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No. 1157084

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition:
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition:
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition:
Marilyn Manson #4: Fake PR Moves Edition:
Marilyn Manson #5:
Marilyn Manson #6: Baby Manson Time Edition:
Marilyn Manson #7: Honeymoon Edition:
Marilyn Manson #8: SinChin on Suicide Watch Edition:

Old thread bio updated.

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 52-year-old drug addict, washed-up rocker, serial abuser, and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

>Accused by multiple ex-girlfriends, including Evan Rachel Wood, of rape, physical, sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement, and forced drug use.

>Uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse, and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video, or wanting a serious relationship.
>Long term on-and-off relationship with Lindsay Usich, 35 year old NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other women he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans.
>Publicly talked about wanting to beat Evan Rachel Wood's skull in with a sledgehammer.
>May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls. Also alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them.
>May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underage, and tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella (@sourgirrrl).
>Has an assistant (sockpuppet?) named Judd who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuse and stalking towards young girls.
>Got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by Lindsay.
>Torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and is still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image.

No significant social media links, except for the official @marilynmanson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @lindsayusichofficial, comments disabled.

Discussed in First Thread:
>Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, and Ashley Morgan.
>Harassment and death threats from Manson and his orbiters including ex-assistant Judd and anonymous “online troops.”
>Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and her mother, Hope Harvey, harassing and talking shit about and to Manson fans.
>A discussion about who is the controlling one in Manson and Lindsay's relationship.
>@mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info.
>Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about the general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Second Thread:
>More receipts, maybe from trolls, maybe from genuine victims of abuse.
>Lindsay concentrates all of her efforts into sharing updates from blissful quarantine cohabitation: plants, cats, and the usual boring posts, but most importantly – usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring.
>Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, when he referred to Lindsay as his “fiancé.”
>Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the engagement happened around six years ago.
>It's decided that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although entertaining. Farmers made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she self-posts and encourages orbiters to post.
>A slew of other batshit fans come to light.
>@mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps. We thank her.
>Still waiting for the @666fearless full story.
>Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned. Zheani has dirt on Manson, but no one knows what.
>Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry, and multiple others.
>Talk of a super-fan turned super-hater, Tiziana Collins, aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the second thread for:

Discussed in Third Thread:
>Receipts Lindsay fought with ex-side-chick, Viktoria (Twitter: @LaPetitMort_), and made her personal information public via her Twitter.
>Receipts from Viktoria's twitter of Manson talking shit about John 5 (with whom he was about to tour).
>Extensive evidence of Lindsay's full-of-cheap-bots followership, poor PR, and desperate attempts to build a fake last-minute career for her.
>Manson and Lindsay's engagement announcement (with zero media coverage no matter how hard they tried).
>Louise Keay Bell, one of the victims, came to the thread to milk her trauma and change the narrative of her experience with Manson when no one had been talking about her.
>Receipts Manson sent legal threats to Louise Keay Bell and more of her and Jessicka Adams claiming Lindsay grooms underage girls for Manson.
>A social statement of Louise Keay Bell saying Lindsay was part of Manson's sexual assaults.
>Even though Louise Keay Bell was very vocal on her recent abuse case when nobody actually asked her, she was not brave enough to address anything from the above.
>Proof of staff molesting female fans and abusing their position.
>Michelle's (@666fearless) abuse case was fully revealed. Some anons questioned her credibility.
>More evidence of his abusive, toxic, racist, misogynistic behavior from various interviews.
>Proof that Manson forces his orbiters to sign NDAs.
>Poor fake and full of shit PR moves.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fourth Thread:
>A video of Manson admitting to fucking underage girls on stage.
>Madelyn was accused by anons of sitting outside of Manson's house in her car on Lindsay's birthday. A photo Madelyn had taken of herself in her car and a few of Hope Harvey's tweets (quoted) from before she went private were posted as proof.
>Questioning why Hope went private in the first place. Deduced that Manson's lawyer probably reached out to her because she was sharing too much personal information.
>Talk of an account (@_noname666_) that commented on one of Madelyn's posts, mocking her and her “relationship” with Manson.
>Suspicion of whether he and Lindsay are already married or not after he posted a photo on his IG page, wearing what looked like a wedding band with the caption, “The Price of Darkness.”
>Receipts of now deleted hate accounts and subscriptions that Louise Keay Bell posted. @666fearless was also being harassed. Both blamed Judd/Manson for it.
>Screens from a website claiming Lindsay had a “baby bump.” Debunked as a hoax.
>Dawn (@miss_dangerx, @guitargunn, @dawn.slays and possible other accounts) splurging and accusing Manson of being a pedophile. Also claims that he had a fake FB account (Mark Peak II) and harassed her, using her personal phone number. Was passed off as a troll.
>@_noname666_ joined the thread for a bit, revealing that Manson's was (allegedly) formally diagnosed with both bipolar and narcissistic disorders. He was prescribed lithium that he sometimes forgets to take, which is supposed to be an excuse for his behavior. They also alluded to Manson being Lindsay's financial supporter and main source of income, even during periods where they weren't living together.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fifth Thread:
>Manson finally released his single, “We Are Chaos.”
>Speculations that Manson/Lindsay post in the threads after someone dropped a private picture of Lindsay. Anons couldn't find a source.
>Screens from Reddit of people saying that Twiggy/Manson had sex with them while they were underage.
>An anonymous ex-side-chick leaked some messages and shared some information on Manson. She claimed Lindsay harassed her during the entire period of their relationship via fake IG accounts. Anons finally got an answer to what “Baby Manson Time” is.
>The full album was finally released. Lyrics are derivative of his older works and most of the songs read as digs against his accusers/Lindsay.
>@mansonisabusive finally made their account public again.
>Lindsay posted in her story that her mother, Hope Harvey, passed away. Cows made sure to milk her death as much as possible.
>Their marriage was confirmed in an interview he did with Nicolas Cage.
>Manson incriminates himself after hanging up on a journalist and refusing to answer any more questions after being asked about the Evan Rachel Wood situation. Rose McGowan posted screens of a message she sent Manson in her story on IG and tagged Evan, claiming she, “wouldn't be used as a shield,” not long after.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Sixth Thread:
>Evidence of Lindsay supporting hate accounts.
>Laney Chantal shares her opinion on the situation. Caps of her liking some of @mansonisabusive's posts were posted.
>Lindsay getting fan accounts to harass anyone that speaks out against them.
>Edwin Costa makes a video covering Manson's history.
>Proof that Manson cheated on Rose with Dita.
>More comments from one of Lindsay's abandoned IG accounts, @lindsay.usich, saying that she was never a photographer before she met him.
>Edwin Costa's Twitter and Louise Keay Bell's Facebook accounts were hacked. Anons speculated that Manson was involved.
>Cow tries to repair all of his damaged past relationships in an attempt to find allies.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Seventh Thread:
>Evan Rachel Wood finally names Manson as her abuser, along with a ton of other women.
>Victims saying that Lindsay participated in the abuse.
>Loma Vista, his long-time record label, drops him following the accusations. Starz also cuts him from American Gods and Creepshow.
>Lindsay's still buying bots. Up to 3k new followers a day.
>Caps from Leslee Lane's Discord server of her saying Lindsay was asking for incriminating pictures of Evan.
>Underage girls accuse Manson of grooming them on Kik.
>Judd was supposedly never fired.
>An ex-fan explains how he picks up young girls at meet and greets.
>Welfare check called to Manson's house.
>A whole ton of stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Eighth Thread:
> More victims come forward saying they were abused by Manson when they were underage.
> Otep Shamaya claims that Lindsay is a victim too.
> @anniejanaabrams posts caps and recordings of her conversations with them on her IG.
> Evan says she had to take legal action against Leslee Lane and Lindsay after they threatened to release incriminating pictures of her.
> Corey Feldman releases his own statement about Manson.
> Louise Alexander drops Lindsay.
> A whole ton of stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

No. 1157092

File: 1612889886142.jpg (14.38 KB, 604x453, FB_IMG_1612889823782.jpg)

I posted this comment on reddit yesterday, but I think i thought I would share it on here too, since it's topical.

I was a very dedicated Marilyn Manson fan during my teenage years - from the ages of ~14-17 years old (this was from say 2006-2009ish, around the EMDM period, and while MM & ERW were dating) .

I was as obsessed with Marilyn and his art as a teenager could be with anyone they idolize. I spent countless hours watching interviews, analysing lyrics, reading the nachtkabarett forums.

I went to maybe 5 Manson shows during that time period, including following him around California for 3 shows in a row during his tour with Slayer.

I never met Manson during that time, but I sure tried my hardest to. I remember finding myself with a group of hardcore Manson fans after one show, and we all got invited onto Bullet For My Valetine's tour bus. The lead singer of Killswitch Engage was there too and all the band members were talking about how secretive & isolated Manson was from the other groups on tour.

Anyways, one of the hardcore Manson fans who I was tagging along with ended up going "to the back of the bus" with one of the members of Bullet (the drummer I think) and came back out 30 minutes later with about half a dozen all-access passes for the following show, which she handed out to me and the other Manson fans.

So I went to the next show with my pass, wandering backstage as a clueless 16 year old - saw the members of Slayer, the other bands, but never Manson. Ended up getting front and center for the performance, but going home from that tour without ever coming across Manson off-stage. At the time, I was hugely disappointed, but now I'm realizing what a blessing in disguise that may have been. Perhaps a real bullet dodged.

Towards the end of my Manson phase, as I prepared to graduate high school, there's something my high school teacher said to me when we were taking about Marilyn Manson that made a real impact on me.

He said "Marilyn Manson is somebody who could do anything. Whatever he decided he wanted to achieve in life, he could have done it. He chose to become Marilyn Manson, a shock rocker, and he excells at it. But if he had chosen to become a doctor or an actor he would have excelled at those things too. It's just a matter of what you want to achieve."

My teacher was talking about Manson, but he was also talking about me. There wasn't an instant switch, but I think that conversation was a turning point where I realized that if the world is limitless and I can become anything, that I wanted to be more than just the world's biggest fan of somebody else.

Slowly, my interest in Manson faded into the background as I began focusing on myself, finding my place in the world, and becoming the best version of myself that I can be (which is definitely not perfect, but I digress)

I still have some old ticket stubs in a box, and a few old Manson dvds on my dusty shelf, but largely I've moved on from that part of my life. My musical tastes have completely transformed (I'm more into hip hop these days) so I stopped keeping up with his new album releases, and I really just hadn't thought about him much for many years now.

That is, until Evan Rachel Wood named her abuser this week, and it's kind of caused me to think back and reflect on some MM for the first time really as an adult, and in light of these allegations.

The first thing I'll note is that I wasn't surprised when I found out. As soon as I heard that ERW named MM as her abuser, it immediately clicked as "oh no, that makes sense" and the floodgates of old memories of lyrics and videos and images alluding to her abuse came pouring back to me. Suddenly is all feels much more sinister.

As somebody who used to call themselves a fan, I feel a sense of betrayal - partially because at the time it felt like a safe environment to explore that dark side of reality in a non-harmful context, through art.

So there's something really disappointing about finding out the truth: that it wasn't all just theatrics and real harm was being done along the way.

It puts some of my memories of his shows and songs in a different context

I'm still grateful for that time in my life, and still think it was an important phase of my development in its own ways… but I'm also grateful that part of my development was moving past my Marilyn Manson phase.

Even before this news broke, I'd grown to see Manson as somebody who really failed to continue growing as an artist or as a person, and a cautionary tale of how far somebody talented can throw away their creative potential if they put all their energy towards trying to hold onto the past instead of moving forward with life.

Now these allegations are just forcing me to confront the reality of how ugly it got behind the scenes.

I feel kind of lied to by Manson in some ways, even though he was always transparent about what a terrible person he was, I guess my distinction between the facts and fiction just wasn't always accurate and that feels icky.

I think back about what my teacher said about Marilyn Manson, and he was completely right: Marilyn Manson was the kind of person who could have become anything. And that's why it's so much more abhorrent that he chose to become an abuser.

To every fan who ever said something along the lines of "just because he looks scary, doesn't mean he's dangerous" - he betrayed you. He could have stood for something, but instead he just devolved into all his worst & most destructive habits.

