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File: 1530244644584.jpeg (145.09 KB, 1242x1431, julia-statdler-dasha-neuphs.jp…)

No. 537641

Summary of last thread/s:

>Admin outs Dasha for posting 142 times in this one thread alone >>>/pt/519998

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina hooking, Cyr being an innocent non-cheating angel, alludes to Edwin being a pedo for dating a 20yo, and defending Dasha
>Edwin makes a video about her fuckery, hinting at her lolcow posts
>an old clip resurfaces of Dasha yelling "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Hitler salute
>Dasha reacts by going dark, deleting her Twitter, and privating her Instagram account, and announces getting therapy for her depression
>Dasha's visa state remains unknown
>Dasha’s real body is revealed in pics and videos in a campaign for https://pluggednyc.com/blogs/plugged-blog/plugged-la, a rich irony given how hard she typically shops her body, and that she was caught out shopping Mina’s body in extreme ways, example: >>>/pt/533091
>New Dasha fan accounts have been proliferating
>A conspiracy organised by Dasha and Cyr to take down Edwin’s videos and thus his channel is uncovered >>>/pt/534251. Edwin makes a video revealing this and pleading for people to help his channel >>>/pt/534398
>Cyr’s friends continue to insert themsleves >>>/pt/534520 but in doing so out Dasha as probably illegal >>>/pt/534556
>Cyr is said to be planning a response video, and Dasha’s #1 Stan since Lettie dropped out, @contrxi, is going to LA
>A cringey and suspicious video smearing Edwin’s name came out and the voiceover sounds oddly like Dasha trying a British accent. It’s not confirmed to be her; she may have simply written the script and paid someone to read it: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Nl5Pd9ai1FQ The user behind this account is actively commenting elsewhere also
>Dasha continues to keep her accounts locked down, periodically unlocking them to post and collect likes, then locking again. She appears to be trying to build up the @neuphs account.
>Many space-wasting anti-Edwin statements appeared in the thread, Farmhand cautioned thread to stay on the topic of consistent milk: Dasha.


>Around late 2016 and early 2017, Edwin (Edwin's Generation), Mina (MinaxxBell), Dasha, and Cyr all lived together

>Cyr, who was already in a relationship with Dasha for a year, decided to try to have a poly relationship with his ex girlfriend, Mina, and invited her to come live with them
>Apparently Dasha suggested this poly relationship, and was the main force in getting Mina to come live with them because she admittedly intended to ruin Mina’s life
>Edwin basically fourth-wheels in the house while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girls
>Both girls are featured in some of Cyr's videos, and both look eerily similar to each other
>Mina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in "Are You Trying to Smash One of My Girls?" on Edwin's channel
>In the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the house, and Edwin makes a vlog as they're leaving. During this vlog, he seems very upset.

>Around Nov/Jan 2016-2017, Mina discovers that Dasha has deleted Mina’s entire Instagram account

>It is believed that she did this out of jealousy, as Mina had more followers than her at the time
>Dasha goes on Periscope and claims that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr greatly
>Soon after Edwin and Mina leave the house, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes and sends her "minions" after her to send her rude messages on Twitter
>Dasha's fans also start to post on lolcow a lot around this time, defending Dasha and hating on Mina for "hurting" Dasha
>Dasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone and found a fake Instagram account on her phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using this to harass her because she was jealous
>Cyr calls Mina a "crazy girl with an agenda"

>Edwin makes a video with Mina titled "Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story." (uploaded 4/17/2017)

>He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled "Edwin Responds to Cyr's Lies" (uploaded 6/12/2017)

>Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't play along with what she wants

>Follows through with these threats, in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram account
>Throughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (With Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt "emasculated" by Dasha)
>Video of Dasha responding to Edwin
>Quote from Dasha: "…And I told him, yes, I'm fucking– I'm going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina's side over your best friend. I said that to him! I'm owning up to that! I told him that I'd ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British c*nt… I'm sorry (smiles), over his best friend. He's absolutely right, I stood there smiling as…"
>Around June 2017, Dasha makes a Twitter video talking about how many people tell her she's copying Mina's style
>Dasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she's received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina's style

PULL drama:
>In early 2017, around when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina, and Edwin started, an account named Fawnie created a topic about Mina
>This account mocked Mina for photoshopping, and posted pictures that had never been seen before by anyone
>In one of Edwin's videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot that Dasha had.
>Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be super skinny
>While it hasn't been confirmed that Fawnie is Dasha, lots of evidence points to them being her.


https://twitter.com/itsbabydash (currently disabled)
Snapchat: iblamejules




Old threads from latest to oldest:

No. 537645

What an accurate picture of Julia.

No. 537659

That photo is extremely accurate to what she really looks like, a monster/freak. She’s actually committed federal crimes ffs. How sick is that? Just admitting the passport alone is a federal crime. Passport theft withthe intent to maliciously harm the victim can be considered a terrorist threat. Using it to take her vids down is now identity theft, another serious crime. Posting Minas nudes- another serious crime with malicious intent to harm victim. Keep going Dasha, the shitshow you’ve created will have an even better ending behind bars, and sent back to whatever freako country you hail from. FREAK.

No. 537662


Agreed and all valid!! Was so ridiculous to hear the content community be like I don't like Edwin, but lets not talk about Dasha's legit criminal activity.

No. 537668

This is like that Tyler Barriss who would call in pranks and cause swatting incidents, then it went sideways and a man got killed and Tyler is sitting in prison.

Im sure Dasha has done this type of petty vindictive shit all her life to ex-boyfriends and girls she hated or was jealous of, but this time she took it one step to far and may be charged with federal crimes and end up getting deported.

No. 537695

Dude. Calm down. She looks very normal in that picture, average or slightly above average looks anywhere other than lolcow… she doesn’t look like a grotesque ugly monster here kek. She might be a terribly awful person but she looks fine. Do you look any better than that? Can’t sage for no milk, sorry for the rant but y’all are so autistic about appearance sometimes jfc(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 537698

Dasha on Snapchat showing off an Ariana Grande inspired look, looking very happy.

No. 537702

Can you upload it here? Since you have access to her snapchat and are not providing much milk

No. 537704

You dont like anons making fun of her looks, but you didnt pounce on the accusations of her committing federal crimes, passport theft, terrorist threats, identity theft, revenge porn.
Whys that?

No. 537707

>I know shes a horrible fucking monster on the inside guys, but on the outside shes sorta pretty, stop nitpicking guys.

No. 537708

I would have except she's blocked me before I guess taking a screenshot. Not worth me getting blocked over shes just smiling showing of the look. Just updated here because she's been MIA. Anyone can see her snapchat its iblamejules.

No. 537710

If you have access to another phone, your laptop or desktop cam, you can go oldschool and take a picture of your phones screen with a phone (or laptop cam)

No. 537711

Oh bummer.

If anyone can screen cap it or at least tell us how she looks and shit on it, that'd be great.

No. 537721

File: 1530252925727.jpeg (49.06 KB, 720x1280, received_1608518052590382.jpeg)

No. 537725

File: 1530252976907.jpeg (49.52 KB, 720x1280, received_1608518235923697.jpeg)

No. 537728

don't know much about happy. To me she just looks bloated.

No. 537733

>says she got a playboy article
>looking like a bloated ass alien
>but mina!!!

kek she makes Caroline Burt (ice poseidon's ex girlfriend) look like a gorgeous model damn trasha be looking like an ugly alien blow up doll.

No. 537735

File: 1530253496861.jpeg (50.1 KB, 720x1280, received_1608518382590349.jpeg)

These were caps from a snapchat video shes singing and smiling.

This is a snapchat picture and of course at angles she looks slimmer lol, but you cant do that on video.

No. 537738

Is it too much to ask if you try to record your own screen from the device you snapped this photo from? even if it sounds crappy, what counts is the intention behind it

No. 537740

File: 1530253716602.jpg (189.13 KB, 1151x720, DIyNzQ3NDE.jpg)

No. 537744

honestly though have any of you ever seen Ariana with this halfway chun-li hairdo? i don't think I've ever seen that. I think Dasha didn't choose to go for the cornrow poneytail because it would look more ridiculous than what she chose to go for

No. 537756

FUCK YES I look better than that! Are you high, if you don’t then I would consider you too ugly to have her attitude too. I suppose you think she is “ANNOYINGLY BEAUTIFUL” LMAO…….and too bad It’s against the rules or I would post to prove it. Anyway. You are wrong about her looking normal. Her head looks like a gigantic blockhead Lucy, from Charlie Brown. She’s a fucking whack-job, FREAK. Outside and in.

No. 537757

Because it’s probably Dash-trash herself proving she only cares about how she looks, when she should be more concerned about getting arrested. Lmao

No. 537758

Caroline Burt bloated alien AF looking cake face lmao!

No. 537759

File: 1530256750093.png (822.95 KB, 961x620, new post.PNG)

Her most recent IG post

No milk, just updating.

No. 537760

Nah. I look much better than her, and don’t find her “beautiful” but she’s not UGLY. Seriously why so much emphasis on her looks? Why do you feel the need to prove you look better than that? Kek again, CALM DOWN ANON

No. 537763

>>537707 Right? kek! People have different tastes. Calling everyone who doesn't find her remotely attractive autistic isn't necessary.

>>537721 Julia the full-time skinwalker kek

>>537760 Dasha is the one putting so much emphasis on her looks by calling herself annoyingly pretty and claiming to be signed by multiple agencies (one of her minions reported that kek). If she wasn't such an arrogant and psycho little girl, people would most likely not comment on her appearance that much.

No. 537769

File: 1530261163413.png (284.3 KB, 495x249, mina.PNG)

Mina is really pretty but compared to Dasha she's drop dead gorgeous

No. 537770

File: 1530261529064.png (164.56 KB, 802x422, twitch.PNG)


And I just need to state again at this point Dasha's avatar on twitch IS mina

No. 537772

No. 537776

Did she delete this? Checked and it’s not there.

No. 537777

This entire thread screams of self posting to an almost depressing degree

No. 537779

If she did it's probably because she lurks here and we asked someone to record it. She's singing in the story and probably sucks at it, so I would assume she deleted the post to avoid the humiliation.

What do you mean? Dasha talking to herself?

No. 537780


I agree with the other anon. It doesn't matter what she puts emphasis on. Constantly making fun of her looks only makes it seem like that's the biggest problem with her, which obviously isn't the case. I would understand it for some other cows but in her case there's plenty of things to focus on that are more important and worse than her looks.

No. 537781

i thought this was trisha paytas yikes

No. 537784

File: 1530266848837.png (308.62 KB, 699x470, ariana.PNG)

Maybe I'm tinfoiling, but what are the chances she'd do an "Ariana Grande" inspired look a day after the Edwin meme was posted here? I think in her fucked up mind she might be alluding to that.

No. 537786

File: 1530267353483.jpeg (27.68 KB, 250x377, 59D408C5-3DD9-453E-BC21-F2D84E…)

she looks legitimately retarded in 98% of her candids but go off(derailing)

No. 537791


Wtf? I literally just watch that video the other day and thought, "wow mina looks a bit off." & that was the first and ONLY time i've ever thought that.

I've watched all of Edwin's videos with her some of which she was completely makeup free, hair a frizzy mess, and basically wearing rags, and still thought she was NATURALLY pretty, but sure let's go with 98%.

Only a complete loser would nitpick the victim in all of this.

No. 537793

Can we stop talking about their looks over and over again? It's been in 9 threads now - maybe we should focus on what's relevant and new

No. 537796

>picking a bad screenshot to insist somebody is actually ugly
lol you always gotta wonder what kind of person is this insecure.

No. 537797

I feel like none of her likes or opinions on instagram are legitimately hers. For example everyone who watches westworld has the exact same opinion as hers. BTS and kpop have a huge fan base so she posts memes all the time and shoops herself to look Korean. Even her veganism feels fake. It's like social media 101, trying to get the most followers by being as basic as possible. Anyways she can't really be getting brand deals anymore with her accounts private, right?

No. 537798

Tbh I’d take Mina over Dasha any day, I find it funny that you pick a bad photo of Mina, yet Mina doesn’t photoshop her photos to look completely different. At least she has the balls to be real lmfao not like skinwalker

No. 537799

Mina still looks a million times better in her "bad" photo than I do in my best photos

No. 537800

Oh my god true though

No. 537801

"98% of the time" Okay, Julia, kek.

No. 537802

You wish! We can all agree that Mina is above average so STOP hating!

No. 537805

Good catch anon! I feel like this is a pretty solid theory. It doesn't automatically prove she lurks here because someone could have sent her the link… but who am I kidding, of course she lurks here

No. 537808

Lol slightly above average? She straight up looks like Lord Farquad lolol

No. 537815

She did its obvious that she still lurks full time. How does it feel Dasha to have people watching you on social media and commenting on it just like you've been doing to Mina in your hate group chats.

No. 537823

Why else would Julia decide to skinwalk her? She's jealous of her and her body kek. Proof enough Mina is 100% more attractive than she is. There's a reason she wants to wear her skin.

Mina is lucky to not be near her anymore. Who knows what she would do if she was and if she was already willing to commit actual crimes.

No. 537833

This is from a video and it a year old. If this is the best you could find to call her ugly she ain't ugly.

No. 537843

I bet Dasha is foaming at the mouth and ripping out her hair at the idea that people find Mina more attractive

No. 537845

File: 1530290056975.png (438.63 KB, 493x596, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 12.2…)

Mina's gorgeous and more so has a lovely personality. She doesn't photoshop her images to hell and back and she seems to put a lot of work into her photoshoots, make up and style.
Even if Dasha was the most beautiful person in the world, her evil and fucked up personality make her one ugly motherfucker.

No. 537847

I’m the anon above and I agree! If you watch minas livestreams she’s so genuine and kind. I like how she puts effort into her photos, not by just photoshopping but by using nature to her advantage. I find her photos refreshing tbh

No. 537848

Kek I hope so! Bitch is gonna be bald soon.

Tbh Mina just doesn’t seem to give a fuck about looking her best at all times, she’s just living her best life. That makes her a lot more attractive than Putin. I’ve seen her without make up, filters, drunk af (which she was in that vlog lol) and I think she’s a cutie because she’s not afraid to be herself (and she’s not an obsessive raging cunt).

No. 537849

I feel like Dasha was supet upser when Mina left because she had control when she was living with them. Any ideas Mina had for photoshoots it would br easy for Dasha to say "oh i want to do that too" and since they were living together no one would see it as copying. I see that Dasha has been posting pics of her using different colored lenses like Mina. This chick is so original has no self personality. She just steals others identities. Its sickening and pathetic. She sits at home all day going through hate blogs and has nothing going for her. Mina at the least goes out and enjoys life and you can tell from videos she is genuinely kind and fun. From the get go, i could tell Dasha was toxic she emits an aura of self hate and toxicity. I cant wait for Mina to hit 100k and hope she gets more gigs because she truly deserves it. I think she should cosplay. She looked amazing in her Velma costume!

No. 537852

Fuckin’ aye. Also, I fucking love that Mina is reppin’ North African/mixed girls being a massive babe like it’s nbd while Julia is pretending that she’s Russian thinking it’s exotic because she’s a regular kmart bitch.

No. 537853

File: 1530290840276.png (449.96 KB, 595x594, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 12.4…)

Seriously though, how are people saying THIS is more attractive then Mina? Even her editing is hideous.

No. 537856

Exactly. Mina doesn’t bitch about the drama all the time and makes an effort to interact with her fans. Not to mention she isn’t scared to weird or “quirky” which I kinda admire. Dasha is fucking ugly because she’s a horrible person. Eventually everyone is going to leave her once they realize how she really is. Might take years but it’s going to happen

No. 537857

What was the fucking point of her doing this? It’s not even funny or witty

No. 537858

File: 1530291198273.jpeg (24.2 KB, 354x415, 55AA22C0-D017-4DAE-A0B4-BA8866…)

Yeah, I’d be mad and jealous too if I looked like this

No. 537861

If you watch her interact with anyone, you’ll notice she isn’t funny, witty or interesting. All she does is laugh at everything to appear kind and make odd comments. All her “jokes” are things she thinks are popular or straight up mean. Like that time she gave her leggings to Emma because they were ugly (that was the joke). Like how does she have any friends?! Oh wait….

No. 537863

File: 1530292100070.jpg (132.4 KB, 1440x1395, PicsArt_01-04-12.44.01.jpg)

Stay away, demon

No. 537864

She's offensive and overly sexual. She was always making inappropriate jokes at Edwin and on snapchat at Simon.

No. 537865

I’m literally dying over this. Does anyone know if she’s still active on her “YouTube channel”?

No. 537866

Is Simon still friends with her?

No. 537868

Yes, he still follows her. I wonder if he knows?

No. 537869

Also, it might seem like a petty minor thing that Dasha doesnt follow Cyr, but follows Simom on instagram its pretty damn telling that she gives zero shits about him.

No. 537871

File: 1530292900250.png (269.31 KB, 301x489, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 1.20…)

When your relationship is so miserable and lifeless you need to photoshop smiles on your faces.

No. 537872

File: 1530293089770.png (89.82 KB, 676x596, discord convo.PNG)

So I had to censor some stuff because I'm in a small server with some commentary Youtubers are a part of and I don't want to get banned for doing sharing what's being said (time stamps give away my location).

No. 537874

the fact they actually believe this is sad

No. 537877

Reading that made me so fucking mad. How in their right mind are they justifying the voice clips? When was this posted? Before or after the voice clips? Anon you have to mention the voice clips they are so manipulative. Okay, sorry had to calm down. We can at least rest assured that evil witch Dasha will never land another gig.

No. 537878

This conversation took place 10 min ago.

No. 537879

Wow, it's so pathetic that these people can't think for themselves. They choose to suck Cyr's dick instead of doing an ounce of research on the situation. Thanks for the milk anon!

No. 537880

I'm wondering where this 50 bucks shit came from, edwin said he paid the deposit and a few months of rent maybe 2 cant remember.

No. 537881

Thanks for sharing anon.

No. 537883

There relationship consist of smoking, coffee, wine, no sex, Dasha begging for sex, Cyr going on twitch to act like a crack head and Dasha harrasing Mina/photoshopping herself.

No. 537885

This is what I’m saying!! They’re almost all so stupid they’re literally grown men who can HEAR DASHAS LITERALLY ADMITTING TO IT. They literally are willingly covering their eyes. God they’re all fucking idiots.

No. 537887

Karma is real. I can already see Dasha alone with absolutely nothing. Cyr will snap out of it. If he was super committed, he would've married her and she would no longer have be on a visa but as that comment states she is still on a visa. I bet at the moment he just feels responsible for her but wait till another gal comes around. Hell bounce.

No. 537888

>So I had to censor some stuff because I'm in a small server with some commentary Youtubers are a part of and I don't want to get banned for doing sharing what's being said (time stamps give away my location).

Sorry for the way I phrased this. I sound like I'm having an aneurysm. I'm super high. It was meant to be "So I had to censor some stuff because I'm in a small server that some commentary Youtubers are a part of and I don't want to get banned for sharing what's being said".

It hurts my eyes to read how I wrote it, so I just wanted to correct my grammar to feel better, since I can't delete it and repost.

No. 537889

Hahaha we’ve all been there. Either way thanks for sharing dude. Disappointed seeing them talk like that, it really infuriated me

No. 537892

I just noticed Dasha's Instagram isn't private at the moment. Not sure why, she didn't post or anything…

No. 537895

I think shes been testing the waters on her neuphs account to see when she will stop getting hate so she can finnaly make her main account live…

No. 537896

Thanks for the cap anon. I don't know how you can sit back and read all that bullshit without saying anything. What an absolute manipulation of events.

Also where did this idea that Edwin is bffs with the admin come from? I'd like to see some actual proof of this but I doubt they'd ever try and back up their lies. Yeesh.

No. 537900

>Also where did this idea that Edwin is bffs with the admin come from?
From Dasha, duh. How is that even a question.

No. 537901

File: 1530295015125.png (332.11 KB, 819x463, 4657.PNG)

The shade

No. 537902

I called it. I knew that they were going to speculate (probably after Dasha told them) that Edwin is friends with admins.

No. 537904

Didn't Cyr mention this forum and how Dasha was breaking down because they discovered it was her?

No. 537906

Look at past threads

No. 537907

Dasha didn’t even take 0.1 sec to block that person guarantee

No. 537914

File: 1530296370413.png (368.85 KB, 653x457, cyr.PNG)

Cyr is streaming right now. I always watch hoping someone asks him about the what Dasha did, but nobody ever does.
I kind of appreciate Onision haters are more ballsy. People don't bother Cyr nearly as much as they should. Specially granted all that's happened.

No. 537925

because obviously the only reason admin would out those posts as being dasha is because admin's totally best friends 4 lyfe with edwin!!

No. 537927

Why would anyone bother him, ffs. Cyr dindu nuffin.

He told one lie about his brother (big deal, everyone tells white lies). He paid his due back to Edwin. He mostly kept his mouth shut, wisely staying out of his girl's drama.

Your Russian hooker's sins are NOT your own, people.

No. 537929

I think people don't say anything cause they know they will get banned. Is Cyr Asian? He's roleplaying on GTA right now as a Japanese guy saying Oh, herrro

No. 537934

She does follow Cyr on Instagram… I wonder how Simons gf feels about Dasha being inappropriate toward him.

No. 537935

Ummh because he is enabling her… Flew out Mina when he knew Dashas intentions of wanting to destroy her…

No. 537937

He lies to his commemtary friends about the situation, not acknowledging Dashas crimes. Thats why they should Anon…

No. 537939

White lie? He lied to someone who he was close with for years in order to kick him out and let his ex move in while dating someone else. And he's lied about Edwin to his whole friend group plus is covering for her.. He's helping Dasha attempt to get Edwins channel taken down. He's not staying out of anything he's just being a snake about it.

No. 537942

lel do you just purposely ignore the shit he's done so you can keep your fantasy of innocent little Cyr going?

No. 537943

Lol she privated her account again

No. 537946

Does it matter if he's Asian?
I don't think he is though.

No. 537948

Are you serious? You do realize that cyr and Dasha were telling people from cyrs discord to flag Edwin’s videos right?

No. 537949

It just seems to me Cyr is not serious about any of those relationships. His ex? You mean the girl he fucked a couple of weeks. His friend for years? His YouTube business partner that's now profiting off him just as much as he did when they filmed together? His current gf? An especially clingy instathot fucktoy.

In that light, all of his actions seem understandable. He's not obliged to care for anybody he doesn't want to. He's not malicious. That's enough.(whiteknight)

No. 537952

“He’s not malicious” wut. Why do you keep ignoring what people are telling you? Stop having such a hard on for cyr

No. 537953

So him kicking out Edwin was understandable? So him sending his discord to false flag Edwin Channel is understandable? What about him lying to netnobody that Edwin was blackmailing him?

No. 537954

Anyone know what thos voice clips that were emailed to Edwin during his livestream where all about? I have a feeling it was one of the minions trying to embarrass him…

No. 537955

Yes! Flying out an innocent girl to live with you while knowing your crazy girlfriend just wants to destroy her is not malicious! So glad someone calls it as it is.

No. 537956

How about sitting and watching as his current girlfriend fucks over his ex? What about contributing and helping false flag Mina and Edwin's channels? Or how about lying to Edwin saying he had to help his family but was actually just at Vidcon?
Can you give us one example of Cyr not being a complete asshole? All I see is you sucking up to Cyr and ignoring reason. So enlighten us, how is Cyr not being malicious and what has he done at all to help the situation?

No. 537957

Why do you keep defending cyr so much? You’re starting to sound suspic.

No. 537968

Dasha did plan to do an ari inspired look like along time ago, I’ll have to find the sceenshots It does seem suspect that she’s doing it now all of a sudden, or maybe it’s because ari is all over the media right now. But I seen others where she had a conversation and she went on about Gabi demartino being an Ariana copycat. But I’ve noticed a pattern with her. When yellabambi was called a copy cat by goth fruits dasha went on a long rant, when Timothy was being called a Melanie copycat, she went on another long rant, and she’s always obsessed with situations where “copy” is involved. Ever since she was called out with being a copy cat that’s all she’s been obsessed about, even MORE then the fake accounts. That’s just my analysis though

No. 537971

Cyr is right now on stream talking about everything not being okay and having massive anxiety


No. 537974

He doesn’t mention anything about the Edwin situation. He’s just saying that he stopped taking meds

No. 537975

lmao, he looks so stressed and is trying to play 'IVE GOT MENTAL ILLNESS' card

No. 537977

I'll clip it later, he was alluding to things happening to him and him not being good at problem solving, having confused thoughts about things etc. It's Cyr. Don't expect him to name drop or be specific unless he's on edge.

