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File: 1529569704283.jpg (168.69 KB, 640x480, c61.jpg)

No. 261350

Previous threads:

My new unpopular opinion: anyone who unironically listens to anthony fantano's recommendations for rap music is a tool

No. 261358

Here's mine: If you like/listen to/watch stuff ironically you are either a huge cancer sore or you just use the "irony" to protect yourself since you actually like the stuff.

No. 261382

as someone that has pretended to like justin bieber and 1D ironically when actually enjoying that crap wholeheartedly, this is completely true

No. 261385

1 - women who go out of their way to bash other women for being successful are just bitter and jealous that they're too lazy to accomplish anything, so just claim they're trad but can't even do traditional things worth a shit

2 - I feel like the alt-right, anti-fem type, most of them aren't really sprouting thoughts of their own and just whining about feminism and scared of having any feminist belief due to how shunned feminism is in society… All the while they pretend like "feminism is destroying the West! All men should mgtow and get mail order brides!", it just seems like a lame excuse

3 - 80-90s was the best decades, possibly the early 2000s, I just miss when people use to hang out they did fun things and enjoyed others companies, nowadays everyone pretends to be an introvert and want to sit around playing with their phone all day

4 - fruit soups are underrated, I love lemon and blueberry soup

5 - trend diets are annoying

6 - I think the types of people who live to piss others off should be put to death

No. 261387

Euthanize all pitbulls and ban them.

No. 261388

I hate "no makeup" makeup trend and I wish it would stop. When most people say someone looks so fresh faced and natural, the person is wearing foundation, lipstick, mascara, all that shit. For me it's all (very extra makeup, shit is not supposed to look like I'm not wearing anything) or just barefaced. Not to mention it fucks up how people view women too. I used to wear basic "no makeup" makeup everyday and once, someone from work straight asked if I was sick. Women being forced to wear makeup at work is unacceptable and fucking retarded.

No. 261390

I still like Game Grumps.

No. 261391

you don't have to say this in every thread

No. 261395

i've used that logic to get out of work a few times lmao.

No. 261399

Did you use the excuse to retouch your makeup to leave work?

No. 261401

I fucking hate hip hop/rap culture, I hate what it stands for and the fact that it's so massively popular. It romanticizes drug use, promotes violence, women are literal objects to them and treated like shit, not to mention the narcissism.
Not saying that talented artists who produce good, meaningful work don't exist but 95% of them are horrible.

XXXTentacion represents everything I hate about these artists especially now in the late 2010s. The fact that people enjoy his music and think he was a respectable person shocks me.

No. 261407

Same, they’re fucking hilarious.

No. 261411

I think girls who fetishize themselves, like girls who fetishize themselves being asian, girls who fetishize themselves being blonde, skinny, tradtional, etc are just insecure due to the fact 99% of the time they have nothing to offer and thus have to cater to desperate men who are so stuck on wanting a girl with that feature they don't care about how awful she is

June is an example of what I mean or yumi king, lilychu, stell bell, etc

No. 261416

I like getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist.

No. 261419

I only really like Danny. I'd like to think we'd be good friends.

No. 261420

Me too, I like it when my hygienist has glasses because I can watch the cleaning process in them. Though they probably think I'm just creepily staring into their eyes the entire time.

No. 261425

Same, it's incredibly relaxing. the noises the instruments make aren't creepy to me at all, they're actually comforting.

No. 261428

Same. I've never gotten why people make such a big fuss about going to the dentist. If you don't want it to be painful, maybe try taking better care of your mouth.

No. 261483

anon that's not how it works. I had a lot of cavities even though I brush my teeth a lot, and my brother never really has any even though he rarely brushes his teeth.

No. 261514

No. 261517

Oof, go home, robot.

No. 261518

It's pathetic how enraged men get when someone suggest they should pay the bill on dates.

No. 261521

Unpopular opinion: Girls that expect men to pay for dates are hypocrits and should feel bad for self infantilizing.
Splitting the bill is the way to go.

No. 261526

Get a job, incel.

No. 261534

I'm actually a radfem.
But hey, who am I to judge. Keep depending on men for money while diminishing your self worth, that's very liberated of you.

No. 261535

Are you really? Do you think TERF is a slur or not?

No. 261536

I'm gonna assume that you don't even know what TERF is… nice try, robot.

No. 261537

I believe there are various necessary evils, that we humans should not fight, which are needed to keep the population in check.

Famine being one of them. I don't think we should be throwing so much money attempting to fix the 'problem' by giving aid to those in the ‘third world’.
Shutting off the flow of money into the third world is probably one of the best things we could do, we need to vastly reduce the birth rates in places that are just naturally shitholes before we become overrun/at capacity. People leaving these places and seeking refuge in Europe or America is not sustainable and needs to be stopped. However, education doesn't seem to work and I would never advocate for compulsory sterilisation so I believe we should just let them succumb to nature. I’m not a voluntary extinction or negative population believer (as I don't believe people in the first world are the ones who should be abstaining from reproduction).

I have a background in earth science (and previously human geography) so these opinions aren't exactly based in politics for me like they are for some people. But I very rarely share these thoughts with anyone because a lot of people would think i'm a monster/racist..

No. 261538

You realize rich countries are rich because they have explored labor and resources from developing countries right?

No. 261539

Rich countries are rich because of geography and intelligence (these are both linked).
They had the intelligence/means to do so meanwhile naturally fucked regions weren't even able to properly develop their agriculture and progress to the point where they could exploit their own resources before we did.

No. 261541

Funny how in the unpopular opinion thread if someone doesn't agree with your opinions you just call her a robot. Not all women think selling themselves is the best way of life.

No. 261542

>Rich countries are rich because of geography and intelligence

Yeah, they had the intelligence to "discover" other countries and conquer them through violence, suck their resources and labor and then leave. Have you heard of Europe?

No. 261543

This isn't /pol/. Stop trying to push this shit here, A.

No. 261544

Nah, that's not true, you know if you actually posted here, in the previous threads people disagreed a lot, it's just that you have this kind of opinion that is very similar to robots or their handmaidens that come here from time to time. Your effort is really gracious though.

No. 261545

Also you haven't answered my question which just proves you aren't feminist, or a woman, you just want to troll xDDD the feminazis. Would you post proof you are a female?

No. 261546

>expecting the guy to pay on a date is selling yourself

No. 261547

Of course TERF is a slur.
And I still don't agree with your opinions on men paying.

No. 261548

>using the "guys have to pay for their dinner we are so oppressed!!" card

Confirmed robot, last time I tried to pay for my own dinner on a random date before meeting my husband the guy refused because muh masculinity. You just can't win with men.

No. 261549

Took you really long. Were those articles long to read?

No. 261552

They had the means to develop their nations to the point where they could conquer others (like i said because of geography - climate, land, resources). That’s completely natural, maybe those countries are fucked now (PARTLY because of that but mostly because of nature) however throwing money at them doesn’t help.

You’re right this isn’t /pol/, it’s the unpopular opinions thread and I presented an unpopular opinion. My opinion also isn’t based in race politics/hatred, you tried tho.

No. 261553

>pushing for eugenics
>not racebait

Anon pls

No. 261554

I don't really lurk on incel threads or subreddits. Are they against the men paying the bill? I don't get it, if they think women are inferior and all shouldn't they be for it?

No. 261555

They are because they believe they are oppressed by women and will grasp at straws to make it look like paying dinner is equivalent to domestic violence.

No. 261556

You /pol/tards are so easy to read, holy shit.
It's hilarious how easily you can spot a male pretending to a woman online. You dumbass trannies can't even pass when you're anonymous.

No. 261557

if you like someone shouldn’t you want to do nice things for them like pay for their food?

No. 261558

He got tired of LARPing an asian girl so he came here to racebait. I will stop answering, you should too, and just report, it's not worth engaging tbh

No. 261559

They also feel like they're forced by women to pay, which I don't get especially in America where most women avoid having men pay, I've even known several women who felt awful if a guy even brought them something for 5 dollars, and then they jump through hoops to mock feminists who encourage women to pay, like tf, these men wanna be oppressed so badly

No. 261560

That's interesting. I think that the bill should be split, but for completely different reasons. I mean, wouldn't the adult that has the most financial power, shown by paying the full bill, be automatically in a position of power over the non paying one?

No. 261561

lol I noticed he was on the asian thread pretending to a girl as well. So pathetic.

No. 261562

Yeah, but shouldn`t it go both ways then?
So if you like a guy you`d pay stuff for him from time to time?
Because if only the guy pays it makes it feel like he likes the girl more than she likes him, according to what you said.
Also, to the anons calling me incel, I`ve been in dates where men paid the bill, one because I was actually broke and didn`t have one dollar on me and the other because I was embarassed about stopping him from paying, and felt like shit after bothe dates.

No. 261563

>reading comprehension
Where did I mention race, I mentioned geographical differences. Not my fault that people in the third world are mostly poc. Also, letting people succumb to their natural fate (famine, drought) isn't eugenics.

Funny that you have to assume i'm a "tranny" because I presented an opinion you disagree with, anon. Difference between me and /pol/ users is that I'm well studied (at a university level) about these exact topics.

No. 261565

>letting people die because of where they were born isn't eugenics

Sure robot

No. 261566

no one said women should never pay or split the bill, just that there is nothing wrong with letting someone treat you to food. it’s not that deep. my friends pay for my food sometimes, i cover their food other times, it’s something people do when they care about eachother.

No. 261567

I guess I misinterpreted the convo then. My bad.
Yeah, alternating who pays and stuff is nice.

No. 261569

The agenda pushing is so weird. How many times do they need to say they don’t like pitbulls? The debate has been had a few times now, usually interspersed with people losomg their fuckin minds.

These threads need better quality bait since this is apparently the place to take bait and run.

On topic: I want to see more movies coming out like ‘what we do in the shadows’ than a other crappy superhero wankfests.
Disney is gonna own the entire entertainment industry soon and it’s depressing because it’s all shit.

No. 261571

>>using the "guys have to pay for their dinner we are so oppressed!!" card
Fuck are you talking about? Did you misread my post? I'm not a robot, I think anyone who implies that girls who expect men to pay for dates are borderline prostitutes is completely retarded.

No. 261573

The pitbull thing seems to be the new flavour of the month issue among retards on /pol/ and alt-righters. It's all over twitter too and should mostly just be ignored.

They'll probably move onto something new soon.

No. 261575

I hate guys with small dicks thankfully they are usually not confident enough to be with someone.

No. 261580

File: 1529619996767.jpeg (283.42 KB, 1200x900, 3D357D19-B690-416E-880E-EF3E56…)

Megan Fox was better before plastic surgery. Before she had a cute, girl next door look. Now she’s on her way to looking like that cat lady

No. 261584

This is very unpopular because many girls prefer small dicks. I don't know why, it's not my thing but I guess it does for them

No. 261589


They are just so fucking bad, if you don't have big dick as a man just take hormones and become a girl already.

No. 261594

you sound like a man, anon. chill.

No. 261595

File: 1529621226466.jpg (76.23 KB, 420x420, 1491272655550.png.jpg)

No. 261599

Are you gonna print this and post on /r9k/ to prove that women oppress men?

No. 261606

my dentist has a little monitor set up on the ceiling with a camera pointed into my mouth so I can watch while I get fillings, it's very nice.

some people are just more prone to cavities I think. I take pretty good care of my teeth and I get cavities a lot, and I floss and everything. I think I have weak enamel or something, my teeth also chip easy.

No. 261607

File: 1529622079713.jpg (29.94 KB, 740x417, tortoise.jpg)

I think the exotic pet trade needs to have much more restrictions or be banned altogether.

It seems like the majority of the people who get them don't know shit about their needs and they end up suffering so much. I've seen too many horrific pictures of reptiles with metabolic bone disease or birds who have plucked every feather off their body because they're so messed up emotionally. It makes me so sad.

No. 261610

The idea that SJWs are always white is bullshit. In the same vein, Asian Americans are probably the most egregiously sensitive and butthurt ethnic group.

No. 261614

Oh god yes. It seems a lot of breeders/owners are just plain hoarders as well. A past coworker of mine used to go to those exotic pet cons and would buy reptiles but had nowhere to put them yet she KEPT BUYING. No one could say anything to her except that she was growing her "zoo". It's so sad

My unpopular opinion is Aminyan is as much of a snowflake as all of the girls posted in the sub. I don't understand why she's put on such a pedestal or why her threads got raided on the regular yet we got punished for it by having them banned. Also, if anyone talks bad about her suddenly it's Hi Micky or Hi Momo? whatever her name is. Her schtick about being intelligent/uni student (did she even graduate?) Or a succesful anything in Japan is hilarious. Her claim to fame was a cringey tv show interview that she had to contact them for because god knows she doesn't stick out enough for a regular one as well as making a creepy softcore porn dvd. Now she's a hooker and wants to take the haturz to court. How is no one laughing at her?

No. 261617

Someone's been seriously shitting up the board with racebait about asians for the past few days and I think it's all the same anon

No. 261620

File: 1529623231725.jpeg (41.2 KB, 332x443, 813F2EA0-7CBE-49DD-B113-7363B3…)

Hell yes. All those poor little slow lorises getting their teeth and claws ripped out..
It’s total selfishness and vanity on the part of any owner of an animal that is absolutely not suited to being a pet.
The punishments should be massive, it’s an incredibly cruel trade.

No. 261621

Some anons here are so fucking obsessed with asians.

Also, that thread shouldn't be allowed in here, wtf.

No. 261630

>mfw the same people want a """domesticated""" fox or a parrot with a 80+ years long life expectancy are the same shitters who hate zoos with accreditation requiring extremely high standards (not infallible, ofc)
People propagating the Russian fox experiment shit as "domesticating" foxes get on my nerves so much. I also hate videos of large cats (usually as kittens) that are clearly in some rich Gulf Arab person's yard that get thousands of upvotes or reblogs or retweets that all lead to normalization of exotic pets. Those Japanese pet owl videos are also fucking awful, especially when you can see the bands on the legs causing bloody chafing. Japan's got pretty fucking atrocious animal protection laws but owl cafes are too kawaii~ to pass up.

A lot of pet owners can hardly take care of entry level pets like dogs (as noted in all the posts about shitty dog owners in this thread's last incarnation and the vent thread going on right now) and cats, and even fish, and yet too many people think they can take on animals that have hyperspecialized needs.

No. 261637

I'm not surprised people enjoyed his music, but the amount of girls I see defending him on twitter is mindboggling.

No. 261645

It's the same Chris Brown shit all over again.

No. 261649

It's disgusting how many men get away with shit like this and face little backlash

Meanwhile, libtards are too busy trying to burn terves™ at the stake to care

No. 261664

Has nothing to do with pain, personally. I've never actually had a cavity. The reason I hate the dentist is the taste of the teeth polishing shit and the feeling of the polishing tool on my teeth makes me extremely nauseous. However when I asked if I could skip the process (after not going to the dentist for years and them asking me why) they said that was fine. So now it's not a big deal. I do have some residual anxiety about it though.

No. 261666

I don't like "sassy gay men".
I think most are just using liking dick as an excuse to be jerks.

No. 261668

This is an unpopular opinion?

No. 261671

I wasn't getting an incel vibe from their post. That's a pretty basic feminist viewpoint.

No. 261672

File: 1529633162516.gif (184.22 KB, 160x160, JEA01rqngqlo2_r1_250.gif)

Wow, is this really an unpopular opinion?
I also think she looked way better before, her plastic surgery made her look way older than she is. But I guess people prefer that borderline pornstar look.

No. 261678

File: 1529634349917.gif (1.99 MB, 473x266, giphy (11).gif)

Tbh I pick up after my guy as if he's a teenager at home, I don't mind if he thinks I'm incapable of paying for my own food considering I think he's incapable of keeping tidy and organized. Fair trade, I think. If I could attach a dollar amount to domestic labor…

No. 261691

I love small dicks, mostly because dicks gross me out and it would be easier for me to please him more

I'm talking small as in 3.5-5.7 inches or slim ones, big dicks scare me

No. 261697

Why you gotta traumatize me by reminding me of that comic

Incidentally I'm impressed someone bothered to make that bait pic

No. 261698


Nah, but the 5-6 region is fine. Big diccs are scary.

No. 261704

It's only unpopular because girls are so scared of hurting male feelings that they'll cape for small dicks til the cows come home. I'm sure there are many who really don't care, but I'm sick to death of them speaking for all women and saying no girls care, only men do, or that oral compensates and PIV isn't important. I do not agree and I don't think guys with small dicks should be coddled.

No. 261715


Yeah, dicklet propaganda is strong wish they would just kill themselves so we wouldn't have to deal with their insecure asses

No. 261716

Scrotoid out.

No. 261729


Hey if you're gonna get a meat dildo at least get a good one.

No. 261730

Agree. I used to think I didn't care about size but after getting older and thus having sex with more men I realised I do prefer a larger penis.

Which spurs my unpopular opinion: I hate receiving oral sex and I love piv. And I would rather be fingered than receive oral sex.

Yet every dude I've had sex with has insisted I just haven't had good oral and they will change my mind. Then I'm basically guilted into receiving oral. Forever a cycle with any guy I try to get serious with.

No. 261738

I hate receiving oral too! But I’m not a fan of big dicks. Average is just right otherwise some positions are too uncomfortable/painful, even with lube. I’ve nrber been with a guy under 6 inches so I wouldn’t know how I feel about it. I don’t enjoy penetration with fingers either so maybe that’s a clue I wouldn’t enjoy it kek

No. 261784

>lied about being a virgin and secretly had an abortion
>pretends her gravure DVD isn't suppose to be sexual
>sex positive feminists
>dating a creepy lolicon

If she's didn't have a connection to Micky and himeka she would be considered a cow lol

No. 261788

I really don't understand why everyone claims Kanye is a musical genius. I think it should because he goes around claiming to be a genius and everyone just believes it.

No. 261797

100% agreed

No. 261798

I agree, but saying this in /snow/ gets you yelled at for some reason. The only difference between Amina, Micky and Angela is that Amina is skinny, better-looking than the other two, and not openly trashy on social media (which means she's a little smarter). She really only looks non-cowish when compared to those two dumpster fires. All three of them do the exact same things.
I suspect she and/or her friends lurk, and some of them may be the main posters in the Angela/Micky threads, so any non-positive mention of Amina (especially when not buffered with a bit of extra A-logging for Micky/Angela) sets them off. I remember spergs who kept making excuses for her cringe and spamming "There is no milk" whenever anyone tried to talk about her. They probably mass-reported any mean posts and pissed off the mods/admin enough to just make her a banned topic altogether.

No. 261804

File: 1529664258380.png (856.36 KB, 971x557, IMG_3666.PNG)

Also people like to pretend like Amina wasn't escorting in japan and there were even pictures of her on a Japanese escort site. All three of them are whores who fuck for cash and had dreams of getting attention from old Japanese men, the only difference is anima isn't fat and is some what pretty. Amina is still bitter towards Japan because she didn't get as famous as she thought she would but pretends not to care. She had a full scholarship and parents who supported her dreams and she blew it all and is now a sex worker living with her weeaboo bf.

No. 261810

I think the concept of idols not being allowed to date is perfectly reasonable and a good idea. Let's be honest, most idols aren't very talented(espcially Japanese idols) and the only reason people support them is because they're romantically attracted to said idol. I could understand if they had other qualities but they don't, their only qualities are being likable enough to make neck beards dream about making them their waifus. Why would someone spend their money on an idol who has a gf/bf? If idols want to fuck freely and date openly then they shouldn't become idols. Idols being able to date kind of just defeats the purpose of idols. I don't feel any sympathy for idols who aren't allowed to date openly.

No. 261811

Ok but concept: Idols who date fans who enter and win competitions. Absolutely no sex, just cutesy dates, hand-holding and appearance on social media.

No. 261816

File: 1529674292955.jpg (379.96 KB, 1280x720, stellar fan meeting.jpg)

They already have irl meetings. If you buy enough merch you can win some time with your idol.

No. 261817

i don't give a shit about kpop stars and i cringe when threads devolve into discussing them. people just act so obsessed with breaking down how they look, it's pathetic.

No. 261819

Yes, thank you. I remember when her japanese escort page was first found people tried their hardest to disprove it. I'm cringing hard at the anons who are cheering for her rn. I understand Micky and Angela are trash but if any other cow or flake said they were suing someone for libel because of hurt feefees they'd be laughed at for the entire thread

No. 261824

I hate how much contempt women get for enjoying bigger dicks, you get called a size queen and loose and whatever bs they come up with. Men aren't called names for liking big butts or tits.

No. 261858

I posted in that thread once on something unrelated and now people think I'm that anon kek. The amount of collective paranoia in that thread from all sides is astounding. I saw that one anon posting on /g/ too.

No. 261869

I hate the gritty polishing stuff too, no matter what flavor I ask for it makes me want to vomit. I don't mind getting my teeth drilled but I hate getting my teeth cleaned lol.

wow, very unpopular opinion

No. 261871

I don't agree, I think everyone should be abstaining from reproduction.I also believe the world needs another good ole pandemic. Europe was doing quite well for a while there after the Black Plague.

No. 261872

My unpopular opinion is that this anon is not a robot and I agree with her. Of course I also think than women shouldn't be going out with men in the first place lol

No. 261873

Same, and I also don't like kpop and I maybe only like a couple songs out of jpop.

No. 261877

Me, too, anon. I'm an anti-natalist. I really want the human race to die out already.

No. 261888

not unpopular among farmers but i'm anti body positivity. i probably feel more strongly about it than most tho, not everyone is beautiful, body dysmorphia is usually just self awareness, and plastic surgery of some form is a necessity for most people and it should be free unless it's tranny related surgery

also not ashamed to admit i'm against fat positivity, not out of faux concern for their health, i just don't like how fat people look

No. 261891

File: 1529689402429.jpg (40.33 KB, 749x747, FF323200JFNFEJFIR.jpg)

>body dysmorphia is usually just self awareness

Anon are you off your meds?

No. 261892


No. 261898

I don't even have a comeback, it's true. I'll own that cringe.

No. 261900

Agree that the bodyposi haes stuff is stupid, but tax funding for free plastic surgery for everyone would be a huge waste of money.

No. 261903


note the part where i said "usually"

i feel sorry for people who are beautiful who struggle with it but i don't believe it's a valid thing for anybody else


yeah, it's just a nice idea in my head but it'd likely never translate well into real life. plus good surgeons are worth saving up for, no point in getting surgery to fix yourself if it just ends up being botched

No. 261907

>plastic surgery of some form is a necessity for most people
You need therapy.

No. 261939

The problem is, body positivity never started out as trying to force everyone to think everyone else is beautiful.
It was based off the valid concern that low self-esteem and confidence hurts people, and instead of treating people like worthless trash for these bodily imperfections, we told them they were still worthy persons with value despite them. Because they are.

Unfortunately, the movement has gone completely off the rails as people who've hijacked that message now have to frame everything in relation to beauty.
Even you are this way, you just swing opposite.

Not liking how other people look really isn't that important, and definitely not important enough to raise everyone's taxes in an attempt to "fix" the ugly.

Unpopular opinion: Plastic surgery, particularly facial surgery, makes people look uncanny and does worse for their looks than they want to admit.

No. 261942

Drake is ugly and I have no idea why girls obsess over him. Lenny Kravitz is still the OG half black/half Jewish sex god.

No. 261948

People take everything too seriously. Living in a world full of media has become a neverending revolving door of misery. Everything and everyone is 'problematic' and wrongthink should be banned, whilst ignoring the actual real issues. People want to be angry about shit that doesn't matter because it's easier than dealing with the actual issues in society but also gives them the social justice points that they need to be popular. It contributes to the depression and anxiety in a lot of young people, because they're under constant pressure to conform to an impossible standard of perfection because just not being an arsehole, racist, sexist or homophobe isn't good enough. Being a good person isn't good enough anymore so of course people feel hopeless. Having it shoved in your face daily by mainstream and social media that unless you're not perfect from the beginning, never growing or learning as a person, only ever being immaculate; or you don't share the same political views as what is virtue signalled at that current time you deserve to die or have your life ruined is pretty depressing. I've been a liberal Democrat my whole life but it's gone beyond equality and decency and I don't really stand behind it.

No. 261949

I don't know anything about the body positivist movement tbh, but I don't know if what you're saying makes sense. Why would it be called 'body' positivity if it's about your worth in other areas? But in any case
>we told them they were still worthy persons with value despite them.
This is absolutely the most important thing. I don't necessarily disagree with >>261888, not everyone is beautiful and that's a fact. It's just that I think people shouldn't feel the need to perfect their looks in the first place. How could plastic surgery possibly be a necessity unless being attractive is a necessity? It shouldn't be, aside from what it takes to be healthy (weight management, skincare etc). People, especially women, need to be encouraged to find confidence and happiness in other things.

No. 261953

>Why would it be called 'body' positivity if it's about your worth in other areas?

Because you're not putting someone down automatically and being judgmental over their body. It's supposed to mean that they deserve respect and positivity, not necessarily asspats and encouraging poor choices.
Basically everything you said in the second half of your post.

No. 261964

File: 1529707658828.jpg (254.31 KB, 924x2048, oOemSHr.jpg)

Reading between the lines has become a lost art and it is a problem. I've been told over and over that people just need to learn to spell things out as it isn't fair to expect people to understand what you mean and it excludes a lot of people/is racist because AAVA. Instead of saying "God you're dumb" which people could take to mean "You physically cannot speak" and/or take it as a slur, you have to say "You have made a poor choice and I feel you could have made a better one had you done something different, please don't be offended"; I don't agree with this. For example today someone said "Girl what is wrong with you" when that person posted a really bad manicure and followed it up by saying they paid for it and didn't have the guts to ask them to fix it. 99.9% of people would read that as "Girl, what are you doing paying her for that shit? That's bad and you should feel bad", however the response she got was half people playing victim and bawwing that their mental disorders don't let them complain when things are done poorly and the other half saying she shouldn't insinuate people have something wrong with them when they won't complain. It's as if they deliberately look past the obvious, so maybe it's not even the inability to read between the lines but they're way beyond and finding something in there that doesn't exist. Maybe I just dislike the victimhood people seem to adopt over something as stupid as a manicure, but more often I'm seeing people unable to grasp what someone is saying without them spoon feeding them or finding something in what they say that is completely from the left and baseless.I'm told to accept it as it's discriminatory to expect most people to have an understanding of the language they speak.

No. 261980

Youtubers who bitch about the ~algorithm~ are whiney babies who don't realize that they only achieved any amount of success because the algorithm once favored them. Complaining about it is like complaining that your name is always called last because it begins in Z. That's just the way it works. And if they can't wise up and realize how to evolve, that's on them. Youtube doesn't owe them shit.

No. 261981

YTers are just the whiniest group of people period.

No. 262004

Being introverted is over rated, and people who talk about how introverted they are like it makes them special are annoying little snowflakes. I think it used to be a huge thing to brag about how much you wanted to stay at home and read then go to a party a few years before but I still see it around and it's pathetic to me. Congrats, no one cares, and seriously, there are countless people who are just like that so you're not the only one and that certainly doesn't make you special. Extroverts don't feel the need to post this self absorbed bullshit online, so why introverts? I don't even believe in such things like extroverts and introverts anyway, labels like that strip away the complexity of humans and human nature in general. This whole 16 personalities thing has just aggravated that and how people stick so closely to their label is weird to me. Why define yourself solely by a bunch of random letters and numbers? I do those tests for fun and curiosity and people take them way too seriously and go on and on about their so called personality traits. And people expect me to remember what each letter represents in their label lmao like i can't be bothered to remember what they stand for, you're just some person to me, why would i care?

No. 262010

Totally agree. Most people like being around people some of the time and alone some of the time.

No. 262013

It's all just rampant narcissism mostly, exacerbated by social media and "identity politics." Explains a lot of this behavior imo.

No. 262017

Agree with this whole thing.

No. 262030

I hate k pop and any idols posted in threads for attractive people are usually fucking ugly.

Lol just say H3H3 anon but I agree, If you bitch about something and can’t evolve your content to accommodate what a company does with its own platform, fuck off from it then.

They alway hide behind “oh I’m just thinking of the smaller channels who already have a hard time with starting YouTube, I don’t care about my channel” when it’s obvious they’re shit scared of losing this money source because who the fuck would hire some edgy online retard with a shit fanbase irl?

No. 262036

But anon…are you suggesting these artistic, talented geniuses of the internet get REAL jobs?!

No. 262044

watching shitty edgy channels switch up their content style in a desperate attempt to salvage their relevance has been fucking hilarious

No. 262098

Seeing how many men bash the everloving shit out of women they're with behind their back ruined sex for me, I'm terrified that if I ever kiss a guy he will go behind my back and talk shit to his friends about how ugly I am, how awful I looked, etc
And don't even get me started on my body, despite busting my ass to get my body in this condition that I'm happy with, no man I ever dated has ever seen a glimpse of my body because of how paranoid I am about this, it's like sex to men nowadays isn't about pleasure and love, it's to judge women, and men hate womens bodies, the only thing they like about womens bodies is to judge them

No. 262100

Anon, this is not true, I have plenty of male friend who have nothing but nice things to say about their gf and ex gf.
Don't base your idea of how men are on what you read on some highly misogynist internet forum.

