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File: 1696724172983.jpeg (900.3 KB, 797x1065, lunadarko.jpeg)

No. 920554

Remember to visit https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting; anyone failing to do so will be exiled to The Hovel to think about what they've done. Each miserable, grimy plushie in Luna's pile contains the eternally tormented soul of an anon who forgot to sage.

Previous Thread: >>914378

The Basics:
>Luna is a 27 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”
>Claims to have overdosed 9 times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. The gruesome twosome was soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove Luna’s mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

Latest Milk:
>luna is now living in some sort of boarding house, where she spends most of her time benzo'd and methadone'd out, posting photos of her dirty makeup and skincare. occasionally we see a photo of sickly pumpkin or fat lurch. barely posts anything of interest and is a borderline dead cow. don't worry, when summer ends she's totally gonna go blonde you guys!!
>still haggard and fucked up looking as she's always been >>914685, >>914958, >>914987
>talks about how her friend rlyblonde abandoned her, anons speculate if she stole from her >>915245
>lurch gets political, campaign incoming >>915494, >>915571
>still a big bitch despite her "anorexia" >>915880
>"sober friend" aka "methadone clinic friend" starts gifting her things >>916024, >>916025, >>916166, >>916324
>confirmation luna is on methadone >>916384
>more info about her "friend" >>917013, >>917018, >>917020, >>917738
>meanwhile in lurchland >>917845, >>917846, >>918097
>reveals she takes 1600 mg of gabapentin a day >>917901
>posts lurchs adderall prescription, explaining how he can tweet so much about baseball on the daily >>918151
>luna has covid, still seems able to get gibs the whole time >>919169, >>919217, >>919296
>lurch is a fat ass >>919535, >>919536
>new best friend is finally revealed, looks like tranny >>919754
>lurchs mysterious seizures from days of old revealed as heroin/fent withdrawals >>919894
>bridge piercing months away from rejecting >>919999
>makeup and filter free xanax'd up photos posted, jumpscare ensues >>920065, >>920066
>gets vape, becomes whole personality >>920163, >>920170, >>920173, >>920190, >>920224, >>920265, >> 920266, >>920313, >>920378, >>920381, >>920432, >>920471
>wants to go on ozempic >>920192
>in outpatient again at the same place that DARED give the hambeast a personal size pizza >>920312

https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

No. 920555

No. 920557

My moon, My light, my beloved Layla(unsaged retard)

No. 920560

File: 1696725759065.jpg (187.84 KB, 720x1420, VideoCapture_20231006-155204.j…)

No. 920561

File: 1696725803768.jpg (254.55 KB, 720x1420, VideoCapture_20231006-155210.j…)

No. 920562

File: 1696725895643.webm (2.99 MB, 720x1420, XRecorder_06102023_155032.webm)

No. 920563

File: 1696725946594.jpg (640.03 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20231006_160553_Sam…)

No. 920564

File: 1696726031042.jpg (123.3 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20231006_155958_Red…)

No. 920566

Good lord it's actually a bit shocking just how big she is now. She must qualify as morbidly obese now

No. 920577

no but actually she has to be 290-300 at this point. she’s literally a circle and has a real fupa now. oh my god

No. 920578

It's crazy too because she's a tall heifer and still manages to look huge. Taller women tend to have a little bit less roundness because of their height but she's full on massive now, to LOOK that big at almost 6' she's got to be around 300lbs now.

No. 920583

She doesn't even vape right, she's just pulling it into her mouth and pushing it out. That coil is gonna be burnt in a week

No. 920593

No. 920594

She's so materialistic and cheap, it's icky. She really doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself. Fuck the environment and fuck the SHEIN workers, right?

No. 920596

File: 1696762734745.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.6 KB, 738x1039, Screenshot_20231008_055826_Sam…)

Shaped like an actual clown

No. 920606

I don't vape, but is that a refillable thing, cause how is she still getting nicotine as much as she's sucking on that thing?

No. 920607

Idk anything about vaping, but are you saying she's literally breaking her new toy by vape larping? She doesn't look like she ever actually inhales anything.

No. 920609

Has Luna commented on the whole Hamas situation in Israel/Palestine?

No. 920610

ntayrt but yes she will break it by doing this, vapes have a sort of fabric wick inside them that get burnt by being used wrong (or too long but not applicable for her disposable)

nope that's disposable, either a 'lost mary' brand disposable or a knock-off of one.

No. 920611

Why would she? She only cares about herself.

No. 920613

Yeah, anon, pretty sure she doesn't even know what that means. I don't think she ever reads the news or gives a shit about anything other than herself.

No. 920616

She finished the first draft of her policy paper but she has to wait for peer review before addressing the UN

No. 920617

Anon, she probably doesn't even know that those places exist or has ever heard of them.

No. 920620

Don't forget; also fuck the people whose art is stolen and then shrunk for these ditzy cheapass stickers. All about the devaluing.

No. 920622

File: 1696807336209.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1290x2182, IMG_2048.jpeg)

No. 920628

But is it her shoe or Lurch’s? Kek (in all seriousness, that’s like a fucking boat that’s not a shoe)

No. 920629

It's really schocking how her vape isn't full of cheap krusty sanrio stickers by now

No. 920635

You just gave her the idea kek

No. 920642

>>920622 all I'm looking at is how petite that can of Arizona looks in her swollen mitt. She's never been bigger

No. 920661

lurch. it’s just another “look how huge my boyfriend’s dick is” tactic. we’ve (unfortunately) seen it several times, luna. it’s like a limp spaghetti noodle. let it rest. we don’t care.

No. 920662

File: 1696880810808.png (6.62 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3108.png)

when you’re shaped like a circle

No. 920663

File: 1696880856460.png (6.48 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3107.png)

No. 920664

She looks so trashy. Does anyone remember when she was younger and used to dress (somewhat) cute?

No. 920667

She only shops online for cheap cheap cheap. That was like thrift store clothes before. She'd have to walk and junk to go to a real store.(sage this shit)

No. 920668

Awww too bad his dick is nowhere as thick as the can lmfao

No. 920669

thrift store luna had sorta interesting style. shein luna is just white trash

No. 920684

Yeah, she used to have some semblance of "unique" style. Now she's so braindead that all she can do is scroll thru shein, find models she likes, order that, and think she looks good. Sad, really

No. 920691

I remember when she dressed how she believed a starving junkie artist looked, but now with the piercings, greasy and grown out red hair, SHEIN stretch clothes, she reminds me of middle aged women in outpatient who would disappear for a week because she had a meth binge and has her mom watch her kids.

No. 920732

i miss her killstar era but she can’t afford it lol(pointless bump)

No. 920835

File: 1697215022116.jpeg (641.6 KB, 828x1133, IMG_8487.jpeg)

this vape has really become her whole personality. surprised she hasn't burned the thing out yet.

No. 920854

Someone should compile a list of all her phases.

No. 920869

Well….. at least she brushed most of the crumbs and dirt off the quilt this time before taking a dumb picture

No. 920907

Maybe we should start calling her shein-a
Cheap! Cheap!

No. 920908

I feel sticky just looking at this. Jesus fucking Christ Tuna, wipe off your goddamn camera lens.

No. 920973

File: 1697461960460.jpg (437.29 KB, 1080x1748, 1.jpg)

No. 920974

File: 1697462063174.jpg (330.65 KB, 1080x1806, 2.jpg)

No. 920977

File: 1697466388668.jpg (185.15 KB, 720x1462, VideoCapture_20231016-072622.j…)

No. 920978

File: 1697466423879.jpg (282.79 KB, 720x1462, VideoCapture_20231016-072608.j…)

No. 920979

File: 1697466445415.jpg (274.15 KB, 720x1462, VideoCapture_20231016-072604.j…)

No. 920980

File: 1697466474390.jpg (244.6 KB, 720x1462, VideoCapture_20231016-072601.j…)

No. 920981

File: 1697466515762.jpg (215.42 KB, 720x1462, VideoCapture_20231016-072559.j…)

No. 920982

File: 1697466683125.jpg (192.56 KB, 1080x538, Screenshot_20231016_073044_Red…)

No. 920984

i predict shes gonna have a meltdown when the vape runs out

No. 920986

It’s a disposable vape so she probably goes through one a day. standard Luna behaviour to get the least economical purchase and fuck up the planet the most in the process.

No. 920987

They don't refill?

No. 920992

Nope, they don't refill.
Yes it's disposable but the particular model she got has enough "juice" where it lasts an average of 1-2 weeks before being thrown away. She's still on the original one, not getting a new vape daily. I'm sure a freakout will ensue when it dies though, especially if she doesn't have the $25ish to buy a new one.

No. 920995

>>Nope, they don't refill

What a waste, even for her!

No. 921003

You can refill them. As long as you do it before it starts tasting burnt. It won't last forever but it will give you another week or so

No. 921004

I predict she'll just use the empty vape for selfies and still be content. That's all she's using it for anyways… the "aestetic". I can see her "needing" a new color though.

No. 921010

File: 1697486393498.jpg (274.95 KB, 720x1425, VideoCapture_20231016-125946.j…)

No. 921021

Lol I could literally take an identical picture, except in my case the notebook would be a cute one I brought back from Italy with a Renaissance painting on it and instead of Clonezapan it would be Alprazolam and Diazepam + baggies of speed, coke, weed…I vape as well but I live in England(cool story)

No. 921024

Also, Blueberry Ice is my least favourite flavour, Luna should try Cherry Peach Lemonade. I'm surprised she didn't go for a pink elf bar!Bubblegum ones are also tasty(double blogpost)

No. 921030

File: 1697495575751.jpg (313.25 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20231016-153259.j…)

No. 921031

Oh no! What happened the the matching pants?!!

No. 921041

nobody fucking cares

No. 921043

Omg ur so kewl.
Its not even clonazapam its clonidine which is a blood pressurs medication the prescribe for anxiety

No. 921052

Lol that's clonidine not klonopin. Not sure why anybody would brag about being on that…but it's luna.

No. 921055

Loperamide is not "basically Imodium", it IS Imodium

No. 921057

File: 1697538533591.gif (967.7 KB, 244x218, 8DB40468-9C08-49EE-9D58-176B36…)


Aw, he finally got her a ring.

No. 921063

Didnt he get her a ring a while back? And then it never showed up again like it was pawned for drugs. Or it was her own family heirloom, dont remember now

No. 921084

you might be thinking of luna's grandmother's ring, I think

No. 921086

File: 1697582545837.jpg (314.74 KB, 1080x1180, Screenshot_20231017_154137_Red…)

No. 921087

File: 1697582648484.jpg (419.64 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_3be2155c102b9b0b6512f4f…)

No. 921088

File: 1697582806889.jpg (371.64 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_4f25d769b081bc5188fa509…)

No. 921093

She’s had at least 3 rings.

No. 921122

First time I find myself agreeing with her kek.

No. 921145

same if she went it would be a (milky) trainwreck. prob swap out lurch even hmmm

No. 921153

File: 1697655833673.jpg (674.64 KB, 1080x1598, ig.jpg)

No. 921160

Her doodles are always so embarassing

No. 921165

File: 1697668737069.jpg (393.7 KB, 720x1445, VideoCapture_20231018-153809.j…)

She posted a video of someone walking their cat.

No. 921166

File: 1697668906315.jpg (1.32 MB, 1079x2322, Screenshot_20231018_154121_Sam…)

No. 921175

This is sharpie on canvas?? Why is that so pitiful, why can't she just doodle on computer paper like a normal person? Why does she feel like her shitty ass rose doodle is so important that it needs to be immortalized on canvas? Maybe she intends to paint over it, but I doubt it since it's been ages since she's done anything beyond these ~super deep~ sharpie drawings of her specific prescriptions and other ~totally meaningful~ symbols. It's crap.
Yeah seriously

No. 921176

Saged for OT but how long does a US Elfbar last? The ones we've here are empty after a day or maybe two

No. 921177


No. 921179

Kek, Nona. It’s probably GABA from Gabapentin which she has mentioned before.

No. 921180

They're 5,000 hits amd rechargeable, so depending on how much you're puffing on it you'll get 1-2 weeks until it's no good anymore

No. 921192

It really depends on how much the owner uses it, I use mine fairly often and each lasts about a month for me.

No. 921227

Oh please, nobody would ask your nasty fatass out anyway, Tuna. I think you're safe there

No. 921229

You sound like a moid lmao moids have 0 standards they'll harass any woman with a vagina + Luna has a cute face even if she's fat.

No. 921236

>>Luna has a cute face

Wut? Have you seen her face lately? She's a monster now.

No. 921243

You're very transparent fakeboi. Also reminder that Luna is so revolting even to moids she was reduced to doing shit porn and pandering to a literal pedophile who told her he was into hurtcore CP (which she was totally fine with until he stopped giving her money) because no one was interested in her regular nudes.

No. 921247

For someone who claims to hate this place, she sure is here a lot. And the reminder isn't going to mean much since flake is also a pedo.

No. 921248

she has a walleye, a dead tooth, rejecting face piercings and old foundation permanently caked underneath slimey slug oil skin products…

No. 921258

this is a weird nitpick, nonny. those smaller canvases from dollar tree are like 2 or 3 for $1 – hardly the dumbest thing she's ever spent money on. in the event you were actually curious why she'd bother: benzo/opioid users are quite drawn to tactile sensations. the thought of the marker on canvas was probably appealing to her sloppy ass.

No. 921259

nta but the NA people are probably uglier and more unwashed than her, i don't think they have many choices for women

No. 921266

No. Luna is bottom of the barrel even for junkies. Thats why it's so funny when she preens and posted herself online and deludes herself into thinking she's anything but gross.

No. 921271

uglier, more unwashed and 6ft tall shaped like bowling balls? i doubt it

No. 921283

Go touch grass

No. 921284

I think the main problem with Luna is that she always ends up getting bailed out by her evil parents. Luna is happy and fully content living the way she does bc she literally doesn't have to do anything at all other than just lie around and get high all day every day. She literally has the easiest life.

No. 921288

You must be fat too if you had to cope that hard. It's not her weight that makes her so repulsive enough that even junkies in NA wouldn't want her. She probably smells like a wet sewer rat and looks like one too

No. 921299

File: 1697847028231.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1290x1908, IMG_2178.jpeg)

kek they were being nice, she’s way beyond “kind of chunky”

No. 921304

File: 1697854754635.jpg (145.39 KB, 720x1434, VideoCapture_20231020-191822.j…)

No. 921305

File: 1697854788732.jpg (214.12 KB, 720x1458, VideoCapture_20231020-191828.j…)

No. 921307

File: 1697859548356.jpeg (179.85 KB, 828x1484, IMG_3018.jpeg)

Seems like a high dose but I know little about pharmaceuticals

No. 921308

She'd much rather be with a middle aged man with a rotten knee who preyed on her as a kid obviously. Tru luv.

It's a lot if she's taking it more than once daily. Have to wonder if she actually was prescribed these for anxiety or she's scammed them off some diabetic or epileptic who actually needs them.

No. 921309

this is middle-school tier. this is one step above venus' dumpster art and thats not saying much. sharpie on canvas. jesus fucking christ. why waste money on a canvas when you're gonna use a normal-sized sharpie on it.

No. 921313

I just can't fathom how being anywhere near 300lbs and she didn't think of herself as at least chunky like girl what?

No. 921314

There is something very disgusting stuck on her index and middle nails. It looks like something she fished out of her crack when scratching her ass

No. 921317

Are the filters making her head look big or is her hairline getting worse?

No. 921318

Scammed. Not just because it's her kek but also she's hiding the label. If they were hers, she'd be flashing it around.

No. 921321

File: 1697872565872.jpg (346.14 KB, 1080x2265, ss.jpg)

The comments lol

No. 921322

Ohhhh lordddd I wish I never looked, she's truly fucking repulsive, and she's worried about being "kind of chunky" kek

No. 921327

>>921307 that is a FUCKED UP high dose of gaba. I'm surprised she can even crank out a doodle. I suppose it helps get ignore the grim reality of her circumstances but holy shit, they've given her a prescription lobotomy.

No. 921329

The boobs… My God I've never seen boobs do that before.

No. 921330

I wish they would give her a high-strenght prescription for MAD

No. 921334

Ah shit small blogpost, but my bf who takes the same meds takes 600 mg 3x day, but he also has had two extreme spinal surgeries in 10 years… im not sure why shes on such a high dose but I am aware people can abuse them for a similar high to heroin? Sorry i just wanted to give perspective on the dosage

No. 921335

Why are these people enabling obesity? She needs to feel shame and work on it damnit

No. 921338

Nah, 800mg is high, but it's not outrageously high. Pharmfag, but I have plenty of patients that take that shit two or three times a day. And also re: clonidine, if you take enough of them, it can give you a similar high to Adderall - euphoria and energy. It's almost impressive the way junkies will find a way to abuse fucking everything.
I imagine Luna pharmacy hops between different chains, if she's even getting this stuff legally. Just the stuff she shows us is a huge red flag to anyone looking at her medication profile.

No. 921353

I feel like her bartard pillhead girl aesthetic would be so fucking hot and cool if she was skinny and actually looked after her hygiene.(bait)

No. 921354

>Nah, 800mg is high, but it's not outrageously high. Pharmfag, but I have plenty of patients that take that shit two or three times a day
I take 8mg xanax these days lmao and I'm still fine but barely any dr prescribes benzos so I have to source my shit from the street where I get eastern European diaz and alp for £2 a pill. but Tbh I know it's the legit stuff, in the UK there's no presses with fent or anything like that. The worsrt shit you can get is like Etizolam. I still regret getting addicted to this shit and wouldn't wish in on my worst enemy. I also get my shit off the internet. This thread os so funny to read when you've smoked a fucking blunt and took 6mg alp lmao(blogposting retard)

No. 921355

Right maybe if she had better hygiene and had the self-awareness not to post hairy fecal horrors alongside her pilled-out aesthetic photo she would feel better about herself lmao

No. 921356

it's amazing what prescribed drugs can do to your brain. She is massive, she is fat, chunky is very nice for the way she looks. How can't she see it herself or ignore it? It's not funny being obese and you notice it every moment of the day, except when your brain is constantly fried.

exactly that, she looks unhealthy, sure, she is tall and she will always be heavier than a small skinny woman, but telling her that "nothing wrong with some thickness" is not okay. This is not some thickness, it's more like some solid pounds overweight, which she could get rid of if she would walk everywhere instead of being in a car.

