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File: 1529666322565.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x2560, dasha.jpg)

No. 534019

Summary of last thread/s:


>Admin outs Dasha for posting 142 times in this one thread alone >>>/pt/519998

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina hooking, Cyr being an innocent non-cheating angel, alludes to Edwin being a pedo for dating a 20yo, and defending Dasha
>Edwin announces a new video about her fuckery, hinting at her lolcow posts
>an old clip resurfaces of Dasha yelling "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Hitler salute
>Dasha reacts by going dark, deleting her Twitter, and privating her Instagram account
>Dasha announces getting therapy for her depression
>Dasha's visa state remains unknown
>Lettie releases then rapidly deletes her attack video on Mina, featuring many violations of trust and privacy by showing DMs. Admin kindly backed it up at https://vimeo.com/274760360
>Dasha implies to a minion that she is suicidal form this exposé >>>/pt/530675
>Edwin releases a video revealing Cyr has now paid him the money owed from the court case, and goes in on mutual friends who supported Cyr’s version of events.
>Dasha’s real body is revealed in pics and videos in a campaign for https://pluggednyc.com/blogs/plugged-blog/plugged-la, a rich irony given how hard she typically shops her body, and that she was caught out shopping Mina’s body in extreme ways, example: >>>/pt/533091


>Around late 2016 and early 2017, Edwin (Edwin's Generation), Mina (MinaxxBell), Dasha, and Cyr all lived together

>Cyr, who was already in a relationship with Dasha for a year, decided to try to have a poly relationship with his ex girlfriend, Mina, and invited her to come live with them
>Apparently Dasha suggested this poly relationship, and was the main force in getting Mina to come live with them because she admittedly intended to ruin Mina’s life
>Edwin basically fourth-wheels in the house while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girls
>Both girls are featured in some of Cyr's videos, and both look eerily similar to each other
>Mina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in "Are You Trying to Smash One of My Girls?" on Edwin's channel
>In the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the house, and Edwin makes a vlog as they're leaving. During this vlog, he seems very upset.

>Around Nov/Jan 2016-2017, Mina discovers that Dasha has deleted Mina’s entire Instagram account

>It is believed that she did this out of jealousy, as Mina had more followers than her at the time
>Dasha goes on Periscope and claims that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr greatly
>Soon after Edwin and Mina leave the house, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes and sends her "minions" after her to send her rude messages on Twitter
>Dasha's fans also start to post on lolcow a lot around this time, defending Dasha and hating on Mina for "hurting" Dasha
>Dasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone and found a fake Instagram account on her phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using this to harass her because she was jealous
>Cyr calls Mina a "crazy girl with an agenda"

>Edwin makes a video with Mina titled "Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story." (uploaded 4/17/2017)

>He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled "Edwin Responds to Cyr's Lies" (uploaded 6/12/2017)

>Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't play along with what she wants

>Follows through with these threats, in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram account
>Throughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (With Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt "emasculated" by Dasha)
>Video of Dasha responding to Edwin
>Quote from Dasha: "…And I told him, yes, I'm fucking– I'm going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina's side over your best friend. I said that to him! I'm owning up to that! I told him that I'd ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British c*nt… I'm sorry (smiles), over his best friend. He's absolutely right, I stood there smiling as…"
>Around June 2017, Dasha makes a Twitter video talking about how many people tell her she's copying Mina's style
>Dasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she's received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina's style

PULL drama:
>In early 2017, around when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina, and Edwin started, an account named Fawnie created a topic about Mina
>This account mocked Mina for photoshopping, and posted pictures that had never been seen before by anyone
>In one of Edwin's videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot that Dasha had.
>Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be super skinny
>While it hasn't been confirmed that Fawnie is Dasha, lots of evidence points to them being her.


https://twitter.com/itsbabydash (currently disabled)
Snapchat: iblamejules




Old threads from latest to oldest:

No. 534020

I made this thread out of necessity. If I missed anything in the recent updates, please add it:

No. 534022

File: 1529666797780.jpg (30.61 KB, 480x320, dasha.jpg)

More from the Plugged LA shoot.

No. 534023

File: 1529666818213.jpg (26.13 KB, 320x480, dasha2.jpg)

No. 534024

File: 1529668114705.jpg (90.8 KB, 500x919, whatyouorderedvswhatyouget.jpg)

>>534019 Thank you!

No. 534033

File: 1529670639403.jpg (118.6 KB, 936x594, juliasnewaccount.jpg)

In other news she's still trying to bury her unflattering pics by creating more fan accounts. "Istandwithdasha" topkek

I'm adding these again as she's probably telling her minions we're shooping her :




No. 534035

File: 1529672489446.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1226, 6102328C-47CC-498A-B962-4E53E8…)

It has to be her because honestly she looks like Michael Jackson here LOL ‘creator of beauty’ my ass.

No. 534036

File: 1529673356826.png (555.21 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-22-00-58-54…)

From edwin's vlogs

No. 534037

File: 1529673399555.png (560.46 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-22-00-59-28…)

No. 534039

File: 1529673472872.png (944.69 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-22-01-35-53…)

I think she has always been rather square and a bit chunky

No. 534040

File: 1529673519064.png (611.92 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-22-00-59-43…)

No. 534041

File: 1529673645130.png (566.09 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-22-01-00-09…)

I think she just desperately wanted to have Mina's body she wanted to be better than Mina and for starters shehad to be like Mina to become better than her.. So weird

No. 534042

File: 1529673741457.png (716.02 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-22-02-01-15…)

A true edit wizard!! Kek

No. 534044

File: 1529673784234.png (791.06 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-22-01-11-04…)

No. 534045

File: 1529673874744.jpeg (266.18 KB, 1080x1349, F05384FA-1B39-47E0-9BF0-584B19…)

She looks more like Tommy Wiseau here. Even has the same block head.

Lmfao, she even photoshops her fucking shoulders.

No. 534047

File: 1529674031165.jpg (28.64 KB, 460x612, IMG_20180622_162640_106.jpg)

She edits he colorbones so much its kinda gross she is an ultimately diffrent person omg

No. 534049

Omg where are these videos? I can't find them

No. 534050

File: 1529674290712.jpg (35.19 KB, 533x687, IMG_20180622_163018_339.jpg)

Deep down i kinda wish for her to get over Mina finally and accept herself as it is and try and get better, and actually BE body posi rather than PRETEND to be in order to gain relevancy , its kinda sad tbh

No. 534052

Edwin's old vlogs and skits before Mina came into the picture

No. 534053

File: 1529674574679.jpg (40.17 KB, 598x403, live.jpg)

Wasn't this pic shooped by a troll on ig though? I'm all for (real) bad pics of Dasha exposing her for her shoops but let's not give her ammunition.

>>534050 I agree it is sad.

Mina and Edwin had a livestream yesterday. They were ignoring Dasha related questions until fans kept asking for a meet up. Mina's demeanor changed, she got nervous and said that considering what's been happening with Dasha she doesn't feel safe enough to have another meet up just yet.
(Remember Dasha implied that she sent one of her minions to their meet up)

No. 534054

File: 1529674580904.jpg (22.57 KB, 413x720, IMG_20180622_163629_907.jpg)

No. 534056

File: 1529674854297.jpg (36.8 KB, 487x720, IMG_20180622_163905_139.jpg)

All of those screenhots i considered taking a while back but i wasnt sure i wanted to post here i was just looking , they are just screenshots if you go watch edwins old vlogs and skits you'll see her looking like that

No. 534061

Dasha deleted 8 posts off het main insta (itsbabydash) did anyone notice which ones are gone?

No. 534063

File: 1529675431931.jpeg (127.67 KB, 750x1239, 828B51B8-EB37-4D3C-B4D2-525ABF…)

I’m honestly surprised that the vegan community and sjw’s haven’t jumped on her yet. I mean, from the nazi salute, revenge porn, and wearing leather… How the fuck does she get away with doing so much shit? Lmao


No. 534065

File: 1529675633157.jpg (61.43 KB, 562x601, hhhnjnjknnjk.JPG)

Pic related is her still accusing Mina for everything and the person talking to her was a fake fan trying to get info. I didn't see it in the previous thread but maybe I missed it.

No. 534067

lol how come her proof is always valid but edwins proof is MAniPuLaTIvE and fAke!!

No. 534068

File: 1529675912914.jpeg (356.01 KB, 749x1200, 1EA36F5E-F3A3-4F4A-95A3-6EFA06…)

>but let’s not give her ammunition
1. Who gives a shit. She can cry wolf all day and night, but no one will care.
2. You must be new

No. 534069

Lol she never even posts any proof she just expects her minions to belive her because ShE sAID So lol
Those German Austrian mamas usually are apple shaped hehe trust i would know having German relatives..

No. 534070

Her eyes are so small it almost looks like they were photoshopped smaller

No. 534071

File: 1529676492324.jpeg (168.4 KB, 750x923, 032B898C-FA9F-4069-8BCC-03DED1…)

Seriously, the photos Dasha posts are a more accurate depiction of her eyes.


No. 534072

She is just totally obessed with Mina not a lot of people can become skinwalkers like herself i bet she even talked to companies and asker them what stuff Mina had ordered in order to get the same thing and wear it first and post about it so that she can say ShE COpIES ME nOW

No. 534076

File: 1529677438699.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2437.PNG)

Mina Edwin and Trisha… hopefully more milk incoming! is anyone recording the live?

No. 534077

I think they’re just watching her latest video together

No. 534078

File: 1529679958291.png (535.41 KB, 1080x1360, Capture _2018-06-22-10-05-17-1…)

I think Lettie spilled the beans!

No. 534080

I thought it might be Lettie too, but the screenshot he posted had the person saying they were going to make a video on Onision. I can’t see Lettie making a video on Onision?

No. 534110

Why wouldn't Lettie make a video on Onision? Onision had beef with Dasha. Onision is a popular YouTuber. No reason to believe Lettie wouldn't, either due to his association with Dasha, or just because he's popular so that kind of video would get views. Of course it's Lettie lmao she's the only Dasha fan who's made a video on this drama, and Edwin specifically referenced "Dasha manipulating a fan into making a video".

No. 534113

File: 1529687123661.png (289.54 KB, 659x414, Capture.PNG)

No. 534117

Lettie has deactivated her twitter

No. 534137

File: 1529691028359.jpg (33.77 KB, 600x446, ohno.JPG)

No. 534141

I don't know how you can be so barrel chested and pudgy and yet still so very very flat.

No. 534142

Honestly, the thing that infuriated me the most about all of this, is she’s practically gotten away with everything. Everyone big in the commentary video won’t shed light on this because they’re friends with Cyr, so a lot of people actually don’t even know about the revenge porn and doxing. Companies seem like they’re still working with her, considering she mentioned a big thing next month, and she’s still gaining followers. All while Mina, the actual victim has been harassed so much that she’s actually afraid of doing any more meet ups with her fans. It’s just so sad.

No. 534153

Yeah it’s kind of eerie how much she projects. “Those made up accounts are Mina. Mina is spreading lies. Mina and Edwin are photoshopping fake candids of me” like hello…. YOURE the one doing that

No. 534170

Honestly, I think Dasha is just waiting us out. She figures we will forget in a few weeks.

No. 534194

did fireflypath take this down? I can't find the dasha post

No. 534199

I can’t find it either. I hope they did.

No. 534203

File: 1529700659694.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 7556C543-39C7-4E70-98F8-30D5E1…)

I don't know why you guys can't find it. It's literally there, on their Facebook page, in the album "instagram photos"

No. 534223

File: 1529703497793.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 2D118D85-930D-4377-B20D-E87C0A…)

Something tells me she’s trying to build up her followers on the neuphs account and is probably going to completely ditch her Itsbabydash insta

No. 534232

Yep I think so too. Dasha we know your Neuphs account and have called it out on here too you numbskull

No. 534251

File: 1529706006915.jpeg (235.17 KB, 1464x664, E050F898-ED9A-48BF-922E-7CF0CE…)

No. 534259

man this makes me hate them so much, Cyr is a piece of shit

No. 534261

HOLY SHIT guys listen to the voice clip he posted on his twitter, dasha is fucking crazy

No. 534268

File: 1529707040600.jpeg (81.05 KB, 640x1136, 8775551E-8321-493A-ABF2-F1BB01…)

Salty motherfuckers. They belong together. Both rotten to the core.

No. 534275

Seriously. I can’t fucking stand Cyr.

Did any of you guys see the fight Edwin/Mina had with Netnobody the other day? They were going back and forth blaming each other for the altercation, when the one to BLAME was fucking CYR. If Cyr hadn’t gone to Netnobody with lies about being “blackmailed” and “slandered” that whole situation wouldn’t have happened. Netnobody was demanding an apology from Mina, but the one who should be apologizing is Cyr for fucking misleading the dude and lowkey manipulating him to do his dirty work. Fuck Cyr, I hope his whole “career” burns to the ground.

No. 534280

I feel so bad for Edwin, he is now risking to lose his channel. I want to help but I have no idea what can be done, someone with a large following needs to help him.
I truly hope that Dasha and Cyr will stay unhappy and depressed forever and will live a fucking miserable life

No. 534282

File: 1529707796578.jpg (34.64 KB, 578x217, vom.JPG)

No. 534290

File: 1529708160326.png (529.28 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-01-37-22…)

WTF??! Im gonna report her insta account this bitch deserves to burn and also report Cyr's videos

No. 534291

With the time difference it is possible that she is sleeping now (in the UK)

No. 534302

What a sick bitch she deserves her insta taken down and also that asshole cyr hope his career get thrown to shit ,he deserves it

No. 534308

I think Mina should be the least of your worries.

No. 534312

File: 1529708952903.jpeg (206.74 KB, 750x1188, DC04CDAE-A23A-41E7-AE8A-D4CA80…)

No. 534313

Ugly motherfuckers nobody likes them anymore everybody hates them

No. 534320

It's obvious she just wants these videos exposing her true self taken down! The extent to which she will go to maintain that fake image is… crazy. She's just completely insane. They both need to be knocked down a peg, well she needs to be committed. I'm legit pissed.

No. 534326

Isn't there any way to organize to get them called out more (or would this be considered against lol cow rules?)
Fucking abusers.

No. 534327

this is getting nasty, oh boy. poor edwin :( she's very fucking nuts, but also (thankfully) pretty bad at it. cyr is a moron

No. 534329

at least he has that voice clip for proof

No. 534330

Thread pic inspired me to not skip the gym today like I originally planned. Thanks Dasha. These threads do wonders for my body.

No. 534332

I think we should report her instas so she loses everything sje has same with cyr we can try and flag his videos ??
What kind of sock fucks omg

No. 534334

I guess she didntreally go to that therapy session that she saod she would lol and is back to manipulating cyr anddragging him by his tinybbutthole lol hahaha what a crazy bitch

No. 534335

I’m not sure if this is against lolcow rules i’m sorry if it is, it sucks that abusers get away with so much all the time. I think we should dm everyone we see commenting on dashas and cyrs pictures the link to Edwin’s video(this is cowtipping)

No. 534342

Edwin, I hope you're reading this and that you still lurk here. Being angry and continuing to call people out is understandable but it won't help your cause. It only makes the people involved become more and more defensive. I think what you need to do is get Mina to make a video or talk about her side of all of this. You did your job as a loving boyfriend and defended the girl you deeply care about and you put the facts out there for everyone to see- but making more callout videos will only water down the effect you want and that is to expose Julia and Cyr for the scum they are. I know Mina is probably anxious and scared of all this but SHE is truly a VICTIM! She's faced so much harassment and i'm certain she's had to deal with all of this emotionally as well. If she showed her vulnerability and how much Julia has hurt her then it would be extremely impactful because women and genuine people cannot just see another sister get abused and stand by it. I know Edwin is only trying to stand up for Mina too but without Mina's side of this then nothing will happen in your favor.

No. 534343

Lol no way hun Dasha is no human she has no soul she is a cold hard crazy bitch and in fact she would LOVE to see Mina admit to how much pain she caused her . she is beyond mad she's lost her humanity and she loves to cause pain and suffering

No. 534345

We aren't a personal army, anon.

She has one weird ass head shape.

If he has voice recordings of Dasha saying shit like that then she's a lot dumber than she's shown herself to be(which is already pretty dumb). She's not even trying to ride it out quietly, she wants to be a smug cunt about it.

No. 534347

Yeah but that’s what needs to be exposed about her. If Mina making a video shows how fucking crazy she really is, isn’t that better? And other people will see Mina’s perspective too. Edwin brought out the facts but no one wants to listen but MINA could get them to.

No. 534348

If Mina stood her ground instead of Edwin doing it for her, she would definitely have a lot more people behind her and willing to listen. She's the main victim in all of Dasha's madness.

No. 534350

I still dont agree with you Dasha has picked on Mina sooooo much plus she has always hated her even before she met her
Its just gonna give Julia more material for picking. Shes crazy and completely problematic dude..

No. 534352

I agree that Edwin shouldn’t have done so many callout videos, it really does water down the effect. He should’ve avoided his last video all together, even if him and Mina are in the right. People need to understand that this is a game and they need to be careful what they put out there.

I disagree that Mina should do a video. That’s a major no no in situations like this, never ever feed the narc when you’re the target. Those manipulated by Dasha will only see it as another reason to incriminate Mina and that’s why Dasha wants her to react. Mina is doing the right thing by staying as silent as she possibly can. We can’t risk having Mina get casted in the wrong light.

No. 534356

File: 1529712598378.jpg (37.01 KB, 332x555, nasty.JPG)

Talk about timing! She starts that shit just before the Lettie vid/Edwin and Mina reuniting to celebrate his birthday. This fucking bitch. If she's miserable everyone has to be…

No. 534359

File: 1529713051584.png (644.42 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-01-26-55…)

Hu hu such modeLL
Look at me such beauty *~•|~*".

No. 534366

I will never understand how she gets booked. Even though I’m a “traditional” model (i.e. tall and skinny) I’ve done a fair few shoots with HAES models and the one thing they all have in common is that they’re striking/unconventional but still aesthetically pleasing. Julia has literally no attributes that are suited to modelling, whether it be conventional, plus size, alt, edgy, whatever. I’d love it if at least one person who has shot with her would post about their experience (someone who worked on a shoot she actually turned up to, we already know she likes to ghost on photographers).

No. 534370

she used to make fun of Mina´s brows wow!

No. 534371

Edwin the king of inside jobs and receipts! Who sent him that video? Also, this is getting way out of proportion, Dasha is just making herself look worse!! she's so dumb!

No. 534375

where are these pictures from?

No. 534377


i have no idea what her main IG account looks like atm but did she even post this photo publicly?

No. 534378


dasha’s a fucking cunt and cyr is no better because he’s enabling her bullshit. honestly fuck the both of them

No. 534386

File: 1529718604448.png (555.99 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-01-38-30…)

Misery loves company

No. 534390

File: 1529719484857.jpg (21.84 KB, 389x345, crazy.JPG)

catfishing/follower count (as it's usually small ig brands reaching out)? What baffles me is that she doesn't get sent home straight away. Tinfoil but she looks at least late 20s/30 irl >>534268 I just can't believe she isn't also lying about being 22/23? After all she lies about everything… Name, origins, height, her overall appearance. Her face looks older, her body looks older…

No. 534394

File: 1529720197721.png (825.52 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-01-41-06…)

What a fake she's just pretendinh about everything when all she wanted was to fuck Mina het with her and manipulate her until she got bored of her like she did ti Lindsay

No. 534396

File: 1529720586474.jpg (127.2 KB, 640x1136, IMG_20180623_052127_784.jpg)

Your photoshop is showing datcha lol

No. 534397

that's hair

No. 534398

No. 534399

she's so stupid. She sent that video to a "fan" group chat.

No. 534400

Cyr and Dasha are perfect for eachother. Pieces of shit!

No. 534401

Fuck. I feel like he's close to 100k, close to getting a support manager. If everyone just subscribed to him before he gets taken down maybe it would help.

No. 534402

yeah and unsubscribe to cyr so at least his social blade gets hurt, maybe that way he would understand.

No. 534403

if he gets to 100, 000 subs he gets a yt contact (who might be able to sort it out) and it will probs piss of trasha. dont think this counts as rallying an army or whatever because its for promotion not taking someone down. maybe that should be todays goal

No. 534404


No. 534405

File: 1529721609722.jpeg (10.85 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)


No. 534406


if anyone has a good sized following somewhere, maybe do a shoutout to Edwin to get this thing going. It's not about liking/disliking Edwin at this point. It's just fucking ridiculous what Cyr/Dasha are doing.

No. 534407

No. 534409


Edwin is slowly gaining

No. 534410

Hahahaha, exactly! She’s such a dumb fucking cunt and the fact that Cyr goes along with all her moronic plans, thinking it’s a good idea - makes this whole situation even more hilarious than it already is.

Thanks Cyr, I love that you’re ruining any chances you ever had at making it big on YouTube. Lmfaoooo.

No. 534411

No. 534414

About a year ago maybe more Dasha was posting on snapchat about her IUD and how she was going to get it removed. I responded and told her that removal was easy and painless.
She responded and we had a small conversation. She told me the IUD had gave her horrible anxiety and that she had gained weight. She also said she couldn't lose weight even if she didn't eat. I thought this was so weird because her body looked amazing and I told her that and she no longer responded. She probably only looked thin because of photoshop, and it all make sense now lol!

I know some anons here are going to boo me because I have no receipts, but our conversation was on Snapchat and I thought she was an okay person at the time.

No. 534421

Holy shit they're going so far with this, I really feel for edwin and mina, Even with copious amounts of proof of actual harassment, Not petty drama, Illegal fucking harassment. They still get shit on by other creators and told to be silent, And now this? Makes me wonder if dasha was planning on getting his channel deleted while he visits mina.

No. 534427

File: 1529724956034.jpeg (82.9 KB, 732x1028, 1523A38B-D042-43B3-8700-F0A6F6…)

Ryan Cyr is losing followers. At a slow pace, but still losing. Kek

No. 534431

I generally find Edwin’s videos so cringey, especially when he starts crying, but this recent clip made me feel equal parts sad and angry. No one deserves to have their life fucked with like this. He and Mina seem like genuinely kind people, even getting emotional and cussing out Mike and Julia on camera doesn’t make him seem anywhere near as malicious as those two psychopaths are. These voice clips of Julia also prove that she’s not only evil but also fucking stupid for expecting to get away with this fuckery.

No. 534432

>>534020 Thank you! I was about to make it just to say that the only way for her to save her "career" was by becoming a Twitch thot. But she went too far this time!

No. 534434

You can see in this vid how boxy dasha is compared to mina. And again, in this vid her head looks fucking huge. Shrek/Tommy Wiseau comparisons from these threads are pretty accurate. The only thing going for Dasha in this vid is that her hideous trashy tattoos are hidden.

No. 534436

When I first saw her, in that "Reading our fanfictions" video, I thought she was hot in almost like a milfy way, and I admired the way she didn't seem to give a fuck about her boobs coming out or whatever. Now she's trying to portray a style she can't own and it's kinda sad

I guess Cyr fell for a "mature" and "secure" woman, and now she's a baby and he's partially guilty for that

No. 534437

>>534432 She can't even be a twitch thot. There's plenty of cute girls on the IRL section already, and no one wants to see her Tommy Wiseau face and saggy tits in that section.

No. 534441

File: 1529726262519.jpg (64.8 KB, 500x561, roldugly.jpg)

theres really not much point insulting her genetics. like ppl cant change that. its the fact that shes not playing to her visual strenghts so shoops herself, lies about having work done and comes off looking like a try hard anyway. tbh she would look a lot better if she went with a pinup aesthetic because her body is more suited to that. but regardless of how she dresses she we all know she is ugly to the core

No. 534442

File: 1529726271501.jpg (291.08 KB, 1000x1000, trash.jpg)

why is this so accurate

No. 534443


No. 534447

Mina looks so angelic!!!!

No. 534449

People have been reaching out to Philip de Franco for helping out Edwin and Mina. Honestly this was milky but it’s getting scary how fucked up in the head Dasha is to get Edwin’s channel taken down. I hope enough people @ Philip. Dasha is so fucked in the head

No. 534450

I agree. Edwin can be cringey at times but this seriously is starting to get out of hand. It’s pissing me off that the commentary community is keeping their mouths shut just because they’re friends with cyr. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites

No. 534451

File: 1529726860466.jpg (272.5 KB, 1000x716, trash.jpg)

We have to give it to her, she's talented with photoshop.

No. 534454


Well, she's certainly not her photoshops here, but she does look a lot better than she did in the pics that she did for that instagram company.

Regardless, she's always been really slouchy and I don't think she can get away with not wearing a bra.

No. 534455

what i mean is that she shops herself to look like Mina's size and she's certainly not fat but she is an entire different person irl

No. 534457

File: 1529727277013.jpg (299.09 KB, 1000x716, trash.jpg)

I mean…

No. 534458

File: 1529727495559.png (767.38 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-06-37-19…)

Smol just like Mina even keeping her clothes and wearing them after she is gone even though they re not even my size

No. 534459

File: 1529727601069.png (629.75 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-07-03-25…)

Lets play mario cart lol

No. 534460

File: 1529727663263.png (675.34 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-06-39-23…)

No. 534461

Cyr in the background looking 10x more feminine than his sloppy, nasty gf.

No. 534462

I wish her Instagram wasn’t private so I could post the pic of her with Tommy Wiseau when she met him on here (if any anons follow her, please feel free to do the lord’s work, m’ladies)

No. 534463

yes, please!

No. 534464

Damn I just unfollowed (and reported) her

No. 534465

File: 1529728046527.png (371.76 KB, 720x405, Cupace20180623072700.png)

No. 534468

File: 1529728195610.png (889.31 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-07-01-24…)

(Secretly wants to destroy Mina and drink her blood in order to become her)

No. 534471

File: 1529728324441.jpeg (207.05 KB, 750x740, 7672BC87-CECA-4E00-AD86-87A450…)

Good thing I had it saved, hehe :p

Bahahaha, even his mannerisms are more feminine. Fucking cuck.

Lmfaooooo, bless you nonnie

No. 534473

the distortion in the wall by her arm and waist and around her chin kek

No. 534474

omg the blur on her waist!

No. 534476


You fucking legend, anon! I thought I had it saved, but alas. This is top kek, lads.

