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File: 1623361916635.png (Spoiler Image, 551.04 KB, 1080x720, fatbitchproject.png)

No. 1252175

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

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>gets caught crying over fupa on cam >>1244680
>has prepped meals delivered so she will stop ordering doordash >>1245178
>talks about ordering doordash again days later >>1247759
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>for some reason bought $80 spongebob-themed vans >>1245945
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>still waxing poetic about her tumblr days >>1247841
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>fat, autistic birthday barbie edition shoot, featuring: a $98 cardboard box >>1249136, >>1249216, >>1249222, >>1249245
>wants a personal chef to make her charcuterie boards >>1249731
>still whining about being heartbroken over fupa >>1250121
>went to tumblr to answer asks, proclaims someone can use her asshole for $5k and that people recognize her in public >>1250384
>also posts a pic claiming she got in the shower and "forgot" she had her shirt on >>1250412, >>1250414, >>1250853
>stocks up on fruit juice and goldfish crackers >>1251374
>sends a video of her unbrushed gray tongue to her OF subs >>1252026


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No. 1252196


Anons, I feel sorry for her cats, but I am so excited for the shitshow that's going to be her visiting her parents. I hope her family fat shames her.

No. 1252198

I'm just telling myself that Kyle Nathan Perkins will be spending time with the cats over the weekend. We'll never have confirmation so I'm just choosing to believe, especially because one of them is his

No. 1252201

glad anons liked my edit enough to make it thread pic. kek

No. 1252222

File: 1623363906857.jpg (565.57 KB, 818x1215, 1623356141683.jpeg.jpg)

Reposting this one from the previous thread because this is a new low. She looks so fucking cursed that it makes this picture a potential contender for a future thread pic even though this one has barely started.

No. 1252224

the longer i look the worse it gets. why does she think this is good enough to post??

No. 1252225

it looks like some kind of weird fetish pic a serial killer would take of a victim

No. 1252231

That white tongue… telling on herself for never brushing

No. 1252232

this bitch looks like she's near death, literally wtf is this picture?

No. 1252237

She looks like a worn out druggie with a bad case of oral thrush. Why does she post this at all, let alone send it to paying scrotes?? Way to make sure they think you're gross & don't renew.
Even though her twitter pics have been shooped into a whole new person, they're far preferable to Fungal Mat Mattel.

No. 1252239

Is this discoloration from her stupid Capri sun juice boxes?? Also god her black eyes and the depression seeping out of them. I wonder if she wakes up drunk?

No. 1252240

File: 1623365417396.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2828x2828, 4DAA642D-7B12-41E3-A091-E679F7…)

she is really only willing to put the absolute minimum effort always

No. 1252242

File: 1623365519220.jpeg (275.31 KB, 750x1017, B8F4837D-1FB0-4B98-96D9-29BECF…)

she’s trying so hard to seem like she’s not a total alcoholic

No. 1252254

File: 1623366287175.jpeg (690.3 KB, 1242x1203, CA71E263-DE0A-480C-A6AB-C3D4FE…)

No. 1252256

File: 1623366324034.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 677.03 KB, 1242x1484, 8DA46CE8-EE7C-410E-952D-8496AB…)

No. 1252257

File: 1623366348614.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 259.04 KB, 1536x2048, B9CF00B5-3471-48C1-9C92-A9BDF0…)


No. 1252258

File: 1623366378592.jpeg (264.21 KB, 1536x2048, B111F7C0-BBA1-49A5-AFB6-8DC231…)

She looks so dirty and greasy

No. 1252261

I don't understand how she can wear too-small high-waisted jean shorts without underwear and not slice her crotch in half, she must really have no sensation

No. 1252262

I know it’s been said, but this is…a lot. I know she’s going to eat the entire thing, but it still shocks me.

No. 1252268


Are you kidding me? This bitch hasn't washed her hair for over a week now. Imagine smelling behind her ear

No. 1252269

LMAO at the restaurant charcuterie being smaller than the ones she makes for herself

No. 1252271

they’re so short too god imagine catching a whiff of that or accidentally seeing her engorged badger snatch, idk which is worse

No. 1252277

Funny thing is i bet after the nape she's for sure going to take when she gets home, she's going to talk about "Eating a snack" before she gets on cam.

No. 1252279

bitch looks like she can barely keep her eyes open. she also looks bloated and sticky. yikes.

No. 1252280

Shay's living like royalty with that King Henry VIII diet
Does OF have a category for gout?

No. 1252281

Her eyes look like they are swollen. I know they probably aren't, but damn, why would she post this with her face looking like that?

No. 1252283

She probably just pulls at her shorts constantly. The only reason she hasn't flashed her whole ass from them riding up is because the longest walk she takes is from the barstool to the bathroom.

No. 1252284

File: 1623367424426.png (297.12 KB, 468x375, tired.PNG)

She just looks depressed.

No. 1252291

I stg Shayna brings out a scrote-like energy from me. When I see this pic all I can think is that phrase "rode hard and put away wet".

No. 1252292

Jesus Christ put the filter back on at least

No. 1252294

I know from this pic alone she's greasy and smell like shit

No. 1252296

so this bitch seriously stepped into the shower with a tank top on a couple days ago and couldn't be bothered to wash her hair? how can you be comfortable walking around being this visibly dirty and crusty? she makes me feel like i need to go wash my hands.

No. 1252299

>engorged badger snatch
anon youre a poet

No. 1252305

What does she even do at the bar alone with no one to talk to? She goes so often! Does she just sit there scrolling on her phone? Stare off into space between sips of beer after the waiter stops paying attention to her? kek
The only people I know who go to the bar alone either go with a book or they're part of a group of barflies, so they're hoping another regular will join.
She's really that starved for human interaction that she'll pay $100 just to do the same thing that she does everyday at home - get drunk & hoover charcuterie. A waitress giving her a compliment is the closest thing to a friend she's had in years.

No. 1252306

Bitch this bar isn't even downtown. How much do you want to bet she lies about the price of her ubers so she can get an extra beer. Sorry for Tulsa-sperging,

No. 1252310

>Imagine smelling behind her ear
Kek, anon, what the fuck.
And yet the weird smirk remains. I'm convinced she's forgotten how to smile normally, but also holy shit she looks bad. The alcoholism is really starting to show; she looks so fucking clammy and sticky. Meat sweats, unwashed snatch and hair, animals, and what I'm sure is a constant stench of alcohol wafting off her. How flips through dictionary cimmerian. I bet all the bars in Tulsa immediately notice when her lard ass waddles in at ten o'clock to buy a beer.

No. 1252312

File: 1623368961744.jpeg (51.31 KB, 600x750, CF046F54-78DA-4836-ADD6-CDBF46…)

so she went into the shower with a dirty tank top on but didn’t bother to wash her greasy, matted looking hair?

No. 1252324

File: 1623369629090.jpeg (209.13 KB, 1125x1244, 03032B6A-2CC6-4324-86BA-31D266…)

No. 1252327

>Whines about her mom on sex work account
>Talks about being a dumb bimbo everyday
>Yet posts about using her brain
Get a diary Shayna.

No. 1252329

And yet she's going home for a visit

No. 1252331

File: 1623370152596.jpg (578.91 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20210610-190943_Twi…)

Keep kissing their ass Shay

No. 1252333

That made me kek anon lol. No but seriously, that’s a good point.

No. 1252334

Lol way to show your mom how much you don't need your brain, Shayna. Butchering what was already stupid zoomer ebonics by leaving out the key word, well done.

The delusion

No. 1252342


Jesus Christ she looks like a sex trafficking hostage here.

No. 1252343

why tf does she try to act like she's some abandoned child whose parents don't care about them? she's lucky they even talk to her. i'm sure there are plenty of people that, if they had the longstanding online reputation she has, would have zero interaction with their family out of the sheer embarrassment it would cause them.

No. 1252345

Tinfoiling but started thinking about how her diet mostly does consist of meat and beer, and no vitamin c anywhere, and the sudden bruises, could it be she has scurvy? Like the early stages?

No. 1252346

anon, she was just talking about how she bought a ton of fruit and fruit juice last night…

No. 1252347

Her eyes look like Womack’s in this

No. 1252349

Anyone else notice how much this troon seems to enjoy talking shit about Shayna's mom? This dude is getting off to this "internet mommy" talk and Shayna thinks he really gives a shit.

No. 1252351

wouldn't be surprised if it's some kind of fetish thing for him

No. 1252374

Dopey Womack vibes

No. 1252380

Dear god.
She's just given up hasn't she?

Is it getting drunk that makes her feel no shame/embarrassment? Just going to eat alone all the time? And a cheese board is usually not a thing for 1 person lol.

No. 1252383

Did Womack comment on this? Where has he been?

No. 1252384

He died from sniffing that bong that she shoved up her ass.

No. 1252389

Her hair looks worse than the cats matted fur Jesus fuck

No. 1252390

When your loyal coomers who put up with your nightmare pussy and gratuitous weight gain tell you to stop drinking that's when you know it's gone too far. No one likes an alcoholic

No. 1252395

love you anon but your screenshots make me feel like im squeezed in a small elevator with shay's twitter posts

No. 1252396


Keep drinking Shay! Show Fupa you’re living your best life without him!

No. 1252398

Thread the thread dumbass it was in the onlyfans dms you can’t comment on it.
it wasn’t a post

No. 1252399

KEK same
Thanks anon but the cropping gave me a headache

No. 1252400

Shay don't listen to him, keep drinking! you're treating yourself, remember!

No. 1252404

Shayna R Womack sweating gravy

No. 1252408

mh? what was the deleted screenshot?

No. 1252411


Shayna saying she was going to cam in two hours and asking twitter if she should keep drinking until then or wait to drink when she on cam. Old man grey said to wait.

No. 1252413

Whats with the increase of aggro farmers lately?

No. 1252415

They're probably annoyed with the influx of newfags lately.

No. 1252416

He’s been gone I think since she posted about “pls don’t use your full real name when interacting with sex workers bc ppl might harass you” so probably laying low on public media and sticking to those cringe onlyfans messages

No. 1252419

His Twitter is also on private

No. 1252420

>thread the thread

No. 1252423

Oh man, this isn't even her regular 'gonna get a lil tipsy then fuck my butt'. She's full-out gone to the bar. She's probably already wasted. Now she wants to drink at home before camming AND during her cam session.
Buckle up ladies, I think we're in for another good one if she does end up going online tonight.

Either way, they're just adding to the headache. It's annoying when anons need a hand-holding wrt current milk, but jumping down people's throats for every little thing ruins the thread all the same.

No. 1252424

Im just hoping snapchat anon comes through with the drunk uber crying video she was up on there.

No. 1252425

Wow she is so…predictable? So fucking bland as fuck. She eats charcuterie crap at home and goes out and eats more of it? Don’t you want to eat other things that the bar offers? Sorry for the nitpick.

No. 1252445

You aren't nitpicking if you're calling out something that's true, anon. ISJAISJICDS-(newfag keyboard smashing)

No. 1252459


RIP thread pic.

No. 1252469

I am still not over Thrush Mattel, this photo is going to haunt me for fucking years y'all.

No. 1252473

File: 1623378727026.jpeg (276.19 KB, 1241x1743, 7373C04A-DD52-47B9-813B-500C52…)

The delusion lmao. I would kill for her confidence. Like, Shat, please explain the process you have in mind to achieve this. I know, I’m assuming a lot by thinking she even has an internal monologue.

No. 1252474


She just keeps getting more and more zits and boils all over her. At this point I dont even think she could make a living wage as an actual hooker because she looks like she stinks and has a perma-yeast infection. Being online where people cant smell her is the only way she can make a minimum wage lifestyle cause I cant picture someone paying more than $20 dollars to use her IRL in her current state.

No. 1252484

This faggot is such a cow himself, he's almost more pathetic than Shayna. Almost.

No. 1252486

Her parents are divorced and I’m pretty sure she’s going to her dad’s on this trip

No. 1252490

I’m cackling, my bad I meant read the thread kek didn’t mean to sound aggressive nonnies

No. 1252497

"When I'm rich" is shit you dream about as a teenager. You know, when you're still new to the working world. It's been what, 6 years now that degrading porn has been Shayna's sole source of employment? Her potential income in this line of work is past its peak. And she's still barely scraping up as much as a waitress makes anyway. She's also killed her prospects of transitioning to any respectable form of employment because of all of the degenerate porn she's made pandering to pedos and various other gross kinks.
Time to face reality, Shayna. You need to worry about putting a roof over your head into your 30s. Getting rich is just a sad, delusional daydream. A daydream only attainable for people who have real jobs, that contribute to society.

No. 1252499

File: 1623379643969.jpeg (92.72 KB, 750x979, 5CB78D46-50C6-468F-9246-5D1D71…)

Her tongue seriously makes me want to hurl. Brush your fucking teeth and tongue then drink some water you gross pig.

And the fact she probably actually has oral thrush from licking the white discharge that comes out her pussy like it’s just normal wetness makes me actually gag.

No. 1252500

Yet she complained about how her makeup was done at that one shoot because she "didn't look like herself"

No. 1252503


She’s going to be dreaming up all these fantasies for the rest of her life instead of putting any sort of effort to even get a fraction of her desires. I can’t stand people who spend all day bragging about unachievable goals they hope to achieve one day. Bitch for once in life post something you ACTUALLY DID.

No. 1252507

> Her potential income in this line of work is past its peak.

Harsh, but 100% true. Even she went full force into self improvement, she would probably be 25 before she got back a body that would “make her rich”, and at that point you’re already aging out of the sex work bracket that actually makes good money. Are there old whores? Absolutely. Do they make bank? Lol, no.

No. 1252512

This isnt even a cute or sexy tongue out pose, its literally like a corpse. She looks dead and deranged and showing off how gross her tongue is… idek.

Kek she reminds me of an ex friend who let himself go when he knocked up some trailer trash and started drinking heavily. Like her face looks just like his when I was shocked to see him last.

No. 1252513

She goes to the bar like someone would go to the cafe alone to read or study but she sits there on her phone doing exactly what she does at home.
I haven't been here since the beginning but her violent physical regression has inspired me in so many ways especially during bleak pandemic lockdown temptations. I feel like this is all going to catch up with her really soon and she'll go down the self inflicted chronic illness route.

No. 1252514

this troop hyping up shaynus always gives me "12 year old talking their 16 year old tumblr friend out of suicide" vibes. why are these people incapable of growing up

No. 1252516


I wish I never had to witness this. I keep returning to it in an attempt to understand what I'm seeing.

No. 1252518

yes we get it you want to be an influencer that basically doesn’t have to do anything. you’re not paris hilton, retard.

No. 1252520

So I guess it’s safe to say she’s not cramming tonight? No surprise there

No. 1252522

my feelings about most of the things posted in shay’s threads kek

No. 1252524

she said she was planning to but we'll see

No. 1252527

gonna go out on a limb and say instead of taking the advice to quit drinking until she got on cam, she did continue drinking and has now lost track of time

No. 1252529

Tbh even people with shitty oral health don't have blue tongues, they're usually white and crusty. My guess is she either had a blue cocktail/juice or ice pop.

But it's kinda bizarre she didn't mention it when her tongue is clearly discoloured. Maybe she's too drunk to notice?

No. 1252531

She probably fell asleep/passed out.

No. 1252535


Its not even the blue thats grossing me out, its the fact the blue is sticking to her oral thrush.

No. 1252536

I feel like we're gearing up for a full-on HAES saga in about 6 months / 40 lbs.
She's been dropping little crumbs for a while - that weird 'all bodies are good bodies' mirror pep-talk before her camshow. Her complaining about other people not liking her new body in between her posting about not liking it herself. Her talking about how she has a totally fat ass now, or whatever new bullshit she's been feeding herself to pacify the natural panic that comes with getting really fucking fat.

At some point she'll have a 'fuck it' moment, and drink the HAES kool-aid 100%. Bookmark me, nonnies. In 2 years, she'll be a deathfat blogging about fatophobia.

Juice pops make your tongue blue, not white.
She had a juice pop yes, but after neglecting to brush her teeth/tongue for at least 24hr, because there's clear white plaque build up.

No. 1252537

Sorry i don't frequent onlyfans anon

No. 1252542

Fucking hell. She’s pathetic, predictable, and has no redeeming qualities. She’s so boring now. A (very small) part of me hopes the threads die off soon since it’s one of her only real sources of attention left. She’ll get online to cam and see the reality of how many fans she actually has. This girl is going to die of alcohol poisoning while passed out on the floor and won’t even have the satisfaction of “the haterz” watching because of how inevitably boring she’ll be by that point. But keep thriving.

No. 1252544

File: 1623381923438.jpeg (149.83 KB, 750x805, B1AC7267-141E-4F5C-A3F0-61BA1E…)

You’ve just entered COPEnhagen

No. 1252545

Who is she talking to? lol
No one who's trying to be successful at onlyfans would take advice from her.

No. 1252547

File: 1623382085157.jpeg (325.63 KB, 828x638, 5E9BEC3C-4392-4B2A-8E0F-C7DAFA…)

I’m in disbelief, she’s actually on cam! I can’t wait for this shitshow.

No. 1252548

File: 1623382122481.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 72ADC93B-3BC2-49AA-BC3D-B1F1A0…)

She’s live

No. 1252549

File: 1623382175014.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1284x2091, CF602382-E125-4919-89BC-C11600…)

wtf kind of outfit is this

No. 1252552

Jason R Womack has already tipped her over $40 and it's been 5 minutes, if he doesn't pace it out she'll get bored and leave in an hour

No. 1252556

sounds like he dumped all his tokens for the night

No. 1252557

lol kinda wholesome that she thanked ''Jason'' for being a real one after he gave her a 50$ tip

No. 1252558

File: 1623382735239.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 499.86 KB, 1284x711, 27DD0FD9-0E85-456B-A4F2-0B7218…)

the faint “Barbie” logo in the background makes it even funnier

No. 1252560

how does she cough so much after smoking for most of her life

No. 1252562

because she rarely inhales. it’s mostly for show.

No. 1252563

File: 1623382964534.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1360x768, Screenshot (90).png)

Blair witch project 2

No. 1252565


Jesus Christ the state of her hair, the crimp of it being in a bun, the chunky, greasy strands, the frizzy ends

No. 1252569

Hate how it looks like the pink teddy bear has a giant erection

No. 1252570

I'm trying to figure out what's piled up outside her door, it looks like cushions or something. I think that's the doorway to one of her bathrooms, does she just not use it because it's full of junk?

No. 1252580

File: 1623383721995.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.65 KB, 750x956, 2A14506C-8596-43B2-A827-214294…)

this pose. why

No. 1252582

File: 1623383745296.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.72 KB, 1182x339, assman.JPG)

sped happy dance after womacks second 50$ tip of the night

No. 1252587

those 3 coomers really be spending the totality of their welfare check on her tonight!

No. 1252588

File: 1623384018394.png (Spoiler Image, 1015.85 KB, 1360x768, Screenshot (118).png)

I don't even know what to say about this

No. 1252589

File: 1623384061411.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 559.21 KB, 1242x896, 641DCB13-63D6-4C90-B685-9CE9D5…)

No. 1252590

File: 1623384132116.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 321.04 KB, 1242x1520, 13DF78FB-DC48-4C86-BE5B-5DEFAA…)

Obese male ass

No. 1252593

File: 1623384259138.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 584.95 KB, 1242x908, F3B886A1-28F1-4578-9E57-A8CE09…)

900 tokens ??

No. 1252595

I almost choked on my cereal.

Also I’m shocked she’s live. I figured she would claim to be too tired from day drinking all day to get on.

No. 1252596

File: 1623384357117.png (Spoiler Image, 367.44 KB, 760x862, Screenshot_20210610-233855.png)

she absolutely logged on only because Jason Womack asked her to. she set her tip goal for the fuck machine to 3000 and was like "I don't want to put the burden all on one person…" clearly referring to him. she logged on randomly on a Thursday night because he got his pay check and told her to log on. but y'all she's so empowered by her job and totally doesn't need men's money!!!!

No. 1252598

I just got here, is she shitfaced? also she just burped.

