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File: 1542551555891.png (794.6 KB, 1093x765, 1541666967080.png)

No. 734200

Previous thread: >>>/snow/724405

>Shay brags about all her Halloween content, only manages to do one

>Continues her downward spiral into reenacting the life of Mrs. Wormwood from Matilda through bad beauty choices and increasing her day drinking
>barely scrapes by with MFC tips except from her female Tumblr followers because she bans all the male users after scamming them
>continues to be 1+ hours late or even not show up at all to her MFC scheduled times
>Shay's VR porn appearance is released and it's as bad as you imagine
>plans to go back to LA for more porn shoots and begs for money for hotel/uber/food/etc
>Plundered Princess Part 3 drops, it's even worse than the VR video
>Fupa and Shay continue to be cringy on Tumblr with their edgy relationship and seem to be back in the loving phase again

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"the slap" >>>/snow/694426

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No. 734223

Shocked no caps from her realtimebondage shoot made the cut for thread pic

No. 734232

Not even OP but can we please stop bickering about the thread pic at the start of every new thread? Make the thread yourself and use to pic you want then.

No. 734243

>tfw i usually do make them

No. 734257

File: 1542560797400.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.96 KB, 720x405, 01C9A07B-49CD-4AAB-83BE-80ED3E…)

Lmao this thumbnail though. Why has she been making her recent thumbnails with this super washed out white tone over them? It hurts your eyes to look at it. More than just looking at her. And just…the laziness is astounding. It literally takes roughly 5 minutes to make a thumbnail like this.

No. 734259

In the pic on the lower left it looks like she’s taking a bite out of an ice cream sandwich or something. Don’t do that on someone’s dick.

No. 734263

She does look like she's about to chomp down on it lmao

No. 734269

is this supposed to be pov? like why show yourself holding the end of the stupid dildo

No. 734276

Because she’s too fucking lazy to change the camera angle.

No. 734350

it's like she skipped to random times in the video and chose them for the thumbnail but somehow managed to use only unattractive photos

No. 734360

At least her eyeliner looks decent here

No. 734384

bitch where? it's almost touching her eyebrows like always. it makes her look like a mentally disabled penguin.

No. 734393

I feel like we've been having the same anon talking about how Shay "looks better" etc for the last few days and just no.

No. 734531

File: 1542596450058.png (4.12 KB, 514x116, screenshot.png)

>support my bad decisions, cheap tastes, AND alcoholism all at once!

No. 734534

File: 1542596657436.gif (1.75 MB, 540x280, tumblr_pif6ukkBxw1xl8vkeo1_r1_…)

this reminded me of her

No. 734545

pay for my flight to LA, but also pay for me to drunkenly impulse buy hideous cheap pink material items to try (and fail) to fill the void in my life

No. 734555

File: 1542600347780.gif (1.54 MB, 500x278, 120014BD-CCE5-4BA7-9642-599F93…)

Pics or didn’t happen

No. 734570

Leave Charlotte alone.

No. 734572

Is she still camming at the weird 2-5 hours? I’m always at work, as are a lot of her would-be customers, so I miss opportunity to milk

No. 734667

There's no milk when she cams anyway

No. 734724

File: 1542638007225.gif (1.48 MB, 320x180, filthyfrank.gif)

Sorry but how is this sexy? I think of waterboarding and all I can see is Filthy Frank…

No. 734733

yeah i dont get it, the last weeks she's used the term 'waterboarding' like a million times yet i'm pretty sure she doesn't know what it means? it literally means putting a towel/cloth over someones face and pouring water on it to simulate a drowning feeling. that's all it means, there's no alternate definition. if fupa actually did that to her, i gotta admit that's probably pretty horrifying, but i'm pretty sure she just got her head submerged underwater for a few seconds which is literally so tame that i don't know why they're bragging about it so much. kids do that to each other when they're playing in the pool, but it's totally 'brutal' right.

No. 734777

File: 1542647054575.jpeg (296.27 KB, 1242x1112, FFA6B7E4-7F48-4742-BBF8-7A8D9F…)

Oh but guys she “drowned“ when she was a child. Just more of Shays fake childhood traumas that she comes up with the feed the narrative. What a sad life.

No. 734781

Minor BDSM sperg but at no point in a scene should you actually be wondering “why am I not dead/am I going to die”. What a dumb ass.

No. 734785

File: 1542648192920.png (366.05 KB, 750x1334, F51DD937-25CD-4D0C-8D85-07F041…)

Uhhh did she get deleted? God? Is that you??

No. 734788

Can't get to it on my computer either

No. 734789

No. 734790

is fupa's gone too??

No. 734791

I'm going to be so fucking happy if her trash blog got deleted

No. 734792


I can still open his on my phone

No. 734793

oh we found it tumblr!

No. 734794

File: 1542648648194.png (620.17 KB, 1232x691, 2018-11-19 12_27_12-Not found.…)

not seeing it in browser

No. 734797

File: 1542648763336.jpg (42.73 KB, 478x627, youvebeenwarned.jpg)

No. 734799

Same thing when I look her up. They’ve been terminated lmao

No. 734805

Aw shiiit they've both gone. Wonder what's happened

No. 734806

they both have to be shitting their pants right now

No. 734808

If shayna's has gone she wont be able to brag about her 1000s of inactive followers anymore lol

No. 734809

maybe this will lead to a new era of milk where she actually starts trying

No. 734810

If she actually got deleted she’s going to freak out and probably go into a deep alcoholic depression. Maybe she’ll stop this porn bullshit.

No. 734812

i checked her twitter and that account has been suspended too. i'm a snapchat anon and 2h ago she posted her spanking herself and smoking out of her bong so no word yet.

No. 734813

No. 734817

It is unlikely, so something has clearly happened between them. Maybe fupa's ex reported him or something and they've tried to delete any evidence of all the fucked up shit they've said/done

No. 734819

Any chance she just moved to a new name? Idk, I don't use tumblr

No. 734821

Micky is down too, seems tumblr is doing a mass delete

No. 734822

File: 1542650358403.jpeg (543.43 KB, 1242x1657, F791CD27-60A2-47FB-8625-A89D74…)

she posted this before her tumblr was gone. I’m not sure what it means exactly or what it refers to. But I’m guessing staff made some changes that affect porn/sex worker blogs?

No. 734823

i'm popping around other threads and it seems tumblr has deleted many accounts??? major glitch?

No. 734824

Tumblr was just taken off the App Store for “inappropriate content”. Maybe the staff is going through and deleting what looks inappropriate to put it back on the App Store

No. 734826

damn. tumblrgate 2018. this is milky. wonder how shay is going to communicate with "the masses" now??

No. 734828

Shay’s orbiter Harley got her disgusting blog taken down, too

No. 734835

Lately on Tumblr there's been a surge of pornbots and they pop up everywhere, under any post, so that most times if you click on the notes the pornbots are superior in number to legit accounts commenting/reblogging. And it looks like Tumblr has finally done something for it.

Oh, I've heard of this too. Either way, this is milky

No. 734842

tumblr anons, can they appeal to the support to get their accounts back somehow? I'm sure tumblr wouldn't just nuke random porn blogs like that, imagine sex workers screeching about discrimination, destroying careers n shit. Me thinks it's gonna be back very soon

No. 734845

idk, tumblr isn't obligated to help sex workers sell content. If they decide to ban blogs like that I don't think there's much people can do, aside from keep remaking and trying to dodge bans

No. 734846

my completely SFW account was mistakenly deactivated and i got it back a day later, but since shay has a disgusting blog she won't have a good chance.

No. 734847

File: 1542652412581.jpg (16.51 KB, 480x360, it is.jpg)

even better: they cant get their urls back since their blogs were terminated by tumblr staff.
they would have to come back under new usernames, meaning having to rebrand themselves as hausofmattel or dolly-mattel or something like y0uveb33nwarned.
RIP the urls youvebeenwarned and dollymattel and shayna's years old blog full of milk.
also no. tumblr will nuke blogs like that ESP nsfw blogs and sometimes sfw blogs for no reason because their website is made by 10 year olds and held together with string and glitter glue. also they dont care.

No. 734849

We can't say it yet, it's a new thing and the staff has yet to speak. All we know is that it was caused by the app being deleted from the Store because of the too many pornbots.
I'm fine with that anyway, it was about damn time. They should've done it a long time ago though, instead of ignoring all the CP and bestiality blogs and only serving some action when their profits were under attack

No. 734850

samefag >>734847
yet, considering that their blogs and many other "bdsm" blogs like them have also been taken done during the pornbot purge. tumblr has a lot of content that can get them overall taken down as a website so they must be cleaning house. finally. as >>734849 said. tumblr has a huge issue w/ porn bots, overall creepy porn blogs in gen (ex: creepshot blogs), irl gore/snuff, CP and beastie blogs they have ignored for years. now there's too many for them to get away with it so they are cleaning up

a few other cow's tumblrs have been taken down during this timeframe so it's not surprising shayna and fupapa's went with them.

No. 734851

it's honestly the smart thing for tumblr to do as a whole. by allowing nsfw content they are potentially alienating their entire under 18 demographic (or at the least possibly exposing children to porn) and that's like…. the majority of people that would be attracted to a platform like that.

No. 734854

Can't screenshot rn but shayna's posted on her insta that her tumblr has gone and she's remade as @thedollymattel

No. 734856

File: 1542653667903.jpg (420.2 KB, 1080x1703, 20181119_125408.jpg)

No. 734857

This is hilarious. She’s going to drop in numbers so quickly.

No. 734858

I can't view the new one either?

No. 734859

looool watch her gain literally 5 actual followers and a few hundred bot followers and regain only around 10% of her previous 100,000 pornbots

No. 734861

LMAOOOO what a day. shay is probably crying rn over her loss of 150k. i wonder how many other big sw blogs got the boot too

No. 734862

won't this one just get deleted too?

No. 734863

Is she aware this is going to get nuked as well?

No. 734864

File: 1542654294669.png (13.31 KB, 601x342, 2018-11-19 14_01_23-barbies li…)


No. 734865

it's a thanksgiving miracle

No. 734866

lol it's because really she knows that they were mostly inactive/bots, so she won't get that high again

No. 734868

i know this is such a nitpick but god would it kill her to learn the difference between “who’s” and “whose”

No. 734872

guess she won't be able to charge for reblogs anymore.

i bet her cam session (if she actually streams today, i don't know her schedule), is just going to be full of her bitching about her lost followers.

No. 734874

File: 1542656317658.jpg (93.62 KB, 841x640, 5AUylKW.jpg)


Absolutely AMAZING!

Imagine you build your entire personal life around your dumblr account, nuke your family life, post porn of yourself that makes it impossible to find a normal job and moving in with a musty deadbeat father that also lives in the same delusion about being ~tumblr famous~.

I'M yelling. This is great.

What places are left for shay to promote her infected vag? lol

Meanwhile Shay:
>I'm a good person, I don't deserve this!1

No. 734875

File: 1542656402788.gif (1.75 MB, 331x331, tumblr_piggp5xNcE1wsm6l7_400.g…)

Fupa's back, not as devastated as Shay but already posting cringey gifs of himself.
Caption: "Do I frighten you, my love?"
>this is a dad

No. 734877

She only claims she did this because she's got to be the biggest baddest edgiest bitch and her top ass licker posted pics of her having it done ages ago. She can't let her followers outdo her when it comes to stupid/risky sex.

Merry Christmas everyone. Did Fupa's get deleted as well then considering the name change?

No. 734879

File: 1542657002022.jpg (19.07 KB, 521x185, Capture.JPG)

She's going to have a complete meltdown by tomorrow.

No. 734880

File: 1542657036093.jpg (47.4 KB, 466x497, Capture1.JPG)

No. 734881

File: 1542657205796.jpg (37.64 KB, 468x542, thatfamethough.JPG)

When "Daddy Mattel" thinks he's just as famous as Shay. Notes don't lie, Fupa.

No. 734882


remember when she said that she has no idea how to gain followers because she is "out of touch" with what's currently popular.

No. 734883

maybe she will ditch the pink barbie aesthetic now! kek

No. 734887

File: 1542657775438.jpg (29.52 KB, 525x275, 150isenough.JPG)

>I lost 155k followers
>I have 150 right now
>this is fine, honest

She's going to be sobbing into her wine for days.

No. 734891

you know he only posted shayna's new url so that she'd reblog the post/get him seen lol

No. 734893

What an amazing thing to wake up to

Goodbye 150k porn bots, hello nobody

No. 734894

>I thought I was going to die it was vv hot!
If that happened it certainly explains why she won't stop drinking.

This is kinda surprising, since nsfw is allowed on tumblr and afaik their TOS haven't changed? What did they get them for?

No. 734896

Wonder if she'll try and be more active on Twitter or Instagram now. 1500 followers on Twitter but 2.5k or something like that in instagram

No. 734900

This is the lord's hand at work y'all. Didn't Shayna just talk about god bringing her many blessings in life? I think this blessing is called: a reality check.

No. 734905

wouldn't surprise me if they weren't. tumblr seems to be cracking down hard, they've even blocked certain words/phrases from being searched for

No. 734915

File: 1542661808275.png (12.61 KB, 548x191, Screenshot (275).png)

absolute kek at him remaking one of his 'famous' posts

No. 734929

nigga that's a slenderman mask from party city. he spent $35 dollars to look edgy

No. 734938

What’s his new URL?

No. 734946

No. 734948

So, Papa Edgelord buys all his edgelord gear from party city, hot topic, and Spencer's. Nice

No. 734950

the kids still like Spencer’s, right?

No. 734961

File: 1542667958636.jpg (540.65 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20181119-175035.jpg)

I don't think she will recover from this

No. 734963

If it meant that much to her she could literally email tumblr staff. But that would require 'effort'.

No. 734964

She probably has been emailing, might not make a difference though

No. 734968


Or if any of those "old memories" truly meant THAT much surely she would have some sort of backup somewhere else

No. 734970


Or if any of those "old memories" truly meant THAT much surely she would have some sort of backup somewhere else

No. 734974

File: 1542668779018.png (82.3 KB, 400x213, tumblr_pek7b37HNY1reg2syo2_400…)

that's what you get when you bank your whole "career" on a dodgy social media platform, dumb bitch

No. 734976


She knew this day would come she just been in wannabe dumb bimbo denial

No. 734980

Imagine if she actually spent the last 7 years building a real life, not a Tumblr blog

No. 734981

Maybe she would actually be thriving, kek. I always find it funny how she talks about these graphic design skills she supposedly has that she literally never uses in her vids,

No. 734983

sex workers and non-bot porn blogs have been getting their tumblrs back, don't hold your breath.

No. 735009

For me it's not even about this idiot and her ugly old fat boyfriend right now. I'm just glad Tumblr is FINALLY doing something. The shit they have going on there has gotten out of hand. When you can't go into any tag without seeing some porn blog pictures, it's too much. That shit is everywhere. And I haven't even seen the grossest of tumblr. What I've seen is already too annoying and shitty. It's one thing to allow some nsfw things. It's another to let the site become porn spam.

I hope they delete her again, she needs to be reported. And I hope that they don't reactivate old sex workers blogs with their old followers. It's not tumblr's duty to help anyone sell themselves to creeps.

No. 735014

from what i've heard they just wanted to get rid of the porn-bot blogs that have invaded tumblr but slipped up and deleted a shit ton of tumblrs. I know some mutuals have gotten deleted.

so not really tumblr getting rid of porn blogs but just messed up getting rid of the bots.

No. 735015

If she was smart she would use this as a way for her to completely rebrand. But she’s not.

No. 735018

The closest this idiot has ever gotten to blood on his hands was having wack ass period sex with ol' Stinky

No. 735020

not super necessary to post this for the third time

No. 735026


There was some weird ass error hours ago and couldn't really delete the other replies…this has been happening to a lot of other people, idk what's going on with the site

No. 735033

File: 1542680482007.jpeg (263.4 KB, 1242x873, 4871B8C5-1ABC-404B-9999-B8CB01…)

why the fuck would you follow a blog that posts “trauma”? also mega kek @ “I feel hollow inside”

Bitch it’s a fucking tumblr get a grip. Maybe if your marketing skills went beyond tumblr pedo bait you’d be in a better position.

No. 735036

File: 1542680889249.png (116.67 KB, 625x415, Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 9.24.…)

She is so desperate.

she's also sent a couple emails trying to get her original block back apparently.

No. 735037

fupa posted a gifset of a woman literally being sawn in half from the crotch to the neck by an evil clown. It's against tumblr's TOS to post gore and mutilation of human beings, and you can report the posts that break TOS for awful shit like that. I hope he gets banned 5evr for being a disgusting edgelord 33yo father of 3 children getting off to women being brutally murdered.

No. 735041

File: 1542682253206.jpg (787.59 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181119-204912_Tum…)

Rolling my eyes so hard at the delusion here

No. 735044

Kyle perkins posted some photos at his kids soccer game last week so obviously baby mama doesnt care what he posts online or that he pretends to have sex with a child

No. 735046

p sure that was discussed on a previous thread

No. 735049

nope, hopefully you've looked at this thread for a second and are trying his new one not the original?

No. 735050

it's still up, gore and all

No. 735051

File: 1542682854445.png (801.98 KB, 995x532, goodriddiance.png)


No. 735052

maybe you were blocked. it shows for me

No. 735053

lel have you won anything thru lucktastic?>>735044
I'm sure she cares, but not enough evidence to get litigious

No. 735056

ahh yes, because someone gaining 2000 followers on tumblr is totally a thing that would raise a red flag.

Shut the fuck up, Shayna.

No. 735061

She's acting like she's the cause of tons of blogs being deleted, when she's just one of the thousands that got deleted today at random during a porn bot purge. Hell, even my blog was fucking deleted and I'm not a porn blog.

No. 735063

she was actually presentable and bordering on cute then too so it's not like it's uncommon for semi-attractive stoner girls who showed tits to get lots of followers fast on tumblr. She clearly couldn't maintain that growth, especially now. I doubt she'll make even half of her followers back now.

No. 735064

she just wanted to "humble"-brag about how popular she was lmao

No. 735074

as soon as i read about the tumblr porn debacle i basically ran to this thread to see if they got slammed. i'm loving it. it would be an amazing catalyst if she stopped making enough money at this and had to get a real job/life. it could be the best thing that ever happened to her.

No. 735075

Tumblr has also banned and hidden all nsfw tags.
She has no way to spread her content except through followers, she’s fucked.

Funny how she used to brag nonstop about her follower count, and even CHARGED PEOPLE MONEY to take advantage of it.
It was her go to way to make a few bucks.

No. 735079

That’s from the movie Terrifier.

No. 735095

It's gone. I had him blocked and I checked my blogs and it's not there.

