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File: 1679164955169.jpeg (118.16 KB, 994x1410, 1679162492095.jpeg)

No. 1790716

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1781399

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1777090 has an unimpressive cam session where she's fatter and more miserable than ever
>>1777176 attempts to win Jason Womack back who has presumably left her for a more enticing camwhore
>>1777294 comes up with non-stop excuses at to why she doesn't cam
>>1777367 bans one of her coomers for asking how she got so fat
>>1777351 claims she has cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome(CHS) on stream
>>1777375 retard dance
>>1777697 claims she's quitting weed
>>1777938 goes on a skincare shopping spree which she'll never use
>>1778082 admits her and her pedo gf can't communicate unless they use twitter
>>1778810 new tiktok where she looks as busted as ever
>>1779706 posts a photoset of her retarded rape fantasy outside on her balcony
>>1779495 shayna admits she's jealous of other SWers
>>1780123 more of her gross rape fantasies on her balcony
>>1780269 retarded cowtipper anon claims to send the photos to her landlord and report her for indecent exposure
>>1780931 shay has a meltdown and claims she'll quite SW but ultimately doesn't
>>1782125 confirms she is getting surgery next month, not confirmed what will be fixed
>>1784411 flies back out to shoot with Skidmark academy, gets caned and looks like a corpse
>>1788855 shay leans into very bimbo sleep apnea porn

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1790720

thanks for making the new thread anon, anyone who gives thread OP shit: should have made it yourself if you think you could have done better, you had multiple days to do so

No. 1790725

File: 1679166160961.jpg (111.6 KB, 1080x1291, IMG_20230318_130129.jpg)

Thank you for the new thread Nona; she's again protecting pedos

No. 1790727

sorry I left the old links in, I was losing my shanity going to ot, and she seems like she’s been on one between getting rabid about kink shaming and realizing her life is shit- praying she cams tonight happy shaturday nonnies

No. 1790731

telling your father you have "tighter holes" than your mother is not disgusting though

No. 1790732

She's only doing this because nonnies like me, were pointing out how she doesn't call these people out the same way she does in drama. Shayna the reason they want you to do thos and talk to you is because what you do. They feel you are one of them or could be paid to play into their shit.
Don't try to blast them now because you were called out. Actual pedos watch you and seek you out. It's not just kink

No. 1790735

File: 1679167779691.png (76.03 KB, 863x705, Screenshot_20230318-122912.png)

A cam show is probably unlikely

No. 1790736

File: 1679167839829.jpg (53.97 KB, 750x501, 1679163585572.jpg)

Just reposting this from the shaynatorium, this is the kind of rejection you can't waterboard out of most people.

No. 1790739

except you have, multiple times. there’s multiple vids where in the description you say you are a teenager, or 13/14/15, or a toddler or a baby. I fucking hate you Shayna, rot.

No. 1790740

Aww what a jealous manipulative thing to do lol

No. 1790742

fr the fact that she’s trying to do this poor damage control as if there aren’t vid descriptions where she clearly describes herself as a baby/toddler. she knows pedos follow her and she allows that shit, too late to backtrack now.

No. 1790743

File: 1679168609336.gif (1.94 MB, 498x270, surprised-pikachu-surprised.gi…)

>Literally pisses in a diaper while wearing a baby onesie and sucking on a pacifier
>Repeatedly refers to herself as a little girl
>Outraged that degenerate pedo audience she panders to act like degenerate pedos

No. 1790744

File: 1679168763862.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.26 KB, 1284x1060, 405280FD-3B73-4B9F-A212-211096…)

No. 1790745

That's a triple chin already

No. 1790747

File: 1679169226330.jpeg (103.29 KB, 1284x916, B3FBF6AE-7C40-4160-B7B4-EFD0D6…)

the fact that anyone believes Shatna is “thoughtful” or “intelligent” is absolutely mind blowing.

No. 1790748

File: 1679169565972.jpg (207.67 KB, 1440x1920, Collage_20230318_215911.jpg)

No. 1790749

Oh great, another "bad brain day." Just like clockwork.

No. 1790756

File: 1679171427679.jpeg (198.8 KB, 1170x1617, 8C4DC3B6-98E2-4758-AC0F-73D737…)

No. 1790757

File: 1679171469647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 231.4 KB, 1170x1680, 46649608-08A7-4703-A5E5-2C5FA4…)

Her other new video

No. 1790758

File: 1679171525504.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 94.69 KB, 1170x647, 6E26121A-7B57-45AA-A80B-C78184…)

No. 1790760

File: 1679171700442.jpeg (56.01 KB, 1170x396, B5D75E07-E475-439C-84C2-342B8D…)

And you’re PLAYING someone who’s underage

No. 1790761

kek what the fuck even is this? this isn't the most disgusting thing, but like, the idea of wearing a dress but rather than a groom the guy is still a fiance? and the fact that a moid would put a ring on it after every moid in her life ran away from her and never came NEAR doing that? and her looking like a bloated corpse… WHEW

No. 1790762

the cope is off the charts

No. 1790763

File: 1679171838938.jpeg (97 KB, 1170x938, 7221643A-5089-4A00-AFBC-7D019C…)

No. 1790764

File: 1679171871721.jpeg (271.75 KB, 1065x1894, E2C7E858-8C18-4141-8884-CD50F6…)

No. 1790765

File: 1679171913749.jpeg (169.56 KB, 1170x1576, D979A794-FD02-4F10-A446-EC1D25…)

She really edited that shirt to make it white again

No. 1790766

File: 1679172039119.jpeg (99.37 KB, 1170x1247, 4B4875B9-D297-44C9-ABD2-CB7ED9…)

I guess this is her new Womack

No. 1790767

holy fuckign shit that pfp

No. 1790768

File: 1679172094903.jpeg (169.72 KB, 1170x1583, 90FCF3DC-296B-47AF-AFF5-A726B9…)

Shay, you and all the people who buy from you are pedos

No. 1790775

File: 1679172819695.jpeg (17.05 KB, 241x209, 56AB3AE5-638A-4EC7-B1A1-2901ED…)

No. 1790776

File: 1679172894176.png (462.46 KB, 750x1334, 595AB11F-C50B-4EA1-AD4D-1DEE76…)

No. 1790783

isn’t age play pretending to be underage.. sucking on pacifiers, wearing and pissing in diapers, using the terms “mama and dada” while writing graphic fanfics about how they drug your bottle and rape you but SAYING a NUMBER? didn’t she use “13 going on 25” for an opener for a sugar baby profile? but a number, that’s too far for shay who is just the epitome of morality. god she’s so fucking stupid. she can pedo pander but calling it what it is can’t be justified to her.

No. 1790785

File: 1679174156285.jpeg (48.42 KB, 750x651, 3D13AB63-77A7-42C3-BC0B-A2BB78…)

she deleted this

No. 1790794

those are some deep forehead wrinkles for a 25yo

No. 1790800

She looks special needs

No. 1790802

Literally the ONLY reason they dont mention specific ages in porn is to avoid their content getting taken down. It slides by because they arent outright saying they are a "minor" because if they did the content would be flagged. That's it. Also I feel like it would be awkward to just put that in the dialog like "yes, daddy, Im a 14 year old girl"
But I guess the point that clearly literal pedos are contacting them because of the type of porn and way they present themselves being the actual issue is lost.

No. 1790804

Ugly ass outfit on an ugly ass bitch. What is this. Both pieces are shitty but then together it just looks like those vids where people blind roulette pick things at thrift stores and try it on.

No. 1790805

Titty surgery is taking the lead for reason for her upcoming surgery kek

No. 1790807

do we think she'll go live tonight? or pussy out again kek

No. 1790808

File: 1679176604912.png (Spoiler Image, 715.21 KB, 1170x2532, 9C894691-25B3-4D64-BAF4-25068D…)

Anytime I watch one of these to laugh at her I feel like someone somewhere will put me on some secret register for watching suspected special needs porn because what the absolute fuck is this lmaoooo

No. 1790817

why does it feel like she sent this message to herself. the typing style is so similar to her own and it has absolutely no subtlety. i know these messages usually don’t but it just very much feels like a woman wrote it, not a noncey scrote

No. 1790832

File: 1679180300180.jpg (71.98 KB, 720x720, shay_coomer.jpg)

>an IRL soyjak that is also a cuck
She attracts the most pathetic and disgusting coomers

No. 1790834

File: 1679180650986.jpeg (50.9 KB, 1170x736, 01A6BFD6-A83D-419D-BAB9-BD43B7…)

Get ready everyone

No. 1790837

She 100% typed this herself lol. She feels guilty about being a pedo so she goes through this mental gymnastic to justify her bs. Rot in hell shayna

No. 1790838

File: 1679181265289.gif (9.68 MB, 296x170, 1677438314227.gif)

Someone PLEASE record the camming tonight just so we can get more dancing gifs, this one gives me literal tears. She looks like Gloria from Madagascar trying to seduce Moto Moto.

No. 1790839

Re: the OP, hasn’t she been in Seattle for a while?

No. 1790842

not only is this guy a pathetic limp dicked coomer, a cuck and an irl soyjak, he’s not even showboating about his tragic poly lifestyle right. A metamour is your partner’s partner with whom you are not romantically or sexually involved. So the guy fucking his wife is his metamour, not hers.
wow it only took seven years but she’s almost nailed an actual POV shot here!

No. 1790843

File: 1679182161412.png (76.48 KB, 795x578, Screenshot 2023-03-18 192913.p…)

She actually bears an uncanny resemblance to Gloria the hippo kek

No. 1790849

Remember her seeking arrangements sugar daddy site bio where she said she wants people to think she’s 13 and question the legality of their relationship, she’s a fucking delusional fat pedophile

No. 1790851

He looks like the Nazi doctor in ahs

No. 1790853

File: 1679183575848.jpg (137.13 KB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_2023-03-18-18-52-02…)

so cool that Mike Slack is one of Shayna Clifford's biggest fans.

No. 1790855

Yo any idea what thread this was in? Somebody repost?
I remember it vaguely but did she really write that on it? Yikes.

No. 1790856

File: 1679183846881.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 214.99 KB, 1098x2048, 6FAE0311-943E-4E3E-955E-53F98A…)


No. 1790857

> it's called age PLAY
this is the stupidest tweet I've ever seen. the "play" is not the part people care about. it's called AGE play. emphasizing the second word doesn't change the fact that it's "play" ABOUT being a young AGE. wearing baby clothing and talking like a baby is part of AGE play where you are pretending to be a different AGE, i.e. a minor. damn I never comment on her idiotic pedo-pandering but this tweet is just too braindead I'm mad on the internet

it only took her over 7 years to realize that giving everything away for free on Twitter is hurting her sales. like everyone has been saying since day 1

No. 1790858

File: 1679183904992.jpeg (373.41 KB, 2048x1536, 079D4F7C-91F2-4516-BFE5-AC3950…)

No. 1790859

File: 1679183951665.jpeg (360.07 KB, 1552x2048, 359805DA-CE57-4909-8C4F-399034…)

No. 1790861

File: 1679184041432.png (41.01 KB, 913x474, 1632866620158.png)

Nevermind I found it.

No. 1790862

File: 1679184059685.jpeg (281.95 KB, 828x2104, 379DCFF8-2017-4C3F-BF96-6B47D5…)

From thread 111

No. 1790863

looking at this feels like looking at actual retard porn

No. 1790864

it's from the POV of someone standing on the other side of the dick from her, not from the POV of the person attached to the dick, which is the whole point of POV shots. she still doesn't get it

No. 1790865

Why is she on the top when she’s the ugliest and fattest of the group? Poor woman in pink.

No. 1790866

Why do 2 of them look so miserable? Lol

No. 1790867

She looks like a huge human centipede what sped thought this photo would be a good idea just a bunch of flat, flabby cottage cheese buttts and Shatna's retarded ass face, yuck

No. 1790868

I'm actually surprised that she wrote this much and didn't use her retardspeak way of typing.

No. 1790871

she said she would be on at 5pm her time and it's already 5:12pm and she has not begun wtf is she bragging about

No. 1790872

File: 1679184854390.png (11.54 KB, 595x312, hbaksjhsjbjd.png)

lazy piggy snorta

No. 1790874

File: 1679185129105.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.94 KB, 1125x633, B8D688F4-8653-4D66-A758-EC96DD…)

No. 1790875

Why is just 1 girl in the group doing the classi. Skidmore ugly pout thing while the others are smiling and "normal" its so weird and off putting lol

No. 1790876

She's "not enjoying her hair this evening" and opened the white claw right away because she didn't "want to wait for a tip to drink". Guests are muted, bleaque.

No. 1790877

she said she looks like Carmela Soprano, Edie Falco just dug a grave so she could roll in it

No. 1790878

she won’t stop talking about how much she hates her outfit and her hair it’s like she wants to be a vlogger but everyone just wants her to get naked

No. 1790879

I couldn't stop staring at her weird armpit lump by her fake zombie tit.

No. 1790880

File: 1679185520402.png (64.55 KB, 322x332, 456245.png)

No. 1790881

File: 1679185547556.png (522.98 KB, 828x1792, DFC8F27E-0440-404C-AF01-6C0AFB…)

disgusting promo pic

No. 1790882

There's something to be said that her latest cheerleader is an incestuous pedophile.

No. 1790883

her wannabe drag queen speak is so annoying

No. 1790884

talking about a john trying to buy her with a ticket to disney kek

No. 1790885

File: 1679185713350.jpeg (71.02 KB, 1125x623, AC8BCC67-B817-4258-BD6F-2485C2…)

spinny shaynus, now she’s telling her chat that one of her subscribers is flying her out to Disney before fetishcon

No. 1790887

How long has she been claiming to have ADHD?

No. 1790890

someone got the part where she said “i’m seeing someone, this guys that’s my friend”

No. 1790894

someone tipped her to dance and she straight up said no, they asked if she'd dance for the next song and she ignored them

this is the first I've heard of it, longtime shayfag here

No. 1790895

i’m recording the whole thing kek don’t want to clip it rn. Shaynus tax

No. 1790896

File: 1679186272126.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.56 KB, 1125x626, 714004A6-602F-44CF-B2FA-1EA953…)

No. 1790898

This picture is making me wonder many things, is she so fat that now she can’t do the only trick she used to be able to do? And now she probably can’t even get in the cage because she’s too fat. Portentous.

No. 1790899

If Gloria was a sped.

No. 1790900

thank u nonnie

No. 1790901

File: 1679186608298.jpeg (151.3 KB, 1170x1308, 5D005828-7FF9-4525-8C99-740EB5…)

No. 1790903

File: 1679186632992.png (Spoiler Image, 99.84 KB, 576x424, shass.png)

No. 1790904

What in the 2008 trailer trash look is that?? Not the bandana and cheap name plate oof

No. 1790905

cheap trash, enjoy the ER visit when it goes all the way up your asshole

No. 1790906

michael slack awfully quiet after being name dropped by the tipper

No. 1790908

i assume they're in character as buttercup and princess and those are supposed to be scowls

No. 1790909

exactly, cowtipper is scaring away the creeps and the milk

No. 1790910

I’m surprised she said his full name and said who is that instead of blocking/ignoring

No. 1790912

File: 1679186976603.png (48.87 KB, 492x322, STOP.png)

bruh shut the fuck up whoever this is

No. 1790914

she reads that zapman is a pedo who has subbed to his own daughters OF and then immediately uses the vibe with anime retard noises kek never change shart

No. 1790915

cowtippers are so lame. Cow's can produce milk themselves. Christ. Let her be embarrassed on her own. Moralfags are so fucking annoying (not that I don't agree with the opinions of the moralfags, but yeah)

No. 1790917

File: 1679187165934.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 210.55 KB, 1242x1363, 5C4BE39B-97FA-4734-84E1-BB21A8…)

Her moans sound so fake

No. 1790919

Her ass is sweating on her gamer chair and she needs to air it out. I bet that chair smells so fucking bad I’m gagging

No. 1790920

aliexpress pretty woman halloween costume

No. 1790922

Income the “haters” rant

No. 1790923

someone complimented her on her anime moans and now she won't stop with the voice and little noises god she's feeling herself tonight

No. 1790925

talks about LC while taking her necrotit out. Que bleaque

No. 1790927

File: 1679187942185.jpeg (100.25 KB, 1104x1055, 7AB2E8B7-90D3-4A80-A85D-A26DC2…)

Michael Slack the pedophile still interacts with and buys Shayna’s porn. I guess his urge to coom to an ugly fat bitch is worth being exposed as a pedophile and publicly outed
Clip of her complaining about stalkers: https://streamable.com/wbx6kf
Needs to be archived

No. 1790928

she's talking about how people constantly fall in love with her irl kek coping hard tonight

No. 1790929

File: 1679188066761.jpeg (103.35 KB, 1209x830, F7B8F9D2-82E8-4C3B-9B63-588CCD…)

She’s laughing at fattylovers69 and saying that she’s unbothered

No. 1790930

Does she really think that these men "Fall in love with her" because her charisma or they "Like her" and tell her what she wants to hear so they can get sex from her and do crazy shit meeting her.
I find it hilarous that both Shayna and her scrotes both think
>man I'm so cool this chick loves me enough to let me do whatever on the first day! I'm so fucking cool!
>Man he really loves me, I'm so pretty and nice! He only doesn't love me because i'm mentally ill!
And she's so annoying trying to "Dunk" on the cowtippers.
Coomers don't care, all she does is vents when she's online. I cannot imagine how much she trauma dumps with random people irl when she's meeting them.

No. 1790931

are you the cowtipper? stop being cringe

No. 1790932

saying how she only likes sex if its simulated rape/SA. she is putrid in and out.

No. 1790933

File: 1679188269169.jpeg (111.11 KB, 1242x900, DDC4E584-B18A-4BFB-AB5A-44BC67…)

No. 1790934

she doesn't like talking about what she doesn't like, but is constantly talking about shit she doesn't like sexually? She's just been making retarded voices and faces.
Now she claims to like ass eating, kek, whatever. She's so cringe and weird. She really seems like a very annoying person to be around, no wonder despite being a sex doll scrotes don't even play alone for a while.
And she looks fatter

No. 1790935

She also said that she puts nothing about DDLG on her profile but she still has guys who ask if she's into it as their first question to her so obviously moids can recognize she's into sick shit and is mentally ill. These dudes are def lovebombing her, she acts like she ghosts them but I don't know how accurate that is.

No. 1790936

Yeah but Buttercup is tough and usually looks pissed off and Princess is a brat that goes against the ppg. The black chick just always makes that face in pics I swear and it all just reminds me of the Skidmore faces they all have to do but this is a totally different thing lol

No. 1790937

Isn't the other explanation for that is that Shayna is lying as usual?

No. 1790938

she doesn't like that either, I feel like thats why the scrotes she goes for get annoyed. They aren't truly into that shit ALL the time. Either she's pretending she's being raped/assulted or laying there. She's fucking weird and I'm realizing more and more why the retards she goes for despite being horrible don't stick around.
She's not attractive, funny or sexual. They just do dumb shit and get bored after a while. Thats why Shane was sitting on her back and shit.

No. 1790939

This fit is giving horribly worn lot lizard 100% jfc

No. 1790940

Way to make scrotes think that when a girl is saying no and looking like she's not enjoying it to carry on.

Moids were doing this anyway but for sexless simps they will honestly believe this

No. 1790941

why does she keep announcing everything the cowtipper does? They clearly want attention. She's clearly bothered by it. It's weird scrotes don't care.

No. 1790942

they know she's a low effort weirdo who they can possibly get sex from easily. Shayna thinks what scrotes think, that she's just so amazing, pretty and great to be around they fall in love with her, but she just happens to be mentally ill.
It doesn't compute to her these guys don't like her or love her. No they do, they just can't deal with her being mentally ill.

No. 1790945

And it's gross she's talking about how she's known she was into older guys since a very "young age"
And Shayna, you don't date tall guys, just ugly scrotes with baby mothers/wives/kids who don't really like you and you are the second choice. Men who marry women a year later.

No. 1790946

Now she's talking about a male teacher she had a crush on, telling her to put on a sweater because she wasn't wearing a bra, him also creeping on her and she's giggling about it. Saying she can come to his farm when she graduate. She's gross and I strongly dislike her. She never dates tall men so this rant is retarded.

No. 1790947

File: 1679188937140.png (1.83 KB, 266x30, jdjdjjdjd.png)

No. 1790948

So much for "you pedos need to get therapy".
Whether this story is true or not she is glamourising the pedophilia. And the scrotes in her room are like "mmm yeah bet he wanted you" when she's talking about a time when she was underage.