No. 921358

jfc anon it’s time to get help. Nothing is funny about being perpetually fucked up, the biggest junkie award prize is death. So many anons post here about their drug usage compared to Luna’s and it’s just fucking sad. Find a detox center, find a rehab, stop wasting your money on this garbage. You see how pathetic Luna’s life is, she’s just lost, spinning in circles but she can’t get out because she doesn’t get real help to get clean and deal with her issues. That is another version of you.

No. 921362

Lol get help.

No. 921371

>in the UK there's no presses with fent or anything like that
kek offtopic but you're taking counterfeit xanax, get down from your ivory tower. There aren't legit xanax pills in the UK and your hookup with 'eastern european benzos' is pressing them himself.

No. 921373

GABAS are great for heroin withdrawals. A lot of junkies use them to help the symptoms when they can't get a fix.

No. 921374

its always embarrassing when sheltered retards show their ignorance because i highly doubt youve even driven past an NA because if you did you'd know its full of the same crowd as homeless shelters. its full of grimy disturbing pervy ass moids who will harrass any woman. not to mention, they wouldnt know her social media handles. so put down your phone and get some perspective.
pharmfag too and could tell right off the bat those are 800mg gabapentin, which is suspect because:
1.) shes so obviously a fucking junkie so its guaranteed shes gonna misuse and abuse it. pharmacy staff already know her as the dumb junkie
2.) providers where I'm from don't like prescribing 800mg pills and use lower strength ones. I'm kinda wondering if shes doctor shopping and found a sketchy one. bitch is never sober and should take a shower. she cant hide her junkie-ness with that stupid skincare shit
hopefully one day you realize what youre doing with your life.

No. 921378

I thought you could get Xanax in the UK but only on private prescription?

No. 921380

File: 1697975274931.jpg (50.52 KB, 500x375, tumblr_4548dae0943326985b348f7…)

No. 921381

File: 1697975308971.jpg (702.14 KB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20231022_044619_Sam…)

No. 921382

File: 1697975332755.jpg (1.72 MB, 1080x2935, Screenshot_20231022_044747_Sam…)

No. 921383

File: 1697975357905.jpg (272.97 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_c185ffd15499bd912f4c6c6…)

No. 921385

Interestingly enough, it's super easy for junkies to get high doses of Gabapentin (like 800mg 4x daily) in my region as well as hers. Not sure if the whole US is like that, and pretty sure it's now a controlled drug in some states.
Junkies going into rehab are prescribed this stuff 99% of the time, and they usually end up staying on it. From what I've heard it's either prescribed to ease withdrawals, for "anxiety," or they lie about having nerve pain and the rehab doctors dgaf. I assume she's abusing it, as most junkies do.
Anyway, weight gain is a super common side effect of Gabapentin! I'm sure our dainty frail gorl won't continue to balloon up over time. Bitch is lucky to be called "kind of chunky" lmao a few more months of all that gabapentin and she'll be blessed to hear "kind of obese"

No. 921387

"kind of chunky" is very generous for her. idk if she even owns a scale, but the number should be clear as day that she's not even overweight, but obese. she should get that through her head and make lifestyle changes to fix that, instead of getting triggered and whining on the internet when someone bursts her bubble that she's not a skinny delicate ana nymph.

No. 921388

> instead of getting triggered and whining on the internet when someone bursts her bubble that she's not a skinny delicate ana nymph
Especially when you considered she has never been thin.

No. 921391

And now we go back to Tuna making pills her entire identity. Last thing she needed was more pills. I cannot wait to see what she turns into in a few more years. Jabba the Hut

No. 921393

If she's worried that people perceive her negatively she could decide not to post photos where she looks like a dead body but I don't think she's ever going to stop. The dichotomy of wanting the aesthetic of being suicidal while also juggling with being so narcissistic that how dare anyone call her anything other than a beautiful angel baby from heaven.

No. 921399

File: 1698007715424.jpg (165.49 KB, 720x1423, VideoCapture_20231022-134748.j…)

No. 921400

She looks like an old dog that has diseases and will die soon

No. 921401

Got damn she looks like she got pummeled in the face. Swollen and disgusting

No. 921405

Not a bone or a tendon to be seen on our ana queen

No. 921406

File: 1698021015732.jpg (524.38 KB, 1079x1080, Screenshot_20231022_173033_Sam…)

No. 921407

File: 1698021066896.jpg (243.59 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20231022-173114.j…)

No. 921411

Anon this had me laughing out loud. You’re right, she does

No. 921414

>you see I NEED my klonopin, for my period cramps
dumb junkie logic

No. 921419

File: 1698075241366.jpg (123.93 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20231023_083416_Sam…)

No. 921420

File: 1698075271163.jpg (415.58 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_516e61e79b56e5a9f28a706…)

No. 921421

File: 1698075300508.jpg (350.11 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_431eccba1a310c18b34073b…)

No. 921422

File: 1698075331851.jpg (357.81 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_4542b393db559ae8e46691d…)

No. 921423

File: 1698075378472.jpg (331.06 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_400a6e4d785a84b858532d2…)

No. 921424

File: 1698075405569.jpg (375.55 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_dedeed71ab4112a58fd9578…)

No. 921425

File: 1698075610886.jpg (203.48 KB, 720x1456, VideoCapture_20231023-083956.j…)

No. 921430

She has to be high off her gourd because wtf is this

No. 921435


is she using a new filter? Why does her face look like that

No. 921436

File: 1698084564721.jpg (531.55 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20231023_200930_Ins…)

No. 921444

It took everything in me to not comment on this lol

No. 921445

File: 1698089326265.png (380.46 KB, 330x854, XcrIC6v.png)

she was being nice you fucking behemoth

No. 921446

File: 1698092521872.jpeg (10.44 KB, 168x300, IMG_3854.jpeg)

No. 921447

>>921406 "fuck pcos" as she speedruns to diabetes. Bitch needa get off the gabapentin and get on the metformin

No. 921448

it kills me how she draws them on like that every single day

No. 921450

File: 1698094411583.jpg (228.96 KB, 718x1433, VideoCapture_20231023-135335.j…)

No. 921451

File: 1698094449869.jpg (214.81 KB, 714x1443, VideoCapture_20231023-135310.j…)

No. 921459

File: 1698102940549.jpeg (673.37 KB, 1290x1957, IMG_2223.jpeg)

She sees nothing wrong with her eye

No. 921460

File: 1698103404907.jpeg (265.22 KB, 992x601, IMG_5783.jpeg)

Her piercing makes me ill

No. 921461

What exactly does she want to be referred as

No. 921462

Probably curvy, chubby if she’s having a bad self esteem day. I don’t get how someone who has been fat most (if not all) of their life can be offended over being called chunky when they’re as corpulent as Luna.

No. 921464

She really wants people to know someone called her chunky. If it's still on her mind I don't blame her but to post about it specifically so people can go "oh nooo, it's not true, you're the most special little waif baby cherub of all time!" She puts so much emphasis on external validation and posts hairy poop nails like no one's going to notice. I don't think calling someone chunky to their face is very nice but to be fair she's probably cunty to others and these people are just giving it back.

No. 921465

File: 1698104110650.jpg (748.08 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20231023_193509962.jpg)

No. 921467

What's that yellow shit by the corner of her mouth? Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it was genuinely shit.

No. 921469

Why why why WHY would you post pictures of yourself looking like you were crying and eating spaghetti at the same time? And her calling these rare all the time like she isn't constantly posting her bare face. You aren't a pokemon card, bitch! She really thinks someone is going to see her bridge piercing covered in unidentifiable filth and say, "wow, you really are such a natural beauty". The delusional of it all. Forget about being considered beautiful or attractive, how about you wash your fucking face first? Damn.

No. 921472

Chunky Funky has no concept of burning calories by basic movement. Get your ass to a park- to a gym. Fasting for 12 hours is only going to make you binge tuna

No. 921473

File: 1698110438103.jpg (312.77 KB, 1240x1692, tumblr_943172ad03b455643e9ba52…)

No. 921474

File: 1698110477862.jpg (392.15 KB, 1240x1727, tumblr_44c9ae125731fdc1d24996d…)

No. 921475

don’t most people fast for twelve hours unless they have to get up really early?

No. 921476

File: 1698111092649.jpg (42.07 KB, 1080x403, Screenshot_20231023_182916_Sam…)

No. 921479

>crying and eating spaghetti
I'm cackling, thank you anon

No. 921480

And there she goes, beginning the restrict stage of the binge restrict cycle, again and again only to keep gaining weight
This person has to be a troll, right?

No. 921483

My joke was the very fact that seems to be her challenge. Everytime she pulls this triggered ana larp she only “appears” thinner and the weight gain happens with her never ending junk food quest.

No. 921485

I do intermittent fasting for most days of the week and it's not even considered a fast until you're at least at 16 hours. Most people don't eat for 2-3 hours before bed, and sleep for 8-9 hours, and have a morning routine. Meaning most people don't eat for about 12 hours overnight without even thinking about it at all, it's very normal.

No. 921490

i will always be amazed at the dichotomy of luna absolutely hating herself yet never missing an opportunity to take a selfie.

No. 921491

Yep, she will most definitely gain even more weight on Gabapentin.

No. 921494

File: 1698140719440.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1578, luna1.png)

No. 921495

File: 1698140764612.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1605, luna2.png)

No. 921497

You looked for your jammy shirt for a half hour? Wow what goal oriented type A achievement

No. 921498

And the live in a fucking one room BOX.

No. 921501

This good sir/madam, is a bag of artificially fertilized potatoes. One of those big sacks that grandpa would buy at the farmers market. Or a Mister Potato Head

No. 921502

Her left eye is looking around for that Juicy shirt.

No. 921512

File: 1698165065584.jpg (69.81 KB, 900x900, unnamed (23).jpg)

The facial expressions make her look like Miranda Sings…

No. 921513

When is the last time she posted a full body photo? She tells on her weight gain with these angled selfies, kek

No. 921528

File: 1698188728702.jpeg (87.66 KB, 564x1049, luna.jpeg)

a cute face huh?

No. 921529

File: 1698188807659.jpeg (95.12 KB, 564x689, really?.jpeg)

No. 921530

omg they exhumed Rocky Dennis

No. 921552

File: 1698231352380.jpg (358.99 KB, 1080x1836, lol.jpg)

No. 921558

i wonder where her hair rollers ended up

can't even wash her hands for the engagement ring photo

No. 921601

no seriously. she is HIDEOUS on a good day. even back before the heroin.

No. 921639

File: 1698354760783.jpeg (884.91 KB, 1290x1713, IMG_3444.jpeg)

“playing” sorry but i’ve never seen a cat that fully attacks their owner as while “playing” - a little scratch sure - but a full on attack?

No. 921641

I've never been scratched by a cat in my life, even when playing. She did something to the cat that made it so angry.

No. 921642

With how gross she is, that's gonna get infected. Also no way that cat likes her. I've never once been scratched like that in the face by any cat while playing

No. 921644

File: 1698361955410.jpg (148.2 KB, 720x1433, VideoCapture_20231026-154848.j…)

No. 921650

Oh God. The literal dirt behind her ear. The smegma on her ear. The roll where her neck meets her shoulder plus the lack of collar bone. She makes me nauseous.

No. 921652

can't believe no one is mentioning that GOITER. poor sis thyroid tryna escape

No. 921656

Why would she take so many photos of this? Oh no my cat scratched me this is so hurtcore uwu Pumpkin is probably hungry and retaliating.

No. 921658

She is so funny. Sitting there bleeding so you can take some gross, embarassing pictures showcasing your grime, for social media? I bet she was manhandling the cat and trying to take a selfie with it and it finally had enough of her shit

No. 921660

that cat looks constantly stressed and i’ll bet it’s easily irritated. she probably had a death grip on it trying to “play” and between the filthy environment, no litter box, sporadic food situation, and constant access to human drugs, it’s probably in fight or flight constantly and figured the only way to escape was to kick luna’s ass. good for pumpkin.

No. 921741

What is the excuse here? How congealed do your brain cells have to be to think this state of grime would ever be permissible? I would pay for Luna to get an MRI scan just to see how shrunken the peanut trapped in her skull is compared to a normal human being.
>poor sis thyroid tryna escape
Nonna pls, I can't breathe

No. 921750

File: 1698500032113.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1302, 1.png)

No. 921751

File: 1698500064776.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1351, 2.png)

No. 921752

old as fuck post but gave me a very hearty kek

who took these? did she accost a randomer?? imagine reluctantly accepting to take a pic of these and luna hands you her phone and it’s slightly slick, a crumb of something falls off in your hand, and the screen is coated in grease and dirt

No. 921753

File: 1698501571544.jpeg (143.13 KB, 603x526, 97142ABE-7BAB-4CCE-85A0-20DDF0…)

samefag but lurch’s right hand is very porcine in this

No. 921760

that is one big bitch

No. 921768

File: 1698533542496.jpg (201.22 KB, 720x1402, VideoCapture_20231028-155126.j…)

No. 921769

File: 1698533571380.jpg (203.61 KB, 720x1402, VideoCapture_20231028-155129.j…)

No. 921770

File: 1698533595668.jpg (188.79 KB, 720x1402, VideoCapture_20231028-155133.j…)

No. 921771

File: 1698533622166.jpg (137.39 KB, 720x1402, VideoCapture_20231028-155135.j…)

No. 921772

File: 1698533756011.jpg (Spoiler Image,677.54 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20231028_155502_Sam…)

Spoiler to same image just on tumblr

No. 921773

Whoa, she's bending at the waist and still that huge.

No. 921774

More like a goblin.

No. 921775

File: 1698534082547.jpg (755.53 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20231028_160119_Sam…)

That's what chronic drug use does. I'm sure his heart is ruined.

No. 921777

>>When is the last time she posted a full body photo? She tells on her weight gain with these angled selfies, kek
Ask and thou shall receive!

No. 921778

Ayrt kek! I called it I promise she is pushing 285 lbs/ size 18 right now. Hefty and wiiiiiiddddeeeee

No. 921780

she was a size 18 a long time ago when she appeared way way thinner. she’s gotta be like a 22.

No. 921784

For all the medical diagnoses she has shared she needs to post her actual weigh in stats. Im so tired of her uwu triggered reaction when she feels fat. Common, luna do a gym arch already please! Show us selfies on a treadmill or a bowl of salad before you become a AR death fattie

No. 921785

Sis you straight up look like a sewer rat

No. 921792

That would require to feel bad at first to feel good in the long run. When all she wants is to feel good in the moment-feel bad in the long run.

No. 921793

File: 1698571671529.png (1017.71 KB, 1298x926, luna instagram.png)

No. 921794

This looks like a downie version of those snapchat chav memes

No. 921795

Jesus Christ is she going bald? I don't remember her hairline looking like that. Maybe that's why she stopped bragging about hair growth, she can't even do that anymore kek

No. 921797

I wonder if she knows that all the things she does to her body (smoke, drugs, stress) is really bad for your hair, skin and nails… someone should tell this poor fairy from the forest.

No. 921801

The ear, the fur… jfc that poor kitty. Rip

No. 921869

File: 1698705628969.jpg (204.35 KB, 720x1454, VideoCapture_20231030-154037.j…)

No. 921899

I'm actually curious why she is unable to wash herself or her clothing?
Even handwashing those stained leggings or washing her hand for her photos?

No. 921907

File: 1698771914053.jpg (484.77 KB, 1080x1760, heavenlybunnies.jpg)

No. 921914

So she's dressed up as satanic Grimace? How creative!!!

No. 921926

Where's she even gonna go for halloween?

No. 921929

McDonald's! It's finally time for Grimace to reunite with Ronald and the Hamburglar

No. 921930

She stays hiding her hair since anon called it kek

No. 921936

she's a lazy piece of shit

No. 921937

File: 1698792101312.jpg (185.76 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231031-154128.j…)

No. 921938

File: 1698792132760.jpg (149.95 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231031-154131.j…)

No. 921977

File: 1698852906866.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1290x2055, IMG_2372.jpeg)

looking creepy as hell

No. 921979

how much do you wanna bet she spent more time taking selfies than playing with it?

No. 922021

all of the weird hoarded clothing she has and she can’t come up with ANY costume idea?! she’s sooooOooOooOo artsy and creative guys!

No. 922023

No. 922040

File: 1698912140551.jpg (486.38 KB, 1080x2165, insta.jpg)

No. 922044

does she think she’s an influencer??

No. 922048

These are totally ~sober~/ just ~artsy~ thoughts, haters.

No. 922050

nice hair grease stain on poor Rilakkuma's face

No. 922051

She influences me to remember to brush my teeth before I fall asleep and appreciate the fact that my man doesn’t look like Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple, for what it’s worth, so yeah I suppose she is technically. Thanks, Luna.

No. 922052

>really invigorated me with positivity and creativity
>goes home and puts the same dirty sweatpants back on to do the same exact thing she does every day
She's so silly. And I'm sure it's the drugs, not the guitar making her feel that way kek

No. 922065

You get no engagement because you are boring, tuna. No one is interested in your moon face selfies holding up your shitty rose tattoo.

No. 922081

File: 1698965096480.jpg (197.16 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20231102-154427.j…)

No. 922095

“Moisturized and glowing” made me snortlaugh so hard I woke up everyone in the house. Never change, tuna.

No. 922097

she's got crack confidence again

No. 922101

She was at her skinniest on crack, so that makes sense that she would hope back on it on her 200th ana trigger relapse

No. 922165

File: 1699104019178.jpg (236.02 KB, 720x1404, VideoCapture_20231104-062033.j…)

No. 922182

File: 1699114160905.jpg (583.53 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20231104_090754_Ins…)

Why would he get kicked out for taking out someone's trash?

No. 922183

nothing in this run-on sentence makes any sense.

No. 922184

Thank you kek my brain was melting trying to figure out who "he" was

No. 922187

After reading that like 8 times I THINK she meant Matthew was going to a friends and bringing him canned food but the friend threw it out and Matthew was banned from the building? Not that it makes any more sense

No. 922188

if he was the one to throw it out they can ban him for dumping. it's illegal in some cities to put trash in bins that you aren't allowed to use (like businesses you don't work at or apartments you don't live in which seems to be the case here)

No. 922192

He was dealing

No. 922200

ding ding ding!

