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File: 1606597776969.jpg (890.17 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201128_144249.jpg)

No. 1093837

*Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: SAGE WHEN THERE IS NO MILK (lolcow.farm/info), no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1088260
"First" Thread: >>>/snow/344490

Recent milk:
>Lame Cowtipper (REMINDER that cowtipping is against the rules. Shay already obsessively lurks the thread you don't have to parrot it back at her on fake accounts. It's painfully obvious & cringe.) manages to get under Shayna and her number one simp J Womack's skin. Gives her an excuse to go on a rant about her psychotic haturz >>1088270 >>1088958 >>1088276 >>1088297
>Shay continues to blame her weight gain on her "meds" that she has admitted to not taking for a few months now, copes with it in her usual ways…gaslighting her mom and crying on twitter, ordering every meal on doordash, etc. >>1088348 >>1088271
>Fupa's pumping and dumping routine keeps Shay on her predictable emotional rollercoaster. Claims he was abusive while also glorifying and obsessing the same shit she calls abusive. >>1088429 >>1091472 >>1092381
>Shay bitter that attractive SW that actually put effort into their bodies get money and her "creative" content that she puts ~sooo~ much effort and energy into doesn't. New content released during the last thread is her usual videos, same costumes, themes, toys, dingy couch and star blanket (someone please put that poor thing out of it's misery) >>1088746 >>1088754 >>1088868 >>1088819 >>1089169 >>1090078 Oh and turkey video is released and put out for ~free~ because it "didn't come out as planned" >>1091063 >>1091416
>Continues to blow all her money from payouts and e-panhandling as fast as she can get it and see-sawing between "I WORK HARD SO I CAN SPluRGE LIKE ThiS" and "OH NO. SOMEONE PLEASE SEND $20 FOR DOORDASH and ReIMbuRSE my groceries" >>1090405 >>1091744 >>1092855
> The usual ANAL & DEMANDING MONEY FOR EXISTING is my personality >>1088502 >>1088839 >>1088887 >>1088991
> GaMUR GURRL E-GURL KWEEN Shay's PC finally arrived, after about a week we still have yet to see her post playing a game…just pictures of her cluttered, tacky set-up with very questionable placement of everything >>1089163 >>1089480 >>1089804
…suspicions that her PC is just an expensive prop are solidified for farmers as we learn that this dumb bitch doesn't even know what STEAM is. >>1092240
>Regularly scheduled casual suicide baiting, muh mental illness and fupa hatred venting with dirty deleting >>1090324 >>1090380 >>1091911
>And finally we ended last thread with a picture of Shaytard taped up like the ham she is by the hands of an unnamed "friend", with what appears to be a gun laying next to her…farmers suspect Fupa being the "friend" since let's face it, he's her only "friend." >>1093391 >>1093447


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No. 1093840

Thread creator here! I couldn't decide on a thread pic based on votes/commentary so I just mashed them up together to hopefully make everyone happy. A few of my links aren't proper and formating got a little jumbled there but hope everyone's cool with it. This is my second time creating a Shay thread and I'm happy to contribute towards milking my favorite cow lmao.

No. 1093842

it’s fine, hopefully it doesn’t get spoilered

No. 1093851

File: 1606599563179.jpg (181.85 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20201128-153936_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1093853

How long before she starts posting pictures of bruise and start doing the whole,"Daddy" thing again? As soon as it was pointed out fupa isn't larping as a BDSM Daddy suddenly she's tied up with pink tape. I guess thats Fupa showing he cares, by doing something that only benefits him because Shayna does not like sex.

No. 1093854

File: 1606599806619.png (85.63 KB, 1004x504, Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-28 um 2…)

Shay lowered her OF price again kek

No. 1093867

I like it! gj anon

No. 1093872

I think she said she's gonna keep it at $3 until after the holidays

No. 1093877

File: 1606601633236.jpeg (108.03 KB, 750x493, 2FEDDCB6-0D7F-486E-8BD7-BBC4E5…)

Isn’t this the hair of Fupa’s last fling??

No. 1093878


the fucking nerve Shatna has to say she won’t trust bitches with hair like that when she doesn’t even wash or comb her own rats nest.
Take care of yourself before you judge anyone else, bitch

No. 1093882

“If we reach top 1%”

No. 1093883

Yep the fat alt girl he was seeing had blue hair. That's super funny.

No. 1093888

Thanks anon this thread is great!! much appreciated

Why tweet this if you want to sell your onlyfans?? This isn’t sexy

No. 1093910

File: 1606604286512.jpeg (79.19 KB, 630x677, E4A5483B-4DDE-40B5-B156-31B1D4…)


I don’t trust bitches with these eyebrows and shit makeup.

No. 1093933

It’s funny because this thread is what keeps Shayna alive. It’s also why she thinks she’s famous. This thread has done nothing but perpetuate her delusions. She slow and thinks any publicity is good publicity she doesn’t realize she’s a joke but according to her we’re just haters and we wish we were her lol

No. 1093939

Sadly I wouldn't put it past some retarded anons to pity donate to her, even. I'm sure most end up regretting that if they continue to read though

No. 1093948

It has to be pity. It really doesn’t make sense. Maybe people really do have a gross person fetish idk

No. 1093954

I've been debating sending a couple cheap lipscrubs to her po box if that counts kek

Like no note, anon, nothing else. Lip balm and scrub.

No. 1093956

Theres a few who pity her occasionally, but then she makes a bitchy post or lies about shit and they usually take it back. That's the thing. You could feel bad for her that shes got no one but garbo Fupa in OK and her life is bleak, but she made all these choices thinking shes so quirky and shit. And she CONSTANTLY posts hypothetical shit, lies, and is just a total bitch 24/7. Tells other people what to do or not do when she doesnt have shit in her life. If she wasnt such a stubborn cunt, then maybe more would feel bad for her. She needs to help herself. And enabling her with money she'll blow on weed and garbage isn't gonna help.

No. 1093957

add some soap. Industrial maybe. Heavy degreaser. Her nails have been looking extra gross lately maybe get her something for that. how do hands look like they have foot fungus in the first place

No. 1093968

Would that be cowtipping? Cause I want to send her some floss kek

No. 1093969

File: 1606608795592.jpeg (490.28 KB, 1242x1410, 34771613-3356-46B2-92DB-FDF8DA…)

No. 1093994

Kind of but only bad if we post about it trying to create soy milk lol.

I'm just hoping she would use it and do some self care!

No. 1093995

What are the chances she actually sticks to that schedule

No. 1093997

Why does she set herself up to fail every time? Like dont post a schedule you stupid bitch. Just say "I've got ____ content coming soon!"

It would be a Christmas miracle if Shay "worked" a full week and actually completed 1 schedule week.

No. 1094000

Wait hold up
Friday MFC?? Shes gonna actually try to cam after almost a year??? Holy shit haha. That would be a real Milkmas surprise. Theres like a less than 5% chance she'll actually do it though.

No. 1094004

Barcode looking eyelashes

No. 1094007

File: 1606611246054.jpg (113.78 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20201129-004906_Twi…)

A few months lol.

Does she not know what "few" means or has she just completely lost track of time and reality?

It's nearly been a whole year.

No. 1094009

Kek I wonder if Fupa still fucks that fat alt chick on the side and that’s why she’s all mad and throwing shade.

No. 1094012

When she kept getting her twitters banned, she had one that lasted like 2 months and it eventually got the boot too and she was so pissed. She claimed she had worked on it super hard for 6 months but it literally had only been 2 months or 6 weeks
Her sense of time is garbage. She does absolutely nothing all day AND smokes non stop. Weed messes with the clock in your brain and can make it seem like time is going really slow, especially if you’re super baked.

No. 1094022

you weird bitches are the reason she thinks we’re her “fans”

No. 1094024

literally 0%

No. 1094028

IF she gets on MFC, who's ready to watch her have a break down when people make comments about her body

No. 1094031

I don't see this on her page anymore

No. 1094034

yeah she already deleted it kek took her a whole 30 minutes to lose the motivation to commit to a 5 day schedule

No. 1094039

Not just weed smoking and binge drinking, but also when you dont have any friends, plans, or a real job, time kinda doesnt matter so you stop paying attention to what day it is.

No. 1094044

This post has a whole 7 likes an hour later kek

No. 1094058

What happen with the "i had friend over tonight totally not fupa guys!!" set? Don't listen to the annoying bitches in the back probably was Shay whiteknighting herself kek real anons would never bite the hand that feeds us.

No. 1094064

anon not everyone is on here 24/7

No. 1094076

Tinfoil but what if OF anon is actually Shayna. I refuse to believe anyone here actually pays for her content lol

No. 1094083

Shayna is OF anon, she posts here with two other distinct typing styles too

No. 1094086

It’s three dollars I think some anons have chump change to spear for keks

No. 1094087

wholesome anon, thanks for finally linking the thread.

why is she even making the christams vid now, she could get away with filming that later and spacing her shit out so she doesn't end up failing anyway. i wonder if she types these things out cus she wants to make herself more productive, but because she is so blasted she fails each time.

think there's more than one OF anon, but i'm not sure if shayna is attention hungry to the extent to put her paid content here.

what makes you so sure? the mods would probably have outed her then already if she was actively posting here based on her post history.

No. 1094090

>what makes you so sure
She got ousted about 20-30 threads ago
There's more than a few people who post her OF content, and one turbo autist who acts like hackerman when they post her shit too, but the OF anon is just Shayna

No. 1094094

she has only been outed as a lurker, there have been cows self posting in other threads but mods usually reveal that there. and even if she is a regular poster would she really go as far as to post her paid content here? we know she is stupid, she probably doesn't even know how to use something like dropbox.

No. 1094095

>would she really go as far as to post her paid content here?
there's a reason why she's broke
It was shortly after she accidentally outed herself as a lurker while she was live streaming, it was when she still did porn shoots with other people, I really, really do not want to sift through those threads, but I swear to god she got caught posting, and she hasn't stopped since, just tried harder to not get caught

No. 1094097

If this is true she’s gets off on humiliation way too much. Seek help Shayna

No. 1094099

would be good if someone found it then cus i don't remember something like this at all, and the fact other anons haven't mentioned this fact more in recent threads is weird too. can't seem to find it, though you gave a pretty big thread range.

No. 1094103

speaking of shit no one talks about anymore, does anyone have any of those horror porn shoots saved?
I'm specifically remembering the one where her head was wrapped in a plastic bag and she was crying

No. 1094111

it’s never officially been confirmed. there was one time where an anon posted and spoke in the first person regarding something shayna did and it was assumed it was her posting, but it was never actually confirmed and could have easily been a random anon trying to stir stuff up.
i know for a fact there are anons willing to send her money and spend their own money on her in general when just upthread a few hours ago there were anons talking about sending stuff to her p.o. box.

No. 1094112

No. 1094116

I love seeing Shayna Clifford fail. It’s become my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration, and my yearly motivation. Her loss is the only reason I’m still alive. I was born to love and enjoy the failure that Shaytard has achieved.

No. 1094118

File: 1606620394221.jpeg (372.8 KB, 1242x1223, 03481A24-9CDC-4769-B484-D37342…)

Shayna Luther King back at pandering to the twitterfags

No. 1094124

Basic Bitch politics.

No. 1094134

File: 1606621790447.jpeg (790.82 KB, 1242x1325, EE436395-0873-4E81-92A7-AB4631…)

Does she think she’s unique?? Lots of young people like old music and modern music as well. She loves to be a pick me it’s annoying. These are all popular/mainstream bands and artists anyways

No. 1094151

yes she thinks she’s unique and that she’s still in high school. knowing about different decades music in your 20s is just being cultured/educated but she wants “not like the other girls” points for it.

No. 1094152

Congratulations Shay your no fucking different then half the people your age, your not unique for liking popular music

No. 1094153

thank you, thread anon. just a couple tips for future thread anons: in the recent milk section, separate consecutive post numbers with commas to prevent the links from breaking. Also, the ** bold asterisks around the warnings at the very top need to wrap each paragraph separately, or they won't work. they've been broken for like a dozen threads now. I can tell you tried to fix them for this one, but didn't get it quite right. just friendly advice for happy farming.

Shayna: you're a bully if you call me a bitch (when I'm attacking you over twitter DMs for politely disagreeing with me)
also Shayna: every other woman is a bitch, pick me

>her loss is the only reason I'm still alive

No. 1094155

but his new sugar daddy is a maga fag wtf is she talking about?

No. 1094157

The seeing Shayna fail is a copy pasta that was directed at Trump I changed the words to fit Shayna

No. 1094158

sorry mean HER* but shay really looks like a tranny so whatever.

No. 1094162

Of anon. She wants $3 for an uncensored pic of his dick in her.

Its not a set.

No. 1094164

damn okay I'm glad you clarified, lest she lurk this thread and think it's more ammo to go off about her ~psychotic haterz~

went back and re-read this thread a little bit, it's right when she met fupa for the first time in Mexico. can recommend to remember what she was like back then (and fupa, before farmers figured out who Kyle Nathan Perkins really is)

No. 1094189

File: 1606625299792.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 410.16 KB, 1536x2048, E32D4E4D-3623-4148-995A-801AD2…)

Heffer Mattel

No. 1094192

File: 1606625358188.jpeg (418.44 KB, 1535x2048, 43E439FD-E349-437A-A3E9-4FC9CF…)

No. 1094200

her tits are so cockeyed it’s comedic at this point

No. 1094203

A couple threads back there was tinfoil about how Shay possibly had an implant in her vein boob due to a scar she had. Sorry for the tinfoil and blast from the past but if it didn't look plausible then it definitely does now. Since gaining weight and getting bigger boobs her franken-tit is much perkier then the other/ sits much differently on her chest. Anyone who has seen fake tits knows their is a clear difference between natural big boobs and silicone big boobs

No. 1094205

Just don’t make it obvious with the reddit speech anon otherwise thank you for the coherent OP.

No. 1094206

File: 1606626506433.jpg (624.82 KB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20201128-230757_Twi…)

No. 1094213

File: 1606627324458.gif (42.06 KB, 220x133, tenor (2).gif)

Bruh her tits are absolutely taking me out. She truly did not get a single positive out of this weight gain.

No. 1094222

Wow those dainty little wrist!

She would never actually call out her maga scrote because he’s fueling her chemsburger doordash habits. She has 0 willpower and she will stay fat forever now.

No. 1094224

yeah look, I know titpicking is frowned upon and all but it’s getting impossible to ignore that while her left tit gets droopier her right tit just…stays there like a bolt-on. I doubt it’s actually is an implant but it’s def weird enough to comment on, and the discrepancy is only going to get weirder as she gets bigger.

No. 1094248

I was just going back to old threads to refresh my memory and I happened to stop by on the exact thread you’re looking for. It’s thread 20 about 3/4 of the way through, sorry idk how to link from previous threads

No. 1094249

File: 1606629915859.png (Spoiler Image, 3.78 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201129-010439.png)

uncensored version

No. 1094250

Ewww she’s so ugly

Thanks anon

No. 1094252

File: 1606630032394.png (Spoiler Image, 3.06 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201129-010658.png)

fat deranged gypsy rose blanchard

No. 1094255

Is that Fupa’s dick?

No. 1094256

File: 1606630344143.png (Spoiler Image, 2.58 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201129-010852.png)

last one. horrid.

No. 1094259

She can’t pull off these “silly” faces. She looks like a deranged grandpa. Her features are wayyy too manly and rough.

No. 1094260

I'm not really sure. We saw his briefly in the earlier threads

No. 1094265

Her nipples are too different sizes major kek

No. 1094268

the only way she can get little dick fupa to come by is sex.

No. 1094269

File: 1606631727313.jpeg (788.33 KB, 3464x3464, 8073AF40-008E-49E1-8723-852FE5…)

She tries so hard to be cute and quirky with dumb faces but it only works on cute/pretty girls. Of course she hates on girls she copies

No. 1094270

They were joking about sending her lip product and hygiene things because shes a filthy pig. She wouldnt be flattered, she'd be upset and know it was a dig at her and not use the stuff anyway. She's stubborn and persistent in not improving herself in spite, I guess.

No. 1094273

who else would it be thanksgiving weekend? kek. they’re both so cringe.

No. 1094274

they're not just diff sizes, the one on vein-chan looks like a zombie nipple. i don't mean to nitpick but seriously, it looks unhealthy, like all the veins coming straight from it bc of some major circulatory issue. if she didn't get an implant like other anons tinfoiled, she really needs to find out why one of her boobs is just dying.

No. 1094275

No its brought up almost every thread and will get you banned. The only story shes pushed is some flu shot when she was young. If she somehow did get an implant, it's hard to say if it would be so embarrassing for her she'd actually keep quiet about it or like classic Shay just overshare and exaggerate some shit about it. Until she says something, we'll never know and it's not worth clogging each thread speculating about it.

But anyway wow this is actually the first time I noticed just how bad they are. Anons have said it before but this picture really shows it.

No. 1094276

So she wanted people to pay 3 more dollars to see a couple inches of dick by her gash?? Ok

No. 1094278

File: 1606632787557.png (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 750x1334, vienna sausage.png)

I found this old photo of Fupa dick from an old thread. It… kind of looks similar maybe, but I'm no dick expert so you be the judge.

No. 1094281

File: 1606633065627.gif (596.33 KB, 260x220, bye.gif)

Fupa from this angle.

No. 1094282

File: 1606633084059.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 934.06 KB, 861x1173, A4BD31B0-F2CC-42CE-ACB9-58C6D1…)

I don’t know it looks kinda the same but different maybe he’s pulling his foreskin back??

No. 1094284

are we really analyzing his dick? why would it be anyone else?

No. 1094287

kek anon you really did call it >>1094206

No. 1094295

This is me too

No. 1094296

Weight gain getting real she went from toothpick to giant forearms

No. 1094312

Her eyebrows here make her look like the old guy from American pie

No. 1094317

She looks like a grandma she can't pull off faces like this for the life of her.

No. 1094334

Lol thanks anon, can’t unsee it now.

No. 1094340


kek for a second I thought this was bombus from the infinifat threads

No. 1094361


Are we sure this isn’t a dildo? Possibly attached her to fuck machine? Maybe thats why she was bragging about her fuck machine pre-bootycall. That dick head just looks too plastic and shiny. I could picture then doing some weird fake rape with a fuck machine stuff.

No. 1094397

I dont think its too farfetched but im calling shay caved in to womack.

No. 1094400

yeah i assumed it's never been confirmed since it's never talked about and i think i'd remember something so significant (also again the mods would have also probably pointed her out). that other anon was just acting so convinced that shayna was in fact the OF anon and that evidence existed for it that i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.

i've said it before, but i think she thinks this is a big deal because her pop culture awareness besides for these things is zero.

it's honestly hard to tell with this picture quality on both of those pictures (keep up the good work shayna with not getting a better camera since years ago). it could be that shiny because of lube or whatever else, and also i don't think she owns a dildo that has foreskin (or if those even exist).

No. 1094402

>>1094361 Agreed. If OF anon has the video (idk if they have to pay extra or what) then it'll be easy to tell based on how it moved. It looks weirdly shiny and plastic-y to me, though. Doesn't resemble Fupa's chode but that's just my opinion, it's hard to tell either way.

No. 1094409

This seems plausible. She's just trying to get fupa jelly because she got upset at him again

No. 1094413

off-topic but wow, ANOTHER thread in just under 7 days.

No. 1094418

I don't know whats more sad, trying to make Fupa jealous with a small fake dick, Fupa actually coming over to prove to her he cares (by fucking her), or Shayna baiting him with sex and BDSM bullshit to get him to come by and to prove to us he still loves her.
Or the least Likely, it's a random/ex that Shayna called over to fuck JUST to make Fupa mad.

No. 1094421

All of her ~totes cute dum bimbo uwu~ faces just look like she's trying to fart and it's goddamn hilarious. How can you not do a single face/pse properly? No sexy, sultry faces, no silly, cute faces, no orgasm faces. They all look handicapped as fuck.

No. 1094426

her pussy looks shit stained, uwu anal bimbo literally has two buttholes

No. 1094429

It had to have been another person because how would she have bound her wrists like that by herself?

No. 1094430

Y'all gotta remember, too, that scrotes are degenerates and will fuck anything. It wouldn't be hard for her to find some other O-cuck-lahoma creep to hit it and quit it. Wasn't there a girl that said Shay had a FetLife profile? That's easy pickins to find bottom of the barrel trash to fuck this psycho.

No. 1094436

File: 1606663079603.jpeg (311.92 KB, 1125x831, 23FDAC05-FCC3-410A-A69B-9FA578…)

>Do U kNoW wHo I aM??