No. 1252599

that burp was insane I thought it was a fart at first

No. 1252600

Her fake moans and eye rolls are so annoying to me, I don’t understand how her coomers think it’s sexy. There’s nothing sexual about it. Just a bad performance.

No. 1252602

>>1252600 Womack spent like 150$ on her show tonight

No. 1252603

File: 1623384747443.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.11 KB, 750x410, 4634B64C-9FE1-48AA-A3C0-F339AE…)

shayna in shock that she actually made money tonight. in her words: “i don’t remember the last time i made this much in such a short amount of time”

No. 1252605

File: 1623384831536.jpeg (309.51 KB, 1994x1125, C974BD19-7D79-4CF6-BF56-7BA07C…)

Even her phone is covered in shit jfc

No. 1252606

the madlads actually got her to pull out the machine. this is gonna be a shit show, hopefully not literally. she's already clearly uncomfortable and doesn't want to put in that much effort

No. 1252610

ok no tell me she wont use the fuck machine with Comfortably Numb playing in the background, the jokes write themselves

No. 1252611

Oh god stay puft porn. Isnt this the same plastic dildo she got poop on when she fucked herself in the ass? Fucking hell this thing must be full of fecal germs and she's sucking on the goddamn thing.

Also lol at jason r womack using his full name as his username. She should just marry this dumbfuck, they're made for eachother.

No. 1252612

Classic scammer shay ignoring tips

No. 1252613

File: 1623385272847.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.31 KB, 1185x392, pub.JPG)


No. 1252615

this looks like an image out of a medical journal

No. 1252616

stop cowtipping bbwlover

No. 1252617

File: 1623385369204.jpeg (56.55 KB, 750x218, 5F88D0CA-B209-4361-8908-21F84F…)

KEK bbwlovers

No. 1252621

File: 1623385586254.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.58 KB, 1188x289, cool.JPG)

lol 8 tokens is 40 cents

No. 1252625

guess she embraces the whole feeder thing now, she just told what her fav foods were to this bbw/probably farmer person

No. 1252626

File: 1623385805512.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 132.53 KB, 1242x663, A8C118C3-7C3E-4E76-B385-ADD91F…)

No. 1252627

File: 1623385810375.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.72 KB, 827x462, DED45AF2-21CD-4060-8374-A5F5A7…)

jfc shes obese

No. 1252628

Fucking putrid infected ingrown hairs jfc. She probably reuses a cheap disposable razor that she never cleans and leaves it in her filthy shower. She needs to apply tea tree oil and exfoliate that shit.

No. 1252633

File: 1623385927746.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 591.33 KB, 1242x1018, 12EA9ECA-A8E0-43C9-8722-B76D1D…)

But Anon she got a big ol booty to match she’s not obese she’s slim thicc

No. 1252634

File: 1623385968034.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.36 MB, 838x474, e01625d5b93401a63c157757af401f…)

pulling shit out of her pussy

No. 1252636

File: 1623386026729.jpg (88.95 KB, 308x450, Michelin-Man-Bibendum-Corporat…)

She did this exact pose, hands and all, in her cardboard barbie box in the last thread kek

No. 1252637

How is she so lacking in self awareness that she’s responding to obvious bait like the feeder fetish farmer? Or is she just that desperate at this point?

No. 1252639

This bitch really made her snatch “talk”
I can’t

No. 1252641

File: 1623386193187.png (Spoiler Image, 499.54 KB, 702x396, fooootttt.png)

Suckin feet for free.

No. 1252643

File: 1623386214726.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.31 MB, 740x452, 97344a233d791f31668f4caddc2b54…)

No. 1252644

lol she even had to pick the dirt off of her foot before licking it

No. 1252646

foreverial delitized looking ass bitch

No. 1252648

oh anon, she sucked her foot for $3.50. so that was one month of onlyfans plus a little extra. clearly a luxury service

No. 1252649

Her fumbling around trying to get the camera set up kek. Great view of all the boils on her ass at the end.


No. 1252650

File: 1623386455148.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.69 MB, 666x343, v3LDdpIGHl.gif)

Are you not supposed to have pets on cam on MFC?

No. 1252654

File: 1623386570657.png (13.91 KB, 137x167, bleak.png)

Already left because no one was around or tipping.

No. 1252655

File: 1623386585406.jpeg (175 KB, 535x485, A7798B64-AC61-4135-BED1-BA002C…)

Nice lashes kek

No. 1252657

she left so abruptly

No. 1252662

she's womack's monkey and once he left she stopped dancing

No. 1252664


If my lash extensions looked like this I would be ripping them off. How did her shit costume lashes look better than professionally installed extensions?

No. 1252665

File: 1623386736610.jpeg (661.23 KB, 1242x1151, B1E98EC1-946C-4D96-9A73-77D91C…)

My condolences to Mr Peanut Butter

No. 1252667

nailed it

No. 1252668

File: 1623386775905.jpeg (283.95 KB, 900x1238, 1674BE5B-0827-4760-8F09-7CD94D…)

anon my sides. I had to make this.

No. 1252671

wish I hadn't looked this up wtf

No. 1252675


Okay before when we saw the cat it seemed more like it accidentally got into the room. But why the fuck is interacting with her cat completely naked in the middle of her job. Like, you're petting your cat then rubbing your dirty hands in your pussy?

No. 1252677

File: 1623387268602.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.5 MB, 960x511, 5A590ED3-8952-4840-9E40-8886F9…)

No. 1252678

What is it?

No. 1252679

File: 1623387361895.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 253.89 KB, 1953x1125, 0E95454C-3BBD-4ACF-8FB2-F14117…)


No. 1252680

Ahahah omg this is the first time I've ever seen someone else reference foreverially tiedup. Love you anon

No. 1252682

File: 1623387436441.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.35 KB, 732x468, 2BDB161F-E474-49E6-8EEE-08E9E8…)

Electric bungalow

No. 1252683

I’m surprised she can move that fast
It’s so red wtf

No. 1252685

Shaynus graytongue_notdead

No. 1252690

The front of her thighs are rounder than her ass kek

No. 1252696

I love you so much right now

No. 1252709

It's what might be the weirdest fetish anyone's ever had. Look up rafe15 on deviantart
>bologna nose
This whole thing describes her perfectly, my god

No. 1252714

File: 1623390299077.png (618.86 KB, 750x1334, 332BDC05-F28E-441E-814E-50D510…)

is this even that much? considering she’s only camming at a whopping rate of once a week if she’s lucky.

No. 1252715

How much is this in real money

No. 1252718

20 tokens per dollar so this is roughly $400. check my mental math pls

No. 1252719

File: 1623390447806.png (41.03 KB, 510x285, Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 10.4…)

Not sure if this is before or after MFC's cut

No. 1252720

it's after. scrotes pay 10 tokens per dollar so it's a 50/50 split

No. 1252721

her “best sesh of her career” is $400? wtf?
i guess that’d be good if she was doing it on a regular basis, but i wouldn’t think it’s something to brag about kek. womack really doing the lord’s work over here.

No. 1252730

How fucking sad. This delusional bitch still daydreams about being rich someday when this is her most lucrative cam show in 5+ years. SAD!!

No. 1252731

how much of these tips came from womack? wouldnt she make more money just privately camming with him on skype or something and cut out the MFC middleman and earn all the money without their fees?
im not a camgirl so i dont know shit, but that seems like a better decision financially if only one person is going to tip anyways

No. 1252732


No. 1252743

File: 1623393662436.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 74.25 KB, 1188x289, bbwlovers.jpeg)

anon you completely missed the best part of this cap kek

No. 1252744

That's a lot of door dash.

No. 1252745

it’s a cowtipper…

No. 1252748

Her one tit literally doesn't move at all…

No. 1252753

>imagine gaining 60 lbs and literally none of it going to your ass, good lord.

No. 1252763

Anons forget when she used to charge PENNIES for slapping and punching herself in the face. I can believe this is the best she’s ever done camming if you’ve seen her prior attempts, even when she was thin and ~thriving~.

No. 1252769

File: 1623396449943.gif (Spoiler Image, 18.39 MB, 510x503, 689F2147-6DB7-48D7-B9D1-153E00…)

One is droopy and flops around the other one is like frozen but sorta moves slightly

No. 1252812

Directed by David Lynch

No. 1252815

I believe the implant tinfoilers completely now.

No. 1252824

Same, the it’s too strange to have the other flop around so much and the other just stays in place?

No. 1252870

Sage for autism but when I looked at this (while tired) I actually got jump scared lol I just saw something coming at me from an opening. She is truly nightmare material

No. 1252873

Losing it at the denim penis kek

No. 1252885


No. 1252932

I highly doubt she made all of those tokens last night. I watched the whole thing and saw Womack donate 900 maybe 3 times then 1000 once, and then a couple other random scrotes sent probably around 500, maybe even less. My guess is she made a little over half of what’s in the screenshot from last night and rest of the tokens were from her last cam show.

No. 1252939

i’ll never understand why she insists on camming in the dark.

No. 1252947

This is legitimately one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The beer coupled with the alcoholic auntie smile, the single tit flopping around, the absolute darkness, followed by her climbing out of that box like the fucking Grudge. Unmatched.

No. 1252952

harder to see all the dirt and grime, probably

No. 1252956

Shayna Clifford the Big Red Snatch

No. 1252960

File: 1623424556171.jpg (349.57 KB, 1080x988, Screenshot_20210611-100500_Twi…)

Cause you're fucking lazy

No. 1252961

How does one do sex work for a living yet have ZERO sex appeal. Like …what even is this sway-dancing ? It’s like drunk auntie at little emily’s 7th birthday party.

No. 1252973

>social battery
shayna you barely interact with the coomers as it is. just admit you’re a lazy bitch and move on.

No. 1252976

Her belly fat looks like a lifejacket vest when she's standing up because her fat fold is so horizontal. When she sits she looks like she's sitting in an inner tube.

I wonder if she's going to do another white trash photoshoot in a walmart kiddie pool with her capri suns any time soon?

No. 1252985

She's got so spoiled by making beg tweets and getting paid by the same 3 people that anything above that is too much effort.

No. 1252987

Wasn't the majority of her money from one person? Having one guy spend his unemployment check on you while everyone watches and laughs isn't anything to be proud of.

No. 1252989

File: 1623427294719.jpg (29.46 KB, 381x570, marissa-winokur-2-381x570.jpg)

Shayna is starting to look like Marissa Winokur from Hairspray.

No. 1252992

File: 1623427610552.jpg (380.28 KB, 1080x1145, Screenshot_20210611-110733_Twi…)

No. 1252994

this is exactly what a shayna and laur trueman fusion would look like.

No. 1252996

at least Marissa is talented and can act, sing, AND dance. don’t compare Shaynus the trash bag to her.

No. 1252998

Starting to look as if pixie is trying to sabotage shaynus in a way.

No. 1253000

idgaf about pixie but i honestly think she just gasses shayna up at this point because she knows she's not competition. the same way that shayna strictly retweets troons and girls uglier/fatter than herself.

No. 1253005


Yeah I get that “charity friendship” vibe from pixie too.


Yet she wants to be that bitch who doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. She is definitely one of those people who just waits around for her life to change instead of putting any sort of effort into her goals. Well sweaty, you’re gonna be waiting the rest of your life.

No. 1253012


I agree with the anon who said she’s a dumbass for not just taking womnack private instead of giving a cut of his simp bucks to MFC (ontop of the public humiliation)

But I kind of get the feeling Shaynus is creeped the fuck out by him and has to play nice because he’s her cashcow. So she avoids being alone with the guy. If he’s that fucking creepy in public with his real name attached, I can’t even image him behind closed doors

No. 1253028

God she looks and dances like a white trash 40+ year old mom at a dive bar. Holding the beer can really solidifies the image.

No. 1253042

she said she wants to be a girl that doesn't get out of bed for less than $10k but i think what she really meant was that she just doesn't want to get out of bed

No. 1253046

How embarrassing that she would tell on herself like that. Especially since we all know 80% of that was just from Womack, her splenda daddy. There were like 2 or 3 other dudes in the chat max.
She could've said the best this year, but she really wanted to out herself because she was so hyped.
It was also the first time in a long time she actually had to do sex stuff on cam. Almost like working = money.

No. 1253049

The outfit is trailer trash prostitute and shes greasy and I know she has no good angles anymore, but this >>1252558 her backside is just so fucking unfortunate and yet she rather show it off and chicken dance to move what little is going on there. It's just the worst. The boils, the wide fridge shoulders and back, the short bumpy boil covered ass and cottage cheese thighs that are bigger… I know her front side isnt good either, but I feel like she can work some angles and pass as a female there at least.

No. 1253059

It really shows how far she's fallen. She has no choice but to cater to someone as fucking gross as Womack. If his unemployment check is her biggest source of income, all it's going to take for her to fail is Womack finding another desperate ewhore to spend his money on.

No. 1253060

to be fair, he's barely below fupa and she's been humoring him for free (or at her expense, even) for years now

No. 1253064

I disagree. Fupa is at least employed in a stable job and is mostly functional. Womack doesn't even have the self awareness to realise that coom posting at sex workers under his real name isn't a good idea.

No. 1253067

but yet he posts like a 14 year old emo kid on his public facebook

No. 1253075

I feel like as soon as she leaves Tulsa, hes gonna, abeit, slowly fuck off and find some other local trash whore to shoot his shot with kek

No. 1253080

File: 1623432595823.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 757.39 KB, 1887x3464, 1E9CA061-6AC9-49E6-ACAF-1E7A0D…)

This hairstyle ain’t it

No. 1253085


This!! Womack has a job too. He said something in chat about needing to get up at 4am for work. I don't get why you guys think fupapa is soOOoOoOo superior to Womack. They're basically the same. Fupapa works at AT&T, both probably have 0 higher education, both have kids, both are cringe. I prefer Womack kek.

No. 1253087

i feel relieved for her therapist honestly. what an annoying, strange client shayna must be.

No. 1253091

not that she was good at it but after humble bragging about dropping hundreds on lush, skin care and themed makeup, she's just doing fuck all to her face while those sad lash extensions just want to be on the floor w the rest that have been rubbed off.

No. 1253093

Emo posting Kyle is better than suicide baiting Jason R Womack. The inbred hick is always threatening to end his life on his empty Twitter with no followers. He admitted before he has nowhere to live and is unemployment. He posts pictures of his ugly retard face, of his workplace, and his full name are all attached to his perverted coom accounts.
At least Kyle isn’t completely brain dead and mentally retarded. Kyle is a gross dainty fuck, but at least he isn’t a sped

No. 1253095

Actually now that you think of it Kyle was dumb enough to show his face on his edgy tumblr account, and managed to get doxxed. So I guess they both are retards. But Womack legit is slow. Like he’s disabled and mentally retarded. The reason he has a job is because they can’t legally discriminate against him, retards have to be treated fairly.

No. 1253132

File: 1623435375741.gif (8.83 MB, 400x260, 15226549-E51C-4199-AE0C-CD5D98…)

All the Fupa vs Womack anons

You’re all killing me kek

No. 1253133

File: 1623435474863.jpeg (583.58 KB, 1242x1513, 39FD5426-AAD7-479A-9ABB-55D01A…)

I’m cackling Fupa doesn’t give a shit

No. 1253136

Si she’s staying then, she feels sad because his dick is sad, this extreme pickmeism is quite impressive.

No. 1253137

what the fuck is she talking about?
show the receipts shayna, nobody believes you.

No. 1253139

Damn, this is so embarrassing. He doesn’t want you stop trying to tell him he still has a chance to keep you around

No. 1253141

It never amazes me how she has all this sympathy and "understanding" for a scrote she claims ruined her life, but hates her mom enough to tell a troon that he's done more for her then the woman who gave birth to her, still buys her presents & sends her money.
She's sorry.

No. 1253155

I bet she told him she’s moving for realllz this time and he responded with a blasé “that sucks” and she took that to mean he’s definitely sad to see her fatass go. kek

No. 1253159

he probably sent back a single crying emoji and she took that to mean he's heartbroken

No. 1253161

Imagine if he sent the Monsters inc gif

No. 1253162

There are none, she’s planting the seeds to make it okay with her coomers that she’s scamming them out of “moving” money. Again.

No. 1253163

Anon please, I ugly laughed at work

No. 1253166

Whenever she cams, she has a Fupa whine session the day after. I feel like she gives him updates on how close she is to her "goal" of moving.

No. 1253181

File: 1623439219378.gif (1.67 MB, 291x291, D8D0DD7F-AE91-46E7-A33F-D0D8EA…)

Shayna are you sure you aren’t going to be jealous when Fupa finds another ugly whore to put his girly driving gloved hands on?

No. 1253187

Shaynus Snapchat story from yesterday nothing milky just her and her retarded dog in an Uber https://www.dropbox.com/s/0179r2opmd7r1el/snapchatstory%20.mov?dl=0(imageboard)

No. 1253190

File: 1623439828470.png (Spoiler Image, 859.38 KB, 590x827, 2021-06-11 15_30_59-Window.png)

lmao this is the saddest smile i've seen

No. 1253193

File: 1623439911343.png (37.53 KB, 607x533, 2021-06-11 15_32_22-Window.png)

yall must have gotten to her with the eyelash comments

No. 1253194

also i take it "a fren" means fupa?

No. 1253196

File: 1623439992847.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 752.02 KB, 1101x1340, DB4C33CD-014A-4E24-A762-CB01F7…)

I’d be sad to if I was shaped like this

No. 1253199

File: 1623440074320.jpeg (379.31 KB, 1242x1441, 3E8E72A5-C342-4214-BA82-03684F…)

Womack tipped her ugly ass again….
I hope he doesn’t have enough for his rent and starves, I hate him

No. 1253204

Does she really think it hurts him? If it hurt him so bad he would stop dumping your ass. He is just sad that he isn't going to have free, easy sex anymore. Shayna is no prize pig, but Fupa can't pull any better than her either.

No. 1253209

i like womack's presence if for no other reason than proving how (dare i say) bleak her current situation is now. you can clearly see he is her main source of income right now between his presence in her sporadic cam shows and his "love you" messages on tips she posts.

No. 1253217

I hate when she puts her to-do list which is always the same three things anyway on her twitter.

No. 1253219

I'm disappointed that she's ~moving to Seattle~ only for that we'll never see her homeless and destitute in Tulsa moving in with Womack as a last resort. The saga that could have been

No. 1253221

Do other sex workers brag about tips and that aren't even impressive?

No. 1253268

The audacity of this bitch to claim that her CAT is the one with a penis nose

No. 1253270

> wants to be the girl who doesn't get out of bed for less than $10,000
> says she doesn't need any coomer's money

but at the same time

> posts every $10, $20, $50 tip she gets like it's something big

> admits $400 was the most she made from one night on cam

No. 1253280

Guess Splenda Baby Fupa saw that his Splenda Cow Shaynus made over $10 last night kek had to swoop in quick before she spent it all on pink amazon crap again. This bitch is going to die in Oklahoma broke, drunk/high, and alone all because of some chode. Grim.

No. 1253289

>puts small expenses on afterpay
>regularly celebrates hitting 500 followers over & over
>because over 3000 people have unsubscribed from her onlyfans
>and she still spams them with messages out of desperation at her dying customer base
>self-admitted best month ever on OF was only like $5k
>even on that month, spends it all immediately
>has to beg for her regular daily expenses from scrotes who live off stimmy
>accepts handouts from her mom, who she HATES. Will never turn down mom's money, despite that being the best way to show her you're successful.

I don't know about you all but I am confident that Shayna will be a millionaire by the time she's 30.
She only needs to make like $14k per month on top of what she's currently making.
She's very thriving and empowered so I'm sure she'll hit that right out of the park.

No. 1253318

why did anons start calling her dog retarded lol

No. 1253322

Probably tired of all the anons who sperg about calling animal control because her dog looks "sad."

No. 1253323

She has a hammerhead nose

No. 1253332

I'll believe it when I see it. There's still every chance we'll get a Womack saga considering he's her only real paying simp at this point and she's gone back on moving out of state at least three times.

