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No. 305678

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

Previous threads:

No. 305713

>that pic
Did they realize ants live in an all-female society already? And that male ants are basically spoiled since they exist just to fly around, fuck some queens, and die?

What a shitty fucking analogy. It makes no sense if you have basic knowledge about ants (or most social insects).

No. 305738

>Did they realize ants live in an all-female society already? And that male ants are basically spoiled since they exist just to fly around, fuck some queens, and die?

Sounds great, sign me up!

Anyway, a little reminder that men men are inhuman monsters (Story of a "Comfort Woman", read with caution, this might actually be triggering)


No. 305766

fucking KEK at this comic. i don't think i've seen a better self-fail.

No. 305769

meant to say 'self-own' whoops.

No. 305793

holy shit, that's fucking horrific.

No. 305840

Also, want to remind you that Comfort women is one of the things Japan wants to erase from their history. They legit dont teach it in history books, nor have they ever apologized or make things right with the families of the women still alive from that horrific event.

I only learned about it a few years ago through a play called Vagina monologues. It was really heart breaking.

No. 305841

File: 1538862733308.jpeg (22.33 KB, 275x220, 1518129353755.jpeg)

I'm sick to death of Peterson fanboys saying women are fundamentally unsuited to work, and bs like when Peterson himself says that women need to not make themselves attractive to prevent harassment. Women need to work and be educated. Here's a bit of evolutionary psychology. If men want variety and diversity in women, where is the guarantee that if a woman settles down with a man and has children with him and keeps a perfect home, that he won’t get bored of her and leave her for someone else? Consider a situation where the woman has sacrificed training or education to be that homemaker. What is she to do when she’s walked out on? Single-mother families are constantly under scrutiny. Somewhere along the road we have shifted the blame on women. I would never say that women are victims and victims forever, but think about it this way. If a woman cannot be guaranteed the commitment that marriage is meant to provide— and this guarantee or modern support for it like child support or alimony— then why should she gamble? And when men walk out, women are blamed for choosing the wrong man. It’s really a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Even in societies with arranged marriage, women are blamed for the actions of their husbands, or for the way their marriage works out. If she reports abuse a while after it happens, she is asked why she didn’t just leave. If she leaves, she’s called a quitter and hypergamous. Give us mechanisms to insure men's commitment, to screen the men we marry, and to have full autonomy over our bodies. It's downright dangerous to encourage reduced or unambitious participation in the workforce simply because there is no other way a woman can make sure she (and any children who may be abandoned by their father) can live! It's looking like all men want is for women to be helpless and depend on them so they can abuse them further and not feel threatened at all. TLDR Fuck Men, and Shut the fuck up, Dr Peterson! #NotAllMen are the """nice UwU providers""" you consider yourself to be.

No. 305843

That's a problem i have with modern feminism, the history of comfort women and extreme misandry being committed in many foreign cultures is absolutely horrific, but these "social activists" won't touch the issue because it doesn't fulfill their self-righteous agenda.

No. 306034

Not to mention women have always worked from the hunter gatherer days to the farming days. I remember reading that women in early farming societies actually had insane upper body strength compared to today due to helping out at the farm so much.

It's only recently that the housewife thing was the norm. Even in the 1800's a lot of women worked in factories.

These men just want to complain.

No. 306066

Begone scrot.

No. 306074

You aren't even arguing with the original point.
Men are unhappy if we work but also unhappy if we don't work. I wasn't complaining about having to work, it's great to earn your keep and all adults should.

Anyway, go fantasize about artificial wombs elsewhere.

No. 306077

I can't wait for all scrots to be replaced with robots.

No. 306080

Mothers worked. It was the grandmothers who took care of the home and the children within a community. Hence the reason women go through menopause. I mean it’s amazing to me, women have evolved with this “purpose” to take care of others their whole lives. And men have evolved without any purpose except to fuck as much as possible. Which isn’t very meaningful and frankly it’s destructive when left unchecked.
Most men I’ve men have admitted to me that the only reason they accomplished anything in life is because they were motivated by sex.

No. 306097

That also was not my point.
We all worked from the beginning, so saying that women should suddenly be blocked from working in the 21st century is ridiculous.

The original argument we were making points against was "women have not evolved to work because they never have ever in all of history!!1" which is objectively false. Are you okay? Can you read?

No. 306103

You ever notice how dudes are way more racist than girls ever will be?
It's like their brains can't process empathy.

No. 306110

This, they're racist, sexist, and homophobic way more, they're really obnoxious about it as well, even when women are racist they don't run around screaming "nigger" and "kike!" and people's faces, nor do they go out their way to vandalize things with racist stuff, even though women are supposedly the worlds evil.

Given, most of the men crying about ebul wimmin are racist themselves, so can't see the issue with men spray painting swastikas on synagogues or harassing black people for existing

No. 306134

>being this entitled and narcissistic
Why do so many men believe the world revolves around them? What did you, yourself, offer that was so important that "the world will fall apart and Muslims will take over"?
Oh I know, nothing at all unless you consider living off of mommy's money and farting cheetos while playing fortnight all day is considered revolutionary and "saving women from evil Muslims"

Get over yourself, you are no one and nothing, if you killed yourself the world will be better, I'm sorry I have to be the one telling you this

No. 306140

What kills me about their empathy, or lack thereof, is when they start talking about how bad rape or sex trafficking is because "I have a daughter". It's like they didn't have the capacity to feel for women and realize rape and sex trafficking were bad until they had a kid of their own.

You never see women talking about how suddenly empathetic they are towards men because "I have a son".

No. 306147

Which will be built and maintained by men, no matter how much we are going to use robots they won't be fully automated unless we hit a breakthrough in AI technology.

No. 306163

Stop responding to the scrot. He's just playing offense with irrelevant or incorrect information and moving goalposts.

It's useless to argue with someone like this. He's clearly retarded.

No. 306183

Yes can we please not respond to obvious scrots? This thread is for us not them, let them shout into the void.

No. 306205

In america, theres so much talk about overturning roe v wade (legal abortion) with many men wanting it gone. Are these the same men that will push for aggressive child support and BC/Plan B being easily affordable? Or will we just see more stories of babies being abandonded via safe haven laws but its ok because then we will show rising birth rates on paper. I wonder

No. 306268

File: 1538957769302.jpg (90.36 KB, 911x253, Rules.jpg)

Please remember to report all male posters and just ignore them.

No. 306269

There should be baby boxes installed on every pro-life person's personal residence.
After all, every life is sacred!
They can fucking deal with it then.

No. 306329

Omg, I had this argument years ago with a male friend. He didn't understand why women (esp me) hated porn so much because he didn't get it. Then he suddenly got married and had a daughter and now he gets it.

Now, men are the lowest forms of life on this planet if they can't empathize with why women dont want to be raped or sexually exploited.

No. 306330

As an American, it’s kinda freaking me out too. I used to judge Ireland as a country for just NOW legallizing abortion but I’ve come to realize that as a nation, we’re not much better.

No. 306331

Men should have zero say in abortion issues. I never got why they had a voice to begin with.

No. 306334

>Are these the same men that will push for aggressive child support and BC/Plan B being easily affordable?

Nope. They're the ones who bitch about birth control and funding for Planned Parenthood. I don't even call them pro-lifers because once the child is born, they stop giving a fuck. I just call them pro-fetus. Or scumbags, that works well enough.
It's like a fucked up ownership thing. They care about their daughter because she possesses their genes. Pure fucking narcissism. Now that they have a child who is made up of their shitty genes, they can suddenly sympathize with women.

No. 306346

I wasn't sure if I should put this in the general vent or here, but I'm worried some handmaiden might complain about the man hate leaking outside of our containment thread so here it is.
I've ended up with only straight male acquaintances and friends but recently I've found myself a bit frightened of them. I know they don't want to fuck me or anything (it's been confirmed), but the thought lingers that they probably hold shitty views on women. I doubt they'd let it slip in front of me, but chances are they see women as inferior, useless holes and I can't get that out of my mind when speaking to them now. I just know how males act when given an anonymous platform and can't help but wonder if my "friends" are some of those guys who post hate a out women. I'm even close with one of them, and though he seemed shocked by some misogynistic incel-tier shit I brought up…was he just pretending? God knows men are good liars.

TL;DR realized that my male friends most likely are secret misogynists

No. 306364

File: 1538977253799.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)

this, I literally broken up with my boyfriend and rejected 7 men because of my paranoia about them either being these men or one day being these men. My body is something I worked hard for and I'm not going to show it to some ungrateful loser who is going to break my trust and betray me behind my back like this. Even the ugliest of ugly men can't resist talking horribly about womens bodies, the one thing they claim to love so much and go out their way to see they bash to hell and back, they don't even like womens bodies they like judging them. Men can't and will never love, you're nothing more than a piece of trash for them to judge the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of you, in which they determine your worth over.

oh and don't get me started with men who sexually assault and hack women just to have them and their friends bodyshame them. Men are truly horrible and don't deserve women.

No. 306366

I've been shit on for saying this to IRL friends before and I don't get why it's considered such a radical opinion. Men should have a say in whether they want to father children of course, but abortion is really none of their damn business. The simple fact of the matter is that men can easily make snap judgements about it because they will never have to make the decision of whether or not to abort a child. The effects of abortion on their lives are secondary.
I can empathize with the feelings a man might have about his partner choosing to abort, but I just don't think it's the same. Childbirth impacts women so much more than it does men, period.

No. 306377

it's shocking to me how anyone can think porn is okay, let alone get off to it. idgaf about the content, it's the industry. men really either are blind or don't give a fuck, because all this shit is run by men and they treat the girls like utter shit, and try to get them into porn as SOON as they're legal. the porn/sex industry is glamourized so much it's disgusting as fuck. and anti-swerfs aren't helping at all. i'm not a swerf because i don't think a woman has a choice, it's because most of these spaces are primarily run by men who dgaf about them and want to squeeze as much money out of them as possible. i used to not care because i thought these girls choose this and of course they choose to get into it first but hearing their experiences really opened my eyes to see how manipulated they are.

No. 306436

Men think their imagination is reality.
This is why so many men use their coping fantasies in arguments. Like the idea that society will collapse and women will be raped and killed by blacks/muslims/whoever the man hates. Men talk about these fantasies as if they were reality when it's just mental masturbation. Scrots prefer to live in their imaginary world and expect everyone else treat their fantasies as reality.

No. 306438

File: 1539001641462.jpeg (276.21 KB, 949x1674, 9553E890-6CE7-4278-A21B-8C48E0…)

This is from a video that criticizes liberalism via satire. If anything , the female actress’s political alignment might be the same as theirs, but they just shit on her, calling her a “smarmy SJW feminist”. Men can’t be nuanced to save their lives. When they actually understand that the video is satire, they’ll talk about how much they want to rape her, or slap her around, or how most actors project their own experiences through their acting, so she must be the same in real life as this over the top caricature of a character.

No. 306470


>Thirty-six Indian schoolgirls have been treated in hospital after they were attacked by a large crowd of teenage boys and their parents when they complained of sexual harassment.

No. 306498

i wanna set myself on fire after reading this bs

No. 306499

File: 1539013941189.jpg (235.28 KB, 550x368, Mosuo81.jpg)

i'd love to see an experiment done for a male vs female population. completely segregate men and women from each other and see how they do.

i imagine the female side might have fewer buildings and weapons, but far better relations and no need for said weapons. talking diplomatically over differences would solve things.

and i imagine the male society might have bigger buildings and more fearsome weapons, but rape and violence and death would be rampant. men cannot discuss things like civilized humans, and tend to devolve into hitting things to get their way. they also tend to rape when confronted with a lack of pussy. i can also see slavery becoming a thing, as men dictate caste roles far more harshly than women.

i don't know how this sort of thing would work nor would it ever be done since it's ~unethical~ (bringing to mind the mouse utopia experiments) but i would love to test my theory.

No. 306504

File: 1539014138246.jpeg (88.62 KB, 614x384, 1_eZhYuT9WUGtiVDd22-1Bcw.jpeg)

also does anyone else like to troll (white) men, the kind of nerds that huddle around political spaces to shit on women, by saying that black guys are better at everything than white guys?

more attractive, more masculine, more x and y. i mean i find men of color more good-looking than white guys in general but i love to voice it because it triggers the everloving shit out of these insecure, racist idiots more than almost anything else you can say.

No. 306511

I imagine in a male dominated world they'd just end up raping and abusing teens/little boys and they'd take the place of women

No. 306517

Hey, robot.
Why don't you go through our threads to check out articles about men who do far worse things? And read our posts about not condoning girls/women like those in your article?
Women can be awful (no one denies this), but men are statistically worse at a higher rate.

Pederasty would definitely be rampant.


Ah, the reality tv show argument again.

No. 306531

stop fucking interacting with him, retard. I hope you both get banned for shitting up the thread.

No. 306532

gonna need a source of some kind on that rather than what sounds like an insane robot rambling.

No. 306539

he's talking about some german reality show, like survivor, kek. that's their idea of an experiment.

No. 306542

oh i see. well, i'm not talking about a bunch of young-adult idiots who signed up to be on a bad reality tv show. i'll explain it since he's a man and functionally retarded: i mean completely segregated societies on a mass scale. like, take the entirety of a continent and separate the men from the women and see what happens over the course of a decade or so.

anyway, this is not feasible to do ethically, but i'm pretty confident in my theory that male society would be a violent hell even if it may offer larger buildings and more meat to consume, while the female society would be far more civilized and diplomatic and pleasant. there would be no war on the female side. the males OTOH would be blowing each other up and raping whoever they could overpower.

No. 306553

Do not fucking engage with the robots, jesus christ.

No. 306556

And the men without daughters only screech about rape if it's done by someone who's different race or religion, and the men from their own race/religion who rape are not rEaL mEn according to them, and boys who get raped by a woman should be thankful to get laid. Sickening.

No. 306560

>Ah, the reality tv show argument again.
I've noticed scrots use the same arguments over and over and over again. All scrots are identical in their argumentation and have no original thought. Scrots are incapable of thinking for themselves and can only repeat what they have heard other people say.

No. 306583

File: 1539020944623.png (216.83 KB, 601x1299, 1539015411787.png)

Im sure he feels super bad.

No. 306604

>men bitching about bc and planned parenthood
Then they bitch when women are pregnant and blame her for not being on bc. The plan is to force births.


Its always men using throwaway accounts to comment edgy disturbing shit. Then you confront them and its always "im just joking!" when they say they want to brutally beat a woman up and rape her… for doing a satirical video…

>Catty women > raping, murdering men
Its not that hard to choose. But I think the population has been much much more smaller to make segragation a thing. And honestly, we'd need seperate continents and barriers. Because men would not handle women being on their own. They cant let go and let live.

Please be a fake story

No. 306607

This is literally a fake fetish fantasy. Don’t know how anyone could believe it.

No. 306615

>Don’t know how anyone could believe it.
Maybe because… there are men who actually rape their wives, and believe they have the right to?
Marital rape was legal in the USA until 1993, and probably still is in a considerable amount of other coutnries. Even today I've seen the moral integrity of this being debated, as if it isn't already obvious that any man who feels entitled to this is a complete piece of shit. It's likely that it's just a fake fetish story but it's not completely outside of the realm of possibility. Fucking hell.

No. 306621

calm down, i meant in the context of that 4chan thread. literally no married man is going to be posting a wojak meme with greentext on 4chan. he likely has never had a girlfriend or any sort of female friends, to be honest.

of course it happens irl but that whole particular story is fake.

No. 306624

> no married man is going to be posting a wojak meme with greentext on 4chan


No. 306633

I also love how when a woman says something like "oo he can rape me" its taken seriously and proof those sinister evil roasties deserve to be raped and the world is sad, but when men describe in vivid detail about how they want to rape women or rape children, even if they have kids of their own and you dare get offended you're a feminist roastie and "its just a joke/fetish/roleplay/bait"

Women have to take the blame for everything, men do not

No. 306641

haha wow… i was in that thread and was called a hysterical roastie whore for saying marital rape is an actual thing. good times.

No. 306642

yeah, you'd be surprised at the variety of men posting misogynistic shit online

No. 306644

File: 1539033849180.jpeg (226.96 KB, 1125x1249, 3FDDF036-4E03-4310-8C2D-E02D1D…)

Sorry I have no idea how to link a Facebook video and I couldn’t find it on YouTube. Did anyone see this video of a dad ranting about his daughters eyebrows and how men don’t care about a girls eyebrows or notice them!!!!111. Just couldn’t help but cringe the throughout whole video. Maybe nobody gives a fuck about doing eyebrows to impress you, dumb fuck. Though I gaurentee a guy would notice a girl with terribly bushy Ungroomed eyebrows. Then suddenly they care.


No. 306653

how was her living at home at 23 still relevant?

No. 306654

I thought it irrelevant too but I guess he’s trying to make it seem like she’s immature? Idk he’s absolutely retarded. I feel bad for whoever his daughter is

No. 306655

Yes! I fucking hate this video. Why is it so hilarious to people to shit on teen girls and what they enjoy and it's never a thing to shit on what teen boys enjoy? I don't think I've ever seen anyone mercilessly mock and humiliate their son online for not being great at playing an instrument. Does this piece of shit dad not even realise how damaging this is going to be for his daughter that his stupid rant publicly shaming her is going to be forever immortalised on the internet?

No. 306659

Idk why but men just love to shit on anything teen girls like in general. The whole Sansa/Arya from GoT comes to mind. Sansa is feminine and likes typical girly things - gets shit on by everyone for being a girl. Arya is praised by guys for being ~notlikeothergirls~ and enjoying non feminine things. Anything related to femininty is just lesser to men and worth less.

And yet men will complain that women arent feminine anymore and we should all be ~ladies~ again. They actually expect women to willingly choose something that men will shit on and we should enjoy it….

No. 306660

If I were his daughter, I think I'd move far away and never speak to him again. How can anyone think humiliating your own family member, nevermind someone else, but your own blood is funny?

She's clearly insecure and that video won't help her one bit.

Also, all those stupid cunts in the comments, "angry feminists without a humor teehee", "stop bitching, it's funy xD" etc.

I'm so glad I'm not on any of those shit platforms with idiots like these.

No. 306662

First they whine about how they're all gonna mgtow and go to asia because women arent feminine enough, then when they are feminine theyre mocked and marked as a basic bitch

No. 306692

Men can't read.

No. 306696

Yeah, they can be pretty fucking retarded. All the average scrote has is his apelike brute strength.

No. 306698

yes, they go crazy and literally start crying

No. 306699


Does this guy think he's funny to embarrass his daughter with this video? Gross

Women arent doing their eyebrows for men, anyway

No. 306700

India is a literal shithole country where rape is daily for a lot of women. It's fucking horrible. It hurts me to read about what these poor women have to go through there. They have no rights. The men are bags of parasites.

No. 306716


>a tv show that has a huge staff of resources and medical professionals within arms' reach at literally any moment, making the entire stay on the island literally 100% risk-free and nothing like an actual survival situation or society, proves that patriarchy is superior

lol get a load of this guy

No. 306720

Its violent gangrape too. India and China have a similar problem. They have too many men and too few women. So violence against women is frequent

I know. Femininty is weak and awful to them but they still claim to like it and want women to be feminine and get shit for it too. But women are suppose to endure their hateful bs because ????

No. 306721

Also, reality tv shit is faked all the time.

No. 306731

friendly reminder to everyone to not play the scrot whisperer, just report and move on

No. 306732

Let's please stop replying to the scrots.

No. 306734

>men get selected for variety tv based on their skills, entertainment value etc
>women get selected for being hot
>men are encouraged to do manual labour and trades their entire lives
>women are encouraged to be hot
>men are expected to have leadership skills and physical strength
>women are told to be quiet and delicate because otherwise they are manly and not hot

Jesus fucking christ, men truly lack self awareness.

No. 306744

File: 1539050009526.png (363.02 KB, 654x525, Two-week-old baby in intensive…)

No. 306746

>tfw anytime one of us tries to engage a man on the boards it dissolves into him parroting the same nonsensical arguments and strawmanning, then they accuse us of being afraid of his great copypasta wisdom when we can't be bothered anymore

No. 306747

We report but nothings ever done. I have applied to mod this thread could you please take a look? Its clear here the mods dont give a shit about this thread let me do it and it will be one less thing for you to not bother with.

No. 306750

>2 weeks old
….Jesus christ…. I have no words

No. 306751

can someone just kill the worthless sack of shit instead of charging him with rape? feels like a slap on the wrist.

No. 306753

it's the same dude, just ban evading. he tried to use his "HURRRRR BUT SURVIVOR" argument earlier in the thread too and it was deleted

No. 306755

File: 1539051357577.png (369.55 KB, 539x960, tumblr_pg7w4iaBYl1s8cqol_640.p…)

No. 306756

File: 1539051434957.jpeg (48.36 KB, 293x444, FE1AAA8C-A5B1-4048-BB41-199B72…)

But women are supposed to be just as bad as men, right?

No. 306765

File: 1539052232380.png (244.54 KB, 511x479, fuck off and die.png)

No. 306776

I remember when his father told the world that his son raping an unconscious woman was just "getting action." Shit man becomes a shit father and you have a shit son. Tragic

No. 306777

I remember when his father told the world that his son raping an unconscious woman was just "getting action." Shit man becomes a shit father and you have a shit son. Tragic

No. 306802

I have never wanted to die so much before. The sheer entitlement.

No. 306804

Only men do this. Are they lower than animals? Parasites? I cant think of any other species that would do this. Only human men…

No. 306819

>tell bf I got sexually harassed today
>story was weird because it was in a psych facility
>he doesn't believe me and says I made it up for attention
I've been crying for an hour. I don't know what to do. He seemed like he was in a bad mood and when he is, he tends to cause chaos and make people upset for fun. Why is it so hard to believe a woman? I don't have proof, but how upset it makes me feels real because it DID happen. I had just worked up the courage to tell him too..

No. 306834

i used to lurk /co/ occasionally, and one of my biggest pet peeves are when scrotfags freak out over "husbando" threads yet turn around and lust over underage "lolis" as if the implications of that isn't infinitely more disturbing then anything construed as gay

stupid rant i know, but men are so fucked up to try and normalize pedophilia

No. 306837

Jesus christ, you have to dump him. What an enormous red flag for him being a bad person and not giving a shit about you. It's not like there's any possibility you're doing it for money or fame, you already have his attention, what the fuck could your ulterior motive be? How could he hate women so much he won't even believe his own gf?

No. 306842

That's another thing. I'm scared he's gonna blackmail me.

No. 306847

nah let him go to prison and get raped and tortured there

No. 306850

We just need to persistently defend the sanctity of our husbando threads anon. Stay strong.

No. 306867

Hon you need to leave him fast, your s/o shouldn't doubt that you would make something like that up.

No. 306872

Something similar happened to me, I feel for you anon, your boyfriend sounds horrible

No one cares about victims who are branded as liars because of "all accusations are lies" hysteria, they only care about men but then turn around and claim it was actually men who were oppressed all this time

Men are always victims, society will bash womens heads in curbs all day then turn around and claim we should all baby and take care of men because it was actually them getting hurt all along and women are evil or did it to themselves and don't deserve to be helped

Honestly, just when I thought I saw the lengths people will go to in order to claim a woman lied about rape, I end up seeing even more, people are willing to eat literal shit if it meant being able to claim a woman lied about rape

No. 306878

Ugh, no. Do you guys seriously think that's a real Tweet? Come on. I hate the guy as much as you do but falling for shit like this just reinforces the male argument that women are morons.

No. 306879

When will the males ever leave this thread?

No. 306881

Anon your post is painful to read and immediately made me concerned for you. I agree that this incident is not only a red flag but his typical behaviour you described (enjoys upsetting people, causing chaos) is also a red flag too. I know it's easier said than done but I would be abandoning ship NOW if I were you. IT ONLY GETS WORSE FROM HERE. Please look out for yourself. I know you can do it.

No. 306882

Why do men cry and act like victims if women don't flirt with them or send them nudes, but then when women do that they cry and act like victims if the woman wasnt a 10/10 stacy ie less than 6% of the female population?

I overheard scrots talking before mocking a woman they thought was ugly for buying makeup, I've seen on several occasions males sharing around womens nudes just to mock and humilate the poor woman, or the whole "when a flat/fat/ugly girl try to flirt 😂😂" memes

No. 306884

Because most women don't care and don't look to doing indept investigations over if a tweet is real or not, plus considering people are still trying to claim that he didn't rape her/it was consentual/she lied, it isn't exactly outside of the possibilities that many people still victimize rapists and act like the victim reporting it did something bad and not the rapist

No. 306969

It sounds like this guy is controlling you with fear. Abusive assholes like that are always going to make threats but the chances of them actually acting on them are low since deep down, they’re cowards. Plus, you can report him to the cops if he actually does anything resembling blackmail. A visit from the cops will make him piss his pants and leave you alone.

No. 307046

With handmaids and tradthots like tomi lahren, kaya jones and the rest, I doubt that sex segragated communities would happen in this lifetime. Women hating and shitting on themselves as much as men hate them for some attention and praise is still happening sadly.

Prolife men are men that just want to keep women pregnant and barefoot and dependent. Its all to restrict agency. For every prolife guy story about how much he wanted to be father, there are at least dozens of other guys saying the complete opposite who pressured their s/o for an abortion. They have and will never give a fuck about kids or their quality of life. Only to punish and arrest the "murderous baby killers" for not being forced into being incubators and then caregivers for the next 18 years of our lives.

No. 307066

Sorry for trash tier link but trash news are often found there.

> A man who listed his girlfriend for sale on eBay as a prank was shocked when the bids reached over $119,000 within 24 hours.

> He described her condition as “for parts or not working” and wrote that she “starts OK but after that there’s a constant whining noise that I can’t seem to stop. Bodywork is fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear. No serious damage but you can see that she’s been used.

He was just having a laugh, amirite?

Men are absolute scum. I hope she ditched him.

No. 307077

Men:wah why are women losing interest in relationships I don't get it
Also Men:

No. 307078

this is a very very small thing in comparison to the shit thats happened and is happening but fuck men commenting on my women voice every 20 minutes while playing any online game on mic.
holy hell, go drink bleach you moronic goblin fucks. i hate them so much.

No. 307079

It's sad. Men are supposedly the poor oppressed babies yet no man will ever put as much effort into helping women as much as women do to men. Women will bend over backwards if it meant coddling one man,most men won't even lift a finger even if millions of men each and every day screamed about how all women should be killed and are useless

No. 307081

Why can't men be in the presence of a woman and be mentally stable about it?

No. 307087

are you copying and pasting this comment every now and then?

No. 307095

Somehow the comments manage to be worse than the article. Neither the article nor the comments mention anything about how the woman felt.

No. 307111

No. But i have yet to get my question answered

If it was a woman doing this to a man the woman would get death threats tbh. Hell womem on twitter who make fun of small dicks start riots and shit, if a woman did anything even remotely close to that MRAs and handmaidens would grab their pitchforks

No. 307124

Is that surprising? Men dgaf about that. They all got a laugh at how women can be on auction as used parts. I pray she left him and dont look back. His 'shock' doesnt sound genuine

And if roles were reversed, the woman would be dragged through every corner of the internet for being vile and heartless because all men are hardworking angels who should never be mocked uwu

No. 307143

Apparently the gf went along with it. And everyone who thinks the joke is in poor taste is just an american roastie metoo harpie that needs to lighten up

To anyone in this thread, how do you stay positive everyday? Especially after reading and seeing how many men hate women for being people and just want women to be worthless besides as incubators. Idk Im just tired of the bullshit..