No. 262104

It's men in real life, even my own grandpa would do it, some of the nicest men I know still had their moments where they would complain that their exes boobs were too saggy or something, it's rare to see men who actually appreciate women's bodies even with imperfections

No. 262106

>nothing but nice things to say about their gf and ex gf.
Why would you expect them to talk shit in front of you, another woman?

My argument would be that even online where men can be anonymous, there are plenty who fawn over their gf and talk about how they dgaf about their flaws. Plus they have egos and like to brag, there's every chance they'd rather boast about their gf than insult her (and himself indirectly). Frankly I have similar concerns to anon, but it's not that I think every man is like that, it's just that I don't want to risk it even if the chances are low. It'd be unlucky to get a guy that picky, but it's possible.

No. 262107

I don't think they have secret male meeting to talk shit about women's appearance, kek. The meanest thing I've heard one of them say is that he wouldn't pursue a girl because she had "old lady lips". But then again I've always felt very lucky because i've never experienced IRL any of the disgusting / mean thing other women have with men.

No. 262112

All of this. These self-proclaimed "introverts" are often just assholes trying to justify their rude behavior with their magical get out of jail free personality card. From what I've seen they also love to enforce the Introverts vs. Extroverts mindset. Like it's a goddamn war between two personality types. Personalities are not absolute, someone might be introverted at certain situations and extroverted in others.

>Oh, you wouldn't get it, you see I'm an introvert and..

>I'm an introvert so you can't expect me to be courteous, yet you'll still have to think of me as an intellectual genius.
>I don't like doing drugs and screaming like a retard whenever I'm having fun. I guess I'm an introvert!
>Ugh, I hate extroverts. They're so annoying. You see I'm an introvert…
>I'll never talk to anyone at parties. It's not because I'm a dick who thinks less of others, I'm just introverted you know… can't sacrifice my time for those retarded extroverts!
>Ugh, WHY is the world built around extroverts?! Being able to actually respect other people and interact with them normally is just TOO MUCH to ask from an I N T R O V E R T !

No. 262114

I love dogs, I have a dog myself but I hate when people just assume everybody is ok with dogs and bring theirs to the office/university/wherever. Some people are scared, some are allergic. Don't be that supercool asshole that just comes with a dog uwu - and if you need to, be sensible and ask if everybody is ok with it.

No. 262121

I feel like most introverts are like june pretty much
When being a social butterfly was seen as a good personality trait, lighting up the room and making everyone smile and laugh was seen as a good thing, everyone liked being around the fun extrovert, then suddenly there was a switch when suddenly it become cool and trendy to be an introvert and suddenly everyone is magically an introvert despite most of them not even knowing the meaning outside of thinking anyone who doesn't wanna snort coke out of strangers assholes must be an uwu introvert

I don't mean to pull the "kids these days" type thing but I miss when friends were friends and people aimed to be fun and sociable, like in the 80s-2000s now everyone wants to be quiet, introverted and shy even if it's not who they naturally are, it's boring and makes everyone miserable, even when I tell people my and my friends do actual fun things like seeing movies or going to the amusement park or something it's seen as weird since most social get-togethers nowadays involve nothing but everyone on their phone for hours

While I don't believe technology destroyed social interactions, its how people use technology that destroyed it, everyone is brainwashed

No. 262128

Most men complain about gold diggers but I find as soon as they get money the first women they go after are gold diggers. It's never some wholesome church virgin with bland looks. I think they're just jelly because they can't afford the type of women they want. They claim to hate gold diggers who have had tons of plastic surgery and are super outgoing but the reality is they're just bitter those women would never even look at them.

No. 262131

THIS. Men are the worst enablers of gold diggers themselves yet they still blame the opportunistic women they themselves choose to go after.
>I gained $500 million, time to fuck a shallow, 80% plastic bimbo who only wants me for my money!

No. 262132

That and what I've seen they have pretty scewed defintions of gold-diggers
It went from "women who only go after men for money" to "women who ever allow men to pay for anything no matter how cheap or if he offers to"

I've known women that contributed more to their relationship financially more than the man and women who went out their way to make sure men don't buy anything for them out of fear of being a gold digger and yet despite all this men still insist all women are gold diggers, maybe its some sort of negging that men are just getting lazier and cheaper so instead would rather make women feel bad if a man every spends money on her ever?

I also find it funny that men act like they're oppressed when they pay for dinner especially since most women nowadays even the feminists men hate so much, tend to pay for themselves, if you don't wanna pay for someone else, don't, no one is forcing them to, what a bunch of crybabies really, if I could exchange all the privileges of being a man just to have to pay for my dates dinner I sure as hell would

No. 262135

the same men screech at how it's womens fault if she gets abused or ends up a single mom for having a shitty taste in men, but then victimize men if they pull a jorge from 90 day fiance, purposely pick up a gold digger and cry when they have a gold digger

No. 262136

Not to long ago some farmer claimed that wanting a men who can support himself and know how to dress himself = being a gold digger. Even women are playing this game now.

No. 262139

I remember that, I also saw a girl go off on another girl for being a gold digger because she would have her boyfriend buy her lunch at uni (which was less than 5 $)

No. 262155


I don't mind paying for dates or anything but if I'm saved in her contracts as free dinner there is something wrong.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 262159

You have to go through the utter tedium of them offering to pay, you talking them down and paying for yourself, all the while they never wanted to pay in the first place.

It takes all the fun out of dating because for me, when I am having fun I'm not thinking about money or how much I owe someone. I've had guys drop me because I didn't pay for a $5 drink when the prior dates I did. Or a guy I liked I paypalled the money to (this was many years ago when paypalling money to someone was considered crazy) to pay him back for the things he willingly bought me. I had a guy buy a $5 ticket for something for me and then whinge that he bought it later on. I spent the next night out with this guy worried he'd spend a cent on me, bought him a drink and he was delighted.

The truth is they want us to buy them shit, and dating is fucking miserable if all you are worrying about is making sure he hasn't spent a cent on you, despite their constant insistence on buying everything. It's like the least fun battle of wills possible.


No. 262161

I have a personal rule to never, ever spend money on guys except on Christmas or their birthday.
I'm also iffy about letting guys buy me gifts, because I don't want them to try and use it as emotional blackmail for leverage later on. That said, I'd definitely let a guy financially support me and pay for my living expenses if we were in a committed relationship. I'd just secretly keep a stash of my own, and then ditch him if the relationship turns out bad.

No. 262163

File: 1529756399038.png (553.02 KB, 1458x476, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.24…)

This thread in a nutshell.

No. 262165

I hate men like this
>let me pay for your dinner!
>no I got it
>b-but I HAVE to
then a few weeks later
>waahhh we always have to pay for womens dinner men are so oppressed! women all have pussy passes and get free food ! lets all MGTOW and show these gold digging whores !
>That said, I'd definitely let a guy financially support me and pay for my living expenses if we were in a committed relationship. I'd just secretly keep a stash of my own, and then ditch him if the relationship turns out bad.
same, my boyfriend is pretty traditional and pretty much begs for me to allow him to buy me things and wants to financially support me but allows me to pursue my career until we're ready to settle down, I feel like most non-foreign western men are very stingy about that type of stuff due to how bipoplar and mentally unstable they can be
ie one minute bashing men who don't support their gfs or have their wives/gfs support them, next minute crying gold-digger at literally nothing, claiming women should support themselves or else they're gold diggers, next minute claiming women are only worthy if they're baby-making housewives then crying about female privilege because of that

these men are NOT emotionally stable enough to have wives or just girlfriends in general, most of them can't even act like a stable person in the presence of a woman

No. 262194

Never date a cheap person, guys. I used to be le cool gf who didn't give a fuck about having a guy pay shit for me, would always want to split bills, etc… And I ended up with a dude who wanted me to pay for his gas when he drove 30 min to fuck me. If I had forgotten my wallet and I wanted a starbucks he would refuse to offer me a drink…
Never again.

No. 262224

This! A person that is cheap with money is going to be cheap with his/her heart. Obviously, I'm not talking about reckless spending but not willing to treat someone you like with a dinner, movies or a short trip (depending on the seriousness of relationship) is a sign that the person is a terrible partner or friend.

My mother married my father ignoring his stingyness and guess what, the marriage was miserable. He just sits on his pile of money while my mom had to cash out for everything, food, monthly expenses and raising us. When she was short with cash my father would 'generously' give her some peanuts and act like was some sort of generous god. He also stole from her despite having a really well paying job, making six figures, close to a million per year.

I had a friend who was stingy too, besides never getting me any birthday gifts (which I did use to buy for her), she never had cash with her when we went out in groups, so someone always had to cover for her, or she would suddenly have to go somewhere or she would even wait outside. And no, she wasn't from a poor family and her parents would sometimes give her pocket money to treat her friends with ice cream but she would never do that.

No. 262225

yeah according to the replies she got lol

No. 262226

i thought men found implants gross? make up your minds lmao. and you really cant compare fake and real ass/tits

No. 262227

it's not that edgy

No. 262228

Im against "everyone is beautiful" because why do we have to be beautiful? Is our value only based on our looks? It's okay to be ugly imo.

No. 262230

Dating a cheap guy is the worst. Any time that he does spend money on you, he’ll make it into a huge deal so you feel guilty. He’ll never want to do any activity that requires money. Only date a cheap man if you’re fine with Netflix and chill for the rest of your life.

There’s nothing wrong with people who are in love spending money on eachother as long as it is reasonable.

No. 262241

While I agree that the uwu I'm an introvert thing is cringey and annoying, I can't corroborate anything else you're on about. People aren't really acting that different on a whole, I almost feel like telling you to get out more, lol.

No. 262242

File: 1529780697354.jpg (17.1 KB, 526x335, fqi1J4t.jpg)

My unpopular (?) opinion is that I don't give a fuck about fat people and don't understand the strong hate against them.

Maybe it's because I've never had any noteworthy negative experiences with fat people or because the fat acceptance movement isn't shoved in our faces imo where I'm from.

No. 262256

I've had bad experiences with fat people, black people, white people, asian people, men, women, gays and straights, etc but what I don't do is grow strong resentments against these people, I just don't understand how someone can be so quick to hate a certain type of people because of bad experiences, but make excuses when people of their kind do bad things

No. 262257

File: 1529785683920.jpg (234.3 KB, 800x800, shoes.jpg)

I don't get the appeal of shoes with pointed toes. I think they're ugly and make your feet look weird.

No. 262262


Wow those are some hideous shoes, have to agree. Also I would add that the heel looks like shit. Too thin heels also disgust me…

No. 262298

File: 1529794710901.png (54.12 KB, 1004x355, IMG_3683.PNG)

I feel like most virgin men are extremely childish when it comes to sex. I'm almost 30 and my bf expects me to be some virgin. Never date a virgins unless you're a virgin lol This is an actual text I got from my bf.

No. 262299

uh dump him anon, that is pathetic

No. 262301

Kick him in the nuts and block his number. Fucking idiot, making your past about him. Lmao. What a loser.

No. 262309

dump your ugly boyfriend

No. 262313

File: 1529797450321.jpg (140.67 KB, 592x888, f1b31d61e24c9701c57960caffe24a…)

No. 262320

This is not an unpopular opinion, and for good reason. Most women avoid adult virgins.

No. 262321

The only proper response to a text like that is a break up text. I really hope you have the self respect to dump him asap, because 'childish' doesn't quite cover the misogynistic reasons men value virginity to begin with.

No. 262341

There is nothing glamorous or respectable about joining the military. You're literally just signing yourself up to be an object to kill or be killed for stupid, abstract reasons. A lot of the time, you're basically psychologically abused into forgoing your humanity and empathy so you can be a better killing machine. It's fucking stupid, and if you're entering an actual warzone, it might as well be state-sanctioned, romanticized suicide.
When it's a case for defending the lives of people from within your own country, that's one thing, but battles based purely on economic interest and political grabs for relevance are wholly repugnant.
I can't imagine thinking killing in order to fill someone's pockets, or occupying foreign territory because your country's government is made up of busybodies is a noble cause, holy shit.

No. 262345

I never understood why people place so much importance on virginity. I get that its supposed to be special but in my opinion your 3 time could be equal as special or more. Having a sex for the first time isn't going to be that much different than having sex for the hundredth time, if anything it's probably going to be better because you've gained more experience. My rant about virginity aside, someone who values you less because of your sexual history isn't someone you want to date. I don't know all the details about your relationship but he sounds like a huge man child and if I were you that comment he made about being grossed out would be enough to dump him. The sooner you get rid of him the better to me,

No. 262348

Just be grateful that you have better options. If your life is fucked, the military offers direction, shelter, food, and money. It's fucked up, and even if you disagree with the politics, it's a path, and it's better than nothing. If you have nothing going for you it can be a godsend.

No. 262349

it's not letting people die out where they were born, it's just not repeatedly sending aid to countries that have had more than enough time to develop. It just profits corrupt leaders and keeps a large miserable population alive but struggling.

No. 262352

YIKES. Honestly I've dated 3 guys who were virgins, including my current bf, and only one of them was hung up about the men I fucked in the past - and he was a worthless idiot anyway. The other two didn't give any fuck at all. (Current bf is a legitimate germophobe who was taken VERY aback that sex is messy and smelly, but beyond that no issues.)

Honestly, he needs to grow the fuck up. And keep those immature views to himself. What an autist.

No. 262358

I'm from a third world country that receives "aid". A lot of westerners don't know that like 99% of the money they donate goes to the charity's handlers. The 1% then gets snatched up by corrupt groups instead of being used to feed and clothe the poor starving child in the photo that was used to exploit you. Essentially, it's fucking useless. There's a reason things still haven't gotten better. It's a fucking scam.
I unironically want foreign aid to be cut off, and all foreign charity groups to be removed. Not only is it wholly ineffective, virtue signalling bullshit, all the cases of pedophilia and child rape/exploitation enacted by foreigners who come under the pretense of "helping those poor kids" has put me off completely. I started realizing what was up when I heard about the Oxfam workers paying child victims of the Haiti earthquake for sex, and then I found out about Unicef being involved in child sex scandals, and it just snowballed from there.
To be clear: Any famine and destitute situation is not from lack of resources, but a direct result of an awful political state, corruption and general evil that your average 22 year old college student with a "Namaste" outlook on life is ill-equipped to fix. No amount of photos taken with poor children and posted on social media for brownie points will fix their lives. In fact, it's adding a whole new flavor of shit by making them vulnerable to strangers who have impunity to do whatever they want because they call themselves "aid workers". Never in my life have I seen a single person in my country whose life has been turned around by "charity groups". What actually does fix things is drastic political change for the better, and that can never come from outside interference.

No. 262363

>Rich countries are rich because of geography and intelligence (these are both linked).
God why do some anons confuse “unpopular” with stupid.

No. 262379

>There is nothing glamorous or respectable about joining the military.
this is true, the rest of your post is inane babble, research how many people are actually in combat MOS'

No. 262386

I don't think it's an unpopular opinion per se but you can't say it out loud without SJW and PC people getting in your face.

I find most beggars annoying and shameless. I've offered them food many times when they were supposedly 'hungry' only to be yelled at because they wanted money instead, probably to spend on booze or drugs. I'm tired of feeling obligated to give them money like I owe them something when they most likely put themselves in that situation in the first place. It might sound ott to some but there are entitled beggars like this.

Once I refused to give him a bill and this guy started swearing at me. After many incidents like this I ended up caring less and less about them. I hate hearing people making excuses about how we don't know what they've been through so we aren't allowed to say anything, it's bs. No one should be pressured into giving anything period, leave people alone. Giving money to them doesn't make you a good person, especially if you're going to brag about it later.

No. 262390

That's exactly right. I realized this awhile ago. Wait…they have famine because all their resources are shipped off to us. And then they/"we" run charity drives to ""help"" them where no money ever reaches the people who need help

It's completely shit and most people in the western world are conned by it.

No. 262402

don't worry anon. me and many of my peers research the fuck out of companies to stop this shit from happening.

No. 262412

yeah this is why I joined. I won't pretend it's honorable or respectable (literally you just have to be not fat, a criminal, or disabled to qualify, it's not special) but it was either that or continue living with my abuser or be homeless. I was in a horrible place mentally and emotionally and it seemed like a good way out. That being said I wish the US military would stop pushing recruitment in schools and in random public spaces. I probably never would have joined if I hadn't been approached by a recruiter in public right after having a mental breakdown.

No. 262418

religiously watching sports shit is retarded and so are men. The only entertaining sports are:
>the puppy bowl
>male wrastlin'
>male boxing
…and that's it! get a better hobby than blowing money on shitty sports teams, men. fucking apes.

No. 262419

No. 262420

Speed walking/race walking is pretty fun to watch every four years with a bunch of people. Just lazy watching and looking out for participants about to shit themselves or pass out.

The fanaticism over sports teams is just mindboggling in comparison.

No. 262422

Ew, that's so pathetic, I would completely lose any attraction to a guy if he told me something like that, it reeks of insecurity and that's not sexy.

No. 262425

'Religiously' watching sports is fine by me, that makes it clear that it's a legitimate interest of theirs and they're invested in it. Sure, it's boring in my opinion, but I'm sure they think my hobbies are boring too. What bugs me is when there's a big, special game on and suddenly everyone around me is hugely interested in the sport and feels very strongly about their team despite never mentioning it at any other time.

I'll add other entertaining sports to your list though, I agree with dancing but also
>figure skating
>circus skills if they count

No. 262427

I know how you feel, they kinda ruin big cities

Beggars here are… Oddly specific, at my brokest point they'll ask other poor people for money to buy bing bing wahoo, once some college students came up to me when I was walking home from high school a few years back, some grown ass college students wanted me to buy "some starving millennials" coffee, told them I didnt have cash, they said they took card, while I'm poor, I maintain my appearance and dress nice so I guess that apparantly means I look rich, another time I had a jobless ex-friend and I had to drive her to an interview then when I told her I couldn't drive her around all day she screamed at me for being a horrible person for not telling her in-detail, my every plan, another time before I cut her off I let her stay at my apartment and I had to see my family that day so I told her she can stay there and she screamed again…

The only thing I ever did pay for however, is once I was in a store and a woman came up to me asking me to buy stuff for her son, I only did it because it was some baby food and bottles and it was a necessity vs 5 dollar lattes

And while I do believe the economy is bad right now, I HATE millennials that make the people who speak out about it look bad, like when you try to mention the housing market and how its expensive to even live in a rural area, you get excused as a lazy millenial who thinks they're too good to live anywhere that isn't a big famous city, and then when you try to discuss the unemployment issue (ie places refuse to hire high-schoolers but wanna pay people like high schoolers and thus they can't save up and people have to choose between rent and food, placed avoid students like the plague and its like they forget students need to eat too) when you try to discuss this, they excuse you as some entitled millenial who thinks jobs should be handed to them

Odd rant, but it's these types of people that make everyone look bad

No. 262428

some intrests are trash. especially when they involve excessive nationalism, unwarranted pride, chimpouts, and gambling or generally wasting money on dumb shit.

fellas you gotta stop watchign sport. think about it: attractive, sweaty males on screen together and touching eachother? gay porn 👀

No. 262429

I'm watching the world cup with my friends right now, and I like pointing out all the hot players to trigger them. Kek.
Tbh soccer is kinda hit or miss, you gotta watch 5 shitty match to get a really good one, but when it's good, it's amazing.

No. 262431

File: 1529823010000.jpg (71.01 KB, 1241x1114, 0925783469182.jpg)

>having male friends

No. 262445

Fanaticism of any kind is retarded. Be it for sports, nationalism, preferences in literally anything. Sports just seems to have fanatics only.

Blows me out that a bunch of dudes will spend thousands to go watch a game and then eat the fuckin stadium chairs and assault some locals regardless of whether they win or lose. Anyone who cares so much about a game they are willing to hurt someone, break property, or ruin any sort of relationship is too stupid to be worth having around.

No. 262446

File: 1529827442195.jpg (74.06 KB, 800x452, 000f52c7-800.jpg)

I can't stand the new fad of young people basing their identity around their bullshit sexual orientation or gender identity. Especially since most tumblrinas who call themselves ''so gay'' would never touch another woman unless their boyfriend wanted a threesome

No. 262459

Depends on the sports like you said, personally I'm sick of hearing so much about soccer these days because of the world cup. It's the type of sports that may be fun to play but incredibly boring to watch. There's also the fact that soccer fans are obnoxious and you can't avoid them if you're in a country where it's the most popular sport.

I like watching these ones during the Olympics, as well as skiing and maybe swimming but that's it.

No. 262460

Artistic porn is creepier than regular porn.

No. 262464

>Especially since most tumblrinas who call themselves ''so gay'' would never touch another woman unless their boyfriend wanted a threesome
This. Having met enough of these "gay" girls they're basically fetishizing the fuck out of female models/singers/actors who are meant to be the peak of female beauty and have the authority aspect going for them. They wouldn't touch a regular girl with a ten foot pole.
>omgmgg I'm SO gay for ScarJo she's my queen look at her being so sexy yass!!! my gay ass is eating this up!!uwu
>Ew lesbians, I'm … spins wheel Asexual… Panromantic.. so I just like my boyfriend and don't like having sex (with women)! Don't you try to invalidate my queer status!

No. 262465

>I'm from a third world country that receives "aid". A lot of westerners don't know that like 99% of the money they donate goes to the charity's handlers. The 1% then gets snatched up by corrupt groups instead of being used to feed and clothe the poor starving child in the photo that was used to exploit you
Most people know this though and that's why a lot of people refuse to give money to the foreign aid. And then they just have to make huge, massive, expensive ad campaigns to show starving children and other things tugging on peoples' heartstrings while they could just put the money where the mouth is. They also love to guilt trip people, I can't tell you how many times I've had to face a person working for Unicef or something trying to shame me into squeezing $50 out of my broke ass to fund the charity handler fees– I mean give kids in Africa a year's worth of schoolbooks.

No. 262467


Ugh. I had a friend exactly like this. She was all about how "gay" she was for various celebrities and constantly joking about going to a gay bar with her lesbian friend. She identified as an asexual lesbian while at the same time bragging about all the guys she met on tinder just to have sex with them.

>"But I just do it for the confidence boost, you know, I don't actually like doing it!"

She's not my friend anymore.

No. 262476

I'm a virgin in my late 20s and I would never ever want to be with a guy that wants a virgin waifu. I haven't told the guy that I'm currently dating and I figure that he won't care whether I'm virgin or not if he really loves me. I do worry a bit he gets put off.

If he really texted you that, that's a sociopath behaviour trying to shame you, manipulate you and make you feel guilty and less worthy. Get out now.

No. 262479

I like virgins, but virgin guys are usually happy to hear you like virgins.

No. 262480

Well, an unpopular opinion about this related to this.

I actually find Amina more annoying than himeka and Micky. At least himeka and Micky were honest about being dumb whores the whole time but Amina just lied and pretended to be some asexual waifu who doesn't even like sex. I also hate that she thinks she's some educated sex posi feminist when she only repeats stuff that's common sense and has made nothing but retarded decisions for the past few years. At least himeka and Micky know they're dumb failures.

No. 262485

I hate "feminist" art where it's just a sculpted vagina or terribly sculpted fat bodies in sexual poses. Wow so empowered by this ugliness thank u

No. 262487

I get disgusted if I find out a guy has slept with a lot of women, or is a tinder whore and has sex with at least 1 new girl a month.

Unfortunately the majority are either tinder whores or never-kissed virgins who are single right now. Latter not a problem except I'm shy about romantic matters so if they are shy too it's a non-starter

No. 262488

Trust me, man whores are bad but adult virgins are just as bad if not worse.

No. 262489

I will add to that that the disgust is specifically if it's recent. If he slept with 20 girls but has had a monogamous gf for the last three years I don't think it's gross. 20 girls this year? Eghhffg

No. 262490

I'm turned off by man whore too, but i'll take them over an adult virgin anytime, 99% of the time they're completely insane and very insecure (and they'll have a mental breakdown when they realize how inane sex really is).

No. 262491

One of my long-time online friends was an adult virgin guy. His first gf was a girl who had slept with 60 guys according to him and he was fine with it. He was still weird about everything while we we're talking. It was kinda a cuck situation because I'd tell him in detail about my boyfriends

No. 262492

You might luck out and find one who doesn't care. But most of them will be super insecure about who you have fucked before, even if it's like 1 guy. They will also be jealous that you have had more partners than them.

No. 262493


Pretty sure the manwhores are super insecure too. I've slept with like 6 people and a manwhore treats you like a slut when they've slept with 100+ people. And get all weird about everything.

Just want a nice chill boy who's not crazy

No. 262495

My sexual history is pretty extensive, I've had one night stands and done some kinky stuff, even had a sugar daddy briefly. I've never cheated on boyfriends though.

A couple years ago I was with a virgin guy who was obsessed with my sexual history. When we broke up he said just thinking about it would make him sick and that I didn't respect myself so he couldn't be with me.
All I did was tell him I'd been with 8 guys before him.

Now I'm with another virgin and he told me that he's fine with me having a past but he'd rather not hear the details because it'd make him feel insecure. That's fine, right?

No. 262496

Democracy is super overrated and is literally a buzzword. An average person is dumb as bricks and easy to manipulate for your ends. Only people competent and the elite should be able to vote.

No. 262497

It will probably start to get to him eventually. I never talk to my bf about my past partners but he always accuses me of preferring them in bed, having my fun and no wanting to settle down, is jealous of my sexual history because he's a virgin etc anyway.

No. 262499

Imagine spending all your time in bed with your girlfriend thinking about how she prefers other men to you. Self-cucking

No. 262511

>Never date a virgins
and manlets
Srsly, shorter guys are usually insecure af, avoid them if you spot them (look down more often). If you really ahve to interact with them, keep it short and let him know you're not interested. There's nothing worse than a manlet with shitty pick up lines like "maybe I'm shorter but it doesn't matter in bed huehuehue"

No. 262513

Photos of kids/babies/pregnancy do not belong in groups that aren’t about kids/babies/pregnancy. It always irritates me. I just want to look at cute photos of my dog’s breed or funny screen caps from my favorite shows, ffs.

No. 262516

I would not even consider a guy shorter than me even if he was otherwise perfect. There's just something really awful about being with a short guy. Granted, I'm pretty tall (183 or so), so maybe I have more basis to be like this.

No. 262517

I would date a short guy but he would have to have great proportions and not be fat.

No. 262518

>I would date a short guy but he would have to have great proportions and not be fat.
Not worth it even if he's "attractive". He may look nice on the outside, but after some time he will become a passive-aggressive asshole who can't deal with you towering him in heels on a wedding or smth.

No. 262521

>look down more often
>keep it short

No. 262524

Why do you find vaginas ugly?

No. 262597

Photos of dogs/animals/pets do not belong in groups that aren’t about dogs/animals/pets. It always irritates me. I just want to look at cute photos of babies or funny screen caps from my favorite shows, ffs.

No. 262612

You’re acting like I’m going to disagree with you just because I don’t like seeing baby pictures everywhere lol. I think off-topic posts or “hey look at me/my baby/my dog” posts in groups are irritating. I’ve just seen an influx of baby/child pictures in groups in the last year or so and it’s irksome.

No. 262614

Late reply but that sounds more like a self confidence issue, people judge others based on their appearance a lot but people aren't carbon copies of each other, you will get assholes who are super judgemental and you will get people who don't even care.

You just need to have a bit more confidence and learn to love yourself.

No. 262615

but i dont like tall dudes… i'll stick to the manlets lol

No. 262617

I find it difficult to date or sleep with people outside of my race, I can recognise their attractiveness sometimes but the thought of being with one just feels wrong, I'm not racist I just feel like it wouldn't work out

No. 262631

I don't think that's an unpopular opinion. Most people seem to feel that way deep down, especially when it comes to marriage and kids.

No. 262635

File: 1529878074687.jpeg (42.85 KB, 470x313, DD5EDE1F-98A6-4024-9985-0AD559…)

Where’s the appeal in products like these?

No. 262636


Literally why? Manlets sucks on so many aspects.

No. 262639

Anon was just racebaiting.

No. 262640

in some parts of the world being a manlet is the norm

No. 262648


i've never gotten the appeal of things like this either. i don't think there's anything wrong with art depicting vaginas but if i saw anybody wearing this jewelry out of the house i would be very frightened

No. 262649

File: 1529883587854.jpeg (25.55 KB, 543x271, 80EB7DB7-F98B-430C-8660-FB276D…)

Idc if someone wants to have a Georgia O’Keefe painting but gluing plastic labia to anything is just tacky.
I wouldn’t want a penis on my clothing or accessories if I was a dude, so why would women want little vaginas on their shirts or phone cover or bag? Cause some weirdo said it’s somehow feminist?

No. 262651

i just find them more attractive. im a pretty masculine woman though, and prefer feminine men/women.

No. 262652

I agree with you, anon. Short boys are cute and I prefer them.
Girls who have a bias against them have probably just had bad experiences, which is fair.

More for us, anyway.

No. 262653

in those places the women are womanlets too so it evens out.

No. 262662

i find tall guys unattractive. i don't like how lanky they look.

