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No. 1777359

Seek others for contemplation regarding your stupid questions.

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No. 1777373

File: 1700354215080.jpg (55.84 KB, 640x480, tumblr_d01bcdf43ce55962f8391c1…)

I'm interested in getting more into digital/technological privacy, can anyone spoonfeed beginner resources and tips to get started? Good alternatives to Google or Microsoft stuff, bad stuff to watch out for? Kind of curious about Linux as well but don't know anyone who uses it so I would appreciate input. I just want ways to improve my experience, be aware of the really intrusive stuff, and explore non-mainstream tech, so any suggestions are fine it doesn't have to be super hardcore invisible
I'm not totally tech illiterate but I'm not versed in programming or the ins and outs of software

No. 1777390

File: 1700355179442.gif (556.96 KB, 300x131, 1995.gif)

Hacking the Gibson isn't a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

No. 1777397

File: 1700355668698.jpeg (459.51 KB, 1179x1851, IMG_9364.jpeg)

Why do you answer the questions posted in this thread?

No. 1777399

I love stupid questions because you're allowed to be so stupid and no one can really be like oh that's stupid because yeah duh of course it's stupid it's in the stupid questions thread, stupid.

No. 1777400

My supervisor at work said I should be an actor, I’ve never heard that before. Would nonas here take that as a basic compliment or what? I’m the opposite of dramatic, I’d get it if I was some theater kid but usually people think I’m shy and weird.

No. 1777402

Guys how do I stop chafing on my inner thighs?

No. 1777415

>Wash and dry properly then put moisturizer
>use a deodorant stick, not roll-on
>dust baby powder

No. 1777417

I knew someone who got that comment a lot. I was her coworker/peer. She eventually got in a lot of “trouble” with the bosses because they thought she was fake or hiding things (she was hiding a normal amount but she was so “on” and honestly perfect at work it freaked them out, but she was worried about being in trouble so she cracked sometimes under their scrutiny) so my sincere advice to you is to either disengage socially at work so they can’t criticize your work personality or get chummy with the bosses so they see you as a person. That is an alarming compliment to get, be wary.

No. 1777420

I wouldn’t know how to take that. I don’t generally like people in entertainment so I’d probably instinctively take it as an insult. Did they mean you are a bullshitter or something? But maybe they mean you’re good-looking? Did you have to actually do something that required something close to acting like a presentation and they are complimenting you on that?

No. 1777429

100%. Ntayrt, adding to my reply above yours: I also heard this comment from bosses who were threatened by how much employees and customers liked the “should be an actor” person. It’s an insult wrapped in a compliment, it implies a level of disbelief or mistrust in personality or actions. Unless you were literally doing an acting exercise for team building or something it’s not a good thing to hear and you gotta do damage control if people tell you you should be an actress at work. Just in my opinion and experience.

No. 1777449

I’d be more insulted but he’s also been in entertainment and is a singer or some shit, he asked me and other people to potentially be in some music video. I don’t really have a high stakes job position (basic admin sitting at a desk) so the most we do is basic chit chat, there’s not much office politics.

No. 1777453

Huh then maybe it’s just about wanting you to be in his music video? That still sounds weird. If he says it again, just ask him “oh really, why do you think that?” and see what his explanation is.

No. 1777457

Ohhh. He’s hitting on you. Keep your distance.

No. 1777458

I’ll add, men in entertainment do use it as a pickup line because they are used to being around a bunch of wannabe starlets who have been desperate to hear exactly that their whole lives.

No. 1777460

File: 1700357805725.jpg (256.21 KB, 1000x729, 1000_F_60145814_G3IqCwsTen9KFt…)

i'm broke and currently can't get a job (for a few reasons). what are some good options to gain a few bucks online? would rather remain anon but i'm not proud.

No. 1777463

File: 1700357873521.jpg (81.38 KB, 1000x1000, Body Glide for Her.jpg)

Body Glide balms as they are non-oily, fairly undetectable on the skin and sweat, water and humidity resistant. >>1777415 also works but if it’s horribly hot/humid, I find it uncomfortable. If you decide to use powder, make sure you’re not using one with talc/talcum.

No. 1777466

Thanks, I'll try this. I don't think humidity will be a problem since it's winter rn

No. 1777468

Here nonna, a few of these are big master lists or just list the same information basically. Sorry they’re not that organized and are a bit more general than what you asked for. A general thread would be good but i’m not good at writing them. You don’t need to burn everything to the ground and rush into things you don’t have a good understanding of, even just the smallest steps are good to take and you’ll be well ahead of a huge amount of internet users.
https://haveibeenpwned.com/ everyone should know this one by now, check your emails for data breaches.
https://monitor.firefox.com/ also just lists data breaches
https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/ luv this one

For data broker/lookup sites etc specifically:

Urlscan.io, virustotal, hybrid analysis for checking files and urls. Michael Bazzell‘s Extreme Privacy book if you’re really serious. Don’t trust moids they’re the root of all evil in most of this, if you’re in a data breach just assume that that information it is out there for free on the clearnet because it is, some sites like reddit you delete your account on will still show up cached results on search engines, you can use something like redact to mass delete posts on social media because they make it tedious to do manually. Teach your friends and family the basics too, you could be as private as possible but it just takes one boomer who doesn’t understand Facebook privacy settings to fuck that up and it’s really hard to watch your grandma not know why she’s lost access to everything because she uses the same password on everything.

No. 1777480

Wow I applaud you

No. 1777492

Is there a thread to post things that made you laugh? I could use a laugh

No. 1777499

i love you nonna, hope everything's okay.

No. 1777503

because im stupid, but slightly less stupid in certain topics

No. 1777505

I meant the post that said some plumbing can't handle regular tp. Cause toilet paper can also break into pieces easily so idg why some toilets literally don't allow it. (sorry for continuing this dumbass convo everyone kek)

No. 1777508

sometimes I scroll up after I asked a stupid question and then answer some

No. 1777510

Thank you nonita!

No. 1777516

I don’t know the answer to that and I was the person who posted about it. I went on vacation in Portugal and there were signs saying not to flush Tp. I also went to Tenerife that vacation so maybe I misremembered and it was on Tenerife that can’t flush Tp? Sorry I was too excited to be on vacation I don’t remember all the toilet rules I just do what the signs tell me

No. 1777522

Some TP is shitty in many ways, sometimes literally and sometimes just quality-wise, so it clogs the plumbing of the toilet, not only because the plumbing is shit and the system of the toilet is retarded and surely old or even ancient, but also because the pressure of the water that runs in the building isn’t strong enough to flush a bunch of toilet paper and shit at the same time.
Most of the times it’s not something like you can’t just clean yourself after peeing with a bit of toilet paper and call it a day, the issue is when someone goes to the bathroom, shits a lot and then cleans themselves up with too much toilet paper that gets thrown in the toilet causing the clogging of the century.

No. 1777626

thank you so much this is a lot to go through! Idk if others feel the same but I for one would be interested in a thread if you ever started one

No. 1777645

Fuck are poop knifes really real

No. 1777727

File: 1700373813805.jpeg (350.02 KB, 2100x1575, IMG_9524.jpeg)

(Not bait)
(Not a shitpost)
(Real question)

Why is "FUHRER" a valid word in princess Scrabble, but "JEWS" isn't? This is a real question. Please can any Scrabblefags explain.

No. 1777735

Everything about this is so funny

No. 1777743

File: 1700374901998.png (9.71 MB, 2000x1667, simplypaint1.png)

is there a term for this style of painting which is colorful but simplified? its sometimes the stage of just shapes in a painting but others keep it as the final product

No. 1777744

File: 1700374932751.jpg (707.42 KB, 2500x1278, simplypaint2.jpg)

one more example i like

No. 1777745


No. 1777865

Its valid in normal scrabble, must just be a word filter thing.

No. 1777910

What are some good careers to get into that are limited in physical work and I also don’t have to interact with people much?

No. 1777928

You can find some ideas in r/freelancer but here's my suggestions, these are some jobs that pay a little but need no prior experience:
You could try transcribing aka adding subtitles to videos for deaf and other hard of hearing people. You usually read a big instruction manual, do two or three tests to see how well you can follow the instruction manual, and then get an email if you can work with them or not. Depending on where you sign up, you can also fill out which topics you're knowledable on and less likely to make mistakes on when transcribing.
You can also try translating. Same as transcribing, but now you're translating one language into another.
Article writing if you're interested in it. There are different websites you can sign up to work for where someone sends in a request for an article about a certain topic, you can write that article, and if they like it they can purchase it from you. Some websites have a ranking system where the more good reviews your article gets, the more money you'll get paid. There's also article editing. You can also get payed to fix typos and reorganize an article (or list) if writing isn't your thing. You can also work as an editor for somebody's original books.
There are different sites that will pay you to write 10 ten lists. They usually require a specific amount of words and have an author's guide on their site.
Also, if you go to different generic freelance websites, you can often find people who are searching for someone to design logos for their company or banners for their websites. If you're an artist, I'd recommend graphic designing. It helps if you have a portfolio as well. You could also try working for a company as an animator or voice actor online. Try www.castingcall.club
There's the option of working as a virtual assistant that many people persue nowadays. That entails scheduling appointments, answering calls, and managing email accounts from your own home.
You said you want to be anonymous right? I've heard about Qmee where you do surveys for money. Surveys usually pay anywhere in between 30 cents and 2 dollars, and they have a feature where if the survey asks you anything sketchy then you can report them. You can also cash out whenever, you don't have to build up a certain amount. (If you aren't American, you may only get a couple surveys per day.) An extra 20 dollars a month isn't much but it's nice. Another website I'd recommend is Fiverr, a website where you state your talents and you can take on other people's smaller projects for small amounts of money. A funny example is this YouTube skit where someone paid some people on fiverr to come up with a break-up letter. I believe you can also keep a portfolio for any projects you make during your freelance jobs on fiverr too. Redbubble is where you can put different designs onto different types of clothing, notebooks, mugs, hats, etc. It helps if you have a design that's from a fandom, references a meme, or fufills a niche. You can also go to TeeSpring if you want to put multiple designs on one item, but you'd have to promote your items yourself as TeeSpring has this issue where you can't search for new stores who aren't already popular. If none of this works you can volunteer online. Good luck with your job nonna.

No. 1777930

Do you have a degree in anything or previous working experience?

No. 1777970

Excuse the potato quality but what's this kinda dress or shape called?

No. 1777980

No. 1778086

File: 1700392330597.jpeg (16.19 KB, 193x261, IMG_4320.jpeg)

What’s with thirst trapping on depop? Aren’t girls reselling to other girls? Am I just too geriatric to understand?

No. 1778090

is it really weird and creepy if I go to hooters by myself as a late 20s single woman? I just want to eat unlimited wings…I know hooters is bad so pls don’t crucify me, but there’s nowhere else near me that does unlimited wings

No. 1778095

I'm sad to say anon that a lot of it is to cater to moids with fetishes. I'm in a few depop seller communities and so many of them come online to vent about how when they are just trying to sell a pair of shoes they get flooded by requests of photos with the shoes on and asked how many times they were worn etc.
I think sellers have obviously caught on that gross ass moids will pay more for that stuff if it is obviously "used" so to speak.

No. 1778099

A single woman who just wants to eat wings will be the least creepy person in there guaranteed. I'm sure the waitress will be happy to have a break from serving perverted men (as long as you tip as well, I guess)

No. 1778100

Oh that is depressing. I didn’t really even consider that. So hypothetically some girls who are thirstrapping are selling things at a profit to fetishistic moids?

No. 1778127

I broke my phone screen for the first time in my life, I don't know what to do. Should I put tape over the cracks where glass is splintering off?

No. 1778155

>they get flooded by requests of photos with the shoes on and asked how many times they were worn etc.
ugh that exact happened to me two different times on facebook marketplace and i sincerely had a meltdown kek but not really kekking because it seriously freaked me the fuck out i cried so hard. i could tell it was a weird man but i kept giving the benefit of the doubt because i thought maybe i was just being paranoid, until that sick fuck asked me to wear them for a few days for money and inb4 someone here says they would have taken that offer it might seem like a joke but it literally made me feel so awful i wanted to disappear and die. thank god i was smart enough not to send any pictures because i knew it was weird to ask. i hate that these moids take advantage of people in vulnerable positions like this just to jack off. for some reason i didn't think perverts like that in my area would be there but i guess i was too naive. i just wanted to sell my damn boots. as soon as someone asks if i have more pictures or video requests of any object at all i stop answering. moids will bust one to anything those animals can't be trusted.

No. 1778201

File: 1700398863345.jpeg (133 KB, 676x1024, IMG_1618.jpeg)

Can someone tell me why this actress’s face is so uncanny? There’s something off but I can’t place it

No. 1778202

File: 1700398885447.jpeg (113.22 KB, 823x1035, IMG_1615.jpeg)

Another angle

No. 1778204

she looks like an actual doll, maybe that's why

No. 1778229

What's her name?

No. 1778230

File: 1700400276201.jpg (583.71 KB, 983x2134, Tfs.jpg)

She seems to have true facial symmetry that often repels people instead of attracts as facial symmetry is not something you see every day

No. 1778248

I see nothing unusual.

No. 1778257

Emmanuelle Béart

No. 1778287

File: 1700404150091.jpeg (671.71 KB, 1067x732, IMG_1623.jpeg)

I looked her up just now and wow I hate plastic surgeons. I feel so bad for older actresses who went this route and let surgeons mess with their faces

No. 1778289

excuse my esl faggotry but I was wondering if saying "my opinion is that I think…" would it be the same as saying "my opinion is…" because isn't the former redundant? like my bf was accusing me of stating my opinion as fact but that wasn't my intention? he told me to word it like the first example. I'm so confused

No. 1778297

Hall is the blond one?

No. 1778301

You are right. My opinion is that I think.. = My opinion is that…
Actually, it would be grammatically wrong to say "my opinion is that I think" because saying "My opinion is that…" is the same as "I think that…"
An opinion is not a fact, so I don't know why your boyfriend insisted to say the first one.

No. 1778302

You’re already stating you don’t think it’s a fact, but that it’s your opinion.
Males state everything like a fact, he’s just trying to keep you submissive. Nothing personal but that’s just male socialization,

No. 1778304

> my opinion is that I think…
I feel it is redundant. I’d say “I think” or “I reckon” without using “my opinion”, as what follows would typically be my thoughts, views or opinion. Depending on the conversation, I can see how “in my opinion” might be misconstrued as you stating a fact but even then, I’d assume most people would give you grace if they knew you’re an ESLfag. As an ESLfag myself, please tell me he’s also an ESLfag and just too formal.

No. 1778308

No. 1778312

Men are so retarded about this. Why can’t they understand via context when someone is giving their opinion and when someone is stating something as fact? I’ve experienced multiple instances of men getting so pedantic over people saying “I think” vs “I feel”, saying the latter is inferior and shows the person is illogical or some bullshit.

No. 1778316

Thanks nonnies worst part is that it was about troons and I just said that my opinion was that they’re freaks and he was like “nuh huh you can’t know that where’s your proofs besides the trans women you see online?” like was this mfer defending trannies or am I going insane? God he used to cross dress too so I’m afraid he must be some sort of tranny sympathizer but since he knows I don’t like them he keeps his mouth shut. And he’s an esl too but his English is way better than mine since he grew up speaking it. Sorry for ranting in the wrong thread I’ll see myself out

No. 1778325

>defends troons
>used to cross dress
Oh no

No. 1778329

File: 1700406125343.jpeg (279.74 KB, 905x881, 1700361667609 (1).jpeg)

>God he used to cross dress too so I’m afraid he must be some sort of tranny sympathizer
He IS. Trannies are most often murked by males who are disgusted by that shit. If a man doesn't like tranniness, he'll make that clear. If a man is defending tranniness, he is a sympathizer. Probably even one of those freaks who would fuck trannies too and think that's perfectly normal. And the male you're talking about crossdresses? Nonnie, he got defensive because even he knows he's bound to troon out eventually. Personally, I wouldn't even be friends with someone who drinks the tranny kool-aid, much less date them. I don't know what you're gonna do about your relationship but if I was dating a guy and he told me that he supported trannies and even crossdressed, I would break up with him right then and there.

No. 1778379

What to do about winter blues? I just have no motivation at all and staying inside is only making me more depressed.

No. 1778389

What do managers of customer facing employees do when a staff member has visible, recent self harm wounds? Especially in cafes and hospitality? How would you even deal with that diplomatically? Not asking for myself, there’s just a barista where I go and they moved her to the back I think. I wonder what I would do as a manager. Anyone been in this position? Either side of the coin.

No. 1778393

Your boyfriend is a fag and would fuck a tranny in the ass/get his ass fucked as a tranny and thats why he got wildly defensive that his gf thinks trannies are freaks. And thats not just my subjective opinion, I'm stating that as a fact

No. 1778403

What do conspiracy theorists do when they say something is going to happen at a specific time and it doesn't? Like when the government did that test alarm a few months ago and people were saying for weeks before that the noise was going to trigger something in the COVID vaccine and turn people into zombies. What do they do when nothing actually happens

No. 1778412

I managed a hotel housekeeper who did a lot of self harm and I didn't do anything special because of it I just politely ignored it. None of my business. The uniform had short sleeves but anyone could wear a long sleeve undershirt if they wanted to, she didn't probably because it was hot. I didn't care, that's her decision.
Housekeeping might not be considered "customer facing" since you don't always see the guest when you clean the room but that's the closest personal experience I had. Everyone just ignores it. One of the managers even came in looking like she got mauled by a cat she had multiple SH cuts all over her neck and chest and even a couple on her face, I was honestly surprised she chose to come in like that, the cuts were really shallow and light they would have looked a million times better in like 3 days. She was clearly in a bad way emotionally (she was acting normal for work but you could see she wasn't okay) but no one said a word.

No. 1778421

File: 1700411150740.jpg (178.69 KB, 1024x768, FrBNQZ04UvQ.jpg)

I think that chances of a straight man defending trannies are astronomical.

Go outside anyway?

No. 1778425

I do but because it gets dark so early I can't go to any nature spots. I should just stop whining, wake up early and take the bus to explore a cool new place.

No. 1778449


No. 1778476

My dad’s mom called me fake because I don’t call her. Am I right to feel upset to the point I am definitely cutting contact with her now?

For context, I struggle making basic phone calls. This is with everyone, even people that are close to me. She is not one of these people. I only met her in person this year. We talked like once every five years for less than five minutes over the phone growing up, if that. This is because my dad went to prison and we lost contact with that side of the family and she was in another country. Which I understand is not her fault but, I loathe her entitlement to my attention just because we are blood related. To make an assertion about my personality when she doesn’t know me at all is flabbergasted. I immediately felt like snapping back at her remark but didn’t. Extremely immature behavior for someone in her 70’s. I told her twice already that I don’t like making phone calls. Not my fault she pretends to listen.

No. 1778482

You're both childish and uncompromising.

No. 1778500

How shitty is working at McDonalds? It's nearby and I wouldn't mind it as a side job in the evening.

No. 1778507

I am childish for not wanting to take disrespect from a literal stranger? Ok

No. 1778522

Not worked McDonalds but have worked similar fast food and fast casual type places. I honestly enjoy working a drive thru, it's not for everyone and requires a lot of multitasking and task prioritization but the pace is so fast it makes time fly and you feel accomplished when the lines move smoothly because youre good at managing it. Sucks when there's hiccups. I love working in kitchens, but any place that has deep fryers and fries a lot of foods will have a terrible coating of oil just on everything. It will coat your skin, clothes, and face becuase it's just in the air. Some places are worse than others, but I personally would rather work at a Subway or some other fast food place that has less hot oil hanging out. Stale oil stinks, and you will smell like it. It will make your car smell too from you riding in it if you use your own vehicle. The oil is really my only aversion to burger/fries places. Other than that I generally enjoy these types of jobs myself kek. BOH not FOH.

No. 1778525

You're childish for being unreceptive to a family member's desire to get to know her grandchild (completely reasonable desire on her part) and for refusing to work on your phone anxiety (have you considered someone from her generation might not be comfortable with texting?). And she's childish for refusing to compromise and contact you through other means you're more comfortable with and calling you fake. Cutting contact over something as little as being called fake is ridiculous. Do whatever you want, it's not like I really care but those are my two cents since you asked for it. I won't be engaging in this any further since you clearly just want to be told you're right.

No. 1778534

>and for refusing to work on your phone anxiety
Maybe anon is working on that for all we know. I would understand your point if anon said her granda called her way more often during her childhood but to me it seems like her grandma is just some random lady to her.

No. 1778580

The blue part of her eyes (forgot if it's the iris or pupil you know what i mean) is too circular and big, it almost looks like she's wearing circle lenses

No. 1778586

One of my friends worked there as his first job and he was fine with it, but he did quit eventually because there was a period of short-staffing/new hires ghosting and he was constantly asked to cover. Now they work in the kitchen for a local market that makes prepackaged meals.

No. 1778587

Even if you don't know her, its nice she wants to get to know you. Maybe you could email from time to time? I wish my family cared this much.. she probably really misses you. Its never too late nona. You never know.

No. 1778591

I did drive thru and I loved mcdonalds, they're my fav job as I grew up and I did dominos/corn maze/petting zoo/waitress. Its so fun and fast paced, usually your coworkers are extroverts too

No. 1778600

How much do you pay a night to live at your place? (Just divide your rent by the days in the month)
I pay $44 a night

No. 1778619

Everytime I just trim my pubic hair I bleed. I did that just now, I never shave, and I'm ovulating so I thought there would be some spotting but nope, I'm bleeding more than usual. Is that normal? It's not even like I accidentally cut my skin, and it's obvious the blood comes from my vagina anyway.

No. 1778631

No. 1778638

Im sorry I am so retarded but if my coworker asks me out, how do I word a rejection bc i am already in a relationship, but I really appreciate the fact its not easy to put ones self out there romantically?

No. 1778643

When I started spotting for the first time I went to the doctor, she said it was normal, then she told me to get some ultrasound done at the hospital if I'm worried and once I did that the doctor who met me said everything was fine. It was like 2 or 3 years ago though.

No. 1778662

Just say that. Most people will understand.
"Please know that I appreciate your confession and you seem like a wonderful person. However, I am already in a relationship. I know it's not easy to put yourself out romantically so I wish you the best in your search for the perfect match."
Or a less formal way to phrase it.
"Thanks but I'm already dating. Good luck though"

No. 1778663

If I rented my apartment alone, I would pay $42.62 per day. But since I have a partner and we split, my cost is $21.31 each day. I do not live in a good neighborhood.

No. 1778665

Is it normal for hypersensitivity to touch that comes with autism to get worse as you get older? I've heard of autistics that regress to being mute, but that's more with kids.

I can barely walk outside anymore for more than ten minutes before I start to get overwhelmed. My feet and hands are especially sensitive. Even things I look at outside of the computer seem more vivid, like they did when I was a kid.

I was somewhat functioning for a number of years, but I feel like I'm back where I was at the age of 6.