No. 1094439

I fuckin hope it’s fupa, inviting some rando over to tie her up seems like a dangerous, dumb move even for her

No. 1094440

she is someone who charges a few bucks a month lol

No. 1094442

And not using a condom? If it's not Fupa then Y I K E S

No. 1094446

Yeah a chick who sells nudes/videos for $3 a month, A girl who posts content on twitter for free for attention giving scrotes no reason to even buy the cheap only fans.
Someone who claims to be doing so well but is living paycheck to pay check and begging every day.
Thats who you are. So a few bucks is literally what you say you are worth.

No. 1094465


Lmao fr. Like just say you're lazy and only want money handed to you and move on.

No. 1094470

I could never imagine why he assumed Shay was a cheap whore.

No. 1094500

kek, anon, everyone knows shatna wipes back to front.

No. 1094518

she fucked herself over by pricing her content that low if she ever wanted coomers to treat her like anything other than cheap/easy. not that selling yourself for a large sum of money is good either, but selling yourself for three bucks? the people working at mcdonald's have more dignity than that

No. 1094523

File: 1606674131797.jpeg (164.42 KB, 1242x966, 41A5FCA0-AF96-4646-960C-274576…)

Didn’t she literally find Fupa in the sex worker/nsfw community ??

No. 1094528

what does this even mean?

No. 1094539

File: 1606675143572.jpeg (396 KB, 1209x1116, 585D5978-D11E-4E71-A128-A0581C…)

No. 1094543

i guess it somehow doesn't apply to fupa, even though he used her for tumblr clout and sex. she's tried to make money off of him multiple times and i bet he's never been offered a dime for it

No. 1094544

Money comes first but didn't she admit she was giving a boyfriend money (maybe fupa) money?

No. 1094546

Maybe womack didn’t pay up this weekend and Shay doesn’t want to play into his delusions kek

No. 1094587

She’s acting like she’s never humiliated herself for less bitch literally degrades and punches herself in the face for pennies

No. 1094614

File: 1606680147272.jpeg (377.38 KB, 1242x1057, E6D7648D-8577-4451-9CC0-0F4A90…)


No. 1094617

That’s definitely a dildo.

No. 1094621

File: 1606680839173.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x2558, E521EB12-63A5-42EC-BC38-AF70A3…)

Don’t know why she censored his @ It took me less than a minute to find it

She somehow thinks she’s famous or something
Why is she bragging

No. 1094624

didn't she do something similar to this once before with fake cum lube trying to make it look like she had someone over? i remember anons calling her out on it.

No. 1094626

File: 1606680991550.jpeg (313.57 KB, 1242x600, 7578F751-D628-445C-AEAE-31F982…)

Shayna this tweet is directly at you.
You have a shit personality, an ugly body, and an ugly face.
Pick a struggle

No. 1094628

Yeah she did do that. Kek. So she faked someone coming over? Just to make Fupa jealous? That’s so embarrassing and pathetic

No. 1094631

Wow, Shayna…I know you think men buying your crusty porn mean you are hot shit, but look at the men buying your porn and please understand any woman can sell sex and get men to do shit for them.
You can't even keep a thristy ass baby daddy. Men will fuck and fap to anything. I'm trying not to flat out call her unattractive or ugly.

No. 1094636

I thought the same thing but as a tinfoil. But it’s very possible Shayna is that weird

No. 1094641

Doesn’t it seem like too much work to fake it? Like Shayna is fucking lazy so she would have to position her camera at an upright angle and make sure not to show the fuck machine or dildo end. She would also have to tie herself up and take the pictures with the timer on her phone. But at the same time Shayna is psychotic and would do anything for Fupapa’s attention

No. 1094645

from the weird plastic-y look it has i'd say it's a dildo too, but it has foreskin, which i don't think any of her dildos have. i might be misremembering but the dildo on the fuck machine also was only in one color, while on the pic it looks like the head is slightly differently colored.

No. 1094651

I would like to know how she taped herself up like that, by herself.

No. 1094661

>>1094651 Look how fucked up the tape is. We've seen her tie her legs up shibari style plenty of times. This messy ass tape job looks exactly like she did it herself imo. tinfoil but i can absolutely see her setting up the tripod, the fuck machine, and wrapping herself in pink packing tape just to make Fupa think she's getting some lmao. Pathetic if true.

No. 1094668

File: 1606683564769.jpeg (112.01 KB, 604x604, 5263505E-DEEA-4915-8777-DE6734…)

No. 1094671

File: 1606683830127.jpg (207.72 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20201129-150345_Twi…)


No. 1094672

File: 1606683940443.jpg (484.2 KB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_20201129-150404_Twi…)

No. 1094679

taping your wrists together by yourself is difficult, and it's not just one layer of tape, and it's not loose enough for her to have just slipped it over one hand. plus where'd the (hopefully fake) gun suddenly appear from? I think this is a big tinfoil

if it is a stranger she met off tinder like she's saying, her "I'm too uwu high risk to go to the store, I need $20 to get candy delivered" shit is even more ridiculous. she's letting randoms fuck her bareback in the middle of a pandemic. not to mention letting men she doesn't know tie her up and brandish a "fake" gun. that's how you end up dead.

I think it's fupa. he's shown the toy gun before. she tried to get away with doing this (pretending she's seeing someone new) before. but unfortunately for everyone, his dick is already all over the internet. he's probably pulled his foreskin back to try to disguise it, making it look so strange and smooth. she's already said she has no friends other than him. it's just the simplest solution that he's still hatefucking her.

No. 1094692

Why is she going off about this so hard? You're a whore, we get it.

No. 1094699

It could also be that dude she did the one bj vid with earlier this year or something? Y'all remember that? It was some gross looking chubby dude and anons said the dick and body seemed different than Fupas. Like it was some fetlife hook up stunt to make him jealous.

Really doubt its Jason r Womack or someone new. It's either Fupa, that guy from before, or she staged it. Maybe on the backside of the tape on her arms, its cut. Idk I agree seems like too much brain and effort for her to fake. Probably Fupa. Which is just so so SO pathetic after just dirty deleting about how horrible he is and she needs to accept he doesn't love her "anymore" prior.

No. 1094707

I also think thats the guy she was giving money.

No. 1094712

File: 1606686610887.png (8.68 MB, 1242x2208, 816B84B0-A0F2-4BF2-AD13-73B0C2…)

Fupa is a real piece of shit if he did fuck Shayna. Especially since it was his kid’s birthday a few days ago. He posted this on Facebook. His kid turned 9. I feel bad for her

No. 1094715

Samefag but imagine wanting to be with a fat ugly whore than be with your own children

No. 1094723

I'm not convinced that wasn't fupa the whole time, that's the guy I was referring to about her trying to pretend she found someone new. they looked similar enough to me plus he kept his shirt on the whole time iirc which is a Kyle Perkins move. she was also still on his phone bill at that time so it'd make sense she had to give him money for that. but I doubt we'll ever know for sure anyway

No. 1094724

Why does he look like Shayna lol

No. 1094726

He looks like he’s packing on the weight again. Hiding hit fat ass face behind a beard kek

No. 1094727

they both have such beady little eyes

No. 1094728

Shayna definitely thinks she needs to compete with his children, I wouldn't be surpised if everytime he's with them she starts bullshit with them.
It's honestly disgusting both of them are gross. Fupa should be ashamed of himself

No. 1094735

She's literally pandering to old people and stoners (Grateful Dead). Sure there's men into old music but a lot of younger guys are into newer music. Random thought but haven't most of her male orbiters been old white men?

No. 1094736

Shayna is a sick fuck. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was jealous that she isn’t Fupa’s daughter.

No. 1094739

File: 1606689201219.png (1.26 MB, 960x1280, 9E39DBCB-1D13-43DA-BED9-1B4548…)

She’s hilarious bragging about her bruises, this was another ddlg girl who Shayna beefed with a lot on tumblr.(no1curr)

No. 1094740

Yes her orbiters are old white rednecks. She has a disgusting “fan base” there’s an occasional Mexican dude who replies under her tweets in Spanish though kek

No. 1094742

What’s the point of bringing up stale milk? Did she have beef with her again? I’m confused?

No. 1094743

I was just commenting that her bruises aren’t impressive srry.

No. 1094744

Smells like a self post
You didn’t need to post that

No. 1094747

Then ignore it? I saged anyways.

No. 1094749

Feels like a self post to me too anon. Pic confused me and is unnecessary.

No. 1094753

It’s not me, I was just on tumblr during that time and I brought it up the accounts dead anyways so what would be the point. Sorry I posted a photo instead of just saying her bruises were lame.

No. 1094756

Imagine coming here to talk about how your briuses are more impressive, what the fuck?

No. 1094757

She follows over 300k people… Likely she just followed anyone back at one point, like Obama did.

No. 1094761

Or she wants to spend time with them and gets mad that Fupa won't let her, or it could be all the above.
I feel like eventually Shayna is going to whine about being a sexworker and how "Men with childern should'nt date sex workers seriously if they don't want us around them"

No. 1094765

I was trying to do what everyone else here does which is make fun of Shayna, who’s /was/ bragging which is why I said impressive. It’s not me but I can’t prove that to you obviously so idk what the fuck you want.

No. 1094770

You’re fucking retarded for self posting.
>b-but I was making fun of Shayna like you guys do uwu I’m a farmer hehe
You and Savannah Solo need to be permanently banned. Retards

No. 1094771

Lurk more. No one cares that other girls are better. We know shay is a dumpster fire and posting other girls here is frowned upon. You may as well post some sex worker and say she’s cuter than shay. You’ll just get ripped apart. Lesson learned and move on

No. 1094780

if this is a self post at least make sure to shoop your ass better first lol

No. 1094797

I honestly don't think she wants to be around them. She always talks about wanting to take people's college funds and just be the hot step mom who gets all the attention

No. 1094799

This is now deleted

No. 1094800

you must be new here

No. 1094813

Remember when she randomly tweeted about some local doom metal band and we speculated she was fucking some dude in it? Iirc the band was full of Fupa-looking dudes.

Or maybe she did get Fupa to agree to help her with OF content by telling him that if he helps her with content she’ll be able to make enough money to leave Tulsa and leave him alone forever so he said sure but who knows?

No. 1094819

Fupa has done videos with her and was in videos of weirder shit, like slapping her in walmart parking lots and doing porn with her, so I doubt she had to bribe him.
The fact he even entertained her after Shayna snitched to Twitter (aka us) they were back togeather is crazy.

No. 1094826

Hahah exactly it’s clearly a self post

No. 1094859

For you to shut the fuck up about other sex workers. How is that so hard to understand.

No. 1094872

She's such a high roller、but has to wait until pay day to buy some fuckin press ons, kek

No. 1094893

she hasnt suicide baited lately fupa's chode must have cured her depression once again!!!

No. 1094896

The day of that tied up picture she was tweeting about being heartbroken by the same guy so many times aka fupa.

So the tinfoil of "make fupa jealous" makes sense but she probably just bribed him back in with sex cos men are fucking retarded.

No. 1094970

They’re literally like 20 bucks and she can’t afford them until her next paycheck. Her bank account is just empty. Is she ok? What happens if she really needs to go somewhere around the end of the month, like the hospital or the vet, and she’s too broke to afford a 10 buck Uber there and back? She just doesn’t go because she’s too poor?
Successful btw.

No. 1094973

No silly anon, she e-begs of course and her probably literally retarded handful of incels or whOrbiters enable her and give her some pocket change!

No. 1094974

sage for tinfoil/bad science, but I think her zombie tit might have developed from the amount of weed she smokes. I knew a girl who had veins like that, but all over her body. She was only a teenager at the time, but the heaviest smoker (both kinds) that I've known.
I think it might fuck your veins up a bit to have so much thc & nicotine pumping through em.

No. 1095010

Lol what?? This is bad science
And she’s said before it’s been like that since late childhood/before her breast developed. God I’m so mad at myself for responding to tit sperg anons but this is honestly one of the wildest theories I’ve ever read

No. 1095041

Sage because I’m new to Shayna’s threads but would love to know about Fupa slapping her in Walmart Parking lot, was this some kind of fetish lmao?

No. 1095042

File: 1606722865430.jpeg (603.25 KB, 1242x1252, 8C4B1BED-1848-4DCE-8FD4-5E80A8…)

No. 1095044

File: 1606722929493.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1242x1559, 7BFABA00-22F5-4479-8322-DC0CCE…)

Don’t know why she censors the name when you could easily look it up
She’s so stupid but her orbiters are even more stupid

No. 1095053

read the old threads. i believe it was even discussed in the last thread. seriously what is with all the newfags needing spoonfed in /snow/ recently?

No. 1095067

Wouldn’t it be really fked up if that was Fupa though? I’m thinking if you’re gonna have someone take these pictures (if it is a real person) and they make a point to have their dick in the photo, they know she’s gonna post it. And do we really think Fupa would be ok with her posting his dick? After all the shit she posted about him and all she’s put him through etc. so I bet it’s not Fupa.

No. 1095075

Fupa was okay posting worse shit, it's obvious he's willing to risk his relationship with his kids and his reputation for easy pussy.
Like imagine all this pedo-pandering crazy shit connected to youe real name, then imagine trying to keep it on the low, but you piss off your mentally ill girlfriend, who accuses you of abuse MULTIPLE times and then outs the relationship because you broke it off with her. Fupa is an retarded man, who knows in terms of effortless pussy he has it made with Shayna. I can see him fucking with her for a year or so after this, using her up and then moving on with a woman he actually wants to date. Shayna isn't exciting, skinny or worth it to him anymore. She's not a prize anymore especially since Fupa can't be "BDSM tumblr famous daddy" anymore.

No. 1095094

It was actually in the store, which is more stupid. Shay was taking a vid when Fupa randomly slapped/punched her, giggled like a child, and then ran away. He always would do weird, borderline abusive stuff in public.

No. 1095117

i think its a dildo but that fupa was still there. he tied her up, used the fuck machine on her and held a fake gun to her as it happened and took pictures. that is definitely not a human dick with “his foreskin pulled back” kek

No. 1095150

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird how much analysis is going on just for a picture of half of a penis/dildo

No. 1095218

It's fupa, it's always been fupa, there's never once been a guy who wasn't fupa. End of. Anyone who sincerely thinks otherwise can sit back and wait for her to flip out about how it's fupa again.

No. 1095229

hard agree

No. 1095243

NTA but last thread’s face hitting video was when they were in a bowling alley iirc, i haven’t seen the walmart video either and ive been a longtime lurker

No. 1095248

the anon that said walmart just had their details wrong

No. 1095254

File: 1606753298854.jpg (129.83 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20201130-172114.jpg)


No. 1095258

>>1095254 What'd she do? I don't use twitter, what does "restricted" mean? Like a temp ban or what?

No. 1095260

Not a twitter user either, but I think your account gets restricted by twitter if your tweets have violated their t&c (people reporting her tweets)?

No. 1095266

Instead of using this time to stream and/or figure that out or film shit she's just going to whine in discord?

No. 1095268

Honestly how long has she had her new PC and she hasn't even mentioned tinkering in streamlabs or doing anything to get set up to stream. Has she even been gaming for fun? I couldn't imagine dropping that much money on something just to completely ignore it once I had it.

No. 1095270

she was still waiting on an ethernet cable afaik but last week she had said she wanted to start streaming this past friday (day after thanksgiving) and she just never did and never mentioned it again, so honestly who knows

No. 1095286

File: 1606755799882.jpeg (307.09 KB, 828x1632, 1A122CA6-182C-48B4-9800-322EA6…)

twitter doesn't like auto-tweeted posts. obviously one or two every few days isn't bad but picrel might have been why

No. 1095287

I think she actually unplugs the computer to turn it off. All that hardware is a waste. She's one of those strictly mobile retards that have made the internet collectively dumber.

No. 1095311

she won't do anything today because she can't annouce it for 0-15 likes.

No. 1095314

File: 1606757170528.png (375.82 KB, 760x1494, Screenshot_20201130-122526.png)

can't beg on twitter while it's suspended so she's immediately turned to her discord orbiters

No. 1095320

>>Someone has to entertain me for 12 hours
but also-
>>"I have to work, unless someone pays my day off"

this bitch just admitted she wasn't doing shit so she needed to be entertained, now she has to "Work"?
And the fact she's begging the group of people who are there for her crusty ass the most for money is crazy.

No. 1095333


nah she excitedly announced she had internet a few days ago and finally changed her default desktop background to some generic pink shit. she literally has no excuse at this point to not being using the $2000 prop…sorry I mean PC that is already collecting dust.

No. 1095346

That's a rate of $12.50/hr god damn her life is sad. You can make that and much more without nicking your asshole with a turkey baster, shay.

No. 1095368

go take noodle for a walk fatty; or use your pc because "ur a gamer girl"

No. 1095388

It would be understandable to freak out if she was banned from any of the platforms she actually makes money from, instead of Twitter that literally keeps her from working… How many people buy porn based on what they see on Twitter anyway, jesus

No. 1095389

just play on your fucking pc you fat pig

No. 1095399


Twitter has been cracking down on graphic sexual content for the past year. They outright banned “violent sexual content” and I bet money that picture of her tied up with the fucking gun in the background got her flagged. If she had two braincells she’d stop tweeting pictures of her gaping asshole but that would require situational awareness.

It’s probably a combo of that, her constant ban evasion, spammy auto tweets, bought followers and who knows what else. I’m shocked she lasted this long honestly. I do hope she makes a new one because her constant sperging is fucking hilarious and I’ll miss the milk if she doesn’t.

No. 1095446

She posted some tweet about COD and the lobby guys talking about being gay or something idk it's on her twitter unless she deleted it. Not worth posting. Other than that she took a pic of having downloaded Apex after learning what steam was.

She has the ethernet cord. She just has zero idea of how to actually start streaming because it takes effort and you know Shay would never spend even a minute Google searching something or learning, so I'm sure it wont happen. We might see her cam ONCE by the end of the year. But the streaming thing as we suspected was dead from the start.

No. 1095452

>someone entertain me
Geez can she make it any more obvious she has no life or friends
She gives me second hand
embarrassment. The fact she needs Twitter or she’s bored is really pathetic

No. 1095454

I like how she pretends to not lurk this thread. kek

No. 1095456

What a greedy fat bitch. It doesn’t take effort to take nudes, film a video for later, or convince a bunch of scrotes to buy your onlyfans or spoil you. You don’t even have to leave the couch, lazy bitch. She’s so goddamn annoying how does she have orbiters? it baffles me.

No. 1095459

Shit attracts shit

No. 1095496

File: 1606770886076.png (322.09 KB, 588x366, Untitled.png)

No. 1095499

Shayna is addicted to social media

No. 1095501

She’s addicted because she has no friends or a life.

No. 1095516

sleep paralysis demon

No. 1095544

So when does doing sex work as a job just become begging random strangers online for money? Its even worse if these people Shay considers friends. She didn't even offer to make a custom she just wants someone to pay her fatass just for existing. That's not how reality works.

This is really reflective of how she treats anyone in her life thats nice to her though. Everyone's just a walking wallet or has something to give (like that orbiter who built her computer). Even that dogfucker Dawn was nothing more to Shay than someone giving her free shit. Shes just walking around with her handout waiting for someone to feel bad for her. Its pathetic. The only person she actually gives a shit about is Fupa and he treats her like shit so maybe everyone else surrounding her should start treating her like shit too because she obviously doesn't respect kindness.

No. 1095579

she seems to expect so much from everyone but Fupa

No. 1095593

Because he’s a bottom of the barrel scrote and those are her favorite.

No. 1095611

did Shay ever mentioned she is doing her taxes?

No. 1095618

No she never mentions doing them
I don’t think she makes enough

No. 1095619

Bitch makes more than enough to have to pay taxes, she's probably too lazy to do them. I wish the IRS would audit her, that'd be some great milk.

No. 1095645


and judging how many times she’s been completely broke because she didnt plan her OF payouts just shows she has no savings to her name. who willingly does sex work this long without ever having an escape plan/nest egg?

No. 1095674

Shaytard does. Either because she is delusional and genuinely believed sex work is working for her, or because she’s given up on herself so much that she doesn’t want better for herself. Probably a bit of both. She keeps herself constantly intoxicated to stay in her mental safe space where she’s too fucked up to fully realize the extent of the damage she’s done, much less do anything about it. She was a young girl seeking attention, found it on the internet, and never grew up. She’s still chasing that fleeting tumblr fame - as if that would make anything better now. She’s 23, fat, used up and washed up. Fuck, if I was her I wouldn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror, much less shoot porn. She’s a degenerate coomer, just like her creepy customers. Birds of a feather.