No. 534477

And the collarbones, fucking kek. How she thinks she can get away without slapping a boulder holder on those saggy udders defies logic (as does her whole existence tbh)

No. 534479

All of the time she spends shooping herself a completely new body could be better spent doing something productive, like actually fucking working out in the gym. lazy ass

No. 534485

File: 1529730140685.webm (14.6 MB, 720x720, dasha-gets-more-crazy.webm)

Our own copy.

No. 534486

all cows act the same, is interesting.

No. 534518

I saw on Edwins twitter that Cyr is coming up with "one hell of a response video" im honestly excited for this bc its going to draw more people to watch Edwin's video and i can see this completely backfiring on them.

No. 534519

File: 1529736103197.jpeg (176.34 KB, 750x955, F3B0B56F-C1B7-4E84-AA6F-64CE72…)

This netnobody dude needs to be dropped kicked in the face, but I also wish Edwin would stop tweeting about the fucking guy.

No. 534520

File: 1529736206743.jpeg (364.63 KB, 1080x1836, 6E43581F-CFF1-462E-BEF1-82743C…)

This guy has fucking hoards of brainless teenage boys at his calling who believe everything his edgelord ass says.

No. 534529

Saw bunty in the replies saying to edwin that this all should have been private.
My tinfoil is firing off, Why is cyrs manager (Jon I think?) net nobody and bunty demanding edwin to keep his silence, Why are they protecting cyr and dasha?

No. 534530

>Cyr is coming up with "one hell of a response video"
Aka Dasha's loud screeching during Edwin's last video awoke Cyr from his alcoholic slumber and now he is being forced to do his rectangular girlfriend's bidding. This should be good.

No. 534534

Fucking kek. I’ve got the popcorn ready, I can’t wait to see how tweedle dumb and and tweedle dumber try to screech their way out of this. Their situation (i.e. being outed as fucking lunatics) isn’t a dumpster fire, it’s a leper colony that’s been napalmed.

No. 534538

Cyr literally lost his court case, how will he have a leg to stand on here. Any amount of self-humiliation to keep Dasha happy?

No. 534540


I wonder if he has actually suffered a psychotic break as a result of her abuse. Not that it would in any way absolve him, I think he has always been a self-serving greasy piece of shit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had a complete meltdown and has disconnected from reality.

No. 534541

Sage: I was watching Crazy ex-girlfriend (yeah) and this reminded me of Dasha https://youtu.be/QaYug9IZDz8

No. 534546

File: 1529743816612.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, 15465CDB-24DD-4DC6-993B-69151D…)

I thought Cyr was vegan?

No. 534547

There's no sage in /pt/, and put the YT link in the Youtube slot to embed it in a post. Here's how: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 534549

guess shrimp doesn't count lol

No. 534553

File: 1529745577788.jpeg (19.75 KB, 220x229, 9DFD73E7-28B7-4E97-B9D5-63B83E…)

Lifelong veganfag here, I dunno about the US but vegan “shrimp” made from konjak (it’s actually so realistic in both taste and appearance it’s terrifying) is readily available here in Australia, especially at Asian grocery stores (what with strict Buddhists being vegan). Pic related.

No. 534555

Ah, I see! On closer inspection the shrimp does appear to be vegan.

No. 534556

File: 1529746471268.png (72.71 KB, 610x314, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 2.23…)

No. 534558

Hahahhahahahaha, oh man this guy is a fucking bozo! Thanks for letting us now that the stupid cunt is illegal in your attempt to clear these dipshit’s names.

No. 534560

I realise vegan prawns exist, but this looks real to me.

No. 534561

What is this man's phone number, I have a bridge I'd like to sell him.

Does he not think through what other people tell him? Of course she can consult with an attorney at any time. She can make a legal complaint just as she can be charged with a crime. You're not suddenly exempt from the legal system due to being a foreign visitor. Wow, the gullibility.

No. 534563

As I said, vegan shrimp is terrifyingly realistic. Having said that, when I zoom in as much as possible on Mike’s pic whatever he is cooking looks like shrimp with the tail attached, which is something I’ve not encountered with vegan shrimp. Also, he and Julia both give zero fucks about humans so they probably give less than zero fucks about animals and just claim to be vegan for the virtue signalling. Tinfoil, but plausible.

No. 534564

More importantly, what kind of charges is Trasha wanting to file? She’s the one who engaged in unlawful activity (independent of her status in the US) by doxxing, cyber bullying and posting revenge porn. The idiocy is palpable.

No. 534566

File: 1529749877812.jpeg (51.26 KB, 750x411, EF67C78F-BA51-4A7B-9048-C147EE…)

Under Cyr’s latest video.

I honestly can’t tell if they’re vegan or not. The story is still up Cyr’s Instagram, if you guys want to get a better look.

No. 534570

File: 1529750364257.jpg (963.3 KB, 1560x1527, prawns.jpg)

They have tails, it would seem. It's probably that he's not presently vegan so I won't add any further autism to this.

No. 534571

There's so many layers to how dumb it is: no charges to lay; pretending to be outside the law; the pathetic lie to cover her illegal status.

No. 534572

I'm so upset after watching Edwins video, its so fucking sad

No. 534573

Is there a way to get big youtubers attention? I want to tweet pewdiepie, shane dawnson,.. but I have the feeling that there's no way that they are going to see my tweets (my twitter account is very unactive)

No. 534574

ok side note but where can one buy vegan prawns in the states?

No. 534575

Me too, I never thought I’d see the day when I felt legit emotions for someone on the internet who I’ve never met, but here we are. These are real people who seem like they’re genuinely nice and just want to get on with their lives, which is hard enough as it is with a long distance relationship, and they have two complete fruitcakes going to frankly astonishing lengths to fuck shit up for them. It also speaks volumes for how boring and miserable Doucha the organ grinder and her monkey Michael are that this is how they choose to spend their time. What a pair of losers.

No. 534576

Way to reveal that shes illegal, Also what fucking charges, What exactly can the charge edwin and mina for?

No. 534577

Lord Farquaad is shaking

No. 534578

First Greg now Dasha, Cyr sure likes them dark.

No. 534579


I don't get why Edwin doesn't get a immigration organisation involved.
Just send them to their apartment.
Julia's illegal in the USA and is illegally earning money.

Imagine how she's going to sperg when she gets deported and has to go back to Austria and is never again allowed back in the states.
I can't wait for this day.

No. 534580

I fucking hate their guts,they truly are vile and disgusting
People please dont forget about this when they finally choose to stop hiding,because thats what they are hoping for,this is how we need to stand up against abuse we can not let them get away with it

No. 534581

I'd love to see her deported then arrested for her nazi bullshit.

Fuck I'd love to see that justice.

No. 534591

I would 100% report that cunt to immigration myself, but I am a legal non-immigrant living in the USA and would hate for it to somehow get myself in trouble, even though I follow the rules!

No. 534593

I would love to report her, but I'm not from the US. Is there any way to do that?

No. 534596


Tinfoiling but I sincerely hope this isn't some janky attempt at pretending Mina is posting unreleased photos of Dasha on lolcow just as Dasha did to her. I wouldn't be surprised if they sent their minions to post in order to actually have ammunition for Cyr's supposed rebuttal video. "BAAWW MINA IS POSTING ON LOLCOW TOO LOOK SHE USES TILDES RIGHT SO THAT FARMER MUST BE HER".

No. 534597

Idk if you've been paying attention to the news or not but they've got their hands full of Mexicans right now.

No. 534599

cant we all just flag her instagram or report it for harassment somehow?(this is cowtipping)

No. 534600

see first reply in >>534345

No. 534601

Guys, settle down before you get banned. Read the rules.

I’ve been looking at some of her “fan accounts” rebuttal’s and this is basically what they’re going with. They’re also claiming that lolcow can’t be trusted because it’s a gossip website (yet Dasha was trying to turn us into her own personal army kek)
Another lie that they’re spreading is that lolcow and admin are biased.

No. 534602

Keep in mind that VidCon (and laughably, Tanacon) is ongoing this weekend so the likelihood of YouTubers seeing or reacting to you attempts this weekend is lower than usual.

No. 534604

File: 1529760804606.jpg (549.02 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20180623-021212_Ins…)

Ok so a little while ago I made a couple of "fan" accounts. JUST to see what would happen and how fast Dasha would block. Almost within minutes tbh lol. Butttt after being blocked by Dasha, each account would recieve comments and messages from a particular fan accusing me of slandering Dasha, telling me I'm a liar, body shamer, etc. Even tho I really didn't say anything about her, just posted pics with the caption "wow". Anyway, this instagram would message the accounts, call me a weirdo, slanderer and tell me what I'm doing is actually illegal and violates insta policies. Lol whatever but this is the account. Cyr and Dasha follow

No. 534605

Is there any subreddit where people might actually care about this and help edwin to get enough subscribers?

No. 534606

File: 1529761081556.jpg (110.13 KB, 478x603, thisfatcownevergivesup.jpg)

"My account got deleted by E and M minions guys" (funny because she calls Vincent "V")

Sure Boo.
a) If that even happened, people disliking you ARE NOT "E and M" minions. They dislike you because you are a crazy, pathetic, abusive piece of garbage.

b) Funny you're creating this narrative whilst actively trying to silence IG accounts that post proof of your abuse and Edwin's videos exposing you. I mean it's not like there's a videoclip of you asking people to flag his videos or anything.

No. 534607

omg anon THEY ARE FROM EDWINS VLOGS i said it again !! Why cant people read the thread wtf? This one I TOOK From the v log "she's not my daughter" ughhhhh stop speculating shit dasha minions

No. 534608

This is fathertamaki. I’ve been watching her arguments on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and I’m 99% sure she’s behind not only one of Dasha’s fan accounts, but has also lowkey been posting on here in the past threads. She’s been claiming that she no longer supports Dasha, but has been kissing her ass the whole entire time since Putin was outed for posting here and whiteknighting her on every platform. She’s on some kind of high right now from the attention that Dasha gives her, since she’s one of the few main minions that’s still supporting her.

I also think she’s a bit mentally challenged. Kek

No. 534609

Honestly, I think Edwin seems like a pretty good person and I really with Dasha and Cyr woukd leave him alone. Obv they have twisted all of their friends in the commentary community to believe their lies because everyone.. fans, friends, followers have spun the same narrative using the same vocabulary as Dasha and Cyr do. Everythinh being said and done has been masterminded by this psychotic russian wannabe (its always Russian). Nothing coming out aboyt Edwin seems like an individual opinion, just something theu heard and repeated. This is fucked

No. 534610

She looks 16-18 yrs old idk what to think of her being in close contact with Dasha/Cyr and possibly colluding with them. Why do these people need to drag everyone down with them? Even their own fans

No. 534611


For. fucking. real.

We aren't allowed to call each other out for being retarded or having a reading disability, but just know that erry time some dipshit rolls through that seems to be incapable of reading all the words in a post or grasping the concept that they are anon it's going to be one of Dasha's minions

Because they are all mentally challenged. You literally have to have moderate to severe autism to be conned by this Barrel Chested felon.

No. 534612

I forgot to add that she’s calling out the fake Dasha accounts, because between her and Dasha they man the “real” fan accounts. This is why she goes around calling out the fake ones, because they know which ones are theirs.

I think she barely graduated highschool this year

No. 534614

File: 1529763802570.png (182.42 KB, 720x931, Syd.png)

another account

No. 534617

You can do it online. But you have to know where she lives and have solid evidence she’s illegal and doing illegal things. Basically, only Edwin or Mina should be reporting her, which they should

No. 534622

People have been @ Philip defranco hopefully he notices and makes a video.

No. 534626

Honestly at this point I think people need to reach out to bigger commentary youtubers. I don’t see how Edwin is going to get through this without needing extra help(Do not interact with or harass cows)

No. 534629

Cyr is friends with lots of Tubers, so I don't think most of them would do anything unless it's trending.

No. 534630

I cant imagine the kind of response he's going to create… He fucked up, Dasha is nuts…? How stupid can they be?!

No. 534636

you don't actually think big youtubers care about this, do you?

No. 534639

The problem is a lot of cyrs friends have been taking his side of the situation and have blocked Edwin/Mina or attacked them unfortunately. I’m hoping some of them stop acting like idiots and actually make a video

No. 534642

Not saying she IS legal, but if it's true she's on extended visa, then she is legal. How funny would it be if she was actually illegal though, since NetNobody on twitter is v vocal about hating illegal immigrants.

No. 534643

I cant wait for Cyrs video. Hr I'd going to look really stupid especially if Lettie has in fact given Edwin new evidence.

No. 534645

I cant see her insta either and honestly i dont give fuck i reported her ! Nasty bitch
Deserves her insta full of fake followers deleted

No. 534647

I reported it and blocked too. Also Cyr’s channel. They are both assholes.

No. 534648

It's sad because edwin is clearly saying the truth about everything but Cyr has the "following" and the community "respect" even tho technically he's no longer a youtuber.

No. 534652

All these grown adults who can’t form their own verdicts nor opinions are fucking retarded. Who takes that greasy wankers word without out even the slightest doubt?

No. 534653

Cyr is probably going to take screencaps of people talking about her size/photoshopping and put it in the video to talk about how Dasha is being “harassed”

No. 534654

She's only on the spotlight because of what she did to Mina xd oh god. Shes prob going to say that she has body dysmorphia or some shit.

No. 534655

File: 1529775839401.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, B3186F0C-1096-40F3-91C4-6ABC0D…)

Well that would be dumb.

No. 534656

God if Cyr does do that it’s going to be so hypocritical. Dasha did the exact same thing people are doing to her, it’s called karma

No. 534657

Ha whats this bitch ever done to fight against LGH? Bitch is too scared to do shit because he's just as psychotic as her and she knows it.

Perhaps shes hoping to start a feud with him to win people and farmers over.

No. 534658

Can someone post side by side comparisons of dasha photoshopped vs not photoshopped?

No. 534660

>>534658 there >>534024

It’s old but she was going after onion projecting again

No. 534662

File: 1529776704869.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 23C8BF7E-7582-4D0B-BB1E-BF65C4…)

I know this is a Trasha thread but vincent looks so horrible especially compared to like 3-4 years ago

No. 534663

Being in a toxic relationship does that to you.

No. 534665

File: 1529777890323.png (457.26 KB, 750x1334, CC95F3C9-16AF-4413-A54A-AE9934…)

Julia stans really are something else. How can Julia manipulate people so well?

No. 534666

Guys, my conspiracy is that in Cyrs video he is just going to show all the hate she is getting and not mention one bit the nude/passport situation. Hes going to claim this is making her suicidal and being bullied. I thibk maybe Dasha is making some of her minions make some hate accounts so Cyr can use it in his video!

No. 534670

Lmfao give it a couple years and this bitch will recant saying that. Dasha likes to pretend she’s innocent at first then backstabs people in the long run

No. 534671

Yup exactly he’s just going to use the posts where people are making fun of Dasha, which she did the same to Mina. It’s pathetic

No. 534672

File: 1529778824138.jpg (36.13 KB, 814x459, weird.JPG)

Yes this account is sus! Posting a lot of bad pics of Julia from this thread but no proof of her abuse lol of course they also added the cyr tag so he can see it for his video….

No. 534684

Actually I mentioned in the picture of them together that they are abusers and enablers so yeah. Also Dasha fans unfortunately do not care about her doing all those things because somehow she convinced them that she is the victim. I just wanted to post some pics to destroy the perfect image they have of her

No. 534686

This whole situation that Dasha has created with her stalking and harassment is insane. Cyr could end up completely killing what is left of his channel if people turn on him, all because of her. She has already caused him to lose friends and now he has to defend her by making a video, when he mostly hasn't even been involved in any of this. He looks like shit and is probably stressed out every day. He really should just do himself a big favor and dump the toxic cow. He's probably cheating on her anyways, so idg why he is still being so loyal to her and allowing himself to get dragged through her shit.

No. 534688

File: 1529780139098.png (985.46 KB, 750x1334, D631C79E-DFFB-444D-8FA9-26EB2D…)

Lmao calling her out for her photoshop is apparently anti women

No. 534691

fucking retards being all 'i support every single being on planet earth and only spread happiness' and they allll live the damn opposite of that, it's clear and it pisses me off

No. 534693

>Mina photoshops too
KEK Mina hasn't ever photoshopped herself into a whole new person

if anything Dasha is anti-women for trying to constantly portray herself as having a perfect body but photoshopping so insanely to look like a different person and claiming body positivity?

No. 534696

File: 1529780751532.png (483.69 KB, 750x1334, E5AAB056-3A16-4D1C-8290-504DC0…)

No. 534699

B-b-b-but Mina!!

No. 534700

Kek. There is using photoshop and then there is altering your entire body and face to look like a completely different person.

No. 534702

No matter how much they try to slander Mina, nothing she does is on the same level of fucked up Dasha is.
The "she's just as bad" defense makes absolutely no damn sense to me because even if it was true, that doesn't make Dasha any less crazy.

No. 534713

This is ridiculous. 'It's almost like in her OWN selfies and photos she knows her angles'. She was on a PHOTOSHOOT on the right KEK you'd think she'd remember her 'good angles and poses' on a shoot as the 'pRo MoDel' she is. Or could it be that she just looks bad irl hm?

'Anti women reeee !1!1!' Lol Dasha on the other hand is a great example and loves to see other women be happy and succeed in life, especially Mina, she LOVES HER. God her minions are… Something else.

No. 534725

Yup! This is exactly what I was thinking. He’s going to completely not mention the revenge porn or the doxing. And if people comment on that, he’ll probably delete it.

No. 534730

File: 1529785727560.jpg (45.81 KB, 531x720, IMG_20180623_232833_258.jpg)

Natural beeauty

No. 534731

I still feel like Dasha might eventually claim she was diagnosed with some personality disorder (from her phone "therapy" kek) and blame her behaviour on that.

No. 534732

File: 1529785815162.png (478.21 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-23-23-16-41…)

No. 534733

That might be the only way people will actually be willing to forgive her, granted she says she’s going to try to change. But, I really think she’d never admit that she’s that obsessed with Mina. She’ll most likely want to deny everything.

No. 534735

File: 1529786117623.jpg (50.44 KB, 681x720, IMG_20180623_233420_470.jpg)

"Im gonna be Mina"

No. 534737

File: 1529786496379.png (719.18 KB, 1166x379, fds.png)

No. 534739

Because Cyrs been manipulated for so long, there’s basic research on manipulative narcissists. They evedently turn their partner into them and confuse the truth into their mind, similar how she did it to Mina convincing her that she still liked Cyr. She knows how to manipulate people that weak minded people would believe her, her boyfriend is depressed, her minions are all depressed, and even Mina was depressed coming from a bad place. So glad some of her minions and Mina realized it, but she’s psychologically damaging, her type of manipulation makes people think that they’re losing their minds. And it’s all too conmen but in her case, she’s more severe. She would be the type of person you would only hear about on Tv of how twisted a person is. She’s convincing and sociopathic people are like that too. I think people should be aware that she’s more dangerous then you think, going through people’s personal things like she did with Cyr and Mina, who knows if she went through Edwin’s stuff too.

He definitely has lost his mind, if he ever does break out of this deep manipulation, which I don’t think will be for a long time, or probably even ever, he would need deep psychological therapy, she considers his emotions weak, and conditioned him to turn into her, if Mina would have stayed longer she would have picked up some personality traits too, but thank goodness Edwin was there to break from that.

The whole thing with netnobody, think they should have approached him differently. I don’t think he’ll sympathize with them after that. The goal is to get people to sympathize and to listen. Which they should have done first then go after his parenting I guess. Could have said “well you’re aware then that I’ve been harassed and doxxed and abused but you don’t like Edwin because he speaks the truth and stands up to abusers” something like that. I would at least think bunty would sympathize, but I guess his reason is that netnobody helped him get his platform back. He should have at least said something about dasha. She can be intimidating but she doesn’t have all the power.

I’m really confused how she hasn’t been deported, Edwin knows her real name, he could tip them off with that. She doesn’t deserve to stay here for much longer.

No. 534740

Shut up, Hentaiiguy, you and your shitty english skills need to stop trying to be involved

No. 534755

File: 1529790346392.jpeg (475.29 KB, 1125x1687, 872390A0-54B7-4091-8669-92603E…)

Edwin has been continuously gaining followers all day, over 1,000 in the last 24 hours or so.

No. 534757

File: 1529790606467.jpg (438.34 KB, 1077x1830, 20180623_224308.jpg)

it popped up on my newsfeed that dasha recently liked this post so she's def still lurking on itsbabydash, oh the irony

No. 534762

Stop looking for a fight.

Cyrs been deleting comments on his pictures. I thought he would care about his internet fame thanks to dasha all his platforms are dead with cringe content. He’s loosing an average of 30 followers a day on all platforms. The only platform he’s gaining is twitch.

No. 534769

File: 1529792047742.jpg (1.96 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180624_01124534…)

just like the good ol times trasha posts smth on her story right after mina does

No. 534771

I think people need to start Dming Shane Dawson, Philip de Fraco, and other people with big platforms not associated with Cyr. No one close to Cyr will listen. If enough people could dm, one of them is bound to look at it. Mina also has a YouTube she could use it to tell her followers what’s going on. She could also make an Instagram post. I really hope Edwin can save his channel.

No. 534776

File: 1529792811110.jpeg (50.54 KB, 478x356, 1F32225D-0FB9-446A-B949-F71BF4…)

>making fun of appearance and shit is g r o s s
Good thing I always have these screen shots on deck (;

Can we stop giving them ideas lol

No. 534777

File: 1529793173970.jpeg (216.33 KB, 750x1106, 41E29992-41E6-485A-BB5B-46E306…)

Dasha has been manipulating from the get go. Really acting like she’s gonna die to her followers lol. Currently using suicide to make people feel sorry for her and using it against everyone. Great job always exaggerating everything

No. 534778

Holy shit she is always projecting

No. 534781


>posting her full name is doxxing

And yet Julia can post a picture of Minas fucking passport? Lmao, how dense is this person

No. 534782

File: 1529794046140.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, E4895557-45DF-45BA-9FC8-B7709F…)

Fuck yes! I know Dasha was following her, haha! I’m guessing since beautyspock and Florence are close, she might be against Dasha aswell?

No. 534788

File: 1529795516316.jpeg (128.14 KB, 1125x644, BC5B3D28-ADC6-4C1A-A15E-2640FF…)

In contrast, have a look at cyr in the last day.

No. 534803

Mike has always been such a Great Value Gabe Saporta it isn't even funny.

No. 534812

Is this a 'I hate her' or a 'I wanna fuck her' look because the lines blur with Dasha's shit

No. 534814

She's analyzing her so she can then copy her.

No. 534816

He's also not going to address that he lost the court case to Edwin because that's cold hard proof he was ripping Edwin off.

IMO she's too narcissistic to admit to a permanent flaw like that. She's stick with ""depression"".

No. 534821

>>534776 such heavy projecting, it's laughable and horribly embarassing

No. 534825

File: 1529799415255.jpg (31.32 KB, 600x172, projection.JPG)

>>534776 Remember this? kek

No. 534830

She reminds me so much of a mini-Kiki kek

No. 534832

So wait, do they have anything against Mina and Edwin besides calling them liars and accusing them of bizarre shit? They could just let it go, not many people even knew about Julia and Mikr kicking Edwin and Mina out so the psycho couple wouldve been hurt less if they just never mentioned it themselves from the start…

No. 534835

Tbf kaka’s trolling and shitpost spergouts were more hilariously batshit than doucha’s were/are. This is a different type of crazy, but gloriously milky nonetheless

No. 534845

File: 1529801281285.jpg (1.69 MB, 2485x1615, 18-06-23-20-48-12-259_deco.jpg)

No. 534846

Putin said "I have so much dirt on you I'm writing book" A YEAR AGO yet still hasn't provided any proof, I assume they don't have shit.

No. 534847

File: 1529801361148.png (965.27 KB, 1080x1391, Capture _2018-06-23-19-49-13-1…)

No. 534848

Dasha needs to stop using fillers in her face they are doing her no favors, she should also dress for her apple shape instead of spending hours photoshopping.

No. 534851

File: 1529801583875.jpg (2.34 MB, 2560x1787, 18-06-23-20-53-32-225_deco.jpg)

No. 534853

The collarbone shoop cracks me up every time. I’m a skinny bitch and even my clavicles don’t look like this.

Gurl, there’s no hope for her. No amount of filler abstinence or dressing for her Caster Semenya sans muscle body is going to make her any less unattractive than she is.

No. 534856


No. 534860

It seems like couple of people are commenting on phils video. Hopefully more people do, I’d love to see him make a video and reck dashas manipulative ass

No. 534869

Hopefully the comments re Cyr and Dasha on Phil’s video get a lot of likes; top comments are so much more likely to get noticed at the very least

No. 534879

omg, this fucking chick
I didn't know she had drama but I do have a personal story about her.

We were both hired to model for the same company last year and our shoots were at the same time. When she was shooting I overheard the producers quietly talking among themselves that Dasha "didn't look like her instagram photos" and said she was hired BECAUSE of her modeling portfolio on insta. I asked her for her insta bc I was curious to see what she had up there since the producers were commenting on her appearance being so diff and omg. I was so taken aback. In her IG photos she photoshopped herself like a 23 inch waist and in real life she totally had a gut. Which is like .. fine, but she got hired bc they thought she looked different from how she actually does. I just got word the other day that they completely scrapped her part of the shoot bc of her appearance difference. They wanted someone they WOULDN'T have to spend hours photoshopping to make look good. I lol'd bc she was kind of a snooty bitch in person

No. 534884

File: 1529806187560.png (970.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-16-23-49-06…)


No. 534887

tfw even companies think unrealistic, constantly changing shoops are 'reality'.

No. 534901


do you have any receipts m8

No. 534907

This bitch is cat fishing modeling agencies, holy shit she looks so out of place compared to those models

No. 534917

I feel so bad for these indie companies catfished by her lmao. Imagine paying for Spongebob to come to your shoot when the editing cost is more than the advertiser's gain.

No. 534922

>>534737 That ogre head eyeing mina like a creepy predator.

No. 534930

Lmao she has a giant DECAGON face aka OGRE x 10.


No. 534933

File: 1529812255172.png (41.73 KB, 895x247, Screenshot (3).png)

Fuck Yeah!