No. 262667

Once you get above six feet things get weird proportionally. I know a lot of tall dudes, but one of them is built well and the others are stretched out stickmen. I’m biased af tho because I’m five-two and my husband is five-seven. We’re both miniature people.

No. 262673

>tfw live in scandinavia, land of the giants
At least the few short guys here are humble.

No. 262700

You wear those to show what a thirsty lesbian womyn you are to other proud lesfem. It's like declaring you are all about vaginas.

Fucking creeps.

No. 262703

Back to /lgbt/, Alice

No. 262708

Men aren't allowed to post here, take your "girl dick" somewhere else

No. 262716

File: 1529912794838.jpeg (66.71 KB, 300x399, 113D77B0-DE81-42E8-AE02-17B4C1…)

I’m pretty sure only insane people wear this to warn others that they are awful. How do lesbians fit into it considering most of the bloggers making this garbage are straight girls?

No. 262780

Your tranny paranoia is showing

Check out radfem tumblr blogs, they are all over this shit. That's why their urls are like radvulva or clitmaster.

No. 262789

long hair on men > short hair

No. 262790

Tattoos look ugly on women. There, I said it. There's just something I personally don't like about it.
Only very few can pull them off in my opinion.

No. 262793

dude, I'm so with you. I don't know if it's a fetish or what but a man with long hair will look 100% more attractive to me than the same guy with a short cut.

No. 262806

Sometimes I really feel like I've got a fetish… even if the face isn't that cute, long hair saves every dude

No. 262810


agreed. in my opinion they only look good in super attractive alt girls and tacky in the rest of girls and even that's questionable, cause i just happen to find alt girls super hot and i'm sure a lot don't. the ones you see on tumblr or insta with the perfect sleeves, long hair, thin, and probably taking a bubble bath etc. like a billie type. not the ones you actually see IRL who smell like cigarettes, wear bad makeup and never left their hometown.

No. 262823

But even on greasy, fat, balding neckbeards?
I agree that long hair on fit, masculine men does a lot for me but some men who want long hair just…they really can't pull it off.

No. 262824

I agree, with some rare cases where they pull off the scene/alt look extremely well.

I think it's because women are able to have nice smooth skin so it's more of a loss when they cover it up, whereas I don't give a shit if men ruin their hairy rough skin with tattoos.

No. 262830

File: 1529959872533.png (216.37 KB, 871x673, m5jsSs8.png)

So apparently the Supreme Court won't appeal the death penalty sentence for Charles Russell Rhines, a gay man who stabbed a young donut shop worker in 1992.
And everyone's sperging out because of it.
>they said it was because he was GHEY!

No, you dumbasses. They sentenced him because his crime was especially heinous.

Pulled str8 from wikipedia:
>First-degree murder is a Class A Felony in South Dakota, punishable by death or life imprisonment. It is the only Class A Felony in the state. It is only punishable by death if it involves any of the following aggravating factors:
>3. The murder was committed for the benefit of the defendant or another, for the purpose of receiving money or any other thing of monetary value
> 6. The murder was outrageously or wantonly vile, horrible, or inhuman in that it involved torture, depravity of mind, or an aggravated battery to the victim.

I'm pretty sure stabbing and taunting a young man counts as heinous.

>Donnivan Schaeffer was working as a courier March 8, 1992. He was picking up supplies from Dig ’Em Donuts as Rhines, a former shop employee, was rooting though an office desk for cash.

>Schaeffer walked into the office, and Rhines sprung upon him with a hunting knife, stabbing him twice.
>The young man pleaded, begging Rhines to take him to the hospital as he was lead into a storeroom and sat on a wooden pallet.
>“ ‘Yeah, right, Donnivan. I’m going to call you an ambulance. You bet,’ ” Allender recalls Rhines saying.
>Instead, the two-time felon leaned his victim forward on the pallet, applied the hunting knife to the back of his neck and shoved it into his skull.
>Unaffected by the screams and blood and death, Rhines left the store with his loot to get something to eat … an order of french fries.

Sure, it was a dumb idea by the court to defend it with "well we won't send him to prison for life because he's gay and it's a men's prison" but everyone's twisting it into THEY ONLY PUT HIM ON DP BECAUSE HE'S GAY REEEEEEEEEE and completely overlooked the fact that he tortured this man and killed him, threatened to kill a 16 year old girl and her family and was deemed a psychopath and a danger to his surroundings by several psychiatrists.

Unpopular opinion, but I'm pretty sure South Dakota would have put a straight man on DP as well for that crime. I see people being like
>muh gay rights when will they stop
but like bitch he severed someone's brainstem while his victim begged for his life.

No. 262831

Even as someone who has tattoos, I kind of have to agree with it. It's not for everyone, at least not very visible, big ones or the ones that look like stickers

No. 262834

I mean I'm not really one to be advocating for the death penalty, but his crime sounds truly awful and he shouldn't be shown mercy just because he's gay.
Some gay men I've encountered or made the mistake of befriending are the most sociopathic bastards I've ever met. Their sexuality doesn't make them innocent lambs by any means.

I have one friend who I stg got two new tattoos for every year in her early 20s. She looks ridiculous. The placements are awful, the work is varying degrees of bad, and nothing matches plus they're fading weirdly because she's been getting them since she was 18.
She even got a dorky couple tattoo of her ex husband, but I don't think he reciprocated.

She'll never admit it but she regrets them.

No. 262842

They are killing him? Great. I'm just disappointed it took so many years. Trash like this needs to be permanently taken out of society.
Tumblrtards that defend him cause he's gay can go suck a big one. What a strange hill to die on

No. 262854

I sincerely enjoy watching Varg's videos and think he has a nice family, even though I think he is kinda dumb.

No. 262870

lol I want tattoos and even I agree. That's kind of why I want them bc I don't give a shit about looking good anymore (and also why I'm waiting in case I suddenly start caring again)

No. 262876

File: 1529972380235.jpg (770.33 KB, 680x576, ycrW4Pv.jpg)

I like being a woman.
I don't like having a vagina.

I don't like sex or getting sexual desires and sometimes wish I had nothing between my legs like a Barbie doll. (Would make it hard to pee though lol)

Everything about having a vagina just sucks. Bleeding, pushing babies out, inserting stuff into it. It all just hurts and feels weird. I feel depressed about my period and about sex, I just don't want any of it.
Ugh. Do men have this problem?

No. 262879

you need therapy. having a clit is awesome

No. 262884

It’s disturbing. They’ve erased personalities and replaced it with ‘muh magical vagina’.
Those women are a plague.

I’m pretty heavily tattooed but it’s definitely not for everyone. People who get cut up over others disliking their ink seem pretty immature.
It’s not like you’re spouting retarded stuff like ‘having a chest piece as a woman means you’re a gang-slut’ or other charming bits of wisdom the anti-tattoo crowd can come up with. Plus there’s so many truly awful tattoos out there.

No. 262895

There's nothing wrong with liking yaoi, and half the so-called "gay males" on Tumblr who complain about fujoshi are actually just fujoshi themselves. The difference is, they're grown women who call themselves "boys", crossplay as underage male anime characters and claim to be #woke trans men.

No. 262916

it's funny when gay men complain about yaoi when it's clearly for lesbians and bi women struggling with their sexuality to consume and create which explains why all the guys have no obvious sexual characteristics or anything that looks kind of masculine.

No. 262917

I find himeka and Micky more bareable than Amina. I don't care about himeka and Micky but for some reason Amina annoys the fuck outta me. Amina comes off as very know it all and arrogant. I found out about her and tried to support her because I'm black and she's black doing the idol thing but the more and more I read her tumblr and twitter the more I started to dislike her. She comes off as someone who thinks she's super highly educated and smarter than most women. Even before I knew who himeka and Micky was I couldn't stand Amina.

This is an unpopular opinion because everyone loves aminyan all over the internet.

No. 262918

File: 1529980650782.jpg (99.47 KB, 752x500, tumblr_ovkw3zNoQl1slzljzo8_128…)

skinny guys are fucking ugly. their toothpick thighs and flat asses are disgusting.

No. 262919

Same thing with girls tbh.

No. 262935

I don't hate trannies/transgender people entirely. That seems unpopular on here? Like I hate fake ones like fakebois and obv pedo mtfs. But they seem pretty obvious right away, don't they? But I don't think every single person claiming to be trans is faking it and is a creep. I think most of the real transgender people are quiet about it, keeping to themselves, and we are just seeing the loud minority on the internet. Just the worst people of a much bigger group.

But it seems everyone here thinks everyone else here hates trans people and sometimes it comes off as 2edgy4me.

No. 262940

Maybe not all trannies are bad, but that won't stop me from avoiding them like the plague. All the ones I've met were hypersexual freaks who preyed on cis-women. They're hornier than most straight dudes.

No. 262942

yea but skinny girls can still be seen as feminine and have good proportions. skinny guys with hank hill ass and thigh gaps look demented.

No. 262944

I agree. The gender critical threads basically made all the anti-tranny anons come out of the woodwork and try to force their opinions on everyone ever.
It's just not that deep. As long as they're not harming anyone, I think people should be treated on an individual basis, called whatever they want to be called, and live how they want to live.

No. 262945

As long as trannies aren't plastering their business all over the internet I don't get how I'm even supposed to tell if they're trans? I feel bad, because how do I know I'm not looking at a masc/butch/ugly woman when it's actually a mtf tranny unless they told me?

It just feels strange to judge every single one of them when I know there's some who genuinely try to blend in and don't cause trouble because they don't think the world should cater to them.

No. 262948

So, every time you meet someone, you automatically stereotype them and hold them responsible for the actions of everyone who is even vaguely similar to them? That's a miserable, shitty way to go through life, and I don't envy you at all.

No. 262951

I mean, being trans is inherently sexist and all trans people are mentally ill. I don't see the difference between disliking people with bpd or npd and disliking trannies.

No. 262953

No. 262954

An overly PC culture ruling a mental illness as something other than a mental illness to con the people who have it out of more money while getting sjw points as a bonus literally means nothing. It's still a mental illness.

No. 262955

Are you a doctor?

No. 262956

Are you a shill? If gender dysphoria isn't caused by anything biological, that only leaves one other option.

No. 262957

What would anyone gain from shilling on Lolcow, of all places, lmao?
Seriously, if you're not a doctor, and also have no field knowledge on gender dysphoria outside of internet posts, I don't see why you're so convinced you know better and that everything is a mass conspiracy.

No. 262961

>What would anyone gain from shilling on Lolcow, of all places, lmao?
Pushing an agenda to people and/or virtue signaling.

>Seriously, if you're not a doctor, and also have no field knowledge on gender dysphoria outside of internet posts…

What would I gain from trying to convince you I'm a doctor or just not a dumbass on Lolcow, of all places lmao? I think you're the one who's not too read up on gender dysphoria if you believe that it's anything outside of a psychological issue.

No. 262963

Virtue signalling and agenda-pushing on a tiny anonymous board where we will forget about all this by the next thread? Makes perfect sense.
If a score of professionals have decided on something, I'd at least like to see some ample evidence on why they're wrong/evil/just trying to get SJW points instead of some dumb, repeated insistence. We don't all have to subscribe to groupthink.
If you can't provide real meat to any of your points, all anyone can do is say "You're wrong, and anyone who's studied this topic in-depth completely disagrees with you", and proceed to show sources showing how/why (like the link).

No. 262964

It's sexist and nonsensical. I don't care how quiet they are about it, if some guy thinks he knows what being a woman 'feels' like, I am not on his side and I am not going to be neutral or accepting.

Cross dressers? People who don't conform to gender norms? Absolutely fine by me. People who claim to BE another gender? Fuck off with that bullshit.

No. 262967

>Virtue signalling and agenda-pushing on a tiny anonymous board where we will forget about all this by the next thread?
It's more likely than you think. I've seen it happen.

>If a score of professionals have decided on something, I'd at least like to see some ample evidence on why they're wrong/evil/just trying to get SJW points instead of some dumb, repeated insistence.

You should do your own research outside of merely reading USAtoday articles and immediately going along with le score of professionals. Here's a good, but long read on the subject

Here's a decent documentary on it if your too lazy to read

That's all I have time to dig for right now, I don't quite understand what you want to know. It should be obvious that dysphoria is a psychological condition. The article you posted refered to it as a "sexual health condition," could you explain what seperates the two when there's still no evidence that it's biological?

No. 262992

I have a fetish for skinny guys (cute and can toss them around) but respect your opinion.
Have a nice day.

No. 262997

People of all races and backgrounds coming together to mourn xxxtentacion made me realize how low the bar is actually set for black men in the US. All you have to do is put out some music, and you are an automatic angel. Doesn't matter if you're a rapist, assault pregnant women, homophobic, etc. Honestly, male rappers are some of the worst scum alive, but people always just brush it under the rug and let them prosper. It's insane what having both a penis and musical inclinations can do for you in this life. It's like that "Play guitar and girls will automatically find you more attractive" meme, but on a whole other level.
George Zimmerman would probably be in jail right now if Trayvon Martin had only been an aspiring young rapper who made some #deep tracks about having a tortured soul.
I myself am black, before anyone calls racebait.

No. 263004

I feel like colorism is more common than racism. I think people are likely to accept people no matter what their background is if they didnt have dark skin. For example people would be ok with black people and Indians if they're light skin. I think most racism just boils down to "I don't like the way these people look so I don't want them around" and they use other reasons as an excuse.

No. 263005

It's not just black men tbh, it's men all together, it boggles my mind that many western men are still crying about how "if the roles were reversed!" Any chance they get, despite so many male celebrities never getting shit for beating women or raping them, but god forbid amy schumer have sex with a drunk guy in college once

I personally love reminding people when male celebrities do horrible shit, just the other day a guy at work showed me a picture of xxxtencion and I said "isn't that the guy who beat his girlfriend?", same with chris brown, johnny depp, etc, you'd be surprised the people who jump through hoops to try to prove the woman was lying and beat herself to frame him to get money or whatever and all men are innocent angels to these people

No. 263006

The best thing is when they try to flip it around and say that women are the main abusers and men are the real victims. Makes me wanna bang my head against the wall.

No. 263007

It's 100% okay to leave a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse if they get disabled because you can't handle it.

No. 263015

Totally agree. In a similar vein, I also think it should be more acceptable to abort a fetus with serious deformities/disabilities. People love to virtue signal and whine about ableism and all that, but taking care of disabled children is expensive, thankless, frustrating work and a burden for the rest of your life. It's better to just abort the fetus than to have them be born into a life of misery and family who resent them. Especially with situations like the Hartley monstrosities; at least some people with Down's syndrome can have happy lives, but those girls are literal fucking vegetables.

No. 263016

It actually is fine for men to leave their sick/disabled girlfriends. I see it happening all the time. All the nice stories about people staying together after a tragedy are usually women sticking with their boyfriends, I've never seen the reverse!

It's because men are taught to always think of themselves first but women are taught to always think of others first.

No. 263019

I agree so much on your abortion stance, like nobody is saying that disabled people shouldn't exist but if you know you mentally/practically can't raise a disabled child you shouldn't be made to feel like the devil for having an abortion.

No. 263028

Omg this,
In my country there are almost weekly reports by the news about how some poor family can't afford x or y for their disabled child that will often not be able to function/think normally etc.. These people often live in tiny houses and can barely afford to pay their bills because they're trying to afford the meds or aid for the kid.

It's cruel, but they'd be better off without the kids

No. 263040

I agree, it's not healthy always catering to other people's needs and feeling like you have to be with them every time they want support. Sometimes you're just not able to, and you should put yourself first every once and while. This is a more different subject but it relates (mostly because I've been thinking about it) people are always quick to criticise people who are uncomfortable or don't wanna go through with their partner's crazy fetish. It's like it doesn't matter how dangerous or freaky it is, if your partner wants it, then of course you gotta suck it up and not disappoint them ever, and if you don't like the idea, then you're just some kink-shaming boring person.

No. 263046

There needs to be something done about male sexuality. I see so many men thinking they're oppressed because they don't live like porn star. They think society is against them because they don't get threesomes with super hot young women. They think women are evil for having choices when it comes to their sex lives.

No. 263054

Your post reminded me of this story. This may be a rarity but her husband was dating her back when she was shot (they were 14) and has stayed by her side, and they have multiple kids together. Again it’s probably an exception but when I saw it I was awestruck by how ideal her husband was. I didn’t think men like him existed which I realize now is quite sad.

No. 263056

same except i also hate my boobs, my hips, my bones and being a woman etc. i guess i technically have gender dysphoria but im not delusional, i can never look like a man. guess i'll just cope.

No. 263057


>XXXTentacion represents everything I hate about these artists especially now in the late 2010s. The fact that people enjoy his music and think he was a respectable person shocks me.

honestly people defending x piss me off. he was an actual piece of shit. also his music is unbearable.

No. 263060

>b-but she faked her pregnancy!!!
he still beat the shit out of her and had an exstensive violent track record omgg

No. 263071

I'm at a loss for words. Seeing women who are actually as clueless as you are on what men want and why they are unhappy in modern society is quite detrimental to my mental health. The saddest thing about you and the people over at /r9k/ is that you've stopped seeing the other side as human and demonized them to the point that you don't even try or want to understand why your perceived enemy acts in a certain way. What makes the whole thing even more sad is that both of you think you've got the otherside pretty well figured out, when the only thing you've got in common is how out of touch with reality you are.

That's my unpopular opinion. Feel free to ban, I'm phone posting anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 263075

Male sexuality is toxic, that's just a fact.

No. 263077

You posting that is the equivalent of an incel saying that female sexuality doesn't exist. Both statements are just plain wrong.

No. 263079

The man-hate thread needs to be revived and I will hold a grudge against the mods until they bring it back

No. 263082

I agree that you & company need your containment thread back.

No. 263085

Men are unhappy because they're babies who think they're entitled to women's bodies.

No. 263086

hmm, well maybe it is nicer to have the man hate spread throughout the whole site… we just need to do it more often and that would fill the hole.

anyways, aborting male fetuses would genuinely do a lot of good for the world

No. 263087

*fetii ugh

No. 263088

File: 1530038338060.gif (214.51 KB, 292x320, MuJuuPB.gif)

I know this is the unpopular opinions thread but y'all need some help.

No. 263089

No. 263090

Not even the incels of 4chan believe in the "men are entitled to women" meme.

No. 263094

Except that's the core of all their rants. Them being alone and living incel life because us rotten whores only want Chad.
What do they have to offer? Nothing, but sex is a human right and we're evil for not giving it to them.

No. 263096

Nobody else cares about your spergy hangups tho.

No. 263098

they clearly do since we apparently need a containment thread

No. 263100

A containment thread is so you don't leak ot and spam the other threads, that's the point entirely.

No. 263101

so you do care

No. 263102

The core of their rants isn't that they deserve women and are entitled to them, it's that it's societys fault that they can't get one. Their core delusion is that if society should change to make it easier for them to get women. The delusion that they are entitled is a delusion mostly held by media and people here.

No. 263103

>detrimental to my mental health

The fact that incel are starting to sound like hyper sensitive SJW is hilarious to me. We should definitly hook them up with some uggo fakeboi tumblrina.

No. 263104

>Their core delusion is that if society should change to make it easier for them to get women.
and this isnt entitlement?

No. 263108

Then ignore it and stop getting triggered whenever people shit on men. They deserve it.

No. 263109

Entitlement would be if they held the belief that women owed them something, that they were entitled to something they could provide. Most incels feel that they are betrayed or let down by society itself and feel that it should change. Usually this change would happen at the expense of women, though.

No. 263110

Guess what, even if 99% of women only dated and had sex with 1% of men, society still shouldn't "make it easier" for men to have sex with women. Women should have absolute control of their bodies and have sex with whoever they want, even if it's just with "Chad".

No. 263112

they think society owes them women though

No. 263113

I'm not going to argue against that. All I'm saying is that there's a difference with being entitled and being disappointed.

No. 263115

Being disappointed mean that you did expected something just for existing and being male .

No. 263116

I really feel like that anon is a self-proclaimed "former incel" who still sympathizes with those freaks and wants to gaslight women. No one else could be caping this hard for them, lmao.

No. 263120

If they don't feel entitled to women why would they expect society to change specifically for them in the first place?

No. 263121

If being disappointed for not managing to get a girlfriend means makes you entitled, then yes, they are entitled. It's easier to blame your shortcomings on society than to improve after all.

No. 263122

Try telling a manlet that he's "cute" or "feminine" and in result he will try to act as "manly" as he can due to the insecurities.

No. 263123

File: 1530042690541.png (508.43 KB, 527x701, t.png)

They spend every waking second attacking us and even doing things like this IRL. It's more than just "disappointment at society", it's vitriol toward women for not giving them sex and attention. Piss off, seriously.

No. 263125

Why do you think they do this, honest question?

No. 263126

that's the worst part, i wish they could just embrace femininity or at least not try to be something they're not. im not into masculine dudes, short or not.

No. 263127

Because they're pathetic virgins and get off on being the most vile pieces of shit possible.

No. 263128

Attention-whoring and entitlement. Frightening young girls gives them a power rush, because they're angry at all females for not giving them what they think they deserve.

No. 263129

File: 1530043004900.png (59.5 KB, 600x628, 3939272636.png)

Jesus, if they didn't feel entitled to a partner they would never come out with such ridiculous ideas like government mandated girlfriends (see: pic related and Marjan Siklic) as an example.
You really should probably stop being disingenuous because most people aren't retarded. We can read between the lines. They may explicitly state that they don't feel entitled to deflect any criticism, but their other actions and words tell a completely different story.

This would be like if I was NEET and said that I don't feel entitled to mooch off of the money and hardwork of everyone else around me, but expected society to change its attitude to accommodate my lifestyle anyway.

No. 263130

I would have said anger due to their own shortcomings, but that's one way to interpret it.

No. 263131

I always thought government mandated girlfriends were a meme.

No. 263133

If that was the case, they'd self-harm instead. They're taking it out on women because they blame us for everything.

No. 263135

No, a lot of them were being serious. But the government had to provide hot, young girlfriends, never forget that.

No. 263136

Do you not see the constant threads on /r9k/ where women are being beaten by men? Or where they express their desire to sexually assault women and girls if they could get away with it (some even share stories of doing it). Or them calling women hypergamous whores for not “settling for their looksmatch”? That does not sound like mere disappointment

No. 263137

They do blame women on mostly everything, what you said about selfharm isn't strictly true. Men and women experience self hatred on more or less equal rates, but selfharm is a lot more common among women. Women and men deal with the feelings of self hatred differently.

No. 263138

Negative groupthink can turn already bitter people into literal monsters.

No. 263139

Yeah men lash out on and hurt other people.

No. 263140

That they do, but by far the more common way for men to deal with self-hatred is to partake in risky behavior that puts them in danger.

No. 263141

risky behavior that puts them AND OTHERS in danger


No. 263144

Yeah because men don't do absolute insane shit to their family / loved ones when they're on drugs.

No. 263146

File: 1530044192585.png (113.98 KB, 377x342, lo.png)

Yes, grown men chasing 14 year old girls definitely puts them in danger. We should definitely be worrying about the poor males. While we're at it, let's write about how rapists are an oppressed group (this is sarcasm). I wouldn't be surprised if you'd upvote this shit.
Fuck off and stop trying to build sympathy for these creatures. We hate them because we've spent enough time online to see their true colors and the shit they say. We know their perspective, and they've never been misrepresented by some wicked third party. There's a reason they remain permavirgins. They are just horrible people.

No. 263149

NTA, but why exactly are you pretending as if anyone here doesn't see what you're trying to do? You're not slick.

No. 263151

If you know what he's doing, why are you replying to him? That's exactly what he wants and you should know that.

No. 263152

>linking to an unrelated video about feminists and MRAs
Fuck off, incel.

No. 263153

LOL you were implying that self hating men don't usually hurt other but rather hurt themselves.

No. 263154

No. 263156

I call out bullshit when I see it. Letting it be gives the illusion that it's accepted, which gives people like him a sense of acceptance. If we don't repeatedly call these people out and tell them to go fuck themselves, they'll bring their friends and shit up the place.

No. 263157

File: 1530044948426.webm (2.92 MB, 1056x594, manlet.webm)

>try to be something they're not.
I know right?
In best case it is quite endearing to watch 5'6" dude acting tough.
In the wort case is cringe.

No. 263166

File: 1530045617522.png (163.22 KB, 204x323, lmao.PNG)


No. 263173

>"ignore the hours long argument about men we've proceeded to have with each other over this you triggered anon."

Heh, I think the egg is on your face.

No. 263174

Is it? You can still ignore it or go hangout on a site that coddles prostate-havers. And they were arguing with an incel, not just eachother.

No. 263175

Lmao wow anon.

No. 263186

I don't mind being a woman or having a vagina, but I don't like some things that come with being a woman, like the possibility of pregnancy because of mild tokophobia and periods which are inconvenient and useless in my case because I don't want children anyway. I think a lot of women can relate when it comes to periods at least.

When men complain to me, it's generally about how painful it is when they get kicked in the crotch and when they can get boners out of nowhere but those things seem pretty rare and can be avoided, so I don't know.

I don't think I've actually seen people hating on yaoi for valid reasons, even though they compare it to the evils of real life porn and the porn industry, as well as how lesbian porn is dangerous because it gives a bad representation of lesbians, who are an oppressed part of the population, even though yaoi is far from being mainstream and is just drawings and text.

No. 263187

The main thing that pisses of some people about yaoi in the end is that it's made for woman and the main fans are teenage girls, and who doesn't love to hate on what teenage girls enjoy?
Same with why Twilight is so much more criticized in comparisson to Ready Player One and other wish fullfillment targeted to men, and how anime that sexualizes girls is completely the norm but when there's a couple of yaoish anime it's all "the fujoshi are ruinning anime REEEEEEE"

No. 263189

>>Being trans is sexist
Yikes, do you feel cool now that you're a whole 13 years old? You're gonna cut yourself on all that edge, be careful kiddos.

I wish we could somehow purge all the retards from this site, ffs

No. 263190

cool tumblr lib fem politics. if those things were so demeaned, there wouldn't be millions of dollars put into their marketing at middle class teenage girls

No. 263191

there's a guy that plays on my university's baseball team who pleaded guilty to molesting his 6 year old female relative when he was a teenager. Now he's trying to say he didn't do it and everyone's going to bat for him (no pun intended) and it's absolutely because he's an athlete, no one would give a shit if he was some rando.

reminds me of that scene in Before Midnight where the nurse talks about how whenever a family is in a car crash, the woman goes "is my family okay???" when she wakes up in the hospital whereas when the man wakes up the first thing he does is check to make sure his cock is still there lmao

No. 263192

>I wish we could somehow purge all the retards from this site
Yeah, we should start with you, newfag. Being trans relies 100% on gender stereotypes, which are sexist. Woman and man aren't feelings, dumbfuck.

No. 263201

but there are tons of non-trans women that were raised on disney princess movies who don't know shit about trans politics and are probably transphobic who talk about womanhood in the same way. you could say all gender reaffirms gender (which it does), which an assortment off people (including trans women) who are educated on that front agree with, except that it's not a mainstream view at all. you would have to dig deep into feminist theory (wittig, federici, firestone) to understand gender and it's relationship with sexism, racism, class structure, etc.

No. 263202

Reminds me that steubenville rape case in the US where the whole town, community and school blamed the rape victim for her assault and casting a bad light on the town. Reporters even expressed sympathy for the rapists because they were "youn, promising men with bright futures as athletes" its just always worse when it comes to male athletes because people worship them. I hope theres more people criticizing that fucker than protecting him at your uni, anon.

No. 263206

Okay? Those non-trans women are not women because they like stereotypically girly shit though, they're women because they're [non-trans] women. Trans identified males are men and liking girly shit will never make them women. Claiming to "feel" like a woman won't make them women. Nothing will.

The rest of your post sounds like sjw word salad, I don't even know how to respond to it. also
>implying transphobia is a bad thing
get out

No. 263207

Honestly, terms like "non-trans women/men" and "cis" are offensive on their own imo.

No. 263209

people constantly posting in different threads about tranny vaginas creep me out. i don't need to keep seeing stuff about genetalia that i'm never going to be anywhere near, i don't find it attractive so i won't go near it and that's it. i'm sick of reading 'dialating!!!' and reading people foam at the mouth about open wounds. it's just creepy to keep going about about somebody's genetalia if it has nothing to do with you. constantly going on about it and posting pictures and graphics makes you seem very creepy

i'm not even talking about anything else, just the obsession with parts of someone else you won't come in contact with. yes, it isn't a real vagina, it's surgical, it's gross. it's probably not a good sign about yourself if it's on your mind constantly

No. 263210

>I hope theres more people criticizing that fucker than protecting him at your uni, anon.
I've seen so many tweets of people saying to "look at the whole story" and that he's innocent and just a minute ago I read that a pro baseball team is considering signing him so we'll see I guess.

No. 263212

Really tired of you walnuts foaming at the mouth about trans shit. If they aren't fucking creepers just leave them be.
I used to be on board with you all but you're taking your hate way too far to the point where you autistically rage and obsess about genitals and it's pretty creepy in itself. We get it, you don't like them.

