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File: 1527932641840.jpg (111.21 KB, 640x480, ef9.jpg)

No. 255721

Previous threads:

My unpopular opinion: purple really only looked good on Prince

No. 255723

Azealia Bank is cute and talented and a lot of what she say is true. She clearly has some undiagnosed mental issue, tho.

I'm also pretty sure that OP pic is the thing that will snatch your soul once you're time has come.

No. 255724

I agree! Azealia Banks has always been one of my favorite artists because of her personality alone. I think the amount of shit she got was ridiculously uncalled for.

No. 255725

File: 1527933846596.png (Spoiler Image,280.39 KB, 640x360, 7ZZgE3v.png)

Banks is a miserable piece of shit and the press should stop giving her attention. She's not cute at all either, sry anon.

Nearly everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, like Rihanna starving her in a recording session. Honestly even if Rihanna did do that she deserves it.

>I think the amount of shit she got was ridiculously uncalled for.
Even her chicken killing closet?! C'mon, even if you're a fan you have to admit she deserved hate for that

No. 255726

I know she's said and done some crazy shit, but most of the hate came before the chicken sacrifices anyways.

And I dunno, unless you're vegan I think it's dumb to want to crucify her for it. Sometimes I wish Azealia Banks would sacrifice me in her brujeria closet ;w;.

No. 255727

File: 1527935029452.png (475.76 KB, 1200x628, M86OJsl.png)

>And I dunno, unless you're vegan I think it's dumb to want to crucify her for it.
Eh, meat eaters aren't killing their food themselves. Putting that aside, she should be crucified for uncleanliness alone. If she's going to kill chickens in her spare time the least she could do is clean up after herself. Her place must smell awful, I feel bad for whoever lives there next

>Sometimes I wish Azealia Banks would sacrifice me in her brujeria closet ;w;.

Love yourself pls

No. 255730

>Eh, meat eaters aren't killing their food themselves.
… So? They're eating chickens that were slaughtered, usually in horrible conditions. How is that better than killing them themselves?

NTA, BTW and I hate Azaelia Banks. I just don't get that logic at all.

No. 255731

Most of them are contributing to an industry where chickens are treated horribly, worse than what banks did to those chickens.

I still think vegans and maybe amish people are the only ones who have the right to be mad about it, but I don't know why any amish people would know who azealia banks is. Smell might be gross, but at least she was cleaning it in the pic you posted.

No. 255732

>a lot of what she say is true.
I wouldn't say that, she's kinda batshit but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I will agree she is very cute though.

No. 255734

I know, but people aren't seeing that stuff when they buy meat. Most people don't know or care what goes on behind the scenes, so of course they're not going to see the hypocrisy in crucifying her. Not saying it's right, but it's not hard to see why nonvegans are upset at her actions.

>but at least she was cleaning it in the pic you posted.
And? She let the filth build up to a disgusting level. I'm by no means an expert on chicken sacrifice etiquette but I'd assume most people clean up after every kill? Or at least not let the blood rot in their closet for months on end?

No. 255735

File: 1527936944823.png (61.96 KB, 585x454, ArOyKXw.png)

Avocados are gross.

No. 255736

Maybe it depends on the person? I'd keep the blood in there for the metal aesthetic and clean when it got too stinky.

No. 255737

I bought one recently, put it on toast added some salt and other stuff. Not worth the money, at all.

No. 255743

File: 1527942530539.jpeg (53.18 KB, 567x335, 34BF6A59-F32B-4F0E-88D9-2F9152…)

Jesus Christ

No. 255753

Strongly disagree, but then again I'm basic

Vocal child-free people are the cringiest people.

No. 255754

you gotta put some sour cream and cucumber slices on it

No. 255756

If you've never had one before maybe you got one too ripe or not ripe enough?
Anyways different strokes for different folks, I eat avocado toasts every single day with salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and sesame seeds. Good shit.

No. 255759

Anyone got any unpopular cow opinions?

I think overweight cows like Moo and Charms really aren't as hideously fat as everyone makes out and I always presume nobody would even give a shit about their weight if they weren't such bad personalities. Although maybe they would be terribly fat right about now without their liposuctions.

I don't find Onision/Lamey interesting at all and their popularity dumbfounds me.

Sh0e belongs on /pt/, there are cows on /pt/ who have less active threads and less milk.

I think the only difference between Margaret and Venus is that one is the hostile type of crazy and the other is self-destructive crazy. I think Venus is low key manipulative just like her mom.

No. 255760

I don't think Anisa is such a terrible person, I even think I could have her as a friend IRL (keeping her at arm distance tho). The worst thing about her is that she's dating a fugly narcissistic man child.

No. 255761

File: 1527953173428.jpeg (4.73 KB, 224x224, images.jpeg)


I hate how damn self-righteous she is. She always blames others, never herself. This and her toxic, aggressive personality make it hard to root for her. Also, she really needs a good manager/assistant because her mental issues really show through her social media. Not just the crazy meltdowns (chicken incident, calling other stars all kinds of slurs etc.), but also manic phases that include excessive self-confidence, sleazing up to other famous ppl or visiting events without pants.

I also hate her opportunism. First, she slanders people and then she tries to beguile them. When she tried to get Nicki to collab with her I was sooo embarrassed! Like, who do you think you are?

This might be the unpopular opinion of my post: I think Azealia's singing voice is cringy. I love her music and her raps and the singing in theory fits, but the way she sings is super weird, especially the high/loud parts. Ugh.

No. 255764

File: 1527953601697.jpg (48.39 KB, 306x776, 3DF0CD5F00000578-4280954-image…)

Thank for bringing this to my attention Anon, I'm cackling.
Didn't she see how sad and ashy her ass looked before leaving her hotel?

No. 255765

She's just…such a toxic, spite-filled person. I hate that I enjoy some of her songs. Call my taste trash but Van Vogue is a mf bop.

No. 255767

>I always presume nobody would even give a shit about their weight if they weren't such bad personalities.
This could be said about most nitpicking. Nobody would be bitching about so and so's nasolabial folds if the person attached wasn't terrible. Plus most cows are so incredibly vain so it sort of makes farmers want to attack their looks. There are only a few truly hideous cows.

>I don't find Onision/Lamey interesting at all and their popularity dumbfounds me.

>Sh0e belongs on /pt/, there are cows on /pt/ who have less active threads and less milk.
Shreg 1.0/Lainey and Shreg 2.0/Shoe are surprisingly similar in a lot of ways imo. Then again you don't have to find a cow personally interesting to think they belong in /pt/

Not exactly an unpopular opinion, but some cows horrify and depress me so much that I wonder why I even come here lol. Like Amanda Baggs

She seems really annoying tbh but that's it. There's not much else to her. There are a million other girls on the internet just as annoying as her, the only thing that sets her apart is her bf.

>I hate how damn self-righteous she is.
This reminds me of how nasty she was to Cupcakke about her boobs. She tried telling her to get bolt-ons like she did because it'd help her career. Banks should be the last person on earth to give career advice and Cupcakke in probs more successful now than she ever will be.

And yes, her singing leaves a lot to be desired. Her dancing is even worse.

No. 255773

File: 1527958063187.jpg (125.2 KB, 1080x1080, 172cc665e669dc5d6eaae3430eb4fb…)

Blobfishes are so cute imo no matter what state they're in but I feel sorry seeing them melted like this.
>The gelatinous blobs we think of as blobfish are actually decompressed specimens suffering from decompression damage.
This sounds so painful. Poor little fishes.

No. 255776

File: 1527958475359.jpg (16.77 KB, 640x501, wsi-imageoptim-капля-фото2-106…)

If there was even the smallest chance that I could meet one of these monstrous being in the sea I would never go swimming again. They look like a failed human cloning experiment, pure nightmare fuel.

No. 255777

It looks like a pervert

No. 255782

File: 1527959511168.jpg (81.62 KB, 400x300, abyss-blob3.jpg)

Actually they live in deep sea water so there'd be no chance of encountering them. They look more like pic related in their pressurized habitat. Hope that helps lol I still find them cute

No. 255785

File: 1527959964834.png (707.03 KB, 598x601, ab.png)

I love her music, but frankly, she's hateful. I don't get how she throws out racist insults like candy from a pinata, especially since she actually makes some good, reasonable points when voicing her opinions in streams and such. I feel like she's possessed by the ghost of a 40 year old racist white woman who comes out when she's angry or something.

Also, this might just be my ED talking, but she's been kind of bad-bodied for a while. It's like she has no waist, she only looks right when she's super skinny. The breast implants did her no favors (and the nipples in the Anna Wintour video looked about ready to poke someone's eyes out).

No. 255789

File: 1527961898071.jpg (309.46 KB, 1024x1280, 08a6118a-7fda-44e5-a167-b080a7…)

I love alternative fashion, but shit like this is absolute cringe

No. 255793

File: 1527963327578.jpg (33.33 KB, 500x606, Wd0FtbI.jpg)

i fucking hate this hair style

No. 255796

File: 1527966697120.jpg (38.04 KB, 500x557, 01d645c3c6944503f259303740180a…)

I love short bangs but they're hard to pull off. Most people who wear them look like shit.

No. 255797

File: 1527966773639.jpeg (94.96 KB, 750x676, A4642033-1A0A-4B75-B50E-8E5CEA…)

Grown ass adults who say things like pic related are so embarrassing. Also, I think Disney/Disney World obsession as an adult is kind of cringey, too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking it or going to parks, but I know single/childless people in their late 20’s-early 30’s who spend thousands on Disney vacations multiple times a year. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea so I can’t see the appeal.

No. 255805

>I feel like she's possessed by the ghost of a 40 year old racist white woman who comes out when she's angry or something.
Yes, because a black women being racist can't exist, amirite?

No. 255806

File: 1527970302647.png (287.11 KB, 537x417, cykraAo.png)

Speaking of Azealia and racism

Someone needs to tell her to lay off the bleach

No. 255820

No, because she calls other black people gorillas, monkeys and slaves. She uses insults that would literally target her herself.
Maybe learn a little about the situation before getting pissy.

No. 255822

She even told a little black girl to bleach her skin before IIRC. Doesn't seem like she bleaches anymore, but still. Deeply mentally ill.

No. 255825

she's on a high rn because she just got rupaul's album (or maybe just single) taken off of streaming sites for ripping off the big big beat for call me mother. she's going to be spitting out racist and homophobic stuff for a while despite the fact that she's black and bisexual. i can't tell if she just hates herself and projects it or if she really does have a lot of problems and doesn't get what a hypocrite she is, even when she's right

No. 255832

The bitch is fucking nuts, that's not even in question anymore. She is 100% mentally ill.

No. 255835


True, they're so bland and the mouth feel is disgusting. Even with salt and pepper and toast and whatever all the avocado shills tell you ~omg must try~ they're still nothing but overpriced, overhyped crap. And they're even worse warmed up.

No. 255847

I like avo but I can't see the appeal in eating it on toast. It's more of a texture than a taste thing, I don't want it in large quantities with nothing but toast to offset it. I'll have it mixed with salad or as a spread on a wrap or something but not on it's own.

If someone doesn't like it I wouldn't bother recommending it though. It's barely food in itself, just an addition to an existing meal.

No. 255858

Avocados on salty food is bizarre and I suspect it's all a big prank mexicans played on americans.

It's a fucking fruit, and not in the same way that tomatoes are fruit. It's a fruit-fruit. We eat it with sugar or blended with milk where I'm from It's a different kind of avocado, but still

No. 255875

Young girls who date older men are stupid because they're missing out on all those cute guys in their prime and are wasting their youth on old geezers

No. 255878


This opinion as unpopular as you think, after wasting my 20s dating dudes 5 years older than I am, it really do wish I would have went back and slapped myself for wasting years that I could have spent with people my age. Older dudes that go for younger women usually have some hang ups, mostly emotional/mental immaturity or control issues. Just look at the relationships subreddit, a decent chunk of posts are younger girls complaining about their older partners control issues.

No. 255879

isn't as*


No. 255883

cute boys who want you to take the lead>>>>>>> anything else

No. 255892

File: 1527998638623.jpg (85.62 KB, 725x265, Junior-Womens-Size-Chart.jpg)

Juniors sizes are pointless and just make finding your size even more chaotic than it already is. Women don't work like that. If you're no longer pubescent and able to wear childrens clothing, then there's a regular women's size for you. If you're small you can do 00 or womens petite and if you're not small you can DEFINITELY do a regular womens size. Or am I missing something?

I'm not talking about calling a section of a store juniors because it's marketed at younger girls, but the sizing. I see that there's an explanation in pic related but it still seems redundant. Why not just make petites?

No. 255899

After years of dating old fucks I realised they dated me because I was young and dumb.

Date someone around your age and grow together

No. 255900

>Older dudes that go for younger women usually have some hang ups, mostly emotional/mental immaturity
I only date younger guys and that's kind of true for me as well. I do my best and try to be a good partner but it really is true that I feel more in sync with someone younger. It's probably because I've been a neet womanchild for many years and guys who are older have different expectations and demands.

No. 255909

I really don't understand why people claim to love summer so much. First of all dressing cute is pretty hard because it's hot as fuck, makeup sweats off, skin feels like shit. Everyone talks about how they can go out and enjoy themselves yet they do nothing but bitch about how hot it is during the whole event. Fall is superior to summer in every way imaginable.

No. 255912

File: 1528015334634.jpg (102.5 KB, 947x941, 1527348273392.jpg)

It's getting discouraging for me to walk everyday for exercise because my feet blisters are so bad. Fortunately the super painful toe blisters I got a few weeks ago have finally callused over, but now I'm developing this giant blister on the paddings of both feet.

I've tried bandaging, wearing good socks and shoes that breathe. I want to walk and could do so for many miles but I usually have to quit after 3-4 because my feet can't bear it. I'm doing so good with my weight loss but stupid shit like this holds me back from better progress. I'm really fed up.

No. 255913

what kind of shoes do you wear?

No. 255915

Some people really, really love the beach and I think that's the main reason people like summer where I live. They actually enjoy the feeling of sun exposure, and you don't need makeup or clothes other than a bikini while you swim.

I really hate it personally since I hate the sun and don't really like to swim, but I admit I experience some pavlovian positive response to summer since it was the best time of year growing up (school hols). It feels more relaxed even if nothing changes, the longer daylight helps.

No. 255916

Saucony cohesions that I bought a couple weeks ago after my old shoes gave me the first round of blister pain.
I also bought support insoles and stuck those in.

I mean they definitely give me less blisters but it seems like the blisters 'migrate' by week to a new area. Hopefully the whole underside of my foot becomes a giant callus soon so I won't have to deal with it anymore.

No. 255918

Have you got hydrocolloid bandaids? They're great for blisters. But the most important thing is to give your damn feet a break. I had non stop blisters for month from breaking in skates, and it was because I insisted on wearing them without letting them heal first.

Otherwise, just consider another form of exercise. I don't know why you'd cling to walking if it's so painful, try swimming or cycling. Or just focus on eating less, if you're fat you can accomplish the vast majority of your weight loss with diet alone.

No. 255919

>hydrocolloid bandaids
Never heard of them, thanks for the rec.

Also I don't have access to a bike or pool. I'm eating well below my deficit but I see the best, quickest results when I'm exercising a lot. Weight loss with only diet is frustratingly slow, and doesn't help me build muscle. The walking is to condition for a trip in a few months where I'll be doing a lot of walking.

No. 255921

Lmao and I just realized I posted in unpopular opinions and not the vent thread. Disregard this post.

No. 255922

its ok we love and support you, anon

No. 255931

>I love her music, but frankly, she's hateful

I adore 212. It’s unhealthy how much I jam to it when I’m cranking out work. And I hate how much I like Liquorice. But god damn she paypassed Lindsey Lohan levels of crazy straight to Amanda Bynes. I can deal with celebrities flashing their genitals on the red carpet or showing up drugged up to events. But she’s next level crazy and I can’t cope.

My unpopular hip hop opinion is that British rap is underrated and I wish it got more love.

No. 255948

I HATE summer. Where I’m originally from it gets up to 105-107F and it’s so humid. Summer means mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, boob and butt sweat, frizzy hair, long hot days… ugh. No thank you.

No. 255964

I think that making it obvious that you're a girl on an imageboard unless it's a female oriented like this one or a female oriented board, is just attention seeking and cancer.

Oftentimes, it's clearly guys pretending to be girls but sometimes you can tell it's an actual girl.

It's more obvious with less popular imageboards and usually such girls create a deliberate style of posting to make it known it's them. And if by chance no one responds, then she will spam other threads to let others know that she's a girl and she's posting. They can't wait to post about their gender in a non related thread.

I hate it because serious and interesting threads get derailed and then I wish I could just take a bat and crush the skull of whoever is doing that.

No. 255966

>not going out of your way to pretend to be A REAL DUDE who has a REAL DICK and IS TOTALLY A MAN means you're an attention whore

No. 255968

i post to the remilia thread sometimes, but mostly he just depresses me. imagining living a life addicted to pain pills in mountains of your own filth and dirty laundry with a fucked up blowup doll body and your only tenuous grip on society being literal retards on your larp discord sounds like the tenth circle. even if he's a shit person i kind of feel bad for him.

No. 255969

Meanwhile men can act like men unfettered.
Your attitude is what causes threads to derail, fyi.

No. 255975

I agree it's super annoying, but if you really want to take a bat to someone's head for derailing threads on image boards, you need to take a break from the internet and seek psychological help.

No. 255976

Yeh, if we don't modify all details of our posts to make it as clear as possible that we're totally male and not female 100% of the time, we're attention seeking whores.
this is exactly why I don't use other chans anymore, I'm sick of pretending to be a man and having to pay extra special attention to everything I say to not cause needless sperging

No. 255981

>I think Venus is low key manipulative just like her mom.
This tbh, especially her whole weight loss/ED thing nowadays. She totally rubs me the wrong way. But pointing out that she's had a lot of time to heal already and that some people might have to deal with similar problems but have to go to school/work while she can play housewife and focus on herself all day long is somehow not allowed…

No. 255983

File: 1528049854445.webm (1.59 MB, 896x504, cosmo.webm)

He's really disgusting and reminds me too much of cosmo for me to feel bad for him.

OT, but I wish we had a cosmo thread in /snow/ or something. He's one of the most lulzy and depressing humans I've ever witnessed. There's a lot of old stuff to unpack, but idk if he's as active anymore.

No. 255984

> if you really want to take a bat to someone's head

Of course, I wouldn't. It's just frustrating enough for me to imagine it.


Let's not pretend that in most cases, the gender has no importance with the OP. The attention seekers I'm talking about are the type to have to make it clear "I'm a girl btw" even if it provides no value to the discussion at hand. It is plain attention seeking. I also hate the idiots that provide attention by either worshiping the attention seeker or making hate threads. It just ruins everything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that we have a place like lolcow where being a girl is the default gender and I don't even visit other imageboards save for /g/ and /vg/ on 4chan.

No. 255986

Imagining it is still pretty unhealthy, anon.

No. 255996

Drake isn't a good rapper. He's also fucking ugly.

No. 256000

No. 256001

File: 1528056768177.jpeg (151.62 KB, 696x696, CC221ACA-9588-4DFA-A693-651E3C…)

I feel like everyone holding him up as a sex idol are trolling. I just can’t imagine hoards of women legitimately finding him to be the epitome one of male beauty.

No. 256002

Within the rap community he isn't really heralded as a good rapper, moreso a good entertainer/businessman like Jay Z. A lot of people know he can't step up lyrically, which is part of why the Pusha T diss on Drake that just dropped has been well received.

No. 256003

the rolling stones are overrated af and have only 2 good songs

No. 256006


THIS! This so fucking much! The entire career of them was just the scandalous rock'n'roll gimmick. Imo they contributed nothing special to the music history like other bands did (Led Zep, Pink Floyd and of course the Beatles) I have a huge Stones Fan as a friend and even up to this day I never really understood why she loves them so much because there are so much better "classic rock" bands than that.

Jagger and Brian Jones were kind of cute back in the day but other than that nothing special besides the scandals tbh.

And don't even start talking about the ticket prices they have these days like the fuck.
I payed for some concerts a lot of money to see some ~legends~ life but I would never pay that much like the Stones charge for their tickets.

No. 256007


samefag but I like to add: another band that is overrated is AC/DC.
This is such a typical white dad type of music lmao

No. 256010

I think that it's when someone older uses a younger and more inexperienced person as an emotional crutch because people their own age see the red flags is where I have the problem. It almost always boils down to control issues, if you can't control others observations of people with experience in life, you can control what someone younger sees about you much more easily. You sound like a level person that has self-awareness and willing to work with your partner as a team. Also, I think I have a bigger beef with older dudes coming at younger women than I do the other way around because dudes are socialized to be in control and the "leader" in relationships - rarely is there a want to have an equal partner in those situations.

No. 256011

File: 1528062629942.jpeg (42.65 KB, 600x848, 48A87B3D-3A08-4DB8-BE24-77A343…)

Most face peircings are gross and ugly. Even the more socially acceptable, like septum or nostril peircings, are super offputting to me.

No. 256013

I don't really understand people who are openly racist, but like things made by the races they hate.
Like, "white supremacist rock" like Skrewdriver is kind of silly, considering African-American people pioneered rock music. Shouldn't they actually despise that genre of music as an "aberration" and play lute music instead?
A softer example is 20-somethings who live and breathe /pol/ and constantly reeee about hating black people, but listen to Lil Peep, use "nigga" as a term for "dude" and other black slang, etc and black people who complain about white people on Twitter and Tumblr all day, even though both sites were made by white people.
We wouldn't even have most modern technological advancements if it wasn't for cultural crossover. Like, have fun getting shocked by shitty pacemakers, not having blood banks, purposely using unsafe open heart surgery methods, abstaining from coffee, not using certain types of fabric, abandoning all use of paper, mathematics, electricity and computers altogether because it was all made under ~*multicultural*~ circumstances, by people you don't like. Let's all go back to the Dark Ages and live in the woods just to keep our societies monoracial and bloodlines pure /s.
I just don't get it at all.

No. 256017

Agreed. Not sure if they count, but tongue piercings make me want to gag.

No. 256019

My people! I could never get into the Stones, I gladly pay good money the see pretty much all the legends that might drop dead or at least quit touring soon, but I have no desire to see these geezers even if the tickets were reasonably priced.

No. 256026

for some reason I found him cute in the hotline bling video but never cute anywhere else.

No. 256027

oh, he's totally disgusting, but he could sure do with some therapy

No. 256030

He's trash and he'll always be wheelchair Jimmy to me.

No. 256032

i don't think taylor swift is a cunt, and i think a lot of the drama people hate her for isn't that big a deal

No. 256035

Yep. And it’s weird people give her so much shit for writing songs about her exes, even calling her abusive, when a lot of them wrote songs about her. Her songs are usually sappy love shit anyway and even her “bitchy” ones are tame, like “I don’t like you” is the meanest shit she says

No. 256040

The hatred of her is weird. SJWs act like she's literally Hitler.

I can't imagine having a strong opinion of her either way because she's so bland and unremarkable. She's no better or worse than any other popstar in the game.

No. 256046

i agree. so many artists write songs about their exes, and if you're famous, you've dated famous people, so you'll have famous exes, and if you're a writer, you'll write songs about them. there's so many besides her, like ed sheeran (don't about ellie g), selena and justin's back and forth, the weeknd (his recent one about selena), justin timberlake (cry me a river about britney), etc, you can go on for fucking forever.
and like u said, her exes do the same to her (harry styles "two ghosts", john mayer "paper dolls", jonas brothers "much better") and i don't think they're anything wrong with it, they're expressing their emotions like writers do. she gets so much shit for writing songs about people when so many artists do it too and i don't see why it's only bad when she does it.

No. 256051

I've been saying this shit for years. I wish he'd bring back the wheelchair Jimmy character for just one music video. Just one. He can even use this scene for cred.

No. 256088

I like Sakimichan's art for the most part but I hate how she draws faces

No. 256108

Jillian Vessey and her Confetti Club aren't really all that milky. I don't see the difference between her and the average Tumblr user. Sure she can be cringey, but is that deserving of a thread? Especially 25 threads at that?

I don't know, she doesn't strike me as interesting when compared to the other cows here.

No. 256111

Are you one of those people who seriously think that everything was invented by 'poc' and that white people wouldn't have anything without them? lol

No. 256112

Idgi when it comes to the confetti club. Are they all gorgeous? Fuck no. Can they dress themselves properly? No. Are the hurting anyone? Also no.
What’s the big deal, they just can’t match colours.

No. 256115

Nope, I outright criticized black people who complain about white people on white inventions. A lot of inventions that make our lives easier today were made by non-white people, though not "literally all".
But in the first place, pretty much all white-made technology wouldn't exist if it weren't for all the methods, materials and concepts developed and discovered by Arabs, Asians and Indians. If races stayed isolated from each other, things would be a lot shittier and less convenient for everyone. Humans are supposed to integrate in order to advance, deal with it or go live in a cave.
Sorry if you listen to rap music or use black drag queen slang while making passive-aggeressive posts about non-white people online and felt targeted by my post.

No. 256118

He looks like a bearded toad with down syndrome. His music is shit, too.

No. 256119

>Sorry if you listen to rap music or use black drag queen slang while making passive-aggeressive posts about non-white people online and felt targeted by my post.
Calm down lol
And no, definitely not.

No. 256120

You came at me first sounding weirdly upset, I can only assume that was why, kek. Chill out with the bolding text.

No. 256204

If you believe in astrology you have shit for brains. It's a shame so many girls are into this crap.

No. 256216

I default assume all asians posted online for beauty inspo have either a layer of shoop or cosmetic surgery or both like >>256197.

I just really hope non-asians aren't aspiring to look like them since it's very, very fake.

No. 256220

File: 1528137320649.jpg (40.22 KB, 1408x396, 1448092854098.jpg)

We need to go wider

No. 256223

People who "recover" from an eating disorder through veganism are full of shit and are doing it to keep restricting, just in a more socially acceptable way. It's so see-through and it makes me laugh when every fucking ana-chan eventually turns "ethical vegan uwu". Even more infuriating is how non-disordered, dense as fuck vegans encourage and enable this transition when they understand fuck all about how EDs work.

No. 256226

No. 256236


It's not necessarily even orthorexia, but veganism in itself - even without the health nut sides of it - is a restrictive and guilt trip-y diet "lifestyle" in itself. Not a healthy mindset at all and irresponsible to promote to people with food issues.

No. 256238

I don't understand the massive debate on whether skinny or curvy girls are hotter. Both at their best look just as beautiful and it's like comparing apples to oranges.

Also, personal preference=\=fact jfc.

No. 256259

Guys who want a "mommy gf" are total pathetic failures. They are worthless trash who need a woman to look after them. They need to be culled, I lose instant respect for any man who says he wants this.

No. 256260

I think thigh gaps look weird if they're too big. Not a big fan of them in general.

I think people who have a healthy weight or that border on slightly overweight look better than super skinny people.

I think art has become super devalued in the age of technology and it's really sad.