I do not doubt ERW or any of the other people who are speaking out against him. As somebody who was once a Mansom fan, these accusations sadly perfectly align with his public image.

On some level I feel guilty for ever glorifying this guy, for telling my friends to support him, and telling my friends to go to his shows (not realizing at the time that could be putting them into a dangerous situation).

I had one female friend, a couple years younger than me, who managed to meet Manson a couple years after I'd fallen out of interest. She gave me a playing card autographed by him, because she knew I was once his biggest fan. Now I see that playing card and just feel concerned for my friend, and guilty about the unsafe situation she was in when she got that signature for me.

But the truth is, I was young, just a kid, and I didn't know the real darkness going on behind the scenes. I can't blame myself.

But what's Brian Warner's excuse? I think it's fair for former & current fans to be upset & disappointed at him. He deserves blame here.

I would be happy to see Manson suffer some real consequences for his actions and used to set an example for why it's not okay to harm other people even if you're a famous performer.

I hope the people in this thread who are fans of his will do themselves a favor, move on from him, and become better than he ever was.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157107

Since annie named this place we've had an influx of special people.

No. 1157108

This isn't Reddit and no one here is interested in long unsaged personal essays about the time you didn't meet Marilyn Manson.

No. 1157116

File: 1612891783656.jpeg (93.91 KB, 622x302, EB998489-C293-4EDA-89B5-5589E3…)

Thanks for the new thread OP.

In addition, just caught up and I’m dying at these comments >>1156882 >>1157062
Pic related is the one that finally did it. I’m dead and buried. Kek.

No. 1157134

File: 1612893125538.jpeg (572.63 KB, 1129x1851, D6F4F625-49D8-468A-BF79-00064B…)

Thanks for the new thread.

I don’t think this one was shared yet from Lola Kelly.

No. 1157154

I became a fan because during his Mechanical Animals period he was wearing a tit suit on the cover of the album and a dress on one of his videos and the teenager me was like "wow. this dude is not afraid of being feminine or getting called gay". It was disappointing to find out later that he is actually very homophobic.(no one cares)

No. 1157200

so will anything happen about these allegations? will he actually go to court? will he or someone from his team (if he still has a team) make a statement or something?

No. 1157210

I don’t believe anyone here is psychic. We don’t know.

Newfags, please type sage into the email field if you’re not posting a screenshot.

No. 1157212

Guys, can you all check Courtney Love's latest post and try and find the comment that says "I hope you apologize to Evan Rachel Wood next". A lot of people have responded saying they have screenshots of her posting + defending him on her private account lilacs20. Just replied to it and basically told her to suck a cactus kek, but I can't find the original comment anymore and I'm dying to know what she's posting on her private. But it looks like she's deleted the whole thing. She sure is trying her best to remove all comments regarding ham.

No. 1157215

Antichrist Superscum(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1157217

I don't think M will go to jail.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1157219


I have found the comment on courtneys thread about apologising the evan, but no comments from @lilacs20

No. 1157223

File: 1612898291937.jpg (202.07 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20210209_191758.jpg)

This person has screenshots apparently of her private account

No. 1157230

Is the confirm that Manson/Lindsay are aware of this site a potential confirm that the random nude photo of Lindsay that dumped back in day with no context must have been her posting? I can't find it now but anons have been tinfoiling since day 1 that she must have posted it since there is NO source for it anywhere else online and it looked like a shitty photobooth image.

No. 1157241

The picture is somewhere in this thread: >>1012472. I did a reverse image search and nothing came up. It was a private file, so it had to be posted by Manson/Lindsay or someone that knows them. Annie already said that they read the threads anyway.

No. 1157245

If it was them it was definitely Manson be she would never post such an unedited unflattering pic of herself- not to mention all the times he’s said to someone “want to see her boobs?” in regards to his gf at the time.

Another theory though is maybe someone from her past? I’ve often wondered about that. If she’s such an awful person now she’s probably always been like that. I’m sure there are quite a few people from her pre-Manson days that aren’t too fond of her.

No. 1157258

File: 1612901293330.jpeg (366.47 KB, 1620x1525, 8E816524-A477-44AA-807C-42A84D…)

The media picked up Dita’s inconsistent statement.

No. 1157264


Her picture is here >>1021762
Pretty sure it's MM posting it. Knowing him it's to piss her off in some way.

No. 1157270

There’s been hella weird shit in these threads from the beginning. From anons claiming to be the man himself >>973226 to insane ramblings. >>1081019 None of that is proof but I’ve never encountered so many trolls on a lolcow thread.

No. 1157275

lol fuck her tits are fake. They don't look good.

No. 1157276

LMAO @ this thread being named after Annie's jab. I liked it actually.

No. 1157277

Manson shaking in his booties. I actually think he's paranoid over whatever she has. Hope sis delivers.

No. 1157281

File: 1612903272975.jpeg (492.28 KB, 1770x1101, 534B6A30-01E3-47FA-8F98-CFFBBF…)

Reddit find

No. 1157288

What gives with Annie's latest instagram story?
Its just a retweet of her agreeing with another woman hating all men and claiming misandry isn't sexist. Wtf?
It's not even linked in with this Manson stuff.
What is she doing?(imageboard)

No. 1157293


I wonder if the uncut version is available on torrents? or if his fans have it?

There is only a small clip online


No. 1157299

No. 1157302

File: 1612905064406.jpeg (254.1 KB, 1737x980, CBD927C8-4CA3-4592-BE21-9155B7…)

That bracelet tho

No. 1157309

Manson masturbating a dog… Not surprised considering he fucked his mom.

No. 1157313

Nice try but only an incel would not understand why she posted that.

No. 1157324

>Calling out Manson as being a misogynist
>Constantly posting information and audio clips showing Manson is a misogynist
>Admitting to being a misandrist, but somehow its OK when you do it.
Sexism and hatred against any class is NEVER acceptable. It's not hard to understand.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157328

It's her private IG. She doesn't have to make every post about Manson? That tweet was retweeted by one of the Phoenix Act girls that Evan follows on IG as well.

No. 1157329

Spoken like a true neckbeard.
You don’t get it and you’re only trying to derail and discredit. Take that shit to mansonisinnocent’s page and go commiserate with the other tiny brains.

No. 1157331

Reminds me of the men who think that toxic masculinity means masculinity itself is toxic. They rarely bother to look up the actual meaning. I was trying to explain to my brother why race fetishizing is racist (he has a thing for only Asian girls) and it's sometimes just impossible to relay the message because they immediately jump to conclusions without listening and looking up why it's racist or toxic.(blogging)

No. 1157380

There is toxic femininity too, but I guess that's not the point.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157399

Toxic femininity is just internalized misoginy, a byproduct of toxic masculinity. Get lost.

No. 1157403

Fucking Hell. What sort of shithole site is this?
Neither of these people said anything remotely offensive or controversial?
We should be fighting against sexism everywhere it rears it head.

Great job belittling victims by using their pain to further your sexist agenda while also belittling men and making it harder for them to step up to report abuse they've suffered.(derailing)

No. 1157405

Focus on the thread subject and quit derailing.

No. 1157410

Toxic femininity see: Dita Von Teese

Surprised that she unfollowed Manson but not Lindsay

No. 1157413

Samefag but I spoke too soon Dita, did unfollow Lindsay lol

No. 1157416

>Toxic femininity is just internalized misoginy, a byproduct of toxic masculinity. Get lost.

Please tell me your joking.
This is probably one of the most blatantly sexist things I've ever seen.
This isn't derailment. It's the whole fucking point of the culture which lead to people being abused.

There is no excuse for misogyny or misandry. Never.

It's very telling the only people being banned are those AGAINST sexism.
The pig above being an apologist for sexual strangely has got a flair fore derailment.

What a fucking joke.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157424

No see- the point is this is a thread talking about MANSON and his VICTIMS. Not a thread where we post dissertations on what is and isn’t misandry, it’s root causes and impacts on society. Especially when the only reason that’s even getting brought up is to try and disparage someone speaking out about MANSON THE SUBJECT OF THIS THREAD.
Don’t forget your fedora on the way out.

No. 1157430


Can anyone confirm any of this information?

Did a quick search and couldn’t find any info on the painting. Is this Brian and Lindsey leaking dirt to hurt E or some loon hoping to please his master.

No. 1157433

These damn gangirls and newfags need to go. Let's just focus on HAM and him panicking. Not feeling scared for Linds anymore as Annie confirmed she's just as psycho. So…what do you think are they gonna do next? No way to backpedal from this and start posting cat and flower pics again kek

No. 1157440

Oh fuck off. This place isn't for men you stupid shit

No. 1157457

File: 1612915729608.jpg (316.71 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20210210_010704.jpg)

Of course Lindsay follows this braindead human being. Of course.

No. 1157462

She follows any account thats kissed her ass in the last year

No. 1157464

While all of these people hated her and encouraged Manson when he called her a pig publicly. Hypocrisy at its best.

No. 1157482


lmfao, watch out to not make her feel important if she'd stumble on this thread. She could feel like she's a relevant insider.


Got to get with whatever big brain brians narrative is. lol

No. 1157484

File: 1612916750088.jpeg (56.18 KB, 800x407, 32744D97-AA38-4BF9-BAE0-049B4B…)

that phrasing of her story just makes me think of picrel
one could say Manson is… especially heinous

No. 1157511

File: 1612918465824.jpg (382.83 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20210210_015451.jpg)

Perhaps this is finally a step in the right direction? Courtney's latest post on IG.

No. 1157512

File: 1612918509478.jpeg (302.51 KB, 1127x1672, 6EE841B3-33A9-4624-AD3E-0B204E…)

This is the narrative Madelyn and friends are spinning on why there’s only a meet & greet of them together.

No. 1157518

Where? I've never seen a single picture of them together, even from a M&G.

No. 1157529

There's not even a m&g pic of them, kek

No. 1157531


When did she post that because I haven't seen it the past couple hours. I didn't see it post recently unless she literally posted and deleted?

No. 1157536

And anything Clo has to say is credible?

No. 1157537

File: 1612920029675.jpg (337.58 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20210210_021957.jpg)

This post. Read the caption.

Maybe not, but if she finally says something against Manson she might stop encouraging fangirls to hop on the "lies, witch hunt" wagon.

No. 1157540

I will die of laughter if she fucking met him at a meet and greet

No. 1157541


This has my gen z ears tingling. Produce the footage and we'll finish em.

Two things people hate…A RACIST AND A RAPIST.

Do it in two different hits though. Once the pedophilia thing makes the mainstream media drop that racist stuff and then they'll reference the nazi stuff and my guy will be done.

No. 1157542

File: 1612920263295.jpeg (415.1 KB, 1122x1970, F36A744D-887A-400F-B889-506708…)

No. 1157543

File: 1612920291486.jpeg (390.93 KB, 1114x1900, 76E2E88D-9246-4D13-85BD-2E27A5…)

No. 1157546

Manson has a painting called The Nipples Had Already Started. It's about Evan's abortion. She did it to "concentrate on her career" (which one?) and didn't give any consideration to what Manson thought. Also, are all you imbeciles aware she started an affair with a married man? that's abuse as well, she basically abused another woman.

Anyway, this site is a fucking hell hole.(newfaggotry)

No. 1157548

She's too emotional…

A simple "eat my ass you lipstick wearing kid fucker" and moved on. It's like she's in love with him or something

No. 1157552

File: 1612920658964.jpeg (1.86 MB, 4096x3072, 7423E5F6-D203-4F01-B8F9-742FF5…)

Some people give her shit here for writing. I think every victim and survivor has different coping tools. I like her writing and what she said in the post description is why I am fine with her approaching it her way, non?

No. 1157553

What a pathetic response. Bb baby is that you? Guess you couldn’t in any way know or understand why victims need time to process things and everyone’s process is different. Jfc go wallow, B.

No. 1157554

I love that for her and now she's in a popular show Westworld and had a baby with a man that is WAAAAAAAY better.

Its 2021. It's her body. Fuck what he thought of it.