No. 1253333

maladaptive daydreaming,

No. 1253349

File: 1623449566068.png (120.07 KB, 596x675, Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 3.11…)

Can't wait to see her spend this on anything but moving kek

No. 1253350

That’s like two ounces of weed

No. 1253357

You getting ripped of anon. I bet it’s legal for you too kek

No. 1253367

I don’t think she expected people to fund her moving trip for a second time based on that last comment of hers kek. I don’t believe one second she will move back to Seattle.

No. 1253374

If she were 5 years younger and full time in school, this would be a good amount of money for her to make a week.
A 24 year old woman making 400 bucks a week, usually every other week, which will cover nothing more than filling up her Grubhub Brand Feed Trough for ~4 days? Jesus. She’s been struggling to scrimp together enough money to move from one empty flyover spot to another for over a year now.

No. 1253375

samefag, I say “flyover” not in reference to Seattle, but to whatever podunk Washington town she ends up having to settle for because she’s too broke for Seattle.

No. 1253376

I know it's secretly Fupa's, but has she offered any explanation for this second cat? Like anon above mentioned, last time we saw it she was hurrying to get it out. Maybe I missed it.

No. 1253392

I think anons pointed out that shes using one of those early 2000s scrunchies with the fake hair lol

No. 1253397

i don’t even know if that’s what that is in that pic. i think her hair is really just that ratty.

No. 1253399

Ordering lunch? What about the juice and fruit and those prep meals? Shes playing xbox with Fupa. Also doesnt she have fake eyelashes she could put on or you know, do content without her face which is usually better.

No. 1253403

Kek imagine him getting her to buy them both new games to "play together" fuckin pathetic

No. 1253408

some of yall are more fupa obsessed than shaynus

No. 1253423

File: 1623455467301.jpg (263.45 KB, 1079x1050, Screenshot_20210611-185114_Twi…)

No. 1253428

All her holes get sore except her mouth hole apparently. Bitch doesn’t ever stop stuffing her face with junk food

No. 1253433

>Drinking beer and doing an insane amount of laundry and packing

ok so just drinking beer then

No. 1253437

This is why you use lube Shayna you idiot sandwich.

No. 1253444

she did use lube, she spilled it multiple times

No. 1253452

I'm sure he cares SO MUCH. Story of him running through the airport to stop her when? Oh, never, because she's not moving.

No. 1253481

File: 1623460456516.jpeg (199.17 KB, 750x1019, 8BB87E32-3B21-427D-9F3C-AE55AF…)

…bestie in seattle??

No. 1253482

File: 1623460475937.png (570.11 KB, 2048x1698, Screenshot_20210611-201357.png)

It's her ex GF. I'm telling you. It's the only person she interacted with in Seattle and she posted about her pretty in depth pre fupa.

No. 1253483

I think it's that friend she's going to that festival with

No. 1253484

Colleen lives in New England. It's not her.

No. 1253487

doesn’t lana bee & pixie both live out there?

No. 1253488

Pixie is in Florida and I'm pretty sure Lana is in Portland.

I'm telling you right now I've been following this bitch for 4 years and the only 2 people that she interacted with in Seattle like that are that old man with the dungeon that she called sir, and the girlfriend that she had from Tumblr right before fupa. She would post stuff about their sexual interactions and I remember one very specific one that she posted when she lived in her studio about falling asleep in this girl's lap and being fingered.
Go back through the threads and you'll see it was the springtime right when she moved into her own apartment. I bet you she rekindled that romance/friendship. It's the only thing that makes any logical sense.

No. 1253492

How is she getting approved for an apartment with no credit and no job? I'm pretty sure she only has her current apartment because Fupa signed the lease.

No. 1253493

my guess is her dad co-signs for her. that’s the only feasible thing i can come up with.

No. 1253494

OF and Manyvids are taxable income with stubs. If she can show money coming into her account as well as a good rental history for the last 12 months then it probably won't be much of an issue. The most places don't do credit checks for apartments That's for houses. They do background checks for felons

No. 1253500

File: 1623462213021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 640.88 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20210611-204330_Twi…)

I can't

No. 1253501

Does Shay's trans "internet mom" live in Seattle?

No. 1253507

I don't think so. Why is it so hard to believe it's the girl that was at her house, sleeping with her and was in a relationship with her. Its like The most plausible explanation here is just being overlooked

No. 1253508

So funny that she thinks she resembles either of those girls in the slightest. Literal delusion.

No. 1253527

because it’s just conjecture like everything else. move on until there’s concrete evidence. otherwise people will tinfoil, it’s just how it is.

No. 1253550

I understand that I've been here for years. It's just the most obvious things that are right in our faces are least likely scenario to some of the autists on this page. She had two connections with people while she was in Seattle and it's documented and we're throwing everything else against the wall like She was going out with this person all the time and posting about being with them all of the time right before she got with fupa. If it was another sex worker she would have tagged them because she's all about the attention. There's a reason why she's keeping it quiet and not bragging that it's one of her fellow sex workers. It's because it's not them. It's the only other person that she had a daily interaction with while she was there.

No. 1253552

File: 1623465810788.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 70.81 KB, 540x960, 1521649713492.jpeg)

Her ex gf from Seattle (who she never liked to tag on tumblr) her tumblr account is still active.

No. 1253554

tbf nonny it could just be a lie as well and actually be no one

No. 1253555

That's the one. Shay would post recanted versions of their encounters and that person would get on the status and start calling her baby and talk about how she loved her fingers inside of her. This is who it is.

No. 1253556


No. 1253557

When she pops up with pictures tomorrow from a Skype conversation, we'll know. I definitely think she's going back there for the familiarity of this person.

No. 1253558

really the most obvious option right in front of our faces is probably that she has no intention of moving at all, let alone roping real life people into helping her look at apartments she can’t afford

No. 1253561

Nah she's gonna move and I bet she's in that old guys dungeon by the fall. Fupa is done with her and she's def ramped up the moving efforts. I think we're gonna get a ex gf/old man saga when she gets back. Or she's going to go back to half assed sugaring

No. 1253563

Seems unlikely that she'd be capable of getting any of her old male simps to give her any money in her current state.

No. 1253564

yeah her only draw back then was that she was super young and thin

No. 1253572

File: 1623466898751.jpeg (297.4 KB, 1284x718, 1F112276-728C-47F2-9F6C-0F7D3D…)

I can’t tell if she’s retweeting this with the awareness that she’s a disgusting alcoholic, or is retweeting it thinking that she doesn’t actually have a problem.

No. 1253579

What evidence do we have that they have stayed in contact? Most people who have known Shay have fallen out with her. Why would you help look for apartments for someone who you haven't talked to in YEARS. It doesn't make sense, it sounds the least likely. Especially considering Shay isn't bi, she literally is disgusted by other women so I'm sure her faking eventually faded and the chick knows not to try again. My best bet is some rando new SW orbiter that she gets all the time. They are always clamoring for her 20k fake followers because they are morons.

No. 1253596

Why is she bothering to pack right now like she's already been approved for a place in Seattle? She keeps talking like she has a place already and she doesn't. She doesn't even have the money saved right now and it will be a while before she has that kind of money because she's an Impulsive/compulsive spender.

No. 1253598

We don't have her texts. But we know the history. And that the girl is still active and probably still interacts with her on Tumblr at least. She's going back to Seattle. Where she was before Fupa. The only person she was with was her ex. There was never another friend. If it was a sex worker helping, she would be tagging them for attention. It's not that.

No. 1253604

eh we’ll see. i wouldn’t be surprised if she has nobody up there though.

No. 1253608

Is this the tall mean gf??? She turned into a fat baby gf I guess

No. 1253611

No, different gf.

No. 1253625

Y'all forget the ridiculous lies she comes up with. Like when she bought insurance and went to a dealership to test drive cars on day after a Fupa Fallout and literally never mentioned it again. She has no friends confirmed irl besides Colleen at his point. Shes made up hanging out with friends so many times now that I'm sure this is just more ramped up Fupa bait so he thinks shes really serious about moving and totally has friends besides him and is thriving. But it's all a sad shit show literally and figuratively.
I think she will finally move this year, but may or may not be next month and may or may not be Seattle. But it's all retarded anyway because shes still just moving backwards in life while being worse off than previously in most ways. Especially if she actually was in contact with that ex or someone. Not saying she needs to go somewhere new, but if you're gonna go through that shit, give yourself a good fresh start or go back home for a bit and get your shit together.

No. 1253636

I don't think it's a coincidence that she said she was going to play some video games with a friend earlier and then all of a sudden a friend is going to Skype with her from Seattle.

My tin foil is they play something on Switch together and have been talking all along. She's stupid enough to go backwards thinking that she has this girl as a safety net. The next thing you know she's going to be talking about how she's poly or some bullshit. Either way, I think she actually is moving back to Seattle and this woman has something to do with it.

No. 1253637

I think she’s packing for Massachusetts to visit her dad.

Regarding Seattle connections, that gross porn company InSex is out there. I highly doubt they will hire her again in her current state, but I know she sees that as a high point in her career (gag) so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s hoping to work with them.

I really don’t think she will actually move. If she does, as others mentioned, her dad is probably co-signing for her in hopes she’ll get her shit together out there. She was “thriving” in Seattle compared to Tulsa so I could see a misguided, lenient parent buying her pitch. It would also tie in well to the Mass trip. We shall see. She’s said before she doesn’t have credit (impressive at her big age) and even with paystubs, unless she can show some serious savings in her bank statements no one will lease to her as is.

No. 1253651

Unless its a crappy apartment, most apartments so check your credit score and history. Its not just a thing for houses.

You report shows all the balances your carrying because people can be bringing in enough to cover rent but be in a ton of debt with maxed out credit cards/late payments.

No. 1253680

File: 1623480780778.jpg (1.45 MB, 972x5711, Screenshot_20210612-015332_Fac…)

Wonder if Shaynus is reading into Fupa's pedo/baiting posts

No. 1253681

i'm with you on this anon. it's just completely unlikely that she pivots this hard from wanting to move back to Massachusetts, to being physically unable to stop talking about Seattle. even someone as fried as shaynus has to know she can't live anywhere other than Bumfuck OK without a big safety net, and if there's one skill she does have, it's manipulation
she's most likely just relying on her old connections to put her up because "omg we shared so much!!" just like how "sharing so much" with fupa made her hang around in literal hell for over two broken-up years now.

also really surprised at all the anons saying "we have no basis to believe she isn't lying" when they said the same about all the fupa tinfoiling, and had to eat shit when it was proven true kek

all i see is a happy clean woman with healthy hair wearing unfaded pink anon
shaynus could never

No. 1253684

Someone call CPS now

No. 1253771

Marissa Winokur looks clean, doesn't look like she'd smell bad or musty, has healthy curls, is smiling happily in this picture and is a broadway actress.
They aren't comparable at all.

No. 1253781

Imagine having this guy for a dad. Imagine being his teenage kid and having him as a friend on Facebook. I feel so much secondhand embarrassment. Fupa is a cow himself.

No. 1253788

It really does baffle me and disgusts me that this man has kids… This is the disease known as coomers and Shayus really doesn't give a shit and pedo panders to men like him.

No. 1253793

lmao, dawn the dogfucker?? oh no
or was that not the brunette she dated, if so dont remember her name

>cant remember the last time i hugged a girl
so it sounds like she is trying to persue a lesbian relationship again. she's ~sooo gay~ ahahaha good luck. no new fupa 2.0 in seattle, she's going all big city SW dyke on us now

No. 1253794

some tinfoils are sensible, others are wishful thinking (usually for something really milky and ridiculous) by autists, yeah

No. 1253795

>dawn the dogfucker??
pretty sure she burned that bridge, even if she wanted dogfucker dawn's help

No. 1253801

Yeah I think this is her gearing up for the hug in Seattle with her ex gf who is helping her get back to Seattle. She's trying to drop hints

No. 1253809

Spot on. She doesn't move places without having someone to move to. She was gonna move back to NE for Colleen and that other girl she was messing with in NH. She couldn't get legal weed and she has no car so she reconnected with her exes in Seattle and now that's her landing spot. It's just all too obvious. If someone pressed her on it I'm positive she'd spill it because the only 2 ppl she actually was involved with in Seattle were both involved romantically. That itsactionsub person is def the reason she's going back. Maybe fupa came along and "broke them up" uWu and she's trying to reconnect with her bs lesbianism that doesn't exist

No. 1253813

she was going to move back to NE because that’s where her parents (enablers) are kek

No. 1253823

She openly talked about having friends there too and she was definitely talking about Colleen and that girl

No. 1253825

okay but who cares. let’s just wait for her to actually move somewhere. i think a lot of her relationships are way more surface than she makes them seem so these narratives about her hypothetical friendships are kind of pointless as of now.

No. 1253827

Shaynus threads are getting sadder everytime. Plain sad.

No. 1253832

I'll only believe it if she moves. Not a second sooner.

No. 1253854

File: 1623507249570.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 931x1865, 90260E69-74BA-455E-BF62-493C0E…)

I cannot stop laughing at what anon said about how it looks like Shayna is wearing a life jacket top kek

Forgot spoiler my bad

No. 1253865

why does this exact screenshot happen every camshow? what is she even doing?

that's one bet you'll always win, Womack

No. 1253889

it’s usually so she can let the orange cat in and out of the room

No. 1253896

File: 1623511324365.png (Spoiler Image, 4.3 MB, 1660x1448, gut shelf.png)

It really does look SO uncomfortable.
Pics from her sped dance yesterday. It looks like she has a man's crotch from the side, but it's just her second fupa forming underneath that inflatable shirt of fat.

No. 1253914

wtf is this filter that cant even cover the zits. the bar is now underground for this girl.

No. 1253918


I know Shayna has awful fat distribution and can't stop being a piggy girl, but I wonder how much of this is ballooning up from all the alcohol, too? I see a bleak end for her from drinking so much. If only she tweeted about drinking water as much as she did eating/boozing.

No. 1253921

> inflatable shirt of fat
anon my sides…

No. 1253925

It's probably 50-50. Not just because of the calories in alcohol but because it's easy to inhale a bunch of greasy junk food when you're drunk. She drinks every day. And it's almost always beer too. A single small can of beer is 150 calories, and a tall can is 220 (varies by brand tho, obv).
So she's eating a 2000 calorie charcuterie cutting board, then downing probably like 800 calories of alcohol a night.
And no doubt she eats more than that one meal too. She'll crush a 6-pack, takes a few dabs, then decide "hmm, I'm a little peckish". Rinse & repeat.

No. 1253929

File: 1623513317712.gif (28.23 KB, 320x180, 3E259C2B-99D8-4DB2-913E-D2948D…)

shes straight up starting to look like south parks version of honey boo boo.

No. 1253938

She also buys giant boxes of gold fish and drinks fruit juice which is calorie heavy. At the rate she is gaining she has to be eating well over 4k calories a day.

No. 1253952

According to this website Shaynus isn't a alcoholic tub of lard but an actress with an attractive figure that has a net worth of $200k.
Not really relevant, I just found it amusing.

No. 1253953

He posts this shit on his Facebook that is so disgusting and embarrassing, holy fuck. Still a proud ddlg faggot in current year.

No. 1253958

>114 lbs

No. 1253960

File: 1623514784457.png (212.59 KB, 331x293, 1g.PNG)

idk why the picture cracked me up

No. 1253961

because she’s always been ugly, it’s just even more noticeable now that she doesn’t have a body to compensate with.

No. 1253965

>Inflatable shirt of fat
I am ugly laughing rn pls stop

No. 1253968

For the love of God Shayna - I know you’re reading this - change your damned pinned twitter post. I cannot believe she’s kept that disgusting ripped gape full of forming haemorrhoids up for so long. How is she -so bad- at sex work.(hi cow)

No. 1253974

She’s so proud of that photo anon. Did you watch her cam show the other day where she boasted about it? It was so cringe but you could tell how proud she is of that cave. She also thinks she’s a creative genius.

No. 1253975

a bit of a pain if you're actively using twitter, but it helps to log out before you go to her page. at least keeps the gape censored.

No. 1253984

Shit like this is probably what keeps her thinking she has a "career" and is an "internet personality" and all those other delusions inflated as much as her gut. And her TuMbLr FaMoUs days of course.

Also love how with nearly 24k twitter followers, her personal posts get all of a dozen or so likes after 24 hours. Like literally no one cares. Shes barely a step above the incels she totally doesnt have to entertain. At least their followers arent primarily bots lol.

No. 1253992

Tinfoil I wonder if Shayna's parents will give her the remaining $1500 dollars for her moving funds, but only if she moves to New England instead of Seattle.

No. 1253993

>distinctive features- attractive figure

No. 1254012

This hairstyle with her bloated face does her no favors. She looks like a turnip. Shayna is for a specific niche of guys who found troll dolls hot.

No. 1254015

didn't she just get her brows done? They look exactly the same as they did before, I can't believe she wasted money on that shit.

No. 1254017

the pic is from before yesterday

No. 1254028

Shes had her brows done for weeks. She just supposedly got her lashes touched up again yesterday.

No. 1254031

ah misread and thought anon was talking about the lashes because that's all i can look at

No. 1254046

File: 1623521491184.gif (13.14 MB, 640x640, C209C17A-CB84-41D3-9A4B-F1D4E7…)

What too many cheeseburgers does to a mf

No. 1254049


I’ve never seen someone shed their lash extensions as quickly as Shay. But II imagine she is at the stage of her alcoholism where thinks she waking up every morning with random “unexplained” bruises, pain, and missing lashes is normal wear and tear.

No. 1254114


No. 1254132

I’m stupid and decided to browse shaynas thread after a while and this shit literally made me vomit.

No. 1254240

File: 1623533141033.jpg (233.74 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20210612-162620_Twi…)

No. 1254264

Multiple photos of the kitchen is VERY important for /ourgorl/ over here. Gotta make sure there's enough room for her and her fupa to take photos in the dark.

No. 1254287

File: 1623535666472.jpg (257.38 KB, 1079x961, Screenshot_20210612-170817_Twi…)

But no photo proof of the Skype call?

No. 1254317

Screen-recorded the fuck machine “cum” show from the other day. In case anons missed it. She said at the end her fatass built up a sweat from just being on her knees so sad. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j8hizi0kg3b7p8d/Video%20Jun%2010%2C%209%2027%2009%20PM%20%281%29.mov?dl=0

No. 1254329

Major kek at the dude "I just want to watch my thick Goddess make her tummy bigger"

No. 1254350

that was an obvious cowtipper

No. 1254351

File: 1623537935490.jpeg (294.53 KB, 1241x1407, 95C96CB6-8C05-433F-ABD3-762503…)

Dis gon b gud

No. 1254366

Fupa will texting her tomorrow to hang out.

No. 1254370

Oh boy, this is the ultimate shrieking mating call for fupa, do you think he will succumb?

No. 1254371

File: 1623538798009.jpeg (512.81 KB, 1242x1159, 50B9C476-AF03-49AF-B872-E6A209…)

Multiple people: Fupa, Kyle, and Anthony Perkin’s nephew ????

No. 1254372

Probably womak

No. 1254373

Kek don’t they have to accept it? To review it?? Like you don’t get a place that quickly….I smell cap

No. 1254375

File: 1623538934336.jpeg (101.63 KB, 676x1076, 53873F91-A180-4E1F-9230-5A788A…)

Damn she’s so ugly those two buckteeth
And her retarded dog she probably forgot to feed

No. 1254378

Oh my god can she not just. Shut the fuck up and not try to tell other people how to feel? She is such a bitch for no reason.

No. 1254382

File: 1623538999352.jpeg (69.39 KB, 1242x462, EAFF5FC4-E2DC-4BFD-AC7B-CF7FD2…)

She already deleted them topkek

No. 1254383

accepting your application doesn’t mean you got the apartment, kek

No. 1254384

File: 1623539043757.jpeg (162.86 KB, 780x720, BEAF38CC-151D-4999-9141-1D80BF…)

Great job Shitna, you look like your idol

No. 1254390

Splenda daddy Womack must’ve said he’s moving on from her kek

No. 1254395

yeah literally… what does "accepted my application" even mean in this context?

