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File: 1598874626876.png (732.26 KB, 677x921, 1598464510731.png)

No. 1031322

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from a terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She is now living back at home with her parents and has a job and a car, but continues all her usual crazy and continues putting all her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers.

She has tried to start up her Youtube channel again, but doesn’t seem to have any consistent plans despite claiming otherwise. Keeps coming and leaving YouTube ad nauseam.

Other characters (because the “Ryans” can get confusing)
>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.
>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfriend’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.
>Ryan 6: Chase. Dated for like 2 weeks LDR and were supposed to meet IRL but he changed his mind after he realised she’s batshit.
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedestal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Finally admitted to living with her mom. Says her family didn’t accept her dark aesthetic so she adopted the pastel aesthetic to be accepted by them.

Last thread:
>Was in a short term LDR with Chase, who eventually ghosted her. Had a mental breakdown about it on her stories. Immediately afterwards she went on a date with a mystery guy and she was already acting like they were together. After that he was never seen again.
>Was friends with a guy called Steve who apparently kept harassing her for sex but she stayed friends with him and only publicly called him out after he was done with her shit and fucked her friend
>Heather has been having a hard time meeting spooky boys and she blames it on her being so different, not the fact that she’s mentally ill or that there’s currently a pandemic
>Lack of spooky boys leads to her mental illness spiralling down and more instagram rants/breakdowns
>Deleted dating apps because her spirit guides told her to, but immediately downloaded them again to not miss out on any male attention
>Photography is her passion but she still fails to know basic photography
>Still calling Ryan Z the love of her life and posted pictures he took of her when they were dating because she’s totally not crazy
>She acts surprised that she has no friends when she alienates every friend she’s ever had
>Said she was going to leave instagram but she never did because she thrives on attention and validation from her followers
>Had a crying sessions and got comforted by evil mom
>She continues to post hundreds of instagram stories daily
>Keeps telling inconsistent stories to show everyone she’s such a victim
>Keeps trying to dabble into modelling when she looks deranged in all of her modelling pictures
>Continues to say how she doesn’t care about her haters while constantly validating everything she does to the haters

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heather_explores
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FreyaBunny19

No. 1031327

File: 1598875583783.jpeg (9.84 MB, 3464x3464, 9AF8F943-6DB3-4F5B-A241-E38829…)

Saged since it was already posted, but this gem deserves a spot here as well.

No. 1031347

I just seriously wonder who all these "haters" are. She is so paranoid. I honestly feel bad for her. She's got something so seriously off. Doesn't she realize how boring and crazy she sounds when she constantly talks and cries over her haters, abusers, and lack of a spooky boy? And it bothers me to no end that a 30 year old woman refers to grown men as boys. She is just so mentally stunted and stuck in her teenage years. She really needs some help.

No. 1031399

She needs help. I've been going back and reading her old threads, and she's been in this loop for years. Always talking about how people want to erase her. People hate her because she wears black. No one understands her because she's too different. Heather lives in groundhogs day, it's very sad

No. 1031430

I think it’s us? Which is funny because while we’re harsh, lately I see more comments genuinely concerned for her. If she took what her ‘haters’ said to heart, without question her life would be better and she would be happier, but that would involve reflection and growth and heather’s really not about that.

No. 1031450

If it's us she is overblowing it. Lolcow is a piece of it surely, but no one here is directly telling her anything. Do we know if she reads her threads?

No. 1031453

She 100% reads these threads without a doubt. She’s made so many direct and indirect references to posts.

No. 1031469

She's mentioned in the past how Adam would tell her what was being posted on the "hateboards." This seems plausible since Adam and his friends and/or current GF have posted here.
But that was more than a year ago. So any reading that she does is all on her.

I wonder if she understands just how many lolcow threads there are. And that it's not some weird vendetta aimed just at her.

No. 1031502

She's mentioned having other people read here for her but she has no friends and I doubt she gets her mother/sister to read lolcow for her. On the other hand, she wanted a moderator for her youtube comments because she couldn't handle seeing a single negative comment. Either way, most people here make fun of how desperate she is for male attention and her constant oversharing, not the way she dresses or that she likes photography and urbex.

No. 1031554

Yeah. I found her channel after she changed her image. I actually like dark fashion and urbex, and am not really into vintage toys.

The problem is Heather. Her personality is what turns people away.

No. 1031562

I've been following her since the doll days, and even when she changed to urbex, it didn't bother me. People change, and I found the urbex and dark fashion cool too. There is more to what is going on with Heather. I'm of course not trying to diagnose her, and please no one take offense to this, but I wonder if she is bipolar. She has this spurts of excitement mixed with serious down time, and the paranoia is so real. I mean if that whole thing with her being in the fetal position crying and begging her mom not to let them take her away is real, its actually heartbreaking and worrisome. I just feel Heather would feel so much better and happier if she got the right professional help.

No. 1031585

I think a lot of anons are genuinely concerned for her

No. 1031640

File: 1598928876196.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, F4244ED3-C145-4AF2-A61B-3534FB…)

Heather Rants:

- “I have officially given up….” on finding a spoopy boyfriend.
- Says she’s been on the dating apps for many months, took a “little hiatus” (less than a week) hoping he’d show up without her looking for him, but that didn’t work.
- Back on them again and spent hours after work just swiping without finding anyone.
- “Did I have my shot at love a few years ago and fuck it up? Is that the only relationship I’m ever going to be in? Is that who my soul mate was and now that it?” (It’s about Ryan Z. again, who she literally hung out with for three weeks before she got “dumped”).
- Wants someone who “has the same values” as her, who is “a hopeless romantic” and “actually wants her back.”
- Says that not finding anyone makes her feel like “there’s something wrong” with her; but “it’s not that there’s something wrong with me; I’m just a unique kind of person.”
- “I have so much love to give someone and want to give it to them…”
- “I’ve kind of accepted that I need to accept that I’m going to be alone…”
- All she wants is a cute boy sitting in her passenger seat! She’ll drive him and take care of him.
- “When’s it going to be my turn????What the fuck is the universe doing????”
- Lives Pittsburgh but there’s no spoopy dick here and she fears she’ll have to move far away to find it.
- “I’m just looking for someone who has the same values as me. Someone who’s not going to be smoking weed and playing video games al day. Someone who actually values adventure and experiences. Someone who can accept me as I am…”
- “Someone who doesn’t mind if it take a million pictures of them because i LOVE them so much.”
- “I’m calling it quits on trying to find love because it’s just not meant for me.”

No. 1031647

How can she not see that these rants accomplish nothing but a) scaring the bejeezus out of any reasonably intelligent and sane male who might seem them and b) painting a bigass Easy Target For Fuckboys sign on her crazy forehead

No. 1031651


OMG the shit with her never changes, I quit visiting a couple of months ago because i was sick and tired of his melodramitic bullshit. I check back and find there are 3 MORE pages and I read up and its the same shit new day.

No. 1031652

LOL I meant "Her" Not his. I hate this site through a phone browser but my computer is broken atm

No. 1031657

The reason she can't find someone is because she is looking for a clone of Ryan Z. If they dated a month or two in 2018 why is she so hung up about this guy?

No. 1031675

I don't get why she's so hung up on him either when all she was to him was a rebound. How does she not get that? He threw an L bomb early because she's an easy lay.

No. 1031684

File: 1598937688381.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 765F5E25-F5BB-4723-97B8-861364…)

No. 1031693

File: 1598938879112.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, A47FEFB8-81A3-4D28-A3B2-A040D9…)

- still taking about Ryan Z. and how her guides have given her so many signs to show that she needs to move on.
- Says she’s going to move on but then moans about being alone.
- Says the haters dismissing her as someone with a personality disorder “don’t get it”; ie they don’t get what she’s all about, her traumas, trials, etc.
- Every year she becomes a better and better version of herself and it’s all preparing her for her bright future and the one she can really give her heart too.
- Says she “talked to the moon tonight” about her problems.
- Says that a user told her that her focusing on the lunar energies is what holds her back and that she needs to focus more on the solar energies and meditation.
- Heather says that she doesn’t feel alive in the sun and feels “bleh.”
- She’s clearly half asleep at this point and rambles and makes little sense.
- Says she’s not a sunny girl and would rather enjoy a sunset and moon to feel alive.
- “You can compare moonlight to me. I feel like moonlight is a softer kind of darkness, and I’m a gentle sort of darkness.”
- Says that when she talks to the moon and asks for things it always ends up in disaster.
- Heather to the moon: “hey look I’m ready for this (love). You’re testing me; but I want you to know that I’m ready. I’m healed enough and I think I’m ready for that new love in my life OR of you want to bring an old love back I’m ready for that too.”
- Plans to connect with the solar energies tomorrow to improve her chances of finding a spoopy boy.
- “I’m really sleepy cause that’s what working full time does to you…”
- rambles about the signs being there and to trust that process and hat if she’s alone it’s probably for a good reason. But she wants a cute boy still.

No. 1031774

>is literally begging the moon to bring back Ryan Z

No. 1031784

>- Heather says that she doesn’t feel alive in the sun and feels “bleh.”
How goth of her. This is proof she was goth when she was 17.

No. 1031840

Some of this brings be back to my teenage years and I’m cringing.
She never mentally grew up. She was mentally stunted at 16 and is now 30.

There’s gonna be another 20 (or more) threads of all this same shit by the time she’s 40. I’m ready for a good decade of the same Heather drama!

No. 1031980

File: 1598992210896.jpg (118.27 KB, 650x1425, 1598955514073.jpg)

Saw this comic and thought about Heather and how "creative" she is

No. 1031986

File: 1598993264023.png (1.3 MB, 912x1536, moms.png)

Heather is filming a video in her "home studio" meaning her small bedroom in her mother's house.

No. 1031991

File: 1598994259671.png (1002 KB, 750x1334, 405F562A-0DD1-4E57-91E0-4252A5…)

According to Heather this picture with the silhouette broken heart represents Ryan Z. breaking her heart and she still loving him regardless and waiting for him.

Says she’d consider getting this tattooed on her.

No. 1031992

She looks High as fuck in that image. Yo Heather can I have some of what ever you are on….damn

No. 1032040

wait, WHUT. Getting your SO’s name tattooed is bad enough…getting a tattoo symbolizing your ‘ex’ on purpose is fuckin bananas. If someone I didn’t have feelings for got a tattoo to remind themselves of me I’d be rightly wigged the fuck out holy shit

No. 1032096

It'll be a nice red flag for any other potential Ryans.

You know, in case they miss all the other red flags.

>and this is my sleeve of exes.

No. 1032124

Poor oblivious Ryan Z. Living in his Heather Free bubble not knowing how much she talks about him. Does anyone know if she went to his work on a tour before they started "dating"? or what that timeline was off the top of your heads.

Now that Heather is working "full time" she has added "rare day off" back into her vocabulary.

She is annoyed that she took a day off from working her side hustle today. Heather. It's okay to take a day off. No matter what Gary Vee says you don't need to be working every waking moment.

No. 1032170

File: 1599018188859.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 33D16D6F-E0ED-4688-AEA1-AF3929…)

Moaning about not doing anything productive on her “rare day off” on account of her period. Says it was a waste of a day, and that she feels like a failure. Contemplated filming a video on her gear but then said it was fine that she “accept defeat” this one time and focus on her.

Also moans about not being able to film anything else for the channel because she’ll be busy with her “full time job” and then thebinvesyigation she’ll be a part of on Gettysburg. Apparently she won’t be able to fillm the investigation because it’s going on anotber YouTube channel. Sounded disappointed about it. She was banking on getting interesting content out of Gettysburg but has tk find something else to film.

No. 1032244

Speaking of rare days off. She vlogged one.

No. 1032246

At first I read "Heather explains day off" lmao rip

No. 1032276

Heather's adventures:

>going to best buy to buy a gorilla pod.

>bragging about driving way better than 6 months ago because she "understands how to use her GPS and how the lanes work."
>whenever I park my car at my destination I tell myself : Heather, I'm proud of you!
> raves about how great the gorilla pod is because it comes with a phone mount that will fit her phone.
>complains that she doesn't like the phone mount because she's afraid it will break her phone, which she had to take out of it's case.
> shows a brief shot of Andy Warhols grave but decides to make a separate video about it and return to the same old cemetery she always films in
> talks about how much she loves this cemetery, again.
> freaked out because she saw a police car. Was thinking of an excuse as to why she had all this filming equipment on her. It turned out to be a geiko agent.
> documents graves so they won't be lost to history. Apparently we need Heather for this, rather than just the markers themselves. Walks over a bunch of graves.
>gets excited about a moth, but the moth leaves.

No. 1032280

File: 1599050796068.jpg (245.59 KB, 1080x1510, 20200902_144717.jpg)

No. 1032721

File: 1599105541054.jpg (105.8 KB, 1242x2208, 118715745_608585260048228_8470…)

I think by extreme lifestyle she means crying on Instagram every other day.

No. 1032778

> freaked out because she saw a police car.
yeah heather i'm sure you'd be in so much trouble for taking photos in a cemetery…

No. 1032868

‘dating me is hard because I’m so cool’ heather thinks to herself as she drives from her extreme mom’s house in her extreme car to her extreme job at target

No. 1032883


I think she misses bragging about the legal danger of urbexing. You can tell she liked feeling like a badass, even if she didn't come off like one and was scared of every little thing. She wishes cemetery photography was illegal and rebellious, but Heather, that's why you do it so much - it's 100% safe and legal.

No. 1032919

Heather continues to approach men as accessories to accompany her rather than thinking feeling humans with their own lives and interests.

No. 1033074

Just found out today that Jodi Arias was a waitress but felt that photography was her passion. Just saying.

No. 1033127

kek "extreme lifestyle" cracked me up

No. 1033721

File: 1599258892882.jpg (273.17 KB, 1242x2208, 118773383_913666409124374_3107…)

Heather demonstrating proper masking techniques. She is also excited about a mediocre hotel room.

No. 1033765

File: 1599263293911.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 7BEA8296-70A4-490F-8091-210118…)

Or walking around without one at all. She’s an idiot.

No. 1033923

Way to go heather. Wouldn't want to cover up that snoz just because there's a pandemic.

No. 1033949

File: 1599313824446.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 5B0479AD-6437-4180-8D2D-DBAF98…)

Trying to entice the spoopy boys.

- also she rested about how there is so much noise (honking and yelling) there because of some trump demonstrations, and how they ruined her graveyard run and could blog because of it.

- regretsbstauong for the next two days because she says it’ll get worse for Labor Day with tourists coming in.

-Didn’t bring coins to park in the street and she’s not to confident about parking on the street anyway.

- convinced that her room is haunted because she can feel a chill in the shower and figured thatbsince it was noisy outside already she could investigate by pulling out her noisy spirit box.

-mentions how she’s an empath and that being in that historical cemetery was very emotional for her.

- showed image of goingbwith ber friends to a gas station to pick up food for their investigations later. She was actually wearing her mask correctly this time.

No. 1033970

File: 1599319445933.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 1CC431F7-BA33-4318-A75E-67E1A6…)

Visited the Jenny Wade house. There’s an urban legend that says if you slip your ring finger into the bullet hole that killed Jenny you’ll be married in six months. So of course desperate Heather had to do it, despite saying she will never marry or be shackled by a man ever again.

No. 1033991

sage because this is just an observation but this girl does not stop talking

No. 1034375

File: 1599406381688.jpeg (408.6 KB, 750x1104, D7D836B5-5715-4D68-B36E-F1F528…)

Still pinning for Ryan Z.

No. 1034376

File: 1599406406375.jpeg (513.27 KB, 750x927, DE24DE54-668A-468E-B221-7AE662…)

No. 1034380

Worst drag queen ever.

No. 1034384

A Victorian lady would never take a tintype with exposed roots.

No. 1034504

Gasstation Belle Gunness.

No. 1034647

File: 1599443290617.jpg (584.08 KB, 1080x1475, 20200907_034851.jpg)

No. 1034650

Heather was saying that she doesn't do the touristy things. She is too UnIqUe aNd SpEcIaL.

No. 1034769

It’s so fucking rude how, not on disrespectful she is to the dead, but also the living. The fact that she kept making fun of other people who were in Gettysburg “trying to ghost hunt” as if she’s some kind of pro. Calm down Zack Bagans. You’re scared of a basement. Also, if she knew anything about the history of the places she stomps around, she would know that Sach’s bridge has a lot of history and quite a few paranormal legends. It was a very successful investigation for my group a few years back. (Sorry for going slightly off topic). The fact that she says she doesn’t want to do ‘touristy stuff’ why being such an obvious tourist cracks me up.

No. 1034771

As if anyone would every confuse that tintype for an original. That horsey mug of hers gives it away. She’s definitely not suited for this look whatsoever try as she may.

No. 1034795


I thought she originally just photoshopped her face onto an old portrait. That’s how much her face doesn’t match this entire photo.

No. 1035056

She has a big ass head but she still lacks common sense very unfortunate. You can't be horse faced, illogical and a level 5 clinger who wants a piece of your dates hair for your locket as well. She is gonna have a rough time of it until 10 years later when she figures out she is doing things wrong or settles for a lower tier male.

No. 1035134

The various Ryans have been pretty low-tier, though?

No. 1035136

File: 1599525226511.png (1.04 MB, 750x1104, #abuse.png)


haunted by Adam's ghost kek

No. 1035206

She needs to go lower maybe she should try an Adam lol

No. 1035212

File: 1599544934240.jpeg (149.3 KB, 698x950, AD533E9A-F9E2-40BC-B317-22715B…)

Do we know if she’s dated this Ryan yet? I don’t recognize him.

No. 1035215

No, he is not a future Ryan. He is with his other half Amy of Full Dark.

No. 1035330

that sounds weirdly sentimental…ryan?

No. 1035378

A potential Ryan being in a relationship already has never stopped Heather from openly lusting for him in the past.

No. 1035405

Agreed. Remember when she was trying to turn that grimharlequin into a Ryan? He was married.

No. 1035425

Someone brought up Jodie Arias… sorry I don’t know how to link back to posts. But you hit the nail on the head. I have been thinking this girl is getting more and more obsessive and unstable by the minute. I have always said she was an episode of Snapped waiting to happen. Someone else said they thought she was bipolar, but she has always leaned more BPD to me…Borderline Personality disorder. It would explain the black and white thinking and the roller coaster emotions that change at the drop of a hat. Also explains the paranoia, irrational thinking, abandonment/attachment issues, identity issues, disconnect from people while attaching to inanimate objects, zero self-accountability-everyone else is to blame, obsessive behavior, attention seeking, narcissism, the pathological lying and manipulation and so much more. She really really REALLY needs therapy because I think we are heading into the danger zone. She is reverting back further to childlike tendencies and her previous obsessions about a boy she only dated for less than two months. If she doesn’t get help…she will be a Jodie Arias. She will be on an episode of Snapped.

No. 1035653

Another rant about her “extreme” lifestyle. Poor woman seriously doesn’t understand that men find adventurous women extremely attractive.. and that it really is her clinginess that puts them off.

No. 1035678

File: 1599613061893.png (772.39 KB, 750x1334, 962FC7F9-A799-4D4E-A9EB-B0A104…)

- wallowing about being single and not being able to get a date off of he apps.
- Normal guys don’t understand her or her style. They see her and think she’s satanic.
- Says her lifestyle is very “extreme.”
- She doesn’t accept that she’ll always be alone and she’s sure as hell won’t change her style, hobbies for anyone.
- Everyone she sees a flannel shirt and boots she wishes there was a boy to put them on.
- Everyone on the apps “just wants to watch the fucking Office, smoke weed, and drink beer.”
- “I can’t explain ‘me’” but wants someone “that just gets ‘me’”
- Moans about bot meeting anyone at Gettysburg.
- She’s in all the dating apps and still hasn’t score a spoopy boy.
- “One of the cons of dating me is that we’re going to have to take a million selfies because I love you so much and I’m just going to want to take your picture all the time.”
- “What he fuck is wrong with me! I don’t want to have to change. I don’t!
- “Nice boys don’t like me. That’s the plain ducking truth.”
- Thinks she’ll have to move from Pittsburgh just to increase the likelihood of meeting a spoopy boy.

No. 1035684

I dress goth and get approached by guys all the time. The fact shes saying they label her satanic is probably because of how she comes off. Shes not special. Tons of people dress in alternative clothing and makeup. She's just legit psycho and blames everyone else instead of realizing she needs to change her behavior. Your personality attracts the same types. You get used by fuck boys and crazies look in the damn mirror. Jesus this simpleton legit needs a good pop on the head so her pug eyes can get refocused and see the greater picture of that she's the villian in her story not everyone else

No. 1035686

>Says her lifestyle is very “extreme.”
heather, you're just a horse girl

No. 1035689

File: 1599614598839.png (Spoiler Image, 107.16 KB, 300x250, HeatherKillStar.png)

No. 1035690

kek. I’m dead, anon.

No. 1035697

So that's what she does on her "RARE" days's off!

No. 1035730

I bet she does it with those dead eyes

No. 1035765

File: 1599626962093.jpg (713.27 KB, 1079x1748, Screenshot_20200909-004603_Ins…)

Heather is now a spider whisper.

*Heather sees a daddy long legs in target and wants to save it from someone smashing it.

*coworker gets grossed out by heather picking up daddy long legs

* heather brings daddy long legs to a dumpster so it won't be smashed

No. 1035791

I wonder how long till the spiders and the moon talk to her and tell her to get naked in the target parking lot and smear feces all over herself to call upon her destined Ryan. She really is starting to sound like she legitimately believes the earth will just put big red arrows to lead her to her one chosen Ryan who will just tolerate her insufferable personality. Also it seems like she is going to go out of her way to lose friends and acquaintances with her super quirky "i'm super special and unique" personality sooner or later.

No. 1035869

heather single rant


>a guy jokingly told her she dresses satanic and she got offended

>good guys don't like her (probably because they can tell she's crazy af)
>go to the same two cemeteries is so extreme
>calls herself a travelling photographer even though she does no travelling

No. 1036015

my god ive never seen a grown women so dependent on dick, its embarrassing

No. 1036046

It's not even so much dick as the idea of dick.

No. 1036168

thank you for the upload dropbox anon

"im sure af not gonna change
im not gonna change my hobbies
im not gonna change my interests
im not gonna change how I dress"

uhh lmao ok heather

No. 1036303

File: 1599731606371.jpg (673.79 KB, 3264x1984, h2.jpg)

No. 1036398

D. I cry on Instagram and then lament about my wasted rare days off

No. 1036535

File: 1599774769039.png (961.91 KB, 750x1334, 48E64E85-8F3F-4435-84EE-2B1961…)

Even the ghosts are tired of her shit.

No. 1036605

File: 1599784411372.png (493.38 KB, 398x712, Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 6.24…)

insert here Ryan #356

No. 1036703

File: 1599798523070.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 18C5701E-00E0-401A-83A6-6CD688…)

Post work out rant

- doesn’t understand why there’s no boyfriend in her life. Says she takes care of herself, has a lot to offer a boy. But no ones biting.
- At the same time it’s fine because she has a lot going for her right now.
- “The next person that comes into my life better accept the fact that I’m not their bitch. I have my own ideas, dreams and goals, and not all of them involve you.”
- “when I fall in love with someone I build my life (and identity)around them and give them my all, and what do i get? Nothing but heartache.”
- She’s not going to be someone’s housewife, or have their kids.
- She’s a driven and focused and has a lot she wants to do and prospective Ryans “better be ready to stand in MY shadow. Stand in MY light.”
- “I’m looking for a partner to chase sunsets with together…. ALWAYS together.”
- Yet again realizes “it’s probably not going to happen for me”
- Still clings to the hope that her Ryan is out there.
- Closes with a message to her future Ryan: “I’m still waiting for you. I’m going to find you someday.”

No. 1036705

She is absolutely nuts

No. 1036709

Yup. Definitely going to be on an episode of Snapped. If that latest IG story didn’t scream, Hi-I’m going to murder you if you don’t date me…

Seriously…someone get this girl help before she kills someone. At least this was the best advertisement in the world to all the men in the world to stay the hell away from her. They can spot desperation, crazy, obsessive and future stalker just from that post.

No. 1036711

Not to blog but the fact that I’m close to heather in age just boggles my fucking mind when she starts carrying on about ‘boys’. I cannot imagine being this hung up on a fantasy romance at 30. She’s gotten so weird so fast and she only got divorced what, a year ago?

kek that she pretends she’s fiercely independent as she whines for a husband.

No. 1036717

i think 90% of the reason she can't find her "spooky boy" is because she's SO DESPERATE. People can smell that from a mile away and it's incredibly offputting. I've encountered these kinds of people before when dating and they they're so clingy and put you on a pedestal immediately because they're just desperate for anyone to date. Heather, i know you read here, you need to cut that shit out if you actually want to meet someone. Stop posting daily IG rants about how desperate you are for your twuu wuv and just let it fucking happen like a normal person.

No. 1036735

She reeks of creepy, desperate, psycho at this point, is she really too stupid to realize how off putting these videos are to any even potential Ryans considering the fact she herself most likely goes and looks at most of her past ryan's social media to find out about them.

No. 1036758

Ghosts have given up on "just ignore her and she'll go away."

No. 1036781

This was the creepiest video she ever posted. She makes herself a Ryan Repellent every time she speaks.

No. 1036840

Sage for slightly derailing but this is probably how Heather's dates feel when out with her. https://www.tiktok.com/@fibulaa/video/6869927378781588742

No. 1036857

I think the creepy factor was really helped by her whispering most of it. Think she had to keep her voice down because her mom was asleep in the other room?