No. 307165

>the scrot is trying a different tactic
fucking kek

No. 307166

so funny how men in video games never go outside, don't know how to talk to women, complain about not having a gf, cry about being lonely, but immediately start to be creepy fucks once they hear a womans voice in a video game lobby. smoothest brains

No. 307172

what kinda loser does all this just for the sake of bashing his wife and reminding her how ~awful~ she is? why not just divorce if she makes him that miserable and wants the "younger model" so badly? oh right the younger models don't like ugly fat man babies who put in all this effort just for the sake of bashing and making fun of someone they supposedly love and care about

I'd feel bad for the woman if she didn't go along with with it. When have you ever seen a woman do this? women go out their way to be sweet to their husbands, men go out their way to be cruel to their wives for the sake of a joke. Men truly will never deserve women, I just wish other women would wake up and realize it instead of enabling this behavior. God men are so ungrateful, I'll never do jack shit for them again

No. 307176

>And if roles were reversed, the woman would be dragged through every corner of the internet for being vile and heartless because all men are hardworking angels who should never be mocked uwu


look at this shit
>small penis jokes are so cruel and abusive!
>men selling their wives on ebay with descriptions and novels bashing her and reminding her how awful she is just a joke and you need to lighten up or else you're a screeching butthurt obese triggered libtard feminist roastie!

so much for this supposed man-hating society we live in

No. 307178

It's annoying, but we should stop engaging them and allow them to scream into the void. Report and ignore them.

No. 307196

Another word for
>shut up, I lead, you listen, make babies

But complementary sounds nicer!

No. 307275


>men and women are complementary and should help each other to move pass this hatred uwu

No. 307282

I tried, we all tried. Nothing will ever stop men from hating women, even when women were all submissive babymakers men still hated them, there's no point if only women are the ones willing corporate and if anything will enable mens behavior. The best option is to hate men back, yin and yang, give them a taste of what they gave us

No. 307284

>shut up, I lead, you listen, make babies
Pretty much. Every time a slimy conservative man tries to spin a "men and women should work together uwu" argument, it's always meant in the context of women's subservience to men.

No. 307293

Hate them back and wish for the apocalypse to take us all out. Nothing women can do will ever make them stop hating us.

>Love for a woman is not real, as it is not metaphysical love, but the result of the very most base primal drive. The reason that your brain releases these “love” chemicals is because otherwise you would just rape a bitch and slit her throat, or leave her to die alone in the wilderness rather than deal with her endless scheming bullshit.

Lovely Anglin being his charming self /s
If anything is destroying western civilization and the white race like he and his followers believe, its white men like andrew who vocally wants white sharia law and to murder women that dares to breathe or think

No. 307305

That or they immediately attack you with snide remarks or outright insults and judge your every movement based on you being female.
there is no escape other than never being on mic.

No. 307318

>murderer here
>rapist here

No. 307319

the only good boy is a dead one tea bee aych

No. 307321

I've never hurt anyone and never want to
That's not true! Males can have a place in the new world not just thrown away…

No. 307326

only if they can manage to truly be innocent, submissive and sweet. otherwise, they need to be destroyed.

No. 307330

Anon, please. You're obviously taking to a sub who wants us to bully him, having a fetish doesnt stop these idiots from feeling entitled to us giving them boners. Dont encourage it.

No. 307333

That's hypocritical
I don't want to be bullied

No. 307339

Misogynistic crap like this is why I can never call myself a conservative.

No. 307343

The fact that men never need to be worried about being raped, murdered or tortured when meeting a strange woman, but we have to worry about the reverse…feels bad man

Also men love to suggest women are crazy/bunny boilers/jokes about how nuts women are when >>306756
They do all the crime. We spend so much time making sure we are perfect in every way whereas actual dangerous nutjob men can have 40-year careers and be treated with respect at every turn.

Just a little rant there.

No. 307357

I agree 100%, it's like millions of men can do horrible shit and people will still stand for men, even the feminists men hate so fucking much like in >>307176 are willing to stand up for the men that hate their literal guts

most men won't lift a finger, some men even brag about how if they saw a woman getting robbed or raped they'd laugh and tell them it's equality and get PRAISED for saying stuff like that. The fact that when men do something bad women always somehow get blamed is proof that we still live in a misogynistic society, the only difference is that they'll beat down women all day long and when women had enough they scream in womens faces about how it was actually men who got beaten all along and we need to care for men more and those evil women are just lying/exaggerating/hysterical about being beat.

Excuse the novel but that's what pisses me off, we're already use to living in a misogynistic society, just when things got sorta better men started claiming that they were victims all along and us evil women just bathe in female privilege which I have yet to experience except that one time a man held the door for me at a gas station, but according to MGTOWs I'm an evil entitled woman because I didn't suck his dick right then and there

for the most part, they want to pick and choose who gets blame and credit for what, they want all women to take blame for all the bad things women did (even if it was men doing it more) and want straight white conservative men to take credit for all the good things they did and ignore the millions of bad things.

the fact that this is a controversial thread even on an all-female site and men will casually scream about how they should be able to beat and kill women in comments of every corner of the internet with no hate (or if it does get hate you're an evil metoo feminist roastie) and it's considered funny and a joke

Honestly ? I was use to misogyny everywhere, but now it is men who are claiming to be the ones who are oppressed by evil women which really blew me up, they want to hate women freely but also want to be coddled like they were the ones getting hated all along, the sad part is how many people are joining this cult

No. 307360

i don't got anything to add sis, but i just agree and like your rant.

No. 307361

File: 1539145085447.png (786.84 KB, 533x839, screenshot.png)

I'm convinced that at least half (if not more) of the men that are pro-life don't actually give a shit about babies or the sanctity of life, they just either have a breeder fetish or want to "punish" women for being sluts. There was one male-dominated imageboard that I used to go to, and every time there was a discussion about abortion there were at least five posters saying how "abortion should be illegal because women need to face the consequences of opening their legs, they should be punished for being whores and sluts". Nothing says "I care about the unborn babies!" than viewing them as some sort of a punishment. A lot of them are also against birth control pills (they encourage hypergamy!) and condoms (it just doesn't feel as good!!).

No. 307363

it is almost certainly a covert breeding fetish that isn't acknowledged as such

No. 307366

these same men whine about child suppprt and women with “baby fever”. they just hate everything women do. they would even find a way to complain about their idea petite >100 submissive traditional housewife.

No. 307368

This reminded me of an anti-choice scrot on lolcow who, after dancing around his reasoning, eventually admitted he was worried that white women were aborting too many babies, which would cause brown people would take over Europe (lol). Didn't give a shit about the kids or the well-being of the mothers.

No. 307370

Their mindset is basically
>why can't all women be insatiable whores with no standards who never inconvenience me with pregnancy or expect me to pay for dates
>until I decide to get married, at which point all women should be chaste maternal trad waifus who depend on their husband to live

No. 307373

File: 1539150418780.png (184.52 KB, 530x442, Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.2…)

Does anyone ever think about how men completely and unwantedly co-opted My Little Pony? They tainted what was meant for girls into something perverted, creepy, and disgusting.

Whenever women "ruin anything" for men it's by virtue of them simply being there and "feminizing" it by existing, thus making it "less manly". Meanwhile when men invade female spaces, they make it into a degenerate sexual thing.

No. 307385

The men who want to outlaw abortion are worried of women aborting THEIR babies. They don't care about the woman being confined to a living being for the rest of their life and giving birth to a hopeless situation on her part, they want to have the woman under their rule at all costs. Impregnating a woman means that he basically owns her, and abortion would let the woman go free. It's not about murdering a child to them, it's about taking their power away. They don't believe in a woman having a choice over her body or life.

No. 307400

I do. I vented about this on here as well already. My little sister wanted to sell some of her old dolls and all we got was some freak calling and saying he wants to jerk of on them…

Also, while venting about bronies (whenever I tried to research something about mlp for my sis we would come across gross pics of them) a friend of mine told me that his best friend is a brony, because "as a man he never got to experience a sweet and loving friendship like us girls do and now he gets to have that through mlp". Totally doesn't sound like trannies who think that all young girls do is have sleepovers and pillow fights…

No. 307404

I never knew that this was a thing. How can this be legal?


>She says her ability to drive didn’t change when she transitioned from life as a man to life as a woman, but her insurance rates sure did.

>She thought she was the victim of discrimination against transgender people. When she fought for justice, she learned she is the victim of legal discrimination all women in Michigan are subject to.
>It is an issue we exposed. Car insurance companies are allowed to charge women a lot more for car insurance, simply because they are women
>Faith contacted her insurance company because she changed her legal name. She never imagined it would skyrocket her car insurance prices $970.08 - almost $1000 a year.

>I thought men typically paid more for auto insurance. Does that cross over as you age?

>IIRC Men under 25 are higher priced, then 26 and after women are higher.

So when men turn 26 they magically stop being reckless drivers??? Would be funny if they changed it now, you know, because troons are affected by it kek

No. 307405

File: 1539158952526.jpg (106.58 KB, 592x888, DUilUrsXcAAMEZo.jpg)

That's fucked up. Dump his ass.
I agree. Even now, when they have husbando threads, they're quick to defend gay male anons and shit on any women posting. Because women have "bad taste" or "this thread is for fags, not women". Men truly stick together, even over the stupidest shit.

No. 307412

>>She thought she was the victim of discrimination against transgender people. When she fought for justice, she learned she is the victim of legal discrimination all women in Michigan are subject to.

Fucking hilarious. This is my favorite thing about MTF trans, they are always so flabbergasted to learn being a woman isn't the romanticized cakewalk all men fantasize about. Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on painful, barbaric cosmetic surgeries you can't undo, only to realize in the end you just had a toxic childhood that could have easily been avoided by letting little boys have their emotions and enjoy "girly" things too.

No. 307415

To be fair, I too would be flabbergasted at inflated car insurance when it's an objective fact that men are more reckless drivers than women, more prone to breaking laws, get involved with more frequent/more serious crashes, etc.

No. 307416

Maybe the posters in this thread should think about how we could better treat the women in our lives. Men already hate us so why do we hate each other? Think about that it though, I'm sure many of you have posted in other threads making fun of or criticizing other women.

No. 307418

This is what makes it so difficult to be a feminist or find any female solidarity. Most women hate each other and would rather uplift the men in their lives and in part due to bad experiences with other women. I've always hyper focused on my male relationships because I was horribly bullied by or ignored by other girls/women.

No. 307436

Reading this thread and the dog-hate thread I notice certain undeniable parallels between men and pitbulls.

No. 307439


Believe it or not, I live in a 3rd world shithole where women abuse is rampant. Two months ago when I was going to work I seen a man beating his wife/gf in broad daylight in the middle of the street, I ran over and punched the guy and made him get away from her then helping the girl. then she started screaming about putting my nose in their business ran over to the guy and started asking if he's okay while giving me the stink eye. Suddenly I was the bad guy. My mother raised as a person who should help anyone in distress but this shit left a really bad taste in my mouth. What the fuck was this seriously? %100 not flaming or trolling.

No. 307446

>kind of cute but mostly ugly
>bred to fight
>get homicidal over nothing
Holy shit anon.

No. 307450

> have a bunch of bleeding heart handmaids crying that it's just their toxic upbringing uwu
> cannot function non-violently without massive effort in socialization, guardianship and physical restraint
> should be humanely euthanized for the betterment of society

No. 307454

Or just reverse the dimorphism

No. 307455


Like I said believe it or not, people didn't even seem to look at their way while it happened.

No. 307456

all the men I knew that ended up having a brony phase had already liked "girly anime" before that. anime that was always that ecchi or near ecchi slice of life with young girl mcs. they had to yell and justify their liking of a feminine show that had no sexualized elements or else they would feel weird lmao (even though they all sexualized it anyways)

No. 307461

literally the opposite if you bothered to check which website you were on

No. 307471


Not sure if male poster or Lauren Southern…

No. 307474

I think it's a false flag troll trying to make men look extra stupid

No. 307476

for real tho why do all white men look the same? they age so poorly too and have tiny dicks to boot, yuck

No. 307478

Mods do your fucking job please

No. 307486

> hairy
> bad breath
> no reading comprehension

No. 307500

> when the scrot trolling comes full circle and starts to agree with the majority itt

No. 307509

you are truly one of the most moronic anons i've come across

No. 307518

Kek. Anons I think you're onto something
>he dindu nuffin the little Terrier shouldn't have provoked him by glancing at him #notallpitbulls

No. 307528

this is what happens when you don't abort scrots

No. 307534

Men don't need falseflag trolls for that. They do it well enough on their own.

No. 307535

it's been sperging for hours. I can't imagine being that triggered. Does it think it's achieving something?

No. 307538

it's getting mad no one is arguing with it lmao

No. 307539

Idk, in principle MGTOWs should support such sperg tactics to increase the number of WGTOW, but that's not how they actually think and this one doesn't seem like a MGHOW anyway

No. 307543

Damnt the scrot lost his absolute shit. I'm guessing having to take a look at what the people he desperately crave validation from really think of him and his kind fucked him up.

No. 307544


Their mental gymnastics is just insane. But that one white guy worrying about the white population in an older thread, yeah, I wouldnt be surprised if that was their inner most worries coming to light. They want to force women, especially white women to breed for their fetish (so no condoms, no BC, no plan B, no abortions but they dgaf about the kids quality of life) and more because they're scared of changing demos, becoming minorities and Baba Vangas predictions lol. She had a prediction that Europe would fall to Islam and become all Muslim

No. 307548

File: 1539187504165.gif (1.07 MB, 480x270, wendy.gif)

Well yes, I'll give you that. We women may be physically less powerful and yadda yadda… You may even use the argument that female IQ is more balanced, we have less retards and less geniuses - but more average IQ individuals.

You've been sperging at a milk fed german cow fetish imageboard with about 12.5 users, that includes the admins cats Velveeta and Cletus, for hours.

But that's alright, because your actions here are proof that it is indeed unfortunate when someone ends up in that harsh BOTTOM 2% of male IQ.

No. 307559

Damn, seeing this lady's short haircut totally convinced me of male superiority. Thanks incel-kun.

No. 307567

File: 1539188788825.jpg (6.87 KB, 236x236, Rage_pepe.jpg)

>Tfw roasties shit on you the same way you shat on them your whole life

No. 307570

>all this conflating to shit on women
>meanwhile men account for 90% of all convicted pedophiles
>80% of all convicted murderers
>and 70% of all convicted criminals across the board

in every country across the world, men are literally destroying society
>"but muh women tho"

No. 307573

>Being retarded enough to believe shitholes like Slovakia, Serbia, Greece, Hong Koong and Indonesia are basically rape free.

Scrots can't be saved.

No. 307580

lol at these pitiful 4chan memes
circle jerks are delusional.

No. 307581

Yeah, police reported crime stats in shit holes are really accurate.

No. 307584

>Using places like Hong Kong, Serbia, Japan, the UAE, and Indonesia to try to prove rape totally doesn't happen.

Yeah, it's because the men are strangely civil there as opposed to everywhere else, and not that the cultures are sexist as fuck, rapes go unreported, or corrupt cops simply ignore them. fucking men aren't even good at cherrypicking statistics.

No. 307590

And that Scandinavian countries are racially diverse

No. 307592

Scrots hate being ignored.
Scrots don't come here to debate or argue. It's not interested in what women have to say. It comes here to cry for attention and to parasite off women like scrots always do. Scrots want to bring women back under male control so they have access to women they can abuse. Violence and rape is the natural state of scrotes and they only put on the mask of civility or smartness to make women lower their guard.
They hate threads like this that exposes scrotes for what they really are: violent, dangerous, sadistic, whiny etc because it makes women not want to be around males and the scrote can no longer leech off women.

No. 307611

>old men calling me sweetheart or implying im the secretary and they need to speak with my boss on the phone at work
when will this shit end

No. 307630

File: 1539198346394.jpeg (135.84 KB, 1080x1080, 40BE1D51-1E11-4AB2-9ED8-E3F51C…)

It has to be an underaged /fag9k/ faggot posting them too.

No. 307634

File: 1539199651893.jpg (62.65 KB, 717x197, 83626.jpg)

Fresh off my fb lmao. men are so entitled to a women's affection they becone outraged when one insults them

No. 307642

He's posting literal, actual incel memes, and he's desperate to be taken seriously.
Being ignored is what men hate the most.

No. 307652

Unfortunately that isn't uncommon behavior either.. I live in NYC and a good friend of mine was stabbed because he tried to break up a fight between a boyfriend beating on his girlfriend in public. The girlfriend jumped on his back and the boyfriend got up from the punch, pulled out a knife and stabbed him.

I know not all women do this, but there are some women out there who will defend their abusive boyfriends/husbands. It's fucking crazy and makes me sad as a married woman myself. I don't get it.

No. 307653

The fact that men have to be raised not to be violent or rape women speaks volumes. Women never have to go through such a crazy upbringing to become decent human adults.

Men are beyond trash. I'm worried no matter what a mother does, her son will grow up to be an incel or rapist.

No. 307654

I remember when MLP was so fun and innocent. As soon as men got involved, they made porn of a children's show. wtf is wrong with them. They can't enjoy anything without sexualizing it.

No. 307659

Not to mention you have to be developmentally delayed to get so obsessed about an anvilicious show for 8 year olds. Some of those spergs acted like they found God in the "Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learned" messages at the end of each episode.

No. 307667

Just wanted to say I'm proud of you anons for only minimally engaging the scrot (to be fair his bait was especially low effort today)

No. 307674

The women who defend abusive men are those who have basically have such low self-worth that they depend on their abuser for validation. It’s sad because society has conditioned for women to feel so awful about themselves that abusive relationships where men exploit women’s insecutities and low self-esteem are common.

No. 307682

The more I think about it the more 'male socialization' seems like a meme, men are literally biologically broken. Imagine needing to be taught not to rape and murder.

No. 307685

It's a bit of both: they're biologically broken but some aspects of their brokenness are celebrated and encouraged or at least not curbed in socialization

No. 307698

Agreed, it was really nice to see people just ignore it. This thread is ours, not theirs.

No. 307703

No. 307705

Fuck off. If a man doesn't have fragile masculinity I'll respect him more. Also, "daddy doms" are literally disgusting.

No. 307715

Can’t remember if purity ball shit has been discussed here but this vid was just uploaded by Barcroft and thought I’d share. It’s so gross how fathers think they have some kind of ownership over their daughters sexuality. You don’t see boys having to do this shit. Stuff like this enrages me.

No. 307720

I absolutely do like men who are in-tune with their emotions, like my boyfriend, who I do have sex with. Big, masculine, aggressive men are a massive turn-off for me. Sorry you aren't getting any but it's not my fault most women don't want to have sex with you.

No. 307721

anon… pls stop feeding the parasite

No. 307724

Are you purposefully misunderstanding what I'm saying?
I already said that even if the women itt and on this board aren't like that, the vast vast majority of women are, so it makes no difference. Maybe start shaming women who reward violent men, like the two women itt who have stories of abuse victims literally defending their abusers, for breeding with the big muscular aggressive violent men. But we all k ow you're not going to do that, you're going to blame the men, instead of the women who select for and nurture this behavior.
It's also funny how you immediately attack my virility as though that does anything but further prove what I'm saying.
I agree with almost everything that's said in these threads but you all seem to miss the conclusion of it all.

No. 307725

I'm not a parasite. I'm not saying anything wrong.
Why do you all refuse to understand?

No. 307731

>YOU are the same ones who want violent chads!!1
Ideally men would be small, sensitive, and kind. I've always been a domme with a fetish for role reversal, and I'd say most anons itt are like that, are vanilla, or are lesbians.

Anyway, I do agree with some of your point; I don't like when women choose to stay with abusive men either. I see it as a remnant from when men used to rape us back in the beginning. Embracing it was how women coped and it's just stayed in most of our instincts. I hate the whole dynamic, not just males.

No. 307748

amen. i dont get why men have such a hard time grasping this concept: the women complaining about dominant "macho men" arent the same ones saying fuck me daddy and being submissive in bed!! if he'd actually fucking read he'd know most of the women in these threads are either femdom or lesbians

No. 307753

My ex was abusive and he wasn’t the stereotypical “big, aggressive, and violent” man that these retarded incels scream about. He was a nerdy, slightly overweight, and intelligent guy who unfortunately probably has some sort of personality order. I had no idea he had it in him to be physically abusive when I first started talking to him as he was the first guy I ever dated. Any type of of guy can turn out to be abusive.

No. 307762

It makes low status men feel better to think every violent man is the same dominant, muscular chad stereotype rather than considering that male violence is present amongst every stereotype of men. Skinny effeminate korean boys? Once they get married, domestic abuse skyrockets. Skinny nerdy indians? Gang rape. Skinny nerdy westerners? Shooting sprees. Normies? Getting into punch ups while drunk.

Of course women like muscle, it's healthy. Evo psych might say that we like it because it means they can do manual labour and protect us (NOT do the exact opposite and beat their partners). Men refuse to accept that domestic abusers and rapists are great at acting nice, at first. By the time they show their true colours it's too late, but men think we have a responsibility to be telepathic psychics who can tell how a man might act years in the future.

No. 307766

Yep, some of the cruelest male bullies I've had were all dumpy, fat, short ugly men, the worst I've ever seen from chad types were the one every now and then types who were just cocky, even then the worst of chads were not nearly as bad as most nerdy dudes are, most chad types respected me and weren't snakes

No. 307767

preach, all the incredibly subpar men I have come across have been narcissistic incels who come off as soft spoken nerds at first who can't be normal in any social settings other than anime clubs (and thats pushing it)

why does society coddle autistic men and boys but girls who are never diagnosed are forced to be socially normal so they actually make it in life and don't need constant support and attention?

No. 307793

>Men already hate us so why do we hate each other?

Divide and conquer. Pitting women against women to fight over male attention makes it wasier for them to get pussy based on the bare minimum instead of ignoring it until the man has to actually put effort into being noticed and chosen by the woman.

I always see men passive aggressively sharing shitty memes of shit like "grown ass women can't tell a man what she wants ot how she feels", yet don't realize that almost no man has the basic decency to say no to a woman who want a relationship when he just wants sum fuk, and even so called"decent" guys rationalize this by telling themselves "she could be the one, but I don'tknow unless I try her on first". Most men will go along with whatever they think the women want as long as they keep getting laid. Those same men simply can't seem to understand thay all they need to do ia treat women well, be honest about what they want from each other and shit would all be a lot easier. But no, bbyboi just wants a fuckmommy he doesn't have to put effort into being with who takes care of his wants and needs.

No. 307795

Mommy coddling of boys is the other half of toxic masculinity. Their entire lives mommy made everything easier and better to counteract all the mean stuff ~society~ says and does to boys and to make them feel asls special and powerful as the assholes who said it to them. They grow up expecting this as a baseline without ever realizing how toxic it is in itself because they never had to empathize with anyone but because mommy always made him her little king and kissed his every emotional booboo for him so he never had to learn how to handle his emotions.

No. 307799

>Men refuse to accept that domestic abusers and rapists are great at acting nice, at first.
I know a woman who can talk for hours about healthy and ideal relationships. She always talks like she's a fucking PhD in romance and can nitpick every detail of other people's relationships.
BUT when it comes to her own relationship, she's ignores all the abuse (the sort that lands you in prison) she suffers because "I want him, I don't want another guy". Of course he's a stereotypical "Chad".
Pay attention to what she does, not what she says. Golden rule for men.

No. 307801

You're comparing apples and oranges there, anon.

It's funny how much of these threads are just:

>it's shitty how men-


No. 307802

note how you can't tell a negative anecdote about a woman without it including a man doing something much much worse(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 307806

Maybe because I was replying to someone saying abusers are "great at acting nice" when in fact there are many women out there who do everything to stay with those men they know are toxic.

I didn't say this woman did anything bad. Calm down.

No. 307847

Why was this anon put out to pasture and not the scrot?

No. 307862

>asks if 15 year old girl had sex with dr Phil when she was 12

Lol men.

No. 307880

Who's disrespecting dr phil like this tho wtf

No. 307890

File: 1539269539836.jpg (312.88 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181011_165032.jpg)


No. 307912

Has anyone watched City of Joy on Netflix? Will it make me hate men more or is it rather uplifting?

No. 307914

I always get my feelings towards men validated when they come sperg in these threads with an endless barrage of hatred against women.

It's sad and hilarious how aggressive they are. Women who hate men usually wish to stay away from them. Men who hate women deliberately seek them out to harrass them, especially to disturb the safe havens without their filth. It's like these animals can't comprehend a fact that we would be perfectly content without their presence, even happy!
I guess existence without conflict and violence is foreign to them.

No. 307915

*the fact

No. 307918

>disprove a point yesterday, only a few posts before he floods the thread
>still floods the thread
Men still cannot read.
Are you the same guy from yesterday?
Listen, please.


No. 307926

Don't try, he's been spamming the thread since day 1 with the same bullshit and no matter how clear we make it to him or how hard we try to prove to him what he like, all he will ever do is just insist all women including us just want an abusive chad no exceptions, just ask him for proof any of us anons do this and his ass is out or he will try to claim shit like because 1 or 2 women said they wanted to be spanked 1 year ago that must mean all of us want to be abused by chad

No. 307927

And then they go on and on about how women can't stop invading their spaces. Desperate handmaidens won't leave them alone because they've got attention issues, and desperate incels won't leave us alone for the same reason.

No. 307936

Wanna take your best bet on how many evil, morally inferior women did mass murders, genocide, acts of terrorism, and the vast majority of crime in human history or are you still stuck on some women on twitter liking more dominant men and not liking unattractive men to be the hands down all evil society could ever possibly face

No. 307939

File: 1539274904557.gif (2.13 MB, 400x267, 1537386748823.gif)

>mfw watching a scrot break down over some opinions

No. 307940

Oh so women are adapting sexual behavior of men now too and men are mad
Guess its true, nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine

No. 307949

So the scrot his back for his daily dose of women attention. SAD.

No. 307953

B-but women insult mens penises, and that's so much worse!

No. 307957

>The scrotoid really believe any of us is reading the retarded cherry picked memes he's posting.

No. 307960

literally none of them applies to this userbase but cute try

No. 307961

>Your logic is flawed ;)

No. 307964

Oh yeah, same. You realize very fast that there's no reason to ever doubt yourself about this. The more it impotently spazzes out, the stronger your beliefs get.

No. 307965

Anyways I find it hilarious how ugly virgins try to shame women for being attracted to chad, just like it has been said a million time in the man hating threads, chads really are kinder, more intelligent and will treat you better than an ugly virgin manlet (they also tend to have well sized pleasurable dicks). Don't fall for the ugly guy with a heart of gold meme, go for the chads.

No. 307967

Stop trying to prove yourself to the retarded scrote

No. 307968

it really doesnt take much for them to dissolve into a sad puddle

No. 307970

>hur dur I'm not like other scrots women should suit MY needs
>but some women are all women! Heres some made up memes to prove it!

No. 307972

if i want to be abused and cheated on i'll get with an incel

No. 307974

My best friend is a chad and he's literally one of the only decent, trustworthy men I know.

No. 307975

Why are men so emotional? "the rational gender" my ass.

No. 307976

I don’t get why they feel it’s wrong for women to be attracted to good-looking guys but it’s okay for them to parade around and fixate on which almost impossibly perfect women they’re attracted to. Like they all seem to think, “How dare women have preferences and feel sexual attraction!”

No. 307977

What kind of woman can't lift 80 pounds lol? Isnt that like 40 kgs? It's not that heavy, bad example in your mspaint redpill image.

No. 307980

It's just a way to gaslight us into settling for men below ourselves even though they're just as abusive, if not more, than good looking guys.

No. 307981

Why are these rapists allowed to post disturbing images? I don't get it. I already know I hate them. I don't want them where I am. They're so obsessed with us.

No. 307982

so what? i dont care why you're a dick, i dont want to be with a dick.

No. 307986

>If only women dropped on their knee and sucked my dick every time I want them too I wouldn't be a mysoginist :'( :'( :'( but nobody ever gave me chance!!!

