4F0-4D3F-A4AD-8C01DB…)

No. 1538371

File: 1680345656083.png (346.57 KB, 1170x2532, 90EC98E2-0951-4B54-B14C-05FD68…)

Archiving Shaypril Fools Day.

No. 1538373

For the nonnies of the future
Index https://archive.is/EnLDV
Thread #132 https://archive.is/DRFn9
Catalog https://archive.is/p8OYp

No. 1539436

File: 1680456223970.jpg (69.7 KB, 1076x738, Shaytarded.JPG)

No. 1539460

File: 1680459466855.jpeg (293.6 KB, 1242x1530, A4E8A4B9-A4B7-47B8-A060-08DADC…)

Uh oh stinky

No. 1539487

File: 1680461975412.jpeg (73.82 KB, 713x918, 20230402150043752.jpeg)

Why hasn't the shaynatoruim been moved to /shay/?

No. 1539584

wait am i shaytarding or does shag kinda looks italian but like ugly italian like think new jersey dj.

No. 1539647

File: 1680474082968.jpeg (131.79 KB, 1149x1451, 78C67AEA-68FF-4CAD-B994-73BC9A…)

No. 1539840

File: 1680497771252.jpeg (227.41 KB, 1100x885, 01316F68-90DA-4D55-9EEF-47CAE2…)

No. 1539843

team titty surgery wya

No. 1539856

File: 1680499147918.jpeg (204.68 KB, 2078x2944, F6ECE772-9B61-4CEE-93EC-A7FF3A…)

I think of her PH comments from time to time.

No. 1539858

Noodle just appeared on stream and her muzzle is so grey now, makes me sad instead of living her golden years in a fulfilling way she's languishing on a balcony to escape the smoke filled apartment, searching for another stray french fry as the highlight of her day.

No. 1539874

she put stuff in her butt on cam so im back on team titty

No. 1539932

File: 1680514417249.jpeg (57.99 KB, 1155x1448, BC58D6B1-CB72-49C5-9F16-FCD850…)

She aged like shit just like her owner lmao

No. 1540118

File: 1680538292896.gif (2.38 MB, 460x480, 6c742b1c-fce9-40d5-95ac-f42f7f…)

No. 1540335

I feel the Shay board may soon need its own "fart edit" thread.

No. 1540336

File: 1680559276462.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.14 KB, 2693x1465, MayoChup.JPG)

I feel the Shay board may soon need its own "fart edit" thread.

No. 1541012

Battery in my laptop finally shit the bed so I had to take it in to have someone transfer the data from it over to my new one, and I’m dying at the thought of some poor nerd having to read all my Shayna edits file names kek

No. 1541029

Please god yes lmao I’m so juvenile but I kek heartily every goddamn time

No. 1541557

imagine if he turned out to be one of her three fanboys

No. 1541602

File: 1680726194780.jpeg (27.74 KB, 828x366, 0D4B93D4-272B-4F91-BBDF-67BD87…)

Damn shayna has some reach lmao
Btw I hate this fucking moid but all I could think of was shat lool

No. 1542249

Moved to >>>/shay/159974.

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