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No. 1577602

Previous Thread- >>>/ot/1567087

No. 1577609

File: 1684092085901.gif (1.1 MB, 220x236, sims-sims3.gif)

Bonehilda! My absolute favorite sims character. Picrel is me reading the morning newspaper (lolcow.farm).

No. 1577611

reeee I'm so horny and I need more than masturbation I want the personal closeness but moids are always shit in bed and don't last long or do enough foreplay I need a guy who genuinely enjoys fucking women why are they all such FAGS

No. 1577621

i fucking hate myself. it's mother's day but i'm here sitting in my bf's bed because he asked me to come but it's 3 pm and he is still sleeping. i should have gone and done something with my mom even though she said she didn't want to. i want to fucking kill myself honestly why am i here sitting in the dark with my bf who doesn't even fucking bother to wake up and do anything with me, like go for a walk or go swimming. i came because i was so fucking lonely and now i'm just lonelier god i'm so retarded

No. 1577623

Why not leave?

No. 1577624

One of my eyebrows is weird compared to the other, I'm sure it's because I went overboard when doing my eyebrows but the fucked up one doesn't grow back the way it used to be anymore and now I look very asymmetrical. It's very frustrating.

No. 1577631

i should, i hate that im so stupid. i'm gonna go cook dinner for her tonight or something, i didn't know the guilt would eat me up like this. maybe it wouldn't have if i actually felt it was worthwhile coming over here

No. 1577636

Genuinely did nothing but vidya and shower today. I have so much to do but I was so tired. Oof

No. 1577638

Thinking about you nona, also feeling drained and depressed today. Make sure you go to bed at a decent time and get enough sleep tonight.

No. 1577642

Don't feel too bad anon, it's not your fault your bf is being an inconsiderate ass. There's still plenty of time left to go do something for yourself or with your mom.

No. 1577650

I love this thread pic

No. 1577653

Noticed my Senior cat is having trouble with her leg, booked an appointment for tuesday but will call in the morning to see if there's openings at another place. She's old but she's my baby and I just hope she will be okay but I am someone who just attracts bad shit so I am preparing for the worst, I just don't wanna tell anyone other than my mom because I can't handle it, she so precious to me.

No. 1577684

File: 1684098380786.jpg (169.81 KB, 2000x1815, 1676202112409.jpg)

My head has been hurting constantly for the past few days.

No. 1577702

File: 1684099874068.jpg (26.46 KB, 548x469, a2dd77f89eefe0a4a3567e3d4b5316…)

its been getting worse for a while, I'm getting kicked out of school and don't know if I even care at this point despite having only one course left to do. my parents are constantly talking about troon sibling being suddenly magically okay now that they came out telling that she's going to get treatment for that. and its all they talk about how she's so energetic and doing great now, like yeah great you finally get to cut your tits off, I'm sure it will cure everything and its the new start for you!!! god i hate it here Nonnas.

No. 1577746

I hate being chronically ill. I can’t live like this anymore. It’s taken my life away. It’s making me dangerously suicidal more then ever. Idk why the munchies think this is cool or fun or whatever. I am tired.
Inb4 I get called a munchie

No. 1577748

Man, I sound like I smoke 2 packs a day. My voice was naturally deep and in some cases, raspy. I wish I sound more like a woman with a feminine and cute voice but alas dreams don't always come true.
I just cant believe that after years I still haven't learn to love my voice like other parts of my body. No one likes a woman with a deep voice…sigh

No. 1577759

why whenever i end up liking an actual real life attainable guy do they always have a fucking gf whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i like him so much and he’s the first guy i’ve ever liked with short hair and normal there’s just something about himmmm i was so drunk last night and we were talking i can’t remember what it was about but it just struck me when he mentioned that he had a gf and even in the abyss of my extremely intoxicated mind i was like oh shit and i had to pretend I didn’t care but for the rest of the night i was crying inside and i feel so fucking embarrassed of myself and sad bc i really liked him and i feel like i made an ass of myself bc of how drunk i was i feel like he was trying to avoid me he is like the exact opposite of my type but i love that and idk there’s something about him that is soooo sexy i want him to be my bf and i wanna have sex with him soooooo bad i’ve never felt like this about a guy like that before and i just wanna sit on his fucking lap but i don’t wanna see him again now i’m so sad and embarrassed we would be so perfect together bc we are exact opposites i only want him now i always want someone i can never have n like when we saw each other the first time he kept purposely bumping into me to tease me and he did it again tonight why would he do that to ME and nobody else why would u tease me like that if u weren’t interested like what does it fucking mean

No. 1577769

File: 1684104562474.jpg (85.08 KB, 393x640, kms.jpg)

i'm tired, i'll try to decapitate myself tonight. tired of pretending that i'm not lonely and that life is not about me. i've never had the opportunity to live, it was always over. i don't want to keep on living like this. it's sad to be alive just because whenever i want to go serious about kms i start to think "what if…" and then nothing ever happens.

No. 1577772

File: 1684104644827.jpg (89.31 KB, 1438x1209, grip.jpg)

i wish 4fags was women only because it's so active i want to post a billion times in a specific thread but i've already taken up so much space and i want to actually talk to people but the only place i know of is maybe twitter or tumblr and posting with an account makes me feel genuinely sick to my stomach. i've already bothered my friend way too much with my sperging yet i still feel like a bloated beached whale on the verge of explosion. can't stand having an account can't stand moid interaction but this site is way too dead i'm in pain

No. 1577777

The mental illness is poignant today. Sorry for all the other nonnas who have shitty moms and are escaping here today

No. 1577785

I sometimes lament about not having a feminine uwu voice too, but what helped me was getting in a choir (be it church or anything else) and litsening to alto/contralto singers like Cher, Karen Carpenter, Linn Breggen (Ace of Base) and Keiko Kubota (Kalafina/FictionJunction).
Don't be shy, you can join a choir, no one's gonna talk bad about your voice, you'll rather get constructive help on it.

Hope my sperging helps, nonna, it is what it is. If your voice has 1 milion lovers, I'm one of them

No. 1577794

Sometimes I feel like this too. What I do I vent to myself about the things I love, write notes and documents full of things I wish I could show others who would understand, and draw to my heart's content. Then keep it all to myself unless there's someone else who wants to see it.
And then I distract myself with other activities that have nothing to do with my hobbies, socializing with normal people. It's not ideal but at least it works for me.

No. 1577798

i think my ex boyfriend is a demon sent to kill me slowly and make my life my worst nightmare either way i’ve lost it i’m gone my mind is gone iam so sad that it happened i used to be so good and smart and pretty and now i am a shell

No. 1577807

Mother’s Day is just never a good day for anyone it seems.

No. 1577812

I feel so lost and ashamed at myself. Im failing uni at the very last hurdle, I hate my relationship but I feel too guilty to leave. I feel like my life is falling apart all around me and I can never be alone. All I really want is to be alone. I'd either kill myself or I'd find myself. As it is I just feel stuck in limbo and so pathetic

No. 1577818

File: 1684106933246.jpg (58.61 KB, 960x540, there was control here.jpg)

I was this post >>1577168
I suppose it's only natural that now that I've finally cowboy'd up and decided to do something about all of this, my old elementary school was apparently permanently closed in 2011.
I can't find fucking anything.
I searched every directory and dug through the alumni on every website that would take a dummy phone number.
All I can remember is one teacher's last name. I don't know where any of my yearbooks or school memorabilia are, I never wanted any of it, and I left that district way before facebook was a thing so I don't remember any student names either.
I can't even find a reason why the school was closed, obviously schools get shut down all the time, especially in Missouri ffs, but I can't stop myself from wondering if csa is why.
I don't know what to do, but I have to do something now.

No. 1577823

I'm painfully horny and want someone's ass shaking in my face

No. 1577829

What is it with the mean anons lately? Last nice interaction I've had here was months ago

No. 1577834

File: 1684108890192.jpeg (131.63 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1595.jpeg)

Came into work to find out we had a bunch of people callouts so now I have to cover for 2 people. Even funnier is as I was clocking in some women in a different department were also clocking in/ out wishing each other a happy mothers day, so the moms definitely all showed up for work.

Anyways Happy Mothers Day to all the nonnie mommies

No. 1577841

File: 1684109690613.png (2.07 KB, 273x126, pain.png)

same about the former and it's not even funny i NEED so bad to be taken out to a forest and dealt with

No. 1577842

I think i've felt a lot like this in the past. I wrote a long comment on a teacher review site once and it felt a bit cathartic despite knowing I was probably screaming into the void. I hope you can find a bit of closure too, even if it's only for yourself.

No. 1577847

I'm gonna be starting my first full-time job tomorrow after finishing my university degree and I don't know what to expect. I'm honestly pretty nervous and I'm afraid of fucking things up.

No. 1577857

>people who bullied me apologised out of no where
>old friend who was absolutely toxic to everyone, as in lost everyone in the friend circle messages me
>ex boyfriend who did me wrong also messaged me apologizing
I'm going crazy because the hell happened for this to happen?

No. 1577859

fuck today fuck mothers day. I miss my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sad!!

No. 1577867

How the hell do people keep their apartments clean 24/7? I work full time and live alone. Where do I get the motivation and the energy from?

No. 1577870

kek link to video?

No. 1577883

File: 1684113455137.jpg (4.51 KB, 1020x692, Tumblr_l_271202540938521.jpg)

Thank you nonna, this is so sweet adhdkadjksl

No. 1577893

you don't. get it all fully clean on a day off then from there do a little something every other day, like sweep a couple rooms or spray cleaner on the bathroom counter and wipe it. it'll be clean enough, way cleaner than most people. should go without saying but you have to perpetually pick up after yourself straight away for this work, you can't leave food trash and stuff laying around or just drop your clothes wherever you take then off. I don't even consider handling that to be cleaning.

No. 1577895

If you do things to prevent accumulation such as washing dishes immediately after using them and cleaning general messes straight away, when you get around to having a weekly deep clean you don't have to do as much and you will be done in 40 minutes.

No. 1577897

Clean as you go, do dishes immediately (I don't even think of them as a chore since they're always done), make sure everything has a spot and put things away immediately, get a robo vac. I have a tiny apartment and live alone with no pets though so it's easy.

No. 1577902

File: 1684116506542.jpg (70.95 KB, 750x537, 1681515004539.jpg)

My dumb boyfriend puked like for 10 minutes and woke me up. I'm pretty annoyed. And I'm not a heartless bitch but this dumb motherfucker pukes almost every morning and doesn't want to seek medical help and I don't have any sympathy left. Dumb piece of shit woke me in 04:20 and i can't fall asleep again and I'm supposed to get up at 07:00 for work. I hate that shit

No. 1577914

File: 1684118008637.png (40.86 KB, 854x660, 97 days in 2001.png)

I am not fucking okay now.
so I've always remmebered how long I was in first grade because we were counting up to a gumball party
there was a gumball machine calendar, and every day that we went, so no weekends or holidays, no days off were counted
and I really wanted to stay for the party cuz we were already at 97
and I was a dumb fucking baby
but 97 was the last day I went
couldn't take three more days
well so I've always known it was 97 days, but I guess I kind of just forced that to be 3 months in my head because I've also always thought of it as about 3 months
90 days is about 3 months, that's not far off
I never wanted tocount before, I shouldn't have. What stupid fucking thing to do. What a stupid fucking girl I've been my whole life.
I'm not okay. I am not okay now lmfao
rofl, even
xD, if you will
I am fuckign not good right now holy shit.

No. 1577915

at least they gave me Christmas and 9/11 off lmfao that was too kind

No. 1577916

oh jessus fucking christ okay so that means Care Bears Christmas would have been first grade, oh my god wow
You know, cuz some of my memories are just kind of fucking floating with no anchor? Like they say happens to traumatized people?
Omfg lmfao why not, even, what an absolute joke this whole life has been

No. 1577937

File: 1684120143943.jpg (23.6 KB, 564x404, 4a84b2aca8bfadb48e043624394e26…)

I guess it's another day of imaging myself brutally killing my rapist in multiple scenarios to ease off my anger #492

No. 1577939

saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame, may they rot in pieces, all rapists deserve the rope no matter what

No. 1577944

Nobody tells you how growing up poor fucks you up. Specific you grew up in something like the foster system. When I get depressed I reach a point where I feel like I'm not worth eating, sleeping, etc. Similar when I'm sick. If I'm not doing anything, I feel like I'm a useless piece of shit that doesn't deserve basic human needs. I would probably starve myself to death of nobody talked me out of it. It fucking sucks, and I fucking hate it, and I fucking hate it when my partner just goes "oh we're so tight on money this month" every single time we buy groceries. Like dude, have I not told you multiple times how my solution plan to an scenario where we don't have money for rent is killing myself so that you would be able to start living with your parents again?? Haven't I told you multiple times about it? About how miserable it makes me when you "complain" about me getting paid less than you? Don't you think I'm aware of that? Don't you think I hate it too?? Sorry I wasn't raised by middle class parents that were able to pay college. Sorry the relatives that were taking care of me died before I finished on high school, leaving me on the street. Sorry that I know more about dumpster diving and scamming guys than how to fill official papers for work. Sorry that my job is a entry level job, and that that's the most I can aspire to. Sorry for having to eat, and sleep, and sorry for not wanting to return to sleeping with random guys for a chance to spend the night under a roof. Sorry for being depressed and suicidal, and having to take off jobs because I get too unstable. If you hate it so much you should just let me kill myself and move on with your life, I'm not making you stay with me, so why the hell do you keep making me feel guilty for existing as if I asked to be born onto this rotten earth??

No. 1577945

File: 1684120633130.jpg (112.64 KB, 1080x1080, eh ok.jpg)

Someone so I made a thread on 4chan where I larped as an alternative black girl with picrel picture asking for a conservative Nazi boyfriend (totally reasonable, right?) and I was bombarded with nothing but n-bombs and pol-tards saying "send tits or gtfo", and within 10 minutes my post got removed and I got a 3 day ban for being "oFf t0PiC!!11" yet there has been a sissyhypno thread encouraging guys to anally masturbate with dildos that's been staying on there for a good hour now and not one of the mods has bothered to touch it. I swear and people don't act like tranny-jannies and faggot mods don't control things on 4chan with their globohomo agenda.

No. 1577946

I wrote three intelligible paragraphs talking about nice normie shit but hopefully he finds my email so retarded that he doesn't even finish reading it and just deletes it and I never have to think about him again. Love being this old and still crying over men kek.

No. 1577947

I know I'm not the only who during the pandemic kept wondering and wishing my rapist had died of covid. I know that I'm not the only one that imagined them connected to a machine and dying pathetically alone.

No. 1577948

4chan is full of moids and retards trying to convince themselves they're not faggots while they jerk to troon porn, so I don't know what you expected nonnie

No. 1577949

File: 1684120943182.jpg (39.3 KB, 720x960, 1531432373889.jpg)

>I know that I'm not the only one that imagined them connected to a machine and dying pathetically alone.
with lungs painfully full of black slime and uncontrollable diarrhea no one cares to mop up

No. 1577950

it's so funny you'd think these so-called "conservative Chads" would actually want a real woman's post to stay up and not some faggot's

No. 1577960

I hate vim, I hate Docker, but most of all, I hate myself for choosing the most boring soulless autistic major and condemning myself to this suffering.

No. 1577962

I'm glad autism isn't taboo anymore but I'm slightly bitter. When I was in highschool it wasn't cool, I had multiple people growing up tell me "I think you're autistic" unprompted or I'd get straight up bullied for it. I used to get close to tears whenever I heard the word "retard" even when it wasn't directed at me. There was a time period where I refused to go out in public because I was afraid people would be able to tell from a distance. Absolutely humiliating experience, I got over it eventually and I mask well enough that now most people can't tell. I even had one boyfriend who vehemently denied I could have it, although I think he was more averse to dating someone with it than anything. I still have some issues with noise but my husband is pretty great, if a place is too loud we'll leave no questions asked and he makes sure I have earplugs. But now it's fucking cool to be autistic and I mask well enough that I look like every other person claiming to have it. I still have this nervousness when I talk that I'm saying something weird without knowing it even though thst hasn't happened in a long time, but now I know a girl who went to my highschool who claims to have autism and bitch I KNEW you, you were normal, I was getting called retard, we are not the same

No. 1577966

is it wrong to find these images cute

No. 1577967

yes but you're allowed to be wrong, so

No. 1577970

Ex told my boyfriend that he'd only harass me via text or online messaging(no matter how many times I block him-might change my number and social medias) for the next few months and that all 3 of us can be friends again but made it very clear to these friend groups that he'll harass me until I stop associating or commit suicide. Makes me sick more than anything because this motherfucker is 24, has a career in law, and is acting like a teenager. What the fuck

No. 1577974

All day I put up with shitty customers because its mothers day and they all had to go out in huge family groups with mom. Finally got off, went to buy some flowers for my moms grave, and just sit there talking. This woman kept pestering me at the store about flower prices until I realized and told her I'm not even a worker there. When I told her I'm just here to buy flowers for my moms grave she goes all "WHAT!?" like what the fuck? Why do you care? Fuck off! I just wanted to be in then out to have a little moment at the grave. The whole interaction agrivates the fuck out of me. Some people's mom's are dead it's a natural part of life really.

No. 1577977

She reacted that way because it's actually really out of the norm to tell a complete stranger that very intimate detail. Her reaction to that was exactly the reaction anyone would have for that kind of oversharing. You chose to open with that instead of just saying you were buying flowers.

No. 1577982

i think being attracted to people we will never meet gives people brain damage. This morning I saw an alluring photo of a celebrity I'm down bad for and was instantly wet at 8am and then sexually frustrated for the rest of the day kek. I constantly feel my brain cells exploding en masse because they can't process wanting to fuck someone I can't interact with. For this reason I really want to stop keeping up with her because it's making me crazy but at the same time looking at her is like crack to my brain that I can't seem to quit, even though it does nothing but drive me bonkers in my daily life.
If it weren't for the fact that she's retiring (so I'll have my drug supply cut off) I would be so fucked, kek. Now I just need to never let this happen again.

No. 1577989

I am so fucking done with working. I hate having to wake up early and doing something I absolutely loathe for 10 hours a day, of having close to no time for myself because when I´m not working I am thinking about all my pending tasks. I am exhausted of having to talk in another language all day and having over 6 daily meetings with people that cannot be arsed enough to at least learn how to pronounce my name. And I hate the fact that this is the best economic position I´ve ever been in but it is costing my sanity. I am so sick of money, I just want to live in a farm and grow my own food and not having to stress about a business that is not even mine. And the worse part of all is I am a fucking good for nothing so I can´t even come up with an idea for a business. God just let me win the lotto or something, fuck power I just want money so I can to enjoy life.

No. 1577990

As I am now, it jas only been 3 mins since my horrible nightmare. I'm fighting myself to stay awake because it was so horrible.
I let myself be sexually assaulted and had a gun pointed at me, even shot at.
Things that have agtually happened to me irl asa child. My chrst hurts so much and my eyes are falling but ai wm so scared

No. 1577995

I was sick of her asking me all these questions on top of my hours long terrible shift so it blurted out. I dont care that it's considered over sharing it still pisses me off she wouldnt shut up. It wouldnt surprise me someone is buying flowers for their dead relative on a day specifically for it. Fuck her it's my one small celebration while others got to physically hang out with their mothers.

No. 1577996

i feel this so much, to the point of creating entire life stories in my head based on the personal information of him that's out there, i feel so desperate and pathetic. an anon in another thread described it best: it's like being a cat chasing after a laser pointer. so close yet forever unreachable…

No. 1578001

Some anon made a great post which I can't find right now about how the internet enables us to emotionally engage with people we will never meet, how it's too easy to get sucked into parasocial relationships from the amount of info people put on the net, something like that.
I'm in the same boat as you, it's so fucked that you know it's unattainable yet your body is like "yeah can't wait to fuck this person who I realistically know nothing about". I'm down horrendous for an online man and just hearing his voice sends me into like a lonely horny spiral kek.

No. 1578004

It's not wrong nona because romance representation for WOC is either so sparse and few in between

No. 1578013

I really don't want John Wolfe to troon out

No. 1578014

I wish men suffered like me. They don’t know what it’s like to question yourself. They don’t know what it’s like to feel distorted.

No. 1578017

I think my boyfriend is gay. When we get together he's nice enough but into weird shit like futa. Now he's rping as a gay character and is really comfortable with other gay shit like traps and cuntboys. Fml

No. 1578019

What do you think he'll name himself?

No. 1578021

I mean it's kind of nice for mods to remove your post because let's imagine this, you're a black woman whos mentally unstable and you meet with one of those nazis irl, they'll def hurt you.

No. 1578022

>rping as a gay character
>rping as a gay character
>rping as a gay character
>I think my bf is gay

No. 1578026

>really comfortable with other gay shit like traps and cuntboys
So you are aware of this and still date him? Wtf

No. 1578028

>bf likes dick
>hey nonas is it gay to like dick?

No. 1578029

File: 1684132958005.jpg (40.82 KB, 576x768, cat.jpg)

This entire post and situation…

No. 1578034

File: 1684133699290.jpg (6.41 KB, 251x286, FprSmDjX0AAp6WV.jpg)

I enjoy using this site but I think it has done both fantastic and horrible things for my self esteem. a lot of the ideas and perspectives on here have really improved my quality of life and I think I would be a totally different person otherwise, but there are other things I see that just make me feel even more horribly paranoid about my appearance and my relationships with the people around me sometimes. yeah, I know that its just a stupid basket weaving board and that most people on here tend to be pretty maladjusted including myself, but I still get the idea in my head that people think I'm actually disgusting and repulsive irl and just don't say anything about it to me out of being polite and some of the petty shit on here just fuels it sometimes. ie. sometimes I feel like I can't tell if I'm genuinely attractive to other people or just being fetishized and am actually ugly as fuck because "well guys will still go for ugly girls if theyre the race they fetishize" and that "oh if a moid is EVER attracted to you its just for sex and sex only and btw even then they might still think that youre fucking gross and still pursue it anyways because they think youre easy". not saying that there isn't some truth in those statements a lot of times but yeah. I know anons are just trying to keep it real. I'm probably overthinking it. sorry. some of the nonas on here are genuinely very sweet though and I wish I could hug them.

No. 1578037

You really shouldn't let that get to your head, and even if your paranoid theories were even remotely correct- who cares? Not being instagram thottie perfect doesn't mean you shouldn't have healthy and happy relationships in your life. I think instead if panicking about whether you are or are not something you perceive you need to be, you should just say it doesn't matter if you're either. Because it really doesn't. Also I would take things anon wax poetic and dramatic about on here with a grain of salt because anyone with half a brainstem still intact knows that glowering at all men irl and refusing to seek companionship will only make you miserable unless you're a lesbian.

No. 1578039

Something from a video game, like Ashley

No. 1578040

When we first met he's not like that. We have been together 4 years since high school. He only got into cuntboy and trap this year.

He said it was just a roleplay and it's not like he would be gay irl. I still fucking hate it but I don't want to lose him over a non issue. My bf is supportive and into most of the hobbies I have and generally nice it's just this weird thing.

No. 1578041

I've seen four or five couples like this in my life, which is far more than I'd have ever expected (zero), including my own cousin.

No. 1578047

File: 1684137360484.gif (519.66 KB, 220x220, stress.gif)

My housemate is organising for a friend to come and stay after she found out her bf has been mentally and physically abusing for months , anyway to cut a long story short this is how I found out the ex boyfriend that my pretty, funny, sweet, intelligent houstmate has been hung up on since she moved in hit her more than once, and that she never considered it a terrible sign because her dad beat her and her siblings and put her mom in the hospital more than once. How the fuck could anyone ever do that to their signifcant other, letalone their fucking children? I fucking hate scrotes with such a burning passion.

No. 1578048

Update: after a bad medical episode and glaring into a random ER’s doctors face cuz my parents made me go. I am thankful sm for my best friend. Being his self backward to comfort me for no reason.Only moid I trust… unless I have to kill him in combat

No. 1578050

File: 1684138109432.jpg (415.15 KB, 1302x2048, JohnWolfeYT.jpg)

I can see it.

No. 1578051

kek I hope kimmy leaves his ass if he does so

No. 1578053

he's getting confident about it, even to your face now, so I'm sure this is years coming.
please get out while you can. I let a lot of stuff slip until suddenly my bf (now ex obvs) was on tinder and going to see troon hookers. the pornsick male exists precariously at the top of a slippery slope right into degeneracy. think: if you are this uncomfortable now, imagine how awful you are going to feel when you learn the unfiltered truth about your potential life-partners proclivities.
you need to seriously ditch him now. shoot first, questions later. as a great woman once said, you have been kidnapped by a broke read: pornsick and gay man.

nona, wherever you are and whatever you are doing please heed my words. "cuntboy"/"futa"/"trap" all translates directly into NEEDS A PENIS FOR ME TO COOM.
do you have a penis? no.

I left this until last because women rarely think to do this for themselves (because we're conditioned by coomer males and their handmaidens): what do YOU want?
don't even have the conversation with him, just leave. and if he asks, just say "you seem gay" and ghost. do yourself a favour for once in your life.
sorry to be harsh I hate this so much for you. I've literally been there. save yourself now. four years is too much wasted time already before you let sunk cost fallacy influence you.

No. 1578057

Why are you counting the 2001 January if you should be counting a 2002 January? It’s slightly different

No. 1578060

Nonnies I am suffering. I fainted yesterday due to what I assumed was because of my period, and I felt woozy all day. Today the wooziness comes and goes but isn’t so bad but I’ve had diarrhea all. fucking. day. There’s no stomach pain at all, just having diarrhea every 30min to an hour. I’m trying to sleep but I keep waking up because I have to go shit. I am miserable and sad and my head hurts because I have to keep waking up and taking myself to the bathroom. I’ve taken the maximum amount of pepto you’re allowed in a 24 hour period and it’s done absolutely nothing for me. Please help me nonnies I just want to sleep and stop having diarrhea!!!!!!!

No. 1578061

if you are constantly farting it might be Reflex syncope ?

No. 1578062

My boyfriend has been sick for two weeks now and it's worrying me so much. He is somewhat immunocompromised and still has a high fever despite being on antibiotics for four days. I just wish there was something I could do to help him.

No. 1578063

File: 1684140543280.jpeg (175.15 KB, 828x1547, IMG_2904.jpeg)

Have you tried Imodium?
Or you can take something that induces drowsiness to put you to sleep.

No. 1578065

There is this lady who lets her small daughter hump everything. And let her sit there naked and play doctor with herself. She has an older son too and one time she humped him and he liked it. I swear to God this is very fucked up isn’t it. I just realized how fucked up it is I have to throw up

No. 1578070

Not really farting at all but I am burping a lot!

Thank you nonnie!! I’m going to pick this up tomorrow or send my brother out for it… I’m too worried to buy something that will make me drowsy out of fear that I will straight shit myself multiple times in my sleep kek

No. 1578072

When I had uncontrollable vomiting the doctors at the hospital gave me muscle relaxers to stop the involuntary vomit reflexes so I think that’s what’s happening to your butt unfortunately. Imodium is another anti diarrhea compound that works better than pepto bismol. Bismuth is the active ingredient in that one it’s a lot more mild. I’d recommend also eating starchy foods and other constipation inducing foods to help.

No. 1578082

I really hope that by the time my witches/magic/fantasy-obsessed daughter is old enough to start reading Harry Potter, the tide will have turned and all my obnoxious TRA relatives and acquaintances will have calmed the fuck down. All my hobbies and the vast majority of my social circle have been captured to the point that even referencing HP in a positive way will get you harassed endlessly for supporting an evil bigot who uses her blood money to genocide trans people by [checks notes] opening rape crisis centres for women. A few weeks ago I was at an event where lots of young people were wearing HP costumes and I overheard so many angry conversations about “supporting bigotry” and “feeling unsafe” and holy shit can these people please get over themselves already?

No. 1578091

File: 1684147041234.jpg (12.45 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

pic unrelated. i never understand when people speak positively or are close with their grandparents because my maternal grandparents are crazy and i never really see them and they live many states away. my paternal grandparents were great but they died when i was very young, 5-6 years old. when people get really happy or whatever about their grandma or grandpa i can't relate at all and it almost makes me feel like something is missing for me? i am not upset or anything about it but it gives me this realization of "damn. idk that feel" like it is alien to me to think about relatives that much older than me. probably why people in their late 60s-70s make me feel uncomfortable and like they judge me a lot. i dont really have that familial connection to any people in that generation idk feels weird when i think about it

No. 1578094

same. that cosplay made me think he probably will soon. i commented "it looks bad. good luck on the transition tho". i dont even watch him anymore but i did in hs a lot when he was HarshlyCritical so i feel disappointed that he is drinking the tranny juice. the cosplay looked soooo ugly. i wish men would realize makeup and dresses looks fucking dumb on their giant, broad, bumbling selves.

No. 1578098

I hate that every european city I go to I can find some angry indian, like fuck I went to exchange money and the guy doesn't hear me right then starts yelling at me to give back the money because he heard a higher number, and he redid it. like shit that's your fault bro. at least he calmed down after, but like don't give me a panic attack on my vacation.

No. 1578101

File: 1684148445817.jpg (45.54 KB, 744x736, 04a3bfeffb9f0e03cc61456d4d0989…)

I think I'm getting sick again which means that this is the 3rd time this year I have gotten sick. I've always had a great immune system and used to rarely get sick but this year has been so bad

No. 1578111

I think I might have autism or some other kind of condition or I am simply just too stupid to work at an office. According to my boss I am unable to integrate into a team at work. I am doing an internship rn (this is my first internship) and I always have the feeling that I have to check things twice or thrice behind my back. I seem to make a lot of careless mistakes that I do not see at first and I suck at multi tasking. I always have this sense of impending doom, that I forgot something, made a mistake or did something that other people hate or dislike or judge me for but often I cannot pinpoint what it is. At this point I just want to never work at an office because the perfectionism of my supervisor, the work culture and the bosses are just the worst. My supervisor asked every colleague about any kind of social interactions with me and then turned every positive thing into something negative. When I took notes to be able to memorize things better I wasn't asking enough questions and didn't seem interested enough in the topic. When I asked questions a I didn't do enough preparation and research on my own and should please first make an appointment with the other people per email before asking questions. When I stick to my work space and strictly ask other people per email I am labeled as weird and unable to socialize because I began to avoid the people working there out of fear of my supervisor. Either I am the problem or my supervisor just hates me. Am I just dumb or am I getting bullied because I sure as hell feel like I am getting bullied

No. 1578121

praying my health condition does not come back because there is a 5 year window of it happening again and there is still a lot of time before then. feeling a pain similar to it but hoping its just something else. too much is happening in my life to have a week long hospital visit!

No. 1578133

I'm so fucking lonely. I have been crying the whole day because I realized how much I miss having friends and a social life. I used to have a big friend group and few friends that I would go out with often, but then I turned into an asshole and got depression and cut ties with most of them. I can't even try to connect with them again, because I moved and they live on the other side of the country. I do still have few friends, but they either live elsewhere or don't want to spend time with me. Like I have this one friend I have known for many years, who just doesn't want to do anything I request. I just wish I had friends and knew how to make new ones.

No. 1578139

A woman I met during chemotherapy and befriended hasn't been in touch with me in a while, and I'm really worried. I've called her house once a day for the past week and no one's picked up. I know she lives alone, so she could just be out or resting, but I'm so scared for her. She's in her 60's and doesn't have much family or friends. I'm so desperate I've been searching FB for her niece she mentioned to me a few times. I can't lose her. So many times when I've literally wanted to curl up and die she's talked me round. She's so positive, an absolute rock to have by your side. Not her. Please not her.