No. 537978

He was saying that he’s “intense adhd” and can’t form sentences

No. 537979

Were you there before I linked it? Cause I'm pretty sure you didn't hear the same things I heard.

No. 537980

"Netnobody I'm not guilty, i just can't make a response see my adhd is so bad I can't make sentences."

Didn't Edwin just come out about his ADHD diagnosis.

No. 537982

Although Cyr is a major hypochondriac I think he was diagnosed years ago. He was briefly on Ritalin from what I gathered, but he didn't feel good on it so he never took it again.

No. 537983

I got it on film. Wanna see it? Lmfao I was watching it dude. I’m just saying he’s been talking about how he’s saying that he can’t focus anymore and that the chat doesn’t help.

No. 537985

Yeah I watched briefly he mentioned that he doesn’t have prescription for his anxiety

No. 537986

Hasn’t been cyr saying that he’s been “stressed”? This isn’t really new news

No. 537989

So he has been diagnosed with ADHD, won't take Ritalin which would actually treat it because it makes him feel bad but sees no issue with smoking or being an alcoholic? I'm sure those things don't make him feel good either.

No. 537990

Cyr is always really stressed even though he doesn't really do anything. Maybe take a day off of serial killer GTA roleplay and stop postponing your response to your girlfriends psycho behavior. I bet he lied to Net when he said he was working on a video just to stop him from asking questions.

No. 537992

File: 1530307024403.png (94.89 KB, 1135x765, himr_ss.PNG)

Found this comment on a video of Hiding In My Room (british depressed narcissist guy that shows how fucked up his life is) and I really doubt Dasha watches someone like him…

No. 537993

That’s kinda strange. What if it’s a shared channel? Maybe Dasha and cyr share it or her minions.

No. 537994

Probably for the past year all I’ve heard cyr is say he’s anxious and stressed. Hmm oh do I wonder why? He doesn’t say anything else interesting besides that.

No. 537995


Since it's too much work to download and upload etc, I took the time to type it out. I emphasized why I thought it was relevant linking it with italic.

Transcript 44 min

"I'm horribly distracted, my mood swings are intense, I suffer from hypochondria, intense anxiety and on top of that I have trouble talking about it because I trail off all the time. With that in consideration, but not only that, I'm incredibly superstitious. But I'm also scientific. It's hard to believe, but I don't believe in superstition. So it doesn't make any sense. And I was like "How am I superstitious without being superstitious?". And a friend of mine pointed out that there are things about me that remind him of obsessive compulsive people. It's little things like, let me tell you, little things that I do, that I never noticed. I just considered it being it needs to be done. And when people asked about it I said it was superstitious. When I take a shower I have to fold my towel the exact same way every time, otherwise I get anxiety, I feel like bad things are gonna happen. I have to put my shoes on the exact same spot when I take them off, otherwise I feel like if I change that, something bad will happen to me. It's little things like that. A bunch of it. It's not intense OCD where like, you know, it's completely disruptive but it is emotionally disruptive and I don't know if that's what it was. I just thought it was me being superstitious. I'll actually get rid of clothes and shirts that I think are bad luck, because in my head that's the only thing I can do. So anyways, on top of that the OCD if that's what it is, I feel like goes into the way I handle problems, so when I get really upset about something, I can't think straight, my brain doesn't work and I don't know how to organise it. So if I have OCD that might contribute to why I'm horrible at solving a lot of problems, because I can't think straight on how to solve it. Because not everything is right. And as a hypochondriac it's the same way. When everything is not right, or normal, then everything is fucking disrupted and that's the way that my head is. I get massive anxiety spikes when everything is not okay. If everything is not okay, then I just always have anxiety. The anxiety is so intense that it even interrupts the way that I speak. I shut down due to overload and sometimes it's not even that big and I realize as I get older it gets worse. It's an intense level of feeling uncomfortable. I've had this issue forever."

No. 537996

I want real milk aka when cyr releases his video. He ignores the drama about Edwin and just bitches all the time about being stressed.

No. 537997

i tried to ask about edwin on the stream, it wasn't posted, i guess he banned the name edwin, hm

No. 537998

dasha is live too

No. 537999

On twitch? Where?

No. 538000

Hopefully it’s more milky. Where is she doing it?

No. 538001

No. 538002


No. 538003

Welp it just ended.

No. 538004

i cant believe how rough and nasty she looks… and him ending it so abruptly as soon as she was on screen?

No. 538005

Did you get a recording of that? I joined too late

No. 538006

I could literally feel how anxious he got. He was expecting something to pop up in chat, I'm sure of it.

>just end the stream end the stream end the stream

No. 538007

So Dasha came back from walking the dog and he ended his stream a few minutes later.. He already seemed like he was in a bad mood but he looked more uncomfortable with her sitting on him. I think he doesn't want her on stream with him because he's afraid people will start asking questions.

No. 538008

He leaves them up. Just skip to the end


No. 538012

I had the exact same thought. Same with other anon I felt the anxiety when she sat next to him

No. 538013

Has anyone joined Cyrs discord btw? Is that the one where they're flagging Edwin? Because that's against discord TOS.

No. 538017

File: 1530308435450.png (582.92 KB, 941x763, fskjdf.png)

i really can't believe how different she looks on camera vs her photoshopped selfies. jesus. if i wasn't told that was dasha, i wouldn't guess that was her. no wonder photographers and agencies are pissed when she arrives.

No. 538018

Not surprised. Has he actually listened to the audio messages? Or is he pretending that Dasha didn’t say that

No. 538019

She says she's 22 but those smile lines say nah.

No. 538020

File: 1530308574689.png (608.18 KB, 1280x1024, cyr2.png)

He ended it right after I said "sooooo… about those voice notes"

I wish I had proof but he promptly deleted my message lol

No. 538021

File: 1530308579174.jpeg (97.38 KB, 626x626, A65CDC25-5B60-4F6E-87C5-2F8A5B…)

so annoyingly pretty ugh

No. 538022

"We'll get our friends on discord" doesn't necessarily mean people in our server. It could literally mean friends on discord. Like Facebook friends. It's not enough to shut down his server for violating TOS.

No. 538023

File: 1530308599409.png (593.84 KB, 1280x1024, cyr.png)

Then he perma banned me lol

No. 538024

I mean she said he was sending a list of what words to use out to people so I'm assuming he knows about it.

No. 538025

If you pretend it never happened, it's like it never happened

No. 538026

Thanks so much for taking the time to type that anon! I'm somewhere where I can't have sound on, so that's really helpful. Maybe tinfoil, but honestly it kind of sounds like he's getting his defence ready for when he starts getting heat from people. He knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on otherwise.

No. 538027

Sorry I should have clarified, I meant to say if he head Dasha admit on tape that she released minas passport

No. 538028

with cyr being a hypochondriac, do you think dasha plays on that and convinces him he's crazy whenever he questions her?

i imagine gaslighting is a lot easier when your victim is highly susceptible to believing anything is wrong with them, mentally or physically.

No. 538029

How do you know he banned you? How does the ban even work? You are just not allowed to chat anymore?

No. 538030

I wonder how many people have been banned now lol

No. 538031

Well the "you are permanently banned" was my first clue. And yeah I can't chat but can still watch

No. 538032

I know. I was just asking if anyone who was actually apart of it knows what is talked about. And it's still incriminating that there's an audio of her saying Cyr is sending a list to his discord to flag him.

No. 538033

He's scared she will freak out on camera again and spill some beans. You can imagine how the last days went for him with her going crazy behind the scenes.

No. 538034

Can you imagine that? She’s probably like “make a video NOW DEFEND ME YOU BITCH! HELP ME MAKE FAKE ACCOUNTS TO SUPPORT ME”

No. 538035

i can't really imagine at all what they're relationship looks like or what the average day looks like,it must be really cold and i feel kinda sorry for cyr

No. 538037

I wouldn’t doubt Dasha goes psychotic on his ass when it’s behind scenes. I am really curious though, I wonder if cyrs friends ever have seen her flip out on him in person or if she maintains the SmOl SwEEt attitude

No. 538038

the bit in his stream where she randomly goes off about weird instagram app games thinking everyone's going to relate and find it hilarious-

she comes off like a total narcissist/histrionic panicking and trying to conjure up something interesting to talk about because she doesn't feel like she's center of attention.

No. 538039

File: 1530309553083.jpeg (306.76 KB, 1554x1125, 6D5A6F29-F0D1-49DF-BD8E-192590…)

At 1:26 he started shaking her like he wanted to strangle her

No. 538040

Keep your account secure and verify…

No. 538042

She wouldn't look nearly as bad as she does to me if she didn't edit her face so much on Instagram.. like who is this?

No. 538043

File: 1530309684848.png (472.72 KB, 857x429, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 5.55…)

I got to her rambling about some dating app and had to stop. She's soooooooooooooo boring and they have zero chemistry, they remind me of a Hollywood couple that isn't together cause they like each other rather cause some agency set them up in hopes it would bring in more attention. They seem like they hate each other tbh
Also, why was she making so many weird faces? Is that her sense of "humour" or is she trying to bait us or something…?

No. 538044

File: 1530309741103.jpeg (232.73 KB, 1125x1125, CEEA2A9F-0221-43AB-A7E9-D7891B…)

lmao yeah when she was trying to seem funny and relatable she was putting cyr to sleep

No. 538046

Honestly I think she showed up on stream because she knew we were watching. Refuse to believe I'm tinfoiling about this.

No. 538047

It's called, temp mail, account no longer exists anyway

No. 538048

File: 1530309864580.jpeg (233.23 KB, 1125x1125, 658C2AAF-3C96-4AAB-A835-200375…)

Cyr contemplating life

No. 538049

That does kind of sum up her little "segment". It was both boring and cringy at the same time.
Has his depression/anxiety/ADHD gotten worse since being with Dasha? Did he even have these issue before dating her? Or has he always been like this?

No. 538052

He's never been alright but being a fan of his for years D Day has definitely worsened this

No. 538056

>I'll actually get rid of clothes and shirts that I think are bad luck, because in my head that's the only thing I can do

14:08 on the video I linked

Dasha says
>I want to believe Mina is not bad luck. But she is.

I think she could manipulate him exploiting his mental weaknesses. If he gets rid of shirts why wouldn't he get rid of people?

My point exactly

No problem.

No. 538060

>>I think she could manipulate him exploiting his mental weaknesses.
I think you hit the nail right on the head anon. She seems like the toxic type to exploit a person's vulnerability and use that to her advantage.

No. 538063

File: 1530311789978.jpeg (33.02 KB, 500x285, 74E2AC1C-590A-4D42-8F43-F38E63…)

No. 538067

Wtf this is what happens when you installed way too many Sims mods and your game is bugging out but you try to randomize a sim

No. 538068

File: 1530312299922.jpg (69.34 KB, 399x549, Plastic-Surgery--119724.jpg)

No. 538071

I do believe she tries to do that. I also think an even bigger factor here is that their mental problems seem to be each other's counterpart, exploiting him without her having to put in much conscious effort.
She's the type of person that will break out in an overemotional spiteful temper tantrum while he doesn't know how to deal with conflict and stands there with his brain freezing. He's on the recieving end in a natural way.

He's probably drawn to this relationship because of its tumblresque "we are both broken people but complement each other and together we will heal" vibes when in reality it is a very dangerous combination and very toxic.

No. 538072

The King of Pop is back guys

No. 538082

File: 1530314083746.jpg (100.36 KB, 652x468, rs-7.jpg)

No. 538084

File: 1530314440790.png (290.49 KB, 636x619, 521767.PNG)

I cant understand why she was making those faces. Unless like another anon said, shes just baiting the haters.
I think she may be trying for that "cute goofy faces" thing, but her alien face wont play along and fucks shit up.

No. 538088

Oof Michael Jackson I’m glad you’re alive and well but damn

No. 538089

File: 1530315415854.jpeg (321.56 KB, 750x730, E1C9F4A9-99DC-4BC7-9166-588ABA…)

Does the audio in the recording of Cyr’s stream cut out at the end for anyone else too? Is that normal or something? Just thought it was weird.

No. 538092

File: 1530316081356.png (16.74 KB, 299x85, audio.PNG)

I just went back to check on that audio cut out and the recording has been either deleted or trimmed.
Was the video Dasha comes in on named Yung Blud? It shows that the video is 3:47 but when I try to play it, it only plays 22 seconds and then ends.
I guess Dasha saw all the ugly face memes on here and made him cut her out of the stream.
To answer your question about the audio cut out, sometimes if the streamer plays copywritten music they will mute the whole audio for that duration.

No. 538094

Yeah, I just tried to find the video again for myself and it's gone. I believe it was called "tell me where to go".
Seems like the entire video has been deleted cause I can't find it anywhere

No. 538095


yh lol i think cyr took it down bc the latest one he did today is still up

No. 538096

Ok, so the new mystery YouTube channel spit out a new video. The whole time they talk in that fake accent about why they aren’t Dasha and admit the accent is fake. Another weak attempt, lmao. Oh, btw guise they hate Dasha too because she is so annoyingly beautiful!

No. 538097

Oh my god it’s so fucking cringey Jesus Christ

No. 538099

File: 1530317233489.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, E1F5E313-B0D6-4480-A2B4-74FF85…)

That’s cool Dasha.

No. 538101

Please stop posting this lame attention whore.

No. 538103

I'm dying she's pretty much saying we're all jealous of her I can't kek

No. 538105

Didn’t she say in the first video that she was neutral about Dasha? Now in the new video she’s saying that she hates herself lol correct me if I’m wrong

No. 538108

Lmfao Dasha is talking about lolcow and plans on making a video about her threads. What a fucking cow

No. 538111

Anybody have that stream recorded?

No. 538112

>she hates Dasha
>whether she’s guilty or not, it’s time to leave her alone

This person doesn’t even try to defend Dasha’s actions or at the very least, deny them. They just blatantly say that even if she is guilty, she should be left alone and everyone should just drop it. What I saw from the previous thread when all those weird Dasha fan accounts came up, where people seemed to suspect it was Dasha herself because of using unreleased pics, was a lot of them said things like, “everyone deserves a second chance.”
It’s just too similar to be a councidence, I think. Obvi this may be tinfoiling, but I’d like to know what others think.

No. 538114

She must have been lurking the Petubers thread? Exact same threat was made by a drunken Emzotic yesterday.

No. 538116

It doesn't look anything like her though, which is why it's more likely she's making a spiteful reference to the meme >>537784

No. 538121

Yes this is Dasha's narrative she wants pushed for sure. Tacit admission of guilt though!

No. 538122


"Totally not Dasha" lightly blurs out a face of "their" photo, but says using their real voice will give away their identity… My fucking god, she's so dumb. Inserting any sort of photo is already giving too much of a hint of an identity. She really believes this will make everyone think it's not her?!

No. 538138

File: 1530321447019.jpg (40.68 KB, 400x400, 945074_141730116013851_2143810…)

No. 538142

these videos are so silly, if they're her or even if not

No. 538144

File: 1530322024949.png (770.18 KB, 1015x894, 785559776658795343568796856676…)

No. 538162

No one would recognize their voice unless they are highly involved in the drama and therefor identifiable - "I would be embarrassed if anyone in real life found out" makes zero sense, cause only people heavily interested in this drama would even watch this pitiful video.

At least Dasha seems to be at a point where she realized further harnessment and lashing out will get her nowhere and is now basically begging to be left alone cause she knows she's past the point of return where everything will just go away and back to normal.

No. 538163


'EDWIN I'M AM SMARTER THAN YOU' - I laughed hard at that one. It sounds like a villain shitty monologue from some shitty movie.

Does she think she's hannibal or something?

No. 538166

Is she just trolling us at this point? There’s no way she’s this retarded to believe that her videos are plausible and make sense.

No. 538168

Let's be real: who else on this goddamn planet would feel the need to say this sentence but Dasha?

No. 538169

File: 1530324595145.png (1.14 MB, 844x808, come on dasha.PNG)


this picture literally comes up right away when you google image search "hot nerd"

she's not even trying

No. 538170


and most of you are retarded to even give her the time of day. And honestly this bullshit is derailing the thread.

No. 538171

I think at the
6:30 mark, you hear her fake accent crack and you hear more of her real voice along through. It sounds just like her, who gets so defensive like that over dasha other then dasha herself or minions being an ex fan of her myself. That’s her voice, what she says sounds so similar to tactics she’d use and things she’d say. Even pretending a post wasn’t about Edwin or Mina when it was. She’s a compulsive liar.

No. 538173

How is this derailing? We literally know that this is dashas shitty attempt at making a video defending herself. Do you seriously think this isn’t Dasha?

No. 538174

i feel like that southern accent attempt in the stream was her playing games, knowing we know that anon on youtube is her.

No. 538175

File: 1530325008857.gif (1.08 MB, 680x680, triggered.gif)


Most people here are the easiest people to bait ever. All you have to do is defend Dasha or call her pretty and REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Seriously, guys. Be smarter than that. If I wanted to make a video to troll you, you'd eat that shit up and even call me a Dasha minion. I just think she doesn't deserve the attention you are all giving her. Specially when there's so much evidence she's trolling. Annoyingly pretty and devastatingly popular?! You guys honestly think this is serious? Come on.

No. 538177

I mean she did make two videos defending herself to death so I honestly don’t think she’s trolling. I mean she made a few stupid remarks but to write off her whole two videos are “trolling”? You should try a little harder sis

No. 538179

Right… so even though she continues to act like the victim after doing illegal things… we shouldn’t talk about all the nasty shit she’s done?

No. 538180

No, by all means talk about Dasha and the things she did. I just think focusing on a person who's larping as a criminal psychologist is a little much.

No. 538182

Sorry but nah. Her videos are hilariously shitty not to mention she tries so hard to defend herself. If she was trolling she wouldn’t make another 8 min long video talking about how Dasha is actually innocent and being framed.

No. 538183

She’s also obviously being sarcastic at times but overall she really thinks that these shitty videos will save her ass

No. 538184

Talking about her being innocent and framed is a way to bait everyone to lose their minds. If you think like a troll the reactions can be pretty funny and entertaining for the person doing it. Depending on how little of a life the person has, it could be worth another 10 minute video.

But if I keep arguing against this theory it's just gonna lead to infighting. So I'm not gonna argue anymore. You guys are free to think whatever you want to think, but I'm not going to contribute to speculation on something I wholeheartedly believe is trolling.

No. 538185


She's trying, and I think in someways it's working. I'm laughing, she's probably also laughing whilst ripping her hair off her head making time-consuming crap to fool an anon crowd.

Quite amusing. She's also made people stop talking about the things she's done that could end in legal problems or jail to talk about her weird edits. That's a manipulation tatic and as far as I can see she's nailing at this point. That's damage control.

Better people talking of you as someone stupid than someone who is dangerous and probably should go to jail.

No. 538190


Wait… Mina is mixed?

No. 538191

No one forgot about the illegal shit she’s done lol. You seriously think that people are going to forget that? The reason why people are talking about her shitty edits is because she hasn’t done something until now

No. 538194

File: 1530325861035.png (416.55 KB, 558x690, dasha is stupid.png)

Dasha needs to do a deep look into the background of the photos shes going to use as this "Anonymous Person"

We all know Dasha is stupid, it could of been so much worse and funnier if she used the wrong photo.

No. 538197

Sorry but I also disagree. Obviously she’s trying to lure some of us but I don’t see the point of her making an effort to defend herself if she’s solely trolling. Why make the effort of showing that Dasha was “framed” and that Edwin also isn’t innocent? I’m curious on your feedback

No. 538199

I thought the same thing about all those ugly faces she was making on Cyrs stream. She was giving some low hanging fruit for all of us to laugh about, so we wouldnt keep asking about what were those voice clips/recordings someone was emailing to Edwin? Or about the
>committing federal crimes, passport theft, terrorist threats, identity theft, revenge porn.

No. 538200

To troll. The more absurd the argument is, the more pissed off everyone gets. Do you need another reason? That should be the only reason. I'm all for trolling. It's funny as fuck and the best kind of trolling is one that makes people wonder if it's trolling or not. Think Pupinia, Brittany Venti, etc.

No. 538202

I don't think this person is Dasha, so it might make more sense to you why I'm saying the things that I'm saying ( >>538197 ). But like I said, I don't want to argue so I'm just gonna stop talking about this now.

No. 538204

Lets say it ISNT Dasha but some random stan. I dont care, Im still going to say its Dasha. And whys that? Because its going to dilute the message shes trying to put out because everyone will think its just Dasha trying to defend herself as a fake persona.

But all that is moot, because IT IS Dasha.

No. 538205

what else is there to discuss about all the illegal things she’s done? This is genuine btw I thought everything was resolved in past threads. Has she done something new?

No. 538206

I agree. Im really curious about those voice clips Edwin got. We should stop focusing on that channel completely. My theory is that she has one of her minions maling these videos so she can have more ammo to deny that she actually posted on this thread. I feel that the next video about lolcow the person will reveal themselves and show how people jump so easily to conclude that Dasha is self posting thus making thesd other commentary channels to believer her theory that she wasnt actually posting on her and that we are all paranoid and crazy.

No. 538208

If that’s the case? Why not show their identity now? I find it weird that she said “it’ll be embarrassing if people find out” as another anon said above, only people who are involved with this shit show will know who they are

No. 538210

I think your theory may be correct. But the "its Dasha" "its not Dasha" is a 50/50 split of all the anons in this thread.
So even if the Anonymous Person does a big reveal and proves its not Dasha, she cant say EVERYONE thought it was her.

No. 538211

I agree. I seriously don’t think it’s someone else I think it’s Dasha. Sure she might be trolling but doesn’t ignore the fact that she’s still trying to defend herself

No. 538212

I wonder if there’s some way to figure out who the person is

No. 538213

I'm really interested to see what her next move will be. In terms of harassing Mina or Edwin the worst things she could do to them using the internet have all been done: trying to delete his channel, revenge porn, doxxing… there's nothing left to top that.
She's completely cornered now.

No. 538214

I dont put SWATTING past Dasha, shes just that fucking crazy.
Theres a reason Edwin doesnt want either of them to know his address.

No. 538215

I don’t even wanna say this because it’s fucked Up but I wouldn’t put it past her poisoning or killing someone. She put laxatives in her exes drink like who the fuck does that

No. 538216

She wants to collect more posts of people assuming its Dasha. The more she gets the more these blinded commentary creators will believe her. Then everyone will be painted as crazy Edwin fans. The crimes she comitted will be brushed over by these youtube channels. She ended up messing up her persona and modeling opportunities in the end.

No. 538217

Thats not an outlandish idea.

Someone please send Cyr an article about the last days of Phil Hartman before its too late.

No. 538218

At this point, I don't think there's anything too low for Dash to sink down to.
She did? When and is there any proof of that happening?

No. 538220

Dashas ex bf came to cyr and told him about what she did to him. He doesn’t wanna come out publicly because in his words “she’s a vendective bitch”. If you have time lol go back to livestreams recent ones. I would but I don’t wanna watch the whole thing

No. 538221

Hmmm while I did disagree with the other anon I’m starting to see your guys points. I think like what another person mentioned it’s 50/50 at this point

No. 538222

I don’t think Cyr is an innocent angel at all but I also strongly believe that Dasha has some serious dirt on him which is keeping him from leaving her

No. 538224

Thanks, anon. That's fucked up. I don't blame the guy, she is a vindictive bitch. If I were Cyr I'd be sleeping with one eye open.

No. 538225

Tbh she Seems like the kind of person who would progressively get more violent, first laxatives then emetrol then cyanide

No. 538230

No problem. I know, It doesn’t surprise me that he would be so stressed I mean I can’t imagine how it’s like pissing her off in person.

No. 538231

I’m an idiot I meant to say dashas bf came to Edwin

No. 538232

Does anyone remember that girl oceau who met dasha recently but deleted their picture together on ig? It seems like she’s disappeared, I wonder if Dasha has her tied up in her basement

No. 538233

The objective of her trolling is to muddy the informational waters. It's not for shits and giggles. Even though she's not a true Russian, she's a Russian at heart.

No. 538234

>We should stop focusing on that channel completely.
How about we decide for ourselves what we will talk about.

No. 538235

File: 1530328412678.jpg (52 KB, 480x720, 4b84e59b83578 (1).jpg)

Hey Dasha, could you use this photo of Tess in your next video where you
>expose the drama site

Make sure you use the sepia filter and blur the face a little better this time.

No. 538238

>>538224 Mina briefly talked a few days ago about the time Cyr was gone and it was only Edwin Mina and Dasha in the flat. Dasha was acting crazy, screaming, breaking things to intimidate her and she was so scared she couldn't sleep/ close her eyes at night…

No. 538240

Has anyone made a side by side comparison of dashas and this “other” persons voice?