No. 307989

>be man who hates women
>spend every waking second obsessing over them, saving retarded memes and being angry all because you have no gf
>literally can't stay away from them
>become mass murderers, rapists and criminals all because Stacy wouldn't notice him
>can't even keep off a website where women post and keep to themselves
Rational, logical gender, huh?

No. 307990

The same thing is done to ugly women and the majority of them do not behave like sociopaths.

No. 307991

>proceeds to post a tweet by some literal who girl who likes to be choked during sex, claiming that's all women

Scrote "logic".

No. 307993

Men think they're rational and not a slave to their emotion because they think anger isn't an emotion, it's just them reacting to how unfairly the world has treated them.

Emoji incel-kun confirmed covert narcissit. ":'( :'( if only roasties gave me a chance!!! I wouldn't wish rape on them!!! :( :'("

No. 307996

They are so sensitive. Good God damn. You want to see overly sensitive, full of rage, fragile and weak. You just look at a man. And them on the internet? Always ragetyping and crytyping. Gross.Perpetually trying to insert themselves into everything.

No. 307997

Just look at the Brett Kavanaugh shit. Dudes cries and gets mad and throws a fit during a hearing. If you can't hold yourself together during a hearing, you don't deserve to sit on the highest judicial seat in the US.

No. 307998

im not coping or justifying, if i date, good looking guys are my choice because they are the most attractive and they're not worse people :)

No. 307999

They can't apply the theory of mind because they're developmentally delayed. It's also why they can't understand how chads are more successful in life and get irrationally upset about it.

No. 308001

jfc,can the admins kick them out?

No. 308003

They definitely are the retarded gender, every time they post those stats showing that women tend to be more average in term of intelligence while men have more genuises AND more retards I always think the dude posting think he's in the genuis category when he has to be retarded to even be posting shitty male superiority memes on lolcow…

No. 308004

Well, it's different. Women have more self control. We don't fly into violent murderous rages every day when some dude doesn't do what we want them too.

No. 308005

They've been projecting all along when they called women "hysterical" all throughout history. 95% of men are sick, insane leeches, and the remaining 5% are quiet and basically tolerant of it until it affects them or their daughters. Sad world.

No. 308006

This has to be satire. The r9k memes, the emojis, the language of a 6 year old not getting to play with his DS because it's bedtime… I refuse to believe an actual person is typing out these sentences and MS paint images he legitimately presents as statistical data.

No. 308008

>implying being a spinster is a bad thing
anything is better than being chained to the barely sentient creatures we call men

No. 308012

womens entire self worth and emotional health doesnt rely on sexual attention from the opposite gender though, thats the difference

No. 308017

File: 1539277090097.jpg (47.88 KB, 890x960, 26734333_10208228030098168_695…)

It's a perfect example of the dunning-kruger effect in action.

I hope so, but scrotes never cease to disappoint me

No. 308018

>>thinks not being able to get a gf entitles them to murder

men truly are controlled by irrational hormones. do they even have brains? I truly wonder.

No. 308021

That's the definite truth. They project all their worst traits on us and then spread the myth that we're the ones with these problems. It happens in everything. From them saying their horrible personality traits are ours to shifting their inadequacies on us. They won't let us do things. We fight to do these things. They spread stories that we're horrible at these things. Look at everyday shit like driving. They spread the stories of women being bad drivers but the statistics don't agree. I can't imagine being so weak and insecure.

No. 308022

Batshit insane? Said the incel jerk that bombarded us with your retard logic about women without any real evidence kek
They wont,belive me,dont get your balls in a twist (if you actually had any) any try to assume that everyone on this website is like the degenerate ''woman'' you would imagine.Dont get fuck in the ass k?

No. 308025

>men complain that women expect them to do the approaching
>men hate when women approach and take the initiative because muh masculinity

No. 308026

File: 1539277365843.png (194.24 KB, 1100x950, iRKoYs6.png)

Those dudes are full of issues and unresolved trauma, they hate themselves and women, yet think they are deserving of a gf. Guarantee they would abuse the shit out of any girl who tried to date them.

No. 308029

/pol/ isn't a valid source, incel-kun

No. 308031


Devolving right into unfounded insults instead of refuting the idea that single men should be allowed to murder truly displays your lack of brain power. If you are really wondering why women don't love you back, it is because you are not only stupid, but violent, cruel, and entitled.

No. 308033

I dated an incel-type guy and he turned out to be the most hypocritical and abusive person I have even met. Now I see all of these types of guys as potentially abusive since they all have super entitled attitudes and are misogynistic.

No. 308035

> Source
> 4chan screenshot
Top kek

No. 308039


The exact same data showed that men only message and reply to women they rate in the top 10%, while women's messaging and reply rates are not weighed in favor of men rated as highly attractive.

Scots can't help self owning.

No. 308041

Hm. I just don't think you realize that you're a dime a dozen inferior male. You're sort of all the same and everyone's seen your shit before. It's like watching reruns of the same shitty TV show. You're not doing anything but making them even more sure of their anti male sentiment. Which ultimately I think is really good, they should be sure. Cause you're a male you believe the lie that you're better. But you're here to make them 100% positive that most of you are trash. You are lame and repetitive, that's a given. You're overly emotional cause of your hormones. But whichever number of girls and women wake up to how much you suck because they see the likes of you, it's a good number.

No. 308042

Why do men enjoy hurting people mentally so badly? Yeah I know "hur dur women do it too" but honestly? Some of the worse things that have ever happened to me are because of men, they're emotionless, they'll convince you they'll always be there and leave you when you need them most, they'll give you abandonnent issues, make you feeo bad if you do anything renotely close to half the shit they've done to you, I don't understand how someone can be so cruel to soneone they supposedly care about

No. 308043

>I am an incel and a good person
I cant belive these 2 words both exist in the same sentence

No. 308046


Men only have about 2 or 3 personalities between the entire sex. They're not individuals in the classic sense.

No. 308047

>Good person
>Invade woman-only space to post meme about how worthless and shitty they are

>Wants a gf

>Hate women

Can you imagine hating what you desire the most? That's why incels go on shooting spree, they can't deal with their hormones. I believe they should be chemically castrated for their own good.

No. 308054

>2 or 3

No. 308055

Many men are narcissists and their brains are wired that way. I guess it’s an evolutionary advantage for them to be cruel. They emotionally rope in women and then proceed to break their will and spirit so they stay under their control.

No. 308056

Actually, lolcow is one of the only places that called women like her out, look at the boob nazi thread, while us evil women were pointing out how gross it is, men were fapping and begging to talk to those moms and "wishing they had such good moms"

Isnt funny how men only care about female pedophiles when they wanna call all women evil, hut every other day they'll fap and enable it, but yeah its only us evil women enabling abusive men

No. 308058

No. I wasn't very emotional when I wrote it. I don't know what it might elicit in you, I'm not as sensitive as the average man. It was just sincere. I do think it's great that you're out there for women to see.

No. 308059

Stop replying to the male, he is only here to troll and won't change his mind

No. 308060

Daily reminder that ugly males are the most worthless, bitter males there are. Don't settle for a guy below 6.5/10.

No. 308063


>ugly males

Is there any other type?

No. 308064

Yes, chads.

No. 308065

I don’t get why the guys here are looking for some sort of “debate.” Women don’t go to the misogyny threads on /fag9k/ to try to change men’s minds. It’s autistic as fuck.

No. 308066

Y'all really do need to stop replying. He's a literal attention whore and his posts will be deleted once the mods get off their asses anyways.

Chad and brad are qt

No. 308068

no one cares about you or what you have to say, fuck off.

No. 308070

They want attention from women. Even the one who claims he only wants to "trigger" us.

No. 308071

What is this supposed to prove? What about the amount of men that gawked over evalion and wanted to marry her? Oh right it doesn't fit your narrative

No. 308072


Scrots are obsessed with women and what we think. They literally base their entire lives around women.

No. 308077

no one cares and no one is gonna change their minds

scrots go away

No. 308078

Are you kidding? Everyone here believe chads > ugly neckbeards and incels.

No. 308079

Exactly, this is not a debate thread

No. 308081

This thread has become really meta. We started off talking about how shit men are, and then a bunch of them showed up to give demonstrations of their shittiness in real time, only proving our point.

No. 308085

They can feel you're desperation and shit personality.

No. 308087

Yes, because I'm an ugly woman. I've had only rejection (from men who are my ""looksmatch"" on top of it).
But I respect my male friends as people and can separate any attraction I have from our friendship. That is impossible for men, apparently. Probably due to your general lesser skill in multitasking.

But my vendetta is not because of men not wanting me, it's because men commit most violent crime.


>posts screenshots of women admitting to being shallow
anon I-

No. 308088

You probably also don't know how to groom yourself on top of having trash genetics.

No. 308092

Those aren't insult, those are the main reasons why so many nerdy guys are incels, shit personality, desperation and not knowing how to groom yourself.

No. 308099

>take incel advice
>date ugly guy
>cheated on me, left me when I had ovarian cancer


No. 308113

Leaving women when they get cancer is typical scrot behavior. Once the woman can no longer spend all her waking time serving the scrote, it leaves in search of a new host to parasite off.

No. 308114

Oi farmhands, anyone there? This thread needs a lot more attention, can't we get someone dedicated, you've had an offer: >>306747

No. 308116

Its why I think sex segragated societies wont work out well. They'd be overly obsessed in trying to invade every space possible hoping to control and abuse women again. Always gotta remember that they want women treated like cattle and we can't be upset at that

They dont know how to leave women 100% alone and they continue time and time again proving that. Exhausting

No. 308124

Men are so stupid when it comes to appreciating the details. They will find the same face with nicer eyebrows more attractive but they’ll never admit to the significance of the small detail that created the change.

No. 308140

This is absolutely true. Ugly men are usually assholes, I found this out the hard way when I tried to be nice them, when I was younger, more naive, and had low self esteem. Chads are definitely better.

No. 308144

men get offended so easily ahahahaha

No. 308168

File: 1539289838797.jpg (23.4 KB, 583x325, feae11499bca4217b10870e3a99a42…)

Couple arrested for 'raping, killing 20 women' in Mexico
Mentally ill man commits femicide with the help of his wife. Claims the reason he murdered them was because he hates women, majority of them were mothers ( mommy issues ).
>Under interrogation, the man, identified as "Juan Carlos N", confessed on Monday to raping and murdering 20 women, and selling their body parts and belongings, Alejandro Gomez, the chief investigator on the case, said.
>The man also claimed he was forced to dress as a woman by his mother, which he said sparked off his hatred against women.
>The man told investigators that he and his wife lured their victims, many of whom were young mothers, with offers of discount on dresses for their babies.
>The state of Mexico around Mexico City, where Ecatepec is located, led the country in femicides last year, with 301 women and girls murdered, according to official figures.

No. 308186

This makes me so ill. Those poor women!!

This is why i support abortion of male fetuses. Why are men like this when they grow up? I've heard some vile shit about the men in mexico, but this is awful…

No. 308216

>The man also claimed he was forced to dress as a woman by his mother, which he said sparked off his hatred against women.
This is why a lot of people say those little boys being forced to become drag queens or trannies by their parents are going to grow up to become spree killers.

No. 308276

And those same buttmad ugly virgins still somehow expect to get a girl who is way out of their league, always. They would never date a fat, homely sweet girl who shares all their interests and takes care of them 24/7.

No. 308302

File: 1539310485762.jpg (56.37 KB, 800x511, 18268173_1363117887102024_8524…)

is the respect women meme supposed to be anything other than normalizing hatred? is it making fun of nice guys who claim this shit, or is it just making fun of women and the idea that you should treat them as equal? i dont really get it

No. 308304

Male here
How do I get a gfd mommygf? Everyone woman I've been with, admittedly not many but still, have called me daddy and shit and I don't like it. I feel like women like gender roles more than men do tbh. It's not like I won't work (I'm in grad school) but I want her to be the dominant one and stuff.

Do I get a normal gf and get her into it, or what do I look for if a girl already likes it or something? Also I want her to be taller than me which many girls hate for some reason, why is that?

Thank you for your time :D(male here)

No. 308305

^ fat and unimportant

No. 308306

I'm not fat though? I think physical health is important especially for your mental state which is important for studying

No. 308311

when will the scrotes stop coming into the thread and proving all the discussion here right, time and time again? lol

No. 308312

I asked on 4chan and reddit aand they said that gfd mommygfs don't exist but then itt there are women saying they like being domme so I figured I'll ask here

No. 308315

i doubt it's as self aware as making fun of nice guys. incels are the only ones who share and make these and think they have a drop of comedy in them.

No. 308317

ok i'll get shit on for this but honestly, go after older women. how old are you? try dating at least 3 or 4 years upward.

i'm 29 and dating a 25 year old which isn't that much younger but there's definitely some dom/sub dynamics we have going on that he seems to enjoy, probably due to the age difference.

it also comes down to luck like with most kinks. finding someone who's into it that you also like and are sexually interested in

No. 308321

tbh the reason you are likely not having luck with the tall girls is that you might be giving out subby vibes and they can tell, being tall doesn't mean you want to be the dominant one. You need to be more discerning on dates and more upfront yourself, if you start a relationship off taking the lead hoping to switch off later no one will be happy. I likewise recommend going after older women.

I'd never even considered this, holy shit

No. 308329

File: 1539312520256.jpg (92.93 KB, 1300x867, 35367579-closeup-of-elderly-wo…)

I dated a robot once, wouldn't recommend it. Over the span of a month he got a big head, left me for some other girl he'd had a crush on preceding me. You can't really trust that they like you.

No. 308333

Ok I'll try for older women. Thank you!

No. 308337

if you're dating for long-term, remember not to go for people solely because you think they'll be exactly what you want. i used to do that. unless you are specifically on a fetish site designed for people to tick off boxes of what they want for others to meet, you gotta remember you're meeting a person and not a fetish. the kinky stuff can come later. just keep that in mind.

No. 308397

I notice that the problems men have with women are all centered towards sexual relationships. I took a quick look at the last woman hate thread on /r9k/ and most of it is
>woman fucked someone illegally and got away with it (of course they do not care about the victim, they are angry because they cannot fuck underage girls)
>woman cucked someone
>woman is looking for a relationship while being a single mother
>woman wants only casual stuff
>woman breaks up with a guy for "Chad"
>etc etc etc
These "problems" seem really minor. Their desire to have sex with a woman in a certain way consumes them. Women seem to have way more valid reasons to hate men because they are so shit in daily life, and there is no way of avoiding this. I cannot comprehend how dramatic they are over something so petty. Even the MGTOW men who supposedly ignore women keep talking about the same shit. They just cannot leave women alone, you'd think they would just avoid us.

No. 308410

>went to the specific virgin rage forum and saw their problems with women were sex related
>the problems men in general have with women are all centred towards sexual relationships
not to argue one way or the other but this isn't valid inference

No. 308424

Is there a single man in this world uncorrupted by porn? I just met the nicest sweetest subby male and I was starting to really like him until he told me how much he loves facials, I refuse to believe this shit doesn't come from porn. I don't even want to see him again, he pretend to not find it degrading yet he told me "It's better to not think about how many time your gf has received a facial". And I hate that so many women pretend they LOOOOOOVE getting jizzed on their face.

No. 308430

Why is a hoe like you demanding men stop watching porn? In this day and age pretty much every young woman out there is having one night stands and catching STD's and here you're bitching about masturbation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308432

Way to miss the point, retard. Masturbation is fine, but getting to the point were you want to reproduce what you see in porn is when males should be put to sleep.

No. 308435


That's what their "problems" boil down to. Women have to fear torture, rape, and murder from men. Men keep us out of the workplace and pay us less. Men pass laws so we are forced to carry fetuses to term even if it kills us.

Meanwhile the worst thing men experience from women is Emma Watson not fucking them.

No. 308449

Men are murdered way more than women.

Inb4 you all say "yeah by other men!!! Ha we got you!" as if being killed by someone of the same sex as you somehow means it's not a problem

No. 308451

>likes facials
Yeah no, garden variety male who likes to degrade women spotted. Tell him to fuck off anon

No. 308455

Found the incel.

Anon, look up some statistics on sex on th CDC website. Most girls (around 60% iirc) are still virgins when they graduate high school.

I'm in college and most of my female friends have only had one or two sexual partners, if any at all. The fact of the matter is that sluts are a vocal minority.

Porn is like donuts. A donut is fun here and there, but they're terrible for you, and if you eat them all the time, you're going to have issues.

Men expecting real sex to be like porn is like someone eating so many donuts that they get upset when other food doesn't taste like donuts.

Real talk though, why can't men just use their imagination to jerk off? Most women only need their imagination.

No. 308456


Why are scrots so bad at reading comprehension? We're talking about the ways the sexes victimize each other, not the fact that men are so nasty their violence spills over to hurt other men too.

No. 308459


"Religion is the opiate of the masses," said the smug male who would scream himself hoarse if someone tried to take his porn away.

No. 308461

That doesn't mean it's not a problem, it is the problem. How do you think saying "inb4" makes your right? If all men stopped murdering, guess what? It would be much easier to catch murderers because so few women commit murder, and without having thousands of murdering men to chase after, the women would be caught more quickly. Unless you think the numbers would somehow even out and women would start slaughtering men in tje numbers they were killing each other, which is typical male logic.

>if men are removed from the equation/women are given equal power the problem wouldn't go away, it would just flip genders!

No. 308464

Killing other males is the only good thing scrotoids do.

No. 308465


Even when women do murder, it's usually in self defense or because their ugly boyfriend forced them to. Even Aileen Wuornos, who gets listed alongside sick men who killed and sometimes ate or raped hundreds of women and children, only killed 7 men. And she killed them because they attacked her and tried to raped her. If she was a man nobody would have heard of her, her crimes would just be the same old, same old.

No. 308467

I'm not sure what you mean, anon…?

Are you saying that men who support Marxism are hypocrites? I mean you're not necessarily wrong but wtf does that have to do with my donut analogy?

My point was basically that porn is only okay when it is consumed very sparingly.

Men's reliance on porn is pathetic to me. They're literally sabotaging their own sex lives by constantly exposing themselves to misrepresentations of sex. Porn literally causes people to be bored by real life sex.

Men have no imaginations when it comes to sex. They can't jerk off unless someone shows them a pictures of sex. Idiots.

No. 308472

>as if being killed by someone of the same sex as you somehow means it's not a problem
Yeah it is a problem… just not ours. You are your own problem, and you are also our problem. We don't have time to worry about you aggressive fucks hurting each other when we're still likely to get hurt by men no matter how non violent we are. But GOD FORBID we talk about it, everything has to be about you, even in a thread specifically for women to hate on men. We should be posting on here about the poor little male victims of each other.

No. 308474

>as if being killed by someone of the same sex as you somehow means it's not a problem
Yeah it is a problem… just not ours. You are your own problem, and you are also our problem. We don't have time to worry about you aggressive fucks hurting each other when we're still likely to get hurt by men no matter how non violent we are. But GOD FORBID we talk about it, everything has to be about you, even in a thread specifically for women to hate on men. We should be posting on here about the poor little male victims of each other.

No. 308477


I'm agreeing with you, anon! Men treat porn like it's a religion itself. They act like they'll die if they don't have porn.

No. 308482

Why should men ever have sympathy for women when you're literally saying "you deserve to be murdered because you were born a man".

And before you even deny it, yes that is exactly what you're saying. You act as if one individual man somehow has any possible way to police every other man in the world. I've certainly never murdered any one. I've never physically attacked anyone in any way. Yet you say I deserve to die because I was born the same sex as some people who do do those things.
Well fuck you all too, you have no sympathy, so why should I.

No. 308483

Does anyone remember that monkey story about a baboon tribe getting a better society after all the asshole men were killed

No. 308484


>Scrote says he shouldn't be judged by the actions of the thousands of male rapists and murderers

>Says he has no sympathy for women being tortured, raped and killed all over the world because one woman on a imageboard said something mean

Scrot logic

No. 308485

>Biologists Robert Sapolsky and Lisa Share have followed a troop of wild baboons in Kenya for over 20 years, starting in 1978. Sapolsky and Share called them “The Garbage Dump Troop” because they got much of their food from a garbage pit at a tourist lodge. But not every baboon was allowed to eat from the pit in the early 1980s: The aggressive, high status males in the troop refused to allow lower status males, or any females, to eat the garbage. Between 1983 and 1986, infected meat from the dump led to the deaths of 46% of the adult males in the troop. The biggest and meanest males died off. As in other baboon troops studied, before they died, these top-ranking males routinely bit, bullied, and chased males of similar and lower status, and occasionally directed their aggression at females.

>But when the top ranking males died-off in the mid-1980s, aggression by the (new) top baboons dropped dramatically, with most aggression occurring between baboons of similar rank, and little of it directed toward lower-status males, and none at all directed at females. Troop members also spent a larger percentage of the time grooming, sat closer together than in the past, and hormone samples indicated that the lowest status males experienced less stress than underlings in other baboon troops. Most interestingly, these effects persisted at least through the late 1990’s, well after all the original “kinder” males had died-off. Not only that, when adolescent males who grew up in other troops joined the “Garbage Dump Troop,” they too engaged in less aggressive behavior than in other baboon troops. As Sapolsky put it “We don’t understand the mechanism of transmission… but the jerky new guys are obviously learning: We don’t do things like that around here.” So, at least by baboon standards, the garbage dump troop developed and enforced what I would call a “no asshole rule.”

No. 308487

Except if women did this, you would wind up killing the wrong half of the male population because you've got it twisted in your head that the big alpha chads are nice even though they beat you, and think guys who have never touched you are the evil ones because you just hate them so much for not being big strong Alpha Chads.

No. 308494

god I wish that were me

No. 308495

yeah, if I'd ever bring up how I don't like porn I'd be blown off as a "prude feminazi" but dude it's for your own good

No. 308496

File: 1539342017095.jpg (19.07 KB, 400x300, 1418713481664.jpg)


No. 308501

wrong website

No. 308505

>I hate how violent and aggressive men are!
>has sex with violent aggressive men

No. 308507

we don't hate violent aggressive men, we hate shy unpredictable time bombs :^D

No. 308511

Exactly. Shy men are just as aggressive. They hold in years of hate because they feel they didn't get what they were entitled to(friends, sex, money etc) then one day they snap and go blow up a day care or serial murder/rape a bunch of elementary school girls…

No. 308515

>tfw we've disproven this twice itt and multiple times across others
It's always this. Why.

No. 308518


Males think porn is a documentary.

No. 308520

The scrot think being emotionally abusive isn't inflicting violence on women. smh.

No. 308523

Oh yeah disproved it by literally admitting to it multiple times

No. 308525

Honestly, I believe this is true for some men; and not just in regard to sex.
Just because of Blacked and gangbang vids a lot of robots actually seem to believe a majority of women cuck their bfs for black guys and get gangfucked every weekend. I'm sure some are memeing but others are way too genuine.

It kind of makes sense if porn and anime are their only sources for how women behave. It'd almost be funny if it didn't inspire them to hate us.

No. 308526


It becomes obvious when you suggest that maybe not every pornstar is constantly having the time of her life. Males go "But she's moaning and saying she loves it!" as if women in porn are under oath to tell the truth.

No. 308528

>we are all dommes vanilla or lesbians
yes 100% you got it dude.

Anons who do want steretypical muscle Chads don't want to be dommed or beaten by them from what I can tell. Pin point multiple times where girls itt state that they are masosubs pls.

No. 308538

No. 308545

File: 1539348186471.jpg (83.98 KB, 634x844, alpha.jpg)

reminder that this is who you're arguing with

No. 308547

File: 1539348435230.jpg (198.61 KB, 1068x1686, l7bi9v44by801.jpg)

No. 308548

What's the atory behind this guy? I heard that he's not actually an incel he's just some dude whose face they're appropriating. Is that true?

No. 308551

File: 1539349320327.png (353.98 KB, 471x550, IMG_20181012_160005.png)

This is him after taking 1 million showers and start respecting women. Don't you dare to insult St. black ops.

No. 308553

He's probably a regular dude with a gf a job and some friends, ironically incels are the ones calling him subhuman.

No. 308554

I'll never understand people who try to debate scrotes. It doesn't care what you have to say. You're wasting your time formulating arguments and giving sources for a creature that will literally never be human.

No. 308555

>tfw no St. Black Ops 2 bf

No. 308563

All you need to do is look at him to know he's an incel.

No. 308565

>STDs at record high, indicating urgent need for prevention
>Epidemic accelerating in multiple populations—impact growing in women, infants, and gay and bisexual men
Nasty. Things are gonna get much worse now that women have unlimited access to casual sex through dating apps and social media. But keep blaming the guy watching big tits porn.

No. 308567


You're right, STDs are a problem. Most STDs are caused by males ejaculating irresponsibly, so the quickest solution will be to outlaw male ejaculation kek.

No. 308569

>Males give women diseases
>Somehow it's women's fault

Husbando robots when?

No. 308570

How are males giving you STD's when most of them don't have STD's? Sounds like you're catching STD's from a small subset of men.

No. 308577

File: 1539352019122.jpg (305.83 KB, 1280x1229, tumblr_p3e7dxFhTl1rs4v3yo1_128…)

vr is expanding exponentially. we'll get our perfect virtual bfs soon.

No. 308578

Can we start banning scrotes? I'm getting sick of them trying to debate us, it's like trying to have a conversation with a particularly retarded dog. Their brains just can't keep up with logic and reason.

No. 308579

Men will easily be replaced by robot husbands. The bar is set extremely low to be considered a good man. Men think not beating their wife makes them a good man and a robot husband will never beat you, cheat on you or abuse you. Also the robot husband won't look at porn. Robot husbands are superior in every way.

No. 308582


This thread belongs to us now roastie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308583

File: 1539352825518.png (2.48 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_2018-10-11-21-56-00…)


I for one can't wait for shipgirls tbqh

No. 308585

i was on reddit recently. i used to love browsing askreddit and wasting time reading stuff.

i don't anymore because one of the highest-voted questions of the day was "men, when was a time you were a good guy?" or something.

the top-voted comment was "a woman was drunk and all over me and i just took her home, did not have sex with her."

he was congratulated and hailed as an exemplary male for not raping someone.

i don't really browse askreddit anymore.

No. 308587

File: 1539353074254.gif (Spoiler Image, 925.81 KB, 480x270, kegeX8T.gif)

VR is pathetic as fuck though. Don't think you would be any different than this scrot kek
Robo husbandos are the way, at least they could help you with daily tasks and you would not look mental while interacting with them (well… at least not THAT mental)

No. 308588


Ages ago I used to read this site that was a bit like PostSecret. It had a Guy Confessions and Girl Confessions section.

The Girl Confessions section was mostly women saying stuff like "I love my boyfriend so much but sometimes I think other men are handsome too" or "I love my kids and I'm proud of them but I'm very tired."

The Guys Confession section was mostly "I want to rape and torture children" and "I would murder my wife if I could get away with it" and "I masturbate to the thought of raping my kids."

Men are inhuman.

No. 308589

i don't need an actual boyfriend, just a sexy, faceless man-shaped thing that i don't need to worry about the needs of, who's devoted to getting me off when i feel like it.

chore help would be nice too tho

No. 308618

This, it seems men get ass pats for doing the bare minimum and women are expected to save the world before they ever get thanks

Isn't it funny how single moms get blamed for criminals but when single moms raise great children they don't get a drop of thanks? Ben Carsom wrote a biography and thanked his mom several times throughout it and made it clear if it wasn't for her he wouldn't be who he is now, but no one will care to mention, they're too busy looking for something bad women did to hate them over

No. 308622

Males are carriers for diseases, as in most men will never show any obvious signs of having a disease but pass them onto women without caring. After all the male sex partners is a lot higher than the female sex partner count

Do you care to mention men who get diseases from cheating, pass them onto his wife, but faces no consequences himself? Oh right its always womens faults, never the mens. Who cares about womens health?

