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File: 1483760919664.png (585.78 KB, 1187x590, 24.png)

No. 333878

Previous thread: >>323212


ALL OF KIRSTEN'S POSTS: https://lolcow.farm/all-posts-kiki.html

The rumors are true: Kiki Kannibal / Kirsten Ostrenga is Sperg-chan. Kiki made almost 2,500 lolcow posts, most of them targeting Taylor R. Her rampage began on June 16, 2016, the day Taylor announced she got a new Japanese boyfriend. About 1,900 of those posts were spam and gore.

We investigated carefully and determined that she was the sole Sperg-chan; at least during June and July 2016. Reports of similar posters past then were found not to be her. We took so long because we wanted to be 100% sure in our findings. She used several hundred IP addresses to try to mask her identity. In fact, she would often quickly switch IPs to point at previous posts she made and say "check my IP, I'm not her". She is the most dedicated and obsessive samefag in lolcow history.

Please read https://lolcow.farm/kiki for all of the details and links to her posts. Her posts have all been marked as well, though she also has around 1,900 deleted posts which you can only see from the links in https://lolcow.farm/kiki. Evidence is at the bottom of the post.

We encourage all farmers to help make new Kiki banners or any Kiki-related art they'd like.

Here is a list of some of her best tweets, if you'd like to work any of those in: http://pastebin.com/zNKurkzf

All the other useful lists are at https://lolcow.farm/kiki

No. 333892

File: 1483768720472.jpg (55.43 KB, 600x873, IMG_4972.JPG)

Derailing I know, I found an older pic of Kotex But if Keeks did something like this with her hair, it would suit her better. Giving it some sort of volume.

No. 333894


She looks like a dollar-store hooker

No. 333916

I'd like to point out that I think Keeks is still part of the imdb pro network…even a month past the initial "free 30 days membership."
Which I wouldn't be surprised about because she places such heavy credit on random shit like Sean Lennon's random cherry picking of ~eccentric environmentalists~ when it came go their video.

No. 334083

Assuming she also got the role by paying the $5k (and we can't really know if that's true or not), how is she funding all this? Parents?

No. 334118


No. 334119

She's on disability, remember?

No. 334136

If Kiki is on disability for something snowflakey like anxiety or ~PTSD from rape and bullying~ (wouldn't be hard at all tbh) and Kyler is also for his "severe autism" (according to the police report where dako-chin threw the toaster at Cathy for telling Kiki to take herself to the doctor). So that's 2 checks for 2 adult dependants, plus Scott's IT job and Cathy's retail job. They inherited the house from Sandra (Cathy's mom) and probably only have to pay for utilities. Cathy also probably does extra shit for money online or on the side to spoil Kiki and Dakota with. But mostly disabilitybux, probably. Can they get in trouble for that?

No. 334159

File: 1483843171863.jpg (95.47 KB, 750x574, IMG_6130.JPG)

Late but you gotta laugh at Kiki whining about choosing to view gorey videos when she spammed gross images. She's never been in touch with reality.

No. 334160

Uh calm yourself anon. If they inhereted the house they still have to pay whatever is left on it regardless. If it was paid off then they still have to pay property taxes as well as other stuff - not just utilities. Suburban cities are the worst with side taxes as well (stormwater shit, insurance, etc) get in trouble for what? Using their disability money? The checks would still come in whoever's name and they still would have to cash them- annnnd disability is only good for a certain time, you have to continue to show proof to renew it or be reeligable and if they find your ass working you'll lose it. More proof keeks most likely paid for that role otherwise if she got paycheck she'd lose her disability. And they'll find out if/when she files her taxes this year.

No. 334169

>>happily spams lolcow with pics of cut up dicks

No. 334175

such a ~delicate, sensitive flower uwu~

No. 334177

Not the same anon but I've read some traumatized people would take art/craft classes as therapy. Kaka being knowledgeable on how to exploit legal loopholes, may try to justify acting as a treatment for her severe snowflake illnesses

sage for tinfoil and lame headcanons

No. 334184

i can't take looking at animal abuse pictures either, and kiki's twitter is always completely full of it. she would be much better off donating frequently to their causes instead of "spreading awareness" or whatever she thinks she doing by spamming pages with slaughter videos.

No. 334196

as long as kaka isn't making more than $1130 extra per month from working she can still get her disability

No. 334277

File: 1483898804503.jpg (93.67 KB, 750x597, IMG_6132.JPG)

Oh I'm so busy, I never think about Taylor!

No. 334315

Well if by glow they mean dropping with hair grease, damn right she's glowing

The funniest thing is that all the beef she has is all one sided - and theyre all coming from her lol

No. 334363

That glow must be coming from her balding shiney 6head.

No. 334401

She's the kind of psycho who obv gets off on this horrible shit.

No. 334412

I was 50/50 about her secretely enjoying animal cruelty using the whole vegan awareness thing as excuse, and the spergfest just confirmed my suspicions.

No. 334509

I think kiki should just stay offline for a good long time and get some help, but we all know that'll never happen

No. 334937

Kiki, please do this with Dakota: https://www.bigbrotherauditions.com

No. 334938

I take that back, please apply with Cathy. XD

No. 335146

Is Kiki back right now or has some other cow had a meltdown with all this spam going on?

No. 335191

I thought it was Kiki having another Ostrenga meltdown too

No. 335264

I've always found it strange that the Ostrengas have never been on any sort of reality TV show. In fact, I'm downright appalled!

No. 335275

I know this isn't reality tv, but iirc, she was gonna go on Dr. Phil with stickydrama but refused to after sticky said that he'd only go on if Danny's parents could come on too.

No. 335276


Fuck no! Stay and give us more milk


Kiki once claimed a "big TV network" wanted to make a reality TV of her and kota's life

No. 335294

re: the reality show, I remember SO many scene people from MySpace said that. Audrey, Hannah Beth, Jeffree…

No. 335353

they wouldn't do it for the same reason Onion wouldn't - no total control over how they're perceived.

No. 335357

Wait really? I only knew of Cathy trying to get her on Dr. Phil but if that's true they're fucking pussies. If they're as clean and innocent and they portray themselves to be what did they have to lose? Fishy, fishy.

Some of them did end up on reality TV in some form or another at least. HB on that competition show, the Millionairs on BGC, wasn't Jeffree on something? None for Keeks. Tbh Koots has a better chance of being on CBB.

No. 335358

I think it was RuPaul's Drag Race. and then there was that one girl who became a DVF ambassador! she really got ahead in life.

No. 335374

>Wait really?
That's what I remember sticky saying on the old pull.
I tried looking into the archive for the thread he made about it but I can't find it.

Idk if anyone else would be interested but I did find this thread when I was searching through the pull archive
I really miss when she would post cringey shit like this all the time.

No. 335389

their secret archive of screenshots contained a pdf of Cathy e-mailing one of the Dr. Phil people. i remember it was her trying to get on the show again after "chickening out" (her words) the last time they were going to go on, because she was afraid it would worsen the bullying.. but apparently they didn't get an e-mail back. this is when they were trying to get the media involved to see if it improved their situation, and I guess after dr. phil they contacted the magazine.

i sort of understand why they would back off though. i watch Dr. Phil all the time and while he's a good guy and tries to help people, the show itself feeds off drama from both parties involved. their commercials always exaggerate the "shocking" bits and add fake gasping to make it seem more dramatic. imo it was a smart move not go. I know for a fact Cathy and Scott would have been blamed for everything and be bombarded with "why would you let your 14 year old daughter ___!!", "why didn't you just take her off the internet!!", etc etc. it always happens. that whole "she has a right to be on the internet and there's nothing wrong with her bikini photos" would NOT have flown well with the people who watch this show.

No. 335395

It would be amusing but - anon, how many times are you gonna suggest BB?

No. 335440

Realizing that Dr. Phil wouldn't have let them get away with their irresponsible parenting is a good reason to back out. Backing out because Chris Stone only agreed of Danny's family could be on it is not and makes them look suspect.

No. 335451

I think they backed out for both of those reasons. I remember when Kiki got into a twitter battle with Chris, she never actually responded to any of his criticisms of her, she just would point out shit that he's done. So I could see her not wanting Danny's parents on since they don't have as much dirt on them as they do Chris and they would only make them look worse.

No. 335453

they probably also didn't want Danny's family telling the world a few interesting deets that would put some shit stains on their biased story.

>Daniel's mom was desperate and begged Daniel to stop seeing Kiki but he continued to see her and became more and more defiant towards his mom, the rash got worse and one day Lourdes went to the Ostrenga house to speak with Kiki's parents. To her surprise her parents treated her as if she was the enemy and told Lourdes she should let her son be happy and to let Daniel be with Kiki because they were young and in love, Cathy confessed that she was the one that did Daniel's hair into the hideous hairstyles and told Lourdes that Daniel could stay at their house for as long as he wanted

No. 335454

oh and there's also that recording where Cathy says
>"All the times we've turned around and fought. Put it this way: one of the guys is actually dead. So i suggest you leave my family alone"

that wouldn't have looked too good on TV

No. 335491

The rash? Does Kiki have an STI???

No. 335498

Had one, but that was when she dated Jake Wolf iirc. Daniel's mom complained about him developing skin rashes due sleeping at Ostrenga's household. Either he was allergic to pet hair or Ostrengas were immune to their own filth.

No. 335516

Any more details on her STI saga? Just curious cause I've never heard about this before…

No. 335517

Keeks and the Jake Wolf guy broke up. IIRC he was creeping on other Stickam girls. In the wreckage, Kiki claimed he gave her a burning sensation.

It could have been Kiki trying to shame him but to be fair, he looked fucking filthy at the time.

No. 335519

File: 1484098908034.jpg (33.25 KB, 461x600, silkwood shower pls.jpg)

Samefag, but dropped the picture in case you haven't seen him.

No. 335540


i never saw this. the best thing for kiki would be a low key relationship w/ a normie imo

No. 335548

looking back at spergchan's posts.


she had already outted herself lol

No. 335565

File: 1484105339279.png (277.46 KB, 1087x647, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 10.1…)

sorry for samefagging. still going over her posts again. i can't believe out goddamn stupid she is. this writing style was what got her caught when she made that anti-danny website.

No. 335588

File: 1484107028857.jpg (51.08 KB, 412x590, ef38bf31bdefa6748f0e2896df015f…)

Why would anyone get tattoos to look like this…

No. 335621

I like your commitment

No. 335627

See, even as someone who has tattoos, this is why i understand discrimination against hiring people with face and neck tattoos. you look fucking retarded. why.. don't do it.

No. 335628

Print a banner, do whatever you need to do with it and shut up already.

No. 335721

File: 1484152596196.png (416.39 KB, 898x594, Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 16.3…)

New photo.
>in b4 nasolabial folds!!1

No. 335895

Is Kiki actually making friends?

No. 335903

She's probably seeing the Bobby guy, judging by how he autolikes her every burp.
Wonder how long it will take her to #actress her way through this group.

No. 335907

Yeah I know. We can't put it past the Kooks at best.

No. 335925

Did she finally cut her hair or am I seeing shit?

No. 335930

has she EVER had friends?

No. 335936

Gotta go after that sweet Nipponese dick.

No. 335947

I wonder if she's still holding onto that Japan dream if this all doesn't work out. I don't get why else she would still be going for Japanese/Asian guys now. I mean, she was never interested in them until she started trying to become famous in Japan and she seems to be obsessed with being Aryan.

No. 335950

File: 1484189661901.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, nhJ7hrll.jpg)

He looks kind of cute in his instagram pic, but it's all filters. Here's the dude without them. Either she's seeing him or he's just hardcore creepin.

No. 335956

I hope not. Her look doesn't match the beauty standards in Japan remotely, and it's embarrassing to watch her copy her sister when she was the one who launched them both to e-fame and helped define the look of a subculture. She needs to cut the fake weeb shit out and stick with the horror scene; she has the best and possibly only chance of success in it, and it suits her perfectly. :^)

No. 335999

kek that moustache, dude looks like a cartoon character.

No. 336036

this is a really nice photo. the only downside is that kiki seems to have put on every statement piece in her wardrobe.

No. 336062

jesus christ, she's only 25 and looks like a fucking cancer patient

No. 336066

She looks like she killed Big Bird to make her coat.

She's after the Asian dick because Koots is getting her own. She's always had shit taste in men though so it doesn't matter where they're from, it won't work out. Look at what happened to Taku. Kiki's going to die an old whore.

No. 336079

"kind of cute"
are you kidding me? He looks fugs

No. 336123

Is that the coat she sat in piss in?

No. 336225

Care to elaborate?

No. 336226

Kiki took a taxi in nipponland and the seats smelled like they were soaked in piss. She was wearing said jacket

No. 336227

On one of her trips to Japan she claimed to sat in piss while riding in a taxi and I'm pretty sure that was the coat she was wearing.

No. 336240

Maaybe? Still super flat though

No. 336243

I remember that too. I believe it's the same jacket.

No. 336249

Does anyone have that photo of Keek's first jewelry line with the Hello Kitty necklaces?
It was a picture that looked like it was shot through a potato and had two hello kitty necklaces with a large face on it.
It was so long ago but I wanted to ask if anyone had it.

No. 336291

No. 336308

Jesus Christ, stop already

No. 336339

So what is up with this?
Sage OT

No. 336348

Keeks writing love notes to herself

No. 336392

Why do all of kaka's love interest's look like homeless heroine junkies?

No. 336479

low standards

No. 336480

Because they're so creative desu and think outside the box etc etc

No. 336488

Fuck this was one of my least favorite videos. The accent she put on in this video. Don't get me wrong, I don't think she was trying to sound like another language speaker. But she's forcing the "cute" so hard that it's cringy.

No. 336489

Because she dresses like a washed up heroin junkie who moved to LA to become a star. (And failed.)

No. 336497

which is funny because they somehow stopped being handsome awesome magical coconutty boifurendos as soon as they dump/reject her, to become ugly rapist cheating creeps.
A couple of quotes from the spergfest 2016 about kiki talking shit about asian guys:

>Most asian dudes who are fluent in English living in Asia dating white girls are generally fugly, so… that could be one of the main reasons lol

>asian guys who are fluent in english that date white girls are pretty ugly tbh

>Her bf is probably so fucking ugly too. The english speaking ones usually are. The good looking jap boys don't know hardly any english and don't event try.

lel she basically called Taku ugly.

No. 336516

More like no standards. She fucks anyone. She's fucked plenty of guys who had girlfriends without caring and put the responsibility on the girl to break up with him which really means she wanted the guy to leave the gf for her. They fuck you, they don't love you Keeks.

No. 336521

Oh yes, and she's playing the victim card "I didn't care if they treated me badly bc they were so creative"

No. 336572

why does she fucking talk like an autistic space alien in all her videos even when shes not doing that horrid attempt at an accent

i cant even imagine talking to her irl id just get embarrassed and need to get away from her, wtf

No. 336692

I'm still convinced she's on the spectrum

No. 336848

Does anyone else think she's back in Florida now?
She's been posting way too many old pictures and she hasn't been posting as frequently as she did when she got to LA.

No. 337001

Did we lose an entire Kaka thread?
Not seeing the one of her crazy eyes in flames in the catalog anymore.

No. 337009

the thread before this is >>>/pt/323212

No. 337112

It always disappointed me how little effort kiki put into lighting/setting in her vids. She did a lot of annoying graphic effects but couldn't hold a candle to Dakota in terms of actually staging an aesthetically pleasing video. That fluorescent, oversaturated filter, ugh..

No. 337146


It's the only way to erase the laugh lines, crooked nose, sallow skin etc

But yeah, it's a bummer especially in some makeup tutorials (like putting on a lipgloss that's pink-ish IRL but it looks hot pink on camera

No. 337149

File: 1484615835241.jpg (28.73 KB, 880x560, V744o.jpg)

No. 337875

Hello kaka

No. 337909

Fuck off no one cares

No. 337961

If you're going to respond to bait, at least learn how to sage.

No. 338237

It's still on the front page you fucking sperg

No. 338262

Good take your jar of Vaseline and your stupid pic and go toss off til your little hearts content. Nobody here fucking cares

No. 338277

but that wouldn't be on her face then, would it? I think you need to sit down and have a long hard look at your reading comprehension skills.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 340429

File: 1484873859312.png (125.54 KB, 640x938, IMG_6001.PNG)

AHAHAHHAHA hang on what is happening with Kiki I just checked her Instagram and it looks like she is going in a different direction? AN ACTRESS REALLY? AHAHAHAHHA wtf Kiki it's not like you're going to be on those epic trailers with build up music, what is with the name she's going by too?

No. 340449

im guessing you havent read the previous threads…

No. 340455

Not the anon you're replying to but I just checked and she changed her mmmkikikannibal profile to lilouvos

No. 340459

Not yet! Been on strike from lolcow ?
I will have a good look on this jfc did you see her photos on IMDb?

No. 340460

And her lilouvos profile is now voslilou and it's private

No. 340467

lol I knew she wouldn't be able have a clean break from the kikikannibal accounts. Have like 20 followers was probably killing her inside.

No. 340472

File: 1484874608785.png (550.62 KB, 816x602, Capture.PNG)

No. 340473

File: 1484874632333.png (268.99 KB, 1242x1835, IMG_7281.PNG)

Lol future films aka that one b grade horror my parents paid for me to be in

No. 340476

she is so irrelevant lol those 9k followers are probably paid for or all dead accounts

No. 340477

File: 1484874744867.png (132.51 KB, 284x233, IMG_6006.PNG)

No. 340484

File: 1484875033741.png (654.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6007.PNG)

"No information yet" however, they name the image file "Sluttycharacter.png" I am howling ?

No. 340506

>it's greasy and thin but fuck you it's blonde

No. 340529

9000+ followers and most pics don't pass 500 likes. Suuure they're all real, Kaka.

No. 340715

So she renamed her mmmkikikannibal account to lilouvos? How the fuck are her followers not confused as shit right now?

No. 340769

Fucking kek she waited until everyone was distracted by Onion to do this

No. 340811

I think she's planning on uploading videos again since she just changed her yt channel name to Lilou Vos

No. 340817

I personally like ridiculous horror films so I kinda want to see this. I also actually am kinda rooting for her I mean she's starting something new that she might actually enjoy.

No. 340821

Her latest video post… trying really hard to not be nitpicking but that was extremely boring. Her narcissism is so nauseating.

No. 340828

She also kinda looks like an actress from 70s exploitation/horror films that you later find out died a homeless junkie so it's a natural fit.

No. 340840

lmao have you seen her audition vids on Instagram? i would say don't quit your day job but ofc she doesn't have one

No. 340857

File: 1484888610248.jpg (201.49 KB, 1920x1080, ZomboMeme 19012017230207.jpg)

It's not going to happen

No. 340862

her eyebrows are fucking distracting

No. 340917

There's no excuse for those brows.

No. 340927

Syringe-fingers? Really?

No. 340941

File: 1484892300248.gif (1.28 MB, 250x198, 1481207117736.gif)

hahahahaha I guess we have a new nickname for her

I don't understand the logic behind this, I thought Kiki was running away from her old alias?

No. 340945

She really shouldn't have renamed her Kiki Kannibal account to her new persona. Starting from scratch on social media was one of the only smart things she's done recently. Guess I'm not that surprised she reversed one of her only good decisions.

No. 340959

>I thought Kiki was running away from her old alias?
I didn't understand it either, especially when she was getting the same amount of attention on her original lilouvos account except the people on that account most likely have no clue about her past and don't care enough to google her.

My guess is that she's having a hard time getting jobs on her own and thinks that having a bigger following will help her.

No. 340968

Well that was dumb of her. On her pictures if anyone replied to her or tagged her @mmmkikikannibal still shows. Plus I'd think her followers would be a little pissed at the way she did this without announcing or talking about any of it. Suddenly her old persona was dead and her new one was there with no explanation.

No. 340983

Kek, I just knew her lazy ass would do this because she hates to rebuild a following and move from her kikikannibal shit.

She's now gonna put in her resume that her instagram has followers, etc.

No. 340988

Do y'all think she's legally changed her name to Lilou Vos yet? I know just using an alias isn't a big deal in the industry, but somehow I feel like she'd get stroppy about still having to sign 'Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga' on legal/official documents.

No. 341002

File: 1484895989006.png (96.84 KB, 1366x732, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)


dude what

No. 341005

Probably just a backup to prevent IG from purging the account or name.

No. 341006


No. 341010

I just fucking cringed at her vids on Instagram especially the one where she is introducing her new identity, oh Kirsten it's like you're trying to wipe out an entire criminal record and people are aware and will find out about the things you did

Lilou Vos ahahahahahah

No. 341014

not a backup, I clicked from an old thread link just to make sure- that's supposedly the old account.

It is possible to transfer posts to another account? because the lilouvos one has the japan pics, old comments etc now, look at it


No. 341020

No. She created three accounts.
1. mmmkikikannibal
2. lilouvos
3. voslilou

She needed three so that when she changed names from one, she could hold the other. She renamed mmmkikikannibal to lilouvos. The private account that is mmmkikikannibal was probably her old lilouvos account, and the voslilou one is just the leftover.

No. 341021

Since she hasn't done anything where they pay her yet, she hasn't had to use her name kek.

No. 341022

she just switched the names around.

she probably changed the original lilouvos to voslilou, changed mmmkikikannibal to lilouvos, made a new account with mmmkikikannibal. it's not hard.

No. 341024


It makes sense now. I thought instagram would use something else more than a mere username for their urls.

No. 341030

nah, it's just like twitter and tumblr.

No. 341035

cringey. everything links to kiki kannibal still.

No. 341041

The manuscript though, rofl

And wow, does she really think "acting out a cry scene" makes her an awesome actor? That's like basic Acting 101.

No. 341046

File: 1484898694264.jpg (73.55 KB, 620x375, ZomboMeme 20012017015046.jpg)

No. 341050

That was a cry scene? I thought it was a nervous voice because her eyes and face still show no emotion. It's like she's on some kind of antidepressants.

No. 341115

She looks awful to be only 24. Her eyes are so dead and glassy and it's like she's having trouble controlling her expression.

No. 341316

this just shows she has no followers to be concerned about, only haters. and when they find out, that settles it. no need to keep hiding.

No. 341325

And let's be honest that wasn't even real crying. Have seen people actually cry and have their eyes wet and glassy with beautiful tears rolling down their cheeks in theatre course at uni. This is just Kiki doing smthg between a crying face and a "I'm pooping real hard" face (which is so annoying on acting).

I hope she keeps posting these lol

The one where she's introducing herself and starts laughing out loud lmao talk about insufferable

No. 341333

lilou vos like voss water? is she retarded

No. 341453

i had it muted and it just looks like the eyebrow-raising faces she pulled in her "happy" youtube videos, dramatic lip licking with ugly-cry-face at totally random moments.

No. 341463


Oh god… She looks old af… Like an older woman whose having a midlife crisis and quit her job to live her childhood fantasy … Acting..

No. 341510

Do you know what she looks like to me? Like in her "anti bullying" video on YouTube. Golly you could say she was faking (ops, acting) better in that video

No. 341572

She does look really old, but her voice doesn't match… And on top of everything she's just so uncomfortable to look at lol

No. 341609

The hand delicately placed to the brow is cringey. That's some melodrama shit, no-one really does that.

No. 341637

OMG the Kendall McGuire vibes <3

No. 341643

Omg who/what is this masterpiece??

No. 341650

She's a wannabe actress / singer from Florida with a bunch of videos on YouTube (they are a few years old now though).
This Is my favourite video of hers

No. 341653

File: 1484937796361.png (252.26 KB, 540x533, Screenshot_2017-01-20-16-42-24…)

"When admin-Sama deleted your Taylor's thread again" LOL

Giving credit where it's due: she filled them eyebrows

No. 341656

Hahahaha i lovd it

Replace "singer" with DJ and you have described Kiki! Here's hoping Kiki will upload golden content like this in the future

No. 341680

File: 1484940245223.png (788.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2679.PNG)


Fucking kek. That was painful to watch.

No. 341697

apparently she has been in a shit tonne of plays?

No. 341699

Omfg. I laughed. I cringed. I got uncomfortable. Then laughed some more.
I fucking died when she started acting out the Katy Perry and Gaga songs.

