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File: 1429042857876.jpg (168 KB, 640x480, 1428809238355[1].jpg)

No. 81899

Ashley thread #7
We're reaching bump limit.

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
public & anon-enabled
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Current Events:
Ash won't stop reading about herself.
Sends herself defensive asks.
Erika received a spooky phone call.
We all need therapy!

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thread #4: >>40939
thread #3: >>34685
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thread #1: >>21279

No. 81902

Fuck yes 😱

No. 81903

File: 1429043160334.png (9.75 KB, 256x197, download.png)


No. 81906

File: 1429043382925.jpg (114.91 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

wHYYyY???? Because #struggling

No. 81907

my favorite lolcow ever

No. 81913

Peter Pratt is not the father.

No. 81914

We get it Maury

No. 81923

Rebecca Isaacs is also not the mother

No. 81926

Ash is really Zorak.

No. 81929

Ash is me and you. Ash is everyone. She is the alpha and omega. No one can enter the kingdom of heaven except through her.

No. 81930

MethSpider is not the forest cat.

No. 81932

In the case of Ashley Isaacs, our paternity tests have revealed that the father is… Target!

No. 81933

Real talk, does anyone expect her to be alive by Christmas? Maybe she's holding out for presents.

No. 81935


I've been watching her for three years. Never expected her to live the past 2.5

I suppose that makes her feel like she has some sort of superpower.

No. 81941

She thinks this means that she's the strongest.

No. 81942

She'll die at age 27.

No. 81947


No. 81954

Could be a reptilian shapeshifter.

No. 81973

She's made it this far, beyond all odds. Who's to know when she'll finally croak?

No. 81987

that's really mean of you to say. I hope she lives to be 100.

No. 81989

You want to prolong her suffering for another 70+ years. Now that's mean

No. 82012

We want her to get fucking healthy

No. 82037

Stephen Hawking has survived 60+ years after being diagnosed with ALS… If there's a will to survive, the body will find a way.

So yeah, she's probably just waiting for presents.

No. 82040

I think ashley is in the lead for most threads at this point. Maybe we're all trying to make sure she's still alive.

No. 82043

File: 1429054850912.jpg (57.1 KB, 509x632, Capture (2).JPG)

She's had the best header pics even if not the most threads (although I'm 100% sure nobody's had 7).

We love you, Ashley <3

No. 82044

(…even if Tiffany didn't)

No. 82045

Who's tiffany even

No. 82047

The girl at Starbucks who spurned her advances.

No. 82060

Can someone summarize the phone call to Erika for me? I somehow missed it in the previous thread…

No. 82064

I know she has hella threads but why? Like is there post limit per thread? I'm new(ish) been here since 5 but I'm confused.

No. 82065

Check the sticky at the top.

"Boards have unlimited pages and threads allow unlimited posts. However, all threads will "bump-lock" after 1200 posts. This means further posts will no longer bump a thread."

No. 82066

Yeah well, Stephen Hawking has a very rare, slow progressing type. Most people with ALS die quickly.

Heads up, if anyone wants to want a heartwarming docu-series on ALS, I suggest Often Awesome The Series.

No. 82067

File: 1429056747422.png (227.15 KB, 333x570, Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.07…)

Well, add $175 + shipping to the list of 'useless shit hapless plebs have bought for the bonebitch.'

No. 82072

Maybe now she can stfu and leave Erika alone.

No. 82081

To go with the rest of her shitty "cosplay."
But no, this makes me irrationally angry.

No. 82085

I thought she was going to die before last Christmas. She says her doctors have been telling her she's about to die for years. She probably will last until her thirties like Valeria.

No. 82087

i don't know why people would buy shit for her they should have spent all that money on buying her food she's so disgusting and probably looks ridiculous in cosplay

No. 82093

I say she bought it herself.

No. 82097

She's been looking at it and just ordered it, hence pic from a site. She'll put a pic out of her wearing it when it arrives. She is not poor.

No. 82108

Shit, you're right. Otherwise she would have posted a picture of the box/envelope it came in, with or without the costume beside it.
Ashley, you sly bastard you.

No. 82110

File: 1429059622048.png (160.72 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lk8qwboqmJ1qblr8a.png)

that costume is worth like $70 max jfc
what idiot would buy this for themselves, much less for skeletor

No. 82111

When she's "allowed"??

No. 82113

She knows that Erika managed to get $1600 really quickly because she's popular. Usually she posts gifts from people that cost $20 or less. She wants people to think that she's as popular as Erika (competitiveness). She bought it herself!

No. 82116

"Even in the 19th century, psychiatrists saw patients with eating disorders. These images, published in Paris in 1892, depict a young woman with "visceral hysteric anorexia" who gradually gave up eating until she developed cachexia - a condition where the body is so malnourished it can't be reversed."

Is this possible? Permanent wasting syndrome from starving yourself?

No. 82117

File: 1429060149293.jpg (81.89 KB, 1006x521, lol.JPG)

No. 82120

i wonder what size she got.. xs?

No. 82121

File: 1429060293159.jpg (27.25 KB, 448x215, size_small.JPG)

Smallest is small

No. 82125

File: 1429060355390.jpg (11.47 KB, 675x53, yeahright.JPG)

No. 82126

i dont know what these numbers mean

No. 82128

S, dress size, bust measurement, waist, and hip (butt) measurement (in inches)

She's probably half that size.

No. 82129

File: 1429060525068.jpg (31.29 KB, 734x331, 0.JPG)

I ballsed it up

No. 82132

got ya, thanks. half? no way.. more than half

No. 82133

She could probably fit her whole body inside a sleeve.

Notice how she put the price on her post? Definitely wants us to think someone spent a fortune on her. Kek.

No. 82138

Dude she had that damn ugly fucking jacket on her Amazon wishlist and it's never been more than $35. Bitch either bought it herself, one of her dipshit followers did, or she's like LOOK PEOPLE GIVE ME LOTS OF MONEY TOO!

And "someone spent their hard earned money." You cuntsmear, a few hundred people have over the years, but it still hasn't made you remotely grateful or remorseful for using them.

No. 82139

…if anyone bought it at all (derped and hit send). And like she's had "cosplay" shit on her wishlist before and then it just disappears and we never see these AMAZEBALLS "cosplay" getups of hers. I guess going to Target to take selfies while dressed up as Skeletor with Daddy Issues is exhausting enough.

No. 82144

I'd love to see this cosplay. Gonna be even worse than shmegeh's.

No. 82145

When her mom feels like dressing her.

No. 82146

She had that shitty necklace she bought herself and said she was saving for the rest of the costume.

Even a slack jawed skeletor in baggy lycra can't compare to Ashley walking around in this ugly potato sack.

No. 82152

File: 1429061552226.gif (364.02 KB, 558x480, shmegehwiggle.gif)

Might be better, idk.

No. 82154

her body is like a 12 year old boy. her face is too. i guess she looks like a 12 year old boy actually

No. 82155

File: 1429061717005.jpg (40.82 KB, 454x604, shmegehmouth.jpg)

At least Ashley's mouth closes all the way.

No. 82156

Just looked this up and it got me thinking…
What if Ashley's ED originally began due to her mental disorder and daddy issues, but developed cachexia at some point which is why she is withering away now. It could be that she was told by a doctor that it was irreversible and she has decided that she wants to spend the remainder of her life just trying to enjoy what she can.
If this were true, I would actually feel sorry for her. She might not have even known that cachexia was something that could occur and now she is faced with the reality that she is going to die young no matter what she does. This would also explain why she isn't forced into hospitalization…

No. 82159

An interesting theory…

No. 82161

That fucking makes so much sense actually. Why she says "won't recover" as opposed to "doesn't want to recover".

No. 82162

That isn't how cachexia works at all. Ashley's just your garden variety anorexic. 'I WOn'T ReCOVER!!' is just her being a petulant, delusional child.

No. 82168

She's said she has eating disorders.

No. 82169

>Even if the affected patient eats more calories, lean body mass will be lost, indicating a primary pathology is in place.

She wouldn't have to puke if she had that.

No. 82170

If she knew for sure that she's a terminal case (i think she might be-PROVE ME WRONG, ASH- but not with cachexia), don't you think she'd milk that shit for heaps of attention, sympathy, and presents?

No. 82171

*by telling people, I mean.

No. 82173

So someone paid no more than $20? Why would she even cut off the actual price?

No. 82174

It's usually seen in patients with tumors, vintage AIDS, MS, ect. Ashley has, as far as we know, none that there damn shit going on. It would be a pretty cool twist if she was an end-stage AIDS patient and covers it up under 'anorexia' due to shame.

idk, im baked sry

No. 82177

If I had cachexia I'd be pissed off to fuck with proana people who WANT to lose weight when I was dying of not being able to gain weight. She wouldn't have all her friends with EDs if that was the case.

And YES if she had that, she'd tell everybody.

No. 82180

No. 82182

File: 1429064565224.jpg (33.89 KB, 500x281, no.jpg)

>Paying 180 dollars for a shitty chinese sweatshop made cosplay so fucking Skeletor can wear it

Are these people fucking high?

No. 82203

Oh please. Amazon third party sellers are notorious for inflating their list prices to give the illusion of a deal on their shitty products. Guarantee nobody paid more than 30 or 40, let alone $175.

No. 82209

I'm guessing it is because back then people did not know how to treat refeeding syndrome/deal with the crazy high metabolism that results from starting the refeeding process.

No. 82212

To fuck with people (specifically us), obviously.

No. 82214

Wtf, what a little shit. She must be fucking retarded if she thinks we would fall for that. Definitely bought it herself.

No. 82216

>I’ll take a personal photo of it when I’m allowed
>when I’m allowed

No. 82217

Lying isn't a trait of BPD, I think she's histronic.

No. 82220

File: 1429068681322.jpg (124.68 KB, 1075x720, cEjbisI.jpg)

She'll need to save up a lot of good girl points before being allowed to take a picture with her tendies. :3

No. 82224

Manipulating is common in BPD though. But there are similarities between personality disorders. I've thought Ashley may have histrionic as well as borderline personality disorder but there's a lot of overlap in symptoms. She also has traits of narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder.

No. 82226

This makes no sense. Why wouldn't she be able to? I'm sure she bought it herself and has to hide it from her mum. She probably scrutinizes her for buying useless weeb shit.

No. 82248

Her mother might also know that other people have bought useless shit for her in the past and disapproves. Which I can't blame her mother for at all, poor woman.

No. 82258

This makes alot of sense, really. Also, maybe she doesn't want to let on her online following to her mother due to the past APS/mom abuse drama.

It's possible that she saw the package before her mum could and is hiding it. Though, I honestly don't see how she wouldn't be 'allowed' to post a picture online, as though her mother is standing behind her telling her when she can or cannot post a photo. Just speculation, though.

No. 82282

File: 1429093254118.jpg (82.82 KB, 400x554, ashleysultimatedreambody.jpg)

It still really pisses me off that she tried to bullshit her way about getting that iphone 6. Like, bitch, even if you traded it in and had an upgrade on your account, it'll still cost at least another 50 dollars out of pocket. Which, with her saying that her and her mother can't afford food and whatnot, really shows you where the fuck her priorities are. She'd rather show off her goodies and cheap plastic toys, then be able to actually pay for necessities and live comfortably until the end of her (very near) days. Yeah, you're so fucking poor Ash.

I even sent her an anon message, calling her out on her bullshit about the phone, and I'm pretty sure she just deleted it, because she'd rather show us all the somewhat positive messages she receives now (sent herself, because we can all see through your shit, ash), since we called her out before, about posting nothing but negative asks.

God, I hate how full of bullshit she's always filled with.

Forgive me about this long post. I just needed to let these damn frustrations out.

No. 82285

>>82113 agreed I couldnt help but think she bought it herself. when things actually arrive she'd take a picture and slap on a shit ton of kawaii stickers on it

No. 82330

Remember when she said her mom controls her mail? I can see why. People buying her massive amounts of food enables her. I don't think her mom is "evil" as she says. Maybe, it's a possibility, but if I had a child as bad off as ash who had an online following sending her stuff to enable her condition, I'd control the fuck out of the mail too.

Think of it like this. You've got a drug addict child who lives in your home. You don't give that child any money, but they are ~*E-FaMouS*~ and their followers send cash/checks via mail. Wouldn't you control the mailbox too? I sure as fuck would.

No. 82335

File: 1429105149176.jpg (110.77 KB, 612x792, costume_kids_skeletor2011.jpg)

can someone send her a skeletor costume
kids size so she feels loved

No. 82336

Why does everybody mention skeletor? He was fuckin buff

No. 82337

She could have easily edited the price out but she's trying to show off. No body is impressed you got a ugly coat that doesn't u will never get to wear to any cons because you're too sick and nobody irl likes you enough to take you. I'd be impressed if you got better enough to buy it yourself fit in it and actually go to a con. But yea good job getting an idiot to pity buy you that ;:pats ur skull::

No. 82340

rofl! right? If you wanna mention actual skeletons, do Jack from Nightmare before xmas.

No. 82345

Months ago, she posted a picture of herself from the back (Mommie Dearest must have taken it), saluting and wearing a green cloak that looks like that one. Pic is probably floating around somewhere.

She had that cosplay set on her wishlist for a while as well, but it's been off there for months.

No. 82348

it's just a cheap-shot and a catchy name, don't take it too literally.

No. 82352

Yeah I remember that and eventually someone asking her about her cosplay, when it would be finished, etc and she said that her mom made her feel stupid about it so she wouldn't be doing it now. ~*guess things have changed

No. 82353

File: 1429109706579.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1535, oyvey1.png)

I stand corrected, it looks like a different cloak.

No. 82354

File: 1429109767011.png (33.64 KB, 565x361, OK sure.png)

Guys, she turned off anon, so she can't possibly be sending them to herself. Mm hm. OK Sure.

Also can't find the blue wig. WTF kind of mess must her place be? I have a half dozen wigs for costumes - kinda hard to lose since they're on wig stands in the closet. You know, to not ruin them.

No. 82358


Ha, never mind. I can see exactly what kind of mess that place is. Good luck finding anything. Shame there isn't an able-bodied person there to tidy up while mom's off working to pay the rent.

No. 82360

Is that Ash's thinspo hanging on the door?

No. 82361

So she just said she needs to find her blue wig? She lives in a one bedroom apartment that's about 700 sq feet including the kitchen and bathroom. How bad must her hoarding look when she can't find something in there?

No. 82363

Wow that apartment looks cramped as fuck. That's probably the only part that had enough space or was clean enough to take a photo.

No. 82364

Nice sparkles on that wheelchair.

No. 82365

Well no wonder her mom has a problem with all the packages of bullshit that Ashley gets in the mail. It's not just the binge food, it's that Ashley is filling her mom's apartment with her hoarding so even non food packages are just enabling Ashley. But in Ashley's twisted mind that "abuse" and not being alloted to just be herself! It interesting to translate Ashley's delusional statements into reality.

No. 82367

A lot of decent sized apartments have tiny entryways like that. The whole apt is probably packed with shit, but I'm just sayin'.

No. 82371

The price she left in the pic wasn't the actual price though. It's the supposed retail value. It actually cost ~$20-$40.

No. 82373

no one noticed the floating skeletor on the door?

No. 82376

That just looks like the foyer/walk in area though. Is she in a 2 bedroom?

No. 82381

Her mother's one bedroom apartment is either 659 or 742 square feet depending on which floorplan she has at that complex. Thats tiny to start with, and then stuffed to the brim with junk.

No. 82382

And she lives with her mother? I personally couldnt bear that.

No. 82384

Imma unpack what we can see in that little glimpse into the apartment:

Water jug sitting on the floor, bottom left. This is not a typical storage solution for water jugs.

Wheelchair stored near the door (sensible) yet storing it there means the door can't open completely. One would only do this if there were no other option.

Shoe rack at the bottom right is too packed to hold all the shoes.

Plastic grocery bags on top of the shoe rack

Plastic storage bins between shoe rack and wheel chair, just visible middle right edge.

Yes, entryways are often tiny. But she wanted to share a photo of her wearing the cape. If there were any better location in the apartment to do so, she would have taken the photo there.

Conclusion: Hoarded as fuck in that place.

No. 82385

You're kidding right? Her mother is the only reason Ashley isn't homeless and dead already. Ashley doesn't work and can't care for herself. She can't drive, she's usually confined to a wheelchair and she can't perform daily activities like cookies and cleaning. She needs her mother but whines like a bratty teenager.

No. 82393

I'm pretty tired of hearing people blame her mother. Ashley is old enough to know what she is doing and what she has done. Frankly, we don't know how much her mother has tried to help her in the past. We only know what Ashley has said about her and what people have come up with on their own based on a very basic Facebook profile. Her mom could have tried so hard to save her for so many years, spent tons of money on treatment, cried a million tears, fought for her to recover and live a normal life and finally sort of just gave up. I know people will say, "I would never give up on my child," but you don't know the whole story.

No. 82394

I know I would have given up. It must exhausting to watch year after year your child slowly dying and knowing you could do something about it if only she wanted to be helped.

What a crappy life that must be.

No. 82401


I don't blame her mother at all. I mean, maybe she is a monster, but I find it all to easy to imagine exactly what you say: The mother has been dealing with Ashley's bullshit all along, ground zero. If we find it difficult to listen to her crap, imagine how hard it is to live with.

And there's nothing she can do about it at this point except wait it out - for better or worse.

No. 82407

I don't think most people blame her mother. She's stuck in a difficult position. Ashley's version of reality is that her mother constantly harasses and belittles her. Actual reality is that she's probably tried everything from pleading to screaming to ignoring to anything to try to get Ashley to change. The "harassment" Ashley refers to is most likely her mother confronting her about all the food she binges and purges on. Or just being like "look what you're doing with your life" but Ashley would rather her mother happily leave her be.

No. 82410

See >>82360

Yeah, I feel really bad for her. I'd like to hear her thoughts on all this.

No. 82416

"a condition where the body is so malnourished it can't be reversed"
source? cachexia doesn't exactly mean that.

No. 82419

I know, just pasting in what the book said. They probably believed that back then. Refeeding reaction being so severe. If ash eats, purging it up is probably prolonging her life by now vs eating considering how badly she'd react to keeping food down.

No. 82421

I don't think Ashley has disgraced this thread yet lmao

No. 82426

She's too busy f5-ing the tracking page on her recent amazon purchase.

I think her mother does really well tbh. She's a single parent with a low paid job. She has to run a car, buy all the food, pay bills, pay for whatever Ash wants and pay rent. I doubt she could afford anywhere bigger and it's a place to live. Ash said she hasn't paid off her wheelchair yet, which means her that's another thing her mum has to pay out for.

No. 82429

File: 1429123402208.jpg (18.01 KB, 582x117, 0.JPG)

Who's the passive aggressiveness aimed at here?

No. 82430


I don't understand why Medicaid hasn't paid for the chair,mor why she doesn't rent one if money is so tight. But I guess she has no plans of getting better and thinks she'll need it for long-term use

No. 82432

No. 82434

I have a few relatives in wheelchairs and the model you posted isn't suitable for regular users/long-term use. She must have a nicer one. I'm a cheap person but if I had to use a wheelchair to get around I'd have a nice one. Idk how she food shops at whole foods in a chair. She must have a minion drive her like Gia did

No. 82435

Idk about her having a nicer one, though. Didn't she say Neckbeard rented her a nicer one than hers for her when he visited? They could've even bought a 2nd hand one.

No. 82436

I think so. Someone in her condition would need a special cushion to prevent sores

No. 82437

there was a picture she took before surgery and you could see it in the bacground. it was a foldable. i checked her tumblr archive and it's not there anymore

No. 82438

That kind of shit is what I would be putting on my Amazon wish list. Not food and fucking blind boxes.

No. 82440

sorry let me correct myself - before her routine dentist appt

No. 82442

I remember that pic. It was before she scrapped her account. Just before her tooth extraction…I mean mouth surgery.

No. 82444


I agree - Ashley makes it out as "poor me" because they live in a one-bedroom apartment, but like, that's all her mom can probably afford. Someone's going to be sleeping on the couch.

If Ashley doesn't like it, she could quit being useless and get a job to contribute toward rent so they could afford a second room.

Even without going out to work, Ashley could have a YouTube channel. Everyone does. Instead of begging for bullshit on Amazon, if she were sincerely trying to improve, she could have a PayPal donation jar.

Of course, even Internet work is actually work. You have to like, try, and shit.

No. 82445

Ashley can't sleep in a bed. She has to sleep upright in a chair or she'll die in her sleep.

No. 82456

She doesn't have Medicaid or any government assistance. She definitely qualifies but she's either too lazy to do the paperwork (you do have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get accepted) or she doesn't want to get found out by someone who could have her institutionalized. She'd have to admit she's disabled and unable to care for herself and she'd need to get medical documentation for proof which means exposing herself and getting taken away.

No. 82462


I'm in between jobs and signed up for Medicaid online. Took 20 minutes.

No. 82475

>doesn't want to get found out by someone who could have her institutionalized

I think this is the reason why she keeps a relatively low profile in general, ie not having a youtube blog. Maybe a part of it is that she's still trying to keep her past camming secret, but definitely she doesn't want people to see what appalling condition she's in.

No. 82476

You know what would be more impressive at her age besides a "$179" jacket? A $20,000 or more college degree. She's twenty fucking four.

No. 82477

I don't expect anything from her really, just a general level of decency and not malicious phone calls or constant whining. When she posted about having made a case for her phone I thought it'd be interesting to see. A hobby, some kind of craft, would be good for her to get into, but then all she bothered to do was put some stickers on her case that already existed.

I'd like if she had an ED awareness blog like some of the others who're dealing with them, but she's too busy commenting on food on ig.

No. 82483

I actually think she could make a lot of money from YouTube.

No. 82489

I can see that she would. Watching her would appeal to a wide range of people for different reasons. If Weenus makes a wad from a bunch of weebos, Ash could make more because even psychologists would be interested.

No. 82491

Plus Ashley is way way cuter than Weenus. Actually.

No. 82493

Both suck at make up.

No. 82494


Same here re that phone case. I was so disappointed. People make gorgeous custom phone cases via Nuvango and other sites - that was what I was expecting. Not $2.00 worth of stickers.

Plus, she said something about getting them from the art store? What?! Since when to unicorn stickers qualify as 'art supplies'?


No. 82495

~personal blog~ I love crafting and part of it is therapy IMO. It's not as if she'd have to have loads of cash. Buy some pieces of felt, some cheap embroidery floss and download a tutorial to make some kawaii felties. She must get so bored and that's not good.

No. 82496


She could do tons of the jewelry tutorials at Honestly WTF DIY. If they were cute enough, she could peddle them to her followers.

But d'oh, that's work.

No. 82503

No, sorry, that's not her delusions (for once). They have tons of stickers at art stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby for scrapbooking.

No. 82508

File: 1429132963143.jpg (14.2 KB, 463x150, 0.JPG)

I betchya dollar stores are a lot cheaper.

Pissed off with the timing out thing going on.

No. 82525

wait wat

No. 82526

The only way she would is if she made it a recovery channel.

Otherwise you'd have her being famous for all the wrong reasons.

No. 82535

Over here my main art supplies store shares space with school supplies. It could also be that she went to a craft store [the ones I've been to are pretty momsy and have lots of shit for children too] and that's how she got them.

Putting stickers on a case isn't really the epitome of arts & crafts but eh, I don't really mind her calling them that. Pretty awful job though.

No. 82541

I didn't think that was the case either. She isn't John Merrick. Of course she can lie down.