No. 1578188

Why dont you call the chemo center and ask for a wellness check? Im sure a nurse can call and see if it helps. She could he depressed or too ill to socialize

No. 1578201

Shit, I can't believe I never thought of that. I'll give it a try. Thanks, nona.

No. 1578205

Come back and update! Hoping your friend is ok!

No. 1578208

Update us. Hopefully she's doing good.

No. 1578210

I have a fungus infection between my toes, this shit is so embarrassing. I already bought a cream for it, idk if I should get a powder too to put in all my shoes

No. 1578228

I never really noticed how violently unfunny most males are until recently. I've done a lot of fake laughing in my day. They rarely ever say shit that's actually funny on purpose. It's usually just offensive shit said in a "humourous" tone. Or it's an annoying meme he's driving to the fuckin grave.

No. 1578240

File: 1684158020520.jpeg (23.42 KB, 460x434, IMG_5007.jpeg)


No. 1578245

File: 1684158477032.jpeg (77.24 KB, 628x470, 181567528.jpeg)

No. 1578256

Men are so thoughtless it borders on evil. I was cutting potatos earlier and my bf came up behind me touched my back on his way to the sink then said "Oh sorry for startling you" and I'm like ? You didn't startle me and I didn't even say anything. I was going to smile at you and react positively at your touch despite your interrupting me when I was in the middle of cutting. Did you HOPE that you had startled me? Did you preemptively say sorry just assuming you'd startle me? If that is the case are you trying to startle me on purpose? If I thought I was going to startle someone I'd make some noise before entering the room or cough. It makes no sense to me. I was like I feel like you aren't happy unless you are making me unhappy, you couldn't just touch me and get your water you had to apologize for something that didn't happen and make me angry. He's like I'm sorry and left the room. I just stood there cooking thinking about how careless and stupid he is. He can't even engage with my thoughts because he is too dumb to do so. It's like living with an animal. Men are animals. He is barely human

No. 1578258

Yeah, doing something and instantly apologizing for doing it is quite typical. It really does seem like a passive aggressive thing sometimes.

No. 1578259

I think you’re overthinking it?

No. 1578261

I'm ugly so fucking ugly nobody can reverse love this body this face you've been told you're disgusting worthless human trash so just accept it and it won't hurt as bad…please help me

No. 1578263

The problem is he doesn't think ENOUGH not my vent

No. 1578266

Dump him? Why do some people do this - staying with a person they don't like and complaining online. If I was gonna type up a 7 paragraph rant about a moid I'd at least put him out of my house first.

No. 1578271

>7 paragraph rant
Zoomer detected

No. 1578273

I feel like I'll be losing people because of my depression but I don't know what to do about it. I can't pretend I'm happy and alive, without this I'm disengaged and boring. I don't think others are obliged to tolerate me, but I can't do anything right now, and it makes me feel bad or makes me feel like I should feel bad.

No. 1578281

This is another pathetic rant about a moid, who is my bf. He made jokes about wanting to be gay and going "Greeks did say women are for procreation and men are for pleasure" and saying that he wishes he were gay so he wouldn't have to deal with "female drama" and proceeding to go with "id be getting so much bussy rn" I hate myself for having attachment issues. And im usually tolerant about offensive shit, but i dont think its even normal to tolerate something like that from a significant other.

I expressed my anger and discomfort. I even asked him if he was actually gay and he got mad and passive aggressive. I don't want to be with him anymore but I'm scared of dealing with breaking up. I hate being so pathetic. I hate it when moids turn out so great at first and become shitty as time passes. I hate being straight. I wish I never met him.

No. 1578284

Yeah break up and get tested for stds just to be safe

No. 1578285

Wow! does this "get 15 years younger by using hyperbole" thing work for everyone or am I special?

No. 1578286

Your bf sounds gay.

No. 1578288

Tbh it's your own fault for staying with him. That man is trying to come out of the closet but you're forcing the door closed. Do yourself the favor and let him be free to drown in bussy. I won't say you'll find a better one but I will say you'll probably like yourself more without having a moid who hates you whisper about how much he wishes he was dating a man instead of you in your ear

No. 1578292

>forcing the door closed
Except she's not because he can break up with her any moment he wants, don't put that responsibility on anon.

No. 1578293

They're both too cowardly to pull the plug but since OP is the one here complaining I'm talking about her portion of this. She needs to drop his ass. We know scrotes in a comfortable enough position will not do anything to change it, even if they know they don't like it.

No. 1578294

I needed to print some notes for uni but I'm bed bound right now so I asked my mom if she could do it for me and I gave her very clear instructions and she still managed to get scammed. The shop talked her into color, binding and it's not even double sided. For fucks sake. Is listening to me that hard?

No. 1578297

Always put things like this in text. No room for error. If still messed up, then you know it was on purpose

No. 1578298

He'll probably never date a man, he'll carry on dating women and wasting years of their lives but will eventually hit up grindr on the sly to have it both ways. Thats what these guys do and they're stupid enough to drop hints because.. they get off on skating that thin line where they're telling you but not telling you.

No. 1578301

I basically accepted that I have some combination of extremely bad luck and incompetency when it comes to interviews and living in a country that runs on nepotism doesn't help. I saw an opportunity to apply for some youth climate initiative and ignored it, I applied to many in the past 2 years and I don't even hear back from them. My dad forwarded some texts basically encouraging me to apply to it because my cousin did so to. I noticed that the deadline passed. For some reason this caused me to just breakdown after feeling immense guilt for ignoring the opportunity.

No. 1578303

She straight up asked him if he was gay after saying gay shit and he got mad at her. I do not understand how that is forcing the door closed

No. 1578305

By continuing to beard for him. The fag needed to be dumped like yesterday. Let some other woman put up with his self loathing, woman hating ass.

No. 1578306

>he wishes he were gay so he wouldn't have to deal with "female drama" and proceeding to go with "id be getting so much bussy rn
Wtf? I don't understand why he's saying that.
I'm bi and in a relationship with a man but I would never tell him something like that, in fact whenever he brings it up jokingly I shoot it down.

No. 1578307

He hates women, including the one he's dating. That's why. That's literally the only reason.

No. 1578309

It is partially my mothers fault because she always thinks she knows better and that I'm being a cheapskate when I do things like print in b&w. I told her very clearly and repeated myself. I'm so frustrated I can't even look at the notes kek I'm quietly autismo screeching in my room. She doesn't want to tell me how much she paid. I know it's at least x10 the normal price. I didn't want to spend that kind of money right now. reeeee

No. 1578310

Let me translate
>People say women are good only for sex, but imo they're not good for that either
It's just misogynistic ramblings

No. 1578319

One of my closest friends has bpd and i'm getting so sick of her ass. She only ever talks abt herself and the guys she's obsessed with (for a few weeks each), there were some tragedies that happened around me and whenever i'd try to talk about it she'd usually flat out ignore me or start talking about her own shit, and it's like that for everything, i just didn't notice until now. Just because i dont do dumb shit on a daily basis because im not uwu crazy, she thinks my stories/experiences are boring compared to hers. She drinks heavily daily and smokes weed daily. She has sex with new random dudes every few weeks and gets obsessive. I like hanging out with her because we have the same sense of humor but it's starting to get so exhausting. She always blames everything on her bpd, even sending me her self harm pics after some dude ghosted her. Everything's always about her, her bpd, the moids she entertains, how drunk she is, how high she is, how much she starves herself etc. I cant take it anymore, having no close friends is so much better than this

No. 1578322

idk your mom or anything but she might actually be embarrassed and is trying to hide it by acting like she did it because she thinks she knows better

No. 1578324

I feel you. I'm >>1578017 anon. I hope "bisexual" moids burn in hell

No. 1578360

I think it's weird you thought that was a lot I typed it up in like 30 seconds

No. 1578368

File: 1684170429395.jpg (27.36 KB, 519x508, W70432342.jpg)

>"just bee yourself anon!!"
>bees myself
>"freak"/"bitch"/"weirdo"/"crybaby"/"why are you soo negative anon"/"you're so dramatic"/"why can't you be more like x"/"why do you act like that"
back to acting then

No. 1578379

the point being that it spanned six months, I'm very sorry my mental break down in the vent thread about getting molested in first grade wasn't precise enough for you
It was still 97 days, no matter what, if that makes my mistake more acceptable

No. 1578396

She's alive and well! I phoned the hospital straight after nona suggested it and at first I was getting stonewalled 'cause I'm not family. After basically begging and pleading them to check she's ok they finally agreed to contact her next of a kin and give them my contact details. I just got a call from her younger sister, and it turns out she's been staying with her as she's been ill lately. She was going to call me, she wrote down my phone number but lost the bit of paper she wrote it on (no mobile phone because she struggles to use them). She's starting to feel better though, so we're gonna meet for brunch and a catch-up this thursday. Nona who suggested ringing the hospital, I can't thank you enough. ♥

No. 1578398

i've only ever met one actually funny man and that was my dad, and its not like his jokes were funny, he was just very quick witted and had good timing. But every other man, fuck no. I've only ever genuinely laughed at women's jokes because we don't rely on shock factor or being edgy (and even if we do it's still funnier than when a man does it because it's less expected)

No. 1578405

My rent just got raised and I'm just crying and crying because every time I almost manage to get things into a somewhat steady pace, something happens and it fucking destroys my already very limited hope for the future.

I've worked so hard to get out of my horrible mental health state and it feels like I did it all in vain. I'm sinking right back into daydreaming about suicide or just walking and walking until I collapse and just refuse to speak or talk to anyone until they put me in a room to die. I used to eat trash food as comfort and considering how little I can afford at the moment I'm just relying on cheap bags of chips and some chocolate. Not because I can't get something else like bean and rice and frozen vegetables just as cheaply, but because my brain needs whatever tiny about of dopamine it can get to not want to end it all and function in my low paying job. Luckily I just nibble on it for now to avoid gaining weight and try to sleep most of the day or wander about outside. Things aren't as bad with me as they could be, but holy fuck do I not want to be here in anymore.

No. 1578409

You're supposed to be yourself within the limits placed by common decency, not turn off all filters and act unhinged (unless you are a super normie, then you get to act out every demented thought and emotion because everyone is like you).

Normies can tell that you're not sharing yourself and it makes them angry, but the ones with triple digit IQ also appreciate that people can different and okay, but even they don't like being around mysterious people that never share anything or participate in conversations.

So what they mean is that you should strike a balance between being sociable and being socially acceptable. Normies do actually respect weird people who are calm and confident in who they are (may differ in your culture), but they universally dislike weird people that are secretive or insecure.

No. 1578417

I have gum loss because of an infection and I’m so mad at myself like it’s definitely my fault that my teeth are disgusting even though I brush twice a day. I haven’t been to the dentist in like 4 years so that’s my fault also. I hate myself so much. I’m disgusting and it’s only going to get worse as I get older and I have no money and no future. I don’t do meth but I’m going to look like I do because healthcare is wealthcare. I honestly just want to disappear.

No. 1578422

Other way around, they don't like it when you share things or talk in my experience.

No. 1578424

i hate it here so much. i hate is so much. idk how to cope with living in texas/the south in general anymore. i don't feel ok being a woman living here. growing up, i seriously thought i was equal to everyone else and that the place i live is great, and all of that's just been shattered these past few years. when i try to talk to my family, my mom, sister, boyfriend about the abortion ban and all the constant fucked up political nonsense, about how it really distresses me and is a sign that things are becoming dangerous here especially for women, how it makes me want to leave the state, they just brush me off like i'm some crazy activist or some shit. i just can't take it anymore. i feel completely powerless and alone. when i was 19, asking my friends, family, and boyfriend to please come vote with me in the governor elections after roe v. wade got overturned, only my mom came with me to make me feel better. i just want to die so bad. i'm trying to make a change and it feels like nobody else cares, even the people who say they support the same things as me. i can't even leave the state because i have nothing and nobody else i'm with actually believes our state's problems affect them. i honestly don't know how to live like this anymore this place is a fucking hellhole for anyone with empathy and a rational mind

No. 1578426

Your feelings are legitimate, but do you feel this way because of things you read on the news or because of actual interactions you have irl? Whenever I feel like my state is a political shithole I go touch grass and talk to normal people and feel a lot better.

No. 1578429

New ep of a podcast I’ve listened to for like ten years begins with a dig at JK Rowling. Everything I love turns to shit.

No. 1578430

Are you in america?
Do you qualify for medicaid?
some states include basic tooth cleanings in the plan

No. 1578441

I tried to "be myself" and open up to a couple friends who I thought I was close to a few years ago… we're not friends anymore. Ironically, one of them told me that we weren't close at all, which came as a surprise considering I knew them for several years, we partied together, slept over at their place, etc. I wouldn't let someone I didn't trust sleep in my home. No, I wasn't acting unhinged but I guess calling out bullshit when you see it is "unhinged" to normies who rather smile-nod-walk away when confronted with it.
I just keep to myself now and try not to engage in deep conversations. People like me a lot more when I share less of my thoughts and feelings.

No. 1578456

Sometimes I can't tell if I'm really bad at everything or if I'm just not putting in enough effort or if I'm too hard on myself. And I wish I was whatever the opposite of someone who is naturally creatively inclined is.

No. 1578463

I'd have answered if I knew.

No. 1578466

People don't like to be talked at. They want to be listened to and understood. Just like you.

No. 1578471

i'm friends with a girl who wanted to get an abortion but couldn't (because of the law but also because her family doesn't want to break that law) and it's traumatizing just hearing from her how she feels about it. because they probably would have supported her before, but since government is above all else for many people here, they don't care what their daughter wants now. i do talk to people and touch grass but idk, i know it's not helping me to be agonizing over it but it's just not something i can ignore. this is the first genuine attack on women's rights in this country i've seen in my lifetime, and the people i love are completely apathetic about it and it really hurts. i told them i realized i could never get pregnant or raise children in the place i was born and lived in my whole life with the way things are going, and they still don't care. but i must agree, the only times i can be happy are when i'm high/outside in nature and forgotten about all of this lol. i just wish the people i talk to irl understood how threatening all of this actually is. like all it took was 5 minutes for me to vote against our shit governor and they still won't do it

No. 1578472

File: 1684177849044.png (42.61 KB, 341x340, 1648965419436.png)

>I wish I was whatever the opposite of someone who is naturally creatively inclined is.
I've been feeling this lately. Like damn, I wish I was good at math instead of imagining things. But ultimately, I think they want what we have even more.

No. 1578480

I'm tired and overwhelmed

No. 1578488

I wish I was smart, had a photographic memory and also be good at understanding maths. Or no fuck all of that I just want to be rich, then I don't have to be good at anything anymore. Pls god make me rich so I can buy the company I work at and fire my boss and hire a bunch of people to bully the scrote that currently bullies me and I also want to buy a house for my aunt because she is annoying af. Being poor and having a weak personality sucks.

No. 1578491

I don't think talked at is what was going on..Idk. I usually wait for them to start first. When I try to start it's just random topics or news I found interesting, idk if that's seen as being talked at or not, maybe I can't tell. I think I'm just born retarded because it's been like that since I was little. Tried being nice and happy, that's wrong, try having fun, that's wrong, sad about something, that's wrong, not talking is wrong, talking is wrong, stop smiling too much stop frowning too much every emotion is annoying and wrong to them, it's a lose-lose situation.

No. 1578494

So many ideas but I can’t do any of them so here I am practicing 4 different skills while I will most likely not get better at any
there are days i wish i never got into art, I’m fucking awful at it

No. 1578496

File: 1684179065421.png (54.5 KB, 274x275, 1552349893586.png)

I want friends!!!! I want a close friend group who care for eachother, accept each other for who they are and have fun together!! I want to listen to different kinds of people!! I want to listen to them interact!!! I want to experience casual life and have people to feel at ease with!!!!!!
i miss school i miss my friends i miss my class i miss being young

No. 1578499

File: 1684179222245.png (159.51 KB, 654x484, Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 20.32…)

I'm so fed up of being bombarded with adverts. Has anyone noticed how pornographic they have become lately? I keep getting clothing ads of women in tight leggings, with camera shots showing nothing but their clearly photoshopped or plastic surgery ass, and then they'll do pornographic poses in them. And then all the moids in the comments thirsting over it. It just feels like porn is being shoved into our faces and I'm so sick of it. I have an adblock too but it doesn't filter those kinds out. I even see adverts out in the street for fast food referencing things alluding to the 'netflix and chill' meme, which we all know what that means. I know this isn't a new phenomenon and that 'sex sells' but it just feels like it's getting more blatant everyday.

No. 1578503

You're not wrong, I just try to cope with it and move on with my life when possible. Use uBlock

No. 1578508

I haven't seen an online advert in more than a decade.

No. 1578511

I hate that as women we can’t exist any fucking where without being constantly reminded about how our only worth is in being sexy. Like I’ll be in a good mood just looking stuff up online related to my job, and bam some article with a joke or image of a sexualized woman and suddenly my next couple of hours are ruined. Walk outside and there are ads and billboards every ten feet. Getting closer to the city and there are “live nude girls” pleasure houses right next to the craft store I want to burn to the fucking ground. Just trying to go out to eat at a restaurant that looks family friendly for there to be some retarded shit like a burger named cum buns or something retarded af. Just sick of it. Makes me wanna kms you can’t even escape it if you live in bumfuck nowhere. I don’t even be on social media I don’t know how women and girls live in this insanity

No. 1578516

And then add insult to injury, pretty much every XY you interact with is eventually going to bring the conversation around to his dick and how much you either turn it off or on… One way or the other.

No. 1578524

It really makes me hate that i often wish that society went back to being prude. I swear there has to be a middle ground between "women having sex is the devil doing" and "pornography and female exploitation 24/7" but clearly people can't help themselves

No. 1578529

Seconding this reply, use uBlock origins, it works better than AdBlock. Also same, I'm so tired of seeking that so many adds have sexualized women in them, references to sex/having sex, memes about sex and jokes about sex. Can people (moids) exist without thinking of sex every minute? It's all so tiring.

No. 1578534

I met my bf online, in an mmo specifically. Lots of my friends with bfs met them on 4chan, or in video games and tbh lots of the other shy nerdy nonas here probably have a similar experience. But if you want to meet someone irl my advice would be to make new friends instead of going on dating apps or to clubs alone. You'd be surprised how many events happen where you can meet really cool people, you just have to know someone for the invite. Like I made friends with a girl off bumble bff, her bf was in a band and she invited me to one of their shows and there was no shortage of cute 20's men hitting on us there kek. Another friend I met at a hobby meet invited me to go hiking with her friends, lots of single men there too. If I ever broke up with my bf and was looking for someone new I'd look in these circles because I trust the people my friends choose to hang out with are probably better than random moids from the bar

No. 1578542

I hate it when it's hot and I hate wearing summer clothes.

No. 1578551

lmao why most female pop artists have entire fanbases of gay males. i used to believe it was a stereotype but now i see it, its not only with gaga or ariana, they dominate the pop fanbase in general. i think its the only exception of something made by women that has a male dominated fanbase. ironic because i've never seen a fakeboi discussing or seething with them in some random post on facebook about how much some female pop artist "flops" or whatever word these faggots use now.

No. 1578555

Taking a break from here for a few weeks has been so great, I feel so much happier. Love this site but it makes me kind of negative. Also I have allergies and they are so bad hence why I am back online. I hate allergies! Fuck pollen! I wanna go outside but I start sneezing and cannot breathe!

No. 1578556

Thats why when people whine about hypersexuality when it comes to female artist, I'm like
>Well all men do is like a post or watch the video on mute. EVERY hypersexual or even non-hypersexual female act has an mostly woman/gay male audience.
Clearly women love hypersexual musical acts or whatever, because i'm posititve men who aren't gay aren't supporting most female entertainers.

No. 1578561

It’s so interesting about being a black woman, you’re a bad guy no matter what you do kek recently I purchased a house and then I heard a podcast about how single black women are starting to buy houses more on average than black men and that black women are messing up the black community . So you tell millennial and Gen z black women that they aren’t attractive and have no hope of finding a partner but also get mad because they finally agree and decide to support themselves?idgi

No. 1578574

they are literally fucking furious that you managed to escape their very carefully arranged plans to assure that you never possibly could
god bless, may they cope and seethe

No. 1578578

The behavior of black moids as being deranged professional victims peaked me on men so bad to the point where i refuse to ever date them and just men in general later on. No claims of self hating or internalised racism will stop me or change my mind. I judge any woman giving them chance idgaf.

No. 1578580

Well that was a fun night out… NOT
At least I gave them a piece of my mind so nobody else had a fun night either

No. 1578587

Excellent, don't let them get away with it.

No. 1578588

Excellent, don't let them get away with it.

No. 1578590

Same here nona, I was only meant to take a break for a few weeks but it's ended up being a few months. I felt like I was becoming meaner irl without meaning to be, sometimes I forget that I can't just voice what I think like I can on here. It's nice to be back though. I've really missed the movie room and hopefully when I'm not so busy with work I can frequent there again.

No. 1578591

File: 1684188145637.jpg (108.46 KB, 850x478, sample_3ee57540e4cb8dae5a8a45f…)

I want to befriend kafkachan from the last thread. I followed her on twitter. I want to become her friend and converse with her. I would not ignore her like other nonnas. I could.. save her..

No. 1578592

File: 1684188151283.jpg (108.46 KB, 850x478, sample_3ee57540e4cb8dae5a8a45f…)

I want to befriend kafkachan from the last thread. I followed her on twitter. I want to become her friend and converse with her. I would not ignore her like other nonnas. I could.. save her..

No. 1578593

File: 1684188075710.jpg (108.46 KB, 850x478, sample_3ee57540e4cb8dae5a8a45f…)

I want to befriend kafkachan from the last thread. I followed her on twitter. I want to become her friend and converse with her. I would not ignore her like other nonnas. I could.. save her..

No. 1578594

File: 1684188126097.jpg (108.46 KB, 850x478, sample_3ee57540e4cb8dae5a8a45f…)

I want to befriend kafkachan from the last thread. I followed her on twitter. I want to become her friend and converse with her. I would not ignore her like other nonnas. I could.. save her..

No. 1578608

Excellent, don't let them get away with it.

No. 1578616

I hate when my mom purposely acts obtuse. About a year and a half back, my mom decides despite years of being heavily against weed to try weed. I didn't give a shit she wanted to try weed. What I was pissed about is that she only did it to be a fucking pickme to this red flag walking creep of a guy. It's deranged how she'll ditch her opinions and morals to appease this creep who could be her own son. My mom argued to hell and back with my younger cousin about how bad weed is yet she does a 180 on her stance pretty much over night for this creep. She knows I despise this guy and all he stands for. Fast forward, the other day my mom is talking to my grandmother and said how terrible it was that I was mad at her for wanting to try weed. I looked at her pissed and told her she knows the reason why and stop acting like it's because of the weed. She just can't comprehend why I hate the guy and that I need to give him a chance. Pickme-ism is a fucking brain rotting disease and I hope the creepy fucker drinks himself to death because he is so useless.

No. 1578618

I usually don’t interact with my roommates much and eat in my room by myself. Never hang out with them in the the evenings.
The thing is, one of my roommates got a new boyfriend recently and he’s hot as hell and also a ton of fun to talk to. Last night he came over to our place and I just couldn’t resist joining my roommates (and him) for dinner and the movie they were watching afterwards just so I could talk to him and be near him.

This morning the roommate with the bf came up to me while I was making breakfast and she said “It was nice to have you around for once, but could you please just get your own boyfriend? Me and [one of my other roommates] thought you were a dyke, have you ever even been on a date with a guy?”
At that point I went to my room (left my breakfast behind) and stayed there all day except when I went to pee which took me like two hours to get the courage for.

What do I do? Was I in the wrong?

No. 1578644

anxious and sick to my stomach because im planning a serious talk with my boyfriend about our future whenever i see him in real life next and its making me a nervous wreck…

No. 1578647

File: 1684191244085.gif (135.19 KB, 334x280, uwaaaaaaaaaaa.gif)

I don't care about having a social life anymore, but I want to experience a romantic relationship. I'm so touch starved. I want physical intimacy and going on dates.

No. 1578648

you literally only came out to interact with her boyfriend lol stop trolling

No. 1578649

i switched from a small name email provider to gmail, and immediately i get 4 interview requests in a week, leading me to think my job hunting has been cucked by my hatred of google all this time
i wish everyone working in HR would die

No. 1578651

No. 1578653

yeah respect her bf, unless shes a bitch or something I don't know why you want to flirt with him in front of her. I know he's a moid and it's his choice if he responds to your flirtations

No. 1578657

2 years ago my rent was 950/month. now it's 1500. i feel this post. mao zedong was right about landlords.
>my bf brushes his teeth once a day with basic bitch toothpaste, never had a cavity
>i brush 2-3 times and use a bunch of special products for dental health. can't stop getting cavities
fuck God

No. 1578672

File: 1684193021459.jpg (123.29 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

i "relapsed" and started cutting again and i feel cringe but i don't know what else to do. it feels like such a childish thing to do, i always see cutters clowned on. but my depression is getting significantly worse and i've been dealing with psychosis for over a year as well. i used to punch walls to relieve stress now i'm back to the above mentioned. i tried therapy and they were shitty, i can't afford therapy now. i've told 3 different trusted people that i'm struggling with suicidal thoughts and i feel myself getting worse and don't know what to do and opening up didn't help at all. i feel like i'm doing what i should be doing and asking for help but i forgot that also includes people who either know what to do or care. i don't expect them to do anything huge, i ask them before can i confide in you with something serious and i need advice. they've confided in me as well and i do my best for them
but it feels like its just. idk
we had a coworker that was a bad person, but he was actively crying for help. he told a few people he wanted to kill himself and they either laughed at him or said don't say that! i pointed him to our resources so he can get therapy. he tried it and said it didn't help him either and i just said im sorry i understand but i dont know what to do either cause im in the same boat and we would just vent to eachother. he ended up having a mental breakdown and trashed our workplace. people were like he's crazy! he's crazy! he literally asked for help and most of them laughed at him and our boss bullied him the worst, was insane the shit he said to him.
don't know where i'm going with this its just ok, this is what finally opening up got me. nothing. im still struggling. and its just getting worse and whats next? don't know anymore. anyways i feel cringe for cutting again

No. 1578676

I don't want my works to be called cute anymore. It feels dismissive, and sometimes it's simply not appropriate. I put in effort to make a piece look or sound dramatic, or dark, or cool, whatever, and all I get told is "Aww that's cute!" and the like. It's really bothering me.

No. 1578677

Sister is unexpected pregnant by a man who really wants us her family to be pushed away, that shes only known for four months. I keep telling her hes just doing it to trap her since he also wanted her to move in before this. She doesn't have the financials or any life stability for this. She parties on weekends, reckless spends on weed, no savings. When we lived together I did everything. Instead of actually thinking about her life she just wants to prove us siblings wrong that it'll all be ok and the guy wont leave. A few months ago she told me how annoying this guy is and that's she wanted to just live as herself than with a man. All I can think about is how she's going to come crying back to us siblings for years of free child care or support. Except none of us wanted kids. I dont want to cut her out of my life but this is beyond dumb. She can hardly take care of herself, barely financially support herself. All she thinks about is the idea of motherhood rather than it's going to be a whole person shes raising for 18 years.

No. 1578678

something people don't tell you with dental is, genetics come into play as well. the makeup of the flora in your mouth, how your jaw is aligned, your number and size of teeth, even what you eat too, as well as what your mother was doing and consuming while pregnant with you as your teeth formed. you can do everything right but still have to get something filled every year, or do everything wrong and not go to a dentist in decades yet be living in a chip skylark song

No. 1578679

>spend my entire life paying for the mistakes of my demon of a mother
what else is new. apparently depression also makes your teeth rot, because if you're already having mental issues why not throw some cavities and medical expenses on top of that

No. 1578680

My teeth have many cavities too maybe you could ask for prescription mouthwash and toothpaste it's the only thing which slowed mine down.

No. 1578683

Same here nona, I was only meant to take a break for a few weeks but it's ended up being a few months. I felt like I was becoming meaner irl without meaning to be, sometimes I forget that I can't just voice what I think like I can on here. It's nice to be back though. I've really missed the movie room and hopefully when I'm not so busy with work I can frequent there again.

No. 1578704

god celebrity milk must be so stale and powdered lately. 90% of that thread is just
>is this gay, is that gay
>she fat
>she old
ad nauseum. even the thread before that was mostly sperging about 2 gay nobodies until the met gala

No. 1578710

It's me again nonnies… diarrhea nona… I got immodium and took the maximum 4 pills you're allowed in one day and after the 3rd pill I thought I finally found peace because I got a solid 7 hours without having to go shit, but lo and behold once I started having having to shit again, it was still straight diarrhea. I took the 4th pill and it's done nothing. In fact, it seems to have picked up the pace again and now I'm going every 15-30 minutes, and it's just clear. Well, I'm not surprised because I've had so little food today that of course my bowels are all cleaned out by now. I had pho for dinner because I thought the soup and bland rice noodles would be good for me but it just seemed to make me shit more.

I fucking hate this. I have no idea why this is happening. I'm sure it's not food poisoning/the stomach flu because I've had them before but even then I didn't shit this much and the nausea/stomach pain was much worse. I feel completely fine and my stomach doesn't hurt (just gurgles loudly sometimes), I'm just shitting like there's no tomorrow. My parents are away on vacation so I called my aunt for help since she lives nearby and she gave me herbal supplements. I'm desperate so I don't care. I want to work from home but I need my laptop from work but the ride to and from my office is nearly 1.5 hours, and taking an uber doesn't get me there any faster. I don't know how I'm going to do this nonnas. I'm not a workaholic but I do have things I would really like to catch up on at work. UGHHH. This fucking sucks. I'm gonna call my doctor to try and get a virtual visit in because there's no way I'd make it out to the office without shitting myself.

No. 1578728

I'm annoyed I took the wrong bus. It had the same route number but different destination and I didn't notice when I got on. This shit stupid. Not it added 20 minutes to commute.

No. 1578750

Damn nona, what did you eat? Could it be pancreatitis?

No. 1578752

Yeah that's trashy af

No. 1578758

>one of my roommates got a new boyfriend recently and he’s hot as hell and also a ton of fun to talk to.
>I just couldn’t resist joining
>just so I could talk to him and be near him
You know what you did wrong, and the other girls could obviously tell what you were doing. What's wrong with you?

No. 1578762

Tepid yes. Your roommate was kind of a cunt about it, but yes.

No. 1578763

She had the right to be a cunt about it.
I'd be pissed too if some uppity bitch started flirting with my new partner

No. 1578858

Oh my god

No. 1578863

I guess that explains everything then. I brush twice daily, floss regularly, don't drink soda/juice, and yet I still have so many fucking cavities.

No. 1578864

>they get off on skating that thin line where they're telling you but not telling you.
This is one of the most pathetic things that men do. Cowardly, spineless, and only able to stroke their own ego through terrorizing you in whatever small ways they can. It actually takes a lot of mental effort for people so empty and retarded.

No. 1578865

File: 1684212122492.jpeg (52.8 KB, 1470x1040, 21CCD96D-2777-43B6-B859-D1F2FA…)

My friend who shouldn't be pregnant, is pregnant. She has so much debt, and can barely pay for her kids. Her ex husband is a ducking loser. I'm surprised she is happy and excited. She miscarried last month and I was lowkey happy because at least her kid wouldn't leave in fucking poverty.