Also not everyone disagreeing with you is a tranny or a wk.
Calm your mammaries

No. 263213

Also pretty tired of this hatefest shitting up the board. Just stay in your little containment thread and stop bringing it up all the time

No. 263214

Can't be an unpopular opinion thread without someone popping up to complain about said opinions

No. 263215

>no one would give a shit if he was some rando
I've seen it happen to randos too, and anonymous men, like the uber rape case and almost every single fucking video every single comments would be people going out their way to claim she's lying just because she didn't tell the full story that she was drunk and didn't look at the license plate

the claims were as insane as
>she's trying to ruin an innocent mans life!!!111!!! even if she didn't give a specific person!!
>she just wants money! broke bitch!
>she cheated and now shes crying rape like all the other stupid western hoes!
>she lied!!!! she admitted she lied!!!look it up!!(and when you do look it up there is no place on the internet she said she lied)

it just seems like almost every single time a woman above the age of 12 gets raped, comes out about it, people are quick to jump through hoops to scream how she's a liar and just wants money, the same people wonder why women have trouble coming out about getting abused or raped, or even better, try claiming female privilege because "police would just arrest them no questions asked"

No. 263217

Yeah I agree. Most people here and I'd assume most people in general aren't attracted to that. No need to keep driving that point home. We get it, it's gross. I don't need to hear about neovag hairballs for the umpteenth time.

No. 263673

We are opening up the thread again, but it's only staying up if it doesn't keep turning to shit. It's an unpopular opinion thread so stop being retards and fighting with each other.

No. 263712

Weed is fucking disgusting and I'm glad its illegal in my country.

No. 263713


and also potheads: no matter how much you claim to be "just normal people" and how "weed doesn't affect you" - yes it fucking DOES. You're just too retarded to realize it yourself. You're always obnoxious as fuck and can't shut up about weed, every single piece of conversation has to end up with you talking about getting high or how weed is the best thing ever. I don't give a shit if it's "healthier" than alcohol, I think everyone who consumes alcohol to the point they get piss ass drunk is disgusting too.

No. 263714

I'm really suspicious of people who turned to heroin claiming it was for pain management, particularly if they have a spouse or bf/gf who admits using h recreationally. Imo it's not a healthy attitude to remove all responsibility from users as that just enables the addictive behavior.

I also get suspicious when they blame doctors for their addictions and subsequent overdoses. I do think most doctors these days have a good sense of who's a malingerer, and people who take offense to that approach usually have the ulterior motive deep down. It's not hard to understand why docs have to be firm. There's a lot at risk for them to prescribe opiates willy nilly.
Doctors are damned if they do or don't.
Prescribe the opiates that the patient overdoses on? Their fault.
Don't prescribe as many opiates so the patient goes to street drugs for their fix? Their fault.
There are a lot more options for weaning and rehab than even five years ago. In addition there are legal, alternative medicines like kratom that many people weaning off opiates swear by.

I say if someone is found to be using heroin for pain then they need mandatory rehab. No more leaving it to themselves because then if they get hurt or die from h people look to blame others for not 'helping' enough anyway. I guess we gotta start treating people like hapless babies who can't be trusted to not hurt themselves.

No. 263715

not the anon you replied to but I've literally never, EVER seen gay men complain about yaoi. If anything, they openly indulge in it. I've had gay male friends PUSH their favourite series/doujins on me, a bisexual female fujoshi. The original anon is right on the money, the people complaining about fujos the loudest are always "gay" fakeboys wanting to be special while essentially pulling a gay blackface.
>"Waaahh those evil fujos are ALWAYS fetishizing ME and HOMOSEXUALITY! I'm so oppressed!" said Oliver, the 19yo trans male/girl pretending to be a boy while posting lewd photos of herself acting like the perfect sexy yaoi uke with a bondage collar

And yeah, there's nothing wrong with liking yaoi and I kinda roll my eyes when the general discourse always shits on girls for liking it. Everyone understands men liking lesbian porn but women enjoying beautiful men having sex? reee disgusting rotten fujos how dare you!

No. 263718

File: 1530267895159.jpg (20.31 KB, 489x328, 1529010755504.jpg)

Worst part is that actual gay men (as in, not fakebois) are the only ones who I could see complain about yaoi being bad because of bad representation or other reasons that actually affect them but actually, they either don't give a shit or like it to some extent like >>263715 said. And when they complain they don't sperg as much as fakebois/delusional fujoshi, they just say things like "I don't like yaoi/it's unrealistic/don't harass me in anime conventions" and that's it.

BL is still niche, it does have a market but it's not mainstream at all, unlike what you're suggesting. Now if we're talking about YA and Twilight in particular like that anon said, I've seen as many people complain about the teenage girls who are fans and people complain about the books/movies so it's not inaccurate either imo.

>there's nothing wrong with liking yaoi and I kinda roll my eyes when the general discourse always shits on girls for liking it
Yeah, it's funny when fakebois complain about the evils of yaoi and harass artists and fans online but don't do anything about actual homophobia and transphobia that supposedly affect them in their everyday life because they actually don't give a fuck about real oppression.

Related to fakebois complaining over nothing, something I find funny is when a teenage fujoshi who doesn't know any better will joke about sinning because she's reading a super explicit BL fanfic and fakebois will think they're being brutally attacked by this even though they're not even part of the equation in the first place. They're not gay guys, they're not talked about in these posts, none of this involves the church or whatever, and the fujo is joking about how she would be perceived as a pervert and a deviant for being into men buttfucking each others by normies. Calm down.

No. 263719

Omg this. I'm so sick of hearing "Weed cures caner!" "Weed cures mental illness!" "Weed is good for pets and babies, so I blow my smoke in their face!" "Weed isn't addictive, I just depend on it as a painkiller, anti-anxiety medication, smoke it at every party I'm at…" "Weed is safer than alcohol/cigarettes!" "The government doesn't want you to know about how it's literally the cure for fucking everything, that's the only possible reason it could be illegal!" "Making weed illegal is literally racism!" Like how do they not realise how fucking stupid they sound? Does weed really kill brain cells?

Like, I don't even care if weed gets legalised in my country. I'm just pissed at people pretending they care about patients with terminal illnesses or people with chronic pain or sick children by saying they're "doing it for them". Fuck off. And spreading all these stupid as fuck conspiracy theories that a fucking leaf somehow is the answer to all our medical problems with absolutely no proof. Yeah I'm sure you know way better than the medical community. Just admit you like the feeling of getting high and you want that to be legalised and I'll have 100% more respect for you.

Also people who smoke weed, in my experience, are highly aggressive despite claiming they're "so chilled out!".

No. 263721

File: 1530268915266.gif (67.11 KB, 379x316, this.gif)

>people who smoke weed, in my experience, are highly aggressive despite claiming they're "so chilled out!".

i mentioned this to a guy i know who smokes a lot of weed, he was like 'nooo i am super chill!'… tbh he's one of the least chill people i know

No. 263722


agreed, but at least people who drink too much alcohol are made aware of how its bad for you, and oftentimes shamed for it. This is probably even more relevant for tobacco users. Meanwhile people act like weed doesnt have any bad effect on your health (it does e.g. lung cancer, increased risk of developing schizophrenia and having strokes and many more) they act like its healthy (it isnt, conspiracy theories and pseudoscience dont prove anything) and they try to push the idea that its medically useful when even heroin and cocaine are more useful. (Dont even get me started on the retards who think all illegal drugs should be legal and given out by the government or some shit) They just want an excuse to be disgusting high fucks by exploiting peoples naivety.

No. 263723

>bad representation
tbh even this bothers me sometimes. No doubt there is some unfortunate shit in yaoi/bl/fanfic etc, but I find that the 'heteronormative' things people complain about, like fem bottoms or top/bottom dynamics, are less about gay men and more about how women project their own experiences on their characters. A woman's best point of reference is obviously her own sex life, and if she's always expected to be small, submissive and hairless to take dick then it's unsurprising she'll write a bottom male the same way. If someone is complaining about how a woman writes a gay man like a girl, maybe they should question why gender roles are so set in stone that you can be ~like a girl~ in the first place.

No. 263726

i've always hated that. the worst quality BL/yaoi/fanfic are 9/10 the ones where the author is just self inserting as the bottom. but at the end of the day its just for getting people off, its not that deep, i just don't personally read them.

>expecting "good representation for the gays" in hentai

No. 263729

>tfw ywn be able to bridal carry a manlet because of this shit
Why am I alive.
I'll have to settle for a very skelly 11 inch arm lanklet.

No. 263734

That would nice if immature people would stop looking for realistic representation in every single work of fiction, let alone BL. BL is about fantasy most of the time and cheesy romance or more or less hardcore gay porn with more or less weird fetishes, it's not a genre meant to be a documentary on LGBT rights and history or some shit. The same people who complain about BL being problematic because of representation and fetishization are the same people who look for well-thought political allegories about American events and history in Harry Potter most of the time (as an example, there's more shit like this) which is why I'm complaining about it in such a broad way.

No. 263735

File: 1530273555853.png (11.92 KB, 874x152, Capture.PNG)

Just catching up on the Onision thread and these annoying fuckers are shitting up that thread by talking about weed. There are multiple posts talking about how they want to him to try it because "hehehe it would be so funny, right guys?" and "MDMA is one of the safest drugs you can take". Why the fuck haven't these anons been banned?

Can they not have a conversation about anything without having to shoe-horn drugs into it? It's so pathetic. You only find this funny because you're high, nobody else is laughing or even mildly entertained.

No. 263738

uh yeah? thats why i pointed out it's dumb to be looking for good representation in hentai, because of the reasons you said. i wasnt directing that part towards you.

No. 263739

I'm not the anon you replied to, but I was agreeing with you. I was just adding that all of this reminded me of people sperging about representation in other series when it's not always appropriate.

No. 263740

oh right, sorry, the way you worded it confused me a bit.

>people who look for well-thought political allegories about American events and history in Harry Potter most of the time (as an example, there's more shit like this)

totally agree about this part, i stop taking people seriously so quickly when they do this

No. 263795

i don’t care what anyone says, veggie dogs are delicious.

No. 263798

Agreed. Most imitation meat these days is nowhere as bad as people make it out to be. Unpopular veggie meat opinion is that lots of veggie chicken is more consistently good quality than actual chicken.

No. 263799

I legitimately miss the morning star spicy chicken nuggets. Moved somewhere that doesn’t have them, and I’m sad. Our fake meat supply at supermarkets isn’t terrible (the veggie dogs we have are SO GOOD) but we don’t have any kind of vegan nugget and I’m sad.

No. 263817

Veggie meat is fantastic now, they've really perfected the flavours. Nobody I know can tell the difference (except for maybe that the texture is a little softer but I love that).

No. 263819

Ugh it's "Marxist feminist" anon again. Your analysis is off and you should spend more time on it before spouting off as if you know stuff.

No. 263824

I really like the vegan salsiccia, my Italian friend dies inside. My commercially unpopular opinion is we should eat farmed insects instead of mammals.

No. 263841

idk if it's unpopular or not but imo the majority of lolcow's userbase is entirely out of touch with what being ugly is. most "unattractive" people posted here are in reality average looking.

No. 263842

what feminist theory have you read? no, a blog doesn't count as theory

No. 263850

That's the internet in general.

The majority of people are either average or below average, but the internet is a place where people can present their best image, and legitimately attractive people stand out. It really skews our perceptions about looks.

I've always found that even if someone irl is overweight or ugly they can still be received well as long as they practice hygiene and dress thoughtfully. But try telling this to people who fixate on the slightest image of a pimple or stretch mark in someone's instagram selfie.

No. 263867

File: 1530311018290.jpg (107.39 KB, 1024x576, sausages-rolls-2d.jpg)

I can't stand veggie patties or anything but these corn things taste so much like real sausage rolls I can't believe it.

No. 263869

100000000% these and the cocktail sausages + swedish meatballs

scary similar and last so much longer in the fridge/freezer

No. 263877

I used to be in the "I'm a square but I don't mind if other people smoke uwu" camp but my friends literally got dumber and their mental illnesses got worse after they started smoking weed because they stopped taking care of themselves and they all started trying to get me to try it.

No. 263886


I love you anons. I always get treated like a prude bc I don't like/approve weed. My 1st college roommate even called me uptight because I didn't want her to stink up our room with her goddamn weed. What sucks is that we could've been really good friends if she didn't smoke.

No. 263887


I love those Quorn fillets, they're pretty much the same as chicken to me. I really missed them when I tried to be vegan (went back to vegetarian). I know they have vegan versions of them in the UK at least and I'm jelly because we only have the vegetarian ones. We have like 4 Quorn products anyway and only the nuggets are vegan, I wish there was more variety. Damn good nuggets but well… not something to eat every day. As much as I like them it's a bit annoying how all the "healthier" meat substitutes here seem to be vegetarian and the vegan ones are mostly veganized super carby super fatty junk foods. I'm no health nazi, I love myself some junk now and then but come on…

No. 263891

File: 1530319846210.jpg (904.66 KB, 5616x3744, yzTXMMo.jpg)


I hate the DUDE WEED LMAO XD stoner "culture" around cannabis but I really wish they would legalize it in my country just so I wouldn't have to interact with those kinds of people to buy it lol. It's the only thing that actually helps with my menstrual cramps from hell that often make me vomit from the pain and at their worst leave me bedbound for days. Now I am not calling it a magical cure or anything but even if not perfect it still works better and quicker than any of the "actual" medicine I've tried that were prescribed by doctors (who don't seem to take my condition all too seriously).

Maybe I just don't see the negative effects of cannabis because I use it as little as possible only when I really need it and don't "blaze" everyday. (I don't even smoke actually, I bake my own edibles.)

No. 263898

Fucking this
I hate weed so much. It smells like absolute shit and I can't breath around people that smoke it. My brother smoked it everyday and the house was disgusting because of it. We also had a baby in the house but they didn't gaf. My brother also gave my dog an edible and he started vomiting and acting super sick I was so pissed.
It's like people who smoke weed think they're invincible and can do whatever they want. Potheads are some of the most selfish people I've seen when it comes to their drug. And god forbid you say this to them because you'll be called a tight ass or some shit. I'm so glad I moved out of the usa. Now I don't have to hold my breath everywhere I go.

No. 263899

File: 1530323003851.jpg (37.62 KB, 500x712, r v3yqn q.jpg)

you are a tight ass though

No. 263900

So basically people itt only hate weed because they've been around assholes lmao.

No. 263912

this. my mom is an idiot stoner who still acts like a sorority girl and i used to hate weed before i got away from her. but now i matured and understand that shit people don't mean the thing itself is shit.

No. 263915


bless you, anons. they really have upped the fake meat game in the last few years. i’m excited to see what we’ll have 10 years from now when vegan/vegetarian are even more common.

i raise a quorn nugget to all of you in solidarity

No. 263920

i low key miss tempcow shitposting.

No. 263923

Same. I get it's not coming back and I understand the reason but it was fun to shoot the shit without a 100% staying on topic. The hardest derails always happened in the middle of the night and were pretty entertaining. It was chaos, but it was also pretty fun.

But I get why mods shut it down and it was never meant as a permanent solution in any way.

No. 263928

i get it too, but iirc, we were told tempcow was going to be permanent multiple times, long before it became so controversial. after making it seem like it'd be a permanent fixture of the site, to then take it down kinda sucked, ngl, but i do understand why they ultimately decided to take it down.

No. 263929

I don't think that the first two Fallouts were as great as people hype them to be. Don't get me wrong, I love Fallout, it's one of my favorite video game franchises. But I never understood how people get so red in the face defending FO1 and 2 like they're god's gift to humanity. They're fun, but christ, simmer down.

No. 263937

Why’d they drop it?

No. 263957

It had such a comfy atmosphere.
TBH I don't understand why we can't have tempcow or at least a similar lax thread for Onion streams (are those still a thing?)

No. 263978

None of you is real. I'm the only conscious being here. You're all bots with fake implanted memories to make you feel real but you're not.

The only reason you exist is because of me, my reality. So, you are me.

No. 263981

I had a great-uncle who was shot in his late twenties and while he didnt die, he ended up severely disabled with mental problems, had to wear adult diapers, and was nonverbal from as long as I can remember until he died. I remember when i was 10 years old I was in the car with my dad and brother, and my dad was talking about how he became the way and how much of a bitch his wife was for leaving him afterwards. I said something along the lines of “well yeah, I probably would too” and got chewed the fuck out over it. Still hold the same opinion.

No. 263982

A lot of ‘accidental surpised’ pregnancies are because of either baby fever or insecurity in a relationship. Its just that nobody wants to own up to the fact that they wanted to have a kid when they probably werent ready for one.

No. 263984

>you're all bots
please come to my house and decommission me then I'm srs.

No. 263985

Because it kills any kind of traffic to the original threads. When temp was around /pt/ was practically dead that's why they nerfed it

No. 263988

File: 1530359453185.jpg (55.23 KB, 500x500, muh.jpg)

>You're all bots
I wish.

No. 263989

>Because it kills any kind of traffic to the original threads.
This. I couldn't stand tempcow. It was annoying having to scroll through 1000s of posts just to find the actual updates. Nobody ever came back to the lolcow thread to post the updates so the thread here was almost empty. Anytime a question was asked, it was met with "Read the tempcow thread! as if it was a requirement and had more importance.

It also created a different culture and I don't think it was for the better. Everyone thought they were a comedienne when they really weren't funny.

No. 263991


It's just the writing, humor and the atmosphere for me. New Vegas almost got the same thing as the first two but not close enough, old world blues was great tho.

No. 264014

quorn chicken cubes are ok, not the best BUT THE NUGGETS HOLY COW they're legit the same through and through. I gave some to my bf who eats meat without saying a thing and he had no idea.
It's lazy junk food but she as hell helps cravings for new veggies or to ease a craving.
I'm so happy quorn has upped their game when I first stopped eating meat it was a disaster but these days a lot of their stuff is sometimes better than the counterpart

No. 264016

when i was vegetarian i would have died rather than put quorn in my mouth but this thread has made me want to try it again

No. 264019

who hurt you anon?

No. 264022

Being an "introvert UwU" isn't cool and people need to stop using it like its a fucking label, being an introvert sucks and if you're lucky enough to be bought up an extrovert just know you're lucky and I'm envious

No. 264023

it's extremely possible to be an extroverted introvert. i would love to go out and hang with friends, but i get socially and emotionally drained so quickly that half the time i can't even go for the full outing.

No. 264024

You can't be "brought up" an extrovert. Also don't mistake being an introvert and being an anxious pussy, which you probably are.

No. 264025

Some people who don't want to put any effort into socialization call themselves introvert but the real definition is just someone who get tired from social activities, not someone who's literally unable to enjoy them.
I think I'm more ambivert, I can sometimes spend three days in a row constantly surrounded by people and I feel great, but other time I need a lot of me time and I get exhausted just from going out to get a coffee with a friend.

No. 264026

File: 1530378186698.gif (578.86 KB, 500x386, 1490814675481.gif)

I'm kind of the same, generally I like my own company and spending time alone in my room, I'll have days where I just wanna isolate myself and days where I'm super outgoing getting drunk with friends and having crazy adventures, then revert to being awkward and terrified of any sort of attention, I think I might just be autistic honestly

No. 264032

File: 1530380480197.jpg (23.62 KB, 503x499, roadragebrawl.JPG)

I don't believe Michael Jackson diddled those kids

No. 264033

Shared environment does have an impact on personality, though. It's likely psychologists underestimate it because of the messy nature of twin studies.

No. 264036

I’m going to add social anxiety to this too. I feel like suddenly everybody and their mother has social anxiety and panic attacks

No. 264037

Didn't the kid that accused him of touching him all those years ago finally come out and say that it was a lie that his dad concocted? I feel like I'm misremembering so someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

No. 264040

That's not what autism is anon

No. 264043

I don't think he did either.

His eccentricity and refusal to grow up, along with his wealth, made him an easy target for greedy parents willing to exploit their children.
MJ should have realized the outcome.
It just baffles me how easily people will believe MJ was a pedo but never concede even a little bit that these parents were in it for the money and hurt their kids in the name of it.

You remember it because it's true. And plenty of children who hung on with him have stepped forward to say he never did anything wrong to them.

No. 264044

iirc macauley culkin always said he liked mj and didnt think he would do any of that and never experienced it personally

No. 264058

>You're all bots
I wish.

No. 264061

I agree with almost everything Milo Yiannopoulos says.

No. 264062

The current asexual fad is the most retarded fucking sexuality trend yet. Even dumber than "pansexuality". No, you're not asexual if you're not thinking about sex 24/7. And no, asexuals are not oppressed. Feeling slightly uncomfortable due to indecent comments on your nonexistent sex life is not oppression.

No. 264063

File: 1530393185770.jpg (163.11 KB, 1600x1452, download_20180629_232857.jpg)

No. 264097

oh fuck off with this. so patronizing.

No. 264099

i agree there is no such thing as "apohbia" or whatever but asexuality is a real thing

No. 264102

I know a weirdo awkward weaboo who claims up and down to be bisexual but then retweets pics of kpop boys with things like “omg that crotch thrust dance im dying”. Like you wouldnt let him give you a good dicking if you got the chance.

No. 264104

>asexuality is a real thing
nta, but I don't think they were saying that
I think they were just saying most self-professed Tumblr asexuals aren't asexual at all, which I have to agree with.

No. 264107

who keeps posting bryan dechart memes in these threads
>inb4 it's bryan selfposting

No. 264122

the choice (those that make the actual choice) to have children in 2018 and allow a man to impregnate you is profoundly anti-feminist, it's much, much worse than marriage. it doesn't matter how radical you think you are and how many breastfeeding pictures you post

No. 264126

is this bait

No. 264130

no? we make anti-feminist choices everyday, it doesn't make you or i phyllis schafly, it's just an anti-feminist choice that leaves women tied to men more than marriage does. it cripples women financially, harms our bodies, literally incapacitates us, is a mortality risk, is environmentally devastating, involves the government into your life too much (obviously i understand the need for govt involvement for the safety of the child, but on an individual level, what a terrifying nightmare that must be), etc. idk why anyone would even want to allow a man to LITERALLY incapacitate them or want a legal AND biological link to a man, especially when men tend to cheat when women get pregnant, screw us over, etc. too much of a risk on like ten different levels.

no one even talks about the fact that it causes a slew of shitty conditions that we're forced to cope with.

No. 264134

>tfw actually looking forward to artificial wombs and gene-editing so we can finally be equals and not have to be baby machines anymore
Also, buff genius women master race when.

No. 264135

File: 1530414675478.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 264136

Imagine actually agreeing with any of this. So cringe. The man hate threads seems to be a more appropriate place to have this discussion but go off

Hawaiian pizza doesn't taste bad people just wanna be trendy for the meme

No. 264142

pull your panties out of your ass, anon. we don't even have man hate threads anymore.

No. 264143

it's literally not bait. are you going to deny that it's a financial setback for women or that it's a mortality risk, or that you run the risk of causing bodily harm, or that we're overpopulated and first world women having children affects 2nd and 3rd world women and is one of the most environmentally unfriendly things you can do? if you can deny these things, you're delusional. being financially, emotionally, and legally responsible for another person and having to deal with the potential medical complications (there are so many) isn't easy. are you going to try to deny this? if you see no problem with being put into a near year long weakened state by a man, go ahead, but it's certainly not in women's best interest and there's no reason to lie about it just because you desire it for yourself. making yourself literally physiologically vulnerable to men and legally entangling yourself to men for 18+ years is not radical. it's liberal as shit, lmao. i wear lipstain but i'm not going to try to justify that it's not fucktarded and not an anti-feminist action.

it's proving to be unpopular, so it's appropriate

i don't know how to feel about this. on one hand, men will likely treat us as even more expendable, and the bioethics, in the interest of the child, are terrible, but it will free women from the medical risks of pregnancy. overall, i think it's probably not a great idea, tbqh, but i see where you're coming from for sure.

No. 264146

It actually literally is bait because you're trying to mash actual issues with your thinly veiled man hating agenda because you're too much of an idiot to realize that real life is nuanced and that whatever trauma or preconceived notions that you have cannot be projected onto all men because each person out there is a complex human being and gender does not inherently determine whether someone is a bad person or not.

But please continue to project your own insecurities onto people you barely know because you don't know how to process a worldview that isn't completely black or white.

No. 264150

Most of the anons who hate men don't have a "valid" reason for it. And no, being a dumbass who dates shitty men isn't a valid reason.

No. 264151

It must be nice being so willfully ignorant. I've never dated a shitty dude, just read enough history and male rhetoric to understand that deep down, in general they hate women and only tolerate us when we're subservient objects with controlled sexualities. They are significantly more inclined to violence and aggression and it's often directed at women. I hate them for hating us and I feel sorry for girls who cape for men who would never do the same for us.

No. 264157

Thank you for putting into words what I've been thinking for the past year since this shit has invaded lolcow. It's so annoying.

No. 264158

>men have literally evolved to rape women
>most violent crimes are committed by men
>doesn't have any resentment towards men
Not all men, of course. Disclaimer. Some are civilized but overall they're shit.

No. 264160

#notallmen uwu~ (oxx totes not a handmaiden guys!! xxo)

No. 264164

>30 million views

what's your guy's take on this?

No. 264166

What a great and well thought out response, truly Tumblrina tier. These anons never seem to realize that their stereotyping of men is literally the female equivalent of incels who assume all women are useless sex objects.

Do any of you fucks ever interact with people outside of anonymous echo chambers

No. 264171

>or a very malleable young woman

Not her but what's your age, for reference?

No. 264172

do you even know what bait is? how can it be bait if i sincerely believe this and am not even being inflammatory? what's nuanced about the environmental fallout from having children, or being literally weakened by pregnancy, hemorrage, placenta accreta, pulmonary embolism, sepsis, dvt, pre-eclampsia, hernias, ectopic pregnancies, vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, post-partum, hysterectomy as a result of complication, that NO ONE wants to even talk about? if you want to hobble around at the mercy of another person, let alone men, and get into situations that make it a million times more difficult to escape potentially abusive men, you do you, but there's no denying that it isn't radical or subversive to do so. it's an environmental disaster and more often than not, puts women into poverty and at major disadvantage. you're incredibly ignorant. most of what i said had little to actually do with men as a group, or as individuals. but it's obvious to me that you're either a FAS-faced robot, or a very malleable young woman.

go back to r9k. no one cares. and you're politically illiterate if you think this viewpoint is held commonly on tumblr, kek

No. 264173

If anything, it sounds like you don't unless you are one. The only girls I've ever seen wk males like this is attention whores who never leave the house.

No. 264174

I think they have a myriad of fantastic reasons for it, but ultimately I'm against judging and individual for things people who share characteristics with them are likely to do. I fucking hate it when misogynists do it to me, so i don't do it to men because there are plenty of men who don't treat women badly at all.

I understand hating men because of how much so many of them have hurt, dehumanized, and killed women, I just don't agree with hating every member of a group when not every member of that group has committed the things you hate them for. That's the majority of the reason I hate misogyny. So #notallmen in that way but not understanding why misandrists exist is equally baffling.

No. 264179

No. 264180

most women who, you, and people like yourself, characterize as 'hating' men don't even hate men. this 'manhating' post was made after an anon claimed not wanting to be physiologically dependent on men is 'manhating'. 'manhating' is not being for women's self preservation and best interest.

No. 264181

You need to calm down. I guess most women are gender traitors. lmao

No. 264183

only men say 'gender' as much as you wrt issues like this. i haven't even called them traitors. i already said to your dumbass that i, and tons of other women, do things on the daily that are anti-feminist. the problem is trying to re-package them as feminist actions when they're anti-feminist and are not good for women. they can do whatever they want, but don't try to pretend it's subversive or try to dilute radical politics with liberalism.

No. 264184

anon, to preface, I don't want to have kids due to the risks you laid out as well as having no real desire to, so I understand in a way, but I think what other anons are reacting to is the way you link those complications and setbacks with your dislike of men. You seem to find the risks and dangers of pregnancy ESPECIALLY undesirable specifically because of their association with men. A lot of women think of having children as worth the risk and suffering, and they don't hate their husbands or think of them as their abusers, so they don't have that extra layer to the ordeal of pregnancy. If you love the idea of having kids, and you don't have issues with men, it's not being a traitor to making the huge commitment to carrying a child. For some of us, like me, we don't love the idea of having kids so the risk isn't personally worth it. You said you're talking about the women who willingly get pregnant, so those are the women who both want to have kids and don't MIND being pregnant due to a man…maybe because they like him.

No. 264186

I'm not saying you don't have a valid point that there are a lot of aspects of pregnancy that are glossed over in favor of a comfortable narrative, but you're also fearmongering the bad sides of pregnancy and focusing on the idea that tying yourself to a man is the worst thing you can apparently do for yourself. You realize that women can make their own decisions and willingly inform themselves on the downsides of pregnancy and child rearing and still decide that those risks are worth having a family for? You realize that women have and adopt children without men all the time? You realize that women aren't complete fucking idiots who have to shield themselves from anything that might be slightly uncomfortable in order to have a happy life?

If you don't want to have a family with a man that's fine. If you don't want to be tied to a man like that for the rest of your life that's fine too. But you seriously can't delude yourself into thinking that a lifestyle that doesn't fit what your comfortable with is something that every woman should avoid, and that a woman deciding what is best for her own life is somehow anti-feminist.

