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File: 1611843717191.jpg (562.03 KB, 1241x2208, Esiys97XIAACs5q.jpg)

No. 1144300

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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No. 1144927

File: 1611892190339.jpg (75.61 KB, 475x640, Es3niHIUUAIgFrG.jpg)

Pedophilia but woke

No. 1144973

WHY? You could maybe, barely pass everything else as innocent enough, but he couldn’t fucking help himself.

No. 1145039

sounds like someone was hypersexual from a young age because of abuse (or inherent deviancy, idk) and is now projecting on innocent little children. great.

by the way, that thread pic is amazing.

No. 1145056

disgusting wtf

No. 1145076

Fucking hell, we have an obvious cis male calling little girls kinky and this is ok apparently because he's "been a little girl"

fucking when, pedo

No. 1145080

sage for OT but do these retards not understand that kids, boys and girls are stupid, according to my parents when I was 6 years old I would say that I wanted marry my brother or that I wanted to be tree when I grew up, children say weird nonsensical stuff all the time but apparently kids saying they wish to be the opposite gender is treated as an actual medical condition

No. 1145101


Once saw a documentary where the cops busted a pedo and he literally made the same 'argument'.

No. 1145141

File: 1611928619187.jpg (41.88 KB, 828x444, 144081908_637402960320177_1453…)

miley cyrus did an interview saying tits are hotter than balls. this dumbass trans lesbian writer gets mad and makes a stupid fucking article about it screaming transphobia when literally it has nothing to do with that.

anyways, went on the account of this dumbass writer and read this. disgusting fucking weirdo. hurr durr not liking me is transphobia

No. 1145162

File: 1611932310188.jpeg (508.31 KB, 2721x2721, 62F5ACA6-55F8-4B01-BD88-B3A4B9…)

Ah yes, Melinda Rude. We discussed him on the previous thread


No. 1145174

>I´ve been a cute little girl
>gender nonbinary


No. 1145216

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope.
Ok, done with the internet for today.

No. 1145274

File: 1611941579397.jpg (308.54 KB, 985x1243, Screenshot_20210129_181725.jpg)

God I hate this ugly ass man and the way he thinks he's some kind of authority on womanhood. He talks about oppression of "women and femmes" like putting on lipstick means he has something in common with us, while simultaneously preaching that the very concept of biological women is made up. Womanhood is nothing but a gaudy costume to him, he's a narcissistic man who doesn't see women and "little girls" as real people, they are just vague concepts open to his interpretation, an aesthetic that he's entitled to and will appropriate as he pleases. It's like fucking advanced 4d misogyny

No. 1145291

looks like a fucking gorilla

No. 1145309

File: 1611943729489.jpg (140.27 KB, 1124x1378, Es3nRxPVEAEO9G7.jpg)

fucking hell, even my Middle-Eastern Father isn't even that hairy, also kek at libfems praising him

No. 1145314

>maybe it’s not a hairy dude maybe he just has hirsutism

No. 1145325

there are so many videos online of kids crying and insisting that they want to marry their parents as their parents tell them they can’t. does that mean we have to assume the child is into incest and make them participate in incestuous activities? no because they’re fucking kids and aren’t capable of being serious about something.

No. 1145388

File: 1611950288024.jpg (257.88 KB, 857x555, ew.jpg)

r/transgender_surgeries is a goldmine. So many botched horror stories, and men complaining their "clit" has no sensation etc lol. But men and gynos for sure can't tell the difference, guise!!1

No. 1145409

hold the fuck up. they got a hole in their crotch wound and the contents of their rectum emptied through their wound? they shat through their neovagina?

what the actual fuck

No. 1145433

These fuckers really aren't even trying to look like women at this point. He should just fucking wax his whole body. I thought their whole point was that they wanted to "pass".

I'm going to need a while to recover from the trauma of reading this post.

Also 2.5%???? That's still a 1/40 chance. Who the fuck would even trust a 1% chance of THIS happening? Let alone the idea of mutilation, if the mutilation goes wrong you can't shit out of your actual butthole anymore? Gross.

No. 1145449

He knew this was a possibility beforehand and he still went through with it. Jfc.

No. 1145459

File: 1611954721176.jpg (367.6 KB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20210129_221155.jpg)

alok identifies as non-binary

No. 1145524

This guy once wrote an honest to god article complaining that nobody would fuck him or his NB babes. It was basically tumblr flavoured incel 'state mandated gfs' shit. Yeah. Can't imagine looking at him why no guy or girl would want to hit that.

No. 1145547

File: 1611961764775.png (1.45 MB, 721x1543, should have gone to specsavers…)

It was actually his "cis female looking friend" (according to him) who wrote it. Also vice is trash but here you go https://www.vice.com/en/article/wjq99z/why-cant-my-famous-gender-nonconforming-friends-get-laid

No. 1145548

File: 1611961840020.jpg (131.8 KB, 1080x406, 20210129_224924.jpg)


KF found a study that it might be an higher occurance, going up to 19% if there were previous rectal injuries.

The only way to fix it is graft surgery. That's just vile.


No. 1145559

In no way trying to defend this dumbass who chose it, but this happens to real vaginas, too. Happened to my mom after childbirth. It’s scary.

No. 1145563

File: 1611963295444.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

>I am ONLY the second case this has ever happened

No. 1145597

i'm pregnant so thnx for the warning lmao

No. 1145632

it can also happen as a result of extremely violent rape (or more commonly as a result of rape by object insertion). some anon posted an article in /ot/ awhile back about how this type of injury is incredibly common in war-torn regions of the Congo, and they don’t have enough resources to physically mend all the injured women, let alone provide psychological support for everyone who needs it. absolutely horrific read that’ll stick with me for the rest of my life.

meanwhile, in the first world, men are deluding themselves into getting voluntarily mutilated in such a way that this type of fistula is not an uncommon result, and consider it a “human rights violation” if their insurance will not cover it. fucking kill me now

No. 1145674

If i was a trans person i would just keep my dick, i wouldnt want that monstrosity between my legs

No. 1145708

Okay so this a bit more political, There's a insidious thing that Alok has been promoting, regarding the Hijra's of India

He's part of the new TRA narrative that romanticizes the Hijras, as being awesome OG Queer Non-binary queens that were revered before the evil white man came and suddenly made them inferior. Here's the thing India is ridiculously patriarchal and these people just so obsessed with being woke that they aren't thinking about the implications that they are promoting? Other cultures that have 3rd genders are the same. Men being kicked out of "the man club" because they are considered feminine or gay is bullshit. They do not choose this and live tragic lives. most hijras resort to begging and prostitution to survive and can only live in communities with other hijras. Their families reject them, pimps and johns abuse them, society ignores them. but privileged retards like Alok romanticize's the whole culture and history

No. 1145753

Another reason for me to never breed! Just gonna file that under "more childbearing body horror facts".

How does this work into the caste system? Just curious because I'm (and likely most others) pretty ill informed on indian social structure so I feel like it might be helpful to put it into full context.

No. 1145758

File: 1611991779633.jpeg (115.59 KB, 1098x926, 1 buhXHHsa50QPYvztcOGJ2Q.jpeg)

Hijras are considered part of the low castes for a number of reasons, see the Dalits/Untouchables aren't even on the official Vedic caste system, they worked jobs that were considered so unsavory to Indian society that they existed outside the established order, people who work with leather, street cleaners, people who clean or construct toilets and well prostitutes, and it used to be that if a person of higher caste worked in these occupations they would lose their high caste status and could never reearn that higher caste in this life and had to wait for reincarnation, that's one of the reasons why India had such a big problem regarding public defecation in rural areas, no one wanted to build a bathroom or even maintain it, cause such an act was something that would make someone's very soul and you would become an outcast

So Hijras regardless of race and ethnicity and even caste former caste get dumped into the untouchable caste

No. 1145760

>some anon posted an article in /ot/ awhile back about how this type of injury is incredibly common in war-torn regions of the Congo
This one? https://www.newsweek.com/congo-more-vicious-rape-106653

No. 1145767

oh my god. this scares me

No. 1145782

But yeah being a trans ‘woman’ in Europe or the US is the greatest oppression ever. I’m nauseous…

No. 1145812

File: 1612006767820.jpg (91.35 KB, 946x2048, 20210130_113559.jpg)

The Green Party in the UK has emailed all of its members to say that women's rights, free speech and not wanting to trans children are not inclusive and therefore not allowed to have motions in the members votes. There you have it, blatant suppressing of women for men. https://twitter.com/WorldOfOrdinary/status/1355466057444691971?s=19(political derailing )

No. 1145830

Christ do these assholes never understand that these opinions aren't even shared by 90% of the population, I mean Biden only won cause he was going against Trump but next elections if the Left keep being "twanspositive" then get ready for another rightist victory

No. 1145832

>not inclusive
>women's sex based rights
What kind of retarded logic is that. Are they gonna ban funding for prostate cancer research next because it's "not inclusive" to women? Ban public schools because they're not inclusive to adults? The nhs because it's not inclusive to healthy people???? Clown world

No. 1145835

Holy fuck, "women's sex based rights". They just admitted it plain and simple.
>to prevent irreversible damage to kids with gender dysphoria
Oh, like pumping them full of hormones and chopping off their genitals before their bodies fully go through puberty?
Now now anon, that only applies to women. Men naturally get to cry about their sad cancer ridden prostates all they like without worry while women have to apologise for existing among jealous mtfs.

No. 1145842

File: 1612010977068.png (460 KB, 568x373, Screenshot_2021-01-30 Biology …)


No. 1145849

I'm not American but at the fuck is happening there. How is left-wing even worse than right-wing, weren't leftists supposed to be fighting for women, not against them?

It's abhorrent to read "women's sex-based rights" (like abortion, access to menstruation products) is off limits to promote.
So men's health is okay but women's is not? They're not even hiding the sexism.

Also I bet all my money they keep pushing the trans thing because medical companies profit so much off people buying hormones and undergoing numerous surgeries AND now you can have men taking back all the spots women fought for to have at least some guaranteed representation.

I'm seriously worried this is gonna take our rights. America first and the rest of the "liberated/pro-women's rights" world will follow. Makes me feel sick and scared.

No. 1145851

"woman" and that name with that photo, when people look back at these news stories in the future (I think this trans madness will be a phase after 90% of people detransition within ten years) they'll think people just attached the wrong photo.

No. 1145853

What's sick is they know that transing kids causes irreversible damage (cos why would they even mention it) yet they are still banning the subject in favour of troons. This isn't just an attack on women, it's kids too. Just to make sure some men can't have their agp challenged.

No. 1145854

File: 1612012246747.gif (1.43 MB, 498x292, contrapoints.gif)

sage for no milk, and sorry to be so late, but just made a little gif for you ladies after being exposed to the bone melting radiation of hontras new "video ""essay""". enjoy!

No. 1145857

Great OC anon

No. 1145858

Anon posted/linked something from the Green party in the UK. They aren't in power but are supposed to be neutral/left leaning. This is absolute bullshit, and blatant.
The UK don't consider women a protected class unlike other statuses such as race/sexuality etc, however generally UK women's rights in reality (as in actually existing as a woman in the UK) are very good and fair. However we really need rights enshrined in law, not those rights becoming banned topics for discussion. If you want to use the trans argument, trans men also need sex-based rights like abortion and healthcare. So this shit obviously only favors trans women - so how is this not blatantly sexist?

No. 1145860

Oh, ok, my bad! I was confused with recent things Biden did and thought this was also America. This is shitty too, so it's happening this blatantly both in UK and USA (among other countries).

No. 1145861

I'm dead, love this so much

No. 1145862

General people have a limit to the amount of wokeism they can take, were reaching peak Weimar here and right-wingers are gonna be taking over and I think the majority will let them, Macrons victory against Le-Penn was barely assured and now with the ever increasing Islamist attacks she's at record high in polls now, next elections are expected to be NF victory and I think that will be true for many Western countries

No. 1145866

File: 1612013176000.jpeg (45.36 KB, 420x413, 84D7A45C-CFFA-4800-812C-56BC3C…)

Jfc Anon, I hope your mum is all well now!

No. 1145868

tbf Anglo American culture effect each other greatly and are interlinked, If Something happens in the UK then America knows and If Something happens in the US then UK knows, this applies to "wokeness" and TRA narratives as well

No. 1145869

File: 1612013549967.jpg (595.06 KB, 1233x937, tOYjMnY.jpg)

Just another freak from reddit. Claims to be a transbian (even though he has a bf according to his posts), claims DID, claims to have XXY chromosomes. Coomer brain, obviously. Likes to go into subs for teenage girls and harass them

No. 1145870

File: 1612013628544.jpg (91.43 KB, 946x2048, 20210130_133116.jpg)

Found out what they want you to vote for, all trans related. It's so obvious what they are trying to achieve.

Apparently this was written by their Women's Officer too.

No. 1145871

We urge you to support:
>Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking


No. 1145873

my condolences

No. 1145875

the period question jfc…..
what is with these freaks being unable to leave teenage girls alone?

No. 1145890

The mask is off now huh

No. 1145896

File: 1612018202086.png (159.27 KB, 3000x3000, Es-lfphXIAIoHIp.png)

sage bc i don't know if this is milk or belongs here but sophie (mtf hyperpop artist) 41% and her label claims it was an accident but it sounds so fake and like they are trying to cover up that it was a suicide. anyways rip

No. 1145906

Why would they be against conflating sex and gender? Did they change their minds and decide they're the same now, or?

No. 1145912

I don't think they would cover up a suicide, they wish it was a suicide or murder to cry the victim but my man was just high as a kite.

No. 1145915

The trans community will self destruct eventually with all of these people detransitioning. The left should just stay quiet and watch them implode. It's the easiest way for the "woke" to win and for actual women to retain their rights.

No. 1145920

RIP. I’d be shocked if there weren’t drugs involved. Either way the internet is already loving this cringey manic pixie dreamgirl “died chasing the moon” shit, but I guess it’s better than admitting what a mundane and sad death tripping and bonking your head is.

No. 1145923

File: 1612021957507.jpg (87.64 KB, 671x607, sdpparty.JPG)

saged for non-contribution, but just sharing the political views of a sane UK party, the Social Democrat Party. They acknowledge transpeople without sacrificing women's sex-based rights.(political derailing)

No. 1145937

No. 1145938

File: 1612023860012.jpg (131.39 KB, 1211x1080, pls no ban ive been so good.jp…)

No. 1145954

https://archive.is/c683l unfortunately it will take a lot more than that

No. 1145965

Absolute suicide. I got yelled at for saying this but come the fuck on, came out to watch the full moon like an uWu artist and just fell off a balcony?

I don't think they think it's a suicide. These people would believe he tripped over a rope and it tied itself into a loop and fell around his neck on the way down

No. 1145971

yep, that’s the one! at least one of the hospitals mentioned in the article is still operating and accepting donations. I know we’re getting OT here but I am gonna drop the link - if these sickos are gonna spam their “lifesaving transition” gofundmes everywhere and grab cash from wokies, I’m gonna let other women know how we can actually help our oppressed sisters instead

No. 1145980

Not OP but I was looking for this article the other day, thanks for posting.

No. 1146015

File: 1612030299868.png (714.19 KB, 1319x1416, Untitled.png)

Sage for being tangential, but stumbled upon this on AL. Ironic.

No. 1146019

?? Why would we try to come into their spaces if literally all spaces are straight spaces by default? Delusional.

I couldn’t get past the first two paragraphs. Talk about misinformation. Author is straight up lying to their readers to push their own agenda.

No. 1146021

File: 1612030775394.png (210.01 KB, 566x501, Screenshot 2021-01-30 101308.p…)

in other news surprising no one, big breadtuber philosophytube has trooned out.

it's definitely not social contagion though.

No. 1146025

File: 1612030888961.png (267.95 KB, 598x388, betacontraorbiter.png)

to absolutely no one's surprise, another one of hontra's breadtube friends, philosophytube, has trooned out

No. 1146027

File: 1612030961352.jpg (677.42 KB, 2093x1581, Es_66zeWMAIPhlz.jpg)

seems you were faster than me. love how we used the same text tho. here's the full text

No. 1146028

In a move that surprises absolutely nobody.
He couldn't just settle for being a theater major I guess.

No. 1146030

does anyone else roll there eyes when they see people talking about validating troons in any way. like the whole concept of validating a mental illness is the stupidest tumblr shit ever. honestly I think the reason trannies turn out crazy is because psychologist validate there mental illness and delusions instead of actually treating it to make a quick buck. honestly psychologist need to start treating troons like crazy people who think they are aliens, the president or jesus because it is literally the same shit.

No. 1146033

File: 1612031259972.jpg (Spoiler Image,759.67 KB, 2731x4096, hbombhairenvy.jpg)

he doesn't look as terrible as expected, but it's still very unfortunate. by the way he's been presenting himself in his livestreams i was just waiting for this to happen

No. 1146035

I wonder how much makeup he had to put on for this shot to not show his fucking beard.

What a waste of an almost fuckable man.

No. 1146037

Now let's see a candid.

No. 1146042

>by the way he's been presenting himself in his livestreams i was just waiting for this to happen
never watched his livestreams, what was he doing ?

No. 1146047

i just went to look them up for some screenshots but it seems he deleted all the relevant ones for some reason. he mentioned growing out his hair and wanting to lose all his muscles for "a project" or something lol. i'll see if i can find some archives, but just from his behaviour and his looks it was very evident that he drank the tranny-koolaid

No. 1146049

>Trans men die waiting for breast reduction surgery that cis women get for back pain
why does he seem to belittle womens' problems in his message about "feminism"? not to mention he brought up abortion for no reason. ew

No. 1146050

The birth of a new cow. He’s gonna be contra 2.0

No. 1146051

>My existing following means I have now instanly become one of the most recognisable transgender people in the country

Can UK anons even slightly confirm this delusion? I've never heard of this person my entire life.

No. 1146053

This is art.

No. 1146055

"In England and Wales people under 16 can get an abortion, which is permanent" What??? The permanent thing is being forced to have child you aren't able to care for as a teenager!!!
Casually demonstrating a lack of understanding women's reproductive rights is a great way to show those nasty TERFS.

No. 1146056

if we're lucky hontra and "abigail" are gonna enter some kind of fucked up relationship. they've been flirting in their videos for the longest time. they truly deserve each other

No. 1146062

the abortion comment is getting me too anon it's such blatant misogyny

No. 1146066

possibly the second least surprising troonout after digibro

No. 1146067


As soon as he posted a video with waxed eyebrows I knew this was coming.

No. 1146068

>trannies have existed before britain

No. 1146069

I find it weird how no one else finds this so weird. When someone is gay no one has to tell them this. They know what they do and don't like (at least later in life). But why do transpeople need to hear that they are the opposite gender so often? When someone calls me the wrong pronouns I don't think I would have any kind of 'dysphoric-type reaction'.

No. 1146070

uk anon here and and literally no one has heard of him. I only found out about him like 2 months ago from his simping for hontra. tinfoil but wouldn't be surprised if this was an elaborate way to get with hontra since he came out as a transbian

No. 1146071

wait Digibro, the guy who argued watching lolicon isn't pedophilia and leeched off his gf came out as a Troon, when ?

No. 1146072

I didn't watch this whole thing but he seemed to understand this basic concept in this video. So apparently becoming trans has made him less in touch with women's issues.

No. 1146074

he wants to be abigail shapiro so bad
agp not even once

No. 1146075

also UK anon and this is the first time I've ever heard the name

No. 1146076

anon….. several months ago now, he and his gf broke up and shes dating ethan ralph now. digibro now calls himself diginee its extremely funny

No. 1146077

Why does every "coming out" post include a long list of "injustices against trans people"? Iirc Ellen Page's was the same. Way to make it even more of a political/carrer move than something personal.

>trans people die waiting for [non life-threatening thing] while women get breast reductions!44!!!4

No one died from not getting facial feminization for free. Go get therapy if you're feeling suicidal.

No. 1146079

Not to mention a large number of under 16 year old pregnancies are caused by over 16 year old pedos. But yeah much discrimination.

No. 1146080

That really bugged me too. I understand the point is that one issue is not fatal whereas the other is, but it still belittles womens' problems. Shoulda known better.

No. 1146081

not another one…

No. 1146082

yeah its extremely weird, like they feel a desperate need to immediately victimize themselves

No. 1146086

File: 1612033180291.jpeg (72 KB, 567x361, 1AA68A3D-D8F6-43A7-BCC8-318085…)

First of, people watch this person? I literally never heard of him before. If he speaks how he writes, I hate him already. Notice how he positions himself against women by using medical concerns (abortion, breast reduction, hormonal treatment) as examples of trans care gatekeeping. If you get an abortion, you are privileged, remember that ladies. Apologize and atone for this by donating to a strong and brave tranny’s transition fund.

No. 1146087

not to mention how many women who DO need breast reductions for back pain, or have cancer mastectomies and want implants after, and can’t get it covered under insurance because actual women’s issues are dismissed as “cosmetic”

No. 1146089

File: 1612033478787.jpg (291.42 KB, 1079x688, 1611149362369.jpg)

>digibro now calls himself diginee
Christ I can't stop laughing

No. 1146090

yup, exactly that. pink sweater, plucked eyebrows, grown out hair and (tinfoil) what i imagined to be a higher voice. it was very obvious

No. 1146091

File: 1612033668714.jpg (349.36 KB, 1242x1189, 1606215318996.jpg)

that second paragraph is so full of misinformation I feel like I'm getting cement injected inside my ears
>the exact same medicines that bald men get
what? fucking finasteride?
>puberty blockers, which are reversible
>like suffragettes and black civil rights movements before us

No. 1146092

It's the belittling how hard women fight to get and keep their reproductive rights like abortion that bothers me the most.
It's so blatantly clear that he's just a sissy who wants to dress like a woman to get off (from all his previous work at least). He does not actually care about feminism or women's rights, he just want to walk around and pretend he's a lady for his own kink.

Fucking disgusting.

No. 1146095

what's worse is that he like Contra is intelligent enough that's it's a fetish but won't ever admit it

No. 1146097

File: 1612034603354.jpg (271 KB, 1436x1080, 1604169797349.jpg)

LMAOO holy shit, this guy's video on transphobia literally kickstarted my peaking bc of how remarkably inaccurate it was. Is it really a universal rule that the harder a man capes for trannies, the more likely he is to troon out himself? Who's do you think will be next? My money is on Mr Atheist

No. 1146102

weren't they dating at one point? he'd always leave cheesy/corny comments on her videos and a bunch of people in the kiwifarms thread were saying that he was the guy hontra mentioned as her ex boyfriend in the "shame" video

No. 1146103

Yes actually. Seen a lot of people lately say trans women are female. You give them an inch…

No. 1146104

>He does not actually care about feminism or women's rights
I watched some of his videos since they have popped up in my recommend both he and contra are both just men that believe meanie terfs(actual women) are just appropriating feminism and that troons are totally valid and not a mental illness.

No. 1146107

there we goooooo! i had been waiting for this. what a surprise, mentally unstable man decides to run away from his real issues and masculinity altogether to """become a woman""" who will always look like big chinned, balding, short-necked, fat-necked, stocky upper bodied man.
i found him attractive before he styled himself faggier, although his personality has always been a mix of pretentious and attention whore-y.

No. 1146110

File: 1612035687743.jpg (167.79 KB, 1080x1080, 5194eca7ca869b9b47717859b4146f…)

you mean The Amazing atheist, yeah he looks like he'd transition

No. 1146111

File: 1612035725014.png (376.32 KB, 713x661, 1590333360546.png)

his agp journey is autistically chronicled on the other farms if ur interested
Sage for old milk, heres some agpedo for u

No. 1146113

This is maybe the most obvious trooning out of anyone pseudo-famous, but I really am, stupidly enough, sad. Thought he'd become a snowflake-enby before going full bimbo-fantasy. GNC people and lesbians are getting fucking annhiliated.
I fucking have huge contempt for trannies now. I don't think I'm going back.

No. 1146114

reminds me of this family guy skit

No. 1146115

wait until he learns that suffragettes were terfs

No. 1146117

>whining about there not being 'trans' politicians, representation, etc…

If trans women are women, don't women also represent them? I love how they tell on themselves.

No. 1146121

I can’t get over this. Ugly trooner “comes out”, with all the unwarranted self importance only a man can have. And immediately positions himself as gatekeeper of feminism by…. and releasing statement dripping in misogyny. And it goes completely unchecked. I fucking hate libfems so much for enabling this shit.

No. 1146122

i knew he would do something incredibly mentally ill in public someday but i didn't start expecting a full trooning out until he plucked his eyebrows.
now we just wait for the totes medically necessary lip fillers and hairline plugs…which all his followers and friends will cheer on as if he hasn't tried killing himself over the plethora of shit that happened in his life.
why can't men just live with ~toxic masculinity~ anymore, smh.