No. 1254405

File: 1623539341857.gif (3 MB, 375x375, FB76AD93-C5A6-45FA-BCC5-57D7C2…)


No. 1254408

File: 1623539424407.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, E4F75524-917E-442C-84A2-FDADD8…)

Is she going to not shower or comb her fucking birds nest till she “moves” to “Seattle” ?? Jfc

No. 1254409

can you autists stop

No. 1254414


Womack is crying

I mean don’t all places accept your application with the $50/$100 fee? Lmao. Did she sign a lease? Maybe this is the ultimate Fupa bait.

No. 1254416

WOOF that's the best gif to sum her up

No. 1254420

File: 1623539938051.jpeg (341.49 KB, 1242x1214, 922491FC-E6B4-456E-8C2F-5E7FEE…)

No. 1254421

If she loses womack how will she get money?

No. 1254426

Shayna Clifford/ Dolly Mattel #82- Fupaless in Seattle Edition

No. 1254427

She is going to take a major loss of income if she moves out of Oklahoma. I guarantee Womack has been giving her money because she lives in Oklahoma and he thinks he has a chance. So she is moving somewhere way more expensive and is going to lose her best customer.

No. 1254431

I bet she'll be priced out of Seattle before she even makes it to the two month mark and forced into Tacoma or another neighboring city. She's going to hate it because Washington is not all downtown Seattle. Kek, most of it is heroin forest towns.

No. 1254440

unless she has someone there to look out for her, i imagine after she runs out of money (if she ever actually gets to seattle) she'll end up back across the country with her parents before anything else

No. 1254455

This lol. At least in here anything can happen before you’ve signed the contract. Shaynus really out here trying to only get fupas attention like usual.

No. 1254461

File: 1623541156569.jpeg (137.06 KB, 1242x1059, 3100194E-540F-4D22-96D6-71175D…)

Can’t wait for that shit show

No. 1254463

>heroin forest towns
Ummmm that sounds absolutely incredible. Junkie Shay saga when?

No. 1254469

i am glad she’s leaving ok so yall can shut the fuck up about fupa already

No. 1254470

Next thread pic

No. 1254471

who asked? she's the one that still talks about him, anon.

No. 1254472

File: 1623541453653.jpg (409.65 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20210612-184446_Twi…)

A lot can happen before July 31st

No. 1254473

can't be. pics of family technically aren't allowed. this one might even be removed tbh.

No. 1254476

Shapeless In Seattle Edition

No. 1254483

I'm actually happy for her to move out of Tulsa and get away from Fupa. But I'll believe it when I see it. She announces things before they actually happen and repetitively falls through.

No. 1254491

I hope she does it. I don't believe she will but I still look forward to Seattle 2: Alcoholic Boogaloo

No. 1254492

I'm confused about this whole accepted application bs. so she never toured this place, never signed a lease, or anything? this is either scammy af or she really doesn't understand that the place isn't hers yet

No. 1254494

Shaytard is the one who posted it. I only know what her dad looks like because she was dumb enough to post it on her SEX WORK account. Erin painters thread had her moms face in it
Please no it’s shitty I didn’t do a good job an Anon can probably do a better thread pic, but I really want a “Fupaless in Seattle” Edition

No. 1254498

Good thing happens:
>gonna go grab some alcohol 2 celebrate

Bad thing happens:
>gonna drink beer til I feel less sad

Nothing happens:
>gonna get a lil tipsy uwu

Are you sure it's "to celebrate", Shayna? Are you sure it's not just because you're an alcoholic?

No. 1254499

not to mention this screenshot >>1254472 doesn't technically say anything about the flight actually being booked. so this could all potentially just be one huge lie. which would actually be pretty on-brand for her.

same pic has been deleted other times before, just saying.

No. 1254504

So she's just going to ignore her previous assertion that it was going to cost her something ridiculous like $6k to move because she was going to drive, and have her animals shipped separately like an absolute retard.

No. 1254505


Damn, a fuck machine show and barely anyone is even interacting or tipping her

No. 1254509

The same pic she posted of her father has still been up if the previous threads from two years ago, retard. Lolcowfarm remembers. Shayna is grown enough to know but she willingly doxxed her own daddy. Kek.

No. 1254512

i'm aware the original pic is up. i'm saying there have been other occasions where it's been deleted. calm down.

No. 1254513

Rib meat is gonna piss all over the place on that plane hopefully she doesn’t die from anxiety and stress

No. 1254514

god just once I wanna see a pic where Noodle is grinning or wagging her tail


No. 1254528

She skyped with who we're assuming is her ex gf apparently and she toured the place with shay.

No. 1254537

no proof though

No. 1254544

Nope. Just an application that may have been accepted and a screenshot of a plane reservation for next month. You can play Devil's Advocate all you want to but in reality you don't have proof of it not happening and if she leaves on July 31st of next month you'll have your answer. Until then, It doesn't really matter that she didn't post a screenshots of her apartment. We know when she's leaving.

No. 1254545

Watch her get scammed and end up in a shady apartment that’s filled with crackheads

No. 1254546

She'll probably abandon Mr Peanut Butter at some Oklahoma shelter to be euthanized

No. 1254548

to be fair there was only a pic of a date and “Seattle”, nothing about anything actually being booked

No. 1254552


Family isn’t allowed but other than that this is perf. Maybe add rib driving instead? And a seething Womack in the smoke kek

No. 1254560

Totally fair. That's why I'm saying we won't know until that date and there's no reason to really go back and forth until then kek

No. 1254569

File: 1623546440133.jpg (553.33 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20210612-200747_Twi…)

No. 1254573

Translation: I told him I would film his video next week and he said the turnaround time was unreasonable.

No. 1254583

File: 1623548195844.png (700.34 KB, 499x694, F32A37E2-B411-45A0-AD08-E95E35…)

Template for Fupaless in Seattle edition for any graphic design is my passion nonnies. But like, make the heart broken kek(no1curr)

No. 1254586

how about wait til july 31st when she’s actually supposed to move there

No. 1254588

File: 1623549091479.png (540.27 KB, 499x694, 1623548195844-1 copy.png)

No. 1254589

It’s fucking pathetic and that’s why she’s alone and always will be. She should stop accepting her mothers gifts, money and love then if she’s so awful. But shayna is a piece of shit so she’ll keep scamming her own family while talking shit.

No. 1254598

I don’t understand anons who always say her pets “look sad” can you tell an animal is sad from a picture? Do dogs smile (“grin”)? I agree her pets probably aren’t living their best life but anons who are like “omg look noodle is obviously depressed” when she posts a pic have me confused. Animals don’t have facial expressions like humans do, and humans like to anthropomorphize. You can’t tell if an animal is depressed from its face in a picture, it just seems silly to say. Idk, maybe those anons could say what exactly makes them think noodle or rib look depressed. I do think they’re not thriving tho.

No. 1254605

It sends me that she doesn't see the hilarious dichotomy in saying "I'm happy, thriving & successful mom, stop bugging me about it" then accepting her mom's handouts right after, since she absolutely needs that money.

Financially successful girls don't accept cash from their parents. Especially not from their ~toxic, abusive~ republican mom.

No. 1254606

Doesn't an accepted application just mean it/the fee was received and it's going to be reviewed? Wouldn't you be posting that you signed a rental agreement or lease instead? 10,000 keks if she booked a flight and doesn't actually have the place

No. 1254608

I finally figure it out. She reminds of me Lena Dunham.

No. 1254609

yeah, that's what it usually means. I wouldn't celebrate anything until I've physically signed a lease.

No. 1254613

File: 1623551171092.png (632.25 KB, 499x694, 1.png)

i added on to your edit anon

No. 1254624

File: 1623552091601.jpg (203.01 KB, 1080x710, Screenshot_20210612-214201_Twi…)

No. 1254625

File: 1623552230454.jpeg (360.73 KB, 1242x1823, 0E6E583E-1EBF-4447-A854-9104EA…)

No. 1254627

kek i'm fucking dead at the monsters inc gif

No. 1254629

I love you bitches

No. 1254632

just put sunglasses on him kek

No. 1254634


No. 1254635

Shayna's bewildered expression really ties this together, good work anon

No. 1254650

File: 1623553475825.gif (1.4 MB, 245x320, 5A390C00-4136-4A22-B4DD-F3C473…)

>the moon-womack
Stop it.

No. 1254654


No. 1254660

File: 1623554212003.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1255, 9167455A-2CFF-4BF0-BE26-C4FE67…)

perfection anon

No. 1254682

Well if her "friend" went and looked and gave her a Skype tour, not sure what the problem is… oh wait the friend was most likely a lie of course.

No. 1254701

I just want to see one pic where she looks like she’s having fun, don’t read so far into it.

No. 1254705

KEK i didnt even see that

No. 1254750

File: 1623560755808.png (Spoiler Image, 8.35 MB, 1242x2208, 29023275-90FE-4CCF-A563-77A4C7…)

Shaynus looks so haggard

No. 1254751

File: 1623560786344.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 889x1785, A42017F5-DA4A-4D6E-B74D-6EBAD1…)

No. 1254752

File: 1623560838311.jpeg (353.59 KB, 1226x916, 464D38A7-C613-4027-B6FB-8818AA…)

Guess she’s not camming today

No. 1254753

someone the other day said she looked like womack and i really see it here

No. 1254758

But I thought she already got a pod a month ago? And how would she have the place secured if shes still short rent? And why would she be acting like shes set to move, booked flight, if she cant afford to move her pets, her belongings, and technically herself?

Rhetorical. I know shes retarded and generally full of shit anyway. Guess she's really banking on getting money from her parents next weekend.

No. 1254760

She really looks related to him sometimes, it's disturbing kek

No. 1254773

It’s possible she paid the deposit and doesn’t pay rent until she gets there/signs for it.
I agree though Shayna is full of shit and nothing she does makes sense.

No. 1254807

Shaynus you have one job and that's to sell your appearance. She hasn't worn makeup or washed her hair in days. I hate that I know that because she cannot stop posting pictures of herself no matter what crusty depressive state she's in

No. 1254810

File: 1623565837987.jpeg (234.14 KB, 864x1536, 82AB4600-DE42-4021-A79F-03E817…)

Shaynus has been serving Jason R Womack realness lately

No. 1254819

but anon, she at least decided to scrub off all the white shit that was coated on her tongue for us >>1254751

No. 1254822

you can just see how greasy and oily her hair is at the roots. seriously, when was the last time she washed that shit? at least use some dry shampoo if you’re really that lazy to wash your rats nest, shanus

No. 1254829

Dumb question, but how do ~sex workers~ even declare their income and proof of salary to apply for housing?

No. 1254833

I’m not actually a pet posting anon but I think anons saying they’re depressed and stressed is to do with the whites of Noodles eyes showing which is a sign of a dog widening it’s eyes when it feels threatened

No. 1254837

For Shayna's sake I hope they do or will do eyebrow hair transplants one day.
As for moving to Seattle: again, I'll only believe it once she's there. But I agree with her there- whether it was Fupa or someone else, no one who cares should be sad about her leaving Oklahoma. Seattle is not the best choice but moving away is probably the only shot she has at not dying a used rag Kyle came in and put away wet. Wet from tears.

No. 1254859

I honestly don’t know. Shayna isn’t even a successful sex worker. I don’t know who I’m their right mind would let her rent. She’s barely raking in money, she has to consistently panhandle for it on Twitter. Like one anon said several threads ago, she is a salvations army sex-work volunteer. All her stuff is free or it costs less than a McDonald’s meal. Shaynus is not a coomer “household” name, like Lana Rhodes, for example, where you have some type of clout, and a demand for your content. She isn’t pretty enough to switch her career from a pornstar to OF/YouTube/podcasting like Lana does.

Seattle or Oklahoma. It doesn’t matter but Shayna is going to live a miserable life no matter where she is. She is trailer trash. And she is just rude and nasty. She’s going to ask for money or to subscribe to her onlyfans everyday on Twitter whilst drinking beers until she dies.

No. 1254923

What tf? Didn't she just get her eyebrows done? This shit looks like Gwen Stefani in the 90s

No. 1254926

i think anyone posting this abomination should have the courtesy to spoiler it

i have this feeling fupa didn't give a shit, but womack was probably in tears over losing all chance to date his GorGEouS DolLY or introduce her to his basement
like i just know the reason he practically throws money at her is that she led him to believe getting together would be possible in the future, and he has few enough brain cells to actually believe it. going into retard tinfoil territory but it's possible he lost his shit and threw a tantrum/called her a bunch of names when he read about her finally "booking a one way ticket" on her socials kek. what i wouldn't do for a screenshot of their chat…

No. 1254932

Yess i think so too. Last thread or a few threads ago Shaynus asked what there is to do in OK during summer or something along the lines, and Womack answered something how he’d like to take shayna to drive around in a truck or something. It seemed as if he actually thought it’d happen. Sage for sperging

No. 1254962

Lots of plot holes already in the Fupaless In Seattle saga.

> apartment application accepted for review within hours of submitting =/= application accepted for rental

> screenshot of Seattle with July 31st date =/= plane ticket
> still begging for moving funds including Pod fees despite claiming to have already booked and paid for it

She shares literally everything online so it’s sus. No one should believe her until she’s in Seattle for more than a week kek

No. 1254971

i agree with you mostly anon, but
>still begging for moving funds
you're forgetting her habits of A. compulsive shopping B. compulsive lying and C. compulsive scamming

i can completely believe she'd ask for pod booking fees multiple times regardless of having booked it earlier, not having booked it at all, or not even looking to use one
we are talking about the same woman who's had five separate moving "fundraisers" by now, yes?

No. 1254994

They have the same eyes and nose. They really do look related which makes his obsession that much more gross creepy.

No. 1255017

Tinfoil but maybe this “fren who went fo see the apartment” is actually one of her parents doing the virtual tour and then putting a deposit down for her.
So the place would be in their name and she would pay rent to them.

It makes so little sense that someone with no money on paper, from a shithole state, who sent this friend to take the tour, with 3 pets including a mid sized dog - could so easily land an apartment.
The landlords didn’t even meet Shaynus. It just seems too good to be true. Since we know she’s a pathological liar, I wouldn’t put it past her for this all to be made up.

No. 1255034


She does have money on paper. As bleak as her life is, she makes a taxable living wage. The issue with Shaynus is that she damages her physical and emotional self in an unforgiving, degrading job for the same amount of money most minimum wage workers get. Maybe a little more. But doesnt save or put the money towards anything that actually serves her or her future.

I believe she could get approved for an apartment but Im gonna guess the place that approved is gonna be a lot smaller and crappier than what she got approved for in Tulsa. Will be interesting to see what kind of apartment she approved for in Seattle.

No. 1255036

the cam sites have payment records

No. 1255091

and doesn't OF send a 1099? so she probably used her tax returns from last year to show her income as "self employed"

No. 1255103

Honestly, all she really has to do is show her bank statements. Cam sites don’t give out pay stubs or W2. The only thing she CAN do is show her bank statements.

No. 1255104

they do give out a w2, actually

No. 1255107

File: 1623595908275.jpeg (311 KB, 1284x769, A7B9343F-06A8-40DF-A3A4-2EA60F…)

kek, confirmed that she thinks “application accepted” is the same as signing a lease. she literally thinks they reserved the apartment for her. what a laugh.

No. 1255111

Guess this confirms she hasn't paid a down payment yet. Who says anything is "reserved" if it's something you paid for? This sad fat clown is in for a rude awakening

No. 1255112

kek what a retard. i've literally paid holding deposits for apartments in the past and even still the landlord gives the place to someone else out of convenience for them

No. 1255122


She's clearly lying. I got any apt in Denver and it cost 100 dollars just to have a check into my background. Girl is a scammer, and everyone knows it.

No. 1255136

I like Seatless in Seattle, or Bleakness in Seattle kek.

No. 1255154


Beating a dead horse, but as others have said, an application could still mean you get denied. Apartments that I have seen typically have a $50 or so application fee, which is non-refundable even if you get denied. It’s (I assume) for them to run your credit to see if you’ve been a shitty renter, etc. sometimes they have specials where they waive the app fee but essentially you pay them to even see if you could rent it, it still is not the same as “getting the apartment” and nothing is official until you sign a lease with the lease terms, have your apartment number, agreed rent and fees amounts, etc. Talk about jumping the gun. I don’t know why it baffles me that she doesn’t know how anything works.

No. 1255159

ALSO. If her lease doesn’t start until august 1 (hypothetically), no way would a place hold it empty for her for over a month for FREE. That’s not how Seattle works.

No. 1255162

it’s honestly strange that at this point she’s had 3 different apartments and still doesn’t understand the process. leads me to believe her parents (or at least one of them) is actually the one applying and signing the lease, or at least being the main signer with Shayna signing as tenet and nothing more. it’s just all very sus.

No. 1255177

I'm not American but I assume like anywhere else the cost of living is higher in major cities. So if she does end up in Seattle, how is she going to afford to eat four person charcuterie boards in restaurants, drink until drunk in bars and order doordash every night?

No. 1255178

there's no way she's ever paid taxes. If she had she would have flaunted it all over her social media.

No. 1255186


Its possible the unit isnt available until August (previous tenant still in the unit type thing)

No. 1255187


Yes I find it very suspicious she hasnt given any details out about the apartment. I feel like she would bragging about how she found “the perfect 2 bedroom apartment” if she had. A studio or even one bedroom is going to be cramped as hell for her pets, so I hope Im wrong.

No. 1255192

File: 1623603054333.jpeg (99.18 KB, 750x921, 1CA70922-40D1-4198-BF5F-5B5E81…)


Seeing as shes use to $1000 a month in hick town Tulsa, we’re definitely going to see a major change in her lifestyle choices if this is legitimate.

No. 1255197

File: 1623603202295.png (130.7 KB, 1270x348, Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 6.53…)

No. 1255199

I actually wonder if she's intent on crashing somewhere with a "fren" she can leech off of if this place does fall through or "oh no, guys I ran out of money! Moving is so expensive! Half off vids!"

Buying a plane ticket and not renewing your lease is kind of putting yourself in checkmate. I almost respect it lol.

No. 1255221

Personally I think it’s all a lie/scam. In two weeks (or around the time she’s supposed to put in her notice to her current apartment) there will be an issue and something will come up.

>inb4 I didn’t know I was supposed to give xyz amount of notice and now I’m stuck here for two more months and the apartment complex didn’t want to wait so they gave away my apartment. I’m sad and giving up so I’m just going to renew my lease because I couldn’t afford Seattle anyways without a roommate and it just breaks my heart.

No. 1255232

Didn’t she do the same thing a while back? Said she put in an application and got approved and anons were speculating then that she was full of shit too but she did get an apartment?

She doesn’t know what she’s saying half the time and close enough is good enough in her booze drenched brain. So maybe she did pay a deposit for a place that’s going to come available, who knows (not Shayna either).

If her parents are co-signing for her or helping her put down a larger deposit it’s possible she got in super easily. And lying, she lies all the time! She probably doesn’t tell these places about all her pets.

No. 1255244

OT but it's really dumb and unfortunate the thread pic got spoliered. It's so funny. It's not like it's an actual pic of her ass or anything, like are we spoiling pics of cows in low cut shirts with some cleavage too? Anyway…

Literally it was just Womack but in order to publicly blast him, she cant just call him out directly and she wanted it to seem like Fupa gave a shit too so she acted like multiple people were sad shes moving. The only one who would care is Womack the inbred. The other few supporters have expressed they're excited for her to move. She's such a dramatic cunt.

No. 1255252

Shut the fuck up "accomplished" lol you begged and sold your awful content on sale for nearly all of this year and even scammed people while blatantly blowing the money they gave you for moving AND took money from your aboosive horrible bootlicking mom. Dont act like you actually worked hard and made it happen for yourself retard.

No. 1255260

this is 100% what’s going to happen. it’s all fupa bait.

No. 1255264

Yeah I mean I'm still wondering how she landed a big city apartment after supposedly 1 day WITH THREE PETS. Her rental history is probably ok, but who knows. I still doubt she does taxes, but I'm sure the whore sites give you tax forms showing the income at least and worst case she could show her manic ass bank statements. She's not a felon at least. I'm not saying she's a great tenant, but she could get approved by some low to mid tier place, but that's still tough with a big mutt and cats. She's gotta be ditching the orange one.

