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File: 1578200350095.jpg (386.64 KB, 858x740, dXaRXRS.jpg)

No. 745600

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>728586

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis and blog posting are against the rules.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder. Both Momokun and her ex-lackey Vamplettes have publicly mocked her victims

>Attempting to create another Twitter. No one wants her back.
>Thinks bleaching her asshole is worthy of a Instagram post
>claims her new onsen photobook is "fully nude". Later claims that her vagina will be censored.
>squarecuck does a shitty job of editing her sets. It shows clearly in this shoot because her actual obese body is reflected in the water/glass of the onsen.
>made another claim for "big plans" including boothing and other paid gigs. Is really just setting up in the dealer's hall with other thots and scarfing down food during her vacations instead of working
>dyed her hair from hag grey to her natural color of brown because her hair is so damaged that it's coming out. She has also resorted to combing over her hair to hide bald spots
>Has apparently had liposuction on her neck.
>Tried to go on Twitch with her nipples showing through her top, gets banned, creates a Mixer instead
>takes up Steven Universe, pretends to actually care about the show
>shows off her Polaroid goods. They look like Dahmer took them
>photobook hasn't even been sampled yet for product quality inspection. The preorder dates are way overdue.
>has a late night rant where she asks her followers to stop asking about her falling out with Vamps. Implies that Vamps had a disagreement, had crossed boundaries and the aftermath was traumatic for Moo.
>trying to milk the disaster in Australia for brownie points. You too can fap to her shooped Hank ass for a measly 20 dollars

No. 745614

Just because the list doesn't seem clear enough in OP, but thank you so hell and back for adding it!

>animal abuse tinfoiling
>weight sperging/arguing about her 'real' weight
>nitpicking tits/body marks unless it's a new surgery that is an actual topic
>old milk/reposting photos to bring up discussions when it's been slow
>kick for fat
>tinfoiling about her relationships/derailing with anon's claiming to know her
>pedo/incest claims/discussion
>money/income/tax sperging
>creating another shitty thread [mentioned specifically 2 threads ago by a mod]
>armchair - We know she has ADHD and that's it, don't try to say she has other shit.

No. 745635

so what are we actually allowed to discuss?
imagine if gossip in real life was regulated this strictly

No. 745636

They are rules but I notice as long as farmers don't start 15 replies in fighting about it then, ya know. Though I personally don't like to remind Momo about a certain yearly task. Just let her sink and burn at that point

No. 745638

Looks like Moo's stories about if people donated she'd send a set were taken down. IDK if she got scared of being reported for soliciting goods or what, but I can't find them anywhere now.

What don't you get? These are straightforward to follow. Just don't sperg about in the thread. That's about it, but there are so many things that anon's like to tinfoil and bullshit around about that we have to clearly label what mods have already discussed at this point.

No. 745643

Okay, we get it you can stop sperging hoping mods kiss your ass. Pretty sure mini modding is also bannable. Can we just get back to Moo before the infighting starts early in a thread.

No. 745651

Good thing I took screencaps, they’re in the previous thread before the new thread link was posted.

No. 745652


yeah, the chick she wants to copy had her instagram taken down, so Im thinking Moo linking to her and saying she was going to do the same thing got her spooked. One of her nitwits probably pointed it out to her.

No. 745653

Didn't Maddie move in too towards the end of the thread? Or is she just visiting again?

No. 745655

Arent they all going to go to the same con in a few weeks or next week? Might be gathering.

No. 745657

>trying to milk the disaster in Australia for brownie points.
Thank the previous Anon for spoilering the screenshots, I'm shocked that she full on shared pics of actual burnt animals on her story with no warnings. I almost got sick just looking at it here. Who in their right mind sees a dead kangaroo and is like, "ohp, better swipe up so I can donate in order to see some saggy udders!"

No. 745665

Funny how she picks and chooses issues. She picked Australia only when she saw sex workers getting clout for selling their nudes for charitable donations.

Yet not a single word about the situation in Iran and Iraq. Although she’s “Arab” and every Arab is discussing it. Australia has also been on fire for over a month. Her timing and purpose is once again just to take advantage of getting clout and has nothing for do with actually being a good samaritan. You never change Mariah.

No. 745666

Now she'll conveniently remember to post about it after she reads this here.

No. 745668

File: 1578212881622.jpeg (124.22 KB, 1238x754, 8F20329E-0352-46BA-8C5E-9D8485…)

With as much time as she spends online, she should have been somewhat aware it was going on. She just didn’t care until she could find a way to exploit it for attention.

You’re welcome. It made me sick to my stomach when I saw that too so a spoiler was definitely necessary. Guess its a good thing it’s documented now though since she went back and deleted them.

No. 745731

Nope, Umbran moved in. Is Marvin still living there too? This shit is going to get hilarious in a hurry, although it looks like Moo is keeping a tighter leash on her new pet than before.

Her ability to keep her head so firmly up her own ass is impressive, truly.

No. 745750

What the hell, why did she have to post those pictures? Jesus.

No. 745757

We have no proof she moved in. Show proof or stop tinfoiling.

No. 745759

Cuz she seen the other costhots make bank on pandering nudes using this situation.

No. 745760

It's in the previous thread. Keep up before you start acting like an autistic idiot.(infighting)

No. 745763

Shes talked about it but where is her flat out saying 'im moved into moos home'? Speculation is jack shit because they are all always over there. Umbran has said shes moving but didnt say inside moos home right this second.

No. 745766

There is nothing in the other thread. This is an image board. Repost the confirmation from her or Moo.

No. 745767

There is a Calves thread. Umbran's screencaps relevant to her moving in are posted there.

No. 745804


I checked and it still doesn't say, from her or Moo, that she is living with Moo. All we know is months ago Umbran talked about moving to Vegas, but so was Ant. We don't know if they are actually living inside Moo's house though. Its just tinfoil.

I wonder if Moo is going to keep everyone up to date with what they are raising with these DMs. Probably nothing now since she took those incentives away and she doesn't have a twitter to use to promote this shit. Must suck to suck, Moo.

No. 745814

To be fair the e-girl who started it only asked for proof of donation not the money to herself.

No. 745816

moo did the same thing, it looks like: >>>/pt/745594

No. 745817

these are not all bannable, admin didn't list most of these as bannable. stop making shit up.

No. 745818

Go through the multitude of threads Moo has had over the 3/4 years. Admins have addressed all of these at one point.

No. 745820


Isn't mini-modding bannable too

No. 745835

File: 1578272401611.jpg (Spoiler Image, 751.27 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200105-165658_Ins…)

From an aussie influencer.

No. 745852

As someone who has to evacuate from these fucking fires, watch my firends homes burn and breath nothing but smoke for a week straight, fuck you Moo. On behalf of everyone in Australia, go fuck yourself with a fucking cactus you cunt.(alog blog)

No. 745866


No. 745873

File: 1578285339066.jpg (21.5 KB, 397x347, HL2Fe8X.jpg)

Saw this on facebook on the main post regarding the magfest wig drama fest. Nice to know that even as she's trying to stay under the radar from the majority of the con community she's still getting dragged

No. 745915

File: 1578290989189.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.95 KB, 1080x1080, H19HkNT.jpg)

I had to see it, now you do too

No. 745968

I feel bad for whoever had to edit that

No. 745978

Jfc she's photoshopped off like 100 pounds

No. 745987

Is she still going to Katsucon after all this? I remember she lurked outside last year.

No. 746003

The shoop makes it look like her underwear is covering a giant bellend or chode instead of the mons pubis(nitpick)

No. 746061

File: 1578342663379.png (251.95 KB, 439x663, Screenshot_153.png)

She still hasn't sent out this months patreon rewards

No. 746064

What’s the point of boasting about having a “team” working for her if they can’t help send shit out on time to her patrons? Lying comes as easy to her as breathing air or binging sushi.

No. 746101

Because she doesn't actually have a team, but if something goes wrong she wont get the blame for it.
Her team is usually whoever she invited to her home that week

No. 746113

File: 1578352961872.png (615.97 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_2020-01-06-15-15-21…)

No. 746115

File: 1578353071894.png (30.85 KB, 720x214, Screenshot_2020-01-06-15-21-24…)

No. 746117

File: 1578353219586.png (920.84 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_2020-01-06-15-15-39…)

No. 746119

File: 1578353440320.png (905.91 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-01-06-15-16-26…)

No. 746128

She's so unattractive. It's got to be a part of the appeal for her fans, honestly. Weird niche fetish for fat girls with granny bods.

Anyways, does she send out the links for her new sets individually? The way she worded it in that patreon post almost implies it.

No. 746130

i see… no difference whatsoever

No. 746131

the only difference is the lighting. The after pic looks like she's under white office lights plus a snow filter

No. 746141

If you compare it via lighting the after is actually WORSE because the contrast between her skin and the stretchmark is higher than it is on the before picture. The after picture they straight up look like wound scars

No. 746151

Looks like the photo book or whatever the fuck it was it's delayed to early February, what a fucking joke lmao. She was even asking what everyone wants to see from her and of course no giving a single fuck about the cuck replies.

No. 746159

File: 1578361086974.png (2.72 MB, 1048x1800, 5ADEDEA9-E901-4309-8E52-1AC1FF…)

>letting anger go

But still going on manic late night IG rants about people taking advantage of her for money and throwing shade at former friends whenever possible. Sure Moo.

No. 746168

Literally anyone not thinking with their penis said this would happen, because it ALWAYS happens.

It's a scam, she's only saying "it's coming" to skirt around patreon smacking her down for scamming.

No. 746169

she has been spewing this shit for years now. She even had a "sensei" to help reel her in but went manic when he got a cute girlfriend.

No. 746184

so in the top right story there are four "ghosts" she halfassedly scratched out, presumably so she could share this and maintain a guise of privacy (of course if she really wanted it private they'd be scratched out completely or the screenshot would be cropped…)

the bottom one looks like it likely says "Colette", any guesses on the other three?

No. 746185

I hate to speculate but the scribbles are people she's "torn relationships" with. Collette is last and either "your mother/father"

No. 746208

First one kinda looks like "Obviously my father" to me.

No. 746209

File: 1578365196306.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 720x894, Screenshot_2020-01-06-18-45-45…)

Squarecuck's Instagram

No. 746213

well if that's the hill he wants to die on

No. 746237

File: 1578367144645.png (185.41 KB, 623x507, guess.PNG)

This is the best guess I could make.
I tried using Sensei as the third name but it didn't really match up

No. 746263

please tell me this is a set and she didn't actually hang her bare ass out for photos on public transit …

No. 746274

It was a shoot at a studio in Japan that had themed sets. But I understand why you’d be confused, it’s the same woman that wore a several sizes too small bikini on a boat full of families with children.

No. 746284

With the direction she's going she will have to start doing fetish crap like that anyway. Like the people who flash in wal mart

No. 746289

She still hasn’t delivered this months rewards and her cucks are getting impatient in the comments

No. 746298

File: 1578372330431.png (91.08 KB, 720x928, Screenshot_2020-01-06-20-42-58…)

The first comment was deleted but how does this not sound controlling as fuck?

No. 746299

What is this in relevance to?

No. 746300

it is about Vamps leaving her. Apparently like a true narc Momo gave her a list of demands and things she needs to do if they can keep being friends anymore.
Man I just wanna know how crazy Momo really is but all her friends and ex friends are too spineless

No. 746304

ACTUALLY what happened: Moo posted a Calvin Klein teaser for her new set and I assume someone posted about Vamps just doing the same type of set in the same white underwear.

No. 746310

File: 1578373543027.png (148.32 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2020-01-06-21-01-45…)

>I don't tan

No. 746311

this is an image board

No. 746330

Bitch can't even spell Lebanese

No. 746332

She's been misspelling it for years and I can't fathom why.
She even spelled it wrong when she submitted her info text for Wizard World. You'd think she try to spell it right if she's gonna insist on using it for POC points

No. 746362

lmao at her suddenly deciding she wants to skinwalk kim kardashian

No. 746425

File: 1578412390550.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.44 KB, 461x307, ff79b33.jpg)

What would you call this drugged out face she always does? Frogmouth?

No. 746427

File: 1578412584831.png (Spoiler Image, 1.94 MB, 1067x1600, 1948b71.png)

No. 746436


why on earth does she look like a giant ass infant in the middle of getting her diaper changed and why did she decide its a great idea to upload this.

No. 746446

File: 1578415546367.jpg (94 KB, 640x800, d3c0661193eec3d610660d11a1ee41…)

No. 746454

File: 1578416218034.jpg (692.13 KB, 1067x1600, LyV9jc9.jpg)

The kind of quality content you get from one of her photo shoot.

No. 746455

File: 1578416253036.jpeg (167.02 KB, 905x1150, E8BCDBAC-7862-493E-9A8B-255587…)

Her new token expression reminds me of those old toys from the 80s/90s that had eyes that would close at certain angles.

Please go back to invisible hat, moo.

No. 746457

File: 1578416607589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 929.7 KB, 1067x1600, CQQstjn.jpg)

She's trying to go for a sultry look but it just looks bad.

No. 746459

These poses are so tired and uncreative. Momo obviously is doing what’s comfortable to her but it’s just lazy to me.

No. 746463

File: 1578419094028.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 2880x3840, 8f621ea.jpg)

No. 746464

File: 1578419141088.jpg (Spoiler Image, 496.5 KB, 1920x2400, 3649f28.jpg)

No. 746466

Well at least her fake otaku phase is dying out now that she settled on selling nudes. No more annoying wikipedia styled rants about anime she barely knows about. No more pretending she plays video games.
She's going to cons yeah, but only cuz she wants some form of attention.

No. 746470

The inconsistent shoop of her nipple size is really killing me
She can't decide if she wants big "Mommy" nipples or small pepperonis

No. 746472

Im more laughing at the fact that I know square likes making shit from nothing like those crappy fake muscles on Aly. He's been inflating her stick to her skin flat ass tits to make them more round and it just looks fucked up because it doesn't actually go with her body. They both need to ease on the editing.

No. 746476

honestly I don't blame Square for making her boobs round. Her natural boob shape is… weird? Saggy yet the bottom of her breasts are forever flat?

But I do admit that the level of photoshop is stupid and she may as well be cgi at this point. Her skin is edited over, her actual body shape is gone. If she loses this relationship with Square it's def gunna damage her

No. 746477

If she loses any of them. Im thinking she mightve made her Pokemon thing because of how inaccurate and small and just bad it is. Ant is overloaded and behind on ears, so she's busy doing those. Square has other people to shoot, but he's fast with his editig and shit, so he's fine for now, but a lot of stuff she is on her own for I think at this point. I havent seen anyone making anything for her anymore. Usually we get wips. We've only seen the Melony things and, again, they are completely wrong.

No. 746485

I doubt she made that, it's probably just from Taobao/Aliexpress.

No. 746491

Sakamichi's original design she put out this recently would already be on Taoboa/Aliexpress of a fat granny character? Anon, please don't give sniping sites credit like that. You can even see the puff paint she used.

No. 746513

File: 1578431617557.webm (Spoiler Image, 18.61 MB, 1080x1440, Video Dec 26, 6 46 30 PM.webm)

Moo trying to be sexy

No. 746515


No. 746518

She dipped her ass ONCE and you could see the smallest of cheeks combine in the middle and the rest is thigh. Oh Moo.. Oh no. This is bad, so bad. She's been on Onlyfans asking who wants foot jobs and calling herself mommy and it's disgusting. She looks disgusting. I think she's finally content with being a slob for other slobs. She's gotten 100x worse as far as actually peddling almost porn now.

No. 746519

IIRC it was during the Hawaii trip.

No. 746520

This was in Hawaii. Follow the threads please and it was just a top. Unless anon means when they go to hotels and shoot on patios or in the pools. People go to normal beaches wearing this shit, so it's a nitpick tbh, but its not like only people in the cos com do this. Its literally the aestetic of money hungry anyone on socials so its everywhere in real life. Its trashy, absolutely, but not rare.

No. 746522

Oh, then it wasn't that bad, I pictured her showing her fat ass and malformed muffin in front of children in a micro bikini.

No. 746524

File: 1578432742501.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.7 MB, 5760x3840, NOOD1501.jpg)

Blur tool to the rescue

No. 746525

She always always always makes ass photos focus on her face and lets the ass he blurry even when its the closest thing to the camera. Is cuck doing that because its easier to edit a blurry ass and hide the mistakes and editing? Even when she's not looking at the camera she does the editing like that.

No. 746526

There was also an incident at Fanime (family convention) when I think she was wearing her Chichi or a Chun Li dress with what looked like no underwear.

No. 746528

Holy shit I've debunked this so many times. I have friends on staff, no one has ever heard of this with Moo. Its some bullshit someone made it and its Moo and of course it spread. She was wearing underwear and no, no one from the hotels or staff had to ask her to prove it either. This is a completely bullshit lie someone made because her Chun-Li had a high slit like that red dress chick. There are things and one piece shapewear even that are tall and long so that you can wear shit like this and she was wearing one of those thongs.

No. 746529

You're defending moo awfully hard in a thread not about kissing her ass.

On an imageboard with no images to backup your claims at that.

No. 746530

File: 1578433446980.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.73 MB, 4857x7278, Wonderland 135.JPG)


She didn't do it on this one

No. 746531

There was also no proof from the story aside from someone in here and on Twitter posting about it without the con confirming it and no further photos. This is a twitter grab story because at the time this was Moo's big year where she fucked a lot of stuff up including AX. Its not kissing her ass to say that she was indeed wearing underwear. Staff for 8 years and even a few rover heads never heard of this story. Asking in person unfortunately doesn't give me receipts.

No. 746533

They look exactly the same bit with different lighting???

No. 746535

If you happen to have other proof that she was wearing no underwear aside from the twitter story from 2 angles only where you can't even see her vagina to prove she isn't wearing anything, please post them as I haven't seen them. There are no photos of her flashing her vagina or asshole from Fanime. She was covered, thinly, but covered and that's all staff needs to allow outfits like this around that venue. its always been like this with this con. You have people wearing floss and it passes. This practically a party con for 5 days with areas open 24hrs.

No. 746544

Bold of you to assume she actually entered the venue when she has a history of loitering outside cons for pictures.

She’s shaped like an overgrown toddler and the pose isn’t helping things.

No. 746545

She and her group did have badges though. She even wandered around at night with them on her wrist. We do have shots of those. Its old milk anyway. Im not going to talk about it anymore besides its a fabricated attempt at attention from the Twitter user without any real proof and instead just self taken camera shots to try to start shit for clout.

No. 746568

Yo my nigga I agree with that ish. Also momokun is in love with that blur tool it’s laughable

No. 746577

What is with the scrunchie halfway down her hair? It looks disgusting. Please cut off your hair and treat it proper, Moo. You look someone's desperate aunt with hygiene problems.

No. 746580

File: 1578443369604.png (1.17 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-01-07-16-26-26…)

No. 746581

File: 1578443407885.png (1.05 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2020-01-07-16-26-31…)

Anyone willing to snipe pictures?

No. 746583

File: 1578443565540.png (1.01 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2020-01-07-16-26-37…)

No. 746585

File: 1578443637260.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 1242x1618, 272847ED-38E5-4B60-8C74-B53436…)

All this money spent on getting her asshole bleached, just for it to still look like she doesn’t know how to wipe.(nitpick about momos asshole)

No. 746586

File: 1578443727219.png (1022.58 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2020-01-07-16-26-42…)

Says she's going to sell merchandise at the booth

No. 746588

Its called shadows. That isn't how bleaching works. Its a shitty low res screenshot of a video.

Doesn't sound like she has a booth/table. She would be promoting it. I think she is planning on carrying these with her to sell, without license, at the convention during this MaG

No. 746589

She's apparently sharing a booth with Aly and Miso but not sure if ALA counts. She was talking about Anime Impulse before.

No. 746591

I remember she threw Square under the bus one time because a fan complained about over editing. Now look at her. They might as well just shoop her face on another body.

No. 746592

I wonder how she is going to fare at Anime Los Angeles. The entire California cosplayer scene hates her.

No. 746596


The same way she always fares- she MAY waddle through really quickly surrounded by her circle of calves just to prove the hadurs wrong, then back to her room/nearest food court/nearest bar to write up her online “thank you so much for so much love at con!” Bullshit before she goes to break another DDR machine with her fat ass. Maybe pose for a couple photos with some sweaty neckbeard outside the last day before waddling home again. Same as every other time. Unless she of course dips out totally because (insert pathetic reason here).

No. 746598

No. 746600

I feel like at some point Momo is going to get into trouble with the porn thing. She's hiding behind "cosplay" but lately it's all porn.

No. 746602

“All proceeds go towards another cosmetic procedure or unpteenth cat”

No. 746603

Dad must be so proud

No. 746608


She’s clever for doing this so people won’t contact the con to report her ass again and give them time to remove her from it like what happened with AX and the sticker artist.

Well guess what hoe lol

No. 746612

Will she make it to the con floor this year? I'm betting no. TBH this is probably her test run for returning to cons see how everyone takes to her.

No. 746613

It will be interesting. ALA is a smaller con, but everyone still goes to it. I can’t imagine her being able to keep a low profile.

No. 746624

No one gives a fuck about her past anymore, anon. They will take her. Even Slayrizza is sending her comments on posts and shit. No one gives a fuck about Moo's sexual assaults and harassment or her stolen OC anymore. They would rather run out a wig snatcher who is black than blackball a white passing poc who only brings it up when she wants points. She assembled a good enough team to make sure she doesn't stay down for long. Nudity and money can take you fucking anywhere and Moo's digusting ass is popular in the scene with a lot of high profile and coming up cosplayers and its fucking sad. She may not be getting invites to cons, but she is less scrutinized and is just a meme to a small fraction that hates her still.