On another note, why is men cheating not as stigmatized as female? It seems when a woman cheats shes blacklisted for the rest of her life, the guy she cheated on is a poor little damaged soul, etc. But when men cheat its often seen as no big deal or if there's gossip about it people just take the "meh his business" approach, why is that?

No. 308625

To me what's most frustrating is that these retards who don't get the chance to speak with average women find themselves on a site 99% inhabited by women and treat it like every other incel-dominated circle-jerk.

We have threads where we talk about what we don't like in relationships or sex, boys we find cute, boys we don't think are cute but would still fuck. We have threads where we laugh at camwhores and costhots, our opinions on sexwork, and deeper in the catalog we've had threads about dating apps and abortion. If they took 30min to lurk they would know everything about us and maybe even give us arguments worth debating. They have an inobscured window into women's minds, which they BEG for on other websites, and still act like we're the ones who don't understand THEM.

Instead they go for their male power fantasy of finally "putting us roasties in our place." Which in a way is kind of amusing. Oh no, this AIDS-ridden instathot fucked 100 child molesters and she's the reason society is failing? How terrible. Welp, off to post in the enjoying solitude thread after laughing at botched instahoes. Like, why the fuck would anyone here care?

No. 308669

>Males are carriers for diseases, as in most men will never show any obvious signs of having a disease but pass them onto women without caring.
>Silent or no symptoms (in 75% of women with chlamydia)
>Silent or no symptoms (in 50% of men with chlamydia)

>Chlamydia is the most frequently reported sexually transmitted bacterial infection in the United States. In 2011 alone, approximately 1.4 million chlamydia cases were reported to the CDC. It is CDC estimated that 1 out of 15 sexually active teenage girls (ages 14-19) has a chlamydia infection.

I wonder what's the number for adult women. Probably even higher. But the guy watching Overwatch rule34 on pornhub is the real villain here.

>After all the male sex partners is a lot higher than the female sex partner count

Only the most promiscuous men have a higher partner count than women. The guys you're getting your nasty diseases from.

>Do you care to mention men who get diseases from cheating, pass them onto his wife, but faces no consequences himself?

What wife? Unmarried young women are the biggest carriers of STD's.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308680

>Unmarried young women are the biggest carriers of STD's.
rofl. source?

>inb4 that article saying women contract more STD's meaning they carry more diseases


No. 308683

>mfw incels think clymida is the only STD that exists and only chads fuck up the sex number count and all other men are pure innocent virgins unlike evil slut women

No. 308689


The scrote is lying.

Women are more susceptible to catching STDs than men, but also far less likely to transmit them. Men are more likely to transmit STDs but not as susceptible to catching them, particularly if they don't ever get anally penetrated.

Men are the problem.

No. 308697

>being able to have my own Shouta Aizawa husbando bot that can please me
This cannot happen fast enough.

No. 308702

Don't reply to scrots. Farmhands will dispose of them. They feed of your responses, so let them starve.

No. 308703

"But but it's womens fault for fucking chad!!have sex with incels instead, wait some have stds too, just don't have sex ever!"

What do incels want

No. 308720

File: 1539366417678.png (432.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181012-134436.png)

Our plans are coming to fruition

No. 308722

I think scrote has a point. Women do have more sex than men. We have sex with robots/incels, realize what shitty boyfriends they are and move on to someone better while they remain alone. That way, on average we'll have more partners.

No. 308774

You're not fooling anyone scrot.

No. 308781

>how do you do, my fellow womyn?

Fuck off retarded bot

No. 308795

I don't hate all men or think all of them are bad. The only thing that bothers me about male sexuality is how obsessive it is, I've rarely seen this In women. that furry thread and tranny thread shows a good example of this. When men develop a fetish for something they don't care who they hurt or whose lives they destroy Because in that moment all that matters to them is getting off. Their sexuality can consume their entire personality to where it becomes who they are at their core. I'll admit I've thought about some fucked up shit while fapping but it isn't to the point where I'd actually act on it and once I orgasm I don't think about it anymore….For men it becomes their entire life. That's very disturbing to me.

No. 308798

what you say is true but i really wish all people, but especially women, would stop using the term 'fapping'. i hate it so much.

No. 308804

File: 1539371894242.png (177.84 KB, 480x457, 1508699286441.png)

it's time
Gas the scrotes gender war NAO

No. 308823

I was trying to rile HIM up, idiots. Are you the same two who keep responding to obvious males?

No. 308833

>tfw no cute android connor husband yet :(

No. 308850

I want to have a robot bf.

No. 308857

I can't wait for that future.

No. 308864

Why do I feel like some of the anons frequenting this thread are larping robots.

No. 308874

A significant portion of this thread probably is just a bunch of LARPing faggots since these threads draw in men like how a fresh pile of dog shit draws in flies.

No. 308940

This is so true. Same here, I don't hate all men, just most, but even the good ones are so fixated on sex. Literally don't care about the consequences. I bet if a pretty 15 year old messaged a bunch of men, a lot of them, if not the majority would flirt or try to intiate sex.
I've been overworked in previous relationships when I was young and made to feel not normal or weird or guilty if i didn't feel like having sex some days, and gaslit to the point that a healthy normal sexual relationship has gone to shit all because I assumed there was something wrong with me that my new partner wasn't constantly harrassing me for sex 24/7.

It only gets worse and they get perverted the older they get.
It's fucking disgusting and that's all they care about.

No. 308941

I am also convinced that 100 % of men would cheat if they were guaranteed to get away with it.

No. 308974

I agree with this. Social sets it up so it's acceptable for men to cheat, whether or not they're married, with a kid or anything.

No. 309019

>told a representative in the Brazilian National Congress, “I wouldn’t rape you because you do not deserve it.”

>having a daughter is weakness because women are weak

..Im ready to leave the planet and be reincarnated as a tree.

No. 309029

File: 1539398264442.png (Spoiler Image, 115.68 KB, 824x569, uhh.png)

>When men develop a fetish for something they don't care who they hurt or whose lives they destroy Because in that moment all that matters to them is getting off. Their sexuality can consume their entire personality to where it becomes who they are at their core.

This. Would you ever see women talking about and acting out on fetishes like pic related? Spoiler for disgusting text. Some of these guys have consensually agreed to their own murder just to have one final ball-busting orgasm. Or worse they just straight up murder a random person (murder of Kim Wall comes to mind, the authorities found decapitation and snuff videos on the murderer's computer afterwards).

No. 309030

Holy fuckin shit. Was out driving tonight and this utter douchebag in a big truck started following me through town. I'm not a super experienced driver so i didn't know what to do, it was really dark and a rural town so i didn't want to pull over and be alone.

I go to turn and he tried to hit me! I almost went off the road. He sped off at like 100 mph.

Like what the absolute fuck. I know there's road rage and violent people but is this seriously a thing? Male drivers following around women and trying to frighten or kill them on the road? Christ I'm not going out at night for awhile just in case this guy lives around there.

No. 309035

File: 1539400218053.jpg (100.78 KB, 848x658, incels in a nutshell.jpg)

Checkmate incels.

No. 309045

I don't understand how these weird fantasies get so specific. Like all the weird testosterone stuff, and wanting people to say that you were a good meal after you were dead.
In the Radfem thread there were a few from guys going on about stuff like breeding, and being used, and I honestly don't understand what any of this stuff has to do with sex. It's like they're confusing their high school science lessons with making love.

No. 309049

And to add to the road rage thing, whenever its been lady drivers i notice raging I've been a passenger and its usually just like, getting annoyed and ranting a bit, maybe saying some shit like "oh i could just kill this guy" when they normally would never

But men? Fuck its tailgating, being aggressive, passing when they shouldn't, running people off the road, trying to fucking hit them. What the fuck? Calm the fuck down its not worth anyones life.

And I'm not sure of the data on this but i 100% believe they totally do it more and worse if they know its a woman. I've heard too much shit like this from women who had it happen to them by men pissed over something relatively innocuous, like going a little too slow or something.

No. 309050

My sisters bf gets so angry and passionate when he hears about a woman screwing a man in divorce but when he hears about a child being raped he just goes "oh that's sad", just to sound like he gives a shit but low key he really doesn't kek

No. 309051

My sisters bf gets so angry and passionate when he hears about a woman screwing a man in divorce but when he hears about a child being raped he just goes "oh that's sad", just to sound like he gives a shit but low key he really doesn't kek

No. 309073

Ladies, how do you treat your toys?

I make my bf wear a skirt and cock ring when I fuck him because he's not allowed to cum during sex and when I do let him cum I rub it on his face. He also eats me out on his knees under my desk.

He lets me do it because he knows being used is the only thing he's good for :)

No. 309075

Is this a robot with a degradation fetish?

No. 309077

idc if it's bait tbh aside from the skirt and cum rubbing this is hot and i wish i had a really sweet non-pervy sub that would be my toy. there really should be a thread about sub boys and how frustrating it is to have to settle for like the creepy fetishistic kind that are still pervs because there are very few lowkey subs that are normal

No. 309078

probably but he's also basically a sissy so he's like 3 seconds from being memed into tranny shit. trash. men are so degenerate. why can't men just be into mild shit? they always end up going to extremes no matter their interests. they're like dogs that cant help but eat until they throw up.

No. 309079

Yes, just dont engage

No. 309088

not to "not MY nigel" but i'm so thankful that my boyfriend is vanilla as fuck, honestly. i really doubt i'd be with him otherwise. my first boyfriend was a rapey, boundary stomping, "oops i accidentally'd the wrong hole" degenerate, which left me feeling really awful about myself for a while, but then i learnt to love myself and realised i deserved better than that. men as a whole are a pox on humankind, honestly

No. 309098

Because males don't take precautionary measures at all.

No. 309101

i have been solicited so many times by random men to sell feet photos. one time i tried because i was desperate for money, and the guy actually set aside hundreds of dollars a month for feet photos from random women. the sad thing is, he wasn't even bad looking, just a normal white dude. but he was so pornsick and in deep with his fetish that he would rather spend hundreds on feet photos from strangers than find a real girlfriend he could be with.

can you imagine a woman spending thousands of dollars a year on her fetishes?

No. 309136

I just don't understand why men bug randos for feet/nude pics when there's so much content out there for that. It's impossible to have watched every porn video in existence, even if you have an addiction. And women's feet are pretty popular as a "weird" fetish so there's a lot of growing, daily content for them. No need to waste money or embarrass yourself.

In a relationship it's understandable obviously. I just don't get bugging some chick you follow on instagram or twitter.
And admittedly I'm a gross woman myself and have considered the nude body and even feet of some dudes I follow. But I would never approach them about it lmao what the fuck.
Men just act on their urges and never hold back.

No. 309142

Me too anon. I used to wish my bf was more open to kink but honestly I don't think I'd be happy if he was. I'd take genuine respect and kindness over hardcore sex any day.

No. 309158

Yeah, I had two of those. I'm trying to piece together my self esteem after being """"accidentally"""" anal'd/slapped in the face few too many times

No. 309177

File: 1539450789192.png (40.14 KB, 1065x173, men.PNG)

TIL men consider attraction to adult women who happen to be tall to be just as disgusting as being attracted to children.

The youtube comment section was a mistake

No. 309186

how tall are we talking here my fellow womyn?

No. 309195

File: 1539455712321.jpg (38.63 KB, 374x374, D8CRtMS.jpg)

>man hate thread
let's start from the basics is this thread an:
>we want room for us only to talk men behind backs
>we want men to change into something different
>we declare totalen krieg on men

No. 309202

Because a tall woman, even one half the size of a man of thw same height, still intimidates men. If she isn't SMALLER than him, how will he really know he's the one in charge?

No. 309226

what the fuck

No. 309229

why do men either fetishize the hell out of tall women or despise them? do any men just … not care about height? are only short dudes like this? fuck I hate being 5'10"

No. 309235

Men care because women care, if women didn't care men wouldn't care either.
It's usually medium and tall dudes who care the most, short guys are used to girls around their height and taller, it's the other ones who feel uneasy when a girl is tall

No. 309237

Is it just me or was height not such a big deal before Tinder became popular?

No. 309245


Tinder is literally cancer and one of the worst things ever happened.

No. 309246

The specified height shit is mostly done by shallow Tinder cunts though. A few Tinder whores out of all other possible women on dating apps caused height bullshit to explode because they hurt the fee-fees of men who hate that they can’t get Stacy.

No. 309247

The specified height shit is mostly done by shallow Tinder cunts though. A few Tinder whores out of all other possible women on dating apps caused height bullshit to explode because they hurt the fee-fees of men who hate that they can’t get Stacy.

No. 309249


Tinder is literally cancer and one of the worst things ever happened.

No. 309250


Tinder is literally cancer and one of the worst things ever happened.

No. 309251

The specified height shit is mostly done by shallow Tinder cunts though. A few Tinder whores out of all other possible women on dating apps caused height bullshit to explode because they hurt the fee-fees of men who hate that they can’t get Stacy.

No. 309252

File: 1539468416059.jpg (31.48 KB, 500x286, How-do-you-do-fellow-kids.jpg)


No. 309253

The specified height shit is mostly done by shallow Tinder cunts though. A few Tinder whores out of all other possible women on dating apps caused height bullshit to explode because they hurt the fee-fees of men who hate that they can’t get Stacy.

No. 309256

I love how a post about men putting PEDOPHILIA on the same level as a certain physical characteristics has devolved into arguing about "TEH SUPERFICIUL WAMENZ"

instead of the fact that men are fucking subhuman

No. 309257

What woman would say liking a short man is akin to being a pedophile. Men just want an excuse to call women disgusting

No. 309258

? but that is what's happening,why would men care about height if women didn't universally demand taller men?
But the reason the dude is making the comparison is because he's associating height differences with pedophilia

No. 309259

I've heard women say literally that
"I could never date a shorter man it would be like dating a child"
Don't act like it's not a thing

No. 309260

why would women care about height if men didn't universally demand shorter women?

No. 309261

Men don't universally demand shorter women.
13% of men say they wouldn't date a taller woman but 96% of women say they wouldn't date a shorter man

No. 309263

It's so funny when men make up statistics and don't even bother to link to whatever dubious article or poorly done chart someone put together in paint they claim is a reliable source.

"Google it yourself". No, if you have the information, provide it, dumbass.

No. 309267

no, solely because im 5'1 and he'd be legit midget tier were that the case. most tall women seem to be okay with short men though. a lot of women may not accept shorter men because they're short/medium height already and for a man to be shorter than them, they'd need to be abnormally short, rather than just a 5'7 dude (which is normal).

No. 309268

NAYRT but off the top of my head I know 2 of my male friends date women taller than them and one female friend dating a guy shorter than her.

Also yeah, if I like a guy then I like a guy. (Most guys are my height/shorter than me anyways, I'm 5'9)

Anyways so men think having physical preferences is akin to being attracted to kids huh?

No. 309269

samefag but meant to reply to >>309265
my bad lel

No. 309275

Like, if men as a group with similar numbers were saying " I would never date a black woman" I would not consider that a bunch of individual men with personal preferences, but rather societal wide social discrimination against black women.
There are women who will actually like a guy but not date him because of his height. That's not preference that's discrimination

No. 309278

i've dated guys who are same height or shorter than me (5ft10 anon here, apparently there are a bunch of short guys where I live). almost all of them have ended up making a big deal out of it because they feel emasculated. I was taking a guy as my date to a wedding and he told me I couldn't wear heels because I would be too noticeably taller than him.

every guy i've gone out with who has been around my height or shorter has either been super threatened by my height or fucking obsessed with it to the point where it seems like it's the only reason they're into me. 100% of the time they bring up my height. I don't even think i'm that tall…. so yeah I would rather date a tall guy because they're not going to be fucking psycho about my height!

No. 309279

One guy once wanted to show me he was taller so he made me stand next to him to compare heights.

When I straightened my back he went "hey!! don't get on your tiptoes!!" then he looked down and realized lmfao

No. 309283

i literally don't personally know any women my height that demand 6+ ft dudes. i really think this is a tinder meme. maybe short women 'prefer' it because they want to feel 'protected' (societal meme imo) but i never hear them talking about it being necessary. most women i know are dating 5'6-5'10 men, and many of these females are taller than me and are still dating 'short' (though not abnormally so), men. whenever tall men talk about preferences they seem to complain about short women being awkward to date because of the height difference, anyways. i don't often see tall or very tall men actually pairing up with short women. i rarely see it, in fact.

when it comes to tall people dating, i think they tend to pair up with each other a lot.

No. 309286

they're so fucking insecure!!! joke's on them though because when they have a son with a short woman he's gonna grow up to be a ~manlet~

No. 309287

I don't get the emasculated meme I've never felt that. Sorry to hear tho
U also agree it's a societal meme.

No. 309288

Again they are only insecure because they think women care so much.
Tell me, if it was just as common (relatively speaking) for women to choose shorter men as taller, do you really think men would care or feel """emasculated""" or insecure about being smaller?

No. 309289

Do manlets ever think that perhaps women do not want to date them not because they're too short but because they have shit personalities built on being defensive of their height

No. 309294

>Again they are only insecure because they think women care so much.
i disagree. men chide each other over eating fucking soy patties. they're testerically insecure about seeming 'fem' over ANYTHING because it's a status-y thing to boast to other men about, too. that's not to say women's opinions don't matter at all, but i think men's insular-ass communities create their own memes about what they they think women want and it gets crazy overblown and psychotic about it.

>U also agree it's a societal meme.

yes. most widespread preferences are societal memes.

kek. they get really wrapped up about it and a lot of them are legit like amazon fetishists. i do get why, other than the insecurity, tall women would stay away from short men. they really don't help themselves to seem normal tbh.

No. 309298

It has nothing to do with personality, it's 100% height otherwise women wouldn't reject men they otherwise would likt because "you're just too short :/ ".
The reason short men get defensive is because this in the first place. Men would have no reason to be insecure over height if women didn't make it obvious that they universally dislike short men.
Again, if women had no preference, especially not one as widespread as what we see, why would men care?
A dude can literally be exactly the same in all other respects but still get rejected because of height when he would otherwise be taken if he was x inches taller.
There was a study that showed women would pick a 6'1" dude on welfare over a 5'2" man who was a doctor.
This is nothing less than discrimination there's no other way to put it.(bad female larping)

No. 309299

Lol whoops I meant "I also agree it's a societal meme"
Women don't naturally care about height

No. 309301

yeah I was trying to think of shorter guys with tall gfs and I thought of henry zebrowksi from last podcast on the left if you're familiar…. he's bordering on obsessed with his gf being taller than him it's creepy.

can we stop engaging with the short dude who is triggered because a girl didn't like him??? mods are you all dead or what

No. 309302

Being liked for being a tall girl is better than being hated for being a short boy.
Why is it bad if a guy likes a girls height?

No. 309304

Ed Sheeran - 5'8
Bruno Mars - 5'5
Kendrick Lamar - 5'5
Justin Bieber - 5'8
xxxTentacion - 5'6
Pete Wentz - 5'6

I didn't even have to TRY to find celebs who are considered attractive and less than 6'.

If you truly believe women have this insane requirement you're deluding yourself by falling for the tinder meme.

No. 309307

right? soooo many women think biebs is hot. men that are 'pretty' have so much universal appeal imo. men are really missing that. i think more women are into pretty men than they realize and they're all too focused on being high test cavemen.

height really isn't that important. the big boob meme is a thing but are all or almost all men really going to break up with women because they don't have Z cups? big boobs may attract or be a preference, but small boobs aren't going to make most people leave or be a dealbreaker for most.

No. 309309

>just be a multimillionaire artistic genius to be considered equal to a tall dude
What about the thing where women would pick a 6'1" welfare reccipient over a 5'2" doctor?
It's not a meme it's widespread discrimination

No. 309311

Yes except this isn't an accurate comparison because men don't care about breast size but women do care about height.
No man rejects flat women and many like flat chests.
Women routinely reject short men and there are no women who prefer shorter men.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 309313

Maybe your caveman mind doesn't realize this but I had to use celebs to be able to google their height. I can't just pull irl people's heights out of my ass.

Now for your slow brain: Do you truly believe that if given the choice between, for example, Post Malone and Justin Bieber, 100% of women would go for Post Malone just because he's 6' and Justin Bieber isn't?

Are you actually retarded?

No. 309315

>no woman EVER in the HISTORY of mankind has preferred short men
Yes, he is retarded, now let's stop replying to him so he can go cry in bed about how he's being discriminated against poor guy! It's funny because they make it seem like it's their height that's the problem when it's probably the fact that they are obnoxious and talk about how girls only care about height 24/7

No. 309319


Honestly, it is amazing how braindead scrots can be. They are really out here acting like soo many women aren't with uglier and older men because of other reasons than appearance.

No. 309320

File: 1539475077056.png (4.4 MB, 4984x3144, friendly.png)

No. 309321

File: 1539475108285.png (146.35 KB, 1150x556, reminder.png)

No. 309323

lol no matter how much men cry MUH HEIGHT women are always held to a higher standard. have to have good body, good tits, good ass, not too tall, pretty face, long soft hair, shaved legs, soft skin … and if you don't it's grounds to be dumped

meanwhile men, according to shortfags own standards, just have to be tall. "dadbods" are fine. men dgaf about their body hair. they get their hair cut for $5 at a barber. what skincare routine???

die mad about being short. if all you have to be insecure about is your stupid fucking height then you're lucky

No. 309324

Disgusting to think how much lower that age would be if the legal age was less than 18.

No. 309327

it's even more repulsive when you think that a good number of the older men have daughters the same age they find most attractive

No. 309338

Surprise, surprise. Women want men closer in age to bond with emotionally and men want a fuck toy. It's so disturbing all those numbers are under 24 years old.

No. 309339


No. 309342

So you agree with me, it's not the "attitude" it is in fact the height that women don't like

No. 309354


All this has proven is that you and other scrots seem to be hung up on height like a bunch of autists. There are women who prefer taller men. Boo hoo. However, since women aren't a hivemind there are many women out there that like shorter men. There are even women that are willing to forgo a male's attractiveness all together and pick them off of factors that can be changed (unlike height). On the basis of looks, women are generally far more charitable to men than the other way around.

No. 309362

I sometimes think about this and it's scary. Like how low would men go if the age of consent was lower or it didn't exist at all. Now we have all this "barely legal" porn, countdowns to underage girls 18th birthdays, men hovering over attractive teenagers waiting for them to be legal. The only reason they're holding themselves back is because of the law. I live in a country where the age of consent is 16 and there are guys here who genuinely think it's completely fine to fuck a teenager because "it's legal!". They're not concerned about hurting the girl or even being seen as creepy, all they care about is getting locked up.

No. 309381

>go back to find out why another height sperg happened
>it's this insanity
Nani the fuck
What does this mean? Did he ever expand on this? I'm lost.

No. 309392

Has anyone watched h3h3 on youtube? Everything this guy says about women and feminism makes me barf. His creepy submissive wife just takes it and doesn't say anything, even when he talks about liking porn that's so fucked up he's ashamed to show her. Sorry kinda ot but he makes me so mad and there's no hatethread for him.

No. 309393

A bit off topic but I recently watched the movie "Annihilation" and I can't remember the last time I watched a good movie that was entirely female-centric.
Especially a movie about a group of people, it was such a surprise to see that the entire group were women.

The actual plot itself doesn't belong here, but it was a great movie I feel. I just wanted to highlight how rare it is to see a cast like that. Movies that feature groups are nearly always 1-2 women and 2-3 dudes.

No. 309398

No but do post some examples if you'd like to discuss

No. 309514

"Women in a natural setting are to be conquered" Is probably among the worst examples of his sexism (not to even mention how wrong that statement is). There's too many things to list.

No. 309518

I've never watched anything of h3h3 but I've seen photos of him. He's overweight, unkempt and stinky looking but he's wife is beautiful. It really fucking annoys me. Why do I see amazing women with disgusting men but rarely the other way round? How can men say women are more superficial than men? And why do ugly sub par men think they're oppressed when they're allowed to make up for it in other ways? Like the Australian bachelor right now (my brother loves to watch it, not me..) is some meme guy rugby player who is ugly as shit but ~he's funny uwu~. LOL can you imagine the meltdown if the bachelorette was UGLY? It would NEVER happen.

No. 309524


You read the thread about ugly guys women here think are hot and it's full of legit ugly or weird looking guys. Ask a man what ugly celebrity he finds hot and he'll just name a good looking woman who's over 25, like Tina Fey or Natalie Dormer.

No. 309526

Oh fuck, where did he say this? Was it in one of the podcasts?
I always just thought the sexist remarks (like the porn and cheating stuff) he made in skits on their main channel were a exaggerated for a laugh. As in the joke was making fun of misogynistic, slimy chubby guys (because he looks like he fits that character).

Gross. I hope their child isn't a girl.

No. 309528

No. 309529

wtf I hate Ethan now

No. 309530

lmfao jojis face

No. 309532

I don’t kmow h3h3 well but from what I’ve absorbed on the internet, he’s a “lol triggered sjws xD” type YouTuber who makes a living talking shit about others. Why is it a surprise that he’s a misogynistic asshole?

No. 309539

as someone who has watched a lot of their videos, i don't think ethan is malicious but he does say questionable stuff sometimes. what he said about women in the post malone & joji podcast sounded terrible. i remember him saying what he said there was stupid so it's good that he owned up to it

No. 309541

Uhh didn't he mean that pedophilia being as disgusting as tall women as in there's nothing wrong with pedophilia like there's nothing wrong with liking a taller lady?

No. 309543

That's worse.

No. 309545

No doubt, but it's (sadly) the more sane interpretation a scrot could post online

No. 309551

Im surprised at the lack of misogyny in the comment section. There is some, but way less than usual.

No. 309657

Do not worry "Màtè", lesbians take good care of tall women. They're gonna do just fine without you

No. 309698

I'm at work and cant watch through mobile, but can a very kind anon give a summary of what ethan said here?

No. 309703

I never understood why his wife Hila is with him. She's actually really pretty imo (her eyes are gorgeous) and she kinda settled for Ethan who looks like he rarely bathes or exercises. He made a career doing edgelord comedy and he's in his mid to late 30s, so it's extra cringey.

Men like that don't grow up. No wonder Mooriah is a fan of his.

No. 309779

Been thinking about the first and only boyfriend I had, before I realised I was a dyke. We were 13. He beat me constantly and bullied me. When I broke up with him by telling him I was a lesbian he told me his parents would hate me for leading him on, even though I'd bent over backwards and accepted everything he'd done to me. It made me so bitter and insecure for a long time, and terrified anyone else would figure out I was gay. I'd forgive it if he'd had a hard life but he'd had everything he could want. Recently got back in touch with him and he's still the same as he was which prompted me to post this. It starts young and if boys aren't taught to treat girls with respect they'll never be able to do it.

Also, he was always very proud of his "empathy", despite being the kind of person that laughs at beheadings. Nice guys are so fucking blind and it really frustrates me. How can you teach a man to be a better person when he is so incapable of recognising he has flaws?

No. 309780

>How can you teach a man to be a better person when he is so incapable of recognising he has flaws?
You can’t. He has to recognize there’s something wrong himself in order to finally seek help for it. If you want to help him, the best thing you can do for him is ditch him so he gets the message that he’s a piece of shit and nobody will tolerate it.

No. 309791

Women in a natural setting are to be conquered. literally what he said

No. 309915

He's a pol/Reddit pandering fencesitter. He'll often back down on the dumb shit he says when he gets backlash or if Hila disagrees with him.
I feel like he generally just really wants to be liked and being "edgy" and anti feminist was and still is pretty popular to an extent. I think a great example is the clip where he's interviewing Idubbz and he keeps saying "niggerfaggot" or something like that and Ian eventually tells him to chill the fuck out. You can tell that he's trying to be "cool" and feels embarrassed when he realizes that he went too far.

No. 310001

Law & Order SVU made another incel episode (s20ep4) making use of the Chad/Stacey concept (iirc there's an older one referencing Elliot Rogers).

