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Townhall chat @ 11/8 8pm UTC +1
Farmhand applications are open

File: 1597609080559.jpg (730.55 KB, 1121x1414, clown_car.jpg)

No. 790714[Reply]

A thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky youtubers he hitches his wagon to, the ongoing Jeffree/Shane saga, Karmageddon as well as past and future projects. Previous series/collabs include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney
>The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Required Reading/Viewing:
>Shane Dawson sexualizing young children thread: https://twitter.com/misshemlock/status/1276465876607229952
>A comprehensive list of Jeffree Star's many controversies: https://tinyurl.com/y6fqpkg9
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No. 806994

If that happens I hope a rescue can get the dogs. Animal groups out there don't play and will happily blast Shane for the absolute scum he is. I'd love to see it to be perfectly honest. He can't hide behind uwu I'm so depressed/poor.

No. 807201

No. 807303

File: 1606972938787.jpg (68.2 KB, 871x446, xtodoubt.jpg)

the comments seem very pruned, shane must be pacing around the mcmansion constantly screaming new words at ryland to add to the filter

No. 807495

I truly hate how Jshart laughs, it's so forced and I know it's cause his face is like all plastic, but christ I just can't stand it.

No. 807530

I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the weird cat soulmate shit. Shane genuinely thinks this cat was an angel sent from the spirit realm to teach him a shallow life lesson and die from lung damage. Really? Even religious extremists don't prescribe this amount of spiritual significance to pets.

OT but it bugged me so much how the cohost lady was dabbing at non-existent tears throughout the whole video. It's ok to not be crying when a friends' pet dies, people will still believe you are sad about it. Fake crying just makes you look sociopathic.

File: 1600008404461.jpeg (438.93 KB, 1200x1800, 1598922124913.jpeg)

No. 795298[Reply]

If you're new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

23 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>787925

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have since had a son together.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

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No. 807293

File: 1606969118624.png (928.86 KB, 804x722, afweiho.png)

She looks completely high out of her mind on meth/heroin yikes. Also why does the skin on her face look so weird kinda like this guy who picked his face because of meth. She clearly doesnt realize how insane she sounds rn

Also looks like she has bruises under her tattoos kek

No. 807295

Wait are these from today, because it’s Wednesday

No. 807298

NEW THREAD >>>/pt/807296
NEW THREAD >>>/pt/807296
NEW THREAD >>>/pt/807296
NEW THREAD >>>/pt/807296
NEW THREAD >>>/pt/807296

No. 807302

Someone’s been on jc’s thread LOL

No. 807309

She finally washed her hair

File: 1554855997035.jpg (125.69 KB, 720x891, _20190409_191233.JPG)

No. 651964[Reply]

If you're new, here's a summary of why she's a cow:

Kiki Kannibal, Lilou Vos, Kirsten Ostrenga, Sperg-Chan, Keeks, Dakota's sister, whatever you wanna call her, has rebranded herself… as an SJW! Just as her previous threads died out, how ironic.

Following her Wal-Mart candids, Kiki abandoned the internet, only stopping in here and there to warn against internet stalkers and to post animal gore in the name of saving animals.

Bored with playing Sarah McLachlan on Twitter, she's graduated to giving out advice to sexual assualt victims and calling out every guy who has ever sexually assaulted her in paragraph long threads. Why now? Because #metoo.

Her new callouts include Romeo Lacoste, Jonny Craig (Someone's been triggered from reading the TND threads), and some random Sony executive on a plane, which seems to be the most recent account.

She also posted a badly scripted, hard-to-watch, two part video on her Twitter regarding sexual assault.
Video: https://mobile.twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/status/1108539788007632896

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No. 806293

Maybe she's gonna pull a Venus Angelic and make an OF? Try to monetize being a NEET weeb while garnering pity for being mentally ill and unchecked?

No. 807106

File: 1606886952637.png (161.6 KB, 569x638, keekz.png)

she's still trying to flog her ugly clothes on ebay lmao

No. 807348

Almost 10 years later and these broke bitches still try to act like their Taobao Westwood is authentic, Jesus.

No. 807448

It's such an ugly and outdated piece too so no one even wants it.

No. 807512

I don't get why they don't just donate. How broke must they be to keep trying to sell their junk for over a decade?

File: 1421398987056.jpg (33.88 KB, 399x600, 399px-Mommysanta.JPG)

No. 40451[Reply]

Saw this on 8chan, thought it would be interesting to discuss it here as well. Quite the spectacle.