No. 922249

Cackled at this. Very Jeff the Killer.(non contribution non sage)

No. 922284

Yeah I was gonna say this is so obvious to most people that those "cans of food from a friend" is drugs he was probably dropping off somewhere

No. 922340

File: 1699328249340.jpeg (178.4 KB, 828x1295, IMG_3114.jpeg)

Lurch pre- Easter head island evolution
1/5 she posted on instagram

No. 922341

File: 1699328276753.jpeg (172.13 KB, 828x1305, IMG_3115.jpeg)


No. 922342

File: 1699328341221.jpeg (214.14 KB, 820x1306, IMG_3116.jpeg)

3/5 flower child

No. 922343

File: 1699328379824.jpeg (394.17 KB, 828x1350, IMG_3117.jpeg)


No. 922344

File: 1699328505567.jpeg (259.83 KB, 828x1308, IMG_3118.jpeg)


No. 922350

Does anyone have the video of Luna disrespecting her dad on the phone to a john?

No. 922351

Do you mean the one in which she says she got a job and then gets naked? If so, it’s archived here >>>/pt/758661

No. 922358

he kept his piss cartons close even back then

No. 922361

What an ugly dude. Looks like someone smacked the front of his face with a pan and his face stayed that way.

No. 922381

I remember when she posted this for the 1st time, it was a random photo she found at Roger's. Lurch was 19 in the New Years and look like a complete tard

No. 922417

sometimes i sit and remember she literally decided to spend her life with her mom’s drug dealer. and then her mom just… let her hang out with him when she was underage? just horrible people everywhere

No. 922437

Nice to see he's always lived in filth, look at those dirty shoes on the sofa

No. 922445

She really saw an old man living in a trash can and thought he was perfect

No. 922472

I wonder if that juice carton was full of piss. He's probably been at that for a long time kek

No. 922504

This pic goes so well together with the one of Luna in her bed in with her vibrator peaking through one of the drawers. Two peas in a pod.

No. 922506

File: 1699555926738.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1290x1519, IMG_2455.jpeg)

No. 922512

File: 1699560470318.gif (496.52 KB, 230x121, 1000005827.gif)

Footage of the neighbor bringing her a TV to sell

No. 922513

look at her meaty arm in the tv's reflection

No. 922525

>michealwave positioned right up against the TV instead of the kitchen

No. 922531

There’s no kitchen. I’m sure there’s a comunal one but you saw how she was about the shared spaces in the Airbnbs.

No. 922532

Now she can heat water!

No. 922533

She and the easter island head mooch off society in a junkie boarding house with a shared kitchen and bathroom. They only stay in their own room. Which looks like only 3x5.

No. 922534

Peep the q-tips. You know neither of them are cleaning their ears. Much sober.

No. 922536

File: 1699574301975.jpg (366.38 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20231109_155820_Sam…)

No. 922539

You really can see how small a space they shoe horn her fat ass into is by the reflection. Imagine the smell…and now they're going to microwave food in there too! You know it'll never get cleaned.

No. 922549

I doubt Luna is using it wipe off makeup smudges

No. 922552

not only do they never leave but they also keep a cat confined in that tiny ass space cluttered with garbage

No. 922558

What are they going to do with a TV? Kek

No. 922568

Fuckin kek anon
That microwave looks filthy, not surprised she didn't wipe it off first before decorating it with her equally filthy landfill shit.

No. 922595

File: 1699636952522.jpg (481.55 KB, 1080x2097, fan art.jpg)

Not Luna, but related to her, this portrait is so bad.

No. 922598

kek she drew her with the snapchat filter on

No. 922615

File: 1699655801644.jpeg (236.9 KB, 1179x1077, IMG_2940.jpeg)

so sorry for not milk. but this makeup artist jumpscared me on insta the other day and i kept wondering why it looked so familiar and i’ve just figured it out

No. 922621

Ohh my damn it's like tuna seen this tutorial, thought oh yeah that's a nice look, and ran with it. I know I've seen those exact eyebrows in more than one of her selfies kek

No. 922622

File: 1699659859742.jpg (1.28 MB, 1074x3023, Screenshot_20231110_154409_Sam…)

No. 922623

File: 1699659886416.jpg (229.81 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231110-154420.j…)

No. 922624

god damn.. did she get a cheque from the government or something today or is she stealing that much at once? thats at least like $75 worth of product if not more. 95% useless shit too

No. 922638

Typical junkie haul. She's admitted to liking to steal while high on xanax

No. 922646

If it's stuff she paid for, her lazy ass buys it online and gets it delivered. CVS has always been her shoplifting spot because she can steal shit while picking up her scripts.

No. 922668

File: 1699750626332.jpg (192.99 KB, 720x1442, VideoCapture_20231111-165647.j…)

No. 922673

That rings about to cut off all circulation to her piggu finger

No. 922689

CVS seems more probable. Picks up her refill or gabapentin or something, then steals dumb shit thinking it'llsave her raggedy dirty ass skin

No. 922721

File: 1699914399655.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1290x1731, IMG_2504.jpeg)

If it weren’t for the stray hairs this picture would almost be not gag-worthy, which is impressive for tuna

No. 922741

I thought she stole this from the toy section of dollar general. Why does she wear such ugly shit. She has zero style anymore which I suppose is the least of her issues

No. 922749

File: 1699960245332.jpeg (169.34 KB, 750x768, 7BC034AF-27B1-428B-9126-F3F010…)

She posted another skincare/beauty haul before (not worth taking a screenshot) and this was the comment section, lol.

No. 922754

File: 1699972713803.jpg (596.55 KB, 1079x2484, Screenshot_20231114_083453_Ins…)

i guess this explains why she's always so dirty it's too hard to steal basic hygiene products

No. 922755

Is that you? Where did you get this screenshot?

No. 922756

>>922755 yeah this is my personal message with luna(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 922757

sorry idk how to format this shit correctly i usually only lurk

No. 922761

She's going to block you because she lurks here too and she's going to see this post, jsyk. Was there more to your conversation?

No. 922762

it makes it worse that she has her friends mother paying for all this useless shit, especially when she's so short with her in texts. she's such an ungrateful piece of shit. if someone was offering to take me to cvs and pay for the whole trip i would literally feel bad grabbing more than 1 thing, even if it was essential. yet she treats it like an actual shopping spree and fills her basket to the brim with anything and everything

No. 922764

This "friend's mom" sounds like a total dipshit if she's been buying Tuna all this useless shit for years. Why doesn't she just tell Tuna to get a job already?
Also, I can see "needing" some body wash (kek, like she uses it, dirty bitch) and some shampoo but no. bitch, you do not need 4 fucking serums and all that other garbage.

No. 922767

She deleted the post lol. Maybe don’t show off your vapid consumerism on social media if you don’t want people to make comments… just an idea

No. 922771

I have a feeling maybe the mom takes her for essentials (pads, toothpaste, facewash.. like the alleged toothpaste and face wash she didn't include in her haul picture) and tuna wanders off and steals a bunch of shit in the same trip.

No. 922773

File: 1699990601026.png (390.49 KB, 505x657, ig1.png)

No. 922774

File: 1699990637903.png (468.57 KB, 502x786, ig2.png)

No. 922777


Haha her forehead makes half of her face

No. 922778

Why does she only have half her eyebrows

No. 922780

An old thread summary explained she shaved it off while linking to >>>/pt/851085
Unfortunately I can’t find proof of it other than this >>>/pt/861478
Personally, I think she plucks or pulls them as that’s how they look.

No. 922796

I wonder how many teeth she has left.

No. 922798

What happened to the "once winter is over" blonde saga?

No. 922801

I'll bet the bottle of bleach developer has been too big to steal. She'll need a bigger bag

No. 922809

What does she even need this shit for? Seriously, she has zero income and she spends more one skincare in one month than I do in a year. Idk. Maybe she steals it all but somehow I doubt she would shoplift stuff year after year without ever getting caught? Or is it that easy to get away with in the US?

No. 922825

File: 1700070308304.jpeg (567.22 KB, 750x1115, F7CC1760-FBCD-476D-AF7A-B11385…)

New masterpiece.
It fills the void in her life where achievements and relationships would be (if she had any). Also it is pretty easy to get away with shoplifting in New York though I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t been caught.

No. 922835

File: 1700091495106.jpg (238.99 KB, 720x1429, VideoCapture_20231115-153847.j…)

No. 922839

File: 1700092139642.jpg (203.56 KB, 720x1419, VideoCapture_20231115-154752.j…)

No. 922840

File: 1700092182566.jpg (205.46 KB, 720x1451, VideoCapture_20231115-154755.j…)

No. 922844

File: 1700093025295.webm (6.05 MB, 694x1426, XRecorder_14112023_050526.webm)

No. 922846

File: 1700094839237.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1290x2015, IMG_2531.jpeg)

It’s crazy how she spends so much has her friends mom spend so much on random skincare shit but still has to put a Snapchat filter on before she can say “I love my skin sm”. Tuna, your skin will look like that with or without the 40 different face serums when you’re using a beauty filter.

No. 922849

i've never seen her pupils so big. she looks so scary. i wonder if she took some of lurchs adderall?

No. 922872

she might shave the ends off, with the intention of drawing on “straight brows” later. but bcuz this is tuna, she can’t figure out how to draw them.

No. 922874

>after skincare
>still has smudged mascara

No. 922890

Couldn’t even be pissed to properly wash off her make up before slapping goop on her sped face. Foundation in the creases of her nose, clumped eyelashes, eyeliner smudged everywhere, caked bridge piercing. She’s so fucking dirty it makes me sick

No. 922896

The filter erased all her freckles too

No. 922910

File: 1700178142387.jpg (1.94 MB, 1078x4112, Screenshot_20231116_094948_Sam…)

No. 922914

takes picture of face with so many filters it erased her freckles
"I love my skin…"
Sure jan.

No. 922919

Is she talking about rllyblonde's mom?? She STILLS helps Tuna?

No. 922963

>>922919 nobody's mom bought that ratted pile of lotion, serum, creams, plastic nails and identical lip paints. She got a ride to a CVS she isn't banned from and wore a big coat with a hole in the liner. You can tell because there's not a single useful pick

No. 922969

File: 1700242735835.jpeg (886.86 KB, 1290x1904, IMG_2545.jpeg)

No. 922970

File: 1700243095366.jpeg (857.03 KB, 1290x1867, IMG_2546.jpeg)

No. 922972

Those uppers arms… oh my god what a delicate fragile little waif. It's clear that her anorexia is getting worse kek someone get this bitch a feeding tube

No. 922973

Thank god there's a nonny with a fucking brain here..

No. 922987

jesus christ i have actual lipoedema in my upper arms and they didn’t even look like this before surgery. i don’t understand how a “normal” person gets lunch lady arms without some kind of disorder. she must be nearing 300 lbs at this point at her height.

No. 922988

lots of newbies here who aren’t aware of just how shitty she is yet. and lots of “she’d be pretty if she got sober!” comments when she’s had a fucked up face since she was a teenager.

No. 922991

Actually what the hell is going on here? Why is her hip so pointy. Why does it look like she's facing her body at three different angles. Why does her forearm on the right look so teeny and t-rex like? And God I hope she doesn't wear this in public especially without a bra. Its see thru. Imagine her being in the sunlight in this? The horrors.

No. 922992

>>922991 honey that ain't a hip, it's the beginning of her shelf ass

No. 922993

ironically she is (or was) in many amberlynn reid snark groups on facebook and reddit. talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 922995

I wish she would post her weight or a scale photo. Im putting money on 330lbs minimum. Shes well on her deathfat journey. Luna should steal diet pills and teas kek

No. 923000

>>I wish she would post her weight or a scale photo.

I'd "pay" to see a real unedited picture. Smiling with teeth, full body, no posing and no editing.

No. 923001

10/10 she didn't wash it or herself with a tub and sink right there. Miss, I don't have access to hot water.

No. 923061

But you'll never catch her cleaning the skin that's not on her face. She can barely clean the skin on her face.

>Why does her forearm on the right look so teeny and t-rex like?
Because she's fat.
>And God I hope she doesn't wear this in public especially without a bra.
Oh anon…She's going to wear this for at least a week.

No. 923079

I've never thought about Luna in context of deathfats, her jaw becoming increasingly weaker this year now makes sense. I thought her teef were doing something but more likely she's filtering out double chins. You can't stay at a high weight forever and expect to maintain a slim face.

No. 923092

Lurch needs to hotwire a Rascal for her

No. 923125

File: 1700429328160.png (72.45 KB, 318x318, Kendra_Krinklesac.png)

All I can imagine now. Junkie version of kendra krinklesack

No. 923151

Absolute radio silence from luna kek. You can tell she reads here and is shamed by her body pic.

No. 923262

tbh good, at least she feels shame for something. she needs to take her Obamaphone down to Dunkin or the dollar store and apply for a fucking job. the slime she keeps on her face really enhances her appearance as a nasty engorged leech.

No. 923282

File: 1700673787017.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1290x2372, IMG_2585.jpeg)

No. 923284

Im happy for the bitch. At least she's getting out of the house. Wonder if it will last.

No. 923286

That crusty hair ewww!! luna at least brush it. Basic hygiene, common

No. 923292

I don't know anything about playing the guitar but it looks like tuna doesn't either kek

No. 923297

File: 1700691665691.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1290x2122, IMG_2591.jpeg)

how the fuck did the mouth piece get so dirty oh my god ew

No. 923298

Omg WHAT is that!? Does she CHEW on it?

No. 923300

Nah that isn't chewing… when you chew them it just gets little indents. Also these vapes only last like a day or two if you use it sparingly… How has it gotten so grotty in such a short period of time?!

No. 923302

Caked on lipsticks and dried spit by the looks of it. These are rechargeable so they last a few days

No. 923303

File: 1700696743305.jpg (104.21 KB, 1079x514, Screenshot_20231122_154532_Ins…)

I'm the rando anon that lurch was commenting on pics of my manicures… maybe he makes her wear those nasty nails?

No. 923304

She posted this same pic to sc….can she not see how barftastic she is?

No. 923305

Do you think her Dr's tell her to wash? Do you think anyone has ever told her to her face to clean herself?

No. 923309

Her hair is so matted and nasty underneath. And she thinks that's fine and dandy? To go out in public? It feels okay to her to live like that?

No. 923320

how long has she been going to inpatient for now? feels like months.
Shouldn't she be celebrating 2 years sober? not that she was ever sober, but she seemed to have dropped the counting days act.

No. 923322

That's a bass, and she's holding it alright. She used to know how play the guitar before becoming a junkie, so there's some muscle memory in there.

No. 923357

I'm surprised she didn't insist on playing with the nails on, especially with how vain she is about them and how she always says they're for her mental health

No. 923361

Right. "Mental health" as in "my cigar store mannequin betrothed has a clear thing for long manicures and if he looks at another woman I'm going to kms". I wonder if Lurch also likes fake nails encrusted with doodoo.

No. 923374

File: 1700783078101.jpeg (1020.05 KB, 1290x2137, IMG_2594.jpeg)

It looks like dried blood on her vape, nasty

No. 923375

File: 1700784929525.jpg (169.43 KB, 720x1465, VideoCapture_20231123-161535.j…)

No. 923376

File: 1700784972680.jpg (216.74 KB, 720x1449, VideoCapture_20231123-161550.j…)

No. 923381

Is that dried blood on the shorts kekk disgusting

No. 923385

Too light/saturated. Looks to be the same lipstick/gloss on her vape. I think she used her shorts as a makeup removal wipe kek. Looking at our left side - either the shorts are transparent and her fupas making an apppearance, or theyre coated in skin colored makeup. In old pics her clothes are covered in blood squirts from messy/unsafe needle usage and it was a lot darker.

No. 923391

Feeling unthankful for this photo.

No. 923394

I’m officially convinced that her lazy eye or retardation or whatever else is wrong with her makes her physically unable to see what she posts. like she closes one eye and squints and sees the vague lumpy outlines and colors and just thinks… yeah that’s hot. also we know she’s always been a parasite but watching her piss away her tardbux on disposable vapes and fast food is so… sigh. if I were to A-log, I’d say something like I wish she’d hurry up and OD for real this time so she can finally do something - anything - other than being a disgusting, useless, fat fucking lazy piece of shit, literally nothing but a waste of resources, but I won’t say that. instead I’m praying for her

No. 923409

Its wild it's like someone who is completely unaware of hygiene/cleanliness or how that looks to other people. I've never seen someone so flagrantly dirty and grimy.

No. 923413

You're such an angel nonna kek

No. 923425

You're a pig hon

No. 923460

Was this ever confirmed? I thought they're getting by from Luna's dad's occasional assistance and Lurch's dealing.

No. 923475

how does she even gain that much weight on her budget?

No. 923482

File: 1700966792267.jpg (402.65 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20231125_204656_Sam…)

No. 923493

she should have ordered the sugar free version. fat bitch.

No. 923511

KEK, my sides! Any Nona’s know if these are good? I usually trust an overweight person for snack recommendations. If it comes in sugar free I might try them for the curious nonas.

No. 923516

yeah they are pretty good but they can be hard to find sometimes.

No. 923520

It's so funny she bought the whole store out of these and so then felt the need to order them online. She should have ordered shampoo also, since shAmpOo iS TOo bIg tO StEaL from the store

No. 923533

You gave me a good kek
Once she starts receiving packages and mail at the airbnb she has a way better chance of squatting there succesfully. Or is she at a government assigned place? All this time I thought she was ordering to her mother or fathers place but food but guess not

No. 923539

>ordered food
She's too lazy to even go to a store lol.

No. 923542

Tardfish prob got caught stealing too often and isn't allowed back.

No. 923543

File: 1701088350579.jpg (198.06 KB, 720x1444, VideoCapture_20231127-043309.j…)

No. 923544

File: 1701088490014.jpg (578.41 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20231127_043519_Sam…)

No. 923545

File: 1701088543734.jpg (487.64 KB, 1079x1306, Screenshot_20231127_043539_Sam…)

No. 923546

File: 1701089098940.jpg (288.13 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20231127_044532_Red…)

No. 923547

>had to throw out 75% of my belongings!
Deja vu

No. 923550

How many years ago did that happen?

No. 923555

>>923543 the amount of space between her eye and ear is wild, puffy moonface. Hairline appears to be retreating >>923511 they're not good, they taste like a scented candle or child's bath products. very fake and sickly sweet

No. 923561

she's in some shitty junkie housing, not an airbnb anymore

No. 923562

When cows collide, isn’t this cowbbyteardrops who would get posted on Nicole’s calves thread?

No. 923578

Early 2018 when Roger kicked the bucket, so almost SIX years ago! She has been schrodinger's homeless for all that time.