Fuckin nonces

No. 1790949

holy shit she's actually putting on chapstick

No. 1790950

yeah, it's gross. She's retarded and you can tell she doesn't get out of the house, nor does she get any scrote attention she likes. She acts so fucking frantic and excited to speak about her life.
90% of her stories are her past, about fupaul, about sex work and I'm sure that she doesn't have much more to speak on IRL. She's truly stunted

No. 1790951

File: 1679189092459.jpeg (145.24 KB, 1242x1180, 352644AB-9E61-476B-937F-7D8E18…)

No. 1790952

I stg thats just how she copes and "sells" being sexually repulsed. She truly doesnt enjoy sex but shes chosen this so being "forced" makes it so she doesnt have to act like she enjoys it and can just lay there.

No. 1790955

If she wasnt a sex worker, it would be a valid brag. But theres so many lonely, disgusting, desperate, horny coomers that see her as attainable (in their league) that its not the flex she thinks it is.

No. 1790956

File: 1679189918569.png (316.5 KB, 873x823, rat.png)

"if you loved your daughter, you'd take her panties off" being extra pedo tonight

No. 1790957

File: 1679189933786.webm (5.24 MB, 1920x888, hurr durr i is bimbo.webm)

The faces this dumb bitch makes lol. I can’t

No. 1790958

File: 1679190117393.png (210.64 KB, 658x820, poop emoji.png)

No. 1790959

Really pandering to her long time and number 1 coomer Mike Slack. This is one of the things I hate most about her: she doubles down on being a piece of shit. Cowtipper pointed out Mike Slack as incest pedo creep and instead of ignoring it and being mindful of what she says, she goes and says shit like that. Irredeemable.

No. 1790961

she just spread her holes and there was toilet paper all over i am not screen shotting that shit

No. 1790962

her body looks like store brought biscuit dough somebody left out over night that went grey, lumpy and hard.
Just no muscle tone what so ever, flat ass, big huge fat thighs, no hips just yuck. I hate to talk about a womans body this way but seriously.

No. 1790964

Doesnt she claim to shower before getting on cam?? So either she doesnt or she does the incel dude shower where she just stands in the water. Shes not washing even the hot spots… absolutely disgusting

No. 1790966

she had like 50 now she has 44 kek did some coomers just leave or farmers? As soon as she started showing her body

No. 1790967

File: 1679190656522.png (Spoiler Image, 756.74 KB, 2532x1170, C0E534E7-E8B8-4B3E-A0E1-7037C4…)

There is a god because her internet cut out when she was doing that

No. 1790968

Shayna is just going to keep blowing up, she drinks so much even off cam. All those extra calories lord. All she does is giggle and drink

No. 1790969

What the actual fuck… she couldnt even whores bath it and washcloth her bits before going live jfc that is a horrific image.

No. 1790970

what is happening with this manic squirting rant lmfao she talks like a washed up woman with her third husband named reggie and looks it with this outfit

No. 1790972

Not the moid in herchat who doesn’t know squirt is just pee and defends it….

No. 1790973

"i don't like my tummy to hurt" kek not enough to put down the beers and cheemsburgers though

No. 1790974

File: 1679191204983.jpg (35.77 KB, 664x375, nazi mattel.jpg)

Nazi Mattel listening to white supremacist Phil Anselmo kek
>inb4 someone takes this seriously

No. 1790975

File: 1679191207071.png (2.98 KB, 387x50, Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 9.59…)

no comment.

No. 1790976

im dying laughing at this dancing holy shit, she looks like a fucking angry scrote dancing. Shayna is such a corn ball, you know she's constantly mouthing words in people's faces at the bar with her dry ass lips and stank breath.

No. 1790978

imagine believing half the population can't feel their urethra

No. 1790980

it isn’t though? that’s something trannies say to cope with the fact that they can’t squirt because they don’t have a real vagina

No. 1790981

File: 1679191457011.png (253.12 KB, 939x739, fpfppfpf.png)

"the suction cups were scooping up my cum" i'm gonna puke nonas

No. 1790982

I know it’s been said, but it makes no sense to me how pretending to be a kid is a ok, but nonono don’t say a number. What difference does it make if you are literally pretending to be a minor regardless

No. 1790983

yeah but it comes out of your urethra, she's closer than cervixretard
like what, does he think your uterus is just full of cumjuice? we're like big juicy cum berries? barf, man

No. 1790985

This is way fucking grosser than the literal shit covered dildo, it looks like maggots. I’m gonna be sick.

No. 1790986

She just admitted that she only knows how to screenshot on a Mac and not a Windows PC which probably means that her rose gold Macbook is working kekkkk

No. 1790987

she just figured out how to take a screenshot. fucking topkek.

No. 1790988

Right? If its all just "fantasy" and play and theyre little age playing toddlers and shit… why would specifying be a problem. In fact, I was pretty sure the littles and "age regressors" actually do have a specific age they regress or pretend to be. If youre pretending to be a minor, youre pretending to be a minor. Not saying it outright in vids imo is just to avoid their vids getting flagged or removed.

No. 1790989

I hate her but I genuinely feel bad for people who have never had consensual loving sex, it just feels so depressing to imagine what else it must be like.
Hey nona Shayna said that she thinks she knows who you are so you might want to watch out and lawyer up KEK.

No. 1790991

She also said that she isn’t most people’s cup of tea because she’s too “real”.

No. 1790992

Shayna is talking about wanting to play DnD as if she has friends

No. 1790993

holy fuck she is fat

No. 1790994

Which one of her coomers is John45988062?

No. 1790995

Shayna says she cares more about other people's feelings than her own

No. 1790996

It’s her “toxic trait” even.

No. 1790999

>Been to Mexico, Belize, Cancun, Cozumel

Cancun and Cozumel are IN Mexico, you absolute retard

No. 1791000

>why don't you do pro work
>Harassment blah blah blah
>Why don't you film with other people
>harassment blah blah
Shayna you literally said people constantly don't want to work with you because the fucking "She's racists/she loves hilter"!!
I'm getting sick of her bringing this up. She could work with these degens, she's just does niche shit, she doesn't want to have sex online and is probably annoying, fat and not attractive.
She's lying now. it's retarded.
Sex workers cancel her now because their own retarded shit and she says she feels 25 is old. She thinks people think she's younger and she doesn't look like an adult.
Bitch yes you do. I hate her

No. 1791001

Thats what unlikable bitches say kek

No. 1791002

"I'm aware that people don't think I'm 25. They tell me 'You don't even look like an adult!'"
Keep telling yourself that, Shaynus

No. 1791003

Every time she cams it’s so weird like what even if this? This isn’t a sex cam show it’s just her ranting about the same things and try to get compliments.

Now she’s claiming people say she doesn’t even look like an adult in real life?

No. 1791004

she copes so much what the fuck, people tell her to her fucking face it's because they don't want to be cancelled, she's said this multiple times. ALSO NOBODY THINKS YOU LOOK UNDER 18, you are FAT, YOU AREN'T SHORT. YOU ARE A AVERAGE HEIGHT CHUBBY ADULT WOMAN. Nobody thinks you are underaged

No. 1791005

Oof she doesn’t know you can’t have certain material sex toys next to each other because they will melt, especially lower quality ones, she does not take care of her things or even have basic knowledge about this stuff.

No. 1791006

She lives in constant disillusion, every scrote really loves her like they say but they find she's mentally ill and then they can't deal, oh and lolcow. OMG so many people want to work with her but harassment! Except she has said at least 3 times this year people are worried about being "Cancelled" because she's problematic or some shit. She lies so much. She doesn't want to do pro work thats not being slapped around, she said her body type may be the reason before defaulting to "Harassment". Shayna truly thinks she's amazing and perfect, that if Lolcow didn't exist she'd just be at the top of her shit. NO the retards cancelling her for the hilter shit/racist shit would still be doing that. Keeping it real Lolcow isn't the reason her rep is bad on sex work twitter. It's other sex workers playing the "woke" game.

No. 1791009

>She's obessed with looking pretty, doesn't want people to see her without eyelashes
Shayna..you get on camera with dry ass fucking lips, acne, yellow ass teeth, one time your tounge was fucking blue, stop acting you care about how you look.
You do all kinds of demeaning shit. The excuses she uses are retarded,considering she JUST start wearing lipgloss and she doesn't even make that a habit. Just some times.

No. 1791011

She’s done facial distortion before as well with the tights over her head and her lashes were all flipped up so I don’t get the excuse

No. 1791012

Pretty sure she just kept them in a big box all touching each other.
I've heard this from so many sex workers I swear. One saying "they melted in the car". Imagine this shit being your actual job and not knowing about this.

No. 1791013

she doesn't know how to say,
Except when it's something like getting her pussy ate or vanilla shit. She constantly feels she has to explain herself to these idiots and make it seem like she's "above" certain acts. I saw how she shut down not liking to get her pussy ate, but when it comes to shit that makes scrotes happy she has to grovel and make an excuse.

No. 1791015

I’m guessing she actually thinks Facial Abuse is too big and probably wouldn’t accept to work with her so she’s claiming it wouldn’t be her brand.

No. 1791018

I think it's just out of her comfort zone, shayna doesn't really do extreme shit. She bruises easy and she's ugly with a ugly body, so seeing her briused up or in those ugly facial hooks with her yellow teeth looks gross, but it's not that bad. She doesn't want to be required to do anything, blow jobs, actual vomit, actually having to follow someone elses rules thats not her laying on her ass back.
She doesn't do pro shit because she doesn't want to do certain acts, I wish she'd stop lying. It's easier to lay around like a fat roll of old dough and have dumb shit happen to her, then actually pretend to enjoy herself with another person or follow instructions. Like I said, she constantly makes long retarded excuses as to why she won't do gross shit for scrotes because she doesn't want them to run away.

No. 1791020

I feel fucking retarded by admitting that this screen cap is actually kinda cute
Help me what the fuck nonnies

No. 1791021

> calling her chat ungrateful fucks for not tipping.
> ‘sexily’ says her asshole needs to be scratched with a plug??

No. 1791022

File: 1679193837065.png (14.9 KB, 634x96, bleak.png)

"i dont care about your wife, i care about me and my butthole"

thats it im writing of whore clauses into my prenup

No. 1791023

She looks like a toad. Kek just think about the image she tries to create for herself with snow filters. Makes me laugh because she looks nothing like them in this picture.

No. 1791024

so i found some converter, she's freaking out over getting $30? or is that wrong, kek

No. 1791025

File: 1679193925806.png (9.57 KB, 640x82, hahaaaa.png)

No. 1791027

actual shitshow incoming

No. 1791028

saying she's going to piss, probably going to make sure she doesn't have an accident kek

No. 1791029

File: 1679193955391.png (11.5 KB, 661x326, damn bitch.PNG)

She was screeching over this amount being tipped to her.
Being this excited over $30…

No. 1791031

How is it possible for her to get toilet seat imprints on her butt from peeing I’ve never experienced that. Also, she would do a hover pee but not all the other stuff to improve her appearance.

No. 1791032

She literally looks those cheap trashy junkie hookers in early svu episodes who get $20 thrown at them

No. 1791033

ive never seen someone with paper thin lips that get as crusty ass shayna's does

No. 1791034

Low-key she’s acting more sexy when she’s talking about the smell of steak than when she’s doing porn stuff

No. 1791035

File: 1679195234934.png (Spoiler Image, 57.78 KB, 333x340, fat.png)

No. 1791037

wonder if that scrote telling her he wasn't going to choose giving her pennies over his wife/kids is reminding her of the scrotes who chose their irl spouses/girlfriends/kids over her gross ass. Kek fuck that retarded scrote/farmer though

No. 1791038

Jesus Christ, her face is completely round and witch-like.

No. 1791039

ass covered in boils and celluite yet still flat as hell

No. 1791040

File: 1679195635306.jpeg (15.04 KB, 848x149, 4A91A7E7-8991-45EE-BE3F-4541B5…)

I don’t know if she banned him for that or maybe she was just pissed off at him for some other reason. Last thing he said before he got banned right after.

No. 1791041

she's listening to fucking burzum. i'm dying.

No. 1791042

She looks like the human equivalent of a hamburger jfc

No. 1791045

File: 1679196257322.jpeg (64.78 KB, 1169x641, DDBBF2E9-0390-418B-B96C-664A64…)

A greasy pig asking coomers to buy her a pig gag harness

No. 1791046

How is it that she's wearing barely any clothes and tall black boots yet she looks so GOOFY stomping around and leaning over trying to show off her body. Is it because she's built like Humpty Dumpty or also because she's not graceful and kinda moves like an autist.

No. 1791047

oh no shes aboyut to rant about the cow tipper, she does not care what the scrotes who give her money do, she's very annoyed about it kek. She's a retarded and doesn't realize stopping everything and whining is the opposite of not giving a fuck.

No. 1791050

>I don't care
>Stops what she's doing, sits down and rants about how much she doesn't care
>pretends she just wasn't crying about wanting to quit because a cowtipper.
She doesn't realize she's doing what the retard cow tipper wants, showing she's truly bothered. Just ban them and move on. She's constantly calling attention to the people she claims are harassing her and I'm very confused. Usually she doesn't go this hard. it's a waste of time. It's clear it bothers her so much

No. 1791054

there are 60 people in her room, only 5 are people who have accounts that allow tipping. she's entertaining 55 people for free, probably mostly farmers

No. 1791056

Did she just log off? LMFAO

No. 1791058

she said she'll be back in 20 minutes (she promises) because she needs to get alcohol and walk her dog.

No. 1791066

Pretty sure only the first half of that statement is true.

Idk about how other nonnies feel about it but I would never leave my dog tied up alone outside a shop. Fat mongrel or not you cannot trust that someone might try take them.

If you going to a place a dog isn't allowed inside alone just don't bring them. A dog should be entitled to a walk, not just accompanying you on a booze run kek.

No. 1791067

jfc cowtipper shut the fuck up. you're not cool or funny. if she goes offline again instead of coming back, I'm blaming you for spoiling the milk.

No. 1791068

File: 1679197865985.png (51.19 KB, 863x496, Screenshot_20230318-205056.png)

Can this retard stop

No. 1791075

are you the cowtipper? no one else is laughing, you're an idiot for finding it funny

No. 1791076

File: 1679198094807.png (50.22 KB, 576x446, Untitled.png)

just made some random guy a mod

No. 1791078

No she’s not taking Noodle to any shop, she ordered the alcohol to be delivered to her house.

No. 1791079

File: 1679198265443.jpeg (109.32 KB, 750x1063, 55F1596E-9BC3-4DFD-BE15-22ECE3…)

I swear this is someone trying to make farmers look bad like Blaine or a moid from KF. Who would say this shit without thinking of how unhinged they sound? Now she looks like a victim here and you seem like a crazed stalker.

No. 1791080

File: 1679198374784.png (60.55 KB, 806x266, cowtipperreturns.png)

No. 1791081

Whoever this is needs to knock it off, you are really messed up and are making me think of Shayna in a sympathetic way, which is probably the opposite of your goal

No. 1791082

Who would say that shit? I dunno, probably the same tard that sent the porn of her on her balcony to her landlord and is pissed they didn’t get the result they wanted that time

No. 1791085

File: 1679198463675.jpg (192.07 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_2023-03-19-03-57-45…)

This is all dumb but who is Luna? Shat seems to be convinced whoever is doing this is a certain person and now she's dropped a name.

No. 1791086

File: 1679198573381.jpg (192.07 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_2023-03-19-03-57-45…)

This is all dumb but who is Luna? Shat seems to be convinced whoever is doing this is a certain person and now she's dropped a name.

No. 1791087

File: 1679198494554.jpeg (222.14 KB, 1170x1778, 16D5FB16-6137-4668-B6A7-729F2C…)

No. 1791088

fucked up and didn't shaycord the audio so i made a compilation of everything else to laugh at. nsfl my poor little eyes

No. 1791090

ugh cowtipper fuck off stop ruining the milk with your lame threats

No. 1791093

File: 1679198871217.webm (18.19 MB, 546x718, Shayna Leigh Clifford on Her «…)

No. 1791099

I think she thinks Luna is the person harassing her, some twitter SW she had beef with a long time ago if I remember correctly?

No. 1791102

File: 1679199498718.jpeg (95.48 KB, 1170x942, 9B0D556D-A009-4470-A4B5-1E481D…)

No. 1791105

If it's this Luna it's this girl posted here on >>>/snow/981629, two years ago.

No. 1791106

Sometimes I think this is intentional so that Shayna can illicit pity since her old ways of begging barely work. Just in case I’m wrong, if you’re a farmer, know you’re just validating her victim mentality.

No. 1791107

Sounds like a fat girl problem or youre sitting too long taking a shit. Also fucking ironic coming from a bitch who gets on cam with her coochie covered in toilet paper bits.

No. 1791109

why is she putting on a baby voice tonight omfg its so terrible

No. 1791113

Hurrdurr harible I speak Boston teehee shut the fuck up Shayna no personality ass bitch

No. 1791115

File: 1679200405923.jpeg (62.98 KB, 965x761, B8AE89E5-F52A-496B-92A7-145582…)

No. 1791116

the absolute irony of her doing air quotes for "job" when she says farmers(I'm assuming?) are too busy during the week to keep up on her. Imagine having an actual job shayna. kek

No. 1791117

File: 1679200614792.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 79.29 KB, 1125x624, 8837A6FB-6708-4EB6-880C-AAF102…)

she’s comparing doing sex work to womack’s glassworking because they both suck kek

No. 1791124

if that’s true, it’s just so… pathetic. she only had 5 active viewers.

No. 1791125

Same anon, other anon deleted her post but I did a better search and there are some mentions of Luna here. Someone who she blamed everything on on her Tumblr days for harassing her. >>>/snow/870323

No. 1791127

I meant at a later time on Twitter, which is where the majority of her small audience interacts with her. It’s a pattern I’ve noticed: she does something questionable, her thread is spammed, she goes to Twitter and cry about it and receives a lot of attention.

No. 1791129

Or something questionable happens, in this case the Michael (Mike) Slack reveal on her chat.

No. 1791130

she's asking her viewers to give her advice on how to make better sales and get more money. someone said "so you're looking for business advice?" and she said "yes! exactly"

No. 1791131

she can't tell a single story without mentioning she was underage at the time

No. 1791132

She’s asking her viewers for constructive criticism on what she could be doing better tone more successful. I guess all of the advice she’s gotten from women over 5 years on here fell on deaf ears, surprise surprise.

No. 1791133

File: 1679202002166.jpeg (28.51 KB, 1170x295, 7AB701CA-5734-4378-8F61-F6D8FB…)

Well she caters to them and lets them in her apartment to sniff her ass

No. 1791134

File: 1679202015861.png (43.64 KB, 794x354, Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 11.5…)

pls tell me one of the ~30 other nonnas with good wifi is getting this

No. 1791135

Why would she talk about how she was in NSFW spaces even when she was underage and how that means she can't not be SFW. That sounds awful and messed up.

No. 1791136

Everyone is telling her to become a vtuber lmfaooo, she’s so delusional “people love my voice, I know i have a good voice”

No. 1791137

honestly would love for her to try twitch just for our benefit

No. 1791138

Most sex workers are cognizant of the nature of their work attracting freaks and stalkers, sometimes dangerous people, but dumbass shay posts her every move and goes out wearing her trashy hooker getup because she thinks it’s quirky. She really wishes to be a victim of assault or murder and it’s weird as fuck. Even her moid freak viewers warn her about her retarded actions kek

No. 1791139

File: 1679202533322.png (1.99 KB, 122x37, what.png)

This is a person in her chat…this is too weird and creepy. (Checked that they are an old account so maybe not farmer).

No. 1791140

Because when she talks about it she makes her the victim in that story

No. 1791142

Wow she actually seems happy

No. 1791143

What was the trauma dump?

No. 1791145

are you serious? She’s plastered rn

No. 1791146

Wasn't really trauma dump, she was just saying that she can't possibly do Twitch or any SFW space because she has been in NSFW since before she was an adult and so she don't know how to behave and will get banned.

No. 1791147

could you fuckers be anymore obvious in chat, geez, you're going to scare her away

No. 1791148

Wasn’t she also plastered last time but seemed depressed and flat? Every time I’ve tuned in she’s been pissed of

No. 1791149

All this dancing is probably the most exercise she gets in months

No. 1791151

THIS STRIP TEASE I CANT one of you better be recording this

No. 1791152

Cheers! I wonder if she realises how lugubrious that sounds.