No. 1036929

I can’t believe heather hasn’t downloaded randonautica yet so she can set her intent to find a boyfriend.

No. 1036940

She was working out in her moms basement, so there was no need to whisper. She was just being extra.

No. 1037002

File: 1599856509616.png (Spoiler Image, 414.15 KB, 480x862, heather doing what she does be…)

I'm sorry I Couldn't resist….She was asking for it

Image is NSFW

No. 1037033


I don't know how she has the energy to focus on finding her spoopy boy right now. Kim, there are people that are dying

>>I just took some random antibiotics that we have because I'm so desparate

kek that's not how antibiotics work you dumb bitch. First of all you don't know if what you have is viral or bacterial. You also need to take them for their entire cycle and there's a bunch of stipulations you have to follow to guarantee they work. It's been days since she got home from Gettysburg and it seems like she hasn't been working almost at all, ffs why hasn't she seen a doctor yet on one of her rare days off? She's obviously not concerned about catching the virus with all her frivolous travel and shopping, she obviously has time and money to burn; she should just bite the cost and risk going to a walk-in clinic.

No. 1037052

And this is how bacteria become resistant to Antibotics. Jesus Christ Heather

No. 1037054

Mark my words, heather's gonna snap and soon she's gonna claim the moon and spider spirits have gifted her an ethereal "ghost" Ryan because all the real spoopy Ryan's just don't ~get~ her.

No. 1037062

sounds like she may have caught covid but her temperature is low so only time will tell

No. 1037064

There was a cow on kf who did exactly that, I don't remember her name

No. 1037085

we get it, you wanna fuck her

No. 1037115

>boys don't like it when you put effort in.

Yes Heather, that's the problem.

She's sounding increasingly unhinged. If honey "burns like lava" why don't you go see a doctor?

No. 1037197

LOL nope that image begged to have that done to it. I was just following the previous anon

No. 1037242

Not them but it’s crude and unfunny as fuck.

No. 1037269


Agreed. It doesn't add anything to any discussion, and comes off embarrassingly petty and childish, and weirdly angry and vindictive. The last anon didn't get told off for it, but can we not make this a trend, and keep this tasteless shit off this thread?

No. 1037303

Heather is looking for a man! She is seeking a professional to help her find a man by taking her man troubles to instagram. If you want to date her you must
A. Not be goth
B. Be ready to get spooky 24/7
C. Can't be afraid of no ghost
D. Be cool with her cursed objects
E. Must love treasure hunting and antiquing
F. Appreciate the interesting things that Heather likes.
G. Must like history
H. Must understand why Heather likes old places
I. Heather will travel to you for your love
J. Must be a paranormal explorer
K. Do not send random single friends
L. Same mission, interests and values.
M. She didn't add this one but I know she is thinking it. Must be named Ryan.

She is growing her youtube channel to find a man. She is just trying to get laid by a ghost hunter. kek.

No. 1037403

Yes. It's not funny, crude, and vicious. If you see a woman's throat and think that it's just begging to have a cock photoshopped into it, that says more about you than it does about Heather.

No. 1037439

File: 1599911251436.png (126.76 KB, 642x346, anon Insert ryan 356 here snip…)

My final say on this then I'll be on my way… Then explain the comment this Anon made for this post and why they didn't get chastised. You all are being picky as fuck.(stop)

No. 1037494

You guys are being whiney as hell. If she wasn’t so dick driven it wouldn’t be funny but she literally talks about wanting dick 24/7. It’s hilarious. And I’m not even the one who made them.

No. 1037503

She's not even dick-driven. She's Ryan driven. She considers dick an annoying side effect of having a guy.

No. 1037566


Making the joke was funny if a little obvious, repeating the joke makes it a bit less funny each time, and spelling it out with a crude Photoshop in the vein of revenge porn really takes the humor out completely. It's too much. It's not funny and reminds me of something an angry bitter 16 year old would do or find funny before they understand how the world works. It's not clever and is just crude.

Anyway, to whoever posted them, the board obviously didn't enjoy your brand of humor, so take it somewhere else please.

No. 1037575

File: 1599935153624.jpeg (32.68 KB, 400x400, DF590EF7-5A60-4284-8B74-2D62F8…)

It’s what skankhunt42 was doing

No. 1037584

you're coming off as extremely sanctimonious. did you forget where you're posting? you can't speak for what "the board" enjoys or finds funny. i'm a regular poster in this thread and i found it amusing.

No. 1037603

just got here but I think photoshopping an actual dick in someone’s mouth really does border on revenge porn and is kinda fucked up. also half the regular posters here are a-logs and annoying as shit sooo

No. 1037610

do you think that Heather's followers actually contact her to say they are mad at her when she posts ridiculous rants? This morning she said she posted yesterday's rant about being single because people were mad at her.

No. 1037625


Maybe it comes off sanctimonious but it was my interpretation of the reaction to these "jokes". They aren't even in the vein of funny and I find them almost cruel as well. I didn't see any positive responses to them and a bunch of negative, it was ignored until it was obvious more people were going to do it. Keep your butthurt to yourself that your cheap image didn't land.

No. 1037653

It's just not funny. I'm sorry if us not liking your attempt at a joke hurt your feefees. But it's gross obnoxious teenage behaviour that makes you come off as a bitter incel.

It's very "yelling the word titties while on coms" to me.

No. 1037686

I totally agree with yuo!

No. 1037693

Yeah its too much. The original was just a writen joke which made it easier to ignore if you didn't like it. A photo of her with a dick is a whole other level

No. 1037704

Am I the only one still tinfoiling about Adam posting here ….

No. 1037710


I honestly got that vibe from a lot of the posts since the first dick image, especially those posts. I've got my hat on for sure

No. 1037717

Nope. You're not. Real strong revenge porn vibes here. Which Adam is absolutely capable of IMO.

No. 1037719

I pondered this because I was wondering who the dick belonged to. surely if you were to google for one you wouldn't choose that you would go for something nicer and in better quality

No. 1037731

Yeah. This is definitely lower tier dick. And it's not like you couldn't find something better on the internet.

No. 1037766

File: 1599958072103.jpg (493.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200912-204307_Ins…)

"If your a nice boy and want to take me out on a nice date, hit me up baby"

The cringe. Jesus heather, just replay that and listen to how much of an idiot you sound…

No. 1037774

Does she know how old she is? A boy? How about a man? Heather-you are too old for boys! You aren’t in high school…geez…she is hopeless. If that wasn’t the saddest booty call shout out. Nothing serious she says…no shit. Just a bowl of stalker obsessed soup. Smh.

No. 1037781

File: 1599960541979.jpg (381.75 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200912-212853_Ins…)

Time for heather to chase moths..

No. 1037785

She said this morning she wasn't going to rant about this anymore.
is there anything she won't post?

No. 1037786

Does it annoying anyone else how she talks to the bugs like they are a dog/baby in that high pitch voice. She just comes off as being a tryhard for attention from guys who are into bugs. I mean she never use to have this odd desire to be close to bugs and now acts like every bug she sees is an amazing specimen it is honestly cringe how hard she tries to hold a spider despite it being obvious she doesn't like it.

No. 1037795

She thinks it makes her so weird and quirky!

No. 1037835

File: 1599969436793.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 077EAF88-14D4-4091-8078-CA438C…)

Drunk Heather Rants:
- “He was so godamn perfect, and so everything I wanted, and the real reason I’m single is because no ones him. No man will ever compare to him. He was pure fucking magic. And I have her to find someone that I feel that magic with.”

- “The fact is no one wants me. I don’t know what’s fucking wrong with me, what I can change….but I don’t want to change.”
- “The problem is my hobbies and the fact that I have standards. I was married before to a fucking sociopath…”
- Her new plan is to play it off like she’s not interested in guys so that they can be the one to chase her.
- Says she gets attached so easily and then as soon as she meet someone she likes she’ll text them incessantly and call them, and they lose interest.
- “I don’t understand why guys are not into me. I mean I take care of myself. I either my teeth, I try to look nice. I work full time, I’m independent…”
- “I fell like I’d be a good girlfriend for someone. I know he to please. I’m very loving and loyal.
- “ not gonna lie. This is the first time I’ve been drunk in a long time and I’m having anxiety because I can’t feel my face…”
- Will sober up during her live.
- says she just had to drink tonight (despite her ulcer issue) because she’s tired of the single life.
- Wishes she had someone to talk to because she’s scared and anxious.
- Moans about wanting a boy to talk to because she’s been alone for so long. Doesn’t want someone to give her money or take care of her, just someone in her life.

No. 1037837

Forgot to add: that first part was about Ryan Z.

No. 1037845

this thread is just so fucking boring, there's never any real milk it's just the same moaning on and on from heather. at least the dick was novel

No. 1037854

the problem is her goddamn face. if she was hot guys wouldn't care much about her being pyscho, but even if she plays it by the book, she can't fix her face and needs to lower her standards or actually just deal with being alone

No. 1037898

File: 1599989122813.png (356.61 KB, 578x680, 1543465360687.png)

from the first thread.

No. 1037899

She doesn't even talk about anime or anything related to it and that just further cements how for show most of all the interest she has are.

No. 1037925

> I don’t know what’s fucking wrong with me, what I can change….but I don’t want to change.”

Every time I think she’s going to realize she’s an obsessive psycho she backs away at the last second without fail. And I absolutely love how she always mentions she has nice teeth, maybe in 1850 that would make you a catch but I can’t remember the last time I noticed anybody’s fucking teeth.

No. 1037946

> I have nice teeth, no rickets, and only a touch of the consuption. I have all of my fingers and can lift a hog.

No. 1037950

File: 1600004777867.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2008, Screenshot_2020-09-13-02-51-58…)

Heather went live again last night for almost an hour around 2:40-3:40 EST. She kept circling around the same three statements.
>"I got drunk tonight because I'm sad that I'm still single."
>"OMG this is the first time I've been drunk in 6 months you guys!"
>"I can't tell which one of you guys are here for me or are haters from the gossip sites."

There were only like 25 people watching and at one point she read out loud everyone's username and then said "I need to know which one of you guys are here for me or if you're a hater from the gossip site." Someone asked her which gossip sites she was talking about and she mentioned lolcow. She also started talking about her job and said "I'm not allowed to tell you guys where I work, but the haters from that gossip site already know." She definitely spent most of the live talking about "haters", at one point she said "go ahead, screenshot this and upload it, idc!" There were also a couple guys in the comments hitting on Heather pretty aggressively but she juat ignored them lol.

No. 1037952

>a couple of guys aggressively hitting on her
They could personally fly to her mom's house, burst inside with a majestic horse, and propose to her on one knee and she'd still ignore them because they just don't get her like a spooky boy who's name happened to be Ryan, would.

No. 1038002

Goddamn Heather. This shit– sorting out what are problem areas which you admit exist and which you admit you don't understand or know what they are– is exactly what a therapist is for. Get Help.

FFS. I can't believe she lives with her mother and literally collapsed sobbing at her mother's feet, and her mom doesn't get her to therapy or mental health services of some kind.

No. 1038005

Well, 100% confirmed she works at target then.

No. 1038022

>literally collapsed sobbing at her mother's feet and her mom doesn't get her to therapy or mental health services of some kind
Mom's probably got some bigoted ideas about mental healthcare and it's rubbed off on Heather.

No. 1038033


I watched the live too, and this literally sums it up. She's a broken record at this point, she literally just repeated those three sentiments over and over in varying order. Anytime she'd actually start to get more than two words into a thought or question, she'd trail off and start talking about how drunk she was and how she never ever gets drunk, or get distracted and start interrogating the chat about who's there from Lolcow.

It was thoroughly thoroughly boring. I don't think she had a single thought that wasn't about boys or Lolcow.

Someone asked at some point if she was bi and if she'd date women, and you could see the disgust on Heather's face for a moment before half-heartedly saying she was bi, and if the right woman came along, she'd go for it. "But, you know,"

and then continued to talk about how sad she was no boys will date her, while ignoring a bunch of people of both genders flirting with her. Heather… I don't think your bi, dude. Her sexuality is clear: Ryan-sexual.

Anyway sage for no photos or video, it was THAT BORING. I went to record a few times but kept waiting for her to say something not on repeat and it never happened.

No. 1038034


samefag but I also noticed her story changes with every sentence with some details. She started by saying she hadn't drank in a year, then it was 6 months, then it was a few months, then 1 month (that's the number she ended up sticking to). I know this is small but it's an indication how HUGE a trickle truther she is, and it bothers me to no end. She never takes accountability for facts.

No. 1038042

File: 1600017971645.jpg (689.88 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200913-132236_Ins…)

So, Because she can't hold her alcohol its ok that she went on a rant and possibly did a nude live? I seriously wish she'd watch her videos and listen to how dumb she sounds. So if your drunk its ok to if you did something dumb, because you know, im drunk, thats an excuse? You're 30 fuckin years old, not 18…

You got drunk at your mothers house, you should be embarrassed, not giggly. You knew damn well what you were doing going on live and messaging people. Stop the fuckin act. And she seriously wonders why she can't get a guy? She thinks she's a trophy. You're a fuckin psycho.

She makes white girls look so bad.

No. 1038045

File: 1600018150560.jpg (668.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200913-132914_Ins…)

"Wait a second! My hair was curly when this shit started!"


No. 1038200

Didn't Heather say she was bi at some point? I don't understand why she never tries to get with a woman if this and other average-men things are bothering her.

No. 1038202

She's probably bi in exactly the same way Krailor Anderson (Onision's huswife) is. In other words, not at all, but it sounds really good for social media clout.

No. 1038311

best comment of all heather threads

No. 1039005

File: 1600145121568.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, EC4BF781-B6DE-4942-9B93-F8BBD6…)

- Opens her rant with a recap of her “abusive marriage” and how she was dominated by Adam and doesn’t want that to happen again in her never ending quest to find a spoopy boy.
- Says she will not be dominated my any man, “unless it’s in her bedroom and even then it’s me being dominant.”
- Says she is an independent woman now who pulled herself out of her former abusive relationship and knows what she wants now. Admits she’s not fully independent because she lives “with family members,” but that she’s progressing toward being fully independent.
- Adds that men and women should be on equal footing in a relationship. She contradicts this later when she says she’s a dominant personality and guys need to accept that.
- Now on to her rant: an old flame form months back reconnected with her.
- Apparently this Ryan is “fucking hot,” who looks like Ryan Z. Admits that it is because he looks so much like Ryan Z. that she found herself attracted to him because “I’m still clearly in love with my ex and always will.” In other words this did Ryan Z. was better than no Ryan at all.
- When they first connected months back this mysterious guy asked her out on a date but bailed out on her last minute. Heather went to the cemetery they were headed to for their date and found herself crying in front of a burial plot that had his first name on it. Says she took it as her spirit guys telling her to leave it as is because this relationship was good as dead.
- Heather gave him a second chance and once again he bailed out on her for a second date.
- Fast forward to now and he’s apparently been commentating on her stories (surprised those didn’t scare him off unless he’s into crazy emotional unstable girls). He and Heather have talked and they were set to go on a date this Friday.
- But apparently he messed up because he intimated that if they were to marry he’d love to see her make his sandwiches and play wifey.
- Heather was “triggered” because of Adam, and said she wouldn’t be doing that and blah blah blah. He said he “always gets what he wants” and responded with three eye roll emojis which incensed Heather.
- She went off on him and that was the end of that.
- Says that she’s a very dominant woman and wouldn’t let him dominate her.
- Pines that “he’s so fucking hot” but it’s not worth it because she could sense that that relationship would have gone into a similar direction as her marriage did. She blocked him.

No. 1039009

File: 1600145901490.png (1.48 MB, 988x1110, Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 12.5…)

No. 1039011

File: 1600145980629.jpg (25.14 KB, 419x437, 1599071953209.jpg)

>tfw a free ryan finally comes into your life after months of praying to muh moon
>triggers you
>tfw no spooky bf and still fucking mental
Ghost bros, where did it all go wrong?

No. 1039018

Could Ryan Z please just take one for the team this bitching and moaning is getting old

No. 1039019

right? he is single now. Maybe Heather could show up at his work and do a tour. This time that will work

No. 1039128

Uhhuh. Nothing makes guys like you more than badgering them into loving you.

Is it me, or is Heather approaching her lovelife like those pickup artist incels? With the same level of success.

No. 1039156

Just to add, Heather also mentioned when she was talking about how hot this new Ryan was that it was a shame it didn’t work or because she “had a thousand different ideas of how they’d take selfies together.”

Like???? She basically wanted him to be like Timmy was to her: a prop for pictures. She complains about these guys only
seeing her as a piece of ass, while at the same time she sees them for easthetic reasons; someone to fit into her “extreme lifestyle.”

Also he apparently would poke fun of her intelligence (or lack thereof), and yet she still gave him a third chance. Not the brightest tool in the shed.

No. 1039171

She still has the mentality of a teenage girl who never had a boyfriend and thinks relationships are like what you see in high school movies. Her ideas of relationships are completely unrealistic but she somehow thinks people telling her to be more realistic is them telling her to have low standards and let men abuse her. She's more likely to get abused with her current expectations because all they have to do is take cute photos and she'll let them treat her like shit.

No. 1039200

Just watched her rant and she has somehow reached a whole new level of sociopath. She is SO obsessed with her exes it’s not even funny. Get some help.

No. 1039217

The twilight series should not be viewed as a self-help book.

No. 1039225

yes a relationship based on him looking like your ‘ex’ will totally last.

No. 1039326

Ok how much has she been drinking in that pic….damn

No. 1039328

That's her 'I'm to be admired for my strength' face.

No. 1039354

File: 1600198296468.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 9D307089-96D0-4BD4-9F90-D44580…)

This is her “I’m a strong, confident and independent woman” face.

No. 1039365

File: 1600199245308.png (1.55 MB, 988x1178, 2020-09-15 105204.png)

This is her natural ‘come hither’ face which she morphs into only accidentally when not rehearsed.

Who this is intended to attract is beyond my comprehension.

No. 1039410

Truthfully it could attract a nice, equally goofy dude if she could mellow out and work on her issues.

No. 1039428

That is considerably diplomatic of you. Yet it's not goofiness she's displaying there, but a spurious, pandering, narcissism.

No. 1039432

even with the sobby face, she looks better than in her normal photos because those glasses are so terrible on her and her actual posed expressions are either smuggo or wanting to talk to a manager

her looks are absolutely not her problem, lots of somewhat plain women with good personalities have great luck with men

No. 1039487

Soon to be known as her "I swear I'll drive this car off a cliff if you don't say you love me" face.

No. 1039520

File: 1600209829452.jpeg (463.85 KB, 750x1091, AA1AB9A5-C8CC-480D-A4AE-EC316F…)

She collects souls….and Ryans.

No. 1039531

I always feel a bit sad when I see these sorts of mementos disconnected from their context. Like, those are someone's ancestor's kid and grandma, and Heather has them because someone who had them didn't value them.

Anyway, as far as Heather, these are p cool, and if she likes antiques/antiquities she should pursue that. I don;t know how she could turn that into some sort of career or something, but it's a fun hobby at least. I guess if she focused on that instead of devoting almost all her energy and efforts to finding a soulmate(tm) she might find a shred of happiness. (Which, btw, she should be old enough to know that person who is perfect in every way in a relationship does not exist, for anyone)

No. 1039619

I completely agree. She has a tiktok video of her new collection of old photos and antiques and they're really cool. An irresponsible waste of money (those things are NOT cheap, even though she claims they were) but she could use them in videos like her old hoard. She could be making something of this new hobby easily. There isn't really anyone her age with her perspective making videos about antiques and the history behind them.

But of course Heather can't do anything but mimic her "guru" and idol Ryan with the urbex shit. She's not good at it because she's always been a homebody.

She was so scared of people not liking her last hoard I'm sure she's terrified to talk about her new one even though it could be lucrative and way more interesting. Talk about the fads and culture and uses of the items. Show examples. Don't just show the shit and say "I love this isn't it cool to look at" like the autograph book.

No. 1040229


I fully agree with you, I just want to add that one reason she's worried about people not liking her hoards most likely has to do with the haters that she spends hours obsessing over. She seems to especially hate people calling her out for spending so much money, while not addressing the GoFundMe properly and still living in her mom's house. Still gonna pay that kindness forward to a women's shelter, Heather? It's only $500, you must have spent 3x that on antiques or gas going to cemetaries in the last few months.

She probably won't consider herself "on her feet" enough to donate (if ever) until she has a place of her own. However she seems perfectly content to keep pushing that date back and back and back, and spend her income as if it's all expendable. It's been a full year now.

No. 1040834

File: 1600407438848.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 18D79C1D-8445-4D52-B97B-06A716…)

Gushing about how beautiful her smile is and how far she’s come from having horrible teeth to near perfect ones now. Says she doesnt take for granted the little things in her life and that she has reasons to always smile.

Adam’s dental insurance was definitely put to good use there, Heather. Maybe that’s the one good thing that came out do their union for her.

No. 1040836

File: 1600407689117.png (2.08 MB, 978x1748, 2020091813127.png)

She’s celebrating: “how far I’ve come” by showing off her newly-whitened teets… er, teeth.

Boobs for the spoopy boy draw? Never give up!

Any takers? Apply with cemetery photo and hack license.

No. 1040891

She's got her tittytrawling top back on I see.

No. 1040900

Heather: My ex traumatized me so much that whenever I hear a couple fighting or loud noises I get ptsd.
Also heather: I love my fixed up teeth that I can separate from associating with my abusive ex who paid for them.

This girl is really milking her pity card hard and yet loves to gloat.

No. 1040979

This is hilarious to me because in all of the audio clips she released to ‘expose’ Adam, she’s the one yelling and screaming not him.

No. 1041225

File: 1600459320533.png (1.67 MB, 978x1486, Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 4.01…)

Has anyone bothered to calculate her rant to channel-topic clip ratio?

Make no mistake… she relishes being a cow.

No. 1041253

>complains how ‘stupid and rude’ the ‘younger generation is’
>doesn’t even think about how 90% of the people who use tik tok/her viewers on that app are more than likely 18 and younger.

No. 1041367

File: 1600476871753.png (1.19 MB, 556x1194, 2020091885244.png)

"Look what I got to play with today"

Was playing in a wheelchair high on your bucket list? What are you, 12?

Next up! wearing leg braces once owned by a polio victim! Yay!!

No. 1041389


Only like one of her videos went "viral" there anyway. It's fairly easy to rack up the likes and views on there. She got a little lucky, but she was going on in her rant like she was ready to leave YT (what's left) for Tik Tok. Tik Tok can be just as toxic as YT comments-wise too. I wouldn't get too excited about it Heather.

No. 1041494

File: 1600502238406.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, B56FAAB4-42B6-4113-BBDD-9868DD…)

Spent an hour ranting about having lost Ryan Z. and contemplating if she still would have him if she had been the Heather she is now (so called independent, confident, etc) when she first met him. Says she regrets the friendships she’s lost and says she takes responsibility for losing them for now handling things better or notnseeing their perspective on things.

Pines about missing the one part of her life that will make everything whole: her spoopy boy that is a clone of Ryan Z. because that’s all she wants and doesn’t want to settle of anyone less than that.

Says she feels like “a visitor” from a different era or dimension here, and that’s why she’s a loner. Debates on moving away from Pittsburgh but says she’s too connected to it; ie mommy’s security blanket is too enticing to leave.

No. 1041502

File: 1600502567520.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, E110B389-CB8F-4EED-B1AA-C57C4C…)

One final rant about how she’s so connected to hairoru and loves it but is inadequate in conveying it because research isn’t her thing. Hence why she enables and sounds like an idiot. Starts comparing herself to Amy who she went with to explore in Gettysburg and how she knew so much history.

You’re just lazy as fuck, Heather. If you’re really into something it shouldn’t be so hard to dive into the history and retain a least a few talking points about it.

No. 1041596

Connected to “history” but can’t convey it. Hence why she “rambles.”

No. 1041635

how can she love history so much if she doesn't actually learn the history of places? she is too into the aesthetic rather than the actual history of these places.

No. 1041901

File: 1600563448943.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 4E83D777-0A2F-4A84-9B6D-42954B…)

- ranting about tinder not producing the Ryan Z. clone she most desires to complete her life.

-“ I have Tinder Gold because I’m a high class whore.”

- says she attracts the creepy profiles and couples.

“I already know what you are going to say. “Heather you’ll always be single if youre in tinder…” Bitch, I met all my ex boyfriends on Tinder!”

-spends her lunch break at work scrolling through tinder and laughing at all the weirdos liking her profile.