Kek. I don't know why we ever compared her to Putin, even he isn't this fucking deformed looking. Putin, forgive me for comparing you to Shrek.

No. 534934

I don't think Philly D is going to take the case. I know he is nuts but maybe keem?

No. 534937

File: 1529813359926.png (97.9 KB, 1070x501, ded.png)

frick i am so sorry for bumping the thread over this but i reverse image searched to see if i could find who made this dress and

No. 534942

Repzion commented on Edwins new video!! I think justice will finally be served!!!

No. 534943


Lmaoooo. That's so.. stupid, but honestly it's the only way I could understand her booking any gigs. They look at the girl on instagram and want her, not the reality. It's pretty sad they couldn't tell by looking that she's heavily edited. Still, her edits and her in person are totally different, maybe they were hoping for at least workable.

No. 534964

Lmfao, the blaurgh uploaded a video recapping the fight between Mina and Edwin with Netnobody, and everyone is ripping him a new one in the comment section.

No. 534970

This image fuels my "Trasha is in love with Mina" tinfoil, god damn.

No. 534975

The only way DeFranco's team can be made aware of this and tell him is if a person who's part of DeFranco elite, using their phone app makes somehow a commentary about this story.

No. 534978

Sorry if OT but Damon and Edwin are close friends right? I’m sure he’s aware of what’s going on but he still follows Cyr?

No. 534982

Damon is having a hard time mentally, I don't think he's even watch any of it.

No. 534984

Lmfao, farmers make mention of Cyr losing followers and all of a sudden he gains like 6 followers. Fucking Dasha and her sockies.

No. 534990

File: 1529822534415.jpeg (247.2 KB, 750x701, D7819CA8-6388-4FEF-8D7A-27C513…)

My favourite tweaker weighs in on the latest: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=0Qr4eaPopwc

No. 534991

I can even begin to imagine how all of this is affecting Edwin’s mental health, I hope he takes a break from the Internet once all this fuckery settles down (assuming it will settle down)

No. 534993

File: 1529823481202.png (10.03 KB, 493x77, netcyr.png)

This is what Cyr is telling his friends about the nude photos.

No. 534998


This level of utter delusion? Seriously, is Cyr really THIS special that these people blindly believe all this shit (despite the MOUNTAINS of proof) and can put up with all this bullshit that comes with supporting him? He's this good of a friend?

No. 535002

Guys, Edwin just happened to be best pals with the admin of a gossip website. Don’t you know that sounds super legit. Kek

No. 535008

File: 1529825265649.jpeg (145.96 KB, 803x1024, 42-28885793_1024x1024.jpeg)

Girl lookin like a friar

No. 535010

File: 1529825454360.jpg (255.89 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20180624-022926_Sam…)

Now I see why cyr might make a video but what this dude is saying is if Cyr makes a video hes innocent? Regardless most of Cyrs fans will refuse to listen.

No. 535012


>pictures aren't from his home

But didn't dasha steal it from mina's phone then upload them here? (Not based from took a photo then upload them)

>edwin knows his address

Admins checked from ip address right? Not from home address or something like that.

No. 535016


is this fucktard autist or something? I just watched a blargh compilation of the twitter fight with Edwing and holy shit the retardation is insane

No. 535017

I just loved seeing Dasha get head butted while trying to be in the shot at any cost 14:37 (she wasn't singing 2 frames before that and showed up out of nowhere)


No. 535019

File: 1529826638722.png (610.31 KB, 648x418, quadruplechin.PNG)

It's not even a double chin at this point

No. 535022

was that blouse somehow glued to her chest or something? if not she flashed everyone at that party

No. 535024

Dasha’s 5 chin makes an appearance again!

No. 535025

File: 1529827057836.jpg (692.91 KB, 1080x1920, 20180624_035624.jpg)

No. 535026

File: 1529827073047.jpg (694 KB, 1080x1914, 20180624_035607.jpg)

No. 535029

File: 1529827238365.jpeg (109.18 KB, 750x750, 2096E106-5EA2-42C1-A130-D9A445…)

She’s like a fucking toad

This was already posted in the last thread.

No. 535031


another idiot in the basket… how long until she goes "omg wait no I actually was led to believed thing that weren't true" and deletes everything

No. 535032

File: 1529827420267.jpg (173.43 KB, 2000x1922, 1512591308874.jpg)

Hahahaha she's a fucking fatass, No wonder she seethes about mina. What an ugly cow.

No. 535034

I’m deceased. Cyr, really? Aren’t you like 30 years old and you’re this autistic? I’m cackling. I had not known Edwin personally knew the admins and they conspired this shit show. God is here seriously this delusional? Or is Dasha blackmailing him lmao.

No. 535035


I'd be willing to bet money that Dasha has covinced Cyr of all of this. Cyr isn't super into the drama or how it all works… she's a manipulative lunatic. After all he's stuck by for for, I have to assume that's why he stays. There's no pussy that good.

No. 535036

Not like he even does Dasha. Even if she cried Cyr wouldn't do her lol.

No. 535038

Omg they're still trying to claim admin did this??

>Kiki thinks Taylor runs lolcow

>Angela thinks Amina runs lolcow
>Dasha and Cyr think Mina runs lolcow

No. 535039

File: 1529829348470.png (48.94 KB, 902x659, twitter.PNG)

According to social blade, Cyr is losing a lot of followers on twitter and today he deleted some tweets. Do you guys think it's a bug or he's covering his tracks for the video he's making?

No. 535046


wtffff?? i know these pics are recent, it makes me think she's even larger now than she was for the photoshoot.

No. 535047

File: 1529830042143.jpg (25.43 KB, 564x384, e80666b314fb9aadfa7770d6206c52…)

God, just look at how MUCH Dasha shopped herself to look like Mina. I can't imagine what Mina felt like when she looked at these while living in that house.

No. 535048

I think she must be throwing up her food at least 3 times a day to look like that tbh

No. 535052

I can’t imagine what Cyr will be able to “prove” in his video. Can he prove Edwin knows the admins? No, probably not because only someone who’s in denial would suggest something so retarded. He’s just going to reiterate lies told by Dasha and how much hate she’s getting :’(. I’m also curious as to how he will disputes that leaked audio of him and Dasha conspiring to delete Edwin’s channel?

No. 535057

To make a response video, cyr needs to watch all edwins video's, right? I can't imagine him watching all that and still believing that edwin made everything up while dasha has 0 proof

No. 535058

File: 1529836003924.jpeg (148.63 KB, 738x826, DF3F6022-8385-4B01-BD0B-B04816…)

Did anyone spot two refrigerators in DTLA?

No. 535061

I commented on pewdiepies latest tweet, who knows he'll notice it. He's very much against abusing the youtube strike system + he follows cyr on twitter

No. 535080

File: 1529844085228.jpg (25.48 KB, 446x524, sure.JPG)

>>534556 Netnobody admitted TWICE (on video) that Cyr lied about being blackmailed by Edwin. Said he wasn't involved in their drama for over a year, then changed it to 4 months, then back to a year.

He said he doesn't stand with Dasha in these previous twitter videos but later says "she's innocent" according to Cyr (again after admitting that Cyr lied to him about the drama last year)… Interesting. Netnobody, what are you doing? Oh and fuck Cyr!

>>534934 Keem knows. He said it's boring…

>>535029 Tfw even Lena looks better than you

>>535058 Wow she's so lucky! she got to look at the toad and listen to it complain irl, such fun!

No. 535086

File: 1529846192463.jpeg (469.96 KB, 2048x1627, 3AA85B38-038B-4D42-B44C-39E9AC…)

Guys, I found the motherload on babydashtrash’s IG. Loads and loads of evidence showcasing what a fucking cunt Julia is. We don’t even need her to re-activate twitter anymore, there’s so many incriminating photos/comments on Violet’s contrxi account. Lmao

No one will give a shit when she inevitably cries wolf and claims she’s being b00lied by “MinaN’Edwin fans.” Now I’m just waiting for Cyr to upload his video, so that he can put the final nail on the coffin.

No. 535088

lmaoo two jealous cows becoming friends, isn't that sweet

No. 535092

File: 1529846915485.jpeg (635.1 KB, 1829x1880, 9B43D472-EE19-4BA8-8313-3F9623…)

I find it oh so strange how Dasha always happened to have so many screenshots of the accounts cringy edits, but there’s never any proof of her yEaR lOnG hArRaSsMeNt at the hands of Mina. I also highly doubt that Dasha would fail to save evidence that Mina was harassing her, which leads me to believe (which everyone already knew anyway) that she was never harassed.


No. 535094

There is so much comments about edwin and mina on defranco's video i actually have hope he will make one
Plus repzion is making one and he has 500k followers even tho he doesnt get a lot of views tho
Ready to glares video is almost at 100k
There is hope for justice

No. 535106

File: 1529854109982.png (445.55 KB, 1080x1348, Capture _2018-06-24-10-28-20-1…)

No. 535110

File: 1529855941651.jpg (567.74 KB, 1080x1637, SmartSelect_20180624-115613_In…)

Another post denying Dasha influencing her fans to support her. Notice how they use the same vocabulary at contrxi… Almost as if someone told them what to write…

No. 535111

File: 1529855974140.jpg (496.54 KB, 1080x1638, SmartSelect_20180624-115629_In…)

No. 535112

File: 1529856401230.jpg (444.02 KB, 1080x1209, SmartSelect_20180624-120715_In…)

No. 535115

Jesus christ, these people are fucking delusional.

No. 535116


No. 535117

File: 1529856764516.jpg (67.93 KB, 658x351, IMG_20180624_181009.jpg)

Yeah, no one ever accused Cyr od cheating, ever.

No. 535119

Her stans are pretty naive. Of course young fans are going to continue harassing someone or making edits if their idol responds with LMAO or I'M SCREAMING as we've seen Dasha do. They get positive attention so they continue to try and appease her, even if she doesn't outright say it. She encourages their behaviour. And that's giving her the benefit of the doubt that she really didn't ask for them to drag Mina, which is unlikely.

I'm sure she influenced them into posting about taking reponsibiliry as well, even without saying it blatantly. "People really hate me and think that I forced you guys to make those edits.. all this hate is making me so suicidal." So her stans will post about how they're responsible for their own actions, not even realizing they were manipulated into doing so.

No. 535120

I don’t think he’s saying that just that Cyr needs to clear his name.. which we know he can’t. Maybe a response wi be a good thing. Some of Cyrs big YouTuber friends might actually pay attention to what’s actually happening because if he lies he’ll def be called out.

No. 535122

I wanna see what would happen if these fans turned on Dasha

No. 535123

Net also said that he thinks Cyr is losing his mind in the chat so this drama must really be getting to him.

No. 535126

lol if cyr believes that dasha is so innocent, maybe he should make her activate her twitter again and read her dm's

No. 535128

I really hope people continue to ask Philip to make a video, if he does cyr and Dasha are done for

No. 535132

File: 1529858757726.jpg (259.82 KB, 928x2216, Minasaesthetic.jpg)

Yet here's Dasha asking her main brainwashed minion to attack Mina some more.

No. 535134

Why are you blocking out their names? All the people commenting on those posts are Dasha’s biggest supporters and serial harassers of Mina and Edwin.

No. 535136

I just checked out the comments on phillyD’s latest vid and left a comment and bumped the other comments myself. I feel bad for Edwin and Mina getting harassed so heavily and I really hope someone like philly will talk about it and really shed light on Cyr and make Cyr’s friends realize how fucked up they all are as well. Edwin can really use the help before his channel really does get deleted.

No. 535137

Not that anon but maybe to be safe? I can’t take these minions seriously because they all seem like teenage girls still in or fresh out of high school. They’re just ignorant and follow what they believe to be cool and it’s unfortunate that they chose Dasha to be their role model.

No. 535138

Hell yeah dude I’ll do the same. I’m honestly really really hoping he makes a video because all the other commentary youtubers are being fucking idiots and taking cyrs side. It infuriates me that Dasha thinks she can get away with this

No. 535142

These are Dasha’s main minions. Everyone knows who these same 5 dumbfucks are already. You literally see them on every platform circle jerking and dogpiling anyone who says anything critical about Dasha. We know who they are, no need to censor their names for “protection” when they’re serial harassers/antagonizers.

No. 535144

File: 1529861645983.jpeg (187.18 KB, 750x1207, 310D00FA-F0AC-493F-BADB-4A37E0…)

Lmfaoooo, guys. Dasha has finally completed her transformation into Onision 2.0. She lured a young girl from a fucked up home, into her weird greasy cult poly thing.

I just can’t help but wonder where she’s going to lock up babydashtrash, when her and Cyr don’t have a basement?

No. 535145

File: 1529861749683.jpeg (373.44 KB, 2048x1549, 2B541687-82AD-4AD4-97F2-8D58A2…)

I mean, is it me or does this sound a little flirty?

No. 535146

wtfff has he even posted a comment on any other photos of her? that one doesn't even have anything to do with him. plus, this 100% means he has seen all the harassment the girl and dasha have posted towards mina on the account

No. 535147

Yes, it’s one of the few posts he’s commented on. The other ones he only commented on when she tagged him. This one he commented on voluntarily.

No. 535148

The entire commentary community is just one big circle jerk led by keemstar and all these '2edgy4u' youtubers like cyr are protected by them.

No. 535149

funny how dasha tried to make edwin out to be an old creep but honestly cyr is

No. 535152

I believe that reaching out to Philip defranco and other drama channels would work best on twitter, I feel like most don’t read ever YouTube comment

No. 535153

New conspiracy… Theyre flying out this chick to be in Cyrs video to express her witnessing all this "abuse." lol This video is going to blow up on their faces just like Letties did. If they were smart they wouldnt do it bc at the end of the day it's going to make people realize how truly shitty they are. Dasha's audio clip was the best thing that could happen bc she cant claim that it's fake!

No. 535154

It’s ironic how they call out people for doing shitty things, yet when their “precious” friend and gf get called out they get cold feet. Bunch of fucking hypocrites

No. 535155

I haven't seen anyone point out that in the audio Putin also said she's trying to get a video by a company removed. Is that about the plugged shoot posted here where her fupa is exposed?

No. 535156

I’m curious, if cyr does say that the admins are covering up for Edwin or say something along the lines that the admins are faking it, will the admins speak out? It’s an odd situation to put them in. Even if he does so, he’s digging himself a hole because it’s such a stretch to insinuate that. It’ll be pathetic if he tries that

No. 535157

I assume they would, as ridiculous as the accusation is. Seems to be his only real “fuel” if you can even call it that because it’s not even true lmao.

No. 535158

Too bad I already have it nicely safe and tucked in a nice little folder. Kek

No. 535159

That's not what she said. She said they're going to get one of Edwin's videos taken down by a professional agency in order to get his channel deleted- 3 videos need to be taken down for the deletion, so they're using flagging as well as a professional agency to achieve this

No. 535160

File: 1529865572203.jpg (322.79 KB, 1080x1787, 20180624_143808.jpg)

No. 535161

File: 1529865594160.jpg (652.02 KB, 1080x1920, 20180624_143735.jpg)

No. 535164


On twitter he used to say "OH MY GOD" to girls he followed who posted risque pics. They guy is just horny and has a thing for butts. lol Dasha's ass probably does nothing for him.

No. 535166

bbygirl_doll is 13 currently, so she was 12 when this happened. Dasha's army literally includes children. I have no words.

No. 535167

File: 1529867015247.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x2560, 18-06-24-15-03-10-563_deco.jpg)

Possible Dasha Stans

No. 535168

File: 1529867209130.jpg (391.71 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20180624-144726_Ins…)

No. 535172

Lolol. How do I flirt with Cyr so I can piss Dasha off? I have no IG. But he seems to be in a desperate place rn(cowtipping)

No. 535173

We already know who her minions are. Stop spamming the thread with irrelevant crap.

No. 535174

Why does this sound like dasha took cyrs phone and typed these comments herself. I wouldn’t be surprised

No. 535177

She can't trust even voice message now she has to meet them in person to tell them what to do next

No. 535189

A friendship fueled by the hate and obsession for one girl. Such friendhsip, much love.

No. 535194

@ cyr on twitter with a booty pic

No. 535197

her lips look so fucking botched

No. 535244

Her sister is living her best life, didn’t botch herself, and not using her bad life as an excuse to be a bad person. Her sister went through the same thing with an absent mother and all of that. Dasha on the other hand started partying, drinking, making bad decisions, even admitted to getting injections on her forehead at 16, like what the fuck? You could have made something of your life, stop riding on other people’s fame and making excuses for yourself and manipulating people you sick bitch

No. 535245

File: 1529880506187.png (74.88 KB, 1301x303, Captureqqqq.PNG)

Not anything new, but I was reading previous threads and found this hilarious post by Dasha. Tries to say she looks the same in photos and livestreams, then talks about herself in first person wew
> I have a major double chin when I am laying down
How tf will she try to deny this was her?

No. 535249

File: 1529881651487.jpg (154.03 KB, 749x624, IMG_5911.jpg)

No. 535258

Does Dasha realize Edwin only posted those videos when she went on here and released minas personal info. Edwin does this as a direct reaction to her shit. If she just left them alone, they’d leave her alone. Jfc

No. 535261

I looooove how Dasha needs to rely on these minions and no one of her insta thot friends is publically supporting her. Even her best friend phiphi is not publically defending dasha. I'm sure she would love that since she likes her minions comments and made lettie make that video

No. 535266

Edwin and Mina evil and disgusting, damn the shit her head must be filled with. She could probably never give a valid reason. Why aren't they enjoying their friendship, they get together to still obsess over Mina, pathetic.

No. 535268

No. 535273

File: 1529884930101.jpg (715.68 KB, 1080x1279, SmartSelect_20180624-145107_In…)

No. 535278


if enough people tweet this at Dylan Farrow, she might retweet it eventually, since her whole life is about bringing abuse to light, js

No. 535284

Why do you keep posting irrelevant pictures of dasha

No. 535285

File: 1529886381461.png (16.77 KB, 576x146, repzion.PNG)

Anybody post this here yet

No. 535290


This will be good. He has a big following and always goes in pretty hard. Why does his bio say ex-youtuber though?

No. 535291

File: 1529887371530.jpg (60.76 KB, 503x451, dumbanddumber.jpg)

>>535285 I can't fucking wait for Cyr's video it's gonna be so messy!

No. 535293

because he's not doing it full time anymore due to the adpocalypse. he's kind of dramatic.

well, people better feed him stuff that they discovered here in lolcow, because looking at the responses to this tweet, he didn't even know about Dasha's admission to getting Edwin kicked out, so I bet his "Dasha folder" is not that great to begin with. Someone should e-mail him a dossier on her shit so he doesn't screw this up.

No. 535297

It’s better than nothing. He’s kinda annoying but I’d rather him speak out on trasha then to lose potential audiences that will support Edwin and Mina

No. 535301

At this point I'm probably more upset about all the youtubers who directly or indirectly support their actions by not doing shit. I mean it's not only about Edwin and Mina at this point. It's a violation of yt's rules that should worry every single one of them, cause it could happen to each of them

No. 535303

It pisses me off. I never thought I’d get so angry over something like this but god damn. These are grown adults who are willing to turn an eye to this just for the sake of still being friends with cyr or not wanting to get into “drama”. At this point it’s long crossed the line of drama, it’s fucking sick how evil Dasha is

No. 535307

Is Cyr with a network? Is that what they're talking about?

No. 535310


I dont get what's so great about Cyr that people are willing to overlook this shit or just not care. Why would you want your name associated with this garbage. It will only hurt their brand.

No. 535316

It’s not that he’s so great. It’s because he’s been around for a long time and used to be cute and both him and Trasha seem to do an unhealthy amount of venting to their tween fans. Tween fans eat up the attention they give them and they feel like they have “exclusive” info because they talk to them directly. It’s dumb.

No. 535318

The Anon is referring to why youtubers are supporting cyr/being dicks to Edwin not the teenage fan girls

No. 535319

It blows my mind why. You are exactly right, knowing the youtubers who support him leave a dirty taste in my mouth and I don’t see myself watching them in the future. They don’t even realize what damage they’re doing. My logical thought is that cyr manipulated them into believing it’s just Edwin being a drama queen, hence why they won’t watch his videos nor listen to him. (Which that in itself is fucking stupid to do)

No. 535320


yea, exactly.


I didn't even know that he exists before all this drama. I have no idea what people know him for and I don't find his videos funny, intellectual or special - at least not the ones I've seen

No. 535321

I second the subreddit thing. I wouldn't know where to post tho. r/livestreamfail? r/hobbydrama?

No. 535322

feminist ones, ones about abuse etc

No. 535329


I get what you're saying, but I find it extremely hard to believe that after all the hype, the tweeting, and the uproar its caused that they haven't watched it. Like, if Cyr was my best friend and I promised not to watch something… then it blew up and all hell broke loose, alone at 3am curiosity would certainly get the best of me. They've seen it.

No. 535331

File: 1529893638561.png (67.68 KB, 603x492, keem.PNG)

keem is fucking slow but the reason why this story isn't picking up is because Edwin insists on making long form FILMS about this shit instead of sticking to what's important and not EVERY LITTLE FUCKING DETAIL

Nobody has the patience to watch a fucking Tarkovisky 3 hour feature film about how Dasha is a lunatic. Edwin should learn how to filter this shit so people actually get to what's important before clicking off.

No. 535335

File: 1529894354660.jpg (413.37 KB, 1080x1218, SmartSelect_20180622-204321_Fa…)

Dasha's soulmate

No. 535338

I completely agree with you. He could condense his 'work' into 10 - 15 minutes at the most and not these long ass videos with chapters more of these bigger Youtubers would be paying attention. He could save all the rambling, not illegal not annoying and weird shit Dasha does for livestreams or something. I do find his movies entertaining but a lot of people won't make time to watch all of that.

No. 535339

Yeah it kills me how he's been acting all full of himself the past week or so and then started breaking down crying (no tears lol) as soon as he mentioned a video got demonetised.

No. 535340

File: 1529895109299.jpeg (94.33 KB, 750x771, CEE6A0CC-8C00-4D43-897D-26053C…)

Reposting comment because too many typos.

That and his fucking incessant need to cry in literally EVERY video, livestream, and story. Not to mention the clickbaity and “recap” videos he’s posted in between the drama, only watering down the effect of his videos (like a farmer pointed out). Another thing that’s beginning to make me lose respect for him, is the smug ass attitude he’s had since Dasha was outed for posting on here. He feels ballsy now because he has support and has been calling everyone and their mom out, which isn’t doing him any favors when it comes to appealing to 2edgy4me YouTube commentators.

He’s so cringe calling himself the king of receipts aswell, as if he hasn’t been piggybacking from the info that farmers collect here. I’ve also seen him verbally repeat comments from here and from other supporters of his on Twitter/YouTube, which isn’t a problem, but still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I still hold the believe that Mina should break up with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if even she’s annoyed and tired of seeing him cry every 2 minutes. Like we get it bro, WE GET IT.

No. 535341

And you know what? That's exactly what Cyr's got on him. He wants it to sound like he's not making countless and countless videos on him and his girlfriend, but the fact of the matter is, as you've illustrated he can't separate what's serious from what is profitable. These issues with Cyr are serious shit. He shouldn't be jumping at every opportunity to put Cyr in the title just because it brings him views. "It's my show" we get it, but he's suffering the consequences for it.
I guarantee you when Cyr makes his response he's going to point out the length of the videos and compare how many views Edwin gets on videos about Cyr and Dasha as opposed to his other content.

No. 535342

Can we try not to criticize the victims in this too much? I don't want either of them feeling like they have to hide again because ultimately that's what Cyr and Dasha want. Let him expose them as they are.

No. 535343

And, forgot to mention, he's also going to use that to defend him wanting to flag Edwin's shit for harassment.

No. 535345

For all I care, your comment here is part of Dasha's and Cyr strategy to get their response video making any sort of sense. The more Edwin talks about EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING, the more his points are going to be invalidated as bait and milking for views.

No. 535346

It’s been a year or more of Dashas shit and her leaking nudes and personal info, wtf would you do. My ass would be crying

No. 535352

Ok putin calm down. Lmao

No. 535353

No? Wtf I just don't want Cyr and Dasha to win by silencing Edwin and Mina. Getting on his ass for the way he presents his experiences, feelings, etc is just counterproductive. Get over it.

No. 535354

Are you kidding me? He needs to listen to constructive criticism and stop being so fucking smug. Mina is doing the correct thing by not reacting to every. little. thing. She’s been targeted by Dasha and her Minions even more than Edwin and I’ve yet to see her cry. I’m sorry if my comment doesn’t sit well for you, but Edwin needs to stop being SO over dramatic.

No. 535355

Well, if you haven't noticed that's the reason why people won't even hear anything coming from Edwin enough to want to defend him. Because he's been doing shit like that.

No. 535357

Yeah because he knows it was you dasha (or dasha minion) because it was you/dasha that sent voice notes saying that was your plan to remove his videos.

No. 535359

What anon made the ONTD post? Interesting work, indeed.

No. 535360

LMAO anyone that doesn't like Edwins crying is Dasha now? He could've let people know without the over dramatic no tears crying, you KNOW that's not the first time he heard that clip. And he already knew that they were gonna flag him prior because of that Petra girl on Twitter.

No. 535361

File: 1529896494066.png (129.86 KB, 585x487, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 11.1…)

Luckily Edwin is self-aware of this and says he will be doing a summary of it. Not surprised if he still lurks here, I would too if I were him tbh

No. 535363

By the way it's so funny to me how messy Dasha is being about this.. or does she genuinely believe she can trust these fan girls? After so many of her DMs with people have been exposed she still went and sent that to someone even after how big that whole copy striking thing got last month.

No. 535364

Nah its cause ur very incessant and posting loads about edwins crying. Yah its a bit cringey but you're caring too much its weird

No. 535367

I am not the only one posting about this lmao it's a gossip forum it's not that deep.

No. 535369

>Nah its cause ur very incessant and posting loads about edwins crying
>it weird
Yet I’ve been one of his biggest supporters on this whole situation and one of Dasha’s biggest bullies on here. Puhlease.