No. 923591

Gabapentin is over-prescribed through clinics. You’d think every junkie in NY is prescribed clonidine, gabapentin and hydroxyzine. Bonus points for Trazadone for the BPD babes. Gabapentin makes you gain a fuck ton of weight, which doesn’t help when you’re newly sober and already eating everything under the sun.(medfagging)

No. 923651

Serious nitpick but she barely does anything now anyway.

OP is asking for junkie guidance and she offers nothing except a flex. Cool Luna, you've got your pills, why even post on a drug subreddit if you're going to keep all your arcane junkie knowledge to yourself? OP wants to be given instructions on what to tell his doctor, she didn't even say what she's prescribed gabapentin FOR. No symptoms, no disorders, just 'uwu my psych gives me the good shit'. Fuck off, youre not even useful to other junkies.

No. 923664

File: 1701257557955.png (1.25 MB, 711x2440, image (3).png)

Her so called "friend". If you look at the other pictures in the profile, you'll see she's a fatty who wears crop top with "Angel" written on it. Luna is skinwalking her.

No. 923676

File: 1701276610523.jpeg (1015.71 KB, 1290x1901, IMG_2715.jpeg)

No. 923677

File: 1701276711492.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1290x1371, IMG_2716.jpeg)

are they paying for a storage unit for all her cheap trinkets and unwashed clothes?

No. 923681

probably just in her dad’s storage space in the basement of his building

No. 923685

Sometimes it's sad to see that whenever she gets a chance to do something besides rotting in her room she gets so excited and makes a huge event out of it. Her life is insanely depressing but at least she is picking up an activity now

No. 923690

This is such a bad picture of her. Her boob just sadly floping over the poor bass.

No. 923702

File: 1701301189881.jpg (179.42 KB, 720x1272, VideoCapture_20231129-154009.j…)

No. 923703

File: 1701301216323.jpg (206.6 KB, 720x1272, VideoCapture_20231129-154013.j…)

No. 923704

File: 1701301249385.jpg (227.3 KB, 720x1272, VideoCapture_20231129-154015.j…)

No. 923705

File: 1701301280144.jpg (194.18 KB, 720x1272, VideoCapture_20231129-154017.j…)

No. 923706

File: 1701301372750.jpg (215.66 KB, 720x1272, VideoCapture_20231129-154020.j…)

No. 923707

File: 1701301393995.jpg (274.67 KB, 720x1272, VideoCapture_20231129-154023.j…)

No. 923708

File: 1701301474506.jpg (1.91 MB, 1046x4660, Screenshot_20231129_154521_Sam…)

No. 923709

File: 1701301516558.jpg (639.51 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_bc4e43419fab140d767e7e1…)

No. 923717

>junkie tears
Kek this should be the next thread title

No. 923720

She looks massive. And does she have a large lump on her thigh? The fuck is that?

No. 923724

She's a younger, slightly thinner, and slightly less busted Luna. When Luna disappeared to 'inpatient therapy' for a month, wasn't lurch messaging kindercow? He was flirting with all her insta contacts lol, I think kinder was one of them

No. 923757

>>large lump on her thigh

No. 923758

File: 1701391413322.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1290x2203, IMG_2732.jpeg)

No. 923760

File: 1701392026423.jpg (628.91 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231130_164813_Sam…)

800 cals in straight sugar in two days. Ew.

No. 923761

I was about to post the nutrition facts for those lol. So much fucking sugar ew. At least she dropping the insufferable ana larp?

No. 923762

"ONLY" 20 per pack? That seems like alot. I'm surprised she publicly posted how she ate 40 candies in two days kek. Tuna, most people don't sit and eat them like that. 40 candies probably should have lasted at least a month lmao

No. 923763

She's not dropping anything, she'll go back to ana larps and crying about her body soon. Either when she's triggered by Chief, trolls, drugs, something irl or just once she's in that part of her cycle. For being bpd or whatever, she's very consistent in her bullshit. The weight sperging usually comes when she's feeling more sad bbygirl delicate uwu angel than usual.

No. 923768

File: 1701398174046.jpg (310.63 KB, 720x1473, VideoCapture_20231130-183652.j…)

No. 923769

Is that a hitachi wand in the back

No. 923774

Based on her daily grime, I gag at the thought

No. 923798

>>923768 it's so grim that she can look back WITH FONDNESS at the years she spent squatting. She had it all, her own half clogged, filthy bathroom with a door, multiple outlets to charge her grime-encrusted devices, semi visible wrists, blonde hair

No. 923809

File: 1701448843903.png (82.39 KB, 1000x1000, Lurch on twitter.png)

Her basic drawings and need to label everything remind me of the cartoonist from the Onion.

No. 923832

Kek the filename

No. 923833

File: 1701473869932.jpg (639.79 KB, 1079x1391, Screenshot_20231201_153836_Sam…)

No. 923834

I'm still waiting for her to steal some shampoo. She can throw all this in her bag but not ACTUAL cleansing products because they're "too big". I'll always laugh.

No. 923859

“grabbed” is accurate for once

No. 923871

File: 1701524807592.jpg (6.6 KB, 110x163, 20231202_054734.jpg)


No. 923874

File: 1701527013175.jpg (250.9 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20231202-062413.j…)

No. 923877

Steal teas and detox pills next time you moron!
A lint roller and some glasses too

No. 923888

A bar of soap!!!!

No. 923898

File: 1701550147109.jpeg (389.95 KB, 828x1217, IMG_9698.jpeg)

the security tags have the store’s number on them, she’s essentially telling us which store she stole from.

No. 923911

File: 1701559854254.jpg (250.58 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20231202-153130.j…)

No. 923912

File: 1701559886165.jpg (300.6 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20231202-153143.j…)

No. 923913

File: 1701559909699.jpg (197.31 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20231202-153147.j…)

No. 923914

File: 1701560182078.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x4714, Screenshot_20231202_153418_Sam…)

No. 923915

fresh, heavily filtered skin you mean

No. 923920

it's so cringe that she tries to be like a beauty influencer

No. 923921

sometimes I think she's delusional enough to think she should be a model.

No. 923923

File: 1701566654949.jpg (77.9 KB, 909x968, Screenshot_20231202_172313_Sam…)

Sober Qween!

No. 923938

It is and I am loving it. PLEASE START A YT, LUNA! Watching her doing hauls would be fucking funny.

No. 923940

I love how she's dragging out a single haul into a bunch of skincare guru posts. Wonder how many times she's gonna rearrange the same few old products just for something to post.

No. 924004

Lol so did her dad get her a trap house there? Roger (and grandma??) lived in mamaroneck and she'd steal from that CVS like 5+ years ago. Afaik she's not lived there since she moved in with her mom? But it was always her preferred part of NY. Wonder if she's taking a cab there because she's too autistic to shoplift from one closer to her current trap house, or if she's moved back.

No. 924005

its where the new hovel is. she's in some sort of one room boarding house there.

No. 924007

She moved back then, she lived there during Roger's saga and moved to New Rochelle during mom grifiting era

No. 924028

Say what u want but idk she just seems so happy and at peace with everything these days…Yes she's still a drug addict but idk maybe that's what she prefers whatever it is I'm so glad her posts are so much lighter in tone lately, she seems rly happy!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924037

She's high 24/7 and stealing lots of crap to take pictures with, that's why. Her life has very much not improved.

No. 924044

Is this fakeboi?

No. 924065

What a pathetic existance. Shuffling back and forth between a one room box and the local outpatent and methadone clinic. What else? Stealing mismatched skin care products from CVS. Oddly enough, I haven't seen any amazon purchases. Maybe evil dad cancelled the card?

No. 924068

I agree but I wish she broke up with Lurch

No. 924096

she would likely end up with someone even worse, sadly.

No. 924107

She'd be bitching nonstop if Daddy cancelled anything. My very boring tinfoil is that she can't be bothered to wait for items to ship so she stumbles to that one CVS for instant gratification.

No. 924112

She's still on the amazon account. She just ordered 2 packs of candies that she finished in one day kek

No. 924134

File: 1701883432079.jpeg (996.58 KB, 1290x1767, IMG_2801.jpeg)

No. 924142

This is kinda cute tbh. At least she's learning new skills. She could start a punk goth cripplepunk feminist riot grrrl grunge band called Bass Day Bad Ass

No. 924143

And btw does Matt play any instruments? I was joking abt the cripplepunk stuff but it'd be cool if she formed a folk duo with Matt and they recorded songs together.

No. 924144

Remember her band with Tai? "Animals wearing human skin" or something like that

No. 924151

File: 1701901567542.jpeg (656.86 KB, 790x794, IMG_8774.jpeg)

sage for shitty edit but this is all you made me think of calling lurch matt

No. 924156

Liking the fact that because of the bass saga she's not wearing the disgusting fake nails in every single picture now. Also it's honestly good to see her occasionally interact with anyone who is not Lurch.

No. 924158

File: 1701905936502.jpg (232.27 KB, 720x1431, VideoCapture_20231206-153918.j…)

No. 924159

File: 1701905983694.jpg (194.88 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20231206-153922.j…)

No. 924162

I've never seen this before

No. 924163

No. 924174

This isn't bad by her usual standards.

No. 924180

I agree, aside from the 3rd boob(?) it looks more fluent than what she normally draws

No. 924189

Wow! She didn't draw the cigarette hand backwards this time.

No. 924200

File: 1701992260989.jpg (2.74 MB, 1066x6419, Screenshot_20231207_153836_Sam…)

No. 924201

Honestly I'm only a beginner bass player but she is holding it alright, the fingers position are correct. I hope she records herself playing it

This video always make me so sad considering Tai fucking killed herself and Luna became Luna, they were once happy teen girls doing dumb stuff and now one's in the ground and the other is rotting alive

No. 924202

It is important to remember Luna has always been Luna. She has always been a narcissist who was addicted to something. Even during the Tai days, it was pills and cocaine at parties. She always “wanted” to try heroin, and Lurch was the one who happened to provide it to her first. I hate this narrative that she was this cute little manic pixie dream girl before she was ~forced~ to be a heroin addict. Was she more naive and cleaner before? Sure. But was she still a spoiled brat with an inflated ego and a knack for romanizing drug addiction? Yep.

There aren’t many of us left who have been around since the early hipsville days. She has always sucked to some extent.

No. 924215

100% true, I followed tuna before the hipsville days. Idr her og tumblr name, swa-something, but I know it was based on metalocalypse, and she’s always been the same “woe is me” cunt. She always viewed herself as the notlikeothergirls girl who was too special, quirky and different to be a nobody while truly believing that doing nothing would boost her to fame. Basically she always romanticized her life before the heroin narrative. Using her friends to promote her drawings and fashion style in their zine, using Tai’s tragic life as her own, and using her mom’s immature lifestyle and addiction. Poor, poor tuna.

No. 924216

She was always cosplaying poverty as well. I recall some discourse about her taking these aesthetic photos implying poverty, and using her actually poor friends as accessories, meanwhile she was always able to buy whatever edgy designer brands she wanted, do these massive thrift hauls almost daily, and get takeout 3x per day. Her blog was always me, me, me. She was also very careful about what questions/comments she would post, often only posting things that would make her appeal cooler than she actually was. If you were relatively unknown on Tumblr - and she couldn’t use your username to her advantage - she would only communicate with you in private. I spoke to her a handful of times, and was good friends with one of her good friends, and the general on consensus was always “Pretty nice person, kind of boring and vapid, talks about herself a lot. But not outwardly rude.” Every single person that knew her had a falling out with her eventually when she started begging for money.

No. 924217

Forgot to add she has been able to support a very expensive cigarette habit since preteenhood. - a habit that she, like heroin, took up for aesthetic reasons

No. 924218

You just reminded me of a walkthrough she posted of her apartment, the one she lived in before she moved out. After her grandma died, her and her mom had to move to a different apartment. She complained about how much smaller it was and posted a walkthrough of it. I’m assuming her gma paid for the rent, died, and had to move cause that’s when she started bitching about her mom “stealing thousands of dollars” from her to pay rent. Which really is sad knowing her mother had trouble finding a job, yet she turned it into stealing money(gma’s inheritance) for rent from her teenage daughter. The thrift halls were frequent and so was the concert going. It’s redundant, but she squandered so much money between the food, clothes, cigarettes, and buying fucking coke because she was too good for alcohol. All she had going for her was a ‘cute’ sense of style, lowkey potential for art, and mid taste in music. Almost ten years later and she’s downgraded in style, produces stagnant art, and listens to the same shit she did when she was young enough to get her cool points. Tuna’s my favorite cow because I’ve known of her since 2011 and she’s only gotten worse. I’ve always rooted for her and simultaneously love seeing her fall lower and lower. I hope she either makes a 180 or dies, the milk has been miserably stale for the past two years because of her sober larp. Either get clean fr or die from an od already.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924231

Is anyone familiar with ny state rehab programs and housing? Undoubtedly she had a leg up getting in because of her mother being a lifelong recipient and her dad having more than two brain cells plus actually giving a shit.

It's nice seeing her post about hobbies and not complaining about pizza portions but what is the end game for the program? Are they going to try and integrate her into society with a job/halfway house (this is the rehab scenario I've seen my peers go through and it cost an arm and leg.) Is nys that lenient that they will house, dine and provide daycare for addicts forever? Not hating on providing a safe place and help for mentally ill people or addicts but what is the end goal for an able bodied woman who hasn't even hit 30.

No. 924234

File: 1702075286037.jpg (783.03 KB, 1440x2212, MTXX_MH20231208_174204609.jpg)

Oh no… those fuzzy, plaque covered teeth

No. 924235

i have never seen someone with so much plaque before. it looks like all of her teeth are one massive gooey tooth.

No. 924236

and that's with filters

No. 924237

File: 1702078742191.jpg (198.21 KB, 720x1425, VideoCapture_20231208-153833.j…)

No. 924238

File: 1702078795524.jpg (161.29 KB, 720x1412, VideoCapture_20231208-153845.j…)

No. 924239

File: 1702078830483.jpg (163.05 KB, 720x1397, VideoCapture_20231208-153848.j…)

No. 924240

File: 1702079032754.webm (685.5 KB, 720x1464, XRecorder_08122023_153748.webm)

No. 924241

File: 1702079594156.jpeg (994.62 KB, 1290x1759, IMG_2819.jpeg)

She’s on a high today it seems, full of crack confidence

No. 924242

are those her areolas showing ew

No. 924243

Yup. Her pancake, deflated, sad bags are mostly areola.

No. 924244

File: 1702083707953.jpg (468.5 KB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20231208_190242_Ins…)

No. 924247

The way she blinks/exhales/moves looks EXACTLY like a crackhead I used to follow on Tumblr long ago. God she's a fucking mess, and not in an aesthetic way. Disgusting

Had to delete and edit my post to add
NICE giant pupils despite the flash kek lmao. She's high asf to post this awful pic.

No. 924248

holy shit those arms. she must look like a linebacker irl.

No. 924250

This is absolutely foul… also kek she is using her forearm to prop her tits up. Wonder what she’s high on…

No. 924251

ew they're both going to stink up the theatre. I feel bad for the other patrons.

No. 924252

i think she took some of lurchs adderall before their outing

No. 924253

File: 1702089212026.jpg (201.74 KB, 720x1453, VideoCapture_20231208-183328.j…)

No. 924254

File: 1702089243278.jpg (173.12 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20231208-183332.j…)

No. 924255

File: 1702089265024.jpg (115.54 KB, 719x1444, VideoCapture_20231208-183338.j…)

No. 924256

imagine being this big at almost 6 ft

No. 924257

Looking large and in charge

No. 924259

File: 1702090260156.png (410.57 KB, 1124x1339, ev9ww98jhg1c1.png)

ALR vibes

No. 924262

roller derby grandma

No. 924264

File: 1702105219034.jpeg (152.56 KB, 828x1159, IMG_3233.jpeg)

Sage for repost but the ig caption

…you are fat

No. 924265

kek her right eyebrow is literally a straight line

No. 924268

Tbh I would pay her $5 to step on a scale on video, she's got to be over 300lbs at this point. To look so overstuffed and huge at almost 6' for a woman there's no way she's not. Those arms look like 10lbs of ham stuffed into a 5lbs bag.

No. 924269

She went to the movies like this? In public? I wonder if lurch is embarrassed to be seen with that. I knows he's ugly as shit but at least he has the standard of wearing clean clothes. How is it that he doesn't have filthy clothes but tuna ALWAYS does?

No. 924272

File: 1702115009667.jpg (19.34 KB, 340x257, areolurch.jpg)

No. 924276

File: 1702123471165.jpeg (89.94 KB, 750x368, E10C0E5C-B7E8-4E68-A866-7904DD…)

Omg girl it’s not body dysmorphia, you are literally morbidly obese.
So delusional

No. 924277

the only proper response

No. 924278

I think she's right though nona, she's got body dysmorphia alright. She sees herself as skinny vs the actual beast that she has become. The absolute delusion, like girl no you feel fat because you ARE fat.

No. 924279

Jesus Christ her arms are bigger than my legs, how is this even possible??

No. 924281

It look like it hurts

No. 924282

she took a pic next to a small import car one time and made it look like a micro-machine.

No. 924286

Not deflated anymore with the extra fat she keeps gaining

No. 924287

File: 1702143133168.jpeg (885.69 KB, 1290x1792, IMG_2828.jpeg)

No. 924288

kek she's already a beast when she goes blonde she'll look like a Yeti

No. 924289

Luna lurks here and should put it together that diet+ working out = weight loss. No amount of makeup, skincare, or hair dye will change that of obesity. Get walking lady, steal some resistance bands.
Shame should fuel her to create long lasting change.
Come on Tuna; e beg for a gym membership for Christmas.

No. 924290

I beg to differ. They're just piled on themselves. Like a rolled up sock.

No. 924292

go ahead tuna. fry your hair off. it’ll make you feel better!

No. 924293

you can see how see through the leggings are in this photo, they much look so much worse in real life. apologies to everyone who has seen her and her junk in public.

No. 924295

She’s blinking as if she startled herself

No. 924300

File: 1702164884459.jpg (201.05 KB, 720x1447, VideoCapture_20231209-153531.j…)

No. 924302

Anons still imagining brain activity in this fat lump, I see.

No. 924310

how pathetic that she tapes the ticket stub in a book as if it's a concert stub like bitch calm down you can see it again on Netflix(nitpicking)

No. 924313

Because you are fat, Tuna. Your head is looking like a peanut because your body keeps getting fatter.

No. 924316

I know it's a classic but what thread was this originally posted in?

No. 924320

Don't act like gluing a movie ticket into a journal or planner isn't completely normal. Find something else to nitpick.