No. 746628

The internet does not forget. Don't downplay just how much people hate her just because they aren't actively talking about her on the daily (aside from here). Besides, she wants people to talk about her because it's the only attention she craves.

No. 746629

Im not trying to downplay. The internet doesn't forget and yet she is more popular than she ever has been regardless of getting invited to things. she's absolute shit, but go through her likes and you have extremely high follower count, actual influential people, who like and share her shit in the community. We just have to wait for someone to try and collab with her because then then people are able to bring shit up. Otherwise, right now, she is making more money than ever and she isn't unpopular and it fucking sucks to see a toxic creator like her get attention. Not talking on the daily is fine as long as you can flaunt who does and will support you and thats a lot of popular cosplayers [aside from Jessica]. Even Yureta supports her.

No. 746631

It personally weirds me out that other cosplayers support her. Not because of her past but Momo doesn't cosplay anymore? Like what are they supporting? Porn? I know a lot of cosplayers who are stuck up to that.
Momo only cosplays once every few months to cover her ass. But to say she's a cosplayer is a stretch. Everything about Momo is hella baffling.

No. 746633

For the past 2 years cosplay is melding more with wannabe models and half of them cosplay/lewd on the side. Thats why she is getting more support and it fucking sucks because its not just the cosplay community now. Its actual models too which is disgusting. Thats why she's problematic. She's white passing for a poc with barely 1/4839th of her actually being Labanese. There are cosplayers and then there are thots. A lot of 18+ women in the community do some kind of lewd marketing now. Its common and we all know how Moo likes to spin her 'ueu I support you all'. Even Babufeets, the chick with the wig issue, when someone mentioned how Moo pulled theft with someone her reply was 'Miss Mariah has been very supportive to me throughout this whole ordeal'.

She's literally DMing people on the side to act like 'cosplay mom' and people being okay with other people being harassed because it hasn't happened to them is so fucking low of the coscom. Moo is a master manipulator. Its a complete waiting game with slow milk for a year in hopes she fucks up somewhere.

No. 746635

File: 1578470305405.jpg (211.96 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20200107-235807_Twi…)

This mentality of forgiving because it hasnt happened to you is scummy.

No. 746637

It’s really annoying that people who have never interacted with her before for more than a few minutes or a couple private messages start to defend “Miss Mariah” (is that a nickname she tells people to refer to her as?). It’s like they’re incapable of doing a google search on her when people bring up the fact that she isn’t some saintly cosmom.

No. 746638

It's shitty to steal at all. But people are hunting down the black cosplayer and refusing to forgive her yet the countless times Momo stole properties people spat out "people change"
When men are caught molesting people they get jail time and even 5-10 years after the incident people don't forgive them.
Momo is lucky because she gets a pass for being a white passing female who sells nudes. It sucks but it really shows what the community dissolved into.

No. 746640

File: 1578472753978.jpg (323.77 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_01-08-03.11.37.jpg)


If she was wearing underwear in her chichi cosplay we would have seen it like in her chun li cosplay. I have a screenshot of a tweet of someone saying they saw her bits when the wind caught her cosplay, and I have a gif of someone sneaking up behind her and you can tell by her behaviour she is not comfortable in what she was wearing and was trying to stay covered. If she was wearing underwear it was incredibly tiny, like the kind that doesn't have straps on the side, and this seems unlikely because this was around the time that her calvin Klein underwear was in heavy rotation and she didn't give any thought to her underwear.

No. 746642

You dont have to wear the same underwear in every cosplay because her other underwear showed. She invested in other shit. Get over it anon. The story was a clout grab. Let it rest. The fucking rover head never even heard of this issue.

No. 746645

She wore the same underwear for a long time though

No. 746651

No. 746656

File: 1578485761793.jpeg (118.29 KB, 750x790, 1527489787284.jpeg)

No. 746657

File: 1578486005163.png (186.59 KB, 720x1280, 1527492416127.png)

No. 746659

This milk is from so long ago, it’s solid by now.
Besides: One random person saying something isn’t proving anything. How hard is it that to understand?
If I now go and tweet ‘Guys I just saw momokun and she legit wore a bikini to the grocery store lmao’, does that mean it totally happened, too?

No. 746660

File: 1578486598014.gif (1.37 MB, 320x320, 1527475447436.gif)


It's incredible obvious that she wasn't wearing underwear just from looking at video and pictures, and the tweets from people who were there are more reliable than some random comment on an image board from someone who claims to have known someone who worked at fanime. Obviously she was never forced to prove it but it's pretty clear she wasn't wearing any.
Her CK waistband was visible in her chun li outfit and she had to adjust it several times. She was too stupid to figure out how to get around that so she opted for no underwear instead. The chi chi outfit was too small and a bit stiff because moo made it herself out of a thick fabric at the last minute and didn't bother testing it out.

No. 746661

File: 1578486907452.jpg (151.59 KB, 1080x1350, 32725479_369365490224628_10825…)


You don't get something like this without underwear, especially with moo who insists on wearing 2 sizes too small. At best you could achieve it with something like a c-string but if she had one of those we would have absolutely seen it in one of her sets by now.

No. 746662

why are you so hellbent on defending this cow? if it was old milk you could just stop with defending her and let other anons have their own opinion.

No. 746664

Is this person the same anon who has been WKing Moo for the past little while?

No. 746666

>Umbran moves in with Moo
>Sudden uptick in screeching about proof and how milk is old and anons with over a hundred threads of documentation of Moo's shit are reaching

Glad to see she found her totally legit prescription cheap cosplay glasses after anons mentioned she hasn't worn them for awhile.

No. 746672

It all stemmed from this tweet too though. Both sides just need to drop it. No concrete proof about it. The derailing is real.

No. 746673

Youre writing a narrative for her, anon. I dont get the obsession with her supposedly wearing the same underwear because you demand she needs to struggle with pulling it up at this con too. Kek

No. 746675

This is trump levels of distraction at this point lol, guarantee umbran is behind it.

No. 746678

File: 1578497191191.jpg (500.34 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_01-08-10.25.46.jpg)


She wasn't wearing underwear. You can see it in the reflection in this pic. I don't know why you are defending this so hard.

No. 746679

File: 1578498536548.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 434.8 KB, 1920x1920, DA91F1F6-E109-4021-8364-20A94B…)

You act like she isn’t know for chronically yanking up her underwear as high as possible.
Also there’s a difference between knowingly and willingly exposing yourself in a chosen setting and being accidentally exposed against your will. So yeah obviously she’s more insecure about her crotch being exposed accidentally in public vs showing it during a shoot (and being able to edit the results).

Also, I’m not defending her, I just don’t get the obsession with something that’s happened more than a year ago and has already been discussed back when it actually happened.
What else is the definition of old milk, if not this?

No. 746681


She wears it like that for shoots, not for conventions. If she was wearing anything like in the pics you showed there would have been a slip up. This kinds of bottoms on her the way she wears them would not stay up. She made this the day before the convention, didn't test it, and wore nikes with the chichi outfit, you think she is going to put that much thought into her underwear if she thinks nobody is going to see it? (Case in point: the calvin kleins with her chun li cosplay)
She would have had to plan ahead and literally wore the skimpiest underwear she ever wore.

No. 746683

Didn't she used to wear those weird wire thongs? I think called C String? It's shaped like a boomerang. You wouldn't be able to tell if she had it.

No. 746684

Lets stop falling for the bait and infighting and focus on current stuff for now.

No. 746687

This screenshot isn’t proving anything. You can’t tell if she is or isn’t wearing underwear. She might even be wearing a nude thong.

I’m just upset she didn’t wear dance tights? I feel like it would smooth everything out.

No. 746688

File: 1578503939407.png (Spoiler Image, 202.01 KB, 469x348, Screenshot_20200108-111844.png)

Video #9 has her unedited body with no filters https://mega.nz/fm/0c0DUSYQ

No. 746689

Not horrible, but quite different from her super-edited fictional body. Wearing a bra that actually fits would help a good deal tho

No. 746690

Why does it keep redirecting me to my Mega homepage?

No. 746692

It got taken down. Sage your thirsty neckbeard posts.

No. 746693

Like I said no proof shes not wearing underwear and fucking shame on creep anons in the SJ area trying to get shots under her cosplays. Fucking gross man.

No. 746694

It is pretty bad honestly and this was after her most recent rounds of lipo. But she doesn't photoshop my dudes… Technically she's right, she doesn't. Square does

No. 746701

No. 746704

File: 1578509838934.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 918.73 KB, 3072x3072, 9C738318-2F00-4649-9480-070315…)

so much for not photoshopping my dudes

No. 746705

File: 1578510032124.jpg (298.84 KB, 292x564, jrfb3z1.jpg)

Some more choice shots. https://imgur.com/a/UH6lWgw

No. 746706

File: 1578510164086.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.69 MB, 371x750, 6A31C4F6-F312-4474-9F15-468C2B…)

No. 746714

Good lord, she walks ("waddles"?) like a linebacker… For someone who's income is based on being a sex object, she can't sell it.

No. 746715

I know it's been said, but jesus, I can never get over just how small her fuckin' head is every time I see shit like this.

No. 746721

File: 1578515349928.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, 87C4A263-0A1A-4078-852F-149240…)

The same people who let her tag along with Miso at AX are giving her space to sell/meet and greet.

She has the anatomy some shitty fat fetish artist that exaggerates proportions draws.

No. 746727

Its stupid to say she doesnt sell. She does and is making tons compared to what she has ever made. We arent her target audience. Stop kidding yourself saying shes not viable. Cucks will buy anything with a vagina and nipples. You have uglier chicks who even sell.

No. 746728

before she even got to the photo part of a "shoot" she was pulling up her costume and complaining about it slipping down because she was "sweating". and then she stared at herself in the livestream the entire time she was infront of the livestream camera? the only time she wasnt looking at herself was during the literal shoot. stay classy and dont ever change moo.

No. 746729

why does everyone keep saying "shes making more than shes ever made!!!" to rebuttle as if weve ever known how much shes made?

No. 746730

File: 1578519992086.gif (2.16 MB, 634x640, same.gif)


No difference.

No. 746732

File: 1578520289139.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1846, 959B547E-6DE3-4A2F-8FC4-7E2F20…)

No. 746733

We did at one point. Im adding in the over 3k $12 subs from onlyfans.

No. 746735

This is shooped to hell and back, Mariah. If you felt "might fine" in it, you wouldn't have shooped it so much.

None of her stuff is going to sell just like last time. On top of that, most of her shoots have been porn, not cosplay. What cosplays could possibly still fit her lard ass? Cause her shooped body is nothing like her real one >>746704 and she's gained so much weight since then.

No. 746736

we don't have any proof of her income, stop sperging.

No. 746737

The pig is in better shape

No. 746740

and it is very noticeable she pulling her belly whenever she realizes that fat is going forward, looks like those pregnant bodybuildings

No. 746744

The nerve she has to actually still show up at cons. She'll pussy out in no time.

No. 746747

File: 1578526017295.png (459.46 KB, 1214x475, momo onlyfans navbar.png)

nta but just consider her onlyfans income alone:

at the moment, she has 3918 subscribers and a single subscription tier of $12 USD / month, as shown in the attached screenshot, you can verify at https://onlyfans.com/momokun

onlyfans gives 80% commission to content creators: https://onlyfans.com/faq/2/14

so, using this month's numbers as a general estimate:

( $12 x 3,918 ) x 80%
= $47,016 x 80%
= $37,612

so roughly pre-tax she makes $37.5k usd per month just from onlyfans. she also has her patreon income (and whatever pennies she pulls in from her depop sales of old cosplays that don't fit anymore, but that is prob negligible in comparison to the other two)

…hopefully that wasn't too much of a spergy reply, but at least it's not tinfoil as all this info is publicly available

No. 746750

So you know for a $12 sub OF takes out $2. So its really $10 a sub. Thats not tax, btw. Thats their processing fee.

No. 746751

It's still a fuck ton. It's a good back up in case her paetron gets taken down, she still has a livable income from her only fans

No. 746753

File: 1578527364801.png (12.48 KB, 775x92, onlyfans faq percentage.png)

no, i didn't know that, i just did the above research in the last half hour or so because i was curious… i must have missed the processing fee when i was looking over the faq, just looked again though and don't see it. i figured "processing fees" would have been included in the faq entry i linked to in my last post (attached here), but i admit to not having firsthand experience

…even still it's a large amount. revised numbers saying she gets 80% of $10 are as follows:

( $10 x 3,918 ) x 80%
= $39,180 x 80%
= $31,344

No. 746754

File: 1578527388055.jpeg (330.95 KB, 1240x1653, 8DBD9F55-531F-47E8-8C62-E8124A…)

This was in the OF images folder. I don’t know who she commissioned for this but of course it’s unrecognizable as Moo lol.

No. 746756

I was scrolling through and I genuinely thought this was a new beach-themed piggy cosplay that moo just did. I thought “even though her cosplay is shitty at least she made the feet accurately this time….”


No. 746787

File: 1578536220573.jpeg (33.31 KB, 275x228, 639BBC2D-EBA1-4541-B43B-AFBF9F…)

I thought something seemed off so I googled and was right, Senpai Squad kicked her off during the assault scandal and now they’re back promoting her bullshit?

No. 746792

This was the after party, but due to the fact that a lot of people who don't like her and possibly some who harassed will be there, tey might get complaints again and force her to cancel.

No. 746794


>we will reconsider working with her in the future if the current situation is resolved.

Looks like they just waited for shit to die down so they could invite her back. The company doesn’t give a shit about who she hurt, they just want her notoriety to push shitty car decals.

No. 746796

Honestly I'm not sure why they would other than money. Momo doesn't cosplay anymore.
I feel like the only reason she wants to go this time is just for attention

No. 746805


Let’s hope she gets all the attention she craves- just not the kind she wants.

No. 746809

Just another way of bragging about her "geek status", how she's unstoppable & people in the scene still like her despite what she's done and that she's still relevant in the cosplay community by being at their booth. Nothing like having a sexual harrasser representing your brand, classy.

No. 746839

File: 1578545173357.png (398.38 KB, 496x865, Screenshot_20200108-224631.png)

No. 746847

File: 1578546218157.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.83 KB, 576x768, 1577112217813.jpg)

Reposting this from the last thread because the amount of photoshop is just staggering after seeing this.

I feel like Ive lived under a rock for the last 10 years, I didnt even know shoop was capable of this shit.

No. 746883

I know you spoilered it but damn, can I get a content warning and description next time?

Is that moo or a deepfake? I didn't want to look too much

No. 746916

Honestly idk, if its a deepfake its the best one ive seen though, aerolas look just like hers.

No. 746917

It’s obviously her…. it’s the same outfit and stupid poses from all the recent pics in the threads, she just can’t alter polaroids with photoshop like she can everything else.

We can see her huge stomach fat roll really well in the pic on the right

No. 746925


The fucking pubic hair… I can’t even.


It’s only going to go further downhill from here my friend. So brace yourself.

No. 746982

she honestly has the tits of a big boobed woman that has breastfed 3 kids.

No. 747013


I honestly didn't even know she had fake boobs until a few months ago. I had ZERO clue that it was even possible for them to sag/elongate SO MUCH, especially in just a few years? And on someone who is still so young? It guess it really just shows how much she has put her body through already.. it's actually pretty sad.

No. 747020

She doesn't have fake boobs you fucking dumbass.

No. 747021

she's had a breast reduction, not implants. calling them fake is kinda misleading

No. 747026


I'm sorry, so you're saying she went from large breasts, to a reduction, back to those gigantic flaps she has now? So if not implants, then it's purely pulled skin and sagged fat. Good to know, thanks for the correction!

No. 747035

if those were implants i'd sue. not trying to titsperg but implants do NOT look like that.

No. 747048

Lol you clearly do not own a set of breasts- seeing as you have no idea how boobs work.

Just because someone gets a reduction, doesn’t mean their boobs can’t get big again. Her failed Lipo procedures should be a great example of that.

No. 747054

File: 1578628631167.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1242x2037, A33C634D-4934-4BF2-A122-A94B45…)

Looks like Maddie is borrowing Moo’s cosplay and props at ALA.

No. 747055

Anon in unshopped photos we can clearly see a weird dip in her boobs where the surgery scars are from her reduction

No. 747079

She looks so hideous

No. 747101

Moos custom cosplays look so misshapen on an average body.
Then again umbran isn't doing the costume any favors looking like a troon/cross dresser

No. 747108

I like how Mariah was fucking hulking out of this cosplay (especially the arms) when she wore it but it's so baggy on Umbran. I always thought she was bigger than Mariah, guess not.

No. 747114

Is it wrong that when I see this character I just think of Moo and not whatever big tiddy anime girl it's supposed to be?

I don't think that's a testament to Moo's infamy so much as it is to the short shelf life of the show.

No. 747171

File: 1578671083825.jpg (837.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200110-074400_Ins…)

>i dont drink

When she stopped being invited to con parties.

>controversy is barely talked about anymore

>drinking beer

No. 747183

If someone told me Maddie was trans mtf I would not be surprised.
It's the only way Moo can enjoy herself at a con is by getting black out drunk. Helps the delusion she was welcomed with open arms and lines of people were waiting for her.

No. 747186

Don't forget stoned. She was smoking on her PAX Vape in one of her stories. Sure as shit ain't tobacco.

No. 747193

yeah are those the knees of a woman? wtf lol

No. 747206

I wouldn’t be surprised if moo had a drinking problem at one point. She abuses weed and has a weird hyper fixation on any ONE thing at a time. Y’all remember her celery juice?

No. 747209

File: 1578685295105.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200110-193821.png)

So not only are Senpai Squad having Momolester at their booth today, but her ex doormat is having a meet & greet tomorrow with them too.

Double class act.

No. 747221

File: 1578687625872.jpeg (194.79 KB, 1242x2034, 354D2FCA-3619-4B77-886C-239EBE…)

Maybe this is in reference to it lol

No. 747241

File: 1578694230325.png (7.67 MB, 1125x2436, AC2B4DF9-406A-4E2A-8504-6AE62A…)

Her lashes are falling off and she’s not even out of her hotel room yet

No. 747244

That is one spooky Kabuki.

No. 747245

She looked at herself in the phone while filming this IG story and didn’t bother to fix that lash before hitting post. I mean, we’ve come to expect this level of lazy from Moo so it’s not surprising. Tbh, that crunchy looking wig distracted me.

No. 747246

File: 1578695344218.jpg (638.82 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200110_172827.jpg)

From squarecuck's ig stories

No. 747247


fucking yikes! she is like peopleofwalmart tier, holy shit. she's got the obese inverted bottom legs going on too. perfect.

it looks like she taped back (tucked) the inside fat of her thighs too, which makes this even more sad

No. 747248

She's just fucking obese at this point.

No. 747249

Damn you're right, I didn't even know people could tape their thighs like that. Is it for photoshoots so that you can photoshop it away later on?

No. 747250

Holy shit she sure does shoop even more if this is her natural form. She's barely lost any weight at all.

No. 747251


google thigh lift tape. you can invisibly tape your thighs to make them look thinner and remove cellulite and you can use it on the inside to create a fake gap

why would she do it? look at her–she's a blimp. she wants to do anything she can to give the illusion that she's not a blob

also, imagine them rubbing together or sitting together (the smell lolol) she probably wants to create some airflow while she's forced to be at this event since she'll be sweating like the pig she is

No. 747256

It just goes to show that she has no self discipline and no tolerance for delayed gratification, since she doesn't just actually try to lose the weight or go to the gym and tone her body. Instead she's basically a DIY project full of quick fixes and temporary solutions. I know it's been repeated ad nauseam, but she's still only in her early 20s. It's unbelievable how little respect she has for her own body, as well as self respect in general.

No. 747261


Might be considered a titpick, but is… that her nipple pointing down on the right?

No. 747263

File: 1578704082398.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 6961313D-3143-425F-8DE2-12A047…)

The type of classless garbage we can expect to be sold at Lvl Up next month. Seriously, I will never understand why they would allow her back in after she sexually harassed people at their event.

No. 747265

Short answer - money.
Long answer- she’s irrelevant and they are garbage tier people who think it’s under the rug.

This merch should count as animal porn. Ugh put lipstick on a pig and it would still pose better. And how much are they asking for this shit?

No. 747267

I thought most cons needed adult featured content to not be in plan view for parents and underaged people?

No. 747271

File: 1578708726426.jpg (208.55 KB, 800x450, homer.jpg)

Her entire "figure" is just held together with tape holy shit.
I'm not surprised, but just when you think it ends somewhere she just adds it to another area.
She is the living meme of Homer.

No. 747273

i suppose it depends on your definition of “adult content” because this honestly just looks like a candid of some slob scratching their cooch while zoning out in an empty train

No. 747274


you would think that eventually she would get tired enough of having to strap on so much tape, shape wear, and corsets, so tired of spending so much time face tuning/photoshopping to even give some semblance of a figure, or tired of recovering from quick fix surgeries that she'd eventually go "fuck this" and ACTUALLY lose some fucking weight… but alas, here we are.

No. 747278

File: 1578710273787.jpg (100.69 KB, 1089x845, momo.jpg)

It's crazy how much she's ruined herself in 3 years.
8+ medical procedures later…

No. 747279


As always, the craziest thing about comparisons like this is that she was already overweight in that first picture. Not by a tremendous amount, but she was. How fat does she have to be now that she continuously makes her previous large sizes look tiny in comparison. And really… how hard would it have been to have maintained her figure in that first photo? Like, she was already chubby so she certainly could have still eaten plenty to maintain that if she'd just been a little more active. I can't imagine how much she must be eating everyday to have gotten to the size she is now and to continue to gain like she does. She has a legitimate problem.