No. 1146123

the guy in your pic is Mr atheist anon. He goes by Jimmy Snow now though. The Amazing Atheist is a different fat neckbeard

No. 1146125

who gives a rats ass lol

No. 1146126

Lmao philosophy tube’s coming out as trans video is premiering soon

No. 1146127

File: 1612036794453.png (208.68 KB, 1056x317, when you want a struggle so ba…)

I didn't read any of this person's shit past the first line since that alone gave me patronising vibes, but how's this for some bullshit. Our struggles are not your struggles, cis man. This is transrace with a different hat.

No. 1146129

File: 1612036913902.png (227.65 KB, 1440x1029, erase the past 1.png)

I've never heard of this ass and had to look him up, here's some good wrongspeak history erasing in action (pt1)

No. 1146130

at this point i'm just like BEGGING these men to realize you CAN have long hair as a man and that doesn't mean you're suddenly a woman

No. 1146133

File: 1612036974825.png (344.43 KB, 1440x1859, erase the past 2.png)

No. 1146137

It's like the 70s never happened, gender is only getting more restrictive where trousers = male and long hair = female. Let people look however they want without making it a whole gender statement about their inner soul, being and sexuality ffs

No. 1146141

yeah but he doesnt think he lives up to the expectations of being a man so the only way is to try and convince everyone else that he's a woman! why be a faggy straight man when you can be a strong brave trans womyn!

No. 1146142

see, the idea that women are incomplete men used to make feminists mad, but look where we are now kek

No. 1146143

RIP feminine, androgynous men

No. 1146144

cant wait for Quinton Reviews to troon out soon

No. 1146148

File: 1612037845331.jpg (89.83 KB, 854x480, snapshot.jpg)

>Quinton Reviews
I don't think he'd ever try, he can't ever look like a woman even if you squint your eyes or look from a distance, I mean fucking hell look at him

No. 1146151

it didn't stop jim or digibro from doing it

No. 1146153

yee but Quinton despite being a nu-male consummer is naturally way too mannish physically

No. 1146157

quinton is already dabbling with "nonbinary" shit. he'd try if it meant he could put his girlpenis in hontra's sloppy neovag

No. 1146160

You guys don't understand - with troons, there is no mannish-mountain too high to climb. TRA's pretent to be completely blind and hugbox any creator they remotely like with "euphoria", lol.

No. 1146161

>if a cisgender woman WANTS hormone replacement therapy for menopause
>but if a trans person NEEDS it to transition
Lord forgive me I'm about to a-log

No. 1146162

File: 1612038495495.png (Spoiler Image,25.86 KB, 1168x553, kek.png)

opended ParaphiliaTube's acting page when his announcement dropped, it changed to in abigail in the last hour. his reels are still in his real name tho lol.

also 6 feet, truly hontra 2.0

No. 1146163

Immediately ran to this thread when I saw this lol ahhhh. Yet another one bites the dust. At least he passes relatively well & is trying to

No. 1146168

>he passes relatively well
maybe as a riley j dennis impersonator

No. 1146169

are we looking at the same picture? Even when he is taking a picture at a slanted angle to hide it he has the most obvious man jaw.

No. 1146170

the clit was actually proven to be the only human organ that exists solely for pleasure, and is in fact not vestigial or in any way related to the penis, which only exists as function. clit envy is real.

No. 1146171

Sure. Upped the passing, along with the obvious misogyny.

No. 1146173

these entitled privileged men are getting more annoying by the day. as if it's not been proven that women are not being taken seriously in the medical system.
this pea brain also only seems to look at the uk. women in poland have to fight daily for their right to abortion, if you want to get a breast reduction for medical reasons anywhere it's still seen as a cosmetic procedure.
every government tells women to go fuck themselves everyday. welcome to womanhood, faggot

No. 1146174

Sorry to blogpost but I don’t even identify as a terf and all of this is sort of depressing to me. the vast majority of trans people want to live their lives but so much of trans internet discourse is about seeking validation and needing to be validated. If you don’t have your pronouns in your bio, you’re an evil person who should burn in hell. You can’t even talk about the reality of misogyny anymore without someone getting upset. It’s uncool to talk about women’s issues now. Also there’s no room for androgyny anymore, feminine men almost always eventually identify as women and vice versa for masculine women. I’m not even conservative but I feel like a republican boomer in today’s discourse environment.

No. 1146180

Tuned into this, althought it's ending
>compares being transgender to being in the wrong profession, so you need to find the "real" job for you
>"do I feel like a woman or a man inside? I feel happy"
>pats himself on the back for being the most famous transwoman in the UK again
>voice is even less passing than Hontra

No. 1146182

I mean, it's obviously all relative but compared to the usual troons in this thread he's doing fine. Dressed appropriately, wearing makeup. He's not nearly as offensive to my eyeballs as the ones that refuse to try to pass

No. 1146184

if anyone wants to see his coming out video, which is essentially just his twitter post but as a dramatical reading, here it is.
the entitlement unironically makes me angry.

take a shot every time he spews some self-righteous, entitled bullshit in a theater kid voice and you'll be dead 3 minutes in.

No. 1146186

i actually lol'd when I heard his voice. However,
>compares being transgender to being in the wrong profession, so you need to find the "real" job for you
this pissed me off to no end. Sounds a lot like being a woman. Funny that this bastard thinks he can just run away from feeling imprisoned by masculinity and the pressure to perform severe emotional stoicism by just switching teams. Good luck with that, mate.
Also, this cunt used the biography of a black lesbian who lived through the 50s as a comparison to his "girl fee-fees?", being a white british guy? Not to mention how she's sexualised throughout the video by him, mentioning lesbian sex several times and voicing the quotes as if he'd experience anything close to what Lorde had to bear.

No. 1146187

Christ, he's an actor, he can do good makeup. That's not the point. I really don't mean to be rude, but you're really congratulating a wolf for a very good sheep costume.

No. 1146188

>vast majority of trans people want to live their lives
they literally don't, the reason we have a US health secretary as a troon and have the problem of troons in women's sports and all this other bullshit is because it's literally a social movement of mentally ill people that don't get told no. You don't need to feel sorry for a bunch of entitled men that think there really women because if you give them an inch they will take a mile.

No. 1146189

seems like the only reason he transitioned was so he could be the most famous trans woman in the uk

No. 1146192

It's ok anon, I feel similarly. I am not as TERFy as many here and have some trans friends but it's getting ridiculous. I think this shit right here >>1146027 is pretty emblematic of what has been bothering me.

Women aren't allowed space to talk about issues like abortion and reproductive rights without TRAs on one side belittling them or Republicans trying to take these rights away.

It's so fucked up, and there's nowhere we can talk about these things with nuance.

No. 1146195

I agree with you on trans women in sports but tbh I’m not too worked up about the trans US health secretary. Unless they’ve shown some hostility towards the discussion of women’s issues (which unfortunately happens too often).(no1curr)

No. 1146197

File: 1612040659312.jpeg (82.97 KB, 750x371, DF2EDD18-07BF-4AAC-848E-E7FD1F…)

Dr. Levine is just an assistant btw

No. 1146199


his transition is so weird. it seems mostly politcally motivated, he does not strike me as autogynephilic. more like he felt uncomfortable being a ~cis white man~ and wanted to be seen as "oppressed"

the part about the uk being "terf island" is so annoying, like dude you could clearly change your name, gender and get hormones in under a year. so what is the issue? had to talk to some doctors and go through some bureaucracy? how awful.

No. 1146202

Dressing whatever you want nowadays means you're non binary, it's fucking exhausting

No. 1146205

And that title won't be his for long, since any morning TV host that troons out would be more recognizable than him, so it's a weird thing he clings onto.

No. 1146206

i think his brain got eaten away by breadtube politics/the youtube bubble but he strikes me as the kind of guy to be into submission and humiliation. me da' told me i can't be a guy and enjoy getting pegged so i gotta turn my dick inside-out.

No. 1146210

It's only terf island cos British women are actually pissed off and speaking up, so they are automatically labelled as terfs. Can't have women fighting for their rights without men getting upset.

What gets me is that men wanna be women so badly but hate on terfs, but if you pressed them, the majority of women would have some form of terfy view lmao. They will never understand what being a woman actually is.

No. 1146211

nice stubble abigail

No. 1146221

most women who get branded "terfs" aren't radical feminists at all, they usually have the same views as >>1146174 and >>1146192. That word doesn't mean anything anymore

No. 1146229

>I bet all my money they keep pushing the trans thing because medical companies profit so much off people
you nailed it, this is the same country that has people panhandling online for insulin every week, medicine money is the bottom line

No. 1146232

>trans lesbian here
>wlw """bottoms"""
>all lowercase
>;-; i dunno im rambling uwu

>asking teenage little girls what "comes out during a period"

i fucking loathe men. this person isn't making an effort to pass it's just a trolling incel. women also don't use language like "bottom"s because typically women don't constantly define themselves through sex. most millennial women have trauma because when they were teenagers men like this also had uncontrolled access to them and because you're a kid, you don't read the red flags or know what to do when something this serious happens. fuck testosterone.

No. 1146233

I kinda think it might (subconsciously maybe) be about JKR again. She lives rent-free in trannies heads.

No. 1146234

I watched some of his videos before and he 100% is a narc, even more so than hontra whom he undoubtedly skinwalks
He takes great pride in being an actor and transforming into other characters so it's interesting how he's just acting as a woman now, so disingenuous and masturbatory

No. 1146239

cant wait for hbomberguys trooning saga so all of breadtube is hons

No. 1146241

i don't really think that'll happen. considering his history and in general he, weirdly enough, seems to be the one out of all the breadtube faggots who's in touch with his sexuality and gender identity the most.

No. 1146244

meh, i think he's embraced being a balding dumpy soyboy. i watched his most recent video and he strikes me as still being the same person, while philosophy tube seemed less and less confident with time.

No. 1146245

Idk if theres a pipeline for chasers to transition but this is the same faggot who made a video coming out as bisexual and spent a large part of the video talking about how "girldick" is not like normal dick because its soft and thd jizz tastes sweeter.

No. 1146247

Apparently Eddie Izzard identifies as a trans woman now. PhilosophyTube won’t be reaching that level of fame anytime soon.

No. 1146248

kek of course he did. the chaser-to-troon pipeline is 100% real

No. 1146256

> I am not as TERFy as many here and have some trans friends

We all started like this. You don’t need to justify yourself kek. The fact you’re here at all is tell enough.

No. 1146266

File: 1612045510612.jpg (96.27 KB, 892x423, Screenshot_20210130-172137_You…)


yt comment from the coming out video, literal autism.

No. 1146268

>gender euphoria
>happy stim

No. 1146270

I never get why weirdos try to make trans penises seem different from normal penises. The only difference is a trans penis may come with hard tits, thats it.

No. 1146272

I knew this was coming, I haven't watched this guy in years but was still subscribed to him and noticed he looked like he was trying to be feminine in one of his video/livestream icons last week. Saw this and quickly unsubbed lol

Slightly OT but went on 4chan (/lit/) there seems to be an influx of supporters (trans/chasers) which seems bizzare that it infilrated one of the most unwelcoming places

No. 1146283

channer men are all betas who are jealous of women, it figures they want to become women/support those who do. "Abigail"s paragraphs about how jealous they are of cis women getting necessary surgery make the jealousy pretty clear. If they had their way women would give birth in the corner of a room somewhere, unattended in favor of some lifechanging facial feminization surgery or srs. In the interests of equality and fairness.

Also extremely unsurprisingly saw a Green party policymaker supporting Abigail in the Twitter replies (see >>1145812).

No. 1146288

File: 1612047136320.png (215.32 KB, 1837x802, hkvvh.PNG)

Shadman is trooning out. Sound the alarms cause pedoman is on the loose in the women's bathroom.

No. 1146289

I've learned a long time ago that men who hate women will support men trying to be women because the hate is strong.
I've seen those type of men defend/praise trans for the most fucked up reasons.
I'll never forget seeing a dude go, "hot cis women didn't want me, now I have a 10/10 tranny"

for some reason they think trans chasers/praising hurts women feelings when we just see them as gay/bisexual men who hate women because we aren't males with dicks.

No. 1146293

Isn't it very telling how men with fucked up sexual fetishes and seem to view being a woman as a fetish are coming out?
I'm waiting for the first mainstream rapper to come out tbh.

No. 1146296

File: 1612047258697.jpeg (33.88 KB, 600x600, Es2t9K1XEAEUqb6.jpeg)

"There has never been a trans MP"
> UK female population: 50.61%
> As of 2019, 33.9% of MPs are female and 66.1% are male
> This 'representation' for women is ground breaking despite it still not representing the population demographics sufficiently, and women have been able to run for parliament since 1918
> TWO female PMs in history, out of 55
> UK government still has issues with representing HALF of their populace despite women being so 'privileged' as he indicates
This is just ONE of his many ludicrous points. I don't know this guy at all but is he actually retarded to think that these arguments work? How is no one calling him out? He's a philosophy channel so I assume he's heard of logic but clearly he didn't apply any of it to these arguments. And tbh if he just used the murder statistics of black trans prostitutes in South America or w/e then none of us would have batted an eye.
Idk part of me wants to believe that this is some test to see how much bullshit and blatant misinformation he can get away with saying before someone calls him out.
Also I'm wondering if these freaks actually think that trans people (who are outwardly displaying a mental illness) are on equal footing with women. Back in the day the actual trans movement would have recognized that if 'cis women' are not treated as equals with men, then trans 'women' will not be and will also be marginalized due to their condition. However you can tell that they don't actually think of themselves as women because of how little they care for women's rights/equality. Dude actually outright hates and blames women all throughout this video despite now claiming to be a woman. What a time to be alive.

No. 1146300

If he was the bf then my tinfoil is that he became trans as a reaction to hontra coming out as a “lesbian”

No. 1146301

File: 1612047585223.jpg (20.62 KB, 400x400, IMG_20210130_134404.jpg)

and can people stop saying he passes? I've seen some transwomen who look decent at a glance get picked apart, yet i've seen a few GC people go, "Well he passes".
No he does not. Nothing "brave" or "Stunning" about this.
He literally grew his hair out and put on lipstick.

No. 1146303

this, I have yet to go on /lit/ or /tv/ and not encounter multiple posts about how women are incapable of producing meaningful art or something along those lines. Of course they like a man with the appearance of a not-completely-unfuckable woman, I'm sure they'd celebrate if all women were substituted by fuckable looking men tomorrow

No. 1146305

File: 1612047697941.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.41 KB, 259x194, jdjd.jpg)

he reminds me of quagmires daughters.

No. 1146308

I was at uni with philosophytube. I remember him once mentioning that he ran a youtube channel when we were in rehearsals for a play together but I hadn't realised exactly how large a channel it was, although I suppose this was back in 2013/14 ish so it must have been smaller then.
Never struck me as a tranner but I suppose a fair bit must have changed.

No. 1146309

he started hanging and fucking troons, it feels like every white super woke youtuber is tranning out.
When I saw him mention girldick I knew it was over. I've never heard anyone but a tranny or a coomer use those words.

No. 1146320

glad contra will get a taste of their own skin walking medicine.

No. 1146321

he got lucky with his hairline kek. Anyway I don't get why some of you anons are so fixated with the idea that no troon can ever pass. Ollie doesn't, obviously, but the point is that no matter what they look like they will always be men, it literally doesn't matter what they look like. There's no need to jump in anytime someone says they think a troon passes or looks better than average

No. 1146324

Remember subscribing to his channel when he was very small. (sub 10k).
Never stuck out as a troon. Just a cute awkward nerdy guy (dime in a dozen).
How many people will the T-virus infect anons?

No. 1146325

He's also 6 ft tall and looks much bigger and manlier in person guaranteed

No. 1146326

I'm not congratulating him at all anon, chill. Just saying it could be much worse

No. 1146327

I’m afraid to find out. Who do we think will be the next celebrity to troon out?

No. 1146333

You are right, I just hate seeing men get praised for doing so little or in general kek. When a woman looks like this she gets called a man but when a man looks like this he passes for a woman?

No. 1146334

The people saying he passes are the people who will say that about any and every troon, no matter how grotesque.

No. 1146338

Also the same people who hype up troons being so "gorgeous" and "beautiful" but would never realistically date one. Those troons end up 41%ing because of either getting a botched surgery or realizing all the bullshit complimenting means nothing when youre 40, have a shitty job, only have troon friends and no foreseeable normal future ever. Troons are delusional but those people are even crueler than us for enabling something that has almost a 50% chance of killing the person they say is so "brave".

No. 1146343

File: 1612050171389.jpeg (26.05 KB, 480x360, cpjk.jpeg)

sage for no milk but this new contra video is just throwing me for a loop.
all the arguments and comparisons aren't valid, anyone with any experience with the trans community and TRAs who haven't drank the kool-aid, or like me, figured out the hypocrisy, lies, and blatant misogyny of MTFs- how the fuck do they nod their heads & agree with what he says?

nonnies my head hurts. seriously- how many people don't possess the critical thinking skills to see right through this? its so sad.(repost)

No. 1146354

Anon don't get me started. I saw a one minute clip from it and it actually gave me brain damage.

>adresses the questions "what is a woman?"/"what is womanhood?"

>doesn't answer them, says he won't answer them because he doesn't care about metaphysics
>literally he's the one who decided womanhood is a metaphysical concept by refusing the material definition (adult human female)
>in summary: refuses material definition in favor of metaphysical one, people ask him what this metaphysical definition is, he won't answer because he doesn't want to discuss metaphyisics

And this motherfucker was supposed to be a phd student in philosophy? God help us

No. 1146360

I always see transwomen/tra trying to make womanhood include males and get rid of anything that makes troons feel less of a woman, but i've YET to see trans men even attempt this shit to the point where we have people going, "People with penises" or some shit.

No. 1146364

File: 1612051571376.png (580.05 KB, 824x727, abi.png)

saw this on kiwifarms…

No. 1146367

i watched the first few minutes, had to put it down and come back. i just finished it.
apparently now you can just roll your eyes and wave away anything a woman says in regards to MTFs as bigotry, and relinquish them to the good old TERF corner so that the trans flag piccrew icons can feel like they've done something to protect their 6'2" twans women from the scawy evil cis women?

i hadn't even seen exactly what JK Rowling had said to be casted away forever as a TERF. she was straight up just stating facts in the mildest possible way and they still crucified her.
this timeline fucking sucks.
they never ACTUALLY want to talk about how using this kind of language and redefining these things is harmful and dangerous to women, they've already blacklisted you at that point.
its a fucking cult.

No. 1146371

absolutely nailing the agp smile already

No. 1146372

I thought Hbomb would transition before Oliver tbh. Remember that Contra stream where Hbomb went off on a 10 minute ramble about how he wishes he hadn't picked the name 'Hbomberguy' because "if he ever transitions" it would be awkward? That felt like a cry for help lol

No. 1146376

>And this motherfucker was supposed to be a phd student in philosophy?

sorry for the slight of topic but it was discussed in his thread how he pretty much got into university through nepotism and his parents but never actually got his PhD (probably because nepotism can only take you so far especially if you are this dumb) and in his now deleted video "why I quit academia" he talked about how academics are a bunch of pretentious boring meanies and how he was to good for it.

No. 1146377

It's crazy how becoming a woman is so easy, "if i ever decide to be a woman, I'm going to hate my channel name!!!"
Here I was thinking being a trans woman was this deep life or death situation.

No. 1146379

lol someone on kiwifarms said that it's not like british women are known for being attractive generally

also whenever i hear about contrapoints's TERF/gender critical related videos i can't help but think of that one post from the admin of ovarit (TERF reddit) saying that contrapoints's video about them was so weak and ineffective that a lot of people who joined the site often cite her terf video as actually making them GC

No. 1146419

File: 1612055615384.jpg (28.74 KB, 523x388, imtrooningout.jpg)

sage for autism but judging by how the seam on his waist disappears I'm pretty sure this pic is shooped. also look at the caked makeup around his nose kek

No. 1146426


No. 1146431

aaaaaaand peaked. I'm fucking done

No. 1146434

it's been telegraphed for a fucking decade, hates women and draws tranny/trap/futa porn, big surprise
You know what, thank you, shadman, I'm going to bring you up from now on every time someone says "It's not a fetish!"

No. 1146437

PT saying "In my view feminism isn't a tea party with the Queen or a girlboss brunch with #femspirational CEOs, it's our common struggle to be free." is crazy considering how few females there are in high power places especially CEO, why is he trying to bring women down? using the term #girlboss is so patronizing as a man.
Surely equality for women means closer to equality for transwomen? What does he know about being a women when he has been LARPing for 10 seconds?

today was it for me too

No. 1146439

I hate this, they are trans for two mintues and suddenly they understand everything about womanhood and what we go through.
You get shat on because you are a man dressed like a woman, not because you are a woman.

No. 1146440

i'm gonna become a spree shooter if people really start talking about him as a pedophile lesbian or something

No. 1146441

The whole thing was condescending and degrading towards women. Don't even get me started on mentioning abortion when it's not a guaranteed right for women and is always under attack every few years due to the evangelicals (I assume the UK has these freaks too). I can't believe nobody has called him out on how blatantly misogynistic he was or at least how his equivalencies showing 'cis privilege' made no sense.

No. 1146444

I saw someone mention this on KF, if this is true then yay girlies it's one more predatory rapey male claiming to be a woman <3
> Some people are speculating that philosophytube is the person who raped hontra, since they apparently were together at some point and hontra said that his rapist is too big on the leftist internet that he is unable to out him. I don't know about the timelines but some people say they match, big if true since now phallotube is untouchable. Hontra apparently talked about the rape in the recent harry potter video.

No. 1146446

i think the biggest reason TRAs nod along to this is that they simply don't read these walls of text

No. 1146449

oh. my. fucking. god. is this legit?

No. 1146462

Anyone got a summary of that video?
I didn't know contra mentioned being raped by another youtuber.

No. 1146469

S/he said that she was sexually assaulted by some prominent leftist but that she didn’t want to name names and ruin careers. And her and Olly stopped following each other. It seems pretty likely the more you look into it, check the threads on /lgbt/ rn

No. 1146494

>accidentally slipped and fell
I’m not believing that shit lol. A while back his ex boyfriend who is also in the music industry detransed and they apparently had a bad breakup after being very public and formerly identifying as “lesbians” together, and he reportedly wasn’t doing well after. 41% is more likely than gazing at muh full moon.

No. 1146497

File: 1612063980323.png (257.32 KB, 470x396, Screenshots_2021-01-28-17-34-4…)

Kek is this new thread auto saged, too?

No. 1146499

According to Blanchard a whole lot of the men into feminized men (gynoandomorphophiles or GAMPs for short) have some degree of autogynephilia too, and fuck troons in order to project their own AGP desires onto them. So there basically is a chaser to troon pipeline as their fetish progresses.

No. 1146512

They focus so much on this long hair and spinny skirts bullshit that they fail to notice the giant man hands no surgery can change.
It makes them immediately clockable

No. 1146516

Is Nats Gatty an example of a female GAMP

No. 1146517

the man who drew Porn of Edd Gould getting raped by the grim reaper on his death anniversary and his retarded fans spammed that pic to his friends and family, the man who drew a sexualized pic keemstars daughter
He's the exact type of degenerate who'd troon out

No. 1146522

So pee tube might be doing a Kevin Spacey then? Or maybe the bisexual coming out was the Kevin Spacey moment and this is the longer game.

No. 1146525

is this jim sterling?

No. 1146526

File: 1612066518044.jpg (76.29 KB, 498x508, 3nxjca.jpg)

No. 1146527

I don't even think she likes trannies or sex or anything, that whole marriage just seems fake.
Basically all Gigi can do is lick her pussy and he might as well get his dick chopped because it's useless.

No. 1146530

this is obviously satire good job on peaking the last 5 lesbians on this sub.

No. 1146531

okay what would be the point, she was already an out lesbian and everyone accepted her, she was the one pursued a relations with Gigi, Gigi eats her out and uses sex toys on her
I mean literally what would be the point of any of that ? she could find a lipstick lesbian whose into giving pleasure

No. 1146535

IDK, maybe you're right, maybe she is a chaser,but what is she chasing? Gigi's dick does not even work and I doubt it's big, usually chasers want the big hard titted big dick trans girl, or at least one with a functioning penis.
IDK, but to me they don't seem like a genuine couple. I think Blaire and her gay boyfriend are more real then those too.

No. 1146536

I hope the moment he steps into a female space he gets shot dead and twitches on the bloodied floor like the worthless pedophile scum he is.
I don't even care if I get a ban for a-logging this has been the ultimate peak for me and I hope to god it isn't true, and if it is, if the ever present 41 doesn't get him I hope someone else takes matters into their own hands. If anything, it's a great example to use to prove it's just a vile fetish for even more disgusting men

No. 1146541

I feel like in one thread the word "peak" is about to go the way of triggered or victim.