No. 1157556

because a pedophile junkie who cheats on his wife would make a great dad but it's totally ERWs fault

fuck off faggot

No. 1157558

She's not processing she's having a full on funeral. I doubt their friendship was THAT deep, she could barely get a sentence in. If anything he purpose was having a working cell phone connection and ears on the side of her head.

No. 1157559

File: 1612921011231.jpg (123.53 KB, 641x570, Capture.JPG)

Doubt she will. She believes he was "sensitive" to how "women are" on tour.


No. 1157567

It doesn’t matter if she only met him once, if he abused her it’s trauma. You’re fucked up for assuming. Nowhere did she say she dated him. But he did seem to destroy some big aspects in her life so it’s possible she’s mourning that as well. Point is you don’t know, this is a victim you’re trying to scrutinize for the way they’re dealing. She’s probably his last victim too.

No. 1157568

Preach. And even being young and under all that abuse and sometimes drugged I'm glad she was smart enough to choose abortion and go through with it without being persuaded otherwise.

No. 1157571

did he rape her or physically hurt her?

No. 1157579


I have a hard time beleiving this because of what an attention seeking, self-aggrandizing narc he is, you have a biliion interviews out there about how " … I wanted to marry that fucking bitch and have a family with her, but she got a fucking abortion, I wanted to smash her head in with sledgehammer gahahaha"

No. 1157604

We don’t know that. She admitted that he was abuser just yesterday.

No. 1157606

I agree, there's something extremely fucked up about anyone who decides to be a homewrecker

No. 1157610

Man you Manson turds are really grasping at all your hateful straws. Your hero Manson is the one who decided to “be a home wrecker” not Evan.
More importantly being the other woman ≠ rape, physical and mental abuse. Sorry try again.

No. 1157618

The home wrecker would technically be Evan. A home wrecker is the one who takes a spouse away from the marriage. Which would be Evan.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157621


I get Annie's need to express it but I echo past comments that she seems a little in over her head. She doesn't have legal counsel? She's making posts with recordings of his drunken/coked out rambling? He got away with writing a confession about his crimes (I'm re-reading it after 20 years total cringe) and who knows what he can do if she's putting her cards out like this. I wonder if she has filed any kind of police report? Seems if this ALL went down over the past few months, and she supposedly has evidence, it is within statute of limitations. She said in previous posts that it has only been a couple months ago she was still looking up to him until he started messing with her life.

No. 1157622

Pretty sure Manson still cheated on his wife to fuck ERW. Dictionary definitions won't change that.

Cry more.

No. 1157623

I'm well aware. Fuck Evan the home wrecker. I have yet to see any actual evidence(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157624

No one “takes” a spouse. Dumb term pinning the blame on a woman when the married individual decides to be disloyal. It’s irrelevant, a 19 year old was routinely abused by a grown sicko and all things considered, has handled her life and career well.

No. 1157626

When will we see MM leave his house? Has he yet? I'm sure he will need to reup soon. Not a peep since his pathetic lie post. Surely paparazzi are waiting to pounce?

No. 1157629

Slow hand clap. Not Courtney Love making everything all about herself again.

No. 1157631

Wah wah wah I’m so angry that this woman told the truth about the man I love (no homo bro) and am obsessed with because he ~~helped me through a really dark time in my life bro with his shit music and nonsense lyrics~~ and since I’m in a MUCH better place I hang out on female-oriented message boards and try to convince them he’s not a piece of shit wah. Also I can’t get women to fuck me but that’s totally unrelated.
ANYway Isn’t there a Manson circle jerk you’re late to? You’re…not going to convince us he’s actually the victim of multiple women/men/exes/former bandmates/assistants/etc etc all speaking out against him. I get you worship him but to those of us that exist in the real world he’s barely relevant, and not the behemoth you think he is doing that anyone would want to “take him down” just for fun.

No. 1157636

This thread is moving entirely too fast and isn’t even being filled with new or important information.

No. 1157644

She has legal counsel. She doesn’t want to say it in a public post. Source: pm. Shes followed by a few of the victims. I’m positive they’re all working together.

No. 1157700

File: 1612932719572.jpg (427.48 KB, 1080x2010, Screenshot_20210209-204708_Ins…)

This guys story about M and Lindsay lining up girls to judge their breasts is disgusting. Rather expected behavior of backstage antics by rock stars unfortunately, but makes me gag Lindsay participated in it. Plus obviously with everything that has been confirmed by victims matching his book, lyrics and random ramblings…. this wasn't any harmless rock star thing.

No. 1157743

File: 1612939844371.png (762.2 KB, 802x1460, Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 22.4…)

Some anons here are suspiciously pressed. It's her private page ffs. IF she was his last victim and she named him the abuser yesterday as someone mentioned then jeeeeeeeezus you old hags & Brian give her a minute to bounce back. She's writing, has the support from other victims instead of going on a rampage lmao settle down

No. 1157749

I haven't seen the one she confirmed but she does verify it via PM. She only wrote "Oh don't worry, we're locked and loaded, to quote BHW"

I asked if that confirms that she has legal counsel and she said "It's not a no". I don't think any of them are supposed to talk very much about what they're doing. It's obvious something is happening and information is being gathered but we'll see I guess.

I hope the FBI inv gets going fast. I hope it gets going at all tbh.

No. 1157750


oh and she clarified that she mentioned "Brian" sarcastically and added that she hopes he rots in hell lmao something tells me she gets a lot of dumb messages from dumb people who miss her humor or sarcasm

No. 1157751

File: 1612941385611.jpg (718.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210209-231211_Ins…)


I wondered if she had sought legal counsel esrlier because I could have sworn I saw her post about looking for it. Went back and did not find it though. I did find her comments on her ig posts about having it however in these shots. Good!

No. 1157752

File: 1612941438493.jpg (681.41 KB, 1078x1414, Screenshot_20210210-081636_Bra…)

Courtney might have known a lot more than she really want to say.

No. 1157753

File: 1612941456358.jpg (632.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210209-231224_Ins…)

No. 1157761

Where's this from?

No. 1157762

File: 1612943105086.jpg (103.22 KB, 793x1019, Screenshot_20210210-024353.jpg)

Crop. Your. Fucking. Posts.

No. 1157763

Um everyone in that link called that user's BS out because Annie has actual evidence, is followed by the other victims and Evan mentioned an article about Annie/Manson in her stories the other day.

This poster doesn't. It's either Brian who made the comment or some bitter ex-friend. Glad they were called out. posting that comm is trash if she's a victim and Brian is drooling at the idea of any of his victims having a flawed history. Whoever tries to dig up petty shit like this on any of the victims is gross. Imagine you were raped and some petty jealous ex tries to discredit you cause you said something 15 years ago?

Srsly, Brian or some fucked up ex.

No. 1157764


Gotcha. My bad.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1157765

Annie is literally working with the Phoenix Act girls. She's followed by them and they've retweeted her. evan and Esme cofounded it. If they found Annie's evidence lacking, they wouldn't be promoting her. Sit down, scum. https://twitter.com/kellyblaus

No. 1157769

Most of them didn't call the police. You sound mad jelly and need help.

No. 1157770

Ok Brian. Bye, Brian.

No. 1157774

See the post I'm replying to for the link.

No. 1157775

It disgusts me that anyone would come in here with this anon bullshit trying to discredit a victim with proof and verified by the other victims. Da fuck is wrong with this picture? People are sick.

No. 1157779

LMFAO that person who made that comment is legit pathetic. They tried. I'd be down for some cheap tea like this if it wasn't about a verified victim.

No. 1157781

Yeah some anon/s have been completely obsessed with Annie and keep dragging her back in the thread constantly to discredit her. It's tiresome. If there is no milk to post, just leave her out of here. Jfc

No. 1157782

Annie mentioned Manson would try to discredit her anyway so I expect this more or less for all victims. Easier to do on those who aren't well or at all known though.

No. 1157784

I think the major players at Phoenix Act following her says a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if the dirt she has on him is actually massive. That one audio clip is 7 hours long. She has several apparently.

I'm surprised there isn't a whole website dedicated to how fake she is, courtesy of Brian of course.

No. 1157785

Honestly, the harder whoever is trying to discredit her do this, the more I'm certain she must have damaging stuff in her hands.

No. 1157786

The user who posted that is so petty and basic. lol did someone steal their bf or something? everyone's like um yeah but she has evidence and you're ____ you.

Wish the admins set up a thing where they'd have a better grasp on slander on here while the investigation is going on. Y'all know Brian likes to make himself comfy here. wdik though

No. 1157787

Fking Evan posted an article about Annie's evidence and recordings in her stories, STFU Brian.

No. 1157788

This user knew her…..over a decade ago………………………………………………..?


No. 1157789

lol this was at least as entertaining as Zoolander 2. I like how the OP is trying so hard. Second hand embarrassment but the kind I can't look away from. 8/10 would recommend for the top keks.

No. 1157790


Annie has already posted images of her ID with her surname Abrams. Claiming she had a fake name was something Brian threatened to do.

No. 1157792

I hope the mods keep record of IP addresses if any one of his victims needs proof of slander from Brian.

No. 1157793

Agreed. That was low effort too.

No. 1157795

File: 1612945739082.png (2.54 MB, 1032x9185, Notepad_202102100826_45533.png)

I'm glad Annie called him out in his 'BDSM' bullshit, as the sun released this yesterday

No. 1157797

Comment was removed because I could comment on it. Lol that was either the saddest min effort attempt to discredit his victims we’ve gotten from Brian so far or some deranged jelly bean.

This is why it sucks being a woman sometimes. I was raped twice. Both times I was dismissed in court because of the most minor inconsistencies as if I’m supposed to hold a notepad, write every detail down while getting raped.

Ppl are so gross.

No. 1157802

File: 1612947281628.jpg (91.44 KB, 1080x501, Screenshot_20210210-094927__01…)

Meanwhile Leslee asks for money (in a not obvious way) for a lawyer kek

No. 1157805

He's a fucking animal seriously. Guess he wouldn't call 911 either? There's a cap in a previous thread where one of his drugged up gf OD'ed, he wouldn't let EMTs bring her to hospital ffs. He's a vile POS

No. 1157807


Oh poor Leslee, she never expected her whole life would blow up. She only wanted to do the exact same thing to Evan.

No. 1157808

Kek. Someone can point her to some lawyer charity so she doesn't defraud people too.

No. 1157815

I hope this means Lindsay’s getting sued too.

No. 1157817


What "evidence" is Leslee trying to get out? That Evan did some controversial things, underage drinking, drugs, was photographed enjoying sex? How does this disprove any of her accusations against Brian? It doesn't, it only serves to blackmail her.

No. 1157822

Kek she does need a lawyer if she truly thinks blackmail = evidence

No. 1157829

File: 1612951765362.jpg (205 KB, 1072x1095, otepadpie.jpg)

OTEP has just tried to give weight to the abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson because he [drumroll] went to a non-goth dance club.

This is apparently proof he is putting on an act.

No. 1157832


What point are you trying to make, that Brian is not putting on an act as Marilyn Manson?

No. 1157833

She's attempting to throw out the literal decades of evidence supporting Manson suffering from mental illness and drug induced afflictions.
The guy is fucked. But to dismiss evidence to try and push your flimsy conspiracy theory that he's actually a composed, calculated criminal is laughable while also destroying any credibly she may have had.
You don't need to lie to show Manson is a sick fuck. You lie when you have nothing to actually to prove your allegations with.

No. 1157835


Doesn't matter if he is suffering from mental illness and drug induced afflictions, or he is a composed, calculated criminal. Either way he could still be an abuser. You have no point.

No. 1157837

File: 1612953584780.jpeg (639 KB, 1284x1841, 41072FB4-3F6D-4861-B147-0792DC…)

What even???????

No. 1157840

^^^ that post by Annie is in a previous thread, it's a letter Manson wrote that was sold at auction by the CoS

No. 1157842

Yeah I messaged to ask her and she said a friend sent the pic to her a while back. Why the fuck is he doing this and then dating or being friends with Jews? Both Evan and Annie are Jewish. Like does he get a kick out of it?