No. 341718

anon, we know… are you the same person who only just found out about the lilou vos thing and is re-posting old stuff?

No. 341720

File: 1484942312652.png (334.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2680.PNG)

Anon, get your shit together and read the older thread.

This play (Happily Whatever After) is still being performed. I wonder if still the one performing as Snow White. Who here has $30 to throw away?

No. 341725

If you look them up on social media it appears to be a different cast each time. It kinda sounds like a 5 day course ending in a performance.

No. 341726

Also forgot to add: the company has a ton of bad reviews floating around, the guy who runs it seems pretty shady. Typical Keeks.

No. 341729

>>341718 oops no thats not me. this is my first time posting. I've lurked the threads but clearly i missed the whole begining of the lilou vos discovery. apoligies.

No. 341752

Kek, how much has she paid to be in? Her parents must be running out of cash.

No. 341756

Share them. They sound relevant.

No. 341763

It's free - you have to audition but they probably take pretty much anyone.

No. 341776

ic, thought it was part of the acting course her parents paid for.

No. 341798

she changed her user on the mmmkikikannibal account to lilouvos, changed Lilou's to mmmkikikannibal and created a voslilou account lol

No. 341818

She renamed her Youtube aswell

No. 341835

read the thread. this was already found.

No. 341871

She's saying she was cast in a feature film.


No. 341936

A rebellious runaway with kitten ears rawr

How funny is it that lolcow had already found this

No. 341962

File: 1484955777992.jpg (363.99 KB, 750x1084, IMG_6150.JPG)

Is that Keeks being ~lulz so randum xDD~ on the end? And the Bobby Hatanaka dude?

No. 341965

Holy shit she looks bald.

No. 341973

Totally is that Bobby guy. ( >>335950 )
Looks like that's her new dude. Gross.

No. 341978

apparently kiki is content with anything that have a penis and slanted eyes

No. 341990

Is there an archive of keeks' old stickam videos?

No. 342027

lmao ruthless, anon

No. 342038

well at this time it does seem to be true lol

No. 342193

No. She's probably relieved about that. There are some that still exist like the one about her talking about Dakota's age and freelice but she copyright claims things so fast.

No. 342272

idk if she made the pic more saturated but she looks somewhat(?) more healthy/better, like if you only look at the picture for 5 seconds lol

No. 342273

This wasn't good but it wasn't wholly terrible either. I did get more of a nervous/stressed vibe than a furiously anguished one. I don't know. If she can act like a professional adult and diligently commit herself to this for longer than twelve months I feel like she could probably get some small roles as supporting characters in lifetime tv movies or something. Not sure how good of an idea it is for her to be uploading this shit to the gram, but that's the Ostrenga way I guess.

A lot of actors get their starts in commercials and I wonder if Kiki would actually do that or if it would be too beneath her for Cathy to allow it.

No. 342360

File: 1485007416366.jpg (44.39 KB, 599x336, fb.jpg)

i wonder how she felt about Taylor's acting gig in that j-drama

No. 342363

What J-Drama was this? It looks really nice.

No. 342369

>how she felt
Reeeeee! Sperg sperg sperg… that's how she felt.

No. 342373


Calm dow, Scott. just fly over to LA if you want it that bad


OMG I'd pay money to see Kiki's reaction to that live.

No. 342382

Kanojo ga Koi Shita Shokunin-san.

No. 342383

or search 彼女が恋した職人さん on youtube

No. 342384

Thanks! Even the synopsis sounds genuinely cute.

No. 342385

I mean its better then porn acting, but its worse than most b-movies

No. 342387

didn't she post screencaps from it assuming it was real life? Like she thought the actor actually was Taylor's bf lol

No. 342389

and that she would paste Dakota's face on his and gyrate on it…

No. 342391

idk if it's the same guy. but the post you're talking about is this one >>140724

looking at that whole thread, Lilou Vos looks like she has a collection of unflattering Taylor pictures. omg i remember feeling creeped when she made that anti-Danny site because she had obviously kept a stash of old, unseen pictures and videos of him. and now she probably has the same for Tay.

No. 342393

File: 1485018829218.png (703.38 KB, 1484x989, Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 12.1…)

nvm. that linked to different post

No. 342430

Are yall really gonna complain about being distracted by her brows? She finally fucking listened! And they look so much better! And they aren't the stupid instathot brows! Hush.

No. 342432

they're too dark and too warm for her face. fuck off you sperg.

No. 342437

No they aren't. You can't even admit that she's finally done something right lol your desperate need to complain about everything makes you the sperg breh.

Nice try though.

No. 342438

File: 1485027858155.jpg (19.93 KB, 300x297, 201604_1327_aeaae_sm.jpg)

lel learn to sage you salty walnut

No. 342441

Kiki will never do anything right.

No. 342443

>been a farmer since lolcows inception
>on mobile
>types fast
>accidentally puts sage in name field once
>the fact that you would even need to grasp at this straw

Salty walnut? You're so cool.

No. 342467

Ain't nobody complaining about it?? People are talking about the acting. One anon did point out she filled them in, I think. Which is true, yeah.

No. 342650

jesus christ she looks like an actual stereotypical mental patient in an asylum here

this isn't actually terrible minus the bizarre few seconds of smiling and seeming to completely lose her train of thought, though i imagine 'having a nervous breakdown' comes fairly easily to her to act out lol

No. 342671

better than I was expecting, actually, but still pretty bad. the inflection in her voice sounds mediocre but her face isn't really matching up with the emotions she's trying to convey.

No. 342777

looks less sickly pale I guess? also looks like she finally gained some weight. Or at least looks less boney than before >>341962

will we finally witness the ultimate meltdown?

no, but that new orange-copperish makeup looks weird on her

No. 342865

File: 1485073337900.jpg (65.06 KB, 350x363, uri_mh1485071880663-2.jpg)

Someone needs to shoop an azn peen in her hand.

No. 342873

File: 1485074795009.png (236.97 KB, 243x586, 10010010.png)

No. 342885

I wonder how many more careers she's going to burn through before realizing that she has no talent. She's tried jewelry designer, model, musician, actress… At this point she pretty much tried everything that could potentially get you attention, except for sports, art, literature and porn. I'm looking forward to the next phase.

No. 342887

hahahaha holy fuck, bless you anon

No. 342891

you know if she just gave the people what they wanted and came back online as kiki kannibal being a raging bitch again she would make more than this "lilou vos / lil' ovos" could dream about. Enough for like a whole year of Rogain.

or just go the hillary haywire/mycherrycrush route and do cam girl stuff.

No. 342892

how can we attach the lilou vos name on google to her debacle as sperg-chain

No. 342908

Dakota tried to sell her horrible digital art against google images backgrounds for $500 in the scene days. didn't even sell one i guarantee.

No. 342911

She really ought to try and avoid tilting her head up like that. Makes it look like she has a Hulk Hogan-esque hair curtain going on.

No. 343014

File: 1485117964066.jpg (353.58 KB, 750x1084, keks.jpg)

I feel like if these two were to combine powers then they could sort our their hair / forehead situation.

No. 343171

The thing is that she isn't actually talentless. Her attention span and work ethic is just too limited to actually succeed at anything.

No. 343175

Seeing this made me realize we need to have a thread for aspiring actresses. That was so cringey, especially the opening introduction. How can someone who seems so blatantly uncomfortable in front of a camera want to act

No. 343182


Love how everyone is looking at the camera and Kaka is staring at the asian D. This looks like it was taken 12 seconds before she devours his soul.

And jesus fuck those pants are hideous …

No. 343263

>she isn't actually talentless

Except she is talentless. Literally anything that comes out of the Ostrengas is a fraud on some level.

No. 343424

she's trying to live her ultimate dream right now tho. I remember in her last stickam video in like.. 2014? she talked a lot about both wanting to be an actress since she was in elementary, and ranting about how much she hates Florida and how bad she wants to move to LA and never come back to the south again.

and i guess she achieved both now. so this is the biggest thing she's ever done out of the list.

No. 343443

It is the biggest but those jobs are going to run dry eventually. I'm not even sure of how many she has besides the one she paid for? She's acting like she's getting so many but we know that can't be true. Of all the girls in LA, who would pick Kaka to be in their film? Especially when she looks so haggard in the only one she has done so far.

No. 343448

she's very willing to be slutty tho, so there's some advantage over like 40-70% of the competition

No. 343452

Oh yes she did improv and there was hers "and Kota" (it was really all about Kiki though she just used Kota bc she'd started getting famous back then) kick-starter for both of them to go to LA and become actresses

No. 343522

She isn't widely commercially marketable to a great degree but the "skinny, haggard crazy bitch" look does fit a niche. I doubt it'll get her far as a real Hollywood actress, but she may well get enough low-grade horror gigs to keep her in smoothies and healing crystals for a while.

No. 343707

The chicks in LA who are willing to be slutty look leagues younger and htoter than her, she doesn't stand a chance.

No. 343743

File: 1485247869530.jpeg (37.29 KB, 623x439, Julie_Minesci_After.jpeg)

She could make a living by being a character actress, playing haggard white trash methheads like Taryn Manning or the lady who played Wendy in Breaking Bad

No. 343750

Yes she is.

She isn't the worst of the worst but she's aiming for an overcrowded fields where only the geniuses or the luckiest can find a job (if that last). Sorry to anyone hearing that and getting disappointed but if you want to be a DJ,actress, model or a singer you'll need to be talented, know to market yourself AND work harder than you ever did before and that doesn't even guarantee you success at all.

That's the kind of stuff you need to work on since your early age to get an edge over everyone else. Not that you can't be discovered later in life but it's like hitting the lottery, you don't plan your life around it.

Kaka needs a backup plan or she's going to live with her parents well into her fourties, there's no shame in going back to college and maybe being a theatre teacher or something along those lines ? Or work behind the scenes in a theatre if that's what she loves.

No. 343752

Kaka's backup plan is to be a lawyer, kek

No. 343755

She's white tho. A lot of people give white chicks a break for looking haggard simply cuz they're white. Like they know they age terribly but still give em a pass cuz they're white.

Hahaha I see it

No. 343760

Kiki's got child star syndrome. She used to be extremely relevant at a young age by attention whoring on the internet and doing very little else, but now that the initial appeal is gone and her fanbase has grown up, nobody cares anymore. Keekz keeps trying out new careers in an attempt to get instantly successful like she used to be, and reinvents herself over and over again if she doesn't. All the things she pretends to like on the internet are just things she hopes will make people notice and worship her. Studying Chinese and Korean? Who cares, she didn't get to model there. Somebody who enjoys making music also wouldn't steal most of their tracks from artists with actual talent, they are in it for the creative process. It's somewhat sad that a person in their mid 20's still has no idea where their talents and interests lie. The only thing that's been consistent with her is preaching about her veganism. Imagine that, her only personality trait is eating grass and being hysteric. I wonder if she'll ever become a camgirl or if she thinks that's beneath her. My favorite thing about her is how every career/persona gets a new name. That's some creepy shit right there.

No. 343773

>Kaka needs a backup plan or she's going to live with her parents well into her fourties
japanese housewife (didn't Cathy give up her lawyer dream to be a housewife?)

No. 343774

>She's white tho. A lot of people give white chicks a break for looking haggard simply cuz they're white. Like they know they age terribly but still give em a pass cuz they're white.
that could be true in a country like India, but not one where the majority are white.

No. 343775

that's partly her parents' fault. she could have taken huge advantage of her popularity back then and used it to get herself jobs like many other scene queens/kings did who are now successful. but instead she chose to be nasty and make hoards of enemies by calling people names, getting herself caught up in tons of drama and being an underage slut.

i swear Dakota must be 300x smarter than rest of them. It was thanks to her scene popularity that she was able to get instant followers the moment she made her tumblr, and having them reblog her selfies in the thousands is what snowballed her into tumblr fame. and she took advantage of the 15 minutes of fame to its fullest. setting up adsense on her blog to make money off her viewers and make a business inquiry page for modeling offers until a good one took the bait.

No. 343777

>She's white tho.

Being a haggard balding white in LA doesn't take anyone far. There are hotter homeless ppl than her.

No. 343783

File: 1485276241793.jpg (154.74 KB, 750x1152, IMG_6154.JPG)

Her Backstage profile hasn't been posted yet, right? I literally snorted at the idea of Kaka playing a 15 year old.

Also at the bottom of the page:
>Featured in an eight page article of Rolling Stone magazine for life experiences of strength and perseverance. Top live comedy improv entertainer with over 8 million viewers from 2007-2012.

So being a messy bitch on cam = comedy improv? Now that's some creative resume writing.


No. 343784

>She's white tho.
Anon pls, this isn't Japan. There are enough non-haggard white women in LA to fuck up Kiki's chances of not getting passed up by anyone who isn't desperate to accept the first blonde chick who shows up.

No. 343786

No they don't? Especially nowsadays. Beauty is more accessible than it has ever been. Haggard white girls aren't in. Nice try sprinkling racial politics into things, though. Due to racial overcompensating white girls are under fire the most now if they aren't a 10/10.

No. 343787

>"Nice try sprinkling racial politics into things, though."
>proceeds to sprinkle in even more racial politics
Stop taking the bait.

No. 343789

Hahaha this subtitle

"Quirky girl next door to power house"bitch please you're as quirky and power as a piece of mozzarella

No. 343790

We can see that buy looking at Audrey Kitchen nowadays

No. 343791

this. america is looking for more diversity anyway, white blonde bitches are out of vogue and have been for the past 5+ years

No. 343794

>So being a messy bitch on cam = comedy improv? Now that's some creative resume writing.
Seriously man, Kaka dribbles so much fucking shit out of her mouth, I'd like to say it's not funny but it's hilarious.
How doesn't she realise that over-exaggerating her achievements to the point of straight up lying will always backfire.
She lives for preaching about being 'real' with yourself but she's one of the most fake people I've ever come to know.

No. 343797

I will give her credit for spinning herself so well. She really knows how to make it seem like her shit upbringing was somehow acting all along

No. 343816

way to put the final stab on the name Lilou Vos. it no longer has any purpose now that she's even named her rolling stone article. the moment someone googles that the whole can of worms is going to pop. Just go back to plain Kirsten.

No. 343819

Honestly, she's probably not worried anymore about having Lilou linked to Kiki anymore. Why? No idea since that could obviously damage the reputation she's trying to build, but she's most definitely not worried about it

No. 343822

File: 1485282042524.jpg (159.04 KB, 750x839, IMG_6157.JPG)

Either she doesn't care about Lilou being linked back to Kiki, or she's super sloppy. She changed her YT username but left plenty of Kiki mentions around.

No. 343824

she obviously cared like a month ago. making separate accounts for the name and panic-privateing them when we found out. the name change was for her to be untraceable to all this shit, right? now all Lilou Vos is gonna do is cause confusion. she's not a fresh new face, she's an old myspace-hasbeen with a new alias.

No. 343825

I didn't say she didn't care before. I said she doesn't care now. Otherwise why would she change it? Maybe she just realized everyone already knew about Lilou Vos, decided to say fuck it and that's where we are at now

No. 343847


>8mil viewers? You sure have quite a lot of experience! Can you show us a sample of your comedy improv back then, mrs. Vos?


No. 343866

File: 1485294852569.jpg (73.96 KB, 400x592, large_o3RVymJASCShWBK3Wya5rs1f…)

Maybe she could get a role in a remake,reboot or sequel of this.

No. 343875

next time post a screenshot, please. It was deleted

No. 343876

it was the picture of her with the cat eared hoodie sitting on the car hood in a garage that we've seen before (the one with the mystery girl) and it just said she was cast as a runaway or something

No. 343877

File: 1485297820436.png (1.75 MB, 948x644, capture_004_24012017_144308.pn…)

No. 343888

she just changed it to Kiki Leigh lol

No. 343909

lol when will Keeks stop compulsively checking here? use that time and effort to improve your ~acting~ girl

No. 343923

When the first Lilou Vos IG got posted, didn't she have a caption with this picture saying this was for some film project or something?

So which is it bitch

No. 343928

Man, I wish the movie would come out already

No. 343933

yeah, this. she is stupid to think she can be an actress or in any major spotlight given her horrid past. not even from just being kiki kannibal, the comments she left here are enough that she's accumulated a pretty sizable negative reputation. when's the last time you heard about like, emma stone's myspace and shitty forum comments? uh, never. part of marketing yourself is not being a total douche on the internet. her sister was smart enough to find her niche and had the intelligence to not present herself as completely spastic in a humor attempt. kiki just needs to go to therapy, hardcore. and give up on being famous and just try to make the focus having a mentally healthy life

No. 343946


I'd pay to see her weasel her way out of that interview. " Oh, sorry Sir. The website deleted all my Comedy " Which is the equivalent of " my dog ate my homework" ..

No. 343999

She didn't care about the public, she was trying to hide from her detractors and that obviously failed, so here we are.

No. 344031

This just seems kinda like being angry while shes just trying to move on with her life and do something she likes? People just seem salty as hell in this thread. Honestly I can't be the only person rooting for her I mean she obviously has mental illness and she even took my advice on the brows. Seriously hope she keeps getting better.

No. 344033

How is any of this moving on and getting better? She doesn't even create new accounts for her new pretend actress persona, and never owned up to any of the shit she did. She stole music, stole art, resold products and ruined lives as a teenager - she never apologized for any of it. You're living in lala land like her if you think people are just going to forget about this shit because she pretends it never happened or is the "haters'" fault. If she really wanted to move on and get better, she should invest in a good shrink instead of acting classes, get the fuck off the internet and get a normal job she's actually cut out for.

No. 344035

Does that stuff seriously still bother you though? Why can't she do this if she wants to? How do you know she hasn't been seeing a therapist people have been claiming shes on meds so that would mean she also has a therapist while on them. She's using her already built up insta and yt which is a good move honestly because starting from scratch wouldnt do any good she'd have no followers and she needs them obviously.
You sound like a pulltard with a vendetta. She doesn't have to do what you deem "normal". You keep working your shitty job while others do jobs/things that they like…..she really isn't doing anything wrong rn

No. 344037

>i swear Dakota must be 300x smarter than rest of them.
Yeah she is, but that's not telling much considering Kota is fucking lazy and never knew how to market herself. If it wasn't for her sugar daddy she wouldn't be in Japan, how do you plan on paying rent when you get a job a month, if that ?

So sure she left her past behind by completly forgetting her american fanbase but is that a good thing in the end ?

Truth is they shouldn't have tried to bury their past and pretend it never happened.

Being a child star doesn't assure you a career especially since people love the kid you, not the adult you (like macaulay culkin, everybody still watch the movies but nobody cares about what he's doing right now). The only edge it gives you is a foot in the door of the industry and connexions with other pros. But I guess when you're part of the Ostrengas, the proper procedure is to threaten and sue about everyone and make sure nobody wants to approach you.

>Featured in an eight page article of Rolling Stone magazine for life experiences of strength and perseverance. Top live comedy improv entertainer with over 8 million viewers from 2007-2012.
This bitch is delusional if she thinks this is impressive. In the golden age of internet, everybody got their 15min of fame by doing random useless stuff. She's on par with the Damn Daniel teens and they got on Ellen.

No. 344039

It does still bother me because her presence on this board as sperg-chan proves she hasn't changed a bit. She's legit crazy.

>Why can't she do this if she wants to?

Of course she can. But she won't be successful because people don't start acting at age 24 and make it big. Why am I not allowed to have a negative opinion about her and voice it publically? Why am I obligated to kiss her ass again?

>How do you know she hasn't been seeing a therapist

The first thing any therapist would tell her is to get the fuck off the internet, that is how.

> She's using her already built up insta and yt which is a good move honestly

Lol no it's not. You cannot build up a fanbase doing one thing, then completely change your image and expect people to stick around. If I have a successful beauty channel, do you really think people will keep watching if I randomly decide to do origami videos over night? You have to be really arrogant to delude yourself into thinking people will watch you no matter what you do kek. Kiki went from makeup tutorials to vegan recipes to music to poledancing to pretending to know japanese to acting. At this point she might as well start from scratch.

No. 344041

Wow lol why are you so mad? No one said you can't have your opinion. Are you a therapist? Yeah, we know she's "crazy" (crazy isn't an illness but I haven't seen anyone specify maybe bpd?) She literally isnt doing anything. shes still young she can do anything she wants honestly. The anger you have for this person kinda makes it look like you need therapy tbh.

No. 344042


Also I'm wondering do you know her irl or something and she did something to you? Or are you an angry 14y/o from pull like what is it about this chick that gets you so heated

I just trying to leave some encouraging posts because I know she reads this and listens sometimes. But I doubt she'd take the advice of someone cursing every other word lol

No. 344043


>>344039 was just answering other people in this thread and that's suddenly not allowed anymore? What are you doing here then?
>"Why does this bother you?"
>"X and Y"
>"Wow lol why are you so mad"

And no, I'm not the same anon. But this is about Kiki, not about attacking each other for explaining their reasoning after it was asked for. Sage for rant.

No. 344044

>She's still young
>24 years old
>Still young

Someone's a bit out of touch with reality.

Please make up your mind. First I have a shit job, now I'm 14 years old. If I was a Chinese kid sewing your Adidas knockoffs together I wouldn't be posting this kek.
Since we're already hitting all the clichés (Leave her alone!!1! She dindu nuffin!, you probably have a shit job, you're probably from PULL, you're probably 14, you sound so angry lmao), please do not forget to call me a jealous pedophile lesbian and accuse me of living in my mother's basement. Like come on, at least whiteknight her properly. You think it's not unhealthy for her to stay on the internet? Why not? Why do you think it would be a good move for her to keep completely irrelevant followers instead of starting fresh? Why do you think she will be a successful actress?

Sorry for triggering you with my bad words btw.

It's almost as if Kiki is shitposting again. Hey "Lilou", how's the feature film going?

No. 344045

Can't you get meds without any therapy in a lot of places?

No. 344046


You're as batshit as Kiki if you think her begging her parents to pay $5k to be an extra in a shitty movie is her "getting better". She's still on all the same social media accounts, she hasn't changed at all. She's too much of a narcissist to just get off the internet and go to college and get a normal job - she needs to be worshipped by others because she thinks she's special and she loves showing off.

She is not only deluded for thinking she's gods gift, but she is a horrible person. Just look at the way she attacked Taylor out of jealousy, when T did nothing to her apart from be successful. This nasty bitch deserves nothing because she expects it all handed to her on a plate. She needs to gtfo the internet and learn the value of money and hard work and get a therapist.

Ps. Hi Cathy. Your daughter needs help.

No. 344048

Diff anon but 24 IS young, tf. how young are you? She's not even in her proper mid 20s yet. I bet you think 25 year olds are ancient.

I'm not saying she WILL be because we all know her and how ~talented~ she is, but becoming famous at that age isn't impossible, just a bit harder.
John Hamm, Tina Fey and more famous actors only became famous in their 30s.

No. 344054

>Diff anon but 24 IS young, tf. how young are you?

22, Bachelor's degree, been working for a year now.

>I bet you think 25 year olds are ancient.

Not at all, that's not the point I was trying to make. I just think that unless you're a spoiled womanchild, you are most likely going to know what you want to do with your life and take the steps necessary to reach that goal. Not everybody has the privilege to go to university right away, I get that. Not everybody figures out immediately what they want, I get that. But Kiki is in her mid-20s and is still coming up with new things she pretends to be good at and interested in. Her attempts at making a name for herself are half-assed at best. "She's still young" is not a valid excuse for never having had a job at 24 years old tbh. That just means you're a spoiled shit.

>becoming famous at that age isn't impossible, just a bit harder.

John Hamm, Tina Fey and more famous actors only became famous in their 30s.

John Hamm has been acting since he was 16 years old, and Tina Fey had an interest in comedy since middle school and studied something related to that iirc. There is a difference between not getting the recognition you deserve for something you've been passionate about for years until later in life, and deciding on a whim that you want to be an actress now, have daddy pay for acting class and expect instant recognition for something others dedicate their entire life to.

No. 344055

>Bachelor's degree, been working for a year now
Nobody asked.