No. 1095692

You only need to make something like $10,500 in a year to have to pay taxes. I would guess she makes around double that given that most apartments require you to make 2x/3x the amount of rent in a month.
Not to mention she never brought up receiving a stimulus check which you only got if you filed taxes in the last 2 years. I’m kind of hoping for an irs audit arc soon. Not too convinced it will actually happen but it’d be pretty funny nonetheless.

No. 1095713

It’s her fuck machine…

No. 1095809

no its kyle nathan perkins

No. 1095818

It's pathetic either way and she looks like a fat disgusting goblin regardless

No. 1095825

File: 1606796928826.jpeg (465.04 KB, 1284x1019, B3739F2E-5285-4205-B1FC-8D4309…)

is this her admitting her porn is a joke barely worthy of the parody category, or is it another delusion that she thinks she’s truly funny? we may never know.

No. 1095826

File: 1606796965958.jpeg (173.32 KB, 1284x564, 126FB88D-FEC9-494A-8F84-125CB8…)

kek @ the year old pic as her pfp

No. 1095832

The fact that jolly has a connotation of fatness and she’s chosen it as her holiday Twitter name. I know it’s because it rhymes with Dolly, but god damn, the comedy writes itself.

No. 1095836

How pathetic she is really using the "I Was Only Pretending To Be Retarded" card.

No. 1095844

A blast from the past. Shayna’s Christmas costume from last year kek https://www.dropbox.com/s/1t4v3ehyzx2p5pq/mobizen_20191224_193327.mp4?dl=0

No. 1095871

IRS usually doesn't bother with independent contractors who make less than 100-200k, so doubtful

No. 1095877

I mean tbh Shayna isn’t making big bucks from her “career”.I think she just makes enough to cover her rent. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is probably bought once a year since she never showers. Food, weed and alcohol is bought with the few only fans subscribers she has. And when she convinces a scrote to give her money for a “day off” she used it for doordash. I don’t even think she buys food regularly for her cat and dog, she probably forgets to feed them. Her life is sad a McDonald’s manager probably makes more than her. Oof

No. 1095884

tbf, anon, mcdonalds managers make decent bank

No. 1095886

Yea fast food managers make good money. In n Out managers in California can make 6 figures in a year kek

No. 1095900

oh no. this was my immediate thought as well, without even reading your reply. 'JollyMattel' evokes images of a fat person holding their jiggling belly while they laugh. really not the image she's going for, even if it's closer to reality than she wants to admit

No. 1095972

"some days i make 50$" i;m glad she finally admitted it. and those 600$ days barely exist lol

No. 1096065

She made $600 like once so now she can say it kek. That being said, does this mean that the most she's ever made in a day is $600? Bleak.

No. 1096087


so i guess those extra set of string lights for her pink scrub-brush christmas tree still didn't give her the vision in her head she wanted.

No. 1096141

File: 1606840428466.jpeg (450.37 KB, 1125x1579, 6D6DA9E0-02FC-498F-AF8C-8EBA3C…)

good morning farmers,

OF anon here, since she couldn’t work on twitter posting nonsense i waited to see if she would actually work on her actual paid work accounts. Shatna? nope couldn’t be bothered but could beg

No. 1096144

>hope ur day is better than mine
oh my god this bitch gets more pathetic by the day. literally begging for pity change at every turn.

No. 1096164

File: 1606842779984.gif (1.69 MB, 250x250, source (5).gif)

>HoPe YoUr dAy iS beTTeR tHan MiNe

Get a fucking grip, Shayna, jesus christ
Truly can't love without Twitter, the worst, most idiot riddled social media.

No. 1096207

File: 1606845694027.jpeg (592.04 KB, 1242x1468, C37C172C-CABA-4AA9-9B0A-1379FB…)

Her retarded incel fans still manage to give her money.

No. 1096259

File: 1606848081171.jpeg (179.49 KB, 750x653, B92689A6-1B69-4BA4-9172-58D046…)

That is literally just going to a dentist who does their job properly

No. 1096267

Why do I get the feeling shes trying to make this a kink thing?

No. 1096269

It’s a little tragic how personally she takes the most basic kindness

No. 1096276

She's admitted to having a medical fetish in the past.

No. 1096306

There are dentists like this in the us, I’ve only heard of them in la or nyc I don’t know why’d there would be one in bumfuck Tulsa it’s just weird that she finds it so comforting

No. 1096310

Most dentists will let you watch TV while they wait for the numbing to kick in. They probably gave her a blanket cause she was cold since we know Shay never likes to wear a bra anywhere.

No. 1096312

She probably wore something 3x too small so they gave her a blanket to cover it up

No. 1096335

Her dentist most likely felt uncomfortable because Shayna’s man boobs were hanging out of a size small top. She probably looked homeless and/or a couch surfer so the dentist offered her a blanket

No. 1096338

She posted that tweet on Snapchat too

No. 1096403

actually i'm guessing it's a matter of this >>1096269 and not kink

No. 1096424

Oh absolutely. They’re already going to be leaning over her and all up in her face; they probably didn’t want to have to see anymore than what they’re being paid to.

No. 1096427

agree. i think she’s literally so starved for human interaction that she takes the simplest things as some kind of special uwu treatment that nobody else would get.

No. 1096428

these fans must be feeders playing the long con. Literally dropping hundreds so this pig can sit on her ass and eat herself to Amberlynn size.

No. 1096432

>The grocery store by my house has the BEST people. They bagged my food and told me to have a nice day uwu I love it when people treat me like the princess I am. The clerk acted like he knew me too but probably didn’t want to say it ;-)

Amazing. God she has to be so insufferable in real life. Remember when she got a princess napkin from a bartender and she had to talk about it on all her platforms?

No. 1096438

File: 1606854675479.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 370.94 KB, 1536x2048, E04B7693-A6F6-400B-9B1F-50FA72…)

The fact that she is twice as big and even more ugly than she was in that picture is frightening

No. 1096453

i wish one of her orbiters would buy her an exercise bike or a treadmill but we all know she'd use it once for some corny ass video and then it'd collect dust

No. 1096454

Why does she always try to do that part mouthed sultry look? She doesn't have the lips for it and it ends up making her double chin look like a frog vocal sac.

The face shes making the more I stare the funnier it becomes.

No. 1096458

File: 1606855609567.gif (Spoiler Image, 269.45 KB, 512x640, 3842A8A1-4F32-4D11-9DFC-413C6D…)

She shouldn’t of eaten all those cheemsburgers with fupa

No. 1096471

File: 1606856161805.jpeg (738.49 KB, 1242x747, 38306AD2-008B-4934-8B68-57CC82…)

No. 1096472

File: 1606856272153.jpeg (341.78 KB, 1242x1003, 93F5EC52-6073-4405-8A31-0E0C48…)

The fat piece of shit can’t even commit to her weekly schedule

No. 1096474

My sides anon

No. 1096479

So uh. What screwed up her schedule exactly?

No. 1096481

File: 1606856692682.jpeg (632.82 KB, 1242x1177, 053C42D7-FE73-47E8-A160-128A55…)

She’s lurking

No. 1096482

sounds like more fupa drama the way she's sperging about it honestly

No. 1096483

She’s just mad because we always laugh about how she never keeps to her dumb schedules she makes. And here she is again, a day later and she scrapped her schedule.

Just keep your “schedule” to yourself. Or call it weekly GOALS not a schedule. You’re welcome you stupid bitch.

No. 1096484

KEK damn sorry Shayna, by all means, continue having no money in your bank account.

No. 1096486

File: 1606856967317.jpeg (505.05 KB, 1242x1297, 7125CBB1-319C-493E-8685-67703F…)

> a business owner
My fucking sides
What business does she own? Onlyfans? No, she works for them.
Manyvids? No, she works for them.
Onlyfans and Manyvids make profit from her content.
Ebegging isn’t a business either shaytard

No. 1096487

I mean yeah, but no. The fact you put out a scheduled and cant stick to it, is on you. The pathetic idiots who pay you kinda deserve a reason on why you are such a lazy unreliable twat.

No. 1096488

Samefag but this legitimately made me laugh, she's so transparent and pathetic. If she wasn't stoned and drunk out of her mind at all hours, she'd just be crying instead

No. 1096493

>If you don't feel like working
When was the last time she worked. I feel like I'm constantly reading this tweet or discord message in this thread. I legitimately cannot remember the last time she worked for more than one day in a row, much less a week.

No. 1096494

She’s a retard! literally none of her cum brain followers care or ask why she doesn’t commit to her schedule. They know by now she never commits and always slacks on making videos. She’s directly talking to lolcow without admitting she’s lurking.

No. 1096507

This is just sad

No. 1096510

I don’t get why so many girls delude themselves into thinking they’re professional businesswomen just because they sell their nudes. When OF restricted things, they all freaked the fuck out because they’re reliant on a few platforms (the actual businesses) that take at least 20% of their income. Marketing yourself doesn’t mean you have your own business.

No. 1096514

kek, jesus christ thats one of the saddest things I've ever heard, fucking princess napkin.

No. 1096516

File: 1606858595118.jpeg (576.19 KB, 1242x1496, DE220FF9-69BD-4079-9502-BF56E5…)

As they should

No. 1096520

Good. Wish this was actually more enforced.

No. 1096521

File: 1606858959187.jpeg (536.25 KB, 1242x1157, 64B4C7D1-7DF0-41BD-8D12-EF5720…)

What happened to
>why should I share my hard earned money? It would be like mr pibb asking coke for money because they are both soda uwu

No. 1096525

File: 1606859216030.jpeg (911.09 KB, 1242x1133, 6403914B-0F9A-464F-8464-387BAD…)

Shayna ‘Troons Activist’ Clifford

No. 1096532

File: 1606859445961.jpeg (491.83 KB, 1242x1389, 4E755661-D768-4E65-81E4-7AD801…)

No one wants attention from you fat bitch
Shayna you aren’t a domme you just want money for doing nothing and being a fat fuck

No. 1096534

shayna hates women so it makes sense.

No. 1096536

File: 1606859688780.jpg (3.09 KB, 225x225, jessica-clifford.jpg)

She has to stand up for her twin.

No. 1096538

No. 1096559

The fact we've gone from collectively finding porn ads thrown in our faces disgusting to it being "problematic" and "discriminatory" to not want to see someone's gaping asshole as you're scrolling through Twitter it mind boggling to me. Sex workers truly have brain rott.

No. 1096561

File: 1606861156659.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1816, CE8E76B3-35A9-4FB7-9E84-373CD9…)

No. 1096565

probably the most attention that dog has gotten in years.

No. 1096571

this is the saddest fucking thing I've read in weeks, and I keep having having family members die from covid
bitch, we know the truth, oh my god, there is no reaction image for how utterly fucking pathetic this is

No. 1096587

iirc farmers figured out it was likely she just had it crumpled up in her purse and was a leftover dollar store prop from one of her cake sitting videos vs something the bartender actually gave her

No. 1096608

“You don’t owe anyone an explanation!” = “im lazy and insecure about my weight gain and people are catching on that a cloudy day isn’t an excuse to not film indoors, fuck”

Oh, come on. Why does she act like she’s going through some unspeakable tragedy that she can’t reveal, causing her to not work? The only thing she’s going through is her 836th breakup with a pedophile manlet and her second cheemsburger of the day. She doesn’t have enough of a life to stir up any other happenings.

No. 1096610

>sex workers with children
I despair at the absolute fucking state of that situation.

No. 1096617

>>1096608 yeah, i bet the weight gain is what's making her less and less motivated to work at all lol.
>>1096610 i agree, it's fucked up that "SW" twitter would get furious at people for judging them for putting kids in their living situation. i dont feel bad for "SW"s, only their children.

No. 1096621

Someone needs to call CPS on those moms. Not to blog but I would be busting my ass off (even at a fast food job) if i had children I wouldn’t let them go hungry and I’d make sure they had a decent Christmas even if that means I have to starve and not buy anything for myself. Selfish degenerate cunts. If you have to e beg online your nudes are garbage and no guys find you sexually appealing

No. 1096628

I think that's out of line, anon.

CPS will not do anything to help. They don't offer therapeutic help for sex workers or their children. They'll likely either write off the case or take the children into foster care or throw them into poverty, marginalizing them even further and exposing them to further abuse.

If these children are not exposed to anything else like for example severe neglect because of drug use then you could possibly make things worse for them on your little virtue crusade.

Seriously, I hate people who think it's OK to call CPS over every little thing they disagree with. They fuck up so many lives. Fuck them seriously.

No. 1096639

Obviously I’m not going to call CPS on them fucking retard. I’m just saying they don’t deserve to have children if they aren’t taking care of them

No. 1096641

File: 1606865889998.png (104.72 KB, 325x301, 10 more years.png)

back in my day, strippers lied to their kids about how they were paying for christmas

No. 1096643

File: 1606866034472.png (Spoiler Image, 260.48 KB, 680x380, 8BDCD41B-5513-4A1F-98C0-FEEAE1…)

Lest we forget the “workout” ball she had two years ago. Probably the last time she actually used her leg muscles

No. 1096645

HankHill asscheeks

No. 1096652

File: 1606866396733.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.28 MB, 640x640, 0B68B83E-1040-4AF0-BEA2-E52D16…)

Shayna would probably pop the ball if she tired to make a second video

No. 1096654


What's the alternative to these children being in that situation? Foster care? How wonderful for them. As if that's not tied in with all the worst possible outcomes for children. Not to mention that mothers are more likely to turn to drugs, crime and harder kinds of sex work once they lose custody of their children.


You clearly said that someone should call CPS.

Then you said that moms should go without food themselves if they have to so their kids can have a 'good Christmas'.

Sorry but you are sanctimonious as fuck and I'm guessing you have probably had enough to eat all your life and don't know what it's like to go hungry and to work long hours at the same time.

There are some idiots on this thread.

No. 1096660

I said I WOULD go without food if it meant giving my children a decent Christmas. Why are you trying to start shit? Did I struck a nerve?

No. 1096661

That dogs teeth look gross. I can't imagine the smell of it's breath. She's probably the kind of pet owner that let's her dog roll in fox shit and doesn't wash it off.

No. 1096663

You have obviously never been hungry and don't know what it's like to go hungry.

Maybe you are an anachan… I don't know.

Christmas isn't an essential, anon. Children can live without Christmas. There are plenty of families for whatever reason who don't celebrate it at all.

Most people here have never had any contact with CPS and don't know what it's like to be a child with genuinely dangerous or cruel parents. They don't know what it's like to be in foster care or what it's like so they spout this shit and it fucking pisses me off.

No. 1096665

nta, you are okay now, it's over
this is not /r9k/, stop derailing

No. 1096667

Shut the fuck retard. No one is calling CPS on your lovely Twitter whores. I’m just criticizing shitty selfish parents. I’m not an anachan retard. I would let my children eat my food instead of eating it all myself. Fattieanon.

No. 1096668

Shayna probably doesn’t brush her dogs teeth or give her a bath

No. 1096676

You clearly said that someone 'should call CPS'. There is no other way to interpret that information other than what it says at face value.

That's a serious thing to say and now you are being a little bitch about it and trying to back pedal instead of saying you were wrong.

You don't even have kids and you probably never will and that's the ironic thing about your comments.

You are one of those sanctimonious little nobodies that likes to sound like a good person and wants people online to believe that you are but really you have no friends and no one likes you. People who go on about their hypothetical self sacrifice are always that way in reality. Good people don't need to tell everyone about what they would do and they don't want any credit for it.

No. 1096678

never mind, keep derailing, this is getting sad lol

No. 1096679

Can the mods ban them? I shouldn’t of blogged abt those mom sex workers I didn’t know it would cause an anon to get triggered and sperg out kek. Sorry anons

No. 1096686

You're missing the point. Being a social media whore is a voluntary decision. Obviously there are women with children that have no choice but to sell themselves. What I'm lamenting is not that CPS isn't going around taking children away from sex workers, it's that these women choose to post their gaping asshole to twitter when their own child is in the next room. That child is going grow up with his friends being able to look up videos of his mother fucking herself with dildo. It's sick and will probably leave the child with a poor understanding of self worth and self esteem.

No. 1096699

I agree that it's not an ideal environment to raise a child but really there isn't a good alternative to the situation as and when it stands.

While I have never been in that situation myself I can see it from their POV. Online sex work is quick and easy money if you are able to break into it and pays better than welfare or working in Walmart. It's also much safer than actually going out and physically trading sex. One could argue that the kids will benefit from the extra income alone. A lot of these sex workers do make as much money as a woman in a decent middle class career would.

Not all women have access to the same education and a lot turn to sex work because of previous sexual abuse as a small child and they are desensitized.

It's certainly not an ideal situation. It's not like I'm hailing these women as heroes or saying they are doing something noble. I'm just pointing out that the situation is often more gray than people make it out to be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1096704

Bruh shut the fuck up already you sound like a twitterfag

No. 1096713

I'd argue that the financial incentive does not outweigh the damage done to the child's development. All it's doing is perpetuating intergenerational dysfunction. These women are mentally ill and it's their children that will have to deal with consequences.

No. 1096721

her teeth look fine. now we're nitpicking her dog's fucking teeth? jesuss

No. 1096723

File: 1606869852266.jpg (757.71 KB, 1080x1389, 20201201_174404.jpg)

She plans on cramming tonight. She thinks her weight is average lol

No. 1096729

KEK did she take off her weight too?

No. 1096736

>submissive teenage barbie
>those tags
oh the delusion. shay you'd make more money marketing yourself as a milf

No. 1096751

File: 1606871453129.png (39.3 KB, 304x84, Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 8.10…)

the only part she didnt lie about on her profile

No. 1096756

She barely added anything new. Classic Shay not to have any friends on her FL or favorite models. Also love how the only current photo she posted isnt even trying to be aesthetic just nasty looking holes blatantly there, covering her body up and hiding it from the camera. Kek at removing her weight.

No. 1096758

Top kek.

No. 1096766

File: 1606872217158.jpeg (587.73 KB, 1242x1641, 08A87AFC-C64B-432E-8370-394C32…)

No. 1096769

yes lmao it used to say 115 or something

No. 1096774

File: 1606872412025.jpeg (586.06 KB, 1242x1427, 6502D043-4E28-4A51-BB9D-7A67C7…)

Second part of >>1096766
Shay is still triggered about the backlash from her Cindy Lou Who cosplay kek

No. 1096775

Shayna would love to join in the cancel culture if she weren't canceled herself. She's exactly the type of person she described.

No. 1096776

Shut up and get on cam you fat useless cow.

No. 1096778

File: 1606872597955.jpeg (337.61 KB, 750x1005, 0A974BCF-B848-4B44-805D-C5DFC6…)

it was actually 105 courtesy of waybackmachine

No. 1096779

lmao at her removing “drinking milkshakes”

No. 1096785

we can't tell you the amount of times we've seen you do it too, shayna.
just two weeks ago she was on discord debating making turkey porn because of the historical context of thanksgiving. and then she cut her asshole making turkey porn.

No. 1096787

shayna you’re like 25 and look almost 40, take teen out of your tags you retard. she should tag “special needs” “down syndrome” “trans” and she’ll probably get the viewers she’s looking for.

No. 1096796

File: 1606873604634.gif (510.68 KB, 500x200, 8C9584E5-865F-4833-8661-D10A36…)

You didn’t have to drag her like that anon KEK

No. 1096799

File: 1606873788445.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, E9017047-1C5B-4813-A840-025D22…)

fwiw the tweet actually said she plans on camming friday

No. 1096800

File: 1606873842665.png (337.38 KB, 338x654, 1597634878513.png)

Screenshots of despair, kek.
Wew, chile, the delusion. I wonder if she legitimately doesn't remember things she said five minutes ago, or if she just says this because she knows we'll talk about her.

No. 1096813

Jesus this is so disconcerting to look at. The change in the width of her abdomen alone. Holy shit. She honestly looks really cute in that skinny pic. Get yo life together girl

No. 1096821

Imagine being this fucking transparent that you lurk, continuously get called out for lurking because of your obvious "I don't care if you judge me" spergs, and then continuing to do the same thing. Over. And. Over. It's almost like her lolcow page fills a void for her, I'm sure she prides herself with delusions of us being consumed by her daily. When in reality we are just checking in on her antics for a laugh while taking breaks at work or taking a dump.

No. 1096827

It’s almost like Twitter and OnlyFans are different social media with different terms of service and different user expectations, isn’t it, Shayna?

No. 1096833

she's spending all this time setting up her desk, wonder what the other side of the room is gonna look like when (if) she turns the webcam on to see the other angle.

No. 1096846

File: 1606876873302.jpeg (676.29 KB, 1125x1271, 47C4D95F-E903-48F9-97CC-5E4689…)

No. 1096849

File: 1606876978519.jpeg (730.55 KB, 1125x1696, 7F30F4BD-4574-499A-8D3F-1DB85F…)


No. 1096850

wonder if womack tried to make a move kek

No. 1096854

Kek Shayna doesn’t even brush her own teeth nor take a bath.