No. 1157844

he’s gonna double down on the antisemitism now that the eViL jEwIsH wItChEs are after him. Lord lmfao this guy is a mess

No. 1157846

File: 1612954447876.jpg (975 KB, 1440x5757, 200807511245g.jpg)

There were some callous anons trying to make fun of Corey Feldman naming Manson.
Well look who's laughing now.
Manson rats are wrrrrrrong again

No. 1157850


Did Elaine Benes write this !

No. 1157854

Fuck off with your kink shaming.
When the fuck did all these church moms learn how to use the internet?

No. 1157855


Nice stretch. It must be hard defending Manson when he gives you absolutely nothing to work with.

No. 1157857

It's time for your nap and meds, Tipper Gore.

No. 1157858

>Doesn't matter if he is suffering from mental illness and drug induced afflictions, or he is a composed, calculated criminal. Either way he could still be an abuser. You have no point.
Actually, when it comes to a judge passing sentence after conviction, these in fact do have significant weight.

No. 1157861

File: 1612956149786.jpg (559.49 KB, 1440x1416, Screenshot_20210210-_Instagram…)

Any second now…

No. 1157865

imagine unironically crying about KiNkShAmInG, hahahaha

No. 1157866

AYRT. Take a chill pill seriously. Raping someone or strangling them of force feeding them drugs to the point of OD then refusing them help is not a kink. Get lost.

No. 1157870


They don't really care about kink shaming.

No. 1157879

>>1157854 Ok Brian.
>>1157861 Did they discover that the victims spoke to each other before going public?! gasp

No. 1157884


>Did they discover that the victims spoke to each other before going public?! gasp

Witchcraft confirmed.

No. 1157886

File: 1612959359987.jpg (923.99 KB, 1439x2534, _screengrab0046833000.jpg)

LMAO. anon wasnt joking.
Maybe there is some truth to the crackpot theory that Annie is actual a secret agent of mansons. pretending to out him but releases material which doesn't show abuse, has him on record denying the allegations and provides dumps literally no one cares about and serves to only water down evans attention.
No we have this.
Who knows what's going on but this the best shitshow on

No. 1157887

Lmao yeah it has already been posted in the previous thread and that was exactly what they came up with. A prime top kek moment.

No. 1157891

That doesn’t add up. There was some incriminating shit leaked in those recordings. And why would other victims making allegations be following her?

No. 1157893

Why did Trump become president? Because people are fuckkng stupid lol

No. 1157897


No. 1157898

>he kept throwing popcorn at the back of his head
These claims are getting more ridiculous every day

No. 1157900

I am cringing so hard, I am going to have an aneurism.

No. 1157903

File: 1612962133820.png (102.16 KB, 1052x415, 1612960337100.png)

Not sure why anon deleted it

Statement from Charlyne Yi on Marilyn Mansons abuse.
This is why we must believe all women

No. 1157905


article states the picture is from JJs book:

Jenna Jameson addressed Marilyn Manson’s obsession with Corey Feldman in her autobiography, “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star.” She stated the following.

No. 1157906

no its not

No. 1157907

ikr. she's crazy

No. 1157909

File: 1612962735513.jpg (574.7 KB, 3040x1440, screenshot-2021021000013.jpg)

Bringing this thread back to ERW(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157912

File: 1612963251829.jpg (301.01 KB, 1440x2122, 1g8tvj34600i00.jpg)

>retards in feb 2021: Marilyn Manson is a literal nazi!
>Marilyn Manson in June 2020:

No. 1157913


Here’s the previous paragraph with the first sentence from the posted image included:

"Oh my God, hi", I squeaked. He just stood there, staring right through me. It was a little creepy. Then he grabbed my hand and started walking around the party with me: Billy Corgan, Flea, Angus Young, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi, LL. Cool J, Rob Zombie, Joey Ramone - everyone I idolized was there. I was a little porn girl thrust into this world of rock superstardom. I was in heaven.

The first thing Manson asked me was how I draw my eyebrows on. He kept pumping me for makeup tips. “

No. 1157914


Because no one has ever heard of virtue signalling and smokescreen eh?

No. 1157916

File: 1612963827520.jpg (649.89 KB, 1438x1225, n202y.jpg)

Because no one has heard of deflecting from their own public racism

No. 1157921

File: 1612964398603.jpg (318.64 KB, 1440x1613, 20210210_160959.jpg)

No. 1157926

Lol are you seriously suggesting it's inherently racist to call a violent rapist out if he happens to be black? Lmao.

No. 1157927

>>1157921 wonder if this is the Florida case. If so he could be going to prison for a long time.

No. 1157928

I’m gonna need you to explain how this is racist. Poor timing/too soon maybe, but how is this racist compared to Manson’s active courting of Nazi imagery?

No. 1157929

File: 1612965169337.jpg (701.49 KB, 1408x1864, Ekobe.jpg)

There's a time when privileged white people need to sit down and shut up. Hours after the death of one of the greatest black sport heros is one of them

No. 1157930

Lol ok. So uses the n-word all the time, makes racist remarks to his Jewish gfs, sympathizes with Nazis and has literally swastika inspired tattoo on his body, but it means nothing because he once posted a BLM photo because literally every celeb was expected to do so in that time.

Will mods block this racebaiting dumbass already?

No. 1157935

Shut up. If Manson was black and died tomorrow he would still be a rapist and his death or race wouldnt change that. This ano isn't even black but some Manson larper (or Brian or Lindsay) who is bating this shit trying to make ERW look bad.

No. 1157937

why don't you gather evidence with mansonisinnocent and open an FBI investigation. No one here cares about your idiotic opinion. Except maybe Brian. But he's racist. So probably not even him.

No. 1157942

You should know faggots have been posting these threads over at 4chan the past few days.

No. 1157944

>everyone i disagree with is marilyn manson or a bot

lolcow in a nutshell

No. 1157945

Who else would defend a person like him?

No. 1157946

belieeeeeve all women cause no women lied ever

No. 1157950

if he was a rapist, he was rapist. I dont give no fucks if he was a nigger or not. Hypocrisy of the "woke" left.

No. 1157951

This is not Charlyne Yi but an extract from Jenna Jameson's book. Don't know why this ano pretented it was from Charlyne. The woman on a date with Manson noticing he is obsessed with Corey Feldman was Jenna Jameson.

No. 1157953

Fuck off. That extract wasn't even from Charlyne Yi. You Manson defenders so desperate now that you need to come up with lies?

No. 1157954

Wow kind of shocked Mansons attracting in proud boys now but then again, not shocked. Go be edgy somewhere else.

Oh and, Marilyn Manson doesn’t actually give a shit about any of you, especially not you Scrotemeal.

No. 1157957

haha you are such a retard. I was a former fan and I am 100% behind Evan and everyone who got abused by him. I just hate people and how they manage to be retarded and hypocritical, no matter if right left black or white. Also, NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER, I bet you are a white girl who haven't met 1 black person in her whole life but acts like a moral institution. fuck off white slut

No. 1157959

no arab calls themselves ‘arabic’ cringe larper

No. 1157960

I am not a native English speaker, I am actually Turkish but I dont think that the average American retards even knows turkey as a country. I can prove it by speaking Turkish

No. 1157962

Yeah I have a feeling it might be that case. Or one 9f them because it sounded like there were several victims there. Pretty gruesome

No. 1157964


Partial Transcript:

“ As Nicole entered the bus I and the rest of the group moved near the tour bus to wait for her. Okay. I watched as Nicole was invited to sit on his lap, Brian Warners. He kind of did the little pat patting his hand gesture and she’s and she’s a 14 year old girl with braces I may add. No, no cheat whatsoever and obviously a little girl, she is 14.

But, she liked him, thought he was cute so you know, she went along with this…..

So Nicole sat on his lap and I heard Brian Warner tell her that he liked the metal braces on her teeth and then instead of exiting the bus to rejoin us I heard Brian invite Nicole into the back of the bus with him. The rest of us were not invited.

The tours bus was closed, the doors immediately…. so the rest of us walked (?) just 10 to 15 feet away from the tour bus to wait for her to come back. We were in clear view of the bus the whole time but couldn’t see what was going on in there. The windows were either blacked out or the curtains were pulled or something.

And we were waiting and waiting and it was about 45 minutes to an hour and then Nicole finally came out and when she joined the group and we walked away from the tour bus.

As we walked away Nicole told us what was happening on the bus.

According to her, he was in the back of the bus, Brian Warner, and I think they were kissing and he actually took her hand and put it down the front of his pants to touch his genitalia and she told Brian Warner, “You’re Bad”, that’s what she told us at the time.

During a later conversation I had with her, she had actually told me that they had had sex.”

No. 1157965

I can google translate Turkish too. This is not the thread for you we’re discussing MARILYN MANSON not the ways in which we’re racist idiots that are obviously dudes pretending to be girls to derail.
You might try 4chan for that.(infighting)

No. 1157967

>>1157960 oh Turkish. So backward when it comes to things like women's rights and rape you're not able to join the EU. No one cares.

No. 1157969

who do I need to contact in order to have my piece of fanfiction published?(newfag)

No. 1157970

>>1157969 @mansonisinnocent on insta, loads of fan fic over there kek

No. 1157971

Hold the press! Rockstar has sex with fan
You retards are fucking pathetic

No. 1157973

*With a 14 year old fan
Sorry bro but that’s ~illegal~

No. 1157974

Cool, any recs for the lore? I want it realsitsic and not too whimsical. Should I keep it restrained for the sex scene? (feeling kinda horny right now, but I'm not sure people will like it if I go too sexy with my daddy dom baby girl shit)

No. 1157975

fuck off you sound like my parole officer

No. 1157977

Oooh look out everyone’s he’s a BADASS

No. 1157978

Hold the press! Rock star has sex with underaged fan.


No. 1157979

File: 1612969177085.jpg (48.33 KB, 300x300, evan-rachel-wood-defends-amber…)

No. 1157980

ok so i am responsible for our politics from a dictator? U racist white bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1157981

Here we go again with the amber heard/ JD conspiracy. Manson is guilty period.

No. 1157982

>>1157980 you seem like an Erdogan fanboy top kek(infighting)

No. 1157983

This thread is so polluted with newfags it’s insane. If you’re going to squeal like a pig about other anons in multiple posts at least contribute something to the actual topic. Half of you need to reread the rules

“Eating mud” is probably a great way to describe making out with that dough-face

No. 1157984

File: 1612969784378.jpeg (21.92 KB, 500x500, pat_buchanan.jpeg)


No. 1157985

Yes I love this keep your non-arguments that hold no weight coming brilliant pure genius

No. 1157986

File: 1612969815316.jpeg (27.06 KB, 620x460, manson_willsmith.jpeg)


No. 1157987

File: 1612969852283.jpeg (25.8 KB, 397x600, hannukagift.jpeg)


No. 1157988

File: 1612969885562.jpg (580.19 KB, 810x2494, Screenshot_20210210-161020_Chr…)

If the whole thing is supposed to be a conspiracy against MM, he's the only one benefiting from it so far, see cap

No. 1157990

File: 1612969922485.jpeg (4.4 KB, 183x275, edwardnorton.jpeg)


No. 1157996

File: 1612970238665.gif (421.03 KB, 480x254, c27f7697f3c0ec02596781123b1d3b…)


No. 1157997

File: 1612970311668.jpeg (153.37 KB, 750x779, FC53EEE0-EE32-48CF-A112-45E7BF…)

Lets talk about the fact that Mr. Perou is still selling his book with Manson, is following him on Instagram and has photos of him still up. Come on dude, seriously?

No. 1157999

File: 1612970397650.jpeg (4.54 KB, 220x220, Spacepussy.jpeg)


No. 1158000

If you count Hamson losing his contract and agency and his career being basically over as a benefit then sure. Doubt his listeners going up momentarily can prevent that.

No. 1158001


I think brian and lindsay got caught up in something they cant fix themselves and are using a sex scandal to distract or stop an operation that's going on because he's afraid they could kill people.

There are so many parallels between the media they've been involved in and the convenience of this.

Like imagine all this time he's been involved with an international drug ring and because the DEA is corrupt blah blah blah they gave him a choice to go down for his involvement vs a virtual handslap of a scandal while they use this opportunity to go through the background of people he's been involved with over the years. Map it out.