No. 538243

There was one in the last thread, it can be found on Instagram

No. 538246

File: 1530331077285.jpg (161.6 KB, 603x422, Dashas Mask.jpg)

Lets suspend disbelief and say this is not Dasha.

This Anonymous Person shot themselves in the foot using a stolen photo of a "hot nerd" they found on the internet and proclaiming its them. Once they showed they are willing to play fast and loose with the truth no ones going to believe anything they say in the future. Even if this is a long-con and they are eventually going to reveal they are not Dasha and prove everyone is a paranoid Edwin fan, it doesnt matter, they've shown they're dishonest and no one will eat fruit from a poisonous tree.

No. 538247

Exactly. And how about we continue to talk about all the vile crimes she’s committed because SHE doesn’t want us to. Shit ain’t even close to being resolved until the bitch gets convicted and shipped back to wherever the hell she came from so she can stalk girls and commit crimes over there instead of here.

No. 538248

This isn’t milky but anonymous persons video got 7 more thumbs up. Seems like Dasha is sending her minions to like the video

No. 538250

dasha's behaviour is so childish and dumb it's giving me a headache following this drama

No. 538257

Right? Like what the actual fuck is happening. This woman did some fucked up shit and now she responds by continuing to spend all day gossiping around online with her little group of teenage girls online, spending hours photoshopping herself, pretending everything she did was actually Mina and Mina is the one bullying and harassing her, and making videos about herself in a fake british accent???? This is so petty. I really don’t give a fuck if Dasha made that video or not because she’s crazy regardless. The lack of transparency is frustrating like even I’m tired. No wonder Cyr looks dead inside

No. 538258


lmfaooo i know. she's doing the same thing she did on here: pretending to hate herself, "not supporting" dasha, yet defending herself at the same time and trying to make edwin/mina look bad.

No. 538259

i tried to look this person up on insta and it says that 'user is not found'. (is that what mean by disappear?) this makes me sus af tho because you said she recently met Dasha recently met, she deleted the picture of them together and now her acc is just woosh gone? hmm

No. 538260

All of Minas videos are back, Dasha must be pissed.

No. 538261

jesus either dasha is actually retarded and can't even understand lolcow cookie+ methods for outing people or she's trying very hard to play as a dumb "bored" random fake brit

Dasha os pushing very hard the "it wasn't me on lol cow!!!" story taking advantage of the somewhat obscurity of chan culture, anyone who's ever used these kinds of forums for a while would know that it's impossible to just "be friends with an admin and fake an outing". Even the ones who've tried to use these forums for personal gain have been called out or discovered.

No. 538265

She’s half Algerian

No. 538268

File: 1530341059090.webm (623.86 KB, 243x180, Im smarter than you.webm)

No. 538269


L M F A O i thought the same thing when i watched that.

No. 538305

I can definitely see it, I always wondered knowing she's British wether she had mixed ethnicity, her nasal bridge is not very Anglo/Celtic, she also wears blue contacts a lot, not sure why as she has beautiful brown eyes and natural beauty always triumphs fake (take note Dasha!)
But on the same note, I can also see how some people may not see it, it's not -that- obvious, she still looks more European than North African.

No. 538310

She's….really trying. And failing. The salt is palpable, but no one is even falling for her ruse. She can't even defend herself discreetly. It's embarrassing.
>"Leave Dasha alone! She's so pretty, I understand how people would make up reasons to dislike her uwu"
>8 likes, 27 dislikes

No. 538311

I'm not even gonna bother watching this, but I'm pretty sure it's Dasha just trolling. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the first time I ever heard about the "fact" that Cyr only owed Edwin $50 was on that first video. And now all of those commentary channel idiots are talking about it as if they'd been told it by Cyr! If it's not her, it's definitely someone sent by her and using her voiceover. The voice just sounds too much like her.

No. 538356

File: 1530367475410.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180630-213717.png)

Slight OT but she recently confirmed her algerian decent on her dads side in her insta (shes on public)
>">i was going to make this post on friday but i was too emotional to do it. In case some of you don't know on my Dads side I'm Algerian and on my mums, British. For first 10 years of my life i was raised Muslim until my parents split. I didn't realise how consumed my father was by his religion but once i started meeting him it was clear he didnt support me not following the religion anymore. He didn't want me meeting him even when I wore baggy trousers and a non revealing top, as time went by we stopped seeing each other. After almost 3 years of not meeting he reached out to me and it was going well until i mentioned Edwin, his response was " you shouldn't be doing this boyfriend thing you should get a husband. I'm glad you're not into girls anymore" beinv open about my sexually and just being myself is someyhing i could and can never do around my dad. So with that happy late Fathers Day to my true daddy @edwinsgeneration"
It's great that minas slowly being more open with her audience and sheds light on the shit family situation dasha used to usher her to LA-also explains her constang race related tangents she goes on "mina the terrorist. Edwin the immigrant"

No. 538372

lmao stupid bitch

No. 538375

>her constang race related tangents she goes on "mina the terrorist. Edwin the immigrant"
What a racist cunt. What would that make Dasha, then? An inbred, backwater Euromutt prostitute who hails from the ass end of Germany?

No. 538412


simon has a girlfriend?
i remember dascha constantly pimping him out, to prove that she's not into him lmao

No. 538413

To add the comment about Dasha being racist, the cryingeddy account on instagram is always making fun of Edwin being Mexican. Like I don't think any of these people's ethnicities should really mattee besides Dasha because she lied about it… So weird I feel like she just wants to deflect any kind of criticism of her like "nuhuh, you are"

No. 538430

Is it that creepy asian looking guy? Dasha always had a thing for asian dudes,maybe she watches him, just saying

No. 538454

File: 1530378584445.jpg (337.89 KB, 819x431, SmartSelect_20180629-013021_In…)

Anyone else ever notice how ugly and sausage like her hands are? She's got man hands. So much for being a smoll dainty bambi fox

No. 538465

Are you serious? Do you have screenshots? God what the fuck is wrong with this bitch

No. 538467

File: 1530380122889.jpg (95.77 KB, 881x784, pull.JPG)

Actually, I think it's possible she watches his videos. I found this on PULL (Mina's thread), it was posted back in March. We all know Dasha is an obsessive stalker, so she could have started watching his videos after seeing it was mentioned on PULL.

No. 538478

this is one of the more flattering shots of them ngl they're full on man hands in other pictures

No. 538479

Damn good job anon! Does this mean that the anonymous channel is Dasha if that’s the case?

No. 538484

We can't be 100% sure it's Dasha but it makes chances higher of it actually being her.

No. 538485

also her hand tattoos are ugly and stupid af

No. 538516

I like how Dasha photoshops her collarbones the way minas naturally look

No. 538517


oh come on.. they're normal fucking hands. You're exaggerating.

No. 538521

Seriously, Trasha deserves to be called on her BS, but the way they comment about her looks makes you think they've never seen a normal female body.

No. 538522


yea exactly. It also makes the whole thread look ridiculous and stupid.

No. 538524

agreed, this is unnessecary bullshit, fucking stop
hiding in my room said he's a fan of cyr's videos. also, he is FUCKING PERFECTLY up trasha's alley of craziness, they're both complete fuckups and sociopaths/psychopaths

No. 538525

Ok, so evidence that Anonymous Person is Dasha/a Dasha minion:

1. Her fake voice is very similar to the voice she puts on in Cyr's fanfiction video
2. She was the first to say (as far as we know) that Cyr owed Edwin only $50, and Cyr's friends are all saying this as well. I doubt they've seen this video, so how could this person know what Dasha was telling all their friends?
3. This other channel that she commented on has been discussed in a thread she is known to frequent, and it was (potentially, I haven't seen the vid) criticising Mina's makeup.

No. 538530

What? This entire website is ridiculous and stupid. That's why we're here, to shittalk, nitpick, and have some low-brow fun.

Just like those youtubers are just assholes talking to a camera, we're just assholes typing on an imageboard.

This is a GOSSIP SITE. And you're worried about making a bad impression? Lol, get over yourselves.

No. 538532

I’d say the most damning “evidence” that “she” commented on that dudes video tbh. I find that strange, good on anon for posting that

No. 538534

You’re complaining about her hands. There’s actual things worth talking about like the illegal shit she’s done and the fact that she may have made a fake YouTube channel. You’re cluttering the thread with unnecessary comments

No. 538535

no it's just plain boring and mindless making fun of someone's hands

No. 538543

Sorry, deleted >>538529 and reposted >>538530 because of an autocorrect typo.

I hear ya, I'm just tired of anons treating this as some righteous crusade. 'ILLEGAL!' Scoff. If y'all wanna fight crime, lolcow is not the place to do it.USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 538546

and you're cluttering it up further. people nitpick on gossip sites. if you wanna talk about those things, go ahead, but maybe stop trying to moderate others while you're at it

No. 538547

It’s making the thread look stupid. It’s obvious Trasha is going to make a video on her threads and she’s going to pick out these posts to say “iM BeInG hArRAssEd SEe???”. If people just discuss all the shitty things she’s done she’s going to have to show those

No. 538548

Yes let’s ignore how psychotic she is and talk about her gremlin hands. 10/10 logic

No. 538549

man i wanta response from cyr or dasha otherwise i'm getting bored of this T_T

No. 538551

Contrary to this anon's beliefs, overt nitpicking actually is against the rules. Stop trying to drown out legitimate criticism. Everything that could be said about Dasha's looks has been repeated ad nauseum. It's time to stop.

No. 538552

File: 1530395580100.png (107.38 KB, 315x315, PBkmwrF.png)

No. 538564

File: 1530397879036.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 453CD45B-D908-4C72-A6FF-781C4A…)

So I was on a starcrawler YouTube video and I noticed that this anonymous person also posted on this video.

No. 538566

File: 1530397937615.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 36467E9C-4E26-4D73-A4D1-C86F65…)

No. 538568

File: 1530398042932.png (910.73 KB, 750x1334, 1586B415-2B17-42F5-9F58-50584E…)

No. 538571

Apologizes for making this so clunky and shitty looking. Tried to delete the first post as it isn’t as important but I couldn’t

No. 538580

Comment at the top "you live in LA" is this answer directed at the Anonymous account? Did they comment anything about living in LA?

No. 538584

File: 1530399984532.png (947.99 KB, 750x1334, 8AD62061-D3C6-4CD9-9780-D83FE0…)

I believe the person was referencing this actually! She made another post

No. 538585


i love that she uses her "anonymous" account to scour youtube, posting extremely hateful comments about other girls because she's so damn insecure with herself. jesus. she isn't even trying to hide that it's her.

No. 538587

I know. I literally was checking out this band and I was so surprised to see that she had posted there previously. I’m wondering if she changed her YouTube name and profile picture before she decided to make these videos

No. 538589


i bet you she did exactly that. she probably has used this account for a LONG time to post hate on people's videos thinking no one would ever know.

i wish there was a way to search that account's comment history.

No. 538595

File: 1530401968041.png (254.35 KB, 640x960, image.png)

The link to the show Anonymous said they were at leads to this. When you research "the Echo" it's apparently a venue in LA, so the show they were at was in LA on December 22nd 2014. For how long has Dasha been living in LA?

No. 538603

I know this site has a lot of international users, but something's a little bit sus to me about this cap being in German, along with the weird wording of "for how long"

No. 538608

Eh I don’t think it’s really sus. Could be they don’t know how to speak English well, while I am suspicious of previous Dasha minions coming in I don’t think they have ill intent

No. 538611

It's a combination of things too though, the subject matter etc - these caps are being thrown out randomly as if this person is everywhere when the posts display the same kind of typing styles as Julia. Plus they're all from 1 month ago, the comments I mean, and we're supposed to take it all as absolute proof that the account isn't Dasha because the user has been in the US for 10 years? hmmmmm

No. 538613

I thought Dasha was permanently banned from posting here

No. 538614

File: 1530403589167.jpg (32.23 KB, 700x100, Screenshot_20180701-020551.jpg)


just because German is their first language doesn't mean they're Dasha

No. 538616

Going back onto this, was Dasha in L.A around this time? Does anyone know? Also I find it weird that anonymous persons comments sound fluent (Dasha had a weird way of speaking).

No. 538617

File: 1530403813413.jpeg (57.51 KB, 607x396, image.jpeg)

(Yeah I'm German. Is "for how long" grammatically wrong? It's probably just "how long"?)
Anyway this could be a reach but I also noticed that Anonymous missed the apostrophe in "singer's parents" here. A mistake that Dasha made as well when she posted here and something that was used to reason why those posts were believed to be hers.

No. 538620

Did she write overall well despite grammatical errors? It’s so damn hard to see if it’s her writing 100%. As another anon said I wish there was a comment history we could look at where this person commented

No. 538621


She definitely wasn't in LA in 2014

No. 538622

I wonder if it’s someone Dasha knows. They could be sharing the account because if Dasha wasn’t in LA in 2014 then who is it? Not to mention Dasha followed that Asian guy and commented on his channel, so it’s someone who’s obviously deeply involved with this. Plus (personal opinion) I really do feel like it’s Dasha voice in those videos

No. 538624

I mean, just because they mentioned they were at that show, doesn’t really mean that’s true. I don’t think Dasha was in LA in 2014, but being at the show could’ve just been a lie to prove a point too.

No. 538629

I don't think the voice sounds like Dasha's. Maybe a bit in the first video but not at all in the second one.

There are tons of pictures from 2014/15 on Facebook that show her in Germany and Austria and none that show her anywhere in the US so I really doubt it's her account.

No. 538631

Imo, this is just more bullshit to stir the pot.

Dasha is either running or borrowing the account, or schooling the account owner on what to say and believe. Dasha is either v/o-ing the videos or at the very least, scripting them.

No. 538633

Maybe the videos aren't really about Dasha. Maybe they're only targeted at Edwin. Maybe it's someone who's got a problem with him that isn't even related to all the drama.

No. 538636

Yup. Either way Dasha is behind this, whether she’s making the videos or telling someone to read to a script

No. 538638

They keep defending Dasha though I don’t think it’s bevause they solely hate Edwin even though that’s also apparent

No. 538643

File: 1530405894393.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 8AF4E3A7-C281-47C5-BF37-C92ABE…)

No. 538650

File: 1530407203742.jpeg (59.66 KB, 640x711, image.jpeg)

When you add "/about" to a channel's url it will display when the account was created.
They joined in 2013. Kinda weird they use an account that is 5 years old. Is there any way to find out whether a channel's name has been changed recently?

No. 538665

File: 1530408663251.png (36.25 KB, 678x289, screeshot95644.png)


LOL! Dasha changed the description because she was called out and laughed at for being "smarter than you" but cant spell "whether"

No. 538666

>Kinda weird they use an account that is 5 years old.

dasha strikes me as the type that always has contingency plans for every thing and every one if she didnt use this channel to troll edwin and mina she would of used it for some other person she wanted to mess with in the future she keeps small vials of poison under her mattress, just in case you know?

No. 538684

If that account is not Dashas, then it is probably Cyrs. Has he not been in LA the past 10 years?

No. 538786

File: 1530420883721.png (870.19 KB, 750x1334, 7EA0DC60-6A56-435B-B2D2-9249B4…)

On the blarghs newest video talking about cyrs and Dasha livestream

No. 538821


I think what she's forgetting that even if Mina DID have those accounts, even IF she ran to Edwin, it doesn't fucking matter. That's immature young girl shit. Posting nudes and a fake passport is ILLEGAL and what perpetuated Edwin exposing her in the first place.

No. 538822


real passport, not fake*

No. 538825

They try way too hard to confirm that they are totally not Dasha - which is a very Dasha thing to do. She always goes overboard when keeping a low profile would have a much bigger impact.

No. 538831

If you guys go back to listen, the voice changes or cracks in some parts. Especially on going back to the second video the segment on lolcow, where the person narrating seems super bitter in particular and goes into say that lolcow is jealous of her. That part alone is such a dasha mindset. Something she’s even talked about before. Not even another person would word things the way they do. They are acting as if they are in dashas “shoes”. No one feels that strongly after all that happened. The way they talk is the way dashas talks or writes. I think she’s doing a voice changer app or something to distort her voice but I’m so certain it’s her there’s just so many things to point out.

No. 538869


I’m a little late but - I know you said it would be too much work to upload the vid of this, but would you possibly consider? I feel it would be relevant.

No. 538871

Can't, hun. Cyr deleted it. If I'd known I would have downloaded it.

I noticed that every live stream Dasha shows up, Cyr deletes. That one, the one before it (it was a party of some sort) and I think he does it because there's this thing on Twitch that every stream you leave up you are stil able to leave messages on chat. So I think he's afraid to leave streams Dasha butts in or is present because he can't control what people will comment in chat AFTER it's recorded. If you look through his Twitch channel, you can see some CLIPS of Dasha from streams that no longer exist because he manually deletes them. The only streams he deletes are streams Dasha are on. I feel like I'm repeating myself and I'm sorry. I just woke up.

No. 538872


I'm saying he manually deletes the streams she is on, but Twitch automatically deletes streams after 30 days. So these streams of Dasha that no longer exist were from as far as 2 weeks ago. Not old enough for Twitch to have auto deleted it, so I assume Cyr is the one deleting them. Anyway. Hope it made sense.

No. 538904

File: 1530458590006.png (385.22 KB, 508x566, Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 11.1…)

How much you want to bet Dash's fuming with anger and plotting how she can ruin Mina and Edwin's time together?
I must admit they are a cute couple and that must kill Dash to see as she and Cyr look like a couple that met in AA or a meth addict support group.

No. 538905

File: 1530459045489.png (540.65 KB, 595x559, Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 11.2…)

Samefag but seriously, they Cyr and Dash always look like they are using the other as a fashion accessory in their photos. Then when you see them together like here:
They both look miserable or annoyed with the other. It's almost as if being in a relationship that's based on the hatred of an ex gf or friend isn't healthy…hmmm

No. 538915

You can really see Cyr's evolution when you scroll down his instagram. I mean he tries to play cool and edgy so there aren't many smiley pictures to begin with… But around 2016 and earlier there are many pics where he looks happy and really confident. He locks eyes with the camera and is emotionally expressive. With time passing his eyes and face just get emptier and emptier. On anything posted this year he just looks completely used up and exhausted.

No. 538920

Yeah, it's crazy.

Cyr's very much a douche but if I were him I'd honestly be scared to even try to leave Dasha. Look what she's done to sweet Mina just for existing as a pretty being, could you imagine the kinds of threats he gets/would get from her?

Not to paint Cyr as innocent but there's no way she treats him well. He's reminding me a little of a certain footface playing innocent while her gay husband abuses everyone.

No. 538922

If she’s really here illegally like Edwin has been saying and Cyr wants her gone all he needs to do is report her. He could do it anonymously it’s not like he’s stuck with her.

No. 538929

Not to mention Dasha put laxatives in her exes drinks. I just don’t understand why cyr won’t leave her does he actually love her? if hes cheated so much I don’t see him being the hopeless romantic type. Is he scared of her? I guarantee you she treats him like utter shit and probably gets angry that he isn’t publicly defending her

No. 538939

the lower half of cyr’s face is so unfortunate, and dasha trying to facetune it away in this picture really isn’t helping

No. 538970

mina is too cute for edwin

No. 538971

No. 538974

There is no such thing as “too cute” when it comes to dating. If two people like each other then there’s a reason beyond physical appearance. Edwin is not ugly either he just needs to gain some weight and muscle and he’d be a decent dude.

No. 538977

I don't think he's got the right body type to gain weight. He obviously is a hard gainer. Aside from that, saying "x would be great if they changed a lot" is a really weird statement. "I'd be pretty if I got a new nose, changed my eye color and had a completely different body type" - see?

No. 538981

I genuinely find Edwin to be attractive and I was only stating what I believe would make him a bit better looking. Changing your body doesn’t require surgery like your nose, just hard work and dedication. I never said he HAD to. People just keep saying he’s ugly and Mina is too pretty for him which is not only stupid, but irrelevant to this whole thread.

No. 538983

They're an adorable couple and not to be an ass-kisser but Mina is SO fucking beautiful inside and out. I feel like Dasha and Cyr's relationship is cold and lacks affection. Their pictures together seem so forced, in my opinion. (Do you think, knowing Dasha is a lurker, she'll post "cute relationship goals" pics with Cyr after reading this? lol)

No. 539006

He also prob feels ashamed of her actions but its too much of a pussy to break up with her lmao.

No. 539011


No. 539029

I feel like Cyr might want to break up with her but is afraid that she'll release revenge porn him too and be revengeful so he just sits and doesnt talk and doesnt even want to give her the s

No. 539030

File: 1530486548353.jpeg (127.01 KB, 750x814, BF767821-287A-4A97-8C8F-0DAF6B…)

No. 539031

The d *>>539029

No. 539033


at this point i think shes trying to make it appear cyr is posting comments from this account. but he isnt vapid enough to post about himself being a victim, and she is. the way the account types is how she talks in videos.

No. 539054

A random thought that just came to my head: anonymous person said they looked at the posts here that were claimed to be Dasha's because they contained mistakes that are typical for native German speakers. Anonymous said they couldn't find any evidence for that but how would they even know unless they are familiar with German or typical mistakes that Germans make?

No. 539059


yuppp! it's odd they claim to not be dasha, yet this fake british anon indirectly infers they're familiar enough with german to know whether her posts have german errors or not.

dasha's going to deny the posts are her until the day she dies.

No. 539063


I'm German too and I'm neither of them. It's easy for anyone to notice the typical mistakes.

No. 539064

good job pointing that out, I bet Dasha is scrambling on how to defend herself on this one lol

No. 539068

What would the odds be that someone with a similar voice and way of speaking as Dasha, who is also German speaking, would hate Edwin for no apparent reason and would make and post a video on him without direct influence from Dasha or being Dasha herself? About zero if you ask me.

No. 539073

a friend of mine lives over in europe and she said every austrian has come off as a total egomaniac and they think hitler is a joke and that the holocaust isn't that serious of a topic, etc.

she said after finding out dasha is austrian, she isnt at all surprised by her behavior.

No. 539085

Austria is where Kim Kardashian encountered several racist people. They claimed ignorance I wonder if that's what Dasha will claim.

No. 539089


yup. my friend said they came off super racist and backwards like she went back in time.

No. 539106

I went there on a trip in the last few months and they seemed like nice and normal people to me. They were very kind and no one said anything racist. In fact, I thought that they seemed a little bit more sensitive to race in my opinion. Dasha is just a poor representation. Don’t judge the country by Trasha.

No. 539109


wasnt judging all of them due to trasha. was judging the shitty ones because my friends had multiple bad experiences.

No. 539111

File: 1530495737167.jpeg (114.08 KB, 750x1193, B6519D83-4F85-45D6-8EBD-DF2B4E…)

Mike finally couldn’t take the heat on instagram anymore kek

No. 539112

File: 1530495866790.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1806, 40625FC6-7A17-4D86-A8EA-842C82…)

Dasha posted again. Another fake smile thing. Her photos get hardly any likes now.

No. 539113


plot twist: dasha deleted it

No. 539114

>that comment
i wonder when things will finally escalate

No. 539115

This shit isn’t even funny I don’t know why she keeps making these edits, it’s cringey

No. 539116

Tinfoil: he pissed her off and hes getting the Mina treatment.

No. 539125

Its still up for me…

No. 539130

If the other anon can still see cyrs profile, you probably got blocked by him

No. 539131

Maybe she’s making him uglier to piss him off

No. 539133

Sorry anon, you just got blocked

No. 539145

So on a previous thread someone mentioned how Dasha didnt follow Cyr… Well she started following him with both accounts. She still clearly lurking.

No. 539150

If the anon was blocked by cyr then his username wouldn’t show up in dashas following

No. 539151

I checked after that anons post and can confirm that she wasn't.

No. 539155

I find it kinda weird that she wasn’t following him. I wonder why

No. 539169


I went to check and I just realized she blocked me on her neuphs account. I don't follow her and I never interacted with her posts! She must've seen me comment while lurking on mina's IG because that's the only way she'd even know my username. Dasha sweetie, get help lol

No. 539188

Wow. She’s fucking crazy. I bet you she doesn’t even put her phone down for one second because she’s obsessing over her threads and minas posts

No. 539204

Maybe she doesn't find him that interesting.

No. 539209

I agree, I think Mina is so adorable, even when she wears ridiculous outfits and acts like a ditz, it’s just harmless fun. Edwin isn’t ugly, and as a couple they seem like genuinely kind people who care about each other. Julia and Mike, while not being objectively ugly, make themselves seem hideous, both individually and as a couple, by being such awful, toxic, conniving sociopaths.