No. 1578866

I fully understand and it really does feel like I'm becoming a more negative and meaner person. I've been trying to stop using the cow boards because it just gives me such negative emotions. I only come here when I need to rant about stupid people I see online when there's no other place to do so but I think my habit is getting a little excessive and unhealthy. I know what's good for me is to detox but my monkey brain always comes back to this site.

No. 1578868

Some of you people are ill, you shouldn't be happy your friends child died just because she's poor, wtf? What kind of friends are you?

No. 1578869

It's a barely developed fetus. Not a child.

No. 1578870

Unless you're a man, kafkachan wont be interested in befriending you because she thinks she's a male minded autist and afaik she fought with all anons when she was in a server YET allowed her incel bf to fuck her over because she was desperate and didn't break up with him until he doxxed her amd leaked her stuff here

No. 1578890

It's still fucked to feel happy that your friend miscarried, poor or not, and especially if she was looking forward to meeting the baby

No. 1578892

Not really a vent, but the maido skeleton OP pic spoke to me

anyway, my cohort of people are so fucking never getting married that now I'm going back and watching recent videos of old youtubers I used to watch and noticing wedding rings and going "aw when did he get married" like your grandma scrolling facebook circa 2012

No. 1578901

I wouldn't be "happy" myself, yet no doubt a child's wellbeing with an established parent should be more important than someone's need to procreate to feel happiness themselves. If we didn't value that, then we would encourage more teen and addict pregnancies too since the quality of life for babies wouldn't be as important as making the birthmothers temporarily happy.

No. 1578918

File: 1684219728326.jpg (74.9 KB, 1140x900, the-life-of-a-project.jpg)

This project is the dark night of the souls of projects.

No. 1578957

It's been raining for a week and it's supposed to rain for a whole week more. Generally I like the rain but jfc, it's been pouring the entire day and since I don't own a car I can't walk to the gym unless I want to be soaked to the bone.

The program I'm doing is 4 x per week so the extra rest day isn't that bad but I still feel shitty about it. At least I get to do mobility workouts.

I'm also waiting for 3 packages so yey

No. 1578992

My bank now shows my credit score and says it’s only 4 but that’s so unbelievably low and makes no sense. I’ve never had debt, taken out loans, the only bill I use my card to pay for is my phone bill and have been a day late once or twice. This literally makes no sense wtf is this bullshit being a human is a fucking scam.

No. 1578993

crazy how you also get punished for not being in debt. paying higher interest rate on cars, larger apartment safety deposits, owning a house, all because of no credit score. paying everything on time in full but being screwed.

No. 1578997

I can't believe I had to hear my colleague say "touch of the 'tism" today wtf

No. 1579012

File: 1684234279637.jpeg (327.58 KB, 1600x1200, EC2AMLUW4AYTfS_.jpeg)

One thing I cant stand is seeing zoomali moids in the West. Here pictured is one of the f@g variety in Canada at a pride parade. They run like bitches to white mens countries while their women and children starve and have no clean drinking water. I genuinely wonder WHY white people accept male migrants into their country? It's truly sickening how they pollute countries white men built for their people. Somalia is huge with a large resource reserve and population in need of infrastructure and business. I truly hope more white people vote right wing and kick these weak bitch parasites from their countries. Look at this bitch f@ggot.
I went on a run last night through s beautiful cemetery/park. It was blooming and the sun was setting do it was close to 8 pm. Infront of me i saw 3 zoomali males walking towards me. I panicked and ran another route and looking back wondering if they were following me. They are so fucking ugly and look completely out of place. The park is clean and i see workers all the time (white men) plant flowers and clean up during the day, all for these useless, fat, out of shape zoomali moids to enjoy. Fucking deport all of them. I hate seeing them everywhere and with their rapey look in their eyes. As a woman born and raised in a WHITE and SECULAR country I don't want to be exposed to these subhuman muzzlim rapey aypes who do nothing but terrorize and destroy white countries. They should be all shipped back and never allowed in through visas.

They are the ugliest moids to ever walk earth. Either they are skeletons from starvation or have fat asses from eating and sitting on their asses. There's a zoomali moid at my job who "goes to the gym" but he still looks like a alien skeleton with a bit of bicep. I swear these moids are genetic failures and disgustingly ugly. Best thing you can do for humanity is kys faggot.(r@ceb@iting newf@g)

No. 1579067

File: 1684244060682.jpg (111.68 KB, 777x622, im a bit awkward.jpg)

my mums shitty uncle ruined my day by saying i didnt look good in my new dress at my aunts wedding LIKE WHO TF CARES ABOUT WHAT A MOID THINKS. i felt so bad all day couldn't even take photos smiling. I wanted to strangle his old ass neck

No. 1579070

Yet all you did was complain anonymously. Cuck

No. 1579074

File: 1684244576538.png (32.58 KB, 387x371, retard activated.png)

>is on lolcow

No. 1579085

(Long post)
I just finished taking my oral exam (was more of a meeting but it was graded) for admissions into one of my dream art school. And while there was mostly positive things there was also negative. I know i aced the presentation of the answer to an art subject that was given beforehand cause one of the member of the jury muttered "yeah yeah perfect". I didn't have time to present my portfolio too well, i took too long fuck me.
When asked if i go to see some art exhibitions i said that since i was working i couldn't much (one of the jury was nodding in empathy (i think)when i said that). Still cited a pretty big exhibition in my area that i've seen.
Got to metaphorically play the violin telling how i had to stop my previous studies and go work because of my hypersomnia that at the time wasn't treated and only now do i feel like going back to school now that my treatment is correct (their school in particular) and getting a job in art.
Fumbled the most when they asked me why this school in particular. Answered something like "good echoes from students i know, i like the campus and historical prestige" (then cited the artistic mouvement the school was part of in the past) but they asked me why this school in particular in terms of education and the school itself. I don't know what they expected me to say exactly (the education method isn't that different from the other same types of art schools around?), but i kinda made it up by citing their artistic projects that weren't part of the education itself like some foreign artists that currently reside at the school and their international cursus showing that they had influence beyond the city and the region.
They asked me if i passed other schools exam. Told them one, yes, but didn't pass the portfolio phase and their school was my first choice (which definitely didn't slip from their head cause one judge repeated the fact i saw their school as a first choice at some point)
Lastly they asked me what cursus in the three they had interested me the most and answered with the communication one because it led to jobs in illustration and VG concept, just for one of the judges to tell me my motivation for the communication cursus wasn't really showing in my portfolio. Told her i didn't understand cause i put some ads and designs i did for a small gig as well as full on illustrations and chara design sheets and 3d sculpt of said chara design. Had to stop there cause i only had 15 min to talk about all of that. Overall i think it was mostly okay but i'm not totally confident in this exam.

Sorry for formating or errors or confusing sentences had to take a xanax because of the stress

No. 1579103

I went to the psychologist for an intake and this woman kept saying 'pedosexual man' (basically equivalent of 'MAP' in my language) even though I asked her not to. Am I a sensitive little bitch for this? I'm not really angry just annoyed, this man asked me to do horrible things when I was just a kid and I told her what he said. I had a talk with someone else right before it and he didn't say it so it's not like it's a requirement there. She was probably just playing nice but I'm so annoyed, I asked her if she could not and she continued. At least it was just the intake and I probably don't have to see her again.

No. 1579111

Da fuck, every psychologist/psychiatrist/mental health professionnal i've encountered has refered to pedophiles as pedophiles. Even got some to admit they hate them but because professional standards have to take them in lmao. She's either a pedo herself or so consumed by political correctness that she won't call people what they are even the lowest of the low. Yeah no definitely get a new psychologist

No. 1579119

Nah, you're not sensitive and if you can leave some kind of feed back or review on her, do it. Look for another professional.

No. 1579124

Time flows so different when you don't spend it in front of a computer or a screen. It's amazing how much I can achieve if I'm not glued to a stupid device.

No. 1579132

Thank you nonna's, it was just the intake so I won't be seeing her again anyway. She seemed pretty careful with what she was saying in terms of not addressing things like they are, just a bad experience and bad context I guess. It's the only state psychologist place that's near me and the google reviews are mixed so that sucks but I'll see how it goes. The first guy was normal though and so that's good.

No. 1579135

File: 1684249822781.gif (215.14 KB, 274x249, 1554770273457.gif)

No, that bitch needs her fucking license revoked; what the absolute fuck does she think she's doing talking to patients like that? How many women go to therapy/psychiatry for sexual abuse? Most of us who do go to therapy/psychiatry? Dust that fucking asshole, drag her, dump any shady info you have on her; she's a pedophile apologist, I guarantee you she's said shit to you that would make actual doctors tell their colleagues to blacklist her from reference. Fucking end her career. Pedo apologists are usually pedos themselves, and pedos deserve the fucking rope, who gives a shit if she loses her job; she doesn't deserve to have it. She should be rolling burritos somewhere where she can't hurt anyone else.
I'm so fucking sorry anon, I am so god damn fucking tired of the medical INDUSTRY in this shithole fucking country

No. 1579137

samefagging to ad, my intake beast forced me to give her explicit details about my violent rape as a child
I do not trust anyone who wants the part of the job where they get to be alone wit hthe psych patients
That's a sus job to desire to have, and I do not hear or experience good things with these people.

No. 1579153

I'm so sorry nonna, I've been asked about details too as if it would help anyone. I don't know why they do it, want to stretch out the conversation I guess. They make you tell everything until you start crying and don't give a shit when you do. I thought initially she was just cautious with her wording but she called me an autist multiple times, if she was that woke she'd have said ~on the spectrum~. Pedophiles don't deserve therapy, they should be locked up. I have no place to report it, only thing I could do is call the institution and tell them but she's putting my therapy plan together and maybe she's going to be spiteful about it, she says what she wants anyway. I think I'll give them a call after, don't think they'll care but I will. Hope you find some peace nonna, take care.

No. 1579166

I don't really expect an answer but do you guys know where I could find an actual paypig? If any of you practice the sport. I know it's gross but I need money to fund my little sister's leg tendon surgery (sob story but true story)

No. 1579167

I’m hungry! So hungry! I want to eat soemthing hot and filling! All i have is cold food! Nuts and hummus are NOT FILLING
But I need to lose my stomach, I wish I could just cut it off, I look like im pregnant. Make some menudo out of it. Please please please

No. 1579168

File: 1684251825529.jpg (91.3 KB, 1110x740, arby's pandemic 2020.jpg)

>she called me an autist multiple times
>I could do is call the institution and tell them but she's putting my therapy plan together

No. 1579174

i made a dating app profile after months of reclusion because of a bad breakup and jesus christ, i had forgotten how lame men are. fortunately i’m not looking for anything serious right now, but even for a hookup i still have to make minimal conversation with them (in my country, as “hookup culture” is not really a thing) and it shocks me of how unstimulating it all is. if they are hot - which is what i’m looking for - they are dumb as fuck and most of them don’t even seem to know basic grammar (?), if they’re smart they’re annoying and probably not as hot, if they’re funny they’re ugly, and so it goes on. literally all i’m asking is to be fucked by a handsome clean guy with a nice dick, and it’s not that much considering i know i can pull almost anyone i want, but before it i have to go through so many shitty, uninteresting and sometimes even enraging interactions with different men. at this point i’m just wishing sex wasn’t so important to my well being and i were one of these people who can just carry on with life without it.

No. 1579182

nta, this is the only type of reply that should be allowed to vents

No. 1579183

nta, this is the only type of reply that should be allowed to vents

No. 1579186

nta, this is the only type of reply that should be allowed to vents

No. 1579193

Which country do you live in anon where hookup culture isn't a thing?

No. 1579194

>if they are hot - which is what i’m looking for - they are dumb as fuck and most of them don’t even seem to know basic grammar

They probably don't have to be very conversational considering only 1% of men on there are actually attractive and so their inboxes are probably overloaded with women who they can have their pick from.
They know it.

No. 1579204

File: 1684253619667.jpg (42.41 KB, 664x609, 1657911709080.jpg)

i fucking hate grad school!!! i feel so fucking worthless!!! i didn't get an assistantship even though i am infinitely more qualified and tangibly a better student than the girl that got it and all of the faculty treats me like i'm so pitiable retard who is delusional for thinking this is something i could do. it's like i tell my professors about my goals and they just keep going "wow we heard about all your hopes and dreams and we think they sound just fantastic, however we regret to inform you to go fuck yourself faggot"

i have a year left and i really don't know how i'm going to make it. i am lucky enough to have made some incredible friends in my program but i am so bitter and so angry at this point, i wanted to get my PhD after this but all of my passion and enthusiasm is just gone. everything i cared about when i got here means fucking nothing to me anymore. i just want to quit but i know i'll never be able to live with myself if i do.

i just wanted to learn about the things that mattered to me and i feel like the education i have gotten and am expected to continue with is totally worthless to me. i'm just getting a piece of paper that will make me more money one day. i'm not being enriched, i'm not even doing fucking research because the faculty in my department avoid students like the plague. i hate my life so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! my therapist literally asked me this morning if i feel like i can keep myself safe until we talk next week like holy shit i am so apocalyptically sad about this

No. 1579209

File: 1684253789754.jpeg (48.29 KB, 600x425, IMG_0276.jpeg)

What country do you live in where hookup culture doesn’t exist? Sounds like a dream

No. 1579249

i think i used the wrong expression. hookup culture definitely exists where i live (south america), in the sense that it’s normal to just have casual encounters and things like that, but it’s different from what it is in the U.S., and not as intense. like i can still only talk to people with the purpose of having a casual date or hookup, but it’s not so direct, people still expect you to make conversation and at least get to know them a little bit before and during it. i can’t just tell them what i want and schedule something right away, this is an unpopular behavior where i live, they all need to build a connexion first even for the very casual types of encounters. maybe it’s just a personal experience, but i feel like it’s impossible to get to the action without exchanging a considerable amount
of information first, which then leads to the very annoying and uninteresting conversations i’m having right now.

i think you are right, anon. but even when they’re hot and i can tell they’re genuinely interested in getting to know me, they are still very dumb, like, they just don’t know things. but it makes sense, they never had to develop any personality or general knowledge at all, they absolutely thrive just by being an attractive male.

No. 1579281

Anon can't you have a nice diet chicken soup or something? And eat more in the morning if you need it, just eat less later and don't eat in the evening except for something super light.

No. 1579336

I am like 95% sure one of the ladies running for the board of my the HOA was the owner of the dog that attacked mine like 7 years ago. I can't find the small claims demand letter I sent her back then with her name but it rings a bell and so does her headshot on her "campaign letter" she sent out. She was such a fucking bitch to me and made me go through so many hoops to get her to pay my dogs vet bills and had 0 empathy for me. Of course a woman like that wants control of the neighborhood. Fucking hell I can't wait to move out of this crappy cliquey suburban hellscape

No. 1579350

nta but it isn't a thing in my islamic country either much to my detriment… i'm joking, none of the men around me are fuckable

No. 1579357

every woman i meet in this shit ass town is married to or has children with the worst and most childish men. i’m on my break and just heard a customer coming in talking to her moid on the phone and from that was he sucks too. im only 24 but every person i meet my age has kids. it’s weird. i can have friends with kids of course it’s just a huge part if their life i really can’t relate to y’know

No. 1579378

i feel so sad. i'm really trying to get better but there's always something. like i finally felt ready to go to therapy and talk about it a year after my dad's suicide, and not even 10 minutes after i get in my therapist starts going on about how my dad once had a loud, frantic breakdown during an appointment with another therapist in their offices, that i didn't even know had happened. like this is really really not what i needed right now. she kept making light of the memory and all i could think was, practices like yours are part of the reason why he felt so hopeless that he took his life. she knew it had happened before i even came in, so why would she say that to me? especially when she is literally the person who got me admitted to the psychiatric hospital several times when i was underage because of suicidal ideation. i mean it almost feels fucking malicious like she wants me to hurt myself. and funny thing is, this is not my worst experience while trying to seek help so far, i went back to this therapist cause she was the best i could find on my insurance

No. 1579403

I've gained so much weight and I feel so low. Being thin had become such a huge part of my identity, I'm having trouble not spiraling out when I look in the mirror. I feel like I'm no longer just a normal girl that can throw on a tank top and skirt, I'm back to being a frumpy chunkster that has to look up tips on how to accentuate my body and hide my fat. I wish I could embrace my body but it doesn't help that I'm completely devoid of any shape, so I just look like a slightly blockier rectangle now–I didn't gain any curves. I wish I could hibernate and wake up thin again.

No. 1579431

Heather Steele is a fever dream. No way is she fucking real. It's like a fucking joke.

No. 1579436

Nonnas, I am fucking terrified. I do not know if I lost my virginity last night, I can't tell. My nigel tried inserting it in, and I felt something, but I was crying and screaming. I don't know if he just rubbed the tip. I'm scared. I feel ashamed with myself. I wanted to wait until marriage, but we were dating for 2 years and I let it overcome me. I knew him for 5 years. He couldn't put it in, because he said I kept pushing my legs against him and I just kept crying. It lasted for like 2 minutes before I gave up, again, I don't think it was in, but my stomach hurt after and I had cramps, but I do not know if that was because I was having a panic attack or what. I feel so terrible. I hope I still am one. I dont even know what it feels like for it to be in you, I searched it up and nothing. I consider myself a virgin still, but if I am not, I don't know what I'll do. I have been panicking since last night. He said he didn't feel anything, but I feel like he's lying because he knows how important it is to me, because I kept crying and panicking. I think I'm too scared for sex. I don't know how to get over it. I don't even know if I could do it on marriage night.

No. 1579440

File: 1684266185598.gif (31.64 KB, 220x123, 73CAD587-EC9B-48B4-9011-080E5F…)

i dont know how to escape my life and change it. everything is doing downhill and i can feel myself spiraling. ive lost all my friends (which i was never really close with to begin with) and its impossible for me to make new ones because im too anxious and shy to even speak to people. im on academic probation and did horrible in all my classes this semester and i have no idea how to tell my mother and dont even know if i should because shes stressed out with my extended family badgering her for money. i suspect i failed because i have adhd and other mental health issues but i cant afford the treatment and i keep applying for jobs in hopes of paying for them but none of them even get back to me. i keep having terrifying hallucinations too when i try to sleep. idk if ill ever succeed or get my degree or even just be a normal healthy person, i just want to die and escape. i cant see myself ever living the life i want. i used to be so happy in high school and now im just completely different. i want to go back to who i used to be

No. 1579443

In class and the teacher asked if everyone was okay with shifting the Friday classes starting from 9 to start to 11.
We were all but 2 students to say no, and because of that, it's staying at 9.
I understand the reasoning behind it, but it's absolutely bullshit. It's the same clique personnel too.

No. 1579445

File: 1684266614456.jpeg (28.42 KB, 500x331, 294EFB3F-F134-49C3-B5B2-23D93B…)

Wow Nona, I don’t even know what to say. I’m so sorry that happened to you and your dad. That’s 100% reportable though and you should speak to someone and get her fired. Sociopaths are attracted to the medical field unfortunately, so you have to watch out for twisted people like that. I’m sure if you keep shopping around you’ll be able to find someone kind and professional.

No. 1579464

I've failed a semester of classes and I still graduated in the end. It took me several years longer than normies, but I still did it. I know you can do it to.
I know what it's like to struggle a lot mentally and still try to keep up with shit. It's really difficult. If you could, I would consider taking a semester off of school. You could try to find a job (even a shit tier one like McDonald's maybe), and try to work on getting diagnoses or medicine, since you suspect you have ADHD. It would probably help you a lot, plus if you have a diagnosis for something, a lot of schools are more lenient with grade forgiveness. I really advise going to a doctor if you can.
If you are going to take more classes for the next semester, maybe try to line up really easy ones, and then work on your mental health. Idk. It's difficult, but I hope you can find some relief soon, nonna.

No. 1579490

>Friend: "hey anon how are you doing?"
>I am lonely, I can't fit in anywhere because of how socially awkward I am, I am stressed out over the future, my hair is damaged and in dire need of a cut but I can't afford going to a hairdresser and I'm too much of an uncoordinated pussy to do it myself, I hate my body to the point I have anxiety attacks, I desperately want to refurnish parts of my home but I'm broke, and I threw up today because I had a random flashback to the number of SA I suffered by my ex 10 years ago
>My actual response: "Oh, I'm fine! Finally getting my life on track. How about you?"
>Friend: "Oh good, because I need your advice so I'm gonna trauma dump on you for an hour"

I know this is such a common situation, but I hate it. I feel like I can't open up to anyone because I always get a "uhm, okay" but I'm the one people usually hit up for advice on everything.

No. 1579496

I wish I was the type of upper-middle class woman that grew up getting all my clothes from expensive mall brands. I don't know why I always fantasize about being specifically upper-middle class and not extremely rich but it just seems so comfortable to me. I feel like upper-middle class is the sweet spot where you're not absolutely, balls to the wall insane with all this crazy money that you could never dream of running out so you just go nuts because what else is there to do and you're not insane and bitter because you don't have to stress over paying bills and having to make monetary sacrifices and stuff. I'm quite envious of those kinds of girls that I went to school with growing up. I'm not a bitter hater but I do wish that I had that upbringing and the oppurtunities it comes with. Like I hate those fugly beige nightmare suburbs but I won't lie and say I don't wish to have grown up in a place like that. Whatever, it's no use ruminating over what you couldn't have. But still.

No. 1579497

File: 1684270356418.jpg (111.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I want to format a HDD and so far it's taken 10 fucking hours. I know it's a 12TB drive but FFS.

No. 1579510

I hate that it has been raining almost non stop for 2 weeks now and there is no end in sight. Disgusting humidity all around me, everything looks like shit and I don't feel like going anywhere and I lose all my motivation to do any task other than sleep. I didn't go to gym today and instead ate a whole pizza. It's like I am going through winter depression again even though it is mid-May. Eugh.

No. 1579513

File: 1684271653125.gif (34.43 KB, 500x397, 1673364211296.gif)

May you find peace with this someday, nona. Whether it's through therapy or whatever else it may be, I wish you didn't have to deal with this. I'm in a somewhat similar position where I'm scared of it going inside me, so I thought I'd reach out and say that your post resonated with me. Everything will be alright in the end.

No. 1579529

File: 1684273034397.jpg (274.77 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20230517_030335_The…)

Can't even play a game in peace without coming across tifs referring to themselves as a 'hole'. The absolute state of self-hating women. Hate that I just logged in and saw her friend request as first thing in the morning.

No. 1579535

Nonnies I need help quick. What's better
>paying less for renting a room with a roommate and being able to save more money but suffering from lack of privacy and shitty sleep because she wakes me up early in the morning bc we have different shifts
I've been in this state for over a year and I'm starting to lose it, I'm in my mid-late 20s I can't live like this anymore
>spending literally half of my salary to rent a single room for myself
It's also bigger than my current room, but totally empty and I would also have to invest in some bed and tiny table and something for my clothes. Also I won't be able to save as much money as I want. I have to mention I also pay for my own apartment in my home country and I can't rent it to anyone bc it's communal and it's illegal to rent it.
I'm super stressed out about this. I can't find anything cheaper rn and I need to do something. Well, saving SOME money would still be possible in the second option, but well, lets say I wouldn't be able to save like 500 a month if I'm being very strict, like I'm able right now, I would save maybe 200 a month, and I would have to be strict with my food and shit… I'm obsessed with saving money in case of an illness and also for my old age. I feel like I'm damned either way. Staying here will make me feel mad and insomniac and like a subhuman for living like a poor teenager. I also want to do digital art but I don't even have the space for a damn desk in my current room! Moving out there will make me paranoid about my money though… My coworkers tell me to take it anyway because it will allow me to develop myself better and I can also pick up some extra job and they say that 'peace of mind has no price'. I literally haven't sleep the entire night thinking about this. Thoughts?

No. 1579536

I'm convinced some therapists just enjoy the power trip over vulnerable people, no one will ever convince me otherwise when I hear these stories. They despise mentally ill people and want to hurt them

No. 1579537

There are many good therapists, but there are also plenty of therapists who only became one because they're mentally ill freaks themselves and want to feel powerful.

No. 1579539

I had a similar experience before losing my virginity for real. Nigel tried really hard and it didnt work, there was a tiny bit of blood. Then tried again for good with another Nigel we were more patient and there was a lot of blood (i know nonnies say blood shouldnt happen but i think it depends on everyone, my sister and a friend had no blood on their first time but me and another girl i know bled a lot)

No. 1579541

I had a similar experience before losing my virginity for real. Nigel tried really hard and it didnt work, there was a tiny bit of blood. Then tried again for good with another Nigel we were more patient and there was a lot of blood (i know nonnies say blood shouldnt happen but i think it depends on everyone, my sister and a friend had no blood on their first time but me and another girl i know bled a lot)

No. 1579542

what game

No. 1579543

I had a similar experience before losing my virginity for real. Nigel tried really hard and it didnt work, there was a tiny bit of blood. Then tried again for good with another Nigel we were more patient and there was a lot of blood (i know nonnies say blood shouldnt happen but i think it depends on everyone, my sister and a friend had no blood on their first time but me and another girl i know bled a lot)

No. 1579547

File: 1684274864058.jpg (135.77 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr_32d9058c55322621f996124…)

Thank you. You are so dear to me for this post. I know I have some form of sexual trauma, and I wish I did not hold such importance on my celibacy, but I do not know how to get rid of it as it was ingrained to me since I was a child. I hope that one day we both can feel normal in such cases.

No. 1579549

Thank you. There was no blood, and he told me and promised me he felt nothing. He also told me that he felt no warmth, but was too ashamed to make that point because he didn't want to bring up an encounter he had with a woman before dating me, so perhaps I didn't lose my virginity, so I feel a lot better. I just feel worried as I will be 21 soon, and I feel like I am lacking behind everyone.

No. 1579554

File: 1684275731898.png (25.26 KB, 150x111, 8E70FF8E-741B-4C15-AD0B-A303D3…)

I feel so stupid getting upset over this but I forgot to submit an assignment for a class, and it brought my grade down to an A-. When I saw my final grade I was perfectly fine with it until I saw that I never uploaded the file.

No. 1579555

File: 1684275852920.jpg (143.66 KB, 926x1024, 20230516_181601.jpg)

>I wish I did not hold such importance on my celibacy
Do you feel that it gives you a sense of safety? For me, being celibate gives me a safe and secure feeling. Also, are your parents more traditional/conservative? I grew up with traditional parents who didn't want sex before marriage and so on, and my best friend had a similar experience. She didn't have sex until 8 years into her relationship, and now she's been married to that guy for over a decade. As long as you communicate with your boyfriend (and he's a considerate gem amongst men), I am certain you can get through this trauma. I'm wishing you all the best, nona.

No. 1579560

Nonnie if it hurt he most likely was inside, i had a similar experience, kept telling the guy not to do it because I wanted to still be a virgin, but in the spur of the moment and horniness he pushed it in a bit.
I was keeping myself for marriage too but got fed up and lost it to said guy when I was 28.
So far only guy I ever had sex with, haven't met anyone I liked besides him.

No. 1579562

There's a bitch who used to be my friend in highschool but in the end she was really self centered and used me. I checked up on her recently and she made a retarded tiktok about something and some moid commented "I want to see you in a bestgore video" and it made me more mad at him than her retarded tiktok will ever wtf.

No. 1579569

I do not think he did, I felt like it was poking my uretha or something, because I checked my hymen and made sure it was still intact, but I don't know. I will check again.

I did not have traditional parents, both my parents were not very active, it was my peers who was very "conservative". I was raised on the internet with pedophiles and constantly got told how important it was for women with the amount of "partners" they had, which is why I am terrified of it. I was heavily bullied in school and the space I was in online affected me a lot. I also did not take sexual education, so I do not know much about it.

No. 1579571

Sorry, forgot to add, but I think I could not get over it with him specifically, as he is not a virgin, which was a dealbreaker for me, but he told me the other night that he is "basically one". I think he was trying to comfort me and would keep telling me he forgot what it felt like, and it's also why I don't feel comfortable with him doing specific things to me (giving head to me), because he's done it with other girls. He only had sex with one girl, but it made me feel insecure because he rejected me before having sex with this girl. I remember crying after giving him my first kiss because I felt like it was such a waste, like I defiled myself to a man who I wasn't even married to. I knew he had sex with a woman before me, but I just feel a bit wrong because he couldn't wait like I did, and I just feel a bit sad because he hid something from me. I really hope I didn't stop being a virgin, because I hate that I'd give it to him if he didn't even marry me to prove that he took me seriously.

No. 1579581

how old are you? every person holds themselves to certain standards, he wasn't obligated to save himself for anyone
that being said, for me it would've been a dealbreaker if the guy was a virgin ( assuming we're both 25+) . Sex with virgins is awkward.
Yeah,it's a double standard , but everyone knows female virginity is much more prized than male one.
I have a different set of values so for me it's really weird you're putting so much thought into what this guy did or that he didn't want to wait until he's married to have sex.
If you think a guy has to marry to prove he takes you seriously…that's pretty childish/naive and you live in a fantasy world, one where I used to live too before I had a rude awakening.

No. 1579585

20. We met when I was around 13, and he was 19-20. I know he's not obligated to save himself, but I told him I would save myself for him, and he lied to me in the beginning of the relationship with how much partners he had. We never dated until I was an adult. I have liked him for 5-6 years, and he knew that. He had sex with a girl he knew in two weeks, he knew how important virginity was to me and never told me until after.

No. 1579590

>I checked my hymen and made sure it was still intact, but I don't know. I will check again.
you have literally no idea what you are talking about. go read about the female body from real sources instead of religious literature
t. 30yo virgin

No. 1579591

I feel like your values don't quite align. While you're both adults, there's still that age gap and differently held beliefs. The fact that he lied about something that's very important to you is troubling. How can you trust such a guy? He's been with multiple partners and has done lord knows what else. He must be downplaying things and trying to settle down with you at this point, now that he's getting much older.

No. 1579594

>met when you were 13, he was 19-20
>he's 6-7 years older
>he knew you liked him for 5-6 years
>you told him you would save yourself for him
>waited until you were legal age to date
>you have severe feelings of anxiety and obsession over purity
>he lied about having sex with a girl before you
Yeah this sounds toxic and fucked, I'm sorry

No. 1579595

Nta but I don't want a male whore with various HPV strains that can give me cancer and other STDs

No. 1579596

Ok,given your age,I fully understand why you feel the way you do.
But given your age difference and everything you said, this doesn't sound alright and since you like him more than he likes you ,he won't be around for long if you don't want to sleep with him. You two clearly have some differences in views regarding relationships.
No man is worth suffering for.

No. 1579597

Seriously, why would anon bother to have sex with him if she a. doesn't want it until married and b. knew he's a gigantic liar.
she needs to drop him and block him on everything and move on in life.

No. 1579601

File: 1684279842588.jpg (49.34 KB, 640x675, 1098.jpg)

The age difference wouldn't seem as bad if you both met as adults, but the fact that he specifically met you at a time where he would've been in college while you were in middle school is quite concerning..

No. 1579603

>To be fair most humans have various hpv strains since childhood
Sure but not the kind that cause cervical cancer. That you only get from sexual contact

No. 1579605

He clearly does not care about you. he's just trying to convince you to have sex with him with the "basically a virgin" talking point, as he knows you think it is important but he does not. He will say anything to get you to comply, and it worked because you went against your personal convictions last night. you are probably going to be one of many stories where a young girl or woman is talked into having sex the first time with an older male and after it's over, he bails and is never heard from again.
Your reaction to what happened is a clear indicator that not only that is he NOT the right one to be in a relationship with, but also you are NOT ready to have sex. Do not force yourself into doing things you do not want to. Screaming and crying and panicking is not something that should be occuring. Everything should have stopped immediately once you started getting uncomfortable.