No. 1158002

I only say this because hes been hinting at his downfall for like 2 years through instagram posts.

It's all too structured.

No. 1158003

Go to bed already, Brian.

No. 1158004

Major tinfoil Brian

No. 1158005

File: 1612970559538.jpg (232.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 1158007

Yeah, I was surprised to see few comments on his posts about this, and that none of the caller-outers have called him out - specifically Love Bailey. What gives?

No. 1158008

Sure fair point anon. Just making a point for the anon/s autistically sperging about "muh conspiracy uhu"

No. 1158009

File: 1612970668156.jpg (73.88 KB, 640x640, 2a98a7aeb19b1618e874779abdc6fd…)


No. 1158010

File: 1612970788335.jpeg (4.94 KB, 300x168, 2ndtoartofthedeal.jpeg)


No. 1158011

He is not a antichrist nor has he ever been. He is just a sad 13 year old school bully living inside a 52 year old narcissistic drug addict.

No. 1158012

Shut up please.

No. 1158013


Don't forget to send that to your washed up rapist idol and his team of lawyer. If these memes don't convince a judge and jury to let him walk free, I dont know what will.

No. 1158015

Imagine unironically caping for a rapist just because he was black. This is your brain on Twitter dot com

No. 1158016

File: 1612971042344.png (575.96 KB, 828x536, courtney-and-marilyn-152164565…)


No. 1158017

More likely he has been "hinting" it because his victims have started to talk although not naming it yet.

No. 1158018

Yeah it's more likely he knew it was coming because he knew what he has done and who was talking with who.
That's >>1158001 very very mad tinfoil, anon, kek.

No. 1158020

ANNIE posting all of this "writing" is so disrespect to all the people he physically abused, its honestly taking attention OFF the victims and placing it on herself. The victims need their platform so the world can hear their stories and better understand how we can support them as victims.

He apparently tied Gabriella up and raped her and she's not posting all of this nonsense writing for clout. I'm not saying Annie wasn't a victim but there's a time and a place.

Let the other women speak! Stop writing manifestos to get media attention.

No. 1158021

Have Lindens/Lindsays pre-op photos been leaked yet?

No. 1158024

what's with all the "you old hags" shit from the scrote stans? everyone on this website is like 21.

No. 1158025

Stop sperging about Annie. This has been discussed at length already…stop bringing her up and no one will talk about it. You're just giving her visibility all the while complaining she has visibility. It's honestly autistic at this stage. Move on.

I think if you go back thread 3 or 4 there was a before after picture with her there if memory serves

No. 1158026

I'm so tired of seeing her screenshots here. I'm pretty sure she's posting them herself at this point. This thread turned to shit when she popped up.

No. 1158027

It's the Ham projecting.

No. 1158028


Brian, would you please kindly fuck off and die.

No. 1158029

lmfao you thought this was about actually trying to get justice?
Someone crying rape is like blood to sharks. Every cunt swarms in to make it about themself

No. 1158030


A victim does not detract other victims statements when making statements of her own abuse.

All abuses should come to light and there is Plentiful room for all his victims to now feel safe to speak. Safety in numbers. Comfort in the knowledge they are now being listened to.

No. 1158033

Norman Reedus is no longer following Manson on gram.

No. 1158035

she hasn't publicly come out yet. I imagine those photos are well hidden away.
I don't know why Manson doesn't use it to deflect and make the haters look like transphobes

No. 1158037

Typical. No loyalty in Hollywood. Just move onto the next meal ticket

No. 1158038

Oh oops, yes he is. My bad.

No. 1158039

Good point, where did rape come from?

No. 1158040

you know what?
i have suspicions of some weird terrible thing they did together that forced them to get married and all after seeing the terrible music video "don't chase the dead" - if manson's music is indeed as much of a confession of his real life actions and secrets as it is turning out to be (Especially after golden age of grotesque), that video is giving me super shitty vibes, like they pushed each other's limit to see how far they could go, maybe even for each other. but i also don't wanna throw unnecessary conspiracies around. just have a hunch.
there are a lot more realistic and serious allegations to deal with before any random hunches though ofc.

No. 1158042

average for the schizos here which is why so much of this thread is pathetic and most of it doesn't even contribute to getting MM jailed for his abuse

No. 1158045

They have known to have abused the victims together. Isn't that bad enough?

No. 1158046

What's strangest is they've been together almost 10 years, yet he keeps her hidden away as if she was just some hanger on.
Brian has always openly flaunted his girlfriends but with Lindsay it all becomes very hush. A lot of fans don't know her let alone know he's even married now.

No. 1158050

>>1158040 the marriage was for PR they knee evan was talking about Manson. He also tried to clean his image up by singing for charity and trying to look normal in interviews, but it was too little too late. She might genuinely believe he loves her but it's obvious he's doing it for his image

No. 1158051

>most of it doesn't even contribute to getting MM jailed for his abuse
Fuck off larper. You think you're playing cops and robbers for real?

No. 1158054

Maybe he isn't even that into her, but she is the only one that didn't fuck off after learning he was a piece of turd because she is a piece of turd herself and enjoys participating in the abuse.

No. 1158055

File: 1612972561736.jpg (51.91 KB, 1041x312, Screenshot_20210210-095635_Ins…)

Yes he is

No. 1158056

>They have known to have abused the victims together. Isn't that bad enough?
They have had anonymous nobodies claim on social media they abuse people. Big difference

No. 1158057

Wait wat? What is this about?

No. 1158058

What wedding PR? They haven't even made an official announcement they are married. If it was for PR purposes they fucked that up.

No. 1158060

ERW is anonymous nobody now? She told Lindsay tried to blackmail her.

No. 1158064

I'm just wondering if she's actually talked to the other victims before stirring the pot. Those recordings of him talking about ERW and their relationship could've been triggering to hear? It couldve been something Evan didn't want out there? Same with Esme who hasn't even fully came out with her story publicly. Not to mention THE NATURE of her reaction in the video. She is agreeing with him in most of these recordings. Even if she did denounce her stance, wouldn't that be triggering to hear if you were a victim?

The Lana Del Rey stuff…I live LDR by the way. Like a lot. I know those texts just show who he is as a person but did she once consider the fact that maybe LDR didn't want to be dragged into this or hear about her body being talked about like that? After all, it has nothing to do with the allegations against him.

The recordings were fun to hear but no one NEEDS to prove anything when there's an entire investigation going on, WHEN he's found guilty that'll be all the proof the public needs.

No. 1158066

Lindsay 'call my Caitlyn' Warner

No. 1158068

average person here does including you lmfao

No. 1158069


That's bollocks. He only brought Lindsay back into the public eye when Evan got ready to push the Phoenix Act. And she began to speak out about it about a year before it got pushed through. I'm sure he got alerted that she and Esme got together and tried to go to the cops.

And he also did that photoshoot with Lindsay and Dita at some fashion show right after either Evan or Esme made a lot of noise with her testimony again. He also reached out to Rose McGowan at the time.

No. 1158072

Its a common strategy for someone who had broken away from an abusive relationship.
You know they're coming for you with their lies and will distort every little thing so you try and clean house.

No. 1158073

Lindsay is not trans wtf. There are pictures of her as a little girl with Ashley.

No. 1158076

Are you fr saying that Evan and Esme abused Manson?

No. 1158077

Deepfakes retard. Annie has already told us this

No. 1158081

I of course don't know but the evidence looks overwhelming if you look at it without biad

No. 1158082

do you really believe she's a tranny?

No. 1158083

What evidence? Go sleep it off.

No. 1158084

The same ano kicking day after day the dead horse about Annie agreeing with Manson on a tape (which she explained like two threads ago) and that she shouldn't have posted him calling LDR fat (yeah we get it. Its your opinion).

No. 1158085

Its an open secret just like oprah being lesbian

No. 1158087

Stfu, Brian.

No. 1158088

My bad, misunderstood what op you were referring to.

No. 1158090

How has there not been a ton of leaked photos of sex acts going on backstage, parties and mansons house?

No. 1158092

They make people give their phones away before they go in to see him. I imagine it was the same with cameras way back.

No. 1158094

File: 1612974024023.png (64.69 KB, 1182x524, 5.png)

We going after kiddie raper John 5?

No. 1158097

Bullshit. I've watched some yt interviews of John5 and you can tell he's not down like that

No. 1158098

>>1158058 she probably badgered him into it because the plan was to marry then for pr purpose but covid messed up the public wedding. They were def going to do a big public wedding after lockdown.
>>1158069 yep every time something happened with evan he brought lindsay into the spotlight. Only reason he married lindsay was to show he's capable of a "stable" long term relationship, kej

No. 1158099

I'm sure it's also because she can choose not to testify against him in court, she got some generous hush hush money and status in exchange for staying quiet, and it also looks like he might legit need a caretaker. She leads him around by the hand and wipes his mouth for him.

No. 1158100

I was thirteen when I was invited backstage at a Marilyn Manson concert. His handlers noticed me in the pit and asked me to leave my sister Sarah behind while the band was still playing, these men in suit asked me to just follow them. We walked through long corridors and they led me to his dressing room where I had to wait for quite a while I was told. The room was really cold and as I was dressed in my light metalhead gear, I felt so so cold. While waiting and being bored, I went through the furniture in the room. The room itself was beautiful and what you would expect from a guy like Marilyn Manson, it had this mysterious Twin Peak-esque mood with red clothes covering the wall and dim electric lights at different places in the room. I will not lie when I say it was quite exciting, I found a lot of his sketches in the drawer. It was probably something he drew in the bus during the day. But as I kept looking, I was shocked, I found a little box filled with Nazi memorabilia. My hands were trembling while holding these dreadful items, I couldn't believe what I saw. I know my grand-grandfather fled to America in order to escape the tyranic nazi regime before WWII and he often told me about what happened to his brothers. I was in shock, Marilyn Manson was an rotten anti-semite, something that goes against anything his public persona led me to believe. I took the small swastikas in my hands and with a closer look, I noticed white fingerprints on it, but couldn't figure out why. Then, all of a sudden, I started hearing the plastic sound of platform shoes hitting the concrete floor of the corridor outside. He already finished performing, I was so captivated in my thought that I did not realize the pounding of heavy metal music through the wall had stopped. In a hurry, I closed the box and bluntly shut the drawer. Too bluntly, unfortunately. As he opened the door, he saw me in a cloud of white dust. He had prepared his lines for the night under the mirror before going on stage! I felt at the same terrified and shameful because of my indiscretion. I betrayed my idol by going through his things and by the look in his eyes, I could see he was very mad. He grabbed the bottle of absynthe in the dresser near the door, took a few sips and broke the bottle on the floor. He yelled "What do you think you're doing girl? I could call the cops right now!" I replied "No, please, I didn't mean to intrude, I didn't mean to be nosy!" He was visibly very upset, even through his makeup, I could see that his face was turning deep red. He waited for a moment, and then finally said "Alright, alright, how old are you? … Hmm, no, it's better if you don't tell me anything." He walked into the room and sat on the chair. "Do you realize how much this blow cost me? Do you have the money on you to repay me?" I was shaking I didn't realize what I had just done, I destroyed his fix for the night and probably cost him a lot of money, a lot more than anything a teenager like me could earn in a several month working at the restaurant. "How do you think you can repay me? … Wait a minute… Did you GO THROUGH MY STUFF!!!?" He raised his hands and covered his face, I could see the embarassment, I could see the shame he felt. "This isn't me, OK? I'm not a fascist, this is just me collecting things, people collect stamps, I collect these things, there is nothing more to it." I shook my head, I tried to make him understand that it didn't matter to me, I wouldn't tell anyone. "Listen, I know you are probably attracted to me, a lot of my fans are, there's one way we can sort this problem." I felt some relief, but then I looked at this man dressed in old school suspenders, his make up smeared by sweat and an evening of rock'n'roll catharsis, and all of a sudden, I felt petrified "This isn't good" I thought "What is he going to ask me?" "I will need compensation and I need leverage, do you understand?" He said with his soft and deep voice. "Are you a virgin, darling?" I blushed. "I promise I will be kind to you, here, have a sip, it will make you feel more comfortable" He extended a bottle of Mansynthe to me, he had a whole stash under his chair. "Normally, you need to some preparation, but I'll forgive you this time if you consume it like a philistine" As I sip the bottle, I saw him open another drawer and take out small movie cameras. As he slowly set up the camera, he explained to me "Listen, I'm not a monster, I will not take your virginity from you." I acquiesced shyly. "Have you heard of sodomy? This is not what people think it means, sodomy is just any sexual act that is not procreative." I was stunned, no one ever spoke to me so crudely. "Sodomy is often practiced by faggots and straight couples when the woman is at her angriest, if you see what I mean." My entire body was shaking, I couldn't stand these homophobic and misogynistic remarks, even at this time, in the late 00s, young people of my generation were sensitive to these issues. As I raise my head, I felt another shock go through my entire body when I saw his face grinning, you know what grin I referring to. He was getting off of upsetting me. Suddenly, he started chuckling and while containing his laughter, he said "Hee hee, Imma do you in your BUNGHOLE! Hee hee, I'm gonna score tonight!" I couldn't believe it, this was so childish of him, how could have I been so wrong about him, all this time, I bought into his public persona, I read his lyrics, I studied his interview, I check every book and movie he mentionned, I tried to imagine what his intellectual and cultural life would look like, I imagined him being hungry for knowledge, I wanted to keep up with him, I dreamt of having deep conversation with him. But in the end, this is what I faced, a depraved clown. At that point, all attractions I could have had for him left me and I started to dread the few hours I was about to experience.

