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File: 1568604898686.jpg (113.5 KB, 1080x1148, 1568567336638.jpg)

No. 704388[Reply]

Thread Image: >>703848
You are free to liveblog in this thread but make sure to post a recap and a mirror in the current main thread.

Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com
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No. 764780

No. 764794

Hey faggot. Greg scamed people with mental illnesses. Unclench your pearls.

No. 764877

shows that no one really watches these or care about them anymore.
And I don't blame 'em, shit's boring.

No. 769172

Hansen isnt molesting teenage girls so no

No. 777569

Hansen's not preying on teens for sex but he's still preying on naive, gullible people so he can con them out of their cash, like that COVID scam. He's no different from Onision in terms of crass opportunism. No one can honestly say Chris Hansen actually gives af about any of the victims he's supposedly trying to help.

What ever happened to that FBI investigation he was crowing about? I recall Hansen saying something like he'll continue being a journalist (lol) long after Onision goes to jail. If Onision ends up in jail it won't be because of anything that scammer did.

File: 1584555903185.png (125.52 KB, 592x930, trapt_im_not_mad_i_swear.png)

No. 764475[Reply]

The frontman of Trapt, Chris Taylor Brown, is currently suffering from a severe bout of Cabin Fever and losing his mind on twitter, replying to nearly every single person that @'s him. Ranging from Corona Severity denial, calling people idiots / cowards, over-use of "virtue signaling" and "victim complex," as well as using the same copy-pasta to show how Accomplished he is by getting a bunch of streams on Spotify / Pandora for a song he released 18 years ago.

Definitely in an easy state to mess with / provoke.(shit thread)

No. 764479

File: 1584556282706.jpg (441.87 KB, 1078x1356, Screenshot_20200318-122934_Chr…)

Holy fuck, he really going off.

File: 1584177047919.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.55 KB, 320x320, 40AE7AF6-C387-4E54-BBE6-983219…)

No. 763725[Reply]

This is long so if you read this god bless. I don’t know if I’m even posting this correctly, I only started looking at lolcow to see if I could find info about what I’m posting and I couldn’t. Sorry if it’s already posted.

So a few months ago I saw on Em’s insta that she said she isn’t with Danny and in the same picture she thanked a NJ service for domestic violence victims. When I went back to see it again some time later she deleted it.

I decided to snoop through Danny’s social media’s since it was before she announced the breakup on YouTube.

This is where the tea spills.


This is Danny’s post explaining his side and what happened in court between them. He spills a lot of tea on their personal lives and is very well spoken.

Danny’s statements about how he disproved all of the claims in court and the fact that Em deleted the post makes Em look bad. I’m not saying she made up being afraid considering I don’t know Danny other than from Ems content. Nor do I have any details on her claims other than Danny’s post and a now deleted insta. Maybe the court did get it wrong and maybe Danny is lying in the post about disproving her claims.

If it stopped here I wouldn’t have posted any of this because it not really juicy and I’ve never posted here but it got more intense.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 763730

File: 1584189416110.jpg (317.12 KB, 1080x1080, 20200314_083407.jpg)

Em has been quiet about the whole thing but I wonder if this is a reference to some of the backlash she's gotten.

File: 1584086919544.jpg (24.69 KB, 288x288, unnamed.jpg)

No. 763504[Reply]

- 19 years old
- "youtuber" / "depop seller"
- originally got her fame from "style bundles for depop" videos

- has scammed 3 sellers from depop, by claiming the item never arrived, opening a false paypal claim then wearing said item on social media. Depop platform has yet to step in due to her fame

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8Z3sDwpHS4/
-Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3VAJ9YreickTEBMA03XQwA(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 763506

So where's the milk? Seems like a pretty shit thread/not a lolcow.

No. 763507

She wears the items she steals as soon as the claim is won, sometimes all under a week. She acts like these are mistakes but continues to do it after being called out.

No. 763508

Yeah, but so do thousands of other people. It's a well known scam and honestly not that shocking. It's not like she is claiming she hand made the items and is reselling them for extortionate prices because she's a youtuber.

No. 763513

Moved to >>>/snow/944935.

File: 1584089661931.png (11.28 MB, 4463x1784, 1ghidp761rh41.png)

No. 763505[Reply]

In this thread we will be able to talk about Depop Top Seller / Influencer flaws. We will started with the basic kit of characters such as:

Ruby Lyn
- Has scammed 3 sellers from depop, by claiming the item never arrived, opening a false paypal claim then wearing said item on social media. Depop platform has yet to step in due to her fame.

Depop: https://www.depop.com/rubylyn/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8Z3sDwpHS4/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3VAJ9YreickTEBMA03XQwA

Internet Girl:
- History of stealing designs from previous vintage merchandise claiming to be her own (aka. “I heat my attitude problem tee”)
- Milking her status to put out subpar, overpriced style bundles.
Depop: https://www.depop.com/internetgirl/
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 763514

Moved to >>>/snow/944939.

File: 1548747253897.jpg (69.27 KB, 638x477, qualities of a cow.jpg)

No. 633584[Reply]

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads
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No. 763080

It's probably intimidation. People are afraid to get reamed by oldfags. Which is dumb because we're anon but scared feefees are likely to blame here

No. 763145

The site is run by a millennial you sped

No. 763208

File: 1583961972753.jpg (116.81 KB, 1019x855, Screenshot_20200311-142534_Chr…)


Is it really that hard?