No. 1791153

I wish I fucking had. That shit made me walk away from the fucking screen

No. 1791155

File: 1679203783469.png (Spoiler Image, 119.07 KB, 714x396, Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 1.28…)

Holy fuck

No. 1791157

File: 1679204073519.png (Spoiler Image, 207.66 KB, 916x676, Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 11.2…)

i know nonas always say that her shit feels like sped porn but it truly has gotten worse

No. 1791158

She’s so grotesque looking.the toilet seat print on her cellulite, full of pimple hog legs BARF I’d rather die than have my stuff out like this online.

No. 1791160

File: 1679204617241.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 84.17 KB, 1242x691, 55E31883-EB71-47BD-9CE5-DACE6A…)

Christ alive

No. 1791161

File: 1679204721355.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 718x404, Replay 2023-03-19 01-28-53_com…)

No. 1791162

File: 1679204898040.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.86 KB, 1242x698, FDA2F8C4-D441-4823-ABEE-6D1B1D…)

No. 1791163

as if he's not a weirdo who followed and interacted with his own daughters porn account


No. 1791164

File: 1679204956003.png (Spoiler Image, 349.2 KB, 1334x750, 90CC63E1-8117-48C7-B7DB-C60AC0…)

Undershayted comment

No. 1791167

File: 1679205039051.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.89 KB, 1242x678, 39719A00-6177-4A9E-A612-52CB10…)


No. 1791169

Putting her leg behind her head used to be her "thing" but now she's too fat to do it without holding her leg kek

No. 1791170

stealing the fursuit thighs from moo

No. 1791171

File: 1679205104761.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.72 KB, 1125x636, CC0CC73D-8D8F-4810-8E56-49E22E…)

truly cronenberg-esque

No. 1791173

File: 1679205569554.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.52 KB, 1242x708, 464CD24E-C4CB-44A8-B783-B20E8F…)

No. 1791174

I mean at least she’s actually giving these coomers what they want this time

No. 1791175

File: 1679205753908.png (21.26 KB, 278x131, killme.png)

No. 1791178

File: 1679206091091.png (Spoiler Image, 616.42 KB, 938x658, Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 12.0…)

so her quitting weed is going well

No. 1791179

File: 1679206217353.png (Spoiler Image, 246.63 KB, 1122x645, Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 12.0…)

she kept using the skirt to hide her gut then kept showing her back to hide the gut. anything but exercise i guess

No. 1791180

File: 1679206723915.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.18 MB, 260x145, shaynus.gif)

No. 1791181

File: 1679206877932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.07 KB, 620x340, mrsgarritson.jpg)

I swear they look worse every time I see them

No. 1791182

Oh my god the way those thighs are just protruding. Her fat distribution is unfortunate

No. 1791184

File: 1679207663276.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.24 KB, 1079x604, shaywasted.jpg)

She's finally done

No. 1791186

Holy shit I know it’s beyond broken record ar this point but she’s FAT fat now. She needs an intervention kek

No. 1791199

Imagine showing this to her in her heyday of tumblr like a crystal ball into a bleak future saying hey here’s how you’ll be living and looking after 7 years making porn online!

No. 1791201

She looks absolutely wasted and pathetic. If she wasn’t the way she is, I’d feel deeply sad for her.

No. 1791224

i have honestly never seen this type of fat distribution before… its like her thighs have their own gut. is this caused from her laying down all the time or something? its like rising dough in an oven.

No. 1791225

guess she was annoyed when we all called her out last show for ignoring her dog who clearly was asking to go out cause she wanted to show off her musty shoes instead.

No. 1791230

File: 1679222298429.jpeg (63.71 KB, 1280x720, 037689A8-02A0-45BD-B590-410ED3…)

she knows about sopranos but doesn't see her own resemblance to Janice? she even acts just like her + does degen shit to keep bottom tier men around

No. 1791248

Would love to dox this guy so he loses his wife but alas most women would just cope and forgive then emotionally cheat on a loser like this I second the prenup comment

No. 1791251

this is honestly the worst she has ever looked on cam. i don't know if it is the camera she is using, the lack of decent lighting, or just the general air of smutty desperation oozing from her pores, but she literally looks like she's covered in a thick layer of dead skin and dust. she should use some of those lush body products she bought a while ago and just go to town in a steaming hot shower and a scrubby mitt. i can only imagine how bad their apartment must smell with her hitting bongs and not bathing herself or cleaning up after her pets on the regular.

No. 1791307

Did anyone else notice that according to Shat she has been wasted every night for the last 3-4 days.

No. 1791478

OMG -I R concerned! Is this person of legal age to do porn??? She looks so young! (Kek)

No. 1791485

She keeps blowing up. Every time I see new pics of her she's fatter. Absolutely incredible.

No. 1791515

the mom of 4 when her youngest is being a demon child and she’s completely checked out.

No. 1791521

This is genuinely the worst she’s looked body-wise

No. 1791534

I think it has to do with being quad dominant as opposed to glute dominant, which would also explain partially why she has no ass either. I'm thin and active with thighs that protrude from the side so it's not just a fat/inactive people thing, it's probably more to do with fat distribution or the body's development.

No. 1791536

i noticed shayna added a new reason why she doesn't do pro work,
>My body type
I guess that one person being "fatphobic" really added to another reason why she just "Can't" do it.
I really don't get why she doesn't be honest.
She doesn't want to do pro work and she tried it while thin, it didn't work out. It's not lolcow, it's not her size, it's not being cancelled.
She's not doing boy/girl shit, she's not going to play a part that fits her look (some gross "Milf" shit, or just simply an adult woman trying to be sexual.) Therefore pro work, thats not bdsm/niche shit isn't in the cards for her.
I'm sure there's fatter women doing pro work. She acts like every single thing in her life is out of her control.

No. 1791537

File: 1679243817347.jpeg (18.85 KB, 750x305, 682A07A3-0476-447B-9643-A109CF…)

She’s been hungover for every day of the week from nonstop drinking and yet last night she claimed she doesn’t like to drink.

No. 1791547

thank you nonna, you need some eyebleach now
this is the fattest she has been. typically, when people get over a certain point of fatness, they gain weight very fast, can't wait for her amberlynn reid phase

does anyone know if shayna EVER used her fingers to "get off"? she always uses that unerotic wand thing

No. 1791549

File: 1679246091299.webm (Spoiler Image, 10.87 MB, 1920x888, It had to be youuuu.webm)

I didn’t record whatever strip tease she did at the end, but here’s an archive of the one where she exposes the ass boils and toilet paper bits

No. 1791550

Thankyou Shaymu for helping me stay on track with my current cut, kek. How tf does a 25 yo have a body like this? Always cracks me up when she tries to bait moids with how young and tight she is, I see 50+ yo women with tighter & fitter bodies than her!

No. 1791565

she looks legitimately retarded in this what the fuck is she doing KEK

No. 1791572

>young and tight
My grandma unironically has a better body than Shaymu

No. 1791575

The way she hunches over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame….ugh. She's 7 years into sex work and doesn't know to arch her back to make her ass look bigger?

No. 1791579

File: 1679250548338.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 66.32 KB, 750x1016, 5CD30F1A-60F8-4D88-8BFF-80CCB3…)

ewwww she is the color of a farm hog

No. 1791582

It looks like she has a tiny ballsack at 1:02

No. 1791583

Stop eating out and just count your calories, fatty. Jfc.

No. 1791587

That really is her mentality and I hate it. Nothing is ever her fault and she can't thrive because of everyone and everything. She wont commit to changing herself or take responsibility for even the littlest things. Its always her family, her exes, other swers, lolcow, etc. fault for all the negatives in her life and she uses them for an excuse to not change.
She thinks shes a great wonderful awesome beautiful person too. She's a permanent delusional resident of Copeville. Lazy to a fault.

No. 1791602

> How tf does a 25 yo have a body like this?

Not to say Shayna isn’t gross - she absolutely is - but it gets so much worse. Check out Pinkfaefemme/Agayjay’s thread, who is even younger than Shay, and deathfat; she’s also a sex worker who thinks she’s super hot stuff. Ironically, Fae is actually engaged, and to an actual man (although she claims he’s trans and they’re lesbians, kek). So even a fatter, uglier, less ambulatory whore can land a man, while pedo-pandering incest Princess Shay cannot. Bleakness squared.

No. 1791603

she looks like she lives in bumfuck nowhere and is about to slap little jimmy upside the head if he doesn't go out on a venture to get her cigs

No. 1791612

I'm be more sympathetic of her weight gain if she did -anything- at all to improve herself. She doesn't leave her house other than to eat, she doesn't go to a gym or do at home work outs, she doesn't try to eat healthy or prepare her own meals, she doesn't do any sort of plastic surgery to make up for her lack of doing anything, she doesn't buy clothes that fit and flatter her body type, she allows her coomers to see her like..that. Her entire job is having HER best body (trying to be fair) and she doesn't even try - she just cries and expects to make the same amont of money/followers are she did as a thing barely legal girl. Or compares herself to younger, fitter, more successful girls without even trying to emulate what make them successful. She is just a waster of resources on this planet.

No. 1791617

Calculating calories and staying under a daily limit and cutting back on sugar is the bare minimum easiest thing she could do, but she wont. She cant even stick with Hello fresh meal kits for more than a week.

No. 1791619

The Chris Chan expression on the first one…

No. 1791647

Holy mother of Michelin man.
…..Looks like Shat had another accident.

No. 1791668

File: 1679262410373.jpg (67.62 KB, 1067x570, Jabba the slut.jpg)

Why does she gobble up dildos so comically do it from a pov angle not the side where you can see all 8 chins kek

No. 1791676

she was complaining last night that she has to work so much harder now to earn the same amount as she did when she first started. she blames it on COVID making it so there are too many SWs now and the market is too competitive with girls willing to "do more for less." as if she does anything more than the bare minimum

No. 1791678

Oh the projection! 'muh covid more jobs more for less' the women who had to take up onlyfans did it for survival, you did it to spite your parents.

No. 1791682

Anything but admit its because shes older, fatter, and has done the same mediocre content for years.

No. 1791718

kek “girls who do more for less” like she didn’t immediately jump into super dark fetish porn from the literal get go. She’s constantly begging and offering up her whole selection of depraved videos for insanely cheap.

Shay, you are exactly what you are complaining about. It’s one reason why you have no SW friends.

No. 1791727

Kek that is literally the nature of her competitive "job"??

No. 1791755

Please tell me she has a plug in or something in, and she isn't prairie dogging a piece of human feces. It seriously looks like she's trying to shake out a shit.

No. 1791762

File: 1679276401098.jpeg (231.9 KB, 1170x1843, 60CFF240-6012-42A6-AEF2-9695F6…)

This is the dude from FetCon that was smelling her feet

No. 1791765

File: 1679276485842.jpeg (193.75 KB, 1170x1341, B7FD688F-7F88-4D88-B396-9BDB24…)

“Are a large amount of men just shit.” But all women are evil to Shay

No. 1791771

Had no problem taking money and flirting with Womack when his profile pic had a gf/wife. That guy last night said he has a wife and family so cant spend money on whores like her. Nothing to say then. She loves sucking up to moids and she definitely is into being a homewrecker and having scrotes watch her despite having partners. She wants to be picked especially over other women.

No. 1791774

I feel like they're insulting themselves but I can't put it into words. Are they saying that ~supporting~ sex workers is unethical if you're in a relationship? That doesn't sound very sex positive..

No. 1791778

She looks like a big fat gypsy. Can some art anon shop her in front of a crystal ball?

No. 1791780

A large amount of men are shit and all of them are coomers.

No. 1791781


did this actually happen? kek i'm curious if anyone got it on video. cow crossover

No. 1791789

So she's like 5'7, right? How much do we think Big Shaynus weighs these days, nonnas?

No. 1791790

easily 210.

No. 1791795

File: 1679280056421.png (136.21 KB, 726x1068, Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 10.40…)

Here's someone who is supposedly 209 and 5'7. I don't think Shatna's quite there yet, but she's damn close. Def 200+ lbs.

No. 1791798

this person got better proportions tho kek

No. 1791805

What’s the rate for her custom videos? $10 a minute? Now I’m not saying anyone should because fuck cowtipping, but it’d be funny if someone paid her to film herself standing on a scale kek

No. 1791808

I think she said you have to pay for 10 minutes at least which would be at minimum $100.

No. 1791810

Lmao I was just throwing out a random number but she does look real close to this. Yikes.

No. 1791811

lmao nonna this is genius but now that it's been posted, she'd know about it and refuse to do it. She lurks here constantly.

No. 1791812

File: 1679281664036.jpeg (118.32 KB, 1170x955, 534C0D95-2AFC-4F2F-9E22-95C178…)

Could you imagine this saga?

No. 1791813

File: 1679281732998.jpeg (116.46 KB, 1170x1097, AD140EDF-FFBD-4574-A2A5-6289AE…)

Wasn’t she in like the 300s during her early tumblr days?

No. 1791854

File: 1679286783501.png (420.71 KB, 1055x1287, bigfatgypsy.png)

for you nona

No. 1791864

She actually did block him and ranted about how if he was worried about his wife and kids, he shouldn’t be on her cam show. Rare moment where Shay was correct

No. 1791886

hasn’t she bragged about ~draining~ men in relationships? i thought she claimed ppl would message her about how they watched her videos w their partner & she was all into it.

she has definitely ranted many times about “poaching customers”, like if someone is subscribed to her content and/or tips her regularly, don’t even breathe in the direction of another e-whore. maybe it’s the posting of the girlfriends that they’re jealous of, ignorance is bliss or whatever.

No. 1791903

Ah I missed that. But tbh she probably only booted him because he wouldnt choose her over keeping peace in his marriage and wouldnt give her money. Not because of morals. If he was paying her, she most likely wouldve overlooked it like she overlooks Mike Slack and other coomers disgustingness.

No. 1791911

this image is everything i didn’t know i wanted in life tbh

No. 1791915

someone shop womack in there

No. 1791949

Nah, slack is her bigger simp now

No. 1791973

He came back later with the username ending 33 instead of 22 and I didn’t think he got blocked again though. But I didn’t watch until the end, he was there for a long time and even asked why he got blocked and she didn’t do anything.

No. 1791999

They're revealing that they're quite literally three dollar whores who are not worth a moid uprooting his comfortable dating/family life for. All moids have a Madonna/whore complex and these women are playing right into it (without profiting or being aware of it). They think being the secret is a flex and not a source of great shame. They've reduced themselves to jack off material. And when the post nut clarity kicks in and the moids poor unfortunate (probably a pickme, let's be real) girlfriend turns back up, he becomes rightfully ashamed and attempts to hide his disgusting true nature, which includes hiding the disgusting OF girl who pretends to be an autistic baby or dog or whatever the fuck these girls do.

It's a giant self own. They probably wouldn't block hotter OFs girls either, since most women have meme'd themselves into being okay with a moid following thotty IG/Snapchat girls. They're unattainable.

No. 1792040

Well done nonna! Please PLEASE make this the next thread pic, so many shoop opportunities with the ball KEK

No. 1792054

File: 1679323073845.jpeg (78.67 KB, 933x834, 1574577737719.jpeg)

come to think of it, shanya does actually still have a shot at getting married someday, if she specifically goes after those black dudes who have such low self-esteem that even though they want to date a white woman, they assume no pretty one would ever consider him, so much like shayna diving face-first into ugly porn, they dive dick first into ugly women; plus they always have some sort of borderline obscure disgusting fetish, like feet or muscle girls, it's always something like that where you're like, "What the fuck happened to you in high school, why are you like this," if she can find one who's into like, I guess body acne or sharting, then she has a real chance at a beta provider even with her horrific online public history(racebaiting)

No. 1792057

Oh exploitable!

No. 1792061

It's very clear shayna doesn't like black men like that and the type she'd attract would ruin her life quicker then any retarded chubby ginger, wouldn't marry her or take care of her in any way. Even the type that thinks she's a prize simply for being white wouldn't do all that.

No. 1792063

I can see it.
You know it's kinda sad that not even someone like fupa wanted her, he was/is old and poor and even he didn't want to marry her (but married someone else).

No. 1792078

Was it your daughter, Micheal?

No. 1792082

Eww, was this necessary?

No. 1792091

Except she won’t even work with black men because her only coomers are hick hillbilly MAGATs that will view her as tainted the second she does.
Yeah the type of white woman they go for will usually provide stuff for the guys who are total bums and at least out of people ik irl, they typically get pregnant (mostly out of wedlock). They are not women who are like “I’m baby” and wanna lay around and do nothing; those types of guys are the ones who want to be babied in the relationship. In my experience these women don’t date any race of men except for black men. It’s a very specific type of woman, not just an ugly bad-bodied, Fay white woman.
I think the anon is probably just suggesting that she date a black dude because not many other guys would be willing to date her. An Indian dude would definitely date her though if she was willing KEK.

No. 1792107

Oh yes please. I cant imagine the thickness of the cream that would flow. First they would make and share their degenerate "stupid puppy and stupid baby explore eachothers bodies uwu" nasty ass porn, then there would be drama, lana would leave, and it would be like the vivi saga all over again. Kekekekek oh shayna, just except youre a jealous woman hater and will never have a close female friend.

No. 1792108

File: 1679330319500.jpeg (48.71 KB, 750x463, 6468EEEB-B747-40C5-8898-856282…)

No. 1792112

She has never read a news article about what happnes to kidnapping victims. Blogpost but listen up shayna. A girl from my hometown dumped a guy. He didnt like that. He kidnapped her, broke both her legs, and kept her in his car for a week, raping and beating the shit out of her and giving her NOTHING to eat and barely anything to drink. Locked in a car, in a family neighborhood, inside his grarage. Tied and gagged and unable to do anything.

Because of the way she jokes about it, i almost wish it would happen to her. In the WORST way. Absolute torture. Not the "uwu hawt forced porn" scene she thinks it would be. She doesnt realize that people who kidnap and rape women see them as sub human. As less than people. And are usually so sick in the head, they want to hear screams of pain and cries for help. If she isnt crying, they will break her bones to really torture her. And she will have no one to "thank" but herself for maiking posts like these.(hi cow, blogging, a-logging)

No. 1792118

Not the ideal kidnapping victim because it would take 3 fully grown men just to attempt to restrain the hulking beast kek. She is disgusting, with how she acts (see >>1791087) and talks about things like this it’s only a matter of time before something seriously unsafe happens to her, and I’m sure she won’t be begging to be kidnapped and raped then, but she sounds like she desperately wants a real sob story to play the victim with.

No. 1792121

My guess is 5’6 and 190-200 pounds

No. 1792126

File: 1679332694571.jpeg (176.37 KB, 1280x720, 37454214-DAF9-4F91-9B0D-2C4ED3…)

Actual photo of car trying to escape with Shayna in the trunk

No. 1792130

that sounds right, or 5’5” and 180-190
the thing is that she has zero muscle mass, unlike a lot of people who have been at a high weight for a long time

No. 1792132

literally not allowed to reference ethnicity without it being called racebait

No. 1792145

She’s not quirky at all. Even in a “kink” perspective this doesn’t even sound fun, at all wtf.

No. 1792146

I think its because its stereotyping a behaviour onto a specific color of moid when there are just as many moids of every other color who do the same thing.

No. 1792148

File: 1679334689308.jpeg (227.29 KB, 1242x1747, 1FC4CF24-960A-4989-8F13-68741D…)

She smoothed everything on her face but her neck rolls and eyes kek

No. 1792149

If this ever did happen to her, she would immediately blame LC and her “haters”

No. 1792156

Lmaooo as she’s not one of them. She charge 3$ for her stuff, how much lower can you go??

No. 1792157

This is so stupid hilarious,I love it

No. 1792158

File: 1679335183314.jpeg (244.23 KB, 1170x1964, 839BC159-9022-4CA7-8378-781A0A…)

No. 1792160

File: 1679335616200.jpeg (110.39 KB, 750x939, 49FF2306-66E7-4F83-86D0-E39E82…)

she deleted the tweet about going to the doctor

No. 1792164

Even with all the smoothing she looks so OLD. The only people I knew who looked that bad at 26 were like crusty dudes who partied too hard and the girls who tanned too much in HS and didn’t wear any SPF kek she looks closer to a very haggard 36…

No. 1792166

Ew her mouth looks so off putting a gross. Its like a prolapsed butthole. The gloss over her cracked textured lips squeezing her tongue out weirdly was not the look

No. 1792167

Of course the uber driver said something that fits her delusions and gross fetish image yet again.