OK, here it is for tonight as you can see, this is going into a very dark place. Sorry if the writing is a little shaky, american isn't my native language.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1158102

If literal soyboy J5 is a rapist then I will eat my shoe. If I remember correctly, Manson and Twiggy regularly mocked him in interviews because he didn’t pull the rockstar shit backstage like they did. I don’t even think the guy drinks.

No. 1158104


Can the mods please do something about this little shit? He's so fucking annoying.

No. 1158105

Not even good fanfic

No. 1158106

I will mention though. I've been sexually assaulted a few times and everytime its shocking. The way I usually end up looking at it is- I've always looked up to the person and maybe it was my fault for being involved with them and ignoring the red flags.
I'm the type of person to look up to people who do things seemingly for show so when they end up hurting me I'm like "this is a game right? You're just kidding about what just happened right?"

It's probably because I've never met anyone who wasnt on either the extreme side of sjws or edge lord.

So in my mind an edge lord who just sexually assaulted me is still valid

which is terrifying

but maybe also why a lot of people didnt and still have not come forward.

What I'm saying is there are lots of toxic behaviors we ignore that lead to bad things happening and people doubting themselves because "I'm smart but I got raped??? By a friend????" Is a real feeling people actually feel.(blogpost)

No. 1158107

She def was married to keep from testifying + damage control on his public image. This time when she reappeared she had a lot of work done on her face and breast implants, also very expensive clothes, she was definitely getting pay day for this

No. 1158108

I believe it. John 5's a Hoe. Got his dick sucked in the "God is in the TV" video. Just as trashy as the rest.

No. 1158109

He is said to be drug and alcohol free like forever. One of the reasons Manson disliked him so much.

No. 1158111

Link please or this is fake. I couldn't literally find anything with google search.

No. 1158112


By “deep fakes” she is not meaning those shitty animated pictures he does of people with his own voice because those are clearly not deep fakes and I’m cringing super hard. There was one of Lindsay that was floating around for a long time.

No. 1158116

Samefag still not sure she knew that was the deal though. She def knows about the assaults, but I suspect Manson love bombed her hard to get her in line and her to marry him. It's what she was after the whole time and now he can try to use it to his advantage.

No. 1158120

There is a backstage footage (during Mechanical Animals?) where John 5 is talking with a female fan on the backstage and showing her how to play guitar or something and Manson mocks him and says "John talks to any girl with tits" etc.

No. 1158121

zombinatrix on instagram posted the john 5 thing. She's got tapes!

No. 1158128

File: 1612975482304.png (541.84 KB, 821x557, zombinatrix.PNG)

No. 1158129

File: 1612975488013.png (30.79 KB, 365x372, 52.png)

zombinatrix claiming she isn't throwing 5 under the bus. In the interview she says he didn't know the girl was 16 until after. After he found out, he said "you don't fuck like a 16 year old"

No. 1158130

John 5 first story partial transcript:

“I went with my roommates girlfriend who was 16 to the show and afterward , because you know, because I had already met him before and talked to him before, uh, Brian that is, I just you know again, went right to the, around the tour bus and Brian was nowhere in sight but John 5 approached and was, you know flirting with us.

Now John 5, does not, or at least at the time, did not drink, did not smoke, did not do drugs. He was definitely older than us… Invited us back to his, I guess it was his hotel room. I don’t think it was his home. Invited me and a girl named Bree (sp?) who was 16 at the time. Never asked our ages, never asked our ages. To have a three-some with him and we did.“

Later after being told the girls age he responded with

“Ah, I didn’t know, 16 year old girls don’t fuck like that”

No. 1158143

File: 1612976293797.png (370.96 KB, 941x564, zombinatrix2.PNG)

No. 1158145

wth, you don't believe me? What would it take for you to take me seriously. Obviously, you didn't hear the rest of the story, but know that I'm suffering from it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1158152

So she’s saying she isn’t throwing John under the bus but he’s admitting to sleeping with a 16 year old girl.

You don’t get to pick and choose who you are disgusted by if you are making a point about men sleeping with underage girls.

No. 1158167


Another partial transcript.

On Brian’s abuse:

“He doesn’t just do it to girls, as I said he was hurting Johnathan as well. So he was doing this to a lot of people. He is as abusive and sadistic as he can be and he likes degrading people and he likes humiliating them and making them feel like they’re worthless.

That’s what he does. That’s what he gets off on. Because you know why? He’s a coward and he’s weak and he knows it. He’s an ugly person inside and out.”

No. 1158169

This John 5 thing ain't getting any traction. Rob Zombie is untouchable. The metal golden boy.

No. 1158170

>>1158169 Also J5 has a golden reputation. One "oopsie" didn't know she was 16 won't bring him down.

No. 1158189

What dirt does she have on that video?

No. 1158215

Whatever happened to Magalyn going live to discuss all her “truths”? Did she get scared when literally everyone pointed out she has zero proof she’s ever even met this dude?

No. 1158217

File: 1612981916331.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 7E312A7D-4BDC-4041-865D-B8555C…)

Yessss Esme

No. 1158225

File: 1612982955745.jpeg (332.59 KB, 750x863, D174FB6A-6C05-4C7A-9859-F503F6…)

Was just gonna post that. Lol @ this

No. 1158229

File: 1612983295468.jpg (897.03 KB, 804x2870, 20210210_195514.jpg)

Interesting bit right there. Confirms that a lot of people who cane forward won't release what they have because it might be part of a potential investigation

No. 1158231

Oh, finally.

Can someone clarify the timeline? In 2011, he would have been dating Lindsay for 2 years, and he also was engaged to Evan in either 2009 or 2010? So what he just kept Esme in a cupboard the entire time and also fucked a bunch of women in his studio? WTF.

No. 1158232


“ Bianco spent roughly two months living with Manson, drinking heavily to cope. She was often in a dissociative state, “hovering above life like I was looking at it through a net curtain,” she says, raising her hands in front of her face. Once, she remembers, he repeatedly cut her torso with a knife. “I just remember laying there, and I didn’t fight it,” she says. “It was kind of this final-straw moment where I had lost all sense of hope and safety.” He sent a photo of her cuts to Walters and one of his bandmates at the time, with the subject line “See what happens?”

Bianco says she was terrified and like a lot of domestic-violence survivors, she might have developed a kind of Stockholm syndrome that warped her reality. She recently found a text message she had sent to Manson about her cuts and bruises. “Everytime I move they hurt so good thinking of you,” it reads. “Now, when I think about that, I’m so ashamed,” she says. “I was desperately trying to please him and to keep myself out of trouble.”

Let’s hope those emails and photos still exist.

No. 1158236

She has. Illma Gore followed her first. She only cut Manson out last month. She already named him her abuser which…implies abuse. She has every right to speak as the other victims. Abuse is abuse. If it’s only been a month, it’s probably still insanely tough to process whatever happened.

No. 1158237

File: 1612983675945.png (72.97 KB, 235x279, Basedson.png)

>creepy satanist does creepy shit
wow, who could have seen that one coming?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1158238

File: 1612983701474.jpg (579.33 KB, 808x2051, Screenshot_20210210-200100_Bra…)

So not all fake violence then…bloody fucking hell

No. 1158244

File: 1612983975817.jpg (450.15 KB, 808x1308, Screenshot_20210210-200556_Bra…)

Well the journalist have seen them so apparently yes. See >>1158229

More caps

No. 1158248

File: 1612984077530.jpg (195.88 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20210210-200353__01…)

Ellen Von Unwerth stands up for her boy Bri

No. 1158251

File: 1612984259745.jpeg (472.23 KB, 1182x1123, E2D93917-7711-418A-A45F-22B2F0…)

Hopefully they do not allow the predator Brian Warner the same fate as Jimmy Savile. To escape justice in death or worse in obscurity unscathed legally in drunken stupor with a I Got Away With It grin.

No. 1158253

Tbh that article is terrible. It makes their relationship and all the abuse look consensual. The one who wrote is a complete idiot.

No. 1158254

Are you claiming Manson’s an abuser because he’s a Satanist? Fuck off.

Manson is not associated with the CoS. He’s an abuser because he’s sociopath.

No. 1158256

File: 1612984496142.webm (1.01 MB, 426x240, NikoNikoIchi.webm)

Marilyn Manson raped me at a concert in 2002!!!!

No. 1158258

>dates a satanist
>be surprised when he's into kinky shit
Just kill yourself, thanks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1158259


“ Once, she remembers, he repeatedly cut her torso with a knife. “I just remember laying there, and I didn’t fight it,” she says. “It was kind of this final-straw moment where I had lost all sense of hope and safety.” He sent a photo of her cuts to Walters and one of his bandmates at the time, with the subject line “See what happens?”

Sounds like real nice and consensual play between loving adults. /s

No. 1158261

File: 1612984675452.webm (721.51 KB, 1170x1170, LEAKED Marilyn Manson Audio fr…)

>"Cancelled? That's funny I don't… FEEL cancelled."
Clearly the mob has failed. More people are listening to him now than they had in years. Also trying to cancel a guy for things he's been loud and out about for decades now is just retarded.


No. 1158265

That shit is not sexy, cool or macho. It's a sad schizophrenic man draining the life energy out of everyone around him.

No. 1158271

File: 1612985243463.jpg (471.98 KB, 810x1421, Screenshot_20210210-202634_Bra…)

Kek at the MM fuckboys still trying so hard to derail the thread everytime more details of the cow come up.
More caps

No. 1158272

File: 1612985267773.jpg (75.23 KB, 754x504, Promo11.jpg)

Manson's bedroom (house he had with Dita) - he'd broken up with Dita and was dating Evan - Prayer kneeler is against the wall that Esme talks about in her interview

No. 1158273

>>1158244 wow this is human trafficking

And also "the actress has been interviewed by the FBI and gave agents evidence that could potentially be related to human trafficking and sex crimes. (An FBI spokesperson told me that, “We never confirm or deny investigations.”) Ellwanger is also looking at the case through a trafficking lens, since he says Manson had paid for her ticket to L.A. under the guise of shooting a music video." Get him!

No. 1158276

File: 1612985412862.jpg (568.59 KB, 809x1694, Screenshot_20210210-203004_Bra…)

More caps

No. 1158279

File: 1612985594520.jpg (262.56 KB, 1362x616, G8M7LSj.jpg)

Manson was living here during 2010/2011

No. 1158280

File: 1612985597601.jpg (540.15 KB, 1077x1628, Screenshot_20210210-203320_Bra…)

There were witnesses of these attacks which somehow is reassuring
A fucking axe though

No. 1158281

Your boy Manson is already done. No record label, no manager, no talent agency.
Whiteness and evidence. Keep crying though.