Idk though. Eugenia Cooney obviously has an ED (even if she doesn't admit it) and she has a following for talking shit…although I know she's thinsp for a lot.

No. 82559


She's already famous for the wrong reasons. She might as well get paid.

No. 82569

But that's what she's always thrived on.

No. 82573

I doubt she could handle the #cyberbullying if she had a YouTube channel. YT commenters are the most brutal in all of the internet. That's what she doesn't fucking get… EVERYONE that puts themselves out there on social media is going to get "bullied". Jesus just click around on some of the comment threads on some of the most well-known (and well-loved in some cases) YouTubers and you'll see that the comments are absolutely bursting with hate.

If she could get over that, she could make bank making YT videos.

No. 82575

She's have to come up with something more interesting than her usual "I hope you find something to smile about today…be kind to all" schtick.

No. 82577


She could disable comments and link to her tumblr instead.

No. 82579

Ain't that the truth, a lot of the YT gamers I watch have turned off comments and just start threads on their reddits or websites now to avoid all the bullshit. She'd crumble in a day.

No. 82586

Just sparing a quick thought- I would.. Like to make things?? I tried getting into Kandi, because I had a huge fondness of (actually decent) jewelry making when I was younger. Sold mainly bracelets in school, etc. it's been years, but you might have seen some of the recent Kandi I made idk. Please don't pick on me here lolllllll I'm asking a legit question- but fuck it's draining to do. In b4 'not really Ashley' or 'everyone is Ashley' posting

No. 82588

… what are you even asking?

No. 82590

Y… you wot, m8?

No. 82591

Ash, I'd have a lot of respect for you if you wrote about your ED. Like, no holds barred truth. About how much binges cost, the physical effects, the isolation, what a typical day is like…that is more interesting to me than buying bracelets.

No. 82592

I DONT KNOW. I WANT TO HAVE A SMALL HOBBY/ BRACELET MAKING OR.. I honestly have a shit-ton of decorating stickers; I could decorate phonecases/whatever for anyone who wants one aka a piece of junk. BUT. I could at least maybe start to develop an interest in something again. I duno. I'm talking in circles but I seriously wanted an honest opinion, and who better to go to than the people who are the most straight-forward :-/

No. 82593

I really would rather try to escape my EDs- They already occupy enough of my lifespan as it is.

No. 82596

Just a thought…when is the last time Ashley actually posted a picture of herself out in public? She uses to do the target "full body, stand up in the kids dept real quick" shots all the time and before that, it was old navy or wherever else. I know she's been on her social media accounts, but what if she's actually in some kind of hospitalization or aggressive outpatient or day program of some sort right now. I know my friend was not allowed to have her phone at all when she was inpatient, but some will allow you to have your phone, just not take any photos for confidentiality reasons (people could be in the background or walking by, etc. maybe that's why she's not "allowed" to take a photo of the jacket? One could only hope.

No. 82600

Eugenia Cooney actually has some personality though, even though she talks shit. Also she makes an effort appearance-wise, which Ash doesn't do, so she makes for more 'attractive' thinspo.

No. 82601

Well, I know someone who makes care packages for sick kids in hospitals. They would probs appreciate the stickers and toys.

No. 82602

When I was in treatment I was not allowed to use social media and the only phone I was allowed was a non-smart phone (i.e. a tracphone)

No. 82603

Regarding cachexia, someone can have a cachectic appearance, meaning they basically look like death. It doesn't mean irreversible damage. I've seen elderly patients who were on fixed incomes with high $ monthly prescriptions that would choose their meds over food. They would basically be wasting away and the doc would note they were "cachectic in appearance." I've also seen it in end stage cancer patients. Any severely malnutritioned person can have the appearance of cachexia. It basically means emancipated and wasting away. Google image search cachexia.

No. 82608

FWIW, I also think that if your giveaways were bracelets, journals, etc. instead of binge food…that would be a good start. You could sell friendship bracelets? Idk.

No. 82613

Damn, I have to give you kudos for coming here and asking. It's probably the bravest thing I've seen you do. If you want to make things and try to sell them, do it. Make an Etsy store. I'm sure someone will buy some.

No. 82619

For real. Ashley, if that was really you, I think it's awesome that you want to have an interest in something or get something in your life other than your EDs. Go for it, seriously. If you can find something that makes you happy every day, just think of what that might lead to in the future.

No. 82622

Actually, I thought of something. Selling like, things people will need in treatment in little bundles/care packages (since a lot of your followers also have EDs). Like, a small journal, bracelets, funny DVDs, something with an inspirational quote. You could get some of that stuff at like, a dollar store, maybe decorate it, wrap it up nicely, and sell that? Idk. I'm trying to give you real suggestions since you had the guts to come here and ask.

No. 82623

Yes, this. Not all of us hate you. I want to see you happy and away from the ED world. Seriously.

No. 82625

Doubt that's Ashley, but if it was I'd recommend she did this. I'd LOVE if she did something like this.

No. 82627

I personally would support this endeavor. I you made an Etsy I would totally order a phone case from you if it means supporting a positive direction for your life.

No. 82630

I collect notebooks and journals, so I'd buy a decorated one. Like if she created a pages with headings what to write about kind of thing.

No. 82633

That's the thing though, you shouldn't be trying to escape. You have to face what you are doing to yourself, the people around you, and your followers. If you could actually own up to half of the things you do maybe you can start to heal and get better, instead of just hiding under a pile of ~Kawaii~ shit.

No. 82638


Well you totally can have such a hobby. Look, I don't know about the stickers thing - seems lame to me. (then again, I have a friend who sells her scrapbooking crap and I can't even figure out that because it all looks like junk to me)

But the bracelets can be cute. If one thing doesn't work, try another. That's how it goes.

Sometimes you have to build up a variety of things before people find it appealing. Like in Target - there isn't just one color of bath towels, there's a wall full of colors.

No. 82645

you don't see this as a potential path into doing better things? Psychiatrists will tell someone with depression that they need to get up and do things in order to beat it. Just laying around feeling sorry for yourself only makes it worse. You have to make a positive change in order to heal.

No. 82694

You could learn how to crochet it's super easy using the granny stitch and make super cute rainbow blankets or rasta beanies. Easy fun and you have cute stuff to decorate or wear or sell.

No. 82701

Jewellery making isn't as difficult as people think, and there are a million tutorials online, and books at your local library. Plenty of e-celebs sell easy to make stuff at inflated prices.

No. 82746

Exactly! Distractions and little self soothing activities are great when they're used in addition to other healthy coping skills. But Ashley just avoids dealing with the actual issues and instead uses kawaii whatever as an escape so she doesn't have to deal with reality.

That is not productive and frankly unless you were in the hospital I would NOT buy anything knowing it was funding your binge food addiction.

No. 82769

I was the anon interested in journals. When I posted it I was unsure if I'd actually buy from her. Knowing it'd be for binge food I wouldn't. I know if she makes things then it's her money to spend, but unless it was used to contribute towards her rent etc. or at least things she needs to make her day to day life more comfortable, nope.

No. 82774

Just found this in a Google search using the screen name she has as her Facebook URL. Not much content, but it's from a year after she was diagnosed with AN (her Facebook says she was diagnosed in September 2005).


No. 82776

I'd still buy it even if it was for binge food, because she'd be earning that money and therefore allowed to spend it however she wants. It's the begging for binge food that bothers me, not the fact that she has an addiction. I see things a little differently because I've been around a lot of people with addictions, and once they actually start earning their own money they often start to change.

Ashley, I'll support you in your endeavor too.

No. 82781

I'm not giving that whack job a single cent. But hey, good for you.

No. 82794

Erika's actually getting help. Her husband updated her Instagram and she's not doing well but was transferred to the Denver ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders (a hospital ward that takes a lot of the most severe ED cases in the US). So fuck you, Ash. Your pathetic sabotage attempts didn't work and your "friend" is out of reach of your toxic grasp. I actually believe E can and will recover, and living well is the best revenge.

No. 82796

I'm worried Erika won't make it.

No. 82797

I also don't think Yustas is so terrible…

No. 82801

Imagine if Erika dies, would Ash even feel a single shred of guilt over what she did to her? I wonder.

No. 82803

I'm torn about whether or not I would want to supply Ash with money knowing it might be spent on something unsightly. Hell, I would adopt her into my care and nurture her as my child if she agreed to get medical help. Of course, that would already have happened if she were willing…
I would even consider gifting her with some actually decent stuff that isn't horribly tacky and meant for children. Like a better wardrobe or something to motivate her if she sees how much better she could be doing if she tried.

No. 82804

I think that's why people like Erika, Gummibear, Forestcat, Gia, Neckbeard, etc. defend her even though its obvious that she's not a great person. The women just want to be her mother. The Neckbeard wants a girl to look after. Its all parental instinct. She might be 25 but she's a child in every single way.

No. 82806

Ashley is incapable of remorse or empathy. She would manage to make it about her and feel like she's somehow the victim if Erika dies.

No. 82807

Yeah but the first thing to do is acknowledge that you do have a problem.

A person with depression goes out and does these thingd because they are aware they have a problem or obstacle they must overcome in order to be functional members of society and in order to improve their current life situation. One of the symptoms of depression is lack of motivation which is often mistaken for laziness, and it takes a lot of balls to get out of bed and go outside to do something as trivial as buying groceries.

Doing these things in order to improve your life isn't escaping from the issue, but rather facing it and overcoming it through leaving your comfort zone and regaining the motivation you lost.

It's not going to be a positive change for Ashley if she uses that money to go and buy binge food. She needs to acknowledge the issue at hand instead of trying to escape it because otherwise she won't recover.

No. 82808


No. 82812

I think she will pull through now that she's in constant care. Hopefully they catch everything soon enough and can get her stable enough for the transfer to Denver. I know her husband has pulled some shitty stunts, but him making that post on her behalf was a great start at redemption. There's two sides to every story as well.

No. 82817

I know, me too.

I'm hoping you're right; Denver ACUTE is really good so she is in the best possible hands.

No. 82830

When i read that this morning i actually got teary eyed. Following her and her being always so nice to me and other followers made me kinda attached to her. I really hope she makes it.

No. 82845

I got a bit teary eyed too, I really like following Erika and seeing her posts. I suddenly thought "what if she doesn't make it?" and I felt a bit scared. It sounds fucking stupid because I don't even know her offline. I feel scared for her kids, too.
Yustas seems a bit clueless though, like either he is actually kinda dim or he's just playing stupid after contributing to Erika's illness. Everything Erika has said about Yustas just makes it seem like he's not the best person to be around.

No. 82858

Like it's nice that ash is trying to do something productive besides begging for gifts online but honestly I won't buy any shit from her. It's just money she will use to further destroy herself. Maybe I'd consider it if she have a genuine apoligy for her manipulative behavior and her shitty things she said about taking credit for Erika getting treatment. She's just going to use her sick girl status to guilt people in to buy her most likely crappy crafts and then pat herself on the back like she is actually doing something substantial. Don't forget all the stuff she is done like yea it's a step but a pretty minuscule one IMO.

No. 82862


I don't know why people here would even consider helping Ash in some way considering all the really crappy, horrible things Ash has done and said over the years.

No. 82869

I was worried for a minute that you guys were falling into her skinny shitty vomit covered hands again. I'm glad to see some sense has returned to at least a few of you

No. 82871

Fucking scam artist. Don't be fooled.

No. 82889

yeahhhhhhh. i'd support it if the money were being saved for treatment. but we all know better

No. 82890

There's a big difference between talking about doing something and actually doing it. She'll also have to learn some basic skills and do you really think she could be fucked to do that? She'd have to churn out a lot of crap to profit from this.

It's probably something she's going to talk about with her imaginary therapist. The idea of a job. This is her idea of a job. From it she'll gain "independent living". It's all a dream.

No. 82899

>>82804 Spot on mate, spot on. Peter Pan syndrome and wtf does she go to the extent of diapers ya think?

No. 82907

from the old blog someone posted earlier:

"i logged on to my 'anorexia perfection'
account, and the girls on there are really
supportive and are sticking with their goals..


damn ashley, you think your current state is 'beating them all' yet?

No. 82908


Because saying outright "fuck her, I won't support anything she does" immediately gives her an excuse not to even try.

If she were to actually do something to try and earn money then I could decide whether or not to support it. But I'm not going to be the one to say, "you're fucked no matter what you do, so don't even try."

No. 82909

I read through that blog and I'm confused by her description of her "binges":

"alright, last night i promised myself i wouldn't
binge.. but today at 9:30 i went out of contol..
hmm.. i'm going to see how many calories i've had::

milk w/water= 100 cal.
juice= 100 cal.
accidentially swallowing= 100 cal.

total= 300 cal.

okay, i can't eat the rest of the night, and i'll keep you
posted as to how my night goes."

Um, since when is 300 calories considered a binge?

No. 82943

Does she think saliva has calories, or is it more likely she was chewing and spitting but swallowed by mistake? She's insane.

No. 82945

she might be chewing food and spitting it out instead of swallowing it, thus the "accidentally swallowing" penalty.

No. 82967

This. I don't believe she's actually changed unless she acknowledges all the shit she's done and apologizes to the people she screwed over to try to male amends. She still doesn't see that she's done anything wrong and shows no remorse or responsibility for her actions.

With her manipulative tendencies how could you trust her to handle your money? Would you give Ashley your shipping address knowing what happened when she had Erika's phone number? She still hasn't admitted to much less apologized for all the disgusting things she's done so she's still exactly the same.

No. 82971

Fuck… I teared up reading that post. I really hope she can make it.

No. 82972

SUT has it right. Ashley has complained that she's too weak to check the mail at he apartment and she can't reliably go to the post office. She's so mentally drained she can't concentrate. How is she supposed to keep track of orders and send packages on a schedule? She needs to get her priorities straight.

All this talk about trying to get a job and independence without actually dealing with her problems is delusional, I can't believe people think it's a good idea. She's a drowning person trying to learn to tap dance. You need to figure out how to not kill yourself before trying to handle a business. Plus I don't want my money used for binge food.

No. 82974


Well, she can't change overnight, though. It'd be a start.

No. 82994

Ashley, no. A start would be owning up to the numerous manipulative and hurtful things you have done. You'd rather skip the hard parts and go straight to the kawaii stuff because that's more convenient for you than having remorse or humility. That is not change.

No. 83010


Lol I'm not Ashley. I don't even like her. But if making jewelry lets her stop preying on teen girls and damaged people I'm all for it.

No. 83012


And FWIW I think she'll never own up to her shit because in her mind she's a victim. But a new hobby outside of the ED is better than what she's doing now (begging for $ to flush down the toilet)

No. 83014

Anon, I think you're being incredibly optimistic. If Ash really does have BPD, it is an incredibly difficult thing to treat. There aren't even any approved medications for it.

Also if Ash did get help for her BPD she would have to get treated for her ED too. Seeing as she is unwilling to do so, there's no way for her to change.

No. 83020


Yeah. Same anon. I think she'd need to go to a tx center for BPD long-term after weight restoration if she wanted a chance at a normal life. Months or years. But only rich folks get to go to those places (or at least, the one tx center I know of that focuses exclusively on BPD is private pay).

No. 83025

Some ED treatment also involves DBT which is the best BPD treatment and could help. But making any progress would have to start with taking responsibility for her actions and that seems unlikely because she still feels like she's done nothing wrong.

No. 83031

If that really was Ash, it's interesting that she seemed neither snarky nor like she was pretending to be positive. If legit, that attitude could be a step in the right direction…
But without ED treatment… she's got barely any muscle or energy. Most handicrafts require at least a bit of fine motor skills, which idk if she has at this point. Hobbies are healthy, but treatment is vital.

No. 83039

ITT: armchair psychiatrists lol

No. 83044

File: 1429203946934.png (215.99 KB, 720x1124, Shop1.png)

Hocking her unwanted things and plastic junk for binge food money isn't much better than begging. It's still a junkie doing desperate shit to make cash. And look how well she handled her last business attempt.

No. 83045

File: 1429203978993.png (238.46 KB, 706x1126, Shop2.png)

No. 83046

File: 1429204010941.png (241.2 KB, 704x1161, Shop3.png)

No. 83051

"this is fucked up" super professional

No. 83053

Even if the money was really lost it's shitty customer service to tell them "welp sorry, can't help you!" And that's assuming the money wasn't "lost" on purpose.

There were multiple people encouraging her to users PayPal or other secure payment methods. Someone even left a really long comment explaining why it's not that hard to use PayPal but Ashley insisted she had to have people send her money orders for whatever reason. She's not fit to run a business in her condition, period. This was a while back and she's even sicker now.

No. 83055

File: 1429204492965.png (741.12 KB, 552x733, Capture.PNG)

She's looking way worse.

No. 83056

note the #eating disorder tag…

No. 83057

Yeah but those DBT skills groups are usually a joke. I think tx centers are moving more towards ACT anyway…

No. 83061

I didn't recognize her face.

No. 83063

Blue wig pic made me vomit a little bit

No. 83065

File: 1429204873878.png (89.82 KB, 714x392, store.png)

It's still taking advantage of minors. Not a positive step.

No. 83067

Wait. So her shopping insta actually got set up? Shopping instas in general are fucking scams. Wow. People are fucking ignorant. I'm so embarrassed for them.

No. 83069

I just noticed that person said they sent a money order and Ashley just blamed it on them saying "sorry, guess you shouldn't have sent cash in the mail." Huh?

No. 83071

It was a long time ago and didn't last long. She has no business skills.

No. 83072

Well, that is because Im guessing PayPal lets users file claims against scammers? Idk if she'd outright scam people but she is def deteriorating and doesn't have the energy to keep up with orders. She's probably declined cognitively too

No. 83087

A start would be acknowledging she's been massively fucking up herself and others and then taking steps into recovering.

There's absolutely no point to her coming up with this business idea if it's only going to exacerbate her issues. On top of everything, she has terrible business skills judging by her last attempt at selling shit.

No. 83088

The blue wig is an improvement. (and I'm glad it was found given the tip the apartment must be) But dammit, I want to see her actually get better, check into some sort of recovery program.

I encourage any attempts at a hobby she may make - that doesn't mean selling stuff! Actually having fruit of your own labor feels good.

No. 83093

Why would she even choose that angle? "Hey look at my severely sunken in face as I continue to suck it in more"

No. 83110

Oh geez. She made @shop_tokyo_rainbow private and it says "under construction" so that means despite reading reasons why she would not be able to handle the responsibility of a business, she's going through with it anyway.

Are you at least going to stop making customers send you money in envelopes? Or use a more secure selling site than fucking Instagram? I guess you don't give a shit about your customers so why do anything to benefit them? If they get burned it's just "sorry, wish I could help you."

No. 83112

File: 1429209498567.png (411.41 KB, 479x679, Screenshot_2015-04-16-20-36-18…)

No. 83113

File: 1429209661422.png (112.35 KB, 475x528, Screenshot_2015-04-16-20-39-47…)

No. 83114

Her veins are starting to look mottled towards the bottom of her feet, which is a sign of impending death

No. 83117

Ash blue wig is cut in the exact style as her "real hair" so now ik her hair is def a smelly old wig.

No. 83119

Is that her idea of a fucking job.

No. 83120

She can find out on her own that she won't be able to handle it (although shouldn't her last attempt have been enough?) but I feel bad for the young customers who are going to get screwed. She's only doing this because wishlist gifts have been dwindling. It's not for "self worth," it's just another way to squeeze money out of people for binge food.

No. 83122

I actually want to know how that shit she sells looks like.
anyone who follows that shop account?

No. 83129

The things Erika have said about Yustas are partially her borderline showing.

No. 83131

Before she made it private it was mostly stuff like cartoon t-shirts, beanie babies, small accessories that you can get at Hot Topic, just cheap stuff.

Most of it was new, which makes me wonder why she has so much extra stuff she never used when she complains about being broke. I'm guessing it's hoarding or rejected gifts from other people. Or clothes she bought for herself that are too big and she can't get a ride to the store to return.

If she's going to do something sketchy like have her store on Instagram she can at least use PayPal this time instead of losing people's money in the mail and leaving them shit out of luck.

No. 83132


Ugh, no. Why an Instagram shop? If she's selling new or used stuff that she has laying around, then why not eBay it?

If she's making stuff to sell, why not Etsy?

Yeah, nevermind. I take back anything I said about this being a good idea. The only reason to run an Instagram shop is because there's no accountability/no responsibility.

Ashley, if you read this, you're just setting yourself up for failure and to feel worse about yourself. Responsible people sell on the sites I mentioned above. If you fail to give good customer service, there won't be repercussions from Instagram, but you'll burn any goodwill you have with your followers. WHY?

Jesus. Internet work is still work and takes meaningful effort to actually be something other than a delusion.

No. 83135

She doesn't learn. There were several people who asked her if they could use PayPal and Ashley just kept saying she'll only take money orders shipped to her home. There were a couple people offering advice about how to handle her store and explaining exactly how to use PayPal and she just ignored them.

Even after one of her customers lost money and couldn't do anything any it Ashley still hasn't learned. Then again maybe she knows exactly what she's doing and she wants to be free of accountability so when she fucks up there's nothing her customers can do other than report to Instagram.

No. 83137

She may genuinely not understand how to use eBay or Etsy or PayPal, even though it's not hard. But if that's the case she should take the time to fucking learn how to operate a store instead of making a sketchy insta shop. That just shows she has no idea what she's doing.

No. 83140


No. 83141

kek at the people who are seriously thinking of mailing their money to Ashley in exchange for literal shit. That is, if she doesn't "lose" your money which she has clearly done in the past.

Right now she is just deleting all evidence of her past shop failures so that she can lure in some unwitting preteens.

Good job Ash. Really ~positive~

No. 83142

A while ago she was contacted by Felice Fawn (another tumblr-famous ED sufferer) and subsequently was told Felice was a scammer.

Looks like she took the warnings as advice and is planning to follow the same route.

No. 83144

See, it doesn't matter if she fucks customers over because she sees people as disposable and there for her use. Whenever people wise up about her new followers just take their place. Not a good approach to business but that's how her mind works.

No. 83145

LMAO Ashley how convenient for you to finally find your ugly wig after people here made fun of you for not being able to.

No. 83146

So Ashley, if you aren't deliberately trying to screw people, some advice would be instead of just taking selfies Target and Whole Foods, maybe one day take a taxi to a bank and set up a checking account. You obviously don't have one because debit cards from banks usually have a Visa/Mastercard symbol and you can use them the same way as credit cards.

If you're serious about this, open a bank account so you don't need to worry about being approved for a credit card, and you'll have a way to handle transactions online. That is, if you actually want to be responsible and independent like you say.

No. 83147

I cannot set up a PayPal. And you will continue to bring that single money event up because you will only focus on the mistakes. Funny, how it was a SINGLE mistake, and the other people you judge on this site with their businesses have created MANY mistakes. The issue was actually solved, and she received everything she paid for. Money orders are safe, and I am not going to get myself something into that I cannot handle. I am actually looking into making bracelets and decorating small things. Starting off extremely small and nothing that would require excess usage of my energy. If I make a profit? Awesome.

No. 83149

Don't worry about it, Ashley. Is there any way I can contact you online privately and anonymously? (Not going to be mean or nosy, promise.)

No. 83151

Money orders sent in the mail are not safe. That's the reason that mistake happened in the first place, do you not see that? You choosing to make the same mistake again is no longer a mistake, it's a foolish choice.

Why can't you set up PayPal? You're not stupid. If you really wanted to you could find a way. Get someone responsible to help you do it if you can't on your own.