No. 256266

Girls who want a 'daddy' are worse tbh

No. 256267

File: 1528149864605.jpg (37.04 KB, 466x349, 1528044800213.jpg)

I really don't understand girls who cry on here about how men objectify them and think men see them as nothing more than a pretty face and pair of titties only to rip on some slightly above or below average cow for having nasolabial folds, 'aging like milk' and being fat despite crying about the same thing themselves or laughing at girls for being ugly and daring to exist and want the same things pretty girls do. Like, what else are they supposed to do, kill themselves just because they aren't beautiful loli princesses who are 28 but look 14 like everyone on this site claims to be?

That's my unpopular opinion - a lot of farmers are incredibly vain and obsessed with their looks, many seem to isolate themselves and dump their friends at the drop of a hat because they're "toxic" when it's usually for some petty reason, usually because they expect people to talk to them first and cater to their sensitive personalities and laundry list of mental issues without them having to do anything or return the favor. Then they come on here and cry about being lonely and fat. Which makes them no better than any given cow on the website, and I feel bad for the bfs of anons who complain about being bipolar or having concerning amounts of self-esteem issues and emotionally dumping on their overly supportive SOs. Getting triggered about random things other anons say and having a million slapfights in /ot/ per day because your feelings got hurt that someone said they don't like cats on the internet only makes it more obvious.

No. 256269

I think astrology is fun and sometimes me and my friends play up certain stereotypical traits of our signs as a joke but actually taking stock in it takes a special kind of stupid. I saw some post online basically saying anyone who doesn't believe in astrology is delusional because "if you believe the moon affects the ocean why wouldn't it affect humans since we're 70% water?????" and I was in fucking awe lmao

No. 256270

nta but girls who want a daddy just have psychological issues, whereas guys who want a mommy have functioning like a normal human being and looking after themselves issues. it's a lot worse.

No. 256271

Totally on the spot here. I think a lot of people here are worse than the cows they pick on.

>I don't see the difference between her and the average Tumblr user.
This is a great point. She isn't a great person but I think there are a lot of people like her. The only difference is that Jill is from a rich family and is good with video editing.

I think Charms is pretty fat, especially a year ago. I do think that a lot of Americans including me have pretty bad perceptions about what's fat or not. But Charms has had a skinny face despite being fat so I think it is surprising to a lot of people to see her full body.

I also don't see the appeal of going to Disney World (or anywhere) that often. There are way more interesting places in the world to see for cheaper.

No. 256274

I was up with you until

>because your feelings got hurt that someone said they don't like cats on the internet only makes it more obvious.

there's nothing wrong with defending cute animal on the internet, anon.

But yeah, the "nasolabial folds" type comments can get out control. It's like people here don't know how women age or that they'll grow older themselves one day. People get wrinkles, it's not the end of the world.

No. 256275

You're not supposed to get it, believing in any kind of group supremacy is by definition irrational superiority complex. It's just a thing those who are part of the group bond over and use to obtain/maintain privileges.

I personally love triggering dumb shits by doing what you just did and listing things they aren't supposed to enjoy because they made by ~nonwhites~. Poltards always respond with "w-well, whites improved it!" or "a-and whites are still better at it, checkmate atheists"

No. 256279

I rarely see a nice tattoo. Most of them are shit, especially those who look kinda faded and the ones who reference current pop culture.
Minimalistic ones can be cute sometimes but if you clutter them like CutiePieMarzia they look awful

No. 256282

I disagree with you only because it's a huge reach to say that every single anon shitposting about a cow's flaws is coming on /ot/ to talk about their problems.

How do you know for a fact someone here who objectifies to how men treat women are the ones picking on Dakota for nasolabial folds?
How do you know for a fact that the anons who talk about their weight issues here are the same ones shitposting about Moo being fat?

The simple answer is that you don't and it's a huge leap in logic to even presume the majority of people who post on /pt/ and /snow/ even post on this board.
And maybe anons who post about their personal problems here do so not because they're secretly putting on blast every cow, but because this is one of the few anonymous chan boards that exist where women can actually talk about their problems.

Although I agree that the slapfights in general ought to stop solely for the fact that it's a waste of time.

No. 256300

File: 1528164818498.jpeg (59.14 KB, 442x614, 5CAC113A-F306-4392-A6FA-DFBFAE…)

I want to go back to being a stinky weeb. They look like they’re having way more fun. I’m full on gym-rat, career woman now and I have nobody to squee over my secret Fujo / weebshit with.

No. 256301

File: 1528165061051.gif (105.2 KB, 220x204, tenor.gif)

anon I'm an ex dweeb too.

You know its not worth it and how bad depression hits you BAD.

I'm proud of you for taking the best option long term

you got this its worth it

No. 256303

Nayrt but my depression only got worse when I “gave up” anime and weeb shit. Granted, I no longer have any IRL friends to weeb out with since they all turned into game streamers or wannabe rappers/rockstars, but at least when I start feeling the crushing, sinking empty feeling of my depression telling me I’ll never be happy again, I start a new slice of life anime and start picking out favorite characters. It’s probably not “healthy” but it’s definitely better than watching daytime tv, feeling like life is pointless and I can no longer enjoy anything anymore.

I’m still a low key weeb and I wish I had IRL/online friends to weeb over stuff with like I did in high school, but things change and anime/weebshit becoming mainstream threw me out of the “You only like it because it’s weird/different!” crowd and grouped under “You only like it because it’s mainstream!”, so it’s like I’m “stuck” with my old, boring weeb hobbies while my “friends” are trying to become famous musicians so they can finally start living their ~real lives~ when they’re ~rich and famous~. I’ve considered trying the friend finder thread but everyone there always complains they never meet anyone that they keep in touch with.

That all said, nobody can tell I’m a weeb. I have a couple pins on my bag and some decals on my car, but the only way to tell my power level is to mention anime around me.

No. 256304

what do you guys think of this? IMO it's tiring for men to play victim, I hate how victim complexed men are nowadays and the handmaidens that encourage this behavior

there was this comment
>As a man I thank you so much for this video. What a breath of fresh air and sober intelligence. Unfortunately here in America there are at least 2 generations of women conducting a cultural war of gender-revenge against men and in 2018 they're just getting started. It absolutely shows itself in our movies and TV shows. I have to wonder where this is all going in as little as 10 years. How much more anti-male, anti-male sexuality, anti-male power is there going to be? How long are these weird double-standards going to persist? Instead of empowering women or fighting for equality, they simply become the monsters they are supposed to be fighting.

am I crazy? please tell me where all this "anti-male" shit is happening because I have YET to see it outside of tumblr and lolcow, I can't even watch the damn news anymore without seeing men and women go through hell just to pin everything on women

No. 256305

another handmaiden comment
>I'm 6 minutes in, and cheering. I turned away from "feminism" decades ago, precisely because of this. I like my curves, my emotions, my softness, and feminism was (still is) constantly suggesting that if you dress femininely, you're "brainwashed by the patriarchy". Likewise, if you enjoy anything vaguely feminine. If a woman wants to be treated as an equal, she's supposed to pretend she's not female at all. Measure our femininity by the yardstick of a man's… cough No. I refuse. I like men, but I don't have any desire to be one.

No. 256309

Hamilton has some nice songs but also a lot of cliches, historical inaccuracy for the sake of cheap drama, and its not mindblowing. It blew up because it was seen as different, but that's just because of the hip hop element and diverse cast. That doesn't reflect on the actual quality of the material. I mean, its not terrible. Its entertaining and nice to listen to. But its not the revolutionary piece of theater everyone makes it out to be. Overall the songs are pretty good, but some lines are just jarring and out of place.

Lines like
>You’re an orphan. Of course! I’m an orphan
>God, I wish there was a war!
>Then we could prove that we’re worth more
>Than anyone bargained for…

>If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?

>With every word, I drop knowledge!

>I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal

>When I fight, I make the other side panicky

>Let’s hatch a plot blacker than the kettle callin’ the pot…

>Why should a tiny island across the sea regulate the price of tea?

>The feeling of freedom, of seein’ the light

>It’s Ben Franklin with a key and a kite! You see it, right?

>Well, hate the sin, love the sinner

Just eye roll worthy lines that needed to be edited out.

So much of it is just blatantly wrong like this line
>My father has no sons so I’m the one

When Angelica had a dozen other siblings.

And Miranda's response is
>I actually forgot that Phillip had 15 children. But I think that my brain wanted me to forget because it’s stronger dramatically if societally she can’t marry you. And in reality, she was married when they met
>To me, it’s extremely effective to see the courtship from Eliza’s perspective, then rewind the whole thing and then tell it again. Angelica, while she and Hamilton are soul mates, she reads him in a second and knows she can’t marry him so she lets her sister marry him to keep him in her life. I definitely had to take a dramatic license.

Uhm what. How do you "forget" that one of your main plots is totally off. All for the cheesy love triangle that was totally unnecessary yet got multiple songs (okay
songs, but still).

tl;dr I don't think Hamilton is the greatest shit to exist and its highly overrated

No. 256310

I agree with a lot of her points (femininity is attacked and diminished, female characters are flat and undeveloped, women are only considered "strong" characters when they're physically strong, etc).

Its funny to me that men in the comments make a video about women back to being about men. I didn't see how the video says anything about "anti-male," its more talking about anti-femininity.

how is that comment handmaiden? That exact opinion has been discussed on the TERF thread on here and is fairly valid.

No. 256311

>female characters are flat and undeveloped
no? the only time I can think of this is when the tomb raider thing came out, even then she wasn't flat and underdeveloped, she still looked feminine
>women are only considered "strong" characters when they're physically strong
still no
most of these women aren't physically strong, where are you getting this?

>how is that comment handmaiden?

claiming that feminism is removing femininity when most americans aren't feminists for one, and even then most feminists encourage and like being feminine, the fact she threw "teehee im so curvy and soft" in there made it more than obvious she was just trying to get attention

No. 256312

>no? the only time I can think of this is when the tomb raider thing came out, even then she wasn't flat and underdeveloped, she still looked feminine

As characters. Their character is flat and undeveloped, not their chests. They're common adjectives used to describe characters who lack depth, development, focus, etc. I think you need to read more about this subject.

No. 256313

same anon but I just glanced at your link

How many of those movies are from the past decade? Not many.
Also that's a feminist site, which as you yourself point out, is not the mainstream.

Twenty films spanning from sixties to today is not compelling evidence.

Also here is an opinion piece on why "strong female lead" or other terms similar are actually pretty reductive


No. 256314

>As characters. Their character is flat and undeveloped, not their chests.
again, where is this happening that isn't the tomb raider example? almost all female characters are curvy

>They're common adjectives used to describe characters who lack depth, development, focus, etc. I think you need to read more about this subject.

well duh, a lot of them focus on the sex appeal, even then modern movies don't focus much on characters at all

>Twenty films spanning from sixties to today is not compelling evidence.
okay then name me movies where women have to be physically strong to be strong, in fact movies where women are physically strong are often portrayed as mean scary dykes

>Also that's a feminist site, which as you yourself point out, is not the mainstream.

which only further proves my point that the big bad feminists don't want to remove womens femininity, the point was the movies, not where it came from, the movies still exist whether this site is popular or not, my point was that most movies and media still have strong female characters without them being physically strong

and I agree with the article, but why even post it? do you even know what we are discussing?

No. 256315

How is having the "badass" woman any more ridiculous than the "badass" man?
How many men in real life, in spite of their superior physical biology like she claims, are anything like most fictional men?
I don't really like it when people make blanket statements about biology for that reason because it supposes FICTIONAL female characters are any more absurd than fictional male characters.

Not that I disagree that the "badass" woman trope is overdone. I'm actually impressed that she mentioned The Golden Compass because that's one of the first female characters that popped into my head when I thought of strong women that weren't necessarily physically strong. I do think writers and media could do a better job of creating women who are strong in other aspects.
It's not weak to be feminine, but I don't see why that means masculine women can't exist or that their physical strength can't be empowering. Or that because strong females exist that it means the male characters are de-masculinized or made dumber for it.

No. 256316

that wasn't the point, the comments that talk about how feminism removes femininity and everyone hates men type shot
obviously, movie characters aren't meant to be realistic but how people reacted to the video is the problem I have, I also hate how she claimed that women being strong brings men down

No. 256319

>again, where is this happening that isn't the tomb raider example? almost all female characters are curvy
Is this a language barrier or something? Again, I’m not talking about their bodies, anon. I’m talking about their personalities, their traits, their arcs, their character. Google “flat character” or “underdeveloped character.”

Here is another article you should read



This issue has been talked about to death, by people much smarter than the girl in the video you posted. But her general ideas aren’t invalid just because the commenters went all “male tears” and she doesn’t understand feminism. The core concept of her complaint is valid. Just use google and poke around. Make sure you’re using the right search terms and understand what they mean (like flat and underdeveloped)

No. 256320

People reacted to her video in that way because that's exactly the framework and argument she sets up.
She thinks women written as physically strong is unrealistic (and a tenant of feminism), ergo that emasculates men because it's showing that women are stronger than them when she claims that is never biologically true.

The comments are unsurprising because she's making men the victims. That's exactly her point.

No. 256321

this chick is stupid as shit

No. 256322

not my point, even then most feminists are trying to fix this problem, not shaming men and removing womens femininity like the comments claim


I again, agree, even then, why or how is it removing femininity or "being anti-male" like again, the original point I was discussing

>she doesn’t understand feminism. The core concept of her complaint is valid. Just use google and poke around

my point was about the comments… not so much the video

No. 256323

She seems awful threatened by the thought of a woman being both physically strong and feminine.

No. 256324

>Its funny to me that men in the comments make a video about women back to being about men. I didn't see how the video says anything about "anti-male," its more talking about anti-femininity.

That’s what I said about the comments. I agree they’re stupid. I think women having conversations about how they’re depicted in the media is amazing. I just wish men didn’t jump in to share how that depiction affects them. Sure that’s a worthwhile conversations of its own but it’s not the focus. I also don’t think the woman sharing her own feelings and experiences was a handmaiden. It’s ok for women to feel maligned by the media, without it being a defense of men. I think the issue is that they feel they have to blame feminism, which is obviously nonsense. The issue is real, their diagnoses is not in my opinion.

No. 256326

> I also don’t think the woman sharing her own feelings and experiences was a handmaiden.
she went on humblebragging about how she was teehee so soft and curvy and feminine and how she loves men and how the big bad feminists remove femininity when it's far from true

>It’s ok for women to feel maligned by the media, without it being a defense of me

you're right, but the girl in question was a poor example, not even june would leave such a handmaideny comment

No. 256327

This tbh, and she clearly is another attention seeking thot they seem to be all the rage on yt these days.

No. 256328

How the hell do you think weebs are having more fun?

I have one friend who I like to talk about my weeb/fujoshit with. I'd like to think that we are both fairly normal. Before that I used to talk about my weeb/fujoshit with my ex and he liked it. My most recent boyfriend wasn't into fujoshit at all and it's a pretty big reason for why I broke up.

No. 256329

>it's a pretty big reason for why I broke up
kek. What, he didn't want to make out with other guys when you asked him to?

No. 256336

Nah. He didn't seem to understand my fujo tendencies at all. For example, the day we broke up, I was talking about Hannibal and he said there was nothing gay about the show. I then said I loved TV shows with a lot of sexual tension, and he suggested Mad Men even though I was clearly talking about TV shows that had gay sexual tension. I was also watching Devilman Crybaby and he had no idea what I was talking about when I said a male character was jealous of the MC's interest in his girlfriend.

He also had this weird defensiveness about his masculinity that was a huge turnoff.

My bf before that was a lot more into it. I called him and his best friend Kaworu and Shinji, and he was chill about it. He was way more ok with me joking about him being gay in general. I feel like a boyfriend who is ok with anything less is a waste of time.

No. 256337

That's… Pretty cringe

No. 256340

I'm glad you left him alone, what a cringefest

No. 256342

This has got to be a troll. If it isn't I think I need a break from this site. Just can't risk reading something like that again, damn..

No. 256343

Please be a teenager. Please

No. 256348

>I called him and his best friend Kaworu and Shinji, and he was chill about it.
well he shouldn't have been

No. 256350

I'm turning 24 in a few days. I'm a fujo weeb. What can I say?

I feel like half the people on /ot/ would call this guy a sexist MRA or something. idk he wasn't a good fit for me for other reasons, and I have reason to believe that he isn't good relationship material in general right now.

They're both p chill with it today.

No. 256353

I can't wait to be old. I want to be one of those colourful, kind of weird, but happy old ladies who walk down the street in bright colours and fabulous outfits despite their age. Lipstick slightly out of place. Mascara clumped on the tiny pieces of eyelashes I have left. Basicly looking like someone whose photo will eventually end up in some boredpanda article about "age doesn't matter" and that kind of shit.

I enjoy being young, but people are way more judgemental about young people just wanting to have fun with their looks and their life, while old ladies enjoying their life seems to be more of a fascination and inspiration. Kind of sad, really.

No. 256356

I'm pretty sure that anon meant that you were the cringefest and if so, I fucking agree. Keep that shit inside and don't drag real people into it.

Lowkey reminds me of the fujoshits I went to school with who actually wrote lewd fan fiction about two guys in my grade and got suspended for harassment.

>I'm turning 24 in a few days. I'm a fujo weeb.


No. 256365

File: 1528191773672.jpg (19.11 KB, 275x224, 87687.jpg)

>turning 24
>still ships cartoon children

No. 256402

i feel you, anon. on one hand i'm kind of scared of signs of aging (even though i'm only in my 20's lol) but sometimes i just daydream about how nice it'll be if i get to be a carefree old lady who has fun and isn't bothered by those wrinkles i'm dreading already.

No. 256420

I really need to pack for the music festival I'm volunteering at for the next week. I'm supposed to leave in like three hours but I've barely done anything ugh. When I first went to this festival I spent what felt like an entire month getting ready but I can't be bothered now.

My friends literally don't care. Why does it bother you?

Would it be better if I shipped adults? lol I just got into shipping South Park characters this last year too.

Anyways here's some other bitchy reasons as to why I broke up with my bf besides the fujo shit:

>Identified way too much with his European heritage

His dad was from Europe and it was weird to me how much he identified with it. Don't get me wrong, my parents are immigrants too and I am not ashamed of my ethnicity at all. But he identified more with his heritage than I did with my ethnicity. I spent a lot of time in my family's origin country when I was growing up, I lived there for two months on my own, and my family knew a lot of other immigrant families from that country growing up. On the other hand, he had never been to his dad's home country and had only taken a few language lessons. It was weird.
>Cultural differences
I'm from a pretty boring rich white suburb of a southern state and he was from the middle of nowhere of another southern state. I thought it was cute at first, but he ended up being more traditional than I thought. It just felt like we had a difficult time talking due to our backgrounds. Weirdly enough I had dated someone else also from a rural southern town and an international student and I never felt a cultural disconnect at all.
>Lack of empathy
Nothing of note happened while we were dating, but I felt like if things ever went badly for me, I would never be able to talk to him about it. I had problems coming to him to talk about minor problems I had. He said to me that "empathy is an illusion".
>Calling me unambitious
I had to take a couple of years off of school due to being sick, so I was older than him and still in undergrad even though he had completed a masters degree already. (It is in the humanities and not one really that would help in the job market though.) Now he's on his way to a PhD in the same field. Apparently, he didn't like my apparent lack of direction in life even though I had scored a solid internship for this summer. I think it's easy to say you have a certain direction in life when you are in academia/medicine/law vs other fields where people are more likely to bounce around jobs. I think he can get a tenure-track position someday in his competitive field but I just don't see the appeal of bouncing around temporary job to temporary job filling out 200 applications each time your current position ends.

Overall I don't really think he is a bad guy. Maybe boring. I think it would be fine to date him as long as you never experience any major problems in your life unless you want to be told to do something about it and stop feeling sorry about yourself.

No. 256421

I'm what some would consider a mommy gf. Maybe I'm biased but daddy relationships are much more gross than mommy gf relationships.

A mommy gf relationship is about the man going against gender norms and giving up control to the woman. The woman uses that opportunity to show how much she appreciates her boyfriend by being super nice to him. It's a "gentle femdom" thing, super vanilla.

On the other hand, daddy type relationships often have fucked up foundations. It's about pushing gender norms to the extreme, which often leads to abuse of the submissive woman by an older controlling man. There's also the fucked up BDSM aspect with things like Daddy Dom Little Girl.

In general a relationship where a man gives up control to the woman is much more balanced than a relationship where a woman becomes extra submissive to the man.

No. 256422

literally no1curr, this isn't the fucking vent thread

No. 256442

>A mommy gf relationship is about the man going against gender norms and giving up control to the woman.
Isn’t it reinforcing gender roles of the motherly caretaker?
I don’t care about either group because I think people can do what they want as long as it doesn’t go too far (roleplaying pedophilia, etc). But I also don’t think either is more progressive than the other. They’re two sides of the same coin. One is about male dominance, the other about female nurturing.

No. 256446

>Isn’t it reinforcing gender roles of the motherly caretaker?
That's not the gender role standard for heterosexual relationships. Male dominance is the actual gender role standard for heterosexual role relationships.

>roleplaying pedophilia

99% done by daddy type relationships.

No. 256447

Probably not hugely unpopular. but I think parents who helicopter their kid's diets to the point where they can't have certain things are weird and aren't doing their kids a favor by not teaching them about a phrase called "moderation."

Everyone knows ramen isn't a great meal but it's perfectly fine for a kid to have once in awhile. There's no reason to ban it from the house, especially when the parents turn around and feed their kids pasta and premade sauce products anyway.

No. 256449

>That's not the gender role standard for heterosexual relationships
not in ALL of them, but in most the woman is expected to be motherly. look at how many guys say they want a nurturing gf.

No. 256453

I think weight loss surgery should be used much more often especially for young people who are extremely overweight in order to prevent them developing more extreme disabilities and becoming a burden on the state and I think this should be provided by the NHS (or whatever socialised health care system).

No. 256457


God I hate those kinds of parents, especially the kind who make it their whole identity. Ooh, your kid is sugar free gluten free organic raw vegan and doesn't even know what candies are, they only eat dates and "nice cream" and green smoothies for snacks, wow aren't you special and the best parent.

Also a great way to alienate your child from their peers and have raging food issues in the future when everything "processed" etc. is the devil.

>My childhood friend's mom was like this

>Friend is now overweight and seems to eat junk food almost exclusively


No. 256464

My uncle is a music hippie. He's mostly vegetarian but he will eat fish. He's not very healthy and he has a lot of cardio problems. Yet one of the things that drives me crazy is how he forces my younger cousin to have the same kind of diet with the belief that it's 'healthier.'

And tbh she's just as overweight because they eat junk and she's probably hungry all the time because they eat a lot of carb.

My uncle will go on and on about how meat is the devil because of the 'processing,' but they'll have no problem with horking down a mac and cheese casserole.
I can tell my cousin really wants to try meat, she's said it before. But she's so brainwashed under their roof that she doesn't want to disobey her father. I think she's 17? She's kept on a very short leash.

No. 256465

Lol, my mother didn't give a shit of what we ate and my siblings and me are all tall and athletic. If you're not completely unfortunate in the genes department and simply play and move a around like normal kids should, then you won't imediately turn unhealthy/fat if you eat some chocolate once in a while.

I alsoo knw a mother who never allowed her daughter anything, fast forward she started going to my school when I was a senior and every single day that girl secretly bought chocolate croissants for break. Depriving them when they're young will oly resort into them induldging all the "forbidden" stuff once they're older.
Plus no mater what anybody tries to tell me, giving your baby only raw vegan food can't be healthy…

No. 256467

Sorry for typos…

No. 256469

Gosh I hope this isn't unpopular but I agree. Bariatric surgery is also nice because in order to get approved for it they do have to see a nutritionist and psychologist beforehand, plus be on a supervised diet. So maybe a lot of their issues would get addressed along that process as well.

The stigma against bariatric is so unfounded for the minor procedures like lap band. That one is completely reversible.
I can see why people would want to gastric bypass a teen though, that surgery has a lot more complications and long-term consequences.

No. 256470

*wouldn't want to

No. 256484

File: 1528213668600.jpg (28.21 KB, 300x250, 3lmTh57.jpg)

This shit looks repulsive. I'm hoping she didn't go outside like this.

No. 256490

That drag tier instathot makeup is so awful.
I hope this is the '80s hair' of the 2010s.
These people are going to be embarrassed as fuck.

No. 256516

Spot on. Men who want a mommy gf are pathetic manchildren who haven't mentally grown at all. The type which are a useless parasite on society and should never truly be considered a man. Girls who want a daddy are usually young and either have real daddy issues or just want to fit an online subculture.

No. 256518

File: 1528226310487.jpeg (475.49 KB, 940x1236, 454D8373-A8D3-44FD-856A-2D406F…)

>helicopter their kid's diets to the point where they can't have certain things are weird and aren't doing their kids a favor by not teaching them about a phrase called "moderation."

Yeah I agree for the most part. But we weren’t allowed soda or sugary fruit juices in the house. We were allowed them when we went out to eat for special occasions, and if we got takeout my brother and I could split a bottle or can. Considering how many children are obese these days, I’m glad my mum didn’t stock the house with shit, especially drinks which are so easy to guzzle. My parents were both also vegetarian but fed us kids meat (they’d go out of their way to make two meals). They also fed us vegetarian meals and “fake” meat, so we had exposure. Now I’m an adult, I’ve chosen to be vegetarian for myself and I know how easy it can be, but my brother decided not to. I think the way my parents did it is the right way tbh. Restriction but not so much to give a complex, and an introduction to the food they ate but not an enforcement.

Considering again how unhealthy a lot of kids are today, restriction and moderation are clearly missing. I get that helicopter parents seem weirder, but I think the bigger issue is parents who give their kids Mountain Dew in a bottle and McDonalds for dinner. There are so many obese or overweight kids and their parents are the only ones to blame.

Sage and sorry for semi-blog posting.

No. 256520

i've seen this makeup in real life and oh boy… it looks just as shit as you think.

No. 256531

File: 1528228479749.jpg (222.72 KB, 1024x1074, img_20170818_220008_098_by_mos…)

People in health care get too much praise by literally everyone. "Boo hoo I have to work 14 hour shifts" Like dude, that's a long shift but you make an insane amount of money (as an RN) compared to the average person especially if you add overtime and differential pay; you can make a fuckload of money. I have worked in a hospital and seen highly paid people sit around and make fun of patients sitting feet away from them behind closed doors. Some people in health care are really nasty and cynical cunts. I just hate huge unexamined beliefs like this that people defend tooth and nail.

No. 256539


That’s the nicest thing I’ve had said to me in weeks anon. Wish ya all were my friends so we could be secret and only slightly cringy.


2fujo5me, sorry. I think I’d be weirded out if I had a fudanshi bf. hypocrisy I know but if he was tooooo into it I’d be afraid he’d turn into a troon.

No. 256540

Guys who want a nurturing gf are still way better than the ones who wanna do pedo roleplay.

No. 256565

Sure but those aren’t the only options. How about normal, well-adjusted men without any weird hang ups or fetishes?

No. 256579

We aren't talking about those men in this conversation.

