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File: 1603996571466.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3464x3464, 1603764637778.jpeg)

No. 1070454

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1059375

Recent milk:

>wonders why her "high quality" content isn't bringing in more customers >>1062362

>while putting out more hartley hooligan-tier porn >>1067196
>admits to not seeing her cat for several days while it was hiding >>1059492
>entered a manyvids contest in her awful jason costume >>1061802
>unironically proud of an old cumstain on her shirt >>1062397
>photos with a literal crust-covered dildo >>1066446
>trying to decide between buying a computer to stream on or a car (which are somehow the same price in her mind) >>1066641
>still thinks she was legitimately famous on tumblr >>1067009
>"abusive mom" offers her money to move back home >>1068161
>did an unintentional horror porn video in a dress that fit her 50 lbs ago >>1068540, >>1068563
>continuous bitching about other girls "poaching" her customers >>1069256, >>1069216
>while complaining days before that people are haters for complaining about her flexing about how much money she makes >>1059893
>thinks learning how to do eyeshadow will improve her appearance >>1069304
>fat satan video >>1070049, >>1070443

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ← she got locked out and transformed her SFW twitter
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ ← CURRENT

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No. 1070456

File: 1603996728295.png (324.13 KB, 598x534, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-29 um 1…)

Doublechin checking in

No. 1070460

it's crazy that she's gotten so big that this looks like someone photoshopped her face fatter

No. 1070461

She looks like she’s wearing a fat suit

No. 1070462

She legit looks like the girl from Hairspray (John Travolta one) in this picture.

No. 1070463

File: 1603997084224.jpeg (135.66 KB, 640x426, 7C918F8C-2EDA-43DD-9796-E7116F…)

No. 1070464

Absolutely cursed thread image. Thanks anon for exposing the true horror of Shay to the rest of the catalogue.

No. 1070477

They're all hilarious but that first picture just kills me

No. 1070481

why is there a whole minute of just her awkwardly taking off her bra? It's so uncomfortable to watch her struggle with it.

No. 1070482

File: 1603997988103.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 2048x1153, Screenshot_20201029-145825.png)

this is from after she fucked her pussy, and it's bone dry. Watching that made me fucking cringe, she was just dry shoving it in there and it looked so painful God I'm gonna barf

No. 1070483

Anon should repost the Satans fat retard daughter vid in this thread. The heavy breathing literally the whole time is so confusing. It's not sexy Shay. Hard to tell if shes forcing it to act like shes turned on or if shes actually having labored breathing from moving kek.
Also love the audio cuts. Wish we knew what was being said that even Shay thought was too awful to leave in. I mean, has she played back her other vids? Because next to the goblin faces, the on the spot dialogue is the absolute worst.

No. 1070484

>>mmmm baby that's so sexy love how you fumble to pry the bra out of your fat creases

No. 1070489

Get out of here Jason, scrotes aren't allowed on lolcow

No. 1070490

A 5 minute video and a third of it is her struggling to take her bra off lmao. It was probably so tight she was in pain and had to get it off immediately

No. 1070491

No. 1070497

it is halloween season after all

No. 1070500

From last thread her saying she's happy to be who she is, umm who are you?
Someone who does not have any actual friends or people you can call to ask for a ride or money?
You have to BEG people for chump change daily.
Also, are her and Fupa really done? Or was Fupa at work or something? If she's still fucking this guy and she does not feel comfortable asking for money or a ride?
Even when she was with fupa she'd do shit like this. Shit is sad honestly.

No. 1070501

pretty sure he works a 9-5 so yeah most likely at work

No. 1070515

It’s just dead fucking silent while she struggles with her bra and the rest is her breathing like she’s having meat sweats. Horror show.

No. 1070516

The heavy mouthbreathing, dear god.

No. 1070526

File: 1604001036017.png (1017.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201029-154732.png)

Tfw the DoorDash driver pulls in

No. 1070531

File: 1604001333030.jpg (367.46 KB, 1079x1334, Screenshot_20201029-145517_Twi…)

No. 1070532

Literally she starts moaning and heavy breathing while struggling to spread her flat asscheeks. It's disturbing.

No. 1070533

File: 1604001421526.jpg (150.41 KB, 1080x551, Screenshot_20201029-145639_Twi…)

No. 1070534

She's going to wind up eating more lube than using it for it's actual purpose. I'm just disgusted thinking about her drinking lube with a bone dry pussy. I'm gonna throw up

No. 1070537

it’ll be the most hydration she’s had in weeks

No. 1070540

>>1070537 kek anon, seriously though. Someone needs to give this bitch a saline drip or something.

No. 1070543

File: 1604001995217.jpg (310.5 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20201029-145650_Twi…)

No. 1070545

I hate this fat lazy bitch. Why the fuck do these men keep enabling her?

No. 1070546

how many fucking tripods does this bitch have? it seems like she gets a new one every few months.

No. 1070548

Have you seen the caliber of man that follows Shay?

No. 1070550

Sage for nitpick prolly but I just don't understand how people WANT to see this lazy shit, nonetheless pay $280 for it. I understand she's cheap compared to other SW but my god just watch watch Pornhub for free like the rest of us.

No. 1070552

File: 1604002774131.jpeg (32.93 KB, 232x158, A9005FC9-5E5F-4C11-9239-3E8350…)

the face she makes after tasting her own vagina, though

No. 1070554

She just keeps getting fatter and fatter with every video she releases, it’s insane. How does she not try to rebrand as a plus size SW? I feel like maybe she could idk reach a broader audience?

No. 1070557

Her harness looks like a shitty elementary school arts and crafts project

No. 1070558

She is delusional anon that's why, she is just a fat fridge build white girl and believes she is a bimbo just pure delusion.

No. 1070559

yeah this is the same girl that has claimed her weight gain has gone to her tits and ass

No. 1070560

watch all of that money mysteriously disappear soon. she'll be making a post begging for someone to pay for her dinner in a few hours

No. 1070568

File: 1604003955832.jpeg (97.8 KB, 717x537, 31ED5AA6-FBB3-4832-A3E3-76B30E…)

>don’t you just want to tear it open and feast on it

No. 1070575

File: 1604004458203.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.43 MB, 640x640, F36B8C5D-33A0-4135-A0A6-E026D4…)

The zoom-in on her rancid snatch sent me

No. 1070578

that's a dry ass pussy right there.For some reason I feel like Shayna smells like yellow cheese or turkey water

No. 1070581

Someone gif her facial expressions 4:05-4:14. Classic shayna retardation.
Also was this the video she said the dialogue was bad for?

No. 1070590


Is it common for sex workers to post screenshots of their customers’ messages/tips, etc?

No. 1070596

No, shay just likes to flex

No. 1070604

Did she say she spent $1000 on computer PARTS, so not an actual fully built machine? She’s going to build it herself? This is going to end well.

How long until it’s broken or she’s going to be begging for money for repairs/replacement? She could’ve spent $300 and got something decent!

No. 1070612

Maybe I'm retarded but I just went to her Twitter and watched clips of her fucking herself. Why would anyone pay for her OF when she's giving it away for free? I understand teaser pics but like I legit just watched her fucked her own butthole for free

No. 1070617

we’ve been trying to figure that out for 3 years now

No. 1070633

i'm starting to think she meant "parts" as in the entire setup. mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers + possibly a pre-built machine with pretty lights she found through a quick google search (sorry, orbiter)

No. 1070634

>turkey water
Reading that while watching the gif was gag inducing

No. 1070637

Waiting for the day where she gets so fat that she can't shave her snatch cause she got a gunt.

No. 1070639

is it just me or does the dark red 2 upper lips thing make her teeth look even more yellow and fucked up? I wish someone would tell her that

No. 1070642


Even then $1000 for all that is still a lot… what am I saying it’s probably all pink and has pink lights and is overpriced shit she got just for the Barbie aesthetic.

No. 1070650

File: 1604011686360.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, E31BB680-5119-4034-B1A7-D60F14…)

Jason Womack working overtime kek

No. 1070652

File: 1604011782885.jpeg (371.01 KB, 1242x1023, 4B39BC09-D2E1-48D4-BC9E-2F0FFD…)

This is normal everyday things people do??? She’s such an idiot….. how is this self care????

No. 1070661

File: 1604012508498.png (448.79 KB, 1242x2208, EC5BE053-47F4-4FE2-B2EA-A42C58…)

No. 1070662

Her smoke alarm has been beeping for like a month. Someone in her discord even commented on it. Just disconnected you stupid, lazy bitch.

No. 1070667

she thinks it’s self care because she only does it once every 2 weeks

No. 1070672

She’s already there anon. In that disgusting video at 2:09 you can see her struggle to reach her pussy

No. 1070675

Yuck, this bitch really has a talent for making every single video she creates look like a snuff film.
Also kek at her disgusting grunts. She really has no idea how to even pretend to be sexy.

No. 1070676

Lmao, just take the batteries out you dumb fuck.

Jesus Christ, any excuse even though they are all flimsy as fuck.

No. 1070692

That's not sometimes, Shayna. That's all the time. If you surround yourself in filth youre not exactly going to feel great. Ffs when was the last time she cleaned her apartment? She always tells everyone about it so I'm sure there's evidence she did it 6+ months ago.

No. 1070703

Since this whole self care "movement" became a trend of sorts, it's been an excuse for the mentally ill and lazy to attribute basic hygiene and cleaning as self care and like they deserve recognition for "taking care of themselves"

No. 1070709


Why tf did I watch that
She has the driest pussy, but that dildo had no resistance going in. It’s just so fucking loose. She must never do kiegals

No. 1070720

imagine if everybody on earth made daily excuses as to why they can't possibly work like shayna

No. 1070722

File: 1604017717789.jpg (483.87 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20201029-192723_Twi…)

No. 1070727

File: 1604018221939.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1125x1779, 7D162032-65CA-49DD-91DC-150CD0…)

No. 1070729

Is that’s her fupa drooping from her ball sack this is so confusing

No. 1070730

No, she was shoving it in hard. There was resistance, it looked like it was painful and she was pretending to moan as if it felt good.

No. 1070731

Same fag I’m dumb but her vag looks weird it never used to look this bad

No. 1070740

it looked bad in a different way

No. 1070749

It looks like her pubic mound got fat lmao. I thought it was her fupa too but it has pubes so it has to be part of her pussy? ….. it’s lookin rough I agree

No. 1070766


Can someone shoop her having a penis… for science(fanart request)

No. 1070770

do your own weird fan art you fucking sped

No. 1070780

you can hear how dry her snatch is when she fingers herself and it made my want to shrivel up and die

No. 1070794

File: 1604024298886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.63 KB, 1080x559, 20201030_041726.jpg)

My fucking sides anon

No. 1070800

All I can hear while looking at this picture is Quagmire from Family Guy.

No. 1070801

Why did i just notice her lipstick, why did she draw two top lip shapes?

No. 1070809

She makes the weirdest creepy pedo faces it's fucked up

No. 1070811

it was discussed at length in the last thread and nobody knows

No. 1070812

File: 1604026412849.jpeg (37.63 KB, 400x400, 259699A4-AAE8-423B-B705-2CCE26…)

They look like the tacky old Bratz logo and make her face look double droopy; the two points look like they’re dragging down from having so much extra weight below them in her chin. Fucking bizarre look to go with.

No. 1070816

What if this is actually her inspo because she thinks it adds to her uwu bratty bimbo aesthetic

No. 1070820

Well Shay maybe while you were out today, instead of prioritizing food and weed, you could've… gotten new batteries or a whole new alarm for $20. Or you know… take the batteries out while you film??? The excuses get more absurd I stg.

No. 1070824

The only thing I can figure is well, we've seen the incels who follow her. They're ugly, old, and at least mildly retarded. They think she's not too far out of their league so they fantasize they could have a chance or don't feel like shes too hot that it makes them insecure. That's the biggest thing, I think. Then theres the dudes who like stupid, gross bitches humiliating themselves. And theres probably some who have a type that she fits. Some dudes like fatties and whatnot.
And lord knows what cringey fake shit she sends them in private messages to haggle money from them and fish for compliments.

No. 1070825

fupa = fat upper pubic area = pubic mound, you're thinking of her paunch/spare tire, which sits over the waist band. has nothing to do with the pubic area because it's just her stomach

she better fix it tomorrow, she just promised someone a custom delivered by Saturday

No. 1070826

Knowing Shay's scam record, she will definitely not have the video done on Saturday

No. 1070828

most of them are also overweight and some are also from hick areas like our fav jason womack from oklahoma kek
the fat hideous naked guy sitting on the toilet in his profile pic who orbits her sums it up perfectly.

No. 1070846

Seriously, she's always going on and on about HAVING to go to the dispensary because "I'm out of oil guys!!". I'd bet money she still has that lot of like 20 weed carts she gathered while "cleaning" several months back. This bitch has no concept of the value of anything. That shit isn't cheap. She's so privileged and wasteful she's probably ABOVE carts now that she's a DuM dAb BaRbiE now

No. 1070848

File: 1604033759429.jpeg (391.1 KB, 828x1345, 43FAA0A0-654C-4980-93FC-A1EF7A…)

No. 1070849

File: 1604033787923.jpeg (326.47 KB, 828x1030, B4A86EAA-AAFD-4462-938D-E95309…)

Her cats alive at least.

No. 1070850

i’m sure this is the case. i remember a few months back she posted a pic of like 15 half or more full carts and was begging for dispensary money days later.

No. 1070884

Taking a look at her bank statements and calculating her monthly costs would really be something else. But that's what people who format themselves a budget do and I'm so very certain she's never tried to tally up her costs. She burns away her money, she makes more than enough to live quite decently, what with her living alone in OK, what a fucking retard.

No. 1070893

Haven't checked in here for a few weeks, my god she looks like a different person.

No. 1070965

File: 1604061230233.gif (11.33 MB, 375x548, 11A7A85B-EC5A-4300-A7AF-05DDAA…)

My fav part is the dramatic close with the lip twitch at the end which then morphs into the Mary Sanderson sister smile lmao

No. 1070966

Same fag oops forgot to sage ^

No. 1070988

File: 1604065655914.jpg (40.21 KB, 500x648, night_clubs_01.jpg)

oh my fucking GOD that grin and licking her lips….

pic related, her mannerisms are that of a stereotypical, fat cougar who gets absolutely shit-faced and keeps making these faces at young men thinking she's hot shit

No. 1070997

Eww her tongue looks grey. Girl’s not well, which is not a surprise.

No. 1071003

>Mary Sanderson sister smile

lmao too accurate anon

No. 1071006

only difference is that these two chicks actually exude SOME form of sexiness. yeah they may look fat and trashy, but they have curves and work them. shayna is just fat and trashy and retarded, all while shaped like a fridge and wearing a cheap ass halloween costume with feathers on her shoulders for some reason

No. 1071015

Anon you don't have to say stupid shit just to make a point about Shay, the only "curves" either of those women have are convex.

No. 1071016

Better than ol concave ass Shayna.

No. 1071019

File: 1604070426777.jpeg (78.11 KB, 500x377, 05604C33-8495-490A-9DB8-0ACF54…)

Jeffree Star is looking rough

She gives me big Artemis vibes. Pic related.

No. 1071020

Very true kek

At least Artemis is confident and good at sex

No. 1071022

I can’t believe Shayna is a full on BBW now

No. 1071024

A farmer has been spamming shat’s twitter so she’s probably going to meltdown/lockdown

Wtf even is this comment ?

No. 1071025

File: 1604070808169.jpeg (146.47 KB, 1242x656, F6225603-59B8-49E8-BFB1-ED7DF0…)

I forgot to post image sorry(cowtipping)

No. 1071035

Oh ok, you're the cow tipping idiot

No. 1071036

I was just lurking and saw it. I figured it was a farmer? Isn’t that what we do here

No. 1071038

It's some autist who signed up for twitter like an hour ago and already got blocked by her, good job good effort retard, wherever you are.

No. 1071039

Yeah no I meant the cowtipper in the pic is the same one who keeps saying she's a BBW now. They said it last thread too. Autistic.

No. 1071050

File: 1604075637882.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 938x1418, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-30 um 1…)

No. 1071053

that's funny because she never actually orgasms.

No. 1071057

please spoiler this anon because i cant stop bfcuking lauighing outliid help

No. 1071059

Spoiler this please. I can't believe she uploaded this, the dress emphasizes her fat SO bad.
That aside, she never cums anyways so what's new. I don't think edging works the same way for women as it does for men anyways, what's the point?

No. 1071061

When you already look like a twink and/or sissy troon, you should avoid saying things that insinuate you have a dick. It's no NUT November. She should be doing cock tease, chastity, edging vids that are POV catered towards dudes. But shes just gonna pretend to not fake orgasm. Like ok? Her job us even easier? Kek

No. 1071076

I love how this chick is blaming the pandemic for looking absolutely horrific and is using it to virtue signal any chance she gets. "Look at my unwashed, unkempt hair, my undone, nasty nails and toes, my ugly makeup, and how fat I'm getting cause no exercise, and it's all in the name of saving lives!! uwu"
And it's like ????? You know you can literally do all those things at home, right? You can still wash and style your hair, paint your nails, exercise, and get better at makeup but okay. Just sounds like a lot of words for you're just flat out fucking lazy.

No. 1071100

File: 1604081181143.jpg (16.91 KB, 320x240, download.jpg)

No. 1071136

Honestly Pain & Panic are way cuter than she ever could be lol

No. 1071179

File: 1604089857477.jpeg (68.63 KB, 720x720, 014F3A61-FE7A-4F6D-B7A2-CF7F1C…)

Big Bertha come thruuuuu

No. 1071183

File: 1604090080588.jpg (10.94 KB, 300x300, armoured-skeptic-1.jpg)

She looks like what would happen if armored skeptic trooned out

No. 1071207

Oh my god Anon kek

No. 1071217

maybe she can get people to pay her to not eat for the month of november instead

No. 1071242

File: 1604097431877.jpeg (82.6 KB, 640x633, 81FE0A2B-56C6-4922-A7FC-772AF5…)

Kek skinny Shayna even looked like Panic too

No. 1071261

File: 1604099056692.png (755.4 KB, 1242x2208, E455AFF8-0694-46CB-BF78-D72CDD…)

No. 1071265

and she wonders why her content isnt doing well

No. 1071267

If she’s such a comedian she needs to be labeling her porn as parody already.

No. 1071269

She might make more money; if she did.

No. 1071271

File: 1604099600791.png (3.52 MB, 1242x2208, B8F662BA-F8E9-4FD4-9534-23F16D…)

Big Chewbacca feet(nitpicking)

No. 1071277

Criticising the size of feet is a bit nitpicky. She has a million other milky things going on other than her "big" feet - which aren't even big. She's what, a size 8 - 9?

No. 1071280

Love that the once pink soles are now brown. How does that even happen? She doesn't wear them out and is not a dancer. She's literally only worn them for photos and maybe for a 7 minute porn. I just don't understand how a human selling themselves for sex can be this disgusting.

No. 1071282

I think it's more so the fact she labels herself as UwU baby bimbo~ and then shows off her giant feet paired with her tree trunk cankles. Not exactly small and delicate

No. 1071287

Also. That pink star blanket is older than all 61 threads on lolcow about you Shayna. Get it sorted out and throw it away.

No. 1071288

They look funky because her shoe soles are dirty brown and they have scuffs on the heels she can’t even edit it out. The dirty blanket is disgusting as well

No. 1071291

Lol from a girl that prides herself on AttEntIoN tO dEtAil.