Also that’s another anon you replied to, kek

No. 535370

Ok anon chill out, no need to make statements you can't back up and expect people to believe. Can't believe you're this riled up

No. 535375

I have an idea - if you’re not going to add anything to the discussion or refute my concerns, don’t comment at all.(infighting)

No. 535378

Someone on twitter linked him the article lol I saw it

No. 535379

I think edwin does need to chill out on making comments on every little thing but come on. I’d have mental breakdowns/cry if a fucking psychotic bitch turned multiple “popular” YouTubers against me, turn my best friend against me, is so focused on making my life a living hell, stalked my girlfriend and tried to ruin her modeling career/isolate her from other models. I’d also rather see every single evidence of proof of what Dasha has done, but then again it’s more easy to watch if it’s comprised into a smaller video.

No. 535380

You can argue about what you said without sounding like a little bitch lmfao. You sound really triggered over Edwin and while I agree on some of your points, you need to chill out.(infighting)

No. 535383

I made a pastebin of Dasha's confirmed posts here, but that doesn't link to or mention Lolcow. Just for anyone who would like it. Images have been duplicated to imgur and links are in the text.


No. 535384

File: 1529899348818.png (874.58 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20180624-235020_2.p…)

another edgy nazi tweet

No. 535391

Why should we have a problem with him taking stuff from here? He emailed with admin back to get the passport and nudes taken down. We have the best repository of stuff including Dasha's own posts, and he doesn't name this place thus saving us from a wave of newfriends.

No. 535393

I agree 100% with you anon. In all honesty, people here do an amazing job at showing almost ever nasty tweet Dasha has posted

No. 535394

Talking about a court case, documenting the harassment, none of these are "countless videos!". sounds like the minions are here tbh, seeing as dasha will find it hard to return herself.
>inb4 she didn't tell me what to say!!

No. 535395

You’re comletely missing the point of what I was saying. I don’t have a problem with him taking info from here, I have personally sent him incriminating screen shots before. My problem is his smug attitude and cringyness of calling himself the king of receipts, it’s not doing him any favors. Also why is he making ANOTHER recap video on Twitter for people who read the livejournal article, when the whole article already IS a RECAP with links to all his videos.

Oh m gee guise, we’re not allowed to call out Lulzy behavior on lolcow anymore, because the newfags make the rules now.

No. 535396

Who cares when he heard it, he didn't say it was the first time and how does that negate the clip content. Edwin can be as dramatic as he wants. Because he knew beforehand, suddenly the clip is meaningless? Gtfo with your "buuuut Edwiiiin".

No. 535398


because not everyone has Twitter?

No. 535399


As a sensitive person, I empathize with him. I cry a lot, and would definitely cry when talking about something traumatizing like being kicked out by my best friend and his crazy psycho fat girlfriend. What's wrong with crying?
I also don't think Mina would break up with him for that lmao she is not like Trasha, she doesn't shame and emmasculate her bf for showing emotions.

I think >>535331
is right, though. A lot of people, especially younger teens have the attention span of a goldfish.

No. 535401

I get where you are coming at. I was frustrated with Edwin at some point, not because of his cringe, but because of how his actions are perceived by the larger community. His long, multiple videos attracted drama lovers but can be used against him by Dasha and Cyr. Him crying over being demonitized can also be used as a defense as being money hungry and a drama seeker, and this pretty much prevents people from wanting to watch the videos he worked so hard on. I was the poster that said I believed he watered down his effect by making another video on netnobody and Cyr's friends. I understand why he did it out of anger but Cyr and Dasha are playing dirty and he has to be more strategic. Because of the netnobody nonsense, people think he's just a ex roommate that won't stop bitching and will prevent other influencers (especially ones who know Cyr more than Edwin) from looking deeper into the situation. He could have taken a different route with netnobody instead of calling him out and causing him to be defensive. I still think that if Mina herself just made a 10-15 minute video describing the entire story it would have had a much better impact. Anyways, criticizing someone on the internet doesn't make you Dasha so stop fighting

No. 535408

The people that complain about Edwin and how far he goes, are in here writing paragraphs to lol.

No. 535418

Exactly. It's weird that people take someone being emotional as cringe. I think Edwin cringe would be awkward jokes or something, even then though his cringey jokes aren't that bad. Are we ever gonna be done discussing people's personal opinion on whether or not Edwin is cringey? Ik i'm furthering the convo but still…. like … why does this get brought up so much

No. 535420

its not cringey to be emotional but its cringey that he doesn't edit it out of the video or take five seconds to compose himself and then re-record when he's not in actual tears.

No. 535421

I also agreed on taking a different approach on netnobody, even told Edwin himself, but the way I see it, he’s not cringe. He has psychological issues caused by dashas mental abuse, considering she mentally abused Mina, Cyr, and probably her ex boyfriend by poisoning him. Some of you anons are not seeing it from his perspective, he sperged on Netnobody yes, him and Mina dealt with it differently, but Dasha is the most manipulative person she causes people to feel on Edge, and to lose it, their emotions, anxiety, if you look back at the messages she sent Cyr and the messages she sent Mina, she’s putting herself on a pedestal. She deserves no remorse. She causes people to question their sanity. The psychological abuse is real and it would have been smart for him to get cyrs YouTubed friends to sympathize with him. They have to see Edwin’s Raw emotion. It’s his emotions in pure form and I’m not gonna lie some anons above sound like how dasha would type. I’m putting my bets on babydashtrash posting on here considering she’s with dasha right now. Think about it, it only makes sense that she’s using violets phone to post things because she can’t use her own anymore, admins can still track the location it was posted in though.

No. 535422

I'm sorry you're so emotionally stunted that you think genuine emotion to a stressful situation is cringey.

What I think would be more cringey is if he came off all edgelord pent on revenge. I personally wouldn't be able to take him seriously or give a fuck.

No. 535425

One last thing to say to you anon, I don’t mind his long videos, I actually like the depth, if they were short, I wouldn’t sympathize and feel what he’s feeling as much. When I talked to Edwin in DMs he got personal which I had a better take of him. The commentary community aren't as sympathetic or show real empathy as Edwin is seen as “flamboyant” or dramatic. But giving his raw emotions give great insight on the emotional turmoil that was caused to him. I barely found out through this recent drama how bad his suicidal thoughts were and bad his anxiety was. And though he still could have taken a different appouch to certain youtubers, it’s very hard on him to think straight. This is very stressful. Plus Mina is not that vocal and has a hard time expressing herself. Edwin is better at clarifying as seen in live streams they did together. I don’t think the 10-15 minute video she could make would be what she wants to convey as she’s not confrontational and can’t express it the way she wants.

Also sorry for same fagging, just wanted you to gain some insight on Edwin since some people are being over critical on him, he’s actually really genuine. I’m the poster here btw >>535421

No. 535426


Longterm emotional abuse is extremely difficult to process and cope with. If you meet any victim of stalking/slander/threats/manipulation/gaslighting/etc., you will find they are overwhelmed, exhausted, desperate, and emotional. When they have a chance to discuss their suffering, it's going to all come to the surface.

This is someone breaking down because they are at their wits end and they see no end to this abuse anywhere in the near future. These are two people being tormented by a grown woman who is cunning, has a gullible following, and manipulates everyone for her own benefit. She's doing all of this simply because she can and because the people closest to her let her. If her friends stood up against her, if an entire fan base stood up against her- what power would she have? How long are they going to enable her? How many more people is she going to abuse before people open their eyes? How much longer does she need to visibly stalk and torment Mina and Edwin? This is a lot deeper than some petty internet drama. I wouldn't be surprised if Cyr ended up attempting to kill himself, or if Mina/Edwin were attacked and injured in real life.

As someone who has dealt with longterm emotional abuse, I've behaved the same way Edwin has. I've told my story in an emotional fashion, because I'm frustrated and I feel like I'm losing my mind. I feel alone. I explain every detail I find necessary, because not only has my abuser put me in the position of constantly playing defense, these tiny details build up to the totality of the abuse. I want people to know and understand the severity of my situation as a whole. I'm tired. I'm scared. I'm frustrated. I've sat on the ground about to rip my fucking hair out because it doesn't end.

I have not met a single victim who can address their abuse in a 100% collected and calm manner. I met with a young girl last summer who needed someone to talk to about her abuser. I sat with her and she shook uncontrollably. Her eyes darted around, she cried. She heavily chain smoked and had self harm wounds on her arms, all healing at different stages. She kept telling me she never thought it would get this bad, even after escaping her abuser. She said her brain/memory has become foggy, she can't hold down a job, she can't have normal friendships/relationships with anyone. She's in trauma therapy and was put on multiple antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. All of this was a consequence from abuse. She was not this person before.

Edwin and Mina were not these people before.

Abuse causes longterm mental trauma. You lose a lot of yourself. I doubt Mina and Edwin ever thought they'd post this sort of content, but here they are.

This is what Dasha has done. Blame her for Edwin's hysterics and his need to over explain their situation. Blame her for him being defensive against their enablers. Blame her for what Mina and Edwin have become and could become.(blogpost)

No. 535427

oh definitely I understand, I feel Edwin so hard. I feel awful for him and what him and Mina are going through and I know it's rough to rationally handle this situation on his end especially with the full force of Dasha and her minions. I agree that it's irrationally strange for some people here to be so upset over him crying though. I'm only a spectator and can only advise what I feel would have been a better approach to other people for them to actually listen, y'know?

No. 535432

It's not meaningless. D sounds like a total psycho. You would think he had never heard it or he wasn't aware that they were trying to flag him with how he freaked out. What is up with all these Edwin gatekeepers?

No. 535433

Yeah, it looked bad how Edwin was saying he didn't care if his videos werent monetize, he just wanted people to know what Dasha was doing to them. And then he cried about being demonitized
I totally understand why he is so upset about getting flag but he is looking very greedy everytime he complaines about an old video getting demonetized.
Also I really think Mina should at least support more Edwin, has far I have seen she just tweet here and there and from time to time post a SS on her Instagram stories. But that's it.
I think everyone could take her more seriously if she made a video talking about her personal experience,no drama, no false accounts, just being completely transparent and mature.

And no, im not a Dasha stan, i have support Edwin and Mina since day one.

No. 535435

The crying and over explaining that he does isn't new to this situation though. He's been using his channel as his 'venting' space for years now people are allowed to be annoyed with how he presents himself. Stop projecting.

No. 535436

Just knowing by what I read, she’s using suicide to make people still obey her, if you read up on manipulation and signs your being manipulated. People became so distraught and confused about it all. Gaslighting isn’t the only thing. Manipulators give you terms, twist things, act like you’re the abuser, silence you, good at making you believe them, using self harm to make you feel like you have to help them or it’s your fault. And some people manipulated turn into the person they’re manipulated by. You’ll believe the manipulator even though you can tell the truth with proof to someone. I wish I could link the article but it says it all there. For example, Cyr used to be just a seriel Cheater who creeps on girls like any other fuckboy, but that’s all he was, then the amount of manipulation she’s embedded in him fucked with his mental process, in messages he said he feels like he’s losing his mind, she silenced him, but also makes herself seem like such a prize. The push and pull tactic. Now he’s just like her. Also look at those DMs dasha sent to niamh trying to get something out of her, and even confused her. Just by one conversation she can really get into your mind. I would like to see what Leon has to say considering she turned him against Mina, I wonder if he’s seen her videos. He still follows her I’m guessing he doesn’t know. He should still care since him and Mina were good friends back then.

No. 535437

I think he was more upset that they were being demonetized because of the false flagging which is understandable. Yeah at this point Mina and Dasha are the center of this, it's no longer about the roommate drama. Instead of D we're getting a response from Cyr while the girls are both quiet.

No. 535449


Imagine being this invested in not having a life you literally type a novel discussing drama.

Also I could swear admins keep stressing this place is not a chat room.

No. 535450

Blogging much?

No. 535453

File: 1529920714657.png (631.09 KB, 678x458, drew.PNG)

Asked DrewisSharing about what he thinks of Dasha's audio and the whole false flagging just now on Twitch and he said "I know of it, but I haven't listened to it, because honestly I don't give a shit about this drama. However, Edwin is my homie and it has been a struggle of mine to keep my channel up due to flagging so I told him already that if it comes down to something really bad happening to this channel, I'm connected and I'll make sure nothing happens to him (his channel). I haven't seen him in 3 years and I'm seeing him really soon."

So, I guess it's safe to assume other Youtubers just doesn't really give a shit enough to listen to things related to this drama.

No. 535455

connected to what? his bong?

No. 535456

I've recorded it. I'll send it to the blargh so they can upload it. It makes more sense hearing him say it, I just typed what I remembered off the top of my head.

No. 535457


Oh look it's the guy Billie side stepped to. Such a loser(derailing)

No. 535459

File: 1529923605200.png (751.4 KB, 872x554, drew.PNG)

No. 535461

"I dont care about the drama!" Except if its your gf, then you're gonna publicly flame the abuser but your 'homie'??? NAH ABOVE THE DRAMA U GUIZ.(derailing)

No. 535462

I only asked him to give Edwin some publicity coming from another youtuber since they won't make videos on it. If I could I'd go to every stream asking about this, including Colossal is Crazy's, just to specifically ask about this false flagging deal and send it to the blargh. If they won't make videos on it, this is the way it's gotta be.

No. 535503

This is entirely off topic, but why is Drew a loser?

No. 535506

It's a running joke because he's a stoner and Lainey's Gay Husband is obviously salty Billie picked Drew over his baby carrot. Good to see other Youtubers picking up on Edwin's videos though more of them should be shitting on Cyr and Dasha.

No. 535521

there's some shit video on youtube defending Dasha. I wonder if she made it herself, cause the voice sounds kinda like her trying a different accent kek

No. 535523

I disagree, because it takes him ages to make a new video and video making/editing is a lot of work. Would you really think he should do it for free? That’s a bit naive anon. I think demonitizing his videos is really low. He needs that money to visit his gf and to live.

No. 535527

ridiculous if it's her hahaha

No. 535528

Seriously, this sounds like she put her voice through editing software and changed the accent. Not sure if you can do that, but I know you can definitely alter tone and pitch and shiet

No. 535529

This sounds just like the leaked recordings of her…. like the breathy, soft voice…. she called dasha annoyingly pretty and amazingly popular …

No. 535530

and that's the only video. If it's her, she's dumb as fuck.

No. 535531

this is DEFINITELY her. lol wow

No. 535532

Who else could it be? If you pay attention the speaker hesitates when pronouncing certain words and doesn't sound like they're speaking very naturally.

No. 535533

>only one video, only one subscriber
why is she so obvious??

No. 535534

Can someone who knows a thing or two about accents determine whether or not this is a real one? It doesn't sound authentic at all.

No. 535536

Im not a specialist but it sounds like me when Im pretending to be bbc documentary narrator, so fake as fuck

No. 535538

This is Dasha. It’s obvious, some words slip by in her real accent. The fake English accent is laughable. And she just so happens to not at all discuss the revenge porn or doxing. What a fucking joke she is.

No. 535540

Yeah, I also think it sounds like her and wow, if it's her this is just pathetic, she's desperate. I think this is gonna end up as Lettie's response did. The comment section is not with her, dislikes, and Dasha's gonna take the video down as soon as she realizes how stupid this idea was.

No. 535541

Im fairly certain this is how Cyrs video will be like. Hes not even going to mention the passport or photo and if he does he will lie and claim Dasha was framed. The thing is if that were the case. Dasha wouldve gone nuts defending her name but no she went into hiding with guilt. Dasha needs to realize theres no way out of this/no way to flip the script at this point. Her complete image has been tarnished and no companies are going to be willing to work with her. I would be surprised if tbe big project she had going on next month is still happening. She messed up admit it apologize and leave them alone!

No. 535542


Lol, I'm a fairly impartial bystander that lives in London and that's not a British accent. It doesn't even sound like a British accent that's influenced by coming from another country. It's a forced accent that sounds gawdy, awkward and unnatural by someone that isn't used to the nuances of British speech - whether or not it's Dasha is a tinfoil though imo. Whatever the case, that person isn't British, I'm 99.99999% sure of that.

No. 535546

Even the music makes her sound like a serial killer.

No. 535547

edwin STOLE mina away from ~~me~~ the apartment.

See he said he felt like he was doing something wrong by taking Mina away from ~~me~~ the apartment.

No. 535549

"It's easy to villainize Dasha. She is annoyingly pretty Nd devastatingly popular on instagram" lmao k

No. 535550

File: 1529947704803.jpeg (99.27 KB, 750x750, 458274E0-90DB-4E34-8F60-77FC11…)

This is so bad. I mean she def wrote the text kek ! Tf is that accent? Girl just give up already!

No. 535552

love the fact that she inserted a screenshot in the video that says that Dasha is from Russia, why the fuck does she wants to be Russian so badly?

No. 535553


Regardless of who this is/who posted this, I would actually advise avoiding commenting on this with your personal youtube accounts as it can obviously link you directly back to Lolcow; which could be a secondary objective for posting this frankly odd and otherwise morally ambiguous video. The background music? I can't.

No. 535554

File: 1529948178461.jpg (38.68 KB, 601x442, Capture.JPG)

Looks like Dasha's way of typing… and on the topic of Dasha's body weight I'm pretty sure this account is Dasha's response to people calling her fat since she is probably lurking on this forum. (to skinny shame Mina)

No. 535555

I can never understand why Dasha befriends and personally messages females under 18. It's weird.
If she was a male that would upset a lot of people and would be called predatory

No. 535557

File: 1529948544920.jpg (40.02 KB, 646x442, Capture2.JPG)

The morge15 user is posting more pictures skinny shaming Mina every time I refresh the page. I do not want to assume it is Dasha, but the user is very likely Dasha or a Dasha minion. She even says in one comment "If you don’t like the account leave, but don’t falsely report, Edwin, who I have no problems with, is suffering for the same shit bro" hmm… so this person knows about Mina AND Edwin even though she said she found Mina pics through a "thinspo" blog (I have found none.) This person is apparently keeping tabs on who Mina is and who she is dating… and posting other pics of Mina that I personally haven't seen before. It's unlikely that this person just encountered Mina through a thinspo blog. Also why is she ONLY posting pics of Mina if her IG is all about being "against proana influencers" … really she is just against MINA.

No. 535558


I'm starting to think it's because she targets the most malleable minds possible to do things that normal people would consider a bit off to say the least. In fairness, if you were asking people to send hate and typing out specifically unkind shit you've pre-worded for them to post about other people, you could hardly ask a well adjusted adult to do that sort of thing for you.

No. 535559

I liked Cyr better when he was in a closeted relationship with Stefan.

No. 535560

3:00 to 3:06 that is her voice wtf

No. 535561

30 seconds in and I can’t stop laughing with the sad piano music, this is definitely Dasha holy shit

No. 535564

File: 1529948932550.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x2560, 18-06-25-13-48-02-647_deco.jpg)

Morge15 posts very odd captions about Mina. The way it's typed is blaming her for her own alleged ed which is fucked up partially. This account demonizes Mina with little to no evidence of her having an ed or spreading a toxic message. The captions are pretty weirdly worded

No. 535565

3:53 she begins a personal statement "I believe…" and stumbles when she said him and (me)… DASHA!

No. 535566

File: 1529948980330.jpg (307.5 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20180625-134520_Ins…)

Also lol

No. 535568

File: 1529949317384.jpg (482.7 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20180625-135519_Ins…)

Where tf are the getting these pics?????? It has to be Dasha because I doubt these are circulating on tumblr like the account claims…

No. 535569

Hahaha Cyr had to limit comments on his Instagram because he is copping so much hate for being a fucking loser asshole

No. 535575

Mina posted this video ages ago, literally months or more. The person that has these had to have been saving them up for these posts, stalking mina’s social media for awhile. Probably dasha.

No. 535576

Jesus poor Mina. She cant seem yo catch a break. That accoubt needs to be reported. How ironic that just 21hours ago it was created with mostly only Mina pics. Now theyre adding other people but geez these people are so obvious.

No. 535579

I did a reverse image search on some of the pics morge15 posted and they aren't anywhere else on the public internet that Mina posted. And some of the pics morge15 posted look like "outtakes" as Mina calls them meaning pics she has taken and does not intend to post. This morge15 person is probaly Dasha or a Dasha minion. Also many of the posts are against community guidelines so I did report the account. I made mina and edwin aware of the situation.

No. 535583

What's the name of the video?

No. 535584

File: 1529950627028.jpg (56.48 KB, 693x437, Capture.JPG)

Morge15 saying she just wants to "deal with ED stuff" and not Mina and Dasha drama…yet in her captions she calls Mina a "disgusting" and an "awful person" and a "9 year old" … the funny thing is the other people she is bodyshaming she can't name. But she can name the details of who mina is dating and get really old screenshots of Mina. LOL. yeah right.

No. 535587

Honestly this is so fucking disgusting and seeing that Dasha accepted her follow makes her seem like shes an accomplice. This needs to end. I hope phillyD saw some of the comments on his latest video bc Dasha needs to be exposed to the world.

No. 535592

unfortunately I don't. This happened IRL and they're not even releasing her part of the photoshoot.

No. 535598

that isnt mina lmao

No. 535599

she obviously is dasha or one of her minions

No. 535602

The people in morge15's photos are not all Mina, we realize that. The fact is that Mina is the only one this account has named. The other miscellaneous random skinny people morge15 posted after 6 straight pics of Mina are damage control so people wont think the person behind morge15 is Dasha or a Dasha minion. Yet the account specifically names "minabell" "edwin" and "dasha" so clearly this person DOES know about the drama and is involved.

No. 535605

File: 1529952127769.jpeg (152.71 KB, 750x1096, 1623CBC4-6FB8-4FEB-B671-0CE3DE…)

But calling mina disgusting and and awful person is totally fine

No. 535607


Honestly, it seems like a long shot because of the type of content Phil covers. It's definitely right up Keemstar's alley, but he can't actually cover this because of his affiliation with Cyr. Cyr hosted Drama Alert in his absence and has affiliations with a bunch of large Youtubers. In the interest of strategy and self preservation, it would make zero sense to back Edwina when Keem has only just made it out of the category (for the most part) of most-hated-youtubers within the last couple of years. The only way it'd happen is if this story gained HUGE traction and the public switched up on Cyr (and Dasha by extention) on a Leafyishere type scale, to the point where even friends would need to create space between themselves and Cyr. I think logically, the best chances of wider spread viewership would be for an Onion boy coverage/video. It sucks, but he's really one of the few with 1. a following just large enough to make a proper fuss and 2. with enough existing controversy behind him already to actually be able to disregard what other youtubers and brands might think. To touch this, your hands already have to be dirty going in. It's selfish as hell imo, but when social status and your presence online as a whole is the literal backbone of your income, home and livelihood I think people are just choosing not to get tangled in it. Everyone's seen how fast big channels have fallen for stepping out of line and we've all watched them lose everything. I genuinely think on the grand scheme, since Mina is safe now it's too 'small' an issue to take that risk. It's fucked up, but that's genuinely why I think everyone's avoiding this like the plague.

No. 535610

File: 1529952411616.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, 702B99C6-5D8D-4797-ADE2-ED2EA6…)

Um yeah suee

No. 535612

that makes literally no sense. why would she follow dash if she just found about mina?

No. 535617

I don't understand why people won't touch this story because they have some level of either friendship or respect for Cyr. It's not really about Cyr, sure he's part of it but the real monster in all this is Dasha. Cyr isn't a saint obviously and has helped Dash in this but if the focus was on Dasha and Mina rather then Cyr & Dash VS Edwin & Mina then MAYBE this would pick up more traction and attention.
I think if Mina and Edwin want to get their side out there they should stop focusing on bashing Cyr and focus on outing Dash instead. I also think Mina needs to start speaking out for herself, Edwin has done most of the talking and we've heard very little from Mina.
It's sad that small YouTubers are doing the talking while big YouTubers are just sitting back scratching their asses saying "but… but…but I like Cyr"

No. 535619

File: 1529953044241.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, 3A32F2F2-0FA8-470D-A856-18FEEB…)

This is literally the most basic fucking French in the world. You can easily pretend to be French, or German, or anything for that matter with a simple google translation or one semester of a language class. She’s really reaching this time.

No. 535623

Crazy how this account claims to be against spreading toxic messages but they follow Dasha, a toxic abusive liar who photoshops herself to be skinnier than her natural body like there is no logic behind that at all

No. 535624

Oh of course! I'm convinced, saying two lines of basic french totally proves she's not Trasha. I mean, Trasha isn't French! Duuuuuuuuh.
Of course not anon, she's totally not Dasha and is 100%, French.
But in all seriousness, you are correct, however, both of those work. It's basic google translate.

No. 535625

well je suis pas is slang
in school we learned that sometimes people leave the ne out

No. 535626

it doesn't even have to be google translate. I'm from austria too and we have french as a subject 3 times a week

No. 535627

Exactly! I knew something was grammatically wrong with it. Also when I took French in high school we were told to avoid saying “je suis” for some things

No. 535630

Putin must have a lot of time on her hands to do all this shit. I guess being a D grade youtuber's deadbeat GF/Instagram photoshopper doesn't require much time or energy.

No. 535631

Good on him, standing up for someone while simultaneously ignoring the drama bit. He's sticking only to what's relevant to him which is just the injustice of falsely flagging a video to take down a channel. I never paid attention to Drew though I follow The onions closely but now I respect him for this. It's not his battle. His gf's drama was directly affecting him and it's not really weird for someone to defend their SO from abusers. >>535461 you need to move on my dude.

The way the "narrator" talks is extremely irritating. I'm not sure she'd be capable of faking her accent away but it does remind me of how harsh and emphasized Trasha's enunciation is. That britbong accent is w o n k y but it's prob a minion if I can step away from my tinfoil for a second.

The anti-ED community needs to help anorexics by working on self-image rather than tearing down other alleged anorexics. Thinspo does not actually make someone anorexic. Anorexics seek thinspo out. Address the issue not the symptom. That is if you're interested in solutions, not self-righteous circlejerking.

That particular account is clearly only there to ~~expose~~ Mina and is prob Dasha or is being supplied content by Dasha.

No. 535632


Literally where is the logic, the angry anti-ED community are a bit baffling. Like what are you going to do, vehemently shun young women into eating burgers? It's not like these people are tagging themselves as 'thinspo', so even if this was a legit anti thinspo account it's almost like shaming other people for existing in public with alleged eating disorders. Who does that help? It's got such a 'COVER YOURSELF AND EXIST IN THE SHADOWS ONLY HEATHEN' kind of vibe lmao.