No. 735103

Fupa is so gross. His try hard behavior, on top of him having kids is extra shitty

No. 735105


"y2k" does she think she's cool or something for mentioning that lol like what the fuck

No. 735106

Honestly this was bound to happen, though I’d expected her to tank her “career” on her own, it’s almost justice that tumblr chopped off the only leg she had to stand on. Hope Shays been working on her resume.

No. 735108


Anon, you're reaching. That's from a horror movie.

No. 735111

Pretty sure if she keeps posting nsfw content on her new blog when its not marked as "nsfw" she wont have it long.

No. 735113

'y2k' is a stupid cool kid tag on tumblr for anything from around the early 00s. so like nokia phones and screenshots of the simple life. for ~aesthetics~.

No. 735137

You are correct I am wrong
Idk why it disappeared in my list but w.e

No. 735161

Lol what happened to that cry-baby post about “I’m going to delete my tumblr uwu you’re all only here for Dolly uwuuuuu”.
Now Tumblr did it for him yet he makes another one. That’s like some whiny teenage girl shit.
I know Instagram is cracking down on fake accounts and 3rd party programs so it’s mega milk for a lot of cows. This tumblr thing is just more milky goodness. But I won’t be surprised if she gets her account back.

No. 735171

Honestly disagree, Shay is annoying and makes shitty content, but she's not a bot and they shouldn't delete blogs that don't break their TOS for no reason.

That said it's really sad and fucked how much she depends on her tumblr. She wouldn't be in this position if she'd actually worked on her other social media platforms instead of getting her twitter nuked twice for having her pussy lips in her pfp.

No. 735175

It's not for no reason, it's because their site/app is being fucked over by that kind of content. They've also blocked search terms like ddlg to try to get rid of the pedo panderers

No. 735183

the tumblr purge is for child porn, not bots specifically. lmao so it’s definitely right that her blog was deleted and any other “sex worker” who creates this type of porn and reblogs questionably aged girls should also be deleted!

No. 735197

Tumblr has every right to decide what type of content they host regardless of whether it's in their ToS or not. They're paying the bills to keep the site alive so if they want to delete shitty porn blogs they can.

No. 735216

>150k inactive/pornbot followers
>30k asks she bragged about never answering
>mutual followers she now can't get money out of
>memories of friends that have abandoned her for being shitty
>the only decent pictures of her old self she can't browse while she gets day drunk

I can see why she'd be devastated because now all she has is Fupa.

No. 735221

According to her her new blog has almost 1000 followers already. Hmm.

No. 735222

File: 1542723937180.png (182.72 KB, 640x1136, E981AE18-C3FF-4938-B162-158AE8…)

Lol “I don’t care at all I’m chill”

No. 735226

>drink some wine and relax

I’m sure that’s exactly what he tells Shay every time she’s begging for attention

No. 735233

Well I think it's fair to assume out of 150k she would have some percent of real followers. Porn blogs earn followers the fastest and easiest on tumblr (at least before the porngate lol) and she's an original creator, she can probably amass up to like 10k real followers. Wouldn't give her more though

I wonder if the porngate is a thing that will continue, or was it just a massive oneshot strike? Would be so funny if her new blog got nuked too. I know some pornblogs are perfectly fine. Maybe they targeted the kinksters specifically, considering the banning of ddlg tags etc? I hope so

No. 735249

sage for OT. But yeah they're def deleting random blogs as well because my blog also got deleted by mistake. I hope sending an email will do something cause im kinda pissed lol

No. 735256

it was because of porn bots not actual porn creators. They blocked all nsfw tags because porn bots spam them

No. 735263

she's just saying that because she knows there's no way for anyone to verify that

No. 735290

File: 1542733826992.jpeg (149.92 KB, 1242x591, 09CD8B49-331D-4568-84C0-EB6C9C…)

So an arbitrary 1k followers “shows how much support she has”

Lol she’s trying so hard to not seem devestated but we all know she’s drinking and crying and wondering how she’s going to make any money.

No. 735293

i find it interesting that she's already got 1k back on tumblr but doesn't even have 3k total on instagram which has been up since march and is a much bigger platform

No. 735295

Tumblr is more popular for porn, since porn needs to be censored on ig. Also tumblr got the subaccount function earlier so more people already had secret porn collective account on it before ig introduced the ability to add other accounts

No. 735296

Maybe because so many porn blogs got deleted but few went back and remade one in the record time shayna did. People wanting porn on their dash can't be too choosy right now

No. 735302

I think it got deleted again

No. 735303

File: 1542734959871.jpeg (51.08 KB, 1242x260, B1539548-A45C-4D97-9951-CB7629…)

Her blog shows this error. Did they get her again lol

No. 735304

Yeah she’s gonna go insane

No. 735306

HAHAHAHA SHE DID the meltdown is going to be glorious

No. 735307

I heard that the tumblr bot that deleted the blogs stopped so it's something else that got her deleted?

No. 735310

not anymore

No. 735312

I’m sure she violated the new tumblr new user guidelines. They actually warned everyone about it

No. 735313

can confirm that her new blog is gone from my end too

No. 735314

I think it's her tags plus the links. Tumblr is saying good riddance to Shayna and her kind

No. 735316

whoops lol

No. 735318


Damn, it makes me wonder how fupe feels about this, since it makes Shay useless in terms of tumblr fame (specially since his old blog got also deleted aaaand Shay's new blog as well lol).

No. 735322

I think Tumblr is actually going to be no NSFW content now. Deleting that quick when her activity would look organic. She needs a new platform or to censor. I'm never posting even mildly NSFW content on mine now (another anon who got deleted)

No. 735323

I dont think so. thats-disgusting-emily is still on and her content is disgusting and so does bratgurrl or w/e who's a literal prostitute. a lot of popular nsfw blogs are still active so

No. 735328

Dude if her new blog is gone too I'm going to DIE(don't use emojis)

No. 735329

Yep gone for me too

No. 735332

i think shay has been targeted and reported by many people over the past few months and they are taking it seriously now. other big SW blogs are still there so im thinking it's just her! hilarious!

No. 735333

She’s gone for me too. I wonder what kind of meltdown she’s having right now

No. 735335


I love to imagine that it's because of the pedo-bait shit, which deserves to be banned for good but who knows.

No. 735336

im surprised fupa hasnt posted about it since his blog is still up

No. 735337

She violating new terms. It’s the bdsm ageplay. That’s why she getting deleted. Which makes sense

No. 735339

there are worse blogs than hers that have that (thats-disgusting-emily) that are still up so that doesnt really make sense unless she was mass reported or something

No. 735340

She's probably having an identity crisis. Tumblr is her only source for feeling special, popular, etc

No. 735341

File: 1542737224491.png (20.63 KB, 211x48, yikes.png)

says it's deactivated

No. 735342

No update on snap yet wonder if she’ll even do that for a while

No. 735344

I cant find anything about new terms and the terms and conditions I found include nothing about ageplay, where are you getting this from?

No. 735347

Ironically, most of her followers were probably bots and ddlg blogs, and that might have been why they got her.

It's not. The tumblr app got nuked from iTunes for child porn, and they're trying to crack down on it.

Since it's impossible to do this manually, they probably have a bot of their own flagging and deleting "suspicious" blogs.

No. 735350

I didn’t mention ageplay specifically but it did list many things that were no longer going to be acceptable. I think simulated abuse was one of them

No. 735354

No. 735355

No more simulated abuse? But that's shaynas specialty

No. 735356

Not sure exactly why she got deleted again. Just looking at her is a violation to my eyes

No. 735357

I dont see anything new they never allowed that stuff it's just that tumblr didn't really care before.

No. 735358

No. 735359

Lol it's basically like no more of blogs like fupas

>Don't post gore or violence just to be shocking

No. 735361

Those guideline changes went into effect months ago and don't really apply to Shayna. Fupa's blog definitely violates the "no glorifying violence/abuse" rule though.

There's no need to speculate about what's in their guidelines now lol, they're right here:

No. 735362

Oh wow shayna violates just about every new rule on there. No wonder they don't want her. Go take your vile shit somewhere else shay cause tumblr ain't having it

No. 735363

She violated the hell out of this

No. 735364

As soon as I seen those rules a few months ago I knew she was gonna get terminated

No. 735365


You guys know this isn't new right? it says it went into effect September and I hardly see anything new from before that. It also doesn't say no simulated abuse? just no gore or mutilation.

No. 735368

File: 1542738871136.png (75.94 KB, 641x828, 2018-11-20 19_32_19-Tumblr.png)

This, not sure what anons are on about. That said, she's definitely violated the community guidelines, pic related. From what I remember her blog wasn't marked as NSFW for ages.

No. 735369

It also states to not glorify self harm. Which she does often

No. 735370

Hope she takes this as a hint and spends time fixing her appearance and just generally getting her shit in order. How are her and Fupa going to function without tumblr? That's what their entire relationship is based around that horrifying site.

No. 735371

Just because the changes went into effect in September doesn't mean they're not enforcing them now. Shayna clearly violates multiple of their rules including glorifying violence

No. 735372

yes, several people have pointed out that it isn't new. What's new is all these blogs getting deleted and watching Shay and Kyle lose their minds over it.

No. 735373

tumblr put in these new rules but it takes something big (like the mass bot reporting, apple taking them down) for them to actually take action

No. 735375

Yeah, but tons of people are still breaking the guidelines and have been. Tumblr notoriously just picks and chooses what to actually care about. it also says not to glorify crime but that's still plentiful.

No. 735377


Shay prob regrets it so much right now that she didn't stuck to the stoner chick imagine lol

No. 735378

I doubt it this anon >>735323 said bratgrrrl is still around and her blog is literal pedo-bait. If SHE is still there than I doubt thats the reason.

No. 735379

The majority of you guys were going on like it's some new change to tumblr which it isn't. the only change is the mass deletion. Those have basically been the guidelines for as long as I've been on tumblr including the violence. I actually think the only thing they added in September was the no sexually explicit videos which had sws reeling.

No. 735381

>no schemes to drive up followers

I wonder if she got nuked because she offered free nudes for followers.

No. 735388

Great point anon. You could be onto something

No. 735390

I think it's a combination of that, not marking her blog as NSFW properly, making a reblog chain and getting a lot of pornbot followers in a short time.

No. 735391

i completely agree with the people saying its not new. Blogs get deleted all the time because they get reported/found by staff. Yungelita's blog was deleted last year by tumblr and eating disorder blogs get deleted daily you can go into any ana chan forum and see them freaking out. So its not surprising that porn blogs, especially that are connected to a semi e-famous person, get deleted.

No. 735400

She had so much of her porn vid previews uploaded on tumblr, she def was breaking guidelines.

Is tumblr updating their interface today? Or is it just acting up? Has anyone else have trouble getting out of safe mode view? Just noticed that there isn't a little padlock icon to switch it on and off on search.

Could this be part of the whole porn purge theory?

No. 735402

You're right, the safe mode padlock is gone but it was there earlier today. They're just pretending they never had NSFW content/harboured it on the site huh

No. 735403

also adding, she had a giveaway scam too, and you can consider her "sugaring" prostitution.

No. 735404

they mean actual videos not gifs. its not against the guidelines to post gifs from videos lmao she just couldnt post actual porno

and it's already been stated that they deleted nsfw tags for the moment, it's been like that for a couple days.

No. 735406

nsfw tags havent been working for days. you still had the option to turn safe mode on and off but it still wouldnt show anything regardless

No. 735408

She most definitely had videos on her tumblr, as well as gifs. The videos were little previews for her porn, that included full nudity and toy penetration. She even talked about how tumblr let her stop uploading them. She still had over 50 videos still active though.

No. 735411

I mean I doubt that because tumblr made it so videos get flagged as sensitive content and deleted ridiculously. I've had videos of my cat taken down because of that.

No. 735413

File: 1542743787100.png (60.51 KB, 195x209, Screenshot 2018-11-20 at 2.55.…)

anyways , fupa just reblogged from shay but hasnt said anything about her being gone?

No. 735414


Is it still possible to click on the username?

No. 735415

most likely something already queued because the blog she remade is deactivated.

No. 735416

nta but i clicked it and it just took me to a loading screen

No. 735417


samfagging but yes you can click on it but it's just the loading screen that never finishes to load the blog lol

No. 735418

ah yeah, didnt think about queues i thought maybe it still showed on his dash or something and was actively posting

No. 735419

gee i wonder if its because her blog is deleted

No. 735421

You can still browse porn tags normally, but yes, they've locked down the search completely.

I kinda get why they're scrambling, being blocked from the iOS app store is a huge blow and tumblr has always been bad at dealing with cp on their site. If Shay makes another blog before this whole mess is sorted, it'll most likely just be deleted all over again.

No. 735425

I get the feeling she is posting here. Maybe the nuked accounts pushed her over the edge to post on lolcow? A few 'anons' here are seemingly adamant that this was a targeted attack, even though Mickey and grmygurl(or whatever) was nuked too.

No. 735428

yeah bitch, was just letting them know that it's not an actual link jfc

No. 735429

honestly tumblr is dying anyway outside of the porn shit
almost everyone who talks about tumblr references it as only being good to find porn
so if they want nothing but sjw trans bullshit, getting rid of the porn will bring their traffic down immensely

No. 735430

she's most likely always lurked/posted here

No. 735431


everyone also seems to think it's targeting nsfw blogs specifically regardless of anons here saying their/mutuals blogs haven been deleted too regardless of nsfw content.

found this from a sw blog that shows it wasn't intentional.
I don't know what that article was about it being because of childporn since everything I've seen on tumblr itself is saying that it was due to porn bots and tumblr just misfiring everywhere

No. 735433

i mean it should've been obvious since its been stated 100 times that her blog is gone. Obviously clicking a link to her blog isn't going to get you anywhere.

No. 735434

File: 1542745545985.jpg (56.94 KB, 540x785, tumblr_pighxo7MlI1rt5w4o_540.j…)

had to add pic

No. 735436

Who's to say those anons didn't run nsfw blogs though? The issue is specifically about porn, and they're clearly fucking up since random blogs are deleted, I don't think they're targeting anyone but it's a move against nsfw content on the platform, and not the first one they've made in recent months.

No. 735440

Them. And me.
Again, what I've seen is that they were trying to get rid of porn bots and since nsfw blogs accumulate porn bots in their notes thats why they were mostly the ones hit as collateral damage. Way more popular porn blogs than Shay are still up and active

No. 735472

LMFAO i'm laughing too hard at this. she is gonna seriously lose it soon over this.

No. 735476

Starting to wonder if he thinks she's more tolerable drunk? Or maybe she's just reached the point of drinking until she passes out.

Please Santa let this be permanent for ban evading or something. Anything to keep her from getting the attention she craves.

No. 735488

She's probably hanging herself anon

No. 735490

fupas probably losing his shit trying to deal with her

No. 735492

or digging a hole

No. 735496

More pink wine than usual must be being consumed today

No. 735497

That’s her new blog they’re talking about dumb dumb

No. 735504

She has got to be losing her shit rn. Why the silence so far about it?

No. 735506

File: 1542755434857.jpg (776.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181120-180812_Tum…)

So pathetic

No. 735509

what a supportive boyfriend. barf

No. 735511

File: 1542755684306.png (181.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-20-17-32-38…)

She has lol

No. 735512

its because you were posting NSFW content on a blog you didnt mark as NSFW you stupid bitch.

No. 735528

Her snap story today is about a romantic date they went on which looked actually kinda nice till a pic where she captioned daddy likes to make me drink and I’m ok wifh it. Ew.

No. 735540

File: 1542760159760.png (1.22 MB, 702x1326, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 7.24…)

the pic when she found out her new blog was deleted

No. 735541

No. 735546

Fupa papa looks constantly annoyed with her lmao

No. 735561

This stupid bitch! It’s what she deservesss! When you run a business out of porn, you want to be in control of your platform as much as possible. She should have made her own website and use that as the main store and worked hard to expand to other spaces at her peak. Merry fucking Christmas.

No. 735565

if you use an online converter to turn it into a webm, you can upload the movie clip directly here like for an image.

No. 735575

…she has 0 blogs now. are you slow?

No. 735579

Everyone here is aware of that dude. Obviously those comments were made when she created a backup one that also ended up getting taken down. Not sure why we're in a bad mood here when the gods deleted shayna from tumblr for us

No. 735580

they were made after she was deleted and fupa had a post from shay that was queued, if you actually read the thread that was when her backup was deleted as well and that's why people were asking if the link worked. Because for some reason half the people on this thread are as retarded as Shayna.

No. 735581


the sequence of events. Shays new blog got deleted. People asked if a link to thedollymattel worked.

No. 735630

I love how people are making this just about porn, blogs are being deleted because of CP, some people got deleted just for nsfw but it's a cp bust, and her blog had fictional cp on it lol

No. 735648

Kek, she's actually trying again using 'deletedmattel'

No. 735653

Why doesn't she just wait a couple days or something? It's not like Tumblr is her only sm and while it may have been her main source of exposure I doubt making a new account is going to gain her back any business she may have lost (which I doubt was significant in the first place.) She seems really desperate.

No. 735657

Adding to the tumblr information, they have blocked the search of explicit tags. TL;DR shes gonna lose so much exposure on her shitty porn when she does relaunch

No. 735663

I've heard a lot of artists (of the non-NSFW variety) got hit as well. Others have said that NSFW blogs not marked as NSFW, and blogs with links in the description were hit by the purge.

Lots of these porn bots had off-site links in their posts and in their descriptions. I think Tumblr slapped together a shitty bot that looks for NSFW blogs and SFW blogs that reblog NSFW stuff, that also post a ton of off-site links and use lots of "sales language" and posts that are basically ads. That would explain so many non-porn art blogs getting the boot. Obviously they were targeting CP so they're cracking down on that, but letting non-pedo SW blogs return.

I don't think they targeted Shayna, I think she was dumb enough to keep posting her pedo porn while they try to fix this so she keeps getting deleted.

Powerlevel but FWIW I run a personal blog, several SFW fandom blogs, a porn blog, and still have an old SW blog up (inactive, I'm happy to say) and I've been posting nonstop the last few days with no issues. I post lots of off-site links but I'm not selling anything so that's why I'm tinfoiling about the bot going after people who sell stuff. Who knows though. Netflix just put up a thriller film about a camgirl who gets her account stolen and I swear to God the screenwriter must know Shayna. They nabbed all the deets from pathetically punching yourself for pennies to simulated gore, furry pink piss-rugs, and giant creepy teddy bears. It's worth a watch if you're bored this holiday weekend.

Back on topic, I'd never buy her terrible porn, but my god I'd have paid good money to witness the BAWWWWW-fest/chimpout that unquestionably followed her realization that her precious 150k are gone, maybe for good. She's trying to act unbothered but give it a few days, she'll be climbing the fucking walls soon if they don't give her blog back. Girl is addicted to attention.