No. 1042473

File: 1600667250558.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, C4A6B281-7CE8-42E3-8015-0C5171…)

- Opened her rant by saying she’s going to try hard not to rant because she knows this is the reason why guys disappear on her; they show interest and the moment they see her lose her shit on her stories they run the hell away.
- Proceeds to ignore this and rant.
- Claims she’s “an eternal optimist” when it comes to dating and that she hasn’t given up on finding her spoopy boy….even though every rant she’s had about the topic she opens with “I’m just not meant to have anyone in my life.”
- Says she believes it’s possible to “have that bright flame” of real love again, and that “it can come back” I.e she’s still holding out for Ryan Z. to return for thirds.
- Says that since she’s coming up on the one year anniversary of Ryan Z. dumping her ass again she’s convinced that another Ryan will waltz into her life.
- Says she’s asked the universe to do this for her and even “bargained” with them; but relents that her guides just don’t give a shit about her.
- Counting on the Jenny Wade urban myth—that of putting your ring finger in the bullet hole that killed her will result in you getting engaged in six months—to nail a Ryan and make him stick by her.
- Says she doesn’t want to marry again but just wants the spoopy boy.
- “What’s it going to take your be the girl that doesn’t get forgotten about? I could do a million love spells, I could pray, I could ask all the experts…I don’t think there’s any hope for me.” (Such an optimist.)
- Convinced that Ryan Z was the love she was meant to be with, but he cane to her when she wasn’t ready and she fucked it all up.
- “I will never give up hope. I’m just tuned into being positive”
- Starts crying at this point and tells her prospective Ryan: “Wherever you are out there, I’m still here. Ok gonna love you till my last breath. I’m probably going to always be looking for you. And that’s another thing I have to accept; maybe I’m always going to be alone my entire life.”
- “Maybe I’m always going to be searching. Always with the pain of searching. And I’ll be a ghost always waiting for her love. In some lighthouse somewhere. That’d be kind of cool.” (And stalking Ryan Z.)
- “But I’ll never ducking give up.”

No. 1042474

File: 1600667279073.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 9A98AF9D-31C8-46A3-BC4D-9E65BC…)

No. 1042475

File: 1600667331150.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 7A6AD1B3-EAB3-40D7-812A-4A9F69…)

Hitting up ber married Ryan again! Been awhile too.

No. 1042478

File: 1600667445392.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, C0BABFB0-885A-4CE4-802F-ABC22F…)

As if that’s ever stopped her before.

No. 1042541


Do my eyes deceive me or did she spend nearly $100 on that Party City shite?

No. 1042569

Looks like 12.99 to me Not too sure due to the glare.

Still waste of money if you ask me

No. 1042587

File: 1600696495856.jpg (456.5 KB, 1440x2452, Screenshot_20200921-095212.jpg)

Realized I posted the wrong one and found the one with Venus flytraps. It's 50 bucks. Michaels Halloween shit is overpriced.

No. 1042590

File: 1600696701588.jpg (311.81 KB, 720x1029, 20200921_065824.jpg)

She is at party city. They dont have that one on their site, but that tag says 99.99 and it's not unrealistic considering they offer this

No. 1042608

That is not why you're single.
You're single because you're desperate, and clingy – BEFORE a relationship even happens. It only points to endless psychotic behavior to come. Any "boy" with a shred of awareness can sense the crazy radiating off you! This has nothing to do with hobbies, and everything to do with your palpable insanity all over instagram, and it's probably worse in person!

Those hobbies, they're actually really normal and OK things to like. You've gotta look deeper – at the controlling, obsessive tendencies within. This is what men can sense a mile away.

But, sure, unwillingness to change is a sign of "strength."

No. 1042632

It says 99$ for US and 129.99$ for CAN, however like previous anon posted, it's half off.
This girl needs help/

No. 1042751

I know Heather's a mentally stunted 30 year old woman, but c'mon. That shit looks so fucking tacky even for her "edgy aesthetic". I know her spirit guides or whatever don't give a shit, but please, may the forces that be stop her from buying this overpriced garbage.

No. 1042774

Totally Agree especially during this time of the damaged economy and how a LOT of people (Including myself) are still out of work because of Covid-19

No. 1042781

- Oh my gawd, you guys! Look at the crap I bought today! There’s nothing like mass-produced, overpriced tchotchkes purchased from an overly-illuminated, sterile store big enough to fit a jumbo jet to show the world how incredibly unique and dark I am!

- Awwwwww! Look guys! This paper has stuff printed on it! WOW!

- I can’t wait to post these videos so y’all can see! Oh, wait, I’m already posting a video! Hyuck!

- This is what I do after work, I shop. giggle giggle sigh. I spend 2 days of pay in just 1 day!

3… 2… 1…

- No one will let me do anything.

No. 1042795

is it bad that I prefer crying manic Heather over her giggly happy personality? it's so fake.

No. 1042877

Not at all. Because it’s all a show. Every aspect of her being is fiction. There’s nothing authentic about Heather but her desire to write a script she believes others should follow and for which she should be rewarded.

Her goals are to paint herself as extraordinary in every way; insist that she’s contending with malevolent forces whose only motive is to destroy her; walking on both sides of the fence including speaking to an alleged beloved audience daily all the while insisting no one listens, understands or respects her; and recycling every drama, every goal, every menial accomplishment with a mixture of self-aggrandizement, whining, phony laughter, obsessive behavior, self-rewards, despondent rants, and absurdly fabricated self-empowerment proclamations.

Her ultimate goal is simply to manipulate others into believing the same, no matter how disjointed, cringeworthy, and incoherent it all is.

Most people gain respect and admiration by doing whatever it is they do that others appreciate or otherwise interests them. She is incapable of doing this. She does not want to put in the work, she simply wants the admiration. Only she counts her life’s forgery as work.

Love me because I said so.
I’m misunderstood because I said so.
Everyone’s trying to bring me down because I said so.
I work hard because I said so.
Boys should want me because I said so.
I’ve been a victim my whole life because I said so.
I’m independent because I said so.

I am sparkly, darkly, dopey, mopey, funny, crummy, sexy, homely, smarty, party, clingy, loosy, … because I said so. Whatever fits.

However, she can’t fathom how most see right through all of it.

No. 1042891

File: 1600736956760.png (1.04 MB, 978x1338, 2020092190233.png)

10 minutes of mundane life experience = one hour of video talking about it.

Oh, and her housemate (cough mom cough) has a thought about what's wrong with her finger. "You can laugh at me if you want guys, but…"

Heads up: Heather X Bores needs a new husband in order to get insurance. Who's up for it?

Also, look out for future video rant about how someone ("everybody") laughed at her finger situation even though she told everyone it was cool.

No. 1042924

If she doesn’t have insurance she isn’t a full time employee. Js

No. 1042928

Sorry, not saying she’s actually full time but when it’s retail, which is her “profession,” or customer service you have to sign up for insurance. It’s available through the company if you’re full time but you do not have to sign up for it.

No. 1042944

Thank you, captain obvious. You can’t be on your parents insurance after you turn 26. I guess I just think it’s dumb to not have health insurance if it’s offered. Especially when she seems to have needed it with her throat and finger. Considering she doesn’t have rent and spends large amounts of money on frivolous things (aka if it was offered, she could afford the $10-15 that comes out of every paycheck) I figured that she must not have it because she’s not full time. Or she’s just dumb.

No. 1043757

Just in case anyone not following her accounts thinks she has calmed down in the last week because the thread has been a bit slow, she hasn't. She's still doing the full blown Heather thing and puts up several rants a day (YouTube plans, boys, haters, I went shopping, repeat) but she's been so repetitive and boring I haven't found the willpower to post em or even watch most of it, and I'm finding others aren't postingost of it either, probably same reasons. She has been doing some photography and reorganizing the shelf for the millionth time, but it's drowned out by the mass amount of selfies and cryposting and shopping she does on her story. I'm casually keeping an eye out for the massive drama bound to come, or large amounts of money spent.

Mostly posting cus I had a bit of a popcorn thought the other day, I know we were tinfoiling about how Adam could possibly be someone behind the dick shops, but tbh I suspect he barely posts in this thread anymore, it's been years– BUT I went back in the threads and I forgot what a crazy bitch ClayRyan's ex was, the one that was shitting up thread 4/5. She was getting more and more possessive and hostile for a while, and kept fighting farmers who didn't like her tone- anyone thinking with me that she may have had the vitriol to Photoshop her ex's ex with a dick in mouth?

No. 1043785

File: 1600880311006.png (1.33 MB, 980x1242, 20200923125936.png)

Heather’s perfect day:

records video clips:
#1: "I just drank my coffee"
#2: "I bought this yesterday"
#3: "And THIS is why I’m weird" hyuck
#4: "I have to clean up later cuz I have so much stuff!"
#5: "Need to get ready for work"
#6: "Just got back from work"
#7: "I work so hard"
#8: "I live with family"
#9: "I’m independent"
#10: "Here’s some stuff I want to buy"
#11: "And THIS is why I’m weird" hyuck
#12: "Why can’t I find a boyfriend?" sigh
#13: "No one likes to do what I like"
#14: "I’m a cemetery tourist!"
#15: "The cemetery was filled with tourists! It’s crazy!"
#16: "I’m crazy"
#17: "And THIS is why I’m weird" hyuck
#18: "So why can’t I find a boyfriend?" sigh
#19: BSs
#20-24: Self-pitying
#25-31: Sorrowful, wide-eyed complaining
#32-40: Angry, squinting complaining
#41: "It’s super late and I need sleep"
#42: "I just want to say"
#43-54: "Oh, and another thing"

No. 1043826

I don't know why she thinks that no one else has the same hobbies as her. There are hundreds of people in her area that do the exact same thing. She just likes feeling oppressed. It's just an excuse for her reason for not having a boyfriend.

Also her giggling over eating breakfast while "reading about dead people! HAHA I AM SO UNIQUE" is distasteful.

No. 1043878

You might be on to something there Anon. She really was almost as crazy and obsessive as Heather.

No. 1043884

Was she always on Snapchat too or is she back on again? I thought an earlier thread said she deleted it, but I saw the cat-ears selfies.

No. 1044137

File: 1600911181887.gif (4.29 MB, 270x480, resolute.gif)

>#42: "I just want to say"
>#43-54: "Oh, and another thing"

Classic Heather Explains.

No. 1044231


This was such a golden moment omg

No. 1044303

Big important collab is up.even these people sound sick of her by the end

No. 1044879

File: 1600998159696.png (1.79 MB, 980x1418, 2020092494207.png)

Heads up! New Ryan.

Who'll start the pool on how long it will be until she posts a gloomy, late-nite video rant on how it all fell apart?

No. 1044885

File: 1600998429155.png (1.77 MB, 980x1418, 2020092494551.png)


Whoever it is, she's going to be giving him at least one thing he doesn't want. If her runny nose is any indication.

No. 1044888

File: 1600998553981.png (1.68 MB, 980x1418, 2020092494620.png)

Full-on gigglemonster mode. Already planning a cemetery-themed wedding.

No. 1044894

how, in a matter of 5 minutes, does she manage to repeat herself a million times?

No. 1044907

File: 1601001266521.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 08F758A9-5291-4CFE-9993-494E01…)

She’s going to dress up like Jojo Siwa for Halloween because “normal people dress scary for halloween; scary people dress like normal people.”

Sounds more like an excuse to dip back into the kawaii aesthetic she shit on as being childish and stupid.

No. 1044908

Oh man sucks for the wedding she’s going to attend this weekend.

No. 1044920

So she is going to pick up a guy she met from Tinder, go to a secluded spot with him where she'll probably be alone, with all her expensive equipment and whatnot. Yep, sounds totally logical. I swear, this woman is setting herself up to get badly hurt. She doesn't even know if this guy has covid and she's going to get into a car with him without a mask on i bet. and i know she's hoping for a kiss. i want to believe better of her, but i really feel she's being so dumb about this non-date date she is going on.

No. 1044961

How dare you.
Covid can’t keep true love apart!

No. 1044970

The sad and funny thing of it all is that since she lives with her mom (who is probably an older adult) she could likely give it her and end up hospitalizing or killing her own mother the only person helping her right now for the sake of ryan dick.

No. 1045384

File: 1601083269518.png (1.02 MB, 932x598, heather.png)

New boy reveal

No. 1045385

He looks like the human embodiment of either a fedora or a can of axe body spray.

No. 1045401

She posted the same pic in her stories to the song "Friday I'm in love" so you know she is taking things slow in true Heather fashion.

No. 1045402

Geez…so this wasn’t a date…first time she meets him and she already posts a pic of him with the song stating “I’m in love.” 0-100 every time. New love of her life already and I’m sure she has put him on a pedestal to lovebomb and cling and obsess over. She really ought to add professional at scaring men away to her resume. I’m also more and more convinced she is a sociopath who can’t experience real feelings like love. She feels obsession which is why she “chases boys” and dives in so desperately and doesn’t understand why they don’t reciprocate. She is not an empath at all. She is sooooo far from it…she can’t process emotions AT all and tries to mimic them to “get” a man instead of actually slowly falling in love with a person. She wouldn’t understand what falling in love actually was anyway. It’s a fantastical concept in her head, but not something that she really experiences. She talks about old Ryan, but that wasn’t love either. It was all the same “idea”…

I’m actually shocked we don’t have an IG video of her giggling about her new love and how perfect he is, but why do I get the feeling she already went home with him and gave up the goods (probably where she is now) so she can’t post the giggling crush video. Guess that means we have the sobbing Heather IG video to look forward to of how he just used her for the night if she was that dumb to just go home with him.

Sorry that pic just sent me. For real…her behavior is so dangerous. She is going to hurt someone. She is a Jodie Arias in the making.

No. 1045407


This writing style reads like the anon who was ChaseRyan's ex girlfriend. Your obsession with Heather here is almost as strong as here with new "boys". Did he leave you for her or something?

No. 1045408

do you mean ClayRyan?

No. 1045409


*strong as her

No. 1045411


Yes, my bad. Thanks anon!

No. 1045462

File: 1601091862977.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, EE846AD7-C54C-4C6A-8541-510770…)

No. 1045475

I thought she said it wasn't a "date"

No. 1045502

Right? My thoughts exactly when I saw this. I just rolled my eyes and said here we go again. i feel like after the weekend we will get a tearful rant about how love just isn't for her or he wasn't spooky enough.

No. 1045532

Exactly what I thought. ClayRyan's ex always writes these long rambling armchairing rants.

I guess Clay is just a crazy magnet. If he dumped Heather for being too negative I'm pretty sure something similar happened here.

No. 1045557

They just met and she's already talking about being in love? I wonder if he's as crazy as her since he doesn't seem to mind her parading him around when this is their first time meeting. This next ryan saga might be very milky.

No. 1045558

lol hes doing the soyboy face and she tried to use an anime filter to hide it?

No. 1045587

Heather trying to get with high-school boys now? Kek. Probably better for her. No decent man would bother with her psychotic ass.

No. 1045590

File: 1601126594264.jpg (560.27 KB, 1080x1609, 20200926_092301.jpg)

Here's what it's like taking your mom out to the graveyard.

No. 1045591

File: 1601126632195.jpg (158.29 KB, 1080x1194, 20200926_092243.jpg)

comments under the post. Apparently she's already take…eyeroll…

No. 1045597

Dude. Big yikes.

No. 1045599

File: 1601129357040.jpeg (103.73 KB, 400x400, C04FD4C8-AC18-423A-8150-6D5A25…)

Safe for nothing new but I I’ve been waiting to use this.

No. 1045649

>been one (1) date

This is exactly why all the Ryans run for it, Heather. She probably messages them talking about babies and marriage after a week.

No. 1045657

Narcissism: the caption

No. 1045686

File: 1601136092895.jpg (43.34 KB, 650x359, i-am-inevitable-thanos.jpg)

1: Never met the guy til yesterday not has he ever heard his voice til yesterday
2: Says it's not a "date" then just calls it's a date in various posts.
3: According to some Anons here she already marked herself as taken?
I give this til next Sat tops or less.
Homie lives in WV and she's in PA? No one is going to commit to traveling weekly for all that. Maybe her but yeah. I give it less than a week til we see "I dont need love, I'm strong alone" posts…even tho it wasn't that long that she said she didn't need no one and that she was better off alone for a while. Lol

Calls them "boy" but never a man because she will scare them away. And she ends up with boys who will just inevitably leave. They will thanos snap their ways out.

No. 1045704

File: 1601138735063.jpg (111.15 KB, 805x511, Screenshot_20200926-124620_Ins…)


No. 1045711

WV is fairly close to Washington, PA, fwiw.

No. 1045719

Yeah close but who knows where this soyboi lives in WV. I wouldn't travel for someone I met online a state over just to go on a "date" money wasted on gas and knowing she spends her money on useless shit. I doubt the traveling will continue.

No. 1045721

this guy must be like 5'5? Heather is short so SoyboyRyan must be tiny.

No. 1045739

Wouldn't she be afraid to drive long-distance too? He has to do all the traveling and that's not fair

No. 1045743

She drove almost 4 hours to Gettysburg. A lot of parts of WV are an hour of less from Washington.

No. 1045744

Or less*

No. 1045754

Ah. True

No. 1045761

Not only that we dunno where soiboi lives so it could be further .. on one of her post she said she drive him around .. so does he have a car? I hope he does lol xD(xD)

No. 1045801

File: 1601151464122.jpg (114.89 KB, 852x648, CringeFactorHeather.jpg)

Oh, fuck!… my eyes!… the cringe!

No. 1045822

Oh man! Wait till the guys in my Naruto discussion group see me dating a girl who is old enough to buy us booze. They'll be thrilled!

No. 1045872

Isn't she almost 30? He dresses like q high schooler, same with the haircut. Stuck in adolence just like her.

No. 1045976

>Mom, meet Heather-mom!

No. 1046002

Homie was thinking "maybe she'll buy me a ps5 if I date her" lol boy oh boy.

No. 1046122

File: 1601174481576.png (4.01 MB, 828x1792, CA49C12C-0870-4353-8E32-AE7A94…)

Just got home from wedding, is meeting up with her “boyfriend” (her words not mine) for late night coffee and “smooches”
Spots his car, gets excited and says “omg is that my baby?! Is that him?!”

No. 1046123

File: 1601174547796.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, D7619E11-7B3B-4706-89EE-279916…)

Attended coworkers wedding to photograph the event, dressed like the grandma of the bride or something. And once back home her “boyfriend” shows up to take her out to get “late night coffee, sit in my car and talk and smooch and stuff.”

One date later and he’s already her boyfriend.

No. 1046124

She also ended it by saying "I love hi…" then covered her mouth and giggled.

No. 1046139

This is gonna crash and burn so badly. Her "spirit guides" need to tell her to slow the fuck down.

No. 1046233

File: 1601185048128.png (1.07 MB, 984x1044, 2020092713649.png)

The Heathermonster is loose. Buckle in for this new ride. There may be blood.

No. 1046234

It's so bizarre listening to a 30 year old recount a date on instagram, literal minutes after it ended, and giggle about asking "u vu will you be my boyfriend?" "uv u will you be my girlfriend?"

No. 1046240

Her psychosis, whatever it may be, is terrifying. Truly terrifying. I wish it were just hyperbole. The day may likely come when she will either do great harm to herself or become Sada Abe.

No. 1046242

These videos are coming by rapid fire. She can't shut up about him and herself (of course), with a heavy dose of "you had your chance" to all the guys who "wasted her time" and saw her as a "piece of ass". Because, gee, this is it! This is THE ONE! (again)

No. 1046247

"this is the one" after the so called not a date "date". This is beyond crazy… I known heather since what we were early 20s. She was way different then in the way she would talk overall. Idk where shit took a deep turn. I started to notice it when she started her BJD stuff.

No. 1046248

File: 1601186716982.jpg (620.63 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200927-020604_Ins…)

The 13 year old boy left is spooky mask in her car…

What a loser

No. 1046250

She probably sniffed it.

No. 1046251

How are we referring to the new guy? TweenRyan? SpookyBoy? Guyliner?

No. 1046253


No. 1046273

File: 1601193880957.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, B76A7D6E-D912-4500-A317-E939C4…)

Complaining about her follower count going down ever since she got a boyfriend and how her “guy friends” have either blocked her or unfollowed her altogether. Questions why they can’t just be happy for her.

No. 1046274

She got all giggly recounting how he “took the time toool pretty for her. he straightened his hair, put on some mascara and earrings for her.”

No. 1046294

Twinkryan? Babyryan?

No. 1046301


This bit blew my mind. What a glaring red flag after meeting ONCE. I hope he sees that and dumps her. Pathetic.

No. 1046342

my god, it hasn't even been 24 hours has it

No. 1046391

>ever since she got a boyfriend

Ever since fucking yesterday? I am so excited for this new Ryan saga, can’t wait to see how quickly he runs for the hills

No. 1046397

Jesus christ, I honestly don't understand how she can get so attached to a guy she just met (again…and again)

No. 1046434

Didn't she just post a instastory about how she won't repeat the same mistakes again?…

Oh the irony.

No. 1046438

Wonder if she already asked him for a lock of his hair to put in a locket?

No. 1046479

It's rather horrible in a train wreck sort of way looking at this from the outside. I don't know why her mother doesn't intervene and make her get mental help.

No. 1046562

This made me laugh. LOL! I wonder how long it will take before she's gushing about it and wearing it around her neck. LOL!

No. 1046580

File: 1601231001854.jpg (223.42 KB, 1079x730, BothAreFuckingNutsMyNibbas.jpg)

Both of them are nuts.
First "date" and both wanted to be together. Maybe she finally did find someone mentally unstable.
SoyBoyTweenTwinkRyan might be here for a while….

No. 1046604

It all honestly sounds so juvenile and high school-ish. Her boy better buckle up because "going at her own pace" appears to be turbo speed. She's really gonna believe in that Jennie Wade house superstition now…

No. 1046621

I don't mind if he is around for a while. Heather was getting repetitive and boring. I look forward to future milk.

No. 1046636

How old do you think he actually is?

No. 1046655

Must be early 20s. Heather likes ‘em young so she can many manipulate them.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t get her pregnant, because that’s a whole other monster ready to come out.

No. 1046661

Manipulate??? She posted he wants to get him to collect pinecones so it's already starting to show signs of manipulation lol

No. 1046662

File: 1601235255741.jpg (368.27 KB, 1080x885, OhDear.jpg)

No. 1046683

Maybe about 23? He looks younger from the pics and the way she's talking about him being adorable/cute is signaling younger. I would hope a decent man near or in his 30s wouldn't just want to…sit in a car as a second date and be all "uwu i'm shy will u be my girlfwend??"

No. 1046702

I honestly think he might be younger than that. Last night Heather was complaining that they don't have anywhere to hang out and talk and I know that we're in the middle of a pandemic and stuff but I also know there are bars open in Pennsylvania.

No. 1046718

Heather wouldn't set foot in a bar, they're not spoopy enough.

No. 1046764

File: 1601243806200.jpg (190.93 KB, 700x700, 2020092755552.jpg)

Uh oh

No. 1046765

So now apparently she fucked up her cars skidplate while SoyBoyTwinkRyan was following her car while she was driving.hit some shit… Like… How do u freak out when someone is following on the road that bad? Atleast she knows she's stupid because she said it herself that she was lol.

No. 1046773

they can't be over yet! are they? is her love dead?

No. 1046819

She’s currently contemplating the question that has baffled even our greatest scientists for generations… “Where does [shelf] dust come from?!? What the hell is this?!? Eeeeeek!” Then proceeds to make the same screeching noise she made on the bs "Adam exposed” audio. She uses the same screech for countless things. A full spectrum of events and emotions. It’s all a blur.

No. 1046877

File: 1601259431127.jpg (613.32 KB, 1080x763, Screenshot_20200927-221821_Ins…)

Less the 24 hrs of knowing the guy and she's plastering him on her instagram

No. 1046882

he looks seriously so young, way too young for her

No. 1046920

Waiting for all the mom and son comments

No. 1046926

No wonder men don't stick around she only cares about doing things she likes. She is even trying to talk this guy who she hasn't even known that long into already developing the same stupid interest/quirks she has like pine cone collecting and spider holding. Her actions scream selfish and a relationship to her almost seems like nothing more than an ego boost.

No. 1046927

The pictures almost make me think he is actually a ftm.

No. 1046962

File: 1601266150006.jpg (69.31 KB, 1032x384, WhatTheActualFuck.jpg)

Why….why did you feel the need to share this….. It's not like she's gonna say anything different..says stupid shit daily.

No. 1046964

I never really thought she looked old until now. She looks at least 10 years older than him.

No. 1046968

I'm getting the same vibe. It might be his age, but I am getting a very ftm vibe from him.

No. 1046972

You know…now that I look at it I have to agree…ftm vibes

No. 1046979

Three photos, all side-eyed. Eyes are the conduits of information. He exudes apprehension, insincerity, pretentiousness, reticence, while she struggles to display confidence and ownership from her sterile, vacant eyes and strained smile.

No. 1047123

Is anyone else getting Raven/Logan vibes?

No. 1047125

HAHAHA , she's really lost the plot. Poor kid sorry boy (Heathers' favourite term seems very appropriate in this case) is probably flattered at the moment that a woman nearing 30 years of age is hitting on him. The novelty will wear off soon enough when he realises how mentally deranged she is. There's nothing wrong with age gaps but surely a man in his 30's or 40's with his own place would be far more appropriate for her considering she must be desperate to get out of her moms home and there's no way she can afford to get a place on her own with her measly sales assistant salary. Does he still live with his parents I wonder (that they'd have in common) or work? Before he knows it she'll be putting pressure on him to rent a place with her if he is earning a living. It's all rush rush rush with Heather.

No. 1047157

lol I think she's shopping his face? Is it me or is his face significantly more smoothed than hers?

I was gonna comment and say that he's got peach fuzz facial hair, so it's either an ftm or a really young guy, but it's just the extreme blur on his skin. Almost looks like she tried to remove a neckbeard or something - his chin stubble is a lot more defined than the rest of it, and his nose doesn't have the same hyper-smooth skin.

No. 1047158

File: 1601298151826.png (943.92 KB, 1209x894, Untitled.png)

fuck dropped the pic

No. 1047161

She must have sent him a thousand messages already, talking about cemetaries and her haterz.