No. 1096855

of course Jason R Womack made a move. Shayna can't do any better I don't understand why she rejected him. Fupa doesnt want her ass anymore. Womack is ugly and retarded but at least she would get attention from him since Gia Paige is too hot for him kek

No. 1096859

she's only caping for troons because lolcow says she looks like one

you'd save yourself some keystrokes, Shayna, by just typing out "i'm fat and lazy"

>teenage barbie
ah, pedo-pandering Shayna strikes yet again. you'd think she'd modify this part of her bio since she's been cancelled for the umpteenth time for alluding to underage content and she's definitely, totally woke now given her stint as Shayna Luther King, Jr on twitter

why doesn't she just accept she's a behemoth of a heifer and tag herself accordingly? chubby chasers and feeders exist. no one's searching "beautiful" or "barbie" and clicking on Shayna.

wasn't she just bemoaning how all of her relationships have been ruined by sex work? your best bet is dating a customer at this point, Shaytard. no one else is going to tolerate your nasty and slovenly lifestyle. remember, this is the life you want and actively choose time and time again.

No. 1096864

File: 1606878148178.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1242x1633, 496F8EC5-C985-4FF7-A9A9-881973…)

Laughing my fucking ass off
Jason R Womack thirsting over Fridge9irl from the e girl thread

No. 1096866

oh great Shayna Luther King is a TRA now too

inb4 "just spent $200 on a green screen for
streaming, who's reimbursing??"

def sounds like it's about womack kek

No. 1096870

The post under the one you linked is cut off but probably gives me the biggest keks in the world. He liked the post of her licking a fucking toilet. At least now we know why he simps for Shay so hard, this dude has a humiliation fetish.

No. 1096871

“people just fall in love with me”
“everyone likes me”

the intense delusion in these tweets…wow.

No. 1096873

File: 1606878918522.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1242x1234, 485E5974-950E-441E-8F92-260FC9…)

Womack must be completely brain dead
Coconut kitty girl or whatever shoops herself to look like a teen when she’s actually old af. I wonder if shay is jealous that he stopped replying under her tweets kek

No. 1096878

He responds for sure, his account is restricted we just can’t see the tweets. She’s most likely directly subtweeting him in those tweets lmao

No. 1096892

File: 1606880463811.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2001, E9DAA0F9-B713-4674-8F00-E4E243…)

He isn’t on private anymore you can look at his tweets he is just liking and not replying to shay like he used to kek

No. 1096906

File: 1606881993492.jpg (537.21 KB, 1242x1553, excuses.jpg)

No. 1096909

How weird is it that Womack is following almost exclusively lolcows? He simps for lots of random camwhores too, but is it really coincidence that he’s following that girl from the e girl thread and coconut kitty from the photoshoppers thread? I wonder if other SW cows read Shayna’s thread and get the idea to try to “steal” Womack away from her like Savannah did earlier.

No. 1096911

File: 1606882377695.png (857.86 KB, 717x538, download.png)

No. 1096913

The DELUSION. No one is catching feelings shay. They just see how desperate you are. And since you’ve admitted twice that you dated two people from tumblr…well. You give morons like Womack hope. Just date the simp already. He’ll probably buy you a car kek

No. 1096914

to be honest, every sex worker on twitter is cow material. they all have mental illnesses and sperg online about "wanting to commit suicide uwu". it's not surprising he interacts with these whores. but imagine if Jason R Womack was secretly a farmer kek. Nah he is too retarded to be one.

No. 1096916

topkek, anon. great use of that photo. I'm sure our pal shaytard will appreciate the spongebob reference

No. 1096917

He’s definitely far too retarded to be a farmer but I bet these other cows are DMing him on the downlow or liking his tweets to get his attention. They probably figure his wallet is an easy target considering how willing he is to give money to a chick like Shayna.

No. 1096920

"is being…fuckable". So she admits she's fuckable for the right price?

No. 1096922

that makes a lot of sense considering he gave that farmer who pretended to be shay money.
>In before tweet sperg about poaching followers from sex workers

No. 1096923

keking at the fact Womack liked those tweets about her rejecting him. he is probably too brain dead to realize

No. 1096934

File: 1606884481697.jpeg (202.47 KB, 750x712, AB141734-4BF0-40DE-82C9-B0A4A2…)

Shayna, really??

No. 1096935

I called it!! She is lurking kek

No. 1096938

File: 1606884748795.jpg (437.98 KB, 1242x1125, meaniesarepoaching.jpg)

No. 1096940

I love how Shayna makes tweets about her connection to customers/orbiters merely being a transaction here >>1096532 , but any time they decide to spend their money elsewhere, suddenly she's acting like she's being cheated on. Never change, Shayna kek.

No. 1096941

File: 1606884847196.jpg (703.47 KB, 1242x1200, abutterfacepixie.jpg)

uh oh drama in the dOlLhAuS kek
hey butterface!! you can admit to being a farmer now Shayna knows

No. 1096942

File: 1606884908725.jpeg (218.06 KB, 750x610, 0F279078-4854-4231-8733-CE4418…)

“Sugar daddies”

No. 1096943

File: 1606884959310.jpg (468.01 KB, 1242x1304, womack.jpg)


No. 1096945

File: 1606885019921.jpg (517.94 KB, 1242x1232, kek.jpg)


this is so funny

No. 1096946

This is ridiculous. If your customers are going elsewhere, maybe you should… I don’t know, be better? That’s on you, not the customer or the other camwhore.

No. 1096948

File: 1606885144187.jpeg (615.66 KB, 1242x1508, 0DECEA67-0531-4323-A926-79FDEA…)

I snorted
Imagine getting jealous over Jason R Womack

No. 1096949

more like redneck Splenda daddies that live in Oklahoma in a trailer with their wife and kids

No. 1096950

she's so insecure.

No. 1096952

File: 1606885352003.png (10.88 MB, 1242x2208, 7165994A-BB54-4478-93C5-175F0D…)

I guess Jason R Womack has a type
Ugly white bitches who are morbidly obese and use filters and facetune to be mildly attractive

No. 1096954

Dollie Dae and Fatty Mattel are going to belong in the death fat thread if they keep eating!!! Oinky oink!! Keep eating those cheemsburgers

No. 1096957

i'm willing to bet it's a touchy subject for her because her 3 incel simps make up 90% of her income and if any of them left she'd be out of luck financially

No. 1096961

File: 1606886030855.jpeg (345.14 KB, 1242x1337, CF1BCCF9-3B2F-4E9C-921F-782FB1…)

the irony of her once again posting shit like this after just tweet and deleting this 2 weeks ago >>1083757

No. 1096965

Shayna: the needy sw she’s fucking ridiculous

No. 1096969

I know it’s the filters, but she’s prettier than Shayna kek. As in the filters actually work for her, and clearly Shayna is a lost cause.

No. 1096970

Dollie Dae looks like an extreme Shayna skinwalker based on her twitter. They will be indistinguishable from eachother in a month or two at the rate that Shay is packing on the pounds. Deathfat saga when?

No. 1096971

some wacky tinfoil: Womack is an elaborate alias created by a farmer who's in it for the long con

No. 1096974

File: 1606887717460.png (7.69 MB, 1242x2208, B680C403-422F-49DC-BCD0-417FE1…)

Well that’s because Dollie Deathfat knows how to do her makeup. So the filters look better on her. She’s really morbid I don’t even think she can move off the bed for long periods of time KEK

She is a skinwalker
>Same name Dolly= Dollie
>No traction/interaction
>Dead Twitter
>Fat with cellulite all over legs
>onlyfans whore
> “reimburse me uwu” tweets
Fatty Mattel better date Womack before Dollie Deathfat steals him!!!!

No. 1096975

It would actually be easy to pull off she’s such an idiot

No. 1096976

Don’t forget the suicide baiting!

No. 1096977

Maybe his Twitter is fake and Facebook is real??? But on Facebook he liked the page dedicated to his favorite e-whore Gia Paige
So that ruins that theory. And he posts pipes he makes on Twitter and on Facebook there is a business page for them

No. 1096978

No legit farmer would send Shayna money everyday unless they have an obsession/ lesbian crush on her

No. 1096980

in the last thread an anon posted a pic of him with his wife,he's just a old coomer with twitter but good theory.

No. 1096982

He’s a confirmed real person who lives in OK, but I guess it is possible that his twitter was made with stolen information from his FB. I don’t believe this tinfoil though, he seems legit to me. I think he’s just in contact with cows because they reach out to him and Shayna retweets them.

No. 1096983

Please say you meant ex-wife

No. 1096985

Shocking that a man with his level of intelligence can even legally consent to marriage. He should have a family member or power of attorney taking care of his finances for him before he loses his house to ewhores

No. 1096986

File: 1606888602881.jpeg (613 KB, 1242x1063, D91271C4-24A3-4223-855D-71F9EB…)

Yeah. The Facebook likes match up to the ewhores he follows. Example: Gia Paige
And the weed pipe company
281 Glass

No. 1096990

I am 90% sure this man has children with the woman anon posted. She has a picture of Jason R Womack with kids as her banner on Facebook

No. 1096994

File: 1606889652514.jpeg (350.31 KB, 1242x1323, CED61831-10EB-4486-90E5-E1205F…)

Sage for dumbass edit

No. 1096997

it's hilarious how she claims she's a business owner when customer poaching is a legitimate tactic used in the real world. imagine actual businesses took this shit as personally as this insecure whore does.
>b-but you said you wouldn't buy cheemsburgers anywhere else but McDonald's! how dare Burger King put a billboard outside of my restaurant! don't they care about MY profits?! poacher!!!!

if you're not good enough to keep your customers interested, then you need to be more aggressive in marketing and advertising yourself. if sex work is supposed to be ~real work~, then it's not the kumbaya circle of sluts circlejerking each other's egos that you desperately want it to be.

>mildly attractive
mildly is far too kind for both of landwhales

No. 1097002

Womack does think he has a chance with these idiots he’s picking bottom feeder girls for a reason

No. 1097003

File: 1606890537185.gif (178.78 KB, 1247x169, 298D4E9A-897B-4AE3-BF52-18D5B1…)

No. 1097005

File: 1606890650866.jpeg (848.66 KB, 1242x1570, B214EEC3-A9A5-43A7-97D8-462EFD…)

No. 1097007

File: 1606890703254.jpeg (55.74 KB, 467x365, 0471C071-FCC0-4FE5-9857-FFDB0A…)

Now we are fetishizing a wholesome holiday for children? Jfc

No. 1097008

File: 1606890755525.jpeg (404.08 KB, 1242x1114, 3AF8CC80-6917-4203-BC66-551901…)

Fatty Mattel has no shame going to Fupa’s house to suck on his disgusting chode

No. 1097010

I was thinking same thing. this is what is know as being a degenerate

No. 1097012

lmao it never ceases to amuse me just how much other camwhores make shayna seethe. they can literally look like >>1096952 and she'll STILL feel threatened by them

No. 1097022

She’s just so crazy and quirky you just don’t know what she’s going to do next.

No. 1097030

>brings children’s junk food to a late night booty call
Wow Shay how sexy and covid conscious of you!

No. 1097035

She eats a lot of lunchables for a 20something year old. She really thinks it's cute/quirky, huh? But it's actually just weird and depressing. It's not hard to put together or buy the healthier and legit snack packs. I just don't understand her constantly bringing up lunchables. Shes made the "dinnables" and such jokes about them repeatedly too thinking she's really witty and funny.

No. 1097045

The guy is suicide baiting and Shayna is more upset some fatter sex worker is consoling him. Hilarious.

No. 1097060

So jason really is the 'sugar daddy' she talks about…

No. 1097068

So Shayna stalks her "Sugar Daddy' and who he interacts with?
You can tell this dude is the first true "Sugar daddy" she'd had in a while. I feel like maybe the dude was in her Dm's telling her he had feelings then she noticed that some other sex worker was interacting with him that she knew and got mad or some shit. This seems less about money and more about Shayna upset a guy is showing other whores attention.
I'm really starting to believe womack has a chance with Shayna, esp. if he has wife and childern so she can go, "he loves me so much he left his family!!"

No. 1097074

File: 1606900680400.jpeg (923.67 KB, 3464x3464, 990A771A-D094-478D-A52F-D8AFB9…)

No. 1097076

Yeah that anon definitely has a vendetta against sex workers. CPS or calling the cops is not a problem solver for everything. Sometimes it’s better to realize when something isn’t your business, because your overreacting. Especially when you clearly have no idea what the system is like.(nobody cares)

No. 1097077

So retarded. You need to realize you physically can’t work long hours without food. My god the autism in this thread. It’s so obvious you had it cushy

No. 1097078

File: 1606902174031.png (Spoiler Image, 465.07 KB, 1000x800, tubby-fattel.png)

No. 1097079

File: 1606902231800.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, 8F79AA90-6C81-44BF-AA1E-A64FF9…)

Samefag I realized I made a typo in the meme I updated it oof

No. 1097082

Can you stop derailing the thread please???Jfc

>tubby fattel
Thank you anon this is a masterpiece

No. 1097083

I love this lmaoo. Vote for thread pic

No. 1097085

aww, no mania tweets until she wakes up hungover. darn.

No. 1097134

bitch you can't work at walmart and get mad every time someone goes to target. you don't own customers, and you make it very clear its not a dating relationship so why the hell should they remain exclusive to only you? yet this bitch has the audacity to call herself an entrepreneur

if it was a farmer sending her money almost daily, they lost the plot

No. 1097150

anon, holy shit, my sides

No. 1097162

Hes probably the one that sends $100-$150 tips that she posts daily and gives her free weed stuff like that dab rig she mentioned.
>one of my sugar daddies
It’s literally just Jason and her definition of sugar daddy is bleak as fuck. I don’t feel sorry for her in the slightest, all of her antics legitimately make me laugh.

No. 1097175

Girl, none of these cumbrains owe you loyalty. Lose some weight and make more interesting content and maybe your customers won't keep jumping ship.

No. 1097199

Or she could just admit that she's no longer an ~uwu skinny teen barbie doll~ and accept that she would do better as a BBW doing feeder porn.

No. 1097222

Right? She sincerely acts like they signed a lifelong Porker Caretaker contract or something that keeps them indebted to her. If a hot girl knows she’s hotter than you and can easily get money from your braindead coomers, why shouldn’t she be allowed to? It’s Twitter marketing, not a scandalous international jewel heist. There’s no rules. And isn’t that her whole philosophy, with all the money begging and the “I can steal ur daddy” shit?
It’s all fine until someone under 230 pounds threatens her self worth by simply existing and being cute!

No. 1097226


This is my favorite recent Shayna line because it just shows her jumping off of her opinion bandwagons when they don’t suit her anymore. Cry more, Shay.

No. 1097239

> hot girl
That’s generous to say about dollie deathfat kek she’s gross

No. 1097245

File: 1606926002449.jpeg (340.78 KB, 1242x717, 74B7E0F7-402B-4468-8EB4-0D6715…)

Sage for unrelated but Dollie Deathfat might even be more pathetic than Shaytard kek(offtopic)

No. 1097268


my favorite thing about shay is she’ll read this and immediately think “more turkey basters = more cash?”

No. 1097269

AYRT, didn’t mean to sound like I was dickriding by talking about that other lady; I just meant in general because she gets all up in arms and whinges about every single girl she sees. Her whole life is just seething over other women.

No. 1097272

Holy kek, that's even less pity likes than Lardy Mattel. Sex work has really gassed up these ugly broads into thinking they're actually worth anything.

No. 1097273

So accurate omg hahaha

No. 1097280

This is embarrassing af. Reeks of insecurity. If the dude had any brain cells, he'd see how pathetic and shitty pulling stunts like this are. Because she's lowkey put him on blast for having other SW followers. Like wtf are you a toxic teenager who cant stand their boyfriend talks to girls in class or has female fb friends.
She really wants exclusive attention and yeah, part of it is she practically needs this dudes financial "support" so shes terrified of him being interested in other whores.

Speaking of low interaction. This tweet has a running total of a single retweet and 17 WHOLE likes. Her old man simp even said he'll try to be there for it but he goes to bed early kek

No. 1097296

I agree. Dollie has a chance to be cute with filters, makeup etc if she worked out and ate healthy. She’s kinda cute but she needs to stop wearing one size Chinese clothes that don’t fit her.
Womack is probably her only splenda daddy. I think she just says “one of my sugar daddies” to make herself look better kek

No. 1097299

File: 1606931688007.jpeg (232.58 KB, 1169x937, 0722E6BA-524E-4099-93FE-96AE46…)

>like clockwork

No. 1097309

When the people you are directing this tweet at already helped you pay it, well…

No. 1097311

kek, what a broke bitch.

No. 1097317

Reimbursing your rent? Why? You already collected your OF payout and handouts for the month. Why would anyone just give you 1k for nothing? I know she thinks shes entitled to money for existing, but come on… have just a shred of class and tone.
Shayna Luther King should know theres plenty of people out there who are struggling to afford rent and could use donations. But nah, Shay should get her money back and not spend anything on rent. If you're a domme or a hot girl, this would be annoying but still get a pass. But when you're a fat bitch piece of shit goblin retard… its awkward and stupid.

No. 1097322

After bills she's probably back down to $2 kek

No. 1097329

She's not even being cute about it, I wonder if she's legitimately a little broke after paying this month kek. Also, $1k rent in bumfuck nowhere Oklahoma? She's retarded.

No. 1097335


and yet all she’s done with the $2k computer so far is download apex and remove her weight from her camsite. she could have just cammed and earned money, that legs over her head pose goes over well with that rotating crowd. she seriously just needs to market as a bbw and she’s be fine.

No. 1097342

next thread pic for sure

No. 1097376

she's never going to cam again let's be real, unless it's private shows for her splenda daddy. she knows some of us will be there and she doesn't want to see fat, unedited screenshots of herself when she lurks

No. 1097392


Im still laughing that she's acting like a scorn girlfriend over a dude throwing chump change at her. How do you say you feel bad when these dudes "fall for you", yet you get mad at them like you have feelings? Does she not think these dudes aren't giving money to multiple women?

No. 1097435

File: 1606939608301.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 923.45 KB, 3464x3464, D42A9D54-D0C9-4EC0-B548-020E79…)

Turd braids make a comeback!!

No. 1097438

File: 1606939706910.jpeg (497.5 KB, 1242x1347, BF32AFDF-9C28-4D02-9AB3-30F271…)

She had to document her yearly tooth brushing kek
Forgot to sage

No. 1097442

she is squeezed into that hoodie, goodness. also why does it look like her hair just doesn’t grow?

No. 1097445

File: 1606939854444.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1019.77 KB, 1242x1715, 8FE57B0A-11FD-4B49-8128-F93575…)

Cockeyed titties and Shayna Luther King Jr preaching the rules because she’s such a successful onlyfans girl uwu

No. 1097453

God… that wide minecraft cube head, the jowls, Jessica yaniv smirk, the wide gorilla nose even filters can’t shrink, the soulless black beady little rat eyes. She’s quite the goddess of course!

No. 1097456

does she not understand that's an obvious joke tweet
the weed has fried her brain

No. 1097457

I died laughing at "Cock eyed titties" and she's just throwing shade, I'm sure she'll talk about how, "Girls are always trying to hop on the onlyfans wagon like it's quick money, without even doing the basic research!" tweet soon enough.

No. 1097459

she's jealous this tweet has a lot of likes and mad she didn't make this joke first probably.

No. 1097461

File: 1606940928809.jpeg (593.84 KB, 1242x1625, 9F370CEB-B280-4E48-B30B-5DE720…)

No. 1097468

How much you want to bet Shayna sent Womack a angry dm telling him not to interact with/follow sex workers that are in her comments? I have a feeling (and i hope) womack exposes Shayna when they eventually fall out (because we know they will).
All these years and Womack is the best sugar daddy she can get and probably pays more attention then Fupa.

No. 1097482

Damn bitch he won't even feed you?

No. 1097496

>Time is running out on this deal
oh no it isn't. we all know she won't actually increase her prices, she'll lose what little following she has left. i'm surprised she hasn't dropped her prices to $1 at this point

No. 1097507

Her content should be a dollar she would probably get more buyers that way. Her content is garbage and she takes “the day off” for a whole month

No. 1097519

Her eyebrows look a lot better like this, though.