No. 1778666

Thank you sweet nonna

No. 1778667

No. 1778677

20 euro but that's before water, gas, electricity, taxes

No. 1778691

tyvm for your thorough answer, anon! i'm a retail normie and not familiar with making money online. very helpful

No. 1778717

$0 my bf pays all the bills

No. 1778721

What’s the point of a guy saying “suck it” repeatedly like “yeah suck it” when you’re already doing so?

No. 1778766

something in tech or related to computers where you can work remotely at your desk

No. 1778771

About €5.50 for utilities, including internet. I'm a neet, but i own my place.

No. 1778778

how did you afford property as a neet?

No. 1778788

It was a gift from parents, they are loaded.

No. 1778795

Is saying "gyns" instead of "guys" just a lolcor thing or do women anywhere else do it? I can't find any documentation of it offsite
I don't agree that saying "guys" as a gender neutral catchall term is misogynistic or some kind of big societal issue, but I think the female-specific term is cute

No. 1778805

The only people I've seen use it are radical feminists on various social media. It's pretty rare.

No. 1778809

I've seen people on ovarit say gyns.

No. 1778816

I don't think I have ever seen someone use gyns on LC btw, where have you seen it?

No. 1778822

I have never heard this as an alternative to guys. It's kinda cute but how do you pronounce it? Does it rhyme with Lines?

No. 1778824

I say it as gin (like the drink) in my head but it must be guy-n like gynecologist, I think. I think I've only seen it used on radfem twitter accountss.

No. 1778827

$58.30….and its one of the cheapest rents around…

No. 1778868

damn, I'm jealous.

No. 1778884

Can I supplement magnesium on my own or is it like iron where I really should see a doctor beforehand?

No. 1778888

I take magnesium without a doctor confirming, not over 200mg though

No. 1778891

Do women actually get jealous of other women's boob sizes? Every time I see this in anime or manga I just roll my eyes because it seems so unbelievable. But idk if it's a cultural thing or moid projection. Is it a thing with Japanese women?

No. 1778894

I think in manga it's usually portrayed as a roundabout way of complimenting someone by telling them you're totally jealous. Asians and certain other cultures seem to have very lax boundaries about commenting on other people's bodies in general.

No. 1778895

Not outright jealous, but I've heard more than just a few women say "Must be nice being her" and the like in regards to some other womans boobage

No. 1778898

>Is it a thing with Japanese women
I also think bigger boobs are seen as better in Asian countries, but idk if that's still the case. I heard from someone traveling in East-Asia like 10 years ago that it was impossible to find non push-up bras there

No. 1778908

Im honestly kind of jealous you've never experienced weird digs at your body from other women

No. 1778912

from what i've seen, asians prefer quality over quantity

No. 1778928

it's mostly a fantasy/insecure women project that is not even true. I've personally seen a lot more moids and fat girls project because they get off on the idea of other women being jealous, also why, in general, there's been a weird uprise of insecure girls assuming women are jealous of them for even looking at them for a milisecond kek

as for boob sizes go, in America, breast size is weird since a lot of fat girls desperately grasp onto it since it's literally one of the only "good" features they have even though breasts are unflatteringly shaped when it's due to fat and not actual breast tissue, men who are only capable of getting fat girls and fat girls themselves insanely project their insecurities onto other women, I've legit seen those psychos call skinny women with big tits like emrata flat/small breasted just because they can't stand they cant stand how women have proportionally big boobs without binging on mcdonalds

No. 1778930

File: 1700431130182.jpg (54.68 KB, 587x588, Screenshot 2023-11-19 135806.j…)

I can understand women nitpicking other women's bodies (I mean we're on lc after all) but the way it's portrayed in anime/manga feels so scrotish. Like men projecting their penis size envy

No. 1778938

I thought she was depressingly cutting tomatoes, but then I had to adjust my eyes and annoy myself.

No. 1778942

yeah ime women don't care about massive tits, they're usually jealous about other women being skinnier or having a fit(ter) body (than them) or having nicely balanced curves. so it's more about the overall look of the body and not focused on one single feature.

No. 1778944

Some people prefer using a metallic clothes hanger

No. 1778950

I know I’m jealous of big butts but I try not to comment on people’s bodies other than saying “wow!” Or you look great or whatever I have. Big boobs and only guys comment on it they usually seem to mock me

No. 1778952

Kek agreed that it's just a projection of the penis envy thing, the way it's portrayed in anime is retarded and unrealistic. Unfortunately though I've seen a lot of cruelty and negging regarding breast size in friend and peer groups before, women aren't always nice and ~body positive, especially if they're already toxic and tend to be jealous of other women to begin with.

No. 1778955

It's their autogynephilia showing out
Underrated post

No. 1779024

I'm going to attend an online seminar, am I supposed to have my webcam on? Would I be rude if I don't show my face? I want to do other stuff while I hear the seminar.

No. 1779045

It depends. How big is the seminar? Are you expected to contribute at all? If it's just a lecture or something with a bunch of different people, should be fine to have your camera off.

No. 1779061

Where I work it's normal to have the camera on if everyone's expected to introduce themselves, but then you can turn it off after greetings are finished, I think it's actually courteous because it's less distractive. If/when you are contributing it's better to turn it back on like other anon said.

No. 1779073

I think it will be relatively big, specialists from different parts of the country and even overseas will participate. I am purely a student but my professor is responsible for the introduction of the seminar and I think she has also been the main coordinator. I won't participate in the Q&As because I am very new to this field. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll wait and see what other people do.

No. 1779202

This is a good explanation, men just want something large regardless of how attractive it is, women like aesthetics

No. 1779216

File: 1700442484546.gif (1.71 MB, 498x498, D3AB07F0-5744-4016-9FC8-0D0018…)

Nonnies… embarrassing & gross question but how do I unblock my toilet. My period shit has clogged the toilet somehow (I think it’s stuck in the narrow bend), my uni accom turns off gas at night so I have no hot water to try & soften/flush it nor do I have a plunger, just a plastic bristle toilet brush & a dream. I have no clue what to do bc I’m such a germaphobe too so I’m extremely hesitance to just stick my hand anywhere near it nor do I really have anything of useful length. It’s sits there mocking me, it’s been hours and no matter how many times I flush it doesn’t budge

No. 1779219

Cover your hand and arm with a plastic bag and unclog the toilet.

No. 1779235

No. 1779247

stick your foot in and swirl your big toe around

No. 1779252

File: 1700443395840.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_9652.jpeg)

I'm back, and I know that nobody asked, but I am here to announce that "HIMBO" is also a valid word in this goofy ass Scrabble game. Who the fuck even made this.

No. 1779261

File: 1700444244987.jpg (578.62 KB, 2240x1680, wawa.jpg)

Do you have a hot plate or a microwave? You could try boiling water that way.

No. 1779365

Email the accomm people, leave out biscuits for the shit cloggers, stay out of your room all day to avoid them seeing the shitter herself.

No. 1779518

Why is my anxiety easier to work around before bed? I find myself always starting tasks I avoided right before I mean to go to sleep. I tried googling this, but I kept getting results for "why am I more anxious as night" and am so fucking mad at how useless the internet is now. I want the answer to the opposite scenario.

No. 1779526

If you have a big bucket or bowl or pry trashcan, fill it up with water and dump it into the toilet all at once. Sometimes it flushes with more force.

No. 1779540

how do i decline someone wanting to hang out with me? i do not have the energy to go out with someone and i’m not super close with the person

No. 1779595

File: 1700466549105.jpg (75.59 KB, 1200x1500, old-hollywood-waves-for-long-h…)

whats a hairstyle that is fairly universally attractive? esp for a chubby hapa (me)?

No. 1779603

just look up miranda kerr's haircuts. she always picks basic and flattering stuff and has a somewhat chubby cheeks.

No. 1779646

Could it be that you have a tendency to procrastinate and you're actually procrastinating sleep by feeling like you are being productive? Sleep is important too nona!

No. 1779651

Why can't I remember my friend's names? Everyone seems to immediately memorise them so they're not brought up after the first of couple weeks but it's been a month and I still don't know the names of my friends. I've been invited to this one girls birthday party and I have no idea what her name is. People think I have a massive ego because of this & I definitely do, but the name forgetting is not related to it. My brain just gets rid of useless information FAST and its definition for that seems to be "anything that's not funny…" I have ADHD so it's probably that. But it also seems like I don't want to remember names. I can't be bothered to learn them and I can't comprehend how other people do it. How do you remember a rando just because you attended the same class everyday for a couple years? If I know someone's name, we're now intrinsically bonded. Just… how do they do it? Do they make flashcards out of people's selfies? Or does it come naturally!?

No. 1779652

File: 1700478010606.jpeg (456.45 KB, 837x850, IMG_5400.jpeg)

I think bobs are universally flattering, with the specific length depending on your bone structure and hair type

No. 1779749

so they're not friends then, just randos in your class with who you've barely ever interacted with? in that case i don't think it's that weird to forget their names, but it should be easy to look up online tho and it's probably better to do so before going to that party kek

kekk nonna

No. 1779751

No they think we're friends most definitely

No. 1779794

Anyone else genuinely like general surfing or shitposting? When I am busy or spending a lot of time offline doing stuff with friends/bf, being productive, and doing my hobbies that I love I start to feel anxious and put out after a week or so kek. I keep grasping at a few minutes to shitpost or watch clips of random YouTube videos and I get crabby if interrupted like I’m being deprived of me time/self care

No. 1779798

You need to develop a strategy to remember names, nonnie. This is a lifelong valuable skill. Don’t use your ADHD as an excuse for your shitty behavior. Plenty of people have it and use tools to work against it. There are tricks to remembering names but it takes effort. Are you willing to do that?

No. 1779814

Outside? I dont know it sorry

No. 1780152

The FBI does not contact victims of child pornography/grooming after someone’s been reported as being a predator, right? I googled it and nothing came up

No. 1780155

If a case is opened, the detective may try investigate past victims to gather more evidence, especially if the man was producing child porn, but normally there has to be direct evidence such as videos or pictures because there's no way to know who he touched otherwise.

No. 1780156

What does 'morena' mean? I keep seeing 'morena makeup' videos on YT, and I googled to see that it meant 'brown-haired', but most of the girls talking about it aren't brunettes. Does it mean 'tan' or 'light brown skin' or something?

No. 1780174

It's for girls with darker (compared to white) skin. So it's make up that compliments darker complexions.

No. 1780176

It's used both to describe someone who is just dark haired and for dark/tanned skin.

No. 1780190

File: 1700507081990.jpg (34.83 KB, 800x533, 444747ejjsn.jpg)

It's a term used by pinays that embrace their darker skintones opposed to the lighter skintone that are sought after in asia. Essentially it's a make up term for those that want make up looks for them specifically.

No. 1780207

It's a Spanish word, it means what this anon said >>1780176 , specifically a woman/girl with dark brown or black hair and/or tan skin

No. 1780219

>a Spanish word
A lot of Filipino words have spanish origins. Morena is a word in tagalog.

No. 1780226

for almost.. 7 years since I first heard the term, I misread it and thought it was called "tagalong" as in tag and along. Rationalized it as the Philippine colonizers being mean and calling their language unnecessary. That's my embarrassing fact of the day, toodeloo!

No. 1780246

what the hell is lolcow tor

No. 1780248

You're not able to go on the site on tor.

No. 1780251

the fbi are just cops with 3 digit IQs (barely) aka NEWFAGS

No. 1780252

Has anyone seen a dermatologist online? I was getting cold feet about sending my pic to them and paying but I don’t live near one and I just wanna instantly clear up my shit skin

No. 1780259

You don't even have to talk to them on some apps. They just look at the pic and your checked boxes and send the prescription. It's ez

Now I will say the shit they prescribed is hit and miss, for me it was way more important to take my vitamins and omega 3s than slather azaleic acid or whatever it was

No. 1780273

.. I wanna get accutane and do you need to send them a blood sample or something?

No. 1780318

That one's a lot harder to get I'd just go to an irl derm for it tbh because the app ones will likely refer you anyway. They make you jump through hoops for it, like you have to take birth control

No. 1780327

File: 1700513609273.jpeg (141.79 KB, 634x878, IMG_9657.jpeg)

What is the best gluten free flour for baking? Is it worth it paying for gluten free flour blends, or can I just use almond flour or rice flour?

The Fuhrer was a himbo, the Jews weren't.

No. 1780355

Is there any site I can access from mobile for books? I have a 5 hour drive ahead of me need some entertainment

No. 1780369

File: 1700514596100.jpg (392.53 KB, 1080x1062, 1652389290145.jpg)

Do you HAVE TO do strength training to prevent injures from running? Can I just do the basic convict conditioning routine of inclined push ups and knee tucks on Mondays, and shoulder stand squats on Fridays

No. 1780381

Does anyone know any good anime/OC roleplaying sites? Writing fics doesn't scratch the itch anymore

No. 1780389

zlibrary? libby?

No. 1780398

Browse Goodreads to find an interesting title and check if libgen has it

No. 1780400

Almond flour

No. 1780420

Going by my very limited knowledge about baking, gluten free flours aren't as versatile as wheat and you'll need to adapt according to the recipe, meaning that rice or almond or any other gluten free flour could work fine for one thing and not work at all for another. I never used a gluten free blend tho, so I'm not sure how well it mimics wheat, but if I really felt like using it, I'd get a recipe for it and make my own.

No. 1780431

File: 1700516768184.jpg (32.67 KB, 564x505, 78e837fb6b800c5a2b99af6f2a8438…)

>Trying to get rid of crap in my room
>Throw away a cracked and peeling pleather purse.
>When I come back from throwing it out my mom gives me a lecture on how I should save things so she can give them to my Grandma to donate
>yeah ok whatever the purse was obviously not salvageable so why are you telling em this
>Fast forward a couple of weeks I'm looking through the closet in the spare room for something
>Purse that I fucking threw into the garbage weeks ago is sitting comfortably in the closet staring at me
>mfw My mom waited for me to go back to my room that day to dig the fucking purse out of the half full toter garabge can
>Went as far as to try and hide it in the spare room closet buried in between clothes because she knows I never look in there.
This isn't the first time she's dug something out of the trash either.This is why I hate giving stuff to donate because then she goes through the bags and insists on keeping things even though none of it will fit her or is within her taste. She even complains that the house is too small and wish she had a bigger one so she could fit all her shit in it. What really makes my blood boil is when she decides what to give away and of course it's the stuff I want to keep. And obviously it's never any of HER stuff.

My question is: is this common with boomer women? Does this classify as being a hoarder? I don't think my mom is a full blown hoarder but she does exhibit these weird behaviors and I'm so sick of it. Right now I'm trying to think of ways to get around this because calling her out on it didn't stop her the first time.

No. 1780432

I like this guy and we have been dating for Like 3 months now, he is shy, so far we have only cuddled and stuff so i have been trying to act more flirty and dressing in more erotic ways so he makes the first move but so far nothing has happened, should I go for it? should I dump his ass? Should I check if he is gay?

No. 1780437

Throw shit out intentionally, cover it in a condiment or something gross, and toss it on garbage day. You can't leverage with this kind of behavior. Just throw shit out and ignore her.

No. 1780439

My mom does the same thing, insists on keeping stuff especially beat up crappy furniture, her garage is full of it. My husbands even worse about it, some brewery or company we buy from online will give a free crappy sticker with your purchase and my husband insists on keeping them in a drawer, I just wait a week or so and toss it later, he's never noticed. I think some people just have awful pack rat tendencies. I used to be like that except one day I was moving a wooden giraffe statue I had and dropped it and it broke. I was expecting to feel something but realized I didn't mind at all and actually was relieved to see it gone, made me realize there's a bunch of shit I should probably just throw out.

No. 1780452

Communicate, duh, say what you want.

No. 1780453

>is this common with boomer women?
From my limited pool of two women, they both do it.
>Does this classify as being a hoarder?
Yes. There are different types and different levels of hoarding.
>ways to get around this
What day is trash day? Prepare a garbage bag and sneak out with it only an hour before trash pick up.

No. 1780455

my mom is also a hoarder with clothes, would always chide my sister and me for donating them. sometimes even when they were old and ill fitting. you have to smuggle the shit out of the house and throw it out or donate it in public without her knowing to avoid causing a stir. i've already donated a lot, so sneaking out a few pieces here and there goes unnoticed. but if you have noticeably more stuff and donate a lot in a short period of time, she may notice.
>What really makes my blood boil is when she decides what to give away and of course it's the stuff I want to keep. And obviously it's never any of HER stuff.
If this is a problem can you get a lock for your stuff? That's annoying.

No. 1780470

How can I make my new bf last longer in bed? He says he loves and finds me hot but he kinda has trouble getting it up even though we just started dating. Even when it's hard it's kinda soft. I know excessive nicotine can cause that but he doesn't even smoke. He is addicted to energy drinks tho so idk if that affects it. I also know anti-depressants can cause women to have a much lower libido so perhaps that's it for him too since he's on them? At first I thought maybe he's got a porn addiction or something, but even after snooping around his phone I can't find any signs of it.
I never thought I'd have the problem of a man not matching up to my borderline asexual libido yet here I am lol

No. 1780475

My mom has five bottles of shampoo/conditioner in her bathroom and she fills almost-empty bottles of soap with water. I used to toss the shampoo bottles that were nearly empty and she definitely would take them from the garbage. She also has kept clothes in her closet that have never been worn, because she would refuse to return anything to the store it came from. It annoys me a lot but she did grow up in a big family that had to use foodstamps and hand-me-downs.

I read a post on reddit where a person helping their mom declutter would take a photo of the closet or boxes, and it made them more likely to throw stuff out instead of physically inspecting everything and second guessing its purpose.

No. 1780477

My mom is addicted to shopping, like multiple deliveries every day of the week. She had the opportunity to get rid of stuff when she moved houses a few months back. Instead, she had to rent two UHauls and all the stuff didn't fit into those, so she had to go back the weekend after the move to get the rest of her crap. It's all junk, nothing valuable. Just throwing her money away. She'll get obsessed with new hobbies and buys a ton of crap just to lose interest two weeks later. She's batshit about getting rid of things even though she says she wants to. She drives me insane.

No. 1780486

File: 1700519016178.jpeg (108.65 KB, 736x736, IMG_3185.jpeg)

Would anyone be interested in a holiday/birthday gifting thread?

No. 1780490

I would be, nonnie.

No. 1780492

I'll say yes just because I'm curious.

No. 1780494

Kek, my boomer mom would go through the clothes I set aside to give away and argue me down on why I should keep whatever thing I was getting rid of. When that didn't work she'd go through the stuff to see what she could keep for herself she's shorter than I am so she probably thinks the stuff I'm giving away from my ana days will somehow fit her

I think it's common for them because their parents grew up in times of need and implanted that scarcity mindset shit in their brains. Then industrialization really took off when they were our age, so they could hoarde all they wanted. With the scarcity mindset in a "plentiful" environment, a lot of boomers, especially women who tend to like to collect and nest will have a lot of trouble letting go. Even if it's dumb crap that does nothing but take up space in your closet and would be better off in new hands.

No. 1780514

What are some fandoms that are constantly selling out merch at comic cons?

No. 1780518

I love soups, especially in colder weather this is my go to recipe
Toss in whatever veggies you have on hand and eat it with some freshly baked bread… it's a little basic but very comforting imo. like a warm hug

No. 1780522


No. 1780523

The anime of the month.

No. 1780587

Is it possible to live without carbs, starches, sugars, meats, and dairy?

No. 1780590

File: 1700524426160.jpeg (90.86 KB, 1080x603, 990F297C-5262-4FA5-A473-DCBA79…)

Samefag, I managed to sort it out, a load of washing up liquid managed to work. Thank you nonnies for the help

No. 1780606

What emoji is the one with the hands? What's it called? This one🤗

No. 1780607

Is this tongue in cheek because you love those or legit? There are gluten free vegans

No. 1780612

even if you could why would you, that sounds miserable. what would you even eat? all vegetables and oil?
These all significantly contribute to essential nutrients, you might be able to get away with cutting some out if you have good reason but you'd have to really be careful with getting enough nutrition. and make sure you don't have certain conditions or risks

No. 1780619

Become algae

No. 1780621

I feel you, fellow attempter of the vegan keto diet. Unfortunately it's excessively difficult, all you're allowed to eat is nuts and seeds and leafy dark greens.

No. 1780623

Haha yeah you'll "live" from the nutrient reserves of your formal normal diet until you start getting worrying symptoms. But you'll lose weight at first which is all some groups need to think a diet is healthy. "live"=/thrive

better not look up what veggies contain carbs and starches

No. 1780648

Should I have a joint before bed?

No. 1780653

File: 1700526299270.jpg (65.28 KB, 911x865, 1689533001172.jpg)

I know it sounds miserable, it is. I don't want to even do this. I've been trying it for a week now and I feel fucking awful but I have severe eczema and all of those things are apparent triggers for eczema so my skin has been way better than before also factoring staying away from my family's dogs and stay in my room 24/7 outside of work on top of that. I just want to know if this is feasible long term because I'm getting good results but I don't know how long I can live off of onions, leavy greens, miso soup, fruits, and nuts 24/7.

No. 1780659

No. 1780663

No. 1780666

I sure am. I'm fuckin' sick of being an insomniac, no matter how much I push myself all day.

No. 1780679

File: 1700526940911.jpg (213.26 KB, 1822x1730, 1700526983043.jpg)

I enhanced you're image

No. 1780707

ntayrt but im guessing youre ezcema anon from the advice thread? it doesnt sound sustainable long-term, unless you're fine eating hella beans or protein powder/drinks. maybe when your condition settles a bit more, you can experiment with what meats and maybe even fat/lean ratios trigger your flare-ups less. best of luck on your situation!

No. 1780719

Is lolcow blunt or mean? I showed a normalfag(one of my gfs) the celebrity cow thread and she said it was mean but I found it hilarious and unfiltered kek

No. 1780723

No. 1780728

if gender is a social construct then how the fuck do trannies justify existing

No. 1780730

they don’t they just want attentionn

No. 1780731

the male ones are just sex offenders that want to rape children and women, the female ones are probably from a super christian fucked up upbringing or molested

No. 1780736

Some people are definitely meanies here kek

No. 1780739

the line between the two varies by individual. you and your gf have different definitions. and individal anons vary as well, some are blunt and others are simply mean.

No. 1780741

Same reason why they demand free surgeries to chop off perfectly healthy body parts, but still insist that the world needs to believe that women can have penises.
You're searching for logic in a group of freaks that have none.

No. 1780759

Do I really offer anything in a relationship if I don’t know how to cook, I’m not very affectionate, I’m not very compromising, and I don’t know how to comfort?

No. 1780762

Beauty? Money?

No. 1780765

as a loser who's going to die alone (but was in a relationship in which i got dumped), but if i found you attractive, and liked your personality and mannerisms enough it wouldn't really matter unless we got serious.
>I don’t know how to cook
you can learn
>I’m not very affectionate
might dissuade some people but you might mesh well with similar people
>I’m not very compromising
might lead to issues down the road so you have to be clear on must haves
>I don’t know how to comfort
oh are you an autist? put in some effort to learn what your partner likes or learn to ask and you can work around it.