No. 344058

>she even took my advice on the brows

Don't give yourself too much credit, even low budget movies can afford a makeup artist, you know.

No. 344059

File: 1485353074669.jpeg (750.63 KB, 1280x3775, shot-20170125-12783-1wb2hrd.jp…)

She's so delusional about ~working with Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono, when she just submitted clips of her lip synching to an annoying song.

Saved a screen shot for posterity.

No. 344060

>aerial silks
climbing curtains when you were 4 =/= aerial silks training

>begginer mandarin & japanese

wow wow wait a second, weren't you bragging about having mad keigo skills?

>metal fabrication

Reselling Etsy rings =/= being a goldsmith

>script writing

aka lolcow shitposter extraordinaire

No. 344061

Can anyone see this profile?

No. 344062

The anon "cheering" Kiki are just as delusional as Kiki. She hasn't moved on or change. How long ago was Spreg-chan? Not really being famous if you have to pay to be in a movie.

Ad you are insane to think she actually listens to us.

No. 344067

We've all been commenting on the brows for well over two years. Please girl.

No. 344069

"Blond hair" lmao

No. 344072

File: 1485360175893.png (418.9 KB, 593x655, Capture d’écran 2017-01-26 à…)

Have we got a higher res copy of this pic?

No. 344073

I hope she knows a large resume doesn't always come across well to employers. Most of the time people read the first one or two things because they ain't got time for this shit. Purple prosing your resume is a bad idea keeks

No. 344074

Does she have scoliosis? Genuine question. Not nitpicking or being a cunt just for the sake of being one. If yes, it's def not severe but something looks slightly off in the third pic.

No. 344075

I feel like she's mentioned it in a YT video before? But I'm not entirely certain.

No. 344076

She claims to, yes.

No. 344077

File: 1485362355248.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.34 KB, 411x236, Spinal-curvatures.jpeg)

Looks more like lordosis, but both are possible

No. 344078

I agree with you in parts, anon.

Kiki threads are definitely the saltier threads around. Say something you think is neutral about her, but that can come across as remotely positive and you will be furiously attacked.

Kiki owned this salt since she's a horrible person, a liar, thief, asshole, troll, yadda yadda, and almost everyone who knows about her online existence wants her to get off the internet for a good reason.

But yeah, even before we really knew the details regarding the acting thing people were already shitting on her and being salty as fuck. Sometimes you can read the hate and wonder if some anons need shrinks themselves because of how hateful they are. I could understand said hate better if it was targeted at someone like gargoyle, a 31 year old who's a predator who destroys women's lives and has a shit ton of teen fans who he constantly brainwashes to take advantage of, including sexually.

Kiki? She's just a crazy has been e-celeb with thin hair. Even if she managed to turn her life around completely, which she can do since she's still 24, she'd still be irrationally hated because cunts love to hate her.

Lately I've started to pity her. I wish her the very best too – preferably off the internet/spotlight.

No. 344079


idk much about kiki except her sperging but she seems a lot more lively than her sister in her videos. seems like a person i would watch when i was 12


it does look like lordosis, but i have a mild case of that and the doctors just called it scoliosis

No. 344080

Thanks, everyone! Yeah, that's the word I was looking for actually. One of cousins looks a lot like Kiki in that pic and she has a mild case, so i figured out something was wrong.

No. 344081

God forbid people are slightly pissed at an internet wanabe celebrity for being a massive cunt for years, trolling a girl who did nothing to her and trying to be a super pure loving vegan elf princess swan rescuer extraordinaire.
I'm not even hating on Kaka but the sheer hypocrisy gets me, honestly. The "love thy neighbour" bullshit while she spew whatever vile thing goes through her brain when she thinks nobody is looking, ripping off other people's music or being a terrible business owner all around.

Stop defending Kaka because you think anyone who tries hard enough can make it, in such cut-throat industries. She's old as in, she never starred in anything really significant for her age, sorry. You can quote Tina Fey all you want but those people worked 10 times harder than Kaka and for every John Hamm there's 10000 John Doe who had to go home and find something else.

I have a few friends in the music and comedy industry and they're not making enough money to live with that alone. One of them has a resume more impressive than Kaka's, starred in a few movies and currently a TV show as a background character and he still have to live with his parents.

No. 344094


Glad I'm not the only that lifted a brow to that. She seems to be struggling with the fact that she isn't blonde anymore.


I have that exact same arch in my back as she does ( Lordosis) .. Funny how she uses it as a reason to not work most jobs unless they make her popular.

No. 344098

this is one of the top most delusional things about her

No. 344108

File: 1485368078329.png (96.29 KB, 500x498, when-the-cringe-is-too-strong-…)

>So being a messy bitch on cam = comedy improv?
she can't mean that. especially
>top live comedy improv
is she seriously referring to her streaming? wasn't she looking at guy's dicks on there and got nekked herself at some point.
nonononono, what are you doooooing, kaka??

No. 344119

I agree. And really, if Kirsten actually made a true and real effort to change her rotten personality, own up to at least a few of her past mistakes and vow to become a better person then maybe I'd cut her some slack, but her love & light persona is, and always has been fake as fuck. It was already obvious from the beginning but the whole sperg-chan incident really set it in and showed the extent of her vile and vitriolic behaviour and how she hasn't changed a bit.
Honestly, until she admits her fuck ups and tries to change instead of running away from them and pretending to be an 100% pure angel, she deserves everything that's coming to her.

No. 344140

The extent of the anti Taylor sperg outs basically cemented the fact that Kaka is a horrid cunt now and forever, always was.

No. 344153

File: 1485374345347.jpg (12.77 KB, 236x327, image.jpg)

"Aerial silks" "harp" is this bitch for real hahahahahahha

I also enjoy that in all of her pics her hair is a medium brown yet she's still calling it blond. Heh. Gets me every time.

No. 344154

You must be new. Go educate yourself. Read about keekweek. Read about how she scammed her fans. Watch her racist/homophobic videos. See how she is a compulsive liar and narcissist.

If you can still white knight her after that then that's your choice. But you'd be the minority here so understand that you will get disagreed with.

No. 344177

She has been referring to her Stickam lives as comedy/improv for a while now. She and Koots did sometimes put on accents and perform as bad caricatures of actual people but that's not quite what comedy and improv is about. For the most part she sat there getting praise and hate while her mom ranted in the background like the crazy whore she is. The things she said were offensive to a lot of people. She can't use that and suddenly say it was "comedy" when it's so heavily criticized by today's standards.

At most she could claim this video as a part of her "comedy" but it wasn't even intentional. They took a segment from her Stickam and popped it in the video, but it wasn't legit her being signed up for the skit. I'm expecting an Ostrenga copyright claim to go out on this video for featuring her immediately after posting though.

As a side note it's funny that Stevie Ryan used to go on Stickam as characters and tried to have a comedy show, managed to get a little bit of recognition and earned a TV show that didn't take off. She used to make fun of Kiki so hard and now Kiki's trying to go the same route she did years too late.

No. 344180

this isn't even something professional to put on a resume. it's a teen girl in her room acting retarded on a live stream.

No. 344181

Are you a tard? In my comment i briefly mentioned all those things. I know Kiki very very well, including her past since her scene era. I didn't she doesn't deserve hate, i said it's pretty common to see anons overreacting due to blind hatred. Fuck off.

No. 344182

File: 1485379062662.jpg (176.91 KB, 1200x630, smilingcow-3.jpg)

Kiki did nothing wrong.

No. 344183

>At most she could claim this video as a part of her "comedy" but it wasn't even intentional. They took a segment from her Stickam and popped it in the video, but it wasn't legit her being signed up for the skit.
Learn to read.

No. 344190

it was a commentary to the video, not a reply to what OP said.

No. 344198


>Cam Meltdown

I'm sooooo curious what this is. The most accurate thing she could possibly be cast in.

No. 344204

File: 1485386342405.png (11.33 KB, 610x43, Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 23.1…)

I was trying to look this up earlier and the closest thing I could find is that perhaps 'Andy Wombell' is meant to be 'Andy Wombwell', who was part of Stickam. She's also listed him as a director under the Improv section which suggests it could be related to her cam years. After all there are typos in both this and her Actors Access resumes - pic related, two errors in two lines on AA.

Not all that sure, but it's certainly a possibility.

No. 344262

I find it interesting whenever Kaka is active, there's an influx of white knighting here too.

No. 344279

The discussion about her being Kiki Kannibal on her Lilou Vos IMDB page has been removed. Somebody has been cleaning…

No. 344288

~Acting~ 13:53

No. 344292

Highly unlikely.
Anything that works to any degree is pretty closely monitored. At least by your doctor.

No. 344297

Bizarre, both "films" other than her Puppetmaster gig are nowhere to be found. As a casting director, I'd want references that I could cross-check.

No. 344301

Sorry for multiple posts, but she appears at 13:53 for the curious.

No. 344304

Such bad acting and her hair was tragic as fuck.

No. 344305

Welcome to Hell House is a student film, and the director doesn't even include that in his film reel, lmao. This project reminds me of that fake beer commercial Kaka and Koti were in. I'm surprised that she did not put that in her resume. https://vimeo.com/5942823

No. 344314

File: 1485407337941.gif (966.27 KB, 500x210, inyourdreamskaka.gif)

>Age Range 15-25

No. 344315

This person lists Welcome to Hell House in her profile but she's an extra. http://www.modelmayhem.com/shershearey
>Sher’s first “stepping into the acting field” was in 2008 for a student film for Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida where she was an extra.

No. 344319


Actress wannabe resumes are always so snowflakey and padded with fiction to look accomplished it's entertaining. I'd like to see Kaka play one of the many instruments she lists there, or show us some of her self taught Tai Chi.

No. 344349

You seem like such a piece of shit

No. 344350

that anon is such a massive boring bitch. When she's 27 she'll be in a retirement home.

No. 344351

Tbh she has to this

No. 344352

No. 344357

Girls will still be mad even if she does well. It's fascinating really. Instead of laughing at her like other cows they seem genuinely angry like she did something to them. Gotta grab your popcorn for this thread.

No. 344359

Wow only been working for year and you're 22? sounds spoiled to me lmao. How much debt are you in for your psychology classes.

No. 345086

The amount of crazy that emits from her is off the charts.

No. 345100

>#lilouvos #featurefilm #film #actress

No. 345103

she looks like a haggard 40 year old

No. 345108

if she lies to herself enough she will start to believe it.

No. 345111

File: 1485585266222.jpg (168.72 KB, 1080x1080, ZomboMeme 28012017003308.jpg)

No. 345118

is she using a selfie stick and pretending someone else is there filming?

No. 345121

I don't know why but in that last clip I felt kind of bad for her because she looks sad. Like I thought about how much everyone on here and the internet hates her and I suddenly felt a tiny bit of sympathy for her.
But then I remember she's a raging cunt and it all fades away.

No. 345122

I think so, it looks like it lol

No. 345131

Kaka, you back?

No. 345147


Nah doesn't look like it. At least not in the first two clips.

I think it looks nice, just not sure what she's trying to accomplish there. Are these from the feature film she was in?

No. 345148

shot 1, she's holding her right arm funny and her shoulder's angled toward the camera. inb4 "scoliosis!"

shot 2, can't see anything.

shot 3, her left arm comes up, right arm stays down.

all three shots are from and angle that would work if she had the selfie stick in the right hand. she shot this all herself fam.

No. 345149

The thing is though that the first few clips seems to have stability control and are captured in HD.

If anybody owns a selfie stick + iphone can you try to recreate the shot and see if yours looks the same? I imagine it would be shakier and lower quality

No. 345152

The only clip she looks normal in is the last one and it's only because she's not popping her eyes open max capacity and smizing hard like Tyra Banks.

No. 345153

No she doesn't. She looks like a regular person standing outside lmao girl please.

No. 345167

I guess it's because it's in such contrast to how she usually shows herself; eg. bouncing off the fucking walls and acting 'teehee so randumb XD' that made me think that.
I realise I was probably seeing shit, that's just where my mind went for the moment when I watched it.

No. 345170


Her looks a little crazy in these.

No. 345194

last shot she also looks directly into where her own eyes would be on a screen when taking the video herself. You wouldn't look there if someone else had the camera.

No. 345195

she looks like she would be a great fit for a Lena Dunham Girls type show. plain, boring, and too important to pay attention to.

No. 345198

She really does emit crazy, especially in the second shot for some reason. Keeks is probably reading this thinking 'oh it's just my great acting!' but no. There's something there in the eyes that is off-putting crazy, not interesting crazy.

>Yes boo! That natural beauty!!!
With that huge-ass winged eyeliner she always does? Seriously?

No. 345199

File: 1485625879708.jpg (73.42 KB, 640x640, IMG_2689.JPG)

Kiki looking old af is sadly not a meme. Wtf does she look so aged?

No. 345200

I wonder how old these vids actually are. The last shot for sure was in LA. Second shot: we do have a popular arcade bar in dtla, but who doesn't at this point. First shot: juat stupid foliage.

No. 345214

Dude, she's what? 24? She's not going to look like a fucking 12 year old. She looks perfectly fine for her age.

No. 345226

No, she's haggard for 24. Her and kota never really had acne but they both peaked at 16-17 facially and now they're on the decline because neither of them wants to put in the effort to offset their balding, their crazy eyes or their Cathy jowls with makeup anymore.

No. 345235

So I'm watching her ""script-reading"" video on instagram right now and holy hell. The way she slurs her words is so hilariously bad, she's trying her hardest to emote like a real human being. But it looks like that might be a bit too difficult for her to grasp. Bless her little heart.

No. 345243

When she was crying in that video (cold auction) reminds me of the vid about her sexual abuse she claimed to be ttraumatized by Danny. We can see she faked it all. Just wanted to drop that here incase our Mother-Earth Moogle Goddess Syringe-Fingers decides to lurk again.

No. 345244

Its her face structure plus facial lines, unflattering hair and dull skin tone. Plus I think the heavy eye makeup is not kind to her either.

Yes! And the bullying video, too.

No. 345251

I agree with you anon! You can tell it's the same fake-ass emotion when saying she's traumatized. Hmmmm.

No. 345277

>incase our Mother-Earth Moogle Goddess Syringe-Fingers decides to lurk again
she probably lurks around the clock. last time anons discussed her youtube being Lilou Vos a bad idea, it was changed to Kiki Leigh within 3 hours of the discussion

No. 345304


Jebus… Thats sad if she really is coming here on the daily to lurk.

This makes me wonder if she's still commenting on crap now that she has a new address and can't be so easily traced back to winter gardens (? if thats what the Florida place was called … my bad if I got it wrong )

No. 345306

I think she's back in FL, she was probably only in LA for 6 weeks or so to do those crappy classes around the time of her amazing FEATURE FILM (DIRECT TO STREAMING) DEBUT!

No. 345327

Yep, she's definitely slowly uploading old LA content. Just like when Japan.

No. 345388

She's going to probably pretend to be a Hollywood actor for a year.

No. 345404

C'mon anon. I know she's a shitbag, but don't just affirmatively post rumors without any sort of evidence.

Not saying it isn't likely or anything.

No. 345460

Kota doesn't even have crazy eyes.

I think a lot of you are way too prone to exaggeration and whilst it's funny when you're making jokes, it makes you look batshit insane otherwise.

It has nothing to do with her aging badly. Her skin is actually quite good, but very sallow. It's her natural features that she puts no effort into flattering or disguising that makes her look washed out. She's always had these features, but take note that before she got away with it because of her style.

She needs to cover the forehead, point blank. She needs layering desperately in her hair. The blank canvas model thing does not suit her, it makes her look dull and drab. Her hair is the color of a dirty dish rag, her skin is far too pale. And I know she thinks these things set her apart and make her look special, but it makes her look like a moldy washcloth.

Honestly, in the last frame of that video, it's the best I've seen her look in awhile. She doesn't look good trying to do the wide doe-eyed look. She doesn't look cute or innocent, she looks psychotic. In the last frame with her eyes relaxed, it looked a lot more natural, casual, and dare I say–for her–"sexy."

She isnt aiding herself in any way. Yeah, it makes her look crone-like because she has harsh features. Soft doesn't suit her but she keeps desperately trying to emit that. She needs to let it go and accept herself as a catlike bitch. She's doing herself no favors. It doesn't have anything to do with aging you weebtards.

No. 345467


New video. So it looks like she's just being cast as a psychotic bitch in anything she'll be 'featured' in. Suits her.

No. 345468

File: 1485696236341.png (647.03 KB, 915x570, k.png)

No. 345469

at least the latter two clips she shot herself. the first one i'm not sure.
looks like she fixed the shaking post-production.
that would explain why she zoomed to her face to such a degree, especially in the second clip.

No. 345482

At first I thought they were from videos she filmed like - the first clip is from an "ootd" and the laSt is a "follow me around" type of vlog, especially since she asked people what they'd like to see in her channel

No. 345484

File: 1485709176107.png (340.04 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-01-29-15-01-28…)

(Just in case)

No. 345501

I agree with you about the last frame of the suspected selfie stick vid - she looked good! I think seeing her with her hair in a tousled ponytail gave her a bit of personality. She wasn't doing a fake sickly sweet smile and her eye make up looked good. I wish she'd just listen to our tips but again even if she did it wouldn't change the crazy.

No. 345513

oh that's from a comedy? I thought it was kaka being kaka…

No. 345529


I love this more than anything. This is the only thing I think she has ever done where she is actually on the right track and doing something that fits her true personality. She may actually become more well-liked if she pursues this type of stuff and goes back to her actual bitchy self. I feel like that is why she was so popular (both "fans" and haters) in her scene days. I think I would be able to tolerate her a lot more.

No. 345537

Yeah lol. But people will always like Dakota more than her anyways. We won't ever forget the catty girl Kaka really is.
And that 6 head.

No. 345571

I wouldn't mind looking like Kiki. I already have the forehead

No. 345591

Anon is saying that Lilou should publicly act like a catty bitch, like she shouldn't hide it. We loved it in the scene days and we'd still love it now. She can pull it off without trying.
Totally. Bitch is her birth given type cast. She could make a career out of it. Isn't that Jeffree Star basically? Kiki's way more attractive than him anyway.

No. 345620

This post reeks of Kiki-style selfpost.

No. 345665

That cringey ass "why so he can make me take those pills" monologue.. that is totally ripped off from some actress in Californication. Like or some other actress.

No. 345667

Not like the words but the delivery too. Kiki if you're reading this I liked that show too

No. 345678

I know right? First post I've seen trying to make "Lilou" happen.

Kaka please. Stop calling yourself attractive too, you need to tone down the ass licking on your own thread.

No. 345724

File: 1485788826404.jpg (116.96 KB, 836x470, IMG_3933.JPG)


All I can think of when I hear Kiki try to call herself Lilou is pic related. I know she's trying to pretend she's speshul like her lesbian crush from Fith Element, but tbqh "Leeloo" is a stupid name. It sounds like something a 5 year old would name their pet hamster.

No. 345730

In one of her "get to know me" vids she mentioned her grandma being part-French so my guess is she tried coming up with smthg french-sounding (bc "lilou" does sound better if you imagine a French person saying it)

No. 345731

I was explaining to >>345537 that they missed the point of another anons comment >>345529

My "compliment" was saying she's good at being a cunt and anons are trying to say that constitutes as whiteknighting.
It doesn't take much to be more attractive than JS.
I used the name Lilou because that's her new persona attempt, like the new persona should be a catty bitch. Went back to addressing her as Kiki a few sentences later, no ones trying to 'make Lilou happen'.
Kiki wouldn't make a comment about becoming a catty bitch, all her recent personas (like kind earth loving elf desu) have been the opposite of mean since she left scene. She wouldn't make a post saying that deep down she's a bitch who should just own it. I won't make another comment regarding this because now I understand that dialogue outside of ripping her apart (including backhanded compliments) will be met with "Kiki log off the computer lel".

No. 345732

>Isn't that Jeffree Star basically? Kiki's way more attractive than him anyway.
Oh-k… this just screams self-posting.

No. 345733

oh tut tut little lilou we must get to le audition

No. 345742

Lilou is currently one of the most popular baby names in France. she has some obsession with being a European foreigner. idk how many times she's bragged on and on about people confusing her for Russian, French, Swedish. the russian one is still in her buzznet.

>tbqh "Leeloo" is a stupid name. It sounds like something a 5 year old would name their pet hamster.
lol This.

No. 345744

Nah her grandma was an Irish cunt her name was Sandra Tierney. IIRC Charms told /cgl/ Dakota hated her grandma because she was mean to her and favored Kiki and they fought often. In other words, she's just regular euromutt immigrant white trash.

No. 345745


And if Kiki had a brain she would have picked a name that was popular in the year she was actually born. That's like tumblr kid giving themselves Japanese names or make up phonetic names that sound younique.

No. 345776

Tierney is an Irish surname, so i assumed it was Cathy's dad who was irish? anyway i think in her FAQ video she said it was a great-grandma who was french and that she "looked just like her"

No. 345850

Idk about Cathy's father, but Scott's surname (Ostrenga, which Cathy took ofc) is polish, so Kiki and Kota are just basic Irish/Polish Euromutt Americans. AKA, white trash.

No. 345862

lol according to both kiki she's…
French, Irish, Polish, English, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian.

^she said that.

No. 345864

Don't forget 1/55th Native American princess too, like every other basic white girl trying to be special and exotic. Too bad for Kiki there are real European girls trying to make in in LA who have talent, are younger and prettier and don't have a reputation for being an autistic screeching attentionwhore.

No. 345865


She also said she could ship her tacky plastic jewelry to the Ottoman Empire.

No. 345866

I don't know why people do this shit. I understand if you're predominately one of those nationalities, but to list 10+ is just fucking ridiculous.

You're a white ass bitch, Kiki. Get over it.

No. 345890

Because they don't have any personality to speak of. Kiki can't lost any interests because her only interest is herself and her imaginary fame and victim complex.

No. 345893

what does this have to do with what anon said..?

No. 345895


>I don't understand why people do this shit

Because…. that's the only remotely "interesting" thing about them, because usually the people who do that have the personality of a dirty wet rag, like Kiki. Normal people who want to tell others about themselves don't start rambling off nationalities because normal people have actual interests to share with others to make them seem interesting. It's purely to make them seem exotic and speshul but it obviously doesn't.

No. 345896

They don't want to be your average white person, they must be an speshul white person

>look? I do have an interesting heritage!That's the reason of my exotic beauty and fake accent~*

Same goes for the 6543/23456876543 cherokee princesses and snowflakey japanese heritijis

No. 345897

just wtf? the "average white person" in the U.S is a mutt. that doesn't make anyone special.

and no one is arguing that she probably does have all of those ancestries. just how pointless it is to go around telling people she's French, Irish etc when she has no actual connection to any of those cultures.

No. 345901

It's retarded and pointless, that's why only autists like Kiki do it.

No. 345905

I was talking about people like Kiki, I didn't meant that everybody in the US does that to feel special. Ugh.

No. 346052

so true.
it's such a superficial thing to identify with (since it's not the specific culture of those nationalities, that she is interested in, but rather the label).
she shows so little substance and personality.
that inedaquacy is probably exactly due to her infantile focus on superficialities.

No. 346058

File: 1485894324039.jpg (45.38 KB, 552x161, latisse-images.jpg)

This is stupid to speculate about, but remember her praising her long Irish? Russian? eyelashes?
Her lashes look like they were continuously treated with Latisse for an estended period. Instead of being rather thick/dense they are just loooong and wispy, in addition Latisse and similiar serums can cause dark discoloration of the skin and dark under-eye circles (it affects the fat deposits).
Obviously, it could all be natural but it would seem JUST like Kiki (or rather her parents) to shell out ridiculous money for something and lie that it was due to genes/talent etc. And also funny if that's what gave her the haggard under-eye circles.

No. 346059

Lol no one would actually mistake Kiki for being Russian. Why does she lie about it though? Oh yeah, because it's raging sperg chan we're talking about. Her features look like your typical 5 cent white American trash.

No. 346061

Don't forget she used to wear false lashes all the time and constantly insisted they were her natural lashes. If she wanted to keep that ruse up she would definitely do something this stupid.