No. 924321

>Having to go orange first
She's in her late 20s and has dyed her hair for a decade, and she still doesn't know more than a 12 year old using dye for the first time. Sometimes I forget how fucking retarded she is, actually developmentally disabled. She's incapable of learning anything. Her natural hair isn't even dark, there's no excuse for brassiness.

No. 924323

She's been saying she's going to go blond for summer, her birthday, fall, christmas etc. I doubt she'll actually do it. But if she bleaches it herself it's going to look like complete shit. If she thinks she's going to get it professionally done, it's alot more complicated than just bleaching. It's going to have to be a color correction and then bleach. It'll be upwards of $300 and that's low-balling it for a good stylist which is what she needs for that nasty mop

No. 924332

i think she means because of the red dye deposit in her hair. it will end up either orange or bright pink.

No. 924335

In new york? 300? Maybe at colorific or walmart….

No. 924351

It says upwards of kek

No. 924391

one of my fav tuna moments of all time was when she was platinum blonde for all those years and after a while the breakage became super visible, so a follower asked if she was only bleaching her roots or her entire head each time. - turns out tuna was bleaching her entire head every time. - the follower expressed concern and luna replied with something like “i know what im doing, i’ve been blonde for years” - and like clockwork, half of her length melted off.

No. 924392

File: 1702299816774.jpeg (589.38 KB, 750x1022, IMG_4366.jpeg)

adding a photo for both proof and memories of the half shoulder length / half long hair that she refused to fix because it would mean chopping her hair off

No. 924445

File: 1702375551060.png (510.31 KB, 805x600, 1478034148086.png)


Just a comparison of how she looked during the early threads vs now. She was always heavier but god damn this is shocking.

No. 924453

Holy shit it was around this time I started reading her threads, I thought she looked like a mess but she looks almost good compared to now.

No. 924483

Does anyone else think she looks kinda cute in this? Her hair looks soft and well maintained.

No. 924499

I agree with you, I feel like she's currently having a glow up because she's picked up a new hobby and started leaving her house more. I think we should be proud of her.(samefagging and baiting)

No. 924510

Ya'll baiting or retarded

No. 924511

No. Here yall go again romanticizing someone who has always been a bad person. She was thinner. That’s it.

No. 924512

> still unbathed and crusty
> still unemployed
> still on drugs
> crackhead t rex arms and rapid blinking
> still stealing money from hardworking people
> still with a pedophile / abuser

you: wow she washed her hair, what a glow up! queen!

No. 924513

Luna is not our friend, she's just a random lolcow. "proud of her" rofl

No. 924515

>Tuna takes a photo on a timer from 4 miles away so you can't see the grime overpowering her industrial-grade filters
>Omg she looks so clean and healthy
Her face looks gross and she's still gaining weight kek. She can't even brush her teeth before taking the selfies, I doubt she's cleaning her hair either.

No. 924602

File: 1702510429487.jpg (203.76 KB, 720x1416, VideoCapture_20231213-153420.j…)

No. 924603

File: 1702510489938.jpg (308.85 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20231213-153428.j…)

No. 924613

does she have a moustache?

No. 924614

When she used to cake days and days of foundation on it was super noticeable.

No. 924623

i thought she didn’t have an ID at all and “thats why they haven’t gotten married and don’t have jobs” ? she’s been saying that since before she was 20, is that how old the not up to date ID is?

No. 924628

It's probably the same ID that's been expired for many years

No. 924636

yes! now they’re totally gonna get married and Mrs. Moai Head is definitely going to get a job!!! right? absolutely nothing stopping her now, right?

No. 924642

File: 1702570165177.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1290x2050, IMG_2876.jpeg)

kek they’ll last her 2 days max

No. 924647

File: 1702572761112.jpeg (714.99 KB, 1290x1751, IMG_4418.jpeg)

at least she recognizes her error i guess

No. 924648

not diagnosing but i do wonder if she has BED and refuses to acknowledge it because it’s not aesthetique

her relationship with food is very strange and i am not sure she realizes it. every time she posts about food, it’s typically involving eating massive quantities (several bags of creme savers in one sitting, XXXL ice creams lurch brings her, multiple frozen pizzas) or a very small,expensive container of pre-cut out of season fruits, implying she doesn’t buy fruit on the regular.

does she honestly think she’s going to be dainty kawaii queen eating nothing but huge quantities of garbage?

No. 924650

File: 1702573286347.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1290x2014, IMG_4419.jpeg)

beefy and dirty looking corpse

No. 924654

is lurch drinking a bud light lime!? i guess since hes off dope hes become an alcoholic now along with abusing adderall. its giving roger vibes. i wonder if he screams at her drunk like roger supposedly used to do.

No. 924658

oh he always has. she used to talk about it on her tumblr all the time, but people caught onto him being an abuser and she didn’t like that. he’s always hated her.

No. 924659

It's so funny how Luna looks at Lurch and thinks
>in love with you
He looks like any homeless junkie you could pass by on the street.

No. 924661

do you know what thread?

No. 924666

File: 1702575653071.jpg (973.41 KB, 1079x1563, Screenshot_20231214_090752_Sam…)

No. 924667

File: 1702575722086.jpg (314.31 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_5cf20748fa53c01af52c021…)

No. 924668

File: 1702575943152.jpg (203.55 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20231214-094609.j…)

No. 924669

File: 1702575971077.jpg (205.55 KB, 720x1444, VideoCapture_20231214-094613.j…)

No. 924670

File: 1702576031570.jpg (234.37 KB, 1445x720, VideoCapture_20231214-094611.j…)

No. 924671

i’d recommend just reading them all. the examples are throughout all of them.

No. 924674

This is bugging me. She did the if only I had an ID we'd be married! thing for so long. Then, if I remember, she was going to get an ID maybe 3 or 4 years ago? Don't know if it happened or not but we haven't heard nearly as much about the future marriage over the last few years.

yeah, they used to scream at each other. Sometimes she'd post about it like that, other times it was uwu save me!1!

No. 924676

File: 1702578169857.jpg (257.49 KB, 1080x1361, Screenshot_20231214_100711_Goo…)

No. 924679

she stopped referring to him as her fiancé iirc. he’s been downgraded to boyfriend.

No. 924682

It's giving Joanne the Scammer which is appropriate

No. 924690

File: 1702589196201.jpeg (849.22 KB, 1284x1844, IMG_8311.jpeg)

I joined this group thinking it was full of memes, and the first thing I see is Luna talking about this again as if it’s some deep lore. Bonus content with her mentioning an interest in drugs as a child (allegedly).

No. 924699

File: 1702592705426.jpg (1.85 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20231214_17214556…)

From Molly Soda (or at least trying years ago) to Molly Moon vibes as of late.

No. 924705

i only saw the main post before zooming in, couldn’t read luna’s comment. jokingly said to myself “probably about being conceived on the stairs of the methodone clinic.”
opened it up to full size… sure enough… broken record slater.

No. 924717

Completely aware that she's been saying this for years but it really is fucking wild to share that information with the general public like that where anyone can see. It's weird to romanticize your addict parents having unprotected sex this much

No. 924720

>decided to start calling people darling and that seemed to go well
Lmfao what. She gets more pathetic with age.

No. 924723

>stolen sunglasses with store marking still printed on lens

No. 924724

Big Tuna is getting brave, stealing from Target. Not that the workers didn't clock their asses.

No. 924729

The dermaplaners lol. Now she can shave her mustache and cut half her eyebrow off again

No. 924731

Just the markers alone are $100 btw.

No. 924734

You are not Charlotte Tilbury Tuna kek

No. 924735

File: 1702648818249.jpeg (965.85 KB, 1290x1785, IMG_2880.jpeg)

No. 924736

yep. shes blind as a bat with that wonky eye
i predict microscopic cuts and bacterial spread in her future because shes filthy and doesn’t bathe .derma-planing might actually cause a huge breakout on her skin. i bet this has all come about because someone mentioned her mustache recently kek

No. 924737

I will never understand how you can be so absolutely ugly and so vain kek

No. 924741

i wonder if she ever looks in an actual mirror or if filtered selfies are the only way she sees herself

No. 924751

Molly moon is so hot and interesting. Idk how the compare at all ??

No. 924766

Omg fried bleach broke pixie hair, no eyebrows, sliced off moles/zits era inbound?
I can't wait.

No. 924769

this is so funny. she has got to get her vision checked.

No. 924773

Love how she claims her natural colour is red when it's clearly just bog standard light brown like the rest of us

No. 924775

Late but she obviously has issues with food. Could be BED or addiction transfer. Luna does complain about an eating disorder from time to time - maybe shes not as delusional as we think and actually means BED, not anorexia

No. 924776

Shes flaunted her anorexia diagnosis in past threads.

No. 924786

shes flaunted her eating disorder not otherwise specified diagnosis

No. 924787

File: 1702749089751.jpeg (849.45 KB, 2048x1465, IMG_6304.jpeg)

No, she showed off her anorexia diagnosis in thread #42

No. 924789

File: 1702749507635.jpeg (396.36 KB, 828x1196, IMG_1503.jpeg)

Guess she can’t shoplift a taxi ride huh?

No. 924791

A subway / bus pass cant be that expensive

No. 924792

would it cost more than those food items?

No. 924793

Unless her friend shoplifted,
>baked goods at least 2 for $4
> $8 wrap
>$8-9 lg smoothie
So… she chose food over being with her mom, because $20 dollars could definitely get her a bus pass.

No. 924795

food is a necessity (even if she eats like a retard and won’t cook for herself to save money) but her vapes also cost about $20, and there’s no way she’s shoplifting those. cigarettes are also expensive af in NY, not to mention weed which we know she also smokes. no sympathy for this fatty whatsoever. she’s just milking her mom’s injury for pity.

No. 924796


Don’t let her fool you. She stole this shit and her mother never ever hit her head. This is just a lie to get someone to send her money.

„love you girl even tho you won't see this since you don't have insta“ - she’s backing up her lie or is so vain that she has to tell everyone why her „friend“ doesn’t even answer her

No. 924800

File: 1702753352657.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2045x2020, IMG_8855.jpeg)

resident lurch stan here, checking in for the first time in a few months. he's still harassing random female yankee fans, and dropping pieces of lore here and there. he's such a hypocrite making fun of people for being on ssi and foodstamps when he's NEVER worked and is currently living off the government kek. never change lurch…

No. 924804


He is working pretty regularly in import and export

No. 924808

Yea a real Shart Vandelay
>sobbing while the ambulance came
So she was over at her mother's? Hopefully she doesn't cause her to lose her housing again

No. 924809

File: 1702759286290.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1290x2165, IMG_2888.jpeg)

No. 924810

File: 1702759362518.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1290x2008, IMG_2889.jpeg)

No. 924811

File: 1702759399716.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1290x1573, IMG_2891.jpeg)

No. 924812

going from “my mom fell and hit her head!” to this is insane. i think i have whiplash.

No. 924813

my mom fell and hit head but the most important thing is that i’m fed and okay! and i can’t make it to the hospital uwu send me gifts xoxo

No. 924815

I genuinely hate her more than ever. She is so conceited and selfish.

No. 924821

Tuna and her "friend" were at her mother house while her mother fell? Surely this didn't have anything to do with her mother's prescriptions. Or street drugs. If her story is true you KNOW the bitch raided her mom's shit.

No. 924823

she doesn’t specifically say she was there…. if i had to guess, her mom texted her she fell and an ambulance was coming and luna cried from her bed/hoard. she then bitched to her “friend” about how sad she is, and how life is so totally not fair to me!!! and never once thought about going to see her mom or comforting her mom

No. 924824

She says her friend "kept her in the park with her so she wouldn't go home alone". Either way it doesn't matter. She only uses her mom for drug bonuses. Wouldn't be surprised if the mom nodded out and tuna dipped so she wouldn't be there while the medics/cops showed up.

No. 924827

Luna could stop eating for 3 months and not starve, the fat she has is there for a reason.

No. 924833

File: 1702770261897.jpg (1.86 MB, 1034x4098, Screenshot_20231216_154512_Sam…)

Sage for same

No. 924834

File: 1702770386925.jpg (204.9 KB, 720x1406, VideoCapture_20231216-154609.j…)

Sage for same

No. 924844

I am not a haircare girly, but to me this looks like a bunch of random products. Can you combine these? and if so, will they do literally anything? she seems to think slathering on random products = glowing skin and hair

No. 924846

Individually the products are probably fine, but it's a bad idea to use so many new products at once. If she has a bad reaction, she won't know which one is causing it. But really, she's going to make her hair greasy by using leave in conditioner with what looks like 3 different kinds of hair oil.

No. 924848

Didn't olaplex hair oil get a recall because it had some really shitty ingredients like BHT in it?

No. 924852

Olaplex is hyped as a really good hair product when in reality it's not. I'm still waiting on her to steal some shampoo.

No. 924853

she eats nothing but processed garbage (loaded with BHT among other things) and does heroin, I doubt she gives a shit about stuff like this

agree, I just think she’d argue “b-but you think poor people shouldn’t eat?” no, but I definitely think they shouldn’t vape and smoke. it’s amazing how “poor” people like Luna will say “I can’t afford to renew my ID, I can’t afford a bus pass, can’t afford to take care of myself uwu” but always find money for cigarettes and drugs.

No. 924862

After the fire at her Dad's place that time, I'm kind of surprised we didn't get a photo of her with strategically smeared blood on her clothes.

No. 924873

she just steals things based on aesthetics and buzzwords. she should just focus on one brand and using minimal products like every other nona has said. but it’s not about the hair or the skin; it’s about her shopping (re:stealing) addiction. she has no impulse control and needs to nick everything in sight bc that makes her feel good. whether it helps her hair or skin doesn’t matter. it’s having the thing in her possession that makes the difference for her.

No. 924885

New coquette era incoming

No. 924906

File: 1702838782939.jpeg (106.3 KB, 1290x477, IMG_2897.jpeg)

No. 924907

File: 1702839092316.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1290x1569, IMG_2898.jpeg)

Funny how the necklace her bff without insta got her >>924810 is included in her loot of the day post kek

No. 924910

That smoothie is 840 calories for the entire thing, what are the chances she didn’t drink it all in one sitting

No. 924916

holy shit she got toothpaste

No. 924919

That's over $200 worth of shit.

No. 924922

the fact that she considers toothpaste to be a luxury ~self care~ item and not an essential that she needs to have at home consistently is very telling.

No. 924923

translation: my mom is home i guess. not sure if she’s ok, didn’t ask.

No. 924940

What will she do if caught? It's not like this land whale can run away?? Doubt she ever ran in her life.

No. 924953

I genuinely think she'd start going on and on about her mental illnesses, how poor she is and how noone around her has any money and how she can't help herself but to steal, all while promising she'll never do it again. I think she'd be able to get pitied. Not from USA, so I am not 100% sure who she'd beg for pity from, but I hope she isn't close to stealing over the limit where it counts as a criminal offence you can be jailed for.

No. 924957

if she’s been stealing from the same few stores over and over, she has definitely reached felony qualifications. she doesn’t have the brain cells necessary to figure out she should at least go to different stores in the area. she has also been stealing from target, which even the stupidest person can tell you, is a big N O

i’d be surprised if she didn’t get in trouble already on a smaller level, however my gut tells me she’d make up a story about “the mean evil 16 year old cashier at CVS is profiling me and said i stole something when i totally didn’t! they’re totally discriminating against me! as a well-fed upper middle class raised white girl with a huge inheritance who willingly chose to do drugs, I AM THE REAL VICTIM!!!” then proceed to post it everywhere just like her rape story

all of new york would hear it coming, just like that shitty 98 godzilla remake. i’m actually not sure if she has ever ran in her life?

No. 924968

The places she steals from don't stop shoplifters. Do they know she's a thief?, yes. Big purse,big coat, gross unkempt appearance.

No. 924973

in my decade of american retail experience, both big box and small box - i have seen customers like this before. i think most retail workers have. we know they’re stealing, but corporate won’t let us accuse them. we can say passive aggressive things like “do you need a basket for your items?” and there is a no chase policy. HOWEVER, if we notice repeat offenders, we are allowed to formally ban them from the store utilizing mall/strip mall security or law enforcement. luna has definitely reached the point where law enforcement, or at least security, should have been notified for a formal ban. of course there is always the possibility that the employees at these stores just don’t want to cause a fuss. either way, she needs to be careful if she wants to continue her massive shoplifting sprees.

i am of the mindset - however - that she isn’t actually stealing all of these things. she has the money to buy drugs and massive quantities of food to feed her 4,000 cal TDEE. maybe tinfoil hat shit, but i think she has plentiful money laying around. between her dad, the government, and inheritance, she’s buying all this garbage for real. or most of it, anyway.

No. 924983

File: 1702934039737.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1290x2052, IMG_2912.jpeg)

Posted a video twisting her wrist around to show the bracelet that’s nearly cutting off circulation it’s so tight kek

No. 924984

File: 1702934103399.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1290x1846, IMG_2914.jpeg)

Lots of shit from her “friend” lately

No. 924985

File: 1702934131859.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1290x2158, IMG_2915.jpeg)

No. 924986

File: 1702934168207.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1290x1869, IMG_2916.jpeg)

No. 924987

I dont know if it's just the quality of the picture but her hand looks so fucking filthy. Especially under that ring. Her "friend" really needs to get her some soap

No. 924995

scrolled past this too fast and thought it was a rat paw, so damn grubby

No. 925000

no youre right, its dirt on her hands. they look like a mechanics hands after a 12 hour shift

No. 925003

That's not cashmere….

No. 925006

“my friend couldn’t decide”
what the hell? can’t even properly make up a friend without making it sound fake. her and amberlynn having so much in common lately

No. 925007

File: 1702944567556.jpg (270.26 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20231218-161008.j…)

No. 925008

File: 1702944604565.jpg (263.7 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20231218-161013.j…)

No. 925009

File: 1702944627778.jpg (341.08 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20231218-161033.j…)

No. 925010

File: 1702944679430.jpg (13.93 KB, 208x220, VideoCapture_20231218-161033.j…)

It's from the fake ring

No. 925011

File: 1702944707211.jpg (285.61 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20231218-161035.j…)

No. 925012

File: 1702944733698.jpg (247.66 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20231218-161036.j…)

No. 925013

File: 1702945186551.webm (1.5 MB, 720x1424, XRecorder_18122023_160849.webm)

No. 925014

File: 1702945364884.jpg (376.89 KB, 1073x1907, Screenshot_20231218_162244_Sam…)

No. 925019

File: 1702947063168.jpg (286.64 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20231218_164703_Sam…)

No. 925021

File: 1702947428083.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20231218_165302_Sam…)

No. 925022

just now feeling comfortable but allowing this friend to supposedly spend hundreds on you every time you hang out?