No. 539230

Same, got blocked by her and Cyr after I commented on Minas picture.

No. 539280

Bit OT, but I don't understand why people think Edwin is ugly.

Cyr is a bit ugly to me. Or I should say, Cyr looks extremely attractive at certain angles, not tolerable at others. Edwin's looks are consistent & not offensive.

No. 539282

yeah, i agree. cyr is just a regular poser who takes deceptive pics of himself

edwin looks normal

No. 539288

File: 1530529398619.png (721.47 KB, 1091x766, vc.png)

It's still up anon, he just blocked you.

No. 539292

Fuck me, I don’t know what’s worse; the creepy smile shoop Julia seems to be obsessed with or the Hunter S Thompson posturing (he fucking wishes, kek)

No. 539293

He looks like an emaciated monkey. I wouldn't fuck him if you paid me. He was supposed to be an incel if it weren't for Cyr introducing him to Mina. He's incel tier ugly.

No. 539294

He dated beforehand though? What are you even saying - sounds like someone is a bit salty and that "Edwin only is dating because Cyr introduced him to someone", "Mina is only popular on Instagram because Cyr and Dasha made her big" rethoric sounds strangly familiar…

No. 539297


he looks gay.

his hair cut and colours in combination with his petite body and weirdly coloured tunnels and glasses - he looks like one hell of a bottom lmao
if i met him in real life i'd think he's a hairdresser and as queer as they come, he's so flashy and flamboyant.

that's why i was so surprised that he went for mina, i really thought he was secretly crushing on cyr - back when the two of them read comments together and all that, whenever he'd turn to look at cyr i thought i saw a puppy crush.

and then when dasha came around and edwin seemed kind of weird around her, my bet was on him being jealous of her for getting that art-hoe-d.

in my head, there was this whole unrequited love-thing going on in the background, which made watching his videos with cyr that much more interesting.

like he was thinking "cyr cheats on all his girlfriends because they just aren't right for him. i'll just stick around a while longer and then he'll see that all he really needs is me, his bff. under his nose all along."(sperg)

No. 539300

I don’t think he’s ugly either. He’s average looking like the majority of the population. Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. Doubt Mina would be with him if she didn’t find him attractive? Also, you sound weird.

No. 539303

You sound really ignorant. How can someone "look gay"? Maybe you shouldn't comment your imbecilic thoughts on here after smoking crack, just saying.

No. 539307

I read that "and then" in Dasha's evil voice lol
"And then well have another video taken down professionally by an agency"

No. 539308


Peep that autism, lads. Back to Instagram with you, Dashastan.

No. 539310


Don’t feed the troll, fam. This sperg-chan reeks of putin.

No. 539314

i wouldn't fuck him either but that doesn't mean he's ugly

i'd read your smut if you wrote it

No. 539315

File: 1530537312828.png (427.41 KB, 582x500, Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 6.13…)

damn this made me laugh so much, holy shit! ill have whatever you are smoking!

in other news i was looking at crackhead cyr's instagram and I stumbled upon this jewel. lol she looks like some weird japanese mask

No. 539318

It’s a miracle that ugly mutt of theirs hasn’t bitten Julia’s face off

No. 539320

File: 1530537916622.png (497.48 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-07-02-02-15-05…)

No. 539321


oh come on. Leave the dog alone. He's less responsible than any of the four people involved in the drama.

No. 539322

poor dogo has nothing to do with this if anything its probably screaming for help internally hahaha imagine being that dog and having to look at that ugly psycho everyday. that is one brave dogo!

No. 539328

One thing that's great about animals is that they don't give a fuck about looks.

No. 539330

File: 1530541291068.png (1011.19 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20171227_0003.png)

>>53764 you can tell how happy cyr is with Dascha

No. 539331

File: 1530541807399.png (913.22 KB, 719x1018, IMG_20180702_173026.png)

No. 539336

yeah maybe not looks but actions, she probably screams at the poor thing or throws things at it or takes it out on that dog… we've all been witness of trashas psychotic tendencies so I wouldnt be surprised if she indeed abused that poor dog.

No. 539340

It's so funny that whenever Mina and Julia were together on pictures or in Edwins videos, Mina just looks cute and naturally beautiful while Julia tries so hard to look good and still badly fails.

No. 539341

File: 1530542835526.jpg (24.3 KB, 408x612, 502119598.jpg)

They don't even look like a couple. Awkward af photo's. Geez!

No. 539353


Cyr's hand on her body looks so staged man and Dasha looks like a fucking ghost, not in a cute way

No. 539354

since it has been proven that Dasha is psychotic and lurks Mina insta and these threads, can we make a guess on how she reacts? by that I mean… Do you think she actually feels bad when we shit on her actions here? Or does she maniacally laugh thinking "IM SO FAMOUS AND POPULAR" ? Do you think she realize how sick of an individual she is, or she ACTUALLY thinks she is right, even when almost everybody tells her she is not? Does she feel bad that her bf is the laughing stock of anons and that she is dating a loser? What do you guys think goes through her mind?

No. 539361

Lmao she looks bald. And Cyr looks like he’s dying from liver failure

No. 539363

No. 539366

File: 1530545605379.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 112.99 KB, 1200x1193, C0MdyswUoAA3sfg.jpeg)

omfg great find anon.
What the actual fuck in that video. Mina looks like shit, poor little thing. Dasha convincing Cyr for a poly because she is in love with Mina confirmed.

No. 539368

He looks so fucking syndromic lol

No. 539369

I understand we are entitled to our own opinions but I can't believe someone took the time out of their day to type out how ugly they find edwin. Like, I get it, but damn this is so petty. Get help. I thought this was a Dasha thread not a write a bunch of paragraphs explaining in detail why you find Edwin unattractive thread.

No. 539370

They seem like that creepy, toxic couple who overshares, argues in front of people and are constantly hinting at threesomes

No. 539372

Mina looks so fucking trashed and Dasha looks pretty much sober. video confirmation of what Mina has said in one of Edwin’s videos - Dasha would always pour her more. How pathetic and insecure of Trasha to deliberately work towards impairing someone (yeah it’s her choice to drink but she’s younger and friends are supposed to help you watch your consumption, NOT the other way around). Disgusting.

No. 539375

Dasha would always pressure her to drink more and more. She’s fucking sick

No. 539379

In comparison to all other threads this one really sucks. Maybe it's just me but it seems like people are so bored because there isn't a new video by Edwin or a response by Cyr or anything that they just randomly hate on everybody's looks. Call me conservative but I still judge people by their actions and there hasn't been anything new and I think all that "the dog is ugly", "Edwin is ugly", "Dasha is ugly", "Cyr is ugly", "Mina is cute" shit is ridiculous.

No. 539380

I have a feeling Dasha is going to get play victim when she sees this and say “LoLCoW GOt A NaKEd PhOTo oF ME!!!!! ThEy DoXxeD mE”

No. 539385

I mean none of them can really care about nudes THAT much. Neither Dasha nor Mina. I do not agree with anyone posting another person's nudes but then again there's so many barely dressed and completely naked pictures of them online that I find it ridiculous to turn it into drama.

No. 539388

I’m saying that the anonymous person said they were planning on making a video on Dasha thread because she was being “harassed” hence why I said she’s probably going to act like we got that photo by doxxing her or something along that line

No. 539390

She’s going to say “see they’re just making fun of me!! All the things they said aren’t valid because I’m being bullied!!!” Can’t take what she dishes out

No. 539394

Well Dasha IS being harassed. If I kill a murder, it's still murder. Regardless of what she has done, she is being harassed to. That's why Edwin doesn't openly encourage anyone to address hate towards her.

No. 539395

murderer* sorry. I was too fast

No. 539397

She did the exact same thing to Mina on these forums, if she can’t deal with the backlash of doing this then that’s on her. She photoshopped Mina to look gaunt and sick. Most people here have been calling her out on photoshopping her photos to the extreme, calling out how she distorts and changes her photos and how cyr looks miserable with her. Obviously there’s been some who have been nitpicking but were banned for doing so. She’s being called out it’s simple as that

No. 539399

Agree so much,this thread is becoming so fucking boring,because no one who isnt 13 finds this kind of petty arguments who is more attractive than whom amusing
Also to the person that called a dog ugly,come and say that to my face biatch

No. 539401

If you find it boring, stop lurking.

No. 539403


This video is a bit disturbing. If Dasha wasn't looking so sober it probably wouldn't, but Mina looks like she's about to dance macarena to death and that makes Dasha look like a fucking predator and so does Cyr.

No. 539405


Lol no. I just hope the next few people who talk about superficial shit get banned.

>>539399 word, dogs are way more precious than humans.>>539401

No. 539408

Ew I remember when she posted this people went crazy cause everybody thought her and Mina were sisters. She didn't even say the're not, she just said "but we're sisters. it's hot".

No. 539410


what did Mina say?

No. 539442

File: 1530559155735.jpg (1.08 MB, 2560x2138, 18-07-02-15-19-34-802_deco.jpg)

No. 539451

None of this seems accurate. Lmao

No. 539454

Dashas head looks so big compared to Minas. lol

No. 539467

One of the very few things Dasha has said that I agree on is that Mina isn't a child and can make her own decisions. I really don't like the fact that everyone treats her like a baby. She is old enough to decide on how much she wants ro drink, on whether or not she wants to make out with someone etc. I don't get why people seem to accuse Cyr and Dasha of not having made the right decisions for Mina. She's an adult (at least in Europe she's been an adult from the beginning of all this happening, and she's European so that counts) not a helpless child.

No. 539471

Just because she’s an adult doesn’t mean she can’t be coxed or manipulated into doing things. It’s obvious that Dasha started planting ideas into minas head (like her constantly asking Mina if she likes cyr). Dasha gaslights people to the maximum. Plus Mina was scared of Dasha with good reason she’s fucking psychotic. It’s hard to stand up for yourself when you’re surrounded by people who are constantly watching you and manipulating you

No. 539476

this makes me curious whether dasha and mina really had sex or not

from how it was told it seemed like mina was sort of just there. im gonna have to agree that i think dasha is in love with mina and not just jealousy

No. 539477


But noone forced her to go there in the first place and nobody kept her from leaving - except for maybe Edwin

No. 539478

File: 1530566977435.webm (3.91 MB, 720x720, @maxmoefoe @DeodorAnthony (3).…)

Just wanted to upload in case it gets deleted.

No. 539487


That's what manipulation is though. No one held a gun to her head and told her to go/stay, but Dasha asked her the same things over and over and got her drunk to make Mina think these were her own thoughts. She must've been more aware of what was happening when talking to Edwin and that's when she left.
Probably why Dasha also went on an angry rant on periscope afterwards. She no longer had control of Mina.

No. 539491

Mina said she was scared of Dasha and felt to safe with Edwin enough to leave. I’m guessing Mina wanted to make amends hence why she came

No. 539509

You sound like Dasha. especially calling Mina a "helpless child". No one has said that here or treated Mina like a baby. Yeah, she has been called cute and people sympathize with her. Although she is a legal adult and yes, can make her own decisions- it does not mean that peer pressure and manipulation isn't going to impact your decisions once you're past 18. She was still abused in some way. How can you watch that video of Mina looking really drunk and Dasha completely sober while also considering everything else that Dasha did to her to be okay? Imagine if Dasha was a man who controlled a girl by getting her drunk every night, that's fucked up.

No. 539511

Ok, just one completely different theory that I don't necessarily believe in but still: The one thing Cyr, Dasha and Edwin all said is that Mina was asked if she wanted to go home, that she was asked to leave even but that she didn't want to go. Doesn't sound like she was forced to stay to me. To me it seems like she realized her being there was slowly destroying the relationships of Cyr with both Dasha and Edwin and thus she didn't want to leave. She wanted to destroy all of it out of jealousy and to get her revenge for Dasha having sex/being with Cyr, because she had really deep feelings for him.

No. 539512


I'm not saying the things Dasha has done are okay and I'm not even only talking about how people here talk about her. It just seems like Edwin, everyone commenting on the drama, people on here, etc. forget that she's an adult. I didn't say that means she can't be manipulated or abused

No. 539514

Yeah no I don’t believe this theory lol

No. 539515

She wanted to stay with Edwin Anon. She had terrible living conditions back in London, thus her taking up Dasha's offer. Dasha knew about Mina's troubled living conditions and used that to her advantage. Edwin stated that Dasha kicked her out but Edwin told her that he was still living their and he has a right to have guests to, Mina. At that point, Edwin and Mina had bonded more, so Mina wanted to stay with Edwin. Stop trying to flip the script. The ONLY reason all this mess happened is because Dasha decide she wanted to destroy Mina and flew her out! Instead she ended up ruining her reputation. If it werent for Dasha inviting Mina non of this wouldve happened.

No. 539516

I understand but like that anon said just because you’re adult doesn’t mean that you can’t be manipulated. Plus it’s true if it was a man who was getting Mina drunk everyone would freak out even more

No. 539519

Exactly. Mina was also having problems with her mom back at home as well.

No. 539523


okay this makes sense but then I doubt Mina and Edwin were actually kicked out. I think Edwin had a crush on her, she felt safe with him and even though they had all agreed on trying to make things work again they left because Edwin wanted the girl (which would've been more difficult with Cyr and Dasha around) and Mina wanted to get out of the situation. Edwin basically saw the opportunity to get with the girl he had a crush on. Getting her out of a situation she didn't like obviously increased his protector sex appeal.

Again, not necessarily believing in this, but I want to look at alternative scenarios because our information isn't really valid when it comes to this.

No. 539526

What? Cyr literally told him to get out because his brother didn’t know that edwin was staying there (he lied)

No. 539528

Thing is, the situation is completely different because Mina never released those nudes of herself. Dasha downloaded them off her phone and posted them on the internet. Dasha posted that ‘nude’ herself.

No. 539529

Your theories make no sense and there’s nothing to back them up

No. 539533


Yes but after that they all talked and he said he wanted to talk to his brother again and they agreed on trying it again. Then he flew to I don't remember where and Edwin and Mina were gone. Now this could mean that Dasha did something horrible while Cyr was gone or both Mina and Edwin wanted to get away when Dasha and Cyr were gone because Mina doesn't like confrontation and was scared and Edwin didn't want to explain to Cyr that he wanted to be with his ex.

No. 539535

Dasha went psycho and smashed a glass on the dishwasher in anger. Mina was scared for her safety and so she and Edwin left. Nothing more to it anon. Stop the theories kek

No. 539537


oh, I had forgotten about this bit. Sorry and thanks anon

No. 539538

You remind me of the anon who kept insisting that Edwin should have asked cyr for permission to date Mina and that he was already in Love her lol stop with the theories mate

No. 539541


haha, sorry. Guess I just don't like the fact that we have all information from the same person but yea.. just some thoughts I had.

No. 539543

> we have all the information about the same person
> ignores legit scary details provided by two people (albeit in 1 narrative) to write paragraphs of weird ass “theories” painting Mina and Edwin as the masterminds behind the drama…

Ok anon

No. 539544

Have you been following this? Edwin left because Dasha told him she would get him kicked out and ruin his life for wanting to keep Mina as his guest… This whole thing is bc Dasha is an evil person. Wouldnt you leave a situation in which a roommate threatened to kick you out and ruin you?

No. 539545


… guess I'm not Sherlock 2.0 after all.


guess I forgot about some essential parts of the story..

but hey, were you at least a bit entertained by my shit theories?

No. 539548

Reading this lowered my iq

wtf, have you even watched any of the videos

No. 539549

Would you trust anything Dasha says in her defense? It’s already obvious she plays the victim. Cyr also lied about being blackmailed by Edwin.

No. 539568


> we have all the information about the same person

> cyr, dasha and many other people involved have corroborated what Edwin said in the videos


No. 539598

I think some people infantilize Mina too but that doesn't mean Dasha wasn't manipulating her. And she's dumb af for saying this anyway because Mina was only 19 when she was living with them so they were buying her alcohol illegally.

No. 539601

I've never found either of them attractive they're both waaay too skinny and effeminate to the point where it's a turn off to me. I don't see the whole JD thing with Cyr either. At least with Edwin when he's not being whiny it seems like he'd be fun to be around. Cyr not so much.

No. 539602

I know Dasha is suppose to be the crazy/creepy one in this whole thing.
But I feel like if you were Cyrs g/f you would regularly wake up to him staring at you with dead eyes, mouth agape.
"what are you doing Cyr?"
"nothing… just watching you sleep"

No. 539609

you have a point. Edwin started on blogger tv or even before that. once he got with cyr he wanted to move in right away. he never seemed to have any money. Edwin is determined to make a living online. I think having dasha there put stress on Edwin. he wanted dasha to contribute more. its hard to mooch when a live in girlfriend is there. even back when Edwin replaced Stefan you can see the tension in the house. none of them had any money expect for Stefan. I don't know what piddleass did for money. so without someone with a regular job there will be stress. I think that's another thing cyr was trying to dance around. being in a 3way like onision and his money woes. there have been rumours about it but I don't want to say cause that would lead to the snitches drying up.

I think California was getting too expensive for Edwin-again. this is at least his third attempt. nothing wrong with that but I think they all had issues. I think dasha was mad that mina didn't feel the same way about her. I think Edwin wanted to leave anyway. I think mina was just trying to belong, I hope she has learnt a lesson. never travel without money.

No. 539622

File: 1530594530975.jpg (787.97 KB, 1079x1834, Screenshot_20180703-010818_Ins…)

Disappointed that she follows and is friends with Doucha :/(don't use emojis)

No. 539623

HOLY SHIT. It has been established so many times Edwin didn't mooch. I'm not even a fan and I am getting sick of defending him here. He isn't the bad guy. Fuck

No. 539627

Does she know or is she playing dumb?

No. 539628

Dasha self-posted here anon. She made a thread, posted the nudes and the passport. How can you cliam we heard only Edwin's version of things when Dasha was right here with us.

No. 539631

Oh yeah, my favorite tinfoil.

Imagine fancying a taken girl so you get her bf to cheat with you to break them up, get on the girl's good side by making the dude apologize, and then tricking her back into a relationship but now with the both of you.

It's crazy that Dasha might have gone for the most psycho route possible to get at Mina. She would have had an easier time trying to seduce Mina alone rather than get her in a poly shitshow. Grease was trying to cheat while keeping his sham of a marriage "intact". Dasha is not a married person with kids… why all the insanity. What was her angle.

Oh right bc it's Trasha.

No. 539633

The only thing that I'm unsure about with Edwin is the allegation that he never returned Cyr's vlogging camera. Unless I missed something and he did.

No. 539641

No way. We all know and it has been confirmed that one of the main reasons Mina accepted to visit the US was to escape from a very difficult family situation and I think at that moment she chose the lesser of two evils (i.e. it was easier for her to go away for a bit to LA even if that meant seeing her ex with the girl he cheated on rather than staying at home in a toxic environment) so your theory is so bad it hurts my eyes. I don’t think she ever wanted revenge, or at least her version of revenge was limited to making fake accounts (maybe, not proven) that post compliments to her friends and maybe edits of her and cyr lol. That’s the worst she has done and it’s still not that bad.

No. 539649

File: 1530598835595.jpg (8.43 KB, 236x177, colombo.jpg)

And yet Cyr says nothing about it and lost the small claims court case. He must be satisfied with the situation, however it was finalised.

No. 539651

File: 1530598985131.jpg (387.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180703-082139_Twi…)

Do you think this might be referring to Dasha? Sage for speculation

No. 539659

Jaclyn is a fully fledged cunt, she needs to stop with the vagueness attention seeking bullshit. I doubt she cares about Doucha enough to be bothered by her being a prize winning psychopath, it’s more likely to be about yet another loser in the infinite procession of cringeworthy cock she likes to gobble.

No. 539679

File: 1530609980830.png (368.34 KB, 506x586, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 2.26…)


you're actually not wrong

No. 539683

>little angel in the cloud
couldn't be more unfitting lol

No. 539685

File: 1530611699997.png (54.92 KB, 720x375, IMG_20180703_125441.png)

>>537641 since milk is dry

No. 539716

yh the reason these accounts are private is because you will LITERALLY send your army of 14 year old minions after anyone who says anything negative about you

No. 539721

Very true

No. 539729

File: 1530627315474.png (863.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180703-161512.png)

New pic

No. 539736

The fuck is this look? She needs to stop with the clavicle enhancement. Julia, we all know that bones aren’t visible on a chubster like yourself, you look retarded.

No. 539741

jesus christ. why does she shoop herself to be so fucking mortifying. she looks like an alien with a wig slipping off its bald head

No. 539753

Edwin addressed this in one of his videos: apparently Cyr never used that vlogging camera and implied that Edwin could use it indefinitely. Also, during Cyr’s periscope with Dasha, he told Edwin he could just keep it it.

No. 539757

If I remember correctly, Edwin stated in one of his videos or livestreams that he gave it back some time ago regardless

No. 539774

Edwin just posted a new video where he shows Dasha wearing Mina’s clothes after Mina asked for her clothes back. but Dasha does not looking half as flattering in them. And that dasha would DM minas personal friends that dasha never met about minas family, education, and veganism.

No. 539786

File: 1530636354088.png (939.16 KB, 1251x708, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 12.4…)

Since I haven't a clue how to upload a youtube video here (also the video, for the most part, is OT and is more about the whole Coppy and Mars Argo situation) I did screencap the parts where Edwin mentions Dash stealing Mina's clothes and wearing them in after Mina asked for them back

No. 539788

File: 1530636435238.png (1.02 MB, 1256x685, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 12.4…)

(samefag) here the second example of Dasha sporting Mina's clothes

No. 539803

lmao must drive her made how tight they are on her

No. 539805

in her mind she must have been feeling like she was becoming more and more mina when wearing her clothes. fail though

No. 539806

was she this skinny before? or all photoshop?

No. 539809

She looks like an actual bobblehead. Some advice dasha- If you’re going to shoop your entire body 3 sizes smaller don’t skip your giant head

No. 539812

File: 1530641830476.jpg (789.79 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20180703-141712_Ins…)

This account popped up. They say they're a fan account but only post unflattering pics. I think it's Dasha or one of her minions

No. 539813

How are those pics unflatteirng?
She looks pretty imo

No. 539815

File: 1530642033527.jpg (593.85 KB, 1067x1711, SmartSelect_20180703-142038_In…)

samefag, but I think this account is Dasha or a minion because some of the pics remind me of those outtakes Dasha stole from Mina's phone in order to "expose" her

No. 539817

Unflattering doesn't mean not pretty. It means they're weird pics for a fan account to post.

No. 539818

All of the pictures on this account were posted within the last 15 hours so I doubt it's a real fan.

No. 539822

File: 1530642491635.jpg (165.09 KB, 961x1280, unnamed.jpg)

Dasha can try to 'expose' Mina's bad pictures and angles but as hard as she tries, she will never be as effortlessly pretty as Mina even in her candids. Hours on photoshop and Trasha just looks like a demon soul eating babushka that ate Mina whole and absorbed what she could of her (including her shorts) lol

No. 539823

Some of these look like pictures you would find from years ago on your camera roll. Could be major tinfoil but if Dasha saved all of Mina's photos and is now creating fake fan accounts with old unflattering pics…

No. 539827


This is the source of the images that minaxxball account posted. There are tons of prettier photos in this shoot yet they specifically posted unflattering close ups of the worst shots in the shoot…. hm

No. 539829

“Babushka” I’m dying omg. It’s true though it’s creepy how Dasha would photoshop herself to look like Mina

No. 539844

She just photoshops herself into Mina

No. 539850


dasha can try to bash mina's appearance all she wants, but she can't deny her insatiable need to look EXACTLY like her.

she spends hours editing her face and body to look like mina, and then posts unflattering photos to try to convince people mina doesn't look like mina, but dasha DOES. lmao sick twisted bitch.

No. 539851

Tbh I think Mina is average looking. She’s just white and skinny and has a weird uwu fairy style that draws people in. No one will look twice at her if she dressed normally.

No. 539860

How did you find that account anon? Reverse search doesn't pull anything. Also, only one of the photos on this fan account is from that link/profile.

No. 539861

I think judging off videos she’s in id definitely find her pretty if I passed her on the street. Regardless of your opinion she’s still better looking than Trasha

No. 539862

I found the flickr page by asking for the source of the photos. And not true at all, three pics the account has posted are from the shoot on flickr. I never said all of the pictures were from that shoot.

No. 539863

I wouldn't say Mina is average looking since the average girl doesn't look like a model but go off, anon. I swear every other comment is about someone's persinal opinion on who is and isn't cute. This isn't a smash or pass thread

No. 539865

File: 1530646382955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.36 KB, 621x1024, CpdHqtUWgAIcTmv.jpg)

No. 539866

What is this? How is it relevant?