No. 1071294

>tree trunk legs
Also how is dirty pink heels “baby uwu” looks like cheap Payless shoes

No. 1071300

File: 1604101663571.jpg (201.36 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20201030-184733_Twi…)

No. 1071305

Top kek

No. 1071325

She always misses the mark with everything. Could have been a cute photo of cute shoes but she completely ruined it with that filthy dog blanket. How fried is her brain?

No. 1071328

File: 1604105247380.png (4.97 MB, 2744x1936, Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 8.44…)

Not sure what will be new about todays video… but she posted a clip on Twitter https://twitter.com/theIRLbarbie/status/1322325540905340928?s=20 dressed as a 'school girl' / university student saying that her prof said her skills would be best used for bimbo university.

How can you make a bimbo video and not even put lipstick or gloss on?

No. 1071329

File: 1604105329949.jpeg (1007.63 KB, 3464x3464, 8E43F62D-3F6A-4DB0-83AA-1AC616…)

No. 1071331

>bimbo university
Face palming she’s so stupid
That party city wig is hideous and cheap looking

No. 1071334

her lips are so fucking dry, good lord

No. 1071338

File: 1604105635296.jpeg (248.22 KB, 619x652, B04AE1FA-AF30-4A08-9B56-973E89…)

What lips

No. 1071342

yeah whats going on with her face? it looks swollen and more round then normal. Even when she was talking it was like her cheeks were swollen. You could barely see his lips.

She could've at least put lipgloss on or lipchap

No. 1071345

>his lips
Shaytard does look like a sissy dad kek

No. 1071351

File: 1604106436597.png (92.23 KB, 587x843, 1603389679549.png)

They do look pretty swollen, could be from her wisdom teeth being infected that she complained about that a few days ago.

No. 1071354

File: 1604107039505.png (609.35 KB, 1242x2208, AB836790-5885-402F-AEB9-412678…)

Onlyfans anon come through!!

No. 1071363

File: 1604107957807.jpg (105.86 KB, 1080x386, Screenshot_20201030-203224_Twi…)

No. 1071373

File: 1604108521616.jpeg (152.64 KB, 1242x870, B5C177D6-AFC1-4BC5-AB83-4D5594…)

scrotes disgust me more and more each day

No. 1071375

Would it fucking kill her to use some $2 elf blush and a tinted lip balm or something? She looks like a bloated corpse

No. 1071379

that lace front… woof

No. 1071380

File: 1604109241038.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 209.15 KB, 665x401, 16EA371E-BFBC-4C73-B509-1408F2…)

Gyspy Rose is that you???

No. 1071383

No. 1071385

File: 1604109523846.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 640x640, 1A795116-F682-4275-8455-241FB3…)

No. 1071386

File: 1604109729040.jpeg (15.88 KB, 200x186, 9F0D5713-B3BF-4A93-ABFF-4A6085…)

No. 1071390

>my pussy is always wet
No it ain’t kek they are like sandpaper when you spread them open

No. 1071394

File: 1604110102106.gif (1.95 MB, 300x168, 1ouw96.gif)

>"Example C: C U N T"

you can't convince me this isn't supposed to be some kind of parody.

No. 1071396

File: 1604110277570.jpeg (685.04 KB, 3464x3464, F5F8A0EF-BEDF-4966-8099-203C8A…)

She looks like a special needs grandma

No. 1071399

She talks about "riding cock" and wanting to be the best at it while….not riding cock? Tbh I think she's too fat to at this point and she'd be out of breathe immediately.

No. 1071403


No. 1071409

File: 1604111514727.jpeg (803.96 KB, 3464x3464, B8F239BF-042F-423C-8DAA-961C66…)


No. 1071412

Drinking too much alcohol can cause facial bloating similar to this

No. 1071414

Tbh I think it's a mixture of things, one big thing being her Depo (bc) shot that's known for massive weight gain. Mixed with the shit she eats and drinks, plus maybe some swelling from her infected mouth. Ew.

No. 1071420

File: 1604112001519.png (Spoiler Image, 3.14 MB, 1334x750, 7E56EE8F-FF05-4885-A27A-252730…)

the pussy boil… the aggressive rubbing like she’s angry at it… the face and wig. i can’t with this.

No. 1071422

can we put a moratorium on the “x, y or z caused her to be fat/bloated”? it’s basically medfagging at this point.

No. 1071426

She really needs to get better lighting, she's the colour of rancid raw chicken. Also is that a new pussy boil on the left?

No. 1071429

File: 1604112470864.jpeg (51.09 KB, 780x439, 5D285A64-3006-4528-B35B-41F97B…)

Those Sumo tits tho. Her one decent feature and she fucked those up.

Keking at the fact that her wig is the same color as her gross infected mouth.

No. 1071431


honestly ive never considered that she’s stopped doing insertion porn lately because she’s simply just that overweight and lazy now. damn.

No. 1071433

She supposed to be the school bimbo but looks like the school nerd/dork. Why these fucking glasses?

No. 1071434

Is no one gonna talk about how her skirt is officially so high it’s touching her tits

No. 1071436

She picked at that thing and you can tell. It's all bloody and swollen.

No. 1071438

I mean, there’s just so much wrong with this that how could we ever get to all of it?

No. 1071458

>>1071434 Is a girdle at this point.

I mean, she's really getting into the Halloween spirit. This is pure body horror.

No. 1071476

Ah, fuck it, farmhands, ban me again, i can't hold back:
I've lurked shay threads since the mv loft shit and I still can't fucking wrap my head around her boils. Like is it truly possible to have ingrowns so gnarly? I just don't understand how this isn't some kind of infection she's never gotten rid of or something what the fuck… Like normally I'd assume she's seen a doc and it is just something normal like advanced pussy acne or something nasty, but knowing shay her gnash could be ground 0 for some offset decedent of the bubonic plague lmao. Would unironically love if there's any derm fags around who could give a more detailed armchair of her 'condition' in ot or something
(Iirc there's a thread for ot cow comments somewhere?)

yes, yes I'm reporting myself for pussy sperg, don't fret sisters. It's just so fucking mind boggling, it never gets easier to process

No. 1071493

It looks like an ingrown hair to me that has become inflamed. Not surprising since it's in the genital area and the hairs there are coarse.

I don't think it's a skin boil. Boils are deep infections. That looks sore but it looks superficial.

No. 1071502

It’s obviously folliculitis imo. Not that uncommon on the thighs or genitals, especially if you shave. Some people are just prone to it. Pretty normal.

No. 1071506

She looks like the child of Trisha Paytas and Lauren Southern.

No. 1071522

It's just extra gross because she picks at it and makes it all nasty and inflamed. you can get rid of ingrown hairs if you take care of your body but that's difficult for Shay.

No. 1071528

File: 1604121948027.png (607.05 KB, 1242x2208, C7BEC9EC-5B18-45B0-BBA9-4C428B…)

How is this cute and quirky eat a salad fat bitch

No. 1071530

File: 1604122024248.png (8.69 MB, 1242x2208, D32D30B7-6CCE-4769-A8F3-20DDC6…)

The freaking stomach roll oh my god shayna you aren’t a size small anymore jfc

No. 1071531

everything about this is wrong. how the fuck do you look this much like a twink in drag as a woman??

No. 1071536

A lot of folliculitis is just genetic. mine on my thighs looks a lot like hers and I don’t pick at all/ wash with antibacterial everyday. Meh.

No. 1071542

>>1071536 Not trying to argue but to be fair, we've seen this bitch dry-shave her pussy on her bed with a disposable razor, then smack the shit out of it with a wooden paddle. I think it's pretty safe to say whatever's going on down there is self-inflicted in her case. It's not nearly as bad as it was during the pussy pump/paddle era, but the aggressive way she rubs it (does she have ANY idea where the clitoris is located? jfc) definitely isn't helping things.

>>1071530 I don't know what's funnier, the godawful shade of that wig, the gut-skirt, or the Harry Potter glasses.

No. 1071547

Shayna call your dad and move home, your porn is fucking gross.

No. 1071556

Shayna would be a remarkable case study into the neurodegenerative effects of heavy THC consumption in adolescence. I truly think that’s what we’re witnessing here: Her brain is absolutely fried and we all have to suffer the consequences.

No. 1071596

This. It should be used as a torture device honestly. The second hand embarrasment is just too much.

No. 1071599

File: 1604135870093.png (1020.69 KB, 946x856, Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-31 um 1…)

a bimbo who doesn't shave their legs, okay.(nitpicking)

No. 1071601

kek does she leave the first numbers of every donator's profile unblurred to prove the money comes from different people and she's not just regurgitating the same screencap

No. 1071605

It’s been known for a while she doesn’t shave her legs quit nitpicking

No. 1071613

In the past she'd get these small production fetish videos where a guy would tie her up and so on, does she even still get any of these now or did everyone realize that her material isn't well received?

No. 1071628

Shayna not doing those anymore might have something to do with her being difficult to work with. If you remember, she was briefly signed to some d-tier adult agency in San Diego around the time of her fetish videos but they dropped her a few months in.

No. 1071644

Might also be thinking about the creepy rope grandpa she called “sir” out in Seattle.

No. 1071666

can she even walk in heels, i wouldn't even expect her to be able to.

this is from over a week ago anon, check the date.

oh god she is pulling her skirt up way too high again to hide her gut, it's so bad. i'm not willing to subjugate myself to a shayna video, but how is this any different from all the other school girl stuff she has done?

honestly yeah, it has been over explained way too much. it needs to be banned like tit/pussy nitpicks.

No. 1071673

It's because one time, the production company paid for her flight + hotel and did her makeup + wardrobe for her. After that she expected it and would talk on cam about how her management wants HER to pay for her flights and hotels, because that's how it normally works, but she was.all uppity saying if they don't pay for it she won't do the job. She was being a diva because she got treated well once and I guess she thought it was because of her talent, kek.

No. 1071674

No. 1071686

Well that was disgusting. Happy Halloween.
How do people get off to this ?

No. 1071706

her lips are LITERAL SCABS. i cannot even focus on anything else.

No. 1071707

Only mentally retarded men like Jason R Womack from Tulsa Oklahoma and fat dude on toilet

No. 1071708

kek bless you anon this is the scariest thing I have ever seen. It sounds like she’s applying to Special Ed University.
Happy Halloween ladies thanks for all the laughs

No. 1071714

File: 1604158719167.gif (12.44 MB, 240x280, ezgif-3-45a1b3b28945.gif)

>when you see your doordash driver walking up with your candy order

No. 1071716

File: 1604158853071.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 510.27 KB, 1242x680, B2B7F052-1383-44CB-98E5-808E4E…)

When you get so obese your “fat” pussy shrinks and you look like you have a shriveled up ballsack

No. 1071721

File: 1604159346750.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.24 MB, 640x640, 227CB2CC-A7E5-4D85-B682-5DA5BA…)

shat is going to be wearing diapers once she stretches her asshole so big it can’t hold any shit
> a lá nikacado avocado
But at least nik is entertaining and lowkey a troll and has a dedicated fan base unlike Shaytard

No. 1071723

File: 1604159358061.jpeg (210.67 KB, 534x592, BBE74653-0A60-4DC1-82DE-9BE75C…)

I cannot deal with the faces she makes kek. She’s too aware of the camera/herself, but not in an interactive or performative way. Does she consider this parody porn, or does she think this is legitimately sexy?

No. 1071726

She thinks acting like a retarded woman is appealing to scrotes because well let's be real they want someone who's dumber than them. So yeah she does think it's sexy because her bottom of the barrel audience loves it.

No. 1071729

Tbh she doesn't use big enough dildos or plugs for that. She pretends to be an anal "queen" but can barely take a dildo in her ass. She just likes sucking on butt plugs like a retard.

No. 1071748

No I very much doubt she can walk in heels. She looks like an oaf. Her cankles would struggle. But honestly she's never worn them outside I'm sure. Like most of her heels/"cute shoes" she only wears them for pics and vids. So she stumbles around the room or I imagine even crawls when shes too intoxicated kek

She thinks peak fashion for footwear in public is dingey uggs. Iirc the ONLY heels/platforms she's worn out are those big wedge pink sandals with the stars in the heel or something. She's worn them to a couple shoots during that brief saga.

No. 1071755

The different fake voices in the vid kek
The voice over voice was the weirdest though I can't place it.
Multiple thumbs up and some lines were extra cringe. And the abrupt end where she doesn't say anything about orgasming, just ends the vid after making the most ridiculous wand masturbation segment I've seen from her. Shay just advertise as parody porn already.

No. 1071758

POV: paralysis demon sits on you and wants you to look into its gaped asshole

No. 1071761

I recoiled with the closeup buttplug fucking. Noooo.

No. 1071762

you don't have to roast her THAT hard anon, it's starting to smell like cooked pork in here.

No. 1071766

File: 1604164117811.png (Spoiler Image, 7.29 MB, 1242x2208, 152528AE-8AB8-4C7D-8895-50558B…)

It’s the fat girl mouth breathing for me kek

No. 1071767

File: 1604164193481.png (Spoiler Image, 8.48 MB, 1242x2208, 4830C0F5-4F8B-4682-8EC1-FD00BC…)

No. 1071774

File: 1604164543706.gif (1.25 MB, 480x270, steve.gif)

this is all I can see

No. 1071779

File: 1604165006691.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.69 KB, 490x632, 454635BC-964D-442D-9210-0F528E…)

This is absurd

No. 1071784

seriously what is wrong with her tit that looks painful and ….not good(nitpicking)

No. 1071788

Probably because she used her mic for it but doesn't know how to properly use it and edit the audio to sound nice. It's one of those purchases she made to flex but can't actually use it properly.

No. 1071794

File: 1604166258353.jpg (Spoiler Image, 523.47 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20201031-103531_Fir…)

The way she has her labia majora bent to the side because it's so fat. My God. Also has anyone noticed if you look at her gash upside down it looks like a spider mouth specifically the chelicerae. If I had photoshop skills I would have photoshopped Pennywise's final formal on that.

No. 1071801

It’s like she is cosplaying gypsy rose at all times now including the voice

No. 1071808

Since she likes true crime I wouldn't put it past her that she's seen the documentary where the real gypsy rose talks alot about what happened and she thought it was cute and now mimics it.

No. 1071815

She reminds me of her so much it’s like she stole gypsys entire personality l

No. 1071817

*dead on, with lips closed. Not from upside down.

No. 1071824

File: 1604169164031.png (1.29 MB, 1242x2208, 1191303C-DE0B-4A8A-824C-ACC96A…)

No. 1071825

File: 1604169210151.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 455.04 KB, 1122x1587, 093F5138-A603-4582-9D0B-CBA067…)

KEK wtf is this

No. 1071832

what the fuck… is THIS the “fan art” she tweeted about? jfc

No. 1071833

why do sw care more about defending kinks than condemning pedophiles?

No. 1071835

This. Seriously. You can want to cancel both too, since they're both bad for women and children, but Shay has to pander to her audience.

No. 1071840

File: 1604170031856.jpeg (190.36 KB, 1242x1199, 6BD08718-3ABD-4675-B379-5AAE11…)

Sage for retarded cow art
A more accurate image of Shaytard

No. 1071842

People get off to different things I get that but dressing like a freaking baby and having a diaper on and a pacifier is fucking pedophilia. Degenerate people like shay want to normalize it so bad

No. 1071843

Kek, this is hilarious. Her fucking face on it.

Also love how her asshole looks torn in several places

No. 1071846

last time she sperged about this she listed off a bunch of characters other people make porn of, all generally teenaged. I think it’s really weird that Shay uses this to justify consistently picking characters under the age of 10.

No. 1071853

I have never seen a group of individuals who are so invested in romanticizing pedophilia. I have more respect for pornstars and actual prostitutes because they are not on Twitter complaining and bitching about how people don’t want to date them. Onlyfans girls are the most generate creatures of them all. The ironic thing is DDLG “littles” who larp as underaged children and usually the ugliest, and fattest women I have seen. They always have disgusting tattoos and piercings. And they don’t fit the “uwu little baby” image it’s hilarious and the “daddy” is always some fat neckbeard(derailing)

No. 1071920

File: 1604177545158.jpeg (508.04 KB, 1229x1471, C302D8C7-3BD4-4C15-9A40-695AFB…)

What’s cute about an obese whale who resembles Jessica Yaniv and Gypsy Rose?

No. 1071955

File: 1604182073600.png (7.42 MB, 1242x2208, DB858D46-2DF7-4235-A1EA-62B6C5…)

Why does she always look like she smelled a fart

No. 1071960

She obviously slept with those braids on… Why did she put on makeup and not brush her hair, she looks like she's been electrocuted smh

No. 1071964

More likely smelling her nasty self.

No. 1071969

If she wore underwear that fit instead of ones that cut off her circulation, she’d look sexier and less fat. Also, please fix your hair before shooting, you have all. Day. To look good. That bong is incredibly cute though.

No. 1071970

File: 1604183950942.jpg (183.09 KB, 1080x687, Screenshot_20201031-173850_Twi…)

No. 1071971

she's getting to the point with these filters that she literally has a different face in every picture

No. 1071972

Is it just me and my alzheimers, or did she always just wear underwear (or nothing) and no pants at home or is this a new development?
Idk, I might be wrong here but tinfoiling she stopped wearing pants because almost all the ones she has doesn't fit her anymore and she refuses to admit shes not a small anymore by buying fitting clothes.
Her skirt belts are on point tho, kek.

No. 1071975

It's truly baffling to see how much money she constantly wastes.

No. 1071978

i guess she’s really leaning to the fat bitch saga now. what happened to our healthy eating queen?

No. 1071981

>what happened to our healthy eating queen?

fatty mattel ate her.

No. 1071982

File: 1604185765891.png (1.28 MB, 1242x2208, 5EE07497-05F5-4E95-9C3C-250572…)

Wow shay so punny
Fatty Mattel

No. 1071986

um that sounds just like our boy jason lmfao

No. 1071987

i really didn't want to believe womack was courting her in the DM.

No. 1071996

yeah dead giveaway honestly kek

No. 1071998

Who else is desperate enough to get into this bitch’s crusty panties!? Kek he’s obsessed I can’t wait for the Shayna Womack saga

No. 1072001

Would he be able to resist replying about it if it were him?

No. 1072005

I am just so amazed she's so cavalier about her binge eating but hasn't progressed to purging. I thought for sure the ED saga was next, but no she's just fine with growing by the day.

No. 1072006

he hasn’t interacted with any of her posts in like 3 hours so he probably hasn’t seen it yet

No. 1072010

now she’s to the point where she probably wouldn’t even lose weight if she started purging. bitch just needs to lay off the candy .

No. 1072030

He like the tweet about the sugar daddy tho

No. 1072038

File: 1604190468933.jpg (Spoiler Image, 381.17 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20201101_002526.jpg)

What the fuck… Why would she willingly upload this? Her lips look so dry and cracked that it almost looks like there's some bleeding going on.
She got 1 saggy tit, her gooch looks irritated to fuck and looks like spider eyes in her minge.

No. 1072040

meth mouth mattel

No. 1072052

it's been years and she still does not put on any lipchap or gloss. There's no reason to be on camera CONSTANTLY with ur lips so dry when you are the product.

No. 1072054

File: 1604191574518.jpg (842.29 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20201031-194557_Twi…)

No. 1072063

Why does she look like a retarded kid picking her nose

No. 1072064

Because that's exactly what she is.

No. 1072071

How many fucking times has she worn this outfit for the "School Girl" look?
Can she not spend like $50 on a too small skirt and a different shirt? Like a button up or something?