No. 1146544

I think she's not really a lesbian at in the sense that she's attracted to women, rather she's someone whose attracted to performative displays of femininity and a TIM like Gigi has those performative displays of femininity on overload

No. 1146553

This. There's something pretty racist about it all, seeing as black women have been excluded from femininity historically. Reminds me of the trooners who expect black women to lick their boots because they view them as non-women just like themselves.

No. 1146610

I distinctly remember someone called him out on being creepy towards her in high school, not respecting her privacy and sexually harassing her or something, did she comment on this? Wack.

It feels like so many people are trooning out these days; not just adults but teenagers too (there's like a ratio of 3 trans women to cis women on an rp server I'm on.)

You can tell almost all of them are trooning out because of identity issues and not actual dysphoria. I worry for their states of mind 10 years later. Depressing.

No. 1146643

Arin Hansen from game grumps is next, I can feel it, they keep asking why people focus on such a "Small percent of the population" yet, IMO they constantly groom eachother or it's like some kind of disease.
Every man that hangs around troons or defends them a lot 9 times is a chaser, future troon or both imo.

No. 1146673

File: 1612072847246.png (497.96 KB, 1024x768, 15623461127149.png)

Doesn't help that black Troons 100% buy into this narrative and openly Insult black women, projecting their insecurities onto black women and blaming them for all the hardships black women go through, I mean Jesus Christ

No. 1146681

Mandela effect, I swear I remember this happening already, I can picture him with shoulder length dyed hair even

No. 1146683

This dude is so obessed with black men, he was begging on the clubhouse for straight black men to date/fuck troons.
I remember when he first said this and a gossip site I was on had people reporting anyone saying this was fucked up. Chasers tell trannies the reason they have to hide is because women won't want to date them and will judge, and trannies believe it because they don't want to face the truth that the man is gay/bisexual and ashamed of them.

The other day a porn star was outted for sucking a tranny and the people telling him to kill himself and being over dramatic the most were ALL MEN.

No. 1146776

File: 1612074522362.png (1.82 MB, 816x1322, Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 1.28…)

accurate, none of them can see past their euphoria enough in the mirror to realize they'd NEVER pass. Take LeftistMuslimObama for example, a troon from the something awful forums. Stole it from the other farms, but he's a perfect example of a great big ape of a tranny. Come on gay ladies, you're telling me you'd turn down Ron Perlman in a wig as your girlfriend?

No. 1146843

Honestly black troons hatred and disdain for black women is staggering, I mean even the most racist Alt-Righter /pol/tard can't much the hatred black trannies have for black women
they really fucking hate us, cause apparently we don't treat black men right or are the reasons black men kill them or make black men feel lesser

No. 1146913

File: 1612076846190.png (95.5 KB, 1080x560, Screenshot_20210131-150252.png)

Nah, I mean I used to think that too when it became a meme but the past years he's always been hinting in his videos about how he's sure he's not trans. I think at first he played along as a joke like Dan did with the "Dan is a furry" rumors but realized too late that trannies were taking him seriously.

No. 1147088

the egg thing is so weird and creepy, i saw banjobutch/peteseeger on tumblr basically salivating over the phallustube reveal

No. 1147108

It's kinda crazy how all the shit they used to say about homosexuals is coming true for the troon cult. Yes, they do want to convert you & your children. Yes, it's mostly about sex. Yes, they aren't necessarily born that way and can be influenced by peers. Wild shit.

No. 1147141

You just made a great point. Transgender propaganda has and does troon people out, trans people constantly groom eachother and convince grown ass men for this or that reason they are a woman and they openly do it.

No. 1147167

File: 1612080531367.jpg (29.32 KB, 390x285, de-la-hoya_cross_dressx390.jpg)

They've even got an entire genre or two of weirdly specific pornography dedicated to convincing each other to become women. All that sissification shit existed before (example: Oscar de la Hoya's infamous sessions), but the lines are blurring between deviant bedrooms & the grocery store. If the Hoya thing happened today, we'd be thinking he wants to BE a woman, but I remember when it happened it was just seen as perverse and embarrassing, not a possible euphoric identity affirming situation. Anyway, my point is with the troons to the left and the incels to the right I just gotta ask what the fuck happened to men in the last 20 years to get completely mindbroken?

No. 1147176

Porn happened, used to date this scrote who would masturbate 3-4 times daily, he'd want to masturbate more then have sex with me and this isn't unique majority of men live like this, over time fetishes escalates and they end up watching tranny pron and from that point on they became chasers and then later troons

No. 1147189

exactly, they fry their dicks by death gripping it to porn and then can't get hard from normalcy. they need to escalate to accomplish coom and since they masturbate so much it's easy to become AGP, turned on by themselves, by the hand that wanks them. Also many troon from wanting to be in the place of female porn stars, ultimate fetishization of a sexist view of women. the remainder stay incels who keep it simple by hating women outright

No. 1147195

I mean if you think about it will obviously fuck you up, watching porn for hours a day, multiple times a day with the the pleasure of coom for a period of years will ultimately warp their very psychology

No. 1147197

Aside from the reasons discussed, you make me wonder if it could also boil down to "I'm feeling pleasure, that porn star's feeling pleasure," which becomes somehow they are connected and he wants to be her. Going with what you said. K I'm back to watching for milk but it's captivating to observe like a train wreck

No. 1147210

Manipulation 100

No. 1147216

Wanna make a comparison that isn't directly related to Troon but rather an observation, my brother used to do full contact karate and everyday for years he did knuckle conditioning, leg conditioning and even spearhand training where he used to damage his fingers by striking bundled up twigs, as his body got harder he would amp up his training and conditioning further and now even though his hasn't trained like that for years now his very body is different from that of a normal men
now apply them same principle with troons, they watch porn daily for years, overtime they amp up the level of porn watching by going further and further into more and more degenerate content, ultimately their very brains get warped by porn

No. 1147219

Kek.nta but can confirm. my ex trooned out and he used to jerk it after he painted his nails and would watch himself in the mirror

No. 1147232

Trooning is the male equivalent to political lesbianism.

No. 1147255

>Chasers tell trannies the reason they have to hide is because women won't want to date them and will judge
That's true though, most chasers still want sexual access to women and to have the ability to settle down as a 'normal' straight man. Of course these chasers are ashamed of fucking trannies, who wouldn't

No. 1147268

It's incredibly true among the black males from what I've see seen, and black troons straight up think of themselves as being more "feminine" then black women and blame black women for the state of the black community cause apparently were too mannish for black men, assholes

No. 1147272

File: 1612089513301.jpeg (241.7 KB, 1536x2048, Es7dQ0hVgAAZqR6.jpeg)

YouTube recommended me this guy's videos. I had no idea he was a MtF until I found his Twitter account. Another scary looking trans lesbian, obsessed with anime girls.

The caption of this picture is: "My legs are too smooth for me not to show them off"

Twitter and Tumblr: doubleca5t
YouTube: eldenadoubleca5t

No. 1147278

How come MTFs get to represent women but women can't represent MTFs? In the UK there are MULTIPLE MTFs taking up positions in women's rights groups or feminist spaces.

No. 1147279

File: 1612090389008.png (148.75 KB, 436x491, jj.PNG)

Saw this on Kiwi and I cracked up, some reddit trans whining about how "good" Ollie looks and is picking him apart like we do, except he's jealous.
"Even some cisgendered women can't look like that without a lot of work"
Kek. You'd think by the way he was talking this dude would look a beautiful woman, instead of a man with long hair, make up and edited.

No. 1147282

The abortion comments were especially stupid considering the UK is famously home to the Abortion Support Network, which is a group that helps women from Ireland and the Isle of Man access abortions that are actually illegal in their countries. Until about ten years ago an abortion even got you and the person providing it life in prison. But yeah, what a privilege!

No. 1147283

It is true, but instead of taking it as, "Oh shit, he won't date me publicly because if we break up women won't want him and he's worried about that while we are currently togeather"
They go, "Shit, if women dated/fucked men who dated/fucked transwomen then he would'nt be treating me this way!!"

It's a man being a coward and truly not believing they are women, yet they blame women for that because they don't want to blame the men they CHOOSE to get with.
In a way it's sad, imagine a dude telling you he doesn't want people to know you had sex or date because, "other women won't want to date me after". HSTS are huge pick me.

No. 1147284

I doubt detransitioning will help since mtf detroons don't try to get politically active like their ftm detroon counterparts

No. 1147285

Right, I remember when the Kanye shit went down and some troon from pose was real happy about it going, "There's a rapper with a strong prefrence for transwomen! He cheated on his girlfriend with one! Transgirls are getting the bag!"
Not bragging about the guy dating a transwoman or anything else, just that there's a rapper who likes to cheat on his wife and fuck troons, a rapper that will NEVER admit it and never give them more then sex.
They brag on their dicks and think that women are jealous that they get fucked by men they think women want, date women or are in a relationships. Thats how men think.

No. 1147286

Ah yes, I'm sure a nine year old raped by her father and getting an abortion so she's not forced to bear an incest baby while still a child herself feels extremely lucky and privileged, especially if she's forced to travel overseas to get it. God, the level of sexism and delusion that troon lives in.

No. 1147287

What's wrong dude? Don't you feel extreme euphoria from the pressure of looking a certain way? Don't you crave for female experiences?
That's when they will pretend to be feminists too.

No. 1147303

what in the absolute hell is going on with his calves

No. 1147306

he made very good videos on the hamilton fandom, the MsScribe saga, and the witch who stole human bones. I suggest these three specific videos, but the rest of his channel is garbage. I catched one of his streams, saw him walk like a monkey to look 'feminine', unsuscribed and fucked off. It doesn't surprise me he's trans since he's the only male youtuber I've heard being so open about spending a lot of time on tumblr, the other one being nitrorad.
I don't expect Arin to troon any time soon, as many ego problems he has, he isn't particularly obsessed with anime girls or porn. He's the most mentally stable of OneyNG's ex friends circle, lol.

No. 1147308

>Isn't particularly obsessed with anime girls
Does he still do #CutieSaturday or did that finally stop?

It freaks me out how obsessed they are with gender stereotypes, like I don't think any modern woman would post about their smooth legs like this. I get the impression the women who are validating this specific man's fetish are the same types who would have hairy legs and armpits, because who gives a fuck about the beauty industry standards.

No. 1147313

He updated that FAQ last month. He has come out as a trans lesbian.

No. 1147315


Damn. I remember when he was just calling himself a cross-dresser and adamantly denied being trans. Checked his FAQ on Tumblr and says he came out in December 2020.

This is what troonism and porn does to your brain, ladies. I like his historicalTumblr drama videos but everything else is garbage. He’s also got the standard cute girl cartoons/anime list as his favorites, like all troons.

What is it and their obsession with cutesy anime lesbians and shows designed for young girls? Fetish? Pedophilic tendencies? I don’t know, girls.

No. 1147316


AYRT with deleted post and I just checked, honestly shocked. That’s why I deleted the post, sounded dumb to say he’s a cross-dresser when he just came out. I don’t keep up with him anymore so I didn’t know.

Wow. Brain rot is real.

No. 1147321

File: 1612101032585.jpeg (225.38 KB, 1323x716, DCE82FCE-20E7-4144-BF5A-801C94…)

Oh I was trying to remember this man. I subbed one day and then he just randomly showed up dressed in that wig. I though, huh? all the comments were like, he just likes to dress up for fun! he’s not trans! not a big deal!. But I unsubbed right away kek. So I guess I was right he’d eventually escalate. They always do.

>”womanhood excites me”

No. 1147322

And this is the reason troons exist. Because men not obeying their gender norms is still seen as laughable and unacceptable. Not to go "my poor men", but I legit think if it was more acceptable for men to act, dress and present themselves in ways that are outside of their social gender norm we would have a lot fewer trannies running around. I have accepted my boyfriend's crossdressing (even think it's cute actually) and he loves me for it, doesn't think he is a woman and is comfortable being a man that likes to wear women's clothing now and then. Why? Because he feel accepted and not ostracized for it.>>1146130(Pathetic blog)

No. 1147329

action movies excite me, that doesn't make me jason bourne you retard. that's exactly my issue with current trans activism, the leap in logic from "the idea of being a woman excites me" to "I am a woman"

No. 1147331

I mean that's the whole thing with Hijras though >>1145708 they are gay and or feminine men who are ostracized by society and take the role of lessen men

No. 1147332

I liked the human bones, Hamilton and the MsScribe videos as they were pretty detailed and concise summaries of hilarious internet drama, but I'm glad I didn't sub at the time. The second I saw him in a dress and wig in the My Hero Academia ship video, I just knew he'd drank the kool-aid.

Oh dear, if you think he's going to stay that way, I got a bridge to sell you.

No. 1147337

I am not Indian, but isn't that fucked up? I understand India has bigger issues than gender roles, but it seems that this is a more exaggerated form of the issues we have in the West.

Anon, I have been with this man for years, he is well aware that he is a human male, which according to him makes him a man. Unless someone hit him hard in the head I don't see him trooning out, it would be a 180 turn for him and his beliefs.

No. 1147338

Ok I kinda agree with you but crossdressing is a fetish.
I wouldn't be with a man who crossdress. Now a man that just likes wearing makeup or skirts is another thing entirely if it's not tied to his sexuality

No. 1147341

lmao i remember seeing his "crossdressing" videos on youtube and praying that it was just some autistic hobby. i was too hopeful

No. 1147343

That's partly so, but then again, statistically there are more ftms in general than mtfs, and we all know being a masculine woman is slightly more acceptable. It's that, plus a fetish, plus the incel-tier mentality that women 'have it easier', plus some extreme lefty guilt for being a white man, etc. etc.
Troonism is a multi-faceted disease.

No. 1147344

Ah, I might have worded it weirdly. I thought crossdressing just meant wearing the other gender's clothes. To clear it up, he does not get like, sexual pleasure from wearing women's clothing (unless they are sexy clothes). He just likes wearing them. I haven't seen him get sexually excited with a simple dress or some mules, only with more sexy stuff, which I think is ok, I like wearing those things too.

Oh yeah, I am not saying there is only one kind of transexual people. I just think, at least for the men that transition, a large category is gender non conforming men that don't get to live being non conforming without strict penalties from society and their social circle.

No. 1147348

ntayrt, but from the males I know who have been occasionally wearing ´‘feminine‘ clothes for years, even in public, the only one who trooned out was the most conservative and mentally unwell one of them, who’ve always had showing sexist and homophobic as well as body dismorphic tendencies.
The others are just guys who play around with clothes and dgaf about gender shit, guys who just like to style themselves without being an agp creep exist too.
Depending on where you live, there may be Places where you can‘t pull this off without getting into trouble tho, fuck this gay earth.

No. 1147350

Not gonna lie the crossdressing is a bit weird though and goes near fetish territories, I mean do you have a normal sex life though or do you engage in degenerate sex

No. 1147352

I answered the crossdressing issue here >>1147344

As for our sexual life, well we are not vanilla if that's what you are asking, but we do not do any of that sissy play nonsense. In fact I basically run the show, I guess you could call our sex life more of a femdom one. I sometimes like him to wear some sexy clothes, like fishnet bodysuits, but it has nothing to do with him not being a man. It just has to do with both of us liking the look and feel of it. It's not our fault sexy clothes are only made for women. What do men get? Gimpsuits? Ewww.

No. 1147353

File: 1612106006244.png (12.41 KB, 671x113, Immagine 2021-01-31 160838.png)

>he does not get like, sexual pleasure from wearing women's clothing (unless they are sexy clothes)
technically that's still a fetish anon, there's nothing inherently wrong with that imo and it doesn't mean he's a creep like the troons itt but it is a fetish

No. 1147355

ntayrt but being a transvestite (a crossdresser) is just a fashion thing, not concretely a sexual fetish. It can be, and thats kinda where it can start if it's a fetish - but if a guy's just wearing skirts because he wants to and doesn't call himself a woman, and has no sexual feelings directed towrads it, why's that bad?

>In fact I basically run the show, I guess you could call our sex life more of a femdom one.
fukken jelly

No. 1147357

>but we do not do any of that sissy play nonsense
>I sometimes like him to wear some sexy clothes, like fishnet bodysuits, but it has nothing to do with him not being a man. It just has to do with both of us liking the look and feel of
You know you're not making a good case for yourself, you're having kinky sex with a man who crossdresses, I mean he's gonna troon out one day, force you to call him susan, cut off his cock and in the end you're gonna be eating out his ass or something while saying how brave and stunning he is

No. 1147360

I meant that, well being aroused by wearing sexy clothes happens to me and I think most women. We don't really call it a fetish, it's normal. I think it's normal when it happens to men too, the issue is that they don't have sexy clothes. So they make do with sexy women's clothes. If he got aroused from normal women's clothes I think would be a fetish. I am not psychologist though, it's just how I think about it.

>fukken jelly
I hear you, it's my first relationship where I get to hold the helm and I am not going back ever. If things don't work out I will either be in another relationship like this or I'll start buying cats.

Anon… What you are saying is basically that if a man does not have sex like every other man he will become a tranny. It's basically what I was talking about in my first post, that we separate men to two categories, to "men" and "sissies". Can't a man be a man and enjoy having kinky sex where he is in the submissive position? I don't think that makes him less of a man, if anything it makes him more of one, considering how confident he must be in himself to go through with it without some retarded machismo pushback.

No. 1147362

Holy shit, the fucking nerve to call abortion "permanent" and compare it to blockers, it's the narcissism for me sis

No. 1147363

literally what does submissive position even mean in sex even mean, I like men who are have skinny builds and have beautiful faces, but when I think of having sex with these of men I think of well normal healthy sex where both partners are equals, you on the other hand probably use sex toys and can't get off without some dumb performance or degradation of your partner

No. 1147366

Except it really isn't a "fatal" issue at all. These people will not suddenly drop dead if they can't get their tits chopped off or take testosterone. It's insane how in literally any other context threatening to kill yourself over not getting exactly what you want would be recognized as the manipulative and abusive rhetoric that it is. But not for these assholes. Couldn't women just as easily use this logic for body dysmorphia? My big/small boobs make me hate my body and make my life miserable and I'm gonna kill myself if I don't get a boob job! I have a friend who has pretty severe back pain due to having extremely large breasts, but the pain wasn't deemed sufficient enough for surgery to be covered by insurance so she's just SOL. Cis privilege strikes again!

That's just a standard go-to criticism of women from sexist men on the left. Obviously class oppression doesn't magically become ok if it's being done by a woman, but these dudes throw out terms like girlboss for every little thing. And noticeably don't do the same for men in comparable positions. Much like it's weirdly ok for them to hurl misogynistic abuse as long as you specify it's only to white women, they found the same little loophole with pmc girlbosses.

God I hope he doesn't get sucked up into this bullshit too. He's clearly just a somewhat effeminate bisexual man. Nothing wrong with that! Emphasis on somewhat because he's still a big hairy dude who just plays female characters a lot, wears pink, and dyes his hair. I wish more men like him would openly denounce being pressured into coming out as trans and encourage their audience to be okay with themselves even if you're not 100% gender conforming. God everything is so backwards if even that is enough to convince anyone that Arin is actually a woman.

No. 1147367

We actually have plenty of piv sex. We also have other kinds of sex, which both of us enjoy. I am not sure why I should feel bad about this? We are a straight couple, having sexual relations. Why are you acting like that's bad?

No. 1147369

maybe I have read too many transwidow stories but the way you're describing bf and your relationship how many of the widows described their former spouses and it always ended the same way, ever increasing degeneracy and finally troonism, I mean have you tried telling him that it's okay to be feminine GNC man and he doesn't need to wear women's clothes

No. 1147372

>I have accepted my boyfriend's crossdressing (even think it's cute actually) and he loves me for it, doesn't think he is a woman and is comfortable being a man that likes to wear women's clothing now and then. Why? Because he feel accepted and not ostracized for it.

Being a gender non conforming man (e.g. makeup, looking pretty, wearing certain colors, but wearing clothes and styles that suit your body and face) is different from knowingly crossdressing which is dressing up specifically as a woman, rather than wearing pretty things while being male. One thing is fashion and another thing is fetish-based where they think dressing as a woman is both sexual and degrading.

I think we all know the difference, usually this story ends with a porn habit and your boyfriend trooning out and or cheating on you with another trans woman, good luck anon.

No. 1147373

>being aroused by wearing sexy clothes happens to me and I think most women
it does? I feel like, with lingerie for example, it's really the idea of being desirable ("feeling sexy") that's a turn on, rather than being literally turned on by the sight of our own bodies in lingerie like men. Like (afaik at least) women don't just put on lingerie and sit and masturbate in front of the mirror the same way men apparently do kek
I don't mean to doubt you though anon, I just genuinely find the topic of sexuality really fascinating, and I'm sorry anons are sitting here dissecting your sex life kek. It sounds like you and your bf have a good relationship

No. 1147374

>To clear it up, he does not get like, sexual pleasure from wearing women's clothing (unless they are sexy clothes). He just likes wearing them. I haven't seen him get sexually excited with a simple dress or some mules, only with more sexy stuff, which I think is ok, I like wearing those things too.

Bless your heart.

No. 1147375

File: 1612108013472.png (90.87 KB, 730x737, 1611410365924.png)

I mean were worried for her, we don't want her to end up in this position

No. 1147376

Shit, man, this is actually really sad. I think this whole saga demonstrates how being terminally online can warp your ability to empathize and turn you into a narcissist if you can find a loyal audience of yes men willing to egg you on

No. 1147378

Well, he hates troons more than I do tbh. He just likes feminine clothing, he doesn't think he becomes a woman wearing them. Also to be fair, he considers being kind of submissive a male trait, he says men follow orders better than women, which I find funny. He legit does not think that the clothes are anything other than clothes, he is pretty secure in his identity a man.

>where they think dressing as a woman is both sexual and degrading.
He certainly does not think that. He actually thanks me when I let him dress in feminine clothing, he sees it as uplifting, he sees women as somewhat better than men actually.

I mean, I like the feeling of the material I guess? It feels good at the places it touches. I thought that was pretty common. The desirability is of course a big thing too.

>It sounds like you and your bf have a good relationship

Thanks anon!

>Bless your heart.
I feel a hint of sarcasm.

No. 1147380

This anon
>We're vanilla
Also this anon
>We actually have plenty of piv sex. We also have other kinds of sex, which both of us enjoy.

So you peg him while he's dressed as a woman, got it. The denial is strong with this one.

No. 1147381

You might want to re-read what I wrote. I said we are NOT vanilla. Also again, what is wrong with having kinky sex again? Does your bible say it's a sin?

No. 1147382

>things are very, very bad for trans people in the UK
Lmfao what, things are very bad in the most tranny friendly country in Europe? The same country where police come knocking at your door if you like a gendercrit limerick on Twitter? Try Iran then.

No. 1147383

oof anon it's definitely a fetish. again nothing necessarily wrong with that, good for you for finding a submissive guy who won't troon out on you ig

No. 1147384

give it 2 years tops before her bf troons out
oh wow you are naive

No. 1147385

Eeeeh, maybe it is a fetish strictly speaking? I guess what I mean is I really don't mind it? I actually like it, I think he looks cute when I let him indulge in it.

Also thanks for realizing that every man who likes to dress in women's clothing is not a tranny in disguise.

Again, you assume men that do not conform to how men are supposed to act and present themselves are not men and are in fact troons. Literally look at my original point, this is what drives so many gender non conforming men to troondom.

No. 1147386

It's not about whether it's "wrong" it's whether pegging your boyfriend while he crossdresses is a big red flag and a very common pre-transition story. Which you don't seem to think it is…though something draws you to the MtF thread.

No. 1147388

wow thats's sad. I bet the comments were all calling her insensitive and selfish for not wanting to lick her boyfriend's asshole ~like a real lesbian~ or something

No. 1147389

File: 1612108950711.png (27.4 KB, 944x327, Screenshot_2021-01-31 [Advice]…)

He is likely gonna troon out though the way she describes him, and there's no such as a dominant male or submissive male, just a degenerate male or healthy male
Here's some trans widow milk

No. 1147391

Trannies also breath oxygen anon, them doing something that other people do does not equate the two. You do realize plenty of men have kinky sex with their girlfriends and do not troon out right? The fact that some do does not cancel out all the ones that don't. You are basically saying the equivalent of "marijuana is a gateway drug".

>there's no such as a dominant male or submissive male, just a degenerate male or healthy male
This is literally ignorant of human sexuality. Suggesting being dominant as a male is bad I can understand due to the damage they can do. But suggesting that being submissive is bad is ridiculous. They are literally better than other men and I actually feel kind of sorry for you for never being able to have enjoyed the best kind of man out there.

No. 1147392

Sorry to say but your guy gonna troon and you gonna end like >>1147375 but go ahead, it's just kinky sex kek

No. 1147397

File: 1612109619001.jpeg (622.26 KB, 1668x2134, 210521AD-4079-4049-B294-B5F827…)

Acknowledgement or self awareness of agp does not preclude men from trooning out.