No. 1047175

Mom? Can my 30 year old girlfriend move in? Her mom is being a total bitch about her posting rambles and lewds in the guestroom late at night. Rent? No, she's in debt because of buying too many boots.

No. 1047179

I wonder how long it’ll take before soyboyRyan becomes ‘abusive’.

No. 1047208

>he's gonna let me run this at my own pace

I'm cackling, he's obviously unaware that her pace is 1000mph

No. 1047211

You sound a bit crazy not gonna lie.

No. 1047260

Looks like heather finally found someone as crazy as her.

He does look younger than her but he look like he's in his early to mid twenties. I think part of why he looks so young is because he styles himself like he's a 13 year old boy going through his emo phase.

No. 1047289

If there are too many syllables for you to digest, simply move on. You will not be judged for lack of comprehension. If, however, you are projecting your own failings, seek professional help.

No. 1047294

nta but this is a lolcow thread not ur faux intellectual tumblr blog stfu and stop armchairing

No. 1047306


NTA (either of them), but holy shit; you're cringey as fuck. Close the thesaurus. No one thinks you sound smart– especially with that questionable comma usage in your first post. You sound like an insufferable, condescending retard.

Well, at least they both have the same I-never-grew-out-of-my-emo-phase style. Fitting, I guess (?).

No. 1047319

Not that Anon either, but I also thought you sounded pretty crazy.

And just because you own a thesaurus doesn't mean you know how to use it. Your grammar is atrocious, and it's making you sound far more ignorant than just using colloquial language would have.

And if your first assumption when people call out your nonsense is "I must be too smart for them" it probably means all your friends are idiots and you're "the smart one" only by default.

Don't know how old you are. But you should be old enough to know that really smart people tend to not constantly go out of their way to seem smarter.

No. 1047391

Continue to sound crazy/like a pretentious douchebag, we're here to laugh at Heather, not psychoanalyze ryan42's eyes

No. 1047440

File: 1601324124848.jpg (667.43 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200928-161633_Ins…)


No. 1047448

Starting to think Heather's perception of time is absolutely fucked, didn't she only see this guy yesterday?

No. 1047470

that's a silver anniversary in Sparklesville

No. 1047691

File: 1601348429433.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 8B30EB62-7EEC-4799-911E-6E77EE…)

Heather checks in-

- starts off ranting about having PMS, popping zits, and feeling gross.
- Got a nasty message on snapchat from a would-be Ryan who wanted to take her out but she’d blow him off. It enraged him to see her with current Ryan and he started calling her a piece of shit, etc.
- This potential Ryan she met via Tinder, lived two hours away, and would ask her to hang out or go on a date but she wasn’t interested.
- Heather: “Bro, you don’t even fucking know me. We barely talked. You’re 21. I’m 30, like….meh”
- Current Ryan and her texted for a week prior to meeting.That’s heather’s idea of taking it slow and “getting to know each other.”
- Says she’s lost 40 followers since getting a bf.
- “I want to thank all of my actual guy friends who haven’t blocked me or unfollowed me or sent me nasty messages cause I didn’t end up dating them. The truth is my whole life I’ve always seen myself as one of the guys, and I value my MALE FRIENDSHIPS.”
- “Also want to thank everyone for the well wishes. We’re less than a week into this relationship, so who knows…but I’m feeling pretty good about it.”
- Goes on about hater-Ryan who sent her a nasty message and how guys like him have such big egos. He’s apparently some “singer in a metal band in Ohio…”
- She goes on about being rejected by guys who she connected with on a personal level and how this guy is nothing because they never got to know each other. He would ask her out constantly and she’d be like “I have work…” and besides he lived two hours away and wouldn’t have worked.
- Current Ryan lives only 50 minutes away.
- “So yeah, I’m happy. Fuck the haters; fuck the fuckboys.”

No. 1047695

>and besides he lived two hours away and wouldn’t have worked.

Wasn't she always saying she would "drive anywhere to be with a guy"

No. 1047819

The guy that “lives 2 hours away” she rejected doesn’t exist. You can tell by her facial expressions in this rant, she is making this story up. In true Heather fashion, she can’t just be happy with what she has. She thrives on drama and also fears abandonment. She mentions how she can’t wait to tell her new boyfriend this “story”. Why? To make him jealous? So he wants her more? She doesn’t realize she doesn’t need to do these things. But this is what she does. It’s sad really.

No. 1047879

File: 1601388612579.jpg (1.53 MB, 2048x2048, whodoesthis.jpg)

Sage because not sure it's milky, but I noticed something weird about Adam's girlfriend's profile picture.

The anime filter over an old pic of Heather? The picture I used isn't the exact one, but the hat, tassles in the background, it's her.

Those 2 100% post here or lurk, at least.

No. 1047883

We saw heather with the anime filter. Why would gf use a picture of heather? It seems more like an old pic of gf, which is also posted on one of her Instagram accounts.
Also, why do we care about adam’s gf…?

No. 1047889

Anon, we don’t care about adam’s boring girlfriend, or the bad profile pictures either adam or his girlfriend use.

No. 1047893


It does look a bit oddly like that old setup of Heather's, but you'll need more evidence than that to prove anything weird is going on.

No. 1047895

Samefag, you can see the parting is in the same place near where the hat starts and the filter stops, this is…odd

No. 1047897

File: 1601392624754.jpeg (423.34 KB, 1242x1186, 177B0799-ABC1-488C-A756-0A8AA8…)

heather’s first thread pic with that filter applied. I don’t think the hair looks the same at all.

No. 1047898

this seems like a really weird (and extremely boring, non-milky) coincidence. Can we get back to the heather milk now?

No. 1047967

File: 1601402805593.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 5BDDF349-1181-4234-BD18-2928CC…)

Heading out to meet up with new Ryan and “meet his roommates” (maybe he calls his mom and dad roommates like she does). Seems apprehensive because he lives in West Virginia and she’s never been there. Says that at least she “has a car now sonin case something goes wrong.”

She’s sleeping over (strictly PG because she’s on her rag) and he’s “making her breakfast tomorrow.” Also said she’s so happy to have a cute boy to spoil now and made a “gift bag” for him (no doubt including one of her self portraits that an ex photographed of her).

No. 1047978

>made a “gift bag” for him (no doubt including one of her self portraits that an ex photographed of her).

You know what's funny is she mentioned the other day that she always gives her dates one of her prints. It's such a weird thing to do.

No. 1047981

It gets harder and harder to believe that Heather is any older than 15. If it weren't for the fact that she looks like a 45 year old mom. Everything she says is so juvenile.

She is also a prime example of what women shouldn't do after only knowing a guy for less than a week.

No. 1047985

We already saw what "gifts" she got her. Some random socks and shit. Like he clearly stated he does t want her to buy him shit lol yet here she is.

No. 1047987

File: 1601405864937.jpg (638.73 KB, 245x125, 36098-0925e9a5810a5b180157631d…)


No. 1048010

she’s very Freaky Friday, young teen in a mom body

No. 1048033

being on your period doesn't mean sexual activity is off the table, heath. suck that teenage dick with everything you've got, girl.

No. 1048078


Seriously. She can't just date casually and do things genuinely, every single relationship is The Great Love Of Her Life and she puts so so so much pressure on. I would be terrified to have someone talking about me like this after I'd known them two weeks. I've had narcissist friends that I've dropped quickly for this reason.

It's awful to feel like someone has this Godlike can-do-no-wrong, most-special-person-in-the-universe image of you built up in their head, because humans aren't infallible and the image can crumble so quickly with one mistake, so you're constantly trying to live up to their Idea of you. And if they're a bully, you are always afraid of failing their expectations and dreading their reactions. People who do this tend to villify you once the pedestal they're imagining is gone, because they never saw you as a complex human with flaws, but as an idealized role in their life, and you have betrayed that role you're supposed to play.

Every Ryan becomes a fuck boy asshole when they don't care about her anymore. Maybe if she treated people like real humans and got to know people for the sake of getting to know them, realize others have feelings and don't just set out to hurt her every time they make decisions, she wouldn't flip her gourd every time someone is honest with her and cuts her off. And she'd probably have less people cutting her off too.

IDK it seems like she is becoming more and more unstable and incapable of any meaningful growth, with every repetitive rant she does she cements her bafflingly flawed worldview into her heard even more.

No. 1048090

File: 1601418107282.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, CD09F583-4C52-4D01-BD14-BA5723…)

“I’ve had the worst luck with boys…like ever. I’m not putting any expectations on it
Though. Like I said, whatever happens happens. If things go wrong I’m just going to drive out of there.”

No. 1048094

No expectations, right kek. We all know she’s going to scope out how much space this poor Ryan has for her to move in. She’s gonna need a filming room after all.

No. 1048117

Lol she jinxed herself.
Already putting to much stress on ryan lol

No. 1048118

File: 1601423006656.jpg (115.2 KB, 1080x333, Screenshot_20200929-194342_Fac…)

No. 1048119

Maybe this is her “spirit guides” and the moon telling her not to go lul

No. 1048124

If she has internet to post on Twitter why can’t she she use the GPS to stop being lost? Bizzare

No. 1048133

No. 1048142

So glad TeenDreamRyan is on the way to save her with a gas can and night vision! Hopefully he likes having to do all the driving to her as she’s already said “fuck Morgantown” and told the world she’s never going back.

No. 1048143

How the fuck do you forget to put gas in your car? Surely she would have noticed at some point that She was running on empty?? I have no words lol

No. 1048151

Good lord, why is her immediate response to realizing her own fuck-ups to tell everyone on the internet about how stupid she was? She's the only person making her look bad. No one else does this to her. It's like she has a public humiliation fetish or something.

No. 1048152

File: 1601426252693.jpg (629.01 KB, 1942x1312, moments.jpg)

Hysterical. Worst day ever (again). Does something stupid (again). Needs to be rescued (again).

Oops, I’m crying out of a clear camera angle.

Let’s face it. She’s a genius. Perhaps her clearly phony hysterical nature and car “accident” are just part of a ploy to have someone drive her around like the good ol’ days.

No. 1048163

There is no way she isn't some kind of disabled, what the fuck. You can drive quite far with just fumes, and wtf is saying about driving in the dark? Bitch either you are unfit to drive due to poor vision or you are a fucking wimp, which is it?

No. 1048166

Someone get this bitch a AAA membership holy shit…

No. 1048196

Didn't she say before that she enjoyed watching Nikocado's videos? Her constant filmed hysterical breakdowns seem very like him.

No. 1048204

File: 1601433694673.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, 58788FD0-FC67-4A69-B570-7844B0…)

- having ptsd flashbacks to the abuse she suffered under Adam because she was forced to become too dependent on him.

- doesn’t want to have to depend on a man ever again.

-debating on whether or not going back home or giving the bf a go.

- looks like she did end up going to his place.

No. 1048213

I’ve never seen a woman so far stuck up her ex’s ass. Can’t she do a damn thing on her own? Why must she still blame Adam for her own stupidity? I don’t give two fucks about the guy, but damn lady. Let it go. He doesn’t give a fuck about you. Why are you still obsessed?

No. 1048252

>my 30 year old girlfriend had a mental breakdown on the way to visiting me because she forgot to fill up the gas before setting off

I do agree with anons above that is has to be intentional, but she has to realize nobody will put up with this amount of daily tantrums and rants.

No. 1048261

File: 1601441052011.png (1.43 MB, 712x1246, CNS128DNB.png)

Stay tuned. Same time next week.

No. 1048264

File: 1601441374948.jpg (192.01 KB, 1080x1920, 120201487_326909431927016_1728…)

She's literally dying you guys

No. 1048275

File: 1601443212290.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 2B737682-8A18-45B8-BF28-3E0581…)

No. 1048276

File: 1601443233600.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 799CF562-8A39-406A-82AD-23BCA1…)

No. 1048281

damn, imagine your new girlfriend comes over to stay the night and all she's doing is just putting up instagram stories of how miserable she is there

No. 1048288

graveyard photography and ghost hunting 24/7 or else he better find a new girlfriend. Heather's interests are the only ones that matter.

No. 1048297

Heather has deleted all her rant/cry stories. Jesus she is so pathetic..how do you forget to get gas for your car? Did you not see the GAS LIGHT ON??? She's completely useless, can't even do daily life task correctly…

To the new bf…good fucking luck!

No. 1048304

She thinks she’s living to 130. Ok

No. 1048313

I'm so confused, does TeenRyan not know her social media accounts? Like how could anyone see all this crazy behavior and still want to see her?

Also did she say his name is Vincent in that third clip? ("Vincent's gonna get mad at me")

No. 1048316

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt about the gas.

(stop laughing)

Let’s say she somehow didn’t realize the car was so low on gas before she left. She also admitted (yet again) to making a wrong turn. But then she immediately goes into spiraling hysterics:

-claims things are going really bad
-calculates not having enough gas to get to his house 8 minutes away
-is stopped in an emergency (likely stated for effect) area
-she fucked up her car
-smells something burning
-claims the GPS is giving her wrong directions
-is now lost (which she seems to love saying)
-hopes her bf doesn’t get mad at her
-needs him to rescue her (how many times is this now?)

She then proceeds to appear more hysterical but notices her tearing eyes can’t be seen by the camera so she jerks her head to the side.

But wait. There’s more. After resetting the light so her anguish could be better seen, she begins recording again and says:

-she can’t drive at night
-she can’t see
-has no idea where she is
-car, fucked up, loves car, really really bad, tears, bf trying to find her, dark, raining …

Good grief. She is a living, breathing ball of ridiculousness.

No. 1048340

>adventure awaits
>mysteries to solve
You work part time at target and roam around the same cemetery over and over. Besides that you split your time between hunting for Ryans on Tinder and uploading endlessly to your IG story. What mysteries are you solving, Heather?

She really seems to think her Twilight tier fantasy inside her head makes her less of a basic bitch and better than "normies", doesn't she? She's forever trapped cycling around as the broken, misunderstood outcast who just isn't like the other girls. It's really no wonder the new Ryan seems so young.

No. 1048343


Tinfoil but she engineered this situation because, as she said in her meltdown, “it’s not an adventure until you get lost” and now “my boyfriend is on his way to save me”. She loves it.

No. 1048388

Yeah, the whole "I don't want to be forced to depend on a man ever again" comment doesn't make much sense when her default go to is for her new boyfriends to "save her". I'm pretty sure at this point no one forced her to depend on them and she just loves having guys around to baby her.

No. 1048421

Guess she's not crazy about soyboy Ryan. Normally her stories are filled with pictures of her getting all excited she's hanging out with her new bf. Probably asked her to watch a movie together and she got triggered.

No. 1048433

>watching TV, gaming, doing nothing
lol sounds like she's salty that their first date at his house didn't do as she planned. Instead of a super spoopy romantic dream date, she went to his house and was chilling with his friends. I bet she's seething because she wasn't the centre of attention the whole time.

She didn't even stay the night like she said she would >>1047967 - I guess that's why she was sperging about not being able to drive at night. New Ryan didn't believe it and sent her off anyway lmfao

No. 1048435

She's the female equivalent of those guys who insist on an irl anime waifu who loves porn and video games. You need to have her exact interests or bust.

No. 1048465

Unfortunately, I don't think she's lying about it. She genuinely seem dumb enough to not realise she didn't have enough gas.

She's probably pissed because his roommates didn't talk about her interests only and weren't instantly in love with her. I wonder if he has a female roommate and she got jealous over it. Regardless, it's starting to seem like getting in a relationship after one non-date date isn't such a good idea.

No. 1048521

File: 1601486894476.jpg (460.98 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200930-132909_Fac…)


No. 1048522

File: 1601486929576.jpg (728.36 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200930-132858_Fac…)

No. 1048524

I hadn't noticed it before, but for those who suggested it, it appears to be a good call.

No. 1048539

Where did you find these pictures? I don't see them on her Instagram. He really does look FTM.

No. 1048554

FB anon

No. 1048559

I don't think he's FTM, I think she just uses so many filters that smooth off all facial features.

No. 1048561

He definitely look very gay or trans but maybe he's just very effeminate. What a catch.

No. 1048566

File: 1601491080507.jpeg (631.05 KB, 2048x2048, 067A6441-6AA8-4461-AF46-26D156…)

No. 1048567

isn't she vegan though? kek

No. 1048569

Is that the plaid shirt she bought Ryan Z last year and never got around to giving it to him???

No. 1048570

For Ryan dick she’s not kek

No. 1048574

Probably ate it to not make him feel bad… I mean if she is vegan he'd know if they got to know each other before being in a relationship lol. You know normal shit people do when looking for a S/O.

No. 1048583

triggered by the poor spread on that toast

No. 1048599

File: 1601494924956.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 490187A2-702B-4D43-A558-BDCC07…)

No. 1048602

IS IT? someone please confirm because that is hilarious!

No. 1048604

New pre-work "check in" on instagram story.

In case anyone's wondering, her entire mental break down last night was because of PMS. Also driving at night is ~so scawy~ and she's never doing it again.

Have fun doing paranormal investigations when you can't drive yourself at night, Heather!

No. 1048611

>New pre-work "check in" on instagram story.

She said "we moved into the I love you stage" HOW LONG HAS THIS BITCH BEEN DATING THIS GUY NOW?

No. 1048612

All she needs is a drivingRyan and then everything will be perfect, silly.

No. 1048628

File: 1601497611904.jpg (210.2 KB, 1080x1034, 3days.jpg)


3 days anon

No. 1048631

I think that was after their date so technically 4 days

No. 1048633


Anon, you're forgetting their whirlwind romance first week of messaging and getting to know each other heart and soul, entwining their eternal conscious beings over Tinder chat. Surely that is enough to rocket ya to the I Love You stage

here's the rant: https://streamable.com/dgj6n0

No. 1048636

Ooh facts . Forgot bout that. Lol just texting not actual phonecalls kek

No. 1048723


Even the phrase “the I love you stage” is a red flag for me - it implies it’s something she does with everyone she dates which is weird as fuck to be honest. If you fall in love with everyone you date that’s not love; that’s desperation and poor boundaries, hun.

No. 1048748

So much for him saying "go at your own pace" lol like another anon said… That's 1000mph

No. 1048767


Idk if it implies that everybody gets to "the I love you stage", but it definitely sounds like she considers it some kind of milestone. And yet it's been 4 days.

No. 1048819

File: 1601512155037.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, 39E07548-9657-4468-A362-733B20…)

No. 1048829


Damn, only took her a few hours to upgrade to "so much". I remember the first time I said "I love you" to my current SO I added an "I think" in there, because I thought a few months might be too early for some, and I didn't want to scare him off or make him think I couldn't take a step back if he needed it.

I seriously don't know what goes through her brain. -I'm- feeling the pressure and I'm not dating her.

No. 1049103

She legit had a gaming YouTube and says this stuff kills her lol. She was dependent on men from day one. Look at what she did to the guy before Adam. Legit forced him to take care of her while she abused him. She doesnt have PTSD she has a mental illness that makes her think the world revolves around her. Legit i hope this guy sees all this and runs for the hills. Shes abusive, manipulative and self absorbed. Nothing is her fault everytbing goes back to how badly she was treated by a psycho sister trying to kill her, her parents kicking her out to cheating on countless men and then she married a guy, forced him to leave his family for half way across the country so she could abuse and cheat on him only to say it was his fault. Man this girl hasn't changed since she was 19 guys, thats scary.

No. 1049136


I don’t know about it ending soon or him seeing the red flags. Reading in between the lines it seems like they’re mutually lovebombing each other and equally insane. I could see this lasting a month or two at least tbh, until they’ve tapped each other dry.

No. 1049167

This. That’s why I don’t believe that she’s an ‘abuse victim’ for one second.

No. 1049305

am I the only one who thinks he looks like Shane Dawson? Heather really knows how to pick em

No. 1049416

File: 1601578549273.jpeg (17.87 KB, 240x240, 139838.jpeg)

I think he looks more like Tom Milsom from the very old youtube days

No. 1049488

She's only "Vegan" when it suits her and also as a way to waste other peoples money, like Adam for example

No. 1049706

File: 1601603668657.jpg (118.42 KB, 1080x372, Screenshot_20201001-215544_Fac…)

Looks like SoyBoyTwinkRyan is out..or going to be out the picture

No. 1049755


Her boyfriend got lost on the way to see her and ended up "like three cities over" so maybe they are well matched.

>boyfriend gets lost

>20 minutes later
>"So I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to die alone"

No. 1049769

File: 1601611033085.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 7D997EB6-24FE-4266-8252-F02BBD…)

SoyBoyTwinkRyan: looking at the headstone “looks like she actually got to live to the ripe old age of 40 or 50….”

Heather: “no silly! That’s…74?”

Simple math is not his forte, clearly. Guess Heather doesn’t have to worry about this one belittling her intelligence like the other Ryan’s did.

No. 1049770

File: 1601611110539.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, D2EEEFCB-F614-4971-A5D1-85ABCB…)

No. 1049783

I’m starting to think they might be perfect for each other after all.

No. 1049788

I’m calling FemRyan

No. 1049791

His face is 45% nose. I wonder why Heather keeps saying she is dying with him but then turns around and seems happy again. Which is it Heather?

No. 1049849

The part of Heather that realizes they’re fundamentally incompatible and the part that’s desperate for a boy are at war. As long as they’re together I can expect we’ll see almost a daily mood swing from her over it.

No. 1049882

Maybe he was looking at the one on the right? I have dyscalculia (math dyslexia) and I can still figure out 1900+70 is 70

No. 1049907

It’s because Heather has borderline personality disorder. She lives in the land of black and white thinking. People are all or nothing. They are on a pedestal or are they are the devil. There is no grey area. People are not allowed to be human with flaws. One mistake and a person falls from the pedestal and becomes the enemy. One mishap is considered a momentous and life ending disaster. It’s very black and white. Moods snap from high to lows in a matter of seconds. There is no mood/emotion regulation so they can’t understand an appropriate level of emotion or upset to someone being late. They go 0-1000 and it is the end of the world. Coupled with BPD’s extreme fear of abandonment and also their usual tendencies to date people who have narcissistic personality disasters that exacerbate this abandonment problem, it’s not a great cycle. But BPD’s in a weird way feel home inside drama. They thrive on it. It’s what they know. A relationship that was smooth-sailing would feel flat and not real to them, because their whole world is an up and down roller coaster. They feel like something is wrong if it isn’t full of drama. So they will create it. They also will push whomever they are with to “prove” their love. Testing them over and over again and seeing how far they can push them to make sure they will stay with them to reassure themselves that the person won’t leave them. But the person will because no one can put up with it (and usually they are a narc type who was only lovebombing and got way more than what they planned). So yes…Heather will die alone unless she does that thing she thinks only crazy people do…go to therapy. She needs to learn how to compromise in a relationship. It’s a give and take and not just about her. But before she can even do that, she needs to work on herself. She doesn’t appear willing to do that or even acknowledge the problem starts with her (and I mean really acknowledge the problem is her…not play up “is it me” for the IG oscars or something and then delete her post twenty minutes later).(armchair autism)

No. 1050113

I just saw the video were SoyBoyTwinkRyan opens the locker thing and is terrible at math but heather states "normally bugs fall out of them when I have someone open it" so she has a routine for the many Ryan's she's been with. Lol. Cringe how he ignores her when she calls him cute and says ily.

No. 1050116

*calling him FemRyan…. I hate myself

No. 1050237

I prefer ftmRyan

No. 1050248

Ryan junior?

No. 1050296

File: 1601673194347.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x2560, 20-10-02-17-13-02-955_deco.jpg)

looks at tombstone

"Wow! He was such a cool cat!"


No. 1050298

File: 1601673311335.jpg (875.27 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201002-171618_Ins…)

Looks at same tombstone

"His eyes are following me"

No. 1050304

File: 1601674142134.jpg (708.89 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201002-172945_Ins…)

No. 1050310

imagine having this hairstyle in 2020

No. 1050325

wasn't her relationship with clayryan/gun ryan/Frankenstein a few months?

No. 1050393

File: 1601682347988.jpeg (592.88 KB, 2048x2048, 237FB85F-6348-495A-9A9D-660C7C…)

New Ryan, new digs.

Heather in her instastories: “When I have a hot, young, alternative boyfriend with an amazing fashion sense I’m kinda excited about clothes again.“

Tired of the black shirt, jeans, and boots look. Wants to “dress up” and take pictures with new Ryan.

No. 1050420

Damn he looks underaged. we sure this "Ryan" isn't a minor?

No. 1050460

>alternative boyfriend with an amazing fashion sense
are we looking at the same person?

No. 1050483


Can't she already do that with the millions of boots and dresses and tops and bags and pants she's already acquired over the last year? JFC Heather, isn't this what you did with the pastel fashion too? She collects piles and piles of dresses and fancy uncomfortable things and fills closets, just to wear jeans and a hoodie every day. Even when she does dress up it's the same shit-patterned leggings and terrible ouija tops and cheap Target boots.

Sage for blog, I might be a bit bitter because the last few weeks I've been panicking about my student loans taking forever to process, tuition coming up, lost my flexible job in the pandemic, finding another job even though I'm full time 4th year, terrified to work among the second wave because my mom is immunocompromised, trying to figure a way I can do that without putting her at risk, just to pay rent and food. This bitch. I just don't know how she can sleep at night.