No. 264190

It's delusionally dualistic to only categorize things as feminist or anti-feminist. I agree with you that getting pregnant and wearing makeup are not feminist actions, but that doesn't automatically make them anti-feminist. This line of thinking assumes that women are either victims of patriarchal brainwashing or actively fighting against it. This way of thinking is only going to make you more neurotic because there's no real room to just do things because you personally want to. I hate choice feminism because it assumes any choice a woman makes is feminist, but the idea that any choice a woman makes that isn't explicity political is anti-feminist is equally stupid. I'm glad that feminism has given power to women like me that genuinely don't want to have children, but ffs, our hormones and biology are literally optimized for having children, so it makes no sense to scold the women that are interested in having them.

No. 264211

Isn't your view of pregnancy anti-feminist? That "to be impregnated" is inherently weaker, and a submissive role? That a woman "allows herself" to be impregnated instead of being an active participant?

you aren't wrong that there is a ton of misogyny and societal conditioning surrounding pregnancy, like everything else in life. women are pressured to become mothers, the negative consequences of pregnancy are sometimes brushed over by doctors. but i can't think of anything more feminist or empowering than a good, healthy relationship between a woman and her daughter. so much of motherhood isn't tied to men or fathers anyway. like >>264190 said, its important to criticize choice feminism, but it isn't more progressive to pretend that all women who aren't you are idiot brainwashed handmaidens.

i want children someday, and i don't even consider the man or the father in their imaginations. i imaging having a child (hopefully a girl) to raise to be strong, to be resilient, to see her grow and develop. to get a chance to feel how my mom felt when she had me, and have that understanding with her about motherhood.

No. 264216

Well said. I'm sick of libfems congratulating everything stereotypically feminine as empowering, because it's naive, but I'm also sick of the idea that feminine behavior is 100% male concocted and only helpless brainwashed women go along with it. I only care about women being treated as complex individuals, not lumped together and dehumanized. Many women genuinely enjoy being feminine and many women don't. I think our real enemies are the ones who think we should all behave he same way. Scrutinizing any behavior of a woman for being too feminine or too unfeminine is missing the forest for the trees.

No. 264226

like musically, or…?

No. 264231

I should've clarified. I thought the title of the song would be enough. Apparently a lot of people identify with it's message and I think it's interesting that this kind of music has such a large audience.

No. 264232

ah. Yeah I think it's clear from the lyrics (and I looked it up to confirm) that the title is supposed to be intentionally kind of bitter and the song is about being frustrated over repetitive breakups, not actually thinking all women are the same. the song itself is okay I guess he sounds kinda like Post.

No. 264255

I bet if the title was all men are the same, the artist would have got rape threats and violent threads and an enormous amount of dislikes with handmaidens criticizing and calling out #notallmen, but hey, we're calling all women are the same so it's a-OK.

The song is trash regardless.

No. 264256

Adults who make a big deal about a food ingredient they don't like (such as pickles on a hamburger or pineapple on pizza, god I hate that these became such popular memes) are insufferable. "Boohoo I don't want to try that, it has mushrooms, the texture is gross" grow the fuck up. You'll never learn to like anything other than your shitty tendies if you refuse to even try so get the fuck over it. You don't have to like everything but when you're in company don't be a fucking baby about it, you eat what you're offered unless you're literally allergic to what's on the plate. Shit makes my blood boil.

No. 264262

Wholeheartedly agree. I can’t stand people who won’t at least TRY something before immediately dismissing it as “UGH GROSS” (barring dietary restrictions or allergies, obviously.)

No. 264270

I think cryptocurrency is dumb and money that comes out of nowhere is gonna fuck the economy even more at some point.

No. 264285

this is so embarrassing

No. 264286

>uses the word Tumblrina
>"do u ever go outside lol"

No. 264297

Ugh yes. The worst is when they lie about having allergies because they do not like the food, making eating out dangerous for people like me because people think you are one of them.

No. 264301

Kek anon no one thinks you’re lying about your allergies just because some people do. And I’m a picky eater. I’ve tried all the things I don’t like, obviously, I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have people beg you to just try it again in front of them, so controlling and absolutely unnecessary. So if I say I’m allergic, it’s purely to avoid people like you from making a scene when I say I don’t like said food.

No. 264302

Well since one bitcoin is worth more than 6 thousand USD I can't imagine it having practical every day use any time soon. Imagine trying to buy a bag of chips with that

No. 264304

It's mostly used for money laundering and illegal purchases. I don't even know why people think it's so cool and innovative, it gives a platform for all sorts of illegal shit.

No. 264512

I hate how most people try to pretend colorism isn't a thing and darker skin people(especially women) aren't treated awful within their community.

I don't feel bad for non-white men(Asians and Indians to be exact) complaining about their women chasing white guys because let's be honest, if they could get cute tiny blondes as easily as their women can get white guys, they'd be telling their women to fuck off too. They already make their women get as much plastic surgery to look white and bleach their skin to hell and back anyway. Theyre just butt hurt/jealous because they can't fuck whites as easily.

No. 264518


As if all modern currency does not come out of nowhere.

No. 264519

>pineapple on pizza
The fact that people have a problem with this is endlessly confusing to me. Since when is hawaiian pizza not a staple? Since when do people not eat burgers with pineapple rings on them? Hams are literally served covered in pineapple sometimes. Do they just not realize that it's sweet tinned pineapple that lacks the tartness of regular fresh pineapple, or have they actually tried the many foods that mix pineapple with savoury meat and not enjoyed it? It seems unlikely since they act shocked and appalled that it's even a thing.

No. 264522

I don't hate men.

There I said it!

No. 264526

This is in no way an unpopular opinion, you're just a handmaiden treating poor wittle men like victims

No. 264527

Cause you can either hate men with a passion of thousand suns or be a handmaiden. Ok

No. 264529

I like anal so fucking much!

In fact I prefer anal to vaginal

No. 264531

Wow, thats a tragic strawman. Please stop pretending men are opressed now, double digit iq chan.

No. 264532

I was sent to this sight by chance, in which this is about a group of people trying to keep my life in ruins.
Fate wispered to the warrior “you cannot withstand the storm” the warrior wispered back “IAM THE STORM”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 264535

That's what your (or different anon's, idk) accusation of anon being a handmaiden just cause she doesn't hate men seemed to imply.
I am not the one acting like an idiot here, but ok.
Have fun being a toxic pos

No. 264536

Also take off your radfem googles, you are the only one bringing up the idea of opression

No. 264538

As a woman you don’t need a valid reason to hate men. Their existence as a whole is enough of a reason. They’re violent, emotionally retarded, and nothing has stopped them from hating us in the first place. Society is misogynistic because men are in charge of it. They’re to blame for putting a cap on women’s potential, they know we’d out do them. I don’t need to “be better” than them, I can just play the same game.

No. 264541

It isn't. I didn't say she was a handmaiden because she doesn't hate men, that's what makes your argument a strawman. She posted a very popular opinion in the unpopular opinion thread to make men seem like victims, that's what made her sound like a handmaiden. Your sad arguments make you sound like one too, idiot.

>acknowleging men aren't opressed and hated is toxic and shitty

how you gonna sit there and act like you're not a handmaiden and then say this?

What's radfem Google? Anyways, by pretending hating men is a popular opinion, that anon was in fact pretending men were opressed.

No. 264551

When you come to a female oriented board and post in an unpopular opinions thread you don't hate men as a form to feel superior about how you aren't one of those pesky man hating radfems, it makes you look like an immense retard because you either don't know it's not a unpopular opinion at all in the society we live and it's exactly what make women be targeted as man hating feminists and be harassed by anti-SJW/anti-fem types, just want your daily dose of male approval (of the countless robots that lurk in here, how pathetic is that) or is just a really dumb handmaiden.

No. 264558

I’m the man that everyone loves to hate and tear down through la staged atmosphere built around lies. If people would humble themselves, help someone along, and work towards fixing situations, this world would not be heading toward its chaotic state in the near future. To Make someone smile and happier, feels way too good to keep going around tearing and ripping someone’s life apart. Try it you might find it satisfying!

No. 264561

I’m sorry I showed up by accident. I’m not out to criticize or cause pain. I apologize to everyone. Take care

No. 264562

File: 1530543010907.jpg (185.32 KB, 900x900, 1523882664967.jpg)

You don't need to apologize to me, you might as well apologize your man because you formed an opinion of your own.

No. 264563

What the fuck is this even?

No. 264564

I said you were toxic cause you get all excited about calling someone a handmaiden. Bet you live for hating men and reminding everyone how they are not opressed while nobody suggested it. Or at least you sound like it.


The obsession with hating on men and trannies is exhausting to read about. I wish the hateboner would be contained in a single thread.
Women have plenty of reason to be mistrustful of men, but personally I find hating the whole group toxic (to the one hating) and unreasonable. How do you go out of home without getting triggered by men walking everywhere? Or maybe you don't get out at all which is how you assume the worst.

Life is so much better when you don't think that incels are the norm.
And no, IDGAF about male approval. I am neutral toward both men and women - I judge them one by one. Most men are pretty boring, but I can say the same about women.

Thinking like >>264538 is really detrimental to mental health, but it's your call. You can do the same, but keep in mind you sound as retarded as incels.

On average, the worst of men are more degenerate than the worst of women. Most people are average though.

As a side note, I find it interesting so many radfems are on lolcow… a site dedicated to tearing women's looks apart… Most curious, as radfem default stance is that it's ok to be ugly and going without make-up is radical (not arguing those points).

No. 264565

i totally agree with this, and i also know that there are very few real radfems on the site. people just talk like they are.

No. 264566

bro, she just said "i don't hate men" nothing else. you're fucking crazy.

No. 264568

They are contained in few threads though not anymore because you brought it up so it's on you.

No. 264570

>As a side note, I find it interesting so many radfems are on lolcow… a site dedicated to tearing women's looks apart… Most curious, as radfem default stance is that it's ok to be ugly and going without make-up is radical (not arguing those points).
I've never seen a male dominated website where they're as ruthless as the women here are. I'd be horrified of catching the attention of the women here.

No. 264571

>I've never seen a male dominated website where they're as ruthless as the women here are

You haven't been on internet for very long then, ever heard of 4chan? Incels subreddits?

No. 264572

Also to add: you haven't been on /pt/ or /snow/ either because we are much more ruthless to the cows and flakes here.

No. 264573

Sorry but it doesn't come even close. They have their "flavor of the month" fembots but they're all forgotten eventually. People here have been stalking and picking apart women for years and years.

No. 264574

Are you a triggered cow or is this your first day online?

You know you can reply to posts at the same time, right? She acted like not hating men was an unpopular opinion like an attention whore, learn how to read.

the #notallmen morality police need to fuck off

No. 264575

Nobody here ever expressed they want to rape or kill women and cowtipping is an offense so there is that.

No. 264576

What? Male dominated boards are filled with casual racism, misogyny, rape, incest and torture fantasies, doxxing and death threats. Anything that goes on here is so mild in comparison.

No. 264577

Even similar sites like KF and /cow/ are way more ruthless and crazy than their female dominated counterparts (pull, lc, girls channel, etc.) Both of those anons are on some shoe0nhead shit.

No. 264579

there are female cows on kiwifarms, which is mostly male dominated. people there are as ruthless to women as they are here. otherwise the internet is filled with men tearing apart women.

do you just have higher expectations for women or something?

No. 264594

>do you just have higher expectations for women or something?
They always do. Never forget Moot on 4chan banned "drama" on /cgl/ because it was "too mean", but he let /b/, /v/, /r9k/, /pol/, etc continue to have nasty threads about literally almost anybody. How long have the "male" boards been following, attacking and harassing people like Chris-chan, Andrew Dobson and Anita Sarkeesian (and countless other women) without any explicit bans for "being too mean"? Why hasn't /r9k/ been banned from tirelessly targeting and doxxing underage girls for "waifu" reasons?

We can't have a laugh at some horrible women's decisions, aesthetics and behaviors because it's improper and we need to be ladies. Meanwhile, men can slag off anyone they want, and if we don't like it, we're oversensitive and "need to get off the internet". The funny part is, if this site didn't allow any negativity on women to be spread, these same people would be screeching that we're delusional loons pretending that women are perfect angels. Whatever we do is a problem.

No. 264599

I used to like some ASMRtist that was harassed by 4chan until she deleted all her videos and quit.

No. 264602

male channers have goaded people into killing themselves, but criticizing cow antics is just too far. the majority of women on lolcow are not radfems. i think plenty are radfem sympathizers, but there's more to radical feminism than just hating sex positive bullshit and calling out troons. the majority of women here are not anti-capitalists and they don't quite seem to understand class based analysis, even while criticizing choice feminism, sorry to say.

also, i think the majority of stuff picking at women's appearances are justified when the cow is really nasty. for example, i think shoe0nhead is a nasty person that is pretty dangerous to women and girls, and i don't mind calling out her aliexpress wigs and impossibly long philtrum out specifically because she's a shit person that publicly humiliates innocent women minding their own business, just so men will praise her.

this. male dominated boards are pits filled with nothing but abuse and men eroticizing and normalizing abuse. they're incredibly nasty people that actively try to ruin peoples lives.

No. 264603

Which ASMRtist?
Do you mean treemilk or some name like that?

No. 264608

>y-you're exhausting with your irrational hatred towards men!!
NTAYRT but you seriously sound like a tranny or a man. Not even a handmaiden. You better quit right there.

No, you just haven't seen women do it because women are expected to be docile, petty at worst. Male-dominated boards send fucking death threats and doxx people every chance they get while spewing outright hateful and borderline criminal bullshit. If anything, lolcow is a lot more collected (sans the ridiculous nitpicking) than a lot of male imageboards.

A Thousand Times This. 4chan's male dominated boards are relentless with their harassing of cows and nobody bats an eye. Probably the only female-dominated board i.e. /cgl/ talks about female cows? Those drama-hungry roasties went too far, yall need to be ladies! Women just live off of drama I swear! Unlike us MEN!

>i think shoe0nhead is a nasty person that is pretty dangerous to women and girls, and i don't mind calling out her aliexpress wigs and impossibly long philtrum out specifically because she's a shit person that publicly humiliates innocent women minding their own business, just so men will praise her.
This. I normally condone making fun of someone's appearance and nitpicking is retarded no matter what, but if a cow herself is so full of herself she HERSELF does that shit in public I feel it's justified to give her a bit of her own medicine. She routinely calls people fat while humblebragging about her slim figure, we point out her donkey face in return.

While we're on the subject, I'm so glad we have the farm where we can call out shitty women like momokun and shoe0nhead without male orbiters reeing at us.

No. 264610

Ntayrt but I think that is who it was. Her name was agatha or something and liked her too, it's really sad they were so creepy towards her..

No. 264613

I love how anons accuse anyone that disagrees about being a tranny or a men.
I don't like people being autistic about their hate, it's a truly pathetic and sad sight.
I don't understand how can anyone think it's healthy to hate an entire group of people.
Not to mention men and trannies go about their business while you get your panties in a bunch about them existing and dilating their neovaginas. lmfao

No. 264614

File: 1530552258208.png (55.47 KB, 275x259, 1520009983830.png)

women can be wary of men without actually hating them. being fearful/wary of men doesn't actually taint our interactions with them. women aren't out here murdering men or pissing into their cornflakes because they 'hate' them, the way men do to women when they hate us. get the testicles off of your eyelids for a fucking second and take a look at reality instead of making it a fun time job to diaper dude's asses.

and plenty of women that you sewerbabies claim to 'hate' men are in happy, healthy, functional relationships with them, soo ???

No. 264616

>Men and trannies go about their business
Uh-huh. Sure. They're never insanely bitter about women and being misogynistic spergs. I gotchu.

No. 264617

if men in trannies really just went about their business, we wouldn't have a reason to hate them in the first place. you're in no place to call anyone else autistic if you think making blanket statements about men and their shitty behavior on an anonymous imageboard means we hate an entire group of people btw.

No. 264619

>trannies go about their business
You sound disingenuous. I'll remember that they're just "going about their business" the next time I catch them attempting to errode women's rights or harrassing lesbians into sleeping with them.

No. 264620

File: 1530552845450.png (16.88 KB, 597x129, domesitc.PNG)

kek ikr
>harassing and attacking women at lesbian marches
>literally physically attacking 60 yo grandmothers and punching them in the head
>literally beating up 'TERF' lesbian women with terminal brain cancer
>literally murdering lesbians and their adoptive children, then setting them on fire
>threatening to beat women with bats who deny them validation and normalizing violence against leftist women just because women disagree with them
>literally raping women that are their flatmates bc theyre jealous of them, then murdering them
wow, 'going about their lives' sure does involve a lot of rape, assault, threats, and murder


No. 264622

By go about their business, you mean:
-Invading female only spaces and pitching fits if anyone dissents
-Fighting to eliminate female reproductive specific words from discussions about women’s health (e.g. cervix)
-Literally threatening women who disagree with them (never men, funnily enough, just the icky TERFs) with ACTUAL VIOLENCE

I think the fixation with neo “vaginas” is off-putting, too. But don’t act like TRAs are all just innocently and passively existing. Some of them are quite nasty.

No. 264624

I said it's ok to be distrustful of men. I'm against hate towards men, so you have missed the point. Some anons in this thread stated that they do hate men or act like not hating men = being a handmaiden and worshipping dicks 24/7. But sure, keep putting words in my mouth.

And sure, it's not tainting relationship with men and the world if an anon thinks they have no empathy whatsoever or assume that incel = every men around you instead of minority being the laughingstock of internet (if dangerous, yes)… which happens frequently in radfem circles. >>264618
Maybe I was wrong, cause trannies in my country are harmless, and I no longer don't follow USA sjw drama, as it's not relevant to my life. Happenings that you mention are horrifying. Yet they were not orchestrated by all existing transwomen. I see no reason to hate an entire group based on it.

Glad trannies here are reasonable. Hope we will never reach the "uterus havers" level of insanity.
I'm against transwomen being treated as default for women, btw. They should stop erasing themselves. Transwomen are women are two different kinds of people.

No. 264625

*no longer follow sjw drama

No. 264626

except that isn't unpopular to not hate men. men are valued much higher than women, so that comment makes 0 sense in the context of this thread. the problem with the original post is that the comment painted women critical of men, or most women, as man haters – in other words, an example of "not like other girls" to the extreme, and just a demonization of other women, when in reality, men are valued much higher by other men, and by women. it's handmaiden bullshit to act like hating men, or even being truly critical of men, is popular in society.

No. 264629

Once again, assuming girls who make dumb blanket statements about men on an anon board genuinely hate all men is pure autism. No one's acting like not hating men = being a handmaiden, but victimizing men to the point of believing that hating them is a popular opinion does = being a handmaiden.

Also, why are you so triggered by radfem circles? You don't have to be a radfem to realize most men are shitty in some way or another.

No. 264630

File: 1530554154416.jpg (52.22 KB, 694x248, IMG_20180620_214135.jpg)

>Maybe I was wrong, cause trannies in my country are harmless, and I no longer don't follow USA sjw drama, as it's not relevant to my life.
Kek, why even talk shit then if you've taken absolutely zero time to understand the opposition's reasoning? Most of the people who are critical of this new wave of transgenderism do so for some pretty apparent and valid reasons. "Hating all trannies" isn't even the point most of the time, I know of some reasonably decent transpeople but that doesn't overshadow the fact that transactivists can be fucking rabid in their not so subtle misogyny, homophobia, and erasure of women. It's not even so much trannies now as the whole alphabet soup community has joined in on attacking lesbians for their sexuality because not wanting girldick is so uwu twansphobic and invalidating now.

No. 264643

File: 1530558881086.jpg (28.68 KB, 574x332, DgZpNHLX4AAeujW.jpg)

>unpopular opinion
Radfems need to fuck off.

No. 264645

F-yeah Anon! Let's all become sex workers and make a tranny president!!

No. 264647

not an unpopular opinion. you need to go outside.

No. 264648

They don't even need to go outside. They can just visit other sites and see for themselves that radfems are disliked pretty much anywhere that's not lolcow or niche subreddits

What are you talking about wtf. This makes radfems look bad

No. 264650

Why would you assume I want any of these things, lol.

It's an unpopular opinion on lolcow.

No. 264657

most women on here aren't radfems, really. go back to c.c. if it's such a bother to you anyways

No. 264658

>most women on here aren't radfems
I've seen otherwise, never been to C.C. either.

No. 264660

How so? A lot farmers dislike transpeople, but that's basically where their radfem leanings begin and end.

I have to agree with what >>264602 said. There's more to being a radfem than being critical of the trans comm/sex work.

No. 264669

then you dont really understand radical feminism. i've seen a lot of women here and in radfem circles call themselves radfems that are/were basically just center left leaning capitalists that disagree with radfems wrt social determinism and economic systems, a lot, and actually end up defending neoliberalism unknowingly all because true radicalism upsets the ideas they have about themselves/their families/their lives. they can't be radfems by definition.

No. 264673

99% of "radical" feminists have never read a feminist theory book in their lives, so of course their politics are retarded.

No. 264678

File: 1530564504275.jpg (240.94 KB, 500x500, 1496655446308.jpg)

>All this sperging between lesbos and trannies
Normally I'd ask you to stop derailing but watching you autists tear eachother apart is too funny

but seriously consider getting a hobby or going out for a change

No. 264681

Aw, I remember Agatha/threemilk. I liked her ~aesthetic~ tumblr back in the day and thought her videos had a pretty comfy atmosphere before she deleted, it was really too bad.

No. 264685

what's unpopular on lolcow definitely isn't unpopular in general. if you wanted le "radfems" to fuck off, you shouldn't've stirred the pot.

No. 264686

File: 1530565503296.jpg (8.25 KB, 213x245, 1374360505154.jpg)

>post yfw it's another radfem/tranny derailment

No. 264687

File: 1530565657961.gif (24.29 KB, 500x246, pineapple.gif)

It's because pineapples are the worst fruit out there.

No. 264688

File: 1530565661669.jpg (13.24 KB, 302x402, 1529969263523.jpg)

No. 264692

to me it's not the pineapple/meat combo, that's understandable for the reasons you've said.

It's the pineapple and meat AND marinara and CHEESE that repulses me. mostly because of the combination of textures but also the flavors.

No. 264694

I don't mind pineapple on pizza. I'd never order it for myself but I'd eat that shit up. I don't know if it's a lifetime of being German that's desensitized me but the meme is really cringey. Fucking burgers, hot dogs, sauce hollandaise or spaghetti on pizza, that's where I draw the line.

No. 264696

Yup, it was Agatha. She was constantly harassed by /r9k/ because she looks young. Yikes.

No. 264701

>you eat what you're offered unless you're literally allergic to what's on the plate
This. I can't even imagine being this much of a baby. I know many people who order burgers with no tomato, no cheese, no pickles, no onions, no sauce, no lettuce. Uh, so just meat and a bun then? What's the point? You could throw that together yourself at home and it would taste the exact same. Eating out is about trying new things, that's what makes it exciting.

I guess they're just afraid of trying something new and not liking it (thus wasting money). A lot of the people I know who are like this are from rural areas and like to stick to "safe" foods that they know they'll like (but how boring must that be?) or extreme fussy eaters who have problems with basically anything (smell, taste, texture) that isn't chicken and plain rice.

I've had friends ask for things to be returned to the kitchen or act passive aggressive to the waitress because they got a fucking onion on their plate. Jfc, how wasteful. I don't like mushrooms but I eat them because the thought of good food going to waste is way more painful than eating a few mushrooms.

No. 264751

>go about their business
Murder, rape, normalizing pedophilia, harassing/abusing women all over the world, and committing the most atrocities in any given society. Just guy things.
They literally can't even stay off an internet board made for girls and women. They need to dump CP, attention whore and screech at us "roasties".

No. 264799

go outside

No. 264803

>go outside
>get catcalled and stared at by gross old men, or if I'm particularly unlucky, >>263123 happens
>"Haha anon sure proved me wrong. Men are wonderful ;)"
Okay Shoe.
I'm saying this as someone who has a boyfriend, a dad, etc. It is sensible for women to dislike and distrust men as a whole. Individual men can prove to not be threatening, and even be fantastic people, but ignoring the obvious is retarded.

No. 264809

You're right anon but >>264613 wasn't saying misogyny doens't exist, she was just saying literally not all men, which you're agreeing with now. The way you replied made it seem like you took issue with her stating that hating every male is stupid, and that it really is every male out there hurting women. Doesn't seem like you actually think that, but if you look at the anon you replied to, she's hardly a shoe.

No. 264816

They said we "get our panties in a bunch about them existing", but anons here who complain about men usually have good reasons. I was just pointing out it's not that they were simply born male, but the destruction they cause. I've never seen anyone on Lolcow go full "If your child is born with a penis, let him starve", so the whole "Wow you hate men just for being men" thing is just a piss-poor strawman.

No. 264817

The fact is that anons rarely hate men for 'being men' in the same way that men hate women for 'being women'. We don't look down on masculine traits, we don't think poorly of their overall intelligence and capability, we don't see their role in society/relationships as one of inferiority, we don't expect every single man to cater to our standards for a romantic partner. We just hate them for hating us.

No. 264820

Idk where that anon lives, but if I went outside at this time of night, I'd probably come back hating men even more

No. 264821

I'm glad there are people pointing this out in a calm manner. I used to pull the wool over my eyes concerning these things, genuinely believed men thought we were equals. But nothing in my life added up, eventually I figured out the truth.

It isn't man-hate to point out the reality in male perception of femininity. It's incredibly helpful. Man hate would be wishing harm upon them or considering them inferior, which nobody is doing.

No. 264827

I’m tired of man-hating arguments. This shit needs a containment thread cause it’s everywhere and it derails into a shit slinging match every time.
I’m sick of being called a hand maiden for not hating my fiancé or for not calling my grandpa a rapey abuser. Neither side is ever convince the other, so the arguments are really not worth anything.

No. 264830

I'm tired of women invalidating other women's experience because they have a nice dad so they feel bad when someone criticize men :'(.
I can't believe people are retarded enough to believe anyone is talking about every single walking breathing dude when they complain about men.

No. 264833

I think thigh gaps are cute. Not the pro-ana tier ones, but healthy, slim girls who happen to have a space between their thighs. Not having one is cute too but I just hate how you can't say that girls with thigh gaps look fine as well.

No. 264837

This. We shouldn't have to scream #NOTALLMEN!!1!1 all the time for them to not get butt blasted, their black and white thinking is annoying.

No. 264843

>I'm tired of women invalidating other women's experience

I've seen this happen on both sides, none of you are innocent on that matter.

No. 264847

File: 1530617205072.jpg (11.09 KB, 225x225, last ned.jpg)

Getting married is fucking stupid and i hate how the media pushes on little girls that it is "the best day in a womans life!!" etc. All the studies on this show that men benefit from marriage while women are dragged down by it.

No. 264848

>all studies show
I'm interested to know the sources for this just because I'm at the point in my relationship where we're deciding how we'd like to proceed in the future. To get married, or not to get married.

No. 264849

People are so fucking obtuse about this shit. Nobody has a grudge against your amazing bf/dad/brother/friend, nobody is specifically calling them a bad person, stop taking it so personally and think of the bigger picture. Like >>264827, where the fuck has anyone said you need to assume your grandpa is a rapist? Why would anyone expect you to hate your fiance?

Personally, my man hating has very little influence on how I see or treat people irl. I always give the benefit of the doubt, they're innocent until proven guilty. The only difference is that I'm more alert about red flags and won't be too surprised if they turn out to be assholes. I love my father, I have a male best friend, my exes weren't bad experiences in ways I would attribute to their gender.. doesn't mean I can ignore all the proof that men, in general, are misogynists.

No. 264850

https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1139880 here u go
>tl;dr marriage between men and women:
Increases male lifespan, decreases female lifespan
Decreases male depression rates, increases female depression rates
Decreases male stress levels, increases female stress levels
Increases male health and happiness, decreases female health and happiness
Increases a man’s chance of getting a raise or promotion, decreases a woman’s chances of getting a raise or promotion

No. 264851

I think people who post popular opinions that are not unpopular in their point of view because they don't go outside/watch the news/talk to other people/check the current trends should be temporarily banned. Make your own basic bitch opinions thread.

No. 264852

I think it's nice to have some kind of contractual or physical show of commitment to a person you've been with for awhile. Me? I just want a ring, a prenup, and a legal acknowledgement of my relationship.

However I think traditional wedding ceremonies are tacky displays of misogyny and unnecessary excess. I've seen who I thought were wonderful friends turn into gaudy, demanding bridezillas all for the sake of chasing their $40k weddings and making sure to bilk money, gifts, and validation from every family member, friend, or random they've ever known.

No. 264855

I've been creeped out by wedding ever since I was a little girl, it always seemed so unnecessary and opressing to me. Doesn't help that so many men act like women only want to get married to basically steal their money. If I ever marry someone it would be after 10+ yrs of living and doing plenty of shit together.