No. 747280

Well I mean in her early high school photos, she was morbidly huge like shes getting now. It was papa moo that wrangled her into shape with diet stuff and lacrosse. It's not that surprising.

No. 747282

She has access to an insane amount of money AND she’s lazy/hedonistic. Of course that’s going to be a recipe for disaster health wise.

No. 747284

File: 1578712398359.png (5.39 MB, 1242x2208, 205854EE-50B9-4782-AD80-5A64C3…)

In this she points to her waist and says something about photoshop (like, ‘no photoshop’ or ‘what photoshop’ I honestly can’t tell) like it’s a huge success of hers to have a waist.
It’s already not hard to have a waist with an underbust corset and such massive tits and hips to begin with. But she’s also got lipo several times and a cool sculpt, without which she would even have the illusion of a waist.
Yeah, that’s really something to be proud of, Moo.

Also, most people criticize the insanely unreastic waist she has in pictures without her trusty corsets.

And sorry for titsperg but what is that shape

No. 747286

Is the skirt just way too tight so you can see the bottom or the corset or is it a detail that can't be made out in the grainy pic?
I wonder if square thinks hes doing her a favor posting this stuff or if he's lowkey trolling her.

No. 747287

But I think she looks best at her current weight…

No. 747288

Part of me thinks he's low key trolling her because she loves to think she's funny & entertaining when actually she's easy to mock. She looks hideous here and he knows it.

No. 747289

It looks like she’s wearing a life preserver around her chest but it’s just her tits… It’s weird.

Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if the corset outline was visible because it is for every cosplay she’s ever done.
If he is trolling her, that’d be hilarious but he probably isn’t because she’s his meal ticket and he knows she’ll cut him off if he was.

No. 747290


Those are new and fresh lipo marks at the top of her thighs ..

No. 747291


I've admittedly only seen the one photo of her before she got in better shape and I don't remember her being quite as big as she is now, but yes… it's unsurprising given her history. she literally doesn't know how to do this on her own without someone holding her hand and telling her what to eat and making her exercise.

No. 747292


she looks like shes one deep exhale away from tearing at the seams can she even properly breathe in that thing. i hope shes uncomfortable what a mess.

No. 747296

This shit doesn't even look good. Like yeah, she gave herself a semblance of a waist through several rounds of lipo and a decent corset, but when your arms are the size of your thighs and your thighs belong to a 250lb woman, you still aren't going to look thin. Fat girls in denial always act like if they have a defined waist it means they aren't fat just ~curvy~, but it doesn't work like that.

The saddest part is that she has more than enough money to sign up for one of those weightloss food delivery services where they send you a bunch of ready made healthy meals tailored for your goals and requires exactly 0 effort on your part, and she still rather just get lipo 2x a year and continue eating her body weight in sushi every other day.

No. 747302

File: 1578717570852.png (4.14 MB, 1094x1800, C0504A8A-0915-4C8B-B6F5-7DCFEE…)

Her back fat is getting pushed up by the corset to a hilarious degree.

No. 747305

Lol her breasts and back fat look like a life preserver. That’s kinda sad but funny.

No. 747308

In a situation like that, does it hurt? I can imagine movement is really restricted.

No. 747309

this wig looks like fucking trash holy shit. i will never get over how bad umbran's wigs are.

No. 747312

That's because the corset is too small and while she gets her waist pretty small for her size, the fat gets pushed above and below the corset like a toothpaste tube being squeezed.
She's look much better if she cinched her waist to a proportional size and didn't force all the fat into back tits, but when has she ever done anything logical.

No. 747313

That dress shirt is way too small for her. It looks like an overstuffed sausage.

No. 747317

He must be trolling her. Have you seen how bad her photoshoots with him look compared to actual hot girls?

No. 747318

She looks soooo uncomfortable. Like trying to walk in a full body cast. Glad she’s going to cons again- it’s not great milk but it’s milky only because she looks like a balloon animal.

No. 747322

File: 1578726786486.png (3.38 MB, 1242x2208, 521512FC-DD02-4A03-8966-0523F4…)

Wtf is going on with that combover?

No. 747344

His story is now gone lol. Can't imagine why.

No. 747347

She's starting to look like Trish Paytas in the face. Yikes.

No. 747348

File: 1578736488206.jpg (16.6 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg)

She looks like a tube of cookie dough that was stepped on in the middle

No. 747354

File: 1578738234399.png (177.03 KB, 377x398, IMG_20200111_022339.png)

I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing

No. 747361

Those lipo markes tho

No. 747367

And she didn't think to run a comb through her fucking hair before doing any of this huh?

No. 747373

File: 1578741813433.jpg (73.97 KB, 842x483, Screenshot_20200111_142350.jpg)

He's seen things.

No. 747380

I don't think there's enough proof to claim she's had lipo again recently. Aftercare involves wearing compression gear for a few weeks (basically 23hrs a day) we would of seen her wearing it at some point with the amount of posts she makes. Also probably would of made a glorifying post about the clinic.

No. 747391

Silly anon, Moo doesn’t NEED aftercare. Because she’s SUCH a hard worker!
Seriously though, She’s never followed it before, why would she now?

No. 747394

I still think it looks more like transparent tape than lipo scars, tbh. It's difficult to tell, but since she tapes her face it wouldn't be weird if she taped her thighs to create a gap.

No. 747398

Double checked to see if this part of Cucknoddle's story was still there and it has definitely been removed & not expired. You only see Moo in her costume in the hotel instead of looking a lump of lard with a wig on holding on to her tits.

Moo must have got pissed and made him remove it or he's been lurking here when mentioned he's clearly trolling her and removed it himself.

No. 747399

Lately she's been pretty upfront about all of her cosmetic procedures it would be weird for her to all of a sudden be ashamed and hide the fact. Even the neck cool sculpting she wore the gear for at least a day. Also the fact she doesn't look any slimmer too.

She also wore really tight shit all day I wouldn't be surprised if she's covered in indents from being squeezed to high hell.

No. 747402


She hasn’t been actually that upfront. She only seems to be to dismiss the way she was treating her surgeries before by lying about it. Now she’s “honest” and speaking on if, except she’s not going to tell everyone every single time she goes and gets lipo. It’s just “yeah I’ve done lipo before!”

No. 747417

She's only upfront when she's trying to flex her spending habits.
Remember that she's dieting, going to the gym all the time and bettering her sleeping habits? Ahaha no she's eating shit, lipoing, and photoshopping all the flaws away.

No. 747422

This unsaging wk anon is really starting to get irritating

No. 747429

Catching up, but unsage anon is right though. It doesnt look like her lips are any different since her procedure, what, 3 weeks ago or something?

No. 747431

File: 1578759383954.jpg (1.01 MB, 4000x3000, Ohnomomo.jpg)

Her sleeves aren't puffy in any of the pics and the skirt is the wrong length with what seems to be no slits either. Frames should be similar to the fake granny ones she wears but small and oval, as usual her "favorite waifu" is full of inaccuracies. But at least she got to wear a corset to pretend she doesn't have a fridge bod lmao

No. 747433

The design is ugly as sin to begin with but the cheap fabrics and lack of details really send this is into cheap Halloween costume territory.

No. 747447

I think they are referencing to the pink marks on her thigh that this anon pointed out >>747290

No. 747462

holy hell, she's almost as big when she was at her Hawaii trip and she admitted she was around 250. Moo! This is concerning!

No. 747463

The little weight she did loose was all lipo. Since she only looks at her photoshopped body she thought she actually looks good and decided she can eat like a whale again

No. 747464


that costume is so fucking ugly omg

No. 747465

too chicken shit to be at her own booth I see

No. 747466

no she hasn't. She thinks that if she tells people about one cosmetic surgery, she can sweep the others under the rug so the number isn't that bad. Her botched body is proof of that
She seems to go in monthly for touch ups. It's not lipo, sometimes it's skin peels, lip injections, but she's def still getting lipo here and there every couple of months

No. 747467

She only ever stays at her booth for a handful of minutes each time because she wants to flex and act like a dumbass around the con. You can't have it both ways, yet people will always help her out so she can "enjoy herself". Shit even her own parents did it at a con she went to once before while she couldn't be bothered to manage her own table. Moo is fucking useless.

No. 747477

She’s actually done it more than once asides from the Wizard World where she dumped her mom and dad at her booth and fucked off for hours on end. She had her mom at her table for the Lvl Up she grabbed the guy’s ass at. Such a class act.

No. 747486

File: 1578779898380.png (2.08 MB, 1242x2208, 792D6AC0-5CB1-43F5-B1A0-BCC906…)

This guy shilled his car decal company while thanking Moo for “the beautiful picture”… the print of her scratching her crotch on a fake train set where the perspective makes her already massive thighs take up 80% of space.

No. 747489

You still know what character she is though.

No. 747490

Those are classic rolled up because your thighs are too fat for your shapewear bruises.

No. 747497

File: 1578783655959.jpg (19.67 KB, 445x549, 1537352386586.jpg)

At the time of writing this, this literal cow has 4100 "fans" on her Onlyfans page. At 12 dollars per sub its 50k a month from onlyfans alone. That plus her patreon and other content, I wouldnt be surprised if shes making 100k a month. Thats pretty crazy for a cow. I dont want to live on this planet any more.

No. 747499

Could she really be pushing 1mil plus a year??? what even???

No. 747501

Don't worry about it. When first going into porn she'll have big numbers but soon enough the numbers go into a sharp decline.

No. 747509

Honestly it seems like she is or close to that figure. She's definitely making far more than she was this time last year that's for sure. Bet you anything she invests in a mini mansion just like her rich ethot pals have so she can brag even more about how "successful" she is.

No. 747510

File: 1578786598394.png (1.35 MB, 958x933, chrome_lS6AvCSGpS.png)

From Yesterday OF

No. 747517


god, that wig is horrendous. All of umbran’s wigs look like carved-out foam helmets.

No. 747521

I have a tinfoil she makes her slave do her wigs big so it’ll make her face small and also make her head bigger so it’ll match her unit of a body

No. 747524

i thought her skirt didn't have the buttons but they are just falling off… good job as always

No. 747530

File: 1578791332456.jpg (472.01 KB, 860x1321, 20200111_200822.jpg)

Maybe a it of a nitpick, but aside from the horrible fabric choice, being too tight, and falling apart, the skirt looks like its covered in…something.

No. 747531

Yeah it looks like she pissed all over herself or it's grease?

No. 747532

idk how many times I've read on this board some variant of "don't worry, [cow]'s success will decline soon" and it's never true. Just anons trying to fool themselves with wishful thinking. You're deluded if you think that will happen to her within the next 10 years. As long as she has a body that fits into a porno fetish niche and a following of just a few hundred thousand she will continue to make 5 digit earnings monthly on patreon-like websites. That's just the truth of the digital age we're in. Even if she drops off the face of the planet and never makes money again, it won't matter because she will already be a multi-millionaire.

No. 747534

True, but in her defense she has been grinding it out for over half a decade already. Not like she is worthy of any of her success, but usually if someone grinds hard enough at something for over half a decade, they oughta see some kind of success.

No. 747537

a few million is pretty successful imo. the real joke would be how she blows it all on sushi the instant it hits her account, now when her body finally declines past the point of gaining cuckbucks she won’t have anything left.

No. 747542

i agree but she may yet tank cos it's the early days of revealing her tits are gristle. her chest looking foremost like a medical issue is going to deflate some cucks dicks

No. 747543

umbran always makes big weird wigs.

No. 747548

just lol. that's not how men think, anon. the way you see her, and the way neckbeards see her is completely different. Here's proof:

- she's been posted on lolcow for 3 years.
- Every comment is "she's fugly and her body is fugly. soon no one will like her because x, y, z, and she'll go broke". Repeating this over and over for 3 years.
- She went from 500 patrons to 1,700 patrons in these 3 years.

these are the facts that some people in these threads refuse to see even though it's in plain sight. no dicks are deflating anywhere. she's gaining more money and followers every month, not losing it.

No. 747569

Digging the breakout on her chin. If you make that much money can't you buy decent enough makeup to cover that shit up!? Gross.

No. 747576

Careful anon, you might get a ban for "derailing" the hate train with pesky facts that go against the narrative.

No. 747579

The facts are momo out earns most people. The milky part is that she's doing it while being ugly and fat and disgusting

No. 747590

She has a lot of wealth but she has nothing of value. Her family are done with her except for her cousin who she pays. Their entirely family dynamic is fucked since she pays for everything for them now too, the cars, medical bills, and the like. She's essentially just become her father holding everyone she "cares" about financially hostage in comparison to what she's claimed her Dad did physically and financially when she was a kid. No one can genuinely critique her or speak out of turn in her life without all her "gifts" thrown in their face as guilt and blackmail. Somewhat tinfoil but you have to come from the perspective this is a Muslim family, loose in that term, but her Dad was the big shot who probably talked a lot of shit to others in the mosque and was boastful when he was raking in his body builder trophies. Flash forward to now and he's being cucked by his sex worker daughter and more than likely the laughing stock of their congregation. shrugs The end result of all this is just her medically collapsing because she doesn't take care of herself at all and then it crumble when nobody wants to fap to a malformed carved ham.

No. 747591

File: 1578807916203.jpeg (182.73 KB, 919x1661, 30E18C2D-98EC-46F5-A587-872571…)

Is this a cryptid?

No. 747593


We've been through this before with Twitter and Instagram and Patreon. There's no way to know the real numbers and there's methods for inflating those numbers. Any speculation as to income based on those numbers is pointless.

If she's really pulling in that kind of cash, then it's interesting that she hasn't felt the need to "flex" in a pretty long time. Sure, she's taken some trips, but where are the random Gucci fanny packs and jackets that don't fit her? Where are the "dream" cosplays which cost thousands of dollars in commissions? Why did she need to go on Camversity in the first place if she was bringing in so much money on Patreon?


There's no proof of any of that other than Moo saying that she pays their bills, which was only ever said to get sympathy and deflect. And they're far from a "Muslim" family, even using the term loosely. If you go back in the threads far enough you can find Moo talking about being "Italian."

No. 747594

both of her parents work full time at casinos. her father makes salary around 25-30$ an hour and her mom i'm not sure because it's a tipped position, probably around 15-20/hr on average. if she's paying for their lives, i doubt they'd both be working menial, low-ranking jobs still. she likely made a few token efforts once or twice like taking her mom to that one south american con with her as a vacation. i'm not going to speculate about her finances because it is a derail, i'm just tired of that lie being repeated.

No. 747597

It's not that far of a stretch though when she posts relentlessly and we've seen here make posts while in her family's house yet now there's absolutely none of that. Her birthday and winter holidays weren't spent with family but with her yes men.
>>747594 It's not a lie, it's an observation from somebody who has a drug dealer sibling, and sex worker friends. My sibling makes more money than both our parents yet our parents never take any of their money since they don't agree with my sibling's lifestyle and the same goes for my friends' parents who don't agree with their work choice. Her Mom and her sister ,Sydney, step forward to defend her in the past but now she's crossed the threshold into sexual content, that she made fun of Chellhellbunny for, which makes it that she has no ground to stand on. She's just the cliche trope of someone seeking her family's love in strangers and wanting to have so much money that no one will ever deny her. Yet, while pursuing that she has only trampled on everyone who ever genuinely did and set herself up with hollow sycophants who just are there to indulge in a quality of life they couldn't have without her income.

No. 747601


It's a lie. There's literally zero evidence that she pays any bills for her family. If anons are going to say that she pays for cars, medical bills, etc. then they need to post proof.

I'm not sure why so many anons are invested in the narrative that she's raking in the cash and paying for everything for her "Muslim" family. There's a ton of white knights in the thread and it's super suspect.

No. 747602

Stop fucking derailing, newfag. Sage your fucking posts and actually read her threads. There is proof.Fucking find it yourself in the multitude of threads we have.

No. 747607

She made posts bragging about how she paid for the car and that she paid their bills

No. 747608

She gained a lot of fat fetish fans, and they don't mind that she looks like a mess. Strangely enough they are actually bothered by her personality. Her personality is deflating the dicks.

No. 747613


She's also posted that she's going to the gym, that her lipo scars are "freckles," that when she's gone out of the country for conventions that she has fans waiting for her at the airport when she lands, that she chased down a thief that stole her phone in South America, that when she got fired from Starbucks her co-workers threw her a party and gave her money, that she was a competitive power lifter, that's she's a Linguistics major at UNLV, that she's bisexual and in a romantic relationship with Vamplette, that girlonthemoonpro is totally a real person, that she's a HUGE Zelda fan, that she was involved in fansub projects when she was in high school, that she "quit" the UNLV lacrosse team because other girls were jealous of how good she was, that she's had her "lawyers" snap into action on the weekend to unban her Instagram account, and that she sexually assaulted people because she has ADD, so it's not really her fault.

So yeah, she made posts bragging about how she paid for the car and that she paid their bills. Story checks out.

No. 747650

Why the fuck are you brining up, especially unsaged, all this old bullshit. Lurkers know this shit already. Shut up. Stop derailing your shitty philosophy shit about how Moo works. No1curr You newfags are the worst. You dont even try to integrate.

No. 747673

Jesus everytime Moo posts IG stories while out with her "crew" it's like watching the edgy unloved group of kids who thought they were super cool & rebellious at high school. It's maximum cringe. They're all in their fucking 20's.

No. 747680

I just don't understand why she chooses to dress like this. It's so unflattering. She could look so much better if she dressed for her size.

Also, it kind of looks like she's starting to get fat face? Her face has always been thinner than the rest of her but it's looking pretty round in all of these pictures. Maybe it's just the angle of all the con pictures but her face looks swollen.

No. 747681

Because when you have people shovel money into your pockets, you have no reason to give a fuck about anything.

No. 747690

She's only upfront when she's doing sponserships for her surgeries. She got a ton of heat when she got that lipo on her arms/ neck. I have a feeling she's back to getting surgeries and not saying shit. Those are very clearly new lipo marks.

No. 747693

tbh I thought the same thing with Onision and now look where he's at. Mariah is a self destructing time bomb. She's been "good" since the sexual harassment scandal but I have no doubt at some point in the future she will fuck it up. The question is just when and how.

No. 747695

100% if moo was making 1mil in a year she would have bragged about it by now like she brags about everything.

She'd be having every hot ticket cosplay made in the second they were getting traction and not doing them months late.

tinfoiling about her being broke is dumb but tinfoiling about her totally making millions is the dumbest thing I've seen because she would have bought a house would be dripping in so much shit. Moo has no self control when it comes to spending and if she was making as much as it appears she would be flaunting it already.

There are tons of ways to inflate OnlyFans numbers (having accounts buy in under a permanent discount) and I think OF themselves do it cause even Nickocado avocado was claiming to be in the top 6% or some shit and I've seen absolute nobodies who dont even do nudes claim to be in the top 2%(money derailing)

No. 747696

She has moon face, many women in her height range get it when they become obese coupled with high salt and alcohol consumption. Asian cuisine is high in salt which if she drank water more than she drinks white monsters it wouldn't be so bad. If her facebook claim that she's bipolar is true, drinking energy drinks makes her mood swings worse and alcohol is the unhealthy counter balance. With her multiple lipo procedures her endocrine system, major nodes being armpit, neck, and crotch darken more since they're put into shock production since the fat they made magically disappeared. Whoever her doctor is either doesn't give a shit or she hasn't listened since 1st advice would be change of diet then endocrine medication since those places are where she's getting lipo arms,neck,and thigh. Just reinforces what I said earlier that yes she has wealth but nothing of value since her actual personal life sucks, her family relationship is garbage, and she's medically running herself into the ground the Anna Nicole Smith outcome.(medfag)

No. 747721

I'm with you. She's paying the bills, but if she's legit pulling 30 a fucking month from onlyfans ALONE. Nah son. She acts way too desperate for cash every month to be pulling that bank. She makes good money, but she spends with NOTHING to show for it. She doesn't own that house. Her car is basic, where the fuck did her Gucci shit go to? Her retarded ass cannot take care of any investment.

No. 747723

A mill a year is not nearly as much money as it sounds especially given her habit of taking extended international vacations with several people in tow. Combine that with renting a ridiculous place for a single person, eating out at every meal, drugs, and booze. She could very easily be making that much but burning through it just as fast. I personally think she does make close to that but is so terrible at money managment that it leaves her account as soon as it she gets it. I doubt she's been putting aside any for taxes or savings.

No. 747726

Moo changes friends like clothes

No. 747734

If youve never pledged or owned an OF, you clearly have no idea how it works and you cannot make a permanent discount. It maxes out at 30 days and there isnt a goid way to create fake subscribers at all. The site is well run where you have to enter the easy side code to steal photos or a program/screencap because the site disables right-click & save. You guys need to just stop the sperging about how much she makes, especially when you talk out your ass like you, anon.

The only thing extra OF does is take out transaction fees, not taxes btw. For $5 they take out a $1 for instance. Should be -$3 for her $12

No. 747735

File: 1578868268032.jpg (478.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200112-143140_Ins…)

No. 747736

File: 1578868594759.jpg (822.04 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20200112-143706_Ins…)

No. 747737

File: 1578868776538.jpg (996.94 KB, 1080x1251, Screenshot_20200112-143648_Ins…)

No. 747738

File: 1578868872184.jpg (Spoiler Image, 753.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200112-143926_Red…)

No. 747739

File: 1578868976944.jpg (Spoiler Image, 442.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200112-143949_Red…)

No. 747740

This reminds me of the ‘stock images of people coughing always looks like sucking invisible dick’-meme.

No. 747750

They take a flat 20% rate

So for every 1000 she makes 800

You absolutely can run permanent discounts. You just have to renew your promo specials every 30 days. You can set a discount anywhere from 5-90%

No. 747753

She looks like she’s in pain from standing up lol

No. 747767

She honestly looks like she doesn't have arms how does Mariah keep making amputee porn by accident

No. 747769

She really flew to japan to shoot this bullshit? Quality patron bucks going to great sets.