No. 1158288

File: 1612985860292.jpg (617.19 KB, 799x2049, Screenshot_20210210-203720_Bra…)

No. 1158290

File: 1612985971559.jpg (474.87 KB, 810x1314, Screenshot_20210210-204003_Bra…)

Well…MM is toast.

No. 1158291

Anons here know A LOT about him and we are pretty much educated about how abuse starts and continues but a regular person who's gonna click on the headline will most likely think it was kinda consensual. I'll tell you how random people will read it:

>He explained that it would be shot on a flip camera for a home-video feel and would involve Manson “kidnapping” Bianco in his home. “I need to have a victim/lover,” he wrote in an email. Bianco believed that the job would be strictly professional. “You are gonna have to pretend to like being manhandled by me. Sorry,” Manson emailed her a few days before the shoot. Once she arrived, she says, the line between art and reality immediately blurred.

He told her what he wanted to do to her and she came to his house voluntary.

>Bianco was terrified but tried to calm down by telling herself, It’s just Manson being theatrical. We are going to make great art.

They'll say She didn't object him at all. She didn't let him know that she didn't want that.

>She felt sad to leave Manson and considered her wounds to be proof of their bond.

Nuff said here. Many people will just ignore the line "On some level, she knew what had happened wasn’t BDSM; she says they hadn’t discussed consent or safe words, which she knew from both personal experience and the fetish performers in her circle were crucial for safe power dynamics."

>Bianco told her matter-of-factly about the cuts and bruises as if they were “just part of the biz.”

>Manson would visit her on his trips to London and arrange for her to travel and stay at hotels in L.A. (“Get your lingerie and heels ready,” he wrote in one email.)

They will say smth like that shit was regular and she never declined to meet him again. I assume many people will also blame her for cheating on her husband.

>To help with the immigration paperwork, his team gave her a written agreement saying she would star as a nurse in his “forthcoming feature film,” Phantasmagoria, with rehearsals starting in mid-July.

His retarded fans already say the victims use and used him to benefit their career. There it's written he promised to help her with visa and star her in his movie.

His assistant says in the beginning of the article : " “I was basically giving him a schedule of who’s at what hotel,” says Walters, who recently alleged that she too was a victim of Manson’s. “I didn’t know how far the violence was going at the time."
In the middle of the article: "The former assistant adds that the singer’s room contained a closet-size glass-walled space he called the “bad girl’s room that Manson could lock from the outside."
Ppl will assume she knew. How is that possible she knew about the room, probably saw their scars (bc she arranged the meetings and probably drove them back to hotels from his house).

>She recently found a text message she had sent to Manson about her cuts and bruises. “Everytime I move they hurt so good thinking of you,” it reads. “Now, when I think about that, I’m so ashamed,” she says. “I was desperately trying to please him and to keep myself out of trouble.”

Many people will read it like "she liked it back then, probably enabled him and NOW, ten years later, she thinks it was not okay"

>she might have developed a kind of Stockholm syndrome that warped her reality.

Might have developed?
A kind of?
She's been diagnosed with PTSD. If she's been to psychiatrist, they would have diagnosed her with SS too. The wording is terrible.

The article is a lot of milk for anons but it's a huge failure if they wanted make sure regular people understand it was not consensual and it was abuse.

The journalist is a moron who doesn't know how to deliver information properly.

No. 1158293

It's good to know they are at work.

sorry for typos if any. dialing long texts is not my fav thing.

No. 1158295

File: 1612986106593.jpg (363.26 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20210210-204217_Bra…)

No. 1158297

I totally see what you mean, anon. It's definitely terribly written but it's a start. Also confirms a lot of things we supposed about evidence and fbi

No. 1158298

Better quality video of Manson beating Evan

No. 1158301

Is that even Evan? It's obviously gross no matter who it is.

No. 1158304

"I need to have a victim/lover"

Should be his new pick up line.

No. 1158310


definitely her

No. 1158311


In the biography he brags about a woman who "wanted" to get beat backstage and in fact I should say women because there are so many stories throughout about him and/or band, roadies, management assaulting these willing victims.

I honestly am beginning to feel like his biography is one big tell all from his perspective so he can have the upper hand against his victims and claim they wanted it.

The video is likely theatrical but a telling tale of past experiences punching out women for fun.

No. 1158312

"Within roughly a week, Bianco had left her husband and moved from London to Manson’s West Hollywood apartment. She says there was a very brief honeymoon period during which Manson showered her with attention, but he soon began to control every aspect of her life."

K, so leave or don't go at all.

No. 1158323

>control every aspect of her life

That’s a common theme many victims have stated. Groomed her into thinking he’s a nice guy before turning psycho and cutting them off from friends and family. When she moved into his apartment she didn’t know the extent of his behavior before it was too late.

No. 1158350

Age of consent is still 16 in most states. This has no substance.

No. 1158358

Evan: an imbecile that claims she was a teen in order to make her story more dramatic. She knew full well what she was doing. She destroyed a marriage and then lived off the fame of the man she brainwashed with her lolita garbage.

Corey Feldman: an idiot that doesn't understand an adult can't be groomed.

Charlyne Yi: An idiot riding on the coat tails of other people's allegations, who thinks anything said towards her is "white supremacism"

The random accusers on social media: nobodies looking for clout, parroting the same story over and over.

Rose McGowan: a coward who doesn't believe Evan but stands with her to avoid cancelation.

You all: a bunch of misandrist dipshits with no life. Fuck you all and the whores that gave birth to you.

No. 1158366

Kek at MM fuckboys losing their shit. If you're the best defense he's got, your rapist idol is toast.
Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

No. 1158367

File: 1612990813928.jpeg (487.99 KB, 1242x2086, 5E2161C9-912F-4AA7-B073-7E2C0B…)

Mansinthe still on sale on the distillery site.

Any Germans able to write to the distillery to make sure they are aware of all the allegations and links to these threads.

Brian Warner can no longer be supported and enabled.

No. 1158372

tbh, the fact that Charlyne Yi thinks she has any relevancy to any of this or that she experienced "abuse" is pretty cringe. So is the Love Bailey thing. Can't decide a joke that happened 10 years ago is suddenly traumatic. The fake crying in her video is so embarrassing.

No. 1158373

>Manson about her cuts and bruises. “Everytime I move they hurt so good thinking of you,”
So it turns out Brian was actually telling the truth that it was consensual.

No. 1158377


why is this thread so cancerous all of a sudden

No. 1158379


Manson: an aging, bloated alcoholic loser with drug-induced seizures who is still riding off of his peak from 1999 that calls rando women he barely knows in Canada to whine and complain at 3am in the morning because he can't tolerate being alone for even a minute and hates the actual people that he has surrounded himself to the point of trashing his own marriage in a song lyric. What a great way to live your life.

No. 1158383

Come on anon, don't be shy, use the full quote for context.

>She recently found a text message she had sent to Manson about her cuts and bruises. “Everytime I move they hurt so good thinking of you,” it reads. “Now, when I think about that, I’m so ashamed,” she says. “I was desperately trying to please him and to keep myself out of trouble.”

>In retrospect, Bianco doubts she would have accepted any help. “I think I would have made excuses for him,” she says. “I was in survival mode at that point, and my brain had taught me to be small and agreeable.”


No. 1158386

Top kek

Everytime MM's victims release more info, MM fans lose their shit and lash out. It's a cycle.

No. 1158393

>I honestly am beginning to feel like his biography is one big tell all from his perspective so he can have the upper hand against his victims and claim they wanted it.
Probably because they did want it. Just because its the current vogue to pretend women are pathetic creatures who have no agency over their choices, doesn't mean it is correct. History will judge these women and society harshly.

No. 1158394


Probably just selling off old supply

No. 1158395

Nah, every time MM's "victims" say something that doesn't compare in the slightest to actual rape and abuse and it still gets held to the same standard is just fucking insulting.

No. 1158397

File: 1612992191531.jpg (19.22 KB, 184x234, FredandRoseWest.jpg)

Poor Linds thought her and Hamson were Dali and Gala. More like Fred and Rosemary kek

No. 1158404

File: 1612992391260.jpg (165.23 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20210210-222533.jpg)

Manson's ex bassist supports Esme

No. 1158405

And they think derailing a lolcow thread is going to save him. FB shut down the main fan group MMC and the Manson Reddit is more supportive of victims now. They bring their tinfoil here because they’re running out of options.

No. 1158414

>According to Bianco, who says she entered into a relationship with Manson in 2009 when she was 26 years old, the singer first became violent with her while shooting a music video for the song "I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies." Though Manson initially said the role would require Bianco to "pretend to like being manhandled by me," during production Bianco says he whipped her, tied her up with cables and used a vibrating sex toy on injuries.
Wow. Marilyn Manson sounds like a monster

>After the shoot, Bianco and Manson began an affair, and she moved in with him in 2011.

And there it is

No. 1158415


imagine being an adult in 2021 and believing misandry has the same effect as misoginy. go back masturbate to porn 24/7 since you're braindead rotting already

No. 1158419

File: 1612993025212.jpeg (71.63 KB, 1451x206, 6DB60DC7-795E-4E1E-95DB-2D6E8D…)


No. 1158425


Your shit comment may turn out to be correct but what a gross backtrack in time that would be. To ignore a societal issues with consent and violence towards women and chalk it up to "bad choices" tells me you're no genius and missing the big picture. You also probably have a dick.

No. 1158427

File: 1612993255408.jpg (229.48 KB, 1080x1106, Screenshot_20210210-223709__01…)

Holy shit Christiane Amanpour interviewing Phoebe Bridgers about Manson and the industry as a whole. This is going to start a huge, long overdue change in the music industry.

No. 1158429

Gosh, that bedroom looks like a hoarder's lair.

No. 1158430

File: 1612993344728.jpeg (116.31 KB, 1598x324, A81F0BF8-6F7F-44FB-9F8A-C5C778…)

There was a witness.

No. 1158433


Imagine being an adult in 2021 and being so fucking stupid you think all accusations on social media are true. Go fuck yourself cunt bang.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1158436

>>1158433 did you just learn those bad words on the school yard today little one? Kek

No. 1158438

Imagine being so obsessed with an idol you ignore facts to defend him.

There are witnesses and evidence

No. 1158441

I guess because of the subject matter, the Ham you Fear….

No. 1158447

How the fuck do you keep evading ban?

Manson fans like Trump supporters approve of alternative facts. Esme never accused him of rape.

No. 1158451

File: 1612994460198.jpg (275.67 KB, 1400x1050, GettyImages_464468309.0.jpg)

The irony is if you side with these woman and their inability to take responsibility for themselves, you literally do more damage to female empowerment than marilyn manson ever did(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1158462

Twiggy's best friend btw. Fucking hypocrites, every single one.

No. 1158466

When has Manson taken responsibility for himself? His wife attempted to blackmail Evan.

12+ women spoke out, witnesses spoke out, ex band member spoke out. There’s an active FBI investigation due to evidence and you’re still in denial. There’s video proof he’s racist and texts of fat shaming women.

Yet you still support him.

No. 1158476

His record label also has Iggy Pop on its roster. The man who fucked Sable Starr when she was a child.
Manson wasn't dropped because they object to his sexual abuse. He was dropped because that's the chic thing to do now.

No. 1158501

File: 1612996368224.jpeg (250.08 KB, 750x655, FD82E5FA-ACF1-42A0-A5B2-A2F8E3…)

Context is Annie’s new post sharing current contact with Manson - plus honorary mention of Lolcow. Kek.

No. 1158504

Lmaooooooooooooo he’s so paranoid about this place and it’s giving me life.

You’re wrong Brian. No ones hating on this girl apart from your pretend anons here. Get a life.

No. 1158505

Jeordie and Fred are nothing to do with it. If you’re basing your disapproval of Jeordie on Jessifart’s 2017 allegations, you really are barking up the wrong tree. There are solid complaints in this shit show, and there are dustscrubbers, hanging on to the coattails of solid complainants. For example…love Bailey. I mean, dragging Fred into it? Please.