No. 925036

Tuna, is your "friend" a shadow person?

No. 925038

what if the friend is real but hates Luna and the sweater was a passive aggressive way to call her fat
>>these clown shoes and circus tent sweater are waaay too huge for me but perfect for you!

No. 925039

I've been tinfoiling that Tuba and Lurch somehow came into money and she's been blowing a lot of it, while also still boosting. Could this be possible somehow? Wasn't there supposed to be a settlement or something for that alleged dog bite back whenever?

No. 925043

she’s been spending like this her entire life. i never once believed her sob stories. i’ve known her since 2010, and was one of the first people to blast her for DMing me and my friends begging for money. while she was ebegging, she was posting photos of clothes she thrifted at expensive places similar to buffalo exchange, designer shoes (who remembers the tumblr post about “i don’t look like typical addicts”)… eventually this transitioned into shein, cvs, and amazon hauls. she always has a laptop, a switch, or any other video game console she wants, and a new phone and any phone case she desires. for years her diet has consisted of frozen pizzas from CVS (expensive as fuck) and she refuses to learn to cook anything “cheap” like rice and beans. she begs for money and yet always conveniently has money for bleach, toner, developer, and a deep conditioner.

not to mention her ideas of “cheap” - i’ll never forget when she posted a $30 skater skirt and referred to it as “so cheap!!!” - i’ve been poor and borderline homeless, and a $1 skirt at goodwill was a gift. even with my generous hourly wage now, $30 is a TON for a polyester skater skirt made in hong kong.

don’t get me wrong. poor people can have nice things. but this isn’t a case of a poor girl having some nice things. it’s a case of a spoiled woman in her mid 20’s getting literally whatever she wants, while begging others for money and refusing to be employed. i don’t buy the poor act.

No. 925045

all she has to do is leave lurch and move to a cheaper state and get a minimum wage job, she's gonna be 40 and living the same as she is now if she doesn't leave that waste of space

No. 925052

That's not cashmere.. the fuck is she on about.

No. 925055

your friend couldn't decide what colour YOU wanted??

No. 925068

Her rants are sounding more more like PT’s Facebook statuses

No. 925082

1) Tuna, you're not fucking sober lbr
2) Someone of her lack of qualifications and age doesn't get to work a job they "like." 100% she could go get a shitty retail job right now but she won't because a, she thinks she's above it and b, she's so fat and lazy she won't deign to take a bus anywhere. You know she's only applying to cushy office jobs because she's lazy and doesn't want to do any work where she has to lift a finger.

No. 925083

Who gave her an anorexia nervosa diagnosis? That is insane. She has never been underweight or even a normal weight, there would be pictures if she had.

No. 925101

She does under the restricting, binging, fear of weight gain, categories.

No. 925119


Which is dumb as that would mean every fat woman is anorexic.

No. 925127

File: 1703024682778.jpeg (2 MB, 1290x2415, IMG_2920.jpeg)

No. 925128

restricting calories to a few hundred per day medically qualifies as anorexia, regardless of weight. with luna however she didn’t really do this for long, and every restriction was met with a binge. it’s definitely disordered eating, i don’t think what she was doing would fit the ana diagnosis. but she’s not honest with her doctors.

No. 925134

File: 1703028712205.jpg (31.25 KB, 1080x364, Screenshot_20231219_153308_Sam…)

No. 925139

how fast do you think she raided his room as soon as she could?

No. 925140

File: 1703032183014.jpg (109.91 KB, 720x1263, VideoCapture_20231219-163025.j…)

Drats, locked

No. 925142

Not to dox, but since we know where she shoplifts >>923898 since she doesn't take the tags off….. you can just Google boarding houses >>925127 there and the address comes right up.

No. 925144

Of course she’s not poor, ebil dad is obviously giving her handouts and she steals because she’s an entitled addict and probably enjoys the thrill of it
as a psychfag who specialises in eating disorders I can pretty much guarantee that she lies about restricting and that’s now she got the diagnosis. She never seems to see the same practitioner more than once so she’s probably embellishing/omitting a fair bit

No. 925149

You know what else needs to die? This “traumacore” fuckery, it’s so degenerate and retarded and cringeworthy, and participating in it at her big age is just embarrassing. I really hate this uwufication of mental illness.

No. 925151

I also doubt her restricting habits, at least these days. There was a time when she did lose about 50 lbs (around 2017 iirc) supposedly she did this through severe restriction. “Restriction” to her might be a relatively average 2k calories.

Additionally, it is SO hard to get diagnosed with anorexia if you’re not underweight. Yes, severe restriction does qualify, but doctors are very unwilling to give overweight patients this diagnosis. In order for her doctor to give her this diagnosis, if I had to guess, she was lying about the amount she was consuming, or embellishing like you mentioned (i.e. vomiting and over exercising which we KNOW she did not do)

Maybe I’m just bitter because I suffered myself and don’t see her suffering through any of the same shit.

No. 925152

>>suffered myself and don’t see her suffering through any of the same shit.

Same anon. Same.

No. 925155

It was different and edgy years ago, for five minutes. The only people i still see sharing this shit are, in my experience, totally insufferably in real life 100% of the time

No. 925163

Let's face it. The only "trauma' she has faced that isn't 100% her own doing is having addict parents. She had a good education and opportunities for higher education without the assload of student debt. Food, a place to stay, etc.

No. 925173

File: 1703076753957.jpg (208.7 KB, 716x1414, VideoCapture_20231220-045226.j…)

No. 925174

File: 1703076779749.jpg (315.87 KB, 716x1414, VideoCapture_20231220-045243.j…)

No. 925175

File: 1703076802560.jpg (246.89 KB, 716x1414, VideoCapture_20231220-045246.j…)

No. 925176

File: 1703076861341.jpg (304.32 KB, 716x1414, VideoCapture_20231220-045252.j…)

No. 925177

File: 1703076910366.jpg (180.71 KB, 716x1414, VideoCapture_20231220-045302.j…)

No. 925179

File: 1703076990999.jpg (1.92 MB, 1079x4322, Screenshot_20231220_045736_Sam…)

No. 925182

File: 1703081089638.jpeg (659.03 KB, 1290x1943, IMG_2924.jpeg)

No. 925192

Wondering eye.. she's high as fuck

No. 925197

it’s unfortunate her parents are / were addicted who abandoned her. but in her being given to her grandparents, she ended up having a better life than most of us. she just couldn’t let go of her sob story and refuses to grow. NPD and BPD will do that to you if you refuse to treat them. she had that “poor me” act ready to go right out of childhood. even in the hipsville days, her act was “surviving and having friends despite my horrible terrible life” meanwhile she had money and a grandmother who cared.

No. 925201

and ugly!

No. 925202

“curvy” you’re built like a refrigerator

No. 925203

most people dream of having careers, families, adventures, accomplishments. this useless ogre dreams of being a pretty, skinny blonde in a shitty tumblrcore body harness. and for some reason we’re supposed to subsidize her pointless life, with our hard work. fuck, I hate her so much. fucking leech. waste of air.

No. 925207

she deleted this one already

No. 925218

trucking companies have just what you need. All kinds of specialty straps to hold freight down.

No. 925226

most likely means some sorry sap bought it for her

No. 925231

File: 1703125244494.jpg (130.6 KB, 1080x2220, 54oser1dff7c1.jpg)

No. 925255

File: 1703134658172.jpeg (627.94 KB, 1290x2251, IMG_2929.jpeg)

No. 925298

Tuna, grow the fuck up up. Isn't she almost THIRTY years old? She's up in arms that someone took her doodle off of a door to a room that will be emptied out and given to another junkie bum like herself. Maybe use that energy to idk, get a job. Or even just take a shower and brush her teeth. Good lord, what a fucking loser.

No. 925317

maybe your building doesn’t want to know someone died & began decomposing there???? jesus she is dense

No. 925318

tuna being in multiple alr groups is such a projection of her self hatred. they’re so similar. except tuna has a drug addiction AND a food addiction.

No. 925319

She is so morbidly obsessed with death, specially if it's a tragic death and the person who died was young.

No. 925320

It's so funny that she's upset about someone stealing from her when she can't stop stealing from others. Karma, bitch.

No. 925322

I’ve always been 500% convinced she wants someone to compile all her doodles and journal entries into a book when she dies, just like Kurt Cobain, which is why she posts EVERYTHING she does. I think she’s only living unwillingly at this point, as she hoped the drugs would kill her years ago. That BPD has her wanting to go the way her fav musicians went, detail for detail.

No. 925332

Ironically it's chronicled here. Alongside such classics as, elder abuse, e-begging, an actual video of her stating her mother is unworthy of social services, toilet paper flying out of her ass while her creature plays it like a banjo and calling her audibly concerned father for depraved porn shekels.

What a legacy.

No. 925333

File: 1703188609938.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1290x2072, IMG_2937.jpeg)

No. 925334

File: 1703188675805.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1290x2052, IMG_2935.jpeg)

No. 925335

File: 1703188769902.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1290x2125, IMG_2936.jpeg)

No. 925336

not joking - if someone compiled her story, and information / photos - it would be a great cautionary anti-drug type novel. obviously no one in her family would sign off on that except maybe her dad, but maybe not even him, since he does fund her life.

No. 925337

i always wonder why she never eats at home. a wrap would cost less than $1 to make at home. but she insists on spending so much money

No. 925340

No. 925343

Looks like the size of a gift card

No. 925345

Kek nonnie can you remember what thread the toilet paper flying out of her ass was in? I haven’t seen it and could use a good chuckle.

No. 925348

Already peppered with crumbs kek

No. 925349

How is it already dirty…

No. 925351

File: 1703197334846.jpeg (949.58 KB, 1290x1784, IMG_2940.jpeg)

No. 925353

File: 1703197636186.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1290x2127, IMG_2939.jpeg)

No. 925354

File: 1703197678443.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1290x2104, IMG_2943.jpeg)

No. 925355

File: 1703197711948.jpeg (402.29 KB, 1290x1561, IMG_2941.jpeg)

No. 925356

File: 1703198185282.jpeg (997.19 KB, 1290x1457, IMG_2942.jpeg)

No. 925359

File: 1703201962422.jpg (227.25 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231221-153857.j…)

No. 925360

File: 1703201996688.jpg (273.67 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231221-154016.j…)

No. 925361

File: 1703202024905.jpg (213.87 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231221-153904.j…)

No. 925362

File: 1703202051685.jpg (173.8 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231221-153920.j…)

No. 925363

File: 1703202094312.jpg (281.74 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231221-153925.j…)

No. 925364

File: 1703202164442.jpg (291.82 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231221-153930.j…)

No. 925365

File: 1703202219475.jpg (174.36 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231221-153934.j…)

No. 925366

File: 1703202606436.jpg (299.78 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_20231221_154931_Sam…)

No. 925367

File: 1703202681462.jpg (1.19 MB, 1064x2876, Screenshot_20231221_154957_Sam…)

No. 925368

File: 1703202713876.jpg (286.97 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20231221_155016_Sam…)

No. 925369

File: 1703202735196.jpg (422.1 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20231221_155029_Sam…)

No. 925370

File: 1703202764175.jpg (895.88 KB, 1078x3481, Screenshot_20231221_155050_Sam…)

No. 925371

File: 1703202871780.jpg (171.68 KB, 1080x549, Screenshot_20231221_155112_Sam…)

No. 925372

Perhaps unpopular opinion but this is insanely cringe. Yeah shit is bad sometimes but jesus christ bitch, say something positive for once and mean it. Especially as someone who supposedly believes in manifestation, she is terrible at it.

No. 925374

finally reveals what she poached off her mother while she was at the hospital

No. 925380

File: 1703207340005.jpg (26.91 KB, 947x358, Screenshot_20231221_170956_Sam…)

You fat fucking piece of trash.

No. 925381

she is so fucking disgusting. how about you wash the clothes you currently have you foul bitch

No. 925382

lmao the Islamic ring, this is so stupid
How often do you have to steal before they get the law involved? There’s no way they haven’t clocked her stealing so much. I fucking hate thieves.

No. 925386

oh, poor you, only two bras and no winter coat or winter shoes. As if she would need anything of it, she never leaves the house and when she does she gets driven somewhere, so she is never really exposed to the cold and she has enough layers of fat to stay warm. Like nonna >>925381 wrote, just wash your clothes and stop consuming cheap stuff made by people in far worse surroundings than you live in. She would kill herself if she had to work one day in a sewing factory.

I'm okay with people stealing basic food if they are hungry, because many things will be thrown away no matter what (at least in my country), but stealing bullshit skincare and cosmetic stuff no one needs to survive, well, it's time she gets caught and faces the consequences.

No. 925390

Kek did anyone else see that she posted and then deleted this same image on Instagram, with the caption that a 'friend' bought all her all this stuff as a Christmas present?

No. 925392

I'm actually shocked that she finally straight up admitted to stealing this shit. Can not wait till she's busted because it's only a matter of time kek

No. 925393

So is she saying she ripped off a small business boutique? I hope the shop shares video of her stealing and she gets busted that way

No. 925399

File: 1703219485942.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1290x2224, IMG_2949.jpeg)

she finally stole shampoo

No. 925401

STOP that was insane.

No. 925410

Fatty boombalatty admitting to shoplifting candy is so hilarious. Muh anorexia.

No. 925411

File: 1703226697215.jpg (1.97 MB, 1440x1978, MTXX_MH20231222_013200693.jpg)

Funny you mention that, because sometimes when she comes across my feed I just kinda take a screenshot and then forget til later. Came in handy this time kek "from my bestie" this fucking stinky fat bitch

No. 925413

Applying to jobs every day. She is barely conscious most days.
The bragging about stealing makes me hard eye roll. In just this month alone she has stolen over $500 worth of shit from her local CVS. I see no mention of Dollar Tree shit, so she must have gotten caught there and was banned. I really fucking hate thieves.

No. 925416

Why do you hate people who shoplift from conglomerates like CVS? Who cares

No. 925419

NTA (and personally don’t give a shit about big businesses) but it’s just tacky to brag about being a thief. The woman is almost 30 and she’s bragging about “lifting hauls” like a high schooler who just discovered how to do it.

No. 925420

Different anon but it also fucks over the staff who make fuck all money as is. Stealing from commercial companies doesn’t affect the company at all but it royally fucks over the staff who most of the time have to deal with the consequences

No. 925422

Yep. It’s also significantly trashier to steal things like skincare and beauty products than it is to be stealing necessities like food.
>inb4 someone says “skincare is a necessity!”
tuna has enough skincare products to take care of a shelter full of people at this point, she doesn’t need more.

No. 925428

cvs is the most retarded place to steal from too. i hate corporations but unfortunately stealing from smallbox retail isn’t a victimless crime. most smallbox retailers do an annual or semi annual loss audit and if the percentage is too high, this can mean lay offs and labor hours cut. of course, this isn’t a huge deal with a few people stealing one or two things. but she’s going in and stealing $500 of product at a time.

she’s potentially (very likely) taking the labor hours of hardworking people.

No. 925429


She keeps posting lifting hauls like this and telling everyone & their mother that she steals felony amounts of shit, can the law get involved purely based on internet posting? obviously not asking to cowtip. just genuinely wondering. because if so, she’s even stupider than i imagined.

No. 925430

This is childish and retarded even for her. She's getting worse as she gets older. And she's getting sloppy on the stealing, too. Tuna lockup saga when.

No. 925431

if she wanted to be employed, she would. she probably wouldn’t get hired at most retail establishments, since most of them (“trendy” mall stores anyway) want their employees to represent their brand properly. fast food MAY hire her, but her poor hygiene would be a red flag. starbucks and other brands associated with being trendy sometimes do social media checks beforehand, even a google of her name will provide you with everything you need, including exactly which neighborhood she lives in to verify it’s the same person.

however there are ALWAYS programs to employ the less fortunate and those struggling with addiction. some thrift store chains that are located everywhere have programs for this, so that would be easy for her.

if i remember correctly, she was going to have an under the table job (paid cash) at a mini market or something like that, but the work was “beneath her”

i think she posted a list of what she wouldn’t do once. it was basically any ANY & ALL service jobs. no food, retail, anything involving a dress code, etc. and she’s only had one entry level job, 1000 years ago.

shes likely applying to the same couple jobs over and over. the 4 bougie jobs in a 50 foot radius of her house.

No. 925432

kek anon, no. The law will not get involved over social media posts. People could use it against her and report it but it wouldn't do much if anything.
She's been busted before. When they were still at Roger's, she had a sudden 180 where her favourite CVS became a no-go zone. Came out in bits and pieces that she'd gotten caught and banned. Other times before and after, that's just one I remember because she was so embarrassed.

No. 925435

she could get a part time dishwasher job easily

No. 925436

No, she couldn't. Let it go.

No. 925437

She could, if the interviewer was insane. But would she? No of course not. she is above that!

No. 925438

She's not employable at all. Even if she showers every day (which we know she doesn't) she stinks to high heaven because she never washes her clothes.

No. 925439

I'm wondering how she's even stealing this much at a time?? One or two things sure but this would be a whole ass 2 shopping bags full. And if she went everywhere with a huge bag they'd be more suspicious

No. 925441

she has probably cut a hole in the lining of a coat, so she’s just dropping things in her pocket. imagine a big stinky ogre walking around in a bright purple fuzzy coat weighing 30+ lbs clanging around with bottles of liquid and packs of fake nails stuffed in the lining, saying “cheap cheap cheap. I lost 97.4% of my belongings. cheap cheap cheap.” hilarious

No. 925442

File: 1703264665213.jpg (248.05 KB, 720x1429, VideoCapture_20231222-090526.j…)

No. 925443

Is she really just raw dogging the dirty ass floor of the shared bathroom at her junkie housing I'm gonna barf

No. 925450

all those bottles in there she’s gotta be sloshing and clunking around

No. 925452

File: 1703274781712.jpg (370.67 KB, 1080x1946, Screenshot_20231222_205100_Bra…)

According to this it's only $1000 worth of goods until she's hit with a felony charge, which is fairly low. She's probably already hit that by now, and I know loss prevention at most retail places won't nab someone until they've hit the threshold since petty theft isn't worth the effort. Kek better watch out, Tuna

No. 925458

Unfortunately - as sympathetic as I am with the retail workers - It’s up to them to make the call to log the things she takes & get the authorities involved. They may just not care, especially during this season when they’re being harassed over gift cards and gift bags. But justified to take action at this point, even if it’s multiple stores combined.

