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File: 1464366479765.jpg (71.31 KB, 480x640, lw.jpg)

No. 273398[Reply]

Longtime lolcow, Lucas Werner is a homeless Bernie-bro atheist living off disability (which he claims to give away), obsessed with dating teenage girls and full of unrighteous indignation about "ageism" and almost everything else.


Greatest hits here:

I couldn't find a thread about him, but let me know if I missed it.
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No. 510694


No. 702860

File: 1568455355603.jpeg (36.24 KB, 682x604, received_217804085337245.jpeg)

Fuck this dude though, seriously.

No. 702873

Is he still at it? I thought he'd be locked up in a looney bin somewhere by now.

No. 702998

I hope he dies before he inevitably kills someone else.

No. 784996

can somebody tell these guys that the older they get the worst their sperm gets? he is not very suitable for reproduction at this age, so if young women are better cause they are more fertile so are young men cause their sperm is better which makes these old faggots completely useless. But don't say this right? It's only the same talk about biology but only when it comes to justify what's of their interest(necro)

File: 1426476970519.jpg (158.27 KB, 850x1155, _com20_208660120blonde_hair20b…)

No. 63313[Reply]

Why didn't you guys go to 8chan?
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No. 63375

I think they can weed out and milk lolcows better than the girls here, but I can't stand the constant faggot/autistic comments clogging up the thread.

No. 63377

>everyone is annoyingly conservative

No. 63385

politically. too much concentration on sjws, so they go apeshit when anything isn't traditionally conservative.

No. 63407

You have leftypol and pedos. It's pretty leftist too imo

No. 63413

anywhere outside of leftypol seems to be conservative. i don't think many pedos are leftists.

File: 1425782938759.png (61.95 KB, 439x517, raleigh pt 2.png)

No. 58452[Reply]

For those of you who still go to /cgl/ you might know about the current drama with Raleigh Wood, the old lady who was obsessed with posting irrelevant shitty patterns and whining about "brand addicts" who is now banned from Rufflechat. She's also the one who started complaining about her fat niece for no explicable reason.

I really think she has lolcow potential. From scanning the thread about her on RC: Uncensored, she seems highly unstable and entitled, for example:


She is currently reporting people left and right to facebook for "harassing" her, and apparently she tried to sue a professor at NC state because he kicked her out of a class when she wasn't even a registered student in the class.

Her real name is Gigi Garnett
One of her screenames is blkrsenmaiden
She's in her 40s

She's batshit
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No. 62205

File: 1426361859072.jpg (96.13 KB, 1062x649, raleigh disappears.jpg)

She created her own group, "Lolita Sewing & Pattern Review" or something, but she just recently deleted it because she couldn't take being "gangbanged" or whatever. Most of the discussion about Raleigh is happening in RC Uncensored Lolita Debate"

She posted this comment on a girl's facebook status saying she deleted the group. The girl added her for shits and giggles I guess, and found this comment on one of her statuses.

No. 62421


Niggas, learn to right click and open in new tab if you can't see it. The image is huge!

Here is an imgur link for you PC illiterate's: http://imgur.com/TwaJp8v

No. 62433

Different anon. Most of us who can't see it are on mobile which means the quality is crap regardless of which website or browser we're using. Perhaps you should think before acting like a cunt?

No. 62450


You can do the same thing on mobile. Just hold down the picture and open the image on a new tab, then you can zoom in as much as you please.

Did that really hurt your feelings anon? Seriously? That was mostly sarcasm, thus why I even put it on imgur. If I felt like being a super cunt, I wouldn't have even done that.

No. 62475

Further evidence that Raleigh is batshit.

File: 1426438051610.jpg (50.2 KB, 500x389, tumblr_naxlg6gg9C1ru2m0lo1_500…)

No. 62601[Reply]

can we get a thread on the tumblr wannabes who do nothing but take edgy selfies and refresh their inbox all day
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No. 62623

and joking, so

No. 62638

children, behave

No. 62642

www.peroxidefairy.tumblr.com just sends herself asks and acts like she's got a following all day. Poor at editing to boot..

No. 62650

that's exactly like rnjay lol he sends himself questions so he can talk about something, I'm pretty sure he sent himself abuse saying him and his gf were ugly so he could make a huge 'heartwarming' post with a couple of cute photos attached. He said his gf is self conscious, you would've just deleted it instead of causing a whole scene right? Unless you want to attention seek, of course

No. 62655

who are these hugbox nobodies

File: 1422655647340.jpg (290.25 KB, 480x640, TP.jpg)

No. 44974[Reply]

What does everybody think about Chansluts? Used to be a thriving chan for camwhores to post but /soc/ killed it and it's been a graveyard for years now.

Example of a CS camwhore

No. 58412

Bathroom is Rank as hell, NASTY!

No. 58894

This clown looks hideous

File: 1426057342310.jpg (14.66 KB, 150x156, 150px-Asperchu.jpg)

No. 60261[Reply]

Escuse me, this may be off-topic, but does anyone have any "lost" Asperpedia comics (Simonchu, Friend Zoned in Hell, The Internet Is So Yesterday, Direct 2 Sex:The Final Conflict, and The Real Collosal-Chan) I can't seem to find anything from looking on Archive.org. I also have asked people on the Cwcki Forums if they have archives of the lost Asperpedia Comics. Any finds are greatly appreciated….