No. 1792171

File: 1679337024872.jpeg (86.65 KB, 750x1012, 668C19F1-8184-4781-A186-84FAAD…)

pandering to fat fetish guys and also sounding like pixie locks shopping around for an autism diagnosis

No. 1792198

File: 1679339756040.jpeg (44.07 KB, 1170x413, 0D86F0C5-578D-4515-99D7-01261B…)

No. 1792217

File: 1679342641641.jpeg (86.38 KB, 1170x1116, C16FF69B-074C-4232-A9AC-45C56F…)

No. 1792237

I literally had this same thought a while back. Lower tier black or Indian moid woke make her a prize pig for a little while. But those types of moid are even more insecure and annoying than fupa so it probably wouldn't be worth it to her. Also, they'd probably expect her to actually put some work into her sex work career.

No. 1792253

I think you ladies forget that Shay is;
> sex repulsed
> will slag you off online the minute you do anything she sees as you wronging her
> (& bring you up going forward forever more plus your full name will be lined to her pedo pandering)
> won’t give up talking to her johns, or her FFS even for a man because she can’t afford to and if she does, she’ll cry abuse you made her when you split.

It’s a shame; she’s not… actually ugly. She could hit the gym and change her name online etc and actually have a chance at a semi normal life

No. 1792258

she begs for money from the moment she wakes up until she blacks out from drinking. when she makes posts about how does everything for herself no one helped her get here and it's just embarrassing and weird. she has to entertain mike slack for $3 a month

No. 1792260

I feel sure part of her SA/kidnapping fetish is that in her mind it would give her a better excuse for being unable to function

No. 1792262

kek, finally some self-awareness on her part? not even she could believe her own story this time so she deleted it

No. 1792265

Shayna ordered Dim Sum, so -I- ordered Dim sum.

No. 1792268

she is actually ugly though, hitting the gym wont change anything about her. she was an ugly sewer rat when she was skinny and she's an ugly sewer rat now

No. 1792282

File: 1679351126115.jpeg (67.95 KB, 1170x562, 35DF659B-1146-4794-BB4D-9693DE…)

No. 1792339

File: 1679357189824.jpg (225.06 KB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_2023-03-21-00-04-36…)

Lol what?

Alter ego is her wearing the exact outfit she wore on cam other day and we've seen that bra white top combo so much and she's put on her terrible bologna wig which must be the only wig she owns these days.

Wow what an alter ego!

No. 1792345


No. 1792349

it's insane how fat she is now!

No. 1792350

Ugly & healthy is still better than ugly & death fat nonna

No. 1792353

Your post makes it obvious that you're fat. Hit the gym, nona.

No. 1792354

File: 1679358358599.jpeg (193.23 KB, 1170x1575, DA29E08D-74D9-462C-9915-3C624F…)

Bitch that is not your face

No. 1792360

put down the dim sum and pick up some salad obese bitch. isn't that meal supposed to be communal and not eaten alone in a dirty ass apartment?

No. 1792362

ah yes her alter ego, bolognesia porkpie

No. 1792368

KEK does she not realize we all just saw her real ass face on cam the other day? This is her most egregious shoop yet I’m cackling

No. 1792369

She literally already has an “alter ego” that she’s posted many times. That Dommey Mattel shit

No. 1792370

Samefag to say holy fuck I scrolled up and the angle and shoop to make her body not look like a goddamn dump truck I cannot….WE ALL SAW YOU BITCH! YR A CERTIFIED WIDE LOAD NOW!!!

No. 1792371

File: 1679360107613.jpeg (202.77 KB, 1170x1632, F41A64B3-F2FD-42B5-8639-5F00DB…)

No. 1792377

is she saying it’s her alter ego because she’s given herself a completely unrecognizable face?

No. 1792379

the fake teeth whitening is cracking me up. there’s literally a band left from the shitty facetune work.

No. 1792389

hitting the gym won’t change her general lifestyle habits that make her a dirty fat bitch though. she eats like shit, is an alcoholic and a drug addict. she’s been ugly and will be ugly
you’re an idiot

No. 1792392

Wonder if this is the same John in her cam show the other night? Moid was talking about “leaving his dnd group to watch her on cam” adds up with some shit hulk clip art pro pic

No. 1792427

File: 1679367475830.jpeg (234.96 KB, 1170x1584, 5885E93F-4BE5-44E2-BBB1-C8519C…)

No. 1792428

Does anyone else think that she might be reaching out to the black moid because she's considering making interracial porn out of desperation for coomer coin?

No. 1792429

File: 1679367997190.jpeg (175.12 KB, 1242x1171, 2469059E-01E5-4551-BF2A-E4BBF9…)

No. 1792433

She really couldn't at least get the food off the counter before taking her photo of this poverty meal? Such an eye for detail, this one.

No. 1792434

Why would you photograph this, it’s an actual struggle meal. Does she want asspats just for cooking? That’s something the majority of adults have to do every single day. Congrats on the bare minimum ig. Also why put greasy ass bacon in pasta ffs

No. 1792435

Because it tastes good, also because of pasta carbonara being a standard pasta

No. 1792446

why are her teeth black?

No. 1792457

bacon in pasta is nothing new, carbonara exists. say what you will about Shay but it's a reach to call this a struggle meal lol

can she get a new bra with that new wig I'm sick of seeing this one

No. 1792470

well guess someone didn’t get dim sum money…

No. 1792480

She's really feeling herself in this for some reason. The only thing different is the lipstick isnt her usual corpse color. And she realized she could put a retarded bow in her wig too

No. 1792481

Hold of you to assume she didn’t eat both things and more.

No. 1792487

big fat shayna loves her big fat bowls of creamy pasta. girl, eating like this is how you got so damn HUGE.

No. 1792524

The fact that this is considered healthy for her is sad. This is an average meal for most people but to her this is girlbosshealthkween

No. 1792525

I know she’s a beginner cook but this is pathetic at 25 no seasoning. It’s probably jar sauce too. Like girly does nothing all day she can learn to cook.

No. 1792528

this looks like those meals that fatty Sierra Ann do and calls it “healthy”

No. 1792542

Why are there uncooked pieces snapped on the top wtf?

So her fat handler can't cook either

No. 1792547

I’m pretty sure it’s hello fresh she can’t cook for shit without instructions for actual retards

No. 1792562

Kek sweet nonna it’s shredded parmigiano but horrible American style from a PLASTIC BAG i wish I could use the crying emoji rn

No. 1792572

ITS PERFECT thank you nona ♥

No. 1792623

Bacon in pasta sounds so rancid.. disgusting and fat af.(derailing)

No. 1792629

nonny you can just say you’ve never had anything good or nice in your life and leave it at that. bacon is great.

No. 1792638

There are several hot and cold pasta recipes that call for bacon. Its just a style/cut of meat.

No. 1792642

at the very least she could watch her sodium or something…

The amount of pasta she has in there is way too much if she plans on losing weight. to mention the combination of simple carbs and saturated fats is just not ideal.

she could keep eating this stuff she just needs to eat it less and exercise. hope her heart disease journey's going good!

No. 1792644

What fresh hell is your diet if you aren't even aware of the most common ingredients of the most basic dish of all time

No. 1792653

it’s probably some ana-chan nonny who thinks gwyneth paltrow’s bone broth and IV diet is elite.

No. 1792656

Honestly carbonara isn’t good, much better uses of calories

No. 1792658

I agree. Only fatties and fatties at heart eat carbonara(derailing)

No. 1792665

Americans just never learn to eat in a normal way and without gorging themselves. Carbonara is very popular in Italy and the average fat Italian would be considered anorexic in America.

No. 1792670

Thin women can eat this. A nice quiche with bacon and broccoli is delicious. Not a fan of Carbonara, but can we stop with the insecure posting about food and ana/fatty accusations. It's just a dish. We're just making fun of it because Shay takes a disgusting photo of her poorly prepared dish (that's basically from a kit so it's almost retard proof) and she's a fatty that thinks a fatty dish is diet food. It's like Pixyteri from 10 years back who said she was on a diet because she ate chik-fil-a. Nothing wrong with eating a rich, fatty dish for a special night or just to treat yourself, but Shay is bragging about this and dim sum and other foods that make her look like the porkiest version of herself.

No. 1792672

Please stop with the pasta derailing. We get it. It's high in calories and fatty.

No. 1792673

File: 1679417393465.jpeg (168.32 KB, 1170x1575, CB494BE7-80AF-4272-8980-C5A516…)


No. 1792674

File: 1679417617278.jpg (440.65 KB, 491x732, 20230101_191658.jpg)

ot but idgaf

animal flesh/body exceetions aren't healthy regardless of your weight(derailing)

No. 1792680

File: 1679417884324.jpeg (83.81 KB, 750x988, F510CFD7-4848-49DB-97FA-140BBF…)

lunch money? can she not sexualize children in every post?

No. 1792681

File: 1679417947096.jpeg (129.12 KB, 750x1080, F2CF7279-F5D8-4AC4-A88E-EA84E6…)

that is not her! KEK

No. 1792688

Her “fans” make me want to alog just as much as Fat Shat my god. Imagine joking around about kidnap and gang rape haha! Hilarious! Fucking disgusting scrotes. And Shaynus just laps it up like it’s booze she spilled.

No. 1792691

Best part about this is the artist doesnt know proportions or how to angle a face so the whole thing looks off and sloppy. Like shay.

No. 1792700

I don’t understand why she keeps trying to do this “domme” (term used as loosely as humanly possible) shit, as much as I despise her gross dd/lg shit can she not just stick to a specific niche? Her entire approach to sw is a mess and it comes across as her thinking just telling losers to send her money is a quick and easy way to make income. Most paypigs that actually pay well/consistently will not send her anything kek she is so pathetic. She’s so clearly living paycheck to paycheck, but more like begging for money for food/whatever until the next time she has to beg for money.

No. 1792701

This vile bitch deserves nothing but the worst in life. I'm happy she's a fat failure

No. 1792720

She looks exactly like that fat, fart-comedian-style actress Rebel Wilson.

No. 1792722

i had a weird realization that shayna is actually a real strong person like if i had people talking shit about me on more than 100 threads and documenting all the disgusting shit i do publicly i would probably kill myself or disappear from earth but she just keeps digging her grave like the gift that keeps on giving

No. 1792725

I think that she keeps doing sw because it's her only source of income, I mean, what else can she do? She probably thinks that the humiliation (that comes from lc not her kinks) is worth the money too.

No. 1792726

File: 1679422336438.jpeg (97.37 KB, 1170x1100, 437D8E34-021E-4B44-9202-34F0FD…)

No. 1792728

File: 1679422465418.jpeg (84.9 KB, 1170x740, 56882A08-9D9E-4DA3-8EBD-DEF5EC…)

No. 1792729

She really pumps out content I'll give her that.

No. 1792730

File: 1679422891064.jpeg (45.8 KB, 750x601, 93522E9F-A64B-471A-BA0F-D780BA…)

she probably got drunk and spent the money

No. 1792743

If she just bought a big bag of them frozen and would just cook them in like 10 mins, she would save so much money compared to having them delivered daily.

No. 1792744

Yeah it totally happened

No. 1792748

My tinfoil is that when she makes these obvious lies up, it's because the paypigs she "Drains" aka working men sending her $20 here for food, or $30 here etc.
Probably tell her,
>Princess I can send you $20 more but I'm really short on money rn, so unless it's important I don't know if i'll be able to send much more this week (Sad face) sorry baby
And so she comes up with these retarded stories, acting like it's so urgent and posts it on twitter hoping they'd see it and feel bad.
Becuase I don't believe this, as much as Shayna freaks out and cries, no. She probably is short $200 bucks on rent or she spend money and wants to replace it. Don't be surpised if she ends up going to the weed shop or has a $200 shein haul arrive.

No. 1792750

Her tongue is absolutely disgusting.

>nO sEaSoNiNg
Go back.

No. 1792751

Also anyone else notice how much she's been talking about food? Every other tweet is about food, begging for money for food, kek. I'd be funny if she had a secret feeder scrote, who she promises to make tweets references food to please him in exchange for money. Or she's really just doubling down on the not giving a damn and eating away her sorrows.

No. 1792753

Because it’s the same storylines, outfits, toys, props, positions for every single video

No. 1792755

Shayna both puts too much effort into this shit for scrote attention/the amount of money she gets but it's all the same shit anyway.
I've never seen someone put so much time into being completely below average/repetitive and not that successful.
She could live the same lifestyle and maybe have a car and more of a social life is she worked at a walmart/mc donalds or was in school working at a cafe or something.
Even taking an hour out of your day, to film some gross porn for a scrote, where you just lay on your assback and then spend hours "Editing" it, is too much effort for you NOT to be making thousands for every video.
There's probably girls making double what Shayna makes from one video sucking dick in a dirty room with their boyfriend and thats sad.
All this "effort" for what?

No. 1792774

This! You can literally buy frozen chicken or pork etc bao (what I assume is the dim sum item she’s specifically interested in bc carbs) in big bags that can even be microwaved for the truly lazy, and they taste pretty fire. They sell all manner of various Asian dumplings frozen these days, and if she actually went to an Asian grocery she could get quite good ones. She is such a fucking loser smh

No. 1792779

File: 1679428254465.jpeg (9.47 KB, 183x275, 015F722F-0847-40B7-B479-CDAF86…)

Rebel Wilson is thinner than Shayna now, super embarrassing

No. 1792792

File: 1679429216712.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 64.87 KB, 832x665, 35F22557-725F-458A-9A37-251C1F…)

Bro why is she slurping on a animal dick dildo

No. 1792794

File: 1679429327534.jpeg (9.77 KB, 218x276, CB84E669-E54A-4AED-8485-E2AEE1…)

Shaymu want dumpling

No. 1792795

File: 1679429355837.jpeg (22.34 KB, 324x488, 954D3A0B-A6AF-4EBC-822A-DB0F89…)

She looks so older

No. 1792796

NTAYRT but you gotta admit that plate looks sad and bland. Fitting for Shayna though.
This makes me sad.
It's probably not that deep nonita, she's just a money grubbing whore trying to scam some pity shekels for her next booze run.

No. 1792797

File: 1679429386321.jpeg (65.71 KB, 1170x472, 1EFD7EE1-1A25-44D7-8FC2-0200FF…)

No. 1792799

File: 1679429511848.jpeg (55.46 KB, 1170x510, 7D7F541A-3CCE-44DF-A639-16270E…)

No. 1792800

If ever a pic was begging for a shoop of a sub sandwich or something over the dildo this would be it kekkkk I’m chortling

No. 1792802

File: 1679429928668.jpeg (94.25 KB, 1170x614, 741FF6D6-50BB-473E-9DD4-22FB63…)

No. 1792803

Yeah was gonna say Rebel Wilson actually managed to lose a lot of weight by stopping overeating and walking for an hour a day. Shatna will never despite anons suggesting those very things for years

No. 1792805

Bullshit. I have the same bank as Shay and it takes maximum 72 hours to investigate theft from a bank account. I’ve been identity-thefted twice and the longest it took them to get my money back to me was 24 hours.

No. 1792830

Kek. Seriously. Any time I've gotten my info stolen, my money is immediately refunded and a new card is issued. Banks are really good at this, especially for a low amount of 200 bucks.

No. 1792841

See >>1791668 kek thank you to the nonita that made that masterpiece it never fails to make me laugh.

No. 1792843

File: 1679434944411.png (233.03 KB, 832x665, meatballmama.png)

I'm posting it here too because I was going to respond to you specifically

No. 1792845

KEK I’m the anon who hoped for such a shoop you just gave me such a hearty laugh ily nonna

No. 1792847

Samefag to add that the splotch of sauce you added to her shirt is taking me out, plus the file name lmao

No. 1792848


No. 1792861

File: 1679438012555.jpeg (40 KB, 750x376, 382F897F-BABB-4729-ACB8-A84CA4…)

No. 1792864

File: 1679438215555.jpeg (110.04 KB, 979x780, 7F2865A1-FDF1-4197-8197-C07968…)

No. 1792865

Wait, really?

No. 1792867

You can tell she's bullshitting when she has these outrageous time-frames that anyone knows are absolute dogshit. People don't play with their money; any bank that tried to say, "yeah, we'll get back to you in three months" would have zero customers, kek.

No. 1792868

holy shit lmao

No. 1792869

F U C K I’m trying to keep it together on this stair stepper rn nonica how could u kek

No. 1792880

My sides! Thanks anon.

No. 1792881

Just sanitize them you dirty bitch

No. 1792884

and this is why i said, I feel like this is some elaborate way for her to get money from a "Sugar dad" she probably has been "milking" too much. She could simply beg for $200 like she always does, or maybe she feels like making it seem drastic will make them give it to her. Either way it's so retarded to lie. You are a sex worker, maybe say, "I'll do a privite show for $200" or sell your shit in bulk or something.
She probably knows there's no service she feels like doing that'll get a scrote to give her $200 in one go. She uses sympathy to get money/likes from these people.
Even while selling her literally asshole she has to do weird ass schemes to get money because most the men around her are broke asses

No. 1792886

that feeder ass reply

No. 1792902

File: 1679444768117.jpeg (59.54 KB, 750x753, 2BC204BB-821F-4724-B4FC-FD4EEE…)

No. 1792903

That poor spider

No. 1792907

File: 1679445420791.jpeg (103.03 KB, 750x1122, 36B12F0F-0B0D-4D66-8AE8-62DBBA…)

fat face and she looks wasted already

No. 1792909

File: 1679445477916.png (930.61 KB, 750x1334, E81A5C07-13AB-4AF5-B0BE-1F649E…)

her fucking bangs

No. 1792929

File: 1679447492630.png (2.77 MB, 828x1792, 7E327792-890C-47DA-88FC-CE6EE1…)

someone paid for her stupid fucking toys

No. 1792947

Her belly button is always in her pants now

No. 1792960

Looks like shaynus got fingerblasted in a parking lot for some plushies again. I hope these aren't knockoff Sanrio.

No. 1792988

Why does she never suck in her gut when she goes out in crop tops. Come ON, girl

No. 1792992

Because bimbos come in all shapes and sizes anon uwu don’t subject her to beauty standards

No. 1792993

She does for pictures. That is her sucking in.

No. 1792998

The button on her jeans are working overtime. Why not just crop out the gut? Even if she doesn't want to wear clothes that fit, it takes half a second to crop a photo before posting. It's so half assed how half of her new pictures have her face blurred to shit and the other half have her grease tendrils and gunt out. What a high class bimbo baby!

No. 1793003

Anon you just can’t comprehend it as a sane, assumably averagely risk averse person with some non-whoring career goals and a sense of shame. Shaymu is obsessed with attention and validation. She started selling asshole pictures as soon as she could and is mentally stuck as a teenager, forever trying to spite her parents. The tumblr fame and better yet her aesthetic and look that made her ‘famous’ is completely gone and hardly anyone remembers it so being a documented lolcow is really the only thing separating her from other haggard fat women selling pussy pics for $3. Honestly, lolcow is the reason she’s been relevant for at least 3 years now. There’s plenty of internet famous people (much bigger than she was) who faded into obscurity. I’m willing to bet she prob secretly thrives on having so many “haters” because other than that she just gets Monster Inc gifs from her 3 retarded hick rapist coomers.

No. 1793004

Didn’t she mention on cam that she’s seeing someone or been going out with a guy? I forget but I’m wondering if the new “friend” is a potential Fupa 3.0.

No. 1793005

Not the ugly foreskin puffer vest jfc

No. 1793024

File: 1679461983789.png (221.5 KB, 863x1025, Screenshot_20230321-221303.png)

No. 1793029


>and then the bartender said "you look like a little baby bimbo who would love to be kidnapped and violently raped" skdsjhujfrherfh

No. 1793042

>> and then the bartender brought out the sippy cup and all the dads clapped

No. 1793054

>> And the the cops showed up and said EVERYONE STOP this girl is clearly UNDERAGE

No. 1793080

She has a particular brand of tumblr brain damage along with being incredibly stunted mentally. She will never change. She is incapable of distinguishing real life from her kinks, her most important one being telling bullshif stories on the internet

No. 1793081

I'm obsessed with Shayna. These threads have turned me into a fan. I genuinely hope she only prospers. I'm rooting for her. And I actually liked the Strictmore photos. She barely had to do anything but stand there and she got paid for it. Clearly there is a demand if she makes a living doing this. I'll accept my ban for blogposting.(mental illness)

No. 1793088

Her brain is so porn rotted that she thinks normal people see a roll of tape and their mind jumps to women being kidnapped. Just imagine for one second if a barman said this to a woman? Her fantasy stories are a real reflection of her mental state. She must have zero interactions with people in real life, just her and her five pedo coomers and she thinks everyone acts like they do. It’s actually kinda sad how she fantasies about being normal. She never will be again, she’ll always only have her coomers to talk to. She should stop trying to pretend because it’s so embarrassing.