No. 1097527

when does shayna read the ToS for anything? otherwise she wouldn't have had lost her mind every time her twitter and snapchat accounts kept getting suspended/banned

No. 1097529

yeah those are her natural brows and it’s been said many times that they look better than the atrocity she draws on but she doesn’t listen

No. 1097549

I’m looking forward to Jan 1st, she was probably going to lose subs anyway but it’s going to be even more with the price increase and weight gain. Will she ever wake up and realize that it’s time to abandon sex work and get an actual life? Or will she give up her final shred of dignity and start making puke-worthy “BBW” feeder porn? So much for the glamorous fantasy she had about SW, she’s about to see how bleak it really gets.

No. 1097553

Shayna thinks being a sw is a personality trait so i dont see her dropping this anytime soon.

No. 1097566

can confirm, am dumping

No. 1097570

File: 1606949067190.jpeg (156.41 KB, 1153x819, 1560525651358.jpeg)

Tight braids hide a lot of the length, it has grown a bit since she stopped bleaching it to death, but I doubt she's trimmed it so it's still broken af. throwback to this horrifying video >>822174 to show how the braids used to barely reach her shoulders

she probably does cry and complain in his DMs about how hard her life is, but then turns around and slaps him with a "this is just a business relationship! I'm dumping my problems on you to create a fantasy!! but also you can't give anyone else your money, and I will subtweet anyone you interact with"

No. 1097579

Wow, this is first picture I've seen of Shayna really smiling. Even with the but lip (Why does she do that?) she looks so much better than the ugly faces she makes, even with the crooked teeth

No. 1097580

File: 1606950079204.jpeg (173.63 KB, 1242x666, C8837341-E351-416D-BA63-A89D3D…)

Yeah her eyebrows looks good bare. If she just put a little brow powder to give definition she would look a lot better.

Also kek at the fact Shayna told Womack to not talk to Dollie so she’s begging for money on Twitter

No. 1097592

Idk what's wrong in this photo but it makes her beak nose stand out

No. 1097595

lol, the nose piercing hole

No. 1097596

This is not just begging… this is ebegging for less than a McDonald’s burger

No. 1097599

Not to continue the eyebrow sperg, but she must have used some minimal product here. She has posted other no-makeup looks and her brows are much shorter than in this pic, they didn't even extend 2/3rd of the way over her eye from over waxing/plucking. It is kind of sweet but repetitive that anons in this thread are always giving advice that's mostly (but not always) ignored.
Either way, she's still Shay.

No. 1097604

Kek we are pretty much her only friends. We don’t sugarcoat anything and we tell her the truth. Most of the anons are actually nice to Shat, even in a bitchy way. I would love to see her have redemption and change her lifestyle but it’s much more funny to watch her get fatter and fatter

Anyways Shaytard is going to open a package she got sent to her door soon. I bet Womack sent her something

No. 1097609

If she genuinely doesn't know what it is I hope she opens it live and it's ludicrous.

Although what happened to her shittier monitor she apparantly ordered cos she thought the overpriced one was gonna take a while?

No. 1097624

>Also, $1k rent in bumfuck nowhere Oklahoma? She's retarded.
She could honestly rent a cheap home right outside of ATL for that price. 1k for a low tier apartment in O k l a h o m a is a waste, but God forbid Gigachunk over here isn't ready to Uber over to Fupa when he wants to get his chode wet.
>really, I just want to see Shayna get ripped apart by some real city thots

No. 1097626

I'm just waiting for screenshots to come out of her going off on him

No. 1097627

File: 1606955553993.jpg (31.45 KB, 720x222, 20201202_163002.jpg)

Now she's saying she's moved up in rank. Yet asking for shares. Asking to be reimbursed on rent. And no screen cap of the rank like she use to do.

No. 1097654

File: 1606958164134.jpeg (171.52 KB, 1183x307, 2B31977F-7A8A-43DC-8A24-27EA1D…)

This bitch lags doing the simplest tasks

No. 1097655

File: 1606958280482.jpeg (131.18 KB, 674x1031, 1F4AAF7B-D8BC-45E0-B1A3-E70ED7…)

No. 1097656

File: 1606958303633.jpeg (94.37 KB, 676x1075, 13F59439-D699-4637-974A-8FAE19…)

Another fucking pink bear…..

No. 1097657

Get ready for that to be in the garage next time she moves

No. 1097659

Snapchat anon here. (She hasn’t blocked me yet kek) She acts mentally challenged in this unboxing video this really isn’t cute at all….

No. 1097661

that laugh is retarded and so fake. why? just open it, it's not like she's going to say thank you or anything

No. 1097663

Her giggle is so damn obnoxious kek the fact she was so out of breath opening the package is embarrassing.

No. 1097664

Interesting how she opened it with the weird scissors and not the hello kitty knife this time. Almost like she knew what was in it.

Jason r Womack bought her her 5th giant teddy bear for black friday though how cute

No. 1097665

That bear has a look in it's eyes like it knows it's going to be face the same fate as the last 2 giant bears lol

No. 1097666

File: 1606959767563.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3999x2999, 0B190BBD-F887-4802-97C0-746F98…)

She’s so busted with the filter imagine the unboxing video without it. She’s so ugly. The thick eyeliner makes it look like she has no eyes. Her beady rat eyes look horrible with heavy liner.

No. 1097668

File: 1606959934962.jpeg (757.5 KB, 3464x3464, EBAFE5BE-2338-4F9C-B1A5-91FB74…)

I love how Porky Fattel thinks she can still wear her pink tracksuit from her skinny twink phase. She looks like Patrick’s sister. She needs to buy clothes that fit her jfc those tiny clothes make her look even more obese. But keep eating those cheemsburgers Shaynasty!!!

No. 1097670

She and Baylee Jae look and dress exactly the same.

No. 1097674

The heavy breathing as she barely moves… girl needs to get a handle on her life before her lungs totally give out.

No. 1097677

Mother fucker about to end up in the apartment complex dumpster in 4 months along with everything else in that apartment.

She’ll move back home with her box of dildos, her tv and a computer setup.

No. 1097678

I hate watching "candid" videos of her cause she literally laughs at everything she says/does. We get you're insecure, but it's such ugly HURHURHURHUR laugh. Never would have thought we'd see Shayna, the same attention-starved Shayna that would record videos of herself every single day, every single hour, almost a year or two ago, would be so insecure and EVEN MORE awkward in front of a camera. Just be fucking natural for once.

No. 1097680

Wonder why she doesn't wear her plugs anymore. As in her gauges, not her butt plugs kek

No. 1097686

File: 1606962461705.png (9.44 MB, 1242x2208, 1028A83E-9D94-4AC1-825D-40451D…)

My sides

No. 1097687

File: 1606962491854.jpeg (72.76 KB, 1047x590, B74FD2F8-3738-4821-8363-8AE819…)

This ugly ass outfit again

No. 1097688

File: 1606962515728.jpeg (82.55 KB, 1060x596, 733C1B5B-9348-465A-884B-B0B3E6…)

No. 1097690


she’s a blimp !

No. 1097691

seriously this same fucking dollar store too small outfit for the 5th time??? she’s just completely out of tops that fit her now so she needs one with an open front or what?

No. 1097692

serving belle delphine's retarded cousin realness

No. 1097693

File: 1606962670594.jpeg (181.23 KB, 373x620, 93FFAD12-68F6-4A74-9BB8-1C9C55…)

She must of seen the YouTube video
Kek she only gets like 20 viewers nobody cares that she isn’t on snap

No. 1097694

File: 1606962689924.jpeg (445.09 KB, 1125x1157, 8D7E7F81-E9AA-4ED8-B717-B0C9B0…)

No. 1097695

This is a dude. You can't change my mind.

Also. Pick a different outfit, with yo lazy ass.

No. 1097697

Snapchat anon here!! I guess the trick on how to screen record stories without it showing worked. I’m laughing my ass off so predictable

No. 1097698

lmao wow that was a fast lurk.
get a real job, shayna!

No. 1097699

Aw we hurt her fee fees
Stay lurking, Shaytard. Really responds in real time nowadays. Sorry we laugh at your mouth breathing and genuine mental delays.

No. 1097701

>Ruining it for everyone

Oh no. The whole 5 people that watch her snapchat ;((((

No. 1097702

she will be back, this stupid bitch can't help but get attention from every source.

No. 1097703

That fat girl selfie angle kek. Shes lifting her phone so high its almost parallel to the ground.

No. 1097704

Someone is triggered kek

No. 1097706

File: 1606963665298.jpeg (526.52 KB, 1242x1302, D29F506A-7D6D-4D0D-AD6D-254C25…)

>not even ten likes

No body cares about you dumbass

No. 1097707

Damn, she is trying so hard to sound like a mean girl who isn't bothered.

No. 1097710

File: 1606964038057.png (147.65 KB, 1284x1060, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 22.0…)

Sage for random milk but I just went back to the first Shayna thread and these used to be here prices for a single video…
$55 - $80.

Even with her weight gain, she is selling herself so short.
She literally used to make 20x the amount that she gets on a single OF subscription just by making one video.
She is getting to be so bleak.
And she only seems to be vaguely aware of how far she’s fallen.

No. 1097711

File: 1606964106584.jpg (61.27 KB, 342x397, 20201202_195432.jpg)

She acts like she doesnt have an anon who posts her OF stuff here. Nothing of value is really lost

No. 1097712

File: 1606964260245.jpeg (158.15 KB, 1219x1211, 9AEF61C7-51FD-4CE2-8F33-166E54…)

I think she is just triggered that we pointed out how ugly and retarded she looks even with a snap filter kek

No. 1097715

I stg every day she tries to look more and more like Jessica Yaniv

No. 1097716

$200 worth of makeup from sephora and she still couldn’t be bothered to wear blush or try anything different.


No. 1097717

At least she didn’t do the bottom butt lip thing. She’s still unfortunate looking but it’s a small improvement

No. 1097718

File: 1606964465267.jpg (109.49 KB, 800x445, 90-Day-Fiance-Angela-Deem-5.jp…)

Shayna reading her thread rn

No. 1097720

wtf is up with her teeth? they look worse than before, she’s getting like spaces on her top teeth and it looks like the right side bottom is all worn down.

No. 1097721

I was just about to comment this, the labored breathing is genuinely concerning. It should not be that taxing to sit on a couch and open a gift, she sounds like she’s running a marathon.

No. 1097723

I'm sure the too small outfit doesn't help kek

No. 1097727

Why she look like Mickey in this vid tho? At least Micks is somewhat good at shooping away her fatness kek Shayna just lets that shit all hang out.

No. 1097730

File: 1606965648663.png (1.23 MB, 760x4687, Screenshot_20201202-220547.png)

crying to her discord orbiters. one of them gently pointed out that she's right back to calling us ~psychotic haterz~ even after being called out for it on twitter >>1091823

and she didn't respond topkek. what a piece of work. she doesn't give a shit who she offends, all her talk about "uwu I've apologized, I've changed, I'm not who I used to be! I'm listening and learning!!" is immediately disproven. stop pretending to care about others if you can't keep up the charade shatna

No. 1097731

I love how she is only active in her discord when she needs asspats or money to take the day off. She’s such a lazy cunt. KEK at psycho. You post every thing on Twitter anyways, we don’t care if you delete Snapchat. We know you won’t. How else are you going to hide that 40 year trailer park mom face with a snap filter??

No. 1097732

File: 1606965963810.jpeg (97.5 KB, 750x530, 5305766F-9420-44AC-9DEE-134AE8…)

Wtf does that mean?

No. 1097734

File: 1606965986412.jpeg (379.06 KB, 1536x2048, 4CD82F11-9280-4A3C-A0EE-84BACE…)

No. 1097735

File: 1606966007084.jpeg (302.88 KB, 1536x2048, 8F666436-1B28-4034-AD39-53CFFC…)

No. 1097737

>Take the fucking picture Becky I can’t breathe

kek she is sucking in her fat beer gut so hard

No. 1097739

She could have done us all a favour by editing out those neck rolls.

No. 1097741

Didn't know people over the age of 18 used snap anymore anyway lol. Thought it was just teens and absolute loser adults. But yeah her snap stories were just so interesting and funny and amazing how will people go on without… oh wait twitter is free. And I guess she forgot about the OF anon(s) kek.

Shes really acting like she posted some great content and not just a dumb video of her opening an amazon box from an incel or that she bought herself, using a filter to hide her ugly ass face, awkward fat retard laughing, and being generally stupid and boring. Out of breath from opening a box. Like girl…

No. 1097742

im blown away at how out of breath she is. she's literally only sitting and using scissors. jesus. like other anons also said, wtf is up with her teeth?? they are getting worse week by week

No. 1097743

holy fuck the chins

No. 1097744


she no longer has a visible neck. just rolls. tragic.

No. 1097745

Yo is she trying to skinwalk that Dollie deathfat bitch from earlier or just a big coincidence

No. 1097746

Right? I barely use snap only to watch stories and occasionally text back old friends. I knew she would post the unboxing video on Snapchat because she loves those filters. Kek

No. 1097751

File: 1606966399499.png (1.77 MB, 1149x2048, Screenshot_20201202-223252.png)

You can see the crazy

No. 1097753

The lines in her fat neck probably have dirt and chip crumbs since she doesn’t shower.

No. 1097754

Was gonna say this. At least she put some lip product on and didnt do the butt lip. Some eyeshadow. I wanted to say she almost looks decent, but I know it's the snap filter doing the real work.

No. 1097758

>A girl who can do both

So wear a cheap, ill-fitting outfit in a shitty wig and then wear a cheap, ill-fitting outfit in ratty, unwashed turd braids. Gotcha. Riveting. What WILL she think of next?!

No. 1097760

Kek she deleted it

No. 1097762

Get you a "girl" who can look like a trailer park mom AND dress up like a sissy troon!

She acts like a hater/farmer would give a fuck about her asking not to be recorded lol like what don't you understand here Shay. Stop being a cringy ugly bitchy fat piece of shit and take some advice from here then maybe you wont get made fun of so much.

No. 1097763

I actually laughed out loud

No. 1097765

File: 1606966954187.jpeg (630.86 KB, 750x1049, 307B03C8-2A52-42DD-95AB-E91406…)

the hairline is killing me lmao

No. 1097766

Oof yeah I just knew it had to be the filter making her look almost cute because wow that twitter unfiltered version is very unfortunate. An absolute tranny.

No. 1097767

File: 1606967078878.png (2.01 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2020-12-02_10-44-18_PM.p…)

That filter DEFINITELY working overtime.

No. 1097768

That's exactly what it is and that's why she has all those neck folds. Its difficult to suck in and also extend your neck. Nearly impossible to relax your face.

No. 1097772

Ya know, it is almost unfortunate people wont be seeing her small amount of snap content because without a snap filter this bitch is ugly af. But at least she'll be catfishing less.

No. 1097774

holy shit, it had to work so hard to hide those fat rolls that it erased the giant mole on her neck. I didn't even notice, thank you anon for this side-by-side, she has such identifiable signs that she lazily edits the fuck out of her body, she should put in even 50% effort

No. 1097776

I guess that's what she meant about ruining it for everyone cause we have to see this unfiltered mess now lmaooo Snapchat deserves a award for almost making this tranny look like a girl.

No. 1097779

File: 1606967669753.jpeg (328.72 KB, 1242x1156, 37AB3393-6853-4A3B-83C0-228239…)

Shayna Yaniv

No. 1097780

File: 1606967757701.jpeg (788.05 KB, 1242x1613, CD9A9C63-0BF4-46B7-A3F8-FAC1B9…)

Gross nobody wants to see that shay

No. 1097785

Deleted the full body posts and went back to the only thing her followers care about. Kek

No. 1097788

File: 1606968126401.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, DD2834F4-0B3B-4619-97EB-95C91A…)

She deleted the body pics that didn’t have a filter and kept the shooped ones up kek

No. 1097789

the part where she opens her legs way open seriously grossed me out, in videos you can see she's literally a big round porky socially reclusive retard. in photos she can slim herself a bit with poor editing, filters and she can hide her weird laugh and mannerisms etc but in videos? nope. she also looks smellier than ever.

No. 1097793

File: 1606968676662.jpeg (371.82 KB, 1242x1111, BC2A0BD6-0BAB-476C-97DF-BE2F0B…)

I thought she wasn’t like other girls and listened to old rock bands?

No. 1097794

she is looking straight hideous these days wew. how does she STILL not see how nasty she looks? when she was skinny i could understand where the delusion came from a bit, but now i don't get it.

No. 1097795

File: 1606968891103.jpeg (226.57 KB, 1242x739, 285047F8-79C2-40D8-8DEA-7E3935…)

I guess the haydurzz made her depressed kek

No. 1097796

File: 1606968926674.png (1.95 MB, 640x1136, CEEEEC67-649D-4112-BF8F-37F0DF…)

That part was scary, it looks like she’s coming to eat you

No. 1097797

When you drink a lot, you puke a lot. When you puke a lot and don't brush your teeth regularly, the acid eats away at them pretty quickly. Too bad she doesn't have the silver lining of getting rid of any of her excess calories that way.

No. 1097798

peep was her and fupa’s thing on tumblr

No. 1097799

her gut is seriously hanging like 3 inches over her waistband on either side jfc

No. 1097800

Ahh I see. Thanks for the info.
Maybe she’s sad about Fupapa ?

No. 1097802

>"ull have to go to twitter"
>she has already forgotten about her twitter suspension from two days ago

No. 1097804

File: 1606969627223.jpeg (601.32 KB, 3217x1782, PorkyYaniv.JPEG)

come on yaniv, we all know you ate shayna clifford and are now just trying to live as her. you just changed up your makeup techniques thinking nobody would notice.

No. 1097805


I feel like I'm supervising a mentally challenged fatty attempting personal hygiene in a care facility. And jesus, the struggling to squeaze into the XS track suit

No. 1097806

File: 1606969824581.jpeg (780.29 KB, 1242x1280, 5EF06F52-B084-4B72-93E6-FE5F5E…)

She’s so fake

No. 1097807

File: 1606969899786.gif (4.47 MB, 356x260, 534DF3EB-3DDE-47BD-9668-5AAF37…)

Topkek she can’t even zip up her hoodie. Shits too small

Bless you OF anon

No. 1097808

She’s such a Becky lol

No. 1097809

how can she wear this outfit in good conscience? her gunt is seriously sticking out further than her tits.

No. 1097810

>you ruined it for EVERYONE

No. 1097812

File: 1606970170434.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 808.73 KB, 982x1659, 9E22A9C7-38E9-4755-8173-12AD7A…)

Tubby Fattel is shaped like a potato now. Jfc that dad bod though…

No. 1097813

File: 1606970212193.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 625.75 KB, 887x1471, 12BC17B0-6C5B-493B-800C-691873…)

Her beer gut has gotten so huge

No. 1097814

So she’s really just comfortable jiggling around like that on camera and posting it onto the internet…………. yikes

No. 1097815

File: 1606970295135.jpeg (17.79 KB, 175x290, E42E296B-E8AE-40FC-BF0C-0ACD3F…)

grimace-type bitch

No. 1097816

Kek she looks even more like him when she has her sharpie brows on

No. 1097828

File: 1606971272374.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3000x3999, 34A40410-67E9-4945-80DA-E7A7FF…)

lol she was sperging about the snapchat anon on discord too. you really touched a nerve kek.

No. 1097831

there's no way she's under 170 at this point. how did she gain 65 pounds in one mf year

No. 1097832

>"I wanna stab myself in the forehead"
holy fuck that's overdramatic calm down shayna, jesus

No. 1097834

newsflash, snapchat filters only slim your face, they do nothing for your body kek. that gut is gonna start hanging down over her fupa soon

this was posted two hours ago >>1097730

No. 1097836

File: 1606972623826.jpg (135.6 KB, 1080x461, Screenshot_20201202-231717_Twi…)

So they can all end up in the trash?

No. 1097837

File: 1606972645898.jpeg (371.01 KB, 1242x1127, C8D01232-CDAD-4510-A6BC-2D8DA0…)

Someone should get her floss instead

No. 1097840

I know we aren’t supposed to talk about her boobs, but I just have to point out how one moves naturally and one hardly budges. Truly bizarre

No. 1097844

at this point i don't get how it's nitpicking, her tits are so uneven after her weight gain it is insane. a year ago it was definitely talked about way too much and was nitpicking because it was minor but her weight gain has deformed her tits and her nipple placement

No. 1097845

Is this trying to appeal to fat fetishists or something? Seeing her jiggle around her giant gut like that was a great reminder to not overdo sweets around the holidays kek

No. 1097846

Pretty sure thats what happened to all her other stuffed animals after Dawn Dog-Fucker kicked her out.
It’s so bizarre she begs for all this dumb crap that just ends up in the garbage a year later.

No. 1097847


No. 1097851

lol I deleted my comment out of fear of another ban but uh….yeah, at this point it’s impossible not to notice, it’s funny, and people want to talk about it, so why not just let us?