No. 735665

No, I doubt the writer of Cam knows Shayna, she was a cam girl herself. The cam girl on the movie actually engages with her male audience and has original ideas and actually tries. She doesn't just play shitty music and scroll on her phone

No. 735687

File: 1542789689154.png (457.36 KB, 640x1136, 4BD86859-3AF0-4333-B584-C3F025…)

No. 735697

>nude avatar

She really is a fucking idiot, isn’t she?

No. 735699

Wonder how she and Fupa will do without social media to flaunt how “happy” they are

No. 735706

File: 1542794957991.jpeg (810.12 KB, 3464x3464, ED2B9ED9-D51D-4810-BDD0-FEE322…)

Her beggy dumblr followers are out in full force

No. 735731

I really wish she'd get the hint that tumblr doesn't want her her simulated CP-selling ass. Maybe it's time for her to get a real job that doesn't involve sexualizing children (babies! Fuck!!) whether fictional or not

No. 735740

Not to mention it's the previous icon as before.
So not only can they tell it's her due to just that, there's a chance they might even consider her an actual bot now.

No. 735796

File: 1542815978147.jpg (539.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181121-075902.jpg)

No. 735800


No. 735804

This is what happens when you base your entire "business" on a blog site meant for teenagers

Like you think she'd stop and thing for a fucking minutes "Hmm, maybe I should consider hosting my own website or something". Even her reblog buddy Angela/Himeka has (had?) her own website and god knows she's nowhere near making Shay's alleged 55k a year

No. 735810

Exactly. It's so dumb to put your egg in one basket hell even smart youtubers know to branch out to their own websites because the site won't be there forever but their website would be. If she had 150k subs there's no reason she didn't branch out to a new website already.

No. 735811


Not only that, but I'm super confused about the fact that she didn't put more time into reaching people on twitter or Insta? I know she has accounts there but lots of sex workers use specially twitter for promoting their work (as long as you follow the rules for NSFW content) Idk how she imagined this thing in five years from now, tumblr isn't as big as it used to be and everybody immigrated to other pages but she stayed there for the sake of her 150k followers that were mostly fake anyways. And, she could have spend more time and energy into networking while in LA and take this shit serious if she is so passionate about making porn but at least now she realized that she is a nobody in this business.

No. 735812

File: 1542817281441.jpg (50.67 KB, 519x532, deleted.JPG)

He's not even trying to be subtle now.


Please let us get blessed with a third deletion.



No. 735815

a) Fupa is pathetic
b) I don't want her to suffer too much, just come off her high horse and realize how young she is.

No. 735818


But you have to realize she was asking for this. Honestly I'm surprised her blog wasn't removed long before this for her fucked up content, nude icons, and reports from her stoner bait-and-switch. This was only a matter of time. She should have done like the anons above said, networked in LA and established a presence on multiple platforms, but instead she was too cocky about her 150k dead followers

Not trying to look too far ahead, but honestly the best case scenario for her is that she has to give up Tumblr, Fupa boots her out because she is no longer making pizza money and can't beg, and she has to move back with her parents and start over. Better now than ten years down the road

Anyways, I wonder if she'll even attempt to get on cam? If she's so concerned about her "business" being destroyed, you think that'd be one of the first things she'd do to gain more visibility

No. 735820

>I wonder if she'll even attempt to get on cam?

She hasn't even put up a schedule for her 10 followers to find her so I doubt she will. She just sits there until her two biggest fangirls show up to throw cash at her so even if she did she wouldn't make any money or get any new fans in.

The whole thing is ironic actually. She's stopped trying because she thinks Fupa is a going to financially support her and give her all the attention she craves while Fupa thought Shay was going to be his cash cow and get him attention.

No. 735822

She needs to calm tf down, staff might actually be able to give her her account back but what she's doing is spammy as hell

No. 735823

Truth. She acts more like a porn bot than an actual user. I mean who else would create a blog and then immediate start soliciting money for porn on it?

No. 735828

Snapchat and all the payment methods she uses needs to get her ass next. She breaks the terms of service for every website/app she uses

No. 735831

Honestly she should take the time to make new videos and shit while Tumblr is fixing stuff behind the scenes. Yeah it probably won't be allowing NSFW stuff anymore. But remake a new tumblr, say follow me on twitter/insta and just post your video links there for the time being.

No. 735835

Why doesn’t Shayna try rebranding on reddit now that her blog has been deleted? Almost all of the top manyvid girls are Reddit girls who “advertised” on GoneWild and other porn subs, engaged with reddit creeps, and then made their own subreddits to promote their porn and snapchats etc.

Of course she’s kind of rude to the guys who buy her stuff so it wouldn’t work. But I’ve seen a lot of girls do really well just being flirty on reddit lol. Tumblr was dead anyway so it is time to move on.

No. 735843

But they do still allow nsfw, just no child porn. I think tumblr getting rid of NSFW might be coming but for the time being if she just…used another website for a few days it might actually work out instead of just pathetically scrambling for new followers.

No. 735852

So many big swers say that they barely make any of their money from tumblr sales and it's all about promoting on other platforms. It's funny that she says her blog being deleted is destroying her business. What business? You make like 40 dollars a day Shayna.

No. 735854

File: 1542823096180.jpg (47.55 KB, 435x275, Capture.JPG)

She's not even broke 60 reblogs on her begging and all her comments are variations of "Tumblr is meanies and bullies!!" with sprinkles of "Sorry can't pay but have a reblog!" and some genuine good advice she'll never use.

No. 735857

Where’s her fave stans Harley and Fox? Thought they would be following her every move by now.

No. 735861

Does anyone have their usernames? I'm interested to see if Harley got hit with a porn deletion as well.

No. 735862

>the amount of work I had to put in to find you
kek, if her old followers are resorting to googling her during the tumblr search downtime, they're going to end up here

No. 735866

You right bud. In that case, hello to all the new lurkers and welcome! Please feel free to contribute some milk once you get a feel for the place

No. 735890

Here's an idea… you could just sign in to any of all the sites actually designed for adult content and sw…

No. 735907

She's going to milk this "woe is me" thing for all it's worth instead. Shayna put in actual work? Nah. Scam people and attempt to guilt trip them? Yeah

No. 735910

I think it's because she would have to put in way more actual work and readjust her porn persona to the customers. Like her current persona is really niche I think, too niche… But for tumblr, it's perfect. Look how many orbiters she has - and notice that most of them are… girls. With the same aesthetic, specifically. She has (had…) a community there that praises, enables and encourages her. Any other place she appears, people are weirded out.
That's the one thing about it, the other is she's a major attention whore and she's losing her public. That's probably the worst for her.

No. 735919

File: 1542831077699.jpeg (633.79 KB, 1242x961, CCDA6899-0812-4C21-AF9A-96489B…)

Forgot about the thanksgiving road trip. Hopefully it’s milku.. Snapchat anon it’s your time again

No. 735921

File: 1542831486468.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1455, 76E53543-D901-42B6-A597-CC961B…)

“Mom get off the porch you’re embarrassing me”

No. 735924

You know there's absolute no way she's going to DM 500 people with pics. She probably wouldn't even have the energy to do 50.

And there's the proof right there. Christ she looks like a bratty 14 year old driving with her dad and trying to show off the car she's totally gonna get to drive when she gets her license. Nice to know Fupa doesn't care about his actual kids around the holidays but they're not safe around him anyway.

No. 735928

File: 1542832403858.gif (1001.99 KB, 400x289, wormwoods.gif)

Just reverse the heights and it's spot on for Shay and Fupa in Haus Mattel. Living that glamour life of day drinking and selling phone services.

No. 735932

Has she really not checked the fucking rules since getting her blog deleted?
Soliciting people to Reblog in exchange for something is quite clear in the rules.

No. 735934

File: 1542833380497.jpeg (1.3 MB, 4096x2730, 66BD8F62-A91C-462F-A05E-8D3AC7…)

Sorry for the shit tier meme/editing I couldn’t help it after this comment tho

No. 735935

Lmao she posed perfectly for this meme too. Good job anon

No. 735936

File: 1542833475931.jpg (18.63 KB, 519x238, asyoudeserve.JPG)

No. 735937

This is already deleted.

No. 735941

this is exactly why shay has no following outside of her orbiters from tumblr. like ddlg is a pretty popular thing right now and everyone trying to be into kinky sex but they want to see an attractive girl saying “daddy” not a trailer trash girl pretending to be molested while wearing a diaper. i know she obvi has customers but compared to normal top mv girls, they actual have sex appeal and arent gross

No. 735942

the only sex work community she fits into is the one niche category of obese white sjws who identify as nonbiary and pretend that dressing as a baby and simulating child abuse is “how they cope”

No. 735944

This is exactly why her top tippers are girls who want to be her aesthetic aka pink ddlg. Shay only gets tips on MFC when she looks like she's just a cutesy stoner/drunk girl and even then they don't stay long because she takes their tips and doesn't do as promised.

No. 735976

File: 1542840426746.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 806.29 KB, 1242x1436, 31162A9B-DE63-4B97-9E18-56FA83…)

“You know what’s fun safe relatable content? Roofies!”

No. 735977

File: 1542840520505.jpg (84.19 KB, 860x557, uhoh.JPG)

I just clicked on that to get to his blog and look what I found.

Did he get banned again?

No. 735978

no he's still there

No. 735979

I think Fupa has been blocking people like crazy

No. 735980

Which is odd because I'm not even following him. I have to manually type in his URL before it worked though. Me clicking through Shay's reblogs seem to give me the error.

No. 735981

this is the shirt with the awful pit stains from her Livestream with index lmao

No. 735984

Weird, I've never even viewed his blog before… does he have a blockbot or what? But you're right, I can see it from my other blog.

No. 735990

File: 1542841824389.jpg (161.14 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20181121_180718.jpg)

Good plan Shayna, if you get caught sending nudes to a minor you can be arrested and charged as a sex offender. She needs to check the law in her state because Chris Hansen will show up at her house.

No. 736008

God her tongue is so gross. Everything but the very tip is covered in a white film like she never brushes it, or her teeth

No. 736019

She needs to give this shirt to the goodwill already. It used to be cute when it was new but now it's stretched out and faded and decorated with pit stains

No. 736023

Goodwill would just throw it away. Even they have standards.

No. 736024

File: 1542846475452.jpg (612.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181121-192652.jpg)

Can the era of the bangs please end. They aren't supposed to be one giant crunchy curl.

No. 736025


when aren't they doing a drink

No. 736026

Yes let’s drink and then continue the road trip sounds like a masterful idea

No. 736028

So they're both drinking.. and then driving immediately after. Seems like a good plan.

No. 736030

File: 1542847703122.jpg (65.45 KB, 471x552, donations.JPG)

Even now it's obvious the only people sending her money are her ddlg/ageplay fangirls.

No. 736034


Probably were both Fox and Harley.

And lol at it only being $30 total and she hasn't actually worked once since it happened.

No. 736043

omg, a whole 30 dollars? so touching and genuine.

No. 736057

File: 1542851099423.jpg (26.83 KB, 360x578, breakouts.jpg)

Shes live on insta and her face is so dirty and broken out

No. 736064

File: 1542851490130.jpg (33.33 KB, 328x578, grossmattel.jpg)

No. 736065

God her drunk voice is so annoying. She sounds like a child.
Doesn’t help that she’s screaming “HEY DADDY”.
That poor bartender. Can you imagine having to serve shit-faced-shay?

No. 736069

You can watch it on her instagram

No. 736072

no offense but i doubt she cares about you enough to single your username out

No. 736073

Who cares? Are you really that petty?

No. 736075

Her teeth match her hair gag

No. 736077

oh shit sorry didn't realize u were so important to her

No. 736078

Because you're REALLY that important? I doubt she even checks who's watching dumbass.

No. 736085

Harley is still on tumblr as harleyxlynn you just have to go directly to her blog or any other nsfw blog. It's not letting you search any nsfw tumblers or tags anymore.

No. 736096

I saw it last night, actually. Shayna should watch it, the girl in theres work ethic in the beginning is far beyond what Shay is even capable of. Maybe she can learn a thing or 5.

No. 736200

Her second new blog got deleted

No. 736205

File: 1542888633350.jpeg (175.02 KB, 750x1268, 17E26BC7-4A54-4758-B19B-25F3F2…)

Anyone else getting that error message?

No. 736207

Yeah, means she's been deleted again

No. 736208

File: 1542889467123.jpeg (79.22 KB, 1125x2307, 428D9CA3-E158-450E-9FBA-389A1F…)


yep, it’s gone

No. 736209


She probably would have had a chance at getting her blog back if she didn't keep evading her blogs being terminated. She really screwed herself.

No. 736210

ya i have the "not found - there's nothing here" on the browser. Fupa's still up

No. 736222

There's no way she's getting her blog back at this point, so she will have to stick to instagram and twitter now. Maybe that will make change her shtick.

No. 736253

File: 1542898231438.jpeg (125.96 KB, 750x639, 38D07B36-68D9-44CD-941D-66DCF1…)

Went on her ig and saw that she posted a photo like a day ago telling to people to follow her ‘deletedmattel’ and i chuckled reading that last comment.

She also just deleted that post after that comment was made this morning lol

No. 736254

File: 1542898298556.jpg (31.73 KB, 584x219, 111.JPG)

It's a Thanksgiving miracle. I wonder how long until she's trying again.

No. 736259

File: 1542898755242.jpg (19.34 KB, 895x133, 2.JPG)

She doesn't even have instagram at this point. They've been cracking down as well and hiding results from common SW tags and deleting accounts from MFC and MV. Either she'll be next to get deleted or her follow count will stall because no one but her followers can see her recent posts.

No. 736266

How does she now learn from her mistakes lol? She's such a fucking idiot, she keeps raising flags with spammy, bot-like behaviour and offering nudes while her blog isn't marked as NSFW.

Porn has always been against instagram TOS, makes no sense to bank on that platform as a sexworker unless all you post is SFW content.

No. 736268

you know what would be a good way of keeping her business up/not letting these hurdles stop her from making money? camming regularly. having a schedule and sticking to it, advertising new videos during her cam shows. but that requires actual effort.

No. 736269

File: 1542900420542.jpeg (217.05 KB, 750x1334, E822C8A3-C392-42B9-B086-338E92…)

Isn’t this her instagram tho? She seems pretty active there…

No. 736270

File: 1542900855797.png (279.17 KB, 574x632, Screenshot (277).png)

just noticed fupa doesn't have shayna in his description anymore. even if her blogs have been deleted, you'd think he'd still have her name

No. 736277

Well she's no longer the popular tumblr whore he thought she was. Plus saying her name in a blog description is probably a red flag to tumblr at this point

No. 736279

They're even blocking SFW posts from being seen which is the issue. With tumblr cut off and instagram preventing her from expanding she's pretty much out of luck since she won't put any effort into MFC/MV live.

No. 736281

File: 1542902270250.jpg (146.26 KB, 1068x491, Screenshot_20181123-015608_Twi…)

Sure it's not because of her problematic behaviour and pedobaiting? Nahhh, must be lolcow /s Kek.

No. 736284

>page that rhymes with fallwow

Fallwow and lolcow don't even rhyme. Could've at least gone with rollhow.

No. 736286

Wouldn’t it be insane if fupa was responsible for her getting terminated somehow

No. 736287

he's a confirmed lurker, I'm just amazed that he spends so much time here as he does. didn't take long for him to catch on.

I think you just pronounce "lol" differently because I do not see how it could rhyme with roll

No. 736288

>>Angela commenting on this
lmao of course they follow each other

No. 736289

Are you pronouncing it lawl? I always pronounced it lull. I suppose it's just another gif/jif situation.

And of course it didn't take him long to notice. He's trapped with Shay in Texas so what else is he going to do on his vacation?

No. 736292

lol nah her tumblr is our main source of milk, why would we report it

No. 736296

>the one and only
Lmao, like anyone would ever pretend to be you.

No. 736304

>Old lady lips + retarded smug
>Disgusting Eric Cartman pubes beard
>Same ol' smelly Hot Topic sweater
>Le epic edgy knife
Tumblr should delete his blog just for that horrendous profile picture kek

No. 736319

File: 1542908331526.png (19.51 KB, 536x357, 2018-11-22 18_38_15-Tumblr.png)

He probably doesn't want to get deleted by association.

Funny how his second account stayed up but not hers when this is the kind of shit he reblogs.

No. 736320

He should get a bigger knife if he wants to appear frightening.

No. 736331

I’m dying how psyfaerie and sadbaffoon haven’t been deleted but dummy Mattel has

No. 736336

Well when has psyfaerie ever pandered to pedos or scammed people??

No. 736388

Psy is as disgusting as any of these other Tumblr whores without the pedo pandering. Can't even scroll down her page without seeing her make dumb ass fake expressions and squirting her disease juice everywhere.
But this thread is about Shayna and it's awesome they keep deleting her.

No. 736389

lmfao you sound like an angry incel who’s never fucked a woman before.

“Disease juice” is what comes out of femoids vaginas, everyone.

No. 736391

I don't know which one of y'all don't know how to sage your shit, but learn or get reported.

No. 736393

why you wking?
She's a tumblr whore who cares

No. 736400

>this happens every thread

No. 736403

Cuz psy is in this thread jerkin her hate boner like every single time she's been brought up has been to compare herself to shayna… tumblr whores be the most hypocritical fake woke bunch of cunts

No. 736408

>Tumblr keeps deleting my blog. C-Could it be that… it's violating the rules…? Especially now that they've got an anti-pornbot-bot?
>N-No, haha! It's the evil lolcows reporting me!

No. 736412

obviously lolcow is responsible for the great Tumblr pornbot purge of 2018

No. 736421

>all posts are saged

It's always someone else's fault, anon. No responsibility or accountability in the Haus of Mattel.

No. 736422

Psy herself is most likely here, but I wouldn't doubt some of her fans are too cause she hates Shayna lmao.

No. 736428

Yeah cause this is all such milky info on Shayna

No. 736440


Do you not know what the saging feature does? The blue anonymous means it's saged. If it's green, it wasn't saged and bumps the post

No. 736455

File: 1542923218073.jpg (28.99 KB, 579x200, 3.JPG)

I wonder whose idea it was to skip family Thanksgiving and drive to Texas for some reason.

No. 736529

That’s heckin depressing

No. 736532

She was all happy about it when she talked about it. Now that she’s doing it she’s regretting it, like usual.

No. 736546

>uwu homesick for my "abusive" parents

No. 736561

File: 1542932008853.png (Spoiler Image, 327.77 KB, 590x669, Screen Shot.png)

Getting trashed and more begging for money and social media interaction

No. 736568

$100 for 75 videos? She must be desperate

No. 736569

her videos seem to be permanently on sale. she's always desperate.

No. 736571

>retweet for a free nude


No. 736597

She’s really fucking desperate for interaction. Free nudes for retweets, wow Shay.

No. 736610

File: 1542940246408.png (675.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181122-203018.png)

She's back on tumblr on an old blog of hers.