No. 535643

somebody needs to intervene and explain to dasha here that this is not a size someone with dasha's body type and genetics that can be achieved naturally.
she honestly needs to stop projecting so much.

No. 535646

God this is definitely Dasha, only she would hate this hard on Mina being thin after her real body leaked. No one else in the world cares this hard

No. 535647

File: 1529957493429.jpeg (82.58 KB, 750x1240, 18FE4B63-4829-4E19-B479-20BF5A…)

What about queen Eugenia though? What about Jaclyn Glenn? Oh wait nvm she’s friends with Dasha can’t accuse her of not being naturally skinny and a terrible role model kek

No. 535648

someone should make an instagram account as a response to this with a bunch of pictures of Dasha proving she photoshop herself to look like her body is entirely different saying "Parading a photoshopped body and not accepting yourself for who you are, to an audience that is YOUNG and impresionable is not acceptable because you make it seem to others that you look like that and are not chubb"

No. 535656

File: 1529958985343.png (580.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-152943.png)

I went through the 9 accounts that Morge15 is following, and a lot of them are being followed by neuphs too, including this random account where Trasha commented on the last picture.

No. 535658

Duh, the Austrian would pretend to be a random French person.

No. 535659


fucking kek the way the accent changes from certain words to others is hilarious and the vocal fry sounds identical to dasha's wtf?!

No. 535660

File: 1529959803084.jpg (362.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180625-163626_Ins…)

No. 535661

File: 1529959869448.jpg (445.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180625-163744_Ins…)

No. 535662

File: 1529959896680.jpg (466.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180625-163725_Ins…)

No. 535663


If you listen to 3:26 to 3:33, I realised that it appears to just be Dasha's original accent straight up. Honestly if this is her, this is really, really embarrassing.

No. 535665

honestly, I think the video could be a strategy Cyr's come up with to test a theory and see if it will be well received or not before he uploads his official stuff.

No. 535666

I’m crying, this is so fucking funny. She is so batshit! Out of all the things to do, she makes a video in a weird accent pretending to be someone else? I know the amount she has harassed Edwin and Mina isn’t funny but like imagine their reaction to this? She’s supplying Edwin with comedy gold for his channel..

No. 535669

She's so fucking delusional it's equally tragic and concerning, the same way she thinks her shops are credible she thinks stuff like this is credible. She lives in a whole another world inside her mind, crazy sad woman.

No. 535673

File: 1529961409135.png (763.26 KB, 750x1334, E676D99A-2D81-4902-AB5C-DA7D48…)

Great way to cover your ass up

No. 535674

This person is soo stupid. What did you expect when youre harrassing Mina. Whether or not theyre with Dasha its so stupid. You attacked someone. Do you expect people to stay silent on someone continuing to harrass a poor girl who has been a victim for over a year!?

No. 535675

I truly think that morge15 is Dasha. She just doing damage control. Instead of admitting to be a dasha fan, she does the opposite. Soooo tired, Julia

No. 535676

lmfaaaaao julia is so pathetic

No. 535677

I don't think that account is Dasha. She talks very differently. A minion maybe, but really doesn't actually sound like Dasha, who's written English is actually fairly clunky and odd

No. 535678

File: 1529961910504.jpg (353.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180625-164503_Ins…)

No. 535680

This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen.

No. 535683

Rallying up to tell a bully to stop being a bully is the same as harassment now, kek

No. 535686

Oh, and as a brit, can also confirm that video is done by someone trying to put on an English accent. It definitely does sound like Dasha.
Or at the very least, an incredibly distinctive accent of someone who has learnt English as a second language "the American way", then trying to put on a British accent. If it's not Dasha, it's someone who sounds an awful lot like her. The bizarre theories presented in the video "Edwin stole mina away and manipulated her to be against cyr and Dasha" also definitely fit the odd, very Dasha way of thinking. Convoluted, paranoid conspiracy, and not much more.

No. 535687

this looks like someone edited her fatter. she is a boxy woman but not bloated. lol.
she edited herself to look like mina. crazy.
I never understood why Edwin hated dasha back then. I know Edwin said she wasn't suppose to be living there. but was that it. I cant believe all this hate/stress is because too broke people was fighting for space.
in onision defense he only told Edwin to take a cool down. I think that's good advice. dasha is acting crazy and trying to rope mina and Edwin into
making a mistake.
go to Edwin and netnobody twitter. netnobody made a twitter video where he looks like a "bit". he is trying to backtrack and appeal to his viewers. he put himself into and is now being a scared child.
I know jacksfilms is an aged youtuber but i cant believe he makes that much money. i guess his channel is for his kinda?
i agree mina needs to do atleast one video. she needs to not mince words and say what happened begingin to end. or atleast she needs to talk to a youtube rep and tell them the whole story. she could go to a lawyer and document the whole thing. cause at this point we don't know what mina agreed to. just get it all out.
maybe she shouldn't be so smug. she is already doing stupid clickbait videos.
cause in the pass mina has overstayed her time. shhh don't tell anyone.
in her country she would get arrested for even joking about Nazi. that's why she is acting insane.

No. 535690

That morge acccount is probably contrxi and Dasha just trying to gather amo for Cyrs video. I woukd stop interacting with those accounts, we don't need Dasha to have evidence on her victim agenda.

No. 535704


Those pics aren't edited. Those pics are just stills taken from a video:


No. 535708

it's 'je ne suis pas'
not 'je suis pas'
to make something negative in french, you almost always put the 'ne' and 'pas' around the verb. This is as if someone googled how to speak french, as it's a direct translation using english structure.


No. 535711

File: 1529964539796.png (514.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-26-01-07-19…)

Classic!! Evertine she gets found out she post something lol "what happend? Oh inwas busy uploading on my main insta it wasnt mee" loool

No. 535713

its not funny anymore its getting tiring MOVE ON JULIA MOVE ON

No. 535717

Philip Defranco just posted a video and no mention of Edwin, but if you want to leave comments now is probably the best moment

No. 535724


doesn't really sound like her imo, however it does sound like whoever this is is trying to soften down all plosives and get rid of aspiration in ending plosives really hard. E. g. roommate sounds like roommade etc.

So might actually be someone from Austria or Germany since in German ending plosives are aspirated and completed. In English you don't necessarily always really complete plosives. For example in "but" you wouldn't always aspirate the "t" but keep your tongue behind your teeth or proceed to the next word immediately. In German you wouldn't do this.

No. 535728

File: 1529966047420.png (164.75 KB, 739x869, mina.png)

Minas videos got striked and removed…

No. 535729

Mina got two strikes on her channel and quite a few false copyright claims…..All of her videos are down

No. 535730

It doesn't sound like her but it sure sounds like her trying to use a fake accent and change her voice a bit

No. 535731

Well looks like Dasha got what she wanted. I feel so bad for Mina though. It’s going to be a long battle trying to get those strikes removed and get the channel back.

No. 535741


This is literally as if she's deleting Mina's social media all over again. She hasn't grown at all and it's SO sad.

No. 535749

File: 1529967455064.png (194.54 KB, 624x877, mina.png)

This is insane

No. 535754


wow… I feel so bad for Mina. Edwin even said they weren't even making money off Mina's videos since she was just getting started. Now to have them all removed and have 2 strikes. Dasha really is fucking crazy to go this far.

No. 535755

Guys i have a feeling this evil witch will try to use this on Cyrs video claiminh that Mina is took down her own videos to blame on her. This manipulative bitch is still plotting to flip the script! We cant let her get away with this!

No. 535758

Shut up Dasha we all know it was you , go find something to do MaYBE tAKE THE POOR DOG fPR A WALK omg why are you so crazy girl???

No. 535759

What’s funny is we said on here that Mina should make a statemet and put something on her channel. All of a sudden her channel got attacked too.

No. 535760

Yeah, right? How fucking petty of Dasha to put those false strikes on Mina.
Mina doesn't even talk about the drama or anything on her channel, but Dasha is still trying to destroy her.

No. 535762

She took down her videos ?? Omg im reporting her gross insta she deserves this , nasty skank(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 535763

She deserves to lose her instagram

No. 535764


Yeah her channel was about her doing her own thing. Literally, Dasha isn't going to rest until Mina has no presence on the internet. Its fucking 2018, everyone is on the internet. Dasha can't make Mina disappear.

No. 535768

Not the anon your addressing but just because someone says it doesn’t sound like her, doesn’t mean their dasha. The girl did sound similar but she has a more deeper voice and dialect. We can’t say for sure but it would be more likely that it’s a minion. Just settle down and stop picking a fight. However I still think dasha lurks and posts on here using violets (babydashtrashs) phone. Because of similar typing quirks ex: >>535360 If you look at this post and match it up with the ones admins revealed to be dasha. It sounds exactly like her.

No. 535769

Disgusting bitch
Ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside(Sperg)

No. 535770

This is so bad, I feel terrible for Mina. Would it be too crazy to approach people like H3H3? I know that they probably won't care about the drama, but I remember they have made a couple of videos regarding strikes and how much they hate the way youtube handles false claims/flagging.

No. 535771

Honestly truly, she does. But remember the last time her Instagram got hacked and almost deleted. She made it seem like it wasn’t as important to her because she has a real life and threw a bit of shade to Mina Too because Mina was dramatic about her insta being deleted. Obviously she’s lying because social media IS dashas life. She’s going insane about it. We all know you’d rather self destruct then give up your influencer title.

No. 535774

File: 1529969768965.jpg (88.17 KB, 1080x389, SmartSelect_20180625-183646_Sa…)

No. 535780


HONESTLY, what are you guys going to say after everything we have seen Dasha do?!

"Edwin didn't play nice in the apartment we shared. Edwin and Mina are the crazy ones. EVERYTHING you say Dasha did, Mina did too. Mina's passport? We didn't do that, we know nothing about that. Mina's pictures? Her phone got hacked. Cyr and Edwin court? It was too silly and Cyr didn't feel like handling it. Thats why Edwin won. Cyr gave Edwin an opportunity to speak up. Felt like he needed a win"

Like what crazy video are you making to justify any of the things Dasha did? I bet you they aren't even going to mention what Dasha has done and say Cyr is innocent.

No. 535789

The orange jacket one is one of the shoots Dasha selfposted here too.

No. 535791

Narc against narc huh? Interesting. He DOES hate Dasha.

No. 535793

Damn, she really took it here? Dasha is just going to make this bigger and bigger at this point until people have to pay attention. She's making it worst for herself.

No. 535797

The problem with Onion boy is he gives anyone who relate to him a bad image, nobody will take seriously Edwina if he does a video, saddly. Besides it can bite them in the ass if he suddenly decide he wants to "reconcile" things with Cyr and throws Edwin under the bus.
However he has been one of the few who make Dasha reacted, she seemed really offend for being call Russian prostitute.

No. 535798

What's even to claim?
Nvm, anon I think you totally called it. That is some fucked up unbelievable logic if that's what she's trying to do. I'm hoping YouTube will look at this and say it's crazy that someone would flag or report their own videos let alone issue a takedown and jeopardize their channel and career like that.
Not sure if this is considered cowtipping but I do suggest retweeting these at youtube, trying to get Phillip to do a story on this cause he might be their best bet at getting the story right and shedding light on Julia's abuse.
That would be interesting to see but someone would have to post about it on their subreddit and there's a huge chance they will just ignore it cause like you said, they tend to not pay attention to drama or want to get involved.

No. 535801

This is Margo-tier. Lucky for Mina she's on the other side of the world, however this has not always stopped Margo.

No. 535803

No. 535804

“annoyingly pretty and gorgeous Instagram model” oh it’s her alright. People should really send that video of her admitting she sent people to false flag. Like spam the crap out of every department at youtube.

No. 535808

I mean, serve a counter-notice. She can't be this inept… It takes time like it did for for Venus, but after a while they won't allow more strikes from this person. A counter-notice completely silences the issue when the matter is copyright.

No. 535811

Her videos got taken down anon, what about those. This whole thing is ridic. I just left a comment on the designer with Dasha in the adds suggesting that they use dangerous models who could influence young girls in a bad way. The link is above. Awareness needs to be spread somehow. They can’t be silenced everywhere. And screw Vince st Sears and Trasha for tying.

No. 535815

On the other hand, in order to DMCA someone you have to give your personal information. So maybe Dasha will end up incriminating herself more.. if Mina really does file a report this could really help her case.

No. 535816

File: 1529973275085.png (94.43 KB, 834x323, Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 8.35…)

No. 535822

She would have to provide her contact information in order to counter it, which means she'd hand this person her current dox.

No. 535823

File: 1529973456343.png (138.18 KB, 808x496, Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 8.34…)

On the plugged website comments. Well done either anon here or lurkers who commented these. Companies talk and if they find out a model is racist, abusive or has any sort of negative online appearance, they drop you like a bad habit and word gets around.
Well done Julia, it might not be today or tomorrow but boy oh boy karma is a bitch and she's looking for you.(Do not mess with any cows/flakes)

No. 535832

With his DM's open and all, it would be a shame if enough people try to get Colossal is Crazy (@massivemental) to be aware about Dasha's audio talking about Cyr getting a bunch of people to mass false flag a channel for it to be taken down and how weird it is nobody is talking about this, just because it's Cyr.

I'm saying it would be a shame because it may just cause a change in how the commentary community feels about this, granted that when Colossal voices disagreement towards something, everyone else does and he usually doesn't give a shit to please people with his opinion. It would be a true shame.

No. 535833

Not telling people to do it. I'm just simply telling them it would be a shame if they did it.

No. 535834

TeamYoutube is having someone contact her. NOW would be a really good time for her to file a cyber crimes report so her local authorities would get in touch with Google and figure out the IP that sent it.

No. 535836

ILU anon but don't make suggestive posts like that. Mods and farmhands might see it as you trying to bait people into cowtipping because of the way it's worded.

No. 535838

Clown's recognition of this matter would be great since he's friends with Keem and well respected in the entire commentary community. I also remember hearing in their baited podcast that he gave advice to Keemstar and encouraged him to talk about a friend on dramaalert. But Clown is inactive on Youtube and really the best fans can do is just reach out to bigger youtubers and hope someone will help Edwin out.

No. 535840

Not my intention at all. And if anybody understood it this way, it's not at all the way that I meant it to be understood.
Just want to make it clear. Not tipping any cows. I'm just talking about the shame in things.

No. 535841

Yes that's true and it happened to Venus. But Mina is in London, correct? It's not that unsafe really.

If it's your content, it's the only way to silence the claim. Becuase the claimant can't do anything after that unless they go to court.

No. 535842

No. 535845

Can anyone hooktube this?

No. 535865

If not keem (since he's on friendly terms with cyr) maybe scarce would be willing to check this out… Hmm

No. 535873

I don't think this is serious. It's actually funny. I wish ppl would stop commenting it is Dasha. They sound crazy. I think it could have been written by Dasha and she asked or hired someone to narrate it, but i don't think IT IS Dasha. Anybody ever caught her sister talking on tape? Just wondering.

No. 535902

Anons sound crazy because it’s totally plausible Trasha used a voice changing filter, faked an accent, and edited the video together? Lmao ok.

Dasha’s circle of minions is dwindling down fast. Maybe someone did do the voice over but I feel like if someone else made the video they would put in more effort… the accent is terrible.

No. 535912

Yes it sounds crazy to people on the outside who don't know this drama very well. I don't give a shit about what it looks like as far as how we see it, the problem is how other people see it at this point. Edwin may lose credibility.

I asked if her sister was ever on video. Was she? I wonder what her sister's voice sounds like, if it's similar to the one in this video

No. 535915

just replace "you" with "hook"

No. 535929


"Sueing him for $50"?! Where the fuck did that number come from??
I used to follow Dasha and when they first left the apartment, her narrative was "I'm not mad at mina, just edwin" claiming the same things in the video. That mina is just a follower and how it was fucked up to go after your friend's ex. I wish I took screenshots at the time.

No. 535930

Yeah totally, there's no way dasha and Cyr know how to make videos

No. 535931

Are you the same anon who sperged about Edwin crying in his latest video because it “hurts his credibility” too by being dramatic?

I think you’re knit picking. Who gives a shit of people “outside of the drama” think “we are crazy”, wtf anon? You think a casual person is going to pull up lolcow and read all of this sperging because the comments on that godawful video are all “hi Dasha”? You’re overthinking it anon.

No. 535934

Pretty sure Edwin mentioned in one of the moving out saga videos that not only Cyr owed him money but Dasha too, but only $50

No. 535937

Maybe you are right, but I'm not the same one who complained about the crying. But I think they are gonna build a narrative that not only is Edwin lying, people supporting this are all crazy. Net Nobody did it in his twitter videos already, "your audience is crazy, I want nothing to do with it".
We are basically claiming the person narrating this video is Dasha when the voice doesn't sound remotely similar. It could be a friend of hers, or even her sister, reading off something Dasha wrote. I just feel like Cyr's narrative is going to be one of gaslighting and it doesn't help there are hundreds of comments calling that person Dasha. I'm not nit picking, I'm just worried we might be helping him make a case for himself reacting to stuff that way.

No. 535947

File: 1529980590395.png (192.7 KB, 790x429, dasha.PNG)

I'm not saying she didn't have a hand on the video though. Pic related shows that it's very possible for it to have been her, because it's very narcissistic.

When the narrator says "annoyingly pretty and devastatingly popular" they say it over footage of that website as to imply she is a celebrity. Only in her head could she be considered a celebrity. She's not even popular enough for Youtubers to WANT to make videos on her drama.

No. 535960

File: 1529981793529.png (117.05 KB, 1382x568, Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 7.55…)

Just saw the video The Blargh posted on net nobody and saw some recent comments from the totally not dasha video account.

No. 535963

Not the anon you're addressing, but uh… I don't get it. We WANT this story to get out, people are asking how we can get other YouTubers to bring this issue into more people's awareness, but you don't think the anon should be concerned about how a general audience outside of LC would perceive Edwin's presentation of the situation?

Dasha is scum and I want to see her face the consequences of her actions. But I don't agree with the people stanning Edwin so hard that they refuse to allow anyone to give him some advice on how to come across better (so that MORE PEOPLE will realize how terrible Dasha/Cyr have been) without accusing these people of being Dasha stans.

No. 535971

File: 1529982420256.png (17.27 KB, 778x205, dasha.PNG)

did you see the comment on drewissharing?

No. 535979

Uh check the original comment again? I was responding to anon complaining that the comments being left under the Trasha video were “being crazy” like that ruins Edwin’s legitimacy somehow (they explained in another post that they meant like Edwin’s audience is crazy and not credible so no one from the YouTuber community/outside of the drama would take his side) and I don’t think Edwin should be held responsible for the troll comments farmers and other drama interested people are leaving.

I don’t think people are stanning Edwin, I think the general bullshit meter of farmers is just going haywire right now because Dasha minions and itsbabyTrash herself are continuing to post on this thread. If you want to “help Edwin” get across to his fans better maybe contact him directly? I doubt he’s sitting on lolcow writing down ways on how he can improve his narrative. We’re an anon shit posting board, after all.

No. 535981

Lmao if that video was not made or at the very least orchestrated by Dasha (there’s maybe like a 0.01% chance that is the case lol) she’s going to lose some marbles getting sassy comments like this. She must have realized how awful the video turned out. It was posted 6 days ago and I think the majority of the views came from the link here today kek.

No. 535983

Edwin posted a 5 min video about Mina’s channel’s false copyright strikes. Maybe he is following your advice farmers…
1. It was Short
2. No crying

No. 535985

My parents are French and I'm fluent. "Je suis pas" Is normal colloquial speech when you're being informal. It's grammatically incorrect, but it's normal to use.

No. 535987

there's an audio clip of dasha admitting to spreading around mina's passport

No. 535989

File: 1529985631560.png (344.58 KB, 650x359, cyr.PNG)

What do you guys think of Cyr's demeanor? Does it look like he's losing his mind like Net Nobody said?

This was streamed 7 hours ago.


No. 535992

It's so disgusting how they live in their filt. They don't do anything besides sitting intheirass all day, they fucking clean at least.

No. 535996

File: 1529986662282.png (25.6 KB, 392x194, Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 9.16…)

too bad there's no way to 'hooktube' twitch, but holy shit his place is dirty as fuck. i skimmed through and around 18 mins in he starts asking people to give their amazon prime twitch subscription to him because "it can go a long way if given to the right person."

No. 536001

doesn't run ads if you enable adblock in your browser. I don't think he looks like he's losing his mind, but he doesn't look happy.

No. 536010

What i don't understand is how they are able to afford to live in dtla just gaming on twitch all day?

No. 536011

He just seems tired and drained. I’d like to hope that he’s doing a lot of thinking about the situation Dasha has put him in. But honestly, at this point, I think he’s attracted to her batshit crazy and he’s just as malicious.

No. 536016

around 18 and a half minutes, she leaves the apartment and he doesn't even acknowledge her, say bye or anything

No. 536019

28:13 he films what looks like a marijuana plant in his apartment and calls it his money tree, so
I guess he's flipping weed?

No. 536021

File: 1529988418347.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180626_05595447…)

Mina is more famous than Julia tho lol proves the fake followers speculations…

No. 536026

birthplace russia? kek she's really on top of her shit when it comes to faking her reality online isn't she

No. 536031

That's not marijuana tree thats a money tree they are called this way they are feng sui trees
But he has said in an interview that Dasha smokes weed and that it gives him bad trips so he avoids it. .

No. 536033

Still can't beleive it escalated so much in 1 day. If it weren't for skimming over these threads while going towards the other cow in /pt, wouldn't have any idea what's going on. Thanks lolcow.
Think that Dasha finally freaked out to the stills on the "modeling" video. The pudgy pooch was just too much for her to handle, and making it the thread pic made her lash out at Mina with the false flagging and vid takedowns. How single white female of her. Blech.

No. 536034

You don't have to like weed or even smoke it to sell it. Actually it's more profitable if you don't like the shit you sell. That way you don't touch your sell stash

No. 536039

Yeah I made the thread and there did seem to be a chain reaction. However certain things have been brewing between threads, like the attacks on Edwin's channel for example.

No. 536040

No. 536044

Wow I fucking hate Trasha. Mina didn't do shit like this to you, girl, move the fuck on.
If you think about it, all Mina ever "did" is… she had a boyfriend and was skinny. That's IT.

I think you are 100% right. Fuck.

No. 536045

5:45 he talks about Dasha and him using weed

No. 536046

File: 1529989723556.png (407.07 KB, 665x407, cyr.PNG)

On Twitch stream broadcasted 2 hours before the one already posted her Cyr does drop a passive aggressive comment about the drama 11:35

"Hey, I'm an evil person, right? I gotta live up to that role."


No. 536050

They are all so sheltered in their shitty apartment with friends who continuously validate their actions that this is just all a joke to them.

No. 536051

Clearly, i said that this is not a marjuana tree tho its money tree thats its literal name
And also that they probably use weed because he admited to it in an interview

No. 536064

psycho bitch is 22? damn I thought she was pushing 30 - 30+…

No. 536066

She totally wouldnt lie about her age.

No. 536067

not evil, just so severely pussy whipped that it has completely blinded your rational judgment and logical train of thought.

No. 536069

True.. So I guess it's not confirmed then and based upon what she has presented herself as, I find 22 very hard to believe.. although being such a cunt must take a toll on ones appearance eventually.

No. 536081

File: 1529992116763.jpg (28.29 KB, 750x479, esther-russia.jpg)

Remember the movie Orphan?
just up the years a little, but keep they psychotic sexual obsession in place

No. 536086

I wouldnt be surprised if this whole "Dasha" persona is fake, a made up concocted history.
Shes actually a 40 year old Russian prostitute who had to escape her mother land because she killed her pimp and his gang was after her.

No. 536089

She's not even Russian.
More like 34yo Austrian secretary let go from her job.

No. 536091

lmao yes I actually watched this recently on Netflix so it's fresh in my mind, nice one anon, I don't think there's a better comparison, she even has the European accent (although Russian, she sounds a lot like Dasha), the neurotic manipulation, black mailing, inappropriate sexual advances, the hell bent determination to ruin the wife/mother to the point of destroying her life by any means necessary, the entire lack of empathy, the fits of rage/anger etc .. this movie IS Dasha as a kid, I fully believe it.

No. 536092

someone good with photoshop may be able to make a funny thread pic with it for the next one.

No. 536100

Dasha, I sincerely hope you know you will NEVER come back from this. By being a psychotic bitch you’re just digging your grave deeper and deeper. Go ahead, keep grooming girls just out of high school because nobody else wants to deal with your manipulation. That gets you nowhere, it’s just a false sense of security that makes you think someone gives a shit. I hope this whole situation keeps you awake at night. Enjoy the karma you earned you nasty bitch.

No. 536102


He looks like he's suffering from a chronic/borderline terminal desease, honestly

No. 536119

This dude always looks like there's a chipmunk snapchat/insta filter on his face. What an unfortunate visage for a man.

As for the "content" I can't believe people watch him and his boring friend hang out in his apartment and smoke cigs on the fire escape stairs.

I hope Mina bounces back quickly from the channel takedown bs and actually makes a video instead of letting Edwin sperg too much like some anons suggested earlier. I don't think she needs to make a series of videos or whatever, just make one good video. As emotionally taxing as it might be for Mina, people do want to hear her side and letting a bf whiteknight her isn't going to lend her enough credibility in the eyes of some skeptics. Edwin's made a good effort and we're so close to Trasha's complete downfall but it's time for Mina to be proactive.

No. 536123

Dash is unbelivable

No. 536124

cyr streamed from a party either Saturday or sunday night. i loved it. anyway, you could tell he wanted to see what everyone was thinking about his dasha Edwin situation. he kept hinting around and making comments. dasha (who i didn't recognize for atleast 30 minutes)did a little dance and cyr kept saying "most hated couple" for the last 2 hours. no one replied. lol. i think most people knew what he wanted but no one was going to give it to him. lol. he wants to know what direction to go in. look cyr we all beat greg up for you. now you are on the opposite end. your older fans know Edwin was a mooch. but you are being uncool by getting your gang to silence Edwin. Edwin and dasha are one in the same. you all need to leave each other alone. i think cyr was right but he did things for the wrong reason. i also think he went to vidcon instead of visiting his dad. i think he owed Edwin some money but he also let Edwin stay with him for free all the time. Edwin is dasha. i also believe that mina was trying to get in with idubbz/filthfrank (who i hate). it makes since.