No. 346064

Oh yes! "Irish" lashes. Also getting complimented on them etc (of course!) Idk Im inclined to think it's natural, so that's why she grasps into it so hard

No. 346079

her eyelashes are natural, even her baby pics show it. it was funny when she said that she had "Irish eyelashes" tho, especially because there were comments underneath saying "I'm full Irish and i have short eyelashes".

looks like her whole buzznet has been deleted, but there was a goldmine entry where she talked about going into a store and the clerk "insisting" that she and Dakota were Russian, saying that "you guys are too pretty, you must be russian".

No. 346095

File: 1485900279004.jpg (14.77 KB, 443x134, inmydaydreams.jpg)

throwback kiki tweets
~from Europe~

No. 346148

She still pulled that shit when she went to Tokyo, she claimed taxi drivers would all ask her if she was Russian/European (which is almost certainly BS, アメリカ人ですか? is the first thing every Japanese person asks any white foreigner with any conversational ability) and how they all asked her "モデルですか?" even though that's incorrect Japanese lol.

I wonder, did she ride in all those taxis by herself, or do you think she just followed Dakota along with Hiroshi? I highly doubt Scott stayed in Japan with her for 3 entire months, he has a job to worry about. Plus we know Kiki can't go out in public by herself because she's autistic af and the be everyone wants to rape her and wear her skin.

No. 346150

She can't read moon so she needed to ride taxis with Kota or whoever she found on that dating website to get anywhere. It also looks like she didn't go many places anyway.

I can't wait for the paid IMDB credit movie to come out in a few months. Someone needs to take screens of Kiki doing what she was born to do.

No. 346153

There was the one time she posted a shot of her LINE chat with her "sensei" when she called him a bad teacher for given her non-vegan candy. Above the part where she blatantly insulted him there was parts of a convo (in English lol) from him telling her to type in a code, which could have been for a gate. It's possible he could have called her a taxi to wherever she was staying to his place. Plus, the onlyntimes she took pics in hotel rooms was with Scott, Taku or Fangophilia, so maybe she stayed with Dako and she called the cabs for her.

No. 346156

The bad sensei incident happened when she was still in Florida.

No. 346157

nah, it's very common for Japanese people to ask white tourists which country they're from. so it was probably just a random question out of curiosity that her snowflake brain took as a compliment. i remember an anon once saying that Russians commonly go to japan for prostitution.

No. 346160

Different anon but when she flipped shit when she received non vegan snacks as a gift. Instead of thanking the person who sent them for thinking of her, she complains "and they aren't even vegan! Anyone who's my fan knows I'm vegan! They couldn't even ask?" Geez

No. 346165

Yeah, a lot of people think Russians are only there for prostitution. Plus with all that ugly bondage shit Kaka wears, what else would they think?

No. 346189

She did! Someone said that she was being disrespectful and she basically flipped because you need to "educate" others and her "sensei" was just so cool with her talking like that to him

No. 346206

Which was also when Dakota started going on TV talking like a rude, pervy old thug as part of her gimmick.

No. 346284

It's to the point that many foreigners especially women who have lived in Japan for a decent chunk of time are horrified by the question "Are you from Russia" and even say that if it is a man asking, they try to immediately bail out of the conversation because so often it actually is the man trying to ask if they are a prostitute.

No. 346290

exactly this for me lol
once a woman asked me if I was Russian so I asked her why she thought that and she was immediately flustered and wouldn't explain. Uh huh… (Sage for blogpost)

No. 346352

Am I retarded or something? Every time I try to follow ~Lilou~ on Instagram, it says "no posts to show" and whenever I hit the follow button, it doesn't do anything?

No. 346356

Who ever asks to try on someone else's jewelry? And who ever asks for someone's website?
At least make it more believable.

Laughing at "inmydaydreams.jpg"

No. 346369

you're probably blocked

No. 346385

Hahaha you're blocked

Have you ever interacted with her in any form?

No. 346390

No! All I did was follow her one time! Never left a comment or like or anything

No. 346391

I just had a thought since she has rebranded herself as Lilou Voss, and hasn't linked back to her real name. Surely when directors read her credentials on backstage/ agent page they will find no record of any Lilou voss
that's just bad business

No. 346395

Doesn't she track IP addresses and block them? Meaning tracing every single person's IP address and blocking them whether they've talked to her or not.

No. 346396

lol this reminds me that a friend was blocked because Lilou account was on the explore page, liked a picture (thinking it was a fan account or role account) and then she was blocked by Kiki in mmmkikikannibal and lilou vos. I told her she was blocked because Kiki thought she was a ~lesbian stalker~ and bc she might know all the shit she's done

No. 346400


Probably what >>346395 said. I thought she'd grown put the crazy by now bc acting and following her passion fiery spirit etc etc but guess not. Her only passion is self-obsession


Must suck to have such a past innit. Now she takes her time to block people in BOTH accounts. I wonder if she makes anyone who's close to her (…"friends", boyfriends i.e. nipponese hook-up, Kota) block the same people she does

No. 346403

it's not possible to know the IP of an Instagram account, that would be a breach of privacy. even analytics apps only show top cities who go on their page, not every single one, and not their IP. so she's just guessing. it probably does look fishy to have a vacant account with a new name and suddenly be getting suspicious new followers. maybe anon's instagram has few pictures or few followers, and she thinks it's a sock.

No. 346441

The only 'work' she is doing seems to be shit with other students who also have equally empty credentials anyway.

No. 346458

>I wonder if she makes anyone who's close to her (…"friends", boyfriends i.e. nipponese hook-up, Kota)

I sent a follow request to Bobby and got blocked by Lilou so yeah. Girl is obsessed.

No. 346464

How would she know to block you if you sent a follow request to someone else?

No. 346470

right after her social media was outed his profile went private. she probably told him her lesbian stalkers were trying to gain access to her through him.

No. 346478

Why doesn't he just, idk, google her? If someone I was interested in dating told me I had o make all my social media private because they had an army of online stalkers I would wonder wtf they did to get it.

No. 346483


I'd understand if it was an actual celebrity asking me to put everything on private due to online stalking, but Kaka is a literal no one.

One has to wonder why so many can hate a "nobody".

No. 346554

Exactly. I'm sure she's not going around bragging about how she used to be a MySpace queen until her ~rape~, and aside from being Kiki Kannibal she's never done anything noteworthy except be a massive raging psychotic twat. Of course, we know Kiki jumps into bed with guys in 2 seconds so maybe this is just him humorif her the way Taku did by making his restaurant cater to her vegan bullshit because she was giving him pussy.

No. 346678

Why is she calling a short film that might not be released to dvd as a feature film? I think she will always be jealous of Taylor. Also why did he so god damn miserable? Her parents gave her an easy life. She's never had to work. She could of spent more time working on her acting career then trying to fuck guys in Japan or sitting on the computer all day. I don't feel sorry her. She's had plenty of chances to apologize and do better for herself and yet she's still sad.

No. 346698

she sounds like she has a speech impediment. she is not a natural behind the camera. she will never become anything big

No. 346718

>Doesn't she track IP addresses and block them? Meaning tracing every single person's IP address and blocking them whether they've talked to her or not.

Anon, it doesn't work like that. Even if Kiki had anon's IP adress it doesn't reveal your personal information or username.

Anon I think it wasn't that random, you are here in lolcow after all, try to remember all your comments out there (YT, twitter, IG, PULL) not only about Kiki, but Dakota or any other girl on these sites, because she literally lives reading comments and gathering all the information they find, making connections etc. Also, let's be honest, she knows many of her followers came from PULL and lolcow, it's so obvious. You should see all the leaked information from her lilkitten page, she's really into finding out who are the people here and PULL.

I can imagine other several reasons why she blocks "random" people: sockpuppet accounts, you liked a negative post about them, you followed her contacts, she recognized your photo, idk anon, she has years of experience in this lol

No. 346721

>I sent a follow request to Bobby and got blocked by Lilou so yeah. Girl is obsessed.

Anon sorry but that was very dumb. Don't touch their accounts.

Imagine you are in the same situation, you have all these girls discussing about you on the internet and following your friends just to see if there is more milk, what would you do?

No. 346725

At this point, because of how obsessed she is, it's probably suuuper easy for her to recognize profiles of people who are into Japan or go to lolcow. There's always a commection between the two, and she's paranoid to block.

The guy bobby probably never gets follow requests either, so it was much easier to know who to block.

No. 346907


That's cheap and not to bad for an escort. I mean remove all costly expensive foods from a dish and just give her veggies and bam !! Basically free sex.

No. 347141

>Injunction to remove these hate sites from web searches "kiki kannibal", "kirsten ostrenga" , "dakota ostrenga", "lilou vos", "dakotakoti", "kotakoti", "cathy ostrenga", "scott ostrenga", "kyler ostrenga", "ostrenga"

Attached is her 2014 Jane Doe file

No. 347148


It always cracks me up to refer to us as "Jane Doe" Like it's just one person. She should know there are quite a few "haters"

It would also be interested to see if her ridiculous request is granted. Most likely not.

No. 347150


Reminder that Kaka was an "aspiring lawyer", according to that one year old website thong

Law & Order: Haters Unity

No. 347171

Nah that was Cathy. She dropped out of law school when she got knocked up by Scott because he was in a band that was signed to a label and had a CD out at the time. She's a meal ticket seeking skank just like Kiki, which is clearly where she gets it.

No. 347308

Wonder what the judge would think knowing that the cunt actually participated on the "hate sites"

No. 347328

They probably receive the petition and be like Oh, it's the hate sites dense cunt at it again…

No. 347331

has keeks uttered anything else about "hate sites" since being outed as spergchan?

No. 347365

>Kirsten Ostrenga - Editor-in-Chief
>Kirsten Ostrenga is an aspiring lawyer, litigator, longevity health enthusiast and emerging writer due to her dark personal experiences. She has had her life story published in RollingStone, LifeStyle and MarieClaire magazines. She aims to inspire those to heal, rise like phoenix from past ashes, reborn to live healthy lifestyles despite traumatic experiences.

No. 347369

not that i can tell

No. 347371

File: 1486272571621.png (439.2 KB, 2734x576, 2nCmN2E.png)

I can see how Kiki won both best and worst troll in the awards.

No. 347483

she's so stupid. this is the exact moronic writing style she uses everywhere when she tries to be funny.

No. 347493

I can't imagine her in school for anything, let alone something as difficult for that. She has the attention span of a small rodent.

No. 347517

A+ improv! Get this girl straight to the Oscars!

No. 347549

Coochie gucci bona duce always makes me lol

Sage for no contribution

No. 347912

Her bizarre nonsensical rhyming writing style reminds me of shit you commonly see on schizophrenic blogs.

No. 347927

For some reason I thought this stuff was keyword bot stuff, never would have thought it was Kaka legit typing.

No. 347958

i hadn't seen this one before, i'm laughing tears here

kiki, what's your fucking damage?

No. 347991


Just imagine if Kaka actually bumped into Tay while in Japan…. Kaka would've probably went full blown Margo on Tay's ass, and start filming herself flailing around screeching that Taylor's attacking her.

No. 348106

She doesn't have the gull

She'd slink away and make up some imagined story distorted by her warped perception

Like the incels who think not moving over when walking past someone is some great alpha act/triumph and not some minor inconvenience the other party didn't even conceive as a grievance against them

No. 348107

Right??? I've spent time in actual psyche wards, I have this schizophrenic roommate who used to always leave notes around and it was so similar to this… it's really weird.

No. 348282

File: 1486432388957.png (481.29 KB, 1242x698, rXzgjjk.png)

there are more gems in the screenshot dump: https://imgur.com/a/dBrtW

yeah, it totally sounds like schizophrenic word salad.

also known as "clanging": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clanging

>In psychology and psychiatry, clanging refers to a mode of speech characterized by association of words based upon sound rather than concepts.

>For example, this may include compulsive rhyming or alliteration without apparent logical connection between words.
>This is associated with the irregular thinking apparent in psychotic mental illnesses (e.g. schizophrenia).

either she was on some kind of drugs when she was spamming lolcow, or she's probably legit nuts. or both.

No. 348283

File: 1486432447318.png (58.02 KB, 2266x122, Y6REAHg.png)

No. 348312

>Ostrenga chan reporting for TROLLOP duty :)DONT MAKE ME KOPIRAITO YUUU!!!!!

has no one noticed that she literally outed herself in these? "Ostrenga-chan reporting for troll duty :) Don't make me copyright you!", and "stop stalking my Japanese boyfriend!"

No. 348403


Fascinating shit. The kaka expose page should add that in there.

No. 348429

i think she was trying to act like someone pretending to be kiki in a ridiculous way, to the point that it couldn't be her. she probably thought "no one would ever think this is really me"

No. 348645

The hilarious twist is that nobody else but Kiki takes lolcow or Taylor that seriously, so of course it was her.

No. 348695

The pretentious cunt reposted the Dafoe picture on instagram.

No. 348697

Lol. Its because I said (+ a few others) how downright tacky and disrespectful it is to Dafoe. Like I literally have never seen anyone do something like that. Kaka you are cheap florida trash.

No. 348698

File: 1486471725289.png (444.22 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-07-10-45-22…)

"Haha William totally laughed at this it's not like I met him once and asked for a pic feel free to assume we are in a movie together btw"

No. 348704

Omg the way she casually refers to him as 'Willem' as if they're close!
Kaka please this is too much

No. 348711

maybe he was laughing at you, Kiki

No. 348715

He was probably thinking, this balding autistic girl thinks she is an actress.

No. 348720

Even worse: "he totally laughed at this one" like what Dafoe took his time to take a pic with you, then hang around, watch you edit your pic as both of you as kawaii cats and ACTUALLY laughed at it as if this was actually funny?

Like in what world would this happen

No. 348757

The same world where Tako was marrying her!

No. 348759

File: 1486490339460.jpg (23.37 KB, 460x230, https-//cdn.evbuc.com/images/2…)

Word on the street is that Keek chose her new moniker because of her love for shockingly mediocre comedian Rich Vos.

No. 348794

That's snow cam, it changes your face in real time like Snapchat filters. As much as I find the idea of kiki standing next to a celeb and editing a photo of him into a cat.

No. 348815

Well still funny (and unlikely) that ANYONE (who's an adult) will think outright laugh about this kind of thing

No. 348830

Unless he was just trying to humor her.

Kiki: look at this kitty filter! So cute!
Him: yeah… heheh. I gotta go…

No. 349147

lol you're hilarious anon. I can imagine him being creeped out and saying the same thing.

No. 349285


Lol Kiki wants us to think she's casually friend with celebs so bad !

She's totally implying they took (or regularly do) several pics together and Willem (look at how she casually refer to him ! omgz they must be pals or colleagues) laughed at this particular one.

That fake humble brag, I'm dying. Kiki concentrate on getting paid instead of bleeding money trying to become an actress for once.

No. 349314

The funniest part about it is that it’s not like the photo was taken on a movie set or at an office or something, but they’re obviously in a grocery store. Does Kaka expect people to think she was just casually grocery shopping with Willem DaFoe?

No. 349329

Kiki is the queen of the fake humble brags. It's always stupid shit like: "Oh people were staring at me! It was so terrible uwu But then one asked me if I was a model!! They even took photos of me which was super weird…"

No. 349340

those are funny. there used to be a compilation of them on an old PULL thread, i actually tried to look them up for keks not long ago but she had deleted many of them from her twitter. i wonder if she cringes at herself sometimes.

No. 349370

I remember a few vaguely:

>I was in a taxi in Tokyo ansnte diver asked if I was a Russian model and complimented my shoes!

>a group of kawaii schoolgirls asked for a picture with me and asked if I was a model~
>another taxi driver complimented my eyelashes and said I was wow so tall!

Also worth mentioning: she claimed they asked her "モデルですか?" which no Japanese would ever say because it's incorrect grammar. It would be "モデルさんですか?". Of course fluent Keigo Kiki deleted immediately as soon as lolcow pointed it out.

No. 349375

>so tall

No. 349379

>russian model
My sides when if this was ever actually said he just thought she looked skanky enough to be a hooker

No. 349386

Didn't she also pretend that they were the one to give her the "Kira kira princess from mars" nickname or something equally ridiculous ? Lmao

It's priceless how after all these years she can't make up a somewhat believable story on twitter. What a talentless hack

No. 349389

> everybody keeps asking me if Im a model! Maybe I should give it a try?
> if I were taller I'd be the female zoolander lol
> If I had a dollar for every time someone asks me if I'm a model I'd have enough money to engineer a real life Pikachu! Grown shin bones grown!
> some brickworkers complimented my shoes! Even them recognize a different style when they see it
> was crying at this vegan cafeteria and this guy came up to me told me everything was going to be ok and then gave me his number
> [have been told] "you sound like a Disney Princess when you sing!"
> "when I was in middle school people used to call me Elizabeth Taylor [bc of "purple-ish blue eyes]
> people say I have a bubble butt!
> people say I have a dancers body!
> put on weight bc of Peruvian Maaca! Booty got bigger and I can't wear a size 0 anymore
> I have to buy from Japanese brands bc I'm so skinny
> this Spanish girl complimented me and my sister bc we are so pretty we must be foreigners. It felt so nice, just pretty girls talking and appreciating each other without being catty


These are just some which I remember

No. 349391

Ah yes! The classic! "Kira Kira princess from Mars is what they call me in Japan!

And there was also "people call me angel girl bc I always wear some sort of wings" (when she used to wear those cheap wing clips on her clothes)

No. 349393

"Kira Kira" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkling/shimmering, which she learned when she posted the pic of the glittery guitar from a Rakuten listing claiming it was hers asking what she should name it. Of course once she learned what it meant she adopted it as her own name and the guitar was never seen or mentioned again.

Which was great because they were the wing clips from Dakota's bootleg Vivienne Westwood sandals. I hope she at least wiped them down with a disinfecting wipe before she put the in her hair, but it's Kirsten so probably not lol

No. 349401

Beyond ridiculous.

No. 349404

I also recall kiki posted pics of some japanese fat middle aged man looking in her general direction with a snarky caption "Do I have antennae or an extra arms or something?". Rude as fuck.

No. 349408

>I can't wear a size 0 anymore
This is one of my favs for some reason. Instead of an outlandish story, it's a reasonably normal tweet but she just can't stop herself from slipping in the skinny thing at the end. So close.

No. 349413

She dresses like a tacky slut, of course people are going to stare, especially in Japan.

No. 349417

Yeah, all of her humblebrags just show how unhappy she is with the universe, despite preaching about love and peace and being a fairy sprite or whatever.

If Kiki loved herself, she wouldn't feel the need to brag (read: exaggerate) about any compliment she receives.

No. 349421

It's like she's constantly trying to one-up somebody, except it's really just her trying to prove to the Internet she isn't an assburger NEET shut in with no friends who can't keep a man, and that the only reason she isn't a world famous model and singer is because everyone is jealous of her and because there's an army of stalkers all over the world conspiring against her. In reality she's just a spergy, obnoxious bitch and nobody likes those kinds of girls unless they're hot, rich or both and Kiki is neither. She's just a middle class white trash loser whose parents have to buy everything she brags about for her and take her everywhere because she's pitiful and helpless on her own. If both her parents died in a car accident suddenly she would be completely fucked, she's never had to handle her own problems or take are o herself in her life.

No. 349451

> was crying at this vegan cafeteria and this guy came up to me told me everything was going to be ok and then gave me his number

10/10 Kiki post

No. 349477

File: 1486586044197.jpg (87.46 KB, 815x543, image.thumb.jpg.779232ab3946ef…)

spot on.

No. 349487

OMG the memories just keep popping. Like her bragging about "having more energy at a night out then the drunk people" or "getting more attention from guys when she has a Where The a wild Things Are on than the ones from the photoshop"

It's spot on, though:the veganism, the YT channel, pole dancing, yoga, japanese. .. they're all ways to try and feel superior


No. 349488

*where the wild things are costume
*than the ones from the sex shop (lol)

No. 349489

File: 1486587321355.png (455.4 KB, 791x760, lilou.png)

shitpost in lieu of updates

No. 349504

File: 1486588017143.png (614.02 KB, 540x702, Screenshot_2017-02-08-19-03-12…)

> nature recharges me!
> as long as I can take selfies and not get too far away from civilization (re to the comment whether she hikes/bikes)

Nice to see you're still rocking that all white outfit Kiki! Gotta keep that washed out glow

No. 349507

it's literally insane to me how relevant like dusty pinks and pastels are right now and she's still doing this weird pinched-faced Floridian middle aged mom look. Just waiting to ask to speak to a manager…

No. 349516

I thought white brightened/flattered everyone but she looks like a greasy corpse

No. 349517

And cherry on top: who the fuck goes recharge in the woods/nature wearing all white? At least make it believable Kiki.

No. 349536

keka reposting old pics, as usual.

No. 349547

The fuck even is she wearing? At first glance I didn't notice how weird and mismatched that outfit was

Tf are the frills on the pants in particular

And that jacket thing doesn't fit her even in an oversized style. Are those buttons on it?

The weird pastel lavender shit/scarf crap looks so godawful too

How do you go out like this at all? How do you take a picture and post it to the public?

Her outfit resembles a child playing dress up in their parents closet

No. 349550

Fuck the more I look at it the more baffled I become

No. 349562

> the weird pastel lavender shit/scarf crap looks so godawful too

Lol what if I told you that's actually a lilac lace choker that matches the braletter she's wearing under the white top?

I understand what she tried to do with the oversized jacket - you see it all the time in fashion blogs (the sartorialist etc). But it just looks wrong and TOO oversized

No. 349569

> the weird pastel lavender shit/scarf crap looks so godawful too

Lol what if I told you that's actually a lilac lace choker that matches the braletter she's wearing under the white top?

I understand what she tried to do with the oversized jacket - you see it all the time in fashion blogs (the sartorialist etc). But it just looks wrong and TOO oversized

No. 349650

She doesn't have the tits to keep wearing those plunging neckline tops. She has a scrawny pidgeon chest and neither her nor Dakota have any tits to speak of. They need to stop pulling them apart and get good, supportive push up bras. She really does dress like a middle aged woman……… maybe Cathy picks out all her clothes for her? This is the same type of ugly shit Dakota posts pics of when Cathy sends her care packages. Ruffly, poofy off-the-shoulder tops with either turtle necks or plunging necklines and light/white long momjeans.

>inb4 Koots and Keks have all their clothes bought for them by Cathy because of left to pick their own clothes they would only wear kawaii Tumblr garbage or slutty bondage lingerie crap, respectively

No. 349748

I know I'm late to this and am probably reaching, but does anyone get the feeling that she's experiencing the onset of schizophrenia? Kind of like how Amanda Bynes didn't start showing signs of it until she was in her mid-20s. That's just my theory- but many women who have it don't show signs until they're in their mid 20s-early 30s.

No. 349764

File: 1486598780409.png (249.93 KB, 750x1032, IMG_2700.PNG)

That's just a patch of unused land. This bitch kills me.

No. 349888

All that purple prose is making me cringe. You can tell she never graduated by the way she writes, her overuse of adjectives is… Let's just say this is exactly how I would expect Sperg-chan to write, even when she legitimately thinks she's being ~poetic~ and deep, it still sounds like she's never actually read a book to completion that wasn't already filled with the type of cringey indigo moon child shit she vomits all over her Twitter.

No. 349940

>written after going back into a car and increasing her carbon footprint for shitty instagram pics

No. 349947

File: 1486603458017.jpg (497.1 KB, 1920x1080, ws_Summer_Rural_Landscape_1920…)

Kiki, in case you wonder why we make fun. This is rural.
As >>349764 said, that is just a patch of unused land. kek

No. 349986

Actually those plunging tops look good on everyone, having less tits allows you to wear it without looking like a hoe. only flat chested girls can get away with that in public without getting the evil eye. but idk, grass is greener maybe.

i am bipolar so i'm familiar with the delusions, and without armchair diagnosing her I honesty believe there is not a single chance she is mentally ok or doesn't suffer from something. But then again, she had the childhood of a preteen that was legitimately famous for being hated, and she's never had friends and doesn't go outside without thinking how blessed the world is to have her there. Her life has been straight mutilation and to me she is showing some obvious signs.