No. 539867

I can identify two pics from the leonzane flickr. you're right

No. 539879

File: 1530647342153.gif (211.57 KB, 500x501, dashawishes.gif)

Even tampered Mina's candids look ok, Dasha's candids on the other hand… she looks like a bridge troll.

Stay mad female Onision

No. 539887


lol she gave mina irl dasha features

No. 539894

The first picture was uploaded 16 hours ago and the account already has 350 followers. Many of them seem to be fakes so someone is def trying to make the page big via a fake follower app (i wonder who would do such a thing?). Some of the very few likes are from a Dasha/Cyr fan account that has been accused to be Dasha.

No. 539897

A few moments ago she deleted this image because you pointed it out and a few seconds later she privated the account lololol

No. 539899

The account and I messaged back and forth. They were very hostile, clearly felt they had nothing to prove and felt I should prove everything. The person behind the minaxxball account is ppaying mental games. They are most likely Dasha since they never denied being her to me just asked me why I called her Dasha and told me they didn't have to prove they weren.t

No. 539901

File: 1530649638446.jpg (333.89 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20180703-141910_Ins…)

Look who they followwwwww

No. 539903

File: 1530649729245.png (491.48 KB, 807x591, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.28…)

She's got them serial killer eyes. Even when trying to make a "joke" she looks like she's enraged.

No. 539905

File: 1530650012736.png (502.33 KB, 889x589, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.33…)

Dasha and her minions are disgusting. They can't do anything except lie.

No. 539906

File: 1530650244840.png (89.33 KB, 993x459, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.35…)

Found another dash/minion account. Funny how they are all private and followed by Dash herself.

No. 539908

We all know a certain someone who is so insecure about their own double chin, that they would photoshop it onto someone else.

No. 539911

File: 1530650943671.png (240.55 KB, 849x594, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.48…)

>>warms heart
Oh yeah, nothing warms ones heart more then doxxing, leaking noods, photoshopping flaws on a person, harassing and abusing, etc…
Dash is just such a nice person aint she?

No. 539925

It’s so funny how these hate accounts go on a edit frenzy and when someone calls them out they become pussies lmfao can’t take the heat.

No. 539931

>a demon soul eating babushka

Dasha is Baba Yaga!

No. 539934

Yeah, no. Firstly she’s mixed, and secondly I think most farmers can agree that she’s stunning irrespective of what she wears.

No. 539936

Minas channel is back and Edwin is doing a livestream

No. 539937

Gah, I can’t watch, please post shots/transcripts/etc if you can!

No. 539940

Update Edwin’s livestream is mostly talking about a tweet he posted about having transcendental sex with Mina and random poppy shit

No. 539941

File: 1530654581979.png (659.03 KB, 640x960, image.png)

(samefag) the Dasha/Cyr account that liked posts on the new Mina "fanpage" was this one by the way. You might remember it cause Edwin pointed it out in one of his videos. It's quite suspicious that even though cyrxdashalove had not posted within a year (with exception of a post one week ago stating that they should bring the account back) they still found the new Mina page within hours (maybe even less? i only took a look at the Mina page when it had been up for 16 hours). Furthermore Dasha states in a comment that cyrxbabylove was created by """a friend""" of hers. Mhhmmmmm.

No. 540031

did Dasha post this herself???

No. 540038

Yeah I was thinking that. I mean who else would post that and why?

Probably Dasha.

No. 540051

Right? It has a dumb filter which is either Instagram or Snapchat. If screenshotted by someone it should say her name on the top left corner, which it doesn’t. Also I don’t think this has been posted anywhere on her socials. Good try Dasha.

No. 540056

Can you fucking not Dasha? You and your tits do not compare to Mina's now get your ugly, saggy titted self out of here.

No. 540065

Christ, the autism is beyond palpable. She has already been outed and read for morherfucking filth here, yet still insists on selfposting. We have a prize winning lunatic on our hands, lads.

No. 540071

Tinfoil she’s going to try to say that lolcow or Mina hacked her and stole her private nudes and posted them here.

No. 540075

She sure is dumb enough to try that thinking that anyone will believe her in spite of the increasing amount of evidence substantiating how unhinged she is

No. 540078

File: 1530676511653.jpg (38.08 KB, 640x640, bitch.jpg)

No. It could be referring to lots of people. JG has a history of letting shady, untrustworthy, individuals into her life that take advantage of her naivety and kindness. The two faced fake bitches..stab her in the back, drain her and dis-guard her. She's just not being dumb anymore and now has some self awareness. I think it's great that NOW she's watching her own back and protecting herself.

She has every right to be a bitter cunt. A person can only be abused and treated like trash X-amount of fucking times before they snap.

No. 540080

File: 1530676839497.gif (76.2 KB, 500x281, tom.gif)

That screenshot is giving me myspace flashbacks!-ohshit-TTTOOOMMM!??!!??! TOM YOU'RE MY ONLY FRIEND! COME BACK TOM!

No. 540081

Jaclyn, you aren't a "bad bitch"
You are a 40 something grown woman who is way to retarded to tell when someone is shit and likes to milk drama. Stop pretending like you are a poor naive teenage.

No. 540083

File: 1530677181867.jpg (101.82 KB, 1920x1080, bitch-insulting-funny-quote07.…)


No. 540084

You sound suspiciously invested in white knighting this bitch, anon. Who gives a fuck if she is repeatedly fucked over by assholes. She knowingly associates with garbage people, like Dasha, fully aware of their shitty behaviour, so no, she’s not a “sweet girl”, she’s an enabler of abuse. In addition to being a white trash attention whore who thinks she’s a lot smarter than she is. She needs to stop dressing like a teenager stuck in 2006 and find some friends her own age instead of inserting her cringey edgelord toxicity into the lives of decent people like Jessie.

No. 540085

Who's jessie? Jessie slaughter?

No. 540086

Jaclyn this thread is about DASHA, not you.

No. 540087

File: 1530677380359.png (747.13 KB, 869x576, anonymous.PNG)

Anonymous Person just uploaded a new video titled "Should she be banned". Didn't watch because I don't care. Just letting you all know.

No. 540089

Jessie Paege. Who just came out, and calls Jaclyn a friend even though Jaclyn shows total disregard for the lgbt community by making out with girls for views. I mean, is it any wonder she gravitated towards someone like Julia? Birds of a feather.

No. 540090

Idk who jessie paege is and I don't care to know. I do know who jessie slaughter is, though and I do know that consequences will never be the same. That's all that matters tbqh.

No. 540091

I hooktubed it just… because. Its about Eugenia Cooney. Ive also noticed that A.P. has disabled comments on the past vids

No. 540092

I have a theory that this person is using Eugenia to slither her way in to try to call out Mina for anorexia as well. I mean when the ig account tried to expose Mina everyone called BS and figured out the person who created the account probably ran by Dasha or a fan… Maybe theyre trying a new method…

No. 540093

Remember that account a while back that was super anti-e.d. and anti-thinspo and was using that as an excuse to bash Mina?
I remember someone on here mentioned that that account should be talking out about Eugenia who actually condones a sickly image. I think she took the advice and used that as an unrelated topic to cover her tracks with the sketchy anon yt channel

No. 540095


so now dasha wants to have her personal drama channel to make tons of drama videos to mix up with vids about herself so it looks unbiased?

yulia get over youself you're not an evil politian in a questionable democracy you're just a creep with an internet conection

No. 540097

Yup I find it funny how she’s trying to act like she’s covering all sorts of drama yet as the other anon pointed out, Dasha used to project her eating disorder so hard on Mina she’s probably going to find a way to twist it onto Mina again.

No. 540098

Banning Eugenia is a fucking stupid cause to stand for. Anorexia doesn't go away when you delete someone's account.

No. 540099

Not surprised to see Jaclyn lurking. Do some fucking research on Dasha even your own fans are complaining about you hanging out with shitty people.

No. 540100

File: 1530678399175.jpeg (21.45 KB, 397x251, B6546A6D-5AB3-4309-A286-4A0D62…)

Hey Dash, when you’re trying to photoshop yourself to be as petite as Mina, remember to chop those sausage fingers in half you psychotic cunt

No. 540101

Yup. Another thing I don’t get is why people complain about Eugenia triggering them, these people who suffer from anorexic are going to ALWAYS find something that triggers them; not matter what. You need to go see help and control yourself from watching her videos.

No. 540102

I honestly applaud Mina at how well she seems to be handling all this harassment. The girl is out there enjoying her life and obsseesive haters decide to edit her photos and bash her out of jealousy. Her body type is what a normal models body looks like. I think she has a very similar frame as Kriten Ritter they both have some junk in the trunk, slim thicc.

No. 540103


Fucking kek. The blow up doll overlined lips too, my fucking sides

No. 540104

File: 1530678543415.jpg (868.22 KB, 1920x2560, 18-07-04-00-28-08-736_deco.jpg)

These are messages between the account minaxxball who I think is Dasha and I. Btw she messaged me first, I can provide screencaps of that as well but yeahh. I think it was her because she never directly denies it and she turns what I say back around on me and demands proof she edited the pics even though I provided an example.

No. 540107


dasha sent this to mina. mina then posted it on her twitter. i found this photo on her twitter a while ago, as well as this video where mina and dasha did a Q&A literally days before mina and edwin left lmao https://mobile.twitter.com/minaxbell/status/822616419879841792?s=21

No. 540108

Wow round of applause for you anon. I completely forgot about that. God she’s such a fucking idiot she literally turns a blind eye to Dashas psychotic personality even after Edwin supported her.

No. 540110

Why are you autistically acting like you are talking to Jaclyn? Got tweet at her and quit derailing the thread.

No. 540111

It obvious that she’s posting here. She didn’t even respond back with an argument. people are just calling her out and how she’s defending a dumb bitch like Doucha. But is enough

No. 540114

The fact the Jaclyn inserted herself into Dasha’s life as soon as this drama happened is pretty relevant anon. No one needs to feel pity over a cunt that gets supported by Edwin on her live streams and such after Richie cheats on her, and then befriends the girl that doxes and uses revenge porn against his girlfriend. She didn’t befriend her this whole time until the drama unfolded. It’s low and bitchy.

No. 540115

File: 1530679164767.jpg (167.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You people have worms in your brain.

No. 540116

That conversation is so hard to follow, partly due to the broken-ass English. It's definitely Trasha. That being said idk why you'd even DM her, like did you expect her to say "You got me lol"?? I don't think there's much to gain from talking to her sockpuppet accounts. They barely get any legitimate followers/views and will not manage to smear Mina.

Sorry for OT but if anyone wants to sprinkle on a tidbit alongside a thread-relevant post… what is that woman's deal? Her Twitter is a mess.

No. 540117

That argument is solid. That really makes me change my mind about Jaclyn inserting herself into shitty people’s lives and then crying about it on the internet. I’ve totally changed my mind about her being attention hungry for only befriending Dasha after the drama regardless of Edwin’s support towards her. In seriousness, Jaclyn is not a precious kind hearted woman. Just naive, vapid, and attention hungry. She inserted herself into this. No one else. Now everyone just wait and enjoy the shitshow that’ll commence as soon as Dasha backstabs her too!

No. 540118

Agreed. Dasha uses everyone around her, she doesn’t have friends. Just numbers to use to her advantage

No. 540120

She has her own thread but it’s been dead for months. I’m surprised it wasn’t revived when this whole shitshow with Putin being outed kicked off. I think the majority of us concede that she chose to befriend Doucha just as she revelead to be even more batshit insane than we already knew she was because Cracklyn’s haggard old ass is boring as fuck so she decided to spice it up with a little dramu

No. 540123

Lurk moar, anon. Jaclyn selfposted mere minutes ago refuting this tinfoil (hence the conversation at hand). If she only just unfollowed Julia you can bet your sweet milk it’s because we all started to drag her for being an opportunistic dramawhore

No. 540124

Do you have a link? I don't know much about Jaclyn other than the fact that she and Social Repulsive used to date

No. 540125

The account messaged me first though, I don't message other accounts first

No. 540127

Just look it up. She’s also just gone live on younow, I wonder if she’ll be taking about the big boolies over at lolcow

No. 540132

Someone needs to go watch it and tell us if she does complain kek

No. 540133

Whats her younow??

No. 540135

Stop derailing over Jaclyn. If you suspect she's posting, report the posts.

No. 540136


Apologies for the derailing, farmhands. I’ve resurrected her old thread so we can sperg to our hearts content over there

No. 540138

Thanks will be heading over. Back to anonymous person, I wonder why they disabled the comments

No. 540143

Yes, this account from the last thread >>535557

No. 540144

Funny, both accoubts posted old pics from Mina's twitter…

No. 540169

My lord this is hilarious.

>after all, im not going after other people with anorexia

>wink wink nudge nudge obviously talking about mina

No. 540185


thanks. I have saggy tits and now I feel super ugly because of yall acting like it's the worst thing in the world.(no one cares)

No. 540187

When did Mina get her YouTube account and all her vids back? I can’t see anything about it on Twitter but her videos are popping up in my suggestions feed and when I checked her channel, they were all there?

No. 540189

Why take things personally when it's nothing to do with you? All tits sag. Get over it. Dasha is obviously a vain cunt so attacking her looks is an easy low blow most anons are going to go for. Sorry the bitch lurks and makes her triggers known.

No. 540190

File: 1530710646158.jpeg (195.26 KB, 640x916, C280F744-B902-4608-A77D-B7EF5B…)

Ah, just checked insta. Mina’s Channel has indeed been restored.

No. 540210

LMAO someone called Dasha's tits saggy. They didn't say it was the end of the world. Do some chest exercises and get off the internet

No. 540213

File: 1530721072937.jpg (48.42 KB, 674x677, Capture.JPG)

>Waaaah I'm so insecure about my saggy tits that I have to comment about it

By the way, Dasha, your IG feed is SO unnappealing and lame. At least before you had an aesthetic. No wonder why you have to buy followers and likes. Hope you know deep in your soul that you will never achieve IG famous status, nobody wants to deal with you, all your IG thots friends dropped you like a hot sausage the minute they exposed you

No. 540214

File: 1530721079382.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1324, wtf.png)

Poor Mina…

No. 540218

dasha doesnt have saggy tits tho. its just not even accurate. dasha isn't cute and is a legit lunatic, but her tits aren't saggy. just a stupidly inaccurate comment, really

No. 540220

File: 1530721654616.png (286.34 KB, 392x651, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.2…)

They both look dead inside. Can never tell if they're smiles are just forced or if Dash is still using that dumbass app.

No. 540226

the app for sure

No. 540234

Are they just such miserable people that they require an app to look somewhat not miserable?

No. 540235

Nobody cares about your tits or feelings anon. There are threads where you can express your feelings or where you can look for advice about your situation in OT or G.

Why is she trying so hard to look so dumb and cringy? It's pathetic even for her. Also she killed her own "OMG guysss look at how funny I am" joke.

No. 540236

Yay, glad Mina got her channel back. However, this without a doubt will mean Dash is scheming and plotting her next move. She's not gonna just stop here, she's either going to try to take down Mina's Instagram, Twitter or maybe target Edwin again. Then again who knows what a jealous salty cunt like Dasha will do next, whenever I think she can't sink any lower she proves me wrong.

No. 540239

Get over it and fix your insecurities while you’re at it

No. 540246

File: 1530723408805.jpg (549.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180704-020525_You…)

LOL please. I HOPE they do a Trisha video. Especially if the account really is Dasha

No. 540252

when did you screen shot this? neither comments are there anymore.

No. 540253

File: 1530723950485.png (90.46 KB, 634x477, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.03…)

These are the comments from the anonymous persons most recent video. All other videos have the comments disabled. I've been on the fence of whether or not this account is run by Dash or a Dash Minion, I'm starting to lean more towards the idea that it's Dash's account.

No. 540254

Last night, 205 am, I left the time up just in case. Also I left a comment on the video so I had a chance to screenshot it quick

No. 540256

Well technically this morning

No. 540257

I wonder if they disabled comments so that way future “subscribers” won’t speculate its Dasha or see people calling them out

No. 540258

>I'm starting to lear more towards the idea that it's Dash's account
Are you talking about Anonymous Person or B O N N I E?

No. 540259

It's gotta be Dasha. Why else would they delete the Trisha video comments? Dasha knows Trisha

No. 540260

File: 1530724229905.png (63.01 KB, 630x364, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.07…)

Anonymous Person. Looking at B O N N I E's channel she just seems like a dumbass or a possible Dash stan.

No. 540261

I find it kinda weird that Bonnie keeps commenting and slightly defending this account (from previous comments)

No. 540262

I agree. I thought Bonnie was just making fun of the whole situation but her comments are telling another story

No. 540263

File: 1530724389477.png (232.6 KB, 895x547, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.12…)

Yeah, I'm not sure what to think of this Bonnie account.

No. 540265

Coulda just stumbled by the video accidentally and wanted to leave their two cents

No. 540266

I remember I saw that people were replying back to her as to why AP was Dasha or evidence that AP was faking their photo and she just ignored the replies, yet attacked other people commenting. She’s a strange one indeed

No. 540268

File: 1530724604398.jpg (147.89 KB, 1076x846, SmartSelect_20180704-131700_Yo…)

It's probably that loser, lil.anxiety

No. 540269

She’s posted on every single APs videos and multiple times

No. 540270

File: 1530724720471.png (154.91 KB, 646x491, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.16…)

I reserve google images the profile picture and these are what came up. Mainly just random comments under videos, also couldn't screen cap everything cause what might be her full name came up.

No. 540273

File: 1530725119685.png (137.07 KB, 647x221, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.25…)

Definitely didn't just "stumble" across this video. This B O N N I E person has a couple of videos uploaded on the topic on her youtube account.

No. 540275

File: 1530725253410.png (98.42 KB, 629x203, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.27…)

And Bonnie is subbed to Anonymous Person.

No. 540277

Wowww, it's def a minion. This is further proof AP is Dasha. Which may be why they even brought Trisha up, because they know Dasha knows her

No. 540279

I think you are reaching as a result of confirmation bias.

No. 540280

There isn’t a 100% confirmation but the way this user is acting is sketchy so everyone has suspicions

No. 540282

File: 1530727018480.png (76.71 KB, 643x600, confirmation bias.PNG)

I don't think you know what confirmation bias mean, so I'm gonna help you out.

No. 540283

I understand what it means I’m just saying that people have speculation because of the actions this person has done, like defending AP’s videos and constantly commenting.

No. 540284

Where did they defend AP's videos?

No. 540285

Lol how is it reaching if the evidence leads you right there??

No. 540287

Not the anon you're responding to but I mean Bonnie is subbed to AP so there is that…

No. 540288

Well, I'm subbed to AP and that's because I want to watch the next thing they upload, considering what they've uploaded so far and who they could be. So I don't see why another person wouldn't do the same.

In any case, I am always amazed by people's capacity to derail a thread with useless shit.

So anyway, what was the last thing Dasha uploaded to her IG?

No. 540289

They left a comment saying that people need to stop speculating that it’s Dasha because they themselves have been “attacked”. Since then they have been being a cunt to other people commenting like the anon posted ^ a couple hours ago. I would take a screenshot but AP disabled the comments

No. 540291

Dasha doesn’t have any milk. She’s been hiding yet this random YouTube account comes out defending her and bashing on Edwin. You seriously don’t think they aren’t connected?

No. 540293

If you guys have nothing better to talk about, be my guest and waste thread space on this. I'm out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 540311


She posted this >>540213 and 2 other similarly edited pics with the caption "choose your fighter". That's why I was shitting on her IG feed. She has no personality, if I didn't know her drama (and that she privates her profile) I wouldn't follow her because she is so boring and cringy.

No. 540313

Are there really people who don't find a connectiom between her disabling her twitter, privating her accounts, barely posting and this influx of fan accounts pr random support videos accusing Edwin of stuff only Dasha herself ever has

No. 540318

Apparently, there are. Unless proven otherwise I consider them all to be Dasha. She's done nothing to warrant a fan base of any kind yet all these random fan accounts just keep popping up and she seemingly follows or supports them. Dasha's biggest fan is herself and it's not like she doesn't have the time to create all these accounts, she literally does nothing but sit on her ass in front of a computer screen all day.

No. 540322


>she's done nothing to warrant a fan base of any kind

yea well, what insta thot has?
all she had going for her was her positivity of mind and body schtick and that's down the drain now that she's been outed as quite the critic when it comes to other people's bodies (specifically mina&edwin as well as her own boyfriends face lmao)

she had a pretty good thing going there for a while, all things considered. good thing she fucked that up

No. 540327

Lots of girls wear their friend's/sister's/roommate's clothing all the time without whispering "omgmgmgmg I'm becoming her", it's not that deep. You guys desperately try to make Dasha creepier than she is, when she's creepy enough on her own.

No. 540329

She wore them AFTER she left on bad terms anon. Youre saying if your old roommate whom you left on bad terms wore your clothes after the fact and posted pics on ig, it wouldnt be creepy and weird?

No. 540331

For the most part they practice what they preach or dont let their personal drama take over their lives and send minions to attack people… Thats the difference. Shes soo negative.

No. 540332

How many roommates clothes do you have? And did you keep them even after the roommate had asked multiple times for them back? And then post pictures of you wearing them after they had asked for them back out of spite?

No. 540338

Nah man. If I saw someone who was being a manipulative bitch to me wearing my clothes I would feel incredibly uncomfortable. Even after it’s been proven Dasha made fake accounts against Mina, it’s apparent she does have malicious intent when she wears/wore minas clothes. It’s so obvious Dasha is jealous of Mina and wants to be like her, photoshopping hersel to look like Mina.

No. 540438

File: 1530745581499.gif (208.04 KB, 432x432, ew.gif)

No. 540461

And don’t forget “extremely popular”. That could ONLY be said by Dashtrash herself. Even IF her stans thought she was attractive, why would they say she is “annoying ly” attractive. Some things a narcissist says can only be said by a narcissist, especially when in involves a compliment about themselves.

No. 540465


there's a pretty big difference between someone casually wearing your clothing and someone scheming against you, flying you over so she can try to date you and get a hold of your stuff, wearing said stolen stuff knowing youll see, photoshopping herself to look like you, breaking into your social media to delete posts/accounts and probably read private messages, and then endlessly obsessing over you, posting your nudes/unreleased selfies/passport, getting her "fans" involved to endlessly harass you as you play the victim each time theyre caught doing shit, and going out of their way to convince youtube theyre you so they can delete your channel (and i dont at all doubt it was dasha behind the youtube stuff, bc what minion is going to actually go through ALL of that?)

No. 540466


i sure as hell dont wear my friends/sisters clothing to mirror them or to convince myself im their twin.

No. 540472

Agreed. She also called herself the "evil genius behind all this". Who else would call someone an evil genius for harassing people online?

No. 540473

File: 1530750113874.png (488.35 KB, 911x596, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 8.19…)

I'm fairly certain itsbabydadsh account is another Dasha sock puppet fan account. She comments on basically every single post.
I've never seen this level of selfishness and narcissism, this almost surpasses Onion.

No. 540505

File: 1530751301984.png (522.03 KB, 935x597, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 8.28…)

So I've been going thru all these "fan" accounts (I've probably gone thru like 10-20 thus far) and I'm not kidding when I say that 99% of them have had some sort of interaction with Dasha either she comments on them or she likes them (also they are all just photos of herself so she's basically just sucking her own cock).
Obviously, I can't upload every single fake "fan" account interaction with the Cunt Queen Dash, but it's there if anyone wants to see it for themselves.
Another thing I've noticed is they often either shout out Dasha's insta or other fake "fan" accounts of Dasha's. They also tend to add just a whole bunch of random hashtags to the image.
I'm thinking that besides trying to bump up her own ego, she's also constantly trying to get more traffic to her accounts (or fake accounts).
Now before the Dasha minions flock in to tell me "you guys are speculating stuff!" or "you don't have enough proof stop wasting thread space", just stop and think for a second. Do you really think Dasha wouldn't stoop this low even after posting here, photoshopping mina, doxxing mina, leaking mina's nudes, manipulating mina out to be in a fucked up three-way relationship with her ex, and her massive history of being a dick to anyone that comes into contact with her.

No. 540510


yikes… she does it to boost her own ego and i think she wants to convince everyone (and mina) that shes "adored" by "fans"

i also bet her younger, more gullible audience feeds into it and makes accounts to try to get good with her.

if she had any real confidence in herself, she wouldnt feel the need to interact with nearly every single fan account. the amount of time and effort spent responding to these people (and herself) is very telling.