No. 264857

Anecdotal, but I've heard many stories of men becoming monsters once they've locked a woman into marriage. Those were probably in rushed situations, though. I imagine if you've been living with someone beforehand for years anyway you know what to expect.
I think anyone who could/does earn more than their partner should err on the side of caution when considering marriage. And always get a prenup regardless.
I'd only get married if my future bf was passionate about it, otherwise a common-law relationship has the same tax benefits so it's whatever.

No. 264869

I agree. I hate the “haha once you marry her she’ll get fat and crazy xD/All that women want is to take your property and money reeeee” meme that so many men actually believe.

No one ever talks about how fucking insane some men go once they are married, have children and get closer to their 50s. I know it from first hand experience and I know so many people that relate. Lots of them lose all the shame they once had and go completely out: openly cheating, emotional or even physical abuse, looking for a “younger” girlfriend (aka a sugar baby). Yet women are the ones that are constantly being demonised. It’s sad and it makes me worry for the future. Sage for rant.

No. 264871

Having a waifu is retarded, but if you absolutely must, at least don't go for moe trash from porn games for men

No. 264876

Yep, and because it's such a widely accepted truth that women are ruined once they get married, men justify their piggish behavior with it.
>I have full right to get a 20-year old sugar baby at 48 because my wife NEVER gives me sex and is too busy with the family to care about MY needs!
>Never took care of his wife's sexual pleasure, never helps with the family, was never home when kids were young or spent time with them, wife paid for all kids' expenses but marriage and women right?!!?

No. 264877

imo it sucks that many men think this way, but what really gets me down is when women do. Not that I like her other politics anyway, but I found Lauren Southern's video from the alt right snowflakes thread so depressing, when she talks about how all we as women have is our sexual market value that expires over 30 or whatever. And most women who are antifem/honeybadgers/whatever genuinely believe this about themselves, it sounds like such a depressing way to live, thinking you magically expire after 30 and that none of your accomplishments as an individual will matter as much as male approval.

No. 264879

Exactly. I've seen men straight up say ''My wife (of almost 20 years, mind you) has gotten so old and unattractive to me that I deserve a younger woman''

I love how they actually believe these young women want them though. Imagine being so entitled that you think a 20-year old wants a man twice her age because she's attracted to him. These ''sugar babies'' are the exact women they rant about all day long yet they are too stupid and delusional to realize that.

This is probably an unpopular opinion as well but it's relevant to the topic: porn and the hyper-sexualization of women is damaging society and a big reason for the way women are being treated by their husbands.

No. 264880

Yeah, it's honestly much more saddening to see a woman parroting this horrible mindset. People like Lauren Southern don't even see women as people, only as broodmares without brains or feelings that are only valuable if they can please men. Never forget when Lauren attacked a random girl on twitter in such a vicious and evil manner, simply because she is going to college to be a doctor.

No. 264881

Men have always cried and played victims about having a wife before divorce was even a thing and women were forced to serve men, so even if their "all women must be forever young submissive baby makers" thing was true they'd still find a reason to hate women

What confuses me is that men will
>complain that having a wife is o so horrible and women should support themselves
>when women who choose to go their own way or pursue a career instead of a tradtional marriage, they cry
>when women want to get married, they cry

And now suddenly there's an influx of guys complaining about how women all over the world are working for themselves, and don't even get me started on the obsession with womens reproductive organs, its like the first thing men can think of when they see a woman is thinking about her eggs, god forbid these losers ever have a family or career since can't see women as people, only eggs and tits, imagine how they feel if a woman had pcos or endomorphis or something that caused infertility, no wonder divorce rates or higher when women get sick, but where are all the women talking about mens fertility? Where are all the women only demanding fresh, young, fertile, healthy sperm? Its insane to me that these men hate women so much, hate getting married but hate women not marrying them, what do they want

No. 264884

Most pop punk is shit.

No. 264886

>Never forget when Lauren attacked a random girl on twitter in such a vicious and evil manner, simply because she is going to college to be a doctor.
Damn, that's pathetic but unsurprising. Sounds like something Shoe would do. Bird of a feather

What happens to this type of woman after they turn 30? Do they just give up? What a sad way to live.

This is true, but I don't think that's an unpopular opinion.

No. 264887

>What happens to this type of woman after they turn 30? Do they just give up?

I'll have a huge schadenfreude once handmaidens like Lauren turn 30. Imagine the mental breakdown she'll go through. I don't know why she thinks she's gonna be forever 20.

No. 264907

File: 1530637820882.jpg (548.92 KB, 2301x1535, neon-demon.jpg)

the neon demon is a great film.

No. 264914

They want young rich girls who are rich because their parents and don't won't. And they want that rich girl to take care of them with their parents cash.

That's obviously not going to happen though lol but that's what they want.

No. 264915

Are they stuck at a 12 yrs old fan of twilight level of emotional development?

No. 264931

I agree with all of this. I can never understand when people boohoo about an older rich man being used by an evil gold digger who just wants his money, as if it doesn’t go both ways. Do they really think that 60-year-old guy is marrying a sexy 20-year-old who’ll be financially dependent on him purely because he enjoys her conversation? That he’d still be marrying her if she were ugly or fat? Guys like that know exactly what they’re getting into, even if their sense of entitlement blinds them to it sometimes.

No. 264932

that explains why they're so quick to bash the everloving shit and assume the worst things possible about any woman who isn't a sheltered princess then turning around and making fun of sheltered princesses who live off of daddies money

to them
single mom = 100% of the time, was a bitch riding the cock carousel, slutted around with low-life men and now thinks she's too good for any man and wants a rich handsome man now that she has no sexual market value and hit the wall!!

woman has a career = stupid careercel no man wants, is a useless bitch, demands money, is an entitled cunt, will hit the wall and cry where have all the good men gone!!!

woman is unemployed and poor = lazy stupid cunt who is only good for sex will hit the wall wondering where all the good men gone when her looks fade and she can't use men for free dinners and housing anymore!!

that's probably why so many anti-feminist girls are spoiled sheltered girls who never had to face a day in reality of what most non-sheltered women go through
yep, that's where projection comes from, they cry that women have unrealistic expectations for men but refuse to give any proof of that outside of poorly done dating app shit because women don't marry the guy who asks for nudes on tinder, it's like these guys have never talked to a woman before

No. 264963

>Do they really think that 60-year-old guy is marrying a sexy 20-year-old who’ll be financially dependent on him purely because he enjoys her conversation?
Exactly, both of the people in this dynamic are shallow and using each other. Not my ideal kind of companionship but I could care less about what they choose to do unless either are being abusive. I feel no pity for the man.

No. 264985

>Where are all the women only demanding fresh, young, fertile, healthy sperm?
I think people are very under educated about the impact of paternal age on a kid's health. Women are only ever worrying about their own fertility and men assume they can keep knocking girls up through out their 50s+ with no problems… sure, they may manage to impregnate them, they are just extremely likely to have autism. The rates are higher for advanced paternal age than maternal age, and large age gaps and teenage mothers (the ideal for these men) increase the risk.

No. 264996

white people are ugly af.
I don´t know how are they even considered the beauty standard around the globe.
We have been brainwashed since colonialism


No. 265027

Going to agree on that aspect when it comes to babies. White children are fugly as shit, I don’t understand mothers cooing over their bald veiny headed children with funky shaped heads. Black babies are generally the cutest imo.(Racebaiting)

No. 265035

Did a white guy reject you or what?

No. 265038

To also add to your post, some people can still look cute when they're chubby but most whites can't put on extra weight without looking like clumps of mashed potatoes.

No. 265039

(Nta) I think they're ugly too (especially Amerimutts, Germans, and bongs) but I've never been rejected by a white person. Some people have racial preferences, chill.(Racebaiting)

No. 265042

Racebaiting is not allowed even in /ot/

No. 265071

Moving on from the racebaiting, I actually think most babies are ugly in general. Esp newborns since they all vaguely resemble hairless chimp children.
I view babies as so ugly they're adorable, but not legitimately cute. Tbh I probably wouldn't think my own baby would be cute, not that it would stop me from loving it of course.

But try telling someone their baby is ugly after they've spent their whole day gushing about their beautiful precious on social media haha omgggggg.

No. 265086

I think the whole thing with the woman that pretended to call the cops on the girl selling water was crazy blown out of proporsion.
Of course she was an asshole, but trying to harm her linvinghood, heck in some commentary section I saw people even thinking that her stepping down as CEO was not enough and she needed to lose her part of the company, acting like she's the devil incarnated and not in the least questioning the whole "daughter selling water to buy tickets to Disney" setup is messed up.
It's disgusting how people think they can destroy anyone they don't approve of like they are some sort of holly army of justice.
Also, I don't think it was about race how the media made it look like it was.

No. 265102

Wholeheartedly agree. Online, especially on sites like Reddit, their sense of vigilante justice disgusts me.

No. 265169

Feminism is not enough. Socialism is the way

No. 265173

lay off the soy

No. 265217

The people of the world are suffering from poverty and inequality, but yeah, I need to lay of the soy.
Maybe I was unclear: I am thinking of feminism as a part of socialism.
There are many social issues to be solved in the future and I care about all of them.

No. 265219

It’s that it’s frustrating to see constant generalisations that are just gender-swapped old school misogyny.

It’s offensive and personal when someone says every single male ever hates every single woman. It’s frustrating to see people spewing vitriol instead of dealing with their trauma and it’s obnoxious when nobody can have a discussion that even vaguely relates to gender when they come storming in calling you a handmaiden and mentally incompetent for making choices they disagree with.

I’ve been told I’m a bad person, stupid, brainwashed, anti-feminist, and retarded because I want to get married and have kids. I’ve seen hearty discussions where groups of women agree that being in a heterosexual relationship is ‘gender-treason’ or rape.

Yes these people are extremists but they’re also vocal as hell and honestly seem to use their hatred of males as a reason to hate other women whilst calling it feminism.

How is jumping in to a conversation to say ‘all men are women hating scum and should kill themselves for all being abusive’ any less obtuse than saying it’s obnoxious to read it? When someone says ‘every man’ they are referring to my fiancé, to my grandpa, to bob ross, to every single male ever. The same psychos that shout about aborting all male babies or saying male babies should be denied breastfeeding are the same people regular women are starting to agree with and it’s disturbing.

No. 265220

>When someone says ‘every man’ they are referring to my fiancé, to my grandpa, to bob ross, to every single male ever

No. 265221

No one here is saying or meaning "every man," you autistic moralfag. Whoever was calling you a handmaiden was right. Please GOD go back to plebbit.

You too tbh

No. 265222

So you think it's okay for people to starve to death, live on the streets or spend their lives in a constant fear of losing everything?
You don't mind children growing up beyond poverty line?
Ok, you do you then.

No. 265223

reddit is where I’m called a retard for not being feminist enough cause I wouldn’t abort a male fetus.
No thanks.

Honestly I’m more annoyed about generalisations that the gender issues. They’re never productive and are about as worthwhile as ad hominem attacks.
Again, the man hate needs a containment thread imo. Extremists are bad people.

Nah you’re right. Newborns are ugly. All wrinkly and red and they don’t have the cute chub on their limbs yet so they look sort of like tiny pink ETs. Once they chub out a bit they’re alright because they all look the same.

No. 265225

>I’m called a retard for not being feminist enough cause I wouldn’t abort a male fetus

This never happens, you're just butthurt that people are free to criticize shitty men online.

No. 265226

This whole post is cringe.
Stop being such a retard. I didn't post anything anti-man ITT but I'm pretty sure they can fend for themselves. You're just being a useful idiot with your "Someone pleaase think of the men"

And yes, you're definitely a handmaiden.

No. 265227

lol okay. Whatever you say anon.

No. 265229

There's no point in discussing things with her. She's just going to regurgitate the same thing. It's like she's new to imageboards, the sort of stay at home mom that lives in her bubble where all men are nice and saying anything against them is a personal insult to her and hurts her feefees!!!

I wish her type would fuck off to plebbit.

No. 265230

Okey doke cool guy.


Wow that’s assuming and projecting a whole lot. I’m also not American so maybe I’m less affected by the absolute shitshow that makes up that mighty clusterfuck of a country. You seem super mad that I don’t agree with extremists but not wanting to see their ranting everyday isn’t even close to the anti-choice people. Seems like you might need a softer environment where nobody disagrees with your delicate sensibilities. You are the only one who’s upset.

I mean nobody is impeding your freedom of speech I just stated that I’m personally tired of seeing it everywhere.

No. 265232

The autism just doesn't stop with you, huh?

>reddit is where I’m called a retard for not being feminist enough cause I wouldn’t abort a male fetus.

Kek, I'm fucking sure. You should try a subreddit like /r/mensrights, they would love a hole like you to wait on them. Tumblr liberal feminism also seems like your cup of tea.

No. 265235

Righto. So to be a better feminist, attack women who disagree with you.
Being sick of seeing dumb extremist rhetoric isn’t the same thing as thinking it’s okay to hit a woman. You guys jump to attack so hard, goddamn. Who hurt you?

No. 265236

Fuck off handmaiden. Maybe you've never been harassed in the street, it doesn't mean other women don't have to deal with this shit daily, and it makes you look like a massive cunt to make fun of them for it.

No. 265238

>URRRDUUR real feminism means always agreeing with other women.

Liberal feminism seems to be more your speed.

No. 265239

>claiming to be harassed by teh ebil men every time you go out
IDK where you leave where you can't walk on the streets without being catcalled constantly. I'm surprised you didn't claim to have to escape hoards of rapists every time you go take out the trash, kek. You are so brave to exist despite men walking free!
How do you live with this constant paranoia?
If you are not exaggerating (which I doubt), I'm glad men in my country are not trash.

It was not meant to be taken literally, idiot. Anon sounds like her entire knowledge of men stemmed from radfem blogs and incel boards. Also different time zones exist.

No. 265240

I'm always surprised how some women stoop so low that they're going to tell other women on a woman-oriented site to shut up about their experience with men.

I've never participated in the man-hating threads but I would never bitch about other anons sharing their experience taking into account that there aren't many places on the internet to do so. There are tons of sites where men glorify violence over women and spread hatred against them so why don't you fuck off to there and try the #notallwomen spiel, and see how it goes? Or better yet, you should stop coming here if it's such a big deal to you.

No. 265242

I'm not even a feminist. You're getting your panties in a wad over ""eXtrEmiSts"" (women who criticise men as a group and don't go out of their ways to say #notallmen 24/7, which your dumbass interprets as "they literally want to lynch all muh poor, opressed y-chromosoids ;o;") and it's pathetic.

No. 265243

Personal bias cloud your judgement. I know some amazing men too, but the fact is that there's a shitload of male violence and toxic views towards women out there that are normalised. I think men should police each other more tbh.

Women have more reasons to hate men - some do rape, kill, stalk and harass, so you're more likely to hear those extremist feminists.
Misandry can't be compared to misogyny because of the violent results of misogyny. There's outrage when a woman says something gross like "abort all male babies" on the internet but men saying something sexist or violent is just completely normalised.

No. 265244

Anyone who leaves the house around 3am is liable to get fucked up while they're out unless they live in the middle of nowhere. What magical, crime-free country do you live in?

No. 265246

I care about women that get harassed, but I'm sick of first world pissbabies that pull out rains of abuse out of their asses to justify their extremist hate.
Keep on screaming how you hate all meen, you will just isolate sane people from your movement. You can hear 'm-men are rapist pig trash!!!' and nod in agreement so many times before you get sick of it. At least when you see that men around you are nothing like that.

Where did I tell anon to go out at 3 AM? Stop projecting your timezone on me. Seems like anon hasn't seen the world outside her computer screen in days

No. 265247

Idk who you think you're dunking on by screaming at the top of your lungs whats essentially 4chan & r/Misandry "REEEE ROASTIES" tier rhetorics that are deeply rooted in misogyny simply because you are "tired" of seeing a couple of views you find icky. You also completely out yourself as a bot or handmaiden when all your complaints sounds like literal redpill propaganda when they explain how evil feminists are. They will stop you from getting married and having a family!!! They're evil!!! How will you survive now that the mean women have tied your tubes and killed all your male babies before the sacrificial burning of a corprorate man at 3 with biscuits.
TL;DR but thats what you sound like, as rational as the women you have supposedly 'experienced'. The worst thing is you're complaining about something that most people (especially women lolol) have to deal with: Opinions you dont always agree with AND SOMETIMES EVEN HURT YOUR FEELINGS. Thats right, everytime I have to hear a retarded kitchen joke im glad now I can hop online and yell about it for hours and women arent afraid to chime in. If it upsets you because you draw the conclusions of 'all men' or because someone dared have a sentence with 'all men' included then you just gotta grow a thicker skin bby

No. 265248

I was referring to the actual extremists though.. like the ones who say crazy shit like ‘penetrative sex is always rape’ ‘abort all male babies’ ‘all women are abused and don’t even know it’
The ones who literally do hate every single dude they see just for existing.

The people who have experienced actual trauma (not shit like ‘evil man looked at me..clearly planning to rape me’) should have access to therapy so they can process it better. Y’all have twisted this so far omfg lol.

No. 265249

Mixed up the posts you were replying to. Anyways,
>It was not meant to be taken literally, idiot
Take a joke, sperg.

>Anon sounds like her entire knowledge of men stemmed from radfem blogs and incel boards

How so? What she said was true.

No. 265250

Only a few crazies post this kind extreme opinions on lolcow, most of the "man hating" here is completely true and justifiable. (aka men have ridiculously high expectation, are lazy, dgaf about being ugly trolls but want cute virgin waifus, casual misogyny is exhausting…)

No. 265252

Wow I can’t believe you pulled that all out of ‘okey doke’
Honest to god anon, are you okay? I’m laying aside all snark here.

No. 265254

Not to be that anon but right under 'okey doke' theres a second reply right there and man not to call you a retard but you're not always fighting the same person, we're on an image board.

No. 265255

And yet multiple anons have dogpiled as though I said they are personally all terrible people.
Sorry I didn’t clarify originally that I’m referring to actual misandrists not just women who are venting about sensible things like assault and antichoice politicians. Jfc though..the level of projecting and the assumptions some anons make based on being sick of seeing a particular opinion. People can’t take a slight disagreement.

No. 265256

Again, why are you wasting your time getting your panties in a wad over all five (5) of those extremists? The ones who say that shit (and aren't just joking) are a miniscule minority and they certainly aren't a detriment to males. The only thing for you to get upset about is wrongthink that could potentially hurt mens' feefees. You still sound like a dumb handmaiden crying over nothing.

No. 265257

And you sound like an overly offended pearl clutcher so move on fam. Sorry I hurt your feelings.

No. 265258

Cause she said it like most if not all men rape, murder and harass and the only way of dealing with it is sperging on the board. Yes, people that commit attrocities are usually man, but they are a minority. Most men are average human beings. You do have to be careful and act reasonable for your own safety. Hating on half the people on the word is neither sane nor healthy. I used to read the radfem blogs religiously and I've never been more miserable. Each (terrible and revenge-worthy, yes) rape happening in bumfuck, nowhere was treated as a proof that ALL men rape and you should live in constant fear. Oh, and don't EVER hope for a healthy het relationship! All men are abusers of women, even if not consciously. Better go celibate than to date a men. Barf

No. 265259

>this level of projection

No. 265260

Seriously, fuck off.

No. 265261

Don’t try. If you don’t agree with the herd you’re a handmaiden. They’re 2smart4u and just want to call people names for disagreeing whilst telling you you’re illogical.

No. 265262

lmao "actual misandrists" are easily avoidable and harmless. settle down, go give your feyoncé a handjob or something

No. 265263

So you're solution is to tell women to STFU about the shit that happens to us because NOTALLMEN?

No. 265264

File: 1530696728229.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, giphy.gif)

>reddit is where I’m called a retard for not being feminist enough cause I wouldn’t abort a male fetus.
This isn't a thing that happens, and aborting male babies is nowhere a popular opinion, even on a radfem subreddit like /r/GenderCritical, although it has maybe one or two lunatics who think men should be exterminated, whereas there are several openly misogynists subreddits with thousands of subscribers, and misogynist comments always randomly pop up in all kind of threads across reddit.

I'm now wondering if maybe who're browsing reddit in an alternate universe.

No. 265267

She didn't say that, at all. You interpreted it that way like the autist you are and it triggered you.

No. 265268

That’s a different anon. I’ve been called a handmaiden enough. You guys are fuckin wild.

No. 265270

because you are one, dude. you both are. why did you assume we thought you two were the same anon anyways…?

No. 265272

Thanks. It seems like you are either a June or a super woke misandry harpy, nothing in between. Shame that I can't avoid the men hate here on lolcow.

Speaking about experiences of abuse is extremely important, just don't project it on all men and women (ie 'men are rapists', 'all women are gaslighted by their loved ones'). Speak about your rapist uncle, a creep on the street or pimps. Otherwise you look like an unreasonable extremist.

No. 265276

>Shame that I can't avoid the men hate here on lolcow.
Well golly gee, that's almost like how I and other women feel about misogyny. All of the time. :^)

No. 265279

>Shame that I can't avoid the men hate here on lolcow
Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

No. 265280

File: 1530699190872.jpg (90.47 KB, 711x980, IMG_20180704_120216.jpg)

Wow, guess I'm so lucky to not be one of those women. Or maybe I don't have a persecution complex and don't actively look for stories that support my skewed views.

I could say the same to you. I bet most of the misogyny you get your panties in a bunch does not affect you, but you love getting those opression points.

If you post this kind of shit as in pic related, you are retarded. And yes, same if it would be about dicks.

No. 265282

You come on lolcow of all places to cry about "extreme misandrists" - who by the way are virtually nonexistent irl and few and far between on the internet at best - and have the gall to tell other people that they have a persecution complex? Lmao.

No. 265283

File: 1530699517549.jpg (52.35 KB, 500x307, 1522848266571.jpg)

Imagine being this smug about your super progressive and clever opinion that not every man is evil. You can go discuss it with literally everyone else on the internet instead of one of the few fucking places women can talk openly about the many men who ARE garbage. I'm sure you'll get loads of brownie points from men, though unfortunately they won't bother to defend you in return.

No. 265286

The misogyny I "get my panties in a bunch about most" is sexual harassment, FGM, Islam, rape, etc. How does the misandry you get your panties in a bunch about (i.e. those mean ol' roastie extremists on lolcow!) affect you, wig0nhead?

No. 265291

How do someone even get oppression point by posting on an anonymous imageboard?
You're lucky to be so sheltered that you have no idea what kind of shit women go through in their daily lives and are able dismiss their very real experiences by calling it a persecution complex.

No. 265298

I mean, I don't claim to be persecuted (or that men are). I'm just rolling my eyes so hard every time I stumble upon triggered anons that cant survive a day without shitting on men in random threads. But I guess the designated thread got autosaged for a reason, kek.
Half of you sound like you rub your clit every time you find out another reason why you are so persecuted.

Those affect me as much as they affect you tbh, but it does not make me hate on men as a group of people. I do not blame all men on the shitfucks that attempt to score with me while I shop or my pedo.
Hope you support the victims of the crimes that you mentioned, cause otherwise your anger is purely self-serving.

By getting suport from your fellow misandrists, of course. And I told you that I was a radfem so I am aware of the very real issues that affect women of the world. They require a change. However having a toxic outlook on the world and men is not the solution. It makes you end up like the anon from a few months back that was convinced that women will be sex slaves any day soon.

Nah, I'm allowed to state my opinion whenever. IDGAF about anyone's approval, that's why I still reply to you. This is not tumblr misandry hugbox.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 265300

No one here is accusing every last man on the planet of being a violent rapist or misogynist just because some are, crazy. And you didn't answer my question as to why you're so triggered by a non-issue like misandry. You can ignore it or try a site like crystal.cuntfe or reddit instead instead of shitting up this thread with your unsaged bitching.

>Hope you support the victims of the crimes that you mentioned, cause otherwise your anger is purely self-serving

Why in hell wouldn't I?

No. 265302

> I'm just rolling my eyes so hard every time I stumble upon triggered anons that cant survive a day without shitting on men in random threads. But I guess the designated thread got autosaged for a reason, kek.
I don't know what to tell you, anon. You can't control what other people talk about. Tough shit. If it actually bothers you so much you could reconsider camping out on radfem-esque forums all day. I never even experienced women openly shitting on men before I found lolcow.

No. 265304

File: 1530703522565.jpeg (93.5 KB, 720x960, B3E74DCD-961F-4B43-872D-365F2A…)

Jfc what have I done.

To atone, here’s a new, less spergy opinion so we can move on; Gwenyth Paltrow is an idiot and her weird ideas about vaginal health are dangerous. She shouldn’t be allowed to publish her creepy magazine telling women to put rocks inside their genitals or to eat her latest fad diet.

No. 265307

Guys, can you please stop now? You shitting up the thread with your neverending arguments.

No. 265322

Lolcow is boring because anons don't know how to argue with each other without acting like crazy retards and even when we argue in a reasonable way, mods don't allow any kind of discussion or disagreement. Also, the mods on here show too much favoritism, for example some cows are banned topics just because they are enemies of cows who they hate more.

No. 265332

I think women do want chad(rich and attractive men) but I don't think that is a bad thing. Why would anyone desire a man who is ugly and poor?men want rich attractive women as well. it makes sense that people would want rich and hot people.

No. 265338

People who post "Guyz pls stop fighting!!! :'(" way after an infighting is over are useless and retarded .

No. 265344

>And I told you that I was a radfem so I am aware of the very real issues that affect women of the world. They require a change. However having a toxic outlook on the world and men is not the solution.
see, this is the problem. you are not a radfem. everyone on here, on /r/gendercritical, etc, claims to be a radfem when they aren't. this is why this needs to stop. being gender critical and aligning yourself with radfems on certain issues does not make you guys radfems. none of this is radical. it's a multi-faceted ideology and there's more to it than "MTFs are sexist and girls shouldn't be objectified".

i am so sick of seeing cock-crazy het or bihet 'radfems' that think it's fine to cape for men constantly because they're "a radfem!", that can't accept criticism about their fathers, or marriage or (esp) their sons, or men and boys not being allowed in radfem spaces, etc. i love that radical feminism is becoming popular, but you guys are making it a shallow, meaningless meme. also, you're definitely on some handmaiden bullshit.

No. 265349

>i am so sick of seeing cock-crazy het or bihet 'radfems'

Are you some sort of political lesbian?

No. 265352

>I've never seen anyone on Lolcow go full "If your child is born with a penis, let him starve"
You've never seen people here say "abort male babies"? It looks like you don't really browse this place that much.
A while back I was in one of the discord servers with a crazy lesbian who hated men with passion. One day she mentioned she took her nephew to the movies and I was seriously worried.

No. 265353

seeing one person say something extremist does not mean it's often said or common.

No. 265371

>I care about women that get harassed, but I'm sick of first world pissbabies that pull out rains of abuse out of their asses to justify their extremist hate.
Sometimes I wonder about that as well. I'm from a 3rd world country and I'm perfectly fine with men most of the time. My grandpa, my dad, and my boyfriend are all fantastic men. I'm perfectly fine with my male co-workers and other male acquaintances.

And yet it looks like a good number of women here get nothing but abuse from men, even though they live in richer countries where men are supposedly much less misogynistic than men from my country.

It makes me think they might be blowing things out of proportion. Maybe they spend too much time in echo chambers where their world-view gets more and more radicalized.

No. 265378

It'd just be nice if people were open about their preferences.

No. 265383

it's a fact that almost 3 women a day are killed by their male domestic partners, or former domestic partners, in the US. that's an epidemic of female hatred. wow, great for you that you have a great family, but irrespective of first world wealth and yes, much less influence from orthodox religions is great and positively impacts women, but men still molest, rape, and abuse their female family members, kill their partners, and women are still violated with too much frequency. it's a myth that men are "sooooo much less misogynistic" in first world nations. it just takes on different, less publicly brazen forms. and there are plenty of women that would vehemently disagree with you about the state of their lives in 3rd world countries. sounds like you've had exceptionally decent experiences for a woman in the 3rd world.

No. 265395

Most people who say that shit are joking, retard.

No. 265399

File: 1530731885752.png (177.35 KB, 500x500, 1504462066897.png)

>2 days later and the shitflinging is still going

Here's an unpopular opinion though for you guys to argue about.
Dogs fucking suck, they're pathetic and clingy and throw themselves at you for attention and treats while a cat only shows affection when it feels like it, it's less maintenance to take care of and won't is nowhere near as annoying, so cat > dog

No. 265405

I’m a dog person, but I do prefer breeds that are more aloof or cat-like. Independent dogs > clingy dogs.

No. 265420

Women are just as shitty as man, the reason they can't do violent stuff is because from the lack of physical strength.

No. 265426

>what is testosterone

No. 265431

female culture and female social conditioning is nowhere near as deleterious as male conditioning/the way males are raised. men are raised to be sociopaths in society. strength or not, we're raised to be very different people regardless of strength alone.

No. 265432

File: 1530736322301.jpg (47.01 KB, 700x525, 12503256_sophie-turner-posts-p…)

Feeling extra insecure today, are we?
But sure, if only we had you're superior robot muscles then we'd also go around destroying everything on sight.

No. 265436

Or maybe we just don't want to.

No. 265437

I swear this bait gets posted so often on here.