No. 1579608

PLEASE CUT HIM OFF AND RUN. He is a predatory piece of shit. Would you as a 26-ish year old be interested in an 18-ish yr old? Would you at your current age be attracted to someome even just 4yrs younger than you? The script doesn't change when you flip it back, he is not a safe man to be around.

No. 1579625

nonna, what the hell, I want to kill him with fire, run!

No. 1579635

run now

No. 1579657

He's a pedo

No. 1579662

thank you so much for your reply nonna, i hadn't even though to report her or anything because i was so shocked and just wanted to get out of there tbh lol
i've definitely gotten cynical like this too after having these experiences over and over again with different therapists and psychiatrists. it makes me afraid to open up again in any meaningful way. like this was the therapist i had been going to for years when i was a teen really struggling. i trusted her and now i realize why i'm doing so much better now that i've become an adult and i can't be forced to see her anymore. that whole time she was just making me feel shittier about my problems and everyone gaslit me into thinking it wasn't working because i wasn't trying hard enough lmao. literally half the session she would talk about herself and her own problems

No. 1579668

File: 1684285868375.jpg (180.69 KB, 1200x628, event-megathread-guide-moonlit…)

The Tale of Food. It's supposedly an 'otome' game (and you can choose play as a woman too) but the romance is minimal, in fact barely there because the characters only compliment you at most, and the rest of the game is pretty plot-heavy with many characters. I mainly like it because of the house pavilions, all the furniture and the characters being able to interact with them is really cool. It's not perfect though, it's obvious that it's created by moids because of some annoying 'trap' characters and shit.

No. 1579696

my boyfriend is going through a really hard time but he's not the same. i miss the old him. i just looked through our texts from before and i cried for an hour. i feel so selfish and i am so afraid he can't love anymore

No. 1579699

I truly wish I had someone to talk to. My heart feels really heavy, and I don't know what to do.

No. 1579701

i will listen <3

No. 1579717

NTA but I play in the Taiwan/Malyasian server for this game and honestly the westerners obsession with the shitty trap character 'Xiajiao' is so obnoxious. Luckily, they don't have many characters like that in later chapter IMO.

No. 1579720

God I have such a shit headache right now. Feels like there's something constantly pressing against my forehead and I can feel it in my eyes? I drank a shit-ton of water today so I know it's not because I'm dehydrated. I bet it was because I was staring at my phone too hard fuck.

No. 1579725

Stupid temporary manager keeps pestering me and my coworkers. We are all uncomfortable and just hoping he leaves soon. He "joked" about killing my coworker's dog. I was meeting some friends for dinner tonight and went to work with nicer clothes and makeup, so I wouldn't have to run back home before the dinner, of course he noticed and began to ask if I was going to see a guy. He insisted on this for a while too, it was so uncomfortable and annoying, I fucking hate him.

No. 1579738

i am so fucking utterly depressed nonas. i want to give up for real

No. 1579742

Same, I look forward to nothing. I'm truly a stunted person

No. 1579748

Fucking nerve pain from shingles I had years ago is flaring up. Been driving me crazy for days and makes it hard to sleep, shower, and wear clothes. Now I'm nauseous with dizziness. Fuck this shit.

No. 1579757

Why do males suddenly turn into arbitors of moral purity when they hit middle age as if they weren't edgy inflammatory assholes ten years prior, they're so annoying. Have a god damn personality instead of being the loudest manchild in the room.

No. 1579760

Me three… Although I don't think I'll ever have the guts to give up so I'll just have to try to get better since there's nothing else I can do. Emphasis on try since I don't even know where to start. I'm rooting for you nonas! I hope that eventually things start to work out for us

No. 1579766

Me 5. I’m in a really awful and low energy depressed funk right now. I have shit I need to do but I really just don’t have the energy or passion right now. I literally can’t give up but I’m getting up every day doing what little I’m able to. Hopefully we all get better nonnas

No. 1579801

So I have a bunch of pictures of my ex best friend’s childhood dog and wanted to use them as an excuse to reach out to her. She hasn’t been on any social media in over 10 years so I had to get her number from a friend of a friend. I am terrified to text her and getting cold feet on this whole stupid plan. I also have no idea if the friend told her I was planning on texting her or if its going to be completely unexpected. This is so painful help

No. 1579821

i wish we could make some kind of support group (god knows i def need it right now) but between all of our mental illness etc it would probably devolve very quickly. wishing all of you nonas peace and to get feeling better too

No. 1579849

I’m such a fucking idiot and I hate myself. I’m a poorfag student and I’ve been with my Nigel for 3 years and I have a crazy streak, I usually do something insane once a year or have some kind of meltdown. This year it was returning to being a camwhore to scrounge up some money to buy a new laptop since my old one fucking died. And my Nigel said it was ok and I said ok please tell me if it’s not and then today he said it’s not and I was like yeah ok you’re right. But then he was like why didn’t you quit earlier. And I’m like bitch…I love you I don’t want to fight ok I’ll hold back. But I use sex to cope a lot and he’s saying he doesn’t want to be a part of that because he feels used. It makes me so mad, everything. I hate money, I hate that webcams exist and I hate that I feel the draw to take advantage of them because they do exist. I hate that I’m in a relationship with a man who doesn’t just want me for sex because I can’t just self destruct. But I’m the most stable I’ve ever been this last year but I’m laying in bed feeling like a dumbass idiot while he’s fast asleep after rightfully calling me out on always taking the easy way out, crying or fucking or dissociating from my problems meanwhile he goes to the gym or plays guitar or some shit. I don’t deserve him and I hate myself, like usual.

No. 1579855

About a year ago I made a cat plushie and sold them in order to raise money for a friend who takes care of stray cats. I needed to sell 200 to start the order but didn't think I was going to reach the goal, so I bought 15 myself. We did end up hitting the goal and the plushies got made and they were great. However, I was left with 15 cat toys and couldn't sell them due to other reasons.
Im moving this week and found the box of cats. I didn't know what to do with them so I gave them to my mother in law who absolutely loves putting things on her local free stuff Facebook group to give to neighbors.
However, she sent me message today and I cried a lot because she found a contact and was able to donate the cat plushies to a domestic violence centre for women and children. I felt so happy that the toys were able to go to such an important cause and im really happy my mother in law sorted that out for me. Knowing the toys will go to children in a crisis situation and maybe make their day a tiny bit better truly made me weep. I'm really happy she sorted that out.

No. 1579856

I wish for the same, however I guess this just isn't the place. Mental health communities that aren't run by professionals end up as really toxic bragging grounds about who suffers the most, and with most of our community being based on following lolcows it's a recipe for disaster lol. I guess we just need to support each other as anon the best we can.

No. 1579860

this is so touching♥

No. 1579863

the tale of food. found it for ya nonna!

No. 1579866

i love women. thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story!

No. 1579870

P.s my mother in law is in a system of Facebook groups called "the buy nothing network" where you can give items to people in your town/local area. I'm pretty sure it's not just Australia. Search "buy nothing (town)" and instead of donating stuff go second hand shops which are often kinda sketchy you can post and your neighbors can say if they'd like the item. It's super good for furniture and housing goods. My mother in law accepts goods for our whole family and posts them, then talks to the people who come pick stuff up. (But I never talk to people) so it can be great to meet people in your community. Also it's just free, not buy/sell/trade.

No. 1579883

Im I a sewing group on Facebook and it's one of the most wholesome, female only spaces I've ever been in. Most if the women are boomers but they're genuinely kind and helpful. Beginners (like me) are able to ask for advice/stupid questions and get tons of helpful replies. Ladies post their in progress/completed sewing projects all the time and other women compliment the work. I sewed a set of oven mitts and an apron in matching cat fabric and posted it and they went wild with positive feedback. Really feels good to have a space like that.

No. 1579889

That sounds so cute!!

No. 1579895

I don't know how anyone can deal with dementia gracefully. It's like living with an unmedicated delusional schizo-bpd combo but you can't blame them because their brain is rotting away. I constantly have to walk on egg shells and try to predict what can upset her and meltdowns are still a daily inevitability because I looked at her wrong or didn't let her hurt herself. Do you know what it's like to hear your loving, sweet, grandmother scream that you hate her and want her dead and that no one cares for her? How do you stay sane living this day in and day out?

No. 1579896

I posted a funny picture of myself as a kid (11years old) on Reddit and it kind of blew up and for some reason I’ve had a bunch of guys DMing me all day… One even straight up said he could tell I’m hot based on what I looked like as a kid. I’m so disgusted. I hate men. If any of you have daughters, don’t post them anywhere online because men from all walks of life are sick and sexualize even the most innocent pictures.

No. 1579899

Samefag also some of the men DMing me mention going through my post history and will ask me a question about a post from like 2 years ago. It’s so fucking uncool and I feel like I can’t just exist online and be left alone.

No. 1579912

File: 1684316942874.jpg (1.26 MB, 4000x2252, 20230517_171225.jpg)

Last night before I move. Mt neighbors cat spends all day at my house lately and I'll never see him again. (Cant steal him)

No. 1579914

What a sweet cat. Good you can spend that last evening together

No. 1579925

No. 1579926

I hate being depressed, I hate PTSD. Nobody cares if you're not a veteran, they tell you 'chin up and move on'. I wish other people could see that black cloud. Only way to give others some sort of look inside is to become an anachan or cut yourself but I won't do that. No matter how many times I tell family how I really feel they brush it off. I feel like they'd only care if I was dead.
That's disgusting, I'm so sorry this is happening to you nonna.
He's adorable! Remember he's in good hands, good luck with your move too!

No. 1579942

File: 1684320800941.jpg (108.39 KB, 828x1124, cat.jpg)

I think I got groomed by a (female) teacher from ages 15-17. Anyway this was like 15 years ago, I've never told anyone. She's still a teacher at the school and has a husband and is a boymom.

No. 1579954

Girl he's just some guy, you don't even know him. You'll find 10 others like him.
Good that he avoided you, imagine if he actually cheated. You'd be forever paranoid that he's gonna do the same to you (he would). Now you can go for guys you can actually have.

No. 1579955

probably about time i cut my family out of my life. it sucks because there wasn't much left anyway. also not at all many for me to lean on…

No. 1579958

You too will grow up one day

No. 1579965

I’m sorry, that really does suck. I don’t talk to my family either. It’s better than being in contact with them, but it’s kinda scary having no safety net

No. 1579973

File: 1684323866677.jpg (70.78 KB, 560x631, FtAjHUlaQAAHCNB.jpg)

this stupid fucking realtor ghosted me when i asked for a viewing. it's been nearly a week and i sent a follow-up e-mail as well, how retarded does this moid have to be. do your fucking job idiot or kys so i can go through a realtor that isn't such a lazy piece of shit.

No. 1580000

People like Shohreh Aghdashloo's voice, I know I definitely do, you'll get there anon.

No. 1580028

I am not my crush's type and it fucking hurts. It hurts that I am not attractive and not anyone's type at all.

No. 1580043

File: 1684330803629.jpg (163.45 KB, 1080x914, N7gKRl4.jpg)

No. 1580047

I'm such a miserable person, I feel bad for the people around me. I dislike everyone, I'm not interested in anything. I spiral into negativity every time I try to make something of myself. Can't keep anything going, all alone now. Still, after so much time, don't know what the fuck is actually wrong with me.

No. 1580063

File: 1684332709116.jpg (18.15 KB, 512x399, edward_hopper_automat.width-60…)

I cannot break the cycle of procrastinating and then panicking when the deadline is coming up and submitting shitty, half-done work. I literally cannot

No. 1580066

File: 1684333418212.png (16.5 KB, 275x96, 967B29CF-2C73-4467-BF51-37B49F…)

sudden realization that I can’t be friends with girls no matter how hard I try, they always ditch me.

No. 1580068

Days like today it really hits me that I have no friends or hobbies and all I do is consoom anime and games like its water. It usually doesnt bother me but I feel so hollow inside
I signed up to the gym which has been nice but thats literally only 1 hour of a long day

No. 1580088

I'm getting a diagnosis for Asperguer and my life is shit. I don't have any friends. The tests for the diagnosis will be done after the exams week is finished, and I am sooo stressed. I had to leave class for a few days, and had no one to ask for notes for the exam.

I don't know how to make friends. Neither in real life or online. I don't have normal interests common with average people. I have no one to talk to. My psicologyst left me, and she was the only person I trusted. I am more suicidal than ever. I can't find a reason to go on.

No. 1580091

and i don't know how to meet new people. i have no interests where i can meet people in clubs or shit like that. anyways, when i meet someone new, they ditch me two days later. i don't know what i am doing wrong. i am just accepting that i will never have the friendship i'd like (someone who is as intense as i am, a profund love and connection, but not romantic or sexual, more like sisters and intellectual partners)

>>1580028 i feel you. i just found out a guy i like is or was married with someone who is more educated than i and i feel like shit

No. 1580097

have you tried lying to yourself about deadlines? as soon as you get an assignment, write down a false due date that's a few days early and then refer only to that due date. i've had some success with this method but it's impossible to trick yourself every time. it works a lot better if you're using it on other people.

No. 1580107

I know that feeling I vented about it on here a few days ago and some nice anon responded to me with a paragraph of tips to make friends better
I was thinking wow these would work great for anyone aside from me

No. 1580114

my older brother has grown to be such a retard its kind of weird. when i was younger he acted as a source of stability in the midst of our abusive family and i admired him a lot, and now i'm looking down on him. we only have eachother right now because we cut off the rest of our family.
he ended up becoming one of those "im not an asshole im just blunt!" unironic gun obsessed/fuck your pronouns tim pool watching tool. Don't take that wrong i enjoy reading radical feminist theory and agree with most nonnies here on that shit and I also love guns but to a reasonable extent. he's just the annoying moid type of "anti sjw".
he never got therapy or tried anything else like i did so now he's a miserable short tempered over dramatic asshole. i got so worried after one incident i reached out to his wife and befriended her even though we weren't on good terms before. i hope that validated her because she seems beaten down by him at this point. i phrased it in a way where i wasn't calling him abusive but knew he can be exhausting and she hugged me and appreciated it and how its nice to have a "neutral" person who "really knows him" because apparently her family hates him.
i'm just really disappointed in him overall. we were supposed to grow and be great together unlike our family, but he's becoming an unpleasant person.

No. 1580117

File: 1684338447437.png (175.3 KB, 944x960, 844.png)

i just took a low dose ssri (celexa) for the first time in like 10 years last night and i am so fucking out of it, my pupils are huge, i need to clean my house but i have just ben staring at a wall for 25mins help

No. 1580134

File: 1684340745351.jpg (12.38 KB, 469x227, Tard_27.jpg)

I'm pushing 30's and have been happily single since covid happened deciding that marriage and kids wasn't for me. I dont know if i am classified as an asexual or if i am just simply unable to hold on to a romantic affection for more than several months. People said that love never lasts anyway but i don't know if marriage just amounts to tolerating your spouse and have an offspring together.

Married and older nonnies, do you have regrets of marrying and having kids or vice versa?

No. 1580154

File: 1684343771644.jpg (22.17 KB, 314x356, Fvj1zwlaUAEGGu0.jpg)

audibly keked, ty nonnie

No. 1580162

I'm learning japanese so correct me if I'm wrong but does the pic say "when you have fun, you cheer up like a lie"?

No. 1580165

Nobody likes me I just got out of a breakup and I have no job and I’m staying with my sister and they don’t like me here and I am a terrible person with no friends, I should have killed myself a while ago. My mom doesn’t even like me I am just a strange person who’s never fit in and every time I try to mingle or socialize I end up embarrassing myself, I don’t have anything I don’t text anyone except for guys who wanna fuck me but they’re pretending to be my friends.

No. 1580171

My boyfriend used to be bisexual and whenever i think of that i literally hate him SO MUCH. It makes me want to take a knife and stab him over and over again. I literally imagine how i would kill him and how satisfying it would be. Idk what to do. I think bisexual men are fucking gross and he told me that he was into the guy because that guy acted like „a girl“ and it just makes me view him in such a different way, it literally disgusts me so much.

No. 1580175

>used to be bisexual
kek you don't just quit your sexual orientation like that.
>Idk what to do
Leave him before you stab him to death?

No. 1580178

Just break up, what's stopping you?

No. 1580181

Why are you dating someone you despise?

No. 1580183

…so why are you dating him if you dislike it so much?
>used to be

No. 1580184

Yeesh. Time to grow up and learn how to end relationships when you don’t even like your partner

No. 1580187

File: 1684345944567.jpg (114.47 KB, 606x1024, o0606102414568975166.jpg)

It's more like "when you have fun, you're cheerful as if you're lying (about having depression)". Picrel is the context from one of those dumb morning shows which was discoursed about on Japanese internet a few years ago.

No. 1580195

I still love him but its just the fact that he used to be bisexual that bothers me

No. 1580197


No. 1580200

Why do you think that he still is?

No. 1580203

you don't suddenly stop liking men if you liked them before
so either he never was or he still is.

No. 1580204

>Love him
You described a desire to stab him to death repeatedly, so no you don't

No. 1580205

Thank you, anon! Especially for the context.

No. 1580207

I cut myself very regularly so me saying that i want to stab him to death just because im angry, doesnt mean that i actually mean it and that i dont love him.

No. 1580208

Break up with him or get the fuck over it. Anything outside of those two options just makes you a crazy retard who's opinion on anything should be ignored.

No. 1580211

>I cut myself very regularly
Just call a mental help hotline instead of posting on lc.

No. 1580215

It doesn't matter if you mean it or not, you should seek therapy instead of dating advice

No. 1580217

this is a you-problem and not because you hate moids who fuck moids

No. 1580219

Im so depressed because i literally have no friends . Im 25 and when i was young, i always thought that my life would be so amazing by now but im still as lonely as i was when i was a child.

No. 1580226

Overate my calorie limit by 850kcal…. I will never not be a fatty

No. 1580229

That's 121g anon, you'll piss it out tomorrow morning.

No. 1580232

I went to a cookout and I was excited to be there bc this super attractive guy I just met was gonna be there, too. I later walked past him and another moid talking, and I overheard him say that he is into feet, he's a "foot guy," his exact words and now I wanna kms.

No. 1580233

Is it just me that doesn't see foot fetishes as a big deal? If I had a footfag bf I'd make him suck my toes or rub lotion on my feet every night or something. And make him learn how to do pedicures because I hate doing my toes, it takes so much bending and contorting.

No. 1580234

That'd be a dealbreaker for me

No. 1580235

Lol no I wanted to be disgusted, stop having good points

No. 1580237

We've got several new people at once at work at the beginning of this month, and I'm such a terrible senpai, I'm so sorry, send help.

No. 1580240

lmao I get that I'm a bad person and pretty much qualify as a boring lolcow but why is your go-to to me not wanting to keep switching highway lanes when there's 10 trucks around us, threatening to disown me. you were always an angry man. I'm sorry for my part in worsening it by disappointing you consistently but holy fucking shit

No. 1580245

feet is definitely benign, i have no issues with that. i think it would be cute to find out his favorite nail polish color and wear it as a way to flirt under the radar too. much better than someone obsessed with breasts or buttocks or worse

No. 1580249

i don't trust men with that fetish only because most of them end up being pedos and into kid's feet

No. 1580251

Went go the grocery store on my way home back from a nice walk, I felt so fresh and calm and of course there had to be a scrote in there who smelled like B.O and booze, I can still fucking smell it even after getting changed.

No. 1580255

I don't trust men with any fetish because like someone else says, it usually ends up extending towards children. Also they're fucking weirdos about their fetishes

No. 1580265

foot fetish is the best fetish for a moid to have imo because it's very subservient. My current bf has one and it's pretty much exactly like you described. It's nice to be doted on like that. Of course the fetish has varying degrees of severity and I'm sure there's some real freakish footfags out there though

No. 1580271

the interstate in my city has been closed most of the day due to some idiot threatening to jump off a (not very high) overpass and I have absolutely no sympathy. do your attention seeking bullshit somewhere that won’t seriously inconvenience thousands of people.

No. 1580272

The only foot fetishist I knew turned out to be possessing cp so yeah I don’t trust those mf

No. 1580278

File: 1684353007499.jpeg (175.76 KB, 924x915, FuJo7MjakAAvLB-.jpeg)

this thread is the first I've heard of the footfag to child pornography pipeline. with everything else there are always subgroups, and i have seen pedos talking about little children's feet on that one russian image posting site whose name escapes me, so not saying it doesn't exist nor that i am surprised, but the ones ive known were definitely not outwardly interested in childrens feet. some of them were even strictly attracted to men's feet because of the hair.

No. 1580295

Buddy of mine got his first gf and has been praising her to me so much , describing her as beautiful, nice waist, nice hips, amazing ass etc. Then he shows me a picture and while she is pretty, it's nothing like he described her,it's a very skinny girl with zero ass lol and no "hourglass" wait-hip ration as he was describing it. Men are dumb dumb.

No. 1580297

that is pretty dumb but I guess it's nice that he likes her so much. People see what they want to see anyway

No. 1580298

guy likes his gf what's the problem. every moid that actually likes his gf hypes her up like that. are you jealous or something?

No. 1580304

Guys see what they wanna see.
When she says or does something that doesn't please him then suddenly the pedestal will be toppled and he will notice her flaws all at once. He's in his honeymoon phase of the relationship and that's normal.

No. 1580305

Most men who I know have foot fetishes are also pedos. Idk why…

No. 1580307

Imagine having your bfs female friend make a post about you on a literal website because she's mad you bf likes your ass. You sound very bitter.

No. 1580310

Because men can't be into one taboo without being into the degenerate ones that violate the most innocent and vulnerable population. It's in their nature to keep pushing the envelope, to get more and more depraved. Plus, add in the fact that males for some reason have an obsession with youth and there you go.

No. 1580312

Why do you know multiple pedos with foot fetishes

No. 1580313

I went to the dentist because I had an occasional pang of pain in a certain tooth. Now after all the scraping and prodding and poking she did, that tooth is agony, and it needs $2500 of work, so I was wanting to wait a few months until I could land a job and have insurance. Fuck my life that woman has ruined me.

No. 1580314

Everything about being a woman makes me want to kill myself.

No. 1580319

Are you really expecting a man to sing praises about how bony, flat, and downright skeletal his girlfriend's ass is? You should be thankful that your male friend is attracted to and compliments his gf in such an incredibly normie way.

No. 1580326

Jealousy jealousy

No. 1580327

FUCK THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT AGP TRANNIES ON THE NEWS FUUUUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK I FUCKING HATE THIS CLOWN ASS WORLD, I didn't think I'd ever see the day where they interview two fucking TIMs in my country on national TV. FUCK YOU. A lot of trannies are killed here? EVERYONE is killed here at much higher rates than in other countries, especially women. Go fuck yourselves. Fuck off with this disgusting wokeoid bullshit agenda. We don't need to include moids with a fetish (notice how they didn't care to interview a TIF) to the list of people who are oppressed for something they were born as. God they're definitely going to use troonphobia to distract people from the high rates of femicides, human trafficking affecting mainly women, and misogyny in this country, I hope our based radfems protest this.

No. 1580328

The same thing happened to me and I ended up paying more than if I had just stayed at home with painkillers. Fuck dentists.

No. 1580349

I feel like dentists are excessively harsh with their tools to force you to accept whatever terms they say. They tell you not to floss too harshly but they shove their metal tools deep beneath the gumline

No. 1580350

I hate that I have so many ties and obligations in my life. I want to move to another country and cut off contact with everyone I know. I'm retarded for making so many commitments and being too chickenshit to break them

No. 1580354

Sounds like your hygienist is just awful. Cleanings shouldn’t be painful.

No. 1580359

I think she has a point. All those scrapy metal tools they use are absolutely causing harm. We get fucked two-fold: the diets we eat are garbage lacking in nutrients and covered in sugar and carbs that lead to malformation, demineralization, and rot; and then the dentists come and prod and gouge and try to diagnose you with as many cavities as possible so they can drill all your teeth away and get paid thousands to "fix" it, leading to people being mutilated for life.

I'm waiting for regenerative dentistry to come out, they're promising to be able to regrow teeth either partially (cavity) or entirely (pulled etc). It'll be another 10 fucking years minimum though. Our current dental interventions are primitive butchery and objectively harmful. At this rate by the time I'm 40 I'll have a dozen crowns and by 60 I'll be toothless.

No. 1580373

File: 1684359953539.jpg (180.61 KB, 1280x1144, tumblr_977ccea88814c6f933076a2…)

Nonnas, how the fuck do you make IRL female friends if you are a neet? Meetups? I feel like it's so easy to make male friends (but not even as good friends.) but I cannot make female friends because everyone with my interests is either underaged or twice my age. Im in my early 20's. It would be so easy if I was in school, but just a few months ago I went to a convention center alone and literally forced myself in already made table top games, and I don't even like table top games. I met some people, but it was people I'd never see again. Seriously, how do you do it? I want friends so fucking bad. I wouldn't even mind meeting up with women off the internet because I have the money to do so. Most of the women I'm able to converse with and actually befriend are always older, and I just want to hang out with them. Hell, I'd even start getting into their interests if it meant they would hang out with me. I even wanted to join terven groups IRL, but it is so difficult to find that where I live.

No. 1580375

I always get along with older women, I don't know why. Since middle school, I would always befriend my female teachers, in highschool before covid, I had an english teacher who I adored, she complimented my essays and her husband was my math teacher. I wish I could hang out with her IRL, but she probably wouldn't, if only I was 40-50 years old to hang out with her and be her friend. Maybe it is my mommy issues, but I just want to befriend them and hang out with them so bad. Even when I first worked at 18, I would gravitate towards all my female coworkers and befriend them. There was a 28 year old woman who I loved, and I wanted to hang out with her, and we were supposed to, but we never got to. I wish I was back pre internet era so I could have my female seperatist friend groups and I would buy gifts for them and cook for them just so they know how much I love them. I love all my women friends on the internet, I wish I knew them IRL.

No. 1580377

I hate the current state of empathy. Only like 6 years ago, if there was a tragedy somewhere around the world there were condolances around the world. Nowadays you get events where one gazillion people die or get enslaved to be sex slaves and no one ever even talks about it. I saw posts that made light of past tragic events like Amanda Todd or the pandemic. I hate this zoomer individualism and lack of compassion. Memeing tragedies used to be something edgelords on 4chan used to do, now it is so fucking normalized.

No. 1580382

I love grandma am really tired her complaining about my perverted, lazy, unhygienic, disrespectful bum for a grandfather when all she has done for the past 4 decades is let him live off of her financially and walk all over her. Like 3 different generations of women have given her several talks over this (her sisters in the 80s, her daughters on the 00s and my cousin and I for the past 10 years) which gave her a giant window for him to leave her- but she feels sorry for him. He is a despicable man and is also the main core of majority of our issues and traumas.

No. 1580383

But I am really tired about her complaining*

No. 1580385

I understand that going to the dentist sucks and it’s hard to know if you actually need treatment or if they’re trying to get as much money as possible out of you but regular cleanings still shouldn’t be very painful. If your hygienist is routinely slipping and stabbing your gums it’s worth it to try going to a different dental practice. Unfortunately I don’t think regenerative dentistry is going to happen in our lifetimes but god I wish.

No. 1580386

To note: I know its selfish of me to think of leaving an abusive relationship as an easy task but fucking hell he has apparently almost killed her several times in the past and much more

No. 1580392

honestly if zoomers/alpha.gens get regenerative dentistry and I don't, I'm going to punch God right in his face

No. 1580396

Indeed, I'm incredibly happy for him.
not at all, if anything I'm really happy for him.
I just find it funny because taking into consideration his personality, this is one of the last things someone would expect from him. He's usually extremely blunt and calls others out when they act how he did.

No. 1580401

the cynicalism of the younger generation is so gross. they genuinely think they are suffering the most so they dont bother with empathising with other people unless they can 100% relate to the situation. Thats why they simply refuse to empathise with people who have been trough extremely traumatic experiences. I often here the argument that so much has happened the past years and that their is a huge pressure on the young generation to fix shit in order to justify the cynicalism and that's just bullshit. Many past generations had to cope with wars and other awful manmade things but few off them developed active movements that was centred around mocking other people's pain. There where art movements post-wwI that was extremely cynical because it was made by people who struggled with poverty and the collective trauma of an industrial war but they still empathised with victims of the war or poverty. Many people of my generation are proud of shitposting and think it defies our generation. I'm not saying that every movement post-wwI was flawless but it depresses me that what will defy my generation is shitposts either made by /pol/tards or people who are knees deep into americanised idpol

No. 1580404

maybe I'm overthinking shit but I feel guilty, my male coworker has a gf and she works in a different department but we have breaks at the same time, I think she's kinda cute but she's fat and maybe people would call her average at best idk, every time we're on break she stares at me, I don't know if she's jealous that I talk to her bf or what, also I think it's kinda weird that he sits with us instead of talking to her? Like if I had a gf and we had breaks at the same time I would sit with her and not with my coworkers, at least not always. But I was never in a relationship so maybe it's normal that when you live with someone in one apartment you don't feel like also spending time with them at work? I don't know, I just feel guilty for some reason.
I also feel guilty when I'm around women who are objectively less attractive than me. I wonder if this is how actual stacies feel when someone like me looks at them? Do they even care? Do they feel sorry for someone like me? I don't put value on looks at all but I know society does and when I'm around women who may be, in some ways, get worse treatment than me just because of their looks, I just feel bad. Personally I hate when people stare at me because I'm an autist, I don't give a fuck if someone finds me pretty, but I can objectively notice when it happens and it not only annoys me but also makes me feel guilty

No. 1580405

I hadn't gone through an episode like this in quite while. I wish I wasn't female. I want to self-mutilate so bad. I want to shave all of my hair and rip out my uterus. I am so tired. I am not well equipped for this. I am so tired because I am a failure at this. And it's so fucking awful because I never asked for it. I am so tired of losing at a game I never wanted to play. It brings so much pain that I don't see a way out anymore.

No. 1580415

People who have never felt struggle in their lives cannot empathize with struggle and trauma. This is why some of the greedily, most sociopathic, and abusive people are those that were raised with a silver spoon.

No. 1580416

File: 1684366307208.jpg (72.86 KB, 800x450, 1473170488394.jpg)

I'm gonna act like an entitled brat so here I go.

Back in 2019 the waiting list for scheduling an appointment is roughly 2 weeks. Even in 2020 when the pandemic struck, it was still around 2 weeks. Fast forward to 2022, and the waiting list is a whopping 2 months. I thought "whatever, some people got traumatized by the pandemic and there's new people, I'll let it slide". Now its 3 months of waiting.
What the fuck is this bullshit?

I wish I could look into data of what the new patients are coming in for. I swear if its some tiktok retard who thinks they have 50 genders up their ass then I'm going to actually flip out. Here I am dealing with scheduled anxiety attacks, and trying to get cognitive behavioral therapy so I can sort them out faster and move on with my life.

Like I said, I'm acting like a spoiled cunt because its the heat of the moment. And there's a good chance that its people dealing with much worse shit like having family die out of now where (whether its from covid or the shitvax).

No. 1580422

Fuck people who get mad you for bot understanding their poor language skills and fuck these pretentious hostels acting like exclusive clubs when it's just another shitty dirty dormitory

No. 1580426

it's called being a narc

No. 1580428

File: 1684367448944.jpg (76.68 KB, 736x733, 2822ad5b6a3a5c9dbd29f698e4a99e…)

>Cant steal him
Then kidnap him nonna.