No. 1793094

>I liked the skid mark academy photos
Nona seriously seek fucking help please
What about nappys, school nurses and cheerleaders among all the other degenerate shit is there to like? Please it’s too late for shaymu but maybe not for you

No. 1793097

I just liked the photo sets with the teacher. I think they're silly, I didn't get off to them or something. But she really made money just talking some silly photos.

No. 1793128

>taking some silly photos/standing there

Is the bar so low that being photographed letting some old woman put a vibrator on her in pics/videos for money for men to jerk off to is now considered "barely anything" or "nothing at all?" You both sound deranged.

No. 1793146

Not to mention, wouldn't she be DOING the kidnapping if she was the one with the duct tape? No normal person would think someone carries duct tape with them to facilitate their own kidnapping.

Like damn Shayna, at least make your stories somewhat believable.(learn to sage)

No. 1793151

The bartender 100% didn't say that

No. 1793152

Silly? Lmao have you seen the state of her in those? She looks like a gargantuan tranny next to those old women. The pictures aren’t silly, they are mortifying and if you think they look good you need to find a friend to help you with your look babe.

Right? Her weird stories don’t even make sense, let alone seem legit. They’re always centred around whatever fantasy she is posting about in her Twitter and my toes are sore cringing each time she does it. Making that kinda shit up shows how completely ignored she is, even dressed like a demented 35 year old no one talks to her even out of sympathy.

No. 1793160

File: 1679492318320.jpeg (405.11 KB, 1080x4046, 0122B98B-86DB-42BE-B0BC-27B536…)

She lies about the dumbest shit. I thought it looked weird that the roll had a big wrinkle and white lines all through it and yup, sure enough not only is that an already used roll of duct tape, but it’s a limited edition that’s been discontinued for over a decade at this point. So either her “fren” has been holding onto this tape for many years and gifted her used leftovers or that was just always her duct tape

No. 1793174

this is embarrassing and you should take a step back from these threads. shayna encourages pedophiles and rapists and guys who are animal freaks.

No. 1793176

The details of this tweet are taking me out
>walking around with decade old discontinued hello kitty duct tape that has clearly been used
>bartender says "tryna get kidnapped with hello kitty?"

First of all, how does "tryna get kidnapped with hello kitty?" Even make sense? Like what? Is the bartender a blubbering retard? How does carrying duct tape = "tryna get kidnapped with hello kitty"?? She must have been drunk as fuck writing this fake-ass tweet.
Also the decade old discontinued hello kitty tape is insane to me. Farmers always point out some weird detail that always gives pause like what was her friend doing hanging onto a barely used hello kitty duct tape roll for a decade? The fuck?? Blows my mind.

No. 1793180

File: 1679495306384.jpeg (131.36 KB, 750x1022, 7960BCDC-954D-427F-83CB-9F11E8…)

No. 1793191

File: 1679496440974.jpeg (176.05 KB, 1170x1464, 0F06FBDE-1BC0-4A9C-8BA0-C896BD…)

No. 1793194

That bra is so tired, it’s worked harder than she has in the last 7 years of sex work

No. 1793207

Lmfao, do the new jannies seriously not know the text heart is allowed? Embarrassing.

No. 1793210

On my end its an actual red heart emoticon.

No. 1793213

Then the janny needs to change her settings because it's literally a character you can copy and paste from your computer's character map

No. 1793220

Since the ban message says "emoticon" instead of emoji, the janny probably saw that it was a text character but didn't know that that's always been a thing here, we've had newfag jannies do that before
sage for off-topic

No. 1793222

Ooohh, im a dumbfag and didnt actually know the difference between emoticon and emoji. Well for me its a red emoji.

No. 1793224

Kek true as fuck. It’s also way too small at this point like when she was wearing it on cam the other night we could all really see how ill-fitting it is now. B word as all helllll

No. 1793226

For me on mobile (Android) it is a red heart emoji but on desktop + Chrome (both Mac and Windows) it is unicode heart

No. 1793240

Why the fuck does Shayna always get so much sympathy from farmers? The Venus threads are brutal and that bitch was actually raised by a psychotic whore, but upper middle class Shayna had her life handed to her on a silver platter and chose to fuck it up for Tumblr clout. And chose to be the worst type of degenerate e-whore too, a pedo/zoophile panderer, yet she still gets a bunch of nonnies saying "she looks good!" When the bitch Photoshops herself a new face and still gets people begging her to take their advice.

Is it because she's so damn ugly y'all feel not intimidated or something? Of all the cows one should be rooting for, it ain't Mrs. Woman hating never will be picked pickme shaynus

No. 1793244

File: 1679501835007.jpg (48.84 KB, 446x400, 1540872143302.jpg)

>the jannies are jannying via mobile

No. 1793253

Tinfoil theory: they relate to her (and they're probably her size too)

No. 1793261

File: 1679504317060.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.4 KB, 1170x918, 4DA68331-F9B4-47AE-9966-CED85B…)


No. 1793262

File: 1679504487005.jpeg (144.86 KB, 1170x909, 21A233F0-D71E-4693-AD41-19B54D…)

2/2 what the actual fuck

No. 1793264

i knew she’d eventually resort to stuck porn.

No. 1793265

Shut up bitch, I'm aware that bacon is common in pasta dishes but that's fucking nasty.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1793266

I don’t even know why I’m surprised anymore tbh. I hope her family will disown her for real at some point, she deserves zero support or love. Imagine being her sibling and knowing she does this. Her poor mother must have a broken heart.

No. 1793274

The one and only advice she ever took from the farms. It's kind of sad how eagerly she latched onto it when her literal years-long haters said she looked good in black. Not saying it was a lie or a trick or anything, just sad that she clings to a semi-positive thing once discussed in her threads. It's annoying and sad how confident she is in something she learned from her "stalkers" kek. Shleak.

No. 1793277

All you have to do is type # < 3 to get the correct one. I love a heart icon as much as the next bitch but this shit is getting annoying. Either ban them outright, explain the correct formatting in the redtext and/or ban notice, or allow any kind of heart. What a stupid thing to waste our already retarded mods' time and mental energy on.

No. 1793282

Not really a tinfoil when it's repeatedly proven true.

Multiples of these sad beings admit to having the same bodytype as her or giving her "work tips" throughout every thread.

No. 1793287

File: 1679506876766.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 66.85 KB, 1170x666, 92092056-54AE-406C-A67B-CB340A…)

Looking ROUGH

No. 1793288

Imagine a bartender or any other person in customer service making casual jokes about the customer being kidnapped? Especially when the customer is a young woman getting drunk alone??

No. 1793292

File: 1679507302539.jpeg (98.76 KB, 1217x2090, 8BCD8174-D276-45CE-8901-9D0B0B…)

No. 1793293

File: 1679507350189.jpeg (40.76 KB, 1099x691, 287F1279-9864-4550-837A-000877…)

This plot makes no fucking sense. It’s disgusting too. She’s talking about “fucking her older brother”.

No. 1793294

File: 1679507386425.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.93 KB, 1242x669, 633C9628-D4E0-4CD3-AAE7-3ACD73…)

Her thighs are huge

No. 1793297

> Is it because she's so damn ugly y'all feel not intimidated or something?
Not to Shaynafend but how is “so damn ugly” not more applicable and accurate when discussing Venus?

No. 1793299

> sister
Not even step anymore…How’s this allowed? Rhetorical, nonas. I know how vile men are.

No. 1793300

Lmao nonna I thought the same thing. Beenos is just as fuck ugly kek

No. 1793305

File: 1679508397294.jpeg (44.67 KB, 797x655, 3212577C-7055-4F03-96BF-81490D…)

old threads. Remember when Shayna made shrunk porn with shitty special effects.

No. 1793309

File: 1679508775586.jpeg (146.46 KB, 1242x1463, E62E3C66-31B3-4B4E-B437-C2EAF9…)

I’m sure you’re an outstanding neighbor Shayna. Jfc I feel bad for whoever hears her big ass stomping around and moaning

No. 1793324


Least weenus aint fat. Calm yourselves,I used her as an example because they're both tragic camwhores, yet Shayna with the relatively normal upbringing gets "she looks good" when she actually bothers to shop her pictures, anons waxing poetic on how she could change her name, go to the gym and get a normal job at Walmart, etc.. while Venus who got dragged around the planet by a Harpie who told her she'd grow up to be a prostitute gets constant a-logging. Just confuses me as all. They're both ugly does that make y'all feel better?

That makes sense. They're projecting but like, why Shayna? So many other cows who have actually been dealt a shit hand in that get way less asspats than fat shat. I guess Shayna is just that pathetic lol

No. 1793336

Disturbing how much editing she does to still not look good

No. 1793337

Fr wish she'd at least just buy a black bra that would be less obvious she wears it repeatedly and wouldnt look trashy

No. 1793342

Black is flattering for nearly everyone. Its not advice she took from threads. If anything, its because she likes to pretend to be ~alt girl~ for the Fupas and johns that are into it and for her retarded domme stuff.

No. 1793343

I clicked the link not realizing it was the full vid. I stg I couldn’t even find the part where she was shrunk cause sht looked like a snuff film. Like shits scarier than any horror movie, I tried to skim but after seeing 3 stills I had to shut it off.

No. 1793344

the tiny ass mouth on that fat face of hers KEK

No. 1793346

At least there was some creativity and effort, weird and gross as that all was. Now she does the same disgusting or boring things over and over
I like how she acts like she cares about quality when her audio is always shit. Theres basic editing and filters you can do to make audio better in vids. She cant even figure out or be bothered to do proper povs or anything. Her cuts in her trailers are laughably bad. Im surprised when she bothers to refilm something at all.
Like the original must be so bad that even shes embarrassed by it or she had a shituation or something.

No. 1793351

File: 1679513681986.png (Spoiler Image, 60.03 KB, 660x609, IR_-_Aug_24,_2018_-_Dolly_Matt…)

Good god this is weird as fuck, but I think it's even MORE jarring than the shitty cgi and bizarre setup of really seeing just how fat she's gotten.
Not to sound like an ana-chan but she really helps me stay on a diet.

No. 1793356

I swear she's mentioned "kidnapped by hello kitty" before. It's tickling my brain

No. 1793359

that photoshop lol

No. 1793366

File: 1679514527477.jpeg (137.08 KB, 750x1264, 3DFB7FE1-6CA1-40D6-A2A7-2AED5C…)

she posted about going to the doctor again. is she lying or just going multiple times a week ?

No. 1793369

Holy fuck her pussy looks huge. Like a giant crab claw

No. 1793370

File: 1679514841745.jpeg (40.24 KB, 750x768, A8515E28-7E0C-4AC4-A7CC-70B206…)

this has been up for over and hour and the only like and retweet is Mike Slack. what a bleak and sad life she has. and she chooses this!

No. 1793374

Maybe it has to do with her surgery

No. 1793382

Stop derailing about pasta. Further food sperging will result in a ban.

No. 1793383

Wait…what…is there something off about her pussy area in this lmao??? I mean more off than the usual kek. It just looks really enormous here in proportion to her body and I can’t stop laughing. I forgot all about this shoot…

No. 1793384

Not having followed shayna since the beginning and seeing people discuss past shoots like “remember the porn she made slathered in chocolate pudding to look like the mud gollum from the maya creation myth?” and everyone’s like “oh yeah, kek, good memories.”

No. 1793390

nitpick but it irks me how shaynus constantly goes on about “I’m SUCH a perfectionist. Martin Scorsese of porn i am an ARTIST” when she can’t even shoop out her ass boils or move the random trash out of her shots

No. 1793392

You guys are killing me omfg my literal sides, her pubic region is legit the same size as one of her boobs. Why do each of her lips look so fat?
Does anyone here know this >>1793351 is the shoot that people refer to when talking about the time Shayna deformed her pussy forever? Anons used to say that she used some pussy pump thing earlier in her career and it’s never been the same since then.

No. 1793399

I believe it happened at her first or one of her first shoots with Insex/Hardtied with that HIDEOUS fat guy w the worst beard thing; I’m rereading the threads rn bc I’m a cringe lord I guess kek (am knee deep in Fuplahoma rn, it’s so fucking funny now w hindsight)

No. 1793401

Samefag to add, it was a clit pump he like vacuumed her entire labia into it was horrendous. Same shoot where he did that awful thing w her nipple I full body cringe just remembering..

No. 1793402

Didn't she ask for 200 dollars yesterday bc her info was stolen?

No. 1793404

oh shit that's right, wasn't that dude biting her nipple the reason one of her nips is like fucked up? and the "clit pump" whatever the fuck thing was the reason her pussy was like, deflated and wrinkly til she put some more fat on it. jesus, what a ride we've been on

No. 1793416

File: 1679520537674.gif (1.9 MB, 420x236, lies-lies-and-more-lies-why-yo…)

All her "then everyone clapped" stories make me so irrationally angry. These fake stories about getting hit on by strangers were old in 2014. Blog but I used to date a bar manager and when I went in while he was on shift even he wouldn't flirt with me as hard or as creepily as Shayna's supposed revolving door of enablers hit on her, because he didn't want to come off as weird to other patrons or look like a jackass in front of his staff.

No. 1793417

Indeed kek I have recently viewed the OG wrinkly labia pics in my reread so they’re horribly fresh in my mind. It really has been a rollercoaster of Shayme lmao

No. 1793418

File: 1679520817272.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.75 KB, 1080x2269, 5B5D399C-18B8-4C6A-B014-CB1288…)

It was the one where she was wearing the quinceañera dress too, the gross pedo. Here’s a link to the video if you want to see for yourself. Click the link and spoiler at your own risk https://www.playvids.com/v/whiummfbJxI

No. 1793419

>>1793418 Jesus fucking Christ what is that. I'm done what the fuck

No. 1793421

She really went from step dad and stepbrother to full blown incest porn. legally, you can’t go any lower than this. I’m surprised this is allowed on these platforms, as incest is illegal in a lot of countries.

No. 1793427

File: 1679522453432.gif (437.77 KB, 500x375, 33C9349F-F149-4665-A6CC-CCC1FA…)

I should have listened and and not let my morbid curiosity take over, this is beyond horrifying. Absolutely horrendous. Scarred for life.

No. 1793433

more skin care products won't make you skinny again shay

No. 1793438

Isn’t this a prolapse?!?!

No. 1793440

lmao you sweet summer child. no this isnt a prolapse. theyre just sucking and expanding her outter pussy lips and clit. similar to how if you sucked on a tube your face mouth lips get really big and puffy. your shock is warranted though because this kinda sex play can really fuck up skin and leave permanent deformities. People jump down my cunt when I say this, but I blame her “deflated pussy” on doing this with her pubis mons area. Expanded it too much and when it shrunk back the extra skin was still there.

No. 1793441

File: 1679524313646.jpeg (92.58 KB, 1125x1041, B387FD4E-A26C-41FE-BA57-A183CF…)

Lmao I’m so sorry nonita. I can’t even count how many anons have suffered the same fate. Curiosity has had heavy consequences for all Shaytards past present and future kek picrel is from an old thread of hers

No. 1793442

File: 1679524689187.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.6 KB, 735x300, F7DA2284-D18E-4015-905F-FD2A08…)

if she’s gonna beg, why can she never beg for something would actually improve her life?

Daddy, please by my a treadmill?
Daddy, please pay for my gym membership this month?
Daddy, please pay for pubis mons fat removal?

No. 1793443

File: 1679524703320.jpg (42.94 KB, 1000x1000, 51ZI3J-7WBL.jpg)

Kek all the new/newish shayfags who never got to be apart of her glory days. I love it because her and i are the same age and i started lurking when shit was getting good. Right at 20years old. Its been a wild ride nonas. I dont think any other cow has as many threads as she does. She deserves the ultimate, infinite milk award.

No. 1793444

I audibly gasped. Who would ever do that to their poor clitoris. I can't even directly put pressure on mine. This is sickening. I hate porn.

No. 1793446

I fucking hate the men and society that lures young women into this business and creates an atmosphere where retarded girls like Shaynus are encouraged to one-up eachother wrecking their bodies doing this kind of shit just so some hairy fat moid who lives in his mom’s moldy basement can bust his nut one day.

No. 1793456

Her belly(bellies?) are bigger than her tits now… fucking rough.

No. 1793466

she looks terrible here also
she’s just ugly at every size

No. 1793471

It’s been 4 years since this. The thread was made 5 years ago. Being a shaytard since the beginning has jaded me to her behavior.. Despite that and all the things she has done in the last 5 years, this is still the most shocking.i still can’t believe it. >>1793240
I feel like the sympathetic ones are trolls or down right retards. A lot of them are newer to the threads it seems.

No. 1793479

Idk nonna she really only started and talking about how black is "her color" after anons were discussing it in her threads. She otherwise never makes comments about fashion or style beyond hurr durr look at my newest bimbo shein haul

Jesus christ, same.

That ended about 3 hours before your post but good effort!

No. 1793480

ugly, but at least at the time she had a decent thin body going for her. then she chose to ruin that too.

No. 1793481

This is why I'm scared of ch3cking the old threads.

No. 1793482

Her body absolutely consumed the bra band lol

No. 1793483

When the milk man is late to the shay threads, i like to go back to the old threads and sniff the curdled milk. Its honestly worth the keks, despite how uncomfortable it can be. On top of that, she is constantly shooting herself in the foot and its fun to see her post something that contradicts something else she said before. She is a cow, through and through.

No. 1793486

No. 1793488

I remember during a camshow shayna was scrolling through pictures of herself of old porn she did, and going, "yep that's me!"
It made me realize how often she spends looking at herself while editing pictures or videos, kek. I've never seen someone so basic and unhygienic be so obsessed with themselves. She probably does re watch her porn over and over, not because she is turned on be ause she views it as high art. Also, if you are looking at yourself that often why the fuck did you just now notice your crusty lips?
She doesn't even always edit them or put lip gloss on either. I don't get how someone so self obsessed doesn't even take good care of herself and clearly hates how she looks in unedited camshow.
She has to get get drunk and close her eyes and dance like a peanuts character to even let people see her in unedited glory. She's so weird.
So much ego and self importance, yet very little at the same time.

No. 1793490

I am impressed by your detective work Nona

No. 1793496

She got her pussy fucked up by some ugly gross guy and it'll probably impact her forever. Imagine making a career out of very publicly self-harming like this for years with no rewards.

No. 1793499

HOLY SHIT people get off to this shit? this is dark. i'm not new to the internet or porn or shayna but omg. this is disgusting.

No. 1793500

Alright nonna, you convinced me. I will go back and properly read through the chronicles. Wish me luck.

No. 1793504

quick someone find her dildo exercise ball barbie vid where she wears this same sports bra

No. 1793505

The cowtipper should have waited and sent this to her brother instead. (Don't do it, retard, obviously.)

No. 1793511

I actually hate that she has the most threads (I think?) because she's a disgusting pedo. I prefer the mentally deranged cows and there were some good ones over the years - Raven, Kelly Ronahan, Soren. I just come here to get satisfaction of how fat and ugly she gets, and how her life is going nowhere. It's what she deserves.

No. 1793519

The fact she has a little brother is sickening. I feel so bad for her family.

No. 1793525

There is legit no rock bottom with shayna, it's just a never ending empty hole. Also her getting super fat is just chef kiss wonderful

No. 1793534

Kek being a cow is a bad thing. I feel MORE bad for the non pedophilic retards who are just being weird online. Like the koopa thread was just making fun of an autist and his special interest and thats a bit fucked. But shayna deserves every bit of the unwanted attention she gets.

No. 1793543

File: 1679538908912.jpeg (85.37 KB, 1284x965, 9AAB67E8-D415-498A-9E4D-AAC0F3…)


it always seems like she can’t get any worse, then she does shit like this

No. 1793545

File: 1679539692002.png (113.56 KB, 474x525, F91DE107-C80E-41B1-944B-AE4C5C…)

she looks like dwight's baby sitter from the office

No. 1793551

inspired by Ellen Partricia Dresel ?

No. 1793553

God that porn is so morbid and fucking weird. Its like horror porn. It truly has the creepiest energy from the editing and music to the content to fully imitate abduction and sex assuault scenarios. Shayna is a fucking freak. Shes always chose that deranged shit and pretending to be a toddler from the beginning.
I dont think anything bad happened to her and I dont think she gets sexual gratification from it. But she does like it for some fucked up reason. I havent ever figured it out. Maybe she watches too much true crime combined with being tumblr "groomed" and just porn rotten.