No. 256633

Agree agree agree. I swear nurses spend more time complaining on facebook and posting shit about why they're angels sent from heaven than actually taking care of patients

No. 256685

I came here to say this after spotting that nurse thread. I usually see at least one post a day about how nurses are selfless saviours and doctors are sacred lifesavers, but most docs are in it for prestige and don’t give a shit about people and nurses tend to be seriously mediocre people.
Everyone ignores that they’re paid bucketloads and that their shifts can actually be quite flexible with lots of rest days.

Do you know who actually deserve credit - the seriously underpaid girls who work as carers (at least in the U.K.) who are shat on literally and metaphorically and have terrible contracts. Or social workers, who are treated poorly by everyone but still get into dangerous situations every day alone to keep kids safe, whilst being paid peanuts.

No. 256722

monty python is not even remotely funny, just tedious nonsense. i don't get why people think it's hilarious.
similarly, hitchhiker's is a pile of wank too.

No. 256724

File: 1528293063590.gif (1005.78 KB, 500x300, 5A7B446F-E4E7-4231-9BB6-588900…)

Sorry for your bad taste, anon

No. 256781

I work in a research wing of my country’s largest hospital and if my experience has taught me anything it’s that surgeons are callous assholes. It’s gotten to the point where I can flawlessly identify any surgeon who bumbles into our office based purely on how long it takes him to start making inappropriate jokes. One guy came by just to tell us about a patient of his with “hilariously” enlarged testicles. It makes me really uncomfortable but I’m not sure how to go about reporting it without it being traced back to me. I’m just a lowly labmonkey vs. multiple established neurosurgeons.

No. 256799

If you can watch the biggus dickus scene in Life of Brian and not laugh, you're made of stone

No. 256803

I'm in the U.S. and I think military worship is dumb and gross.

I don't think anyone alive has fought in a war in which America's freedom was actually threatened. The only vets I have a modicum of sympathy for are those who were drafted in Vietnam and didn't actually want to go.

I think American patriotism in general is disgusting.

No. 256808

America is bizarre about so called patriotism.

No. 256812

I understand your point, but maybe it's not about "saving" the freedom, but rather protecting it so that it does not become threatened, as you said

No. 256831

absolutely agree, and I say this as someone in the military from a large military family. a lot of people in the military joined for self-serving reasons or as an impulsive decision, or as an escape from their current situations. Very few people are doing it because they want to ~~protect America's freedom~~ and those who do are probably brainwashed.

No. 256835

yeah not gonna lie, there have been times where i had to take a break from this place (more specifically certain threads) because people were so fucking nitpicky at the most over the top level that it was making me feel like shit

sage for blog posting and no unpopular opinion

No. 256850

On this topic I think it's hilarous how easily triggered people get when anyone criticizes our military expenditure. It's as if they feel the need to justify their investment like one does after they purchase something really expensive that is of questionable value.

No. 256851

I do feel bad for a lot of current vets though, especially the ones who get injured or develop PTSD. Even if the wars we had been in the last couple of decades were stupid, it’s still no fun to develop that shit. But yeah, as an American, I always found our military love to be a bit OTT.

No. 256887

File: 1528354227629.png (46.76 KB, 170x170, R.png)

My confession is I actually really liked Kat Von D's wedding, right down to the Crimson Peak-ish dress and horn headpiece.
I see where all the 'try hard hurr durr' input comes from
But honestly? It's a frickin wedding, all weddings are over the top, this is just the first one that actually made me feel like I guess people usually feel about weddings with the ooh-ing and aah-ing.
Idk man, I guess it's just the romantic goth in me that was really enamored with it and its aesthetic.

No. 256896

I feel the same way. One of the many reasons I opted to move out of the states, actually. People will agree that the U.S. needs more funding for public education, but will balk at any suggestions to cut the military budget.

No. 256899

I’m not a fan of the look but she seemed really happy. Weddings are meant to be about the couple, not the guests approval. Good on her imo.

No. 256907

I have no idea who this is but the whole look seems kinda satanic to me, did she marry in a church?

No. 257026

No, their wedding was in a Beverly Hills hotel but the theme was heaven and hell
Very extra
The sheer effort of planning that much extraness really impressed me

No. 257044

I agree anon. It was fucking ridiculous but I liked it a lot. Couples should be able to do what they want with their weddings and if I had the money I’d do something outrageous like that too.

I don’t know a lot of KVD’s drama tho so eh

No. 257093

Lip gloss looks gross.

No. 257094

Surely everyone over 16 thinks this. I think lipstick looks gross too, lip tint is the best. All the colour and none of the texture.

No. 257097

Matte lipstick looks worse imo

No. 257107

File: 1528416172565.jpeg (101.65 KB, 470x600, 3CEBB592-0B97-492B-BC39-B0BF3F…)

I like lipgloss, personally. But I think some people glop it on way too much. And I don’t like how it feels on myself or having to be cautious of my hair getting all gross and stuck. Subtle lipgloss is very pretty to me and I like how healthy/moisturized it makes lips look.

No. 257122

File: 1528417027207.jpg (331.69 KB, 2400x1200, lipgloss-or-lipstick.jpg)

Lipgloss over lipstick any day.

I think the trend of wearing bold (matte) lipstick looks ridiculous on young women, plus it brings out your lips imperfections (shape, texture,…).
The only exceptions I'd make are mature women at a special event wanting to look glamorous, but please only a nice shiny red (not some weird "unique" colour) or something very subtle if you're an older lady and need a little extra to look fresh but feel like shiny gloss is too much.

No. 257140

File: 1528423793446.jpg (116.58 KB, 800x800, im-meme-im-matte-lip-crayon4.j…)

i don't like crusty dry lipstick lips but perpetually wet looking shiny lips are also weird and your hair gets stuck to it.

lip crayon reigns supreme

No. 257147

post a pic that isn't photoshopped

No. 257227

Women could easily solve many of their "man problems" with the following:
1. Learn to pick better partners
2. Stop being afraid of being single

Some will say "oh but the men HIDE the bad things about them in the beginning of the relationships, there's no way we could know!".
No, I don't really believe that. Most of my friends date bad men and ignore the red flags even when other people point them out.

Finding a guy who will do basic things like eat your pussy and help with housework and pay his share of the bills shouldn't be so hard.

No. 257228

That's not unpopular at all, the majority of people put the blame on women for anything bad that happen to them.

No. 257233

>the majority of people put the blame on women for anything bad that happen to them.
No, I don't think so.

No. 257234

But it's true tho, even when a man commit a crime people will find a way to twist it and point finger at a women, aka what happened with the golden state killer not too long ago or what happen when an incel go on a murdering rampage.

No. 257235

>Some will say "oh but the men HIDE the bad things about them in the beginning of the relationships, there's no way we could know!".
They do though. It's not like everyone just pulls this out of their ass, this has been observed by people who counsel abusive partners. Google "Lundy Bancroft"

No. 257238

Maybe I'm a psychic then. I have so many women in my life picking bad partners and I always see their flaws from the very beginning. It looks like I can see things most people can't.

No. 257239

You sound virginal

No. 257241

I'm actually married, but nice try.

No. 257243

You're not psychic, but you're definitely retarded if you can't understand that not everyone thinks and feels the same way you do.

No. 257256

When youtubers burp, cough, sneeze, snort etcand don't edit it out
It's so fucking gross

No. 257268

I've seen this too. It often just seems like some people have low expectations of how they should be treated, or think of the other person through a filter of what they want them to be like.

No. 257288

People are going to wonder why I posted about Kate Spade's suicide and not Anthony's, in truth it's because he really didn't speak much to me as a chef and I found his shows a bit pretentious. Plus I heard this might have been over his girlfriend which I find…manipulative. He rubbed me the wrong way.

Now had this been about Gordon Ramsay or Alton Brown, LORT.

No. 257291

File: 1528476112821.gif (1.42 MB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

Kate Spade supposedly killed herself over her divorce, though. Not seeing the difference? Bourdain has struggled with addiction too, so that might have played a part for all we know.

I've always heard that Alton is a total asshole in real life though, what a shame. Gif not directed at you lol

No. 257294

>He rubbed me the wrong way.
Me too. Tbh when I first heard there was something wrong I expected it to be a #metoo thing instead of suicide.

No. 257295

I thought she killed herself over her long standing depression and anxiety? Her separated (they weren't divorced) husband seemed really amicable and both he and her sister confirmed she had lots of mental probs. So I do think it's slightly different although you're probably right about his addiction having something to do with it.

Lol that gif. That's my favorite.

No. 257299

File: 1528477558692.gif (2.14 MB, 500x281, source.gif)

I'm not trying to rag on the poor woman and that probably is the case, but I'm just going by what little I've read on her. Granted, the coverage of her death hasn't been the best. Some choice headlines from some not so great publications:


>Kate Spade was extremely depressed in her last days of life, because her husband wanted a divorce … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

>Kate Spade’s suicide came after husband sought divorce

>Kate Spade fell into a deep depression days before hanging herself because her husband

>Kate Spade killed herself 'after her husband demanded a divorce and moved out'

>Designer left a note telling her daughter, 13, that she loved her, it was not her fault and told the teenager to 'ask daddy'

>Kate Spade 'depressed because husband Andy wanted to divorce' before suicide at 55

>TMZ say law enforcement sources report Andy wanted to end their marriage but Kate didn't, and that she was "extremely depressed" in her final days.

etc. etc.
Again, really bad coverage.

No. 257303

File: 1528477861265.jpg (39.72 KB, 800x680, 1477376712343.jpg)

I loved Anthony. His and Alton's works are what pushed me to take an interest in cooking and are basically the ones who taught me how to cook.
Bourdain was just so blunt and straightforward with his stuff, it was refreshing to see a regular dude in the food world who wasnt some stuffy bourgeois type who was disgusted by anything that wasn't of the finest quality.
oh god i hope suicide contagion doesn't take away more people. first kate spade and now anthony pls no more.

No. 257311

File: 1528479059342.png (100.88 KB, 1213x717, 1528410908861.png)

Modern anime got ruined because studios are adapting retarded light novels that read worse than fanfiction and dumb otaku keep buying it.

No. 257313

I think I have an ability to guess if two people (who are not dating/married) have shagged by looking at a picture of them next to each other.

Obviously I have no way to verify but I think the body language is quite obvious #uselessskills

No. 257316

Yup…Instagram makeup and lenses in real life just looks odd. I think it looks good on a phone screen because it's a few inches wide. In life size it's all kinds of wrong

No. 257317

Bourdain has always been a douche and I expected him to OD rather than suicide given his past addictions

It was also terrible of Spade to kill herself when her daughter is only 13, not to mention the grandfather saying she was about to scout colleges with her daughter. Unless that girl has a conscience of steel she’s probably completely lost with this situation

No. 257348

I thought he was a pretentious fuck too and I never thought he was anything special. Meh.

No. 257350

File: 1528488722558.jpg (12.7 KB, 280x373, 19464534235.jpg)

>In his five years in the Chinese mafia, his total body count was 912… During his 4 years in the military his total body count was 3712… Lifetime Body count: 5,730

No. 257351

If it means budging studios a bit closer to being able to fund better projects, I'm okay with enduring it. Gotta make money somehow.

No. 257359


God I enjoy some isekai stuff but this is just absolutely fucking awful.

No. 257385

He was part of Chinese mafia, then fought in the war - I'm guessing on Japanese side, massacred 3000+ people in Nanjing plus 1000 more after the war ended. Didn't get judged for war crimes, instead became a national treasure and international dojo owner.


No. 257395

File: 1528498183284.jpg (683.19 KB, 3840x2160, 1528474717212.jpg)

>unpopular when you're a woman
I love sexualized anime and videogame female characters.

No. 257396

because you get no male attention so you wish you were them

No. 257397

lol no I'm bi and I fantasize about them sitting on my face.

No. 257398

No. 257399

File: 1528498670287.gif (1.87 MB, 277x167, if you say so.gif)

gif related

guess "i'm bi" is synonymous with "guy here" or "wig0nhead here" at this point.

No. 257402

File: 1528498856225.jpg (160.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1528472289275.jpg)

No. 257404

samefagging, my unpopular opinion is that "i'm bi" posts are exactly that. most of them are made by gross attention whores who treat women the same creepy way fucking men do.

No. 257405

File: 1528499042790.jpg (55.64 KB, 300x176, Get_out_of_jail_free.jpg)

i like seeing girls being degraded but i'm a bi girl!! teehee

No. 257407

Just because I'm bi and I love seeing women in skimpy clothing it doesn't mean I like seeing them in pain or degraded. Don't lump us all together, there's nothing hotter than a woman enjoying sex.

No. 257408

Not that anon, but come on. Are you guys seriously surprised someone attracted to women likes sexualized female characters? Not every bi woman is a super progressive terf. Even lesbians can buy into harmful or regressive shit. And just because someone is sexually attracted to sexualized female characters, that doesn’t mean they condone the representation of women or lack thereof.
I hate how any difference of opinion or imperfection leads to
>reeee you must be a maaaaan! Because women are perfect and never think or feel differently to me!!!! Or you’re suffering from internalized misogyny and you’re just as bad as men!!

Anon just likes sexualized female characters. Stop adding in a bunch of shit you want to argue against.

No. 257409

ok thx for the lesson anon

No. 257411

My unpopular opinion is that I'm supposedly a terf and think that abolishing sexualized videogames is not gonna solve anything. Imagine being so privileged your top worry about women is their portrayal in media. Get some fucking real problems to worry about.

No. 257412

if you swapped "bi" with "a man" this post would've gotten you banned as hell

>Not that anon, but come on. Are you guys seriously surprised someone attracted to women likes sexualized female characters?
yeah. being into hypersexualized characters like this isn't something normal lesbians/bi girls do, it's something neckbeards do.

~i'm into loli porn but it's not creepy because i'm bi uwu~

No. 257416

lol it sounds like you just wanna hate on women who are happy with their sexuality. Just because you can't orgasm it doesn't mean we should all be like you.

All I did was post an adult woman I think is sexy and said I'd want her to give her oral. First you pulled the "wanna degrade women" and now you're pulling the "into loli" shit. Get a grip of yourself.

No. 257418

>lol it sounds like you just wanna hate on women who are happy with their sexuality. Just because you can't orgasm it doesn't mean we should all be like you.
if you can only orgasm to chinese cartoon characters that were drawn by men who have most likely never seen a real woman before, i'm gonna make fun of you no matter what your sex is or how happy you are with doing so.

>All I did was post an adult woman I think is sexy and said I'd want her to give her oral

literally a video game character lmao

>First you pulled the "wanna degrade women" and now you're pulling the "into loli" shit

I didn't make the first post you're talking about, only the one you linked.

*neckbeards and straight-leaning girls with an embarrassing amount of internalized misogyny

No. 257424

>you must be a man or a tranny
>you must be into degrading and hurting women
>you must be into loli
>you must have internalized misonyny
>lol chinese cartoon characters lmao video game characters what a loser
Please get help

No. 257427

Jesus Christ anon why you reach so much?

No. 257429

as if "you've never had an orgasm if you think masturbating to video game characters is cringey" isn't also reaching

No. 257430

That was not what they meant though, they probably meant that you seem like a cunt with salty vagina for gatekeeping other people's sexualities and dismissing it all by calling it "internalized misogyny, "does it for male approval" kind of bi, etc.

No. 257431

>if you swapped "bi" with "a man" this post would've gotten you banned as hell
Yes, because men aren’t welcome here. Bisexual women are. Are you confused?

No. 257433

>if you can only orgasm to chinese cartoon characters that were drawn by men who have most likely never seen a real woman before
Who said that? Stop projecting.

No. 257438

>you seem like a cunt with salty vagina for gatekeeping other people's sexualities and dismissing it all by calling it "internalized misogyny, "does it for male approval" kind of bi, etc
it pretty much always is that kind of bi. the legbeards who genuinely do like it don't have room to call others virgins. some people's sexualities deserve to be made fun of, sorry not sorry.

and that anon was acting like a man, why does she get to stay for exhibiting the behavior they get banned for?

No. 257439

I don't get the salt in this thread. Nothing wrong with sexy women in games, the problem is lack of variety and equality. We need badass women who are not sexy and sexy men, preferably in the same game. And by sexy men I mean fanservice, not just attractive heroes.

No. 257442

Apparently it's unpopular to think masturbating to anime/vidya made by and for male otakus is gross, especially when a female does it, so I'll let that be my unpopular opinion and we can stop fighting about it

No. 257444

"projecting" is the most annoying and overused word as of late. everyone who uses it sounds stupid.

No. 257445

True. That and "gatekeeping"

No. 257449

So in other words the only video games you play are the Dead or Alive series. Gotcha.

No. 257450

>and that anon was acting like a man, why does she get to stay for exhibiting the behavior they get banned for?
If you think bisexual women being attracted to cartoon women is “acting like a man” then yikes. And they get banned for being men in general, because they’re not welcome here. Bisexual women are. What is your problem?

No. 257455

>Just because I'm bi and I love seeing women in skimpy clothing it doesn't mean I like seeing them in pain or degraded. Don't lump us all together, there's nothing hotter than a woman enjoying sex
sounds exactly like something a y-chromosoid would say. males aren't welcome here because they're cringey, attention-whoring pervs, which that anon was too.


hi tumblr

No. 257457

You sound like an femcel who blames everything on the evil male boogeyman. Tone down the rage, it'll be better for your mental health.

No. 257461

>an femcel
kek. you sound like an lowkey handmaiden.

No. 257463

I can't stand small dogs, principally the indoor ones. They're so whiny and spoiled imo.

Every time I go to my friend's house I just want to tell her to get that stinky poop smelling breath dog away from me.

No. 257469

>something a y-chromosoid
Who calls men this? Like seriously? I’ve never heard anyone say this. Also, how is “yikes” a tumblr thing? Anon, I think you need to take several steps away from the internet and breathe.

On topic, my unpopular opinion is that meat is overrated. Most meat is gross to me and I can’t stand grease or bones or cartilage. I hate the inconsistency in texture. American bacon just seems like salty strips of fat. The only thing I dealt with (before I bit the bullet and just became vegetarian) was white chicken breast. And even then, it’s so easily over or under cooked, tough or chewy, or tasteless. A bean burger always has tasted better to me than beef. Beef can be chewy, tough, bloody, and is just a patty of one taste. A bean burger can be crunchy, smooth, flavorful, consistent texture, etc. Also a lot of raw veg is delicious. I eat raw tomatoes like they’re apples. Raw mushrooms are superior to cooked, they’re crunchy instead of potentially slimey. I don’t need salad dressing or seasoning, just give me a plate of veg and I’m happy.

No. 257486

take a joke, anon. some other fun synonyms for man are scrotoid, phalloid, uterus-lacker, and prostate-bearer.

No. 257498

Unpopular opinion? Pale white skin is not the most beautiful skin tone.

No. 257499

File: 1528514603234.png (50.94 KB, 250x250, tumblr_oz6ivjDhBp1sdl149o1_250…)

Too many farmers are not familiar enough with chan culture for these boards it seems. Too many users from PULL or some shit who don't know how to joke.

No. 257510

Chan culture can be embarassing, childish, toxic. This site has its own culture.

No. 257523

yea that culture is responding to a joke with an essay

No. 257527

Citations and examples needed. Who hurt you, anon?

No. 257556

Lol anon, that hasn't been an unpopular opinion since a long time already, e.g. just switch on the TV.

No. 257569

Micky Moon is probably mixed. She doesn't look like the average black girl at all (should be obvious, but anybody pointing this out seems to cause fights in her threads for some reason).

Nicole Dollanganger's old music was fairly decent, if simple, and I can understand why she amassed a fanbase.

Grimes is probably a farmer.

I don't think Rasbii lying about her age is a huge deal. A lot of kids/teens do it to fit in on online communities that they'd otherwise be shunned in. It's gross and skeevy that she seems to have gotten involved with a guy in his 30s at that time, though.

No. 257579

Highly agree with all of these

>Grimes is probably a farmer

God, I hope so. Can you explain why you think so though? Is it the way she keeps interacting with so many cows?

No. 257585

>Is it the way she keeps interacting with so many cows?
Yeah. I didn't think much of it when I saw she befriended Nicole, but then she praised Ginger Bronson (which would've been plausible back when she was blonde and had more of a fanbase, but not at that point), and things started looking suspicious to me ever since. Then, the sudden announcement of her collab with Poppy and Tits during the midst of the lawsuit when their thread was exploding just bolstered things. Three cows is a bit much.
Even if she doesn't browse Lolcow much, she's definitely active in Tumblr scenes where cows and snowflakes pop up often.

No. 257588

Nah fam, Micky is pretty damn average when it comes to black features. Don't let her shoops to try and lighten her skin even more and make her eyes attempt to look blasian fool you.

In normal candid pictures, she very much so looks like your average black girl. She's not mixed, nor will she ever be mixed.

No. 257598

I agree. She really just looks like a regular light skinned black girl. Skin color can vary so widely with black folks, it doesn't always have to do with being mixed race or whatever.

No. 257600

File: 1528551010040.jpg (26.06 KB, 474x415, amerimutt.jpg)

I disagree, she looks like the female, real life version of the Amerimutt meme in her candids. Even the way she carries her fat is different from the typical black girl (completely apple-shaped, no ass whatsoever).
She definitely has a lot of black ancestry, but I doubt that's all that's going on with her. She's almost like Brittany Venti with a heavier dose of black and an extra 50lbs thrown onto her frame.

No. 257604

It's like the only black people you have ever encountered is on BET. Black people come in wildly different shapes and shades just like white people. Not all black people are shaped like hourglasses or pears, hell many of them are the very apple shape that Micky is especially when they get fat

Fun fact: most black Americans, even the ones as dark as night, have some white ancestry. Does that make them mixed? Fuck no it doesn't, they're black. She's black, will always be black, and she'll never be able to run from being black.

No. 257638

File: 1528570611356.png (461.9 KB, 676x507, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.2…)

>Even the way she carries her fat is different from the typical black girl (completely apple-shaped, no ass whatsoever).
So you think having a gut, but no tits or ass is a white only thing…? kek

No. 257650

It's true that there are different "types" of black, but most black people don't look like Micky is what I'm saying.
>Does that make them mixed?
Technically, yes. And there's no doubt in my mind Micky has a few drops more of white blood than the average African-American (who is, at max, usually only 25% white).

No, but typically, black women carry any excess fat they have all over, especially the hip/ass area, which is probably why it's stereotypically called a "ghetto booty".
The fact that you brought up white people when no one was talking about them makes me think you have some weird hang-ups and insecurities around this particular subject, so I'll just drop it.

No. 257660

You claimed she's mixed and that the apple body type is uncommon for black girls. She's clearly not half Asian though and Latinas are also said to have big asses, so I figured that the only option that's left is white.

>The fact that you brought up white people when no one was talking about them makes me think you have some weird hang-ups and insecurities around this particular subject, so I'll just drop it.

You've been trying to push the "Micky isn't black, here's the proof" shit for days. You shat up her thread and now continue here under the pretense of it being your 'unpopular opinion'.
How can you accuse anybody of being insecure when you're the one who doesn't want an ugly black woman to be simply black? Do you feel she's too ugly to 'represent' your race? What's the big deal about it, why did you even care or think about this to begin with?

No. 257662

I said she's probably mixed, not that she definitely is, and for some reason, it's making you chimp out. I wasn't even the only one in that thread who mentioned it, I simply agreed with anons, and I certainly didn't post in there "for days", so I'm not sure why you're throwing out all these accusations hoping something will stick. "Representation"? Why would that even matter? She's not famous or relevant to anyone outside her Tumblr in-crowd and on Lolcow. It just looks like you have an odd vendetta around that concept.
You're honestly the only one shitting up the thread because you can't tolerate opinions you disagree with, which is funny considering you entered an unpopular opinions thread. Now take a nap, seriously. Lolcow isn't that big of a deal.

No. 257663

>Do you feel she's too ugly to 'represent' your race? What's the big deal about it, why did you even care or think about this to begin with?
I know everyone's tired of the overuse of the word "projection," but this really does sound like fucking projection. What a sperg.

No. 257664

>Even the way she carries her fat is different from the typical black girl

I don't know if it's different in the US, but where I live, there are a lot of african girls who are apple or rectangle shaped, while some white girls have massive hips and asses. tbh i don't think it has all that much to do with race

No. 257715

You need to get out more and actually look at black people cause, in her candids that aren't over saturated with photoshop, she looks 100% black.

Not all black people look like they come straight out of the Congo, fool.

No. 257749

I'm literally black. I'm light-skinned, so are a lot of my family members. She doesn't look like an average black person, even a light one, she looks like the 56% meme, or the weird, not-so-cute biracial kid in your class. In her edited selfies, she's just a less ugly version of that.

No. 257751

most of those memes are of full black people anon.

No. 257755

File: 1528597023065.png (299.03 KB, 596x333, 56.png)

You must be mistaken. They're cartoons meant to be an exaggerated portrayal of a typical American. The joke is that they're mixed people with delusions about being pure European.
The only actual person used commonly as an example was the kid with the birth defect from Stranger Things, and he's definitely not "full black" (or probably even black at all).

No. 257771

Lol, I was told that older men are more mature but I realized that was a huge fucking meme after I dated someone 5 years older than me when I was 18. I still can't say for certain if he chose me specifically because he thought I would be too dumb and naive to stand up for anything, but he used to frequently belittle and patronize me for my age. I guess that's a pretty big indication that it was a possibility.

No. 257773

My unpopular opinion is that Nick Robinson of polygon.com did nothing wrong

No. 257774

My popular opinion, nothing wrong with weeaboos.
Although fetishizing weeaboos are different.

No. 257778

Older men are generally more mature. Older men who date much younger women are not.

No. 257814

File: 1528617565861.jpeg (164.1 KB, 734x753, B2D549A0-684C-474A-A41D-88F11F…)

I hate how people encourage each other to “let themselves go” when they’re in a committed relationship. You can be comfortable with someone without abandoning all of your self control and discipline FFS. I take pride in my health and appearance and want to stay fit and reasonably attractive for my SO.

No. 257815

I don't think wanting to look good for your SO is a good enough motivator for most people. Staying fit and trying your best to look good should be a matter of self love/respect.

No. 257817

Yes, exactly! I’m not saying any ladies need to wear make up and do their hair everyday (lord knows I rarely do) but abandoning all your self-control and gorging yourself is just sad. Don’t you want to maintain your quality of life and be healthy for yourself and your SO/your potential future family?

No. 257818

>people encourage each other to “let themselves go” when they’re in a committed relationship
Do people actually do this? I mean, obviously many people let themselves go, but I've never seen it encouraged anywhere. Men universally freak out at the very idea of their future wife gaining weight, women seem to just accept their husband getting fat as normal.

Anyway in general I agree, that mindset is crazy to me to begin with. My worst nightmare is being someone's increasingly fat wife, if I'm gonna be fat I don't wanna inflict it on anyone else. I once 'let myself go' after I broke up with someone and gained a fair bit of weight because I was like 'finally I'm single, I can quit dieting'. It was fucking awful but way better than if anyone was going to be seeing me naked. I think I'd have had a mental breakdown if I had the external pressure of a partner because I find it discouraging to lose weight for someone else- I can only do it for myself, at my own pace.