No. 1072076

exactly, special needs chubby child picking their nose with dry lips because they mouth breath.

No. 1072083

>when you try to be a stereotypical blonde bimbo but end up looking like a mentally challenged child being exploited to make sped porn

No. 1072101

File: 1604194870826.jpg (42.44 KB, 500x641, FB_IMG_1604027794096.jpg)

Instantly reminded of this.

Sage for non-contributing dumbassery.

No. 1072116

File: 1604196652065.jpg (209.29 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20201031-211029_Twi…)

Shay, we all know your fat ass can't do that anymore. We've seen it

No. 1072131

Why do they have the same nose kek
Fatty Mattel is still convinced she can still do the “pretzel”

No. 1072159

File: 1604200824911.jpeg (47.26 KB, 656x354, shaynabean.jpeg)

No. 1072167

she barely could to begin with

No. 1072176

File: 1604203462826.jpg (Spoiler Image, 451.33 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20201031-230400_Twi…)

This makes it look like she has a clubbed foot

No. 1072179

That hair oh my fucking god it’s the greasiest she’s ever had

No. 1072193

File: 1604205482863.png (2.18 MB, 1242x2208, shay-puft.png)

No. 1072211

This pic made me realize that if she ever loses weight, her tits will be ruined. They’re probably already ruined to an extent.

No. 1072213


yeah double ban me for tit sperg and saggy tit sperg but damn… not saying she’s got major saggage happening yet but considering she just got her “new tits” in, its pretty sad her lifestyle of doordash, constantly weed smoking, lack of sleep, and alcohol have caused her skin to start slacking at such a young age.

Drink some water girl.

No. 1072216

Anon…do you wear pants in your home? By yourself? Sat up in bed in a pair of khakis like an autist. Shay is fat and ugly but I don’t think she has suddenly stopped wearing pants.

No. 1072222

File: 1604209508517.jpg (155.72 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20201101-004448_Twi…)

We went from doll parts to now puppy parts

No. 1072234

It's the nasty, cheap hair piece. It looks worse than her real hair and yet she keeps wearing it. Whatever happened to the long hair piece(s) she kept wearing looking like a conehead? She retired them after a month, but wont throw this literal garbage looking thing away?

No. 1072291

Nothing is wrong with slightly saggy tits or anything but the only thing that saved her body in the past was her boobs, unless she puts her ass to work and does some squats and waist trainer most hours of the day then she can somewhat keep followers. I get men are desperate but I don't see why she thinks she can just chill and binge and smoke weed and she's just going to wake up one day and be fine

No. 1072298

So… Let me get this straight. This dumbass denounce insensitive people who can't stay inside during a pandemic (despite being one of them), yet she gets MULTIPLE workers from MULTIPLE convenience stores to deliver her some candy, so she can enjoy some sort of a pathetic halloween 2020 experience?

Shayna, this is why people hate you.

No. 1072341

File: 1604231403874.png (4.77 MB, 1080x1441, shay.png)

had to, lol.
that skirt is absolutely sending me, jesus christ. super skimpy and short skirts are a thing, sure, but whatever she has going on is literally a loincloth.

No. 1072344

She has to be fucking with us at this point. What bimbo is fat, cross eyed, and picks their nose out in the open? She looks disabled

No. 1072378

She really thinks she's like Loren Gray or something.

No. 1072405

The thought of Shayna alone in her room getting all meat-sweaty from thinking of her manlet ex calling her rancid crotch a dog pussy is sending me

No. 1072409

File: 1604244168006.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, 8C2EBEE8-9D36-4AB2-B8D3-985BDB…)

No. 1072410

File: 1604244229640.png (2.23 MB, 1242x2208, 89110F6E-1DB8-4CC5-B969-B2F2CF…)

This is so ugly wtf

No. 1072412

Same fag but that’s literally what sex workers do to her they give her chump change because they feel bad that she’s a fat ugly retard who can’t even afford a Uber ride

No. 1072414

what’s funny about this is she’s not even top 1% anymore so this isn’t even relevant to her

No. 1072415

File: 1604244429562.png (905 KB, 1242x2208, EADC3DFD-5EA4-49E5-A63A-6FE866…)

It’s called get a job I am losing brain cells

No. 1072417

File: 1604244627019.jpeg (543.06 KB, 1242x1330, B5B88AF3-8A09-48C0-9E36-865690…)

She always has to put her opinion online NO ONE CARES SHAYTARD

No. 1072418

File: 1604244699413.png (537.26 KB, 1242x2208, 359919B6-947F-4C09-9647-70173F…)

No. 1072423

Does she really consider herself to be one of the successful ones, still she’s not wrong. That’s a fucking stupid post

No. 1072427

Crying at the spider eyes comment

No. 1072429

She still doesn't understand that no one cares about her opinions. Men follow her on twitter because she posts pics of her asshole for free.

No. 1072432

>some people are so rude
>um, fuck you for asking for my money? ur just mr pibb in a coca cola industry.
I honestly agree that OP of the first tweet was being dumb as fuck; no one is going to just give away money for a community ho charity fund, but, as always, hypocrite Shay can say one thing and contradict it in the next breath.

No. 1072436

It looks like it’s made out of starfish

No. 1072437

We've learned already that Shayna will always accept help, but will never ever give it. If another sex worker asks for help she will only do it if it's beneficial to her. She has no empathy to just help others out for no reason.

No. 1072439

File: 1604246254664.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2208, 595498B8-840A-4BA2-BFE4-54EE64…)

No. 1072441

That's such a disgusting way of thinking. That girl was just trying to say that very successful sex workers should think of giving back to those struggling and Shayna is freaking out screaming "IM NOT OBLIGATED TO HELP ANYONE ITS NOT MY PROBLEM YOURE NOT SUCCESSFUL NOTICE ME NOTICE ME PICK ME"

No. 1072442

File: 1604246345630.gif (1.56 MB, 540x259, 5DCF99AF-6ADB-4934-BE29-9FBFB0…)

No. 1072443

>making someone feel bad about their opinion
If you genuinely feel the way you do how would someone make you feel bad kek
She thinks she’s funny and edgy but she literally has to beg for money all the time, it’s pathetic

No. 1072444

Op was dumb nobody has to give away their money to dumb girls who degrade themselves and make pennies but Shaytard always has to brag about how much she’s “thriving” I can’t stand this fat pig

No. 1072445

she's such an annoying bitch lol
just own your dumbass opinions and move on

No. 1072446

She says shit like this about not as successful sex workers and then wonders why the community doesn't like her. I can't wait for the "everyone hates me" sperg.

No. 1072447

File: 1604246542185.jpeg (745.45 KB, 1242x1498, 51383DF4-B9CF-485D-9B07-C84F94…)

Tubby won’t stop sperging

No. 1072448

Nice job outing that you make shit on OnlyFans and aren't actually living a bimbo lifestyle. I never would have guessed.


No. 1072450

I’m just saying when you loose a ton of weight your tits don’t just deflate haha. I don’t know why but this post was pretty funny. It’s like pregnant women, they are saggy for the first few months then stiffen up, and get perky again. But who are we kidding ? She will never loose the weight. If anything she will get bigger like a blueberry

No. 1072452

Nah Shay, you could have kept that to yourself. Not all opinions should be shared. You talk shit about sex workers and the community and then cry when they don't let you sit at the table. Retard.

No. 1072455

>when you loose a ton of weight your tits don’t just deflate
a lot of people's do though. that's why breast augmentations after weight loss are so common.

No. 1072456

OP was just saying it would be nice for more successful sex workers to give back to the community during this time. She wasn't saying it's successful sex workers responsiblities to sustain those people or anything. Just like a "hey give back to your community" kind of thing.

No. 1072457

so now she's just shit talking the girl? Say your opinon and move on. She has to say her opinion, make sub tweets, a public announcement and then laugh with other girls about how dumb she thinks someone else is.
If this would done to her she'd say she was being "cancelled" and suicide bait.

I wish people gave a fuck enough to call her out. One day she's going to do this and she's going to get her shit handed to her.

No. 1072459

people do call her out sometimes but they're all nobodies so it doesn't really matter

No. 1072460

also when that sex trafficking victim did the same thing to her, she lost her shit.

No. 1072466

File: 1604247731181.png (26.87 KB, 610x390, Capture.PNG)

I don't know why i find this so funny and disturbing. All her pictures and videos are worth $3. You know..all those videos and pictures she claims she puts her all in are worth $3.
and she's proud of that.

No. 1072467

Jason R Womack king of grammar kek

No. 1072471

File: 1604248134451.jpeg (1.39 MB, 3464x3464, 5447FBE8-C573-4E87-AAEA-C0ACDC…)

Dirty deleting. But she is still sperging about this she’s so annoying

No. 1072475

File: 1604248274561.png (601.85 KB, 1242x2208, B28E2DB4-5421-498F-906C-E33C5D…)

No. 1072478

shayna just say you’re completely broke and move on. we already know.

No. 1072481

See but that girl stated her opinion in a thought out, decent manner. Shay was condescending and fuckin insecure and went to sub tweet shit talk. Added nothing to the convo but be a butthurt bitch.

Insufferable. "I'm muting everyone" and sub tweets to "let's all hug". Get bent you bitchy tard.

No. 1072484

"Your charity fund is dumb it's on you to be good at it"
>>is practically a charity fund
>>demands money from followers in the grossest, class-less ways
>>worse than panhandling?

No. 1072488

>we need high IQ sexworkers
not gonna happen

No. 1072489

No that's not at all what you were trying to say Shay. So you dirty deleted it and are going to pretend you're weren't acting like an uppity bitch. I thought people should let you speak your opinion though? At least stick by your shitty opinions, damn.

No. 1072492

File: 1604249686796.jpg (58.7 KB, 720x355, 20201101_084809.jpg)

So you can see what bimbos really are and look like? She would embarrass herself and stick out like the retard she is.
Hers a BiMbO 101 tip for you Shay: they all have plump, hydrated, GLOSS lips. Skinny with big tits. Tan. Long blonde hair or straightened clean brown.
I dont know how it would be on MV, but you can search "bimbo" on any pornsite and see that Shay is not even close. She was closer a couple years ago, but even then she really didnt have the key stereotypical bimbo features. Just let it go, Shay. She thinks bimbo just means brainless whore. And she thinks they live in high luxury too. But she ignores that the look is an even bigger part of the fetish.

No. 1072495

the only part of "bimbo" that she actually fits is being a brain dead retard

No. 1072502

File: 1604250510626.png (Spoiler Image, 3.02 MB, 1242x2208, 6632B6B8-01E3-4BC4-84C3-96A7B1…)

No. 1072508

the Halloween contest ended last night, shat unsurprisingly did not win. she finished in 14th place

No. 1072510

lmao jesus fucking christ, she's so far up her ass.

''I'm not gonna be guilted into giving money''
Don't worry, nobody is guilting your poor ass!

''If someone wants 2 earn what I earn, they can work like I did''
Implying she has done jack shit to earn anything…your entire collection goes for less than a couple McNuggets for fuck's sake kek

No. 1072514

File: 1604251477818.png (392.88 KB, 1242x2208, C5FA96F9-E0F7-41F7-A9CB-66DCC3…)


No. 1072515

The fact that her content costs less than a McDonald’s McNuggets meal sends me

No. 1072519

>not a capitalist
>is a whore
>shills SW as highly profitable venture specially enabled by capitalistic means
>always so fucking hard up on cash that you demand socialism from your competitors
Lollll these bitches are brain dead. Of course Shayna’s opinion is purely motivated by greed and narcissism and the fact that she’s broke but let’s not pretend that wasn’t a dumb ass whore take.

No. 1072521

Yeah these braindead chicks are always screaming how capitalism is bad but sell pictures of their body? And use the money to buy things from corporate companies like Amazon etc

No. 1072522

3 of these are the same picture, just with different clothes

No. 1072524

File: 1604252068728.png (677.32 KB, 1242x2208, 5B3023F1-1D19-4067-B0A6-E713C7…)

No. 1072527

Well at least she's admitting it.

No. 1072528

Back to streaming? Is she talking about games or camming? Does she not realize she's literally never been a streamer or?

No. 1072529

Yeah, I do wear pants at home, by myself? Wtf.
I have actual furniture other than my bed too, so I can actually use those to sit in.

No. 1072534

How is that flattering? I would consider a woman who looks like a bean bag to be fat and lumpy. Sounds bigger than a BBW but ok Shay

Anon, it's the only angle she knows how to do. Leaning back, sitting on her cottage cheese flat ass.

Yeah. I was confused by that phrasing. Maybe she meant back to the idea of it kek. Like it's closer to maybe happening.

No. 1072535

shayna spending her sunday morning yelling about nothing on twitter lmao classic. what a loser.

No. 1072542

>The exact same pose with different sperg faces

No. 1072546

This bitch thinks she’s Coca Cola and not generic stale Pepsi

No. 1072551

This girl will never see that kind of money she’s minimum wage sw

No. 1072557

don't do him dirty like that anon.

i don't think these bitches realize how little one can earn at 1% with us knowing how much shayna is just scraping by. but yeah, of course she doesn't want to help anyone, but wants to receive everyone else's generosity.

No. 1072563

lol sage this kind of autism jfc

No. 1072580

Depends anon, if you're old then you probably won't regain the perkiness, if you're young and have good amounts of collagen then you can go back within a couple of months, even then, we're all human here, nobody is going to have perfect perky tits forever.

No. 1072586

Sorry I just think she thinks she the heisenburg of sw lol

No. 1072588

I'm still unsure of what determines the percentage ranking on OF, but I could deduce it doesn't have to do with earnings.

Shay realized that her content had to be quantity over quality and thus couldn't price it for very much. It's hilarious that she's attempted to sell it for $5, but couldn't. $3 is the value of her "efforts". Sad. She's one small step above the ugly attention whores that have to do free OF. Her vids are lower than others too. Because it's not quality, it's not worth more than a few bucks. She scrapes by on the retard simp bucks and has the nerve to act like she's thriving and better than.

No. 1072589

I know a girl who was making 17k she was at the top .05% Shayna makes about 2.5-3k she has a long way to go

No. 1072602

File: 1604259811266.png (436.99 KB, 750x1334, E49C55FF-729F-47D6-8DA7-EDA181…)

i feel so bad for shaytard’s dog that she just lets it roam in all her filth and trash when she’s not home

No. 1072604

File: 1604260048840.jpeg (865.15 KB, 3464x3464, FA21363D-3F91-4C5E-9787-FF06B6…)

No. 1072605

Noodle is going to eat something toxic and die. Shay is a horrible pet owner

No. 1072608

Your dog ate a full tube of lipstick and you didn't take it to the vet? Fuck you.

No. 1072611

Every pic she posts of Noodle, she has eye goobs. Why is she such a hypocrite even about the littlest things???

Also… these bitches leave there makeup in places a dog can get to and that's really not cool. Have you heard of counters or cupboards? Like wtf. I know dogs can be destructive and persistent, but don't be lazy. Don't make it easy for them. They're destructive because of emotional or behavioral issues. So work on it. Put things theyll destroy up and away. Good lord.

No. 1072613



No. 1072614

Chill out, lipstick is nontoxic.

No. 1072622

It’s funny she’s thinks she’s the one who’d have money be taken when she’s the charity case

No. 1072627

Ehhh not all lipstick is made the same. I would have at least just called the vet to ask. Her dog had eaten garlic bread and onions and she didn't take it to the vet so I'm just expecting this dog to die because Shayna is too retarded to have animals.

No. 1072629


This is the same bitch that was JUST crying because other sex workers “poaching” her customers and saying how evil that is. Yet is saying nobody owes anyone else help. Okay, cunt, nobody owes you any loyalty to not “take away” your followers. The delusion of her own hypocrisy is astounding.

No. 1072630

she's the type of person who'd find it quirky and funny getting the animals
high by smoking in front of them.

No. 1072631

File: 1604262032237.jpeg (843.09 KB, 2048x1641, CED3D533-5016-44A2-B7B0-68148F…)

I feel genuinely bad for noodle
Sage for no contribution

No. 1072634

She tried to sound like Ariana Grande when she was in Victorious; at least that's where I place it

No. 1072665

Yeah I didn't want to nitpick the eye goobers but every post with noodle I was just like "damn bitch clean your dogs eyes before a pic"
So it's crazy she would say anything about it when she never does

No. 1072668

Surely this candy bitch is trolling otherwise she must be a troon with a literal ball sack. Who would want shayna’s vagina. Who.

No. 1072681

File: 1604266813052.jpg (433.22 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20201101-153921_Twi…)

No. 1072683

File: 1604266837554.jpg (163.84 KB, 1080x464, Screenshot_20201101-153935_Twi…)

No. 1072685

Jesus; this is just pathetic.

No. 1072687

>what's more fun than being useless and retarded?

No. 1072692

She spends more on junk food then any of these items. She wears the same shit, she buys similiar shit and she has like 1 purse.


You've been stuck on the same dick for years and have said multiple times on ur sex work account you don't really like sex.

No. 1072694

and she does not even have a car, everything she named is shit she does not have much of, does not have or has it but it's bad quality, like "Cock"and Clothes.

No. 1072720

>pink: the musty stained mismatched different shades of pink home decor, furniture and outfits
>boys: Jason R Womack, fat toilet dude, grayoldman and Kyle Fupa Perkins
>money: $3 onlyfans and begging for food and rent money
>cars: has no car
>purses: that one crusty ugliest looking Michael Kors cheap handbag
>clothes: cheap lingerie from Amazon.com
>shoes: the heels with dirty foot imprints on them and one pair of musty ugg boots along with black ugg slippers full of dog hair
>Cock: has none. can’t even keep a fat loser deadbeat dad with a small chode dick named Kyle Nathan Perkins to stay.

No. 1072722

ugh I hate to think that her animals are probably stoned regularly just from all the second hand smoke. fucking awful

No. 1072724

This is the saddest children’s book ever: The Pickme Who Didn’t Get Picked.

No. 1072726

Please make this the title for the next thread.

No. 1072728

>Shayna Clifford / Dolly Mattel #62: The saddest children’s book ever- The Pickme Who Didn’t Get Picked

No. 1072737

She doesn't love or even care about anything else than weed, booze and junk food. A drunk fat stoner is the absolute literal opposite of a bimbo, jesus christ. She really thinks she's such a household name that she couldn't change her porn name into something else without it affecting her market. Even when the name change might help her Google search hits be something else than her most embarrassing moments.

No. 1072739

File: 1604272306682.png (219.17 KB, 590x692, book.png)

No. 1072740

File: 1604272341753.jpeg (311.49 KB, 1242x1586, D5F37FF6-BE1C-47FD-A11F-32C165…)

Add this as the cover

No. 1072755

No. 1072757

File: 1604274067819.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3464x3464, 04069C16-11DC-4A1D-808C-EFDE19…)

Dumb cover

No. 1072768

this is unsettling

No. 1072773

I know it would be cowtipping but I’d lose my shit if someone replied this verbatim to her stupid tweets lol

No. 1072779

based, needs a shoeonhead and other lefthots versions

No. 1072782

onlyfans percentage is based solely on your earnings in the past 30 days, nothing else. there's no algorithm to it, it's just an income ranking. if she's top 2.0% and stays there generally, she's probably making a little over 3k a month

No. 1072792

Geez honestly that's pretty wild that she's that high ranking. Especially if its income based. Is it hard to be in 1%? Like are a lot of bitches in top 2%? Idk

No. 1072793

that's terrible if she's making bellow minimum wage and yet still at 2%. Damn most of these people are selling themselves off for literal pennies

No. 1072798

do we know whether she's top 2% or more like top 5% and just talking out her ass?