She goes to work for minimum wage because it's comfortable (more hours, less $, more risk, but hey she can stare at and buy shitty Target stuff every day right?) and puts her mom and family and the public at risk, not to save up and get back on her feet or even just to pay bills and survive, but to fuck around in cemetaries and take the same photo over and over, and spend all her money playing Scary Barbie Dreamhouse in her mom's spare bedroom. She needs to move out before she puts another $500 of shitty Killstar boots on Afterpay. Newsflash: your spooky boyfriend isn't gonna move you in and start buying your avocados next week, numbnuts, don't start gleefully building that debt yet.

Sorry for the rant, this selfish mentality is so draining. Watching her slowly click that "add to cart" button on the $99 Heather boots after budgeting out my last $30 for the week really just popped a blood vessel in my brain. She knows how infuriating she is too.

No. 1050573

Sometimes I think this has to be parody.

No. 1050926

File: 1601749083417.png (2.23 MB, 980x1562, SCNSHT021710.png)

She speaks to him as though he were a child.

No. 1051027

He really took "Heathermom likes boys in flannel" to heart.

No. 1051069

Well yeah. That’s what she does. She’s manipulative, abusive, and controlling. She talks down to people and belittles them because she just HAS to be in charge at all times.

No. 1051076

You sound hurt and not saging..

No. 1051101

Hurt? By the truth? Nah that’s you

No. 1051163

alternative, with an amazing fashion sense?? more like causal style, and basic "goth" brands goes for both of them tbh

No. 1051255

File: 1601781710267.jpeg (404.24 KB, 2048x2048, 3EDF2083-E572-4DED-B810-6A1B63…)

Heather Rants in a bath towel:

- 10:00 pm and she’s complaining about not being able to see in the dark and afraid of getting lost while driving . She’s heading over to West Virginia to stay at NewRyan’s place, and even shaved her legs for the occasion.
- Says that he’s meeting her half way so she can then follow him to his place. So much for “I never want to depend on a man for anything ever again.”
- Says she’s going to explore his area tomorrow with him. Wants to convince him to take her to antique stores or any cemetery she hasn’t been to already.
- Complains about losing followers because she hasn’t been posting on her account. Says she doesn’t want to take anymore pictures since she has a ton of pictures to edit from the wedding and can’t have any distractions.
- Promises to start her YouTube comeback (again) after she’s done with the editing of the wedding photos. Surprised she even wants to that since she admitted she only wanted to come back in the hopes she’d find a spoopy boyfriend through it. Maybe she’s keeping her options open.
- Immediately follows this with “I’ve come to accept that my career is a YouTuber is over. Everyone fucking hates me over there. I lose hundreds of followers every time I upload because people want to punish me for the fact I’m not making the type of content that they want from me…because I left my ex and all that craziness.”
- Shameless plug of her TiKTok…says “it’s where I’m starting over.”
- “I’m so excited guys! I’m going to see my boyfriend. A fucking guy who actually wants a relationship. We’ve only been dating a week but….who knows maybe he’ll still fuck me over. But we will see when we get to the one month mark.”
- Says she has a good feeling about this Ryan, says it feels as if she’s known him forever. Mind you she said the same thing about Ryan Z and every other Ryan after him.
- Proceeds to show everyone that she’s bleeding because she doesn’t know how to use a razor.
- Goes on to rant about how the haters said she could never shoot a wedding and that she proved them wrong because the pictures are cute and the client likes them.
- Admits that this wedding showed her that she has things to work on.
- Claims that she gets soooo many messages from people telling her that they’re not intimidated by her and blah blah blah. Once again doesn’t show us the receipts which is odd coming from such an oversharer as herself.
- Says that the haters are threatened by her and her growing and that they can’t control her anymore
- Says she no longer listens to the haters and instead follows her own heart. Ends with “you lost, I won” followed by her sticking her covid- laced tongue to the camera.

No. 1051640

File: 1601837694479.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, E6F9A1D9-2FFF-4374-A04D-1F0369…)

- Spent $130 in an antique store on an album filled with tintypes and other stuff.

- Claims the owners of antique store were “mean” and not talkative even after splurging so much.

- Boyfriend didn’t like the antique store and “it broke my heart because, like, this is what I do.” Trouble in paradise already…

- Went to a cemetery where she came across a grave restorationist. Got her thinking about doing that back home because “that’s all I want to do. I want to clean up these places because people don’t give a shit.” Restorationist volunteers for this and doesn’t get paid so I don’t think Heather has thought that one out fully kek.

- NewRyan was not into it at all and Heather is hurt by it.

- “I’m not the typical goth girl. I’m basically a basic white bitch and like I talk to dead people…..”

- Wants to get more into cemetery exploring but “hard core” because that’s where she’s happiest.

- Says that “she has to accept that she may never be happy with someone” just because they’re not into antiques or cemetery crawls.

- “I’ve pretty much accepted that I’ll never be a or tidy the Pittsburgh or West Virginia urbex paranormal community….two years ago I wanted to leave this area because I got dumped by the guy who I thought was my soulmate. And I still think that even though….I was never enough for him and he’ll never take me back, and now he has a new girlfriend like omg good luck honey, you’re gonna need it.”

- Clearly still keeping tabs on Ryan Z. Clearly not into new Ryan whatsoever and he’s only a placeholder until she can get Ryan Z Back.

- Loves her area and say Le she won’t let memories or boys who broke her heart ruin that.

No. 1051663

Any idea what FemRyan's interests are? No? It's all about Heather as usual. It seems FemRyan actually likes her, so maybe she should put more effort into learning…anything? about him? relationships are a two way street.

Armchairfag above does seem right about the BPD, she goes from hot to cold with this guy within the same day/hour.

No. 1051683

I just looked up Ryan Z's new girlfriend and they just announced they were dating on September 29. Heather is continuing to stalk him even though she has a new FemRyan.

Does anyone notice that she is happy until she spends time with FemRyan? She always leaves saying that he isn't into her lifestyle and she will die alone. She then takes a few days off and is madly in love with him again.

No. 1051698

She always refers to guys breaking up with her as ‘fucking her over’…like it’s an aggressive act against her and not just what normal people do when a relationship isn’t going to work.

Also man, she really thinks she’s deep and fascinating because she does exactly 2 things.

No. 1051720

File: 1601844634254.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 053D0D83-D0CC-463D-A1CA-64C882…)

One minute she’s moaninh about FemRyan not being into her interests and her not being happy with anyone who isn’t into them; next minute she’s holding hands with him and walking trough a cemetery.

No. 1051735

File: 1601845408930.jpeg (810.09 KB, 750x1038, E3036122-2B86-41E3-A52E-AA274F…)

cringe at her still being hung up on Ryan Z. when she already has FemRyan. Get over it Heather. Ryan Z. had long since moved on.

No. 1051796

I feel so bad for the new Ryan. He seems sweet and he's trying so hard but this is all just an attempt to make Ryan z jealous because she's jealous of his new girl.

The kid is just as cringy and clueless as her. He's perfect for her. She won't put in any effort to make this work. She's not as attractive or interesting as she thinks she is. Put some work in for once in your life Heather.

No. 1051848

File: 1601858979547.png (1.26 MB, 772x1380, Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 6.50…)

can someone please tell this bitch how to wear a mask?

No. 1051853

She's wearing a chin diaper.

No. 1051854

She’s literally been sucking the face off of a a stranger she only met a week ago and she’s now all of a sudden worried about covid? Kek

No. 1052364


No. 1052365

File: 1601923159304.jpg (246.38 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20201005-144000_Fac…)

No. 1052372

She says that, but in a week she’ll be crying because she’s sooo lonely again

No. 1052384

just watched that episode today. Lols

No. 1052394

You work at target??? Grave yards aren’t extreme is just literally a place where people are buried.

No. 1052399

Bitch you live at home and cry on Instagram 5x a week. Your lucky that young boy offers his free time seeing your miserable ass instead of playing minecraft at home with his roommates.

No. 1052401

she finally gets a boyfriend and then wants to break up a week later because working at target, browsing antique shops, and visiting the local cemetery is an "extreme lifestyle"? This new Ryan dodged a bullet

No. 1052455

File: 1601930593892.jpg (55.49 KB, 1079x371, Screenshot_20201005-164430_Fac…)

Bye femryan

No. 1052473

Nooooo it was going to get cringier by the week. What kind of ryan will the next one be? I wanna see a machoryan

No. 1052478

aw looks like soyboyryan was too normie for her, was really looking forward to the cringe of her trying to convince not only herself but us that she's found the one™

No. 1052489

And just yesterday she was saying fuck you to the haters because everything in her life was falling into place kek

Who is the loser? Still you, Heather.

No. 1052490

Looks like she deleted that post saying she was single. Did she have pics of her and soyboyryan on her FB? If she did, they're gone now lol

No. 1052495

She’s wiped Instagram of all traces of him too.

No. 1052501

File: 1601934193622.jpeg (794.59 KB, 750x1110, 19DCA32C-181C-4318-9513-319F13…)

No. 1052504

She is so fucking dramatic kek. Guess FemRyan wasn't Ryan Z enough for her.

No. 1052509

Jesus Heather what the fuck is wrong with you?! Why tell the guy you love him and then talk all this shit about how boring he is and then dump him. You can just date people without making such a huge deal out if it and going 0-100. If you just took it slow like he wanted to, you wouldn't be looking like an asshole right now.

No. 1052523

Posts of SoyBoyTwinkRyan are still up..well videos atleast. Where they are holding hands on some cringetok video and the ones were he is bad at math. The "I'm single" post is still up. But maybe they will get deleted also.

No. 1052533

Such a good tinfoil question…… lets go with NaturalRyan and he’s super vegan with dreads

No. 1052546

File: 1601938507574.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 80B0548E-7C00-4785-A1BE-6F739E…)

Heather’s “mental breakdown” (since deleted):

-“well guys looks like I’m probably single again…”

- “I have such an extreme lifestyle…it’s not fair dragging others into it.”

- “im a freak”

- “I’ve come to accept that im always going to be alone.”

- “I still deal with a lot of trauma, heartache over past relationships throwing me away like I was fucking trash.”

- “im never good enough”

- “I don’t trust the intentions of anyone that gets close to me and I’m just going to protect my heart…”

- “I’ll never get a chance to win long lost loves again”

- “I can’t change because changing means not existing..”

- “I will love alone, explore alone, love my things alone…”

- “it s not fair dragging someone into my extreme lifestyle…..I can’t be with someone who just wants to hangout, play video games and drink. When I do those things I feel like I’m DYING.”

- “It’s very isolating being me. No one understands and everyone just wants to destroy me or like change me. And I don’t want to change.”

- “fuck the fuckboys. Fuck love fuck being close to humans.”

- “I haven’t gone exploring because I don’t have a partner and I didn’t want to go alone because that’s dangerous but fuck it I’m going alone and taking my pictures.”

- in conclusion: “forever alone.”

No. 1052559

Damn I feel bad for her

No. 1052566

Do we know she dumped him? Maybe he dumped her after he got tired of her forcing all her hobbies on him and public ally bitching about him on her stories. Heather seems to depend to actually do the dumping. I could see her complaining about him just so he would have to do the dumping and she would get to play the victim.

Is she really claiming to be traumatized just because people dumped her???

No. 1052573

I think she's saying the trauma is how no one enthusiastically does every single thing she wants at any given time, unless I'm misunderstanding Heather Explains.

No. 1052580

>I can’t be with someone who just wants to hangout, play video games and drink. When I do those things I feel like I’m DYING.

>everyone just wants to destroy me or like change me. And I don’t want to change.

Why does this bitch think that doing something her partner wants to do once in a while instead of only doing want she wants to do = trying to destroy/change her? She feels like dying if she doesn't get her way 24/7? Fucking date your hand, Heather. No one in the world is going to want to do EXACTLY what you want to do all the time. FemRyan did all the shit you wanted to do, heaven forbid he wants to do something else once in a while. He's not trying to kill you or change you by asking if y'all can just sit on the couch and watch netflix one evening, lmao.

No. 1052651


I genuinely am starting to think her aversion to media or consuming anything that isn't a constant stream of Nikocado Avocado is starting to affect the drama center in her brain. Movies and TV can be really grounding, as you take in perspectives that are usually bigger than what's happening around you, and are exposed to many types of people and situations, especially stress and tension. It's not necessarily this vapid, Hollywood thing she seems to label it all as. Telling stories to each other is one of the oldest ways we process the heaviness of being a human and figuring out our role in our own world. It's an easy and packaged dose of perspective and empathy.

Someone as self absorbed as Heather obviously doesn't care about seeking out other perspectives, or travelling to take in culture, or realizing people live their own lives, or reading a darn book, or living for anything but her own selfish image of what she wants to be. She is content to live in a world of her own design where the only things she intakes are curated to match her existing beliefs and thoughts. Almost fascism-level of anti-growth. Youtube drama, and aesthetic without history or true knowledge, she takes in things without any critical thought or expansion at all. This doesn't work for any trying to create art. She doesn't even seem interested in learning about the people in the photographs she collects… the people are just hollow decorations to her.

Anyway, sorry to armchair. These new developments are fascinating. Never change, Heather.

No. 1052682

“extreme lifestyle” my ass. “extreme selfishness” more like it.

No. 1052684

- "I feel like I'm DYING when we aren't doing exactly what I want to do 100% of the time we are together. Doing normal, chill activities that sane ppl do is NOT on the table if you're dating me."

No. 1052751

> FemRyan did all the shit you wanted to do, heaven forbid he wants to do something else once in a while.

FemRyan really did seem like he was trying hard to do what she wanted. I don't think she is going to get this lucky again with a guy bowing down to her every desire. She did seem fucking miserable every time they hung out though.

No. 1052758

File: 1601961193259.jpg (559.59 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201006-011338_Ins…)

No. 1052771

He hated being at the graveyard and Heather instantly wanted to break up with him.

No. 1052782

Does she always refer to FemRyan as they?

No. 1052810


Doesn’t she realise that if she can break up with Ryana (trying out a new name for FemRyan) within a couple of weeks because he’s not keen on graveyards then… maybe she was never “in love” with him? Rhetorical question; I know she will never realise this and will continue to push intense feelings on “men” (jury’s still out on the latest) she’s just met.

No. 1052814

Sounds like she has the mentality of a toddler. Crying and whining the moment someone doesn't want to keep doing the same thing they want to do. Heather just needs to grow the fuck up and stop being such a whiny cunt. Glad femboi got outta there before she moved into his house and started cheating on him with TheOneThatGotAway Ryan. She can't even shut up about her ex while she is actively in the dating process with someone new.

No. 1052825

The perfect GraveyardRyan could come along and she would reject him because she would feel jealous like he was better at ‘her interests’ than her.
She either doesn’t actually want a real relationship, or only wants original Ryan and this is all just a ploy to make him jealous (my extreme lifestyle is so like your’s, Ryan!!)

No. 1052851

File: 1601986928464.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1242x2301, 6867E169-858C-4BC1-B932-3534E7…)

Anyone else notice that she left up this highlight? It’s like she’s just doing this sob story because she wants him to ‘beg’ for her to come back. She probably only archived the posts so if he begs for her attention the right way, she’ll put them back up and suddenly be super in love again.

Sage because it’s just a weird observation

No. 1052862

File: 1601988541531.jpg (320.5 KB, 1080x1296, 20201006_054906.jpg)

She'll probably cry about this today.

No. 1052888

It's funny that yesterday in her meltdown, Heather brought up RyanZ's new gf and rolled her eyes, saying something like "Ugh, you should SEE the person he's dating now, good luck with that," but if you go and look at new gf's insta it looks exactly like heather's lol

No. 1052913

It looks BETTER than Heather’s. That’s why she’s so bitter.

No. 1052929

Does Heather really believe what she says about her "extreme lifestyle" and everyone hating her because she likes to bleach her hair and wear black? Does she really not realize that saying I love you on the 1st week isn't normal when you're a grown woman? I know a lot of cows are like this but with her it's so extreme.

No. 1052930

File: 1601995196736.jpg (878.74 KB, 1079x1354, Screenshot_20201006-073334_Ins…)

Holy shit, THIS is the Ryan she's been moping over?? His hair is beyond tragic, unironically looks like a balding Dwight Shrute

Then I realized he has a more successful YouTube channel than Heather's, and it started making sense. She wants to be his paranormal YouTube gf and get attention together. Heather is obsessed with her mental image of being famous and wanted, and this guy was an accessory to that dream. Yikes.

His new gf is fine and so is her insta. There's hardly any info there to dislike, just exploration photos and nothing personal, not even selfies. Seems like she's just making her own art and not interested in an online presence. The exact opposite of Heather lol

No. 1052934

Hahahahaa anon! Ryana is good

No. 1052951

Being all or nothing emotionally is the only extreme thing about Heather.

No. 1052992

GF is very pretty (why is she with uggo Ryan?) and that has to kill old Camelface

No. 1053025

Not even a week, they were saying they were in love after a day or two. It's even weirder when you remember that a week or so before meeting new Ryan she was talking about Ryan z being her soulmate. She thinks this is all perfectly normal because she's an empath, not because of her likely BPD.

No. 1053040

She's so full of shit, how many videos and photos did she post of him enthusiastically looking at graves and whatever shit she wanted?

She just runs through people too fast, like 5-7 dates a week.Then when the guy wants a day off she throws a fit. Based on what was posted ITT she's just straight up lying. Poor FemRyan.

No. 1053364


She's projecting. "Muh iNtErEsTs" is probably the only way she can come to terms with the fact that so many guys have rejected her.

She's needy, obsessive, and completely self-absorbed. It's obvious to everyone else, but the way Heather describes it she just "has too much personally" and is "too extreme". Anon was right about her emotions being extreme; she jumps to conclusions and runs all the way home with them every time. She must be so difficult to hold a conversation with because she only wants to talk to a mirror/camera and not listen to anyone else.

If you were a Ryan trying to break up with her, what would you say?
>I wish we could do things I like sometimes too
>I'm not obsessed with your hobbies, there's a limit
>I need some time to myself
>I think we're too different

Etc. All things she would interpret as "my interests are driving him away!" Even if he's really thinking "you're an insane narcissist" he probably wouldn't say it out loud.

So Heather continues missing the obvious and has to rationalize it as "my interests are ExTrEmE"

No. 1053417

File: 1602035358109.jpeg (408.7 KB, 2048x2048, 54DD9B4E-CD78-4A6A-BEF0-58EAC1…)

Heather Rants:

- has a new stalker that she’s calling out.

- Matched with him months ago on Hinged.’he’s a photographer and she talked to him for a day.

- She gave him her phone number immediately because she’s thirsty.

- “I can’t remember how our conversations went because he was probably boring as fuck.”

- “We only talked for a day because he was really pushing the whole ‘we gotta meet up. We gotta take pictures together’ from the first day and that’s always a red flag for me. If you don’t want to take the time to get to know me and are really, really, really, REALLY insistent upon meeting me that’s a red flag for me because that’s a sign that he’s a fuckboy.”

- He would spam her phone and she’d say she was busy with work. Pretty sure she’s talking about the guy in the band she previously mentioned who called her a bitch when she announced her relationship status with FemRyan.

- After a while he took the hint and left her alone.

- Until….”a few weeks ago whenever I was drunk I was very confused and thought I was talking to someone else and I responded to his texts by sending some photos of me. But other than that I have it said a fucking word to him.”

- Since then he’s tried to contact her on all her social media platforms asking her if she “wants to hook up. He straight out said that he wants to FUCK ME.”

- Only after this did she finally block him.

- “So I just want to say….Justin Fucking Jones….if you try to come here and do anything, like i said, you will regret it.”

- “And I just wanted my MALE FOLLOWERS to know that this guy is creeping on me because you guys are really protective and awesome. That being said I can handle him. If he comes here he will regret it.”

- “That’s the drama in my life. Don’t go on dating apps; it’s not worth it.”

- “The dudes I went to high school with are really insistent that I be their girlfriend…I don’t want to date you! If you didn’t want me in high school I am not going to give me to you now. Leave me alone you flicking nerds.”

- “After my dating experience with a certain blonde photographer boy in my area who turned out to be the biggest fuck boy I have ever met that says a lot. I don’t date in this town I am not going to be in this dating pool.”

- “I am actually back with my boyfriend. We broke up for a day. Well I broke up with him. It’s a long story. Mostly from OMS. But it’s fine now. But I only date outside of my area because of the disgusting dating pool here and I age that boy so much.”
- Says she’s going to be making a TELL ALL about all of her abusers; everything from Adam and the first Ryan, to her haters and the subsequent Ryans. She will expose it all.

No. 1053420

Her narrative about extreme interests is amusing considering how safe and pedestrian they actually are. The extreme part is expecting friends or partners to dedicate 5 hours a day, every day to her interests and then going online to complain about them when that is obviously impossible to achieve.

No. 1053424

File: 1602035829114.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 58EE17B4-812E-45DE-8A8F-10379F…)

She’s going expose all of her abusers. She’s rehashing the whole Adam abused me narrative, youtuber Ryan, the group of friends that turned on her, how she was blackmailed by them and how this led to her downfall from YouTube.

Says she gets called out so much for everything but her abusers got off free. So she’s not going to be silenced even though she suspects this will all go bad for her because she’s being blackmailed by them.

Sage because is the same shit all over.

No. 1053464

I would /love/ to see some proof of this so called ‘blackmail’. Her ‘abusers’ got off free because they didn’t do shit. It’s so clear she’s the abuser in every relationship. That’s why all her exes have happily moved on and she’s still struggling to date someone for a month.

No. 1053469

She deleted the entire spiel within 30 minutes. So much for being “brave” and “not caring about the consequences.”

She needs watch what she says because these so called abusers of hers can easily turn the tables and go after her legally. Especially Adam.

No. 1053474

I know it's old, but I got around to watching her old videos and it's kinda sad how likeable she used to be when she was just a gamer.

No. 1053498

hahaa do it heather, prove us all wrong!

No. 1053703

Damn, she needs professional help, and I really dont mean this as a diss

No. 1053732

just when you thought
FemRyan was in the clear he goes back to crazy Heather kek

Let the milk floweth.

No. 1053817

File: 1602089868729.jpeg (260.21 KB, 750x820, C07FE061-DA55-458B-BCEE-8C9BE0…)

Heather is following Ryan Z. on her alternate Instagram; the one she made last October when he dumped her and she went crazy on him, his friends, and got shunned by the exploring community.

No. 1053837

What extreme hobbies lmao? Overspending and loitering?

No. 1053881


She was never abused by anyone, it's pure fantasy. She got bored of her husband (who gave her an easy paid-for life (such as her dental braces), believed she could do better than him and thought she'd find another guy that would make her a more prolific & successful youtube personality. Hence where the first Ryan she initially had the affair comes in. It's my understanding that shortly after having sex with her he realised how delirious she was (it was no longer fun for him at this point) and went to her husband basically to tell him to deal with his wife. In Heathers' mind Adam turned this fella against her with lies but it's nonsense the first Ryan realised very quickly she is mentally unbalanced. This will be a common theme in any future men she meets. She's stuck on this fella>>1053817 because she can't get around the fact that he was probably never that interested in her, he probably only wanted a bit of fun but in her mind he was going to help make her a star and of course realising she's maniacal, got away from her pronto. I suspect if she gets "serious" with any other man in the future (moves in with them etc) and they tell her to get professional help she'll accuse them of abuse too, it's a cycle of repetitive behaviour with her and should be a red flag to any possible future love interests.

No. 1054062

File: 1602122332453.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 696DEC27-24B8-4AB6-BBDC-2A4920…)

FemRyan and Heather singing along to “Deepthroat” by CupcakKe.

No. 1054065

File: 1602122755901.png (902.31 KB, 933x593, heather.png)

He doesn't follow back or like any of her pics. That's actually creepy.

She's probably doing it to subtly show off her new spooky girl image to Ryan, in hopes he will want her back.

Too bad his new girlfriend is cute, spooky and normal, Heather.

No. 1054070

I am cringing so hard that she zooms in on half of her face in this pic. Does she still actively post on this Instagram?

No. 1054139

File: 1602136867013.png (1.96 MB, 976x1740, 159909202KLA.png)

and in conclusion…

No. 1054141

File: 1602137199802.png (1.8 MB, 976x1740, 159910202KLA.png)

and one last thing…

No. 1054142

File: 1602137227028.png (1.98 MB, 976x1740, 159911202KLA.png)

but wait, there's more!

No. 1054144

File: 1602137544896.png (1.87 MB, 976x1740, 159912202KLA.png)

psyche! not done…

No. 1054148

In this episode of Heather Explains, Heather was extremely condescending to the haters, zooming in on her mouth (pretty gross), and asked if there was any serious interest in a Heather Explores OnlyFans. She wants to make an OnlyFans. Fucking magnificent. I love her so much.

No. 1054152

File: 1602139216395.png (1.42 MB, 976x1740, 159913202KLA.png)

and with her last waking breath…

No. 1054155

You missed one. She deleted it too fast but she said that her boyfriend is really young and all of these young people are always leaving comments on youtube videos diagnosing people with mental disorders. Heather said she doesn't get it because she is too old.

No. 1054194


here yall go



and the stories from before that, laying the pressure on thick demanding SoyboyRyan's reactions to her many many photographs and boots and stuff. He doesn't seem to know what to say with a lot of them, really trying to be nice and enthusiastic, but she really puts him on the spot and doesn't give him much to work with, just keeps pushing the camera more into his face each time. So condescending too. I honestly got so uncomfortable after a few minutes I couldn't really pay attention anymore, poor kid. He doesn't know what he's getting himself into. He reminds me of my super shy kid cousin, I feel almost bad posting him here but Heather's the one that put him up on blast. trying to turn him into her spooky influencer YT boyfriend personality I guess.