No. 257820

Yes. The number of times I’ve heard variations of “You’re married—why are you dieting ?” (Because only eating one slice of pizza or half a kebab is “dieting” apparently) And, “You’ve got a man! Why do you care?” have weirded me out. I don’t live in America but I heard it more often when I lived there. And just the whole “relationship weight” meme and the growing waistbands of people in general encourages this behavior. Maybe “encourages” isn’t the right word. Influences? Makes people think it’s okay? Dunno.

No. 257827

Do that many people really just get obese after getting into a relationship though? It seems more likely that both partners just ate like shit whilst dating and never stopped, not that people immediately become pigs after being normal sized whilst dating.

No. 257830

Jesus Christ this freaks me out so bad. Because every time I got into a relationship and I was happy, i start to gain weight. I definitely have no appetite when I’m stressed so I’ve went up 2 sizes since getting with my sweet bf since we have no real issues in our relationship. He’s also started to get a beer gut and I’m so nervous we’ll end up becoming a pair of cows like that picture.

No. 257833

Yep, some people just gain weight when they’re happy. My family loses weight during stressful times because anxiety, appetite, and work. We all gain it when we’re on holiday, at the start of new relationships, or when things are just going good. When you’re cuddling on a sofa, eating snacks, and watching movies, your weight is going to be different than when you were too anxious to eat all day. Eating out in general will make you gain weight, but especially if you’re on dates all day and eating out for every meal and snacking on cotton candy, popcorn, whatever.
I don’t think people are consciously letting go. Some are just less anxious about their looks, their weight, or their lives in general.

No. 257837

I mean it’s entirely avoidable so why worry? Just don’t overeat if you get a partner? You’re not forced to pig out, people choose to.

No. 257872

I don't understand how Chewbacca regulates heat and it ruins the whole Star Wars movie experience for me. I spend 80% of the movie just wondering how this big lump of fur simply fucking exists.

No. 257884

Holy shit you’re right.

No. 257889

I fail to see how this is an unpopular opinion and tbh I don’t even like Star Wars, but this is hilarious.

No. 257890

Star Wars is garbage anyways. I hate this franchise so much that knowing a guy is a fan of it make him 100% undatable / unfuckable.

No. 257893

That's mean. I love Star Wars and I watch every movie on day 1.

No. 257899

Good for you Anon, I just think it's so bad that I can't take seriously anyone who enjoy it.

No. 257901

It’s really crap. When you take off the rosy glasses and look at it critically, it’s not great.

No. 257919

Disagree, but I still like him anyways. Did you see that his apartment burned down? It was so heartbreaking to think about how much of his rare weebshit got destroyed ;-;

No. 257942

You're a big loser bottom feeder if you're in your 20s and get in a serious relationship with someone who has a child.

No. 257946

What if their partner died? Or you're unable to have children yourself?

No. 257947

>What if their partner died?
Doesn't change much.

>Or you're unable to have children yourself?

I'd rather adopt. Being a step-mom and dealing with the actual mother sounds like a pain.

No. 257950

What is gasp someone actually loves them as a person and doesn't see children as a deal breaker?

Each situation is different anon. Just because you yourself don't want to do it, doesn't mean anyone who does it is a "loser bottom feeder"

I personally think it's great if someone can love someone with kids and be a good parent to the kids

No. 257951

If both people have kids, I don't see the problem.

Wonder if you'll rethink this when you're a single mom in your 20s, kek.

No. 257952

Not being someones first is cuckery. If I found out I'm not my partner's first GF I would probably get automatically turned off on the spot. The thought of someone else being as close to him would repulss me forever.

No. 257953

Good luck dating anyone over the age of 22 then lol unless you're like 16 and plan on getting married before then.

No. 257955

How old are you?

No. 257956

Incel larping. Women don't have these insecurities.

No. 257957

It's weird how most shows/movies have black guys but no black women. It's like people they try to push this fantasy that black women don't exist.

No. 257958

I’m interested in this topic! Could you give examples?

No. 257959

As someone with a step-dad who raised me, ouch. He’s a great guy in a great career. He just loves my mum a stupid amount (honesty it’s silly even after all these years). Some people just fall in love. Others actually like children or at least don’t mind them!

No. 257967

Even more strange is that when they's an interracial relationship, it's always a black man with a white woman. It's so incredibly rare to see the reverse in media (although TWD did come to mind and I thought that was pretty cool).

No. 257969

>my mother's younger cousin marries and gets a child with a dude who already has one with another woman
>his first gf already left him while she was pregnant
>the cousin buys a house, he gets his own pub in it
>he leaves her, doesn't pay rent for his pub, doesn't pay child support
>also, wants to see the child regularly, meaning she can't move back home
>now she's in a far away city, alone with a small child, having to share an apartment with a student
She said she would advice every young woman to never take somebody who already has a child. Maybe its different for a single mother, since she takes care of her kid, but how bad must a dude be, that she rather is alone while highly pregnant instead of with him…

No. 257970

This tbh
There are so many situations where its just better for everyone for a good step parent to be involved, I don't know why annoying mgtows need to butt into peoples business and scream about how people who are with someone with kids is a loser and shit, no one is literally even hurt by it unless one of the parents are bad parents, it blows my mind why bystanders see a happy family and have to make rude comments on it

No. 257975

Representation of such-and-such types of women in media is such a popular thing to fight for right now, but one untapped portion of that is the lack of repping women with really small breasts as sexy. Like A and AA cups. The majority of people don't think its possible for breasts to finish developing at that size and tend to call them underage or undeveloped and thus not sexy territory.

And yeah of course this comes from myself having a "child" sized chest and the media trying to tell me and everyone around me that I'm not sexy or womanly. Idk I guess there just isnt anyone who talks or cares about this.

No. 257977

File: 1528660118346.jpeg (258.67 KB, 1280x1630, 1-aUvUGItDHBLVo57O2t9PnA.jpeg)

Most people just call it "flat" but at any rate it's not like small chests aren't ever represented as sexy. They're just in more niche markets, like bikini modeling.

No. 257979

This has probably been posted here before but whatever.

Anons in Onion/Laineys thread are so..nitpicky towards Lainey. Like, Onion, I understand. He's disgusting, no question about it. But anons in that thread talk about Lainey like she's a disgusting hambeast that looks like she got ran over a train 3 times over. They just talk about Lainey's appearance as if she's the ugliest human on earth but to me she just looks..average? She has a shitty haircut, but she's not fat, but anons in onions thread would disagree. To them she's unhealthy, grotesque, and fat lol. I had an ED for years (recovered for the most part), and hearing people call Lainey huge, covered in fat/rolls etc makes me feel like shit tbh, she's not much bigger than me and she's had 3?? Kids. It just boggles my mind how far farmers reach.

No. 257986

File: 1528661934334.jpg (28.38 KB, 400x573, Emma-Watson-body.jpg)

what media are you looking at?

For movies:
Emma Watson, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, Julia Roberts, and Cat Blanchett were among the top paid actresses of 2017. They all have relatively small chests.

Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Bell, and Olivia Wilde all have small chests as well. I would argue small boobs are better represented on the big screen.

For tv:
Most of the characters of GOT have smaller chests, except Dany. The main female character on Westworld is not well endowed. I'm not sure about cable TV tbh. I know BBT and Modern Family have women with larger breasts.

For music:
Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Rhihanna, etc. Unless you're just looking at Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry.

For fashion:
Kate Middleton, Kendall Jenner, Gisele, Adriana Lima, Kate Moss, Michelle Obama, Alexa Chung, etc
look through this list and see.

For every Marilyn, there's an Audrey. I think we get fine representation.

No. 257987

File: 1528662052058.jpg (87.13 KB, 600x800, 1489674645_fka-twigs-height-we…)

idk how I forgot FKA Twigs as well! She's petite all over. Honestly, there's too many smaller chested celebrities to name them all.

No. 257991

File: 1528662519946.jpg (10.96 KB, 240x224, 1478899709353.jpg)

>mfw my breasts are so small that A cups are slightly too big and everyone around me treated it like a deformity in my teenage years
I feel you anon.

No. 257992

File: 1528662629660.jpg (44.81 KB, 636x382, 428B2BC400000578-0-image-a-3_1…)


Anon was talking about really small breasts. None of the women you mentioned are A/AA, not even a stringbean like Alexa Chung.

Angelina Jolie, are you kidding me?

No. 257993

File: 1528662876397.jpg (123.98 KB, 980x1469, alexa-chung-s-style-2011-5.jpg)

Yeah her boobs don't look like that.

No. 257994

File: 1528662895896.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.02 KB, 620x413, ALEXA-CHUNG-754061.jpg)

No. 257996

I hate the type of moralfag (like in this video) that tells people not to pirate a movie, game, show, album, etc even when you're doing it to avoid supporting creators who are convicted child molestors, like Roman Polanski, or some other brand of trash human.
>It's not right to steal!! If it's worth taking, it's worth paying for uwu
The creator lost the right to benefit from their talents (or be shown even a shred of human decency) when they raped a kid or otherwise turned out to be a shitty person. Appreciate their work if it's that good, but don't pay them for it or uplift them in any way. Not that hard.

No. 257997

File: 1528663196959.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.75 KB, 634x916, 2436715700000578-0-image-m-4_1…)

Angelina Jolie was a mistake, I was just going through a list of the most paid women.

Most of the women I mentioned have relatively smaller or chests, or what would be called "flat." Of course, your definition of that may vary. Not to mention its hard to tell exact sizes based on photos.

The point is that small boobs are represented, especially in fashion and movies.

No. 258000

>Mother's Basement
Isn't he part of the whole Digibro circle where they defend lolicon culture? Pretty fucking weird to lambast piracy when his circle of friends don't criticize connecting abstractions of children to erotic imagery.

No. 258001

I wasn't aware of that, but I'm hardly surprised. Those "lolicon is okay!!!" types are always softly pushing pedo apologism (which includes encouraging leniency for child rapists where/when applicable), because they understand themselves and what they're really about.

No. 258002

Definitions might indeed be different, I just looked it up and it seems that an US A-cup is a B-cup in European sizing, which to me is on the smaller average size, but not small-small. I assumed anon was talking about pretty much flat chests, i.e. for me that excludes any breasts that already have a droopy projection (lol I don't know how to explain it). I also think cup sizes get regularly underestimated, especially on skinny women like all of those celebs are.

No. 258007

>B-b-but it's just a drawing!!1 It's not that serious!!

No. 258008

Same for June and Kota. If others happen to stumble across this side and read that, they're immediately going to think we're only nitpicking their appearance and as a result completely overlook the shit they've really done.

Also, about that boob size thing: there are so many female A listers with no or only very small ones. Meanwhile all big chested female actresses always have to either portray the dumb, but hot stereotype or some homely figure…
I'm a D cup and can't really think of anybody I could "admire" or look up to that isn't just fapping material for guys…
Girls with smaller tits can be sexy if they choose to but also don't have to, meanwhile if you're as big as me I can hardly hide them (e.g. pic), which is quite uncomfy, especially when you're just a teen.

No. 258009

File: 1528665083992.jpg (38.66 KB, 400x587, main-qimg-2e7c4044ab046a194d4e…)

Dropped pic

No. 258017

Lord I had no idea about his apartment burning up. Really tragic about all that memorabilia he had but..at least they’re just things. But for him to lose all credibility and his career then to lose his apartment like that musta been a real blow.

No. 258018

>Girls with smaller tits can be sexy if they choose to
uh not really. it's more like a recent thing that smaller chested women are seen as sexy. flat chested girls felt like absolute shit as teenagers

No. 258019


No. 258021

and how would you know?

No. 258023

I think June really is busted, plus she nitpicks other womens' appearances on a regular basis.

No. 258024

File: 1528668989353.jpeg (128.68 KB, 736x1089, 5FE5EDA1-0FF4-4780-8DCB-34B406…)

What? Ever heard of Twiggy? Kate Moss Heroin chic? Hell, flapper girls?

Smaller boobs have always been fashionable. Except like in porn

No. 258025

men aren't flocking to that shit

No. 258027

Who gives a fuck what men might flock to?

No. 258028

Dakota is a model though, she's only """"famous"""" because of her looks. Her whole world revolves around appearances. It's the one instance where the nitpicking is actually justified imo

No. 258031

because we're talking about "sexy". i don't want to look sexy for women

No. 258034

are you just a triggered chestlet who's desperate for male attention?

No. 258035

File: 1528669580948.png (83.9 KB, 409x530, 53637E50-21D3-424C-BBDE-3F89D1…)

Says who?

I have small boobs and men “flock” to me just fine. Not every guy is obsessed with bolt ons or DDDs. Some find them gross, fat, saggy, stretchmarked, veiny, etc. everyone’s different.

Stop taking lessons in sex from porn.

No. 258037

it doesn't change the fact that thousands of women get implants every year. that thinking doesn't come out of no where

No. 258041

Yeah because thousands of women have been brainwashed to think they’re not good enough by society, advertising, and companies who have insane profits off of their insecurity.

No. 258042

yes because they feel they're not feminine and sexy enough. we're in agreement.

No. 258043

it comes from porn!

No. 258046

No. 258052

yea straight women are known to watch hetero porn of big tittied women. thanks for the links i had no idea the plastic surgery industry was so bad wow ur so smart /s

women want to look like the women in porn because that's what most of us are raised to aspire to look like to attract men.

plastic surgery industry doesn't create self hate, it thrives on it. it existed before.

No. 258061

>women want to look like the women in porn because that's what most of us are raised to aspire to look like to attract men.

You were raised wrong.

No. 258067

jesus christ you're mentally retarded. i don't mean raised like by your parents, brainiac.

No. 258073

>smaller chested women can be seen as sexy
>actually anon lots of smaller chested women struggle with not being seen as sexy and feminine enough
>man that's just like the plastic surgery billionaires bro. open ur third eye man

No. 258078

Yeah reject logic and links as being “open ur third eye.”
If you wanna wallow in self pity or go through extreme surgery, go ahead. I’ll sit her sexually satisfied with my b cup knowing that all men are different, porn isnt representative of what men actually want, and I don’t need to change anything about my boobs for them to be sexier. All boobs are great. Hope you learn to love yourself.

No. 258079

>plastic surgery industry doesn't create self hate

uuh…anon yes it does. large breasts weren't really seen as desirable until the last couple decades which coincides with when they became readily available through plastic surgery.

No. 258084

not to mention that men who like big breasts and women who have breast envy are always referring to perfect looking fake tits and not naturally large saggy ones. obviously the plastic surgery industry didn't create insecurities but it did definitely create the standard for breasts.

No. 258085

i literally never said all women with flat chests are undesirable. i said lots of women, especially as young teenaged girls, felt shitty about having small breasts. i have a small chest and personally love it but i know lots of women who sometimes feel sad about it. please take your daily xanax


No. 258093

you realize that even as early as the 90s people like britney spears and paris hilton who were abysmally skinny were the standard, right? paris hilton had no breasts or hips or anything, that's why EDs were so hype in early 2000s.

No. 258094

britney has implants

No. 258096

Britney had an infamous boob job early in her career though. Weird example

No. 258098

File: 1528671933572.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.49 KB, 300x431, 0960ED6B-DB14-4A7F-BF2F-E7945E…)

What?? No anon. Everyone knows these are the most desirable boobs ever and everyone wants giant jugs.

What’s that? Boobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes? There is no single perfect boob? Nope, youre just going all “open ur third eye.” Everyone knows big boobs are best and small boobs are unattractive so women with small boobs are justified in hating their bodies because they’re not sexy! /s

In all seriousness, there’s nothing wrong with having boobs like this pic. If you search “big saggy boobs” a shit ton of porn sites come up for guys who are into that. People’s sexual tastes are so diverse so comments like
>men aren't flocking to that shit
>it's more like a recent thing that smaller chested women are seen as sexy.
Are stupid as fuck.

All types of boobs have been seen as attractive because men are all different. It’s like arguing men don’t “flock” to brunettes, which is obviously not true. Or that being seen as sexy as a blonde is a recent thing, which is again not true.

There is not optimal or even better boob size, nipple size, shape, etc. Men really don’t give that much of a shit if they’re getting laid. Focus on health and confidence and you’re fine. Someone is out there who’ll find you sexy as you are

No. 258101

no one is arguing against that fucking retard. why are you so defensive? lots of women do feel like big breasts are more feminine, that's a fact. just like any other body part or facial feature

No. 258102

Are you illiterate?

No. 258104

agreed. most of my male friends are convinced they like large boobs until they're with someone who actually has them, then they immediately change their minds.

No. 258105

which reaffirms my point. that big breasts are, on a superficial level, seen as sexier

No. 258107

that isn't what that means at all. it means people literally only think that because they don't know any better.

No. 258110

ok? that doesn't disprove my point. i'm not saying big breasts ARE sexier or that all women should feel that way. i just said that way of thinking exists in a lot of women. that's all i said.

No. 258112

I agree with this anon.

Clearly when there's boobs being sexualized in media they're always the best, most desirable examples and are not reflections of reality ie. that most big tits are saggy, have stretch marks, large areola, etc.

My bf is okay with my boobs and most other people think I have good boobs because of my bra. If I ever had the guts to show those people what they look like without I'd get the "eggs nailed to the wall" neg. As I've seen stated on this website too…

No. 258113

File: 1528672404598.jpeg (90.27 KB, 633x950, 14551BB2-A41E-4548-828F-717B39…)

Learn to love yourself anon. And go have actual experience with real, experienced men. Stop looking at porn and fake boobs. Or if you must stay on the Internet, go to sites that are about how hot small boobs are. There’s plenty of them.

No. 258114

i never said anything that goes against this. please go for a walk

No. 258115

Idk if this is the same anon as here but
>men aren't flocking to that shit
>it's more like a recent thing that smaller chested women are seen as sexy.

This is what’s being addressed. Those inaccurate statements.

No. 258116

read >>258115 if you're not that anon stop acting like everyone is only talking to you. and if you are you're an idiot. there were more arguments than "many women are insecure about their boob size".

No. 258118

straight men aren't talking about kate moss. learn context.

smaller chested women are definitely more prevalent in the mainstream media today as "sex objects" (ick) than 10 years ago because the conversation has migrated to asses

No. 258120

Ok so you are the anon who said “men don’t flock” to small chested women?
I’ve argued all the ways that’s wrong but you’ve switched to now arguing that “small chested women have a right to be insecure.” But now you’re back to “straight men don’t like flat women” after that’s been disputed already?

You’re going around in circles and you’re not accepting anything that’s been said. You keep switching your argument and pretending you’re arguing something different when called out.

Here it is simple: men have different tastes and like different things. Some men “flock” to brunettes, some to blondes, some to red heads. Some to fit women, some to thin, some to thick. Some to flat, some to curvy.

Stop getting your understanding of men from porn ffs. Go talk to actual men. You’re being absurd.

No. 258121

lol people always say "you just have to separate the art from the artist!" I am, by not giving Polanski my fucking money.

No. 258124

i'm saying kate moss isn't the best example holy shit you're not telling me anything new

i personally like my flat chest. you're the one talking in circles for some reason about porn. unplug crazy lady

No. 258126

i'm not even that anon but you seem really dumb. you're like those people that think IG trends or hollywood stars mean everyone else is considered fugly.

No. 258127


>men aren't flocking to that shit

>because we're talking about "sexy". i don't want to look sexy for women
>it doesn't change the fact that thousands of women get implants every year. that thinking doesn't come out of no where
>i literally never said all women with flat chests are undesirable. i said lots of women, especially as young teenaged girls, felt shitty about having small breasts. i have a small chest and personally love it but i know lots of women who sometimes feel sad about it. please take your daily xanax
>i'm not saying big breasts ARE sexier or that all women should feel that way. i just said that way of thinking exists in a lot of women. that's all i said.
>straight men aren't talking about kate moss.
>i personally like my flat chest. you're the one talking in circles for some reason about porn. unplug crazy lady

Jesus Christ, if this is just one anon, they’re seriously confused.

No. 258129

maybe they want to feel unique for liking their flatchest. or they're secretly insecure and have a SO who likes it and want to feel special.

No. 258130

i don't agree but i empathize with them. being born in the 90s, there weren't a lot of women in the media that were seen as sexy by straight men that had flatter chests, i had to hear jokes about flat chested girls, etc. today there are lots of examples of women with smaller chests seen as sexy by straight men (gal gadot and lots more) but unfortunately some women still today do feel that they're not sexy or feminine enough.

straight men aren't really big on examples such as paris hilton or kate moss. not because they're ugly and flat chested but because those were female celebs that other women were more into.

No. 258131

File: 1528673803489.jpeg (384.25 KB, 800x1200, 925D70C7-272A-4CFD-9C67-C15DCA…)

Seen as sexy by straight men?
Like Katie Holmes? Who so many men adored in the 90s?

No. 258132

she was famous for being cute

No. 258133

sure, i feel bad for anyone who internalizes self-hate based on other's standards, but those people also tend to blatantly ignore when they're told they are told something that doesn't mesh with their insecurity. i think that anon is just super insecure and wants to validate her insecurities to feel better. she's just going to shoot anything other than her own opinion down.

No. 258134

File: 1528673909358.jpeg (41.43 KB, 610x467, 344A19F3-D372-485F-9FEC-F31DEE…)

“Rachel” was styled to be flatter chested. And was undeniably the one most men fancied

No. 258135

um i am that anon, champ.

No. 258136

File: 1528674047879.jpeg (28.02 KB, 498x392, F40921FB-F793-48A8-8933-C68CE4…)

Sally was supposed to be the “ideal” woman. Bar a few episodes where she wore push-up bras, she was fairly small

No. 258137

okay? the second half was meant for >>258131

you're proving me right though. you continue to try to deflect any proof to suit your point.

the real truth is that only immature idiots give a fuck about breast size, men and women included.

No. 258139

File: 1528674132432.jpeg (28.72 KB, 350x493, 38CB4F06-4D95-4F07-AA78-97F25B…)

So many guys I knew had a major crush on Buffy who was basically flat for most of the show

No. 258142

im not saying there were ZERO sexy female celebs with flatter chests or that men don't like small tits or whatever but that the "sex icons" had them. like a kate upton or something. we're not talking about healthy role models or the ideal girlfriend or some shit lol. i'm talking about insecurity in women.

i agree with you what the hell. there's nothing to "prove" because i never said men don't like small titties. i said kate moss and shit aren't the best examples to give young women when they're scared men won't like them or w/e. that's all i meant. i should've worded it better initially, my bad.

No. 258143

give it a rest anon. she's clearly set in her ways, why waste your breath on someone who is dumb enough to think that in the first place? if she wasn't already stupid she would have already agreed with you by now.

No. 258144

File: 1528674277159.jpeg (483.87 KB, 666x1500, F6294F69-96B2-47FF-8095-06C489…)

Alicia Silverstone

No. 258145

are you the anon who said "men aren't flocking to this" or no? (in a reply to a pic of flappers which was the most popular look for women in the 20s)

No. 258146

it's not the 20s lul ex dee

No. 258147

File: 1528674379956.jpeg (55.14 KB, 375x500, BDD61E10-F189-4E50-807E-A9BBCF…)

No. 258148

no fucking shit retard. it was posted to illustrate that big boobs aren't some time-tested object of attraction.

No. 258149

just stop, she's not listening and you're shitting up the thread. anyone who had a tv knows that most of the popular women in 90s/early 00s were small chested.

No. 258151

If a teenaged boy had a poster of any of these women on his wall, everyone would assume he was gay lol

No. 258152

No, you keep making bullshit statements that are easily disproven like
>men don’t flock to that shit
Links are posted that prove men do
> there weren't a lot of women in the media that were seen as sexy by straight men that had flatter chests
Photos are posted that prove there were, actually an overwhelming majority, flat chested female celebs in the 90s.

No. 258153

You obviously weren’t a teen in the 90s

No. 258155

My bad, it’s just too fucking stupid for words. I thought photos would help. Didn’t mean to shit the thread up.

No. 258156

File: 1528674672166.jpeg (27.7 KB, 511x288, 2CA730F8-9992-4FDF-811C-1C39BB…)

This infighting over titties is insane what is wrong with you people?

No. 258158

Notice the defensive anons had to resort to "lul big boobs are saggy and gross"

No. 258161


No. 258165

it's cool fam it's just obvious the anon is either nuts or trolling on purpose or both. i also find it funny how those people get so pissy and accuse you of speaking in absolutes but then get mad when you call them out for the same thing.

it was pathetic the convo literally went:
>i think small boobs can be sexy
>yeah but some people do
>some people definitely

No. 258166


No. 258167

And yet it is you who is spamming this thread

No. 258169

chill anon i posted two times.

No. 258175

File: 1528676177434.jpg (379.65 KB, 1000x800, 1519605336498.jpg)

>unpopular opinion thread

>getting so autistic that you clog up the thread because reeeee you don't like someone's opinion

No. 258180

Because your post contributed so much to this thread.

No. 258181

and so did yours

No. 258189

related, but I think women who decide to keep pregnancies in their teens/early 20s are morons. especially so if they're still in school (and yes I live in a place where there's no restrictions on abortions).

I'm not sure if that's truly an unpopular opinion though, people tend to keep those opinions private.

No. 258196

they are probably thinking a younger girl hasn't filled out as much even though obviously it depends. though if it just means a straighter cut i wish they would just say it.

No. 258198

eh, I think it depends on the situation. If you're wealthy and can afford a kid in your early twenties, I don't see the harm

No. 258202

If they’re not stable enough to support it, yeah. If they’ve got a home and job and aren’t a dumbass it’s fine. 20s are weird, some people are total adults and others are still 15 inside.

No. 258203

Jesus christ, why are you guys posting these skinny models and talking about how popular they are with guys?
Those women are far from what MOST men consider the most sexy. If you really wanna know what's the most popular with men, go check instagram models with large male following. Men don't give a shit about hollywood celebrities.
There is a body type that is the most popular and it isn't flat chested skinny girls.

No. 258210

yeah seriously, my mum looks at me and my friends and shakes her head. She's like "I don't know how you're just figuring out checks when I had a house and two kids at your age." I'm like "you raised me so if you don't know, no one will!" In reality, I think going to uni really slowed down the whole adulting thing. Its like an extension of highschool just with more freedom to have fun. I'm finally getting around to cooking most of my meals instead of eating out. I'm switching my style to more business casual cause I know I wont get away with walking around in yoga pants and tanks in the real world.

No. 258211

what are you talking about? What models? Singers and actresses from the 90s were posted up thread.

And you seriously shouldn't look to instagram to find out what guys like. That's kinda pathetic tbh. Just talk to guys.

No. 258217

Guys will fuck anything, but there's a clear type that's the most popular with men.

No. 258221

How old are you anon?

No. 258223

No. 258226

ITT women who think Gwen Stefani and Alicia Silverstone were sex icons among straight men
Thanks for the kek

No. 258231

File: 1528684769693.jpeg (37.58 KB, 700x525, 42D1CEFB-214F-42DE-8542-8F9DFB…)

In the nineties, yeah. What, did you think only gay guys liked them? Or that all straight guys liked Pam? Kek. Google anon, it’s your friend. If you weren’t born in the 90s just google “nineties sex icons.”

No. 258242

Insecure chestlets who don't feel sexy enough (((;o;))) are absolutely pathetic

Why did they even bring up 90s "sex icons" anyways? Literally 2 decades ago. Now, gays really are the only men who like Gwen.