No. 736613

the content of that blog even creepier than the stuff on her old main blog? i made the mistake of going to the at "lttl-grls" blog for about 2 seconds and felt like i was gonna puke. idk how she can stomach following/reblogging what's clearly meant to simulate underage girls

No. 736621

Wait for that one and her new one to be deleted too. Tumblr isnt messing around anymore with cp or porn simulating it.

I think they will slowly remove porn in general considering its been problem going on just basic mild tags like stuff for kids or clothing. Couldnt tell you how irritating it was to search for simple shit like #boots or #tallsocks and get hardcore rape porn, post after post. It was just ugly. Shows aimed at kids like mlp or anime was worse. Shay should just start her own pornhub account and go from there. Tumblr doesnt want her shit unless she reverts back to the stoner aesthetic

No. 736622

Jesus fuck is she incapable of NOT being on Tumblr for more than 5 hours? This is pathetic. Put your phone down and at least pretend to enjoy the road trip you've been hyping up

No. 736626

Road trip to nowhere?

No. 736628

She’s crying on Snapchat rn. Can’t record but is talking about how sex work is supposed to make people happy but she’s not and can’t show this happy face or update right now. She’s posting endless videos of her just moaning in boredom with filters on. She apparently misses her family a ton.

No. 736633

is this all it took for her to realize reality? her tumblr getting deleted? i know a lot of anons say this but nows your time shayna. break up w/ fupapa, go home, apologize to your mother, see a obgyn, get some fucking therapy shayna and a real job.

No. 736635

File: 1542943053955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.96 KB, 640x640, harleyxlynnx_31557007_16224832…)

Oh lord almighty I wasn't sure what Harley looked like until now, yikes

No. 736643

Honestly she might just use this as a bigger excuse to ask for more money.
"My Tumblr got deleted guyz and now I don't even have enough money to wipe my own ass. Please send me your money c:"

No. 736647

man snapchat anon i beg of you
sex work is supposed to make people happy? bitch where

No. 736652

To most, it's just tumblr. To shayna it's her identity and life.

No. 736691

imagine being that out of touch with the reality of women being forced into 'sex work' aka sexual slavery for hundreds of years.
Even if you decide to be a sex worker (like Shayna) it's your job, not a visit at the Disneyland. Or is it Shayna's way of saying that being a sw means having to APPEAR happy to her customers and she can't do that now? Really hope this is what she means and either anon misquoted her or she worded it badly.

No. 736704

Why couldn’t they visit her family together? I don’t understand why they are even going on this road trip.

No. 736717

Damn shay, stop crying on sc and call your Mama. Tell her you wanna come home.

Or quit bellyaching on social media, this was the life you 'worked' for and now you see it isn't all kittens and butterflies. She's such an insufferable dumbass, but damn girl L E A R N lmao

No. 736736

>sex work is supposed to make people happy
Make who happy lmao, surely she's not talking about the sex workers themselves? It seems she has this glamorous image of a sex worker just being showered with cash for being stunningly sexy and alluring, and reality is finally hitting her now that there are no tumblr anons to make her feel better about getting drunk on mfc and punching her tit for 25 cents.

She should just call her mom. Get a job at walmart or something. This clearly isn't working for her.

No. 736738

i'm looking forward to seeing shay descend into madness over not having her precious tumblr to keep her company anymore, without anons and her prized 150k "followers" she's going to produce some rich, creamy milk soon. snapchat anons need to post it all here though, otherwise we'll miss it lol

No. 736743

File: 1542971705722.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1440x2666, 20181123_061353.jpg)

Rare pic of shays ass without herp

No. 736746

Clearly poorly photoshopped and that's also a terrible angle

No. 736768

She hasn't been on cam for more then a week, why is she putting her "sw" job on hold because of tumblr? I think this is because all she intend to do is scamming mentally disabled and impressionable girls on tumblr…

No. 736780

how are we not talking about the fact that her 'new' (old) blog is literally filled with retweets from the lttl-grls blog? i also took a peek and it is beyond disturbing. it wouldnt surprise me if some these girls were way underage, especially the clothed ones. how is that blog still up? i am feeling physically sick that shit like this exists, let alone that a fellow woman would reblog something so harmful. her old blog is literally just glorifying CP. we all knew she was complete garbage but this is one step beyond imo

No. 736781

*reblogs, my bad

No. 736792

Let's not kid ourselves, anon. If she made the road trip about family, she would necessarily have to explain Fupa to them. I'm sure if they met him in person they'd be horrified.

No. 736795

neither of them wants to have to introduce the other to their family, so they had to spend it alone. As far as Kyle's family probably knows, he's still single.

This picture is also at least two years old, you can see she still has a bush, the sores really started to show up once she started shaving and waxing

No. 736803

nothing new but god does it ever bother me that shay made the idiotic mistake of combining both her real life and sex work. aren't sex workers supposed to be selling a fantasy? wow what a fantasy; a depressed, trash hog with a pimply vagina and a failure to thrive. jesus christ.

No. 736812

This is a thread for Shayna, stop posting other people or we’ll get deleted.

No. 736835

File: 1542994444698.jpeg (335.26 KB, 1242x562, 8FD138FC-72D5-47DC-BB2B-0D5391…)

Lol what “circumstances”? You’re not homeless, you have food. What extreme circumstances are you under that involves so much help?

Oh right, you’re sad you lost your tumblr.

No. 736836

>considering my circumstances
lmao I'm done

No. 736837

It wont be long until that blog and shays get thrown away either. Anything glorifying cp is getting axed now. I dont want to say explicitly to report lttl girl because shay will just run with that and say lolcow it reporting my account :(( but… yeah, if you need to report something disturbing, do it. And let shay cry that she cant sexualize kids and innoncent childhood stuff anymore

No. 736844

Don't camgirls generally make more tips around the holidays (thanksgiving and Christmas)? Including all the sales of private snaps, vids, pics they make on Black Friday? She said she's having a Black Friday sale on her vids. So much for acting like she was rollin in the dough lol I wonder if she's just asking for immediate cash now because she has no money to go shopping for shitty ~uwu bbygurl~ clothes and acne cream today at the Black Friday sales. Maybe she doesn't get paid for her vids until the end of the day, after the mall closes so she needs the cash now.

No. 736864

That’s actually the opposite. December is the worst for SW bc everyone is buying gifts for their irl friends. That’s why there’s so many sales, they get desperate

No. 736898

Why doesn't she cam anymore? Why not do actual sex work instead of e-begging?

No. 736901

>>736898 camming is actually 'work' and she is so lazy and entitled; she would rather beg.

No. 736944

No. 737013

File: 1543017686169.png (169.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-23-18-59-30…)

Thought this was a bit milkier

"i have 2 hustle tht much harder"

Shes so wrapped in her delusion, she's force feeding herself lies

No. 737030

File: 1543020908487.jpg (739.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181123-165418.jpg)

No. 737053

She was using stupidbaby123 earlier, she probably just changed the name of that one. She literally can’t live without a tumblr for 24 hours, how pathetic.

No. 737057

File: 1543024863810.png (73.3 KB, 756x537, Screenshot_2018-11-23-18-00-38…)

She didn't. It's a different blog

No. 737059


No. 737138


No. 737141

File: 1543039892315.jpg (425.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181123-221103.jpg)

No it's still there

No. 737149

File: 1543042258497.png (Spoiler Image, 230.08 KB, 640x217, 1486062389487.png)

This photo is from when she first started camming when she still had a huge bush then. This was a cap from one of her cam shows where she did a close up. She's ALWAYS had boils, pimples, whiteheads and weird growths, but def got worse after shaving.

No. 737155

>still using a suggestive and inappropriate avatar

I know she’s trying to get followers fast but you would think she would stop using porn-bot tier icons.

No. 737162

I feel like this pic (which seems like it has been reposted 635 times over the course of these threads, understandably so as it’s so shocking) really proves that she has some kind of picking issue/disorder that’s causing her puss/asshole to be so fucked up. The sore looks like a blood blister, like it’s holding fluid due to being squeezed. And there’s uneven redness on the surrounding skin which happens when you try to pop pimples from squeezing too hard.

Sage for contributing to the ongoing “what the fuck is Shanya doing to make her genitals look like this” milkless debate

No. 737202

That was unnecessarily graphic lol

No. 737231


30something is such a good way to hide youre actually older than 30 lmao who the fuck uses tumblr after 30?

No. 737269


right? it's a blogging website mostly associated with teenagers. it's creepy as shit to be a 30+ year old man with a snuff porn blog on a site full of children no matter how well you try to filter your blog, you'd think the porn purge would make people realize that and at least move to a specifically adult platform but expecting fupa to use the few brain cells he has is asking too much, clearly

No. 737299

File: 1543079611866.png (133.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-11-23-18-59-00…)

No. 737307

None of these fucking ideas make sense, I have so many questions.
“Milk and cookie stuffing,” like is she going to be stuffing milk and cookies into her holes, or is she doing a feeder video, or is she gonna have Fupa dress as a fat Santa and feed HIM? all he needs is to die the beard white and take off his girdle and boom, fat Santafupapa

No. 737326

How those Halloween videos coming tho?

No. 737327

Lol and the one that gets the most votes she won’t even do anyway.

I’m pretty certain she’s trying to ride off the popularity of her cake video, so she’ll just be eating milk and cookies like a dumbass I guess.

No. 737330

File: 1543082935380.jpeg (571.13 KB, 1242x1202, 39B67B4C-1E31-4863-98EB-8F4336…)

Here’s the final results

No. 737337

the cake vid and the fruit squishing vid gave gave me anxiety because she most likely does not know that getting sugar around/in your vagina = almost guaranteed yeast infection.

No. 737339

blowjob video gets the least votes as usual bc she's so bad at it

No. 737344

Idk why she even bothers doing bj vids anymore. Find a niche and stick to it.

Oh wait, Shayna isn’t talented at anything. So never mind.

No. 737353

I’m convinced this girl has some kind of mental disability

No. 737360

Put sage in the email field.

No. 737558

snap anon here. she’s gonna start charging 5 dollars per month for her Snapchat. Even tho she promised her followers they would have her Snapchat for life after paying 40 dollars. Such a scammer

No. 737583

she's really struggling lmao. she's going to be even more upset next week when no one wants to pay the new monthly fee and she loses subscribers.

No. 737587

I'm truly surprised someone hasn't reported her to the IRS, seems like that would be the icing on the cake right now.

No. 737646

Lol yes his blog did get deleted. Youvebeenwarned was his original, he quickly made a new one y0uvebeenwarned Hahahaha. A 30 something year old just had to make a second tumblr?

No. 737655

File: 1543109753434.jpg (419.52 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20181124-193449_Ins…)

She made a public snapchat. Wonder what kind of garbage she'll post

No. 737661

>Less than 100 votes

No. 737676

Unless you know her social security number you’re not going to get anywhere, unfortunately.

No. 737677

I bet the people who originally paid for her “sfw/public” snap feel pretty stupid rn.

Yeah remember when, until she lost her tumblr, she was charging for both a sfw AND nsfw snap?

No. 737684

There’s currently a big thing right now where people are reporting sex workers to the IRS, and multiple sex workers have been audited, or contacted by the IRS so far.
I wonder if will affect Shay at all. She claims to make 50k a year, but I doubt she knows anything about taxes.
It’s provably why she just made a public Snapchat, as sw are being reported for premium snapchats.

No. 737688

She's posted before a long ass time ago about how she pays her income taxes. I seriously fucking doubt it.

No. 737692

there's no possible way shay makes 55k per year considering she doesn't have a stable or steady income so she's just a liar who probably pays her taxes since she bragged about it before i think. but i mean who knows.

No. 737693

it's going to be hilarious if Kyle gets a tax refund and they try to flex with it.

No. 737705

she says on her snap she has 500 people but no one tips. 500 seems low for how long she's been around, i know other new sex workers flex 1000+

No. 737706

they definitely will. if they are even still together by that time.

No. 737714

If he owes any back child support he likely will not see his tax return, however they don’t even have a couch so I feel like he probably gets his wages garnished as it is.

No. 737717

she's live on chaturbate with about 85 users/viewers and getting tipped but her clothes are still on. excited to see if they all stay once they see her vag

No. 737722

File: 1543117128813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 260.32 KB, 648x360, AloKOko.jpg)


No. 737723

File: 1543117193020.jpg (251.97 KB, 655x359, CDOlzE3.jpg)

shes… drooling on herself

No. 737725

File: 1543117432010.jpg (169.51 KB, 639x360, fR5SCwo.jpg)

just punching herself in the face.

No. 737727

She's actually not doing too badly tonight. She's interacting and made a game of keno for her viewers.

No. 737729

File: 1543117728579.jpg (178.21 KB, 647x355, CCUbLEK.jpg)


No. 737732

File: 1543117801843.jpg (7.44 KB, 254x117, PHHAKZY.jpg)

holy crap someone spent 3000+ token on her

No. 737733

Link of cher chaturbate??

No. 737734

No. 737735

File: 1543118056354.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.46 KB, 642x360, oSxi6i0.jpg)

foot in her vulva, playing with her phone and drinking wine.

No. 737736

It’s because she’s new on Chaturbate and people don’t know what a nasty scammer and liar she is

No. 737737

Her body looks fucking hideous wth

No. 737739

File: 1543118582992.jpg (982.37 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181124-220203_Tum…)

I dont understand why hes obviously reblogging her and her sale but they're acting like it's not her? Maybe so they dont get deleted again?

No. 737743

She keeps playing with her tits and then smells her fingers… what the hell

No. 737783

File: 1543124140364.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.51 MB, 320x226, Scatchymattel.gif)

I've never watched her live before, but jesus she reminds me of someone on drugs with all the scratching and picking.

No. 737792

File: 1543125132393.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 178x320, 20181124-234440.gif)

Right before this one person gave her bunch of 1tokken tips (10 max) and got a dolly Mattel special dance/twerk/feet behind head show.

Then she gets tipped between 25-50 tokens several times and all she does is shake her butt a little bit…

No. 737821

Snap anon here, she is now merging her NSFW and SFW snap and after December will charge people 5 bucks a month to stay on them, even if they already got lifetime memberships…

No. 737830


unsurprising. one scam after another. she probably thinks charging a low monthly price will make it seem like a better deal to future customers, but she's just going to piss off her current snap following and be outed as a scammer again

on another note i'm kinda happy about it since it'll definitely draw in a few farmers buying her snap for the milk, $5 is nothing and we all know it's just gonna go towards dollar store wine and walmart children's clothing anyways lmfao

No. 737840

might look like a tinfoil but seriously, it seems as if she's on uppers (adderall, meth or cheap e, she's too broke for coke)… sage for blog but i am just coming down off some speed and even i'm not bugging out this hard. she's picking and scratching everywhere. but since she's drinking excessively as always, maybe it's just how she acts while drunk.

No. 737841

Unfortunately the initial buy in is still 30 bucks.

No. 737848

No. 737852

Punching urself or hurting urself on chaturbate is actually banned. Even drinking alcohol n smoking weed is banned on chaturbate unlike mfc.

No. 737853

I think her awkward hand movements are just exaggerated when she gets high. Like trying to be sexy but just comes across as weird.

No. 737857


I vaguely remember someone mentioning that she has CFS/ME on a thread way back? if thats true, some doctors do prescribe stimulant meds for it.

No. 737861

She does? That's interesting, anyone get caps on that? I've been following the threads for quite some time but maybe I missed that info.
On the other hand, as this is quite controversial illness, a lot of munchies claim to have it… So I am not sure if I am buying that she really has it and was not lying.

I had no idea stimulant meds are prescribed for ME/CFS, that's interesting.

No. 737862

Kek, can you imagine some poor sod paying for her SFW and NSFW, only for them to be merged?

No. 737870

No she doesn't lmao

No. 737887

Tbh, I only remember it, coz my GP brought it up with me on the same day - and for context (and lols) -the comment was about a pic of her posted in one of her threads, about how ME/CFS was the cause of her bad skin and exhaustion, and why she was living on a piss soaked rug on the floor or some shit, hahahaha.

Its a controversial illness because the physiological wasn't discover until this year or last year, if you google "ME/CFS calcium", you can read about it. I'm not familiar with the munchie threads, but anyone faking having it, probably wont be able to for long. Which fucking serves them right.

And I get prescribed stims to help with the cognitive issues and fatigue, while I'm doing uni, but idk if its done in the US, though?

>> 737870

Yah, I kinda got sus and forgot about it, after finding out about her whole "weed allergy" shit.

No. 737890

stop blogposting or at least sage

No. 737894

I feel like she’s cknstantly moving her arms to cover / distract from her body tbh

No. 737895

More like dolly Mattel showing her pink boils, why would you ever record and edit these, watch them and think yeah excellent that looks great?

No. 737923

She definitely has keratosis pilaris on her butt. you can tell from the tiny black dots as well as the little red ones. it’s a really common skin condition and it’s incurable but i’ve noticed that hygiene does help slightly. as far as the bumps on her vulva …. i’ve never seen ANYTHING like that lmao

No. 737932

I don’t get it. I hope dolly isn’t what the future of porn is like cause can’t belive this shit. The standards are non existent. Since when is this acceptable in the porn industry or anywhere? I never seen such a mismanaged pussy

No. 737954

Shayna would have to be successful to be the future of anything

No. 737973

She’s so nervous and greasy in these videos my god

No. 737981

And red and inflamed. There's no way her pussy doesn't feel like it's on fire as if she's been fucked raw by a jalapeño pepper

No. 738010


~1800 views total and only 1 like.

No. 738023

File: 1543167814626.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 866.29 KB, 1242x1448, 2241F12F-2110-40CB-9478-BF6077…)

“I had a good night on Chaturbate so I’m moving to Chaturbate now”

seriously she is fucking stupid. she’s gonna get shut down if she keeps doing shit on cam that’s against the TOS. they will literally make it so you can’t take out money.

No. 738051

That first shot of her horribly inflamed vagina is already too much, jfc.

I mean, it's not like poorly acted, terrible porn is new or particularly rare. She's young and slim, I doubt the dudes who jack it to this shit have very high standards beyond "alive".

No. 738061

more disgusting than majority of the shit on efukt.com lol

No. 738096

This is going to be an unpopular opinion but I hope her success on chaturbate last night encourages her to improve. Set a consistent schedule, engage w/ her fans, give up on tumblr/MFC and move to more updates platforms like twitter/chaturbate.

I think the straighter/cooler toned hair is a HUGE improvement appearance-wise for her. Maybe she will finally grow out the bangs (she looks much younger/cuter without bangs) and take a shower.

Maybe eventually she will care enough to get her vagina boils fixed. Wishful thinking.

No. 738127

What does she do that’s against the tos?