No. 763209


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 763215

New thread!


File: 1580833549616.jpeg (282.3 KB, 800x450, 1580529056412.jpeg)

No. 755271[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>752485
Onion Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Admin says: If you don't read the rules before posting, don't wonder why you're banned for a few days. Do the thread a favor and refrain from responding to blogposting and bait. Check the thread before posting to avoid reposting, it isn't hard. >>734887

Don't post anti-o caps unless they contain direct milk we don't already have. A separate thread has been created for anti-o twitter >>>/snow/892011

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 762797

File: 1583795474972.jpeg (131.36 KB, 1242x513, A76775C7-35A3-4844-B618-429CEC…)

Wtf. Why tho

No. 762815

So Keemstar can get alot of snapchat comments/views

No. 762818

Kek JJ posted a response video to keem's part one where he continues to hammer the same old b.s narrative that Sarah blackmailed them into having sex with her or else she would ruin their lives. He even felt the need to include security cam footage of Sarah leaving the house after saying 'sorry for raping you'. And also threw in a little fake pity for Chris Hansen's troubles

No. 762819

Thats less of a platform for Onision to get his "truths" out. Keems whole reasoning for this was to let Greg get his side of the story out to more people. Making people watch it on Snapchat just to pump up his numbers is obviously for Keems own promotion.

No. 762820

Sooo that Keemstar interview is shit. And he wants to drag it on cut in 8000 pieces too. That should go well with the Corona virus.

File: 1435462068073.jpg (112.73 KB, 500x500, 1433114769429-0.jpg)

No. 128373[Reply]

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath/snoopyfemme/HackerOnHacker

This girl is starting to become my new favorite lolcow, as are her social circle of edge lords.


Basically, she and some online friends plotted out a "valentines day mall massacre", where they were going to gun down as many people as possible. Thankfully, one of them chickened out and tipped off the cops and Lindsay got arrested while Gamble committed suicide.

She had a massive online trail, where she was a bigger fedora wearing edgelord than any I've ever seen before.

>>Glorified mass murderers, Columbine shooter fan girl

>>Self proclaimed Nazi despite being a massive degenerate
>>Bragged about being a necrophiliac and drew shitty porn of herself fucking corpses
>>Friends with other well know edge masters and nazi paraphiliacs (Slavros, Torture-Device, ect)
>>Bragged about massacre plot(and made a poster for it) on Tumblr
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 762349

File: 1583603756668.png (499.97 KB, 473x686, 03.png)

No. 762351

File: 1583603791146.png (2.93 MB, 1449x1065, 04.png)

No. 762352

File: 1583603836342.png (253.87 KB, 381x952, 05.png)

No. 762359

What's the point of these samey photos from years ago?

No. 762375

Not OP but archiving purposes

File: 1581722157650.jpg (1.88 MB, 1660x1660, 1581684633970.jpg)

No. 757702[Reply]

If you're new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>754389

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1202 posts and 353 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 761936


That's the same bin hes in currently, not a smaller one. The only difference is shes trying to spice her enclosures up for her new all my pets so just recently filled it to the brim with shit. It's been the same bin since day 1 and used to only be a couple hides, aspen and water dish instead of the current clusterfuck

No. 761953

NEW THREAD >>>/pt/761952
NEW THREAD >>>/pt/761952
NEW THREAD >>>/pt/761952

No. 762621

To all responding about her claiming she was raped:

In her video, she said he tied her up and it was a sexual thing. She consented. Then she got triggered and cried, so he untaped her. That's literally all that she herself said happen. She's so desperate to prove he's evil that she went from taping, to "assault" to full on rape over time. He never raped her, and she herself said he never raped her. She's just a piece of shit who is willing to falsely accuse someone for attention. That rare 3 percent of women who do that. She's trash, and makes it harder for the actual victims.

No. 767808

No. 775886

snakes don't need day/night cycles, at least ball pythons

File: 1502259143676.png (588.48 KB, 1280x720, moomoo.png)

No. 421206[Reply]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Recent: Did a Stocking cosplay, looked horrid. Revealed she tapes her jowls off her face to look thinner.

Posted pics of her harassing her cat. Poor thing.

Has been reposting old cosplays and POV shoots from at least 50 pounds ago. Is "working" on a Cindy cosplay from FF15 despite supposedly being on a break. Also commissioned a kigu that makes her somehow look like even more of a bloated whale.

Chimped at a friend for wearing the same bra in two different Patreon sets while always wearing the same Nike bra and underwear in her own, showing the usual amount of hypocrisy we've come to expect from Momo.

Is buying more bootleg figures, each worse looking than the last.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 425427


She has to be drunk right now this was so uncomfortable to watch

No. 425430

stop shitting up the thread and post caps next time, wait till someone makes a new thread ffs

No. 425442

>I'll become better with every costume!
>Never even makes her costumes and instead borrows them from her friends or buys them off ebay
The worst thing is that people support her delusions.

>Look at how mad I'm not being posting this passive aggressive tweet with screenshots! Checkmate haters, you never got to me! I'm so secure about my weight I need to share every comment regarding it!

No. 425549

New thread: >>425446

No. 761788

Hot ass. My god how hot is her fucking ass?(Thirst posting)

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