No. 747772

I'm really surprised the studio rental let her do this.

No. 747774


Just like her Camversity days, the numbers are high but that has no correlation with how much money she's bringing in. Even on Patreon, girls with lower numbers than Moo seemed to be bringing in just as much, if not more money than her.

Really odd that certain anons are so committed to the idea that Moo is earning $1 million + a year…

No. 747780

Its not hard to work out how much shes making off her onlyfans as another anon worked out the figures. The harder part is numbers will go up and down each month as does her patreon so its hard to work out a realistic figure of how much she would make a year.

The patreon income is a lot harder to work out due to the different tiers.

No. 747786

At this point I think she clearly makes more on onlyfans than patron. But either way no matter what Moo is here to stay for many years to come. Even if by some small chance her paetron gets taken down, she still has only fans and vise versa. Home girl is secure

No. 747791

thanks, i hate it.

No. 747800

Farmhands specifically said not to talk about Moo's finances.

All that matters is that she has a decent number of sad cumbrain neckbeards who pay her actual human currency to see her nasty carcass. The specific amount isn't relevant and it isn't milk.

No. 747815

Some of those studios have AV filmed in them on days that they're not open for use by cosplayers, I doubt they would have cared.

No. 747847

File: 1578923196219.gif (8.66 MB, 250x457, IMG_0252.gif)

She genuinely comes off as a special needs kid. The combover emphasizes it even more.

No. 747850

Did she end up getting a fringe that she doesn’t know how to style? She def looks off in that pic.

No. 747852

Is it just me, or she does look like a totally different person because of all that fat in the face?

No. 747856

I don’t even think her face is that much bigger than before. The lack of tape and filters/face tune, the accidental breakage-bangs and the glasses just make it appear more round than what people are used to.
Plus, she might have some water retention since her diet might be even worse at cons than it is at home. That parts just speculation tho, I don’t mean to medfag.

No. 747858

File: 1578927878563.jpg (230.72 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1578927909724.jpg)

neanderthal looking ass(Nitpick)

No. 747862

with how high she hikes her leggings up (to give some semblance of a waist, ofc) i was thinking more one of the tweedles from alice in wonderland lmao

nitpick but why try to flex by wearing a gucci bum bag and at the same time have your hair in a ratchet ponytail like this

No. 747863


I cannot for the life of me understand why she insists on wearing those fake round glasses. If you have a round face, you probably shouldn't be wearing round frames.

I mean I realize she's dumb and utterly oblivious to how bad she looks, but she really does look like a sped here and the glasses aren't helping at all.

No. 747865

So,is she for sure balding? The state of her hair.

No. 747872

I think it was mentioned last month or something. She was going in to bleach and color but her hair was compromised. Her hair was much darker but the hair can't hold any color so it's this weird gray brown. They also had to cut a lot of it off.

I'm sure they wanted to cut off much more of her hair but she was probably crying about having short lesbo hair.

No. 747878

Might just be me being blind but where exactly was it mentioned that they actually did cut her hair?
I don’t think she had the fringe to the same extent around the time when she got it dyed, like in >>732066 and >>733058 .
It started appearing so gradually that to me it always seemed like it was just her hair breaking off. (Her entire hair starting to look like a mullet didn’t help that impression.) But again, might just have missed the part where it was mentioned.

No. 747879

You guys just are held up on her bangs specifically. If you notice, Maddie wears her bangs fluffy and swiped far like this. I think she gave 'advice' to Moo to make her hair look thicker without added wefts near the crown on her head. In turn, it makes his ugly ratnest looking thing. Side by side, they have the same style now with their bangs.

No. 747880

Legit looks like a cheap grell sutcliff cosplay

No. 747919

No. 748025

That's what I really don't understand. The fanny packs only emphasize her gut in addition to being profoundly unfashionable. Why doesn't she just buy a Gucci purse instead?

No. 748028

File: 1578967625945.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200113-210609_Ins…)

Mariah flipping out in her stories about trauma and abuse and how her family was/is shit. Not sure if it's related but Squarecuck is on what seems to be a date with some other chick in hi stories right now so not sure if that's what triggered this manic episode.

No. 748029

I imagine because that requires effort to actually carry around on her part and she'd like the laziest way out possible

No. 748031


>thinks people who grew up in "broken families" are the strongest she's ever met
>doesn't know what saying one thing will do and what the consequences will be when she says it
>is building her own family, says cats make her feel important
>is confused as to why people tell her to not to share personal things on her platform because she's a "public figure". Doesn't see the point in having a platform if she can't talk to people
>apparently both parents abused her, not just her dad.
>invites fans to tell her how they own their trauma and live their life

Basically watched the NikkiTutorials "Im TrAnS" video and wanted that sweet sympathy too.

No. 748033

From watching the story, yeah, it sounds like she is trying to cover it up because she didn’t get the guy she wanted and blames it on her abuse.

No. 748035

File: 1578971279063.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2208, 93896DAE-55E4-4F47-9594-7A3BFC…)

>”my parents absolutely abused me”

Says the girl who took to twitter to wish death on her mom on various occasions for minor shit but also because she didn’t get the right car she wanted for her birthday… She probably is referring to her dad and the weight loss though but still.

It’s hard to take her seriously with this after all the shit she’s pulled. No sympathy here. She didn’t even get this emotional when she got called out for the sexual harassment.

No. 748038


Either it’s about him with the other chick going out or the fact he had a sushi dinner and didn’t invite her to inhale it. Maybe both!

In any case, it doesn’t seem like it takes much to send her into a manic state lately so one has to wonder what minor infraction set her off this time. I don’t buy this “I came from a broken home” bullshit.

No. 748040

omg a year ago she was going on about how amazing her mom is/has always been and was bragging about the picture of her mom holding up the birthday sign and how much she loved them. She bragged about paying their bills and how happy she was to support them because people were saying her family wanted nothing to do with her because she was a disgrace .

What happened to your family knowing what you do and being sooo super supportive momo?

You would think at this point she'd have a record of all the lies she's spouted so she's not so easily caught in them

No. 748041

Remember when "momma Moo" was her manager? When Moo bought her a new car and paid their rent/bills? How she doesn't want her parents to work hard anymore? Fuck that shit, apparently

No. 748045

They apparently abused her, but she pays their bills and buys them cars? And made them run her booth at Wizardcon?

Her dad is literally the only person who gave her life structure. Without him, she's turned into an obese, energy-drink fueled blob who shows her scarred nips to greasy strangers online.

Moo probably considers being forced to exercise and eat healthily "abuse" on her Dad's part. First world af.

No. 748046


It's a strange juxtaposition when she has these crying sessions and what she says during them WHILE crying and seemingly being not okay at all. It's like she HAS TO say all these positive affirmations just to feel like it's all okay when really she's a mess and has no idea what to actually do to fix it. It's all bullshit, false positive "it's okay to have emotions!" yeah, it is, but you're still a fucking mess.

No. 748057

File: 1578976900416.gif (1.43 MB, 350x200, 200 (1)h.gif)

I have a feeling her mom and dad probably drew the line at her showing her tits. Which is funny to me considering that tits aren't exactly the most sexual and degrading thing she's captured in a photoset.
She wants to do whatever she wants without any kind of criticism. She gets ass pats from her fans with whatever she does so she doesn't understand why she can't coerce mommy and daddy into supporting whatever she does too.
She will never be able to have relationships with people who don't yes man to everything she does. She can't make compromises for anything other than constant validation.
Stay milky moo.

No. 748061

> mom and dad don't support her flashing her tits for money

No. 748067

She deleted the IG stories of her crying. I have them recorded but not sure how to post here.

No. 748077

Dropbox usually seems the way to go!

No. 748078

oh my god this woman-child is so privileged
When moo moved into her new place, she went to get her nails done while her mother cleaned out her rental and weeded the garden

Honest moo LOVES playing as a victim
She needs to get out of her echo chamber and see that woman out there and real sex workers are being abused everyday

No. 748080


Weird…it's almost like she lies all the time and when she says stuff like, "I pay all my family's bills" we probably shouldn't believe her. I mean, I totally believe they were shitty parents (they raised Moo after all), but this is so cliche with Moo now it's sad. No surprise that she needs some extra ass pats since she just got done waddling around a con where clearly nobody cared that she was there.

No. 748084

No. 748097

lol do it then

No. 748106

Her mom came to pull weeds at her place on MOTHERS DAY of all days. She’s such an obnoxious spoiled brat and always has been.

No. 748109


right? she really has nothing to complain about, she has always been incredibly privileged and spoiled, so now she's latching onto anything that could have been perceived as abuse because she doesn't know what it's like to actually be abused, but still wants attention and sympathy and wants to use it as an excuse to deflect from her own toxicity and abusive behaviors.

No. 748112

God, she wants to be the victim so badly. Tinfoil but I feel like the only reason she wants people to share their trauma is because she's studying for ways to play the victim better instead of genuinely wanting to hear people out.

Unfortunately for her the only people that actually watch these are usually us or people like Umbran, everyone else just wants her to keep showing tits.

No. 748119

Thats exactly what I thought while watching it too. She doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone unless there’s something she can exploit from it. Of course there’s going to be a massive amount of her braindead female followers messaging her with their issues and she’ll play along as if she cares cause she’s “Mommy Moo”. She’s only going to be taking notes so she can construct a more convincing narrative.

No. 748129

I hope a fan of hers believes her lies and exaggerations and somehow gets in contact with her family and harrasses them for hurting their precious queen until they come out and say Mariah is bullshitting.

No wait I don't, that family has gone through enough already. Imagine having to bear with the shame of having raised a child to become like her…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 748134

She used to throw fits on her sister’s birthday so her mom had to get her a cake too, she still can’t stand it when others get attention

No. 748154

This would make sense too since she's been hogging (pun intended) him like they're dating.

It's a strange coincidence that this crying in the car over pretend abuse happened after people here started bringing up her family again.

No. 748212

Shitty kids dont automatically mean shitty parents.
She's SHOWN how supportive her parents are and especially her mom (as other anons pointed out she came over when she moved to help moo clean and tidy her yard while moo did jack shit)

You will pretty much never see an abused kid speaking openly and proudly of their parents on their social media like moo did. Moo even made a post bragging about how hot and buff and amazing her dad was and would constantly hang out with her mom even after she moved originally.

No. 748213

Let's be real, if there was really any abuse, she would have brought it up to explain her sexual assault stuff instead of blaming her ADD. Clearly her family cut her off and now she's pissed.

No. 748238

Technically everything she has is because her dad got her fit enough to be attractive to neck beards. And seeing her past photos, she was getting obese to the point it was concerning and no parent wants to watch their child die a slow death.
Kinda like what Momo is doing to herself now. Her unedited body is concerning and girl refuses to see a doctor doctor.

No. 748242

It's pretty simple. Momo never had to grow as a person because her way of getting a new family is buying people. She didn't have to improve her shit personality. She's aware she's shit, but likes to blame it on her family SHE abused.
She's just a mentally stunted child who can't take "no" for an answer.

No. 748341

File: 1579042483325.png (1.49 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20200114-145140.png)

Mariah was featured in the newest dpiddy video, but there's a part where you can see her awkwardly inviting herself in to the SU groups conversation after standing around alone in the background and they continue to not move and keep talking.

No. 748359

idk why you didn’t link the actual video

>2:05 focusing on moo

>3:24 scene mentioned by anon

It looks as awkward as described first, but they do move/react to her rather quickly. Just seems like they were finishing their conversation first, as normal people would or simply didn’t notice/hear her immediately.
To me her hideous make up and awkward posing were far more entertaining tbh.

No. 748364

File: 1579044343891.gif (1.9 MB, 625x250, itsallajoke.gif)

Part of the gag, anon.

No. 748374

Goddamn her face tape is working overtime

No. 748431

File: 1579049236567.png (985.75 KB, 720x946, Screenshot_2020-01-14-16-44-37…)

With Kevin and Umbran snowboarding
I'm sure she's going to make Umbrans dreams come true and "date" her eventually

No. 748434

Steven Universe has the most SJW-y fandom I've ever seen. The few people in it who know about her probably hate her guts. Why she thinks those people would give her the time of day is beyond me.

I bet she just saw the camera and didn't want to be caught on tape loitering alone like the loser she is.

No. 748437

File: 1579050392979.png (9.1 MB, 1242x2208, FC2A6FB6-121B-4CFA-A4F6-ADBA60…)

Trash wanting to be interviewed by trash

No. 748439

If they get too close to each other they'll merge together into one giant blob of plastic surgery and bad life choices.

No. 748455


They're not supportive, they're enabling. Her mom helping out at cons was to relieve Moo of any responsibility to actually interact with her fans or do any work. Her dad is the one that encouraged her to be an aggressive asshole in high school. These sob stories from Moo only ever happen when she doesn't get something she wants

No. 748470

File: 1579059307983.png (754.52 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2020-01-14-19-31-58…)

No. 748540

Imagine the milk if they ever got close

No. 748579

So, moo changed her Instagram to show that she’ll be in japan soon, and square said in his stories that he was making sure his visa was all in order for his trip on Thursday. I have to wonder if it’s for this Thursday or next.

Calling it now that she will close down one or both of her instas. Also praying that Umbran is coming on this trip. I can only imagine the milk. I feel like the last two trips were dry af, but if Umbran were to come on one of Moo’s japan trips, I think it’d get milky pretty fast.

Also not a Canadian but I wonder why square needs a visa in the first place. I’m pretty sure Canada is in a visa-exemption status for short-term stays (90-day periods, generally).

No. 748591

I don’t think it would be all too milky if Umbran came along tbh. Unfortunately. Ever since she moved in with Moo, she’s been awfully quiet about her. Barely any stories, especially no candids. I can only imagine it would be the same if they both went on a trip.

They would be embarrassing af for sure though.

No. 748665

Shes already gone with moo once didnt she? With Kevin too. They stayed less than Moo did unless Im thinking of a differet trip, but I swear Umbran went at one point.

No. 748716

File: 1579142708043.png (1.14 MB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2020-01-15-18-41-30…)

Squarecuck's confirmed on his ig that she's not going

No. 748922

Lol everyone called she'd dip out.

No. 749172

File: 1579227494024.jpeg (498.96 KB, 1242x2026, 615A1775-9B8D-42AD-B401-B1349C…)

Does she ever get tired of parroting others in order to seem like she has knowledge in anything?

No. 749186

Remember when she was trying to hop on the hype train when it came out but realized she would have to play ~40-50 hours per route? Kinda surprised she didn't try to join the Thicc Mommy Rhea bullshit. There isn't really a designated titty character for her to project onto so she's completely uninterested. Typical.

No. 749200

This was referring to the Smash announcement of a new FE character being added to the game. Literally every person and their mom is posting about not wanting another “sword” character so of course Moo, being the totally serious Smash player that she is, has to jump onboard with her completely unoriginal opinion.

No. 749204

wasn't she supposed to have a third cosplay?

No. 749205


No. 749208

You can tell she doesn't actually care about smash because the in game demo shows Byleth has more than just swords. And the trailer makes a joke about it.

She sure didn't care about there being too many swords with Hero's addition.

No. 749221

File: 1579236601876.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1242x2040, 1615FCC5-7968-4DA5-A4E1-37A648…)

This should fill any Pearl cosplayer with dread.

No. 749225

weird how "popular" she is but she can't get a simple cosplay group together in time for a con. Probably going to waddle next to a group of SU cosplayers and hope for the best

No. 749226

Maybe she should ask Vamps…oh wait, she can't.

No. 749227

Is our cow gonna do Pink Diamond? Betting she'll copy that trend over overly done multi fabric version everyone seems to be doing.

No. 749228

She's doing Steven. She always has to be the main character

No. 749262

More stolen art.

Hey Moo, since I know you read here: most artists don't want their shit reposted in the first place, but if you have to use their stuff at least say who drew it.

What a shame. Vamps was practically born to cosplay Pearl with a shnoz like that.

No. 749321

File: 1579281550105.jpg (5.07 MB, 4032x3024, 20200117_121701.jpg)

Welp. I just found where she ripped off her succubus idea from. "Endless nightmare- murasakiiro orange"

They of course copied her.

No. 749325

File: 1579282890706.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 9.06 KB, 480x360, 02A2DC81-80A4-4A16-B824-AF932D…)

It causes me physical pain do have to save this to my camera roll but her ugly outfit looks nothing like that. Hers is just a generic misc succubus design that’s boring and unimaginative

No. 749331

Because mooriah is known for accuracy when stealing an idea…

No. 749333

She's stolen and Copypasta so it looks similar but not the same. When I was reading this there was a pose that reminded me of the costume which made me double check.

It's a blatent rip off but altered so she can call it her own.

No. 749365

Moo is known for ripping everyone off, this isn’t new. Stop shitting up the thread with trivial things that can’t be proven because the milk is slow.

No. 749448

This is such a reach. She is wearing anime succubus basics, anon. Even asked a while ago where to get the generic womb tattoos that sell online for another shoot.

No. 749565

Do we know her full line up for katsu? Or is it just a rehash of LA?

No. 749605

File: 1579391640285.png (776.17 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_2020-01-18-15-51-52…)

No. 749608

File: 1579392547805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 545.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200118-160932_Red…)

No. 749615


It’s hilarious that she relies on that corset so damn much.

No. 749618

Her mom liked it, but I guess she's still an evil abusive witch of a mother, right Moo?

No. 749619

I wonder what she thought of her daughter labeling her and her husband as “abusive” in an easily accessible IG story to her 600k+ following. Then again, her mom is a complete pushover and has no spine to speak of which resulted in the spoiled mess that is Mariah.

No. 749622

having that same effect as pnp that it looks like she has no teeth
this cosplay hides her layers of shapewear and her crispy hair. getting her money's worth.

No. 749623

Umbranwitch had a instastory of them visiting Moo's mom's place of work at the casino so I dunno why she would visit her abusive mom at work with her ~best buddy~

No. 749630

File: 1579397354543.jpg (226.04 KB, 434x581, x8DAt1y.jpg)

No. 749636

Is that her backfat spilling out of the corset? Jfc Mariah, just stop.

No. 749655

File: 1579402867850.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, ADD0F266-FF0E-49BF-BFA3-F06D03…)

Frogdresser about to fry her hair again

No. 749656

File: 1579402899185.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, B93F6E31-6FDA-480C-BFD3-B10D46…)

No. 749669

she just can't leave it alone, for fucks sake let your hair have a break.

No. 749681

File: 1579408758184.jpeg (44.59 KB, 450x450, 171553_p_1.jpeg)

In scotch's name we pray,

No. 749684

You know these types of stockings are rarely sold without large strips of silicone sewn or fused into the thigh piece, right? These are very sturdy. Even for Moo, chances of these slipping are minimum.

No. 749686

File: 1579409775801.png (222.04 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2020-01-18-20-55-43…)

No. 749718

I think anon was referring to her face tape abuse.

No. 749787

File: 1579450838746.gif (472.45 KB, 357x230, 3719D273-B01A-4F88-AA5E-1B3A82…)

how far over your head the joke flew is astounding

it’s already been speculated that she tapes her inner thighs as well to create a sad, fake gap like in >>747246.

No. 749795

I can see her trying to whore up hilda or dorothea tbh

No. 749802

The most surprising thing about Momokun to me is that she is constantly gaining more and more weight at an alarming rate. Like??? HOW?

I went from an 'constantly on my feet' to a 'desk job' and only gained 15 pounds over the course of 3 years (currently working out and dieting to get rid of that). This bitch has gained over 100 pounds and is constantly getting lipo done only to gain it all back.

She has to have horrible drinking problem along with her clearly unhealthy relationship with food. That's the only way I can think of how she can consistently gain that much.(weight sperging)

No. 749804

Considering that she’s replaced water with white Monster energy drinks in her life, it’s not surprising.

She’s been suspiciously quiet the last few days.

No. 749806

Jesus christ how does she not have kidney stones?

No. 749820

She might have a lot of issues she's ignoring with drugs and alcohol. We just don't know because Momo refuses to see an actual doctor. Though if she did we would hear her screeching about how the mean doctor fat shamed her and told her to loose weight.

No. 749868


She could have an undiagnosed or is non-transparent about having a hormone disorder. And if she's taking meds, a lot of those cause easy weight gain if you don't take care of yourself, which we all know Mariah is awful at doing as a grown as adult. It's kind of sad. A bit of an armchair, but I could definitely see it being an undiagnosed thing that is affecting her rampantly.

No. 749873

File: 1579479304588.jpeg (579.05 KB, 741x1174, 38188B34-B3BC-4368-83CF-2A3FEF…)

This just looks…..sad and sloppy. If she weren’t such an awful person I might pity her….

There’s nothing to armchair. She eats like a pig and drinks like a fish. Watch an episode of supersize vs super skinny. Gives a good perspective on the quantity/quality of food overweight people eat

No. 749875

I bet frogdresser melted Moos hair off.

No. 749876

File: 1579479808458.jpg (Spoiler Image, 804.1 KB, 1080x1589, 20200120_012229.jpg)

The first was one is worse.

No. 749880

The worst thing about her diet to me is the fact that consumes endless diuretics (beverages with alcohol or caffeine that dehydrate your body) in addition to never drinking water. She's also mixing stimulants with depressants (like alcohol and energy drinks) which is never a good idea.

I honestly wonder this too lmao. The combination of diuretics, lack of water, high sodium, obesity, and absurd amounts of meat is a perfect storm for kidney stones.

Nothing's wrong with meat, sodium, or diuretics in normal amounts. But too much of anything is a problem. She eats like Ron Swanson.