No. 738128

No. 738153

File: 1543185997475.jpg (491.92 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181125_144611.jpg)

Some of their tos that Shayna will probably break if she hasn't already

No. 738180

File: 1543189665225.png (143.06 KB, 1030x638, IMG_20181125_154720.png)

This gem too

No. 738183

would be hilarious if shay gets banned from chaturbate lel

No. 738206


They ban people who are of age constantly for looking underage and it's almost impossible to get your account back once they do. The fact that she acts like a literal baby half the time is definitely not a great way to go about your Chaturbate cam persona.

No. 738221

File: 1543194572384.png (Spoiler Image, 371.98 KB, 725x599, Screenshot_20181125-194421~2.p…)

Bhobby come here bhoy and pop these phimphuls out

No. 738224

No. 738225

File: 1543194655601.png (Spoiler Image, 614.16 KB, 886x682, Screenshot_20181125-195201~2.p…)

I sincerely do not understand how a director could go through filming after seeing this constellation of ass zits

No. 738226

>ballsack hanging out of her underwear

wow how seductive and feminine, shay

No. 738227

File: 1543194725654.png (Spoiler Image, 709.58 KB, 1073x596, Screenshot_20181125-195236~2.p…)

The redness. The inflammation. Girl.

No. 738228


normally i just ignore the people that say she looks like she has balls because, i mean, puffy pussies are a thing but jesus fuck that does look like a testicle

No. 738229

File: 1543194769461.png (Spoiler Image, 552.69 KB, 825x608, Screenshot_20181125-194811~2.p…)

That one whitehead on the left though….

No. 738230

File: 1543194823618.png (Spoiler Image, 460.54 KB, 1056x517, Screenshot_20181125-200129~2.p…)

Bush or no bush, that pussy is toxic

No. 738231

File: 1543194851716.png (239.39 KB, 785x494, Screenshot_20181125-195932~2.p…)

How I feel after watching those videos….

No. 738232

Why did she wear panties with a stained crotch to her porn shoot lmao

No. 738236

At this point why cant she just fuckinh invest in laser removal? They do laser brazilians. Is there a fetish for razor bumps and shit she panders to?

No. 738237


That's not her crotch, that's her ass, lol. I don't know what is better, that you noticed the stain or that you thought it was her crotch.

No. 738239

I've seen the inside of those panties in a pic she posted of her sitting on the toilet with those panties pulled down. It's stained all in the crotch and asshole area. My bad for not being specific enough.

No. 738243


doesn't she only have like 2 or 3 pairs, anyway? that she just wears for 3/4 days straight, leaves on the floor of her room and then changes when people here start pointing it out? black, pink, those.
out of the three those are the only pair "cute" and "baby" enough for her "aesthetic"

No. 738256

Tbh considering we see her in her underwear so frequently I do only see her wearing about 4 different pairs. Idk if she owns none or just wears them for the long haul

No. 738263

That’s what happens when an adult tries to wear underwear literally meant for a child.

No. 738330

This is fucking nightmare fuel

No. 738332

Why bother voting when they'd be lucky to only get one by January?

Shit I didn't even know about this. I hope Shay is saving up those MFC check stubs.

No. 738470

God damn… i was eating. It’s my own fault for clicking, but holy shit. She’s so unhygienic, I can only imagine the absolute fucking stench she produces. Those people that watch her have such low standards. Actually makes me sad that people like her and like her fans are actually allowed to vote!

No. 738483

File: 1543248666175.jpg (23 KB, 557x298, 1.JPG)

For once she has me actually curious about something.

No. 738486

File: 1543248820452.jpg (26.57 KB, 536x220, 2.JPG)

No. 738500

*Fupa's boobs
*Shayna's ass and pussy boils

No. 738502

*Fupa's boobs
*Shayna's ass and pussy boils

No. 738509

So she admits she’s happy having a follower count, even if the majority of them are pornbots. Like they’re a good thing. Geez how much more desperate do you have to be to get banned off tumblr again

No. 738518

My guess: her drinking a tall glass of water in a well fitting outfit with clean hair.

No. 738521

>Performing while intoxicated is prohibited
Guess she won't last long

No. 738566

My guesses:
Make-up free
Taking a shower
Going to use lube

No. 738581

File: 1543260180978.jpg (2.11 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0432.JPG)

her new video i assume is her being a domme.

No. 738582

File: 1543260226880.jpg (2.16 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0431.JPG)

No. 738583

File: 1543260256437.jpg (1.94 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0430.JPG)

peep the pimple

No. 738585


she needs to stop with that dumb ass self made balaclava that makes her look like she has downs

No. 738588

No. 738589

File: 1543260473778.jpg (2.29 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0434.JPG)

No. 738591

This must be Fupa's suggestion

No. 738594

she is so boring and has truly ran out of ideas.

No. 738595

Uhh what is with the hair teazing and tossling

No. 738600

this bitch knows nothing about femdom. omg. NO sub is going to buy anything with her in that stupid cut up hat. and duct tape! that's such a huge no-no! bondage tape exists for a reason retard

i can feel the cringe in my teeth.

No. 738603

is her phone in the bathtub? lol

No. 738606

is she gonna like…duct tape up the dildo or something? lmao is she gonna put that duct tape on her skin? why the balaclava!!?

No. 738608

She was live on Instagram and making an idiot out of herself

No. 738609

Someone said The old Shay is back and she agreed before freaking out and saying she's dead and Dolly is queen

No. 738611

Wow i just watched it lol. She acted so stupid but at least she wasn't speaking with a fake little girl voice. This video could be interesting if she doesn't do any aspect of her usual boring porn routine. Smoking and ignoring the camera would be better than seeing her inflamed snatch.

No. 738613


her body actually looks really good here, but she completely ruins it with that mask lol those masks are ugly to begin with, but the pony tails out of the top just make it look comical

No. 738614

She looks like a retarded doll that some kid majorly fucked with and thought it was funny

No. 738616

Remember when she said she needed new boots because she “lost” her other ones? Fucking liar didn’t lose them. Cunt.

No. 738617

answer: literally no one.

She made a JOI vid a while ago and deleted it when it got horrible reviews, kek

No. 738631


I'm like 95% sure this belongs to Fupa, which makes it even worse. Imagine how that shit smells


What the FUCK

Someone remind me why she's so adamant about sex work cause this is not for her. I have never cringed harder

No. 738644

File: 1543266273064.jpg (841.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181126-160345.jpg)


No. 738645

this is so sad

No. 738648

I'm sorry…. she's domming her teddy??

No. 738657

File: 1543267217928.jpg (40.13 KB, 968x681, 740-espacebuzz5660045f87ae9.jp…)

looks like a furby with bad tangled barbie hair glued to it by a 6 year old lel

No. 738660

File: 1543267307349.gif (1.81 MB, 175x320, SmartSelect_20181126-152023_In…)

I've never had secondhand embarrassment as bad as I did after watching this live.

No. 738661

File: 1543267317002.jpg (38.92 KB, 523x550, cynthiafromrugrats.jpg)


its like Cynthia and a Furby had some kind of weird love child

No. 738664

If I didn’t know, I would absolutely think this is a boy. There’s nothing feminine about her once she covers her face. How sad.

No. 738666

i thought this too. she looks like a skinny fupapa with her face covered

No. 738668

always seems like she's trying to force this quirky hyper "free-spirit" vibe but it just.. doesn't.. work

No. 738678

it comes across as an unsupervised special needs child.

No. 738706

Is she okay? This may be the most physical exercise she's had in a while

No. 738730

this is hilariously bad. What was even the context?

No. 738735

No. 738739

this is some blair witch project shit

No. 738741

File: 1543275558732.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 750x1334, 69CACFA5-5E3C-43DD-BF03-1F0A49…)

Why on earth does she have her jean shorts hiked up her pussy so far????

No. 738742

The Ring except this is what comes out of your tv when you watch one of Shay's pornos

No. 738743

Why does she have to wear the mask to top? It makes her look hideous

No. 738744

Because those shorts are now far too small for her and she's trying really hard to make them fit.. Yikes.. She might not have such a HUGE camel toe if she was wearing underwear but… She'd rather irritate her already very irritated pussy even further by hiking shorts that no longer fit up it… Shes a genuis…

No. 738745

Because she believes it gives her ass some short of shape. Like most girls who hike up their pants up to their tits.

No. 738746

this is the first time ive watched one of her videos and holy shit she's so awkward. how do people like her

No. 738747

>>738745 meanwhile the fact she has no shape/curve is only highlighted by those shorts that dont fucking fit. Also that mask really doesnt help the fact that this girl has awful teeth. The teeth are all I can see
… She is tragic man

No. 738748

her next 'fundraiser' should be to get her teeth professionally whitened.

No. 738752

I fucking second this, lord knows she cant afford $20 generic whitening strips or $3 whitening toothpaste on her own. I genuinely think she doesnt have the 25 cents for a quarter machine

No. 738755

File: 1543276665098.png (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 750x1334, 7FD6CC35-CD96-4F34-BC94-3A2CC2…)

No. 738759

Her body looks cute in these, but that balaclava is so fucking stupid, she looks like a "sexy" burglar.

No. 738775

she sounds winded from talking, cool it on the weed and do some cardio shay yikes

No. 738778

I mean, not really. She's just arching and trying to force her body to look curvy

No. 738781

Yeah it's just posing, which is why I said
>in these

No. 738782

Yeah it's posing that still doesnt look good because you can tell it's forced. It looks better than usual but still far from cute.

No. 738786

She literally admits in this video that she has no idea how to be a dom and has done it once. Yet when she needs money she claims she’s a findom. Give it up, Shayna. You suck at this.

No. 738787

We can just disagree anon, you don't have to argue about it.

She seems to think findom is just sending dudes "pay me :))" messages on tumblr, zero effort as usual.

No. 738788

she really thinks she can pull off the camera and editing techniques necessary for the kind of video she’s trying to do. Wow. Shayna, you have a stationary webcam, this is going to look like something a middle schooler made to try and be edgy.

No. 738789

I mean Im not arguing? Just explaining why I said what I said just like you did? Didn't need anything further.

No. 738790

Flashes of the snap story where fupa yells "Not a switch!" and reminds her how she's just a sub

No. 738805


she could have just thrown on some ~goffic~ /dom makeup and put her hair in a bun.

it would have looked WAY less special needs dolly, but no.. shay just has to go the extra mile to look extra bad.

No. 738807

it’s because putting on any makeup beyond eyeliner and fake lashes would be expending too much effort for our lovely cow.

No. 738871

LOL next thread gif please.. i find this hilariously embarrassing.

No. 738892

I wonder how many brain cells I lost from watching this

No. 738914

>ballsack exploding out of the 3 sizes too small yeast infected denim shorts

No. 738931

I don't know much about it but shouldn't you have actual proof that you can contact the wife/family if you're a findom?

Also, sorry about this, but does anyone know where that top is from? Lol

No. 738938

That hood looks so fucking stupid.


And now it's complete stupidity. Does she think she can just call herself a Domme and tell men to pay her for nothing and they will?

This is what day drinking does to you.

No. 738981

File: 1543299805833.jpeg (39.05 KB, 320x480, 10A54157-19EC-41CA-902B-04979D…)

Dollskill probably. She only buys clothes from them or amazon.

She’s always coming of like some terrible adult swim spoof.

No. 739079

So apparently he new video is about her raping a guy. She talks about him kicking and screaming, told him not to squeal because no one will hear him and it’s implied she drugged him…. domme-Mattel more like rapist Mattel lol

No. 739080

This bitch is rotting, disgusting trash and I hate her even more for this. Rape/drugging/violence is not sexy whether it comes from a woman or man nor should it be a sexual fantasy. Is she capable of creating anything that doesn't involve simulating child porn, violence, and now fucking rape??

No. 739081

must be another "daddy mattel production"

No. 739109

Where did she say this???

No. 739115

She played preview or first few mins on her snap. Idk if it’s on her public.

No. 739122

File: 1543333753824.jpg (40.48 KB, 541x284, 1.JPG)

That's some Deliverance shit right there. She's trying to roleplay as Fupa, not a Domme.

Also have a dumb update and she's gotten so desperate she bumped her sale from "This is the last day for 25% my store items!" to suddenly "Everything has gone from 25% to 50% off!" which is going to piss off her customers.

No. 739124

Her tiny foot is gigantic what is she talking about

No. 739125


>Tiny foot

No. 739127

Samefag but this was made 40 minutes ago with no notes. Her sales promotion post that she's reblogged to hell and back has only 53 notes and most of them are her and Fupa reblogging.

How's obscurity, Shay?

No. 739187

File: 1543340832139.jpeg (443.53 KB, 1242x921, 809F87A5-FDFD-4877-A226-19A580…)

Get ready for the funniest shit ever

No. 739189

It has to be. It fits the brand. These people are a joke

No. 739190

This. All this is completely shitty, disgusting rape encouragement and throwing it around as 'kinks'

There's nothing sexy about drugging or raping anyone. wtf. She's sick in the head, like fupa.

No. 739191

she has no idea how to engage the camera and she is awkward as hell.

No. 739192

>smoking weed on ig live
>does it badly

Stay classy

No. 739202

Oh man this is already fucking hilarious

No. 739204

>Filming in the attic

Oh dear lord.

No. 739209

She…really has no idea how to be a domme. Her voice sounds sheepish and not in control. She sounds like she’s just making it up and is insecure about what she’s saying. The camera angle makes it look like you’re standing at her level, not underneath her. And in the beginning, if there was supposed to be tape on the viewers eyes, wouldn’t it be black? Why can I still see part of her?

And then at the end the camera makes it look EVEN MORE like she’s a sub. It’s now looking down on her while she sheepishly shows off her body. Nothing about this reads “domme”, not even that stupid fucking furby mask.

No. 739211

File: 1543343835718.jpeg (400.48 KB, 1242x1083, 072A7BA1-0FBB-4651-8603-04243C…)


No. 739212

oh my god shay fix your autofocus.

femdom content producer sperg here. this is so fucking BAD. like, she has no idea what she's doing. she could at least watch some other videos or do some research into the fetish. it's just. awful.

so stoked to see what she considers a "mindfuck" because i guarantee you she has no idea how to set one up properly. also, wtf. subs do NOT want to see you naked.

wondering if she did this just to get in on mv's new femdom section, because this alienates literally all of her audience.

i hate it. /end sperg

No. 739215

Shayna pay other sex workers for their work? KEK.

No. 739217

lots of subs do want to see you naked, but you have to tease it which she’s really bad at. She just wants to do her regular routine. You have to make it like the sub isn’t worthy enough to see you naked. Shayna doesn’t have enough confidence for something like that. Shit even her voice doesn’t sound confident.

No. 739221

File: 1543344151632.jpeg (918.62 KB, 1242x1129, BECC43CE-7A17-44FD-9746-42ECA2…)

ahh yes I feel so helpless as a viewer, being th same height and almost eye level with my “captor”. Much horror. Very dom.

No. 739223

File: 1543344206407.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 633.16 KB, 1242x692, 7E5E8D08-A251-45E5-A7AB-42E4F7…)

Furby is coming to get you.

No. 739224


not the ones who are legit submissives, it's a huge hair-pulling point in the community and turns a lot of them off. but i wont derail the thread with this. shayna's video is just so, so bad and i'll leave it at that.

also, i thought real knives/weapons were against most payment processors' terms of service. countdown to that video being removed?

No. 739227

Yes it is against MV’s TOS to use knives. It don’t think it will be taken down but probably flagged.

No. 739231

1, 2, Furby’s coming for you. 3, 4 better lock your door. 5, 6 grab your crucifix….

No. 739232

seriously if the viewer is supposed to be laying/sitting down, the angle would be much lower. She is such a shit content creator. At least fucking TRY to make it good.

No. 739236

If I didn't know any better I'd think he was mocking her lmao, "she's an artist". Sure.

Anon, you know she'd never. She couldn't even be bothered to print out a fake letter or get an office chair for her secretary video

No. 739241

how would he know? i thought he said he doesn't watch her stuff. lol

No. 739244

File: 1543345879314.jpg (469.15 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20181127-130819_Ins…)

Classic bathroom selfie again.

No. 739248

Didn't he say he doesnt watch her porn? Now hes so proud kek

No. 739255

Lol shayna that's called waking up still drunk from the night before

No. 739262

this was posted already.

No. 739263

She not even a good actress. Everything she does seems so forced like she has no personality

No. 739264

her foot probably got stuck because it's huge and covered in god-knows-what from sitting in her snatch while she cams

No. 739265


Damn, living in this House for almost 3 months now and the only thing we see is the bathroom most of the time. This is just pathetic.

No. 739299

My bad, I didn't realize it was the same pic from the snapchat anon.

No. 739304

I'm not sure she knows what "mindfuck" actually means.

No. 739316

can someone please fucking explain to me why she STILL puts on a fake voice higher pitched than her normal one for this?

No. 739317


because she's a retard, anon

No. 739323

i've been following her for so long now and i find it so strange how she cherrypicks advice anons give her. like she decided to dye her hair before her last LA trip i'm guessing because of how hard she got roasted for it the time before. but other shit she just can't be bothered with?

No. 739326

This is supposed to be like a parody, right? This can’t be serious.

No. 739328

I wonder if she really thinks people don't know her voice is actually pretty deep. A lot of people (me included) like girls with husky voices, at least more than fake baby voices

No. 739330

pretty sure its serious. Shay isnt smart enough to make a parody on purpose.

No. 739339

this really shows how brain dead stupid and deluded her and kyle nathan perkins are, if you think that video was "art" and that it was an impressive example of creativity, you're an utter retard who needs intense therapy.

No. 739341

She just admitted on her public snap she's gonna do a "Cindy lou who" porn. How far is too far for the dirty mattels? (Working on recording the vid)

No. 739349

Wonder if she got the inspiration from this thread saying she looked like her. Also this is fucked up because it's a fictional character that's still a CHILD /minor.

No. 739351

lol why?????? nobody is asking for this

No. 739420

File: 1543359480693.png (42.62 KB, 902x289, domme furby series by dollymat…)

i think the most scary part is this

No. 739421

File: 1543359539084.png (216.46 KB, 323x579, b6234edfa9e0b7c6223d30d4373536…)

>without a squeal leaving your lips or a drop falling from between your legs

No. 739422

File: 1543359599743.png (24.95 KB, 889x191, domme furbys first victim has …)

this is a gift that just keeps giving

No. 739423

A+ picture anon. Thats the perfect and exact reaction I had.

No. 739424

Definitely not one of her ass kissers than would blindly praise anything she did.

No. 739425

Definitely not one of her ass kissers than would blindly praise anything she did.

No. 739431

Within like an hour of it being posted to mv no less lol

No. 739451

How meaningless is her life that she jumped on Tumblr to write this many words as if she has an interesting story to tell but it boils down to "I tripped." Kek go outside Shay

No. 739471

File: 1543363520555.jpg (45.13 KB, 545x531, fuckssakes.JPG)

>does a 25% off sale
>bumps it up to 50% on last day
>pic related

It's a wonder what few customers she has haven't gone to MV to get their money back. This is basically scamming but no like anyone notices because her original sales post still has 54 notes and her new one is 2 hours old with 1 note.