No. 349987

i still can't get over how dumb her fucking name is

kiki you had ten years

No. 349992

I rolled my eyes so hard at it. It was the most cliche, feel-good, cookie cutter caption I've read in a while

It's obvious shes not as half educated as she claims to be andone not even half worried about the environment as she wants herself to believe

I gotta agree with that! I often find them good looking on people who are super skinny and flat-chested (like, A cup with Kendall Jenner bosy). However Kiki is a sad pancake b-cup.

No. 350211

>legitimately famous

Thanks anon, I needed that laugh today.

No. 350273

Not only the caption, but the filter on this is so cringey. Her face looks like someone used a peach tone smudge tool all over it.

No. 350331

Maybe she wore slightly darker foundation to hide how ashy and dead she usually looks.

No. 350609

File: 1486711376430.jpg (92.84 KB, 864x864, ZomboMeme 10022017012022.jpg)

No. 350613

oh my god, that one second where her smile is a frown is her remembering her exposed ass on here

No. 350616

Serving up some Toucan Sam vibes with the beaky schnoz of hers.

No. 350617

File: 1486712435094.png (513.1 KB, 510x567, Untitled.png)

what is the point of this? is it supposed to be ~fun and ~captivating or something? she looks deranged

she looks almost like she's sniffling a few seconds in, then her face turns into this

No. 350622

Goddamn, she monitors her social media 24/7. I left a comment simply asking what the point of the video was, and she blocked me barely a minute later!
What a self-obsessed hoe.

No. 350624

>>begs parents to pay $5k for a role in z-list movie
>>doesn't get nose fixed

No. 350629

Serious making of a murderer vibes here tbh..

No. 350657

lmao if she just got her nose done and stopped obsessing over taylor and got fillers too……

No. 350665

honestly if she just did something with her hair, gave it some volume and stopped trying to give herself a croydon facelift or whatever shes going for she would look so good imo. and i hope she doesnt get her nose fixed i think it suits her

No. 350678

Why would she leave the light only on her nose? It looks even bigger than ever, poor girl.

No. 350680

File: 1486731334891.png (609.08 KB, 1000x1000, toucan-sam-sq.png)

No. 350683

And what is with the 70's porn music and the creepy serial killer looks.

No. 350704

Because she's constantly mentally monitoring her expressions to "look her best", it gives off that, "dead eyes, weird smile" look

No. 350707

I think the same! But her nose does look less bulbous from what it looked like in some YT videos, I gotta point that out. Probably lightning and all that but yeah, I agree her nose is ok

No. 350738

is she pretending to be ~vaporwave~ now?

No. 350739

She's been doing that crap for a while now, except I don't think she's intentionally following the fad by name. She's had holographic and kawaii BS all over her IG for years.

No. 350776

>clip from shooting #film

isn't this pretty obviously a selfie-video?

No. 350829

I don't think she is. If she is, she's like a couple years too late. Just like every other fad she tries to jump on

No. 350851

She's been tagging everything with "featurefilm" and "actress" even though it's selfie garbage.

No. 350876

I've seen some models doing clips where they just throw looks at the camera (with minimal makeup, all natural hair and lights and shit) and some music in the background

That's what it looks like? Not exactly a movie thing

No. 350878

File: 1486778385528.jpg (52.6 KB, 500x688, 9115f5e820149bc472641d5a040277…)

OK I wanted to find an example of what I meant but I couldn't. Either way, if anyone can help me on that, this model had one of these kind of videos and it was everywhere on tumblr I just can't remember her name or find the video lol

Sage for shit posting but it was very alike to what Kiki is trying to do with her feature films no

No. 350898

No. 350947

unpopular opinion here but I actually like the fact her face looks fuller/less boney now. The ghostly pale skin, sunken eyes and deep jowls paired with the crystal kawaii bdsm thing was hideous

No. 350948

Arch Enemy? kek

sage for ot nostalgia

No. 350974

It has a lot to do with camera lenses, and the fact that her hair is hidden in a ponytail.

No. 350992

The difference is that this girl is actually beautiful enough for it not to be uncomfortable.

No. 350994

lol has kiki done a video like that? cause if she would i can already feel the cringe and second hand try-hard embarrassment. agree that it works with this girl though, nice thick hair and beautiful face

No. 350996

I was just referring to the one she posted on IG here >>350609

No. 350998

File: 1486813555467.png (219.43 KB, 308x346, kaka.png)

She's trying to look sultry with half closed eyes but all she looks is stoned.

Aaaaand I just realised how utterly bad at being sexy Kiki is. She's goofy and cringy and has 0 charisma as a sultry woman lel

No. 351003

File: 1486814647697.png (439.83 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-11-10-06-11…)

In other times shed lie and "look what I got from faaaans" but not now!

Improvement, guys

No. 351004

Yeees! Thank you.

See. That's what I think Kiki tried to go for in her last vid, bc back in 2012 this kind of thing would blow up etc

No. 351013

Ngl, this is sad and sweet at the same time.

No. 351014

>box full of wrapped presents for Valentine's Day

No wonder her and Kota are so entitled, jfc. That's just too much. I thought she was trying to hop into Bobby Tanaka's pants, yet her parents are the ones sending her gifts? Lol

No. 351020

She looks like an egg trying to be sexy

No. 351025

How are you 24 and get wrapped presents for Valentine's Day from your parents? My parents never even got me anything for Vday to begin with lmao.

A care package is one thing, but these are clearly gifts for the holiday. I wonder if they presents for every mundane holiday.

No. 351032

I guess they do? They sent kota a bunch of presents and trinkets for her birthday and Cathy sent her an entire outfit too, I don't doubt she sends them both shit all the time. No wonder they're so spoiled, but tbh it's kind of hilarious. It really speaks to how unhealthy Cathy's relationship with her daughters is. But also I guess this means Kaka is still in LA too.

No. 351041

This is creepier when you realize papa ostrenga made photos or videos them and shit.

Kaka hates the thought of everyone noticing that she's forever alone on valentine's day again.

No. 351044

Kiki get out of my city. >>349764
This made me laugh bitch think shes jane Austin lmao

No. 351068

Isn't it possible she saved the 'rural' pic from her three day trip and worded the Valentines day gift caption to insinuate she isn't in her parents basement still? The $5,000 movie deal had the three day trip to LA included in it IIRC. She lied about being in Japan for longer than she was, don't see why she wouldn't lie about being an upcoming starlet in LA.

No. 351091


My thoughts exactly

Yeah, I remember getting one thing from my father when I was 6. Now a box full of shit? GODDAMN that's as much stuff as the Avg 24 year old get from their parents in an year

No. 351105

Noticetoo how she didn't mention what the gifts were? Probably food/toiletries or stuff she can't afford on her own. When I get gifts and bother to post about it I actually pay what I got and then just the wrapped boxes.

No. 351106



>and then

*and not

goddamn, self.

No. 351109

God these new pics of her have me remembering back to when she said everyone told her she looked just like Angelina Jolie and how "big" her lips were

No. 351118

these are salty and pathetic as fuck tbh. if you think parents sending their offspring gifts or showing them love at 24 = an "unhealthy relationship", god fucking damn, that says a lot about you.

No. 351120

Why so defensive?

An adult child shouldn't expect a pile of gifts for every holiday minor and major. It is not normal to continuously spoil an adult child by doing so. The only people I've know who do or demand this have been raging narcissists, and they'll throw a massive strop if you neglect to send them a pile of pressies for valentines AND sweetest day AND their birthday AND halloween AND christmas AND anything in between.

As an adult, it's not typical to receive much more than a call and a card from your parents on your birthday and maybe christmas / whatever high holy day one celebrates.

No. 351121

I mean its weird because she doesn't have a job and its so clear why. Her parents still send her mini presents on fucking valentines day!! Ahah Most people's parents don't do that shit. Fyi

No. 351125

>Ostrengas being this disconnected from reality

This post is embarrassing.

No. 351133

No. Showing lI've is calling, speaking, communicating and supporting them to grow into the adults they wanna be

Showering them with gifts just because is not what showing love is (actually THIS does say a lot about you though haha)

No. 351134

No. Showing lI've is calling, speaking, communicating and supporting them to grow into the adults they wanna be

Showering them with gifts just because is not what showing love is (actually THIS does say a lot about you though haha)

No. 351135

File: 1486857187092.png (634.36 KB, 1338x544, IMG_9470.PNG.615df235f98063a9a…)

Memories ♡♡♡♡♡

No. 351137

she's more self-obsessed than onion

No. 351141

Lol omg really? My parents got my siblings and I small things for V-day in the past also we all live away from home and they send us care packages from time to time. Books from amazon, snacks, clothes, etc… Its pretty common I don't understand why ppl think that's weird?

No. 351143

a care project is different from a bundle of gifts for some basic as fuck holiday.

No. 351144

You sound retarded

She doesn't look anything like heidi or Angie

No. 351145

Lol, really, it's not super common to send what appears to be at least 7 presents (count 'em) to your kids on a minor holiday >>351003

Yes some parents sometimes send kids care packages. No, it's not common. I know maybe 1 set of parents of all my friends who send regular presents to their kids into their later adult years. And one of the kids is a spoilt rotten narc (their other kid is embarrassed by it and asks them to please not send so many gifts.)

No. 351146

nope, parents giving a hoard of valentine's gifts to an adult child is pathetic.

No. 351149

My sister and I were given gifts for Valentine's Day while we were at home but that stopped once we moved out.

I think they give them gifts cause they know they don't have a significant other to give them any kek

No. 351177

File: 1486864154866.jpg (384.35 KB, 600x459, YbmxXbw.jpg)


No. 351181

File: 1486866957089.jpg (92.37 KB, 500x750, tzq5O2f.jpg)

No. 351183

She honestly looks really great with a lob. Too bad she looks like a washed up herion addict now.

No. 351184

do u know what adulthood is

No. 351185

>family that has struggled with money
>spending cash on an adult for a meaningless holiday
>a holiday 'meant' for couples

No. 351192

Best hair phase. But oFC she got extensions shortly after bc this girl seems to DENY doing anything that makes her look good

This picture is so MCR emo, its almost as good as the ones where she had pink hair

No. 351212

File: 1486874741985.jpg (239.14 KB, 1078x1078, ZomboMeme 11022017224420.jpg)

No. 351217

This generation's Audrey Hepburn ya'll.

No. 351219

I can't stop laughing at Keeks thinking she's going to be a successful actress. She'll fail and give up quick, like she did all her other 'careers'.

No. 351255

Keeks belongs in LA, and you know it.

she'll fit in just fine with the rest of the insane narcissists with no real talent.

No. 351256

I got care packages when I moved away from home because it was too far to visit, but not for Valentine's Day and I didn't get a box of wrapped presents. I got things like scented candles, candies, cute little decorations for my room, makeup brushes, etc., but they were just in a box, not wrapped up in Hello Kitty wrapping paper.

No. 351257

Everything she's working on looks like b-movies going straight to Netflix.

No. 351272

Because they are. Kiki's acting is shit.

No. 351300

File: 1486910526989.png (282.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-12-12-44-13…)

I really hope not or else we won't have cringe materials anymore

Also: webseries!!! I'm so happy I can't wait for all the cringe

No. 351309

File: 1486915162820.png (67.3 KB, 540x362, Screenshot_2017-02-12-13-59-36…)

From the commentaries in this one video (first and last comments in the screenshot)

I just love how shes still lying about mundane shit like falsify

Never change Kaka

No. 351314

wasn't going to comment on this, but holy shit. how can anyone think, that it's normal for a 24-year-old woman to get valentines presents like this from their parents?

how is kaka not even embarrassed to post those?

No. 351352

My mom gave me a card and a few yogurts from the store for Valentine's Day, lol. I guess it's kind of weird to get wrapped presents for a minor holiday when you're 24, but I don't think it's weird to get anything when you've moved out. But me and my mom are really close, so idk. Sage for blogpost

So I guess she must be in LA then? Or does she have her own apartment in Florida? I mean I guess she could have put all those presents into a shipping box to pretend her parents sent them to her versus just giving them to her since she's still living in their basement, but that seems contrived even for Kiki. Can she afford an apartment because she's on disability? Or do her parents pay for that too?

No. 351355

Kiki couldn't handle her own apartment. My guess is she's shacked up with Bobby Tanaka in LA.

No. 351357

Or student projects.

No. 351384

Her parents probably sent a care package, but decided to dress up the wrapping for the occasion. I seriously don't know what these other anons are imagining are wrapped up, but there is nothing wrong with gift exchanges at any age.

I always get my mom gifts on minor holidays when we live in the same country. She isn't as into decorating, but if I were to send her something around now, I'd dress it up for the nearest holiday (Valentines) too. Not everyone's family celebrate minor or even major holidays, but there's nothing wrong with those who do. Damn.

No. 351387

This is not your blog. No one cares if your parents buy you gifts for mundane holidays and wipe your ass until you're 21. Stop taking everything so personally, this is about Kaka.

No. 351404

File: 1486930576318.png (367.98 KB, 591x589, Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 20.1…)

Her whole body is stiff, she reacts late to the smash and then pulls this face. Girl, no.

No. 351426

Just compare hers acting to the other girl. Kiki makes amateurs look good.

"I was sweating bullets bc I had to smash it right so it wouldn't hurt her (#actress)"
"It was a plastic prop designed for crashing"
The biggest of eye rolls

No. 351437

Wow. This almost looks delibrately awful. How is she this bad? You'd think she'd be able to muster up some of that same crazy she used during her Spergchan tirade in her performance.

No. 351441

Holy fuck all you spergs must have equally as spergy parents. I fucking hate Kiki and even I think it's reaching trying to make it seem embarrassing that her parents sent her a care package lol.

No. 351446

Did mummy not come wipe your ass yet?

No. 351448

This should definitely be the next Kaka thread image

No. 351449

She's so bad at this, it's fun to watch.

Why is this one anon still taking shit personally when the conversation moved on, kek

No. 351450

I need someone more technically capable to make a gif of her weird wide eye movement, it's so much better in motion.

No. 351451

sage your shitposting faggot

No. 351452

File: 1486940848178.jpg (392.52 KB, 1212x1977, IMG_9080.JPG)

Pressed reply too quick.
I'm kind of excited to see what she's been working on. It looks cringey in these snippets but with some proper editing it might be pretty entertaining. Maybe even … good? I guess we'll see.
I also keep looking for updates on Puppetmaster but not seeing anything yet.

No. 351453

I want a proper video or gif here too.

No. 351454

I personally encourage every technically capable person to make slow-mo gifs of kiki's "acting"

I'm curious, too! She mentioned a webseries and I'd definitely watch

No. 351455

I imagine it's the same from this https://www.instagram.com/p/BP11Hx5BRHn/

And this… gives me bad hopes for it but the overall result might be good! Either way it's a win/win situation

Sage for samefagging here

No. 351458

I like how the descriptions act as if she's a real employed actress but she's wearing her own clothes and doing her own hair/makeup for everything.

No. 351465

tbh no makeup artist for a movie is going to give an actress eye makeup like that… it looks ridiculous

No. 351481

go away.

No. 351485

#actress #studentfilm

No. 351491

File: 1486951222686.png (546.14 KB, 931x595, Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 01.0…)

So the web series appears to be called 'Room 8'.

No. 351492

File: 1486951263382.png (457.42 KB, 981x634, keeks.png)

Post from the same dude on FB (under his real name), who's friends with Lilou. Lovely white outfit as usual.

No. 351494

File: 1486951530170.png (414.95 KB, 736x753, mangowatchtv.png)

Rolling in likes, big time production, etc.
The series also features another actress from Puppet Master.

No. 351495

That is a seriously unattractive look - those pants and those shoes? Yikes. I don't think it's ever occurred to her that people look at her from any other angle than face on when she wears that shit.

No. 351501

Everything this film student does is filmed inside his apartment.


No. 351504

Not everything… he's also done some, er, music videos: http://www.carlosyasik.com/project/cherry-strike-boulevard/

No. 351534

No. 351541

>her eyes holy shit
Dem nasolabials, that explains why she keeps putting things in black and white and crazy filters.

No. 351550

I've seen better acting in porn movies

No. 351561

File: 1486973147439.png (900.6 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1320.PNG)

"Did I do it right?"

Don't look straight into the camera!

No. 351565

Her "acting" is SO awful. Like, there's almost no way to describe haw awful it is. Her "crazy" acting is on the level of a mustache twirling villain from the vaudeville era.

No. 351566

It's so cringey. Her idea of acting is to act as over-the-top as possible. I think there's a word for that kind of overacting but I forget it.

No. 351579


hamming. She's incredibly bad, but this is why she's "acting" in "films" like this. She's a spoilt brat indulging her ego, I'm sure the guy who has hired her is the same.

No. 351583

File: 1486986159539.png (317.88 KB, 350x729, 1486973147439.png)

I wish this is the next Kaka thread photo.

No. 351591

>hired her

They are both students.

No. 351593

> hur everybody was scared shed got hurt but turns out she was ACTING on set during the filming of a scene

How can they not see how dumb they sound?

Also I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out how the "set" Kaka talks about here >>351300 is a dude's place

No. 351601

To be fair, the other girl is a shit actor too. Nobody would ever react to getting hit with a bottle like that. This entire thing is so unprofessional and Kaka thinks she's going to be some glamorous actress because of it…

No. 351607

Basically every web serie that's gonna crash and burn because people think being a YouTube big shot is easy and fast.

Dunno about anyone else but if you're in the art or entertainment industry you probably have at least a few dozen friends starring or creating those series. Not exactly impressive.

No. 351616

File: 1487006166668.jpg (29.93 KB, 666x101, lilou vos.jpg)

She untagged herself from the post, kek.

No. 351667

God for real prob BC its all she can get doing weird low to no budget gigs. "Experimental" projects she fucking found on Craigslist. Its so weird BC usually you can get all kinds of work through legit talent/casting agencies all you need is a fucking headshot. Apparantly those roles are under her so she's gotta do the shit where no one has heard of her I am dying at all of this! Girl you are so cringe.

No. 351668

File: 1487018445333.png (43.27 KB, 245x220, eugh.png)

how can someone visibly break character this often in that small amount of time?
it IS just a student film, but damn…

No. 351683

One of the other Puppet Master actresses is in the series and Igor/Ben has done work with the Berubian Theatre Company (where Keeks played Snow White), so she probably just got this through knowing one or both of them.

I wonder if Keeks has had a single successful legit audition, even for a small role.

No. 351684

Nah. Kiki is florida woman.

No. 351694


Kiki was featured in this new horror Fox Movie (1:01)!!!

I knew these snippets at instagram would pay off

No. 351695

Uh, no. That's not Kiki at 1:01.

No. 351696

File: 1487025201360.png (5.06 KB, 255x198, 453463565466789.png)

No. 351709

Lol. She fucking wishes she were

No. 351713

This isn't a real Polaroid. It's edited.

No. 351715


No. 351718

File: 1487030130529.png (486.69 KB, 620x574, welp.png)

well fuck

No. 351719

I'd tell her not to quit her day job but I don't think leeching off your parents is a job.

No. 351730

Holy shit, she's terrible

No. 351740

Feeling a little insulted for Killer Joe tbh.

No. 351776

i've always hated this annoying anorexic ugly tranny omfg. she looks even worse now with her receded hairline lmao!!

No. 351780

File: 1487042960589.png (760.09 KB, 1000x563, bGHnxoz.png)

No. 351798

It seems the more "Famous" Kiki thinks she is, the more of her real, spoiled and rotten personality pops up.
She gets more brave when people think they accept her. This is hilarious

No. 351802

you say that like she wasn't homeschooled by legitimate idiots and whored out as a child online. since day one she was told she was a queen, there's no way she can face reality now with everything being downhill from her parents delusion. this is all she can do, and if she's a victim she will have white knights. if she drops the act and actually tries she has to confront how she is mediocre at her very best.

she'll start to age even faster and she'll start getting clinically psychotic. her family can lie but the mirror won't.

No. 351821

Damn. Since this isn't real work, how/who do you think is funding this little romp?
I mean, it's great to follow your dreams, but sometimes you just have to accept that you don't have the raw talent, discipline, nor work ethic to accomplish it.

No. 351822

File: 1487061023033.png (Spoiler Image, 102.55 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2707.PNG)

We got another credit on the docket.

No. 351889

So she is back home with mommy and daddy… which means she posted a picture of her VDay prezzies from mommy and daddy early to make it seem like they shipped them to her, except she was in Orlando the entire time.

No. 351893

the Hell House credit has been on her Backstage page since it was discovered.
Unlike Cam Meltdown though it seems to actually exist as a Full Sail student film from 2008.

No. 351910

Dude's parents. He's literally doing everything in his apartment.

No. 351986

movie looks damn good though.

No. 352427

File: 1487195317386.png (952.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-15-15-47-29…)

The return of the butt ugly earrings

No. 352434

Obvious falsies, which no one would notice/care about if she didn't try to claim they were ~all natural~ like in >>351309.

No. 352435

I can't get over how fucking haggard she looks at 24/25(?).

No. 352457

Oh JFC, she looks even worse in the video. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQjBJ9cBaa9/

No. 352466

Lol pls tell me she's driving and recording that ….

No. 352471

These earrings are the personification of "its never gonna happen"

It's kind of insulting she's even trying to pass them off as natural. Instead she could use the money for some lip/cheek tint
The eyebrows look a lot less worse so why not focus on not looking sick

No. 352505

Why do the Ostrengas never learn? Kiki must be more than aware how much flack Kota takes for claiming she's totally natural, especially back in the viral days, so why do this? They really are retarded.

No. 352507

Fuck she's actually trying to pass these off as natural. And everyone on instagram is so gullible that they would believe it, too. Either extensions or falsies.
>>352427 You can clearly see on (her) right eye where the falsies do that pointed, tapering off clumped together thing. And way too thick at the roots to be real. I can see her real lashes on the inside part, she doesn't have a whole row attached or attached them farther away from the inside.
Never change, Kaka.

No. 352511

Ostrenga fanily was not very smart in general. Kota and Kaka lack intellectual fortitude to learn.

No. 352589

File: 1487221827789.png (155.12 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-16-03-09-08…)

She's ACTUALLY outright sayinget these are real bc of "all the DMs" (never mentioned before until >>351309)

Also: she deleted a make-up tutorial where she showed the look with and without falsies. Smooth Kaka. /Tinfoil hat

No. 352614

Are her huge false eyelashes supposed distract people from her huge bald forehead?

No. 352615

Why is she wearing this weird choker style all the time now? She looks like the character in Orphan.

No. 352620

lmfao. Why would people DM her instead just asking in the comment section? They wouldn't. She just wanted to brag, and realized no one asked, so that's what she said. If they were her own, they look bad and clumpy. If they're fake, she should ask for a refund.

No. 352633

I'm pretty convinced she only said that because somebody here pointed out her lying ("they're my own ^^" bitch please)

No. 352637

Don't dead, open inside

No. 352662

File: 1487264016475.jpg (31.49 KB, 533x800, 2ztf314.jpg)

Silly anon, of course they're natural!
How dare you accuse the Kira Kira Princess from Mars of falseness. Her pure ethereal beauty is beyond anything you filthy peasants could ever wish to achieve.

No. 352663

No. 352672

I'm so embarrassed over the "kira Kira princess from mars" thing

As if anyone would call her that

Consider how savage Japanese girls have been to her sister Dacote-chin they'd probably call Keeks "onion head" or something else that references her huge balding dome

No. 352682


Hehe "onion-head", reminds me of a certain greasy, high-functioning Chris-chan we all know and love noq.

No. 352683

No. 352684

Yes but there was another one where she taught "fool-proof cat eye methods makeup tutorial" or some shit. I think it was one of her most viewed tutorials, and she actually did the cat eye, put on mascara and said "this is how I go out" and said how some people dont know how to put on falsies so she put them on, giving some tips etc.