This looks like the girl your dweeby male Facebook friend from high school would say that he met on OKCupid.

Why do neckbeards think she's such a catch? Fake nerd fat chicks that wear too much makeup are a dime a dozen. They make up about a fifth of the people you see at conventions. Like if these guys just went outside they'd literally be tripping over girls like this.

Moo is only hot and impressive if you're a NEET who only leaves his house to go to the McDonald's drive-thru.

No. 749881


I just can't get over how tiny her head is. It doesn't help she uses these Asian beauty apps that make it even smaller looking. Her fat arms are bigger than her head ffs.(non-contribution)

No. 749883

What did Pikachu do to deserve this?

Are they also just combing whatever hair she has left up front to hide her bald spots? Lol

No. 749885

I know a lot of women who lived with various weight-gain causing issues for years because every time they went to the doctor about their symptoms they were just told to lose weight and were never able to get a proper diagnosis until they ended up in the ER …(no1curr)

No. 749888

File: 1579482836951.jpg (555.22 KB, 941x1089, gross.jpg)


No. 749891

You really just sat there and made yourself jerkoff material huh

No. 749893

pepperoni nipples and overgrown fat rolls are jerkoff material. okay anon

No. 749901

her areolas are definitely not that big but ok

No. 749904

File: 1579486566397.png (164.05 KB, 360x450, BonyuTokusentai.png)

Momo should be excited. DBZ is about to release a character that actually fits her. Too bad that Momo is still chubbier than this character

No. 749908

File: 1579488764965.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 537.3 KB, 1250x1666, FFE3D0BB-7707-4391-B05D-611ACC…)

No. 749909

this shoot brought to you by Elmers

No. 749914

God this is so tasteless it's almost art. The crappy Hot Topic Pikachu bikini, the fake plants in the background, the random tattoo choker, huge old-lady vein, the super fake-looking glue jizz, the horribly fried mullet– it all really comes together to form a look that screams "trailer trash."

No. 749921

File: 1579492268001.gif (Spoiler Image, 33.03 KB, 640x854, DeTaXlf.gif)

Just good lord…

No. 749922

File: 1579492292819.gif (Spoiler Image, 38.77 KB, 640x854, QPnzfIF.gif)

No. 749923

File: 1579492400944.gif (Spoiler Image, 32.28 KB, 640x854, 4lZaTiz.gif)

No. 749934

Looks less like jizz and more like doughnut glaze.
It has been funny watching how far her "career" has fallen lately

No. 749937

No one cares about the special zebra women you know. We all know that Mariah eats like shit. Well… everyone but you knew that. Because you needed to lurk more before medfagging this board up.

No. 749959

Th fucking fluorescent lighting does this NO favors.

No. 749977

I can smell this video

No. 750037

File: 1579529539134.png (885.71 KB, 1280x720, MOMO ONLYFANS JAN 19 2020.png)

No. 750039


Can’t even put creamer in her coffee right can she? That’s what this looks like- not whatever she was trying for but that she went to a 7-11 and accidentally shot coffeemate on herself.

No. 750071

Damn, whats a disappointment.

No. 750091

She has everyone's money being a lazy slob, she doesn't need to impress anyone lol

No. 750128

That blue vein on the right is so distracting… I understand the Mariah can’t really do anything about it but why not use some concealer or something.

No. 750168

File: 1579548761784.png (Spoiler Image, 725.06 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2020-01-20-11-21-59…)

Stream was boring. Her most innovative moment was not wearing her swimsuit bottoms because they didn't fit? Plus she showed off her dildo collection, which is stored under her bed. Aside from this one she has a onahole and a light up "rabbit" type she showed on screen. Only 3. When someone asked if she'd use it off camera but showed her face she said no. She acted totally disinterested for someone who apparently used it all the time? I dunno, if you were trying to sell sex she failed to do it.
She asked her patrons to take screenshots of her gawking at the first one.

No. 750169

File: 1579549308493.png (Spoiler Image, 151.99 KB, 445x253, Screenshot_20200120-133812.png)

No. 750172

yikes, so much for that stretchmarks treatment.

No. 750217

File: 1579561586162.png (967.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-01-20-15-06-04…)

Finally got her onsen books in

No. 750227

she showed tits too.

No. 750249

Why would person with no dick have an onahole? How would she even use it? That makes no sense. It's like if she bought a fleshlight.

I guess it could be to watch a partner use it? But what's the point of that? Weird.

No. 750278

File: 1579567035952.jpg (Spoiler Image, 420.41 KB, 1397x1080, 20200121_003608.jpg)

for someone making a living out of showing their body in a sexual way, the state of that ass is atrocious

No. 750298

File: 1579570031748.png (2.13 MB, 1242x2208, 270CFD6C-C2C8-4896-9A79-C70199…)

The anatomy of this drawing is just as unnatural and wonky as her actual body.

No. 750304

File: 1579571119385.png (1.1 MB, 1125x2436, C351309B-25B2-4D63-B46F-C62878…)

noticed she’s following a pin shop that’s selling stolen artwork (see the Zelda pin) guess she never learns to do research

No. 750312

>off-centered bikini top
>zero tit support
>bottom strings hiked up to the sky

What did Pikachu do to deserve this?

No. 750338

Why does it look like she's used comic sans as the font?
She's beyond delusional when it comes to hiring artists. Not a single one of her commissioned pieces actually look like her.
I'd imagine seeing the disparity between what she shops herself to look like and what she actually looks like must be fucking with her mentally at this point

No. 750367

Kim Nguyen, owner of Senpai Squad, is going to Las Vegas. The last instastory Squarecuck posted made it look like he was at Moo's. They traveled down together.
Kim might possibly stay at Moo's.

No. 750369

Her right tit is like 3-4inches lower than the left, you can see it in the video with the bikini top off and on. She looks happy doing this shit, why even pretend to be be a cosplayer when her goal was to be another cam girl? She's not even good at it but it seems like the validation gets her off. The font from the book is supposed to be cute I guess but honestly it's trash just like the rest of her "work" compare the images in it to her Livestream ~i don't Photoshop my dudes~ why bother editing a new body just to show the real disaster later? Business woman secrets to success lmao

No. 750375

her right tit is lower because it's slipping out, it's not supported by the bra like the other one

No. 750412

We have a calves thread for useless posts not involving Moo, anon.

No. 750426

"you can see it in the video with the bikini top off and on. "(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 750460

Pretty much all women have one tit that's bigger than the other, and the size difference between Moo's udders isn't particularly severe. It's definitely not noticeable enough that any of her paypigs will be turned off by it.

No. 750462

She even admitted in the stream, once again, that she prefers buying cosplay costumes rather than """working""" on her own.

Sage for no milk, but it's def clear that she's only doing cosplay to string on weeb neckbeards.

No. 750464

File: 1579603095555.jpg (Spoiler Image, 263.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200121-023811_Red…)

No. 750465

File: 1579603186374.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200121-023830_Red…)

No. 750466

File: 1579603299021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200121-024026_Red…)

No. 750472

Jfc at least learn to crop your pictures if you need to misuse this thread as a pic dump for your fapping material, cuck.

No. 750476

Check file names, anon.

No. 750502

You can still crop that shit before posting it. Especially on mobile, it takes you 2 seconds to properly crop something.

No. 750539

Agreed. Also none of it is even interesting. Unless she actually says/does something interesting who cares. Lazily flashing her tits and droning on is nothing new.

No. 750552

File: 1579629169120.png (2.72 MB, 1242x2208, 0DCCCD42-E05E-4769-B886-A9D72F…)

Her statement on buying cosplays makes this IG story from yesterday more bizarre. Not sure why she needs a seam ripper when it’s apparent she’s allergic to doing any kind of work on her own outfits.

No. 750561

>>750539 (stop not saging your posts)
Didnt have time. Zoom in, anon.

No. 750607

File: 1579639703167.png (535.29 KB, 750x748, received_2137788519811599.png)

I'm surprised she even knows what that is.
Make way for the big sexy cosplay craftsman everyone. She only uses the best so go ahead and jot that advice down.

No. 750625

she knows she's shit at sewing and will need it alot.

No. 750628

Probably just buying it for Anteras to use or another one of her slaves.

No. 750632

It’s only her holy grail because all the seams on her “costumes” need to be let out

No. 750661

I’m just surprised she didn’t take it out of the package and claim she invented and built it. What with being a double major genius and all.

No. 750670

File: 1579651067387.png (6.18 MB, 1125x2436, FFE90D1F-B2D5-49AD-86BE-265D38…)

Apparently she got a wig for Lum

Looking rough as usual in squarecucks stories

No. 750758

File: 1579663305936.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, 5BDD2875-D530-4D9B-8663-1F1475…)

The only type of salad Mariah is familiar with is word salad…

No. 750772

File: 1579669451674.png (860.05 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-01-21-21-02-51…)

Books are postponed for the third time.

No. 750775

Late reply, but isn't it kinda wild that we're already bored of seeing her tits when going topless was a ~big thing~ for her?

No. 750788

She may not realize it yet, but this is why her current trajectory dooms herself. She thinks she's above showing more than she has, but it's really her only option unless she changes course completely.
Unless you're very good at "the tease" (and she is not) you have to eventually show more and more otherwise people get bored.

She may balk at using the dildo off cam now and showing her face, but I'm sure before long she'll be doing exactly that - otherwise she runs the risk of people fucking off somewhere else to get there entertainment.

No. 750832

I know it's early, but next thread pic thanks

No. 750857

We live in a world were many women and girls get naked for money so she isn't special for it. At least most camgirls and sex workers have a personality we all know she's incapable of that. Honestly she's 2 or 3 years late on being special for it.

No. 750891

File: 1579717206819.jpeg (823.88 KB, 1242x2065, DEB54158-9C35-4782-BD80-B35CD7…)

$60 for what will undoubtedly be crap.

No. 750892

She can and should set her prices high if her fans are that stupid. If people are dumb enough to buy bottled tap water they are dumb enough to throw money at Moo's crap and she knows it

At this point Moo can go on a hate speech rant on every group of people and will still come out unphased.

No. 750901

wash your hair, for christ's sake

No. 750962

File: 1579729975150.png (4.69 MB, 1242x2208, 69A4F097-F048-429D-8300-3A1A2A…)

At least she’s being honest about the “quality” of the books lol

No. 750973

Her subconscious is her greatest enemy, but it's hilarious

No. 751022

if some rich virgin could post the book that would be greatt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751113

File: 1579749679920.png (3.7 MB, 1242x2208, 856C77B6-D69F-45EC-A008-9F5C63…)

No. 751137

I don't understand why she makes these faces and poses for her stories and shit. Does she think it's funny? She looks so special needs and I can't fathom how she doesn't see it.

Also, if you think about it the book is going to have to have only one run - a ton of those idiots are just going to scan the pages for the other idiots that didn't way to pay.

No. 751141

Didn’t she sell her ugly keychains on her website?

No. 751156

File: 1579753907367.png (3.3 MB, 1791x1516, 673DB417-B6A8-410F-AE3D-A234C7…)

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough every time Mariah tries to buy her way into improving her shitty reputation since she doesn’t just do this out of the kindness of her heart. Curious to see which artists sold out in order to collaborate with Moo.

No. 751159

File: 1579754165565.png (136 KB, 720x945, Screenshot_2020-01-22-20-27-23…)

There's 250

No. 751184

you know when she says "kitten rescues" she's talking about momo mansion right?

No. 751229

File: 1579772187424.jpeg (106.04 KB, 676x960, DE040F22-86BD-45F1-9B75-975BA1…)

Another cosplayer named Vivid Vivka just posted on her Facebook page that she got this email from Patreon. How long until they send Momo one?

No. 751318


Moo will be fine, she still has onlyfans, so she is secure - for now.

No. 751320

Momo makes too much money for paetron, she can do whatever she wants. Besides she can get her account back by simply removing the porn then offering it up on onlyfans at an inflated price

No. 751516

File: 1579837576082.png (818.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-01-23-19-36-26…)

Not sure if posted

No. 751519

File: 1579837733400.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.63 KB, 640x960, QWlsyyP_d.jpg)

No. 751541

Is the chalkboard writing actually part of the photo? Is it supposed to be like a degradation kink?

No. 751542


I assume both or at least she will say she degradation is a kink of hers, just like anything she says when it comes to kinks.

No. 751547

Something about this screams Pixyteri homage.

No. 751548

Even with all the slimming photoshop and air brushing she still gained all the weight back and it isn't even spring yet. Usually she starts ballooning up at the start of summer
Did Momo embrace her fans have a feeder kink?

No. 751552

File: 1579850550703.png (94.77 KB, 681x323, hobbit.png)

how are the TOPS of her feet so dirty? jfc moo use a brush or sit down if it's a pain to reach

No. 751553

File: 1579852332002.jpg (449.56 KB, 869x1089, momo.jpg)

No. 751556

The editing on this is so fucked. The right cankle is significantly larger then the left, regardless of her pose.

No. 751572

Looks like acanthosis nigricans

No. 751585

Squarecuck posted that he got his Uber to airport for yet another Japan trip. I really do wonder who is accompanying them this time, but it almost feels like it’s just moomoo and square. Surprised we haven’t seen anything from the lady who usually brags about her trips to her favorite magical real-life anime land.

No. 751614

Pretty sure that's a sandal tan

No. 751615

Chill it's a shadow

No. 751624

File: 1579886558204.jpg (63.62 KB, 640x853, CiY5qSU_d.jpg)

No. 751626

File: 1579886673503.png (1.12 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2020-01-24-09-15-25…)

No. 751628

File: 1579886830032.png (1.08 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2020-01-24-09-16-14…)

No. 751634

Embarrassing. Why does Mariah want to be Asian SO badly?

No. 751636

uh anon? how does wearing a surgical mask, at the airport/in a plane with the chinese coronavirus outbreak occurring no less, mean she wants to be asian?

No. 751660

It's the same thing she does everytime she goes there. Funny how she never wears them any other time. Sidenote, it's unlikely that those masks would actually do anything anyway

No. 751663

File: 1579892700175.jpg (369.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200124-130433_Ins…)

No. 751669

lol regardless of how effective you’ve decided them to be, the reason they’re wearing them is clear - the virus is alluded to in the story. this is just a simple disposable mask, not the fashion accessory kind made of cotton. her “wanting to be asian” for wearing this - again, at an airport - is reaching.

No. 751681

I think they are hinting about wanting to be Asian more at the crowd she is with more than the masks but hey, it's not like we didn't know that already

No. 751683

She looks like a meth head and why is a vibe between her tots that makes no sense

No. 751783

Stop your autism, anon. She literally wears the masks (and has her friends copying) every time she goes to Japan. Every time. I don't recall there being an outbreak the last few times she went.

By the way, masks are ineffective at blocking it, especially those kind. You wear them TO prevent YOU spreading a sickness.

Very few wear it as a fashion statement/no makeup day (mainly koreans do this.)

Actually read the last threads.

No. 752190

You haven’t been reading Moo’s threads very long, have you?
She’s worn these masks to conventions and throughout Japan. It’s just a weeb “fashion” thing.

No. 752217

I was the original anon who commented she wants to be Asian and this is what I was getting at. For reference I live in East Asia that has more cause for “worry” from the virus than she does and we aren’t even wearing masks more than usual. No one here or in Japan is in panic mode over this virus. She’ll look for any excuse to be more weeby, the virus just gives her an excuse. Except even here in Asia we aren’t taking it that seriously so i saw right through her cringe.

You’re new around mariah’s threads aren’t you?

No. 752228

For someone who is supposedly so unbothered by drama, she sure loves to keep posting this passive aggressive shit.

No. 752229

Seconding this. I'm in Japan. While there are major lockdowns in China (a Chinese friend using a VPN is keeping me updated and they've been informed to not leave their houses unless absolutely necessary and to wear a mask at all times), the biggest concern in Japan right now is influenza season. If Mariah says anything about virus panic in Japan, she'll be straight up lying. People are AWARE of it, but unconcerned.

I do want to say that Japanese people believe wearing a mask keeps them from getting sick though. Mariah's not Japanese but if she's weeb enough she's probably just doing as the people in glorious Nippon do, trying to fit in. It's what a lot of people do when they come over.

No. 752252

File: 1579953557417.png (8.47 MB, 1242x2208, 3E015EB5-3461-458F-8AAA-029FBD…)

Here we go again with her weird obsession with not having to wipe/wash her butt.

No. 752272

unrelated to anything, but god her nails are nasty

No. 752317

It’s because she’s fat it’s harder to wipe.

No. 752335

Nothing interesting happening but they landed and were already eating snacks. They met up with Nyaomaruu and friends at a tented stand that sells yakitori. She makes it a point to """seductively""" suck on each stick in front of people. They then break up and the girls go to "lingerie shops" while the guys go elsewhere.

No. 752349

Because she thinks it's quirky and it also gets her fans thinking about her genitals getting cleaned. On a side note, god damn even her hands look obese.

No. 752432

wearing rings is all well and good but why wear one specifically in your left ring finger when you're not even in a relationship?

No. 752433

I wish she would just shut the fuck up and buy a bidet for her house already. God knows she has the money.

No. 752450

yeah but she also has no ass

No. 752475


what is this song, it's a bop

No. 752489

Tatsuro Yamashita - Love Space

Also, FFS sage your posts

No. 752492

File: 1580017297251.png (1.19 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-01-25-21-03-04…)

Earlier today Elizabethrage and Squarecuck went to get breakfast at a local store. Even when they got back Moo was not seen around

This is later when she took photos of a old lady on the street

No. 752493

File: 1580017347658.png (1.27 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-01-25-21-09-46…)

No. 752494

File: 1580017495636.png (1.3 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2020-01-25-21-10-48…)

No. 752577


What is wrong with her legs and feet? They look all twisted

No. 752585

it's an attempt to make herself look skinnier/curvier and make it look like she has hips and it isnt all just fat.

No. 752646

File: 1580075639465.png (4.05 MB, 828x1792, 386C470A-E16F-4DD2-B3A7-A0CD6A…)

I got you with screenshots
But I don’t know how to record stories, and don’t plan on doing so since I’m usually more of a lurker than a poster.

No. 752648

File: 1580075753982.png (4.12 MB, 828x1792, 37EC5A1C-4C31-4E6E-9C70-FC35F8…)

No. 752651

File: 1580075867588.png (3.33 MB, 828x1792, 3B0BE001-A0EF-4CFA-83EE-E3C6E7…)

No. 752655

File: 1580076003252.png (4.36 MB, 828x1792, 1AE77F65-43B7-46A4-9AC3-491857…)

Last one

No. 752669

It needs something else, but this is a perfect thread photo.

No. 752670

File: 1580082601647.png (1.56 MB, 1242x2208, 3223087C-33C9-4DC2-AD61-39760B…)

No. 752673

From who? You Momo?
It's like she's referring to herself in every one of her posts

No. 752678

this is such a weird picture i don't even know where to begin. she looks a little bit like a CGI animation. not in a good way. something is super uncanny valley about her mouth?

No. 752698

That's what happens when you dont know when to stop with lip injections, anon. Shes been through a lot of cosmetic procedures, so it's not a surprise she looks cgi/not natural.

No. 752734

File: 1580097602255.jpg (726.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200126-220040_Ins…)

No. 752764

Yikes she's so fucking greasy.

No. 752770

File: 1580102761356.jpg (72.83 KB, 640x637, e5v2tlu1zw721.jpg)

Her fuckin hair looks covered in grease. Probably the greasiest person in that anime shop.
Take a shower moo. I'm sure if you get up earlier you will have time.

No. 752804

You can practically smell this picture and the gross amount of body heat she’s giving off from her body struggling to function.

No. 752818

I don’t get why everyone calls this guy “squarecuck” - it seems that he’s gay

No. 752823

The is theory that he's banging Moo on the down-low mainly for pay and clout

No. 752847

File: 1580131290569.jpeg (448.54 KB, 750x930, 22495F79-2E94-4D2E-BCEE-C917C5…)

Idk if i see right but is she wearing a corset under that tee? It kinda looks like that under her breasts on the second photo

No. 752849

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Photoshop

No. 752887

Lurk. Hes not gay.

No. 752888

Of course this dumb bitch would jump on this asian trend. Yes she's either photoshopping or using a corset. She does not have a proper waist let alone hips.

No. 752891

File: 1580140743829.jpeg (611.24 KB, 1242x838, C2AFFF6A-D6EE-4414-8F83-D89F9E…)

The caption tho
>because I often wear a lot of baggy clothes too
Bitch when
You practically seem to live in yoga pants and hoodies that maybe were baggy on you about a year and 100lbs ago.

No. 752895


This trend doesnt work if you're obese though. what the fuck, moo.

No. 752902

>I’m showing them around Tokyo to my favorite places

Mariah you’ve been to Japan like three times for a week. You’re not a local. You don’t “show people around”. You don’t have spots. You’re a tourist. A tourist who wants a Japanese visa so damn bad. I’m surprised she hasn’t tried moving there yet, but what legitimate job could she possibly get? she talked about doing it last year when she streamed consistently.

No. 752903

Ignoring the fact gaijins can't work full-time in Japan, she has no skillsets..so at best she could land a part time at KFC during seasonal.

No. 752906


As someone who works full time in Japan and as a 外国人 , you have no clue what you are talking about(blog)

No. 752918

They can though, but again. What job would she do.

No. 752923

This. There’s a huge difference between what one and what she could do.

No. 752940

I say both corset and photoshop. She couldn't cinch her fat that tightly during the con and we've seen candids of her obese body. Very shitty not to mention she's wearing a corset to her fans, but they are dumb as fuck anyway. The real question is, if she really hates being fat why does she still shovel food down that gullet?