No. 310047

Literally every single problem feminists and women complain about men could be solved by reversing the dimorphism of the species

No. 310048

easier said than done

No. 310135

On IG, there was a post from a woman who was childfree and not married being interviewd on her personal life and hobbies. And the comments were mainly nice but most from men were how women would be happier married with kids/how she must be miserable being alone (even though she was in a relationship, just not married?). Wish they were the same guys to march onto mgtow places and say the same things to them. "Men are happier being at home, fathers and husbands" can you imagine the reactions? But we know they wont. Its only women who must always be told to be married and have their kids but guys can say fuck that and be live happily their way

No. 310136

File: 1539625984257.png (1.48 MB, 1272x1278, bitch the fuck.png)

https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/9o1tdn/wearing_a_toupee/?st=JNALEKV2&sh=8b728f71 how did I not know that this is a thing men do? I mean I knew old dudes wore toupees but this is fucking creepy

No. 310138

holy fuck he literally looks like a whole other person with hair on? damn

No. 310139

File: 1539626309134.jpg (34.09 KB, 532x1024, Statue-of-Aphrodite-532x1024.j…)

If its one thing I agree with incels on, it's that women don't have to put in a lot of effort into looking hot unless they have genetic defects

Think of ancient goddesses, a lot of these goddesses bodies, even Aphrodite/Venuses body would be considered average or maybe even below average to this day to mainstream media, It's a fact women just look a lot better than men plus we usually have more neoteny features which is considered cuter

Its also why women get torn apart so easily because men can't stand the fact women usually look better than them if we take care of ourselves no matter what our frame is, and you notice flaws in the better but always feel the need to point out good things in the ugly, hence why ugly ass men still get fucked even though they don't deserve it

Women look so good not even good tits, a slimmish figure and good propotions can stand out even more, women HAVE to have exaggerated features in order to stand out nowadays. Men hate the fact that women look better than them on average but if we are going by reality here, what they hate even more is that they can't pull the "wahh men get their looks torn apart" card, even though some do but its easily proven wrong

No. 310140

Mgtows are just pissed and get their egos hurt when they're not the ones leaving women and women are the ones leaving them, you'd think MGTOWs would be happy seeing women stray away from marriage since they want nothing to do with them right? Nope, they will pull that shit with "lol bitter ugly lonely women youll come crawing back you'll see"

MGTOW is 90% revenge fantasies really,how they react to unmarried women proves that

No. 310162

>Aphrodite/Venuses body would be considered average or maybe even below average to this day to mainstream media
Maybe because of all the plastic surgery and photoshop skewing standards? It's not as if they had that in Ancient Greece. Sorry, but this is kind of a dumb point.

No. 310163

It's not that different from wearing a weave, wig or hair extensions though. At least he decided to put effort into appearing aesthetically pleasant than walking around looking like a half balding sex offender.

No. 310182


Technically not but it's fucking creepy lol, hair extension don't require shaving your head

No. 310185

i dont see how r/incels gets banned for being a hate sub, but braincels and mgtow get to stick around when its the same men and same violent rhetoric. reddit really is a cesspool.

No. 310193

File: 1539630915239.jpg (96.23 KB, 1624x1080, short worthless scrot crying.j…)


No. 310205

true. I guess a better example is women who suffer hair loss due to any number of factors wearing wigs and stuff to make up for it.

his original hair was ugly and thinning. what's wrong with shaving the ugly part so a hair piece sticks on better.

you sound like those men who think a woman wearing hair pieces is catfishing and say shit like "take her to the pool on the first date so you know she ain't lying lololol"

more men should feel shame about their appearance and take charge with their ugly, thinning, balding heads.

No. 310210


Actually he looked fine pre-toupee. It's a good toupee, looks natural, but he looked perfectly handsome before. I wish men would be more confident with their baldness, tbh. The vanity of wearing a hairpiece is off-putting.

No. 310215

interesting how even in the man-hate thread men are allowed to be mediocre when women are endlessly shamed and bullied for looking perfectly fine.

No. 310223

I remember that podcast clip. Ian's face was notably uncomfortable at Ethan saying ' niggerfaggot' over and over so casually. Ethan is trash

No. 310225

Women in general always get sexist comments or questions vs men in interviews. I remember when a host asked an Oscar winner about her makeup instead of her career achievements. It's fucking trash

We need to change society's views on women and stop enforcing this crap

No. 310229

This annoys me as well. I genuinely prefer not being in any sort of romantic relationship and as I get older I'm getting the typical
>your life will be so lonely without a husband and children
>you are selfish for not wanting this
>a husband will give you stability
A man who lives alone is a "bachelor", a woman who does the same is a "spinster".

No. 310236

I'd rather just have a boyfriend that isn't balding

No. 310246

Testosterone and size aren't correlated

No. 310276




That's more like it.


If you were actually dommes you would understand getting off to abuse, otherwise you would make a terrible domme.

No. 310282

I told my dad I never wanted to be married/have kids and he told me about how his ex-wife didn't want kids and now no one wants her and she's soooo ronery :C But the lady works in fucking Hollywood. For trying to make it seem like her life is miserable, it sure sounds like she dodged one hell of a bullet.

I think people assume bachelors are getting laid all the time and an older woman could never have that much sex, thus their lives must be boring and unfulfilling.

No. 310301

Yup. Bachelors are all living it up while older ladies arent. Theyre all regretting not marrying young, having kids and being left for a younger woman. How much more longer do we have to wait for men to realize that women are humans, each with our own aspirations for life

No. 310302

the amount of times my brother has ranted to me about grown men he sees leave public restrooms without washing their hands, even after shitting, makes me never want to touch anything outside of my home ever again.
what the fuck is wrong with males.

No. 310304

I always assumed it was both genders (since I heard stories of women doing it), but I've yet to see a woman leave without washing.
And I happen to drink a lot of water and coffee, so the probability should be high. But no.

No. 310314

Most things are easier said than done, doesn't mean it's not worth it to do tho

No. 310390

It makes me sad that most men would rape women/girls if they can get away with it. During anytime they have a lot of power without repercussions(war for example)the first thing they do is rape as many women as they can

No. 310398

I've seen it a lot, but women don't necessarily get pee on themselves or touch their genitals at all if they use lots of tp… I still wash my hands because that's what I as taught but I feel it's not always necessary.
Men, however, need to whip out their dick to pee and yet they never wash their hands after.

No. 310468

If you'd been reading this thread you would have realised by now that men are only sane when their sexuality is contained, that's what domination is about.

Abuse is a man's game.

No. 310496

File: 1539685794537.jpg (75.91 KB, 801x801, new-male-chastity-device-stain…)

There is only one solution

No. 310504

Does that tube go inside the dick?

No. 310507


Yes, it's a urethral tube.

No. 310540

braincels is semi-banned rn if i recall

No. 310541

and how would you propose we do this? even if all women started fucking smaller men there wouldnt be an actual change in women/mens size and aggression differences until many thousand years in the future

No. 310542

Ouch insnt that way too thick to go into the urethra? Whats the purpose of a tube in the urethra anyways?

No. 310543


It's so the guy can't get hard (unless he wants to be in pain, which many of them actually do so…) and doesn't have to take the cage off to pee.

No. 310544

Understandable but how does that tube even fit in there? At least in my own urethra the hole is like a couple of millimeters at most.

No. 310546


The urethra can fit surprisingly large insertions (Google sounding if you have the stomach for it) in it. It's uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but doable.

No. 310672

Perhaps not the right thread for this, but I kinda want to watch videos with sounding now.

No. 310832

does anyone else get uncanny valley vibes from feminine men? there's something off about a man trying to be feminine. i saw this video compilation of male rhythmic gymnastics and i now understand why its considered a female only sport kek.

No. 310836

We can genetically modify it into future generations, it would take only 2 or so generations to completely flip it

No. 310841

height isn't 100% determined by genetics

No. 310896

overly feminine men are creepy imo. I like androgynous men, that are still obviously men. But i can understand why certain men take on traits considered too feminine or gay.

it's weird af.

No. 310928

The max size is

No. 310947


if that was true people would never be taller than they were in previous generations

No. 310953

There are easier ways to solve gender inequality than eugenics

No. 310954

They aren't
The average has only gone back to what it was before agriculture, in fact it's still shorter
The average male during the paleolithic was about 6'1, now it's like 5'8"
It's also a matter of who has more children and stuff. A woman who is supposed to grow to 5'2 is never going to be over 6 foot no matter what she eats

No. 310958

No. 310959

>>The average male during the paleolithic was about 6'1, now it's like 5'8"

Uhh the sources I found say the average for paleolithic was not quite 5'10" but ok


No. 310981

My professor told me the other number. Anyway that just shows the averages are the same for the paleolithic and the modern dipping for agriculture but now it's back to normal.

No. 311017

People on /fit/ are not professors

No. 311060

No she was a professor for a gender studies class I had to take
Still, what about this?



The accuracy is within a few centimeters

No. 311091

can we stop arguing about height and focus on man hating thnx

No. 311111

It's a solution to the male problem that doesn't hurt anyone

No. 311352

No. 311366

I love how the mother didn't give a fuck. a lot of people wouldn't do this because they don't wanna 'speak ill of the dead' but wow mama went it

No. 311371

File: 1539784218864.png (38.41 KB, 637x332, ss (2018-10-18 at 12.47.14).pn…)

turns out the girl he assaulted for years was his younger sister. she went off too, and good for her. it's a shame the bastard died instantly and didn't suffer, though.

>inb4 "b-b-b-but he must have been a victim too!1!!"

victims don't get a get out of jail free card to victimise others. once you hurt someone else the way you have been hurt, you forgo the right to any sympathy imo

No. 311376

no, the daughters would also get even smaller than the sons.

No. 311379

by breeding small weak men the daughters also get weaker you retard. there is no solution.

No. 311388

This is true.
t. Mom was taller than dad and my max height is the same as his (5'6")

Maybe if we genetically modified all male babies individually.

No. 311408

You attached the gene to the Y chromosome so only and all males are affected by it.
This is how it is in most species, males are significantly smaller than females and the female aren't made smaller because their fathers are smaller than the mothers.
We could even stick the modified y chromosome into mosquitos with a gene drive to very quickly infect the human male population

No. 311425

There was this scum bag i met on kik, and he wanted to date. Things didn't add up, and the final straw was telling me he had a "roommate" with a young child and that was why if we met i wouldn't be able to go to his place. Dude is obviously cheating.

But that's all right, turns out he was dumb enough to use the same username for everything, finding his facebook and his wife was too easy. He'll have a surprise waiting for him when he gets home from work today.

No. 311428

plz update on any developments

No. 311429

Omg! Whats the suprise? Anon you gotta update

No. 311435

Hopefully a pissed off wife who tells him to pack his shit but we'll see.

No. 311439

Yesss bitch

No. 311498

Sorry for being a bit of a moralfag but this was so fucking awkward. I was happy when I saw one of my favourite Youtubers on one of my favourite podcasts, but I was let down by the fact that he had to go on and on about how Hannah wanted to fuck him. It was so gross, its like watching an old, horny man try to flirt with a waitress. I know he's joking but it just doesn't go over right. Can't men make us laugh without being edgy?

No. 311578

oh anons why is ddlg so rampant in men lately???

>remake tinder for 100th time

>find semi attractive 7/10 guy
>Australian & an elementary school teacher dam ok
>we talk and it goes fine for a while until he mentions he's into ddlg
>"im looking for a little girl to take care of"

I unmatched so quick but the fact that this dude's profession is around children but still makes time to participate in his degenerate fetish that SEXUALIZES KIDS is so disturbing lmfao

No. 311585

>Elementary school teacher
>Into DDLG
Gurl run!

No. 311587

Fucking vile. In these cases screenshot, name and shame, even if it's just here

No. 311591

we unmatched but he did follow me on my personal account…his entire instagram is posts of him and his students yet his whole following list is younger 18/19 girls men are actual sick :(

No. 311595

yeah this
Name and shame!

No. 311600

Send the caps to the school he works at.
>his whole following list is younger 18/19 girls
How old is he?

No. 311605

I think hes at least 24 or 25?? which isn't that weird of an age gap tbh but the ddlg thing makes me worried. ill probably will send caps to the school god working in that field and admitting "I've been a dOm foR 8 yeArS uWu littLE gOrls" is only some shit men will do, placing their sexual fantasies over their own careers ick

No. 311691

Yeah, personally I wouldn't want my child to be around a guy who partakes in something like dd/lg.
Or that takes pictures of my child to post on his instagram, that he uses to follow barely legal teens to prey on, and probably among pictures related to his fucked up fetish. Yikes

No. 311696

god im so glad i'm a lesbian and i'll never have to deal with these subhumans in a relationship. Everytime a str8grl introduces me to her boyfriend I just remember all those posts about men who don't wash their ass.

No. 311775

i kinda wish i was lesbian tbqh fam

No. 311785

same, anon. I've been married for 10 years (this year) as well, so I avoided the crazy fakeboi and tumblr craze. thank fucking god.

No. 311786

Why arent people like this in jail!? this is actually really disturbing.

No. 311858

Anons in heterosexual relationships, how do you balance your hate for men while dating?

No. 311875

learn to let some bitterness go. NoT aLl MeN but gawddamn ive been with my partner for 10 years and he will tell you straight up im the queen and make the shots. its actually not bad. we laugh about mtgow and incels together

No. 311912

I'm only interested in soft, kind, caring feminist males.

No. 311921

men just cant be feminists and i dont trust men that call themselves it but same, the only thing is that all men are giant pissy babies that complain and are emotionally selfish, even when they're soft and gentle.

No. 311923

find someone subby and abuse him

No. 311925

Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone you inherently hate?

I get it, men are more often than not shitty, globally and historically they mistreat and abuse women/girls and most likely will until they feel legitimately threatened.

But I cannot imagine being in a relationship with someone you find vile and loathe, at that point you’re no better - it’s very easy to abuse someone you hate.

No. 311926

this post smells very male

>implying men don't deserve to be abused
>implying we inherently hate men

No. 311927

I agree males who call themselves feminist can't be trusted, some dudes just are natural feminist. I don't want to go #NOTALLMEN but a few males are emotionally stables, you just have to navigate the shit waters for a looooong time before finding one.

No. 311928

So because I don’t agree with domestic abuse I’m now male?

She asked how you balance your hate for men while dating them, so yes, if your partner is male you’re going to inherently hate him. And no one deserves to be abused by their partner when that’s someone who’s supposed to love you and feel safe with.

No. 311929

no, because you said we hate men 'inherently' is why you sound male. what you're describing isn't necessarily 'inherent'. saying we hate males inherently means that it's an in-born or innate (and therefore, irrational) hatred, and not the result of observation and experience.

No. 311930

Sorry, used the wrong word but my point still stands. It’s like getting a dog when you fucking despise them

No. 311932

It's more like getting a dog when all society thinks you're a failure and a weirdo if you don't have one, dogs pursue you relentlessly, there's a good chance you'll die alone if you never get one, and you can't help finding them cute even if they turn out to be terrible.

It's obvious nobody here hates literally all men, and we hate how they treat us rather than maleness itself (unlike men who hate womanhood for what it is). I'm sure every girl in this thread with a bf thinks they're 'one of the good ones'. They might be right, might be wrong, but choosing to live the single life forever is a hard thing to do. There's a lot of internal and external pressure, and some people are willing to take the risk to avoid it.

No. 311934

this. i think most of us get into relationships with men we like, begrudgingly, if at all. every time i try to stay single and be politically celibate because not only is it safer for me, but just retarded to be with them, these "good ones" hound me to hell about how they're actually Good Guys and they're going to prove me wrong (spoiler: they don't). society and relentless hounding from men makes us question our judgement a lot.

No. 311939

File: 1539848315392.png (130.16 KB, 710x654, Colombian mother undergoes six…)

No. 311940

File: 1539848781513.png (307.91 KB, 759x881, disgusting old man.png)

No. 311943

i wish leftists would get it together and understand that capital punishment needs to remain but for males only, and needs specifically to be applied to sexual offenders and abusers/killers of women, and esp pedophiles

No. 311946


I am here to formally request a bipartisanship agreement, as long as the corpses are also used to fuel organic vegetable gardens.

Also, my in relation to the thread, my dad treats my mom like she's a fucking child and I can't stand it. He criticizes her over things like saying she saw a TV show at 7 instead of 7:30, petty shit like that. Is this his way of getting his manbaby shit out because she's the higher earning spouse?

No. 311947


Have you ever asked a man this question? Most men despise women, yet most men also not only marry women, but depend on the same woman they hate to make them meals, do their laundry and clean their house.

At least women who hate men don't expect thousands of hours of unappreciated servitude from them.

No. 311952

Exactly. This is common.

No. 311957

I just feel we would be better off avoiding abusing others, just like children that were abused should be better than their parents, woman should be better than men by not entering hateful relationships

I know that it’s an unpopular opinion itt but I don’t think we should be in a relationship with someone if you hate their entire sex, I for one would be deeply hurt if my partner were to express their resentment of women

No. 311958

This is not the thread for your kumbaya bullshit.

No. 311960


I date women only, but straight women would have to be celibate for life if they wanted to avoid relationships with hateful people.

No. 311993

You're really jumping to conclusions thinking anyone here is abusive or hateful to their partners, or that anyone sincerely condones it. There are a few girls a bit too wrapped up in their femdom fetish but most women here quite obviously consider their partners the exception to the rule.

No. 312019

Stupid males posting webms of random twelve year olds from TikTok again. Why can't men just contain themselves to /r9k/ instead of shitting up our spaces?

No. 312022

Why do men say vaginas are disgusting when vaginas are self cleaning and out of the way? Imagine having a gross saggy dangly ass scrote and a smegma-infested foreskin and still thinking you have the right to judge anyone

No. 312026


It's a mixture of sour grapes and stupidity.

Most men have no clue how a vagina works. They're stupid and don't care to educate themselves, so they think all sorts of shit like that it's not self cleaning or that it stretches every time a woman has sex or that the longer/darker labia is the more sex a woman's had. There are men who think we pee from our vagina.

The other bit is anger and lust wrapped into one. They think vaginas are sexy and they want to see them and touch them and be in them but they don't have unfiltered access to the vagina of every woman they want, so instead of dealing with it like a rational adult they get emotional and start throwing tantrums and saying they hate vaginas anyway.

No. 312035


I'm sad this blog died. It had some great content and it's not like there's ever gonna be a shortage of men acting psychotic.

No. 312049

>Why do men say vaginas are disgusting
I just call these men faggots and keep it moving

No. 312115

Basically this.

No. 312122

Are you retarded?

When people say they "hate men" they're not talking about individual men, they're talking about the concept of men as a class.

I don't know why I'm bothering though because you're probably an incel pretending to be a chick, lol.

No. 312124

though we adore them individually, we must agree that as a group they're rather stupid

No. 312146

Amazing content, thanks for that.

No. 312152

worded this perfectly anon. idk why that person is acting like everyone in this thread are these abusive ass women who get into relationships with men for the sole purpose of abusing them like no we're honestly ranting about HOW MEN TREAT US and thats what we hate not them as people. I don't entirely hate men (I have male friends/most idols of mine I look up to are men) but just how they treat womanhood/women is general is what I hate.

plus most humans in general are fucking shitty and hateful so with that logic we would have to avoid everyone and never date at all which is kinda impossible

No. 312172

kek based mrs. banks

No. 312210

File: 1539887372239.jpg (663.35 KB, 2560x1771, 9133AuaL7wL.jpg)



I suggest everyone in this thread to read this comic from Liv Strömquist called Kunskapens frukt (The Fruit of Knowledge in English), it's so fucking good. It's about the history of female genitalia.

No. 312216

>though we adore them individually,

No. 312290

it's kind of interesting how men inherently hate women. i think it has something to do with sex. you often hear men say "i could never respect women, i put my cock in them", and i think there's a lot of truth in that. they cant respect someone they "conquered".

No. 312297

Rape is one thing but "I just got extremely physically intimate with this person and made a baby so I can't respect them" is gravely illogical.

No. 312299

The simple fact of the matter is that we're too important, biologically speaking. When something is so vital to humanity on both an individual and global scale, people go insane trying to possess and control it. They resent us for making them want us so bad, they hate us when we aren't exactly what they want, they are furious whenever we give another man what they want. They want us to be inferior because it's easier for them, and they are so arrogant they can easily believe it. You'd think evolution would favour 100% of humanity being allowed out of the kitchen to be productive, but then again the entire male sexuality is a mistake.

No. 312352

All of this. I hate being scared and intimidated of men but their hatred leads them to do so much frightening things. And to even admit these feelings makes me sound paranoid. Like they only tolerate women for sex. Thats it. No more sex, we'd probably get thrown off a cliff. Why do they expect us to be so complicit in their loathing of us? Sorry to vent everyone.. I just hate this

No. 312376

well, men arent logical. a man will rarely, if ever, respect his wife as much as his male peers, brothers, fathers etc.

No. 312413

I really like it, thanks for the recc.

No. 312462

looks interesting anon, i'm going to order a copy

No. 312562

I’m kind of late but I just want to say how men have completely taken away my interest in dating. At least at the moment and it’s been at least a year since. Right now I don’t even want to risk dealing with that shit anymore. I’m fucking lonely and depressed but whenever I’m dealing with manipulative/emotionally abusive shit it makes it worse so I guess there’s no winning for me. If I were into relationships with women, I would rather do that.

No. 312712

Why do men blame us when we get abused in relationships, but then turn around and criticize when a girl does "shit tests" to see if a guy's abusive?
What do they want? Is it another case of being personally offended, like how men get angry that a woman DARE to be scared of male strangers when walking alone at night? It makes no sense.

No. 312714

This, I remember a "men in which ways have you been shamed for being a male?" reddit thread and one of the most highly upvoted post was something like "It makes me so sad when I'm just walking at night behind a woman and she get scared of me, I know I'm bigger and stronger but I'm still human :'( :'( :( and it makes me ashamed of being outside".

No. 312716

And in the next breath they'll blame women for being raped because they weren't careful enough, didn't dress a certain way, didn't stay home at night, went to a party, drank, blah blah.

Their feelings always come first, whether that's hurt feelings from women being cautious around them or sad feelings from not getting free reign to rape passed out women at parties without possible legal repercussions.

No. 312729


They want us to just quietly take the abuse and thank them for it.

No. 312731

Right? It's fucking stupid that they refuse to understand how women feel.
A bit comparable, when I'm in public and a parent grabs their kid's hand to protect them from a strange adult, I understand and am not offended. It just makes fucking sense that you don't trust strangers lmao.
And do men trust each other when they're our and about? Maybe they should peep the stats and see how likely it is for some other male to rob or assault them, then they might start to empathize with us.

(Or they'll make the argument that it's actually a sign of male oppression!!1 by other men lmao)

No. 312738

But men doing the same are just hanging out with the bros and doing some raping right? all fine with that.

No. 312745

correlation =/= causation
i know lots of prudes who love to get drunk

No. 312761

Ah, you just reminded me of a quote I'd read online: "Why does alcohol excuse his actions, but condemn mine?"

No. 312798

I hate how in most places, even anonymously online and even in feminist places, women are acting all nicey nice uwu about men while they behave like shit. Threads like these are refreshing.

No. 312818

>we don't hate men
>we hate how men treat women
>we love men, just hate how men treat us
>OMG why do you hate men

No. 312824

So it's okay to rape girls as long as they're sluts? Men truly will find any excuse to attempt to justify sexual assault

No. 312828

>well, it's your fault you got raped because you walked home alone at night
>well, it's your fault you got raped because you let the man you were on a date with inside your house
>well, it's your fault you got raped because you accepted a drink from a man you didn't know well

Also men
>personally offended when a woman is visibly uncomfortable being alone with them on the street at night
>personally offended if a date won't let them inside
>personally offended if a woman won't accept their drink

The sad reality is that these men WANT THE RIGHT TO RAPE WOMEN. That's why they always blame women for it.

No. 312860


men inherently hate women and they still date them

No. 312864

You know, this sounds nice as a fantasy. Sure, it'd be cool if men were as mentally and emotionally stable as women and protected them from some third murderous sex, but it's not like that.
What men mean by "protection" is "I am the only one that gets to abuse you".

No. 312867

>What men mean by "protection" is "I am the only one that gets to abuse you".

shit, anon. I just felt that in my heart. You’re right.

No. 312927

The irony is that you're more likely to be assaulted and/or murdered by a male friend or relative, the men who are supposed to be "protecting you", than a random male

No. 313039

How can people be so terrible, i don't get it.

No. 313042

Unless youre ugly. Then youre just hated for existing. Men just tolerate those who are good looking until theyre done fucking.

Wish being ugly meant you were ignored and left alone like white noise in the background instead of just being despised

No. 313044

>can't carry anything for self-defense like mace or even bear spray in Canada
>if you use bear spray justifiably in self-defense you're charged for having a weapon
what is a girl suppose to do?

No. 313076

The history with Comfort Women is still something that gets me both angry and crying. It never fails.

Imagine being used by men only because you were born a woman. I don't wanna hate on straight women here, but i dont get how women get be with men after everything they've done. It's just beyond awful

No. 313078

Because they're men.
And men have been told all their lives to take what they want by force. Men always use force and violence to get what they want, including taking women, which is why Man on Woman rape is so high. I know people wanna try to argue men get raped too.

yeah, by other men

No. 313080

Is Canada really this stupid?

No. 313088

Yes. The only way to by pass the law is to make an excuse for an item that could possibly be used for something else. Some girls carry dog spray and say it's for jogging to prevent coyotes or unleashed dogs from attacking them but actually have it to be safe from male attackers. Some carry pocket knives and say its for opening packages.

But if you actually use the item as a weapon, you are taken to court for it. Even if the charge will most likely be dropped (unless you cause them real bodily harm). It's so odd how we waste precious tax payer money on taking people to court for obvious self defense… I'm probably gonna buy dog spray.

No. 313090

Forgot to add, basically I would just use the spray and run away and not call the cops on the attacker because there's a real risk i'll be charged for having a concealed weapon too. Great justice!

No. 313097

Can I vent abouy guys in the military here? Im quiet and shy rl so I just want to rant a bit on here. Some of the worst misogynistic things have been said by them. Ive heard guys talk about wanting to tear off burkas and fuck those women in the middle east, fucking women and leaving when theyre pregnant and then whine about single moms being more frequent etc. Have alot of family in all branches of the us military. Most of them are marines though.. and theyre just another breed of frightening. Not only are they physically intimating since they work out all the time but as a girl? youre just a hole to them to fuck. Its always "shes hot? Fuck her and leave her. Shes ugly? Yikes lol" (One good thing they do to you is actually leave you alone to be ugly in peace)
Everything else scares me. Its always so extreme and always a "joke" but youre not a person, just a toy to use.

Alot of these jokes and stories Ive heard over the years are just suicide fuel

Do any of you anons have any experiences with them?/live in a military town?

No. 313102

military men (at least in the US, obviously elsewhere as well) are the lowest of the low thugs. men that couldn't cut it and/or had no prospects for the future. absolutely no respect for a military that recruits the lowest rungs of society. the things they've done to women and children over seas are disgusting.

No. 313104

>Unless youre ugly. Then youre just hated for existing.

Meh, I'd compare it more to being invisible.

No. 313105

>Some of the worst misogynistic things have been said by them. Ive heard guys talk about wanting to tear off burkas and fuck those women in the middle east,

You better tell those retarded men in the middle east that covering a woman head to toe doesnt men want to fuck them less, esp if they're animals to begin with.

Luckily i don't have any experience with military guys, but the military in general seems to breed the most sexist men out there. There are so many cases where they are stationed in other countries and harass the native women there.

Men in general are just shit no matter where they are, but the military is a special kind of shit.