No. 1054211

He’s an adult (young as he might be) who said I love you to a strange 30-year old tinder woman on date 2. Pitying someone who engages in such obviously stupid behavior is a losing battle. He’s willing to put up with her shit to get laid so I think he’s fine.

No. 1054247

He definitely knows what he's dealing with by now, I would love to see his phone with like 500 missed calls and 200 texts from Heather, 2 weeks in. He actually seems perfect for her in that he doesn't react to the crazy.

No. 1054256

File: 1602162718123.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, B40265EC-EAA5-4C2B-89B4-601369…)

FemRyan looks so uncomfortable feigning interest and coming up with a reaction to her hoard. She really was pushing every object down his throat and expecting a reaction from him.

No. 1054257

File: 1602162818440.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 205884D7-6498-41EA-B671-90F553…)

Also cringe at her gushing over her “favorite piece in her collection” in front of him, which she’s said in the past she bought because it reminded her of her “lost love”; aka Ryan Z.

No. 1054285

Femryan is a lot cuter than Ryan Z, Z looks like he got lost on the way to film a Frasier reunion special

No. 1054299

File: 1602167883136.gif (2.36 MB, 500x280, reface-2020-10-08-10-36-53.gif)

No. 1054300

File: 1602167907619.gif (944.93 KB, 500x278, reface-2020-10-08-10-38-52.gif)

No. 1054306

Unsaged fanart, is that you Ryan Z

No. 1054321

Honestly, that is extreme. But not in the way she thinks.

No. 1054324

Hi heather(hi cow)

No. 1054325

Why would Ryan Z, some random idiot, be scouring the gossip board of some girl he "dated" for a month? I doubt he is as obsessed with Heather and she is with him.

No. 1054326

I dont think Ryan z gets on here

No. 1054334

Yes. He gives every impression of having moved on and being fairly oblivious of Heather's exploits. Which makes her behaviour all the more deranged. He's not even leading her on.

No. 1054341

I can imagine he lurks her account, because there's nothing guys like better than girls being obsessed with them. She mentions him in some way like daily, what an ego boost. Plus he's obviously just a dime a dozen douchebag, so obsession probably is an uncommon response to him. Heather just hyperfocuses on things and imagines her life. If her brain worked correctly she'd be able to see FemRyan is a lot better than Z, but in Heatherland Z is some kinda hunky heartbreaker rather than a standard 5/10 douchebag.

No. 1054409

You sound a lot like Heather. This kind of behaviour is not "an ego boost." An ego boost is someone paying you a complement. What Heather is doing is legitimately unsettling and scary.

I really doubt he's still keeping an eye on her. But if he is it's probably to make sure she isn't about to show up at his work and force him to choose between doing his job and respecting his personal boundaries again.

No. 1054529

File: 1602184971730.jpg (141.75 KB, 750x1333, 120994931_358571371867819_3787…)

Extreme style

No. 1054570

File: 1602188311207.jpg (234.26 KB, 1080x1262, 20201008_161953.jpg)

Wanna know what a crazy person looks like? Just look below…

No. 1054582

File: 1602189465543.jpg (30.49 KB, 737x491, 5b4u4c31zgp21.jpg)

No. 1054605

>Mom, my friends say you can't hang out with us anymore

No. 1054620

I told yall it was just a matter of time before she tries to sell nudes like she did in her gaming days. She legit is just going thru every hobby ever acting like she discovered it qnd then burning thru it because no one likes her. She could do well in the hobbies if she stopped sucking her own dick and saying she mnows everything. She will never be a decent human being. She might be if she stopped saying "haters" and worked on herself instead of chasing dick. She legit is acting like a sex crazed teen who watches too much porn. Shes not pretty enough to have a sugar daddy.

No. 1054621

Ha! Great call.

No. 1054624

she probably only did this to brag about how she's an xs

No. 1054635

She’s not even actually an XS. I remember her selling her kawaii clothes and they were all Mediums or larger. And shes bigger now than she was then.

No. 1054649

She is absolutely not an xs. She's a medium at best, and that's mostly due to her being so short.

No. 1054650

She was swinging around a hanger the other day on her stories marked xs. She is desperate for people to think she is tiny.

No. 1054691

Tiny and stumpy are very different things.

No. 1054709

That hanger said 2x kek

No. 1054716

Don't you have to have a following to be successful in Only fans or whatever she's trying to do? She's bitching about losing followers. Kek

No. 1054916

Or incredibly hot. Or extremely talented. So either way she's not going to do well.

If you have a smorgesboard of porn to choose from you're not going to go for Heather's "bored housewife who wants to seduce the paperboy" vibe.

No. 1054997

Plus she's incredibly lazy. And hasn't she said before that she's not that sexual? I can't imagine her being sexy. Whenever she tries to do a lingerie photoshoot she looks awkward. Although it would bring some milk especially when she people start complaining about lack of content or when they tell her they want to have sex with her and she gets offended.

No. 1055254

File: 1602276853397.png (1.46 MB, 984x1216, 2020100945330.png)

stuck in a parking lot

No. 1055257

File: 1602277092117.png (1.53 MB, 984x1216, 2020100945725.png)

but she's got a plan

No. 1055259

Her life is so boring. Imagine the shit she doesn't put on instagram.

No. 1055273

File: 1602278643913.png (1.39 MB, 984x1216, 2020100952422.png)

made it home. oh, life's travails.

No. 1055326

Jesus. Does her mom write her adress on a note and pin it to her jacket?

No. 1055342

Heather is complaining again about how she doesn't feel a connection to anyone. She no longer wants to be with people. She wants to be alone. Trouble in paradise already.

I have a theory though. I think that this guy is perfect for Heather but because he does anything and everything she wants to do she doesn't feel anything. She likes the chase. That's why she loved Ryan Z so much. She literally chased him! She went to his work unannounced. She became friends with all of his friends. It's all she wants.

No. 1055381

File: 1602286947692.jpeg (454.48 KB, 750x1049, 08649DEA-0F33-4578-9D48-3AEFC6…)

It’s part of
>the evolution of me
>not gonna let these motherfuckers win

I have so missed my favourite narc

No. 1055515

All her tiktoks are just reused old garbo… To lazy to make actual content lolol

No. 1055522

Can confirm. I bought some of her clothes (prior to realizing her scuminess) and she is 100% a size M. I had to alter everything I bought from her because I am an XS/S. And she has definitely gained weight since then so she's got to be a larger Medium at least, if not full on size Large. Maybe she thinks if she says she's a small enough times, it will come true.

No. 1055524

File: 1602302636948.jpg (210.73 KB, 1049x581, Screenshot_20201010-000408_Fac…)

Smells like a reason to dump femryan and find new "love interest" to mooch of from

No. 1055546

File: 1602306245335.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, D6743C8B-5BE1-4CCB-87EB-77BEAE…)

Yet another shelf organization video.

“So the astshetic I’m goinh for is abandoned 1800s mansion in the woods? I don’t know.”

More like Hoarders. just as with her toy collection she has no clue how to properly display her collection.

No. 1055562

Every single story of hers today was just her being a narcissist and also a lot of complaining, as per usual.

No. 1056607

>>1055326 She needs to learn how to use a GPS unit that comes installed on her phone and program in her home address to it

No. 1056800

File: 1602477068186.jpg (919.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201012-002503_Fac…)


No. 1056801

File: 1602477106264.jpg (195.43 KB, 1080x423, Screenshot_20201012-002539_Fac…)

No. 1056827

I’d be lying if I said her sudden radio silence didn’t worry me a little, so thanks for the update anon. Anyways

>I broke up with my boyfriend too many times through this

>he told me I was the one

I’m sorry. Is Heather actually the smart one in this relationship? This isn’t just thirst for a woman’s touch, this man is so stupid he’s a danger to himself. Or, just tinfoiling because what other explanation is there, he’s been a lurker or poster since the start and not ready to give up being a part of the story… but he’s probably just an imbecile.

No. 1056898


Yeah a few weeks in. If he's saying that she's the one already, maybe they are perfect for each other. Hot dang. There really is someone for everyone.

Knowing Heather she'll find some way to sabatoge this as quick as possible though.

No. 1056900

I feel like there's a lot of self-awareness and sense in this update. Good for you, Heather.

No. 1056931


She’s already been doing such a good job of sabotaging it, though. She’ll have to make a really spectacular job of it to screw this one up it seems. Or she needs to find another Z that she actually has feelings for to make one of her dozen breakups count, because she’s clearly not going to stick to ending things with this warm body as long as she doesn’t have another lined up.

No. 1056994

She calls herself a creative but has said in the past she prefers tiktok over YouTube because it’s basically less effort and work. You’d think that a creative would care more about creating something good than creating something quick and without any effort because it would make them more popular.

She’s only had like one TikTok go viral anyway so she should get too excited about it.

The videos she’s posted of him make him seem like he’s kinda dumb, especially since he willingly told her he loved her on their second date. Maybe heather isn’t that interested in him because he’s as batshit as she is.

No. 1057018

Dumb and young? Wonder if she's his first girlfriend.

No. 1057332

File: 1602557113583.jpg (359.69 KB, 1079x943, Screenshot_20201012-224632_Fac…)

Heather a mom…glad that didn't happen lol

No. 1057358

Not sure why she feels compelled to discuss her late period publicly but good for her for taking care of her health, I guess. At least she’s talking about something that isn’t boys?

No. 1057404


Hot damn what a rollercoaster for FemRyan. Barely together two weeks and already a pregnancy scare.

No. 1057426

Well he did say "she is the one" lol homie wasn't playing.

No. 1057435

I wonder if he said that because they thought she was pregnant and he wanted to be like I’ll be there for you.

No. 1057441

Im not quite sure I understand PMDD. Is it like depressive episodes brought on due to your cycle? I always associated dysmorphia as something that makes you hate your body.

No. 1057451

So things I took from that post..
1: FemRyan already had sex with her on the first week of dating.
2:When she claims guys only want see her as a piece of "ass" it's probably her throwing herself at them as a piece of ass or persuading them.
3: She apparently broke up with the guy alot in the span of two weeks? I read that on someone else's screenshot which would b shit if she did that while having a pregnancy scare.
More reason to say she is shit.

No. 1057458

I just randomly checked out this cows insta and she just flexes her target purchases while listening to edgy tailor swift songs… she even shows off the sooper rustic and vintage threshold tags. good to know the marketing people at target are getting paid since they got heathers taste on lock.

No. 1057489

seeing as she works there she probably gets a discount and she’s able to fulfill her shopping addiction more regularly

No. 1057596

>>1057489 She gets 10% off.. kinda eh, where I work I get 20% lol

No. 1057606

It’s dysphoric, not dysmorphic.

PMDD makes everything feel bad and wrong and like it will never be okay again. It’s like a sudden internal turmoil that can’t be pinpointed.

No. 1057634


Can back this up. It's pretty difficult to manage, even when you are self aware of having it. Doesn't explain away all of her bullshit the other 3 weeks in the month though.

No. 1057640

I thought she was on her period from the very first date had with FemRyan? She moaned about it a day before she gushed about meeting up with him on her “not date.”

No. 1057641

So she will self-diagnose all these ‘lady problems’ but she can’t recognize any of her obvious issues?

No. 1057642

She’ll say anything for attention and drama that she supposedly hates kek

No. 1057650

rip my reading comprehension, thanks for the breakdown

No. 1057667

Funny how she’ll bitch about fuckboys and that Ryan that ended up booking up with a coworker; when she’ll spread her legs for the first guy to give her any attention.

No. 1057973

so she's been having horrible female issues after having sex with her new teen boyfriend fro the first time…. STDs?

No. 1058065

File: 1602631137426.jpg (57.3 KB, 1080x1920, 121443844_205288797622260_8370…)

kek sure you will

No. 1058079

lol she'll hold out 4 days max

No. 1058081

I also have PMDD & it can be confused for personality disorders. Birth control with estrogen helps a lot. PMDD doesn’t explain her behavior for the other two weeks of the month, kek

No. 1058224

File: 1602640922315.jpg (224.76 KB, 1055x650, Screenshot_20201013-220322_Fac…)

So much for "see you in a few days"

No. 1058303

So she went from over sharing on insta to over sharing on Facebook.

No. 1058363

EXTREME sharing, I think you mean.

No. 1058584

Good for her, if so. It's about time she figured that out.

No. 1058705

File: 1602697551944.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 2B5EE591-4711-4C2B-87AA-12F39D…)

No. 1058707

File: 1602697610446.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 57681CE8-BE2A-40D9-942D-AF8CCA…)

Just like every other Ryan before him was “the one.”

No. 1058709

File: 1602697733792.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 9C87AA63-128C-4556-9B6A-42A6C5…)

Says she’s into bugs but then freaks out when one tries to fly towards her.

No. 1058744

File: 1602700796193.jpg (115.24 KB, 828x192, IMG_4516.jpg)

I think he really is the one. He is playing the guitar on tiktok with an MLP toy in the background. Heather's comment is so cringe.

No. 1058751

Notice how she covered his tiktok username… I'm assuming he likes bring me the horizon lol

No. 1058752

She is trying really hard to hide his identity but he is easy to find

No. 1058756

File: 1602702209898.jpg (725.74 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201014-150422_Tik…)

Found the FemRyans tick tack…
I guess he is a FTM or??? Going off the profile pic

No. 1058762

But then how would heather have a pregnancy scare?


No. 1058765

That is true…but then again didn't she cheat on Adam also? Who knows with this chick. I guess Ryan's name is Arik

No. 1058770

Yea machoryan next confirmed, she'll wants to avoid fakeboys after this one. I am still screaming at this, i wasn't 100% sure femryan would actually be fem!

No. 1058778

File: 1602704297898.jpeg (536.21 KB, 1536x2048, C0idHB2XcAA0j1G.jpeg)

it looks like he is chest binding under the shirt

No. 1058787


Omg FemRyan is a troon? Brilliant

No. 1058792

File: 1602705342241.png (291.37 KB, 1440x1882, 20201014_155122.png)

U/arikinskywalker is also his Reddit and Twitter name. Here he says a month ago that he has a partner of 6 years that's like a roommate now.

Proof it's him in next post

No. 1058793

File: 1602705384783.jpg (759.12 KB, 1435x1045, Screenshot_20201014-154318.jpg)

Pic from his Reddit to prove it's his account


No. 1058794

I think it's just one of those filters that change your gender and I doubt he'd have a picture from before he trooned out as his profile picture if he was actually ftm. Maybe he's a crossdresser.

Anyway, he's still going to college so he's probably in his late teens/early twenties. Explains why he's so dumb and willing to deal with Heather's bullshit and why Heather hated being around him and his roommates. She probably couldn't relate to them because she's old af. Or maybe it's because of >>1058792 and she got jealous.

On his tumblr he has a few incel-ish posts, too.

No. 1058795

File: 1602705484720.png (469.15 KB, 1440x1021, 20201014_155601.png)

I think the pfp is just that filter everyone was doing a few months back. Dudes an epic memer.

No. 1058803

File: 1602705853186.jpg (766.3 KB, 1440x1969, Screenshot_20201014-160200.jpg)

Same dog.

Could this be why Heather was so uncomfortable with this "roommate"?

No. 1058805

Just looked through media posts on Twitter, not FTM.

No. 1058807

File: 1602705972941.jpg (271.37 KB, 1080x1004, Screenshot_20201014-173558_Chr…)


His name is Arik Sheets. He graduated from WVU in 2018 with a Psychology degree, so he's probably 22-23.


No. 1058813


he's probably 22 assuming he went to college when he was 18 because heather mentioned he's a cancer so his bday was in June-July

No. 1058814

File: 1602706322400.jpg (94.27 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20201014-161338_Chr…)

Has to be this fool

No. 1058815

Back up with Anons post born July 97

No. 1058838

File: 1602708104516.png (2.12 MB, 1242x2688, BCD061B2-857A-4D83-B1E5-FF877E…)

Femryan is somehow simultaneously an inc and an SJW?

No. 1058839


No. 1058865

Has it even been a month?

No. 1058885

Damn you're right. Only been 20 days. My bad, gonna delete.

No. 1058887

Sounds like a fuckboy to me. If Heather blew a lid over that other Ryan who was clearly just a “friend” hooking up with a random coworker of hers I can only imagine how she’ll react to femryans escapades.

No. 1058895

They don't even follow each other on social media it seems. So when they do who knows how that will go because I know damn well she's gonna snoop thru old posts of his.

No. 1058988

File: 1602721156767.png (1.21 MB, 1036x1364, Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 7.18…)

judging by his Tumblr account pics from 2014 I'm not sure if he's actually ftm?

No. 1058989

File: 1602721428970.jpg (68.92 KB, 720x540, 230217_169628849760300_972285_…)

samefag, here's one from 2010

No. 1059012

So it sounds like he is in a mostly asexual relationship with someone he lives with, and after being called out for it being weird on reddit he rejoined the dating market, thus: heather

Adds a whole weird new level to things, but men trying to date while still living with their "ex" is unfortunately common.
It definitely explains why Heather did not enjoy herself at his house.

No. 1059077

I like that we learned more about him in one day than what Heather has in a few weeks.

No. 1059162

Of course he’s not, anons have just been tinfoiling hard about it for some reason. Just because he’s skinny and not very masculine looking doesn’t mean he looks like a woman at all. Did people here actually, seriously believe he was? Heather would NEVER date someone not 100% biologically male and identifying as such, she’s too dick obsessed.

No. 1059281

Psychology degree? Really? Either he earned it by blowing his teachers, or he wants to make Hagther a "project."

Or make his roommate/ex jealous? Super clingy girl to show all the PSA?

Agreed. It was always obvious that he was a cis dude. Remember the look of utter disgust Heather got on her face when saying she was bi? Het cis cock is all she'll go for.

No. 1059338

Just because he has a psychology degree doesn’t mean he won’t make retard decisions in his personal life. He looks kinda dumb so I think it goes beyond him wanting to make the ex jealous. After being dumber multiple times after dating someone for less than a month, a normal person would realize that their girlfriend is psycho but he chose to stay with her so obviously has a couple of screws lose, too.

I find it interesting that his reddit posts were talking about how sex isn’t important and he doesn’t enjoy sex and heather has said something similar, yet apparently they already had a pregnancy scare.

No. 1059343

File: 1602776143589.jpg (37.87 KB, 828x195, sk.JPG)

samefag but looks like he has a lot in common with Heather.

No. 1059408

Probably why she keeps saying he's the one…even tho they broke up in less than a week or so. Lol he said she's the one now she's saying he's the one.

No. 1059416

>ugly as sin

No. 1059418

Wait so this guy made the post a month ago (one above me that anon quoted) him and heather been together for 2 weeks or so now. Not to mentioned she's been talking to him prior the dating… So this fool quick to jump on relationships like her.. more reasons they're meant to be… Both dip shits.

No. 1059419

A lot of very crazy people study psychology!

No. 1059488

Agreed. A lot of them want to fix themselves. I've worked with a lot of college students and psych majors h as ve a reputation for being crazy and dramatic.

No. 1059533

File: 1602799368582.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 4B310669-0360-4241-9860-69DB94…)

Date/fuck night with the bf:

- puts it into the universe that all of the forthcoming tiktok coupel videos will destroy her current relationship because that’s just her luck.

- says that she always put a lot of effort in her past relationships or dates with looking “sexy” and presentable only to get dumped.

Didn’t try as hard with this one because “whatever,” didn’t expect it to last.

- but she says she finally feels comfortable in the relationship to put on make up for him tk show that shes “fucking hot.”

- wonders what’s the point of make up if she’s only going to take it off along with her clothes later.

- says that because her boyfriend is younger (23)and she’s a hag, the competition for him is fierce. Feels she has to compete with younger, more atttactive (and sane) girls so she has to put in that much effort to her looks.

- proceeds to badly put on her face of make up with mostly Jefree Star products. She watches all these beauty gurus on YouTube you’d think she picked up a skill or two from them.

No. 1059554

Women fiercely compete for men?

No. 1059558

Of course they do anon! Women are all bitter bitches, fighting each other over boys, tooth and nail. God, what I wouldn’t do for a winner like

>skinny boy in Walmart band tees

>quoted saying he’s “ugly as sin”
>living with his ex
>hobbies include games and anime

Like, SWOON. Heather better be grateful I’m not in her area or she’s have even more competition!

No. 1059559

Sorry, forgot to sage. I can’t help but wonder if living with his ex has anything to do with Heather feeling this way. Probably not, she’s always hated other women and seen them as competition, but I don’t think she mentioned it so openly for the last relationships, and they were overall more conventionally attractive than A.

No. 1059560

This is some gimpgirl tier "getting a man is very difficult actually" cope to make her feel better about being the rare omega female

No. 1059599

Is this why she’s buying him clothes? Beachside she’s trying to compete for her ugly loser boyfriend?? I bet everyone wants your ugly as sin boyfriend who was fired from his job for smoking weed and who has cheated on an ex he was still in love with while in a 6 year relationship with someone else and whose currently in a relationship with a crazy bitch who he told her that he loved her on their second date. What a winner heather, congratulations.

No. 1059657

Now, to be fair to femryan's dumbass, he was probably like, 16-17 when that "relationship" started. Which would explain his own obliviousness to Heather's crazy ass or he's just an incel looking to fuck a goff gf, since he probably doesn't have enough experience to know:
>chicks don't say I love you after the 2nd date
>chicks also don't bitch about your relationship publicly on social media
>breaking up after a week of lovebombing isn't normal
>your partner waiting to see if you last A MONTH is not in the least normal
I patiently await the femryan cheats on heather arc and the subsequent ree'ing she'll do afterwards.

No. 1059751

But he’s 23 now so he should know better. Most of the things I mentioned in that post were things he’s posted on reddit with these past 3 months, including still talking about an ex from 6+ years ago. I do think heather has met her match and I can see a lot of drama ensuing when she finally gets tired of putting makeup on him and he’ll get tired of her psycho antics.

No. 1059815

File: 1602850174676.png (14.43 KB, 1146x128, lmfao.png)

I admire your optimism anon. My tinfoil is that FemRyan's ex is just as bad as Heather, and that's why he's not noticed all the red flags.

Even if the relationship started at 16-17, they continued to date for SIX YEARS - assuming they were both the same age, they both should have matured an insane amount. The fact that he's fine with this middle-schooler romance is weird to me - all of the things you listed would be normal for a tween to do in their first "relationship", a little kooky for a 16-17 year old, and fucking insane for a 23 year old.

>It was always obvious that he was a cis dude. Remember the look of utter disgust Heather got on her face when saying she was bi? Het cis cock is all she'll go for
lol I dunno if Heather's outright homophobic or just misogynistic, but I wonder how she'd feel knowing her bf is cool with admitting he'll ho himself out for stuff, pic related.

No. 1059818

File: 1602850705354.png (128.67 KB, 746x1852, hahahahahaha.png)

sage spamming some of the new Ryan's autism from reddit because holy shit they are NOT compatible - I left out all the anime/naruto sperging but oh my god this guy is a horny memelord who is obsessed with pop-culture, wants to date a "more experienced woman" because they're a better lay, and I'm like 90% sure the reason why he doesnt care about having sex regularly is because he didn't like "putting in the effort" with his ex. Nobody posts this much about sex on reddit if they don't care about it.

No. 1059822

File: 1602851737796.png (149.96 KB, 628x1770, imdone.png)

I was gonna keep snooping but once I read that he shaves his balls every goddamn day I noped out. The guy a stoner who is obsessed with South Park and PS4 games, I have no fucking idea what Heather's seeing in him. He sounds like the antithesis of the spoopy boy she wanted.

No. 1059828

"novelty purposes" smh

No. 1059833

"the boys can always use a good scratching" was never something I thought I'd read with my own two eyes

No. 1059835

File: 1602853915686.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1217x866, ohno.png)

ok I went to check his tumblr and he clearly has a "type" and it's not Heather. Slim, dark haired, heavily tattood goth girls. Pic related, its a small selection of his tumblr reblogs - half of these are from porn tumblrs with names like "fappqueens".

No. 1059837

I think worst was him calling his gf at the time ugly as sin, can't wait to see his posts about ex heather

No. 1059838

Won't be surprised if this guy has a suicide girls subscriptions. But this guy comes across as someone who claims to get laid but only shares fantasy stories. It's just the vibe I get from Anons reddit screenshots. Fuckboi with little to no experience.

No. 1059849

If that ugly as sin post got deleted then forsure he reads the posts. Better get the screenshots before he deleted more lolol. What a pussy.

No. 1059875

File: 1602859561007.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 946C8FB3-B912-4416-83F7-7A6A67…)

Cringe and you living your high school dream at 30 years old.

No. 1059891

File: 1602861647744.jpg (44.48 KB, 640x546, IMG_1286.JPG)

FemRyan looking like a bootleg version of the Tokyo hotel singer lol

No. 1059939


No. 1060073

File: 1602881010991.jpg (541.51 KB, 1079x1233, Screenshot_20201016-164500_Fac…)

Cringe fest videos and ILYs thrown around

No. 1060078


Femryan looks like he could be Heather's younger sister lol. Disgusting.

No. 1060080

Is that a fakeboi?

No. 1060084

He looks like a they/them

No. 1060103

File: 1602884505293.png (629.19 KB, 760x892, Screenshot_20201016-174222.png)

This looks like an awkward family photo of a mother and son.