Idk I know we're just speculating spergs. Can't wait to see how the shit show actually unfolds. Perhaps we could have a milky summer. I'm definitely over the never ending Fupa saga.

No. 1255268

And her parents. They were probably hoping she’d move back home but instead she’s returning to Seattle where she did that insex stuff.

No. 1255282

It's depressing how much your greentext sounds like something she would post. Lolcow knows Shayna better than she knows herself

No. 1255284


So she got accepted for the apartment and has to put down money (I assume) but also she hasn't hit her goal and still needs to pay to have the animals transported, her stuff transported, and have rent available. I see her going broke very fast considering she's already been bankrupt in Tulsa once already.

No. 1255291

File: 1623609367827.jpeg (613.08 KB, 1242x1157, C3394139-0AE9-40C1-9CB3-4B6C8D…)

No. 1255292

There's a difference between being thick and about to burst out of your shorts before you even sit down. I don't know how she got those buttoned in the first place.

No. 1255295


Shayna, you’re fat.

No. 1255297

File: 1623609802992.png (4.95 MB, 1242x2208, CE7B2416-E1E7-49C5-8F12-7301CF…)

Shaynus & her thicknus

No. 1255298

I hate that jiggling thing she does. Her ass is the flattest thing on her body yet she showcases it constantly. I do NOT get it.

No. 1255308

oof… the retarded smile she does every time she starts giggly her fat is truly disturbing lol. wtf did I just watch.

No. 1255311

>vag and ass gape at 0:50
I really wish I hadn't clicked that.

No. 1255317

legit thought i was in the mtf thread kek
>am i passable ladies????

No. 1255318

3000 people looked at her and decided she isn't even worth 3$

No. 1255322

She's going nowhere. You're not fooling anyone, Shayna.

No. 1255323

It's pretty bold to say you are thicc when you have no hips or waist..

No. 1255330

the fucking grunt when she takes her shirt off & the second when she takes her shorts off…

No. 1255331

I wonder how many clothes had burst because of her fatness

No. 1255346

Yeah that was actually horrific. I know the lighting and bad quality made it look worse, but her holes looked wrecked and like a fuckin abyss.

Also the word "hefty" comes to mind, not thick. But then again at least she said thickness and not thicc. Her body is very thick in the sense of being unfortunately dense and shapeless kek

No. 1255363


Didn’t think about that, that’s good point. Mommy and daddy have just taken care of everything for her, hence why she thought she could get a car with her random manic money-spending episodes and doesn’t seem to know the process to purchasing a vehicle, either.

No. 1255365

File: 1623616771599.jpg (144.41 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20210613-154000_Twi…)

48 days until she makes an excuse not to move

No. 1255368

Fupa better get his ass in gear, his dream girl is taking off

No. 1255370

"48 days to make it better, Kyle"

No. 1255405

please get some clothes that actually fit

No. 1255410

She looks like the playdoh people my toddler makes. In shape and texture.(no1curr)

No. 1255435

File: 1623621499057.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 911.06 KB, 1284x1624, 84844461-221C-4459-ADCD-E9813B…)

stare into the abyss

warning: do not open if faint of heart

No. 1255439

File: 1623621806855.jpeg (364.95 KB, 1242x834, D88D5243-9834-49F1-88DD-4609AF…)

> one of my sugar dads
So just Jason R Womack with his unemployment checks oh okay kek
She is such a fat piece of shit

No. 1255443

File: 1623621974113.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1205x1571, 4D1D4317-A706-4E32-9072-43ABB5…)

I’m glad Barbie is having more inclusive dolls that feature the mentally disabled and obese <3 very heartwarming

No. 1255446

File: 1623622071752.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1161x1574, 03569717-18EA-490C-9DAE-BBF8F1…)

A wild Shaynus spots a cheemsburger

No. 1255447

would you stop already

No. 1255450

why are her eyes just black? creepy.

No. 1255452

Shut up retard. I’m sharing her cringe onlyfans and you’re just contributing nothing

No. 1255453

File: 1623622358954.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 994x1872, 51BEBFE1-B8C4-4E37-98EF-2617BD…)

She’s posing like a character from that Episode game kek

No. 1255454

File: 1623622395638.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1632, 2FC73F94-BC65-47C9-867A-240568…)

No. 1255458

basically the exact same pics were already posted a week ago in the last thread

No. 1255459

wtf is even supposed to be happening in this one? like, what is she going for?

No. 1255461

File: 1623622801501.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 957x852, C419F177-DADB-4CF8-A450-2A005B…)

Nah they’re different
Stop being an asshole

The caption said that she’s a Barbie who sucks dick or something along those lines idk she looks dumb

No. 1255462

and ty for the pics OF anon. these are different than the ones posted before

No. 1255466

Wasting food to be a fat shit is so cute and quirky

No. 1255468

Translation: I’m an insecure person who is probably not saging their obsession with Shayna. NTA but posting her OnlyFans isn’t milk, and that’s exactly why besides from the clever memes that eventually get anons banned and laughing at fupa this thread is absolutely useless.

No. 1255475

File: 1623623300881.png (142 KB, 3000x3882, 88B3D3BF-E9EC-454F-912E-17D636…)

No. 1255492

barbie is t. rex chomping your dick daddy

No. 1255514

>accusing OF farmer of being insecure and obsessed with shatna
NAYRT, but can you just calm down please? Sounds like projection and you're literally acting like a sped. Most of us appreciate it. If you don't, that's fine, but filling the thread with bitching isn't making this "useless" thread any better.

No. 1255523

she posted about there being a lobby, meaning this is a place with plenty of apartments and they likely have a lease ending when she’s hoping to move in. if it’s a company handling the leasing they’re fine just putting her in for that apartment rather than denying her and having to search for a tenant when the apartment is open, it’s not that unique of a situation in big cities with these types of structures. they also likely just need everything paid before the move in date like deposit and first months.

No. 1255527

stfu autist.

No. 1255532

wtf was the point of posting this? no one cares

No. 1255535

File: 1623626402267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.17 KB, 220x181, Kirk_Johnson.jpg)

No. 1255551

File: 1623626908197.jpeg (51.91 KB, 447x502, CA2C601F-EB0E-4824-9CD9-A5CEBB…)


No. 1255552

>without blogging

You're blogging. No one cares that you were a camgirl. You want a cookie for selling your snatch?

No. 1255577

You’re the reason people make fun of anons who post in Shay’s threads and rightfully so kek

No. 1255581


who the fuck cares? cry about it to your tumblr blog next time nonnie

No. 1255591

the satisfaction of knowing it's too late for anon to delete this embarrassment

>not to blog after all that blogging but here's my family's employment history

No. 1255592

um okay but literally who asked

No. 1255594


Her body is more “American Girl” than “Barbie”

No. 1255598


Jesus fucking Christ. I’ve heard of having an anal gape but a pussy gape? Just from spreading her cheeks apart? I watch a lot of porn and have never seen such a casual hollow cavern.

No. 1255606

Fuck i thought that giant hole WAS her asshole. Fupa's been throwing his hotdog down a hallway

No. 1255612

What the fuck, this has to be a joke, kek. Sex work isn't real work, you fucking autist.

No. 1255615

lemon party vibes

No. 1255626

File: 1623631536698.jpg (298.79 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20210613-194613_Twi…)

Major kek

No. 1255631


I get the reason is her fupa-obsession but its so weird how she hasnt even once tried dating apps/spoke of any other man. Shayna is crusty as fuck but you see crusty chicks in relationships with crusty dudes all the time.

Is because she’s a SWer that she doesnt even try to date? Soley just fupa-dependant? If she went on tinder or bumble she could find tons of guys in minutes. I mean, it would Womnack-Tier but damn. She has put her life completely on hold waiting for Fupa and got absolutely nothing from it but fat and a cat.

No. 1255647

can't wait for the homeless saga in august when she finally realizes that "accepted" and "approved" are different terms

No. 1255655

All she's been talking about is Food and Fupa.
She's basically screaming, "FUPA TELL ME YOU WILL CHANGE! I WANT YOU BACK".
She needs to stop acting like it's "guilt' she's feeling, instead of her still wanting Fupa. She's leaving him to break the cycle. She's not named one legit reason as to why she wants to move, besides getting away from him.
Nothing will change about her life, in fact I bet you she'll whine about how lonely she is if this does happen.

No. 1255669

I feel like Shay isn't actually interested in sex or putting in effort at all. She'd be expected to in a new relationship.

No. 1255751

File: 1623639317061.jpg (64.48 KB, 600x600, Shaynus.jpg)

No. 1255760

Kek anon

No. 1255765

Her dating pool is severely limited especially in conservative Oklahoma. Dudes that want to fuck whores don't wanna do the ~fund my life~ shit she's on.

No. 1255772

that’s everywhere

No. 1255809

oh please, if she enchanted womack with her measly exposure, i can't imagine that there isn't anyone at least slightly less fugly who'd be up into her shit in tulsa

No. 1255819

i think it's not even fupa who she's so in love with, it's the familiarity and perceived security. sex-repulsed shaynus can't bring herself to see other guys but with fupa at least she has a history, and that counts for much with people like her who don't have a lot going on in their life so they constantly keep looking back at what once used to be. to me it looks like she's never so torn at being treated like garbage, she only really starts panicking when it looks like fupa isn't going to hang around and leave her alone with her miserable life filled with dog hair and shit dildos.
no wonder she doesn't date, she's given up everything because "fupa will save me!" and actual dating requires confidence, openness, and a willingness to give rather than just endlessly demand. i mean just look at her relationships with her parents…

though i may well be right i still apologize for complete retardation

No. 1255873

File: 1623648442916.jpeg (495.47 KB, 1242x1412, 17DB54B4-CEAC-47FA-81D9-9D74B7…)

Congratulations. You’ve wrecked your entire life and holes for the high price of 1¢ per video but you don’t even get the 1¢ because OF takes like 20% kek absolutely grim.

No. 1256122

Could Shayna perhaps be gray asexual? She doesn't seem to like any other man apart from fupa. She could totally have gray totally not old fart or Womack if being a coomer dad was her only criteria like she says it is.(>gray asexual)

No. 1256126

>gray asexual

this isn't tumblr

No. 1256142


asexuality doesn’t exist nonnie, back to twitter with you.

No. 1256150

Shut the fuck up

No. 1256152

>gray asexual
Are you lost?

No. 1256154

People who are not attracted to anyone or who find it difficult to feel attraction and end up interested in very few people definitely exist.

No. 1256156


No. 1256160

>successful bimbo who doesn't need your money
>"still need to raise a bit more money for rent"

Pick one, Shaynus

No. 1256179

I think I remember her mentioning demisexuality once when she was upset that fupa wasn't responding to her texts. but she's since reverted back to her claims of bisexuality

No. 1256230

File: 1623682378376.jpg (64.96 KB, 720x500, 20210614_075312.jpg)


Yeah ok Shay

No. 1256233

File: 1623682467974.jpeg (100.08 KB, 1152x1152, E3yMh-KXEAExNM8.jpeg)


Watch out ladies, big money here.
Shay got a couple hundred in tips yesterday probably from Womack and people trying to help her with moving money but she thinks she's stacked kek.

No. 1256234

She also claims she's pansexual. When she was crying over the blues clues pride video

No. 1256235

Also oof that OF or wherever this is cut is honestly a lot. Straight up took 100 of that.

No. 1256240

BPD demon, that's why.

No. 1256246

people who have like 200 followers get more likes on twitter than her actively… that is sad

No. 1256250

she’s not pan sexual, she just spelt “panhandling” wrong

No. 1256256

why does she have two $200 tips from the exact same moment? was that a mistake?

No. 1256270

File: 1623685820010.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 500x281, 041A8709-6853-4E06-AB5A-50B564…)

she thinks it’s when you literally fuck a pan

No. 1256298

Cursed but at least her vagina used to be normalish

No. 1256308

Casually showing off that she gives her virtual pimp TWENTY FUCKING PERCENT of all of her earnings.
How can you be so fucking stupid as to choose this as your """job"""? It's no wonder Onlyfans is raking in the cash when dumbass whores like Shayna gladly fork over such a huge chunk of their own income.

And she thinks that OF is some kind of harbinger of financial freedom to women, and not just a money funnel benefiting the greasy old men sitting at the top of the pyramid, LMAO.

No. 1256311

Literally paying money to whore herself out for $3.

No. 1256314

OF execs - "goddamit we're only getting 60 cents a subscription from this cheap bitch!"

No. 1256323

Literally cancelled out that bottom $100 tip. OF was like thanks dumb bitch kek

No. 1256326

Yeah that is weird. Maybe Womack being retarded or her trying to act like she got more than she did. Who knows.

No. 1256339

the max tip is $200 after the bella thorne debacle so if they want to send her more than that, they have to do it twice

No. 1256355

This is all probably one sum for some type of custom video or whatever she’s trying to sell for her “moving sale”.

No. 1256373

Shay had Mr. Peanutbutter in a cat carrier in a car. Didn't say why on snapchat

No. 1256395

I honestly can’t believe how her body has turned out. there’s absolutely no way she can go back to that teen body look now. even with intense exercise and diet. tbh I think her genetics are starting to show what her body really looks like. she just happened to get lucky as a teen.

No. 1256397

abandoning him on the side of the road or giving him to a shelter, bet.

No. 1256403

Is she finally giving him back to fupa?

No. 1256411

She posted that they were back home and that he didn't want to get out of the carrier

No. 1256462

i always assumed it was the opposite tbh. she has absolutely no curves as a fat woman so i think she naturally is supposed to look like a flat stick, but she’s so gluttonous she’s forcing her body into something completely unnatural. basically accidental feederism through pure stupidity.

No. 1256491

Proof would've been good, but anyway…
Either a vet visit so it's cleared to fly with her (which I'd be really surprised that she would haul half cross country and land an apartment with THREE pets) or trying to introduce it to Fupa's place.

No. 1256493

nah, your body at age 14-20 will in most cases be much different from your body ages 21+, especially for women since they go through puberty longer. some women are lucky because of genetics, but i’d bet anything her mom is just as fridge shaped and lumpy. could be one reason why she’s so bitter against her, kek.

No. 1256497

If she posted it just on Snap, it more than likely has to do with Fupa. She only posts her secret life with Fupa on Snap or her ugly outings by herself to the bar or an appointment. But the latter, she will post about on Twitter because it's not Fupa related. She's predictable.

No. 1256542

it would actually be kind of hilarious if her mom has a great figure and she got the fridge body from her dad’s side

No. 1256546


AND shes being taxed on her income. Like fuck, its actually funny at this point. Literally degrading herself for free.

No. 1256735

AYO haven't seen the best glittertext in a min kek

No. 1256762

File: 1623711042571.jpeg (200.65 KB, 1284x488, 643BB36B-1319-4C1D-A4C1-0755EC…)

she clearly now only has coomers who pay her to get severely intoxicated. bleak.

No. 1256768

Eat, Dab, Fupa, Drink Repeat

No. 1256782


If only it included eating, it would be everything she ever wants to do.

No. 1256787

File: 1623712645464.jpg (267.1 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20210614-181753_Twi…)

Fucking nasty

No. 1256789


Imagine carrying a fetus in your body for 9 months and going through hours of labor pain just to shit out a piece of garbage human like that. Yikes.

No. 1256794

>>1256787 it’s one thing to be into anal, it’s another to not be concerned about hygiene and whatever bacterias lurk in that hell-hole of hers . But you know, anything to differentiate Shaynus from ~the other girls~

No. 1256800

we know you love the taste of your own shit, shayna. say something less obvious next time.

No. 1256804

You really shouldn't be with that diet

No. 1256806

This is ESPECIALLY disgusting after knowing Shatna doesn’t wash her ass, fast for her anal scenes, or use an enema to clean herself with. So she’s just gagging on the tip of her dildo that’s crusted in poo from her last cheemsburger meal, Diet Coke, with extra large fries. Sick

No. 1256808

Gross as fuck. Especially with Shay's diet. Probably has the shits all the time.

Colon of nightmares.

No. 1256813

you’re thinking too hard about it

No. 1256814

I almost thought she was talking about eating Fupa's ass and I wasn't surprised.

No. 1256825

She did post on tumblr during the Fupa years that she wanted to be forced to rim a guy

No. 1256826

File: 1623715554257.jpg (179.11 KB, 1079x726, Screenshot_20210614-190625_Twi…)

But she refunded and blocked a dude because he wanted a custom right away

No. 1256827

File: 1623715618199.jpg (344.38 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20210614-190711_Twi…)

We all know it was Jason R Womack who sent the gift card because he's always telling Shay he loves her

No. 1256840

actually no, real porn stars that do anal do lots of prep work in order to perform. shayna is just a pig.

No. 1256845

This and haven't you seen gay bottom memes or just known them in general? They fast and douche their asses. I've really never heard of anyone, especially experienced, that would eat before AND not do an enema. I'm surprised she doesnt get shit on her dildos more often. Maybe the bitch is backed up from not getting fiber or actual nutrients that would move through the body kek or maybe that's why she does a very short amount of ass fucking, gets her wand and fake cums within a minute. Just packs the shit up there.

No. 1256846

I hope Womack drops her when/if she moves. He's kinda funny because he's so retarded and pathetic, but it's also cringy and embarrassing. And I have a feeling that if she weren't local to him, he wouldn't be kissing her boil ass so hard in hopes she would give him a chance.

No. 1256848

when you're describing the food and stuff it's a little much though

No. 1256855

This thread is full of up close gyno tier gaped holes of Shaynas…
She shares tweets publically that are just as if not more TMI let's be honest. At least it's not an unwarranted autistic blogpost like that whore earlier lol

No. 1256856

File: 1623718584393.jpeg (553.3 KB, 1242x2095, 1516555036782.jpeg)

Browsing through Shatna's old threads out of boredom and the hypocrisy of this is hysterical when she is literally a full blown alcoholic now

No. 1256860

File: 1623718908157.jpeg (563.44 KB, 1242x2087, 1516555110104.jpeg)

And she does the guilt trip e-begging BS every day too "wah I'm so depressed being in Oklahoma, you have to help me move!" "I'm crying over my ex again, send $ for alcohol, weed, and Doordash to drown my sorrows".
She's always been a begging cow but at least before she would offer her videos/snap, now it seems like she just says "reimburse me" and thinks she's entitled to money bc she's such hot shit

No. 1256869

File: 1623719813681.jpg (Spoiler Image, 749.48 KB, 1079x1861, Screenshot_20210614-201725_Twi…)

Her face

No. 1256881

File: 1623720371916.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1242x1641, 78C71B96-6B14-4C36-8E64-E1103E…)

Hammy Fattel

No. 1256884

File: 1623720425873.jpeg (290.16 KB, 1242x1007, 79311E92-CE58-4C65-BFB7-5C06E7…)


No. 1256886

kek i am dying at her face here. why the fuck would she post this? full on yaniv

No. 1256909

File: 1623721902558.jpeg (770.98 KB, 3464x3464, 466B6AAE-79E5-4BB3-B2F5-786FD7…)

Jason R Womack just doesn’t know when to quit kek

No. 1256911

Her fucking tit too.
How did it get this saggy in a short amount of time?

Yes they were a lot smaller before but some people have tiny saggers. It seems bizarre how quickly it went from perk to sag. It's not like they're big now, just average.( tit sperg)

No. 1256919

This is disturbing, since we all know she doesn’t even douch herself before shoving objects into her ass. Fatty has definitely eaten her own shit.

No. 1256961

It's truly so creepy how she constantly shows off this dude's messages where he says "love you" like that's at all normal. I know your penny slots are all over the internet Shayna but please have some fucking boundaries, a peanut dicked weirdo on the internet should not think you two are in love so you get 25 dollars sometimes.

No. 1256968

It's funny you can always tell when it's womack. Does she not realise how obvious it is or does she just have no shame that her main and one of the only tippers is this absolute retard scrote redneck.

