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File: 1457937298585.jpg (51.85 KB, 544x533, maggles.jpg)

No. 248676

Margo continues her daily (?) parfait at Dennys while she plots Venus’ demise.

Ever the professional, she was last seen reaching out to jvloggers with offers to broker special contracts with FULLSCREEN:


Last thread reached limit, previous threads:

Summary: http://pastebin.com/1WXBTsZu


No. 248677

Margo's email reads like a shitty scam. Does she really think any of these people are going to fall for her shit?

I was reading through Mira's thread earlier so I have to wonder if she's pissed she didn't get one like all her old friends did

No. 248680

She deleted OP pic along with the nudies for some reason, the pathetic freak

No. 248681

I wanted to memorialize one of those images here.

No. 248684

Strong work! I remember the caption, something about a fuckin party and bumming the cig from one of her homies. LOL I love this trainwreck

No. 248687

Tapeworm, haha

I think our dear magroo is fuming & seething in her lil rented room. She does this for a few days then melts down & erupts like a volcano. She's running out of ammo though and time is not on her side. Tokyo is an expensive city even if you eat only at Denny's. Plus she's been publicly exposed and humiliated, lol. She's licking her wounds.

She won't be able to stay offline for long because she's a flaming narcissist and craves attention like a junkie. I can't wait to see what her next scam is gonna be.

No. 248689

I can't wait either. Seeing what kind of crazy harebrained scheme she comes up with is some of the most delicious milk.

No. 248691

File: 1457940668340.jpg (50.84 KB, 600x414, klk.JPG)

She looked evil even as a child.

No. 248696

Ew. No kidding. She looks like she would've been great for one of those movies where the child is really Satan.

No. 248698

File: 1457941306042.gif (2.36 MB, 400x400, 354123541.gif)

No. 248705

yeah. idk why she's always going on about people telling her she looked like a doll as a child.
She was not really a cute kid.

tryhard af

No. 248711

i've been waiting for this video for DAYS margo ya damn liar why you gotta starve me like this

No. 248712

her teefs are so yellow. Do you think her and venus both smoke?

No. 248714

Margo smokes. Just check the OP.
As for Venoos… I dont think Margo would let he. It doesnt fit in with her kawaii image.

No. 248723

Maggot drinks a ton of coffee too. Can't forget her infamous Starbucks runs! That stuff has the potential to stain your teeth.

No. 248730

I meant regular smoking, in the caption of that picture she said her friend gave her it.

>>248723 I think you're right, forgot about coffee

No. 248744

Could be bad genetics

No. 248752

File: 1457957099948.png (143.53 KB, 800x530, Best-Sulfate-Free-Shampoos-and…)

When you use generic shampoos with sulfates in them, it turns dyed black hair brown after a couple washes. It's partially why sulfate-free shampoos/conditioners have gained popularity.
(I really wanted to reply to that)

No. 248768

Instead she's more like the mum from "Para Elisa"… glad Venus at least had a happier ending than in that film.

No. 248769

They should have cast her for The Orphan.

No. 248770

No. 248780

File: 1457968178714.jpg (12.52 KB, 255x58, yuka.JPG)

Yuka posted a comment on one of venus's latest pictures.

No. 248803

It's kind of eerie that Margo looks so much the same in adulthood.

No. 248832

Love this! All those youtubers seem to be following & rooting for her. It's a great story.

No. 248869

Day #3, still no Denny's parfait.

No. 248871


I'm a bit worried about maggot's silence tbh.

No. 248872

Child-Margo looks like that one actor here, I swear, the eyes and the round face but fuck I can't think of who it is.

No. 248880


They will do because as far as they're concerned Margo is mental and Venus is this kawaii weeb who has a jap husbando and is in danger!

Yukpon is just asslicking, she needs more fanbase. All the weebs are gonna asslick Venus. The only one who doesn't is probably Tay and Kota.

Someone said Gimmeaflakeman might get involved? Hardly doubt it. He's got a kid and other shit to deal with. I don't think he would care about Venus and her mother. Rachel and Jun plus Sharla MAY step in.

Gonna cringe because these Jvloggers are already awful. Venus collabing with them is going to be even more annoying.

No. 248887

Honestly, unpopular opinion, but personally I'd be ok with them shitting up the internet with a ton of obnoxious weeby collabs if it means Venus could finally have some friends and contacts outside of Margo and her husband. She could really use that, and who knows, maybe some of them could help her mature a bit out of the kawaii desu doll mannerisms she hasn't been able to fully let go of yet.

No. 248890

Or maybe (since according to my knowledge, Yuka was also a victim of child abuse) Yuka sympathizes with Venus and is actually being supportive???

idk why some of you have to be so purely venomous. There's lots of lulzy things in existance we dont need you being a sour betty.

No. 248893

she reminds me of rick moranis

No. 248910

> if it means Venus could finally have some friends

Second this. Why would it be a bad thing if Venus found friends in the jvlogger community? I think it would be good for her to hang out with other people sometimes, even some who share the same interests as her.

Yes! Why is it so hard to believe that some people are just supportive? Not everyone must have some selfish intentions when supporting someone else.

Some people just like to shit on everything for the hell of it. jfc

No. 248911

omg im so slow but i was browsing micaelas twitter and omg margaret

No. 248914

how much time has maggot left until she has to leave Japan?

No. 248926

Well she has been in japan for about 5 weeks now? And can't you only stay in japan for 90 days on tourist visa? So about 7 more weeks then

No. 248931

Unless she ignores that shit and stays there illegally. Which sort of seems to be what she'll be doing since she isn't returning to her language school in korea.

No. 248939

If she's going to overstay her visa, I'm going to jump on whatever contact page Nipponese immigration has. They'll ban her from the country for x amount of time so fast

No. 248943

This happened to an ex of mine but he got a lawyer and after a year and a half was back in the country.

No. 248954

But then we won't get more milk…

No. 248955

Not necessarily. You think she wouldn't blast that shit all over instagram?

No. 248969

>>248955 she is gonna scream everywhere "venoos got me kicked out of japan"

No. 248972

Or she will go back to Korea and pretend that she is still in Japan…

No. 248977

Ah, the Kiki method: using your stock of Japan photos to show your followers you leave to pretend you still live in glorious nippon.

No. 248978

its pretty surprising how all of this started ages ago when yandy man found her. venus used to be shit on all the time and her mother was the true villain

No. 248979

I love you

No. 248990

Agree, she seems stuck on the kawaii desu little-girl shtick that made her 'famous.' That makeup tutorial video she did was painful to watch and she didn't even seem comfortable with it but it's what her teenage fans are clamoring for. The ones where she's just being herself are so much better. She needs to mature & find her own voice but she's led such an abnormal sheltered like up to now she doesn't seem to know who she is outside of 'Youtube kawaii doll.' Fucking Margo..

No. 248992

I'm dying to know what this bitch is up to.

If she gets desperate enough she might run back to Hungary for awhile, back to Ferenc "Family is EVERYTHING!" et al. At least until she gets her footing and figures out a new scam. Who knows, she might be there now.

No. 248994

She edited out the stalker comment on this insta. She really did clean it up.

No. 248995

Sorry, link to the makeup tutorial video you're talking about?

No. 248999

Margo margo, where can you be?

From the malignant personalities I've known in full meltdown mode, Marge is running through her primary, secondary and tertiary support options (supporting herself is unthinkable.) Venus was her primary source of money and attention. Margo has probably burned through the circle of acquaintances she knew from her last stay in japan via mooching off them for the past month; it's entertaining to have her around for a night but their politeness has been exhausted. Mags ran through her tertiary set of people to see if anyone would bite- those are the emails to jvloggers who she's met once before or maybe they're just aware of each other, that's her reaching the outer limits of her options. At this point they tend to retreat and pivot - new career, move away and start again, religious conversion, something that in their mind erases whatever they've just done.

If margo can't find either a boyfriend or an old friend to take her in while she licks her wounds, she might make nice with her family for a while. It depends on what level of charm she's able to employ. But taking care of herself will never be an option, she's not capable of it.

No. 249005

Agree three.

I feel like she is still running Margo's words in her head. That is exactly the type of thing Margo used to make her do.

Collabs will give her a chance to work out what she does now.

No. 249006

nice analysis, better than the usual.

No. 249011

Did Margendo leave Korea for good? Did she just up and abandon the apartment they had? I doubt she's still paying rent while in Japan. Why is she freaking out about the storage in Japan when she probably left a ton of shit in Korea?

No. 249015

She packed up and moved out of their Seoul apartment when she left to "visit venus for a few days". I don't doubt that shes got that shit in yet another storage unit in korea. She might have been fine if she'd just stayed put; I can't imagine how much money she's spent in Tokyo in the past month. The plane ticketand amount she spent eating out alone probably would have covered another month of rent.

No. 249021

Sage for OT, but Madonna is giving me Margo vibes. Her son left to be with his dad because he didn't want to live with him. Since then, Madonna's leaked stories about how his brother misses him and wants him home, and has appeared on stage drunk/high and asking for help. Funny how much people with NPD have in common despite their different backgrounds.

No. 249022

*didn't want to live with her

No. 249023

Maybe she should have spent more time being a better mother to her actual biological child rather than adopting shitskins eh?(race derailing)

No. 249083

It's her latest video on her YT channel.

No. 249087

Yeah, all she has known since being a young teen is playing dressup doll for YT views and fans, and being yanked all over the world with her batshit mom. What a weird life. She's been performing like a trained monkey with margo as her keeper. She seems kind of lost right now which is totally understandable.

No. 249160

File: 1458036724378.jpg (257.34 KB, 936x594, ss (2016-03-15 at 12.09.28).jp…)

Margendo finally updated and seems like she's trying to find another place to stay.

No. 249162

I hope by the river… I hope.

No. 249163

Who walks 15km for fun… She probably is looking for some place to take her in out of pity.

…or she's crazy as fuck and is trying to find that park where Venus vlogged about her Sakura Frappuccino. Oh, God.

No. 249164


That's another term for prostitute. Lol

No. 249168

>who walks 15km for fun
Regularly everyone but fatties like you

No. 249173

not that same anon but that is quite a bit of time to be on a walk, if the walk is at the average of 5km and hour.

but as you're probably just here to derail, learn to sage at least.

No. 249200

Yeah i had that too but then i realized that the kid is being a whiny brat, His leeching daddy is fueling the fire and you just know that when she dies that son will be the first to hold up his hand for some inheritance.

Margo has nothing, Margo leeches of Venus and everyone else and Venus is not a teenager but a young adult.

No. 249203

Or you could just go to the gym and not walk aimlessly around in the middle of the night?

No. 249204

The only time I've taken 15km walks was when I was NEET. Well, I still am, but the point stands. And she did her walk at night too, she must really be out of shit to do.

No. 249213

Whether walking 15km is something you would personally like doing or not, we all know margo isn't an avid hiker and didn't walk such distances back in korea. So she's probably doing this for some financial gain or finding venus. Which is why she says "kind of" fun instead of just fun. She admits there's more to it.

No. 249214

No. 249218


at this point I doubt margo can't eat at Dennys everyday and pay for a gym membership at once if Venus her money is dwindling fast

How long have been Magro in Japan btw?

No. 249226

Financial gain, finding venus or she must be really bored and out of money trying to kill time at night with no hotel room

No. 249232


I bet maggot starts to have sleepless nights about her situation lel I don't pity her. Couldn't Sere give her a place to stay and a job at her dirty club or whatever it is?

No. 249233



No. 249252

Or this could be an image she found on google and a made-up story. This is maggot we're talking about.

She's laid low for a few days after being embarrassed and now is creeping back because she can' stay offline and she wants people to think everything is fine, just FINE. She could be anywhere.

No. 249254


so maggot is the next Kiki lmao. At this point I hope she won't disappear like Kiki did at some point.

No. 249263

Can you guys stop talking about "You fatty kek kek" /"noooooo wah wah"? It gets annoying and has (almost) nothing to do with Margo.

No. 249272

It's the samefag.

No. 249279

im crying

No. 249284

I made that post and I didnt even replied to anyone who replied to me (idek if i got replied), i got better things to do

No. 249286

Margo deleted the video of this gif from her facebook

She's becoming more self aware

No. 249288

File: 1458074633272.jpeg (54.49 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

What the fuck is this photo?

No. 249289


It's from the Korean language school Christmas party. Both mags and venus were wearing heinous, trashy eastern European style hair extensions for it.

No. 249292

Imagine the huge sigh of relief from the class when Margo never returned for advanced prepositions.

No. 249295

showing off the ol' fivehead

No. 249296


This picture is so surreal. It looks like a picture of a college girl photoshopped to look old. She really needs to stop trying to look young.

No. 249301

File: 1458078551024.png (151.16 KB, 302x495, All-Hearing Ear.png)

More like what the fuck is this ear? Why is it so big?!

No. 249308

her ears are big and stand out more because usually she keeps them covered with her hair

No. 249309

To hear Venus and Manaki better from so far away, my child.

No. 249311


Polaroids are popular because the emulsion and high contrast make people's skin much smoother than it is. It's more like she's a middle aged woman shot with really flattering filters but it's still clear that she's a middle aged woman.

No. 249314


No. 249321

This bitch wants to be a cool & hip teen SO bad. Remember the deleted captions where she said "so what's good?" And she's all "fuckin" this and that "af"? Trying to talk like a badass 16-year-old.

No. 249335

It more like she tryin to get a part in some weird french indie movie that would be played at sundance.

No. 249337

But, you know, her whole story would actually work so well for those kinds of movies. Unless it would be just too unrealistic if presented as art, but the whole idea of selling her daughter as the next kawaii-uguu star, moving around, desperately trying to maintain her youth, losing Venus, going batshit crazy from it…I'd seriously watch this movie.

No. 249343

shut the fuck up about this off topic bull. at the very least, learn to sage.

No. 249352

I was thinking "The Orphan"

No. 249363

I bet maggrot was hoping for a flood of "omg where have you been? I was so worried about youuu!" comments on her IG but it's been crickets

Too bad for marge. The only thing worse than being hated is being ignored (in her twisted little mind) She's gonna have to step up her game. hahaha

No. 249381

I'm surprised she managed not to post on instagram for so long. Then again, considering her finances, her absence may not have been volentary.

No. 249389

Venus is so lucky she didn't get maggots ears and nose. Her dad's genes were able to soften it a little.

No. 249391

I say someone should write it and pitch the script. It could sell!

No. 249440

File: 1458118348467.png (87.09 KB, 779x116, mo8CZrP.png)

Oh dear god in heaven I love this troll

No. 249445

okay I'm in the troll camp on njm.

No. 249451

This is some beautiful shit

No. 249456


It totes worked for princess Di!

God please, I'll be a good girl if maggot starts mailing male youtubers with offers to turn them into good girls.

No. 249458

No. 249459

Ohh that was pretty cute!

No. 249464


They look so much more natural and comfortable with each other now than they ever did with Margendo watching them. I'm so happy for them!

No. 249466

He should've spat the spicy cookies into her mouth like she's a baby bird.

No. 249472

It's amazing how natural she looks and sounds speaking Japanese compared to when she's speaking English.

No. 249473

If English isn't your first language, it tends to be a tough one. All languages have rules, but I found English to have so many exceptions to rules, or shit that just seemed out of line. Many people find it to be a difficult language.

No. 249474

So they're not actually married right? Why did she label it with her boyfriend instead of with her husband?

No. 249475

Also I hate that shitty filter she uses that makes everyone's teeth look meth head yellow.

No. 249480

It's mostly the pronounciation of certain words and sounds that's difficult. I've been speaking English for years but I still can't pronounce the th sound.

No. 249485

Oh man. I really don't like Venus' new hair… it constantly looks greasy as fuck now.

No. 249486

i think she ate like 5 of the spicy ones, but they weren't spicy enough for her because she has an iron tongue. On the other hand, they're actually kinda cute together

No. 249487

She's obviously very into Japanese, so even though her native tongue (Swiss German?) is closer to English, she's much better at Japanese due to practice. Plus her natural manner of speaking sounds better in Japanese. And she has a native Japanese spouse to correct her language.

No. 249488


Why would there be 5 spicy ones when the box clearly states that 2 of them are spicy?

No. 249489

cause 5 was a random number, and I can't read japanese

No. 249491

i agree. but i guess because she never gets the chance to speak with native english speakers? she has been in asia for a few years, and no doubt speaks german or whatever with her mum, who probably teachers her bad english and forces her to do videos like that.

No. 249493

her japanese was pretty good. a little awkward but whatever. if she stays in japan she'll get better. its better than her english

No. 249494

Wait didnt nargendo say mana quit his job to mooch of venus but in the video he clearly says he has to go to work tomorrow

No. 249497

I thought the new video was really cringy, I almost couldn't watch it. Manaki looks like he's a bit camera-shy so he comes out as really uncomfortable and awkward. I think if he keeps making videos with Venus though he'll get over it. But that's just my opinion, not trying to argue here.

No. 249498

Yes, I have noticed it too!

No. 249499

>believing margo's lies

well consider that venus has been making videos for years now and I think for the average person it seems weird to perform in this way. but yeah, he'll probably get used to it eventually

No. 249507


There were so many times Manaki went in/was hovering for a kiss but she just.. doesn't react. Doesn't even hug him to try play it off less awkwardly. I feel kinda bad for him. I hope she shows him some affection off camera at least.

No. 249512

I didn't sense that at all. idk if he would do that bc Japanese are kind of anti PDA

No. 249522

Pretty sure he didn't want to kiss in front of the camera either. PDA is frowned upon in japan

No. 249524

The Video was really cute. I like how natural they are compared to their old videos together.
Manaki keep saying "whatever" cracked me up and Venus japanese sounds really natural.
idc what anyone says this video was adorable as fuck.

No. 249528

I hardly believe her lies but its nice when there is proof.

No. 249546

File: 1458152426803.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1200, TqnPQO4.png)

This part at the end! I'm getting verklempt

No. 249548

Japan has such a giant stick up their arses.

No. 249550


Am I the only one who just doesn't give a single fuck about Venus and her weeb videos with her husband?

Sure, it's cute. But at the same time none of us would care if she hadn't had a bitch mother and big fan base.

I'm cringey at the future jvlogger videos. I still find Venus annoying despite everything. Her and her mother, just no.

No. 249557

all I want is just another maggot breakdown. Maybe she will lose her shit again when her time runs out in Japan.

No. 249558

Same anon. I've been checking here for days hoping for more sweet Margo milk. The wait is driving me insane.

No. 249560

File: 1458155861825.png (41.92 KB, 640x191, Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 3.17…)

venus stans be like

No. 249561

Literally just saw this comment too - I hate when fandoms get like this, it was such a genuine comment too :/

No. 249563

File: 1458156095969.png (190.19 KB, 1380x431, Screenshot_2016-03-16-20-20-22…)

Margo commented on the video

No. 249565


what about maggot being honest about everything and finally making a truth video. At least be honest to your fans ONCE.

No. 249567


Was the comment deleted? I can't find it.

No. 249568

Well obviously the videos themselves have no merit unless you're 12 years old Anon, but in the context of the whole story/drama this one really got me.

No. 249570

how pathetic she is.
I picture maggs in her rented room, clutching her phone and muttering and fuming. We might be in for a meltdown soon!

No. 249572

didn't Margo say Venus took away access to youtube? yet here she is commenting…

No. 249573

Venus stopped Margo's access to the Venus Palermo account, probably. Mags has always had her own account and channel with embarrassing videos.

No. 249574

The yellow teeth aside, Manaki looked pretty cute here. When he was presenting her the kawaii cup I thought that was adorable. He seems sweet.

No. 249575

Didn't Manaki have braces? Looks like he doesn't have them in the vid

No. 249576

You sure this is Margroot's acc and not troll?

No. 249578

don't watch her videos then, idiot?

No. 249580

File: 1458159359575.jpg (86.9 KB, 375x559, MArgePArents.jpg)

im not that anon.
but yes, that is her youtube. I found her old tumblr through there too lots of pics ive never seen before. she hasnt posted in a year.

her dad looks like her ex-husband.

No. 249581

He does, but they're not very noticeable for some reason.

No. 249583


I don't watch them? I just see the stupid screen caps. Pardon me for not butting up to her like the rest of y'all do. I just think even without the doll thing, she's not interesting. Cute and that's it. But obv I'm a salty jelly h8er :^)

No. 249584

File: 1458159504865.png (48.89 KB, 581x124, 9024809283.PNG)

I think this is a troll comment though. Margo's account with her videos hasn't been active for 4 days

No. 249589

boring is what you are

No. 249590

File: 1458160094435.jpg (21.21 KB, 681x140, venusactive.jpg)

yeah, but Venus channel also says active 3 days ago, when she just posted the new video today.

No. 249592


Sorry if I don't think the whole amwf sitting around in cosplay and "oh they are so natural now! kawaii" is amusing.

Big deal. Get over it.

No. 249593

i'm over it but you sure aren't

No. 249594


That's why you never really trust YT when it comes to stuff like this. Views, when someone was active, videos even showing up in subscriptions, etc.

No. 249596

Ah goes to show yt isn't really updating at all then. Still, with the amount of fake accounts surfacing I wouldn't be too surprised if this too was fake, and there's already a lot of discussion in the comments about why Manaki is called her boyfriend in the title instead of her husband.

Can't find the comment though so it could've been deleted…? Honestly it's hard to say without Margo's running IG commentary

No. 249598


I wonder if maybe she doesn't see Manaki as her husband until they have an actual wedding ceremony.

No. 249608

I don't watch her videos either. Venus is annoying, I'm not into cute, she needs to mature het schtick because she comes across as slightly retarded…her mum's always been the one I find interesting. Its like Dance Moms.