No. 258244

One of the stupidest things I’ve read on here. Congrats

No. 258246

which part?

No. 258247

File: 1528688652120.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)

it's a damn unpopular opinion thread dude, calm your bitter ass down

and yes, people tend to overreact when they aren't attracted to womens breast size
whether you agree or not, people CAN be fucking nutheads when they aren't attracted to people, especially when it comes to women with "small" breasts (I put small in quotes due to the fact men nowadays are calling full Cs and Ds flat chest) because of this women tend to develop extreme body dysmorphias and paranoias, just let them vent ffs

No. 258249

Yeah, and that was my unpopular opinion dude, calm your bitter ass down. I still think they're nothing but pathetic little crybabies.

No. 258250

Okay anon, hope someone screams "pathetic crybaby" to you when you get bashed over and over for your appearance and the one place you can vent about it someone calls you a crybaby, are you 12?

No. 258252

Oh my god, unless complete strangers are going out of their ways to harass you about your miserable lil tinties on a daily basis, I really don't want to hear it. This is NOT the only place you can vent about it and it's not even the thread on this site your supposed to vent in. Please take it to the vent thread, you overdramatic dweeb.

No. 258254

>unless complete strangers are going out of their ways to harass you about your miserable lil tinties on a daily basis, I really don't want to hear it

did you even look at the damn picture? there are literally men breaking up with women over their small breasts, I've had a guy literally scream at me for stretching back until the professor kicked him because "i had nothing to show off", At one point most people could barely hold a conversation with me without talking about how small my boobs were and shit, this isn't a one-time thing either, I've heard stories of men abusing women just to later shame their breast size, or the men that act as if their life is horrible because their girlfriend is a D and not a porn star with giant tits

just let them vent, you don't know what they've been through, jesus fucking christ, if you don't have empathy go to /b/ or whatever

No. 258259

I don't fucking care. This is the unpopular opinion thread, not the vent thread.

All women get harassed, yet chestlets bitch and moan like they have it worse than everyone else just because they can't get male attention as easily.

No. 258265

the point was that women with small chests feel insecure then a bunch of women came in with lol wtf theres nothing to be insecure about then posting kate moss as an example of a sexy woman with a flat chest lol

that's it, retard. look through the thread

No. 258266

then get over yourself, do you think you own lolcow or some shit? if you don't like it, just ignore it and move the fuck on, don't know why you go out of your way to make it known you think women who get annoyed with constant harassment about their chest size and have insecurities due to how people react to it, are "annoying whiney bitchy crybabies!"

>moan like they have it worse than everyone else just because they can't get male attention as easily.

no? again, look at the picture, people treat small chested women as sub-humans, I've seen people brag about laughing at girls with small chests before for simply existing, if you dare not wear anything outside of a loose turtleneck people will laugh and lose their shit, women with small chests often get their womanhood removed, people always talk about how if you don't have big tits you aren't a real woman this, you're practically a man that
people lose their damn minds over women with small chests, and it's not about muh male attention because if anything I'm tired of all the attention being on my breast size, people can barely even let women live peacefully with small breasts, strangers always have to make comments on it unless you wear burqas and live in a closet all day

basically, you have NO idea what you're talking about, you really need to open your mind for once and do more listening and not so much of the insisting, and if you don't want to do that either just get over yourself and keep lurking

No. 258267

lol xDDD but you're just insecure because the plastic surgery industry, chestlet!! loooolllll xDDD omg don't compare yourself to instagram girls that have tons of men following them, compare yourself to kate moss

No. 258268

I'm not even talking about the ones who shit up the thread earlier, just in general. I'm sick of hearing them whine about it.

>look at the picture, people treat small chested women as sub-humans

Incel-teir victim complex

No. 258270

File: 1528693184453.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, tumblr_inline_p49fsj9_Atq1s3cj…)

but you clearly think that there's something to whine about

No. 258273

i don't get it either anon.

Excessive bean-flicking over whose boobs have it the worst should be a damn game at the oppression olympics.
This isn't the first time I've seen it here either.

No. 258274

not the same anon, sweetheart. i just dont understand how you can make fun of "chestlets" then say you're sick of them whining

No. 258275

Uh, what? Are you trying to accuse me of whining for calling you annoying after you just posted several walls of text about how flat chested girls are super opressed and treated like sub-human crearures?

No. 258276

posting it twice. cool

No. 258278

So, no one's allowed to make fun of people for whining now?

I made a typo, retard. And I deleted the other one.

No. 258281

no one said you're not allowed. other people can call you out on it and you can keep resorting to calling women "chestlets", male.

No. 258283

What do you think you're calling me out on? How am I whining for stating my opinion that chestlets whining about their petty problems are melodramatic losers? And I'm not a fucking male lmao. Go back to tumblr, *sweatheart~*

No. 258284

*sweetheart kek

No. 258285

Who hurt you freaks?
How many hours are you gonna devote to this? Are you okay?

No. 258286

I (>>258283) wasn't one of the ones who were arguing about this shit earlier. I posted an opinion about an hour ago, then some idiots got triggered about it and started arguing with me about how opressed their titties are.

No. 258287

You’re still doing it..why get involved?

Unpopular opinion: I hate fat activism and body positivity. I hate the focus on looks and insisting beauty matters, and I hate the lies about nutrition and how harmful obesity is. It’s a bullshit movement.

No. 258288

because i'm intp and can't help it

No. 258289

So you’re retarded enough to believe those tests made up by bored housewives. Wow there’s no helping you then.

No. 258290

>using Astrology for Nerds™ as an excuse for displaying your shitty personality traits
…mmkay then.

No. 258291

Sorry, by INTP I meant "I like winning arguments," fucking autist.

No. 258294

I think you mean you like running your point into the ground then embarrassing yourself for another hour.

There was no argument here. That whole drama over titty sizes was less of a debate and more like two Down’s syndrome kids in a bathtub, each convinced the other stole the soap.

No. 258298

Ergo, part of the titty-size-shitfit.
Having fun ‘winning the argument’ there, autismo?

No. 258299

I wasn't going on about that, I never made a single post about it. I said that bitching about your breast size not being seen as sexy is pathetic and annoying. That's it.

No. 258300

File: 1528697193884.jpeg (20.01 KB, 225x225, DCE13DB1-A3C3-4E30-B792-0C5C0F…)

>never posted about it
>only posted to say it’s pathetic to care about it
>still posting about it because ‘muh intp makes me smort’

No. 258302

arguing about dumb shit is always fun

No. 258303

File: 1528697251361.jpg (38.21 KB, 620x458, 1186111_10151823882129297_1133…)

>two Down’s syndrome kids in a bathtub, each convinced the other stole the soap
I'm having a hearty kek at this imagery, thank you.

No. 258305

This song is overrated and I'm tired of it showing up in my suggestions

No. 258306

Why make yourself look stupider?

I feel well paid for it with the serial butt stabber image

No. 258308

why is that song showing up in everyone's reccs

No. 258310

Because you asked. I don't see how I'm any worse than you when you're trying this desperately to get the last word in this dumb back and fourth. The drama was simmering down when you came in, yet you felt the need to start shit anyways.

No. 258316

>Some find them gross, fat, saggy, stretchmarked, veiny, etc.
>most big tits are saggy, have stretch marks, large areola, etc.
Not part of this "conversation" until now, but if you have to resort to insult women who were simply born like this just to feel better about yourselves, then I hope that your boyfriends leave you for real - at least then you'll have a legit reason to feel as "oppressed" as you claim to be…lol

No. 258317

Geeky/nerdy interests are neither unpopular nor obscure.

No. 258319

>some men…everyone’s different.
No one attacked your chest anon. I wrote that comment and I don't feel 'oppressed.' The whole point was that men still like me just fine. It wasn't an attack on you, so stop acting like it was.

No. 258320

you're still here? have you been in this thread refreshing for hours at your computer sweating?

No. 258321

Still, you're insinuating that all big chests in fact are as ugly as you're describing them and that some guys just don't mind, which isn't true at all.

No. 258323

No. It was literally nine hours ago. People can return to the site, you know? They're not forced to stay on it or never come back.

No. 258350

Anon I've taken 7 v-cards and it was underwhelming every single time. A guy who knows what he's doing is much better.

No. 258353

> you're insinuating that all big chests in fact are as ugly as you're describing them

This. I don't understand why a lot of women have this need to attack other women on some petty bullshit like that. Why give a fuck what guys think? Are you really going to base your selfworth on breast size and the amount of positive attention you get from men?
And since the anon knows how it feels like when someone insults you on the account of breast size, why perpetuate that and call larger breasts

> big breast are saggy veiny and ugly anyway :^)

Fucking disgusting.

No. 258355

this is some advanced faggotry

No. 258357

No. 258363

I’ll cut myself on all your edge anon. Jesus Christ this thread has turned into an under medicated clusterfuck of insecurity.

No. 258372

My unpopular opinion is that this infighting is damn entertaining, please never stop

No. 258416

File: 1528738438019.png (172.51 KB, 1113x456, 1528732726674.png)

>this fucking thread

No. 258419

Except it was started by the complete opposite…
You're just trying stir shit up again.

No. 258422

Who say that? Tbh big tits only look decent in a bra, I used to be jealous of one of my friend with huge udders, but one day she got naked in front of me and they looked terrible without support. From this day on I've loved my small breast.

No. 258424

File: 1528739169381.png (103.06 KB, 500x522, literally you.png)

Nobody cares about your sweater cows.
>this is an unpopular opinion

No. 258426

Whatever makes you feel better for not being a woman lol

The only pro I can think of for being a flatboard is that you don't need a bra.

No. 258428

Another benefit is that you look thinner. My mum is a very thin woman but she has big boobs from having kids. They make her look bigger than she is and a little disproportionate. She always told me how lucky I am for being smaller because I can wear small, cute tops and I don’t bulge out of them.
Being a woman is not dependent on having big breasts and that’s a disgusting opinion tbh. You don’t happen to be fat, do you? The only women I know who go all “reeee women with small boobs aren’t women! Men want meat not bones!!’” are fat.

No. 258429

Yes big breast makes you look chunkier, and if you happen to be cursed with no ass you'll end up looking more manly because of the inverted triangle shape it gives you. It's better to have no tits and an ass than the opposite.

No. 258431

No one's saying big tits are better than small ones, retard. Back with the victim complex.

No. 258432

Anon just a few replies above you
>Whatever makes you feel better for not being a woman lol
learn to read the thread

No. 258434


you're either male or a troll. stop shitting up the thread


mine are big, but my own unpopular opinion is that i like smaller ones better and have always been attracted to them (and envious of them because of the reasons you've stated) never felt like small boobs were masculine, they're definitely feminine and pretty in their own way

No. 258437

> learn to read the thread

This thread has blatantly turned into shitting on women who don't have AA cups. I'm a c cup myself but we have several posters here calling any larger breasts ugly fat udders.

> The only women I know who go all “reeee women with small boobs aren’t women! Men want meat not bones!!’” are fat.

Oh piss off with your cringey shit.

> you're either male or a troll. stop shitting up the thread

This is my first post ITT regarding tits. How about you tell that to 10+ posters that talk shit about women with actual breasts.

Sage & hide for titlets ruining a thread.

No. 258438

>Whatever makes you feel better for not being a woman lol

Fuck off with this shit.
This is why people with flat chests feel so victimized because LARPers like you have to torment them online which is why they go "SEE?! BIG CHESTED WOMEN ALWAYS PICK ON US FLAT CHESTED WOMEN!!!"
Oh, oh, and then I gotta read 20 comments retaliating about how having a big chest is actually the worst shit ever.

I know you're fucking around (unlike them), so just stop.

No. 258439

>The only women I know who go all “reeee women with small boobs aren’t women

true, same with ass, it's always fat, football shaped girls who have delusions about them being curvy who run around bashing women who don't have hippo ass for having "no ass" and claiming women who don't have triple Ds are bigger have no tits and aren't women, I've never seen an attractive, well-proportioned, healthy women do that

it just depends on the person, some big tits can look bad, some small boobs can look bad, even average sized boobs can look bad, it all depends on the shape, perkiness, ratio to the rest of the body, nipple/areola/boob ratio, etc, not so much size

No. 258441


Or, or, or…maybe it's literally a fucking troll getting off on you being such a paranoid tinfoiler.

No. 258442

I kind of disagree. Women with big tits look like cows to me. They always look big and older. I used to feel bad about having a small size but now I'm happy. Tits are just lumps of fat, and there's no shortage of that in our modern times where the average western person is fat.

Tits are just that, fat and usually look ugly without a bra or some sort of support. Literally cow udders.

Small breast are always cute and perky. I might be biased but I really like mine and I think they look better sooooo much better than some saggy lumps of fat.

I hope I didn't offend anyone because this is the unpopular opinion thread after all, and most people seem to think big tits are attractive.

No. 258443

File: 1528740928548.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.59 KB, 705x1024, 936b85a731c2e775608f1562f81e94…)

>"let me list a dozen reason why I'm totez not insecure about not having those ghastly fat cow udders"
Stay mad bitches

No. 258446


And guess I forgot to tag you as well lol >>258442

No. 258447

Guys.. Its just boobs, no 1 curr, and if they do they are not worth your time anyway

No. 258448

In real life, women with big tits look like cows.
Don't be upset moo-chan, you can always get a reduction surgery to become a feminine princess instead of being a lowly cow with disgusting saggy human udders.

No. 258449

Is that you, anon? Does she resemble you at all? If not, stfu

No. 258450

no? mentioning the fact I've only ever seen fat uggos have this sort of behavior doesn't make me a ~paranoid tinfoiler~, I literally just posted, are you sure it's me who's paranoid and not you? what a strawman
you'd have a better point if you used a photo that wasn't editted, shooped, and of a JAV star, who are known to get tons of surgeries on their body

No. 258451

Looks like ana-chan is back.

No. 258453

i'm going to join the discussion and agree that big tits are off putting. I guess they look nice but as soon as you hit 30+ then they start to sag a lot n make you look older and there aren't that many attractive women with big breasts.

I think most men prefer small tits because big breasts look kinda ugly just the porn made them think otherwise until they see them irl. I have big breasts but agree that theyre ugly and my back hurts, it sucks. i wish I had small breasts. The bras for smaller sizes are so much better.

No. 258454

also, clothes look better when you have smaller boobs and not saggy cow tits.

No. 258455

> mentioning the fact I've only ever seen fat uggos have this sort of behavior

omg so much this. It's like tits are the only asset that they have so any idea that their asset is saggy and ugly makes them super defensive.

No. 258457

File: 1528742090303.jpg (56.8 KB, 800x682, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

Are you done flicking your bean to how ugly you can get about women with bigger tits than you?
You've got no space to call others defensive while one obvious bait calling you a "chestlet" sent you into a raging tirade against fatties.
You need a timeout.

No. 258458

My exact thought, only this time she's brought backing…

No. 258459

File: 1528742333890.png (120.38 KB, 543x302, cows-can-shitpost.PNG)

I'm sorry, did you say something fatty moomoo-chan?

No. 258460

Made me laugh but you're still an insufferable cunt.

No. 258462

File: 1528742805731.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.39 KB, 467x700, feel.jpg)

>A-at least I'm petite and feminine, you jelly cows!1!1

Fuck off ana-chan

No. 258463

True, americans and brits are just fat so instead of trying to lose weight they just try to convince everyone their udder tits and sad potato sack ass is actually sexy lady curves and if you don't have giant ugly tits and a sad fat ass you're flat and not a woman

No. 258464

File: 1528742970711.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.53 KB, 192x256, 27f472ab91559f7b5667cb38a85914…)

Or you're not, but instead lucky enough to be born slim, but with big boobs.

No. 258465

I hate that I laughed

No. 258466

Settle down, ana-chan. Haven't you sperged enough for today?

No. 258467

I'm 110 with a D cup and a bubble butt, I use to be friends with this landwhale who was extremely insecure and even called me flat, would consider any woman who didn't have giant tits and ass flat as well, she even told a girl who had a bigger butt than Beyonce she had no ass, we aren't talking about well-propotioned healthy women, we're talking about landwhales who think they're curvy and feminine by default and think anyone who isn't as fat as them is flat

No. 258468

Please enlighten us: What perfect country do you hail from, oh fairylike ana princess?

No. 258471

File: 1528743383518.jpg (68.12 KB, 540x304, 1433651319480.jpg)

>I'm 110 with a D cup and a bubble butt

Nice roleplay.
Roll a D20 so we can determine how much silly boys wanted you in high school too.

No. 258473

Believe it, don't believe it, but let's not pretend there aren't hoards of box shaped fat girls claiming any woman who doesn't have big tits and ass is flat

No. 258474

I don't think anyone cares about you, esp not fat women. Sorry.

No. 258476

File: 1528743901399.png (71.21 KB, 1000x600, me_irl.png)

Why anon. I'm not her but I'm a 90 with DD cups and a bubble but so it's definitely possible. When I fall for example, I just bounce back. Guys keep waiting in line to ask me out, I have troubles keeping balance though and I can't play hide and seek. Everyone knows when I enter a room because my tits are like 5 minutes ahead.

Still, I hate my saggy fat udders. My life's terrible ;_;

No. 258477

Yawn, it looks like they just wanna strawman to create infighting, considering their typing style and how much they get invested into the debate

No. 258480

File: 1528744916541.png (1.01 MB, 892x1115, Bayonetta_-_Bayo2_render.png)

What about just liking to look at pretty characters? Why are you being so judgmental?

No. 258481

File: 1528744967390.png (1.44 MB, 800x933, hairr_by_sannanai-d60plyb.png)

>this thread
Christ, I want to believe it's just like 5 autists max having an argument about tits on both sides.
Here I was thinking it must be nice and convenient to have small breasts (no need for bra, clothes hang correctly, etc) and big breasts are also good because they look sexy/womanly, but it seems like breast envy/chestlet rage is very real for some people.

No. 258482

>trying to pick a fight with a three day old post
Fuck off, loser. BTW, why do you expect the users on a gossip site not to be judgemental?

No. 258483

Not that anon but three days isnt that long. Not everyone is on here every day, especially during the weekend. Chill

No. 258484


i know, i'd love to believe that a lot of the commentary is from trolls or men invading but people on here have always been spergs about body type so it's not surprising

No. 258485

File: 1528746148491.png (1.3 MB, 867x1227, 1497051439623.png)

Just ignore them, anon. I like sexy fictional characters, too. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, I like that in Japanese anime and games, a woman being sexy and/or cute doesn't mean she must be weaker, incapable or less intelligent. You can be beautiful and powerful. The male gaze and how much it favors you does not reduce the rest of your merits (and tbh, even if we try to "unsex" ourselves collectively, men are freaks. They'll just find a way to romanticize and sexualize us anyway. We can not escape objectification, the male libido will find a way. Might as well work with it).
That said, I'd like to see more hot male characters, too. I don't really like to watch or play as ugly characters in general, and I'm sick and tired of seeing either the blandest males made so that male fans can self-insert, or hideous Zyzz-tier ogres everywhere just because anything else might make neckbeards jealous or start to question their sexuality. I hate that bishonens aren't more common. Beauty in media is a good thing.

No. 258487

but female characters are sexualized and male characters are not for a reason, anon. it's never going to be equal.

No. 258488

>The male gaze and how much it favors you does not reduce the rest of your merits (and tbh, even if we try to "unsex" ourselves collectively, men are freaks. They'll just find a way to romanticize and sexualize us anyway. We can not escape objectification, the male libido will find a way.
This. I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm not rooting for women to become whores and demean themselves for men just for the hell of it but I don't have a problem with sexy female anime characters. I find them aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

That's why I'm a fujoshi, anon. Men throw a fucking fit over women sexualizing male characters and it's hilarious, their precious masculine pride can't take being the target of the way women have and always will be treated. Instead of trying to fight sexualization of female characters (as it's never going to go away), people should just start objectifying men. At least we should be able to enjoy a power trip the same as they do.

No. 258490

File: 1528747252881.jpg (229.67 KB, 1280x710, Glass-Heart-Princess-otome-gam…)

If women start to take over the demographic and make the push for more attractive male characters, the creators will have no choice but to follow the money.
For example, the reason the anime industry is oversaturated with moeshit isn't because the producers are all manchildren making what they want. It's because the fanbase who have shown the most buying power are like that, and everything is done to appease them. It's just a matter of usurping their place.
The otome market for girls who want cute/sexualized guys is big, too, and it'll only get bigger the more it (or content like it) is supported. Useless neckbeards will scream and cry, but if we're paying the most money, they'll have to deal.

No. 258491

>I hate infighting, to prove it I'll make fun of small chested women and act as if they're the only ones raging and ignore the fact the big boob side are doing a good amount of raging and envy too, claim big boobs are more sexy and womanly and only praise small boobs for things most people dont care about

No. 258495

I'm not making fun of small-chested women. Both small and big breasts have their merits. Both are attractive to me, as a woman. Small breasts are more delicate and dainty, and they fit clothes better. Large breasts have more of a raw sexual appeal to them, and that's appealing too. If you don't care about the good things about smaller breasts, that's your problem, I guess.
I feel like you're an incel who's having too much fun stirring up trouble on "the girl board", so no more (You)s for you.

No. 258497

You go on and claim big breasts have more appeal, are more womanly, etc etc, then instead of calling out both sides you just claim "chestlet rage breast envy", what did you expect?

No. 258500

Nta, but I think you misunderstood: 'breast envy' is something flatter women have and 'chestlet rage' was directed towards the bustier anons, so she called out both.

No. 258504

>imagine misreading a post this badly because you want to be the victim in all this

No. 258506

My point still stands
>teehee you dumb tiny chestlets are envious of REAL sexy, raw, appealing women, chestlet rage was totally directed at big boobs somehow

No. 258508

She literally wrote
>Small breasts are more delicate and dainty, and they fit clothes better.
before that, can't you read?! You only cherrypick what you want!

Somebody please ban lunatic ana chan

No. 258509

I believe you mean
>clothes look better when you have smaller boobs and not saggy cow tits.

No. 258511

I can read anon, it doesnt erase my point

No. 258513

File: 1528752056160.jpg (481.18 KB, 990x744, 3005512-2465022123-enhan.jpg)

>I'm sick and tired of seeing either the blandest males made so that male fans can self-insert
Lol, same. And I'm not even asking for pretty boys (which would be appreciated), but at least some variety. They put the same 30-ish scruffy looking white guy in almost every setting and it's just SO boring.

No. 258514

I believe that Pizzagate (or rather, Pedogate, as the pizza restaurant is far from the only hub for this sort of thing) is very real. The evidence stacks up way too much. You can literally watch documentaries like "A Conspiracy of Silence", "An Open Secret", look at how people like Jimmy Saville, Victor Salva and Roman Polanski are essentially protected and defended, etc to find out it's not just a conspiracy theory. Jeffrey Epstein, an important figure, has literally been outed for owning an entire island that he used for child trafficking, and Bill Clinton has been exposed for going there more than once (along with a long list of celebrities). The mode of transportation used to get there was literally called "the Lolita Express", but people just ignore all of it for some reason. It honestly makes my blood boil a little bit when people insist it's "fake", because I can tell they never took the time to analyze things much. Don't even get me started on the John Podesta/"Skippy" thing and leaked child abuse videos.

I also hate that some Trump supporters are using it to try and gain political leverage and make everything about democrats. Trump is part of it. He casually talked about Epstein's child trafficking island, and it was clear he gave no fucks. This is beyond partisan politics or "sides". It's a global issue. No politician can "stop" it, they're almost all involved.

No. 258515

File: 1528752341230.jpg (26.47 KB, 474x474, baito.jpg)

No. 258517

I just quoted what the ana sperg said in >>258454 , how was that bait?

No. 258522

I was the one who made the "can you read" comment, it wasn't me who bashed saggy cowtits, the only thing I said bashing big boobs was only pertaining to hambeasts who only have large tits and ass because they're fat and get defensive and bash any woman who doesnt have enormous gross tits and a potato sack ass as being "flat"

No. 258534

I hope you’re happy about what you started, OP anon. Look what you’ve done. A day of screeching later and it’s still going. It’s always interesting to see what triggers these sperg-fests (of which I contributed to early on).

No. 258543

I think most youtubers are trash. I can barely name any who aren’t totally awful.

No. 258550

I agree. I think most of conspiracy theories are fucking dumb, but this one (plus Madeline McCann case) seems scarily believable. It weirds me out how every time I look for any information/discussion on this topic it's either right-wing nutjobs pushing their agenda or people outright denying everything to the point of absurdity.

No. 258552

File: 1528757502895.png (49.4 KB, 587x350, ulWA9iW.png)

Cooperate twitter accounts trying to be funny are embarrassing as all hell but everyone seems to think they're hilarious

No. 258553

Madeline McCain was overdosed by her parents who wanted a quiet night on holiday. It’s not a conspiracy.

No. 258557

Agreed. There's maybe one I enjoy actively.

I also don't understand the appeal in most streamers, which seems to be an unpopular opinion if you're <40 and like vidya

No. 258566

I agree. I also think a lot of the more ridiculous shit that happened/was posted revolving around pizzagate was part of a disinformation campaign to discredit and obscure the true parts of the conspiracy.

No. 258576

Yes!! I remember when pizzagate first went down and it was uncovering a lot of believable stuff. Then suddenly it went crazy and nearly everyone discredited EVERYTHING about it. You can't talk about pizzagate without being instantly labled as crazy. Is it really so hard for people to believe that politicians are apart of something nefarious?

I think the thing that creeped me out the most was all the nasty videos fo Joe Biden getting a bit too close to kids.

No. 258577

I think conspiracy theories are fun (er, not that one though), only problem is the people who believe in one theory believe in them all. Flat earth, aliens, whatever. So if any theory had even 1% truth it's discredited by the type of people who generally talk about it.

I think they are fun thought experiments kinda. I don't believe in any of them. Pizzag8 is technically not a conspiracy theory, as >>258514 said there's ample evidence of a lot of this stuff. Pedos are all over the word and they take great lengths to conceal it. The fact that results in sometimes bizarre circumstances is to be expected.

I guess I am female so I will never understand why a man would want to hurt innocent children. I hate it

No. 258582

White people making "susan/karen/becky memes are annoying. You are literally a basic cringy white person yourself so shut up.

No. 258583

>I think conspiracy theories are fun
agree, I follow some illuminati forums pretty closely for fun. I'm not religious like a lot of people who frequent those forums but seeing people connect everything into a huge conspiracy is pretty entertaining. Plus plenty of politicians and celebrities have been exposed as being disgusting predators so I have no problem believing that even more of them are doing nefarious shit in secret.

No. 258584

File: 1528768980174.jpg (55.46 KB, 700x529, Iron sky 2 hitler riding a tre…)

>I think conspiracy theories are fun
They can be, but it almost always quickly dives into "anti-christian jew demon worshipers who did 9/11" crap.

No. 258610

It's all fun and games till someone starts harrassing families of school shooter victims claiming they are actors and their children not only haven't died, they are not even their kids in the first place

No. 258619

I feel bad for Anthony Bourdain's friends and family but I honestly was never a fan of his. I think he was so overrated and hearing people slavishly praise him after his death annoys me. He always seemed really smarmy and condescending to me. People act like he was God's gift to the dining world or tourism TV shows like he was the only person ever to care about the places he visited or authentic food.