No. 1780781

Why do I look more feminine in the mirror and more masculine in photos?

No. 1780798

File: 1700534399067.jpg (9.25 KB, 180x279, descarga.jpg)

someone in the 30's thread said they got some grey hairs at 27 wtf
is that actually normal? or does it just depend a lot on genetics, never seen anyone young with grey hairs unless they also look busted as shit

No. 1780800

What are the best resources to actually understand the Palastine/Israel conflict?

No. 1780803

idk, but i got my first gray hair at 23, yet people have mistaken me for a middle schooler

genetics is weird as shit

No. 1780806

not me, but my brother got his first gray hairs in high school

No. 1780807

Got my first white hair at the age 16 due to stress. Still have a head full of black hair. though I do have strands of brown, red and yellow in my hair

No. 1780808

yeah i got my first grey at 23/24. but also my family tends to get grey early. at least we skipped the balding gene lol

No. 1780810

My sister has had grey since she was 22 or 23. On the other hand I have had fine lines on my face (mainly forehead) since I was 24 or 25. I don't think other people notice them yet but it's hard not to worry.

No. 1780814

I got my first gray in 8th grade. At least no one in my family is bald and our hair is thick and plentiful.

No. 1780838

File: 1700536849383.jpeg (102.77 KB, 1300x956, IMG_9893.jpeg)

What can I wear to the gym if I'm very fat? Something that will ensure people (especially moids) don't mock me.

No. 1780855

File: 1700538524087.jpeg (36.67 KB, 386x589, 4CBA2B6F-CBE9-48EA-B88B-F32109…)

I think that as long the clothes are the right size and don’t get transparent when you squat, no one will care. It’s alway better to go for safe stuff like plain leggings, maybe add some loose shorts on top of them, a nice plain sports bra and a long and loose tank top.
Stuff like pic related.

No. 1780899

I want to learn more about cars but have zero clue where to start. If any anons know good starting materials, please let me know! Thanks in advanced.

No. 1780901

I'm 20 and one of my classmates (likely very close in age to me) said she already started getting grays. She looks young and normal so it's just a few stray hairs that nobody but her notices

No. 1781051

you're right i do. procrastinating work by goofing off, and then procrastinating sleep with work seems obvious but eluded me.

No. 1781153

I know this isn't the question, but I have a feeling the solution for hair turning white will come within our lifetimes, nonas. Anyway, I've had a few since my teenage years and have only gotten a few more in my late twenties. I have a ton of hair and no one ever notices, I wouldn't worry about it.

If you're really upset, you can use some kind of dye anyway. It's not the end of the world

No. 1781156

are you smart and/or a problem-solver? Those are also ways to show care for another person. Some people give gifts to show affection. Not everyone is highly emotionally or physically affectionate but usually those people find other ways to express positive emotions.

I also think having passion for something (like an interest or subject) can be attractive and entertaining.

No. 1781230

Is it weird, as a lesbian, for me to not want to have ugly males as friends? They just look so much more grotesque to me compared to regular looking men, and I am not sure if it is unusual for ssa women to compare men's physical qualities.

No. 1781232

Nah, ugly males are a plague on the eyes.

No. 1781235

no nonna

No. 1781243

It's not weird even if you were straight. Everyone smart curates their friend group, you just don't say the impolite parts out loud.

No. 1781333

I keep seeing a sink moth flutter over my left shoulder, it happened twice now and I'm starting to think islts actually an eye-floater but it's just so much more opaque than the ones I normally see and can easily identify and predict so I figured it was just a moth when I saw it but seeing it happen twice in the same spot of my vision and sitting on the same location.
I also wasn't able to find the moth either time but I also can't trigger it like I can eye floaters.
What was it????

No. 1781337

Ugly men are so much of a just.. disgust response as opposed to ugly women so completely understandable. I choose average, the most neutral I can go and it usually lends them to being the right amount of insecure and confident.

No. 1781377

Are there any smaller/niche social media websites out there like lookbook.nu or even tumblr that aren't dead? I just want to post outfit pictures but not have people in my life find out kek. Is tumblr worth giving a try anymore?

No. 1781386

ugly men are usually unkept and stinky so I dont blame you.
ugly women are way more tolerable than ugly men because most are hygienic. ugly moids just stink up the place. I would know, I shared an office with a couple of programmers. had to light a candle every day because the scent was disgusting.

No. 1781483

File: 1700582772138.jpg (274.82 KB, 1536x2048, f2mba5spaj701.jpg)

It's not weird, I think no normal person would befriend someone like picrel.

No. 1781597

How long does tanning last? I still have a faint white band left by my wristwatch while vacationing last August and I haven't really been out in the sun since then.

No. 1781642

Aw I miss this so badly… recently I stalked my formerly biggest inspiration from that site and she turned into such a bland grey ig influencer.
But sorry anon, I don't know any either.

No. 1781655

Is it true that most male actors are gay?

No. 1781657

All male celebs are gay or degens

No. 1781661

Those nails…. Bleurgh!

No. 1781679

probably not, but the percentage of gay men in acting is probably higher than in the general population because acting is gay-friendly in general.

No. 1781777

Uh…you didn't find porn on his phone so now you think he doesn't watch porn? His dick isn't working he is definitely a porn addict. Any man attracted to you even a little should be able to get it up easy just from cuddling even. Get rid of him.

No. 1781836

File: 1700594676411.jpeg (260.24 KB, 1048x1201, IMG_5814.jpeg)

How the fuck can TikTok sounds and filters generate money? I keep seeing all of these guilt trippy posts but it just seems like the scummiest way to get interactions to me. Are any of these sounds or filters credible?

No. 1781848

No one saves images on their phone anymore, check his Google chrome/internet apps to see if the auto fill brings up
>e g or n something hentai as well
>4chan, the red boards
>pixiv has a huge hentai community

No. 1781859

It's the antidepressants and/or he's gay. Happened to me once and his dick was just as you described.

No. 1781900

I also think it's because being gay is (or at least used to be) something that puts you at the edge of society. If you're already somewhat of an outcast you might as well try and follow an unusual career path, unlike hetero normies who'd be scared to lose their social standing.
Plus the average fag simply is an attention whore.

No. 1781914

It's not antidepressants. Shit excuse and I'm sick of moids using it. She is 100% with a porn addict.

No. 1781933

Its porn, my ex was pretty straight until I found gay porn on his phone after he suddenly couldn't get hard / trouble

No. 1781960

Why do fatties think that they can go to the gym? Just put the damn fork down kek(bait)

No. 1781966

It's good excerise and helps with losing the excess weight in a healthy manner?

No. 1781971

Ignore obvious bait anon

No. 1781979

Don't be a dick. If you're mad people are fat, wouldn't you want to encourage them to go to the gym so then they can be skinny? Besides, even if she never loses any weight, it's better for her health to be fat with more muscle than fat with no muscle.

No. 1782064

it's probably bait but you can't lose baby weight, thyroid weight, etc by "putting the fork down". The idea that fat people are just binging at all times and it's as simple as "putting the fork down" is ignorant considering multiple endocrinologists have explained this extremely clear on why some people struggle with losing weight

No. 1782112

Does anyone have the tiktok of a compilation of women not smiling to avoid wrinkles and other insidious shit with a girl screaming as the bg noise? it was posted here before but I can't remember which thread..

No. 1782116

No. 1782173

File: 1700607450837.jpg (36.21 KB, 500x375, blue.jpg)

How can I get hair dye off my skin ASAP?? I used a new brand and this one unexpectedly stained me really badly, I have it mostly on my hands and nails, neck, and my hair part where my scalp is visible. I used a black dye that had blue-violet pigments in it so it's not subtle at all. I need to get it off before Thanksgiving, preferably before tomorrow!!
I have tried
>regular soap and water like 20 times
>japanese oil-based facial cleanser
>regular facial cleanser
>micellar water
>olive oil
>nail polish remover
>body wash
>salicylic acid
>rinsing for like an hour straight
>a clay mask

No. 1782186

Did you try shampoo? I find that works sometimes. You might just be stuck with it though don’t rub your skin raw

No. 1782201

Ugh why would you do that to yourself? Fake black hair with blue undertones always looks like ass.

No. 1782205

lemon juice

No. 1782212

Nah blue black hair looks awesome and it fades into cool shades on bleached hair. I miss it.
Green-black is superior though.

No. 1782228

I love purple black the best, but I swear that stupid feria box dye with the blue black had me in a chokehold in my teens.

No. 1782230

Wrong, it always looks like a party city wig and so obviously fake.

No. 1782236

Nonnies from non English speaking countries, does the lack of "they/them" in your language makes it at least less likely to see gendies popping up everywhere?

No. 1782240

Is there a thread on the redpill community?

No. 1782242

Not really. Most of them actually say they go by "they/them" as in they/them in english and not our actual language. Retarded per usual.

No. 1782262

At the very least it stops things like companies and institutions from using too much inclusive language, because you'd have to modify your language into something that doesn't exist and that's usually frowned upon.

No. 1782272

Can anyone who practices witchcraft or manifesting summon me some money? A job would be amazing but just some money would help right now. I really need it and I am too broken down to do the mental work myself.

No. 1782278

no. we get latinx'd in our own culture too.

No. 1782289

Not a single person I know uses latinx without getting called out for being retarded. That shit doesnt make sense.

No. 1782292

there was a time in argentina were the goverment would try to force ''todes''

No. 1782343

no, they list she/her he/him despite being women from fucking hispanic countries so using they/them isn't uncommon either
they still use it a lot in organizations for young people or goverment advertisements, same with replacing o with "x" but the x feels like when they used @ in everything kek

No. 1782353

File: 1700613910122.jpg (174.05 KB, 803x1500, 27ee34d2-a54c-45a3-9e05-d832da…)

Hello, fellow fatty who joined a few months ago. Wear joggers. Maybe the size should be 1 size up so that they sit on your waist and don't fall down and show your underwear when you're bending to pick up weights or doing floor exercises, just make sure the joggers have a string which you can tighten to keep them snug. I also wear a certain style of shirt which curves down in the front and back bottom of the shirt. I'm not sure of the name of the style but its cut like this pic, but obviously with full length sleeves and no cleavage. Got them both from my local walmart so I cant send any links or anything to help

I know its nervewrecking but the vast majority of people at the gym don't give a damn about what you're doing and if they do, they're subhumans who should kill themselves. The fact that you're there and trying to make a change in your life is already amazing in itself. Never let other retards stop you from improving your health.

No. 1782357

I grow natural black hair but it was turning faded and orangey so I wanted to cancel out that unwanted tone, I don't get the saturated raw color advertised because my hair is not lightened
will keep trying thanks for the tips

No. 1782362

Done, you will be getting your money soon

No. 1782393

File: 1700616196818.png (1.94 MB, 1125x1108, yes.png)

iis it normal to be physically numb while drunk

No. 1782402

It’s not supposed to look real.

No. 1782403

>feria blue black
this is what I used too! (Until I got advanced and started moving stuff myself.) did you also read Zoetica Ebb talking about it?
jesus christ sorry I had to repost this twice because I fucked it up

No. 1782404

do you have a proton mail I can msg you at? I will do the spell and show you pics of it

No. 1782405

No. 1782408

What is the current state of Kiwifarms? Last time I checked, they got kicked off the clearnet. Is the situation dire?

No. 1782410

File: 1700617176884.gif (1.23 MB, 498x370, 信夫 マリ子.GIF)

I’ve always used cotton pads soaked in isopropyl alcohol when I’ve accidentally stained my skin.

No. 1782416


No. 1782423

Ew, it's still kicking? Thanks for answering though

No. 1782441

Alcohol makes your skin age a lot

No. 1782444

Even if it’s just to remove the ocasional stain? It’s not even a yearly occurrence.

No. 1782446

Pretending to take an online class while my family packs up everything for the trip back home, am i being bad or just lazy?

No. 1782460

You do you nonna

No. 1782465


I love seeing big ppl at the gym. It is such a hopeful and powerful thing to do for yourself, never let others keep you from it

No. 1782473

People seething about fatties working out only reminds me of that right-wing Milo fag who later got cancelled for being a pedo.

No. 1782484

I avoid mirrors most of the time, i only look into one whenever it's necessary, do you also find yourself gross?

No. 1782540

File: 1700625195801.png (1.04 MB, 1518x742, chars.png)

Anons, I have a conundrum. My boyfriend believes that Rouge The Bat from Sonic is black or Afro-latina, and that Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes (specifically Space Jam) is white. I couldn't disagree more. Lola Bunny is very obviously mixed race to me, while Rouge The Bat is white. However, we both agree that Roxanne from A Goofy Movie is mixed. What are your thoughts?

No. 1782541

They look like furries to me, anon.

No. 1782547

No. 1782548

It doesn't really matter but I would have guessed Rouge was french, cause yknow museum and jewlery theft

No. 1782563

>blonde hair
>blue eyes
>not white
Mmmk nona…

No. 1782567

What plant based protein should I add to my pesto pasta?

No. 1782571


No. 1782573

What are your options?

No. 1782574

File: 1700626857496.jpg (356.63 KB, 1274x1920, b8de08e30b62e6608a6ba843718c72…)

Her fur is brown/yellow like a mixed person's skin. She resembles picrel in color palette/combo more than a white person. Bugs is white, though.

No. 1782575

You saw brown fur and thought of a brown person? Kek both you and your boyfriend are retarded. Rouge and Lola are definitely white.

No. 1782581

nta but
>being upset that other people don't interpret furries' races the same way as you
nonna please…

No. 1782582

>You saw brown fur and thought of a brown person?
Yes, that's literally normal. Do you not understand color palettes? Calm down lmao

No. 1782584

File: 1700627350978.png (106.19 KB, 499x281, 7.png)

No. 1782587

samefag but in that case roxanne is probably a tanned white girl since her fur's orange/kind of peach toned

No. 1782590

Everything. Im going to the store. I was thinking of adding black beans but idk if it will make it taste weird

No. 1782595

Idk it's her vibe and the fact that she's dating a goofy white boy (typical minority woman move)

No. 1782596

I think chickpeas could work well

No. 1782936

Do others see you as more attractive than you see yourself? Or is it that we see ourselves as more attractive than we actually are?

No. 1782938

I think it depends on the basis of your self perception, if you're self loathing you'd see yourself as ugly and if you have a healthy self image you'd likely notice your best features. It also depends on the other person's perception of you, some people are objectively attractive but taste is subjective.

No. 1782939

Would an American president actually shoot a civilian citizen for being offensive?

No. 1782965

Are black people good at rhythm games?

No. 1782976

no lol

No. 1782992

i can only speak for myself but yes

No. 1782996

they got the original kiwifarms.net back too

No. 1782997

Rhythm Heaven?

No. 1783006

lmao what

No. 1783057

project diva, taiko, ddr

No. 1783133

I want something like cal 1 for dummies or any book like that. I want to read and get good @ math. Any recommendations? I tried reading 4chan's /sci/'s board (big mistake)

No. 1783136

Calculus Made Easy by Robert Silvan, available as a free pdf

No. 1783163

File: 1700673685280.jpg (4.19 KB, 170x129, photo_2023-11-22_22-21-23.jpg)

is it unprofessional to have this as a pfp for your e-mail?

No. 1783164

Probably, but who cares?

No. 1783165

I am applying to colleges with this e-mail and I don't want them to think I am stupid, but also the albino squirrel is cute..

No. 1783168

The college probably won't notice tbh, and you'd be far from the only one with cute or odd profile pics. I knew a dude with Goku and that was definitely the email he enrolled with

No. 1783187

Just remove it temporarily. Your application is probably going on a pile so I doubt it makes a difference but just in case.

No. 1783190

Please post full pic

No. 1783212

File: 1700675855807.jpg (8.92 KB, 105x162, earth.jpg)

No. 1783221

File: 1700676644239.jpg (38.08 KB, 500x500, avatars-000320411244-6lvd2c-t5…)

Well my bf got hired as an engineer while having this as his pic so

No. 1783222

i really like this image

No. 1783243

I think I might know your bf in real life, or maybe I'm being too schizo

No. 1783266

Why does my heart race so fast whenever I take a bath? Happens to anyone else?

No. 1783281

Something something something rise in body temperature? Sometimes I get lightheaded when I take a bath because of the steam and all the warmth.

No. 1783289

What country?

No. 1783293

same, if i'm taking a hot bath i need a cool beverage to sip on

No. 1783295

No. 1783310

What’s a good desk chair to invest in? I’ve read that the likelihood of your desk chair impaling you with the rod is higher whenever you use cheaply made chairs. I don’t want to risk using cheap Chinese chairs on Amazon. Maybe this fear is unfounded but it creeps me out hearing the stories.

No. 1783333

Can someone spoon feed me on why the "daddy's little porkchops" banner was so controversial, and why anons were arguing about it on /meta/

No. 1783344

I've seen anons complain that it's coomer-ish, so there's that.

No. 1783365

It's just gross and I don't want someone glancing over my shoulder seeing it, simple as. It's a naked, soapy woman jiggling and slapping her ass, makes it seem like I'm browsing 4chan.

No. 1783373


No. 1783381

idk but i hate that one

No. 1783391

Wrong country then lol, dw

No. 1783393

If they knew it was lolcow theyd judge you even harder. Why are you browsing lc around people anyway kek

No. 1783399

>Why are you browsing lc around people anyway
Right, anons are stupid.

No. 1783430

What's wrong with soyjak.party other than the annoying raids? I discovered the sharty a few months ago and aside from sperging moids and ugly wojaks i don't see why they're so hated here. They seem way less rapey and pedophilic than channers

No. 1783437

Am I falling for yet another asian propaganda channel? Not as obvious and more modern than Liziqi but nevertheless a suspicious amount of beautiful nature shots, trad clothes and her house is supposedly built from a ruin…

No. 1783439

i fucking love these channels. bring them on ccp

No. 1783443

They spam CP and gore, you absolute retard.

No. 1783444

they literally had to close down because the moids refused to stop posting cp and gore

No. 1783455

File: 1700689535971.png (265.55 KB, 447x559, 1670113262203.png)

I didn't see any when i visited the site because i only went there like 3 times. You act like i'm supposed to know what happens on there every second of the day…

No. 1783458

Theyre literally all propaganda accounts. That said thehre perfect asmr tho.

No. 1783459

You dont know much about men on imageboards, do you.

No. 1783468

i know its all propaganda but they're so relaxing and beautiful i can't help but love them. ccp won this round i'm afraid

No. 1783471

No, since the only imageboards i frequently go on are the female oriented ones, aka lolcow and (on occasion) cc. It seems there's no winning since apparently i'm a retard if i don't know exactly how scrote imageboards work, but also i'm a soycuck/channer/degen if i go on them frequently…

No. 1783477

It isn’t so much as how scrote imageboards work but rather how scrotes work when you leave them to their own devices.

No. 1783490

Is there like… a male version of this? I feel like all the vids I see are Chinese women (pretending to) work very hard and do all sorts of crazy things with ingenuity but I've never seen male content about men doing anything at all. Also what the fuck is around her dogs neck

No. 1783495

chinese scrotes are ugly why would you want to look at them?

No. 1783496

It doesn't make you a retard, but it does make you naive and you should probably be more careful about giving them the benefit of the doubt. Men on imageboards really do and post horrendous things. If you saw what the internet was like 90s-2015 or so you would definitely not be so gracious with your positivity. They are not harmless.

No. 1783498

Oh I don't, I'm just curious about what the propaganda for men looks like. Like do they have anything at all? Or do they just do fuckall

No. 1783503

wrong, they mog the other more popular asians

No. 1783504

i don't have any passion of ccp propaganda so i only look at the nice videos of women doing interesting things. no idea if they push men. maybe c-drama actors or something

No. 1783512

all altchans have a cp problem, even the female ones get spammed up frequently. 4chan had it bad too before moderation got tighter (there's also plausible tinfoils that feds use it)
There do exist some sharty moids who use it casually and are simply interested in sperging with images of bald bearded men (I know a few personally, they stopped using the boards after noticing illegal content) but there's definitely shady stuff. For one, there's some groups who basically revolve around cowtipping in extreme ways just to harm people, and they spend time there. And of course most people on obscure imageboards are going to be deranged in various ways. For some reason there's a monkey torture video issue there. I've heard tinfoils that the site owners are involved with it but don't know the details.
I would not claim that it's literally a site for people who like cp and gore but there's absolutely a problem and its esoteric nature will mean more degens than 4chan

No. 1783520

chinese actors do show their househusband qualities

No. 1783541

> I would not claim that it's literally a site for people who like cp and gore but there's absolutely a problem and its esoteric nature will mean more degens than 4chan
they literally made a loli version of soyjack just to fap i think its called soylita

No. 1783543

They also have extremely violent dark web communities and forums where they stalk women. If there's any oldfags here, these types of sites used to be on clearnet but they kept getting shut down (ie anon-ib) so they went dark. The same kind of men camping on those communities (you can request other men to do favors for you and groupstalk or cyberstalk or abuse a specific target for shits n gigs, they also make ton of fake ai content uses deepfakes and ai voices) also use 4chan. There may be many boards, but the fact of the matter is that you share a site with men who are pedophiles, stalkers, misogynists, and have violent ideations and fantasies.

No. 1783544

It's so tragic that so many Chinese men have Chad jawlines and they shave them down until they loom strange.

No. 1783551

i saw someone on another site (i think it was the KF thread on soyjak? or somewhere else) mention that some posters on soyjak will sneak in snippets of CP in photos and videos that seem normal on the surface

No. 1783552

chinese naturally don't have that broad faces but there's still some celebs with stronger jawlines compared to what their korean counterparts pay for

No. 1783556

I think asians in general tend to have beautiful jawlines. Yes I've seen a lot of Korean before and afters of like large jawline deformities shaved down to pulp but I've also seen really nice jaws. Its so odd to see literally destroying the structure of your face in such an aggressive way be normalized, Asian beauty standard easily one of the most toxic in existence.

No. 1783568

at least they are equal. Male asian actors look as plastic and alien as their female counterparts, in contrast to the west when the women look like dolls while the men are allowed to be ugly looking.

No. 1783745

why do dogs like to sit on me? i’ve never owned a dog but they always seem to like to sit on me

No. 1783771

I love Gong Jun

No. 1783840

u r the dog whisperer

No. 1783847

You probably smell good to them.

No. 1783940

How new are you guys? It's one of the cows named Mystery who posted here and some moid she was fucking called her that. It's a great banner.

No. 1783980

It's the worst fucking banner, it would be spoilered in any normal post so why should it be in banners? I don't want to see porny gifs with creepy shit written over them regardless of the backstory, especially if I'm browsing in public.