No. 249614

It could have been scheduled, and it might not count mobile activity

No. 249616

It can also mean that she logged in 3 days ago, and hasnt logged out. I mean you can stay logged in for quite a while y'know. and also what others have said. scheduled upload.

No. 249620

People log out?

No. 249621

perhaps switching accounts counts as logging out? I know I switch between a couple on a day to day basis

No. 249664

age to post in here is 18. if you are both 18+, you're not acting it right now. shut the fuck about about your petty argument.

No. 249665

she posted on IG days ago with a still from this video. they are scheduled.

No. 249670

I'm a native English speaker and I can barely get "th" right. I was constantly corrected as a child. I might as well pronounce it as "t". It's way easier.

I've heard that English is tough to pick up well. I don't really fault anyone who had trouble after speaking for years.

Since I don't really know much Japanese I can't comment on her ability in that language. but I think her English is understandable enough. But I'm used to lots of accents where I live.

No. 249724

Why is no one addressing this. lol They aren't married?

No. 249728

it's super interesting to me too.

do we truly know the timeline here? I thought Venus left for Korea with the papers still unfiled. maybe they have to restart some process? maybe they'll get married in a ceremony?

No. 249730

If they aren't legally married then how is she staying in Japan? is she just on some sort of vacation visa or something?

No. 249736

File: 1458192973201.png (2.5 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-17-01-34-46…)

So she lives there now?

No. 249738

Looks like low-income housing of some sort, what they call "the projects" in the US. Do they have those in Japan?

Or a homeless encampment, lol. Definitely not high-end accommodations.

No. 249740

Whatever it is, why is she still in japan spending money she doesn't have… on a visa that will expire soon. She's probably planning "to go to the river" soon but she won't she's too narcissistic

No. 249742

maybe it's some cheap airbnb accomodation

No. 249750

She lives in a shack down by the river. While making fun of venus and her husband for having a small kitchen.


No. 249752

I could be wrong, but i think she's appealing to her younger audience by saying "boyfriend" rather than "husband" it sounds better for a video title too imo so that may be why.

No. 249753

So she's basically living in a shack that probably has an outhouse. LOL

Margaret just needs to fucking go back to Europe.

No. 249762

she could be just while they finish the marriage process?

No. 249764

Without all the history and context behind Venus' story the videos aren't very special but if you've kept up with the drama and/or have watched her in the past it isn't insensible to have gotten invested. Its the investment that makes the videos enjoyable. I don't really watch any youtube personalities so it was a small investment of time to watch.

As another anon said Venus is probably choosing to list Manaki as a boyfriend because being married isn't 'cool' or 'cute'. It definitely implies a level of maturity and adulthood her younger fans may dislike (regardless of how comparatively immature Venus would be).

No. 249772

Why is she still in Japan? Why not? She doesn't have a home to go back to. She's been living this vagabond life with her poor kid for years, bouncing around Europe, living in rented rooms and with "host families," belongings in storage…where else is she going to go? She has no life, no home. Might as well shack up where she's landed, I guess. {shrug}

No. 249777

Is life of Eurotrash comrade.

No. 249798

>Looks like low-income housing of some sort, what they call "the projects" in the US. Do they have those in Japan?

Yes, called Danchi, and they sure as shit don't look as rundown as what the loon posted. I also doubt she can rent without having a visa, though she just said "My backyard" which with knowing Mitch probably means "some poor shlubs backyard of whom I'm mooching off of".

No. 249799

File: 1458209985090.jpg (165.46 KB, 800x552, 450981-Large-exterior-view-fro…)

I should clarify that Danchi are not strictly low-income homes like projects in the US are.

No. 249812


Some roach infested gaijin motel, where she hangs her jowls with her homies, until the police rounds them up for ganja possession.

Goddamn it maggot, where is you next chimp out?

No. 249820

Looks like the maintenance shed of a old cemetery to be honest. Maybe one next door to a Denny's. She can lurk in the shed during the day and haunt Denny's at night, asking customers if they are going to finish that parfait.
Margo is a creepy pasta just waiting to be written.

No. 249836

Did anyone see the new stuff from the @stopmargaretpalermo account she posted some new shit margo sent to ferenc its in hungarian though

No. 249837

I don't think that's her backyard.. that's her living room.
She's homeless, So she walks around endlessly to spend her time, Sits inside a denny's when she gets cold, cleans up in public restrooms and now she's found an abandoned shack she can hide in

No. 249838

File: 1458232242739.png (539.45 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-18-01-29-17…)

It got translated

No. 249839

File: 1458232257266.png (498.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-18-01-29-56…)

No. 249841

Lol she is running out of options

No. 249842

I love the subtle implying that Manakinisn't 100% ~full japanese desu~ and this is somehow a bad thing because…reasons.

No. 249843

This is such a random way to insult Manaki but we should know not to expect logic from Magoo lol

No. 249847

I hope they remember how fucking insane she is and don't fall for her pathetic ramblings.

No. 249851

File: 1458235657432.jpg (49.78 KB, 837x580, mana.JPG)

Manaki's (new?) Insta account https://www.instagram.com/manasenpai/

No. 249852

Interesting.. but who posted the original screenshots of the email?? The actual family member? I'm confused.

No. 249853

God I just want to punch the living shit out of Margendo.

Venus is 19 years old, nothing she earns from whatever she does is owed to Margaret, it is infuriating that she cares more about the fact her cash cow is gone instead of the general well being of her own fucking daughter.

No. 249855

File: 1458236394168.png (490.52 KB, 823x411, venus.png)

No. 249862


Isn't this a message to her father? Or am I confused? It seems kinda weird to say 'I of all people wouldn't beat her because I know what it's like' because what is she implying? She could've told her dad her ex beat her, but it doesn't seem like he'd have a great opinion of Venus's dad like he does, so who? Him? And if so, that's kinda a weird thing to say about someone to them when you're begging them for money. Unless she thinks it'll blackmail him into helping her or something, I don't fucking know. It just stuck out to me as odd. Another thing, I wonder if he thought Venus's channel was 'like porn' because Margo made Venus have such clickbait suggestive moments/thumbnails/comments. If I were in his shoes, I think it'd make me feel very uncomfortable for my child to be pimping out my underage grandchild.

No. 249867

She always loves to be racist trash when something doesn't suit her needs while her family is mixed a lot too.

No. 249869

Venus's grandfather was right to be concerned about the YT channel. Just because it was technically not porn doesn't mean it wasn't highly sleazy for Margo to encourage the pedo clickbait stuff.

Again, she is twisting the narrative. Her family seems perfectly fine and normal. If they got upset that Margo refused to follow their religion, she twisted it to mean that they were zealots who abused/disowned her. Typical.

No. 249876

According to aunt Zsusa the grandfather posted this under her Venus' last IG picture and quickly deleted it. This is very suspicious imo, why would he do such a thing? Does this prove the grandfather account was a hack all along? Both of them? Venus can't even speak Hungarian. Apparently it was a reply to a happy birthday message he sent to Margo saying "we still think of you with love".

No. 249877

File: 1458241472110.jpg (67.63 KB, 720x502, _20160317_200400.jpg)

It was posted by maggot's father on his IG, but he deleted it later.

No. 249878

File: 1458241592367.jpg (136.65 KB, 720x1123, _20160317_200202.jpg)

It's quite interesting that maggot's sister is commenting on @stopmargaretpalermo. I guess she's trying to figure out what the hell is going on with her sister and what does she want from their parents.

No. 249879

Are these accounts legit? I'm so confused.

No. 249880

Venus was making more than 10k USD per month according to Margo

No. 249882

I think they are legit, Maggot's dad posted a pic of family's new baby (maggot's young sister son/daughter) and some family pics that are different from the ones on his FB.

No. 249888

Well, maybe she doesn't care about her well-being because there isn't anything to worry about currently. Venus has money and someone supporting her. I guess she logically understands that she's not in harms way—-mainly because she's away from the major source of her distress, her own mother.

No. 249891

You're kidding me, Margo? The same Margo who went on and on about Venus being "manipulated" and "in danger"? She obviously doesn't give a shit. At best she's jealous her daughter has a home while her ass is out cold on the street.

No. 249892

Obviously she likes to make up shit, my point is that she has feigned concern about Venus being manipulated/in danger just to get her bread and butter back. She clearly knows there's nothing to worry about, except her own situation.

No. 249895

I'd wager it's more along the lines of Margo being incapable of really worrying about Venus. She clearly had no setbacks on trying to whore out her daughters to pedos all her life, for instance. We all remember her chimp out when Venus left Korea, she wasn't worried, she was angry. Even while being unsure of her daughters' whereabouts. A lot of anons commented on this if I remember correctly.

No. 249902

Anonymous 7 hours ago No. 249812

Some roach infested gaijin motel, where she hangs her jowls with her homies, until the police rounds them up for ganja possession.

Goddamn it maggot, where is you next chimp out?

Anonymous 6 hours ago No. 249820
Looks like the maintenance shed of a old cemetery to be honest. Maybe one next door to a Denny's. She can lurk in the shed during the day and haunt Denny's at night, asking customers if they are going to finish that parfait.
Margo is a creepy pasta just waiting to be written.

>hangs her jowls with her homies

>asking customers if they're going to finish their parfait

I love you people!

No. 249903

a-are you new

No. 249905

Venus really dodged a bullet there, looks wise. I know many of you say she they look alike but I don't agree. No idea what the dad looks like but Venus got lucky with the genes there.

No. 249906

Can't find the old photo that Magoo posted, but I remember he wasn't awful looking (at least in that picture). I think his genes acted as a sort of temper/moderating influence on her genes lol.

No. 249909

>muh my money run away

blehRG why is she so horrible?

No. 249922

"My daughter won't even just let me drain her bank account! Truly, I am the most aggrived person alive. Now you give me money."

No. 249923

Wtf Venus earned £7500 per month on YouTube BEFORE her channel got signed? I mean Maggot could be bullshitting (as per) but jeez… if not… it's time for me to let go of that last shred of dignity and make a bunch of ridiculous videos. My first: "Eating 100 parfaits!"

No. 249924


Alternatively: "Denny's face mask"

No. 249925

Honestly why doesn't just Margo herself make videos for money? She's so self-centered and narcissistic, why doesn't she think people want to watch her? I mean, she can do the kawaii girl shtick as well as anyone if she was the one controlling Venus for so long.

No. 249927

It's not like she didn't try.

No. 249928

I don't know anything about fitness but aside from the snowflake hair/workout clothes, this is actually isn't bad

No. 249929

Shes showing people how to hurt their knees. She's Squatting straight down instead of slight back,and going way too low.

No. 249931

She finally goes crawling back to he father. How she must have hated to write that message to him to admit she needed help. It's so pathetic how she framed it: "I need help my child is an ungrateful liar, I have done nothing wrong but she married some horrible low life from a race not on the approved register, I have no money and they are going to throw out my Swarovski, please help need more parfait oh and ps happy birthday dad"

Whose idea was it for Venus and Manaki to marry again Margo? Yours!

No. 249932

Well no she didn't really try. This is a one off fitness video, she would have to keep up a constant series or themes. She had a few ASMR videos, gave up on that. She gives up on all her ideas.

No. 249936

what do you mean?

No. 249938

Her form sucks. She's putting all the weight ono her knees instead of her quads/hamstrings. In order to squat properly your head and knees need to be aligned. Also the lower you go depends on what you want to work out.

No. 249940

So according to her #pleasesend$$ letter to daddy the swamp creature has "a plan to get back on her feet" but needs help (i.e. $$) I can't wait to hear more about this. PLEASE SHARE MAGGS

No. 249942

As she said, her knees should be bent no more than 90 degrees. She knows what she should do, but isn't doing it. Instead, her knees are bent more like 70 to 80 degrees, she's sitting DOWN instead of sitting BACK. Her back should be straight but she should be bent forward over her thighs a bit. So less like sitting DOWN in a chair; more like preparing to sit BACK in a chair, but never hitting a resting position. Like chair pose in yoga.

No. 249944

It's like a fucking Nigerian scam email. And n otter that she never ASKED him for shit. She said he can send money to her account (which nite, she still calls "our account" aka venus's old bank account), and then thanked him as an afterthought. She basically informed him that he'll be sending her money. And he responds by saying "uh, I just wanted to wish you happy birthday and send my love." Sounds like they discovered long again the secret to tolerating their problem child: staying neutral, saying I live yiu, and don't get drawn in to whatever crazy she's spinning this time.

No. 249945

* notice, not otter. Fucking phone.

No. 249947

File: 1458255379700.png (699.98 KB, 915x574, Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.54…)

Mags is hinting at a video again. Someone's mad they're not getting attention.

No. 249952

Ugh she should just make the video already. The hype is overwhelming.

No. 249956

One other thing I noticed in the email Mags sent her dad, and his reply: the email address he used uses Margo's first and maiden name. It almost looks like he created a specific email account just for communicating with Margo; I wonder if he's had problems with her sperging out on him in the past and doesn't want his actual inbox plagued with her crazy. He's an older dude who seems proficient in creating accounts (youtube, insta, facebook), but he'll do things like leave comments intended to be DMs (like posting Margo's email complete with her bank account info in Venus's comment section.) Maybe he doesn't know how to have Margo's emails go to separate folder, so he made a specific account with her name in it?

No. 249959

I like that people are only asking silly stuff, nobody is asking about her situation, what happened or what is she going to do for a living kek.

No. 249961

Everyone's blocked

No. 249962


She's blocked everyone but asslickers and blatant troll's she hasn't picked up on yet, like @nicejewishmama. I got tired of making new accounts to call her words and behaviors into action, frankly. I know a lot people like to swear at her and be all edgelord-y, but she actually spills a fair amount of milk if you just ask her direct questions and don't get distracted by her handwaving.

No. 249963

This has been informative. Thanks.

No. 249964

Exactly ^^ Plus people cussing her out, telling her to just die etc. in comments plays into her "I'm being BULLIED waahhh" b.s. AND it induces her few deluded supporters to ride to her defense, which she loves.

No. 249966

Yeah, that's why this is funny, her asslickers are not interested in her life, they just want to know for how long will she stay in Japan or if she preferred Korea and stuff like that. She doesn't realize how ridiculous is to have a "fanbase" that consists in teen weebs that just want to ask about Japan/Korea and not about the ~truth~.

No. 249967

Onision seems like Margo's spirit animal. This woman is bat shit.

No. 249971

Does Marg know he leaked that email? Also, how did he do that? He posted it in a comment on instagram? Or am I mixing up info?

No. 249972

File: 1458259733286.jpeg (288.74 KB, 1265x1029, image.jpeg)

I just saw this comment on Margo Gothel's recent selfie. This NJM person is the greatest.

No. 249973

File: 1458259752760.png (440.61 KB, 1920x1200, 1aMPu05.png)

Meanwhile NJM continues to egg her on… flattering her while trashing manaki and sympathasizing with her (in a different comment) He/she's reeling marg in like a fish, lol. A+++

Oh please margg, follow this expert advice & post some sexxy vids. Pleeeaaassse

No. 249976

File: 1458260204607.png (432.8 KB, 1920x1200, IsPKKvq.png)

the last comment..

No. 249977

>Show us your friend

No. 249978

Most yards in Tokyo look like this. It's a luxury to even have a yard and honestly most of them aren't well maintained, they are typically uses for storage of bikes and other shit.

No. 249979

File: 1458260866693.png (69.36 KB, 407x146, koncznemargo.png)

Wait that's weird. The email is koncznemargo
Is that how her family calls her?

No. 249983

I wonder what he is mixed with. On 2ch, there were already comments speculating he was half. Maybe this is one of the reasons Margaret stopped supporting marriage. Only quarter Japanese babies desu.

No. 249985

That's what I was saying before; that's the email grandpa ferenc was using (margos is a gmail.) I wondered if he set up that email just to coral margos crazy ass emails.

No. 249986

Oh for God's sake, he's not half, and it wouldn't matter if he was. It's just mags being batshit and weirdly racist.

No. 249991

it's probably chinese or korea

No. 249993

Manaki looks like a butt idk why

No. 249994

How do you know? The vast majority if international marriages in Japan are with other Asians, not whites. So many Korean-Japanese, Filipino-Japanese, Taiwanese-Japanese, etc.

No. 249996

How is she being racist though? Lol lets not be so offended just because she mentioned his heritage. He is probably half korean or something (not that it matters)

No. 249997

He's charmingly cute to me in non-filtered pictures. But smoothed out with max brightness he reminds me of Happy Mask Salesman and it's not a great look.

No. 249998

Because she's using it a context where it's a negative. Like he's unworthy and gross because he's a 'half-breed'.
Just like he's unworthy because he's a laborer in a factory, and he's poor, and he's uneducated, and he's a pedophile.

No. 249999

This dad really needs to gtfo from the internet, its clear he doesnt understand how to send private messages kek I sent him a few and he suprisingly replied

No. 250000

no offense but manaki looks like a turd

No. 250001

I dont think Manaki is a good guy for Venus tbh.

No. 250002

Lol people will now think I mde this post
His face is so chubby to the point it reminds me of a butt

No. 250008

Okay Margo.

No. 250011

No. 250012

Sage when you are derailing the thread, Manaki.

No. 250020

Mags is hovering over the comments in her latest instagram photo; she's just happy for the attention and egged people on to ask more. I don't think she'll make another video unless she gets paid. And from her relative silence over the past few days, I suspect fullscreen may have contacted her with a cease and desist (the precursor to legal action; basically a "knock it off, now" note from a lawyer.)

No. 250022


Yeah srsly I was gonna say this "yard" doesn't tell us much about the quality of where she's living, all it tells us is that she's staying at a house with a bit of a backyard area instead of a hotel/large apartment complex

No. 250034

I wonder how the Fullscreen contract was handled, like if they would offer Margo a buyout on her bit which she would then spend entirely on parfaits at Tokyo-area Denny's.

No. 250044

Except Manaki doesn't speak English and

This person writes like a retard just like maggot :) :) :)

No. 250047

Not even talking about the "yard"(lol) the building looks like a shack.

No. 250049

Poor margoo… 5+ hours later and just 21 questions, even after she got on & begged for more. You know she HATES that. Being ignored is worse than death to this freak.

Step it up maggs. Post some nudes.

No. 250056

Unfortunately her venus tirades get her the most attention. And after she was exposed posing like she works for fullscreen, I don't doubt they told her to cut that shit out.

No. 250060

holy shit how accurate.

I'm so disappointed I had to sleep through all this. great vigilance as usual, anons.

No. 250061

Her legs look fairly toned, but that's not anaconda ass, unless she means the actual animal's ass.

And why is she wearing a wig?

No. 250062

Venus has Fullscreen's contact info on her YT, while Margo still has her own personal contact on there.

Margo claimed she signed her 'own channel and the channels she manages' to FS, yet we don't see evidence of that. Venus has a schedule she's keeping and merch on the way. Margo has made no changes to her channel.

Margo may have fantasised about being signed to FS but their either signed her symbolically just to get rid of her, with no intention of actually managing her, or she just lies about being signed.

No. 250064

I think the wig is just so she looks "cooler", same as her (kinda impractical with hood but no sleeves) workout clothes. The gym is empty so maybe she wasn't really working out that time, just got dressed up for this one video.

And yeah she has well toned thighs but her ass seems average in comparison.

No. 250068

She considers the venus_angelic channel her own creation. Hence "her channel" got signed and venus "stole my channel". Even though venus created the channel and the character, created the content, performed, filmed and edited all the videos, and grew her following herself as a young teen before her mom stuck her potato nose in her business and started fucking it all up - but to margo, everything is her hard work and all the money is therefore hers.

No. 250071

Agreed, it sounds like she fantasizes that it's her channel.she may have also signed the contract in lieu of Venue for Fullscreen due to how young Venus was when she started, I'm not sure how their contract system works.

No. 250076


This exactly. The busted old zombie looking cunt didn't gave a fuck about what Venus got up to online until she found out she could milk it like a cashcow.

Her family and grandpa Ferencz probably wanted Venus to be more careful because there are so many creeps and perverts who prey on young girls online, and maggot flipped her shit and was like OMG YOU WANNA TAKE AWAY MY SOURCE OF UNLIMITED MONEY, YOU FUCKIN' BIBLE THUMPERS! HDU! UR BULLYING ME! REEEEE!

No. 250079

the average exterior walls of homes usually aren't very glamorous either to say the least

No. 250088

'She ran off with a black man' would be considered racist, and obviously so. Her comment was intended to paint him in a negative light.

No. 250095

I'm not talking about "glamorous" and this is no "average exterior wall of a home." I see a concrete block foundation with a makeshift porch made of cheap 2x4s with a roof that looks like a bent-up sheet of corrugated metal. And a tiny patch of dirt & rocks with more cinderblocks strewn around and some unknown junk including what looks like a plastic laundry basket. This is some low-rent shit.

No. 250100

anon is right. Just because it may be considered the norm in America, it certainly isn't in Japan.

No. 250101

Well idk most people in Tokyo are lucky to have any form of backyard at all… that is she IS there though of course. I mean they literally have coffin sized appartments that still cost a fortune.

No. 250102

No. 250107

I would assume she's well out of Tokyo and needs to catch trains into the city, also it's probably a complex or something similar. That, or it is a building that has an alley beside it. it's not uncommon in Japan for people to plant trees and grow things wherever possible. Either way, it is still not a very nice building regardless of the plants, the structure itself looks unkempt. I'm almost positive she would be staying in a cheap b&b somewhere.

No. 250108

Sorry, it's late…
I meant a cheap air bnb place.

No. 250109

why am I such a retard.

No. 250121

Nah thats not racist, you're being sensitive.