And go to the bank and have them advise you on how to handle your money. How are you in your mid twenties and you don't have a checking or savings account? Just go, they'll help you.

No. 83155

Talking to people alone seriously frightens me. It's one thing to be chatty- but in an 'adult situation'.. I don't know

No. 83156

Everybody can set up a paypal.
Why can't you, Ash?

No. 83162

Do you not have anyone to help you? Your mom, for example? I suffer from intense social anxiety, but generally I can get someone to go with me to do the adult-y things that need to be done and it helps a little.

No. 83163

But Ash, you need to learn how to do adult things and it's going to mean uncomfortable boring shit that you don't understand yet but need to learn.

That's true no matter what you want to do. If you want to be around for a long time and actually become independent someday you have to get out of your comfort zone.

No. 83165

This is very true. "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." It sucks, but exposure therapy really helps, and believe it or not, it will start to get easier.

No. 83166

This is why you shouldn't burn your bridges. I don't know what your mom will think of helping you with this, but having someone around who knows what they're doing helps.

No. 83167

Because hiding from your problems has always worked so well. Why make any effort to change, right?

No. 83168

Cool another Dutchie!

No. 83169

dem cheekbones are on point

No. 83172

No. 83176

OK, I get it. You don't have a credit card which you need for PayPal.

Again, bank account. You can use your bank information or the debit card they'll give you to set up your account.

No. 83179

Google banks close to you, go to their websites and read about their accounts so you know what to expect before you have to go anywhere. Or call them and get information that way. If you can find someone willing to go with you then do that.

No. 83183

Why the FUCK is she coming here for help, and WHY are people wanting to help. Don't you remember that less than a week ago she was making malicious phone calls to Erika the night before she was admitted for recovery? Have you all gone crazy? It's one thing suggesting she do things, but let her fucking sort things out for herself. These threads take the piss out of people who enable her/mother her, so stop it!

No. 83185

W/e we don't hate her, we're just critical of her.

No. 83189

I have a usable paypal and I don't have a bank account, it has limits, sure, but it still works.

No. 83191

You hardly even need to set foot in the bank. A number of banks let you start the process to open an account online. Then you only have to go sign the signature card and you're done.

That said, you DO need a form of ID. I'm wondering if the lack of driver's license is an issue. If so, it does take a substantially larger effort to go to the DMV and get a State ID or driver's license.

This is what friends could help you with - if you don't burn bridges with them.

No. 83192

this is ridic. STOP HELPING HER its clear shes a fucking malicious moron

No. 83194

why would anyone want to buy anything those disgusting bony hands have touched and or made? ugh

No. 83196


Oh please, it's win-win as far as you're concerned: If she's offered help and still fails, all the more fodder for you.

No. 83197

Sense at last.

No. 83202

why are you on here if you don't approve of this?

neopets is that way

No. 83203

We're not helping her, we're investing in future lulz.

No. 83204

Geez, she's not Hitler. If she wants help and people are willing to give her a hand, there is no problem.

No. 83205

I do wish she'd own up to the things she's done, especially the malicious manipulative things. She's hurt and screwed many people with no apologies. Yes that sucks.

But if she's going to be handling other people's money it doesn't just affect her so might as well give her the information to act responsibly. What she does with it is up to her.

No. 83207

And how is this actually helping her?

No. 83208

Screen shot everything. I have ID- just. I don't know. And yeah, I came here for advice. I risked it. Whatever. People actually HELPED. I'm not begging or asking for anything else- just for how normal people work and function?? I don't even know.

No. 83210

Be honest Ash, why do you choose to not get treatment?

No. 83211

Nah Ash this is a good first step, keep going down this path.

No. 83213

>how normal people work and function?? I don't even know.

And you think we don't have chronic problems? You're not the only one with major problems, so no pity here mate.

No. 83215

If you already have an ID then I promise it's really easy to get a bank account. Like another anon mentioned, most banks will let you do the majority of the sign-up process online or over the phone and then you just go in to the bank to sign a signature card. They'll tell you everything you need to know/do… nothing to be ashamed of and there will most likely not be any confusing questions or anything. If they DO ask you something that you can't answer or don't understand, there is zero shame in simply saying, "Can you please explain that?" They're not going to judge you for needing extra help or explanations, that's what their job is for.

No. 83216

This could also be a lesson that she can't just ruin her relationships with people because now even the thought of going to the bank is probably exhausting her and she has nobody who to help her.

Maybe treat people better and you'll also benefit. Honestly, Ash, do you really still think you haven't done anything wrong? How are you not willing to take responsibility or make amends or anything to show you're changing? Saying you're changing isn't the same thing as taking action. This is why people don't just forget your past mistakes, because you still don't take responsibility.

No. 83217


Congratulations! You've been manipulated big time. How does it feel to be used?

No. 83219

She'll learn NOTHING. Look at her. You think she's ever taken one shred of advice from anyone? She's only here because she can smell some $$$

No. 83221

first actual step of helping ANYTHING is her getting actual treatment. That IS available, and she chooses NOT to do.
But everyone overlooks everything suddenly and is helping her with paypal. Which she doesnt have bc she has no credit card whats new you all want to give out your bank accounts so she can set it up? It's just so beyond stupid. She's not going to do anything, she can't commit to anything except this ED and being a shitty person. She'll try to sell her crap (from people who have sent her things no doubt) and then magically packages will get lost, or payments wont 'go through'. And everyone will be so surprised right?

No. 83222

Hey, Ash. In one of the first threads I told you how to go about getting Medicaid and EBT, and I sent a similar message to your original Tumblr. You thanked m for that. I'm curious as to whether or not you've taken any steps to completing that.

I have EBT, and I'm a NEET living with my mother. She buys the groceries, so I give her my card for her to buy them. I'm sure that at least your mother would appreciate having some extra money to buy food with.

Go here: http://www.myflorida.com/accessflorida/

When you're filling out the forms, you are filling them out ONLY FOR YOURSELF. You are not putting in any of your mother's information. Since you have no income, you are guaranteed to get maximum EBT benefits as well as Medicaid.

It's really simple, and I can help if you have any questions. I swear to god I did it in like 15 minutes and now I have medical treatment and money to buy food.

No. 83223


When you lot are finished, how about helping Scamanda set up a new shop?

No. 83225

How to go to the bank:
- Get your ID.
- Bring something else with your name on it, like a piece of mail or a prescription pill bottle.
- Take a cab or get a ride.
- It might be easiest if your mom comes with you, but you don't necessarily need her.
- Wait in line. It might be a long wait, so you're going to want your wheelchair or a walker if you have one.
- When you get up to the teller, ask if you can open a bank account.
- They might ask you to wait a few minutes for a different person to get you set up.
- The person will ask for your ID, your name, your address, whether or not you have a job (doesn't matter, just be honest and say you're going to get one), etc.
- Voila! You'll have a bank account.

No. 83227


The thing to remember is, the people at the bank want you to open an account. They may think whatever they think about you, but they want your business. Google it ahead of time, collect the things you need, choose a branch near you, and go.

The clerk that helps you, tell her right away that you're new at this. She'll go slow.

Don't expect them to go beyond their job, just to do their job. That's what they're there for, ya dumb Skeletor. (added for the benefit of certain readers)

No. 83228

I'm in FL and between jobs, I get the EBT food monies (roughly $194) but can't get madicaid. I'm diabetic so it's kinds a life threathning issue (type 1 diabetic) I know its OT but do you have any advice?

No. 83229

Wow, taking 2 seconds to post links and show some kindness. What a huge investment in time and money.

No. 83233

>When the farmers become the joke.

No. 83235

Yeah, they're not scary. They're used to clueless people. They're the ones trained in this, not you, so they won't judge you if you don't know what you're doing. They deal with kids and retards and old people all day, so you're good.

No. 83242

Who is manipulating who here?

No. 83245

If you are between jobs, I assume you are unemployed. File for Medicaid as an unemployed person, meaning you'll write in $0 income. If you have any bank accounts with $2000 or over, you will not be eligible. I personally wouldn't recommend filing that you have any more than $500, but you can't lie about it. Also, when it comes to writing out what medical expenses you have, go absolutely crazy with it. Write out every little thing you can think of, including the frequent doctor trips you need to make to assess your condition or anything. List not just diabetes, but any medical concerns you have, cumulatively. At the end you have a chance to write like 800 characters as to any additional information you need the people reviewing your case to know; talk about how you have diabetes and can't get treatment and could die, etc..

Now, once you become employed, chances are you will no longer be eligible for Medicaid. But you can cross that bridge when you get to it.

Fill it out ASAP, m8.

No. 83250


No reply. How surprising.

No. 83254

>>83245 thank you!

No. 83268

Wait. If she doesn't have a bank account, how is she getting disability money? is she getting her SSI money on a pre-paid card or something?

No. 83285

I'm not an armchair psychiatrist.

I'm an armchair psychologist.

No. 83288

I giggled.

No. 83291

She's not getting disablity nmony

No. 83294

Tbh Ash the first step towards being an independent, stable human being is not "lets get some cheap crafts, smash 'em together and sell 'em"

Oddly enough it's "lets get my ass to an ED centre and repair my physical self so I can then walk to the craft store, without the need for outside help, buy cheap crafts, smash 'em all together, sell 'em online, with a paypal linked to a bank account I was able to open because I walked to the god damn bank on my able little legs and sorted my shit out finally"

Like I would support the ever living fuck out of you like you would not believe if you actually stopped sitting online manipulating peoples sympathy for you and just went and got some help. Damn.

No. 83295

I just want you to get some help too Ash. So does everyone else. Fuck, I'm just some catty little bitch on a message board, but your genuine friends and followers don't want to see you die. Even if they havent said it yet, they just want you to get better. Honestly.

No. 83300

None of us hate any of the people we talk about on here, except maybe the genuine pieces of shit like Doe Deere and whatserface-dead-husband-bitch. We certainly dont hate you.

No. 83302

Then where's she getting money for stuff?

No. 83306

Her mom. Maybe she has an inheritance. IDK. All I know is theres no disability money.

No. 83314

Well I doubt she can support two people as a waitress.

No. 83317

My mom supported two kids as a waitress.

No. 83320

Did your mom have to support you and your siblings insane binges and purges too, and pay off your wheelchairs, and any medical bills that came from being dangerously underweight?

I doubt Ashleys mom is supporting Ash completely from waitressing. There's no possible way she's paying rent, bills, medical expenses, grocery shopping, wheelchair payments, clothing, and whatever else comes from being a human and the parent of a disabled overgrown baby on a waitress salary and tips.

No. 83334

Ok, fair enough. I remember one day my sister and I were crying for rollerskates and she flipped out at us and put an end to that greedy begging shit before it even started.

No. 83345

I suspect there might be a lot of laundry too. At this point her kidney's mustn't be holding up and she's probably wetting the area she sleeps. There're lots of things you don't think about that you have to pay out for when someone's as far gone as Ashley. If she's having therapy, there's that to find money for. She must be getting financial assistance from somewhere.

No. 83354

Ashley is literal trash. Bye

No. 83355


Don't leave me alone with the art therapy group pleeeease.

No. 83356


No. 83360

Thank you, genuinely.
Obviously I'm not about to start a business tomorrow, and expect everything to fall accordingly and perffff~
It's a DOWN THE ROAD idea. Yeah, I make PLANS. Even when people tell me there's no point lolol. But hey! Look! I'm still here :D
To those that offered sound advice- I read it all. It'll fall apart, or maybe not. Duno. But my life can't be COW manure forever. Say what you want. Kissu ~~~

No. 83362

Nigga you're 24, no other way to look at it you're beyond the point of pretending you're still a child.

No. 83363

fuck off

No. 83365

If you don't want your life to be cow manure, you should own up to all the bad things you've said and done. About your mom, about Erika, the racist stuff you've said, etc.

And also get ACTUAL therapy.

No. 83366

Here's the thing. This is not the first time Ashley has received this exact kind of advice. Her followers and friends tried to get her help whether it's food stamps or health-care. She acted appreciative like "Nobody has ever done this for me" and then promptly ignored the advice after that. If anyone ever pushed her too hard to seek help she would just shut them out. People have sent asks on Tumblr with detailed info on how to apply for Medicaid and similar. They've pointed out assistance programs on Instagram. Ashley eats up the attention and then never follows through. All this advice you're giving her, she's gotten it already. There's a reason why she still doesn't have help and it's that she doesn't want it.

I wish she would but it's basically giving advice to a rock. She's not going to do anything for herself. If she had a mandated case manager (please APS do something) or someone monitoring her they could get her all kinds of help but Ashley will refuse to seek it herself.

No. 83368

>my life can't be COW manure forever

Your life isn't cow manure. Things grown in cow manure. You stagnate.

No. 83369

We'll wait and see, I guess.

No. 83370


Don't hold your breath.

No. 83371

I didn't believe Erika was going to get help either. This is not the first time she's tried, but this time she managed to actually do it. 24 isn't too old to change.

No. 83372

Erika's mature. Ashley's a child.

No. 83373

Erika's also melodramatic as all hell.

No. 83374

My point was that it can take a few tries to get started.

No. 83377


Erika's spoken so much about how she's wanted to get well and beat her disorder. Ashley's admitted she doesn't want help and you can't change someone because YOU want them to change. She's like a junky who doesn't want to give up drugs. It won't happen if you don't want it and she doesn't want it.

No. 83380

I think she is a little melodramatic too, but she seems to be more sincere than Ash. And she obviously loves her kids. Ash only cares about herself.

No. 83382

Yeah, she definitely can be histrionic. Knowing her background though I can see what it is that fucked her up and can't imagine what living with a past like that must be like. Maybe if she didn't have kids she wouldn't bother with recovery. Thing is she's trying and that must be so fucking hard. Ashley does NOTHING to help herself and blames everyone for her shitty life. She needs to snap out of that but I don't think she ever will. Doing nothing is easy.

No. 83384

Erika is just now getting treatment after fighting numerous obstacles. She has wanted it for a long time. The only thing that was stopping her was finances. Ashley just doesn't want to try.

No. 83392

Ooooohhhh god. You can clearly see the shape of the skull and jaw bone in that pose. Like, her TEETH and everything show through the thin skin that covers the skull.

This is so disturbing.

No. 83398

Her knees are more pronounced as well.

No. 83400

Not to be morbid. Just waiting on the, like, 3-4 day silence from all platforms that confirms her death. And if you read this, I'll increase it to a month. Ashley. Your move, pathetic waste.

No. 83408

fucking seconded.

No. 83415

She's not going to make or sell shit. She barely has the energy to take a shit everyday. She's so full of it and just wants to give off the impression that she's trying. Which she's not. She's a giant waste of space.

No. 83421

Ha, she'll be lucky if she shits once a week.

No. 83432

Again. And I think we all agree. She will soon be gone. Hopefully all those 15 year olds she is scamming on can heal. And we won't even have to do this. Bc she will be dead and literally everyone will benefit. Hopefully her mom can even recover and reach out and maybe find a man (or woman) and fall in love. That is what I want, at least. Everyone else entrapped in her shitty thing to do well. I do not give a single fuck about Ashley anymore. She's nothing.

No. 83437

Can't be agree with you anon. A part of me wants to feel sorry for her, but damn she's had so many chances. Lord knows how many people she's damaged, even just by being "thinspo" and triggering people. I would love to hear her mum's side of it all.

No. 83440

yeesh, her arm looks like it's made of wood.

No. 83442

You still haven't told us why you don't want to recover, Ash. Is it really worth the awesome quality of life you seem to have?
Why am I trying to talk to a brick wall?

No. 83447

TRU. idk how to reply bc noob. But why not reply and say why not recover? Fuck your false claims at piece of shit 2nd grade level jewelry

No. 83448

to sell and stuff. Lmao. Why aren't you in a hospital…… Ash?

No. 83451

Does Ashley have an Encyclopedia Dramatica page yet? She really should have one, it would be much easier than going through all the earlier threads.

No. 83452

What's encyclopedia dramatica

No. 83455

Guys you just click the number you want to reply to, don't worry, I struggled at first too :)

No. 83457

File: 1429234985632.jpg (45.85 KB, 612x736, 8970_10203514830698147_5029206…)

No. 83459

You people are so god damn malleable. You must change opinions on political parties constantly

No. 83460

I'm more worried about the 13-16 year old girls she influences than her. I remember being that age. You're insecure and impressionable. I hate that she preys on them. It disgusts me. Like can we report her for being some form of pedofile?

No. 83464

Look, it's fucked up you lot call her a pathetic waste of space and wish death on her. No one deserves that. But I also don't think you guys should be changing your opinion on her motives so quickly and be so willing to help her. It is up to her to get help. Any money you give her will not go towards treatment. Any food you give her will NOT HELP. She WILL die if she eats normally, so don't send her food even if her intention is to eat/keep it down.

She could get help for free with how severe her condition is. Do not send her money. Do not support her trying to fix her life by opening a shop when she's in this condition. THat is not helpful to her. You are hurting her. You are enabling her.

No. 83472

Advising her to get a bank account so she can use PayPal isn't for her benefit. After all the comments explaining to Ashley that opening a business in her condition without being in treatment is not a good idea, she went ahead and said she's doing it anyway. She'll open shop either way, but with PayPal her customers will at least have more protection than if they send her money orders.

And you can call them stupid for sending her money but they're mostly young or they're vulnerable. So if she's going to do it anyway might as well make it more secure so people don't get totally screwed.

No. 83477

So, when are you dying? I'll send your mom much deserved flowers and maybe $1k to help her financially just a little bit since you've drained her so much.

No. 83484

Her poor mum :/ Imagine watching your kid do this to themselves, imagine hearing the puking and begging your kid to stop, to just eat something… Awful.

No. 83485

I wonder when she's going to start putting plastic beads on her wishlist. That way followers buy her things and then she can screw them over again by selling them back to them at inflated prices!

No. 83486

If she IS alcoholic, then I'd understand why. In fact, if I was her I would've hung myself or driven into a tree years ago.

No. 83495

My sympathy is to her mother. All of it. I hope she is doing ok. When her daughter dies, because it is inevitable, I hope we can all pitch in to support her. The online community Ashley kept on for so long… Turn and help the mother. She deserves nothing less. (Along with the poor young children she's been "thinspo" to) but I'm focusing on her mom right now.

No. 83497

SUT here, I'll gladly pitch in :)

No. 83499

Erika's husband's newest update;

>I still havent mailed phone. Working day and picking up kids. Erika is still very sickly she has issues very severe with organs functioning properly. She is sleeping all day and she is in sedatives to help try and stabilize. I feel like I abandoned her now that I see kids are really rough and she was alone all day with no help in Boca. I don't know why I do the things I do. I shouldn't have made her work so hard for so long and now she's dying and I just go to bed I go to my moms and leave her alone I always make the bad choices that make things harder to fix and I hide them until they get so Barr. I remember having to carry her because of weakness and I ignored it all and didn't know it was so bad. I left her phone calls when she would beg me she's sick. I have to grow up and be responsible. I don't even know the bill that is coming, this or she is critically ill too late. Erika says that you helped save her life. The fundraiser who suggested it who donated you saved her life. Dismorphia so bad she didn't believe she was sick but the words and support gave her happiness where I struggle. Erika I'm sorry I did so much wrong.

No. 83501

To SUT its SC (idk if you'll get it but hopefully) yess…. So for helping her mother and any poor young hs age girl she's harmed mentally as being inspo.

No. 83502

Hopefully he'll remember this and act on it when she gets out.

No. 83503

File: 1429240012405.jpg (43.45 KB, 445x426, oh dear.JPG)


No. 83505

>>83501 Defo :) Also I just saw the note at the bottom of your pic submission, didn't scroll down far enough before.

No. 83506

No. 83507

Yeeee. I'm circle jerk!!! Still don't know how to reply on mobile. Hey guys!

No. 83508

File: 1429240409096.png (7.24 KB, 469x139, ghostkin.PNG)

Yeah okay Ash.

No. 83509

Haha. She needed that to happen. Bluntly put in her face. What? She shouldn't have been looking at who likes posts on SUT if she doesn't want to see who dislikes her.

No. 83510

What is this from?

No. 83511

Wait where was this?

No. 83513

So is Erika confirmed for not making it or what.

No. 83515

>>83513 She could still pull through.

No. 83517

Nah, she'll be okay. I think it's his guilt amplifying how he's feeling.

creeping's tumblr

No. 83521

I think there's just a lot more internal damage than anticipated. They're just trying to stabilize her now before transfer to Denver. Scary to imagine. She probably wouldn't have lasted much longer if she hadn't went.

No. 83523

Just search the name? If you are so desperate to find circle jerks blog. Lmao.

No. 83524

I did search nothing came up jeezus

No. 83526

The meaning Ashley's current name.

No. 83527

She had a stroke not long ago, you would've thought her doctor would've checked her over more thoroughly. It's probably saved her life going for recovery now and all this is going to make her even more determined to beat it. I'm sure she'll be okay, but this is why pro anas piss me off so much. They don't think of the damage it does to the body. They just want the fucking thigh gap and bikini bridge and don't think about organ failure and strokes etc etc.

No. 83528

(by that I mean the wannarexics more than people with real issues)

No. 83530

Really though, she's so naive if she thinks that everyone following her tumblr/ig/facebook actually like her or think what she's doing is great.

She doesn't believe that ANYONE ELSE has major issues in their lives and we actually face them and try to deal with it. It's fucking difficult, but I didn't want to be a 24 year old whose mother still has to wipe their arse.

No. 83532

I honestly don't fault Yustas that much. Maybe he's an idiot, but I also can see that he might have just thought Erika was being melodramatic too. She's so obvs borderline, and his dumb ass probably thought she was exaggerating too. I like Erika, but I also feel bad for Yustas.

No. 83533

>>83503 she is an idiot. Ashely is. Wow.

No. 83547

I've been following this shit loosely since December. I always liked Erika for some reason and I'm really upset to read this. I sent her something on Insta to encourage her the day before she left for treatment. I hope she'll make it out of this and get to see it.

Wouldn't it just so fucking typical if Erika dies and Ashley continues to linger for years? I don't wish death on either of them, but ugh not Erika. She want this, she has babies. Life isn't fair.


No. 83552

Dealing with someone who is that ill is so incredibly taxing, as much as I'm a fan or Erika I'm shocked he's stood by through all of this without completely flipping out and running away with the kids forever.

No. 83556

I know what you mean. They both deserve to live but ironic things like that do happen everyday. I really hope E pulls through and I'm glad her husband is keeping us all updated.

No. 83557

Is she referencing Erika's poor condition?

No. 83558

No, she's talking about herself. Ash calls herself a ghost a lot and loves ghosts.

No. 83562

Thought as much, just making sure.

skellingtons are not ghosts, ashley.

No. 83564

I'd be really sad if Erika died.

No. 83565

File: 1429245853103.jpg (19.75 KB, 480x480, th.jpg)


Me too. :(

No. 83568

i think unless she goes into treatment none of this is gonna work … she's so deeply embedded in her mental illness that she can't get out and the only way to break that cycle is to remove herself from it completely. have someone take care of her, teach her how to eat again and turn into a better person. i dunno how it all is in america, but in australia there are private hospitals that are partially funded by the government if you're on a pension that offer 8-week programs with outpatient help. also a case manager would be helpful for her .. i dunno what america's equivalent of a case manager is … someone that can help her get to/from appointments, hook her up with community care, someone that would ring her or drop into her house a few times a week to make sure she wasn't deteriorating. and if she was deteriorating then get her to a psychiatrist or back into hospital. i dunno, as much as i think she is a shitty, manipulative, pathetic cry-baby, i also think she deserves to get better and it's so sad watching her waste away without any regard for what her life could be like.