It was quite helpful and nice to watch but the "after falsies" look on that tutorial is how she looks most of the time… which now she's trying to claim is "all natural" so yeah,not surprised she deleted her most helpful/viewed tutorial

No. 352686

I don't think people on Instagram are that gullible tbh. They're probably just playing dumb bc she's a lost cause who'll block anyone who disagrees with her or doesn't kiss up to her

Though it'd be a DREAM COME TRUE if someone posted a comment with these points
> You can clearly see where the falsies do that pointed, tapering off clumped together thing. And way too thick at the roots to be real. I can see her real lashes on the inside part, she doesn't have a whole row attached or attached them farther away from the inside.
But in a very butt-kissy, sarcasm dripping way, like "haha no wonder why you get SO MANY DMs asking if they're falsies! But i guess you're just really lucky Kira Kira princess almighty actress talent exotic european beauty :)"

No. 352696

I love that the Ostrengles come at other girls for their big foreheads, when theirs are truly the biggest of them all. It's hard to tell if they're painfully insecure, or just so full of themselves as to be completely unaware. Is it even possible to be that insecure when your head is so far up your own ass?

No. 352697

I don't see why not. If you go your entire life sitting in an echo chamber of your parents telling you you're so smart you don't need school, so beautiful every other firm is jealous of you, and so special the world isn't ready for your true sparkling beauty and then have everyone else be utterly unimpressed with you has gotta yank even the most spoiled snowflakes into reality even a little bit.

No. 352698

do they actually call kota dacote-chin?
just googled "dacote", and m8, that's the most accurate name for her yet.

No. 352701

dako-chan I believe. Means octopus-chan.

No. 352713

The comment would be deleted and the poster blocked within 3 minutes

she hawks over her instagram comments.

No. 352715

Eh no, octopus is Tako not Dako.

No. 352725

Absolutely orrrrrr she'd go full sperg bc "fighting back the bulkies" and what not and then go on a good old rampant of enlightening cheesy quotes

No. 352752

I fucked it up, they call her Dako-chin instead of Dako-chan lol.

Dacote is just another name

No. 352784

Ofc not, she doesnt drive

No. 352831

Her name was spelled that way on the side of a purikura machine or something, and after that it's always been in katakana. Maybe she was embarrassed by it?

No. 352832

"Dako" means spittoon lol

They call her dako-chan, chin means dick/penis. Dako-chin is definitely not what they call her, though it is a lot better and funnier imo.

No. 352883

chin as an honorific is a cutesy version of chan but we should really stop talking about her nicknames

No. 352930

As an esthetician that puts on falsies daily I'm fucking cackling at her trying to say her lashes are natural

No. 352936

She looks like a complete TRANNY. What the fuck!! She's also balding lmao.

No. 352939

She would look sooooooooo much better if she got bangs and stopped wearing clothes that hang off her and make her look like a hag. I know she's going for the ~flowy, ethereal~ shit but a nice dress with some cute ankle boots and maybe some knee socks would look great on her. She's too scrawny and haggard looking to be this elvish waif princess she wants to be. Both her and Kota seem to want to make themselves look as shit as possible and it boggles the mind.

No. 352962

File: 1487399806405.jpg (670.98 KB, 2066x1327, del.jpg)

they are natural. you can see the roots in this video. i hope you know you’re elevating Kiki’s vanity every time you call something fake and are wrong. all you're doing is unknowingly complimenting her.
>inb4 hi kaka
>inb4 after effects
>inb4 she had falsies already in that video
>inb4 that baby picture is shooped
>inb4 ofc psycho cathy put falsies on a toddler

No. 352966

you liked to wear mascara as a child?

No. 352969

Calling something fake and being wrong about it is a compliment now? That is retarded. If someone calls your designer bag a fake and it's not you'd be offended that they're implying it looks bad.

No. 352991

Are you… Are you retarded? She is most def wearing if anything fucking segmented lashes. Not even that I care but eyelashes you have as a kid do not equal what you're gonna have 20 years later like really dude? You think with her SHIT diet and balding head that she isn't gonna have shitty eyelashes? This dumb cunt probably only eats air and has fucked her metabolism up SO much that her thyroid just was like nah and if she has endometriosis her hormones prob are giving up in wacky cycles which doesn't help hair growth AT ALL. Just saying… That shit is fake af and so petty like bitch no one cares bout your lashes YOURE LEGIT BALDING

No. 352993

At the very least,her bottoms have some added volume.

No. 353022

>wat are lash extensions

No. 353028

I wouldn't put it past Cathy to buy her a prescription for Latisse.

No. 353033

assuming they're real, her lashes aren't even that special?
they're not full, only a handful single lashes are long and it's made more noticeable with too much clumpy mascara.
it's really the typical latisse look.

No. 353046

I agree that in this one video she isn't wearing falsies, yeah. But she is wearing them in the latest instagram videos and shit - you can tell not bc they're ~too full to not be fake~ but bc they do look fake and a good deal of us has seen what falsies look like against the real thing

The point is Kaka is lying about it bc she thinks it makes her special. She's also lying about getting many DMs asking her about it.

No. 353053

File: 1487432027405.jpg (42.62 KB, 612x306, IMG_4213.JPG)


Definitely Latisse.

No. 353060

Agree with >>353046

I don't know what this picture you pulled up is trying to prove, because you can see the roots of her eyelashes.

>>352427 In this you can't because she has too much mascara/falsies/eyeliner/shit on.
Sooooo natural~

Especially after this photo >>352662 was posted. What the fuck, anon?

No. 353066

Lol, she went back and changed the caption on this pic from ~thanks the eleven deities for my natural Irish lashes~ to just this. Buuuut se left all her spergy captions on her pics from when she tried to trap a visa husband to stay in Tokyo with Tooter.

No. 353068

File: 1487443474411.png (109.04 KB, 640x969, IMG_4221.PNG)

No. 353092

I'm pretty sure this one was always captioned that way. She has used this pic to brag about her natural lashes before too but I think it was on Twitter and was deleted when she was bulk deleting. The elven deities caption was on her hair pic where she was wearing a wig.

No. 353097

Uhhh no, it was on this pic. It was her "proof" that her lashed were real since she was little. It was also her "proof" of being a ~natural blonde~.

No. 353101

File: 1487454325471.png (729.21 KB, 906x610, thatisawigbitch.png)

She used that as her proof pic for her eyelashes but the elven deities caption was on her fake hair she was trying to pass off as her own.

No. 353102

this honestly looks like it's been edited, like the contrast has been turned up around her eyes. the rest of the pic looks so washed out but the eyes are VIVID blue and the lashes are ridiculously dark. i wouldn't put it past her

No. 353105

Probably edited. She's edited her "polaroids" before.

No. 353107

Looks like meitu to me, honestly. Not everyone is as shitty at using it as Margo Palermo; you can fine tune the placement of the fake lashes.

No. 353113

I remember once upon a time I told her that I was a fan and that she shouldn't let the haters get her down. She ended up blocking me. I was really sad becuase I had complemented her. I wish people like her weren't so defensive.

No. 353139

Honestly, I have spoken to quite a few people online with a similar story like yours. Just regular people who legit liked her and were just being nice to her, and bam, blocked. I can only imagine the number of legit fans she's turned off because her paranoia that everyone is a hater

No. 353158

We know she uses meitu too because she was using their filters to bring out copper tones in her hair. It made her look like she had jaundice.

She probably made a connection between something innocent you did to something from a hater site and that was enough. She does that all the time. There was the time she assumed a blog was run by a hater because they used the same ~*~*~*~*~* pattern on a sidebar as someone had in a forum sig as if that shit isn't used by all kinds of special snowflakes on the internet. She and Cathy think they're detectives but they're really paranoid retards. Probably because on the dl they're being nasty haters themselves kek.

No. 353161

yep she's even got the discoloration that comes with it

No. 353165

A lot of kids and babies have disproportionately long eyelashes, because their other features are still kids's sized so the lashes will always look longer than when they're an adult.

No. 353193

Her whole life revolves around complimenting herself and trying to appear special.

Her style is awful, her hair is awful, her appearance is awful–but she truly believes she's unique and awe-inspiring. It's really odd because when you see her in photographs with others, she just looks obnoxious and out of touch with reality. The way she dresses isn't cute or modelesque. She legit looks insane. Wew.

No. 353225

It's been months since she started this new 'career' and she still hasn't bothered to put together a Lilou Vos website.

No. 353227

File: 1487496683894.png (722.25 KB, 449x599, 10nx9mwjpg.png)


No. 353242

It's been years since I've seen that picture, it always scared me… she looks like a gremlin

No. 353260

Sounds like… Vicki.
but all cows are alike in a way eh

No. 353263

File: 1487519845939.jpg (885.24 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_4237.JPG)

I know it's only a coincidence, but I was scrolling through my IG feed and these posts both reminded me of Kiki.

No. 353343

>Her whole life revolves around complimenting herself and trying to appear special
The Kiki Kannibal motto.

No. 353507

File: 1487590580608.jpg (36.7 KB, 634x359, 2377467C00000578-2845102-Earli…)

>low quality, grainy ass 599px picture from like 2008.
>presents as proof of argument

No. 353634

File: 1487630914521.png (138.29 KB, 640x1085, IMG_4258.PNG)

She changed the caption again, lol.

>just coconut oil, not Latisse, ttly u guise 4 reals!!!!

No. 353658

Fuck. You really had me there for a second.

No. 353659

This was such a good look for her and would be dramatically more appropriate for LA.

No. 353757

Too bad she is balding and too haggard to pull off this look now.

No. 353810

Don't you have a "movie" to shoot, kaka?

No. 353849

The tip at the bottom is legit though, it works so much better than makeup remover and it's cheaper.

No. 354079

Didn't she once say that her hair was changing into a blonde with a copper tint? I have a family member and friend with strawberry blonde hair with copper tint. Kiki's natural hair appears more of a light ash brown not even close to a blonde. In that pic she posted about hair getting lighter it looks like she is wearing a wig or extensions.

No. 354111

>>353634 i would not put it past her to lie about something so trivial but tbf my lashes look like hers in that vid with the right mascara + primer combo

No. 354132

The copper tint was just a filter. Honestly I have the exact same natural hair color as her and it IS light ash brown. My hair started off as light blonde and darkened as I got older and is now that mousy light brown that Kiki has. Most of the white girls I know who had blonde hair as kids are no longer "natural" blondes as it has turned to brown. Idk why she is so determined to cling to being a blonde when she has mousy hair. Just fucking dye it bitch.

No. 354135

Yes. She implied her hair has both coppery tones and bluer tones. She's fucking retarded.

No. 354144

Yeah, mine too. I don't really get the discussion, it's not a makeup-free picture.

And to an extent, coconut oil has a high comedogenic rating and won't work for a lot of people.

No. 354406

File: 1487889757134.png (683.33 KB, 931x594, Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 22.3…)

Looks like Lilou's sticking with the vegan earth mother goddess routine.

Also confirmed for most boring person on the planet.

No. 354412

If the stupid cunt truly cared for mother earth she'd drink the water from the tap.

No. 354444

>Cash for donating to animal sanctuaries

Sure, Jan.

No. 354455

Oh god. She's one of those people who preaches caring about mother earth ~* and animals but buy a bunch of pretentious products that are bad for the environment and contribute to the destruction of habitats lol.

No. 354464

File: 1487901992180.png (119.33 KB, 675x319, Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 02.0…)

>waste nearly $50 on 'energy shots'
>let alone everything else in the video
>$16.50 for muh animal sanctuaries!!

No. 354477

Not to mention the ~$50 spent on bottled water when she could get water for free, and spend that money on animal charities instead…

No. 354495

Is this bitch too good to fill her reusable water bottle up at the sink like everyone else?

One thing that pisses me off to no end is people that drink bottled water every day instead of just getting a goddamn $10 nalgene water bottle. Kiki is contributing to the huge plastic waste problem we have globally by buying bottled water, and she has the gall to pretend she's still ~saving the earth~. What a pretentious first-world twat

No. 354503


Not plastic bottles, glass ones. A fuckload of them. Does she survive on just liquids and sweets?

No. 354510

I'm assuming since she's in LA, she's been warned about the local water. That being said, there are good filters out there for the tap, and could be paid for within a few times of buying cases of glass bottled water…

No. 354522


I know its an old photo but I remember she had that phonecase for fucking ever

No. 354524

That or she can literally go to one of those dollar gallon jug places where she can bring a few plastic jugs and get filtered water filled up to the brim for insanely cheap. She has no excuses.

No. 354526

we're talking about the same woman who bought bottled water for a swan nesting 1 ft away from a pond

No. 354542

>it's a nice way to help the planet
>and get cash for parking/donating to animal sanctuaries
Love how she had to add that in there just to sound extra environmentally conscious moogle of mother earth-esque. Poor thing tries so hard.

No. 354551

Parking? Is she implying she has a car? Because I feel like that's something she would brag about, like back when she used to claim Scott's Audi was her personal car.

No. 354555

File: 1487946991754.jpg (22.73 KB, 394x382, 52d2237a19686282be4905d2b96ec5…)

>pretentious first-world twat
Are you imblying that third worlders are doing anything differently?

No. 354593


Obviously people in developing countries will drink bottled water too, but they often don't have access to clean water.

Kaka has access to clean water and could easily buy herself a water filtration device from brita if she wants ~pure and clean~ water. She has the resources to reduce waste from glass and plastic receptacles. But she chooses not to and yet also pretends that she is ~environmentally conscious uwu~. It's this really common dichotomy I see in shitty rich people.

No. 354674

File: 1487981605981.png (816.37 KB, 1452x866, bhob.png)

No. 354677

Lol. So she and Bobby were digging through restaurant trash for recycling cash. And he's trying to take instagram pics of trash as part of his "marketing business for restaurants"?

No. 354688

Recycling exists, and the world is doomed to end with global warming, rising CO2 levels, and other enviro problems. There's really nothing that anybody can do. It's inevitable.

No. 354689

sage goes in the email field newfriend

And actually, there's quite a bit we can do about it. Alternative, renewable energy sources, less dependence from consumer on plastic, and environmental protection of what we have left can help the world out tremendously. Don't pretend that there is nothing to be done.

sage for going on a tirade, sorry mods.

No. 354692

so, two fakers

Bobby: ~CEO ~Marketing Strategist
Kiki: ~environmentally conscious moggle :3

What a wonderful couple

No. 354695

You guys are retarded shes obviously not in frame and was just there to break the bottle for the shot

No. 354696

Some peoples parents actually love them anon

No. 354697

File: 1487991587125.png (75.36 KB, 326x510, Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 6.57…)

Yes, Kiki, I see how you edited the caption to say "over the shoulder shot" now that people called your acting shit. That wasn't part of the caption until yesterday. Nice new paragraph.

Seriously, how are you not kiki.

No. 354701

File: 1487992577836.jpg (225.89 KB, 658x595, IMG_9319.JPG)


No. 354713

>reviving a two-week old argument about parents giving their sad-sack adult children valentines gifts.

No. 354749

File: 1488007098745.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1435, Screenshot_20170225-151233~3.p…)

Girl is seriously trying to pass these lashes off as real? Kirsten, please.
I'll admit she looks nice here though.

No. 354750

keeks pls

No. 354752

girl got a head like a sideways nerf football

No. 354760

She needs chapstick and to invest in an eyeliner that doesn't make her look haggard.

Oh wait, that's the latisse.

No. 354771

Lol the call time for every peon is 6am…. Girl cmon

No. 354774

This is the only photo of her so far that I've liked. Probably because it's the first time I've seen her with nice eyebrows.

No. 354791

This looks like Latisse+mascara tbh. But it explains her lack of selfies for so long while waiting for them to grow.

No. 354811

I'm an ex hairdresser. She is actually blonde technically.

No. 354818

Why the fuck would you quote a month old post from an old thread? And no, she's not "technically" blonde. She was, she use to be, but she got older and her hair got darker, as it does for most blondes. She's brunette now, endlessly comparing her hair to hair color charts (for which there is no "official" standard so you could literally slap whatever label on whatever colors you want and call it a hair color chart) is pathetic considering the average person off the street would call her a brunette. Her hair is dark as fuck, and when your hair becomes so dark that it shows up as medium brown in pictures and videos, you're no longer a blonde.

No. 354820

Nice attempt at steering the thread away from talking about her prescription eyelashes, Cathy.

No. 354864

File: 1488057285838.jpg (23.53 KB, 400x306, JULY - Natural hair color Leve…)

Official standard world wide

No. 354865

omg no one cares

No. 354866

They cared enough to write a paragraph LOL

No. 354867

Her hair is thin, greasy, and fugly. The color is: gross.

Agreed? Can we all move on now?

No. 354868

I like her colour. Her cut needs work though.

No. 354870


>implying using your native la gauge is difficult

>lol u wrot a whole paragraph response lol u fuktard jelly hater weeb fat sandy twat I troll u

Emotionally stunted dropout logic. Pro tip: writing is only hard if you spent your formative years only interacting with your parents & learning how to be a cumguzzling gold digger.

No. 354874

File: 1488058582435.jpg (84.21 KB, 692x692, IMG_4255.JPG)

The Dakota thread is maxed out apparently, I checked the catalog but so far there isn't another one. I really hope someone makes a new thread with this image as the starter.

Sage for not Kiki related.

No. 354878

Woah she looks fat.

No. 354880

protip shows you care if you make an effort even if it isn't hard. :D

No. 354884

Make it yourself? wtf why are you shitposting here

No. 354887


Is she wearing overalls???? Or some sort of denim tank top with white frilly sleeves….just wot?

No. 354893

>anything that isn't the same 3 replies regurgitated over and over means ur a stalker
>typing a reply means you care

Yet endlessly googling yourself and your sister/daughter and chimping out/mufflicking them anytime someone says they're basic af or less is A-OK

No. 354895

If Kiki got a therapist/life coach and a dietician and cut contact with her parents, she might actually have potential. Let's face it: anything she had potential to be has been ruined by her parents pushing her to be rich and famous, probably so they can retire and live off her. I feel like she would have more realistic views and goal if it weren't for her family's warped world views when it comes to planning for your future/working toward it. Yet have a real "fake it 'till you make it" mentality, which just doesn't always work.

No. 354896

haha no offence but you are mistaken about who I am XD(:D XD lol)

No. 354909



No. 354918

File: 1488067055832.png (549.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-25-17-55-44…)

Apparently she is shooting Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love video, I'm kidding BTW

No. 354920

>anything she had potential to be has been ruined by her parents pushing her to be rich and famous, probably so they can retire and live off her.
wtf are you on about? Everything Kirsten's done has been her own idea. all her parents do is blindly fund whatever pops into her and never say no to anything. If her parents wanted to "retire and live off" one of their kids, they would have done it with Dakota by now, who turned out way more successful than Kirsten will ever reach.

No. 354935


No. 354946

>lashes blurry af from shooping

No. 354962

File: 1488076467827.jpg (57.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-23.jpg)

How does she think this looks good…?

She looks so much better with fake, thick, platinum blonde. All of her uguu earth goddess looks make me think she's legally blind…

Then again, she did get e-famous for uggo coon tail skunk hair kek

No. 354963

File: 1488076595699.png (223.79 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-25-23-39-09…)

I liked that she showed up with a different-ish hair and makeup after its been pointed out here that she does her own makeup/hair for "filming"

Either way, shooting with all girls-crew yadda yadda refreshing (literally what's refreshing about working with an all-girls crew when you grew up with a close younger sister/mom etc?)

No. 354964

File: 1488076710394.png (219.23 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-25-23-39-17…)

Another shot she posted, apparently for the new film

I tend to believe both Kiki and Kota are fashion-challenged or smthg. She looked like a man dressed up as woman in scene, looks haggard now… Dakota just looks like an oily baby by now.
Their aesthetic taste SUCK

No. 354965

It's a video though

It's the filters anon
Sage for samefagging

No. 354986

File: 1488085962389.png (348.83 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_2017-02-26-15-09-39…)

No. 354988

"How can I stop people making fun of me on the internet?"

Answer: you can't. Ignore it and grow a thicker skin. Christ, she's lived her entire life online since she was 12. How has she not realized that ignoring criticism and teasing is the only way this works?

Answer to my own question: because she's a lolcow, an ever spilling milk source.

No. 354989

Lmfao she's such trash, holy shit

No. 354990

Ahhhh poor baby da haterz da haterz
Can't wait until she gets a review for one of her shitty acted movies.

No. 354992

Oooh my god I can't wait. She does realize that acting is a field in which one is critiqued for every little thing, right? It's not just some infinite source of asspats; it's rejection after criticism after rejection. If you expect endless lauding, that is not the job for you.

No. 355000

Kiki, who exactly is threatening you and your ""inner circle""? No-one. Stop exaggerating for pity points.

No. 355004

>"it's scary when you and your inner circle are being targeted in being stalked, harassed, and threatened everyday"
Sure, Jan.


Kaka, you are not being stalked at all. If you don't want us seeing what you're doing, you should just make everything private. You can't get upset with people discussing shit that you put out there for the entire world to see.


Harassing implies that people are actually coming into contact with you and you know if that was actually happening, you'd be posting all about it.


This is golden coming from you because the only time I've ever seen anyone being threatened on here, it was by you when you were sperging out on here.

>How has she not realized that ignoring criticism and teasing is the only way this works?
Tbh, I think she just gets off on playing the victim. I was never around during the scene days, but I have heard that she was actually being harassed and threatened back then, it makes no sense for someone who has actually experienced that to compare these threads to that.

No. 355009

She could have got lash extensions put in by a friend. A real esthetician wouldn't do them so poorly and uneven. I'm guessing someone just learning to do it.

No. 355011

File: 1488096637955.jpg (273.49 KB, 1659x1266, onH7gn9.jpg)

Kiki. please. you're not allowed to say anything anymore

No. 355015


That bottom right comment has me rolling. It's so satisfying to know that deep down she's jealous of Dakota being the one who ended up as a model.

No. 355019

File: 1488101298291.png (921.79 KB, 936x602, Capture.PNG)

No. 355021

Seriously, after all these years she still hasn't learned that you're always going to be criticized on the internet and that the only way to combat it is to pretty much just not give a fuck and/or admit your mistakes and apologize if you've done anything particularly shitty.
Kirsten has never once done either of those things, she's never even recognised any of the multiple shitty things she's done. It's always sweeping it under the rug with her and then putting on a face of ~pure empathetic angel~.
I would be super shocked if she ever came out and apologized but I'd almost certainly have a little more respect for her as long as it sounded somewhat genuine. All the shit she said about Taylor, a completely harmless girl who seemingly hasn't done anyone wrong and certainly not Kirsten, tells me that it will never happen though.

No. 355024

That fucking forehead, holy shit it's big. Also her outfit from what little can be seen looks retarded. Her fashion sense is lacking

No. 355025

She looks like some kind of fucked up dollar store clown. Like the little plastic flower on her neck would spritz out water

No. 355028

Hahahaha, spot on!!

No. 355032

>admit your mistakes and apologize if you've done anything particularly shitty.
this doesn't work. you can't speak for all the anonymous who are angry at whatever "particularly shitty" thing that is, and it's utterly unrealistic to think every single individual anon (100+?) will just drop everything if she did that.

No. 355034

she extended it

>Freedom of speech is not freedom to abuse. Gossip is one thing, but sending threats, spamming me, creating smear campaigns to solicit hatred on false pretenses and sending people to stalk me, my family and friends in real life is another. I don't care if I'm gossiped about, but I do care about being stalked online and in real life and fearing for my life. It's been 11 years so far, I wish these people would leave me, my loved ones and my acquaintances alone. The people who are stalking me now have a headcount - many people have committed suicide after being targeted and harassed constantly by these anons….it's much more than people writing mean things online, it's a witch hunt with malicious intent to ruin their targets lives through power games, constant and persistent harassment, stalking online and in real life, black mail, smear campaigns, threats of violence and more.

They feel a charge off of controlling how others view and perceive their targets in order to silence and isolate their victims. We must support one another and speak out about this. So many suffer in silence out of fear of making their situation worse by "angering" the abusers. Interesting how these abusers reveal personal, private and intimate details about their targets, yet too cowardly to stand by what they do and say with their identities. They say they don't do anything wrong, yet why do they hide?Why do they condemn their targets for things that pale in comparison to their own actions of persistently abusing, harassing and creating smear campaigns on people daily for over a decade?