No. 250125

That's pretty racist, actually. Why else would Margo feel the need to say Manaki was "some nobody, mixed half-Japanese man" if not to paint him in a negative light because of his racial background? Don't be dense.

No. 250128

No. 250129

But in Japan it's insulting, is that right? That's why Margo is saying it.

No. 250130

I can't get through it, too mental. Also added it here for you anon.

No. 250131

Thanks, realised I'd buggered it up just as you posted lol. Yeah it's some weird shit.

No. 250132

The video won't load for me? Like, whatever platform I use, it's not loading. Any ideas?

No. 250134

My side are in orbit, that accent is so fucked up.

No. 250135

I can't tell is she is mad or drank too many redbull.

No. 250137

just go direct to her channel and browse it there anon.

No. 250139

I love the new Venus xD she changed so much XD she became so…normal…lolz

No. 250141

Ugh can't watch, her spazzing out makes me cringe. Can someone tldr what she says later?

No. 250142

She basically says that she's not faking a Japanese accent and people shouldn't expect her to bust out a random accent to appease them. ("Do you think I'd have a sourthern accent whilst living in tokyo?" is about what she said) And that her accent has changed as she's gotten older due to her trying to have better English, but her accent is Swiss German and therefore hard to understand some times.

No. 250149


Why do we care anyway? Even if she was faking an accent. So many people put dumb voices on when they speak Japanese and some don't. Who cares? As long as her husbando understands her and she can get around Nippon okay, that's all that matters. People look too far into things.

No. 250150

She's talking about her English accent not her Japanese accent. Apparently people think she's faking a Japanese accent while speaking English (engrish), and using a higher pitched voice (which tbh I think she has done in the past but she seems to be talking normally after getting away from margo).

Honestly I think it's fine that she's clearing things up a bit, but still, her humor is super weird. The opening segment was hard to watch.

No. 250151

I sometimes get the vibe from her that she tries to stand up for herself but gets nervous to do it probably from how Margo used to treat her, so she uses really weird humor to protect herself from being upset.

No. 250153

This is probably true, powerlevel but I had controlling parents (not on Margo's level) and to this day I have trouble standing up for myself without resorting to self-deprecation.

No. 250154

I like this venus. She's speaking up for herself, which she never did when Margo was still with her.

No. 250161

File: 1458318029978.png (152.42 KB, 375x561, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.18…)

Mags is drunk and on fire, y'all

No. 250162

File: 1458318047653.png (211.5 KB, 423x573, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.18…)


No. 250163

File: 1458318063732.png (178.11 KB, 399x578, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.18…)


No. 250164

File: 1458318094386.png (153.68 KB, 378x567, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.18…)


No. 250165

File: 1458318117180.png (143.6 KB, 376x553, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.18…)


No. 250166

File: 1458318135334.png (162.95 KB, 379x585, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.18…)


No. 250167

File: 1458318164582.png (159.59 KB, 385x574, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.19…)


No. 250168

File: 1458318181685.png (158.18 KB, 385x589, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.19…)


No. 250169


>I'm waiting for her she was raped video

jesus maggot get a grip

No. 250171


samefagging but maggot said she doesn't have much time left with the storage? So does it mean her stuff will be threw away when she can't take it back?

No. 250173


She means it was close to the date of her monthly storage payment, I think. Like, she thinks Venus purposely chose the date of her leaving so Marge couldn't pay the storage bill that month with Venus's bank account.

No. 250176

hearing Venus swear is kinda hilarious

No. 250177

It is, haffus get bullied their whole life, denied jobs, etc.

No. 250178

Is that? Some VenusAngelic sarcasm? lol her tone in this video is like "you guys are dumb stop commenting about this"

No. 250179

Lel she is being so autistic (like always)

No. 250188

Yes, being annoyed that people pick on you for your accent is autism. No normal person could ever feel that way.

No. 250192

Ah shit, the @stopmargaretpalermo account got taken down. I think we have most of the screen caps here, but there are a few - mainly the screenshot "proofs" in German between mags and venus, and the Hungarian email mags sent her dad - that I don't think we're anywhere else. Hopefully that person can start a new account or post them elsewhere.

No. 250193

It's the way she brings out that message.

I think I'm going to unsubscribe she is doing well now, I only subscribed because I felt sorry for her but now she is being kawaii and retarded again yawn

No. 250194

It must be pretty confusing for her to go from nonstop pressure to a breath of fresh air and then suddenly she's back in Margo's grip. The constant threat of her mom just showing up and knowing where she is every second of every day has gotta be making her crazy.
I think she's trying to find the best way to stay happy but she's so upset and frustrated she doesn't have anything to do but make bad jokes trying to pretend she's okay (which comes off as unfunny or cringey)

No. 250196

Had to turn the volume down all the way but the beginning me laugh.

Unrelated to the video but I like that she's embracing the fact that she has lips now and not concealing the shit out of them anymore.

No. 250197

What the fuck. I didn't think it could top outright calling Venus a mistake.

No. 250198

You call that lips? I cant see 'm although I do see that she is embracing her potato piggy nose

No. 250200

Samefag here I also spot her nasolabial folds, it seems the palermos do not age very well.

No. 250204

Momagers are better than managers tbh (if they are good mothers)

No. 250206


Is it a rule on lolcow where we can't go one thread without mentioning nasolabial folds and potato noses? smh she looks fine… it's just a normal nose and normal lines on her face that appear when she makes expressions, nothing abnormal.

No. 250212

Don't reply, just be happy they saged their terrible post.

No. 250231

hahaha oh marggs, she saw venus' new video and that put her over the edge…she erupted just like I knew she would. Her pattern is soo predictable.

Keep doing you, margol…never change. You are the gift that keeps giving. Like herpes.

Margol 4EVER!!!

No. 250234

I crown thee Margo, Queen of cows. Bow down before Queen Margooo

No. 250236

Gtfo newfag thats pt

No. 250241


Never besmirch the name of the true queen. Margo can be the evil godmother or something. The terror that lurks beneath your Dennys table.

No. 250242

Oh wow she acts so weird here, I get she's trying to look happy/quirky/cheerful with a bit of sarcasm, but I think she is very exasperated and frustrated, probably not just because of the accent/voice thing, but about everything.
I don't know, I get the vibe she's at the edge of a meltdown, like she's tired of all the bullshit she has received over the years. And she's frustrated bc it was basically maggot's fault. Growing up being super criticized and receiving creepy and harsh comments because your mom "pushed" you to act in a certain way to earn $ must be emotionally horrendous.

This girl needs professional help and counseling right now.

No. 250243

File: 1458329462975.png (788.22 KB, 880x690, ew.png)

>waiting for her she was raped video (…) cancer (…) divorce (…) entertaining

jesus fucking christ

No. 250244

She always acts weird she inherited the autism from Margo

No. 250246

Lol crazy mother crazy daughter they should be BFFs

No. 250247

Yeah but it was a different kind of weirdness, in this video she acts weird in a worrying way, like I can imagine her crying after filming it for some reason, idk.

No. 250249

Yessss precious…we hates the veenos…it burns usss..it hurts usssss…evil veenosss

No. 250250


No. 250251

We live in a world where Margo could be managing PT in a year or so, just imagine the possibilities.

No. 250252

>She was kidnapped by Manaki! He is abusing her!
>My daughter was a mistake, I don't want to see her again
> Manaki is poor! Come back home to your mother!
>She was abusing me, killed her animals, has an ED and is an asexual alcoholic
>Vinys come back! My things are in storage! Please think about your family
>I never want to see her again, I'll wait until she gets raped

…so how long until Margo changes her mind AGAIN from this outburst and wants to see V again? She keeps going back and forth between hatred and wanting reconciliation.

No. 250254

She doesn't have autism, have you never heard of sarcastic parodies?

No. 250256

oh because before this video she was very normal. Okthen.

No. 250260

>never want to see her again, I'll wait until she gets rapes
Maggot's english really sucks so things can get taken out of context but she probably meant that she cant wait for Vi to make more "fake videos".

t. I have a Russian mother

No. 250265

With the dark hair she reminds me of a young Nina Hagen. lol

No. 250268

Oh fuck, this is really awkward. Still kinda cute. I don't even know anymore. Feel like she's getting more authentic, though.

No. 250270

sorry for the personal blog shit but I just have to tell you guys I've been in the pits of hell emotionally but these threads always get laughs out of me. thank you all tbh /end hugbox

No. 250271

No. 250274

maggoo not gone be happy when she wakes up & reads her IG comments. Will she go dark & sulk for a few days or have more rage eruptions? Stay tuned…

No. 250275

Anon I think everyone replying got what she meant, but it's still a very awful thing to say.

I still can't believe I was surprised that ol' Mug would say that though. I've let it sit for a while, at this point for me she's on the same level as Onision.
Can't wait for her to start claiming it's ~juss black comedy~ ~only offensive humor 4 laughs guiz~ instead of her current method of deleting and saying everyone takes her out of context.

No. 250277

File: 1458335298887.gif (423.43 KB, 250x179, tumblr_m08gx7IaV41qffb31o1_250…)

No. 250279

Stop already.

No. 250280

I don't think she's that smart. Plus she's too blinded by her rage to be that objective.

No. 250282

Fuck off. No one gives a fuck if you don't like her or her nasolabial folds. Unsubscribe like you said you would and go outside. You're being annoying.

No. 250284

Are you new?

No. 250286

Relocate to /cgl/ if you're gonna turn this thread into a personal catfight and not even sage. You bitches have no self-control.

No. 250287

She's so fixated on insisting that her daughter is a psychopath and keeps going into it. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if an actual psychiatrist themselves diagnosed Maggot as the true psychopath. God, I hate this bitch.

No. 250288

I miss this Venus

No. 250289

I never understood why she straightened her hair even though its already straight but ok

No. 250290

Ok enough nostalgia

No. 250293

My guess is because when you bleach hair, your hair texture can change. Since Maggot was always the one bleaching her hair to hell and back again, it probably got so damaged that it looked frizzy so she had to straighten it to smooth it out. Of course, if Maggot weren't so convinced that she's better than a professional cosmetologist, her hair probably wouldn't have been so abused.

No. 250299

>I hate it when people think hairdressers are artists or something, I mean yeah those who do celebrities are but the average hairdresser knows as much as a beauty guru on youtube.

I don't know which hair dressers on YouTube you've been watching but the ones I've seen are the worst. Putting 40 volume developer into the bleach when their hair is a level 8, using boxed bleach, putting the bleach all over the hair instead of the regrowth and of course, Jillian. Not the type of people I'd go to for hair advice, especially chemical services.

No. 250301

I deleted my post because it reminds me of a hell discussion on /g/, forget what I said

No. 250304

Dude you're talking out of your ass right now. Like yea some hairdressers can have shitty skills but you do realize that hairdressers have access to higher quality products and can change the strength of the bleach/developer based on the clients hair type, where as box bleach is one size fits all and often comes at the strongest intensity (30 or 40 vol. developer)? There will be damage no matter how you bleach your hair, but you're dumb as shit if you think there is no different between a box bleach and a salon dye job.

Sage for off topic.

No. 250305

I didn't respond to you, but I wanted to thank you before the people who haven't refreshed start responding to your deleted post with rants.

No. 250306

is it just me or does margendo sound like a 13 year old girl who just got dumped?

No. 250307

EWWWW she does
I can't unsee this

No. 250311

Oh my god, she does. LOL

No. 250312

No. 250313

File: 1458339909333.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x549, IMG_20160318_162343.jpg)

10min guys…

No. 250314

No. 250315


everybody plz gets ready to safe everything that happens. It better be GOOD.

No. 250317

it's the final countdownnn tudududu

No. 250320

Time's up maggot! C'mon, you married a swiss! Punctuality!

No. 250322


No. 250323

I've downloaded it by mistake lol

No. 250324


No. 250325

dl for safety reasons

No. 250326


No. 250327

her pronunciation is so bad. it's giving me a headache

No. 250328


No. 250329

File: 1458340956294.jpg (59.89 KB, 500x378, ENTHUSED.jpg)

No. 250330

I wonder if she added some Vicks under her eyes to pull at our heart strings with those red eyes.

No. 250331


maggot looks so done lmao

No. 250332

Anyone got a summary? Can't currently watch

No. 250333

This, I thought this would be interesting. Blah penis and maggot are so 2012, they are both so uninteresting now actually.

No. 250334

her comment

>In 2010 she browdcasted on Niconama, a Japanese site. He saw her. At that time, she was 13 but he decided to watch her online steps from that time on.

2013, end of August she was modeling. She tweeted:
I will be in Disneyland on 01. September.
Reading this, he went to Disneyland and waited for 4 hours to see her. Unfortunately the sun blended her, so she couldn't see him. She was forbid to talk or to take photos, so that was a short and not even real meeting.
He kept liking her tweets and generally following her online.

We came to Japan in December 2014. She tweeted where she would go to see Christmas lights in the evening. He saw that tweet and came to that place. It was in Tokyo Plaza Omotesando. He had a little present for her, a small bear made of crystals. They talked and he thanked me. At first impression I thought he is a nice guy, and was happy for her. A few days after Christmas 2014 they went to a cat cafe for a date where they decided to be a couple.

They went on a few dates after that, unfortunately she was not happy with his avances. She complained to me a lot about him. She then broke up with him after just 2.5 months of dating, early March.
Her complains she told me:
His kisses are disgusting.
His hands are disgusting.
The dates are boring, he has no plan what to do, I guess he doesn't want to spend for me.
We went to McDonald's for a date, I don't like that.
He doesn't put on glasses, I told him about my glasses fetish, but he doesn't listen.
He always stares at my butt, I feel uncomfortable.
(Note: then don't be in a relationship).
He is a softie and boring.
He brings the wrong presents.
He has no style, no personality.

The relationship went from Christmas 2014 until early March 2015, 2.5 months only when she broke up with him. That was when the ex-boyfirend tag started to circulate.
After 3 months being separated from him, mid June 2015 they again became a couple.

While in Japan we went to Japanese Language school to study Japanese, and two big companies asked for working visa for us, but there is no such visa possibility like for youtuber.

In August she told me to ask him if he wants to marry her, which I did. He told me, that he was not yet thinking about that, but we decided to talk about it all together. We met on 2nd August, and all agreed, so I went with her the Hungarian Embassy on 13. August to receive her documents certifying she is able to marry. On 23. August 2013 we met his parents in a cafe in Harajuku, and on 24th August 2015 she and he signed marriage papers, which he gave the city hall the following day.
I secretly expected him to officially propose to Venus, which he didn't, so there was no proposal and no ring. That was something I didn't like but I kept it to myself. I still happily told people on instagram that they married. People started to gratulate on their marriage, and some also asked where is the ring.

We left Japan, dropped in in London for some things to pick up, that was when we visited Paris, because the flight Tokyo-Paris is cheap, then we take the bus Paris-London and save hundreds of bucks, I figured. Travelled by bus at nighttime, visited Paris in the daytime. Smart plan, I guess. The refugee crisis affected our travel though, we waited 7 hours on the bus just to cross the border, just to get on the ferry from Calais.

After that we arrived in South Korea, waiting to return to Japan, but after a month she told me that there is a typo mistake in one of the marriage-ability documents we received from the Hungarian Embassy and therefore their marriage can not be registered. At that time she decided that she doesn't want to marry because she thought she is too young, but wants to study instead. I still insisted at the Embassy to send me the right papers, just in case there are new mind changes in near future. I received the corrected document early November 2015. She then again changed her mind and told me, that we should send back the paper. I sent it back EMS on 02. December 2015.
Their marriage was registered on 25th December 2015, so I was told.
But on 29th December she went out with the best friend of my friend after having a drink too much and was his girlfriend for 2 weeks.

January 16-17: He came to my home in Seoul, took pictures with me, I invited him to BBQ. After that weekend her behavour changed. I don't know the reason, but she sounded different. She then told me: he talked so manipulative! I want to divorce!
I then again got angry about him, and thought it will be the best if they just cut it really.
She then paid $3000 for her studies in Korea and told me he agreed to divorce. On the 1st February we paid $150 to apply for her visa extension.
My nerves couldn't even calm, on 3rd February she disappeared from home.
That far about her marriage story.

After that I also found out, that though I was helping all the time with the marriage papers and basically I asked him to marry her, she chatted to him telling him:
Let's keep this secret from mother.

There was no ring, no proposal, no fiesta, but betrayal, complaining and break ups. If he suddenly buys her a ring it's basically from her earnings.

No. 250335

Oh god her nose is offensive.

No. 250336

She posted her script almostnword for word in her youtube comment, see here to read:

No. 250337

Venoos unfortunately inherited it along with the rest of her face

No. 250339

>He doesn't put on glasses, I told him about my glasses fetish, but he doesn't listen.


No. 250340

It has a cleft and it makes me uncomfortable.

No. 250341

>He doesn't put on glasses, I told him about my glasses fetish, but he doesn't listen.

Would Venus even say something like this lol

No. 250342

She sounds like a typical drunken eastern european hobo

No. 250344

the crimson nose

No. 250345

Exactly thats why I said she sounds like a drunken hobo.

No. 250346

there's so many random details I DON'T CARE ABOUT MARGO

No. 250347

She's pretty good at sounding like a nice, concerned mother in the video. However, all her bullshit on IG proves she isn't a nice, concerned mother at all. She has a talent in manipulation.

No. 250348

The rest was all bullshit but the fact that manaki is a creep is probably true

No. 250349

>She has a talent in manipulation.
Are you retarded?

No. 250350


I like to forget how bad the accent of maggot is.


omg when did she said this? I couldn't understand.

No. 250351


Mayo is classic borderline with narcissistic and histrionic overlap. Yeah, Venus is a bit weird, but can you blame her? Growing up with that flapping cunt must have been terrifying.

>my daughter is bullying me

>she's a psychopath

>I never want to see her again! (but I won't stop bitching about her not financing my useless life, waaaaaaah!)

>I hope she gets raped, with her halfbreed mongrel pedo blue collar low class kidnapper!

If mayo were my mother, I'd legitimately look at options to kill her and get away with it.

No. 250352

That's the thing about NPD/BPD parents, they're supremely talented at acting normal in front of other people

No. 250353

she saw them in bed, even tho they weren't doing anything bad and she took a picture just because it was wrong (in her mind).
that's so disturbing tho! why would u even take a pic in first place LOL

No. 250354

Of course you would. You don't discuss your fetishes with your mom? Kek.

No. 250355

It's true, she's been trying to manipulate things in her favor this entire time, she's been manipulating venus for years. I didn't say it was a good thing at all, I said she' good at it.

No. 250356

>He doesn't put on glasses, I told him about my glasses fetish, but he doesn't listen.
>"Beenos is an ASEXUAL violent animal abusing aspie."

Marg, not that anyone believes this, but by your skewed definition of what an asexual person is means this shit doesn't add up.

No. 250358

No she wasnt good at it. Thats why you're retarded. Venus just went along with it because she is her daughter.

No. 250359

yeah this is what I don't get, as much as I try to understand her actions. Why not talk to your daughter about her actions instead of getting blackmailing material.

No. 250360

>I hope she gets raped, with her halfbreed mongrel pedo blue collar low class kidnapper!
She is crazy but she did not say that. The rape part I mean.

No. 250361

I really dislike her as a person but I do like how clear and unemotional that video was. I expected much more drama.

No. 250362

She saw them in bed and thought about taking a picture to send it to her husband.
That's so messed up

No. 250363

THIS EXACTLY. SHE NEEDS TO CLOSE ALL OF HER ACCOUNTS, in a year everyone will forget about her anyways. This all could have been prevented if she didnt try to be the cool mom on the internetz.

No. 250364

Why was venus in bed with another man?! Lol

No. 250365

We don't even know for sure it was her, it was the back of her head so it could have been anyone in a wig.

No. 250367


The thing with cluster B personality disorders is that they will twist people's words and you have to tell them what they want to hear or they'll blow up at you.

Moggot very likely suggested all those things to Venus, Venus had no choice but to agree, and then in Maggot's head it got turned into "Weenoos was the one who said this."

I don't believe a single word of what Mayo said, she's crazy and needs some time in a nuthouse.

No. 250368

Gee it's almost as if there's a word for using someone as a puppet and then guilting them into staying due to your relationship with said person.

No. 250372

If what Margo said in the video about Venus pretending to be all like "I hate Manaki, I want a divorce!" barely two days before leaving is true, then that means Venus was willingly stringing her mother along by saying what she wanted to her and dropping down her guard. Fucking kek. Margo's been played like a fiddle.

No. 250373

Well, the spirit was more or less the same. She basically said that now that Venus has run away from her, Venus is going to end up getting cancer, raped, etc.. and she's going to wait for Venus to vlog about it

No. 250374


No. 250375

I thought she was implying that Venus would lie and say she was raped/had cancer/whatever for attention because she's a liar. Because she lied about Margendo abusing her.

Except there's actual evidence of Marg being a psycho who would abuse her kid, so it's pretty easy to believe.

No. 250376

By your logic, every kid in the world must have autism.

No. 250377

Thats exactly what she meant.

No. 250378

stop anon you spooped me

No. 250379

God she's so fucking ugly

That penis nose needs to go

No. 250380

Nah just maggot and venus

No. 250381

She was so calm it was creepy. I even started to believe some things, up until the part where she took a picture of her daughter in bed with another dude JUST to blackmail her. She says it like its so normal. like I said, her calm is freaky. plus I think she looks hung over.

No. 250382


LMAO thought the same but let's hope it's just the wind and not a psycho roommate.

No. 250383

It makes me uncomfortable

No. 250384

I fucking CALLED IT that venus' husband was creepy and all of you faggots were too caught up in her splitting off from margo to realize it and tried to make him out to be some sort of savior Prince charming figure instead.