No. 752945

File: 1580158314934.png (854.28 KB, 824x733, d6af585bc4ef693b9cf64db125400b…)

She looks like fetish art in the worst way
Also a classic "expectation vs reality"

No. 752963

File: 1580163304008.jpg (32.15 KB, 499x501, IMG_20191010_080221.jpg)

>I don't mind repeating
Bless our wonderful tour guide. She definitely doesn't take people to the same places everytime because she has nowhere else she can actually find without help.
>Doing work here is a huge plus!
Wow. She really is talking like she has a job to do here and that's why she constantly is in Tokyo. She just wants to be queen weeb who does photoshoots in the magical Nippon bathhouses and strips inside of the cosplay studios. Those studio associates probably follow wherever she sits with a nice coating of bleach.

No. 753000

File: 1580172481108.jpeg (30.54 KB, 311x410, E937CF52-E8E5-4D13-BB66-FE1292…)

No. 753008

what is she going for on the right? grungy gibson girl? i don't get it

No. 753009

Trend in asia is 'show your power', e.g your body and how you go from x to y. Basically cute/sexy girl wears baggy clothes, then cling it to their body to show amazing (or attractive) curves.

Mooriah is going for nothing because she's neither always wearing baggy clothes or has curves. So she's trying to go "look at me I can do this too!"

No. 753042

I can’t believe she’s stupid enough to keep openly saying she’s doing work in Japan without a visa.. saying photo shoots is one thing but to say work is just dumb

No. 753047

File: 1580191884525.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1662, AC5CF97C-3C32-4F4D-89B9-6F8360…)

No. 753057

File: 1580195273229.jpg (920.77 KB, 1080x2340, 213906.jpg)

No. 753058

How the hell does she think going out in public like this is acceptable

No. 753059

Not a great person to compare yourself to, but figures she would. good ol’ Jon “wealthy blacks commit more crime than poor whites” Jafari.

No. 753061


mygod…. the absolute state of her

putting aside the incredible mass she's hauling and the bag-lady clothes–how can you go out without brushing your hair?

No. 753062

Reminder, she just got new extensions and her hair looks like this.
I can smell this image

No. 753068

She legitimately looks like a homeless person here, jesus christ

No. 753069

It’s unfortunate she regulated Maddie to being her new doormat/cat sitter because I’m sure we would have had more glorious candids of this mess in motion. Even with brand new fucking extensions, she’s already destroyed them. I shudder to think how much she’s spent alone in trips to her hack stylist Frogdresser these past few years.

Honestly, for someone who supposedly has such deep respect for the country of Japan, you would think she would show some respect by not waddling around looking like a fucking hobo fresh from a dumpster dive.

No. 753070

Probably her best cosplay to date, and she really put in the work for it. “Work” in this case being overeating, accumulating hair grease and not exercising

No. 753097

Would it kill her to run a god damn comb through her rat's nest?

No. 753103

She's too fat and lazy to wipe her own ass, combing her hair is too much cardio.

Speaking of, when was her last weight loss update?

No. 753121

I think it's also posing, she's leaning forward to make her bust look larger and her waist look smaller

No. 753123

I think it was a bit after her last Japan trip, in november. I remember she made a post about it, but now i couldn’t find it on her sise account. But i think she was supposedly down to 216-220lbs?

No. 753137

File: 1580230561722.jpeg (145.79 KB, 750x905, 673F6323-A819-4D5F-BDEE-178F7B…)

people ask questions and momo gets big mad per usual 1/3

No. 753138

File: 1580230692354.jpeg (407.72 KB, 750x974, 99EFA13D-32A9-4167-AF93-E072BA…)

people ask questions and momo gets big mad per usual 2/3

No. 753139

File: 1580230790126.jpeg (61.21 KB, 750x351, D970C293-1F94-444E-9AFC-4A38F9…)

people ask questions and momo gets big mad per usual 3/3

sorry for the awkward cropping

No. 753140

Jesus christ lol. It's a good thing she never went to school related to anything medical………….!

Seriously though, she's the one that needs to read it, "only dangerous in xyz"..a virus is dangerous no matter where it is, hence why countries want to CONTAIN it.

No. 753141

Shes right though. It is under control and shit on most fronts but Wuhan. She needs to chill her novel replies though. She looks so spergy trying to defend her glorious Nippon, but shes absolutely right about who it mostly effects too, immune compromised, children, and elderly. Lol at her saying Japan is cleaner. Moo, its seen as wrong to even blow your nose in public, so everyone just sniffs for one or shoves handkerchiefs with running snot and coughs in their pockets. Its not magically better or worse than America, Moo.

No. 753143

Lol keeping clean washing hands my ass. Her hair is a greasy dirty mess I’m sure she hasn’t showered in a week (at least). But way to pretend you’re knowledgeable there moomoo.

Slightly OT but there are reports the outbreak is actually worse than China is reporting so gg there as well moo

No. 753146

Yeah that's what's killing me, Moo can't even clean her body when there isn't an outbreak. And she's showing she isn't trying any harder with that matted mess in the street
Also laughing at her saying Japan is safer, in classic weeb fashion

No. 753148

If anything she’ll bring back the virus incubated in that rats nest of hers, along with god knows what else. Better shave it off at the airport just to be safe!

No. 753150

It's because she has no self respect to groom herself just for self love and care. In her mind she can look like a swamp hag because she gets money for doing it. She didn't get cash when she actually fit and dressed nice. But it also bothers her she's obese.
As long as she has money she can justify everything.

No. 753152

Momo isn't in the best health either and always seems to be sick. Even if she's faking it so she doesn't have to work or if it's true. That and the bitch doesn't shower on the regular, so I can understand her fans being worried.

No. 753155

> I dont touch things with my bare hands
lol you dont have to lie >>752734

No. 753159

it's such a dumb thing to lie about
I'm still shook this obese troll is photoshopping her way to victory

No. 753170

Why is she so big mad? I think the question is a perfectly okay question for anyone keeping up with the news. Then she tried to turn it around as inconsiderate while pushing the stereotype that Japanese people are cleaner (positive stereotypes are still stereotypes).

No. 753172

I mean..actually living here it is pretty fucking clean, but that doesn't mean much in this context. When I visited America I was shocked there wasn't some plague going around with how dirty the few cities I visited were.

She's always big mad when someone she doesn't recognize as a paypig or friend/fellow thot interacts with her.

No. 753186

>People are much more mindful about spreading germs here

Okay. She has no idea what she's talking about but okay. Only 30% of people wash their hands with soap in Japan and when they sneeze/cough they cover their mouth with their hands. Japan has a much higher infection rate for things like influenza than America. But weeb harder.

No. 753198

God what is even the point of putting it in a ponytail at that point, she looks like a fat old woman with disgustingly long hair. She's more of a slovenly otaku neckbeard than her fans.

No. 753199

>People are much more mindful about spreading germs here

She’s never banged a Japanese guy has she? They’re so hell bent on not using condoms and spreading chlamydia because they think the pill “prevents it”

No. 753222

Lmao if she was paying attention to the news, she’d have seen that the tour bus driver had been driving between Tokyo and nara for two weeks earlier in the month. So there is potential that it has spread more than is currently known. Tokyo just took in a charter from wuhan carrying 206 people, 3 showing signs of infection. While they’re testing all passengers of the charter, those than live in kanto can go home (where they’re expected to stay until test results are available) though I have not seen any news of them monitoring those that are allowed to go home after testing. Those living out of kanji must stay in quarantine until their tests are cleared. The three showing symptoms have been immediately sent to a hospital.

No. 753251

of course she hasn't.

No. 753313

I'm kind of surprised she doesn't blow cash on hosts or other paid male company tbh. She's not really the type to draw positive male attention over there, even from most gaijin chasers, but she's enough of a gross, dirty, and desperate fujoshi that I'm surprised she's never done it. We all knows she basically pays off her friends with food/gifts/etc. for their friendship and attention.

No. 753324

File: 1580280298254.png (732.45 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2020-01-28-22-41-29…)

No. 753325

File: 1580280345990.png (650.24 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-01-28-22-41-47…)

No. 753327

File: 1580280487970.png (596.04 KB, 714x1195, Screenshot_2020-01-28-22-41-56…)

No. 753346

Looks like someone forgot to take her meds.

Moo isn't a fujoshi…? Do you know what that word means?

No. 753350

That anon must be new because who could forget when she spurged about Devilman Crybaby and made herself look like an idiot by insisting that Akira and Ryo weren’t gay.

No. 753351

Because you need to be able to speak Japanese to enter and interact at these host clubs. She obviously doesn't know squat so no host clubs for her.

No. 753354

I’d want her to go in anyway and get her stupid ass scammed because she won’t understand

She spoils shot all the time kek

No. 753363

does it matter if shes arab? she's american and lives in america. vegas of all places. so has much connection to the arab world as she does to being asian or an alien kenyan from mars. and honestly, i doubt she would even give a shit about anything american either.

No. 753366

No mate, you don't need to be able to speak Japanese. It only makes the experience 'better', if you can call it like that. But seriously, they'll just lur whomever into these clubs. And at least in kabukicho you'll have quiet a few clubs that also cater to tourists.

No. 753367

You don’t really need to speak Japanese but what’s the point in going if you can’t really communicate with the person you’re spending money on, plus that makes it easier for them to scam you because you’re a dumb gaijin

No. 753400

File: 1580308770438.jpeg (401.13 KB, 824x1347, ECF48F96-39B7-4FC1-B405-BE3EFF…)

As a anon that actually speaks and reads moonrunes at N2 level, what did she mean by this?

I thought she spoke and translated Japanese before?

No. 753415

she meant "baka gaijin"…but why spell it like that? it doesn't work as a pun because gaiji-in is not a real word.

No. 753425

It is always hilarious when she gets on this soapbox because bitch spoils shit constantly and claps back when called out on it. Lying and hypocrisy are like breathing and chugging monster energy drinks to her.

No. 753431

File: 1580312656536.jpeg (790.25 KB, 828x1090, 269ABA94-CA4F-44CD-9CD1-D8B09E…)

Good use of the IME there babes

No. 753440

The watch cutting off her circulation and the outfit that looks like the wife from Married With Children really makes this

No. 753445

Katey Segal is fucking gorgeous. Don't even put her and mooriah in the same sentence lol.

Indeed, especially anything that she's "the most mega fan" of.

No. 753450

Yeah Mariah absolutely hates gay stuff because it gets in the way of her self-inserting with her husbandos, her Ryo&Akira spergout was embarrassing and not one of its kind at all. Anon either has literally no idea what the word means or is new.

What's wrong with her hair? I'm legitimately curious. Is she wearing 20 pounds worth of cheap extensions? What happened to it?

No. 753452

She destroyed her hair.

It's a rats nest.

It's greasy as fuck.

It's entirely broken off.

What isn't wrong with it?

No. 753457

File: 1580319512371.jpg (897.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200129-113917_Ins…)

No. 753458

File: 1580319618491.png (1.05 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-01-29-09-23-59…)

>rents love hotel with Elizabethrage and Squarecuck
>authentic tour guide Moo doesnt know love hotels have costume rentals
>20 female costumes and she picks bunnysuit because it's the only one that fits
>stomach is so pronounced in instastories that she bends over constantly and says she can't show content cause it's "too lewd", the Instagram predators will report her
>uses hands to "snatch waist" and sucks it in to look not fat

No. 753459

File: 1580319666476.png (920.64 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2020-01-29-09-17-31…)

No. 753461

File: 1580319735736.png (990.42 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-01-29-09-17-50…)

No. 753463

File: 1580319839699.png (907.92 KB, 720x1045, Screenshot_2020-01-29-09-20-49…)

No. 753465

File: 1580319975997.png (865.49 KB, 720x922, Screenshot_2020-01-29-09-28-47…)

No. 753466

she tells other people not to spoil because she plans to be "first" so she can claim she's a mega fan when she only read the wiki

No. 753467

Those sausage finger with the nails that are less than half the width of her fingers. So fucking gross and creepy.

No. 753468

No. 753486

At least the car tires shes been inserting into her lips have deflated a bit. Christ Moo stop it with that.

No. 753490

File: 1580322527517.png (1.04 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-01-29-10-22-14…)

No. 753491

File: 1580323121443.png (1.19 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-01-29-10-23-20…)

No. 753498

I mean, the question should be, why you don't look like that after all that fucking surgery and lipo.

No. 753550

File: 1580333220035.jpg (46.36 KB, 265x265, star-wars-jabba-the-hutt-and-t…)

All I can think of
You fucking wish.
You don't actually look like that if you have to pull half of yourself back to look remotely close.

No. 753578

She’s a liar, on her other trips she had to get others to translate for her and asked a guy on tinder to speak English, it was hilarious watching her claim she was a manga translator and dual-major student that studied “linguistics” and used old high school Japanese books but couldn’t even read hiragana

No. 753587

Oof those dark diabetus knuckles.

No. 753596

File: 1580347654818.jpeg (339.91 KB, 1125x784, 038092EA-7B1D-4D4D-B90B-18C65A…)

What are these dark marks on her thighs? Legit question, I’ve never seen them on her before.

No. 753599

I think the consensus was that they were from lipo or cool sculpting or some cosmetic procedure that she negated with overeating

No. 753613

Yeah. It looks like needle anesthetic for procedures like this. It doesn't do much to be honest. Its barely a bandaid. Same type of thing they do for removing tattoos.

No. 753629

File: 1580351008465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1125x1490, 8feNlYF.jpg)

she shooped her stretchmarks aside from the vagina diagram tattoo?

No. 753632

File: 1580351633010.jpg (171.8 KB, 1054x1122, f4ll2txa96f21.jpg)

What the fuck. I thought womb tattoos were always more cartoony/stylized. I never thought I would find a way to hate this kink more.

No. 753633

Holy shit that looks so painful and the job is awful. I wonder why she picked that fake tattoo?? It looks so trashy.

No. 753634

It doesn't even look centered

No. 753636

this cant be real
please let it be a fake tattoo

No. 753639

So instead of something stylized to fit with an outfit, she chose this bizarre semi-realistic diagram tattoo… This further proves she incapable of putting together an outfit when she’s left to her own devices because she lacks any creativity. What’s the matter Moo? Were there no recent popular succubis cosplays for you to copy?

No. 753640

File: 1580352064885.jpg (811.74 KB, 1080x1920, 20200129_214135.jpg)

No. 753641

cool sculpting doesn’t cause dark marks like that. it’s likely from actual lipo.

No. 753643

But when she first got lipo they didn't look like a hickey mark? I don't want to argue, it just looks like a totally different type of bruise than before.

No. 753645

it's obviously fake
she's so stupid to thing a photo-realistic uterus and ovaries is sexy or even the same as those womb tattoos

No. 753648

Apparently the reason why she sounds so lethargic in this story is because she took Squarecuck, in the middle of the night, to another love hotel to "shoot some more" til the morning. This is after he just edited 3 sets. The way he talked about it, how Moo got "0 sleep" is implying they fucked.

No. 753652

I just wonder how long it will be until Square backs out and Moo makes passive aggressive tweets about snakes or when Moo gets bored and finds the next taken guy

No. 753658

that needs to be a lot lower on her belly lol moo needs to get a grip on basic anatomy

No. 753676

Is it possible they are her old original lipo marks but they’ve just gotten bigger as her legs get bigger and her skin stretched?

This looks so weird and lumpy even with the editing. Her stomach is so botched. I look forward to her getting huge giant terrible breast implants and ending up on the show Botched.

No. 753680

the gif that includes this expression is fucking disgusting

No. 753744

File: 1580388871983.jpg (856.97 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200130-045429_Ins…)

Oh jeez. She looks so dead inside

No. 753751

LMAO this is fucking ugly.

No. 753756

Is it going in her ass ?
Or is she just ‘seductively’ putting it near her mouth.
Either way she’ll make bank

No. 753758

Feel sorry for the carrot tho.

No. 753760

is she using her natural hair for shimakaze??

No. 753763

File: 1580395780052.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 720x1018, Screenshot_2020-01-30-06-46-41…)

According to Square they had to cut their shoot short because their hotel staff was ~super racist~

They decided to actually work for the next 4 days of their stay so I wonder if Moo will actually do anything productive.

No. 753764

is this some sort of cosmic power surge emanating from her lumpen bosom? is moo doing a carol danvers cosplay?

No. 753765

Staff at any store/hotel is always 'racist' whenever she can't break the rules lol

No. 753768

I didn't know there was a lolcow thread about this bitch lol, I just wanted to jack it to vids of here boobs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 753770

That almost looks like the reflection from water or something over her tits. Maybe from a pool or Jacuzzi?

No. 753771

No, it's edited. The exposure/saturation has been upped on her torso.

No. 753775

You NEVER see staff in the hotels and they cant see you, even when delivering items like food, outfits, toys. Someone is lying unless they mean their REAL hotel for taking lewds and she got reported for tattoos or something at the love hotel.

No. 753780

Correct, I work at a 'love hotel' in nagoya, and staff DO NOT interact with patrons directly 99% of the time.

You can and will be called out for your tattoos and if you're misbehaving/misusing hotel resources, but you will not have someone being super racist to people dropping money hourly lol.

Isn't square cuck asian on top of it? I know it's a stereotype we all hate each other but it's even MORE UNLIKELY staff would be unruly or racist under the impression asian dude is showing around fat white cow.

If I had to guess, they don't know Japanese rules and etiquette and tried to do lewd/nude shit in places they shouldn't.

No. 753784

I know some people use these for sleeping too, there are normal love hotels. They arent all themed. Maybe, because middle of the night, and Moo is loud as fuck, they were told to leave for causing disturbances. Like moreso than even regular patrons.

No. 753785

Wow, she's getting a little out of control with the Photoshop now. I had to look twice to be sure it was her, this barely resembles her real face.

No. 753792

Or 'racist' as in the staff was afraid she would rip her costume she was renting.

Or they said something along the lines on how she should eat less since the Japanese are known for being super straightforward about that kind of stuff.

No. 753799

They wouldn't do that in love hotels. IN fact, they hope you keep buying as much stuff as possible. They hope you have a longer stay because it increases revenue per hour for them unless you're renting nightly or half days. They don't interact with you. Most even are all automated where you pay via vending machine for the place and the only human interaction is if you order food or outfits, toys and thats given to you through a cubby in the wall where they still don't see you.

Moo's whole story about them being racist makes no sense. They did someting.

No. 753800

File: 1580408323208.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.29 KB, 640x480, F8nw3DZ_d.jpg)

No. 753801

this is the first picture in this thread that made me almost puke. never upload this shit again.

No. 753805

I'm curious what the fuck she would try with that "carrot" to look sexy but at the same time i knos I'll regret it.

No. 753807

It was squarecuck who said they were racist though. Just for the record.

Maybe they interpreted the staff being super discreet and distant as them being put off by them? Like ‘I’m not gonna speak to foreigners’ kind of stuff?
Wouldn’t be surprised if it was something minuscule like that tbh.

No. 753808

File: 1580413666998.gif (476.34 KB, 160x160, DA53F9FA-E061-45F1-9FB0-A4FB77…)

I’m terrified yet intrigued to see the rest of the images.

Momo and Shay are the only threads that have spoilers that actually cause me mental harm.

No. 753809

those are called caustics, fyi

No. 753813

Mariah chimes in in the background saying “that lady sucks”, then he says they were racist. Gotta wonder what Moo did because 99.999% its not the fault of anyone else but Moo and her crew. Like what other anons said, staff probably caught her doing shit she isn’t supposed to do, called her out and now they’re mad they got caught.

No. 753814

File: 1580416398754.jpeg (183.46 KB, 1080x1471, C893C7BC-8147-41FC-9297-E9EDE8…)

Grabbed this from kiwi since it looks like she already deleted it.

If this isn’t “dead inside” personified, I don’t know what is.

No. 753815

At least her beloved Monster-kun is available in glorious Nippon! I imagine the bitch would of died of thirst her first trip if that wasn't the case though.

No. 753828

She legit looks like she‘s burping and about to throw up. Why on earth would she upload this in the first place?

No. 753871

I can't really read Japanese. 'Baka no outside (outsider?)'?
Does this mean "stupid foreigner or something?

No. 753927

Well that explains how she got the outfit. I was surprised they let her rent it since it's about 10 sizes to small.
I'm sure they clean them but still… I'd be sketched out renting a costume at a love hotel, just go to donki and buy one for $30

No. 753994

I'm guessing she meant to say baka gaijin which does mean stupid foreigner and is a common joke, but she typed gaijiin instead and got the wrong kanji. And added a の for some reason.

No. 754015

I can't believe someone this ugly manages to get rich off of it photos.

No. 754017

it's why she's fucking Square right now. He edits her to look like a CGI fuck doll cuz she has no one else other than insta filters
Why she fucked Korean BBQ, cuz he made cosplays.

She isn't single by choice. She has to find someone willing enough to fuck her and be useful to keep her career afloat

No. 754094

Why the fuck would she use her own hair for Shimakaze ”cosplay”? Why would she even want to cosplay a loli-like character.

No. 754138

juxtaposition? why else

No. 754185

He must have zero standards if he’s willing to fuck a disgusting, homeless looking slob like moo. How does he go from someone like miso to the smelly cow that is Mariah?

No. 754194

File: 1580484897412.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 4000x3000, Lardheart.jpg)

Does the character even do anything with a carrot? I wasn't able to find anything on Google

No. 754195

I don’t think so? I’ve never seen any other cosplayer who did that character even have a carrot?

This is moo though so her brilliant mind might be regeristing the exaggerates hair bow as rabbit ears.

No. 754196

Shimi does not. No other cosplayers does it because if they go lewd/sexual with it they go ACTUAL LEWD/SEXUAL.

Mooriah is just dumb as usual because she knows she's getting paid no matter what.