No. 540513

The fact that she responds to every compliment and joke in the comment section of her pics is very telling of how desperate she is for positive attention. Textbook narcissist.

No. 540518



even if the accounts are hers and shes talking to herself, she can convince herself its real and anyone who is unaware of the truth will simply pass by the accounts and think its all real. she loves that, despite the validation being totally fake.

instead of just NOT being a piece of psychotic shit, and gaining a real following and true adoration for herself, she chooses this route lmao. she could put energy into real therapy with a real psychiatrist, truly working on herself to be a decent person with integrity, but shed rather put her energy into all of this. cant imagine.

No. 540557

Yeah harassing the girl who didnt wanna eat your p*y online is not "genius" its insecure as f and also very very very sad

No. 540619

I got really curious and looked a bit deeper into the topic.
Apparently recruiting minions to harass the victim further is so common in narcissistic abuse that it has its own term in psychology: flying monkeys.

There are surprisingly quite a lot of articles and scientific papers on narcissism and social media use and they describe Dasha's behavior: extreme deceptive photoshopping, buying likes/followers, lots of shallow online relationships, trying to cultivate an overglorified image of oneself.

Google these two things and tell me this doesn't fit Dasha 100% (especially the flying monkey thing is terrifyingly accurate - what the hell).

No. 540626

No. 540654

Holy shit this describes Dasha to the T.

No. 540705

File: 1530761910706.jpg (2.03 MB, 2319x2560, 18-07-04-23-38-59-152_deco.jpg)

No. 540715

Anonymous person aka Dasha posted a video about Eugenia Cooney being anorexic and should she be banned. Considering the morge15 IG account called Mina “disgusting” an “awful person” and “anorexic” I’m pretty sure she’s setting her YouTube up to then post a video about Mina being anorexic. But she’s posting about Eugenia right now for the purpose of diffusing criticism that she’s targeting Mina therefore being obviously Dasha. Watch.

No. 540721

This has already been posted about, anon

No. 540735

Those blown out pupils

No. 541029

Cyr could have basically any girl he wants.. why has he settled for a crazy???

No. 541031

Maybe because he can't actually have any girl he wants. Dude has a drinking problem.

No. 541033

He does not have a drinking problem. He said that he has like a couple of glasses of wine a day… he just wanted the pity points

No. 541038

He’s a serial cheater. Not exactly every girl’s dream.

No. 541039

that's a real high opinion of him there. if edwin is to be believed, cyr cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had (even if he didn't, it's confirmed he cheated on mina with dasha), very obviously has a whole lot of issues (see the messages he sent edwin when they lived together), and is happy to lie and manipulate people without seeming to feel any guilt at all. not exactly a catch.

he could still do better than dasha tho kek

No. 541040

do you think he has cheated on Dasha?

No. 541053


not the anon but firstly: why is dasha unique to any other girl he’s dated and secondly: do you think she would actually care if he did. she’s slept with other men for money while she was in a relationship with cyr.

No. 541076

Maybe he doesn't drink in excess but if he is drinking everyday that's a small problem. Like, there has to be a reason he is using that as a coping mechanism. Cyr definitely exaggerates and I think it's mainly so he comes off as that super philisophical artsy alcoholic writer type…. He wants to be a character from a Johnny Depp movie so bad

No. 541085


if he's a serial cheater he's probably cheated on her already.

as for her caring, i bet she would, she's a narcissistic. i know one irl who is a HEAVY cheater, but she loses her damn mind at the hint of her bfs even speaking to another girl on a friendly level and she'll chew girls out if she feels they are a threat, even if they aren't.

No. 541109

File: 1530808176482.png (98.36 KB, 937x547, Untitled.png)

It seems that Anonymous Person is really going out of there way to comment on other cows youtube videos since they got called out on being Dasha - probably to make them seem less suss.

No. 541124

He’s a certified alcoholic. He’s Avenue been to the hip trendy LA AA meetings before. I don’t think he regularly goes, but he’s been to at least one in the Silverlake area. And although it’s an anonymous group I don’t feel bad saying he went, I won’t say however how I know this because I do respect the rules.

No. 541162

Nice lack of receipts.

She literally recorded her own voice for the videos and is clearly Trasha putting on an accent and slightly different tone. She can comment on random shit all she wants, all it's doing is telling us what she might think about those other cows. We know its her.

No. 541247

Uh, no he can’t. Maybe he could get white, 15 year old, columbine enthusiast, aspiring daddy’s girls who are into measly white boys who need turtle necks and serial killer personas to be found attractive. Don’t think any woman his age would find him attractive or take his inbred looking Jonny Depp aesthetic seriously.

No. 541303

I get that this is a drama blog but pretending that Cyr isn't good looking is dumb. Yes he has some issues but he's an attractive/funny guy. Once you get beneath the superficial its obvious that he's a total mess. But he could definitely pull some hot girls.

No. 541359

To start with ew. The man looks like a drug fucked pedophile, which he likely is. He has gross Downsie like dog eyes and a horrible personality. Besides that, they guys got no future, no money, no sense of humor and is a serial cheater. I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole! I think most attractive women would be out of his league as long as they had any self worth.

No. 541360

It’s a matter of opinion. Physically to me he’s eh but his personality is what makes him ugly. To each their own

No. 541363

just occurred to me that the channel icon is friday the 13th and that's literally next week ?? unless dasha/whoever runs the channel is being edgy and cringey then they may be planning something until then.

No. 541368

Agreed. I think he’s a shrimp and wouldn’t be seen with him, but some may have lower standards or just different taste.

No. 541369

File: 1530822772501.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1208x1222, 6471679F-9A7E-4C1D-93F5-FABBF4…)

Well then, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder when it comes to that loser.
I chose one of the more flattering of his photos to illustrate my point. Even with photoshop/Facetune, the guy looks like he has been shooting heroin. He looks dirty, has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, probably has disgusting teeth/breath, is a complete tool, is way to skinny. He has already started showing signs of midface fat loss because the dude is getting old. He is just not attractive to me at all. Sorry anon. To me he looks like a ghoul.

No. 541462

"our" server?

No. 541475

you realize you can't like force people to stop finding certain people attractive right

just like dasha will never be able to convince cyr or anyone that mina's not a cutie

No. 541527

It's an imageboard. Not a blog, not a forum.

He looks dirty to me as well but it's really pointless to debate whether someone is attractive or not. Shit's relative.

Anyway, maybe the reason Mina isn't making a video about the shitstorm is bc she got legal advice not to do it from a lawyer? They claimed she's taking legal action so that might be a contributing factor. That or Mina is too sub to say anything.

No. 541571

i assume she doesn’t want to poke the bear. even though dasha’s hiding out and playing innocent, her rageboner probably grows stronger every time mina so much as vaguely jokes about this entire shitshow. laying low is smart on her part imo. it sucks that she can’t have a normal internet presence without putin doing her best to ruin it.

No. 541586

What do you mean? Where does it say that?

No. 541595

Ugh, true. I feel bad for Mina. I don't care for her content at all but she has a right to exist in her own space. The internet should be big enough for both of them but Trasha can't let the girl live.

Anon phrased their post in a way that made the anon you're responding to think the former is part of the Cyr stan circle.

>"We'll get our friends on discord" doesn't necessarily mean people in our server

>our server

I think there was a grammar mishap rather than someone exposing themselves by slipping up.

No. 541616

Ahhh gotcha. Cheers for explaining that!

No. 541931

File: 1530869832647.jpg (29.14 KB, 500x304, 36709308_1949434821793515_4519…)

fits dasha

No. 541939

I like how now everyone is praising mina to be this gods gift to earth but litteraly couple of threads ago everyone was shitting on her looks kek

No. 541945

the people here are fucking morons, big surprise. they don't know what else to talk about because nothing is even happening(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 541947


Wasn't that when Dasha was here though?

No. 541949

I’ve been chuckling to myself about this. I’ve always thought Mina was pretty (retarded outfits and clown makeup notwithstanding) but I’ve never considered it worth reiterating. We can all agree that Julia shoops herself into orbit on her quest to look like Mina but that’s pretty much the only context in which Mina’s looks are pertinent to the dramz. It’s pretty harmless wking in the bigger scheme of things and yes, it does get tedious, but it does highlight how quickly the milk dries up when Julia goes awol and there’s no insane samefagging/selfposting/social media spergathon to satiate our bitchiness.

No. 541951

Go back and see how much of the BUH BUH BUT MINA!!1 was Dasha, anon. We know she lurks, and praising Mina irks the shit out of the cow so of course we're going to do it.

No. 541957

Valid point. Tinfoil lite, but I think we’re expecting that the Mina shipping will eventually force Doucha out of hiding

No. 541979

When did anyone call her that? Think the most ive seen was just calling her cute or attractive. Also who cares just ignore it. No milk here anyway

No. 542003

He looks like Corey Feldman LOL

No. 542014

For the most part, its was mainly Dasha bringing up her looks. If anything, i dont other people were commenting on her actual "appearance" more so her "weird" style and make up, which i personally like because it shows she doesnt care about societys standards of beauty. Mina is a natural beauty and looks even more beautiful without make up unlike Dasha.

No. 542017

I'm not really into super skinny girls so Mina isn't exactly my type. Cute face tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 542018

File: 1530890894104.gif (982.06 KB, 390x259, HKhLIBlLCGHCcdCJ.gif)


Literally all people shitting on her looks were Trasha and her minions and now they are gone, maybe that's why?

No. 542021

I agree I personally like that she isn’t scared to do weird things with her apparence. It’s refeashing after seeing copy cut bitches on Instagram

No. 542024

As tacky as I think she looks, I think it’s cool that Mina goes out in public the way she dresses and it’s not just an Instagram thing. It’s not really unique unless you live in a small town or something I’ve seen many people with that type in person and it’s trendy in IG/Tumblr, there’s a whole community of girls like this (and Dasha keeps messaging them like a weirdo lol).

No. 542025

She has no life outside of the internet, she has nothing else to do other than interact with followers day in day out.

No. 542026

Any updates in when Cyrs video is coming out?

No. 542051

Honestly, i would be surprised if he is still making one… Considering all the voice leaks. He knows he will get bombarded witg comments mentioning the criminal actions.

No. 542058

That’s cool that even though you think it’s tacky that you still think it’s cool that Mina goes out like that. I think that’s what makes Mina much more appealing than Dasha, that she’s actually confident in how she like rather than pretending she is someone she isn’t. It’s crazy how confidence makes you attractive unlike Doucha

No. 542059

I have a feeling IF he does make a video, he’s going to delete comments mentioning this or just disable comments which is a Pussy move

No. 542071

and then have his tuber friends side with him

No. 542078

Yup. He’s going to send them and their rabid fans to attack Edwin.

No. 542150

When/where did he say he was going to release a video?

No. 542197

People are speculating because anonymous person (a lot of evidence it’s Dasha but some people disagree) put their profile picture as Friday the 13th aka this upcoming Friday

No. 542233

a youtuber friend of his said that if he didnt put out a video he was admitting guilt, so he started to say that he was preparing one and whatever. But then he did a live (last thread) saying how messed up he was from the head and that he has a hard time explaining things. So he will probably wont be releasing anything

No. 542255

I'm beginning to believe that anonymous person is just a random person trying to make her channel big. The Dasha drama and Eugenia's eating disorder are pretty popular topics to cover atm

No. 542262

Repzion uploaded a video today and its not about Dasha!

No. 542273

Yeah I agree with you, someone trying to become the next drama channel.

No. 542291

Fuck so annoying. And you know his friends aren’t going to press him anymore either since ‘it’s none of their business’. Eve though they had no problem making fun of Edwin before.

No. 542292


tbh if it is dasha, she's doing a really shitty job of defending herself.
the 'arguments' are lacking to say the least and while i don't expect her to pull a good reason to leak someone else nudes out of her ass she's always managed to keep things going before and come out on top for the most part
so it might just be that this is to much to deal with even for her and that's she's just looking for an easy exit at this point - but i can't believe that this is the best she could come up with?
a leave-britney-alone sequel?

the thing that i think about a lot is 'does she still have anything up her sleve, was the passport/nudes actually all she could get her hands on?'
and i mean… doesn't cyr have any milk?

for example edwin jokingly counted the girls cyr cheated on with his fingers showing like 7-8 fingers - then giving up.
isn't there any dirt cyr has on edwin of equal leverage?

i'm having trouble believing that edwin is just this really nice guy who happened to be besties with this broken serial cheater surrounded by toxic people i.e. dasha and onision etc. but hasn't actually ever done anything himself that he may have confessed to cyr

which brings me to >>542026 and >>542051

i personally think that cyr's strategy for a video would be to try and divert from dasha's voice leaks using any possible dirt he may have on edwin, if there is any that is

No. 542297

File: 1530919599347.png (553.28 KB, 928x544, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 7.25…)

Rasha just uploaded an old shooped half arse picture. She sure is a lazy piece of shit, isn't she?

No. 542300

File: 1530919844999.png (442.8 KB, 812x547, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 7.29…)

Meanwhile, Mina uploaded this yesterday and more today.
I noticed in the comments of both posts people kept mentioning Shane. That would be interesting to see as Shane's been on this "help other youtubers" kick, but still not very likely.

No. 542343

File: 1530922481576.png (1.72 MB, 1080x973, Capture _2018-07-06-19-10-31-1…)

I havent seen him smile like this in a while…

No. 542347


inb4 she uploads a picture of them ~*Happy*~

No. 542365

The only dirt that cyr has come out with on Edwin is that he was being a dick to his ex girlfriend (Edwin was suing her I believe) and cyr even reached out to Edwins ex, who then told edwin. I seriously don’t think Edwin has more dirt on him based on previous livestreams cyr has done just bitching about edwin suing his ex and “stealing” his camera. Like Edwin whines a fucking lot but there isn’t evidence that he didn’t something to cyr not Dasha

No. 542367


..thats mina

No. 542373


i mean, thats mina in the photo not dasha. i dont peg mina as the type to body shame people with cyr

No. 542376

I had to do a double take. Yes it is and she looks happy. I doubt they are laughing at anyone. Not minas style….

No. 542378


right! i did too! the most alarming thing about a skin-walker is people mistaking you as the s-walker vise versa

No. 542475


And you will never again see him smile like that kek loser

No. 542512

File: 1530934241150.png (400.4 KB, 479x595, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.3…)

This V.S this >>542343

No. 542594


I don't think it's her in the video either. Imo it doesn't sound like her plus the arguments are too bad/too flat. I know most anons think it's her because of the annoyingly pretty and devastatingly beautiful but I don't really think she'd say that.

I think everyone in this drama has milk but Cyr probably wouldn't simply spill it and Dasha knows that almost no one would believe her regardless of what she'd say.And Mina doesn't speak for herself.

No. 542619

Dasha never had good arguments in the first place. Mina copying Dasha! Mina's alts! Edwin stole something!

I don't know why people suddenly think she's a diabolical genius. I still think she's behind it with some input from Cyr and she is testing the water to see if she can get these ideas to stick in the public consciousness. Just like she did in created a thread here and selfposting retarded comments in it.

No. 542635

I'm not saying she's a genius. All I'm saying is I don't believe she'd give up hiding just to say "Edwin stole the vlogging cam" and "Edwin was jealous" - cause it has already been said.

I mean I doubt she's happy or feeling well atm. She's receiving threats, people make fun of her, her looks etc. all the time - regardless of whether she's malicious or not, I doubt she can easily ignore that and I doubt she'd risk getting more shit from all sides for a video as shitty as anonymous person's

No. 542636

No one here thinks that she's a genius. She's stupid.

No. 542637


they were good enough to get quite a few people on her side, and keep them there
they may have been shitty excuses to begin with, but people were happy with them and very eager to believe whatever she came up with

No. 542638

Also, you don't have to be a genius to manipulate people

No. 542663

I'm talking about the people saying the channel can't be hers because it's not well done enough, but she doesn't do anything well really.

No. 542683

Dasha has never been good at anything ahe has tried first off. Manipulation is easy but she has always done it transparently. She has never done anything close to genius. She isn't even a good model and that's her job. She can't do makeup. She can't make sockpuppet accounts without being obvious. She was never good at hiding her dark side since she so easily was exposed. Honestly, the videos sound JUST like her. If you don't believe it's her mostly at this point, you're just giving Dasha the benefit of the doubt which she doesn't deserve.

No. 542685

She is not in hiding lol she still posts and tries to appear active while she waits for the fire Edwin started to burn out… With the help of anti-Edwin bull shit she keeps producing

No. 542691


unless either cyr and/or dasha release a video i think it'll have burned out very soon
there wasn't this huge outrage or uproar at her actions that edwin had hoped for to begin with
and it's not going to happen now, unless she actually does something new and worse

her and cyr probably know this and aren't actually going to stream or film their side of the story now - looks like if they keep quiet it actually will all go away

and it's not like edwin can just keep talking about it either, because his own audience will get sick and tired of it eventually, too.

looks like dasha might just get away with it

No. 542696

Lets not encourage the beast though

No. 542699

re: anonymous person videos

damn. dasha is still trying to wear Mina's skin by doing the fake british accent.

No. 542700

Companies have been warned by people about dashas behavior so I wouldn’t say she got of scotch free. Obviously she didn’t get in more trouble but I’d say her “modeling” is being tarnished as more models are being aware about how sick Dasha is

No. 542703


companies don't actually care though, so once everything's died down they won't do any digging

and other models won't care to much so long as she can promote them without getting them involved in any public drama that could tarnish their own image

so she may be loosing deals now, but she won't loose all that much in the long run - at least that's what i'm guessing

No. 542704

Yeah, she ruined her "career" over this and to me that's pretty bad. Her dreams of modeling have 0 chance of happening. I mean people will stop bringing it up but as soon as they see a company working with her they will let it be known. I would say she is in hiding. Her twitter and main account are inactive she knows once she makes them public shit will go down. Her bein active on Neuphs is her trying to fake it making it seem like shes not bothered…

No. 542705

Companies do care anon. As soon as one person sends them the Nazi salute shell be blacklisted. She didnt do minor things she broke the law and now there are voice clips of her admitting her guilt.

No. 542712

Milk only seems quiet because Dasha and Cyr are not addressing it directly. She's locked her prominent insta account because she knows people will comment about this any chance they get.

If she works with a company she'll never get away from people contacting them or talking negatively. She'll be infamous for being one of the few cows dumb enough to get caught posting in their own drama threads. This is her legacy.

No. 542832

She barely even had a reputable modeling career as it was. Considering how different she looks IRL than her photos, I doubt she got a lot of work in the first place. When you google her all that comes up is drama and a direct link to the Hitler salute. When you look up Mina it’s just that thread dasha herself made with the Ana shoops

No. 542836

Not only the Nazi thing, but companies won't actually want to use her shoots because she isnt photogenic and while studios touch up their photos for aesthetic purposes, they don't shoop people into aliens…

No. 542841

File: 1530993146653.png (168.56 KB, 1080x1348, Capture _2018-07-07-14-52-13-1…)

This account is still harrassing Mina. They posted more edited pictures. This is honestly making me sick! Leave the poor girl alone!

No. 542855

She's so desperate for Mina's attention, she cannot deal with the thought that Mina might not think about her for one week. It's such a desperate try to squeeze back into her life.

No. 542859

That account is litteraly following dasha and that lil anxiaty father tamaki person like how obvious can you be,im certain that the person behind that acc is father tamaki

No. 542898

A couple of days ago when the account was created they followed Mina as well to get her attention - see here: >>539901

Now they unfollowed Dasha and father tamaki within the last few minutes.. what a coincidence.

No. 542903

She deleted all the comments calling her out as well

No. 542909

I'm so fucking disgusted by these people. How can you spend your time and effort for this sort of bullying, rather than something constructive? Don't the kids that Dasha recruits have school? Parents? It's seriously fucked.

And if this account is by Dasha herself, then jfc you seriously need to go to a therapist. You're harrassing a girl you collided with briefly, who lives across the globe. You're frothing at the mouth, sperging about her looks, distorting your own fat head through the Gone girl power fantasy fog you've got going on. You ain't no Amy, you're just stagnated and boring. Also psychologically sick.

No. 542937

can't tell if I find the Mina "appreciation" account or Edwin acting as if it was surprising that pictures of Dasha show up in the google results for Mina more ridiculous. Are we sure they're adults?

No. 542960

Its surprising because its thr first picture that pops up whe. You type minaxxbell. FIRST picture anon.

No. 542972

File: 1531005749805.jpg (347.27 KB, 1055x1303, Screenshot_20180708-012231.jpg)

it's not tho

No. 542981

File: 1531006282492.jpg (600.2 KB, 810x1904, Screenshot_20180708-012843.jpg)

Looks different on my phone. Anyways, the picture he showed is pretty far away. Would probably be page 6 or something

No. 542985

You know what a filter bubble is, right?

No. 542988

no >>542985

what is a filter bubble?

No. 543163

Your search results will be skewed by which sites you already visit, where you live and so-on, and will differ from the search results of others. So it would be natural for us to see Dasha somewhere in search results at some point. You can crack open a fresh browser somewhere or else use an incognito window to look at search results with less of a bubble.

No. 543210

I'm really confused by the weird edits she posts of herself, Cyr, and others with fucked up teeth. Any reason for it?

No. 543236


she thinks shes funny

No. 543249

Reminds me of that video of Selena Gomez annoying her makeup artist but going, “meep!” Every two seconds. Because that’s how vapid girls pretend to be funny. That, “haha, she’s so quirky and fun!” Kind of funny. Everyone else just finds it odd and annoying.

No. 543250


did you see the live stream mentioned earlier here? she tries to be funny and relatable but she kinda.. just didn't make any sense and she was boring as fuck. even cyr was like, "i think you didn't explain it well." after she finished her little spiel.

No. 543358

You can tell from her smattering of appearances in Edwin’s videos that she thinks she’s funny. Edwin and Mike aren’t even funny so when you look even more cringey next to them you know you’re a humourless cunt.

No. 543383

I hate Dasha as much as the next person but are we really pretending that nazi video is legit? She’s very obviously joking in it?

No. 543384

It doesn't matter if it's 'legit' or not. The point is that she's doing something that's very fucked up that a lot of people would take a lot of offense to, and I'm 100% positive if she was caught doing that in public outside, shit would go down. It's about the same level as a calling someone a racist term for a lot of people.

Plus, a lot of brands don't even want to come close to associating with that, joking or not. ESPECIALLY smaller, indie brands.

No. 543385

Sh's Austrian and it's not even legal in her country. She knows what's she's doing. That and the other Nazi jokes also.

No. 543387

Plus she’s done it more than once (ie in addition to that clip she’s also tweeted ~satirical~ nazi comments).

No. 543391


I'm Austrian too and it's obvious that it's a joke. You wouldn't get shit for it here unless it looked serious, and trust me: Real Nazis don't make nazi jokes or jump around screaming "mein Führer". I don't know if you guys have ever come across a neo nazi but they definitely don't joke about it.

No. 543393

It was confirmed she also kept making jew and nazi jokes while Cyr's jewish friend was around and there's old tweets of her being racist. So no shes not joking she's a fucking bitch.

No. 543397

so if Edwin says it it's confirmed? We don't know how that friend of Cyr reacted to the jokes back then. My Turkish friends and I make jokes about Turkish people all the time. I don't think it's possible to judge whether that friend felt offended or not.

No. 543398

It's a minor point in the scheme of things but it's in the OP where it belongs. When fitted against the psycho shit she's doing, it's a perfect fit.

No. 543400

Ok dasha/tamaki read the thread or go back to twitter if you want to wk and justify racism

No. 543406

What kind of logic is this? It doesn't matter that whoever she was saying this shit around MIGHT not be offended. That's like saying you can use gay offensive terms in the right (lol) context because your gay friend Dale is okay with it so it's forever justified and if someone doesn't get it, that's their fault.

No. 543410

Edwin also said Dasha would make other racist commentd besides anti-semetic humor and talk about him being a dirty Mexican all the time. I seriously would not be surprised if she was a closeted racist

No. 543412

who gives a shit if your humour offends anyone, it's still not the same as being a literal neo nazi.

she may have made jokes in poor taste, but that is common practise in germany.
hitler is a joke these days, actors dress up as him to comment on political happenings in a joking manner or just make fun of the way he speaks all the fucking time.
there's a movie out called "er ist wieder da (he's back)" in which hitler magically re-appears and people start following him once more - and it's a comedy.

what i'm trying to get at here is while all of you may judge dasha for leaking shit etc.,
her humour is not that outlandish for someone who grew up with these things.

you know how american teenagers jokingly say "yes, sir" when being commanded around by there parents?
in germany, the equivalent to that is "ja mein führer", and while some may take offence to that and not everyone is doing it, no one thinks the people doing it are actually nazis.

so my conclusion is that she took her german humor to america, thinking everyone would just get it there, too.
and some do, i mean people love to make fun of hitler in shows like family guy, the simpsons and south park etc.