No. 1072803

anon $3k a month would add up to $36k/year. that is not minimum wage kek.
although i don’t believe for a minute that’s what she’s making.

No. 1072804

>Like are a lot of bitches in top 2%?
Anon, are you high?

No. 1072806

her rent is literally 1000$ per month kek its dirt dirt cheap. if she had a full extra 2000$ per month in tulsa OK she'd be actually buying the computers and cars she talks about but never can actually buy. i don't think she's 2% and i don't think she makes 3k monthly either except for the rare months/in the past she made close to 3k but no longer. probably more like 2000-2400. she spends a lot on weed and alcohol but not 2000$ monthly, and she couldn't even afford a fucking inhaler awhile ago and (claimed) she had 2$ left and was sperging out over it, so i think the evidence points to less than 3k and i don't personally believe she's top 2% at all these days.

No. 1072807

you're right. I didn't add that up so while it's more than I'd have thought (assuming she even gets to take home that much after these sites take their cut) it's still not an amount I'd be claiming to be a total baller since it's slightly above average for a woman in the us

No. 1072822

File: 1604283612307.jpg (344.87 KB, 1080x1214, 20201102_021618.jpg)

Step 1: stop smoking
Step 2: stop eating shit loads of candy.

I mean she's full of shit. Tooth pain, especially wisdoms; eating is so painful. She's been stuffing her face with all sorts no problem, sucking dirty buttplugs etc.

No. 1072829

wasn’t she just eating candy yesterday

No. 1072831

No. 1072836

Maybe sucking grimey dildos and filthy buttplugs and eating candy and garbage without brushing your fucked up teeth has something to do with it.

No. 1072839

How long is she gonna complain about the wisdom teeth thing? I swear she posts about it every couple months. Like get it taken care of, dumb bitch. Since she doesnt beg for money for it, she's obviously on her parents insurance or has her own.

No. 1072842

She's gonna get fucking dry socket if she smokes, not to mention the pain meds issue

No. 1072860

File: 1604289511734.jpg (198.52 KB, 1080x766, Screenshot_20201101-215808_Twi…)

How is this any different from all the other outfits she buys?

No. 1072866

Sad that she lives alone in a haze of musty filth and pot smoke and calls it The DoLlHaUs like its really something. Shes getting another pink fake christmas tree and pink stuff as usual. Not sure how that's different than other years.
Obsessing over pink things isn't a personality, Shay.

No. 1072868

I know nothing about OF really. It was a legit question. Yes,I get it is "top 2%" but I don't know how many girls are on OF so I don't have a reference to scale how many would be in the top 2%.

And honestly let's be real. She ain't in the top 2% anymore. Unless she posts a dated screenshot to prove me wrong. She stopped posting the caps to back it up months ago. She loses a significant amount of subs monthly. So really y'all saying shes making 2.5k+ are probably off lol.

No. 1072875

How many trees has this dumb-ass gone through? She does know you can box up and store a fake tree, right?

No. 1072890

Legit the only things she brings when she moves is her clothes, shoes, and sex toys. Everything else she re-buys/re-begs for. Which begs the question why she kept posting about unpacking for months. We've seen she bought all new dish ware, furniture, etc moving in.
But no, anon, hauling a fake tree from place to place isn't on her priorities. Especially when she can just e-beg for another. Just like the giant teddy bear.

No. 1072895

These tweets sound just like some of those ultra fetishistic troon tweets posted in the MtF thread regularly.
>she thinks she the heisenburg of sw
More like the Hindenburg kek

No. 1072912

what’s really pathetic is the “dollhaus” was originally what they called the fupa mansion and he may have even been the one that coined the term

No. 1072930

Pretty sure he was the one to coin the term. I loved that saga so fucking much. I remember when Shay was claiming all over tumblr that he was buying her a house.

No. 1072932

And now they both live in the same sad apartment complex.

No. 1072935

Are your finances okay anon ? Haha

No. 1072957

ah yes i'm dirt poor because i threw together a rough analysis on shayna's current possible earnings. also integrate better

No. 1073019

of has about 700.000 content creators aka e-whores, so top 2% would be 14.000

No. 1073024

Ok thanks. I legitimately had no idea. Didn't think there were that many tbh. I mean I figured there was a lot, but. Puts it in perspective that she's 1 gross bitch in a literal sea of sluts kek. Like 1 in 14,000 ain't so impressive.

No. 1073069

OF bumps up people based on how often they post and the interaction they get. OF also assigns % based on your popularity in the categories the people tag their porn as.

Top 2% isn't necessarily difficult to reach in a niche category.

They keep their algorithms secret. Even in her prime, I have difficulties believing Shaytan got more than USD 5000 a month. And then, she probably only reached that level a couple of months.

No. 1073090

There are no categories on OF. They may take fan count and number of posts, along with interaction and income into account for % but there definitely aren’t categories on that site.

No. 1073107

File: 1604332570189.jpg (406.88 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20201102-095518_Twi…)

No. 1073110

File: 1604332615759.jpg (267.4 KB, 1080x828, Screenshot_20201102-095557_Twi…)

Of course Shay would try to make something sexy out of people's deaths

No. 1073123

She’s retarded I’m pretty sure they renamed the Cecil Hotel and/or remodeled it due to the fact some girl died in the water tank on the roof. Shayna thinks she’s cute and quirky

No. 1073124

This isn't new information in the slightest, wait until she finds out about Elisa Lam and see if she still thinks it's cool, and she's disrespectful and retarded as fuck and I hate her.

No. 1073127

Wtf is wrong with these chicks? "I want to stay at a place where people killed themselves"

That's disgusting.

No. 1073131

anon, you do realize eating plastic isn't good either?

this is before of takes a cut though, we've seen that she made around 2k and lower in a month.

No. 1073132

She posted a link to her case so yeah she thinks it’s cool
I mean true crime fanatics would like to go there because it’s a mysterious creepy hotel but Shayna is somehow romanticizing it like a weirdo. UwU quirky sex worker party

No. 1073134

File: 1604335260084.jpeg (360.99 KB, 1206x1637, 880E379F-5836-4D0F-8905-F42FD1…)

No. 1073135

I mean I’m not against creepy tourism. And the Cecil is a beautiful place, very Art Deco and 20s. But it is really close to skid row, a massive street of homelessness and drugs for those outside of the US. Plus because the neighborhood it’s in has become so bad the owners had to open it up to being particularly month by month discount housing.
So you’re dealing with a lot of sketchy people in that place. Part of the Elisa Lam thing was that she thought it was a good place to stay because she didn’t know that no one without track marks between their fingers would stay in that place.

No. 1073136

California has homeless people everywhere so I think if you’re a local you’ll be okay to visit for one day but yeah it’s not an ideal place to stay. Shaytard is retarded. She doesn’t even make enough money to fly to LA to stay there.

No. 1073137

File: 1604335844860.jpeg (680.36 KB, 1242x1300, 2A2C555B-D8AA-40D3-89DD-723F02…)

Literally nobody holds sex workers on a pedestal besides Twitter. The rest of the world doesn’t consider it a job and it’s a degenerate thing to do

No. 1073139

File: 1604335931027.jpeg (788.03 KB, 1242x1556, EAFC58F7-EF46-477F-876F-55F8A5…)

Tubby is sperging again

No. 1073141

With the hands off approach the cops have been taking recently with homelessness encampments, it is way worse than you are thinking. I can definitely tell you not all of California is as bad as los Angeles.

No. 1073144

Duh, imagine a business not wanting to make millions of dollars as easily as possible. Wasn’t she just bitching about how people don’t know how business works a few days ago? The absolute retardation. No one cares about SWers Shay y’all are gross.

No. 1073145

I could be wrong but this math doesn't seem to work out. getting 40% cut from ten $100 tips is the same as getting 40% cut from one $1000 tip. or does OF use a different way to calculate their cut?

No. 1073151

She’s actually mad that people won’t buy her vile 6 minute cellulite riddled gunt jiggling iPhone videos with riveting dialogue such as, “okay today I am going to show you my pussy. Ok here we go” over a full, professionally directed music video with bubbly, hot celebrity in it…the absolute state of her mind. She’s absolutely lost it.

Also, why be embarrassed because someone more successful is playing the platform for all it’s worth; be embarrassed that you’re 1/4th of the way through your life and your main (only) source of income is begging for pennies from broke guys on Onlyfans.

No. 1073154

File: 1604336751551.jpg (241.9 KB, 1080x707, Screenshot_20201102-110454_Twi…)

Doesn't she realize that Tana Mongeau got in trouble for this? And it's illegal to swing votes?

No. 1073155

Keep politics out of your porn oh my god she literally got cancelled because of the fuck trump video. Does she ever learn?? Also I thought she muted Bella Thorne she’s so obsessed

No. 1073156

If she offered me nudes 4 Biden votes, I'd vote Trump kek. /s

I am 99% positive she didn't vote early and won't get off her fat ass to vote tomorrow.

No. 1073161

Kek, you're right anon. I totally forgot she "muted" her

No. 1073166

File: 1604337773478.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 956.76 KB, 1242x1534, CACF7E8C-315D-4046-A410-D9EF47…)

Excited for what? Cheap Amazon clothes that are too small for her

No. 1073185

File: 1604339807249.png (159.64 KB, 2452x1350, Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 12.5…)

Yes, that's exactly right. They take 20%.

Also, I found this calculator on their site with income estimates based on followers and such. The tool doesn't even go as low as $3 and the max amount they estimate is $2500 (without extra tips). Thought it might be interesting because of income speculations earlier.

No. 1073213

File: 1604341344782.jpeg (330.82 KB, 1242x992, A2B14516-8189-420B-A2F9-412D38…)

No. 1073225

So fucking disgusting. Incest porn needs to be outlawed, these people are deranged.

No. 1073251

File: 1604344108994.jpg (282.46 KB, 1079x882, Screenshot_20201102-130759_Twi…)

We already know you don't cum Shay

No. 1073258

it's sad that she doesn't even look like this anymore and it was barely a year ago

No. 1073306

ha ha she's trying to cut corners on something SHE NEVER DOES ANYWAY.

No. 1073307

The same way you dont cum in any video ever, Shay. Just leave the wand on the floor so you dont even have to try to pretend.

No. 1073314

Tbh yeah, kinda fucked up she scammed and OF just gonna act like that didnt happen when it affected them too.
But I guess they're giving her another chance because it's about making the most money at the end of the day.

Regarding this though. Was OF intended to be for SWers from the start or was it supposed to just be like a patreon type thing for people with followings and SWers just took it over?

No. 1073326

i think it was originally just a whatever patreon kind of thing but then one of the MFC owners bought a bunch of stock in it and they drove it toward adult content

No. 1073367

Yeah so really SWers like Shay are being territorial and reeeing over people trying to use it for non porn content? Good lord. Get over it.
Ironically the bitches flipping their shit that said Bella should donate to the SW community are probably the same who were being cunts about the suggestion of top earners on OF donating to lower down SW peers.

No. 1073372

File: 1604351984523.jpeg (112.15 KB, 1122x631, 5BCA2086-A293-4B3B-B120-1F7D4A…)

Dandruff filter makes a comeback

No. 1073376

yeah and i mean there are plenty of like reality tv stars and others that just use it for bikini pics and stuff like that and never actually get naked anyway. it's not like bella thorne is the only one pushing whatever on there to make a quick buck off of coomers and whoever else.

No. 1073380

I think they are just secretly upset and triggered that guys would rather pay to see Bella Thorne’s non nude content then their rancid snatch for $3 kek

No. 1073383

It’s intended for anyone, probably thought content creators could use it for shit but now it has the connotation of being the thing where girls sell their porn lol I don’t see the issue in dumbass celebrities using it especially when fans throw money at them anyway. It makes sex workers mad because they feel more entitled to the money (since they do more hardcore stuff/full nudity) even though they have to hustle/attention whore to even get anyone to care about them. A lot of sex workers are obviously sheltered and ridiculously dumb in their reaction to this

No. 1073408

File: 1604354320481.jpg (217.73 KB, 1080x686, Screenshot_20201102-155705_Twi…)

Shay, you should be mortified of everything you've created

No. 1073414

anon I'm fucking dying, is it too early to vote this for the next thread pic? because 100% this is fucking great

No. 1073424

Ah thank you anon it’s not my best work but i tried I thought it would get ignored if someone wants to make a better version they may haha

No. 1073429

She really out here acting like she's creating a music video or some shit. All she's going to do is-

>>stare at the camera in a ill fitting outfit.

>>Say some retarded dialouge
>>suck a dildo/butt plug
>>insert a dildo/butt plug
>>Make retarded faces
>>pretend to cum

This shit looks like it takes fucking 15 mintues to film and 10 to edit. Men don't care about the outfit, the details in the background, even her crusty lips or hair. They want to see her shove shit inside her nude. Thats it.

No. 1073436

File: 1604355757264.jpg (593.75 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20201102-162232_Twi…)

No. 1073439

File: 1604355948297.jpeg (38.34 KB, 460x258, 37F89C73-77F4-4AFF-B070-14C0B0…)

I’ve seen fat guys with bigger boobs KEK

No. 1073444

I know this is irrelevant but the fact that she stole this rhyme from Hannah Montana just shows how unoriginal she is. Plus integrating a children’s rhyme into incest porn is just nasty.

No. 1073445

That's so unflattering. She's pulled her tits up unevenly in that top, nipples pointing in weird directions and flattening out the top of her chest. She's so dense in every way.

No. 1073450

File: 1604356554303.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 8CAB347E-6DA3-486B-B7FA-B4B969…)

jesus this is the frumpiest she’s looked so far


No. 1073452

File: 1604356742503.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, 7A994E06-2F11-4A2F-BCCD-0FEA19…)

Collage anon here
This outfit is really ugly and retarded but shayna looks like a hambeast in it
Shayna vs how it’s suppose to fit

No. 1073453

Oh wow why does she get everything a size too small? It does not look sexy

No. 1073455

it looks bad on both but shayna just ends up looking like an old fat grandma trying on her high school cheer outfit for the first time in 50 years

No. 1073457

Yes it’s an ugly tacky outfit but the girl on the right at least has cleavage and she’s not fat so it looks better. It’s an outfit from @littleforbig lots of degenerate girls have that set

No. 1073458

Oh, Christ. I’m not the type to reee about saggy tits but she should have worn a bra with this. The entirety of her boobs are below the part where they’re supposed to be. No cleavage, tits down by her elbows, held aloft solely by her belly fat. Little rodent teeth pokin’ out behind her jowls. Can’t even suck in to hide her rolls anymore. This thread is so depressing lately.

No. 1073459

So it's not even some cheap aliexpress "one size fits all" shit? She could've chosen a size that actually fit her and still got the same outfit, what a retard.

No. 1073463

most of her shit is bought for her off her wishlist, right? the size you need for the item shows up and she probably doesn't want her orbiters to see that she actually wears an xxl

No. 1073470

could have sworn she did a cheerleader set in the last 6 months

No. 1073478

no she just wears that one plaid skirt for like every video. sage your shit.

No. 1073494

File: 1604358336179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 709.98 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20201102-170505_Twi…)

How does she think this is attractive?

No. 1073496

why it looks like her pussy is deflated kek

No. 1073498

Seriously, the kindest assessment for Shayna would be 30something wife putting in a decent amount of effort for birthday sex with her husband. She tops out at that. It is bizarre to me that she thinks people will pay for this, but then I remember she gives most of it away on Twitter.

No. 1073501

because it is

No. 1073517

File: 1604359934581.jpeg (255.67 KB, 640x494, 8A884FF9-E642-4CBC-BC18-484AB8…)

She looks like the seahorse from spongebob in the thread pic it sends me every time

No. 1073522

File: 1604360086045.jpeg (274.08 KB, 1242x1500, 97CA4E06-33DA-4123-A66E-84741C…)

No. 1073525

Don’t disrespect Mystery like that KEK

No. 1073533

>that smile at the end got me weak
I know right, I can’t stop laughing either. I still feel like I’m making fun of an especial needs kid though.

No. 1073571

I've been thinking this for a while now but this just reminded me that these faces/expressions remind me of the porn girls in those comically over-acted, sped up porn advertisements that are on sites like 4chan and illegal, virus infested streaming sites. Obviously those girls are better looking but I wonder if that's some sort of an inspiration for her mannerisms in her videos. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or am I totally off?

No. 1073574

I recognized the Little For Big brand, and I believe they offer sizes up to 4 or 5XL, and she still chose too small of a size. Shay is also at the point where going braless is so unflattering, definitely should be wearing a bra. Everything else about this is a trainwreck too. I always think it can't get any worse, and it just does. How does she not see this the way we do??

No. 1073581

i feel like she has some kind of reverse body dysmorphia where she thinks she looks hot but she actually looks like the caterpillar from a bug’s life

No. 1073584

oh my god kek anon this is spot on. i know what you‘re talking about (unfortunately) and i definitely see the resemblance, those ads are peak braindead zombie coomer

No. 1073585

in some ways this is more horrific than ever. it looks like an axe wound for real.

No. 1073604


ya shes getting that fat girl pussy problem where the lips are constantly pushed hard together and it makes them crispy on the edges - giving the axe wound look. too tight panties and leggings also contribute.

No. 1073608

lmao what?
her pussy looks like it from that weird pussy pump porn she did. it’s been totally deflated since then. don’t make us repost the state it was in for her “pro shoot”.

No. 1073615

I just really can’t with this. The Gypsy Rose voice, harsh brows and outdated eyeliner, flat lips, crispy hair, and ill-fitting clothes. She has all the time in the world. I don’t know why she doesn’t watch some YouTube videos on current makeup trends.

No. 1073617

File: 1604366496237.png (1.2 MB, 1242x2208, 8E71E40B-7456-4A1F-A99E-83F197…)

I thought this cunt didn’t give free advice

No. 1073621

File: 1604366740821.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3464x3464, A7A224F4-6A21-4F17-A4F5-016A24…)

No. 1073626

This clip got 100 likes. Did she actually get interaction or did she buy the likes?

No. 1073628

>go back @ look at the last movement
Did she just confuse @ with &..? Reread this a few times and it's making no sense otherwise.

No. 1073630

File: 1604367077419.jpeg (331.76 KB, 1242x1028, 360F1AD1-3B3E-4705-89CB-EDDB25…)

Jason R Womack from Tulsa, Oklahoma probably creamed his panties hearing this kek

No. 1073633

File: 1604367229175.jpg (366.18 KB, 1080x1167, Screenshot_20201102-193316_Twi…)

Well if you used lube and prepped, you wouldn't be "sore"

No. 1073637

This has to be the most disturbing image I have seen of this cow so far. She literally looks like a chubby child here. Who is buying this stuff?

No. 1073644

Bet this was the one the guy paid extra for in order to get on Saturday and she fucked around, didn't do it and then just jiggled in front of the camera for an extra few mins to "make up for it"

No. 1073657

i'm convinced that she's ruined her curl pattern to the point where the only way she can pretend to still have any remnants of her old look/natural hair is by going to bed with braids like this >>1071955 after her monthly shower kek

No. 1073667

No. 1073668

child? anon she looks 40

No. 1073685

i cannot believe anyone is retarded enough to think a company built on exploiting women sexually and that takes a percentage from every single e-hooker on their site cares more about ~humanity~ than money and profits.. this bitch still surprises me with how dumb she is.