No. 313112

Depends how much a man is forced to acknowledge you. Being ugly as a celebrity, actress, etc? An absolute crime against humanity. Being ugly in a small group in which he can't avoid you? An annoyance and he resents your presence. Being ugly in a crowd? Invisible. But men do hate unattractive women as a collective, that's why they spend so much time online bitching about how girls look.

No. 313118

I’ve heard so much shit about military men and their spouses that I’m glad I didn’t enlist. I know someone in a horrible situation because their daughter married right after graduating hs and her army husband (classmate from school) is so controlling that she never leaves base, he obsesses over what she eats to the point of eating her food (now she is very underweight), and her mom found out he had her phone and was deleting all the texts and calls from her family

It’s crazy the military lets him get away with that kind of abuse

No. 313119

I wouldn't if there was any way to turn it off. I'd love it if I was not straight or at least less straight so there was a way out. Not being straight comes with other burdens but at least I could take these people out of my sexuality. Despite knowing most of them are just here to make women's lives harder, the physical attraction is still there. My straightness seems to be set in stone unfortunately. I think about it quite a bit and it genuinely sucks.

No. 313431

I was straight up bullied during my school years (different schools) by males only due to my appearance lmao

No. 313442

File: 1540042905071.jpg (477.52 KB, 720x1008, downloadfile.jpg)


This is a super late reply but I'm a grown-ass, professional woman with a degree and my own house and all that adult nonsense, and I fucking cried the other day when I realized I was born too early to ever experience a robot husbando like pic related. Not emotionless, but not angry and scary. Thoughtful. Protective but not overly so.

I realize thinking this way is really no better than the way incels think, but I can't help it. I've been hurt so many times by men, and women too to a smaller extent, and I'm sick of it. I don't want to wind up either alone or a domestic slave to some asshole dude. Maybe that's why a robot appeals to me; you can program them to never hurt you.

No. 313469

This essay turned me lesbian

“Mammals (sic) can transmit a very impressive array of micropathogens through ejaculate during copulation including viruses, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), classical swine fever virus, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, blue tongue virus, Cytomegalovirus, and many bacteria: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Trichomonas vaginalis, Chlamydia trachomatis, Chlamydophila psittaci, Brucella ovis, Campylobacter cryaerophila, Campylobacter fetus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus viridans, Streptococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, beta-hemolytic Streptococcus, Enterobacter agglomerans, Klebsiella sp., Proteus mirabilis and the yeast Candida.” Dr. Poini, in his paper, “Complexity of Seminal Fluid,” seems willing to go further than his colleagues by listing the above pathogens as “components” of seminal fluid. Though the good doctor did forget to include cancer –which men manage to give women through Human Papillomavirus (HPV), – as far as Trust knows, the only essentially “transmittable cancer,”courtesy, naturally, of dudegoo.

No. 313515

I kid you not, I'd just copied that link and headed here to ask for opinions.

What do you guys think of it?

No. 313524

Well, I know that sometimes you have to be sassy and funny to present a controversial opinion but this is making the article seem like a parody to me in some parts, although several things they mention are legit.

I'm mostly frustrated/curious why evolution and selection resulted in so many health setbacks for women, it's disgusting and the possible explanations this article brings up just make me angry.

No. 313539

You're invisible if you keep quiet and never question a man. If you're ugly and happen to be loud, voice your opinion whatever it is, or take up space in any way, men are gonna make you suffer.

No. 313541

The writing style reminds me of I Blame The Patriarchy, which was always a good read, except when Twisty launched into transwoman apologia

No. 313542

They even rape the women who are in the military with them, like why would you do that to someone who might one day save your ass in a bad situation? I would just leave them to suffer with their wounds and say there was nothing I could to save them if I was in the army.

No. 313543

Your post reminds me that I so often see men complain how women don't work in physical-work oriented, underpaid industries yet there's no push for equality there. Meanwhile the women that ended up in those industries often quit because of sexist and threatening behavior from their co-workers and bosses.

No. 313567

Military men will be respectful to your face but turn around to their buddies, pick you part and discuss how to pump and dump you like a sex toy

I kinda feel for the sex workers to have to put up with that all. But business is business?

No. 313622

wow, interesting article

makes me think of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_conflict

depressing as all fuck

No. 313624

>Males inflicting harm on females is a by-product of male adaptation in the context of sperm competition. The advantages to males may include: a) a decrease in the likelihood of females remating, b) the ability to produce more offspring, c) sperm maintenance, and d) sperm storage.[24] These advantages are seen throughout all variations of mate traits such as toxic sperm, spiky genitalia, forced copulation, sexual cannibalism, penis fencing, love darts, mate guarding, harassment/aggressive behavior, and traumatic insemination.

No. 313627

>Another female tactic to counter coercion is to try to avoid males that may cause them harm. To do this, females often change their habitats to get away from aggressive males, as is seen in wild Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata).[10] Female bottlenose dolphins behave in similar ways by moving into shallow waters where there are not too many males.[10] Other species that practice mate avoidance are Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis, a species of damselfly, who often try to hide from large groups of males to avoid harassment.[22]

>Females of the marine intertidal periwinkle species (genus Littorina) have another way to avoid males. Males usually recognize female snails by cues in their mucous trails. However, females try to mask their gender by altering these cues.[28] In damselflies, females also try to mask their gender by mimicking male colors, which make them less attractive to males.[28]

No. 313631

I kept getting recommendations for videos of YouTubers talking about the cringe on the app TikTok. I'm like…why would I care about cringy children, what is this shit? Turns out TikTok is full of pedos. There are 50+ year old men creeping on children. These degenerates always sniff out a new way to get to their prey. And yeah I'm glad some of these YouTubers are calling them out. But because men are men one couldn't help but to say in the middle of exposing these freaks and praising the girls who came forward with evidence about a particular one, that "in this day and age people just accuse to get famous" so we shouldn't be too quick to judge. Yes, cause there's insane amounts of fame and money in this gig. He was also kind enough to explain that an old man looking at her and an underage girl dancing provocatively in front of the camera are equally to blame. Nevermind that the stupid kid's brain hasn't even developed fully yet.

No. 313638

I feel a lot of parents really dont understand the extent that social media is harmful now a days. It's gone the complete opposite direction of "everyone online is a predator". These are young children and their parents dont seem to care or want to look into the apps their kids are using. Tik tok is so so creepy to me, ugh.

No. 313874

No. 313876

yall talk mad shit bout women but you can be damn sure no woman has ever raped no god damn BABY that is some male shit

No. 313879

File: 1540119917720.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1505, 1503835471940.png)

imagine swallowing this biochemical weapon

No. 314145

I don't need to imagine.

No. 314208

Lol that one male commenter with the name james Deer replying with much butthurt over the females clamoring over wanting one.

No. 314211

Lucky for the hunter that he took out scum that wouldn't be missed even by his own family.

No. 314262

File: 1540153515312.jpg (226.58 KB, 548x1247, IMG_20181021_221910.jpg)

No. 314266

>Just don't cheat
I'd laugh if it didn't make me so miserable

No. 314274

remember, women are hypergamous evil society destroying monsters ruining the nuclear family unit
But for men its just in their nature they cant just NOT be faithful uwu

Those replies tho
>just redpill and quit the gf
Seriously, I want his gf to leave him and dont look back. He can fuck off being a redpilled mgtow all day with sex workers

Why does he HAVE to hurt other people in the process. Its depressing how he doesnt give a fuck

No. 314279

Wow what a shit stain
Whoever his gf is, I hope she finds out and dumps his crusty ass

No. 314337

File: 1540157788667.jpg (850.31 KB, 802x2471, god has left us.jpg)

No. 314345

There's a lot to unpack with this one.

No. 314346

That's a stand your ground state. He's lucky she didn't fucking shoot him. If I was in her position, I'd confront him with a shot gun.

No. 314349

>literally follows a woman home and watches her from his car
>gets mad when charged with stalking

Wew this guy

No. 314351

This depresses me. He was an asshole but maybe he was suffering too in some way. Why do men have to be so biolent, why can't they just take it easy and be soft and kind?

I look at how sweet little boys are and wonder how they can grow up to be so monstrous and hateful and angry. Surely we can help men like that.

No. 314355

I Love how the world tells us we only matter because of our looks then turn around and call us vain when we hyperfocus on our looks

No. 314360

Women literally can't win in a male dominated society. I'm sick of it

No. 314361

Nah. Zero sympathy here. Once you rape and choose to hurt someone else, there is no more 'awww, but we could have saved him.'

Fuck off. Rape is the worst thing you can do to someone next to murder and i dont care for the excuse that a child was molested so then they go on to rape themselves. You dont rape people. period

No. 314362

Wew. This thread is kinda crazy.

I get sick of men too but not to the point of wishing death on them and stuff. Plus my nephews are so qt. One of them picked a bunch of flowers for me when I visited. Although my brother in law called him feminine and girly for doing so.

No. 314365

Funny you mention this, because that's exactly how this shut starts. A sweet child picked you flowers, and got insulted by it. These little incidents will keep adding up until the child is the way society expects him to be. Hopelessly depressing

No. 314367

>I look at how sweet little boys are and wonder how they can grow up to be so monstrous
It's nature. They grow like that to rape women.

>Surely we can help men like that.

With a bullet in the head, yes.

No. 314381

aggressive ass men got me fucked up. they should all just accept that theyre shit and die.

No. 314385

Just went through this guy's FB. It's a fucking gold mine. He's got a weird incestuous obsession with his mom. Also, he stalked another girl a few months ago:


No. 314387

It's almost as if the majority of criticisms against women aren't actually rational and based in pure misogyny

No. 314393

Says the thread is crazy, immediately gives example of an adult man telling a boy it's shameful to act like a normal kind human. None of this is crazy and that's how they all grow into pieces of shit. If you're sick of them call this trash out.

No. 314418

I had an awakening in 2016 when I realized this is what men think of women. Nice to see it laid out so clearly in print.

The answer, for this dipshit, is that you're supposed to care about your partner which means not betraying the trust you demand from her

No. 314420

Rousseau said: "Men are good by nature, but later in life are corrupted by society".

No. 314424

No. 314427

>bringing up small children in a thread about how horrible grown men are as if it somehow invalidates what we're saying
Come on

No. 314428

There's a thread on here where a lot of 18-21 girls admit they were groomed online. I think this happened less for my generation (ten years older) as the ONE thing we knew about the internet was it was full of pedos. Preteens having social media accounts, or easy unsupervised access 24-7 was not a thing. Not blaming the victims at all, quite the opposite. We are told the internet is cozy and safe and we can hop into stranger's cars and sleep in their beds, and it's all fine. The danger is like 50x higher than when I was a kid due to the amount of people online, but everyone just looks the other way. They hand iphones and ipads to toddlers.

No. 314430

I don't really agree. Society is the way it is because men made it so, puberty and biology is what corrupts them.

This blog >>313469 has a lot of interesting articles about how biologically weak the position of the male chromosome is, and it makes a terrifying amount of sense that men act the way they do because they're so disposable.

No. 314434

Yeah, you never hear people discuss internet predators and people are literally giving internet devices to toddlers. I actually overheard a woman asking for an ipad for her 2 year old grandkid at a store the other day. I could hear the judgement in the sales lady's tone which gave me some minor hope for humanity.

I see preteens flirting with 20+ guys in IG comments and vice versa quite a disturbing amount. Not to mention how several social media personalities have taken advantage of underage fans. It amazes me how parents allow their kids full unsupervised internet access.

No. 314450

This is a good lesbian manifesto, and the death stats are interesting, but I think they should have focused on more than just semen. The one guy I ever let have unprotected sex with, I experienced zero of these bonding effects. I am more influenced by the physical man himself, not the semen specifically. (maybe because their semen is weak sauce/low quality)

The thing about men giving women cancer via HPV…whew. I knew that but not how significant it was to cause of death.
good article but needs more depth.

No. 314456

idk if this is the right place but does anyone have experience with working in pharmaceutical labs/r&d? As a woman, am I fucked if I work there? Like I know computer science is horrible in that regard

No. 314460

I work in a lab, but I also live in a city that's 65% female and work with all women and 1 man so..

No. 314462

ffs, men always scream and bitch about how women don't want them then turn around and do this shit, if being with your girlfriend sucks so much you're willing to risk the relationship just to get STDs from greasy japanese hookers you don't deserve a girlfriend, men truly do not deserve women

and aren't us evil women supposedly the ones who always cheat any chance we get? so glad I'm a lesbian

No. 314464

also, I've seen posts in other threads about how women's boyfriends were paranoid of them cheating if they go on a trip.. just to turn around and be the ones actually cheating

you can always tell how men are by how much they project, if they always think you're cheating then they're cheating themselves

No. 314466

he looks like fucking ernie from george lopez got aids and rosacia and chewed on bricks, exactly what I picture him to look like

aren't feminists supposedly the ones who get triggered easily, meanwhile this dude decided to stalk some girl, brag about it, and go through court and all that over a fucking feminist bumper sticker?

No. 314482

this is a pretty common thought process for men. liberal men will deny it up and down, but they still cheat. "redpilled" men will admit they're hardwired to seek variety. Why do you think married women are less happy than unmarried women, yet married men are happier than unmarried men? it's shit like this, they try to get the best of both worlds and have no shame.

No. 314489

do you think women shouldn't get married in general? those happiness stats really bother me and I'm considering not doing it ever

No. 314490

what city, if you don't mind sharing? sounds ideal

No. 314493

I don't believe there are any good men out there anymore. I used to believe some of them were good but they just were hard to find. Nope. Everything I've seen, went through, heard recently just proves that men only do things if they benefit them and just will fuck anyone over if it does not. I don't believe they have the capacity to care, or feel, or be remorseful for any of their actions. Maybe some of them do to some degree, but it's just a surface level thing. They won't even hesitate before hurting you physically/emotionally if you don't benefit them anymore

No. 314497

I think het women need to not place so much importance on romantic relationships with men. I know that is easier said that done since we are socialized to think we just need to be married, but if all we do is think about needing to checkmark "getting married" then we might settle for less and end up with some asshole. I think that if you want a romantic relationship that ends up in marriage you have to be picky. If you end up not finding someone who matches/compliments your morals, lifestyle, career..etc then that shouldn't be treated as the end of the world, if that makes sense. There is more to life than romantic relationships, and it is better to not have marriage at all than have a terrible one.

No. 314540

It is, I prefer not too say where because it would give my identity away fast but its in the south of usa

No. 314543

Marriage is a trap for women, it proves how disposable and useless men see woman, they'll get a woman that will go through hell and back for them but cheat the second they see a hooker, now that women are waking up and not falling for something that caused men to be this fucking arrogant and entitled to women for years, they want to scream, bitch, cry, claim to be the actual victims all along, want to be the ones "leaving us and having us crawl back" but nope! It's funny really, have them losing their minds over something they claim to hate so much

This is what men want pretty much
>talk freely about how nothing their wife does is good enough
>talk freely about how marriage makes them miserable
>claim how its better for men not to be married
>claim women who dont wanna be married are all gonna end up being bitter lonely old ladies, because us evil women sure are gonna miss getting cheated on, knocked up and disrespected once we get pregnant, and left for younger women
>also brag about cheating and abusing women if their body is less than perfect

What's even better is women are happier single, men can't be single without losing their minds, its hilarious

No. 314547

Read a quora answer from a self proclaimed pedo on why men are more often pedophiles compared to women.
his reasoning: men arent allowed to have platonic relationships with children so this naturally evolves into a sexual/lustful desire for them.

No. 314548

I find it pretty funny that women can take care of ourselves and don't need sex as much (can't speak for everyone, personally I could just masturbate and be fine) but men lose their shit at the prospect of not having an on-demand maid/incubator/cumdump kek

No. 314577

Do they think women are either? You don't see children being friendly with unrelated strangers regardless of gender, most have a familial relationship or at most they are something like a teacher. Doesn't matter who you are, if you go to some park and start trying to talk to a random kid you're going to look dangerous no matter who you are.

No. 314584

> Though the good doctor did forget to include cancer –which men manage to give women through Human Papillomavirus (HPV), – as far as Trust knows, the only essentially “transmittable cancer,”courtesy, naturally, of dudegoo.
Isn't HPV super common? How can you even find a man without HPV these days?

No. 314645

Is this fake? Lol

No. 314650

It's one post in a series of many. Read the complete blog.

No. 314840

This ties into my theory that some pedos have a mental age of a child/are a child in a man's body.*
But the smart thing to do there is find a dumb woman or man, not assault and ruin the lives of children. And for the majority it's just another sick power/abuse fetish.
*Most men are a little 'tarded but it's overlooked due to their physical body being adult.

No. 315335

File: 1540313639621.jpg (75.08 KB, 800x560, tsoedjcigxgchji7eisr.jpg)

I am so tired of men who keep pushing the idea that women shouldn't be encouraged to get into STEM because "it just isn't for them".

I've studied at 2 different universities in my country and the majority in my courses were girls. We also have a high number of women in science but men dismiss it as equality quotas and nothing to be proud of (it's a fucking slav country, what equality quotas).

Recently Jocelyn Bell Burnell won the breakthrough prize and decided to donate the 2.3m pounds to help girls and other underrepresented groups in physics and I've seen people bitch so hard about that decision. She was the first scientist to detect a pulsar but the nobel prize for the research they did went to her male mentor.

Why the hell does regressive shit like the google manifesto and that recent CERN presentation circulate so widely and get approval while parading misleading statistics? That being said, I hate STEM elitists and don't want to imply it has higher "worth" or that women should be pushed towards it, I'm just saying that being fed misconceptions since birth is harmful and facing those misconceptions in everyday life is tiring, a lot of women with a family end up getting a job in a different field because of societal pressure and outdated roles that push them to take care of the children more than anything else. Then again you have the situation where they're being prevented from certain things just because they're supposed to be baby makers. Disgusting.


Pic related: If you want some extra anger look at this uneducated incel-tier presentation that happened at fucking CERN recently:

No. 315348


This "STEM isn't for ladybrains" meme is so stupid. I come from a backwards, shithole culture where at least upperclass girls/women that are allowed to go to school in my parent's home country end up excelling in STEM fields because parents encourage their girls to become doctors instead of pursuing humanities. Almost like it is your environment that shapes these things and not anything inherent with "muh ingrained gender roles."

No. 315351

Kind of related but I'm having problems finding a job in a STEM field and the few interviews I landed the interviewer subtly asked about my status of being single, my future plans, and of course, having a family. The few men I know told me they were only asked about future plans, never about their plans on starting a family. Is it even legal to ask that?
I've been freelancing for a long time now under a male profile. I do regret deleting my actual female profile because a lot of messages I got would have made an excellent fuel for this thread.

I don't know if it's me or do any other anons have problems like that? Maybe it's just my shithole country.

I do consider starting my own business as an alternative but I'd just like to have a steady "real" job so I can take a deep breath and think everything through.

No. 315358

This anon >>312299 gets it. Men hate that women are needed to make children. (You can find plenty of men online fantasizing about a world where women dont exist anymore/mass genocide because of this) Theyve already proven that theyre just incapable of treating women with basic human decency. Theyre even transparent about too.

Not going to click those links..Im not angry anymore. Its just so fucking depressing. No matter what you do, if youre breathing and are female, men fucking despise you and only tolerate you for sex. I wish I lived on another planet.

Do you think things could get better?

No. 315361

Stop larping

No. 315363

In some countries it's illegal, but even there they'll walk around it and say they asked for other reasons. I hope you get chances with some companies that's more globally thinking and modern, if I ever end up getting asked a question like that the only thing I can think of is bring up my endo and mention I might have difficulties having children.

No. 315365

I mean, things are definitely getting better (at least in the first world). We actually have rights now in the bulk of the Western World. Eastern Asia has improved a lot too. We have a long way to go, but when you look at where we are now compared to even just a couple decades ago, it's so much better.

No. 315366

> if I ever end up getting asked a question like that the only thing I can think of is bring up my endo and mention I might have difficulties having children.

I used to think that too, but the more I go over the questions, the more I'm angry that I didn't respond back properly.

Anyhow, thanks. I'll just come to terms that my country is still backwards in terms of employing women despite being in the EU, so I'll try to find employment in a more progressive one.

No. 315368

File: 1540316933551.png (337.62 KB, 1653x1240, d7xuvfun7c611.png)

The worst is when they say "boys are interested in things, girls are interested in dolls" as if that's supposed to make you incapable of finding something else more fun. And when you point out there's more higher educated women they say that boys are being discriminated against in schools because girls are behave better.

No. 315377

If the only reason you don't do something shitty is because you might be judged,you're a piece of shit

No. 315379

Matriarchy when?

No. 315382

You can really see the differences between second wave lesbian separatism and "mgtow", lesbians actually created female-only communities and still live in them to this day, meanwhile men have never created the same thing, and seem to have no desire to, because they know they'll lose their fucking minds. Even at the individual level, they can't even "go their own way", judging by all the mgtows who straight up admit to dating or even being marrried(!) to women. Fucking pathetic.

No. 315402

File: 1540320252124.png (77.25 KB, 1004x831, 999999999999.PNG)

It's funny how they always complain about "DON'T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS" when whining about false accusations while at the same time instantly calling anyone claiming to be raped a "slut" and "actor"

No. 315403

File: 1540320312945.png (65.17 KB, 1057x861, 88888888888888888888.PNG)

No. 315406

File: 1540320928552.gif (1.57 MB, 500x281, 6s5tLHFY1ukes1io1_500.gif)

>We also have a high number of women in science but men dismiss it as equality quotas and nothing to be proud of

I'm sure this is obvious but men say shit like this purely to keep women down and make sure they have no choice but to become house wives.
I do think it's getting better tho, as long as we don't regress.
ALso that shit that happened at that Tokyo medical school is fucking vile.

No. 315411


They accuse women of lying about rape because that's what they do. It's just more male projection.

No. 315413

>Don't jump to conclusions, unless they fit in with my ideology

No. 315414

Another funny thing I noticed
Woman says she's raped/sexually assaulted = Lying Whore
Man says he's raped/sexually assaulted = 100% telling the truth and believed

No. 315417

>Man says he's raped/sexually assaulted = 100% telling the truth and believed
I'm afraid reality is even more miserable than that. I've noticed that on sites like reddit injustice against men when a woman is involved instantly hits the front page, but there's barely any activism or push towards helping young men who were victims of rape. Yet those stories get repeated, upvoted and linked again because they're proof that those things happen to men too, and it doesn't matter what the objective statistics on rape and murder look like, those stories give them "some of their power back" so they can deny anything bad about men and feel better about themselves.

They are terrified and feel called out whenever rape is discussed because they relate to the abuser more than the victim, they don't want it to happen them, but when it happens to other men they're stepping stones, they don't want to seem like a homo sissy for helping another guy. When it's about them it's always "not all men", but when it's about their daughter's boyfriend or competition it's "always all men". It's all about insecurity and the wish for power and control.

No. 315420

Something else, is that those same men who will trash female victims wont do anything for male victims but mock them and use them against women
>man is sexually assaulted
>lmao shut up pussy was she hot tho
Those same guys
>nobody takes male victims seriously women are evil :(

Men hate other men almost as much as they hate women

Does anyone remember that baboon study where the aggresisve males were killed so the females and gentler males lived in peace afterward

No. 315427

They use outlier stories to ignore how more frequent it is for it to happen to a woman than a man

Whenever you see a story about an abusive woman or murdering over the dude refusing the comments are full of "SEE IT'S NOT ONE WAY" to derail and don't want to address the elephant in the room that is male violence

And before some dumbass misrepresents me,yes murder is wrong either way but you know damn well that's not the point i'm making

And I could never sympathize too much with the abuse stories

Why don't the abused men just leave/fight back if they're being so abused/beaten in those outlier stories

No. 315440

Except when it's an accusation against a brown person in Europe, then suddenly they have no problems with believing the woman lmao

No. 315441

>Why don't the abused men just leave/fight back if they're being so abused/beaten in those outlier stories
In those cases they mostly don't have the advantage of physical strength (children, disabled) or have some mental issue preventing them. Those that have the advantage strength don't report because of the difference in physical strength, outdated socialization and damage received.

I absolutely believe they need help and to be taught how to step out of toxic relationships, but the statistics on relationships that end in murder are depressing:

>The CDC analyzed the murders of women in 18 states from 2003 to 2014, finding a total of 10,018 deaths. Of those, 55 percent were intimate partner violence-related, meaning they occurred at the hands of a former or current partner or the partner’s family or friends. In 93 percent of those cases, the culprit was a current or former romantic partner. The report also bucks the strangers-in-dark-alleys narrative common to televised crime dramas: Strangers perpetrated just 16 percent of all female homicides, fewer than acquaintances and just slightly more than parents.

>About a third of the time, the couple had argued right before the homicide took place, and about 12 percent of the deaths were associated with jealousy. The majority of the victims were under the age of 40, and 15 percent were pregnant. About 54 percent were gun deaths.

>Data from earlier reports suggest a far smaller percentage of men—around 5 to 7 percent—were killed by intimate partners.

No. 315444

>Those that have the advantage strength don't report because of the difference in physical strength
Except on every one of those abuse stories non mentally disabled men/non children complain about women slapping them or whatever
So they still pretend to be a victim from it so my question is still true

>Data from earlier reports suggest a far smaller percentage of men—around 5 to 7 percent—were killed by intimate partners.

While that's still too much and murder is wrong,it's barely an issue comparatively

No. 315446

>While that's still too much and murder is wrong,it's barely an issue comparatively
Yeah, that's what I meant, there's a push to find symmetry in abuse between genders but due to the difference in violence the results aren't even comparable.

No. 315476

yep that's totally what happens and rape victims aren't ignored by police trained to keep "racial tensions" down

No. 315481

i'm talking about the alt right, not police.

No. 315534

humans have empathy
men decide to use their physical advantage to abuse women
really makes you think

No. 315589

Its one thing to review the film for its writing, characters and plot, another to go in at the actress' looks

I kept seeing this vid

No. 315596

It says it in the link, it's because he's a pedophile white supremacist.

No. 315823

I am a comic nerd, and where I am from, most comic nerds are male, and most of the female comic nerds are somewhat tomboyish and don't have the best hygiene, or they are very stereotypical looking feminists. I like stereotypically feminine clothes and make-up, so I get approached by the men quite often. I wish to make all kinds of friends in the nerd circles, but most men who seem to want to be friends with me either get mad at me because I "friendzone" them because I don't want to fuck them, or they get mad and hostile when they are being sexist fucks and I get pissed because I am a feminist and they say I am trying to deceive them because I don't look like a stereotypical feminist ("why do you want to turn men on if you are a feminist, bitches like you should get punched!!!!"). I don't even want to engage in a discussion with the men because it hurts when they yell at me about friendzoning when I actually liked them as a friend, but they call me a bitch when I don't want to talk to them or add them on Facebook or whatever. It's gotten so far that I purposely try to make myself unappealing when I go to any nerdy event so they would leave me alone. Once I was vending a table at an event and some guys came at the table just to harass me, and when I told them (politely) to gtfo they made a complain about me to my boss, but fortunately we are friends so he believed my story over theirs and brushed it off. Sometimes the ADULT MEN ask child and teen cosplayers to pose for a picture, and they make them do very suggestive poses and even grope them "as a joke", because "in this obscure scene your character does this thing that can be seen as being sexual so your character is entirely sexual so it's ok!"

Sorry for the rant, but it makes me really sick. Fortunately the feminist circle is mostly chill.

No. 315847

yeah we have rights, but men will never stop hating us

No. 315858

we have rights but men have not let us forget it and continue to wish that we didnt. In their perfect world, theyd force women to live like inferior breeding stock while men do everything else and live fulfilling lives. Its depressing

No. 315861


Men constantly say they "gave" us the vote when the truth is that we took it.

No. 315870

I'd say you shouldn't ruin your enjoyment and change your appearance just because of others, but when you're dealing with bottom of the barrel men it's hard to think of a civilized solution that won't endanger you. Cons and events let such trash in, I knew people who got threatened and yelled at just for cosplaying a character popular with women that guys hated.