No wonder she's trying to be a Domme and giving away stuff.

No. 739495

$1 per anal vid? Lord she's desperate

No. 739497

Dont all her videos have anal in them anyways since her pussy is "~~so tight and smol just like meeeee~~"

No. 739502

File: 1543366677285.jpg (89.97 KB, 333x500, duck1.jpg)

cant wait to see what totally unique and creative ideas she comes up with next!

No. 739528

That crazy picture still looks better than Shay. Can someone explain why she cut the mouth hole vertically and not horizontally? You’re supposed to cut it horizontal so just your lips show, not a weird vertical hole that makes it look like you have a furby beak.

No. 739530

i just want to say that i love how everyone is jumping on the furby train, ever since i first saw that ugly fucking mask on shay i just thought FURBY immediately.

No. 739531

Because she's retarded as hell and probably thought she was doing it the right way. She looks like the would-be offspring of Furby and Big Bird

No. 739548

Y’all need to stop saying she cut it like that
You can clearly see the stitching around the eyes and mouth to keep it from fraying. All she did was cut holes for her pig tales.

No. 739551

Are you saying she bought a mask with fucked up and uneven eye and mouth holes? I dunno anon, I see fraying >>739221

No. 739560

not trying to wk but you can def see serging around the eye/mouth holes. doesn't mean it's good quality though.

No. 739561


really anon? that's the hill you are gonna die on? this is shayna, here. i mean, i guess it could just be super janky, but my money's on grade-c redneck arts and crafts on this one.

No. 739565

Lol she even said she cut it herself.

No. 739571

File: 1543374678634.png (6.74 MB, 1242x2208, 80BD3776-712E-497E-8AB7-D4B334…)

So you’re trying to tell me, This lazy pos took the time to hem up around the eyes and mouth but doesn’t take the time to change her bong water or wash her crotch. It’s just cheap and not well taken care of.
Yeah. She cut the holes for her pig tales.

No. 739576

Ok so the evidence is there. Shayna buys cheap dollar-store quality props all the time, I guess this is another one. The holes are just so, so bad though wtf

No. 739579

okay what the fuck. i strongly believe that this particular mask was made wrong and the mouth was accidentally made length wise instead of the right way, all i see is a retard who imitates a busted up furby

No. 739582

Not only does she look like Furby Mattel but the mask also makes her look like a thumb (no neck/chin)

No. 739584

any time i see shay wearing this mask i will now only refer to her as furby mattel.

No. 739588

plot twist, she turns "furby mattel" into a vid

No. 739590

lol i wouldn't be shocked at all.. not the first time she's taken ideas from here + obviously she sexualizes children's toys and characters 24/7

No. 739591

I’ll only watch it if she shoves a furby up her ass

No. 739592

There’s fraying at the eyeholes too, but I see what you mean. It’s probably the first thing she saw on amazon and was like “that’s perfect!” Having no idea that the mouth is supposed to go horizontally.

No. 739594

File: 1543377381707.jpeg (462.4 KB, 1242x1537, 0B34A6AF-E6B6-41F2-AF38-CF9171…)

Found it.

No. 739597

“Cindy Lou Who, who was no more than 2.” So I guess pretending to be a 2 year old who shoves things up their ass is morally okay in Shay’s head. Sweet Lucifer.

No. 739600

File: 1543377821004.png (10.69 KB, 546x216, stfukyle.png)

the edge never stops. he thinks emotions are kinky. please leave tumblr, kyle

No. 739624

File: 1543380464569.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6395.PNG)

Did somebody say furby Mattel?

No. 739635

Holy shit this has to be the next thread pic. I’m both frightened and amused.

No. 739637

File: 1543382261088.jpeg (748.62 KB, 1242x703, A8A17E42-7CAB-4F71-AFD6-48055A…)

Just take a good look at this picture.

Okay Shayna, if the leash is all the way down there, the camera would need to be just above it to make it seem like said leash was around the viewers actual neck. Unless your viewer is a giraffe, that leash doesn’t seem like it would be around the viewer’s neck. It seems more like the leash is around the viewer’s hips.

This ONE picture shows how fucking lazy the entire clip is. I’m still bewildered as to why she decided to keep part of her body in the shot while she said “let’s take that tape off your eyes”. IF THERE WAS TAPE ON THE VIEWERS EYES IT WOULD BE COMPLETELY BLACK YOU FUCKING IDIOT. A god damn 5th grader could understand this.

There is nothing artistic about this. There was no thought put into it whatsoever, and it honestly looks like a shit tier parody. If either her or Fupa think this is artistic, creative, and well done, they are completely delusional.

No. 739665

It is uncanny.

In four months or so we might get a furby porno. Can't wait!

No. 739683

LMFAO the delusion of this fat old sad man is hysterical.

No. 739704

>not into incest play
>calls their boyfriend/enabler "Dad"….and even in public

No. 739709

I'll never understand how these "kinksters" try to divorce the word "Daddy" from the parent role/incest play, at least be upfront about the gross shit you're into.

No. 739724

Agreed. Fucking own it Kyle. You're a real father whose turned on by incest play and you love when your girlfriend pretends she's your young daughter when y'all fuck and at every other moment of the day.

No. 739727

I'm cracking up that anons actually needed this pointed out to them lmfao

No. 739764

didn't he answer an anon recently (maybe on his deleted blog lol) that asked if he was into it and he said yes? maybe i'm confusing that with him saying he's into rape play though

No. 739775

Fairly certain he did. He can't exactly answer yes to enjoying incest play when his ex knows about his blog now. If that's not grounds for losing custody idk what is. He's vile

No. 739800

File: 1543420073635.jpg (26.57 KB, 511x255, 1.JPG)

Shay changed her Tumblr name yet again.


No. 739802

File: 1543420116923.jpg (43 KB, 528x533, 2.JPG)

No. 739806

she really isn't going to stop going on about this 150k followers thing is she? bitch, if you had that many that cared to begin with they would have followed you on insta and twitter and known what was going on. you're just not that popular, sweetie.

No. 739807

File: 1543420550617.jpg (15 KB, 509x138, 3.JPG)

10 minutes online and she's ready to lose her mind. All's not well in Haus Mattel.

No. 739809

File: 1543421159520.jpg (29.82 KB, 530x412, 4.JPG)

They're back!

Wonder if we'll see a post in the next 5 minutes about "Tumblr removed all my fake/pornbot followers and now I'm down to 500!!!"

No. 739810

god damn it. let's see how much better she does with her 150k FoLloWeRs uwuu~~

No. 739811

cant wait for her to post a new picture and have it get only 100 likes. kek
her 150k followers is a joke.

No. 739813

hm I see you satan

No. 739821

Doesn’t matter how many followers she has she’s basically a somekind of bum

No. 739824

Her "business" is still not going to thrive and she'll still complain and beg but welcome back to her piece of shit blog I guess

No. 739834

I wonder if she's spooked by this and will be more careful with her posts or if she's just going to back to having her vag in her icon and posting about Kyle waterboarding her.

No. 739837

pry back to 'business' as usual. learning something would require her to actually think. And we all know precious shayna can do no wrong.

No. 739838

Why the fuck does she keep saying whomst? That’s not fucking word retard.

No. 739849

it's a meme

No. 739855

honestly im glad she got it back because the milk was drying up fast besides her dumb furby dom video

No. 739898

she wants people to masturbate to her, not write a college thesis on the artistry of her videos anon

No. 739902

she’s not even using it in its meme context though so wtf. bitch can’t even meme.

No. 739907

Point taken, but she’s praising herself for being so artistic and creative when she’s just lazy af. How is anyone supposed to get sucked in as a viewer? She’s trying to make it seem like it’s shot from the viewers POV but there’s no thought put into it. If I was trying to masturbate to this I’d be downright confused.

No. 739935


Agreed. The type of viewer that would be seeking out this content in the first place if looking for a more immersive experience. Not her usual pussy-rub, dry anal to fake orgasm. She's trying to squeeze into a niche that's clearly not for her and doing it extremely lazily.

No. 739964

File: 1543436036860.jpg (32.93 KB, 257x487, Capture.JPG)

No. 739965

well i guess we all found out what would happen if she ever lost her tumblr… she would literally do nothing to improve or grow her audience elsewhere. keep half-assing it, shayna. you're doing great.

No. 739970

she's still using "doin a heckin" etc, a bitch definitely can't meme

No. 739982

>this ugly hoe really thinks she deserves 20,000$ for being a lazy talentless loser who had her fucking tumblr account deleted due to her posting gross porn on it constantly

gotta love how pitifully dumb her brain is

No. 740001

>God brought back her tumblr
>Gonna still get day drunk

No. 740005

just when we thought tumblr was trying to do better, they restore one of the worst possible blogs.

No. 740009

File: 1543439785020.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.89 KB, 650x1280, c3d336c3-82b5-4936-9905-2d8119…)

No. 740010

File: 1543440111987.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.87 KB, 650x1280, 290f5732-4e49-4ed6-b42a-b0489d…)

No. 740011

File: 1543440164737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 182.56 KB, 650x1280, 3e9bf6fc-af17-47c9-a389-8b3ba4…)

No. 740012

what the fuck is this. her face makes me want to throw up in this picture, that expression is nauseating.

No. 740015

File: 1543440479277.jpg (13.45 KB, 173x242, when you taste fupa's dickchee…)

filename says it all

No. 740021

It speaks to how bad Shay is that every time I see her posing with something my first instinct is "Is she going to hump this or shove it up her ass?"

No. 740022

The fuck am I looking at?

No. 740023

She got a full stache damn

No. 740028

File: 1543441359492.jpeg (595.83 KB, 1242x615, B67AA357-168F-4B15-99DA-922503…)

This whole photo set is so damn ugly

No. 740029

File: 1543441426035.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 610.66 KB, 1242x621, 3012CE1A-B978-4D86-AF3A-11880D…)

>”she’s so artistic”

No. 740034

you'd think she'd take advantage of having a yard. that snow white or whatever this is would look a whole lot better outside at dawn or dusk, or anything other than the exact same thing over and over.

No. 740040

>>740029 what the fuck is wrong with her face

No. 740041

she should've at least not had the door in frame or the outlet and made it just the lights. The whole "aesthetic" of the picture isn't made better when its obvious she's just laying on her gross floor

No. 740042

Not even hanging a sheet up in the back. No effort made. Cmon.

No. 740047

This stupid fucking expression triggers me to no end… the raising of eyebrows to the point her forehead has triple chins, the retarded mix of duck lips and fish mouth, flared nostrils like she caught a whiff of her own pussy. Bitch did you watch an Expert Village vid on how 2 sex face or what??

No. 740049

the crusty floorboards tell me how nasty the carpet probably is. i feel like i need a shower after looking at this set.

No. 740050

or at least edit them out with her ~graphic design skillz~

No. 740060


What the fuck is this ? The costume doesn't make sense. Sexy lady in "winter" clothes… sitting on her dirty floor. And don't get me started on her expression…

No. 740064

lol it looks like a poorly attempted blue steel face

No. 740067

Holy shit if she got her shit back I damn sure better get mine back.

No. 740068


Sorry if someone has already posted this, but found a post with some info on fupa. Sorry no caps because I'm on a shitty netbook but if anyone can take some pls do.

No. 740069

why doesnt this bitch at least color correct. holy shit. it's so LAZY. download fuckin' picmonkey or something. smooth your nasty wrinkles. hot damn.

No. 740071

self promo much?

No. 740072


old, been posted, and more than likely a farmer.

No. 740073

def self-posting farmer. all caps from lolcow too kek

No. 740075

>>Most likely
It's most definitely a farmer.

No. 740077

I honestly think this could have been a cool idea for a photoshoot. If she had ironed the cloak, either worn a long wig or fixed her disgusting roots, done a different style of makeup, and done this whole thing outside in the snow with a nice background, it would have been honestly interesting.

But that's Shay's problem: she half-asses absolutely everything in her goddamn life. She won't give anything 100%. And it's not as though she's under tremendous strain or pressure, it's not like she's busy with work or school or a real job or anything like that. She's just lazy.

No. 740080

If she did this with her black background and lights it would look at least 40% better. so lazy.

No. 740083

Shay what is you doing honey your face looks so busted in these. There's so many mixed messages here. Are you classy rich lady in your fancy cape or are you trailer trash hoe lying on your crusty musty flea-infested carpet?

No. 740095

Not a self-promo, just found it on a suggested account and thought I'd post just in case. Sorry I suck at lurking lmao

No. 740096

Not a self-promo, just found it on a suggested account and thought I'd post just in case. Sorry I suck at lurking lmao

No. 740100

Shayna will wax her infected pussy but won’t wax her mustache. I just…can’t.

No. 740101

lolcow is being super glitchy and not loading right so sorry if this posts multiple times but lots of tumblr blogs got restored today so they're essentially giving everyone their blogs back besides the most obvious of pornbots.

No. 740108

File: 1543447597681.jpeg (152.03 KB, 540x495, 6FC1B510-6103-4001-9607-ACB3F1…)

It’s some meme face called sparrow face. It’s the duck face’s sibling. At least I think that’s what she’s doing.

No. 740110

File: 1543447763022.jpg (29.46 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

for me personally it reminds of the basic white boy grimace circa 2015 as modelled here by biebs
anyways, it's fugly and empathises her forehead wrinkles and lack of lips

No. 740129

lol, she’s being serious. she posted this thinking that face was sexy.

No. 740136

It’s her poop face

No. 740138

still looking like she has a sac lmao

No. 740151

Her awkwardly clinging onto the hand warmer makes it look like she's stuck in a giant finger trap lol

No. 740181

There's nothing about furring your brow though. She looks like a constipated version of this

No. 740207

She needs filler or Botox for that deep ass forehead wrinkle, holy shit.

No. 740230

Fupa boy is on Snapchat trying to say his haters are the only people who think he's into incenst lmfao has he seen what he posts on his blog???

No. 740233

File: 1543462454689.jpg (125.7 KB, 720x1280, IMG_6520.JPG)

All I can think of anytime I see those dumb winter photos

No. 740255

She literally looks like a bird in all of the owl pics

No. 740260

File: 1543465836066.jpg (13 KB, 306x532, 468A3FE100000578-51001433.jpg)

No. 740281

aw man, i'm disappointed. even though the milk was dry i thought maybe she'd either do something drastic for the attention she wasn't getting OR go outside for once.

No. 740284

File: 1543470400652.jpeg (29.42 KB, 356x249, fullsizeoutput_1992.jpeg)

Shay, gurl, your face looks dryer than the Sahara. Please get "Daddy" to take you to a CVS so that you can get some Cerave or something. You look terrible

No. 740413

Shayna is my favorite cryptid

No. 740451

File: 1543502090712.jpg (24.87 KB, 210x355, Capture.JPG)

What a rip off.

No. 740453

I know, I thought she would only charge extra for snap because she no longer had tumblr, but she is still doing it. Whenever I feel a bit bad for her she just proves how unlikable she is.

No. 740459

She posts the most awful content on her snap lmao I can't believe she thinks it'd be worth essentially the same price as a yearly Amazon prime membership

No. 740464

Why would anyone pay for this anyway? She's always posting nudes on Tumblr and you can watch her "cumshows" on cam (when she does it) for free. I know there's camgirls who do the same but they at least make an effort to build relationships with their audience.

No. 740465

File: 1543504795368.jpg (633.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181129-101452.jpg)

>uwu so much responsibility

>never had a real job

>half-asses her sad "cam girl career"
>no car, presumably doesn't leave the house
>can't even bother to keep up with hygiene
>most likely pays zero bills due to freeloading off fupa in exchange for being his cum dumpster

What am I missing here, Shayna??

No. 740467

"Cumshow" aka putting a vibrator to her vag for 5 seconds and then acting like she's in the throes of an exorcism

No. 740469

people paid $20 for her lifetime Snapchat. if she changes her prices, it should not affect people who paid for a lifetime subscription. you don't get to suddenly start charging more for no reason. That's not lifetime access. dis bitch a scammer

No. 740483

please just fucking kill yourself Shayna. “So much responsibility” shut the fuck up. Real sex workers have real struggles, that you’ve made fun of before. But we should feel bad for you when you feel like being lazy?

No. 740485

File: 1543506642167.jpeg (819.2 KB, 1242x2078, 129ADCED-EAE7-4360-8158-4236DD…)

KEK, unpack this shit.

Yeah Shayna, your domme video was sub immersive I’m sure it put you in a dark headspace. Riiiiiiiiiight.

No. 740491

Idk why she doesn't stick with the stoner market when there's nothing ddlg related here yet she's including smoking videos?? Shay really has no idea what she's doing

No. 740493

It actually hurt my brain to read this. She needs to stop her so called sex-work and go outside. Have you ever read a book without pictures, Shayna?

No. 740494

>has no idea what she’s doing
>still charges naive sex workers $100 for “advice”

No. 740496

lmao i swear to god she just makes up these elaborate stories about her "headspace" to try to seem more believable as a sub to her tumblr orbiters. nobody's buying it. she sucks at the "submissive barbie doll" schtick she can't seem to let go of and her "domme" video was terrible as well. she seriously has possibly the least self-awareness of any cow in /snow/ and might possibly be the laziest of them all at the same time.

No. 740497


>makes a domme video

>immediately offended that people dont baby her after posting said domme video.

>makes a domme video

>is offended that people assume that she's a switch

No. 740499

If you’re not comfortable with it, why the fuck make a video being a domme then? If you don’t want people talking to you like that, don’t fucking make videos that encourage it. A 5 year old could figure this out.

No. 740502


people are prob asking Fupa if he's a switch now and it's causing them issues kek

No. 740511

>makes a domme vid
>asks people to tribute her like a findom
>gets mad when people treat her like a dom

Jesus it’s gotta be hard to be this stupid.

No. 740519

i didn't even consider that but it's a hilarious point

No. 740529

prolly a nitpick but i fucking hate how she writes like missing out letters and using numbers it makes my brain stop and start

No. 740533

she thinks it's cute and baby-like unfortunately

No. 740577

I feel like this post out of them all truly showcases her absolute lack of any cognitive ability.
I know ~dumb~ is part of the name but this is some real grade A refined bullshit.
The "real bdsm" anons should stop posting because its embarassing no matter how you spin any of these concepts. The headspace shit is autistic and seeing this 20+ yr old be so concerned about headspace (which is just dissociating when you're subjected to certain amounts of pain/stress so healthy uwu) and how her so called customers interact with her is some insane shit.
>you didnt treat me like i was a toddler REEE IM SO UNCOMFY even tho i also made a video portraying myself as a dom and got treated accordingly

How you're over 18 doing any of this is just some next level social suicide cept because the internet made it 'valid' you dont notice, the same way furries walk out the door with faux tails on their jeans.
sage for pure sperg in just so embarassed , this is diaperfag tier.