No. 1784057

>browsing in public
i am so tired of fucking phonefags trying to control the site. They pull out their phones in their lunch break to come make the most mundane boring shitty post of the day and treat this site like their personal diary then get super angry when anyone posts anything slightly unhinged because ''w-what if anyone sees it?!'' phones making the internet accessible to retards ruined it forever. I hope there is a gore spam when you are in public, faggot.

No. 1784066

Are you even a regular poster? We've explained a hundred thousand billion freaking times that they're old gifs and admin refuses to fix or update anything so we have had mostly six year old banners. Also this is an ADULT AGE ONLY site, grow up.

No. 1784067

That anon's post was retarded, but this is even more retarded kek. We can't all be glued to our computers or even at home all day, and you act like you know what device anons are making posts from. Genuinely schizo.

No. 1784072

are zoomers incapable of not using the internet for a microsecond? you should use altchans in public, how retarded are you? we get constant raids and you want to take the chance of someone seeing you scroll past cp/gore/scat in public?

No. 1784075

If you're alone and not around anyone it's honestly fine. The problem is just anons saying they browse lolcow around others, not that they browse lolcow on their phones.

No. 1784091

ok salty phonefag.

No. 1784099

I mostly post from my computer but alright anon.

No. 1784122

Late answer but basically, Leon Festinger (inventor of the theory of cognitive dissonance) observed that when a prophecy fails (for example, the end of the world is announced on a specific day but nothing happens), if the follower is isolated (alone at home, for example), he or she is more likely to abandon the belief. On the other hand, for those who are in a group, among followers, at the moment of the event (the failure), after a phase of confusion in the face of the obvious, there's a phenomenon of taking back control of the faith through an accepted explanation (like "we're going to recalculate the date, because we must have made a mistake somewhere"), and above all through very active proselytizing which serves to reinforce the belief.

This teaches us that belief is based more on others believing the same thing, rather than on proven elements. It's more a phenomenon of social psychology than a search for truth. If many people believe in something, then it will produce more believers, because ultimately the (non-conscious) aim is to reassure oneself within the community. This ties in with other observations in psychology. The fear of rejection by the group, and the desire to belong to the group, is a strong human tendency. Of course, the extent to which this is the case depends on the individual's personality and ability to become aware (through scientific training) of these thought-distortion phenomena.

No. 1784164

Stop browsing imageboards in public you whiney tard. I hope another gif of Mystery spreading her asscheeks is made just for you.

>I have to browse lolcow at all times
Nta but wew you have to be the most retarded poster I've seen on this site the entire decade. Take a break kek.

No. 1784172

>I have to browse lolcow at all times
I'm not even sure where you got this from anon. I wasn't saying anons are on lolcow all the time, but sometimes you're out or not near a computer but want to go on lolcow anyway. Again, the issue is just anons using lolcow around other people, not browsing on their phone.

No. 1784453

File: 1700718905864.gif (2.49 MB, 192x340, 1699805223841.gif)

Why do cats act very affectionate, but switch up so hard in a second like this?

No. 1784480

Some cats use grooming as a dominance thing.

No. 1784485

in this particular picture it's because cats often use grooming as a passive aggressive power-play and both of these cats were trying to show the other one who's boss by forcefully grooming the other on the face, but neither gave up, so they just snapped and started beating each other up.

No. 1784496

samefag, a lot of people write off cat's "random" aggression as just them being assholes for no reason, and while it's true they can be assholes, there is usually a cat social reason behind the assholery. Cat social dynamics are really subtle to the human eye and if you set out to observe carefully, it's interesting and hilarious to observe the intricacies of it
t. used to only have one cat, but now have 3 and spend all day watching them

No. 1784593

What is going on with moot (Chris Poole) these days? They fired him from Google 2 years ago..

No. 1784625

Is Blaine Elaine?

No. 1784674

Are streamers mainstream now after 2020 mass online-ification? Can I talk about watching anime avatars and giving them money without sounding like a sad lonely femcel? (I am one but I don't want people to know)

No. 1784886

I wouldn't declare my love of weebshit to strangers or anything but yes, it's pretty common for people to watch anime and most anime watchers have at least heard of vtubers

No. 1784967

mainstream streamers are fine, but watching v-tubers and giving them money is still considered a very weeb/"online" activity i think… not necessarily a femcel one tho

No. 1784975

Am I crazy for being a bit obsessed with my gf's ex partner?

I looked her up on social media out of curiosity and now I kind of wish that I hadn't. I just find her to be extraordinarily beautiful. Because I never meet people who look that awesome in real life.

I know stalking is dumb and that I gain nothing by obsessing over my partner's ex, but it's not about the fact that I know that the female in question has dated my current partner, but that I seriously admire her beauty.
I feel very weird about this.

I feel the need to point out that yes, I also compare my self to this girl. It's kinda hard not to, since like I said, I just think she is amazingly attractive.

Is this normal or am I behaving like a loon?

No. 1785005

I'm the polar opposite kek. I obsess over my exes new partner. She is insanely beautiful and they're married with kids on a farm. It makes me feel like shit since I basically had to beg him to stop cheating on me with anyone that gives him attention

No. 1785007

is born homosexuality real or is it just caused by child sexual abuse? (this isnt an attempt to bait - i read a study that showed sexual abuse was significantly higher in lgbt people compared to non-lgbt. while i recognise the data may look different nowadays since transgenders dont repress as gay i still want to hear peoples thoughts please dont jump at me)

No. 1785013

what makes you think that he doesn't cheat on her too? especially if she's busy with small children. the problem is him not you anon, and beautiful women get cheated on all the time. but tbh,, i know the feeling…

No. 1785015

If there was a direct link more children of SA would be gay rn lmao. At best some realize they’re bisexual, not strictly gay, due to trauma related to the opposite sex sure, but yeah no the average gay person (me included unless you’re only referencing moids) weren't diddled as children.

No. 1785022

It would seem so when you analyse gay men so many of them have been abused by other men as children or young men. But it just doesn't make much sense when you take into consideration of lesbians. I feel like the implication is that whatever gender you were violated were would be the one you end up being attracted to. A lot of lesbians have been assaulted by men but it seemed many of them already knew they did not like men when the abuse occurred and the incident had no real affect on them in terms of how they perceive their sexuality.

No. 1785028

It's real, at least in a significant percentage of cases. There are neuroscientific studies on brain differences in gay vs straight people, and we know that a percentage of men who consider themselves gay have been showed to be exposed to more estrogen in the womb vs straight men. This science is considered taboo today due to transgender politics. It may be that gay boys are targeted more often by predators (you can often just tell a child will grow up to be a homo) due to being more effeminate.

No. 1785030

No. 1785034

>(you can often just tell a child will grow up to be a homo) due to being more effeminate.

No. 1785055

I am convinced he did at least once because she keeps him on a tight leash. I don't even think he's allowed to use a smartphone anymore and is only allowed to use a flip phone and she sold his laptop. His friends even pointed out how avoidant he is and doesn't talk to anyone anymore. I find it funny though she turned him into a basement hostage instead of finding a better man which she can easily do

No. 1785064

Do we have a meme thread just for sharing memes? Lolcow has impeccable taste in memes.

No. 1785067

lurk moar

No. 1785068

Pretty much every person with an abnormal attraction can link that attraction to some sort of trauma. Abuse, neglect, porn exposure, parental abandonment, etc. From homosexuals to just people with fetishes. I do think a few might be born, because outliers always exist, but it's a small number.

No. 1785069

Gray hair on young people is a genetic polymorphism, not at all related to gray hair from senescence. It amazes me that some of the posters here are older than me and retardly think its due to premature aging. Bleak.

>i read a study that showed sexual abuse was significantly higher in lgbt people compared to non-lgbt
No. This is incorrect, 97% violent crimes are caused by men while most victims of SA are women, does this even need to be stated? Are you all delusional? Go worship rapists and rape elsewhere.

>(you can often just tell a child will grow up to be a homo) due to being more effeminate.
wow I'm going to take a break off /ot/ for a while, the rampant male worshipping and homophobia is becoming a bit too much with you lot. What exactly is the end game to this line of thought? Grim.

No. 1785075

The study probably means that abuse victims were more often LGBT people, not that they committed more abuse.

No. 1785076

please do

No. 1785081

Then explain
Do you all think your precious "straight" males (the correct ones) aka 98% of rapists, aren't mentally deranged? Peak delusion.

Excellent counterargument to your rampant male worship. Its not a mystery that you're all shitting on homosexual people while conveniently ignoring the elephant in the room. You're the same homophobic trash that cry when your moid beats you and crying wolf only works so many times. Good riddance.(calm down)

No. 1785095

No. 1785097

File: 1700743752217.png (1.08 MB, 1798x1204, Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 12.50…)

bongs, or anyone actually, what do you call these? bongs in different counties call them something different

No. 1785100

What are you talking about? None of those comments are saying rapists aren't deranged or are defending men.

No. 1785104

>not defending men
I guess everyone who replied is either homosexual themselves or celibate asexual women then. Stop being naïve.

No. 1785110

Whats up with reborns? I know its not a fetish because its women instead of pedomen, but is it to cope with being lonely, losing a child, infertility or just some hobby LARP?

No. 1785119

After reading >>1780759, I thought about it for a few days, and I realized there really seem to be absolutely no reasons for anyone to date me (individual preferences in looks aside, obv). I don't mean this in a self-pitying wahwah look at poor me wahhh way but as an objective fact that I don't even mind all that much, if I'm being honest. I know very well I have positive qualities, but those are some you'd rather look for in an employee and less (or not at all, depending on which trait of mine we're talking about) in a romantic partner. So I wanna ask anons, sorry for the MRA-lite way of talking, what do you guys bring to the table?

No. 1785120

No really, what got under your skin? Too much talking about men/gay men when males are not even a significant portion of csa victims? The conversation was kinda dumb but that’s nothing new.

No. 1785125

No. 1785126

Can you watch the latest season of the Crown without having watched the other seasons? I'd really like to watch it because it's focused on Diana's death but it would be too time-consuming to start at season 1. I assume it's not like a regular show where it's better to know all the characters and storyline because it's about real events that we know about. Any opinions?

No. 1785129

Roll lmao

No. 1785133

Oh I never thought about the differences between lesbian and gay victims of SA because it really doesn't make sense when they were all abused by men. So either it has a different impact on the sexes or there is no link at all. Anyways how would you even study that?

No. 1785134

I'm sorry but I don't understand your reasoning. I don't understand what's your point. None of those posts mentioned straight men even.

No. 1785140

Just say you watch streamers and donate here and there without going into details kek. Most normies would find it weird, even regular streamers are still a relatively new thing (if you care about their opinions)

No. 1785143

NTA but I've always thought it made sense because men and women view sex differently.

No. 1785145

I don't think there's any way to study this truly, one should also account for that many older gay men prey on younger gay boys who are exploring their sexuality (in private due to potential persecution). A lot of gay men say their first experience was with an older man.
It would be horrendous to study because you'd have to account for straight males being less likely to come forward due to feelings of emasculation which could have a knock on effect to how they view their orientation. So if that was true there could be men saying they're gay or bi when they aren't, just traumatised. How women v men grow up in a patriarchy is different so does the view of yourself as 'the woman' 'the beta' 'the victim' mean it could have an extra affect on how men view their sexuality? I don't know.

No. 1785170

What's the name of the movie with this one scene where there are people having an argument at a dinner table and a middle-aged woman started shouting "I AM YOUR MOTHER"?

No. 1785172


No. 1785176

thank you!

No. 1785225

Am I gonna die driving a manual in the mountains? I'm going back to socal and I love driving on cliffside & canyons but I'm gonna have a manual for the first time. How risky and dumb is it?

No. 1785231

if you know how to drive a manual it's actually nicer to have more control on steep and windy roads, and you can brake with the engine going downhill. starting and getting into gear going uphill will probably take a little practicing if you're rusty.

No. 1785255

I actually did learn on a manual but I'm indeed rusty, I got really comfortable with the automatic. When I was given a 2008 Corolla last time it sometimes felt like a bar of soap on these roads, if a manual can give me more control when the windy roads turn sharp and steep, that'll be great. I think I'll find practice spots for uphill starts beforehand though, I'm gonna end it all if I bump into some 20 year old's tesla in laurel canyon.

No. 1785285

Roll yourself off a cliff. They're called cobs.

No. 1785289

are there any more gifs like this

No. 1785291

File: 1700756375623.jpg (251.01 KB, 1190x1684, tumblr_7b95e6907171138ed135994…)

Going out on a limb here: does anyone know where I can find a high quality maid dress that isn't retarded costumey shit? Google is only yielding shitty AliExpress wannabe Lolita tier ones and Etsy looks like dropship hell. I don't mind if it's expensive. If I can't find a nice handmade one or something I'm going to hunt down some of the maid themed Moi Meme Moitie pieces but I'd prefer not to do that.

No. 1785293

Oh I forgot some newer manual cars start themselves back up automatically if you stall which is helpful if you’re rusty

No. 1785297

Are you looking for this style, or were you looking for something from a different culture/later time period? If you're looking for something similar to this, I recommend buying the pieces from PremierVictorian on Etsy or RecollectionsDresses (she has her own website) though RecollectionsDresses might not have anything pre made at the moment since she makes it all herself.

No. 1785298

File: 1700756976371.png (2.11 MB, 1140x1710, il_1140xN.4961942910_vqj3_jpg.…)

No. 1785299

Manual is way more fun on mountainous roads full of curves. Just practice a bit until you get the feeling for the clutch and practice uphills, you can always do a handbrake start on uphills if afraid.

No. 1785304

For some reason I hadn't even considered the historical recreation angle but those suggestions are exactly what I'm looking for, thanks!

No. 1785311

glad we could help you out nonni i had to scroll through a lot of sissy shit to find that kekk

No. 1785312

im from a flat country someone explain to me why driving a manual in the mountains would be dangerous

No. 1785335

You'd probably have to use a proxy to buy from them (I've never tried before) but check out milky ange

No. 1785352

More shifting gears, more clutch usage, more room for error

No. 1785359

I'm scared of entering that part of tumblr. Do troons like magical girls already?

No. 1785375

Americans, that's a roll. Slap some butter on that baby

No. 1785388

Of course they do, half the current mahou shoujo genre is made up of nasty coomer series thanks to madoka popularizing abusing magical girls. They eat that up like candy.

No. 1785391

File: 1700761470441.jpeg (31.71 KB, 602x486, main-qimg-c131cf471aa4fd852f02…)

Yes unfortunately, take the princess tutu pill tho. It's too old and too straight for troons to latch on, and a really good story too

No. 1785456

Isn't there a very popular Japanese brand that ships overseas. Often was posted on /cgl/. Can't remember the name however

No. 1785479

>men who consider themselves gay have been showed to be exposed to more estrogen in the womb vs straight men
huh i didnt know this.
>It may be that gay boys are targeted more often by predators (you can often just tell a child will grow up to be a homo) due to being more effeminate
this seems to track in relation to effeminacy. since in some studies lesbian/straight women had no difference in csa regardless of masculinity while effeminate men (regardless if gay/straight) were more likely to be victims of csa, almost at the rate of women.

thanks to the nonnas who helped clear my head and brought up some good points. looks like homosexuality is real and does have a biological cause, its just that boys that are female-like are more likely to be victims of child abusers

No. 1785568

This sounds like a convenient way to blame women (mothers) for their sons being gay. I don't buy it.

No. 1785570

Being a big fat faggot can stem from a variety of traumas and that can include parental neglect

No. 1785594

No. 1785625

Also forgot to add that the regions in the brain that differ from gay men vs straight men are also found to differ in homosexual male animals other than humans, which points to a biological factor. I think the fact that animals other than humans can be gay should count as evidence in itself.

The part I suggested about gay boys being targeted more often maybe due to being more effeminate is just my own theory though. I agree with your views, though I think this >>1785145 anon has some valid points.

No. 1785849

Nonnies I wanna buy a new foundation. I want to get one from Charlotte Tilbury and right now she has a huge black friday sale going on. Should I buy it today or go and swatch it in a store first? I’m pretty pale so id just go for the brightest shade

No. 1785857

I'd check and see what the exchange policy is first. If you can return or exchange product for the same price as what you paid on sale then I'd just go ahead and buy it

No. 1785892

I'd swatch first, there is way too much swing in shades

No. 1785900

Thanks nonnas I actually saw her sale goes until 28th November so I go swatch and then I’ll order it

No. 1786017

File: 1700779067872.gif (3.77 MB, 338x440, IMG_9718.gif)

I don't think there's an advice thread, so I'll just ask this here:

Would it be okay if I buy my mother a Christmas present but not my father? I love my mother to death, she means the absolute most to me and I want to give her something to show appreciation. I was considering getting her an Apple Watch, because she likes going on runs and tracking her steps. She has an iPhone already, and an off brand generic smart watch, so I think that a real Apple Watch would be good for her because then she can use Apple Fitness for fitness tracking and track stuff like distance and heart rate unlike her bootleg smart watch which has its own app and only tracks steps. We go on walks together every weekend and she often (playfully) expresses jealousy at the fact that I have an Apple Watch, so I think that buying her one would be a cool and heartwarming gift.

My father, on the other hand, I don't really care about him so much. He just…. exists. I don't talk to him often despite the fact that we all live in the same house. He openly does not care about me but will still whine 24/7 about how he's the "pRoViDer" and the "hEaD oF tEh hOusEHolD!1!1!" (even though I'm an adult with a job). I don't really want to buy him anything, maybe socks, or a 50% off our country's pizza place coupon, if I have to. Idk.

Anyway, is it bad to give my mother a fancy, expensive gift, but get my father nothing? If it is bad, would it be any better if I got him a bulk pack of socks or something like that? Should I wait for my mother's birthday to give her a Apple Watch, so I don't openly "play favorites"?

No. 1786022

I would say yeah. Just socially you have to at least make him a token effort or else people might perceive it as rude. I'd just get him the sock bundle, not something totally void though just get him so cheap funny socks

No. 1786025

I agree with the other nonna. I think it might cause more trouble for you if you didn't get your dad anything. I know you're probably morally justified in getting him nothing, but in my experience, sometimes it's just easier to feign being nice just to not start a shitshow. You shouldn't always try to 'keep the peace', but in this situation I would.

No. 1786027

It's in /g/ and you can use the search function for specific threads

No. 1786029

heck, I love my dad and my present for him cost 8 and my mothers present cost 130 so go for it, socks is enough so he can't say you got him nothing.

No. 1786033

Need home remedies to get rid of toothache pain + swelling. I'm sure it's abscess, but I cannot afford a dentist until next week. My cheek is swollen as fuck and VERY swollen, not to mention painful

No. 1786046

If you have aspirin on hand, you can grind it to a powder, add some water to make a paste and apply it directly to your painful tooth. Try icing your cheek for swelling.

No. 1786051

suck your infected tooth

No. 1786053

File: 1700783558972.jpeg (100.63 KB, 927x1200, BEA32A49-1831-47D1-BFB2-DD4DB3…)

I swear Roxanne is just whatever Mariah Carey is

No. 1786056

Go to the doctor. have you never read the stories about tooth infections moving to the brain and killing people within days? Not to freak you out or make you go full hypochondriac but don’t sit on this until I’ll next week. Tell them to bill you later ffs

No. 1786061

Would you rather date a guy that’s big and ripped but has an ugly face, or a guy with a gorgeous face but a scrawny body?

No. 1786066


No. 1786068

Gorgeous face but scrawny body. The body can change over the years anyways. The face is much more static over the years (even with aging). So, I'd got with a good face.

No. 1786076

File: 1700785550198.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 640x640, 1694183862240937.gif)

Scrawny body and im going to roidpig him out just enough

No. 1786089

gorgeous face scrawny body is literally my type. I can always spike his monster energy drink with roids if i want him muscly, which i doubt.

No. 1786090

women find this attractive unironically? its the kind of goofy shit i send my moid friends to laugh at

No. 1786102

can someone show a visual example of the difference between natural big lips and fake filler lips? also, sorry if this sounds racebaity but i feel like some ethnicities are just more likely to have it naturally than others, so that's the only way i can tell the difference

No. 1786110

should i join the army?

No. 1786112

Not everyone thinks or likes what you do, how crazyb

No. 1786113

Gorgeous face and scrawny body is literally ideal

No. 1786124

File: 1700788318882.png (903.13 KB, 1500x1500, 586cb41b-d116-487c-8401-4d8858…)

Fake lips look bloated and like they're about to pop, and resemble picrel. Big natural lips just look like lips.

No. 1786126

Depends on how bad your situation is and whether you have any other options.
Good: Comes with lots of perks, easy way to make money if your grades aren't good enough for college, you get a permanent job buff and will be hired over others with the same qualifications but no military experience.
Bad: They will abuse your body enough that you will prematurely get arthritis and your cartilage will be permanently damaged. You will definitely be sexually harassed and high chance of sexual assault.

No. 1786129

Real lips still have a lot of wrinkles

No. 1786143

File: 1700789390764.jpg (31.35 KB, 516x383, d9778_540.jpg)

Anons why is sex work/ethotting a bad thing?

I know why but I need to be pulled back in where everyone isn't blindly supporting it

No. 1786147

Normalizing the objectification of women should always be fought against as it sets back women's liberation. For in person sex work, the physical risk outweighs any other industry. No other profession in the world requires you to allow customers to put their body parts in your body. Also, if prostitution is normalized, then it will be considered a career. If it is a career, then there is no such thing as being so disabled that you cannot work. Any person in the world can be raped, therefore any person who tries to collect disability is just being too lazy to get a job and thus doesn't deserve disability benefits.

No. 1786149

i actually had decent grades at school and a degree but i can't find a decent-paying job for the life of me. the health issues are probably not worth it though. i am just retarded and depressed and keep wondering if this might be an easy way to force myself to get work since i lack good interpersonal skills and have no job experience.

No. 1786224

Why do evangelical churches tend to be more chaotic compared to other (inter)denominations?

No. 1786265

File: 1700798658693.jpg (43.79 KB, 465x465, wildflower-bee-pollen_10.jpg)

I've heard of people using bee pollen to make their breasts larger, but could something like that potentially cause breast cancer?

No. 1786286

It trivializes love and erodes fabric of society.

No. 1786300

>None of those posts worshipped men obvious enough for me!
Straight women debating whether anything exists that challenges their world view. People arguing that homosexuals abuse each other more when we all know males do this against women. Their not even trying to look like they're not defending "the good normal men". One even mentioned how lesbians exist because they are traumatized by men when we know that's just fucking wrong.

To both of you acting confused and purposefully ignorant, why don't you ask what these women consider themselves attracted to and yourselves rub some of your brain cells together and contextualize. I hate tards debating whether homosexuality is real, but this went a step and beyond justifying their moid worship by elimination. Could one argue if straight people are "real" or is it just caused by abuse and trauma, since most het women are abused in their relationships with moids who are the most statistically highest demographic of rapists.

No. 1786312

I'd also add to shit on homosexual moids for being moids and their degenerate male behavior, not homosexuality itself. Homophobia towards men is a stone toss away from lesbophobia. It also reads as coping and caping for the demographic that makes up the majority of rapists who normalize assaulting women and girls. Its incredibly pathetic upholding heteropatriarchy shit. You can't cry about abuse rates while also mocking gay people and defending the demographic that does the most abuse.