No. 925462

File: 1703297211249.jpg (261.77 KB, 720x1431, VideoCapture_20231222-180738.j…)

No. 925463

File: 1703297345837.jpg (167.08 KB, 720x1410, VideoCapture_20231222-180745.j…)

No. 925464

we love a rosie skaggs chest ass

No. 925467

people who claim to have anxiety but use nicotine make me lol. nicotine directly causes anxiety, retard. then you get anxiety from the withdrawals. Luna literally gave herself mental illness for the aesthetic and I will never ever have sympathy for her.

No. 925468

her chest looks like a butt lol

No. 925470

She could (I know she won't) probably get a late night gas station/convenience store job and mostly sit around all night which is what she does anyway. She has no ability to be strategic about anything.

No. 925473

I can't imagine she was able to steal these, but over 100 bucks in nicotine vapes. This bitch really never will hit rock bottom. Well, until evil dad dies.

No. 925480

File: 1703342059084.jpg (180.38 KB, 720x1427, VideoCapture_20231223-063526.j…)

No. 925481

The bff gig is up, Tuna. get a new lie!

No. 925483

Didn't she say lurch got her mittens and a bracelet? >>925366 Bold that she posted the name of the boutique she stole from. But what can I expect from a cracked out special person.

No. 925484

I like how supposedly her “friends” gives her a shittone of gifts every week

No. 925486

File: 1703349602606.jpg (221.78 KB, 720x1411, VideoCapture_20231223-084105.j…)

No. 925487

File: 1703350111937.jpeg (858.53 KB, 828x1199, IMG_8902.jpeg)

why does she post this stuff? is it like someone said and she wants her stuff memorialized after her death like kurt cobain?

No. 925488

File: 1703350797753.jpeg (47.28 KB, 828x239, IMG_8903.jpeg)

didn't see this one posted. i really hope she steals some bleach soon. what do they keep that stuff locked up in her area or something? i'm sure she can find it at her beloved CVS.

No. 925489

File: 1703350976995.jpeg (212.53 KB, 828x1107, IMG_3325.jpeg)

Simply a fat liar

No. 925490

File: 1703350998105.jpeg (215.37 KB, 828x1085, IMG_3326.jpeg)

No. 925492

Did she leave the sticker on these sunglasses or is it a reflection of something?

No. 925493

Why can’t her bestie give her some floss? I will never understand how someone so superficial can ignore basic hygiene

No. 925495

That tooth is orange and dead.

No. 925496

File: 1703356064365.jpg (804.33 KB, 1080x1832, 1000023542.jpg)

the shit under her nails is just gross

No. 925500

what even is that?
for a person so consumed with appearance why does she not notice the dirty crud under her nails on a photo SHES posting kek

No. 925502

>all I need to make me happy
But all the stuff she stole doesn't count? But she said those nude lipsticks were badly needed! Aw. Why doesn't she go to a party city with her ~bestie~ and get a blonde wig to tide herself over? Her ~bestie~ can also grab her a bottle of fabric softener if the wig is too shiny.

No. 925505

File: 1703362868688.jpg (261.47 KB, 720x1443, VideoCapture_20231223-122206.j…)

No. 925506

File: 1703363074947.jpg (672.28 KB, 1080x1185, Screenshot_20231223_122515_Sam…)

(wrong thread)

No. 925509

File: 1703365353806.jpg (170.04 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20231223-160228_Bra…)

Looks like mold blooming under the bottom nail. Jesus

No. 925523

It’s sad that it’s been so long since she’s had real friends that she forgets what happens within a friendship. One sided gifting is not a friendship. Maybe she thinks all friendships are like rlyblonde. But imo that friendship was sketchy as hell.

No. 925524

(same anon here)
to clarify when I say “it’s sad” I don’t mean I feel bad for her. I mean more like, she’s pathetic as fuck

No. 925525

Love how the plaque buildup makes it look like she’s got those insane dentures where it looks like a wide unitooth

No. 925526

File: 1703385625778.jpeg (1.32 MB, 828x1453, IMG_8907.jpeg)

No. 925529

File: 1703391256441.jpeg (392.27 KB, 828x1000, IMG_8908.jpeg)

No. 925531

Wow Tuna, it's like looking into a crystal ball. That's your future.

No. 925532

Why is her mom such a loser? I've never liked her.

No. 925533

drugs will do that. what baffles me is that luna still keeps contact with her mother and father if they’re supposedly so awful and horrible. if luna was serious about growth other than her BMI, she’d go NC with the people who abandoned her as a baby. but they have credit cards and occasionally housing to offer tuna, so she will keep them around.

No. 925534

She's just mad she can't get more pills for free until Mama tuna is out.

No. 925536

But tuna. Her "life is over" anyways, according to you, remember? This story sounds like a load of shit anyways.

No. 925542

>>925534 is spot-on. all of this isn't bitching about the state her mother is in (which she's no saint but tuna's a cunt for making her mom's issues about herself) she's bitching because she can't get any more xanax 'til she's out. class act family the lot of them, a bunch of no good pests.

No. 925550

you know she’s conflicted between annoyance that she can’t get free pills and excitement that she has a new thing to milk for pity and cheap cheap cheap trinkets to cheer her up.

No. 925558

This is basically the exact same story she used when her dad was in hospital for a few months, years back. Idk why she thinks the doctors will give her sensitive medical information for no reason, her mom will be fine just like her dad was, neither of them have terminal druggy brain damage. Any time they get sick, she gets weird because she associates death of her loved ones with monetary gain.

No. 925559

she's fucking pissed she can't get into that apartment since the keys are inside. lol

No. 925563

File: 1703447093543.jpeg (994.41 KB, 1290x1724, IMG_3025.jpeg)

Want want want want want. good god she never stops

No. 925564

File: 1703447116946.jpeg (269.58 KB, 1290x1318, IMG_3024.jpeg)

No. 925565

File: 1703447319560.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1290x1826, IMG_3027.jpeg)

She did the emoji eyebrows for her id

No. 925569

File: 1703448164297.jpg (185.5 KB, 720x1437, VideoCapture_20231224-120052.j…)

No. 925570

File: 1703448195516.jpg (181.19 KB, 720x1421, VideoCapture_20231224-120043.j…)

No. 925580

I hope to fucking god she gets NOTHING on this list. Fuck this thieving fat retard.

No. 925585

Why would she do herself dirty like this? She looks way better at 18 then at 27 and not because of aging. Simply because she had a cute fresh hairstyle that complimented her face shape. Her eye makeup is slightly wonky but the swoopy cat eye looks cute with her eyeshape and her eyebrows arent all tortured to shit. Dirty delete this before you sober up and have a meltdown tuna…

No. 925588

The before has some terrible styling, but she at least looks normal enough. Awkward, but a lot of people still are at that age. In the after photo, she's grimacing with a "seen some shit" stare and eyebrows that are not even related to each other. It looks like a mug shot where she just got tackled by cops.

No. 925589

Tuna please go steal a bunch of bleach before CVS closes tonight and bleach your hair on this Christmas eve. You deserve it.

No. 925593

Tbh besides being unwashed her hair looks pretty healthy for once. She shouldn’t bleach it since she can’t afford the upkeep.

No. 925594

nah she looked like shit before too

No. 925595

File: 1703460783185.jpg (1.48 MB, 1074x3769, Screenshot_20231224_153355_Sam…)

No. 925601

>this is how im distracting myself from all the scary stuff with my mom
So transparent. You are an obese grifting waste of air.

No. 925607

>BADLY need a new phone case
Tuna, a phone case isn't an essential. She always says shit like this and then in the next breath talks about how she lives in squalor and has no money. She has no idea what it's actually like to struggle, especially with something other than self-inflicted issues.

No. 925610

File: 1703467368036.jpeg (199.08 KB, 1290x478, IMG_3030.jpeg)

No. 925612

why is she terrified. sounds like her mom is going to get the help she needs.

No. 925618

You‘re naive anon

No. 925622

File: 1703474617699.jpg (252.24 KB, 720x1432, VideoCapture_20231224-192434.j…)

No. 925625

File: 1703476935887.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1290x1988, IMG_3031.jpeg)

No. 925626

If she's not exagerating the truth, I think her mom is gonna die in the next months. Her brain seemed to have turned into a slushie after the fall and she has no one to care for her, no home, no insurance, she'll die in the streets in the cold like a dog and she won't even know what's happening.
She has the worst day of her life every week. She doesn't even like her mom

No. 925628

She’s so vain and yet she didn’t bother to look in a mirror before getting her picture taken… her hair is sticking up ffs what a mess. Eyebrows are making me kek too, jeez

No. 925640

File: 1703496989695.jpg (610.42 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_73ab4d9c31c6d7a66fc1544…)

No. 925641

File: 1703497144382.jpg (737.94 KB, 1045x1290, Screenshot_20231225_013908_Sam…)

No. 925643

File: 1703497454330.jpg (479.68 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20231225_014414_Goo…)

18k gold over brass, says do not get wet. How did she steal an $80 ring?

No. 925644

File: 1703498139813.png (1.36 MB, 2860x2860, LimeaRita.png)

No. 925647

You’re right that it’s a bit optimistic to think >>925610 means Luna’s mom will get all the help she needs. Regardless, I think she’s better off at the hand of whatever facility she’s found herself in vs what would happen if she’d find herself in Luna and Matthew’s care.
His hand!

No. 925652

I thought that was a $5 dropshipping ring that's vrazy

No. 925655

Smells like an incoming gofundme/money grab.

No. 925656

it’s probably a cheap knockoff of the designer versions

No. 925664

Is that the bathroom floor?

No. 925667

100% stole it from the little boutique she says she loves. Not that impressive that she nabbed it. Probably thought it was a safe, easy space to steal from since it's a small business. Stupid cunt even showed off the name of the place so I hope she gets caught. Though when she does, she'll feel sooper cool (like when she overdoses and brags about it) and daddy will pay off her fine. So no real consequences.

No. 925668

Her hands would be her best feature if only she'd wash them and keep them clean

No. 925675

Always been shocked that Luna never complains about benzo withdrawal. It's awful at therapeutic doses taken over long periods of time and she eats them like pac man. One of the symptoms is delirium and if I recall correctly both her parents are prescribed bars and have been taking them for years. It's speculation but her dad having dementia or whatever could've been benzo withdrawal, same with mom (although mom genuinely seems way less put together than dad.)

Ironically who just showed off some kewl skool busses around when her mom had her first episode. God Luna, what if you caused this by taking your mother's prescription. All tinfoil but interesting to note.

No. 925687

File: 1703546280172.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1290x2111, IMG_3033.jpeg)

No. 925688

File: 1703546736506.jpg (245.58 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20231225-152605.j…)

No. 925689

File: 1703546765619.jpg (217.39 KB, 720x1427, VideoCapture_20231225-152610.j…)

No. 925691

These will pair beautifully with her stretched out filthy leggings, her slippers and her Grimace coat.

No. 925701

File: 1703571775668.jpeg (670.92 KB, 750x862, 27214BE1-0A4A-46E4-848D-948B0F…)

She’s openly admitting to stealing on her Reddit account now. She has multiple posts showing her “hauls”. Absolutely no shame, I hope she gets caught

No. 925702

File: 1703571878793.jpeg (625.64 KB, 750x1013, EF9BD870-C7F5-464A-B1A2-298590…)

I can’t be bothered to screenshot everything but you get the gist

No. 925707

File: 1703582019656.png (177.8 KB, 1080x621, target.png)

No. 925712

>their cameras can read the texts on your phone
does this sound schizo to anyone else?

No. 925713

Are they just trying to say the cameras are very good at catching details or are they hella paranoid?!

No. 925714

You’re telling me she didn’t know this already???? Jesus christ she lives under a rock with no friends

No. 925715

No. Target can actually use their cameras to zoom in and get a clear view of small details like the texts on your phone. They aren't the only store who can do it.

No. 925717

spending a few years in prison could do well for luna. she would get exercise, forced to diet, forced to quit drugs, would get friends and some activity, would be away from lurch and her mother…

No. 925718

She would never go to prison for stealing the shit she does. A fine (which would likely be never mentioned and then paid off by dad) or probation (which she would feel cool about, brag about. And then pout and cry about for sympathy and ass pats about how terrible it is she has to meet with her Probation officer and give uwu unfair piss tests all the time)

No. 925719

unfortunately luna has a long history of getting away with anything she wants. lurch may end up in prison, but tuna won’t.

No. 925721

Art supplies are expensive as shit but the idea that these are going to be used and abused by her is so depressing

No. 925737

File: 1703633513942.jpg (190.77 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20231226-153306.j…)

No. 925738

File: 1703633614240.jpg (964.94 KB, 1079x3257, Screenshot_20231226_153434_Sam…)

No. 925739

File: 1703633656990.jpg (330.74 KB, 1079x831, Screenshot_20231226_153451_Sam…)

No. 925757

Her mother is old and sick, did Luna expect her to live forever? Move on ffs.

No. 925765

Acting like she gives a shit when she herself released that video showing she doesn't give a shit about her mother. I don't believe any of this story because I remember when she said evil dad was in the hospital about to die and then suddenly she never talked about it and he's fine and well. She's a dumb bitch, full of shit.

No. 925778

Not only that but when Roger (who she claims was like a father to her) was dying and that friend gave him pillows and sheets, she took them and casually talked about how nice they were. He was probably miserable when he passed away. She has no regard for anyone except herself

No. 925779

If she actually ever acted like she cares about her mother instead of treating her like shit, it'd be perfectly normal for someone to worry about even their old and frail parent. She's clearly just milking it for sympathy though, and probably embellishing or straight up lying like when her father was supposedly at death's door.

No. 925780

Lets be real tho Roger is as much on Tuna as he is on Chief, and maybe even more on Chief because that was his actual father. We only have Tuna's posts to go by because Chief doesn't broadcast his day-to-day but I'm 100% sure he was no better to Roger.

No. 925784

her mother is like, 60
I realize that a junkie’s 60 is a haaaaard 60, but her mother is the same age as Sandra Bullock

No. 925787

File: 1703683188436.png (1.07 MB, 1654x1328, AA.png)

sage for old milk but I feel it's relevant. Picrel is from 2 years ago (thread #30). She used basically the same story with her dad and then he recovered. I don't know why she's doing this, but I have serious doubts over both stories. He was found wandering around in the same state she's describing her mother in, making little sense and was allegedly put into palliative care due to mental decline. The only major difference in the stories is the head injury angle. She even repeats the weird bullshit about not being able to phone the hospital and talk to them personally (because she's too lazy to visit).

Obviously her dad didn't die, he got over it and still lives in the same apt so he can't be as bad as she described.

No. 925789

yea this whole mom story seems like bullshit for me. shes basically word for word saying the same things about her dad. shes just fishing for people to buy her items. shes been posting wishlists and stuff. im sure if people reach out in the dms shes linking them to that stuff. if anyone even cares anymore.

No. 925815

Tou want to know what makes me laugh? Her dead set belief that she's going to get his apartment when he dies. She would have to prove via utility bills that she has lived there for 2+ years. Otherwise, it just gets emptied for the next tennant. Kek, her 30s are going to be just like her 20s.

No. 925817

What's the point of faking these stories tho? She gets no real public engagement anyway. Does she still have any actual paypigs behind the scenes at this point or is it all attentionwhoring?

No. 925819


Or it's sold to pay for his healthcare or to live in nursing home when he gets older. Greedy children and grandchildren forget this.

No. 925827

It's going to dad's gf and no way she's letting tuna crash

No. 925829

How do you know he has a girlfriend?

No. 925830

You're assuming he rents his apartment and doesn't own it. You know it is possible to own an apartment in New York, right? I have a family member who him and some of his family members own their apartments in Manhattan. The units are worth well over a million at this point if they were to sell them, but bills are still super expensive. That's what I personally always assumed she meant when she was saying she's going to get his apartment when he dies. Which, like… bills are still a thing which you'd think she would know being that she lost her grandmother's house that she inherited, if my memory is correct. She always has these delusions that her life will be SO MUCH BETTER if she was blonde, if she just had these trinkets, if she just had her press on nails, if she just gets her dad's apartment, etc. She's that kind of loser fat hog leech that can't wait for her family to die so she can rake in their earthly possessions and/or any money they leave behind. What a fucking loser honestly.

No. 925837

Is tuna an only child?
Does she have half-siblinga?

No. 925838

I believe she is an only child.

No. 925839

Tuna's mentioned stealing/being gifted (aka also stealing) beauty products from her dad's gf before. But she hasn't mentioned her in a while so who knows if he still has one.

No. 925848

I can't believe she's not constantly getting arrested. The amount she steals is crazy, she looks like a junkie and there's only so many stores she can go to near her. We might have found her one actual skill.

No. 925858

She's a big giant slow white girl. If they tried anything she would throw a screaming Karen fit. We know who she is and what her life is like, but if you're a minimum wage security guard, going after the obese white girl stealing makeup is a liability. Odds are high someone like that can post bail, have family that goes to the news and fights for them, etc. When she starts looking older and worse this could change. Not trying to race bait here, it's just a fact that younger white women are seen as more untouchable, even if they are obvious junkies

No. 925871

Besides we don’t have bail in NY for non violent crimes. She’d be issued a ticket and sent out to steal from the same store before the security shift is over. And then she’d probably not show to court anyways. Half of our arrests in my county are for bench warrants from people not going to court.

No. 925899

As a recovering drug addict (first fent then benzos same trjaectory as Luna) whos trynna get her shit together and looking for jobs no wonder Luna steals beauty products like whats so fucking werird about that? NY state doesnt provide SHIT not even food money besides some shit quality basic ass housing she clearly said she wants to get a job but nobodys gonna give you a job when you look and smell bad with unwashed hair no offense but she literally needs shampoo and conditioner nobody not even mcdonalds gonna hire her whiel looking homeless and the state certainly wont provide SHIT for her keeping the poor in poverty forever stealing sometimes isnt a choice, god bless America NOT(retarded blogposting whiteknight)

No. 925901

karma will get all the mean bitches in here homelesness and poverty could happen to anyone yes including YOU! Remember that it could be you having to lift next time

No. 925902

File: 1703874598341.gif (524.25 KB, 275x155, 1552593046285.gif)

No one HAS to steal. Especially in America. Look at tuna. She wants this shit, she doesn't need any of the things she lifts. Don't lump us in with snivling grubby thieves like yourself. Do better.