Her ED page:


She's some insane 55 year old vegan sex worker from Vancouver who isolated and abused her son until he was 16. Luckily it appears he was saved by child protective services and seems to be having a normal (as can be) life. He answers questions about his mom on his askfm page:

But idk, I wouldn't bother him if I were you.
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No. 805658

We were on our high horse for 5 years till this person came and put us in our place. Gee.

No. 806625

Dead? Institutionalize? Her mental health was deteriorating. Shouting banging drum at all hours. After posting 5-10 X's a day every day her Facebook went silent July 7 .
Not a word and weird vibe.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 806638

nobody cares

No. 807105

Maybe I don't know the rules what does that even mean? I abhor rejection.

And she could be missing.

Or dead.

,But Maybe youre right , no one cares .(ban evasion)

No. 807160

File: 1559435040101.jpg (57.97 KB, 317x445, marge.jpg)

No. 666399[Reply]

After 3 years of playing the South Korean visa system, our favourite illegal alien has finally been apprehended and sent to prison, and will most likely be facing deportation.

She was confirmed to be trying to apply for refugee status in SK several weeks ago.

She recieved a deportation order for illegal for-profit activity (likely prostitution) instead as per >>663735 and >>663719 and >>663902

She is currently awaiting deportation to Hungary at Hwasong Foreigners' Shelter, and is speculated to be making fish noodles to make up for the money needed for deportation.

Links to social media, although she hasn't posted for several weeks:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaretpalermo/?hl=en

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/margaretpalermo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaretpalermo?lang=en
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No. 806863

>> Marge isn't stupid.
Actually she is.

No. 806864

I think that what Maggot did (forcing her underage daughter to pose for risque pictures in adult womens' clothes), definitely messed with Venus on a psychological level. Those were her formative years, when her brain was developing. M didn't let her have friends her own age, and that definitely messed with her development, imo.

No. 806928

i dont't think he's the same ferenc koncz

No. 806992

went to grab a screenshot this morning from her instagram stories, but it's gone now. anyway, marge has been posting anti-vaxxer content. not sure why i feel surprised, but she's just all kinds of crazy

No. 807104

File: 1606885353636.jpg (145.93 KB, 500x282, 905sVRA.jpg)


No doubts why Weenus turned out that way now.

File: 1606741036987.jpg (174.34 KB, 720x762, gruckladuck.jpg)

No. 806820[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/pt/799829
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash

Admin says: If you don't read the rules before posting, don't wonder why you're banned for a few days. Do the thread a favor and refrain from responding to blogposting and bait. Check the thread before posting to avoid reposting, it isn't hard. >>734887

Don't post anti-o caps unless they contain direct milk we don't already have. A separate thread has been created for anti-o's >>>/snow/941512

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/1020155

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 from one viral video and he's been beating that horse's corpse ever since. His peak milk came from his grooming of successive underaged and borerline-underaged girls, as well as his grooming of the local landscape and too many crossover episodes with other lolcows to list here.
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No. 807614

File: 1607105540182.png (40.66 KB, 673x163, dmca.PNG)

Something big happened yesterday. Greg was on a REEEEEE marathon. He's also attempting to DMCA everything about him on KF. Was it the RapeStreamNews interview that kicked off his spergfest? I was watching the premiere and everyone in chat was talking mad shit about Onision. Im sure he was lurking and was pissed he couldn't say anything. Im curious if LC Admin has received any dogfucker type emails from Onision raging at them to remove "pirated photos" or delete the whole thread because its slander.

No. 807625

Surely since Greg has run countless of his own forums he knows he has no chance of suing Null or KF. In fact you'd think after his embarrassment of withdrawing his own lawsuit against Rep that he wouldn't do this. Although I guess this is one way to stay relevant

No. 807636

So much for "do not engage"

No. 807639

Kek, it’s not saying much, but Lainey’s smarter than Greg. She never was into Billie for the same reason she’s not really sexually attracted to any woman. But if she says she’s still in love with Billie, Greg will pressure her less to get another gf/plaything for him. Plus there’s the added bonus that she knows Greg can never coax Billie back

No. 807650

This is like seeing his kid’s tiktok from the future: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJVLrWmc/

File: 1459762387242.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.53 KB, 720x538, ngbbs501c1695876f4.jpg)

No. 262979[Reply]

Girls who thirst after mass killers, calling themselves things like "Columbiners", "Holmies", ect.
These people make me rage like no other. Anywho, post blogs, pics, ect of mass shooter fangirls.