No. 1786325

File: 1700801138991.gif (377.11 KB, 220x186, 1691391778822.gif)

hi nonas, recommend me some fun/interesting movies to watch with my mom!!!! my only requirement is no sexual shit because i don't want to sit through a sex scene with my mom

No. 1786326

Oh you’re one of those

No. 1786328

Heteropatriarchy heteropatriarchy heteropatriarchy heteropatriarchy heteropatriarchy heteropatriarchy

No. 1786351

That's just pervert solidarity. Lesbians enjoy the fact that there are more pedophiles among fags than hetero moids.

No. 1786356

>Lesbians enjoy the fact that there are more pedophiles among fags than hetero moids.
Dude what?

No. 1786371

File: 1700804123625.jpg (50.96 KB, 500x345, difs.jpg)

No. 1786374

yeah just refuse to explain what you mean and post a facebook boomer tier meme

No. 1786379

Are you retarded?

No. 1786384

Stop accusing others of being retarded and just explain why you think lesbians are somehow glad that pedophilia is more common in gay men than straight ones.

No. 1786386

im still waiting

No. 1786393

Nta but well they wouldn't molest little girls then and uhh I don't want to continue this reasoning but you get it

No. 1786396

lesbians were the ones who kicked NAMBLA out of the lgb dumbass

No. 1786410

I was just trying to help translate the post I am down with the lesbians

No. 1786412

Too bad its impossible to kick out pedophilia out of faggots.

No. 1786419

Gorgeous with scrawny body. Dated a dude like that once and he had a humongous schlong and a pretty face. Both canceled out his lack of good height (5’7”)

No. 1786424

Where the fuck does everyone hang out at now? LC is pretty chill with the reduced activity but I'm so bored right now and want to talk to fellow insane people

No. 1786427

I feel many nonas went to private discords/group chats. There aren't that many places to go to online these days.

No. 1786430

Do people born by c-section have belly buttons?

No. 1786432

No. 1786433

Yep I do, everyone has a belly button c-sections don’t change anatomy like that.

No. 1786434

>c-sections don’t change anatomy
But belly buttons are not natural

No. 1786436

Still here but holiday hours at work are killing me, maybe weekends will be more active

No. 1786448

no i had to steal someone elses

No. 1786451

Why do people feel the need to announce that they are depressed or that they are quitting some project because they are "battling" with anxiety?
I have been wanting to kill myself since i turned 15, I'm still here because I'm too much of a pussy to actually do it.
I haven't actually told anyone nor have given up on anything because of it.

No. 1786454

Never? You've never given up on anything ever? I give up on things twice a day I think that's what tipped me off about the whole depression thing

No. 1786455

File: 1700810752161.jpeg (57.58 KB, 400x400, IMG_8358.jpeg)

A friendly acquaintance of mine invited me to a girls’ night holiday party, where we all dress in Christmas onesies and exchange a “nice, $20-30 gift”.
The thing is, I don’t know any of them super well but I’ve been to a few parties at the host girl’s house. Everyone is in their late 20s-late 30s, and some of them are into the punk/emo/skater scene but also kinda clean cut (the host is engaged to a cop - who is also a skater in a punk band), and most of them drink but don’t smoke weed.
I haven’t hung out in a group of women in a long time IRL and I feel completely autistic about it. What the fuck do I bring as a gift exchange gift?

No. 1786456

File: 1700810803309.jpeg (152.59 KB, 720x910, 95E339B3-B947-44B7-B934-C27F73…)

Currently comforting a friend rn because her retarded bf has been caught looking at other multiple times, so my question is: is oogling other women considered cheating? It is to a certain degree right Or at least disrespectful?

No. 1786459

It's shitty but maybe not cheating exactly. He's not treating her well that's for sure at least

No. 1786461

Not cheating but highly inappropriate and grounds for a breakup.

No. 1786478

Do guys that are prone to violence usually volunteer previous incidents of such in past relationships or do they keep it to themselves?

No. 1786484

They keep it for themselves and if they don't, they paint themselves as the victim. So when the abuse starts, they can gaslight their partner by claiming victimhood.

No. 1786519

So my (guy) friend says that women's nipples taste salty. I've never licked one but I think thats just because 1) he goes out with dirty hoes or 2) I dont really know. I mean I can understand if they were out exercising or at a club or something and they sweat and so they get salty but on a "normal" day? Idk. I've never had a guy saying hmm your nipples taste salty. Any les/ bi queen here can let me know if this is true? its bothering me SO much lol

No. 1786521

Everyone sweats in tiny bits throughout the day so this makes sense. Why does that make women dirty though? Are we playing hygiene Olympics again?

No. 1786546

The latter, and they will have "crazy" exes

No. 1786560

Calm down puta.
During summer yes it makes sense but sweating on and off during the day in the other seasons? Girl you need to get your hormones level checked

No. 1786579

No they do not.

No. 1786581

not cheating but is disrespectful and grounds for a breakup.
the only way i could think it was cheating is if he's a serious foot fetishist and he's looking at their feet. but those guys are rare.

No. 1786583

what do you think a belly button is?

No. 1786585

You sound like a guy trying to LARP as a woman("hi moid")

No. 1786593

Not cheating but I would be upset

No. 1786596

Heteropatriachy heteropatriarchy heterooopatriarchy

>Lesbians enjoy the fact that there are more pedophiles among fags than hetero moids.
>Lesbians enjoy pedofiles
What. Lesbians enjoy pedofiles? What the fuck are you trying to say pickme chan? Yes, it is a personal passtime of mine to enjoy how hetero males are the majority of pedofiles. Mental retardation. Also pedofilia is far more by the numbers a het moid crime, which again barely needs remarking. Absolute peak delusion. >>1786393 See? What did I tell you homophobia is a gateway drug for moid worshipping retards.>>1777468

No. 1786615

I’m sorry you had to read a retarded homophobic discussion on your lolcor but you’re reaching like crazy with most of your complaining and imagining things no one said

No. 1786616

You're that anon that's coping with a footfag bf aren't you?

No. 1786619

No I could never deal with that, sounds stressful as fuck

No. 1786620

How the hell do I pass job interviews if I'm a socially awkward weirdo? I really try my best to appear normal and friendly, but I feel like they can see right through me and notice how unnatural I'm acting. I wish I was a bubbly and chatty people person so bad.

No. 1786622

>pedofilia is far more by the numbers a het moid crime
>by the numbers
So more reason to not be a delusional faggot and pedophile enabler.

No. 1786631

Homosexual pedophiles also are way more promiscuous. The mean number of victims of heterosexual pedophiles is ~19.8, whereas among homosexual pedophiles the average number of victims is 150.2.

No. 1786649

You don't have to be outgoing to impress in a job interview! Try emphasising with every answer how you see yourself staying / working upward in the company. Showing a lot of loyalty to a potential employer is really attractive from a candidate - even if you know it's bullshit, it's one of the biggest things that factor into their decision. Good luck nonnie, it's carnage out there

No. 1786650

Fat people are more likely to be lonely, lonely people are more likely to be bitter.

No. 1786651

They spend their days defending themselves from detractors who insult/degrade them for their size. Iunno, I'd be pretty angry too.

No. 1786653

People with unbalanced diets are always angry because of a lack of nutrients.

No. 1786666

Nobody is defending moids I don't understand why you see it like this. Pointing out that it's often a trauma response isn't homophobia and admitting gay moids are bigger predators is not saying straight moids are better.

No. 1786677

Bumping this. Just to explain, the reason why I ask is because bee pollen supposedly effects your hormones(No need to bump a constantly active thread)

No. 1786686

Being gay is a trauma response or being a pedo is? Being gay isn’t, first of all, and even if it was proven being a pedo is I wouldn’t give a shit. Ntayrt

No. 1786697

idk, I just thought it was another weird health fad. but then recently I heard something different but adjacent like that, and it threw me off. seems like a waste of money tbh, but then again I don't really get the desire for larger breasts anyway. cheaper than implants, but the the results are doubtful. interestingly enough the price of breast augmentation has remained consistent with the price for 1 kilo of cocaine around here for many years. which is a whole other topic but anyways.

No. 1786700

There are a lot more people who identify as sexual deviants today than there were in the past, especially among younger generation, so nurture definitely plays a factor. So there is no reason to believe that homosexuality can't be a trauma response that's caused by being groomed/molested by a pedophile. I think that sexual deviancy is as much a societal disease as substance abuse, prostitution, criminality or poverty.

I ate handfuls of that stuff as a kid, way above recommended amount and i didn't observe any negative side effects.(bait)

No. 1786702

well now you're just being homophobic calling it sexual deviancy. Sorry I shouldn't even reply to you this is gonna turn into an infight, but the reason not to believe it is that it's not true. I can imagine a fucked up scenario where molested people later engage in some degenerate behaviour that makes them hate themselves because they got their brains scrambled by trauma and that could include same sex activities but that's just not the same as being gay.

No. 1786704

File: 1700842977909.jpg (29.42 KB, 413x379, goddessep.jpg)

To the witches who manifested money for me earlier in this thread, thank you so much! I now have some money to get me through and on top of that a job interview for next week. I love you.

No. 1786706

Can someone manifest me money too

No. 1786707

Get a job

No. 1786710

No. 1786725

NAYRT but it’s kind of awkward trying to discuss homosexuality here because there are a handful of anons that will take any opportunity to be homophobic. I figured I’d get dogpiled or called a faghag by some sperg if I ever mentioned it but it happens a lot.

No. 1786736

Thank you so much nonna. I just always feel a little defeated after every interview because I think about the rest of the candidates and how it's very likely that they gave a better impression than me. I always feel like an alien when interacting with people kek I hate being socially inept, it makes it hard to sell myself. But oh well, just gotta keep trying!

No. 1786745

I've learned to ignore it. I understand anons dislike for gay men (more than most people) but whenever they go from listing valid reasons to straight up denying their humanity and being obscenely creepy and out of touch I can't support it. I hate that gay men get away with being extremely developmentally arrested and misogynistic solely because they are gay. A lot of them are sociopaths that think they get a free card to do whatever they want to women because it isnt #sexual. I have witnessed horrifying behavior from gay men that anons could not imagine, but that said there are also great gay men who don't have that awful fake affectation, and denying their existence and claiming they had to have been molested is crazy and just as homophobic toward lesbians as it is gay men. They wont listen. They also won't accept that young boys are molested almost if not just as much as young girls, straight men are just more likely to never admit it because they don't want to be called gay and have a lot of societal pressure to bury it. Most of the men in my life I have later found out have been molested, often by older cousins, brothers, friends, etc. They molest eachother and pretend it's no big deal. It's pretty fucked up.

No. 1786774

what do you do when someone is eating you out? do you just… sit/stand/lie there?

No. 1786781

Homosecual men are sexual deviants, thats why the aids epidemic happened, bc they were rawdoggimg strangers in the sauna.(bait)

No. 1786801

You give them feedback

No. 1786803

Tell them what feels good, what doesn’t, maybe run your fingers through their hair, guide their head with your hand…..or idk, start making your grocery list in your head.

No. 1786811

Is there some sort of guide for dummies for research?

No. 1786860

Nonas, how do I learn to formulate my thoughts correctly? I have a hard time writing long texts, explaining things without sounding like a retard or a dry textbook. I want to learn how to be articulate

No. 1786864

I like to just play with their hair, lie/sit back, close my eyes and relax. Maybe grind into them a little or hold their hand. You're not supposed to do anything really, it's like what do you do during a massage? Appreciate the moment.

No. 1786877

>There are a lot more people who identify as sexual deviants today than there were in the past, especially among younger generation, so nurture definitely plays a factor.
nta but i think that's simply because it's more acceptable now, not because of increase in molestation. closet cases are a thing, plenty of people in the past who seemed straight eventually admit to being gay. although the portion of the younger generation that are glued to social media are often (not always) straight people hopping on a trend

No. 1786879

there's some fun card games to play in groups out there these days, albeit cheesy. if you're in the U.S., Target probably has What Do You Meme, which can be fun over some beers/wine/whatever. Idk how much it costs these days though, so you could pair it with a bunch of popcorn or something. probably end up playing it at the party bc why not. good game for autists i have the stoner expansion pack and always win

No. 1786882

oh but yeah there's also a lot of expansion packs so if those are within the price point (holidays deals happening and all) they do really help the game not get stale

No. 1786927

I bit in something hard in my food about three hours ago and now my tooth (I think? It might be my gums, I can't really localize it) is starting to hurt when biting down, but I'm also constantly chewing on my cheek and clenching my jaw out of habit. At what point should I go see a doctor?

No. 1786929

I've never lived alone before but I'm trying to leave my parents house and looking into roommates. Do you have to have a relationship with them? Like make small talk outside of basic questions or hang out. Can I just go to school and come back & lock myself inside my room everyday? I don't want to have a friendship with anyone, just a place to stay for the time being.

No. 1786941

Depends- if the room mates (as opposed to the landlord) are the ones in charge of picking a new renter for the vacant room you'll most likely at least have to pretend you're going to be a sociable person to convince them to pick you. I've lived with roommates several times and in my experience most houses want someone who's at least sociable, especially if they're students. I don't recommend staying holed up in your room, it's not that hard to chat here and there for a few minutes to maintain good relationships with everyone and it'll make it a nicer experience for you if you want to make use of the shared spaces like the kitchen. But no one can force you to be chatty once you signed the contract, so.

No. 1786965

Why is one side of my face swollen while I’m sick? It’s like my eye is puffy my ear feels all full and my lymph node only feels swollen on one side I don’t wanna go to a doctor but I will if a medfag tells me it might be cancer

No. 1786968

I want a peek into your brain

No. 1786971

You can be a little reclusive (you don't have to become bffs) but if you do it too much it will become extremely awkward when you run into eachother in all the shared spaces, they will wonder if you hate them. You 100% non-negotiable have to be sociable enough discuss chores and to clean the shared spaces together. Assuming you don't live with slobs, roommates are not gonna keep the rest of the house clean without your help without resenting the fuck out of you, even if you spend 90% of your time in your room (everyone uses the bathroom and if you can only afford roommate quarters you are definitely using the kitchen for your food not eating out, and everyone uses the trash).

No. 1786991

If it goes away when you get better it's fine, if it doesn't, go to the doctor, if it spreads maybe go. Like swelling is such a broad condition that it can be incredibly benign or could be terrible.

No. 1787007

Any suggestions for a christmas present for my 25 yo sister? We're not close so I don't really know what to give her, this'll be the first time in years.

No. 1787012

File: 1700860021285.jpeg (52.58 KB, 1080x1080, shopping (3).jpeg)

Get her a cocktail kit or something similar

No. 1787013

male otakus have always been into magical girls it's nothing new

No. 1787016

Does Europe have Black Friday

No. 1787019

I can't speak for the other countries but mine does. I don't think we ever had genuinely big sales though.

No. 1787052

File: 1700863536010.jpg (66.35 KB, 616x353, funger.jpg)

gayming is not my thing at all but i am really interested in learning the lore of fear and hunger. my question is, can any anon recommend me someone's playthrough, or is just reading the wiki (and other informative texts of the sort) enough? see i would just go ahead and do the latter but i feel like knowing some of the mechanics and seeing how it all goes down is important for this game in particular. blog but in this moment i wish i never fumbled my online best friend/ex because she would just play it for me to watch…

No. 1787054

theres a fuckin tranner in the second game watch out. you might start thinking of queers as real people

No. 1787055

It doesn’t hurt it’s just annoying and I was looking at my face earlier and the not swollen side just looked so defined compared to the puffy side. Phew thanks anon I’m hoping it’s benign I’m on day 4 of my sickness

No. 1787063

Do other nonnies really care about what a man's soft dick length is? Idk it just got me thinking, I saw in /g/ in the attractive man thread about someone being disappointed the guy had a small soft dick. Obviously if it was micro when soft it'd be weird, but I only care about length when erect. If it's short when erect then yeah throw the whole man away that guy is gross trash.

No. 1787069

Idgaf how small it is when he’s soft, as long as he’s packing when it matters.

No. 1787070

I dated a grower for about a year and it was so fascinating because he had the smallest little penis I had ever seen when it was soft but it got HUGE I mean thick asf knee knocking when fully hard. I did not like looking at his neoclit personally just because it was bizarre but it was like I was watching the nat geo channel whenever it came to life

No. 1787072

>like I was watching the nat geo channel whenever it came to life

WHEEZE nonna

No. 1787074

yeah i know i got interested by seeing samarie and marina fanart. ugh what a shame but i just ignore that one detail. maybe it's better if i don't know anything about the game so i can still enjoy the fanart in my blissful ignorance ? but tbh it's not really a big deal to me anyway. i read all the posts on lolcor about this game google could fetch me out of boredom kek so i know as much as anons have explained. i just always prefer having my own interpretations, not of the tranner aspect idrc i don't think it's up for me regardless kek but i mean but in general. i want to know about d'arce too amongst others…
>you might start thinking of queers as real people
i'm not sure what you mean by that

No. 1787075

It was pretty novel when it would grow in my mouth it reminded me of the way bread rises.

No. 1787079

Yes but it's a relatively recent phenomenon. I think it became a thing sometime during the mid or late 10s, I had never heard of it about a decade ago.

No. 1787081

No. 1787154

Probably very dumb to ask, I used to dye my hair and havent for nearly 3 years now.
The ends of my hair is more red brown vs my regrowth which is a cool brown.
Could i chuck a toner on my ends to try and knock the red out? like purple?

No. 1787229

File: 1700871035121.jpg (82.4 KB, 580x408, HR.JPG)

Purple toner would only work to cancel out brassy yellows; blue toners help with orange tones. In theory, you’d need a green toner. I say in theory because if it’s a reddish-orange, you might need a blue-green one.

No. 1787243

bless you nonna

No. 1787401


Thank you. I will still talk to them about cleaning, chores, and have basic communication with them, I just wish I didn't have to go beyond that since I'm not good at it. I'll try my best to not come off as a weirdo or socially stunted.

Follow up question: What do I bring? What are we meant to share? The rooms I'm looking into are furnished.

No. 1787402

File: 1700876890949.jpg (4.25 MB, 4080x3060, 170087689227789718282323051653…)

Can anyone tell me if this gap(black between gray and metal) is normal wear and tear from the seal/silicone of the washing machine?
I noticed it today and I haven't done laundry in awhile and I'm afraid the water is gonna go in the gap because its not a full seel! I can't remember if this is normal with use and I don't want water on the floor everywhere. When you pull back the seel it shows metal but there's no tube or anything so I'm wondering if its just a safety procedure to remove big crap/socks but it got unsealed a little bit around the drum. Sorry for the ugly hand angle and cat hair.

No. 1787412

File: 1700877740755.png (369.57 KB, 512x768, 1700669944785380.png)

Finger jumpscare

No. 1787416

thanks, I hate it

No. 1787431

I didn't know I could be self conscious about my fingers lool you're too funny nonna, I knew my finger was bad but not that bad kek

No. 1787438

Bring your own bedding/linens/towels, pillows, toiletries, your own clothes obviously, food could be shared but will usually have some division/personal labeling or something, bring toilet paper but depends on the house how that’s worked out along with cleaning supplies (would expect that stuff is a shared expense in some way)

No. 1787454

I'm not actually judging your finger dingus, you took the pic at a dick pic angle

No. 1787461

Yeah that looks normal. The pressure from the door when it's closed should make the seal water-tight.

No. 1787462

Damn, now I want ice cream.

No. 1787538

yes as a teenager, but I was obsessed with the ideal body in general. I gave up because I'm too short to ever look good. As long as I don't die too early, I'm fine

No. 1787550

not size per say, but definitely shape. even on retarded subreddit like r/breastenvy, a lot of the moids even admit they prefer the smaller breasts.

No. 1787568

I got one at 25 from stress. I just gotta help cool for a while I guess.

No. 1787608

From the experience of myself and the girls I know, only the superflats AAs have any genuine negative feelings about the topic of big boobs and its morso aimed at themselves, not in a "fuck that bitch" way, but rather "this sucks haha" kinda way. The ones with smallish to average are completely fine with what they have. Everyone's more concerned about doing their squats.

No. 1787623

why are so many tifs convinced they are/were supermodels pre-transition? it's so weird, especially considering beautiful women don't really troon out

No. 1787625

I've never seen an aiden say this they usually masturbate over looking like killing stalking

No. 1787627

Uh confirmation bias…? I thought they all called themselves trash goblins

No. 1787650

there's multiple caps in the tif threads of tifs claiming they were super curvy goddesses

No. 1787682

So confirmation bias.

No. 1787801

Is it racist to say I don’t date white men?

I’m Asian and was talking to my Asian coworker about our dating lives and mentioned I don’t date white men without realizing one of my white male coworkers was behind us. He went off on me about being closed minded. I mentioned I’ve been fetishized one too many times and he said that’s still me being closed minded and racist.

I don’t really have many white friends so I’ve never been checked like that before, it was definitely something to think about and possibly need to grow from. Was what I said or my way of thinking racist? Genuinely curious to know.

No. 1787803

I heard someone claim
>actually male and female deodorant is different in more ways than scent
>deodorant advertised "for men" is formulated to have a more gel-like texture that glides better for unshaved pits, deodorant advertised "for women" is more powdery and thus better for shaved pits
is this actually true or just someone's pet theory? I've never really liked deodorant because it clumps on my hair

No. 1787808

any form of x not wanting to date y is fine. Unless you just can't get along with that group in general because you think less of them as people, it's not racist and just a normal preference. Most people prefer to date their own race anyway so it's common. Your coworker sounds nasty for throwing a fit over it
Also there will always be people getting bitter about women's preferences regardless of what you do. Lots of Asian women who date white men get unfairly accused of crap too so just don't even worry about anyone who thinks it's their business

No. 1787810

people who have racial preferences are always weird to me, but no, you're not racist and you don't have to feel bad about it

No. 1787811

Can the lolcow oracle tell me what the next step is I need to take in order to rule over the world

No. 1787852

should i expect less spiders now that i live on the 10th floor or do they not gaf

No. 1787857

Well I don't think you're racist, I don't think all races are attractive either and that's aside from cultural differences that could pose an issue, but there does seem to be a double standards where white people aren't allowed to say they don't want to date X race because they get called out for being racist, which is a standard other races generally aren't held to. So from that perspective I get his reaction.

No. 1787859

It's ok nona I'm white and wouldn't date outside my race either.

No. 1787861

i'm white and while i'm not opposed to dating outside my race, i'm afraid i'd be considered racist and canceled by my social circle either way because of the weird beedeesem shit i want to do to my male partners lol. can't win, would not risk it.

No. 1787868

What is Kaliacc? I've seen it referenced a few times in threads but I have no idea what people are talking about

No. 1787869

Can't you google this? It's some retarded art project by a bunch of autistic people who wear orthopedic shoes and harass women online

No. 1787892

>can't win
this bc if you don't date outside your race you're racist but if you do date outside your race you're a fetishist.