I also don't understand why someone successful and well-loved would kill themselves. I suffered from suicidal thoughts less than a year ago but I wasn't doing very well. When I started achieving some success in my life and felt more loved, those thoughts went away.

No. 258621

completely agree with your first paragraph. he seemed like a snobby food critic trying really really hard to show everyone he's #notliketheotherfoodnetworkstars and super edgy and real. Not a bad person and I'm sure he really was a nice guy to hang out with but I have so many friends writing about him like he was their actual dad.

As for the second point, I think sometimes having a lot of wealth and success can actually make these things worse, as you can't just say your problems will go away once you get more money or more success. There's a feeling that this is as good as it gets and therefore your problems will never go away. Still not a rational way to feel but I've seen it.

No. 258632

>I also don't understand why someone successful and well-loved would kill themselves.
I agree with you anon and idgaf what excuses people will cook up on their behalf to explain the decision away.

Money does, in fact, make help and resources more available. So even if these celebrities have(had) an aversion to asking friends, family, colleagues, or even the countless fans who lick their asses for help, they still could have bought it.
Bought help doesn't work? Fine, then at least they tried something before slapping the faces of every mentally ill person who can only dream of having a fraction of the options they had.

Some people don't even have the luxury to suicide even if they want it. They'd have to think about the impact it'd leave on their families via lost income and funeral expenses. Money and help that they don't have to leave them.

Celebrities are not like you or I, and to act otherwise is to choose ignorance over reality.

No. 258633

Financial stability benefits mental health greatly, but if you have a mental illness no amount of money will buy you serotonin.

It’s a pretty ignorant view tbh

No. 258637

Money can buy you transport, referrals, and accessibility to some of the best psychologists, psychiatrists, and in-patient facilities.

I'd say your chances of fixing your chemical imbalances are at an advantage compared to the average person. But that's ignorant, huh?

No. 258640

Oops, forgot drugs. Probably the most expensive part of mental care, doi.

No. 258656

I don't fucking need to be understanding and accepting of islam just because I'm white. Nobody does. Nobody needs to be understanding and accepting of any fucking culture period. I'm not saying discriminating against or harassing people is okay, everyone does owe everyone else basic human respect, but I absolutely do also have the right to absolutely despise their religion and culture the same way they despise mine.

There isn't even one single good reason to hold white people to a higher standard of tolerance than other ethnicities and cultures.

No. 258657

No. 258658

You’re acting like mental illness is logical and rational. It’s not.

No. 258660

I think people have zero obligation to respect or give a fuck about anyone's religion in general. There is nothing tangible or concrete about their beliefs (unlike race or sexuality or something self evident like that), as far as I'm concerned I owe them as much acceptance as I do kids with imaginary friends or people who believe in astrology- that is, you just acknowledge that it's what some ill equipped people need to get by and ignore it as much as they let you.

Just saying this gets you called an edgy atheist even by other atheists these days but I just don't think ~beliefs~ warrant any special indulgences.

No. 258661

So why doesn't every person with mental illness constantly make irrational decisions based on emotions if it's truly uncontrollable and never guided by things like guilt and accountability?
Face it, we've romanticized suicide as an option and sent the message that we'll absolve the deceased of responsibility (the latter a very attractive prospect for people wanting to die).

A celebrity knows better and has all the opportunity and they make the conscious decision not to. Again fine, but call it as it is and let's not pretend these people are being held by the balls in life.

No. 258662

You uh, really don’t understand mental illness in the slightest do you?

No. 258663

Not the anon you replied to but not all mental illness is made equal and you don't feel the same every day with a mental illness. Some days you have better control over your emotions than others and some days you feel better than others.

When I had my suicide attempt years ago I genuinely, desperately wanted the pain to end and wanted to die, wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.
That was like 4 years ago now, I still have mental illness but I don't feel suicidal everyday and even when I do feel suicidal it's nowhere near as intense as the day I had my attempt.

No. 258665

Treatment takes time. It’s also notoriously difficult to get the right combination of medication required to balance out each individuals chemistry. Sometimes people are simply too far gone for treatment to be effective enough, especially after decades of illness, self destructive coping mechanisms, and the neuroplastic pathways influencing mood have been wired to negativity.
Yeah you’re ignorant..so, so obviously.

No. 258667

Ive been suicidal. Nothing, at all, caused it except my brain chemistry. Not any media “romanticizing” it. Not wanting to be free of responsibility. I was essentially told that I could go on medication or be hospitalized (I was also a minor). Now I can’t get my head back in that place. Dying is the last thing I want to do. But when you’re mentally unwell, your brain acts in strange, irrational ways. It doesn’t mean you’re irrational about everything. People who are OCD don’t obsess over everything, people with suicidal thoughts aren’t acting like idiots day to day, having general anxiety doesn’t mean you’re anxious about everything. Mental illnesses manifest differently in everyone. Like the other anons have been saying, you should really educate yourself on the topic, you sound really ignorant

No. 258669

I'm from a Muslim family and honestly, I'm a non-believer, which is something my family doesn't like but doesn't really care abot all that much in the end. And while I'm not even white and I know about Islam a bit more than the average white people in my country I feel like I can't complain about it either, even though it affects my daily life because of my family, acquaintances and upbringing.

Even though I know what I'm talking about, unlike a bunch of people who don't like Islam because what it stands for more than because of what it does in some people's daily lives. And it's super weird when non-muslim and white people who don't know me online accuse me of being racist and an islamophobe when I complain about people nagging at me for not fasting in ramadan and asking super personal questions as to why I don't, for example. I wish people also wouldn't treat religion like they treat race, sex or sexual orientation when they talk about discrimination and other social problems.

>Nobody needs to be understanding and accepting of any fucking culture period.

People seem like they're confusing "respect people [who respect you]" and "completely understand and accept other cultures no matter what". I'm always shocked when I see white Westerners say shit like "FGM isn't THAT bad because it's from another culture", like no, it's just plain bad, there's no way around it.

I never got called an edgy atheist but that might be because nowadays I'm careful about what I say online and irl.

No. 258670

Appreciate the input but literally nothing you've said refutes the fact that money and connections can buy better mental health.
In a literal, objective sense. Which IS the original point regardless if you want to switch topic to irrationality.

No. 258671

>then at least they tried something before slapping the faces of every mentally ill person who can only dream of having a fraction of the options they had.
Sure but this part is super iffy. They’re mentally unwell to the point of literally killing themselves. They’re not slapping anyone’s face.
>idgaf what excuses people will cook up on their behalf to explain the decision away.
mental illness is not an excuse. Do you think suicide is some kind of get out of jail free card? It’s the worst decision anyone can make and it’s because of their mental state. It’s not an excuse, it’s not to spite poor people who have it worse. Their brains are not wired correctly.

No. 258672

Better access to healthcare gives someone more support in tackling the mental illness but that's not necessarily linked to money, we don't even know what causes most mental illness so you can't pay more money to fix it.

I'm one of the anon's you replied to but I'm also a med student and used to be a nurse, trust me if throwing money at the problem worked, you wouldn't see so many rich people with addictions etc.

In a lot of high paying professions rates of mental illness are actually higher, it's not as black and white as you think it is.

No. 258673

>mental illness is not an excuse
People, especially the various cows and flakes here, use their mental illnesses as excuses to explain away bad and self-destructive behaviors all the time.
>Do you think suicide is some kind of get out of jail free card?
I mean are you implying people never kill themselves so they won't have to face consequences? Not that this matters, most everyone who kills themselves knows they're doing it to be away from this life so yes.

>Better access to healthcare gives someone more support in tackling the mental illness but that's not necessarily linked to money.
Being able to afford healthcare is inherently linked to money.

Again, more money means you'll be able to buy any medications you want and afford to switch at any time whereas most people can't or need to wait for insurance approvals or until they save up.

More money means you can see top professionals in the mental health care fields. And if that professional isn't a good fit? Great news for the rich. They won't have to research who's covered by their insurance and transportation to whatever office they need to get to will be a non-issue. Whereas with other people finding coverage, a good professional, and then traveling to that office is a huge issue.

Poverty and financial stress is linked to higher rates of suicide. There's no way this doesn't make sense to you.

No. 258676

I hate frosting and like to eat the cake.

No. 258678

More unpopular Never liked or worshipped Ellen because she seems very inauthentic and acting in her shows

No. 258679

You mean Ellen Degeneres?
Because I agree. She strikes me as a narcissist and I noticed sometimes on her shows that she gets irritated at guests when the audience pays more attention to them than her. She's always gotta redirect attention back onto herself.

No. 258680


Yes! Thankyou for agreeing I can't say this in polite URL conversation without getting backlash.

No. 258683

Yeah, when people irl mention her I always hide behind "Ooo I liked Finding Nemo!" because otherwise I don't understand how anyone could find her disinterested, patronizing, and mostly unfunny schtick on television entertaining to watch.

At least when she voiced a 3D fish, at least the fish always looked engaged and happy around others. And the script forced her to be way more cheerful and optimistic than she actually is.

No. 258684

FUck yes I hate frosting on cake so much.

I think she can be funny but for some reason I always get uncomfortable watching her show and I think you nailed why. I've also heard that she's kind of a dick which ruins it for me further.

No. 258686

Man I thought this long thread would be full of great discussion but half of it was taken up by a tiff over breast sizes??

No. 258687

RIP her spine

No. 258692

You know what money also buys? Easier access to your addiction.

No. 258702

It happens ALL THE TIME when important figures have been outed as being part of a pedophile ring. Like what happened in Belgium in the 90's - an ex-victim of child sex abuse revealed that a lot of high-class Belgian politicians, businessmen, judges etc. had been arranging child sex orgies and torturing young children with a solid testimony and being able to tell things nobody would know unless they went through it. This surfaced when Marc Dutroux
was arrested for raping, kidnapping and killing children and claimed to be working for this exact pedophile ring and the police found a lot of proof to support this claim. Hundreds of thousands of people marched to gain justice for the murdered and abused girls. Suddenly the police were told to drop the case when they were making process with it and the local national news outlet started a smear campaign against the ex-victim was a raving lunatic and a pathological liar, and now everyone who talks about this whole thing is considered an insane conspiracy theorist. It's really sickening.

No. 258707

No. 258715

Didn't the same story come out about the British parliament in the 70s-90s (apparently Thatcher knew) just a few years ago, but for some reason this was not considered front page worthy?
While not directly a pedophile ring, everyone knows about the massive coverup of pedophile activity in the catholic church. There's a real life high-level conspiracy for you.

No. 258719

That's why I kind of wish some conspiracy theories weren't called that. Like pizzagate and any time a pedo ring is busted. Because it's ridiculous getting lumped in with crisis actor nutjobs or lizard people believers when there is actual evidence uncovered. There was a huge website for I believe the British parlament ring that had mountains of evidence but you'd never hear about it unless you dug.
That's another one I wish wasn't called a conspiracy because of how clearly true it is. That one netflix drama was frustrating to watch because you know nothing will hhappen after the nun's death

Is there a thread here for conspiracy theories? It'd be interesting to talk more about certain ones.

Ellen is obnoxious. She always interrupts her guests and is way too into herself. I worked at Petsmart and her commercial would run over and over. Her merchandise was pretty cute though which sucked because I don't want to support her.

No. 258723

>That's another one I wish wasn't called a conspiracy because of how clearly true it is
But it's literally the definition of a conspiracy, what else would you have it called? Here's another conspiracy theory to break your mind: The CIA mounted a psyop in the 1960 to popularise the term 'conspiracy theory' as a way of discrediting anyone who would question official narratives, and it really worked out.

No. 258748

this. conspiracy theory doesn't automatically mean batshit or made up ffs. it's a theory…and theories can turn out to be true or false…..about a conspiracy.
it's like saying you wish people wouldn't say they have arachnophobia because spiders really can be dangerous sometimes.

No. 258749

Better be careful she might make an unfunny patronizing lolcow board about you.

No. 258751

File: 1528824024049.jpg (19.77 KB, 480x360, C4q3xC2W8AAEd8c.jpg)

>Because it's ridiculous getting lumped in with crisis actor nutjobs or lizard people believers when there is actual evidence uncovered

Or maybe you ought to consider that conspiracy theories are like any other broad category that contain everything from the awful to the groundbreaking. It's just people with different ideas and those ideas vary in quality depending on the intelligence and beliefs of those people. Same as music, art, movies, porn, opinions, religions, philosophies, even scientific theories. If someone mentions any conspiracy theory and it loses credibility with you because of flat earthers and the like, that's really on you.

No. 258755

It's really cringy the way she goes about bringing viral funny people from the internet onto her show. It was cute the first time she brought on this little kid, but I feel like she's brought him on so many times now that she wants us to associate him with her. Like instead of being internet famous on his own, which he was, he's supposed to be known as ellen's little friend now. I'm just imagining her being shown his video and being like "get me that kid! i need him on my show before any of the other shows get him! he needs to be part of the ellen team!"

No. 258756

And here's an example of the same thing happening in Lithuania. Note that YouTube deleted this video and terminated the uploader's account while it was getting popular. None of the site's rules were broken, but the Lithuanian government definitely did not want this gaining too much traction.
I wanted to post a CliffNotes version, but this is a pretty complicated story.
Basically, a couple divorces, and custody of the child is given to the mother. Later, the child starts talking to her father and his family about being molested by several men at her mother's house. The father takes this seriously, films an hour-long video of the daughter describing it (she was very young at this time, it's disturbing), and takes it to court. The father gets full custody, but somehow no charges are filed against the men involved, or the mother. The father decides to go public with things, goes to the news and starts naming names (some of which are powerful people, like one with a direct connection to Parliament). The police drag their feet investigating this because the accused are high-status people.
"Randomly" and "suddenly", both the appointed judge for the case and the mother's sister are shot dead on the same day with the same weapon. And then, the girl's father is found dead with the murder weapon placed near his body (the official story from the police is he "died of vomiting from alcohol abuse", but no trace of vomit was found on his body or clothes. His family hires a private investigator who claims the father was actually drowned, and the police are lying). After this, the court decides the daughter should be returned to the abusive mother's custody (she's in the care of the father's family members at this point), causing mass protests. At first, the court rescinds its decision to give the girl back to her mother, then suddenly goes back on things. The protestors manage to protect her by forming a wall, blocking police, until 250 police officers are sent to barge into the house. They forcibly barge in and take the daughter out, screaming (Let that sink in. 250 police officers were appointed to remove a little girl from a safe home to an abusive one). She later "disappears" entirely. No one knows what happened to her for sure. Meanwhile, the father's family members (specifically his sister and her son) try to speak up, and the sister gains political traction for going against the Lithuanian government's corruption. They end up having to flee to the US in a case for asylum because the Lithuanian government is working against them, but the mother is soon detained. The Lithuanian government tries to shut them down with all sorts of criminal allegations ("psychological molestation", "contempt of court", "illegal surveillance", etc). At the same time, family members and supporters of them are also facing criminal charges.
The son uploaded this video requesting people sign a petition to protect his mother from being sent back to Lithuania because there was no chance she'd get a fair trial, but YouTube pulled it, the petition didn't reach enough signatures, and they seem to have since gone grey.

No. 258757

I watched a couple of those videos and she just rubs me the wrong way, she's not even really good at playing 'fake nice'.
In this one she doesn't even let her answer properly and is just pressuring her through the game. I bet she wouldn't like it either if she was getting interviewed and had to choose between multiple female celebrities.
In general I think it's super awkward that she's always asking really intimate questions (but maybe that's just how enterntainment in the US is in general?).

No. 258764


Being a US citizen who hears nothing but great things about Europe and its wondrous uncorrupt socialism all the time..this is truly disturbing to read

No. 258766

Idk how other countries do it but yes TV entertainers ask their targets (I say targets because they prey on vulnerable people for publicity and money) very personal questions that are downright degrading and rude. Even Oprah did it in the 80s its not a recent thing. Though you'd have to be stupid to want to broadcast your life to the world, except these people, like Dr Phil do pay for medical treatment in exchange for public humiliation.

No. 258767

I mean, come on. Europe isn’t a monolith. The government in my country isn’t the best but that’s just next level fucked.

No. 258769


Slightly better level of fucked

No. 258770

I think a lot of mainstream makeup gurus are actually really fucking bad at makeup, especially when it comes to practical wear. So I think it's silly when lots of people reference to them as if it lends any credence…

No. 258772

Well it's not like they had to go to fashion and beauty school to be monetized you tubers.

No. 258773

The entire world is fucked and heavily corrupt. Please, do not look at your neighbor in another part of the world suffering and think "Wow, that's insane. Couldn't happen here". Don't think for a second that you are ever truly safe or immune to any sort of fuckery. Just worry about what you can and will do if it ever happens to you or someone that you care about.

No. 258774

File: 1528828574642.png (316.04 KB, 778x502, BB0CEF49-4362-4295-90E3-8278AD…)

James Charles is one of the worst

No. 258775

He's an absolute cakeface. Ewwww.

No. 258776

nta but it's really naive to think that something that happens in an extreme 3rd world country type place can also happen in a place like europe.

No. 258777

What makes you think you're protected? It's just that "extreme 3rd world countries" don't hide their shit like "successful" ones do. Corruption isn't restricted only to countries that are struggling. In fact, the way for most countries to come up and become large is most often via corruption.

No. 258778

Forgot to add: Europe is a continent like any other. There are countries and people suffering, it's not a utopia by any means. There is no safe haven in the world.

No. 258781

whatever anon, acting all super cynical and 'woke' doesn't mean you're not a naive idiot. i'm not interested in arguing this though because your mind seems to already be made up. not all of us are that down on how the world works.

No. 258782

Because all of Europe is socialist…

No. 258783

If you actually have an argument to back up your claims that some things just "can't happen", I'd be happy to listen. I'm not close-minded.
But from the shit I've seen and read (or even just a quick look at history), that just isn't the case. If anything, what you're claiming sounds like true naivete. I'm not cynical or "acting woke". I genuinely want things to get better, and that requires taking a look at reality and recognizing problems, instead of living in a bubble of "Oh wow those are like totally third world problems, glad my government would never fuck me over uwu". If you want to continue closing your eyes and plugging your ears, that's fine. You're not a political figure or anything. I just hope that if/when things get really bad, you manage to get out with little to no damage. Just don't act like there were absolutely no warning signs.

No. 258786

No. 258791

Omg, I actually love this song. I'm tired of all these cutesy anime voices in j-pop.

No. 258802

Labas, LT anon! I had no idea about this as well, not that Lithuania often makes the news here in Western Europe. Dutroux affair was a pretty big deal at the time but died down fast.

No. 258838

I like Anthony Bourdain and I’m sad he’s dead.

No. 258839

It's not!? Must be living in a bubble like the rest of the world…

No. 258841

lol what reality is that? having 16mil doesn't automatically turn you into an alien with no more troubles or feelings. obviously money helps a lot but you still have a human brain and emotions that can't just be switched off if you pay enough. He didn't even have kardashian level money. i think it's fucked up to kill yourself when you have an 11 year old but there are plenty of problems, mental and physical, that can't be helped with money.

No. 258843

agreed. the fact people actually buy into such a marketing scheme amazes me and disappoints me at the same time

No. 258844

No. 258850

Wasted cause anon. They’re determined to be an asshole and say stupid shit. Being sensible is beyond them.

No. 258852

See >>258673. Already elaborated and made my point. If you want to hate it that's on you in the unpopular opinion thread. So be it.

No. 258853

I really hate the whole
Social media shitshow that's happening right now. Who even gives a fuck about a fast food restaurant so much?

No. 258855

your reasons are still stupid. Stay stupid, die mad about it.

No. 258856

I'm not mad but you are.jpeg

Anyway, still haven't refuted my point. On that I suppose I'll be waiting forever.

No. 258864

I think that if you are over 25 being a weeaboo in public stops being cute or quirky and rapidly descends into creep territory. Keep it at home at that age.

No. 258865

It was refuted up thread. >>258665
Money gets you treatment, but that doesn’t mean it will be effective. Besides, I don’t have the inclination or the crayons necessary to introduce you to basic shit. It’s not my fault you’re slow.

No. 258866

This shouldn’t even be an unpopular opinion. the weirdly ott goth/witchy shit. It’s work, not Halloween Sarah. Lose the glitter and seventeen of the necklaces.

No. 258867

>Money gets you treatment
Which, again for umpteenth time, puts you at a significant advantage over people who cannot even afford it at a baseline level.
>That doesn't mean it will be effective.
Seems to be effective for most middle and upper class persons who can afford the treatments as studies have shown causality between poverty and financial strain leading to higher rates of suicide.

You sound too dumb for crayons, I think your mom just sat you in front of a tablet while telling you nothing's your fault. Probably can't even draw a chart with all those tears streaming down your red face.

No. 258868

File: 1528855992084.jpeg (30.36 KB, 384x291, 7488BA77-B3AE-4A1E-A0C8-2C5978…)

Lmao why are you so hurt over being wrong? Cry harder fam, I’m out.

No. 258869

File: 1528856074079.jpg (41.62 KB, 816x520, you.JPG)

>I'm out
See you in a couple hours.

No. 258871

Not sure if unpopular but I feel sorry for Amberlynn's girlfriend Becky. People are really harsh about her looks and size when it's pretty obvious that unlike AL she's trying to better herself and DOESN'T want to be on camera and it's a lot to do with her medication.
I can't find the video but it's one where Becky is answering questions and says how she reads the comments people leave and she feels like she can't be herself…it's just horrible.

AL pretty much bullies her into the vlogs and even then she tries super hard to be as low key as possible.
It breaks my heart that people assume she's the same breed of lazy fatass as AL. I just want Becky to leave so she can get better.

No. 258872

File: 1528857288391.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

I'm not even 21 yet, but why give a fuck about other people's clothing being OTT? As long as they're getting shit done and/or going about their day like normal humans, why does it matter?

No. 258873

I think this is their weakest song to date and I don't really like it.

No. 258874

I agree, actually. Even the visuals are weak. They kind of peaked at All Men Are Pigs and Jenny.

No. 258879

I dislike it, I don’t try and tell people they can’t wear it or go up and say I think they look bad.

I can think they look tacky, cheap, and foolish without needing to justify it.

No. 258882

Doesn't necessarily "matter" but it won't change the fact that you'll look like you have mental problems wearing that stuff after a certain age.

No. 258883

That pic applies to you as well. Let people criticize things in peace jesus

No. 258887

i really cannot stand grimes as a person or an artist. the human and musical embodiment of tumblr.

No. 258902

>he seemed like a snobby food critic trying really really hard to show everyone he's #notliketheotherfoodnetworkstars and super edgy and real.
That's what I hated about him - he was way too edgy for his own good. Compared to Gordon Ramsey, who I don't think is nearly as condescending from watching Kitchen Nightmares UK.

No. 258923

This. Where I live we're constantly told to be ''accepting and tolerant'' towards the religion of Islam, despite the fact that our culture and lifestyle is openly despised by them. Nobody is obligated to ''tolerate'' anything. You're not even allowed to call out the obvious fucked up stuff like FGM, murder of gays or women being treated like shit, you're supposed to be ''tolerant'' of everything. Which basically means you should ignore all problems and atrocities that happen in this world. So much for being progressive and pro-human rights.

No. 258926

I'd be concerned for any woman/girl who takes make up advice from a man that has never been professionally trained before anyway. At least women who are shit at make up have some facial similarities to other women/girls.

No. 258939

What is not going in your head? Just because you have a BETTER chance at healing, doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed. There is no magic wand, money or not. And it’s not a competition. Yes, wealthy people have BETTER access to help. That doesn’t mean it’s implausible for it to not work. Better doesn’t mean it’s a quick fix or a sure thing. No one is saying the playing field is equal across incomes. They’re saying even rich people want to die. And it’s not slapping poor people in the face or an escape. Their brains aren’t working right.

No. 258946

Black girls in Japan who make videos about “Japanese dick” just really annoy me. You whine about fetishism yet proceed to do it yourself. While making the rest of us look like sluts or “easy” overseas.

No. 258949

i had to get a mole removed off my body once and I was brought into a small room to get it done.
it was packed with nurses and doctors,
one doctor was talking about this date he had last night and how great he was for not having sex with her on the first date.
I was so uncomfortable. it was so unprofessional.

No. 258950

They won’t get it anon. They’re terminally retarded.

No. 258952

I know I gave up trying to explain to them yesterday as well, this person has like 0 understanding of the social determinants of health or how healthcare works in general.

No. 258953

Eh, they had to make a vaguely political stance somewhere cause they’re bitter and ‘woke’. They’ve got tumblr communist vibes lol.

No. 258964

Gross. If the clinic is on yelp/Google you should leave them a bad review

No. 258970

10 hours you lasted. Welcome back.

>doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed
Which doesn't invalidate the better chances they have than 98% of the world's population.
It's like you don't want to accept this and just wanna scream about brains "not working always."

Nobody in healthcare says that.

No. 258971

>tumblr communist vibes
Also you fucking what? Lmao. I think you're the one that goes to tumblr a wittle too much, friendo.

No. 258973

I support introducing a fat tax on fast food, sweets etc.

I also thing the government should subsidise some healthy foods for those on benefits(welfare).

No. 258981

>Which doesn't invalidate the better chances they have than 98% of the world's population.
Nobody is arguing that. This was started because an anon, I guess you, was beyond retarded and said wealthy people who commit suicide have “no excuses,” and it’s a “slap in the face” of poor people who want to die. No one is saying that they dont have better chances and resources. They do. But that doesn’t mean treatment is flawless. Obviously. Or they wouldn’t be killing themselves.
You just can’t admit you said something ignorant and now want to argue against something nobody has said. Nobody has said the wealthy and the poor have the same treatment options or help available. Nobody has said that the wealthy are just as likely to kill them selves or that they have the same rates of suicidal thoughts.

The point is that wealthy people kill themselves. It’s not to spite the poor. It’s because their brains are fucked up. They don’t need an “excuse” other than that fact. It doesn’t excuse it but it explains it. And clearly you need it explained to you

No. 258982

that's really stupid and arbitrary, anon.

No. 258983

We have introduced minimum pricing on alcohol in my country recently, why shouldn't we approach obesity the same way as alcoholism ?

No. 258984

Not that anon and quoting Wikipedia cause I’m a lazy bum but it’s actually not that bad of an idea
>A fat tax aims to decrease the consumption of foods that are linked to obesity. A related idea is to tax foods that are linked to increased risk of coronary heart disease. Numerous studies suggest that as the price of a food decreases, individuals get fatter.[2][3][4] In fact, eating behavior may be more responsive to price increases than to nutritional education.[5] Estimates suggest that a 1 cent per ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages may reduce the consumption of those beverages by 25%.[6] However, there is also evidence that obese individuals are less responsive to changes in the price of food than normal-weight individuals.[7]

It sounds stupid as fuck and the name doesn’t help. It has issues

>Since the poor spend a greater proportion of their income on food, a fat tax might be regressive.