No. 83571

I don't think she'd be as shitty of a person if she recovered.

No. 83575

As much as I talk about disliking Ash, I agree. Honestly, does anybody know how/why she hasn't been baker acted? Is she already considered a terminal case? I just don't understand… I've been committed to psych wards involuntarily easily twice. I can't comprehend why she can go out and get oral surgery and not be committed.

As far as I know dentists are mandated reporters, if someone is a danger to themselves or others, they must report it or they could lose their license to practice. The only conclusion I can come to is that she's been declared terminal or SOMETHING along those lines..

No. 83577

He said that he didn't know how sick she was and that she didn't really tell him… Some people are able to live in denial for a long time.
Although… of course he could be lying, who knows. I think he must be pretty ignorant (a helluva lot of people are) about things like PTSD, BPD, and eating disorders. But the strokes And other stuff, (i think the narcolepsy he talked about was her seizures, not sure if he confused it with epilepsy or if she has pseudoseizures, not that it's my busines) IDK.

No. 83580

That's the only reason I can think of.

No. 83581

It really is mind-boggling. If she was terminal, that would explain how her situation "is different," but wouldn't she want people to know if she's terminal? Maybe she can't face it and she really thinks she's immortal.

No. 83582

She could be in denial, or there could be some other reason that she wouldn't want people to know she's dying. Maybe she's afraid people would just give up on her if they knew. I really think she's just in denial if she is terminal.

No. 83583

It's an uncommon situation so people wouldn't immediately be able to determine if they can legally commit her even though they can tell she's obviously not all there mentally or physically. It would have to be done in court, which requires either one family member or three non relatives to petition for a Baker act.

For urgent cases it's law enforcement that gets called out to Baker act someone and they're not mental health experts. They can mess up and Baker act people who shouldn't be and vice versa. And that's for things like immediate suicide threat. They're not equipped to assess how anorexic you have to be before it's considered an emergency.

A psychologist could file a petition to have her involuntarily committed to long term care, but since her therapist is either imaginary or incompetent that won't happen.

No. 83584

I agree, he seems confused over the medical terminology and most people never encounter psychiatric illness at this level anyway. He's a good guy for doing this but the cautious side of me wants documented proof that she's in care atm but I'm needy. idk.

Right!? It's not hard to be sectioned at all. There is something we don't know here. There has to be a reason though. Posters here have filed reports, nothing has been done. Something is up.

Exactly, maybe being a terminal case would take some of the attention off her? So much of her attention comes from people wanting to see her 'recover' and coming out as a hopeless case would be far less appealing to Tumblr fags. I'm just doubtful because you think it would be brought up at least by accident or by a second party.

I do think there is a deeper reason as to why she says she's 'different' though. I don't think she's different because she's a snowflake, I think she's different because there are factors about her health complicating an already complicated case that we are not aware of.

No. 83586

No. 83587

After her suicide attempt, she was in a coma for 10 days. Maybe that has something to do with it.

No. 83589

"‘The unique torment of anorexic “E” (link is external)’ by Kate Hilpern, explores what the author describes as the ‘irrational’ nature of the anorexic mind and the lack of capacity for critical judgement in the malnourished brain; the loss of control that quickly arises from a need for control; and research finding that anorexics who had been treated against their will found that all were grateful that this action had been taken."

No. 83592

One family member. Why hasn't her mom done it yet? I think that's the most fucked up thing of all.

No. 83593

I don't buy that this is just 'too complicated' to section her and no one has tried. Especially with this dentist thing. Serious self neglect calls immediate psychiatric evaluation.

Sorry, how long ago was this?

No. 83594

6 or 7 years ago. She mentioned it in her old Tumblr.

No. 83595

I would think her becoming 'terminal' would have happened fairly recently. Sorry for the ignorance but has she mentioned other hospitalizations? I'm just wondering when the last attempt was to get her help…

No. 83599

She's mentioned having refeeding, but not when it was.

No. 83601

Baker Act is just the first step. Her mom could have done it already and had no real results. Unless she got involuntarily committed to a long-term facility they'd just let her out in a few days to weeks and she'd just make her mom's life even worse.

No. 83602

If she was sent to a short term facility at this weight they'd go to the courts and have her committed to a long-term facility though… Unless she was terminal.

Didn't they stop about a year ago?

No. 83604

All a mandated reporter could do is call APS and let them determine whether to investigate, which is exactly what a few people here did. It really is more complicated than a typical suicidal patient. She could argue she has the right to starve herself and not be force fed and they'd have to prove she doesn't have the mental capacity to decide for herself.

No. 83607

Well then maybe her mom gave up a while ago before she got this bad. But what are you going to do, contact her mom telling her to go to court to have Ashley committed? I don't think that would get anything done.

No. 83608

No, I'm arguing that because the mother has not done this that it is probably because she can't because Ashley is 'different.' She's 'different' because she's dying and nothing can be done to stop it.

No. 83609

I wish I knew some parents of children with anorexia, I'd get them to contact Ashley's mom. Maybe when Erika is better, she'd be willing to give her mom a call.

No. 83612

If Erika even makes it, she should stay far away from anything to even do with Ash though…

No. 83614

I wouldn't force her or guilt her into it, but she could write a letter with no return address.

No. 83615

Jesus no. Erika would be putting her own health at risk getting involved with Ashley again. That's a terrible idea.

No. 83618

No. 83620

the requirements for legal commit-
ment for involuntary treatment of a psychiatric disorder
are similar to those in many states: 1) evidence that a psy-
chiatric disorder is present, 2) the disorder is threatening
to the life of the patient because of self-harm or neglect of
vital care caused by the disorder, and 3) the patient refuses

Multiple safeguards are built into the legal process of in-
voluntary commitment to protect the rights of the individ-
ual. A petition to the court by the family or health profes-
sional must precede all commitments. Furthermore, an
evaluation by physicians unrelated to the petitioners to
determine the presence, severity, and life-threatening na-
ture of the illness is also required. A legal hearing takes
place within 48 hours by a court-appointed legal examiner
with counsel provided for the patient. Periodic review of
the involuntary status is scheduled during the hospitaliza-

No. 83621

Ashley's mom allegedly has anorexia too (you can see her massive weight loss compared to old videos) so it might be that she's afraid of exposing herself or being blamed so that's why she won't go to court.

No. 83622

Something is up then. There is a reason she isn't called into court every week. Totally terminal.

No. 83623

File: 1429249889517.jpg (62.4 KB, 590x457, patrick.jpg)

This is possible. I don't doubt that Ashley's mom is fucked up too. She's 49 and she got a Five Finger Death Punch tattoo.

No. 83624

Anyone live in FL that cares enough to save this skelly? Find two other people, Target employees maybe, and get this twat committed.

No. 83625

She's not a dying special snowflake. It takes family or a medical professional to go to court. Ashley doesn't get the medical care she says she does and the only family that's around is her mom who has her own issues. So there just isn't anyone to go to court on her behalf.

No. 83626

Yeah, but multiple reports have been made by other people.

APS can decide that she fits the critera to be committed but it hasn't happend.

No. 83627

She's also mentioned her mom chewing-and-spitting into napkins.

No. 83628

They're inadequate. They can't even handle child abuse cases properly sometimes and they're probably overworked and lacking resources.

No. 83629

Bullshit. She goes out to stores all the time. We've reported her ourselves. All it takes to be committed is >>83620

It doesn't have to be family.

No. 83630

The example you just gave clearly states it has to be family of health professionals. So.

No. 83632

If her mom was going to do something she would have. Maybe she handles Ashley's disability payments and that helps her pay bills. Whatever it is she's not going to commit Ashley.

The only thing to do is keep reporting to APS with as much information as possible. They said they're building her case so the reports accumulate.

No. 83634

She's a walking skelington. Kind of hard to get lost in the fray when you're close to the lowest BMI ever recorded.

see above

No. 83642

I thought she was in a coma due to her ED?

No. 83645

Can anybody tell me everything about Erika having a stroke? Or was it a TIA?

No. 83647

Erika had a stroke in September and was hospitalized and got a service dog.

No. 83764

I honestly don't think her mother is as terrible as Ash makes her out to be. If she shit talks people trying to help her of course shes going to talk badly about her mom. On the topic of her mom I was just thinking how upsetting it must feel having a child with an eating disorder. Watching your child kill themself slowly. If Ash was my daughter I would be a wreck. Maybe thats why her mom is "mean". Shes just stressed and upset and has no idea what to do

No. 83772

We also don't know how many times her mom tried to get her help

No. 83773

Ashley isn't an angel, but there must be a reason why she made this to herself…

No. 83781

he deleted his tumblr I think, but Erika has been saying for a while that he enables her destructive behaviors. of course she's not a reliable narrator, but it's fucking creepy to watch a husband take and post a video of his wife recovering from a seizure.

No. 83784

If Ashley is terrified by the thought of doing something as simple as opening a bank account (meaning she has to talk to someone) I imagine her social anxiety plays a big part in why she doesn't want to get help. The thought of having to talk to doctors, other ED sufferers, etc is probably enough to scare her off of it.

She's already said clearly that the thought of talking "alone" with someone (the bank employee) is frightening to her. She needs support and help.

If she was to go up to her mom and genuinely say "Mom, I'm sorry for the strain I've put on you. I need help. I want help. Will you help me?" her mom would probably cry tears of joy.

No. 83785

You know nothing about her mother, just assume things. Seemingly she doesn't give a fuck about her daughter, otherwise Ashley wouldn't be at home.

No. 83790

Though I doubt her mother is nearly as bad as she is made out to be, it doesn't matter anymore because Ashley, legally, is an "adult".

She can cry about alleged abuse or neglect or whatever that makes you do us hand such, but no one at the bank or store or post office is going to give a fuck about that. As an adult she is expected to do certain things to not sit around and wait for someone to save her and take care of her, but to get up and take steps to fix herself.

I live with a horrifically abusive father my entire life, with the typical manipulating abuser type situation. I have 7 psychiatric conditions including binge-purge anorexia, I lost 170 lbs in just one year because of it, I was weak as fuck and emaciated. But I worked 45+ hours a week for two years and at age 20 I got the fuck up out of there, because no one is gonna take excuses no matter how bad they seem.

I'm still extremely sick but that's not stopping me from doing shit. I pay rent. I don't have a license but I'm working on that. I work at Starbucks, attend therapy several times a week (contemplating inpatient again), in the process for SSI, I receive food stamps, and I'm about to start college this summer. It doesn't matter how bad someone's baggage is, and yeah everyone suffers differently, but it is NEVER an excuse. That's the harsh reality of the world. Please wake up Ash.

No. 83791

People seem to think she'll live forever but i don't know if any of you noticed how jaundice she was in her last picture with blue hair.

She's being poisoned to death and its already too late for her. Even if she wants help it's too late. She's too sick. It's really sad.

people wish for her to recover but she clearly has corrosive, never mind what her heart looks like. She won't make it past summer :(

No. 83792

I don't buy it honestly. It seems weird that she can take extremely public pictures in Target and chat it up with cashiers and such, but when it's something slightly responsible she chooses 'social anxiety' as an excuse.

No. 83794

Let's have her mom do an AMA on reddit!

No. 83800

She isn't an adult, and it's irrealistic to expect her to think and act like an adult. At this stage, she can't do anything for herself. She needs to be forced.

No. 83809

Unrealistic, yeah. But it's unrealistic to expect the world to adapt itself for one person. And it won't. She has to do SOMETHING and stop making excuses.

No. 83810

She's not going to do anything. I don't even know why people are still discussing it.

This is her life and soon she'll die.

No. 83813

Yeah, let's not forget she'd go into Starbucks to see Tiffany and took a picture with her. If her social anxiety was as bad as she said, she wouldn't be hanging out with people. She also hung out with Erika and that ther girl, Gina I think.

No. 83814


No. 83815

Swear to God, I've already read it. Did she repost it or what. Is this even her quote?

No. 83819

You can't seriously think that Ashley is making up 100% of her issues. Healthy people from healthy families don't do this to themselves just for fun.

No. 83822

No one says that. But she tends to exaggerate them.
She's not just sick, she's EXTREMELY, HORRIBLY sick. No one's sicker than her. And no one understands her or her problems. At least that's what she says.

No. 83823

I think she wrote it before on ghostxperfume, because I swear I've seen it before as well.

No. 83824

her anorexia obviously stems from abandonment issues over her father leaving her and her mother when she was young. apparently that kind of shit can really fuck up girls and they end up crazy sluts, or, apparently, spoopy skeletons. she probably also has some BPD thrown in the mix, but a lot of this shit is based on her father.

typical scenario being

>father abandons family

ash feels unwanted / worthless / has no control of her life
>mother has to take up the slack of having no husband, works more to support herself and child, stressed out, feeling shitty herself because her husband is a dead beat asshole thus can't give ash attention, possibly acts impatient with her or has a short temper due to misery
as feels neglected, bitter and hateful toward her mother, again feels like she has no control, again feels like people she cares about don't care about her so she becomes avoidant of all relationships, starts acting out for attention (camwhores on /b/) eventually becomes annorexic for the feeling of control and the attention

its like textbook shit man

No. 83828

the 27 club?

No. 83833

Ashley, I pray for you every night. <3
I wish I could do more to help then just channeling love and good vibes to you.

No. 83836


No. 83838

I have no idea if her mother is a monster or not, but I do know something about not being able to eat due to grief.

Maybe her mother an ED of her own, or maybe she lost weight because her daughter was killing herself before her eyes and refuses all help.

We know nothing if all we know is Ashley's side of things. And this goes for Erika too — I'm still not 100% sure that's not a big scam.

No. 83844

The videos of her mum where she's overweight are SEVEN YEARS OLD. For many reasons she could've decided to shift the weight - health reasons, eg. She's hardly emaciated, so it isn't WOW that she lost some weight during that time.

Stress can decrease your appetite and god knows she's got enough of that.

If she was such a monster Ash wouldn't have her as a friend on fb or have photos taken with her where they're both smiling.

No. 83845

The one thing that I find odd is Erika saying she has dissociative identity disorder, which is multiple personality disorder. I've never seen her display any DID traits.

No. 83847

(unless one of her alters is her husband)

No. 83848

Well, Erika posts the same type of videos. I imagine her husband knows this. Perhaps the two of them don't think it's strange.

Regardless, Erika really isn't on topic.

No. 83849

File: 1429290374281.jpg (20.95 KB, 495x211, 0.JPG)

Who's fancyslacks who got him to ask her questions?

No. 83858

I wasn't serious with this comment btw.

No. 83859


You know, I've wondered about before… We don't adequate proof that she's in a hospital RIGHT NOW.

Probably a silly suspicion, I generally love Erika.

No. 83861

Sorry for the typos. I have autism.

No. 83863

bless both of your hearts i will pray for you

No. 83864

Do you believe in god, Ash?

No. 83866

not ash but i doubt she does based on her youtube videos

No. 83867

Eh, it was worth a shot.

No. 83868

Genuine question: you all were talking about how maybe her situation is "different" because maybe doctors have said she's at the point of no return. But, why would doctors give up on a patient like that? Obviously she's been this way for quite a long time now, and obviously still alive. I'm so curious why a doctor wouldn't want to help someone suffering so badly from a mental like she is. Not even trying to get her some help for her other issues to make her comfortable or something? At first, the idea of maybe she is in too deep made sense, but now it doesn't.

No. 83869

i can pretend if you want.

GHOSTS don't believe in God lolz

No. 83870

look up Jeremy Gillitzer. his docs granted him the right to die

No. 83874

Organ failure? Maybe her heart is damaged. I'm not sure, the theory makes sense but I have no idea. I think wee know less about this situation then we've thought

ty anon ;-;

If it was ever petitioned by the courts there will probably be a record of it. Usually those cases are pretty well publicized. Someone should look around, I'm too lazy to do it.

No. 83875

i dont think her last name is actually isaacs

No. 83877

Pretty sure it is. There's an Ashley Anne Issacs in Orlando, Florida who is registered to vote and she has the same b-day - November 20th 1990.

No. 83878

Or maybe nobody wants to take the risk of her dying during refeeding, especially against her will.
But imo she simply escapes treatment somehow.

No. 83879


“Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.”

― John Green, Paper Towns

No. 83880

I thought that she might've mixed up some terms, and said she has DID when she has something else that falls under the dissociative disorder umberella. English isn't her native language, right?
I experienced depersonalization and dissociation as a part of my depression and my therapist would often refer to it as me having a "dissociative disorder", when the correct term would've been depersonalization disorder which is one of the disorders that fall under the umberella of dissociative disorders.

No. 83883

I'm asking this because I'm not from the US: if she wanted to get help, wouldn't she have to pay a lot of money?(basic health care is free in my country)

No. 83885

No. Sh qualifies for Medicaid, a health insurance program that has no-copays or fees or anything.

No. 83886


No. 83887

She would have to pay a TON of money. The fact that she's completely unwilling to be cooperative with any sort of medical care is probably why no doctors are jumping in to "save" her. It's an unnecessary expense for her family.

No. 83888

File: 1429294433415.png (569.65 KB, 1880x1818, gasp.png)

A search turned up that she used to live in Vero Beach, FL. Which is in Indian River County. A civil court search turned up a child support case between a Rebecca Isaacs and a Michael Weist, first filed in 1997, when Ashley would've been 7. On Nov 24th, 2008 (shortly after her 18th birthday) there's a "PLEASE CEASE CHARGING AND ADJUST DOR TERMS". And then later a declaration of emancipation.


No. 83890

Nice job, anon!

No. 83893

Fancyslacks is Yustas and Ice King is also Yustas.

No. 83894

She was born in America. 2nd generation German. I get the depersonalisation and dissociation too, and there's no way you can mix this up with dissociative IDENTITY disorder. For someone who's obviously looked into her mental problems a lot, it's a strange mistake to make.

So he's refering to himself as Ice King?

No. 83895

It all makes sense now. The reason that Ash isn't getting treatment is that Ashley is emancipated and "doesn't live at home" so that both her and her mother can get more money from the govt or pay less taxes. That's also why it's a 1bedroom apartment. They're scamming the govt.

No. 83896

Nice work! You is genius!

No. 83897

THE reason she keeps a low profile with authorities.

No. 83898

File: 1429296123255.png (208.86 KB, 1240x1422, gasp2.png)

Michael A Weist was arrested for battery in '99. 6 months probation with a stipulation that he has no alcohol?

No. 83901

So Ashley has a piece of shit deadbeat dad, and that's why she has issues. Now I just feel sorry for her. Her mom's probably also got her convinced that if she gets treatment, something bad will happen to her (mom). In the eyes of the government and authorities, Ash is a "ghost". She doesn't officially exist at that address. She must feel like she doesn't exist at all.

No. 83902

I hope she does feel like she doesn't exist at all.

No. 83903

She also said she has a very high IQ and that's why she isn't diagnosed with a personality disorder, which doesn't make sense. She has signs of borderline regardless of how intelligent she is, and her mother has BPD too so there's family history. Plus the childhood trauma and self harm associated with BPD.

On her old Tumblr she said her IQ score went up but that could just be from being tested so many times throughout her life and just getting better at taking the test. Either way I've never heard of someone not being diagnosed with a personality disorder because of IQ. I have no idea about the DID though. I think she just needs validation so she fudges numbers and stats, but obviously she's still very sick.

And even though she seems clear-headed she's definitely not so she might get confused about things. I had no idea her physical state was as bad as these updates are saying. I don't think even she realized how much damage there was.

No. 83904

Could be a different person. Could be, before making any conclusions from this.

No. 83905

as a social worker, i'm extremely interested.
i think she does have medicaid. You can apply online and all you really have to do is prove you have little to no income, and less than about 9k on the books. I'm sure mommy filled out the application for her.

obviously i don't believe her therapist exists. i would never see her outpatient, id call mobile crisis as soon as she got to my office. unless it really is palliative care? i don't think it is though.

No. 83907

Just because it's relatively easy to apply online doesn't mean she did. She doesn't even have a bank account which is also easy to set up. She's like a little kid, totally lost. I don't think she has the mental capacity to even fill out applications. That's why there really needs to be a case manager assigned to her. She probably couldn't seek treatment for herself even if she wanted to.

No. 83910

Jesus, she has the back story and characteristics of a fucking sleeper cell.
Genuinely spooked.

No. 83911


No. 83917

I don't know where people got the idea that she's not legally at the same location as her mom. They both registered to vote with the same address in Orlando.

No. 83918

File: 1429298451916.png (36.33 KB, 658x168, daddy.PNG)

Is this her daddy?

No. 83921

File: 1429298534508.jpg (103.16 KB, 960x736, dadday.jpg)

Oh fuck, wrong file. Jesus.

No. 83923

Ow my ass.

No. 83925

No. 83926

Finding random people with the same name on FB doesn't mean they're her Dad. Gonna need some more evidence it's the same guy.

No. 83928

The photo Ash posted of her dad looked a lot more gaunt than this guy.

No. 83929

So he's Italian and lives in Venice?

No. 83931

Why would Ashley be an emancipated minor after she turned 18?

Oh shit. Does Ashley have a sibling who doesn't live with her and her mom anymore?

No. 83936

File: 1429299374799.jpg (24.14 KB, 894x116, whosthedaddy.JPG)


Sooo not him.

Looks like he remarried though.

No. 83938

Ines and Ronald look like his parents.

No. 83940

No. 83941

How do we know this is the right Michael Weist?

No. 83943

Rebecca Isaacs is from Vienna, Va so it's a bit of a coincidence if it isn't him.

No. 83944

I just thought his jaw looked a bit similar too.

No. 83946


The nose is totally different though.

No. 83948

Ah, I see. Nice work.

No. 83953

It just means the court was slow on getting the info that she turned 18 and became emancipated.

No. 83957

Her emancipation could very well have been for her father to stop child support payments…

No. 83966

File: 1429302370686.png (64.74 KB, 784x450, remarried.png)

Dad remarried in '98.

No. 83967


Except that it was noted when she was already 18. I don't know fuck, but maybe that's just a legal term in this instance, indicating that she has in fact reached age 18.

No. 83968

File: 1429302402281.png (44.78 KB, 672x330, divorced.png)

But alas, it was not meant to be.

No. 83981

"Erika's enzyme levels are normalizing she is ok right now. She wakes up and Can now see the acute psychologist six days a week for one hour at a time. I have passwords and will keep updating until Erika can take over. I call one time a day and check on her. They will call me for emergency. I have to buy plane ticket to bring her clothes and things so I can sign paper works and visit. My mom is acting weird. She say she's happy for recovery, but I feel like she's pushing me to move back to Boca alone with Edeltraud. She is like a new person in America. I read through these posts here and it hurts because I did those things because I went to my mom. My mom only wants me to help her imac and brag about new rich things and yell for debts I made. Бля"

Poor Yustas has no spine.

No. 83984

Yeah it's for legal shit. For example, you are still considered a dependent minor if you are 23 or younger when applying for financial aid for college. Or when applying to Medicaid and such, the age is 22.

And child support continues up until 24.

That's why I think that has more to do with discontinued child support payments, or her mom being fed up with taking care of her or something. If they were milking the government, the mom could actually be paid more for having a dependent, disabled child under her roof, but like I think it was mentioned Ash would HAVE to be in some sort of treatment or would've been committed if she were not emancipated.

There's a lot of different speculations. Without more info it's just blind guesswork. Anyone got anything??