No. 1147398

Why are you coming here to talk about your (allegedly) cis boyfriend? Are you trying to brag here? He's not a MTF trans acting shitty which this thread is about. If he just likes woman's clothing, he's either gnc or crossdresser, maybe he'll eventually troon out but now it doesn't have anything to do with sexist autogynephiles this thread is about.

No. 1147400

I'm saying that either men are degenerate or aren't, a daddy dom and your bf are both degenerates

No. 1147401

I came here to talk about what I think drives gender non conforming men to troondom. Go look at the reply chain and my original comment to see it.

No. 1147402

You sounds straight from /pol/ anon. Humans are not separated into good Christians doing it in the missionary position and degenerates.(NOBODY CARES)

No. 1147403

I hope this woman runs far far away. Troons are such selfish assholes and everything in their relationship will invariably revolve around them and getting their dicks hard but ironically HRT will lessen their sex drives. But whatever.

I'm just so tired being sad for women like this. Stuck with dudes like this. Sometimes it makes me wanna cry I feel so frustrated by the state of things. Like…men can go 30 years being a man and just instantly think he's a woman and is just the same as me? Like…idk why but it just puts me over the edge. They have zero idea what it's like to be a woman.

No. 1147404

>A word coined by a man who has singlehandedly done more harm to trans people in the last fourty (sic) years than any other person.
maybe not ALL scrotes are bad

No. 1147407

You keep bringing up christianity, religious bullshit and so. Not wanting degeneracy makes you a religious conservative? Go practice to help your Nigel dilate(Move on)

No. 1147413

You came to talk about what drives men to troondom, saying it's people not accepting crossdressers, yet you bring up your boyfriend crosdressing and say he'll never be troon because he's just a crossdreser. Why even blogpost about him when he doesn't have anything to do with this shit?

Oh, and trooning out isn't because evil womyn don't accept gnc. What a stupid take. Trans people aren't just men into female fashion who choose to be female so they can wear sparkly stuff.

Trans people either have gender dysphoria and are mentally ill similar to anorexics and changing gender makes it mentally bearable for them


They don't have dysphoria and troon out because they watch too much porn, are convinced by incels that women have it easier or have a fetish - AGP.

This thread is about milky MTF cows, not philosophy or your boyfriend.

No. 1147417

honestly the fact how almost everyone in the comments is just roasting him gives me hope.

No. 1147422

File: 1612111430892.png (275.26 KB, 603x391, image.png)

ahem, well, back to the topic


No. 1147423

File: 1612111524862.png (222.83 KB, 605x389, image.png)

No. 1147433

File: 1612112831550.png (321.54 KB, 1080x548, IMG_20210131_180723.png)

Mtf discord

No. 1147434

File: 1612112872982.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1789, IMG_20210131_180700.png)

No. 1147435

File: 1612112927526.png (883.76 KB, 1080x1677, IMG_20210131_180639.png)

No. 1147438

where do incels get all these rape fantasy statistics because they seem to be getting higher everytime.

No. 1147440

File: 1612113533039.png (30.75 KB, 1002x363, Screenshot_2021-01-31 [Advice]…)

Another kinky Transwidow story, noticing a common factor in these stories is these couples already moderately kinky but then the male pushed into more and more degeneracy and before you know it he troons out

No. 1147441

He hates troons more than you, huh? Sweet innocent anon. I wish you Godspeed.

No. 1147447

I'm not nearly as terfy as the rest of this thread (though peaked) and I don't think a man in fishnets is necessarily a troon, but
>he sees women as somewhat better than men actually.
yeah that's not as good as you think it is, Anon. There's 2 kinds of sissies, one likes being feminized because it's degrading and the other likes it because they idolize and fetishize women so much they want to be one. Maybe he just isn't aware of it yet. You'll be back in 6 months or a year venting about it.

This. He probably hates troons so much because deep inside he thinks they're doing it wrong and not living up to the standard of femininity he has for himself. He'd totes be a better woman than them, teehee(stop)

No. 1147450

Jesus christ this is disturbing

No. 1147452

File: 1612115733025.png (1.72 MB, 1280x948, tumblr_ae2167105b30dec3d60cf8f…)

Anon and her partner in the next 2 years

No. 1147454

coming soon to a locker room near you

No. 1147455


No. 1147458

I wonder what the ptsd comes from. People being correct when they call him a man?

No. 1147459

what the fuck is wrong with her shoulders.

No. 1147460

kek @ the troon being ambiguously brown when everyone knows the vast majority of transbians are white

No. 1147463

ugly tumblr art that's what happen

No. 1147466

Unfortunately for you, anon, men ARE a hivemind. They are biologically wired to do everything they can to coom and regardless of everything they say about women being their equal, they will always view us as sex personified. They may want to believe with all their heart that their perception of us isn't horribly skewed, but they'll show their assed eventually. If you think your man's fetishes aren't the telltale signs that he views women as objects of degradation, I hope you can hold on to this fantasy for as long as possible.

I mean look at "Abigail" Thorn, I used to look at him as an example of a sensitive man who was well-read in feminist philosophy and respected women, but as soon as he trooned out he shows his ass as a man who thinks we are privileged over him.(derailing)

No. 1147467


No. 1147472


No. 1147473

Not to be an armchair fag but I have a suspicion that MtF individuals lack an understanding of object permanence, probably via mental delusion and denial but I just read that borderline people do not process object constancy which is more social
Although tbh in some troons they seem to have some borderline personality symptoms going on

No. 1147475

there have been studies that found a correlation between autism and paraphilias (this includes autogynephilia) in men

No. 1147479

Troons have a very high incidence of cluster B personality disorders, specially narcissistic and borderline.

No. 1147491

this just in, troons are mentally ill, who would've guessed? kek have you been reading the threads anon? they are literally all either autistic, narcissists or both and there's multiple studies on this

No. 1147494

Not to armchair either kek but I think NPD is more likely. IIRC BPDs are very emotional and the average AGP is cold blooded and doesn't know emotions other than narc rage, and at best they can pretend to have emotions to impress gullible women.

No. 1147509

I heard it's actually from a survey they took years ago where 60% of women said they fantasized about their partner getting so turned on they start to get rough, and then it kinda evolved to rape through the grapevine.

No. 1147539

I googled for modern results and fantasizing about "being forced to have sex" is at 28.9% for women… and 30.7% for men lul, source: https://cf.datawrapper.de/9Qy5o/1/

No. 1147584

this crossdressing discourse is fucking hilarious. Why would women find pegging and crossdressing attractive? Are you as porn obsessed as the agps? Just don't date weirdos lmao(derailing )

No. 1147587

>Why do other people are into different things than me
Come on anon.

No. 1147591

>unironically being anti-kinkshaming in the terf central thread
if any anon here has a bf into sissy shit, be prepared for his coming out soon. Mark my words

No. 1147599

>implying any serious number of radical feminists are here

No. 1147609

perishmales is so based

No. 1147656

File: 1612137634820.jpeg (259.09 KB, 750x892, 41CD4022-49B8-4937-9369-C6E333…)

this post on twitter had more unwashed spinny skirts in the quotes than I could handle.. I’ll post the cream of the crop but I’d reckon you should prepare yourselves.

No. 1147659

File: 1612137907778.jpeg (602.41 KB, 1800x1800, 7D698002-46A1-45F7-BDCD-299054…)

Some stunning lesbians.

No. 1147662

Their eagerness to post selfies at every opportunity is so transparent. It's clearly just a combination of narcissism and exhibitionism. No "validation" is enough for them– they constantly need praise from others to justify their life-destroying decision.

No. 1147673

No. 1147686

That's not rape.
Women don't fantasize about rape; they fantasize about being in heat so much the other wants to devour them, rip their clothes apart and give them orgasms.
I'm getting incel vibes from you trying to justify rape and that's a reason for you to jump of a bridge.

No. 1147733

OT but the vast majority aren't radical feminists, we're just normal diverse women who have what would have been considered moderate feminist views a decade here, who just came here to laugh at troons
that said the majority of us are anti-kink and degeneracy as well

No. 1147734

You can tell none of these people have stepped a foot inside a gym but still smell like a sweaty jockstrap

No. 1147737

Are those self harm scars on the lesbian?i mean,I would too if I was dating that thing

No. 1147759

I think it's supposed to be body hair

No. 1147779

File: 1612150814519.jpg (42.9 KB, 540x292, tumblr_pdw7f3qY9Y1uz3kvk_540.j…)

Oh yikes

No. 1147788

kek they forgot the chad brick house shoulders, all over 5 oclock stubble, massive adams apple, gorilla knuckles and qb fridge shaped body. stay mad

No. 1147792

this is satirical yeah?

No. 1147805

Yeah it's satirical, it's an edit which is still Tongue-in-cheek mocking the troon

No. 1147856

I'm blocked from this person on Twitter even though I have no idea who they are.

No. 1147859

File: 1612161143800.png (839.63 KB, 734x854, Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 1.26…)

Update from my personal favorite tranny, the irony is that this is the same dude from

No. 1147860

I meant the shoulders

No. 1147868

okay this has to be a troll right

No. 1147879

I love it, men think they beat us in our own activism for our rights, the obsessive competitiveness is showing and it's blatant lies

No. 1147892

File: 1612166436671.jpeg (503.7 KB, 1683x1415, 4E45ED10-099E-4842-A385-B6C18A…)

I swear half these people have reverse body dysphoria or something. This dudes Twitter was nothing but pregnancy porn, commissions of himself as a big busty lady and photos of his sparkly trans flag themed manicures. But that’s totally normal, right? Just girly things!

No. 1147894

File: 1612167014229.jpeg (480.68 KB, 1770x1516, A906241A-022F-467D-9E22-23674F…)

sorry for the crackhead editing but busty pregnancy boy also lead me to this cow. Genuinely horrified that this dude was apparently allowed a vaginaplasty, stubble and all. He has to be lying for jerk off reasons, right?!

No. 1147903

“doctor says my pussy is so tight I might need surgery to fix it”
imagine trying to flex on women by admitting that your crotch hole is closing up on you.

No. 1147905

File: 1612170926100.jpeg (81.01 KB, 1170x391, 129BC070-A391-4E7E-BA7C-F8E7C4…)

>this entire comment

No. 1147908

The fact the most degen trans women all think a closing wound is the same thing as a tight pussy is…concerning. Pussy is closer to a mouth than a wound, it's a self-cleaning muscle not a speedily closing wound which needs dilation.

No. 1147918

This is the same type of man who would masturbate with a sponge crammed into a toilet paper roll and call it a "pocket pussy".

No. 1147919

Insulting someones appearance is a low blow, but damn, they just make it so easy.

No. 1147935

>men may commit >90% of all violent atrocities worldwide, but women sometimes hurt my feelings which is so much worse

No. 1147937

Jesus christ I can't believe this is becoming a real movement. I saw some sexual health pamphlets that were handed out to grade schools here that basically talked about kinks and how healthy and essential they are, I can absolutely believe that people like this freak are the ones unironically producing them. People need to stop thinking that they're rare corner cases.

Those "lesbian women" are showing an awful lot of male aggression there.

Going to have to agree with >>1145912 , they would milk a suicide a lot more. My money's on being high/drunk and losing balance.

No. 1147956

LOL what a male thing to say, no woman has a genital-measuring contests with other women the way men do. Pussy tightness means one is not aroused enough or tense and every sane person knows it's not particularly a good thing.

No. 1147964

File: 1612184135406.jpg (287.27 KB, 1078x942, Screenshot_20210201_135408.jpg)

reminder who this person is for those who don't know

No. 1147965

File: 1612184163003.jpg (272.87 KB, 1079x911, Screenshot_20210201_135421.jpg)

No. 1147966

File: 1612184238643.jpg (119.96 KB, 1078x616, Screenshot_20210201_135311.jpg)

also posted this recently kek

No. 1147974

classic narcissus story
looked at the pool of water and fell in love with his reflection so much he forgot the important things that matter besides his own self-validation

No. 1147977

OT, but I'd love to know how many former trans handmaidens have peaked in recent years. I feel like we're waking up to the fact that trans women are just vile men with a fetish, but there aren't any statistics or records.(derailing)

No. 1147983

…why would a woman care about how tight his pussy is? He’s just advertising to other troons without realizing kek

No. 1148003

I'm 100% sure HBomb will transition at some point unless he's already dressing up in women's lingerie in secret, he's been aggressively caping for trannies for a while now.

Never realized this until now. What's raising even more eyebrows is that the people repeating this narrative are the ones who have a history of being homophobic.

One thing that disturbs me is that every time they create these imaginary tranny x cis OC relationship dynamics it's always the troon being the super effeminate uwu soft shy bean with self esteem issues uwu type and the girl being a quintessential butch manic pixie dream girl protecting them from the blood-thirsty terves. That couple from Sense8 for example. Is it some sort of an advanced incel mommy gf fantasy?

No. 1148004

I myself peaked around 2018, but know libfems that have been peaking throughout last year and it's glorious to see, however far too many end up turning towards the right(which is just as bad)(no1curr)

No. 1148012

Not to blogpost, but these threads definitely helped me, even though I always knew this whole trans thing is crazy.

Lmao exactly. It’s not like that information is useful to us. I suppose they want us to be jealous. But in typical male fashion they don’t know how female biology works, and they don’t know that vaginas are a muscle.

Regarding the tranny X dyke relationship dynamic youre describing; I suppose it’s just their fetish showing. It’s still hilarious to me how a tall and heavy male feels the need to be protected by a woman.

I might’ve respected trans women more if they were more normal. A small and feminine woman can, for example, have a typical male dominated job, but still like to look glamorous and feminine outside of the job.

I haven’t really ever seen a troon that holds a mechanics/carpenter job, or any job for that matter, that keeps the troony’ness out of their job. They always gotta bring their weird fetish and shit to work. Meanwhile women are normal and just do what they’re paid to do while they’re at work lmao

No. 1148036


Jessica Yaniv is the biggie for a lot of women too-esp for woc with his waxing shit

I suddenly understand why Sylvia Rivera (important historical drag queen) was so iffy about being called a transgender woman when the term emerged. He mostly identified as a gay Latino man + did a lot of outreach

i feel like dudes would benefit from skirts/dresses being more wildly accepted for them + won't need go denounce their sex to wear them. Technically (Western) women wearing pants were "crossdressing" at the start but obvi not anymore

No. 1148049

Nikita's tacky ass birthday party "theme". I don't know if belongs here or in the youtuber thread, but i'm putting it here.

No. 1148050

File: 1612193914251.png (Spoiler Image,430.65 KB, 598x502, djdjs.PNG)

No. 1148052

File: 1612194127261.png (95.94 KB, 712x564, 1.PNG)

also here's him asking some blue check boy if he's 18 yet.

No. 1148060

plastic surgery addict rodrigo alves trooned out and got yet another nose job, he looks and talks like he literally can't breathe

No. 1148067

just boys being boys

No. 1148079

File: 1612196275990.jpeg (141.12 KB, 768x736, 94A7C914-B159-41C2-BF6F-58C11D…)

Bottom surgeries are a medical scam, and honestly doctors who do it should be punished for malpractice. They don’t work because biological vaginas and penises are regulated by the brain, specifically the pituitary gland. Matter of fact, a lot of our organs are controlled by the brain, so putting a faux peepee or snatch is just so.. wrong and even unethical. Their genitals are so incorrectly severed that the brain can’t even send proper signals anymore. I feel like this is a more serious problem, but considering that bottom surgery is probably highly expensive or hefty on insurance most people can’t do it.

There is absolutely nothing scientific or even validating for these people.

No. 1148085

Then that means my gym teacher who walked in on us young girls changing was trans too!!! Guys it was just a misunderstanding he just wanted to fit in.

No. 1148087

>blames woman at the end
sasuga tranny

No. 1148092

Why do they go for the groin before fixing their ugly mugs? I know a tranny crowdfunding their crotch wound, while having a giant male beak of a nose and strong ass features. Like, why not do the face first if you wanna be a chick? And at least have some appeal as looking feminine with a dick, instead of an obvious guy with a botched hole.

No. 1148096

I have no balls and I must coom

No. 1148097

I angrily told my dad about the time a guy who 'identified as a woman followed me into the bathroom stall to pull up my skirt and touch me cuz he was lip servicing about trans rights human rights BS and being annoying. And he said 'he wasn't real trans'

And I was just gobsmacked that my own father would just a-okay with this and could not realise that in terms of slippery slope this one actually exists. Some motherfucker pretending to be a goddamn toilet so women would pee on him. Men have zero boundaries and making it even easier for them to violate ours by just accepting anyone into them is fucking crazy.

Incidentally this isn't the first time I was assaulted/touched in a bathroom by a troon. But it 'doesn't happen'

No. 1148105

why does your dad give a fuck about trans folks? In my opinion most men who care strongly are usually trans to be, chasers or gay/bi men who feel they have to protect people in their community.

No. 1148109

File: 1612197804940.jpg (116.17 KB, 580x745, 98601994.jpg)

absolute kek anon, I have been laughing at this comment for 2 minutes straight

No. 1148110

I was castrated and now my sex drive is gone??? Reddit plz advise.

No. 1148112

ntayrt but i've seen plenty of liberal or somewhat left leaning straight normie men defend trannies. it's just social conditioning

No. 1148114

Late but I'm trying to count my blessings - glad that Chris Fleming hasn't trooned out yet.

No. 1148115

It’s crazy how he looks like he could be one of the housewives on bravo.

No. 1148119

Lefty democrat. Both my parents just parrot whatever lefty twitter and MSNNBC say at this point. It's very disconcerting. The last four years have melted their brains.

And see: all the celebrities who came out to say Transwomen are Women after the JK Rowling thing. They don't really believe it. It's just automatic conditioning to be on the 'right side of history'. Luckily I've been working on my mother a bit with GC stuff and trying to open her eyes to how insidious this shit is.(blogging)

No. 1148121

>she doesnt masturbate so could it just be she's too tight now?

LMAO I often forget men believe that shit

No. 1148124

I'm so sorry that happened to you, anon. This is why troons should have their own separate bathroom.

No. 1148141

good we found the solution to dysphoria

No. 1148143

People have literally known about eunuchs for thousands of years. Why is the sudden lack of desire a surprise to anyone (I assume) did any amount of research?

No. 1148149

oops anon, did you end up on the dreaded terf blocklist?

No. 1148150

See men comparing each other's dicks ? it's the same but with neovags

No. 1148151

Dated a troon and moved into an apartment with him when he started trooning out. I was very mentally unstable at the time of meeting him.(no1curr)

No. 1148152

Sounds like a real cool kids list to be on.

No. 1148158

File: 1612201407439.gif (1.72 MB, 341x237, putin-laughing-gif-5.gif)

kek, it is always the same thing: Bottom surgery will fix everything!!!! Then bottom surgery happens and is an instant regret lmao

>Bottom surgeries are a medical scam, and honestly doctors who do it should be punished for malpractice.

Most of the time I see that they go to some shitty 3rd world country to get it done, because no sane doctor would do it. And even when it is a western doctor, they do it because they will good money out of it. Every sane person will know what kind of damage it causes to your body but no lets think you will be totemo a bio woman with a even better puss after that surgery. Dude sounds fursttrated because he can't live out his lesbian fetish because of it and hates it lol

No. 1148168

File: 1612202804385.png (63.42 KB, 770x513, Screenshot_2021-02-01 Fucking …)

the fact this post was made by an actual woman hurts

No. 1148171

How ironic that the first paragraph described libfems perfectly.

No. 1148172

so he assaulted women who didnt like that he tricked them? lol

No. 1148173

File: 1612203049377.png (12.99 KB, 691x204, kek.png)

nah, still a tranny. this is his about page. unless you mean reblogged?

No. 1148176

Shit wrong post, meant to post something else (it was a woman talking about how awesomely femme and stunning troons were)

No. 1148180

Pretty sure I peaked in 2019 hate-browsing gender critical and pink pill threads on here. I also peaked because I had a ton of troon friends from the tumblr era who were entitled coomer mtfs and fujo ftms alike and they were annoying as fuck(no1curr)

No. 1148181

kek good comment to that post

No. 1148185

Because transitioning to a women is all about sex to them, as long as they have what they believe to be a “women’s body” then in their heads, that’s enough. They equate being a women to a women’s body, and their sexual organs, they couldn’t care less about their faces. That’s what I think, at least

No. 1148202

You and me anon, everytime he uploads, I fear

No. 1148217

yes, he also says on his profile that he's been to jail
post it anon!
ugh anon I'd love to answer but I don't wanna get b& for blogging. These threads definitely helped

No. 1148222

Anyone else disappointed about Jim Sterling trooning out?

No. 1148229

kek why? Dude's a poly creep who said a lot of misogynistic crap in the past. If anything, I'm not surprised

No. 1148241

File: 1612206751532.jpg (156.88 KB, 1124x646, EtI4RehU4Acsc_O.jpg)

Here's the post, this physically hurts to read

No. 1148243


Lol seriously?? I had no idea, only started watching last year. What a creep.

No. 1148271

What does she mean lmao?

No. 1148297

This nutjob literally got his balls removed and is now shocked that he lost his libido and ability to have sex?? Jesus fucking christ, what kind of quack doctors do these people go to for butchery like this? You can bet he was initially posting inspirational "2 weeks after orchiectomy and feeling like a beautiful girl now!!!!" selfies too.


No. 1148317

Where do they get the "place alongside men" or misogyny, men-pandering and that shit? Every terf-y space I've seen is usually full of pretty much man-hating and woman-supremacist kind of radfems. They tend to repeat that shit again and again, how come?

No. 1148322

Trans women aren't women. What don't they fucking understand bro I'm so tired

No. 1148334

File: 1612210657455.jpg (257.36 KB, 1200x800, 7GZ1FuY.jpg)


lower left kek

No. 1148397

File: 1612213324251.png (1.93 MB, 2771x3464, 1612209253010.png)

I checked this dude's website too and good god that explains the boner.

No. 1148400

File: 1612213385946.png (289.89 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210201-140313.png)

No. 1148401

File: 1612213412281.png (1.31 MB, 988x1196, 1612204180143.png)

No. 1148483

File: 1612216922940.png (469.89 KB, 1440x1998, Screenshot_20210201-170102~2.p…)

The Peak Beginneth

No. 1148486

No. 1148494

File: 1612217487266.png (Spoiler Image,735.92 KB, 1952x1232, adidas fleshlight.png)


yaaaaaas! paris hilton vibes

No. 1148502

>such an amazing outfit

I hate it here

No. 1148509

Isnt he slowly dying because of dodgey body filler?
Absolute mento illness luv, even before transitioning

No. 1148522

PhilosophyTube vs Hontra is the new bi vs lesbian drama.

No. 1148523

I checked this autist's reddit and youtube when he got posted in /ot/ and he seemed so harmless, his passion for sneakers was almost endearing to me honestly. I want to die

No. 1148526

Its crazy when they say shit like "now I suspect it was just a fetish all along". The amount of brain dead all of them have to be to not even consider that before permanently altering their bodies is so nuts

No. 1148546

File: 1612219961421.png (647.76 KB, 768x856, 1612125510952.png)

Someone posted this on /lgbt/ yesterday and Contra has since deleted the comment.

No. 1148572

File: 1612221392016.jpg (1.06 MB, 1802x2460, PhilosophyTube.jpg)

kind of related but this got posted on KF earlier

No. 1148585

Ah yes, women, the group who famously never receive pressure to conform to the concept of femininity in order to fit in, unlike the poor troons. This woman sounds like she lives on another planet.

No. 1148619


I don't know why I was so naive but my mind didn't even go there when I read "masturbating with shoes"

No. 1148638

This is probably the freshest milk this thread has produced so far and I believe it.

PT might also be transing to preemptively become uncancelable in case Contra decides to speak out publically. PT could always go for the "I was just a poor smol egg with internalized transphobia and misogyny that is expressed in an innapropriate way uwu" excuse à la Clymer

No. 1148640

No. 1148663

God it's weird to imagine them fucking.

No. 1148669

PhilosophyTube is really quite smart, he went to St Andrews which is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. These comments in contrast seem so clumsy. Maybe he had real feelings for Contra.

No. 1148671

transvestic fetishism is always ego-dystonic. It isn't appropriate to claim that 99% of troons have it. Stop trying to be a psychologist when you're clueless.

No. 1148678

not sure if this is true (someone else try to confirm it’s hard finding info on this) but I’m pretty sure he only went there because of family nepotism, if you watch very closely in his videos it’s clear he has absolutely no idea what the fuck he’s talking about most of the time

No. 1148680

?? all I said was that if a man gets sexually aroused wearing women's clothing it's transvestic fetishism. I never claimed that 99% of troons have it or whatever tf you're talking about

No. 1148686

who the fuck thought this was a great idea?

No. 1148703

someone on Kiwi made a good point, they brought up a TIm who had multiple ex-boyfriends troon out after getting with him, the user said how sometimes chasers use trannies to "explore" that side of themselves, they don't want an actual relationship.
I feel like the dude was just lost, he started being around Contra and troons, then he wanted to become Contra.
I really don't think the feelings were that deep, it was just him wishing he was contra because he didn't want to be himself anymore.
I also think the community is full of groomers especially online. You can look at contra and tell he's a train wreck but online people ignore that and love & praise him.