No. 536126

>Edwin is Dasha

You lost me way before that
Go sober up, whoever you are.

No. 536127


No. 536135

Why did you only capitalize "Edwin" and no other word in your entire babble of a paragraph?
>one in the same
>it makes since

No. 536138

I wanna hear what Mina and Cyr have to say.

No. 536141

Edwin and Dasha are one in the same.Are you retarded anon?
Cyr was right on what exactly? everything he has done has far has been dickmoves while hiding behind Dasha's big ass, gossiping to his other fellow twitch streamers like the little bitch mean girl he is.
And Cyr probably offered him to stay with him whenever Edwin visited LA, dont be fucking stupid.
And what if Mina wanted another youtuber dick? Cyr cheated on her and they werent even a couple when she "went" after idubbbz.

No. 536143

The person is obviously baiting to derail the thread and you are helping them.

No. 536150

File: 1529998236505.png (546 KB, 750x1334, 80DA3CD9-C43B-429C-8611-F57683…)

No. 536155

Wow, another Trasha minion attempt to “seek justice”. The fact that the only people who support that crazy bitch are probably literal 13 year old children is fucking sad.

Who else would still be stanning such a manipulative woman with an evil agenda after all of the fucking receipts that have been provided?

No. 536163


Whats really insane is that this account, I believe wasn't made not too long ago. They posted something an hour ago and already have 17 followers?

Is all 17 Dasha or is she just mass group messaging about this account. This account also followed Edwin and Mina's Instagram to make sure Edwin and Mina are aware this account exists. How low can you get?

No. 536166

Some things I don't get..
I don't get if everybody got their money back now cause apparently Edwin won that small claim thing but did he pay for the two months of rent he owed Cyr? Or was that a lie as well and he never owed him any money?
Also, did Mina want that polyamouros relationship with them or not and if yes, why did she suddenly start dating (?) Edwin and if she didn't want it, did she say so or was she scared of saying she didn't want it? I just feel like I missed out on some things that some of you might know

No. 536167


This is old drama. Please read the rest of the thread or watch the videos. This is derailing the current conversation.

No. 536168

The early story/roommate drama is here: >>>/snow/244778

No. 536181


What’s even more ridiculous is that the pluggednyc shoot and associated IG clip were from six months ago, she probably thought it had been lost in the depths of the internet never to resurface. Boy was she in for a surprise.

No. 536191

And just when we thought Putin couldn’t stoop any lower in her quest to “destroy” Mina… bitch really is doubling down on the crazy. She and her emasculated cuck of a boyfriend are evil pieces of shit, I hope Edwin and Mina are able to take legal action against them. The identity theft, whether it’s Doucha herself or someone she’s enlisted, has tipped this whole shitshow over the edge.

No. 536192

File: 1530010162885.png (1.65 MB, 802x1186, trasha.png)

No. 536194

There’s no way this bitch is 22. She looks older than most 32 year olds I know. She’s either lying (highly likely) or she needs to get herself a better cosmetic surgeon.

No. 536207

File: 1530013428147.jpg (108.96 KB, 1080x790, IMG_20180625_234105.jpg)

Petra (one of Dasha's minions or looks like one of her ex minions now) is acting like they are above the "drama" now. She had no problem partaking in it when they were making fun of Mina's appearance or flagging Edwin's videos.

No. 536208

File: 1530013531084.jpg (215.26 KB, 1080x1442, IMG_20180625_233743.jpg)

What a hypocrite.

No. 536211

So the full e-mail address of the person who took down the videos is "jamievardman631@gmail.com". Jamie Vardman is definitely a fake name even if this e-mail doesn't belong to Dasha (no surprises there).

No. 536215

File: 1530015576045.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, BA32D269-3641-4C09-AED3-876D69…)

This is probably stretching but I noticed the anon that posted the new Edwin Instagram and I noticed that on the blargh there’s been a minor surge of “hate”

No. 536216

File: 1530015603813.png (1001.98 KB, 750x1334, C5C60F51-9CBB-4114-B7A0-A602C8…)

No. 536217

This is one is the video about Mina getting her channel taken down

No. 536220

Can you newfags learn to discern actual milk from useless crap that just clogs up the thread? Kthx

No. 536222

File: 1530016105711.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 5E71B46B-C97A-4521-9A4E-06AD6D…)

Weird that the same person with the same profile posted on dashas fake ass video, changed their username

No. 536223

At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised that Dasha made those or sent her minions on another hunt

No. 536224

We'll see Dasha's fall, guys. She's way too stupid, she managed the entire situation so stupidly! and Cyr, well his career is already over thanks to himself. We'll never see that video, he takes MONTHS to upload something even if it is sponsored.

No. 536226

No. 536228

I really hope so man. It’s beyond fucked up seeing that someone impersonated Mina and deleted her channel, now she’s getting another “round” of hate based on the images above throughout the forum. It’s pissing me off that no one is speaking out on this

No. 536229

Even if it wasnt Dasha that took down Minas channel she is still responsible because she shared her passport. There has to be a law where someone gets incarcerated for spreading sensitive information like this, right?

No. 536231

Has this fellow minion been ordered to pretend to be neutral to get attention from edwin and mina? I don't see why she wouldn't even release a text where Dasha wants minas YouTube down, stop protecting abusers

No. 536237

I know it's been said again & again, but Dasha is ugly af omg lol… in comparison to how she shops herself. Such a manface, lol, well the uglier her personality gets the uglier she gets too, can't wait to see all her bad karma catch up to her.

No. 536242

The UK does have laws against cyber harassment, stalking, revenge porn, and I'm pretty sure releasing private and sensitive information. Since Mina is a citizen of the UK (I'm assuming) it could probably fall under their jurisdiction, the problem then becomes if those are extraditable crimes.


No. 536244

I really hope Mina takes legal action. Is gonna be expensive but they have all to prove it! and those audios! damn… at this point i believe Dasha feels like is all a game, and is not. She is not only being childish, she's abusing Mina, spreading rumors, doxing her…

No. 536249

File: 1530021170255.jpg (90.01 KB, 461x410, SmartSelect_20180626-091804_Yo…)

No. 536251

Internet law is wherever the server for the site being used is physically located.

No. 536254

Shoot i would donate several 100s out of my pocket for Mina to get justice.

No. 536259

File: 1530022224624.png (26.66 KB, 833x481, movieee.png)

jamievardman631@gmail.com isn't registered to facebook or twitter, but it's registered to instagram (jamievardman631).

No. 536263

File: 1530022563739.jpeg (98.82 KB, 750x1173, 01F42DB3-2BF2-458E-93B5-48C6F7…)

No. 536264

I wonder if they actually think we will be taken in by this fake account and blame someone random? It’s obviously Dasha LOL.

No. 536272

Not entirely in the UK.

"Where jurisdiction is challenged, the courts look at where the site is hosted, its intended audience, the material posted, the nationality of the webmaster and where the information was created and downloaded, applying the 'substantial measure' principle set out in R v Smith (Wallace Duncan) (no.4) (2004) 2 Cr App R 17, which states:

"The English Courts … seek … to apply the English criminal law where a substantial measure of the activities constituting the crime take place in England, and restricts its application in such circumstances solely to cases where it can be seriously be argued on a reasonable view that these activities should on the basis of international comity not be dealt with by another country."

R v Sheppard and Whittle (2010) EWCA Crim 65 - Sheppard posted racially inflammatory material to a website, registered in his name and operated by him, but based in California. Once the material reached the server in California, it was posted online and made available on the internet to all those visiting the website, including people in the jurisdiction of England and Wales. The court came to the conclusion that jurisdiction was governed by the substantial measure principle enunciated by the court in R v Smith (supra). Everything in the case related to England and Wales except for the server being in California."

So you could argue that the intended audience was Mina since Dasha personally attacked and wanted to inflict harm to Mina based on her posts here on lolcow.

No. 536281

File: 1530024141438.jpeg (145.09 KB, 1242x1431, 45CEADD3-5272-46CF-A84A-5E409C…)

Right? She obviously doesn’t care to take the illegal route to get short term satisfaction which is scary.

Julia even if you get what you want now, u’ll still be empty, alone and fug in the end.

No. 536285

Anon what you posted just corroborated what I said.

>seek to apply British criminal law where a substantial measure of the activities constituting the crime take place in England,

None of it took place in England. Neither Mina or Dasha is in England. So that doesn't apply.

No. 536291

She is a british citizen which allows her protections under british law does it not? And she hasn't been in America the entire time that this harassment has been occurring.

No. 536293

No, think about it dude, if you're robbed in America and a British citizen, unless it's something like your passport, who's jurisdiction are you under? American police, of course. What matters is where the person committing the crime physically is. Police can't extend their jurisdiction internationally, that's the kind of shit that starts wars.

No. 536296

Mina was not located in the USA the entire time. She had been in the UK during this.

The guy who blackmailed Amanda Todd will be extradited to Canada despite the fact that he was located in the Netherlands the entire time. You are not safe from the law just because you are in a different country. It really doesn't matter where Mina was in reality. America or the UK could take on the case. I was just referring to UK laws because I know that she is a citizen and she HAD been in the UK during this shit. I just think it would be hilarious to see Dasha extradited to the UK.

No. 536299

M8 How can you still not understand this? You're not protected by your home country's law when you're abroad. Where Mina is doesn't matter whatsoever anyway, it's not relevant that she's a UK citizen she's not the one who has committed the crime. Where the victim is is the least important thing. Even if she were in the UK the entire time, Dasha would still be subject to US law because she is committing the crime on firstly on a server located in the US, and she, herself is physically on US soil.

The UK has absolutely no jurisdicion here what so ever. The crime wasn't committed by a UK citizen, on UK soil either physically

No. 536302

I think for the most part Karma has already hit Dasha. Her reputation has been forever tarnished. Theres zero chance of her ever making it in LA now. I mean its pretty obvious she was trying to jump on to youtube by trying to get close to Trisha and Jaclyn. I dont think any of them will feature her anymore. Also, im sure if any compnay hires her theyll drop her immediately after all the comments theyll get about her past. Even Limecrime will be owned by another party pretty soon and im sure they wont hesitate to disassociate. Her career is canceled.

No. 536307


Jaclyn is still liking every pic she posts to Instagram. I used to really like Jaclyn, but fuck. Shes such an idiot, I've never seen anyone with a worse judge of character.

No. 536308

As much as I’d like to believe this, she mentioned working with her favourite brand next month.

No. 536317

Honestly, Jaclyn just needs to keep inserting herself into toxic people’s lives and everyone should just sit back and watch the free shitshow. She’s annoying and vapid. Edwin stands up for her when Richie cheats on her, and she returns the favour by befriending the girl who used revenge porn and doxing against Edwin’s girlfriend.

No. 536318

Is petty page going to make a video on this? I saw on twitter that she was being spammed to make a story yet no mention that she will. I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t

No. 536320

I didn’t even realize that, good job pointing that out anon. Jaclyn is really stupid, you’d think she’d learn by now to listen what people are telling her.

No. 536321

birds of a feather flock together

No. 536326

File: 1530029265340.png (767.18 KB, 750x1334, 695FA1A6-90F0-424D-8077-41B7C3…)

More channels like these keep popping up. More hate comments

No. 536330

File: 1530029327786.png (514.17 KB, 750x1334, 88A6B850-6CCF-4DDA-8B53-AAE13B…)

No. 536331


The thing that's really fucked up, is that it seems like 95% of these drama channels know all about the situation, but aren't reporting on it. And in this case -besides keen it's not out of loyalty to Cyr, but because it's not about beauty gurus or tans mongeau. It doesn't interest them, so they dont care. Because why report on actual fucked up YouTube news and try to help somebody when there's a Morphe cosmetics scandal going on. Disgusting.

No. 536333

I KNOW! It’s so infuriating how these commentary youtubers act like they’re above everyone for calling out people, yet when their friend and his gf is called out for doing horrible shit they back out quick. They’re so hypocritically it’s insane

No. 536336

Im sure theyre unaware. When she anmounced that, it was at beginning phase of this drama and after all these voice messages i would be surprised if they hadnt dropped her yet. If they haven't, they will after the campaign shes working on with them is released. As for Jaclyn, shes not dumb enough to promote her on her youtube or post om instagram as she removed the photo she had posted due to backlash. Dont worry, she's not getting away with this. She basically lost her dreams in order to harass.

No. 536343

Correct anon. IT doesn’t matter who used the passport to get the channel in trouble, of course they would be subject for some sort of action, MORE importantly the fact that in any crime, especially crimes with malicious intent, they always look at the person or persons who started the initial criminal activity to begin with. Since it’s proven, and moreso she actually admits to this, so that Dasha actually boasting about passing the passport around, and posting the passport to begin will PRE-DATE any sort of “afterword issues” she caused by doing so, coupled with the revenge porn, we have ourselves a felony. Actually a few felonies. So you can bet your damn ass if she gets prosecuted and convicted SHES OUTTA HERE. SHE IS the people Trump is targeting. Illegal immigrants, visitors with visas: student visas, extended vacation visas, working visas, ANYONE THAT IS A CRIMINAL. So hopefully the state will take this full throttle and convict her stupid ass. Edwin, and Mina really need to hire a lawyer ASAP to make sure this happens.

No. 536350

Yep. An American attorney is what they need.

No. 536360

Gosh, did anyone see the stories Mina just posted on her Instagram? She tries really hard not to cry as she’s explaining her channel being taken down and how she just wants to be left alone. She tries not to be public about how all of what Dasha does is affecting her emotionally, but I think she’s hurting really bad privately.

No. 536361

Wonder what jacyln would say about those Dasha voicemails, for a supposed ~skeptic~ she blindly believes anything a terrible person says as long as they like her

No. 536366

Yeah, poor girl :( she explains how she’s finally gotten to a point where she feels comfortable enough to be more of her true self publicly, and then all of this shit happens. Her little “I just want to be left alone” at the end broke my heart :(((don't use emojis)

No. 536370

Jesus I just saw minas instagram story. I feel so fucking bad for her. I’m so sick of Dasha

No. 536379

Yeah that really sucks.. Fuck Dasha.
But can't she just make a new YT Channel? It's not like she lost a billion subscribers or isn't able to do new videos.

No. 536384

I mean yeah but the problem is Dasha is going to try to take it down again. It’s just a shitty cycle

No. 536386

Damn… I feel so sorry for Mina. I guess she sort of managed to escape her abusive household by moving out but now Dasha and her minions won't stop abusing her via the internet. It just really sucks because Mina seems like a sweet and sensitive person. I can't believe somebody has that much hatred inside to want to destroy someone else's life. Fuck you, Dasha.

No. 536388

Is this recent? Is she trying to be like Jaclyn now.

No. 536389

Her crying at the end sounded so fake kek

No. 536393

wtf she looks like she's in her 30s

No. 536394

Now I honestly feel really bad for Edwin, he doesn't have any real friend who will stand up for him. If I were a friend of him I wouldnt have a problem go personally beat the crap out of Dasha (specially knowing she will probably get deported if she goes to the doctor) .But all her friends are pure bs with their mental health and anxiety~, I thought at this point Deefizy would say something and help but no, he just care about crying for his depression all the fucking time on twitter.

No. 536396

Yeah, I’m sure she was holding her breath while speaking and her nose totally wasn’t blocked from all the crying. You really pay attention to detail huh.

No. 536397

and as if she's using the fisheye effect on her face to distract from her actual fat face lmao, no one's face features are that huge.

No. 536398

Why would she fake herself crying? Lmfao you’re really reaching

No. 536403

Learn to read correctly anon, I was talking bout Dasha ;)

No. 536404

>>536388 Nah look at her hair it’s from her Mina phase kek
>>536393 She does look terrible for her age. Being so crazy must be exhausting.

No. 536419

Ah man onion made a video about it….sigh

No. 536420

Actually, no it didn't… "kek" Maybe you should watch it again haha.

No. 536422

oh my lord

No. 536425

Yeah and of course before defending edwin he subtly calls him ugly.

No. 536427

poor edwin getting unsulted horribly :(

No. 536429

Idk thats the feeling i got
Not saying she isnt suffering i would lose my mind if this was happening to me but on that specific video it sounded forced

No. 536430

I also thought Damon could help him but I just checked and apparently he took a break from social media because he had been feeling depressed and suicidal, I assume.

No. 536432

I think petty paige would do a good job covering and it would reach a diffrent audience we need to get her attention somehow

No. 536433

is cyr's first name now michael or ryan?

No. 536437

I already tweeted at her and she made a tweet asking people to stop spamming her. I’m going to be kinda annoyed if she doesn’t make a video because she’s dealt with people slandering and harassing her. She didn’t mention if she would make a video

No. 536441

Onision talks about the YT-channel situation, but doesn't adress the doxing Dasha did

No. 536447

i'm just going to call him lenny

here's hoping mina can find some peace asap, she doesn't deserve this

No. 536449

He does the same thing. Releasing private info he probably doesn't think Dasha was wrong there.

No. 536452

Dude he follows cyr but not Edwin and that’s a small detail that really bothers me. He IS someone who speaks out about abuse but when it comes to his friend he won’t?

No. 536454

I actually think Onion's video is good

No. 536458

What he doesn't follow Edwin? They seemed to be a lot closer

No. 536459

File: 1530042918557.jpg (72.73 KB, 315x678, damon.JPG)

He does follow Edwin.

No. 536460

Emilia farts follows Mina. She has a pretty large audience. I wonder if shell mention it? Probably not considering her videos are not drama related.

No. 536462

Damon cried like a little bitch when nobody helped him with that pedo but when it's Edwin he is no where to be found.
I'm really really sorry Mina and Edwin are so alone in this. I just realized how fuck up is YouTube and it's community.

No. 536466

Me too. He covered what I think was the most incriminating evidence against Dasha and told people to watch Edwin’s video at the end to find out more.

No. 536467

Are you fucking morons really shitting on Damon, when Edwin considers him a really close friend and KNOWS that Damon is having a HARD TIME right now? You newfags are really beginning to grind my gears.

No. 536468

I meant on instagram, I don’t use twitter so I didn’t know that

No. 536469

Emilia is live rn, maybe we should ask?

No. 536470


It was actually decent. I don't like Onision but I respect him a bit more for speaking up on the topic

No. 536471

I liked it, but unpopular opinion… I like Onision(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536473

It’s worth a shot. At this point people need to reach out to whoever because we know the commentary community won’t do shit

No. 536475

I dont like you

No. 536477

good thing is that even staying neutral enfuriates dasha cause she's so psychotic so it's still a win kek

No. 536478

I don't usually give a fuck about Onion. I just really think this particular video is decent

No. 536479

didin't the syd or olivia girl also claim to "not take sides." Also kinda hypocritical to say "I'm staying out of all the damn drama" while making a public statement on it. Sounds like they're scared of mommy dasha.

No. 536480

Same, can’t stand gurg, but he actually presented the video well and in an entertaining/precise manner.

No. 536482

I think Dasha might have annoyed her. She was probably constantly asking her to lurk on here or to post comments and it became too much for her.

No. 536483

File: 1530045032034.png (770.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-26-23-26-29…)

She is back to her true form
A Russian sugar baby ready for anything so that she can get her green card in the usa

No. 536485

God it’s insane how much she photoshops her face

No. 536486

looks like what snap filters do to me multiplied by 10000000

No. 536488

File: 1530045550929.jpeg (277.64 KB, 731x938, 570CD114-D560-4483-B8CA-EC69C6…)

Meanwhile she looks like a little old lady irl kek

No. 536489

jesus, does she really think the is even close to looking like this? she is so delusional

No. 536490

Edwin should explain his situation on avvo. Attorneys from LA will give him advice on how to handle the situation for free.

No. 536492

her post has a lot of comments. She follows most of the accounts that comment. I really want to comment or send messages to the people but I don't want to be blocked lol

No. 536496

File: 1530046754627.jpeg (496.57 KB, 2048x2048, C66F9B81-ADBD-473B-A908-86162E…)

Didn’t think reiyoshida would be supportive of this thundercunt, how disappointing.

No. 536499

Edwin is live on yt

No. 536502

and TearyEyedEdwin decided to appear, with the same handle on Instagram being followed by Dasha

No. 536503

why did she edit her eyes so creepily far apart but leave her eyebrows so close together jfc

No. 536504

File: 1530047527641.png (266.09 KB, 851x445, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.12…)


No. 536509

Wow. The huge forehead, the wide spaced eyes. She’s going full Dakota with this shooping style. I just don’t get it. She’s a completely different person in candid videos and when other brands get her to model for them, like in the OP pic.

No. 536516

LMFAO I liked a comment that said 'You look scary' and she blocked me… she's PURGING her comment section

No. 536517


samefag but they are discussing the creepy british dasha video lmao >>535521

No. 536518


How does she have time for things? I bet she is always online.

No. 536520

File: 1530049046449.jpg (21.76 KB, 301x398, whatevenisthat.JPG)

Annoyingly pretty Dasha

No. 536522


No. 536527

Edwin just said that the way this girl's voice says "EDWIN" ispretty similar to Dasha's way. We should make a comparison video.

No. 536530

>>536527 Probably just another autrian girl narrating this stupid shit. The voice doesn't really sound like trasha.

No. 536531

It has to be related to Dasha somehow even if it's not her voice imo. It's hard for me to believe a random person would know all the information and make a video like this against Edwin unless they were under the influence of Dasha's lies and persuasion.

No. 536532

There’s no way this sounds like Dasha faking a voice it’s so cringey

No. 536534

Oh it's definitely her. :)

No. 536535

They said on the livestream that maybe she hired someone on fiver or similar just to read a script but that doesn't explain the stupid fake accent and the fact that the account is active beyond just posting the video

No. 536537

Dasha doing a fake posh accent (4:40), thoughts?

No. 536538

Objectively speaking, she's not THAT terrible-looking. But Dasha is proof that inner ugliness really does end up showing on the outside.

No. 536543

Edwin is talking to Damon on the livestream right now.

No. 536544


Well, Damon is on the stream right now and he is aware of everything. He is definitely supporting Edwin, he even said he thinks the person behind that video of the fake accent is Dasha

No. 536545

It sounds like the video! Maybe with a slightly lower pitch but it really does sound like her voice.

No. 536546

Edwin has receipts of Cyr being a creep while Tea I worry this is further going to make people say hes a drama whore.

No. 536547

Lmaoo lettie was in a chat telling everyone how cyr isnt brainwashed and that she has proof and also that he followed her private explicit insta when she was underage
These girls have no loyalty,but ik glad she is on the right side for once,maybe she will spill some milk

No. 536548

I think Cyr must be cracking and ready to have a mental breakdown. It may not seem like it, but a lot of people are making videos on this.. Onision, Mikenactor, repzion is going to make one. There's even a fucking 90210 meme parodying this drama on Youtube. Last time I checked Cyr even disabled comments on his videos

I can't find it

Yeah, don't do it. Cyr blocked me within a few minutes when I did, Dasha is going to block you within seconds.

No. 536549

Someone should lower the pitch on her voice and then make a comparison video

No. 536553

she deletes comments when she's active. i posted twice, took her 40 minutes to delete the first one and minutes to delete the second. there's still one comment that's referencing the anonymous video that she didn't delete though lol

No. 536554

Pathetic. She just wants to feel important by inserting herself into this whole situation. She's irrelevant at this point and has lost all credibility. I wouldn't trust.

No. 536555

If i was mina i would litteraly tell her to fuck off even if she apologized,girl befriended her worst enemy,was active in helping dasha ruin her and now she wants to be all buddy buddy with her again…ugh i hate girls like her she is such a snake

No. 536556

Thinking of possible youtubers to cover the whole incident, maybe Petty Paige? When she made the video exposing Simplykenna it had a lot of traction. Plus she's british like Mina, could unmask the fake brit accent in Dasha's video(read the rules)

No. 536559

Petty Paige got annoyed that people were dming her. It doesn’t sound like she’ll make a video

No. 536560

what is her real hair colour and length? how does her hair not fall off her head? is it THAT many wigs or what? allways wondering

No. 536562

Yeah edwin is right. She says it like that. ED-win.

No. 536563

File: 1530053186784.jpeg (240.32 KB, 1684x719, 21C56F61-F800-470A-86EF-D5CD46…)

Oh Fettie, I knew you’d start spilling the beans any minute now kek

No. 536564

In the live stream Edwin said that Petty Paige said she would look into it but hasn't confirmed whether she will do a vid.

No. 536565

Happy to see that the third result when you search for "neuphs" on google is the last lolcow thread!

No. 536566

Damon texted Cyr and tried to open his eyes but Cyr never replied.

No. 536568

I was in that group chat Lettie mentioned, there were a couple over the years where cyr would add a load of underage girls to a group chat on twitter with him (I was 16/17 at the time) and i remember finding out that specific girl was 13 and was so shocked. I didn’t really think of the group chats as being weird at the time because I was a fan but now I think it was kind of creepy.. anyways cyr still follows me on twitter which is surprising

No. 536569

File: 1530053562974.jpg (133.31 KB, 935x599, devastantingly popular.JPG)

I'm pretty sure this is becoming a new meme.

No. 536570

This is so ironic for Dasha. Dasha used Lettie for evidence against Mina and now the same is happening against Dasha. You reap what you sow

No. 536577

I hope Lettie is finally ready to help and spill the tea. this will finally weaken julia and pedo cyr

No. 536578

File: 1530054948067.jpg (32.22 KB, 341x556, tjrkyrtjyrojty.JPG)

>>536562 that livestream is still so funny. "Of fucking course I love Mina, with all my heart!!! I love her in a very very VERY friendship way"

>>536538 She was a 4/10 when I first saw her on video 2 years ago, now she's a -1000, "annoyingly pretty" is far from accurate.

>>536522 Yes, devastatingly famous! I'm sure that's why she doesn't go anywhere. It must be SO stressful all these people asking for pics and autographs.

>>536569 kek!

No. 536581


I bet you Dasha likes this comments. Think its a compliment instead.