No. 1793554

Every time she watches a true crime documentary or show, she claims her kinks are always brought up

No. 1793555

Shes been on the "black is my color" since her retarded ass "Gothtober" shit and if you pay attention she really only goes into it if a moid is involved that clearly must prefer "alt" girl look to her dumbass pink shit. There was a point before October last year where a coomer suggested a goth look but she said thats a "hard limit" and then not long after started prostitute dating and suddenly was fine with wearing black, then made a,whole thing of it in october and always brings up how ~ironic~ it is that she was such a "goth kid" in hs.
She typically only wears black if its for a scrote or porn theme. She thinks black is edgy and bad girl I guess. Tbf it could also be a little bit because shes such a lumpy tub of lard now that she sees it is a slightly more flattering, as it is on anyone.

No. 1793559

Yeah posting this stuff is so selfish. She doesn’t need to make this type of content and her family has to cope with knowing this exists if they ever found it

No. 1793565

I feel really sad after watching that. Fuck

No. 1793566

My opinion is that she got into this stuff to be unlike other women and to be special. She used to brag about not wanting “aftercare” and being low maintenance but also loving the pain. She just wants attention and this is how she chooses to get it. Pathetic really.

No. 1793574

I was about to say the exact thing - she likes it because it makes her feel special, she is willing to do more than other girls, etc. She is insecure and it helps make her feel like she is worth male attention, and obviously she is obsessed with male attention. I think a lot of women are like that. I used to to genuinely think I was into degradation and let men hit me. I had stumbled on weird places on the internet when I was a younger teen and ended up thinking things like “well I’m really shy and awkward and not very likable, but if I let them hit me that won’t matter”. Sorry for a log, legit crying after looking at that stupid video.

No. 1793593

Same anon.
Moids get off to this shit. Fucking ugh. Makes me wanna cry.

No. 1793595

Oh nonnie, I feel exactly the same. I could almost mistake your post for one of my own.
This is what happens in this porn sick culture and it's worrying how many of these SW girls use people who only partake in "vanilla sex" as an insult. At some point it became that kinky is cool and you're some prude dork if you ain't into it.

No. 1793603

File: 1679548296289.jpeg (38.84 KB, 750x377, F9AC7833-AADD-4359-ADC8-C12516…)

No. 1793611

File: 1679549804790.jpeg (94.66 KB, 746x1246, B1811214-E37F-4E9A-A41E-57D76D…)

this one?

No. 1793612

So quitting weed went "well" for… a week

No. 1793613

Please… please tell me that is not the same fucking underwear set >>1793292

No. 1793631

This shit was so niche and retarded I doubt coomers go out of their way to get off to that. They choose regular porn every time. Shayna never gets picked

No. 1793632

Kek I was trying to find it to show comparison pics but anon beat me to it >>1793611

No. 1793633

File: 1679555416495.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.71 KB, 1017x692, B011CE64-F9F5-4455-B4E4-B9A07C…)

She got so fucking fat kek the color isn’t even the same.

No. 1793636

File: 1679555687940.jpeg (99.86 KB, 1242x1462, 52FF93CB-C9FC-440A-A19C-0380C6…)

Nit pick but I hate when Shayna posts these retarded bloopers of her messing up or laughing like a fatty. They are clearly staged because she thinks she’s cute or something??? She acts like filming herself and a crusty dildo is a huge production. I don’t even understand why she has to talk or make a retarded plot. No one is watching for the storyline. She’s such an imbecile. Instead of writing a script she should spend the energy not looking like total shit and fixing her hair

No. 1793637

You're disgusting.

No. 1793722

I'm literally underweight but thanks for your concern

No. 1793735

Why was this actually kind of cool kek.

No. 1793739

can you please fuck off shayna apologist possyibly ellen nothing about skidmark or shrunk fetish porn is cool or sexy or fun get out of here and read the room you imbecile(infighting)

No. 1793769

File: 1679584095407.webm (1.98 MB, 1080x594, retarded blooper.webm)

No. 1793780

I know many of you will massively disagree but I actually think she looks way better here than here >>1793611
When she was skinny her head looked way to big for her body and she honestly just looked special needs. I genuinely think the chubby look is waaaay better for her. (Despite being worse for her health obviously).(moid)

No. 1793783

Kek on your period nona? I am anti-sexwork and I think Shaynus is disgusting but I thought the editing and production was interesting lol. As disgusting as it is. I wonder if she did it herself.

No. 1793784

>Kek on your period nona?
>likes gross schoolgirl porn
get out

No. 1793792

no way, that was the angle she was giving. in her pro shoots you could see how stumpy and weird looking her body was, she never had anything decent to show tbh she was just dying for validation

No. 1793801

least obvious maleposter.

No. 1793815

Imagine being a male and typing the words “kek on your period nona?” on a female-only image board. get a life. go to war. cut a log. go do something fucking productive

No. 1793822

File: 1679590436634.jpeg (61.82 KB, 750x893, 80D00983-2745-4CC1-B241-6DB5A7…)

No. 1793824

File: 1679590470216.jpeg (66.33 KB, 750x913, 3990AD79-0488-40CE-96AE-5F94C8…)

third day in a row she's begging for someone to get her nails done

No. 1793827

its so bizarre to me that she posted these one right after the other. she’s gonna beg for tips, then complain about her customers wanting content in return for said tips because she’s always giving out something in exchange for tips. she’s been doing sex work for 6 years, yeah? shouldn’t she understand this by now and stop blaming her customers for all her poor business choices?

No. 1793829

Stop trying to integrate and get the fuck off of our board, thanks. Makes my skin crawl when I see moids trying to blend in with terms like “nona” “kek”. Ugh. Ew.

No. 1793831

File: 1679591185997.jpeg (104.79 KB, 750x1014, 5834910B-A05C-4383-A782-36A5DC…)

if this was a girl who called her thick and fat she would be having a break down

No. 1793836

Maybe she needs to learn the difference between a tip and a monetary gift or donation because tips are given for services rendered, dipshit. People don’t just walk into a restaurant or go up to a valet to tip them for nothing just because they want fugly hot dog nails

No. 1793856

"kek" is from 4chan actually(no, it's from wow, it's 'lol' in horde. Stop derailing.)

No. 1793901

God she looked extra white trash when she was skinny and had that retard dry yellow hair. The nails are awful and ugly and the bangs and plugs.. just so trashy and smelly looking. Also she was thin and her boobs looked better, but she always had tree trunk legs and no ass kek plus her inflamed coochie

No. 1793909

not to derail but none of those people were just weirdos online. Look them up. These aren't koopa level lovable cows and yeah I'm aware being a cow isn't a good think. I'm talking about who I like to gawk at.

Shayna is only worth viewing to see her decline. She's not actually interesting and her milk sucks.

No. 1793915

Kek is from WoW originally, actually

No. 1793933

Nothing big shaynus does can ever be described as cute, coomer/coping camwhore. Begone.

No. 1793936

gotta be one of my favorite redtexts on here

No. 1793946

File: 1679600992533.jpeg (46.32 KB, 750x561, AEE2581F-C47F-4514-B226-0B6240…)

So many frivolous purchases for a beggar, her dad must still be paying her rent.

No. 1793947

I’m convinced that anon is Ellen or one of their friends because who really finds Big Shaymu cute? Jesus Christ.

No. 1793948

So is reimbursement considered a tip or purchase Shay?

No. 1793956

File: 1679602778062.jpeg (90.73 KB, 750x878, 06F35B71-D642-45FB-8D1F-214A00…)

No. 1793957

now we know who’s coming here to defend her ass

No. 1793958

File: 1679603064211.jpeg (22.11 KB, 750x198, C230FF29-F310-45CB-9300-C86470…)

she deleted this

No. 1793959

I agree with you. It makes her look more youthful surprisingly.

No. 1793960

I guess it’s not that surprising some people would think that way; a lot of fat does keep a face looking more youthful oftentimes. Look at Rebel Wilson now that she’s lost all that weight— she looks super wrinkly (still way prettier than Shat tho) Shayna still be looking wrecked imo tho kek those butthole eyes

No. 1793961

The reason you think that isn't because she's fat it's because compared to this monstrosity >>1793611 she has a more flattering hair color, she's learned how to do her eyebrows and eyeliner relatively nicely, the picture quality is total ass so you're spared her acne, boils, dry crusty skin and lips, etc, etc. It's not because she's fat now kek.

No. 1793964

File: 1679603909313.jpeg (141.68 KB, 1242x801, 2D805316-73B4-469B-BD26-68FB67…)

That vibrator looks so dirty ugh her apartment makes me want to gag

No. 1793966

Wow Fat Shat - its almost as if you should have saved your whore money or begged your mom to help with a down payment on a house if you don’t want to handle having neighbours or upkeep in an apartment you chose to rent in. She is paying $2000-2500 per month in rent alone, that is more than some people’s mortgages.

No. 1793967

File: 1679604274917.jpeg (144.94 KB, 821x1703, 08D0FC14-2BCD-491C-BB85-8B5A83…)

Her rent is expensive jfc all because she wants two bedrooms and two baths instead of just having a one bedroom. nasty pedophile

No. 1793975

The olde reliable excuse to not do anything is back. An excuse from the olde Seattle studio too. Any Renton/Seattle anons: is there construction that often in the area?
If the dad paying rent theory is correct. Man was paying this much for his crusty daughter to live alone, binge drink/eat, make pedo porn, invite strange men over to sniff her ass and never leave the house. I hope this is a sign he stopped. Also a sign that Womack has truly moved on to a new whore

No. 1793983

doesnt she live with her pedophile girlfriend?

No. 1793993

c’mon just lurk more I’m begging you newfag

No. 1793996

Please tell me someone capped this and posted it in the /ot/ funny caps thread.
Far more than most mortgages. I pay $1200 per month and live in a spacious historic home. Shat is an absolute dingus with zero financial sense. I guarantee she could have saved a decent down-payment once upon a time.

No. 1794000

File: 1679608960490.jpeg (189.28 KB, 1242x1504, 21EF9DD0-7944-4B01-8969-5650C6…)

Saw this in the shaynatourim and wondered why it wasn't posted

No. 1794007

File: 1679610220171.jpeg (192.08 KB, 1170x1664, 7F874D3A-2F31-40C0-BE54-73B550…)

But all you listen to is “dad rock”, right Shay?

No. 1794009

File: 1679610593668.jpeg (86.54 KB, 1170x665, 7507BCF0-E06C-4DDF-91E4-456594…)

New video with skid mark academy is out

No. 1794010

File: 1679610677292.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 242.94 KB, 1170x902, 8F2DAABB-10B4-4F0D-99B0-927BDE…)

No. 1794013

I don't think whores who pretend to be dogs and babies for men to jerk off to should speak for us women js

No. 1794018

Jesus, big blubber Shungus just dwarfs that old lady so much it’s jarring; like the reverse of her “shrink porn”.

No. 1794020

Makes me MATI when these pick-me bitches say shit like this. These men would never go as hard for these whores as they do for them to convince us they’re “real women”.
Another reason to not feel bad for Shay when she says shit like this.

No. 1794022

I can’t believe anyone itt would ever feel bad for her knowing that she drinks from actual baby sippy cups while pretending to get raped. She did Girl Scout rape porn along with plenty of other horrid kidnap rape scenarios and underage characters. She has the life and the appearance that she deserves.

No. 1794024

File: 1679612899743.jpeg (62.97 KB, 749x860, BE04AB55-36B1-461B-8B4C-CB9363…)

No. 1794026

File: 1679612928486.jpeg (130.17 KB, 750x1196, FB16C8BA-C2C5-403C-AD0D-E19234…)

No. 1794033

I pay similar to you to live in a house at least twice the size of her shitty apartment. She's literally just pissing money away. If she bothered to save, she probably could've gotten a nice house in Oklahoma. She fit perfectly there anyway.

No. 1794053

File: 1679615093162.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 161.99 KB, 2048x946, 62614C99-DC2F-4861-AC98-57710D…)

This is so disgusting, why does she post this

No. 1794058

Im so tired of this position that only gets worse the fatter she gets. Every vid she does ends up with her using the same dildo laying on her assback because shes lazy and repeatitive. Ruining the pov and fantasy when its her fucking herself with a detached dildo yet again. Its surprising she has repeat customers or people buying her video packs lol

No. 1794067

yessss thank you

No. 1794073

Fucking gag. This is revoluting.
But anon Shayna puts so much time and effort into her content. She's a perfectionist and everything is so high quality. It's a mystery why she doesn't have more recognition or followers.

No. 1794075

my god my mortgage is way lower than that and i have a 3 bedroom two story house. wtf? is this regular rent in seattle?

No. 1794076

The camera she's using for this is a potato, it makes her face look completely smooth no wrinkles or acne, she looks disgusting whenever we see her unedited on a good camera like when people took photos of her at fatcon, she's literally giving us a legally blind person's perspective with this fried toasted camera shit lately. Her production quality gets worse the uglier she gets, what a coincidence

No. 1794078

she already has one which you could see on her flight to and during her strictmoore shoot

No. 1794095

Looks like she used straight up Elmer’s glue and her vag area looks tragic as usual. A tragina if you will. Am vomming

No. 1794098

File: 1679620865284.png (933.17 KB, 863x838, Screenshot_20230323-182052.png)

I can't believe those nails were $90

No. 1794100

you can tell Ellen is the only close female in her life, why tf does she want her nail bed to look 6 inches long

No. 1794104

Return of the hot dog nails, like fucking clockwork.

No. 1794107

shayna is the type to date a fat shlubby black metal "dom" guy kek

No. 1794111

This doesn't make sense. She's only ever around people who look like smelly poor white trash, which is exactly what she looks like.

No. 1794112

I swear she does it to spite us now. They’re so goddamn bad…

No. 1794116

How come she doesn't get anything done for her corn feet? Just slap some acrylics on that ugly ass dry hog hoof

No. 1794125

File: 1679624342556.jpeg (639.81 KB, 2047x2047, 74CBD2F2-D84D-4D2A-8B49-D3EBCE…)

The crumbs/flakes all over her feet and a strand of hair in between them. I’m gagging. That blanket is so fucking gross. It needs to be thrown away it’s so dirty

No. 1794126

File: 1679624395075.jpg (241.88 KB, 1001x1600, stock-photo-redneck-hillbilly-…)

>expectation vs reality

No. 1794127

File: 1679624443098.jpeg (197.14 KB, 1152x2048, 4AA17E41-5249-44D2-A2DB-BAF16B…)

No. 1794128

What does “butthole eyes” mean?

No. 1794138

It doesn't mean anything. Shaytards are just retarded.

No. 1794153

pete davidson’s eyes: sunken by dehydration

No. 1794156

She did with Fupa

No. 1794160

You said it better than I ever could kek ty nonushka

No. 1794168

and she has a fuck machine. she could easily mount a camera on top of it to create an actual pov. she can’t be bothered to make an effort but still tweets shit like “omg i filmed a video 4 hours 2day n it was so crazy n out of my comfort zone!!!! i rly hope u guys love it i worked sooo hard!!”

No. 1794172

File: 1679631929008.png (529.82 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_20230323-212454.png)

Anyone who pays her for those nails is legitimately retarded

No. 1794181

I still support the press ons tinfoil tbh i think Ellen or someone she knows puts them on for her and they pretend its a "salon day"

No. 1794182

Samefag but she never has pictures at the salon or any ~this totally happened guyz~ stories about it
And she rips them off/they break in a week

No. 1794192

Wow yep these are definitely them KEK those fucking toenails and the cpr mannequin brown are what gave it away. Those are fucking atrocious and look like they should be on a crash dummy or something

No. 1794221

I don’t think they are. You don’t see any lines of the sides showing they are press ons, plus the colors on the Aliexpress ones are much crisper and the nail itself is thinner ans shinier. Her hotdogs are also longer. You can see they are poorly made acrylics, not press ons. The quality is so bad I would believe Ellen or a friend makes them for her and she tells Twitter she went to a salon.

No. 1794251

nta but that's because shein edits the shit out of every single listing picture. there were listing pictures from shein of some rings where they edited the wrinkles on the fingers out kek

No. 1794269

Damn girl couldn’t even do a 25% tip yikes

No. 1794290

I agree she never went to a salon because she would totally brag about the salon girls asking her what she does for a living and her uwu so quirky reply that she's a sex worker. She would also say something about one of the girls asking for tips on seeing porn on shaynas phone.

No. 1794304

i mean if we're being objective about the quality of the nails i wouldn't tip 25% for that either

No. 1794327

I used to live near Seattle and Renton, there most definitely isn't construction that's disruptive enough to stop 'work' going on all the time. There's a ton of construction down in Tacoma because of the expanding population.
Isn't this the same woman who got shit flung at her for 'misgendering?'

No. 1794343

File: 1679662822721.jpeg (43.73 KB, 613x460, 0F7F6C7B-13CD-4EA8-93A5-131710…)

Customer photo from shein. The two on the right match

No. 1794370

yeah these don't look like acrylics or apres gel at all. they're super dull and have that funny matte look that cheap chinese press ons have. plus the fact she shoved them into her cuticles. if she did go to a salon to get that done, i would be so mad.

No. 1794403

File: 1679670513729.jpeg (62.88 KB, 750x872, 21595B4A-6DBE-4F53-918A-7123A5…)

this is going to be such a shit show
while she's in vegas i predict
A) she goes to the hospital
B) she gets in a fight with someone
C) gets drunk and loses her phone

No. 1794406

You know what always gives it away for me? The absence of cuticle oil, or any moisture for that matter. A good nail tech is going to put the moisture back into the cuticle when they finish.

No. 1794413

>>1794343 shays isn't see through at all though. They are opaque and way more hot dog coloured

No. 1794423

File: 1679672296584.png (165.86 KB, 927x375, hot dog tinfoil.png)

I really do not think they are the same nails. The ones she has are ugly, badly made and she is excaggarating the price for sure but they do look acrylic / gel whatever to me. The cuticles look to be in bad condition, like after using harsh chemicals as you do when you make nails like that.

No. 1794425

Absolutely no way she has the money for this trip

No. 1794426

Is this the first recorded instance of shay spelling "breakfast" correctly and not "breffast"? Astounding.

No. 1794437

File: 1679674446174.png (115.75 KB, 750x1334, 3CEA557E-9B7A-447B-827C-E6F6F9…)

she deleted this last night

No. 1794443

How is she so fat when she seemingly films multiple videos per day, cams, plus goes on so many trips. She's always moving and doing something. She must eat a shit ton.

No. 1794447

File: 1679676973657.jpg (11.45 KB, 678x452, this little piggy went to the …)

All I can see kek

No. 1794453

Because they’re not. Anons just can’t tell the difference between press ons and bad acrylics for some reason. The nail bed and the thickness makes it obvious it’s not press ons. Her nails aren’t thin at the side either. She just has a horrible nail tech.

No. 1794457

I mean I never said they were those exact press ons. But there was a leopard print set and I think a pink one she got one time that matched sets online.
I still stand by that even if theyre not press ons, she still doesnt go to a legit salon. No r/thathappened stories and the nails are terrible and dont last. Her hands and cuticles always look dry and terrible.

No. 1794459

Don’t forget the empty calories in all the booze she slogs down her fat throat. I think someone in an older thread guesstimated her caloric intake and it was STEEP with no real exercise output to speak of kek

No. 1794460

What outfits do you think shayna will grace us with? Kek,am I the only one who finds it hilarious how shayna never buys new clothes for when she goes out of town?
>Leopard bra tank top combo
>ugly ass pleaded white skirts
>possibly the pink ham dress
>possibly that pink half sweater with an pleated white skirt or jean shorts
She also never takes pictures in front of views or anything when she travels, as much as she loves taking 20 pictures of herself and doesn't care about safety you would think she would. Also why is she going to Vegas again?

No. 1794465

File: 1679679218736.jpeg (73.7 KB, 750x861, 16A6E60F-451A-408F-B2BE-0519EB…)

looking like 2 different people

No. 1794468

>reimburse baby's gambling losses uwu

No. 1794473

File: 1679680007806.png (446.85 KB, 828x1792, 9562D83D-CD4F-4E21-92E1-EBB492…)

No. 1794475

That red strip across her nose lmao. What a mess

No. 1794476

File: 1679680375928.png (34.89 KB, 863x275, Screenshot_20230324-105252.png)

Here's her first made up story

No. 1794477

Sooooo Vegas is a hub for prostitution…does anyone else think that’s what she’s going there to do? Like room calls or something? Kek her endless spiral is so Shleak

No. 1794482

File: 1679681142766.gif (120.52 KB, 500x544, ccb07a4910946b89598ce6ee431d9b…)

Moar like Homer Simpson amirite kek. Except much dirtier looking

No. 1794484

I agree with you nonnie. Its obvious that they are shitty acrylics from one of those strip mall nail salons. If you look close at the shein press ons you can see where the woman's real nails are underneath, and if you look at the tips of shayna's nails you can see the unevenness of the acrylic.