No. 754197

I’m a weirdo who loves shimakaze and can confirm the carrot makes literally zero sense, it has nothing to do with her in the slightest.

No. 754201

Can we stop acting like we know this for a fact and that it’s been confirmed when it actually hasn’t?
I get where this is coming from since we all know how much she wants some asian dick. But this is getting ridiculous. Especially shit like >>753648. He simply said that he doesn’t know how she does it. There was no implication of them fucking whatsoever.

I’m not saying it’s totally unlikely, but for the love of god stop pushing the narrative that this is in some way more than a stupid tinfoil?

No. 754203

The character has a rabbit motif, I don’t think it goes any deeper than bunny=carrot=phallic

No. 754216

Wow I actually didn't know she was cosplaying any character.
Thought it was just an ugly school uniform and bunny ears. She's really given up on proper cosplay

No. 754221

the cosplay looks just as boring as the actual character, idk what you're expecting when it comes to shimakaze lmao

No. 754227

clout, money, rent free living
Moo has a tendency to make people as shallow and toxic as she is

No. 754232

more importantly, why does she feel the need to document the fact that she made a purchase in some sort of red light shop? is it a trend or am i missing something? i wonder how awkward it must be for the cashier to see this group of tourist enter your sex shop, purchase shit and take a pic inside.

No. 754272

I'm not sure what the rule is for photos in sex shops over at Japan but most I've gone to here in America tend to have "No photography" signs placed about. I would think the same rule would apply since I'm pretty sure people wouldn't want their photos accidentally taken when shopping for intimates and toys.

No. 754283

She‘s always posted her ~totally lewd purchases in the past (while at the same time labeling herself as asexual). It’s obviously to give her cucks something to fantasize about.
>oh look, I’m at a sex shop, so much lewd stuff, omg I’m so sexual my dudes

Her idiot cumbrain followers unfortunately are stupid enough for this shit to work though.

No. 754385

File: 1580530451983.gif (914.94 KB, 235x176, giphy.gif)

Oh my god this stupid slag actually thought the bow was a pair of rabbit ears. I don't know anything about this weebshit game and I was able to ascertain from a five-second Google search that the character is supposed to by a loli gijinka of a boat. I was going to make a joke about how maybe Moo thought being the size of a barge made a boat an appropriate cosplay choice, but she doesn't even know what the character is supposed to be, so joke wasted.

Side note, why is Japan so obsessed with turning inanimate objects into hypersexualized underage girls?

No. 754437

Why can't she even bother to clear off the bed and make it less messy?

No. 754455

File: 1580542929849.png (1.04 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2020-01-31-17-11-12…)

Forgot to post

No. 754456

File: 1580543016495.png (663.15 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_2020-01-31-18-58-37…)

Went to BOOTY studio again. Apparently they had a earthquake, as Elizabeth said in her story.

No. 754459

File: 1580543099238.png (488.42 KB, 720x829, Screenshot_2020-01-31-23-41-13…)

Apparently being a long time patron on OF gets you exclusive shitty BJ videos

No. 754462

File: 1580544178416.png (934.65 KB, 720x943, Screenshot_2020-01-31-23-47-13…)

No. 754463

File: 1580544233331.png (892.85 KB, 1198x720, Screenshot_2020-02-01-00-01-51…)

Not sure if Pochaco wig but

No. 754465

File: 1580544461431.png (122 KB, 720x545, Screenshot_2020-02-01-00-07-19…)

No. 754467

Knew there was/would be a dumb purpose for that fucking carrot that made no sense.

No. 754469

Putting the Italian flag before the Lebeanse flag?? What happened to being a proud Asian Arab Moo??

No. 754499

Because she cannot spell Lebanese but can spell Italian.

No. 754555

Because she IS mostly Italian but only a smidge of Lebanese. Momo wasn't raised in a culturally Lebanese family. It's like the white people who claim to be Native American but have like 10 percent in their blood.

No. 754571

It was a joke, I don't give a fuck what she claims to be. She's a lazy fat bitch with poor hygiene.

No. 754588

that didn't look like a dildo though, it looked like a plush carrot? either way a carrot blowjob sounds like something a retarded person would imagine to be sexy. even they would probably have the self awareness to realize it looks retarded once they started doing it.

No. 754606

File: 1580595417109.webm (Spoiler Image, 8.08 MB, 886x1920, Video Jan 30, 10 27 16 PM.webm)


It's definitely not sexy. Just the way she tries to handle this carrot is… no. Some of her cucks even pointed out how inexperienced she looked doing this.

No. 754615

LMFAO is she brushing her teeth with it?!

No. 754620

File: 1580599585276.png (421.1 KB, 409x515, 6413cabf56458969fb979d7843fca2…)

Reaching Shayna levels of bad fake blowjobs

No. 754625

man no wonder kbbq quit that. I bet she nearly bit his dick off thinking it was a sausage link. lmfao

No. 754635

Whose face is this? She looks like one of those e-girls who meitu themselves into looking like kpop girls.

No. 754643

That and she probably has the face tape pulled extremely tight. She must really loathe herself to filter her face and body into oblivion like this.

No. 754644

it seems with her makeup she's changed to that she's trying to be the fat version of sniperwolf

No. 754657

This looks like a deepfake of her.

No. 754659

she does not know how to do anything, are we surprised she doesn't know how to give head?

No. 754689

bruh this is embarrassing, learn to suck cock or at least watch some porn before you charge people for this. I'd be pissed if I was one of her paypigs.
ifI had a dick this would make it retract into my body

No. 754718

File: 1580626382526.jpg (29.06 KB, 433x476, biglipenergy.JPG)

Sexy maybe if you're an AI machine.

No. 754726

She thinks because she got lip filler, she’s able to do shit like this and it’s automatically sexy.
Stay delusional, moo. I hope you get huge anus lips and do more shayna-tiered dildo-toothbrushing

No. 754732


Eyes straight up look like they're melting off her face.

No. 754761

Next thread pic for the love of god

No. 754766

File: 1580642982525.jpeg (354.86 KB, 827x1467, 903B580D-2997-4D03-B309-6ECF8F…)

What the fuck is she talking about? I see people in cosplay on the street here pretty regularly, and I’m not even in Tokyo.

No. 754767

File: 1580643024973.jpeg (327.13 KB, 828x1200, 199DA5CA-4377-4E6A-8244-6CA0BE…)

She’s so ugly……………………………. how does she make money? Why.

No. 754769

What.. what is her hair even? Looks like a dead animal on her head. I feel sick.

No. 754771

Well she's not exactly wrong. Cosplaying in public is looked down upon, especially on public transit. For example, there is a general rule at Comiket that you're not supposed to arrive or leave in cosplay. Most people bring a suitcase (and pay for storage) with their cosplay to the convention and change in big changing rooms.

I've only seen public cosplay done in Akiba.

No. 754778

File: 1580654142064.png (1.92 MB, 2400x1350, D747AA16-CAF9-4B3E-9B8E-FB5D11…)

This is all I see when I see this

No. 754801

People pays for this shit, what the fuck. I mean, if you get horny by you'd better dead.

No. 754802

File: 1580662230229.png (1.08 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-02-02-05-57-13…)

No. 754810

File: 1580665005485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.57 KB, 533x949, 84da070.jpg)

No. 754812

File: 1580665075026.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.27 KB, 1242x1547, dfc9f7b.jpg)

No. 754816


Before she was a one pose/trick pony. Now she’s a one trick pony with her boobs showing. Such talented variety.

No. 754818

I don't know why she doesn't have a rule that her friends can't take candids of her holy fuck. But I guess she's okay with it cuz she still gets paid and people believe the photoshop.
On another note, her lips are still thin but also look like they're about to pop at the same time? wtf

No. 754819

wtf is with the shoop on her face? Square basically gave her an anime chin and took 5 pounds off her face. If she's that insecure about having basic fat girl features why doesn't she actually lose the weight?

No. 754822

File: 1580670465165.png (721.47 KB, 1073x1020, Screenshot_20200202-140701~2.p…)

No. 754834

hm.. i wonder why

No. 754846

One tit flopped out like this isn’t even cute or sexy? she looks like you caught your mom in the middle of getting ready

No. 754868

There'd be no reason for an edit here, at all. It looks like the water mightve splished that direction and hit Moo's tit.

No. 754904

Zoom in under >>754812
, that's her hand holding up that tit

No. 754915

I live in Shibuya, right near Harajuku. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you're wearing. Of course you'll see people maaaaaaybe looking at you for a glance or so if you are wearing full costume and you're , say, in Azabu Juban but if you are in one of these "famous" areas like central Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akiba, Asakusa etc? Nah.
Actually just today I was walking down Omotesando dori to start my morning run and saw two older japanese ladies dressed up, one like an oni and the other like a monk. Not one person looked at them.

Maybe if you are a super obese fuck like Mariah and you are dressed super slutty with fat rolls and cellulite popping all over the place, people would definitely look at it because come on, that's an atrocity walking towards you.

tldr Bitch doesn't know what she's talking about(what a surprise!) and neither do you.

That hair looks super dry, jesus. Should we start a betting pot as to when she will have to shave it all off?

No. 754926

Setsubun just happened so it’ll be a little obvious to see people dressed as monks and oni, Japanese event pages and cosplay stores do warn against people wearing full cosplay in public/public transport

No. 754949

If there’s two people that ever deserved each other more, it’s Liz Rage and Mariah. Both notorious for fucking people over and getting multiple plastic surgeries lol

No. 754955

Bruh her carrot sucking video is literally this scene from white chicks.

No. 754962

Omg anon, you made me realize I’ve only ever seen the tv version of White Chicks and I love that movie. Thanks!

No. 755000

File: 1580728890575.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 553 KB, 1250x1666, 13B30909-0EDB-4989-9B10-C210F4…)

No. 755017

ew what the actual fuck

No. 755031


She finally airbrushed her face to literally look like a bad cartoon. I know her shoops bear no resemblance to reality normally but this…this is a new level of spechul

No. 755043

Anyone else getting the really bad wax figure vibe? Like those celebrity ones that are super off?

No. 755048

where is her neck

No. 755050

Holy fuck this is so bad. She couldn't even take 5 minutes to smooth out her wig? I mean, I know her "i'M a PrOfEsSiOnAl" thing went out the window a long time ago but still. Her laziness always surprises me for some reason.

No. 755052

File: 1580743075217.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.45 KB, 327x437, fed93b0.jpg)

No. 755061

File: 1580744472862.jpg (6.97 KB, 261x193, bKjQzPe.jpg)

Are you always this aggressive in your writing? You're not the only one who has lived in Japan. Don't choke on your ehoumaki now.
Her face looks like its melting. Is she cosplaying Rangiku from Bleach? If she's naked she doesn't even need to buy the full costume lol

No. 755062

No. 755070

File: 1580748042423.jpg (636.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200203-104116_Ins…)

Here she goes again, making posts like she knows what goes on in steven universe.

No. 755071

lol what. she doesnt understand lapis at all im crying wtf is this. i hope some sjw gets mad and tears her up for this. clearly hasnt kept up with series, thats being generous and thinking shes watched it at all.

No. 755073

she teased a pearl cosplay for katsu. this is probably just for her to claim she's a real fan of the series and she understands it all so deeply

No. 755077

Ew her face she looks like a puppet wtf

No. 755078

Didnt get the chance to scroll up and I thought those were her thighs/knees??

No. 755080

whys the picture so small

No. 755097

sage for bs
The whole show sucks anyway. It's literally a show about forgiving Space nazi's For galactic genocide, hyper sexual for a kids show, and Rebecca herself can't write for shit.

But no shocker Momo sympathizes with the one character the writers admitted to turn into the poster child of abuser. Can't help but think about her and Vamps in the scenario

No. 755100

Sorry for the SU sperge but who was the one who wanted to force the fusion in the first place? Jasper. Lapis was in a vulnerable state, being locked up for however long and broken. She had to go back to that to keep their fusion underwater and safe from the surface world so they couldn't hurt anyone else. Mariah would relate to such a character based on how she conducts business with friends. Saying "I've changed!" "lets try again!" is what a abusive person says to manipulate another back into a relationship. Expecting closure would mean JASPER stops being aggressively abusive, not just Lapis.

This is the scene. How did she flip this into a positive scene?(Nobody cares)

No. 755106

Lets not forget Jasper was aware Lapis was already broken and traumatized, making her an easy target.
Kinda reminds me of how Moo tries to pinpoint a soft spot a person has to wriggle in toxic relationship. Yes Moo, you are like the past Jasper, except more obese and less muscle.(Nitpicking over a kids cartoon)

No. 755122

Lmao she knows she doesn't know shit about the show and close the comments.

No. 755131

File: 1580761929726.jpg (Spoiler Image, 845.62 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_4545.jpg)

No. 755132

File: 1580762032705.png (496.16 KB, 506x829, Screenshot_154.png)

No. 755135

Terribly retarded decision when she's played by a gorgeous actress in the Netflix series.

No. 755146

File: 1580765917560.jpg (456.1 KB, 833x1070, Declan_.jpg)

Is she gonna cosplay Declan Leuvaarden?

No. 755149

great 'walked in on my drunk aunt in her bathrobe talking to nigerian scammers on Facebook' vibes here, VERY erotic

No. 755153

Lmfao her pinhead and the teacup are almost the same size

No. 755154

Stop anon, it's like seeing the Matrix

No. 755156

This is so bare minimum in effort for a cosplay it's feels like I'm looking at a cursed image, they both have the vibe of Pixyteri

No. 755158

trying to take 2poop's title for zika queen

No. 755160

I wonder if moo ever thought she’d be in the same league as Chellhellbunny?

But honestly…I don’t think moo has ever looked worse. Jfc.

No. 755183

Sounds like projecting herself and Vamps into this picture. Might be a reach but her minds already askewed beyond reason. Wouldn’t be surprising us she’s like “Lapis is abusive! Not me-I mean, Jasper uwu”

No. 755191

Or let alone make Chellhellbunny bunny look hot in comparison to that hank hill butt

No. 755192

She keeps wearing these thigh highs with everrrything. She could've done a strip show set with this outfit and it would've been the easiest thing ever. Her "standards" are lower than low.

No. 755195

File: 1580780653839.jpg (35.69 KB, 315x450, b5f060386b0a69b2c76b1894695d6b…)

Whoops forgot pic

No. 755207

File: 1580789958677.png (99.67 KB, 720x434, Screenshot_2020-02-03-20-16-28…)

How many times is this? Its gone again

No. 755210

File: 1580791128642.png (564.49 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2020-02-03-20-38-10…)

No. 755211

Shes been going hard soliciting her nudes. Probably caught their attention.

No. 755216

She probably deactivated it herself again. I learned not to hold my breath for IG to actually remove her permanently. It’ll probably be back up in time for her return to the US to promote her new trashy onsen book.

No. 755219

She had visible areola in her "christmas card" photos, why is she shocked?

No. 755221

her nipple match her eyes, the left droop upward while the right droop downward

No. 755227

isn't she in japan again? she does this every fucking time

No. 755241

I'll never understand why she does this. What does deactivating her Insta while she travels even accomplish? It's not like she needs to take a break from answering emails or anything like that, because she spergs on social media the same amount regardless of where she is.

No. 755254

Self-Deactivated, she does it EVERY TIME she gets negative attention while on a trip.

No. 755258

lol wut

No. 755262

Because this way she won’t have to take care of critical comments and doesn’t get tagged in squarecucks candids as much, I guess?

No. 755264

Holy shit, now that you mention it, that's true. She's clearly doing it to deflect attention from spending all that neckbeard cash, though tbh they're getting their horrorcow nudes from her so they're probably not the ones who are mad.

No. 755268

If her Instagram were taken down for real she would be acting a lot different than just “lol thot police” with a stupid google picture. She has made this so predictable it’s almost boring now.

No. 755276

File: 1580836544074.png (906.35 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_2020-02-04-09-08-31…)

No. 755290

It's so bad. Wig looks like plastic, her face is taped back so hard.
Simps will really give anyone money for tits.

No. 755292

that wig is comically large for her teeny, tiny head, thanks umbran! but the pointed chin and blown up eyes (feat. her Lazy Eye) absolutely kill me kek why does she do this shit? do people actually think that this looks good? does SHE think that this looks good??

No. 755295

What the hell is going on with the nose editing here? Looks like squidward or Voldemort…spooky

No. 755296

how many times is she going to get this wig re-made? It looks awful every time. I get she wants to have the cartoony look where the bangs are lifted like in the anime, but this just makes her forehead look fucking huge.

No. 755299

I’m confused. Is she intentionally looking THIS bad on purpose? Is it a style? Is it fucking performance art??? This and also >>755000 are fucking traumatizing. They’re worse than usual, and usual was already horrible, I don’t understand?? She looks behind washed up holy shit

No. 755315

File: 1580846137610.png (3.7 MB, 1242x2208, 1D694934-3000-4F3A-9FC4-CA7C84…)

Squarecuck gushed for a bunch of IG stories about Japan and how much he loves Mariah. Pretty pathetic tbh. I don’t doubt there something going on there but I’m betting it’s only because he loves the perks of free luxury trips to glorious Nippon.

No. 755321

Well given her yellow fever she's gonna go all out to keep him around as long as she can.

No. 755323

I mean he has been constantly her lap dog since she started, hasn't he? He's been her main photographer for years now, and with her and Vamp no longer BFFs he has been her most loyal minion through and through. I really don't think he's going anywhere, he knows he has it good with her and Mariah is so desperate for friends she doesn't care that people around her just use her.

No. 755329

Yea but even with Vamp, her generosity was usually only when she thought Vamp was stepping out of line or needed her to be extra dedicated. Here she has a further investment finally getting her asian bf dream. So she's gonna go way out of her way to keep him. Remember how much she used to shower Sensei in gifts before he finally ran for the hills. Now times that by 10.

No. 755330

I’m amazed the cosplay community isn’t holding him accountable for kissing her ass so much after all the shit she put a lot of people through, his public sperging about her might be his undoing if he pisses the wrong person off, he honestly deserves to be public ally dragged down right along with her for being supportive and “loving” of a lying, assaulting, shitty human being.

No. 755332

The funniest thing is that he used to hate Moo's ass, his ex Miso was the one who kept bringing him into Moo's circle of calves.

Money, free rent, and easy pussy changes everything, eh?

No. 755349

so much for being ~italian~

No. 755360

Please anons these are too funny

No. 755363

This seems to be a reoccurring theme with her “friends.” They dislike her at first but Mariah, desperate for approval from people who hate her, lures them in with whatever she can.

No. 755370

Yeah I get having yellow fever but… Square isn't really a catch. The dude looks like a fish. I mean, he's the only one left willing to take her pictures, I guess there's one perk. But she can't really show him off

No. 755372

We know about KBBQ but has she tried to go after other Asian cosplay guys before and they’ve turned her down?

No. 755376

This must be extremely awkward for Miso since it's her ex and her "friend" but I don't know how she didn't see the signs that Mariah was trying to fuck her boyfriend. I don't think Mariah even knows how to be a genuine friend since she's always trying to one up them and fuck their boyfriends.

No. 755379

Honestly, it serves Miso right. She wanted to ride Momo's coattails and thought nothing bad would happen. Even other girls told her that Momo's kink is stealing people's boyfriends because in her head it makes her the "better catch."
You don't see Momo being buddy buddies with Miso anymore and taking her to lavished trips. That and it's well known Momo hates all females, even her "friends"

No. 755380

Same anon you're replying to and I agree, every single person who became her paid slave knew better and decided not to listen. Mariah always does the same old song and dance. Cuck is going to be the next kbbq and he'll deserve it cause the red flags were always there.

No. 755384

File: 1580868343207.png (41.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200204-210048.png)

Does her main IG no longer exist or am I just blocked?

No. 755388

Why does she never take Cat (Antares/Nufli/bitch slave) on one of these trips? Why the fuck would she take Elizabeth Rage, they’re hardly friends and Rage does nothing for her except throw her ex at her to take pictures with Mariah as “random buff character”

No. 755390

Read the recent posts. She’s most likely deactivated it again like she usually does when on vacation. (I don’t like to call what she does there “work”, because flopping your tits around in an onsen for pics isn’t work)

No. 755391

Scroll up. She deactivated her main IG because she was getting negative attention/not the responses to her shitty pics she was hoping for.

It'll be back up when she's heading home.

No. 755402

I wanna say Rage has been before? and maybe planned her trip and Moo jumped in and invited Cucknoodles

No. 755422

Or, knowing Momo's patterns she wants to be buddy buddy with Rage, put her in a false sense of security. I'm 100 percent sure in a couple months she's going to invite Range's boyfriend out a lot more and make public posts about how much she loves him while grinding up against the guy. Again, Momo loves taken guys. As if Moo has any REAL female friends

No. 755424

She's been buddy buddy with Moo for years, anon. You gotta keep up.

And in general can we stop saying they are fucking? Square and Moo? Theres zero proof to back this up. Its all rumor and really makes no sense at all.

No. 755507

If you've been following squarecucks insta stories he has been kissing moos ass pretty hard while it's still speculation it's been hard to ignore. Apologies for the slight sperg but holy fucking hell he is dense, no wonder he can't see moos manipulation he couldn't pronounce half the places they stayed at.

No. 755508

I don’t get why everyone just assumes he‘s the (only) one getting played in this? Not that I want to defend him all too much, because after all he is just another scrot. But out of the two he seems to be the smarter one. Not like he‘s standing out for his brilliance, but still.
He‘s worked with her long enough to see how friendships go for her. She buys people in, keeps them around and throws money at them for as long as they have any use for her, they start wanting to do stuff without Moo, she dumps them and complains about being a golden goose.