No. 740579

this is literally the funniest fucking thing I've read she is honestly so pathetic. getting offended for being called a dom when you did a dom video?? "im in a bad headspwaaceee i just wanna be heckin cute and smol" yikes girl get a fuckin job

No. 740590

it has to be this. he's so fragile he cant bare the thought of anyone thinking hes anything but a big bad dom

No. 740593

This girl is dumb as hell

No. 740597

inb4 she starts trying to beg again because she's ~so depressed~

No. 740598

doublepost but did she delete this? lmaooo

No. 740602

File: 1543517365805.png (14.27 KB, 264x220, Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 12.48…)


its gone and she just posted this

No. 740612

if you don't want people to think you're a domme or a switch, don't make a domme video you fucking crackhead. put the cheap box wine down for 2 seconds and use the last 2 brain cells you've got left in that haggard, bleach-fried matilda mom-ass head you have and put 2 and 2 together. she's so retarded.

No. 740614

File: 1543518660961.jpeg (405.66 KB, 1242x1447, 426AA601-BEF9-422A-8DEA-2A1705…)


No self awareness, confirmed.
Delusional, confirmed.

No. 740615

File: 1543518771620.jpeg (403.53 KB, 1242x1384, F5BC0C5A-2E4D-4B28-88D9-C41EAD…)

Ah yes, it was shayna who made “doll” screen names popular. How delusional can you get?

No. 740617

File: 1543518957557.jpeg (138.62 KB, 1242x797, 94DAAC2E-82E6-4AA6-BA45-CE225F…)

She’s still charging for promo after she begged people for FREE promo. Go get wrecked, Shayna.

No. 740621

She must be drunk already

No. 740623

how long has she had 150k like it never turns into 160k does it? she's got like 10k active followers?

No. 740630

But she was offering a free nude to people who reblogged her anon, that's such a deal!

No. 740662

File: 1543522064089.jpg (86.32 KB, 1080x737, MATTELorignaldonotsteal.jpg)

As if she would have come up with Mattel as a last name without the popularity of Trixie Mattel online? Why lie? Why are we lying? She changed her name right around when Trixie popped off right?

No. 740666

Yes and she changed it right after she posted about marathoning the show and being a diehard fan

No. 740686

File: 1543523552774.jpeg (115.33 KB, 1242x496, A049625B-96D5-46E8-A735-0979DB…)

I guess those Halloween vids she scammed money from people for just aren’t going to happen.

But remember, she needed the props SO badly.

No. 740692


does she realize that cindy lou who was literally a 2 year old in the stories/movies (and around 8 in the one w Jim Carey)?
she already tried to sexualize Eleven from stranger things.
how many children is she going to sexualize?

No. 740710

She got ass blasted for even talking about doing a porn featuring eleven. But I guess it’s okay when you do someone even younger who can barely speak for themselves. I guess that makes it okay for Shayna.

No. 740713


it doesnt matter if shes a fictional child or not, she is a child and shouldnt have porn made about her.
the only way she could make this worse is if she tries to do rape roleplay with a green dildo.

No. 740714

dont give her the idea!!

No. 740717

imagine if shay ends up making fupa wear a terrifying grinch costume and he wears a green condom lol

not sure if hilarious or just horrifying? definitely more horrifying.

No. 740720

She mentioned on her public snap that her idea is offering the Grinch a blowjob to not steal her presents, so… sounds likely

No. 740723

okay so a christmas porn of a literal baby character? are there people actually looking for this stuff? oh wait, they're pedophiles.

No. 740724


god she really just tries to pander to all of the pedophiles doesn't she?
oh yeah Shay, good idea, have a 2 year old give a grown… man? thing? a blow job so he doesnt take her presents. thats a thing that doesnt make you sound like you're sexualizing childhood sexual abuse.

No. 740726

cant she just do the basic ho thing and give santa a blow job jfc. why does she have to make everything creepy and disgusting?

No. 740728


no of course not, Shay has to make things as actually disgusting as possible.
have "Daddy" fuck her while dressed as a child.
have The Grinch fuck her while pretending to be a toddler.
at this point she is just as bad as that one bitch who was selling her childhood rape stories.

No. 740729

but yet she can't fathom why her family doesn't support her "career"

No. 740730

doll/dolly names have been a thing on tumblr since like 2012 with all the lolita/lana del rey shit getting popular

No. 740733


or why shes on every single block list on tumblr, or how Fupa gets asked if hes into incest play.
how are they that fucking stupid?

No. 740734

i made an email with the word doll in it in literally 2010 lol, but totally shay, you invented girls using the word doll online!

No. 740738

Why couldn’t she just be like. An adult Who…

No. 740739

People have been using "doll", "baby", "cutie", "sweetie" etc to make their usernames sound cute online since literally the beginning of the internet. But I digress.

No. 740742

That might put her in a ~bad headspace~ tho, anon

No. 740746

File: 1543526435526.jpeg (270.26 KB, 1242x977, 0188324C-C1CB-4560-8A52-C32F3F…)

Just wow to all of this. Wasting money is hilarious.

No. 740748

she makes posts like this to try to create a quirky cute bby uwu money flex so maybe some of her deluded followers will believe she actually makes decent money since she has no evidence to actually show that she has a good or steady income lel, pathetic shaytard.

No. 740764

That's fucking disgusting. she better get dragged for this pedo pandering shit

No. 740777

Literally in the Jim Carrey version of the grinch that one Martha May bitch actually had a thing with the grinch and she could have played off that but of course she chooses the more disgusting/shocking option.

No. 740785

she's complaining on snap about how she HAS to change her snapchat to $5 a month and she doesn't LIKE it but it's BEST for her BUSINESS. over and over again. apparently people are sending her mean anons about it. she's also offering 3 videos for free to people who are upset but are sticking around? it was unclear

No. 740790

scamming shayna coming up with excuses right on time

No. 740794

What that actually sounds like is that she's not getting enough new subscribers to give her that initial $20 or $30 and now she's desperate for whatever pennies people will throw at her now that it's christmas time. The reality of the situation is that people most likely won't pay the $5 and she is going to shrink her already tiny audience by trying to take a mile when they give an inch.

No. 740821

Drive and go get the ice cream yourself you shut-in bitch. You live in the south now, look on craigslist for an old $5000 fucking car and go outside for once.

No. 740863

She so obnoxious on her snap going on about her new snap thing. Doing her fake sighing and apologies about having to do it.

No. 740865

I'm kinda excited to see what shes gonna do for Cindy's nose snout thing, we know she doesnt do latex work lmao

No. 740866

Her lazy ass isn't going to do anything for it

No. 740869

i would pay money to see shay with fucked up creepy looking whoville makeup/mask or whatever on while she shoves stuff up her ass trying to be """sexy""", would be hilarious

No. 740884

Nobody should pay money for that. It's what she wants.

No. 740893

Exactly! She does this shit all the time. This is ridiculous though, she changes prices on people who have already paid for "LIFETIME" snap.

Surprised she got her blog back.
Says this in tumblr guidelines
>Uploading Sexually Explicit Video. You can embed anything in a Tumblr post as long as it's lawful and follows our other guidelines, but please don't use Tumblr's Upload Video feature to upload sexually explicit video. We're not in the business of hosting adult-oriented videos (and it's fucking expensive).

She still has these up among others




No. 740901


LOL. Nobody called her "Dolly"… ever. SHE was the one who made a post.. several posts declaring that she be called "Dolly" and not any other name. (Mainly because she got into sex work using her real name) Even when her name was "shay-gnar" and first got into ddlg, not just other users, but a lot of her own active followers already had names had doll or dolly, even dum, dumb, stupid, and bambi. She's always been unoriginal, it's just hilarious and scary how she tries to revision how things happened. She tends to do this with a lot of things.

No. 740903

Adding that she got the whole "mattel" thing after watching rupaul's drag race.

No. 740907

She literally asked people to call her Dolly when she realized her full name was out there. She said call me Bambi or Dolly, Shayna is dead.

No. 740908

this bitch is always trying to paint herself as being so 'original' but she isnt and its so fucking annoying. Especially when a person can dig through her archive and see as she changed.

No. 740914

$5000? You can buy an old shit car for a few hundred in UK

No. 740922

Well she lives in the US. She could probably get something for $1200

No. 740930

File: 1543538464149.jpeg (569.19 KB, 1242x1069, 23DF1562-6B6F-4CB7-9EB6-A5BAF2…)

She looks like she’s squinting at the camera trying to see if there’s dirt on it lmfao

No. 740931

File: 1543538553678.jpeg (48.24 KB, 400x400, 524B19E6-6CEF-4692-A17F-C52B0A…)

Here’s the full pic. Shave your fucking mustache Shayna. She grows a fuller mustache than Fupa.

No. 740935

Why does she think that's a cute pic

No. 740937

She has a look on her face like she's trying to take a shit tbh

No. 740948

She looks like a fuckin dude. This could have been good if she ironed the clothes, did some good winter makeup, and gave a shit about lighting and backgrounds. She’s constantly begging for shit like new lights and cameras and costumes but doesn’t even use them? So why the fuck should people buy them for her?

No. 740951

She looks really clocky and it fucks me up, esp because she tries to be so smol uwu.

No. 740952

Lol never heard the word clocky before but yes

No. 740968

oh no what if they get reported

idk about a mustache its her forehead that looks so awful, its like leather

No. 740976

I know this is a dumb nitpick but…has this bitch never heard of cooler bags before? Idk how doordash works but surely someone delivering ice cream would have a way to keep it cold so it's not melted when you get it lmao.

No. 740980

they also probably wouldn't deliver that far away? she's just trying to be quirky while lacking a personality

No. 740982

I don’t think they would. Dash rarely sends drivers farther than ~15 miles round trip, and the farther ones have some incentive pay. But you can always choose to not do the dash.

No. 741021

She is currently on chaturbate. Why is she using #teen when she's 21

No. 741024

cause she needs those pedo views

No. 741041

While out here looking 35

No. 741042

What the hell does clocky mean?

No. 741045

Looking like a non-passing tranny

No. 741046

File: 1543549311078.jpg (375.28 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20181129_224119.jpg)

Out there looking like a dude

No. 741057

100 goals till she’s naked? Is she actually retarded? You’re brand new on Chaturbate, no one is going to go through 100 goals until you’re naked.

Shayna you’ve been camming for what, 2 years? How the fuck have you not figured this out yet?

No. 741058

Lol “cjack” is clearly a chick, and one of her stans. How pathetic that in order to make any money camming, you make your obsessive fans do it.

No. 741087

I don't even understand how the multi-goals work and I doubt Shay does either.

No. 741089

File: 1543553584946.png (166.28 KB, 262x340, Cory.png)

No. 741109

When she does her "baby voice," it sounds like she's trying to be a bad version of Ariana Grande when she played Cat

No. 741266

File: 1543589478439.jpg (24.34 KB, 518x196, Capture.JPG)

>femdom review

Wasn't she just complaining about how she hated being a femdom?

No. 741268


she likes being paid for it, hates being treated like she did it.

No. 741292


she has nothing going on in her brain other than porn and tumblr shit. That plus shit relationship plus shit nutrition makes her emotionally unstable, so when the sadness hits she triedls to justify it with something that happened recently instead of realizing she's been cultivating this through her routine.

Shay, get some hobbies to occupy your mind, eat real people food, stop abusing drugs and ditch fupa. Maybe you'll feel more stable.

No. 741294

Yep. Just like losing her tumblr supposedly made her depressed but she was still depressed even when she got it back. She's unhappy and unfulfilled either way.

No. 741299

File: 1543595678922.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1920x2560, inCollage_20181130_113255208.j…)

Some questions: Why do these pictures look like they were literally taken with a potato? Why get 4 outfits when you know you're not going to put 4 videos out before Christmas? Wtf is that last one even supposed to be?

No. 741301


Wow look, a bunch more cheap crap.

No. 741304

The skirt and suspenders are from one of her old videos lol

No. 741306

It’s because the lighting is absolute shit because she doesn’t know how to use them

No. 741307

Those mismatching suspenders and skirt look so bad. That's what she wore for her brainy dolly video. How the hell is that a "Christmas look"?

No. 741308

She’s gonna make a half ass one and then claim she can’t make the rest because she needs more props or some shit. Bet.

No. 741312

"i can't decide on a backdrop" seems to be her catchphrase as far as that is concerned

No. 741326

File: 1543597659789.png (7.41 KB, 239x324, 2018-11-30 12_04_09-Mozilla Fi…)

why tf is she doing the harley mattel video now…?

No. 741327


cus she's lurking

No. 741330

Getting ready for next Halloween or something? She's not bright if she's not going to work on her Christmas themed pornos now

No. 741333

she def said blasphemous barbie was coming out and it still says it on her MV. Jesus Christ I can’t imagine going through life being this clueless

No. 741339

The suspender look is supposed to be a "Christmas cum kitten" according to her twitter

No. 741341

hey look we’ve evolved from self-conscious heart filter to self-conscious heart filter PLUS more hearts to fill the empty frame. She’s so fucking cheap.

No. 741344

yeah it says that on the caption of the instagram post too but what is christmas or kitten about that other than the ears you can barely see?

No. 741346

Not to mention the Nokia camera phone quality of the photos. You'd think she would have reached her financial goals for a professional quality camera by now. But she'd rather spend the money on wine and Amazon props and keep the camera quality low to help mask her rough look.

No. 741348

What’s crazy is that she has an iPhone X which has good camera quality if you use it properly. But she’s dumb as a sack of rocks so of course she goes through snapchat so she can use a filter (lowering the quality) and then adds extra shit on top of it lowering the quality even more. The more she lowers the quality the less you can see how fucked her face is.

No. 741353

she should just cut the last one with the suspenders. it makes no sense and looks too half assed.

No. 741355

I swear you can see her vagina cus of how retardedly high her skirt is in the suspender look. Shes so good at following Instagram rules

Also nitpick but I feel like "dolly jolly Christmas" makes more sense

No. 741385

ok newfag/lurker here, but holy hell her hair is literally fucking matted because she doesn't shower and just sleeps in the braids, it looks so, so awful.. how can she possibly think that looks okay?
also, I know she's lazy as shit, but she seriously couldn't be bothered to use some of those tacky hearts to cover up the wall outlet? or maybe attempt to draw on a cat face so the title for "Christmas Cum Kitten" would actually make more sense? I'm genuinely astonished by her lack of effort..

No. 741388

Why are we always posing in front of the power outlet Shay Jesus come on

No. 741397

Her braids are so fucking disgusting. I don't know WHY she insists on doing her hair like that. It makes her look like a rat.

No. 741406

I think she's deliberately going for the little girl who just woke up from a nap look and it disturbs me

No. 741424

so strange, i swear an iphone 6 has better quality than what her photos look like. she just ruins them with her laziness

No. 741425

Nice full vag view on IG.
I hope she continues to do that horrible face of hers. It’s embarrassing and I’m living for it.

No. 741433

The “Dolly Lou Who” outfit legitimately looks more like a granny nightgown than a little girl nightgown.
The “Christmas cum kitten” outfit is a trainwreck. Shay, I know you lurk here: get rid of the suspenders that clash with the red+ green color scheme. Wear your skirt at your hips. Add a bow or a bell collar around your neck. Add a tail plug or paw mittens or something to go with the ears. Oh and take a shower and wash your matted, disgusting hair.

No. 741434

Her ballsack is peaking out in the cum kitten photo lol, she's like a reverse trap with her boxy frame and saggy lips

No. 741441

File: 1543611336984.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 359.81 KB, 1125x1842, E3B9A857-C37C-432E-B14A-BB1A13…)

She washed her hair, put on fresh makeup, took clearer photos, and made sure her outlet wasn’t in the shot.

No. 741446

File: 1543611587672.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.23 KB, 650x1280, tumblr_pj0xlv1AeQ1rbth7u_1280.…)

i'm cracking up because she lurked hard enough to take our advice but yet there's still a shit stain on the floor/wall in the bottom right. try harder, shayna. do you only have the one wall to pose in front of?

No. 741447

This is the best she’s looked in a long time, I’m legitimately shocked

No. 741448

yeah but let's be real, how many filters are on this photo? looks like she's really been laying them on thick since anons have been going on about how tranny-ish she looks.

No. 741449

That is true. At least her hair looks clean and not COMPLETELY damaged. And her makeup isn’t terrible either

No. 741451


why does she keep buying big ass dildos that she'll never use bc shes "uwu~~so tight and smol~~"? what a damn waste of money for a "prop" she'll use once and then stick in a box.

No. 741460

i mean… it looks really damaged still. you can see what looks like a bald spot forming that she blurred out in >>741446 and the pigtails are just one big crusty entity. looks like if you touched it it'd be hard as a rock.

No. 741462

isn't the black one the same one she used for her anal goth girl video? she easily fit that one in her ass at least.

No. 741470

Jesus she lurks so fucking hard

No. 741473

There is at least 3 filters on this, all from snapchat. The heart (face) filter, the whitish/blurring filter, and the frame heart filter. All lowering the quality.

No. 741474

she needed all this for a lazy video? wow Shayna. Just wow.

No. 741476

She’ll use it once, stick it in a box without washing it, and then pull it out and use it again (unwashed) in 6 months when people ask about it. I’m gagging.

No. 741483

Her make up looks not too bad. Not an everyday look but it’s not bad.

The dildos are obnoxiously large and she’s got two of them. She could have at least stuck them on the wall and been in between them and pulled them toward her like she was in a bukkaki circle or some shit.

And I hate how she’s always got those hearts all over her images. Shit is annoying. If you’re that desperate to hide your real face and aging skin, learn to use after effects or some sort of video editing program.

No. 741514

Will laugh if those pics get taken down since the dildos go against Instagram rules

No. 741515

Why would she learn after effects? She already talks about what amazing graphic design skills she has from her special school. Shayna never has to learn anything new.

for the retards in this thread; this is sarcasm

No. 741521

wOW we have a fukignn white K N I G H T

No. 741522

File: 1543619575231.jpg (154.29 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_20181130-171048_Tum…)

Lol ok Fupa

No. 741523

File: 1543619619573.jpg (283.13 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20181130-171000_Tum…)

Yeah, cause a domme says "between your legs"

No. 741524


…all of her dildos are drastically bigger than him…

No. 741525


Did he seriously respond to himself on his second blog as though it were a different person??

No. 741526

File: 1543619670451.jpg (243.16 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20181130-171027_Tum…)

Acting like he never removed captions off of other people's content

No. 741527


hes literally on blocklists for doing this.