No. 83985

Child support goes until 24? I could swear it was until 18…

No. 83992

File: 1429304910227.jpg (73.1 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

My dad stopped paying when I turned 18…

Who is Yustas? Is he this guy in the photo?
>tfw ericka is more interesting than Ash

No. 83995

File: 1429305015156.jpg (21.86 KB, 378x173, CIVIL.JPG)

Perhaps he was just dipping his toe in the pool of gay.

No. 83999

More like being reprogrammed.

No. 84004

maybe ash got gay aids from her gay dad

No. 84005

Those seizures must be her programming fucking up.

No. 84009

Y'all are a bit creepy with your stalking skills wow.

No. 84010

publicly available information is not stalking, ashley

No. 84011

Emancipation is likely so her father won't have to pay child support. I'm guessing he was an ass/not paying anyway, so this was done to eliminate this responsibility on his part.

No. 84016


Even if he wasn't paying, Ashley would have zero motivation to go through the effort of emancipation if it let him off the hook. There would have to be some sort of benefit to her or her mother.

No. 84020


Eh, it's more scary how much information is just laying around out there for the taking. Thus, anon.

No. 84021

assuming that is yustas cause he's in her photos a lot

No. 84024


Not having to deal with a deadbeat dad sounds like plenty of motivation to me.

No. 84027

It's her gay /b/tard friend, keep up.

No. 84038

File: 1429309084350.jpg (22.41 KB, 435x271, f.JPG)

No. 84041

We've literally never had an Erika thread so how do you expect me to fucking "keep up" I just asked a goddamn question because I had no idea who the person in the picture was.

Go fuck yourself

No. 84044

u mad bro?

No. 84052

wow chill out guys

No. 84053

I'm kind of grossed out by Yustas' using his near-death wife's fundraising page to explain away his poor treatment of her

No. 84054

having him posting on her Instagram is pretty uncomfortable as well. especially considering the amount of times she's posted on there recently about wanting to leave him. how did he get her password when she was in a critical condition?

No. 84055

IDK about other people but I have a list of passwords saved on my computer because I have a bad memory, plus auto-remember on my accounts.

Maybe Erika told Yustas to update for her?

No. 84056

Um…I admit that all my passwords are saved on my laptop and I don't have a clue what they are without, so yeah, I was being duh on that one.

Is this extra care she's getting going to cost more? I'm kinda expecting her target to go up on her fund page.

No. 84057

Yustas has her phone. Phones save log-in information.

Christ, people, think about what you're asking before condemning people.

No. 84059


I don't have to log in each time I use Instagram. If he has her phone, he has her accounts.

No. 84060

Not condemning anyone. Just thinking that if my SO was an arsehole I'd make sure I didn't leave myself logged into places I post at on the internet while I'm away. I'm a privacy nut so probably just me.

No. 84062

From the site:

Does ACUTE accept insurance? What about Medicaid? Medicare?
ACUTE accepts privately-insured patients and medical stabilization is covered under the patient's medical insurance benefit. ACUTE does not accept Medicaid, Medicare or Tricare.

No. 84082

Ashley's dad lives in the same town as me. About five min away. If I see him I should ask him why he is such a deadbeat and why he doesn't help his dying daughter.

No. 84094

Erika seems pretty open, she probably wants Yustas to keep people updated too.

No. 84095

I wasn't intending to "condemn" Yustas but I have to seriously question someone who leaves his kids in the care of his 60 lb wife without help, pretends to not notice his step-father sexually harassing his wife, and posts video of his wife having a seizure. The only reason why I would record someone having a seizure would be if it were to enable a better diagnosis or some other medical-related reason. I would never post that online.

No. 84096

I think Erika wanted the video posted, but Yustas is a giant pussy who can't stand up for himself, let alone his wife.

No. 84099

If he's got two divorces behind him and a problem with alcohol I think he's probably incapable of giving any help.

>step-father sexually harassing his wife,

I've felt like I shouldn't really post this thought I have, but fuck it. This step father sounds creepy AS, and tbh, I'd really not want my young kid alone with him. I'm not saying he's a pedo, but with him being a sex pest I'd be really cautious about my young daughter being around him. Maybe Erika thinks this too and that's why she was so uneasy about the daughter being there at easter.

No. 84119

Of course she doesn't have the capacity to fill them out, thats why i said mommy did it for her. and now that i think about it, if she's receiving disability and lying by omission (its possible), her mom is also likely her rep payee. Which means if ash is receiving SSI, the check goes to her mom..which it would bc she is such a child and doesnt have a bank account. IF thats the case, the mom might not want her to go into the hospital, bc if she's in the hospital for more than a few months, mom wouldnt receive the SSI anymore and she might rely on that to pay certain bills.

No. 84136

That's no shocker. I don't know of any ED treatment centers that accept Medicare or Medicaid (and I could be wrong, but I believe that in most states, Medicaid can only be used in the state where the recipient lives). Hell, barely any hospitals, clinics, doctors, therapists, or dentists accept Medicaid… at least that's the case in my state. It does pick up things like Medicare co-pays and some Medicare deductibles.
Medicare's not much better, but they usually pay for at least part of services at public hospitals and some private hospitals. If you have an ED, this generally means your local psych ward.

No. 84174

I wonder if Ashley's mom gets SSI payments for Ashley without ash even knowing about it

No. 84220

No. 84261

I know she ED treatment facilities will offer a "scholarship" of sorts. Some would probably see her, be so excited that they might get tons of publicity for being the ones to save her and take her on for nothing. She needs a good team to help her out. A good doctor/nurse/psych/nutritionist/patient team can come up with ways. Hell, she could even be admitted to a regular hospital first so they can begin the whole process. The problem is that many of the ED treatment centers are privately owned. If they are attached to hospitals and universities, they are more likely to be paid for by government based insurances. Trust me, there is no way she can pay out of pocket. Weight restoration can take a long time, especially with how slow they would have to go with her, and you are looking at at least $1000 a day.

No. 84263

*some ED treatment

No. 84278

call me a cynic and i love erika but i do think its a little weird her instagram is still just as active while shes away in treatment. i realize supposedly yustas is updating it for her

but dont you think thats weird? she says she has dissociative identity disorder… could this be just her pretending ot be him and reaping the benefits of the donation money instead of being in actual treatment?

why wouldnt she have taken her phone with her? i dunno. /end cynic shit

No. 84279

Some clinics don't allow phones, espesh at the start of treatment. The typing /is/ completely different from Erika though. Call me Optimistic.

No. 84280

yustas said she will be allowed a phone in an earlier post. said he has to "mail it"

No. 84281

ash should go on intervention they'd take her in a heart beat and even if she failed at treatment center she'd get loads of attention

No. 84282

I think Erika is in a treatment centre. She posted a picture of her "referral" letter and all the info on it checks out. Obviously that doesn't mean she's gone into treatment but I really think she has.

Erika herself must be a handful (nobody with the amount of mental baggage she has is not difficult) but she's not pulled any kind of shit Ashley has so I'm more willing to believe she's doing something.

No. 84283

There are factors like schooling and disability that can extend the length of time…for Ashley's case it should have been disability

Also, if she is emancipated her mom cannot receive checks for her anymore

No. 84311

what the fuck

No. 84335

its very possible, because ash is in her own little world. and like i said, IF mom IS receiving $$ for her, and ash goes into a hospital for more than a month, she will stop receiving that $$.

i used to be a case manager for the mentally ill. 1 of my clients was severely schizophrenic, mid 40s and lived with mom, who was about 80. mom was aging, there was a 2nd adult child in the house who was also mentally ill tho not as severe as my client and she was getting $$ for both of them. She refused to let me put my client in a long term state facility on the grounds that those places were "evil" and she "wasn't going to send her daughter to such a horrible place". I explained state hospitals are not like they were in the 70s and it really was in her daughters best interest. But no go. and its not bc she really thought they were evil, its bc without the checks for both of her adult children, she wouldn't have been able to pay the mortgage and other bills. I could see ash's mom thinking "she can't be saved at this point. might as well let her enjoy her last months/year at home as best she can..and i can't afford to lose that SSI $$ either…" ←itd be a selfish/fucked up move, but its very possible. If Ash was my kid, and i was supporting us both as a waitress, you better believe Id have filed for everything from SNAP, to medicaid, SSI, etc. all of the gov't eligibilities she/we qualified for, id apply for them.

No. 84338

Ash would need to be admitted to a regular hospital first. Even if some multi millionaire wanted to fund her care, ED facilities have a minimum BMI that they'll accept. Even hospital based programs would have her stabilized on a medical floor first. And you're right, it would take a long time. Although the medical stabilization would be covered by medicaid. Once she got to a BMI that was at least double digits, one of the programs known for dealing with extreme cases could take her. but that would be a long way down the road. Refeeding for Ash would be a long and dangerous process.
**and yes there are ED programs that take medicaid/medicare. there aren't many but they exist, tho theyre mostly hospital based, some of them are actually better than the fancier private programs.

No. 84342

Actually with a bmi that low she would have to go join Erika at the acute center in Denver and they only take real insurance. E's bills are through the roof for sure but it's life or death and she really wants lot recover and be normal for the first time in her life. If you look at the note they would add a personality disorder for sure. Malnourished brains do not work properly and I know that she is a mungehousen proxy so the need to hurt and perfect coinsides with ocd.

No. 84438

How does she have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy?

No. 84442

I think you meant just Munchausen, not Munchausen by proxy.

No. 84474

These threads are pretty dull now that they're not Ashley focused. I feel like most people agree bc it's not updated at rapid speed.

No. 84503

Tbh, idgaf about her anymore. After that phone call and people still wanting to help her, well…lolcow disappointed me.

No. 84505

File: 1429401047845.jpg (228.65 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I forgot to check her instagram, here's a (new? Sorry if it's already been posted) pic:

No. 84507

File: 1429401107889.jpg (176.45 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Also confirmed for Ash lurks. Hard.

No. 84509

btw what is she selling? Her old/worn shit? Vomit crusted wigs?

No. 84511

Nah, well, the threads have always fluctuated when it comes to how fast they're updated. Whenever the cows do something there's always an influx of posts.
Regarding ashleys shiftiness I think most of us have reached the conclusion that if she gave herself a chance at recovery and her brain wasn't as fucked due to malnutrition she wouldn't be so horrible to the people in her life. Personally I'm not charmed by her 4chan anno 2008 personality type, but I'd still like to see her recover. Or you know, spill the beans on her actual story.

No. 84513

Disregard these posts, I suck cocks. Old news.

No. 84518

Helping her, or investing in future lulz?

No. 84540

The fact that Ashley was posting here makes me think she doesn't have any real friends. Yeah, she has her whiteknights but why would she come to her "cyberbullies" if she wanted advice?

No. 84543

I guess my point is that all of these whiteknights act like there is some good side of Ashley that we're not seeing. But if she can't even go to ask them simple questions how well can they know her? I feel like they defend her because they feel they have a moral obligation, not because they actually know her.

No. 84544

Oh ashley… so many problems, so many things wrong. Honestly, I give you no pity, you have brought most of this onto yourself.

No. 84545

seriously though, WHY is she coming here taking to us all when she constantly posts shit like ~omgGG guise I has CYBER BULLIES cries~

No. 84546

How do we have proof that it really is her half the time though? I know she has no life, but doesn't she claim to hate us…..

No. 84554

Ash looks like a crack headed grandmother

No. 84555

Of course they feel like they have a moral obligation. Look at her. She looks pathetic.

No. 84561

she wants us to keep this thread going. it's all attention.

No. 84674

We don't have proof that it's her, but with selling things online, it's almost guaranteed to have been her since she posted about it on Tumblr after the fact.

No. 84711

>this much projection

No. 84800

File: 1429452931823.jpg (22.19 KB, 610x476, image.jpg)

No. 84841

Who votes to kill these threads and ruin her raine of attention mongering?

No. 84926

Oh, but she took ♪a break from social media♪. She ♥doesn't even care!♥

No. 84949

File: 1429466090791.jpg (29.82 KB, 484x279, 0.JPG)

If she was expecting to come here and read all about herself then she'd be very disappointed. Nobody gave a fuck while you were away, Ashley. sorry :(

No. 84952

No one even noticed. Which makes me wonder how long it'll be before we notice when she dies.

No. 85066

Gosh, I hadn't noticed that she took a break. Because I was busy out doing things. It's a gorgeous fucking weekend out there.

No. 85194

I didn't notice the break either.

I feel like I'd be willing to give her more of a break if she weren't racist. her poor treatment of her friends is likely due to her BPD and her tendency to engage in splitting. But the racist stuff? Nah, mental illness doesn't make you racist. I don't buy her excuse that she was "bullied" by black people. Less than 5% of Vero Beach is black. And besides, I've been harassed by whites my entire life. Does that give me an excuse to hate them? No, because you can't make a generalization about a whole group of people. There are bad apples everywhere.

No. 85195

I guess that her next break will last forever..

No. 85280

I don't think she's really racist.

No. 85319

I'm not buying the she was "bullied by black people" excuse either. I knew someone who was 100x the lolcow as Ashley and also lived in Vero Beach and turned racist as fuck accusing the super small black percentage for everything wrong in his life. Something about Vero Beach breeds crazy delusional fucks.

No. 85339

File: 1429482742432.gif (596.71 KB, 164x131, yes.gif)

>because you can't make a generalization about a whole group of people. There are bad apples everywhere.

Man, if more people thought this way.

No. 85354

this post was all kinds of a mess. if you meant that E was the victim of munchausens by proxy, you'd actually be right..but I'm not sure how thats relevant.

and idk about ash being ready for ACUTE. remember that case study posted about a severe anorexic at denver acute. the girl had to be transferred to a reg hospital to be stabilized and transferred back at one point. I'm just saying, $$$ aside, i think ash would need to be a little closer to stable before a transfer from orlando to denver could happen.

No. 85362

Can't they just use an air ambulance to transfer her?

No. 85396

She'd die.

No. 85416

Bitch thinks everyone is bullying her.

No. 85438

No one noticed the break because 24 hours are nothing. She needs to be on break for more than one day for people to notice.

No. 85454

I took a break from the Internet today too. It was such a pleasant day in South Florida – a lovely, cool breeze; warm and perfectly cloudless. I went down to the beach and had a nice walk through the sand, sat in the sun on a towel and read a book, and ate a little salad with goat cheese and a cappuccino in a cafe by the water.

You see, I have days like this often, because even though I'm a poor mentally ill NEET, I'm still in good enough health to be able to go around and have a normal day in the sun. I can casually order some things to eat, even though I don't have a lot of money to spare. I can walk around, feeling the simple joy of exercise, and feel the breeze on my skin. I can enjoy reading in spite of having diminished mental clarity from my illness. I can view the people existing alongside me, all of them experiencing this pleasant day just as I had, and have empathy for their situations, and wonder how their lives compare to my own.

I can't imagine how pitiful of an existence Ashley has to lead to find time away from the Internet 'foreign and isolating,' that she would 'panic at what she missed.' How desperate she must be to read about herself, and how pathetic that she's so complacent, that she finds that a fulfilling existence instead of unbearable stasis.

But yet, I don't pity her from being denied these simple pleasure of life that I can so easily go out and experience for myself. She was once a perfectly healthy girl with no physical disabilities that would impair her. She has brought all of this upon herself, and I can laugh at her for that. I can point out countless people that had lives far worse than her own that didn't throw their lives out the window, destroying as many people as possible in their path.

You are literally rotting in your own personal hell, Ashley. I hope you're enjoying the flames while they last.

No. 85476


>I'm a poor mentally ill NEET

>I can enjoy reading in spite of having diminished mental clarity from my illness.
>She was once a perfectly healthy girl with no physical disabilities that would impair her. She has brought all of this upon herself, and I can laugh at her for that.
>I can point out countless people that had lives far worse than her own

Surely having a mental illness yourself you're kinda sick of hearing stuff like "people have it worse"? I kinda get what you mean with her 'pity me' bullshit when she clearly doesn't plan on recovering, but she has a mental illness too. Nobody in their right mind would starve themselves to that point and try to bring other people down with them the way she does. She IS a shitty person, but that doesn't mean she's not ill.

inb4 hi Ashley

No. 85481

>Surely having a mental illness yourself you're kinda sick of hearing stuff like "people have it worse"?
No, because I don't bitch and moan about how hard I have it.

Being mentally ill is not an excuse for one's behaviour. You are just as accountable for your actions, regardless of whether or not you did them in a proper state of mind. I'd say you'd have to be pretty fucked up to rape and murder someone, but we still jail them, don't we?

No. 85482


like, i agree with what youre saying but but put down the thesaurus you sound so up your arse.

as someone born physically disabled, i can still pitty her, shes clearly mentally ill, no sane person would do this. she is a dick though her personality makes it hard to feel sorry for her.

No. 85484

I bet you frequent /r/atheism too.

No. 85493

>I kinda get what you mean with her 'pity me' bullshit when she clearly doesn't plan on recovering, but she has a mental illness too.

>doesn't plan on recovering

therefore, why the pity? Other mental anon probably gets help. S/he's trying. Ashley isn't. SO fuck her.

No. 85494


Please just shut up you're so arrogant, I wanna hate on Ashley but it's hard when your bad personality makes her look good.

No. 85498

oh, fuck off. i've got things to do. you know, make malicious phone calls to the 87 year old woman who lives down the street and rip the heads of pigeons and shit.

No. 85499

Not do get too off topic, but I have no idea what you're on about. What does reddit or atheism have anything to do with my post?

No. 85500

Some wacko joined in. Ignore it.

No. 85528

>put down the thesaurus you sound so up your arse.
Jesus Christ. It's like I'm really in middle school again.

No. 85616

This is not Yustas it's her ex partner and Mai's dad. They broke up on good terms because he came out as a gay man. She regularly sees his mum but not him as he is bumming around the country gaying it up. Yustas has dark brown hair and a heavier face. There was a pic of him on her tumble wearing one of those Russian furry hats.

No. 85621

File: 1429526711848.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-20-20-41-23…)

Also, what the fuck kind of person just thinks "she is fine nothing amiss with this she can take care of kids alone all day" Yustas is literally a fucking retard/horrible husband. How can you see your wife like this and let it slide. Look at her bones. Look at the vascularised legs, look at her yellow paper thin skin. Yustas sounds 12 tbh. Utterly useless.

No. 85624


I wasn't trying to imply it's an excuse for your behavior at all. I have no clue where you got that from. It's just kinda dumb of you to go on about your own mental illness and then say all that shit about how it's her own fault.


Amen. This was exactly what I was trying to say but kinda rambled on for a paragraph.


I wasn't pitying her, jeez. It's also pretty hard with something like an eating disorder to WANT to recover. Like, if she wants to waste away, let her I guess, but just because she's a dick doesn't mean her mental illness isn't valid.

No. 85635

This is so sad but says 1000 words. Thank god or athiest A Jesus who is dying for out fat sins and indulgences that Erika is getting serious commited help. She chose to trust her children with a close DCF worker over her husband but maybe this will snap the cord… E doesn't seem as attention mongering as she is completely loss for self understanding. She got help on her own will. She only asked for some help knowing this will still cost thousands between flights and co pays plus God knows whatever. She was pleading for acknowledgment that she was sick, tried to help A as a motherly figure and when it finally stung too much left. She genuinely cares about p much everyone. Fuck all this shit. Ashley I don't care what your past is like, you can exist beyond being a walking wheeling pity wagon. I wish you the best. I feel bad for how tainted your brain is and hope one day you'll have enough with this slow suicide and live for yourself. Why the fuck not?

No. 85659


Ashley's brain is so starved that she's beyond the point of being able to make rational decisions (I.e. Getting help on her own). She will never be able to choose recovery. She needs to be committed.

Did the anions who faxed reports to APS hear anything? Should people be sending more?

No. 85660

*anons. Damn autocorrect.

No. 85666

so Erika's husband is responsible for the state of her wife, but Ashley's mother isn't responsible for her daugther… ok.

No. 85674

We need to shift from calling APS on Ashley, and start calling the local news.

People have tried a number of times to get her help, unsuccessfully. What I want now are answers: Is her mother really a monster? How has her mother tried to help her? How long has this been going on? What is the truth of their financial situation? What is Ashley's physical condition and how do we know? (as in, how recently has she been to a real doctor) What's the prognosis for recovery if she got help? What would it take to make that happen? etc…

No. 85678

He is a lot younger than Erika and he was born in the USSR and lived in Russia most of his life. He's immature and probably doesn't understand half of the baggage he got when they married. I don't think he's an enabler as much as he is ignorant and learning. I don't think he's a bad guy. I don't think Erika really hates him either. It is frustrating dealing with unknown mental terminology and even just adapting to America as a 24yr old who Is FOB.

His mother came here five years ago as a mail order bride hense the rich skeezy father in law.

No. 85771

>start calling the local news

Why would they be interested?

No. 85782

check out the "around the dinner table" forum.
http://www.aroundthedinnertable.org/?forum=136439#gsc.tab=0 its for parents of kids with EDs. A lot of the parents have kids that are 18+ and I'm sure they'll have some ideas/experience with forcing an adult child into treatment when they don't want it. Ash's mom should make an account there.

No. 85809

That's completely different. Ashley's m had had to raise her, she's an adult now. An adult who does not wish to get better. Those are the type of people that deserve an ultimatum because Ashley is sinking herself and her mother.

Yustas chose to marry Ericka for better or worse etc., etc. they are in a union. They're a family with their children. That is your "new" family when you grow up. If you give a shit, you understand that you are in a partnership with each other and need to support one another.

No. 85812

That's considering the idea that she actually wants her to get better. She may just want to get rid of the burden, ya know?

No. 85822

Yustas is a sweetheart. The way Erika talks about him online and takes everything he does personally is a symptom of borderline personality disorder. I'm diagnosed with BPD and the way she talks about him is a mirror image of my thoughts about my boyfriend when he doesn't shower me with the exact, specific type of attention I want at that moment. Yustas means well, and he doesn't understand what he's "doing" because all of his actions are distorted by Erika's mind.

No. 85824

Isn't sectioning her the only way to force her? Doesn't seem like there's any other option tbh.

No. 85825

Someone send her the link on Facebook.

No. 85832

Ashley's mom seemingly made a terrible job with raising her child. and not wanting to get better is a part of her disease. I can totally understand her situation.
Erika is an adult too, actually she is like 4 or 5 years older than ashley, and she has children she is responsible for. but she rather makes a show of her life on the internet, purges her family's money and asks only help when she gets scared of dying. I'm glad she asked help, but she is def not an idol.

No. 85844

File: 1429560296563.png (25.82 KB, 724x257, 235354345.png)

Pic is from her fundraiser. Would she really post that there of all places due to BPD?
I mean, also considering what >>85678 said, I am not sure he's such a sweetheart.
In regards to the latest instagram updates, his english is INSANELY good for someone who came to the US fairly recently imo. Could it be that someone is writing that in his place?

No. 85854

Yes, she'd post there for sympathy/to enhance her victim persona.

His English is great because Russians and most other Europeans learn English starting at age 5. No one is writing in his place.

No. 85860

really? all of the russians his age, that i know, barely speak/understand it. (nowadays kids have english lessons in school earlier, than when he was a kid)
that's why i figured it must be pretty hard for the average russian to learn it.

No. 85872

His English is not "insanely good" and he's been her for at least 4 years (his kid withErika is around 3). When you're immersed in a language and motivated to learn it comes very easily.

No. 85873

I don't think Ashley's mom is motivated to help her at this point. I know a girl from a wealthy family (so they could easily afford treatment and had taken her to "the best") with a daughter who isn't sick as Ashley and I overheard the dad say to someone that the family was waiting for her to die. Anorexia nervosa is an exhausting illness. Parents are human and sadly sometimes they surrender to the illness.