No. 1257013

Oh boy $400 for sabotaging your personal reputation on the internet. What a flex, she sure showed us. This isn't the 1980's, idk what kind of purchasing power she expects to get out of $400 lmao.

No. 1257117

Whew I haven't been itt in a minnn and wow shayna did not spiral, she fell of a cliff. At least crossing fingers for the frfr move.

No. 1257127

File: 1623732836890.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1008.97 KB, 2321x3464, 5DD4DF62-B702-42B8-89D0-7FB333…)

Shaynus doing her Jason R Womack mating call for onlyfans tips kek
Also what is she stressed about???

No. 1257128

File: 1623732916577.jpeg (714.32 KB, 1049x1115, D8D91676-A70A-4E97-9904-E70F1E…)

Those buns aren’t doing her any favors. Her nose looks like it’s edited huge but that’s just how it is naturally woof

No. 1257136

Same stank Starbucks logo pose, same buttplug with a weird brown spot on the jewel, same crusty lips, same smug hungry smile, Same Shayna.

No. 1257142

Traveling to visit home maybe? I don’t know when her trip is but I think it’s soon.

No. 1257144

Oneitis is a bitch, nonnie

No. 1257155

It's funny to look back at her old threads when she was fat with sperm brows and overdrawn lips and anons were complaining about how awful it was. Even funnier when she was skinny and didn't look all that bad. I don't think anyone realized how much uglier Shatna could get. We're here, folks. The final form. Slap a neckbeard on it and she'd look just like Wocrack.

No. 1257174

I doubt this is her final form. She's gonna keep gaining weight because she has no discipline or self control. When she gets so fat and repulsive that even womack won't want to fund her daily doordash binges anymore, maybe that'll be a wake up call.

No. 1257175

I think she will get fatter lololol

No. 1257181

I genuinely wonder if he will continue to fund her sad lifestyle in Seattle

No. 1257265

File: 1623753592728.jpeg (598.02 KB, 1537x1537, 4C19E99A-BBF5-4745-98B2-82946D…)


She IS yaniv

No. 1257286

File: 1623756530589.png (13.04 KB, 598x122, mysterious.png)

It's so fucking funny how this bitch had the audacity to retweet this when she shares every single useless thought that pops into her head.

>"I'm so mysterious guyz"

>shares dad's face on sex work account
>rants about her mom on her sex work account
>cries about ex like a lunatic every few days
>can't stop talking about being a depressed alcoholic

Does she really, actually think she "doesn't tell people shit"? Because that's some next level delusion, kek.

No. 1257287

File: 1623756781198.png (13.87 KB, 598x118, shitty opinions.png)

Samefag. Sorry.

This is so ironic considering she's constantly sharing shit no one cares about (just look at the likes she gets on those posts, kek) yet here we are. People also don't come to her nasty page to hear about her thoughts on politics, her abusive mom or Fupa, yet she can't stop talking about it. Why did she even make that burner account if she's gonna use her work account as a deranged diary?

No. 1257296

this bitch talking like she doesn't do this exact thing

No. 1257344

its like the holes on those silicone sex dolls jfc

No. 1257345

looks like yaniv takes better care of his skin, yikes

No. 1257351

no they just both abuse the blur tool. they are truly one and the same

No. 1257360

Lookin like an MTF sexually harassing a gynecologist over zoom. How the fuck this got over 300 likes is a god damn mystery even with taking into consideration non-existent scrotal standards.

No. 1257381

I know right, are they so blinded by any and all meat flaps that they don't see that FACE that's attached?

No. 1257452

they don't care

No. 1257477

honestly tho if i only got 300 likes after posting a full spread shot of pussy with my face and tits out I would be questioning my choices in life. the fact she barely scrapes by despite posting every inch of what she has to offer is the saddest shit ever.

No. 1257484

File: 1623777176386.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1242x1645, CB52826C-D707-4E68-98A1-04CBEC…)

>Of message: “Custom anal fuck machine video tonight”
If it’s a custom why is she posting it for everyone? I don’t get it.

No. 1257491

File: 1623777353864.jpeg (639.52 KB, 1242x903, A2E097EC-C199-4CE8-A8F5-E639AB…)

>i hate when my fav whore pages repost children’s cartoons and food and like can u shut up abt how much u love McDonald’s so I can enjoy being a coomer

No. 1257521

Not all customs are exclusive to the buyer. People can pay more to have them exclusive - but if not most cam girls post and sell video.

No. 1257524

Girl… this is very not thriving.
It's so dangerous to be attracting the kind of people who will insidiously enable your self-destructive coping mechanisms. Normal males find it REALLY unattractive when a girl gets too wasted. She gets sloppy. She's completely oblivious to the fact that this person has a fetish for seeing her destroy herself through alcoholism.

No. 1257532

File: 1623781944122.jpg (1.15 MB, 972x3023, Screenshot_20210615-132918_Fac…)

How long before she runs back to Fupa because he's oh so sad? Also, why does an almost 40yo hang out with people who look like they are barely 20

No. 1257533

>the inflatable shirt of fat

He reminds me of a "whale" in the mobile gaming sense. I wouldn't be surprised if he accounts for 80% of all her tips. She's so dependent on other people to scrape by. If Womack & Old Gray keel over from geriatric heart attacks, she'd be instantly broke. If Onlyfans shut their servers down, she loses her entire life's "work" and only source of income. But she's thinks she's independent somehow.

I would pay big money to see a vision of her at 30 lol
I want to know what she's going to do once her final few orbiters have buzzed off & she's full-on 300 pounds with no work history.

No. 1257538

It doesn’t matter where Shayna moves to. She’s always going to be fat, crusty, and ugly…. I don’t know why she hates Oklahoma so much, it’s all she can afford. She stays inside anyways and her only hobbies are doordash, posting nudes, editing pictures horribly, smoking weed, and drinking alcohol. She doesn’t have to move states to get over Fupa.

No. 1257544

Besides Fupa being disgusting and acting like a 15 year old Tumblr girl, seeing this proves that if Shayna leaves, Fupa will still have friends and maybe even family.
When Shayna gets sad, she runs to twitter. When Fupa gets sad, he has friends who come and cheer him up.
Fupa has a life without shayna, Shayna doesn't have a life without Fupa.
She should see this as a reason to leave and start her own life. Make friends, have fun and not center her life around someone. Instead, she's going to look at this and post a, "I feel guilty for leaving because it makes him sad but-" tweet.
Like SHAYNA should be posting tweets about her friends coming to paint her nails because she's sad. Instead a fat ass 30+ baby daddy is. That says it all.

No. 1257549

File: 1623783957657.jpg (Spoiler Image, 863.3 KB, 1079x1751, Screenshot_20210615-140327_Twi…)

Shay would retweet this

No. 1257555

ummm aren't the wicked witches of the east and west sisters in the story..?

No. 1257565

Yes and Dorothy is like 12, but it’s not like she’s into incest or pedo pandering at all you know

No. 1257593

This thread has been the source of many laughs for me but shit is just getting sad. The weight gain, sad boi fupa. Although hilarious her face is starting to depress me

No. 1257600

File: 1623788693349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 729.98 KB, 1079x1813, Screenshot_20210615-152537_Twi…)

No. 1257612

File: 1623789956109.jpg (175.08 KB, 1079x622, Screenshot_20210615-154616_Twi…)

Here it possibly comes Anon

No. 1257619

I'm not kidding I think she is the ugliest woman I've ever seen. She looked okay/slightly below average when she was skinny but the way the fat has gathered on her face + the premature aging brought on by drinking just triggers the autist in me(no1curr)

No. 1257640

As gross as she currently looks, saying she is the ugliest woman you have ever seen still sounds like a stretch..

No. 1257647

File: 1623794425935.png (291.69 KB, 455x477, me-sees-free-real-estate-meme-…)

When she tries to be hot, but just drunk and high and has zero clarity of what she's doing.

No. 1257679

File: 1623797386794.gif (Spoiler Image, 550.57 KB, 539x960, 6A913FB3-4201-49FA-AA38-6E2438…)

Her weight gain is depressing. She’s still young enough to lose it and get healthy but she’s too lazy. Even if she got skinny she still has a horrid face

No. 1257680

I don't know why there are still anons that say that. Custom doesnt mean its exclusive. It's been established. Especially for whores that need the money and dont make videos otherwise like Shaytard. Of course she's gonna post it for everyone. It being a custom just means a scrote told her the theme/scenario and paid her to get it done at some point. She rarely ever does a video that's "original" and of her own volition. But she totally loves sex and being a stupid slut. Sex work is her career!

No. 1257683

File: 1623797538218.jpeg (1.67 MB, 3464x3464, DA045738-83EB-4A2E-9453-5A2468…)

She’s one of the ugliest people but not the ugliest I’ve seen. I’ve seen way worse. But shayna isn’t pretty, she never was, even when she was “skinny and blonde”(nitpick)

No. 1257684

Hes either the cringiest soy boy or dude is so NOT straight omfg what an embarrassment

No. 1257688

Well Im not a whore, but I assume when someone orders a drawing of themselves from an artist. The artist just sells it to them which would be making it a custom. They don’t just sell prints of what the customer wanted to everyone else. But then again spreading your snatch online isn’t an art form and you’d want to make money as much as you can. I just assumed custom was just a personal video to only the Scrote(no1curr)

No. 1257691

And she posts these awful pics and vids of herself too. It's one thing to have bad angles and bad candid screenshots moments, but she actively posts awful content of herself willingly. And despite having all the time and means to not only better her appearance to a degree or at the very least find good angles and edit pics well.

No. 1257696

Yeah art and porn are different. But in an art commission, the terms are written out thoroughly (if professional) and usually the artist relinquishes rights to the art to the buyer. But that's obviously a different scenario with porn. Like other anon said, they can pay to have it be exclusive, otherwise it's still content the sex worker made with themselves in it, so therefore they own it.

No. 1257698

He's just a 30+ soyboy who let tumblr infect his brain. He comes off just as delayed and without personality as Shayna does.
It's so weird to see someone so unattractive, with childern trying to act like people half his age.

No. 1257700

She's gotta know it's not cute to retweet so many food posts when you're pushing obesity. I'd say shes trying to appeal to feeders, but really she is just after bitch who loves to eat. I'd just think one would feel a little embarrassed about it and logging how often and what they eat constantly when they're clearly fat now. It's not something that needs to be shared and it's absolutely not cute.

No. 1257703

No, she just eats her feelings now. Food, drinking, Fupa and smoking are the only things that bring her joy. She's not appealing to feeders, she's not that smart.
If she sees something cute and pink, she's retweeting it.
Doubly so if it's cute food. All she talks about is food, fupa, smoking and drinking. Food and posting about food is her new "thing". She SHOULD be doing porn mukbangs and having scrotes pay for her to eat on camera, but she's lazy and thinks she's above it.
but she's not above selling 100's of pictures for $3 and making a fool of herself for free.

No. 1257707

File: 1623799082588.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3458x3423, FE504B7F-3B15-44CB-A904-9450B3…)

The anons saying shayna will be broke once the grayhair guy and Jason R Womack leave or pass away from old age are forgetting scrotes have NO standards at all, men will fuck a chicken sandwich. She will find a few more coomers on Twitter that will fund her rent, but I don’t think she will be able to smoke weed whenever she wants once Jason stops being her “Splenda Daddy”. Gray hair is into insecure, bitchy whiny whores. All the sex workers he interacts with talk about how they are depressed (cue the monster inc gif), need work done, or get angry when men ask for free nudes.

No. 1257708

File: 1623799373121.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 3464x3200, 90A5D740-648D-46B5-9536-FF8B07…)

Yeah shayna’s career is desolate and gloomy. I would be extremely depressed if this was the “legacy” I leave behind once I pass away.

No. 1257709

File: 1623799479374.jpeg (566.49 KB, 1242x1546, ED0E73B8-F1DB-48D1-A852-5683E8…)

Scammy Mattel wasting her moving money on herself and Fupa. Just move already this shit is boring I feel like I’m stuck in a time loop

No. 1257713

I call this is from her mom or dad or something. Or a recycled screenshot from her last moving scam.

No. 1257715

Yes flex that $1000 where 20%+ of it doesn’t even make it to your wallet post-cut. Thriving!!!

No. 1257716

i’m fairly certain this is a recycled screenshot. I gotta find the thread from the last time she was moving and her mom sent her $1k on cashapp

No. 1257717

wtf anon this says it’s from february. this isn’t milk

No. 1257718


Damn. Fupa gets more interaction on his facebook than she does after 5 years of sex work.

No. 1257720

No shit that’s why I underlined it. How do you get 1k from someone and blow it all ?

No. 1257722

more robble robble you fucking hamburgerlar

No. 1257726

this is unpopular but i miss the big eyelashes and eyeliner, it looked slightly better.

No. 1257732

It felt like she was at least trying and putting even some effort towards her appearance. She just got the eyelashes so she could be a lazy shit. She played herself though because without makeup she looks just like ol inbred Womack kek

No. 1257750

Ah "honey I shrunk you" was so funny.

Wish she'd go do more of that ridiculous "pro" porn.

No. 1257753

Sorry for ot but the first chick was such a wild ride of self hated and loathing mixed with retarded sw ego, thank you for posting her kek great read

I love how she thought these “pro” shoots were the highlight of her career

No. 1257764

File: 1623807328283.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 3297x2667, 5287A539-BB45-4901-8227-B10EA0…)

I really don’t those photos were nightmare fuel. I don’t even think she got paid enough for those degenerate movies to be linked to her real name

No. 1257771

>I love how she thought these “pro” shoots were the highlight of her career
they technically were

No. 1257775

same, i don’t think i could handle seeing more of that shit. too sadistic

No. 1257780

Some people just have no choice but to be anachans. What an unfortunate fat distribution. Genetics, man.

No. 1257786

if she did more absurd shit like the one where she was dangling over a pot of boiling water, I would find that comical. but the majority of the "pro" stuff she did was way too horrifying to even laugh at.

No. 1257787

File: 1623812417912.jpg (246.62 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20210615-220034_Twi…)

This bitch has been complaining about her teeth for years

No. 1257788

File: 1623812450736.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.01 KB, 676x909, 20210615_220044.jpg)


No. 1257790

File: 1623812518006.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.71 KB, 676x857, 20210615_220046.jpg)

That same dumbass smirk

No. 1257791

Jfc buy a faux fur throw or something Shaynus your blankets are NASTY. If you are going to cosplay as posh put in the minimum. They are like $50.

No. 1257829

I feel like that shirt says everything to answer your question.

No. 1257833

Yes and Dorothy is 12.

No. 1257853

for someone who claims to have had bulimia she seems way too scared to take more than an inch of dick up her mouth lol

No. 1257865

how do wisdom teeth affect giving a bj lol

No. 1257869

File: 1623822576888.jpeg (132.66 KB, 1242x269, B620A7FF-6F59-49F3-9355-D8EE52…)

No one cares

No. 1257870

What blowjob? Drunkenly gumming at an old, unwashed dildo?

No. 1257874

Holy shit what a cursed visual kek. Really though, it still blows me away how her looks have gone down the shitter so quickly. Truly an inspiration to keep fit, thx Shayna!

No. 1257879

File: 1623823891852.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2839x3358, DE4BC874-5290-4032-B4E2-D02EC0…)

Shaynus sure attracts the ~hottest richest sugar daddies~
Ot but
Gray hair scrote pisses me off so much. He talks shit about his ex wife, and talks about his children to sex workers. He even bought his daughter a cam so she could do sex work, and is proud of her. He’s so fucking weird and should be put on a sex offender list

No. 1257880

File: 1623824058872.jpeg (133.25 KB, 1208x428, 58A5B2D9-0314-4B47-A031-A147B5…)

No. 1257881

File: 1623824154281.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 954x1846, 6B261060-5197-446D-BB5F-BEAAF9…)

No. 1257882

What the actual fuck

No. 1257884

I mean… At least she's finally learning to pose for her heavier body type

No. 1257890

Imagine willingly entertaining utterly disgusting scrotes like this. Anything for the money I fucking guess.

No. 1257892

wow i thought he was just a lulzy pornbrained old man this is evil

No. 1257901

This looks like a polaroid found in a serial killer's house (but maybe she'd be into that I dunno)

No. 1257905

What tf!?!?! Someone put this guy away.

No. 1257926

Tenshiitushii belongs in the camwhores thread, she's such a car crash kek

No. 1257942

She wants to be able to scrape ALL her teeth against a dick and wisdom teeth are too far back especially since she gags on less than an inch kek

No. 1257951

The thing about his daughter makes me nauseous, what the actual fuck?

No. 1257952

Right what the fuck
I bet this pornbrain is one of the ones who gets the incest customs off shaynus jfc

No. 1257959

when the fuck did she claim to have bulimia

No. 1257979

Right? And paired with Shayna's UR DAD LOVES ME TEEHEE schtick.

No. 1257983

why does her new twitter thumbnail look like she's blackfacing/latina larping? shay, it looks nothing like you, you fat fuck

No. 1257985

go back to twitter, anon

No. 1257988

so… is that not the same girl fupa went to that one bar with? used to have blue hair? the one he posted a picture with after which shayna had an intense 'alt girl' phase where she wore black for like a week?

No. 1258028

Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s subscribed to his daughters porn honestly.

Bet Shayna wishes her dad was that supportive!

No. 1258030

File: 1623854808842.jpg (580.95 KB, 1079x1655, Screenshot_20210616-094659_Twi…)

Who set her off?

No. 1258031

File: 1623854850969.jpg (204.37 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20210616-094817_Twi…)

No. 1258048

they are going to be so fucking shocked and horrified by how fat she’s gotten since they last saw her lolol

No. 1258054

Didn't he come to visit her at her last apartment with the crusty child's day bed like, a year ago?? Her sense of time is so fucking skewed.

No. 1258058

she claimed she had an ED in her tumblr days

No. 1258064

someone probably asked her a question and she flipped out

No. 1258065

File: 1623859662515.jpeg (402.77 KB, 1284x920, 0AD1D65B-8D1E-40D1-9EBF-448638…)

TOPKEK she’s so incapable of taking care of herself, her lashes are already falling out.

No. 1258066

it was november 2019, so like a year and a half (which is still way off kek) >>887582

No. 1258067

"I have xy money, what will this get me"
Why not just send a price list?

No. 1258076

File: 1623860731587.png (1.25 MB, 1242x2208, 1517068644636 (1).png)

Old milk but throwback to the time Shay did a giveaway for her used bong on Tumblr and spent almost a whole fucking year making excuses for why she couldn't send it, because she spent the money on weed for herself. Hasn't changed a bit

No. 1258077

File: 1623860752116.png (1.98 MB, 1242x2208, 1517068674373.png)

No. 1258078

shaynus is so bad with customers. she's always trying to show them she doesn't need their money!!1!1 when clearly she does…like shay, be nice, your coomers are dwindling and your appearance is declining rapidly jfc. homeless saga when

No. 1258081

File: 1623860882114.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, 1517068705581.png)

No. 1258083

File: 1623861041176.jpeg (496.71 KB, 1242x2104, 1517068760986.jpeg)


No. 1258093

at that time most tumblr giveaways were just idiots wanting to get more followers and interaction, which is exactly what she did. she’s always only ever been about the amount of followers she can accrue and nothing more.

No. 1258094

File: 1623862427397.jpeg (399.88 KB, 750x865, AB62A167-497F-4B50-8CB4-62B8FB…)

here are her redone lashes. might as well go back to her broom-looking falsies at this rate

No. 1258096

File: 1623862506484.jpeg (454.33 KB, 750x881, 1463A25D-EAF2-4C4A-8DA8-5EFF51…)

more pride posturing

No. 1258098

She posted a video of her shaving Ribmeat on Snapchat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1258099

anon pleeeaaassseeee provide receipts because jesus christ how have we had 2 cows now shaving their cats this year?

No. 1258100

what the fuck?! you have to post it, that’s milk right there

No. 1258103

it’s just a saged twitter cap, relax

No. 1258104

pics or GTFO

No. 1258105

they may look fine now cos she just got them done but for some reason she thinks it’s normal to get them done every week to 2 weeks. she’s already had them falling out which means she lets them get crusty and dirty. it’s gross.