No. 355035

File: 1488111419914.png (452.26 KB, 1555x1262, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 7.15…)

sorry, it didn't greentext the whole thing. by "head count" i think she's referring to Frank Wolf and Kadee Konstantino.

i don't know what blackmail, stalking irl, threats of violence, or any of that she's talking about. The only one who has ever made a legit threat of violence towards her, was her.

No. 355038

>i don't know what blackmail, stalking irl, threats of violence, or any of that she's talking about.
That's because there absolutely are none.
I don't get how she expects anyone to believe this shit. I mean, this is the same woman who literally has a collection of screenshots of every little thing people have said about her over the past 10 years but she has no evidence of people "stalking" and "threatening" her even though it happens on a daily basis.

No. 355041


She said she doesn't mind gossip but she fears for her life etc like, her main concern is being stalked/threatened aka things that haven't happened since 2007

No. 355042

good point. makes me wonder if the whole purpose of the "gut this bitch" comment was actually so she could screenshot it. wouldn't be surprised if she had never been caught, that she would have uploaded it to instagram next to an essay about how she gets death threats on a daily basis.

No. 355045

>"I don't care if I'm gossiped about"
>comes here to make hundreds of posts whiteknighting herself about her hairline, having a model body, etc.

No. 355047

It's obvious she was hoping to trick someone into posting it so she could run off to her ~lawyer~ again. And the last part was said so no one would think it was her. 2smrt

No. 355050

I love how everyone knew it was her kek

No. 355055

Lmao you're no one to talk about harassment, abuse and stalking, Kaka.

OT but
>the good looking jap boys don't know hardly any english and don't even try

that fucking salt mine right there
that's rich coming from someone willing to marry an ugly guy for a visa.

No. 355056

It's so painfully obvious Kiki wants to start again her channel, maybe for the sake of having her ass kissed, maybe because she legit enjoys it and the only thing stopping her is her own delusion that this is still 2017 and she still has people coming after her

No. 355057


Sage for typo

No. 355059

Her passion looks like a piece of shit

No. 355061

File: 1488124084097.png (1.01 MB, 1461x1709, c.png)

More of Lilou being a hater :^)
calling girls ugly cunts

No. 355066

File: 1488126263384.png (1.41 MB, 1704x1078, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 16.2…)

Haha, she changed the caption

No. 355070

>look Kota I'm also surrounded by asianssssss

No. 355073


Keep on clanging, kaka.

No. 355074

It's so obvious that its jealousy to hate on gingers while you're a boring mousy brunette/blonde lying about your hair with "copper undertones"

What is the point of it??? Lying about the time she woke up?

No. 355075

File: 1488129511159.png (142.12 KB, 540x722, Screenshot_2017-02-26-14-19-48…)

look at this pity party

Did anyone in here even…?

No. 355076

File: 1488129542980.png (34.19 KB, 540x143, Screenshot_2017-02-26-14-20-41…)


Feel the tiny sad violins

No. 355084

>Every time their sites lose money from people moving on from old gossip they create "new drama" with fake accounts of me.
what does this even mean??

No. 355086

>creating fake accounts of me

>I'm their personal punching bag
Gee, reminds me of certain someone who used Taytay and her bf as personal punching bags.

No. 355087

Just own up to your shit you loser.

No. 355089

File: 1488131809607.png (63.98 KB, 540x258, Screenshot_2017-02-26-14-59-32…)

No. 355090

File: 1488131970972.png (247.11 KB, 540x637, Screenshot_2017-02-26-14-58-39…)

Shit. Kiki, u ok Kiki? Call ur sperg doctor.

She probably intends to say that lolcow makes money out of having people come here comment on people's drama

I see it and then I read stuff like "they want me to kill myself" and wonder if this isn't all projection - like she's this horrible person (towards Taylor, for example) and projects it on people who comment her

I'm also sure that she was the one telling people to "kill themselves"?

No. 355091

I'm wondering if her bf broke up with her or she's realizing this acting career thing will never work out? It seems to me like she posts shit like this whenever things aren't going her way. Iirc, the last time she was posting a lot about haters/hate sites was when she had to leave Japan and was failing at becoming famous there.

No. 355092

it's honestly baffling to me how someone so well known for saying awful things in the past about minorities / disabled people, and again recently on here, can preach so fucking much. you are not a victim! I wish her stupid Instagram followers knew who she really was

No. 355093

do it faggot

No. 355094

>me as well as people in my life fear for our lives
>having someone go through with their threats
>why do they want me to kill myself so badly


No. 355095

File: 1488132930296.jpg (68.23 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

is she creating insta accounts to comment on her own posts…? there's no way this account is real -.-

No. 355100

File: 1488133735448.png (185.17 KB, 540x832, Screenshot_2017-02-26-15-26-52…)

She edited it. Look at her go about self-hatred and projection lol

Yes this does look like a emotional meltdown where she keeps editing things she said before and goes on long-ass rants about killing herself and whatnot

No. 355102

The milk over runneth

No. 355103


Wow, she's freaking out. Did she just forget, or choose to forget, that nothing "negative" about her online has been posted by anyone but her or people responding o negative shit/gossip/threats that she and her family posted first. Nobody forced her and Dakota to cut out paper buckteeth and act like racist crack babies on Stickam. But she doesn't want to admit that's how she used to be and would rather claim she's being stalked 24/7 and getting death threats (that she herself posted here anonymously) because her and her sister are successful and dindu nuffin and everyone is just jealous of how prettt and perfect they are.

She and Dakota made the Stickam videos. She and Dakota were the ones calling people nigger, dyke, faggot, cunt, and telling people to kill them selves and calling them ugly and fat. They were the OG haterzzz, but now that their bullshit has caught up with them, Kiki is scared of being perceived as the one at fault and would rather deny everything and play the victim because then she can pretend she hasn't ever done anything wrong.

No. 355104

that girl shes insulting is actually quite pretty, way prettier than kaka even without any makeup on it looks like. lol. jealous as fuck.

lolou vos has absolutely no right to speak on internet bullying. anytime she does, never forget her tirade here. always bring it up. always make her remember.

No. 355106


She and Kota thought that as long as mommy is there to run online interference, having everything they don't like taken down and silenced via copyright infringement, they can keep up the illusion that they're perfect, beautiful and special princesses like mommy and daddy always said. When in reality they're emotionally and socially stunted, uneducated middle class white trash trying to whore their way to living on easy street and being worshipped for nothing.

No. 355108

>without heavily projecting
errrrmmmmmmmm i'm gonna hand it to her here. not speaking of everyone, but i've seen a couple of stupid ass anons here and there blatantly projecting. here's one example >>314442 and another >>321091

No. 355110

Lol, no one has ever stalked her IRL. Wasn't it proved that Cathy / Scott did the spray paint thing on their house to show off for RS? And that was in what, 2011? No one has cared about her in years besides us, and no one has stalked, harassed, etc since the days of stickam (which she inflamed by being a sperg and attacking everything in sight.)

We make fun of her. That's literally it. We take screenshots of people's public profiles, which is not only not illegal, it doesn't harm them in any way.

No. 355111

I wonder if she will write 5 paragraphs about how she participated on the hate sites.

No. 355115

The pity party continues:
lilouvosI am overwhelmed with tears of relief that there are people who are watching, seeing the full picture of all sides and continue to see the truth of it all. Going through the stalking and harassment for over a decade made me feel very alone, misunderstood and outcasted. Through their daily abuse I began to believe I was alone, unlovable and not deserving to live. I wanted to remain strong for others going through parallel experiences, but I've sure have had times were I felt utterly hopeless. Thank you to those who are standing up and showing support. It means so much to someone going through this and literally save lives to say "I see it, I hear you, I'm here for you, stay strong". I wanted to say thank you so much and that I am extremely grateful for your words. I'm in tears writing this because it has been such a long road and a lot has happened that many people don't know about because I've been scared to speak out not wanting the abuse to get worse. It's like walking in eggshells around a swarming angry beehive.
Thank you to those who aren't afraid to show support. You have helped me not commit suicide in the darkest of times since 2006 to now, seriously. Your open ears and lending words of support makes a world difference, I can't say it enough

No. 355116

She added this into the rant:
>My stalkers have been talking about my personal and private life details that happened when I was 14 years old, I'm 24 now. Every time their sites lose ad revenue from people moving on from old drama, they create "new drama" that they state as fact with fake accounts of me saying and doing exactly what these people have done to me since 2006. They do this in order to say "We don't stalk her! Look she's been stalking XYZ, she's the real monster" when in reality it's a huge game created by them in order to use as a huge divert tool. They have done this multiple times over the years with my business to tarnish any reputation I had and to replace my reputation with the twisted reputation they want people to have of me. I am so so sorry to those who are being harassed by them now just because they have left a supportive comment on my page. This is why I've been hesitant on starting up my blogging again because anyone who is in my life or shows support online gets the wrath a few of my stalkers with their multiple accounts they have made in order to bully, intimidate and harass my audience into thinking the smear campaigns they have created about me are true.

No. 355117

File: 1488137479980.png (149.47 KB, 540x785, Screenshot_2017-02-26-16-26-48…)

Diff anon but screenshots because I DAMN TOOK THEM MIGHT AS WELL POST IT

In a more serious note, this looks like a sick joke to suicidal people:

> Kiki takes part in hate sites

> goes on tirade against haters when she was the one sending death threats to herself
> says she has followers being harassed
> most of her followers are sock puppets
so she's basically talking to herself online all the time (as a harasser and follower)
> thanks "followers" for all the support

No. 355118

> They do this in order to say "We don't stalk her! Look she's been stalking XYZ, she's the real monster" when in reality it's a huge game created by them in order to use as a huge divert tool.


She's basically saying admin-Sama created many "fake lolcow anons" of Kiki harassing Taylor et al and posting horrible comments only to be able to blame it on Kiki in order to create more drama to create more revenue for lolcow

The mental gymnastics! !!!

No. 355120

File: 1488137819659.png (74.23 KB, 324x548, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.3…)

1/5 (some are here but some ppl did text, this will be the whole thing in photos)

No. 355122

File: 1488137972645.png (74.33 KB, 321x539, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.3…)

No. 355123

File: 1488138048917.png (45.53 KB, 331x336, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.3…)

No. 355124

File: 1488138088109.jpg (680.81 KB, 1013x780, kys.jpg)

>"Why do they want me to kill myself so badly?"
Gosh, what an awful thing to say to someone!

No. 355125

File: 1488138105680.png (73.62 KB, 325x532, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.3…)

No. 355126

File: 1488138161018.png (65.67 KB, 323x474, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.3…)

No. 355127

She's literally talking to herself. This is fascinating.

Kirsten, you were the one making death threats, screengrabbing and IP tracing people, deleting your videos/pictures, and insulting people. You were the one calling Taylor an ugly fat silicone injected sugar baby on PT as Anonymous. You were the one trying to sue the entire internet for not letting you erase your ugly past.

We don't want you to kill yourself. You do.
We aren't stalking you. You are stalking lolcow, PULL, etc..

If ~hate sites~ are the source of such suffering for you, why keep coming back? The only one letting the haters keep you down is yourself because making excuses is easier than owning up to your past and working hard for what you want.

No. 355129

>>You were the one calling Taylor an ugly fat silicone injected sugar baby on PT as Anonymous

Why wouldn't she do this under her true and honest name, if she stands by her words? Why, Kiki? Why hide behind an anon?

No. 355130

File: 1488139313361.gif (1.88 MB, 400x260, tumblr_inline_no94me0N5A1r2uch…)

I cannot believe this delusional bitch is going on some holy tirade about how mean people are on the internet, when she is 100% been the cruelest, most vindictive, and petty piece of trash to ever post here.

No. 355131

>they cheer and laugh when their targets end their lives

I've been on lolcow since day 1 and don't recall any of the cows committing suicide over our snarky remarks. She wants something awful happens to her in order to feel her eternal victim pity me role is finally fulfilled.

Kiki's thist for attention is real.

No. 355133

The whole rant is projection of the highest order. She thinks everyone is as sick as her.

No. 355134

File: 1488140502874.png (249.61 KB, 785x502, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 12.2…)

Proof that she edited the bottle breaking scene caption after reading about how shit her acting was here

No. 355135

Jesus Christ I don't understand how Kiki survives in this world. She thinks literally everyone is after her to kill her or rape her or get her to kill herself. She's allergic to the world. She belongs in a glass bubble.

She also needs to hire Taylor Swift's PR team if she's going to keep trying to spin this into I AM ETERNALLY A VICTIM. We haven't forgotten what a mean and heartless cunt you are, beak nose.

No. 355138

OK she edited the end saying she'll be "responding to comments this afternoon to show gratitude" Oh golly Kristen you're so kind in responding to yourself on Instagram comments you brave soul you

Dude that's morbid. But yeah, if indeed something "bad" happened to her she could finally pin it to lolcow. That's sick.

No. 355143

I wonder what it would actually take for her to finally take responsibility for her own actions…
If she actually came out and made a formal, proper apology and actually addressed her wrongdoings, do you think she'd still be able to have an internet pressence? I feel like her constantly trying to drown out her misdoings and outright denying everything that's happened so far is just making her look so much worse than she otherwise could be. I'll never understand what her reasoning for continuing this shit show is…

No. 355144

Kirsten is obsessed with it. Reminds me of those people who fantasize about being tortured and murdered. The graphic nature of her tweets and the shitpost she made doesn't help in any way.

No. 355150

She would never do that, and I think she knows that if she ever did she'd be even more irrelevant. The only people still licking her ass are the people that are unaware of what she's done, and once they'd realize it they probably wouldn't give a shit about her anymore. And its also been so long, the boat has sailed for any apology even being a little bit sincere.

At least when Dakota made her faux-apology she did it relatively quickly after landing her deal with Bravo and moving to Japan. She also had a brand new fan base that gave no fucks about her scene days. Kiki has nothing but remnants of her scene days in her fanbase. In almost every sappy IG posts she's made there are comments of people saying "I've been following you for 10 years, you're so amazing!" I can't believe there are gullible people out there that still believe the persona she's created.

No. 355152

>If she actually came out and made a formal, proper apology and actually addressed her wrongdoings, do you think she'd still be able to have an internet pressence?

Yes, provided that it's an honest apology and not some made up bullshit to cover her own ass. That's the problem with so many internet personalities - they inevitably fuck up and when they do, rather than admitting to their wrong doings flat out and moving on they lie about it and find ways to make shit up to make them look better. Shay Carl's excuse? I've had problems with drinking and can't pretend to be happy despite his stone sober texts about wanting to lick camgirl ass. Yamimash's excuse? This girl was instigating me and has tried to defame other YouTubers in the past. Tobuscus? This person is mad and is lying about me because our relationship wasn't what they wanted. Most of these people are incapable of admitting when they're wrong because they want to save face in the eyes of their community. But the community usually seems to care more about sincere apologies and moving on with better actions than half-hearted excuses. The best thing a person could do is to say I did it and I'm sorry and move on. Even Michelle Phan had tons of scandals of her lying and scamming her viewers in the past that she always tried to excuse with more lies. It gets old and people are tired of it.

No. 355155

Shit, her long as rant about her being bullied is triggering me, consindering all her shitposts on lolcow

She really has to be insane, how cane she be this fucking two-faced?

No. 355156

This is the same girl who stole music from DJs, made no edit to it, and then sold it as her own after her Cocorosie ripoff project flopped. Bitch is shameless.

No. 355159

I think that at this point it doesnot matter. What'd she say?
> sorry I lied to all of you by ripping off other dj's music, lying about my past, lying about being harassed on a daily basis. Also, I made several hateful posts on hate sites where I talked shit about me and my sister as well as hating on a j-vlogger whilst posting graphic imagery. So yeah, sorry for that

No. 355160

>>355159 exactly, it's gone beyond the point where she can just apologise for any particular incident - she would have to be apologising for the fact she is a literal POS human being and i don't think that is ever going to happen, at least not while she's so in denial about her fucked up behaviour and promoting herself as a victim

No. 355161

I think most people would just be fine if the virtuous act was dropped. Like some anons have pointed out before, the way she acted on Stickam and such was who she is and her desperation to pretend that never happened makes her unlikable.

No. 355164

The hilarious thing is she puts so much effort into covering up and trying to bury her shitty past then to just own up to it. I always wondered if she tried making the effort to date Asian men to try to prove she wasn't a racist.

No. 355167

That was about trying to prove to Koots she could land yellow dick too.

No. 355169

The only way she can own up to all that shitty stuff and still play the victim to have whatever followers she has left fall for it is by claiming to have dissociative identity disorder or some shit. "Yes I did awful things, but it wasn't actually ME!!!! Anyone who pointed out those things are the scum of the earth because they were picking on a person who is MENTALLY ILL"

No. 355170


Yeah I am calling bullshit on this. I really hope most of us here on lolcow are smart enough not to interact with Kiki's fans, that being said I doubt we could target in on her fans since her instagram is private. This shit isn't adding up.If you are going to lie Kiki then do it well so we can't call bullshit. And as it's been pointed out it's so hypocritical of you saying we stalk and bully you when you did the same thing to Taylor.

No. 355171

omg kiki is havin the time of her life an you guys just say negative thing son her SNS and be bitter you guys are jealous you aren't pretty its os sad!

No. 355172

Haha she looks insane even to completely ignorant outsiders

No. 355173

Is English your second language or are you just brain damaged?

No. 355174

Dakota's apology was prior to Japan. It was a bit half-assed if I remember correctly, but honestly, I think it was better than nothing and I think there may have even been a degree of sincerity.

No. 355176

I think they're being facetious

No. 355178

For whatever reason I thought it was after she went to Japan and after her "big reveal" but I'm probably wrong. Even so, that just proves my point that she saw what was happening and knew right away to somewhat, even a bit half assed, admitted to what she did. Kiki has never done that, and never will.4

No. 355180

oh because you weren't just on this site or anything and the past 11 years of your life has been unprovoked drama not due to your aggressively shitty personality, people just don't like you because you're beautiful and unique and the world is mad we have been blessed with a literal angel and we aren't ready for it

No. 355184

File: 1488149916423.png (67.45 KB, 594x596, yourlolcowshitpostsbegtodiffer…)

These instagram posts reminded me of her old twitter (mmmkikikannibal). So I looked it up and she's still retweeting stuff to the account including this sometime in the last two months.

No. 355186

Don't bother, your comment will be deleted and you will be blocked within 2 minutes after posting.

She's watching her IG feed like a hawk

No. 355187

The half-assed version was what was left after Cathy went in and continually revised it iirc. It got posted a long time ago, but her original apology was way more sincere and she was willing to grow up and move on. Cathy hacked it to bits because god forbid her daughters ever admit to doing wrong where it can be used to show what kind of people they are. What she left up was some victim blamey not really an apology crap.

No. 355188

I know it would be immature and exactly what she wants but I wish someone would spam her when she's sleeping before her 4am call time with all the shit she's said about Taylor. Member filler injected pussy? I member!

No. 355189

Oh no please don't. Youll only fuel her claims and most likely scare her off and we'll be doomed to a milk drought like last time

Let's just sit down and enjoy this glorious milk

No. 355190

Please read again. I didn't say I was going to or that anyone else should. It's wishful thinking but not productive at all.

No. 355192

It is. That's why no-one commented like "oh they're sending me death threats about you". Loom it up on her ig. It's the "everyone is DM-ing about this thing" excuse again

No. 355193

File: 1488151006540.jpg (26.86 KB, 512x384, CuYpqvOWgAArO1A.jpg)

>>355189 if we interfere she'll definitely use it to her advantage, perf for her victim claim. so far there's one negative comment on instagram and it's been up a while suprised she hasn't deleted it, she's definitely read it

No. 355194

File: 1488151073765.png (445.32 KB, 680x543, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.1…)

No. 355195


I'd love for her to post screenshots of these supposed DMs to back up her claims. Quick Keekz, go make a fake IG so you can make death threats against yourself!

No. 355197

You'd be surprised with how far its circulated in the online community tbh. I've seen the farm page get posted on ONTD all the time whenever they have a internet celeb post and she's brought up.

And honestly no one is really looking out for her to care.

No. 355198

She's probably referring to Julie Terriberry (sp?). She was an 18 year-old lolcow who ended up killing herself, and some of the reactions on Kiwifarms were pretty fucked up.

So many years have passed and she never apologized for any of the shit she did, in order for an apology to still be believable she'd have to cut herself a huge slice of humble pie and make significant changes in her attitude and online personality. She'd also have to be able to be self-reflective and self-critical, but she cannot even take friendly criticism from others so that's not going to happen. The only way I could still see her have an online personality is if she apologized sincerely, fucked off the internet for a couple of years, got therapy and a normal job, dropped the humble bragging and fake love and light attitude, and then returned under a new name and with fresh accounts. Of course people will always hold her past against her if she never owns up to anything and still exploits her past fame.

No. 355199

Yes, that's like, one person. And they're commenting ON THE photo where she says her followers are being targeted since this post >>354986

No. 355201

>Smear campaign, new drama
She's worried about people looking up her new identity and seeing her spergout. She must really be freaked out about it. Definitely a career-ruining move, great job keeks. So she's changing the story of what happened - every post was made by trolls on a troll site who are bored of her old drama, so they created "new drama" to smear her good name. She's hoping a potential employer, should they find this, will give her the benefit of the doubt after hearing her side.

No. 355202

>>She's probably referring to Julie Terriberry (sp?). She was an 18 year-old lolcow who ended up killing herself

Since she uses PULL and lolcow rather than kiwi, I think she's referring to Kadee Konstantino ODing / committing suicide. Months after her threads died down - after she stopped fanning the flames by coming onto her threads.

Julie Terryberry was suicidal long before any farmers found her; in fact, it was farmers who reported her cutting and suicide posts to facebook and local authorities after she made those posts publicly and her parents didn't give a shit. Several extended family members who DID care were alerted, but were unable to help her in the end. But all that was kiwis and not here.

I think she's talking about Kadee - who had munchausens and was doctor and script seeking every week - and maybe that one Canadian 14 year old who killed herself years ago after being harassed by pedos after she exposed herself on cam. Neither situation relates to Kiki in the slightest.

No. 355203

Has it even been confirmed that Kadee committed suicide?

No. 355204

Nope, just that she died. And with her drug seeking behavior and morbid obesity, she could have easily overdosed or had a heart attack.

No. 355205

It's a joke dingus, nobody says "SNS" aside from keeks and dakochin

No. 355206

And Cathy/Scott pretending to be ESL 20-something long time Kiki/Dakota fans.

No. 355207

No idea, I stopped following Kadee a while ago so I had no idea she OD'd. I know that Terryberry was already suicidal before the Farms found out about her, and her life was so fucked up that the thread was definitely the least of her worries. It's just that a lot of kiwis made some really tryhard hanging puns/jokes in her thread because they didn't believe she was really dead at first, and some edgelords also proclaimed they didn't feel any remorse after they learned she killed herself for real. I remember a lot of people were outraged about the way KF handled the suicide and it was even discussed here on lolcow iirc. I figured that since Kaka also has a thread on Kiwifarms, she would exploit Terryberry's suicide to fuel her own victim complex.

No. 355208

You mean Amanda Todd? That's fucking rich.

No. 355210

Sorry to be a little OT but does anyone have the original apology video?

No. 355211

It wasn't a video, it was a Tumblr post. There's a cap of the first draft floating around somewhere, maybe her ED page.

No. 355212

it was a post, not a video. Anyways, it was edited several times idk if anyone have a screencap of the original text

Since kiki tried to pass a bunch of ancient posts from some dead forum as PULL's, it's not far fetched she would try to do the same this time with us and Kiwifarms.

No. 355213

There's a screencap because it was posted in one of her old threads but idk which one.

No. 355217

Quick someone tell her she should start a Facebook profile lololololololololol oh wait Facebook doesn't like aliases.

No. 355233

Oh god inb4 she comes here and starts making death threats to herself again.

She's shooting herself in the foot. She changed her name and now she's going right back to sperging out like the autist she is. The followers she managed to get after changing her name are going to wonder who these people are who are "harassing" her, find lolcow, and read about how she came here and threatened herself and made creepy comments about Taylor like a psycho.

Where's your proof of these things, Kaka? And it can't be something someone "said" years ago or posted by yourself or your family.