No. 85875

yea but involuntary commitment varies by state. If her mom wants to do that, and thats a big if, she might get lucky and find a parent from FL who's done it.

No. 85882

i can't imagine waiting for my own child to die, jesus

No. 85883

It made me feel sick to hear it but it happens.

No. 85887

Must be like when you've seen a relative with a terminal illness suffer for months or years. It's a relief when they die because they're no longer suffering. Saying that, it'd be frustrating that Ashley isn't terminal and hasn't been interested in improving her condition. Others with her level of anorexia have been in recovery and are doing well, so I'm not with the thought that there's nothing can be done for her at this point.

No. 85890

Prepare yourselves for an update on Ash's therapy session!!! Independent living!!! Coming soon no doubt.

No. 85892

Yah, there are people with EDs who get hospice care so I guess there is a point of no return (there's a scammer, Nancybratt Kelly whose scammed people by going in and out of hospice for her ED while begging for shit and getting her doctors to prescribe narcotics…she's another lolcow) But if Ashley's lived this long in this state I don't doubt her body may be capable of recover. Especially since she's young.

No. 85901

She'd better do it soon, honestly. I'm 29 and my ability to recover from wounds is already declining.

No. 85951

https://instagram.com/questtorecovery/ is always having violent fights with her mother over her ED. She's another fake recovery account - acts like she wants to get better but if she gains an ounce she freaks out and restricts. She's only 16 and really not a bad person, but it's maddening reading her account so I can't even imagine what parents of ED children put up with… it sounds like absolute hell. That chick I listed refuses to sit down unless she's sleeping… she won't even go places in a car if it's beyond a certain distance because she'll be sitting too long and feel guilty about it.

So anyway, the on-topic connection here is that that girl isn't as sick as Ashley (though pretty sick - 75lbs) and she has a horrid relationship with her mother… imagine what Ashley's mom is going through.

No. 85964

Ashley is a "friend" of that girl and comments a lot on her posts. Ashley said she picked up some things for her at Target the other day so I guess they are penpals.

No. 85966

If this is the girl I'm thinking of, she has other problems besides the ED. And she should not be talking to Ashley. Ugh. I bet her mom would not be okay with that. People on instagram just reinforce each other's sickness.

No. 85967

I didn't look at many of her ig pics because it's all food, but reading her blog she comes across as really annoying. Maybe she's nice, but she thinks she knows it all.

No. 85970

Here's the most recent one where Ashley commented. https://instagram.com/p/1tZGjbtvji/

No. 85972

Ashley says she wants to distance herself from her ED but all of her friends are tweens with eating disorders. Damaged, easily-manipulated people. Can't she make friends with people who like kawaii shit and blind boxes? There have to be comms for that on instagram and other social media sites, right?

No. 85973

Ugh, she's dissing rice cakes. Now I know I don't like her.

No. 85974

Ha, I just read her dissing rice cakes and low calorie bread yet here she's talking about reduced fat cheese. God, she microwaves grilled cheese on toast after it's melted. She's all wrong.

No. 85975

File: 1429571819962.jpg (158.17 KB, 1021x609, 01.JPG)

Yet to get to the other comments about her mother.

Do you think she actually ate any of this stuff? Does she binge eat or just restrict or both?

No. 85976

That girl is nowhere CLOSE to being in recovery. Every oz of food is weighed and accounted for, and her journaling all of it on Instagram is only enabling her disorder even further. I'd be pissed if I was her Mom too after 3 years and still freaking out about a weight watchers ice cream sandwich. Sad.

No. 85977

Her brother has down's syndrome so her mom has her hands full between him and her sick daughter. it's really sad.

No. 85980

File: 1429572117885.jpg (85.26 KB, 608x575, 01.JPG)

You'd think that'd make her try harder.

I couldn't take all the pics of Greek yogurt to look far on her account. Disses rice cakes as bad if you're in recovery - buys rice cakes.

I feel bad that she's stuck in her ED, but why are they all friends with each other. Other fake recovery gummibearprincess is her friend as well. It's like a club.

No. 85981


Well if her brother has downs that makes a lot of sense for the root of the disorder then. Not getting enough attention at home.

No. 85982

Why do they cut apples into slices? Is it because of bad teeth? Who the hell slices an apple irl.

No. 85985

They do a lot for presentation, it's an obsessive thing. Everything has to be in it's own place or way.

No. 85986

I don't think that's weird at all. I have a bonded retainer on my bottom teeth so if I bite into an apple I inevitably get apple skin caught underneath it. They sell apple-slicers in the store.

No. 85990

File: 1429572417988.jpg (13.29 KB, 393x79, advice.JPG)

Yeah, but that's a good reason to slice it I'd imagine!

Would anyone here take advice from Ashley?

She's being quiet about her talk about independent living.

No. 85991

If I'm out I'm wearing lipstick, so that's the only time I'd slice an apple to avoid lipstick all over my mouth.

No. 85994

That girl eats too much processed food

Weight Watches food is like eating water, although their deserts are nice.

No. 85995

I've seen that account. Ashley's latched onto her, which is creepy because this girl is 16 and Ashley acts like they're BFFs. I thought some of her being an asshole to her mother is teenage stuff but one of her posts described terrorizing her mother to the point where she was afraid of her. She sounds like a younger version of Ashley.

She always buys artificial processed diet food, because she just "prefers" it so it's not disordered! Because having a BMI of 14 and eating Lean Cuisine isn't disordered?

She also bakes for everyone and doesn't eat any of it, which is textbook anorexia, but gets mad when someone points it out. When anyone gently confronts her about disordered behaviors and you can tell they're walking on eggshells she freaks the fuck out. Ashley jumps on anyone who tries to confront her, of course.

No. 85998

"Independent living"? Are we still pretending that the therapist is real?

No. 86000


Oh yeah that fro-yo addicted whackado. She's the same. Says she's in recovery but eats nothing of nutritional value. Froyo and sugary cereal.

No. 86001

File: 1429572741841.jpg (25 KB, 391x230, 01.JPG)

Fuck. Ash could start an argument in an empty house.

No. 86002


Haha right? Even if there were a therapist the only independent living she'd be doing is in a fucking hospital. I'm surprised she doesn't have a live in caretaker with the state she's in right now.

No. 86003

She's said that her mom helps her so I imagine that she bathes her and stuff. Who knows, she might be getting paid to be Ashley's caretaker. On that 600 lb life show that is the case with the family members/enablers.

No. 86004


Yeah take that ED my six cubes of full fat cheese will show you real good. Girl needs some major major therapy.

No. 86005

Very true God I love that show.

No. 86006

I don't know what pisses me off more, girls like Ashley who refuse recovery but at least are blatantly honest about it, or girls like this one who are doing the piss poor minimum to convince people they're in recovery.

No. 86007


"but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired"

Where have we heard that?

No. 86008

too funny.

No. 86011

fucking hell. recoveryninja_ was making a very good point about being in denial and confronting Eilish very politely. Of course Ashley would rather have this 16 year old girl left to starve herself to death instead of having anyone intervene.

No. 86014

Was there a falling out between Gummybear_princess11/Gretchen and Ashley? Ash hasn't commented on her posts recently and it looks like her older comments were deleted?

No. 86016

Ashley is this girl's skele-godmother. Yuck. She'd do well to remove Ashley from her life ASAP.

No. 86017


Agreed, hell she has no place being on social media whatsoever same as Ash. Craving that constant online presence and attention though.

No. 86018

She's 30 and has a young child but spends hours working out and runs like 15 miles a day. I hope she feeds her kid better than she feeds herself.

It's also weird that she shops at tween clothing stores at her age but that's another issue.

No. 86021


Yep, exercise anorexia on top of it all. God what a mess.

No. 86025

She posted recently about her triumphant recovery from bulimia. Like bitch, no, you're just purging by running for half the day instead of puking, that's not recovery.

No. 86026

She said cereal is her prime binge food. All she eats except froyo is cereal, so … um…

No. 86027

Yeah I see maybe like 5 or 6 "salads" aka lettuce and dressing maybe a cucumber slice thrown in on her page total.

No. 86030

Yeah, she's nowhere close to recovering. She even feels the need to measure things like Brussels sprouts. Every time she eats them, she has exactly 6.

No. 86032

Yeah, I think the tween stores thing is because she's afraid of being an adult. Not uncommon amnong people with EDs. I know a lot of people who want child-like bodies because of trauma and a fear of being re-victimized if they have womanly bodies.

No. 86034

Sorry to go completely OT for a second, but are you guys seeing these hilariously stupid videos of people doing the #kyliejennerchallenge on insta? I can't stop watching.

No. 86035

It's easier to eat in slices and less waste, that's not an ED thing that's a convenience thing.

No. 86043

in "recovery" for years. Heavily restricts and eats nothing but diet food. Shows grocery hauls of normal foods she never eats (if her food diary is all she eats) bc she eats nothing but diet food. 150 kcals for a snack is just fine, tyvm, bc she knows her body and her meal plan! Nearly everyone applauds and tells her what good work she's doing. She even hashtags "minniemaud," which requires a daily minimum of more than her daily intake. If i was a wannarexic, I'd study her food diary and eat all the same things, the weight would fly off! Sorry for raging. This kid just really pisses me off for some reason.

No. 86045

File: 1429577716297.png (351.2 KB, 1080x1225, Thisisplentyofcals.png)

Comments on a photo of a 150 calorie diet snack bar.

Her comments remind me of someone.

No. 86047

My main reason for disliking her is because she thinks she's a know-it-all. Even if what she knows is fucked HERS is the way it is.

No. 86049

File: 1429578280347.jpg (22.34 KB, 372x242, ick.JPG)

I wish she'd wear something on her feet. They're filthy.

No. 86050

I think she said her mother had it, which would make sense.

No. 86053

Ironically, (or not, actually…) she works at a fast food restaurant O_O

No. 86056

Same with the real MethSpider. Must be common.

No. 86057

A veggie working at a burger place. Doubt she'll be stealing the product anyway unless she likes apple pie or full fat milkshakes.

No. 86058

She's vegetarian and she sells meat? Oh wow.

No. 86063

It's likely she's vegetarian because it's one of her ED "rules". Like meat = weight gain or some stupid shit like that.

No. 86071

Most likely.

No. 86101

Ashley supporting people in recovery is like Lindsay Lohan beign a sponsor to a recovering cocaine addict.

No. 86119

My friend worked in a hospital restaurant for years and had to cook meat and she's a veggie. I could never understand how she could do it. Her ex husband ate meat and she'd cook it for him. Ew.

No. 86122

It's not support she gives though. It's weird fuckery she gives. Just…fuckery.

No. 86126

Man for real all these crazy bitches who don't want to recover should be put down. What a waste of space and resources.

No. 86130

Yeah her responses are super defensive like A's. Super bitchy and on edge. Well at least this one admits she's a raging bitch. Man thank god she's not in public school she'd be eaten alive.

No. 86136

What bothers me is the enablers who coddle her with their comments. She's posted about what sounds like her horrifically mistreating her mother and her followers will comment "omg your mom's a cunt." Anyone who tries to give her a reality check gets bitched at. She really is like Ashley. No wonder Ash is following her.

No. 86150

Not everyone has BPD if they suffer from an eating disorder. E's real "father" sexually abused her for 10+ years and her mother was a heavy drinker. I think she came from a fucked up Catholic family and is just severely ill. Her mind was I said it. Was- really fucked too. She chose to be pretty gruellingly open about a lot not for the attention perse but to be heard by her pictures and words. Her creativity shows way too much emotion, sadness, inspiration to lack empathy. Just imo

No. 86156

BPD has nothing to do with empathy. Most people with BPD have plenty of empathy and they feel everything deeply.

No. 86157

No. 86159

Nobody said everyone with an eating disorder has BPD. Multiple people here have recognized different types of anorexics, which includes the unstable borderline type among others.

There is a significant comorbidity between EDs and BPD and Erika's unstable relationships, self harm, eating disorder, questionable stories and family history, not just her ED that lead people to bring up BPD.

BPD doesn't mean lack of empathy either and borderline patients can be highly empathetic.

No. 86225

Funny how as soon as someone said E's instagram is updated as often as when she was running it, the updates stop.

No. 86231


What are you implying?

No. 86238

It's a conspiracy! Yustas is Ashley!

No. 86242

Adam is Yustas?

No. 86250

I thought something harey was going on.

No. 86254

Don't ya think he's probably reading this? I'd be hurt as hell if I saw people picking mentally ill girls apart. Ashley is definitely reading this and you guys are just fueling her destruction. Jesus Christ look how much worse she has gotten since these obsessive threads have started. You guys think maybe you're just making matters worse for her too? Any human at those low level bmi has something wrong, but for gods sake, why tease them more? These girls are just sick and some of us hopefully have some brain cells left. My guess? He mailed the phone. My theory on A is that she's probably unknowingly as self destructive as she is. Therapist do see very sick clients, addicts as well. That doesn't mean they are 100% in control of taking these people in or out they're making money and doing their job to help get people on a better path. I don't personally know both girls often mentioned but I think tearing them apart publicly isn't the best way to go. Some of y'all are great people, some are just trolls shaking things up for more drama than exists. Check yo self.

No. 86268

Are you fucking serious? Ashley has gotten worse because she has stubbornly refused to get appropriate help and her body can't take much more of this.

She's happy staying in her self destructive comfort zone. The followers she keeps around just enable her and tell her what her addiction wants to hear. If anything people here have been better about being real and honest with her. If only she'd listen instead of pushing people away for trying to help her or calling them cyberbullies.

No. 86271

I'm not sure. Just odd that it happened when someone said something.
Of course, I forgot he said he was mailing the phone.

Yeah, I was wondering if he was reading it and thought "I'll stop updating so they're not suspicious." Bad reason to stop updating when she's apparently critical though.
But you're right that he might have just mailed the phone. I forgot about that.

No. 86291

He claims to have had no idea she was sick and thought she was fine. When you are married you have a intimate relationship where you know the person better than your parents would ever know you, you see them naked, you see them daily, you see their mood changes and struggle. I'm glad he seems to finally realize now that Erika is literally on the verge of death, having seizures because her organs are shutting down.

How can you see her naked, passing out, seizuring, having no energy and thinking "totes fine". Even disregarding ED's I'd see my partners body and think "holy fuck he looks like he needs the hospital ASAP" and I'd go to an appointment with him to get to the bottom of the issue.

Yustas is 24 and Erika is 28. He's not a baby, he HAS a friggen toddler and a marriage. Being an immigrant or "young" is a shitty excuse. Bitch ain't young, he's a retard.

No. 86326

omfg i remember her! Nancybratt was scamming back in the days of xanga. someone about her always irked me.

No. 86327

xblueeyedbarbiex left a message on Erika's last photo. Isn't she a scammer? (Implying nothing).

No. 86330

sorry for to go off topic, but can someone link me to nancys thread? i can't find it :(

No. 86342

File: 1429628453119.jpg (19.09 KB, 609x244, 0.JPG)

I'd never heard of her before. I found this when searching for info:
You might find what you're looking for in there.

No. 86344

Someone should reply to her comment with a link to one of the truth accounts about her lol

No. 86345

Sarah deserves her own thread, tbh

No. 86350

She's well aware of the truth about Sarah accounts and had checked who's following it or commented on it to block everyone who has had any contact with it.

Sarah/xblueeyedbarbie follows various emaciated girls on Instagram and clings to them hoping their skinniness rubs off on her. She's gone on very sick anorexics' accounts and asked for tips or admired their bodies.

She does need her own thread.

No. 86351

But yeah, they should link people to the account/website where Sarah can't delete it.

No. 86358

I dunno, maybe Erika has be doing all these Yustas updates the whole time.
I thought it was weird how he was saying 'he didn't know how sick she was' and how he put too much stress on her.

No. 86362

I don't know what to think of him. I don't think Erika's fucked enough to pretend to be him, but if he didn't know how ill she was then he's fucking blind. As an anon said, how could he see her naked and watch her having seizures and not think she was ill enough to croak it anytime? Something's not right with him, but hey, her relationship.

No. 86363

Make one. ED scammers.

No. 86366

I come to see if this thread is still about Erika. It is. Smfh

No. 86373

wow when ash says "you know what youre doing" after someone shows concern…clearly enabling this poor girl. id really like to read her private convos.

No. 86396

I think he used to work a lot so might not have seen her that often. She had mentioned that they weren't intimate.

No. 86402

Then bring some new dirt on Ashley, whiner.

No. 86409

Their relationship is weird. Remember when Erika and Ashley had their romance going on? Someone asked Erika how her husband feels and she said he's just happy she's happy. She hasn't explicitly said they're poly so it just sounds like he had to watch her have this extramarital fling and deal with it. He doesn't seem to have much of a backbone but it might be his immaturity and being in a foreign country.

No. 86410

As in Ashley herself knows what she's doing. Ugh. She encourages this kid to continue freaking out over calories so she won't gain weight but she also encourages bingeing. Jfk.

No. 86412

Hardly a romance. I doubt tongues were involved. Or even usual kissing looking ay ash's cracked lips.

No. 86414

File: 1429642365672.png (981.08 KB, 750x1201, weren't white enough.PNG)

Wherein she implies that emojis weren't white enough before.

No. 86415

It's him being a soft bastard. Personal blog. My dad came here alone age 17, not a word of English. Worked hard at life and had been a phenomenal dad. Of course everyone has their faults. Yustas seems to be attached to the umbilical cord still and needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 86416

No. 86417

>choking hazard

(no, i won't say it)

No. 86420

This girl eats much too, but is still really thin..

No. 86422

How thin?

If she's saying she was forced to recovery and now she's doing it HER way, that only means bad things.

No. 86423

Sorry, but no way is she eating this stuff

No. 86425

That's because she obv doesn't eat what she posts. I'm fucking sick of accounts like this. Giving 'real' sufferers hope that they'll continue to look rail thin even while consuming 3000+ calories or something. It's more irritating than Ashley. At least we know what Ash is dealing with and not faking she eats everything and is the way she is.

No. 86426

File: 1429644077151.jpg (26.52 KB, 398x268, ugh.JPG)


Reasons why I wouldn't have a public account if I was a "recovering" anorexic part 1.

No. 86428

Serious lack of skin moisture/oils. Look at the cracked skin tattoo.

No. 86429

What's the point of even getting a tattoo if you're just going to let it look like shit?

No. 86431


That closeup of the tattoo shows how bad it is - lines aren't even thickness, never healed properly, skin is in terrible condition, and although this photo doesn't show it, every time I see that heart, I think it has a wang.

No. 86432

File: 1429644450619.jpg (42.41 KB, 495x453, deathpls.JPG)

She hasn't posted her wearing her "gift" cosplay coat yet. Must be a delay in the mail.

Answer to your question, Ashley. I'm a grown woman, so I choose death…as you have.

No. 86434


The self portrait skull in the middle's already disappeared.

No. 86435


Can't choose, I'm not a child.

And I do like cute things, but damn, there's limits.

No. 86439

Everyone likes cute at every age, but these are fucking gross.

No. 86441

File: 1429644668435.jpg (157.65 KB, 319x480, shamefur.jpg)

No. 86444

How do you start…I want
abnormal blood count, organ failure, fucked up teeth, osteoporosis…oooo just to be skinny and sigh beautiful <3

No. 86447


ED scammers thread

No. 86449

Hurrah!!! Thank you ~kawaii emojis and kisses~

No. 86456

But Ashley has been lying about asking for "help with groceries." She led people to believe she was "trying" when she only intended to binge and purge. She may honest about not wanting to recover, but then she pulls this shit. Plus the imaginary therapist and mouth surgery and on and on.

No. 86495

Proof she's lying?

No. 86498

I still can't get my head around how being bald, having rotten falling teeth and organ failure looks "better" than being healthy in their eyes. Mental illness is a scary thing.

No. 86522

Hi, Ashley.

No. 86544

No. 86556

It's hard not to go down the rabbit hole of these delusional "recovery" IG chicks: https://instagram.com/aly_realrecover/

Claims to eat "enormous" plates of pasta, entire pints of Ben & Jerry's and pastries yet she posts an OOTD every single day seeking compliments and she never gets any bigger. Her legs are reaching Ashley levels of skeletal.

I don't know why but these chicks seriously irritate the shit out of me. I don't know what's worse, the lying about what they're eating as they continue to waste away (triggering for people actually trying to recover) or the ones like Ashley who scam people outright.

No. 86563

File: 1429653514334.jpg (214.43 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

YES THANK GOD. I thought I was the only one that fucking got bothered by this. Yes this is Ashley whatever. But at least I'm not doing THIS.

No. 86566

Both as bad as the other.

No. 86571

But you were asking that questtorecovery girl about which cheese melts best. Do you think we believe you're going to actually eat a grilled cheese and keep it down?

No. 86573

Same anon…and why do you need cards to WF and cheesecake factory (to "challenge" yourself) you're not going to eat it without purging? How is that different from what this girl is doing?

No. 86575

and why do so many of you retarded cunts use those stupid fucking emojis everywhere?

No. 86579

If you are Ashley (who lives in FL, eastern time zone) why does that screenshot say it's 9am?

No. 86581

Ew you can see her rib cage sticking out through her vest.

No. 86583


Maybe the screenshot is old because it's for a thinspo folder?

No. 86588

Because it was capped on Thursday, the thing says it was three days only when a cap was taken of it and the pic was posted on Easter Monday.

No. 86591

the cap was taken at 9am on YOUR PHONE. nothing to do with when the twig girl posted it.

No. 86592

So it was capped at 9am on Thursday.

No. 86593

Yeah I'm that anon, and I'm dumb and didn't see the "3d" thing on the post. Just surprising that someone would have a pre-saved screenshot of that chick somewhere.

No. 86595

her mouth is too big, I feel like it's going to split open

No. 86596

File: 1429655259461.png (36.56 KB, 416x159, potkettleblack.png)

No. 86598


No. 86604

Now now anon, Ashley does look different in photos from time to time; lately she looks even more like the specter of death than ever before.

No. 86608

File: 1429656048748.jpg (10.8 KB, 479x56, lol.JPG)

No. 86609

Perhaps a sicklier shade of yellow every time?

No. 86634

I started creeping on those instagram accounts and some of those girls are vicious! A typical exchange:

Concerned person: Hey, that meal looks a bit small. Maybe add a caloric beverage or a snack?

These girls are hangry as fuck.

No. 86642

She should get the skull in the middle touched up with pink.

No. 86648


I know. It's sad. I hope APS does something. I don't like her as a person, but I don't want her to die.

No. 86660

Shut up ashley you have no room to judge anyone for what they are doing.

No. 86661

Even Ashley knows it's fucked up.

No. 86663

I think Ashley, for all her faults, is much more forthcoming about her disease than these girls. I mean, she at least admits to purging, right? I guess it's kind of unfair for girls to lie about being in recovery because they just make girls who are trying to recover feel badly about gaining weight.. Idk, maybe I'm wrong.
Also, emojis are fucking annoying.

No. 86665

I think it's funny that Ash comes on here and actually comments. It's like Robert Wayne Stiles on /cow/

No. 86667

I agree, at least she isn't putting on a fake fucking charade of "oh wow I'm ~recovering~".

No. 86668

Jesus fuck. Ashley is no better when it comes to lying. She definitely lies about the gift cards she asks for. She's fooled people into thinking this is food she really needs and she'll try to keep the food down when she never intends to. She doesn't have a problem with not having any groceries, she just doesn't have enough binge food. We all know about your expensive mac and cheese addiction.