Imagine having a community of people who will call you stunning, brave, will give you money and attention all because you decide, "I'm a woman now".
Plus him being a youtuber, it comes off as skinwalking, political and him being depressed, more so then anything else.

No. 1148742

Yeah, they're like kinnies except they take it to another level.

No. 1148824

This is probably the best theory I’ve seen. Though I also think PT’s judgement right now is definitely clouded by hormones or something based on his change of opinions on feminism and women’s reproductive rights (re:his coming out post)
He went from semi-rational to completely retarded real quick

No. 1148871

This is horrific, what the hell. Psycho shit.

No. 1149004

This guy seems disconcertingly large for someone wearing kiddie clothes

No. 1149028

File: 1612252784605.png (227.08 KB, 1270x764, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 2.53…)

Never saw this reddit before, SO much tragic shit on there. Here's a classic. Workshy closet case decides he's a woman, and wants all the attention & unwavering, unflinching support that he thinks goes along with that. Meanwhile his wife is asking on Reddit for places where he can get a discount on electrolysis since he's MTF. Which by the way, fuck you, why would he get a discount for being born male?

No. 1149030

This but sarcasm kek

No. 1149031

File: 1612253218161.png (300.84 KB, 1308x1028, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 3.02…)

samefag and same Redditor, and also more of the same old tune. If it wasn't for the wife the troon would be exploring their "new found bisexuality". So two weeks in and they're already at the stage where he's talking about being bi? She's on a fast road to troon hell, usually they save that chestnut until after they've had a few tabs of estrogen. At least she recognizes that even the most glamorous transformation would be washed off in the night, and then you're just fucking your same ol' husband but with a broken dick and hormonal tuberous breasts.

No. 1149052

File: 1612255676826.png (15.49 KB, 598x132, Screenshot_2021-02-02 Pirate_…)

No. 1149055

Is this from the sub r/mypartneristrans ?

No. 1149071

File: 1612258360691.png (330.5 KB, 1440x1256, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 4.30…)

Yep, it's a troon treasure trove. Here's another. This girl "broke" her boyfriend by asking him to shower because he stank, and now her boyfriend is a girl. Yet another stinky idiot glides down the incel-to-trans pipeline.

No. 1149129

Yeh, cos Paris Hilton totally had a bulge and a barrel belly.

No. 1149133

My new Yru sunset sky make me taller, and further away from my filthy carpet.

No. 1149134

File: 1612265181003.jpg (124.6 KB, 1000x474, Maryam_Khatoon_Molkara_wussy.j…)

The woke story of Ayatollah Khomeini's Fatwa to allow Transgenderism in Islam


>Maryam Khatoon Molkara was born in the suburbs of Tehran as Fereydoon. She was tortured and bullied for her feminine behavior as a boy in the early days of her life. The harshest form of retaliation towards her identity came from her own mother. She moved to Tehran and started working in a saloon. Those were the days when Iran was ruled by the Shah.

>Maryam wanted a religious solution to her gender issue. In 1975 she started writing letters to Ayatollah Khomeini, who was living in exile in Iraq. She knew she was a woman, she knew she was living in the wrong body and she knew she could fix this. She went to Paris in 1978 to meet Ayatollah Khomeini in person (who was visiting France) as she couldn’t travel to Iraq because of the travel ban for Iranians at the time. She wanted to make him aware of the concept of transgenderism and have his verdict on sex reassignment within Islam. But the journey was not fruitful as she couldn’t meet him.

>Maryam was working in television as a man when Islamic revolution took place in Iran. She was immediately fired by authorities and was arrested for being feminine. While in police custody, she was forcibly injected with male hormones, as prescribed by a prison doctor. Maryam shouted, but no one listened to her. Maryam had links with religious clerics in Iran and a well-known cleric, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, came to bail her out as soon as he learned of what she was going through in prison. This incident made her stronger and convinced of her decision. Maryam wanted to undergo sex reassignment surgery, but she knew that it was by now no longer possible as Islamic revolution didn’t contemplate this possibility. But she had hope, as the country was under Islamic Sharia and Imam Khomeini was now in Iran and he was the head of state.

>One fine morning, she crossed all barriers at Khomeini’s residence in Tehran and reached inside his house. Holding the Quran in her hands, she shouted “I AM A WOMAN, I AM A WOMAN.” Security officials got confused by the band wrapped around her chest, which they thought was an explosive belt. She removed it to reveal her female breasts underneath. The female security staff in the house rushed towards her to cover her with a veil as soon as they saw her female chest exposed.

>She told her entire story to everyone in the room, all of her years of struggle. Ahmad, son of Ayatollah Khomeini, who was in the room listening to all this, was moved to tears. He took her to meet the Ayatollah in his compound. Ayatollah knew of Maryam as she had been trying to approach him for years. A team of government doctors was summoned and the issue was immediately discussed by experts. The discussion included the difference between hermaphrodites and transsexuals. Khomeini hadn’t heard much about the various gender conditions until then.

>Maryam left Khomeini’s house victoriously. She had a letter in her hand addressed to the Chief Prosecutor and the head of Medical Ethics giving a fatwa (a religious authorization) for her and for all those like her to have their gender surgically reassigned. That one daring step by Maryam changed the dynamics and made history in Shia Islam. The fatwa is available in Imam Khomeini’s Tahrir al-Wasilah (Volume 4), a book written as a commentary on a traditional theological text, and as a guide for Muslims.

No. 1149156

St. Andrews is really not that impressive for someone who went to such posh schools - he's semi-capable but I would never go as far as to say really smart

No. 1149160

That is awful what they did to him but, if that was a woman, a real actual woman pulling that shit? She would've been dead the second she started fronting. I wish there was some sort of data on whether these "feminine" guys are just gay or trans with dysmorphia and all, I think it's just internalized homophobia and no fucking wonder when you are treated like that.

No. 1149187

a dude in a dress. groundbreaking.
sorry womanhood isn't yours h o m i e try harder.

No. 1149189

Ah yes, the country where being gay is punishable by death allows sex reassignment surgery. How woke.

No. 1149194

I once had a friend, an educated academic no less, commend Iran, because they accepted trans people and paid for their surgery. I about lost it on her, reminding her that Iran only offers trans surgery as an alternative to the FUCKING DEATH PENALTY for homosexuality.
They even hang teenage boys. BOYS. Under the age of 18. And how do they hang them? By lifting them via a crane, so it's much slower than the quick drop method, and far more painful.

No. 1149206

My honest questions are:
How are Muslim wemen going to get treated by Muslim men? What if he’s a transbian? What about transmen? Also, just because a guy with money can slap some tits to his chest is being accepted, doesn’t mean it will be the same for the guys who don’t have the money for such things, are there going to be funds for those trannies too?
Really, I just don’t get this whole thing, why should everyone celebrate that a privileged guy is being accepted by a horrible set of laws?

No. 1149212

>He'd always been away from the binary. He loved soft things, bubble baths and candles. He shaved his legs and liked anal.
The fucking cringe I just felt.

No. 1149214

saged for blogpost.
I have known several muslim men including Iranian men in my life, and there are a LOT of chasers. They literally convince themselves that troons are women,cognitive dissonance on a grand scale.
Tbh, most of the dudes I met were just closeted gay men. But that is a strict no no unless you want to be estranged from most of your family.
I knew a young Turkish man who had a decade long relationship with a mtf, whom he introduced to his family, she passes somewhat (hsts rather than agp)and they split up when the Turkish guy started to near 30, and the family wanted him to settle down and marry.
He continued to contact his mtf ex during the early stages of his marriage until the mtf upped and went to Egypt to marry a man she met on a tranny webstite.

No. 1149216

File: 1612276343608.png (534.6 KB, 640x424, Screenshot_2021-02-02 khomeini…)

>What if he’s a transbian?
If a TIM is a transbian then it would be considered an act of female same-sex partnership, which are illegal in Iran and the punishment for female same sex relationships is 50 Lashes for each party

>What about transmen?

same principle with Transwomen, they legally become men in the eyes of the law with all the privileges

>Also, just because a guy with money can slap some tits to his chest is being accepted, doesn’t mean it will be the same for the guys who don’t have the money for such things, are there going to be funds for those trannies too?

Sex reassignment surgeries are all paid for by the Iranian state

>Really, I just don’t get this whole thing, why should everyone celebrate that a privileged guy is being accepted by a horrible set of laws?

Here's the thing it's not that the Iranian people were/are more comfortable with troons over gay people, it's that Khomeni(who was in his 80's at that time and didn't even know what a transsexual was) said that transitioning was a viable procedure and whatever Khomeni said is considered holy, I mean over 10 million people attended his funeral and there are still Shia Muslims who to this day believe that he never even died, he is quoted more often than Muhammad or the Quran itself. his personal belongings are in museums or sold for millions

No. 1149226

File: 1612278553397.png (1.14 MB, 863x699, bbb.PNG)

Looking at Jim Stephanie Sterling, I kind of understand now why people were like, "At least PT tried" because this dude is going to wear this wig until it's a fuzzy mess.
Looks like he did nothing but slap it on his fat head and put that hat on top. Then he claimed that some guy helped him in the grocery store. Maybe they thought you were mentally ill, not a woman.

No. 1149227

Oh my god lol

If you ever feel like you're not looking your best today, one only need to look at Jimneffinay over here to make yourself feel better. Jesus Christ. That 41 is gonna creep to 50 in the next year when all these ugly bozos realise nobody but online asskissers think they're real ladiezzzz and men and women won't fuck them. I can already feel it.

No. 1149230

So he put that on, recorded a full ass video, edited it, processed it, and hit upload, and still thought that looked okay?

No. 1149239

I don't know how can you fall so easily for someone who forces their accent so strongly. It's the most retarded thing a brit can do

No. 1149244

Jesus, not even a minute in and he already is obsessed with his "tits" and when he is allowed/not allowed to show them anymore. Also has the urge to awkwardly mention them at the end again.
Not a single sane person would want to see your manboobs, Jim.

No. 1149245

I was laughing my ass off when he said he got helped in the store lmfao
Peak female experience!

No. 1149248

Do we know if he was raised upper class?

No. 1149276

OT but if you dated a troon or someone who ended up trooning out, there's a thread for that if you're interested >>>/g/168719
> economic, white, cis privilege to publish denunciations against vulnerable women
Unironically but also ironically enough I'd say that 98% of the libfems I've seen are women with face piercings and liberal arts degrees who have the apparent economic privilege to decide that posting their tits on Twitter is a fun and empowering idea.
On a serious note, how can these women not understand that the policies and reforms that trannies and their handmaidens advocate for are doing exactly what TRAs accuse radfems of doing? Just take literally one braincell to think what giving potentially abusive men the legal right to use female prisons and domestic violence shelters would eventually result in. Who loses most in that situation? Not the haggard and jealous yet privileged wealthy white woman. I know most women don't think too deeply about TRAs and trans shit but I don't understand how you can cape so hard if you have come across a few GC posts. And even if you try to go back to return to normalcy, trannies' arguments against what we post are illogical, even the so-called philosophers are stumbling over their words and using smoke & mirrors to distract from their own illogical arguments. Especially this one (Philosophytube) >>1148669 who has a MA in philosophy yet didn't even think to check if his most recent post with arguments was logically sound. Sage for blogpost, I don't have a philosophy degree but from my understanding the art of logic is a big deal to people in philosophy (and law).
So tinfoil but are these women dating troons? That has to be the case. Nothing like a woman with low self-esteem in a relationship with a mansplaining narcissist who is always there to remind her how ~oppressed~ he is whenever she is so close to seeing the light.

No. 1149312

No, but don't you see? 'Transwomen are victims too? Why do womens rights trump theirs? Herpaderp'

-Actual argument from a lefty dude who tried to argue why it was okay for troons to enter women's shelters when they've been abused and afraid of men. It was at that point I realised men don't actually give any shit about women especially unironic male feminist.

No. 1149316

File: 1612287726356.png (43.86 KB, 932x427, lmaocow.PNG)

right as you say this and i think 'nah, people can't POSSIBLY-'
well they can and do

No. 1149335

I just lost braincells

No. 1149346

It’s just mentally retarded Shia’s that accept this stuff, you’re not allowed to even pluck an eyebrow or shave your beard as a man in Islam, what makes it acceptable to chop off your dick and inject shit in your face to pass as a “woman”

Reminds me the only prominent “trans muslims” are Shia’s ALA, Trans Hijabi on Twitter and that fakeboi that did a Ted talk
Or those unhinged Twitter communist reverts who swear they’re real Muslims kek

There was a interview some Muslim YouTuber did with one of these Shia trannies who follow Khomeinis ruling on this and he kept saying how effeminate gay men with no sexual attraction to females
(that he defines as troons) were allowed into female quarters by Muhammad
But what he forgets is that they were like months after banished and admonished from ever approaching the female harams again
And funnily enough he identified as a gay man before trooning out, we all can see where this came from and led to..
This is a fun watch for all my fellow Muzzies

No. 1149352

can you moslems stop shitting up social media with shia VS sunni shit? if you wanna play the game of whose beliefs are more retarded, neither will win.

No. 1149362

sage for off topic and blog post but yeah you are right, Shi'ism is so fucking retarded, it's just interpretations of interpretations or additions and then their interpretations, my brother converted to Shia Islam 5 years ago(were from a Sunni Family) and while he's still the same person for the most part every facet of his life he decides according to the teaching and jurisdictions of ali sistani, A 90 year old Grand Ayatollah in Iraq, he gives portions of his monthly salary to sistani, he has a fucking Hezbollah tattoo and has started cutting himself on Ashura

No. 1149378

File: 1612291483460.png (142.91 KB, 414x602, image.png)

No. 1149382

>as a feminist I want to make feminism not about women anymore

Do they even read what they write

No. 1149393

>Feminism is about being feminine, not a movement for the liberation of women. Butch women? Oh you mean pre-transition transmen! They don’t need feminism, they have male privilege.
- liberal feminism in 2021

No. 1149400

This isn't really about mtfs anon, also fuck you for making me read it

No. 1149414

I just don't get troonism at all.
If we all have aspects of femininity and masculinity why transition??

Why invade feminism that's fighting AGAINST stereotypes of having to be feminine and try to take it away from women, make your own bimbo-ism or whatever that will be about advocating that high heels, nailpolish and fake tits is what makes woman a woman.

Also that jail statistic sounds very freaking bad, there are almost no trans women yet millions of cis women in female jails yet MTFs managed to commit seven out of 120 assaults.

At least 11 trans prisoners assaulted in prisons is also a pretty small number when talking about male prisons, everyone rapes everyone there because males are fucked up and the numbers are sky high.

No. 1149416

File: 1612294088821.png (134.05 KB, 1087x424, baseddoctor.png)

No. 1149421

I'd like to say 'based', but I mean, the doctor's just telling the truth when it's relevant to his profession, he doesn't deal with pocket holes made out of man-meat.
This guy's retarded.

No. 1149432

Are u genuinely retarded or something
Since when did anyone have a religious debate on anything like that, I was explaining the stance of Muslims on transgenderism and talking about Muslim troons
You’re acting as if I’m preaching Islam and threatening to blow u up if u don’t accept it

Fucken cesspool of weird racebaiting and /pol/ retards here kek

No. 1149434

I don't know why, but this made me laugh really hard for some reason, fucking gross though

No. 1149452

Right. The gynecologist failed to notice his lack of a uterus

No. 1149507

>there are almost no trans women yet millions of cis women in female jails yet MTFs managed to commit seven out of 120 assaults
Also note that he doesn’t mention how many of those assaults were committed by male guards. Men love pretending that women are just as violent as them.

It’s been really eye-opening to see how many of these guys can’t recognise standard polite responses like “oh really I had no idea” and take it as 100% fact. Nobody who wants to keep their job or stay out of the way of a rampaging Ma’am is going to respond with “yeah I could tell”. Nobody.

No. 1149526

oh my gosh, ELEVEN trans prisoners were assaulted in men’s prisons in 2020 ALONE? well jesus christ, sound the alarm, there’s a mass genocide on our hands.

in all seriousness, their statistic is fucking retarded. here’s a statistic: 76 american women are murdered by their male partner PER MONTH. here’s another: the leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide, most likely to be committed by a man.

but yeah, trans “women” are treated worse than cis women.

No. 1149557

>11 trans women were assaulted in men's prisons
And what exactly makes them different from the undoubtably thousands of regular males who get assaulted in men's prisons? Are women supposed to take in any male who's smaller and weaker than average for any reason? Fucking bullshit. The problem here is male violence, why the fuck are we expected to pay the price just because we're not constantly raping and beating each other?

No. 1149560

File: 1612300419529.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x341, 123654.jpg)

>The number of trans women suffering because they are feminine must outweigh the number of women suffering at the hands of trans women in my mind

No. 1149602

File: 1612302212046.png (458.92 KB, 617x590, sfs.png)

can't get over how bad he looks

No. 1149622

being a woman = wearing pink. thanks for nothing you failed gaming youtuber.

No. 1149654

what subreddit is this and how is it not banned for literal violence yet

No. 1149662

While I still maintain that all troons are sick, it's still refreshing when based troons call out the sickness.

No. 1149668

File: 1612304244224.png (117.89 KB, 1330x557, 4dg1GUa.png)


This gyno was trying to be as sensitive as humanly possible, since he brings up the bit about passing and not being able to guess. This was probably the nicest way someone could have tried to be sensitive about TS issues while also letting their patient know that they are not qualified to diagnose or treat their condition.

Found the source:

There are two (both trans) in the thread starting page 2 who argue in favor of the doctor. Nearly everyone else is all "nuh uh! there is no difference!" and well as picrel's "need less practical facts" who thinks the wound between their legs has the same flora as a natal vag.

No. 1149698

I guess in current year Gynocologists will need to be trained in both pretending an inside out penis is a vagina and also how to care for their infected festering flesh wounds.

Bedside manner will include "oh, I totally couldn't tell it wasn't a real one" and "yes, hairballs in there is a total normal thing all women get."

No. 1149726

Many years ago I knew a TIM who started taking estrogen, and out of nowhere his nipples started hurting. He saw a doctor about it, but he didn't tell the doctor that he'd been taking estrogen because he was worried about tRaNsPhObIa… like how the hell can you commit to body altering drugs for the sake of your fetish/mental illness, but then not disclose relevant medical information when your health might be in danger? It's almost like altering your body with horse piss pills might have consequences besides just giving ~euphoria~(Blog)

No. 1149758

I'm assuming the literal violence thing is a joke. I googled his account it was on some sub called r/apg memes

No. 1149900


>is equally capable of having yeast infections

ah, the defining characteristic of the female vagina, I guess every sweaty fat fold is a vag too
and I don't think anybody questioned that ability in the first place, I kind of expected yeast infections to be a feature of neovags

No. 1149991

this is better for the femboy thread but still made me laugh not gonna lie

No. 1150102

File: 1612320040936.png (234.71 KB, 503x341, hdhdhdh.PNG)

It's so funny how they come out as Non-binary but instantly start calling themselves "Girls" and being overly feminine.
You can tell he loves all the attention he gets from this, he was a fat angry ugly man, now he's a beautiful woman that all of troon twitter is embracing.

In a way, I can see why these tards troon out, there's no easier way to get attention, pity and love than to throw on a wig and say, "hey I'm a woman now!!"

No. 1150124

File: 1612321419891.png (32.68 KB, 600x338, Screenshot.png)

If you ever want to peak someone just show them Kevin Gibes twitter, and before they say he's not a true trans, please remind them he has his dick chopped, gets more interaction and likes from other troons than Shayna get showing her asshole and the ranch has gotten attention from PBS and the news is doing a story on them.

People take Kevin serious, there are gaggles of troons agreeing with the dumb shit he says. Also, even if the second person was making a joke, Kevin isn't.
He seriously thinks him liking lesbian porn is a sign that he was trans, except now he only likes ugly trans women. His "How I found out I was trans" story changes every fucking day.

He's every bad stereotype about transwomen and he's actually gained a following.

No. 1150271

File: 1612326827174.jpeg (258.84 KB, 1629x776, 6FCE1AB8-A8D8-4452-A97C-283AD8…)

I hadn’t thought about how these children gestated in transplanted uteri would be made using the troon’s own sperm. Something just feels really wrong about that. I mean it’s never gonna happen but like, what in the Mpreg hell…

No. 1150295

Never say never, unless ethics gets involved I can see this being a possibility in the far future.

No. 1150349

Weren’t these people forcing us to adopt neutral language because “men with vaginas” have the same gynecological/reproductive needs we do? That these doctors don’t treat women, but those with a particular reproductive system? But now they’re saying that a mtf’s gender validation depends on going to the real lady doctor, even though gender shouldn’t have anything to do with it anymore. They no longer have the same structure as a natal male, and they only have an artificial facade somewhat resembling our anatomy. Why SHOULD a gynecologist know how to treat their anatomy if gender is not supposed to matter? They are enforcing the belief of gendered medical care when they don’t even want us to say “pregnant women”.

No. 1150371

nope, dick skin does not magically turn into "mucosal skin" if it's turned into a neovagina. that's a total troon myth. it's just constantly shedding skin cells like a skin fold that's never allowed to dry off and literally harboring disgusting shit bacteria. there are studies on this.

No. 1150448

File: 1612340292626.png (806.06 KB, 1000x867, FemboyLesBrian.png)

Very gay femboy named Brian is actually a biological woman and a lesbian who is more in touch with her femininity than you cissies, therefore they can't possibly be a misogynistic incel with a fetish.

No. 1150450

File: 1612340405721.jpg (395.77 KB, 1536x2048, EtFf0L5XMAQofpd.jpg)

samefag but you cishets are jealous of the genuine femininity Brian oozes

No. 1150453

>I'm more feminine because I had to look for it
Does he think every woman is born with nail polish, long hair, feminine gestures and feminine fashion sense? Women learn femininity too, much more intensively from much younger age.

Also lol at his 'I can't be misogynistic because I'm a tranny because black people can't be rasist against white people' what the fuck

No. 1150458

I don't understand, he's a pretty cute guy and I'm sure he could have gotten plenty of female partners if he presented as just a GNC guy, Like even the super woke one's who say chant "trans women are women" would never actively seek a relationship with a troon

No. 1150459

whats so wrong just being a cute gay boy?

No. 1150471

or a cute straight boy or a cute bisexual boy or just a cute boy in general, I mean some troons are so fucking ugly and disgusting that I either laugh or cringe at them but for the one's that are good looking I just feed sad, like their wasting their lives
like guy >>1150448 here is a very beautiful male but he'd never make a convincing women in anyway, I mean why do destroy your body and reputation just to get one leg up in the woke hierarchy
sage for OT

No. 1150497

He claims to be a lesbian but then shits on ciswomen for not being feminine enough, so we'll assume he only wants to date other femboys and is in fact a gay/gnc male. Save all the bitchslapping and nonsense and just be gay.

No. 1150500

He's cute but has "I will stab you and wander away whistling" eyes/expression. He also has a pretty bad attitude and opinions. The transfolk are welcome to him.

No. 1150501

A man's body is not made for pregnancy. At all. There are so many delicate things that happen during in terms of hormones and growth inside, our bone structures that it would be literally impossible. Womens bodies do this naturally…and even then birth and pregnancy was the number one death reason for women until the last one hundred years when natal care got better. Even then pregnancy goes wrong these days and results in miscarriage.

So no. I don't think think it's viable as an option. Even the woman who had that transfer womb (who was biologically made for pregnancy) had go have hers removed because it was rejecting itself. There's no hope for delusional troons.

They can try and co-opt women and the name all they want but the truth is, they physically will never ever function as us. Ever. Regardless of just sticking organs in themselves which is just…fucking horrifying honestly. They really are Buffalo Bill.(male)

No. 1150512

The fact that Kathy said they always liked lesbian porn the most is so telling. Lesbian porn isn't made for women in the slightest

No. 1150517

and even with something like genetic manipulation TIM's will never pass, I mean look at pigs for e.g

Humans have been breeding and domesticating them for thousands of years now, but when a domestic pig gets out into the wild, it will revert to a wild state in a matter of months, growing tusks, a hairy coat and becoming more aggressive, we as Humans think we may be the masters of this planet but there are things that will always be beyond our control, so with nature a man can pump himself full of horse piss hormones but inside he will always be an ape man

No. 1150544

I would love this as a banner in OT

No. 1150555

File: 1612353159308.png (646.94 KB, 1165x1586, peoplewhobleed.png)

They don't even see themselves included in the word "woman"

No. 1150566

>So tinfoil but are these women dating troons? That has to be the case.
Not really, these women are just hooked on the validation they get from virtue signalling. They want to be called brave for opposing 'oppression' that doesn't exist, its just a trend. A lot of these women still think trannies are just super gay fem guys. Most wouldn't date an mtf even if they identify as queer or pan, cause they want at least a semi masculine man

No. 1150570

transbians can't transition, they'd have to either date men for the rest of their lives or detrans

No. 1150587

they really do love dehumanizing women
we're merely people who get pregnant and bleed
that's how a real life woman would say it

No. 1150600

>Hey, leader of the free world, I need you to adjust your attitude for me, an unemployed social loser, because my feelings matter above anything else
What a white male thing to say

No. 1150607

do you have a snap of the replies to this anon? The only time I really see troons get pushback is when they try to use this 'birthing/bleeding people' terminology. Hoping he got called out on this.