(before answering please note, i'm not trying to defend comments made by her such as "dirty mexican" or whatever she may have said to that jewish friend,

my post it solely about the hitler salute video and her tweeting "ja mein führer" und "hitler did nothing wrong" in a joking context, as i'm not convinced of her being a literal neo nazi because of these things.

again, i just want to make it clear that i'm not saying she's not racist - she may very well be.

it's just this specific humor that is rather common that i don't want people to mistake for actual neo nationalism in general.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 543413


No, I'm saying it's one thing to judge a video we can actually see ourselves and another thing to judge her interaction with a former roommate. Doesn't mean everyone has to be okay with her kind of humor and obviously if someone feels offended by it that's okay and they can say and act against it.

No. 543414

No. 543415

Minaxxball was taken down late last night.

No. 543416

You're really pressed over her being caught on film doing a nazi salute huh

No. 543418

Dasha's still a shitty person though.

No. 543420

Not very closeted if she's saying it to peoples faces. It's just like when Onion says something ignorant and discriminatory, he disguises it as a "joke" to avoid backlash. Dasha probably does the same and thinks she can just say whatever she wants just as long as she can claim "it's just a joke guiz".
Doesn't matter if it's a joke or not, if you're the punch line and you are offended and you tell the person to not make those kinds of jokes around you and they still do, that makes you a garbage person. If Dasha did the salute as a joke and no one there was offended, why did she do everything possible to hide it and pretend it never happened?

No. 543422

All I’m gonna say about the Nazi salute is I’m not Jewish but my aunt is and it’s scary and offensive even to be related to a Jewish person and watch someone do the Nazi salute. And worse… for them to then tell people to chill out because it’s just a joke. Idk it just makes it worse to me.

No. 543423

Is it also ok for her to make 'jokes' when she was posting on here about Mina being a terrorist because "It was a joke guiz". No. She is a fucking racist. It's one thing to laugh at the occasional nazi or terrorist joke but then to actually do the salute on camera, use racist slurs in a racist context, and to direct them at specific people. She's racist anon nobody gives a fuck if you find it funny.

No. 543425

The reason it's obvious that it's a joke is that she's making fun of Hitler's voice in it. She imitates it. No nazi would do that.

No. 543426

I don't think any anons have claimed Dasha is a literal nazi you freak.

No. 543428

She constantly talks race, she may not be a neo nazi but she has discriminatory tendencies and an edgelord sense of humor. I've had friends like that and it's annoying as hell when the overuse a dumb joke for the sake of being offensive. It makes other people super uncomfortable too. So maybe she isn't a Nazi but she also isn't funny so maybe she should work on her delivery

No. 543430

The irony when Trump is your president yet an obviously satirical nazi salute makes you lose your shit.

I get that some people would feel offended by it but regardless of how fucked up her humor is it's obvious it was meant to be funny - which can't be said about your dear president's opinion on Mexicans, Muslims, etc.(shit bait)

No. 543432


No. 543436

File: 1531060715560.jpg (91.09 KB, 996x554, minnaaaa.jpg)

while yall are busy trying to find loopholes in the fact that doucha is a fucking racist, I can't help but laugh at how mina looks like an actual angel and doucha tries to look like her so bad while looking like a dude.
I remember that time doucha had a breakdown crying that she can't wear makeup like mina and mina would always look prettier than her, then forbidding mina to wear makeup LOL

No. 543437

File: 1531061602365.jpg (6.6 KB, 219x219, Icyx1gR.jpg)

is this defending douchas behavior or excusing it

No. 543438


Neither one nor the other. I just looked at it from a more global perspective and chuckled a bit

No. 543439

You're an idiot. Cyr even had a talk with Dasha about how she made their jewish roommate uncomfortable with her constant anti-semitic remarks, it stops being a "joke" when the people around you have to stage an intervention because you're hurting people and you still won't back off. She knew what she was doing, even if it was initially intended to be a joke, she was informed that it had an impact on the people who lived with her, and she kept going. It doesn't matter if she truly believes in racist shit as long as she outwardly presents herself this way and values edgy jokes over the feelings of the people who are directly affected by it and that's all.

No. 543441

As a German myself, you're wrong.

What you described is called satire, which exists to mock literal neo-nazis and racists. Satire only works if it communicates through social cues that it's mockery. There's a difference between mocking something and using edgy humor for whore for attention. For example, in "Er ist wieder da", if you rub two braincells together you will notice that Hitler is the butt of the joke.

There's no mockery in Dasha's jokes and gestures, she only uses it to compliment people by holding them up to "aryan" standards, and she blatantly disregards the feelings of actual semitic people (like her ex-roommate who was outspoken about being uncomfortable with it) and uses social justice for attention and virtue signaling before turning around and doing a hitler salute to get cheap laughs, just like she preaches body positivity and feminism while leaking Mina's nudes and trashing Mina's appearance. There's no element of satire in her racist behavior, it's just opportunism at its finest.

No. 543446

lol can we not use typical alt-right pepe "iT's cAllEd sAtiRe" rhetoric to cape for her racism.

No. 543453

>The irony when Trump is your president
>your dear president

I didn't know all lolcow users are American and voted for Trump, thanks for enlightening us

No. 543459

Agreed. I’m sure we’ve all made stupid edgy jokes but it gets fucking annoying when it’s CONSTANT. Not to mention some people are offended by it and if they ask you stop nicely then it’s really shitty to not do so. Dasha doesn’t just make stupid edgy nazi jokes, as another anon said she fucking called Mina a terrorist and Edwin a dirty Mexican. I also agree with what the anon said about Onion bitch, it’s so obvious he’s probablematic yet covers his shitty comments by saying “ WElL ItS JuST a JOkE”.

No. 543461

Nicely put! I agree with you as well.

No. 543464

I like how bring trump into this when you forget that Dasha also makes racist comments about Mexicans and Minas heritage. Lmfao 10/10 logic

No. 543465

Ist überhaupt irgendwer hier nicht aus Deutschland oder Österreich?

No. 543468

Even if Mina actively tried to look ugly, Julia still would have been uglier.
Mina will always look better than her because she's not a hateful psycho bitch.
Julia's so ugly inside and outside and there's nothing she can do about it.
And she knows it, hence why she needed to shoop Minas body into hers and hers into Minas.

No. 543511

Don't bring up the alt-right because not everyone gets offended as easily as you

No. 543526

If it would only have been this one Hitler salute Video, I'd probably wouldn't call her racist (since she IS mocking hitler in a typical edgelord way and it isn't that uncommon at all in germany to do so). I think it's just her trying to be funny ("look, I'm the austrian here I'm hitler hahaha!!"). The reason she hides it and the problem companies would have with it is that it's unprofessional and most indie label's clients are people that are very sensitive towards PC culture and would definitely find it problematic (which she claims to be as well with her "~feminism & positivity~" persona lmao). But what really makes me worry is her constantly calling everyone race-related names. Mina the terrorist, Edwin the dirty mexican… it's really weird and makes me think she really is a closeted racist, since it isn't really "edgy" humour and hasn't anything to do with her austrian origin at all, it's just so random and forced, as if she really believes in what she says (remember her in that one thread claiming that it's weird talking about her getting deported while edwin is a mexican).. plus her ignoring that her room mate felt unconfortable around her due to her anti-semitic "jokes".. you'd only joke like that privately and with someone who is confortable with it, she just comes off as a really shitty and very likely also racist person.

No. 543529

I just want to point out that there’s a reason why, when Dasha did that periscope calling Mina a ‘British cunt,’ she had to point out that Mina is British. She really does seem to see heritage as a huge deal, even lying about her own to seem Russian. Calling a Middle Eastern (I think?) girl a terrorist and a Mexican dude an illegal immigrant, plus all the other things previously mentioned, really does show that she is prejudiced to some extent. Obviously she’s probably not a full on Nazi who wishes death upon Jews. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she does think that Hitler had the right idea, trying to make a perfect Aryan world. Or at the very least, sees people as inferior for being from specific parts of the world. So yes, she’s most likely a closeted racist, if a majority of her insults have to do with race.

No. 543532

I agree. You were spot on anon. There’s a difference between making edgy jokes and continuously making fucked up comments on someone’s ethnic background/heritage. Whether people perceive it as racist or just edgy humor you can’t get around the fact she’s a bitch about it and has SOME form of discriminatory way of viewing others

No. 543552

maybe you're too young to witness this but it was pretty popular to make jokes like that, south park style. it's just extremely stupid, funny random, edgy kind of humour that doesn't make sense …

No. 543553

Remember hentaiguy?? I always belived them to be Dasha weird how he vanished from the earth once she got outed about everything !!She was so obsessed over accousing mina if doing the things she herself did. So sad.so crazy

No. 543563

That’s just edgy humor though. I personally like South Park but when Dasha says it… it’s not a good “punchline”. How is calling Mina a terrorist funny?

No. 543569

Dasha is clearly jealous that Mina is exotic and pretty while Dasha looks like your pale average potato. So she has to bring terrorism into mina’s background because Dasha wishes she were from somewhere more “exciting” for example: “I’m a hot Russian girl.” Mhmmm. But really where’s the proof she’s Russian

No. 543574

i don't excuse her shit, just wanted to comment on her not being a literal nazi, because i failed to read the whole thread before i posted, sorry

No. 543579

It’s fine anon the difference between her and South Park “humor” is that when she makes these comments against people, she most likely means it. She fucking hates Mina and Edwin and to call them a terrorist or a dirty Mexican shows she actually means something behind that. I think she’s kinda racist

No. 543586

Dasha is a racist cunt. No one fucking cares about South Park, or your friends, or whatever dumb ass excuse you have for her behavior. Shut up already, it’s getting old.

No. 543591

Dasha is in love with Mina at least I think so. And horribly jealous of her. Which looks like hatred but really dasha thinks Mina is the best thing in the world. How else do you explain how fucking obsessed she is? Even hatred can’t explain that obsession.

No. 543600

Personality disorder or narcissism. Someone linked an article called “flying monkeys” and it’s explained Dashas behavior EXACTLY.

No. 543605

Neuphs is public

No. 543606


she has a very obvious love/hate battle going on in her head.

in the beginning, she was visibly super into mina. she flew her out to LA, she wanted to "twin" with her, sleep in the same bed, she'd get her drunk, she'd make out with her on camera. she went as far as breaking into her accounts and using mina's phone in secret.

i think she was hoping mina would 100% fall for her. but when that didn't happen, she began to sabotage her. she started deleting posts from her account, saved sensitive material for later use, deleted her instagram, etc.

then mina left and she officially lost her mind. she edits the hell out of herself to mirror mina. if you hate someone, you DON'T want to look like them. you want to separate yourself as much as possible.

i know without a doubt if mina reached out to dasha to be civil, dasha would jump on it and she'd wanna be twin bffs asap.

No. 543608

File: 1531079435562.png (229.99 KB, 465x417, vd.png)

No. 543611

File: 1531079668832.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20180708-144947~2.p…)

incoming "I've been bullied by meanies on the internet so I have an ED now waaaaah look how skinny I can shoop myself"

No. 543614


you can tell she sucked in those areas while posing and then enhanced them w photoshop loool

No. 543616

She said that she just pretended to be friends with Mina in order to destroy her before she even flew her out to LA though. Edwin said it in one of his first videos and Kate/piddleass confirmed it.
It's not like she was a Mina stan and suddenly started to hate her when Mina didn't play along any more. Dasha had malicious intend from the very beginning.

No. 543620

File: 1531080188395.jpg (613.64 KB, 1920x2560, 18-07-08-16-02-53-851_deco.jpg)

Look what comments she chooses ti respond to and to ignorw. Such a genius, skinny legend. btw the one like on the in depth comment isn't her

No. 543622


i wasn't implying she had ZERO hate from the start and that it was only love. but there is no way you 100% hate someone if you're willing to fly them to you, kiss them, sleep in the same bed, and then proceed to stalk/harass/slander them nonstop lol

No. 543623

dasha's obsessive no doubt, but i don't think she is capable of actually "loving" anybody. i think she just wanted to BE mina, but better.

No. 543625

there's different types of "love," and when i use that word with her i don't imply the warm, compassionate kind.

No. 543626

Lmfao what’s your definition of dashas “love”? Dasha is a narcissist or has some form on severe personality disorder , they don’t have an identity hence why they copy people aka Dasha literally becoming minas skinwalker. As another anon said Dasha literally said she wanted to ruin Mina. Shes obsessively jealous not obsessively in love

No. 543628


you're right, but i guess i can't really explain it unless you've been in an abusive relationship. they don't truly LOVE you in a normal sense. but they are obsessed with you in a love/hate manner.

No. 543630

I was in an abusive relationship and they don’t “love” you in a warped way. They just see you as an object, just emotionally manipulate you, become jealous because of their own insecurities, Love bombard you because they know you’ll come back to that because you perceive it as love. I’d say the best example of this is Onion, he literally just uses people to his advantage which is what Dasha does to cyr, her fans and her internet friends.

No. 543633

No. 543636

It's quite common for narcissists to take a third person into the relationship. It's called 'triangulation' (you can google it in combination with narcissism and decide for yourself if it fits Dasha - I think it does). They do it to play two people out against each other in messed up jealousy games, while they are holding the power.
One article said that the narcissist gets satisfaction from seeing person one cry (Mina) while person two will give them even more attention and affection (Cyr).

No. 543645

Jesus I feel so bad for Mina. You can see how much this has affected her. Dasha you might think you got away because cyrs YouTuber friends are defending him but let me make it clear your shitty “career” is over. Your disgusting behavior and nasty comments will be plastered whenever someone looks you up. Anyone who sees you teaming up with a company, that company WILL know what a nasty bitch you are

No. 543655

sounds exactly like the anuson-footface-billie saga

No. 543663

Poor Mina. Dasha is truly evil, it set in when I watched the newest video. She's an abuser, she is abusing this poor girl for over a year.
Making screensavers of Edwin with her fans? That part was SO weird too Dasha is obsessed and it's PATHETIC

No. 543668

File: 1531083564599.jpg (29.71 KB, 761x438, mina.JPG)

I'm glad they listened to all the constructive criticism. This is short, organised and contains undeniable proof. As a bonus she used one of the Plugged photos of Trasha kek! Good job Mina!

We all know Dasha is fuming in her room right now.

No. 543670


you know, i'm wondering if dasha made those fake british accent videos hoping someone would think MINA did them? she's stupid enough to think her fake british accent sounds comparable to mina's real accent.

No. 543671

Book a flight home Dasha, because you're done. Cyr can't get you out of this mess. Go home and get a job, you'll never have a social media "career" again.

No. 543684

File: 1531084821177.png (456.77 KB, 344x595, untitled.PNG)

Wow… How is this even funny? This is so crazy that she is using these young girls to validate her. Someone take photoshop away from this woman

No. 543693

File: 1531085560932.gif (1000.59 KB, 300x226, gogirl.gif)


I'm so proud of Mina. Confronting such a mental unstable abuser, even if it's video, must have been really really hard.

No. 543694

I love that they used that photoshoot as the thumbnail and background of her audio. Dasha must be fuming!

No. 543699

people tend to dismiss the possibility that dasha hated and loved mina at the same time - several people came forward saying she stated she will ruin Mina's life even before she flew her out - also there is a word for this: HATEBONER. which dasha clearly has for mina.
plus, this letter from cyr to mina, in which he manipulated mina to join this poly relationship leads me to believe they all slept together, so this must have been beyond dasha and mina just making out in vids and this is barely talked about.
mina must've been manipulated into sex with dasha aswell and this must make it all more fucked up and even harder to deal with.

i feel so sorry for her and it's so relatable. fuck dasha. she's also a sexual abuser, don't forget this EVER.

No. 543700

mina looks so gorgeous in her new video and much healthier again - I hope she will overcome this fully

dasha on the other hand looks uglier each day

No. 543710

I definitely believe Cyr and Dasha intentionally got Mina really, really drunk and got her to sleep with them through the guise of "polyamory". Cyr is already a drunk anyway too. That's so fucking dark. Drinking every night in a daze and confused state and all you can remember is Dasha constantly asking if you're still in love with your ex and coercing you into a fucked up realtionship where they fought all the time. That LA apartment was supposed to be a symbol of success for Cyr and Edwin and Dasha came and created hell for them all. I wonder what chaos she left in her wake back in Austria kek

No. 543713

This is so weird? Almost as if she tried to normalize mocking/abusing Edwin and Mina by making her young fans look at these lockscreen pics several times on a daily basis. It will make them stop questioning things and they will take mocking him less serious. They are reminded of making fun of Edwin all the time. Almost a form of conditioning/brainwashing if you ask me.

No. 543714

manipulating someone into sex is rape - say what you want. we can argue about that but it won't change that dasha iS also a sexual abuser. same as cyr. read his creepy ass letter

No. 543716

This right here!
I agree, it’s weird how no one talks about that.

No. 543717


it's really sick and unnerving to know that all while she was playing victim, going on rants about "mina and edwin are doing this and that!" "im a victim!" she was doing THIS type of shit in secrecy. jesus fucking christ.

No. 543719

I was a little sus on whether Dasha and Cyr had gotten Mina to sleep with them from how Dasha was always making her drunk. After seeing that video of them making out it started to really make me think that maybe Dasha convinced Mina to do other things. It's so fucked up and I hope that didn't happen but I can't help but wonder.

No. 543723

I’m so happy she decided to film this, I can’t watch right now because I’m at work but I will be watching when I get home. She’s finally speaking up for herself yess!

No. 543733

I wanna see what excuses people have now. "Why isn't Mina defending herself!!!" And stuff about the videos being so long. Seriously, they covered it so well in 7 mins. If people watch this and still side with Trasha they're awful people.

No. 543734

Sadly, I feel like people supporting Dasha are so blinded they wouldn't even see the video, because I wouldn't understand why someone would actively support her after watching.

No. 543735

Her fans are so unbelievably stupid like how can you ignore the fact that Dasha ADMITTED to leaking minas passport? How is cyr even defending that! How are his friends defending that?

No. 543736

File: 1531089558553.png (191.94 KB, 720x1229, 20180708_233858.png)

Guys look what I stumbled across.
The crying_edwin account used to be the alilbabyfox account LOL
See in these comments on cyrs insta they've replied '???' and then changed their username
I'm 100% sure because i remember seeing the original before the post.
Too lazy to crop or circle

No. 543743

Omg! Good job anon. That account has been irking my fucking nerves. Good to know it's one of her close minions or Dasha herself! I knew it couldnt be someone new to the drama who randomly hated edwin!

No. 543747

Damn that crying edwin account is stalking this fucking thread. They changed their username to the old one. Damn girl get a life… It seems like this is your full time job. My guess is that its that fathertamaki chick.

No. 543750

Aaaaand now they've changed it back to the original nickname after they got exposed HAHA

No. 543751

File: 1531090394807.png (981.25 KB, 750x1334, 0C2D20DF-3865-4FCF-A202-C5D2BA…)

No. 543753


i can see your icon

No. 543755

I like how invested they are in Edwins life KEK. They’re actually really retarded to change their username. Are you scared lil baby?

No. 543756

That’s fine I don’t care lol it’s just a profile pic

No. 543759

File: 1531091129980.jpeg (126.75 KB, 750x1114, ACC2044C-8BCD-4A92-B45E-ECEE01…)

Talk about cringe

No. 543762


This is just sad

No. 543763

Haga, you got there before me anon.
Deleted my post because its the same screen shot.
Yeah doesn't seem like they are sane and probably check this forum and post more than often

No. 543764

It’s fine, glad to see people catching them quickly. I know kek probably spends their whole life here

No. 543780

I thought I recalled Mina saying Dasha and Cyr were sleeping in the same bed with Mina in a non sexual way. So now they actually were having threesomes?

No. 543791

They both say that but I don't buy it. Especially after seeing the video of them kissing. I remember there was a weird thing where Cyr read a story to Mina while she was in the bathtub? The whole thing is just weird. I think Mina would want to hide that part of the relationship though, which is understandable.

No. 543794

File: 1531093154701.jpeg (96.22 KB, 743x608, 696B8847-67AE-4B4B-92DB-312095…)

No. 543796


we don't have any real way of knowing what happened unless mina said/says nothing did, or if she releases sexual texts proving it did happen. as someone else mentioned, i wouldn't be surprised if mina wants to NOT discuss it and denies it happened too.

but with how obsessive and twisted dasha is, i wouldn't at all put it passed her to coerce people into sex (iirc, didn't cyr talk to edwin about her getting mad they didn't have sex when she wanted? correct me if i'm wrong)

No. 543797

Would reupload this

No. 543801

File: 1531093612795.gif (992.42 KB, 500x399, shutuptrasha.gif)


Two POS caught lying about a shit ton of things say something and people don't believe them, hhmmmmmm… how odd, borderline paranoid right?

No. 543827


I remember in one of the long edwin videos, mina also turned to edwin when he asked and said something like "no not like that", he basically asked if it was sexual or something. I can't remember exactly, would have to watch it again.

but after seeing the kissing video and seeing how emotional mina got in that video, I wouldn't be surprised if she is a little traumatised by something, probably even sexual abuse. that's really sad and if it's true I hope she can confide in someone

No. 543829


it's scary enough talking about abuse you can prove, let alone sexual abuse. i hope she didn't have to endure that too while she lived there.

No. 543835

File: 1531096596889.jpeg (36.68 KB, 374x394, 1FC7C47E-24E8-4C33-93FC-F12F8A…)

Yikes, this is hideous. Nice attempt at trying to convince us you’re an ana-chan instead of a fridge sized Christmas ham, Julia

No. 543843


Lmao, imagine avidly hate-stalking a forum that you otherwise don't use, for drama that isn't yours OR pertaining to anyone that you actually know to try and get the attention of some disingenuous, tweaking, twenty-something psycho. Like… Go outside. We believe you have the power, girl.

No. 543856

honestly fuck trasha she is a horrible human being and whats worse is that she still has an army of loyal minions, there's so many proof and yet people still want to side with her. I feel really bad for Mina you can really tell this shit has stolen a bunch of her confidence and happiness. Trashcan needs to back off and leave Mina alone. But good on Mina that she is finally speaking up! hope she continues to do so!

No. 543865

Shocked neuphs is still public, I guess she’s immune to hate now?

No. 543867

Lmfao sorry but what does this software engineering student even expect from an insta thot

No. 543868

File: 1531099227337.jpeg (548.2 KB, 750x1107, A4471D53-6C66-4687-A115-2AC439…)

Mina LARPing at its finest

No. 543870

I'm sure he has cheated on her many times but if they broke up and she admitted it than in her fucked up mind Edwin and Mina "won" and she wont let that happen, Bitch is insane.

No. 543871

Must be nice to be open about Nazism there, here in Germany you get arrested. A chinese tourist did it recently at a monument and got arrested. An American did it too and got his ass beat. Maybe if someone beat Dasha she wouldnt be such an anti-semetic cunt.

No. 543873

Well we know she poisoned her ex boyfriend with laxatives…

No. 543878

File: 1531100652589.png (329.22 KB, 2159x1684, Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 6.43…)

did someone claimed trashas twitter url?

No. 543881

bad mina cosplay doucha, wheres this wig from though it's super nice

No. 543886

Where is Cyr's letter to Mina? I just searched in past 2 threads and couldn't find it

No. 543890

File: 1531101671627.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x2560, 18-07-08-22-01-45-039_deco.jpg)

How does she still have fans lolol

No. 543909

And it isn’t even an old photo. Bitch is seriously deranged. Like, this isn’t even calculated manipulative bullshit anymore, she has straight up suffered a psychotic break.

No. 543911

I am truly having so much fun with the fact that Edwin leaked the photos we found as a THUMBNAIL for this video I mean it's all over Twitter, Youtube…it's so beautiful. Dasha looks so horrible in it she's definitely at hair-pulling stage right now as Cyr watches kek

No. 543917

neuphs was privated right this second lol. i was looking at the photos and suddenly it went private

No. 543920

I’m surprised neuphs hasn’t been privated again, she must be maniacally deleting each and every hate comment as soon as she gets notification. I guess she knows that the damage has been done and she’s got nothing left to lose so this is as close as she’ll get to waving a white flag (though I hope it isn’t because a full on public meltdown would be gloriously milky).

No. 543922


kek, nice way to out yourself lurking, putin

No. 543972

It's in Edwin's video "Dasha’s Lies, Manipulation, & Harassment Towards Mina Bell | The REAL Dasha Part 2" at 44 minutes.