No. 86678

What's begging for gift cards to places so she can face her "fear foods" then? That hints at some kind of recovery/challenge.

No. 86679

…and the almond butter.

No. 86682


Goblin King x Skeleton Queen OTP

No. 86688

Not taken from my phone. Also old photo.

No. 86695

that's so fucking gross. i bet she smells like mac n cheese vomit 24/7.

No. 86696

not defending these girls but recovering from an eating disorder is honestly fucking hard … i was in treatment last year and the shit i witnessed at meal time was amazing. girls putting food up their sleeves when the nurses weren't looking, chewing and spitting meals into napkins and throwing the napkins away at the end of meal time, cutting up food with a knife and fork and literally flinging the food behind them as they did it. all under the nose of nurses who had no idea what was happening. eating disorders are really, really secretive and sneaky … girls' will go to amazing lengths to convince their loved ones that they're "recovering". it seriously is a warped frame of mind that is just made worse by the malnourishment. i have a feeling that half of these "recovering ED instagram warriors" have convinced theirselves that what they are doing isn't disordered … but seriously, it's just another way of counting calories (uploading pictures of everything you eat) and trying to get validation from strangers on the internet.

i dunno, i have some empathy for these girls but i think it can cross a line .. especially with that aly_realrecover girl. there is no way that digesting everything that she uploads and it sets an unrealistic expectation for people who are actually legitimately trying to recover from an eating disorder.

i always try and imagine how these type of girls would manage their recovery without social media. even ashley. if social media wasn't so prevalent in their lives, would they be able to recognise that their eating disorders were spiraling? without the validation from people they have never met, would that effect their decisions to recover normally?

No. 86702


Social media wasn't as prevalent when I first went into treatment and it definitely has negatively affected treatment outcomes. A few people with whom I have mutual treatment friends have become tumblr and instagram famous and they def. have no intentions of recovering. Two of them have had NG/PEG tubes for the past few years. And one of them is Emily Crocker, lmao.

No. 86703


Sorry, wasn't clear. Emily doesn't have a tube but she's a friend of a friend whose found fame for her ED.

No. 86724


What is this supposed to mean?

No. 86753

She might actually eat that though. TMI but ice cream and pastas are super easy to purge. Pastries not so much, but some people manage it.

No. 86759


Why did you screencap this girl weeks ago?

No. 86780

Who the fuck takes apart Lindor truffles? At least Ashley doesn't pull this shit…

No. 86783

you're giving her ideas stfu

No. 86784

this is how i eat. i think its normal and not necesarrily an attention thing. i seperate alot of my foods in this disecty way

No. 86787

"I didn't read the other posts on here but I'm uhh uncomfortable. ? Mai walked in on me in the shower when she was younger and took a photo of me washing my hair and it had been long lost in the abyss of the iPad photo stream. My ex's mom and dad saw it. I don't even want to know. Lock your phone kids, and maybe the door."

Yustas was fucking around with her phone without permission lol.

No. 86789

Both Sarah smith and a Sarah smith truth account commented on that post lmao.

No. 86790

Back on 4/15 on the fundraising site: "Erika told me to keep you updated. No phones allowed. She wanted me to thank you all and I do too."

Could be that he said more than she wanted. Could be that she feels uncomfortable with his feelings about her and intimate things being posted.

No. 86798

Maybe she meant he should use the computer or his own phone to keep us updated.

No. 86800


Pretty sure he means Erika's not allowed a phone so any updates will come from Yustas.

No. 86836

I do. I like licking the middle bit then eating the shell after.

No. 86860

Now I want to find more of these bizarre anorexic chicks on Insta/Tumblr. I bet a lot of them are pretty lulzy.

No. 86904

"She can have phone in acute hospital so I will be sending this to her. "

No. 86905


She pulls apart all her food. She photographs a bunch of sealed packages. ONE item is open and she's holding it, but it's never bitten into - there's never bite marks.

These girls' Instagram accounts are the most boring shit ever. They never post a creative photo, or an artistic one. It's all food and selfies. I'm not saying every Instagram photo should be an artistic masterpiece, but these are so utterly worthless. They never follow anyone who takes real pictures, only more of the same. It's insanity.

Fuck all these dumb-ass worthless bitches.

No. 86907

typical ed behavior to take photos of food and put on the illusion that you are eating. even systematically wasting food by throwing it down the drain or leaving a wrapper out here and there, maybe dirtying up a fork or two. toasting some bread so it smells like food when someone arrives. shit at my worst i even made a chicken salad sandwich and "ate" it when people were watching, when they didnt look i spit it into a napkin and shoved it in the couch to throw away later lol.

tl;dr anorexic people are sneaky and shady dont believe them if they arent gaining any weight.

No. 86914

File: 1429717021555.png (1020.4 KB, 862x637, screen.png)

Actual recovery

No. 86917

File: 1429717448186.jpg (241.4 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

This girl is in real recovery fighting for her life, she's incredibly I'll like Ashley. You can find her updates on Facebook under "Maren Sorum". I hope she can make it, she's awful cute.

No. 86918

Yeah, I've always had a lot of respect for this girl. Idk why she's been showing up on truth confession blogs and here. She's legit and I think her vlogs about what treatment is like are useful to people who've never been.

No. 86919

People workings towards recovery don't usually choose pro Ana usernames

No. 86920

I posted her since everyone's talking shit about these fake recovery people. Yeah I respect her too and anyone who commits to being better and staying better

No. 86922

No someone made a thread bashing her here

No. 86924

She can't speak english

No. 86927

the fuck does that have to do with anything?

No. 86928


She reposts pictures of same shit. For example she posted pizza with fries, saying friend made her order it for the first time and she did and ate it.
Then you go down her history and few weeks earlier same fucking picture and friend also made her order it.

No. 86931

This girl barely eats. She's not in recovery. She needs to be hospitalized.

No. 86934

outpatient when you look like that? bullshit shes in recovery. look at the shit she eats

No. 86935

File: 1429718700626.jpg (441.56 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)


No. 86936

yeah looks like refeeding risk to me too. i dont know what bulgaria's laws are like though

No. 86938


red flag

No. 86944

File: 1429719270085.jpg (204.69 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

She is being hospitalized

No. 86945

Ew at the raw chicken.

No. 86949


Same here - that chicken ain't cooked. Pretty sure it's not being eaten.

No. 86954

File: 1429720743869.jpg (186.58 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Shit you are right. It's especiallh evident in the sandwiches she gets from school, you can even see the fingernail marks where she pulled it apart.
She claims to eat 3500 cals a day yet never gains an ounce, lying bitch

No. 86965

unless she's got some shark teeth LOL

No. 86967

that was in february and she doesnt look any better. be fuckin real

No. 86968

As long as she's not recruiting an army of tween admirers, sending binge food, or deliberately hurting people, I don't care. She's only hurting herself.

And anorexics do pull apart sandwiches. It could be that her metabolism is in overdrive and she's not adequately compensating. I've been refer several times had to eat 7-10k calories to make consistent, substantial gains and I had to use tons of ensure and ensure puddings to do it. It was horrible. My point is, I'll see how she's doing a few months from now before I judge her.

No. 86972

We need fan art

No. 86979

She's been doing this for.. Months? Years? Lol. And ofc she's recruiting admirers. Do you not see the comments saying: 'oh my god I wish I were you!' 'I wish I could eat that and still look rail skinny!'. And you continuously bash A. This is the only problem I have with lolcow. You pick apart someone who's brutally honest, but the 'perfect little angels' get any support needed. A shows the real side of life- but nah. We'll just take bets on when she dies.

No. 86980

Jesus Christ, Ashley, what you do is just as bad as these other fuckwits. You mislead people into buying you bucketloads of shite and then puke it up. You're not brutally honest, you're fucking delusional, and you try to destroy everyone's life you come into contact with. That's what makes you worse.

No. 86986

Yeah that girl is dangerously thin. There is no way in hell she's eating all those high carb pastas and staying the exact same weight. Another one who isn't really recovering. If 38 weeks have passed and you look exactly the same, you're obviously doing something wrong.

No. 86993

Hey Ashley. Why do you care so much about what other eating disordered people are doing? Why does this thread keep being derailed to focus on other eating disorder people once the focus is on you again? I bet you posted about that questtorecovery girl.

No. 86995

Also, people who seek out IG profiles of deathly ill girls are probably already messed up. I don't see evidence of her befriending people in recovery and making them drive her to buy her binge food like you did with Gia, or sabotaging their efforts by calling the, in the middle of the night.

No. 86996

And, if you're going to accuse me of bashing you (I've actually been pretty fair and haven't made mean comments about your appearance or wished you dead) maybe I should start?

No. 86997

>"brutally honest"
>i swear i didnt call E u guise

No. 87001

File: 1429728356187.jpg (23.17 KB, 500x375, 1378994572058.jpg)

For an anorexic girl, you sure eat and digest a looooot of shit.

No. 87009

I wanna see the rest of this comic, tbh

No. 87011

I think instagram was fucking with you. Not defending this bitch, but it just did the same thing to me but both pictures were "4 days ago."

No. 87020

Ashley is not brutally honest though.
And she doesn't show the real side of life either. What she shows so far is that she is escaping from reality by not acting like an adult. Get real.

No. 87023

Ew at the prawns with heads on in the former pic.

No. 87032

Almost all of Ashley's dates with Erika consisted of Erika driving for hours and Ashley manipulating her into giving her rides to buy binge food with her lies about her mother not keeping any food in the house.

And Ashley was repeatedly an ungrateful ass when Erika bought her expensive gifts. Erika even posted that she forgives Ashley for never showing any appreciation or thanks.

And then there's bashing Erika on Tumblr/IG/Twitter. And the harassing phone calls, which we all know was obviously Ashley. The list goes on and on.

Ashley is by far worse than any of these other ana girls. They're just sick, but Ashley deliberately hurts others. These other girls are annoying but Ashley is cruel.

No. 87033

you must live up north lol

No. 87034

Whats with all those "recovery" girls eating processed sugary shit and fast food? For example: Bag of M&Ms for breakfast

No. 87036

I think Ashley is posting about these other girls to deflect blame regarding her own actions.

No. 87038

some recovery clinics are weird tho.
some "encourage" you to eat a lot of junk food, because they automatically assume fries/burgers/packaged junk is everyones biggest fear food.
look up tags like "pintparty" where everyone challenge each other to eat a whole pint of ice-cream

tbh 95% of recovery groups are just as fucked up, competitive and triggering as pro-ana

No. 87039

How nice of you to wish everyone a happy Earth Day, Ash. How eco-friendly is flushing the toilet constantly sending undigested food down the pipes? Or consuming all that food that took resources to make when you just puke it up and waste it? Do you recycle all that cheap plastic junk you hoard? What about all the packaging for the food you binge and purge on?

No. 87042

I do! Is it a posh southern thing to keep heads on? They're usually all shelled when and in the freezer department when I see them.

No. 87043

My friends and I tried setting up a recovery twitter once, it was super successful for a while, and we all had experience with various things like selfharm, EDs, depression,suicidal thoughts ect, but one by one we had to stop because of how draining (and triggering) it was.

No. 87045

I noticed that scammer's recipies were for sugary crap. It's like they're addicted to sugar. After a while you dgaf about sugar if you cut it out. I'm not into this facing fear food thing. The fear foods are generally things that're really bad for you. That's good fear.

No. 87047

she said BLESSED BE and tagged it #pagan. she was a Xian the other week, not she's pagan.

No. 87049

No. 87050

That bugs me. I totally get the concept but they encourage "normal eating" and normal eating in America is fucking shit. Getting used to junk food during refeeding is psychologically beneficial but then you see these people in recovery who think that's supposed to be a long term way of life and get really defensive when someone suggests adding some veggies to their diet.

And there is this weird competitive attitude in the recovery community. People will make backhanded comments that imply "I ate the whole pint of ice cream because I'm better at recovery than you" or put the number of times they've been hospitalized in their bio as a weird badge of honor.

No. 87051

Pagans can believe in The One True God ("Christian" God) alongside of the other gods.

No. 87052

Yeah, but you really think Ashley has any deep belief system?

No. 87053

Just sayin'.

No. 87054

I'm actually the anon that posted one of the other ana girls, not Ashley. I don't have an ED or anything but I got sucked into stalking those creepy fake recovery accounts because those chicks annoy the shit out of me. But yeah, both the questtorecovery and aly_realrecover girls are really sick and are huge liars but at least they are not trying to hurt anyone.

No. 87059

Questtorecovery is relevant because she's friends with Ashley and she's just as snippy. She was complaining about how horrible her mother is and that she's such a victim because her brother "assaulted, like physically assaulted" her. Her brother is younger than her and has Downs…

Sounds like the same kind of truth distorting delusion as Ash.

No. 87068

Ashley is not brutally honest. She's never answered a question straight ever. She always snarks and dodges. She never does a self-post of any meaning.

I've watched her for years now trying to understand and I'm no closer now than I was before.

No. 87077

EDs are the most fucked up mental illness i think.
there is almost nothing 'right' to say to an ED person.
you eat too much, you eat too little, you look healthier…. its all potentially hurtful.
i see a lot of recovery IGs and if a girl posts a small dinner or something, people jump on it.
likewise for these still skeletal girls constantly posting tons of junk food. you're still sick and not fooling anyone

No. 87082

Yeah the whole "I eat this much but am still so thin" thing doesn't really work

No. 87088

Emily Crocker is too obsessed with trying her absolute best to look like Felice Fawn to ever recover. The crazy thing is, a lot of girls that fit this profile would never have had an ED at all without social media and microblogging.

No. 87090

Icecream is the easiest thing to purge and it still tastes alright coming up…just saying…sry…

No. 87091

When you can't speak a certain language you're obviously not going to understand the nuances and weight of certain words and phrases, or how much significance or negative connotation they hold.

No. 87106

Anorexia in Norwegian is anorektisk. She knows what "ana" means, trust me.

No. 87107

Sorry, anorexic = anorektisk. Anorexia = anoreksi. Same shit, she knows what her username means.

No. 87112

Pretty sure some of the ones with ana or mia in their name are doing it to attract others. The competition thing, wanting popularity and finding it in a dark way by being popular with other fucked up people.

No. 87114

I'm not saying she doesn't know the definition of the word. She may not know that "ana" is used as a quirky little nickname. She could have chosen anagirl because her insta is a documentation of her so-called "recovery." I don't think these random foreign girls know the significance that goes into a lot of english words here. They trawl their own chans full of shit we don't know the weight of either.

No. 87117

File: 1429739416341.png (146.35 KB, 197x391, Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.49…)

when your thigh is smaller than your calf

No. 87119

knees…always ugly

No. 87121

She likes children things as well - dolls, lego…

No. 87122

> without the social media
im sure they would be better off. everyone posts their entire journey online and claim its for inspiration and support to other but im pretty sure its just reinforcing obsessive and competitive behaviors

No. 87127

I'm sure there isn't much else you can turn to when you're a dying 18 year old.

No. 87130

Pen pals, of course!

No. 87131

Woah. She's skinnier than Ashley. How does she still look pretty when Ash doesn't, though?

No. 87132

No. 87135

>She's skinnier than Ashley

Oh noes.

No. 87137

As the kids used to say - WORD.

No. 87142

How come these women have good skin? It's almost perfect skin. I thought hormones would really fuck it up, but…envy.

No. 87144

I mean yeah, but I was just referring to the fact that in that deteriorating state you aren't usually going to be kissing boys or going bicycling or some normal hobby shit. Also if she's that far gone to do that to herself, and depending on how long she's done that to herself, she probably has a very fragile and child like psyche. There are thousands of reasons why someone would develop an eating disorder and some are vastly more traumatizing than others.

No. 87145

Makeup, skin care products, filters/photo editig. It's not hard.

No. 87146

If you go to any inpatient ED unit, you'll see 10 Ashleys. Ip she's not rare, just very visible on social media.

No. 87148

It's because their endocrine systems are messed up. When they refeed and their hormones start working they get acne.

No. 87149

Usually people are motivated to ecover for a reason. But ED's have a high relapse rate and some people are forced into treatment. In the UK, you can get sectioned and forced into hospital.

No. 87152

File: 1429741041912.jpg (72.85 KB, 720x960, 10382154_808682509192962_72616…)

Ohhh. I mean, Ashley's skin is dry as fuck, but smooth, so is Erika's and even this girl who probably can't be arsed with filters has great skin.

No. 87153

You can here too. I have several friends who've been involuntarily committed for ED treatment. They have medical guardians so they have no say in their care.

No. 87155

I disagree :X

No. 87156

Not necessarily. Sorry to be a journalfag and relate this back to myself, but one of the first things I noticed when I stopped eating was that my combination skin stopped breaking out and my skin was clear as fuck. Diet can be a main cause for acne especially for us fatty fuck american with all the shit in our food. As far as hormones go it definitely makes your skin dull, lifeless, itchy, often dry and tight.

No. 87161

No. 87162

I think the anon is referring to how poreless it looks without breakouts.

No. 87163

thank you boo

No. 87164

Yep. Smooth.

No. 87165

File: 1429741592466.jpg (101.77 KB, 824x554, staythefuckoffig.JPG)

No. 87166

No. 87176

No. 87178

Only just over a year ago. Really sad.

No. 87179

It's funny these super-low-weight anorexics last for years. Then, they go downhill suddenly. Get a bad cold, have a bad fall…then they're dead. But they're filled with hubris because they don't realize how sick they are. And they don't realize until it's too late.

No. 87180

I think we need a general ED chicks thread to separate from Ash, like we did way back when this site first started.

No. 87184

Probably, sorry for all the OT. I guess it's just the easy access and general laziness that makes a thread get clogged so easily.

No. 87186

That was my point, dear. I've heard pasta (like mac n cheese) is easy too.

No. 87187

I agree because it's unfair to the other girls to lump her in with someone as nasty as Ashley.

All the OO I WANT YOUR BODY, I LOVE YOUR LEGS comments have GOT to be damaging.

No. 87191

"would never have had an ED at all without social media"
i don't and never will believe girls like Emily are anorexic. I believe girls like Emily, Ember, and Felice all TRY really hard to be anorexic, and even harder to look anorexic by tensing muscles, photoshop, posing, etc, but they're NOT anorexic. They don't have the genetic predisposition for anorexia, which is why the behaviors you're seeing from them would never have developed "without social media". They're just trying to get attention, and they think being anorexic will get them that attention. People who actually have clinical eating disorders see those girls for the internet munchausens they truly are.

No. 87192

cup o' noodles tastes the exact same coming up and its extremely easy.

No. 87198

Jesus wept.

No. 87199

Are they over 18 though? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but even adults can get sectioned in the UK. I've rarely heard of an adult going inpatient involuntarily here in the states.

No. 87200

fuck off with your tips and nostalgic trips down memory lane. go back to myproana

No. 87202

No you're right, any adult can get sectioned here in UK. In Scotland you can call the crisis intervention team if you think someone is in immediate danger.

No. 87204

The crisis team are useless really. They patch you up until you can see your GP the next day. Then the GP gets in touch with mental health services.

No. 87205

Really? They won't commit you if you're super suicidal or a purge away from death?

No. 87206

File: 1429746380248.jpg (110.05 KB, 612x1090, image.jpg)

New cosplay idea for our girl! This would suit her much better.

No. 87208

No. I had them called out to me and they offered sedatives. First thing in the morning my GP phoned me and asked me to call in. I had someone with me, so if I was alone maybe they'd do something, but it's lack of beds that are a problem in hospital.

No. 87209

Yes, they're in their 20s

No. 87215

What the fuck, she looks so cute here

No. 87231

holy fuck thats terrifying
her eyes pierce into my soul

No. 87233

y'all from MPA or what lol

No. 87234

>perfect skin

lol you mean scaly as fuck yellow skin with bile sores all over their mouths? just because they don't have blemishes doesn't mean their skin is "perfect", it's far, far from that.

No. 87236

What a beautiful Jesus.

No. 87238

Bad eyebrows, but that's the least of her problems.

No. 87240


Crazy fucking whores. Fuck off with your disgusting vomit tales, nobody cares.

No. 87249

Waaaao, her FB is depressing af. post after post pleading for help, pleading for her mother. I can't bring myself to follow her accounts; I assume she's IP. It's lonely and painful (though necessary in cases like this).

No. 87254

File: 1429750502332.jpg (76.53 KB, 824x641, 384373_277606808967204_7312362…)


Yeah, looks like she misses her mum. I hope they keep her in there because she'll be dead before the year's out if not.

No. 87258

Agreed. We've talked about a general one before but didn't make one.

No. 87259

Are anorexics who are struggling really lolcow material? I mean, Ashley is awful, but most of these people are just pathetic…?

No. 87260

There's quite a few we have showcased who are equally as terrifying/hangry

No. 87261

I think we just end up bringing them up sort of as a pseudo-sub discussion to Ashley nowadays. I don't blame people who don't have EDs to be confused and I suppose curious about things like this. I guess it just fascinates enough people on lolcow.

No. 87267

in order to "go back", id have to have ever been on myproana in the first place. and I'm jewish.

its not like this thread stays on the subject of ash anyway. who's this little blonde girl and why is she being discussed on the spoopy skeletons thread? didn't someone just make a general ED thread?

No. 87268

well back to Ashley… I really do wish she'd start a YouTube channel and vlog her daily life (minus the purging, obviously). She could disable comments to cut down on the hate but I for one would be insanely interested in seeing what life is really like for someone in her situation. She could rake in some serious bank, too.

No. 87269

As much as I despise her I would watch it out of curiosity as well. Hell she would have a massive subscriber count.

No. 87273


Someone asked her to do that and she said no because the ED already takes up enough of her life. But that doesn't stop the creepy friendships with children.

No. 87275

I don't think I could take the level of self-pity.

No. 87279


Eh. I think the pro-ana girls who worship her could use a dose of reality though. Plus, I guess she could extend her circle of patrons who fund er disorder if she made those videos, which would not be good for anyone.

No. 87283

anyone know what happened to Maren's mom? So sad. Probably makes it very hard for her to recover.

No. 87286


I don't think anything happened to her. She misses her because the hospital's far from home is what I gather. Someone on her facebook tells her to phone her when she says she wants her mum.

No. 87287

Confession: I just come to these threads to see if she's died yet

No. 87288

doesnt everynoe?

No. 87293

The closest she ever came was the socialcam account she used to have. Not daily life, but like video buying a lottery ticket from a lady at the market (she didn't seem terribly anxious), videos in the parked car, opening mail, talking in a bad Australian accent, teaching her followers misspelled and mispronounced Japanese. I'd like to see more mangled Japanese!

No. 87302

omg that shoop

No. 87307

Not photoshopped. She's just very ill.

No. 87322

I'm willing to bet she does. Most Scandinavians speak English. She probably reads a lot of English ana shit too

No. 87324

Some of Maren's photos from around February 2014 look like she has trictillomania. Look at her eyebrows compared to earlier on, it's like she pulled them out.

No. 87444

then dont post unhealthy tips like that because you dont know who is reading that will take that advice and ruin their life like ash

No. 87446

File: 1429801020261.jpg (50.35 KB, 517x466, ScreenShot.JPG)

Fingers crossed

No. 87448

Oh fuck yes

No. 87449

I can see her already bullshitting all of us though and avoiding the REAL questions.

No. 87450

Honestly Ash, YouTube is gonna be your best bet. Just disable comments so you don't have to deal with them. There's Vimeo also, or you can make a public Facebook fan page and upload them directly to there (but you'll have to deal with comments)

No. 87467

Before I saw this, I would actually kind of doubt that she reads all of this. But now, it's obvious. JFC, Ashley, get a life.