No. 1060108

Why does Heather's face look like a foot on the pic above?

No. 1060116

Is that a jewish Shane Dawson?

No. 1060140

FemRyan knows about us on lolcow, I have a feeling

No. 1060145

File: 1602889346628.png (114.18 KB, 1440x653, whoops.png)

Samefag, if you search his username on Google, lolcow shows up.

No. 1060157

>All guys wanna do is smoke weed and watch the office!
>Guys are only looking to fuck!
It's basically confirmed they're both rebounds/easy lays, so how long we betting heather finds a REAL spooky bf to dump femryan for? Or alternatively, how much we betting femryan still has his tindr and is still looking for a real goth gf to dump heather's hot topic looking ass.

No. 1060209

File: 1602898942516.png (1.49 MB, 952x1544, 120590_3525.png)

The moment realization sets in that the jacket doesn’t quite fit and buttoning after a long exhale may be the only option. Awkwardly tries to fake it out, gives up, goes in for the kiss.

No. 1060213

File: 1602899573200.jpg (693.3 KB, 1079x1910, Screenshot_20201016-215144_Fac…)

More like…..fuck how the fuck am I gonna take this tight shit off.
This is the moment his few neurons were trying to compile a decision on what to do next. And it was go in for a hug or whatever to make heather cut the camera off.

No. 1060225

He looks like Paul Dano

No. 1060270

File: 1602907415332.jpeg (557.8 KB, 750x1108, 264902CE-9B2C-449E-8CE6-3C690B…)

Trouble in paradise again?

No. 1060271

File: 1602907470565.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, D7CFB231-BEE6-4CCF-AE03-5CFAD4…)

Son loves his mom.

No. 1060283

File: 1602909422364.jpg (76.49 KB, 640x1136, 121684267_1521180158092957_105…)

When mom does your makeup and forces you to do a fashion show

No. 1060296

At this point it's he is just her play thing… Her personal real life Ken doll lol I guess she's tapping into her BJD days. Lol

No. 1060297

Tegan & Sara don't look happy.

No. 1060368

I love how she quotes herself at the end of her speech, like she's some notable public figure.

No. 1060375

Literally cornered.

No. 1060379

she’s playing dress up with him like she’s trying to convince herself she’s into this.

Can you imagine if original Ryan even texted her or gave her a sliver of the time of day? FemRyan would toast.

I would love to see her trying to emotionally cope with a situation of both Ryans being in the same physical place with her. Would she try to maintain the facade of being into 2003EmoRyan to try to make OneTrueRyan jealous? Or would she just crack and totally ignore her current Dress-Up-BoyfriendRyan and fawn all over BaldingChadGhostBotheringRyan like we know she would want to?

No. 1060443

Depends if his girlfriend is still around. If so she would at least pretend that placeholder I-can't-believe-it's-not-Ryan is the one and only Ryan for her and she is TOTALLY happy. But if Ryan Z breaks up with his GF Heather will toss paperdollRyan as soon as he even breathes in her direction.

No. 1060452

Already deleted.

No. 1060486

Her citing herself is the cringiest shit I've seen in a long time. Too bad its gone

No. 1060583

Why does heather buy all this useless weird crap from thrift stores? Like I don't see the point or purpose as a collector items? I mean her BJD phase and toys I could understand for resell value of she ever did change her mind but for this old weird shit I don't.. if she ever grows out this phase she will have a hard time getting rid of them for the price she paid for them. I heard she still has her toy shit but I'd find it easier to sell that.

No. 1060586

To fulfill her narative as a spooky goff gf. Shes the strangest most creepy angel ever obvi

No. 1060607

Dying for her to offload the toys but she never will at this point. She can say that “wasn’t the real her” and she doesn’t care for them but she is too materialistic and hoarder to sell them tbh. Even the clothes she sold were the shit ones.

No. 1060899

File: 1602999510353.jpg (118.59 KB, 1079x403, Screenshot_20201018-014006_Fac…)


No. 1060906

Uh, how does she know why his car ended up with eggs on it? It's near Halloween and that's a pretty common (though unfortunate) occurrence around this time of year.

She's probably making something about her that's definitely not about her.

No. 1060986

Not true

No. 1060989

Not true

No. 1060992

The car was also egged because Heather started to dress in black

No. 1061017

anyone else getting major Raven Sparks vibes from this whole scenario?

No. 1061020

You’re probably right, just another hater from Heathers past in the toy collecting community. I’m sure the perp was just jealous of Heathers sick room in her moms house, retail shopping addiction and part time Target job. Soooo pathetic.

No. 1061021

Lol wut

No. 1061029

I have a hard time believing that the ex who is "like a roommate" would feel this strongly about NapoleonDynamiteRyan. Or any woman would for that matter. Heather barely gives a fuck about him. Maybe she's trying to convince herself he's desirable?

No. 1061040

" So someone egged my boyfriend's car last night because he chosed me over his ex" I mean. In that sentence along indicated it was probably her ex lol. I mean who else? Or ex friends. Either way she knows about her so things can get good from here on out lol.

No. 1061042

Forgot to add that it seems like she made that up or if he did get egged she's just being batshit crazy and making assumptions that they (who ever egged his car) is jealous of her.

No. 1061055

Pink Hair Heather can't come to the phone right now. She's dead

No. 1061226

Why would anyone care he broke up with his ex and chose her? His relationship with his ex seemed pretty dead from both sides and he seemed like a shitty boyfriend (e.g. calling her ugly) so I don’t see why she’d care unless he cheated on her with Heather. And heather has some nerve thinking she will scare people from fucking with her when she has mental breakdowns over some petty mean shit people say about her on the internet.

No. 1061271

File: 1603049554760.jpg (152.87 KB, 1080x503, Screenshot_20201018-153206_Fac…)

So is she single now or what? I'm fucking confused with this woman. Lol

No. 1061274


He probably just didn't want to go with her this time and she immediately reverted to "I'LL DIE ALONE" mode

No. 1061292

Ah yes the stigma against antique collecting…sure leaves everyone with an interest in it totally isolated.

I can't think of a group of people more stigmatised and rejected by society (and romantic partners) than fucking antique collectors.

No. 1061366

I want to sink my dick deep into Heather's crazy pussy and feel her flabby ass slap against my pelvis as she tries to suck my soul out through my cock. And yet, somehow I am less insanely obsessed with her than you nuts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1061374

femryan found the thread, post reddit memes for him kek

No. 1061423

Seems like FemRyan feels a bit insecure about his masculinity.
Wonder if he'll still stick his dick in crazy after he's read the boards and realizes he's a lesser entry in the long list of Ryans.

No. 1061439

Wait so that was FemRyan? Lol
Damn that's some cringy shit if it was.

No. 1061444

File: 1603067734828.jpg (55.58 KB, 1079x232, Screenshot_20201018-203410_Chr…)

Feller here is broke as a joke.probably why heather buys him shit that don't even fit him. My guy was broke back at 16 when u sucked a older guys gave for a pack of cigarettes lol. Gotta feel sorry for Brian and Carrie.

No. 1061447

File: 1603068335776.jpg (903.61 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201018-204623_Ins…)

Wow…how sad and pathetic lol

No. 1061448

File: 1603068363084.jpg (1.29 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201018-204634_Ins…)

Blah blah blah

No. 1061449

Did you have a stroke while typing this anon?
FemRyan is confirmed an incel. He'll put up with her nonsense so long as she keeps putting out.

No. 1061480

love to read 19th century Englishmen writing EXTREMEly verbose shit about Hinduism

just super EXTREME Heather stuff

No. 1061608

Heather ‘fuck the normies’ Steele just isn’t like us other girls! We squeal when we see an insect but she picks them up and gives them backstories! We wouldn’t understand dusty old objects, but she lovingly collects them! We only lust after boys all day long when she…. oh.

Also if antique collecting was such a rare hobby, they wouldn’t cost so damn much. They are expensive because they are limited in demand for a dedicated base of worldwide antique enthusiasts.

No. 1061667

ugh what a narcissistic load of crap.

No. 1061668

File: 1603118231986.png (6.65 MB, 1242x2688, 755EEF53-C895-467A-80CE-257C52…)

Saged because this isn’t new milk, but it’s hilarious to me that Heather’s ‘true self’ where she’s ‘going back to her roots’ isn’t even as goth as ‘old heather’.

No. 1061674

a shirt with her zodiac sign on it? jeans with rhinestones? wow we got a real alt girl on our hands. a true misunderstood star child.

samefag >>1061667

No. 1061695

I wish she'd lined the gate up in the photos, it would illustrate her weight gain a little better.

No. 1061710

Heather on the right looks like Heather on the left's mom who is trying to connect with her child by "dressing goth." And Heather on the left is extremely embarrassed and will not let her mom give her a ride to the mall looking like that.

No. 1061718

And why is she obsessing over her "true self" as the self she was in high school? That to me is so confusing. Who wants to be the person they were in high school?
I get that maybe she had more fun, and maybe had actual friends at that point in her life … maybe? But how can you see your HS self as "who you really are?" Literally nobody has a solidified identity in their teens; your brain hasn't even fully developed.

No. 1061901

File: 1603140500650.jpg (189.5 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20201019-164918_Fac…)

Looks like she still won't let go.

No. 1061907

Took her long enough to realize that she abandoned all her friends in pursuit of dick and now she has no one in her life other than her spoopy boy of the month. A bit too late now, though. She should have thought about that before she blasted all of her friends on Facebook and Instagram.

No. 1061909

I think she’s talking about Ryan z there

No. 1062068

Agreed this is more likely. Heather doesn’t give a shit about her old friends. Notice when she was single she never, ever complained about not having friends to travel with, not even once. It was always a spooky BF, because that’s the only kind of human relationship she sees any value in.

No. 1062160

“Wherever you are…” kek as if she’s not keeping tabs on what Ryan Z isndoing, who he’s dating, etc.

No. 1062395

I can attest to this, I used to be friends with her and when she flipped shit initially she blocked me.

No. 1062409

without giving yourself away, what phase of Heather were you friends with her?

No. 1062557

When she was actively "Heather Sparkles" Once she started to have her "Meltdown" over Ryan Snefsky I was blocked and from what I understand from me poking around she did that to a LOT of "Friends"

No. 1062822

File: 1603257537205.png (1.37 MB, 980x1304, 120590_3713.png)

The ghost that haunts her room is her only friend and she doesn’t want to scare it away too.

No. 1063063

File: 1603301512314.jpg (617.42 KB, 1079x1959, Screenshot_20201021-133212_Fac…)

Uhhh not even close to any FF character… And her response to the dude is just weird.

No. 1063093

He's like a young, ugly Edward Norton but with added beak-lips. I can see this crashing as quickly as it ignited

No. 1063159


>Guy: Hey, I heard you like 12 year olds. I look 12 if I shave

>Heather: I sure do like 12 year olds

A very normal conversation, nothing to see here.

No. 1063198

Hasn’t she accused people of being ‘pedophiles’ before? How can she throw that accusation around and then say shit like that?

No. 1063226

She seems really sad lately. And not bi-polar highs and lows, just straight depressed/sad. If that’s the case, I feel for her and hope she feels better.

No. 1063269

So why are you here?

I can’t find a way to interpret this that isn’t weird and awkward. Girl what.

No. 1063344

Yup. She’s accused Adam of being one and insinuated that there was a reason why he wasn’t allowed to be around her younger sister.

Birds of a feather, I guess.

No. 1065478

File: 1603337089622.png (714.54 KB, 750x1334, 200FC986-E860-43E0-AF43-238B2B…)

Heather getsbinto more debt:

- contemplating on buying a pair of sweatpants with the ouija hoard design in either green font or pink. Wants to get the green because that way she can share with the bf; but she also wants to get thebpibk.

- admits that sweat pants make her look fatter.

- is going back to eating vegan only. Says she gained 15 pounds in one month and all she does is depression eating .

- says she wants to work out to get muscles. Says she sees herself having an armful of muscles. Maybe this will be the next group she tries to infiltrate only to burn the bridge within a year.

- goes on a short spiel about YouTube and that expose video she will do about how and why she got cancelled and everyone hates her. Says she has people she will have to face so she's weighing her options.

- the best revenge is that her life is hers now so maybe the video isn’t necessaey.

- purchases a bunch of killstar crap and yet another pair of black boots that will just sit on her shelf for display only.

- says she’s been wanting to dress up more masculine recently because it makes her feel powerful, so she purchased some long sleeve shirts from killstar. Probably wants to share them with the twink she’s dating.

No. 1065512

File: 1603346177990.webm (4.03 MB, 720x1280, slowaf.webm)

She must have already deleted those videos. Here is one of her boyfriend. He is either mentally slow or high as fuck.

No. 1065535

It’s not wrong to want cows to do better. I’ve had my moments where Heather seems to have small breakthroughs and I feel genuinely happy for her and want her to succeed.

Hating cows is pointless, rooting for them but enjoying the ride anyways is fun. You should try it!

No. 1065748

I don’t hate her at all but unsaged sappy shit is frowned upon in most threads, no?

No. 1065822

Hasn’t she already made that video like 50 times now? No wonder why she keeps losing subscribers because who wants to keep seeing the same videos all the time

No. 1065862

It's the only video she ever makes. It's up for one day, and then she deletes it.

No. 1065950

Damn calling her ass flabby? She doesn't have an ass lol. Isn't that also like….. insulting her? What boyfriend puts their gfa body image down like that and on lolcow? I dont like heather never have never will but she doesnt deserve a bf who low key insults her body image on a thread. No one deserves that. Especially behind their back and if he says this shit to her face she is totally going back on her "strong independent woman who was abused and won't take that again" motto. Dont be that desperate. A tiny prick like that ain't worth it.

No. 1065954

Why are you replying usaged to 4 day old bait

No. 1066110

File: 1603421482792.jpg (97.23 KB, 555x400, 15e03fea-ccd6-4951-af24-3baccc…)

He seriously looks like Chris Lilley from Summer Heights High, Angry Boys, Lunatics, etc.

No. 1067441

File: 1603597379298.jpg (134.97 KB, 1080x488, Screenshot_20201024-232502_Ins…)

Spends money on a tour to not pay attention and take dumbass pictures.

No. 1067443

File: 1603597638192.jpg (928.44 KB, 1080x2010, Screenshot_20201024-234718_Ins…)

Here's where the comment is from

No. 1067452

I find it hilarious she talked about going to this insane asylum and joked about how she belongs there and everyone thinks that anyway, but yet no one here said a thing about it. She just makes up all this hate she gets in her head I guess.

No. 1067453

You just know Heather styled him for this day out. Can't wait until his Killstar order arrives.

No. 1067465

proof she is only in it for the aesthetics

No. 1067479

imagine admitting to not paying attention. jesus christ this self centered cunt

No. 1067484

File: 1603604342162.png (841.7 KB, 1321x1180, enthusiasm.png)

Why does he look scared/resentful/like mom forced him to go ghost-hunting again and he's texting his friends about it

No. 1067740

he legit has a face like heather is pointing gun toward him instead of a camera. this is some "last photo before murder" shit

No. 1067845

She's such a poser. Imagine babbling on and on for months (is it years now?) about being a true goth queen who loves the dead and not even paying attention to the backstory of the coffin and photo on that tour. If she was really into the occult and dead shit that would have been interesting to her on some level. She's so shallow and fake.

No. 1067869

Not only that,, but her "love of the dead and the past" would be the main focus of her posts if it were genuine. She would be excitedly posting information and photos of the things she learned that stuck with her. All of her focus is clearly just on her mediocre soy boy toy. The coffin and photo are just a spoopy backdrop.

No. 1067884

File: 1603662718383.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, FF15EA64-243A-48BC-9862-F49B2B…)

Killstar order is in!

She got a heap of unoriginal spoopy shit, plus a hideous shirt that double up as his’n’her wear too. Lucky boy. Kek.

Pic related the “grave boy button” shirt that wouldn’t look out of place on Guy Fieri at a Smash Mouth concert.

No. 1067890

File: 1603663788636.jpeg (214.47 KB, 750x1334, 04E1D861-C844-4D54-8F6F-B11B46…)

The hurried attempted unboxing is worth a watch, just to see and hear her witch claws scrabbling through the packages to get to yet another pair of boots that will sit alongside all her other boots that she never wears.

Also, anyone else catching this heading-towards-2008 hair style to match FemRyan?

No. 1067891

I am seriously surprised she isn't an emelie autumn fan. They both have the "peole call me crazy but I'm extra unique" thing going on, dabble i n halfheartex faux "feminism" and enjoy showing off their tits while complaining about people sexualizing them. It's perfect.

No. 1068223

File: 1603741660004.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, C1455976-1AF5-4B69-8C6C-14F9BA…)

Mind boggling that she spent at least $600 on Killstar crap.

She bitches about so many of her purchases. She bought two of these tattered knit sweaters with oversized sleeves ($50.99 each) and then complains about those very features kek says she’s going to keep them for “photoshoots” and to dress up her “dream boyfriend.”

No. 1068230

File: 1603741811742.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 5DDDD29C-7CA7-48ED-BE45-2DF01B…)

“I know what I’m wearing for date night.”

Horizontal stripes accentuate just how wide she’s become.

No. 1068485

File: 1603757687737.webm (2.61 MB, 480x852, cringe.webm)

Heather is roleplaying as her bf on tiktok and I am living for it. Video attached

No. 1068501

Those sweaters are going to last all of two months if she wears them a few times so at least she won't have to suffer long.
I'm guessing Heather's mom doesn't make her pay rent or any kind of living expense. She's only part time at best but she spends like a couchbound QVC senior.

No. 1068561

File: 1603763441741.jpg (413.05 KB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_20201026-214735_Fac…)

This is just cringe.
Atleast she knows she has low self esteem.
Video is the guys just saying "hey there's a pretty girl"

No. 1068696

I thought she hated "fuck boys"? Those dudes looked like non-spoopy basic white guys. I can't tell if she's with her boyfriend or not half the time. She obviously still wants attention from different/more men.

No. 1068726

Honestly whenever I start to get bored of Heather's antics she finds a new level of crazy to draw me in with.

>>she gives herself a motivational speech that makes the paint peel off the walls with its levels of toxicity
>>pretends fuckboys are hitting on her (she misses the confidence rush the tinder messages gave her, most likely)

I'm looking forward to this tiktok stage, what a plentiful harvest of milk this cow guarantees

No. 1068759

This is just some random tiktok she dueted. She’s getting a self esteem boost out of a video that wasn’t even targeted specifically to her and was made solely to pander to desperate people like her. She also dueted with another guy and reacted to how hot he is. Trouble in paradise?

No. 1068762

sage for non contribution, but why doesn't she go after young military guys? they're usually quick to get married, have good insurance AND she can bring a big stwong tactical type man accessory for urbex videos. Heather, if you read this thread seriously just find a young dumb military type to mooch off of. Embrace your inner dependa

No. 1068772

not spooky enough

No. 1068829

jesus if she walked by a construction site she would probably die from happiness

“those guys think my tits are hot! uwu!”

No. 1069069


The pov is her as mom talking to herself

No. 1069589

Sage because it’s nothing new, but her recent stories of her and FemRyan going on a “spoopy” date to an abandoned terra cotta factory shows some cracks in the relationship already.

FemRyan is clearly annoyed most of the time with Heather shoving the camera in his face. When he wants to go off the beaten path Heather is clearly annoyed and forced him to come back to her so they can hold hands and she can film it. Then he says something along the lines of Heather walking more manly and proceeds to show her how girls “should walk” which is basically a runway walk.

Pretty sure once this relationship crashed and burns Heather will be saying how are FemRyan was reckless with safety during their trips, how he wasn’t into it at all, and how he tried to “change” her.

No. 1069729

He gives off an asshole vibe. He is constantly giving the camera the middle finger. Is this something a 30-year-old woman is into? They are a match made in Heaven.

No. 1069910

File: 1603928470619.jpg (578.91 KB, 828x1000, IMG_4565.jpg)

Heather's stare is straight out of a horror movie kek

No. 1069959

He asked her multiple times to stop filming him. For a self proclaimed adventurer like Heather she sure didn't want to go off trail.

No. 1069970

Came here specifically to ask what the fuck she was thinking opening her eye so god damn wide. She looks fuckin stupid, that would be case in point why she can’t get into her photo clubs.

No. 1069976

>Stop filming me you dickhead
>fuck you

true love https://streamable.com/5e3k5u

No. 1070058

Heather the empath.

No. 1070065

File: 1603945347061.png (344.97 KB, 398x708, 1.png)

9 photos coming! Heather posted these cringe photos and deleted them 10 minutes later kek

No. 1070068

File: 1603945399948.png (367.31 KB, 392x702, 2.png)

No. 1070071

File: 1603945449884.png (304.27 KB, 404x698, 3.png)

No. 1070072

File: 1603945513144.png (292.72 KB, 400x704, 4.png)

No. 1070074

File: 1603945541439.png (339.37 KB, 388x704, 5.png)

No. 1070076

File: 1603945576493.jpg (186.4 KB, 1080x1920, 6.jpg)

No. 1070077

File: 1603945609585.jpg (157.19 KB, 1080x1920, 7.jpg)

No. 1070078

File: 1603945636516.jpg (142.51 KB, 1080x1920, 8.jpg)

No. 1070079

File: 1603945682672.jpg (483.09 KB, 1080x1920, 9.jpg)

Mom Heather

No. 1070133

cant imagine still being such an eltist cunt and 31. "I wasn't like you phoney EMOS listening to fall out boy! i was a true goffik queen with my crade of filth shirts"

No. 1070134

>simply, Heather

She always had the alarming crazy eyes didn't she.

No. 1070188

She really is the living embodiment of the "it's not a phase mom!!" meme.

No. 1070210

I knew heather was reminding me of a different cow but I couldn't put my finger on it. These throwback pics are so similar to what herbsandalters constantly reposts

Both make a big deal about having a couple of hobbies that they think are so alternative. Both mentally live in the past, not really hitting various life stages at the same rate as most women their age. At least herbs has the aspie diagnosis to lean on to explain it but yeah, finally figured out who she was reminding me of!

No. 1070237

She comes off so unlikable instead of inspirational to be yourself crap. Tons of people dressed like this, Hot Topic existed then Heather.

No. 1070253

imo she actually looked better as a teenage goth- she should go back to the manic panic hair and thick eyeliner and lose the skinny jeans.

No. 1070279

Cool, so you listened to all the poser goth bands to be edgy even back then

No. 1070285

damn, teenage heather knew how to put together an outfit at least. i wonder what happened?

No. 1070310

Sorry blindanon she looks terrible both ways.

No. 1070312

File: 1603986362292.jpeg (120.09 KB, 750x859, DEEE7ED5-D5B3-41AE-9B14-1A3CF1…)

No. 1070331

A rare moment of insight from Heather, but she won’t do a thing about it. She’s a 30-something divorcée who works part-time at Target and has a fat ass and a camelface. EXTREEEEEME!

No. 1070417

Not that Anon. And she looks pretty bad. But it's the same kind of bad that legions of teenagers pull off. Teenyboppers are messy.

Her current look however is something else.

No. 1070597

>how girls should walk
FemRyan troons out when? But, in al seriousness, I can't wait for heather to claim FemRyan was a controlling asshole that never tried to ~understand her~.
God, this is shit an 18 year-old fresh out of highschool would do, not a 30 year-old woman and her male equivalent of a child bride.

No. 1070640

>male equivalent of a child bride
So a child groom?

No. 1070664

File: 1604012765804.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, F0AA9CB5-386B-4EE5-B31C-24A553…)

Heathers mental breakdown/ rant:

- it’s the one year anniversary of Heather “eating her life back” ie, getting her license.

- spends over an hour ranting and raving about how she doesn’t have to validate her lifestyle, interests, etc to the haters. She doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

- rehashes the whole Adam is an abuser script, arguing that he kept her away from working, driving, and would gaslight her.

- claims Adam charmed everyone sprung her including the fans into turning on Heather and making her out to be crazy once she started changing.

- “fuck you all for wanting me to stay in an abusive relationship.”

- “I fucking HATE that collection: I’m spending $200 dollars to store it and can never share it again because I’ll get death threats.”

- “it’s not fair that Adam gets to live out the rest of his life without any blame but the minute I show off one fucking pony I have all of you jumping for my throat.”

- “I didn’t realize that living my life for me, dressing how I was wanted, doing what I love meant that I was a villain.”

- “all the heartbreak has taught me that I don’t need anyone in my life….”

- “…but I do want somebody to share my life and interests with….”

- “I don’t let any of the hate get to me anymore ….but it still does a little’” hence
the rant.

- insinuates that she wants to post her MLP on YouTube again (for money) but can’t because she can’t take the constant hate and death threats. Says the haters have ruined YouTube for her and she doesn’t feel compelled to post again.

- “well got my mental breakdown out of my system. I regret nothing and meant everything I said. but I’ll be deleting it now.”

No. 1070673

“I fucking HATE that collection: I’m spending $200 dollars to store it and can never share it again because I’ll get death threats.”

fucking sell it then

No. 1070688

Press X to doubt she gets death threats about posting plastic ponies on Youtube

No. 1070746

Here is the full rant video. It includes Heather threatening her haters by swinging around hotdogs.