No. 1097854

to clarify: i get mods still banning over the repetitive "SHAYNA GOT ONE IMPLANT UNDERAGE!!" posts but just pointing out her much more recent tit deformities doesn't deserve a ban

No. 1097872

There's a difference between commenting on her cock-eyed nipples and going on a tinfoil sperg about her having a secret breast implant. It's already been done to death in previous threads. Unless we get new information it's not worth going over it again.

No. 1097874

yes that's what >>1097854 said, the tinfoil about a breast implant is the deservedly bannable offense

No. 1097879

Well yeah, that tinfoil is dumb as fuck, but people have been banned for just bringing up her lopsided tits

No. 1097907

How about you spend that time posting videos for, I don't know, money? We're the only people interested in your free content anyway.

Her makeup is really nice here though and she looks pretty even if it's a filter, up until the last seconds with her crooked ass teeth

No. 1097909

>I'm a stupid dumb worthless bimbo, degrade me daddy, here's 20000 closeups of my asshole and a photo of my actual father

No. 1097934

why is she more upset about a unboxing video then people putting her PORN on here for free?

No. 1097935

why does her head look so tiny

No. 1097937

Because her pRiVaCy anon! She specifically asked that people not screen record her snapchat!

But yeah idk why it struck such a nerve with her. Maybe shes just extra embarrassed when she doesnt have her tits and vag out to try to attempt to distract from being fat and retarded. I guess she figures the OF anon is at the end of the day paying for the content shared here at least lol.

No. 1097940

she's always had a tiny head but when she was thin it looked normal
lmao, we all know she'd never hype up a thin woman like this. on the rare occasions where she's nice to another woman it's always someone who's either fat or ugly

No. 1097941

File: 1606991896638.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x510, 150854321357954.jpg)

No. 1097945

im not going to talk about the lady but Shayna is only hyping her up because she does not see her as competition, it looks good for Shayna Luther King to hype up a black fat woman and again, she saw the word, "Bimbo" so this fits her "aesthetic".

No. 1097949

damn she so ugly wtf how can you voluntarily and unironically post these pictures of yourself?! how high is she

I want to know her waist measurements kek what a tiny irl barbie uwu

so shay, how's all that steam and keyboard balancing going for you?

No. 1097966

Man I'd love to see a 90 day fiance era with Shay

>if my haters were smart they'd want me posting on as many platforms possible so they have more shit to talk
you literally just regurgitate the same bullshit on every platform to see which one gets you the most attention

P sure you're not supposed to look worse in the "dressed up" photo. Big yikes.

No. 1097967

File: 1606996263178.jpg (18.85 KB, 300x245, d4318bfdd691b7377e82d87f89f3c5…)

too bad she doesn't have any friends to give her a reality check

No. 1097999

god i hate to see that cheap ass ebay lookin circle skirt. i can just feel how cheap the fabric is looking at it.

awful, i s she trying to look like dollar store rapunzel?

No. 1098001

File: 1607001940106.jpeg (31.6 KB, 300x338, 6AD768E0-7ADF-4DA6-9EA2-BF522E…)

It’s amazing that even at that “looking up” perspective, it should make her ass look big compared to her waist and shoulders but she still looks like an obese transsexual refrigerator. She has really bad genetics. Bleak as hell.

No. 1098032

she really should get that veiny tit checked out. it barely moves at all compared to her other

No. 1098054

File: 1607009097531.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 424.57 KB, 750x1115, 181FA23C-E2A4-4303-8AAB-994ABE…)

I’m completely lost for words. WHY did she post this?! I’m going for a run today

No. 1098055

Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious the last few days anons have been talking about her nasty teeth and her need to brush them and then she coincidentally posts a video brushing them

No. 1098058

kek, her gut to butt ratio is all fucked up.

No. 1098059

Is this the first time we've seen her standing up while naked in a while? It feels like it's been forever.

No. 1098060

there’s literally nothing wrong with it omg. have you people never seen different kinds of human breasts before? most women have uneven or lopsided breasts, with one being bigger than the other. some sit higher on the chest, some lower. feeding into this shit just feeds into her delusion that she was some medical miracle who was crippled by the flu shot which is a total lie. they simply grew high and tight on her chest, causing her veins to be more noticeable. remember, she actually used to be fairly small. her boobs seem very dense and not squishy or soft so it makes sense.

No. 1098065

please stop the sperging and just report them jfc the autism is palpable

No. 1098066

why is she turning into a fernando botero

No. 1098069

She has the body of a fat teenage boy

No. 1098072

everytime it just says “true” and doesn’t let me report wtf

No. 1098080

then you were trying to report while you had an active ban. try now.

No. 1098084

File: 1607013827252.jpg (60.44 KB, 750x737, drkn2o11ql051.jpg)

Kek@her trying to angle to hide the fact that Zombie Boob™ does not jiggle.
Bruh, she looks like she's about to tip forward with the way every bit of her weight is going to her gut.

To borrow a word from across the pond - grim.

No. 1098086

Left pic- the wig makes her head look so much fatter…Unless she had a recent ‘growth spurt’. Thank you for being my thinspo, shay.

No. 1098092

this has to be the worst picture i've seen of shayna

No. 1098094

It is so satisfying to see her get fat and beg for money when she puts her true rancid personality on for show. Deserved

No. 1098123

what is she doing in the video? only brushing her teeth..?

No. 1098138

kek, probably not a coincedence.

No. 1098149

File: 1607019989431.jpeg (196.75 KB, 750x1059, E06777A8-9311-4B41-A089-CF1A30…)

She got a whole 30 likes. Success!

No. 1098160

File: 1607020349734.jpeg (186.32 KB, 1242x544, 64D5CFD8-CF30-4893-8DD6-C2692F…)

Kek she’s been trying to have her followers be active it’s pathetic

No. 1098164

Tinfoil but I bet she doesn’t own a scale or measuring tape and doesn’t actually know how big she’s gotten. It’s easy to pack on the pounds and delude yourself into thinking it’s not that much if you aren’t confronting reality.

No. 1098173

if Luna can buy cheap clothes that property go over her gut so can Shay.

No. 1098181

File: 1607021878669.png (Spoiler Image, 5.31 MB, 828x1792, 57E5C587-6E48-4C14-B27C-1629CC…)

Shayna seek help

No. 1098186

Holy fuck, Shayna. You’re a whole ass Ham Beast with abdominal obesity.

watch her trying to pull some body posi bullshit in the next few days

No. 1098190

So she reposted those horrible unfiltered pics with the same bad unfunny caption today, hoping to get more traction from her "morning crowd" or? Those pics are bad Shay. Just trash them your face looks awful in both and the one with the wig is tragic. The couple extra likes aren't worth lol

No. 1098201

her weight gain is truly unfortunate, instead of getting an ass or bigger hips which she desperately needs her tits get saggy and lopsided and her beer belly gets twice as big as her ass kek she deserves this

No. 1098209

people have been banned for this because it's not milk, it's repetitive nitpicking which is specifically against the rules of the thread. we can all see that she looks like utter shit so don't spam with your nitpicks about specific body parts

No. 1098212

File: 1607023732653.png (Spoiler Image, 7.51 MB, 1242x2208, 2C4959C1-8965-48F3-BC8B-E423CC…)

No. 1098215

File: 1607023780273.png (Spoiler Image, 7.29 MB, 1242x2208, B12341CB-DFE0-49DD-96C7-9EC803…)

This is so bad

No. 1098216

is she trolling with this? Whats sexy…or..attractive about this?She looks uncomfortable and she went from double but lips to lopsided top but lip.

No. 1098219

File: 1607023962472.jpeg (942.22 KB, 1242x1478, 812FE696-9C06-4C96-A467-660CD9…)

Scribbled it out because yuck but Womack is back to simping over this fat hamplanet

No. 1098220

this looks like a dirty man asscrack

No. 1098222

what in the wolverine pussy is this??? she has literally zero sense of cohesion as far as her content is concerned. why wear a bleached blonde wig with this weird black pube monstrosity?

No. 1098224

>Her cracked heel
>Her party city wig
>Her homer simpson mouth snatch
>man boobs
>the too small polyester circle skirt cutting off her circulation
She’s just the sexiest most attractive bimbo on the block, anon. kek

No. 1098225

Lmao anon so true.
I only check this thread to laugh but the OF videos leave me completely terrified i dont understand how her fat distribution is so bad,It could be insulin resistance fat?

No. 1098226

it's really hard to pinpoint what the worst thing about this is but i'll go with the yellow callused feet

No. 1098229

No. 1098231

Simple, she has bad genetics. She's not gonna get tits or ass, she's gonna continue to be built like a fridge. I can't imagine how unfortunate the rest of her family looks.

No. 1098234

File: 1607024766886.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.4 MB, 640x640, A3D87C56-DAFD-4824-AC80-4357B9…)

No. 1098236

Her dad is very facially challenged, and Shayna looks just like him. I feel bad saying that because he seems like a decent, normal working class dad, and certainly does not deserve a daughter like this. No clue what her mom looks like. It’s a good thing that Shayna and Fupa did not end up reproducing.

No. 1098237

God fucking damn. Must be so satisfying for people who have followed her long term. She absolutely is producing content but not in the way she thinks she is. There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone become a big fat slob while making increasingly stupid choices over a few years, especially when you’ve known all along it would happen. She’s been screaming she’s fine, but her ship started burning and sinking years ago

No. 1098238

WHY does she always do that insufferable lip biting thing

No. 1098241

I’ve been rereading the old threads lately and it’s insane how many of the anon’s predictions ended up being spot-on. I remember rolling my eyes at anons saying she was going to get fat like a year and a half ago, now here we are 100lbs later. Same with almost all of the Fupa tinfoil.

No. 1098276

>a morning crowd
She is so fucking dumb. Yes shay…there’s certain times of the day that you SHOULD be posting. People are busy with other shit midday. Mornings, lunch and evening are when the MAJORITY of people are mindlessly on their phones scrolling social media. I’m not even an influencer or even much of a social media person , and even I knew that.

No. 1098289

the absolute morbid state of her fucking asshole. how long until shes destroyed the remaining muscles and starts casually shitting herself? im giving it two more years, maybe one if she keeps going at this rate.

No. 1098306

surprised that she's not desperate enough for a man's touch that she goes to the gynaecologist and get the doctor to check out her dry ass pussy.

No. 1098308

I'm 98% certain she's with fupa or they are at least talking, when she's not flipping out thats usually the case

No. 1098312

Dear lord how fucking loose is her asshole

No. 1098313

Why she pull it out so aggressively like she yanking off a band aid?

Her poor rectum.

No. 1098316

File: 1607029494777.jpg (16.03 KB, 420x229, parma-ham.jpg)

Her genital region looks like parma ham.

No. 1098330

File: 1607030223778.jpg (482.64 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20201203-151723_Sam…)

No. 1098337

why did she have three different voices in this 30 second clip

No. 1098339

File: 1607030577509.jpg (311.46 KB, 1080x2030, Screenshot_20201203-221541__01…)

Sorry, I don't wanna nitpick & I know there's a long list of reasons why Shayna is gross.. but her fucking feet. Get a fucking pumice stone. Every part of her screams thirsty. Dry skin, dry lips, dry hair, dry cootchie. Dehydrated, crusty bitch.

No. 1098341

This is almost an interesting concept. Wonder who she stole the idea from.

No. 1098346

I kekked. Please just do parody porn, Shayna, you'd finally be thriving for real.

No. 1098347

File: 1607031179930.png (659.75 KB, 834x438, djdj.PNG)

I love how she says, "I'll go from looking like this" why would you want to look like this? She honestly looks better in the before.
And how many times is this "bimbo" going to wear that skirt? And that shirt?
The ugly shit she buys is cheap, i don't know why she does not have more of it.

No. 1098353

she is chronically unsexy

No. 1098354

File: 1607031542767.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 3464x3464, 450E0D6C-B14C-48DC-88A5-611BEE…)

Bitch got cankles now

No. 1098355

Lol bottom right looks just like Yaniv

No. 1098359

That lipstick shade is fucking putrid. Literally the most unappealing shade ever. Just name that shit “Waterlogged Corpse”

No. 1098363

and sadly it's the same weird brown matte liquid lip she's been wearing for the last 3 years. so much for her $200 sephora haul.

No. 1098364

File: 1607031821237.jpeg (225.74 KB, 696x630, 9B0E1E16-B6F6-419D-BDDB-A9BEEF…)

>uh ohhh… stinky…

No. 1098366

if i saw this image out of context i would 100% think she was like a 600lb deathfat

No. 1098374

What does she have agaisnt lipgloss? I know she bites her lips but the fact she'd rather put that ugly shade on rather than just throw on some lipgloss and wipe it off when she's done really confuses me.

No. 1098378

File: 1607032205032.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1242x1551, CDAFE8A0-1AF4-45D9-B8C9-B12485…)

Kek this is so embarrassing

No. 1098383

File: 1607032351928.jpeg (363.63 KB, 1116x1164, 56FD1512-0BCA-4BFA-9AD5-772B52…)

No. 1098392

Oh girl, you are not what they’re going to be looking for under “bimbo” kek

No. 1098401

she's acting like she just had an executive meeting with MV over the phone when "we're hoping to do insert action very soon!" is just a generic customer service response

No. 1098407

File: 1607033348451.jpg (83.68 KB, 755x898, wg5P7W2.jpg)

No. 1098408

this sounds mean but she looks subhuman in her most recent pictures. how can she keep on getting worse? like when does it end? most people hit rock bottom and that’s it but for shayna, it’s like there’s no bottom, it’s a spiral to hell. what is she going to look like in another two years? and wtf but how do you grow into being a sped this late in life? her only hope at this point is to move home and stay low profile for the next five years, which she would never do.

someone needs to use shay’s story as the background for a deep dive about how nasty and stupid sexwork is, she’s the perfect example and you’d make more bank than she could ever dream of. i love that she thinks a hundred dollars a day is something special, it’s so very shayna.

No. 1098417

That super defined line where her shelf of a gut ends and the fupa begins is so gross and easily preventable if she'd just stop squeezing herself into bottoms that are 3 sizes too small. I only ever see that shit on girls who refuse to dress for their size.

No. 1098424

File: 1607034229816.jpeg (1.72 MB, 3464x3464, 0B56568A-8E37-47DA-AAD5-02759F…)

Sage for non contribution and repost because my dumbass made a typo

No. 1098425

so far*

No. 1098431

sadly i think she's even fatter now than when this pic was taken

No. 1098457

This bitch is like the biggest "stop smoking" ad I've ever seen.
If she stopped inhaling weed 24/7 she'd probably lose a lot of that munchie weight and stop being so fucking yellow everywhere

No. 1098463

File: 1607036985583.png (921.41 KB, 688x696, Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 3.09…)

anon i copied you it was too good of an idea I couldn't help it

No. 1098465

Kek you did a good job anon better than mine

No. 1098468

Wait ain’t that the one musically chick? They are both cringe

No. 1098471

she was the first person I thought of who actually fit the 'baby bimbo' image that shayna claims

No. 1098475

she's cringe but she mogs shayna into oblivion

No. 1098477

I think this is deleted. I don't see it anymore

No. 1098479

File: 1607037540243.jpg (474.81 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20201203-171745_Twi…)

Idk which is worse

No. 1098482

i just feel bad when i see this piture, her face looks so bad in these, I never got in on the Yaniv joke but she looks like his daughter/son. How can she look at this and think she looks good.
and the pink is so horrible agaisnst her skin tone it gives her a grey coloring. She looks like she has no neck, come on Shayna do better.

No. 1098484

How can she be THIS delusional?

Shayna, go home, move in with your parents, start eating healthy, get a 9-5 any place that will take you, and please STOP doing this.

No. 1098488

Is she still reposting this? the fuck

No. 1098491

File: 1607038529069.jpeg (509.15 KB, 1242x1008, 9C3FC641-7226-4062-89C2-B72632…)

She’s so ungrateful and bitchy

No. 1098500

And top right looks like Yaniv eating a hotdog.

No. 1098502

She’s so retarded. Modern sex work is built on girls promoting and helping each other out and she feels used because some random girl asked her to like her profile lmfao
the way she got so offended she had to write a post about such an unimportant thing and make herself a victim. everyone deals with shit like that anywhere online.

No. 1098504

Martha Dumptruck in the flesh…

No. 1098505

she says things like this and then wonders why her fellow e-thots have essentially blacklisted her from their "community". maybe if you weren't such a cunt to everyone you'd be in a much better position in life than you are now

No. 1098506

Wasn’t she just begging for a s4s the other day?

No. 1098534

a girl who can be fat, and a girl who can be fat in a wig?

No. 1098558

Hearing her fake voice and then her real one is scary

No. 1098567

confused walrus lmao anon I am slain

why would another e-thot "support" you other than for mutual benefit Shaytard? it's not like she's wacking it to your nasty porn

No. 1098569

She looks like she's about to stuff her face with a turkey leg (the dildo). Kek.

No. 1098579

Yeah because its only ok for Shay to use other SWers for content exposure and money. It's a like 4 like Shay shut the fuck up. It's not that deep. She had to make a big deal though. She literally follows no other models on OF or MV or MFC, no likes, no friends. Not even her buddy Pixie whom she is only friends with on twitter for clout. She's such a bitch and yet constantly acts like it's the whole sw community that's evil.

No. 1098591

I know we hate vagina nitpick shit, but I will never understand why her vagina is so incredibly dark pink/red… It's now her asshole as well? It's like the color is spreading. Girl, please, see a doctor. I don't even mean this in a mean way, but her genital area doesn't look normal at all. I guess it could be the lighting but… Still.

No. 1098598

File: 1607048871890.jpg (103.81 KB, 1080x1066, Screenshot_20201204-022635_Twi…)

Lmao so now she wants people to beg her just to post a selfie?

And blaming her low likes/interactions on the time of day. Girl it ain't Snapchat, it stays there and people will scroll past at later times.

No. 1098608

Why is her leg blurred as fuck?

No. 1098614

File: 1607049894849.jpeg (1.02 MB, 4096x2730, 1B3393AB-A01B-47F6-BEDC-CD01A5…)

She got them American Girl doll teeth; same butt lip and fat face.

The only "doll" Shay will ever resemble kek

No. 1098615

either the entire thing is cellulite to the point that she felt she needed to edit it or the struggling portrait mode on her camera thought the giant single-tone object by her head was a part of the background

No. 1098616

hwy does the american girl doll hair look better than her actual wig

No. 1098617

She must have stretch marks. Her gains were so fast, no way her skin has been able to keep up with it.

No. 1098619

i think we would've seen them on video if that were the case


No. 1098621

Tbh the first area they tend to appear is the inner thighs where you can probably not even see yourself. But maybe her youth is saving her. She'll be covered in them in a few years. And Shay hates fat people so she gonna be horrified.

No. 1098629

i mean she spreads her legs in every video she puts out, you can pretty much see everything. i think it's just the single thing that's going for her genetically currently.

No. 1098633

She will get them eventually at her rate, but a lot of people can balloon up and not get any stretch marks. A lot of pregnant women can blow up and not see a single stretch mark despite gaining 50lbs and a huge belly in a short period of time. Purely genetic and the only thing genetically she seems to be benefiting from kek

No. 1098639

I personally would want stretch marks and have a cute body instead of looking like a fat Jessica Yaniv kek

No. 1098645

In theory she could still lose the weight without any irreparable damage done to suggest she became a hamplanet. She won’t, but I can hope. Seeing how fat she’s gotten was funny at first but now it’s just depressing.

No. 1098653

she’s so dumb and lazy that i honestly see her gaining another 50 lbs minimum and then staying that size or bigger for the rest of her life

No. 1098656

I said something similar in the last thread. Based on her 3 chins she’s basically fucked unless she starts getting serious about her health. She will at the very least double in size within the next 3 years

No. 1098657

File: 1607054451167.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 377.53 KB, 750x831, 16F99EE4-3992-4479-BC99-912E68…)

beached whale vibes

No. 1098662

alcohol and weed is her biggest enemy and she isn't gonna stop being an alcoholic/smoker in a blink of an eye.Fupa really doesn't care what he bangs? i mean he knows her when she was skinny does he really never mention weight gain around her? Shay looks like a fat ugly little boy KEK

No. 1098668

this feels like a split second moment of clarity in her fried brain somehow. like she was on the verge of tears realizing she'll never go to college because she's too retarded and way too far gone at this point. grim.

No. 1098670

this straight up looks like parody porn. cut your losses and go full speed ahead retardo spoof porn shay.

No. 1098672

this was already posted

No. 1098674

I literally laugh screamed aloud kek

No. 1098678

nah I wanted the full monologue.