No. 250385

Did anyone else catch that other voice in the middle of the video? She's definitely at a hostel.

No. 250386

Idk if you're being sarcastic but I srsly think Manaki is a creep as well and I dont think their relationship will last but margo is really toxic, maybe she can see her again in 5 years after intensive therapy.

No. 250387

She is at me home I was peekin' a bit hun

No. 250388


No. 250389

>>He doesn't put on glasses, I told him about my glasses fetish, but he doesn't listen.

>>While in Japan we went to Japanese Language school to study Japanese, and two big companies asked for working visa for us, but there is no such visa possibility like for youtuber.

That's because you HAVE NO EDUCATION

>>She then again changed her mind and told me, that we should send back the paper.

?????? Who would send them back? Idiot

Uh no, you weren't the only one who knew this, you dumb shit. Most of us just think rather him than Margo.

No. 250390

Margos a nut no doubt but I like to believe there's some maternal instinct there that makes her care about her daughter somewhere deep within the crazy.

Manaki is literally a racial fetishist stalker weirdo. I have no idea why people were so quick to kiss his ass.

No. 250391

Almost everything she said doesn't make sense, her Nico stream was made in 2011 (proof > http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co1144186) and Manaki didn't have any accounts until September 2012 but this doesn't change that Venus was a nobody until she went viral in 2013 for her shitty tutorials.

No. 250392

her mouth is so disgusting, it's like a turtle's

No. 250393

I thought I was the only one, Anon. Be prepared to get scolded though, the girls here love Mana-tan ^~^

No. 250395

KEK she went viral in 2011 newfaggotu desu

No. 250396

>Uh no, you weren't the only one who knew this, you dumb shit. Most of us just think rather him than Margo.

Why? She has no long term future in Japan and no long term future with a guy whose relationship started as a result of creepy stalking.

The reason I don't doubt for a minute that margo is actually telling the truth on this occasion is because it's such a common story heard here and everywhere about Japanese guys who are really into these western YouTube attention whores. Guy stalks her from her social media, tries to buy affection with gifts etc. Beckii, sharla etc so many white girls have had this experience. It doesn't surprise me for a second.

Is stalking just like… Socially acceptable in Asian societies or something?

No. 250397

Ugh. Yellow fever again… The guy isn't even good looking.

No. 250398


Malignant personality disordered people specialize in fake charm; some are better at it then others. But in the end, they can't hide the level to which they do not feel feeling for others. They have a weird, alien, almost reptile-like affect. Margo just straight up doesn't realize that preparing potential blackmail against your kid is horrific. She doesn't have the emotional capacity. She knows she wants people to pay attention to, adore, and give her things, she doesn't understand how shit like this makes her look psychotic.

No. 250399

>believes Margo

No. 250400

I asked this bitch a legit question, nothing aggressive and she didn't even answer it LOL

This video is pretty boring. It's just the same lies she has always thrown around in her Instagram posts. This isn't going to help her case, it'll just remain stagnant.

No. 250401


And cool your yellow fever.

No. 250402

Seems like you talk about yourself nbecause there were no articles about her until 2013, newfag.

No. 250403

Believing what the festering maggot says… By that logic, Venus is the abuser, Venus bullies her and Manaki totally brainwashed her.

No. 250404

Maybe she just likes him after all? I don't think he's the only guy that liked her and tried to reach her.

No. 250405

File: 1458344110876.jpg (67.18 KB, 634x466, milk.jpg)

Fuck just drinking my morning coffee and Margo is off and running. Thanks Margo.

No. 250406

There is absolutely no way you guys would be defending Manakis creepy behaviour if it were a western guy who did it. And that's a fact.

No. 250407

No. 250408

What else was she supposed to do? She has no support system and no education. Become a prostitute? Stay with Margo and hop from country to country for the rest of her life?
Nah, she did the smart thing. She had a chance to get away from her insane mother, and she took it. No sane individual here expects them to be happy together 5ever, but Manaki seems to be beta af so if she takes advantage of him a little bit maybe she can finish school and save enough cash to eventually live on her own.

For the last time: Someone like Venus does not have the emotional or financial resources to just leave and be a strong independent womyn one day.

No. 250409

Proof for any creepy behaviour or gtfo

No. 250410


No. Just no. If you've been lucky enough never to know someone like Margo I'm glad for you - but without sageing for personal shit I know Margo too well. She doesn't give a FUCK about Venus as a person. She doesn't recognize Venus as a person separate from herself. Venus was a burden to Mags right up until Margo realize the profits to be made, and then Venus was USEFUL to Margo and nothing more. That's what this whole "ran of with MY monies!1!" thing is. You don't leave a narcissist without punishment. Margo has realized that Venus isn't crawling back any time soon, so she's going full scorched earth and trying to destroy Venus's reputation and business as punishment for not being Margo's source of attention, money, and feeling of power anymore.

No. 250411

Agreed - ultimately they are a trio of weirdos.

No. 250412

What if Margo drugged Venus so Venus would sleep with that other guy?

I don't think Venus would choose on her own to just sleep with a random especially when she was with Manaki. I think either Margo drugged her or gave her so much to drink that she did it.

No. 250413

Go home. Go back to school. Slowly gain independence from her mother while gaining some sort of foundation to build up a real independent revenue stream that isn't as fragile and short lived as this one.

No. 250414

Dont forget Yukapon!

Why didn't Margo block Manaki? Isn't she good at blocking people?

No. 250415


No. 250416

I hate maggot but gtfo or receipts, enough of this bullshit.

No. 250417

But it would make no sense for Margo's bf to break up with her only for Venus sleeping with his best friend.

Considering that Margo thinks that she is one with Venus, it is likely that she was the one who actually slept with the best friend and the breakup would make sense.

No. 250418

Maybe Margo broke up with him herself and just lied about it. Or maybe she slept with him that makes sense too

No. 250419

It baffles the mind why farmers, who are as well acquainted with the pathologies of asiaphilia and what they do to the cows posted about daily here and elsewhere, could doubt for a minute that venus is just another weeb whose "adventures" in Japan will end in tears.

When did we get taken over by actual yellow fever faggots who are jealous of the cows instead of mocking them?

No. 250420

Jealous of what? Manaki is ugly as sins

No. 250421


Creepy as in marrying his girlfriend of over a year? Creepy as in supporting his wife by acting as a go-between for his wife to protect her from her crazy mother? Explain.

Creepy is Margo's lizard brain calculating ways to blackmail and detroy her daughter for the crime of moving in with her husband and not letting Mags leach off her paychecks anymore. Creepy is posting thirsty nudes in an airport bathroom after you stalk your daughter to a foreign country after luring her to the airport, trying to get her arrested for theft, and then assaulting her until airport secretly has to peel you away. Creepy is telling the world your daughter is an asexual & slutty (?) / animal abusing / autist / thief / psychopath who needs to come home immediately, except she never wants to see her kid again, she just wants her kid's money.

I think you might not understand what creepy means.

No. 250422

someone was reposting a chunk of that material to kiwifarms, so some will survive there I guess.

No. 250423

Lol, what home? Home to Margo? She doesn't have any family she could go live with. And how is she supposed to save cash, gain independence or even control over her life with a controll freak like Margo? We've seen how Margo managed ever ysingle aspect of her life, youtube and financial accounts, do you think she would have ever accepted Venus gaining independence?

I don't think Manaki is the japanese kawaii husbando God desu ne, but it was still the best option she had. You'd have to be delusional to think Margo would have ever let go of Venus voluntarily, or would have let her gain the slightest of independence if she hadn't run away.

No. 250424


I seriously hope nobody believes this. This isn't even yellow fever anymore, just plain low standards.

No. 250425

>"ve olveys been a teem"
>takes pictures of her daughter in bed with a man

yeajj ok

No. 250426

Meh. You'll see in time. Your love of the chinamans cartoons has clearly slowed your mind.

No. 250427

You cannot even laugh at Venus or Manaki without assblasted people telling you that you are salted etc..

No. 250428

How old is she? Better to save up what she has, go back to school at home even if it means living with her mother and THEN moving out when she has actual foundational security. Right now she has nothing long term.

Mark my words. This Japanese husband thing will not end well.

No. 250429

>Go home
What is home? Switzerland? Tenerife? England? The Netherlands? Japan? Korea? She does not have a home.

>Go back to school

Once again, where? How is she supposed to organise all of this behind the back of her mother? She does not know shit about the real world.

>Slowly gain independence

Yeah, slowly. And what is she supposed to do in the meantime? Who can she rely on for support until she is able to function?

I hope you understand that she is likely thoroughly psychologically damaged and has no fucking idea how to even be normal.

Regular kids with psycho moms have a hard time adjusting, Venus does not even have a fucking life. She has no skills, no education, no family, no friends, zero.

No. 250430

But who took the pic then?

No. 250431


>Mark my words. This Japanese husband thing will not end well.

I don't want to be mean anon, but I hope you are wrong.

No. 250432

I can't tell if this comment is joke or if you're underage.

No. 250433

You're an idiot.

No. 250434

Seems like you missed the part where Margo got all of Venus's banking data and if Margo ever wanted her to go to school she would have sent her there instead of traveling all over the world like if Venus was some attraction in a private circus.

No. 250435

Or do it the Leah Dizon way! That means that she will do exactly what you are advicing but this will happen after 5 years of living kawaii in Japan!

No. 250436


What the fuck. Venus should go back to the woman who physically abused her and lives off her income? Just because YOU decided you know aaaalllll about her husband, and trust Magoo's every word? And even if shit didn't work out for Venus in her marriage, go back to being abused and handing her cash over to a fucking psycho?

Christ, you are dumb.

No. 250437

I'm fairly certain they own property in Switzerland.

She'll have to grin and bear it with her mother in the mean time. Better that than staying with a Japanese racial fetishist "husband" who met her by stalking her through social media.

No. 250438

They got plenty of tripods.

No. 250439

Oh this is a good point tbh. Although as a poorfag I'd have a much better life if my mum did that lel. First world problems are different than third world problems I guess. I saged this post so dont complain

No. 250440

If he looked like a creep/stalker it was Margo fault to let this happen anyway.
She wanted to take advantage of him aswell, and it went out of her hands. So now she "exposes" everything, to make it look like a stalker kidnapped her daughter. She will never admit she failed as mother.

No. 250441

>I'm fairly certain they own property in Switzerland.
Not possible without swiss citizenship.

No. 250442

I'd physically abuse my daughter too if she was a weeb

No. 250443

I don't know everything about her husband. I just know that Margos description of his behaviour is totally characteristic of the sort of behaviour of Japanese men who chase after white girls. Look at yukapon, look at beckii, look at sharla.

Japanese men aren't some sort of gold standard anon.

No. 250444

Haha this.

If this girl had had a dad or strong mom around to slap the weeb out of her when she was young she'd be normal.

No. 250445

Is Venos half japanese? She looks Japanese

No. 250446

Might as well hurt yourself in the process since Margo raised her to be that way.

No. 250447

Does this mean Margo likely took pictures, or worse, filmed her supposedly sexual encounter with her boyfriend's best friend while wearing one of Venus' wigs? Did she set up the tripod and then dress like Beenus and go into bed with a passed out man?

No. 250448

Why? What does Manaki actually do to her? Only liking her because she is white? Buying her gifts? Oh em gee, how abusive. Clearly staying with her mother is the better choice. Maybe she'll throw another knife at her head and accidentally kill her, but at least she won't fetishize her… oh wait she already has for the last 5 years of her life.

No. 250449

I doubt that she would have turned a weeb if it wasn't for her mother being a weeb in the first place. I still remember how they said in an interview how Margo raied Venus "japanese".

No. 250450

If you can't see why a relationship based on racial fetishes and social media stalking probably isn't a strong foundation then I'm not sure what to say to you.

You may as well defend white guys and their Thai brides too.

No. 250451

>grin and bear it

You're fucking stupid. Any longer with that woman and Venus would have been psychologically broken forever. Staying any longer with maggot would have likely made her kill herself. I can't believe how stupid you are.

No. 250452

>Margos description of his behaviour is totally characteristic of the sort of behaviour of Japanese men who chase after white girls.

what exactly did he do wrong? he came to her fashion event and something else in japan when she posted about going there on twitter. he talked to her in private while still in a public place. he gave her a teddy bear gift. they went on a date. seems like normal behavior, i mean what the fuck do you want him to do? if he is too passive you will say he's a dummy beta, and if he is too aggressive you will say he's fetishizing venus

No. 250453


Did I say one fucking word about Japanese men? No, learn to read. I said you don't know shit about her marriage, whether it's positive or negative; and that going back to an abusive parent (particularly one as toxic as mags) is a non option for any sane person. No one's fantasizing about some perfect husbandu fantasy - you're the only one who brought it up, in fact.

Margo is batshit and toxic and entertaining. Venus makes videos and is married. No part in that touches on some weird ass idea about perfect japanese husbands (or perfect husbands of any nationality.)

No. 250454

>reptilian look
>lizard brain
>mouth like a turtle
^^ Yes, yes and yes
plus- beady bloodshot little eyes, darting around. Like a toad sitting on a rock looking for a stray insect flying by. out shoots the tongue and *thwappp! yummm

No. 250456

Replicate the behavior of a guy following a 15 year old girl around from her social media channels and trying to hook up with her that way and apply it to a white dude. Does it still seem normal?

Like I said. This relationship isn't going to last. It's going to damage her even more in the long run since its more wasted time on top of what will probably be a painful divorce.

You people are just autistic. These weeb "relationships" never work out. One would think you were capable of basic pattern recognition by now.

No. 250457

I remember that. People here like to think Venus being a weeaboo is her own fault when she was groomed to be that thanks to being raised by one.


No. 250458

Lol. This is not about the relationship. It's about a chance, any chance, to escape from an abusive environment. I don't know how to spell it out for you to make you understand.

I do not expect them to be happy together 5ever. I do not care why they are dating.

I do not think it matters if the relationship lasts.

Manaki was her only chance at having a semi-decent life because she has nothing. No skills, no family, no support network.

She was smart for taking that chance/taking advantage of him. If she is smart she will use him until she is able to support herself. This is all that matters, not whether what they have is ~tru luv~

No. 250459

Oh yeah her eyes! The last part of the video where she sort of squints while talking creeps me out, she looks so cunning there.

No. 250460

Haha I love this "Manaki saved her just in time" crap.

God damn it /pt/ stop watching shitty j dramas.

No. 250461

One thing from the video that was not in maggott's written manifesto of delusion: "Venoos changed her mind about the marriage. Told me she wanted to stay with ME because I take such good CARE OF HER." Yeah sure maggot. That totally happened. {{{eyeroll}}}

No. 250462

File: 1458345839155.png (439.87 KB, 1203x774, Screenshot from 2016-03-18 19:…)

No. 250463

Here's what I'd do in venus' situation.

- Save as much money a possible. Using the ugly creep if necessary.
- Find a course and prepare to study for it. Get preparatory exams if necessary.
- In a year go back to wherever she has citizenship.
- Apply to a university there and apply for bursaries and grants, she would actually get them if it's as dire as it seems.
- Get a job and marry some average white guy.
- actually end up happy like most reformed weebs (see applemilk) who followed this process.

No. 250464

this is exactly it.

This cunt is literally so awful that even running away to marry a beta creep stalker is a better option than staying with her.

No. 250465

>its about a chance
>any chance
Are you sure? Lol

No. 250466

I HOPE the relationship wont last. Poor venus will regret losing her virginity to him but therapy will manage that.

No. 250467

This. This is what people don't get. There is no way I would ever advocate marrying some idiot you haven't even known for a year and dropping everything to run away with him, but if she stays with Margaret the only thing in her future is an endless string of language school visas in foreign countries, failed attempts to become famous and ultimately being sold off to some rich man three times her age (if she is lucky). It's all about perspective you guys. At least now she has a tiny little chance to turn out semi-normal if she plays her cards right, aka takes advantage of Manaki.

No. 250468

I agree it isn't bad, she's lean and her legs look strong. But she should have kept at it, making more videos and garnering her own viewership and money. It seems so obvious to me she should have jumped on the fitness persona train long ago and I don't get why she hasn't.

No. 250469

wasn't applemilk from a normal family with a dad and just was a batshit insane weeb tho?

Poor penus has such a worse situation and she deserves to be happy more than applemilk who just fucked her own shit up.

No. 250470

I'm confused. Before most people were neutral toward Manaki or just thought he was a creep. Now everyone seems to think he's a creep? Is this maggot's influence getting to everyone's brain or is this a ton of samefagging? You guys sure seem to flip-flop a lot.

No. 250471

Her life and Venus' life would have been so much better if she did that, she was busy with her own career and Venus was busy with hers. What did go wrong¿

No. 250472

Nah never mind, she should have become a crack whore in Korea instead. Much more empowering than being a housewife amirite?

No. 250473


No. 250474

nah, the ones who think he's a creep are just being vocal about it now.

No. 250475

Can the yellow fever. Margaret isn't entirely honest but her description of Manakis behavior is entirely consistent with the behavior of other Japanese men who have become fixated and obsessed with other lolcows on here. That's why it doesn't seem too unbelievable that he could be creepy.

This isn't a japanophile / asiaphile board. Or at least it wasn't.

No. 250476

>What did go wrong¿
Margo being a weebie pageant mom.

No. 250478

Her dad worked some crazy high status job and was never around. That was where her issues stemmed from. Including getting involved with a particularly sleazy Japanese American guy who gave her the clap.

I like her story because it shows if you actually can stop being a stupid retarded japanophile you can actually have a normal decent life.

No. 250479

"Being creepy" is not going to harm her as badly as Margaret janking her out of school to drag her to a different country every month, keeping her financially dependent and actively trying to sell her to a rich old man, though. At the very least she will have a consistent living environment now.

No. 250480

I agree in part. I just don't think the choice is as binary as you're making out.

Both margo and venus' issues stem from asiaphilia, that's the root here unfortunately.

No. 250481


There are 1-2 edgelords planting bait here because the thread is active right now. They like to turn these threads to cancer as soon as it's clear they might get some attention.

No. 250482

Okay anon. Now let's say you also have the shortcut of running away with some creepy asian who's in love with you, and whose company you also don't dislike. What would you do?

No. 250483

the thing about that bed pic is that aspects of it look staged. why is the bed sheet pulled up a bit? it's disturbing, very voyeuristic.

No. 250484


But it isn't.

No. 250485

>thinking that being neutral = yellow fever

fucking kek anons. loving this thread tonight

No. 250486

Like I said. This isn't a site for asiaphiles. In de facto terms it's a site for laughing at them.

No. 250487

Haha you got me! It was me I'm sorry.

No. 250488

don't you get it anon? haven't you read the threads? Venus was pushed together with that Korean guy by Margo, then he apologised to her for coming on to her. Venus (if her) is fully clothed in that image.

but then you're probably just jassyrose85 here to bait, so…

No. 250489


I'm still not clear how anons got "creepy" from Manaki except from Magoo. In the videos Venus and her husband have made since she escaped, they interact naturally, like a young couple who enjoy one another's company. It doesn't have to be truu wuv 5eva heart heart heart for people to like each other. Whatever their relationship is truly like, it seems like Venus is a million times better off right now that in Mag's clutches.

No. 250490

So by being neutral in regards to Manaki is considered being an asiaphile? lol this is some shit logic.

No. 250491

Lol yeah. I'm pretty sure I can identify at least one of the trolls here, they literally rant about the same shit in every thread.

No. 250493

Literally rich kids problems ugh

No. 250494

It is if the goal is to get the fuck away from Margo

No. 250495

There's just one troll and it's me like I said already.

No. 250496

The way he pursued her was suspect, but it does seem like he's just awkward/otaku rather than harmful.

No. 250497

>Apply to a university there and apply for bursaries and grants

omg anon, do you realise Venus has effectively had no schooling for at least a few years? she is not even a highschool graduate. Venus is not going to any university. vocational school, maybe, but I doubt that can happen in Japan.

No. 250498

It's a huge societal problem.



Not saying Manaki is a stalker (I don't think he's the knight in shining armor people make him out to be, though) but it is true that many young men in Japan don't know proper boundaries.

No. 250499

In the long run that solves nothing. The issue here is a lack of education and wasting time.

No. 250501

This!! Personally I dont think she should live with her mom atm I think she should go to college and live in a dorm.

Offtopic but I wanted to see Venus' college life and her dorm vlogs … oh well this is not going to happen I guess

No. 250502

She can start thinking about that now without having Margo controlling every aspect of her life. Do you really think her mom would let her do those things?

No. 250503

Margos door keeps opening and closing, I bet they all think she's insane

No. 250505

It looks more like someone opened a door in the hallway, and light came in through the crack. maybe she's in a guesthouse?

No. 250506

No. 250507

didnt she go to a korean college or something…

And cant she do a ged test or something (dunno whats it called in japanland)

No. 250509

That was a language school that Maggot loves to call "university."

No. 250511

I love how Margo thinks there's nothing wrong with taking pictures of Venus sleeping in bed with that guy (if it is her) and admitting it freely. She gives me the creeps.

No. 250512

Then the only rhing that she can do is a ged test divorce that guy and live the college life because i want dorm vlogs asap

No. 250513


Margo stopped sending V to school around age 14-15, when they started living off of Venus's income. In addition to be abused and severely sheltered, Venus is extremely undereducated. And what language would she ever study in? If Venus were to pursue higher ed, she'd need to play a lot of catchup first. Not that she can't do that now that she's a stay at home wife with a flexible job, but it's not as simple as mailing off an application.