No. 1073692

That’s just entry level video editing… she really thinks it’s some amazing secret trick lmao

No. 1073693

File: 1604371588436.jpeg (839.53 KB, 1242x1685, 8DBE77FA-ADB6-4E79-9FC9-B76904…)

Baffles me people work hard all day and come home to give a fat slob money for shitty cheap disgusting porn

No. 1073697

really starting to be convinced that jason womack is the fucked up incest custom ordering freak WTF

No. 1073700

File: 1604372054013.jpg (325.56 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201102-205356_Twi…)

No. 1073736

File: 1604374409802.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 750x1334, 9F4693D3-1A1F-4571-8441-373C30…)

this is utterly cursed
literally says “my ass tastes so good on your dick” at one point????


No. 1073744

File: 1604374850621.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 431.74 KB, 1167x593, CD338570-6E73-48CB-B197-5AB347…)

POV: sleep paralysis demon sits on your face in your half asleep half awake state

No. 1073750

File: 1604375406399.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 0521A674-91DB-43FE-8BB5-510D59…)

She looks like a literal rodent with fat lunch lady arms and stomach rolls

No. 1073752

She’s trying so hard to convince herself that she puts effort into her shitty vids lol. No wonder why she’s also the laughing stock of the sw cOmmUnITy. They see right through her bs as well.

No. 1073756

File: 1604375944409.jpeg (100.99 KB, 750x483, 791A7BD9-06DF-4B1D-A743-4834DA…)

When you hear the doordash person ring the doorbell to give you 10lbs of candy

No. 1073760

is it just me or are the first 2 lines she speaks closer to her actual voice? without trying to do the uwu innocent ariana grande impression?

No. 1073761

omg this is a horror

No. 1073764


Pretty much. I actually really like her real voice.

No. 1073768

I'll never understand the mini essay descriptions she always does.
Anyway. This was, well, gross. As usual. I'm sure it was a custom but still.

No. 1073776

File: 1604378428734.jpeg (64.27 KB, 828x466, 47DDC15D-7139-4CC6-9D10-BEAA58…)

No. 1073777

only took three yrs for her to do an actual pov video and not just ram it in her

No. 1073779

Lmao anon this is so accurate

No. 1073780

At least her real voice matches her current chubby normal girl look but she thinks yapping like a chihuahua will make her a bimbo

No. 1073799

brilliant marketing strategy to complain about how you don’t like doing your job

girl does not understand that she would do better if she was selling the fantasy 24/7

No. 1073887

Jesus, she's so fucking delusional. The best(and only) advice she can give is just being a cautionary example.

I lost it at these, bless you anons

Now that she's into the whole taboo thing with incest and she already talked about puppy parts, how long until she goes full retard and gets into zoo?

No. 1073901


Ffs she truly is shaped like a fridge.

Girl, stop taking Jason Wombat’s word for it that you’re looking good, baby.

No. 1073922

This made me laugh so hard kek god damn Jason-sama do you think before you post

No. 1073988

File: 1604415257366.jpg (231.61 KB, 1080x942, Screenshot_20201103-085319_Twi…)

No. 1074005

Will she ever go full degenerate and buy a dog dick shaped dildo? The tentacle one (that she never uses kek) is bad enough, but if she goes full zoo-pandering I'm going to have to quit this thread.
Does she have to advertise how stupid she is in new ways every day?

No. 1074023

File: 1604418033090.jpg (183.55 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20201103-093252_Twi…)

Shay, you're probably not even voting

No. 1074048

File: 1604420538401.jpg (473.52 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20201103-102148_Twi…)

No. 1074049

File: 1604420569096.jpg (183.02 KB, 1080x649, Screenshot_20201103-102215_Twi…)

No. 1074058

This is a nitpick but all of the poor grammar, spelling, and wrong word choices… She barely finished high school and it shows.

No. 1074071

It says it on the front of the package retard.

No. 1074073

Dildos like that don't really appeal to zoophiles, they want to see the real thing and it's disgusting.

No. 1074082

File: 1604423356094.jpg (28.16 KB, 816x565, EW_NfPWXYAAFU6e.jpg)

>things that I could've lived without knowing
coomers get the rope

No. 1074089

>maybe watching porn when family is home has its benefits

a whole lot of nope on that, worse b/c she has brothers. i like how her descriptions are either too much or a few sentences and either way it's just gross.

No. 1074101

Oh it took an incredible amount of effort apparently >>1073633
Surprised she didnt give up.

No. 1074103

She ain't walking to the polls. Also since shes claiming to walk her dog and walk to the poll, she cant get coffee while shes out? She HAS to have it delivered? Gotta be sure to give those fees to Papa Doordash I guess.

No. 1074140

File: 1604428918314.jpeg (200.04 KB, 1242x1153, AE83D411-3CA6-472C-82B8-3D7932…)

Shaytard I don’t think coomers care about politics if they are following you for porn I hate this bitch she’s so dumb and has no idea how to be “sexy”

No. 1074141

OT but it would be hilarious if the door dash driver was a farmer kek she’s so lazy. make coffee with your hello kitty coffee maker dumbass

No. 1074142

Don't forget anon, she claimed that because of the pandemic she can't go out and eat cause of her uwu asthma

No. 1074144

If she can’t eat why is she so goddamn porky she looks like a rat-pig hybrid

No. 1074155

File: 1604430233479.jpg (186.53 KB, 1080x567, Screenshot_20201103-130253_Twi…)

It's sad that she thinks she's hilarious

No. 1074157

File: 1604430522023.png (1.36 MB, 1409x2048, Screenshot_20201104-080646.png)

From her discord last night

No. 1074158

when you’re drunk and stoned all the time anyone would feel like a comedic genius. she will never understand that though.

No. 1074177

is this person building her computer? or showing off her own?

No. 1074179


IIRC the discord persons boyfriend is building it for Shayna.

No. 1074196

Shay is barely going to use it and it'll just sit in her house collecting dust

No. 1074197


Lmao are my eyes fooling me or did she put on eyeshadow for this set? It looks terrible from what I can see kek

No. 1074198

File: 1604433816877.jpg (209.24 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20201103-140326_Twi…)

No. 1074213

File: 1604434755530.jpg (162.65 KB, 1078x784, 20201103_141902.jpg)

Anon you missed the best part of this girl's boyfriend building shay a computer.

Shay 'getting sick' right after it's delivered and not working for 2 weeks, I'm calling it now.

No. 1074227

Oh right. Unless it's a Fupapa date or break up brunch to get smashed.

But coffee is a pick up experience. But then again its probably too humiliating for her ratty ass to walk through the drive thru pick up line to get a coffee since her ~thriving~ lifestyle doesnt involve a car. I'm sure there are still shops with take out. But yeah, the asthma excuse.

No. 1074230

But it only applies to her getting food, her hair done, and her nails done. But it's fine for her to Uber to the dispensary every week

No. 1074231

Surprised she didnt opt for a pink case for cliche gAmEr GuRl and BaRbIe. But it must be because shes not like other girls! Or maybe pink case would have costed more/wasnt as readily available.

No. 1074232

I guess she can finally stop talking about wanting to move back home closer to her trump supporting family/parents then right? And being upset about not getting to visit them for the holidays.

No. 1074233

In other words, it's an excuse to be a fat, lazy pig womanchild. Her asthma is only a problem when it can gain sympathy or a few charity bucks. So she can seem special.

Really she just knows she'd get shit for begging for a "nail daddy" during the pandemic and she won't pay for it herself, so.

No. 1074258

File: 1604437619308.jpg (260.76 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20201103-150654_Twi…)

No. 1074261

ironic coming from the bitch that was acting mad that her family doesn't wanna discuss her e-whore career

No. 1074263

File: 1604437962756.jpeg (386.21 KB, 1242x1186, 6A916E06-AB0A-449D-8DA9-C85647…)

Dumb fat pig

No. 1074264

File: 1604438101817.jpeg (237.45 KB, 1242x721, 55B95DB6-FA9B-4A29-9E66-94D177…)

How is this bimbo uwu more like handicapped woman

No. 1074266

Can't imagine this big bitch strolling into the polling place in sweats with stains and her gross uggs…

No. 1074269

eh it's oklahoma, she fits right in

No. 1074296

Holy shit, this meme is like three years too late. How does she spend her entire life online but still manages to be behind on literally everything.

No. 1074298

File: 1604441549891.jpg (279.86 KB, 1080x1268, Screenshot_20201103-161216_Twi…)

No. 1074304

why do I get the feeling she’s going to find some reason to not vote, like she does daily with her “work”

No. 1074306

I think it’s quite telling that for all the times Shayna Luther King is up on her Twitter soapbox she waits until literally the last moment to figure out where she needs to vote, as well as voting on the last day lmfao

No. 1074317

Burgeranons, did you guys even get stickers? My country skipped them this election cos it's just one more thing for people to put their germy hands all over… why do I feel like Shayna wouldn't bother to vote without the incentive of showing off a sticker

No. 1074326

File: 1604443516811.jpg (402.36 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20201103-164454_Twi…)

Worried about people touching the stickers, but goes to a dispensary

No. 1074350

I can't wait for her to whine about wanting to see her repub parents on the holidays. I also can't wait for her to bait her mom with a text asking something about voting, putting her response on blast and then pretending she won't talk to her again.

I'm kind of wondering if fupa has a new job or something, I don't think they broke it off or anything but it does seem like Shayna hasn't been relying on him for rides or anything, anymore.
Maybe his car broke down.

No. 1074355

File: 1604445322827.jpg (367.36 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20201103-171518_Twi…)

No. 1074356

I think in the last thread or a couple back she's already complained about how she can't go see her family because of covid and called people selfish for going out in a pandemic causing people to not being able to see family

No. 1074370

All she does is beg for money.. And overspend on uber and weed. I cant imagine this will last much longer before she truly hits rock bottom.

No. 1074374

a ton of people did absentee ballots and didn’t receive them but i wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not handing them out like they usually do due to covid

No. 1074389

>>1074374 I voted early on friday. They had little wristbands instead of stickers at my polling place.

No. 1074390

File: 1604450422776.jpg (219.67 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20201103-184020_Twi…)

No. 1074391

I wonder if she knows she can put chicken in a salad?

No. 1074397

Holy fuck how hard is it to heat up frozen dinosaur nuggets?????? She’s so lazy and porky. My prediction is that she’ll gain 20 more pounds before 2021

No. 1074401

This makes her seem more special needs than she is……it’s not cute

No. 1074428

She should get a bike. She wont, but she should

No. 1074436

A bike for travel? Or exercise? She theoretically should get more than enough exercise walking her damn dog 2-3 times a day, so a bike wouldn’t be necessary. But for travel, maybe she’d lose a few pounds biking her fat ass back and forth to the dispensary

No. 1074441

She had a pink bike that she claimed was going to make content with. And then said that someone stole it. It's a few threads back

No. 1074444

For travel. Kill three birds with one stone. Save money on uber+ lose weight+ mental health (fresh air/vit d/ serotonin from exercise)

No. 1074461

How much money do y’all think Shayna spends on fast food weekly?! Like girl, make a Pinterest and learn how to cook like everyone else.

No. 1074472

File: 1604455132195.jpg (318.75 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20201103-195814_Twi…)

No. 1074474

File: 1604455232837.jpg (536.09 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201103-195843_Twi…)

No. 1074499

>Sexworker mutual aid fund
But I thought sex work was a well paying job and y’all were ~thriving~
Get a job

No. 1074500

i wonder if she's been lurking again and this is just more performative bullshit

No. 1074503

Also $30 isn’t anything. What a greedy hambeast, she’d rather spend money on cheemsburgers

No. 1074504

File: 1604457781257.jpeg (460.97 KB, 1242x982, B2255B1C-D833-4051-A02E-0B73D8…)

Cringe how is spreading your rancid pussy and donating chump change to sex workers who can’t make enough because they are ugly helping the community

No. 1074508

File: 1604457939664.jpeg (132.25 KB, 1242x674, 8864F27B-2AB4-491A-B3EA-0DE300…)

lmaoo that’s really all she donated not even multiple amounts….I thought you were a BLM sexworker philanthropist uwu

No. 1074520

wasn't she just talking shit about this kind of thing? And out of all the things to donate to right now, they are donating to bitches who are failing at selling pictures and videos online?

No. 1074528

Literally 2 days ago she was in an uproar over this saying she shouldn't have to help out sex workers who she feels simply "don't work as hard". Fuck this performative cunt.

No. 1074529

My question is how is this going to be evenly distributed? Genuinely confused how this is supposed to work

No. 1074532

I honestly can't believe she's ever complained about being doxxed when she openly puts her full name and location out there.

No. 1074539

it wont be. whoever made this gofuckme is just gonna take the bag and run.

No. 1074543

that's what I was thinking too.

Makes me think of the last post on the last thread where anon asks if there is such a thing as a sex worker who isn't a scam artist and I don't think that exists.

lol this is probably a scam that she was dumb enough to fall for especially funny after seeing her rant against it

No. 1074565

I love that she used her real name lmao. Remember when she freaked out a sex worker used her name and she screamed “I was doxxed!!!”

Also great that she did it on a “mutual aid” fund when she just chimped out about how she shouldn’t have to help out failing/struggling sex workers.

No. 1074568

File: 1604464841489.jpg (156.33 KB, 1080x504, Screenshot_20201103-224037_Twi…)

No. 1074569

File: 1604464920855.png (206.8 KB, 1018x518, chrome_psxTmQdX1T.png)

she deleted these lol

No. 1074584

I'm floored. She literally just went off about NOT helping other SWers with a fund because it's not her problem and they should work harder. WHY the fuck did she change her mind 2 days later??? I'm genuinely confused. Does she have a compulsion to always be hypocritical on every little thing in her life? Why did she make shitty little subtweets and go on about it all day if she would donate like this? Did she not like the girl she argued with? Was she so drunk and high she forgot? Fupa break up made her act out? I just…

No. 1074590

File: 1604468721632.jpeg (575.2 KB, 1040x1312, 8A5347AB-C932-497A-8706-536F52…)

3 fucking days ago.

No. 1074599

An insane amount : a avg fast food meal is $8-$10 in my area. If she eats 2-3X a day without cooking it could easily be $600-$900 a month.

This isn’t exact bc I don’t know how much her Americans Dollar is worth

No. 1074600

Make content with a… bike?? Ew. Was she going to shove the handles in her ass?

Also, I believe it was stolen. Dumb bitch probably didn't get a bike chain. Oh well, she made some other addict happy.
I think it's funny she's advocating for capitalist on tweet made by someone named "not a capitalist".

No. 1074606

I'm starting to think Shayna just didn't like the girl who had the tweet about the sex worker fund, maybe she's been waiting for a reason to talk shit to her and found one.

No. 1074630

File: 1604479627203.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, AFD0826A-5BC1-4E01-BD19-20271C…)

Okay Jason R Womaga
We saw your anti-mask posts on Facebook dumbass

No. 1074680

I love how all her followers who aren't retarded old men are the most busted looking troons.

No. 1074705

so true. I honestly refuse to accept that sex work on this level is somehow a difficult time consuming job, especially looking at what shayna shits out. Get an actual job and do OF in your spare time. How are they so entitled for being actual hoes.

No. 1074715

File: 1604496535962.jpg (252.73 KB, 1080x818, Screenshot_20201104-072834_Twi…)

No. 1074723

I really hate when she spends 20 seconds to talk about whats going in the world she feels like she's doing days worth of activism and what she's saying is so profound and unique.

She's still trying to go viral, that's why she can never just say shit, she always has to make it "Clever" or "quirky" then end it with a "I do sex work! I love sex! I bimbo!" shit.
It comes off so fucking fake.

I'm still waiting on her to bait her mom & put her on blast for attention again.

No. 1074737

Ngl I doubt she voted and she's saying she "forgot" her sticker so she doesn't have to prove it kek. Just say you made a trip to the dispensary, Shayna, it's okay.

No. 1074740

I'm 100% sure she didn't vote

No. 1074746

why would someone want their bf to build a computer for a camgirl? i would be mad

No. 1074747

i assume they are being paid

No. 1074751

they both suck her ass for some reason
her orbiters are dysfunctional as fuck
there's some other dude in her discord that talks about him and his gf watching her videos and loving her too

No. 1074762

Is his gf his sister? Because I can only imagine a seriously fucked up couple watching her pork together

No. 1074783

i´m sorry they do WHAT together? watching porn with your boyfriend is degenerate enough but imagine watching porky mattel with your s.o. to get in the mood. that´s just grim

No. 1074793

File: 1604508452841.jpeg (95.96 KB, 773x692, A825DE10-0CDD-40C0-A7E8-CDF48A…)

How can people watch Fatass Mattel ? How is this attractive?
>She looks like a fat wife who put on a stupid costume to spice things up in the bedroom but her cheating husband can’t get hard because the wife is delusional and thinks she’s young and sexy when in reality she looks like a toothless fat poverty-stricken Oklahoma redneck

No. 1074800

Watching porn with your boyfriend is degenerate?! Hahahaha. What vanilla sex are you having? I do agree watching fatty mattel is a fucking horror show though.(derailing)

No. 1074801

pretty sure he's an e-whore too

No. 1074807

NTA but I mean I may be an outlier here but I think most anons would disagree with you..

No. 1074821

Her hair is so fucking tragic

No. 1074824

Watching porn altogether is degenerate, sorry cam whore.(derailing)

No. 1074829

File: 1604512370813.jpg (199.73 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20201104-115232_Twi…)

No. 1074831

Sorry about your brain coomer chan

No. 1074843

Kind of hoping she's scamming shay and just building the pc and keeping it kek

No. 1074844

File: 1604513656798.jpg (297.3 KB, 1041x1487, Screenshot_20201104-191336.jpg)


No. 1074846

Uh oh did Fupapa leave again? kek

No. 1074847

File: 1604514149807.jpeg (669.73 KB, 1242x1435, 1D654226-7FE9-4C41-808A-774ECF…)

Did she get friend zoned by her orbiter? Kek Jason Womack is probably on his way over to her crusty apartment

No. 1074851

Considering that she is whiny and exhausting as fuck with no redeeming qualities, not even her rancid dolphin pussy? No, no she won't find someone who will put up with her kek.

No. 1074872

File: 1604516669553.jpg (552.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201104_130317.jpg)

Sometimes it's amazing how uneducated shay is.

No. 1074884

Wait until she learns about how many billion people live on the planet.

No. 1074925

I don't think her feeble brain could comprehend a number that large without imploding.

No. 1074926

lmfao what, are you a fucking nun? go back to eating your cornflakes and enjoying your sexless marriage, grandpa.(autistic derailing)

No. 1074928

It's not other people's responsiblity to constantly validate you and fix your mental state. You can't expect others to do that shit for you, ever.

Her insane entitlement mixed with the laziness and victim complex is WILD.

No. 1074967

thing is Fupa has tried to leave, many times and everytime you talk about wanting to die and pull stunts.
The times he has broken up with you, you've done all this bullshit. Not that i'm excusing Fupa because he comes back on his own, but is she seriously acting like, "Leave me the fuck alone"
when she was pretending to want to die multiple time over this guy?

No. 1074978

I guarantee they just overcharged her dumbass by hundreds to slap old parts in a case. It’s easy cash for the orbiter considering Shat knows nothing and can’t verify the specs.