No. 1580441

why, wouldn't I like the attention if I was a narc?

No. 1580446

Although my hips are pretty wide and I'm slightly below average in terms of height, I probably have more yang in my appearance, speaking in Kibbe terms, because whenever I wear something girly I feel weird. I don't want to say I feel like a trans, but… and it's not something psychological, I just can see that it doesn't look quite right. Not exactly a vent, even though there are lots of cute stuff that I like.

No. 1580453

I had to force myself to shit yesterday (or today?) and now my lower chest/stomach hurts if I tense up.

No. 1580456

I was thinking, I feel like it's rare to find a kind or friendly doctor. Maybe it's just me being overly critical and nervous, but I tend to get uncomfortable and this uneasy feeling with most of them. Just today, I visited the dermatologist. The receptionist and nurses were all sweet. Cordial. Yet the two dermatologists in the practice came off as rather dry and cold to me. Not once did either of them smile or particularly make me feel welcome. The guy took a picture of a mole on my back to show it to me and said he'll delete it and not to worry about it being posted on Facebook. Okay, doc. That was not a good attempt at a joke. I don't want to necessarily be served like royalty at the doctor's office. I only want to feel more at ease, I guess. Thankfully, the one specialist I mainly visit is an exception. That'll be enough for me.

No. 1580457

>Like if I had a gf and we had breaks at the same time I would sit with her and not with my coworkers
I think spending lunch with coworkers instead of your partner is normal especially when the couple has been together for a long time. Some people find it better for their career to foster work relationships too. You sound like you're overthinking this. Despite what terminally online anons on LC says, not every man wants to fuck you.

No. 1580460

I had a little hen who simply died for no reason. I don’t know why. She was doing so well.

No. 1580470

It feels like I always care more about other people than they care about me

No. 1580485

I finished college and I just moved back in with my mom and brother. I had a chance to move in with some friends but I didn't have the money or the support to do it. Now, I get the feeling that it would have better to move in with my friends. I get the feeling that I'm not really wanted. My mom is happy but she usually finds (or makes up) a flaw in other people and harasses them, including her children. I'm really afraid of being trapped at home forever and losing my freedom since I need to take care of my mom. I also don't know what to do with my life beyond working and trying to survive. I wish I can have a normal family like the rest of my friends have.

No. 1580493

Your not the only one nona, I tend to care too much for my friends even if I know it's detrimental to me

No. 1580552

People who leave starred reviews on recipes without actually making the recipe should not be allowed to use the internet. Or live.

No. 1580553

Having a crush on a bi girl with a boyfriend feels 1000x worse than having a crush on a straight girl. At least with a straight girl, you can know that there is no way in hell that there would never be a chance and it's easier to get over it. But with a bi girl who's dating a moid, it's like why would you choose a disgusting scrote over a girl LIKE ME. Yes I know I'm acting like an entitled incel over this

No. 1580555

File: 1684383152791.jpg (29.82 KB, 345x437, 1677038156987.jpg)

it's getting bad again, nonas. i'm not eating, not showering, letting chores and mess pile up. i don't want to do anything but sleep. i tried a new doctor, some new medication, but it's not doing anything, and i keep trying to look for a therapist but no one takes my insurance, or they're booked up until next decembuary, or they're fucking "faith-based". i just want to fall asleep and stay there.

No. 1580558

I just found out that my mums retirement payout is paltry, as in when she told me how much i was legitimately worried how my parents would both live off it with bills and food, never mind actually enjoying themselves. It just feels like a big responsibility has been put on me, to have enough extra cash to help them out. They annoy me but i do care. I’m not in my home country, how can i even make sure they’re heated and fed? I’ve been over here spending my money in frivolous ways because i can afford it because i was thinking about my life because of course my parents would be financially covered, but now I don’t know what to do.

No. 1580562

damn, sup, me?
I hope somehow things get better for you as soon as they can; to be turned away from help when you finally work up the nerve to ask is devastating

No. 1580565

getting surgery and they told me to show up at 12.30 to knock me out and start by 1. its 3 and still nothing why are professionals like this when my ass would get fired for making someone wait this long. got my ass on no food or water since 10pm yesterday and my head is going to explode. god i hate doctors.

No. 1580578

File: 1684387130923.png (39.36 KB, 1206x730, Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 10.1…)

we need a chatgpt/AI hate thread already

No. 1580579

please do, they banned AI art off mayor websites recently and i have been enjoying the meltdown

No. 1580581

Every time I see someone posting "Guess I'm nonexistent!!" or "I literally look like her" to a critique of male gaze and unrealistic proportions (skinny with huge boobs/ass) I click their profile and it's someone obese or very fat. I have no hate for fat girls but do they really see themselves as those sexy cartoon women? With skinny arms and tiny waist? I am getting sick of their shit ngl. I've even heard a fat friend shame our thin ex teacher for having smaller boobs than her. Do they realise boobs are usually proportional to the size of their stomach? Do they only realise they have big boobs but not realise they have fat everything else too? And if they lost weight the boobs would most likely go away too? It feels like a huge cope.

No. 1580584

Lmfao ive had 2 fat women say once to me that im „flat“ because i have smaller boobs than them. Bitch your boobs are proportionate to your body and your boobs are obviously going to be bigger if you have a lot of body fat. I hate fat ppl because instead of losing weight, they do those kind of things to feel better about themselves. Its a cope. Also big boobs on fat women dont count because its the same as a skinny guy having abs.

No. 1580585

Do you lack any common sense? They try to adhere to a schedule but they can't plan emergencies so when an emergency surgery needs to be done, non-emergency surgeries like your own get pushed back.

No. 1580588

File: 1684388192195.jpeg (12.71 KB, 218x231, B791F47C-577C-468D-8B2E-490DCB…)

No. 1580591

thanks for the support, me. i appreciate you. i'll stay up for you.

No. 1580593

Now that's a vintage meme

No. 1580596

I miss her so fucking much. I want her back so bad…

No. 1580599

Honestly those kinds of comments are retarded no matter what, even if the woman happens to be thin. It just feels embarrassing and attention-seeking when people are lightheartedly making fun of coomer cartoon proportions or extreme photoshop and some random woman jumps in to say 'uhhh actually I look JUST like that'. Also a more specific version of this situation that I especially hate and have been seeing more often lately is when women are criticizing or mocking moids into lolishit, and a woman comes in to insist that she totally has the body shape of a child irl because she's so petite, so actually nobody should be mean to the poor pedos. It's so gross

No. 1580602

Is it normal to be deathly afraid of your mother when you accidentally burned some food because you took a bit too long in the bathroom? She screams her lungs off when someone clogs the toilet every once in a while, I just feel like shit rn because whenever I make a mistake like this she makes me feel like this happens every time but it doesn't. I hope when she wakes up she's not in a bad mood and remembers that accidents happen sometimes but I bet she'll find a way to make me feel useless and retarded again for a simple mistake. God I'm so fucking afraid and nervous.

No. 1580609

psychosis is kicking my ass again. i feel really weird

No. 1580615

Yes that sucks too, honestly haven't seen it much yet like the other around version but it seems to be increasing. Makes me think of Shoe.

No. 1580627

Actually yes, I’m on the chubby side and seem to default to thinking I’m very shapely. My breasts and ass are disproportionately bigger but I’m still generally big. Only get a harsh reminder when a friend takes an unposed photo of my whole body that I remember I’m still pudgy. I genuinely don’t know why i keep forgetting how i actually look to others kek

No. 1580629

Either there is not enough room on trains for everyones belongings or people are packing way too much shit for their vacation, and I strongly believe it's the latter.

No. 1580630

Mothers notoriously hate their daughters. They're so mean for no reason. And tv always portrays it like kids acting out when it's the parents fault for treating them badly.

No. 1580632


No. 1580641

File: 1684396773510.png (561.42 KB, 962x557, EVf1seAXkAAetBW.png)

No. 1580650

My mother doesn't hate me, but she's still prone to getting excessively angry over some really minor shit. She's like this with everyone, so I know it's not because of that (only it's worse with me because I live with her and she has to deal with me all the time)

No. 1580661

I met a indian/albanian looking moid while walking my dog and I stopped because he wanted to pet the dog, but them the conversation shifted to him wanting my contacts and asking where I live and so on (he also mentioned wanting a girlfriend of course). I tried to play nice and politely declined but the fucker wouldn't stop trying to talk to me. Eventually he gave up but said somthing like "next time I see you we'll be friends" implying I would have to give him my contacts if he's my friend. Now I'm scared to go walk my fucking dog because some moid wants a wife and I'm recognizable with the dog. Maybe he's going to follow me around and find out where I live. Maybe he will harm my dog, maybe he will harm me. All I had to do was ignore him but I always let people see my dog if they ask but I was too naive thinking this moid wanted that. I'm so stupid nonas. I should have changed route, though I pass by often and I've never seen him. But he mentioned seeing me pass by… but it could have been a lie, or he may have mistaken me for someone else (there are other women with the same breed of dog). This is a small town, he could easily follow me around. Why the fuck did he even stop for me, I'm ugly as fuck and autistic-looking, I thought I was safe from this shit. There's a rape nrealy every day in my country. I'm so stupid.

No. 1580662

Typos are because I'm shaking kek I want to die

No. 1580664

I hate when men do shit like that. Is the dog big? Can it eat him?

No. 1580665

Sorry nonna, maybe you could change your appearance and go on a different route from next time on? He sounds creepy

No. 1580668

She's medium-sized, and he already saw that she's harmless because he pet her. And I told him her name…

I'm definitely changing route for a while. Not sure if I can change my appearance because he looked at me closely and I can't remove things like glasses and change my entire wardrobe. He was creepy for sure, but maybe he does that to a lot of women and he'll forget eventually. I only tried to smile and be nice so the situation wouldn't escalate.

No. 1580669

I meant only a minor change, like wearing your hair in a different way and wearing a mask maybe (not sure where you are but in my country it's still a thing)

No. 1580681

Oh those are good ideas, I'll definitely try. Not sure if it's going to make things safer but it's better than nothing.

No. 1580702

File: 1684405047606.png (418.9 KB, 1069x1049, 1679844530260.png)

wanting it to be 2003 again consumes most of my waking thoughts
yes I'm ancient

No. 1580721

I'm a hypocrite and a thousand other things.

No. 1580727

i really cannot stand people who pretend to be pure and kind souls after doing or currently doing some cringey and/or heinous fucking shit to something or someone else. i feel like there's alot more effort in keeping up a facade than.. i dunno, being better?

No. 1580729

File: 1684410713776.jpg (58.6 KB, 600x450, lp2ba.jpg)

I'm having more and more of these days where I wake up feeling like I have flu. Muscle aches all over, headache, foggy head, no energy, drowsy, barely able to drag myself to another room to make food or go to the bathroom. Heavy all over and even my eyes feel heavy. Feels just like the flu minus throat/sinus symptoms. The muscles in my fucking hands hurt. I have nobody. I've managed to luck out by having the worst episodes of it happen on my days off and I work through the 'only half as bad' days. I'm drained, I'm dreading having to look into what this is. I know these things tend to either take years to get answers for or they end up being cfs or some other vague sounding thing that for the most part people think is bullshit anyway. I can't afford to have this turn out to be something serious but I also really don't want to be told its something highly associated with munchies/mentalz. I don't want attention. I don't want to stop working. I don't want to admit how bad this is getting.

My legs are giving out from under me on the worst days now. I'm afraid that I'm going to end up collapsing in public and will have no choice but to be seen. Idk how I've made it this long keeping this to myself but now I feel like my timeline of this happening won't even be believed because I've held it together for so long.

No. 1580744

How do other straight women cope with the fact marriages eventually devolve into the man either leaving, cheating, or ignoring their spouse? I'm not looking to start an infight it's just I can't get over the fact that almost every relationship I've seen has ended this way. Men seem to only be able to show love and affection to women they're sexually attracted too, and most men are only sexually attracted to beautiful young women. I can't get over the fact that when I eventually do find a guy to maybe start a family with and be with for hopefully the rest of our lives there's going to come a time when the affection and love is gone. And I'll be lonely again. Honestly what's even the point if it's just going to end up with me being hurt and lonely and ignored. How does everyone else do it I don't know how to cope with this.

No. 1580750

Look at it this way it makes it "official" in the eyes of society and makes you a real family. Plus tax benefits. If the scrote is gonna scrote might as well make him fully commit especially if there will be kids involved. If you aren't planning kids I don't see the point of marriage honestly and it can actually work against you if the scrote gets shitty later on. I know a woman trapped in such an arrangement but she can't leave because she knows he'll get nasty drag out the divorce make her lose her house etc. All she does is make excuses for him she's like his prisoner

No. 1580767

File: 1684416276041.jpg (16.15 KB, 265x400, 22547984.jpg)

i read books and stories and watch videos of happy couples.

No. 1580770

moids don’t have the capacity for love, and i am wasting my time. i know. but i don’t understand why he won’t even compliment me when i shower him with affection. i understand he’s emotionally stunted, but i feel like i shouldn’t have to ask him to say nice things about me. this desire makes me ashamed because it implies that to look to him for validation, and we’ve only really been together for a couple of weeks. but that’s not it — it just feels good to be called beautiful. if you find me so attractive, why don’t you fucking say it? do i really have to ask him to call me beautiful, or smart, or funny? or should i stop complimenting him, too, so he can see how it feels? i doubt he’d even care, because moids don’t understand anything. for fuck’s sakes. and outside of this issue, he’s pleasant and supportive, especially compared to every other moid. he’s incredibly non-threatening, and i actually find him attractive. it’s just this concentrated issue that makes me so insecure. i hope it’s something that i can nip in the bud soon, but i don’t know how.

No. 1580772

But how do you deal with the loneliness, I'm 27 and have been single for like 7 years now and it's so painful. It sounds pathetic but not having someone to cuddle or kiss and be intimate with is hard, I can't imagine spending the last 20 or 30 years of my life like this once whatever scrote I choose is no longer attracted to me. This sounds dramatic but at this point I don't see much point in even living past that, why not just find some moid at least somewhat worthy enough to settle down with, minus the having kids part, stay with him until he leaves or starts treating me like I'm worthless then kill myself. I can't be lonely for the majority of my life, it's too much.

No. 1580773

I cope by not being stupid enough to trap (legally or financially) myself with a moid because that didn't work out for 3 generations of women before me

No. 1580777

do you have friends or pets? They're likely to treat you nicer than the average moid because they respect you more as a human being.

No. 1580784

Yeah I have both, and a sister and a very caring therapist and that does a lot to help but there's still a huge feeling of loneliness. I miss cuddling and sex and affection, being held and falling asleep next to someone. I just don't know how to cope without that, and even if I do eventually get that I don't know how to cope with the fact that will end a few decades before I die.

No. 1580786

I don't think my cat respects me, it sits on my face until it gets its way

No. 1580790

this was my experience. my "mother" was a vicious nasty bitch. but she made her moid progeny the golden child. mothers always abuse their daughters, always. there is no exception. all parents should be taken out to a woodshed and beaten within an inch of their life preemptively.

No. 1580791

File: 1684418164914.gif (691.5 KB, 220x220, signal-2023-05-09-19-39-01-320…)

At least disrespect from cats is cute.

Not all moids will just straight up abandon you when you're old, I see old couples together all the time. But a lot of those moids probably put their wives thru hell back in the day, so there's that too.

No. 1580792

How are people without hormonal/medical issues fat?? I’ve been trying so fucking hard for moths but I haven’t even gained 2 pounds reeeee

No. 1580799

I genuinely think i'll stay single for the foreseeable future. Last year my dad had a big health problem that made him unable to work. With the inflation and my mom's job who isn't so well payed i had to drop my studies and get a job at our hometown. It's a small city (<6k inhabitants). And ofc with no diplomas and not much experience the only thing i could get was a minimum wage shitty job. And it's been 12 months that the only dudes my age i got to know are retarded and ugly. Also most of them tried to hit on me. None of them have any culture besides what's on TV or their FB feed. They don't know how to dress well, even when not on the job. They have no hobbies except tuning their shit cars, watching trashy reality tv or hanging around with the local trash. I want to try to date dudes with ambitions (and better looks) but i don't want to look at them in the eyes and tell them "i work at the local walmart for a shit pay and live in this small town and will have to for at least the next five years teehee". Also these types of guys are rarer in the area.
It's funny cause on the other hand the girls in my age group i got to work with are not (or at least less) trashy and got actual hobbies and personalities.

No. 1580800

A couple possibilies
1. You are an anachan whose ”trying” is eating 1400kcal instead of 1200kcal
2. You have a thyroid issue or similar health issue
A huge amount of people are overweight, clearly it’s not hard to gain weight.

No. 1580801

It’s not worth it and he’s not even giving you the bare minimum otherwise anon. Dump him please there are better men. But even if there weren’t it wouldn’t be worth the feelings and energy.

No. 1580806

It's hard to gain weight if you don't work out or spend energy at all because you'll have low appetite and even if you gain weight, you'll be skinnyfat not fit.
That's why most nerds are either skelly or obese, if you don't exercise or even do daily walks you'll fall into either of these groups.

No. 1580808

>drag queens pay homage to women
>celebrating women
Why in a world where women are the majority of the population by a thin margin.. would we even need some gay men to celebrate or 'pay homage' to women. Rather than just skipping the middleman and y'know.. celebrating actual women.

No. 1580826

food tasty

No. 1580827

hate it when my body gives me period symptoms but no blood is coming out. this has been going on for like 4 days now. hate that i live in a world that dickrides moids so fucking hard so research into period cramps aren't funded anywhere near enough. realising my period is coming soon is so depressing despite me having medications that make my cramps less painful, i just wish it went away forever. ill never get pregnant so i dont see a point to it.

No. 1580834

Yayyyyy lc's back, the bunker thread was trash

No. 1580835

Idk i was having fun

No. 1580836

Are you Rancefag or Kirbyanon?

No. 1580838

this is why i use continuous cycle birth control. the hilarious thing is no one would prescribe it until recently. because LITERALLY the reason is, when birth control was invented, (pills), the roman catholic church wouldn't allow it unless women also got their period so they would still be assured to suffer. in reality women do NOT need to have periods. it provides no health benefits, and tons of detriments, both to health and to quality of life. periods are obsolete. i resent each and every period i was forced to needlessly suffer.

you know if moids bled out of their dick every fucking month and it gave them period shits, cramps, fatigue, etc, that they would put every research dollar into getting that solved for them. but for women we're told to suffer and expected to enjoy our suffering, to thank them for forcing us to suffer.

i want my uterus removed, i hate this retarded fucking organ, i resent that i am forced to carry it around all the time, i want it gone, and I do not CARE what shit anyone has to say about akshully and the "feminist" cutesy uterus drawings and menstrual blood earings. it's disgusting and i want it ripped out so i can stomp on it and hurl it into a trashbin. it isn't fucking cutesy and beneficial to suffer something that is easily preventable, that idea comes from THE FUCKING CHURCH, THAT THINKS WOMEN ARE INHERENTLY EVIL AND THEY DESERVE PAIN AND MISERY. periods are retarded uteruses should be removed at birth. if moids want kids they can get a uterus implant and birth their own fucking kids. why does a woman have to be inflited with 30 years of monthly agony just so a scrote can daydream that he might one day ruin her life and body by forcing her to be his broodmare to crap out his "legacy" that she has to stoop to the floor to wipe up the shit and vomit of and chase around to feed and bathe for 20 years.

reproduction is a problem. force men to give birth. force men to menstruate. i'm done with this shit and i'm done with scrotes

No. 1580841

was the bunker on CC?

No. 1580842

"everyone i don't like is rancefag"

No. 1580843

That was one of the first times I was active in the bunker threads. Was disappointed to see it turn to shit so quickly.

No. 1580845

I've never seen a bunker thread go to shit this fast kek

No. 1580846

No. 1580848

ayrt based

No. 1580849

Usually it's more fun when there's more anons involved, when it just turns into one topic it gets boring. I get so tired of the husbandofags and personality posters, it's fine when it's in multiple threads but when it takes up the whole bunker I get bored but whatever I gotta go to bed anyway.

It was a joke because the last couple topics were just about Rancefag and Kirbyanon, so I was making a joke about how those 2 seemed to be the only 2 having fun after you said you were having fun in there. I don't know anon I'm tired can't you just take it in jest like it was intended

No. 1580856

I had to save a cat from being ripped apart by 4 terriers. I dont know whether the cat survived, it wasnt too bloody but wasnt moving, breathing heavy. Its been taken away somewhere, hopefully to the vet. My day is fucked

No. 1580861

Bitch just posted this video to her snapchat of her eyes and how one is "greenish" and one is "blueish" so she usually just says her eyes are grey… they are literally the same hue? I don't know if she meant for the filter she chose to highlight the different colors but they're literally just basic dishwater blue. I can't believe she's 24 years old, going by "he/they" and asking for money for the most amateur and childish digital art you could imagine. Bitch! 60 fucking dollars for babby's first digital portrait? Are you serious? You could be the queerest, most "disabled" (aka: untreated BPD) artist on tumblr but none of those faux fags would ever pay you 60 dollars for the ugliest digital creations you've ever seen. Give it the fuck up girl and go to a technical school or some shit. Jesus Christ.

No. 1580865

You have functioning reproductive organs for a reason, and no it's not just baby making. No one likes having periods but they're an important indicator of hormonal and overall health.

No. 1580868

i wish i wasn't bi

No. 1580869

A moid just walked past me with his whole ass out. KAM.

No. 1580871

I only know how to fail

No. 1580872

No they fucking are not. There is not one benefit gained from having periods. You can skip them all together and the only thing you'll lose out on is anemia and stained bedsheets. The uterus is a parasite.

No. 1580875

you can't just take out organs and continue being healthy. first of all, if you remove your uterus your vagina might fall out.

No. 1580877

lol you need to google menopause

No. 1580878

nta, based
I used my friend's pcos symptoms to get my gyno to prescribe me an IUD and the pill at the same time so I could dry the fucking thing out and shut it down without turning into a TiF

No. 1580882

NTA but you sound like a retarded 16 year old TiF saying "the uterus is a parasite". What's next, estrogen is a toxin? The female body is inherently weak and inferior? "Uwu I can't stand my stupid fembrain dood look at my lil knit packer"? Fuck off with this shit.

No. 1580883

People get their tonsils and appendix removed all the time. You have no idea what you're talking about.
That has nothing to do with menstruation, but the hormones produced by the ovaries. A completely separate organ pair from the uterus. The uterus itself provides no benefit. It wastes tons of nutrients every month for no reason at all, and gives back nothing, only takes.
They don't get it. Sad that they're repeating propaganda from the catholic church.
>putting words in my mouth just to have an argument

No. 1580885

I wish I didn't menstruate either but they are an important indicator of your health, not first whether you're pregnant or not.
Removing your uterus would come with a whole bunch of hormonal imbalances and health issues if not taken care of properly. Your reproductive system is an important part of your hormonal health.

No. 1580888

File: 1684431464402.jpg (31.05 KB, 732x732, 1636818016949.jpg)

>I actually want a hormone disorder and to be a lifelong patient, all women should want it, our biology is simply wrong and it is an agent to moid purposes. This is very feminist indeed

No. 1580889

Removing your appendix is way different from removing the uterus dumbass

No. 1580891

>People get their tonsils and appendix removed all the time.
Nta but I really hope you don't think this is helping your argument. Especially the appendix, it's literally a notoriously useless organ because it provides an extremely minor role in our immune system but can get horribly infected and kill you.

No. 1580892

nta, but I don't have to worry about getting pregnant, so that one's off the table anyway, but my periods were horriffic and retarded anyway when I did have them
My longest period ever was two months heavy-bleeding, one month spotting
hormonal imbalance? baby, I already got that in stacks, I'm pissing in the piss ocean at this point

No. 1580893

Wasting nutrient-packed protein matter that my body could use for literally any other purpose, every month for no reason, is a "health test" more expensive than the proposed benefits.
The uterus itself does NOT produce hormones. The ovaries do. They are separate organs.
pick up a book sometime, not my fault you've never seen a diagram of the female reproductive system

No. 1580896

>t's literally a notoriously useless organ because it provides an extremely minor role in our immune system but can get horribly infected and kill you.
So, exactly like a uterus?

No. 1580898

Moid baiting hard rn.

No. 1580900

yes, moids are well known for being knowledgeable in endocrine disorders, everyone who disagrees with you is always a moid

No. 1580901

No, not at all. Get your uterus removed if you want but damn bitch research how reproductive health and indicators play a role in the overall health of your body before you start spewing a bunch a stupid shit and comparing it to a organ that literally has no effect on your health.

No. 1580903

funny that you have to point to tonsils and appendixes… your uterus is literally holding up your vagina via the cervix. uterus removal is a last resort BECAUSE of the risk of vaginal prolapse (which sounds worse than a period to me personally). similarly, HEALTHY tonsils and appendix are almost never removed, and when they are it is because of a history of disease in those organs.
anyway for most women those first 100 or so periods are the worst ones because they're less regular and still feel like a new burden. you'll get used to it.

No. 1580904

pretty sure ruining my life is harming my health, love
>everyone i don't like is a moid
as if men even know what a uterus is. they probably think it's a planet.

No. 1580907

You pick up a book or read a medical article and find out what happens if you remove your uterus instead of reading moidbrained and assuming it's just for cooooooom. Graduate from high school sometime, dumbfuck.

No. 1580908

>instead of reading moidbrained
*instead of reading moidbrained porn

No. 1580909

Whenever I need him the most, he's never there for me. When I'm fine and happy everything is alright. When it's not, he always makes me feel like a nuisance. I’m in so much pain right now and him telling me that it looks like I’m faking it just to make fun of him…basically destroyed me.
It’s nonsense, anyways. Why would I fake the crying, the anxiety attacks, me not being able to move a muscle of my body without hurting. I can’t even stop crying and that makes my physical pain ten times worse. But of course he thinks I’m faking it.

No. 1580911

Oh my gosh, anon, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sending out any possible requests to universal power that they save the kitty and it lives. That is so horrendous, how did this happen? Were those terriers someone's pets that they unleashed and didn't supervise?
Take care of your well-being, too, nonna. You did the best you could and your kindness to animals is appreciated. Fuck anyone that allowed this to happen.

No. 1580913

>ThEy PrObAbLy ThInK iT's A pLaNeT!!!!
t. LARPing moid.

No. 1580915

not to derail from this very fun infight but actually it turns out the appendix might act as a reservoir for "good" bacteria that we use to aid digestion in our gut. that way if you survive bacterial gut infection that fucks up the composition of your gut microbiome, you have a better chance at recovering a good composition.

No. 1580916

No you idiot. No one likes periods and there's probably a good percentage of us who will never have kids by choice, but you definitely still need your uterus. You can't just cut it out and think shit will be okay after.

No. 1580921

fuck aimovig and migraines I'm not taking this shit again I hate my life

No. 1580923

nta; don't get it removed, just end the menstrual cycle
pair a hormonal IUD with the pill, you basically become neutered, it's a much, much easier life

No. 1580924

that's stupid.

No. 1580927

I said in my post that it plays a minor role in our immune system. It's still a largely useless organ.

No. 1580928

in a moment of weakness, desperation and utter stupidity and lack of any ounce of financial thought, I have purchased 5 moisturizers and I'm praying I win the lottery and at least ONE is alright for my skin
god i fucking hate skincare, it's so exhausting when you have retarded skin

No. 1580929

this endometreosis ass bitch acting like there's a good faith argument happening on lmfao

No. 1580931

It's either that or women who uses facetune and whatnot. Hell, I used facetune when I was like 15/16 on the internet. They even have video filters now, it's insane.

No. 1580934

every organ is "largely useless" except for the specific thing it does

No. 1580939

File: 1684433112780.png (142.08 KB, 485x533, judging cat.png)

Stop whiteknighting for appendixs just cause you wanted something to say.

No. 1580949

Did you end up doing something for your mum? I hope so.

No. 1580950

Even useless apendies only get ripped out in an emergency anyway. The bAstards are just sitting in there waiting for the day when they'll decide to pop off inside you.

No. 1580955

It has come to my attention that I am useless. I have no friends, my family hates me, the only people who talk to me are guys who just try to get in my pants and you know what? I let most of them hit it cause I’m EASY I have no self worth. I am ugly I am nothing without makeup and long hair and showing off my body I’m a cursed soul, I am scared of everything and everyone but I don’t think im scared of death anymore I am such a useless person I would say I’ve fallen from grace but I was never up there anyways. I’m bitter and I have nothing but ugliness in my soul. I’ve been leeching off of family and they fucking hate me and I have nowhere to go I might just fucking kill myslef . I’m distraught

No. 1580957

The state of nonnas kek.

No. 1580964

I should’ve fucking killed myself when I was 19 and 15 I’m such a pussy

No. 1580968

File: 1684434824747.png (67.61 KB, 360x360, ok.png)

tbh i just think gut microbiome science is really cool and wanted to share

No. 1580970

File: 1684434912825.jpg (51.56 KB, 1080x1322, a silly cat with hearts.jpg)

Ok I'm sorry anon

No. 1580971

My theory is that men, being born male, are smothered with affection and idolised by their mother as a child. They may or may not enjoy it, but they absolutely take it for granted and don't see it as any kind of extra effort or something to be reciprocated. After all, their mom acted like that when they were a stinky little shit, so if you do it, it must mean they're just amazing as usual and don't have to do anything in return.

Similarly, I think women who are hostile and insulting to men are seen as enticing because they think they have to earn the affection in their fucked up ape brains. If I were you I'd start slipping in snide comments here and there about his character. Watch him do a 180, I PROMISE you.

But then who wants affection from someone as dumb as that? There's no winning with moids.

No. 1580973

File: 1684435070404.jpg (63.28 KB, 700x1057, happy.jpg)

No. 1580975

After 2 years of working on my thesis, I decided (alongside my thesis counselor) to throw the entire thing out and start anew.

Long story short, I had bad luck due to starting during covid, and now the subject always isn't quite good enough and after all this time I realized it's never going to be good enough and this is the better way.

I'm trying really hard not to dwell on the lost time, and the fact I only ended up taking this long because the feedback was always "it's good, but" no matter what I seemed to do. The stress over this stupid thesis has gotten to the point I got a type of trauma treatment for the sheer amount of stress this thing gave me.

No. 1580980

my friend moved abroad and I'm not saying health care is great here but they're gonna put her on lithium? I just feel like they're very much into tossing any and every drug at her instead of any proper therapy or care. Not even my bipolar ass has been put on that stuff.

No. 1580986

File: 1684435736263.jpg (25.01 KB, 564x564, 4102e0c56b977517265d90a39c1cb6…)

ever since i've been going to the gym i hate my body. i was always kind of indifferent about my body and just wanted to get a bit stronger and have better stamina, but all the girls who go to my gym wear leggings and shorts that make their asses look bigger while they have tiny dangly legs and i feel like i just don't fit in. i know it is silly to think that way but it has really been affecting me and i don't know how to cope. i've been trying to go at different times when there are more elderly people, but no matter what time i go there is always a group of 20something legging girls. i also don't want to invest in a pair of push-up leggings cause i just find it silly and i like wearing my baggy shirts when working out… is this just society's fault or is it my own insecurities? i've never really felt this way before.