No. 315884

Even though I don't always agree with some of the farmers' radfem opinions, by god am I glad there is at least one place on this entire forsaken internet/planet where women can vent about how terrible men are without have to mollycoddle males and wrap feminism up in gentle cotton candy in order to make it palatable. Men have had their feelings catered to all the time, everywhere, and it's almost impossible to talk about without some dude sealioning all over the place about how they're one of the good ones, or how women will say "i'm not like one of those ~crazy~ feminists, I'm one of the good ones" just to placate male feelings.

No. 315886

>how women will say "i'm not like one of those ~crazy~ feminists, I'm one of the good ones" just to placate male feelings.
The amount of these I see on youtube and twitter is depressing

No. 315889

Yup, it's depressing to me how feminism has become the "f-word". It's especially bad in nerdy subcultures because as a teen all I was seeing is that "those insane triggered feminists are taking porn away!".

No. 315892

I agree so much.

No. 315932

This. I'm not American, but the last few years everything with sjw etc has been swapped over to here as well.
HOWEVER not as fast as the male sentiment of "omg now I'm the victim!"
We're still far from any of the debates currently held in the US, yet even my own brother unironically talks in front of my parents about how all those feminazi whores demonize him, because he's a white straight male. Sometimes I feel like strangling him, he looks down on women so much.

No. 315941

For all you german anons: https://www.tz.de/muenchen/stadt/hadern-ort43352/muenchen-u-bahn-fahrer-vergewaltigt-18-jaehrige-polizistin-schockiert-mit-vermutung-10358816.amp.html
>underground driver rapes drunk 18 yo girl who was sitting in the train
>constantly watches clock, takes exactly 7,5 minutes, then starts driving again -> could it be that this wasn't the first time he did that to somebody?
>later claims she liked it
>train company calls girl and offers her a free ride on a "party train" as compensation

Another day, another reason to hate men.

No. 315947

>2 years, 9months and 5k€ in exchange for a lifelong trauma of an innocent person
>cameras caught the act
For fucks sake, it says a lot about society when men feel like evidence doesn't matter.

No. 315957

I can't believe they think a free ride on a "party train" is compensation for having your life ruined. How insulting. It's clear they don't even understand the severity of the situation. Hope she brings them to court over it. Would love an update on this later on.

No. 315960

I am too sleepy to read long German sentences, but you can see their apology letter at the bottom (it's lame). They say that the man who spoke with the girl on the phone isn't employed anymore but before that they defend the party train idea and how she could customize it.

No. 315977

After raping her and finishing his shift he did not come to work for 3 weeks. The police knew it was him because of the video evidence but thought it's okay to let him run around free?
I know that the 100 years sentences in the US are kind of ridiculous, but in Germany it happens so often that men are not jailed for rape at all.
I know a judge and he once sentenced a guy who raped his drunk collegue to just half a year of probation - he said he would have liked to, but legally simply isn't allowed to punish him more severely.

The man in this case "only" penetrated the girl with his finger - and therefore his lawyer said it's only groping, not real rape…

No. 315980

>you will be sad when you hit the wall and aren't married

As an anon who has been married before I can honestly say marriage is a meme. Not to mention if you depend on your husband for money he will have 0 respect for you and treat you like a retarded child. I'm barely making above minimum wage, I'm childless and single in my 30s but I can honestly say I prefer my life now 100x more than when I was married.

No. 315999

>not allowed
Wtf germany. I wish we can all conceal and carry

Thd type of men who say this want women to worry and marry them out of desperation

No. 316045

This 1000%
When I was a housewife my husband treated me like shit he would scream and hit me if I didn't clean enough or do whatever he said. He knew he could get away with it bc I depended on him financially.

Now I have my own job it can be very stressful but being independent is so liberating. I hope girls will stop falling for this marriage bs ANY man will take advantage of you if given the opportunity.

No. 316136

File: 1540465608158.jpg (351.8 KB, 999x800, tumblr_ph5d87duCr1xxwtxho5_128…)

Just look at this picture. Look at the skeletons and the signs they hold.

No. 316138


>Forced child support

Not letting men allow their children to starve to death is MISANDRY.

No. 316139

>Still waiting for feminist to adress men issues

Lmao, they claim to have created literally everything, yet they can't create a movement to help abused, homeless, suicidal (etc) men?

No. 316141

They want to be mommied so badly. Masculinity is just a big pile of mommy issues, they never become fully self-sufficient adults.

No. 316144

not relentlessly male shamed enough. does he have eyes? that fucking use of burn tool. my god. I'd love to be this over confident and entitled to coddling.

No. 316146

Peep that backwards facing right arm, kek. He's a graphic designer/illustrator for a living, lmao.

No. 316176

They did create one, but the said movement doesn't give a shit about abused, homeless, suicidal men ironically. They only REEEEE at feminism for whatever reason. They're literally unable of helping themselves

No. 316178

Does anyone else find it funny/sad how the majority of problems men have with women is just projecting?
>Women are psycho
Yet they(men) commit 90% of crime
>Women are overly sensitive
Yet they go insanely mad over innocent threads like this and anything not sucking their dicks
>Women are shallow
Yet they hate any woman who does not fit their very narrow standards

No. 316180


Every single negative stereotype about women is literally just male projection.

>Women are bad drivers!

Men pay more for car insurance because men cause more accidents.

>Women are gossips!

Men love gossiping, but they call it "debate" and "discussion."

>Women are so emotional!

Men scream and cry and then go on literal shooting sprees when they don't get what they want.

No. 316220

File: 1540484163473.jpg (185.6 KB, 491x1240, LOLLLLLLL.jpg)

KEK wait until you see the "artist"

No. 316221

File: 1540484305622.png (26.49 KB, 597x300, 2134215151.PNG)

This fucking guy lol

No. 316222

File: 1540484435483.png (101.06 KB, 598x899, 7134123421.PNG)

His entire twitter is exactly what you'd expect

No. 316224

>"toxic femininity"
fucking kek my sides, would love to know what he means when using that term because i bet its horseshit.

No. 316226

File: 1540484819539.jpg (208.26 KB, 856x934, 71234214124.jpg)

He probably means
>Women called me out for being a creep once and said they had problems and didn't focus on men for once REEEEEEEE

No. 316247

I know right, the only toxic "feminine" thing I have been able to come up with is when red pilled women throw other women under the bus to get men to like them more, but even that is kind of weak since it's not outright a feminine issue. It would be nice to talk about this with someone who believes in toxic femininity but isn't as stupid as burntool-chan, but I really doubt someone like that exists.

No. 316249

>those women
Will be next on the chopping block once they say something that these men dont like. Junes already getting shit from her own fans for fence riding. Lauren Southern did too calling out misogyny in the alt right only to shut up by those same misogynistic men. Blair is straying away from politics and is probably worried considering trumps plan for transgender people. Dont know much about the girl in blue

All in all, of you dont coddle men, tell them exactly what they want to hear and never criticize how they think of women like shit incubators, they throw a fit

That trew is a mess lol
>forced parenthood
>child support
>destroying nuclear family

Men want to be pro family, pro life and force women to carry children they dont always want because thats what all women should be forced into (and to be their fuckmoms) but these men hate the responsibility afterward lol (child support and parenthood)

they just want to fuck around without a care, get everyone pregnant and bail to live out their best lives. Then whine at all the single mothers existing.

No. 316250

That tree*

No. 316251

File: 1540488839556.png (34.37 KB, 598x314, 820f85fe9bdd336b2c9fd2a7a1524f…)

Oh geez, someone found my good ol' Brent posts from an old thread.

he's been my personal cow for quite a bit.

No. 316252

File: 1540488856336.png (93.08 KB, 638x909, 911a3db16411c54d6931f13bc66e6f…)

No. 316258

Isn't London underage?

No. 316259

File: 1540489243061.jpg (259.78 KB, 1174x680, 712421412.jpg)

This guy is a fucking trip

No. 316261

File: 1540489326819.jpg (197.13 KB, 1060x753, 72134125121.jpg)

No. 316262

File: 1540489337432.png (72.76 KB, 1270x479, 721341251.PNG)

No. 316264

File: 1540489351473.png (174.29 KB, 594x725, 90ab25984be2033b11d6b9e7cbc322…)

Brent is a wild ride, let's just say that.

No. 316265

File: 1540489606691.png (2.13 MB, 1248x822, 824236213.PNG)

>Not only are incels the male version of radical feminist
Radfems meme complain about being murdered/raped,incels complain about not getting laid

No. 316266

File: 1540489617790.png (500.09 KB, 573x547, 11190141bf79db6f0642b5ff74d7a9…)

He's very aware that he's being ridiculed on the internet. Lolcow made fun out of this picture a lot.

No. 316267

File: 1540489683652.png (100.66 KB, 592x771, 6e16fed6da9a44ba8ab811fc1248c6…)

He's a lolcow on his own right pretty much, he also believes incels don't deserve hate. Instead, women should be more understanding of them and give them empathy and a shoulder to cry on lol.

No. 316269

Does he know about the lauren southern/david sherratt drama? If not hes as stupid as his pictures look.

No. 316271

File: 1540490738560.png (20.77 KB, 588x349, 627d7bcf0e17e097c395f6568f0a9f…)

Considering the fact that people have voted for him to stop doing his Anti-SJW art, I wouldn't expect him to know.

No. 316272

File: 1540490759252.png (217.07 KB, 556x899, 7212341241.PNG)

Men are the REAL feminists

No. 316274

Especially men who sexually exploit women.

No. 316276

>the same hugh hefner who printed a naked underage brook shields in his magazine-and when she tried to get the pics out of his possession him and the photographer won the rights in court to keep them
oh yes, very feminist, much fighting for womens rights hmm. More proof idiots like him know nothing and should keep their mouths shut.

No. 316278

>white man creates a huge industry of sex to exploit women for decades

>such a liberator!! empowering!!1


No. 316280

Anyone who defends Hugh hefner has zero idea what it's like to be a woman who is sexually exploited.. I celebrated his death

No. 316281

owthesharpness, i assume thats you, just fyi,you're doing amazing sweetie

same. you know what they say-the good die young.

No. 316286

File: 1540492220696.png (74.78 KB, 607x746, 86e48fd427795ed5b9fa5fde026c57…)

Brent legit believes incels exist because women are heartless and reject men, so they're like that because of being scared of rejection. Instead, women should be more accepting and understand incels are misunderstood.

No. 316287

File: 1540492266809.png (73.56 KB, 604x741, 27966a3339e850cd7b6202123d312d…)

Just go give your neighbour incel a hug, okay?

No. 316290

File: 1540492402436.jpg (305.49 KB, 1191x670, 7214124r521.jpg)

It's nothing new,one of the most common anti-sjw arguments that get's spouted is "But isn't a man sexually exploiting a woman sex positive and empowering,CHECKMATE FEMINAZI"
He's a real feminist for exploiting an underage child
I wish this guy drew more,his artwork is great in the worst ways

No. 316314

He referenced american beauty being an awesome film too. While creepily talking about londons breast augmentation.. disgusting. He creeps me the fuck out

Hope he enjoys his inceldom for the rest of his life. Or maybe he can follow fellow artistic autist, chris chan. And become the girlfriend

Incels feelings and fear of rejection > womens safety and lives. Fuck him

This did not age well lmao

No. 316319

File: 1540495174939.png (12.02 KB, 265x141, 6123521541.PNG)

This image got worse
>it was a commission by the girl depicted in the image
The fact she paid for something this shitty is sad

No. 316324

oh my god anons thank you for bringing this guy to my attention. ive been having a bad day and this brought me the best of chuckles.

No. 316327

File: 1540495735590.png (90.03 KB, 599x818, 14512541241.PNG)

It's kinda hard to get behind all this kumbaya bullshit with a group that defend pedophilia and acid attacks because they can't laid and think women should be sex slaves in cages

No. 316339

>Hanging out on /r/sex
>A woman complain that the only sex act her husband is into are rapeplay, bondage and incest roleplays.
>She laments that porn ruined her sex life.
>Highest upsvoted comment is a dude telling her she's dumb and lack compassion for believing her husband got those kink from porn

So those guys prefer us to believe they're naturally turned on by the idea of raping a woman or fucking their sibling than admitting it's porn that gave them those nasty fetishes?

No. 316340

You're not allowed to be unhappy with anything sexually or you're a 'prude'

Speaking of dumb reddit shit one of the most obnoxious comment sections i've seen is when a woman caught her husband on a dating app and afterwords some suspicious shit in his diary
The comments then decided to make it all about how she's an awful person and how her husband is innocent and that dating apps doesn't mean he's cheating while making some laughable excuses as to why he was on one

No. 316350

r/sex is one of the worst ones.
I feel for her. Hope she gets away since I cant imagine living with someone who is sexually turned on by rape and torture. But men will defend their kinks and porn quicker than anything so shes the evil prude not willing to play along uwu

How do you even screen that if you date? They can just lie until youre married then you find out the hard way. Its all nightmare fuel

No. 316361

The thing I hate about relationships is that you're pretty much obligated to have sex everyday or you have to deal with a bitch for. In a way it feels like im being raped.

No. 316363

…is this the after?????????????????????

No. 316371

Apparently in today's hookup culture wanting to spend time with someone you might like doing things other than sex makes you "boring" a "prude" and must mean you don't know how to have any fun.

I'm being sarcastic of course, because when they insult a woman that she isn't fun for hooking up it has nothing to do with that.

Tbh i just can't imagine how pathetic and lonely being a man is, I'm actually even lowkey not against casual sex, but it would be nice to have a bare minimum of human connection. But these fuckboys I've been talking to, can't stand the fucking idea of seeing a movie or having a meal or anything that might invite a real conversation and a little emotional intimacy. Nope, i must be a drag because my idea of hanging out and having fun isn't putting dick in my mouth within 5 seconds of meeting a person.


No. 316372

Find it funny how men call women 'whores' despite the fact that men do most things solely for sex and consider the most important thing

No. 316380

It's because they don't know how to communicate. Saying a few nice things to you online, and then sex, is a lot easier than actually engaging with another human in the real world. I wish them luck when they're 40+, fat, balding, with no social skills and can't pick up a single chick

This sounds a bit concerning Anon. The truth is you should only have sex when you want to, not when he does (as in, only agree to his advances when you want to. And if you want it, and he doesn't, then that's the same deal). Are you otherwise stuck there due to financial constraints?

No. 316385

File: 1540507158792.jpg (90.73 KB, 1080x365, IMG_20181026_003346.jpg)

Not even once. I am still amazed how biased against women that site is despite the amount of users, so much that the women on that site started referring to themselves as "females" to fit in.

No. 316391

lmao and i thought she couldn't get anymore pathetic.

No. 316395

So guys want to choose games over building relationships then they shouldnt whine when they become lonely incels. No sympathy. I seriously hope these girls out here avoid all these types of guys.

What are the best tips? Bring up video games during a date? Or is it just autism among these guys?

And yeah women using females, Ive noticed it too. "Woman/women" as words are getting erased

No. 316423

I'd always thought men were the sluttier gender. Can't hate on sex workers personally, they're just providing a service.

No. 316441

Lol whut? I don't mean any offense or anything but it kinda sounds like you've been never been in a relationship. At least one that lasts more than a few months? It's pretty common for ppl in marriages and LTRs to have very little sex.

No. 316450

File: 1540531007380.jpg (272.08 KB, 540x1670, 20181025_231420.jpg)

it's the woman's fault she was killed by an aggressive man after being nice to him.

No. 316455

>And yeah women using females, Ive noticed it too. "Woman/women" as words are getting erased

Yeah, I mean we already have generations that grew up with "there are no girls on the internet, if you admit to being a girl you're just a slut and attention whore". And that whole thing started with men being annoying so it was easier to pretend to be a guy. And in current times it feels like a young adult exclaiming that she's a woman is something too mature and uncomfortable, while calling her a girl can come off as creepy.

No. 316463

I don't get what's so bad about meeting people at bars to begin with.

No. 316464

Reminds me of the little debate on ot a couple days ago.
This us what happens if you normalize "kink":
>Woman dies from 11 cm wound in her vagina during "consensual" violent sex.

Some people are into rough sex, you prudes!1!1 Why can't you let other women enjoy themselves, it's not like they're bothering you in public, you're sick for being so against this, you virgin femcel!…

No. 316468

Fuck. How the hell did the jury believe he was not guilty???? Even in the VERY unlikely circumstance that it actually was consensual, he should at least be charged with manslaughter.

No. 316476

We had a panel discussion on the #MeToo movement and rape today at my school. There were only 3 men out of about a little more than a hundred in the audience who asked a question to the panelists (who were all women). The women in the audience participated more in the discussion than the men. 2/3 asked questions about false accusations and what to do when a woman false accuses man and ruins his life.
As much as I hate false accusations in a rape as it can prevent victims from speaking out, but what the hell is it with men and being falsely accused of rape saying women ruin lives because of it. The panelists had to then clarify that not only women can do this, but men can too. One of panelists had to also say that the majority of the discussion was based on false accusations and justice for it rather than how to bring about the education of rape and sexual harassment to the public and how it affects society.

I know your feel, but with vidya. I love dressing up in girly outfits and love it when I ooze feminity, and yet when I say I play video games men often shut me out or call me fake or would want to orbit in hopes of a gf who plays vidya with them uwu. In Overwatch whenever I talk on mic with men in custom servers they often don't make me feel welcome.
Anon, don't purposely let those men make you want to change your appearance. We don't need their validation to know that we love the things we love!

I definitely know that this guy is not right for any woman with that bad attitude. I hate it when men have this attitude about anything they love. It's okay to love your thing, but to the point where this thing is worth more than a relationship is a huge red flag and he is shitty person for doing that. Why do men feel like bonding with their fellow men is fun and bonding with their gf is work towards the reward of sex?

No. 316490

I hate when someone calls a human woman a female. It makes someone sound like they narrating on the discovery channel instead of talking about a human being.

Used as an adjective is a little less egregious, but as a noun? Fuck off.

I've never heard someone call men "males" in a casual setting.

No. 316491

Why do women get a rep for being boring?men don't like to do anything other than chill at home, the only time they're motivated to do anything else is when they're on the quest for sex.

No. 316492

Id like to add that the only men who like to have fun are gays. Being a straight man anywhere that's out of his comfort zone and he will whine all night and day.

No. 316493

I don't get how native English speakers give this a pass, when I translate it into every language I know it sounds so primitive and disgusting.

Women seem to be everything at the same time because men don't see them as individuals. If you're bad at sports it's because girls are bad at sports, not because you're an individual who is bad at it. If you're good you're "not like the others" because they could never imagine that situation for women and look down on them.

No. 316551

Didn't know where to post this, this seemed like the right thread because it irks the daylights out of me. I don't know what I have done wrong or am doing wrong, but literally every man I have been with in a long term relationship (except my first ex) always says they would love to get me pregnant or have their child. I honestly have dated men from different age brackets and walks of life and they all fucking say it.
'I'd love you to have my baby'
'I can't wait to get you pregnant'
'I really wish I could come inside you and mske a baby'

Like telling a girl you wanna marry them and have babies…is that supposed to make me feel secure or something? Because it doesn't, it fucking creeps me out. All of these men declared this within a year of being together.
I'm thin and have small tits. Have an average but youngish looking face. Not matronly at all. I'm friendly and down to earth but in no fucking way am I motherly! Why do men say shit like this? They usually say it after/during sex.
I really do not know why this keeps happening to me. It's starting to make me feel like cattle.
Does anyone else get these comments from more than one dude, or am I somehow attracting freaks with pregnancy fetishes?

No. 316564

Tbh as someone who wants to settle down and find a man who wants children, I wish I could find a man like that, though probably they have zero intention of actually wanting to raise a kid and just want to satisfy a weirdo pregnancy fetish. I just keep finding guys who are even in their 30s but have no definite plan of when they want to settle and have kids, it pisses me off how a man can fuck around until his 40s to make up his mind on parenthood but we have to start thinking in our 20s about if/when we want to be mothers.

No. 316572

I don't want to say they all are, because that's paranoid and probably not true, but they could be like my ex and the real desire for a child is all about control and narcissism. I now find such insistence not only creepy but one of the biggest red flags out there for narcissistic abusers.

And of course for the ones that aren't enacting an intentional or unintentional plot to trap you and the potential child as victims, i can promise they are not actually thinking about the reality and will be very likely to bail once it sets in. If they at all knew the reality, they would be a lot less enthusiastic.

I would advise you maybe try to find a guy that had a lot of younger siblings or just a lot of siblings in general. Its important that he not have an older or very close in age sister or that his parents aren't hugely gender role focused. If you bag this niche fellow, he is likely to have had to pick up child care duties in his youth, and therefore is more likely to be cautious about parenthood regardless of his desire for such. My ex was an abuser but also became enamored by the idea even though he's not really a father type because he had to be separated from a little brother figure at a young age and thus in his memory only the cute and good aspects stuck out, and he figured he'd have a child when what he really wanted was a little bro.

The fact you are thin and pretty might have something to do with this, btw. One reason i think this is a red flag is a lot of those "why aren't there any good/traditional wives anymore" antifeminist kinda dudes get VERY hung up on the idea of having a petite waif for a wife. Either for reasons that they are ridiculously shallow and can't stand the idea of a woman that either isn't perfectly thin or might become fat, or, mpre horrifyingly, because they look to be in "their prime" and quite young, which you should take as a dog whistle for ephebophilic degeneracy.

Either way, you have a good head on your shoulders not falling for it and sensing that something is up.

No. 316622

..God that made me angry. Couldnt imagine the pain she went through. Sex segragated society now

Breeding kinks most likely anon. Those men arenot the types to be actual responsible fathers. Because their job is only to fuck, every other thing regarding children and raising them is on you. But they dont care about it at all so long as they can nut inside raw. Its a creepy fetish to say the least. Good on you for being smart and not falling for it

No. 316623

How did you manage to identify the paranoia in your first sentence / thought and then fall prey to it for the rest of what you wrote?

Going through this thread, the theme of abuse stands out. This isn't so much 'man hate' as it is 'damaged people expressing their dysfunction'. It's really sad to see.

No. 316625

Fuck off scrot

No. 316640

Wow i sure am dysfunctional, thinking parenthood is a fucking huge deal; and any guy that is super insistent like this without actually discussing or thinking deeper about it are at best not at all considerate of what it takes to rear a human being, and thus more likely to fail at it or give up. At fucking worst their desire is wrapped up in dysfunctional childhood bullshit they'll project on the kid and/or they are deliberate abusers set on creating a context that is easier to skew in their favor.

Yeah i did get abused thanks very much sherlock holmes. Its like I'm not allowed to feel fucked up and suspicious of exactly the same red flags and things i went through according to you and inform someone else their suspicion that it's dysfunctional is correct. Gee i wonder why, I'm no detective like you with my feeble little brain but i get the sense I've baited one hell of a dweeby incel right here.

No. 316681

Without even reading the article

>indigenous woman

Are they excusing an obvious rape because she's indigenous? Nobody consents to that.

No. 316682

After reading the article: Yes they are trying it. Paid does not = death. She obviously wanted to live and have no harm done to her. They shouldn't even have humored the word "consensual", gtfo

No. 316852

Men don't have to think when it comes to having children, the only thing they have to worry about is if their wife still looks like a porn star after bearing their children, men can take so many routes when it comes to kids

>if they don't want it they can just walk out and if the mom is being a problem he can just cry male oppression if she asks anything of him and MRAs will support him

>if the kid is already born he can rinse and repeat, or if he turn around and decides he does want the kid he can cry male oppression too
>if the womans body becomes flawed from pregnancy, he can go cry about how shes worthless when she has his kids and everyone will support the man
>if he decides he doesnt wanna support the kids he can cry male oppression and claim his wife is a gold digger and the world will support him
>the woman is default stuck with the baby 90% of the time
>the man isn't recognized as a bad dad if the kid turns out bad, but the mom gets blamed, or if the kid turns out good the dad gets credit

No. 316863

You know what's creepy? How much antagonizing I see towards single moms. I saw a popular comment that said "Being a single mom is the worst thing you can do for your children." and it made me boil from anger because it didn't even question the father in the scenario or what made the woman single.

No. 316868

>women are coddled since birth
Spotted the male.

No. 316869

Boy this whole parenting business really has the lurking scrots in an uproar, it seems.

The hate boners for their moms is so obvious too, lol. Like I'm supposed to feel sorry because their mom yelled at them once to pick up their chicken nugget plates.

No. 316870

>since women are coddled since birth
Go away scrot

No. 316871

>spotted the male
maternally abandoned male kek. Ignore the scrot.

No. 316873

You see it in the scrots rushing over to Peterson too. They see him as somebody who really wants to help them, unlike their mother that ungrateful bitch! That man that makes analogies to animal behavior and eats a meat focused diet is obviously the daddy they always wanted. It would be hilarious if it wasn't such an unsettling mess that resembles a wish fulfillment cult.

No. 316895

women actually spread their legs and get knocked up by men who they are unsure of instead of getting married first

No. 316897

Getting married to a man you are unsure of sure sounds good.

No. 316899

then don't get married

No. 316905

Then I'm sure you'll love a world where women stop showing interest in sex and dating men because they don't want the blame to be put on them in every case because of an insecure desire for control.

No. 316907

Then what are you complaining about?

No. 316908

Sex segragated society where sperm banks are used, women raise the kids together and men live on their own elsewhere. Theyll still despise women for everything though but at least the kids will be safe and nobody will get hurt

No. 316910

I was replying to the anon talking about single moms
I explain it's piss easy to avoid ending up like one

No. 316912

Agree, never get close to any men or imprison them all so they can't run away. Easy!

No. 316913

The most hypocritical thing about telling women to "keep their legs shut" is admitting that you think all men are shit.

No. 316914


This sounds perfect. Male children stay with the women til they're about 13 or 14 and then they go and join whatever hole the men live in.

No. 316915

I'm up for it, anon. Although we couldn't have any male kids either, that would just perpetuate the problem.
But offspring from two mothers is technologically possible now (posted upthread somewhere), so we's only need to resort to sperm in rare emergencies.

No. 316916

you don't have to invent anything new I already hinted twice on what to do this is the last reply

No. 316918

>be male
>complain about women being sluts who let any trash knock them up
>also complain that women's standards are "too high" when they're actually discerning about who they choose
So, what is it exactly?

No. 316924


shut up scrot.

why are men so obsessed with women? they can't leave us alone for a second.

No. 316931

Gghhhh being a single mom myself i got a little triggered i have to admit, fuck all these scrots with mommy issues lol.

I raise my kid pretty much by myself and he'll grow up realizing i was the more responsible parent and appreciate it, i get that. But these scrots are the kinda dudes who would eat up my sperm donor's bs narrative about how I'm the worst mom ever.

They'll just ignore or not believe the facts that he's the one that walked out and requested a laughable bare minimum of regular overnights every other week, doesn't pursue full custody or even threaten to even though he supposedly has a "solid case" about what an unfit mom i am, and basically lives his life as if he's 16 and free pushing our child onto his mommy or his gf (sex mommy) for his basic care on his time.

He and his lawyer even tried to do sketchy shit that if it had gone to court he'd probably have ended up in contempt, they tried to fudge that the verbal agreement took place, lied about it on the paperwork to claim a lower child support amount, lied about when the child was having overnights, tried to claim a couple extra days was proof that our arrangement put him in the 50/50 joint category and he deserved a much lower support amount, then when i tried to fight back they started pulling shit threatening to have me held in contempt over absolute bullshit and threatening to make the argument i deserved to be 100% liable for my ex's nearly 10,000 in debt i didn't even know about…

I'm fucking lucky i got a Saint of a lawyer who heard all that and swooped in to give them the business. Then ended up halving my total debt i owed him because what i was dealing with was so absurd and awful.