No. 1070763

File: 1604021570870.png (457.03 KB, 360x579, heder.PNG)

bless u anon

shes my favorite cow because you can see how hard she tries to hold the rage and crazy in before its unleashed in her crazy rants

bitch heather
her true self

No. 1070788

File: 1604023691022.jpg (571.71 KB, 828x1291, IMG_4572.jpg)


No. 1070951

Is she drunk in this rant?? She's acting so weird at the beginning

No. 1070960

Heather mentioned that we should have empathy for what she went through during her rant, but as someone who was "friends" with her during that point in her life, I use that term loosely because she tossed me aside for questioning her mental state and suggesting she see a therapist, I have no empathy for her. I, along with several others, just wanted her to open up and talk but she took that to mean we were calling her crazy and wanted her committed.

No. 1071075

I have empathy….for the women’s shelter she supposedly was going to donate the equivalent of her GFM she manipulated some impressionable followers into giving her. They could have really put that money into some good use.

Where’s that money Heather? We’ve seen you shamelessly show off how you spend upwards of $800 on Killstar and other material things; and yet never once seen any proof that you donated anything.

No. 1071119

Who threatened her life? I am so curious.

If she came back to youtube talking about toys I think the "hate" in her comments will just be people wondering why she cursed out the toy community and now wants views/money from them.

No. 1071150

I’ve never seen a comment threatening here or on any of her social media accounts. She loves to exaggerate anything. To her, people criticizing her is people sending her death threats. It’s the same with the Adam situation. People questioned why the sudden change in appearance and interests, and she turned it into people supporting Adam abusing her. She rationalizes criticism as hate just so that she can dismiss it without admitting to having any flaws and so that she won’t have to put any effort into changing herself.

Most people here (I’m assuming this is what she means by haters) were pretty sympathetic and realized that Adam was toxic. No one wanted her to stay in an abusive marriage and no one told her to that she wasn’t allowed to change her style. People simply wondered why she suddenly changed and started insulting the toy community. Then she started posting unhinged rants and that’s why people called her a psycho and made fun of her.

No. 1071175

Saged and apologizing in advanced for my rambling, I’ve worked all night long and I’m sleep deprived—

I do not believe heather has ever been the victim in an abusive relationship. She seems to be emotionally manipulative and abusive towards every person she gets involved with. Whether it be romantically or platonically.

Just to name a few examples:

Flashing way back to her old video of something about ikea(?) where she repeatedly waves the camera in adams face and says shit like ‘I was right you were wrong. Admit it. Tell me I’m right’ while he stood there looking extremely uncomfortable, and like a deer caught in headlights. Then she tries to dismiss it by saying ‘that’s just how we are’ despite him not looking like he agrees at all.

The photographer friend-guy who apparently didn’t react ‘the right way’ when they came out of some tunnel and she was once again shoving the camera in his face, sounding bitchy and rude because he ‘ruined her video’ by not reacting how she wanted him to.

How she called femryan stupid over and over when he got the age wrong on the gravestone.

How he repeatedly tells her to stop filming him and sounds very serious about it, but she ignores that request because she needs to use him as a prop.

She has zero respect for other people’s boundaries and she doesn’t know what consent is or how to take no for an answer. She will do anything to get what she wants, even if that means throwing someone under the bus for pity points.

Note also how she never accepts that she’s the problem or the reason her relationships end. It’s always the other party being ‘toxic’ ‘abusive’ ‘a fuck boy’ or every other excuse she’s used.

But all of her exes seem to be in pretty healthy relationships while she’s still over here moaning and whining about being alone.

Im not saying any of her exes are wonderful people, since I don’t know them, but she’s definitely not innocent here. She’s got plenty of narc/abuser personality traits.

No. 1071225

I agree that she wasn’t ever in an abusive relationship, I just think that Adam displayed some toxic traits and he played some role in the downfall of their relationship. Regardless of whether he was abusive or not, I wasn’t trying to say that she isn’t abusive herself. I agree that she isn’t some innocent victim and is definitely toxic to some degree (stalking Ryan z, blasting all her exes on social media, breaking up with current Ryan multiple times witching like a week of dating, etc). You can even see it in her friendships.

No. 1071255

I wasn’t disagreeing with you anon, was just adding to your points.

I 100% agree the stalking her exes is extremely weird and definitely toxic as all hell.

No. 1071264

File: 1604099193096.jpg (75.86 KB, 1080x1920, heather_is_an_idiot.jpg)

The self proclaimed Halloween Queen didn't think ahead and book something to do on Halloween. She is now asking what she should do as all the overnight ghost tours are completely booked.

No. 1071285

File: 1604100773081.jpeg (737.55 KB, 750x1334, 32C90D7A-754F-4CAA-BB47-4EB5A4…)

Okay but hang on, the real good shit is her doing a 20 second intro, singing to cookies, to do a pun that is the worst fucking pun in the history of puns.

What’s happened to FemRyan?

No. 1071313

How about a 45 minute IG Live rant with copious tears

No. 1071316

No one did. This is Heather we’re talking about. She overshares EVERYTHING. She’s posted priva text messages between her and her many Ryans; bigg somehow has never been able to produce a single screenshot of an alleged threat against her.

No. 1071318

File: 1604104531312.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, D79ACF38-07EB-40BA-AE91-5ADA6C…)

FemRyan who?

No. 1071347

maybe chill with, idk, a friend? Does she have those?

No. 1071350

She goes through them like paper plates

No. 1071364

She’s said her “friends” are the spirits and the photographs she collects and displays in her room. So she might as well just stay in tomorrow and keep them company.

No. 1071367

File: 1604108225026.jpg (117.05 KB, 1079x359, Screenshot_20201030-213632_Fac…)

Looks like this time is for good. It was a nice run for FemRyan

No. 1071410


Who would have thought a guy who looks young enough to be her son would be immature. Cmon Heather. At this point a bitch has to either accept spinsterhood or settle.

No. 1071418

At least she got that scary leaf picture out of him.

No. 1071419

She’s probably breaking up because he couldn’t get Halloween off from work to spend the day going through yet another cemetery adventure.

No. 1071439

Every time he says no to meeting up nearly every day, she breaks up with him. You need to have no life other than Heather.
The recent posts about being lonely on Halloween make it clear he declined meeting up on that day, probably having a party to go to or something.

No. 1071441

>12 hours later
> Hey guys! We had some problems but we worked them out, I really think he’s the one!

No. 1071442

Yeah or this, it would be extra narcissistic to penalize someone for working instead of hanging out.

No. 1071446

Samefag but:
>wants someone mature
>wants to hangout in graveyards all day

Pick one

No. 1071452

No. 1071453

File: 1604114510260.png (5.49 MB, 828x1792, 0735625E-E41A-4C80-AC3D-29BD46…)


In his room 2 hours ago

No. 1071454

File: 1604114637245.png (3.55 MB, 828x1792, B52353A0-4916-490F-B7A4-ECC2D5…)

Looks like she’s staying the night

No. 1071461

After looking at her Instagram, there's a major thing missing which is why all her efforts seem to go unrewarded.

I understand "explorers" don't share the location to keep areas unexplored, and I understand she visits the same graveyards repeatedly.

But there is no narrative to follow at all in her "art." Every photo is accompanied by a quote and no information about where it was taken, why, what is it. It would actually be an interesting account to follow if there was a story behind the photos.
>This was when I explored x on x month/week/year and discovered x

It's just random pictures with no context. The only reason I know they're even recent is from reading this thread.

No. 1071496

Why doesn't she do randonauting? It's popular (maybe not anymore) and fits her "spooky explorer" image she wants to portray. It's super low effort, unlike urbexing.

No. 1071615

Because it’s all shallow. She wants to look like a dark, adventurous lost soul, but she has no genuine interest in this stuff beyond the aesthetic. The quotes are usually related to her life with barely any connection to the photo. Photography and urbex are just roundabout ways for her to talk about her actual favorite subject: herself.

Everything Heather posts is first and foremost about Heather, her ‘art’ doesn’t have much appeal unless you’re deeply invested in her life.

No. 1071645

File: 1604147563144.jpeg (66.99 KB, 828x1445, Herewegoagain.JPEG)

No. 1071656

But is it over over, or just over until the next Instagram spergout…?

No. 1071660

Until he relents and says “fine, mom,I’ll go to the cemetery with you!I’m sorry.”

No. 1071696

Like the Ryans before him, she’s already erased him from her Instagram feed.

No. 1071697

but he was The One!!!

No. 1071700

Wait did she post this from his house/bed, or did she latergram these >>1071454

No. 1071715

Oh man. Can't believe it's been a year since "carving pumpkins while publicly bitching about being jealous of my teenage sister snd her boyfriend" Heather. How time flied.

Her mom must be glad she let her move in temporarely while Heather saves up for a deposit on an apartment.

No. 1071742

File: 1604162003982.png (548.98 KB, 828x1792, D1968014-E34A-420A-A6F1-870B62…)

incoming insta story dump

No. 1071743

File: 1604162027952.png (793.35 KB, 828x1792, 2DECA563-F1C7-45BF-90DB-9C1DDD…)

No. 1071745

File: 1604162082487.png (708.06 KB, 828x1792, 921FDA6B-360C-49D5-8734-9F2642…)

No. 1071753

I have no words for this self centered cow anymore. If you think drinking is so bad then try going for someone your own age, heather.

No. 1071756

I’ve said it 100 times, she is insufferable.

No. 1071763

She wants to date a copy of herself but she doesn't realize that it can only exist in her fantasy because she has no full control over anyone IRL - this same pattern has repeated with all the Ryanss

No. 1071776

It’s almost like dating someone after knowing them for two days isn’t such a good idea. He might have used you for sex but you used him to fulfill you immature teenage spoopy fantasy. All your relationships never work because you’re the common denominator in all of them. Change yourself before trying to change other people.

No. 1071785

Ironically, if some mad scientist did cobble together a HeatherRyan in his lab, they'd fight like dogs. Two selfish narcissists with terrible impulse control who can't be bothered to adult sounds like an absolute nightmare. They'd just accuse eachother of being abusiv3, and fight over screentime.

No. 1071793

File: 1604166253873.png (350.11 KB, 750x1334, E9C09272-A740-4E89-A0D1-3F3451…)

No. 1071795

File: 1604166281921.png (449.26 KB, 750x1334, 5D87E822-FBA7-42BB-8041-0E8E34…)

No. 1071796

File: 1604166357138.png (358.52 KB, 750x1334, 8815ED66-CB07-4516-8049-77336D…)

No. 1071797

wasn't she dumped last Halloween? maybe Halloween is cursed for love, Heather. No spoopy boys here.

No. 1071798

File: 1604166406519.png (444.89 KB, 750x1334, FB7977C6-33AE-48CD-98D9-E659DA…)

No. 1071800

File: 1604166441127.png (301.12 KB, 750x1334, F4DA9151-7017-467A-9339-E16C1C…)

No. 1071804

Dumped would infer that she was in a relationship. Her and RyanZ weren’t even together. She wanted a relationship and he said he didn’t; at least not with her because he still had feelings for his ex.

Heather went ballistic last year over something that never existed between them. It was all in her head.

No. 1071806

So they broke up cause he wanted to go to a Halloween party and Heather doesn't know how to cut loose and have fun? Her expectations are the only thing "extreme" about her lifestyle.

No. 1071812

maybe figure out if you have stuff in common before saying ‘I love you’ on the first date and jumping into a relationship, dumbass.

The fact that someone married this stunted woman-child once is a source of wonder.

No. 1071857

kek honestly that's so much better.

No. 1072022

File: 1604189166476.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 4C1859D9-F944-4659-89F9-4F79D4…)

Heather Rants:

- Well guys I’m single again!

- took me months and months and months to get a bf and it only lasted one month.

- There were “red flags” everywhere around this relationship, but more on that during the live stream tonight.

- FemRyan is “probably getting drunk at a party and fucking some girl.”

- broke up last night at his place and she stayed the night anyway.

- “the lesson is never to date anyone hat young again. He’s got different priorities than me, and I need someone that is as mature as me.”

- says she felt bad about dragging him everywhere knowing he wasn’t interested at all.

- says the only thing they had in common was the sex. And she’s not a piece of ass.

- wonders if she should go back on the dating apps again. She’s probably already downloaded them.

- this is the second most depressing Halloween of her life. Forever alone.

No. 1072036

If you're out there, FemRyan, lolcow is always willing to hear your side of the story. Your internet might be spotty in Appalachia but we can wait.

No. 1072044

File: 1604190901144.png (1.09 MB, 980x1248, 2604189166477.png)

Builds a house.

Lights it on fire.

Doesn’t understand why they keep burning down and has to build a new one.

No. 1072100


Oh fuck I'd LOVE to hear from femryan.

I'll put on some killstar and petition the full moon tonight for this to happen. So mote it be!

No. 1072113

Haha anon. Worth a try. The moon is probably tired of having to hear about heather's bs too.

FemRyan already knows about lolcow. Bring on the milk.

But in the meantime, the cycle restarts. Next will be Strong Independent Heather Who Is Just Too Unique. Then Sad Lonely Heather,and then she'll be back on the prowl.

No. 1072124

This exactly. She is so predictable. Wanting a man who you can control the movements of every day isn't normal.

No. 1072140

File: 1604198677233.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, F4F74F8D-6778-4B62-A579-F35DDD…)


So I had money on this being her Halloween evening activity. Didn’t want to jinx it by claiming it earlier, in case she dipped in here.

Jfc this bitch.

Desperately trying to make herself cry in the car. Her attention seeking level is stratospheric.

Can’t believe she is already trying to pin some kind of coercive/possessive emotional abuse on FemRyan.

Move along now Karen.

No. 1072163

She broke up with him, because he wanted to do what most adults in their 20s and 30s do on Halloween? Going to cemetery on Halloween isn't special when it's what you do every other day of the year, Heather. kek

No. 1072345

File: 1604231763558.jpg (656.37 KB, 1080x1898, 20201101_115552.jpg)

No. 1072356

Bitch, you dated for like a month..

No. 1072370

So much drama. And this is a woman in her 30s? There is no chance of her ever living in the real world.

No. 1072406

She says she's fine with the breakup but the crazy eyes say otherwise.

She really puts guys on a daily obstacle course and gets surprised when they don't come crawling back on her 250th shitfit over nothing.

No. 1072426

I sometimes wish she’d tap into what we’re saying more, it might actually do her a favour. On second thoughts she’s a favourite cow of mine and I don’t want her to stop being cringe.

Love that she’s finally picked up on the word “taphophile” and is using it non stop. It took her, what, a year or more to realise her not-so-unique hobby actually has a name.

1) We knew FemRyan was doomed from the get-go because a)child b)total chode c)Heather.

She’s now back to the same old forever alone/I’m fine alone/wish I had someone to share my hobbies with snooze fest. Hoping she finds another willing victim soon.

No. 1072491

File: 1604249674736.jpg (1.04 MB, 1440x2441, Screenshot_20201101-113335.jpg)

So she dumped him to hang out with this guy. This guy has been taking pictures of cemeteries longer than her but is somehow worse.

Heather reminds me of those old ladies that sell junk at the flea market/ swap meet.

No. 1072533

File: 1604252716957.png (3.88 MB, 750x1334, 59FBF9E6-3F29-4342-BA4D-7FB092…)

“After all the shit I’ve dealt with”

No. 1072544

ignoring the insane caption… it's the first photo of her that I've seen in which she does not look crazy and maybe even is pretty.

No. 1072547

Already deleted.

Wonder if she’s lurking.

No. 1072550

File: 1604254186290.png (1.08 MB, 1105x693, 346346.PNG)

classic Heather explains

"I don't need validation or to explain myself to anyone"
>continues to ramble

No. 1072572

She looks infinitely better like this. Her face has some actual life in it, not like that slapped arse dead shark eye look she now favours.

No. 1072671

Am I just a whore or is this narrative of “used for sex” completely off the wall? Like… Heather you’re a 30-something divorcée. Sex isn’t “teehee sexy times” anymore. Just fuck or don’t, but when you do don’t pretend you’re some nubile young virgin being tricked and heartbroken by “fuckboys” who are nearly half your age.

No. 1072677

She’s willingly having sex with these people and then tries to act like sex isn’t a normal part of most adult relationships. She has to make herself the victim in all of her relationships instead of just dealing with the fact that some of her relationships don’t work and it’s no ones fault or her because she’s a raging psycho.

No. 1072710

And being ‘used for sex’ by FemRyan, who openly stated he has a low sex drive (Reddit). I don’t but it. I bet she monstered him from the start.

No. 1072735

Okay, so she’s pinning it on the fact that he smokes weed. It’s pretty low that she calls every guy she is incompatible with a fuck boy.

No. 1072736

File: 1604272181521.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, 511F6AB2-403F-46C9-BC7D-3E4747…)

Sorry forgot cap. Pic related to last post.

No. 1072790

If they broke up on Halloween how has it been two days? Stop being so fucking sadly desperate heather. Get a grip.

No. 1072794

They broke up on the 30th but she spent the night anyway

No. 1072814

I've had some free time the past week and I couldn't tear myself away from reading through this girl's threads. They're so repetitive. It's hypnotising. She makes the same mistakes and goes through the same ruts. It's like watching a pet hamster running around its cage, but the hamster's retarded and keeps getting stuck in its wheel.

Of course she would be straight edge and angry that her teen bf smokes weed. Of course she would forget to mention that the fourth thing you gotta do to date her is D. Don't ever want to go to a party, or have your own interests, or do anything that isn't about her. She's the most shallow, stupid person I think I've ever encountered.

Everything she does is for her shitty Instagram. She's incapable of enjoying art or having meaningful relationships or having any feelings deeper than liking the look of ugly filters and her own face. She talks constantly about 'who she is' and grabs at buzzwords and aesthetics because she's so desperate to define herself as literally anything. But she's so sheltered and scared of everything, life is a foreign concept to her. It's something you talk about on your Insta stories.

Anyway it was a total waste of time to read this shit but weirdly it makes you feel better about yourself. Even though I'm wasting my time here I still got more going for me than this loser. Sage for no milk

No. 1072827

File: 1604284256006.png (938.45 KB, 750x1334, A2CB5B00-E8F7-46FD-9514-E55E13…)

No. 1072850


She gives up, guys.
JFC it's been less than 48 hours.

No. 1073160

Surely THIS time she'll just focuss on herself and decide she needs to deal with her mental problems before flinging herself at a new relationship.


No. 1073169

You must be new here lol I was also once naively hopeful she would learn from her past mistakes but she has never exhibited the capacity to do so.

No. 1073192

Pretty sure they were being sarcastic. Heather is so predictable. She will never change.

No. 1073538

I will say? I’ve noticed she’s been doing way better about keeping her private life / rambles off of social media. At least better than she was a year ago. That does show some level of growth. I love the drama but I also like seeing people do better for themselves. There’s always other cows if she finally matures to where she should be

No. 1073543

she still posts crazy stories regularly and just posted a huge ramble about her love life two days ago anon

No. 1073559

Yea she used to do it multiple times a day. I’m just saying, going 2 days is an improvement for her is all.

No. 1073563

She posts a lot at night and deletes it shortly after, she's not quiet just quick.

No. 1073572

File: 1604363044003.jpeg (416.83 KB, 750x865, C2B44038-35F5-460C-AE86-D1D963…)

Sage for non-milk but if this doesn’t apply to Heather I don’t know what does.

No. 1073580

Hagther just confirmed that she dumped FemRyan cause he wanted to get drunk with his friends for Halloween instead of being with her. She also alluded to “a really fucked up night” she had with him the night before.

No pic cause she was rambling whilst filming her old tat.

Also, she’s got a new Shillstar haul coming in. We live in hope.

No. 1073646

While she is crazy for dumping him for such spurious reasons, it's telling he didn't want to do a "celebration" day with her which he might remember (aka he didn't think this was gonna last despite his efforts)

No. 1073653

Maybe he invited her to drink with his friends and she got angry.

No. 1073702

File: 1604372187529.jpg (409.54 KB, 1079x1025, Screenshot_20201102-215601_Fac…)

RyanZ perhaps?

No. 1073801

learn to date around until you find someone to click with, don’t force every hookup into your great EXTREME love

No. 1073954

I was being sarcastic. I'm the Anon who drew the first "Heather cycle."

No. 1074226

'time to get this trauma in check' she says casually as if it's a one step thing. Several years of intense therapy? No?

She's only doing the same shit she has been doing. Every time she loses a new bf she has to either replace them quick or make a new friend to fill that void. God forbid she keep friendships and not just fall back on them after each relationship failure

No. 1075863

File: 1604620079861.png (200.2 KB, 828x1792, 31ABBF97-46CA-4C2F-98A5-E7133B…)

No. 1075866

Is it a new Ryan or is it the Ryan she reconnected with here >>1073702 ? My bets are on Damien

No. 1075877

Its literally been 5 days. Shes so dramatic

No. 1075879

I think it’s that Christopherpage person, so ChrisRyan or CemeteryRyan

No. 1075885

I actually think it’s chaseryan. Pretty pathetic if she’s so in love again after he ghosted her (unless she’s lied about that).

No. 1075888

In her latest rant, she said they were going to finally meet. That makes me think they haven't met in person yet. Was there someone she strictly dated online?

No. 1075907

File: 1604622503730.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 22D3E186-54FC-4EDA-A208-614C45…)

Rant wasn’t really so much of a rant, which makes a change. Could this reconnection with whoever it is actually be a good thing for her? Not to WK but this is the first time she has come across as genuinely happy and at ease with herself.

No. 1075920

Just listening to her rant I also think it is ChaseRyan.

No. 1075939

It’s not. She states she yet to meet this Ryan in person.
Calling him NetRyan for now.

No. 1075968

She never met ChaseRyan. He ghosted her.

No. 1075992

Frankly I’m excited to watch this wild ride no matter which Ryan it is.

No. 1076131

Aw yeah, new ryan. New Heather, I'm waiting for the shitshow that ensues. Though, if I had to be honest, apart of me really wants Heather to just say fuck it, and swear off all men for good… Only to claim the moon gifted her a GhostRyan only she can see. Complete with shitty shoops of her and her "lover".

No. 1076171

Same. Also glad we could skip the "strong independent woman" part of the cycle, since that bit is very dull.

No. 1076218

Ah you’re right anon, I’m getting him confused with ClayRyan.

No. 1076308

Yeah. Clayryan was frankenryan with the crazy ex. Chaseryan seemed like a douche to be fair, so this could get fun.

No. 1076380

Haha I absolutely remember ClayRyan just got the names confused. He was indeed FrankenRyan, plus bonus guns and hideous neck tat.
Bring on the Chase.

No. 1076530


I totally remember Chase now…and I remember why she fell out with him. She was manically love bombing him. They had some kind of loose arrangement to maybe meet up on their days off, but he ended up doing his own thing. Presumably there was an argument along the way that revealed how totally batshit she is when he said “actually I’m not gonna make it after all”.

Then they did a bit of blocking and unblocking. Then he ghosted her.
Now they are following each other again.

Reminded for anyone who needed it (perhaps only me).

No. 1077008

File: 1604737105199.png (1.32 MB, 982x1118, 2604623503711.png)

Wants everyone to know that the highlight of her life is that she’s 30 years old, works 9-5 every single damn day, finally has a day off, and gets really wild drinking lots of coffee.

note: Preceded by videos where she sounds like she’s already had tons of coffee and can’t work her mouth fast enough for her brain.

No. 1077044

She made it seem like he just stood her up and told her to meet up but then never showed up. However, in her latest rant she acknowledges it was mostly her fault. Goes to show that she’s always twisting facts to make herself the victim and everyone else the villain.

She brags about doing things like having a job and owning a car like they’re these huge achievements when post people are doing these things when they’re in high school.

No. 1077260

>in her latest rant she acknowledges it was mostly her fault
did she give specifics? We all know that she twists the facts but I am curious.

No. 1077310

No. 1077333

She just said that it was because of her pride but kept it pretty vague. Regardless, it doesn’t fit with her initial story.

No. 1077348

If it doesn't work out her ex automatically becomes a toxic fuckboy.

No. 1077358

File: 1604779231896.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, E03C060D-9E0B-4DA4-9AB5-AEBD20…)

IKR. I thought that was pretty low.

For those of you calling it with ChaseRyan, you’re right…Pic related

No. 1077381

File: 1604780472087.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2062, 20201107_202019.jpg)

Heather is so mentally ill and sheltered she doesn't understand that normal people do overlap such things - quite happily

No. 1077402

She’s so stuck in this corny and outdated prep/goth dichotomy that no normal adult cares or even thinks about

No. 1077407

She has arrested development and she’s stuck at age 12

No. 1077410

But not so long ago she was insisting that style was her putting on a front and it made her miserable.

No. 1077427

Thinks that she’s issuing a profound communique yet manages to offend people with bipolar disorder by boiling the illness down to simply not being able to choose between one colour and other, and also just rounding it up to plain old ‘crazy’ in one fell swoop.

If I could sum her up in two words, it would be clumsy oaf.

No. 1077431

File: 1604784534867.png (4.02 MB, 750x1334, 268FCB05-0611-4410-A77B-45CC7D…)

Her dog sniffed out this raccoon skull which she is going to turn into an ‘art piece’.

>it breaks my heart (that it’s been shot)

>they are such misunderstood creatures

She’s basically talking to the skull like she’s a maternal figure talking to herself. Creepy as fuck, I get the chills thinking about her weird collections, not because of what they are, but because of how she collects. Strong Kathy Bates vibes.

No. 1077434

I wonder what it feels like to be perpetually 14 years old.

No. 1077667

Heather's family is having a conversation about someone