No. 355235

In general having these weird long winded break downs just makes her look mentally unstable and I wouldn't work with her. Even if I believed the shit she spewed

No. 355236


I can't tell if that is a sock-puppet or a legit person.

Also hope it doesn't have to be said but don't reach out to her fans or made post on her instagram. It just adds fuel to the fire that we are stalking and harassing her.

No. 355260

To Keeks, since I know you're reading this: When Kadee died, we threatened to lock the thread if people couldn't be reasonable or respectful, and banned about 10 people who kept mindlessly shitting on her. It's also unknown if suicide was the cause of death, and as far as I know no one has killed themselves as a result of this site. If anyone did, that would be horrible and isn't anything 99% of people here would want or would celebrate.

Since you already seem to be experienced at posting, you are more than welcome to post in this thread (or a new thread just for you to post in, if you want) and defend yourself against "smearing". We can set you up with a special tripcode if you like. We could even temporarily ban overly salty or ad hominem posts to make it less one-sided for you.

Maybe people would be a little more sympathetic towards you if you explained or apologized for your gore spam, self-death threats, abuse and harassment of other girls, and obsession with Taylor instead of denying and ignoring it like a bad politician. It's easy to just dismiss everything as slander when you don't try to address or refute anything actually written at https://lolcow.farm/kiki. It's 100% correct to the best of our knowledge, but if any of it isn't correct and you can show it, we will change it.

And if you can point out any specific instances of anyone in these threads making false accusations that they present as truth, telling you to kill yourself, trying to silence you and your supporters, or stalking your fans, please link them.

You claim our motive is to fabricate drama for money, but our site makes 0 ad revenue or any other revenue. There are no ads or other forms of monetization. Check the HTML sources if you like. We technically lose money (due to server costs) when more people come here to talk about you.

No. 355265

For real.

Hey Keeks, here's some legitimate advice. If you want to be an anti-cyberbullying activist and share your story then cool, but you'll need to get a grip and do it with some dignity and integrity. These unhinged, desperate rants - on your public profile, no less - are really fucking unprofessional and a fantastic way to get yourself written off as a PR disaster by any industry connection who sees it.

Sage for legitimate advice

No. 355267

>>These unhinged, desperate rants - on your public profile, no less - are really fucking unprofessional and a fantastic way to get yourself written off as a PR disaster by any industry connection who sees it.

Public, professional profile used for work. She's using her work account for this mess. Legit advice is legit: you never, ever put anything like this on a work account (or on any social networking site if you're a reasonable adult person… but lets be real, there's a reason why she's still a lolcow, 10 years after her debut.)

No. 355271

I'm thrilled to see this posted. I had my fingers crossed admin or farmhand would post something like this.
Sage for no contribution.

No. 355273

The behavior is also not even remotely that of a guiltless person. A sensible person trying to deny this would've written a few simple sentences like "These accusations are completely false, I did not write any of this, please ignore their vendetta against me" 1 or 2 days after the spergchan reveal.

Instead, she makes a rambling "woe is me" victim complex screed complaining about people "bullying and intimidating her fans" and how mean and awful her haters are, MONTHS after the allegations and evidence have been out there, without specifically trying to deny anything.

If someone made a long ass post about me doing some crazy shit, the very first thing I'd want to do is say it's all lies.

I think she's just now realizing that this is going to catch up to her and can affect her career, and she's in panic mode.

No. 355277

>I think she's just now realizing that this is going to catch up to her and can affect her career, and she's in panic mode.
I don't think she actually believes any of this shit she's saying about us. If she actually believed we want her to kill herself, she wouldn't have felt the need to anonymously post death threats to herself on here.

This is all just reminding me of that scene in Mean Girls when Regina has a meltdown, writes about herself in the burn book, and goes to the principal with a sob story.

No. 355278

>smear campaign

whoa there presidento

No. 355279

She would never do this unless she finds a way to defend her spergchan comments.

No. 355283

File: 1488174980477.gif (166.59 KB, 350x270, iskaka.gif)

No. 355285

same anon, posted before finished reading all new posts yo

ignore suspicious zapp brannigan

No. 355287

>I think she's just now realizing that this is going to catch up to her and can affect her career, and she's in panic mode.

i don't know why she's worried about that, it's not like it's going anywhere with her skills.

No. 355296

Not being all that good at acting doesn't necessarily exclude you from getting work with bottom-feeder student filmmakers in LA – but being known as an unstable, abusive, lying, intellectual-property-thieving drama queen does.

She got dumped and sent packing from Japan, probably just terrified of getting dumped and sent packing from California too.

No. 355309

File: 1488185732515.jpg (782.13 KB, 1273x677, c.jpg)

Kiki is never going to come clean and admit anything. it's too embarrassing to admit some of the things she's done. for instance, remember when she made this website about Daniel? along with the website was a youtube account with videos of him with titles like "faggot crossdressing". What's possibly worse for her image is the fact that she spread the link to this website by means of anonymously submitting it to the tumblr of a freelicer. she sent it directly to the haters just to see their reaction. how she is going to explain that part? and aside from the evidence of her writing style, the domain info, the fact that no one else in the planet should have these images, i'm more convinced than ever it couldn't have been anyone but her, because this encircled image in pic related is a myspace conversation that you can see in their archive. Right here, scroll all the way down… actually, in pic related you can even see how Cathy encircled it with a pen like she did to many other screenshots after she printed them.


No. 355312

Holy shit. That's totally Cathy / Kiki's handwriting - remember they did the same thing in that lolsuit they tried to file against The Internet 2-3 years back?

No. 355313

lmao the irony of her calling him a cross dressing faggot while she's always saying she loves david bowie.

No. 355314


God going over all this old stuff… how far up Kiki's ass was Cathy? Holy fucking enmeshment - I'm about the same age now as Cathy was then, and I can tell you that any parent not only approving Kiki's actions, but following down every comment pathway about her and making printouts and faxing them to other parents, is just insane. This isn't how sane people behave. You set limits for your kids, you enforce boundaries, and you protect them -and protection isn't "fight like a 12 year old scene kid on her behalf". It means keeping your kid focused on the shit that matters (school, family, friendships, responsibilities) and helping them realize the bullshit (kid drama) is meaningless in the long run, and to focus their energies elsewhere.

Instead of helping Kiki build elsewhere and teach her none of this mattered, Cathy made this drama the center of her own world until it was all any of them could see. We always knew that, but seeing it in hard evidence is… bleak.

No. 355331

Right, it's not Kirsten's fault she's like this, it's her parents' fault for pulling her out of school, isolating her from everyone and teaching her that everyone but her family and rich attractive men want to rape and murder her or watch her suffer, and that E-fame is the only thing that truly matters. Also for not taking her off the internet and getting her a psych evaluation and some therapy/meds and wasting $5,0000 shipping her to LA to play actress until she collapses in on herself and implodes again, line when she went radio silent for a year after getting kicked from Japan and dumped by Taku.

No. 355333

^these are all you, aren't they?

No. 355338

Not the first one. But yeah jfc she needs help. Also I'm super baked rn not gonna lie.

No. 355341

maybe being away from her mom, and someone to talk to about the internet shit is causing the breakdown

No. 355345

How much money did these retards waste on ink for their full color MySpace printouts? Good ol Ostrengas. No concept of money. Next time screencap and add your text in PS. You know, the program your daughters used to edit all their low quality daddy Ostrenga photoshoots.

No. 355352

i'm sure we can all agree kiki is a traumatized individual and her parents suck. but she has the same underdeveloped ruthless internet persona that she claims tortured her. seriously when is the last time you've seen anyone act or even talk like her? i haven't since like 2005. she will never stop going on about being a victim until she stops being a bully herself

No. 355383

Oh I think she's traumatized, and that Cathy and Scott exacerbated whatever problems Kiki had and taught her to double down on what ruins her life the most. But Kirsten could have taken the reins at any point and learned - Kota did it, but she was never Cathy and Scott's favorite, so it was probably easier from a point of being neglected by their "care" and that" care" sealed kiki's doom.

But she had a number of chances to disappear, reboot, learn something, move on. If she didn't know how, Kota showed her the way, and she chose to ignore the path. Her destruction is her own at this point.

No. 355423


I don't think Dakota is a good example of "getting out" of that toxic environment. She looks way worse than Kiki, malnourished and flabby and her hair is tragically thin, she can hardly get legit work and she's just an all around mess. People are starting to wonder how she's still with Bravo and still in her big apartment when she barely works, and she's losing followers on her social media accounts daily. She's irrelevant and unpopular, her pics look like shit both candid and shooped, the only reason anyone still follows her is because they want to know how she's still there and they know that eventually the truth will come to light via her own (in)action(s).

No. 355426


But hey! Kota did get out of FL, didn't she? Kiki on the other hand flips whenever she's (supposedly) away from home (now, in LA, and back in Japan)

No. 355428

what does ANY of this have to do with her staying away from drama and keeping her shit together all these years straight?

No. 355437

>>She's irrelevant and unpopular
>>her pics look like shit both candid and shooped
>>She looks way worse than Kiki

Like >>355428 said, the fuck does any of that salty bullshit have to do with the fact that Dakota had her own interests, got signed to an agency DESPITE Cathy and Scott's meddling, moved away from FL, and has friends, a job, and a long term relationship (because no, she's not paying for that apartment with her Bravo earnings)?

You can not like Dakota or think she's ugly or whatever, but she left her toxic family behind and stopped being a cow. She doesn't engage in online bullshit drama. She doesn't engage when Kiki wants to drag her into online bullshit drama. She doesn't start online bullshit drama. In other words: she grew up more than Kiki or Cathy ever has. Whether she's a shit person or fucked in the head or whatever else is going on with her egregious alien shoops - she's self supporting, away from her family, and doesn't dwell in her MySpace / stickam days.

If Kiki didn't have a shot at being raised right by her parents, she had the example Kota set for how to stop being a cow and move on with your life, while still having an online presence.

No. 355440

yeah but you have to wonder, why did kiki pick on taylor so relentlessly? bc she herself was jealous, or because dakota was threatened? it's not like she can harass people on the internet like kiki. tbh i know little about taylor so i don't get kiki's thing with hating her so much

No. 355446

I always thought Dakota was in on it tbh. Not posting herself but encouraging and goading Kimi on. No reason for Kimi to go after her on her own. Korea is quiet now but she still lies like a rug and has a scrappy personality. I don't think it would be beneath her to encourage her sister to fuck with her perceived competition.

No. 355447


No. 355448

Kota. fucking autocorrect

No. 355458

>self supporting
>away from her family

kek. I guess you think she's paying for her own apartment and buying all her American cheese/dairy/egg free vegan shit herself, too.

No. 355480

More like not self supporting koots can't even afford a new wardrobe or her nails done I doubt that. Kiki can't even afford anything without her parents money.

No. 355483

How about " doesn't live with her parents and has a job", can we agree on that much? Whether her money comes from her own work or the boyfriend / husbando, she's extracted herself from the rest of the Ostrengas to a significant degree. Even if the 'rents send her some cash, there's no way they're paying for it all, or Kiki would be there with her.

No. 355485

It's because koots was threatened Tay was a copycat of koots but oh how the table turns she's about to be more successful than koots. Tay looks more like her shoops than koots do. It's embrassing when a used to be copycat is more successful than the original ? I bet if hiroshi saw Tay he would drop koots ass so fast.

No. 355488

Tbh it's a quite fittting nick, in a couple of ways.

No. 355489

Sounds like kittyphina too. Both of kota's most obsessed copycats turned out more popular online. Kittyphina still shoops her face like crazy though, but she's got 3 times as many followers as koots.

No. 355507


So I can put a theory that
> Kota is still rotten and threatened by Taylor
> Got Kiki to do the dirty work for her
> stayed away from drama while Kiki is getting her ass exposed and having meltdowns

Which basically makes Kota a master super villain genius

In other theory,
> Kiki is a fucked up person who sees attacking Taylor online as defending Kota
> uses it as some form of living vicariously through her sister, maybe?

Either way I get everyone saying how fucked up her parenting was but at this point I just think Kiki is very dependent on her parents and when she sees she's getting hate or feels insecure with her life away from them she goes on these crazy ranting modes

No. 355530

File: 1488255039829.png (1.99 MB, 1202x1196, Whore.png)

Somebody needs to give this kitty cat some milk ;)))))))))))))))

No. 355535

No. 355536

File: 1488257987525.jpg (13.36 KB, 224x216, mcfucking kill yourself.jpg)

No. 355543

Those brows are a tragedy. What are her necklaces supposed to be?

No. 355555

It's probably a reminder trinket of her pact with Satan to become a mediocre actress.

No. 355560

savage anon.

No. 355595

https://www.instagram.com/p/BRDrb8hBvjD/?taken-by=lilouvos might be wishful thinking on my part but this guy looks like he absolutely hates her and her obnoxious laugh

No. 355596

I love how she always has to mention how long she has to be on set or how early her call time is, as if it's impressive and not totally standard.

No. 355604

File: 1488293264052.jpg (101.77 KB, 540x960, rutdIN2YcuA.jpg)

Found this on one of those VK pages, where's it from?
(Also Keeks you really need to find a cupboard to stack your ~recycling~ in)

No. 355609

File: 1488294057495.jpg (448.8 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170228_155254.jpg)


way to go, anon

damn, I was gonna say keeks is the kinda spiteful, narcisstic white girl that practices magic, Voodoo and whatever she can get her gremlin hands on and wears dream-catchers for earrings and then I zoomed in … smfh

remember the atrocious giant angel aura jewelry she sported as armor?

bet ya she cursed us all to grow gross exploding vaginas

No. 355610

That was from her instagram story thing. Iirc, it was posted on there last month.
It wasn't really that interesting; it was just a clip of her zooming in and out on her face.

No. 355611


She looks nice here but it's all the warm tone edit that gives her flat hair more dimension and her corpse mug some life. Also, these kitty filters need to go, it's triggering me and giving me flashbacks of "Willem laughed at this one"

No. 355613

File: 1488294925961.png (525.77 KB, 934x475, Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 15.1…)

They've finally finished filming that amazing web series. Also: looks like she is actually using that private Insta account then, since she's tagged here.

No. 355614

I honestly just think Kiki was jealous of Tay and took her anger out on her, while using Dakota as an excuse to do so. She's jealous of Dakota too but she is still her sister, and I'm sure Dakota talked made shit about Taylor because I'm sure she was jealous too. Taylor had a successful modeling career and her Youtube blew up and is in a relationship with a Japanese guy in a nice home. Its everything Kiki + Dakota wanted.

Kiki seeeeeeethed.

No. 355615

Its clear she's used that whole meltdown as an excuse to start posting every detail of her life again. she can't help but "brag" about whatever she's doing.

No. 355619

I honestly just think it's funny that she's filming them ~on set, trying to prove this whole acting thing is legit

But I don't think so. It genuinely looks like they like/befriended her.

No. 355621

He's Chinese, but yeah, still stands since we all assumed he was Japanese at first. But I don't think dakota ever really cared much about taylor, except maybe recently. It was just Kiki being more autistic than her autistic brother.

No. 355622

I normally don't like powerbrows that much, but I do think they would do her a huge favor, because she doesn't suit soft eyebrows at all.

No. 355623

for someone who has never had to wake up early/go to bed late strictly for work reasons, that's quite an achievement kek

No. 355625

Pardon my ignorance but… what's that pendant?

No. 355628

File: 1488298046362.jpg (131.25 KB, 540x960, IMG_4153.JPG)

I fixed Kiki

No. 355632

It looks like a dream catcher with a vagina with outstretched labia to me.

No. 355633

File: 1488299616113.jpg (34.65 KB, 500x333, large.jpg)

>>we're talking about the same woman who bought bottled water for a swan nesting 1 ft away from a pond
>>I would love to share more with you but with the Wild West nature of the internet, some people have been extremely abusive

Reading up but this is too fucking good. I changed my mind, the world lost a comedian in her.

About the lashes… It's so pathetic how she's trying to hypnotize her followers / visitors into obsessing over her with this try hard lash episode. It's like she has a flipchart featuring outrageously lame and random ideas on how to make herself into an object of worship post by post. Look at my dull face and surrender to my prime lashes peasants. This girl has no personality at all

No. 355635


It's a "dream-catcher" and some sorta cross with a spider on it / vagina

I only know this sad thing is supposed to be a dream-catcher because this type of design is stupid popular in cheap trinkets

The other pendant is probably just as horrible

No. 355639

I really wish enough people were in on this sperg-chan shit to spam her social media with all the shit she's actually said here.
She'd throw a fit and it'd be hilarious.
>Nit pick my butthole :3
>oodles of fat daddy's money pumping into her injection filled pussy
>guess what? ill come back everyday. every. single. day

No. 355645


Remember how Kota used to say she only washed her hair with water? That's a Ostrenga thing.

> people are harassing me and my peers and want me to kill myself
> has attention
> spams instagram



No. 355646

It's funnier that no one does it and we all leave her alone so when she makes her rants about haters and stalking, we all know it's some self serving bullshit

No. 355648

no wonder why it looks so greasy

No. 355650

Jesus, for a while I thought this was real and Kristen had actually FINALLY taken our advice. Shoulda know it was too good to be true.

No. 355698

File: 1488315215328.png (283.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-28-14-51-20…)

Kaka is triggered because animals are not vegans and don't live in harmony like a fucking Disney cartoon

No. 355718

This is actually worrying to me since she does own a cat. I wouldn't be surprised if she was one of those people who puts their pets on a vegan diet.

Also, it's weird how she changed her name on everything else but twitter.

No. 355719

File: 1488317803113.jpg (12.99 KB, 320x248, 2192_320.jpg)

i'd never click on a video of a rabbit being eaten, but snakes are carnivores. it would be cruel to the snake to not give it what it eats.

>pic related. vegan lion from futurama

No. 355720


Well it sure sounds creepy that the couple is buying live animals to feed the snake instead of just giving it dead ones (though I can see how HARD it'd be) but in no way it classifies as animal abuse - it would be if they weren't taking care of their snake

No. 355725

lol what the fuck does she expect carnivorous animals to eat?

but tbh it is kind of weird to film it and post it on internet, but i've seen people do way worse things.

has she even mentioned that there was a hippo in a zoo in El Salvador that was beaten and knifed to death by trespassers? To me thats a bigger fucking issue than people feeding animals.

No. 355730

To be fair, live feeding your animals just for show/edgelord points is pretty retarded. Domesticated animals often have no idea how to quickly and efficiently kill their prey which causes unnecessary suffering to them, and prey still put up a fight and might potentially injure or kill your animal.

Feeding a carnivorous animal vegan food because muh feelings is cruel, but she kind of sort of has a point here.

No. 355736

>>355698 in her defence i'm a vegan and this shit makes me sick too, there's no need to feed your pets live animals, it's just cruel. and to post it on the internet? they are clearly just going for the shock factor of it and i hope kiki gets that shit shut down

No. 355738

>>355730 you worded it better than i did, but that's exactly my problem with it. domesticated animals arent and have never been predators, as they haven't ever had to hunt. they usually end up playing with their dinner before they eat it and its unnecessary and just cruel for both the snake and the mouse etc

No. 355739

Hi Kiki

No. 355740

>>355739 lol i knew that was coming i can guarantee you i am not kiki

No. 355750

pretty sure you don't need to be a vegan to have this kind of thing make you sick but I understand you just needed to get it off your chest didn't you

No. 355752

>domesticated animals arent and have never been predators
we're talking about a snake, not a corgi.

The fact that those people are feeding rabbits to it means it must be a large sake. large snakes need to be fed large prey. whether it's given to it live or pre-killed, it still involves a rabbit being killed for the snake. Honestly, i'd rage if we were talking about someone skinning a rabbit for a coat, but this is natural and it's the way both these animals work, prey and predator. it would be cruel to the snake to not feed it. but i guess some people wanna call themselves vegan while caring more for fuzzy mammals than for cold blooded reptiles.

No. 355753

actually i prefer snakes to rabbits, i've always loved reptiles but i don't agree with them being kept as pets at all. and to the person who called me out for saying i was vegan yeah i didn't have to mention it i only did because kiki is a vegan and for whatever reason i felt it was relevant, i guess you're right, it isn't. but have fun being a bitter bitch throughout your life….

No. 355754

True, most animals who refuse pre-killed food have been wild caught. Snakes etc. who have been bred in captivity have been raised on frozen food and mostly express confusion when confronted with live prey. Rodents are potentially lethal and will fight for their lives. Some animals eat other animals to survive, that is sad but it's a fact of life. However, there is no need to put your pets in real danger for your sadistic pleasure. Sage for environmentally conscious moogle of mother earth animal sperging.

No. 355758

i don't like this at all actually. the bushy/kind of unkempt brows are way more flattering on most people and more in-style than thick but highly-sculpted ones. super-shaped heavy brows kind of give off an "unhinged" or "high-strung" vibe to me. doesn't really help a nutter like kiki.

No. 355759

No one wants you to kill yourself, Kaka. We all want you to stop being a delusional ~speshul snowfake moogle of mother earth kawaii desu~ ~*~better than everyone~*~ too good to work a normal job bitch. Keep living off the government while you continue to be a failure and inventing stories of imaginary people complimenting you and asian boyfurendos.

No. 355775

Um that is absolutely animal abuse. In many states it's illegal to purchase animals meant as pets to feed to your other pets. I used to work at a pet store and we would document people and report them if they continuously bought small mammals like hamsters bc we knew they were probably feeding them to something. You give your pet snakes dead frozen things not alive things that were bred to be pets.

No. 355800

Sage for nobody fucking cares

No. 355825

Please stop derailing.

No. 355879

File: 1488356520219.png (35.42 KB, 640x434, IMG_4377.PNG)

She followed a 70's fashion account. I guess it explains her shit sense of style?

No. 355936

lol at kaka acting all triggered and horrified. Bitch, you get off on gore, don't be such an hypocrite.

No. 355941

Ikr. She also tweeted about how it always shows up on the popular pages on ig for her and when I saw that tweet, I had to fight the urge to tell her that it says a lot about her when ig is recommending shit like that to her.

No. 355965

File: 1488383817510.png (164.7 KB, 281x1025, muhstalkers.png)

Here's Lilou's replies to people, presumably written while she was sitting around on set. Er, or rather in the couple of seconds she has a day where she's not working really super duper hard.

>go out of their way to stalk someone

You mean… reading your public posts.

>for 11 years

Sometimes I forget about the Ostrenga delusion that we're the same 5 people who've followed her every move since the scene days. Kiki, I watched your Stickam a couple of times back then. And after that, like a lot of people, forgot all about you until Kota's viral fame. And even since then it's been on and off interest. It takes a whole lotta narcissism to seriously believe that anyone has been obsessed with you for 11 years.

>stalking and harassment that bleeds into real life

Examples? There hasn't been any since kids allegedly vandalized your house a hundred years ago.

>I wish they would heal themselves rather than lashing out

>These people love to point the finger and flail others when their treatment pales in comparison to the actions of people they attack
No comment.

No. 355971

she never left florida in the first place, she is only taking pictures of herself in random places in florida making it look like she is traveling somewhere, also her acting classes were so lame they only lasted a few months, i never saw her liking acting before, so a few months is stupid, no wonder why she can't really act she is just being as pathetic as her music, LAME. Willem Defoe he was in florida in a meet up sinning some stuff for his new project and she went, took a picture and pretended they knew each other, WHAT A LIAR! still she is a snowflake among real artist. NOW that she is posting shit like "This is my new self" "let me be" kind of stuff ins cringey, she just want to make her new "fans" believe she is something worthy o watching and following BUT HONEY, YOU KNOW THAT YOUR ONLY TRUE FOLLOWERS ARE GOING TO BE US, THE LOLCOW AND THE PULL COMMUNITY, NO ONE ELSE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU, YOUR SHITTY ACTING, AND YOUR SO CALLED INTERNET LIFE, loner.

No. 355975

Considering she's recently been tagged in the photos of people who live and work in CA, I'm gonna say she is there or has been at least recently. The acting classes were nothing special though, yes.

>NOW that she is posting shit like "This is my new self" "let me be" kind of stuff

Not really new, she's been doing that for years.

Also, chill.