No. 1258113

Stop lying anon. I have her Snapchat and the only thing she’s posted about is her dab carts.

No. 1258114

What’s the bet he’s watched his daughter cam. He’s a sick fucker. There’s being supportive of your child’s career and then there’s whatever the fuck he’s doing. Disgusting.

No. 1258134

File: 1623866657778.png (5.39 MB, 1242x2208, 1EFF770B-DFA1-4529-81EC-EF108B…)

I made a sock account she literally didn’t post that, unless she deleted it. This is all that way on her Snapchat story

No. 1258138

shaynus literally looks like a white inbred.
what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1258165

cant even lie, these lashes are a big improvement compared to the last ones. the only problem for her is that it’s going to be more obvious that she isn’t maintaining them within a few days of not brushing them out with a spoolie or from picking at them.

No. 1258180

right, lmao, how dare my customers, who are paying me for my porn so they can jerk off to it, jerk off while we are holding a sexually explicit conversation regarding my porn?

No. 1258182

right? and if it bothers her so much why doesn't she just make a content list with prices that she can hand out whenever she gets this question if she doesn't want to entertain the conversation? her lack of business sense is astounding

No. 1258192

It's too bad about those eyebrows though. Who would ask for those fucking things in the year of our lord 2021?

No. 1258194

File: 1623872843109.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 887x1828, 4DD66E3E-A327-471C-ABD3-6B176E…)

The inflatable shirt of fat

No. 1258245

I don't get why she would offer to buy her a 50 dollar item and other stuff when it's like no?? use that money to send the actual item that was won?? Shit makes no sense.

No. 1258254

File: 1623879235469.jpg (310.17 KB, 1170x1674, IMG_3366.jpg)

do we know what % she's at on OF now? someone posted this on tiktok of OF % vs monthly income, not sure how accurate it is.
if i remember correctly the last rank i saw was somewhere near 3% which i'm sure is way worse now, so if she's at 4% or higher she's only making $2k a month at most, plus whatever tips she gets which isn't much lol

No. 1258257

Even in a severely cropped photo like this she still looks ugly and like she's taking a huge whiff of a wet fart.

No. 1258299

File: 1623886103118.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 3464x3464, 4271E634-58FB-4022-9748-383EDF…)

Shaynus posted a video of her “struggling” to get out of her handcuffs and she shows off her lopsided man-boobs and lunch-lady arms. Video doesn’t need to be posted. Screencaps of Hammy Fattel

No. 1258305

Why mention it and not post the video?

No. 1258307

File: 1623886473453.jpg (304.27 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20210616-183408_Twi…)

But you're not upset or worried about leaving your cats?

No. 1258308

File: 1623886514851.jpg (206.64 KB, 1080x851, Screenshot_20210616-183452_Twi…)

She lives such a boring life

No. 1258320

File: 1623888184171.jpg (277.11 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20210616-190222_Twi…)

What happened to not exposing non consenting parties Shay?

No. 1258321

File: 1623888224669.jpg (806.86 KB, 1079x1854, Screenshot_20210616-190238_Twi…)

She looks depressed

No. 1258322

File: 1623888264057.jpg (180.3 KB, 1080x747, Screenshot_20210616-190341_Twi…)

What's her obsession with charcuterie boards? Does she think they're fancy or some shit?

No. 1258323

she should be

No. 1258324

yes. i think it's like how PnP was obsessed with talking about tuna tartare.

No. 1258332

File: 1623889425474.jpg (649.68 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20210616-192309_Twi…)

They probably think you're fucking stupid

No. 1258333

Well since your tits are pointing in opposite directions, probably yes.

No. 1258340

>the forever 21 $5 tank, the denim shorts that are about to bust open, the ugly patch work purse from dollskill, the greasy hair combed over one side, and the oil slick on her wrinkled aging face

No. 1258341

File: 1623890190458.jpeg (821.9 KB, 1169x1444, 19D56076-BF28-4448-BA78-B89486…)


No. 1258342

File: 1623890261937.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1109x2160, E59ABAF2-177E-499C-B1DF-283970…)

Her fucking stomach
Topkek such a fat-ass bitch

No. 1258344

File: 1623890300304.jpeg (104.81 KB, 676x1313, 6314BA64-C611-4304-9264-4E806D…)

No. 1258346

File: 1623890417122.jpeg (643.42 KB, 1226x889, B1413DF0-DB7C-42AB-8EC2-99B701…)

No. 1258350

tubby mattel.

if she would buy clothes that fit, she wouldnt look as bad

No. 1258352

File: 1623890954972.jpg (195.29 KB, 1080x1733, crazyeyes.jpg)

No. 1258354

>anxiety beer
>celebration beer, c.yesterday
>i'm sad beer, c.2 days ago
She has to drink any time she feels an emotion kek

No. 1258355

No, but they're wondering how a walleye got into the bar

No. 1258359

File: 1623891475671.jpg (181.93 KB, 1079x946, Screenshot_20210616-195732_Twi…)

No. 1258362

Her face, Jesus. She looks like a ghoul.

No. 1258365

That’s more than her onlyfans subscription price??? Why would anyone pay $10 for one picture

No. 1258368

This is what alcoholics in denial do

No. 1258369

File: 1623892748076.jpg (31.42 KB, 768x540, Brian-Peppers.jpg)

Shaynas titties look like Brian Peppers eyes, or even that cockeyed troon kitsune from the femboy thread
Like a can of busted biscuits. She's so dumpy and frumpy with her ill-fitting clothes.

No. 1258373

File: 1623893998380.jpeg (1.22 MB, 2980x3238, 558CAF57-0B97-421E-932B-7C06C9…)

No. 1258375

File: 1623894024300.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1611, 51598EEB-AB58-4E0A-8D15-7B8F6E…)

Her skin looks horrible

No. 1258376

File: 1623894105110.jpeg (299.52 KB, 1242x789, 826C5C44-00D5-429D-AD6F-E8A417…)

No. 1258378

File: 1623894270621.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 665.19 KB, 1773x3464, A44CFFD1-CE9D-4CF9-A51C-306143…)

She keeps sending the same ugly couch photoset in the OF dms

No. 1258379

she probably slept with that greasy mop touching her face

No. 1258381

She really has morphed into a fat, sloppy small town, hick girl.

No. 1258384

So you're talking to Kyle Nathan Perkins again, good to know

No. 1258386

She can suck in her gut but cant hide her bulging thighs

No. 1258398

She's been complaining about customers for like 4 days straight. Methinks she's getting a little worn out on selling her holes.

No. 1258403

Jason Womack, come get your twin. Jfc she looks so awful.

No. 1258407

The outfit is Walmart white trash but what the fuck is that ugly purse she keeps using?? It's so stupid idk who it would even look good on. Not kawaii girls, but not grandma either. It's one of the worst purses I've ever seen honestly. Sorry to sperg about it but I just… she doesnt have taste or style in any sense, but her purses are a whole other level of bad. The MK wallet one was the only decent one I've seen her use and it was funny because she would try to flex it.

No. 1258408

*2 years straight

No. 1258411

When your nipples go totally opposite directions and you're a fatty wearing too small clothes, it's time to slap on a bra, sweaty. A bralette or sports style at least.

No. 1258414

It's insane how more bloated her face looks when compared to her profile pic. I know the pfp is edited but the difference is jarring.

No. 1258416

Do you think he's so attracted to her because she's like female version of himself? Kek

No. 1258422

File: 1623898723332.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1033x1160, 828E4AC0-424C-4BF7-B05B-CCCB4B…)

It’s an ugly purse from dollskill it’s suppose to be cottage-core/grandma style. Shayna buys the ugliest clothes from that brand. It looks okay on the model on the left because she actually pairs it with something that goes with the purse.
When Shayna wears the purse it looks she had to stick patches onto the holes because she was too broke to get a new bag.
Kek shayna thought she was serving cottage-core ‘cute’.

No. 1258428

The amount of grease on a single human being is astonishing. So bimbo

No. 1258436

Why does she leave the house like this? As if anyone in public would see this and think she's a dollie bimbo OnlyFans (top 2%) star and not turning tricks in the Dollar Tree parking lot

No. 1258441

She literally tried to copy that bottom left pic I'm dead. She served up the Great Value/Wish version and I guess that makes sense since it was from Shien kek. This bitch. Yeah, she really does buy the ugliest looking shit from DK. Like if you're gonna give your money to way overpriced, racist shitty brand, at least buy some of the cuter shit they have. She buys tacky crap that doesnt even look good on skinny, hot models. She's actually retarded I swear. But I've seen retards dress themselves better.

No. 1258448

I can’t believe she thinks she can pull off just lashes and brows. she needs a full face of makeup to go out.

No. 1258459

The tiny purse makes her look even bigger. Also I can’t wait, but also mortified that her family is going to see her like this. Her poor parents lol

No. 1258485

Right?? They’re going to try and send her to rehab if they love her

No. 1258489

From what I’ve seen online this actually looks pretty accurate. The last number I remember her saying was like 2.9% a few months ago, though I may be wrong. I’d be shocked if she was clearing more than 3k off OnlyFans at this point. I guess she still has Manyvids and coomer donations but she’s not rolling in it.

No. 1258499

Her skin looks grey and her nipples are cocked like a pistol

No. 1258502

I feel like her mom or a grandparent are going to say something. She's going to wear something ugly, no panties and will probably take a picture in one of family members bathroom gloating about not wearing panties or a bra again.

No. 1258505

this didn't even occur to me, she's going to go through some minor withdrawals while she's home because she can't drink all day. unless she just drinks in front of them. it'll be hard to hide if she's staying with them

No. 1258558

File: 1623920296071.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x1583, CFBE038D-1A02-410A-A07E-BE1A9E…)

I’m actually shaken by how bad she looks…the pasty, corpse like skin, the acne, the oil drenched hair, the bloated puffy eyes, now did she think this looked ok????

No. 1258566

The amount of grease in her hair is revolting I'd be embarrassed to answer my door to the mailman like this but she went out!? Absolute trash!

No. 1258582

This anon that keeps popping up and telling other anons they're "obsessed with Shayna" makes me wanna "Hi, Cow" so bad kek Get the fuck out if you wanna keep wk'ing this fat fuck failure.

No. 1258585

She got super butthurt when her grandma said her pink hair looked like shit (based grandma) so if they say anything about her weight gain she would probably implode and cry abuse on Twitter

No. 1258586

It’s uncanny how much she looks like jason r womack.

No. 1258594

We usually talk about her parents, but I feel bad for her brother. He must be so ashamed, I hope he doesn't get bullied.

No. 1258598

White trash begets white trash

No. 1258612

File: 1623930133304.jpeg (287.36 KB, 1152x2048, D305D159-0C56-49C3-B408-5F1ED4…)

They really look do look the same, kek.

No. 1258645

File: 1623935368823.jpeg (608.23 KB, 1242x1514, 40D4D095-7794-4081-BBE9-FFB04B…)

No. 1258647

Indeed, and doesn’t she have a step sister too?

No. 1258653

File: 1623937685061.jpg (358.99 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20210617-082449_Twi…)

He's going to be absolutely disgusted when he sees you

No. 1258654

he’s probably going to think there’s something medically wrong with you because you’re twice the size you were last time he saw you

No. 1258659

“randomly”? so he doesn’t even know that she’s coming beforehand? oh boy

No. 1258660

She didn't tell her dad she's coming? Why would you fly all the way across the country and not even make sure it's a good time to visit beforehand? Like what if he has other plans or something?
He's going to think it's some fat bum knocking on his door to ask for cigarettes for a hot second before he recognizes her

No. 1258661

Grey hair over here larping as her dad in the scenario

No. 1258662

kek her dads family is going to laugh when his unsuccessful fat daughter shows up expecting to be treated like a princess even though she treats her family like trash

No. 1258663

File: 1623939309184.jpg (63.58 KB, 775x550, kek.jpg)

shall the milk floweth

No. 1258666

anon where do you think oklahoma is? she’s not flying cross country, kek. I think shayna’s thread makes nonnies go brain dead.

No. 1258667

The use of the word “airborne” just makes her sound like some sort of disease

No. 1258676

Kek ok I'm not exactly well versed in burger geography but that's still a long fucking way

No. 1258677

nayrt but the point is more- why would you travel to visit family without telling them?? I hope she at least asked her dad if he had plans for this week, but this is Shayna we're talking about. She'll probably roll up to his house at an unreasonable hour, bang on the door for a while, then give him a call & find out he's on vacation in Tahiti for a month with his real family lol.

Then she'll tweet about it so we can all laugh, because twitter is her diary.

No. 1258681

i think she just said "randomly" for dramatic effect. her dad most likely funded the ticket in the first place.

No. 1258683

I think she means because her flight has/was delayed. I really don’t think she’s that smart not to blab her fat mouth to her parents about her manic ideas.

No. 1258685

Girl what?? It's really not cool to show up at anyone's place with no warning or anything imo. But it's psychotic to fly states away uninvited. Even if she tried to "subtly" figure out what he was doing for fathers day weekend, anything can happen or change. His family could surprise him and take him out of town or any number of things. She's setting herself up to look retarded and get her feelings hurt, the crazy dumb bitch. I just cant believe her.
Love how she used that old content.

No. 1258689

Yeah she is really dumb so I would believe that she just phrased that weird without knowing how it sounded or she was trying to sound dramatic for her whole 7 person fanbase.

Idk that's not what the tweet implied, but she's retarded and a huge mess tbh so it's anyone's guess.

No. 1258692

Trying to imagine her out of breath in too tight and small clothing, fupa beer gut out, probably drunk off airplane cocktails, wearing those ugly ass special ed spongebob shoes, hair greasy as her unwashed face, waddling up to her dads probably nice suburban home either completely uninvited or very late at least… good lord.

No. 1258704

She probably means "randomly" in the sense that it's not for any occasion like Christmas, etc. I don't know why anons think she meant he doesn't know. If that were the case she'd say surprising him with a visit.

Womack still a fan after she put him on blast on her twitter. That's one dedicated simp. He's going to have to find another OK sex worker that's ugly enough to delusion himself into a relationship with if he gives her enough stimmy money.

No. 1258705

>I don't know why anons think she meant he doesn't know. If that were the case she'd say surprising him with a visit.
because unfortunately most of the shayna anons are only slightly less retarded than she is herself

No. 1258706

This imagery is sending my sides into orbit kek

No. 1258713

agreed anon. The only surprise will be how bad her alcoholism has gotten. I hope she doesn't get messy drunk and wear those outfits with clothes too small and her pussy hanging out free as a bird. Also hoping she wears a bra, which she really should do in OK too

No. 1258714

In their defense, this kind of inconsiderate, socially retarded and entitled behavior would fit Shaynus's usual MO. Though I agree she'd never actually be able keep her fat mouth shut about it, and her parents are undoubtedly who paid her ticket in the first place.

Goddamn it's gonna hit them hard how fat she's gotten…

No. 1258722

I don’t think she actually owns any clothing that fits her appropriately enough to wear around her family

No. 1258725


Shaynus has absolutely no coping skills other than weed, food and alcohol. And visiting family after 2 years or however would be tough and emotional for anyone. I expect some fresh milk from this trip when she's not able to fall back on either of those three vices. Her fourth cope was Fupa, but now he's gone. She's not going to be able to handle a single shred of commentary she finds negative.

I expect her to either run back to fupa and get stuck in the Tulsa loop again, get embarrassingly drunk, or just eat non-stop during this trip.

No. 1258726

But it's for fathers day weekend…

No. 1258729

but anons, this is shatnas's birthday month!!1! her whole family should be holding vigils in her honor all month even in her absence, duh. her appearing unexpectedly will be a blessing and they will all cry with joy that they don't have to spend the most important time of year without her

she said she felt like a "schlub" when he came to visit her empty grimy apartment in OK, looking forward to the milk from her going back to her childhood life of luxury, and then having to fly back to her newer grimy apartment and convince herself she's still the success story she pushes

No. 1258752

File: 1623950207026.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 580.82 KB, 1232x1181, 02F533AE-41FF-46E8-B17E-A945E8…)

No. 1258753

File: 1623950227663.jpg (82.1 KB, 1080x235, Screenshot_20210617-121652_Twi…)

She deleted this

No. 1258759

Ah yes schlubna kek at least her dad isn’t visiting her again. That was embarrassing

No. 1258764

File: 1623952733875.jpeg (117.16 KB, 676x1313, 717E8EE8-FD90-44A5-B2DF-39869B…)

Actual train wreck incoming, she looks so trashy and she didn’t even do her hair

No. 1258765

so she didn’t shower and is wearing the same clothes from yesterday? jfc.

No. 1258766

Imagine having to sit next to her stank ass on the plane

No. 1258767

Her boobs hang onto the counter like a lunch lady's arms, kek

No. 1258769

Kek she must smell ripe if she’s wearing the same exact outfit as yesterday. I doubt she’s wearing underwear so her shorts are covered in discharge and shit stains.

No. 1258770

Her poor fucking family having to smell this when it waddles off the plane

No. 1258771

File: 1623953993368.jpeg (451.81 KB, 1242x955, 2F3AE8E2-DAE7-4362-A5D8-A808D4…)

What about her cats?!? This bitch is so irresponsible.

No. 1258772

> it waddles off the plane

No. 1258773

Her hair and makeup make her look like a middle aged mother of 3 who works at walmart who posts boomer memes on facebook while drinking her daily big gulp she gets from the gas station. She should just marry jason r womack and live out her true destiny.

No. 1258774

Why is this so accurate??
Hey, anon, don’t compare her to someone with an actual job that contributes to society.
Her and Jason Womack should go mudding shayna isn’t high maintenance nor bimbo plus I feel like her dumbass would have fun, I can picture her laughing like a sped in his truck talking about spongebob and anal

No. 1258794

Getting drunk and high before flying to see her dad… jfc what a trashy addicted idiot. Embarrassing.

No. 1258807

idk why some of y'all are so pressed about that tweet. even though shayna is an embarrassment, her dad still obviously loves her and would be happy to see her.
i personally think it would be even kind of sweet to pay a surprise visit. they seem to keep in touch, so even if she didn't outright announce that she was coming, she likely at least asked what her dad would be up to. she's not that retarded to show up completely out of the blue and wreak havoc around the neighbourhood at 2am. maybe it's just that so many farmers in this thread are retards themselves and cling to shayna because it's so easy to feel superior to her, but some of you have unreasonably low expectations for shatna or just never experienced loving parents. just such a dumb nitpick.(wking)

No. 1258813

>accusing farmers of being jealous of shayna
>accusing farmers of being obsessed with shaynus
>blogging about how we are retarded
>sperging about how we don’t have loving parents
>saying what is and isn’t milk
These anons are annoying and contribute nothing to the thread. I hope you get a long ban, retard.
I just think it’s rude to show up unannounced especially if you don’t see them in person daily.

No. 1258820

That fanfic is actually pretty cute in an Oklahoma backwater way. Manifesting this for Shayna

No. 1258827

File: 1623957263879.jpeg (821.67 KB, 1242x1626, 69FB692A-F480-4426-8CDD-B48264…)

I can’t

No. 1258833

you're pulling most of these accusations out of your ass, anon. i just don't get what the issue is with shatna trying to make a nice surprise for her dad. her showing up high, drunk and looking like she hasn't bathed in ages is more problematic than her only possibly not knowing that her family may or not be away on that day. either way, i can't wait to see the weekend unfold(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1258837

yup keep drinking till you’re slurring and stumbling all over the place, your dad will be so proud to show you off to his family

No. 1258842

nta but it’s not a surprise for the 100th fucking time

No. 1258846

Shut the fuck up, twitter-fag.
I’m saying in general some anons are annoying and sperg abt dumb shit like you’re doing now.(infighting)

No. 1258851

File: 1623958187051.jpg (211.95 KB, 1080x1202, Screenshot_20210617-142931_Twi…)

No. 1258866

File: 1623959692427.jpeg (185.67 KB, 1125x621, DC98965C-6FED-4AC5-BB79-EF9959…)


No. 1258869

Lol, you can tell she ain't pleased with only getting 10 for a drink. That won't even cover one drink in the airport
The delusion.