No. 1074986

File: 1604526566431.jpg (324.13 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20201104-154859_Twi…)

No. 1075010

She’s always taking the day off when it’s not even a real job she’s so lazy and fat

No. 1075019

File: 1604528309284.jpeg (789.5 KB, 1242x1561, 9D5A477F-6672-47A1-8DF6-9771C1…)

This is hilarious because she’s the exact opposite of a bimbo. Stained unflattering clothing, brown crusty rat nest hair, yellow teeth, saggy man boobs, no waist, no ass, and pasty white skin

No. 1075035

Isn’t it possible to check? I keep getting those ads on YouTube saying “people don’t know who you vote for, but they can see if you voted or not”
Should be public record, not sure where to look though

No. 1075040


shaytard claims to be a disgusting pig who loves ass to mouth but even she can stomach it, it’s just funny how hard you try at being an anal queen. it’s no wonder she gave the tip about angel changes in this video

No. 1075053

Kek bless you anon

No. 1075059

File: 1604530476795.jpeg (225.04 KB, 622x588, 8C3A39BA-FE9C-466D-89ED-6F290C…)

I can’t stop laughing

No. 1075063

her neck ate her chin

No. 1075064

File: 1604530957502.jpeg (894.04 KB, 3464x3464, 15BF1F1D-533D-495B-9AED-1322E8…)


No. 1075067

File: 1604531093698.png (6.82 MB, 1242x2208, 61F63B76-C7D7-4ACC-91B7-B612A7…)

Does anyone know why she does that thing with her lips? She looks like a toothless old lady. Sage for dumb

No. 1075069

She somehow looks like a chubby 10-year-old and a 35-year-old mother of two.

No. 1075072

…does she see herself AT ALL in that drawing?

No. 1075076

Why does she kinda look like gun girl here though?

No. 1075081

File: 1604532189791.jpeg (900.94 KB, 3464x3464, 7B10D92D-6454-4897-AF8F-B4BE54…)

I’m not a coomer but how is her sucking dick attractive it’s not even sexy gagging it sounds like she’s going to puke all over her fuck machine KEK

No. 1075086

File: 1604532605875.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.07 MB, 640x640, BBEB4121-4649-447B-9A74-188366…)

Her ass is so lumpy and white they look like two square cake sheets filled with cottage cheese

No. 1075093

File: 1604533399028.png (596.33 KB, 1200x630, pic-here-s-what-doofy-from-a-s…)

This HAS to be a parody; she looks like fucking Doofy.

No. 1075094

File: 1604533449912.jpg (100.05 KB, 1200x1200, c3b8ce486e625cc5b9950fef06c2b9…)

No. 1075097

I’m laughing my ass off
Anon you’re hilarious

No. 1075104

File: 1604534060686.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, FD98F09D-6532-4235-ADFA-B95E59…)

No. 1075114

Martha dumptrunk in the flesh

No. 1075117

This video implies 1) she's not even old enough to drive (15-16) and 2) that her and her biological older brother are having loud anal sex while their parents are home.

How is this attractive to anyone?

No. 1075121

File: 1604535393272.jpeg (407.73 KB, 1242x1636, 3C3039E5-74B9-4900-B2FC-7884AB…)

She voted

No. 1075123

hate to break it to you anon but there‘s this thing called „men“. many of them would love fucking a 15 year old and fantasize about incest because frankly, their brains aren‘t wired properly.
the faces shaytard makes while sucking just look so utterly disgusted, she hates it so much kek

No. 1075124

File: 1604535611615.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 2048x1146, Screenshot_20201104-191917.png)

This face scared the absolute shit out of me

No. 1075125

Not to be pedantic, but this shows that she is registered to vote– not that she actually cast her ballot.

No. 1075131

Well, if she voted for anyone besides Biden, she may as well have not voted.
Though I mean she lives in Oklahoma so that's also a thing.
Most of her simps seem like they're backwards redneck type dudes though. I mean something is obviously wrong with them if they're enjoying her content and kissing her ass religiously on twitter. She's not very smart to get political, of all things, on her business twitter.

Also re: porn watching, that's one of the most vanilla things kek

I think maybe other anon is right that it looks like she could be wearing eyeshadow. But maybe she would be blasting about it on twitter if she was.

This is what she gets for kneejerk reacting in real-time to one of the least real-time elections. Also kek at announcing dabs for solidly democratic states voting, shockingly, for the democrat. Makes her look so dumb.

This is so fucking dumb and I don't really understand the point.

No. 1075134

>voter status active
but okay

No. 1075137

That does not mean she cast her ballot in this particular election. "Voter status active" just means that she has voted in an election– general, state, or local– in the past few years.

But okay.

No. 1075138

She looks like she's about to do something violent to that dildo

No. 1075139

File: 1604536619591.jpg (363.65 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20201104-183656_Twi…)

No. 1075145

No it'd be to threaten suicide

No. 1075153

File: 1604539501910.png (1.38 MB, 1242x2208, 0912B94C-6BFF-4D95-8A76-35248F…)

No. 1075156

File: 1604540169284.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 3840x3840, 3E1F59BB-96C4-4DF3-B67A-E09BA1…)

The wiping drool on herself is really what did it for me

No. 1075157

Kek not that impressive when where’s hundreds of thousands of sellers on there. This count also includes all the people who made an OF but forgot about it or never ended up posting anything/ rarely do, so it gives a big boost.

Also, what success? you bought all your Twitter followers and you’re losing OF subs faster than you can down your candy, Fatty Mattel

No. 1075159

She needs to show her bank account. A percentage on onlyfans is not success. There are almost half a million “creators”

No. 1075161

What the fuck is the point of being in a top percentage if you still have to constantly beg for money online to pay rent and take ubers? Success?? Bitch you’re basically a panhandler

No. 1075167

and her shit is dirt cheap, I don't even think people try to put her shit in megadrives to share with other coomers because she's barely known and her porn is so wack.

No. 1075171

>June 2020
Okay, what about November 2020? Kek

Why does she INSIST on looking demented. Also, that's not how POV works, Shayna. Why are you looking and talking at the camera while sucking on the dildo?

No. 1075172

>June 2020
Bitch we’re in November. Where’s your percentage screen shot of today?
Once again, reveling in the “once was”.

No. 1075183

File: 1604543849995.jpeg (368.41 KB, 1242x1059, E62F767D-05A5-4720-8BB5-B7A164…)


No. 1075185

not just that anons, but the bf building it is is positive for the 'rona
screenshot >>1074213

No. 1075186

File: 1604543944929.jpeg (251.83 KB, 1242x818, 82AEFD90-A503-4765-BFDE-C565E0…)

I bet you she wants to fuck womack

No. 1075189

Bets on how long it is before she’s fucking Womack?? I give it less than 6 months

No. 1075193

File: 1604544906519.png (443.69 KB, 750x1334, C1E8837D-1F47-48CF-98EA-71E924…)

claiming she came out as bi to her mother at age 14 on discord???

No. 1075195

bisexual but hates women and shows no interest in women what so ever. Everything about her is catered towards men and she does not hide it.

No. 1075197

wow, her discord really is a completely unsurprising dumpster fire of people

>centrist with right leanings

>hentai connoisseur
the jokes write themselves

it really is no wonder why she feels like she's hot shit when her discord is full of winners like this
>bisexual, polyamorous, mentally ill, having unprotected sex as a teenager

top kek at Shaytard having children
>what about my grandkids
if there is a just god, she made this horrid womanchild infertile

No. 1075201

she’s currently raging about her mom texting her saying the vulnerable should quarantine but young people shouldn’t have to. it’s not even worth capping but i always find it funny how much she loves to randomly shit on her mom after saying stuff like she’s begging her to come home.

No. 1075203

File: 1604545981738.png (352.59 KB, 750x1334, 0C4C156B-287F-426D-9E2B-79C2D4…)

followed of course by sucking her dad’s dick even though he also voted for trump?

No. 1075204

12-13 is 7th

No. 1075206

nitpick much

No. 1075207

File: 1604546240075.png (385.62 KB, 750x1334, 07240CE7-B655-440B-882B-0B0685…)

shayna luther king jr educating us

No. 1075209

it’s always amusing that all she talks about are dicks but loooooves to say she’s bi whenever she wants oppression points

No. 1075211

File: 1604546654584.png (435 KB, 750x1334, D03F8C80-1EF3-4DE5-8072-0B2BF2…)

>my body is my business

No. 1075212


>“I can’t fuck around”

>fucks around and gains 50 lbs

No. 1075213

Uh no cunt I was making the point that it’s even younger than 14, highschool aged, therefore makes it even more of a bs lie. Especially with what “right wing ignorant” parents she has.

No. 1075215

Whatever happened to her nose ring? She had it for a few months and just took it out? Why even bother.

No. 1075217

hope you’re able to locate and remove the stick from your ass soon, anon. wishing you a fast recovery.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1075219

they made her take it out during her alleged stay at the psych ward. She then claimed that it had totally closed up within 3 days

No. 1075223

I can’t believe how fucked up she looks lately it’s like she’s mutating or something

No. 1075227

I’ll take my b& stfu you wanna comment on nitpicking like you’re a mf mod then when I tell you what’s up you wanna derail ok(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1075228

>"like I'm bound to get my feelings hurt all the fucking time"
>if you dont have the time or heart to reassure me when it happens

Well like… damn bitch maybe YOU are the problem and need to fucking work on yourself if you're THAT sensitive and insecure. Also she said hUrT fEeLiNgS so many times, what are you, 10 years old?? Mentally it honestly seems like it sometimes. Good lord.

No. 1075233

it is sooo funny (and aggravating) watching SLK preach about white guilt and how other people should educate themselves.

No. 1075235

Ladies, stop. You’re both pretty.

No. 1075239

Why are her movements so awkward and weird? Like very mentally retarded person like? The exaggerated blinking, smiling, and hands. Idk it's very unnatural or special needs looking

No. 1075244

Stop fighting ladies we are all on the same side, let’s focus on how much of a train wreck Shaytard is

Shayna needs to stop being political it’s annoying especially when she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. How many funds has she donated to!?? Exactly. Dumb cunt. You should donate your doordash funds to poc organizations instead of eating fried junk like a porky hambeast

No. 1075245

File: 1604549399880.jpeg (510.22 KB, 1242x1037, 37EAA159-DC55-45FE-BF04-BB0E2F…)

No. 1075246

File: 1604549458997.jpeg (147.61 KB, 1242x362, EB66605C-045C-41F1-889D-17DAE0…)

Nah you’re just a fat bitch shay

No. 1075247

>>not interested in men 100% not invested in her
>>chases a man with a ex wife and multiple kids for years.

No. 1075248

Literally where? She NEVER talks, posts, or makes content about liking pussy. The couple vids she made with another chick were uncomfortable af and she only did them for the benefits. Not because she actually liked it and girls. Why does she lie about this? She is the opposite. She hates women.

This and this. Where's her rankings for the last 4 months and current?

Yeah I almost thought she finally figured out the pov, but she still fucked it up kek

No. 1075250

AND a man she says was talking to other girls, fuck off Shayna.
That guy just saw you as a fuck thing and had a actual gf. Stop pretending you "Dated" him.

No. 1075253


Fr. Acts like she cares about her image and can't commit but she sure committed to hamming up as fast as possible this year and cries about it all the time. Puts out the most unflattering and gross shit.

No. 1075255

Lol isn't that the dude she called "grandpa" and cammed in his dungeon way in the beginning?

No. 1075256

File: 1604550317833.jpeg (291.54 KB, 1202x889, 97851314-3E82-4530-96F9-768C5D…)

I thought you were thriving and successful Porky Mattel?

No. 1075258

does she think she's bragging? instead of at least fucking someone with money, she's got her mans who's not really her mans working at the sprint store so he can scrape by enough to pay alimony and child support
>that bitch
yeah, that stupid bitch

No. 1075259

I have a feeling her rank isnt in the top 2% anymore kek

No. 1075264

She used to screenshot it every time it moved by .1%. It’s definitely fallen.

No. 1075271

And she'll reeee about how its because of all the dumb girls getting on OF for eAsY mOnEy instead of reflecting on herself and taking accountability for getting fat and uglier and more pathetic

No. 1075272

She literally said a couple threads ago that she never made her money back from OF promo

No. 1075274

now we know why she used june and not october/november earlier lol

No. 1075283

Is there any evidence of this? I remember reading about it in early threads and thought she was making it up

No. 1075290

I think its hilarious that she talks about being a bimbo all the time but makes literally 0 effort to actually look like a bimbo. Being a dumb slut doesn't make you a bimbo shayna. At least make more of an effort to take care of yourself, fuck.

No. 1075292

correctly me if wrong, but isn't bimbo-ism all about forgoing your wants/sacrificing them for your partner? Vices especially… like over-eating, drinking, drugs….

No. 1075300

Ntayrt but isnt bimboism more along the lines of trying to look and act like a vapid barbie? All the plastic surgery the better? Correct me if I'm wrong

No. 1075304

It doesn't matter what a bimbo actually is, because Shay ain't it, regardless.
But weren't you just bragging about ~muh 12k followers? Why would you need a promo from someone with so little?

No. 1075315

sage for retardation but I fucking lost it at “yeah the Tulsa massacre was wack” you can feel the full on uncaring brain rot in these orbiting coomers

No. 1075320

File: 1604562115726.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, 0F8E2D49-B7B5-4631-B976-032865…)

Shayna shut up

No. 1075322

File: 1604562234600.jpeg (149.08 KB, 1139x897, 4704F20B-2118-494A-891A-8C0473…)

Jason R Womack, from Tulsa Oklahoma, should not have rights especially voter rights he’s severely retarded !

No. 1075333

I remember that. I believe there was pictures

No. 1075343

Maybe Fupa will come back to her if he can be first lady

No. 1075388

>"I totally talked about racial injustice with my white, privileged, yankee dad while he sat on my children's day bed cause I had no other furniture to sit on and had to hide all the sex toys I use as wall decorations. Poor black people! I'm not racist y'all!"

Sure, Shay kek

No. 1075445

Ohshit I remember that old guy! Shay would spend weekends in his house with him and his wife? and she posted pics of being caged up in the dungeon downstairs. She also said she couldn't be poly because she gets jealous too easily.. which is shit because she can't even be monogamous without that either.

I can try and check the older threads for pics but I definitely remember seeing them.

No. 1075449

File: 1604588680432.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 1517501456922.png)

Found them. It was roughly 2 years ago.

No. 1075450

File: 1604588710518.jpg (192.39 KB, 719x1280, 1517533751091.jpg)

No. 1075452

File: 1604588747537.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1888x2912, 1517515623184.jpg)

And a picture of the basement dungeon

No. 1075453

>a middle aged man shoving his foot into a saggy boil covered ballsack pussy that gets washed every 6 months

so sexy, glamorous and the ultimate sugar baby experience! shay really had it all!

No. 1075457

File: 1604589981553.jpg (187.66 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20201105-092548_Twi…)

Like all of your apologies Shay? Whenever people would call out your problems behavior?

No. 1075459

Shayna hardly ever apologizes and when she does she makes excuses to try and blame the offended party.

Half of what she tweets applies to herself but she's too dumb to realize it.

No. 1075461

Sounds like she’s getting into it with Fupa again. What a nightmare to be with, demanding her partner apologize for her perceived hurts, when he probably walks around on eggshells all the time trying not to upset the sensitive baby bimbo UWU. Not that Fupa is any better than her, they’re both toxic, disgusting people who deserve together. I just wish they’d make their antics more public… still waiting on Fupa to spill the milk.

No. 1075462

It's definitely not going to do her "business" any favors if she tweets about how much she hates Trump all day. I know this is said ad nauseam, but she really has no idea how to market herself… and she needs all the help she can get, given the fact that she looks like that.

No. 1075463

File: 1604590663971.jpeg (227.09 KB, 827x1383, 2A862377-26E6-4E2D-AB66-78134A…)

She’s super pressed about not getting that apology.

No. 1075482

i think they just don't give a fuck about your feelings, shaytard

No. 1075491

She never apologizes to anyone though. And she always is snarky and subtweets to talk shit

No. 1075492

Sad someone took advantage of the mentally retarded like that. Kek. Maybe Shay should have laid off the pot a bit and not let kink shit she really was only into for trend and attention rot her brain.

No. 1075494

Yeah, like when has she ever circled back and apologized for her bullshit?

And shes acting like an "I'm sorry" will fix everything lmao girl a flimsy apology aint gonna fix the whole ass mess that you pretend is a relationship

No. 1075508

It's just projection. She has no self awareness and until she gains even a shred of it she's going to continue her hypocrisy. Shes an imbecile.

No. 1075531

File: 1604596627381.png (432.2 KB, 943x1990, discord1.png)

some caps from discord last night where she discussed the apparent flu shot issue she had as a kid

No. 1075540

File: 1604597287339.jpeg (327.12 KB, 827x1422, A8CCC489-3E7C-4884-BB09-CEFB04…)

No. 1075541

My favorite part is how no one cared but she kept talking about it kek

No. 1075544

>bumfuck Oklahoma
Finally she admits she has no friends KEK

No. 1075546

She deleted that last part of having no friends kek she is ashamed to admit nobody likes her musty ass

No. 1075548

She is so pathetic. Is she saying that she lives with him now? Or that they sleep together regularly? Does he know that she posts this shit about him and their "relationship" anymore?
It's just hilarious that he's the one that got bored of his super kewl uwu kinky baby SWer girlfriend. Being a gross slut couldn't even keep you a man, Shay. It's very obvious that he doesn't care about her or want anything to do with her, even not seeing anything from his side.
She really needs to block all of his shit and focus on herself and her work. She'd probably do so much better if she stopped worrying about Fupa of all fucking people so much.

No. 1075562

"The only other person in the world"

If that was true there would have been articles about it, they would have sent her to other hospitals across the country. She was on Tumblr at 15, btw. If she had true muscle and tissue deterioration, going through puberty would have been difficult for her. Her breast most likely wouldnt have grown or would have been malformed. Her arms would most likely not be the same size, and she would have weakness in her right arm.

There are pictures of her at 14-15 and she's like any other normal teenager. Why does she go for a story that's such a lie and can easily be debunked? Titty veins are NORMAL, hers just happen to be a bit more pronounced because of how tight the skin on her chest + breasts are. But otherwise, titty veins showing in pale folks is really really common. It's not a medical issue.

No. 1075563

You can't blame other people for YOUR codependency issues.

No. 1075570

This is how she talks to other people and yet she wonders why she doesn't have any friends…? People bring up their own experiences and she just completely brushes them off to go back to talking about herself, I can't imagine having normal day to day conversations with her, that must get so exhausting so quickly.

No. 1075573

> “just cuz u didn't mean 2 hurt someone, doesn't mean they weren't hurt.”
> “my first response would be oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean 2”

does she even read what she types lmao

No. 1075613

File: 1604601912975.jpeg (413.83 KB, 1242x1333, 9F0F5EA4-4F92-4B1E-A7BD-FFFF46…)

No. 1075614

File: 1604601918765.png (348.09 KB, 2048x530, Screenshot_20201105-134418.png)

Mmmm the taste of fresh suicide bait

No. 1075616

File: 1604601976753.jpeg (824.52 KB, 1242x1570, E26FA3DD-8A46-4347-AD64-ADEA16…)

No. 1075617

File: 1604602067029.jpeg (311.09 KB, 1242x870, 4418E079-2E39-49BA-B042-9B0F39…)

>“Take the day off”
She doesn’t even work she’s been taking the day off for a month kek

No. 1075623

She's been taking every day off since she finished school and never got a real job

No. 1075627

She's so easy to read.

She's quiet on twitter/discord, then she's all over Twitter/discord, then she bitches about other SW or her (lack of a) love life, then she gets depressed and suicide baits, mentally handicap customs send her some money, she gets happy, and the whole process starts over again.