No. 925906

Luna's life is not improved by stealing 50 serums while she neglects basic hygiene. Maybe it is because she is (and other Luna-trajectory people) terrible at prioritizing needs vs wants and think real life can't happen to them.

No. 925909

Honey, some of us Nonnas are poor as fuck and still don't steal. If she would steal some healthy food, okay, I wouldn't mind that, but she is always going for useless shit no one needs to survive. The most basic skincare products often aren't worse than all the expensive stuff, sometimes even better and she could afford it if she would wash her clothes instead of spending money buying new ones all the time. Stealing is clearly another addiction for her by now and if she doesn't change she will end like her mother being mushy in the brain, forever living like she lives now.

No. 925911

File: 1703893387968.jpg (301.26 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20231229_154356_Sam…)

No. 925912

File: 1703893466870.jpg (420.64 KB, 1079x898, Screenshot_20231229_154419_Sam…)

No. 925914

Nah. If ANY of this is true, tuna is only upset because she worries it might be the end of her taking her mom's meds/money/whatever else. She pilfers off her mom's meds on every refill and I bet it's a scary thought to not have access to her scripts anymore. Zero sympathy for tuna. Uses everyone around her. For money, drugs, or a sob story.

No. 925926

There's lifting to stay alive and then there's Luna. Stealing multiple brands and shades because "you haven't found an eyebrow pencil or a nude lipstick you like yet" is not a necessity.

No. 925931

Hey, guess what? If you're over 18 and don't live with your dad, you don't have to talk to him. If it's this bad you don't have to associate.

No. 925937

He pays her phone bill and spots her a nug and xanax, of course she won't cut him out

No. 925946

And also finances her Amazon purchases.

No. 925947

And kept her from living on the literal street

No. 925948

Yeah, we know. You've been calling him abusive and evil for years. If only he didn't have money and drugs and a place you want, he'd be gone so quick.(learn to sage)

No. 925964

Does anyone know if Luna will be in Times Square for the fireworks tonight ??(unsaged creep)

No. 925966

Is this a joke?

No. 925967

No, she's going to be at home doing drugs. Have fun peeing your diaper in Times Square, annoying tourist-chan

No. 925968

the only people who go to times square (at any time, but especially) on nye are tourists. luna will be taking 8 bars and taking wonky eyed selfies showing off her lifted skincare products.

No. 925973

File: 1704068209507.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1290x2349, IMG_3079.jpeg)

No. 925975

File: 1704070403826.jpg (216.4 KB, 720x1431, VideoCapture_20231231-165442.j…)

No. 925976

Love the nice shot of the recent self harm on her arm. Gotta drop hints

No. 925978

wish this crusty retard would fall asleep with a cigarette already(alogging)

No. 925979

Luna the 600 lb pig has a plush pig. Lol.

No. 925980

Ooof looks like pumpkin (if it still exists) attacked her again. Everyone feel sorry for her and send asspats and gifts

No. 925981

Didn't Pumpkin disappear a while back? I thought they were trying to replace her. Glad to see it going well.

No. 925993

spliffs are already disgusting enough, but getting new blankets and sheets and immediately stinking them up by smoking inside is a whole new level of repulsive. she literally does not have the capacity to not be a nasty fucking rodent. makes sense she lives in NY.

No. 926005

Not sure why the toy is microwavable,but imagine the smell after throwing it in the microwave after a few months with tuna.

No. 926015

Damn maybe instead of all these new clothes she could get a trip to the laundromat

No. 926017

Hm no mention of her mom in the last day or two after not shutting up about it. Guess she forgot to keep up with her sob story

No. 926019

she’s done that before and burned about half her mattress to the springs

No. 926020

it’s these stupid plushies that have beads inside that retain heat so the plushies stay warm

No. 926026

Damn, I forget how bad she butchered up her tattoo until I see it again. Not like it was an incredible piece of art or anything, but it looks so bad with the giant pink scar. Maybe she should steal herself some scar cream

No. 926069

No. 926074

When was this? When she was living with her mom or with Roger?

No. 926082

IMHO it’s a true sign of just how little she actually struggles with money. tattoos aren’t cheap, and on top of that, the artist spent time and effort creating it for her. but she said fuck it, i’m so fucking sad and no one has it worse than me! i’ll just slice through it! daddy will pay for a touch up !

No. 926083

File: 1704237744916.jpeg (2.6 MB, 1290x2072, IMG_4703.jpeg)

Who is this sad sap with a stolen shopping cart?

No. 926085

Thats her bestie who she goes stealing with. I'm shocked she has all her teeth, tbh. She must be pretty pathetic herself to want to hangout with tuna, unless she's getting drug perks thru tuna/lurch

No. 926087

File: 1704240503724.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2266, Screenshot_20240102_160948_Red…)

No. 926090

File: 1704241097649.jpg (235.34 KB, 595x760, Screenshot_20240102_161705_Sam…)


No. 926091

Diabetic socks? Interesting, kek

No. 926092

She's just stealing for stealing sake. Especially since she's been outted and thinks she's her new friend is cool.

No. 926095

Probably needs the socks for lurch lmfaooooo. And I'll bet the clorox wipes are for pits, tits and ass since she chooses to never shower.
And you just know when/if tuna and her "friend" are busted together tuna will 10000% narc and say it's not her fault and cry and blame the other girl. No doubt in my mind.

No. 926096

Probably false teeth.
I think she's a schizo, isn't she?

No. 926104

That's her friend in the photo not her, but we know Luna ain't sober anyway

No. 926105

She'd never want to cover that scar up. It's probably the deepest cut she's managed to give herself.

No. 926110

File: 1704285721524.jpg (361.09 KB, 1080x2062, Screenshot_20240103.jpg)

Since the socks give it away she shoplifted from CVS, basically nobody will do anything. It's like shopping without paying.

No. 926120

I don’t think anon thought it was her, because Luna will steal the habits of those around her without fail, in true BPD style.

No. 926140

Sorry if I'm a-logging but this actually upset me a lot. My father died in November and it's been so hard for my family, he wasn't perfect either but I still loved him dearly for being my father. Tuna's dad was far from perfect but he's done so much for her when he can or she lets him, this actually disgusts me.

No. 926142

File: 1704306085268.jpg (55.71 KB, 611x537, Screenshot_20240103_102247_Red…)

No. 926153

File: 1704324745233.jpg (327.72 KB, 720x1600, VideoCapture_20240103-153332.j…)

No. 926155

Most people change their bedding more than once a year you foul bitch

No. 926156

File: 1704329465594.jpg (320.55 KB, 720x734, VideoCapture_20240103-153332.j…)

Tell me I'm not the only one that can see their body outlines?

No. 926161

File: 1704334979931.jpg (630.93 KB, 1079x1204, Screenshot_20240103_182432_Sam…)

No. 926164

Lol the image of Easter island head beanied conked out in a pile of vile nicotine stained plushies always provides a kek.

No. 926175

Awww you got the stink lines and everything

No. 926184

I wonder if she’ll ever draw anything that’s not meant to be a self-portrait. i’ve literally never seen her draw anything else in years. it’s funny that this one has a flabby belly and tiddies, but it's still just a saggy normal-sized person. despite this obviously being another self-portrait, she still can’t bring herself to depict how LARGE she really is. I swear she has reverse body dysmorphia and really sees herself as a fragile little waif most of the time, rather than the big-boned behemoth she really is.

do we think this is the “sober friend” she started talking about ~6 months ago? >>>/pt/916024 >>>/pt/916166

No. 926203

Of course, as soon as someone in the thread posts about Pumpkin vanishing, here she is! Like clockwork.
KEK god they're both huge.

No. 926205


Love the time on the phone reading “6:66” her brain really is fried.

No. 926209

File: 1704410987507.jpg (90.16 KB, 1080x352, Screenshot_20240104_153119_Sam…)

No. 926212

She can steal as much drugstore makeup as she wants to pursue her idea of prettiness but she won't do simple things like wash her hands or her clothes. Being attractive encompasses more than what can be captured in a selfie (not that she ever accomplishes looking somewhat nice). She's like a discarded beer bottle being repurposed as an astray with fake nails glued to it

No. 926214

>>She's like a discarded beer bottle being repurposed as an astray with fake nails glued to it

Where are our artfags at????

No. 926216

She needs to go to the fucking dentist and get her shit fixed to be even adjacent to “pretty”

No. 926217

i apparently missed the referring to them as “my sober friend” saga - that is an INSANE way to refer to someone

No. 926224

File: 1704428793047.png (333.85 KB, 677x683, Screenshot_20240104-202725.png)

Just keep holding on……

No. 926230

Pretty sure that one never existed but no anyway. This is the "crazy" alcoholic she met in rehab that initially scared her with all the craziness. According to her, anyway.

No. 926231

'sober' was only around briefly. Then it was >>>/pt/917013 which is who this is. Luna decided she was OK after this lady started stealing shit from CVS as gifts for her.

No. 926237

no, this friend now is sober friend from back then. shes obviously been her lifting buddy and they go to the methadone clinic. hence "sober friend" although from what shes posted of her she's definitely an alcoholic.

No. 926244

File: 1704497603335.jpg (506.04 KB, 1079x2727, Screenshot_20240105_112017_Sam…)

No. 926252

luna has no concept of anything that isn't about her. i don't think she can comprehend creating art or poems that aren't about her sad tragic beautiful skinny life

No. 926257

I was sure they were different people because drinky the drunk was never sober. I think our introduction to her was her drinking in the taxi to rehab or something. IDK kek.

She managed to put socks on plant pots that time. That was … art. Or something.

No. 926275

File: 1704584943688.jpeg (939.44 KB, 828x1340, IMG_8962.jpeg)

No. 926276

I thought this was going to be one of these girls on tumblr who shoplift and post their “hauls”

No. 926278

Isn't that what she literally does? I think the top image are all items that she stole

No. 926279

File: 1704593637436.jpg (257.53 KB, 718x1424, VideoCapture_20240106-181513.j…)

No. 926280

File: 1704593663728.jpg (231.23 KB, 718x1424, VideoCapture_20240106-181516.j…)

No. 926281

File: 1704593692428.jpg (178.72 KB, 718x1424, VideoCapture_20240106-181520.j…)

No. 926282

File: 1704593723362.jpg (222.17 KB, 718x1424, VideoCapture_20240106-181523.j…)

No. 926283

Why would this gross bitch post this?

No. 926284

ugh, I can smell this picture

No. 926285

this is reminiscent of the 2012 instagram era where you’d post quite literally everything that happened to you…. yknow when we were teens and assumed the world revolved around us and everyone cared about what we were doing.

wild how she’s never matured beyond that. most people nearing 30 are able to live their lives without the constant need to be validated online

also, that’s just gross as hell

No. 926288

File: 1704598910646.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1290x2173, IMG_4772.jpeg)

for someone who claims to love moisturizing and skin care, her tattoos sure are ashy as fuck

No. 926293

Hasn’t this woman had gauges forever? Is she stretching them again? Like how tf does this even happen? besides her being so filthy for so long they just never healed…? How does this girl never get any major infections

No. 926295

Looks like the years of built up ear cheese started eating at her flesh or something. What a nasty photo to post. It's blurry and you can still even tell how gross it is.
And these bracelets are SO tight on her pork hock of a wrist, if she boats up anymore they won't fit her kek
The shit she voluntarily, gladly posts always boggles my mind

No. 926296

All these gross things she posts and she still won't show us an unfiltered teeth picture.

No. 926308

Thank God she decided to take time for self-care for once. She should do it more often, like maybe six times a day instead of five.

No. 926315

File: 1704725436419.webm (1.25 MB, 720x1448, XRecorder_07012024_154148.webm)

No. 926317

Jesus the sirens… and lets see she got 1 braclet from her "friend" one from Lurch.. so where's the brag about this new 3rd braclet?.. oohhhh wait she stole all three. Right right.

No. 926320

File: 1704729984147.jpg (864.43 KB, 1073x2382, Screenshot_20240108_080759_Red…)

No. 926322

Absolutely vomit inducing. She needs to steal some glasses

No. 926330

How the fuck does she have an open inflamed wound on her earlobe if she's not stretched it in years and all her jewellery is too small? I was a dumbass who stretched their lobe in the 2010s too, it doesn't look like this now.

No. 926343

File: 1704753038015.jpg (178.87 KB, 720x1431, VideoCapture_20240108-143125.j…)

No. 926344

File: 1704753068494.jpg (196.42 KB, 720x1437, VideoCapture_20240108-143128.j…)

No. 926346


Luna trying to be hot will never not be funny

No. 926359

What's up with the eyebrows? No more sobriety?

No. 926363

are the chest pimples caused by poor hygiene or…?

No. 926365

File: 1704767619045.jpg (195.23 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_20240108_203439_Sam…)

No. 926369

The way she thinks being high on benzos daily make her "sober" is so funny and delusional

No. 926370

she’s been abusing them since she was what,
like 13 or something? so she may genuinely think that is sobriety

No. 926373

>>clean urine
>>smokes weed all the time
Ok Tuna

No. 926374

Pretty sure weed is legal in ny but I have no idea how this works into her program.

No. 926375

It's still federally illigal. They may bypass it, but she still pisses dirty.

No. 926376

I would think that she's using someone else's clean piss for her tests but I don't think she's smart enough to maneuver and pull that off. Or shes just straight up lying on reddit.

No. 926377

Looks like that time her dads apartment burnt down and she smeared the ash over her face kek

No. 926379

"Husband" kek he's never going to marry you Tuba.

No. 926382

File: 1704810863499.jpeg (213.09 KB, 828x1312, IMG_3665.jpeg)

It’s the wonky eyebrow for me

No. 926390

How is she unaware of them being so uneven? They're not even cousins they're both distant ideas of what an eyebrow might look like. She really does need glasses huh.

No. 926391

File: 1704820707145.png (244.94 KB, 348x365, dreamworks_face_4.png)

No. 926404

She has two different eyes so she needs to match the brows to each eyes droopyness

No. 926415

>how is she unaware

No. 926429

>slathering her face in skin products but is apparently only bathing the next day maybe
Ugh, she's probably rank and sticky all the time.

No. 926442

That's cute anon. She'd be flagged for opiates. Still on smack, still on the xannies, etc. The weed would be the least of her worries.

No. 926444

120 2mg bars a month is an insane amount of xanax, what on earth is that clinic thinking. do they just figure it's better that people be addicted to legal benzos than unregulated street drugs??

No. 926449

What worries? She spends her days high, shoplifting,treating herself, and posting on reddit. All with the govt/daddy footing the bill. Every part of her existence is covered. It's almost enviable. Except for the whole living in object squalor with no choice as to where you live. If N.Y. suddenly decides she and Lurch no longer qualify for whatever assistance they are on, maybe things will change.

No. 926453

He's likely been prescribed xanax forever, his "tolerance" has been taken into account and he's been labeled a lifer (no motivation to taper him off.) Much like both her parents are prescribed benzos, likely mondo amounts.

Back in the day doctors were way more liberal in prescribing benzos. My towns local fuckup (similar age to lurch) gets methadone daily and is prescribed a spectrum of drugs that clearly interact poorly with each other in massive doses. Reality is nobody cares if he dies.

No. 926461

What happened to the “the only reason we aren’t married is because we don’t have ID’s!” saga? i miss it.

No. 926467

I know this bitch yhat gor prescribed fent lollies for fibromyalgia… it's sick.(blog/derailing)

No. 926497

Ugh, one of the anons who either has no idea how it is or has actually been down and out but wants to forget. Her existence suits her because it's as nasty as she is.
She's brought it back a few times in previous years. I was hoping it would make a comeback now that she keeps talking about getting ID and still signs off as luna slater-lurch.

No. 926501

If I had to guess… Luna has probably brought up marriage several times, and even asked to go have it performed. Each time, Lurch shoots down the idea with an excuse i.e “marriage is just a piece of paper,” “I got things to do tomorrow,” “we can’t afford it” and they secretly have this endless cycle going … Lurch would marry her if he wanted to.

No. 926507

File: 1705026278554.jpg (227.14 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20240111-182556.j…)

No. 926512

Guess she hasn't used the shampoo and conditioner that she finally managed to steal weeks ago. I don't understand how someone just DOESNT CLEAN THEMSELVES. She has all the time in the world cuz she has no life.

No. 926517

I wanted to post a screenshot from the comments of one of the most recent pictures on Luna's insta, but she just blocked me. It was someone telling her that her bridge is rejecting and she needs to take out, and Luna basically telling the person no she's never going to do that kek. If anyone has access to her insta I thought it would be a funny addition to the thread.

No. 926521

File: 1705036195794.jpg (341.08 KB, 1080x2082, instagram.jpg)

No. 926522

The lipstick all over her lip ring is so gross, omg.

No. 926523

What did you do to get blocked?

No. 926537

Nothing that I know of, I never interact with her. Maybe just viewing a story she posted made her suspicious of me or maybe she's going through her followers list and blocking people she doesn't know.

No. 926541

She blocked me for no apparent reason either.

No. 926546

Why TF would anyone post this?

God, she really has blown up, and I do not just mean her tits.

>they're both distant ideas of what an eyebrow might look like
KEK nonnaschenka, too accurate.

No. 926552

She’s probably doing what Vicky Shingles does and blocks any random people watching her videos because she knows they get posted here

No. 926553

File: 1705106006143.jpg (2.44 MB, 1078x3982, Screenshot_20240112_163445_Sam…)

No. 926554

File: 1705106169386.jpg (342.33 KB, 952x1060, Screenshot_20240112_163656_Sam…)

The fucking retard tongue

No. 926555

File: 1705106248992.jpg (120.39 KB, 1080x427, Screenshot_20240112_163905_Sam…)

No. 926556

lol I was also randomly blocked & I have never commented on this bitch’s shit or watched her stories. I’ve just been lurking from afar since the 2010 tumblr days
It’s esp funny cause she still posts everything on multiple other accounts. Blocking on insta doesn’t do shit when you’re posting every inane thought in your head on 3 other public forums

No. 926557

Her bridge piercing is hanging on by a thread. That's going to look gnarly when it fully rejects because I know she doesn't have the sense to take it out

No. 926558

I hope it fully rejects through the skin. Let it hang on like Joe Exotic.

No. 926563

File: 1705149736814.jpg (206.11 KB, 720x1410, VideoCapture_20240113-044334.j…)