No. 1258871

Broke bitch cannot even fork over $200 of chump change to buy AirPods. But you’re totally thriving right Shaynus?
She should use that to buy a bottle of water

No. 1258878

can’t wait till she’s so drunk that she becomes one of those karen’s that get arrested for drunk and disorderly behavior.

No. 1258880

File: 1623960582723.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3396x1988, 7B6C838A-7D30-4DE3-8D40-A7E3EC…)

Shayna is such a loner, this is embarrassing

No. 1258885

File: 1623960666690.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3464x3048, 2343DCBF-2F66-4DBC-9C29-E18A7F…)

No. 1258888

Those poor dudes

No. 1258889

>me n all my dads
and notice how they’re doing everything in their power to avoid even making eye contact with you, shaynus. they’re probably wondering who left their overweight, unwashed mother in the bar alone.

No. 1258891

It's disgusting for her to post pictures of those random dudes.
So she really didn't change her clothes. She probably packed all her clean clothes.

No. 1258900

File: 1623961835315.jpeg (534.44 KB, 1242x1065, B20B0CB7-C772-4F70-88CC-2173A1…)

Shayna being late to trends yet again

No. 1258906

womack saves the day

No. 1258907

She already has a pink pair of wireless headphones. She wore them a bunch when she first got them and “forgot” to take them out while she made content.

No. 1258922

File: 1623963284472.jpg (190.69 KB, 1079x768, Screenshot_20210617-155423_Twi…)

No it won't

No. 1258926

She really out here wearing the same outfit. This nasty bitch doesn't wear underwear. Imagine being grimy enough to slide on a pair of too tight shorts with days old snail trail crust in the crotch and wearing an extreme crop top with no bra to greet and hug your dad. Jesus Christ. We're truly witnessing mental illness. Shayna "I fucked your dad" Clifford sure seems like she wants to fuck her own dad.

No. 1258929

File: 1623963696442.jpg (25.26 KB, 960x500, press-x-to-doubt-la-noire.jpg)

No. 1258939

Agree on nasty clothes and no undies but I’m not seeing nips so I’m praying for pops she’s wearing a bra this time kek

No. 1258942

Just realized that Shayna takes pictures like those always drunk and partying frat boys, except she's not in school & in all her pictures she's alone.

No. 1258944

Ehhhh I dunno, anon. Those floppy flapjacks hanging out on the bar top says otherwise but I'm praying for pops too. Shayna, we know you ain't got an iota of shame, but for fuck sakes, your dad doesn't deserve to feel uncomfortable as fuck around you lmaooo

No. 1258946

Imagine seeing someone who's not even hot taking selfies of themself alone while drinking. It's just sad.

No. 1258947

She would freak out if someone did something like that to her.
"Look at this smelly, trashy bitch drinking alone on beer number 5 taking selfies lol"

No. 1258952

For someone who's all about consensual activities she sure does like to include non-consenting parties into her gross, sorry, lonely life.

No. 1258955

She's such a loser. The only way to get other existing humans into pictures with her is when they don't even know they're being photographed and don't know she exists. I can't imagine living life like this at age 24.

No. 1258957

I don’t think Shayna has ever worn a bra in her life. I think she might have one or two for content but even if she does they don’t seem to make an appearance.

No. 1258962

It's ok to not wear a bra. But you need to have some decency and common sense still. Not wear a skin tight tank top to an airport where there are kids and families and things. Like be aware of yourself. If you have big tits or perky nipples especially. And she purposely tries to sexualize herself and be a stupid attention whore, so it's not like it's just about comfort and people need to not be prudes or creeps.

No. 1258966

File: 1623965904068.jpg (426.71 KB, 1436x1983, Capture _2021-06-17-16-35-33.j…)

Figures this bitch is lying, every flight I checked left at 4:50, she really showed up hours early to drink

No. 1258975

If true, It'd be funny is she's waiting around hoping Fupa will come running to say goodbye, promising her when she comes back he'll be the man of her dreams.

No. 1258984

i think she legitimately has so little going on in her day to day life that she was excited to go to the airport and drink alone

No. 1258994

Has she always stuck her tongue out in photos like this and I'm just noticing, or what? It looks absolutely vile with her cheesy, yellow teeth and filthy tongue.

No. 1258995

She definitely was. Like what flight gets delayed 5 times when theres not a blizzard or some shit. It's Thursday. Her lies are so retarded most of the time.
Also I just think its pathetic she will practically live tweet/snap this whole trip, alone, just going to see her dad. Like it's not a cool vacation or anything. Just shut the fuck up and go see your family quietly like the rest of us. Stop being so desperate for crumbs of attention from online. She's not even popular with tons of actual fans like some of the e girls and shit so it's just weird and sad that shes so addicted to social media.

No. 1258997

File: 1623968199531.jpg (36.41 KB, 680x395, 1616026230586.jpg)

That would explain the continuous "my flight was canceled" posts, anon. God, she must've expected fupa to come over, fuck and make up. Jesus idk what's sadder not even preparing herself to look decent for that possibility or the fact that she was holding out hope at all

No. 1259009

File: 1623968992552.jpg (298.53 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_20210617-172937_Twi…)

No. 1259013

Remember it was speculated that she was in Texas with Fupa? What if she really wasn't going home and is spending time with Fupa in Dallas on another one of his work trips?

No. 1259015

random ass tinfoil

No. 1259022

This would only kind of make sense if the flight delay thing is true, but even then. If it was really the PSA's error and they changed or removed her connection she wouldn't have to pay again. Airlines love to gouge and all, but that's a situation where United would be able to determine employee error.

No. 1259023

what "dumbass lady in Tulsa"? anytime I've had a layover, both legs were booked in advance

No. 1259031

File: 1623970686752.jpeg (468.98 KB, 1125x1585, EB7E1C89-0310-46A2-8D2C-AD2FA5…)

There’s no way a flight got fucked up like that. You absolutely have the connecting flight pre-booked. She said she already had these tickets a while ago. I’m beginning to think she just went to a bar and that was it. There’s no way a flight would be delayed that many times as well as the connecting flight taking off before the first has even landed. What the hell world does she live in?

No. 1259033

i’m wondering where she’s even at where she’s trying to claim this? i’m seeing available flights to boston out of atlanta, st. louis and chicago for tonight. travel season is busy right now, there’s not zero flights.

No. 1259036

God, she just slurs out anything for pity money. There's no fucking way that she got all the way to texas and they said no. At this point, she's such a sloppy liar, I wouldn't be surprised when she tweets that she hopped in an Uber and went home. Like Jesus Christ, shay, just beg your parents for money like you usually do. No need for the fucking theatrics

No. 1259038

At least he didn't use that fucking gif this time

Maybe she booked the short connection on purpose to avoid the long layover of the other option in >>1258966 and couldn't run to the next flight fast enough?

No. 1259039

She posted a pic of her on a plane earlier today on snapchat

No. 1259040

Inb4 >no flights left reimburse me to go back to Tulsa(sage your shit)

No. 1259041

it was a connecting flight

No. 1259042

She was probably drunk and busy drinking at the bar when the PA announced her flight was boarding and just didn’t hear it.

No. 1259045

also if this really happened and the airline was the one that fucked up, she could just go talk to them and set up a flight for early tomorrow and they usually will give you like hotel and food vouchers for their fuckup. like she’s not the first person that missed a flight and is stuck at the airport lol.

No. 1259049

Not a frequent flyer but this makes zero sense. How would she be held accountable? If the airport made a mistake then they would help correct it. They don’t just leave you stranded in the airport saying oh well lol.

And who is this “Tulsa lady”? A flight attendant? Sounds made up.

No. 1259052

File: 1623971750989.jpeg (320.91 KB, 1284x1131, 76AC1C06-934F-4FBE-9EA5-9C55B7…)

so she’s just…stuck in dallas now? something about this feels fabricated.

No. 1259057

If she checked in they know she’s in the airport, so it’s not their fault if she didn’t hear her flight being announced (because drunk).

No. 1259060

tinfoil but what if they denied her access to her flight because she was too intoxicated?

No. 1259065

File: 1623972100692.jpeg (408.87 KB, 1125x1377, B58237C7-38BB-48C6-AC05-B9C7E5…)

No. 1259066

that wouldn't happen unless she literally couldn't stand up straight or got in a fight with a flight attendant or something

No. 1259067

Anon, she had to go to Dallas first then get on the proper flight to Boston

At this point anons, its safe to assume she got sloppy drunk either missed the flight completely or they really denied herself entry. the only reason that she would make up such a retarded lie is that she'd want to save face

No. 1259069

It’s more likely she missed her flight because she was too drunk to hear it boarding.

No. 1259071

oh she was jumping to conclusions for pity, why am i not surprised

No. 1259073

I used to fly a lot 6 years ago, whenever a flight was delayed and a connecting flight was missed the airline would always set me up with a new flight even if there weren’t anymore for that day.

No. 1259074

Am I the only one who thinks she may have been denied boarding? Airlines are not playing around right now regarding anyone who might be disruptive during the flight, that includes drunks

No. 1259078

Frequent flyer here, too. It happenened a couple times to me as well. It's no big deal, just a bit of a bummer to wait in an airport for longer than needed. Idk why everyone is going so deep about this.

No. 1259080

how come anytime she does anything something always has to go horribly wrong? i cannot stand her constant lying for pity and sympathy lol

No. 1259081

Kek. Right? It’s so hard to believe this bitch
It’s always
>I can’t film my ~cumshow~ because I got my period for the fifth time this month
>I can’t cam today I keep crying I’m just going to order some food and watch love island
>the video isn’t going how I’d like it to, I will film tomorrow instead
> I’m moving this month, donations please. never moves

No. 1259091

yes, it's incredibly unlikely.

No. 1259094

File: 1623974689019.jpg (214.94 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20210618-010346_Twi…)


No. 1259096

File: 1623974932785.jpg (332.15 KB, 1079x1267, Screenshot_20210617-190837_Twi…)

No. 1259099

God this shit is pathetic. She should have saved her booze money and got first class tickets instead.

No. 1259100

is this her first time in an airport or what?

No. 1259102

I hope she gets popped by TSA for transporting a schedule 1 drug across state lines.

No. 1259103

she probably already got through security, anon

No. 1259106

Actually isn't weed illegal in Texas and some other states? How did she get her dab pen through? Sorry if that's a stupid question. Do they just not care enough and believe it's a vape or just cbd oil?

No. 1259107

File: 1623976348348.jpg (353.21 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20210617-193159_Twi…)

No. 1259110

File: 1623976500973.png (1.62 MB, 1125x2436, DD151DED-75C5-4AFB-AA38-C7F265…)

She may have with this shit. I never heard of it until recently (I don’t smoke), but apparently you’re allowed to fly with it

No. 1259112

Idk how things are during covid and maybe the Cancun flight got cancelled, but Shays didnt get cancelled. Unless Boston is having a fucking snowstorm or something.
She absolutely missed her flight by being retarded and drunk. But even then, they would still find a flight for her. It's a big city in the US, there's flights for it. Might be a late or morning one, but still. God she is just wildin and being a dramatic cunt. Like can she just not… it is probably legitimately overwhelming for her to be in such a public place and having to try to function on even a basic level though since she's such a goldfish brain shut in. Maybe she shouldnt have dabbed and had multiple drinks in the middle of the fucking day when she needed to navigate through airports and do something important.

No. 1259114

if it looks like a regular vape pen and they didn’t care to take the extra time to examine the cartridge then it’s pretty easy

No. 1259116

Jfc you anons that are just as retarded as Shayna need to stfu and leave the thread permanently. Go roll up on your allegedly loving parents without checking with them first if it strikes you as such a fabulous idea. Fucking inbred retard.(calm down)

No. 1259117

Like other anons said, even if this did actually happen and the only way that would was if her first flight actually was delayed AND she didnt miss it or the second one (which is very possible), then the airline booked her incorrectly and they would fix it and she wouldnt pay for another flight. That literally makes no sense.

No. 1259119

She still has to fly home again in a few days. I doubt it’ll happen, but an anon can dream. She needs a reality check.

No. 1259120

Yeah she's a white girl. Though she does look and probably acts like a druggie… oh but I guess hard drug users are skinny kek

No. 1259128

Dabbing, drinking and stuffing her face at the airport. That's so Shayna!

No. 1259143

TSA doesn't give a shit if you're flying with a couple grams or whatever to a state where it's recreationally legal

No. 1259146

File: 1623979801485.jpg (404.5 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20210617-202925_Twi…)

No. 1259147

File: 1623980003356.jpg (202.15 KB, 1079x959, Screenshot_20210617-202942_Twi…)

No. 1259150

"Friends" being Monsters Inc gif boomer coomer, Womack the Inbred, and a couple troons/e whores she's never met. All who don't actually know her or care at the end of the day.

No. 1259171

Her only "frens" are her audience of farmers because I don't think a single one of her coomers care as much as we do about the inane shit she posts

No. 1259175

"Know I'm thinking of you every minute" lmao ok great that's so comforting coming from a mouthbreathing hick incel. What a healthy empowered sex worker and respectful client relationship dynamic! Shayna is gonna end up in a basement somewhere I stg.

No. 1259214

What does this bitch have to be stressed about? She doesn’t even work or anything. Big whoop if she missed a flight or two and has to stay longer at the airport.
the reason it’s stressful for normal people with jobs or dependants is because it sucks to lose a day or two of vacation or be late back home.

Really tells how much she’s coddled and never get out of her comfort zone when having to stay a bit longer in an airport is the worst thing that has happened to her in a long time. Maybe if she didn’t rely on weed to solve all of her problems she could take a deep breath and watch a movie on her laptop in the lounge.

No. 1259229

File: 1623988613062.jpeg (114.21 KB, 827x852, E9CBE49F-3B14-4E80-B5B7-8E0081…)

No. 1259230

I think she's talking to the empty beer cans left in her apartment that she drank last night and this morning, her frens >>1258880

maybe she posts these embarrassing Womack messages so she can live vicariously through us making fun of him because she can't say anything without losing money

I think she does like the attention to some degree

No. 1259232

Whoa. I'm an ex-alcholic and ex heroin addict and she looks rough. I know it's obvious the alcoholism is getting to her really badly, but this is fucking bleak. I've seen alcoholics in their 50s look better. This will fall on deaf ears, but try an AA meeting Shay, because those filters are working overtime and you still look like a trailer park meth whore.

No. 1259235

How wasted was she? I'm convinced she missed her flight due to being drunk.

No. 1259241

File: 1623989429765.png (29.06 KB, 399x267, Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.0…)

so i looked up all the flights she could have been on today and… this looks like the one she was on from tulsa to dallas. it was only delayed ONE HOUR.

No. 1259242

File: 1623989509223.png (29.68 KB, 401x266, Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.1…)

this is likely the flight that left while she was still on her first flight, because it had been delayed.

No. 1259246

File: 1623989613076.png (30.32 KB, 403x266, Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.1…)

HOWEVER, she originally stated in a tweet that she had a 3 hour layover in dallas… which would have been THIS flight. so i'm really confused as to why she changed her second flight in the first place???
unless she was just trying to not have a 3 hour layover or something? idk.

No. 1259249

Yup they literally don’t care. Don’t put the battery in your checked luggage and you’re fine. Flying internationally with drugs is big dumb because of customs but TSA literally doesn’t get paid enough for that shit and they aren’t looking for it anyway.

Does she know frens is alt right 4chan dumbshit thing? For someone so online she is so oblivious.

This is my tinfoil too. I don’t mind a little partying but she is way beyond it being cute. The early 20s party girl thing is only cute if you are skinny and not white trash. I think she’s marketing herself as a fun party girl in her head but it does NOT match up to her presentation whatsoever.

No. 1259250

It’s not that deep anon. She just thinks it’s cute to type like a retard.

No. 1259255

We know she’s a retard. It’s just funny because she likes to go Shayna Luther King whenever her hamster brain remembers she can score clout with it but is using a stupid dogwhistle without realizing it. It’s not that deep.

No. 1259256

I actually think that wasn't Womack. It wasn't as cringe nor retarded enough. Didn't have his diction. Probably the old creep tbh.

No. 1259307

File: 1623994645601.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1242x1514, 71307852-8B7F-4639-92A3-381A3C…)

Shayna looks like an hamplanet kek

No. 1259308

File: 1623994686394.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.02 KB, 1242x360, FB7E8CBC-B526-4604-8B72-DFCF9B…)

She wants $40 for 5 nudes of her in a shitty small airplane bathroom

No. 1259309

File: 1623994744707.jpeg (941.71 KB, 1221x1363, 5B0803ED-815E-4D48-9CF0-87AB54…)

Burger stuff Barbie

No. 1259312

She looks absolutely terrible but i think this was the last time her hair was somewhat clean. She looks so slimy and greasy in her photos from the last couple days.>>1258373
Lately she looks like she's covered in a layer of film from the Midwest's humidity and heat. She seems like she sweats gravy by the condition of her hair and skin. She must smell funky as shit.

No. 1259314

The last few hours have been… something. The constant lies, dression eyes, greasy hair/second day clothing, alcoholism, and bragging about $200 in tips is just grim. If her father was smart he would throw her in the looney bin as soon as she lands. This bitch is not making it to 25.

No. 1259317

Who’s she kidding, she just buys booze with that.

No. 1259320

I think her bragging about the $10-$15 tips is more pathetic. It proves that she really broadcasts every penny she earns to try and brag. As someone said earlier, she's really a Great Value version of a ~bimbo~. Sam's Choice, if you will.

No. 1259332

File: 1623999130584.png (9.42 MB, 1242x2208, EE87281C-51BD-4E26-940F-FB1BA0…)

Bitch really wore these dirty ass sweatpants I guess that’s better than the snail trail discharged covered too small shorts. But she just got these not too long ago, why do they look so filthy and disgusting ?

No. 1259344

That girl is going to Cancun for hot girl summer regardless. Shayna really thought she’s gonna be that girl when she started. Now she’s going home on her ~birthday month~ sad and fat.

No. 1259357

No. 1259367

I thought this was luna. the dirty pink sweats.

No. 1259404

Kek anon I included the pathetic $10-15 tips in the $200 figure because after OF fees, that’s all she got. The tips she gets are so low that they wind up canceling each other out once her digital pimp takes its cut.

No. 1259417

It's a bpd thing. Always have to exaggerate your woes & make yourself a victim.

No. 1259418

Lmao. Girl no one is paying $40 for a glass of milk when you're giving away the whole cow for $3.

True. It's pretty funny seeing her go outside for more than 5 minutes for the first time in months. She's gotten so used to beaching herself in missionary with the AC blasting under her gunt roll. I think she's forgotten how uncomfortable it is to be her size without artificial temperature control.

They say that men sweat & women glow.
Shaynus oozes a dull pork Shein.

No. 1259425

The $200 AirPods tip wasn’t on OF.

No. 1259445

File: 1624022829528.jpg (275.38 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20210618-082648_Twi…)

No. 1259446

File: 1624022881945.jpg (222.46 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20210618-082626_Twi…)

No. 1259450

Gonna go ahead & call out the tard who tried to play Anon Quixote for Shay, saying she obviously didn't mean 'randomly' as in 'a surprise'.

No. 1259457

This is going to be so milky, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat

No. 1259458

She’s obviously visiting for Father’s Day

No. 1259485

"Anxiety meds" lmao shut the fuck up Shay. Hitting your dab pen or eating an edible isn't a med. She hasn't seen a therapist or psychiatrist in like a year. She doesn't have actual meds. She probably never did. I'm still betting on that side tbh. Though if you go to a crisis center, you can get a few "emergency" xans or some shit.

But I'm confident the meds were made up for Fupa and because she saw it on Bojack Horseman and wanted to feel special on twitter, then blame her fatness on them.

No. 1259486

just because she says one thing doesn’t mean it’s the truth lol

No. 1259488

File: 1624027724642.jpg (46.66 KB, 1073x371, Screenshot_20210618-154703_Twi…)

Shay thinking she's got such hilarious quirky thoughts.

It's beetle dumb dumb.(nitpick)

No. 1259492

I think the absolute greasy, depressing state