I could totally see him knowing what she wants and dangling the carrot (no pun intended) in front of her face just like she does with her cucks. He must enjoy the amenities, so why not do everything in his power to keep the cash flowing and gifts coming for as long as he can?
And as >>755323 and >>755330 have mentioned: He isn’t going anywhere big so Moo is probably best he can do, money-wise, and also nobody in the community actually calls him out for it, so why not hold on for as long he can?

I could also see Moo easily be desperate enough for that asian dick to be oblivious to him using her for her money. She doesn’t know what real friendship or affection looks like anyway.

No. 755535

I full on agree Square knows exactly what hes doing. Its been mentioned before but he wasn't even that into Mariah until Miso pushed them together to start working together. He has it good, I'd consider throwing away my moral compass to have Mariah spend money on me tbh.

No. 755548

He may know what he’s doing for now, but being “friends” with someone like Mariah is like Russian roulette. If he steps out of line even once he can face her unstable wrath and her beta army.

No. 755564

Shouldn’t that be haram? Halal means permissible, but she’s implying that her account was deactivated because the “Instagram thot police” disapproved of it i.e. it was declared impermissible. Am I missing something? Obviously I’m no Lebeanse Muslim like Mariah.

No. 755573

Did he photoshop Moo's mouth on to his face? That's her creepy sex abuser smile.

No. 755581

yep, it should say haram. that's such basic shit.

No. 755659

File: 1580953242806.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.41 MB, 3840x5760, MARV3166.jpg)

Blur tool doing work

No. 755660

File: 1580953335513.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.42 MB, 3840x5760, MARV3179.jpg)

No. 755661


What I want to know is why isn't Umbran with her? Didn't Moo promise Japan to her 2 trips ago? And Umbran made a cringy post about how she couldn't wait to be with her in Japan? Considering how much Slumbran lives up Moo's ass you'd think she would've at least brought her on this current trip. Guess Umbran is super busy with her lucrative business of making Play-Doh wings with shitty hairlines.

No. 755662


But if Umbran went who would take care of her cats for her?

No. 755677

File: 1580954052397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.8 MB, 3840x5760, NOOD9558.jpg)

Her head looks so tiny and that corset must be ready to burst

No. 755686

File: 1580954593113.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.38 MB, 3840x5760, MARV3247.jpg)

No. 755688

File: 1580954733027.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.17 MB, 3840x5760, MARV2589.jpg)

Probably one of the laziest ones shes done so far

No. 755703

Didn't she claim to be super Muslim back in the day too? She is impressively fake.

No. 755708

Shes already gone with moo. Keep up.

No. 755730

If she did no one ever posted about it. Either here or in the calfs thread. I know Umbran would've posted about it but Moo went with her asian click. How about you keep up. You got proof post it if not stop being a dick.

No. 755741

File: 1580969380621.jpg (82.45 KB, 1080x1032, IMG_20200201_225340.jpg)

After seeing the shoots she's done from this trip, I don't even know how she could justify the trips as "working." Most of these look like she was in these areas at a max of 45 min before running back to the changing room to throw on the next outfit.
We know they're excuses to run around and feel like queen weeb. It's just funny she'll die on that "it's for work" hill.

No. 755746

She used to bitch about people on Twitter wearing hijab and that she used to wear them until people pulled them off her head, sounds like bullshit though

No. 755751

Because she marked herself as a business and is writing these trips off as "business expenses" so she can use it in her taxes for a bigger refund. Though she might get in trouble because if the IRS catches wind she has to prove it isn't just a vacation. A few topless pictures isn't going to convince them either

No. 755793

it's so confusing to me that she will post pictures that are so facetuned they no longer look like her, and then immediately after post pics where she looks like a bloated tapeworm. you'd think she would never let half the pics she posts see the light of day, at the very least to keep the simps in the dark

No. 755794

These image files are massive, where are they from?
The files seem to be ripped straight from Square cucks PC

No. 755806

Yeah I was confused by the file names, too.

But I guess some cuck was just generous enough to share. She does offer the HQ versions of her sets to some of her patrons iirc and I could see her not changing the file names or anything.

No. 755832

It always baffles me that she claims to do sewing, showing off pics of sewing supplies etc. yet she won't even bother to cut stray pieces of string sticking out of the hems on her cosplays.

No. 755843

File: 1581005703623.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.76 MB, 5760x3840, MARV1192.jpg)

No. 755844

File: 1581005873708.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.4 MB, 3840x5760, MARV1231.jpg)

No. 755845

File: 1581006090785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.14 MB, 3840x5760, MARV1340.jpg)

No. 755847

Is that a condom on a dildo and why does the condom have a hole in it at the tip like girl doesn't even know how to not break it?

No. 755849

She’s dumb enough to think she’ll get pregnant with plastic babies? Seriously though with how little she knows about shit wouldn’t surprise me she doesn’t know shit about condoms and how they work.

No. 755851

File: 1581008023067.jpeg (792.88 KB, 750x1100, B7C64B5D-062D-446A-9DE8-F3DEDD…)

I just can’t wait to see this pin cushion ass mess

No. 755854

Does this retarded bitch have a condom on a plastic eggplant? Like goddamn

No. 755856


The sewing on this is such a fucking mess.CC is really bottom tier.

No. 755859


Yes, it does look stupid but the actual reasoning is for people who don't want to clean their sex toys after using it in different places, or on multiple partners, or if they are not quite sure of the material being used.

it's impractical for the shoot and just
implies that she's pretty gross, but there is a reason.

No. 755862

This doesn't look like this will fit Moo, even if she corsets herself to death. Did Momo forget to give her new measurements? Or does she plan to wear this unlaced? Also, most of it isn't even pink? Hell it doesn't even look like the character. I also noticed Momo asked her not to include the cut out belly so her fat wont spill out of the hole like in her Morrigan cosplay.

No. 755870

What's worse is because of the way the fabric is she's gonna have serious camel toe/having her pussy lips hanging out of this thing

No. 755871

You can tell she’s totally trying to yoink that ugly atrociously busy design that that sarahspaceman chick or whomever did.

No. 755872

Whoa what the fucks happening here. It’s like they forgot to account for all that girth in the back and just focused on polishing the turd in front.

No. 755881

This has to be a new autistic face she made. Also does she keeps calling showing her sags "nudity".

No. 755887

>Sakizou 'inspired'
>Castlecorsetry milking Moo with shit tier work for $$$ again
>No doubt a giant fried wig by Umbran
>Probably going to get bottom barrel painting work by Kelton again

Yessss, this is going to be a glorious fucking trainwreck, can't wait for this and the rage she's going to get from SU stans who know who she is.

No. 755921

None of this applies to her though.

>who don't want to clean their sex toys after using it in different places

She didn’t use it (at least not on camera) and she didn’t put it anywhere but on her skin. And if she was that concerned about hygiene, she would’ve washed it.

>or on multiple partners

Didn’t do that either.

>or if they are not quite sure of the material being used

Didn’t care about that either when she shoved that carrot into her mouth, that must’ve been equally cheap and purchased at the same place.

Using condoms on sex toys isn’t pointless in general, but it sure as hell is in this case. She’s just trying to be special, pseudo-aware or quirky.

No. 755933

I think she just threw a condom on it to add an additional sexual element. I don’t think it’s really all that deep.

No. 755939

Sage your newfag bullshit and keep up with the threads

No. 755954

They mentioned "props" earlier. I wonder if the love hotel provided it and they put a condom on it bc germs?
That's the only reason I can see her needing to put a condom on it. It would make sense thematically if it was a dick shaped dildo but not here

No. 755956

It's not deep, anons. She put a condom on it because it gives the viewer the idea that could be their dick in a condom by moo because then if they fucked her they could cum in her. Its all self insert for incels with shit like this. There is nothing deep about this aside from moo knowing what degenerates jack to. Shes doing all the softcore elements right, but shes just disgusting which makes the illusion of the situation for self insert look depraved and sad.

No. 755957

No. 755961

The "hands on the top of her breasts" pose is such a bad look, as it shortens her arms and makes her look stubby, which is not what she wants. But who am I kidding, she's had the same poses for years now.

No. 755976

Her nipples look really misshapen and awkward, maybe from the saggy breasts. Should have kept them hidden.

No. 756004

LOL I hope Sarah freaks out and accuses her of copying, we could have a cow collision!

No. 756031

But don’t most scrotes hate condoms?
Like, I‘ve never heard of a guy fantasizing about a thot and imagining themselves wearing a condom. From all I‘ve heard they either fantasize of just not impregnating the girl (e.g. she’s on the pill) or of doing so.

I agree with the ‘doing it to add another sexual element’-part but if anything I’ve seen men complain about condoms in anything pornographic.

No. 756033

Not gonna lie, I’m hoping for that too.

No. 756064

Maybe she does it to give some push up for her pancake tits.

No. 756102

Between her cosmetic surgery and the photoshopping, is it just me or is she starting to look like a dollar store Kardashian?

No. 756214

Or trying to be Hitomi Tanaka.

No. 756437

I scope her reddit and I see why she looks so dead behind the eyes. They literally call her a slab of meat. She has to pander to and keep the attention of those kinds of people.

It's deserved. Go wallow in your food and Gucci accessories. Keep pushing that line forward more and more till you're shoving shit up your holes. They're getting bored with worshiping, it's turning to degrading you.

No. 756523

I've never been on there before so I went to verify what you said and… No? What absolute sophistry. There is one post that says 'That's a bug[sic] slab of meat♡', and its a picture she posted of her massive leg. You made it sound like they call her a slab of meat in every other post.
A lot of them are, either shockingingly or not (since they're fans) pretty positive. Still a little objectifying but how can they not be since she sells softcore porn.
These threads are pretty boring but creating stories like this doesn't help. Keep it honest.

No. 756524

Looks like she said her twitch is back, how long before she gets reported into oblivion or flashes her tits to get banned again?

No. 756528

She never flashed her tits and got banned. She's always shown them off somehow, but never flashed anything ever on there. She knows not to do at least that.

No. 756538

Maddie is pretty damn bored watching the cats right now, huh?

She can't resist teasing a little too much since she's boring as hell to watch, so I'd give it the next time she bothers streaming on there.

No. 756540

anon her shirt was virtually see through that's as close to a flash as she could get on twitch and got caught

No. 756542

You know exactly what 'flashing' implies, anon. Thats why I said she has done other shit close to it, but she has not flashed on stream and I still stand by that. She hasn't and trying to say she did to create some bullshit extra story for how she got banned is dumb as fuck.

No. 756564

Her shirt was see-through, you can see her nipples and all. No one is implying anything, it's a fact

No. 756578

File: 1581309726526.png (2.07 MB, 1242x2208, D1A703B3-CDCD-4A7B-A90A-3ABC91…)

No. 756579

Probably freaked out that her account is not coming back this time

No. 756600

File: 1581337329720.jpg (59.71 KB, 1024x504, IMG_20191208_103103.jpg)

>My family all abused me :(
>Haha anyways, let's go out for facials, mom!!!!

No. 756601

I hate everything about this. Let me guess: she's going to do a corset that shoves her lopsided nipples to her chin, cheap leggings, and some party city gloves with fur duct taped to them.

No. 756603

Is she still going to katsucon? I thought she didn’t go to cons anymore really

No. 756606

Does anyone else remember her saying to cosplay from oh my goddess? Like during last year, still haven’t happened yet?

No. 756612

Pretty sure it was because all her life it's going down.

No. 756618

There is a lot that is never gonna happen.

No. 756622

i hope so
i had fun whale watching last con

No. 756686

File: 1581371348489.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x2015, 8405E35D-CEC7-4C5F-B3DC-CCC71B…)

I don’t wanna be /that/ person but when something like this comes from Moo, it rings hollow. Poor Qinni…

No. 756690

Especially when it's GUARANTEED she has/had no idea who the fuck this even was.

No. 756698

Just waiting for another crying breakdown, somehow finding a way to make this whole thing about herself again.

No. 756701

File: 1581377030219.png (2.68 MB, 1242x2208, 0F7274CE-956C-4A96-A16E-6310A5…)

No. 756702

File: 1581377288082.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2208, 1F446D1D-51BF-460E-852D-5E0236…)

Don’t worry, Mariah will always find a way to turn things around so people pity her instead.
Never mind the fact an actual artist died today, Mariah, your “panic attack” during your facial isn’t important.

No. 756707

File: 1581382012523.jpeg (813.47 KB, 1124x1670, B2A7712F-0210-4C92-8127-7A2507…)

I’ll be on the look out for moo as well. Also looks like she’s gonna be cosplaying Jalter from Fate so I can’t wait to see that train wreck

No. 756715

Thirding. I looked for her last year without realizing she was hiding outside most of the convention.
I'll do a few circuits and keep an eye here. Hopefully we can get a few cryptid sightings this year.

No. 756720


WHAT CRUNCH??? Bitch you make NOTHING. It’s fucking insulting to all the cosplayers sweating and bleeding over their actual crunch while you had a “panic attack” getting fake eyelashes because you were jet lagged??

Will someone please trip her at Katsucrunch, someone needs to knock sense into her. What an arrogant cunt.

No. 756725

Tbh I am seriously still surprised she survives when she goes to a con to get drunk and waddle around. And ya cant trip a pyramid which is about what she looks like.

No. 756726

File: 1581391888151.png (582.67 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-02-10-19-19-42…)

So Cat just stopped?

No. 756727

File: 1581391927478.png (482.29 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2020-02-10-19-19-48…)

No. 756728

File: 1581391996251.png (99.52 KB, 720x575, Screenshot_2020-02-10-16-47-29…)

She responded to yesterday's meltdown by thanking everyone who messaged her.

No. 756739

>feel like a new person
>literally doesn't even look the same
what the fuck. is this some face transplant?

No. 756740

Has she always had that many piercings?

No. 756741

Yes. She did a ton of them when she lived with circleofchiefs a while ago, did them at his shop through another piercer there.

No. 756744

File: 1581399347670.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 7B550AF1-91A6-4263-8F1E-F11AF6…)

Whoa! Watch out you guys, Mariah is totally working hard for that Katsu crunch! You better pace yourself with that workload before you hurt yourself, girl! /s

This is probably her only contribution to the three outfits she had Cunt Corsetry made. No wonder Cat is all mopey and depressed on Twitter lately, did Moo toss her aside already?

No. 756756

dying threads she could have bought red? Is she serious or is she only pretending to work?

No. 756764

please post candids, they're such a highlight.

No. 756778

People are already joking about who's bringing the teeth to throw at her this year after what happened last time. She won't have her guard dog with her this year, will she? Because Vamps was the only thing actually intimidating people from outright laughing at her.

No. 756780

isn't this the character vamps used do with moo's shitty fate escapades.
i remember the face piece really well because it obscured vamps nasty honker kek.
tinfoil but maybe this is just another backhanded way moo likes to spite people by cosplaying their waifus "better" than they could ever.

No. 756786

Is Dumbran going? If so, she went from a lapdog to a rabid dog she leaves chained to a tree outside. We'll see if she lives up to those threats of throwing down with anyone who mocks her precious.

No. 756801

Yeah i remember that too! You’re probably right about Moo being petty and just wanting to do the same vosplay but ”better”. Not surprised she’s going to be wearing a corset instead of foam armor.

No. 756808

Shes been working on her side business

No. 756811


I honestly wouldn’t put it past dumbran to unleash on someone and moo to encourage it like she’s some kinda mob boss. The thirst Umbrian has for moos fupa is unreal. Well I hope she enjoys being cucked cause for all moos posing she ain’t bi anything.

No. 756830

No one is going to scared of someone they can outwalk. At least Vamps looked like she could beat down on someone.
Momo and Umbra just look like they'd keel over wheezing if they tried to take a swing before waddling away.

No. 756859

File: 1581452614133.jpeg (644.95 KB, 1242x1464, 33138BB9-710D-4043-AAAB-E99C59…)

Mariah has made a new “NSFW” IG. Her friends have been boosting it.

No. 756860


you do neither, Moo

No. 756861

File: 1581452879792.png (2.4 MB, 1800x1024, 283A7206-DAB9-4D87-9083-D62DB1…)

She contradicts herself in the bio of the new account by saying it’s “SFW”.

Guess her “lawyers” were taking their sweet time since she hasn’t resorted to making a new account all the other times it disappeared. Maybe this is what caused her panic attack lol. If she was taken down, wouldn’t this be considered ban evading?

No. 756862

It's ban evasion. But I think what got their attention was her deactivating every few weeks and they actually looked at the content and realized her insta is just a push for her to sell porn. She isn't a model or cosplayer. She has been reduced to flopping her titts for money. There is only a certain level of thottery Insta can take

No. 756878

It's saying her SFW account is btsmomokun not that this account is SFW

No. 756890

>gets erased multiple times for nsfw account
>makes a new nsfw account
What an idiot. She could've just used her bts account..

No. 756896

File: 1581462461420.png (2.21 MB, 1262x2048, Screenshot_20200211-150232.png)

No. 756897

She’ll never regain the numbers she had on her old account, expect an absolute meltdown when people forget about her and move onto the next gross thot on the internet that takes her place because she won’t have anywhere to beg people to buy her “Lewds”

No. 756913


But what happened to “lol my guys are already on it. It’ll be back in just a few days”. Aren’t they supposed to be some super internet lawyers who help her and other thots like her get their accounts back?

No. 756915

It didn’t work for Belle Delphine when Moo bragged about getting her lawyers on it to help her get her account back after the bath water fiasco lol. Moo is so full of shit. I’m not surprised this is happening since she’s tempted fate one too many times by seeing how much she could get away with.

No. 756926

Yep, she doesn't have the large group of slaves and cosplay thots supporting/promoting her anymore.

No. 756931

I fully expect her to buy followers again to inflate her numbers.

No. 756935

I'm not even show how she got so popular anyway. She's basically all cgi
she's lookin more like a botched monster every day

No. 756938

How much longer can she do this? Between all her accounts she should be fine minus instagram for a while right?

No. 756942

Saged for semi-blog but from what I've heard from sex worker acquaintances is that those lawyers are just straight up a scam lol

No. 756952

Tinfoil but I think she made the new account to compete with another costhot that recently started a new page nsfw and only featuring her current most full surgery body. People visiting her page can't see old photos which display turtle lips,prelipo,etc. It's easier to sell her super edited body that way

No. 756953

Weren’t the teeth totally unrelated to her though? I heard it was part of a scavenger hunt?

No. 757020

File: 1581527922841.jpg (Spoiler Image, 748.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200212-111848_Ins…)

No. 757033

Hasn't she already done her in a too small bikini?

No. 757037

It's her go to "cosplay" when nothing fits her and she's too lazy to actually cosplay and wants to flop her titts out for easy cash.

Bet money when she uses a burger prop she's going to give an essay on how she doesn't really eat burgers cuz she's a fit girl

No. 757052

But she didn’t do it while holding a burger! Totally different thing!

No. 757078

She'll use that fake "boiger" she had for Erufuda and probably the fries too
I'm honestly so tired of her shitty Ponchycco that she can't even commission new decent headphones for

No. 757089

Does anyone remember her follower count before it was deleted? I know it was in the millions. Lmao she’s never going to have that again.

No. 757113

Pretty sure it was around 650k, but yeah I doubt she'll be getting it back

No. 757148

File: 1581547285883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 564.06 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_4972.jpg)

No. 757151

She looks extremely similar to her mother here.

No. 757159

I like the wobbly cheekbone/cheek and the disturbed patch of pixels right below

No. 757160

The shoop is just getting worse with every day lmao.

Will be interesting to see how this affects her onlyfans/ patreon count.

No. 757162


Zoomed in on it and I know her hair is fried but damn…did they cut it with pinking shears?

No. 757194

No. 757195

File: 1581557506539.png (614.87 KB, 1094x863, main.png)

her main is back up

No. 757204


Her eyes look like buttholes. Also like she’s been crying for 3 days straight, they look puffy.

No. 757206

Of course it’s back. It always comes back.. She can fuck right off with her “I had panic attacks during my at-home facial/lash treatments”.

No. 757225

File: 1581568047768.jpeg (112.85 KB, 540x960, 3E933A95-5138-4978-B181-A2A2D4…)

Not sure if this has been posted, but an interesting find on Reddit.

No. 757239

Oh god, i feel sorry for that guy. Imagine the hotdog water stentch.

No. 757252

File: 1581574556180.png (4.98 MB, 1795x1485, A58AAC04-852E-49F9-A832-91811D…)

I can’t wait to see this train wreck in motion.

I can only imagine how many seams will bust open if she exhales in this.

No. 757258

after reverse google search this isn't confirmed her and this pic has been making rounds since 2018 with the #freakygoals and her hair was pink then if it is her then this is a way older pic from an ex that predates cosplay which i doubt

No. 757268

i don't think it's her at all. eyebags don't match.

No. 757270

File: 1581585468401.jpeg (148.28 KB, 1242x383, 5CFD95A4-28E8-499E-8D07-DCC87A…)

Yep, this.
So if it was an old pic, it would be from Feb ‘17 or before. And she still had turtle lips back then. (Plus, this girl’s nose is way prettier.)

No. 757278


This is the term you're looking for

No. 757284

So why is she showing Umbreons costume? Is hers not done, or is it too big to fit in the picture?

No. 757286

Her face is so creepy

No. 757302

That -is- her costume.

No. 757303

this looks WAY too small for mariah.. holy fuck it's gonna be a trainwreck.. i can't wait to see it on along with a crimped to hell wig by umbran

No. 757304

File: 1581608525238.jpg (402.32 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200213-094223_Ins…)

Does she really think this is going to fit her? She's beyond delusional.

No. 757310

In what world are her thighs going to fit in that outfit?? I feel like she is going to split this thing in half.

No. 757312

Maybe it’s clamped together at the back to make it look better for the pictures?

No. 757315

Lol. Is this what she thinks aegyo-sal looks like? wtf…