No. 536582

i find these new cyr talking to underage girls allegations almost worse…are all of these youtubers fucked in the head with their pedophile tendencies

No. 536584

julia takes any attention as a compliment, anon. she's a psychopath

No. 536588

yeaah! and she goes from ANNOYINGLY kind and understanding to DEVASTATINGLY crazy ass bitch

No. 536589


not unless it's ~explicitly~ a hate comment. for a psychopath, she surprisingly has her limits.

No. 536595

Are you Dense anon? he’s dealing with his own battles. He’s giving his side support and communicating with Edwin. Damon always seems to put himself down in the livestream Edwin did today. He’s already stressed and down as it is. His world can’t revolve around Edwin right now, he’s trying to set his mind straight from what I believe to be a suicide attempt or suicidal thoughts. Jesus Christ some of you forget people have real lives outside this drama. Even Edwin said he appreciates any kind of support. Dont just shit on him automatically.

No. 536596

No. 536599

Yep. Just because Damon doesn't publically call out Cyr and Dasha right now doesn't mean he isn't there for them. He said in the livestream that he tried to reach out to Cyr to talk some sense into him but he never responded. He's emotionally there for Edwin and being a good friend is enough. At least he isn't like Jaclyn kek

No. 536601

If Dasha releases a palette, suddenly they'll all talk about her.

No. 536602


That "oil wife" lady did a video on the late drama but i guess you mean RELEVANT youtubers? lol

No. 536604

No you can't just make a new channel. That's why this method is so effective in destroying someone on YT - Margo used it against Venus for a while. Mina is being too passive in not defending her right to have a channel in the future. This is why Edwin is so upset about his own channel (community strikes are different, you can't really dispute them). Serving a copyright counter-notice isn't hard, it just takes a little time, fill out the form and you must give an address - then wait weeks.

No. 536612

Another 13 year old follower. How lucky of this trash to be able to attract vunerable kids with sheep mentality.

No. 536616

Why is she wearing a chef uniform? This isn't fashion.

Why are you still watching that person.

No. 536617

File: 1530059065630.png (162.29 KB, 2894x2300, kek.png)


This is basically the pinnacle of Cyr's public embarrassment kek If I were him I'd bury my head in sand and never show my face again

No. 536619

I think people who are flagging his videos are regular discord dickriders of Cyr and maybe some kids that follow Dasha. I don't think that these posts on instagram have any effect whatsoever, other than further proving Edwin and Mina are under attack.

No. 536620

Omg it isn't really a matter of opinion, it objectively sounds like her. Why would a bunch of people all agree? The ones who don't hear itprobably aren't very analytical, sorry. I think it's quite obvious given the tone, phony accent, breathiness, weirdly worded script, and how she is known for dressing up to create alter ego type looks. She is also known to fake her ethnicity. Also why would anyone besides her call Edwin a thief? She called him that before. I just don't see how it couldn't be her.

No. 536623

Can you stop spamming the same fucking photos every other 5 posts.

No. 536624

i almost wish cyr and dasha had more influence so bigger drama channels would be forced to talk about this. unfortunately, they're both pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of youtube, especially with the trisha and tana drama happening right now, so there's no way anyone with over 100k subs is gonna touch this. trying to get phillyd or h3 to talk about this is borderline delusional.

No. 536628

That wasn't me! It's my first one. But point taken, deleted.

Cyr and Greg were best friends for so long. It isn't surprising they both use their position on the internet to chat to and groom young girls.

No. 536636

what, i'm surprised onision did a video on them so i waiting to be surprised what could happen

No. 536638

THANK YOU. I'm glad someone like Mikenactor is made a vid on it. And the Blargh. And… well, fuck Greg's video, his support looks bad on anyone. But the people telling Edwin to reach out to Shane Dawson of all people, please, stop, it's embarrassing.

No. 536639

Seriously can the newfags tinfoiling about "wHo cAn wE rEaCh oUt tO" fuck off? this isn't helpedwinout.com, go to fucking twitter and youtube for that cringe. This thread is for discussing the drama and that's it.

No. 536645

Dasha has crossed legal lines already and people just wanna see her get fucking demolished. Chill man, some people just wanna see her burn including me

No. 536646

We all do but the point is to sit back and watch the bonfire happen.

If you want to be involved, do what you want but it can't be organised here.

No. 536647

I mean if the admins don’t have a problem with it then it isn’t a problem. Besides,what I’d kill for to see a video exposing that manipulative bitch

No. 536650

File: 1530063059904.png (36.58 KB, 878x189, Screenshot (4).png)

No. 536652

I’m assuming the admins would ban majority of people here if they had an issue. Tinfoiling is bad but discussing what youtubers are making videos isn’t

No. 536653

Because there's an over abundance of you noobz doing it. Also no one said not to mention which youtubers are making videos, you're being told to stop planning and organizing shit on here.

No. 536654

Agreed, I did my part on twitter cause I want to help but now its just a sit back and see what happens at this point.

No. 536658


>"wHo cAn wE rEaCh oUt tO"

ICE. And it should be Mina or Edwin that does it. Youtubers are meaningless when there is a real opportunity for Mina to hold this bitch to account.(stop)

No. 536659

>If you want to be involved, do what you want but it can't be organised here.
This is correct. It's considered cowtipping and should not be posted.

No. 536664

Watching this made me realize that cyrs schtick is just a rip off larp of Hunter s thompson

No. 536670

Christ alive, the newfaggotry is palpable. I think everyone is in agreement re: Julia being a massive cunt, we don’t need 7845721 iterations of the same cowtipping comments. We are here as bystanders having a good ol’ kek at the shitshow, not to insert ourselves into it. I’m sure Mina and Edwin are more than capable of rallying their own army, they don’t need random strangers on an anonymous board telling them what they should and shouldn’t do. Moving along, are there any anons with access to Julia’s IG around to share recent activity?

No. 536673

He fucking wishes. He’s so pretentious, it’s not even funny. He was never funny. I’ve known several dudes like that irl, people just humour them because no one knows if they’re joking/being 3edgy5me when they profess affinity for serial killers or if they really are a school shooter and don’t want to piss them off if it turns out that they fall into the latter category.

No. 536675

just that one photo with the chanel haircut and the different colored lenses that's been posted here already

No. 536707

I really hope Edwin doesnt make a video about Cyr being a "creep" without SOLID evidence. If he goes off of what Lettie told him without screenshots, it will make the situation with Mina less credible. I feel like he needs to focus on the passport/photos solely up until justice is served. Switching to Cyr will derail and make Dashas crimes seem less severe…

No. 536709

Exactly. It'll just come off petty as shit too, plus if he really cared about Cyr going after underage girls why didn't he say anything when he was friends with him?

He should just stop with the drama related videos and livestreams all together, until Cyr uploads his video. Even then, he should keep it to just one response video. A 15 minute video MAX and no longer than that. Shit, he could even pay Onion to do it, seeing as his delivery was better and to the point.

No. 536722

I get why Edwin is going all out with the streams and videos full of receipts, he is an emotional dude by nature and understandably upset by this insanity Putin has been consistently unleashing for the past 18 months, not to mention the fact that she is being enabled and encouraged by his former best friend, but I think we can all concede that anything else that’s leaked/released/whatever from this point on is tantamount to preaching to the choir. Trasha has been outed with a substantial amount of evidence, anyone who denies that any of the proof (ie the 142 posts here, the voice clips, and so forth) is legit is clearly as unhinged as their troll queen. Big youtubers making dramu/reaction videos to this fuckery won’t achieve anything save for maybe providing us with some kekworthy shade. I’m just waiting for Julia to become active on social media again and hopefully sperg out, thus providing us with fresh milk.

No. 536732

He seemed suprised when it was first brought up to him. This is something scummy that im sure Cyr would hide from his “loved ones”. Just like he’s trying to hide what him and Dasha are doing like a coward.

No. 536754

File: 1530092091721.png (14.25 KB, 546x214, weird.PNG)

Guys, July 13th is a Friday 13th. Maybe I'm tinfoiling but I think Cyr is going to drop his response Friday 13th. Why else would this be the picture for "totally not Dasha" Youtube channel "Anonymous Person"?

No. 536757


smells like tinfoil deluxe but in a way I think you could be right just because they seem to be into theatrical shit

No. 536761

Masked babe made a video on it she is not very popular tho

No. 536769

A video on Instagram comparing Julia’s bad British accent to the ‘Edwin is a thief’ video

No. 536772

yeah, it's definitely her

No. 536773

whoever did this should have lowered the pitch of Trasha talking in Cyr's video
It would probably sound 1000% more alike

No. 536775

File: 1530104074250.png (470.18 KB, 720x476, 20180627_135434.png)

I would cry too if this annoyingly pretty and devastatingly popular power couple harassed me on the internet

No. 536776

What if we report her on Instagram as if she claimed to be another person. Just like she did to Mina.(read the rules)

No. 536778

God, read this >>536659 and this >>536650

No. 536795

Read the rules, newfag

No. 536799

File: 1530115754329.jpeg (28.01 KB, 750x150, 8554F8F4-2449-4EA7-B8C7-66169E…)

Does anyone know why Dasha follows these weird accounts like every morning and then unfollows them later on?

No. 536800

File: 1530115769664.jpeg (418.27 KB, 2048x1702, 0C5D0B76-4557-443F-B439-22BE86…)

No. 536801

she’s obviously using a fake followers app

No. 536802

That's a really known way of getting followers. You go on a follow spree, people notice you, follow you and then you unfollow them but still get tons of new followers.

No. 536803

My best guess is that she follows randoms hoping for a follow back. Following randoms and then unfollowing is an easy way to increase your numbers.

No. 536805

File: 1530117070204.png (204.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180627-112020.png)


Also, why is she still active on her itsbabydash account?? is she planning to go back to it? I hope she realizes that she is fucked lol for every 12 year old that blindly follows her, there is at least 10 people willing to call her on her bullshit

No. 536812


guess it's hard for someone with narcissistic personality disorder to let go of an account that has 185k followers. She probably just ignores the fact that a huge share of them are fake

No. 536823


She probably has a massive follow app of some sorts

No. 536828

There’s an app which you gain coins by liking/following random photos on Instagram, then with the coins you can buy likes and followers. Plus wasn’t she exposed as being on one of these apps on one of the anti-dasha instagrams?

No. 536829

Another small youtuber "masked bae" made a video on the subject of Dasha vs mina, her video on Lain got almost half a million views, maybe this one could do as good.

No link cause video itself is really not new info

No. 536837

File: 1530125887237.png (54.22 KB, 611x504, edwintweet.PNG)

There is a link on Phillip DeFranco's subreddit to try to get him to cover the story. Decent amount of upvotes so far.

No. 536845

File: 1530126668934.png (213.06 KB, 621x581, moreedwintweet.PNG)

Edwin is implying that the police are going to visit Dasha

No. 536846

I really want to know if it’s Dasha or her gremlins

No. 536850

He's tipping her off, I wouldn't.

No. 536853

Of course it is. Who else would be as invested? She literally sits on her fat ass all day, what else would she do but create fake accounts

No. 536858

Well she sends her stupid teenage “fans” to go make accounts on Mina, I wouldn’t be surprised if she sent them to make YouTube channels too

No. 536861

File: 1530130210541.png (1.75 MB, 1470x2126, Eggman_Sonic_X.png)

she reminds me of eggman, thin legs but thicc on the other half

No. 536876

File: 1530131904081.png (211.65 KB, 1080x1480, Capture _2018-06-27-15-37-51-1…)

Was bummed out that this company follows her… Saw a pic of mina wearing one of their dresses and was going to buy until i noticed.

No. 536877

Tell them that they’ve lost your business because they associate with an abuser :)

No. 536879

File: 1530132110289.jpeg (747.43 KB, 960x891, 07D47839-AC7B-4BB4-85CC-A86028…)

No. 536883

(Not really a good contribution, sorry.)
I think PettyPaige might be doing… something(?) With regards to the situation. I'm not sure if she'll make a video or something else, but she kind of was hinting at something in the start of her most recent video.
I'm not sure if she was really talking about the Edwin Dasha Cyr Mina situation since she was trying to be vague, but it really seemed like it, because she was talking about people reaching out to Philip DeFranco and the subreddits…
She starts talking about it at 1:02 if anyone's interested. She does NOT explicitly say any names and only says that she is working on something (paraphrasing) so I don't know.

No. 536890

Hopefully she does make a video! She would definitely reach a wider audience and I think this story is perfect for her type of videos. I'd be disappointed if she didn't talk about this. I don't have any hopes for Phillip Defranco because I'm certain he sees this issue as Youtube drama and he tends to stay far away from that unless it causes a large commotion.

No. 536895

Phillip De Franco is not going to talk about this. I'm kind of getting the feeling there's more to this story than we know and these commentary/news youtubers are holding back on talking about because they know something we don't, that makes them not want to talk about it. Yesterday I listened to a podcast that's on soundcloud from last year, basically a bunch of youtubers discussing this drama and they were very reluctant to talk about it, even then. It looked pretty bad on Edwin that he made documentary films on this from the beginning. It turned the community off to him and they also say the fact Cyr mentioned he was being blackmailed is because Edwin was going to talk about something to do with another poly relationship he had, or something like that. Listen to the podcast yourselves. It's on soundcloud. It's Leon Lush, Chubbs and Net Nobody. The way Edwin acted about this makes everyone think it's att whoring, specially when he made like 8 hours worth of content on it.

No. 536898

Not really related to the drama (sort off)..
But it really bothers me how Edwin doesn’t interact with his fans/viewers on Twitter. He only answers to bigger youtubers.
Have any one else noticed that?

No. 536900

While I agree with you about Philip defranco, it’s quite apparent now that commentary community will not discuss this. My theory is because cyr probably told them shit about Edwin (and like you said the fact that he made so many videos on the topic). Not to mention Net Nobody hates Edwin

No. 536902

I’ve noticed slightly. But I’ve also seen him liking and replying back to some people

No. 536904


It's just a theory, I don't have a source to back this, but listening to that podcast, I understood that Net Nobody sided with Cyr because, quoting losely what he said "I know what's like to get fucked over by someone I helped bring up". So my theory is maybe it wasn't Dasha who had the idea to flag his channel so it is deleted, but Cyr. In Cyr's mind he gave Edwin most of his subscribers, so it would be "poetic justice" to get his channel deleted. Other than that, since they are flagging for harassment, even if it sounds totally wrong, considering the LENGTH of the videos Edwin has made either about Cyr or Dasha, or related to them could make them defend themselves to people on the inside like "The dude has been trying to get clout ever since I kicked him out. It's nearly TEN HOURS of videos he's made on me. Talking about it would give him more attention, so I just flagged him for harassment".

If you think about it, if you were friends with Cyr and he said something like that, it could make it justifiable.

No. 536905

Bruh she talked about jackie anna or whatever because there is drama between the two,do you even listen

No. 536906

This this this. I’ve been supporting Edwin since last year, because my vision was only zoomed in on how shitty Dasha is. I’m slowly starting to realize (with how SERIOUS the situation has gotten) how stupid of Edwin it was to make all his other 2+ hour videos. Like, incredibly stupid. In perspective, yes it was entertaining milk at the time, but it was still super super petty drama that didn’t need a whole movie.

Just take a look at the clip that Edwin had Damon record of him crying after he was kicked out. Yes his crying and feelings were valid, but the fact that he had Deefizzy record him shows that his videos were premadited and he was planning to milk being kicked out from the START. Yes yes, some of you may argue that he has the right to make videos like this, because he was very “badly” affected, but it’s STILL incredibly stupid to make a video about it and I don’t understand why he was expecting to get huge public outrage over being kicked out? It’s fucked up, but it’s not exactly the most horrible thing to happen to anyone? His initial videos lead me to believe that he wanted everyone to have the reaction they’re having now, to him being kicked out? I don’t know man, I’m just really not liking Edwin and his actions at the moment. I still support Mina full heartedly, I believe she’s the one and only real victim in this situation and I’m afraid Edwin might drag her down with how he handles this whole situation.

No. 536908

Hmm.. I agree now, it’s a shame Edwin made so many videos because that unfortunately had a backlash against him. At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if cyr is behind the mass flagging. It’s so bizarre to me how he just did a complete 180 against Edwin. It irritates me though that commentary community is acting “high and mighty” against this, yet will jump on making videos on other thots like sniper wolf and tana mongoose.

No. 536910

I also agree with this. I suppose in Edwin’s defense is that he “vlogs” almost every single thing (if you watch videos before the drama you’ll see this). I believe the video of him being kicked out was impulsive because he was really upset (I’d done the same) but at this point he needs to calm down with the video making. He’s making himself lose credibility

No. 536913

Note how when youtubers like Bunty leave him accusatory passive aggressive comments (like the one with the netnobody) he replies super nicely and non confrontational, because they have followings? But when a random person with no following tries to give him constructive criticism, he completely loses his shit?

Like bruh, keep that same energy all the time and with EVERYBODY. It’s starting to reflect bad on you.

No. 536919

Yeah I’ve noticed that, he’s immediately defensive over constructive criticism. Like that time Edwin publicly tweeted about Cyr and his dad, also Cyr being at E3. He’s not going to get sympathy points from people because he got overly sensitive at something small Cyr said. He should have still aimed at the point and handled it maturely, not act the same way as the person your aiming to expose. How he did it back then where dasha was still going off ok Mina on twitter and Edwin said “I’m not gonna acknowledged what this person says about me, instead I’m going to acknowledge how beautiful my girlfriend is” something along those lines. It made him seem bigger and more mature then dasha’s sperging ass. That’s how you shut down and anger people because you won’t give them the attention they want.

No. 536920

I do agree that making lengthy videos from the beginning was a mistake. If he had just sort of addressed being kicked out, and explained the situation, like in passing in his blogs, I think the video he made on Dasha regarding revenge porn and doxing, would’ve hit harder, since now it looks like he’s had an agenda against them from the start. And no one wants to watch movies based on YouTube drama. HOWEVER, Edwin did only make that crazy lengthy video ‘responding to Cyr’s and Dasha’s lies’ or whatever, after Dasha and cyr went live and basically bitched about why Edwin left. They lied a lot and Edwin wanted to address it. But yes, it should’ve been more to the point. I still fucking hate NetNobody though and think he’s a little bitch lmao.

No. 536921


That podcast was dated before there was Edwin's first documentary though so I'd think it was all based off of what Cyr told them.

No. 536923

Yeah, imo Edwin has messed up by making a video or doing a livestream every chance he gets. Technically speaking, this situation w/Cyr and Dasha has been the best thing ever for his channel. His views are high and he is gaining a lot of new subs. I have been watching his live shows on yt and the one he did yesterday got a ton of donations, most I have ever seen for him. His number of Patreons has increased a lot as well. I think that with him, the distinction between "bringing awareness to harassment/abuse" and "turning harassment into a profitable situation" gets blurred. And that turns a lot of people off, especially bigger youtubers that might have considered covering this story. It also doesn't help his credibility that he was e-begging donations in the past to go vacation and visit Mina.

No. 536924

I don't see why he would be losing credibility by telling the truth. It's not his fault if people are on a high horse and too lazy to look into it or simply don't care. Can you stop blaming the victims

No. 536925

>Yeah, imo Edwin has messed up by making a video or doing a livestream every chance he gets.

And you bet your fucking ass if Cyr responds to this he's going to say something like "The guy even went as far as put IDUBBBZ in one of his fucking titles!"
Same livestream he calls it "It's my fucking show, it's free entertainment"

That looks fucking bad man.

That's how you lose credibility. Just makes Cyr's story stick to the commentary community even more.

No. 536928

You have to learn how to take criticism, as much as I support Edwin and Mina sometimes you need to listen what people have been telling you. He could have handled the situation better, but I suppose it’s all over. It’s hard to gain trust from the commentary community due to the fact that cyr (as many anons talked about above) is probably using the amount of videos Edwin has made as leverage to make them believe him.

No. 536929

Edwin's problem is that he's overly emotional and not self-aware enough to realize that no matter how batshit Dasha acts, he has to stay calm to be credible because he simply does not have the connections Cyr does. Cyr may have kept quiet in public, but he clearly ran to all his youtube buddies and spun a story painting himself as a victim, and everyone believed him because as he spun the narrative, Edwin was essentially attention whoring on YT. Edwin's only smart move was dropping it after a while and letting Dasha look like the sperging psycho that she is. Now that he's talking about the situation basically everyday (for good reason, but still), if Cyr makes a response he can easily use the amount of content against Edwin without even mentioning how evil his GF is.

No. 536932

>>536921 Exactly what I was thinking.

Also, Cyr lies a lot. Even Netnobody said the blackmailing story was false.

I agree that Edwin has been extra though. Replying to every petty little thing, when he should really just focus on the topic at hand and stay mature. Not go off on Cyr every chance he gets… It makes him look as impulsive/intense as Trashcan.

No. 536933

>"It's my fucking show, it's free entertainment"

I have yet to hear an abuse victim call their abuse free entertainment. The victim here is Mina. Edwin has always been a cow and if you listen to what he says, you will come to the same realization.

No. 536935

So, this is all about "but Edwinnnnn" now? Edwin is emotional, yeah, maybe he could've handled some things differently, but it's not like your bitching about how he handled the situation is gonna put things in reverse or change things. Edwin and Mina are BOTH victims of D and Cs abuse.

No. 536937

I don't know about everyone else, but I won't lie and say I'm not pissed and frustrated that Mina got her shit deleted AGAIN, by the same person and no one will listen to what she went through because your boy Edwin handled the situation the way that he did. This was supposed to have been picked up already. I don't think Edwin is a victim, I think Mina is. And we can agree to disagree. But I already said what I needed to say and I won't get into this anymore, because the thread is about Dasha.

No. 536938

all this edwin stuff is cool BUT can we just talk about how mina keeps a bottle of edwins pee in her room

No. 536939

People are just discussing how he can handle the situation better because it’ll get him a higher chance of people supporting him.

No. 536941

Here’s the thing. Edwin wasn’t Dasha’s main target. His nudes and passport weren’t leaked. He has no reason to be so emotional, when Mina the TRUE victim stays composed. He’s doing too much.

No. 536943

this is an old account that was repurposed to harass Edwin, because it appeared in my feed without me following it, so I must've followed when it was something else.

No. 536944

I remember that podcast, here it is. Cyr vs Edwin starts at 39 minutes 10 seconds.

Nothing particularly interesting, they shittalk Onision a lot (who can blame them), and Adam puts forward his stance that it should have remained a private issue, and thinks Edwin is milking it for views.

Notable quote from NetNobody on Edwin making this public by releasing videos:
>you know you're in the fucking wrong when Onision is beating off to the subject

No. 536945

That’s really interesting that you mention that anon. I wonder who it was before they changed their username?

No. 536946


Seems like people are trying to deflect the conversation. It doesn't matter! Dasha did unforgivable things. However Edwin handled getting kicked out is meaningless. Theres fucking proof of Dasha releasing the passport and flagging thats all that should matter. Edwin was emotional about losing his channel you idiots not about the passport and nudes! STOP the "but edwinn" I genuinely feel Dasha and her minions are posting on here to distract from the fact that Dasha is garbage. It's all about following. These youtubers see that this drama doesn't bring the views so they don't want to spend their time on it and thats pathetic.

No. 536949

I’m not a Dasha fan. Jesus, people can disagree with Edwin on the fact that he’ hasn’t been handling the situation correctly. Did you not read what I said? That people are only giving him criticism because we know cyr will use Edwin’s faults as as excuse to push his shitty agenda into having the commentary community believing him.

No. 536950

I think you should stop tinfoiling that Dasha is sending people, because at this point thinking that criticizing Edwin for a bit means that people are gonna forget what Dasha did and "distract" them to it is fucking delusional. Take your meds.

Yeah. I found this podcast through that video Edwin made clearing up Cyr's lies. So it came out when Edwin was working on that one. Not sure where it is in the time line sequence of videos.

No. 536951

i think edwin's behaviour in the beginning was actually helping, like the first 3 videos covering all details of what dasha and cyr did to them and stuff. because almost everyone watching his 1st videos turned to his side, while the majority would be confused by dasha and cyr's live stream and indifferent towards the drama/not on his side due to cyr's popularity before he released them. plus i think it was actually pretty clever that it wasn't mina doing all the dirty work, since dasha was constantly shitting on her and craving for her to react to her petty tweets etc. also them (edwin&mina) being quiet while made ppl seeing dasha as the obsessed psycho she was.

but wtf is he doing now, releasing a new video/live stream on the topic almost every single day ?? most of them are really irrelevant also, like how a video on the possibility of their channels being false-flagged and the only source of ppl believing him (his v detailed videos covering the topic) being distinguished, i understand why this would be relevant and post-worthy, but everything after that (the live streams, him constantly tweeting about the topic etc.) comes off as really unlikeable, stupid and attention whoring and it hurts his intentions and mina's reputation, idk.

he should stick to "not talking more than necessarily".

No. 536952

I would care about your opinion, but you sound like a newfag who came from Edwin’s videos and can’t think critically.

Also, you’re talking to farmers who coined the “bUt mInA” meme, so don’t even try it.
He has a right to cry and make videos, the problem is that he’s being too excessive about it and it’s ruining not only his own credibility, but also Mina’s, the TRUE victim and I have a HUGE problem with that.

No. 536954

What Dasha has done isn't just shitty but illegal - don't think any of is forgetting that

regardless, I agree with most things yall said about Edwin + it's the same on his live streams. He only really answers or even just reads the comments of people who give him money which I kind of understand but reading some of the other comments and answering them would be nice/what I'd expect if I was a fan. The way he treats people if just often seems like he doesn't give a fuck about whoever doesn't have a huge following or vital evidence for something Dasha has done, or gives him money. Not saying that's how it is but it looks like that to me.

No. 536956

Keep in mind how much more devastating all of Dasha's sly attacks (deleting instagram, striking videos, sockpuppeting etc) would have been if Edwin wasn't blasting it all out online all the time. The worst would have happened if they did try to keep it private from the start like NetNobody thinks they should have done.

Edwin looking dramawhorey for putting it all out is something she counted on, no doubt.

You just can't come out looking clean from a fight with someone who fights dirty.

No. 536960

Let's all agree to disagree and leave it at that. I agree the thread is about Dasha, so let's just stick to it before people are banned for infighting. And you >>536957 banned for being a sperg.