No. 1150611

>Obsessing over porn made 100% for male pleasure with its aesthetics and direction absolutely means I'm a woman!
Literally everything he says makes me feel like he's doing this intentionally to attack women.

Didn't connect the dots before but I feel like the people who originally started out as incels and then went the "become the gf" troon route were just gay and in denial to begin with. Their obsession over women was never more than jealousy and the bitterness over their own sexuality and the following lack of human intimacy. This is honestly the same sort of drivel you hear from misogynistic gay men who can't shut up about how much they hate women and fantasize about seducing married straight men.

No. 1150630

Yeah I wonder how many likes he got

No. 1150653


This is so stupid. Older ladies also don't bleed and cannot get pregnant anymore but they don't complain about the terminology.

No. 1150672

Complaining about the terminology is the raison d'etre of the incel tmf so that's not surprising.

No. 1150676

File: 1612364056833.jpeg (174.88 KB, 1808x1178, 6C76B2CC-1014-44F0-9EC2-107B4B…)


The coward went private. You can see the replies by searching the username.


No. 1150686

File: 1612364736278.png (462.42 KB, 769x585, B015ECF1-0C1D-406B-B711-069594…)


Hi Bleeders! I identify as a lesbian trans woman and my pronouns are She/Her <3

No. 1150690

These comments are gold. Have fun becoming a 41% dumbass

No. 1150693

File: 1612365119173.png (110.42 KB, 825x437, crimson chin.PNG)

No. 1150697

So nasty. They’re taking/appropriating words that describe us, then force us to accommodate and move to make them comfortable.

Imagine if we wanted transwomen and cis-men to be called “semen producing people” unironically in healthcare and official ways.

Lol femininity is just naturally there for us women, we can wear mens clothes and not give a shit about makeup or anything, and still be comfortably feminine. But oh sure, we’re so threatened by men in ugly cheap girls clothes

No. 1150703

>People who get pregnant and bleed
Fucking nuts man. They really love dehumanizing us don't they, at least he got annihilated in the replies. How about calling transwomen "People who have a penis and produce spermatozoa" or "People who have a surgically inverted penis and function under synthetic female hormones"? It's just as fair.

No. 1150704

That Fucking CHIN

No. 1150723

Uhhh aren't trans women women according to them? But suddenly they're all concerned about the semantics?

No. 1150747

What a fucking creature. And of course makes no effort at all.

No. 1150769

If you don't need these services shut the fuck up, you don't see cis women trying to police the language used in men's health care.

No. 1150774

>A very good point
In response to that person's obvious joke reply. Not even concealed hatred for women there. Yet women who object to this shit are the true haters, not the people dehumanizing us.

No. 1150781

I thought this was Riley J. Dennis.

Lmao his “music”

No. 1150812

File: 1612372496950.jpg (113.52 KB, 1125x1032, 1.jpg)

“Being gay is a cisheteronormative white supremacist social construct.

Don't get me wrong the white Troons are equally as bad but the non-white one's will refute any and all criticism with accusations of racism, western imperialism, white supremacy e.t.c I remember an argument I got with a black troon I know IRL regarding women's only spaces and he replied that sex segregated spaces are a "white people concept" and accused me of internalized racism cause I thought same sex spaces should exist

No. 1150827

People need to save shit like this for their gender studies/philosophy courses instead of embarrassing themselves publicly. This is the real world, Sam, not a theoretical construct for your lib arts capstone

No. 1150840

it's crazy we have to call them what they want, meanwhile they are making up new words to describe us and we have to just be like, "yeah, thats right"

If you wanna call me a bleeder and imma call you a man. Or do they only get to tell us what to do?

No. 1150843

why the long face

No. 1150846

Why does gender or sex based attraction need to be "abolished" in the first place? Just call it conversion therapy and go.

No. 1150851

That thing would never pass lbr, he has even less hope than the average middle age tranny. Shaving would be nice but its just polishing a turd.

No. 1150856

>white men created being gay
>want to abolish gender but still believe in trans
>confusing gender with sex and actually thinking people are attracted by gender roles instead of sex

Imagine the life you have to live to believe all that

No. 1150867

File: 1612375015913.png (75.26 KB, 692x418, Screenshot 2021-02-03 095550.p…)


gender abolition is a radical feminist concept to begin with, "leftistthot69" has literally no idea what they're talking about. i won't sperg about it but it's annoying.

anyway i should stop lurking the "mypartneristrans" sub, i feel awful for every woman (weird… it's all women) whose partners trooned out on them. it's always "how can i better support my trans partner" and never how they can do right by themselves and leave!

No. 1150894

They'll figure it out soon enough. That their entire relationship revolves around troon shit and they'll always be second place to it now.

It's always selfish men. Akin to selfish gay men in the 50s and 60s marrying women and keeping them in loveless sexless marriages while they fuck off to Bath houses to play around. I feel bitter every time a women is labelled 'bigoted' because she won't tolerate some dude affecting her entire life for his dick feels.

No. 1150903

fellow black anon here your right when you say white troons have nothing on black troons and I think a few other anons even pointed it out. they will always talk how if you believe in biological gender how you have internalized racism and biological concepts are why black people are not seen as people and black women are not seen as women. Then they will always talk about how it's black women's fault for the problems in the black community because black women don't control there men. And they will always find away to mention how they wish the black community was more civilized and progressive and accepting of them like the white community. Then after saying all this shit they wonder why so much of the black community including men hate trannies.

No. 1150960

File: 1612378752701.png (525.78 KB, 938x639, BFA50E1F-A6CB-4C69-9D05-17DEB9…)

No. 1150963

that's a white person in all but name he's even got blue eyes, kind of like how its a dude in all but name

No. 1150978

Full mask off homophobia here, kek. They're not even pretending anymore. LGB should really separate from the T asap.

No. 1151003

>it's all women
That's because once a woman in a straight relationship troons out their partner drops them like a hot potato. It happens every time. The man might stick around for the initial nonbinary dabbling phase but once talks about surgeries and hormones come in the man hightails out immediately. Women are conditioned to support and do emotional labor for their partners and I could imagine that their tranny SOs they're dealing with are manipulative narcissists to begin with.

Fucking uncanny resemblance. I knew his mug reminded me of something.

No. 1151022

File: 1612380735073.jpg (373.84 KB, 1125x630, zUSdHAX.jpg)

holy shit that chin kek

No. 1151069

Philosophytube has a MA from a Scottish university. A Scottish MA isn't actually a master's degree in most cases, but is equivalent to what would be an undergraduate bachelor's in other places. This isn't a big deal or anything, but its such typical male behaviour to present yourself as an expert in a field when you don't even have an advanced degree in it.

No. 1151157

why not though.
>stop being exclusionary when talking about "men's" health! we should adjust our wording to "healthcare for prostate people and jizzers"

No. 1151342

File: 1612398836622.png (Spoiler Image,498.52 KB, 576x786, Screenshots_2021-02-03-16-27-3…)

He needs to sue his plastic surgeon.

No. 1151382

File: 1612401312328.jpg (31.84 KB, 400x400, EGeE83fXUAIEDgm.jpg)

He should be more concerned about that philtrum length if he's trying to look "feminine."

No. 1151472

Is he the obvious male in that picture in the background on the shelf/desk? What happened to the extreme dysphoria and wanting to kill yourself when you're deadnamed or misgendered?

No. 1151479

sorry for ot but his name is brian and he's saying it's… sacred? and part of his identity as a jew? brian is an irish name?
am i missing something?

No. 1151502


lmfao yea it is! he is full of shit, Brian is an Ancient Irish/Celt name, and it comes from a king, not any sort of religious, spiritual, or sacred figure

it is obvious he is full of shit about being trans too, he hopped on that bandwagon just to get a free pass to be vile towards women

No. 1151563

Sorry but this screams larping /pol/sperg the jew part was too on the nose.

No. 1151597

If that guy is LARPing (which I doubt, given that trannies make statements with those same sentiments very frequently) it's probably not far from the truth for him. 99.9% of internet scrotes who "jokingly" or "ironically" post pictures of themselves in tank tops, skirts, and striped thigh-highs later end up coming out as trannies - and if you call them out for having previously made fun of the exact kind of tranny they became, you're just being "transmisogynistic", of course. Any scrote dedicated and willing to not only make a sockpuppet account to pose as a character like that, but to post several pictures of themselves in these "feminine" outfits with their full face in view, looking very clearly like someone who is biologically male, is a tranny, no matter how much they claim they're just joking.

No. 1151729

When you watched Life of Brian believing it’s a documentary but forget about the TERFy womb scene

No. 1151760

File: 1612430308793.jpeg (983.14 KB, 1242x1246, 1CD1DDF7-7166-4B97-AF09-7DE494…)

Reminds me of that zero effort "butch transbian" guy from tumblr who still goes by his real name, Jack.

No. 1151933

why are they always obsessed with Steven Universe?

No. 1151961

It's a cartoon about a boy that at some point fuses with his girl friend and become one girl

Troons biggest dream

No. 1151989

It panders to their delusions

No. 1152149

File: 1612463880412.png (6.38 MB, 1125x2436, 708F8B6F-06F7-45D6-B60A-C19A48…)

Nikita Dragun bitching about his “period” and of course half the comments are handmaidens saying that “transwomen get periods too bc estrogen. It’s like the same thing with just no blood.”

No. 1152160

How do they explain the biology of the troon period? It's literally all controlled by hormones produced by the female reproduction system, do trannies just stop eating estrogen every 30 days and double the dose every 2 weeks or something?

No. 1152172

>I definitely have a uterus that creates small wounds inside itself and shreds it's lining for up to a full week once a month

No. 1152176

Just ask if “cis men” with naturally elevated estrogen get periods too. They don’t know how to respond.

No. 1152213

File: 1612468739714.png (2.28 MB, 1125x2436, 999A4E7B-9D11-4559-90FC-BA2FAE…)

There is no explanation they can give other than “educate urself”.

No. 1152237

File: 1612470427435.png (364.94 KB, 1592x1044, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 3.25…)

I feel like it's almost unfair to trawl through r/mypartneristrans, every post is a greater tragicomedy than the last. Number one yeah, they are ALL women because the second a scrote realizes they're not going to coom as readily as before, they're out the door. Meanwhile women beat themselves up over not being able to switch their sexuality on a dime for their trooned out boyfriends. This one in particular is sad, I looked at her post history and she has had some hellish complications from her recent pregnancy. Can't believe she had two kids with this tranny who is now trying to get her to abandon her family so he can play out his delusion. Another funny one was a wife saying her husband was totally blissed out during their first public outing as a "lesbian" couple, but the next day was feeling worse than ever before. That post nut clarity though…

No. 1152244

No. 1152251

she had two kids with this dickhead after he came out as trans? oh honey. she really screwed herself here.

i don't get how she doesn't see the signs of abuse here. lying to her, making huge decisions without her, trying to actively isolate her from her friends and families. this won't end well.

No. 1152252

File: 1612471563510.png (107.4 KB, 742x935, 01978456464.png)

something something pituitary gland, when you take horse piss pills your brain totally believes you have ovaries and tries to send signals to organs that don't exist

>has wanted to transition for as long as he can remember and continually lied it to keep the relationship
>two infant children at home
>wants to cut out all other family/support systems bc transphobic
that's a bingo

No. 1152255

>How do you get a period without a womb?
>It's every period symptom but without blood
>oh thanks for explaining!
You could literally tell these people that MTFs can get pregnant "just without the baby" and they would politely thank you for "explaining".

>husband troons out immediately after fathering two infant daughters
My god what the fuck. I hope this poor woman peaks and leaves.

>I looked at her post history and she has had some hellish complications from her recent pregnancy.

Which makes me wonder if the husband simply got jealous of her getting all the "attention" with a difficult pregnancy and triggered his sudden desire to transition. This makes me horrified as hell of ever having kids with a man, I don't think I would survive him succumbing to trooning out and leaving me with two small kids to live his new coomer life.

No. 1152268

File: 1612473030415.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x3450, inCollage_20210204_131039266.j…)

Holy shit. I feel so bad for his girlfriend. Imagine being with a guy who could get off with porn, but not with you.

No. 1152269

lmao if the pituitary gland worked just with willpower I wouldn't have had to spend years of medical treatments to start puberty and not become a literal dwarf.

No. 1152270

File: 1612473150268.webm (3.06 MB, 320x690, -nqHT0sge2mlDGhz.webm)

Brian had a stunning and brave tiktok in which he said that cis women need to understand how being a male who is a trans woman is a constant violent 'sexual assault'….then he had some bad takes on tiktok blaming 'cishet women' which I don't have but there's a lot of commentary if you look up @leftcom_femboy. There's also people who are defending him (I'll attach another picture with some libfem and tranny supportive comments, but here's one tiktok defending him)

This tweet blew up so that's how I found the original video.
The OP of the tweet is actually a trans ally (pronouns in bio) so maybe this will peak some libfems? Especially because there's trans people who are defending him and blaming women for him deactivating his tiktok

No. 1152272

Yeah the only good to come out of these losers is that they're bound to peak women in masses. You'd have to be a fucking trans cult high priestess libfem to look at this and nod in agreement.

No. 1152275

File: 1612473318005.jpeg (254.86 KB, 1800x1011, 1550A9A9-24FC-4433-BAE3-F7A5C3…)

Here’s a reaction in support of Brian with comments, I guess it was evil terfs fault that he deactivated his account

No. 1152280

File: 1612473583372.jpeg (281.87 KB, 1957x508, AA615B24-A10D-4708-BF52-A41926…)

>she’s never talked about any of this with me
Yeah that’s by design.

No. 1152283

Incel with extra steps. This guy is gonna end up on a supreme gentleman type killing spree.

No. 1152292

Kek tbh I would love to read his manifesto.

No. 1152315

Someone needs to tell these morons that the cramps are caused the cervix contracting.

No. 1152332

lmao has he tried…not masturbating so often and actually building up some libido so there's some left for his actual partner? pathetic

No. 1152346

>abandon your old life to become a twu girl
literally a cult manifesto

No. 1152360

File: 1612479117112.gif (1.47 MB, 392x270, d84b2478d0b867ba-.gif)

>My mission as a feminist is to move the concept away from the idea of advocacy for women
So basically make it not feminism anymore. Gotta love when they go full mask-off misogynist.

No. 1152370

Yes I've read a ton of transwidow stories about their partner trooning out during pregnancy. And they're stuck basically. It's not the poor fetus/baby's fault their dad is a gross coomer AGP nutcase.

It's blatant misogyny. I would take old school annoying but harmless male saviour misogyny over this blatant hate and jealous troon seething that is getting more and more traction. At least the former agrees dudes shouldn't use a women's bathroom.

No. 1152380

File: 1612480325913.png (326.53 KB, 1176x1066, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 6.06…)

More r/mypartneristrans material, loads of these too. Boyfriend troons out, reveals he thinks maybe he'd like to try dudes. Girl has split-second of clarity when she realizes she'd break up with him if he wasn't trans and asking for an open relationship…but her realization of this as a dealbreaker for her is quickly scuttled by thoughts of how she needs to accept his newfound femininity without any questions. I hate that shit about them being able to explore their sexuality too, how many women are bisexual and just never act on it? Maybe because we actually have imaginations and brains not filled with cum?

No. 1152382

File: 1612480418099.jpg (74.25 KB, 640x853, evndqsvisx461.jpg)

Am I the only one who up until this picture had never seen a tranny that actually said they consider themselves lucky not to have periods? It's always whining and crying.

First of all, I love that he refers to his chode's tip as a clit. You'd think if you're asking for sex advice, you wouldn't be trying to mislead or confuse people about which anatomy you actually have. I was so confused reading this that I had to go back and confirm it was a MtF who doesn't have SRS.
Second, he's admits to trying to manipulate and coerce his partner into having anal sex when she's repeatedly said no. Rapist mentality. So I went to check the comments, looks like none of the MtFs noticed him admitting to trying to coercively rape his girlfriend. I have no idea why I'm surprised considering troons think it's their right to violate women's boundaries.
Third, picrel is him…kek. His poor gf.

No. 1152387

File: 1612480738453.jpeg (82.74 KB, 884x618, BECC34DF-DA3B-4759-AE45-BDD5D0…)

No. 1152401

It will never stop being funny how trannies complain about how the black community especially does not seem to accept them but then they will all post shit like this.

No. 1152403

How do people not see this and realize how racist it is

No. 1152408

>If my partner weren't trans, I'd probably break up with [him]
I hate how common this sentiment is among trans widows. You're not his mom or his therapist. You have no obligation to stay in an unhappy relationship just because the person you're with is in a shitty situation.

I know exactly why they do this, too. Troons or troon communities have convinced them that their boyfriends are two seconds away from killing themselves, and that a breakup is immediately going to cause it. Fucking emotional blackmail. He's not gonna die, the 41% thing is bogus. You don't owe him shit.

No. 1152410

File: 1612482321929.png (65.68 KB, 652x507, unknown (4).png)

I was stalking his social media last night and I'm convinced he has a period kink too


No. 1152411

File: 1612482348888.png (365.01 KB, 612x398, unknown (5).png)

No. 1152424

I've seen eight year olds do a better job of painting their nails.

No. 1152425

Well, it definitely looks like a man painted his nails….

No. 1152427

Helen Keller does nails??

No. 1152429

men are so fucking nasty

No. 1152452

File: 1612486285099.jpg (149.09 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20210205_015039.jpg)

No. 1152474

Estrogen and progesterone are literally at their lowest during your period. pms/periods are literally caused by a lack of estrogen. Then the hormones rise for ovulation. I know men don’t know shit about women’s bodies, but damn, they really don’t know shit. The period/menstruation is all about the egg release, symptoms are just side effects of hormone levels dropping, and not every woman even gets them. If a woman doesn’t release an egg that cycle, which is fairly common, she won’t have “a period” that month, it’s just referred to as “withdrawal symptoms/bleeding” if she experiences symptoms and bleeding. A “period” while on birth control is technically not a “period” because there’s no egg. If a woman goes through menopause but takes estrogen for health reasons she won’t get a “period”. The cramps and PMs symptoms aren’t the essential factors for a “period”. It’s the egg. You can get cramps and the shits from food poisoning or antibiotics too, doesn’t make it a period. Men have “consistent levels of estrogen” in their bodies too. No period/PMS. There’s no cycle there, and no drop in hormones to trigger anything.

Jesus that’s terrible. Getting pregnant again immediately (like less than a year) after a birth is extremely dangerous and highly increases your risk of complications. Such a woman, unable to control his urge to coom or wrap it up, and would rather put his wife and another child in danger of literally dying.(Medfag)

No. 1152485

Hear me out… this could maybe be males trying to unknowingly? empathize with females. Like, do you think that them LARPing as females and regurgitating typical feminist talking points is just their way of showing empathy..? Despite causing more destruction etc? Or am I too hopeful and they just want to be victimized..idk how to articulate this thought, but that'd make men really retarded if that's the case.

No. 1152510

Just wait until they find out women (the cis ones) can also 1. not menstruate and 2. not get pregnant and still be a woman.

No. 1152513

>overly feminine
How is he being overtly feminine? By wearing lipstick and a shitty wig? tbh thats what most troons think femininity is so i dont doubt hes a tranny.

No. 1152530

File: 1612490401743.jpeg (22.06 KB, 245x251, E5B0F63B-C382-4890-BB2F-379AF0…)

No. 1152540

You're being too hopeful anon. They're not empathizing with women or feminism, quite the opposite, they demand that we make feminism about them ( >>1146021 is also a perfect example of this, notice how he repeatedly minimizes women's issues, while also calling himself a feminist and lecturing other feminists) because "women" and "feminism" are just abstract concepts to them that they think they're entitled to appropriate and define however they want

No. 1152570

File: 1612493123702.jpeg (104.76 KB, 1176x523, F3D37146-1C81-430F-9BDF-E6EB11…)

My favorite cope.

I wonder when Blanchard dies, how soon it would take for someone in the Gender Cult to claim he recanted AGP theory in his death bed and repented for his sin of literally murdering thousands of troons. Just like Christians do to any prominent atheist (hitchens, hawkins, darwin, wilde, sagan, etc).

No. 1152597

File: 1612495849264.png (226.47 KB, 1782x562, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 10.2…)

Retarded, and even if it were true, being that I have a pussy it makes sense that it would be a source of sexual pleasure in some way for me, with the nerve endings and all. It would be far more remarkable if
I pretended I had a dick to get off. Anyway these ugly scrotes have so little regard for their own appearance and hygiene they can't conceive of a woman "feeling herself" and putting effort into looking sexy without it necessarily being how she orgasms. There is a difference between wanting to look good for sex with a partner, and getting dressed up and wearing full makeup to masturbate. That's what AGPs do, and it isn't what women do, end of.

Here is one trying to become self-aware, but don't worry, the comments cleared it up for him that it is aaaallll part of the transition process, and to be expected, it's DEFINITELY not just a sex thing.

No. 1152598

Good point, thanks!

No. 1152606

>I don't want to talk to my therapist about my mental health
Well fuck what are you or the government even paying for them, then?

No. 1152611

File: 1612496511521.png (2.05 MB, 1410x1356, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 10.4…)

Another interesting observation, many posts in r/transpassing ask for commenters to also say how old they think they look. What does that matter, surely the aim is to just look like who you are on the inside, right? It's just a funny coincidence most of these hidden ladysouls happen to look like 12 year old catgirls! So please validate.

No. 1152625

this guy has school shooter vibes

No. 1152721

I'll be real, the fat hides most of it (as fat generally tends to turn anyone into androgynous blobs) but you can def still see the male brow ridge.

No. 1152725

unblinking murder eyes

No. 1152734

“consistent amount of e” yeah, no. during periods, the body has low amounts of estrogen and progesterone. that’s why this whole periods thing is bullshit. women have the menstrual cycle bc their levels of estrogen and progesterone peak and dip naturally and help the regulation of our reproductive system.

unless a troon is somehow finding a way to lower their artificial hormones every 28 days, there’s no way they are experiencing anything similar to women. real women don’t have a consistent level of estrogen bc that’s not how hormones work. just another example of wishful thinking by porn obsessed freaks.

No. 1152739

File: 1612504516623.png (535.26 KB, 893x824, 1612476583295.png)

Is wrestler, bodybuilders, powerlifters, etc. transing themselves common?

No. 1152766

The core difference is that they have no egg to drop. The raging hormones, the bleeding, the shedding, all of that is to the cause of a single thing, which is discarding an egg. Otherwise it's a natural hormone cycle which men also have. Or it's menopause, which happens to women as soon as their eggs run out.

I'd remind troons who believe they're menstruating that they require personally developed eggs which they don't have and will probably never have.

No. 1152794

They try to use this as a gotcha all the time.
>some cis women have medical issues with their reproductive system which renders them infertile
>healthy men who choose to make themselves infertile through HRT and surgery are just like infertile women, except without the cis privilege

No. 1152818

IMO a lot of body builders seem to be bisexual or chasers.So it makes sense to me.
Theres already a trans in AEW, so he'll probably fit right in over there. Notice it's never trans men, always transwomen. He looks horrible

No. 1152827

File: 1612510032284.png (30.04 KB, 596x315, Screenshot (5).png)

The nerve of this idiot, we don't need to understand anything, Cis women aren't losing out on a dickless, stank, ugly coomer, who likes wearing diapers.
I feel like I peak everytime I look at Kevin's timeline, the nerve of his yellow teethed crunchy foreheaded ass. People are HAPPY you like ugly men such as yourself.

No. 1152832

what a cope lmao. troons don’t date other troons bc they’re only attracted to them, they date each other bc no lesbians want any of them. all they do is bitch and moan about lesbians not swiping right on them or ghosting them after a few messages.

No. 1152860

>male partner troons out
>he thinks he's into men
>he wants an open relationship to be able to fuck men while the good wife stays home
>he wants her to take part in threesomes
Begging this woman to leave. Imagine if the genders were reversed, the man would hightail out so fast and his "bruh I'm not gay" sentiment would be taken with understanding and sympathy.

No. Most of these people have a history of being involved with incel communities so it's simply a wolf in sheep's clothing sort of situation and obsessive jealousy of cis women.

No. 1152869

Now this is a cope if I ever saw one. However he's right about the deeper connection part, AGP troons tend to gravitate towards each other due to the mutual enthusiasm for underage schoolgirl porn, hatred of women, male aggression, mental illness and repressed homosexuality.