No. 1098680

it always cuts out the audio partially when this anon links but that might just be cuz i’m on mobile

No. 1098683

my bad it's the shit recording app

No. 1098684

File: 1607056421320.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.25 KB, 1057x598, CA97D3D0-896B-4C91-9350-058BAD…)

No. 1098686

File: 1607056708312.gif (733.53 KB, 435x250, AcrobaticIllinformedBird-small…)

This has the same energy as a How To Basic video like picrel

No. 1098687

i’m cackling, anon

No. 1098691

File: 1607057038803.jpeg (386.22 KB, 1242x765, E8787FA5-E0F1-4AA4-8D79-29DFA4…)

Lmaooo lies

No. 1098697

10 hours anon, kek we've been delivering some clairvoyant pottery lately

No. 1098703

KEK spot on observation. Why did she do that oh my god

No. 1098707

she saw us commenting on her neck rolls and immediately covered them in her next photo. and is sooo unbothered by the fact that she's just a red hat away from a half-decent Santa cosplay with that JollyMattel beer belly

No. 1098709

>How does networking work
She's infuriating, this is why she doesn't have any SW friends to retweet her stuff. Nobody has to know she doesn't want to take part, posting this makes her look so stuck up. Her OF is $3 and her snaps are viewed by less than 20 people including farmers but she thinks she's above everyone.

Why does she claim to be such a hard working SW when she actively sabotages herself at every turn? There are plenty of ethots that look worse than her making a living and imho when she posts stuff like >>1098229 I can almost see how people liked her in her Tumblr days, but every choice she makes is terrible. She could make money from becoming fat if she markets herself to the feeder crowd, she could do well with the homely girlfriend experience shower clips if she just put on light makeup and posed sexily, she should do the bimbo thing if she actually tried. But no, she's a fucking slob.

No. 1098714

i can't deal with this thread anymore lmfao you guys are too good

yeah good for you Downy Fattel but try going a couple hours without having breakdowns about needing attention and maybe i'll believe you

No. 1098754

no anon it has nothing to do with the pants she wears, that's just the way some people's fat distributes.

No. 1098761

Her face… why?? I know shes high and drunk 24/7 but does she really think her face is even close to cute? She reminds me of a witch from movies like Halloweentown and shit. It looks like she even has the nose wort there on the right. Something about this hairstyle makes her face look worse.

No. 1098770

right looks like she smelled a fart

No. 1098781

> modern sex work is built on girls promoting and helping each other
lmfaooo stop with the crazy talk, it’s catty bitches from start to finish. i mean i KNOW we’re just dying to help shay out but

that’s honestly laying it on a bit thick lol

No. 1098788

File: 1607074998560.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 217.28 KB, 750x1251, ABC09725-500E-44B8-88C1-F51A68…)

Wow can’t believe she has these up for sale when she looks like she does…
Also she hasn’t mentioned therapy or anything of the sort recently has she? Some good that hospital stay did.

No. 1098842

she really looks like she stinks. Just looking at this makes me feel like I can smell her reeking asshole from here

No. 1098866

Girl really needs to do something about her photo lightning bc her genitals look like an unholy massacred chasm in pics but then seem to be a more normal color in videos such as >>1098354
I don't get how she doesn't see it, especially when her snatch is literally what she's trying to sell

Also the way she holds her vibe wand by the head makes no sense to me and makes my fingers hurt just looking at it every time

No. 1098871

She will go all-out on the Barbie/bimbo aesthetic for some things, but then she doesn't shave? Makes no sense.

No. 1098875

Seeing her old face when it wasn't constantly bloated like it is now is wild. She has no shape to her face anymore.

No. 1098879

she cherry-picks only the things about "bimbo" which make her look like shit, like wearing pink and those horrendous lashes. can't even think of anything else this bitch does that could be considered "bimbo aesthetic" she looks like jessica yanivs daughter with the mental impairment of gypsy rose blanchard when she was still with her mother

No. 1098889

An attractive, plus size girl can still be a bimbo if done properly. However, Shay really needs to admit to her weight gain, get rid of her xs-m pink clothes, and buy darker colored clothes. Shay doesn't have the right aesthetic to be a bimbo. She would succeed a lot more if she admitted she should use the BBW category. A change of makeup and clothes would really change her life.

No. 1098921

you are giving her too much credit anon, parma ham at least looks edible.

god that's hilarious lmao. she really should just own being a parody porn account, she only cares about the attention so i don't see why she wants to be take seriously.

No. 1098932

There's probably men that get off to watching her videos and seeing her balloon in size over the years.

No. 1098937

You’re right, but she is too. Smart SWers participate in the community and collab, build each other up, promote each other, have friendships and do all the shit talking/backstabbing privately. Shayna is just too stupid to figure that out—especially since one moment she’s doing >>1097806 to non-threats and the next she bitches about people asking her for free sfs, which she always wants to pay for instead for some reason? Not even a sex worker, just better at understanding the industry than this moron that’s being in it and tHrIvInG for 5 years kek.

No. 1098938

Seeing her in onesies, diapers, and legitimately producing porn calling herself and dressed as a baby will never not make me sick.

No. 1098948

Shayna thinks Bimbo means "Wear pink and act dumber then normal", she does not have a sexy bone or a stylish bone in her body.
I really think she refuses to buy clothes because she gained weight and it bothers her to get a bigger size up.
Thing is she's not bimbo'd body, there's big women who have big titties and asses, Shayna has neither, so she needs to find clothes that fit her body.
She won't. She brought that make up, didn't buy any lip products and barely used the eyeshadow. She has all the time in the world to get her look togeather to fit her new body.

No. 1098976

>>1098948 I think you're spot on about not buying clothes. We've seen her buy a $2000 gaming rig and thousands in weed edibles and alcohol…when was the last time we saw her buy a new outfit that wasn't an XXS porn costume?

She honestly reminds me of Luna, wearing the same grimy pink shit every day. Thing is, Luna doesn't have a fucking job. This bitch does, but still refuses to update her wardrobe, and I think we all know why.

No. 1098982

the last outfit she bought was that weird denim skirt and pink sweater getup

No. 1098984

Didn’t she say she would livestream tonight?

No. 1098988

she said she “planned on camming friday” which could mean anything seeing as she scrapped her entire week’s schedule already

No. 1098992

She only got one video done this week. >>1093969 She’s such a pathetic loser , I can’t imagine her having a 9-5 job she can’t even take nudes or film a 5 minute video pretending to orgasm from her nasty unwashed wand.

No. 1098997

maybe she was testing the waters with her disgusting naked dance video and the unfiltered pictures to see how we would react to her when she doesn't edit since she can't when she goes live. i'm sure she isn't gonna stream anytime soon because we destroyed her kek

No. 1099002

File: 1607097222274.jpeg (349.18 KB, 1242x1631, 8362CD13-1F4F-4C06-AEFB-9CE113…)

Now I know why shat isn’t a real “bimbo” it’s too much work to look perfect all the time. A guide I found on the interwebs, hey shaynasty you should read up on this and maybe farmers won’t roast you so hard

No. 1099006

this is retarded

No. 1099008

File: 1607097773627.jpeg (152.08 KB, 557x1024, 06D69DEA-74E7-4078-911E-08CD91…)

Bimbos shave as well. The whole point of this fetish is to be perfect and doll like. Dolls don’t have cellulite and eye bags Shat

No. 1099010

I know it is kek but It’s part of the kink
Shayna pretends she likes. She needs to be a weed hippie alt girl it would suit her much more and she wouldn’t have to act like a retard

No. 1099018

can we stop all the “she would look better as a stoner/hippie in dark clothes” and “omg she’s not even being a bimbo right” posts? it’s getting annoying and repetitive at this point and gets posted about 10x per thread now.

No. 1099019

This makes me want to die. Why would you want to do this to yourself? For fucking what?

No. 1099025

Imagine manyvids adding a "bimbo" section and the first person you see in it is Shayna before seeing actual "bimbo" whores.
I'd love to see it, "I created the bimbo category yet other girls are more popular in it, fuck my life"

No. 1099032

for male approval and because of unresolved childhood trauma most likely

No. 1099043

Because she’s a pick me and thinks being fucking stupid with no personality is appealing

No. 1099044

actually Shayna thinks she has ALL the personality. Thats why it bothers her so much other girls get by on just looking good, rather then "Effort" aka, the "personality" she puts into her porn.
Which is just corny tumblr cutesy shit that always looks cheap and bad.

No. 1099060

scrotes are retarded, what’s new?

No. 1099075

File: 1607102138823.jpeg (182.04 KB, 750x730, 7A5ECD81-0C2E-46E9-9B76-7A6621…)

No. 1099077

She went from looking like a scrawny wine aunt to a fat wine grandma. What is it about all of her porn that screams “part-time cashier at the off-track betting” so hard? Is it the hideous eye makeup? The methmouth?

No. 1099087

File: 1607102791207.jpeg (346.9 KB, 1242x833, 76132393-513F-4758-8C39-16BCCF…)

Jason R Womack’s reply to her beached whale picture

No. 1099099

It’s literally no surprise that men find shay attractive. I mean have you seen My 600lb Life? There’s women that are 700lbs who are married and have kids. Granted they were like 300lbs when they procreated but still. Men will fuck anything and will lower their standards if they have to. There was even a short lived show on TLC about skinny/fit men dating obese women And found thin/average women gross or ugly or whatever.

She’ll never change if she gets attention from men and she always will because men are disgusting.

No. 1099117

it makes me rage, that his girlfriend has a picture of him with her two babies as her profile picture. can you imagine your man paying for an ugly, fat e-whore?

No. 1099148

File: 1607106291033.jpeg (229.86 KB, 750x784, 874479A9-91B3-4793-B066-08DA82…)

She just said the opposite about buyers interacting with other sw’s and how it makes her jealous

No. 1099152

sounds like she's jealous a potential customer said they wanted to spend their money elsewhere kek

No. 1099157

Maybe I don't get it because I'm not a scrote who purchases porn, but I'd be super turned off and not want to support a SW that's constantly bitching about her customers and how they act/spend their money in regards to other SW? Like who is she talking to? Jason R. Womack? If I read that as him, I'd be like "fine, I'll take my business elsewhere," to a whore that DOESN'T tell me what to do when I'm the one funding her life, but whatever. You do you, Shayna. It's clearly working.

No. 1099159

i think that's exactly why her scrotes and orbiters typically don't stick around longer than a couple months

No. 1099163

No. 1099165

How the fuck she can be so unaware of her "business"? Shay u are a piece of rotten meat and scrotes pay u for porn stop mixing your feelings stupid obese massive bitch

No. 1099167

what really happy was Shayna asked someone to buy her shit, they told her they were funding another e-whore, Shayna asked who, she looked them up and they looked better then her.

No. 1099168

she's just… vibrating

No. 1099169

the heavy breathing in complete silence is so fucking uncomfortable

No. 1099172

brain damage

No. 1099174

poor dear you could hear what a workout all that jiggling was for her

No. 1099176

Why does she squeeze her ass so tight?

No. 1099179

Literally this is what fat sex workers who are bad at it do. Some OF whore I know irl posted a screenshot of her trying to shill her OF to a scrote and being rejected, then tried to twist it as her being a bad bitch by saying "okay bye then!," but alienating potential future buyers (ie someone buying someone else's content) is not the move. I don't get what they don't get. Someone send these stupid hoes to business school, they need it despite pretending to be girlboss entrepreneurs for selling their pussies. Shayna tweeting this shit on her SEX WORK TWITTER of all things is so much worse, it's really unbelievable.
>scrotes pay u for porn stop mixing your feelings
Especially after going on about how her clients need to understand that it's transactional and not a relationship. Acting like a jealous girlfriend to her clients for the past few days after that does not add up.

No. 1099182

She stands like someone’s dad

No. 1099184

>she's just… vibrating
kek I thought this was autistic slang for "she's just vibin'" until I actually watched the video

No. 1099190

File: 1607108063543.jpeg (301.82 KB, 828x567, 1E2C3843-F13F-483A-A40F-D3CC72…)


No. 1099193

>when you don't know people's financial situations
Broke Bitch Shayna strikes again

No. 1099195

Why is she so set on these ugly ass hairstyles? She looks like a founding father

No. 1099196


My sides are in orbit

No. 1099230

>she looks like a founding father
My sides anon

No. 1099233

File: 1607110683830.jpeg (326.43 KB, 1242x633, 201CF15D-7096-4095-9694-70741B…)

Beached whale is posting more pics kek
Asthma plus being an overweight pig must really put a toll on her lungs

No. 1099234

That's extra awkward and gross that he is (?) her splenda daddy.
Like it's one thing (still a little weird but whatever a dudes gotta wank and fantasize) for your partner, especially husband, to watch or buy porn, but it's completely fucking weird and off base for them to buy stuff for and send money directly to a sex worker. It's one step from straight up using a prostitute service. Hes just courting the whore and getting porn instead of an actual handy. Just feels too personal and literally invested for someone to be doing in a relationship and with kids and shit. But he's practically an inbred hick retard and who knows about the wife and their relationship lol.

No. 1099237



>> says no one cares but ignore her rather than tell her you're paying other girls because she obviously cant handle it and literally posted about her being insecure af when dudes talk to other SWers and wants to be worshipped solely

No. 1099238

Jason R Womack literally spends all his paychecks on this beached whale. It’s really pathetic

No. 1099243

Shayna? A model? Does she really think posting disgusting nude photos on Twitter and Only Fans is being a model?

No. 1099244

Like a fat kid doing the "poddy dance". At first I was like at least angle partially away from camera as opposed to straight on so you can have the illusion of an ass… but then she turned and it somehow looked worse. At least her tit looked decent I guess. Ass is tragic though. Funny that she cant do the actual ass jiggle that looks sexy, she just has to wiggle and bounce to jostle her cellulite kek also it sends me every time she abruptly spanks her flat ass

No. 1099245

It's just what they all call themselves, don't get too caught up on it.

No. 1099246

File: 1607111255007.jpeg (611.67 KB, 1242x1562, F78B82E8-AAE4-457F-96A7-3CEBDC…)

Of course Pixie’s ugly ass had to butt in and defend her precious Shaytard. The dude didn’t even say anything wrong and he probably won’t be purchasing shaynasty’s only fans kek

No. 1099251

They literally said it's their opinion and a lot of people share that opinion on tips.

But I forgot only Shay is allowed to tell people what to do with their pages and "jobs". Also acts like the free goodnight nude is such an amazing piece of effort she blesses her subs with. When really it sounds like she asked all 400-500 of her subs for tips attached to either a filtered or a crusty nude in bed because that's exactly what she did.

No. 1099254

I love how she says
>for free
It’s not free dumb ass if you have to subscribe to the only fans page in the first place. I mean you’re suppose to send out content isn’t that the reason scrotes subscribe? Especially when you take the day off for months it’s annoying to beg for money when you don’t even do your job

No. 1099255

The most shes physically moved her body in months. The whole clip sounded like a train steam rolling on a track. At first I thought a washing machine was on, but it's Shay so clearly that wasnt it.

No. 1099261

She moves like a closeted 30 year old dad sending a video to his lover. Like I've seen men know how to shake their ass and look attractive while doing it.

No. 1099263

I still dont get why Pixie gives a fuck. Does she just like being a bitch? I haven't looked into her that much, but I've seen her on twitter and she clearly looks like shes successful enough on her own. I know we speculate she actually laughs and maybe posts here and secretly thinks Shay is a loser but idk. She sends her the most money and support next to a couple scrotes like Jason R Womack. And she always posts up on shit like that. But again, maybe she just had money to blow and likes being a bitch?

No. 1099266

she feels bad for Shayna, I have a feeling she may be one of the few people Shayna hits up when she's going through shit with fupa or drama.
I feel Shayna uses her like she uses her discord, she does not care whats going on in Pixie's life and pixie probably just wants to be there for someone she feels is being unfairly treated.

No. 1099267

I think it's the other way around mostly, Shay pays Pixie for promos and shit so I guess she's just whiteknighting for her pay pig lol

No. 1099275

File: 1607112619605.jpg (191.17 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20201204-141034_Twi…)

This is just sad

No. 1099276

i think so too, that would explain why she's the only mildly successful thot who openly interacts with shayna

No. 1099280

>please make it look less obvious that my followers are purchased

No. 1099299

the heavy breathing, kek this was a workout for her.

No. 1099301

lol. freakishly accurate.

No. 1099303

i love how this is her current ‘i’m absolutely obsessed with this specific insecurity and will tweet about it near constantly for the next six weeks all while pretending that i’m totally a hot bimbo who doesn’t care about anything!’ schtick. cope harder shayna

No. 1099305

File: 1607113959950.jpeg (373.31 KB, 1242x1241, 6867D97D-7829-4101-8993-78058A…)

To make easy money because too fat and lazy for a job and to get attention

No. 1099313

Shay the washing machine. Kek. What a shitshow

No. 1099324

File: 1607114755537.jpg (245.73 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20201204-142452_Twi…)

Back to everything being about her mental illness

No. 1099328

Who has she ever rejected besides most likely Womack this week? Is she going to make bringing this up a "thing" now?

No. 1099330

File: 1607115100256.gif (1.22 MB, 341x200, 90DA75F6-20FA-4B46-8A24-16A4E7…)

Lost opportunity to use a shake weight.

>I don’t think it’s your place to tell sex workers how to run their business
>literally tells everyone all day long on Twitter how sex workers should run their business

Ok shay.

No. 1099331

File: 1607115194950.jpeg (513.98 KB, 1242x1673, 886CBFB2-BB8A-4E35-B281-C0E7FB…)

Why does she think this is special?
Scrotes will fuck anything. There isn’t a need to post this….

No. 1099332

File: 1607115302158.jpeg (408.58 KB, 1242x851, 1EEA60C9-5A17-44BF-A981-A04930…)

Yes scrotes are disgusting but you have to appeal to them and pretend they have a chance at fucking you. So they spend more money. Scrotes hate a whiny prude bitch especially when she’s as fat and ugly as you shay

No. 1099333

Kek that copy paste essay he sent out to 100 other sex workers makes her feel special

No. 1099336

It feels like she keeps posting shit like this to let us or fupa know coomers want her, nobody cares shayna.

No. 1099337

Maybe he's using the mention of the food court and Wendy's drive through to appeal to you, Shayna, since it's obvious how much you enjoy food

No. 1099338

Kek I've literally gotten this shit on tumblr from posting fully clothed selfies in giant t-shirts. Tumblr is "still like this," yeah, so why are you sharing it? If you tag "selfie," either a bot or moid is going to try it, clothed or not

No. 1099359

File: 1607116808985.jpeg (481.93 KB, 1242x1145, CB2F166E-A593-4017-B944-95C92D…)

Buy some chapstick and a foot pumice

No. 1099415

No. 1099462

File: 1607121130882.jpg (705.79 KB, 1080x1760, Screenshot_20201204-163233_Twi…)


No. 1099467

and to think those year old pics are actually an upgrade from her appearance now. bleak as fuck.

No. 1099480

She looks greasier in these photos imo

No. 1099484

shay should start asking for bangs every time she gets her hair cut

No. 1099489

she would look like a fucking cabbage patch kid with bangs

No. 1099490

File: 1607122929981.jpeg (995.9 KB, 1220x1585, 094FE510-30DD-4068-8941-7D4615…)

Blueprint for being crusty and disgusting and smelling like ear gunk

No. 1099493

This delusion fatties have thinking gaining weight makes them "healthier"

No. 1099497


really brings home how those crusty girls who only party and smoke weed turn out when they try to make it a “lifestyle”.

No. 1099513

Not all men are as retarded as Womack. They're not going to like a tweet of Shay's rancid meat whole for their friends and family to see.

No. 1099516

shayna nobody even wants to be in a relationship with you. nobody wants you for anything other than sex. please recognize that and go home girl

No. 1099529

LOL and this is from when she was boasting about being collared with her cheap Amazon collar by “someone special” who we all know now turned out to be fupapa, kek Shayna’s life is better than reality tv because the trash is real

No. 1099532

File: 1607125719141.jpg (198.25 KB, 1070x690, 20201204_164831.jpg)

Incoming canceling cam show?

No. 1099535

Well of course. Lazy, stupid, predictable Shatna.

No. 1099556

She’s so predictable and this lazy cunt wants TIPS??!?! She can’t even do her job

No. 1099559

File: 1607127089503.jpeg (548.33 KB, 1242x1393, 325833CE-6DDE-4146-B868-1FDF98…)

I’m glad I don’t share a name with Shayna Clifford the fat pig

No. 1099584

So what are the odds that she actually cams tonight?