No. 1075629

File: 1604602583673.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1200, F978A7DB-443A-4C96-A1AB-B8A4B3…)

Imagine crying over
>a gorilla and leprechaun’s son who works at Zumiez

No. 1075634

Pathetic, MV, take the rest of her shit down. I mean, she's even admitting it violates the rest of their ToS.

Also I'll say it again, that video is fucking disgusting, she really does make it sound like her "son" is a) biological and b) underage in it.

No. 1075641

Kek she’s dirty deleting the mv sperg and the Kyle Nathan Perkins sperg
>like clockwork

No. 1075661

maybe she should learn how to stop pedobaiting? Just a thought

No. 1075666

Anyone know which video it is?

No. 1075668

File: 1604606091872.jpeg (247.54 KB, 1242x922, 9E17C73B-D577-44C2-B806-805D01…)

Did fups say sorry kek

No. 1075673

Why don't you do some research for yourself you stupid cunt

No. 1075679

I think it was like "mommy makes it better" or something. It was highly implied incest play

No. 1075701

oh my fucking god, as if saying baby was what made that video unnacceptable for their ts and cs……. stop smoking weed shayna you are completely and utterly FRIED IN THE BRAIN DEPARTMENT

No. 1075704

her potato machine won't even be able to run anything at 4k kek

No. 1075708


>Mommy loves her baby boy's dick

>A growing boy needs to cum

Yeah I'm sure it was just because she said "baby". Shayna is always trying to play the victim.

No. 1075711

File: 1604610099296.png (1015.5 KB, 1242x2208, 8BBEF943-694F-4121-99C2-38F0EF…)

No. 1075749

Whenever she talks about crazy shit like this, it just reminds me of when anons came here before that (allegedly) went to high school with her and said she would come up with the most bizarre shit to fuel her victim complex and her uwu so unique speshul snowflake (like accusing multiple people of rape, having schizophrenia, etc.) You really can't believe anything she says. I think she's truly a compulsive, pathological liar. And yeah, she was on Tumblr which was a notorious competition of who is the most unique and ~Br0kEn~ and would literally list their mental illness in their bios.

No. 1075750

Maybe you should stop putting these disgusting customs up in place of content you should be making on your own, Shay. These customs shes been getting lately are extra degenerate with the underage family shit. And she should be adding "step" to the title or description when she posts them elsewhere like all legit porn does to cover their asses on that incest shit.

And yes, the person that requested the vid and Shay make a point to allude to the people in the vid being underaged.

No. 1075759

Right? Like, isn't the point of a custom selling it to the requester, not posting it to your general audience? Sorry if incorrect, not an e-whore kek.

No. 1075761

Makes me wonder how Fupa has been able to do it for literal years and has not blown his brains out. He's a piece of shit but he's got the patience of a saint to deal with this narcissistic pig.

No. 1075767

Nah, don't give him the credit. He doesn't care. He probably doesn't read the things she sends him or listen to the things she says, just uses her for sex, maybe money. At one point he used her for clout. He's a gross piece of shit and they really do deserve each other, anon.

No. 1075777

File: 1604613657294.png (574.1 KB, 1242x2208, DAFAEB9D-D14B-41AA-BCF4-FB13EE…)

Fresh suicide bait

No. 1075778

File: 1604613728862.jpeg (380.86 KB, 1242x1151, BF90C297-76FE-4515-81F2-2623A4…)

Why can’t she use the 100 she just got??

No. 1075783

File: 1604614157919.jpg (165.15 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20201105-160902_Twi…)

What happened to her other one?

No. 1075786

She ugly as fuck even fupa lost interest

No. 1075790

left it in Colorado when Dawn threw all her stuff out/put it in storage?

No. 1075794

I hope she has a bigger size on her wishlist otherwise she won’t be able to do shit, kek. Actually, I hope she finds that out the hard way.

No. 1075797

Probably tossed it in the move to her new place- noodle was sleeping in it before. Her dog is so stressed out I’m sure it pissed everywhere in that things and chewed on it.

No. 1075801

File: 1604615805027.jpeg (328.26 KB, 1242x888, 52B41059-1EF8-446F-8A27-88A0CD…)


No. 1075803

not surprised she looks so worn out she’s been putting herself thru hell ever since she left mass. she did it to herself I find it highly entertaining

No. 1075805

she didn’t learn from last time this happened

No. 1075808

File: 1604615988601.jpeg (646.33 KB, 1242x1330, 33E50592-D8A8-4B3C-8A89-42E4F4…)

No. 1075810

File: 1604616017727.jpeg (463.46 KB, 1165x1266, 8CE1D22F-1DC8-4E9D-B782-00290C…)

No. 1075811

Oh boo hoo there are people dying from COVID and you have the audacity to bitch about this

No. 1075812

Three for three on suicide baiting in one day?

No. 1075813

Who wants a bet this is a lie and an excuse to keep her wish list private so she can add LARGE clothes to her list? Kek

No. 1075815

Whats confusing about this is that the items on the wishlist don't disappear once someone purchases them? It just says "purchased: 1" underneath and you can sort your items by purchased and unpurchased. Can someone confirm that her experience isn't like, a different setting, or is she straight up lying?

No. 1075816

She would never.

This is the kind of shit that makes the “sex work community” (ew) side eye her. Stop using your professional business Twitter to throw your pity parties.

No. 1075819

File: 1604616555604.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1099, 8C717AD3-A3D3-47FE-A709-17C194…)

Found this on reddit kek

No. 1075820

She has meltdowns over the smallest things. Let’s say it did happen and she’s not lying, she wants to die over this?

No. 1075822

Lowkey the biggest issue in their relationship

No. 1075823


she thinks not getting a boat load of free amazon garbage is the end of days. pathetic joke of a so called adult woman.

No. 1075824

File: 1604617104307.jpeg (286.81 KB, 1242x993, D7588D9F-759B-4782-B068-27C0D2…)


No. 1075825

File: 1604617295243.jpeg (236.4 KB, 1195x728, BD101EAD-C48C-498E-9249-596A16…)

No. 1075835

Idk either. I mean if it's not paid extra to be private, I guess it's fair game. But they way I see it, Shay pretty much only posts new vid content if it's a custom. Basically she only works when she HAS to because someone paid for it. What little content she puts out herself she either makes excuses for not making the video part of the set or it's a really dumb idea like the "beauty pageant blackmail" one. Seems like lately someone (cough Jason Womack) is requesting customs with underaged incest.

No. 1075836

I hope she actually does this kek

LA would eat her alive

No. 1075837

File: 1604618205117.jpeg (349.23 KB, 1224x914, 9C6D53F8-8A70-497B-B34B-B78D19…)

You barely get paid making mediocre horror porn Shaytard

No. 1075838

more like is there anyone in LA who'd let her freeload her way into their home.

No. 1075840

No. 1075841


She said a while back that she uses it for Noodle. Which is gross. But honestly when? We've never seen Noodle in a crate and there have been times Shay should have crated her (doing lives, videos). But Shay never leaves the house really so not sure why Noodle would need the crate.
Can't remember if she said she would give the new one to Noodle so she could have the old one back or vice versa.

Maybe it's a lie and she did toss it though.

No. 1075846

What friends??
We can check everything off the list that this is a Fupa related meltdown. I guess she still needs to mention getting a car. But still.
I'm gonna guess her orbiters from the cam days have moved on, if that's what she means. That fat "Harley" bitch found some other gross whore to ass kiss I'm sure. I think Mia is literally her only long term SW friend. Or "friend" in general.

Hilarious that after the Dawn saga she or anyone would consider befriending her to move to a new state.

No. 1075852

Maybe I'm stupid but would'nt it be better to get a laptop for streaming so she can move around more? Or do most people use desktops?

No. 1075855

It's not even funny how she pulls the same shit EVERY SINGLE TIME Fupa breaks up with her.
I feel like after the big hosptial stunt, she knows that she'll have to do something drastic.
I really think thats as far as she's willing to go beyond seriously excusing Fupa of abuse.

and move to La for what? So she can whine about how everyone's so plastic and she feels insecure/better than them depending on what day it is?

No. 1075856

"accusing" not excusing

No. 1075865

File: 1604620206551.jpeg (435.59 KB, 1216x1082, 04D12555-044E-4395-840D-845081…)

Shayna tweeting every two-second social interaction with her Uber driver to go get weed is so bleak because she has no one to talk to besides Fupapa. Also wow she likes old rock bands she’s not like other girls uwu

No. 1075871

this has got to be the most cringy tweet she's made in months.

No. 1075873

My uber drivers are always impressed when I say "is this AC/DC?" while getting into their car
Almost as if 70's rock is mainstream and most people our age know about it from our parents

No. 1075876

I think this also happened last Christmas too

No. 1075892

Thanks for digging these up anon. I love how she was clearly not “dating” this older man, she just got used by a gross old couple to keep in a cage and make them coffee LOL

No. 1075898

Her inhaler is empty? Did she have an asthma attack idk how that works.

No. 1075903

since she doesn't have a PCP I'm assuming she's just using her rescue inhaler as a control inhaler, which is stupid, dangerous, and expensive. rescue inhalers are for when you are having trouble breathing, not to be used 4 times a day every time you want to smoke weed. this is what causes you to build a tolerance to the rescue and when you genuinely need it because you can't breathe, suddenly it's not effective anymore.

she's really telling on herself how much of her assmar is weed-induced. put the bong down shatna, it'll save you 1 worrying about your lungs and 2 won't have to go to the dispensary 40 times a week and put yourself and others at more risk. better yet stop talking about needing a doctor and doing nothing. you were just complaining about needing one last time you freaked out about your inhaler being empty

No. 1075924

File: 1604623594958.jpeg (438.36 KB, 1242x1011, B42F4831-F78C-4E91-B207-BE801B…)

No. 1075931

File: 1604624204759.jpeg (317.91 KB, 1235x967, 6AFC72F7-A269-4DEC-A173-9114C0…)

Shayna Luther King

No. 1075932

Why in the world is she going to spend $1k+ on a custom built PC to do camming? Girl spend $50-100 on a better webcam and use your laptop ffs

No. 1075934

She’s just getting it for the aesthetic to be I uwu gamer girl not like other girls

No. 1075935

this bitch is such a fine example of American education

No. 1075937

She’s absolutely drinking all three bottles tonight. Get help shay.

No. 1075942

Can some kind anon make a bingo card for the Fupa meltdowns

No. 1075948

fucking this. she's goes through the same song and dance about fupa so much, says she's ~in love~ with him right after admitting she's codependent and probably blames that on him when she's the one that decided she wants to be the ~uwu helpless baby~ that needs even basic shit to be done for her b/c she's fucking lazy.

No. 1075985

No. You have to spend A LOT more to get a capable laptop. Laptops are compact and just cant fit the better hardware unless you pay more for the small but high performance parts. That's my understanding. But I mean, for Shays purposes since she wont actually be streaming games, yeah, a laptop would be fine. Streamers are sitting at their desk/in their game room generally, so pc is preferred because you can build it easier and cheaper competitively. And you need a good mouse and keyboard set up. a laptop by default comes with the laptop keyboard and mouse as part of it. So kinda a waste. Anyway sorry for pc sperg

No. 1075993

File: 1604628700779.jpeg (210.58 KB, 1242x1487, 5A939F09-06DB-42D1-BFBF-02E142…)

No. 1076000

Forgot "says shes hanging out with friends" and "says shes getting a car". The most important ones lol.

No. 1076002

>>I want to get a car
>>why don't you just say sorry to me when I say my feeling are hurt?

No. 1076004

I forgot, I’ll add those kek

No. 1076013

File: 1604631219683.jpeg (311.19 KB, 1242x1485, 35FABF88-7927-4447-8A9E-1A746D…)

No. 1076024


No. 1076029

For Shayna yes all she needs is a gaming laptop since she plays basic games that aren’t intensive and just cams or goes on the internet. Nothing she plays or does requires high performance PCs and can be found at any electronic store for $900 at the most. She just wants to follow the trend she sees of more successful girls that actually play games and use computers for real purposes yet laptops most often won’t come in the cute colors unless you put skins etc on them.

No. 1076039

File: 1604634230328.jpeg (552.01 KB, 1182x1340, F3245035-03E6-4176-B195-791E49…)

You aren’t even pretty though kek

No. 1076041

>hot girl
uh, excuse me?

No. 1076042

File: 1604634434268.jpeg (118.31 KB, 420x443, 8FFB5D62-EC27-49F7-BECE-759A69…)

What anon?
>This isn’t hot?? Kek

No. 1076044

Her mouth looks like a capital H

No. 1076048


even actual hot girls don't post shit like this, so it's crazy seeing someone who was always boarderline cute now very average post this shit.
The saddest thing is she really thinks these dudes care about her. Maybe that one guy has a perverted obsession but thats really it and thats because he wants sex & thinks he has a chance.

No. 1076050

File: 1604635430640.jpeg (229.86 KB, 1217x740, 6D391447-47A3-4988-8D9B-509B57…)

How is being a wino cute?

No. 1076052

Shat has no standards Jason r Womack does have a chance and he knows it

No. 1076054

Absolutely. It’s pathetic really lol

No. 1076079

Whew this is the one. This is the comment that sent me

No. 1076088

Hes lurking, waiting to swoop in the second she gives up on Fupa kek

No. 1076091

Only girls commented. Checks out. She acts like dudes say that to her. But really its other stupid SWers and Jason Womack kek.

No. 1076106

There’s about 200 puffs in a inhaler. You use 1-2 a puff for a breathing issue.

No. 1076110

Not gonna get any fruits, veggies, rice, proteins? Just wine and garlic bread, huh? Our clean eating qween!

No. 1076113

File: 1604641395235.jpg (514.9 KB, 1080x2034, Screenshot_20201105-234303_Twi…)

No. 1076115

File: 1604641481437.jpg (475.14 KB, 1080x2031, Screenshot_20201105-234432_Twi…)

No. 1076128

don't mean to nitpick you but at this point shayna is definitely scarier looking overall than your average woman kek

No. 1076203

File: 1604655205187.png (397.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201106-102953.png)

I think she's too retarded to understand this post she liked…. mUh RePuBliCaN pArEnTs

No. 1076248

That's one depressing bingo sheet.

No. 1076254

Does she really think she could afford to live nicely in LA making 3k~ a month.

No. 1076259

> implying the 80s wasn't the best decade for music
Fuck off, Shay. You're a filthy cunt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1076267

as if she still makes 3k a month

No. 1076277

Kek this was my immediate kneejerk thought to anons post too. Too generous to call her average
Ot nitpick as fuck but dear God what's up with that girls fat proportions, and why in the ever loving fuck would you pick that beached whale pose that highlights it.. maybe shatna is getting inspo from this post outside of the 'political' message lmao

No. 1076327

How can she complain about her wisdom teeth hurting all the time when she is drinking wine that's full of sugar; not to mention if she's supposedly taking advil and tylenol you're not supposed to be drinking. She's gonna fuck her stomach and liver up.

No. 1076361

Yeah fr. Shay has her sub count and everything hidden on her OF. She's just been pretending to still be in the top 2%. She putted herself with those screenshots tryna flex but really it just showed she peaked in June. I bet she lost a bunch of subs again this month and her rank is probably closer to 4 or 5%. She scraping by on the nasty customs.

When she was doing good on there she said she'd do cumshows daily and morning and night nudes and all this shit that probably lasted a week tops. Now she takes 90% of the week off. Takes a couple pics and does a custom because she has to. No doubt her rank has fallen significantly. Her minimum wage wouldnt cut it in LA. Not even close. Idk why shes so delusional. Cali is expensive in general, but to say she'd go straight for LA like..

No. 1076362

File: 1604680184518.jpg (355.29 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20201106-102937_Twi…)

No. 1076363


No. 1076364

Spongebob is one of her 4 personality traits next to PiNk BarBie, anal/"bimbo"/ur dad, and weeeeeed

No. 1076379

winefag but that’s the whole point of the shape of a wine glass

No. 1076385

She says this as though she doesn't drink from the bottle kek

No. 1076404

If you’re going to fill the glass to the top, you may as well chug it from the bottle (as you do). Does she drink wine because she thinks it’s classy? Franzia fits her personality better. And you can get the pink box for your trailer trash bimbo aesthetics.

Shes completely delusional and out of touch with reality. She couldn’t get a place she wanted in TULSA because she has no credit, and a lot of places(In California) want proof that you have at least 3times the rent in your bank account.

I hope she does move to LA because the inevitable quick downfall would force her to go home.

No. 1076412

> socialist journalist
maybe you're the one who's retarded

No. 1076422

File: 1604684847709.jpg (378.13 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201106-114715_Twi…)

On today's episode of what didn't happen

No. 1076428

File: 1604685149713.jpg (469.34 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201106-114651_Twi…)

No. 1076430

Doordash doesn’t do that kek you just get
credit on your account

No. 1076458

File: 1604686901168.jpeg (410.19 KB, 1242x1189, 545403C0-0A22-46F9-9F3C-55F236…)

No. 1076460

''In this industry''
bit of a reach to even consider her being part of the industry when she gives content away for free and the ones that cost something are cheaper than a Starbucks Frappucino…and even then there's not too many takers

No. 1076463

who the fuck gets Postmates from Starbucks?? she can't even find a local coffee/breakfast shop to walk to?

No. 1076495

How exactly does this stop someone from doing the fake buying thing again?

No. 1076496

Buying sex toys from Amazon sounds hellishly unsafe to me for some reason

No. 1076500

File: 1604691159499.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 918.06 KB, 1158x1529, 97225DD4-633D-48DB-9914-52AD86…)

300 for doing nothing

No. 1076504

Cant wait for the next homeless saga kek

No. 1076505

Seriously tho. The only content shes done all week is post up that late custom? I dont even think shes done a photo set.

Also what are those socks with those shoes and ill fitting outfit??

No. 1076508

>bimbo homeless dolly pisses on you for rent uwu
Her biggest issue is that she chases an aesthetic that doesn't fit her. On top of that she refuses to take care of herself. On top of that making cringey, horrible and unflattering videos, as well as the fact she posts nudes for free overall she also refuses to get a job and wants to live off of sex work alone which will just fuck her over because if you want to make decent livable money in the sex work industry you have to put in effort, workout, not drink as much, learn flattering positions and take care of your skin. She doesn't do anything of that

No. 1076534

File: 1604694461988.jpg (217.96 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201106-142739_Twi…)

No. 1076552

>say hello 2 my little cunt
As if, kek.

No. 1076558

File: 1604696230728.jpg (641.34 KB, 1071x1797, Screenshot_20201106-145656_Twi…)

Way to show your downgrade Shay

No. 1076569

Why did she post this kek she got fat, uglier, and greasier. This is not a glow up.

No. 1076573

holy shit, current day shayna makes 2016 shayna look like a supermodel

No. 1076574

Her parents gotta be ugly cause they gave her some unfortunate rodent genes.

No. 1076584

God, as much as I love seeing her fuck her shit up, it's sad to see how she could have easily improved herself. Her wannabe bimbo aesthetic does not fit her at all, but she could have put in some effort and make it work?? Lose the weight, get a nice lace front wig, buy some tits, fix her teeth, and STFU about personal shit on Twitter. Her "fan base" have given her more than enough money to do so. Instead she stays looking like a busted cabbage patch doll soaked in dumpster juice.

No. 1076587

Girls like her arent trying to be adult entertainers, models, legit pornstars, etc. She tried to be a camwhore for a while. Posting and selling nudes and solo vids is the simplest sex work there is. She's a lazy slob who doesn't want to work a real job. That's it. Incels keep paying her even in her fat, pathetic state, so unfortunately shes going to keep going until they dont. Not giving a fuck about her future or health.