No. 1580997

I was hoping that the one follower that I had would leave me and it happen she unfollowed. I could have blocked or something myself so I could have my freedom again but I just couldn’t do it I don’t know what I’m so afraid of? I didn’t want to be they’re friend/moot and things they are into prevent me to be interest. I got what I wanted but it hurts and I’m crying. Why does it hurt so much? It’s so stupid were completer stranger it shouldn’t affect me like this. I just want to post my drawings and dumb shit again in peace but it feels there isn’t a space for me even on shitter. It’s gone my space, my worth.

No. 1581002

File: 1684436520287.jpg (169 KB, 1040x1417, 20230507_113112.jpg)

I have shit I need to do today but I keep procrastinating on lolcow instead

No. 1581009

I bet that's 90% of us. Also I want to kiss that little leopard's belly.

No. 1581017

Most of my friends feel bad about their bodies, makes me sad. They all have perfectly normal bodies, none of them are even overweight. I hate how social media has made BBL bodies so popular.

No. 1581018

File: 1684437376861.jpg (234.77 KB, 1440x1080, 267851862_446984283751682_3313…)

>wear leggings and shorts that make their asses look bigger while they have tiny dangly legs and i feel like i just don't fit in.
kek don't feel fooled by those nothingburgers, most of them have no ass and look really average without those leggings. for me i can spot them miles away,you can't have a big gym ass without having both hamstrings and quads developed
wear what's the comfiest and what helps you finish your workout while feeling good, remember you are there for YOURSELF, not for others . You are there to be the best version of yourself!
and don't hate yourself, we all started somewhere, trust the process, a year from now you're going to be amazed what hard work and consistency can achieve
remember to do weight training, nothing will ever beat that!
sincerely, nonnie with 10+ years of gym experience and a nice ass

No. 1581023

File: 1684437840315.jpeg (7.06 KB, 225x225, alkjbgcsoiuxgbal.jpeg)

>be me, med student
>there is an actual retard in my course
>sexist, racist, rude and stupid
>literally no redeeming features
>compared black students to orangutans
>said that all women have borderline personality disorder as a "joke" in a psychiatry class in front of an actual patient and the psychiatrist
>openly cheats on every single exam
>touched a patients liver with his unwashed ungloved hands during a transplant surgery and was forcefully removed from the OR
>somehow hasnt been kicked out yet

>forensic medicine oral exam

>he was asked to name a type of child abuse by the teacher
>answer: "abortion"
>aggressively argued with the teacher when the teacher told him abortion isnt child abuse because the fetus isnt born yet
>his other oral topic was traffic accidents
>he said that if a train hits a car the people in the train will have fatal injuries but the people in the car will be fine and they will drive away from the scene
>somehow, the teacher passed him but with a low grade
>remained outside the exam room and questioned everyone who had the exam after him
>asked me if the teacher was mean to me as well

(the teacher was really nice)

>thinks spontaneous abortion (ie miscarriage) can be prevented by locking pregnant women into a psych ward

>doesnt know the definition of basic medical terms
>thinks the knee cap is half way up the thigh
>thinks that adult humans need to consume only 140 calories a day
>yet is somehow morbidly obese
>watches instagram bikini models and weird music videos during class on full volume
>harrassed the student representative of our year group so much the rep quit his position

the worst part is there is nowhere where i can report him to the university. he will most likely graduate and be a doctor.

No. 1581027

I mean, it's not like we can't spot it. Right? Men like this usually show their scrote mannerisms without us triggering it. Right.???

No. 1581032

I used to work for the medical board in my state and I swear to god, that job made me paranoid about doctors ever since. I worked in the licensing department so I got to see all of the complaints, malpractice, and all of the weird shit these people did during med school and I'm shocked some of these people haven't lost their licenses. People like the dude you're talking about scare the fuck out of me, and these people actually become doctors. UGH. Fuck. Nona, I hope med school goes well for you and you become an awesome doctor in spite of the sociopaths and creeps, we need more people like you who care.

No. 1581036

literally me

No. 1581037

Your med school sounds like shit, is it private with high payment or something? If someone tried to argue with a teacher, they'd get kicked out here which is how it should be. You also get kicked out for wrong answers like his, students that are raised from your school will probably end up killing several patients if they enable this behavior.

No. 1581049

thank you for the good wishes, anon.

its not private. afaik this guy isnt paying tuition. he studied in another school in another country for at least 4 years before having to transfer here due to circumstances in the other country. hes been here for less than a year. ive heard rumours that his father may be bribing someone. ive never seen anyone else being enabled like he's been which is why its so jarring.

No. 1581051

File: 1684438944439.jpg (31.76 KB, 959x650, 960x0.jpg)

No. 1581053

once again I feel overwhelmed. I have so much to do, so little time and too little confidence in myself.

No. 1581060

Can I ask where you're from? Even just a continent. This is so concerning.

No. 1581062


No. 1581066


No. 1581067

AYRT, and thank you. I hope he dies.

No. 1581070

No. 1581076


me too. ive been frantically searching for any way my university has for reporting other students but there are none. im not sure who to go to. he will harm/kill patients if hes allowed to graduate.

No. 1581081

just go to whoever is in charge of the department. or if there is some kind of a student body.

No. 1581089

i will try the student body. although im not sure how much they can actually do.

No. 1581095

the fact he hasn't been ousted yet makes me think he has wealthy parents or family member keeping him in there

No. 1581099

i tried HER today to see if it was as bad in my country (scandinavia) as it is in the us and it's not as bad but jesus fuck why are all trannies like this. i have by now encountered 3. the first was 'victoria' who i got a notification had liked me and every second photo of his was of the tranny shark in various poses and he had 'pls teach me makeup' with that gross pleading emoji and was fat as shit, second was in a poly relationship and dressed like a 14 year old, third had a gross split tongue and almost every pic was one in underwear and had 'lesbian goth transfem' in bio. maybe my american nonnies dont think this is that weird but i have literally never encountered a male tranny irl except at game conventions and it's also so weird seeing TRA-speak be translated into my language kek. theyre so gross and all the interesting cute girls have 'they/them' pronouns. also the no screenshotting pop up its so funny cause they know why you screenshot kek.

No. 1581124

I forgot venting to moids is completely useless lol I always feel worse. Feels like this one says subtle "jokes" right after I manage to feel slightly better and they make me feel worse. Like how hard is it to not be a dickhead? Especially since this whole time all you can fucking say is you're glad I'm back and that talking to me keeps you smiling? Why can't you return the fucking favor? Why can't they ever return the fucking favor all I end up feeling is worse.

Anyways the vent is, I hate living with my mother. It's a nightmare and it's unfair because I work full-time for 40k a year but I still can't find a fucking place because I'm stuck in fucking NYC. So now I have to be drained at work all day to go home and be drained by the narcissist that's been on workman's comp leave at home for at least a month now. It's so fucking irritating all she's doing now is buying useless crap off temu and trying to pick fights with me. You know the "oh, this is a dumb thing I did huh?" Type of egging you on that if you respond honestly she'll flip her shit. I'm so sick of everyone.

No. 1581153

I feel much more calm and serene without my toxic ex
but also kind of lonely

No. 1581155

But I’m an evil feminazi for not letting these freaks perform open heart surgery on me.

No. 1581169

sorry to report the cat died in the car to town. The dogs live on a farm, they run free. The cat was a stray, showed up a few days ago and got ambushed in a shed away from other buildings. Thank you for caring, I am fairly well since it wasnt too gore-y. I hope all kitties can be safe :((:()

No. 1581185

File: 1684446100486.jpg (35.73 KB, 735x825, b96696bacbdf335bb0ed9cfeded4cb…)

I hate periods and the random diarrhea they ALWAYS bring along. Was just silently passing a lighthearted fart but then I realised that it felt wrong… really wrong. I'm glad I stopped before it could end up in an embarrassing situation which would've resulted in me banging my head against a pillar to greet death. I don't fucking get why my period lasts for only 3 days yet diarrhea starts to fuck with me around 5 days in advance and then stays for an entire week after my period ends.

No. 1581191

I wish,I'm constipated for 2-3 days when I'm on my period, and even before, when I'm PMSing. So it's 10 days of constipation each fucking month
stupid uterus

No. 1581197

Man I miss my period. Even the diarrhoea and the constipation she brought along. Kinda jealous of anons complaining.

No. 1581200

feed yourself (?? unless no ed is involved and there rly are menopaused nonnas)

No. 1581203

nta but it's really fucked to reply to vents like this, seriously why even do that

No. 1581207

The diarrhea is the worst, I'm like out of commission when I start. Last time I had my period, I was using the restroom nearly every 2 hours at work, it felt like I didn't even work because of these nasty shits.

No. 1581209

I am so retarded I forget to eat, and by the time I'm hungry enough to notice I've got low blood sugar and I'm probably crying and dizzy and would rather go to sleep than go cook a meal because it's so much effort. I've given advice to other disordered eating anons on here but can barely take care of myself, it's so embarrassing

No. 1581212

u could always just order something or keep some easy to eat stuff aroud nonna…. fruits, carots, biscuits, instant meals

No. 1581216

Oh how I wish I was either you or the constipated anon. I hate my period shits and pcos, I'd even take menopause over it.

No. 1581223

some dumb cunt unlocked my room's door with a knife from the outside just now at 1am with so much noise just to lock my cat inside without her litter box and now I'm fully awake from the noise. It's either my sister or my cousin who's here for literally no good reason at all and who tried to beat up mh cat once because she has allergies. Whoever it is I hope she dies tonight in her sleep idgaf.

No. 1581250

I dedicate this song to my ‘friend’ who’s living her best life while I rot in my parents’ house in despair and brokenness. Ironically, she introduced me to this band a long time ago.

No. 1581257

How should I go about getting over the paranoid distrust that I have for my boyfriend? We have only been together for about four months so everything still feels very new and fragile. Because of this my anxieties seem to have overtaken me completely. I constantly worry that I am too clingy and dependent, and I keep having intrusive thoughts and making up things from nothing that he is annoyed or growing tired of me already. Like for example when he kisses me or holds me closer my paranoid mind makes up the delusion that it is only because he is trying to make himself feel something for me. It is not like he is sending any actual negative signals at all and there is nothing wrong with him, it is literally just me. This is absolutely unbearable because I am constantly sabotaging for myself and gaslighting myself into worrying and being unhappy instead of allowing good things to happen to me. It's just that he matters so much to me and that's just why I am so terrified of losing him, and so I keep worrying about things that aren't happening.

No. 1581289

i am so exhausted. these two dumbasses that the company hired are equally skilled at weaponized incompetence, so they 'shuffled' job tasks. but shuffled they basically gave me three different peoples fucking workloads while having to deal with a 41 and 62 year old bitching about and at each other ALL THE FUCKING TIME instead of just DOING THEIR FUCKING JOBS i am SO FUCKING MAD
i had a mini meltdown at work in front of the owner and said "no i cannot do that, look at the pile on my desk. these are all of the things i need to do. why am i responsible for things someone else was hired for when they are still here and capable of doing it themselves?" why am i doing all of the work of someone who was hired to do said job, but instead spends all day on her onlyfans? why do i have to help this boomer who can't, even after very polite suggestions, figure out how to even wipe his own ass?
i have such a hard time asking for help, i have no idea how these idiots exist that think they can pawn off everything they do on other coworkers. i swear to fucking god if either the 41 year old woman or the boomer man asks me a question or for 'help' on something i have shown them how to do 12+ times i am going to either walk out or have an aneurism. i don't want to go into work tomorrow because the boomer wants a meeting and i don't want to fucking talk to him, i want to just sit in a room with everyone i work with (small number of people) and hash everything out because this is fucking stupid and i didn't quit a shitty job to get another shit job that pays 20k more but is just as fucked up
dear god i hope no one reads this. i feel better getting it out so thanks

No. 1581292

File: 1684456897334.png (222.07 KB, 728x346, period !!!!.png)

attached picture of what the fuck im dealing with, potato quality for obvious reasons. needed to share this with other people because this has been the only thing getting me through this bullshit. who the fuck sends this to a coworker? as a 62 year old man? i have been saying "stay out of my inbox!!!!!" to everyone for the last few days now

ot but is trump chan my coworker

No. 1581320

I've never met a kind and sweet high-functioning autistic person before. They're always toxic, rude, and inconsiderate in some way. Never gonna try and be friends with them again.

No. 1581321

Keep complaining to higher ups about this behavior. This is childish and bizarre to witness. I hope you can be rid of them soon.

No. 1581322

i love my family, i swear, but what the fuck is up with the inability to read instructions? they're a smart lot but jesus on toast please read the enclosed instructions. we've had this oven for a year and still i get asked how to switch it off. what's that, you're gonna make some hashbrowns in the oven? cool! oh, you don't know what temperature to put them in under though it says so on the bag in your hands…

lazy jerks.

No. 1581323


No. 1581325

I'm in my mid twenties and I don't like alcohol or getting high. People my age look at me funny when I say I don't drink or smoke and treat me like a baby "really anon? you've NEVER had a hangover?". It also makes social events awkward when everyone is high as a kite or drunk and you're just sitting there sober. Why can't people plan a fun get together without these things? I'm mad that I'd have to do things I don't like just to fit in and have any kind of social life. The older I get the more I feel that I don't fit in anywhere.

No. 1581330

are you sure you'd say the same if the person wasn't autistic? Maybe you just have a bias, bitch.

No. 1581351

I'm about to buy CBD for my OCD because I'm so desperate for a cure but I refuse to see a psychiatrist. I honestly can't remember what life was like before I had so much anxiety and compulsions. Sometimes days are easier and I'm distracted enough to not think too much but that's it.

No. 1581353

I'm forced to rent a room in a house with 6 scrotes and only 1 woman. Any ways to keep myself safe? I have a locker in my door thank god, but still, how can I prevent someone from going inside, if they have an extra key for example? Maybe I'm paranoid but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also they already started hitting on me and I feel uncomfortable and it's just the first day. I decided to lie to everyone that I have a boyfriend so maybe they will fuck off. Any other ideas?

No. 1581355

People that rely on substances to have fun are boring and uncreative. You're better off without 'em.

No. 1581357

Get a security camera set up facing the door in your room. Befriend the other woman and stick together. and pretend your "bf" is a military guy or some gangster, kek. And also keep on the look out for a new place to live. You're basically living with unpredictable apes right now.

No. 1581359

thats the last fuckin time i order food with my coworkers. this obese fuck ate my chicken burrito because he thought it was the beef burrito he ordered. he's all "oh u can have my other one" BITCH u kno i don't eat beef!

No. 1581365

File: 1684466057461.jpeg (27.18 KB, 500x281, IMG_4891.jpeg)

Why am I so autistic around women I’m attracted to

No. 1581368

File: 1684467442168.gif (754.97 KB, 220x220, everybody eats.gif)

Chewing on the string of my pj pants and I guess something rubbed a weird way that made a sound that sounded a lot like a guinea pig. It remind me of my guinea pig that died and now I'm sad.

No. 1581383

File: 1684469977008.jpg (17.39 KB, 621x414, pepe-kkx--621x414@LiveMint.jpg)

Eh, after all the said and done, at least Miss Swift will get to make her own version of Katy Perry's "Part of Me"..

(While Mr. Healy will dodge the bullet that The Arcade Fire couldn't since even The 1975 are sounding like their "Funeral/Neon Bible" era rn)

No. 1581387

Barricade your door with something when you're sleeping so it's harder to get in, in case these fuckers try to pick the lock. Agree with the other anon said to set up a camera facing the door. If it's not too expensive, get one of those wireless mini ones

No. 1581395

Not to self diagnose like tiktok zoomers but I’m so autistic it’s not even funny. I just cannot function like a normal person in professional settings, I’m so stiff and awkward all the fucking time and i can’t make eye contact. I feel like I’m gonna make someone’s eyes explode with a laser beam when i look into their eyes. Hrhhghrh idk what to do. Maybe i should just off myself

No. 1581397

i like the other advice nonnas gave and i think they are great and you should do all that for sure but i have another one: be weird and ugly around them. bad hair, pick your nose in front of them, burp, act off-putting. have a set of clothes that you never wash, put it on every time you have to use the commune kitchen etc. make sure the outfit STINKS. make weird noises. fart in front of them etc. be the disgusting girl.

No. 1581402

i became a neet because my mom is pretty physically abusive and i just shut down and gave up. i moved to a new part of the world and it’s so hard to make friends out of high school while i’m not in college yet. i’m trying to chase my dreams but she’s scared me into not even trying anymore. she constantly talks shit about me to my dad for trying to fix my life. i’m taking a gap year currently and hopefully will go to a school i got into soon and my life will get better. i can’t take being alone with her anymore. she’s hit me and throws me while she is drunk since i was a toddler. i’m an adult now and i’m barely an adult but i just cannot take being one. nobody believes me when i say my mom is holding me back and hurts me still.

she gets drunk every night and ruins everything in the house while i have to baby her. i’ve been in my room ever since i turned 18 besides when i got enough money to leave my home for things relating to my dream and to go to my favorite artist’s concerts. leaving my room means dealing with my mom.

i’ve been applying to so many wagecuck jobs but nobody wants me because i am young with not enough experience and even the shitty jobs right now want someone with years of experience. sometimes i cry thinking i will be here forever. i don’t wanna be a fucking neet forever with my mother controlling me with fear. i feel like i’m 14 still.

she puts so much fear in me that time is slipping and i fear i will never make the dreams i want come true. i plan to start working extremely hard today to leave. i’ve gotten too used to this depressing lifestyle. my schedule is sleeping, studying, crying and making sure my batshit insane mom doesn’t hurt anyone

No. 1581406

Nta but mods you couldn't have just let her have that sad face, of all the posts to redtext you couldn't just let that one slide.
I'm sorry Nona, something similar happened to my cat was when I a kid, it got into a fenced yard with two dogs and the dogs chased him around and barked at him. They didn't attack him though so I thought he'd be fine but he died of a heart attack from the panic of it about 20 minutes later. I'm sorry I wish all kitties would be safe too, I'm glad at the very least you were able to get him out of the shed so he could pass away in peace. Hope your okay ♥

No. 1581422

I wish you were coming home sooner. I miss you so much.

No. 1581435

I sweat through my clothes every night in the summer because I have to sleep with my heavy winter duvet on me year round. I can’t fall asleep without a heavy blanket even when it’s seasonally inappropriate. I learned weighted blankets are a thing recently and I’m wondering if those would work as an alternative or if they’d be just as hot. And how do you wash it without destroying your washing machine? So I guess I’ll just have to sweat forever

No. 1581436

I am in the exact same boat anon. I do not know how people sleep with thin-ass summer sheets. It makes me feel more naked than if I was sleeping nude without a sheet.

No. 1581438

>It makes me feel more naked than if I was sleeping nude without a sheet.
YOU get it!!! My mom calls me insane when I talk about my issue kek

No. 1581449

I don't want to go into work today. I just know it's going to be shitty and stressful. But I got this. I will make it and mmaaayyybeeee not quit.

No. 1581450

I am very very tired. I give up on all pretense. I wish I wasn't depressed. This world is horrible and depressing. I'm tired of the constant gaslighting we have to endure. It's all so tiresome.

No. 1581455

only 5 hours of sleep, managed to wake up at 9 AM, today is the day I fix my sleeping schedule
must not fall asleep again, must stay awake, must go to bed at 11 PM max, you can do this, no more devices after 9 PM
please god let me fix my damn sleep schedule so I could feel semi normal again and have a lot of time to do things again

No. 1581457

File: 1684484087620.jpg (35.55 KB, 640x480, 1518553890976.jpg)

No. 1581494

they make weighted blankets with washable covers. the part with the weight beans in them, no you can't wash.

No. 1581497

This one stupid fucking male cat keeps crying and stalking and trying to rape my kitten. I found a wound on her neck and I hear her cry every so often. I tried to be nice to this cat but I hate it, none of the other cats cause problems like this. This same fucker also pissed all over my apartment before, because they live outside but often come inside especially my kitty and my favorite cats. This asshole is skiddish but still an annoying pos. I think I want to take my cats with me when I move, I thought they would all be happy and get along but there's cat drama so Idk and this kitty loves me so much, she is the only one growing up with me, the rest are older and were here before I was. She really is my baby.

No. 1581500

Oh god I'm sorry Nona, do you know who owns the cat? I recently found out that cats often mate by the male cat biting down on the back of the female cats neck and then mounting her. Is it possibly for your cat to wear some sort of spiked collar when she goes out? One that wouldn't be spiky enough to harm her of course.

No. 1581503

Can't wait to hit menopause and be released from fertile horny prison

No. 1581506

because menopause is fun and easy

No. 1581507

Male cats are fiends (like any other male creature). I had multiple cats at some point and the adult unspayed male would try to mate with the small female kittens even if he was double their sizes. Definitely try to scare him off or find his owner, though I doubt he has one.

No. 1581508

All I know is old grannys are based as fuck

No. 1581510

I feel called out by this video somehow and I think I will leave internet for a while because of it.

No. 1581517

They are all street cats / abandoned cats taken care of by my landlords who care for stray animals. They have tons of dogs inside so the cats are outside with shelters of course, the kitten was left outside so I cared for her inside and once she got bigger she was outside a lot more. This behavior is recent, I noticed only a couple weeks it started and I am upset.
Yes they all live here. He was generally sweet before. Luckily there's another male cat who is very protective of her, they play a lot, he attacks other cats if the kitty looks scared or mad. I guess they fight over the rapey cat's behavior. The kitten is about seven months old, she is not tiny anymore but half the size of the adult cats, so I worry.

No. 1581533

Oh I see she put ”theythem” in her bio lol

No. 1581547

my friends dumb male cat was humping his sister
he got spayed but he STILL humps the poor kitten

No. 1581548

Idk if cats are similar to dogs, but dogs will mount their family members to show dominance and hierarchy. I had to dog sit these sister dogs that were in heat and they were just out in the garden bleeding and humping each other.

No. 1581549

God I'm sick of this agency "gaslighting" me. Another agency directly told me their clients usually want an older aged employee for the job, that younger would be too timid. Then at this agency a job I applied to and was rejected for updated their ad to say they want a "mature" candidate for the job. Sorry but thay directly translates to OLDER PERSON. It is absolutely about age.

Then they try to say it's about something else, like not having an EU passport. I am an EU citizen so I HAVE A PASSPORT. YOU FUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS. I hate this agency because they aren't honest and I want to just ditch them for the other one who says the truth. If I don't qualify because my age it's whatever because I cannot change that. BUT BE HONEST ABOUT IT, IT'S NOT HARD.

No. 1581558

File: 1684499765379.jpeg (209.58 KB, 819x1024, IMG_3714.jpeg)

I’m the same situation with my girlfriend (8 months relationship), I get so scared of losing her most of the time. In the beginning it was worse, so I can tell you that if you give it time it will get better, because you’ll trust him more. It’s not easy to be vulnerable with someone else, especially if you’re insecure or used to people leaving you. If he’s the right one for you he’ll never stop reassuring you, remind yourself that he loves you as much as you love him. Something that helped me a lot is analyzing why I feel that way and where my insecurities are coming from…it’s usually never the other person. Also try to not accuse him of anything, especially if he’s not sending any negative signals. I promise you that with time it will get better.
I literally came here to vent about the fact that my girlfriend took a nap yesterday for like 2 hours (she woke up at 5 am, she also usually does this, so no red flags) but I was so convinced and scared that she was actually cheating on me. I talked with her and she immediately reassured me…I’m still upset, but communication is key. Always let your partner know what’s going on, and if they belittle and gaslight you, they’re not worth your time.

No. 1581559

It is miserable being an apartmentcel. I feel so suffocated. I wish I had some more room and space to exist and have better enrichment.

No. 1581564

Meant to reply to this. Not sure what happened?

No. 1581601

Is it possible to ask your landlord to get them neutered? Male cats are usually less sexually aggressive after being snipped. I know it can be pricy, if he refuses perhaps you could call some sort of animal welfare place that takes care of getting stray cats fixed and making sure they've had their shots. Not sure if those places are even available where you live though it depends on the state and city.

No. 1581613

You're delusional, the fault when it comes to the marriage's end is more or less fairly shared between moids and women, accepting it should ease your mind. I do think most marriages are bullshit tho, for there are a number of traps, and the first one should be an overconfidence regarding love. Lifelong love is not a thing, but affection is another matter. Love is essential to start, but to choose a good partner you have to question yourself if his affection and yours are enough to take the reins. Your lifepartner have to be someone willing to stay despite a lack of love, same for you. It doesn't mean that your marriage will be sad, but I'll stop here this message is getting too long.
Going after somebody else everytime love runs dry, to try to relive that again and again is nothing but a pipe dream, you will end up truly alone. Their loss.

And don't choose moids overly focused on sex.

No. 1581615

I’ve been driving my aunt to some of her chemo treatments and hearing the way her husband treats her is making me crazy. He insists on babysitting their granddaughters who are 4 & 6 almost every weekend, despite the fact that he doesn’t do shit, she literally ends up taking care of them every time. He won’t take any time off work to take her to treatments. This woman has stage 3 breast cancer, is working full time, takes care of the grandkids, and fucking cooks and cleans for him.The worst part is she doesn’t even seem to realize how fucked that is. I’m losing my mind literally what is wrong with men

No. 1581616

Hold on what basis do they have for talking about your EU passport? Are you originally from a country outside EU or have a foreign name?

No. 1581619

I've literally never seen a marriage that doesn't end with the man ignoring his family and wife, I know it exists and it's possible to have a lifelong respectful and loving relationship with a partner but it's near impossible to know who is capable of that maturity and love, it's not every male who can reach age mentally and that's the hard part. It's pretty much life russian roulette.

Personally I cope with it by knowing anything good might be temporary and that doesn't lessen from it as long as you are able to see the good in every situation. If my husband eventually grows cold and disinterested I honestly don't think I'd care much, I'd just move on to another plan and find other objectives (will hopefully not compromise my life and have enough achievements and goals by the time I'm old to just focus on that), alternatively focus on the kids or on having pleasant last days. The idea of cuddling up for someone in your old age sounds great but I don't think you'll feel as abandoned if it doesn't happen when you're old, you'll have lived enough and will have different needs. Hopefully this helps op

No. 1581621

is he asking to watch the kids or are the parents asking them to watch the kids

No. 1581623

You try talking to her and offering her compassion or help? Maybe even scolding the husband. I personally find getting involved might go a long way and she might appreciate someone's looking out for her. I wish her a good remission.

No. 1581729

My main motivation in life right now is money and being a mother someday, but I'm honestly kind of scared to get pregnant. My mother had a miscarriage before having me, and so I feel like I have a pretty good chance of having one as well. She told me when I was very young. My memory of the details are shaky but I think she said it was a little pink thing and that she flushed it down the toilet or threw it in the trash. Idk how I would react to or handle having a miscarriage. I'm really scared of having experience that one day. The thought could make me vomit.

No. 1581742

thanks anon, i am nauseous and my IBS is flaring up bcz of sleep deprivation, I'm almost there, going to drop like a potato at 10 pm, i'm counting the minutes until I shower and sleep
really hope my stomach won't hurt tomorrow

No. 1581805

I fucking hate men. I wish they would all be locked up so they can fuck and kill each other forever. I've always been around unstable violent moids and I often hear about men killing and raping women where I live. They're worse than animals. How can you trust something like that? It's crazy to me that other women are able to think that their moids are kind and loving, as if they even comprehended what love is. When a moid approaches me all I can think about is how to make him stay as meek as possible and if he gets angry then I'm actually scared for my life. Not to mention if you meet a random moid and he could become obsessed with you and kill you because he says so, and he won't even pay for it. Men are demons and there's nothing women can do to make them right. I will never be able to see them as fellow human beings that I can have deep conversations with, and I will absolutely never trust a man with my mind, my things or my body. There's this gut feeling I get when I happen to speak to men. It's like they're monsters trying to act human, every time they smile or joke around I can't help but thinking about how easily he can get angry, snap and kill me or someone I love.

No. 1581809

Where do you live?

No. 1581810

I'm so tired after spreading like 7 bags of soil I want to sleep like kashooo mimimimi cartoon style. I miss my youthful energy. Maybe I just need to work out more. When I was younger I didn't have to though grrr I was so energetic

No. 1581818

I just peed my fucking pants. I came home after drinking a little and peed my pants before reaching the bathroom. I want to cry I am so ashamed.

No. 1581824

Italy, but men are the same everywhere. In some areas they're just better at hiding it.

No. 1581827

>Lifelong love is not a thing, but affection is another matter.
That's literally my concern, the affection being gone, I've never seen an old couple who are still affectionate to each other. And the thought of being lonely and without affection when I'm older makes me want to kms.

>Your lifepartner have to be someone willing to stay despite a lack of love

But how do I know that he's honest about wanting that? I'm sure most women in an affectionless marriage now once thought they were choosing a moid who wouldn't ignore them and treat them like they're worthless when they're older.

>Going after somebody else everytime love runs dry, to try to relive that again and again is nothing but a pipe dream

I don't and wouldn't do that, I've only ever had one boyfriend and I wouldn't date or be intimate with someone I didn't think had the same goal as me of a long term relationship.

You summed that up perfectly, especially with the "life russian roulette" part. And that second part did help, thank you nona.

No. 1581837

Come to America and buy a gun, italisister. Really takes the edge off.

No. 1581838

My pubic bone might be bruised but the head and cuddling was worth it

No. 1581839

>I've literally never seen a marriage that doesn't end with the man ignoring his family and wife
That's because most men are opportunistic and stay with any woman who gives him a chance, even if he doesn't love her, doesn't enjoy being around her, and doesn't find her attractive. Many good-natured women fall in love with men so hard that they don't even notice they aren't receiving that love and care back. I think the best way to avoid the situation you're talking about is having extremely high standards for how you're treated, don't be "easy", and don't be afraid to drop a man if you think his mask is slipping. Too many women end up in these dead-end relationships because they don't notice or they ignore red flags.

No. 1581860

that is so sad holy shit

No. 1581863

I ate too much pasta and now my stomach hurts.

No. 1581869

Every time I hop online looking for some fun shitposting, I'm reminded on why I'll never wed. Scrotes are right when they say it's a scam, but it's a scam for women and not them. Holy shit id much rather die alone lol

No. 1581883

Old generation women are sometimes like that. I don't get why but they insist on such a lifestyle against all wishes of family and friends. It's some sort of mental illness and blaming the man is ignorant. It's not like the women are all stupid either. My guess would be growing up in a specific cultural environment and breaking along specific personality lines.

>good-natured women
I loathe this way of phrasing it. In every other truecrime story the victim is a complete imbecile living in their feelings without a care or thought in their head and they are always described as "sweet" and "kind" when nothing could be further from the point. They are sweet and kind because they lack the intellect to understand and actively participate in social situation, so they default to complete submission and slavery as a way to buy their way "in", and that is exactly why the criminals target them. Predators can detect this lack, and unlike normal people who might respond with pity or annoyance, they see easy prey.

Bit of a tangent, but I really hate how truecrime in general lionized victims. Some of them really act heroically or just didn't have a chance, but many of them became victims because of their own stupidity and stubbornness and I hate to hear about how poor an innocent they were in all of it, just because it ended up with them dead in the ground. Yeah, I'm sure the drug addict prostitute with a fetish for violent gangsters was the very best and most loving mother for her children whom she regularly abandoned at her ma's to go smoke meth with gangbangers.

No. 1581887

File: 1684527458848.jpg (20.17 KB, 500x500, g.jpg)

No. 1581893

I refuse to watch or read anything where the main plot point involves that the poor female character is just TOO pretty and that every other woman hates her because of it.