No. 1099609

Same as they have been all year: 0

No. 1099616

If someone tries to search that sex worker, they’ll still find her first despite having a different sex work name. That’s hilarious. Does Shayna try hard to keep her sex work a secret/separate from her life, or does she not really care anyways?

No. 1099669

exactly this. she was never going to cam and at this rate i'll be shocked if she ever even streams on twitch. she's just one huge lazy failure.

No. 1099686

It's almost like this job doesn't make her happy like she claims!

She never getting on again. She knows it'll be full of farmers and ol' womacky is prob too retarded to even figure out Mfc.

"Fuck da haterz" but I think it's pretty obvious lolcow is the reason she is too scared to. How sad.

No. 1099689

File: 1607133993294.png (425.87 KB, 344x559, 1504991404193.png)

shes been fat and ugly for at least 3 years now, its just accelerated

No. 1099690

She really hyped up Friday as her long awaited return to camming, updating her profile and making a big deal of it on Twitter. I guess that’s why she started sperging randomly about not having to apologize for running her business her way! because she realized how terrible she was gonna look on cam

No. 1099693

I remember when we thought THIS was fat, she’s really outdone herself

No. 1099696

>womacky is prob too retarded to even figure out Mfc.
>shes been fat and ugly for at least 3 years now, its just accelerated
You ladies kill me kek

No. 1099697

Darn I was really looking forward to making some popcorn and laugh at the beached whale try being sexy

No. 1099709

File: 1607135498375.png (541.26 KB, 750x1334, 734EB482-DE36-4E7B-9ABA-667609…)

get ready to see this in a size small stretched over her gut

No. 1099711

Womack really gave this fat retard money to buy a spongebob sweater. She’s gonna look like a special needs adult in that. Shortbus Shay

No. 1099712

I just saw the price $67?!!??! Why would you waste your money on a sweater you can only wear in December

No. 1099714

With $67 she could get lip chap, cheap amazon lingere, cheap shirts and cheap skirts, but instead she's getting a overpriced sweater that she'll probably theme a porn around.

No. 1099717

Oh god I’m surprised she hasn’t done spongebob porn yet. Gross

No. 1099724

kek don't give her any bright ideas anon

No. 1099747

File: 1607138857866.jpeg (95.55 KB, 600x400, 04043968-9B92-473B-B4B5-94C23D…)

I saw this band called buttstuff made an album of folk punk spongebob covers and thought of Shatna.

No. 1099755

Oh play Apex or COD on your 2k pc set up you were supposed to cam on this very night or work on stream set up like you've been saying for months??
Or does she just completely ignore it and just play on her console? Ridiculous either way.

She's a vegetable every day. A mushy expired squash. But she found a very lame excuse not to cam, surprising no one. So what exactly did she do all week? 1 video using the same outfit and toys from 10 other vids? Some nudes in said outfit. Amazing. She worked 1 single part of a day.

No. 1099757

why is she such a spongebob stan? its like she has no personality other than anal and spongebob

No. 1099758

Actually hilariously enough it looks like she deleted this tweet. She just went quiet for the night, pretending she never said she'd cam. Ghosted her job and what small followers she has kek never change Shay

No. 1099770

She didn’t even do anything with her dog cage that Womack bought her. She was suppose to do a puppy video she probably couldn’t fit in the cage kek. Also what happened to those retarded dog gloves she bought that were $100? Did her fat chubby hands not fit into them?

No. 1099792

File: 1607143613216.jpeg (69.65 KB, 732x645, 151839FA-D021-4512-BB0B-EE49BA…)

The Shayna Cycle

No. 1099813

100% accurate

No. 1099817

It's early.. but this & beached whale woman for next thread photo.

No. 1099818

this is too fucking real to the point that it could even be a thread pic candidate

No. 1099824

Yas girl go give us nothing!!

No. 1099828

File: 1607145429107.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3464x3464, 47D295C4-631E-4C11-940C-BF7873…)

Idea for new thread pic?

No. 1099833

horrible, get rid of all the extra space. fill it out retart

No. 1099840

Lmao I think there will be more bullshit to fit into the thread picture but I appreciate the Yaniv reference, it’s really scary how much fatty Shayna looks like him

No. 1099847

next thread pic

No. 1099854

No. 1099865

just wait like there are still 300 posts

No. 1099868

File: 1607147920639.jpeg (912.82 KB, 3438x3438, ED62BC44-57F7-423E-85E5-160DEE…)

Sage cause idk

the collage I made was ugly my apologies anons

No. 1099870

We're working with Shayna as our medium, there's no way for it to NOT be ugly

No. 1099872

Kek thanks for being nice but the collage wasn’t nice looking it was sloppy

sorry again

No. 1099911

No. 1099917

Fine use the cycle meme for the thread pic lmaooo

The collage I made isn’t that great you’re right

No. 1099919

>Mushy expired squash
If this is the same anon that made TND's new thread with the cabbage comparison, I'm in love with you. If not, well vegetable/lolcow comparison is my new kink.

No. 1099927

File: 1607155633375.jpeg (500.32 KB, 1242x1410, D92BC3E8-65CF-4DCC-A07D-3142E4…)

Here was her projected weekly schedule for reference lol. But don’t forget to tip!!

No. 1099928

wait, did she even buy a webcam for her new computer? i don't recall her bragging about buying one, which you know she would like "guyz it's SUPER HD"

No. 1099935

File: 1607156681239.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.43 KB, 350x280, 1341931791938.jpg)

>Shay in 4k
Imagine the amount of filth, dirt and grime that would be visible at a higher resolution. She's already fucking disgusting at 1080p.

No. 1099953

Just use the whale photo. The cycle is boring for a thread pic.

No. 1099980

The yaniv comparison is dead on and severely underrated. The only reason I can fathom it not being the 10/10 choice is y'all not having read that horrifying monstrositys thread in pt yet lmao.. I never fully got the yaniv reference anons until these recent photos, they look like siblings

No. 1100047

serious question: is it possible, that Shayna is on welfare?

No. 1100054

Uber Eats doesn't take EBT

No. 1100060

She’s definitely fat/overweight now, and she far from took care of herself then but she definitely wasn’t fat

No. 1100082

Can you spoiler this nasty shit???
Nah I just think she barely has enough to make ends meet. She just begs online until someone pays for her doordash meal. Very sad.

No. 1100087

I've tried to look up her dad's name in oklahoma, but nothing pops up. Usually every year websites update and if there's any type of public record/utilities record, they'll show. Her mom and dad don't show up as being anywhere in oklahoma. It could be wrong, or her parents might send her money directly and then she uses it to pay rent/utilities.

No. 1100089

I don’t doubt it that her parents send her money. She does get $500 tips sometimes (literally one kek) but she can’t be making that all the time. I’m sure her parents feel bad and don’t want her living in a cardboard box so they send some money.

No. 1100110

I almost pointed this out, never saw one in her setup photos. She probably knew all along she wasn't going to cam and didn't bother.

No. 1100126

It's a sfw 7 year old reaction image from /cgl/. There's always twitter if it's too much for your delicate sensibilities.

No. 1100131

Bitch really made it to Monday and called it good for the rest of the week, huh? Jfc. And even that vid was late.

No. 1100164

she said she bought one when she purchased her keyboard and the $800 monitor but who really knows

No. 1100175

Unless she finds away to put a smoothing filter on her webcam she's not going to cam; besides nobody wants to see a HD and unfiltered Shayna on myfreecams

No. 1100178

sorry anon still uggo. fill out all the white space in photoshop and play with layers

No. 1100180

dude… yes she was, she is super chubby there, dont cope. she wasnt fat way before she started doing nudes, back when she was just a ~stoner~

No. 1100186

In her screenshots of her Amazon order for her computer parts, there was a webcam too.
Does anyone else feel like she’s become increasingly paranoid as she’s gotten fatter? My tinfoil is that she knows other sws come here to talk shit as they’ve been outed by mods before, that she thinks they’re all out to get her and her info from her.

No. 1100190

okay I get it anons. it was ugly I am sorry but stop commenting on the damn thread pic. you're filling up the whole damn thread.

yeah she is paranoid and she is less confident too since she never cams anymore. I know that all she did was sit on her phone, drink wine, and shake her pimpled hank hill ass but at least she was trying somewhat. She has always been lazy but damn this bitch cannot stick to a schedule. Like don't post a schedule like a retard if you don't even have the videos ready to release. She is so dumb

No. 1100192

File: 1607190212577.jpeg (756.61 KB, 3464x3464, shaynasty.JPEG)

useless cheap garbage she hasn't even used
I hope she goes broke she's such a moron

No. 1100194

File: 1607190408880.jpg (936.41 KB, 1242x1441, fakeshatna.jpg)

she's back to being fake positive

I can't stand this bitch

No. 1100207

Tbh I think she’s too lazy to complete the tedious process of getting on welfare of any kind of benefits. She doesn’t even go grocery shopping.

No. 1100208

She can’t be happy about anyone success but herself. She’s so transparent lol

No. 1100218

I wouldn't say super chubby. She wasn't super skinny, but a lot of her problem then was horrible posture and no attention to how she positioned herself on cam.

Now she is absolutely fat and still doesnt know her angles, but you can tell she slouches less because if she did now, she'd have one giant pot belly or huge folds. She does the suck in gut thing and makes her neck have creases and her face look uncomfortable af lol.

No. 1100220

Shes gonna need to call Fupa over to help her put them on and film. But she probably didnt think of that.

No. 1100241

File: 1607193935836.png (107.09 KB, 1176x340, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-05 um 1…)

is this satire

No. 1100248


Sure, I bet "Personality" is whats making these dude buy your porn, not the fact no one pays you any attention unless you are naked and the fact that girls with actual personalities (like some twitch thots) NEVER have to get naked to get attention. Men will simp at the thought of them being naked, while any day of the week they can see any hole on you for free with a scroll through your twitter feed.

No. 1100249

This is Shay saying she has none of the above, but thinking she has a personality. It's a big cope.

No. 1100251


based Shaynabauer

No. 1100257

File: 1607195257141.gif (988.54 KB, 220x220, 2C5F9693-0486-44CA-BDE1-E23992…)

Personality? Scrotes don’t give a fuck about personality. You pay for the looks of the girl dumb bitch. Your makeup is cheap and ugly, you don’t have a banging body, your camera isn’t even that great. Go eat some more cheemsburger fat bitch

No. 1100261

File: 1607195444540.jpeg (931 KB, 3464x3464, 0572262B-522E-4123-80B2-D99FF7…)

Porky Fattel trying to justify her pigsty because she’s “beautiful”

No. 1100263

File: 1607195559957.jpeg (527.41 KB, 1242x1432, 638B7158-07CB-4BF8-8BA2-2DE942…)

Like she can relate

No. 1100270

Nta but we’re here to laugh at Shayna’s mess of a life, not look at some rando dude puking. It’s gross, there are so many more reaction images you could’ve used other than some old worn out overused 4chan shit.
Besides the admins spoilered it anyways, so you’re in the wrong here.

No. 1100280

Thank you!! I agree. It’s just gross and I have emetophobia.

No. 1100296

File: 1607197880094.jpeg (95.49 KB, 750x382, FA3BF144-7C30-46F8-BCAA-BEA2C0…)

Say I if you only think about shay when you look at this thread

No. 1100307

I wish she'd stop acting like taking pictures of her nasty asshole and begging to be reimbursed for basic living expenses is work. What a sad cringequeen.

No. 1100314

Literally only when I look at the thread, can’t tell you how many times I forget to even check here too.

No. 1100315

yeah i guess that would make your life easier since you’re broke

No. 1100319

Are you telling me this image is out there in the wild? Holy fuck.

No. 1100330

File: 1607199330806.jpeg (184.4 KB, 1242x624, 35EB621F-9333-4CC3-BD68-503CC9…)

No. 1100344

She says that but lolcow is living rent free in her head too lmao

Her Snapchat sperg confirmed she lurks heavily, she was talking about us minutes after things happened. She’s obsessed with this website.

No. 1100349

and you have none of those things shayna. kek

No. 1100353

Laughing at her is free, showing us content to laugh at costs her dignity

No. 1100359

File: 1607200639421.jpeg (784.26 KB, 1242x1455, 9BD02A9E-3948-4443-AE9F-0D6B73…)

Lmao you never do anything lazy cunt

No. 1100360

File: 1607200687388.jpeg (623.83 KB, 1242x969, A2C9A888-0B8B-4734-A6EA-E3128C…)

You can tell she smells bad

No. 1100371

she literally looks like a witch out of a children's story book

No. 1100372

why is she so crusty dry what the actual fuck.Micellar water is affordable shay use it also frito pie grease does not work like chapstick.

No. 1100374

I hate the braids. Why does she think she looks good?

No. 1100423

File: 1607205365513.jpeg (25.82 KB, 240x360, 1510861255141.jpeg)

she looks like shes 150 lbs here, cant imagine her weight now, definitely easily over 200 kek

No. 1100431

what’s weird is she lost weight after this and then gained it all back plus more during the fupa saga. wondering why she’s not making an effort to lose it again when she’s at least done it to some degree before.

No. 1100434

I think she just didn’t eat out of laziness, not wanting to cook she lived off of goldfish, pink wine and weed for a while, but now that delivery apps are a thing she still doesn’t have to cook but can pig out every day on Oklahoma portion sized take out food with 0 effort

No. 1100438

Petition to not let some people make judgements about her body size anymore, she’s 5’5, she’s certainly under 150lbs there

No. 1100439

the fuck are you calling for a stop of judgement and do the exact same thing, you fucking retard

No. 1100443

She’s not 150 there you two brain celled moron, anyone with an IQ can see shes at least 20lbs less then that

No. 1100448


ntayrt but at 5’5 that definitely looks around 150 pounds. she looks much smaller at 130. I peg her right now around the 205 mark.

No. 1100452

>Looks like that
Breh I know she has 0 muscle mass to contribute to that number but what the fuck… Weight armchair sperg is always awful but you got me baffled, anon.. whatever dysmorphia goggles you're wearing sign me the fuck up, shit, I'll have lost all the quarantine weight by the new #

No. 1100453

She looks at least 145 she has a flabby stomach

No. 1100455

I unironically can't tell if anon edited that or if that's a legit screen of her, either, anon… I've seriously never seen someone gain so drastically holy shit

No. 1100457

Nta but she is not less than 130lbs, have a look on mybodygallery if you need convincing.

No. 1100460

It is not edited unfortunately…..I took that screenshot from the unboxing video anon posted on YouTube. If you go through it frame by frame you’ll see how big her double chin has gotten. Kek

No. 1100463

She still has a manish twink body but yeah she doesn’t look that big there

No. 1100468

Is there any reason to keep arguing over her weight? She's 5'5, not a petite princess. She could EASILY be 150 in that photo, or 130. The number does not matter, everyone holds weight differently.

Stop infighting constantly and let's all just be happy agreeing she is fat and constantly getting bigger now.

No. 1100471

this is how the thread gets when there's no milk sadly, don't worry shay will do something foolish again as she always does

No. 1100476

File: 1607208621830.jpeg (152.53 KB, 1242x686, A4D7D114-575C-4393-A4F9-32C927…)

This fat bitch is faker than a three dollar bill

No. 1100485

She rants about how girls are only nice for clout or benefits, but literally there's no other reason Shay posts fake positivity shit like this. Completely performative.

Like first of all, most people don't really care about a random person online. You don't know them and unless you've followed them for a while and paid attention, they'll never be more than that. And this is Shay we're talking about. Miss "my porn is the only porn I care about", Miss Follows 0 other SWers on SW platforms, Miss "this community is toxic and full of snake bitches and girls who dont even try".

No. 1100530

Can't be, to get welfare as a single person you have to have a kid
I really hope she doesn't read this

No. 1100534

Off topic but please, burgeranons, say this isn't true

No. 1100536

Burgernon responding
Yeah, it's true
There's a reason we have so many homeless men in wheelchairs

No. 1100537

shay is on birth control and is basically an incel so i don't think we'll have to worry about a baby saga, at least for a while

No. 1100541

She also doesn’t want children, thankfully for her and everyone else. The only thing I will ever commend her on, kek.

No. 1100545

Hopefully she isn’t able to have kids. She would be a horrible mom and her children would be morbidly obese and would stink because she wouldn’t bathe them

No. 1100547

File: 1607213147024.jpeg (210.15 KB, 1242x1486, 9AAFDAB5-408A-4407-B4C8-026854…)

She must be doing this to fuck with us.

Also change your bio to retarded and ugly

No. 1100550

File: 1607213378869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 92.57 KB, 418x303, AD6896C9-0D9B-4B24-914E-FEEBD3…)

No. 1100561

I really think she thinks being positive in people's comments will get her more attention.

No. 1100562

no it's not lmao
she could be on foodstamps at least

No. 1100563

Oof the unironic fact that no neck ed is hotter than Shaytard kek

No. 1100565

It’s not, slight blog but when I was on food stamps I was single and childless. It only determines the amount you get.

No. 1100566

Food stamps =/= welfare, you can get medicaid, food stamps, and section 8 if you're single without kids, but you can't get welfare

No. 1100573

I don’t think shat is in food stamps
wouldn’t she have to tell all her info and her job and how she doesn’t pay taxes ? Pretty sure her parents take care of her

No. 1100575

all of those things are welfare kek

No. 1100576

I didn't say she was, I'm explaining the american benefits system

No. 1100585

Welfare accounts for those three things and more, but they are separate unless you get welfare itself, otherwise, you can qualify for those three things

No. 1100592

anon please look up the term "welfare" and stop derailing. the individual programs themselves are welfare programs. what you're referring to regarding children sounds like TANF. but there is no just straight-up welfare program. it's a system of multiple programs for those in need depending on your circumstances.

No. 1100624

What would she even eat that would be covered by food stamps lmao this tinfoil makes no sense, she just gets her orbiter to pay for her eats and probably whatever fupa buys her on their together nights

No. 1100626

Kek Fupa doesn’t even buy this bitch food she had to pack a lunchable to her dick appointment

No. 1100670

Guys, I'm on wellfare in the USA with zero children. It's very easy easy to get. Now can we stop the welfare sperg.

No. 1100685

you're two hours late to the fight, why show up?

No. 1100704

good catch lol

No. 1100706

not to sperg but im her height and never looked like that and at my highest weight i was like 142 lbs. just a little chonky

No. 1100709

her arms are massive too

No. 1100710

nobody cares

No. 1100716

Nobody cares nonnies love ya but stop

No. 1100738

File: 1607225200913.jpg (548.15 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20201205-212636_Twi…)

Like that one year when she sent a girl a pair of $2 fishnets

No. 1100739

File: 1607225224653.jpg (235.48 KB, 1080x725, Screenshot_20201205-212618_Twi…)


No. 1100748

Only doing this so she can get content exposure, asspats, and gifts. She will send Pixie and maybe one other girl the cheapest thing on their lists, if anything at all.

No. 1100749

Five bucks says she already ate it and will ebeg for money to buy it again

No. 1100754

Oh you know her so well kek

No. 1100759

shes only do this in hopes her post goes somewhat viral and gives her attention for doing something “positive”.

when is she just going to give it up? no one gives a fuck about you Shayna, you will never be famous anywhere except for lolcow.

No. 1100767

File: 1607227356444.jpeg (792.82 KB, 1242x1388, D00148C8-B209-449E-98DC-D50E22…)

She wants friends now

No. 1100769

File: 1607227496148.jpeg (508.27 KB, 1242x1610, 0C9519C8-6EA2-4EC1-B69F-7F4E86…)

She’s so fucking annoying
She’s going to get diabetes and get so obese she will die before getting any of these things. Even if she gets skinny she will always have that ugly rodent face and horrible personality

No. 1100770

File: 1607227582154.gif (314.37 KB, 267x200, 2441BB15-0AE4-4139-B431-4B02B4…)

She only has 4 retweets and 11 likes
In b4 she dirty deletes

No. 1100771

Has she even been to Italy? Have a feeling she wouldn't like it there because there's no Golden Corrals

No. 1100773

She claims she went with her parents to Italy when she was a teenager

No. 1100775

File: 1607228120502.png (441.65 KB, 750x1334, 0DF68A89-B618-4044-905E-2A471A…)

one of her orbiters sent her $50 afterward

No. 1100776

You have $2! One shitty naked pallet that looks bad on you! Chocolate? That’s probably the only thing in your budgets. Wine? The cheap shitty kind. Trips to Italy? Again you got $2. Expensive purses?? Too poor and you have horrible taste. What happened to that tacky pink MK bag? Big house? You had that ugly one with Fupa that had disgusting carpets. A car? To go where? You have no friends, no job, and no money for repairs and gas.

No. 1100777

At first I thought you said she sent one of them $50 I was shocked. Didn’t she fucking do the wishlist thing already but deleted it and never mentioned it again??