No. 250516

Tbh I would love kawaii vlogging like cute study notes and school supplies, the supreme studyspo, but yeah as the other anon said with venus' situation atm it's not gonna happen

No. 250518

No one says this, you moron. Manaki is average, but Venus isn't exactly Coco Rocha either.

No. 250519

>housewife with a flexible "job"
So she is not a living doll but a babushka. I actually kept watching her because she reminded me of me when I was her age and I wanted her to grow and mature etc but that wont happen I guess.

No. 250521

Oh please I look better than Coco Rocha

No. 250523

File: 1458348142108.jpg (191.58 KB, 933x1400, Coco-Rocha-Jean-Paul-Gaultier-…)

yeah you probably do

No. 250524

File: 1458348171324.png (942.98 KB, 934x597, milk.PNG)

I wish I knew the inside story on how Applemilk actually stopped being a horrible weeaboo who kept hurting herself and became a normal, happy person but she basically left the internet for good.

Perhaps that's a good thing though.

No. 250526

i think you answered your own question

No. 250527

File: 1458348241566.jpg (114.24 KB, 766x996, coco-rocha-straight-hair.jpg)

No. 250529

Venus is better looking than him, but then again white people, provided they aren't fat, are better looking than asian people in general so…(>>>/b/)

No. 250530


No. 250531

That's really heartwarming. Fuck.

No. 250532

File: 1458348336332.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, low quality bait.jpg)

No. 250533

Margo's creepy timeline disturbs me because she names dates in that incredibly calculated video. And of course the content means nothing compared to the idea of a mother outing her daughter because she's drinking and unsure of marriage. Trying to humiliate your daughter despite her making mistakes due to adolescence is so god damn low. And Margo is too psychotic to realize that no one will feel sorry for her because Venus is not sharing her bank account anymore. She thinly veils her thirst for money with "bullying!" and it makes me want to punch her in the fucking face.

No. 250535

(in any case no more creepypasta tonight)
I wonder where her crazy ass made this video? there are definitely people coming and going- just that weird circle thing that disappears from time to time gives me the heebie jeebies

No. 250536

Someone should comment on mags video about her MICROMIMICS kek

No. 250537


Yeah, I think we know who real "emotionless shit" is. LizardMags doesn't do human well.

No. 250538

Margs has done a great job of presenting Manaki in such a way to make him look like a stalker. In the beginning he just sounds like a fan who wanted to see someone he followed and liked. His behaviour isn't stalking if it is pre-arranged meeting places and dates.

The dates that he and Venus went on sound a bit boring and I would possibly have said the same thing. For a young girl who has never been courted before it must have been a bit disappointing to be taken to McDonalds. I think maybe at this courtship phase Venus expected Manaki as the man to take the lead, make decisions and do the wining and dining. Manaki was probably wanting to please Venus and wanted her to direct what to do so he didn't fuck it up.

I mean, he's just a dorky guy who doesn't really know how to act around his dream date and does everything awkwardly. Obviously they have worked through it. We have all complained about some bad dates we have been on and I don't really see anything terribly wrong with what Venus has said. If someone took me to McDonalds I'd be unimpressed.

No. 250540


I would take every word out of Mag's mouth with a mine full of salt. I really doubt Venus had the nerve to complain to / confide in Margo about anything. Margo is the one who is furious about things being low-rent. V eats McDicks all the time, she even posted about her and Manaki there recently. Margo was probably pissed that Manaki didn't spend more cash on their date.

Point being: whatever Margo accuses Venus of, so far it's been Margo who's actually done those things. So imma go with Margo complained that Venus's date was fast food and Mags is a walking contradiction of crazy.

No. 250541

A fair number of people were concerned about Manaki and Amargo's account does actually dovetail with what we knew about Manaki's initial interactions with her. Margo Gothel's so awful though that Manaki was the only way Venus could get away from Margo. Obviously people are going to see him in a good light, I hope he's actually good for her.

I wouldn't be surprised if Manaki was his own bag of problems though. He's been following her for years and while their current age gap isn't too concerning there is something odd about a 19 and 13 year old. You can want things and yet be unable to handle them, so if Manaki lacks the interpersonal skills to help Venus grow as a person I wouldn't be the least bit shocked. It does seem however, that she's been afforded the opportunity to cultivate the skills to mature into her own person and perhaps eventually leave if her marriage to Manaki does't turn out well.

Does Venus money now become Manaki's money since they are married? Japanese divorce seems gnarly . . .

No. 250542

>incredibly calculated video
You are right, it was extremely cunning. By presenting it in such an emotionless, 'factual' way she put everyone's guard down so that no one saw the dagger when it slid home.

No. 250545

From what I understand in Japanese marriage tradition, it's the wife that's in charge of the finances. She's probably going to be fine even if they do divorce.

I agree. From what we heard from V and M, they're each other's first relationship so it's no surprise that it was awkward in the beginning. They seem like a normal couple now moreso than when the maggot was hovering over them. It took them a while but they seem more comfortable. Pretty normal.

No. 250546

Soo…margrot has gone from "manaki's a PEDOPHILE STALKER" to "Venoos is a pet-killing violent aspie alcoholic with an eating disorder" to "Venoos was BRAINWASHED by Manaki and is being held against her will! I'm worried as a mom!" to "Venoos is a bullying psychopath with a DARK PLAN. She wants to MURDER ME!" and now back to "Manaki the pedophile stalker has BRAINWASHED Venoos!" …are some of you buying this shit, really?

No. 250547

Japanese people seem pretty awkward in general, and Venus hasn't had much contact with the real world besides living with Margo until now. It's not surprising they're going to be a bit awkward, especially that probably all their interactions were under strict Margo control lol. But they seem to be doing fine now.

Yeah she just says random bullshit, her lies all contradict each other >>250252

No. 250548

Guys. Maybe, just maybe Margaret is a loon but… Manaki is also a creep!

I know you guys totally want your kawaii knight in shining armor story to actually become a real thing, but I think you're reading your own fantasies too much into this.

No. 250549

Not the anon you're talking to but you can literally see it in how she talks.
> "Ran off with my income"
> "Stole my income"
> "Lost my income"

She views Venus as a walking wallet, this isn't news, and there are several caps through out the last couple threads which illustrate this clearly. Not to mention that this entire milk factory explosion has been all about Margo trying to slander Venus, calling her a psychopath and an animal abuser, an alcoholic, saying she cheated on Manaki and trying to blackmail her, etc. Unless you're asking anon for receipts that they "know Margo", then gtfo and go reread the threads cuz the receipts are abundant.

Please never desecrate LoTR with your stupidity ever again.

No. 250550

I think this video is being received differently because she's calm and doesn't seem crazy. I also believe that the video is half-truths so it's more believable. Was Manaki a pedo stalker? Probably not. Did he come on strong and was the age difference disturbing at the time? Yeah, kind of.

No. 250552

Yeah Manaki might be a creep but what good is admitting that gonna do? We don't know how their life looks behind the scenes. If he's an awkward shy guy or if he is a real perv creep, only Venus really knows, and her plans are in her own hands. At least shitting on Margo is emotionally productive cause it feels good knowing Venus doesn't live with her anymore, but calling Manaki a creep when Venus is stuck with him for the next while is pointless…even if he is a perv, what's Venus gonna do? She needs to lay low for now and start building a stable life

No. 250553

nobody believes her, it's just escaped robots shitposting

No. 250554

Bitch gtfo and stop blogging, I don't care about all of that I just know she doesn't know Margo and I want receipts or any proof that she knows her. Sick and tired of cunts that claim to know ___ can't a farmer drink milk from an authentic farmer?

No. 250555


We don't know anything about Manaki. Everything is just what we assume and what little we've seen of him on camera. We know Margo is crazy and a liar.

No. 250556

Wait. Venus confirmed lost her virginity to this ugly gook? I can't keep up with the autism in these threads.

No. 250557

Would you really be splitting hairs about legit creepy behavior and age gaps if Manaki were white?

No. 250558

lol? she probably meant she knows a person of similar mindset to margo (another psychopath/narcissist) and can guess how margo feels about venus not that she literally knows her

No. 250559

I do not believe Margo what are you even talking about? Those who find him creepy do not automatically like Margo…

No. 250560

Anon it would be way worse if he were white because everybody knows what an ugly, creepy white guy looks like. And there wouldn't be turboweebs thinking he's qt

No. 250561

You realize if Manaki was white this whole situation would have played out differently? If Manaki was white and a Japanese citizen he would probably have either been some kind of an immigrant, or 2nd gen of an immigrant family, most likely from Europe or North America if he was white. So given different social norms in Europe or NA versus Japan, he would have probably reacted to troubles with Margo differently altogether. Literally eveyrhing would be different so why the fuck are you tryin gto make this a race issue, in /pt/ no less?

No. 250562

"Stop blogging" my ass, you tart. I was entirely on topic. You demanded receipts, I said they exist, unless you're demanding receipts that the anon knows Marg which was probably a figure of speech and not a literal statement.

We've been over this like 10 times in the last hour. No one is denying the possibility that Manaki could be a creep. The general consensus is that he is the lesser of two evils, and given that he is currently barring Margo from contacting Venus, gave Venus a means of escape, and doesn't seem to be the pedo Margendo makes him out to be, people are willing to give him a chance to prove himself.

No. 250563

That's my point, he is being held to lower standards because the threshold for creepy behavior in Japan is lower.

That's fine for a Japanese girl but a white one should know better.

No. 250565

Know better and just stay with Margo yeah? You do realize, if Manaki really is a creep Venus knows already and is probably just using him to start her own life?

No. 250566

Bitch shut the fuck up and stop assuming shit you should have asked me what I meant instead of writing this long ass shitty blog. Sage your shit.

No. 250567

especially if it had slightly sexy weird overtones like she specialises in. that could have been her point of difference.

No. 250568

I don't know why people keep insisting that manaki not being an Asian Prince husbando is a bad thing. Was he too invested in a young girl? Probably yeah. Was it creepy? Yeah. But I think that being with an awkward otaku kinda creepy husband is better than being with a mother who physically abused her, verbally abused her, kept her dependent, used the money SHE made for selfish things, moved them around countless times, and now accuses her of some pretty terrible shit.
Like manaki is far from perfect but venus now has a stable place to live. She now has the ability to save her money because her mom isn't there to use it all up. She has the independence to do what she wants with who she wants without her mom being there to chaperone the whole thing. She can interact with fans without her mom talking shit on her accounts.
No one is expecting manaki and venus to stay married forever. Venus has only JUST become independent, she still has to discover who she is without the influence of her overbearing mom. Idk why everyone is expecting her to change drastically all at once when maggot has been controlling venus for all of her life.
If anything venus looks more genuine and happy without maggot. She's happy experiencing something new, with someone who's helped her out And she can get also with. Y'all are some superficial bitches if the only other hang up about manaki is that he's not cute. And saying she should go right back with the miserable hag is stupid.
The argument that she should go back with her mom to save money is ala pretty retarded. Maggot used Venus' s income like it was her own. A shared account, how the fuck do you expect her to save anything when she had no aspect of privacy to her life at all.

No. 250569

half-sex half-fitness videos? i could actually see that working out, most youtube personalities still pretend to have some self-respect but margo could just go completely crazy and disregard norms, i would consider watching her if she did that

No. 250570

Even if Manaki is a creep, Venus still chose him over Margendo. I don't really pay attention enough to know/care but she has free will and chose to get away from her mother.

No. 250571

Shut the fuck up, get back on topic, and contain your sandy vagina. No one is here for your whiny shit.

No. 250572

It's not his looks. He isn't good looking at all but that's besides the point. It's his behavior.

Whether or not she's better off with him: time will tell. All I can say is that Margo's description is entirely congruent of what I know a lot of socially maladjusted Asian men are like. And further that disliking his creepyness doesn't imply liking her mother, it isn't that binary.

No. 250573

Dont reply to me you filthy disgusting blogging whore. Go learn manners.

No. 250574

Free will when you have no capacity education or non weeby knowledge to make informed decisions is meaningless.

No. 250575

File: 1458351299485.png (182.99 KB, 607x440, 6fb91640-84c1-40d4-98eb-37f6c2…)

The maggot has disabled comments on the video since this one appeared. Guess the reaction wasn't what she hoped it would be.

No. 250577

Not 100% sure what's going on in this thread but,

Did anyone else have a difficult time watching Margo's video? Like, when I tried to watch her face or look at her eyes, I would just feel wildly uncomfortable and would have to look away.

Fuckin lizard people.

No. 250578

Yeah, I had to turn it off, and just read her summary instead.

No. 250579

exactly. those complaints are totally Maggot's.

No. 250580

You keep using that same argument. Okay so his behavior is apparently text book creepy to you. But even with what maggot described it's not as bad as it could be. He followed her social media and liked stuff. By this definition we're all stalkers too. It's only creepy because he likes her right? He wanted to meet up when she publicly said where she was going. Okay, now it's a little weird, but it's still pretty beta and even maggot didnt mind at first. In fact she didnt care until she saw it as a problem.
Manakis behavior isn't clean, it's not 100% pure but even for a creepy Asian who's awkward and maladjusted its STILL better than someone who's been abusive. Because from here venus can have independence. It's not binary no, you can dislike them both, but saying that manaki is creepy over and over again without adding more to the argument besides "he fits the creepy description I know" still isnt enough to say being with maggot is a better option

No. 250581

It's ok to just admit you have a thing for him or Japanese guys in general anon.

No. 250582

At least she doesn't have the Brianna Wu crazy eyes.

No. 250583

And it's okay to admit you've got a raging hate-on for all Asian guys. Good grief the autism in this thread

No. 250584

Pls stop replying to trolls anon.

No. 250585

Ok let this thread die until something new happens nothing new now

No. 250586

I'm going to save Maggot's video since she'll probably DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING as usual. It's so hard to watch because she shows zero emotion. I can't remember the last time she ever looked human. The lizard queen is probably an undiagnosed psychopath. Only a shrink diagnosing her would know for sure.

No. 250587

I'm wondering if Venus will feel the need to make a rebuttal video to what Margo has said. Instagram posts are one thing, a youtube video is another.

No. 250588

File: 1458352092816.jpg (13.38 KB, 500x500, LQB.jpg)

Stop the cancer


No. 250591

Even when margo was a kid she looked like a psycho

No. 250592


Doubt it. Her management has been doing a great job of brand maintenance in a crisis. V responded to the animal abuse and explained how and why she left Mags, then returned to producing her usual sugary sweet content with less creep factor now that her puppet strings are cut. The more Venus stays out of the mud, the better she looks in comparison.

No. 250593

>Things I disagree with are trolls

It's embarrassing at this point. Some people think he is creepy. I don't know why you're so emotionally invested in some random otaku and his marriage to a girl with severe arrested development. It's just weird.

No. 250594

No. 250595

No. 250597

File: 1458353073379.png (417.91 KB, 1920x1200, VCj9q5E.png)

margoo on IG: "I'm scurred to meet Venoos, she might try to HARM me again!" Cause venoos is a scary violent pet-killing bully with a dark plan you know (but Venus should totally go back to this woman, right? After all, she's Venus' MOM.)

No. 250598

I was disturbed by her terrible application of dark liner on her top eyelid.

Idgaf about Venus, but I enjoy the milk.

Manaki IS a fucking creep, whatever his race. Perving over a 13 year old. PERVING OVER A 13 YEAR OLD. It's not like she's even mature in the head.

I'd say more than half the population of women regret losing their virginity to their first. Hardly an issue for a therapist. I think that'd be like one iota of issues she needs to deal with.

If Venus doesn't get help, I think she'll an hero.

No. 250601

With the caveat that perving on 13 year olds is plain wrong, I'm willing to give him some leeway because 1) he's from a culture that somewhat tolerates it, at least much more than many others where it is completely verboten and 2) he didn't try to assault her or anything direct like that

(inb4 more race wank)

No. 250602

There is no single proof that he did this tho as their first Twitter contact was some random Tweet when she was 15 and posting about learning japanese.

No. 250603

why do you instantly take Margo at her word? ask yourself that before you assume.

No. 250604

Is this the same person who has been calling anyone who says mana-kun ^~^ is creepy a "troll" or "robot"?

The yellow fever really is real. I originally thought it was just a joke.

No. 250605

How do penis and manakitan have sex? I wish maggot would leak their sextape (she is a swamp stalker she could do this)

No. 250606

Not even close.

Like said before:
Proof or gtfo.

No. 250607

Because, and I'm not the person you're responding to, his behavior fits the profile of a certain kind of socially maladjusted Asian man.

In other words it's far from being beyond the realm of possibility.

Just accept Asian guys can be creepy too. I have no idea why this even became a point of contention since nobody is defending margo itt, but plenty are defending mana kun.

No. 250608

>Implying penus can even feel his tiny penis.

She may as well still be a virgin.

No. 250609

I asked. I don't presume. I weigh up both sides. It IS possible he's a creepy pervert, yknow?

No. 250610

He's Asian. Everyone knows that they can't be creepy like white, Hispanic and black dudes are.

I mean have you seen g dragons songs? Or watched boys over flowers? Get out more.

No. 250612

gtfo jassyrose85

No. 250613

and shouldn't you be at work at the shop today? not posting here while at work I hope.

No. 250614


For the last time: Manaki did not contact Venus when she was 13. Or 14. Or 15. He went to a meet and greet of hers when she was 16, almost 17. They didn't have any personal contact again until she was almost 18. They started dating after she turned 18.

Christ, I hate that people are stupid enough to make moral panic over Margo's nonsense.

No. 250615

Not that person, but w/e

No. 250616

I thought you were scared off from this place after you got your ass handed to you a few days ago?

No. 250617


No. 250618

Oh and how do I know? It's your comment from Venus' IG, virtually verbatim. Go back to DM-ing Maggot, you ignorant Adelaide bogan.

No. 250619

Lol, this is fucking hilarious. When farmers become cows. Fuuuuck haha.

No. 250621

Not the same anon but Venus said that in their FAQ video.

No. 250622

Seriously need a Tena Lady for your histrionics over me who isn't who you think it is. Do continue though

No. 250623

yeah you are, jassy. your style is recognisable. we've been watching you troll Venus' comments with your oh-so-balanced pretend position.

we know you long for Maggot's approval. something about the father you never had, wasn't it?

No. 250624

Dude. I don't gaf about Venus. I post mostly on the ana snowflake threads. Idek who jassy is. You're a mental bish, yo.

No. 250625

I hate you guys why does no one answer my question!!! How do Venus and Manaka have sexu?

No. 250626

Did she rub onions in her eyes for those tears?
Interesting she needed a script for that narration…

No. 250627

File: 1458355039212.jpg (31.21 KB, 928x523, donald_trump.jpg)

If you have

>defended Manaki

>made excuses for his creepyness
>shat all over penus for years and then suddenly become her biggest champion, peculiarly, when she cuts off her mother and hooks up with generic otaku weirdo #64
>defended yukapon's messed up behavior
>dated an asian

You've got to go.

Literally the same people who defended akira back in the day and claimed he was some cute Asian who just wanted to help yukapee. Remember?

No. 250628

This thread is rapidly becoming cancer again.

No. 250629

You're only proving it yourself by outing that you've come here to troll / argue.

A true farmer would get the fuck on with the real convo.

You're here to derail, we get it.

Stfu and / or gtfo.

No. 250630

I haven't commented on Manaki's creepiness yet. Yes, I do think he's creepy - though to be fair to him, we don't yet know for sure to what extent. (Unlike you I'm not an expert in maladjusted Asian guys, so I give him benefit of the doubt.)

However we do know for sure that he's a far better option than staying with borderline Maggot.

I honestly don't think there's any yellow fever/weebiness going on here. I think perhaps you're misinterpreting people's enthusiasm for Venus's escape as Manaki worship, while others misinterpret your criticism of Manaki to mean that Venus was better off staying with her mother.

No. 250631

Stop asking redundant questions.

He inserts his tiny penis inside of her and that's that.

No. 250632

It happens when Margo doesn't give us enough milk. Dang.

No. 250633

and when mental anons want to believe you're someone you never heard of on instagram

No. 250634

But what sounds does she make? What positions do they do? Etc

No. 250635

File: 1458355299994.jpg (5.98 KB, 285x177, when dolls have sex.jpg)

Maybe this position.

No. 250637

What sounds does she make? And does she know how to orgasm?

No. 250638

She's silent. She finishes herself off.

No. 250639

Oh God now I'm imagining that photo where Wylona Hayashi shooped her bf's dick

No. 250641

Copies jap porn stars so incredibly annoying.

No. 250644

She already makes suggestive moaning in some of her vids.

No. 250646

File: 1458356042620.png (475.57 KB, 858x565, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 7.52…)

Mags is getting coddled by jassyrose and queen whatever on instagram. See mags, there are people just as delusional as you in this world.

No. 250647

>someone you never heard of on instagram
>never heard of

No. 250649

good dog, jassyrose85.

No. 250650

>Well done for keeping your emotions out of it

That's not very hard to do when Margaret doesn't have any in the first place.

No. 250651


Yes, jassy, it must have been so very hard for Margaret to keep her emotions in check. Such a loving mother in distress; definitely not a psychopath on a vengeance tour upon what she saw as a breathing paycheck.

No. 250652


blatant newfagging

No. 250653


Maybe now jassy's dead dad will rise from the grave and make everything all right again. Or margo will be her new dad. Who knows what that bint thinks.

No. 250654

Okay. I'm jassyrose and a newfag.

No. 250656

Maybe you can sponsor Maggot to live in Adelaide, Jassy? She can work in the jewellery store with you.

No. 250657

Your goateed fiancé bogan isn't exactly a catch either, nastyhose.

No. 250658

Enough about Jasmine Rose, what's queenjuhina's bag I wonder?