No. 741528

"content creators" in reference to himself has me cracking up

No. 741537

gotta love his desperate denial here lel

No. 741542

That "kitten" outfit is so unflattering

No. 741543


the thing about it is, she has an actual kitten play outfit she could wear with a christmassy background, and instead she went with… that.

No. 741554

He literally reblogs content by other creators without credits constantly.

No. 741557

im DYING he sounds genuinely upset and calls himself a content creator

No. 741560

He's literally threatening people on a website that was made for 13 year olds. Much edge Lord

No. 741564

i hope tons more people delete his captions so we can see him sperg out even more

No. 741565

Lmaooo some of her Instagram pics got taken down

No. 741574

File: 1543624708516.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1993, FF968B18-97A2-4933-9851-A840D3…)

Please kill me

No. 741579

Ok hamburglar wtf is this

No. 741580

love how she's even using the snap filter to make her nose smaller and her skin smoother here lol

No. 741599

She probably had Fupa changed his name from Daddy Mattel to Batman just so she could post that

No. 741607

How do you buy a full party city outfit and still just look like a rando thot in a circus/jester 'themed' halloween costume. bottom line is her lipstick application and facial expressions are full on FAS w/ that lacking top lip and how this bitch managed to put in mismatching gauges yet can't bother to do a black/red eyeshadow duo is s a d.

( nitpick but lol @ her getting a costume that would have HQ with the dip dyed hair job when she could have just done the CN batman cartoon where she atleast still has fully blonde hair? Its also a way easier and more distinct/iconic version of Harleen, but i also dont want more cheap thot porn of her character either way)

No. 741609

File: 1543627787977.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1242x1814, 128C31AA-0DC3-4C7A-9A24-892A4F…)

“don’t add your own caption”
>adds caption

Shut the fuck up Fupa.

No. 741611

Dude do you even use snap? 3 filters but there are no hearts above her head. The heart border does the exact same thing as the heart headband, so she doesn’t need to use both. Plus on snap you can’t use two face altering filters at the same time. She MIGHT have the lightening filter you can add after you take the photo but I doubt it considering how shit quality Her pictures are.
Y’all reallg do the most to make her seem shitty when she doesn’t need any help in that department.

No. 741622

There are hearts above her head, it’s hard to see.

No. 741635

Because you totally can't save a picture from Snapchat with a filter on it and then reupload it and add a second filter? Stop being a bitch for no reason lmao.

No. 741637

File: 1543630103492.png (6.98 MB, 1242x2208, DDEB2144-0553-4C77-AD6C-8FB3C8…)

No there isn’t
Nope. No you can’t. Face altering filters can only be used when you are physically taking the photo. I’m not being a bitch, I’m tired of coming here and y’all just making the stupid assumptions when the proof is literally right in front of you.

No. 741638

File: 1543630144074.png (9.71 MB, 1242x2208, 05B33F0E-3326-466F-9DEA-F82D39…)

When she used the heart headband

No. 741639

Lmao Fupa deleted his post about people adding captions to his "OC"

No. 741642

This thread is not for supporting her

No. 741644

>removes hashtag
>"i'll make your life hell"

jesus imagine being this lonely

No. 741645

stop fucking defending her. this is a thread to rip her stupid ass to shreds.

No. 741649

Seriously stfu and go wack your dick off to her if you like her so much. let her scam you for all I care.

No. 741650

if you don’t like it why not just, idk, LEAVE THE FUCKING THREAD?

No. 741654

It may not be the heart band, but she’s still using a face altering filter. You can tell because it made her eyes bigger, slightly darker, and narrowed her nose and chin. There’s a “beauty” filter on snap that works the same way as the heart filter just without the hearts. Then she added the light filter and heart frame filter on top of it.

No. 741657

they lurk here so fucking hard.

No. 741659

who was reaching? she’s using multiple filters, including a face altering one. It’s not the heart band but it’s still a similar face altering filter. So stfu and crawl back in your hole.

No. 741663

File: 1543631224391.jpg (446.11 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20181130-202629_Tum…)

Everything just HAS to be about him

No. 741665

Is this really the hill you want to die on right now? There are hundreds of filter apps out there.

No. 741666

She’s using the same face altering one in this video/screenshot too. you can tell because when you move your eyes too far to the left or right the filter for the eyes gets thrown off.

No. 741721

File: 1543638585025.jpg (982.92 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20181130-222903_Tum…)

She looks thrilled

No. 741722

oh god, i just noticed how repulsive fupas teeth are

No. 741723

they're just so….. dry and average

No. 741734

I want to know why Fupa takes his photos in HDR mode when he and dumpy Mattel both look like gargoyles.

No. 741741

Sage for tinfoil but their eyes scream amphetamine use.

No. 741744

His mustache makes him look like he's a got a cleft lip going on and does nothing to hide his fucked up two front teeth.

It's no wonder he plays at being an edgy badass dom because this is what he looks like in real life and the only thing people will do is laugh at him.

No. 741752

his scraggly fucking pube beard makes me want to vomit. can you imagine that on your snatch? and you know he is just awful in bed. everything about him is a cliche so he almost certainly takes porn as sex ed.

shay, get a facial, wash your hair, lose that 210 pound manlet

No. 741756

She's like crying on his snapchat because they're "driving through a tornado"

He then says "There's hail hitting my new car. But we have insurance on it."

Has anyone noticed that whenever they're in public, they don't hold hands or anything

No. 741762

Why put on your schedule a new video if the video wasn't even posted

No. 741767

wow they look like shit

No. 741771

the point is is that she uses the heart filter in every single photo to fix her busted nose and face and she does layer filters often

No. 741777

shay looks like a 40 year old lol

No. 741779

This. They're more like the Meth-tels than the Mattels (side note: it's weird she gave fupa her supposed name)

They both could use dental work. Braces or Invisalign at least. God I hope they never produce offspring

No. 741833

It's nighttime and your pupils expand on the dark lol

No. 741834

It's nighttime and your pupils expand on the dark lol

No. 741845


Filters really lower the quality of of photos and she uses about 4, so. Insta doesn't help either


Omg the bald spot blur I can't

No. 741873

Never mind this ugly ass fupa dude and his 14-year old scene boy who shops exclusively at hot topic style, but seriously why does Shayna try to look as frumpy as possible in public? Didn't she supposedly wash and blow dry her hair yesterday? So why did do ~that~ to it? Also the oversized jean jacket over a hoodie is not a cute look, and then finally her wallet/clutch looks like it went through a trash compactor before being run over by a 18-wheeler. …Is she okay?

No. 741890

They're not defending her, they're simply stating the facts of you can't use two face altering filters at once you nonce.

No. 741896

They both look so haggard. Tinfoil but I feel like there's some hardcore drug usage going on here. Hasn't Shay supposedly OD'd on Klonopin?

No. 741924

They’d do a convincing job of being Grinch and Lady Grinch in a porno

No. 741928

i got almost all of their date. key points are them kissing and you can see fupa's tongue and it is a-list cringe, her weird baby talk, and a little Ribmeat the cat at the end.

No. 741933

God there's so much cringe but when she whispers "it's so pretty" in that creepy baby voice at 1:14 I think I became cursed for the next 7 years. Ribmeat is the only blessed thing in this video.

No. 741937


It's even hard to believe I'd ever say such thing in a Shay thread, but she (Ribmeat) is so cute

No. 741938

It's shay's only redeeming quality

No. 741958

tbh ive always contemplated if she was actually white trash or if some anons were reaching but she proved it in this snap. the way both of them talk sounds so stupid and hillbilly while fupa tries so hard to mask it. also why tf is shayna so out of breath at the end talking to her cat lmao

No. 741959


Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. She was breathing so fucking heavily.

And her talking about how some Christmas lights are the most beautiful thing she's ever seen, so beautiful she started crying, just made me feel sad for her.

No. 741963

That's from his old blog, so this cuck is logging into his old, separate blog just to check the comments on his posts. Either that, or he's just constantly checking the reblog/like/reply counts on them.

No. 741970

Fupa just has cuck energy

No. 742042

File: 1543698795647.jpg (278.21 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20181201-151215_Tum…)

Cause she's too cheap to buy from ACTUAL adult stores

No. 742043

File: 1543698826618.jpg (377.75 KB, 1076x1826, Screenshot_20181201-151149_Tum…)

Part 1 of 2

No. 742044

File: 1543698849547.jpg (98.12 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20181201-151159_Tum…)

Part 2 of 2

No. 742045

File: 1543698905556.jpg (244.1 KB, 1082x1831, Screenshot_20181201-161408-1.j…)

So she makes the poor cat sleep on the dirty porn/piss rug?

No. 742047

Ya this is old

No. 742048

why must the world contain "people" like fupa and walking chronic yeast infection?

No. 742052

Does she have blue contacts or something?

No. 742058

On her public she posted this blow up ball with a dildo and said she'll be using it on cam

No. 742064

She never inserts dildos all the way in though. How is she gonna bounce on it? Is it a chode I wonder

No. 742080

>is it a chode i wonder

No. 742082

File: 1543702086523.png (90.48 KB, 500x531, F6C9ACA0-8E93-456B-A6A9-C155D2…)

Jesus they’re like a couple of 15 year olds saying shit to be shocking. So much needy attention seeking behavior.

Even his own mom doesn’t want him anymore. Grow up, fupa. You’re almost 40. Imagine being 50 and acting like this. Fucking wow.

No. 742087

File: 1543702981957.jpg (Spoiler Image, 253.39 KB, 1080x1120, Screenshot_20181201-162204_Tum…)

Yeah, cause this doesn't scream "pedophilia"

No. 742094

I can see some knucklehead attempting to make an argument for DDLG just being a fetish, but how the fuck do you see Kyle Nathaniel Perkins reblog things like this and think "yep this is totally normal and this guy should be allowed to see his three kids."

No. 742102

Just think about it this way: would you be comfortable with YOUR dad posting stuff like this online for everyone to see? It's going to be absolutely humiliating for his kids if they ever find out.

No. 742106

You just gave me the willies anon. I literally did find an erotic novel in my dad's room when I was a kid that was about a father fucking his daughter and that alone scarred me for life. No child deserves that.

No. 742107

You just gave me the willies anon. I literally did find an erotic novel in my dad's room when I was a kid that was about a father fucking his daughter and that alone scarred me for life. No child deserves that.

No. 742108

You just gave me the willies anon. I literally did find an erotic novel in my dad's room when I was a kid that was about a father fucking his daughter and that alone scarred me for life. No child deserves that. Protect Kyle Perkin's kids at all costs.

No. 742111

You just gave me the willies anon. I literally did find an erotic novel in my dad's room when I was a kid that was about a father fucking his daughter and that alone scarred me for life. No child deserves that. Protect Kyle Perkin's kids at all costs.

No. 742117

It's weird enough finding out any fetish your parents may have, if it was something like that I'd never be able to look my dad in the face again.

Kyle you're a freak. Off yourself please.

No. 742134

the thing is that this guy changed his own two kids' diapers and little kid underwear, like his daughter's panties and everything, like all parents see their very young children naked and this "man" has a sexual fetish for little girls with no pubic hair wearing little girl underwear.. while he had/has a daughter who he was more involved with when she was as young as his sexual photos he posts are trying to depict. that's what i find really horrible.

No. 742138

i should clarify, i meant he has a fetish for porn actresses and camgirls trying to look like 5 year olds/acting like 5 year old girls*

No. 742142

File: 1543708998630.jpg (342.55 KB, 1082x1833, Screenshot_20181201-190117-1.j…)

It's disturbing as fuck and it really blows my mind that he has no discretion or shame.. Hopefully for him he can hold on to his current job, because it's going to be awfully tough to hide his disgusting tumblr from prospective employers based on pic related.

No. 742143

I should clarify that these are literally his first two Google search results.. Yikes, fupa, yikes.

No. 742144

i really think he and shay are severely deluded, un-self aware people. everything they say about themselves is just plain wrong most of the time, and fupa thinks he has "big dick energy" for being proud of shay camwhoring lel

No. 742150

But then he's "so proud" he's never watched any of her porn or given her a penny for it.

I can't imagine someone not wanting to watch explicit videos of their own girlfriend. He must just be so incredibly insecure about it so just tries to blank it out.

No. 742151

yeah that is really weird to me, he says "no way i'm jealous that shay is masturbating for other men online pff, that's little dick energy!!11" yet he also says he never watches her videos ever.. doesn't really add up, if it's such big tough guy energy to be with a camhoe then why do you refuse to watch their content and shut down when someone asks about it?

No. 742153

not gonna lie, this is why im terrified of having a child especially a little girl
men are so damn pornsick i dont understand how they can have a little girl and be normal around her if theyre into any shit that sexualizes a child or child like person, and all the other shit in porn these days is just as bad

No. 742156

File: 1543710670216.jpg (Spoiler Image, 504.49 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_20181201-182959_Twi…)

Look at that big (zit?) (Bump?) On her leg? God, does she not really look at her pics before she posts?

No. 742164

File: 1543712097668.png (222.57 KB, 336x464, screen-shot-2015-06-23-at-7-10…)

Makes me think of gypsy rose blanchard hahaha

No. 742173

>>742171 look shay, its known you lurk so please take this advice; stop putting your vag in your profile pics if you want to keep your profiles. Nudity in them is against all sites t.o.s.

No. 742178

as if fupa can go 8 times a day lol

No. 742192

Maybe if he's like a 3 pump wonder

No. 742197

With all that estrogen stored in his fupa there's just no way

No. 742198

10 mins late for getting on cam

No. 742199

She's literally wearing the same thing she wore on cam the other day

No. 742201

Why does she always look at her pussy after she edges

No. 742202

Cos she gets off on humiliation and her pussy is humiliating?

No. 742205

checking up on her pimple/boil situation. fighting the urge to pick. making sure it's not bleeding or oozing pus

No. 742214

I just want to see how poorly she uses that toy

No. 742216

this picture is so ridiculous

No. 742217

File: 1543719664635.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 279.11 KB, 691x667, 9BCB9A59-6BD5-415C-9E13-130D94…)


No. 742218

She should stream in the trans section, she literaly look like a tranny

No. 742219

File: 1543719893282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 308.24 KB, 1080x602, Screenshot_20181201-210416_Sam…)

I can't

No. 742224

why does that look like a post op vag

No. 742227

File: 1543720248072.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 2880x3494, 2E52BE58-FAD9-4C24-9DC7-13EB66…)

Why is she so unappealing? Who in their right mind finds this sexy?

No. 742230

Next thread pic lmaooo

No. 742232

This image is so cursed honestly

No. 742235

She said for 2000 tokens she will use the ball

No. 742238

She literally SCREAMED because she made $100. Sad.

I can't wait to see this mess.

No. 742240

File: 1543721046076.jpeg (446.04 KB, 1125x1716, 7D4023D2-B17B-4AA8-B437-15563E…)

Someone tipped 2000, then another 100, and she left the room?

No. 742243

My boyfriend bought the same ball for me as a gag gift, and it's… not good. Can't wait to see her bouncing and flailing around like an idiot making these faces >>742227 and pretending it's the best thing in the world.(blog)

No. 742245

File: 1543721231399.jpeg (451.05 KB, 1125x1769, D5F673B5-E15C-4B3F-A7C5-DF5AFB…)

We’re still waiting

No. 742246

File: 1543721236444.jpg (34.89 KB, 1080x222, Screenshot_20181201-212624_Sam…)

No. 742247

Wow she's actually using lube.

No. 742248

and she actually cleaned it

No. 742250

Lmfao when your customers are even calling you out, that's just bad

No. 742251


I almost couldn't believe my eyes. But, why didn't she clean it before getting on cam, or left the lube close to her just in case?
Well, at least it's a bit of improvement.

No. 742252

File: 1543721559639.jpg (Spoiler Image, 207.85 KB, 1080x470, Screenshot_20181201-213056_Sam…)

I'm laughing so hard. She looks fucking ridiculous

No. 742254

File: 1543721638061.png (Spoiler Image, 260.48 KB, 680x380, untitled.png)

No. 742255


They really just called her out for having only like three actual supporters.

No. 742256

This was the most exercise Shayna's ever gotten in her life, and the fakest orgasm I've ever seen in mine.

No. 742257

File: 1543721713201.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 19.32 KB, 271x271, 15DB55DE-92CF-4F23-82B7-278FB8…)

Is she trying to make an ahegao face? She looks dumb as shit

No. 742258

I missed it! What did they say to call her out?

No. 742261

Bouncing on that ball is prbly exactly like bouncing on top of Fupa

No. 742265

LMAO so true


I never thought I'd ever see hank hill fuck an exercise ball

need spoiler

No. 742266

LMFAO she just said she doesn't think she's ready to take the dildo ball in her butt. The dildo itself is 6" long and not very thick. She just accidentally called out Fupa.

No. 742267

File: 1543721979244.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 446.65 KB, 1125x1831, DD5E0A19-353D-4C82-BC9B-011E82…)

She looks like a twink from behind

No. 742268

She's so retarded. She could just tilt the camera away for a sec and reposition herself to look more flattering, or angle her camera from ABOVE to avoid these weird shots. Does she even look at other camgirls' shows for guidance?

No. 742270


No. She already admitted she doesn't.

No. 742271

File: 1543722107953.jpeg (26.66 KB, 201x177, 77C0E3A9-B1AA-47F4-BD32-DEB16B…)

Her body is putrid and her vag is saggy like two lopsided milkies. How does she make a single penny doing this

No. 742273

What did she say to call out Fupa

No. 742275


They literally said in the post, anon….

No. 742276

She's white, thin, willing to degrade herself, etc

No. 742283

tinfoil but i think chaturbate employs people to tip new girls so they have incentive to stay

No. 742284


No, people just always tip new people on cam sites. It happens on every single one.

No. 742288

She definitely got shit on the dildo. As soon as she got off it, she quickly pushed it out of the frame and made sure the dildo part wouldn't roll back. Embarrassing.

No. 742289

Has she actually fucked it/bounced on it or is she just sitting on it and vibing her clit

No. 742294

In her pics where it looks like there's actual shit on the wall I thought maybe it was from Ribmeat but now I'm starting to think it's her

No. 742296

Reading her lolcow thread

No. 742300

Whenever she's not playing her stoner music it's like the same dozen songs over and over, really makes this persona of hers feel that much more disingenuous

No. 742302

File: 1543724063473.gif (433.48 KB, 306x306, 20181018_002634.gif)

My reaction to that cam show. P.s I heard that fart shay

No. 742303

File: 1543724148713.gif (Spoiler Image, 946.77 KB, 368x768, 20181201_223404_1.gif)


No. 742306

Exactly. $300 isn't worth that kind of humiliation. No matter how much money she makes it'll never change the fact that Shayna Clifford's nasty ass is plastered across the internet indefinitely and there's going to come a day (hopefully soon) where she wishes it wasn't.

No. 742308

Lmao did she really fart

No. 742309


Are you 12?