No. 1787900

I tried to but it's funny how it was all about HIS culture and race but conveniently my culture and white people were always the enemy or less interesting. If I have to sit through another lecture about the history of his people I think I'd shoot myself

No. 1787913

Wouldn't say so, just sounds like he got rejected one too many times lol.

No. 1787934

Yes because it gives money to businesses. Assume most holidays are like this or will soon be. We would also have Thanksgiving but it doesn't have any economic benefits for companies and they can't market it, so…

No. 1787935

No. 1787950

File: 1700917354741.jpg (11.86 KB, 275x275, 1698659290280.jpg)

HELP I dropped my phone and the screen literally fell off, you could see what's inside the phone and shit, I put it back and sticked some tape on it to keep it together, the problem is my local repair shop has to order the screen bc they don't have it for this particular model, it would be ready on teusday but I'm working during their opening hours so I can only come next saturday. The phone is still working but do you think something will happen to it during this one week? I will leave it at home and I won't take it to work with me to minimalise the risk of dropping it again or any humidity or dust getting inside the phone but I'm worrying it will get there anyway even if I won't touch it for 7 days

No. 1787953

you can put it in a ziplock bag to prevent any dust or humidity entering. the repairshop will probably clean it using compressed air anyway

No. 1787986

it's troon gossip not a science report

No. 1787993

I walked around with a phone of which I taped the screen to the backside for close to a year and nothing happened kek I think you're fine

No. 1788138

I've never had an eating disorder and don't really care about my weight which is in the healthy range, but I've really grown to hate eating around people. I love cooking, food and good restaurants, I genuinely love to be eating, but the second anyone comments on my enthusiasm it gives me violent urges. At home my dad would often just stare at me while I ate and I always found it weird, now I've sometimes refused offers to eat out with a date because I hate eating in front of someone I'm not familiar with (and even then). Why am I so averse to it and how do I chill about it? Exposure therapy?

No. 1788140

Can't really see their race. Like the thought cannot form in my mind

No. 1788142

nonny please get help. Only incels are disgusting

No. 1788146

they're fictional fantasy creatures

No. 1788149

Then you're not a true murican

No. 1788154

how come minority women don't date normal guys? Always the ugliest nerds…

No. 1788160

I'm glad two exact type of autist managed to find each other, cheering for you guys

No. 1788180

it normalize sexual slavery and needs a caste of poor women to operate. No one should support this.

No. 1788183

if it's a career, then certain people will be pushed into it or coerced into it like other job professions but with worse consequences. Imagine telling a teen girl who is struggling with her grades that she can always spread cheek instead of getting a real education. The women with a degree will always win out.

No. 1788186


No. 1788189

is this how the internet dies? Bummer

No. 1788191

Can you get bruises from sitting crosslegged and in other similar positions? When I go to my computer I immediately tuck my legs in a weird way, sometimes I sit on them and now I keep noticing bruises all over them. There's a huge one on the left and right side of one knee and I think I tend to bend that leg for a long amount of time but I've never gotten a bruise before

No. 1788197

seconding this, I sound like a child at times. I guess the easy answer would be to find someone articulate and mimic them

No. 1788199

No. 1788201

You are getting old, get over it Nonna

No. 1788208

Kek if that's the reason then I'm glad, but I'm 23 so that wasn't my first thought. I was getting scared I had some other health issue

No. 1788210

You are always allowed to say no. Everyone knows how perverted whites guys can be and they're the most likely group to troon out We just happen to live in a time period where people have to pretend to be progressive because baby boomers really want to believe we live in perfect colorblind world. I'm black and I'd feel uncomfortable dating a guy who would fetishize me.

No. 1788214

tinfoil but I agree. Never had any problem with men's deoderant

No. 1788217

read How to Take Over the World by Ryan North. Mostly silly, but you need a lot of money first

No. 1788219

Why do doctors say those invsible posture correctors are bad for you but those bulky corset like ones are not? is it just bc those are more expensive bc if you dont do corrective exercises both can cause muscle atrophy idk

No. 1788279

How early is too early to decorate for Christmas?

No. 1788283


No. 1788293

October is too early unless you are a real Christmas freak (in a good way) and you have some insanely elaborate cool display to build up. November is fine. Americans should wait until after thanksgiving. I also think keeping it up through January is fine at least in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is dark.

No. 1788297

Mid-November or December after the last non-Christmas holiday if you have any where you are

No. 1788302

Before December/first of advent imo.

No. 1788319

File: 1700937216645.jpg (251.72 KB, 1000x1000, Advent__88521.jpg)

Personally I think it’s ok to decorate on the 1st of December or the first Advent Sunday. This year first Advent Sunday is on December 3rd, so I’ll probably decorate on the night before the 1st.

No. 1788323

How can I read Xitter without an account? I just like to lurk and read but the platform is so hostile to this any account I make gets banned within hours to days.

No. 1788343

anons who’s first language isn’t English, do you use burger or bong words? As in ‘trousers’ instead of ‘pants’ or ‘jam’ instead of ‘jelly’ etc
I imagine probably burger versions because of media etc but I was just curious

No. 1788346

I learned british spelling in school, then picked up burger slang through media and internetz. Got sick sounding weird because of the mixture so now I stick to the queen's english. the queen being JKR

No. 1788348

mostly bong because that's what i was taught, and most of books i read in english were british editions (in france it's cheaper and easier to import them from bongland than the us). that say americanisms have unavoidably crept into my vocabulary because of media exposure

No. 1788357

British spellings like colour and apologise stick because we got punished for using non-British spelling but I definitely don't know what words are British or American (/Australian/New Zealand) English because of the exposure to different media. Like petrol and gasoline, appartment and flat, jumper or sweater: I know one of each is British and the other isn't but idk which one it is.

No. 1788371

I use burger pronunciation but words are mixed. Pronunciation is probably also kinda mixed tho, depends on who I've been listening to lately (in videos, tv series etc.).

No. 1788373

Is there anything that can be done about a bad sense of smell? I've always struggled to smell things, people would point out scents and I'd be oblivious.
I'm kinda interested in getting into perfume so…

No. 1788375

It's tricky. When I first started to learn english I didn't understand that the US and UK etc had different words and spelling. Like why would they? They all spoke the same language, english.

No. 1788377

I get why Americans are called burgers in internet slang, but why are British people called bongs?

No. 1788378

Use nitter

No. 1788380

Because of a retarded 4chan post about counting Big Ben bongs

No. 1788458

I found out someone I know was charged with “exposure of sexual organs”. I was told it doesn’t have to be perverted. It could have been something as innocent as he was peeing in public.

Is this true?

No. 1788462

File: 1700949700794.jpg (104.1 KB, 736x1093, cute puppy.jpg)

Why do people dislike doodles?

No. 1788466

sounds sus af, public urination is its own charge I think and also when does a cop actually charge someone for peeing in public? there's so many people with no criminal record, why associate with ones who do (and can't tell you the actual reason)?

No. 1788496

Common excuse for males who were caught exposing their ween near schools. Just wanted to pee, and yes, it had to be next to the 12-year olds.

No. 1788570

Is it possible to recover pictures from a microSD? a year ago i deleted some of my old art to ta make space for gacha games like a retard and i regret it

No. 1788575

exactly what >>1788496 says. you can bet your ass that the scrote in question was caught doing this multiple times too.

No. 1788576

File: 1700956008575.jpg (156.01 KB, 941x986, 1682130119588168.jpg)

have you nonas ever dated other nonas from imageboards? how did it go?

No. 1788579

have any anons dyed fabric using indigo? was it a huge mess?

No. 1788595

we didn't meet through the farms but through tumblr rp which is equally bad kek. she was bpd-chan and trooned out after we broke up, but apparently she's back to being a she/they now.

No. 1788598

>i'm white and while i'm not opposed to dating outside my race
You are racist. What normal adjusted person who sees everyone as one in the same has this constant mental preoccupation where they're sizing up everyone and worrying about how society sees their miscegenation? You're a faux progressive and a ironically racist overly compensating twitterfag. Isn't it kind of strange that refusing to serve a customer at a retailer would be obviously racist behavior yet using the caveat of "I'm not attracted uwu" isn't? Males don't even try to disguise their racism/fetishism but women are truly idiotic and try to tip toe around their own racist thoughts in a highly female socialized way. It's incredibly normalized to be racist for the purpose of fucking. This is due to how porn has normalized racism and combining some twisted logic of "born this way" sexual orientation/attraction which has normalized racism. I'm genuinely baffled how retards need to "ask" if their racist for xyz racist behavior, just a clear indicator that they know they're racist and don't want to admit it but want to play innocent. OP is brain-dead as you can't discriminate against white moids but the point still stands.

No. 1788613

File: 1700958484516.jpeg (8.87 KB, 260x148, 1630398551385.jpeg)

I swear to god, he sounds like the type of motherfucker that uses the race card to bully women into dating him or feeding his ego. No, it's not fucking racist if you're just not interested in white guys, you can't help what you're not attracted to. Even if you were white yourself, what the fuck do you owe him or any white guy ever? Nothing, that's what. That scrote literally seems to think that you owe him attraction, and wants to scream that you're "racist" because his ego didn't get fed by a woman he's not even close with. What is it with these loser ass fuckwits thinking that every woman needs to bow down and swoon over them just because they're white guys? I've heard military stories of white American males seething and harassing Korean women for….dating korean men instead of a bunch of random fucking yanks. They unironically think that they need to be the first choice for every-fucking-thing and no matter what. It's unbelievable. What a pathetic little faggot, I hope he gets hit by a bus.

No. 1788647

>is it racist if
>am I racist if
>you’re racist if
You know, life improves a bit when you realize you can just be racist(racebaiting)

No. 1788649

Black women are not on lolcow doing all that

No. 1788677

Are you just going thread to thread?

No. 1788714

Do people unironically tattoo and get piercings because they want to? I swear everything about it just looks unpractical an ugly as fuck, it makes me wonder, whatever happened to them to do that to themselves?

No. 1788720

Uh, I personally like the way it looks but at the same time it is impractical and I wish I’d never gotten my ears pierced.

No. 1788723

Sometimes people have different aesthetic tastes from your own personal aesthetic tastes.

No. 1788731

This is a common cope by males, you'll see it a lot on reddit but it's become kind of an urban myth used in arguments against public sex offender registries, it's just another thing (that isn't true) that men will use to try and limit women's access to information on predators.

No. 1788743

tbh the only "unpractical" part of my piercings was the soreness during the healing period, after that ended I literally forget they're there 90% of the time. And there's so many cute options for earrings, I like matching them to my outfit kek. There is a definite noticeable adrenaline(?) high when you're getting pierced or tattooed and I suspect a good portion of people with full-body tattoos or a face full of metal chase that high similarly to stuff like skydiving

No. 1788753

A cop told me that's a lie, that it's just what pedophiles say when they're caught for the fourth time.

No. 1788786

If someone who never did any drugs before shot up a bunch of heroin they'd die for sure, right?

No. 1788787

If it's real heroin, yes.

No. 1788790

What substance would it be if it was fake?

No. 1788792

Good luck finding that. Most "heroin" nowadays is either fent or cut with fent

No. 1788794

Well, wouldn't fentanyl also kill someone? I heard it's even more deadly. Or is that a myth?

No. 1788797

It is said to be 30-50x stronger than heroin. Even a small dose can easily kill someone. Why are is OP asking this though I'm worried

No. 1788798

don't worry about it

No. 1788805

Don't try to OD on fent please

No. 1788854

my methhead neighbor had prescription fent but he was pretty hardcore on the regular after getting out of prison. these days it seems to be sprinkled in everything, but it can depend on where you live. a lot of the issue is basically cross-contamination. happens easily in packaging/transport so if you don't have a trustworthy plug you should seriously do a reagent test. heroin is a depressant and if you have no experience with those you shouldn't try it anyway.

No. 1788898

Troons literally think they ARE magical girls.

No. 1788928

>Isn't it kind of strange that refusing to serve a customer at a retailer would be obviously racist behavior yet using the caveat of "I'm not attracted uwu" isn't?
you can't be serious kek, there is indeed a difference between refusing to interact with people at work because of their race, and deciding who you want to date. what's next, discrimination on the basis of sex is also bad when it comes to dating? stop thinking that "you're racist!!" is a winning argument in every scenario, most of the time it isn't. what matters is not being discriminated against in the public sphere, that's it. you can't police people thoughts and sexual attraction. good luck finding a country where everyone dates with zero consideration for culture and race, we'll see if it's really the norm as you say

No. 1789010

they see them s rich spoiled dogs belong to rich spoiled brats

No. 1789011

as long as you aren't violent or cruel then it doesn't really matter.

No. 1789089

Are you underage?

No. 1789091

Coomer magical girl anime targetted towards grown nen have always existed even before Madoka.

No. 1789110

File: 1700985529020.jpg (50.54 KB, 736x1104, 1a89d54a73de6bbfb2b8563f877e21…)

Is picrel true? Will short hair look bad on you if you have a longer lower jaw?

No. 1789125

I'd say it's true. I have a longer face than my cousin and short haircuts highlight my midface, while long hair looks overwhelming and messy on her short face. Some people say long hair will only make your face look even longer, but that's not the case for me, it looks very nice and effortlessly cute

No. 1789128

Dunno, my face is longer than it is broad (idk if it's the jaw specifically) and bob-length hair looks better on me. Long hair makes my face look longer

No. 1789129

Is there someone I can pay to help me figure out how to consolidate my retirement accounts the way I can pay someone to help me with taxes? This shit makes me want to kill myself it's so fucking obtuse.

While I'm here, is there genuinely no such thing as a financial advisor for 20-30 year olds who aren't rich nor massively in debt and just want some guidance on budgeting/savings/retirement? Like is there a special term for this? Every financial advisor I've looked at locally is just all about helping older richer people.

No. 1789132

Samefag forgot to say I'm in the US

No. 1789139

>combining some twisted logic of "born this way" sexual orientation/attraction which has normalized racism
What the actual fuck? You think the concept of sexual orientation is normalising racism?

No. 1789145

Is the average age on 4chan going up? I feel like it is but I'm not sure. NEET posting coming to an end must mean most are over 25, when they know that being unemployed is a sign of a loser.

Speaking of which, if I'm right, I think in 5-10 years time you'll start to see

>I took the kiddos to sports today, don't tell me you're spending your weekend by yourself again anon? You DO have a family, don't you?

As they start to enter middle age kek.

No. 1789146

are magical girls anime fun to watch as an adult?

No. 1789157

Why do I feel sick in the morning? No, I'm not pregnant. It feels kinda like periods cramps and used to only happen right before or during my period, but now it's practically 50% chance I wake up in pain in the morning. I did tell a doctor but he just gave me a "hurrdurr that's probably normal don't worry about it" and completely dismissed it.

No. 1789158

File: 1700992261230.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x2177, Oh.my.jpg)

Accidently typed 'oh.my' on a message and it linked to a site. I tried looking it up and found nothing, can someone tell me what the site is about?

No. 1789160

That green text already happened around 2018 - on /pol/ at least.

No. 1789162

Me realising I've been going on 4chan for 16 years.

No. 1789182

37 for everything for a day, and in my last job I was paid 40 an hour before taxes. Now I'm on unemployment and am paid 28 an hour straight up (40 hours a week).

No. 1789186

Why wouldn't it? Young people don't use IBs they're on discord. The average age on regular forums has gone up too.

No. 1789197

Do you people with bulimia feel nauseous before purging or does it have to be induced? Lately I’ve been vomiting after overeating and I’m afraid I’m becoming bulimic.
I’ve been eating too much these past few days because I made really good food for thanksgiving and I can’t control myself and after every meal I’m nauseous and start puking.

No. 1789198

Kek, no. Although if you get addicted and start doing it deliberately, it could totally lead there.

No. 1789200

Sure, but there are far more of them now since Madoka aired.

No. 1789207

Moids have always used art as form of depicting violence and cruelty towards women. No art form is sacred to them and no genre is ever safe. Stop trying to blame Madoka for their depravity.

No. 1789217

Samefag I am genuinely very retarded. et.my just an unfinished website template.
oh.my is still kinda weird though.

No. 1789228

Faghags like you who would give their lives defending pedofags will never be real lesbians. Go choke on a dick.

No. 1789233

You can defend Madoka all you want but it is a fact that there are more male audience-oriented series focusing on abusing or coomering magical girls being produced now than there was previously. They are also getting anime adaptations and one of the most perverted ones is being aired soon.

No. 1789252

File: 1701003646841.png (189.7 KB, 736x1104, Look good with short hair.png)

Interesting that you got 2 absolutely opposite answers. Usually, when styling, it goes 2 ways: you either try to make your features as "balanced" and moderate as possible, or you embrace your look and even exaggerate it with similar lines.
Nonna, perhaps you have layered hair? I heard from women with long faces that they dislike it when it's just falling straight.
True, many people with longer faces feel so. Judge for yourselves, but to me long-faced woman still looks nice with a bob, since her hair aligns with the jaw too. I personally think that they both look better with longer hair though kek

No. 1789254

is it normal to bleach out your kitchen sink every night? I saw someone talking about that like everyone does it, but I've never heard of needing to bleach a sink daily like that.

No. 1789260

It's not racism having a dating preference. She doesn't go and treat every white guy she meets like shit.

No. 1789261

No it's not normal

No. 1789263

Nta but what upcoming anime(s)?

No. 1789273

okay well now I get to go off and wonder what the hell they're doing in their sink every day

No. 1789306

No. 1789315

And the characters are all 14, lovely.

No. 1789324

Something I will never understand is why is Japan so obsessed with being young. This manga could be about college students, office ladies or single
Moms and nothing would change, it would still be a degenerate story about women in skimpy clothes fighting each other for dumb reasons.

No. 1789356

File: 1701012933686.jpeg (42.76 KB, 500x500, D9336F49-E1C9-4BC1-9612-FB81C5…)

am i doing something wrong if my eyes are super red after showering?

No. 1789379

How do you calculate infinity? Like for pi and the mandelbrot set. How do mathematicians know for aure it's infinite? What if they just haven't calculated a bunch of it yet

No. 1789384


No. 1789385

>You can defend Madoka all you want but it is a fact that there are more male audience-oriented series focusing on abusing or coomering magical girls being produced now than there was previously
Okay, then count how many male targetted magical girl anime came out before and after Madoka aired.

No. 1789394

Are you getting soap in them?

No. 1789410

How many times do I have to tap the sign, anon? It’s about the increase in series where magical girls are abused or used for masturbation material.

No. 1789483

>Nonna, perhaps you have layered hair? I heard from women with long faces that they dislike it when it's just falling straight.
not that anon but i also have a long face and look better with long hair but mine is curly. i only get that face lengthening effect if i flatten it and if it's past chest length

No. 1789506

Nta but why put this much blame on Madoka for what other anime does or what’s produced after it. I only watched the series so I don’t know how brutal it gets in the movies but I don’t even think the girls were really put through anything graphic except for the yellow one and even then it was mostly censored. It was def angsty for sure but what’s wrong with that

No. 1789507

Wow, that's really stupid then. I'm disregarding every doodle complaint I see now.

No. 1789533

Piercings on other parts of the body can be more, less or equally as inconvenient as ear piercings - people get them because they look good and that's all there is to it really, considering they're not the enforced beauty standard in most of the world. The process of healing can be shorter or longer depending on the piercing but after that initial healing is over you're set for life unless it's a surface piercing that could randomly reject. It's not really much of a hassle and you can always take them out if you don't like them.
For example, heels to me are way more impractical than dealing with my facial piercings so I don't wear them, everyone has different limits to what they're comfortable doing.

As for tattoos, they heal way faster than piercings and are a fun process to go through. From choosing the artist, going with their design or with your own idea, booking an appointment to getting tattooed - it's a whole process that almost feels like it's own little project and that's what makes it fun in my opinion. I also love getting tattooed with my friends and sister so it's also a shared interest.

No. 1789545

apologies for dog related career sperg but a lot of dog groomers and vets dislike them because their sheer popularity means a lot of owners are ill-equipped to take care of them. A lot of breeders try to make a quick buck and lie about them being "hypoallergenic low-maintenance family dogs". Many doodle owners are not prepared to take care of their coat, which is often a texture in-between the poodle and the other breed used to create the mix. This neglect means groomers usually require a close shave and the owners tend to flip the fuck out because "we brush her everyday!" Many are not prepared for their energy and intelligence so a lot go untrained and are bite risks in clinics. This isn't really the fault of the dogs though, they can be great pets in an informed home.

No. 1789549

Depends on the board. Sometimes I search certain keywords on 4chan archives too see mentions of a specific interest I have and often I'll see tripfags and namefags on /r9k/ and /b/ that are openly admitting they're turbo underaged and they'll have a whole group of kids interacting and shitposting with them. They all seem to get involved in a ton of discord drama kek

No. 1789561

What do people like about asmr? I don't get it.

No. 1789573

NTA but it's not Madoka's fault males are given an inch and take a mile, the genre started with Madoka being omgsosubversiveomg and started with more studio's saying hey this works let's greenlight manga and anime with subversive magical girl elements until it slowly became corrupted by the Y and now it's just torture porn. Madoka started it but not on purpose and not at all close to what it has become. They sacrificed some overly girly elements which was foolish because once men become attracted to something made more inclusive to non-female audiences it's ruined, for a more kid friendly example, MLP.

No. 1789589

Its like the male version of when fujos took over the sports genre.

No. 1789595

Nonas, i've almost never seen a news report of pedos on tv??
Maybe some mentions of speculations on dead famous people but i'm sure they've caught some during my lifetime?
Idk if it's a local thing, i'm from EU but i always hear about murderers and other crimes and so on, but never pedos

No. 1789606

I'm a Eurofag too, I feel like I've seen it pretty often during the news. I'm from West EU, maybe depends on region or country like you said.

No. 1789616

there's a question i want to ask but i'm worried it will cause an infight. i have no intention of fighting but the topic when discussed among other anons always leads to one. should i ask it anyway?

No. 1789630

Do you need to ask it

No. 1789644

it's not super important. but it won't leave my mind. maybe i'll wait later

No. 1789650

I don't think I've heard about (national) murders significantly more often than pedo shit. Like when does that happen? Basically never.

No. 1789712

File: 1701031583180.jpg (138.36 KB, 828x1001, F_3nm-AWQAAE6F6.jpg)

Genuinely asking, why does Selena Gomez's head have this balloon shape? These past few years I notice it in every photo I see of her, what did she do?

No. 1789718

I thought this was a picture of lily rose depp until i read your post

No. 1789724

File: 1701031990242.jpg (217.26 KB, 950x1672, F_4ejdgbkAAmA1a.jpg)

Actually, when I was looking for a pic to use I was also thinking that she looks incredibly similar to Lily Rose Depp kek

No. 1789725

I like the sounds and how the textures look. They're also very calming. I don't watch asmrs with people talking, though because they ruin the mood. I like ones with kinesthetic sand, slime, yours etc

No. 1789728


No. 1789730

File: 1701032179773.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 154.46 KB, 630x400, CB03BA40-6BD1-4098-B877-7683D0…)

Being an alcoholic.