No. 536961

the talk about mina being the only TRUE victim is bullshit, Edwin got kicked out, dasha threatened to fuck up his life, planned to delete his channel etc., how is that not being a victim?

No. 536963

This is pretty much what he was doing the first time all of this drama happened too. We were all on his side, supported him on cord and then he beat the horse until it died and kept beating it.

He is a victim along with Mina(Though I still think Mina's the bigger victim), but after a while he takes it to attention whore levels.

No. 536969

I defended Edwin when people made fun of him crying because it made no sense. However, Edwin IS being too emotional when he makes videos. He doesn't have a large enough audience for anyone who views the videos he has made to immediately sympathize with him. If he wants to update people, he should just live stream. He shoulda just made one long video addressing all of the recent receipts against Dasha and briefly explaining the history. One video and a couple live streams is more logical. Buttt he is thinking with his heart way too much and it makes sense because of how close he was to cyr but he is just way too hurt and showing that gives Dasha exactly what she wants. The main reason she went into hiding is because she got exposed and is suffering and is very emotional herself right now. The only difference is Dasha likes to hide everything and pretend everything is a-okay or that she is the victim. Cyr and Dasha are pathetic but I can never put Edwin on their level just because he is a bit of a cry-baby.

No. 536973


I kind of life Edwin but I almost want Dasha to be even worse on him to see if he gets a little tougher. I know that's mean but gosh can't he turn off the camera before start crying? Get a therapy dog or something

No. 536974

No that’ll just make things worse especially for MINA who’s been the target of this mostly. Back to Dasha, she just needs to go fuck herself and go find some other instagram thot to manipulate

No. 536977

I would rather discuss Dasha's deformed body because that is a fact, unlike your statement. Unless its true, then… I don't care anyway.

Also, Edwin, we know you lurk these threads. Get Mina to do a concise 10 min or less video of the situation, I know you are trying to save her but she is her own person and should learn to stand up for herself instead of relying on your videos explaining shit.

No. 536978

The thing is, there should be no other person she can manipulate, that’s the goal to stop her before she targets more people.. for now she’s using her manipution on Cyr and minions, probably even Simon. She already manipulated Cyr to pieces where he evedently became just like her which is a thing with being manipulated for so long. Even Damon agreed that Cyr is brainwashed and knows how it feels Even went as far to send him a text. The most shit Cyr has done is be a creepy weirdo to woman and a seriel Cheater, but now sending an army to take down Edwin channel thanks to dasha crying wolf or should I say “Ma sUiCiAdal tHoUGhTs” and using mental health and depression for minions and others to feel bad for her. I like that Edwin’s exposing those kind of things. To let her manipulate another “thot” is just letting her continue to do her vile actions.

On a side note I think Edwin should tone down the twitter sperge and that video where people we’re tweeting against him from last year shouldn’t have been made Imo. Even talking about his interaction with kawaiiguy and then doing a melodramatic unfollow on the camera. It just seemed really childish. People always say to be above and act above the people who bully you. Never be at their same level. Mina deserves more sympathy and compassion but the way he goes about it isn’t helping.

No. 536980

Edwin wants her to make a video too, he said it in his stream. Mina said she is scared to show her emotions.

No. 536981

She’s never going to stop manipulating people. That’s a straight hard fact, no matter if her Instagram gets taken down, she will find someone to manipulate. It’s in her blood she’s a psychotic bitch

No. 536984

I only have 7 followers and hes interacted with me several times.

No. 536986

File: 1530145104560.jpg (76.56 KB, 1080x232, SmartSelect_20180627-191903_Sa…)

No. 536987

Yeah I understand that but I’m just glad Edwin shedding light on it is all. If she’s getting exposed and incriminated, there will be less people she’s surrounded by to leech off and manipulate. She shows no remorse unless it’s herself. I don’t want to see her walk free that’s for sure

No. 536988

Why does she think she needs to show emotions? Because Edwin has been coaching her that that’s the way to go.
(Given I wouldn’t care if she cries, because she has a right to and it’s understandable)

Mina should do the video. If you guys have seen Mina talk in livestreams or videos you’ll notice that she’s straight to the point and doesn’t stray from the topic. Yes she slurs her words a little, but she could practice what she’s going to say or even make a list with key points and keep at her side and then edit out when she looks at. Which brings me to my other point. They should get someone else besides Edwin to edit the video. If Edwin edits it, he’ll add a bunch of clips from his other videos (that we’ve already seen a million times) and drag it on.

No. 536989

To be clear, theyre not fat, coming from someone who is bigger then them lol. Calling them fat is kind of stupid considering that. The fact of the matter is, she photoshops herself to pose as being model skinny then just average skinny. She’s lied about her height and sizing before. She’s a typical size medium girl. But pretends to be extra small. THATS why modeling agencies are upset, and other people are upset. Because she’s lied so much and photoshopped so much. If she were only honestly about her body type and practices what she preaches, she wouldn’t be hated as much. But she’s never gonna stop lying and pretending she loves her body all while still photoshopping it to look extra thin. She just butchers the whole phrase all together.

No. 536991

She'd show emotions because this whole situation is so traumatic for her. Of course she'd be emotional talking about her abuse and harassment for over a year. She has even said before it has been hard to talk about it.
I can understand her point of view and the fact that Dasha will probably get a hard on from seeing her cry. She needs to build up her courage soon because her making a video on it may really benefit her. She has to be strong if she wants to break people free from Dashas manipulation and lies.

No. 536992


Cyr is obviously lying, or Netnobody is just covering for him. On Dasha's periscope, Cyr himself said his brother's lease agreement was just him & no roommates (39 minutes in). If his brother wanted to kick everyone out for breaking the agreement… why let Dasha stay and then move in Simon?? The stories don't add up.

No. 536993

I dont think they are fat either they are pretty avergae not "thin af" like this girl said lol.

No. 536994

Cyr is a liar just like his psychopath girlfriend. She obviously convinced him to kick Edwin out and he obliged like the pathetic bitch he is and he tried to cover that.

No. 536995

Considering what I got from the story was that from Cyr's perspective Edwin was alienating Mina, taking her out a lot and she was becoming distant, when he kicked him out and talked about this brother thing, Edwin said that he passed by Cyr at the coffee shop and went to take a shower. Cyr followed them up and spoke to Mina first about it. What I think is that Cyr was jealous, felt his 3 way relationship was threatened by the odd man out (Edwin) and made an impulsive decision to get rid of the problem. It was an impulsive act and he made up some bullshit excuse. That's my theory.

No. 536996

*passed him by the coffee shop coming back from going out with Mina.

No. 537000


I believe that may be part of it, but the video of Dasha yelling she was trying to kick out Edwin is pretty damning. Cyr just loves to hide behind the excuse of family members. lol Sounds too much a cover to hide her psycho behavior.

No. 537003

Maybe, but from Edwin’s live, he said dashas the one that said to Cyr that Edwin’s taking her away from them. And Cyr always complys to what she wants. He’s like a negligent dad that lets his brat bully daughter do what she wants because he can’t handle her temper tantrums and gives
Her a treat to shut her up.

No. 537005

Edwin is talking on live about not wanting to seem desperate by asking his fans to share. Mina is saying that she thinks its fine because it deserves more recognition, in this case Mina should really make her own video. Edwin is being ridiculed now because he is coming off as desperate.

No. 537006

Edwin is live and saying how he won’t make videos in a row anymore. He plans on making new content. Although I disagree with him at times I’m glad to see he’s finally planning on not giving Dasha that much attention. He sounds tired and upset

No. 537015

"Edwin has been coaching her"
Oh, fuck off. These people have been harassed for almost 2 years by this psychotic person and her enabling wannabe johnny depp ass boyfriend

No. 537019

while i respect what was said in the video, i thought it was ironic of them to point out Edwin's alleged video about exposing Cyr's past polyamory relationships (before mina/dasha) saying how blackmail is illegal, not cool, disgusting, etc while completely ignoring that Dasha posted mina's nudes and pastport. PERSONAL information just like Cyr's dumb child relationships. Is it not as bad because Mina didn't tell Dasha not to do it?

They either don't care to actually look into it to form an unbiased opinion or they are just backing their pal.

No. 537022


err not saying he had relationships with children, just meant his immature polyamorous shit & passport*

No. 537024

It's not that, it's because it's "girl drama" and they don't want to cover it because they consider it beneath them.

No. 537026

Edwin can make all the videos he wants. This just comes off as victim-blaming.

People need to look at the bigger picture and realise defranco would never touch Instagram girly shit. Most other people don't know the full context so aren't sure what they're getting into, and no-one wants to bring down Cyr just randomly if they don't know quite the full picture. Like I said if Dasha released a palette they'd be all over her. Then there are people who are just loyal to Cyr no matter what.

The people who know how bad all this is are a) Edwin and b) us. His videos do him no harm at all.

No. 537028

>I don't see why he would be losing credibility by telling the truth
>That's how you lose credibility
I don't know what logic you're following there, sis, but you are clearly blaming the person for speaking out about an issue that affects them personally.

No. 537029

Edwin just said that numerous people have come out from dashas pst including her ex and have said that’s she fucking vendective bitch

No. 537031

Mina also said that she has no real life friends. That when one of her friends came over Dasha looked scared because Dasha had been lying and her friend was making it apparent.

No. 537032

Yup! Not to mention all of dashas real life friends ALL had “horror” stories of what she did to them.

No. 537034



this could've been the next social repose cheated on jaclyn and everyone's making videos about it -
a sequel, BIGGER and BETTER

featuring revenge porn, doxxing a fuckton of receipts and a bunch of freed nipples all over the place.

if only julia was a julien, this could've been HUGE.
but she just had to fuck it all up and go and have a vagina, didn't she.

in all seriousness tho, i cannot understand how any of these drama channels are not lapping up a story like this, how often can you get your hands on a youtuber dating insta-thot bully nazi fake russian fake vegan ex prostitute who lied about plastic surgery and leaked peoples private information and nudez and then got caught and is still fucking kicking?

they are always reaching to find drama in the smallest of things but when a situation like this unfolds in front of their eyes they sleep on it

No. 537042

Having listened to the Fat Bastards podcast, I think it's obvious why they're not covering it… yet.

The drama is still unfolding. Cyr has not come out with his side yet, and anyone who reports on it before he does will seem to be part of the drama, not an observer, and they don't want to make themselves dirty.

See, Cyr being mostly silent during this whole shutdown makes it so that anybody covering this story is airing out his personal dirty laundry without his permission - just like NetNobody spun it. Cyr is the most influential of them, and a YouTube oldfag which has helped out other Youtubers like Jacksfilms, and collabed with just about everyone who is someone on the platform by now.

BUT Cyr has announced he is working on a video that addresses this, if I'm not mistaken? When that video comes out, expect the community to react.

No. 537043

I'd say this might be the case but Dasha herself said (actually in the periscope rant) that they had all ended the 3way relationship a while before Mina and Edwin were kicked out. It's one part where she talks about how Mina left a note that said she couldn't do it anymore and Dasha goes 'couldn't do what anymore?! we had already ended the poly relationship with us all agreeing it didn't work'

No. 537044

I can’t wait for cyr to make a video but honestly I’m a little nervous. Seeing how much the “bigger” youtubers are supporting cyr and Dasha, I’m wondering if Edwin and Mina will get hate or if people will support them. Gonna be juicy

No. 537049

I feel like cyr's video will bring more attention to the subject and he'll be basically throwing a rope around his neck with that video. People will lurk and find Edwins videos and all the receipts. He doesn't have a case!

No. 537052


At this point hate is harmless, what matters is to keep their channels and expose trasa and cyr

No. 537056

Masked Babe’s video is a waste of time, which isn’t surprising seeing as she’s a cringey alt-right 3edgy5me incel. She callls Julia “Day-sha”, intentionally mispronouncing her name to make it seem like she didn’t know about the dramu until five minutes ago. I feel like the only people who are going to make videos about the milk are uncreative retards who are desperate for views.

No. 537057

can you expand on this? I don't remember Mina saying anything about that, although I wouldn't be surprised. I wonder why no more irl friends have come forward with stories… oh its because she has none! hehehe

No. 537058

I feel like people are willfully ignoring the fact that all of Edwin's "attention whoring" is what attracted the minions that are giving him info that'll actually help him. Those voice notes of Dasha might save his channel. Yeah he alienated some big fishes, but as soon as this catches on they're all gonna fall over themselves to be the good guy anyway.

Also I completely disagree on Mina making a video. All people are going to do at this point is accuse her of trying to milk/restart like they do to Edwin. This way at the end she gets to go all holier-than-thou on their asses. Maybe salvage some of the damage Dasha did to her reputation.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 537059

Edwin didn’t really go into depth but he basically was talking about how Dasha lied about being German and when Mina found out through dashas friend, Dasha flipped then. Edwin proceeded to talk about how Dasha’s friends in Austria came forth to him and told him their own personal stories with her, including her ex (the one I’m assuming she put laxatives in his drink). Her ex basically said that Dasha was vendective bitch. He doesn’t want to come forward because he knows that Dasha will come and attack him again

No. 537060

Seriously, and now Edwin’s fans are telling everyone to send the article to JKN. I’ve been watching JK for years and they’re not going sympathize with him. They’re literally 2edgy4me Asians that grew up in abusive households and they firmly believe in “not being a little bitch.” If they cover this story it’s going to do more harm, because the minute they see Edwin crying they’re going to talk shit, TRUST ME. Their fans are teenagers who follow their word like gospel and JK doesn’t care about being pc, they will literally rip Edwin a new asshole.

I really wish all these people would stop suggesting that all these edgy youtubers cover the story. It’s not helping the situation at all.

No. 537062

ah! I think I remember. Edwin said he didn't have proof so he didn't want to tell those stories right?

No. 537064

I know other anons have mentioned it before but I find it fucking bizarre that Julia pretends she’s Russian. Maybe she thinks that if people believe she escaped from a povvo country run by an ex KGB lunatic autocrat they’ll give her lardy ass modelling jobs out of sympathy. Or maybe she thinks it’s more “exotic” (lol no, still a basic ass white bitch).

No. 537065


Based on the fact that she finds nazi shit "cool" and loves to appear DEVASTATINGLY edgy I'd assume she thinks being russian is more cool and interesting than saying she's austrian

No. 537066

The same is with pewdiepie. People were telling him to message him but we all know his fan base mostly consists of edgy teenagers who think their humor is superior. People just need to stop asking every single channel, because some of them won’t help them

No. 537067

Yeah he can’t confirm 100% because they don’t wanna come out with their information since they’re scared of Dasha

No. 537069

She wants to erase her past but can't due to her inability to fake an accent + limited english skills

No. 537077

Her accent is so obviously either German or Austrian. I’ve lived in Germany and spent a lot of time in both Austria and the German speaking areas of Switzerland and there is no ambiguity with her accent. I don’t know how anyone can believe she is Russian (unless she tells them that she was born there but grew up in Germany or Austria). Either way, bitch is certifiable. If she’d stayed in Austria shooting basic bitch H&M look books she’d probably find much more gainful employment than she’s getting by attempting to skinwalk Mina/Phi/whoever she gets a Single White Female wide-on for.

No. 537078

The same thing happened with Margo, which involved abuse of YT strikes to abuse her daughter - as well as the rest. Something huge went down but no-one wanted to cover it because "weeb".

No. 537081

Julia is basically Margo in training. Thank fuck Mike buys her birth control, the world doesn’t need another Venoos.

No. 537083

I know right? Pewdiepie was making fun of Nazi stuff too. There’s a whole other audience they’re not taking into account. Especially like the Cancer crews audience who always quote them on their homophobic humor. There’s sensitive sjw people online as well as people who are insensitive and take everything as a joke. To them dashas hitler impersonation is one of many. To go to pewds or idubbz audience will never make sense to me considering Ian even saying things like how the N word isn’t a big deal and pewds always making everything a meme. Edwin fans even want ian to content cop Cyr. Like please look at someone’s audience before you even forward Edwin’s videos to them.

No. 537085

File: 1530159532433.jpg (202.1 KB, 409x802, SmartSelect_20180628-001819_In…)

Random but anyone else notice how she also shoops pics of Cyr. I makes me think she genuinely thinks her edits look good and improve the pics rather than making them look like disproportionate dolls

No. 537086

Lmfaoooooooo! I never noticed she edits Cyr too and his arm isn’t even that big? If she’s going to edit anything about Cyr, she should edit out those premature wrinkles.

No. 537088


Honestly that would explain why he looks worse and worse every day, I thought he was dying or something

No. 537089

She always reduces his jaw and makes his eyes bigger. Like wtf are you doing?

No. 537090

Exactly, I kinda feel bad for him because she is so toxic to do that to someone she is supposed to love. Look at his ig pics, all the ones thatre non pro are obvioialy edited. She smooths his skin, reduces his jaw, volumizes his cheekbones

No. 537091

I don’t think he needs her assistance there, he probably does legit look like junkie sans shoop. It’s probably the look he is going for (the 90s called, they want River Phoenix’s corpse back)

No. 537093

If y'all want a decent YTer to hop on, why not Blaire White? Small enough to notice you, she's not afraid of drama, as soon as she makes a video the commentary community will be all over it,& despite having an edgy sense of humor she really can't stand this kind of toxicity

No. 537095

I’ve noticed that! In other pics she makes his nose smaller. But in others he makes him look uglier when she’s making fun of him. She’s a narcissist so she only cares about image then actual emotions after all. Like how she tried to make Cyr shut in all his emotions in because it’s weak. Who thinks like that? Then goes off on a rant about how she always goes for guys that she knows she’s too good for. Says a lot about you Julia.

No. 537096

Blaite White is close to Jaclyn Glenn. Jaclyn is up Dasha's ass still i wouldn't be surprised ig ee see Dasha with Blaire one of these days.

No. 537097

File: 1530160436916.jpg (955.9 KB, 1920x2560, 18-06-28-00-34-16-780_deco.jpg)

No. 537099

Blaire really won't care tho. If anything she'll make Jaclyn fall in line. She absolutely wears the pants in her YT relationships. JS, it's actually worth a shot

No. 537100

File: 1530160685852.jpg (1.61 MB, 2438x1472, 18-06-28-00-38-29-849_deco.jpg)

A couple that shoops together

No. 537104

I've talked to him several times, he replies and I am a nobody. quit spreading fake news

No. 537107

> If she’d stayed in Austria shooting basic bitch H&M look books

Lol even at her slimmest she barely fit the parameters of a sample size model.
She definitely does not have a unique enough face to gather interest either, given her cheek and lip fillers. She looks worn even after photoshop and used and not at all fresh faced like even a h&m model would be.

If she wasn’t such a sociopath she could have done well as a body positive influencer but she definitely trashed that path to fame but what do we know SHE OD DEVASTATINGLY POPULAR on Instagram, kek

No. 537108

Edwin pretty regularly engages with fans, stop making stuff up to discredit him jusy cuz you don't like him. It has been established he isn't even a cow

No. 537109

Dasha actually shops him and makes him post the pictures. Remember when Mina said dasha would edit her pictures and told Mina to post them. I highly doubt Cyr would spend time editing as dasha is known to do that and he doesn’t care much for his appearance to do that.

By the way look at this video talking about a narc. It speaks how narcissistic people become narcissists because they were raised by one, so I’m thinking dashas mom is a narc too due to hinted family issues

No. 537111

Dasha actually had to be anorexic to be a model size. She was really skinny back then, probably even thinner than Mina if you look back on her Ask photos. The problem is, she HAD to be anorexic to be that thin she also used to do a lot of exercising, she’s also not a models height. She even lied that she was Minas height before even though dasha is much shorter. She’s also super lazy now always buying drinks and just sitting on her ass never exercising like she used to. I don’t see her being a model with all that on her plate

No. 537113

I've seen this. Morons in the comments got triggered by her, trying to frame her as a narcissist for simply knowing what she was talking about.

Funny enough, this same guy, Andrew Hales, did an interview with Cyr on his channel. Curious if he knows of this but he's not into drama at all it seems so I doubt he'd chime in

No. 537116


Damn, she LOVES to photoshop noses so much smaller! She does it to herself all the time, but even Cyr?! It's so fucking funny, but also what's wrong with her lol

No. 537122

File: 1530165445510.jpg (504.39 KB, 822x1057, SmartSelect_20180628-015536_In…)

Found some bts photos of her

No. 537123

File: 1530165459868.jpg (375.11 KB, 750x769, SmartSelect_20180628-015602_In…)

No. 537124

File: 1530165475490.jpg (377.16 KB, 794x797, SmartSelect_20180628-015549_In…)

No. 537125

File: 1530165522474.jpg (363.98 KB, 791x718, SmartSelect_20180628-015513_In…)

No. 537126

File: 1530165560491.jpg (446.04 KB, 767x1057, SmartSelect_20180628-015457_In…)

No. 537129

compared to the girl on the right she looks even more like an alien than she already does…

No. 537130

>making them look like disproportionate dolls
that's a perfect way to describe her exact desired "aesthetic" anon.

No. 537131

She has such a massive head kek

No. 537133

Yuck where is this from?

No. 537138


> posts decent Dasha pics as “BTS” that come up blank in google reverse image search.

Smells like Trasha or her minion posting some flattering photos tbh

No. 537140


This is the thing that really bothers me… Cyr's video is irrelevant. Edwin could be the biggest pile of shit in the world. He could be a cheater and a liar and a drama hungry loser milking this all for views… IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. What DOES matter is all of the cold hard proof and evidence he presented that DASHA has done to both him and his girlfriend. Coming from her mouth in the form of videos and voice recordings, admissions, screenshots, this forum, doxing her, etc etc fucking etc. Who fucking cares if Edwin is a dick? It doesn't change or excuse ANY of the supremely fucked up things she has done. Edwin exposed it all -rightfully so- why does anyone give a shit about what her disgusting, enabling, pussy whipped boyfriend has to say?

No. 537143

I was just about to say, this shitpost spammy faggotry reeks of Putin. The shoop is obvious, “bts” my ass.

No. 537147


The contrast of the pola gets rid of the imperfection. Looks like she shopped her nose too.

Lmao clearly edited, her face is a fucking oval/moon and doesn’t have cheekbones >>537125
Looking the widest

Only looking decent because the sweater is loose and her legs are atrophied matchsticks with no muscle

No. 537149

That post was in context of other Youtubers reporting on this drama. It matters to Youtubers what Cyr has to say for the simple reason that all the rest of them are nobodies. If Cyr wasn't a well known Youtuber, would any of us have even heard of this drama?

> Cyr's video is irrelevant.

But Cyr himself is relevant, unlike the others.

No. 537150

Hm it could go either way, I guess my opinion it might be someone lurking though instas, some of them are unflattering to me, and the first one dasha posted but the one dasha posted is photoshopped while this one looks like the original. I don’t want to make an accusation that it’s dasha yet.

No. 537153

Samefag, but take a look at featured channels on Cyr' s channel: Jacksfilms, Collosal is Crazy, maxmoefoe, some drama channels, etc.
Those are all people he collabed with, his 'business partners' if you will. You think they're going to throw him under the bus because of some instahoes?

No. 537154


It just makes me angry. Expose Edwin? That's fine. He has a right to clap back, I guess. But the fact that his and Dasha's actions and how they're perceived are only decided by Cyr's defense to it all, is gross. What are people going to say? "Well Edwin didn't pay rent, and he milked the drama after Dasha did all this, so its understandable" it honestly just makes me said how many people just dont give a fuck about others. If cyr was my buddy, I'd be so done. Why do you want to even associate yourself? Its baffling.

No. 537159

Are y'all dense? I got these from a photographer's page. I fucking hate trasha

No. 537162

File: 1530169807296.jpg (626.31 KB, 1080x1475, SmartSelect_20180628-031040_In…)

There ya go

No. 537163

Which photographer link it. Also if you follow dasha can you provide a screenshot from the first photo you posted because that’s the one she posted on her Instagram, and it looks like the original. I think the one dasha posted on her insta she made her eyes bigger and nose smaller.

No. 537164

File: 1530170003156.jpg (1.51 MB, 2560x2046, 18-06-28-03-12-44-478_deco.jpg)

Its like you guys forget her nose is naturally small. She may look okay in these pics but that doesn't mean they're edited. Reputable photographers dont do that.

No. 537165

I wonder if Cyr is going to make a legitimate response video or just make a complete joke out of it like he did with the Onision video

No. 537166

not the anons that were accusing you of being dasha, but thank you for clarifying. Some anons here are slow, Hey anons most reverse image searches don’t link with Instagram. Only for twitter, facebook, and other pages, before blasting on an anon do research yourself please.

No. 537167

What the fuck? The original doesn’t even look bad, why does she always feel the need to shoop herself into a completely different person?

The anon went to the anon party, then did the anon dance

No. 537169

On the other hand dasha is always known to do that. I could tell the ones you posted were the original ones because I specifically remember this picture and how weird it looked and when I seen the original, it looked exactly like her face. Some anons jump to conclusions so sorry for that. If Edwin were still sperging he would have jumped on this false info, thank goodness he’s taking a well needed break from this drama. He really needs to get his mind in a better place

No. 537170

Why on Earth would any of his business partners want to be done with him over the shit some instahoe he is currently fucking did to an instahoe he used to fuck, while probably fucking three more instahoes on the side?

Cyr did nothing himself as far as we know. He lied about his brother asking Edwin to leave, but that's not anything too bad, it even just seems like a white lie he said to avoid an awkward moment, and it just might be that.

He was wise to keep his mouth shut until now, so nobody has anything on him. I'm with anon who stated earlier that by making a video about this, Cyr will be tying a noose around his own neck.

No. 537171


Um, she looks significantly more attractive in the original photo. Why does she feel the need to do this!

I know I'm in the minority, but I think she has a good face. She doesn't need to distort it until she looks like a retarded doll.

No. 537172

She actually does have cheekbones, but I can’t tell if she gets them done or not. They’re proven to be real photos of her tho. But if you go on dashas page she’s the one doing the editing. Like the one in the big jacket, she made her waist thin and made her books bigger but the jacket looked sunkin in her waste. Her face is wide tho

No. 537173

I don't think her face is ugly or nneeds to be shooped. What IS ugly is the awkward poses, expressions, badly done makeup, atrocious eyebrows, ugly clothing choice, over processed greasy hair, editing style… like the original pic wasnt bad in any way she just makes herself ugly by trying to look different