Pretty privilege is real and it honestly boils my blood whenever I see some women go "noo but I'm so pretty so I get harassed more it's actually worse!" as if ugly women don't get harassed too, but at the same time also treated as complete non-humans and either degraded or ignored at every turn. Yes, just because someone is pretty doesn't mean their life is amazing, but I hate this weird idea that being pretty is actually really hard. The halo effect exists for a reason and is well documented.

No. 1581899

I hate the talk about pretty privilege in general because it always leads to the conclusion that attractive women are actually privileged for being harrassed AND desired by scrotes at the same time and ugly women are oppressed because the scrote that harrass them do not desire them. It's like, well they're both women getting harrassed aren't they.

No. 1581901

the only story that ever does that trope right and with nuance is beauty by kerascoët, every other time it's just mary sue syndrome

No. 1581904

>That's literally my concern, the affection being gone, I've never seen an old couple who are still affectionate to each other.
Regarding your concern, I just wanted to tell you that affection is not as volatile as love, and it's often more intimate. A couple's affection is expressed in many ways, and changes over time. You can't be sure that there was no affection, especially when you have an outside perspective, unless the moid is downright awful.
I know how tempting it is to choose the worst thought when you are afraid but you shouldn't burden yourself with that

>I'm sure most women in an affectionless marriage now once thought they were choosing a moid who wouldn't ignore them and treat them like they're worthless when they're older.

Many people make mistakes when it comes to choosing a partner, often because they are blinded by feelings. Being lucid from the start about your own compatibility with the other person is already a sure way to lower the risk of being with a jerk. And that's all, the next step is a big leap of faith, hoping you will keep your right mind to get out if things turn for the worse.

>I don't and wouldn't do that, I've only ever had one boyfriend and I wouldn't date or be intimate with someone I didn't think had the same goal as me of a long term relationship.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I wasn't aiming at you. It's just my thought regarding the futility of leaving your long-term partner once the love is no more.

Ultimately I just wanted to show you a bit of light about this topic. I do hope you will find your perfect moid nona

No. 1581906

People can be negative affected in different ways by different things at the same time, and it's really annoying to be told that actually being privileged in this way is harder than being deprived. It's like some millionaire walking up to a homeless person and saying having so much money makes for a much more difficult life than owning nothing, because the rich person has to concern themselves with managing their wealth properly while the homeless has no such issues. But both can die from cancer and isn't that what really matters in the end??

No. 1581907

Pretty much this. Both ends suck because misogyny. Pretty privilege can for sure be a real thing, but it's not something life changing and amazing. When you think about it there's pros and cons for both ends of the spectrum. Like everything else in life.

No. 1581909

Sorry but it's pathetic to see attractive and unattractive women compared to fucking millionaires and poor people, jesus fucking christ. So out of touch. Go and lift some weights or something.

No. 1581910

Pretty privilege includes a lot more than just that. It also means someone is more likely to get offered a job, get treated better by any kind of worker etc etc.

No. 1581911

First world problems.

No. 1581913

If you were pretty you would get to wear the clothes instead of just sowing them.

No. 1581920

Sewing AND wearing the clothes >
I love making my own clothing!

No. 1581921

Thank you for your thought out responses nona, you've given me a lot to think about and I feel better hearing responses like these. I get so in my head about it and it's hard to pull out of that mindset of negativity about the whole situation. I was so sad when I posted the other day because lc went down right after and I didn't think I'd receive any more replies after that. Thanks again for your long responses, I hope you find or found your perfect moid too

No. 1581924

I hate your second take no offense, a lot of these victims are actually sweet and kind and don't imagine the horrors which shouldn't mean they deserve to be killed. That's victim blamey as shit anon and not the cute take you hoped for

No. 1581928

just remind yourself it's just a butt anon. it's actually kind of silly that they want to show off their goofy butt to the world so badly. you have a working body (i assume) and that means so much. you dont realize how much it means til your body stops working right, and you think of all the times you felt bad over a butt when your body was perfectly good enough. besides, those girls will get old and ugly and out of shape like everyone else on the planet. it's only temporary. love your body and all it does to support you, enjoy it while it still works so well!

No. 1581931

I lost all my ability to draw. I'm heartbroken. The one thing that brought some sort of pleasure in my life, and now it's gone. It's all my fault as well. Practising, keeping at it and working on my weaknesses became boring. All I cared about was the end product, but now I don't have any foundations anymore to get me there. All these things I wanted to create, and now they're just gone because I finally reached the point where I've regressed beyond saving.

No. 1581932

I don't mean they deserve to be killed for being stupid lowlifes, I mean that there's very clear cause and effect relationships that go entirely unaddressed because "victim blaming bad". In most day to day cases the victim can actually do many things to improve their situation and that's why I think blasting people 24/7 with holy virgin turn the other cheek propaganda is actively harmful. These people are NOT taken advantage of because they are morally superior to others, but because they are intellectually inferior and these people need to extra look out and ask people they can trust about big decisions AND LISTEN, they don't need to hear "You're an angel for putting up with your drunk piece of shit of a boyfriend and god will reward you in heaven for doing the most servile thing possible in every situation".

No. 1581934

You can’t actually lose the ability, if you feel stuck take a break, look at things that inspire you, and try a completely different technique from what you normally do

No. 1581935

Pretty and ugly women get harassed alike, I understand ugly or gnc women get disrespected A LOT more by society but it's also the case that pretty or feminine women get their own share of harmful stereotypes. Men in particular are extremely hateful and vitriolic to pretty women who ignore them, it's like the attractiveness adds salt to the wound, same with some other women who assume attractive/feminine = stupid and will misrepresent and bully you. Anyway you guys are right this debate is pretty much uninteresting.

No. 1581936

I gave my written notice that I'm leaving this apartment way ahead of time and since the actual date they gave me I've been trying to get them at the office before work. Except every damn time they're in a "meeting" or "out showing units" so I can't sign the official paper that mine is up for grabs. Its pissing me off i dont want to be fined some bullshit for them never being there!!

No. 1581938

Can't you make an appointment?

No. 1581940

It's easy to feel like you've regressed when your mind is not in it. I forgot anatomy for a while because i was drawing directly with ink and not putting my mind in it (was literally coming out like some shitty deviantart art). After a lot of rest I came back to character design using a pencil to sketch and I've made the best anatomy and coolest characters i've made my entire life

No. 1581944

I understand your point now nonna, i'm sorry i just got triggered by the first half of your initial message

No. 1581945

fucking hate moids. can’t do anything because of them. i just want them all separated from us

No. 1581947

Thanks for getting back to me.

No. 1581954

im going back to the only thing i really know: tumblr

No. 1581956

>And don't choose moids overly focused on sex.
But that's pretty much all of them kek

No. 1581957

I legit do not believe you should delay a whole classroom because you do not know how to speak English.
It's astounding that these people actually got accepted into the university.
I'm pissed because we wasted this whole 2.5 hour class troubleshooting minor things because people cannot understand simple words and structures.
I'm no language major, but I'm one of the few who can actual speak the language, lol. Frustrating!

No. 1581959

nta but you forgot a number in the quote/link, that's why it linked to a post from 7 years ago

No. 1581961

It's almost a tradition at this point to get in an argument with my mother every Friday afternoon. It completely affects the atmosphere of our home during the whole weekend and it makes me so frustrated. I can't stand it. Gonna eat some more white chocolate, walk the dog, get comfy in my bed (maybe more snacks) and read manga until my eyes close.

No. 1581985

File: 1684534580251.jpg (24.54 KB, 563x472, 4f53908a3cd450fb10c7f012efffd9…)

I'm really confused by other women who say that they don't/wouldn't mind "trans women" in their female-only spaces. In my gym, the female changing rooms often have other women walking around nude sometimes in the shower and sauna areas. When it's just women there, none of us mind and it doesn't feel awkward at all. But when there is a male electrician or worker in there fixing the aircon etc the entire dynamic changes. You can't change next to your locker anymore, and no woman uses the sauna when there's a "male electrician working here" sign up. So thinking about these every day examples, it's really weird and tbh I find it completely unbelievable that handmaidens say they personally wouldn't mind troons in their spaces. Even when I was a libfem I still felt uncomfortable about the idea of a male coming into a female-only space. It's really fucking annoying to have irl interactions with women who think I am insane and hateful for saying that I don't want any male in these types of spaces.

No. 1581986

When they say troon they imagine a tall woman with broad shoulders and perfect manicure/makeup, the day they will have to sit next to johnny bravo in a wig i'm sure they'll reconsider

No. 1581987

theyre saying it for brownie points, they dont actually want trannies there

No. 1581989

The MSM says 24/7 that trans people pass and you will never know, so these MSM NPC people believe that transwomen are real women that look just like any other woman and the worst thing they have to deal with is an extremely flamboyant homosexual.

I was one of them until I started to immerse myself in trans culture (autistic focus, don't judge#) and started to learn what they really are, what their movement is really about.

Most people never do that, so when they hear about tranny child rapist#34563465 getting arrested they say that's not a true and honest tranny and they never even heard about him being put in a female proison because MSM will of course hush that up.

No. 1581993

I get so angry when I think about how much time I've wasted with losers. And not just like, oh that person is jobless or whatever. If they were sweet, it'd be fine, but one thing you learn is that many people project their insecurities and become miserable to be around.
I've been more disrespected by the losers I've surrounded myself with, than the friends I know who had their shit together.
Such wasted time… Oh well.

No. 1582000

My dad raged at me after I greeted him with "Are you okay?" when he got back from bringing home dinner and now we're in a fucking fight because apparently I'm not supposed to ask him that question. But had I said something else or just not greeted him at all, I would have probably gotten the same response. When will he realize that it's not just me who is causing these stupid fights? I had to laugh at how stupid this is because who the fuck gets so upset at someone saying "Hey are you okay?". I'm so fucking tired of this shit. Nothing is ever good enough, FUCK YOU.

No. 1582005

Hot take but he's possibly taking out his anger on you because he believes you are his propriety and he can yell at you to ease himself. Just don't bother internalizing it

No. 1582015

Ty anon but I've already internalized it for 25 years. I hate him for making me like this with no consideration as to how treating me like this affects me.

No. 1582021

Moids will be moids
They take out their anger on others because they are spineless moids
Hopefully you can move out soon, even just finding a room with others or something and let him suffer alone

No. 1582022

Break up with your boyfriend
Sounds he uses you as a sleeve

No. 1582025

Hey! I'm a loser and I'm very respectful. Although you don't know me, so…

No. 1582032

I’m visiting my parents on vacation and we went to meet someone they used to work with, I was instantly attracted to this kind, handsome man even though he’s like 50 & I shall never see him again.

No. 1582038

>blaming the man is ignorant
You can’t be serious

No. 1582042

File: 1684538997218.jpg (123.68 KB, 1955x832, 16 (785).jpg)

i hate zoomers, i hate corporations, i hate ai, i hate phones, i hate techbros

No. 1582056

File: 1684539770360.jpeg (35.87 KB, 639x594, 1634482952431.jpeg)

>be me on a date
>we start talking about the internet
>4chan comes up (forget if it was me or the guy who brought it up)
>we joke around about it and guy jokingly asks if i "have an account on 4chan"
>tell him that you don't make accounts on 4chan because it's anonymous
>proceeds to make fun of me the rest of the night for being an incel just for having basic level information about an anonymous imageboard

Holy fuck. I still think back on that date and cringe so much. I know I was retarded for actually answering his question seriously, but he was talking out of his ass about shit he knew nothing about and being so smug about it so I just wanted to correct him so bad. God I regret it so much. I also didn't think it'd be a big deal if he knew that I browsed it occasionally, but he kept bringing it up the whole time and it made me feel like such a loser (he actually called me a loser multiple times kek). It'd be one thing if he actually browsed or knew what he was talking about (I actually went on a date with a guy before who browsed it occasionally and he was way nicer even if he was more socially awkward/less attractive), but from the way he talked about it I could tell he literally knew nothing about it other than what he's read on Reddit or some shit like that. So it pissed me off because how could he be judgmental about something he barely knew anything about? I know it's my fault since I could have just pretended I had no idea what he was talking about. And the worst part is I even texted him after that date to see if he wanted to hang out again and he ghosted me. I've learned my lesson though. I don't talk to men anymore and also I'm trying not be as much of a retarded sperg. I wish I could just erase that whole experience from my memory.

No. 1582059

I think I have OCD and sometimes I feel like it may drive me to suicide one day

No. 1582060

Why in the world did you not leave?

No. 1582071

Pretending to not know shit so as to not intimidate/confuse a man is never the move

No. 1582074

I just broke no contact with my loser ex after 5 months to text him if he's free on monday, and I already regret doing that. Honestly finally doing so made me grossed out with him more and I feel a visceral disgust at the thought of meeting him again, which is good as a sign for moving on, but I already took a step back by even speaking to him and seeking him out, after I was the one to break up with him. I'm mad at myself for doing it because now I feel like I could've lived not speaking to him ever again or knowing the things I was gonna ask him this monday, if he even accepts. Ughhhhhhh and it's 1am I won't see the response till tomorrow. I'm going to pull my hair out by morning

No. 1582084

i have it too and it's truly a fucking nightmare. There are meds that can relieve it a little if that's something you're comfortable with and therapy has helped me more than i expected.
i hope it eases up anon, i wish i had better advice

No. 1582088

I drank too much beer last night and had burning diarrhea on and off all day. Last time I wiped there was spots of pink on the tissue, so that means I either have hemorrhoids or a fissure or something. Fuck. I hate this

No. 1582091

Anon he was just rude af. Imageboards aren't new and not exactly a niche thing, it's normal to know how they generally work, and there's nothing wrong with browsing them occasionally if there's something specific you're interested in or even just out of curiosity, to get the idea what's going on there or learn what kind of people uses them and what their beliefs are. It's one thing to not know something, but being boastful about it is ridiculous. I'd even think he lacks curiosity and is therefore boring (plus judgemental). The texting part must be not nice to remember, but it's not the worst thing in the world–everyone has something they regret. It was mostly you having poor boundaries and not realizing what a jerk he was. It shouldn't prevent you from seeking relationships with men if it's something you want.

No. 1582092

Maybe you just wiped too hard nonna. I'm an aggressive wiper and I've had my fair share of butthole cracks due to my mad butthole wiping.

No. 1582093

No. 1582097

I know Facebook is lame but I stay on it for very specific reasons. But I'm frequently reminded of how much it fucking sucks now. An admin for a cat group I'm in posted how you're not allowed to refer to a cat moustache as a Hitler 'stache. And not that I'm going around commenting that ever, but I'm so sick of everyone being such babies you can't say anything now. Now just referencing Hitler's mustache is offensive? Barney and friends was edgier than what Facebook has become for god's sake.

No. 1582101

Can you pretend that you needed something specific from him (some sort of help or something) but it's not relevant anymore?

No. 1582104

facebook is so fucking boring and lame now. before it still was shit but it had interesting content and really weird, lolcow worthy people. now it feels like a desert because the algorythm and weirdos just vanished.

No. 1582107

I was thinking about that, maybe telling him I needed weed or something. I worded it as "where are you monday afternoon" though, so that's pretty specific as a meeting kinda deal. I really should've had a fallback plan but I texted him in the first place impulsively

No. 1582113

I honestly have no idea. I think he was the first guy I'd ever been on a date with who I actually thought was attractive so I guess that really blinded me. And he said everything vin a joking manner so it didn't register to me at the time how rude he was being. But I've learned my lesson so I won't repeat that mistake.

Kek that's a good way to put it. It's a little cringe to think about because I feel like I was powerlevelling and so maybe I deserved to be made fun of it for that.

Thanks noni. I beat myself up over that date for being a sperg, but you're right that even if I was being somewhat lame that his response to what I was saying probably wasn't justified. And yes, I always thought browsing imageboards isn't that niche of a hobby. I've met a couple of guys irl in random areas of my life who browsed (or used to browse) 4chan occasionally and they were totally normal about it when I said that I used to browse too.

No. 1582122

File: 1684543689859.jpeg (1.42 KB, 125x125, ???.jpeg)

my ex boyfriend who had a huge fight with me about 4 days ago and left, is now parked outside of my house in his car. no idea how long he has been there or will be there for

No. 1582123

Call the police

No. 1582124

can you call someone to let them know in case he does something? also are you alone/safe?

No. 1582126

Oh shut up

Lock him in the garage with the engine on

No. 1582129

Actually pls do call the police

No. 1582130

guys i’m fine the worst he’s gonna do is knock on the door and cry at me or something, i’ll call his mother if he tries to interact or is being deranged. but he’s just sitting out there i only noticed him when i closed the curtains since it’s dark out now

No. 1582133

>guys i’m fine the worst he’s gonna do is knock on the door and cry at me or something
This is like some shit a horror movie character says before they die

No. 1582136

and she was never heard from again

No. 1582137

I've been left on read for 15 minutes now. Sayonara anons. Datebayo

No. 1582138

I'm so scared, my elbow hurts so much when i bend it backwards too much or too fast like the bones hurt and there's no reason for that. Wtf could it be? I hope it goes the way and isn't the start of some bullshit.

No. 1582139

tbh that may be less the group's fault and because of Facebook's site policy. In the groups I'm in, I've noticed a lot of strict rules about certain words because they'll get the group flagged as offensive by the shitty auto-moderation. So they're probably scared saying "hitler" in the group will get it banned for hatespeech or something

No. 1582140

File: 1684546550882.jpg (38.07 KB, 637x595, FvtbUW9WcAAz28q.jpg)

Gay men love to claim they aren't misogynistic solely because they aren't attracted to women but the amount of terminally online men being no different and at times worse than straight men continues to increase. I don't understand the obsession they have with women explicitly because they don't even have physical interest in them–yet they are the driving force behind hundreds of edits of female pop singers that are meant to highlight their weight or make them look mentally handicapped. Why be so hyperfixated on women when you don't even fucking like them, they aren't your barbie dolls. Don't get me started on how so many of them almost exclusively use mentally unwell or deficient women as reaction images. Lovelypeaches, trisha paytas, etc basically any woman that is overweight or sexually degrading themselves in some way, they save hundreds of pictures of them and use them on Twitter despite the fact that they NEVER do the same to men and pretend they care about ableism when it comes to men. Truly pathetic losers.

No. 1582142

Don't panic, it's probably just an inflammation. Limit your movements for the next few days

No. 1582146

Probably just sprained, anecdotal but I don’t know what broken bones feel like so I kept going to the clinic thinking I’d broken a bone like a retard when it was just inflamed, and it was always fine and healed on its own, sprains etc just hurt a surprising amount and take their sweet time healing

No. 1582152

update: someone with the exact color make and model as my exes car inexplicably parked right in front of my house for a few hours (note: he has done the same thing before). went out to check the plate and it’s not his. i’m simply literally nuts and embarrassed now

No. 1582153

So what this means is that your bf sent someone in his car to spy on you and do a detective style stakeout. Your ex probably dug a tunnel through the yard into your house and is hiding somewhere as we speak.

No. 1582157

Don't get embarrassed nonna, you was just being cautious and there's nothing wrong with that. Especially when you're dealing with a manchild ex. It's better for you to overthink than not think at all.

No. 1582159

thanks nona i was having a good night and this just really destroyed it, gotta try and shake it off
the shadows told me this wasn’t true and you’re a stinky poopoo liar

No. 1582166

I'd be freaked out, too. What a shitty coincidence. No reason to be embarrassed at all on your part.

No. 1582169

Many of them are jealous.
Was it a woman? I wonder if he sent someone. If he is seeing a woman, he might be trying to triangulate you guys or whatever it is called.
This is called negging. I usually peep it and immediately look for an escape route.
He's now trying to ignore you until x amount of time when he texts you back, to which you'll feel slightly elated (please don't), and he can use this to keep you around. Don't fall for it. It's so cringe of him. When he texts you back, which he likely will, then block him.

No. 1582170

i can’t tell if i have no self awareness and am naturally retarded or if this is just a depressive episode making me retarded

No. 1582171

>many of them are jealous
Not sure aggressive misogyny is just result of jealousy as much as it is demented sociopahy and being raised to belittle and humiliate women like any other moid

No. 1582180

Idk what it is about Stephanie soo but her voice and mannerisms are so annoying and I have no idea why

No. 1582186

I don't know why the fuck I've been bleeding since Monday. My period isn't even due for another two weeks.

No. 1582197

fucking hate how matty healy is such a disgusting moid that watches fetish porn and brags about it. i like some of his music

No. 1582200

Also he looks like his head was stored in a pickle jar the entirety of infancy

No. 1582212


No. 1582217

I wish I could be normal about crushes.
Why must I be low level insane. I thought I had a hold of it but it's pretty obvious with a step back that I do not. No one ever likes me to this extent either…and to be fair I'd hate it if they did because it already makes my skin crawl to be liked back a little bit.
I'm only happy when I suffer. I want to be free from this shitty fucking attachment style.

No. 1582221

same here. all of my crushes have been intense. i’ve never kissed or dated or fucked anyone so i think that’s why i go insane.

No. 1582224

No. 1582242

spent a ton of money recently on things that were all planned for and worth it, and i know i can make it up, but i'll be stuck for a few months broke and stressed about it and it sucks and i never get less anxious even though i do this all the time (i can afford it)

No. 1582287

You might be onto something. I only dated someone I didn't like that much and we didn't sleep together. Maybe my insanity is from not getting laid.
Here's to both of us being normal someday.

No. 1582363

I've had to start using my wheelchair again after more than a year out of it, and I feel so pathetic. When I fell over this morning I just started screaming and sobbing on the floor, just fully gave in to the hysteria. That's not me, I usually fight to get better without anyone else's help and be as stoic as I can about it. I'm genuinely worried I don't have any fight left in me. I feel so defeated.

No. 1582370

Banned again for not integrating and I still have no idea what that means but too much moderation on a forum really kills them. I know I did not use an emoticon this time, which btw why are they even forbidden it's just a smiley face lol

Whatever my vent today is this endless cold that won't go away because it won't stop fucking raining in all of Europe for months JUST STOP RAINING ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

No. 1582371

She always looks like she is going to cry and really unstable, that she has no personality except "cali girl" and she follows whatever other asians do to fit in with them and whatever is trendy on youtube to fit in there and she has no real dreams or goals or purpose and it's killing her inside.

So a typical californian

No. 1582386

Please keep on fighting nonna. You are very strong and deserve to keep on going, I wish you all the best in whatever it is you're going through.

No. 1582388

File: 1684586174404.jpg (86.34 KB, 1920x1080, 1648307201303.jpg)

I like to look good first and foremost for myself. But I do enjoy the attention from men/ envy from women and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. An ego boost is good at times.
Will I ever be as beautiful as Adriana Lima? Fuck no. But that doesn't mean I'm going to wallow and let myself become a goblin.
No matter how depressed or shitty I feel, I like to do at least a minimal skincare routine, keep my nails clean and tidy and find time to exercise at least a bit. This stuff makes me happy and keeps depression away. I slipped once really,really badly and I don't want to be in that mental space fucking ever again, one of the worst moments of my life.

No. 1582398

If making women jealousy and getting attention from men is your only source of happiness do you think you’re going to have a mental breakdown at 50+ and commit suicide?

No. 1582403

Most people aren't even envious of Adriana Lima, they just think she's beautiful and that's nice and all then move on with their lives, and you expect me to believe people feel envious of you?

No. 1582404

File: 1684587618932.jpg (38 KB, 553x541, edc82eef44ebc7a8589d689e313ced…)

The women who are dogpiling and attacking so-called "Karens" because these "Karens" are actually being assaulted and harassed and made to feel uncomfortable by non-white men: you will change your mind so fucking quick when it comes to you eventually facing the same situation. Tired of seeing sheltered libfems throwing other women under the bus because sniffing the cock of violent Muslims or black men is more important to them than protecting the safety and autonomy of other women. None of you retards have ever even listened to what black women, muslim women etc go through at the hands of these men and it shows. You are all traitors and the same men you're bootlicking would sooner see you exploited in porn or become another femicide statistic rather than fight for your liberation.

No. 1582405

nta but where did she say that was her only source of happiness. sticking to a hygiene and exercise routine to prevent depression is totally normal.

No. 1582408

I think anon is just delusional claiming she likes to look good for herself. I bet if no one gave her any response for doing that stuff she wouldn’t be doing it.

No. 1582409

I don’t even get when women go on and on about women being jealous of them because they are so beautiful. I’ve been treated like shit by other women my entire life and I Noticed they treat you better if you have nice clothes and look good.

No. 1582410

funny you say this because just yesterday i saw a video of some canadian woman being filmed by a muslim (?) man and everyone in the comments was defending HIM
there've been so many cases of white women brutally assaulted/murdered/rape by non-white men, it's fucking vile to defend them
i'm from a small city where everyone is white (nonUSA) but I've been seeing immigrants lately ,10-15 years ago the only black girl/guy you'd see was the occasional exchange student
France , UK , Germany have already been fucked by multiculturalism, I hope this shit doesn't spread to the few European countries who didnt buy into this meme

No. 1582411

No they listen to what we say and yell at us that we suffer from internalized racism or some shit. I agree with everything you just said though.

No. 1582416

This is very accurate and I agree with you. Especially how black women will collectively agree that black men are a plague- and they're right. And most muslim males are cancerous as well.
I will say Asian men (East Asia + India) aren't as violent as a whole in the West but many are still weird/pervs (see bobs vagene memes) but I've never been harassed by Asian men the same way black moids or muslim moids have harassed me. Sometimes mexican moids. The way so many women will throw themselves infront of a train for moids who would enjoy if are as cancerous.

It's a plague and I look to move to safer, less black/muslim/mexican regions due to this.

No. 1582419

I think it’s kind of pathetic how black women constantly go on and on about how they’d only date black men which is fine but it comes off as desperate since black men never do this kek. Yes we get it, only black kangs are good enough for you and you just love black men but the love isn’t mutual so just keep it to yourself.

>inb4 you’re racist

I’m black

No. 1582420

Is this really a thing? I never see this. I see black women happily showing off their non-black husbands on tiktok and a sea of woman congratulating them. They're waking up.

No. 1582421

Yes it is a thing. The average black woman is very adamant about not ever dating outside their race and that’s fine people can date who they want but it just comes off as desperate to being foaming at the mouth over people who don’t like you…

No. 1582423

So true it hurts because it's ignorant women enabling the abuse of other women.

No. 1582424

Thank you, nona. Your comment means a lot to me on a day like this. I hope you're well. ♥

No. 1582446

I really hate how so many of my interests, style, and life goals kind of coincide with the influx of conservative, "retvrn", racist "they're wiping out the white civilization!1!!!!11!", faux intellectual, misogynistic, manosphere, hyper religious, tinfoiler communities all across the 'net. It's like they're the only people in the internet really talking about this stuff, and now even if I post about those things on lolcow I run the risk of someone accusing me of being a "tradwife".

No. 1582472

I never knew how fucking annoying it is to be constantly reminded of being an immigrant till I left that part of the city where I lived in pretty much all my life that is 90% immigrants, too lmao. Stop asking me about "my" culture or language, I've been born here and only have this citizenship and don't even speak my ~native language~, I don't know shit about it and am glad for it, you annoying fuck.

No. 1582513

Are you following the Citibike Karen story? Everyone crucified her and even now that there are receipts proving she paid for the bike, Twitter is doubling down and attacking her for 'overreacting'. She's six months pregnant and just got off a 12-hour shift, I'd be crying and freaking out too. If one of those men had lost his temper and shoved her, or gotten too rough, she could have fallen off the bike and miscarried. How does she know it's not going to escalate when she gets off the bike? They picked a fight with her and shoved a camera in her face because they wanted a Karen video, there was no way for her to win. She was right to be afraid. I just feel so bad for her. When a homeless guy rapes and murders granny we need to forgive him because he's mentally ill, but when a woman freaks out because she's being threatened she's an evil Karen bitch who deserves to have her entire life ruined.

No. 1582515

File: 1684596630405.jpeg (65.27 KB, 720x612, Fwa04H6agAQ5A7C.jpeg)

Reminds me of the post, might have been from r/aita, where a women was in a store, maybe a gas station or convenience store, being sexually harassed and followed around it by a black male even after telling him to GTFO. The other people in there witnessed this and said nothing despite her telling him to leave her alone numerous times. She then finally called him a nigger and everyone turned on her, saying she was out of bounds how dare she etc etc. Where was their concern when she was being harassed by this scrote? Not a single word or action came from the onlookers, they let him get away with it.
I think these people are scared that the violent males will turn on them which is why they do nothing or screech about the male's innocence and blame other women for being unreasonable after being accosted by those scrotoids.

No. 1582518

Most aita stores aren’t real and this sounds like one of em

No. 1582523

I think I might know what your interests are related to and I feel you, can't talk about it online or offline.

No. 1582528

May very well be the case, but people ignore sexual harassment, or physical abuse, out in public all the time.

No. 1582530

File: 1684597451919.jpeg (371.6 KB, 2048x1414, FwacYIQaMAEZerW.jpeg)

No. 1582532

what are your interests?

No. 1582534

I'm curious about your interests too and I feel this post. The world is fucked up.

No. 1582548

Yep nonna I was following the updates and seeing many people still not apologise or take back their hostile and violent comments about her made me so fucking miserable. It already makes me miserable to see women not believed in general regardless of their race ofc, but between this "Karen" and the young autistic deaf woman who was bullied off the internet just a few weeks prior and called racist because she displayed visible discomfort after being randomly touched by a strange black man who was recording shit for Tiktok, it has made me so angry. Society tells women to be defensive and stand up for themselves yet when the man doing the attacking is not white and/or homeless suddenly the woman is the one to blame. It's absolutely insane, I guess I can't expect anything else from a society that turned the term "Karen" which was originally meant for genuinely racist white women into using it for women who dare to express emotion at muh precious kang trying to steal their shit or assault them.
>When a homeless guy rapes and murders granny
Kek, right, the amount of "marxist" women I've seen defending homeless moids is crazy. I always ask them directly to invite homeless men into their home and give them a meal and see how wholesome it turns out to bootlick a demographic of typically drug-addicted and violent moids. And surprise surprise, it's crickets when it comes to how homeless moids treat homeless women…

No. 1582551

Holy shit this is crazy, I've never seen this post before. Just further proof that misogyny is so old and so innate in human society that people don't even bat an eye at disgusting terms and behaviour directed towards women. Congrats to this based woman for standing up for herself and biting back, if he didn't want to be called a slur attributed to him then maybe he shouldn't be going around calling using female-oriented slurs and making a woman feel unsafe. Fucking degenerates, honestly. Why can't moids just leave us alone and stop playing victim for once in their lives.

No. 1582561


No. 1582563

every time I go to a store for something specific there is someone right in front of the item I need and I have to awkwardly look at other shit until they decide to move. every. fucking. time. whiskey, tampons, apples, doesn't matter.

No. 1582566

bring a fart machine, I swear they will leave so fast, or if you can let out a silent one and walk by and let them soak in it

No. 1582569

We're in the process of moving and my father told this woman that she could take ONE reusable-bag. I was about to step in and tell her no don't take all the bags but then she shouts HE SAID I CAN TAKE ALL THE BAGS-I was like, really? He said that? -it did seem strange to me but I am frazzled af and not functioning properly because of everything going on. I helped her gather all the bags cuz she has got the go-ahead to do so, or so I was told and thought. Now he has to buy more bags. He's still going to have her work for him. I asked him what if she tries to take the new bags we buy and he said that he'd tell her no-that she's the reason he had to buy new ones. I told him that he needs to be very careful what he says and that you'll give some people an inch and they'll take a mile and he apologized for what happened. She even took items out of some of the full bags-just so she could grab more of the. That was wrong of her to do and that's-that. I already have trust issues and that makes my anxiety worse ect. People really are awful.