No. 250660

got hit by the ugly stick, and the creep stick.

No. 250661

So for now we can expect another video about the day Venus ran away and about "accusations" + whatever plan Margo discussed with her relative.

No. 250663

I hope it's not as tedious as the first one. Margo needs to develop some skills in front to the camera. She only seems at ease when she's in a bikini or other skimpy outfit, maybe she should try that, dance around a bit, get comfortable.

No. 250664


Now THERE'S an idea. Mags hasn't invaded AUS yet, has she? She won't do work, but she can move in and leach off of jassyrose85; jassy is desperate for a controlling parent to kowtow to. It's perfect.

No. 250665

tbh I'm rather surprised Margo didn't bring up the whole 'carrying the box in the rain' thing. She's used that over and over again as an example of how "horrible" Manaki is.

No. 250666

I know, and Adelaide's really small. Some anon will get to meet Margles first hand in no time, at some late night club no doubt.

No. 250667

Jesus Christ this butthurt over some random who probably doesn't even post here.

Cool your thirst for Asian men.

No. 250669

Maggot would probably target Jasmine's BF though.

No. 250670

Can you imagine, Jassy schlepping at the jewellery store all day while goatee and Maggot get it on.

No. 250671

>just farts in chronological order

gotta love magoo's typos

No. 250672

I'm not the same anon but I have neither thirst for Asian men, or goateed bogans. It's not an either/or proposition.

No. 250673


"HE hit on ME!" - mags to jassy

No. 250674

> probably doesn't even post here

has, definitely, and id-ed themselves in said post.

evidently still does.

No. 250675

oh, the screenshots and 'proof' videos would be wonderful. let's pray for Maggle's arrival in Adelaide soon.

No. 250676

Your problem is that you read negative comments about Manaki as implicitly positive appraisals of margo.

No. 250677

I will admit I fell for this shit too. damn margo and her lack of sperging, this is what I live on

No. 250678

That nose has never looked worse

No. 250679

Actual JassyRose…."Will the real jassyrose85 please stand up".
I like the way that everyone thinks I'm everyone else. I'm now so many "anonymous" posts. I just sit here and laugh at people panicking it's me… patting themselves on the back thinking they have called me out in every anonymous post. Sorry folks to dissapoint but until today I actually havn't given this page a single thought. Glad I had a look as it's given me quite a giggle on an otherwise shitty day. Thanks for the love…I don't deserve it but I'm flattered.You guys sure are funny I'll give you that. ??✌ #feelingpopular #handmesomepostitnotes #someonehasacrushonme #sorryimtaken #nohatehere #stillloveyouguys

No. 250680

I found it amusing that the anon was sperging at me thinking I was you.

No. 250681

This is not your blog, Jasmine Rose. go post your personal messages somewhere else (like in Maggot's comments where we'll be sure to read them). Oh and it's actually dumb to admit you're still here.

No. 250682

it's obvious there's more than jassy here. queenjuhina perhaps?

No. 250683

Okay. I can be her this time if you like.

No. 250684

You have better things to do, like hot oil treatments for you and your mum.

No. 250685

I know…I'm sorry I may have enjoyed that. Least we both got a laugh ha ha. Are they paranoid much? God I never knew I was this powerful to stay on peoples minds for so long. All my life I wasn't this popular…but here I'm a bloody star with time dedicated to just me.

No. 250687

Obvious troll. God I wish this thread would die.

No. 250688

Baby, come on now.
That post isn't real.

No. 250689

??? I'll need helpers. I can't live my life and be here 24/7 like the people want. Now I feel responsible for their happiness. Like if I wasn't here for them to catch me out…then they would be bored. Your right…I may need to enlist you and a few others to play me. ????✌

No. 250690

>this powerful
>just me

I'm sorry you felt unpopular at school, and I'm glad we can help you even a little. You shitting up this thread gives us good insight into how Venus feels looking at your cancerous comments in her IG.

No. 250691

takes a bow Thank you guys you are far too kind. You really have fixed up the horrors of my high school years. I do feel better. You guys must be therapists as you are A1! Well I'll be sure to pay it forward. Too many bad things happening in this world. We need more of this good vibes and helping a sister out.?

No. 250693

Well I have to love and leave you all but it looks like I have plenty of people to play me here. Play nice and love one another. Don't need so much hate. So take it away my anons.

No. 250695

kek did you all PM each other?

No. 250698

I feel like Venus is really smart, she's able to learn and comprehend a good number of languages. If she applied herself I'm sure she will be able to catch up. Idk about math and science for her but for her benefit I hope she continues to go to school or get some kind of GED.

No. 250699

This has been the most cancerous Margo thread yet. Good god, why

No. 250700

True, and to begin she would have to enrol in an adult high school program, online or in person. Do they have those in Japan? Should she even get a Japanese one? Should she get a Swiss high school diploma? A baccalaureate?

No. 250705

Can we please get some mods in here to clean up this shitshow?

No. 250710

I think most of the kids got bored and took off finally. They swarm every time the thread gets super active. Do they engage, report, move on.

No. 250711

* don't engage

No. 250716

I reported here and other threads then stepped out for some fresh air. I think another Hellweek is coming at any rate.

No. 250718

Agree with you…this thread needs to be cleaned up. People seriously do need to grow up and stop bringing up my name. They call Margaret a psycho but really they are just as psycho themselves if they feel they need to keep adding one random girls name into the thread all the time who isn't even participating. Move on. Whoever that person is hiding as an "anon" It's actually creepy they have hooked onto me so much. I am one girl. They need to stop their paranoia with thinking every anon who doesn't agree with their views must be only me…and get a therapist and move on.

It seriously makes me laugh. If your here to bitch about margaret go ahead…I seriously don't gaf. You are entitled to your opinions but unless your going to make a seperate thread for posts about me then I think you need to stay on topic and stop grasping at any chance you can to try and bring my name up as a chance to try and get someone to join in with your obsession of chatting about me. It's flattering…but creepy…and really not a healthy obsession
:-/.(holy shit fuck off)

No. 250719


You are part of the cancer plaguing this thread.

No. 250721

I am on this thread because idiots keep bring up my friggen name out of nowhere. You don't see me mentioning anyone. I don't just hop on here and try to start shit. If you don't want me talking on this thread there is a cure for that…don't friggen mention my name and i wont have a reason to answer. So simple!

No. 250722

Meanwhile back on Youtube… comments back on, Maggot getting dragged & she's madly deleting comments, even her own. Keep dancing, maggot, and thanks for the entertainment.

No. 250724

I'm honestly surprised you people can't work that out for yourself. If you don't want this shot on your thread…then give it up. Stop mentioning my name.

No. 250725


People are going to mention your name as long as you react and pop up like an autistic Beetlejuice. It doesn't look good on your character to act like this. Grow up, ignore the children, and stop contributing to this shit show.

No. 250726

File: 1458365106511.jpg (133.84 KB, 500x333, laugh010.jpg)

>autistic Beetlejuice

No. 250727

No because if you can't control the idiots on here doing it then I will enjoy a good laugh at their expense. The same as you are here to join in a bitch session about one woman… yet your telling me off and saying I shouldn't get involved and just ignore them. I can't take that advice seriously. That's not having a dig at you either…as i'm not interested in an arguement but look at both sides of the coin. Would you say nothing?

No. 250728

Is this a forum or a daycare centre?

No. 250730


You dense motherfucker. Of course I wouldn't say anything if I was in your shoes because the people on this board feed off your butthurt. If you act like you don't care, then they won't care.

No. 250732

People dont actually think you are all of those anons they just use your name as an insult to those anons.

No. 250733

go back to licking mayo's asshole on instagram

No. 250734

For the love of god, learn the difference between your and you're.
also fuck off.

No. 250738

File: 1458367873540.png (580.24 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_2016-03-19-16-32-52…)

No. 250739

she's the main tumour in fact. anyway I thought all this was over?

No. 250740

go away and look at this 'coin' somewhere else. also it's spelt 'argument'.

No. 250743

making threats to shit up this thread (or board) until you never get mentioned again is not going to work for you. you'll end up being discussed more, or banned, or getting your own thread. so chill.

we are here to talk about the subject of this thread, who is Margo. you know where we stand on Margo, so stop insulting us by assuming you can change our minds. you are only drawing negative attention to yourself.

if you want to see where that leads, go visit Sindy in >>>/manure/

No. 250746

>If you don't want this shot on your thread…then give it up. Stop mentioning my name.

This is the same logic Marijan has. Fuck, crazy people all think alike.

No. 250750

>look at both sides of the coin

You constantly whiteknighting up Margaret's rotten asshole is not looking at both sides of the coin. I don't know why you stand up for such a rotten person but no matter how much you do it, you're not going to make it up to your late father or whatever the fuck you think you're doing.

No. 250751


If you're going to criticize someone's spelling you could at least spell "spelled" correctly.

No. 250752

Both are correct.

No. 250759

god her face is unfortunate.

No. 250764

Time for Denny's?

No. 250765

>He doesn't put on glasses, I told him about my glasses fetish, but he doesn't listen.

No. 250766

File: 1458381434588.jpg (21.31 KB, 806x141, fahr.JPG)


>nice river

No. 250767

Wait. What if the guy Margo was dating took a picture of HER in bed with his friend to prove it?

It's super conspiracy theory-ish but we do know margo would try to lie..

No. 250773

I think so many people are so willing to buy into Margo's narrative of Manaki being a creep because of the fact that he's currently not the best looking guy with those braces and all. That video of them posted up thread shows the kind of chemistry and comfort that comes with good friendship, which any healthy relationship is built on. Until there's evidence of anything else, I think hes good for her, especially with the alternative kept in mind..

we know for sure just by her own behavior that Margo is nuts and not someone that Anybody should have to suffer being around. She's a vacuum of a human being who tries to manipulate facts to suit her story and has alienated herself from everybody whos ever really had a meaningful relationship with her because of it. Shes garbage that needs serious psychiatric help.

No. 250776

The fact you mention specifically that she needs to end up with an average white guy makes me wonder if you are just a beta white guy.

No. 250778

I swear that person has posted elsewhere on lolcow, praising applemilk more than a few times for becoming "normal" and emphasizing that she settled down with a white guy.

No. 250779

But Manaki kun is clearly beta too.

No. 250780

I think people "buy into it" because he was a 19/20 year old guy chasing a 13 year old, following her around on social media and with a clear racial fetish. It's not as superficial as you like to imagine.

No. 250782

Comments on YT are disabled again. LOL this freak

No. 250785

Clear racial fetish? How do you mean? I have't really seen any evidence of that other than he has a white gf/wife. And what evidence is there of him "chasing" her other than what Margo says? And I mean outside of as a fan – watching her videos doesn't count, which was the extent of his chasing when she was 13. Honest question, because I'd like to know.

I definitely think it was a mistake to be married, but one borne of youth, naivete, and a visa req - not ill intent.

No. 250786

>"fan" of a 13 year old girl making YouTube videos when you're nearly a 20 year old guy


No. 250787

Yes, It's annoying.
All of a sudden there is someone in nearly every threads whining and bitching about asian guys.
"if a white guy did this he'd be creepy!'' , "they would be happier settling with a white guy", "Asian men have tiny penises", "Applemilk settled for an average white guy too and she's sooo happy now"

As soon as someone points out their commentary are irrelevant or incorrect they make about 4 posts going ''Omg you asiaophiles!'' ''You all fetish asian men!" "You silly girls just want ur japanese prince'' etc.

I think it's just one really pissed off insecure white dude that roams these lands.

No. 250788


No. 250789

There's at least one anon (possibly robot) who's hate-obsessed with Asian men, especially those dating white women. A few weeks ago one of them kept spamming some chart showing that according to some statistics, Asian men are least desired among races.

No. 250790

Well…more than one. It's just that this one is particularly spergy about Asians. There's another creeper who's obsessed with women with daddy/abuse issues and shows up like clockwork every time the topic is mentioned. And a /pol/ fag who rants about the collapse of Western civilization every time someone so much as mentions, like, a hamburger or something. They might all be the same person or two, who knows.

No. 250791

>Asian men are least desired among races

That doesn't surprise me. The Internet can amplify things like asiaphilia and make them seem normal, but most white girls think Asian men are unattractive. By the same token most white guys think Asian women are less attractive too though.

No. 250792

yes but who really cares? it got spammed here to try and convince any girls who like asian men that they are wrong.

Who would do that except for some sad white dude?

No. 250793

I remember when lolcow used to make fun of asiaphiles and yellow fever types, now it seems like the majority of the site is composed of people who don't so much as find the cows to be objects of derision but objects of envy instead. I've seen people unironically claim to be jealous or yukapon and even kabukiqueen/sere.

That's worrying.

No. 250794

>if the entire country is creepy it's ok

Uh ok.

No. 250795

Don't you have a million other places to rant about this? You must be obsessed with girls on the net due to retardation* if you're hanging around a stupid gossip forum just to spew /pol/ shit.

*dating IRL freaks with issues doesn't mean you're not a tard

No. 250797

This also applies to venus. Venus was laughed at and mocked mercilessly for years yet now she's supposedly broken free of her mother she's a heroic figure all of a sudden and farmers now love her.

It's weird. I give it a few months before people start claiming Mira is actually a really nice girl and we all need to help support her weeb not-a-housewife adventures in Japan.

No. 250798

I don't think people realized how toxic and utterly batshit her mother was back then.

Applauding Venus for breaking free doesn't mean you worship the ground she walks on. She's still a weirdo snowflake but it seems like without Margo she's not so bad.

No. 250799

Samefag but I should add that unlike VenusAngelic, Mira is a one-woman shitshow and has no one else to blame.

No. 250800

File: 1458390183541.jpg (317.89 KB, 929x595, The worlds sadest fake boobs.j…)

No. 250802


So - no Danny's?

No. 250803

Mag's shit diet makes me sad, even if it's her.

No. 250804

that will never ever happen. venus has done crazy weird videos and been sketchy, but her mother was instrumental in a lot of that. mira is just crazy and how are we suddenly going to forget her insane weeb-ish rants

No. 250805

I think its finally happened -Margs is too broke for Dennys.

No. 250806

That's just it though. I see venus' weebism as a reflection of her mother's lunacy.

No. 250807


but isn't Danny's already super cheap?

No. 250812


Ah the cry of a desperate need for attention. It wouldn't be so bad if they actually looked remotely like boobs, even cartoon ones. .. but the fact she posted that on this picture just screams attention seeker to me.

So desperate to keep her name famous now her fame ticket has left her

No. 250813

I like how this video is supposed to gain sympathy and yet she states, without any shame, that she took a picture of her daughter in bed with another man.

Okay, let's assume she's telling the truth. If you were concerned about your daughter (this isn't a bitchy friend, this is her child and it's her duty to protect her) cheating on her husband, surely the logical thing would be to take her aside and be like "hey I don't think that's okay" not UPLOAD A PICTURE TO THE INTERNET and potentially ruin her life.

She doesn't even realise how fucking flawed her fantasy is.

No. 250815

u Irish?

No. 250817


Yes. Mayo isn't a mother, she's trash that needs to be taken out.

No. 250830

I want the stats to back up the chart. Like, who were the participants that were polled for Asians being unattractive, Aussie bogans?

No. 250831

Every time I see it all I can think of is Al Green singing Take Me To The River. It should be Margo's theme song.

No. 250841

where is this pic? Is it on her instagram?

No. 250842

>according to some statistics, Asian men are least desired among races
Which is likely because all of those muslims/arabs are still asians after all.

No. 250843

It was posted on Venus' Instagram, trying to sound like Venus.

No. 250844

Anon, that's still something Margo made up.

No. 250848

why would venus post that? Margo doesn't have her account details anymore?

Anyone have a link or a screenshot?

No. 250850

it wasn't recently, it was a while ago even before venus left korea i think

No. 250853

Nah before everyone that he was a creep, pedo, and was only being used for a visa now everyone think he's a kawaii prince charming

Exactly, it kinda reminds me of when Kota uploaded that apartment tour video and all the youtuber weebs like Beckii, Abipop, etc left over the top comments like "this is the best apartment ever!!" it all just seems so phony.

>I don't think people realized how toxic and utterly batshit her mother was back then.
I don't know how people couldn't realize that, from the beginning it was obvious Margo was pretty much a controlling stage mom

No. 250858

Difference to them and Mira is that there were batshit pageant mothers behind the scenes since they were kids, that can't be compared.

No. 250864

File: 1458410765080.jpg (31.86 KB, 200x200, milkhasrundry.jpg)

kind of let down by the video, margo was boring in it and she just spat out the same nonsense she has been

time to wrap this milkfest up, kids

No. 250870

Latest stats on YT video: 122 thumbs up / 360 thumbs down. Comments: 90% negative. Oops. The maggot will not be happy when it wakes up.

No. 250873

File: 1458412099448.jpg (517.25 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160125_135225.jpg)

Just for you anon. And bc nothing else is going on.

This was back before venus ran away. But after the failed live YouTube stream. The caption is written like Margo trying to sound like Venus. Its really obvious and pathetic. I don't know what triggered Margo to post it in the first place since, according to Margo, everything was fine and Venus left out of no where one day.

Sage for no real contribution.

No. 250875

>I don't know what triggered Margo to post it in the first place since, according to Margo, everything was fine and Venus left out of no where one day.

I remember Margo posted that picture sometime after Venus posted a picture of her and Manaki at that theme park in Seoul. Margo kept deleting those off V's instagram and then posted that picture.

No. 250876

Yeah we can see it from your teeth

No. 250877

I casually followed Venus but never posted in a Venus thread before this drama happened. And honestly, even before the shit hit the fan her mother was still the more interesting of the two. I'm sure a lot of the people who support her aren't the same ones who were nitpicking her every move before.

No. 250878

She had a weird post even by Margo's standards around the same time of wanting to do a live stream seeking the internet's help with her daughter. Farmers waited patiently with buckets ready, but there was no live stream.

No. 250879


imagine maggot would have done a video at this time. This would be def so much cray than this video now.

No. 250905

Thanks for posting anon, yeah that's pretty fucked up, why is Margo such a bitch? Also it's hard to tell if that's really Venus

No. 250927

>he's from a culture that somewhat tolerates it
next you'll say the age of consent in japan is 13

No. 250931

Pretty easy to tell who wrote the caption though, and it wasn't Venus. gotdamn, what a twisted evil bitch.

No. 250933

Sunday morning in Tokyo…time for Denny's!

No. 250934

she hasn't because she secretly wants to be a doll and fitness is not kawaii

No. 250935

If you touch a 13 year old in Japan or elsewhere, you're prosecuted.
If you watch/read loli, nobody does or says anything and it's readily available in Japan. However this is very much not true elsewhere.

Not sure what you're getting at. I think Manaki was a creeper for obsessing over 13 year old Venus. But if he's in a culture that is more tolerant of it, then it's more understandable why he would do it. That's what I meant by giving him somewhat of a pass, that was a bad wording. I'm not justifying his behavior.

Think of it this way. if Maggot is clinical BPD/NPD/HPD/who knows what else, then we can understand better why she's a flapping cunt. We're not justifying anything.

sage because no milk and this thread is cancer

No. 250943

i don't think they're more tolerant of it though

i also wasn't aware that he obsessed over 13 year old venus, wasn't she only 16 when she joined youtube or something? i'm behind

No. 250945

people that try to armchair margo with every cluster b personality disorder/pathologize everything that she does need to calm the fuck down

while it's quite clear her behavior is not normal by any means, i have never gotten the bpd vibe from her

No. 250946

*armchair diagnose

No. 250951

I agree, you have to understand some things in a cultural context. I also wouldn't believe most of what comes out of her mouth.

No. 250957

He started following her online - like, subscribed, not stalking - when she was 16. This whole pedo stalker thing is a margo fantasy. They didn't meet in person until she was almost 18.

No. 250958

He went to one of her meet and greets in Tokyo when she was 16, but didn't end up talking to her.

No. 250967

I can't believe anything that comes out of Maggot's mouth about him being a "pedophile stalker." We only saw one tweet to Venus when she said she was learning Japanese and he didn't "excessively tweet her" as she claims either. He probably didn't really notice her until she was 16.

No. 250968

Has anyone been checking the comments on Margo's old pictures? There's quite a lot of "new" stuff that wasn't posted on the thread back then. Like Margo admitting to shooping her face, kek. Not screenshotting since it's the same old stuff, it's just interesting to see she's still replying to old pics I guess.

No. 250969

If Margo thought he was a pedo stalker factory worker then why would she have him over at her apartment? Why would she let Venus talk to him (when she's sabotaged her other friendships)? Why would she let him hang out with her alone? He only became a pedo stalker factory worker when he didn't obey her wishes. Margo is a proven liar. Manaki is odd and kind of creepy, but he hasn't shown himself to be a crazy stalker liar like Margo

No. 250979

No breakfast sausage???

No. 250987


Her much-hyped video got her neither new admirers / praise, nor even the level of attention she was seeking (5,000 views is low even for her past videos; besides farmers and other narcissistic parents who get off on shared delusions, people aren't interested in her.) She's crawling back to her lizard queen lair until she comes up with a new scheme in 2-3 days.

No. 250991

But to be honest, the video couldn't meet the expectation. It was boring and nothing new really.

No. 250993

File: 1458437739301.png (865.32 KB, 925x585, Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 6.33…)

Margendo is back in sad sack mode; "I walk all by myself late at night, looking for flowers, all alone, at night, long walks, by myself #alone #japan #tellmemyphotographyisthebestever"

No. 250994

No. 250996

long walk at night? more like out looking for johns

No. 250997

File: 1458440157112.png (402.31 KB, 585x443, 234.png)

And before that she claimed he was from a rich family and owned a nice sports car which wouldn't be wierd considering some Tweets about beeing at car mettings at "Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse", pic related.