No. 265438

females are more sensitive to testosterone than males

No. 265439

File: 1530737599914.jpg (77.1 KB, 349x524, IMG_3829.JPG)

I feel like men have a totally different idea of what women find attractive. They don't even care to listen to what we find attractive and accuse us of lying if we say we don't actually want huge beef cakes who look like ex rapists.

No. 265441

ot but alex wolff is so attractive

No. 265448

File: 1530739572919.jpg (56.32 KB, 768x385, nat-and-alex-wolff-1518815514.…)


that's actually a great example because i said "man the naked brothers band kid got so ugly no wonder he does horror movies now" and my sister goes "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT HE'S SO FUCKING HOT!". "uh he has the most unfortunate mole and nose ever. his brother actually looks cute though" "NOO! I LOVEEE HIS MOLE! his brother is whatever"

i'm not a good judge cause i don't even like men to begin, so its funny seeing that i was dead wrong apperantly. my lesbo ass doesn't get what girls want in men either. its strange. he's a good actor and that i know.

No. 265451

I noticed most women actually like men who are tall, thin, with friendly faces, nice hair and clothes. Not very many girls I know care about huge juiced up gym beef cakes.

No. 265452

They're full brothers right? They look like two completely different races.

No. 265454

File: 1530740555417.jpg (166.17 KB, 817x1222, IMG_3840.JPG)

His brother just looks like a boring white guy. Alex has something interesting/exotic about him. He's got that cute tan and curly hair.

No. 265456

Holy shit I didn’t realize those kids grew up to become those people. I knew the “band” when I was a kid and I saw hereditary. Never would’ve connected the two.

No. 265457

I don't understand why it looks like he changed ethnicity after puberty.

No. 265463

and men are more sensitive to estrogen. doesnt mean estrogen affects mens bodies more than womens though.

No. 265466

No because their testosterone fights back.

No. 265469

Sorry, but he looks like an ugly Indian…

No. 265475

overweight/skinnyfat teens and grown women follow proana content to lose weight. when they are literally fat and not mentally ill. they follow thinspo/proana shit that spews ED thoughts into them. THEN they get EDs and complain about muh mental illness 24/7. when they caused it themselves. of course you're gonna get ED thoughts if all you do is read shit made by people with EDs. duh. its your fault for getting into the communities. you could have browsed r/loseit or some shit like that. fucking 4chan has legit weight loss threads. but nah, you followed xbonexanagoddessx for inspo and now hate your life. congrats, you played yourself.

also all sites for anorexia/bulimia discussions should be 18+ and for people who actually got diagnosed no shade. because again its harmful for the annoying teens that want it.

No. 265478

I hate to admit this but I was more successful losing weight going on pro Ana sites because on normie sites they don't give the honest truth…just bullshit like "don't eat stuff out of boxes!" "If you work out and don't count calories it's fine". Normie dont actually give direct answers about what it takes to lose. I learned that calories are the most Important aspect of losing weight and I learned about weighing my food etc from mpa

It's better to not to spend much time on these sites though or else you start feeling cray cray.

No. 265495

I guess this is proof that attractiveness is subjective because id literally kill to fuck him lol

No. 265497

Hell, I'd kill just for one kiss with tongue. I could live the rest of my life happy.

No. 265565

(sorry for the rant): Youtube was better when people couldn't make tons and tons of money from it. Like circa 2006-2011ish. People would make content simply because they wanted to, yeah they could make money from merch or sponsorships but mostly videos were just for fun. Now everyone's complaining about ad revenue and demonetization as if they're entitled to get paid for uploading to youtube. I hate seeing people making videos crying and saying stuff like "sorry guys i want to make videos but i'm not getting paid so what's the point :(" GET A REAL JOB THEN!! Youtube should be more of a hobby, not an actual job that you rely on for 100% of your income.

I work with elementary school children (ages 8-11) and I've seen so many say they want a camera for Christmas so they can vlog or how they want to be a youtuber when they grow up. To them youtube is an easy way to get rich and famous and their goal is to be the next Jake Paul or Pewdiepie. Hell, if you google "jobs for teens" many sites will advice them to start a youtube channel as if making money from it is so simple. Its become so shallow and saturated with people looking for a quick buck.

Side note: I totally understand people who put a lot of effort, passion and time into creating quality content wanting to be paid. This is mostly in reference to vloggers/social media influencers who make bare minimum content yet are able to become millionaires. Kids see that shit and think "wow so if i make mediocre videos, use clickbait titles and thumbnails, and put in little effort then i too can get paid and afford a mansion and nice cars? awesome!" There's no desire to be creative, just do what the popular channels are doing and hope you go viral.

TLDR: The "I can and am entitled to get rich off youtube" mindset is killing the site.

No. 265574

kek this bait was posted here a couple of days ago. Nice try.

No. 265575

god, same. I'm fucking sick of clicking on the home page and seeing the same clickbait titles and thumbnails with vloggers making the same damn face. I miss what youtube used to be-a place where content creators made cool/funny videos for fun. nowadays everyone is just copying off each other, it's so incredibly transparent.

also rip youtube poop

No. 265579

File: 1530769321906.jpg (21.4 KB, 300x300, wolff-alex-image.jpg)

You'd kill to kiss this guy???

No. 265584

File: 1530770677698.jpg (103.49 KB, 640x640, Lil-Peep-1494019341-640x640.jp…)

I really think we're living in a world where everyone's beauty (or lack thereof) is completely fucking randomized. It's some "Your green is my orange" sort of thing. Maybe we see 30% of things the same way, but the remaining amount is the real kicker.
That's the only way I can rationalize any group of people thinking the person in that image, or this one, is attractive.

No. 265585

File: 1530770768816.gif (2.73 MB, 262x275, IwwUOkL.gif)

fucking lol, anon

No. 265590

File: 1530771804800.jpg (68.82 KB, 736x734, ca72f4ed2c0e402a2d56704c6fd571…)

nah he was pretty conventionally attractive under the tattoos. like an alt biebs, but better looking. def better than this >>265579 kid who looks frighteningly like a 37 yo persian shopkeep, but i completely agree. i scroll through the 'attractive men' and i just thank god some women are taking it for the team by wanting such unattractive/undesirable, imo, men

No. 265597

File: 1530772812627.jpg (40.21 KB, 328x339, tumblr_inline_p9uk85Eh1o1t9gyi…)

Vegans that brag about buying "vegan" products from billion dollar corporations are the biggest cucks of them all because they have turned their consumerism into an identity

No. 265598

File: 1530773211661.jpg (81.59 KB, 1280x720, big_1516127179_image.jpg)

Once you ignore his tattoos (and of course the drugs and the fact that he's dead), he's actually really conventionally attractive. Picture is just a shitty preview from a video where someone photoshopped them away, but yea…

No. 265599

When is consumerism not intrinsically linked to identity? Unless you live an ascetic lifestyle, you pick a product not just out of necessity, but because it appeals to you.

No. 265601

He's extremely plain tbh, but at least he has a decent jaw and a cute nose not like this dude >>265579

No. 265602

You're right, I worded it poorly. I mean a sort of shallow "revolutionary" consumerism and identity.

It's more like all companies are owned by the same 3 parent companies and are marketed in slightly different ways for slightly different people. The vegan choice being one of them but vegans think they're taking a stand against the meat and dairy industries by not directly paying for meat and dairy.

No. 265603

I'm honestly still not seeing it for him. Then again, I don't find Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Taylor Lautner, etc attractive either.
He definitely looks better than Wolff Alex, I guess.

No. 265607

Yeah, that's a bit clearer. I see exactly what you mean. They're still supporting industries they're against, and if a lot of them were serious, they'd grow/manufacture their own cruelty-free products and only patronize the few and far between independent, exclusively vegan companies instead of just a subsidiary of a subsidiary with a "vegan" stamp.

No. 265611

Or even better, they should collectively channel that vegan smugness and direct it at politics because the food industry is political and not something that can be corrected with individual consumer choices

No. 265614

File: 1530774185165.png (1.69 MB, 2560x1440, peep.png)

Peep was pretty average, not conventionally attractive. He looks even worse without the tats imo; the gay emo aesthetic made him stand out.

No. 265617

He look like a truck driver boipussy here.

No. 265618

File: 1530774598409.gif (2.4 MB, 540x304, original.gif)

he was kind of 'chubby' for him there already and when he wasn't super thin he looked plain. he really had some model-y features without being too masc when thin, imo.

No. 265637

me too

omg I thought I was alone in this

No. 265654

The average woman will be stronger than the average man by 2035.

No. 265655

Honestly, if Alex wasn't an actor he'd just look like any achievable big-nosed boy in your local area.
I admit I find him very cute because that's My Type and it's nice to see on the screen, but he's not unique in the grand scheme of things. Please just go outside, girls. You may find one working at the gas station 15 minutes away.

No. 265759

Asian men really do have small dicks and tiny balls

No. 265781

my best lay was with an average sized asian man because i have a small vag and it managed to be not painful. there is hope for asian men

No. 265782

yea but their small balls

No. 265790

File: 1530817786695.jpg (84 KB, 720x960, 16807399_10208490560843202_734…)

I can't understand why any woman would want to look like this.

No. 265793

My boyfriend is asian and his dick is about 7.5 inches. It's bigger than most dicks out there, but it's not a monster dick like those black and white dicks you see in porn. I've never seen an asian guy with those monster dicks so I guess they're actually smaller.

The pain can be nice sometimes.

No. 265800

interesting that you and >>265781 have nothing to say about their balls

No. 265807

Maybe nobody really pays attention to balls?

No. 265809

Because these women don't subscribe to the universally accepted body a women should have and instead take pride in their body through a different measurement, thus helping women move beyond the 'ideal'?
That image looks shopped as fuck, and I would never want to look like that, but I love seeing women who are proud over their physical strength because oh hey, women aren't one dimensional creatures striving to be as universally attractive as possible.

No. 265816

i have a boyfriend anon lol i just find his mannerisms and his face very attractive

No. 265818

samefag but reread “attractiveness is subjective”

No. 265820

Knew a girl who looked like this irl without the shoop and tiddy implants, she was a meathead in female form. She took roids and other enhancements to get beefy like that btw.
She wanted to go to academy to be a cop so I think she felt like she had something to prove physically. Mentally I don't think she could have made the cut regardless. I haven't seen her in years and don't know of that's what she ended up doing.

No. 265825

Not her but I once had sex with a dude with a small dick and balls and the balls really, really creeped me out. I didn't expect it tbh but ick.

No. 265829

your blowjobs probably suck

No. 265830

who cares about the quality of her blowjobs? sorry not everyone loves sucking balls just to get gross men off

No. 265833

I don't understand why Twice gets so much hate because of their male fanbase. They're mostly young guys.

Both male and female groups have creepy fans, both do fanservice for their fans.

No. 265836

ok dyke-chan

agreed, for the most part. people who think twice's main demographic is "uncle fans" don't have a solid leg to stand on when it comes to criticizing them because that's not what's been twice's marketing and strategy for success. they should criticize how their company exploits the japanese members to young weeaboo korean dudes, which has no reverse gender equivalent because korean girls don't fetishize japanese guys the same way.

No. 265840

not a dyke but its perfectly fine to avoid balls. ballphobic anon doesnt need to extend her focus to balls to please men. sucking dick, period, is generous enough, and plenty of men dont even like them being touched

No. 265842

>please men
no one cares. you ever want to suck a dick because its fun?

No. 265847

what was specifically in question was an anon saying
>your blowjobs must suck
what's the aim there? her own pleasure? no. and no, i've never felt compelled to suck or touch balls, which is, again, what we're talking about, not just sucking dick. ive never heard of women wanting to suck or lick balls, and the problem is being shamed for not putting men's pleasure above what apparently is most comfortable for her/natural for her, which is avoiding balls

No. 265850

>reee men shame women for their sexuality
>reee women expressing their sexuality in any way
>reee men think women are a monolith
>reee a woman likes something i dont

idc what you personally like. i asked questions about balls and i got a response like "lul who cares about balls? you only do it to please men lul"

No. 265855

>your blowjobs must suck
prioritizes what guys like and has literally nothing to do w "women expressing their sexuality". how is shaming women for avoiding balls bc it makes for less pleasurable bjs for men "women expressing their sexuality"?

No. 265856

Can we stop this balls talk? Most guys don't even want you to mess with their fucking balls. Life isn't a porn movie.

No. 265865

i want to mess with their balls

No. 265870

>you ever want to suck a dick because its fun?
lmao what

No. 265953

I think your ball play just sucks, or maybe your taste in men.

I've never had a complaint.

No. 265958

me too. my bf likes his balls being messed with, but also is sensitive. i have a fetish for balls tho.

No. 265989

no don't you see! you only like balls to please gross men! - virgin anons

No. 265996

File: 1530843813266.jpeg (19 KB, 225x225, 1517101963874.jpeg)

i always thought annoying women who see life as a disney princess movie were a myth created by shut-in redpill type men but i learned today that they walk amongst us

No. 265998

You're talking about the other thread?

No. 265999

File: 1530844358515.jpg (86.91 KB, 1080x1080, 1530482984066.jpg)

That's pretty buff, but pic related is my ideal body.

No. 266003

Not sure what thread this is related to but yeah?
I can see the appeal in being a disney princess compared to what most modern women are expected to do and be for men.

No. 266005

ever hear of the madonna/whore complex? men who want "innocent" women are just as misogynist

No. 266007

Again I don't know what context you're coming from but you said something about women wanting to be disney princesses, not that men who want that type of woman are misogynistic.

No. 266035

File: 1530857907787.png (144.73 KB, 500x573, kek.png)

I think the "dolphins are rapists!!!" meme is really stupid and tired. They're very graceful and fun creatures, and get a bad rep for teh lulz while other animals exhibit rapist behavior but it's not as funny and memey I guess?

No. 266040

Where is this a meme beyond recounts of people being maimed by dolphins?

No. 266041

Not that anon but it was a big thing a few years back to sperg irl about how evil dolphins are. I guess because people liked the irony of a typically girly animal being brutal. But it’s an animal. You’d have to be naive to think it’s a pure and perfect species. Of course some of them rape and attack. They’re god damn animals

No. 266043

Oh I know dolphins are just dolphins not magical sea-puppies who want to be best buds. Anthropomorphising animals is weird.

I’d just never seen it as a meme. Was it a Facebook thing?

No. 266046

I wish we could tag users so we know if the same dumb anons are starting shit. I know I know, it’s an anon website. Which is why this is an unpopular opinion. But if I could just get a “infighting bait” tag, “insecure,” “NEET,” etc that would be great.

No. 266047

Why neet?

No. 266049

They'd just evade that by refreshing their IPs or using VPNs, like how they ban evade now.

No. 266050

>magical sea-puppies
This imagery has me chuckling.
I never saw it online, only irl by people who read a rash of news articles about dolphin rape or “murder” who would go “did you know???” Or “you know an animal I hate??” And it’s like “why.”

No. 266051

Better than what folks here do. They read a bunch of stories and decide to let measles come back or to start drinking water from copper bottles (for detox!) whilst still smoking meth.
Wanna swap town-autists?

No. 266054

I think hookup culture is super overrated and middle aged people telling newer generations that they're young and can do whatever they want is super damaging and leads to serious unrealistic expectations and an overestimation about how many people actually give a shit about you.

No. 266057

Being humble is overrated

No. 266059

Nah it’s better. Nobody likes braggarts

No. 266061

I love intensive vulva smell.
If you do not take a huge whif of pussy everyday, what are you even doing with your life.

No. 266062

i love kraft macaroni

No. 266063

hygienic people don’t have a discernible smell. You’re whiffing unwashed poon.

No. 266065

Vagina has a mild, musky scent, onision

No. 266068

Nothing that should be noticeable unless you’re an inch away.
If your vulva smells plz see a gyno.

No. 266069

same grew up poor so eating kd is kinda nostalgic for me

No. 266070


I'm talking about my gf's puss and what >>266065 said. I love eating her out

No. 266077

Your parents must be very proud?

Unpopular opinion: only virgins and the most insecure people speak/act like their kink or preference is superior, or say that anyone who doesn’t enjoy their thing is missing out and terribly sad about it.

Kinks should be confined to conversation with a partner and not slapped all over the internet as if anyone needs to know about how some random can only get off to choked by clowns or whatever.

It’s not sexually empowered it’s attention seeking and trashy.

No. 266079

I agree, I especially cringe everytime some BDSM lover sperg online about how edgy their sex life is. There is nothing to brag about needing someone to shart in your mouth for you to cum.

No. 266082

They are cause they are not lesbophobic like you

No. 266085

Not being thrilled to know anon loves their girlfriends pussy smell is being afraid of lesbians now? Goddamn.

It’s always people with bizarre fetishes that sperg our about it so my theory is that they’re all very ashamed and need to project that they aren’t.

No. 266086

>I wish we could tag users so we know if the same dumb anons are starting shit.

No. 266088

nta but there's nothing lesbophobic about it. i'm a lesbian and i thought your post was weird and tmi… which it was. would've thought the same if a straight girl said she loved sucking her bfs dick.

No. 266089

You know damn well that lesbophobia is not 'fear' of lesbians.
This is an unpopular opinion thread, I posted one.
Not only you are silencing your fellow women, but also a minority having to hide from heterosexist, patriarchal world. You should be ashamed.

I fucking love being a gold star lesbian, loving my gf and supporting my sisters, but I hate living in heterosexist society. Men are vile trash and I wish I could live on a lesbian-only island.

No. 266090

>this shit


No. 266091

I think a handful of anon are constantly experimenting with different kind of bait to see what get most result.

No. 266092

Maybe that anon had a point about tagging retarded shit.
Go pretend you’re oppressed elsewhere.

No. 266093

>being this triggered about wlw while other anons post vile posts about het sex, like the reddit rape story

No. 266094

Oh give it a rest. Nobody cares how much vagina you munch people just think it’s gross to sperg our about how great you think her coochie smells.
You’re no different to those fat sweaty guys who want to tell strangers how sexy their loli waifu is.

No. 266095

>Being this triggered because people told you to stop talking about your gf stanky vag
It's just rude you spergette

No. 266096

But it's fine to shame women about their vaginas. Thanks for helping uphold the status quo.

Healthy vaginas have a soft smell, tranny

No. 266097

DW anon, it sounds like anon is just triggered by the idea of sex. Saying "I'm a lesbian and I like my gf's vag" is in no way the same as saying "I'm a pedo for cartoon children"

No. 266098

File: 1530873980544.jpeg (33.19 KB, 512x288, 37F21B58-6709-4275-B797-90FEC9…)

Nobody cares about your gfs smelly hamwallet you crazy dyke.

Unpopular opinion- anti vaxxers should lose custody of their children, not just be publicly ridiculed. It’s no different to removing a child because the parent is mentally incompetent for other reasons.

No. 266099

Nothing to do with lesbos, we would have made fun of you the same way (even more IMO) if you said "OMG I LOVE THE SMELZ OF MY BF'S BALLS!!!"

No. 266100

Comments like >>266097
Are on the same level as the people referred to in >>266077

So inexperienced and insecure that they have to insist anyone who doesn’t think exactly what they do about something is a crazy virgin or triggered by sex.

They can’t defend themselves beyond ‘y-you’re just a virgin and I’ve had ten sex’

No. 266101


I suppose those are not rude, TMI or spergy:


You mention going down on your gf and everybody REEEEs, while it's fine to have a lenghty discussion on sucking dick and balls. But yeah, not lesbophobia at all.

No. 266102

No you didn't. See

No. 266103

there's seriously something wrong with anyone comparing pedo neckbeards talking about being pedos with a random anon saying she likes vag.

No. 266104

Most of us don't spend our whole day on here Anon.

No. 266105

No you mentioned loving to sniff vagina. Literally nobody cares about going down on someone because half the women posting here have eaten some puss at some point. Snorkeling some muff isn’t revolutionary or brave it’s just shit you don’t announce to the world without expecting to be told to hush.

Much like a movie theatre masturbator, you think you’re the victim here but you’re just not.

No. 266106

File: 1530874812399.jpg (109.71 KB, 1280x737, 498825973.jpg)

EUGH go back to radfem tumblr, you're embarrassing me

No. 266107

nta but the whole thing started when some really naive anon claimed that vags don't smell like anything.

No. 266108

I never made that comparison. Nobody did. How has anybody gotten this upset about anon being told nobody cares how many vaginas she licks?

Back to shit that isn’t as retarded: anime fandoms are so cringey that I no longer like admitting that I watch anime. Fandoms in general reall just suck.

No. 266109

True, how does Pussy Worshiper Anon even ended up sperging about lesbophobia? kek

No. 266110

And that’s a good reason for anon to sperg our about being an oppressed lesbian and all the ebil lesbophobes?

Plot twist is that they don’t even have a gf because they are insufferable.

No. 266111

I guess I should say that anons talking about dicks have sexually assaulted me.
Don't pretend like suddenly sex talk being a no-no is board culture here.
Literally this anon >>266094 did, you doofus. Learn to read(calm down)

No. 266113

No lesbophobia. And yet no one went

>no one cares how many inches your bf's dick has, you s-slut!

when anons were sperging about balls.

What a hypocrisy

No. 266114

the person i was originally replying to is the one who made that comparison you fucking autist.

No. 266115

File: 1530875620857.jpeg (14.15 KB, 543x271, D85CA882-B57D-45E2-9330-AA434A…)

Assaulted by dick talk.
That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

When we’re you diagnosed with your developmental disorder?

No. 266116

Don't engage with that crazy sperg, it's not worth the hassle. She's stirring shit for several days now. Just report.

No. 266118

which one, there are like 3.

No. 266119

File: 1530875737270.jpeg (13.1 KB, 225x225, ClmDown.jpeg)

No. 266120

It’s worth it for gems like ‘traumatised by cum flavour’ and ‘assaulted by discussions of dicks I chose to look at’
That’s my unpopular opinion. Shit like that is worth autism.

No. 266121

Same time as the retard that compared me to a public masturbator

No. 266122

File: 1530875967600.png (142.18 KB, 320x240, lB5wmMp.png)

No. 266123

Lmao you took that literally?
Sorry didn’t realise you were proper soft in the head.

No. 266124

No. 266125

File: 1530876159765.jpeg (37.56 KB, 384x384, DFE3B9C5-A4A0-434F-8C65-A91D30…)

No. 266126

I didn't, I pointed out how retarded your comparison was.

You are just a bunch of lesbophobic hypocrites.

No. 266127

my unpopular opinion is that everyone ITT has fucking autism.

No. 266128

No one is lesbophobic you're just and embarrassing person all around and people make fun of you for it.

No. 266129

I hope your parents get frequent respite breaks from being your cater. It’s hard to live with severely autistic people.

No. 266130

But I wouldn't be if I sucked my bf's dick or described it. Got it.

No. 266131

I definitely think that hookup culture is changing the way we socialise and romance. I’m not really sure if ya better, worse, or neither, but it seems different.

My grandpas friends were almost all married in their thirties, my friends in their thirties are mostly all single with children from previous relationships. (Again, not saying it’s better or worse)

It’s interesting to observe.

No. 266133

I think people on this board should stop nitpicking on cows' appearance if it can't be changed without surgery or other invasive operations and quit suggesting cows to get PS. You can always lose the fat or start dressing better or do your makeup properly, but pointing out a strong jaw or small tits or a crooked nose is low unless there's a valid reason for it (i.e. the cow doing the exact same thing). Yellow teeth aren't always the result of bad hygiene and a lot of people have them naturally. Body acne is often hormonal. And so on. This kind of stupid crap just causes the thread quality go to shit and attract all sorts of spergs derailing with their nitpicking. If the cow's only sin is to be fat and/or genetically ugly, I don't think that warrants a thread.

And while we're on the subject, skin walkers should be instabanned. They're creepy as fuck with how obviously they want to wear the cow's skin and you can find a ton of these from places like the Dakota thread.
>Ew she's so fucking disgusting I want to throw up look at those fucking nasolabial folds what a fat cunt she is, at least _I_ have a 21-inch waist and look like a porcelain doll! I totally don't want to be just like her and steal her life!

No. 266137

imo being actually humble is fine, but most ~work hard be humble~ social media personalities just bring up being humble a lot to brag about it without even seeing the irony.

No. 266141

I think casual dating can have its benefits but I feel like the way older generations and other young people encourage fucking around, especially after something like a breakup, can be damaging. I guess I'm thinking more that we encourage people to see it purely as a fun social thing when we should really also encourage dating around as a learning experience.

No. 266144

I think the worst threads here are the ones that complain about artists or bad art, unless the artist is particularly lolcow-worthy with drama

No. 266146

Yeah, this one gets me sometimes. I feel bad for all the young teenage artist whose cringy work gets posted here. I’d be mortified if anyone dug up the shit I posted on DA when I was that age. It would be disheartening to see your work made fun of, even though some of it is so bad.

No. 266147

yeah, it doesn't seem fair. i've seen artists post their yearly improvement memes or whatever and plenty of perfectly competent artists were once cringey teenagers who could barely draw a straight line. of course beginners aren't going to have professional quality work.

No. 266148

Anyone who claims autism or being on the spectrum without a doctor diagnosis is a shithead who’s only trying to excuse their crappy behavior and using a victim complex to do whatever they want in social situations
“I can’t help I’m blunt or cut off your conversation to talk about what’s on my mind, I’m autistic so I can’t read social cues!!!” No you’re just an asshole that’s self absorbed as any other special snowflake

No. 266167

>without a doctor diagnosis
That’s not available to everyone, you know.

No. 266168

Really? I’m the opposite. I’m tempted to post my own lol-worthy old art.

No. 266173

>anti vaxxers should lose custody of their children
I absolutely agree. I think everyone should get mandatory flu shots (and other vaccines as well), unless there is a good medical reason not to.

No. 266182

you got self diagnosed autism anon?

No. 266184

No. 266192

But there isnt really a good medical reason to do it either?

No. 266195

Herd immunity

No. 266196

Yeah I agree that there should be laws mandating vaccination unless there's a medical reason why the child can't have them (e.g. being very immunocompromised).

And if the parents refuse they should at least be put under investigation/monitoring by CPS.

No. 266201

I think it's really mean to pick on people's art when they're clearly young or a beginner, everyone has to start somewhere. However hideous tumblr garbage that attempts to disguise lack of skill with 'style' or forced diversity is free game imo.

No. 266210

Kids are kids and they’re learning and should be encouraged. Same goes for newbies. Nobody has a good first piece but if they’re improving it’s all good.

People who have been at it for years and are just too lazy to improve or too conceited to take constructive criticism are just wankers and it’s fine to laugh and pick.

It’s always too far to harass or bother the artist though.

No. 266213

Those laws exist where I live but people find ways to skirt them. Measles has popped up in a few areas because of these crazies. The mandates don’t have any punishments, just a loss of access to certain benefits.

I hate to admit it but as much as I’d like for it to be possible for DHS to step in, they’re already scraped too far trying to handle godawful abuse cases and there’s not that many foster families for kids already in the system. Plus removing unvaccinated kids is unfair and traumatic to them. Realistically it’s a shitty idea to remove them but I’d give my arms for a vaccination for them all and mandatory classes for their stupid parents.

No. 266214

Nope. Just sympathy for people who clearly do.

No. 266222

Female "sasaeng" fans get shit on too hard. It is creepy to devote a period of your life to more or less stalking an idol, but 95% of the time the worst harm done is making their "victim" feel uneasy. Most of them are young, unhealthy, 5'1" Asian girls who follow idol bois around and take flattering pictures of them… Not very intimidating if you ask me, more pathetic than anything. It's like sad indie paparazzi in my eyes.

No. 266228

Cosplayers are shit people.

No. 266229

are you not from the site? no one harasses or bothers anyone here.

No. 266230

>mfw a classmate was proud about not being vaccinated
>even after telling them that immunocompromised people were at great risk from unvaccinated, healthy people
I probably shouldn't have gotten on my soap box, but I'm still pretty astounded. This shit is like bragging about dropping out of middle school.

No. 266232

Those girls are only considered sasaengs by overzealous, ignorant ifans who like feeling superior. Fansite masters who take photos of them are needed and appreciated by idols for the most part. Actual sasaeng fans are hardcore stalkers and genuinely endanger idols (eg by following them around in taxis and causing car accidents).

No. 266233

anons are too hostile.

inb4 anyone goes "wah you just want a hugbox safespace go back to tumblr wah" no. there's a difference between being honest and being a bitch. so many anons just shit up threads with shitty attitudes and act unnecessarily hostile. its like they're the girls who scream about how they're "not like other girls, they're all dumb and into dumb stuff, not like me!! I call it like I see it and they're all just sensitive pussies. thats why I have no friends. im too sassy and honest for them" but for fucking internet boards or they're men. I just don't get it. this place would be way more pleasant for everyone if bitchy anons just took several seats and backed up before trying so desperately to be edgy and bitchy. its like they watched Mean Girls and thought it was an accurate representation of how to be cool.

if anons could just be more patient and a bit kinder to each other, this place wouldn't devolve into back and forth bitch fights. they think they're being clever and honest but its just pathetic and really makes this place less fun. there are moments when Im cackling at how fun this place is (the Emzotic drama had me speechless). and there are moments when its just women insulting each other over their tastes, sexual preferences, or feelings.

get it together, girls. its sad.