No. 1794486

The press ons look better than what Shay's got on tbh. She'd be better off just buying cheap press ons and telling her simps to reimburse her. It's what the smarter sugar babies/cam hoes do. Men can't tell the difference with these types of things and she'd have more booze/weed money to spare. but shaynas been a whore for at least 7 years and hasn't figured out how to actually finesse simps so, whatever. Hopefully her fingers start to fall off from the constant exposure to chemicals and lack of care.

No. 1794494

File: 1679681873527.png (259.29 KB, 750x1334, 16B02496-5BFE-4BA4-BC4C-87EC87…)

she looks terrible in that video

No. 1794496

File: 1679682186850.png (673.36 KB, 468x975, FC2F2E07-7548-4C10-9ECE-8B1F27…)

No. 1794504

Kek. Maybe not the flex she thought it was..

No. 1794507

unironically still an upgrade to big shaynus because j simpson is covered up and doesn't have a rat reminiscent poop eyed accident for a face

No. 1794509

I'm just gonna white knight for a second here because apparently a lot of you don't leave the house or only interact with the most NPC of NPC's. But if you dress really eccentrically and obnoxiously like Shaynus, you get more random comments from people. It's not crazy that a lot of people make comments towards her since she's always in bright neon pink outfits and sticks out like a sore thumb in society.
People that dress extra goth get random comments, people that have crazy hair get random comments, and yes this bright pink bimbo aesthetic is not really in the realm of normal everyday clothing, so those people get comments too. I'm sure she makes a lot of random shit up but I doubt the random comments like this one >>1794476 are lies. I could easily see that happening, and many of the other stories you guys claim are lies.

No. 1794510

I'm sorry some of you are femcel plain janes and couldn't even imagine for a second someone thinking you're interesting because you dress eccentrically and making a random comment towards you.

and before one of you retards misinterprets my post, I'm not saying dressing weird makes you more interesting. I'm saying to the average npc out walking around they might subconsciously think so, and the more outgoing ones might say something.

No. 1794511

Really surprised she hasnt been running a "surgery funds & recovery" scam. Just proves her parents are paying for it and shes not worried about it.
Also what is she doing in vegas? She bailed on the whore con. What else is going on? Or is it a secret randevu? Lol
I forgot what she said the reason was. Just that she had some spare time throughout the stay to meet up with other people for content or something.

No. 1794512

first of all, learn how to use an imageboard, because you're the one sticking out like a sore thumb rn. second, i'm sure the service workers sexually harrassing her are totally real and not a product of her fantasy. now fuck off back to where you came from and don't return. the shayna whiteknights are unbearable, i see why all shayheads are on a journey to re-read her old threads because these retarded ass anons make it really hard to enjoy the current threads

No. 1794514

Go back? Guaranteed I've been here longer than you.

No. 1794515

Any ideas on who she’s supposedly working with in Vegas?

No. 1794517

I believe she gets a few random "oh i like your style" from retards. But what makes me call bullshit on most of her tweets is that she tweets these things multiple times every time she actually goes out and all the compliments just so happen to play into her delusions and "kinks". Its always barbie, baby, bimbo, etc based compliments that just sound like shit Shayna would come up with/imagine people saying.
You go out and get compliments that reflect your kinks and dream persona constantly?

No. 1794519

Jessica Simpson isnt even relevant anymore and looks like a fat slob nowadays. So if she did get that compliment she shouldve asked what era JS because that couldve actually been an insult kek

No. 1794521

The jessica simpson one is totally plausible lol. I doubt she gets any "I like your style". I honestly bet some of the comments are actually ridiculing her/making fun of her but she's too retarded to notice and takes it as a compliment. like the "getting kidnapped with hello kitty?" comment totally sounds like something a condescending bar tender would say to lightly make fun of her and it going over her head. idk sometimes it feels like you guys dont leave the house.

No. 1794522

I'm not saying she gets random compliments. I'm saying COMMENTS. She takes the comments as a compliment because she's retarded and cant tell when someones making fun of her.

No. 1794527

Theyre too specific still. I dont buy it.
If it was "omg the bartender was like 'let me guess, pink is your favorite color?" Or something, sure. Or low standard moids saying she looks good.
I dont believe every interaction she has just so happens to gave a very catered and specific comment/compliment.
I do believe when she says people stare or look her up and down. But its not for the reasons she thinks kek

No. 1794530

File: 1679685910556.jpeg (47.69 KB, 1170x675, B8630890-1D73-4430-9CE4-F12FD5…)

No. 1794534

File: 1679686037658.jpeg (165.76 KB, 1170x1672, 8EA5B12A-9FE6-4668-837D-E1C69C…)

No. 1794535

Whatever happened to “the dad” she never talks about him anymore kek

No. 1794536

Jessica Simpson lost 100 lbs recently and is super skinny. Nothing like Shaynus.

No. 1794538

Yeah, a woman saying she reminds her of Jessica Simpson is one of the most likely comments Shayna has ever shared on Twitter. It was probably an older woman who hasn't paid attention to much pop culture for the last 20 years and just said the first "girly" pop star that came to her mind. She definitely gets comments but odds are good most of them are massaged on Twitter to sound way "sexier" or complimentary. We know she's disgusting but I'm sure creepy moids say shit to her all the time - and nonas if a bartender hasn't hit on you yet, go to more shitty bars kek. It happens, even if technically they're not supposed to, their bartenders, not really arbiters of good behavior anyway.

No. 1794539

Sage for nitpick but who tf flies in a tank top, it's always cold af in aircraft cabins

No. 1794559

An attention whore who is trying to get people to look at her so she can tweet about it. Theres literally winter storm warnings and snow in a lot of states rn

No. 1794564

Deleted as usual

No. 1794572

Damn, at least when she was skinny and big headed she kind of had a "unique" look to her. She actually gave off "porn star" energy in those professional shoots. Now that she's fat and doesn't take care of herself, she gives off dime-a-dozen, whore-while-its-popular, wears-cookie-monster-fuzzy-pajama-pants-to-walmart energy. I don't see her as any different than the gross girl whose trailer she went to for a shoot. Those kind of girls just look…sticky. Unwashed and unemployed energy.

No. 1794577

Next thread title should be Shaytard Edition: Blowin' Up Faster Than The Twin Towers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1794578

Has we seen the nails grown out?

No. 1794581

No. 1794590

And you’re still saying retarded shit? Embarrassing

No. 1794593

Her weight, anon. I was making a poorly executed and morbid "joke"

No. 1794596

You are the only retard here.

No. 1794616

Sage your shit and go back

No. 1794620

God the Shat threads alllllways devolve into infighting when there’s not a lot of milk pls can we not fight nonicas I’m SURE she will make an ass of herself in Vegas somehow kek (at least I’m praying)

No. 1794622

reeks of unfunny moid in here yet again

No. 1794623

She always seems to rip them off before that

No. 1794634

Same, anon. I think Momo is the only cow with more threads than her and she's on thread 132. Next thread Shayna will be tied with her. Since we're reminiscing, I wanted to repost this old but gold edit of Shay's glory days. I hope it will benefit the new shayheads here.

No. 1794639

We need a 5 years later fatty boom batty edition video edit this is pure gold

No. 1794643

this was so autistic i loved it

No. 1794644

meet me in the shaynatorium, nonny
metalhead moids are the lowest of moids. rapists and drug addicts. shayna could probably actually bag a metalhead.

No. 1794645

this was so autistic i loved it

No. 1794648

She had that weird story of a couple at the nail salon who were getting their nails done and something about eating from a "cookie jar"
Ellen stop posting here, Shaymu isn't going to fuck you
I 100% believe she would wear a tank top in a cold ass airplane on purpose to show off her hard nipples

No. 1794649

Are you mentally challenged? In what way was my post in any way favorable to Shaynus kek.

No. 1794653

My bad I meant to respond to this anon here >>1794509 and >>1794510; I just caught the end of your post where you sound like them since you're implying we're all losers who never leave our houses like the other anon who was calling us femcels. Not all of us dress in bizarre internet subculture styles like mentally ill young girls (grooming victims) who are looking for attention irl and on the internet. I actually do leave my house every day for work and school which is how I know her stories are bullshit.

No. 1794665

She had some nice boobs back then dat w8gain tho

No. 1794666


you want proof that you're right? fatna didn't post "omg the nail tech was asking me if i was old enough to be getting my nails ehhehehe"

also, no pics/selfies being inappropriate in the bathroom

No. 1794668

No. 1794672

File: 1679699407200.jpeg (142.22 KB, 1170x1091, 35FFC9EB-571E-4D8D-B8F2-C11651…)

Soon she’ll beg for money to move to Vegas

No. 1794673

File: 1679699432014.jpeg (151.42 KB, 1170x1508, 6A50EFA8-E7BA-46CC-9EB8-817211…)

No. 1794675

She was blonde, young, skinny, decent tits, and willing to work a little bit. Thats as close to porn star as she got. But if you actually look at her then and watch one of those insex things… she looks trashy and dirty as hell. The tacky claws, the gauged ears, flat ass and homer mouth pussy covered in ingrowns and boils… nah.
She still should've worked harder when places were at least willing to work with her because she was thin and passable.

No. 1794679

Where is Ribmeat? She only posts photos of Mr. Peanutbutter and retard pup anymore.

No. 1794689

File: 1679701282147.jpeg (46.17 KB, 1170x746, F1351C62-DAC0-4268-BF56-622D28…)

So I saw this person comment this under Shay’s post when she was doing that video handcuffed to the porch. Could be stretch. But this person is located in Seattle. He also liked the tweet she did about the waiter saying something about the duct tape

No. 1794692

He also has a post recently about lovinglyhandmade. That’s the bald guy Shayna films with I think

No. 1794696

File: 1679702338006.jpeg (179.57 KB, 1170x1104, 043378B2-36C0-4495-9DFE-D60F66…)

This is the lovinglyhandmade dude

No. 1794698

>>1794679 don't even start with the tinfoiling about rib, for all we know the retarded dog terrorizes her and she hides

No. 1794700

File: 1679702566347.jpeg (336.98 KB, 1170x1595, 574B44B6-9DAF-45F0-9597-5D326D…)

Shay’s possible new “fren”

No. 1794701

Hahahaahahahaah god I hope this is true

No. 1794704

I have the feeling she either died or Shay gave her away. It’s super weird not to ever mention your first pet while you keep posting photos of your new ones, especially when there’s no reason at all to post photos of animals on your porn site in the first place. RIP Rib

No. 1794709

Little Ed

No. 1794712

If Ribmeat died, Shay would be posting about it to get all the attention and pennies

No. 1794713

This. She posted about Rib a month or so ago. But Ribs old and hates the retarded dog and probably isnt keen on the other cat. It probably lowkey resents them all including Shat and just does its own thing away from them lol

No. 1794717

Ironic considering Jessica Simpson is on the opposite side of the scale having lost 100+ lbs and doesn't really dress like that recently…

No. 1794720

File: 1679705304180.jpg (262.8 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_2023-03-25-00-46-41…)

It's absolutely this guy.
He has interactions about ellen.

Kek this is that place her and Shay love to stuff their face with seafood after the aquarium isn't it?

No. 1794722

File: 1679705951330.jpg (110.69 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_2023-03-25-00-57-31…)

Whoomp there it is

No. 1794728

File: 1679706893686.jpeg (283.13 KB, 1170x2142, D603F01C-5901-4DE0-9577-9571D4…)

She really follows Elmo. This bitch keeps sinking lower

No. 1794735

Nta but now that I think of it, she has not posted a SINGLE story about her nail tech giving her a compliment about being like Barbie or liking pink or whatever so you must be right anon. We know nothing about her nail tech which is very sus.

No. 1794739

She mentioned before (I think it was before she moved to Oklahoma) that the nail salon calls her “Barbie”

No. 1794741

Ellen is friends with Russel on fb lmao go figure maybe the other guy is on his friends list too.

No. 1794742

is that ellen? this is from 2012 god she was bragging about 11 year old duck tape

No. 1794744

File: 1679710738737.jpeg (204.11 KB, 1170x1632, 4059F25E-BD45-4D5E-A6F3-E6C0E4…)

No. 1794745

File: 1679710907184.jpg (102.28 KB, 720x1071, 2021-07-28.jpg)

Big shaynus lying again. Adding an extra $15.

No. 1794750

Ok? Thats no where near recently so its not relevant to the debate.

No. 1794753

File: 1679712059436.jpeg (176.89 KB, 1152x2048, 2638E89B-9C4C-494A-874A-22F6C8…)

No. 1794755

The anon said Shay has never posted a single story about her nail tech. And she has

No. 1794756

File: 1679712148697.jpeg (193.26 KB, 1152x2048, 43056127-5773-4FF4-8BC9-448C18…)

No. 1794758

Its the cockeyed nipples for me. Like the shirt is tight enough she could at least pull the other tit up a bit to even it out

No. 1794763

I just cringe because I'm positive shayna is the type to always throw a Jean jacket or Hoodie over everything, but even imagine her walking around with her tits lopsided is even worser then me than her nipples showing. Kek, like imagine seeing a chick clearly trying to look sexy but one nipple is perky the other is saggy and bouncing as she walks?

No. 1794765

Oh she got a water bottle?
>omg some1 asked me.if my hello kitty water bottle was my kitty sippy omfgsjshdidns! Then an adorable lady said,"she does look like a little kitten!" Wtfdkdbdjsmdm

No. 1794767

for me its weird because often pictures are taken at the nail salon with some jewelry or sparkles and looking good but she always post some picture at home looking like shit, i think she posted about the nail salon once and it was when she was doing her hair too.

No. 1794768

I always thought she had a fat voice. The prophecy foretold. . .

No. 1794772

It's the fact that she has her cockeyed nipples visible while knowingly going to a children's themed cafe

No. 1794782

She's lucky she's going not in the dry heat of summer. That white top would be drenched in sweat and she'd prob be telling stories about the random dudes selling water giving her a discount cos she's so attractive kek.

No. 1794783

the floppy obese man tits… It looks awful lol I can't believe she's confident about them like this. She's delusional

No. 1794785

She’s so out of the loop that showing off your nails by making a claw is considering out of date and ugly and it’s better to show them off with your hand straight

No. 1794800

dumb nitpick

No. 1794801

File: 1679717543206.jpeg (65.09 KB, 1170x828, 6FFF6428-AA6E-4D14-BF41-710712…)

And Bingo

No. 1794803

she said she was going there for a shoot >>>/snow/1783020
not really. sales tax is a thing and she rounded up
hate whiteknighting this pedo bitch, but it's vegas. kids see showgrirls walking around with their full asses out. she's probably one of the more modestly dressed there
she gave up on those bangs quickly

No. 1794807

Noo I like her being in Renton and going to the same bars as her. Do we know if Ellen is “stuck” in Renton for any reason (I have a vague memory that her parents needed caretaking but I’m not sure?)

No. 1794808

How does she have so many wrinkles on her forehead (I know the answer). I just hit 30 and my friend group is 35 and none of us have that(no1currs)

No. 1794810

Nitpick This pop up sucks. The desserts look really nice but they’re dry and sickly sweet.

No. 1794812

I'm 28 and have them from stress, but not nearly as bad kek. In her case I'd guarantee the alcohol is the culprit. Or genetics maybe.

No. 1794815

File: 1679721192714.jpeg (14.18 KB, 266x400, 822BAA5E-89C7-4220-819C-F93478…)

she meant this Jessica Simpson, and it’s true

No. 1794816

Is that shaynus on prom night at Skidmark academy

No. 1794821

this is an incredible nitpick but, that nail color is so BAD next to her own skintone. the nude looks dirty

No. 1794825

The way her stomach is cropped here makes her look like a gigantic land whale

No. 1794842

She should have cropped the picture more up. Her stomach/waist looks w i d e as fuck. Can’t wait for the outcome of her shoot. Also she spends money on the stupidest shit and I bet that bag and water bottle will be displayed on her nasty desk.

No. 1794844

Shayna looks like she doesn't belong in Vegas with the other girls. She has the vibe of a horse girl who tried to be sexy for the first time in her life.

No. 1794850

You mean the homeless or women living in shitty motels pulling tricks for under $100, you’re right. She’s nothing like the showgirls or the women on those playing cards kek

No. 1794892

Kek every time she does this Lhasa Apso hairdo I lose it. She looks like she’s cosplaying as her great auntie’s dog and failing.

No. 1794905

I hate that i think i know who shes shooting with, moid named Scott Hancock, dudes not picky about the girls, ranging from meth heads to fatties. Whats funny is its blowjob scenes and we all know shaynut cant suck a dick to save her life kek

No. 1794920

…how do you know this and what evidence is there to support it? She was just on cam saying she can’t give blowjobs kek

No. 1794922

File: 1679756344949.jpeg (42.23 KB, 750x411, 80953E40-67BE-4F41-B4D0-67465E…)

SA but he retweeted this, the eggplant emoji made me think it was a moid from the start. I wonder what motivated her to try and work with this disgusting scrote.

No. 1794941

Surgery at the end of the month and she’s doing all of this traveling? I doubt she has even a penny put to the side for while she’s recovering, can’t wait for the “buh buh buh please give me money i can’t work right now!” saga

oh wait, that’s been going on since shayna broke up with kyle nathan perkins.

No. 1794951

File: 1679761551570.jpg (207.73 KB, 960x1280, 1517110188843.jpg)

She was never pretty and she never had a nice body. This picture is from 8 years ago. Pre everything. Is on her second thread.

No. 1794952

File: 1679761696310.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.87 KB, 275x157, 1517107697336.jpeg.jpg)

And this is also from her second thread. 5 year old picture of her terrible hip to shoylder ratio.. all she ever EVER had was being skinny. And she ruoned that. Kek

Spoiler because she kind of in a revealing bodysuit.

No. 1794957

Also same fag, but she once said a hairstylist told her she is the "darkest shade of blonde" but i think she was lying about that, since you would have to be blind, or retarded to think thats the darkest shade of blonde. Its a basic mousy brown.

No. 1794961

This top travels with her wherever she goes huh? I don't get why she wouldn't go to Vegas wearing a tank top or something that could potentially be flattering and she could still slut it up. She would rather wear this and show 95% of her nipples to the world than wear something that could actually be sexy and flattering. Not to mention temperature appropriate (no idea what Vegas temps are like at this time of year lol). No brain bimbo for sure.

No. 1794982

File: 1679766308738.jpeg (241.08 KB, 1152x2048, 00EE0699-E32F-46FA-9079-A682FD…)

Going to brunch before her shoot

No. 1794986

kind of risking throwing up like that, I would think

No. 1794991

Showing up to a shoot drunk and bloated, nice.
Her shoulder to waist ratio is skewed by the perspective. She had somewhat of an athletic body type without muscle tone, not bimbo/Barbie stuff but not bad.

I wonder why she doesn't throw up anymore to stay skinny.

No. 1794995

Her hair please lol what is going on. Of course she brought that cursed sweater

No. 1794997

Athletic build yes. But in pictures where its not so angled you get the same affect. Her shoulders are either the same width, or atleast an inch bigger than her hips. She would have been great in wrestling or girls rugby. I bet she puts on upper muscle real easily. Probably anitger reason she wouldnt ever go to the gym. It would maje her ratio look worse.