No. 250998

Yeah i remember that something about him having a ferrari and then directly after she posted a pic saying he was a cheap factory worker. Damn woman make up your mind

No. 251004

Goblins and centipedes and other creepy things come out to roam at night too.

No. 251009

she does look like she could be a goblin, the denny's hobgoblin.

>Hobgoblins seem to be small, hairy little men who—like their close relative, brownies—are often found within human dwellings, doing odd jobs around the house while the family is lost in sleep.

>Such chores are typically small deeds, like dusting and ironing. Often, the only compensation necessary in return for these is food.

No. 251017

No. 251020

He can have a rich family and work at the factory at the same time, just because sometimes people like to earn their own money. But i guess Margo just can't understand that?

No. 251021

Margo the Knobgoblin
Will manage the household You Tube account for parfait

No. 251024

I was lurking here in the thread at that time. Venus had disappeared off social media and anons were speculating she had run away, which at the time I thought sounded extreme (!).

Margo posted this maybe in the 24-48 hrs after Venus ran (we don't know the exact day Venus ran because Margo hid it for a while, posting pics of Venus). Venus running is exactly what prompted Margo to post it.

No. 251033


This, and it's custom for young people to start at the bottom in every company, being shifted around over the years from department to department so that they can remember every job.

Braces aren't covered by Japanese health insurance, she he may not be rich, but he's definitely not dirt poor (unlike some Denny dweller we could name).

No. 251034

In one of the previous threads some anon pointed out that Manaki has a car, which, apparently, is a rare thing in Japan

No. 251035

Load of bullshit. Maybe people living in Tokyo. But the same applies to people from NY etc.

No. 251038

More shots fired in YT comments. New wave of incoming. Not looking good for the margoyle. Reinforcements badly needed. Mayday. Mayday. The river calls.

No. 251039

Yard is a legitimate word. Ease up.

No. 251040

Oh boy, oh boy. This 'ought to be good. I downloaded and reuploaded the video unlisted just I case the Margoyle deletes it.

No. 251045

There are new margo comments under her latest pic

No. 251047

cap that shit

No. 251048

File: 1458469353312.jpg (42.69 KB, 289x393, maggot.JPG)


No. 251049

File: 1458469383382.jpg (43.63 KB, 302x344, maggot2.JPG)

No. 251050

File: 1458469422880.jpg (47.88 KB, 296x379, maggot3.JPG)

sorry for the crappy screenshots

No. 251051


and isn't this the Insta account with all the screenshots of maggot's comments and emails to her father?


somebody said it has been deleted.

No. 251052

How does gargle know this?

No. 251054

File: 1458471306866.png (8.33 KB, 200x200, Hehehehe brown solid _38550421…)

underrated post

No. 251055

she did briefly have access to some data on the laptop / in icloud and gleaned some info, for example pictures of the kitchen. but then she locked the laptop and thus closed off her own access.

No. 251056

it changed names slightly, that is the 'new' one.

No. 251059

Yes, Margo. Taking a photo of your daughter in bed with a guy and posting it to the Internet is 'protecting her'.

Typical Margo. She has done nothing wrong and it's all Venus and the fans' fault.

No. 251062


But from what we've seen in Venus' new vids, they live in a very modest place. There's no way that is 300,000 a month, more like 70,000. Rents are getting lower because the population is shrinking, and Tokyo is less expensive to rent than London and New York (unless you want to rent in roppongi hills).

No. 251063


I'm still convinced the woman in that picture is the dirty maggot herself.

No. 251065

Yeah surely she just makes up the parts she doesn't know.

No. 251077

File: 1458486424881.jpg (85.48 KB, 831x449, mag.JPG)

No. 251078

File: 1458486453828.jpg (22.41 KB, 695x159, mag2.JPG)

No. 251086

This bitch just isn't capable of getting it.

No. 251090

Ugh same, i feel so nostalgic about this venus. The venus my little 14yo self was envious of.
That and old Dakota.
I loved they way she spoke on her blog too, with the little mamegoma pixels and shit i miss that everything was so much more..interesting?

No. 251096

Found this, I dunno if it has been posted yet. Some stuff I didn't even know happened (like the gangnam video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcuIZV67Tmk

No. 251099

I'm glad Margoyle is catching on

No. 251104

File: 1458496581281.jpg (34.68 KB, 493x387, 1450471946403.jpg)


No. 251114

File: 1458500510579.jpg (88.35 KB, 861x277, MArgo - MANAKI went through he…)

Well, here's something new in the Margo Saga: margo is claiming on both youtube and instagram that MANAKI is the one who came to the airport, opened her luggage looking for valuables, and then took off before security could apprehend him. One cap from youtube, 2 in german from instagram

No. 251115

File: 1458500544024.jpg (91.37 KB, 373x559, Margo - drunk mags 3 of 4.jpg)

1/2 german text re: "manaki's airport luggage theft"

No. 251116

File: 1458500559938.jpg (82.22 KB, 364x541, Margo - drunk mags 4 of 4.jpg)


No. 251118

Someone on kiwifarms translated the german as best they could; apparently Magoo's grammar is really shitty, and combined with crazy speak, it's hard to understand her:

first one - nina_asara expresses confusion and disbelief over what Margo says happened on Venus's birthday. Margo says something along the lines of "You're taking it out of context. A day before, her husband looked for valuables in my luggage behind my back. That is a terrible story, and because I kept my mouth shut, I was bullied."

second one - nina says approximately "I am not taking it out of context. The fact is, you said it. Can you imagine how your daughter felt? Granted, we do not know all the details, but I don't think your daughter wants to make you feel finished (done? given up? not sure how to translate). Because you will always be her mother, and her your daughter. I know it sounds stupid, but I am sure she does not hate you."
and Margo replies "Like I said, the day before I had to call security (I think. Her grammar is really bad with mixed tense). With incorrect directions that her husband put in my luggage."

No. 251123

Pic related is exactly what I've been saying here too but everyone shat on me

No. 251124

All the kiddos claiming to have borderline personality disorder on Tumblr should study Margo. Margo is the exact definition of BPD. She is a shining example of BPD. This is what those kids on Tumblr are claiming to be.

No. 251125

Basically what she wrote, but Margo writes like a teen.
The part about making her 'feel finished' is basically a way to say you're bullying someone. The last part isn't quite right, Manaki didn't put wrong directions in her luggage but it's rather "With the wrong address, her husband touched my luggage"(yes, she wrote it senseless like this)

No. 251126

She's losing whatever tenuous grip on reality she started out with. Her thought processes are becoming more and more distorted. She thought that video would totally vindicate her and make everyone see the light and rush to her support but she is getting SLAMMED in the comments. No one is buying it.

Plus her options are running out. The YTers she reached out to not only rejected her but publicly ridiculed her. So she sits alone in her rented room, brooding and fuming. Tick tock…what will be next?

No. 251127

i have bpd and i hardly act like margo but then again i have shitty doctors so could have been wrongly diagnosed so. Why is that diagnos so popular these days?(no one cares)

No. 251128

15 year olds want an excuse for acting batshit.

No. 251130

But its super poplar among doctors too everybody gets diagnosed with that shit these days it's like back in the day when every excited kid got diagnosed with adhd. oh well sorry for derailing.
but didnt margaret say venus was the one who stole her shit even venus herself said she went through margos bag at the airport but saw nothing that was hers and returned the bag back

No. 251131

File: 1458504118085.jpg (209.88 KB, 720x833, IMG_20160206_170013.jpg)

No. 251132


Yep, Mags has changed her original airport story; she said Venus took things from her bag, causing Margo to need security to stop her.

Venus said her mother sent her a text photo of where the bag was, found it, saw only her mom's things, returned it, and that's when Mags sprung from the shadows, grabbed hold of her, and didn't let go of Venus until airport security forced her.

No. 251133


Nvm, on that last part, just look at the image (Margo snatched Venus up after V tried to leave)

No. 251135


>her request of letting her stay where Manaki and I are

lmao maggot thought she can live at the place of venus for free. And now she is fucked.

No. 251136

I hear the river has some space for her

No. 251139

Its sunrise in Tokyo, 6 am Monday. morning. Wakey wakey, eggs and bac-y, Mags! The rent at your hostel is due! Share your pearls of truth and wisdom with us after you rub the drunk out of your eyes and delete all you wrote last night.

No. 251140

>>Wakey wakey, eggs and bac-y

If she can scrounge some change for Denny's that is. If not, what's the Japanese equivalent of ten cent packaged ramen noodles? Same thing there?

No. 251145

no she isn't

No. 251146

Best value would be gigantic bag of rice.

No. 251149

Not that anon but yes she is. She is borderline as fuck
Possible, but no two crazy people are alike remember that. Also crazy people do not acknowledge their craziness so maybe you are just like her but in denial.

No. 251151

How the fuck would the maggot know how big V and M's apartment is and how much it costs? Always pulling things out of her festering ass for sympathy.

No. 251152


Before she locked the old mac, Margo basically had a spycam in their place (fucking.creepy.), so she might have seen the inside that way. And Venus might have told her the apartment size when Margo demanded to stay / live with them (i.e., we don't have a spare bedroom). But other than the slight possibility that she knows something about the apartment size, yeah, she's just pulling the financials out of thin air.

No. 251156

she's a narcissist. the shit about all of Her Feelings and how upset she is and wants Venoos to come back is just an act

No. 251158

Yeah she got more of a severe case of npd i think.

No. 251159

Analyzing the precise nature of Mag's issues helps put her behavior in context, but I doubt any of us armchair psychologists (or those abused as children, who are familiar with this type of parent) are able make an accurate claim.

Mags suffers from some type of malignant personality disorder - she's got symptoms of a bunch of disorders that apply to persons of low empathic abilities. But I don't know how helpful it is to argue over exactly what she suffers from. Bitch be cray. Sound good?

No. 251160

Nah im only abusive towards myself and not other people and i definetly dont sympathize with margo and can understand that she is clearly the crazy one in this situation (well margo was always crazy so this situation didnt actually shock me)

No. 251161


No. 251164


You keep saying that word, but I don't think it means what you think it means.

No. 251165

Unfortunately anons on this site can't stop armchair diagnosing cows with BPD and other anons can't stop derailing the thread with their *~personal experiences~*. It's garbage. This shit always happens when there's no milk.

No. 251166

it seems to me that while margoyle is a hot mess, there's intention behind this. she just wants back her wallet, not venus. so much of this is a facade where the end justifies the means, even if she looks like a clown while doing so, because she's incapable of reflecting on that. if she was so afraid of being left by herself and abandoned, why would she skirt around this issue and make it about her assets? why would she take pictures of her daughter for the express purpose of manipulation and blackmail? why would she first inform others that oh no!!! her swarovskis were stolen/her mac book/whatever other assets she places importance on before the disappearance of her daughter or tackling a video that claims abuse.

she began with straight up manipulation, and it's only now she's crying on camera? it's like she realized that threatening to dispose of family photos wouldn't work, so now she's using crocodile tears

No. 251169

I'm just waiting for mergle to give it up and go into porn.

No. 251170

I know right who the hell cares about their shitty sob story, who cares if margo has npd or bpd, we should be only drinking her milk.

But there is no milk, so why is this thread being bumped?

No. 251183

As someone who has been diagnosed with BPD, I really fucking wish you would stop because she isn't and you're just using this a fucking reason to make her look psycho. You don't have a degree, you're not a psychiatrist and you're claiming that people who could very well be diagnosed should look at a headcase like Margo and realize that they should not want to be like her. Shit like this is why people self medicate and avoid therapy.

it's hardly a fucking common diagnosis and in general on tumblr people do not identify as having bpd because to most it implies that they're inherently abusive people and abusers are scum and are the worst on tumblr

No. 251187

>that rage
>that bump
>not knowing the kids on tumblr
Girl gtfo with your mental bpd ass, leave this thread alone or provide milk.

No. 251191

Such poor insight into your own illness.

No. 251211

The thread's turned to cancer again I see.

You know you don't actually have to talk here all the time right? Just when Margo is busy.

This is not a personal abuse or personal diagnosis discussion thread. There are threads in b exactly for this, go there.

No. 251213

we can hope. nicejewishmama is doing her best to facilitate that.

No. 251216

All of you need to learn to fucking sage when there's no milk. Jfc.

No. 251221

Due to my direction in life, i have a lot of experience with subjects that suffer from personality disorders and most anons (and people in general) here confuse how BPD expresses itself with how HPD and NPD express. Margo is pretty far from BPD, her behavior is very malignant towards others, but not herself, and her inability to empathise while vindictively trying to destroy the people who try to remove her "entitlements" makes me think she is a low functioning narcissist. Bpd expresses itself primarly through self harm, self destructive life choices and behavior and an inability to control ones actions. Some behaviors are very attention seeking, but are not typically manipulative nor are they considered a form of necessary "supply". Not going to go too much more into it, but unless you have real training and experience with PDs, try not to flippantly diagnose people. Many pds look the same on paper, but express very differently, the diagnosing process is long and complex and really, most of you dont know what you're talking about.(no one cares, use /b/)

No. 251225

Apparently it started 5 days ago >>/meta/2276
Admin-sama, pay attention to us!

No. 251229

File: 1458523928349.jpg (8.32 KB, 330x153, image.jpg)

There's threads for this in /b/.
Take your life story there plz.

No. 251230

It would honestly be hilarious. She'd try so hard.

No. 251231

File: 1458524540397.png (31.38 KB, 308x205, Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.38…)


I had thought Mags finally caught on that nicejewishmama is a troll, but I guess not (this comment is from yesterday, don't get excited - Mags hasn't resurfaced yet.) Margendo hasn't responded to any of NJM's suggestions / "marketing expertise" yet, but she DID put a bunch of ads ads up on venusangelic.com which was a NJM suggestion.

No. 251232

File: 1458524690779.png (410.03 KB, 917x365, Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.43…)

Meanwhile, Venus eats breakfast ice cream crepes in Harajuku. Watch out for Mags, Venus - you know that bitch is on the hunt, and anything resembling a parfait is going to draw her in.

No. 251235

what's mintyhime babbling about

No. 251236


Real lol. Ripping margoyle apart for her fondness for Denny's parfaits tickles me like nothing else on lolcow at the moment. She ate it what, twice? Next news: "she's a hobgoblin lurking under your Denny's table hankering for a parfait"

No. 251237

i like this. she's real here. she's cute

No. 251240

fuck. just. stop

No. 251243

Why is she making that retarded face, not cute at all…

No. 251245

Literally the first post i made and i didnt really talk about my personal life.

No. 251248


Then welcome, you can talk about personality disorders and all that crap here

This board exists to enjoy the crazy lolcows. Leaving things like this >>251221 here is going to irritate people, and doesn't contribute to the wider enjoyment of gawking at mags.

No. 251257


Gawking at mags does include speculating about what exactly her damage is though, and she does exhibit the "magical thinking" the NPD/BPD people do.

Like with the suitcase. I believe Venus' version of events, that it was Maggot's idea of trapping her. But according to maggot, first Venus tried to steal from the suitcase. And now it's suddenly Manaki. That doesn't make sense. But to maggot, because she definitely has a personality disorder, it does. They make things up, believe their own delusions, entire conversations with other people that never actually happened. Maggot really believes that she knows exactly what Venus is thinking, even though, looking at it from here, she changes her mind about what exactly that is all the time.


No. 251259


Crazy is crazy, mags is crazy, BPDs are also very manipulative, and also enjoy destroying other people emotionally (that's why psychiatric care workers hate them), and if you're butthurt because you're crazy too it's really no skin of our ass. Pls go to therapy, because mags clearly doesn't.

No. 251261


People are so evil for attacking the innocent flowers! Imagine what would happen if the crazy bitch had a dog, or a baby. She's be accusing people of critiquing her of animal & child abuse.

No. 251263

>enjoy destroying other people emotionally

No. 251264

File: 1458531910601.jpg (240.22 KB, 1280x800, imagine1280x800.jpg)

No. 251266

File: 1458532641688.png (65.31 KB, 607x218, Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.54…)

Fun side note: Manaki got 4k instagram followers in his first 3 days.

How much do you want to bet this has mags tore up? Not only his he married to what Margo sees as HER bank account; people find him likable (at least moreso than mags ever could be). Gotta be a sore point.

No. 251267


I wish she'd leave Japan already and go lick her wounds somewhere else. No one wants her there.

No. 251268

It's tough to say exactly what Margo's citizenship is at this point but as a Czech citizen she wouldn't need a visa for a 90 day stay or less. That aside, you know this bitch is going to stay until she's physically removed.

No. 251273

It is supposed to be a "Omg, I cam't wait to eat this" face, I have seen lots of japanese girls doing this in their food selfies too.

No. 251274

tbh it's still a dumb face to make

No. 251277

pls stop

No. 251278

omfg stop

No. 251279

gomi bullshit

No. 251282


Here's to hoping Venus has a fan working at immigration.

From mag's insta:

>margaretpalermo@_ohpls__ I am not denying that I got angry about her games. But she plays dirty

Trying to avoid this bucket of crazy, a grown woman of forty who refuses to get a job to look after herself, is "playing dirty", okay.

>and I stick to what I said.

No you don't, you're switching out significant plot lines all the time.

>I don't have a good opinion, who would do that to a mother.

Every child ever trying to get away from the abusive cunt who birthed her.

>For money, clicks. She tries to make a bad picture, removed videos where my support for her is shown.

Lies, lies

>It's bullying, robbing…

It's projecting, projecting…

>She might want to bully me even more.

I know I would. Go into the river already.

>I always protected her when I thought she is bullied. I got into trouble for both supporting and protecting her.

"I always lived on her money even when she was underage. Because I am a lunatic, I started trouble with other youtubers for no reason, and made them hate my daughter, so that Weenoos would understand that she has not a soul in the world other than her dear mama. I don't know where I went wrong! Should have chained her up, the little bitch."

No. 251284

File: 1458537683652.png (58.5 KB, 318x279, nyu.png)

No. 251285

Someone had an excellent tool synopsis of what would actually satisfy margo at this point: a 20 minute full public apology from the Hungarian embassay, stressing margos greatness; a suitcase full of money for being so wonderful; her daughter in a dog crate; and anyone who criticizes her dead at her feet. And it would likely still come up short to margos expectations.(using semicolons but omitting apostrophes for possessives)

No. 251292

File: 1458541679485.png (722.93 KB, 917x587, Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.2…)

MARGO plays with dogs and doesn't hurt them - UNLIKE a certain former child she knows

No. 251293

The way she says "I played with this dog afterwards" makes me think she had sex with it.

No. 251294


If anyone says anything bad about her now, they're abusing the dog. But even that dog looks at her as if she's dangerous and untrustworthy.

No. 251295

File: 1458542785507.jpg (115.06 KB, 750x300, 01-Margot_Dog_Mutt.jpg)


Do your worst in paint or PS.

No. 251300

> no wonder it's sad

No. 251302

That dog's body language is screaming "GET AWAY FROM ME!!" They can sense evil.(seriously though, that poor dog)

God damn magrot go crawl back under your rock and quit terrorizing pets!

No. 251304


Dogs know when someone's an asshole

No. 251306

Okay I found NJM's twitter: https://twitter.com/NiceJewishMama?s=09

It's protected but the profile says she's a "Talent Scout for Adult Industry" LOL She's not trollong Maggs, she's serious…which makes her weird comments and sucking up to the magg even more delicious. All her advice on fetishes and getting the right 'look' and marketing yourself…she's really trying to help the maggot out. {{{dies laughing}}}

Oh PLEASE let this come true. Please let this be the new "plan to get back on my feet" that maggot was talking about. A porn channel! How perfect.

No. 251307


I'm still skeptical. NJM's claims go back and forth between her being an online marketing expert and her being a techno neophyte who doesn't know the first thing about online marketing an wants Margo's advice. Just because someone set up a twitter under that name a few years back does not an authentic pr0n pimp bubbie make.

No. 251308

I would die and go to heaven if this happened.

No. 251309

it could be an old account they just changed the name on and made private. I'm still hoping for troll tbh

No. 251310


She was asking maggot about SM (specifically Twitter):

nicejewishmama I have thousands of customers and cannot get anyone over 30 to go on my new Twitter account. Margaret, as an expert on social media, how do I get customers on social mdia? This is my 1st attempt at Instagram. Oh, yeah. I had one kid who was a dud. Then, I had my daughter who is amazing. My sister had a child at 45. When she picks her child up from school, everyone thinks she is the grandmother! You could still have another. Or adopt an older child. In any case, how do I get people on my social media from the phone? 2w

She seems to know a lot about advertising on websites, putting up paywalls, etc. though..which is how p0rn operates, I believe? Advertising via SM is a relative newcomer compared to the more old-school internet p0rn.

Also I think NJM is an older person. She commented the other day that she was "an old radical Jew" and "sold drugs to Dr. Huey Newton." Huey Newton was the founder of the Black Panther Party in the US back in the 60's, so that's a pretty obscure reference if you're just a troll. If true that would make her to be in her 60's or 70's. People from that generation aren't the quickest to jump on SM.

Anyway… I think it's way better if she's an actual weird old internet person rather than a troll.

No. 251312

Does who NJM follow change often? I noticed yesturday she was following only one account, it was a barbershop. Then today I see she's following 2 ppl. One of them is Venus. The other is a "kawaii" YouTube girl. But not the barbershop anymore or Margo. I don't know what to believe anymore. Are they a troll or a real person? Or some weird combo of both.