Nothing about this was about our child's best interest. It was about money and literally trying to ruin my life for some ego bullshit. He tried to make me homeless. He spread vicious slander to my family and professional contacts my lawyer had to stop because it could have made it impossible to have a professional career. He didn't care whether myself and i suspect our child would end up in a really bad situation or worse. And now he pretends to care, cries crocodile tears, and gets all the sympathy in the world from other men and people that don't know who he really is or what really happened.

My story is not unique or uncommon. I have heard it all and more from women who went through the same. It is infuriating to hear bullshit like us single moms being evil harpies taking kids away when its THEIR OWN FATHERS choosing not to have a relationship with them and the data backs that up.

Its truly awful to hear about abusive women that do similar things to my ex, and that really did participate in parental alienation and took the kids away. But at the end of the day, being a woman, the experiences are 8 times out of 10 the guy is the one not pursuing a normal parental relationship and fucking up big time with being responsible parents. So fucking tired of hearing "but wimminz do it tooooo" yeah ok as if that completely invalidates the fact this is a pretty set and cut and dry pattern of abusive men with entitlement issues.

Anyway scrots suck divorce sucks and my soul just leaves my damn body in distress every time i gotta face the realities of yay as a single mom I'm society's punching bag while my abuser just fucks off and collects sympathy.

No. 316937

Please tell me more about women on a women's image board, scrot.

Anyway if you didn't hate men and their retarded opinions before, reading male comments will encourage you to do so.

No. 316938

>bitter and old
I would argue that our userbase is majority early twenties, but I know men consider women above 14 old and decrepit.
They're just going to blame you for being abused, because it's never the man's fault and women are psychics!!1

No. 316941

They really can't. I challenge all men browsing this site to prove me wrong.

No. 316945

Oh no, but what about the poor men that get screwed over when it comes to child custody? Life is soooo unfair to them. Seriously, that's their main complaint regarding discrimination in general.

That being said, I respect you for the shit you pulled through anon and hope things get better for you.

No. 316946

Any woman not fucking THEM is a slut, anon. Theyre upset that women in mass droves arent falling on to their feet begging to be their fuckmoms, taking care of them while they shitpost on the internet. Theyre mad at Chad for not being autistic and well adjusted guy who is normal and has normal relationships.

No. 316947

Can we talk about how ~the Custody Gap~ is a myth? iirc the majority of men wanted the mom to be the primary caregiver, and many wanted nothing to do with their kids anyways

No. 316949

No, you need to respect the fragile ego of those men, a woman can't "fuck" them, she is getting fucked.

That being said, it's funny how there are more women than men in the world, and those anons don't even live in countries like China where there's a lack of women because of terrible historical reasons, yet they still whine.

No. 316955

you were married right? how old are you now?

No. 316961

I think men got custody more often than not if they hired a lawyer. But it's hard to say, maybe the only bothered because the mom was truly awful.

No. 316964

I totally acknowledge that there are real issues re: a man feels alienated in a contentious separation, and in many cases, its not so much not caring, its that some toxic masculinity shit about never being taught or allowed to cope normally with difficult feelings makes it impossible for them to feel like they can cope in a way other than distancing themselves from their kids and the situation. Its a real problem. I think there's a really good idea to be had in making it mandatory for all divorcing parents to go to a little seminar where a psychologist basically educates you on divorce coping and co parenting issues, with opportunities for basic advice and referrals for affordable family therapists for more complex issues.

And yet, when you get into these debates, you can acknowledge that all day long, but they'll never acknowledge that there are simply too many abusive, shitty men feeling totally enabled to fuck off from their parental responsibilities and then its bullshit they should get to cry and at best face no real social consequences on the level their single mom ex faces and worst be totally patted on the ass consistently about how they are in the right or their bs is true.

Hmmm. Wonder why that is.

No. 316968

Almost 30 now. Still kinda down on my luck but its getting better. I'll end up in a better place than he does eventually, and who knows, maybe one day I'll get a real apology and he'll grow up be a better dad, which tbh is kinda all I've ever wanted from him now. just kinda hard at first which can be frustrating. Appreciated the opportunity to vent here.

No. 317025

I'm sure I posted this in a previous thread, but here's a reminder:
>In 51 percent of custody cases, both parents agreed – on their own – that mom become the custodial parent.
>In 29 percent of custody cases, the decision was made without any third party involvement.
>In 11 percent of custody cases, the decision for mom to have custody was made during mediation.
>In 5 percent of custody cases, the issue was resolved after a custody evaluation.
>Only 4 percent of custody cases went to trial and of that 4 percent, only 1.5 percent completed custody litigation.

Childless men cry and cry about the remote possiblity of getting fucked over by gender bias but men with children can't get away fast enough. Happily married men don't even want to help with childcare, why on earth would they want sole custody? Meanwhile, women are vilified for being single mothers and dread being left single once they're older and have a kid. Yet men are still so sure they leap at any trivial opportunity to divorce men and prevent them from seeing their kids. They truly have no critical thinking skills, they just want to blame women for anything and everything.

No. 317032

Thank you for the summary and links anon.

Gee, reddit sure seems weirdly silent about this MRA myth! I wonder why that could be…

No. 317039

Np though I just realized the link is wrong. Should be

Anyway we all know the sole reason for any MRA argument is to attack women. Not because they want custody, not because they care about homeless/suicidal/etc men, they just want to shut down feminism. Their investigation into an issue ends when they see another MRA make a baseless leap in logic like 'women get custody more often therefore men are being fucked over by divorce courts', then they will parrot it whenever feminism is brought up.

No. 317042

So scrots solutions to single moms is to make women not have sex or get onto relationships with males? Sounds great! Sign me up

No. 317050

File: 1540681798503.png (1.19 MB, 634x2697, Double-child rapist, 86, avoid…)

No. 317051

File: 1540682031125.png (132.12 KB, 859x432, 59w8ygshvru11.png)

No. 317063

File: 1540684161761.png (62.19 KB, 216x219, 1495646956790.png)

what a fucking joke, they should toss his old crusty ass in prison

I hope this isn't real, somebody save that fucking kid before it's too late jesus christ
I genuinely worry about this kind of shit reaching kids, it's going to create a whole new generation of psychos.

No. 317074

whenever some man complains about how unfair his child support or custody battle is, it's always always always a story that's really like this. men lie and make themselves the victim in every possible scenario. they are literally incapable of taking responsibility or hell, just not being selfish. I'm sorry you had to go through that mess.

No. 317080

File: 1540686660834.png (2.16 MB, 1600x900, kpop.png)

Has anyone ever noticed men say women hit the wall at 25 and there's the Japanese saying "a woman is like a Christmas cake", because she's not good after 25? But it also applies to gay men and they just lament the fact they reach "gay death" at age 25.

What the fuck is wrong with men and not understanding a partner can come at any point in their life? Men, in a landslide, commit pedophilic acts and go as young as possible. I can't tell you the amount of women I know that have had to deal with some old fucking disgusting gnarly 50 year old man hitting on this normal 20 something who wants nothing to do with his dried up ballsack.

What is biologically wrong with men? I honestly think they need to be genetically reprogrammed there. Their entitlement towards young people makes them commit all sorts of crimes and they pressure anyone under 25 they can. If they can't get it, they go insane and become a statistic or the evening news.

Also, men age like garbage. The myth that women date older is only true of sugar babies or girls who sadly have some mental health issues and want father-like figures. If you look at boy bands, such as K-Pop or anything mainstream pop in the past 60 years, young women go for youthful hot men. They don't want these old disgusting creeps.

No. 317082

whats wrong with thinking about how good it feels? What are you supposed to be thinking about during sex?

No. 317086

On the topic of "unfair child custody"…

>be friends with woman who had baby at 18

>when she and boyfriend split up year later he tries to get out of child support by saying baby isn't his even though he knows damn well it is (even acknowledges this to people)
>she decides it's best to roll with his narrative because he's a monster in many other ways and objectively shouldn't have anything to do with the child anyway
>she gets full custody and he has no rights over her
>he tells everyone she won't let him see his baby and took her away from him
>even makes multiple FB posts about it, painting her out as this evil woman who won't let him see his child
>not long after that sent to prison for fucking a middle school age girl
>still insists he should be in his daughter's life and is fighting for the right to after prison

No. 317088

Oh god, this kind of thing is why I hate it when people act like all old people are sweet and loveable and if you don't kiss their ass you're a monster.

The reality is that old people were going during a time when sexual assault wasn't taken seriously at all and the only consequences were faced by the victim. Sexual assault was never reported and men got a way with practically anything. When I look at old men, all I can do is imagine what horrible things they may have done. I'd be shocked if sexual assault wasn't even more common decades ago before anything other than "stranger pulling you into the bushes while you're conservatively dressed" was considered rape.

No. 317103

>cousin is ethnic/not white
>bully is white
>non white girls pin after white boys
Is this some anti /pol/ site where all non white men go to be blackpilled and hate their own race alongside women?

Typical case of 'man wants to fuck without condoms, knock up someone, refuse responsibilty but still make the woman to be the bad one'
If she went after for support, shes evil
If she doesnt and claims full custody, shes evil

No. 317118

Samefaggin was the divorced poster but this is some funny and insightful shit

I actually know of a man, and he had to be a single father (for awhile, his second wife became stepmom and is still on pretty good terms) and the story was really messed up and tragic. Not my place to give all the details, but basically, one thing i can say to give an idea is that the biological mother of his daughter was related to a judge that could've helped her with the custody. She was so unrepently awful even her family member joined in saying she should either have the kid go to the father or she should do the right thing and sign off custody. Because it was easier, she did just end up signing off on custody, and then being like the men mentioned in this thread, "oh boohoo, my kid was taken from me, and every once in awhile i try to 'connect' in spontaneous, emotionally abusive ways until her father's lawyer tells me to shut up."

So like, does this guy believe that he had to fight, that it was skewed in her favor, that it was against all odds, that he is a MRA success story?

FUCK NO! Dude is actually a huge fucking feminist, probably the only legit one who is a man i know that isn't faking or trying to score points, and tbh, i think if you asked him, it would have a lot to do with being kind of FORCED to empathize with what women go through with all that shit, and also seeing, because he's actually got a degree of emotional intelligence, that he got out of it easier in some ways due to privilege. His second wife, for example, probably came a lot damn easier than most single moms who are divorced get a second husband, despite whatever the fuck scrots think.

Like I'm finally getting into a place i feel like i might be able to date again and jfc. You don't even know. Its fucking social kryptonite. But every fucking "single dad" (are they? Or are they in a "every other weekend" arrangement? Or total dead beats? Who knows! But I've heard horror stories with all possibilities…) i match with wears it as a badge of pride and obviously had the impression this will get him mad fuckin' puss while I'm getting advice to not be upfront because then i MIGHT stand a chance in today's fucked dating scene… Not going to do that because its gross and disingenuous to act like my kid isn't basically a daily reality.

No. 317123

That's why men lose their shit over Justin Bieber, One Direction, BTS. A lot of women finding the same stylish pretty man attractive damages their already low self-esteem. Literally everything is being marketed to appeal to them but god forbid if a good-looking young dude gets popular with young women, they'll start talking shit about him like "ugh this man is so girly, he looks like a faggot, girls are so stupid for liking this". Men have been forcing beauty standards on and trashing any woman who doesn't fit into it since forever but when you expect a man to fit into a beauty standard or just basic fucking hygiene it's too much.

No. 317155

kek, Ashton is literally too irrelevant to be included in his "Anti SJW Beauties" collection and has to buy this retard's attention

No. 317485

I've finally realized I am bi in recent months and I couldnt be happier at the thought of never dating another man kek

No. 317609

He isn't entirely wrong..I'm a feminist and I love other women but I was bullied to the point of suicidal ideation so many times by other women. I know men are worse overall and more violent but women are still cruel to each other. Maybe that can be discussed for another thread..

No. 317683

The thing that enrages me most about the "unfair custody" complaint is the entire reason this is an issue is because WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN EXPECTED TO CENTER THEIR ENTIRE LIVES AROUND CHILDREN and that has been used against us to oppress us since fucking forever. So their one fucking issue where they have it worse is because of a problem the created themselves. Plus, the same people who sperg about it as if that means men are the more oppressed gender also typically believe women's place is at home taking care of kids while men get to have lives.

Which one is it? That we're the sex who should take on most of the burden of childcare or you want a fair shot in custody court?

It's yet another example of how illogical these men are and how they just want to fuck over women, but whine when there's an obvious outcome of that that isn't in their favor.

No. 317702

File: 1540830013427.jpg (20.07 KB, 640x262, attractiveness.jpg)

>hurrrr 80 percent of da women only chase 20 percent of da men

No. 317713

Pure projection.
The main complaint scrotes have about this bit of data is that "women rate most men as ugly!!!" ignoring that women still message those ugly men lmao.
And at a rate FAR higher than men message low rated women.

No. 317751

Warning: comments will make you wanna kys

No. 317769

Not to say she's a morally pure angel and I am anti-porn, but those comments are way off.
They actually think getting filmed having sex is worse than physically assaulting multiple people throughout your life.
And what's more, HE ALSO DID PORN VIDEOS.
What the fuck.

No. 317771

Yeah, but when men do porn it's okay because men are programmed to fuck. Women are programmed to be pure and chaste, so when they aren't they deserve to be harmed.

Sarcasm aside, I wish I could genocide people who think this way without mercy.

No. 317780

Also ignoring the fact that most men ARE objectively ugly

No. 317824

Also terrible at taking photos. They look like utter shit on dating profiles, of course they're going to get low ratings.

It's infuriating how that OkC data is only ever posted to prove how shallow women are, but men always stop at the ratings part of it. They ignore the actual messaging pattern, which states (quoting the OkC blog post which I remember vividly but has been deleted) that men pursue the "all but unattainable" while women rate men low and then still message them anyway.

It's almost like… women don't actually base their interest in someone on something as shallow and arbitrary as a fucking looks rating. Or they are realistic and understand that being a 5/10 means you shouldn't go for 10/10 guys. Or they don't spend all their time online rating the opposite sex, so they haven't developed a completely accurate way to measure their attraction. But no, it's just because women are shallow evil whores.

No. 317835

Lmao, I'd like to see heterosexual men rate other men, somehow I doubt they'd fare better. "2/10 eyebrowcel, chincel, wristcel"

No. 317856

yep, men are living contradictions
they'll get jealous and feel threatened when women like prettyboys,insist women actually like 6'8 burley beer drinking hunks with lots of money, cry about women not liking short, fat or poor men, when women do they'll bend over backwards to make excuses, then when it comes down to judging other men they go all no bullshit and look for anything possible

what's that one video no bullshit made nitpicking the men at buzzfeed? but yeah, women are the ones judging men lmao
no one hates men more than other men

No. 317862

this is actually true though, men are extrememly ugly. an average man with a nice face cant even compare to a 4/10 woman in terms of attractiveness kek.

No. 317866

I'm a straight girl and even I agree, even women without makeup
plus I think womens bodies look better naturally
take a look at ancient paintings and statues of beautiful women, a lot of the women are naturally beautiful, not too thin, not too big, a lot of them just look like what would be considered an average woman today
men have been obsessed with womens beauty for centuries, men hate this, men hate how women tend to be be better looking then them most of the time

No. 317871

they also don't account for how many messages men send that are just dick pics and asking to fuck

No. 317896

What's y'alls take on gay men?

No. 317904

gay men are the biggest misogynists.

No. 317916

they're also the biggest degenerates, but I guess I don't care what they do to other men since it doesn't effect us.

No. 317964

They're the unfiltered reflection of the male species' true shitty shallow self-destructive hedonistic nature so no surprise there.

No. 317970

Unpopular opinion maybe but I have no problem with them since they don't really fuck around with women the same way straight ones do.

No. 317971

the only issue I have are the fact pedophilia is high amoung gay men, and rape
a lot of gay guys I met are obnoxious as well

No. 317987

I feel bad for them almost
The gay male community is a train wreck, the open relationship/hookup culture is rampant and destructive.

No. 317995

Does anyone else have a frequent experience of going to talk about something related to being a woman, then someone comes in and they are TOTES A LADY, and they express an opinion suspiciously in line with shit misogynist men say?

I know that there are plenty of women with loads of internal misogyny

but particularly when this happens I've often noted it suddenly turns into a dogpile of misogynistic opinions or feelings from "women" on the OP

this is frequent on reddit and I encounter it on here quite a bit too.

like men will really sockpuppet as a lady all day just to pester a woman trying to vent or have a discussion? Cause that is kinda what it seems like…

No. 318010

Give up on it, that site is sexist as hell aside a few subs. There's a shitton of people role playing as everything, and usually you spot them when they say things like "I'm a female in my 20s",they always declare it. There are too many video games that use reddit as their main forum and the vidya groups have a huge amount of sexism.

Years ago I remember reading threads how women's brains are inferior because they have to separate a chess league for them and because they don't play competitive e-sports, eugh.

No. 318023

Not enough people say that not being attracted to women doesnt give you a pass to shit on them. I always hear "he cant hate women or be a misogynist! Hes gay!" As if you HAVE to be sexually attracted to women to hate them?

>"im a female"
God I see that everywhere. Not "girl" or "woman" but a female like women arent even the same species. To think theyre just men larping is just.. sad. You see that alot in redpilledwomen where theyll shit on themselves so much just to be on the good graces of men who hate for being women too. And Ive suspected that there were a good number of men just larping as their waifus

No. 318038

I'm tired of the perception that the decision to make a protagonist female is politically motivated. I'm tired of dweebs that say Japan is better at portraying homosexuality because they "aren't political" (read: dweebs are exposed to material that doesn't approach the topics seriously and fetishizes them instead).

I hate people who don't view women as humans but as some alteration from the standard. I keep seeing that if a story wants to be good you should be able to flip the genders of the characters and it should still work. No, gendered stories are ok, they highlight what makes us different and let us enjoy a different perspective, you are just offended that for the first time you can't relate or self insert into the character.

No. 318044

But there have been female chess grandmasters (meaning they won against men).
Look at the Polgar sisters.

No. 318051

I've seen it myself in youtube commnents. A person saying "Not all women want to vote. We should have never been given the vote!" No one questions it, but this is what the logical males do.

They just say you should be able to relate to the male character because what's between their legs doesn't matter and all that, but look at how they react when they have to relate to a female character, while we've majoritarily only had male ones for so long and have had to make it work.

No. 318057

I know, but they think that since the gender ratio between pros isn't 50/50 it's "proof" of something. The demographic of the sport and interest in it aren't considered, you'd get correct results if you had different groups learn it for a few months and compete, but that wouldn't be pro level.

No. 318068

I'm so glad I only get horny 2 or 3 days a month. I can't imagine living feeling like that everyday. Poor men, nature did them dirty.

No. 318070

Believe it or not, some men actually want to take care of their kids too, I know, shocking

No. 318072


Not many, judging by how studies show most men don't bother trying for custody at all.

No. 318091

the crossplay thread on cgl is so gross. it's all men trying to live out their dreams of being real anime girls. someone even bought silicone breasts and everyone was telling him how good they look. they really are so disillusioned from porn they think anything with huge tits is sexy.

No. 318214

I don't know what to think because I'm guilty of enjoying porn, but… There's definitely a difference between porn made by/for men and porn made by/for women. No matter if it's gay or straight male made porn is absolutely soulless shit, nothing made by women can compare since at least you can tell the subjects are seen as more than just a piece of meat.

No. 318226

Tbh, I'm getting pretty anti corporate porn, and porn made by the amateurs has its own issues…

But what you are describing i agree with. I'm not 100% "porn shouldn't exist or be consumed ever" because its just a fact we've been making it for…well ever since we had artistic inclination and decided to express how horny we are. Hell, quite a few of those ancient erotica pieces archaeologists are speculating definitely could have been made by women, and I'm not talking about "fertility figures." Also lol ancient dildos. And hey, i got fuckin needs, and sometimes i need a little more than my imagination or well tailored literature erotica.

I don't think that in of itself is unethical or anything. And i think a lot of users on here get really rabidly into thought policing, hung up on the existence of degeneracy and perversion and how its always 100% wrong even purely in fantasy, which I'm not convinced would just go away without patriarchy problems.

I'd say like, delving into consumption of porn in a better way is an ok solution cause i think you're right, when I've seen pretty good amateur stuff obviously made with a lot of direction from the woman in the couple (or you know an amateur wlw aimed at wlw), its VERY DIFFERENT.

Power level ahead, but one of my fave kinda kinky amateur videos was a married couple and they explore each other in full zentai suits, then make passionate love. Like, that's the only way i can describe it, these people obviously loved each other deeply and the whole video, while kinky, really felt like an expression of that.

I think there's room to be a feminist, take issue with men and their consumption/production of corporate and flawed amateur porn, and still be a visual sexual creature. Some may hardcore disagree.

No. 318236

Sadly most of male made amateur stuff are just random hotel hookups, not between couples with any sort of emotional intimacy.

No. 318238

speaking of child custody, i think its fair that the mom gets primary custody most of the time, as long as they arent doing something bad(e.g. they are on drugs or hurting the child etc.). custody is not about the parents feefees, its about whats best for the child, and lets face it, the average mom is a million times better at being a parent and more involved in their childs life than the average dad.

No. 318245

My birth mom is probably the rare exception of neither being outwardly abusive nor having a substance problem but just consistently the less involved parent. I chose to live with my dad and I'm fine with her now but it's something my he bitches about whenever she's brought up to this day.

No. 318247

Of course my step-mom ends up being more involved with me than my dad ends being involved with her kids, with the excuse "they don't need him, but you need a real mom" and all that shit.

No. 318248

The stories i hear privately from other single moms are frequently fraught with wanting to do everything in their power to preserve the relationship and grant joint arrangements in whatever way they can, and the dad just fucking off and not caring.

You won't hear about it though, because as I'm learning, you better shut the fuck up and never talk about the issues inherent with being the single mother, lest you want a shitload of unwarranted advice, judgement, and people feeling the overwhelming need to dehumanize you and your literal human child as "baggage" and then REEEEEE at you about needing to control emotions when you think that's just shitty and rude.

I'm over it while society celebrates every (rare) case of an actually single father with full custody and all the single fathers have little to no trouble snagging dates.

No. 318261


>all the single fathers have little to no trouble snagging dates

this is so true. but when a single mother wants to date someone, people act like shes the devil for bringing "strange men" around her children.

No. 318263

some of the most successful people were raised by single mothers, but MRAs/MGTOWs will never mention this, they're so caught up in their hate boner for single mothers and their poorly done and unproven statistics about how single mothers are the worlds evil

No. 318267

The problem is, you really can't know with porn. Eg that in love couple you watch might have since broken up, and the man is posting it without their permission. The women oriented porn company might be run by men who do male oriented porn too. The women in it might regret that. In your search for porn you might be giving clicks to less ethical porn. I just don't want anything to do with the industry at all, and it's 'just in case' not because I don't think it's possible to produce ethical porn at all.

No. 318277

I'm living in an apartment until I sell my home and both my neighbors upstairs and downstairs are loud annoying men. The guy(s?) above me screams at odd hours or talks loudly to himself and the guys downstairs stay up all night on the porch talking about sex/drugs. I set off the fire alarm cooking today (there was no smoke or fire) and I could hear my upstairs neighbor loudly complain even though all I did was release bacon fat in a pan. I can't even have the right to exist or cook in my apt but men can yell at odd hours, watch porn loudly, and be general pieces of shit. Sorry for the rant.

No. 318332

The account was run by the couple and the website itself has a pretty strict policy on "revenge porn" nowadays. Its not perfect, but it is easier to report and have that kinda thing taken down. If not for the ethical issues, nowadays you do risk getting your pants sued off by hosting such content. From what I've heard a lot of such content therefore had to move to the dark web, though of course I'm not saying it isn't still an issue on the clear net. Just that on the clear net with more liability they are less likely to host it now.

I get what you're saying, but i think thought and activity policing to this degree is ultimately more of a pain that is teetering the line of is it really about inherent ethical issues or are we just getting into censoring expression of sexuality itself?

I mean you do you, i think what I'm getting at is the age old "do you really have to cut yourself off from enjoyment of all problematic shit or is it ok that you indulge and keep a critical mindset about it?"

No. 318358

File: 1540931727782.jpg (62.71 KB, 600x450, 1538057334355.jpg)

it feels like a curse sometimes but you have to learn to live with it
thanks to that driving force and role bestowed upon men a man and a woman can come together and create something beautiful… divine even

I always wondered how lesbians arguing looked like
the fault lies with the other side forever so how does that end? it's like dividing with zero(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 318364

>lesbians arguing

In my experience, it ends better than most arguments with men. You're less likely to get hit, beaten up, or written off as a crazy bitch who's just on her period.

No. 318367

Power level my sister is a mega lesbian and the break up with her ex wife was tense and probably highly difficult due to some of my sisters issues…but it went down far more amicably than most divorces between a man and a woman and break ups between men that I've witnessed. Her ex wife was even helping her financially by being cool with paying her phone bill for awhile while my sister got on her feet, since they agreed to my sister being the one to move out.

That's honestly unheard of in most divorces I've heard about or witnessed. Even in cases where eventually the exes become cool and like old friends, i almost always hear about how men did something really, really fucked up just to stick it to the wife. Whether from claiming some petty thing, trying to control the narrative, or outright attempting to destroy her life.

I get that people are rarely saints in general when it comes to break up and divorce, but good god. For every public story i hear about a woman doing extreme things on purpose to fuck over the man, I've got about dozens more from people in my life that paint an outrageous picture of how men tend to behave in divorce. And its really not pretty.

No. 318413

w-what's the name of the video?

No. 318418

Black men bash black women so much that it's considered a total normal conversation in the black community, black men shit talk black women about as casually as people talk about the weather. I was at work and this black guy was saying how he can't have a black baby mother because he doesn't want ugly kids and how he wants an Asian gf lol he didn't seem to care that I, a black woman was sitting right next to him, he assumed I would just take this treatment since most black women do…I called him out on being racist and sexist and he looked genuinely shocked, like he was surprised that he can't publicly bash people for their race/gender in the work place. I told him if he doesn't stop within the next 10 minutes I will report him to hr and he apologized to me and didn't talk for the rest of the day kek

No. 318423


Meanwhile white guys think white women are all entitled drunk sluts with princess complexes. They also think black women are awful and fetishize asian women. Asian men think asian women are sluts for white cock who only settle down with them once they've sucked a million white dicks. Men in general are just terrible.

No. 318424

This is why I can't stand it when idiots wanna act like they know what the fuck they're talking about so they say shit like "ugh white men are terrible". Like ugh no shit, they're pretty horrible. But this letting off the hook that I see for men of other races is unacceptable. It's not CERTAIN MEN, it's ALL OF THEM. I don't understand how dumbasses who think that just because black men can experience oppression, this somehow translates into them "getting it". No, they act typically male and get when someone discriminates against them. That's where it ends.

No. 318427

>black men are oppressed

Black men want to be equal to white men. They could careless about women, especially black ones lol

No. 318429

I think shit talking black women to their face is something the only happens to black women. I can't imagine a white man or an Asian man calling white/Asian women ugly and awful in a room full of white/Asian women and expecting them to say nothing about it. I've seen black men do this to black women so much and if we show any other response other than giggle and take it as a joke they quickly call us over dramatic/ jealous kek

No. 318430

Yeah that's literally what my entire post is about. They're absolute identical trash underneath it all. And from what I've heard from black women, they even shit talk them more than men of other races do women in their racial groups.

No. 318463

Male obsession with race is so fucking bizarre. I don't know if it's tribalism or them being so stupid they can't comprehend people as individuals and compulsively categorize them in black and white ways (literally and figuratively).

Women only feel that strongly about race when men make it a competition, like black vs white girls, white vs asian girls, or vilify women for interracial dating because muh racial purity.

No. 318466

Most blasians aren't even all that cute. I say this as a blasian person - most of us are average to ugly, but somehow the hot 1% has come to define us all.