No. 87469

She's afraid of negative comments

No. 87470

She's not going to answer our questions. Not sure I wanna watch videos about Pokemon figurines. The kinds of questions I'd have (why did you harass Erika? How much money do you spend on your binges? How could you spend 70 on a binge and ask for money? Why do you prey on minors?) are not the ones she's gonna answer.

No. 87472

This is why she's gonna make videos. She wants more money bbut doesn't want people posing the truth in comments, thus undercutting her potential new money stream.

No. 87496

Her definition of a "personal" question is favourite Pokemon movie? Thrilling. Those dollar signs in her eyes…

No. 87497

I just want to know why she let it get so bad. What her thoughts were when she'd eat anything and make the decision to not keep it down. How she justified not eating in her mind. I want to understand her disorder. I don't understand it.

No. 87498

Don't expect an answer. Ever. Her videos, her rules, remember (ie never answering anything about the state she's in, where money comes from, Erika phonecall, why she encourages other ED girls' bad habits…)

No. 87499

oh yeah, and nothing about her camming

No. 87500

>inbox seriously bloated

Must be all negative, since we never see her answers.

No. 87501

I don't expect one of course. I'm asking for me, but she'd be answering to leave behind something to explain how it got so bad. I think it'd help others; encourage others to get help if they see themselves going down that path. It'd also give some closure to those who will miss her when she inevitably dies. And before anyone responds saying no one will miss her - when someone dies especially due to illness it's always sad. Someone will always miss that person. Someone will always lose sleep at night wondering if they could have done anything different.

No. 87503

She can afford whole foods bc coupons lmao. Ok Ashley. Ok delusional shitlord.

No. 87504


It'd be good to think she'd bother to make a video like that to be played after her death, but from what we know of Ashley…she doesn't care about anyone. I'd like to be proved wrong, though.

No. 87506

How expensive is Whole Foods? The only place in the UK I can think of that might be similar prices are organic food shops and Holland & Barrett and they're hella expensive.

No. 87507

Wait, I went to Whole Foods Market online. Same place? I'm checking out the prices at stores actially in the UK (in the south).

No. 87508

Yeah. It's called whole food market. And it's over priced organic food.

No. 87509

Quite expensive. Their whole thing is organic healthier foods and the markup is much higher a regular grocery store chain. A lot of celebrities shop there.

No. 87510


She won't do it, but I'm enjoying Periscope. People can type questions live on-screen for her to answer. (and award hearts, she'd like the hearts ffs)

Who fucking cares what her favorite Pokemon movie is? That's such a kid's question. What's your favorite color? What's your favorite number?


I want truth and insight, not more bullshit.

I saw a photo of a huge group of Attack on Titan cosplayers at a convention this morning. Must have been a dozen of them or something all dressed up as a group. It really struck me the kind of self-delusion that goes on in Ashley's mind. It takes a lot of strength and energy to put together a costume. It takes more of the same to go out to a con (even in street clothes, all that walking is an ass-kicker)

I want to know how in the hell she thinks she will ever do anything if step one isn't getting physically stronger.

I want to know if she even could eat if she wanted to at this point.

What's the goddamn game plan here, Ashley? Real talk. 100%

No. 87511

they don't have oreos and that's why i avoid that place

No. 87513


I shop at Whole Foods ('cause I got an education and a job and stuff) and it's expensive.

There's usually a reason it's expensive, it's not meaninglessly expensive, but if you're cash-strapped, on a budget, or flirting with the poverty line, you have no business going there, coupons or no.

No. 87514

The only prices I can see are sale items and I can't imagine Ashley would be interested in cuts of meat or tomatoes. I'm not finding any coupons available either so she probably gets CENTS off items if she uses them.

No. 87516


They don't distribute coupons, but they have a flyer in-store with coupons. You can never plan around those things though, because you don't know what the coupons will be until you actually go.

And out of the whole flyer, maybe like one thing you use will have a coupon. Maybe.

No. 87521

No. 87522

I can't believe a real person typed this with their own two hands

No. 87523


Possibly the expensive cosmetics anon who thinks we're all idle scroungers.

No. 87524

File: 1429813531632.gif (2.67 MB, 441x300, f3f.gif)

Nigger do you even live in the real world???

No. 87529

I can understand why organic produce could be/sometimes is more expensive than mass produced - the vegetables, etc. and free range meat. Health bars/snacks are expensive in most places though, which is what I don't understand. It's not like they're niche brands or there's extra effort taken to make them.

No. 87532

File: 1429813962781.jpg (43.82 KB, 651x471, ss.JPG)

Ashley backpedals with all the strength in her bones to show she isn't racist by interacting with "black twitter".

No. 87533

File: 1429814030776.jpg (17.32 KB, 626x97, ss.JPG)

Bitch, please.

No. 87534

File: 1429814201375.jpg (125.81 KB, 720x576, blog_skeletor_throne_04.jpg)

How the fuck is skeletor inspiring?

No. 87535

I can understand why organic produce could be/sometimes is more expensive than mass produced - the vegetables, etc. and free range meat. Health bars/snacks are expensive in most places though, which is what I don't understand. It's not like they're niche brands or there's extra effort taken to make them.

No. 87536

She inspired me to learn more about human anatomy and learn about the skeleton.

Excuse the double post - either lolcow or my laptop's being a dick.

No. 87537

This is actually true. Since I've been looking at her bones I've been obsessing over skeletons and mummies!

No. 87543

I'm more interested in muscle and bone density. How do muscles get so atrophied and still allow us to move enough? How does the heart pump blood when it's so atrophied? Does cartilege atrophy as well?

No. 87544

OH BUT YOU WON'T ANSWER THE REAL QUESTIONS, YOU'LL JUST BS EVERYONE. Uhhhh. How about giving me the benefit of the doubt lol. Whatever. My issue with YouTube is that you have to have a google account somewhere?? I don't get that. I'm not trying to be a dumbass here, I just can't create an account- that's why I suggested no YouTube, unless someone can be of assistance?? :-|

No. 87545


This. My sister's boyfriend is having some sort of mental breakdown or whatever and he's on the verge of being Baker Acted into a psych hospital (or whatever the proper term is in that state, they aren't in Fla). Ash is so clearly on the edge of death and obviously she leaves the house and whatever. How has no one called the police or something like that? idgi.

No. 87548

She wouldn't even get as far as a treatment facility. At her weight and with her low stats, she'd be put on the intermediate care unit or something of a medical hospital, and she'd probably stay there. Or she might be transferred to some sort of convalescent home situation while they monitored her and waited for her to die.

No. 87552

Whenever people try to help you, you never actually take their advice or do anything productive. Stop wasting everyone's time.

No. 87555

Sure, I can help with setting up a Google account. Why aren't you able to create one?

No. 87556

And plenty of people have given you the benefit of the doubt. You just burn through your second/third/last chances. You've demonstrated you're not going to improve yourself so why bother pretending?

No. 87558

I agree that her dad leaving probably plays a contributing factor to her illness, but I think there's way more than just that. I have a feeling she was severely sexually abused when she was a child, and it probably went on for an extended period of time. Maybe her dad was the perpetrator, even.

No. 87560

you just need an email account with g-mail, then sign into youtube with your email address. ez

No. 87561

Don't get suckered into this. People tried to help her get a bank account, PayPal, Medicaid, food stamps, all kinds of assistance but she's not going to do anything for herself. She literally is incapable which is why she needs to be in a facility with professionals caring for her.

No. 87562

I just don't get why the hell she can't get a Google account. It's literally no different than signing up for Instagram or Tumblr, and she can do both of those things… why not Google?

No. 87565

She's mentally incompetent and very likely has brain damage. She is not fit to take care of herself and can't even do basic tasks. Like how do people not understand this already?

No. 87566

Trying this now! Thank you! And yeah, I've actually followed the advice from a lot of people lol. Some actually still believe I'm a person with feelings gasp

No. 87568

How did your therapy appointment go? Did you talk to your imaginary therapist about how you're going to be totes independent? Have you followed through on a single thing you were hoping to achieve? How do you expect to be independent when you can't figure out simple things and have to ask lolcow for help with life skills? Wake up.

No. 87569

Stop with the bullshit. Your problem is you think you're the only person who has feelings and you only care about how you feel, not how your actions hurt others. You'll never learn if you haven't already. People have given you many chances.

No. 87574

Can't seem to find a 'create an account' option on mobile ffs

No. 87575

plot twist!!!!! what if every one here is A, leaving anonymous comments pretending to be people around the world……………..

No. 87577

You're a condescending, insufferable moron.

Some things are cheaper at WF but a lot of it is needlessly expensive. I mean, are organic potato chips healthier? And do you need to buy organic potatoes since they're grown in the ground?i bought a pound of raw honey (it's def a luxury purchase, but it lasts a fucking long time) at Costco for 14 dollars the same thing costs around 40 at WF.

No. 87578

Forgetting that she already has a YouTube channel…

No. 87582

Someone tweet at her with a screenshot of her black twitter comment

No. 87584

I think that account is from before Google acquired YouTube

No. 87585


LOL, OK. Small companies have no business making and selling stuff if they can't meet the same price points of larger companies who leverage the savings of their buying and producing power.

Mmm hm. Sure.

No. 87587

Look, I shop at WF but I'm not someone who assumes that others dont because they lack a job or an education. That was my problem with your comment

No. 87588

I was planning an Alkaline Trio tattoo like that, less considering it now as it looks very edgy-13-year-old

No. 87589

Her skin can't hold ink

No. 87592

…I didn't even realize it had a skull in the middle. Was it supposed to be scarification or just white ink or what.

No. 87593

It was pink, IIRC

No. 87596

Correct. It was supposed to look scarred

No. 87597

Nope sry. Might have looked pink from the tissue healing

No. 87598

It still looks like it hasn't healed

No. 87622

How the fuck is Whole Foods a small company??

No. 87625

White ink always fades after a few months.

No. 87637

i just saw the choking hazard and lold a little

No. 87646

She knows how to make a youtube account. She managed it with her other youtube account. She's playing dumb for attention again.

No. 87647

Whole Foods is actually great if you have food allergies. I'm lactose intolerant and stuff like ice cream makes me really sick. They sell these really delicious vegan chocolate cake and I don't have to worry about cramping and running to the bathroom for 4+ hours. I'm also allergic to eggs so I don't have to worry about the cake giving me a reaction.

No. 87648

Ok, didn't see post above. Forget that comment.

No. 87652

Really, fuck off. Why should we help you get any cash from flaunting yourself on youtube. (Fortunately not in the same you flaunted it on stickam). Ask your friends.

No. 87655

Yeah…why is she coming here and asking us to help? Unless this


No. 87657


I can definitely see this going on here.

No. 87658


I def. think she's manipulating the posters here. She may not be aware that she's using these techniques, but people with BPD tend to be master manipulators.

No. 87661

Alright- NUMBER ONE: I obviously made my first YouTube account YEARS AND YEARS AGO when a google account of any kind wasn't mandatory. Aaaand NUMBER TWO: thanks- I already made a new account, so tata ~

No. 87669

You have a feeling? Jesus Christ that is one fucking huge accusation/theory with absolutely no validity to it unless you actually know facts. You can't just throw shit like that out there unless you have some hard evidence.

No. 87672

Ashley. Go away. No one gives a shit about you. At least I don't.

No. 87676

then why post about her? dipshit. obviously you care

No. 87677

what? how is this an accusation? why is it so crazy to assume? people torture themselves less over more serious things than that.

No. 87678

I care when she's doing poorly. That's why I stay on this forum.

No. 87680


No. 87682

We will obviously never know the root of her disorder, but it's kind of fucked up you assumed something so devastating and detailed having not knowing her on a personal level.

No. 87683


You'll be back.

No. 87684

Have you… seen her? What the fuck else could allow a human being to do this to themselves?

No. 87685

Again, fuck off.

No. 87687

well I for one am looking forward to the Q&A. these fuckers are being assholes because theyre just "supposed" to be because "lawl dis is lolcow dont b nice to the lolcows"

No. 87689

She's not going to answer anything of substance. It's just to put on a show for her 13 year old die hards.

No. 87692

File: 1429830520891.jpg (8.64 KB, 198x255, images.jpg)

No. 87695

…and to showcase her shop (snicker)

No. 87696

fuck ash's personality is so obnoxious. i think even when you take away her ED she's still gonna be a piece of shit

No. 87697

howd you get this photo of me
more footage of her skeletal self and we can talk about how much her condition has deteriorated then?

No. 87701

THAT'S the word. The one word that sums her up. OBNOXIOUS. If there was one word to describe her, there it is.

No. 87706

Not only molestation. Just because it IS a beyond disgusting thing, things less than that can make a person go to shit. The Ashley-a-like I know was molested by her father and…other body issue things lead to her disorder, but another friend put it down to having problems with the fact she was adopted as a baby.

No. 87708

Ignorant. That's the word I use for her.

No. 87710

Obnoxious. Ignorant. Arrogant.

No. 87716

find something to smile about today :emoji:

someone should download any video she makes, upload it elsewhere and we watch it there so she doesn't profit.

No. 87720

Yes, thank you anon for pointing this out. Whether Ashley is consciously doing this or not, she's definitely manipulating people by doing exactly what you linked to.

This is how she fools other people, too. She acts vulnerable and fragile, which triggers a nurturing instinct in a lot of people. You see her as this weak child and feel compelled to help her even though it's all part of her game.

Most of the anons here are functioning, apparently clever people and still fell for it. This is some advanced level BPD manipulation.

No. 87721


Download and send to APS. Or at least the links to the videos.

No. 87722

She acts vulnerable and fragile but she's a hard bitch. Never forget that.

No. 87723


Yeah, I posted that link. I've been in treatment a lot (now completely free and living life. It's possible) and that was how they got the staff to do what they wanted. The sickest ones were especially convincing. Seen that shit before, yo.

No. 87727

And before someone WKs her, she's had tons of people try to help her. Gia talked about it after shit went down with her and Ashley. Plus people have sent her tons of anons. And besides, she has google.

No. 87729

Good to hear you're doing well. It's an education spending time in any kind of mental health unit. Observing the patients and the staff. I haven't been an inpatient (non ED) for a long time, but I'm going to write down all I remember. That post (not Ashley) inspired me. There weren't any ED patients on the ward at the time. Mostly schizophrenics, depressives of all kinds (one was called Joy which I always found amusing), lots coming off drugs/alcohol. Sometimes young teens watch things like - that film with Angelina Jolie(?) and think it's a bit cool to be on a psychiatric unit when in reality it's just…not. You learn tricks in there to deceive. All kinds of shit. >>87723

No. 87731

I still stick to my belief that underneath her illness she's an unpleasant cow. Some things can be blamed on it, but malicious phone calls - nah.

No. 87734


It just pisses me off to no end when she says her situation is "different." No, Ashley, there are hundreds of people as sick as you are in hospitals around the world. And there are many people who were as sick as you who've recovered. She's not special for her eating disorder; in trying to deviate from the norm by being thin, she's become very mundane in world of psychiatry. Getting better is about being motivated, taking responsibility for your shit without making excuses. She just doesn't want to grow up and looking the way she does is a good way to get pity and care. Pity and care are not a proxy for friendship and love. There are plenty of women in their 30s who spent their 20s in Ashley's condition and they have walkers and organ failure.

No. 87735


Right there is the truth.

Sadly, she comes here, reads all this and the only thing she takes from it all is starting to make jewellery and starting a youtube channel.

She'll stay the way she is until she dies.

No. 87743

Yeah. She will. It's been over 10 years since she was medically diagnosed, she's well on her way out.

No. 87754

I have a question for your Youtube, Ashley. What kind of therapy are you getting, and what are they targeting?

No. 87757

Fuck. Don't mention Target ;)

No. 87758

God. Ashley pisses me off to no end. How dare you say to give you the benefit of the doubt, you prey on people's weaknesses for your own advantage. You constantly lie, cheat, and steal from people who do give you the benefit of the doubt. Then you come here trying to get advice and talk to us? What is wrong with you? Really? Other than the obvious. Just get the fuck out of here already. There is no point in coming here telling us about all the lies you supposedly plan to do. Seriously. There is no need to inform us, if you want to do it then fucking do it.

No. 87765

No. 87769

I have to agree that Ashley is a manipulator. I mean, why the hell would she ask lolcow for help when we're just a bunch of mean ol cyberbullies? And then she just prances away and pretends that she totally doesn't read this theead. She's a manipulative, lying, obnoxious cunt who pretends she cant do things because of her ~disorder.~

I won't care when she dies. She's a rotten person, inside and out.

No. 87803

While unlikely in this case, it is possible that she doesn't realize she's manipulating people; I don't think that borderlines always manipulate people consciously. They're not known for their insight…

No. 87804

Though I also suspect that she'd have a rotten personality even if she was mentally healthy.

No. 87805

I wonder if theforestcat dropped her after she found out about who made that phone call.

No. 87806


Would explain the lack of real-life friends. Don't we all have friends we don't especially like but maybe feel sorry for? Or friends who still live in our hometowns that we at least visit when we come home for holidays? She doesn't seem to have any of those.

No. 87814

those accounts are still usable though

No. 87827

i'm borderline and while I understand my actions can be unintentionally manipulative, I have the ability to recognize when I'm being a really shitty fucking person and I try to make up for it.

Tbh BPD isn't an excuse for being an asshole.

No. 87828

Being hangry as fuck on top of being borderline would be hard to deal with. Constant low blood sugar can make anyone act out.

No. 87830

yeah, i guess so. i suppose i must be projecting. i just see myself in ash sometimes (i have tremendous social anxiety, bpd, isolate myself, ect.) and i think that she needs to recognize that her mental illnesses are not excuses.
like idk but you can't just treat people like shit your whole life and then claim 'muh illness' the real world just doesn't work like that.

No. 87849

I know what you mean. :/

No. 87855

Nope, theforestcat is still firmly implanted in Ashley's anal cavity.
(She just changed her username slightly.)

No. 87858

File: 1429857813263.jpg (1.76 MB, 2118x3354, 2spooky.jpg)

ash u so hot u give me boner, id bone u so hard u so hard you gonna make bone xylophone sounds
seal my doom tonite if you know what i mean ;))))

No. 87863

File: 1429858410004.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1421555262752.png)

No. 87884


Holy bulimia cheeks, Batman!

No. 87889

Anorexia has both genetic and ENVIRONMENTAL triggers. Yes, there are tons of wannarexics, but there are also tons that are genuinely anorexic and wouldn't be if it wasn't for social media.

Social media allows more competition. Who's the skinniest, who's got the most fans, who's best at convincing people that they're not anorexic?

Social media enables more attention seeking behavior. You can easily get hundreds of people telling you that they're jealous of you, that you're so strong, that you're so beautiful.

Social media allows greater control. Post hundreds of pictures of food, and countless people will give you ass pats, telling you that you're so strong and inspirational. Sure, the people around you may know you're full of shit, but your internet fans don't. They'll never see you pass out, they'll never smell your eu de puke, they'll never see you looking fat or flabby. You control how the internet world sees you.

And, most importantly, social media gives vulnerable people a million triggers with just a few taps on a keyboard. Someone with anorexic tendencies can easily look up thinspo and become entrenched in it. It can be that little push they need to go off the deep end.

No. 87919

my thoughts exactly

No. 87947

right. Genetics load the gun, environment pulls the trigger, but i think you missed my point. Those girls i mentioned, and a million more like them, DONT have those genetics. They're just munchausens using the internet to get attention, and sometimes $$ and gifts, like that nancybratt bitch. (which could also be considered malingering bc theres monetary gains in addition to attention).
Sure, theres girls who do have the genetic predisposition and social media "pulled the trigger", but Emily/ember/felice aren't in that group. They have to reply on photoshop to look anorexic, bc they aren't capable of starving themselves the way they would if they were actually anorexic.

No. 87948

"they'll never see you pass out"
girls like emily and ember never will pass out!! because they eat enough, because they're not anorexic. they're naturally thin girls and they use that to their advantage when portraying themselves as fragile sick girls online. They may not have developed munchausens syndrome without social media, but they never have and never will develop anorexia, bc they don't have the genetic predisposition.

No. 87958


i've always wondered if i was the only one who felt this way about felice, emily, etc. additionally i think felice fakes or exaggerates her "alcoholism" for the same type of attention. idk i just look at emily and think "wow you look good for an anorexic person" like way better and healthier than any other anorexic person i've ever seen and we KNOW they photoshop themselves to look WORSE so we know she's not photoshopping herself to look healthy. that's how she looks. thin but healthy.

No. 87973

anorexia and alcoholism is cool to these dicks.

No. 87974

And heroin addiction

No. 87976

Yup. Wasted is so chic.

No. 87978

And Weird Al.

No. 88062

File: 1429904427982.png (36.46 KB, 500x600, 1428852215717.png)

Has Ashley ever been in a relationship? Had a boyfriend? Is she a virgin?

No. 88064

> a million triggers with just a few taps on a keyboard

No. 88071


No. 88072

neckbeard is/was her boyfriend

No. 88089


No. 88092

I might be out of the loop but - was anything posted other than their initial meeting?

Since there was nothing else, I assumed they fell out or something and that was it.

Where did he come from anyway?

No. 88094


She posted a comment on twitter saying sthing like JUST BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT A DICK DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE ONE. We take it that was aimed at neckbeard.

She says on twitter she doesn't love anyone at the moment.

She then said her "bae" was sending her some hentai.

Fuck knows who he is, but he's known her for 7-ish years. Probably an anorexia fetishist. Definitely some kind of pervert.

No. 88098

He's from Canadia.

No. 88117

Definitely an anon who obsessed over her when she was camwhoring on /b/. I wonder how it feels to watch your waifu whither away into nothing.

Fucked up shit, man.

No. 88118

He'll be getting off to it. Any other ham-chan fan would've forgotten her when she stopped camming. Maybe he encouraged her.

No. 88119

File: 1429915646611.gif (443.37 KB, 499x383, tumblr_m21191KyBq1qb5tu1o1_500…)

If she had such a fucked up childhood, why is she forever posting 90s crap on her tumblr. Like the 1990s were good timez.

No. 88120

File: 1429915684154.jpg (29.64 KB, 489x291, gtfo.JPG)

No. 88131

Anyone familiar with Histronic personality disorder and its mnemonic "PRAISE ME"?

Provocative (or seductive) behavior (camgirl!)
Relationships are considered more intimate than they actually are (E and Gina)
Influenced easily
Speech (style) wants to impress; lacks detail
Emotional lability; shallowness
Make-up; physical appearance is used to draw attention to self
Exaggerated emotions; theatrical

This fits her to a "T"

No. 88149

>(E and Gina)

don't forget Starbuck's girl Tiffany who she thought she'd "scored" with.

No. 88160

And her friend Jackie.

No. 88167

Jackie still idolizes her

No. 88175

Who is Jackie?

No. 88202

Yeah, but she's a mental as well.

No. 88206

Another ED chick.

No. 88229

Also, the girl whose house she went to in those social cam videos.

No. 88231

~~because she doesn't want to grow up~~

No. 88237


I think it makes sense. She was probably a tv junkie as a kid.

No. 88262

lolll read that as candida

No. 88380

i had a fucked up childhood and i'm still interested in all of the video games and tv shows i watched when i was younger because they represented the only "safe" and "happy" thing for me when shit was really bad growing up. not trying to be all "Wah wah" poor me, just wanted to offer a perspective?