No. 544017

Im so glad she did it and im also so proud of edwin for using that picture of dasha hahaha

No. 544022

The best part about him using that picture is that it’s not a bad photo, it’s just fucking accurate and not photoshopped to hell and back by Trasha. Kek

No. 544034

Yeah I dont even feel like dasha is ugly. She's def not -model- like but ugly? not really. She just shops so so much that we all forgot how she actually looks like.

No. 544035


She's uh… Super unfortunate looking compared to her photoshopped self tho

No. 544040

She does not photograph well at all. She’s not a complete fug in Edwin and Mike’s videos but her unshooped stills are something else.

No. 544041

File: 1531111148269.jpg (73.75 KB, 319x445, 91WlE2t2fpL._SY445_.jpg)

No. 544045

This is some outstanding work, anon. Top fucking kek.

No. 544048

She definitely doesn’t photograph well. Even when she was younger and her facial structure was better she still looked average at best, not at all a model with a face or body strong enough to be in any campaigns. Sad, really.
I think her realizing that she’s never going to be physically acceptable as a mainstream model is a main reason why she’s a manipulative, sociopathic instagram “influencer” today.

No. 544053

All this sass for 34 fucking followers, bless her heart.

No. 544076

Only if you count all those fake followers and herself in tho. Without these there aren't many people left to talk to. Which makes it even more ridiculous.

No. 544092

Tinfoil maybe, but… What if it is calculated though? She deliberately made her profile public then recreated Mina’s photo just to further mess with her mind while she is already in an emotional state after finally speaking up about the abuse. And this is basically a reminder that no, it’s not over, despite Mina and Edwin trying so hard to ignore it and then expose it but the support for them is still kind of small scale.

No. 544114

This is definitely plausible and definitely something she is both crazy and thirsty enough to do.

No. 544131


100% agree.

No. 544140

>late night pic
>daylight outside
Her psychosis is funny at times

No. 544232

Finally got around to watching this, my god. Poor Mina. Trasha is such a malicious bint (I know, stating the obvious). How the fuck can anyone justify supporting her? It’s not like there’s a shortage of instathot “influencers” to froth over who aren’t heavyweight title holding thundercunts.

No. 544318

File: 1531129331097.jpg (343.06 KB, 1074x1786, SmartSelect_20180709-054059_In…)

The way this person talks easily makes me think of Dasha

No. 544323

Most if not all of Julia’s fan accounts (and Mina’s “fan” accounts) sound suspiciously like her re: tone/structure/grammar et al. Imagine the hilarity if our illustrious admins who outed Doucha’s samefaggotry and self-posting on here were able to do the same on instagram. The kekkening would be unprecedented.

No. 544324

I think there is a way to track the ip number of who ever is posting to these accounts

No. 544325

If this is possible and there are some anons here who know how to go about it, please feel free to do so on behalf of those of us who are not so technologically adept.

No. 544329

Are you serious? That is illegal >>544324

No. 544338

Feel free to correct me, but I don’t think finding the geolocation associated with an IP address is illegal in itself (as per Dasha’s outing here). That said, even if all accounts are posting from the same IP address that happens to be in DTLA is doesn’t really conclusively prove anything.

No. 544342

Uhm no I am Austrian too and I don't know in what right wing village you live, but here in Vienna no one thinks stupid shit like that is funny. I would never do that and I don't want people to think that it is normal here just because of people like you and Julia.

No. 544354

German here. It's not everyones cup of tea, but yes, some of us germans do think those jokes are funny.
No one who is using/enjoying black humor here is actually taking those comments seriously.
Also there are a bunch of german satircal youtube channels that are using that exact kind of controversial humor and it's actually quite popular over here and (most of) us germans do not get butthurt over it. I get why some people can't laugh about this though.
It's like one of the anons said, shows like southpark and family guy make those jokes all the time and I think it's hilarious.
Obviosly, Trasha is unlikable and psychotic, so her joking around like that isn't funny and I'm not surprised that some of you guys say she's racist. Maybe she is, considering the things she posted on here, but not because of her antisemitic attempts to be funny and edgy.

No. 544355

Tracking ip info isn't illegal lmaoo

No. 544357

Okay cool, but block your face out next time. I can still see your glasses and features.

No. 544360

Wow, I'm so proud of her. GG, Mina. Now that's a clapback she can't ever come back from.

No. 544365

Damn. Glad Mina is finally speaking up. I’ve been waiting for her to talk about it as I think she is the big victim here. It’s still sad that she has a hard time talking about it but so happy she finally is! And that the video is short and too the point.

No. 544368

File: 1531138567831.jpeg (12.08 KB, 225x225, F88F4397-85B0-4BAB-A88E-FB018A…)

Just imagine how seething Julia must be. LOL BE MAD

No. 544370

File: 1531138674499.jpeg (57.12 KB, 640x960, 98BB5367-D2A4-4263-91DF-0F62AF…)

Meanwhile, Mike is still waking up next to this…

No. 544376

How someone can stay with a psychotic person like her, is beyond me. He must be brainwashed, as bad as her, or maybe even afraid? Who knows but he’s also a loser for enabling this shit.

No. 544378

What the hell. I just scrolled through Cyr's old Instagram posts. He used to look really good actually,generally seemed really cool.
This bitch sucked the life out of him lmao he looks terrible now and has the personality of a rock.

No. 544382

A little from column a, a little from column b

No. 544384

Not her, alcoholism.

Sorry, deleted not repost with explanation because I knew someone would say that.
No. Alcoholism.
If he quit Dasha, he would not quit alcohol.
If he quit alcohol, he would quit Dasha.

No. 544386

Classic case of abuse. She has worn him down. She has probably gaslit the fuck out of him too. It’s like what Anusion has done with his fuckwitted footfaced wife; both she and Mike already had latent cuntiness simmering below the surface, all it took was a couple of years of being manipulated by a prize narc to fully unleash it

No. 544405

That would mean that she drove him into alcoholism wouldn't it?

No. 544414

No. He was an alcoholic before e met her. That means alcoholism is why he accepted her as a mate. Beer goggles, lack of proper judgement, low self-esteem, stuck in a rut, lack of motivation, no love for self, others or anything else, depression… all things that go with alcoholism, that make a perfect environment for getting the worst mate possible and remaining stuck with them.

No. 544435


I don't think it matters if people in germany think it's ok. In matters like this we should look at the reaction from people who had losses in their family due to the nazi regime/people who had to flee to avoid being fried etc and have some respect for one of the most tragic events in human history. Dasha's nazi jokes are not edgy, they are just a glimpse of her broken moral compass.

No. 544456

Someone commented on the newest youtube video by E&M that Dasha is literally copying Mina's MOLE PLACEMENTS in the scene where she is wearing the white wig. She is literally insane.

No. 544461

to mock and ridicule hitler and his whole militaristic and stupid "mein führer" aesthetic he had a boner for is far from making stupid & distasteful jokes about the victims of his regime.
the actual problem with dasha is her constantly going off about how Edwin is mexican etc. as if it's something people should care about. she always talks about it like it's something bad.
i think her weird rhetoric regarding edwin's and mina's origin shows way more about her personality than her stupid "look at me i'm hitler" joke.

No. 544462

I agree anon I think it’s combination of things. Her nazi humor is stupid and 3edgy5me. I have a problem though that her roommates expressed feeling uncomfortable yet she continued to make the stupid jokes. That is disrespectful, without a doubt or matter of opinion (people seem split here about whether or not the nazi jokes are offensive) but if you combine that with the fact that she called Mina a terrorist and British cunt, then made comments about Edwin being Mexican, it’s obvious she has SOME racial discrimination

No. 544476

exactly. she seems OBSESSED with trying to belittle people by bringing up their ethnicity/origin all the time (it doesn't work tho, nobody cares as much as you do dasha lmao). no way that's a coincidence.. she definitely is somehow prejudiced and discriminatory. which is really funny to me since she tried hard to come off as one of this feminist PC friendly "girl power!" instagram influencer.

No. 544490

How does she - constantly - do any of those things? I haven't even heard her say anything on either the drama or in general since before 'the real Dasha' and even before that there wasn't much other than fan accounts.

No. 544497

File: 1531151837092.jpg (356.46 KB, 1080x1920, uri_mh1531151813425.jpg)

No. 544506

I’m seriously surprised it took this long for that account to be removes. Ah well at least it’s gone now

No. 544508

Because she fakes a persona. She literally tweeted nazi jokes on twitter but then pretended to be ~loving~ feminism!!! Body positivity *girl. She’s obviously staying on the low because people have been calling her out on her shit.

No. 544509

Honestly this whole thing is kind of crazy. It’s kind of like some soap opera in real life. She must really have no life and be fueled by such jealousy and rage to continue on the path she’s on without giving a fuck what happens now. It’s crazy, when is enough, enough to her lol? Till Mina’s dead? It’s extreme but jeez, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what she wanted.

No. 544513

I think a lot of instathots are like this. Julia just sucks at keeping up her fake persona.

No. 544515

Same anon, for sure. As it was said in previous thread, all these models kept defending Dasha until their fans started calling them out. They’re so fake. She just can’t help but let her real demonic self out. Must be hard to control.

No. 544519

She can let that demonic part out and not be afraid of losing anything because these people still just gonna tuck tail and look away. It’s dumb as hell.

No. 544521


Yes I know. I don't support the things she's done, I just wanted to check whether I missed something new or we're still talking about the same things.

No. 544524


I wonder if it's dasha playing victim?

No. 544526

Never said you did, just read the thread if you’re lost.

No. 544527


hm don't really think so. Sounds like a self-declared psychotherapist

No. 544548

True. I didn't realize it until Mina posted about her dad on father's day but he's muslim. Apparently that's why he and Mina don't get along. I bet she confided that in Doucha and she used it against her.

No. 544560

File: 1531157424343.png (349.37 KB, 714x348, coinsidence.png)

Coinsidence? I dont watch Game of Thrones. Does Khaleesi have these beauty marks or…?

No. 544573

No after the drama unfolded Dasha copied mina's makeup and rven her moles abunch of times. She would record videos ranting about Mina while dressed as her

No. 544587

File: 1531160190661.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180709_21163415…)


No. 544590

File: 1531160281461.png (436.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-09-21-09-23…)

No. 544593

Do y'all want her to become suicidal or do you just assume that she doesn't have any feelings?

I do understand that you don't like her, that you don't support her actions etc. but harassing her doesn't change anything for the better. By doing it you're doing the exact same thing you criticize about her. Just saying.(whiteknight)

No. 544596

File: 1531160530154.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180709_21221421…)

No. 544597


literally wouldn’t shed a single tear if an abuser killed themselves lmao

No. 544603


okay, but what if it's not as one-sided as it is presented to us? We know about everything she's done but we don't know anything about what Mina, Edwin and Cyr did - and no, a situation like this is not caused by one person.

And really, saying it'd be okay for someone to kill themselves because of being bullied and receiving threats via the internet because they made mistakes is such a shitty thing to say or think. We might think we know the whole story but maybe we do not.

No. 544605

If she didn't want to be gossiped about she shouldn't have been such a public mess

No. 544608

File: 1531160946376.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180709_21285588…)

No. 544612

If Mina and Edwin had done anything, Dasha would have spoken about it in an instant. She would call out Mina for imagined harrassments, and sperged out about her on a near daily basis for a year. Why wouldn't she want everyone to know every little thing they had done? She's not shy about telling her side of the story at all. The truth is, she has nothing more to say. She was caught and has no excuse for her actions.

No. 544639


Bitch no one wishes for anyone to kill themselves. And btw a reminder: it's against the site's rules to do so.

It's been said over and over but people seem to not get it: this is a site to witness the trainwreck that many lolcows and snowflakes are THAT'S IT. Not to "save" anybody nor "punish" anybody or even try to be a "fair judge" of shit. It's AGAINST the rules to act trying to punish or "help" somebody, regardless. If we talk about something it's because it's happening, if Mina was an abuser and we saw it happening we would talk about it.

So far all we've seen is countless evidence coming from Mina and from Dasha and Cyr themselves than the last two are two lying abusive pos that have finally been outed for what they are to everyone, which I personally find hilarious and will continue to talk about it.

No. 544655

“They’ve made mistakes” are you a Dasha minion? Are you kidding me? Dasha deserves to be outed for being a manipulative abusive piece of shit. Most people have been showing how much she fakes her photoshops or how ugly she is (inside and out) because of the way SHE ACTS. If she wasn’t a disgusting person no one would be harassing her. If she can’t take what SHE DID AKA CYBER STALK MINA then that’s one her. Karma at its best.

No. 544669

Are these pictures of Edwin and mina with her minions faces scooped over them, or have her minions sent her semi nude pictures?

No. 544679

Lol occasionally commenting on her terrible behaviour isn't harassing her. And if Trasha can't take the criticism, she can make it all stop by leaving people alone, getting actual help and leaving the internet for a while.

No. 544688

You’re slow. If Dasha and Cyr had received any form of abuse towards them by Mina and Edwin, you better believe an exposed video would’ve been made by now. The two of them are staying quiet because they know they’re shit people and they’ve done shit things to innocent people and now they’ve been exposed. There’s no deeper meaning behind all of this, it’s that simple.

No. 544689

What exactly warrants someones nudes and passport being leaked? Theres absolutely nothing Mina could've done that would justify her passport and sensitive info leaked. She could be a victim of identity theft at the moment so no. We know all we need to know. Sorry. Dasha and mina didny take it that far.

No. 544691

Actively trying to destroy someone is not a "mistake".

No. 544695

Most of what Dasha has done is intentional and calculated. Any hate she gets is deserved. She is s certified narc and a total creep

No. 544708

File: 1531166542661.jpg (1.39 MB, 1735x2392, 18-07-09-16-02-58-591_deco.jpg)

No. 544725

She's so smol, her whole background is bending towards her lmao

No. 544726

File: 1531168043846.png (225.59 KB, 595x756, prettyfaced.png)

No. 544781

File: 1531174019444.jpeg (46.53 KB, 248x594, 4FAE5E68-749A-463F-B2D0-EBA1B5…)


So beauty, much prettiness

No. 544824

Her mouth is so big, it kinda scares me. Feels like she could swallow you whole.

No. 544830

File: 1531175492314.gif (936.03 KB, 500x269, 314E58AB-9515-4697-B53D-7E3F91…)

No. 545034

File: 1531184909611.jpeg (55.65 KB, 864x960, 1669B1A7-8237-4253-B790-231B68…)

No. 545038

She's going to have mirandasings level wrinkles if she keeps up w those stupid faces at this rate

No. 545097

File: 1531189870323.jpeg (154.06 KB, 750x1010, 1A1DA700-F554-4005-B4C6-3BBDDB…)

Looks like Mina is reaching out for help! I am actually proud she is, this must be a lot for her to do.

No. 545107

Kek. Mina really let herself go, looks like she has been busy giving back alley bj's in exchange for McDonald's and crack.

No. 545127

Has Putin gone completely dark since re-privating neuphs or is she still posting stratospheric shoops on her account/s?

No. 545131

I was making fun of Dasha not Mina based on the meme the other anon posted

No. 545143

Yeah I was confused and thought it was a Dasha minion, sorry anon

No. 545216

she brought it up because they said she was here illegal. so dasha was implying that they shouldn't joke about that. plus, most Europeans give british people a hard time.
I think its the vegan thing. yeah I saw dasha walking with someone who looked like a drug dealear. (like if it wasn't drugs dasha was sneaking something. saw it at a party. even the way cyr was looking at them said drug deal. however I have no proof-just years of experience.)

Edwin, cyr, vanderpump rules crew, and others have that same gaunt look from vegan and drinking.

No. 545226

Trasha usually doesn't capitalize letters as far as I've noticed but I didn't read her entire post history so I may be wrong!

No. 545234

File: 1531205436229.png (583.04 KB, 712x1036, IMG_20180710_094944.png)

Soo, what happened

No. 545239

File: 1531206675776.gif (9.3 MB, 640x443, SmartSelect_20180612-160036_Yo…)

When you realize you're trapped with a Faux Russian thundercunt while the best friend you screwed over runs iff into the sunset with a sweetheart British ditz, laughing and making vegan food while you try to comfort your screaming wench from ripping her entire head of hair out

No. 545263

No. 545265

File: 1531213077944.jpeg (47.67 KB, 354x415, EFF7A2EB-3042-44B4-AD85-EF1877…)

Good thing she has all those wigs to hide the bald patches

No. 545273

File: 1531215956172.gif (334.45 KB, 499x250, O0FUHvu.gif)

The positioning and her appearance and that quote feel too familiar

No. 545286


it's not, "from vegan". I'm vegan for six years & overweight. Being vegan is not at all synonymous with skinny. So unless they're literally not eating enough it's most likely drugs - except for Edwin. He's just gaunt.

No. 545288

File: 1531218841539.jpg (13.43 KB, 320x259, 35526036_1087548428059708_5605…)

it's like watching the down spiral of michael jackson.

No. 545295

I'm fucking choking, those pics got me at my toppest of keks.

No. 545301

If Tommy Wiseau was crossbred with Michael Jackson, this would be the result

No. 545319

she's got one of those hideous old faces like Lorde.

No. 545320

File: 1531222256668.jpg (879.77 KB, 1298x1298, IMG_20180710_3.jpg)

sorry if this aint on subject but the left is modified, right is normal, one click with the Snow app, no wonder modelling agencies were shocked when they'd meet her for shoots.

feeling real sorry for all those pre teen girls that look up to this

No. 545321

I will never cease to find all the shots/footage from this shoot hilarious.

No. 545325

Thanks for linking this anon, describes doucha perfectly

No. 545326

The woman is actually talking about Dasha wow hahahah.

No. 545333

She legit looks like a man in drag.

No. 545339

File: 1531229231714.jpg (1.83 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180710_16270643…)

No. 545340

File: 1531229302092.png (876.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-16-21-00…)


No. 545341

File: 1531229357978.png (901.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-16-19-22…)

No. 545342

this is also very interesting, although more generalized

No. 545343

File: 1531229421680.png (278.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-16-19-00…)

No. 545346

File: 1531229493757.png (535.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-16-16-54…)

Dash and her minions making fun of mina

No. 545348

File: 1531229583499.png (782.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-16-22-03…)

I guess she really had a thing for in bed snapchats back when they started dating huh?

No. 545352

File: 1531229689926.png (188.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-16-14-18…)

HAHAHAH i look so artsy lol

No. 545354

File: 1531229882111.jpg (92.51 KB, 356x1280, IMG_20180710_163726_292.jpg)

Julia and her boys throughout the years
From Austria to LA
A story about a femme basket case

No. 545361

How many has she secretly fed laxatives to?

No. 545365

Her head is legit massive.

No. 545369

lel so doucha blocked me on her neuphs account (without me ever following it nor commenting on it) so she probably lurkes on either mina or lettie's account where I commented supportive words lmfao
waiting for doucha to read this so she blocks me on itsbabydash too - so petty

No. 545371

OR she's blocking their followers


No. 545376

She looks so much like Kiki in the first picture.

No. 545380

She looks like she belongs in a Geico commercial

No. 545381

File: 1531234697003.png (735.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-17-50-05…)

No. 545388

What's this from?

No. 545402

google reversed to "the hunt", a website where you can post photos andask the community where to buy those items

No. 545403

File: 1531238033557.jpeg (103.39 KB, 290x438, 9eace9fb3d72d86ce125357bfdbf44…)

lol from the same site- where tf are you small, man-looking rectangular pit of hell lmao

No. 545406

So I messaged Dasha being really nice simply asking when or if Cyr and her are going to address this and she blocked.

No. 545421

I’m not a fan of Dasha but looking at old pics of her I’m like maybe if she just had more confidence and stopped being a skin walker and was more genuine she wouldn’t be as gross. She was decent back then. At least in looks. Now she’s…. just no.

No. 545422

just as was to be expected. her and cyr are most probably in a 'how dare you to bring negativity to our life' mindset, because they just don't have anything to say anymore. they're pressed against the wall and they know it. they hope it will all ago away as time goes by. I hope it will not.

No. 545424

dasha has no "personality" of her own, so she can't just stop being a skinwalker

No. 545426


I'm still interested in how Cyr feels about all this and what he thinks. Surely he knows the truth, and it's ruining him whether he addresses it or not.

I knew a guy who dated a skin-walker and when he confronted her, he said, "You know, if I wanted to date (ex here), I'd still be with her." She lost her damn mind as if she was being sneaky about her behavior. I wonder how Cyr handles all of this.

No. 545427

Yeah, agreed. A cheap imitation will always be exactly that, but I don't think she has an identity of her own anyway. I remember in Cyr's "Chatting With" interview with Andrew Hales, he said he wasn't into her at first, that she wasn't his type, that he usually likes "art hoes." She's definitely the type to try to become her partner's ideal, that crazy girl who dyes her hair red bc her boyfriend calls a redhead cute in passing.

No. 545459

sorry for being an idiot (i'd sage if i could) but those literally look the exact same to me? am i missing something?

No. 545488

Her jaw is more shaved in the left side and smaller, her eyes are more bigger

No. 545512

Her boyfriends gradually becoming more and more effeminate

No. 545519

File: 1531250461282.png (622.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-22-08-22…)

No. 545523

File: 1531250778057.jpg (2.29 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180710_22232180…)

No. 545525

File: 1531250834640.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180710_22250403…)

No. 545527

File: 1531250881115.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180710_22255868…)

No. 545529

File: 1531250943597.png (575 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-21-55-06…)

No. 545530

File: 1531251000450.png (338.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-10-21-56-39…)

No. 545531

Dasha has always been a terrible person, she's just gotten more salty and jealous with age.

No. 545545


there is no way this bitch is 22, she looks 24 in these

No. 545547


the beginning of the mina skinwalking phase

No. 545594

this blonde bimbo look suits her so much better. she is not cute or artsy looking like mina or other insta models

No. 545596

it's awful but fits her personality better

No. 545598

File: 1531258403220.jpg (502 KB, 793x1212, SmartSelect_20180710-171831_In…)

Yea she never copied Mina at all, just stole her style, shops her face + body to look like hers, wears curly dark wigs, not noticeable at all

No. 545605

I wonder if she really is so delusional, that she thinks, that she looks like her shopped pics in rl.. that would be sad af

No. 545617

most people who shoop are tbh. i just don't get why she'd want to.

No. 545625

because she's insecure as fuck and hates her normal looks

No. 545626

File: 1531260509102.png (314.85 KB, 388x682, Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 6.02…)

In Dash's IG story she's making fun of Cyr's outfit. First of all, Dash, your fashion sense is whatever Mina does so stfu. Secondly, I know you see Cyr has a fashion accessory or a medal of accomplishment in hurting Mina, but you deserve a shitty medal.

No. 545636

Yea he looks grimey as fuck first if all.

Secondly her story jokingly mocking him is sooo dry and cringey. Cyr doesn't even laugh. They're literally so boring. I bet Dasha is gonna keep posting pics and videos of them together to try and compete with Edwin and Mina

No. 545637

Edwin and Mina are livestreaming right now btw

No. 545684

Does anyone think that maybe Cyr isn't paying much attention to/ignoring E&M's videos and claims? Just a thought, seeing as while Dasha is most likely watching their every livestream, Cyr seems to be streaming himself on Twitch. I know he obviously won't mention the drama (at least as of now) and deletes/bans the use of words associated with the drama in his stream, but is this him refusing to acknowledge what's going on? Not trying to defend him or his past actions in any way, but is this him choosing to ignore the allegations which are most definitely real and very scary for someone to go through? So he doesn't know everything that's being said, perhaps? Again, not trying to defend I just think it's interesting.

No. 545750

File: 1531271058447.jpg (200.24 KB, 1914x773, totallynotdasha1.jpg)


In that stream Edwin showed screenshots of messages that "dasha's closet" sent the girl that shared the voice messages asking people to report Edwin's videos. This is the first bunch

No. 545751

File: 1531271198228.jpg (214.64 KB, 1914x773, totallynotdasha2.jpg)

No. 545754

Oh god I remember this one, the message at the bottom is about the guy from the Weeknd and she was bragging about fucking him or something, so people asked what he was like in private and her response says "very quiet and nice". top kek

No. 545757

File: 1531271761486.jpg (228.95 KB, 1914x773, totallynotdasha3.jpg)


Last one

No. 545765

What did Edwin lie about in his stream? Is it that he told people this girl was pressured into making the video when she was actually manipulated instead? If so, it's hilarious that this girl is focusing on that tiny mistake rather than all of the massive, racist, illegal stuff that her "idol" has done. Or she's just trying to get that girl to say Edwin lied so she can ha