No. 251317

Eh, regarding Huey Newton, he died in 1989 and had a bad crack habit (have a friend who's a family member.) Bragging on selling huey drugs doesn't mean shit, and it doesn't mean she's 60+. She could have been around 20 in the late 80s and sold huey drugs. If we're going to take someone on the internet at their word.

No. 251320

Wait, so if supposedly Margo knew they rented a place for 300 thousand yen, why didn't she locate them so she can come and haunt them?

No. 251323

I want to believe she's some kind of evolved troll.

No. 251325


someone got tooold

No. 251326

Anyone noticed nicejewishmama's post on Venus' pics?

No. 251328

She's got contacts on the astral plane, but we are all fourteen and wouldn't understand mayo's communication with esoteric sources. We don't have the Swarovskis.

No. 251329


No. 251330

File: 1458557234723.png (468.38 KB, 640x624, X1G4LtD.png)

NJM commenting on a YT vid of some makeup artist applying makeup while in labor. It's a real person, lol. She's all over YT commenting on videos. Her YT channel (same name, NJM) is a hoot. She has about a million 'liked' videos going back years. This is SO good.

No. 251332

LOL! That dog looks so suspicious of her. Wonder how long she's been taking pics of it before getting this one.

No. 251333

Well at least she isnt posting as the dog saying she has a unfortunate case of funeral face.

No. 251334

File: 1458560892080.png (311.29 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

No. 251335

File: 1458561825652.jpg (98.41 KB, 360x640, njm.jpg)

No. 251343

she's an evolved spambot. A new form of internet AI.

No. 251345

learns from lolcows

No. 251346

NJM should have her own thread lol

No. 251347

File: 1458568022810.png (142.19 KB, 611x418, 2bDlj0X.png)

in maggot's YT comments, when asked about her twitter profile.
whoever this is she's as batshit as the maggo. And now she's giving Venus advice?? ffffoooohhhhh

No. 251349

File: 1458568595591.png (212.89 KB, 581x559, VEA2DGU.png)

and response (both now deleted.)
maggot no likey

No. 251354

Venus-chan got a new video cameraaa
Take THAT, margoo

No. 251366


What is she saying?

>I'll hire mayo as a prostitute, or no, I want Venus!

>we'll even hire the disabled!
>Mayo, as you're at least borderline retarded or mentally ill, Obama will give you half of your paycheck in $$$

>ice queen feet & vomit fetish, whoohoo! Have another baby!

This is brand new crazy.

No. 251368

I know I shouldn't reply to the bait but goddamn, stop spouting bullshit.

No. 251370

If you're triggered by a discussion of crazy on a Latvian butter churning board dedicated to making fun of crazy, you're gonna have a hard time.

No. 251371

File: 1458578014903.jpg (82.79 KB, 928x595, food.JPG)

maggot posted about her friends

No. 251372

File: 1458578031812.jpg (65.35 KB, 929x598, poltergeistmaggot.JPG)

No. 251380

Margo is the most hilarious cow. Imagine staying at a hostel minding your own business and having some crazy middle-aged homeless woman sneak pics of you and calling you her "friend". This is some thriller shit.

No. 251382

I like how there are two wine glasses only and none for her

No. 251383

I rather think she's drinking with someone… there is no third person.

No. 251384

dat hot water heater, dat paper towel holder, dem nasty ass towels… No Japanese household would ever look like that.
Hostel confirmed.

No. 251385

What a creep…

No. 251386

>and some vine

No. 251389


I was bit excited when I read "some vine" because I thought that maggot would live blog her life via vine but nvm.

No. 251392

looks more like the girl is trying to hide the sos message she's writing on her phone "there's some creep in my home pls halp"

No. 251393

that vine bottle looks so cheap

No. 251396

Nice creeper shot Margo. Definitely convinced everyone that you have tons of soooper supportive friends

This place looks absolutely tiny. I bet she's sharing with a lot of people too. Urgh, imagine having to stay so close to Margo.

No. 251399

Christ, could you imagine staying at a hostel, you're in your early 20s on an adventure with your significant other, and then some crazed Hungarian woman in her 40s stinks around begging for part of your dinner and some wine every night? Like, bitch, we're broke kids. You're a creepy old lady. Get your own fucking dinner.

And as a former heroin addict, that trick "on her phone" looks like she's on the nod (which, faced with margo ad a roommate, I would be back on the needle asap to get that fucking nasty voice I'd hers out if my head. I have you want to talk? Imma pass out, bye).

No. 251400

* you want to talk

No. 251403


I'm starting to think that these threads are full of impressionable idiots or some anons are (understandably) tired of the asslicking and took this opportunity to change the tone of t thread.

We already know that Manaki's a creep for e-stalking a tween, falling "in love" an proposing marriage before 3 months are up. Duh. Unfortunately he was he best be at freedom given the circumstances. And when you think about it, her situation ain't so bad: she got her japanese prince to save her and he's willing to live in her weird weaboo fantasy world whereas most dudes do wanna pay for a damn date these days. Outside of the cray mom thing, she made out pretty well so far.

And speaking of her mother, I actually believe most of what she said. It's obvious that she's exaggerating and framing it in a way that minimizes her culpability. The perfect example is when she goes on and on about thei ages when they met an how quickly the relationship progressed, but she glosses over why she allowed her 13 year old daughter to meet with a young man 6 years her senior. She's a piece of work.

No. 251405

Margo was the first to suggest marriage in the emails Margo leaked. Manaki expressed concern because of her age.

No. 251407

No. 251408

Regarding the "13 years old!11!" thing, for the ten thousandth time:

Makani began following Venus's online accounts when she was 16. He went to a meet and greet of hers that year, but didn't end up talking to her. They didn;t meet in person until she was almost 18.

Yes they are 6 years apart in age; no, he did not try to win his princess goddessu over at age 13. Can we please put this shit to rest?

No. 251411

File: 1458587112108.jpg (12.31 KB, 300x69, lel.JPG)

No. 251413

Crazy bitches can't fool anyone

No. 251416

File: 1458589321085.jpg (107.93 KB, 720x755, _20160321_204007.jpg)

Thought you'd like some baby maggot.

No. 251417

Thank god Venus didn't get those ears though.

No. 251421


Or that nose, yeesh. Mags has looked like a dour bitch since childhood.

No. 251425

Holy fuck. She looks like a teeny tiny evil bitch. Her face is JARRING next to that cute little girl.

No. 251426

Facial features of psychosis maybe?

No. 251427

.. you talking phrenology, or lack of affect / emotional response? The first is bullshit, and the second you're not able to diagnose from a couple photos. Or any photos, really - it's got to be an interactive thing.

No. 251428

She really is satan

No. 251429


maggot was mostly likely the kind of kid who kidnapped animals to torture them.

btw isn't it maggot's younger sister beside her?

No. 251431

>>btw isn't it maggot's younger sister beside her?

I think so; Ferenc took the trouble to blot out the other kid's face, I assume because he's not related to the kid and didn't want to post someone else's childhood pics on the internet.

No. 251432

File: 1458593206966.jpg (56.47 KB, 607x414, squad.JPG)


I guess it's Zsuzsa

No. 251433

File: 1458593214204.jpg (100.92 KB, 500x470, 987cb7c5-749e-40da-b767-17147d…)

Can we talk about this for a minute? The stained bare concrete wall, the tangle of exposed pipes coming from that water heater(?) thing on the wall, what looks to be cheap metal cabinets, mismatched dirty towels… she's living in a gotdamn flophouse.

Is that a tiny grimy sink at right filled with dirty dishes? And they're obviously sleeping on the floor in a communal room…yeesh, maggs. This is fine if you're a broke 20-something touring around the world but a 41-year old crashing there indefinitely with no plan and no place else to go is not cool.

No. 251434


To the right is a hot plate / countertop burner and cooking utensils; the sink is to the left under the hot water heater.

The place does look horrific; I actually started combing through hostel rental websites for the cheapest places in Tokyo to see if the kitchen photos matched - but with how icky the place looks, I doubt they'd include kitchen photos for this particular dive.

No. 251435


And re: sleeping on the floor - it's actually pretty common in Japanese hostels for the beds to be on the floor, if it's a traditional style place (according to the photos I've been looking through of hostels there.) But I agree it's super pathetic that Mags is sharing a communal / dorm sleeping room in what appears to be an end-of-the-line hostel. She's got to be on her last red cent.

No. 251436

and she's hashtagging that mess #spanishchef #dinnerwithfriends. Uh huh

No. 251437

File: 1458593717344.png (160.75 KB, 635x752, 2016-03-21 21.53.22.png)

Her aunt is really nice.

No. 251438


I fucking love Aunt Zsu. She was translating/ commenting on the @stopmargaretpalermo account before it got shut down.

No. 251439


Where was this posted?

No. 251440


awww that's really sweet tho.

It's still on, just changed the name www.instagram.com/stopmargaretp/

No. 251441

It is still there. They just named it stopmargaretp

No. 251442

this is heartwarming ;_;

No. 251443

No. 251444

Awww…I was sus of her at first when she was all over Magg's IG comments, defending & making excuses for her, all "you guys shouldn't so hard on her, she's always been difficult" but now I kinda love her too.

No. 251445


I think Zsu's comments intended to come off more like, don't waste your breath, saying all this stuff to Mags only makes the situation worse, like fanning the flames to put out a fire. She did suggest that if people need to say something, that they encourage Margo to get mental help. Seems like that's where Mags' family stands: we have love for you; we're not getting drawn in to your schemes; consider getting help.

No. 251449

This is from Venus' IG, one of the first pics she posted when she got to Japan 6 weeks ago. Zsu posted the comment 2 weeks ago.

No. 251450


I'd love to know what seedy corner of Tokyo this place is in. One thing we do know, there's a Denny's nearby.

No. 251454


Jesus, it looks like someone photoshopped her face now and put it on a child's body. Her face did not change at all.

No. 251460

she looks like a mini old lady.
>dat nose

No. 251464

More like dat philtrum

No. 251471

I think anon meant the yard is too small to even be considered one (exaggeration type of comment)

No. 251472

Isnt this the same room from that very short video margo made about where she was staying?

No. 251473

why would she even lie and say that people told her she looked like a doll as a child

No. 251475

Venus 1.0

No. 251476

>he actually married my niece
That entire family consists of crazy and weabooism.

No. 251478

I think it's poor english more than anything

No. 251479

Is that one single bench top gas ring I can see? At least Manaki managed to get a double one for Venus' kitchen

Looking at the knees, I can see two types of jeans. The angle Margo is at relevant to the food/wine looks unnatural for the blue knees to be her, so she is probably third wheeling on some poor couple

No. 251482

It is like those sappy Hallmark cards
"To my favourite nephew in law, I know you're great because you had the great judgement to marry my niece"

No. 251483

yeah it just didn't quite come right because of the slightly off english, I don't know how anyone would see that as "weeabooish"

No. 251484

>stained bare concrete wall

looks like stainless steel to me, don't panic. easy surface to clean in a hostel.

No. 251485

i think anon read it as her saying
>"oh praise be to buddha that a beautiful nipponese man would marry my undeserving gaijin niece"

or something like that.

No. 251492


It comes off more like she's happy a nice guy married her niece, english isn't her first language. Or like "he married you, not my crazy ass sister, so what she thinks doesn't matter".

No. 251504

File: 1458607377061.png (187.78 KB, 520x568, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.42…)

Mags is up / active. And she has friends, dammit!

No. 251506

I'm wondering if Venus finally blocked Mags, since she hasn't invaded Venus's instagram with vitriol in almost a week. You'd think Margendo would have shit up the comments over there to advertise her "video of truth".

No. 251508

lol forever at Mags not understanding English sarcasm

No. 251509

File: 1458608307776.png (373.44 KB, 719x372, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.57…)

I guess Venus hasn't responded to Aunt Zsu's overtures yet


No. 251510

File: 1458608324226.png (364.3 KB, 720x366, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.57…)


No. 251511


Oh, and the third kid is Margo and Zsu's brother. No idea why his face is blocked out; maybe they don't speak to him? Or maybe he just doesn't want his face on the internets.

No. 251512


I feel sorry for that whole family. It's starting to look like that Margendo was the one that shut them all out instead of her family shutting her out.

No. 251513

It probably took one family member to tell Margo that Weenoos was a child, not a cash machine.

No. 251515

His (uncensored) face photo is on Ferenc Sr.'s Instagram, though.

Yep, and as expected Margo twisted things to make it seem like they rejected her.

No. 251517

Oh Marg. Poor kitchen :(
Must belong to factory worker. :(

No. 251518

To be fair if you left an abusive family they will turn up against you as "revenge", so I dont trust Margendo's family at all. And the way she tagged Venus into this is shit, she could also send a private message or just comment on her photo. Gotta love it how she pretends to be innocent and just trying to reach out.

No. 251519

oh hey there Margo

No. 251520


If I was Venus, I would also be wary of Margo's relatives.

But I hope they have good intentions for Venus's sake; I'd be nice for her to have more support than just Manaki's. Or some friends or something. It's really stressful on your partner when they're the only thing holding your world together. That's a lot of pressure, especially on a new relationship. Especially when you just moved in together.

No. 251521

He is a fancy spanish chef dammit!

No. 251522

My name is actually anon. Those who abuse were abused.

No. 251523

>>Those who abuse were abused.

Not always. Sometimes they were abused. Sometime, they were just shitty, low empathy people by nature, and there's nothing that can be done to temper that.

No. 251524

Not this again.

No. 251525

Well I dont think they have nice intentions, why else would they tag her on a pic of her mother? They would probably be just as fucked up as her mother, in fact I already find her shady. She should just stay away from them imo. Margendo's sister is shady as fuck.

No. 251526

How can Maggot be even so ugly as a child. Her sister looks so cute in comparison.

Maggots mongoloid eyes and her weird mouth make me think she might have a mild case of FAS. That would also explain how she is so retarded at everything.

No. 251527

Yea, sometimes it's just luck of the draw. I once read an article about child psychopaths who came from normal, functional families - they have no clue why these children turned out so antisocial. So probably Maggot is the same way.

OT because no milk and this topic doesn't belong here

No. 251528

Yep me too. These people are total strangers to her, how much 'support' can they really give? Even though Auntie seems like a decent sort, Ferenc seems to be all about "let's all reunite and be big happy family! we love you margaret!!" Yeah, no.

No. 251529

Well they should unite if they all want positive contact (and if Venos wants it) but the problem is that I'm just afraid that they end up all being like Margo. But at the end of the day it should be their choice not our choice.

No. 251530

File: 1458612806563.png (95.54 KB, 350x552, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.11…)

"Venoos told to to come here!" Bitch, we've seen those receipts; Venus told you MAYBE you could come for a visit since you were so upset about her leaving. You invited yourself to move in, and hopped right on a plane with a plan to kidnap her.

No. 251531

File: 1458612899432.png (100.36 KB, 344x525, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.13…)

Mags is revving her engines; can someone please keep an eye on her comments in case she leaves something good? I need to get some work done but you know how this bitch deletes if you don't keep an eye out

No. 251533


Ya, because being bullied is worse than throwing a knife at your own child.

No. 251534

^^ So she's not bothering to deny it any more? INTERESTING

No. 251535

She meant that venus is just bullying her/making up lies so yes she is denying it

Yall need to upgrade your margo language skills

No. 251536


You sound as crazy and paranoid as mags herself.


Weenoos no longer allowing mayo to be her pimp is the worst kind of abuse, anons. Hashtags prayformargot, countonnicejewishmama

No. 251542

Yes I am paranoid because she tagged venus on a photo of her fucking abuser (can you comprehend this?), if I was Venus I would tell her to fuck off. and at least sage your post.

No. 251546

File: 1458620540858.png (763.23 KB, 918x579, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.19…)

Ok, mags is DEFINITELY wandering wherever she thinks Venus is - V posted a photo from Harajuku yesterday? Mags is one station up, very close by, in Shinjuku right now. Bitch is totally stalking Venus IRL. I'm sure she got a location close to where Venus is when V still had the macbook unlocked.

No. 251550


where are you going at the end of the trip, murgo

No. 251552

File: 1458624187418.png (261.74 KB, 372x550, 517fc584-d3c7-40ed-9dad-92f1a9…)

Oh maggot, maggot, MAGGOT
This photo SCREAMS "stock photo"
Takes literally 2 seconds to find via reverse image search
It's ALL OVER the fucking internet
This is just pathetic, even for her.

No. 251553


I don't think she posted this exact picture. If you compare them, there's a cloud on the left side in Margendo's picture and a yellow sign at the bottom.

No. 251554

The only difference is that orange block being absent in Maggot's photo.

This is really scary through… it's like this horror ride never stops! She's still stalking Venus around Japan to probably kill her. This bitch needs to just go the fuck back to Europe and leave her daughter alone. That visa needs to expire sooner… we'll be coming upon 60 days soon enough. WE NEED 90, DAMNIT!

No. 251556


LOL whatever…weather conditions in Tokyo
both yesterday and today were/are mostly cloudy all day though.


No. 251557


Ok and? Still not a explanation for the cloud not being in the stock photo lmfao.

No. 251559

Today is quite a nice weather in Tokyo and Margo probably did take a picture.

She has no money. What else is there to do but search for her daughter, hoping to see her in one of the more popular spots?

No. 251560


Hopefully into river. I know it was a fake account responsible for the "going into river" catchphrase, but it still sounds like something Margo would say.

How many days does she have left ? Will she go to Denny's again ?

Also , >>251372
who the fuck checks their phone in that position.

Sage because I'm not bringing milk.

No. 251564


No. 251565

no it wasn't fake, Margo first said it. she later acknowledged she in fact went to the river but 'just to drink'.

No. 251566

I agree with this too. Also ant Zsu telling Venus that it was "respectful" she stayed with her mother until she turned 18, what the fuck? If someone throws a knife at me and regularly abuses me no way I'm staying with them out of some parental "respect". Venus just didn't have any other choice. It's a backwards way of thinking and it doesn't seem she really understands the situation. Aunt Zsu and Ferenc popping out of nowhere to sprinkle fairy sugar on this drama is already strange in itself imo.

No. 251599

File: 1458639878084.png (975.38 KB, 768x620, shesuckles.png)

No. 251600

I'm thinking margoyle swiftly deleted and blocked every time her family tried to contact Venus. Now that she's 18 and free they're trying to reach out again.

No. 251605

fucking hilarious

No. 251609

Ugh same, i feel so nostalgic about this venus. The venus my little 14yo self was envious of.
That and old Dakota.
I loved they way she spoke on her blog too, with the little mamegoma pixels and shit i miss that everything was so much more..interesting?

No. 251610

File: 1458647335915.png (615.08 KB, 933x597, flowers margo.png)

Margo prostituting confirmed?

No. 251613

why did you post exactly the same thing you posted two days ago

No. 251617

Goddammit just please don't let some sucker marry her so she can get a visa fuck

No. 251622

Looks kind of like fake flowers to me, but I'm not an expert

No. 251623


Those look like flowers she stole from a shop counter.

No. 251626

or from the table…

No. 251627

Oh god if she seriously tries to get some D for a spouse visa.. we could report her somehow right?

No. 251637


Shit, and it's actually possible even with her face. There are lots of desperate men in this world…

No. 251639

and if she follows nicejewishmama's advice…

No. 251640

Never question the low standards some men have. Margo has a chance with some pathetic beta if she offers up the sex.

No. 251655

And to some Japanese, all foreigners look the same so Margo might get some gaijin hunter that doesn't understand that not all westerners have huge nose and hideous faces.

No. 251657

File: 1458658702741.jpg (12.7 KB, 362x220, you'll never leave.jpg)

It's a shitty example but I thought of that jrcach guy who likes a white loli and how he thought Royston Vasey-looking Mira of all people was gorgeous. Tastes are all over the place in general. This can only benefit Mags.

No. 251658

There is no way magoo will ever leave japan now. She's probably gonna marry for the spouse visa and stalk her daughter forever. No way she's not jealous of Venus for being married, having money and having a visa, kek, she'll probably do the same soon.

No. 251665

I assumed she was prostituting ever since she uploading those nudes to insta. And if I recall correctly there was a comment on margos or venus' insta where someone was complaining to venus how sick her mom was because of a deleted comment she made where she blamed venus for her current state and having to prostitute herself to get by.

No. 251672

Either a pathetic beta, or whatever the Japanese equivalent of hood trash is

No. 251673


It's so cross to know how many asian dick she has been already sucked in japan/korea. I bet she will end in some cross amateur porn jesus christ.

No. 251674

Holy crap guys, Margo is defo stalking Venus and Manaki. Manaki posted about Shibuya yesterday and then Margo did.

No. 251676

Misread, she went to Shinjuku. My bad.

No. 251683

We're all waiting for the day her porn gets posted here

No. 251686


I think it will be rough to watch.

No. 251689

I posted about that yesterday;shinjuku, harajuku, and shibuya are all in the same area (they're three consecutive subway stops). Mags is definitely stalking venus IRL; two days ago venus posted about getting a street crepe in harajuku, and the next day marge was in the area walking around. I doubt margo is able to afford to live in that vicinity even at hostel prices. So she's travelling near venus every day. And mags has to know generally where they live because she could see their location before she bricked the MacBook.

No. 251691

P0rn with NJM as her adviser…"go for the ice queen domme look margaret! Asian men with money love that!" I really think that's what she was talking about when she asked daddy Ferenc for $$…her idea for a new project to get back on her feet but she "needs help" i.e. $$ to buy new outfits? Her YT channel has 11K subscribers now, she could make bank catering to Asian men of a certain persuasion. Bright future!

No. 251703

it looks like a table decoration kek

No. 251705

Japanese bring whores flowers when they meet? Damn, that's a new level of politeness!

No. 251708