No. 1076590

Why anyone would brag about being in any type of sexwork for more than a year idk. But 5 years??? Good lord. Time to sort your life out girl.

No. 1076593

She looks crusty in the old pictures too. You can tell she's picked what she thinks are some of the ugliest old pictures (spots all over her head on first one) to make it look like she "glowed up" kek

Pretty mad she's 18 in those, she's always looked super aged.

No. 1076597

File: 1604700028541.jpeg (123.4 KB, 676x1313, FD1AA228-07B0-4E22-8A9D-CE8067…)

No. 1076598

She's actually planning on going back to MFC once she gets her computer (which is really being built, it was posted here a bit ago). We'll see how that goes. And 'such hard work' >>1075837

She really did. There are a bunch of pictures where she looks at least better than in those.

No. 1076600

File: 1604700192599.jpeg (34.39 KB, 460x258, 57CD2869-0D6F-4289-8EE7-E45F74…)

Snapchat filter working overtime kek

No. 1076601

Shes smiling like her lips got stuck on her teeth. I don't understand that retard tongue-behind-the-teeth forced special ed smile she does.

No. 1076602

File: 1604700316693.jpeg (866.79 KB, 1242x1463, 279027BD-94CA-4CD0-BAD0-363DD3…)

She still looks rodent-ish in these kek

No. 1076605

Sage for vagina sperg, but why’s it look like a taped up dick here. Yikes.

No. 1076606

She looks like she's biting her cheeks in 2/3 of the pictures. I'm getting canker sores just from looking at them.

No. 1076608

I have to second this. But she doesn't have taste in anything as she's a big fat retard so this isn't surprising

No. 1076621

I just bought a holiday drink from Starbucks today and they gave me a free cup, they’re doing it for everyone who orders a holiday drink Mel

No. 1076622

Lipstick and no buttlip. They’re still chapped, but it’s definitely an improvement. The snap filter even shows how much blush would do for her if she decided to wear it.

No. 1076626

She still has a rats nest and an ugly snaggle tooth

No. 1076627


One of the HS anon's here. She was always a very loud annoying attention whore who would stop at nothing to get people to pay attention to her.

From calling an elderly english teacher a cunt, then screaming and running out of the classroom (because of course little princess autism over here wouldnt stop talking in class, and the teacher asked her to be quiet), to coming to school in a huge tank-top, no bra, and leaning over every table at lunch she could to get people to notice how she… Wasn't wearing a bra.

She also apparently had every condition known to man; anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, cancer, borderline personality, ocd, mild forms of autism, adhd, ptsd, you name it and she "had" it, and it was a different story weekly.

Constantly cheated on her long term boyfriend (Connor) for weed (or attention), fucked around at parties and when caught yelled rape, was molested by EVERY family member at one point or another, and had the male teachers in "the palm of her hands" as she'd say, despute the fact most of the teachers had to keep kicking her out of the classroom because she couldn't shut the fuck up for 5 minutes, ever.

She HATES other girls and had legit no girlfriends besides Colleen and some other washed up stoner girl (who I'm pretty sure OD'd on heroin a couple of years ago and died) for mostly all of HS.

She also tossed the N word around like it was nothing, constantly, and would go on racial tirades against black people (of which there were about 10 in total at our school, lol).

She is seriously just a disgusting, shitty, lazy, and horrible person who never matured past middle school, let alone HS.

Oh also, she claims to be have some sort of "graphic designer" status; she ws in the "Design and Visual" shop at our school (vocational) which was known for doing legitimately nothing all day besides playing minecraft and fucking around in Photoshop. Somehow, she still got terrible grades in shop. How is it possible to be such a fuckup at doing litterally nothing all day? Only Shayna can answer that; its a fucking talent.

No. 1076630

Can you post some proof of being HS mate anon? Like perhaps school merch?

No. 1076633

Holy shit she sounds like a nightmare

No. 1076639

File: 1604703690076.jpg (3.43 MB, 4656x2328, 20201106_180106.jpg)

Does my "Laxbro" uniform count? Lol

No. 1076640

I'm sure Shayna was a huge tard but a lot of these claims literally sound like embellished version of milk recorded on this board over the years. This bitch doesn't know how to play minecraft or use photoshop and couldn't distinguish mental illnesses now so I somehow doubt she did 5+ years ago. Your cancerous typing style marks you as an attention seeking vendetta tbh.

No. 1076644

I didn’t say she was pretty, just an improvement kek

No. 1076646

File: 1604704019932.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 141.46 KB, 933x598, 36C4800A-8319-4752-9B63-23E024…)

No. 1076648

NTA, thanks for not saging your infight.

Oh goody, she brought the hideous unmatched ponytail extensions back. I thought she trashed them, but lucky for us, they’re still thriving as much as she is. At least she’s learning to pose ever so slightly less fat.

No. 1076650

she looks like amberlynn reid here lol

No. 1076653

The lipstick upgrade didn’t last very long. Her lips are drier than the Sahara desert
She’s so ugly

No. 1076660

File: 1604705204481.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 170.32 KB, 933x598, 46D10B33-CE19-44C9-ADCA-97AE7C…)

Also why does she always have that open mouth fish look I tried making her pretty on facetune but she’s so damn busted I couldn’t fix her and she looks like a damn stroke victim Sage for dumb fanart(>>>/ot/646084)

No. 1076662

This looks like those Jane doe rendered photos that have exaggerated features so they might ring a bell easily.

No. 1076668

It’s because she smokes so much weed and the dehydrating alcohol probably doesn’t help, but that perpetual dry mouth will give you chapped lips. She should be applying aquaphor like 6 times a day, she’d be fine in that department at least. It has to be painful?? It’s like she doesn’t know what good sex, a wet pussy, or plump lips even feel like for her to maintain this level of….ick.

No. 1076682

She's sucking that gut in so hard

No. 1076696

Nah it's totally safe as long as you're not buying from one of those randomly-generated-name stores that probably also sell the same things on Wish.

No. 1076699

You can see the pain in her face lol

No. 1076705

File: 1604709130829.jpeg (263.17 KB, 1242x843, F3E28D13-42A2-43AE-8B52-651DAA…)

Nasty ass dirty callus feet

No. 1076707

File: 1604709772434.jpeg (129.19 KB, 750x1136, F10E7D75-FA2E-468B-8E70-E252C4…)

kinda late but i found the hideous harness she‘s wearing in this, somehow i thought it‘s ugly but looks better than her cheap amazon shit… but it‘s from aliexpress and 15$ lol

No. 1076711

It did not fit her properly at all so I figured it was some cheap wish or Amazon shit

No. 1076714

It absolutely is, there's no regulations for sex toys so they can say it's whatever material they want. I've seen those toys warp, melt, etc. It's disgusting.

No. 1076721

It's on Amazon too.
Well what many people even loads of sex workers for some reason that different materials of sex toys can cause a chemical reaction that results in bits of sex toys dissolving and types of lube. You see a box of sex toys all touching each other way too often in the camhoe world.

No. 1076725

File: 1604711148562.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 109.57 KB, 555x741, 99846930-587E-4CFE-B840-AFFB55…)

No. 1076727

File: 1604711170723.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.81 KB, 555x740, 426376CF-8216-476C-BB88-F21057…)

No. 1076730

What the balls?

No. 1076731

The way these are her best photos all year, I simply cannot take it anymore. What the fuck. Girls twice her size can manage to look better, how can she look so dry, irritated and fat?

No. 1076740

it looks like she photoshopped on a completely different labia

No. 1076741

Wtf is this supposed to be?

No. 1076742

File: 1604712743449.jpg (18.32 KB, 638x126, 19876354.JPG)

>"hot af"
>looks like a growling chihuahua with greasy extensions

No. 1076744

File: 1604712846530.jpeg (206.9 KB, 624x574, D3671767-690D-49BB-A240-66B9EC…)

why tf does her stomach area look like a roped ham it’s got so much squishing out
It looks like she just squashed it down and didn’t even care abt it melting into her back rolls cuz it looks like a crumpled up garbage bag up front

No. 1076745

samefag, I normally don't browse her twitter but I HAD to know what the context for these images was. like surely there was some gag or context right?? no, she actually thinks this is a cute look. go home, Shayna, you're drunk

No. 1076748

> like a roped up ham
kek anon couldn't have described it more perfectly

No. 1076751

File: 1604713230008.jpeg (15.49 KB, 265x190, DD8BA149-80A6-4F9A-948F-E8D46F…)

>hammy mattel

No. 1076752

File: 1604713402099.jpeg (609.78 KB, 750x1079, EE932770-BFD2-4A7B-BE13-7D5B3B…)

>claw clip extensions

hammy pls

No. 1076759

File: 1604713916787.jpeg (483.6 KB, 1242x1260, CEA3B636-122B-43DD-BB11-F13524…)

Jfc you aren’t funny or cute

No. 1076763

Full offense anon I think you just made her somehow look worse

No. 1076770

File: 1604715180785.jpeg (361.16 KB, 1119x1040, F3F50499-D8F9-4E9B-AA0D-87A045…)

Only fans anon come thru

No. 1076774

Thanks for answering my question the other day about what happened to those shitty hair pieces kek she had to dig them out or pick them up off the floor

No. 1076778

File: 1604715843025.jpg (236.25 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201106-202339_Twi…)

Starbucks twice in one day? Nice Shay

No. 1076780

File: 1604715884510.jpg (97.23 KB, 1080x374, Screenshot_20201106-202434_Twi…)

We all know what comes after "mania"

No. 1076785

Fat bitch can’t walk to a Starbucks there is one on practically every corner

No. 1076794

File: 1604716752269.jpeg (348.84 KB, 1228x966, 1E754910-1CDF-455C-86CF-8CDA94…)

Fill out your Shayna mental breakdown bingo cards anons

No. 1076795

Why not just get a coffee machine and buy Coffee in bulk? She could easily get all that off of amazon.
I know she'll end up making porn with the Coffee Machine, like she does EVERY new item she gets but this is stupid.

No. 1076815

This is now deleted

No. 1076828

Yeah because she posted her probably late customs already. Shes not gonna do a vid because she wants to or do another custom promptly lol

No. 1076830


No. 1076840

File: 1604719297491.jpeg (254.65 KB, 1169x936, CF8F49A2-ECE3-410B-8769-00BB2F…)

How about you contour your big nose fatty
You suck at makeup

No. 1076844

File: 1604719590999.jpeg (343.13 KB, 1242x1072, 6FA55839-2653-4875-9738-AC963F…)


No. 1076846

File: 1604719633566.jpeg (1023.9 KB, 1242x1604, 515D51EC-7FF2-4DDC-9D49-4B78BD…)


No. 1076848

File: 1604719765036.jpeg (308.94 KB, 758x817, A4860D81-6DF3-4D0E-84B5-C858C7…)

Tight line your eyes there’s a gap between your eyeliner and eyelashes and draw in your eyebrows better there always looks like there is a chunk in the front missing

No. 1076851

She looks dead in her eyes

No. 1076853

File: 1604720281673.jpeg (40.71 KB, 729x486, AA84D238-748C-4AC5-BD74-B40D69…)

>when a dog pulls off your hairstyle better than you

No. 1076854

That pony extension sticking STRAIGHT OUT is sending me. She looks like a dr Seuss creature.

At least she doesn’t look like a big fat hog here though with that angle

No. 1076855

Highlighter is pointless without contour or nice facial features to, you know, highlight.

No. 1076856

Ffs shayna how many times has it been said here? You look dead. You need color. The highlighter w/o anything else just furthers the greaseball look… YouTube tutorials are FREE. FFS.

No. 1076857

She made her nose look pointy or something weird. I like how she acts like the highlighter on the nose was a big thing as if she didn't edit the pics to hell and back anyway. And yeah, you use contour and highlighter… they're a combo… shes that dumb and lazy.

No. 1076859

File: 1604720639800.jpeg (826.33 KB, 4608x3072, 7D5FF17D-CF1F-40AC-B1C1-A187E4…)

I'm sorry, Marge.

No. 1076863

dead don't do Marge like that, she's got a slammin body

No. 1076870

File: 1604721538348.jpg (210.19 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20201106-215845_Twi…)

You mean a ball sac?

No. 1076872

At least she only looks retarded due to the art style. if Marge was real she'd probably be really pretty.

No. 1076878

File: 1604722407904.jpeg (401.04 KB, 1242x1066, 394A0893-9590-402B-898C-30E963…)

Imagine being in sex work for 5+ years with nothing to show for it……

No. 1076880

She won’t make it another year as a sex worker. The well is drying up

No. 1076882

She’ll keep being a sex worker if she keeps getting money. Once her minimum-wage amount of money dries up she’ll move in with her dad.

No. 1076884

What’s the point of doing this job if you can’t even afford a car??? Other basic necessities??

No. 1076890

My guess is because she associates some kind of clout with being a sw thats worth all this shit???

No. 1076891

She’s delusional and thinks she’s hot shit. But I think deep down she knows she’s a fat ugly washed up irrelevant sex worker and smokes weed to escape reality. Also she loves the attention from guys bc nobody wants to date her irl

No. 1076895

File: 1604724030956.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 895.74 KB, 1125x1659, 3DE2361D-4BCC-4C7E-ABCC-2FDDF8…)

videos coming soon but this was a keek

No. 1076899

Highlighter only highlighting the yellowed color of her teeth lol

No. 1076904

File: 1604724582749.jpeg (352.62 KB, 1242x1023, 999A4198-C115-4EF5-BCAC-0BEDF1…)

Why can’t you do both? Editing ten minute shitty porn isn’t hard or anything…..god I can’t imagine being a porn sick scrote who wants to jerk it to big Shayna but can’t because she has been taking the day off for two months

No. 1076905

An anxiety attack? Because it's horrible? Worried she'll be a dumb ewhore for a decade? This tweet makes no sense. How does she use these terms and not understand them. The anxiety attack and existential crisis shit.

No. 1076910

We are going to see these ponytails for a while. They hide her fat face and they’re not layered in grease.

No. 1076935

File: 1604726898662.jpeg (333.09 KB, 1219x904, FC602D02-87AB-4FB2-BD16-A40A04…)

Lazy bitch it probably hurts her lunch lady arms to put those cheap china extensions in again kek

No. 1076943

File: 1604727335970.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 770.91 KB, 1242x1301, F252AF52-6F50-4FC9-9C34-C92EA8…)

She fixed her rats nest at least….

No. 1076945

File: 1604727424355.png (Spoiler Image, 8.74 MB, 1242x2208, 9FEF8604-BC91-4684-A0FB-A7B68C…)

Fat boy topless in the public local swimming pool vibes

No. 1076962

She posted this on Twitter YouTube link for future reference

No. 1076970

Why is this her thing now?

No. 1076998

This plus the random egirl photos make me feel like she's copying a girl Fupa's been thirsting over.

No. 1077009

Other anons have said shes slowly trying to morph herself into a fat off brand version of belle delphine. Iirc big shayna was even wk her not too long ago too

No. 1077084


thats what i dont get about these hoes. what exactly is stopping them from getting an education and idk, working some admin work from home or customer service. some sort of stable income. then just do sex work on your downtime? the content she shits out her dry ripped up asshole can easily he created in hour or two and it would just be actual extra spending money so she could i dunno, afford an apartment and a car and some basic hygiene products.

No. 1077174

I honestly read it as being worried she WON’T be able to do sw for another five years. She’s always gushing about the communityyyy and her careeeerrr, her delusion that she’s a glamorous sex worker is her whole identity and without it she has nothing.

No. 1077204

Yeah thanks for wording it. But her tweet was confusing and stupid and she uses "anxiety attack" all the time in retarded ways. But probably because she's always drunk and high and low intelligence in general.

No. 1077210

File: 1604767619228.jpeg (665.12 KB, 1242x1099, D8253989-2923-46D2-B30A-FC374A…)

You literally won’t retweet black sex workers because it doesn’t go with your aesthetic stfu ugly ass fat cellulite bitch. you haven’t done anything but tweet and complain stop acting all high and mighty so god damn annoying

No. 1077223

Is that the Chad meme face on the pants

No. 1077248

This, and also she has nothing to show for her 5 years of sex work. Another 5 years when her looks, mental health, physical health etc are all declining does not seem very promising.

No. 1077267

Kek extremely underrated post

No. 1077287

>pov: you're shayna's telehealth dentist

No. 1077288

File: 1604774375497.png (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 2048x1808, Screenshot_20201107-133813.png)

Even though the hat says fuck trump she looks like a fat trump supporting housewife. She looks like she wants to be Tomi Laren, kek

No. 1077289

File: 1604774460560.png (3.37 MB, 1866x2048, Screenshot_20201107-134014.png)

Is she editing her nose or does it look like that from highlighter? Or both? It looks fucking weird for some reason.

No. 1077293

this whole fucking image is facetuned to hell and back

No. 1077296

At least she’s learning? Tired of seeing open sores on this bitch lol

No. 1077302

she's been poorly blurring her pussy and face for ages now

No. 1077318

Whatever she did to her nose it looks bad

No. 1077324

She has somehow managed to make her nose look even bigger after highlighting

No. 1077327

that usually what happens when you don't contour with highlighting and even then. Take Jaclyn hill whose highlight only exacerbated her pillow face

She needs blush and bronzer and an eyeliner/eyebrow redo long before highlight kek

No. 1077335

she should go back to having blonde hair

No. 1077338

File: 1604778148459.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 3464x3464, 067C0911-A606-4ADA-ABEE-0BB31E…)

Tubby needs to lay off the doordash

No. 1077340

after all the shit sex workers gave her for that trump video in 2016 she really kept the hat and put it back on. and she wonders why they all hate her.

No. 1077343

I'll probably be called a whiteknight for this, but does anyone else feel like she looks slightly skinnier in her recent photosets than she did in the past few months? She's bulging out of her clothing a lot less.

No. 1077347

She may not be bloating as frequently, I think I see what you mean in the face a bit.

No. 1077350

Or she’s facetuning her fat moon face

No. 1077353

''All my friends hate Trump!!''
bitch, what friends??

No. 1077354

Her face looks relatively the same (she has a, uh, "recognizable" face) but around her stomach and waist she doesn't seem to have as many rolls and her clothes aren't about to tear at the seams. Maybe she's just buying clothes that are actually her size now. It would benefit her if she was losing weight, of course.

No. 1077360

very generous of you to say considering >>1073494 was only 5 days ago kek

No. 1077368

Thats just sad to look at. Even the hat is too small for her now, kek.

No. 1077374

You have to look closer. She used a shit ton of concealer on the side of her nose, used it on her eyelid too. Her make-up palette arrived.

No. 1077375

File: 1604780118330.jpg (483.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201107-200455_Twi…)

Looks like a bit of spackle running down her nose.

What is this bit? kek

No. 1077380

Why did she blur that random part kek it looks like she tucked her dick in….

No. 1077382

Lmao, shatna has no idea how to edit photos without making her seem like a complete retard.

No. 1077388

File: 1604780821900.jpg (155.43 KB, 1080x443, 20201107_211540.jpg)

Jfc, imagine how gnarly those wrinkly eye sacks must look irl if you can see them clearly despite all that facetuning.
Her whole under eye area would look bad on a 30+ year woman and she's only 23. There's no going back from that, even if she got her shit together and starded a skincare routine crafted by the gods themselves.

No. 1077400

My under eyes feel dry looking at this. Shayna if you're baking it, stop doing that immediately