No. 266234


bitchiness is our culture

No. 266235

File: 1530928731409.jpg (28 KB, 480x465, tumblr_inline_p9iqokzM5K1ufd8r…)

oh my god shut the fuck up faggot. This is an anonymous message board where a lot of users grew up with anon message board culture. You're the one who sounds lost so stop bitching and back to PULL.

No. 266236

> "wah you just want a hugbox safespace go back to tumblr wah"
> You're the one who sounds lost so stop bitching and back to PULL.

Fucking predictable as ever. Yeah, just revel in the filth of childish bitchiness. Where are the anons who always chime in with
>goes to unpopular opinion thread, gets offended at unpopular opinion

No. 266237

File: 1530929630153.jpg (26.47 KB, 480x415, tumblr_inline_palbzf8ptR1spt7r…)

Women who want/expect their boyfriends to be sexless and "pure" can't bitch and complain when they inevitably and deservedly get cheated on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 266238

>bitchiness is our culture
>our culture

No. 266239

anons on an imageboard are hostile?? alert the presses!

No. 266240

take a joke, god. it really is what this site has been made of since day one, if anything anons are way less bitchy now.

No. 266244

i think it's men, honestly

No. 266245

holy fuck, you could not make it anymore obvious that you're a robot. no one said they had to be 'sexless' and 'pure', you functionally illiterate tool

No. 266250

I seriously do too. Imo men are far bitchier and get a lot more out of shitting on women.

No. 266254

I wasn’t talking about people here obviously..

I’m only here to see the bitch fights tbh

No. 266296

>goes to imageboard full of weeby neets
>expects it to not be full of angry jealous bitches

No. 266298

Then why claim to have it? If you're trying to help yourself then ok, but why tell anyone else about your self diagnosed shit?

No. 266339

Agree so much. I see how so many anons act and then I see posts/threads like 'why I don't have any friends or boyfriend' and I can't help but think that said anon might be one of the hostile users that seem to be as big lolcows as the topics of the website

No. 266350

I hate how younger people think that once a woman turns 26 they're supposed to quit any hobbies they had and become a knitting grandma. Ya see it on here too "omg how can she be 30 and still watching anime and wearing that?". They're in for a rude awakening when they actually hit their late 20s and realize you don't automatically have wisdom, maturity and a husband/kids. No, people in their mid 20s/early 30s do not sit around all day knittting, drinking wine and reading books, most of us go out and get drunk, have messy relationships and still party.

No. 266352

Exactly. Im currently having a quarter life crisis. Im 24 and bf and I have been discussing marriage and babies (which is what we both want) but I find myself sometimes thinking “well there goes my hobby of fashion and buying clothes and being into makeup” because everyone takes married life and chcildren as an excuse to dress and present ones self like a total slob.

No. 266368

>They're in for a rude awakening when they actually hit their late 20s and realize you don't automatically have wisdom, maturity and a husband/kids.
This. The media and society around us has completely spoonfed people the idea that a woman is at her pride at 16-17, and after that starts deteriorating rapidly. Most people are still as dumb at 26 as they were at 17, and a lot of them don't mature both physically and mentally until they hit 40. These days you're barely out of college before you're 30. It's not the 1950's anymore when women were expected to settle down and start a family at 22. The underage PULLtards might think that 25 is ancient but in a few years they'll realize how wrong they actually were.

No. 266424

I miss ytp as well, the hardest I've ever laughed has been at those. I always liked seeing the loose "plots" people could scrape together, or good sentence-mixing. I don't even seek new ones out anymore because new decent ones were rare last time I checked. It's also sad to see what EmpLemon became.

As for YouTube in general, most of the people I am subbed to have patreons. I guess this is my unpopular opinion, but I've never liked the system patreon encourages of paying to get something extra. I actually like people who outright say backers get nothing but thanks.

No. 266425

i see this mentality on tumblr a lot too. as if people who have been on social media for 10 years should just give it up once they reach a certain age

No. 266428

I hated this song at first but then it grew on me. I think I might even like her too

No. 266429

I can't wait until skinny becomes a trend again. I have a strong feeling it's gonna happen soon. I'm just so tired of people shoving their diaper asses down my throat.

No. 266430

Kids involve extreme amounts of work. Dressing like a slob is the natural result of that - kids aren't just a handy excuse for it. People who delude themselves into thinking kids are easy are in for a rude awakening. The fact is that reproducing means you are no longer #1, your child is. Your hobbies and interests are the last priority when your kid needs to learn how to read, needs a diaper change, is screaming his head off….etc.

No. 266436

>Your hobbies and interests are the last priority
This is why I've decided against kids. I like children, I think I'd make an okay parent, the idea is appealing - but only superficially. I like the idea of having a cute bb to play with, but I can't stand the though of having to dedicate the majority of my time, energy and money to someone else for ~18 yrs.

No. 266437

File: 1531006848823.jpg (44.57 KB, 509x378, DZUINgDXUAE5huN.jpg)


>tfw anxiously feeling this is gonna happen too

>tfw but i'm short and built like a sack of potatos so i don't look skinny till i'm at least bmi 18 or 17
>tfw was sort of happy that people don't make fun off my fat legs or wide hips anymore because "thiccc" movement
>dreading this idea because i know it will destroy me mentally when it eventually happens
>tfw it will happen

No. 266443

Amazon is a ripoff.
I live in a pretty booming city and suburban sprawl with a diverse array of shopping options and I can't believe I still see Amazon boxes everywhere. Even with prime the prices never seem like a bargain, and most shit I buy cheaper in store.
I could maybe understand people who live out in nowhere, or if they lived in a dying city with not many options. But seriously what the fuck am I missing?

No. 266454

I'm slightly curvy but mostly skinny by today's standards. I think because my figure is not viewed as typically sexy I take zero photos of myself.

Men think I'm sexy in real life though, but taking photos and posting online is specifically for the online audience and I am "skinny" by those standards (and therefore, not in demand).

Also makes dating extra awful because, as noted by anons here a few times, men's taste in women varies with the current fashions, so they expect all women to have big asses and boobs and be thicc and are genuinely confused by slim women at present, whereas in the 90s and early 2000s having a big ass was the last thing anyone wanted.

No. 266455

I think a lot of people are just bad at shopping. Shopping online is easier because there are fewer distractions. Most of the time you can find Amazon stock on eBay for significantly cheaper, often half price new, and eBay sellers dispatch immediately and get it to you as quick as Amazon anyway.

Both eBay and real life shopping require effort and not just being presented with top-rated products with 2000 reviews and 1-hour delivery, so people don't do it despite the huge savings.

No. 266456

Blizzard is a trash company that can't make and keep a good game if they tried.

No. 266458

a lot of people buy stuff on amazon because there's no shipping with prime. tbh if you know what to buy it can most certainly be cheaper than in store or on other sites. stuff like fresh and pantry and stuff are ripoffs tho.

No. 266459

true dat. is this unpopular?

No. 266461

I can only speak for myself but I like Amazon for the convenience. I live in a big city and I have always hated going out shopping. Fighting traffic, parking lots, and crowds. I'm more than happy to pay more for the ease of shopping online in peace and having it delivered to me in 1-2 days. Basically I'm a lazy fuck.

No. 266463

There are a ton of ebay sellers that drop ship directly from Amazon. Any time you go to buy from Amazon, check eBay too. You can usually get the same exact thing for cheaper than the Amazon listing, and you don't have to pay for prime, because the eBay seller uses their prime account to ship to you.

No. 266465

Ebay has some good deals if you’re a buyer, but it has a lot of drawbacks as a seller because of their fees. I use eBay more than amazon personally

No. 266466

younger women who prefer dating older men get off on those men cheating on their wives with them or fawning over their youth. Then these women wake up and they regret the fact that they wasted their life on some old geezer or that old geezer leaves them for the next fresh 18 year old when they age out and they act shocked that they were treated the same way..

No. 266471

I think that goes for all girls who take pride in stealing other people's SO's. It's never because they're really all that amazing or special or great or whatever, they're just an easy fuck and whoever they "stole" is just an easily manipulated piece of garbage who is using her to stroke their own ego.

No. 266475

File: 1531020235578.png (388.57 KB, 580x601, thicc.png)


Tbh I'm just gonna fully enjoy this while it lasts. Being constantly called a fatass in school (despite only being like 50kg back then, just really bottom heavy) kinda fucked me up, and after this trend started for the first time in years I've been able to wear something that doesn't hide my lower body without feeling like a fattychan.

I also have a bit of a hard time feeling any sympathy for the skinny girls. They had their time and they will again. Being thin and delicate will be the big thing again eventually and I'll just go back to being a regular old chubby girl. Also it's not like the "thicc movement" hasn't been kinda hijacked by people calling even perfectly average sized girls thicc, so we can't even have that completely to ourselves.

No. 266482

netflix shows/movies are CHEESY AND CORNY AS FUCK.

for some time i tried watching them because i like that they include gay/les relationships and shit but my god its not worth it. its all the same sugarcoated feelgood garbage.

like, compare iasip or even fucking parks and recs to the type of """comedies""" netflix puts out, they're anime level not funny.

No. 266484

is this thicc? ok

No. 266485

File: 1531024576201.jpg (292.55 KB, 2048x1366, Ariana-MAIN.jpg)


its already on trend on kpop circles and ariana grande is already considered like one of the most attractive women ever (debatable but men love her) and men always whiteknight her with "i don't like those nicki minaj bodies!!! give me a REAL girl like Ariana!". maybe it will be the 2020s thing.

No. 266488

Huh, I've only ever seen girls stan for Ariana.

No. 266491

Same, but I'm sure some guys go for that. I can at least appreciate there's some more variety out there, but for the average girl who isn't super thicc/curvy or super skinny, well I guess we're still screwed .

No. 266492


> men's taste in women varies with the current fashions, so they expect all women to have big asses and boobs and be thicc

I have been struggling with dating too, and I'm short and apple shaped and chubby in not a good way. I don't have a "thicc" body and I'm not thin so I have nothing to offer.
I was texting a guy I am interested in, and we were talking about body image, and I told him that I feel self conscious talking to him because he is fit and in good shape and should be with a girl similar.

And he told me that I had it all wrong. That he works out for himself, and he doesn't expect that from a girl.

He could be lying, but just know anon that there are a few select guys out there who don't buy into whatever the flavor of the month beauty standards are for women. Who don't expect their women to be a size zero 16 bmi waif, or a perfect hourglass huge ass huge tits 22 inch waist bombshell.

No. 266497

File: 1531031965797.jpg (122.38 KB, 634x944, 5.jpg)

I feel this too anon. I'm so over the Kim K asses and how being toned and skinny isn't enough unless you have an over the top diaper ass. Like, I don't mind if a girl clearly bulked up all over but a lot of insta girls shoop and get implants to get this gross proportion.

No. 266498

File: 1531032228306.jpeg (85.68 KB, 600x826, BD7B4AAE-1F83-43ED-A25B-C3E64D…)

80’s-super early 90s was a superior decade for fashion compared to late 90s early 2000s. I hate that the past few years has been pulling trends from that era. I want a full out 80s revival.

No. 266500

I am very tired of every other instagram baddie, "hot felon", wealthy rich kid hadid/jenner-type, etc being given a modelling contract like there's no tomorrow

No. 266505

File: 1531037128033.gif (838.97 KB, 400x323, eyeroll.gif)

Women who care so much what other men think are pathetic. Acting like you've gotta appeal to the masses when all you really need to impress is just one.

No. 266506

True in theory but you can't really know what that 'one person' wants unless you're a mind reader. Men often admit to dating, fucking or even marrying women they don't particularly like or don't meet their physical standards, so you can't trust what they say or do. You've just gotta try to appeal to the largest number of men and hope for the best.

No. 266507

Agreed. The anons here are so fucking insecure and worried about what others think it's pathological, and it's like that for some women in general too. Like why even give a shit if someone does or does not find you attractive unless you want to fuck them? You don't need to be visually appealing to every-fucking-body you meet. It's impossible to be everyone's cup of tea.

No. 266509

>"Men are liars so it's best to drive ourselves insane with insecurity to make sure we appease them with our bodies, you know, the liars who might not like our bodies no matter how hard we work."

Sis, I'm worried about you.

No. 266510

To clarify, I'm not one of those anons obsessing over thicc vs skinny. I think they're way too paranoid and off base, most men don't expect a huge ass and aren't going to reject a skinny girl. But being some mixture of slim/fit/curvy is almost always a safe bet and you're better off aiming for that general goal rather than, say, getting fat and hoping you get lucky with a chubby chaser.

No. 266513

>getting fat and hoping you get lucky with a chubby chaser.
Huh? Why would anyone get fat with the intentions of being with a chaser? That being said, you should aim for a healthy weight range because you genuinely care about yourself and your health. If by some miraculous means you woke up tomorrow and a morbidly obese body type was "in" would you make yourself fat just to be seen as desirable?

No. 266514

>If by some miraculous means you woke up tomorrow and a morbidly obese body type was "in" would you make yourself fat just to be seen as desirable?

If previous posts bear evidence to their mindset–no. They'd just act insecure and salty about what's "in" and pray the pendulum swings back in their favor.
It's still all about men, they're just butthurt when men like "fatties."

No. 266516

What's this "them", are you male?

No. 266518

File: 1531042579447.jpg (25.06 KB, 512x315, r.jpg)

I'm into older men but making them cheat is just terrible. I mean why date a cheater and expect them not to cheat on you?

No. 266519


Anons who nagsothers over every word should fuck off.Surprise, but non native english speakers exist.According to these people you can't write female,now you can't write them, without being called a man, robot,etc. Like fuck off you dimwits

No. 266521

File: 1531044100122.png (74.92 KB, 348x301, 1503163587103.png)

unpopular opinion, rap music and rap culture suck and is damaging to women.

it gives men false expectations and reduces women to sexual objects, I don't understand how no one seems to care about this

No. 266522

File: 1531044395093.png (18.87 KB, 497x270, unnamed.png)

People who don't want to be insulted for their shitty English shouldn't post in English on imageboards with high populations of native English speakers

No. 266523

none of my guy friends seem to think this, most of them still drool over big tits and asses with the odd few drooling over women like cara delevingne, Emma Watson, etc.

No. 266524

Rock music/culture is pretty damaging too, if you look at those lyrics and the amount of musicians who fucked up. Nowhere with men is safe.

No. 266526

no where in rock music do you hear them sexualising women so much calling them bitches hoes and having them twerk in their music videos, rock is a horrible genre but no where near as damaging

No. 266527

Isn't that a pretty popular opinion? Who could say otherwise? Today I listened to a horrible new song by Iggy Azalea/some rapper I forget and the lyrics were literally
>ass ass ass ass ass rules everything around me
The entirety of the visuals were girls face down ass up, and there was a neon sign saying ASS. It's like fucking satire of rap. I couldn't even be offended because I was so in awe at the sheer lack of any artistic merit or creativity.

No. 266528

Have you ever heard of Rolling Stones "Brown sugar / How come you taste so good? / Just like a black girl should"? I guess I should Google things for you but rock isn't safe from misogyny.


No. 266529


I could go on but if you analyze these lyrics they are full of shit, just written better. It's not an unpopular opinion, what you said, but if you say rock music can be full of sexist shit people are gonna come at you.

No. 266532

one example compared to the never ending wave of little savages or little this or little that with trashy insta girls twerking in their music videos looking for exposure, but yes please continue to ignore them

No. 266534

No. 266537

Even if rock has misogyny it doesn't even compare to rap culture. Not to mention white men are some what called out on their misogyny and racism but with rappers everyone just ignores it because they're black which gives them a pass to do what they want. Not to mention the unnecessary bashing of black women in lyrics that add nothing to the song. Imagine if a white man made a song saying " i don't want no white Bitch I'm already white", the feminists would be out for blood and his career would be over.

"Beautiful black woman, I bet that bitch look better red"
lil Wayne

No. 266540

The fact rap is sexist and says a lot of bullshit about women is not an unpopular opinion though, even if it's used wrongly. People who accuse rappers of being sexist do it because they are racist, not because they actually care about black women and girls and will flip their shit at similar accusations done to rock.

No. 266541

PS.: Not that I'm saying that rappers are not sexist, they are extremely, but the popular opinion is that "black culture" is bad and that includes rap and "evil sexist rap that sings about ass" is one of the arguments they use.

No. 266542

>one example
>several songs
>several rock artists accused and/or prosecuted for domestic violence, sexual assault, grooming of minors, etc.

Imagine being this retarded.

No. 266543

ok ok ok NO, no one is saying it's about "black culture" so lets not change it to that, the other anon just said that it SEEMS like those rappers get away with it due to the colour of their skin, if a ghetto white boy was rapping the same lyrics he would be lynched, this has nothing to do with "clack culture" it's more black men get a free pass because anytime someone criticises them anons like you jump to the rescue and pull the race card

No. 266544

>accused and/or prosecuted
so they're getting called out for their actions, why aren't rappers getting the same treatment?

No. 266546

They are finally starting to, xxxtentacion was able to be judged before he got shot, the problem is that rap fanbase doesn't give a shit about things like this because black culture constantly victim blames women, especially if they are black.

No. 266548

I feel like no one says anything to rappers because they don't want to be called racist. White men have been called out for making harmless jokes about race or sex but rappers can go around beating the shit out of women or calling any black woman they see a nappy headed dark monkey but everyone just smiles and continues putting cash in their bank accounts.

No. 266549

Plenty of rappers do. Did you miss people celebrating XXXtensioncord's death a few weeks ago?

Eminem used to get away with a lot, but nowadays people criticize him for how he treated his ex.

Beyonce fans literally hate JayZ for cheating on her a bunch of times. It's well known by now

Kanye mostly gets criticized for being batshit insane but in some circles he is most definitely criticized for his treatment of Kim K (and before that, Amber Rose)

No. 266550

I find it funny while these rappers get shit for what they done, if you mention Bowie groomed a 13yo people will attack you.

No. 266551

except they won't because most people realise that you can enjoy an artist's work yet still condemn them for their actions, rap fans don't seem to understand this though and any time someone so much as points this out you get attacked and called a racist.

we get it rap is "black culture" but it's not immune to criticism

No. 266554

>Eminem used to get away with a lot, but nowadays people criticize him for how he treated his ex.
Wew, as someone who listens to rap for other aspects besides the misogyny, I could actually understand why someone might consider it more sexist than other genres when I think about this point. Eminem was batshit crazy back in the day and wrote this entire psycho ass song about his ex. Like wtf.

No. 266567


people say shit like that because they want you to be nice to them and nothing else. i'm esl, and i'm sure a lot of users on this site are. we have threads where you can speak french, chinese, spanish, portuguese etc shut the fuck up with that "bad english" shit, post there or keep lurking there.

starting a post with that statement is 100% always to be an attention whore about "poor english", bc it means free compliments and courtesy from other users every single time. hate this shit. i also see it on female subreddits where people say this to get free upvotes instantly. YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL. english isn't even that hard to learn.

No. 266571

nta but I agree english is pretty much the international language used almost everywhere so it's not that hard to learn but I'm still impressed by people who can speak more than one language and I don't think they need to go anywhere, as long as they're not shitting up the thread I've got no issues with them

No. 266572

English is my first language and I'm not esl. I used plural 'them' because upthread more than one anon (unless you're admitting it was all a giant samefag) was saying stuff about hoping skinny goes back into trend.
Hence "previous posts bear evidence."
Posts. More than one person, presumably. If not, it's still not unusual anymore to use singular they/them.

Either way it was a massive, massive reach to assume I'm a male. Use that tinfoil for your lunch, not your head.

No. 266573

Pretty much all sane black women hate rap culture, too, but black women are literally seen as "black" before female both in and out of the community (which means we're pressured and expected to defend even the shittiest black men and the worst, most abusive aspects of black culture out of principle and we're called "bitches", "bedwenches" and "coons" if we don't) so no one's going to pay attention.
Imagine men not only being able to shame you for being "feminist", but also claiming you're a self-hating Uncle Tom because you don't blindly accept the bullshit plaguing your people and want things to improve. It's fucking sad.

Rock music can be downright awful, too, but at least they had the riot grrrl movement specifically where they called out shitty misogynists (and you don't have to struggle to find a single rock song that doesn't have some fucked up, anti-woman message to it). Meanwhile, what kind of female rappers get pushed into the mainstream eye? Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and other female rappers who encourage young black girls to sell their bodies, do drugs and defend/uplift abusive men. Female rappers that try to do anything different or progressive remain largely ignored and underground.

No. 266612

One of the biggest differences is that both rock and rap are sexualizing women, but at least rock songs use "baby" while rap only resorts to calling women names like thot, bitch, etc. That comes across as extra demeaning.

No. 266613

I feel sorry for the children of famous celebs, especially when they have songs written about them like this.
Can you imagine being a young adult and stumbling across a song your parent made that makes them sound fucking psychotic?

No. 266614

>I don't understand how no one seems to care about this
This. You'd think in today's political climate where everyone is getting ''woke'' this would be a huge problem, but instead I see most people defending this shit…

No. 266633

there is no way of thinking transgender people dont have a mental problem and disagreeing with the whole non binary shit at the same time

No. 266637

This is most def an unpopular opinion on the site where have you been.

No. 266639

Anon we have been through this, this is a popular opinion outside this site. This is not a "opinions unpopular in Lolcow" thread.

No. 266647

I think Youtubers who whine and bitch about demonetization are entitled little shits who need to go back to a 40 hour shit pay job to be humbled a bit.

No. 266657

File: 1531085104629.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.8 KB, 833x925, ugay.jpg)

I feel like the average guy has really low standards when they judge women's looks compared to how the average woman judges women's looks.

No. 266668

I'm really distrustful of men who use tinder as opposed to traditional dating profiles. Tinder just seems too easy and accessible and requires no effort.
This doesn't even matter to me bc I've been in a solid relationship for 4 years, but still. I'm really glad I'm not in the dating scene rn.

No. 266670

For a lot of people it's just a regular dating app, though many (I'd say more than half) use it to hook up as well.

I don't even mind people doing whatever the fuck they want with their lives but I hate it when they lie to you and say they want something more serious down the line "but need to see if we have sexual chemistry" first, lmao fuck off.

No. 266674

Or youtubers who bitch about being ‘too busy’ despite having no other job and an irregular upload schedule

No. 266679

Asexual people have no business getting into relationships with people who aren't the same. It's just an excuse to be selfish and/or feel like a victim.

If you know that you have no desire for sex, do not get into a relationship with someone with a normal sex drive. It's that simple. You know exactly what is going to happen. It's selfish to expect that person to give up sex for you, because you're the one with the sexual hang up. It's your problem, your issue, and you should be the one to take responsibility for it. Asexual people who get into relationships with regular people then moan and cry and bitch that the person is getting frustrated and wants sex are just assholes. Someone with a normal sex drive isn't the bad one for wanting to have sex, you're the bad one for getting together with them knowing that it is going to be a problem and doing it anyway. People can't just shut that part of themselves off.

If you really liked the person you wouldn't date them because you know you're just going to cause problems, frustration, and fighting. Date another asexual.

No. 266685


Contrary to the crazies in this board men say a lot of shit they don't mean to, they have less standards than any women.

No. 266686

agreed, also i hate asexual people claiming they're a sexuality or even something on the lgbt spectrum, bitch your abnormality doesn't make you oppressed.

No. 266687

Not that anon but it’s retarded to say English isn’t hard to learn. It’s one of the most difficult languages to properly grasp because it’s the bastard child of other languages and frequently doesn’t follow its own rules.

No. 266688

Is it bad that this immediately made me think of SimplyKenna

No. 266689

No libido isn’t a sexual orientation. They just want to get some lgbt oppression points.

No. 266694

Bullshit. Sexuality is no valid point to be part of lgbt. For example you can be asexual trans and be still a member of lgbt. Asexual people are also oppressed and ridiculed for their non existent sex drive. They are viewed as aliens which is very sad.

No. 266695

I mean doesn't that go both ways though??

No. 266696

People thinking you're weird is not oppression, sweaty.

>Sexuality is no valid point to be part of lgbt

What the fuck does this even mean?

No. 266697

Asexual people can have a libido. It's called masturbating.
Ok so I get that many of them make a big deal about it, but so do the others.
Does that make it less valid as a sexuality? No, not really. I really don't get why people like you get all up in arms about something so harmless.

No. 266698


how are asexual people oppressed exactly? i'm genuinely curious why you think this.

No. 266699

File: 1531103764982.png (72.83 KB, 200x256, f96.png)

It isn't valid as a sexuality because it's not a sexuality. Not fucking is not a sexual orientation.

No. 266700

>bastard child of other languages
>frequently doesn’t follow its own rules
That's literally every language ever. English is extremely simple, the most complex bits are phrasal verbs and when to use in/on. It has few verb tenses, conjugations tend to be regular, there are no cases, no declensions, no gendered substantives or articles, no adjective flexion, comparative and possessive are almost 100% regular…

I'm not saying it's easy, mind you, learning a language is never "easy", but as far as complexity goes English is pretty damn simple to grasp. The Latin-based words (that y'all seem to struggle a lot with?) have their meaning immediately obvious for those of us coming from the latin branch too.

No. 266702

How are they asexual if they have the sex drive to masturbate? That just sounds like not enjoying fucking, which is fine obviously, but how is it asexual?

No. 266704

That's your opinion I guess, but I'd say being to attracted to one, both, or neither, are all valid.
It just means they're not attracted to either sex. I think having no libido at all would be a medical issue.

No. 266705

They aren’t. Asexual implies an absence of sexual feelings. If they’re sexual enough to masturbate…

People thinking you’re a little odd isn’t oppression and anyone who thinks it is, is a sheltered little pansy with no idea about the world. Nobody has ever faced violence or a loss of rights due to not being sexual.

No. 266706

It's not my opinion, it's true. Not wanting to have sex is not a sexuality. For real, go back to tumblr.

No. 266713

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are a super gross couple and their breakup is going to be insane.

No. 266715

Says who? I don't give a fuck either way, but you don't get to decide. Fuck off.

No. 266717

I guess it's because some people question it, or they're told they'll get over it, and they confuse that with actual oppression. Lucky them.

No. 266719


eh. let them consider themselves lgbt if they want, the meaning of that acronym has been butchered beyond repair anyways

which leads me to my own opinion: there's not even any need for an lgbt community anymore, there was historically but now real lesbians and gay men are constantly shit on by people who are supposedly meant to relate to them

the "bt" being included made sense when the gay rights movement started since most bisexuals had a same sex preference and knew on some level what homophobia is like, and most trannies were gender non-conforming gay people who transitioned out of need for safety and cotton ceiling wasn't a thing until recent years

but now the "community" is overrun by people (trannies and bis) who think homosexuality is closed minded and privileged enough to be able to care more about themselves being considered ~VALID~ and getting asspats than the fact that gay people are still being killed in many parts of the world and homophobia is still so common in most places, even where gay people have full legal rights

the letters have nothing in common these days and there's no reason to be associated with each other anymore, split it up

No. 266720

It’s mind blowing to think there’s people so completely protected from actual oppression of any sort that they have to redefine the word to mean ‘am not always agreed with and validated the way I prefer’

People like that have no place trying to lump themselves in with LGBT groups in terms of being silenced or oppressed.

Mum and dad saying ‘it’s a phase, dear’ being the worst thing to ever happen to them must be so nice.

No. 266721

Honestly I think it is a sexuality, you don't have to be oppressed to be part of lgbt. Like this anon said >>266719 it doesn't mean anything anymore. The T isn't even a sexuality.
Being invalidated sucks but unless you're forced into marriage or something, it's not oppression and being forced into marriage is oppressive for anyone regardless of sexuality.

No. 266724

Idc if they are or aren’t part of lgbt I just think they’re absolutely pathetic for speaking over the top of actually oppressed people because someone on tumblr said it’s weird. Nobody has to be oppressed to be part of lgbt but lgbt people have been oppressed and asexuals have not.

No. 266728

File: 1531117601880.jpg (28.29 KB, 500x281, huoikd.jpg)


No, shut the fuck up. you don't know these people. its fun to poke fun at them, but we truly don't know. shut the fuck up. its a rule on this site not to armchair but anons still do it and project every single time. they get redtext and still do it again. i even saw someone claim jill was raped because "its in her personality its obvious she was!" once. if you've ever done this fuck you. most of these cows probably already go to therapy anyways, if they had anything other than muh anxiethy, they'd talk about it 24/7. you don't know what you're talking about, i know you think you do, but you're wrong. no matter how smart you think you are, you should not throw psych diagnosis at people you dumbfuck.


No. 266729

File: 1531118462092.jpg (167.83 KB, 1125x807, 1531031307834.jpg)

>if they had anything other than muh anxiethy, they'd talk about it 24/7

This is the biggest thing for me. They're all such attention whores that you know if they were diagnosed they would never shut up about it and would use it to garner pity points. That's in part why the munchie thread used to be so entertaining because it showcased the people willing to go to such lengths to be diagnosable for that sweet attention.
Imo it's all fun and games to speculate, but when anons start projecting with the whole 'I'm diagnosed with x so I know for a fact cow has x and that's why she does y' that it gets cringe.