But it does make sense even if it would be tricky to implement

>Research indicates that the current obesity epidemic is increasing as a result of the fast food industry expanding. Junk food outlets are changing the dietary habits of society, pushing out traditional restaurants and leading to the detrimental health effects of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.[16] Taxes on tobacco have seen smoking rates decrease, and as a result there have been calls for fat taxes to be implemented in more countries in an attempt to reduce the consumption of unhealthy foods.[15]

No. 258985

>no excuses
No excuses to not get help, correct-a-mundo.

And yes it is an extreme slap to the face of poor people who can't even see someone.

>Nobody has said the wealthy and the poor have the same treatment options.

No, instead you've been slapping titties with me over the rate of success and why it's still bad for the poor richies because some of them wind up killing themselves anyway.

Tell me, do you and that other horse's ass of an anon win IRL arguments by calling people "retards" often?
Now go argue with fat tax anon or something.

No. 258986

because the cause of obesity isn't necessarily certain foods. and healthier foods eaten certain ways can also be unhealthy. so even if you tax chicken fingers, people will still go and buy chicken, flour and oil to make their own. plus fast food restaurants sell things that are healthy like salads etc. it would be basically impossible to say what is and isn't healthy. plus there's a lot of things, like milk, that is marketed as healthy but really isn't.

alcohol is totally different because it's fucking poison.

No. 258987

>I support introducing a fat tax on fast food, sweets etc.

I'm fat and okay with this because I just have a portion control problem. Not a soda and sweets problem.

Now hopefully that tax money means organic foods like fresh vegetables, salads, and vegan foods become less ass rapingly expensive.

No. 258988

>Tell me, do you and that other horse's ass of an anon win IRL arguments by calling people "retards" often?
Oh fuck off with that sanctimonious bullshit. This is lolcow not a damn academic debate.
I’m sorry you’re bitter you can’t get treatment for your clear mental issues because you’re poor. But wealthy people killing themselves isn’t a slap in your face, it has nothing to do with you. So just drop it.

No. 258989

>I'm fat and okay with this because I just have a portion control problem. Not a soda and sweets problem.

But anon, you're just kind of admitting it wouldn't help you at all.

No. 258990

Are you going to act like people aren't fatter every year in part because of all the high calories-poor-quality-food available?

No. 258991

>This is lolcow not a damn academic debate.
Which begs the fucking question why you're being so sanctimonious about what I say about rich people in the unpopular opinions thread.
You sensitive little shit. Let it go.

No. 258992

It wouldn’t help them individually lose weight but it would drive up the price of shit quality food with no nutritional value which is a positive for society in general. And it definitely would help a good chunk of people

No. 258993

nta but shit you're salty. sorry your life sucks but it's not some dead rich guys' fault your country doesn't have good health care.

No. 258994

But neither would it harm me, and I do know other fatties have problems with soda, fast food, and sweets. If the tax dollars could go towards something useful to help out everyone then I think it's worthy.

No. 258995

I hope you get the therapy you so desperately need. People calling you ignorant for saying dumb shit isn’t them being sanctimonious.

No. 258997


Both of you seem clueless on the cost of food tbh. Shitty fast food and frozen foods aren't cheaper than buying fresh food. Even the super cheap stuff, it's not a matter of price it's taste. The people buying the shit would still buy it even if it had a higher tax, because those people buy it even on foodstamps/welfare.

No. 258998

>it's not some dead rich guys' fault your country doesn't have good health care
Shows how much you know. Idiot.

Nah, just WKing against anyone who says anything bad about rich people is all. Pft. Are you gone yet?

Sounds like a few of you need therapy with all these bitch tears.

No. 258999

O k get the last word in. This clearly means a lot to you. I do sincerely hope you get help.

Sorry what do you mean by that? Like would the tax go to health care or fitness programs or what?

No. 259000

I'm not meaning tax like everything that contains fat in a certain percentage but more taxing things that have no benefit in our diet and are consumed by a significant proportion of the population.

I mean we also introduced a sugar tax on fizzy drinks in my country recently as well, why shouldn't things like crisps and other like unhealthy diet staples be taxed too?

And yes the money raised is going towards services.

No. 259001

>the last word
That's right, it's mine. Now make like the other anon and be out like they claimed hours ago.

No. 259002

Truly pathetic.

No. 259003

K bye self-righteous anon trying not to get last word. Shoooo :^)

No. 259004

File: 1528905859123.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 1497079521761.jpg)

>That's right, it's mine

That's sad, even for lolcow.

No. 259005

I think Will Smith is a narcissist

Who the fuck named Will names their kid Willow. And his wife Jada, his son is named Jaden. Squick. Somehow this is worse than if they just named them Will and Jada which would’ve just been lazy. They put serious thought into naming their kids weird alternative versions of their own names. Not to mention Will’s other kid he doesn’t give a shit about. Not to mention the cluster fuck that was After Earth. And he was never that funny.

No. 259006

File: 1528905954750.gif (616.86 KB, 498x498, 971.gif)

For someone initially hung up on who's got the last word, you sure do seem to want it.

Sorry, want me to share it with you anon?
Too bad :^)

No. 259007

you're fucking loopy.

No. 259008

you realize that anthony bourdain died in france, right? a country with top universal healthcare. you seem to just be bitching about the USA for some reason.

No. 259009

>Like would the tax go to health care or fitness programs or what?

As I said before, it could be used to subsidize healthier foods so that way the people who are trying to make the right choices aren't penalized like they are now. I don't know about other governments, but the United States government subsidizes the production of crops and products that make up the basis of extremely unhealthy food.

Although I also think mandatory time for fitness should also become a thing as well.

No. 259010

>For someone initially hung up on who's got the last word, you sure do seem to want it.
Other anons exist. This isn’t your private chat. Paranoid, much?

No. 259011

Anon…are you…are you trying to steal THE LAST WORD? That's okay, I'll protect your higher road :^)

No. 259012

Nope, just enjoying the sweet taste of your salty tears.

No. 259013

clearly anon broke and is trying now to "troll" us. by which i mean just spew random shit and accuse everyone of being butthurt despite looking like a complete tryhard. she also backpedaled and tried to convince us she was totes not invested in the conversation, even though she is clearly very upset.

No. 259015

You don’t even know if that’s the same anon (hint: it’s not). You’re insane. Well done running your argument into the ground with this low effort troll shit.

No. 259016

First you say I'm getting the last word, and now you're trying to take the last word back.
Stop being such a cunt tease you pious little wordslut.

No. 259017

Because you're all fucking ridiculous but at least now the banter matches the IQ in this space.

No. 259018

I don’t think bottled water should be free

No. 259019

>That's right, it's mine
>I'll protect your higher road :^)
Holy fuck that's some kindergarten level shit.

No. 259020

Begone last word demon! Take your totes not butthurt ass up on outta here~

No. 259021

Where is bottled water free?
I want in on this.

No. 259022

File: 1528906634861.gif (646.03 KB, 268x300, 1j6lKbBn1v35qj7o1_400.gif)

I wonder how many other fight crazy last words anon has started on lolcow.

No. 259024

yeah seriously, I wonder if you can track some sort of downward spiral or increasing insanity. This is next level stupidity and immaturity.

No. 259025

File: 1528906718040.gif (495.08 KB, 500x289, let me whisper to you sweet no…)

Just this one and I'll make sure I win it :^)
You're supposed to be gone and over this, remember?

No. 259026

Well look who's still here.

No. 259027

File: 1528907045123.gif (2.97 MB, 576x240, 97CD6EC0-3E5B-4C3D-B2C6-022FBA…)

No. 259028

File: 1528907128131.gif (332.92 KB, 320x320, tenor.gif)

Gifs still count. Still waiting for you to drop this.

No. 259029


So can we get back to unpopular opinions now?

No. 259030

People who are in risk of displaying violent behavior by posting hateful things on the internet should be forced to do therapy, if they refuse, they should be put in a mental ward and taught how to behave properly.

No. 259031

i always feel like it's the same person. mainly because i want to think there's not more than one anon this crazy.

No. 259032

see you there bby, and everyone else on the site.

i know this is the unpopular opinion thread but ffs some of you are dumb as hell.

No. 259033

At this point you sound just as mad about it tbh.

No. 259034

…that's my first post

No. 259035

How am I in risk of displaying violent behavior? Are you projecting something?

No. 259036

Then what a waste.

Clearly there's been different people posting. Anachan, anti-loli chan, and I can tell you I'm neither. I'm just having a little fucking fun because y'all take yourselves so fucking seriously.

No. 259037

>see you there bby, and everyone else on the site.

Why would you even go there when anon didn't even elaborate on what kinds of "hateful" things qualify.

What kinds of "hateful" things?

No. 259039

File: 1528907967363.jpeg (268.08 KB, 651x1600, 47DDAC99-2BD1-4E17-8BA4-3133FF…)

I feel like the issue comes in when it’s just tragically bored people or kids. Like, that’s a shit ton of resources just to find out it was some bored housewife or teenager.

No. 259040

This is some hardcore sperging, anon. If you're going to be le ebin tr0ll xD, could you at least shit up the thread with funny stuff?

No. 259042

Anyone can be hateful behind anonymity, it doesn't mean they're actually crazy or violent. Sometimes it's the only way they can vent about stuff they can't otherwise. Posting it in rl tho…

No. 259044

It's funny to me.
Ha. Ha. Ha. And maybe I'd stop if you'd but have the restraint to do so yourself. Which clearly you don't.

No. 259046

Why do you think anyone who calls out your autism is the same person who was arguing before? You're unfunny and annoying, fuck off and stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 259047

Why hate on bis or lesbians when poly shitfucks exist

No. 259048

Incels and robots can be fun people if you have a good understanding of how male humor works and don't take everything they say seriously.

No. 259049

Incel and robot humor is not “male humor.” Those aren’t terms for all men, is for pathetic losers who don’t get laid, wank off to their anime pillow, and write about killing whores online

No. 259050

I have to say I find the virgin vs chad meme funny.

No. 259051

Because there's less of them and 99.9999999…99% of them are bis

No. 259052

Ah I see, so you're just the randumbass jumping into arguments and shitting up the thread further when the other arguers have left thinking you're better for it. Fuck you too.

No. 259053

Robots, maybe.

Straight up incels though? No, they will never be a true friend to women. They hate us, and blame us for their virginity. Hence the name.

No. 259054

agree. how can people call bi girls whores when poly tards literally are fucking more than one person at once. being poly is for immature people who don't want to commit to one person because it's hard to compromise and be a human. much easier to just get all the emotional comfort of a relationship without all the baggage and then swap to someone else when it gets too hard.

No. 259055

No, I'm not. I don't care about arguing, but you're not really arguing. You're just acting like an autist and making the thread completely unreadable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 259056

You are arguing and you need to take your own advice and shut the fuck up already!

No. 259057

you don't understand Anon, being poly is allowing yourself to love unconditionally! It's not about being lazy and being able to runaway to another lover when you have difficulties in one relationship, it's about unrestricted love!

No. 259058

She would have been gone 25 minutes ago if you didn't comment to stir the pot. Stop.

No. 259059

I think people who reply to obvious bait should get banned too. They often result in keeping drama around way longer.

No. 259060

>still desperate to get the last word
Only makes you look like more of a sperg, anon. I will stop arguing with you now though, it's fucking lame.

No. 259061

>still desperate to get the last word

Then just give it to me and GO. AWAY.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 259062

I really dislike how american-centric most of the internet it.

No. 259063

No. 259064


>it's about unrestricted dick and pussy!


No. 259065

Serious question: Do poly relationships ever even end well? It's rare that I've heard of an old group of poly people who've kept their same circle of partners through their lifetime unless it's for religious reasons, like Mormonism.

No. 259066

luckily they don't. i say this because the people generally grow up and stop that shit.

No. 259067

It usually doesn't last, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to see your partner enter in what they call NRE (new relationship energy; aka neglecting your first partner for the new fresh one you just met) multiple time in the span of a relationship.

No. 259069


I would say 99999999999.9% are manipulative straight while males that rope their desperate gfs into finding hoes to get cucked with.
See: onion, groceries plus their cuckqueens etc

No. 259075

For poly guys, but all the poly females I've ever met were bisexual white girls who [pretend to] enjoy being cucked because they don't want their npd bfs to leave them, which is what plainey and wig are. Pretty much all poly females in general are bisexual or straight if they're mormon or something.

No. 259076

Just get bored of discussions revolving around American issues all the time and listening to their weird opinions on the rest of the world like thinking Europe is socialist.

No. 259077

There's nothing bisexual about Lainey or June, kek. They're both straight as arrows, and only claim "bi" to impress their boyfriends and get internet cred.

No. 259078

Pseudo-bisexuality still counts as bisexuality impo, but if you don't think so then w/e

No. 259081

I think Lainey is.

June however just claims to be bisexual to be a handmaiden to Preggory so he can have his filthy threesomes with internet hoes. I hate how he openly hits on other women online and June feels like she's gotta chime in to make it look like she's interested too so she doesn't look as cucky. Except that completely falls flat.
They're both so degenerate and make a complete joke of themselves. Makes me think Preg would claim to be poly if he knew June wouldn't get so rabidly jealous.

No. 259087

I'm tired of all the retarded tumblr transtrenders and sissies/fetishits and entitled "lesbians must also cater to me!!!" retards that fuel the hate we get. Just let us be, we want to live in peace, quietly, none of that big,loud,.. pride shit

No. 259088

Uh… males aren't allowed on here, and that includes trannies. Go away.

No. 259090

"3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way. Don't post simply to point out if you're attracted to the subject or not. Nobody cares about your preferences."

learn to read anon

No. 259091

Sex reassignment surgery shouldn't be allowed.

No. 259092

What are you talking about? He did announce his gender by saying he was a male tranny.

No. 259093

pansexuality is the dumbest thing. It's litteraly just like being bi and I don't even get why it's a thing.

No. 259096

Most girls here are amongst the saltiest,bitchiest,cattiest, insecure cunts i've ever encountered in years of being on 4chan including /cgl/.
But most of them come from /cgl/ or PULL so it's not surprising.

No. 259097

And may I add, they deserve all the misery they had and will have in their life if they're gonna act like they do. Laughing at cows is one thing but jfc the amount of cattiness is high school level.

This place is the female version of /r9K/ tbqh

No. 259099

>This place is the female version of /r9K/ tbqh

Not really.
Come back when we have daily threads that threaten violence against "normies" and school shootings, how Chads owe us sex, and how we all begrudge our parents for making us go get jobs and not live at home.

No. 259100

>This place is the female version of /r9K/ tbqh
i wish

No. 259101

Tell us more about what the big mean farmers did to you Anon.

No. 259102

Agreed. And the most retarded arguments I get are always:

>pansexuals care about personality not looks!!

>bi people only date males and females, not nonbinary and trans people!!

Like…the majority of people care more about personality than just looks, regardless of sexuality and nonbinary and trans people still have a vagina or dick

No. 259104

absolutely nothing but just reading some of you bitches is fucking wild wew

No. 259106

Like what? You don't exactly sound like a lovely yourself.

No. 259107

I wish that too.
I want to have a place for socially awkward women that can't find themselves enjoying normie stuff but without the gossip and nitpicking.

I wish we could have threads like that without other farmers chiming in to call us losers and derail the threads.

No. 259108

Well there is crystal cafe.

No. 259109


this. het poly guys especially are some of the most abusive and manipulative partners out there, and yet preach all this hippy bs about boundless love and tolerance. there's a reason they mostly start closed relationships with girls who have low self worth and spring the poly thing on them down the line, they're manchildren and can't just date and sleep around casually without a steady emotional punching bag to fall back on.

the girlfriends who go along with it just hate themselves and are willingly just taking top tier abuse to not be dumped, unless they're huge cucks and get off to it.

No. 259110

I've been there and it's normie and too girly. Plus, I got the impression that half of them are dudes larping as their ideal waifus.

No. 259111

nta but c.c is super normie/basic.

poly girls are the same way. they're always those sex-posi tumblr sjw types who go for those fuccboi feminist dudes and then get bored and want to fuck other guys, then they close the relationship with the new guy during the honeymoon phase and leave their first bf.

No. 259129


Crystal cafe would be okay but it's super dead. For that reason I check it out every now and then. Shame cause I would love to talk with femanons about all nerdy and niche things.

I wish there was an active imageboard for femanons without the focus on tearing women's looks apart. I won't lie, I enjoy reading about few cows cause it's interesting to have a window into bizzare lives. I don't care if they are pretty or not. Most cows look average/fine anyway if compared to people on the street, it's their personality that's a problem.

No. 259134

begone, male

No. 259135

I do wish there was a place on the internet for women to talk without nitpicking women's looks. It gets boring and I think it's shitty, men do it to us enough why are we joining in? Saged for moralfagging.

No. 259140

I don't think there's a problem with nitpicking looks, but I do think there's a problem with how little mens' looks get nitpicked. Most men are fucking ugly and deserve to be shamed for it, yet women get nitpicked way more often even though most of us look okay.

No. 259141

I kinda agree actually but we would be raided by robots or pick me's tbh.

No. 259143

Ugly incels like you.

No. 259147

It's kinda sad how male cow threads are so inactive. I feel like the only men who are criticized for their looks on an equal level are Onion and Preg, and I don't really even count Preggory because that's really June's thread.

No. 259148

File: 1528924009050.png (384.17 KB, 616x576, V5EIvEG.png)

This is how I feel about Lana, Melanie Martinez and Marina too.

At least Lana and Marina seem like chill people unlike the other two

No. 259149

Is it because we've come to expect ugliness from males?

No. 259150

Women only consider 20% of men above average according to okcupid.

No. 259151

I hate if you criticize Islam people shoot back "Yeah, what about Christians though?" as some great gotcha moment.

It's like c'mon, the same people criticizing Islam for its sexism probably aren't the biggest fans of Christianity either. You can criticize two things at once, it's not a competition.

No. 259152

i mean christianity is still fucking trash in a lot of ways but some of this islam shit is crusades era fucked up. also, how is that a gotcha? they're basically admitting both religions are fucked up.

No. 259153

Way less than 20% are legitimately above average lbr. Sad how society doesn't pressure them to raise that percentage.

No. 259155

A lot of people who claim Islam is sexist are conservative Christians tho. Look at the people who complain about rapefugees who blame women when they are raped by white men.

No. 259156

I'm talking about in liberal/leftist spaces where the majority of people are usually nonreligious though.

No. 259158

You're really ugly, robot. No attractive female should settle for a worm like you and, until you better yourself, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

No. 259159

>Bourdain was just so blunt and straightforward with his stuff, it was refreshing to see a regular dude in the food world who wasnt some stuffy bourgeois type who was disgusted by anything that wasn't of the finest quality.
He's ~not like other chefs~. It's so dumb and pretentious. Gordon Ramsay and other TV chefs aren't stuffy at all. It's good you got more interested in food but it's too bad you have such a negative outlook on the rest of the industry.

It's also hypocritical how Bourdain's fans trash Guy Fieri. Fieri isn't really my thing and is definitely catering to people with different tastes than mine. But he is also a down to earth guy who manages to not tear other people down.

No. 259163

File: 1528926769421.jpeg (323.05 KB, 1260x1559, 3F06DE94-CA3E-4AC8-9934-98B31B…)

Jamie Oliver is best chef
>He's worked tirelessly to make British kids eat healthier, to get fresher food to people on low incomes, to erase the rot off junk food in the UK and to improve education for excluded young people
>he works patiently with people, understanding their concerns about change, and has time and time again been incredibly effective in moving people and governments to make life-changing alterations. School dinners are healthier, we now have a sugar tax and both the British and Australian governments have helped fund his Ministry of Food centres, which use his techniques to get people into healthy cooking
>It's because of his uncool, dad-like qualities that he's able to soothe our unique culinary maladies.
You can love him or love to hate him but he’s best.

No. 259165

because you all dress bad and have shitty haircuts

No. 259166

File: 1528927336509.jpg (32.05 KB, 480x480, sexually-charged-embrace.jpg)

Not sure how unpopular this is, but I hate all those fugly Rohan OVAs. I bet Araki's the one who pushed David Pro to animate them in the first place it since he clearly wants to bang Rohan harder than any of his other characters.

No. 259168

Don't be so shallow.

No. 259169

Yeah I don't get where the whole uppity meme about mainstream tv chefs comes from. I remember most tv chefs being really down to earth or catering to "lower class" tastes, especially when it came to documenting "ethnic" foods.
It's been that way for awhile, and imo Bourdain didn't pioneer that.

No. 259170

why? i have to be attracted to a guy to fuck him

No. 259172

Yeah but you don't need to focus on looks too much. What really gets me going is connecting with somebody, even if that person isn't the best looking.

No. 259173

cool for you

No. 259174

being attracted to someone doesn't hinge on if they're stereotypically good looking, you know, there's not really a universal standard no matter what people claim.

No. 259177

I'm talking about people I wouldn't consider any special if our personalities didn't click well.

No. 259178

again, that doesn't hinge on being stereotypically attractive. plus, connecting with someone often makes them seem more physically attractive.

No. 259186

So stop trying to buy organic. There’s no proven benefits, and they still use pesticides and shit so you’re not avoiding some mystery toxin. People who pay the organic fee are friggin stupid.

He’s a great dude and I love that he cares so much about kids being healthy but imo he’s a mediocre chef. There’s people like escoffier, actual masters.
Jaime Oliver just tells you how to make a nice roast or Sunday lunch.

Ew. Poly people are a plague.

Also lmao why are y’all arguing with the anon who says only poor people can be sad? They clearly can’t afford therapy for their glaringly obvious personality disorder and are cut deep about it.

No. 259195

>less than 20%
>legitimately above average

No. 259197

By 'above average' I meant 'not completely unremarkable/bland at best'

No. 259198

I have nothing against vegans but I think veganism is so trendy nowadays people just hop on the bandwagon and say 'I'm vegan' like it's some sort of status or to feel above the meat eaters/act like a snowflake. Imo it's just a fad that's gonna die out someday.

No. 259199

I'm not diagnosed with a personality disorder, but I still would love my anti-anxiety meds to not be $100 a month. And for therapists to stop charging a copay.
Mental healthcare is insane.
>not that anon btw

No. 259200

Why is everyone assuming male attractiveness follows a Gaussian distribution

No. 259204

what does this mean?

No. 259206

File: 1528936586625.png (18.38 KB, 620x450, 620px-Empirical_Rule.png)

No. 259207

And they should be cheaper anon, but that’s no reason to shit on people who can afford it and still succumb to their illness.

It’s like saying someone is a weak piece of shit for dying of cancer despite being able to afford chemo. Being bitter doesn’t get you anything.

No. 259208

I'm diagnosed with a personality disorder and I'm so thankful I live in a country with free prescriptions, cause I take like 6 medications daily.

That anon was trying to say that people choose to be depressed/suicidal because they have such good access to healthcare but still end up killing themselves.

No. 259209

>tfw there are toxins in my city's water right now
I would love some free water right about now mang

agreed, I'm American and after making some Asian and European friends online I realized how obnoxious I sounded assuming they knew or understood the same culturally specific stuff as me or had the same political/socioeconomic problems. I used websites like reddit all through high school which are notably American-centric and I'm still unlearning the habit of assuming that every fluent English speaker I encounter online is American.

No. 259210

And your idea of how males fall into line is…?

No. 259211

I'm not the anon you replied to robot, I just know basic statistics

No. 259212

I don't want to start another argument and I really don't feel like reading all that, but if someone doesn't choose to seek help when they have the means, then it is their fault.

No. 259213

Omg I just wanted to know what the hell you were on about and why you had to pick up a thesaurus to describe a bell curve!

No. 259214

Yeah that argument just spiralled into anon's spamming the thread with nonsense, don't bother reading it.

I respectfully disagree but hey ho.

No. 259215

I lowkey think people should chill on the stellbell thread, Ik it's lolcow and people are insanely nitpicky and strawmanny but fuck, even 16 yr olds can't escape the ~she's aging like milk~ comments, or when she posts a normal video like the sister one and people accused her of doing it to be trad

is there ANYONE who can escape the aging comments on lolcow? it's like these farmers have never seen a normal human face before and think anyone who doesn't look like a literal child or kpop star is aging like milk

or the anons in other threads who spazz out when someone says a cow isn't ugly

No. 259219

we're biased because we don't go outside, let alone sit in the sun, and thus do not age

No. 259222

File: 1528941426661.jpg (14.34 KB, 278x135, kanji.jpg)

god i hate this

No. 259223

I think people are harsher in general about someone's looks when they've been a shit person. That's why I just ignore comments like that because they're more critical than what is reality for the majority of people.

No. 259226

No I mean everyone was being annoying and derailing. I'm not just gonna single out one anon when you all frankly should have moved on. Cool tho.

No. 259227

Most likely never smile either, at least we won't get laugh lines.

No. 259230

File: 1528942850017.gif (864.79 KB, 400x225, tumblr_mzu800a4Lx1qamu0xo1_400…)

I'm starting to think ftm trannies are just as fucking annoying as mtf. I got yelled at in a porn artists chat by a ftm artist for using the term "trap," saying I was being offensive to trans people. Wtf? That's not even close to the same thing…also it's porn jargon, if you don't like it stop drawing smut and get the fuck over yourself.

No. 259234


the amount of people who sperg about drawings in general is bs tbh. it's a bunch of lines that doesn't have any emotions, you can tell these people have nothing better to do

No. 259240

File: 1528945214066.jpg (11.57 KB, 448x183, right-skewed.jpg)


pic related, with less than 20% of men scoring above average (the mean)

No. 259279

They were both involved with the NXVIM sex cult, child trafficking and HRC who was funding all of it. Bourdains name pooped up on a list of people who requested 6-9 year olds. Funny how he kept doing shit TV segments despite wanting nothin more than to coop himself inside a hotel room doing hard drugs.

Kate Spade talked and got killed. Anthony Bourdain was apparently paranoid before being found dead in his apartment.

No. 259280

"I hate that people could design a fictional character that people fawn over more than the hottest non fictional people and that makes me angry, because If people don't fawn over the hottest real people what chance do I have being a blindingly below average real person. This makes me very angry and naturally you should be angry too. I bet you think the way you do because you wish you were an hyper idealised characterisation of feminine attributes."

No. 259282

She was sold by her parents to pedo's, as was Jon Bennet Ramsey.

No. 259283

Israel was behind 9/11

No. 259285

File: 1528962560218.gif (4.71 MB, 480x269, giphy_14.gif)

Agreed. Ellen communicates to me as a hateful witch. I know this sounds crazy but I am not even joking.

When she came out on her show as a lesbian, she was blackballed and the whole of America turned on her, that would really change your perspective on people. Now the only work she has thrived at is doing a shitty daytime talk show where she dances around being that "quirky lesbian we all know and love".

Not to mention the clusterfuck that was 2017 the whole Nicki Minaj "I am the generous Queen, ask Ms Ellen" song lyric and the MTV MA's Katy Perry Ellen tribute. When was Ellen ever big in the world of MTV and music?

Hillary Clinton is also the same, a closet lesbian who married a rapist to become first lady and a household name who was never very likeable to begin with. It all just seems like an act that makes them appear as very alien like and cold. Raven Simone also to an extent but lesser as she never lied about her disdain for the people who once called themselves her fans.

No. 259286

Dr. Phil was Oprah's shrink, she actually got him his tv gig. You could be a doctor, surgeon, cook whatever Humiliation and exploitation is part of the TV interviewer business model. They will always claim to want to talk to you to hear your POV.