No. 1582572

File: 1684599475219.jpeg (31.61 KB, 500x800, 1677641890821.jpeg)

Why do I often meet men who seem to be threatened by the fact I know something they don't know? One guy literally told me he likes when women are dumber than him. Or a guy meets me and is visibly attracted to me and the more we talk the more he withdraws from me, until he basically stops talking to me. And those are guys with master's degree. I'm not even college educated, but my general knowledge is definitely above average, and that's just because I'm just an autist who's interested in literally everything so I always read a lot since I was a kid, like archeology books when I was 6 years old, and I know many random stuff from physics and history to curious facts about animals, or philisophy or european art house cinema or video games or sports or plants or various cultures around the world and mythology and other shit, like we have this joke at my work place that when someone can't remember some fact about something they always come to me because I know for sure kek. School was a nightmare for me and after graduating high school I never wanted to enter the education system again. I know that education and degrees are very important to normal people, so I never thought that someone with a literal master's degree could be threatened by an autist, at least they act like they are. I don't get it. Also I noticed they assume that I for sure studied something and when they ask me for my degree and I say I never went to college they're surprised. So maybe my lack of higher education is the problem for them? I don't know anymore

No. 1582573

It's a common insecurity in males to be reminded that they are just intellectually lacking compared to the average woman.

No. 1582583

Also that men have to feel needed and that they can provide so the more a woman can do the more they wonder what they have to offer, women do not need men, but they can't handle that. They have egos and insecurities.

No. 1582585

Males don't even provide shit anymore, even to women that need it. They want everything done for them.

No. 1582589

men don't like women who are smarter than them and that's a fact, it's intimidating
I've seen it a lot of times when a girl/woman would play the silly girl part for her lover because otherwise he'd be threatened

No. 1582590

Yep but they still think this way so they always find issues and frustrations and take it out on women instead of fixing themselves. "Don't worry about money I will provide for you everything you don't have to do anything I can do my own laundry and cook, I will treat us to meals always you don't pay" But suddenly they feel financial struggles "Why don't you go make money!?" or you have relationships problems from his bs and want to leave "You used me for money you owe me money" They are so braindead. Congrats you've provided me with stress.

No. 1582596

>i can do my own laundry and cook
Males don't even do this anymore. The only providing they want to do is with money but then they can't even do that.
This is such a blackpill, you can't even be yourself around moids or they'll hate you.

No. 1582597

That's spot-on and true.

No. 1582598

I have some dookie sitting in the left side of my pelvic area and it's so fucking uncomfortable. I can't even try to poop because if I push…just no.

No. 1582599

the other replies are probably correct but there's also the possibility that the way you bring up the facts is annoying. constantly spouting factoids in a conversation is off-putting because there's not really room for the other person to respond (unless it happens to be their field of interest) so conversation becomes really one-sided and not fun. not sure if you do that though.

No. 1582603

My last ex actually could and did, surprised me that he was capable. He cooked really well but only the dishes he grew up with. He did laundry everyday because he washed his work clothes asap, and didn't want to mix with mine because it was really dirty and he used hot water and I always use cold. He's still a man so his apartment was a mess but he said he was busy, and when I complained about it and we had a fight he went on super clean mode. So they are capable. He had plenty of issues but this wasn't part of them, it was all money and jealously bullshit.

No. 1582605

I've been there, what's the issue exactly? I'll try to help you. I want to help.

No. 1582606

File: 1684601653173.png (379.04 KB, 1440x998, Screenshot_20230520-115504.png)

No. 1582608

factoid means something false but people think is true (fact)

No. 1582615

huh TIL. I looked it up and I think it has more than one meaning and is sometimes a true fact? (maybe that's also a factoid though lol)
if you are the autist I replied to and you correct people like this in casual conversation, FYI that really puts people off. personally I don't mind because I like to know things like that but there's a social etiquette that makes it rude.

No. 1582616

That's not me and I don't correct people like this. Actually, one of the guys who basically ghosted me was like this, know-it-all, correcting people for the sake of it

No. 1582619

there are men who truly do appreciate it though,but they are unicorns

No. 1582622

awful. I'm so sorry the men around you are like this. hope you find one that isn't insecure and is interested in what you have to say. you sound fun.

No. 1582627

I'm alright with admitting I'm not well educated on alot of topics. I'm not into getting into debates. There's a handful of topics (nothing even that important or relevant to most peoples lives) that I have obsessions with. I'll read everything I can find on those things for years on end in private. I know the whole autist stereotype is "oh I bet you talk AT people about your interests and bore them to death with it" so I make sure to keep it to myself. But then I feel like any time a bf encourages you to actually talk about that rando thing you're a walking encyclopedia on..
> Mentions one cool fact about thing
> Hahaha nonnie theres no way thats true!
> I'm pretty sure it is but hey maybe google it, I'm open to being wrong
> Guy googles, scrolls, scrolls, gets huffy, goes into silent treatment mode but keeps scrolling, refuses to say what he found, wont even move on or change topic because he now needs time to.. calm down?
On shit where it really doesn't matter. Its nothing deep. They're topics that most people don't gaf about anyway. If even I'm not getting heated and these are 'my interests' then why tf would someone with no investment in the topic care so much.

No. 1582632

Thank you anon. I'm currently fed up with men and gave up on them I think, if someone decent will appear he will appear, if not, then whatever, I'm too tired to seek them out on purpose >>1582622

No. 1582633

File: 1684603615537.gif (548.34 KB, 359x114, 168460358795261283.gif)

These are the ultimate cathartic threads. A wonderful place to blow-off steam. I feel much better after doing so, here. I love and trust you guys. It's nice to feel safe and secure. The shield of anonymity adds an extra layer of comfort as well.

Bless all of you beautiful people!

No. 1582634

Why the fuck do bitches shit up threads arguing if something/someone is good enough to be discussed? If there isn't milk the topic will die, but your incessant screeching about no milk just keeps it going longer. Just shut the fuck up oh my god. Nothing worse than getting excited to read new replies and it's just infighting all the way down. Ironically I got banned for infighting for trying to stop a fight kek you retards don't even argue properly you just talk past each other and screech into the void.

No. 1582637

Its annoying when an anon posts something that might only be semi-milky and then like 3 seperate anons rush in to tell them they're shitting up the thread.. which is shitting up the thread more?

No. 1582638

Some people just want to watch the world burn. I've been attacked for literally no reason before. On-topic, being respectful. It's just best to pull back when that shits happening because there's nothing any of us can do it. Just let the jannies and mods take over but I agree. A perfectly good thread shitted up by infighting is obnoxious. Report and ignore.

No. 1582641

Trolls are all over the internet. Some people like to start shit, for whatever reason. They're bored idk and need to get a life.. something like that.

No. 1582644

thanks, me too. the owners had everyone leave 30 minutes early on yesterday except for the coworker who sent the email, so I have a feeling he got chewed out. Period!!

No. 1582647

bless you as well anon, i feel the same. there's a lot of times i know i'm being irrationally upset or just batshit insane and it's nice i have an outlet. i hope everyone who reads this has a great day

No. 1582649

It's not boredom it's retardation, schizophrenia, and people frustrated with lack of control over their real lives. Bored people usually have fun and don't get too back and forth they just post something and wait for reactions.

No. 1582650

I was just email template rejected from the job I was really gunning for. Not unemployed yet, another week to go, but it's hitting me with a force that I forgot just HOW shitty being unemployed is. This one I spent a lot of effort on the application, cover letter, did some hunting to find the responsible person then send them a personal email after a while of no response to get the blanket rejection.

Like hello?? I'm a good fit and actually WANT the job but I'm not even given the effort of, never mind a face to face meeting/interview, but maybe a personalised rejection from the one I emailed directly? No? I'm remembering now that I daily will have to face these indignities where bitches won't even TALK to me but I need to keep putting a consistent amount of effort forward. I think I (and many others) make this mistake of thinking that because a job is easy to do, then a job is easy to get, and they play down in our memories how hard it was while searching and interviewing. This will be the third time I've been unemployed and I keep forgetting just how bad it is kek

Like oh, they don't want a jobseeker who's desperate and YET, will non stop degrade people just trying to earn a living, making them jump through CRAZY hoops if they even acknowledge them in the first place. Ah but no, being jobless is having the easy life. Not having secured hours to make a set amount of money and generally being regarded as an equal in society. I remember when I got my first proper job, working properly for about 2 hours and slacking the rest, I was in disbelief that I thought it would be difficult. Unlike being employed I'll need to be on my A game always in case I get a phone call or short notice interview, and using my own initiative to seek out chances.

No. 1582656

Despite the heat (it's 31C/87.8F) I came home yesterday with a running nose and a splitting headache and after sleeping all day today, I checked my temperature and I have a high fever. Please pray for me nonnas so it goes down, I am hurting all over

No. 1582659

Oh my god this seems like a complete nightmare but that is a very funny email. I would laugh in his face, I would print it out and put it on my wall, I would never stop mocking him!

No. 1582671

I feel you, nona. I'm into guns, cars, motorbikes, military history, prepping, tinfoiling and stereotypical moid media. Being a woman - a mixed race butch lesbian, no less - in these circles is hell.

No. 1582693

I dread every family dinner because everyone else is addicted to ragebait political conversations that go nowhere. SHUT UP!!!

No. 1582695

Do you have a girlfriend

No. 1582696

I have a wife. Why?

No. 1582699

boomers are so worried about their privacy and people messaging them, but will straight up get talked into sending a $500 amazon giftcard to some currycel scammer because they claim they are overdue on a medical bill or car payment kek

No. 1582701

Where did you meet? I only meet 'lesbians' who turn out to be bisexual and just call themselves 'lesbians' for special points or something, they treat dating other women as a phase, not something that could lead to a serious long term relationship, but well maybe I'm just unlucky. I'm jealous of married women kek

No. 1582710

We met at work. I'd already given up on the gay scene, as like you said, it's full of fakers and other assorted nutcases. My last ex treated me like a pseudoman and tried convincing me I was trans while chastising me for having terven opinions. She also hid me from her friends and family. She told it was because she wasn't out as bi yet (she was, it was all she could talk about) but I suspect it was because I was too working class and dumb for her. I was a "bit of rough", a fun tumble in the hay and nothing else. I wasted nearly three years on that woman and told myself I'd be a volcel after that but, well… I fell in love. I know how you feel though, anon. Ever since I realised I was a lesbian, I always felt such an intense envy of married women. Especially normie women who were blissfully unaware of the world outside their white picket fenced bubble. Not to be corny, but there are more women like us out there. They just tend to be in unlikely places due the gay scene being an absolute warzone that's been invaded by troons and their allies. I hope you find your special someone, nona.

No. 1582713

I’ve been really forgetful and clumsy lately, even more than usual, and I annoy people at work because of it. Wouldn’t you know, those are MS symptoms. My mom had that.

No. 1582729

File: 1684612238845.png (1.84 MB, 1439x1773, Screenshot_20230520-144733.png)

I am so sick of thieves, users and abusive assholes. I swear I set off predators alarm bells and bring out the violent angry savage cave person out of people and I am just tired of it. Pic related.

No. 1582737

I'm so fucking tired of being lonely. I feel like I have to to force any interaction, if I don't work on keeping contact, it will be gone, like no one actually wants me in their life, they're just ok with me being there, sometimes. I'm also unable to being emotionally close to someone, I mean, I had one opportunity and basically I ruined it with being unable to self soothe, establish my boundaries and respect other's. I just want someone to talk to about my interests and for them to tell me about their day, not love, not being cared about, I don't think I could ever have that. But a chill casual friends, that you catch up with once in a while, it shouldn't be that hard to have something like that, but it is, and I'm so hurt and bitter about it

No. 1582740

I love being alone. I attract the worst kinds of people.

No. 1582741

I never thought mid 2000s internet would die.
The internet was like the wild wild west of a million islands, waiting to be explored.
All those blogs,fanpages etc that are long gone. The people were different =, communities were different ( there was still some retarded shit, but overall it was fun, not the irony that is today and all the brainwashing)
We really didn't know how good we had it.
I feel sorry for anyone who didn't experience it.
Everything is centralized now on a handful of websites and social media was really a killer blow.
Found an old 2005-2006 DVD with pictures,bookmarks and shit from that time. I weep for those long lost days, it really is depressing.

No. 1582742

I miss it too.

No. 1582743

it is really sad. so much cool stuff gone.

No. 1582747

Yup. Thank goodness for archived sites like https://archive.org/web/ but yeah, sad.

No. 1582749

File: 1684613864325.jpg (39.08 KB, 530x800, 1684603129717827.jpg)

Madonna is so scary now.

No. 1582750

Sometimes I enjoy it, but I also had positive experiences that made me a better person. And I'm so mad when I think about how much I miss out on, how much I could learn and who could I become. I want to be better and I can't do it completely on my own, I need stimulation, feedback, but I'm not getting any

No. 1582752

It's going to be okay, anon. I'm sure that you'll find your people. Be patient, move forward with your goals and all that other stuff will blossom.

No. 1582754

Feels like every time I log onto social media I see an unfamiliar name on my feed and then have that moment of realization of “oh no, not another person I went to school/college with trooning out.” It’s surreal to look at old college photos where I’m with people I hung out with and realize that I’m the only one in those pictures that still goes by the same name and isn’t larping as another gender. Can’t wait for this trend to die down.

No. 1582756

I don't really feel like I can't talk about my interests IRL, it's actually all quite normal things. It's just that trad women in those communities have taken up those things are as they are "feminine" hobbies so if I talk about those plus everything else I feel like it makes me come off a certain way online.

No. 1582757

Tranny's are going to die, just like they always do. The 40% is real and darwin is winning. I personally don't feel bad about retards killing themselves in minecraft. Good riddance.

No. 1582767

It's 2023, you'd think nowadays it'd be easier to download videos off of YouTube than it was ten years ago, yet here we are.

No. 1582773

I did nothing again today when I was supposed to study because I'm so anxious about that shit, the failure anxiety is real. and I could've spend that time doing something I enjoy but did I do that? no no no I sat in my bed watching stupid videos all day trying to convince myself to finally go do something every other 30 minutes

No. 1582777

It's okay nonny, don't be so hard on yourself. I struggle with this anxiety a lot, so do many other people. Beating yourself up about it is only going to add another layer of shame and anxiety, so try not to judge yourself too harshly (I need to take my own advice fr lol).

No. 1582780

I hate pride month so much. Every damn June I sigh out loud, despite being a lesbian myself. I just can't stand pride month. So many pro trans shit now. I feel like pride month is starting now instead of June lately. The pandering to the trannys is extra cringe during pride.

No. 1582789

File: 1684617112530.png (13.26 KB, 1308x364, Screenshot_20230520-161248.png)

No. 1582790

I am only pro trans because retards are killing themselves by the truckload in minecraft and it doesn't bother me.

No. 1582793

Damn and it's even the suffragette colors, thanks

No. 1582804

Sometimes I really feel at my wits end and so hopeless with my mentally illness, but I keep trying because I know my husbando would want me to keep going and he wouldn't want me to throw away my life after all the people he's had who didn't get to live their's to the fullest. I call other people mentally deficient but really I think I'm the mentally deficient one for not being able to think rationally or control my own thoughts or emotions.

No. 1582806

Same, nona. I'm a lesbian too and I dread this month. I work for a charity and volunteer for others, and they all want to be "inclusive" but typically only mention troons and nebulous "queers". I basically have to bite my tongue for the entire month.

No. 1582809

You're welcome.

No. 1582810

I decided last year that during June I will minimise my social media consumption as much as possible and spend most of my time focusing on my hobbies or learning new things. Honestly it was a blast and June passed by really quickly.
I have even more hobbies and an ambitious project and I managed to alter my tiktok to show me edits of my husbando.
The spicy straights can’t do shit to me now

No. 1582825

Happy vent, I had a rough week at work so today I laid in bed scrolling lc, and reading replies where nonnas apologized to a poster for misunderstandings or thanked each other for a helpful answer almost made me cry kek. Idk if I'm just emotionally burned out after work but seeing other women be so empathetic and kind to each other made me so happy, the vibe is completely different from scrote-infested sites. You are all so nice, wonderful, beautiful, cute, and amazing. Love you, nonnys.

No. 1582838

Went out with a friend for a few hours, 3 groups of foreigners yelled at us and one almost hit me on purpose with his scooter. Fuck right off to your 3rd world shithole if you don't even have the decency to not yell at strangers. Call it racebait, I don't give a shit. I don't care what your skin color is but FUCK OFF with your adidas tracksuit and fake gucci man purse. Of course it's only the men who do this shit too.

No. 1582845

File: 1684623497803.jpg (44.26 KB, 720x480, The-ragdoll-hug.jpg)

I don't know why but having to live in society is very tiring for me. I was a neet for about 3 years and now I've gotten into college and I can't stand having to interact with people anymore. Even on weekends I have to answer someone over the phone. I've never been one to have many friends, currently I have 3 (?) relatively close friends and it's a pain to have to interact with them, I feel totally suffocated. Today is saturday and I spent the whole day without using the phone or social media and it was liberating for me. Am I just suffering from the consequences of capitalism or is this some mental disorder or something? I love my friends but I feel suffocated (especially one I've been hanging out with this whole week in college, this girl won't leave me alone I keep hoping she'll get tired of me eventually). Tomorrow I'm going to turn my cell phone back on to check my social media and I'm hoping she didn't send me any messages for me to reply. These days I even mentioned to my mother that I wanted to change colleges and start a new life and meet other people. I can not take it anymore.

No. 1582850

I don’t know what’s wrong with you but if you find out lmk because I’ve suffered from the same thing my whole life.

No. 1582864

i just want to get FUCKED!!!!!! my bf and i have been long distance since october and he’s finally coming home next month but i am SO horny, literally the most sexually frustrated i’ve been since i was still a virgin, and if my bf doesn’t come home and absolutely wreck my shit soon i will simply combust

like i really didn’t realize how integral it is to my wellbeing to get dick on a regular basis smh wish i wasn’t such a hoe

No. 1582871

the guy who child-on-child diddled me had a freakout to his mom on me today
basement dwelling, greasy, fugly mother fucker apparently got mad over an argument i had, refused to specify, and now him and his mom cut me out of their life kek. good fucking riddance.
i'm only worried because my mom is her best friend and if his mom rats to mine (unlikely) i fear the worst.
this guy is uber misogynistic and homophobic and has fantasies about killing lesbians in particular, with firearms in his house, fantasizing about killing us online. and lives nearby. very fucking scary.

No. 1582875

Apparently I screamed at the top of my lungs every hour and a half last night while I was sleeping. I thought I’d slept pretty good and didn’t remember any bad dreams but I guess I was mistaken. What the fuck can I do to stop this ptsd related nonsense?

No. 1582886

Lesbians are the true minorities, even do we are the only ones who do anything good in gay community.

That's a good idea. I think I will do the same for June.

No. 1582893

The one thing I always hated about being in a relationship with men is that they will bitch about your failings in life but don’t want to do anything to help. “Omg your resume is so shit!” Ok help me make a better one? “Omg you never want to put effort into things yourself!”. If they come over and your house is messy by their standards they aren’t going to help you clean it but they will complain. At least when women nag they try to at least help their partners improve.

No. 1582895

>I'm friends with a man who fantasized about killing lesbians

No. 1582900

UPDATE I found his facebook and sent him a nice message but since fb hides messages from people you’re not friends with he hasn’t seen it and possibly never will. I’m gonna shoot blood out of my eyes.

No. 1582904

reread it anon, sounds like the mothers are friends hence why op knew the scrote since childhood and interacts with him at all

No. 1582906

>chases after old man
>if the relationship goes to shit she’s going to come back claiming she was groomed and too young to know better


No. 1582911

My (older) sister has some type of autism that makes her an absolute emotional vampire and unsympathetic asshole to anyone’s feelings and issues that aren’t her own and it makes me really sad but I really don’t even want to be around her anymore. There’s been so many incidents leading up to this point, but what killed me to think about was that she will never be there for me in times of need because her hearing about me going through one slightly negative thing causes her to go into a mental shutdown state where she tells me to shut the fuck up and talk about another topic or don’t talk to her at all but she can (and will) vent about her problems whenever she wants and for however long she wants and we’re all expected to listen or else we’re uncaring abusive people. I understand that she has her issues, but it feels like I don’t even have a big sister and instead some person who goes to me for therapy that happens to share my last name.

No. 1582913

My mom is very proud of me for getting my drivers licencse but i'm only doing it so i can kill myself easier.

No. 1582917

what's with anons in these threads creating fanfics of other anon's vents (NTA btw)

No. 1582921

It just reminds me of all those early 20s something who choose to date older men then try to claim those men were pedophiles who groomed them when the relationship fails

No. 1582923

moid infestation, just report

No. 1582924

I’m the anon who made the comment. What was moid like about the comment I made? It’s true

No. 1582926

is this really that common? wow. I've been MIA from social media for years so maybe I should get back on and see who trooned out

No. 1582927

He probably will never see it because he’s elderly and old people rarely use social media

No. 1582928

This post is how I know kf is still down

No. 1582930

Pregnancy also makes your hormones rage like crazy, people are opportunistic and basically just eager to film any woman having a mental health crisis to make fun of them. So many men do it too but you rarely see them ostracized or spread at nearly the same rate.

No. 1582932

I’m a bit older than you’re imagining lol, I wasn’t expecting anything, just told him I enjoyed his company and to have a nice life

No. 1582944

Moids have such easy lives in comparison. I understand why women troon out and become trans-dudes.

No. 1582945

The only good reason to date older men is IF they have money AND ARE SPENDING IT on you.
It's cringe to have feelings for moids especially geriatrics.

No. 1582946

Women have always been way nicer to me when I’m not wearing makeup and am wearing boring, modest clothing.

No. 1582953

Why isn’t she spayed?

No. 1582954

>modest clothing
They could just be being meaner to you because you do drag queen makeup or you’re just bad at it. If you dress clean, nice and cute with natural makeup most women are going to treat you better than if you’re ugly and out of shape. Of course if you’re going out dressed slutty with drag queen makeup you’re going to get a better response from men.

No. 1582955

I really wish he would talk to me. I don’t understand why I’m not good enough.

No. 1582956

I don’t wear drag queen makeup kek. I just wear some light foundation, concealer on my zits/under my eyes, maybe some mascara. And by modest I mean jeans and baggy shirts as opposed to shorts/half tops (I live in the tropics) or a slightly above the knee length dress. Non form fitting cause my autistic self dislikes form fitting clothes just like I dislike wearing heavy makeup.

No. 1582957

Bitch don't lie to her and pretend there aren't women with sticks up their asses that get mad at other women for existing because they're bitter and have low self esteem. Patronizing anon to defend women you literally have never met and that probably are miserable and treat women like shit if they aren't marms.

No. 1582958

People who claim that women are treating them like shit because they are jealous have other personality issues but because they think they are attractive they blame it on that

No. 1582960

people are in this thread suicidal and venting about horribles things that have happened to them and all you bitches can do is rehash the same old internally misogynistic arguments

No. 1582962

You can vent but don’t get butthurt that no one responds to your vent because it’s just not entertaining

No. 1582963

Oh my god shut up sometimes it really is just like that t. pretty girl who still gets jealous of other pretty girls

No. 1582964

People like to argue about the same things over and over and bite bait often. Don’t know why but it really brightens their day.

No. 1582965

Trust me it’s for the best if nobody replies to you, just shout into the void and go

No. 1582968

Just because someone is jealous doesn’t mean they are going to act on it. In all my 25 years of life I’ve never seen a woman getting bullied by other women for how pretty she is unless it’s some kpop idol being harassed by people online. I’ve also never seen a woman who is actually pretty complain that she’s being bullied for being pretty…it’s usually just pigs with a ton of makeup on or average looking women who do it.

No. 1582972

im the one who vented about that, you're correct, my mom is friends with his mom, its been well over 10 years and only just now has he & his mom decided to cut contact.
i have no fucking idea if they'll ever come back, but considering our parents have been buddy-buddy since before i was even born, it's a matter of time until her clinically insane son forces himself back into my life no matter what i do

No. 1582976

Is there a thread for people who are suicidal? Sorry if I’m not allowed to but I have no one to vent to because I have no friends really. I just graduated grad school in a “STEM” field and can’t get a fucking job. I can’t even get an INTERVIEW, yes not even a single interview. I want to kms every time I think about applying for jobs. Im 25 and I realize now too that no one would really care if I died except for my immediate family and my dog. I just feel like everything is hopeless and my life is fucking pointless. I want to die.

No. 1582978

I mean you just graduated so…

No. 1582980

I’ve been applying for months ahead of graduation anon, it’s not like I just started applying as soon as I graduated.

No. 1582982

This is true, if you are pretty and get treated badly maybe you are just unlikable?

No. 1582983

File: 1684634221111.png (506.61 KB, 2200x600, sdfg.png)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the video game water.

No. 1582985

It takes around 3-6 months to find a new job. It’s not like you’re at risk of being homeless or starving so just chill out with the theatrics and drama and enjoy the time off.

No. 1582986

what happened

No. 1582992

Wow you assholes are really something itt. Just because I’m not a homeless starving prostitute doesn’t mean my life doesn’t feel like shit right now and I don’t feel like shit mentally compared to my peers. Go fuck yourself.(infighting)

No. 1582993

Also I’ve been making no money for months which means I am running out of money to survive on, so yeah I need a job you fucking asshole.

No. 1582994

Yes everyone has hard patches in life but threatening to kill yourself because you don’t have a job in your field a few months after graduation is dramatic. Some people can’t even afford to get degrees so just relax and enjoy your freedom until you get a job.

No. 1582995

Then get a job at McDonald’s or forever 21 until you find a job in your field. It’s that easy.

No. 1582998

How am I threatening to kill myself if I’m genuinely suicidal? You’re the one making all sorts of disgusting assumptions saying the way I feel is “theatrics” and “dramatics”. Like you’re actually making me want to kms more the way you doubt my sincerity/pain and egg it on.
Ha you think but those jobs also won’t hire me, I’ve tried and they prefer people with retail/food service experience which I don’t have.

No. 1583000

You’re only 25, you have a degree, most likely a family that won’t let you go hungry or homeless and you just graduated. It’s not that deep.

No. 1583001

Nta but some of you need to learn that you don't know everything about an anon's situation from a vent post and you don't need to give you unwarranted advice to everyone.

No. 1583002

File: 1684635495333.jpg (13.37 KB, 275x275, 1683781741799.jpg)

it might be nothing but I'm very worried because some money that was supposed to be coming in the mail hasn't come…it's now been over two weeks. I was going to use it to afford a medical device I desperately need for my condition, I barely feel alive right now. Being poor fuckin sucks.

No. 1583007

Exactly, thank you anon.

No. 1583019

You reminded me of how I found out this one gay guy that went to my high school trooned out. He was this ugly, scrawny-looking moid with gaunt cheeks. The trooning made it more apparent how male he looks. Really strange to see.

No. 1583027

Yeah, I haven't seen people be so aggressive until just a few weeks ago. I'm sorry nona

No. 1583028

My crush I being really passive aggressive to the point where I feel like screaming. I say I like her audiobook, she deletes the fucking audiobook. I say I like her profile picture, she changes it. I start ranting about how lonely I am to another person, not mentioning her in the slightest, not meaning anything by it, and her girlfriend (who she got with after I confessed) says something really weird and unnecessary. I feel like drinking gasoline.

No. 1583029

Oh, and btw, she didnt delete the other fucking audiobooks, and she had the pfp for literally 5 minutes before she changed it. She never does that.

No. 1583039

Why are you still contacting her, she seems like a weirdo asshole (if you're not being a creep, that is).

No. 1583044

same. moved out of my parents' house for my mental health. i guess my mental health improved insofar as i'm not getting routinely triggered thanks to my ptsd. and there's a lot of opportunity for the future. but i don't feel like doing anything anymore. i just want to get focused on a hobby and do it forever. i very rarely go outside.

before i moved out i was very motivated to cook, but now i'm going through weeks where i get doordash every day, and i don't even wanna know how much money is getting wasted on that.

No. 1583045

stop interacting with her anon. respect yourself please

No. 1583047

I'm trying to buy a house for the first time and all this financial mumbo jumbo is so confusing to me.

No. 1583052

I am so horny but my bf is out of state visiting family. I am genuinely going insane I'm going crazy I have the urge to REE irl.

No. 1583055

Ignore the other anons. Some people in the vent thread can be such unempathethic assholes. These are probably zoomer newfags who don't know what it's like to be in the workforce and never known the anxiety of starting your career for the first time. I was also in the same position as you a couple of months ago. Was about to graduate from my STEM degree, been looking for a job for months before I was due to graduate, but didn't get any replies from my applications. Job hunting in general is so demoralizing and disheartening. It's normal to feel suicidal and depressed over this. But now a couple of months later, I got my dream job and have just finished my first week of working there! All that mental energy I spent feeling depressed and hopeless over my job hunting feels like nothing now once I've had that behind me. Give it some time. Some companies don't start to contact until two or three months after applying. If there is a career services at your university, utilize that and get feedbacks on your resume and cover letter. Also widen your search. Apply and look on every job posting website, but prioritize applying to the company website first and foremost. Indeed can be pretty shit and can filter out your applications so it's like youre spying to a black void without even realizing it. Good luck! There's also an employment/career thread here on ot if you need to vent about that.

No. 1583058

my coworkers ex husband sexually assaulted her 17 y/o daughter (his stepdaughter) and she waffles between saying she wants too kill him and crying about how sad she is to be single because she loves being in love. bitch what the fuck. you have two healthy grown kids, a beautiful house that is paid off, have been divorced twice, and are in a legal battle with your ex. why don't you just want to be single? FUUUCCCKK

No. 1583059

my coworkers ex husband sexually assaulted her 17 y/o daughter (his stepdaughter) and she waffles between saying she wants too kill him and crying about how sad she is to be single because she loves being in love. bitch what the fuck. you have two healthy grown kids, a beautiful house that is paid off, have been divorced twice, and are in a legal battle with your ex. why don't you just want to be single? FUUUCCCKK

No. 1583060

File: 1684641756615.jpg (33.57 KB, 564x376, 4db0a7be60053784f83d5bdfd261ae…)

Briefly went outside to free some moths and it's been so long since I've been outside, it's nice to breath some fresh air, I'm a trapped bird I'm trapped here

No. 1583063

do i quit? i started a few weeks ago but the previous work day i had i was:

>ignored when i asked for help multiple times

>yelled at in front of coworkers via a walky talky
>i was the only person and one of my coworkers who helped for 5 mins left the area while saying "call if you need me" when i needed her at that moment still
>one customer got mad and left even though no one would help me and i was alone

they're really understaffed and it seems like for good reason

No. 1583065

I cried from being overwhelmed when trying to navigate it initially. Wishing you the best.

No. 1583066

Most women don’t feel like a complete human unless they have a relationship with a man

No. 1583075

I post art I gain a follower, I post art I lose a follower lol. I’m starting think it was a pity follow or they expected more from me. I want to act cool like it doesn’t bother me like nobody is obligated to stay if they don’t care. I wish I wasn’t so sensitive being sensitive is just stupid.

No. 1583079

If you have enough for the new apartment without the roommate, go for it. The quality of life increase will make you more likely to be more productive and earn more money etc.

Which leg is it? I hope all will be okay.

No. 1583080

it is probably not most but indeed a large portion