No. 60262

Thank you in advance guys!

File: 1425754337113.jpg (167.52 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

No. 58248[Reply]

bitch rides DaisyLola as much as she can. rides the SJW train to wahhhh town. rides the fact she's a special little white girl who "cares" although everyone who's met her in real life confirms she's a racist cunt. total tumblr wannabe xoxoxoxoxoxox

No. 58249

Url www.peroxidefairy.tumblr.com

No. 58251

Cute lizard though

No. 58325


Didn't hear about anything else though.

File: 1425771667118.jpg (51.22 KB, 640x640, no.jpg)

No. 58344[Reply]

Girls who brand themselves "living dolls" while looking like shit. Different from the 'kota clone' thread because these aren't girls who are straight up trying to morph themselves into Dakota. More like trying to be a living doll on their own.

Pic related is “Annie Angely”

Horribad shoop

tags instagram pics with #dakotakoti, #kotakoti

claims to be “the new human doll”

copied Dakota's twitter description, but changed the birthday and age to her own.

cringy Japanese google translate.

looks like an average girl with bangs and basic clothes who doesn’t know how to put on makeup.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 58408

File: 1425779096543.jpg (33.92 KB, 400x534, BtqrKUfIQAA3klx_meitu_1.jpg)

hahaha, oh wow. is homegirl even trying?

No. 58418

Tagwhoring has become kind of a social media norm thanks o,Tumlr and Insta. There are even apps you can connect your Instagram to that post the latest most popular tags on your pics by category.

No. 58433

This bitch straight up looks like the missing link between humans and apes. You cannot convince me that this is not just a goddamn simian in a dress.

No. 58498

File: 1425790066972.png (401.56 KB, 620x752, wtf.png)

so much autism i just can't….
maybe someone just stole her pics to troll..?

No. 58505

>I am a girl kawaii
>I am a model

File: 1419910348692.jpg (43.95 KB, 331x435, THE FINGER.jpg)

No. 35185[Reply]

Military-obsessed stoner wolfkin dudebro. Some highlights include:

>Has a knife he "customized" (aka wrote "semper fidelis" on with a sharpie)

>Sent one of his friends on a "secret mission" to Palestine to look for Tupac

>Trolls tricked him into saying something he believed "converted him to Islam", freaked out, automatically assumed that makes him a terrorist and converted to Catholicism to "reverse the effect"

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No. 53789


Honestly, it was obvious to anyone who wasn't completely up their asses (Briana) or autists (CWCki).

Seems like he's related to MED troupe or whatever you'd call it and they make a habit of targeting hipsters and SJWs.

I will miss him. I feel like there was a lot more people like him on the internet back in the day and nobody had any problem just assuming it was a joke. Even on Stickam some of the top streamers in the early days were gay guys who would just shit talk for hours and stir up trouble real or not (stuff like the old videos of Kiki being racist were par the course on early Stickam).

Now you can't do shit without people ruining the fun. I really feel like the fun is missing on the internet recently.

No. 53796


Yeah, it was quite obvious, but I think a lot of people didn't care because he was so funny

I'll really miss him though. I still can't believe he got Brianna Wu to try and file a restraining order against him.

I really wonder how Null will react. Robert Wayne Stiles is probably the next best thing but he's been around for years without cwcki/kiwi farms really showing much interest in him.

No. 53821

Null is most likely trying to parlay all his hard work done for Deagle Nation into some kind of payoff if these guys are truly getting an Adult Swim show out of this like they claim. (https://www.facebook.com/MDE.tv/posts/1061118673913895)

No. 53860

I feel like someone died. RIP the only likable lolcow that turned out to be some fag pretending to be a retard.

No. 53861

She didn't. If you read the comments on the faking bad video he's out of character talking about how she wasted hundreds of dollars and time in court trying to get a restraining order against "a figment of my imagination."

File: 1420637539564.jpg (50.83 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nh24ggQ9du1tgk7fro2_500…)

No. 38188[Reply]

SO I got bored and found a treasure trove of lols in this black chick, hyper sjw, racist, "Jess", from LA that works at a disney park (???)

her personal tumblr

her twitter

Helps run

quotable quotes and highlights:
♥ "when are the white feminists gonna die out"

♥ "haven’t shaved in weeks… too busy with life to remember the tiny things of being stuck in a box of patriarchy"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 40102

more like says wikipedia.
but hey, anyone can edit that database, right? you should probably go correct that right now!!
remember, the best way to argue against racist cultural appropriation is by insulting anyone who disagrees with you. the more incomprehensible and juvenile your insults, the more effective they'll be!

No. 40714

How is assuming someone is white an insult? Projecting much?

No. 40886

nah, just cribbing from Jess's book.

although >>39969 sure seems to think the validity of an anonymous statement depends on race, so I wouldn't put it past them.

No. 47356

>now people like rap/hiphop and stuff and everyone is trying to copy it like doing dances/ black humor/ etc

The rap and HipHop subculture is not ghetto. Learn what the word ghetto entails. It's not black humor and hiphop subculture.

No. 47378

You had to bump the thread for that shitpost?

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