No. 259290

Those women are funded by travel agencies and hotel travel groups to act like prostitutes and they do it in exchange for endorsements and more "free" travel opportunities.

I say free because they give themselves a bad image and that is never free of consequence.

These travel agencies and hotel groups are more often than not owned by Jews. Its an internet psyop just like modern hip hop to promote "diversity" and "racial awareness".

I reference Tekashi 69
Heavy Drug Use
Uses the N-word
Bisexual LGBT
Single Teen parent
Claims to be both Crip and Blood?
Body guard is ex-mossad (Jewish military)

You'll also notice a high amount of youtube videos made by Black African America women talking about Racism is in foreign countries. They will refer to exaggerated hard to believe events and stupid mundane situations "An old lady who was really generic looked at me funny / an or spat on me" or "This drugstore in Scandinavia did not carry my foundation shade" in order to promote the image of racial victimhood.

These youtubers always resort to ending their video by talking about what these countries can do to "fix racism" ie. "Embracing diversity, equality, changing the fundamentals of their culture etc" even though they are professional sex fetishist and/or tourists.

No. 259293

100% The family is weird, he was apparently a scientologist but nothing was ever confirmed. He and Jada had an open marriage for many years, and only recently did he return to filming alongside Margot Robbie.


No. 259296

File: 1528964312786.gif (697.61 KB, 300x200, giphy (1).gif)

This makes me miss the suicide and boob wank.

Leah Remini has said Jada's a Scientologist. No idea how true that is, but Jada said this in response:

"I have studied Dianetics, and appreciate the merits of Study Tech… but I am not a Scientologist,”

Which is weird. It's not like studying Dianetics is a popular thing for non Scientologists to do.

No. 259301

My unpopular opinion is that I love Saoirse Ronan and I don't believe she's "faking" her accent.

No. 259302

Yeah I was agreeing that all the anon's involved in the derailing were annoying not just the one anon, that's why I said anon's, don't know why you thought I was singling an anon out?

No. 259304

>People should be shamed by things they have no control over

Jesus Christ you people are evil

No. 259305

People do have some controls over their looks, tho.

No. 259306

>The protestors manage to protect her by forming a wall, blocking police, until 250 police officers are sent to barge into the house. They forcibly barge in and take the daughter out, screaming (Let that sink in. 250 police officers were appointed to remove a little girl from a safe home to an abusive one).

This is one of the most shocking things I've read in a long time. God, the world is so fucked. That poor, poor child. So many people trying to defend her, including her father and his family an yet the pedophiles and the people with money always seem to win in the end. I'm actually tearing up, why does the world hate women and children so much? Why is this acceptable to some?

No. 259308

There are some things they can't control, but other things they can. Personally, one thing I hate is how fucking old most men look and how garbage their skin is. Women are constantly shamed for ~aging like milk~ even with significantly better skin quality and skincare regimes and I 100% believe men need to be shamed for their premature aging. I also believe in shaming them for their poor sense of style, low effort hairstyles, etc.

But honestly, women go above and beyond for their looks and still get shit on constantly for not being hot enough. I wouldn't nitpick people I know IRL but I can't help but think that men 'deserve' us being harsher on their looks from a distance… like online, or celebrities. They have no qualms about doing it to us so I can't see it as evil, the only question is whether or not we want to sink to their level.

No. 259309

File: 1528970623809.jpg (87.57 KB, 880x587, David-Hogg-Emma-Gonzalez-gq-ma…)

Not sure if its an unpopular opinion here but I think people have been way too harsh on these two. Fantasizing about beating them up etc, making up disgusting lies about them. No matter your feelings on gun control, why threaten and bully some young people who lost their friends and want to make a difference?

No. 259311

File: 1528971062794.png (128.83 KB, 325x281, 1525759210103.png)

No. 259323

I wanna see Hogg Boss make gay jailb8 cock porn with the kid he framed

No. 259325

Oh come on, hating on people because of how they look speaks more about you than about them. People can control some things… in theory. They also have lives, issues and other things to worry than if they would look better with long hair or fashionable clothes.
Not taking the basics like washing yourself up in the account, of course.
I'm no saint and sometimes I do think "wow she/he is ugly" but I ignore the thought and never let it affect my treatment of the person in question.

I think that my unpopular opinion is that beauty in people is an overrated concept. I hate it when people say they would deal with a trainwreck of a significant other because they are hot (my forever alone neet ex-almost-fwb kek) or obsess about their own looks.
I used to worry for so many years if I am "pretty" in the eyes of others and know that I like myself feel so much better.

No. 259331

I think farmers who go out of their way to shit on any woman who doesn't look like a doll to hell and back all while being full of themselves should show themselves, it's always the least attractive people doing this shit

No. 259335

LGBT groups are starting to feel obnoxious to me. Especially to some younger people it's not special enough to be just gay, lesbian, bi, or even trans anymore, or their "gayness" is their entire personality and they won't shut up about it.
I don't like stirring shit so I just keep quiet about how I think "pansexuals" are just bi, straight asexuals are not LGBT, nonbinaries and other genderqueers are just enforcing gender roles, some trans people are not "real" trans and the trendy trans bandwagon really is a thing, etc. If I said any of that stuff around certain groups I could easily make a lot of people hate me for being a transphobic, aphobic, whateverthefuckphobic TERF bigot.
I've started to kinda avoid LGBT places, events and people who are really vocal about LGBT stuff, because I don't want to run into some 15-year-old kid who's a nonbinary (because they like wearing ties but also dresses) pan- (hearts not parts uwu!!!) demi- (having sex with total strangers is kinda gross, I'm special right?) asexual (not horny 24/7, unlike those disgusting allos) softboi (he/him they/them please!). No matter what kind of caricature with an entire identity built out of Tumblr aesthetics you may encounter, you have to make everyone feel ~valid uwu~.

No. 259338

Honestly they sound almost as bad as neckbeard men. I highly doubt all of you are 90lb loli waifus with doll faces so chill the fuck out.

No. 259339

Eh, I've seen attractive people shit on other attractive people plenty of times before.

This place does have insane standards tho. Like you said, any woman who doesn't look like a doll is torn apart.

That said, I think a lot of the times people tear cows apart because they're terrible people. Not justifying it.

I try not to ~police~ people's sexualities, but to a lot of (sometimes straight) teenagers see gayness as a meme and not a sexuality. It's as if they want to be in on some sort of inside joke, hence the constant "i'm gay" or "ban the hets" memes circulating. It all comes across as forced.

No. 259342

I think some people do the whole nonbinary/trans thing because they feel ashamed of being "an oppressor". One of my best friends from high school was never gender-questioning and was your stereotypical casually misogynistic vidya-loving 4chan user. Then we moved to a more liberal part of our state, he developed depression and got into social justice stuff, started liking "all men are trash uwu" posts on twitter, and now he's suddenly nonbinary and pansexual (he only likes feminine anime boys and seems uninterested in real men, conveniently enough). I can't help but feel that he just started feeling bad about being a straight white guy.

No. 259343

I have too, but even most attractive people don't think everyone but them is just an aged old haggard, or like in the "women who are shilled as attractive you think are ugly" thread, it's not even bad people anymore, it's anyone who doesn't look like a doll

No. 259344

File: 1528977063503.png (15.8 KB, 560x430, rJcV06D.png)

sa. This is what I'm talking about.

This stuff doesn't seem genuine imo. It's usually fujoshis behind these obnoxious posts too

No. 259345

You don't need to shame people, you sociopath. If you don't like the amount of pressure people put on women because of their looks, you should complain about that and not try to put even more people under that pressure.

If you have a man in your life and you think you can offer him advice, there's no problem with that. I've done it myself with my boyfriend, but I'd never shame him or random men because their clothes aren't up to my fashion standards or because their hairstyles are "low effort". This is actually disturbing.

Another problem is that often it's women who nitpick on the looks of other women, like this whole website. It's not just an evil male conspiracy to put women down.

No. 259347

All pitbulls should be banned and put down.
I don’t care about the whole “it’s not the breed, it’s the owner”

Other Unpopular opinion is that we value the lives of animals way too much, some people put non endangered animals lives before humans and it’s just honestly weird.

No. 259350

no reason to go so far as to put down the living animals (for me anyway) but i agree there should be a ban on breeding/otherwise propagating the breed, it's too dangerous.

No. 259353

I think people should legally be allowed to commit suicide when they have a terminal disease and are on palliative care.

No. 259354

a few other countries already allow this, it's just places with 'muh religion' that don't.

No. 259356

It's funny because it's 90% trailer trash who own them anyway.

No. 259358

I think people who prove they clearly aren't mentally stable on the internet should be put in mental institution for years, it would honestly make the world a safer place instead of waiting until its too late

This is a better idea, I hate the ghetto ass people who get pitbulls just to chain them up outside just to be edgy or tough or whatever, or people who have innocent animals like cats or small dogs and keep them around pitbulls, tigers, etc etc and then cry when it ends up hurting the small animal

I think people who ignorantly put innocent animals and danger like that should be arrested, humans make me depressed how much they're willing to put helpless animals in danger just to be edgy or have a tough animal

No. 259360

Yeah I wish more countries allowed physician assisted suicide and the like, where I live (the UK) we're not very religious but it's still not allowed even though polls have shown the majority of the public supports legalising it.

No. 259369

in that same study men message only the hottest women while women message lots of men who arent ""muh top 20"

No. 259370

OKC studies are always really terrible. i remember one that said asian men were the most undesirable because it didn't separate out east asians, but on another site, east asian men were high on the list.

No. 259374

That's a moot point. Most women don't send messages first.
Even if you're an unattractive woman you'll get way more messages than any guy simply because men are the ones initiating most of the contact.

No. 259375

it still shows that women are willing to talk to men they find unattractive while men only contact the hottest women. that study is a bullshit "source" anyways, it doesnt matter

No. 259377

Where does it show that?

All it does is show that the hottest women get tons of messages.
A hot woman gets 1000 messages, an average woman gets 300 and an ugly woman gets 40.
A hot man gets 10 messages, an average one gets 4 and an ugly one gets 1.

Internet dating is garbage for men who aren't good looking.

No. 259379

>internet dating is garbage


No. 259381

>Approximately 10 percent reported using Tinder. Both male and female users reported less satisfaction with their bodies and looks, compared to non-users, said Strübel, but only male Tinder users reported lower levels of self-esteem.
>but only male Tinder users reported lower levels of self-esteem.

No. 259387

kek good, keep that self esteem on the ground where it belongs

No. 259388

are you a fucking moron? it very clearly shows that both the men and women had their self esteem affected, but only the men reported it as such.

No. 259389

I didn't read the other posts (and tbh I don't care to), I just saw that one part while I was scolling.

No. 259406

I honestly agree and I’m a self-proclaimed dog lover. I think the breeds should be phased out. I’m not sure how to do it ethically or humanely or if it’s even possible. I’ve just met so many that are fucking MEAN and unpredictable. I’ve never felt any apprehension about German shepherds, Dobermans, cane corsos, or Rottweilers, either. Just APBTS/Staffordshire terriers and that whole umbrella clusterfuck.

No. 259423

…still sperging about that dating data eh?

No. 259428

Unpopular opinion: I think uni should cost more than it does in my country.

There are too many people who aren't trying their best, because a failed class doesn't really mean shit (in America I'm under the impression a failed class means a huge financial loss? Since semesters are expensive?)

I mean, people who aren't trying wouldn't be that bad on their own, but the fact that we have weekly assignments that we have to do in groups and which dictate whether we're even allowed to take the exam is fucking ridiculous.

I have ONE reliable assignment partner and that's it, all others haven't done shit and it stresses me out so much.
But there are just NO repurcussions for them, so they stay fucking lazy, I hate it.

No. 259432

Are you not able to give feedback on the group assignments saying how much each individual in the group contributed? That's really shitty.

No. 259434

I did once, the response was "It's really irrelevant to us how you get the work done, as long as your name is on the assignment each week"

They don't care, the university/ies don't see the teaching as their most important job. They're all about the research, since that's where most of their money comes from.

Which is why I think they should be more expensive.
It would cause students who don't truly want to study/major in a certain field to not waste other people's time AND the universities would have money to actually pay lecturers/assistents well.

No. 259438

i hate that japan is becoming more left

No. 259439

>in America I'm under the impression a failed class means a huge financial loss? Since semesters are expensive?

Sure, but students still fail their classes and that's not unusual for most undergraduates. Especially if the parents are helping pay.
Hard to see the forest for the trees when you've signed a $60k loan. Students just assume they can afford an extra semester, and if not theres always a jolly good lender someplace willing to sell them another $20k loan.

I did very well in college and got two degrees but I'm still saddled with $44k debt four years post-grad that I'm still in no position to make meaningful payments to. Making universities expensive punishes everyone.

Have you tried talking to the professor? I recall for my group projects that we were given feedback forms and we were able to give a "grade" to our peers for participation. That lit a fire under the slacker's asses.

No. 259440

what do you mean exactly?

No. 259442

I live in Scotland so we don't pay fee's, but for any group projects that relate to our final exam we have to rate how much each person contributed so that people who worked harder are recognised and if someone isn't pulling their weight it can be addressed.

My current uni has a big research department but makes a shit tonne of money off the fees from international students who pay £42,000 a year to do my course so I'm cool with not paying fees lol cause it's a 5 year course.

No. 259443

>It's really irrelevant to us how you get the work done, as long as your name is on the assignment each week.

Sounds like you have lazy professors that give group assignments because it's easy and don't care to mitigate when problems arise.

No. 259444

they want a women quota in companys
also you can search now for LGBT friendly apartments

No. 259445

i don't really see any problems here.

No. 259446

yeah thanks to america japan is becoming stupid too

No. 259447

there's not really anything stupid about any of that.

No. 259448

Unpopular opinion: I think western men in todays world are too weak
First they cry oppression because they aren't surronded by beautiful women all while not even lifting a finger for their appearance, women who aren't x y and z aren't options to them, and then they cry about how "waaahh women only want chad" if they ever even left the internet for once they'd know its far from true

I WISH women did only flock to chads then men would have something to actually cry their damn eyes out for, and if that wasn't enough, ever since men being emotional has been encouraged, instead of using it for good they instead use tears to manipulate, just like the 1% of bitches they whined about, I've seen it happen way too much

They excuse womens problems then cry about how men are the least privileged people on earth because women arent flocking to them or they have to sign up for the draft, even though most will never step foot on combat

They act like victims and act like they're having the biggest weight on their shoulder if a woman they're with isn't a jav star, always have a no winning standard, go out of their way to demonize anything women do but still believe they're oppressed, not to mention how many will crack a womans skull open if she bumps shoulders with him, cry sexism if he gets punished, which they barely do, then later have everyone defend them since everything is womens fault

Those are just to name a few

No. 259449

says the leftist

No. 259450

Agree that the anime one is stupid and is clearly just a ploy to market towards boys under a mask of progressivism.

But how are the other two issues stupid? I've heard it's extremely difficult for women to break through corporate office culture in Japan, and the LGBT thing seems like it's good for both gay people and those who want to avoid them. So…

No. 259453

quota is bullshit. better hire someone because of their skills

yeah and that search function.. nobody needs that

No. 259454

My problem with modern men is that they don't even fit the typical male stereotypes anymore.
Being handy? Working a 40 hour week without complaining?
Nah. They all want to fuck around and aren't interested in becoming men. Yet they still demand women to be all.

Not only do we have to be completely domestic ie. knowing how to cook, clean, raise children BUT ALSO, we must be working as equally as they do 40 hours a week and preferably at a job that pays more than theirs.

Oh and we must be pretty of course.

It's like they pick partners that are Mom 2.0
These soyboys don't wanna work. All they wanna do is play video games or pursue hobbies on the backs of women in their lives. And then when we point out the discrepancy they yell "BUT FEMINISM, THE DRAFT, DIVORCE COURT!"

No. 259456

Delightful 6th grade insight. Thank you.

No. 259457

NTA, but is that supposed to be an insult? Go back to 4chan, kek.

No. 259459

This. And to make matters worse it's usually just straight girls looking to be special but can't say they're bi because of the social stigma (and because it's straight out lying) so they just claim they're "pan" because they found a female model hot.

Agreed about the poly men and poly women. Their relationships never end up well no matter how much they preach about being ~open about their feelings~ and ~discussing to make it work~. There's always the main partner getting all the good things and the mentally abused third wheel that ends up being discarded.

No. 259464

original anon here. I'm surprised to hear feedback forms like that seem to be the norm? I've never had that in any of my classes. It sounds like a great idea.
Honestly anything that would get my partners to actually put in an effort would be a fucking relief.

No. 259467

This, I wouldn't even care about handiness if they didn't expect women to be magic mommy millionaires

No. 259470

Diversity quotas should be replaced with blind auditions.

I saw a piece the other day about how an orchestra never hired any women. They started doing blind auditions. Still no women. Know what made them start picking women? A fucking carpet. The sound of women's shoes clacking on the floor, that they weren't even consciously aware of, was enough to set off their bias against women.

This bias exists and it's hugely detrimental for women and should be addressed. But quotas aren't the right way to do it. It just makes people resentful and often results in underqualified people being hired.

No. 259471

They're trying everything they can to make women feel like shit and scare them, they'll go from "once I'm rich and old I'm going to be drowning in 20 yrs old pussy" to "I don't want to get involved with a women who doesn't make a least as much as me or more if possible".
They're realizing how fucking useless and pathetic they've become and desperately try to keep the smallest bit of power then can. Luckily the world is full of untarnished well balanced men, you just have to dig through the thrash to find one of tose jewels.

No. 259472

This 100%. Not sure if I'd call them weak though, it's mostly entitlement. A lot of men are so ridiculously entitled it's insane, and let's be real, it's usually not the ''chad'' ones, rather the ones complaining.

Exactly. I don't expect men/my s.o to be ripped, 6 feet tall and to be skilled in traditionally male aspects. The double standard is the problem.

No. 259475

In my experience at uni and from speaking about group projects with my friends at diff unis, giving feedback is definitely the norm for group projects, the feedback is anonymous so that student's don't know who gave the feedback but the lecturers do and it's mandatory so your work won't be graded until everyone has given their feedback.

I would deffo feedback to your year head or head of school or you student reps that you find the group work frustrating because not everyone pulls their weight etc. and suggest they implement a system like this, hopefully they will listen to you and I'd imagine other students feel similar to you as well.>>259464

No. 259477

File: 1529007233938.jpg (78.87 KB, 844x960, 1507592610353.jpg)

Seeing the shit up thread made me realize I really need to leave this place soon, since it's evident there are actual psychos that post here.
But anyway here's some opinion vomit

Lot's of milk on a lot of people posted on this site have run dry or just aren't milky enough. Especially the Jillian and confetti club like an anon mentioned, I'm tired of hearing how "ugly and haggard" Jillian is or if she's gained weight. It's boring. I just wish she'd get some help along with other cows and flakes.

Farmers are way too critical about dumb stuff

I miss when Mostflogged was cooking up a ton of drama especially when homestuck was strong. Her and all her previous/current dirtbag friends are pretty boring now and keep to themselves(Tayla,Mookie,etc).

Putting Ridley in smash was a stupid idea

Steven Universe gets way more shit than it deserves, the fans are awful but I don't think that should get in the way of people liking something.

Youtube should ban clickbait

Babies and children under 5 shouldn't be allowed into movie theaters or conventions (especially babies in big clunky strollers)

Old tumblr was alright. I find it better than instagram and twitter, especially for artists. I hate how it got a bad rep and is full of more nutjobs/advertisments now.

The Beatles are vastly overrated

While I do enjoy his work and stories, Junji Ito is also overrated. I hate seeing that girl with the eyeball in the spiral image everywhere, there are way better images people can steal.

Game Grumps was alright when it started but is complete shit now.

No. 259479

Shit like this affects me more than blatant misogyny sometimes, it's really fucking sad how strongly ingrained unconscious bias is. Like those studies about how people perceive women to talk more than they do in meetings also really bother me - we talk less, but even then we're perceived as 'dominating' a discussion. Men wanting us to literally be silent is miserable.

No. 259480

"heteromantic" asexuals aren't a part of the LGBT community. why are they desperate to be part of it????

No. 259483

Men like this 99% of the time bring nothing to the table, hence why they feel the need to neg women or cry gold digger over nothing, they expect you to give them the world but bring nothing to the table and the second you have any standard they cry about entitled western roastie gold diggers, they just wanna mooch and pin it on women when they can't

No. 259489

File: 1529010269587.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.67 KB, 720x410, Drink-Warm-Salt-Water-Without-…)

Maybe we should just make an "Opinions" thread next time because too many people post stuff that's not even unpopular, and tbh if you anons are going to start shit with each other all the time then maybe it's better to drop the pretense like one can actually post an unpopular opinion around here without it turning into a shitshow.

No. 259490

The forcing of "aces" being any part of the LGBT community is fucking ridiculous and needs to stop. No, you won't be fucking killed, beat up or ostracized for being asexual, stop acting like people asking about your nonexistent sex life is in any way comparable to what gay people have to go through. 99.99% chance says you're not even asexual but just a retarded snowflake that can't get a date or has some repressed traumas related to your sexuality.

>inb4 I was triggered when people expect me to feel sexual desire!!!!11

fuck off right about now

No. 259493

Because they're still queer unless you're implying complete lack of want for a sexual relationship is society's idea of normal.

I'm not even asexual but boy you sound like you don't want people in your special club. The majority of gay people on first world countries have never and will never experience what you described either. So what.

No. 259494

File: 1529010755504.jpg (20.31 KB, 489x328, d6l8n.jpg)

"aromantics" especially shouldn't be allowed lmao. being able to fuck people without romantic attachment is such a burden, much oppression such sad

No. 259498

File: 1529011408924.jpg (78.27 KB, 586x720, bc.jpg)

No. 259500

Lol you're mad.

No. 259501

>Because they're still queer
I'm sorry, I might not understand what "queer" means exactly, but how is being a hetero with low libido makes you queer?

No. 259502

>gay people in first world countries have never been and never will be killed, abused or ostracized for their sexual orientation
found the straight girl wanting to be special

No. 259503

Lol you're retarded. There's nothing "queer" about straight people who don't want to fuck, this is the most sjw bullshit I've ever heard.

Queer is a just word straight people use to make themselves feel special.

No. 259504

"Denoting or relating to a sexual or gender identity that does not correspond to established ideas of sexuality and gender, especially heterosexual norms."

Not gonna let a couple of buttravaged farmers REEEE at me about tumblr change facts.
There's a reason why your gatekeeping is unpopular, ladies.

No. 259505

It literally isn't, no one thinks straight people are "queer" outside of tunglr.

No. 259506

it's not unpopular. ace people are not lgbt. you do not get oppression points for people thinking you're weird. that's not what oppression is.

No. 259508

Asexuality is not a normative sexual preference.
I don't have tumblr, I just go by definitions of words.

No. 259509

>thread is about unpopular opinions
>"It's not unpopular."

Where do anons like you come from and why are you here?

No. 259510

you're not straight if you dont want to fuck people of the opposite sex though. but not lgbt either imo.

No. 259511

what the hell is "normative"? honey, we know you go on tumblr

No. 259512

another word for "the norm"? is that an advanced word for you?

No. 259513

Lol I really don't have tumblr.

Establishing, relating to, or deriving from a standard or norm, especially of behavior.

No. 259514

Heterosexuality is a normative sexual preference no matter how little you enjoy actually having sex.

>I don't have tumblr

Kek, I'm sure.

No. 259515

lgbt doesn't exist for people who are not normal, it's about a specific OPPRESSION. meaning losing jobs, being kicked out of homes, not finding a place to live, being assaulted/killed, etc.

No. 259516

Well hopefully you'll kek yourself to death because I don't.
>muh opinions
I'm not gonna argue with you anon, clearly you feel strongly about this since you're so aggressive about it.

No. 259517

Plenty of the opinions in this thread aren't unpopular, autismo

No. 259518

are bisexuals in het relationships oppressed? no but they're still lgbt lol.

No. 259519

Oh they're just as wrong, my sperglette. I'm just shaking my head because you can't click into the vent thread for things like this.

No. 259520

>are bisexuals in het relationships oppressed
yes. bisexual women are more likely to face domestic violence from their male partners. so to you single gays and lesbians are not oppressed? fuck you're stupid.

No. 259521

It's not an opinion, heterosexuals aren't lgbt and will never be opressed or "queer" for not liking sex.

Because they're bisexual. Straight people are straight, so they don't belong in the community.

No. 259522

no? never claimed they weren't. and causation =/= correlation. i doubt women are getting beat by their bfs specifically for being bisexuals.

No. 259523

>nobody faces violence for refusing sex in relationships even if that's involuntary

No. 259524

lol ok if you say so

that's called misogyny

No. 259525

>It's not an opinion, heterosexuals aren't lgbt and will never be opressed or "queer" for not liking sex.

Lol got a quote from your gay bible? It's just your opinion, anon.

No. 259526

you're not oppressed, you should be happy. go outside, you fugly "ace".

No. 259527

>fugly ace

Gee wilikers, you are angry.

No. 259528

Heterosexuals by definition aren't homosexual or bisexual and people thinking you're weird is not oppreshun, retard. How are you not getting this?

No. 259529

lul here's my "unpopular" opinion: asexual people are just socially retarded fuggos.

they don't feel like they belong in the world because of their mental and physical handicaps, so they latch onto the lgbt community which they see a kewl outsiders club.

No. 259530

samefagging to add that those really aren't opinions. they're just facts.

No. 259531

No. 259532

I quoted you what "queer" means but you're just saying no to the definition. Frankly I don't know how you expect this to proceed.
We disagree.
I'm not ace, but I don't get why you're treating, what many refer to as LGBTQ+ these days, like it's a special club only for the most oppressed when I know for a fact that's not the case.

Have a cup of chill.

No. 259533

File: 1529013476162.jpg (59.21 KB, 464x453, tumblr_inline_pa691gH6wL1uht4y…)

are people who suck toes queer? what about furries?

No. 259534

I think there's a difference between a fetish and a sexual orientation, Bobbeh.

No. 259535

what if it's their identity because they said so, just like aces?

No. 259536

Eh some asexual people don't look too bad. But I think they are overwhelmingly really inhibited in general.

No. 259538

Not to jack myself off but im a socially competent person, average looking. Im not attracted to other people, and im not "romantically" attracted to them either. I dont claim to be lgbt though.

No. 259539

File: 1529013740929.jpg (167.08 KB, 1029x1114, tumblr_p97g36PpqU1qb0i95o1_128…)

Pic related needs their own pride parade because it's not the norm #inclusivity

No. 259540

the only "legitimate" asexuals are victims of sexual trauma and extreme autistics, everyone else is memeing.

No. 259541

But asexuality is a sexual orientation. You can define it in an objective way other than sayso.

No. 259542

whats your point?

No. 259543

You're deluded lmao.

No. 259544

I think transgender are mentally ill

No. 259545

These days I have to ask…what am I looking at here???

No. 259546

and deeply closeted lesbians

No. 259547

a bf and a gf kissing but the gf takes on the more "masculine" role or whatever