No. 1795001

I feel like her legs were always weird like tree trunks too despite her thin torso. Like her legs looked long but still wide at the top. And it reflects on how her thighs buldge now

No. 1795005

Damn she has always been haggard

No. 1795012

im keking bc it looks like she has a stump for an arm

No. 1795014

File: 1679772741952.png (89.23 KB, 275x271, D1C5B832-0384-453D-BF85-0243B5…)

This is one of the things that irritated me about Shat from the very beginning; she had the perfect jumping off point to get a VERY fit body if only she had started a workout regimen/maybe gotten into running or skating for cardio. When she was thin it would have been pretty easy for her to get in great shape. Obv she would have needed to adjust her diet as well…I know I’m just trainer sperging into the void but my god. Whatever, she doesn’t deserve a nice body anyway kek

No. 1795016

looks like a troon hiding his penis kek

No. 1795018

File: 1679773651720.jpeg (199.19 KB, 1170x1605, FB4C17CD-578D-459D-ABBA-1B34EC…)

No. 1795019

File: 1679773737490.jpeg (169.36 KB, 1152x2048, 2A6F6EAD-BEB7-4332-96CE-8542B5…)

She said she’s at Cafe Lola

No. 1795020

File: 1679773805737.jpeg (397.96 KB, 1536x2048, 7CE10032-5C60-4C6E-8AC1-3BE421…)

No. 1795023

IS SHE FR EATING A SALAD RN?!?! Wonders never cease…

No. 1795038

File: 1679776007292.jpeg (527.56 KB, 2048x2048, 74B9F976-D410-41F2-A10E-2C94DD…)

No. 1795039

>she wouldnt ever go to the gym. It would maje her ratio look worse
Squats, dead lifts and lunges would correct this. She's too lazy to even give her dog a 10 minute walk so it's irrelevant but if she wanted to improve her body by weight training she could.

No. 1795040

The last time she got her makeup done was for that weird VR porn and she absolutely hated how she looked

No. 1795041

This is the first salad I’ve seen her eat in 5 years

No. 1795053

I still dont get how shes affording 2200 rent plus phone, power, internet and is able to just blow money left and right.
I cant even see her making enough for rent off OF and MV. Sometimes her ebegging works, but not always. Havent heard about her prostituting much this last month or 2.
Even selling customs at a 100 (which btw blows my mind coomers pay that much for 1 vid) and sales… idk it just doesnt add up unless her dad is helping with rent.

No. 1795054

Because either her dad or Ellen is giving her money for it

No. 1795063

File: 1679779591253.png (485.64 KB, 828x1792, EA7A6579-813F-4E6D-82C6-1A9DCD…)

No. 1795064

Grandma got dressed up for bingo

No. 1795068

Idk what this shoot is or why her makeup is so clowny, but at least it looks like they scrubbed her lips before putting the gloss on lol

No. 1795086

File: 1679782256611.jpeg (94.68 KB, 750x1021, 4967D022-02CD-4E11-BA86-90BBF1…)

No. 1795087

File: 1679782287076.jpeg (144.28 KB, 750x1098, 3210BE35-ADBE-4C21-9F77-AECA60…)

No. 1795088

Did she really fly out to do a photoshoot? Kek, her head is going to be huge because of this, like she's an actual model

No. 1795098

He does blowjob content. So not sure why Shay is with him

No. 1795102

because bitch wanted to go to vegas for free ofc

No. 1795115

How on earth does this individual make enough money to make this work

No. 1795120

i can't imagine videos of homely girls and methheads sucking dick turns that much of a profit, the scrote probably does it for his own personal enjoyment. probably thinks if he's gonna pay for a prostitute might as well pay to make her look half decent and post the video on the internet to make a few bucks.

No. 1795150

No. 1795152

If she is doing blowjob content and ends up barfing she'll wretch up fucking leaves lmao. Hot.

No. 1795155

Oh fucking dear… Yes it is.

No. 1795162

TA and….you know for her sake, I hope she can keep the salad down, it’s the first real green thing I’ve seen her eat in prob a hundred threads lmfao

No. 1795233

He only pays $250-300 a video? I’m not an e whore but that seems like not enough to me, at least compared to other companies she’s worked with like Insex and Skidmore Academy

No. 1795234

So she flew out to vegas for $300??? what a business woman

No. 1795235

This is insanely milky…not only is shay likely going to get an STI From this guy, but he probably also expects her to fuck him off camera on the side. She’s getting paid $300 and thinks this makes her a real porn star because her flight and makeup was paid for.

No. 1795236

There is no way she doesn’t have SOMETHING at this point. Could be why she books for such weird and unsafe shit. Add in this “side service package deal” and this could be infinitely more nightmarish than her Vivi cloud sperging. Shay you in danger girl.

No. 1795242

haha stupid fucking bitch. she gets what she deserves.

No. 1795247

“Reedy books models for $250 – 300 blow job scenes, the women report — sometimes along with an off-camera “private” full service session afterward. “A package deal” is how one described it. The talent are often untested local providers.”

she’ll definitely do shit off camera because she’s a pick me. and of course she won’t ask for a test, and she never gets tested so they’re two disgusting STI carriers.

No. 1795252

File: 1679797180377.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.72 KB, 1179x2006, A3712718-7605-4770-AACD-52DD78…)

I wonder if she will go in this thing

No. 1795256

Also, that girl Kiki from Skidmore (the one everyone was debating race about) just recently was there too. Skidmore is like a pipeline to this creep lol

No. 1795257

>>1795150 "The site currently boasts 1147 models."

Have fun with ShaychPV girl but get that bag I guess.

No. 1795259

That's so harrowing

No. 1795264


No. 1795268

He puts the height and weight of all of the “models’” profiles lol

No. 1795274

I bet he'd be willing to alter them for sexual favours. This guy is clearly an abusive creep.

No. 1795280

Shay literally never does any research when it comes to people she works with

No. 1795294

The allegation was from 2018 so maybe there is evidence that he isn’t doing that any longer. I’d still never touch a man that has been with 1000 girls. I wouldn’t even high five this creep for $250-300 and round trip airfare.

No. 1795296

He’s clearly a liar who doesn’t care about the health of the girls though… so he can’t be trusted even if his reputation has improved

No. 1795300

File: 1679803466871.jpeg (57.63 KB, 750x952, AA5473F5-CC7F-43DC-993F-02FC4D…)

No. 1795321

File: 1679809691905.png (2.09 MB, 828x1792, B5DB7901-D250-4999-A50B-2C2BB7…)

No. 1795327

Kek nice forehead wrinkle blur job

No. 1795328

Ewwwww he’s so nasty for this. Imagine being so desperate for blowjobs you have to pay for the chicks hair and makeup + round trip flights and ubers. surprised he’s not offering a per diem for meals

No. 1795330

It would be way too expensive to feed big shaynus

No. 1795333

Shayna should be reimbursing farmers for their time and effort on researching these shitty moids she gets tangled up with kek . Fupa, John Randall, Mike Slack, Shane and now mr stds

No. 1795334

Do his videos usually leak? I’m actually anticipating the results of Shat trying to give a blowjob to a moid who shoves women’s heads down when we’ve seen her gag on like 2 inches of a dildo for years. She likely told this vile scrote ahead of time about her lack of blowjob skills the same way she has with telling people not to hit her boob with the implant.
Anyway I could not imagine even touching this diseased man with a 10 foot pole, how did she let his nasty peen inside of her mouth? Does he fuck trannies too? Even if he doesn’t he technically fucks with women who have fucked troons like Shat’s friend Kiki. Ugh this is seriously so disgusting, I hope Shayna gets tested right away.

No. 1795356

Yeah the statistical likelihood of having an STD after having sex with 1000 SEX WORKERS is very high. Gross. This guy is probably a super spreader

No. 1795359

File: 1679824455257.jpeg (190.61 KB, 1158x1769, F567B91A-E9A4-49C0-B22F-52B1F2…)

This guy even looks like a fucking asshole with a big ego. Nonas I really don’t like him

No. 1795362

EW he looks like those old dudes at the gym who throw weights around and think they’re super fit but actually just look like this pic.

No. 1795366

On his Facebook he is always posting pictures of how much sweat he leaves on the gym floor and his calorie count and pictures of his stupid Sunday fritatas

No. 1795369

And that number is from 5 years ago. It’s likely much higher now

No. 1795370

men need to be put away to siberia or somewhere else with no internet access and no women in close proximity to work themselves to death. in the manosphere this moid would probably be considered an "alpha" yet he contributes nothing to society, only giving women trauma and stds. what a worthless ugly scrote

No. 1795383

The highlights in her fringe look extra stupid, not even good 90s just hair tragedy 90s. No bimbo would be caught looking this rough and ugly

No. 1795384

Imagine still looking 40 after someone else does your makeup at 25

No. 1795396

File: 1679834706887.jpeg (381.42 KB, 1038x1200, E3EE3132-23A0-49A1-8E93-FC2271…)

this era is bleak

No. 1795492

File: 1679844040946.jpeg (9.21 KB, 233x240, 1667165937307.jpeg)

yeah, I don't know if it's just the mushrooms making me overly empathetic, but this one's hitting me a lot harder than usual
this obese biotroon is straight up a prostitute getting orally raped on facialabuse and shit to have enough money to get a pile of seafood on a newspaper to eat like a cartoon stray alley cat

No. 1795495

howlin at the chinese reaction pic, but its alright anon don't ruin your trip by empathising with someone who's clearly got no interest in changing her life for the better

No. 1795498

Laying in front of a camera and fucking yourself doesnt count as movement. Sitting in an airport or on a plane and getting drunk isnt a workout. Hopping in am uber to go buy cheap sephora shit isnt exactly doing her any favors. And remember, everywhere she goes she either gets herself a drink, or a full fledged meal, and sometimes both. Im sorry nonny but i dont know where you get the idea that shes moving alot just because she travel to other cities and places so she can sit on her ass and get fatter. Its not like shes going to these places to hike a mountain or camp. Shes going to photoshoots and bars. She doesnt even walk her dog because if she does she has to make a post about it or some fake interaction that happened. And she doesnt post about it often at all. Fat nasty lazy cow.

No. 1795506

she keeps changing what her “first” B/G scene is and it’s actually really funny. first it was Fupa, then it was Sol, than it was gay Ken, now it’s this STI super spreader. you really know how to pick ‘em don’t you shay?!

No. 1795541

File: 1679848700251.png (37.8 KB, 863x601, Screenshot_20230326-093738.png)

Wtf is this account supposed to be?

No. 1795559

Nonna for president. Seriously I agree with this. Save women and children and deport the creepy pedos and moids

No. 1795561

Technically Fupa wasn’t a “porn star” and Ken was just a tranny fucker who agreed to the video because he’s a disgusting ugly attention whore. This dude actually paid her. Barely paid but still. I think she actually paid Ken Doll because she was so desperate.

No. 1795567

Anons calling this shit she's doing (refuse to look at the moid's gross profile to confirm) facialabuse yet her makeup ain't even messed up after her "SO HOT" blowjpb lmao

No. 1795578

How many of the 9 (probably more) men has shayna slept with who wasn't bisexual or questionable? It's only a matter of time before she catches something

No. 1795588


just a moid moiding. this fetish seems like it would require being even more terminally online and pornsick than most tho.

No. 1795594

Agreed. Not to sound scrotey but thats the first thing I noticed in this >>1795321 her makeup is way too intact for a full day of photos and fucking. Mustve been the saddest bj ever or some really good makeup kek

No. 1795623

Looks like a chimpanzee. Who wants to bet he invited random girls he encounters to do his gross porn?

No. 1795632

300$… She's probably in the negative after going there. What kind of shitty business is that? After all these years you would think she knows better lol

No. 1795641

I think the idea is that she would then get to post the pictures online and get new customers, etc. He also said he sometimes pays airfare. But yeah, it doesn’t seem worth it. I bet the other girls already live in Vegas or were there on a trip, etc.

No. 1795646

File: 1679857643167.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, 4173EFC5-881F-4AC6-B5AB-BD508A…)

No. 1795687

Kek she looks like a pregnant trailer park hooker.
Also why does she have rollerskates on? Are we gonna see her trying to skate lmao

No. 1795688

spergs out when Vivi and her discuss doing b/g blowjob (but is still ostensibly being paid) while being flown out for $250-300 + $250 flight to Vegas… for a b/g blowjob scene. and cue the sperging about how this guy took advantage of her.
Maybe there's some sort of retarded theme going on.

No. 1795697

absolute keks I hope we get to see her dumpy lard arse falling and staggering about like a sack of potatoes

No. 1795720

God I fucking PRAY lmao Sage for v mild blog but am a skater/blader and it will be SO goddamn funny to see her attempt. The funniest thing would be if she was somehow not terrible at it tbh kek

No. 1795724

File: 1679866240337.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, 98FC8BC4-2E5B-4E55-BB83-1A0500…)

No. 1795734

Kek think it’s going to be swingin’ 60s psychedelic hippie chick theme. So retarded, and it is almost admirably unsexy.

No. 1795744

File: 1679867915796.jpeg (483.29 KB, 2048x2048, C7A772AC-C6ED-4756-B403-90A886…)

No. 1795759

So guess dude only forked out enough for 1 day of hair and makeup cos this shitshow is classic shaystyle

Tying her bangs into her pigtails creating those spiked up bits is killing me.

No. 1795760

I actually think the spikey bits are cute kek

No. 1795774

ngl this styling and makeup is leagues above what she’s been doing- I know she finally figured out filters and is still fat but it’s sad that it took some dude with a dick that should rot off any day now to do it better than she has

No. 1795778

the freckles were a dead giveaway for me

No. 1795804

Guessing hair and makeup was for only one day, she looks so beady

No. 1795833

File: 1679878183104.jpeg (743 KB, 3072x3072, B1A8FB71-DCAB-44A1-BC9B-CBC001…)

what you ordered online vs what arrived
(can’t wait to see these looks candid)

No. 1795846


She did his "roller girl" set so thats why the skates

As a prof . photographer his work is so atrocious, a shitty poster and some cheap props?

No. 1795862

her eyebrows are the only thing that haven't changed. slight blog but I used to know a girl who penciled in her eyebrows SUPER dark and blocky like this, and just didn't wash it off when she washed her face before bed, so she wouldn't have to redo them every single day. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what she did as well. it's so gross.

No. 1795956

File: 1679894081938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.97 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230326_211817_Sam…)

Same blanket, five years ago, on the floor of her shitty studio, before she had a bed.

No. 1795957

Her eyebrow are microbladed. They're permanently like that.

No. 1795958

File: 1679894171086.jpg (225.75 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230326_211716_Sam…)

Same fag. The first comment pointing out the fact that there is no bed. Kek never change shay.

No. 1795970

All that chad posturing only to have the focal point be his manopausal tiddies. Sad.

No. 1795988

Thought this was a passing Dylan mulvaney at first

No. 1795993

File: 1679902480245.jpg (355.81 KB, 1638x2048, FsNSV-9aAAIo8Rd.jpg)


No. 1795994

File: 1679902525277.jpg (367.24 KB, 1638x2048, FsNSV_BaMAUgU30.jpg)

No. 1795995

File: 1679902580207.jpg (328.4 KB, 1536x2048, FsNSXxqagAM16_8.jpg)

No. 1796001

File: 1679903851999.gif (1.33 MB, 400x224, FF9947F0-9F14-4F77-B3E4-5BC45F…)

Oh my god this pose. It’s so incredibly special needs.

No. 1796017

You know she thinks she looks like a youthful teen porn bimbo but she literally looks like those 48yo women who haven’t left porn and are stuck in a haggard alcoholic stupor

No. 1796018

She looks like she’s about to cry in all of these

No. 1796031

What IS this picture even. It's so unflattering in every way. Like the two first ones atleast tried, but this one is just.. Baffling me.

No. 1796033

She thinks it’s a cute candid feminine dainty kind of natural pose not realizing she looks like a ratchet hooker. Reminds me of old catalogs from the 2000s kek I doubt she’s being directed well and it’s incredibly awkward

No. 1796041

looks like the momo mewtwo thighs are now a permanent fixture kek

No. 1796046

Lmao at the bowl of dildos as decor like wtf

No. 1796048

You're so right anon. I know women like this irl (not in porn but they're old and think they're cute) and it would be sad if they weren't so vile. They think they femme fatales and people just don't see their worth or something. Shayna in the future.

No. 1796049

holy shit this is so much worse. shes not used to getting photographed so the photos are so fucking unflattering. its so odd and sad to see her outside her special fat girl angles or doing her regular sucking in poses. i dont think shes leaving her house again in a few months after this. shes already very insecure about her looks when u see her cam nowadays and this shit is not going to trigger her easily. deserved though of course.

No. 1796057

She's never looked worse. She wouldn't look at all out of place in a Lucifer Valentine or John Waters film. Wow, it's almost impressive how effective these photos are at summoning up an uncomfortable, sad energy that warns you instead of beckoning

No. 1796068

I cannot get over the size of this bitch. Her midsection is just so…THICK. Like a hog’s belly. If anyone deserves this body tho…it’s her.

No. 1796069

She looks very large and scary in this. Like a monster coming to get you

No. 1796073

Forreal is this even her face? She looks like a completely different person I almost wanna say I like her hair until I see the full picture and Realize how fat she is

No. 1796111

exactly what I thought after seeing the pictures, especially in this one >>1795321 she looks like she is about to cry any minute

No. 1796114

Kek @ her marionette lines. These are bad. We knew they were going to be awful, but holy shit I didn't realise how much worse she is when she can't even leech off someone else's energy in a photo.

No. 1796119

> uh oh stinky

No. 1796134

This is the best pose she's got and it's still pretty bad. Her shape is unfortunate. Can't wait till her pitiful BJ video gets leaked.

No. 1796144

This one is actually so cute.

No. 1796145

imagine this bitch doing mid sized bimbo fashion shit

No. 1796147


No. 1796151

The tranny socks do not go with a 70s hippy shirt. Wtf is she doing?

No. 1796155

File: 1679929135798.jpeg (109.89 KB, 1170x1167, D798865B-B401-4698-AC9D-A4998F…)

No. 1796158

IM DEAD THESE PICTURES ARE SO EDITED AND SHE STILL LOOKS LIKE A MAN KEEEK these socks look so clean but we know they are rotting yellow

No. 1796161

Missed opportunity to wear bell bottom pants.

No. 1796162

it’s not decor, multiple models use those and I bet he barely washes them and just stores them in there. he’s gonna make her play with those unwashed toys for the vid. she is truly disgusting.

No. 1796170

Get your eyes checked. The pose is ok because it hides her whole body but her face looks like a wine mom. Come on nonnie. Best of the 3 I guess… the bar is in hell.

Also this guys sets are shit. Like if he got a back drop to cover the door and windows out into the city scape, it couldve passed. Id even believe the coke couch and stuff, but the apartment background just makes it look weird and ruins the "aesthetic". Instead of roller rink vintage baby its just confused retarded street walker with generic birthday decorations kek

No. 1796174

both of you nonnas are right. usually i don't see it in shayna's eyes when someone says it looks like she's on the verge of tears, but i do genuinely believe that for this "photo session" she was holding herself back from bawling. she hates sex, she hates her body, she hates not being in control of her image, so this is her personal hell. if she really liked this session she'd be all over the guy, but instead it's just "huge shoutout! i had a great day!". props to trying to be professional.. or being so brain fried she's smiling through the pain.

No. 1796176

She's probably still sucking in her gut for these pics and it still looks huge kek

No. 1796186

File: 1679933743514.jpeg (116.65 KB, 1170x1237, 584AB328-B201-4F60-881E-DC230C…)

Just wait, she’ll have a break down soon

No. 1796192

>>1795957 proof? dont looks microbladed to me. looks like she fills them in heavy with pomade

No. 1796194

>>1795993 WHY does she look like ready to glare??

No. 1796195

this sounds like such a cope

No. 1796196

she did get them micro bladed a couple years ago. old threads. no way I feel like looking for proof for you but she’s done it once

No. 1796198

You just know she thinks this underboob shit is quirky but all it does is accentuate her highly unfortunate body shape. The saggy shorts emphasizing her gut aren't helping either.

No. 1796211

She could have went to LV with butter face pixie and not have to work with an ugly STD riddled man, but she's such a pick me

No. 1796212

not surprised i thought the little sign by her hand said "FEED DOLLY MATTEL"

No. 1796215

I was wondering why this looked so odd then I realized that she never shows her belly button and always is wearing high waisted pants. Sucking it is just makes her top half look massive, why did she choose those shorts?

No. 1796221

omg those giant conversation hearts are dog beds that petsmart had for valentine’s day last year…

No. 1796222

File: 1679937498918.jpeg (44.72 KB, 1170x538, 7FB0F4C0-B41B-42D5-9812-0926C7…)

Oh I thought the moid made bj content with himself as the dick. I know he’s a porn producer, I just thought the bowl of dildos still looked funny and out of place is all. Nothing evokes roller girl like a cheap vinyl backdrop, balloons, and a sad bowl of dildos on the floor

This comment on that article is sending me. You guys, 7/11 are a bunch of haters! They’re trying to cancel my fren!!!!11

No. 1796237

File: 1679940089481.png (496.5 KB, 828x1792, B4F9F61B-FFCF-4410-9071-D4D13A…)