No. 1152874

The fucking irony

No. 1152983

Age 34, male. Does not pass. Lmao delusional

How are they more feminine and soft? They don’t have soft faces, soft skin, they’re hairy, they don’t have the same body fat percentage as us, they have massive bones, a dick and balls etc, different brow ridge, they’re usually taller and stronger. The list of how they’re men and ~not soft girls uwu~ is endless

No. 1152987

File: 1612532761764.jpeg (69.56 KB, 1118x413, 77F9B7A4-2FDB-4B06-B3D1-CBBAF4…)

i find it really funny how you can be an incel, mysogynist, racist, literally a nazi, and all these sins are washed away the moment you claim you are actually a girl uwu. But if it’s someone like the few I’ve seen who claim to have been former terfs, they have to spend the rest of their life groveling and atoning for the sin of literally killing troons.

No. 1153026

to be fair he has a point, the "oh if trans women are women why don't you date one?" is a bad argument that we should stop using because the agp ones are clearly degenerate enough do to it (see hontrapoints, Blanchard calls it pseudo bisexuality iirc)

No. 1153092

Troons troon out to begin with for the same reason they all sexualize and fetishize little girls- they see them as pure and innocent, uncorrupted by maleness, and think transition can make them a part of that and will was away all theor sins, hate, trauma and ugliness. But it never will because it cannot, maleness is maleness on a chromosomal level and no amount of overcomplicated real-world LARPing as an innocent, prepubescent girl wil ever make a male "pure" again.

Imho troons are all just mentally damaged perverts trying to become the little girl to hide from their fucked up actions and choices. It's all one giant cope to avoid having to deal with the consequences of their own actions toward themselves, women, and other men. All they want is to be plucked out of the "bad guy" role and stuck into the "good girl" role so everyone will see them and think they're precious and cute and good, rather than naturally and rightfully assuming that a male has an ulterior motive (as they all always do) for their actions that isn't as genuine as "I just feel like a girl! (after decades of gaslighting and abusing them for not loving me enough for feeling superior to them!)".

No. 1153232

this is based af ty anon

No. 1153241

Ok. And I find cis women hotter and they have WAY more understanding (you know, cause they're real women) that leads to a much deeper connection.

No. 1153243

File: 1612551952020.png (182.79 KB, 2470x606, Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 1.02…)

If you read the study it's like 10 questions they asked 29 women.

Note that these women get most aroused getting dolled up FOR a partner and most have NEVER gotten dolled before masturbating/used their lingerie to masturbation.

Yeah, people like to have whomever they're sleeping with find them hot. Groundbreaking. Not autogynophilia.

No. 1153246

thats actually very common and happens to almost every child. if you have good parents this is a natural response that you will grow out of. i remember when my little brother was 3/4 he would come up to me, my grandmother, and my mother and ask to marry us. it has something to do with how men look for women like their mothers.(Armchairing)

No. 1153298

Troons: Miley Cyrus can't say tits are hot. Transphobic! Cis women aren't allowed to be attracted to other women unless they change their language completely to involve us!

Also troons: my big fat ass and my huge natural mommy milkers. My massive fat tits uwu

No. 1153327

Maybe they're the ultimate feminists. LARPing as transwomen to peak the entire population kek

No. 1153361

File: 1612560619092.jpg (302.37 KB, 1694x1418, inCollage_20210205_132531419~2…)

I feel like dudes should gain a massive amount of weight before they fully troon out. The fat ones are a lot harder to clock than the thin ones.

No. 1153383

>no makeup in this pic and my hair is shit
>is there anything I can do to improve?

It’s a mystery.

No. 1153392

Kek, and you know he’s the same guy who criticizes actual women for not wearing makeup

No. 1153486

Whoa, this makes so much sense.

No. 1153506

your fat bitchtits don’t make you “soft” benthany.

No. 1153507

the long lost Slaton Brother.

No. 1153635

File: 1612581620290.png (Spoiler Image,7.75 MB, 2208x2944, disgustang.png)

Why do male assholes always look so disgusting? Slimy and unwashed boy pussy.

No. 1153639

Frankly, if that's the end result after this period of insanity, then I'll shut my mouth and wait.

No. 1153649

What is that black part?

No. 1153654

the card slot

No. 1153658

Just to make it worse remember that this eldritch horror also has hair growing inside of it.

No. 1153669

Good lord, I can never tell if these neovagina reddit comments are astronomical copes or just pity comments. Do redditors really think vaginas look like this?

No. 1153670

prominent scars, no clitoral hood, three labia minora, strange horizontally gaping "vaginal" opening.. but gynecologists definitely can't tell the difference

No. 1153683

The opening is always below the pseudovulva as well. There is no natural fourchette, it is not couched in labia, it is not hidden within a vestibule, etc. It's just a gaping taint hole with no structure.

No. 1153716

Deluded faggots

Deluded faggots, everywhere

Imagine thinking turning your dick inside makes it a vagina.
A rotting wound that wants to close and is filled with scars and hairs and blackheads and no real way to clean it.
The smell alone must be over powering.

No. 1153722

File: 1612589139701.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3464x3464, 01D15DF0-FC2C-43F4-81CC-89C843…)

No. 1153734

Based. If being trans is not a disease nor a disorder of any kind then insurance doesn’t have to cover any care for it.

No. 1153738


So in 2022 they won't be batshit insane?

No. 1153751

Based take, what's their argument against that?

No. 1153760

I've wondered this many times. Have troons ever tried to explain this one?

No. 1153762

>Do redditors really think vaginas look like this?
They're redditors, it's not like they've seen real ones.

No. 1153777

File: 1612593759905.jpeg (32.08 KB, 158x188, 0D7D0CB2-FD67-40DF-AD52-CF1CC7…)

No. 1153778

File: 1612593770168.jpg (78.41 KB, 576x768, 7rv6cqj1bu361.jpg)

These couples are bizarre and the best evidence to me that transitioning is a sometimes social virus of sorts. These two were once a heterosexual couple, and now they are again, but inverted. Looking at their profiles it looks like they both trooned out right around the same time in the late 2010s. The FtM basically became the husband pre-transition, fat guy with a beard.

No. 1153779

samefag, here's the post reddit.com/r/lgbt/comments/k8qx51/we_are_both_trans_and_been_married_28_years_both/(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 1153792

If they do get laid, and don’t use a condom sperm will just sit in there. No way of getting out naturally.

No. 1153801

Jeff Ross-kun and Kanadajin make a cute couple

No. 1153893

sage for being special but what does peak mean? i've seen it various times in this thread and i have no idea.

No. 1153900

It means that you have reached the end of your tolerance towards this bullshit, and now see it for what it is.

No. 1154056

I agree, from that angle and selfie the fatty is hard to clock. Its probably a lot different when you see fully body and how they carry their body, not to mention their height.

The fat ones who develop man boobs first, may pass as a fat ugly girl, but they probably risk not getting any chasers and getting beat up for not having a vag if they do catfish straight dudes into a date or relationship.

troons must cope this hard online because irl theyre always clockable. 6 ft "women" in a basic aliexpress wig, leggings/"stockings" with a denim skirt over their stick legs and shitty purse whos looking around paranoid to see if anyone is clockable is incredibly clockable.
Ive noticed the plastic bimbo troons at least dont seem to care about passing, possibly because they believe they do anyway but usually at least keep up with fashion and or wear designer shit to distract from the fact theyre a 5'11 man.

No. 1154061

sage for offtop but that picture always cracks me up because it's so obvious it's a crossdressing woman in the picture

excluding the weird entrance it looks like a normal vagina to me if i had to guess i'd think she had some birth complication idk if i'm blind or what

No. 1154077

Yeah, if it was run over and left to rot on the side of the road for a couple days. What kind of fucked up vagina do you have if you think that is normal

No. 1154088

Kek you're blind.

No. 1154091

There's no clitoral hood, multiple odd flaps in wrong places and a hole 6ft under from where it's supposed to be, in the shape of a coin slot but yes. Perfectly normal.

No. 1154093

i figured the hood is like hidden under labia or something

No. 1154103

I think the hair is throwing you off because it’s helping cover the wrinkly ball sack skin kek. Ignoring the coin slot, You don’t see the huge scars, weird protuberant sides and lack of clitoral hood? The “labia” is fucked as well.

No. 1154110

Bruh if you think that looks anything like a vagina you need to go back to sexual health class.

No. 1154123

Their «vagina» is also weirdly long, as well as all the other things anons are writing

No. 1154124

Anon I didn’t think it could be that bad, but it was. That looks nothing like a real vagina even with any sort of deformity, just no.

No. 1154130

They're both copes AND pity comments imo. The neovagina lie is the biggest lie tell themselves and they strong arm everyone else into lying about it too. It's pure delusion

No. 1154137

you're blind, there's nothing female or normal looking about it and only a sexless scrote would think so. shit looks like a side of beef left out in the sun for a week, i'm more surprised by the absence of maggots than the butchered state of it



No. 1154144

anon you're blind it looks like he has two buttholes

No. 1154145

looking at those inverted gender couples it just feels to me that maybe male socialization causes them to think what a "real female" should look/live like. maybe they are also better eqipped to deal with violence since they are so aggressive. as where as female socialization makes ftms crave being unibjectified, timid and mostly ignored by society. ftms are "better" males in their mind. after all, who wants to harass some scrawny ugly ish dude.(Armchairing)

No. 1154154

are you new? stop clogging the thread with basic obvious takes.

No. 1154326

File: 1612648563240.png (817.34 KB, 872x1528, Screenshots_2021-02-06-15-52-5…)

Posted unironically to a facebook group.

No. 1154354

"Culture" is a weird way of spelling "cringe."

No. 1154363


No. 1154395

>"little space"
>8 year old girl image posted by adult male

No. 1154444

Little space is literally part of BDSM. Convince me they're not fetishists, pleasd

No. 1154511

I was going town the "Targeted Individual" rabbit hole, and I found a video uploaded by someone who thought a "clown" was stalking them in a grocery store.

That clown?

Johnathan Yaniv in a ridiculous anime girl getup.

(At least, I'm pretty sure. Filmed in Victoria, British Columbia)

Go to 1 min 2 seconds, timestamps not working for me.

No. 1154519

File: 1612664528863.jpg (276.16 KB, 1440x1845, possibly yaniv .jpg)

And here's a collage for those who don't wanna watch a video

No. 1154525

Doesn't look anything like him, anon.

No. 1154526

Yaniv lives in fucking burnaby

No. 1154543

File: 1612666667400.jpg (323.09 KB, 1102x1711, 1612509682160 1.jpg)

yaniv lives near/in yangley. here's the yangley fire department telling him to stop calling them to get his fat ass out of the tub

No. 1154544

don't forget the scrotal seam!

No. 1154545

I’m traumatized. Thanks a lot.

No. 1154549

File: 1612667405674.png (182.93 KB, 738x543, peenlol.png)

The FTMs are starting to catch on the MTFs are just fucking perverts

No. 1154551

File: 1612667520716.png (34.98 KB, 714x172, reddits.png)

No. 1154560

Doesn't he have a motorized wheelchair

No. 1154565

>woman larping as man upset that men larping as women act like men, unlike her and other man-larping females
>doesn't see the obvious

No. 1154567

Their letter outright accuses him of sexual harassment and his response is to blame them for being in his house?

No. 1154582

they accuse him of sexual harassment and his response is "lol ok but i'm gonna send you a calendar of me in a swimsuit"

classic man response

No. 1154608

File: 1612671732784.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1665, 98DAA58B-4D73-4F43-B7B0-3A5579…)

Chris Crocker just pretty much came out as trans. He’s talked about it without using “trans” lingo when he was much younger, however I always kinda thought that was performative.
A little bummed about this one. His IG antics were some of my favorite things about social media and I really liked watching him grow grow as a person.(wrong thread )

No. 1154610

File: 1612671824545.jpeg (280 KB, 750x731, F75B0932-3E87-4018-AD5D-7BC7E0…)

very old but classic milk from what I’m assuming a very estranged leftist male who was caping for transgendered folk

still is very disgusting.

No. 1154614

Kek Chris Crocker shocks me the least. Man was wearing wigs/makeup and demanding attention by posting unhinged shit online since the dawn of the new age internet basically. He never just seemed like a cross dresser playing a character imo. There was always something a bit off.

No. 1154615

is this the og britney stan?? bc if so i thought he already trooned out like 10 yrs ago lmao

No. 1154622

You shouldnt be whipping out your dick in front of children. holyshit– why isnt this man in jail with all the other pedos?

No. 1154626

Ugh, Crocker used to post disgusting pictures of his balls shoved into nylons and leggings back in his Livejournal days, so it'd be no shock if he troons out.

No. 1154661

has an AGP ever managed to pass? afaik all the passing troons are HSTS.

No. 1154673

it's obviously satire, anon.

No. 1154678

How the fuck did she expect people to react? You're posting pictures of your (botched) genitalia. Just be thankful people weren't disgusted.

No. 1154714

Showed this to my husband with no context just asking him if it looked like a normal vagina. He looked disgusted and said wtf why is does it look like that.

No. 1154726

Trevor Noah from the Daily Show didn’t put it quite as verbosely but also defended men parading their naked penises in women’s and girls’ changing rooms because “seeing things we don’t want to see is just part of life”. This debate really gives men the opportunity to reveal how they truly feel about sexual harassment and women’s safety.

To be fair, your husband probably isn’t a gynaecologist. They can’t tell the difference!

No. 1154760

Holy shit for real? I knew that this stuff was far gone but to say little girls and women should have to be exposed to dudes dicks they don't want to see is just 'apart of life' is so apologetic to abuse I don't understand how he can't see that. How they all can't see that.

I think I mentioned before this mega male feminist professed lefty basically saying 'Well why do women's concerns/experience with abuse in women's spaces trump transwomens needs?' Which is such nonsense considering we're HALF the population of the WORLD and troons are less than 1 percent. Why the fuck would they have priority over us? And I just truly understood men don't get it and never will. They'll always assume they come first even the degenerate agp kind of men.

No. 1154803

>"seeing things we don’t want to see is just part of life"
Genuinely impressed by the retardation of this, even as a joke. I'd like to see someone try this defense while getting arrested for public indecency.

No. 1154815

Chris has been a tranny for years? He said a few years ago that his 'identity' was unchanged and he just didn't feel like dressing up all the time anymore. Then had a brief stint as nonbinary iirc but nothing new.

No. 1154823

File: 1612702371774.jpg (2.92 MB, 3264x835, BeFunky-collage (3).jpg)

yagami yato, a tranny asmr voice actor was allegedly accused of grooming minors recently. i only wanted to show off his shitty apology of his incest video on endeavor x listener x todoroki because not only was his apology video shitty trying to excuse it as his love for romance and trying to seek deep love between the characters but his attempt in sounding like a soft-spoken weak woman was also laughable but i guess he deleted it when the allegations came out so people wouldn't only shout at him for being a groomer but also a creep that loves incest.

he also turned off the comments in his only endeavor asmr vid because iirc, there were people supporting his incest vid and wanting it back in the platform. i was really into deep with this dude after he became popular with a lot of edits in shows like bnha and etc. guess, he knows how to hide his shet back then.

i hope i made the apology for his grooming readable with my collage though.

No. 1154824

and by deep, i mean, trying to look for any weird behavior about him. he just gives off this weird vibe in his videos and i question people's wet dream of this dude's voice when it sounds force to be honest. the only drama back then, like last year, was the incest vid and people were blinded in continuing to support him too.

No. 1154834

anons im a cis woman with a quite masculine hair line and worried about looking like a troon bc of that. should i get a hair line surgery

No. 1154837

no, stop being retarded

No. 1154839

File: 1612704384308.png (39.37 KB, 538x436, 11.png)

They're not even hiding it anymore

>Cis people fucking with gender is good for trans people, actually.

>It normalizes these breaks from gender expectations, it promotes acceptance of it, and it helps us expand resources that help trans people if cis people are using them, too.

>Imagine a world where binding is a common fashion choice; where nearly every major fashion company makes and sells them, where nobody bats an eye when someone wants to flatten their chest.

>Imagine a world where people can go on HRT just because they want to; where more clinics provide it, more doctors learn how to administer it, and more researchers research the effects.

>Imagine a world where “GRS” surgeries are open to anyone who wants them; where you don’t need letters and assessments and specialists and therapists to determine you’re sufficiently miserable in your body without them.

>“Appropriating transness” my ass. We have a lot more in common with disability activism than marginalized ethnicities and cultures, yall. Not because this is a disorder or a disability, but because the “culture” you’re referring to is just a collection of needs that a lot of us have in common.

>The more normalized it is to meet those needs, the more widely-available those resources will be.

god no. This is hell world

No. 1154845

>fucking with gender
in other words, wearing different clothes

No. 1154848

That's just not true anon, an MA from a Scottish university is the same as an MA in any other British university.

He's definitely presenting as being way more advanced than he is (you'd think he has a PhD from the way he talks), but an MA from St Andrews is the same as anywhere else.

No. 1154868

a lot of women have heart shaped hairlines, doesn't mean they're a tranny. there's other ways to tell if you're a man or not.

No. 1154870

>Imagine a world where binding is a common fashion choice;

binding is actually very hurtful… this is why women do not bind and wear bras instead.

No. 1154880

Binding was a thing women did in the 1920s to achieve the fashionable silhouette. They even sold special bandages for this purpose. One of those less healthy fads in history.

No. 1154881

File: 1612711464884.png (55.82 KB, 788x314, 1.PNG)

There was a trending thread on LSA about a angry tranny saying black women were jealous. I looked in the comments and saw a chaser, making himself out to be a huge victim and how we are, "So intimated".
Then he starts going off about how no one is born a woman. Dude, the women you fuck with think you are crazy and bisexual.
You like people born male, more than likely with dicks, but claim you are Straight.
This is the shit that these dudes are telling trannies and they believe this dumb shit.
They really think trans women and "Straight" men are the victims of "cis" women. The guy knows the real reason why women have a issue but he made it into, "they are just jealous" and thats what a lot of trans do.

No. 1154882

File: 1612711555313.png (25.81 KB, 576x270, ffj.PNG)

here's the transgender telling someone to stop playing the victim, while blaming everything on women and playing the victim.

No. 1154883

this is what trannies don't understand, gender is a completely made up concept created by society for capitalistic and patriarchal reasons. hell even a crying man is fucking with gender because that's how retarded the whole concept is. if we abandon the societal concept that is gender, there wouldn't be anyone feeling that they are "born in the wrong body" - how can the biological sex you are born with be wrong to begin with? sorry for the gc rant but this shit is just ridiculous

No. 1154896

Imagine letting the world know you've had to call firefighters to get out of the bathtub.

>Called 30 times since January 21st

>Tweet posted February 5th
He apparently got stuck in the tub twice a day? I don't doubt he had ulterior motives for calling them. Fucking pest.

No. 1154899


this is one of the main reasons i'm so frustrated that every leftist space i'm in irl is dominated by troons and fuckin genderspecial "they" women that aren't even slightly gnc. "gender identity" is the most bourgeois shit in the world, there's nothing materialist about genderfeels.


jesus christ use a period, i can't read this shit.

i don't normally support calling the police but someone call the police this guy is a pedo

No. 1154900

This dude is so dense he doesnt realize that most women who want men don't want to be with bi/tranny attracted guys because they catch STDs more often. What a blockhead. Sorry, they don't want AIDS.

No. 1154906

the endless rambling without any punctuation makes it not worth reading.

No. 1154911

Luckily in the end, when they’re dead and an archeologist digs them up in 500 years and give their bones to a scientist, their maleness will show both physically and in their DNA. No matter how hard they try, they’ll always be men.

I feel really sorry for black women who go through this.. I hope more black women wake up and see that trans people aren’t their allies or “sisters” in arms.

Men always think women are jealous when we express anger or discomfort. They definitely have the old fashioned and sexist view that women are overly emotional and uable to make choices for oneself.

No. 1154912

A Scottish MA is equivalent to an English BA. They're both undergraduate degrees. You can usually achieve either in three years or in Scotland you can do a four year course to graduate with honours. After you've done your undergraduate degree you'd do a further degree to get your Masters. In England, it's called an MA, in Scotland it's an MLit. Then PhDs are the next step up.

He has an undergraduate degree, which is nothing to sniff at obviously. I just think it's funny how he's the only UK guy I've ever encountered that specifies MA rather than just saying "I have a ____ degree" He purposely tries to make his level of qualification seem higher.

No. 1155036

File: 1612723201615.jpg (151.93 KB, 828x1792, 20210207_123821.jpg)

This tweet and all the replies to it is exactly the kind of shit that peaked me. Truly wish these pornsick freaks would drop dead. (1/3)

No. 1155037

File: 1612723223255.jpg (180.28 KB, 828x1792, 20210207_123836.jpg)


No. 1155039

File: 1612723323276.jpg (171.07 KB, 828x1792, 20210207_123840.jpg)


No. 1155046

Why did he like his own post?

No. 1155107

File: 1612726872312.png (737.08 KB, 1152x2304, Screenshot_20210207-021529.png)

Obviously taken from KF but horrifying enough to post here.

Basically, Kevin/Transsalamander, The Notorious A.G.P, posted about the David Reimer case - a case about severe abuse, terrible parenting, and life long issues caused by forced gender reassignment that inevitably ended in suicide.

Kevin decided to make an "uwu~ force-femmed from birth~" post, fetishising and entirely missing the point from this horrific story, and didn't even pay attention to the comments talking about how sad it was. I know Kevin is our (low) standard for troons, but this really brought the bar underground and was the final nail in the coffin for me that 90% of these freaks aren't in it to become a "reyul wahmen", but a butchered specimen with a new set of privelages which forces biological females to include them and never question their disgusting actions because they have the shield of transphobia/TERF spray on them at any moment, and not to mention hundreds of twitter orbiters that suck their rotpockets and gang up on people who oppose their cult.

Absolutely abhorrent behaviour.

No. 1155108


This is so insulting to people who have genuine disabilities, this is not even remotely on the same level.

How many troons have gotten healthcare to pay for their hrt or their surguries or whatever else? How many people with disabilities struggle to get care at all? Or can't even get on disability (in the USA at least) because the whole system is structured to make it difficult?

No. 1155113

File: 1612727169516.jpg (43.72 KB, 1440x434, Screenshot_20210207_012433.jpg)

So Kevin Gibes made his daily, "trans women are so hawt" post and this troon was like-

No. 1155115

File: 1612727275120.png (252.53 KB, 378x370, jjj.PNG)

isn't this a hot trans femme?

No. 1155117


Not even surprised most of the avatars are furries.

No. 1155121

hahaha of course like all the responses are from fucking furries, the most coomer degen subset of men alive

I’m gonna fucking puke… in addition to the original traumas of being surgically mutilated and forced to live as a girl, David Reimer was horribly sexually abused as a child, by the doctor who was using him as a sick experiment, under the guise of “gaining medical knowledge”. like I’m genuinely mad that anyone told Kevin that poor kid’s name, because he’s gonna go read up on the case, and he’s absolutely going to get off to the details of the abuse. ugh sorry for ragesperg this thread just makes it real hard to point and laugh sometimes

No. 1155130

Imagine someone saying this about being black. It really shows the absurdity of what they’re saying. Just as someone can’t choose to not be black and not experience for example police brutality, women can’t choose to not be women and stop experiencing sexual violence, sexism and discrimination.

I’m so curious as to why it’s okay for people to choose to be women, but not be black. Obviously neither is logical and neither should be societally acceptable, but I just wonder.(derail)

No. 1155142

Not only is this disgusting but this isnt even true, Kevin''s "How i realized I was a girl" story changes every fucking time. He probably read about this, got horny thinking about a male child being forced into being a trans woman and made this disgusting story out of it.

No. 1155143

They won't get this comparision because they always compare them being trans to being black. "Imagine if black women could'nt play sports? This is like when black people could'nt share the same bathroom as white people!"

No. 1155155

I see. It’s truly disturbing and not the same argument at all.

No. 1155160

>The Notorious AGP

No. 1155232

Oh my god anon, you're right. He definitely purposefully calls it and MA as well to make it seem like he's done postgrad when he's only undergrad. God that's so funny, in every facet of his life he's insecure

No. 1155247

Hard disagree. I think he's gay anyways and doesn't seem like the HSTS type. But who knows.

No. 1155391

File: 1612748110417.jpeg (135.45 KB, 640x829, CB28D2E1-D612-4A6F-BD01-3DA5AA…)

Sage for no milk but I saw this on r/girlgamers and had a hunch… checked OP’s history and, you guessed, totally lesbian trans girl!!!11 frequents r/arethecisok

Bio is ‘your favourite head pat slut’ but it’s not a fetish u guise

It just sucks that lesbians can’t even connect with each other through shitty memes because it’s a straight dude in denial smh(random troon)

No. 1155427

it wasn't just david though. his twin brother was abused alongside him. they were forced to commit sexual acts with each other by the doctor. his brother overdosed on antidepressants which definitely had a part in his own suicide. both had severe trouble with addiction and mental illness as adults.

dr. john money was a fucking monster.