No. 1789733

File: 1701032209556.png (784.86 KB, 986x664, chrissyt.png)

She's starting to morph into chrissy teigen, she also has the same issue

No. 1789778

Extreme cheek filler

No. 1789909

I think when you say "infinity" you're asking how we know certain numbers are irrational? i.e., can't be expressed as a/b the way something like 0.5 -> ½ can, so the decimal goes on forever without repetition
Idk how complicated of an answer you want but here's a simple example showing how the square root of 2 must go on forever because it would cause a logical inconsistency if it didn't. Basically, any number that ends or repeats can be written as some number divided by some other number. Even without knowing what those numbers are and just assuming that some pair of numbers equals sqrt(2), we get contradictions, so no such pair exists and thus the number doesn't terminate.
There are multiple proofs for pi being irrational too, won't be easy to fit in this post so just look them up.

No. 1789983

Should I block a fever of 39 degrees? I feel like shit, I have a terrible headache and I'm tied to a bed but I read that a fever up to 39 degrees help the immune system? So idk

No. 1789991

Why do I always want pasta or some type of carbs when I'm drinking?

No. 1790000

File: 1701044969838.jpg (40.22 KB, 522x399, fred.JPG)

After I learned Down The Rabbit Hole dude was a degenerate furry, I lost my respect for im and can't watch his videos anymore. However, this one is six hours, and if I watch it that will be six whole glorious hours of not thinking about wanting to kill myself. Should I watch it, or stay true to my anti-furry morals?

No. 1790004

its sad to find out how many youtubers are degen furfags. This guy, YMS, pyro

No. 1790006

I bet "the rabbit hole" is a secret double entendre for him

No. 1790007

Wait what did he do? Spill the tea.

No. 1790013

File: 1701045689330.png (120.96 KB, 719x979, pi proof.png)

Just to clarify, although everyone says pi is infinite, it's actually the decimal expansion of pi is infinitely long. This is pretty common, consider how 1/3 becomes 0.33333 and that it repeats infinitely. Pi is more unique in that it doesn't degrade into a repeating decimal pattern (like 5/28 which becomes 0.17857142857142 and then repeats 857142 endlessly). Now computers have calculated it to an extremely high number (100,000,000,000,000 digits is the current record), but to prove that it actually goes on to infinity, we use this mathematical proof.
An interesting about a number being infinite versus having infinite decimal expansion means that we know that some infinities are larger than others. Consider all numbers between 1 and 2. The number has infinite decimal expansion, (1.1, 1.11, 1.111, etc.), but although it's infinite, it's still smaller than the infinity between 1 and 3.

No. 1790014

You're allergic to whatever is in your water. Chlorine, minerals, even allergens like pollen.

No. 1790036

How achievable is a toned stomach from 1 to 10? How much do you have to train? I've been skinnyfat all my life and it's bothering me, I want to tone up.

No. 1790055

File: 1701048792814.jpg (34.87 KB, 720x817, black-tattoo-choker.jpg)

How do I get my tattoo choker to be as small as it was before I stretched it getting it over my humongous head? It fit like picrel but now it's all stretched out and is sitting weirdly low on my neck..

No. 1790080

Sorry for the late reply, but if it makes you feel more professional, then I can tell you that a woman in my course applied and used a mail that had "Gunadiy Pent The Sexy Boy" as the name and during the first lecture a professor called her out saying "So, who here is Gunadiy Pent The.. I won't continue." and she raised her hand with obvious shame in her eyes.

No. 1790122

i have no idea but try microwaving it

No. 1790147

Probably to protect the privacy of the victims, who are obviously always minors.

No. 1790154

Try soaking it in really hot water I think >>1790122 would just melt it

No. 1790161

Do people drink shots just to get drunk faster or do they actually enjoy the taste

No. 1790173

Shots are for getting drunk, if they wanted to taste it they’d drink it neat from a glass at a normal pace.

No. 1790175

to get drunk faster kek. Some people will try to convince you expensive whisky and bourbon is ~different~ and sip on it with those dumb ice cubes but it all tastes like nail polish remover just throw it back

No. 1790186

Just don't wear it for a while or get a second one, they stretch back fast enough.
To get drunk, hard liquor is gross but being drunk is fun

No. 1790210

I just noticed my pint of ice cream has the calorie count for the entire container printed on the side. Is this implying some people can eat a pint in one go

No. 1790225

Yes. People do that. It’s not a great idea but it’s not difficult to do, it’s only two cups of food.

No. 1790246

Depends on the type of shot. Some of the mixed ones are actually pretty tasty, but shooting straight liquor is just for getting drunk faster.

No. 1790248

Why is the spoiler image a pantyshot? To me, it comes off as moid-ish, but to be honest, my biggest qualm is not being able to browse lolcow in public

No. 1790252

File: 1701055102766.jpg (49.95 KB, 736x810, cat.jpg)

>doesn't know who the spoiler image is
>using lolcow in public
Just go away.

No. 1790261

File: 1701055265104.jpg (123.83 KB, 750x758, tumblr_62892f3ed5ba4694713160b…)

I'm 20… can anyone older offer some advice for careers and education?
Not to turn this into a huge rant but I feel super directionless yet pressured to have it all figured out. I'm in uni but don't know what kind of career I want so I'm just sort of aimlessly taking courses with little progress on a degree. People keep acting like I'm just not trying and like if I just thought about it, I'd realize that x y z was my passion and life's true calling all along, but I seriously don't know and tbh I feel too young for it all, like a kid who just wants to live her life freely.
I'm currently needing to pick between just gritting my teeth through some random bachelor's degree that I don't care for, or putting uni on hold and being a minimum wage worker until I hopefully come up with a clearer direction.

No. 1790299

Is maelovecosplay friends with dinobunny or is she skin walking her?

No. 1790357

Kiki? Shayna?

No. 1790362

>She doesn't even know who the queen is

No. 1790484


OHHHHHHHH yeah that makes sense

No. 1790529

does your school offer a career guidance counselor, or can you talk to an undergrad counselor in general? usually they make you take interest tests, help you figure out what major you're best suited to, etc.

No. 1790550

if you are paying for school and dont know what you want to do i would drop out. i have a bachelor's in economics (which i chose because it seemed general enough to do whatever, because i had no idea what i wanted) but have worked the past 3 years as a supervisor at a hotel making perfectly good money. at this point i dont want to do anything with my degree, i dont want to work in a cubicle all day doing work that no one even understands. if you really truly dont know what u want to do you would be better off working a regular degular job having a real life and your own money and contributing to your community by taking on needed work. im 100% jaded on higher education. the world doesnt need more marine biologists or analysts or whatever bullshit, we need smart people to take on real life responsibilities instead of delaying their life in academia.
if you arent paying for school, do whatever. but if you are paying its likely you wont even work in your chosen field after graduation and will not have needed that degree. one of the bellmen at my hotel majored in environmental science…. lotta good it did him.

No. 1790555

also don't worry too much about finding your "calling" rn, very few people have that at that age. you should just be focused on finding a major that puts you in the general direction of where you want to be. it will become more clear what you want as you make steps in that general direction. you really need experience working to figure out exactly what you want your career to be. (unless you decide to stay in school, go for med or law, etc.)

No. 1790579

disagree with this advice. while it's true some people end up underemployed, degrees of any kind still increase your earning potential and job prospects relative to not having them. even if they're irrelevant to your work, employers still care that you at least went to college and graduated successfully. I would also say it's too early for nonna to drop out without taking advantage of her schools resources, networking oppurtunities, internships, etc. it doesn't really make sense to throw away that support, unless she were already certain that the work she wants to do doesn't require a degree. even then, finishing school would give her more opportunities so she wouldn't be locked in, necessarily.

No. 1790594

its a nice idea that a degree automatically makes you a more valuable employee, but in reality you can have a college degree in english and still not even be able to interview for secretary positions. if the school is free, you have all the time in the world to ~figure it out~ but if you are paying for school without a career path in mind then you were memed into higher education and fell for the biggest scam of the 21st century. the only person i know who is working in the field they have a degree in is my friend who is a teacher.

No. 1790597

im not trying to sound aggressive, but if i could go back i would have absolutely stopped after i graduated community college. 2 years there was only $8,000 vs two years at my state school which was $60,000

No. 1790611

sorry it didn't work out for you but i'm just basing my advice on what's statistically the case. neither of us can predict the future and know exactly what's best for nonna, and we could trade good and bad anecdotes and personal experiences all day, so it makes more sense to act on what's probably the case given the information she provided. people with degrees on average earn more and are less likely to be unemployed, this much is clear. yes, underemployment is common and many people's work has nothing to do with their major. still makes more sense to stick with it overall. we can have a separate conversation about majors, but i would expect nonna would be better suited talking to a counselor about that.

No. 1790658

mega retard question but I noticed on instagram that when an account is suspended or deleted all of the photographs that are sent in the dms no longer load so they’re not visible anymore, but all of the messages remain. Is this the same for everyone else? I googled it and not a single related question popped up

No. 1790676

Bumping this again because I need this answered now

No. 1790680

I don’t know anon maybe Instagram doesn’t keep the pictures, you could try looking at the dms on desktop and mobile. Could be a bug or Instagram just doesn’t keep pictures.

No. 1790688

I wish instagram just deleted the dms entirely once an account is suspended, I’m hoping at least any photographs were deleted but I can’t understand this whole obsession that social media companies have with storing personal conversations even after the account is gone

No. 1790709

I'll never get what the big deal is with using lc in public. You're already using an imageboard, which is bad enough. A censored panty shot isn't going to catch anyones attention. Put your brightness down, scroll by it fast and people won't see shit. Either own it or don't, stop requesting the board culture to be adapted to your whims.
t. someone that uses lc in public

No. 1790717

They all want to keep everything or for smaller retarded sites/apps they just don’t see the point in removing old data. You know how many random sites i’ve seen over the years have stored PASSWORDS in plaintext it’s just plain retarded. If you live somewhere where you aren’t covered by data laws you have to abuse the system a little bit just to get the company to say they’ve deleted it but you don’t even know if they did. Before I delete my account on something I’ll change up my username/bio/password etc just in case that rewrites old data they might keep. Privacy for us burgers is so fucked, if you haven’t learned about data brokers it’s just such a rabbit hole. Laws need to catch up but we know how slow that is in regards to technology, unless it threatens the big corps or if you can convince the senile ass mummies in charge or if you can spread the classic ‘think of the children’ FUD, shit just doesn’t happen.

No. 1790719

NTA but you have to admit it's illogical and kind of defeats the purpose to use a NSFW image to censor NSFW images. I've seen it too many times to even notice that it's a panty shot so it doesn't actively bother me, but if someone else saw it they would definitely think it's weird.

No. 1790720

I have talked to many counselors and advisors but find them consistently unhelpful. Some of them seem set on selling a particular major to me, like one lady who majored in communications so she pushed it based on her good experience alone (even though it seems like a horrible fit for me). Others take the opposite extreme of a vague hands-off "just keep screwing around and one day you'll figure it out" mentality where they basically don't contribute besides patting me on the back.
I think the advisors at my school are sort of notoriously incompetent, a lot of people complain about unhelpfulness
pretty much summarizes the two main perspectives I hear, some people are saying I shouldn't bother if I have no plan and others are saying that I should at least pick up some bachelor's degree while I'm here because any degree will be useful later on.
For context my parents are extremely pro higher ed and strongly disapprove of not going, which is why I was sent off to uni without a clear goal. They are THE people who eat up those college ranking lists and idolize degrees. On one hand it's true that I would not be able to support myself if I just started working (only really qualify for min wage retail/restaurant stuff) but on the other hand we're blowing $$$ on something I'm not confident on.

No. 1790726

I think it's silly and goofy because this isn't a serious site. The SPOILER covers her ass anyway and all you can see is a portion of skirt and legs, and I doubt that people catching a glimpse of my phone could tell exactly what it is. I get worse ads on instagram when I'm in public kek

No. 1790741

what are you majoring in now, and what are you considering? you must have narrowed it down at least somewhat, and i assume you were given riasec - you should have a sense of what you do not want to do at least. have you tried writing out all your options and listing pros and cons, as well as potential careers in each? if you have narrowed it down, have you tried taking a class in any of them, or talking to people with those majors, or going to clubs organized around those majors, or talking to professors who teach intro classes in those majors? have you gone to any career fairs, or are there any opportunities to shadow someone in their work? if money weren't an issue, what would you study?

No. 1790752

Neopets did me dirty

No. 1790758

if you have the opportunity and time, hop from one major to another for a semester or something and see how it feels. you can do that in some places where they take on students both in autumn and winter. you'll only know if something REALLY is or isn't your thing when you're face to face with having to do work related to it. that's how i understood i hate digital marketing and tourism, though i am currently stuck in digital design because i don't know where to move forwards and i am not allowed to go backwards. you know the feeling when something you're doing is so wrong to you that you can't help but to think "i don't see myself here in the future, this isn't my place" as soon as you try to imagine yourself in 5 years? that's the feeling you might need to get before you get to where you want to be. it's ok to jump from one thing to another, if you're willing to do it, it's to help you jump around enough until you find stability.
by the by, if you can asap find someone to connect with in the major you're interested in, they might be your saving anchor. it's always tenfold easier to get through academic bullshit with someone else.

No. 1790766

File: 1701074526143.jpg (151.36 KB, 537x640, 1692204822162.jpg)

am I a bad person or going to seem like one if I use an AI generated icon just for fun? it's just a silly image of an animal and looks really cute, I have no presence at all on this account and just use it to talk to friends
I dislike AI art as a whole when used as a replacement for actual art, claimed to be 'real art' or for profit, but sometimes the pics it can generate are silly and fun so I'm torn if this is acceptable or not

No. 1790779

Id say no, the opinion you have already on AI is the mainstream one, if you’re just using it for fun and not making profit or knowingly trying to recreate a living artist’s work I think you’re fine. If someone asks you can just tell them that, but beware some people are extremely anti ai and so if you have insane friends who would skin you alive for it then don’t do it. Or just tell them you found it off Pinterest or Twitter and you didn’t know it was AI. Don’t stress yourself out over it nonna you’re a good person.
At least lolcow doesn’t. hunter2 hunter2 hunter2

No. 1790785

I was in your position too, not knowing what I wanted to do unlike "everyone else" drove me crazy in my early 20s. I tried settling for something that wouldn't make me miserable and would earn me a liveable wage like my parents pushed me to do, it made me miserable lol. I think the most important thing is to keep exploring different options and career paths, fields (I don't exclusively mean through courses). I eventually sort of by chance rolled into something I never knew really was a thing and I love it.

No. 1790792

Who is the 'egregious' anon?

No. 1790891

How do I reduce a cold ASAP???? I have exams to study for and I cant afford shivering here sick in bed

No. 1790959

it's just about listening to whatever sound is relaxing to you. but it has this weird/cringe connotation because of all the roleplays and the retards making sexual content

pls ask anon

watch it anon ♥

No. 1790964

Either tough through it with cold medication, antihistamines and paracetamol/ibuprofen and some mix of pain killers or get an extension. You really shouldn't have to get a derived grade over a cold though. The most severe symptoms of colds are typically 2-3 days at most whereas a flu can last weeks. You can try homeopathic bullshit like hot lemon water too.

No. 1790988

Hot mint tea with lemon

No. 1791003

Can someone please explain "Hall is the blond one to me" like I'm a newfag. Kind nonnies, what does it mean….

No. 1791004

File: 1701097454254.jpg (4.91 MB, 861x8551, Hallistheblondone.jpg)

No. 1791006

No. 1791039

File: 1701100679809.jpeg (478.15 KB, 600x1111, 56EFC0F9-5974-472E-B5BF-FA665C…)

Is there anywhere on this vast internet where I can watch the Fits campaign with Dakota Rose in it, or is that shit lost media?

No. 1791089

File: 1701103815371.jpeg (191.3 KB, 1080x1022, IMG_1071.jpeg)

What do you think is the stupidest question one can ask?

No. 1791094

"Have you seen my phone?" while using the phone as a flashlight to look for their phone.

No. 1791103

I knew what i wanted to become from a young age on and i was one of the only ones in my friend group. Once i got my degree i constantly was going back and forth between jobs because what i aimed for is an oversaturated shit market now and i was basically useless. I ended up going back to college and getting a degree in marketing so i can work for a variety of companies now.
I would say maybe figure out where you would want to work. Because i didn't have any particular skills i chose marketing because it is such a broad field that it would be easy for me to work whatever company i'd like. Ask yourself what wouldn't you mind doing for a big portion of your life. Check job openings at websites and write down the things that interest you. You can also ask questions like would you rather work outside, at a desk, or something mixed? Do you care about the corporate world or would you rather work for a small company? Would you like to help people or do more droney work where you can zone out? You can already eliminate a lot of jobs asking questions like this to see what kind of job you would like to do. Having a passion for something shouldn't mean necessarily that you should work in that field. I have a friend who always wanted to be a child psychologist but ended up working for a venue and now books bands. They volunteer at a youth center in their free-time. Doing internships or something like that can help too. There are certain organizations that can set that up for you. Sometimes you can also contact people in the field and ask if they can show you what their job entails for a day to see if it fits you. I wish you the best of luck with all this, nonna! Shit like this aint easy.

No. 1791151

When something pisses you off, how do you just forget about it?

No. 1791163

You don't. You keep thinking about it until you lash out and explode!

No. 1791169

I've read you're supposed to forgive them in your head to yourself immediately so you can free yourself from the seething as fast as possible, since the seething is detrimental to you and doesn't affect them anyway. I think any immediate mental decision helps, wether you forgive them or decide "wow that person was just a huge asshole fuck them for doing that, the moment is over now though" or whatever lets you let it go.

No. 1791202

File: 1701109852725.jpeg (77.05 KB, 1125x1262, IMG_1107.jpeg)

is there any way i can make my period stop faster

No. 1791211

File: 1701110582668.jpeg (458.74 KB, 1536x2048, FRmlFv4XIAIxIwF.jpeg)

Is it normal to feel bad about the fact that I have not achieved a lot in life and I'm 27?

I sometimes feel ashamed cause I have only been employed twice and I'm still not finished with my studies.

I'm aware society pressures us into pushing it to the limit and feeling like a loser if you can't, I don't subscribe to that kind of thinking at all. I think everyone deserves respect even if they've never worked one job or less. I don't care about that at all, and still i beat my self up over it

No. 1791213

It’s very normal but it’s not good. Enjoy the journey of life nona

No. 1791219

Well just the other week a grown ass adult man ('muhrican) after several hours of perfectly fluent communication in English (both in writing and verbal) upon then finding out I'm a eurofag asked me if I'm fluent in English, since he didn't know if people from my country learned English or not. Literally hours of talking! I was so tempted to fake the shittiest thick accent and only speak in broken English saying some shit like "english much bad sorry no fluent" like what the fuck? Did he think I had downloaded google translate into my brain or what?

No. 1791223

Masturbation, internal, idk if external would do

No. 1791224

Long hot bath, looooooooads of water, eat as healthy and clean as possible.

No. 1791228

Pretty much completely tattooed from the neck down, ear stretchers and several face piercings and all I have to say is because I like it kek

No. 1791238

“What would you do if you got jumped by like 6 homies with shotguns and knives?”

No. 1791246

I’d throw them off with my dancing and huge boobs duh

No. 1791277

File: 1701114145203.gif (300.06 KB, 500x395, IMG_1114.gif)

No. 1791278

nonies, is a caesar salad still a caesar salad if you substitute the caesar dressing with like ranch or italian dressing instead?

No. 1791296

i don't think so, but in most contexts does it matter? i mean you can call a salad you make for yourself whatever you like but if you go to a restaurant or a fast food place and order a ceasar salad, then you will probably expect the ceasar dressing to be in the salad

No. 1791299

No. That's just a regular salad.

No. 1791343

I am writing a paper that constitutes between a 25% and a 33% if not less of the total mark of one subject I am taking in my masters. Should I use citations inside the text or will writing my bibliography at the end of the task be enough? It doesn't seem important enough to plague my text with contsant ''(Smith, 1998)'', and I actually don't quote any text directly, also I've already exceeded the number of words I'm allowed to write. Could I get away with not quoting? There's no explicit indication that I should do so.

No. 1791357

How much is several? I'm arguing with someone about how several doesn't literally mean seven right now. I've always considered several to be anything less than ten but more than 2.

No. 1791362

No. 1791368

You're correct. Stop talking to retards. It means more than 2

No. 1791369

Several is four or more. It's from the counting system that goes single, couple, a few, several. But basically you can argue that it either means a number that you don't know or hasn't been defined, or anything more than three.

No. 1791375

>Stop talking to retards.
I can't it's my mom.

No. 1791377

Ty for that.

It's so annoying I've internalized this pattern of thinking on some level

No. 1791408

I'm in a very similiar situation and I used to feel bad about it until I realized that my life is actually pretty chill and comfy as it is now. Yeah I don't own a house like several of my childhood friends but I still have a roof above my head, a cozy bed and I don't worry about food or clothes. Yeah I'm still in education at 27 but studying is pretty fun and I have spare time to enjoy hobbies. Aside from the things I wanted or thought I would have at this age, I actually enjoy most of my days. Life really isn't that bad. I think people are suspectible to infinitely wanting more and better in their lives and while pining after those things forget to live in the moment too.

No. 1791409

Sorry for that. You’re probably doing well. But if what you’re doing now is bad what could you do different right now? That’s all you have to worry about. Feeling bad about not being somewhere or something already is retarded.

No. 1791413

What does Champaign taste like? Don’t give me fancy wine faggot answer, I think all red wine tastes like rotten fruit in alcohol. So plainly just tell me how does Champaign taste and will I hate it?

No. 1791422

Have you ever had fresca? Kind of like that but more tart and bubbly

No. 1791434

Why is it that i can eat an entire chicken(food i dislike) and still feel empty, but if i eat a burger(favourite food) i can feel satisfied through the entire day? I am not fat either i am normal weight

No. 1791440

Why did my earring hole get hard? Like, it's literally hard and it hurts when I touch it? This is not a new piercing either. I've had it since I was a baby?

No. 1791444

It either dirt or a cyst from acne/dirt, just disinfect your earrings or earlobe, sometimes you can push out the dirt/skin.

No. 1791472

If it makes you feel any better, I'm 27 too and haven't been employed ever. Only did an obligatory unpaid internship years ago. I'm really ashamed about this and I feel like a huge failure, but all I can do is try to get my shit together and move forward.

No. 1791475

No I haven’t does Fresca taste like wine at all or is it good

No. 1791480

Do you like alcohol? If no, you'll dislike it. If yes, it's like a white wine flavored soda without any sugar.

No. 1791491

You have a build up of skin cells inside it, clear it out by pushing an earring through it and you’ll feel better. Pick a thin straight earring back. Coat it in neosporin first for easier penetration and antibiotic properties.
If that’s not it I guess it got infected or something.