Some notable people are…
Lynn Anne, crazy bitch from youtube who's been know to harass the families of Columbine victims and says they deserved to die.

487 posts and 129 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 788049

I was talking about Bonnie, not Sammy. Wish I saved some of her selfies but I wasn't invested enough

No. 788682

https://www.instagram.com/sammyfuneralfrost/?hl=en Is this her? sorry for the link, I know this is an image board.

No. 802785


No. 805342

File: 1605721257626.jpg (227.86 KB, 960x1199, IMG_2001.JPG)

No. 805880

can have news pic luna blokar??? pleaaase! i love this girl. but she blocks me. i'm girl. instagram @luligun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1602422536699.png (3.99 MB, 3667x4096, DF51939F-D96C-42E0-92AA-40BFEE…)

No. 799633[Reply]

Vicky is a 35 year old tattoo scratcher from Nowhere, Ontario who has a recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving horrible mangled tattoos to her clients. One reason this thread exists is to warn people in her community in case they happen to Google her name before getting a tattoo.

Vicky is also a washed up scene queen who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting drunk and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on various social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or get creeped out by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.

Victoria exhibits a plethora of curious behaviors such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course pretending to be unbothered by criticism.


Recently she has been confirmed to be working out of a hair salon after she lost the lease on her shop. She was also caught stealing a design from a more well known artist and tattooing it. Vicky has also ramped up her racist rhetoric in light of the recent blm protests.

Her past/old milk is quite lengthy soooo here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 806180



Here's a link to a livestream Kayla recently did. It's four hours of delusional rambling. (Is there a possibility to make a calves thread? Would anyone be interested?)

No. 806210

Nah, she’s boring

No. 806241

Make one in /snow/ if you want, just go for it, I‘m not particularly interested but I‘m sure some anons would participate.

No. 806260


No. Stop trying to make Kayla happen, she's boring and no one cares.

No. 806298

Agreed. Don’t make this a thing.

File: 1606093979236.png (159.56 KB, 536x225, bubz.png)

No. 805856[Reply]

Lindy Tsang, AKA Bubz, is a 34-year-old makeup guru-turned-mommy vlogger who originally started her channel BubzBeauty in August of 2007. An Irish citizen originally based in Hong Kong, she moved back to Ireland after she had her children. Her channel has not aged gracefully. Still stuck in 2010, her makeup tutorials became stale and outdated. She now mainly posts on her dying vlog channel, BubzVlogs. She keeps the comments turned off because she receives quite a bit of backlash and criticism on her parenting style as well as opinions. She has 2 children, Isaac and Ayla. She is recently divorced. Videos since the divorce have been very bleak and depressing. She struggles to get the views she used to get and relies on clickbait-y titles.

Showed support for the Hong Kong police and Chinese government, while condemning the protesters after she moved back home to Ireland.

Faced backlash and controversy after filming and posting her son playing in the bathtub with a penis-shaped soap.

Later tried to defend herself against criticism by using Goo Hara's death as an example of the effects of "cyberbullying".

Shows favoritism towards her daughter Ayla. Reinforces her bratty behavior and refers to her as a "Sassy Queen", while relying on Isaac to be mature, smart, and a problem solver. Often dumps her emotional baggage onto Isaac.

Her (now ex) husband has a drinking problem and cheated on her, which led to the divorce.

BubzBeauty Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/bubzbeauty
BubzVlogs Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/Bubzvlogz
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 805864

File: 1422828730733.jpg (33.83 KB, 480x525, 6193_330003267129770_428379250…)

No. 45587[Reply]

Ophelia (Although she changes her name, personality, friends, interests and life story every two years) is a MFC lolcow like non other. Prepare yourself children, for the lolcow of all lolcows

480 posts and 76 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 804992

What am I meant to be looking at here?


No. 805406

File: 1605763730358.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, 10DD3681-E608-4033-B6C4-6770DC…)

kek that armpit hair

there’s this guy she’s been simping for who she’s trying to gain the attention of by losing weight

No. 805464

I genuinely can't tell which is supposed to be the improvement. The second set are completely different positions anyway and can't be compared.

No. 805748

Who's the lucky man?

No. 805826

I'm not going to invade his privacy, but the guy she's after isn't interested in her and in fact she's given up since, lol.

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