No. 1155434

File: 1612750457520.jpg (122.36 KB, 900x1200, oldfaggot.jpg)

41 year old "it" tiktok/youtube/vr creep. Has a history of scamming people, now trying to gain fame with tiktok. failed streamer, musician, game developer, artist, human


No. 1155760

What in the Josef Mengele kind of doctor is that?

No. 1155763

That's a woman anon.

No. 1155774

> Female athlete gets pregnant and subsequently gets threatened with loosing sponsorship from Nike and another sponsor.
> Says these sportswear companies give false hope to young girls, when they in reality tries to destroy these women’s careers when they decide to have children.

Meanwhile lots of sportswear companies and athletes push trans people, instead of helping actually women who face discrimination in the industry.

I hope these troons understand that this is what it’s like being a woman; being discriminated against no matter what we do.

No. 1155792

File: 1612789447255.jpg (38.65 KB, 640x513, 5.jpg)

It's all about being better than actual women at "being women". So tiring.

No. 1155795

His penis disagrees

No. 1155797

>getting a pity trophy due to pc culture is 'being better than actual women'

No. 1155808

thanks to you I had to look at the awful image. fuck this does look nothing like a vagina omg

No. 1155809

5k likes for a man putting non-matching lipstick on his credit card slot mouth.

No. 1155810

File: 1612790727371.jpeg (221.05 KB, 1181x1505, 9CDCE07E-6DF7-45FE-8EAB-DFBA8D…)

I forgot the picture my bad

No. 1155811

so one trans wins a aware ONLY because they are trans, because I cannot and will not be told that they were the best looking in that contest and that equals men being better then women?

No. 1155819

File: 1612791193470.jpeg (175.63 KB, 1189x1597, F25ADD83-2B31-44F0-98BA-C4EBCA…)

Also, Jim is retarded.
"Zero Evidence" sure.

No. 1155849

its so funny when troons do the whole “oh yeah i didnt put any effort in haha! so lazy!” when he’s clearly trying very very hard and still looks like he’s trying out to be a stunt double in mrs browns boys

No. 1155853

Ntayrt but I just looked up philosophy tubes wikipedia page and apparently they went to university of essex after st andrews and did an actual MA there.

No. 1155882

I can't say I didn't see it coming but I sure didn't expect the weird wig for the new video.

No. 1155891

He looks like an absolute clown. He's always been an ugly fat slob but with lipstick he really is putting makeup on a fucking pig uggo.

Also 'not arguing from a place of good faith' fuck off…how about arguing from a place of 'I don't want to play sports against men who outweigh me two to one and break my bones'. How's that for place of good faith? These lazy lipservice liberals will screech all day about 'believe women' until women tell troons to get the fuck away from them or their private spaces and then it's not good enough.

No. 1155908

Corpo trans allyship for "women empowerment" is legitimately profitable because troons don't get pregnant

No. 1155930

Blows my mind how trannies dont get called out for being science deniers.

No. 1155942

This is something I never got. TRAs will ridicule antivaxxers and other obvious science deniers but will bend over backwards trying to ~scientifically~ justify the existence of gender dysphoria as a condition where you truly have a ladybrain despite being born as a man, citing bogus studies, data taken out of context or straight out muh feelings as proof.

No. 1155943

File: 1612802579403.jpeg (227.7 KB, 724x686, 0DCEE150-7279-4BB5-93DB-BF743A…)

>zero evidence
>against science

No. 1155944


No. 1155950

File: 1612803100871.jpeg (91.83 KB, 332x1241, ED1684C8-2446-4EAF-B9B9-F94CA9…)

Some greasy belle delphine looking trans woman (her name is literally Belle Bambi, lol) goes on omegle to see people’s reactions about her being trans.

Most of the responses were pretty much as expected: cum-addicted male responses.
This is what scrotes and troons expect “female gender” expression to be, to resemble a sex worker e-girl who overdraws their lipstick and acts “uwu submissive” looking for male acceptance on a website known for flashing dicks. If she expressed masculine features as a trans woman, there would have been a whole different response and a whole different story. The comments under this video which are on her Instagram are praising society for males being so open and desperate to find anything hot, and this is now progress.

No. 1155961


havent seen the vid but dont you usually specify "interests" on those random chat sites? so if he put there some trans related terms, ofc he's gonna get matched with chasers..

No. 1155990

samefag but that’s exactly what I was thinking and they probably did that to ensure positive validation lol

No. 1155991

Cherry picked responses. I can ask 100 normie dudes on the street if they'd fuck a man in a wig troon and they'd all say no fucking way. Some of them might be lying. Like maybe two but the majority? Would not.

That's my theory about celebs who parrot TWAW Transwomen are Women BS. I wanna see see fuck one. Suck the feminine penis then if genitals don't matter in being a 'woman". Dollars to donuts these hypocritical dickheads won't.

No. 1155996

File: 1612804606400.jpeg (129.5 KB, 1176x1108, E488865E-A959-4F81-9317-3231E2…)

Expectation: >>1155950
Reality: pic related

No. 1155999

File: 1612804870668.png (1.01 MB, 623x1097, bravetranswoman.png)

I've been lurking @ShirtBimbo on Twitter, the demographic buying their shirts isn't suprising kek. Link to the original tweet: https://twitter.com/LoreleyWrites/status/1354898969084755968

No. 1156000

File: 1612804976234.png (1.24 MB, 675x1200, agpsmile.png)

Samefag, looking through this clown's twitter is pretty hilarious too. He's the classic "lesbian" tranny.

No. 1156004

It's hilarious that both straight women and gay men are more willing to date women larping as men than men larping as women.

No. 1156025

every lesbian apparently always shaves their hair like they’re skrillex, kek

No. 1156035

File: 1612808231002.png (1.86 MB, 1224x936, bruh.png)


non-binary finery? more like low-effort troonery

But he gets sugar blown up his fat doughy ass all day. He has enough money to buy a proper wig instead of this party-city monstrosity.

No. 1156065

When I was young I would watch a lot of documentaries, I remember seeing one about transvestites. You know, men who dress like women in the bedroom for sexual pleasure.
I miss when they were just transvestites and were shamed by everyone.

No. 1156067

File: 1612809661207.jpg (181.16 KB, 1199x794, stupidchoices.JPG)

Maybe this post is better suited to Kiwifarms, but MTF redditor stupidstories (aka Shark Boy), who's been used as an anti-trans meme/posterboy for his posts about his smelly hairy neovangina disaster now admits that he hates his frankengina and wants to detransition. Of course, he waffles back and forth on his feelings toward his neovag, so maybe he'll inhale another dose of copium and go back to pretending he's happy about it, idk. Based on his recent Reddit posts he seems to be going through a depressive episode. Either way, doctors can't sew his dick back on so maybe he'll soon join the 41% club?

No. 1156072

The main thing I got out of this is that 20% of the women who call themselves lesbians aren't actually lesbians.

No. 1156078

It's all just sad.. but in the end, why didnt he do the necesarry research before jumping into this surgery?

No. 1156108

Or 20% of lesbians have been coerced and brain washed into thinking that they HAVE to tolerate and date mtfs otherwise they're "transphobic"

Gay men need to pull themselves together as well.

No. 1156111

it will never stop being crazy to me how doctors allow this shit even though all the non-stop medical horror stories these surgeries and hormones produce.

No. 1156130

Really makes u think

No. 1156133

I'm willing to give some of them the benefit of the doubt, like maybe they don't realize the decently passing ones are HSTS or they've never actually seen a pic of a neovagina before and think you can actually get good results. But most of it is probably just social conditioning and/or being scared of being cancelled/facing actual violence from spergy troons.

No. 1156148

Most normies assume trannies have had SRS and that they walk out of the surgery with functional genitalia instead of the Frankenstein creations they get, so I'm sure that's skewing the results of the data. With that being said, 50% of bisexuals and even genderspecials wouldn't date trannnies so that's something to kek at.

Even when you look at the tranny hugbox that reddit is, you can immediately see how the vast majority of gay men won't tolerate being forced into interacting with the opposite sex's genitals. Compare r/askgaybros and r/actuallesbians. The latter is flooded with "uwu thank you for validating me, a twans lesbian giwl!!!!!" while the former gives no fucks in saying they wouldn't date a FtM. That's male vs. female socialization for ya.

No. 1156174

Hah even most bi people won’t date troons

No. 1156182

“bisexual lesbians” are all over twitter.

No. 1156210

File: 1612818874670.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210208_131116101.j…)

Kek this woman is so brainwashed by her husband that she got the "lesbian haircut" and everything.

No. 1156226

File: 1612819554466.jpeg (135.1 KB, 584x1510, E8F238C6-5151-45C8-B39B-FC92BB…)

Those eyes

No. 1156242

I see this posted as a heartwarming success story all the time. What I question is how people can see
>trans woman comes out to wife after two kids & years of marriage
and not immediately peak out of rage.

No. 1156258

Those poor kids must be very confused. This couple totally strikes me as the type who would encourage their kids to call them both momma.

No. 1156264

looking at any troon on twitter blows that whole “troons are actually better at being women than cis women!!!” argument out of the water. they think they’re competition but they can’t even apply lipstick or wear a wig correctly. it’s pitiful.

No. 1156271

because allies are conditioned to always care about the troon’s feelings first. it’s not “wow, he led her on for years and trapped her into a marriage with children before deciding to completely transform into a different person! what a dick!” instead they think “oh my god that poor person, having to pretend they’re cis for so many years. thank god they get to transition now! they’re becoming their true self, it’s so inspiring.”

No. 1156285

The only thing Jim "passes" for is a 40 year old librarian kek

No. 1156307

Nah, but he does pass for Patton Oswalt.

No. 1156316

File: 1612823496725.jpg (658.1 KB, 3264x2381, 2fowkluisxd11.jpg)

Hey, remember that Suddenly Samantha episode of Committed (the podcast)? Or that wedding photo that made the rounds, where the wife Laura re-married her trans wife so that Samantha could finally wear swish swish wedding dress? The fact that Laura had 4 children by Neil (AKA samantha), until Neil threatened to kill himself unless he could be a girl, and this whole setup was lauded by the media for being a beautiful love story about how of COURSE women would stay with their transitioning husbands?

Well, apparently Laura wised up about a year after the wedding and fucking dumped him. Now he posts passive aggressive "co-parenting" messages on IG and partying with troon friends. Laura now has her social media locked down tight, probably from people who blame her for breaking up the relationship.

No. 1156328

Good for her dumping the troon. Idk why they think that you can suddenly just flip a switch and be attracted to not just a 'woman' but an ugly man's approximation of a woman who frequently wants you to take on the more masculine roles in bed / trad relationships because 'teehee I'm a lady now' and they have to be the only feminine one. Couple that with ugly notwoman, a lack of physical attraction to said notwoman and now an annoying partner who makes your relationship constantly about THEM just a recipe for divorce every time.

If anything this just enforces that you can't force sexuality on a person no matter how open minded they are.

No. 1156336

Not only that, but wtf is a straight woman (or a lesbian for that matter) supposed to do with a neovag? The very thought of having my face or hands anywhere near one is repulsive to me.

Pretty sure Laura left him shortly after he had SRS.

No. 1156343

>guilt trips his wife into a second wedding just so he could be ~the bride uwu~
Are you fucking kidding me.

Always makes me wonder why we never hear such inspirational stories about husbands staying with their trooned out FTM wives? Maybe because it's always women who are expected to bow down to this shit?

No. 1156349

File: 1612825522146.png (393.23 KB, 576x871, Screenshots_2021-02-08-14-15-2…)

Kek these women are fucking based.

No. 1156357

why does he look like danny gonzalez pre-transition?

No. 1156359

Was it in philosophy? I thought he went to an acting school, not actually UoE.

Love that only he got a new outfit for wedding number 2.

I actually feel bad. This is what happens when all the spergs roll out "it's just like a regular vagina!" They're just lying to unstable people. It's all koolaid.

No. 1156378

Absolutely based women, this has to be the next thread pic.

No. 1156380

There are women with masculine facial characteristics, there are even women who would widely be considered unattractive due to looking manly, but 99.5% of people still realize those women are female, it's truly rare for a person to look like the opposite sex, even with plastic surgery and hormones.

Even if you have a troon face, 99.5% of people will register you as female because of your body, because what makes people register as male or female is more than one characteristic.

People might say you look trans to bully you though. Sage for not milk.

No. 1156398

You love Blair White?
This will be well received.

No. 1156406

He’s doing the bare minimum here, anon.

No. 1156443

Imagine your eyebrows being twice the size of your lips.

No. 1156457

IIRC like three of his kids are autistic. He “came out” two months after his fourth kid was born. Not only did he threaten to kill himself but their family had to refinance a mortgage and get a loan against their retirement so he could get a boob job and cut his dick off. Imagine thinking dumping all that on your wife is okay while you have a special needs children at home. I bet the wife is paying for half of those loans still.

No. 1156561

> wtf is a straight woman (or a lesbian for that matter) supposed to do with a neovag?

I’ve wondered this as well. SRS troons complain about lack of sensation all the time. Eating out a neovag sounds nasty af. Neovags don’t self lubricate unless it’s a sigmoid colon vaginoplasty, and I assume it’s just mucus that naturally occurs in the colon

No. 1156664

Jesus. I hope this woman has heard about the trans widows, and also that someone gifts her a killer vacation

No. 1156715

File: 1612858525755.png (570.58 KB, 450x602, arielle keil.png)

Slightly less photoshopped photos from Miss New Zealand 2020

No. 1156717

File: 1612858608992.jpeg (42.44 KB, 1500x500, 1523363002.jpeg)

No. 1156725

Just shows that there's no use marrying down looks-wise in hope that the ugly man will at least have a good 'personality'. It's always those really ugly husbands that troon out, insecure that their wife gets all the attention maybe?

No. 1156774

Wtf is the point of wearing lipstick when you have no lips

No. 1156798


looking like 90% of South East Asias ladyboys got her noticed in nz.

all hope is lost, unleash the nukes

No. 1156833

i absolutely hate this. this is ridiculous. men are so fucking creepy with their skinwalking. i am a transphobe after this i absolutely hate it.

No. 1156848

can we talk about how PT asked his followers to nominate him for some LGBTQ+ award?
I don't know which one is "Miss" Zealand but neither are all that beautoful or deserving of awards for beauty. Literally got an award because they are a man and they look somewhat female.
Thats it. I said it before, but I cannot be convinced this was the best looking person in the contest.

No. 1156849

File: 1612871624035.png (300.02 KB, 490x504, mdmd.PNG)

No. 1156850

it's like the LGB don't exist unless it's a trans person, no other person is deserving of an award in that community unless they are trans. I bet you more LGB members are dying daily then transwomen, but suddenly in modern times Trans women are the most vulnerable and deserve all the awards and attention.

It's probably the best time ever to be trans, but let them tell it's the worse.

No. 1156875

File: 1612874596296.jpg (21.98 KB, 400x400, 5k-9LU8S_400x400.jpg)

He is the one on the left on both >>1156715 and >>1156717

No. 1156876

Male privilege.

No. 1156894

ugh, it's more than "cheeky". its presumptuous and entitled. philosophydude was already irrelevant and only came out as a stunning transwoman~ like two days ago.
his video on sex work where his only source was interviewing a vapid camwhore fucking activated my almonds

No. 1156901

I do not understand why black troons have such unnecessary hatred against black women, like the level of misogonoir black TIMs show for black women is probably more then any single group in the world

No. 1156916

probably bc they’re black men and black men are the most abusive group of people towards black women. and then you add in the gay angle and you get abusive black men who hate black women for being competition.

No. 1156920

File: 1612880606919.png (22.77 KB, 562x242, ugh.png)


>activated my almonds


lots of people on my TL are liking this stupid post (being a leftist these days is rough) and it is gross.


No. 1156921

File: 1612880737260.jpeg (129.44 KB, 700x875, D78D28A3-5A13-4E05-9FB6-426894…)

He’s quite ugly. Isn’t the point of these retarded contests to award pretty people?and Miss Intercontinental is a third rate beauty pageant anyway. I can’t seem to find an english wikipedia for them, and their website is riddled with spelling errors.

Even with this posed and shooped pic you can see his narrow ass hips kek

No. 1156928

true, I mean just look at >>1154881 and >>1154882 this is just standard black male sexism against black women, but this time with troonism. it's nothing new really

No. 1156936

Bolt-on obviously fake boobs, no waist and stomach looks like little boy who ate a lot and bloated, no muscle definition that normal miss contestants are required to have whatsoever and he has ugly teeth and smile in the pics above.

What's the point of awarding mediocrity in Miss contests? They are retarded but shouldn't they at least award women who work hard for their figure or are exceptionally gifted with beautiful figure and face?

No. 1156940

A ton of these pageants are literally just for drag queens and troons nowadays. I wouldn't be surprised if this was one.

No. 1156944

What really makes me angry about this story that after lurking these threads and seeing all the transwidow posts this doesn't even seem to be a rare occurrence. Man marries a woman, gets jealous of the attention she and the kids get and troons out, starts spending recklessly and the mask fully comes off on his narcissism.

>troons out
>immediately after: AWARD PLZ
My sides, jesus

No. 1156968

Is this transphobic shitlord implying that a man sucking dick isn’t entirely heterosexual? Excuse you, that dick wears lipstick sometimes!

No. 1156973

Black women won’t date these men who are known to fuck other men and they also won’t accept them into the family (based). In the minds of black troons, BW are the only thing standing between them and the “straight” BM they covet. BW are the reason they get fucked behind 7/11s instead of being brought home to mom. Of course they also think they are superior to BW and think they are more deserving of these men because they are “more feminine” and put out more kek. Delusional.

No. 1156999

File: 1612885161355.png (1.62 MB, 1701x2048, Screenshot_20210209-103844.png)

Trannies are begging for lil nas x to buy them titties after he posted his titty pics.

I'm surprised I haven't seen any of them getting offended by his pic.

No. 1157018

File: 1612885748979.jpeg (376.21 KB, 1242x1246, 6D246078-E2B5-46E0-AA82-09F621…)

No. 1157028

File: 1612886501854.jpg (76.08 KB, 371x1424, md4r1fqeuu441.jpg)

No. 1157032

>lesbians are lesbians, yikes

No. 1157053

Oh please not Lis Nas X

No. 1157055

How anyone would believe that top one was real is beyond me. Tumblr is a cesspit of retards.

No. 1157109

Ugh gross. I adore the og sculpture.

No. 1157120

Same anon. And it had 100k reblogs. The person who posted it just photoshops dicks onto women too. So fetish shit clearly.

No. 1157159

>And it had 100k reblogs
fucking Christ

No. 1157170

They're silicone sfx prosthetics he bought for shits and giggles, not real bolt-ons so don't worry.

Really telling how they just accept everything they see with absolutely no sources and write this inspirational "SEE THIS ABSOLUTELY PROVES MY LADYBRAIN IS REAL" blurbs only to be humiliated. No wonder they're buying Brazilian magic beans to become anime girls.

No. 1157173

I know that he did them for his nicki minaj cosplay but I really hope he just doen't troon out for real

No. 1157182

I hope he turns into a drag queen.

No. 1157183

File: 1612895566292.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2560, umxt55veruk31.png)

imagine unironically making this

No. 1157191

and TRAs are different than the alt right how??

No. 1157220

File: 1612898181223.png (501.46 KB, 605x896, Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 2.14…)

Well they're claiming Kaczynski was trans now
>his motive was exclusively erotic

No. 1157227

Well, at least an autistic, autogynephilic serial killer incel is an accurate representation of trans women?

No. 1157238

I had no idea the unabomber was an AGP. Everything I’ve ever seen or read about him left that out. It’s starting to look like the majority of male serial killers have some degree of AGP but of course there’s no way anyone is going to be able to study that phenomenon now, because that would be transphobic.

No. 1157254

Ted was based, good for him knowing what his shit was about and not inflicting it on some poor woman

No. 1157257

Unabomber was not based, anon

No. 1157273

cant read past the third line but it almost makes me feel like dudes (incels) using "females" instead of women almost acceptable.

No. 1157280

It’s kind of funny that it’s used unironically because the meme is used to show how characters lack any depth in their personalities.

No. 1157289

Did he seriously read this and just gloss over the fetish part?

No. 1157294

Half of their posts reference getting boners and jerking off to their own reflections in women's clothes, it's not called a fetish, it's "gender euphoria" now. So they can easily see themselves in Ted.

No. 1157348

File: 1612908271725.gif (206.97 KB, 524x648, de625fa8b00579f754cd61d1bd77be…)

The revolution part is in reference to this.
They just sucked the charm out of this comic and made it weird

No. 1157350

I think it's mostly that these dudes are older AGP coomers looking to level up their fetish, while FTM transitioners are mostly young girls. They're too young to get married at all. Married het women are probably the demographic least at risk of FTM transition. I agree the media coverage would be totally different though.

No. 1157414

when a guy who literally mailed bombs bc he didn’t like technology is wiser than troons when it comes to sex change operations lmao

No. 1157422

Sont foeget he also shat in the woods and ate squirrels

No. 1157460

File: 1612915758500.jpg (1.46 MB, 2541x978, Ermafrodito,_museo_nazionale_r…)

Why didn't they use an example that actually exists?

No. 1157465

Lol have fun claiming the Unibomber as a troon. It really makes you all look less like a crazy mess of weirdos yup

But he outright admits he did it for fetish reasons and they hilariously still think he's valid

No. 1157478

Well it wouldn't be at all surprising. A lot of fucked up men turn out to be AGP.

No. 1157521

if we had listened to him we wouldn’t have the troon empire… rly makes u think

No. 1157609

he was an MKUltra test subject, an early brainwashing victim. maybe the techniques they used on him are being done to youth…

https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/08/new-paper-ignites-storm-over-whether-teens-experience-rapid-onset-transgender-identity remember this retracted study?

No. 1157619

Are we really surprised? This is the same community that writes empathetic thinkpieces about Buffalo Bill.

No. 1157671

File: 1612929544625.png (405.98 KB, 388x1128, Screenshots_2021-02-09-19-44-4…)

Women aren’t allowed to define womanhood and lesbians need to stfu. The amount of upvotes and awards this fat, ugly ass man received for his sperg fest makes me sick to my fucking stomach.

No. 1157677

Why is being a woman such an important part of his 'identity'? Jesus, get a hobby. These people act as though their entire life revolves around wearing women's panties.

No. 1157678

It's literally a religion for these people. They're exactly like the retards that make tiktoks about being martyred. They don't have anything else in their life.

No. 1157681

>the retards that make tiktoks about being martyred

No. 1157706

This dude is right, I'm happy more people think like this

No. 1157713

sage for off topic but I know a surprisingly large amount of Radfems who post this guys video's

No. 1157714

>These people act as though their entire life revolves around wearing women's panties

It does though. The entire goal is to normalize their coomer fetish so people stop being rightfully weirded out by it.

No. 1157717

File: 1612935690664.jpg (209.29 KB, 1681x748, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-kfsY…)

Fucking Piss ants

No. 1157722

File: 1612936988289.jpg (56.97 KB, 640x419, notte-michelangelo.jpg)

troons' expectations: >>1157028
troons' reality: picrel

No. 1157758

File: 1612942031275.jpg (271.51 KB, 374x670, satire.jpg)

No. 1157767

this subreddit is so goddamn insecure

No. 1157776

I'm not even a Christian and I'm offended by this

No. 1157796

I am Christian and I'm… processing this.

No. 1157812

all dolled up but couldn't bring himself to wash his smelly hair

No. 1157845

I really hope he does not troon out. He'll start with being the Fashion gender, then he'll "realize" he's a woman and start winning all the awards for best female rapper/artists. Female rap is doing good, but it's almost always 2 or 3 girls getting big at a time, I already know a black man becoming a MTF will QUICKLY and unfairly take the limelight.

blah blah, i hate women, if something were to happen to us it'd be because a TERF even though another man is 100% more likely to fuck with or fuck up a troon and I'm 100% sure they aren't radical feminists or know what a TERF fucking is.

No. 1157859

read the filename my beloved autists

No. 1157874

I wish this got more popular, imagine how many gals it would peak

No. 1157885

File: 1612959307125.png (1.04 MB, 1179x1697, jimaffany.png)

Completely resistant to constructive criticism. They always want us to teach them how to be "proper women" and do "feminine things" like make-up and dress themselves, but if you try to suggest that their $20 hard-front wig is bad you are a haydur.

No. 1157890

If this was a actual woman I'm 100% sure they'd show up on one of those reddits where they pick at women who think they are the shit but look a mess, but because he's trans it's, "She's still learning what works for her, let her feel good about herself, she is cute"
The wig is shitty, another Peter Griffin in drag thinking he's the hottest thing in the world.