No. 1791492

nta but fresca tasts like grapefruit sprite but less sugary and more tart imo. i love fresca but hate wine

No. 1791493

It tastes like white wine but carbonated.

No. 1791496

That’s a hard question to answer. I generally enjoy champagne, but I’ve tried multiple varieties (from cheap to pricey) that I haven’t liked at all. Not really the season for it, but champagnes designed to be served over ice have never done me wrong and tend to be really nice, even the $15 bottles have been nice, though moet ice is top tier imo.

No. 1791500

Where do you all buy cotton underpants? Looking for some new ones but im tired of victoria secret

No. 1791507

I buy fruit of the loom

No. 1791545

Sweet I’m gonna have some Christmas champagne then cheers

No. 1791560

Seconding FOL, theyre affordable and comfy, get the job done and I don't worry about my period or wear/tear

No. 1791645

Why do spicy straight "queers" like Ren faires?

No. 1791646

All nerdy hobbies have been taken over by them. Of course renfaires weren't spared

No. 1791692

Nerdy women have always liked ren fairs, they’ve just added “queer” to their personalities nowadays

No. 1791723

because ren faires are mostly for dysgenic people

No. 1791725

does oil pulling work? if so which oil? can't figure out if bullshit or goodshit

No. 1791773

Instead of saying "I have an apple" verbally, but in your head- this is considered 'thinking'? And everyone can do this? This is just an example.

No. 1791776

I literally don't understand what you just said

No. 1791784

You mean an internal monologue anon?

No. 1791802

Yes. Thank you

No. 1791813

No. 1791825

I have a friend who I suspect is mentally retarded, in the literal way. Any ideas for an inoffensive way I could ask her to take an IQ test?

No. 1791851

Why you think she's retarded? Asking as a fellow retard.
Just take one yourself or tell some other people to do it too, post results to her and maybe she will wanna join

No. 1791868

I sound cruel, I shouldn't have called her retarded, but she's like a toddler in an adult body. Where do I start? She speaks and acts like a young child, she eats inedible bright-colored objects like crayons and glitter, watches mindless youtube videos on autoplay for hours like an ipad baby, listens to music on 2x speed so she "doesn't get bored"… I could go on and on. And that's just out of what I know, every other day I learn something new.
Her mind has been totally scrambled being homeschooled by her fucking nutcase parents. Who supposedly followed a dog training manuel as their parenting guide. I feel so sorry for her and I'm enraged at them for what they made her into.
Sorry for the rant it's just everything about her absolutely dumbfounds me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being taken for a ride, but I don't think so.

No. 1791905

why do cp spam bots on cc most of the time only affect the /b board? Is it because it comes the first?

No. 1791926

Why do some video game companies still give characters different names in the translations? It's not the 90s anymore, we know Japan exists. Nintendo is particularly guilty of this dumb shit.

No. 1791944

Why do you care what her IQ is? If you find out she has a normal IQ or a retarded IQ what would you even do with that information? I don’t see the practical purpose here unless you’re trying to get her on tard bux and in that case I hope you are sending her to a professional for the test.

No. 1791960

how much detail are you supposed to go into if you're talking about sexual abuse in therapy? is it weird if I tell all?

No. 1791966

Anons… how do you start doing something?
I've been depressed and my life's been empty but recently I started having desires and I want to try different things. The thing is, those are completely different things and I don't know what to do first. And I guess it would be dumb to go for everything at once (I mean hobbies and stuff). It's hard to choose. I'm not even sure what I'm trying to ask but is it familiar to anyone? Basically, how do you go from doing nothing to doing something and actually living?

Share whatever you feel comfortable enough to share, don't force yourself or worry about therapist's reaction. Anything that's bothering you is relevant and totally appropriate to mention.

No. 1791971

There's not a magical formula - you just stat. Like, there's no secret to getting up early for work, you just get your ass up and go for it. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. I believe in you, anon! Go for it!

No. 1791980

Start small, set a goal to work towards and engage with it any time you feel the pull. Take breaks if negative thought patterns start intruding, you either want to stop to avoid the negative association or practice pushing negative thoughts away while engaging in your hobby. Let your hobby be your hobby not another thing to get on your own case about it that makes sense.

No. 1792002

I always assumed it's because it's the board with most traffic

No. 1792019

How to be liked by people?

No. 1792074

Dress decently, and have a relatively tolerable demeanor and appearance. Don’t be too demanding of anyone, don’t say things under your breath, and look a bit happier than you normally would be while passing people. When you do interact with someone sound slightly warm, but not in a fake way. Give people random compliments on simple things, or hold doors open for people. Make sure you say hi, bye, or give a bit of a nod or smirk when meeting or leaving places.

No. 1792187

I am doing a transaction with someone and they don't have paypal or venmo. Only Zelle. Is zelle a decent app for money? I'm annoyed because she has some rare stuff I want, but she doesn't have the options I use for money.

No. 1792193

No, it's a super easy way to get scammed. So unless you know her in person, pass.

No. 1792197

I only use Zelle for people I know IRL, it's not secure otherwise.

No. 1792204

Is senior pet food (dogs or cats) better or different from regular pet food? I'm scared senior pet food contains shittier ingredients.

No. 1792206

No matter what you do there will be people who don't like you. The most important person that you should strive to be liked by is yourself. Being acknowledged for your status and being liked are two separate things. Being liked by many isn't important, most people are evil and retarded. Befriend only the best of people. Be a good friend.

No. 1792210

It contains less fat.

No. 1792221

so you say "narcissist" nar-sih-sist
is "narc" nars or nark ?
if it's nark doesn't that bother you ?

No. 1792230

Did anyone notice how when cats are still kittens they fart a lot but when they grow up they stop farting?

No. 1792233

I don't have cats but maybe it's the milk

No. 1792269

I actually hate that narc has become short for narcissist. I'm sorry but a narc is a snitch, the word is already taken.

No. 1792286

Yeah this, like in “don’t be a narc (don’t snitch)”. Idk when it came to mean the same thing as narcissist but it’s annoying.

No. 1792341

She has proof of sales from all this year in her profile, so i dont think she is a scammer. I was just trying to figure out if Zelle or cashapp was the better option.

No. 1792349

File: 1701200642593.jpg (20.9 KB, 288x266, th-1872282726.jpg)

Is it weird to buy a (cheap) gift for an acquaintance who is moving to a different country and you probably won't see again? The person is someone you met at a multi-day conference and have been on several zoom calls with.

Also, is it okay to send the gift directly from amazon because there isn't enough time to wrap and mail it before they leave?

No. 1792358

I agree. I was confused over this for a while.

No. 1792369

What are some things you should have or should be doing to make your house and clothing smell like less your pets?
I've got two cats and one dog and to me my area doesn't smell bad cause it's normal. I keep it clean and I wash often and my clothes are clean, I usually keep away from my pets when I'm dressed in my fancier clothes but my mom has a more sensitive nose and she keeps saying that she can smell a slight scent of dog or cat and idk how since I never worried about it before. So pets owners who know more than me what am I supposed to be doing to keep my area or clothing smelling clean that I missed?

No. 1792376

Do libraries care about piercings? I don't have a face full of metal or anything but I'm scared I have to take them out if I get the job. I don't look 'weird' otherwise (regular haircut/color, no tattoos or shaved eyebrows).

No. 1792378

File: 1701203268980.png (248.55 KB, 315x334, aaaaaaAAAA.PNG)

what is nerdecrafter's government name? what is her religion?

No. 1792381

They care very little. It depends on how conservative the town you're applying for it.

No. 1792384

she looks like chantal here, also her name is jackie

No. 1792388

ty anon, but I mostly wanna know if she is muslim kek

No. 1792398

Is there such a thing as neck elongating I legit have a ring of fat around my already short neck and I feel like it collapses and I can’t feel normal, I wish I had a neck or longer neck

No. 1792425

Thanks nonnie! I live in an average sized town so it should be okay

No. 1792462

NTA but I'm pretty sure she's of Egyptian descent… so it's possible?

No. 1792464

Do Instagram influencers actually influence anyone? Like, people buy products just because they see the influencer wearing or using it?

No. 1792471

If it didn’t work they wouldn’t keep getting more sponsorship deals.

No. 1792478

okay, so let's say one side of my family is full of feuds, but multiple members have worked for the FBI and CIA despite our reputation as crazy mountain folk. if I managed to get in contact with them, what would be the best way to learn some government secrets? just, like, casually? do I reference a few more obscure tinfoil theories and see where it goes? this has worked with my freemason dad. he gets comfortable then starts talking about stuff I'm probably not supposed to know, mundane as it could be.

No. 1792488

yeah, that laxative tea was selling great back in 2015.

No. 1792506

nta, some are coptic christians too so that's also a possibility. idk nothing about this specific youtuber tho

No. 1792526

File: 1701210134795.jpg (8.79 KB, 275x183, neckrings.jpg)

Yes! it's a very old practice actually, and the elongation is mostly illusionary as what's actually happening is the bones beneath your neck like the collarbone getting all screwed. bit like ear gauges, you gotta do it slow. maybe start really young too.

No. 1792539

File: 1701210434800.jpeg (964.99 KB, 1179x1166, IMG_1343.jpeg)

am i wrong for wanting a pink car

No. 1792542

No, I want one too.

No. 1792546

Nah everytime I see one it looks good.

No. 1792559

File: 1701210979776.jpeg (83.97 KB, 1400x788, IMG_0847.jpeg)

I want a sapphire blue one so no

No. 1792560

File: 1701210981369.jpg (50.08 KB, 600x800, barbiehorsetrailer.jpg)

no, I'm thinking about saving up to get my Jeep a pink paint job to emulate the Barbie one I had as a kid

No. 1792562

I'd laugh my ass off if I saw anyone riding in this economy shit.

No. 1792566

nayrt, your days must be full of laughter, how lucky.

No. 1792572

File: 1701211405831.jpeg (123.8 KB, 893x1000, IMG_0752.jpeg)

You can mock my Honda fetish all you want

I'm cheap and easy and I ain't gonna be able to stash luggage or my dog in some 2 seater no matter how pretty it is

I laugh every time I see a bad BMW driver and then think about retracting my laughter when I consider that I drive a nissan

No. 1792573

In a court case and I need to amend. How do I do this?

No. 1792589

Kek that image

No. 1792855

Why do some dairy products trigger lactose intolerance but not others? For example, I personally can eat a whole tub of cream cheese or as much cheese as I want and be fine, but I'm fucked if I drink milk. Ice cream is in the middle

No. 1792859

Processed vs less/not processsed. Milk has more lactose. You might have an allergy and not an intolerance

No. 1792868

File: 1701218444762.jpg (19.85 KB, 236x398, th-1880062976.jpg)

How does it feel knowing painted silicone mogs your boyfriend?

No. 1792874

His head is a little too big

No. 1792875

File: 1701218712472.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1328, lolcow nonny nigel.png)

its not hard mogging nonnies boyfriend they all look like this

No. 1792876

What's going on with his arm? It has a bigass forearm, and a little ass humerus.

No. 1792885

this image almost made me evolve from bi to lesbian
i need a break from this site, i'm not used to sudden changes

No. 1792909

Sorry, I reposted >>1792855
Is cheese really that much more processed than milk?

No. 1792915

judging by her profile photo, they're both hideous. ugly people having sex makes me shudder, but at least they're not bothering attractive people.

No. 1792919

File: 1701220290151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.34 KB, 827x822, Eh00ii-XcAARBqy.jpg)

Wrong this is my bf

No. 1792924

Looksmatching is important for a happy relationship kek

No. 1792926

File: 1701220624144.jpeg (94.75 KB, 1200x1199, BA407E0E-3865-418A-A1A6-10C756…)

It’s crazy how important styling is

No. 1792928

I would rather exclusively masturbate with a 26 inch tapeworm for the rest of my life than ever see this pubeface abomination again.

No. 1792930


No. 1792934

Why are you being so mean to my man

No. 1792935

mr beast?

No. 1792936

Because he looks like a stillborn chimp in a wig

No. 1792938

File: 1701221004487.gif (10.64 MB, 640x512, 8eac8dbf8454fa416e35a4051b575c…)

No. 1793049

File: 1701231684100.jpg (120 KB, 1300x956, extreme-close-up-of-wide-open-…)

Does anyone know if there's any correlation or have any experience (themself or others) between wide eyes and mood/psychotic disorders?

No. 1793060

Prey eyes

No. 1793069

How come web novels are hugely popular in Asia but not so much in the West? It seems people would rather read and write fanfiction than create original works.

No. 1793071

If you mean genetically I have no idea but I definitely feel like people with mood/personality disorders have a ‘look’ in their eye that’s very specific. They’re either dead eyed or have this gaze that’s both tense and glossy at the same time. Super creepy.

No. 1793075

You can just publish your original works as actual books in the west

No. 1793083

Is getting published not as difficult in the west then?

No. 1793085

Getting published is as easy as slapping a cover on your book and throwing it onto Amazon. Getting people to read is a whole different beast tho

No. 1793184

How do you put on contact lenses without hurting your eye or taking it off? I’ve been wondering about using contact lenses but im kind of scared of that

No. 1793188

Your eyes will be fine. Also, it's easier if you don't have long nails. The rest is just experience. I wear contact lenses semi-regularly, so maybe I am not the best person to talk about this, but I used to be really afraid of touching my eyeball in general, let alone shoving something on it. You kind of figure out that as long you are careful and your hands are clean, it's fine.

No. 1793440

File: 1701273266567.gif (6.14 MB, 640x640, girl crying while doing tickto…)

I'm feeling petty. Does anyone have that video of Britanny Venti crying about not fitting into lolita?

No. 1793471

Will I be cancelled by fandom retards on twitter if I post ship art of two characters that were not related before the movie release? I have a bunch of drawings I did of this ship but since the movie released the were changed into being father and daughter, Should I just delete the art or post it anyways?

No. 1793489

File: 1701274628447.jpg (32.75 KB, 563x561, 203af7311ad4a8481e7a80eda0eaf7…)

No. 1793546

When do people start to remember things? Do any of you remember anything you did before you were 12-13?

No. 1793548

I remember things from when I was 3, it depends on the person and how often you recall the memories

No. 1793549

If this is about FNAF just say something about the movie not being canon to the game timeline or some shit like that
(I am legitimately sorry if this isn't FNAF related)

No. 1793555

I have one or two memories per year from around the age of 3. Normally big or distressing events. Probably only since age 18 I can remember stuff that isn't a big event.

No. 1793559

How often do you think about things from the past? I recall so much. I think it's because over the years I always reminisced.
Of course, small details I know for a fact I frequently miss. Sometimes I read scraps of papers and other things I wrote from that time and I'm blown away that I'm the same person who could have written that.
We're truly not the same people.
I know it's weird, but I view my child, teenage, and younger adult selves as entirely separate entities than who I am today which is why I don't understand people who don't really change. How could you not??

No. 1793562

Is it normal to have extreme joint pain, have cramps and puke on birth control pills day 1?? (God has cursed me with endo when I just wanna be a virgin neet without birth control)

No. 1793564

Sure, not a whole lot as I wasn't a happy kid but I can definitely remember stuff from that time period.

No. 1793571

>I'm blown away that I'm the same person who could have written that.
Because it's not you, kek. Your consciousness being one person throughout your life is an illusion. Based on everything we know about brains, you're correct to think of yourself as different people because it was different people. For example, if teleported beside you, those different stages would make different choices than you would make in the same scenarios. So if they would make different choices in the same scenario, how can they be the same person who is reading this?

No. 1793575


No. 1793581

Twitter users can’t read so even if you put clarification yes there is a chance that could happen. But it also depends on the fandom and if you are a popular artist.
I have a lot of scattered memories from vague ages, under the age of 6 or 7. There’s some mundane ones but a lot of them are fucked up or scary or I don’t even know if they’re real. I don’t trust my early memory, I have memories of things I wasn’t even alive for mix with memories that are real. Childhood memories would make a good spooky movie concept. Around 9 is the earliest age I can remember the most from, I can remember the feelings I felt and the things I did and my thoughts. Before that I don’t remember much of my feelings or thoughts in great detail, just that I was sad and had the occasional moments of things you wouldn’t think a child would think.

No. 1793591

BPD jannies reeeeeee

No. 1793592

I recall things from 4-5, and some small vague memories from even before that. Part of me believes that I remember the day I was born, but I can't really tell if it's a false memory or not kek. Most likely it's false.

No. 1793600

I want to start eating more protein, so more meat, but I’m usually disgusted by it, not for vegan/animal cruelty reasons lol sorry, it’s just kinda nasty to me. On occasion I do eat but most of the time I don’t. Anyone have any ideas on how to ease more meat into my meals? My diet is very carb heavy and so I feel unsatisfied all the time. I also struggle with lunch for work; I’m super picky and I hate cold foods but I hate reheating in the micro.

No. 1793606

What do you think of beans, lentils, and tofu? Cheese? Wheat gluten protein like seitan? Eggs?

No. 1793611

I love beans but I don’t like bringing them to work to reheat. Maybe I should just suck it up, same with eggs love them but reheated? No way. But I do need some meat, I actually bought some fried chicken and while not healthy at all man did it hit the spot, maybe cause I hadnt eaten protein in a while.

No. 1793615

I get disgusted with certain types of meat too, especially the smell of it. I find cooking ground meat in a sauce works fine but the smell of just meat on its own being cooked is repulsing to me (even when i like the food once it's done). My own theory is that the smell of burning meat evokes some ancient caveman memory of rotting flesh, instead of it registering as the smell of food.
>Part of me believes that I remember the day I was born, but I can't really tell if it's a false memory or not kek. Most likely it's false.
It is 100% false, your brain literally isn't capable of forming those kinds of memories yet as a newborn. It takes until you're about 3 (at the earliest 2+) for you to form those kinds of memories that you "remember" (unlike learning to walk and talk and such)

No. 1793616

Do you hate all kinds of meat? Maybe you can find some cuts that taste better to you, or maybe find a way of coocking it that doesn't disgust you as much. Do you like fish? You can also go for some specific dairy products.
Otherwise beans, eggs and some types of flours are your best bet.

No. 1793626

It's simply different depending on the person. I'm a diagnosed sperg so to be fair I don't have the average brain, but I've always been able to remember things from age 4-5 in great detail, while my friends would be shocked I remembered it because "that was so long ago"… when we were only 12.
Meanwhile I had a sperg moid friend (he turned out to be a creep lol) who claimed he was abused as a kid by his brother and that was the reason he had literally no memories until maybe age 13 or so, and still not much from his teens.

No. 1793638

How do I stop eating all the time? I eat when I'm bored, and I can't watch a video without food, it's like I need the food stimulation at all times

No. 1793641

try chewing gum

No. 1793653

Drink water with a small pinch of sea salt and a tablespoon of lime or lemon juice in it. It’s like you’re drinking Gatorade so it makes you feel full while helping with magnesium/electrolyte levels

No. 1793697

Try hiding or covering food so you can't see it. If you have food in front of you, you will probably crave it. Also painting your nails bright colors and looking at them while moving around is a more socially acceptable way of getting the sensorial stimulation, or biting your nails

No. 1793738

Do you all think having sexual experiences and exploring your sexuality is that big of a deal as people say it is? I've never understood why people make their sexuality such a huge deal, especially like bi people when they typically only date the opposite gender, idk but if it was me i would just let people assume i am straight, i don't see why it's an issue. Not a dig at bi people btw. I've personally never felt a strong attraction to either gender irl, i've never had a crush or any kind of romantic feeling in my whole life and i am almost 30.

No. 1793740

Make yourself a small "rule" you can stick to and do that for a while, then add more rules until you are where you want to be. For example, gradually restrict your eating windows to specific times and places (like the dining room table), or only eat certain things between meals, or eat slower to make your meal last longer so it's more satisfying. Basically just willpower, but in small doses over time so it has a better chance of sticking. You can also make it easier for yourself by removing snack foods from your house, or keeping them far away from you if you live with others and can't control all the food in the house (definitely don't keep any near where you spend the majority of your time, wherever that is.) You could also address the boredom which seems like the real issue. Figure out what your peak-bored time of day is and leave the house during those hours.

No. 1793744

do we have a spotify wrapped thread? thank u noncimuncies in advance mwuah

No. 1793746

There's multiple music threads in /m/

No. 1793749

It's a big deal if it's a big deal. People are different and etc. It sounds like it's not such a big deal to you and that's ok. I have a high sex drive, am sexually active and glad to have an outlet for that. I remember before I started having sex I was very sexually frustrated, but your mileage may vary.

No. 1793759

File: 1701291634603.jpeg (1.53 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_1606.jpeg)

What the fuck does this mean

No. 1793770

They all start with B?
Batter, Better sandwich biscuit, Bitter melon, Boat, Butter.

No. 1793775

Oh, >>1793770 also they have all the vowels as the second letter, a e i o u.
why are you asking nonny?

No. 1793778


No. 1793788

File: 1701293447235.png (365.59 KB, 540x438, botter.png)

(nta) omg I didn't realize that was a type of boat. agree it's "botter" and not just "boat" considering the other things

No. 1793790

Idk I found it on Pinterest and couldn’t figure out the connection, so I just assumed it was an ai generated shitpost or something kek

No. 1793793

Why do appointment services take so long now? I remember back in the day I can go in to the doctor, dentist, hair salon, etc just on a work break, now its like i have to take the entire day off. I went and got blood work and it literally took almost 5 hours, not the first time I had to take off work because an appointment took like 3+ hours than what it should have been

No. 1793794

i'm not much of a boat person, but that boat looks really cool and that red looks really good in particular

No. 1793809

Would it be bad to have sex with a moid using a condom if I have a yeast infection? I've taken 2/3 oral fluconazole doses and not using any creams or whatever. Bad idea yeah?

No. 1793832

i thought it was chocolate

No. 1793908

Is this some DID shit

No. 1793921

Why are most Ovarit users middle aged and older?

No. 1793922

Don't risk it, you're just going to prolong your infection.

No. 1793926

No. 1793960

I remember going to Disney when I was 2. So freaking hyped to meet Mickey Mouse. Eeyore stands out too, and going on the Dumbo ride.

No. 1793983

Thanks anon, appreciate you

No. 1793999

why does everyone lose facial fat in adulthood except for me? I'm already 28 and not even fat, barely 100 pounds. there's women who weigh more yet have glass cutting cheekbones, how is that possible?

No. 1794036

This is an extremely specific situation but maybe some nona out there has been here…I'm planning on moving to the Bay Area and my tech job has quoted me a $(insert very substantial quantity) raise, but said this will only go into effect once I have my new address secured. How am I supposed to prove to a landlord that I make enough money for the rent if I won't actually make that money until I get the apartment?

Without that raise I don't make enough money for the apartments I'm looking at, so I'd have to live somewhere shitty or find roommates, which is hard since I don't live there. Im losing my mind

No. 1794462

Have you tried meth?