No. 1158509

hahaha, i'm drinking manson tears as he lurks here 24/7

No. 1158510

File: 1612996713056.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3840x2160, 2FC2C798-5540-44F1-B3BA-C25F5E…)

Worth pointing out that she can’t with certainty confirm it’s him in the last two. But it sounded enough like him that she went ahead and posted it which I doubt she would do considering the legal tiptoeing happening rn.

No. 1158511

His borderline boomer ass referring to lolcow as snow is sending meeeeeee

No. 1158515

No doubt his record label already knew about the abuse and it’s disgusting it took these many allegations to drop him.

No record label will touch him again though. Not with this tainting him. His record sales have dropped since Born Villain.

No. 1158519

Why is he harassing Annie? She's seems genuinely lovely

No. 1158521

File: 1612997193795.jpg (365.84 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20210210-144612_Ins…)

Another report from a different state.

This is going to be an interesting fallout.

No. 1158523

Manson or his people come here to shit on victims. They did it to Evan, Louise and others, now they're focusing on Annie. Seems they're trying and failing to discredit and start hate campaigns.

No. 1158524

I think the more sensitive and empathetic you are, the more he enjoys manipulating you. That’s what I got out of her open letter to him.

No. 1158531


I like that Annie is slowly dragging him and exposing more and more. I see her game. I doubt she'll drop anything massive on there because her bio now mentions Phoenix Act so that's pretty much confirmation right there that they're all banding together. She'll probably use whatever big thing she has as evidence.

No. 1158532

Also I like Annie. She's sweet. Get lost Brian. Misogynistic prick. We're not here to hate on women smh

No. 1158533

Something I’ve noticed with these trolls - Judd and this one >>1158451 is they easily evade ban. Meaning they’re able to quickly change their IP address. That’s next level.

No. 1158536

No. 1158538

I'm sure in Brian's mind, we're "secretely" fan girls who hate any woman that got close to him and only pretend we hate him because he sleeps around. His logic is never sound. He speaks like a butthurt teenager who was ghosted at the prom.

I wonder what would even make him think we'd hate on these victims or Annie in this case specifically. I hope she knows that what he's saying isn't true. He's such a sleeze.

No. 1158540

I've seen other sites reference this website and users on 4chan have been gloating about pretending to be Marilyn Manson here. A lot of trolls are coming through

No. 1158541

Can you post caps?

No. 1158545


I mean, he's got accusations building up like a mountain rn. Would he really be risking it to send some snarky message? I bet if anything he is quickly working on covering as many tracks as he can. Wouldn't put it past die hard fans tho.

No. 1158546

I didn't take screenshots but this was yesterday when I last saw one. I only had a quick look. Typical 4chan shit seeing a topic they can easily work people up over

No. 1158547

Agreed. With him having late night lawyer meetings he would be trying to lay low. The idea he would be paying anyone is also silly. He has enough diehard fans and trolls willing to cause disruption for free anyway

No. 1158549


You're assume someone like manson has functional critical thinking, which he has been proven to totally lack. I think it's him, that way it is written is not how someone would write to really "trigger" her.

No. 1158553

I believe those emails to Annie are by MM. The shitposts here in don't think are tough

No. 1158554

Watch out, Annie! He is serious. He will and can subpoena it. He did it that other girl!

No. 1158555

>fat shaming
lmao land whale detected

No. 1158556

Same although the first email sounds like Lindsay to me.

Also I think it’s interesting he hasn’t said anything to defend Lindsay and obviously hasn’t allowed her to make a statement. Her name is now in the news and not even a ‘don’t drag my wife into this’ from him? Just a ‘hey I kinda didn’t do it’ and then mums the word on everything else? He never supported her, I guess it’s not surprising he’s still not.

No. 1158557

File: 1612999588109.jpg (52.25 KB, 751x341, 4.JPG)

I'd say most of the trolls are from 4chan.


No. 1158561

If someone on 4chan is using a VPN to impersonate Manson just to fuck with victims they’re should he held responsible. They’re certainly not helping his case.

No. 1158562

I haven't seen any 4chan comments claim to be harnessing any victims directly. Just to come and spam this board to piss us off. But who knows what other chans are doing

No. 1158565

File: 1613000334416.jpeg (144.3 KB, 750x364, 816AAFF2-8D97-40B6-B95B-C39385…)

And this is why you want to remember to crop your pp out, anons…

No. 1158569

File: 1613000501353.jpg (551.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210210-174132_Ins…)

Another representative calling for investigation

No. 1158570

I don’t see anyone claiming to spam lolcow, more like ripping this thread. The support for Manson/victims are mixed.

No. 1158575

File: 1613001337685.png (250.21 KB, 2048x546, Screenshot_20210210-185555.png)

No. 1158576

Why dont the mods delete the troll posts? It distracts from compiling evidence on manson and it can also be very triggering to other survivors.

No. 1158580

Someone did this post on manson sub reddit thinking those are Perou words when actually is this fan account owner opinion with Perou credited for the photo

Manson fans are getting on another level of cringe reactions by now

No. 1158582

moids are retarded at a biological level

No. 1158584

File: 1613001713900.png (313.57 KB, 690x773, imagem_2021-02-10_210228.png)


the text

No. 1158595

“Don't forget to pay a visit to these psychotic retards” is vague and posted soon after someone posted support for Evan. No one says they’re trolling here

No. 1158599

Why don't anons actually ignore and report instead of directly engaging with bait?
This isn't a safe space or a hugbox.

No. 1158604

Yes, I dated Marilyn Manson and Miz McLeary a long time ago. Nothing happened. I was in my 30's. They were in their 20's. It was a hot summer in Miami. He was nice, wrote my postcard, but probably I was too fat. Then I went back abroad. Miz (you might know him as Albania-Superstar "MizzColl") wasn't really around. Nowadays I feel ashamed for what I've experienced. I will be at his trial in Florida and tell it all.
Keep on fighting, my girls from the US!

No. 1158617

Yeah this is now building into a cross-state investigation.
MM trolls or 4chan/incel trolls or whatever can lose their shit all they want. This rapist is going to have to face an investigation.
And not just him.

No. 1158618

Witness, evidence, fbi involved, testimony given etc.
Some of these trolls are gonna have a hard time dealing with reality in the coming months, kek.

No. 1158620


obviously Manson himself or one of his minions(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1158622

I don’t buy it’s 4chan. Annie posts proof that Manson lurks here and suddenly there’s a an excuse it’s not him trolling? The 4chan thread only shows people mocking lolcow.
I don’t trust that shitbag at all.

No. 1158625

Yeah, 4chan, MM minions or his brainwashed, so called "cult" fans, all the same to me. An army of idiots who just reflect the vacuity of MM defense standing.

No. 1158628

Yes, they are idiots!(ban evasion)

No. 1158630

That way of writing "Ha." reminiscent of some of the texts Annie leaked, as well as calling lolcow "snow" (lmao). MM seemed to use it a lot. Could be Lindsay or someone close to him though.

No. 1158632

Not perou, that’s a credit for the photo used in the post, no clue who said that

No. 1158633

The idea manson may be posting here to defend himself is so hilarious.
But go look at the mm subreddit. There's a ton of lunatics defending him while also accusing victims of lying. They can't all be manson. People really are this stupid

No. 1158636

File: 1613006771679.png (337.42 KB, 720x1018, Screenshot_20210210-191243~2.p…)

I don't even know why I'm surprised that she would ask fans to repost that article (the one where Cage confirms their marriage). I thought she was pretending to be classy now?

No. 1158637

You have no proof it’s not him and his victims have reason to think he is.

No. 1158641

I didn't mean to say it was a hilariously stupid idea that he may be posting here. I mean its hilariously sad to think a middle aged washed up rockstar would be posting here.

No. 1158642

File: 1613007180637.jpg (292.62 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20210210-171504_Ins…)

Annie has had to endure hours of listening to rambling, psychotic ego tripping, I trust she's got a good idea of where the ham is at…

No one knows where Lindsay is though and further down the comments Annie mentions once again she is NEVER around.

No. 1158644

@mods have you been able to see anything indication jailhouse brian is posting?

No. 1158645

File: 1613007232033.png (362.84 KB, 750x1334, C2B94031-CAAC-4636-BB2F-F78DB3…)

Lol maybe we can all be more kind brb I have to try and get incriminating photos of my man’s ex

No. 1158646

Somehow, truly hope his fat arse is at least lurking here though lmao

No. 1158647

File: 1613007321120.jpeg (229.01 KB, 750x567, 8553B1F0-8DF0-4E55-B980-F07C16…)

Yes my favorite part of Annie’s posts are the comments where a lot of the real tea is

No. 1158649

>M is bad PR for Johnny…let that sink in
Johnny boy ghosting MM kek.
Top kek Annie.

Lindsay and MM marriage sounds totally bogus and sketchy.

No. 1158653

i want you to think about that logically for a second

No. 1158659

Annie gets an email she suspects is Manson with “even snow is laughing at you” and LKB accused Judd of posting here.

There’s no proof either way unless the FBI investigation comes to a conclusion about the online harassment.

No. 1158662

Im OOTL. Who are Judd and LKB?

No. 1158664

Anyone else experience a resurgence in interest in his music with all the shit coming out? I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life upon listening to his music again with the knowledge of his crimes hasn't negatively impacted my enjoyment, the fact that he's actually evil might even add something to it for me. Hope the victims get the justice they deserve.(no1curr)

No. 1158665


Judd is?/was an assistant of Manson. LKB : louise kay belle, another victim of Manson's abuse.

No. 1158672

WARNING: everyone needs to know this. EXPECIALLY survivors.

I called out a mod of /snow/ for enabling misogyny as they refuse to take down the abusive and hurtful comments on these threads.

No reason given.
I have had to use a proxy website even to post this and the pig has made my webpage back to front.

SURVIVORS please don't go this the submissions here
There are trolls who are making incredibly hurtful images and its not worth it

I hope the owner of this site fires the mods and deletes all offensive material(continual ban evasion)

No. 1158674

File: 1613010976937.jpeg (443.79 KB, 1283x2189, FA56D13F-9F5B-4ED5-B9A8-74807F…)

This felt like a gut punch. Ow.

No. 1158676

This thread is such absolute cancer holy shit

No. 1158685

Comments can be hurtful; not "abusive".
If this space is too much for you then don't use it. This is literally the most toxic board in existence. Nobody is forcing you to use it but yourself.

No. 1158695

That's really, really sad. Fuck Brian. I wish he had a guilty conscience so he can feel guilty for just a second. Creepy, manipulative cunt.

No. 1158703

Yep. This article was stupid as fuck.

No. 1158705

File: 1613015773025.jpeg (303.71 KB, 1149x2055, AEA71B9A-00EC-45CB-BE81-246389…)

No. 1158706


No. 1158708


thanks anon - this is text I found and posted up thread yesterday, good to see Evan picked it up.

No. 1158711

>you have no proof it's not him

classic lolcow mindset

No. 1158721

It’s interesting the nods Evan is giving to Annie. Right after Annie made her original statement (ok 8 hours after) Evan posted about being called a Jew in a derogatory manner. In Annie’s statement hours before she said how Manson called her a fake Jew.

Then Evan linked to the body shaming article in her stories. Most of the article is linked to Annie’s insta.

Then Annie posted iirc about that song from that album and Evan is now posting about it.

There were a few more This week that I can’t remember but Annie, Evan and Esme have some damning evidence.

Illma, Linda, Mansonisabusive and Kelly Blaus follow and like her stuff. Kelly has been tweeting her statements too.

Whatever she has is good I think. The new pic she posted though is Heart breaking. I hope Brian just doesn’t even try cos he can’t. This is one army he won’t beat. He got away with it for long time.

No. 1158724

Rock One magazine that quote is from with Manson on the cover


i can't screenshot it, sorry guys(Imageboard)

No. 1158725

A few days ago, Annie was tagging ERW and others into her posts.
Today Annie gas updated the Phoenix Act link to her profile.
Looks like there's some collaboration going on behind the scenes

No. 1158728

Agree, Killstar dropped him.
The distillery is absinthe.de

No. 1158734

For argument sake, say the most severe claims of rape and physical assault are all false and the abuse is "only" like what Annie reports, Manson is in a terrible PR position.

The general public will largely eventually forgive and forget if that's all it is AND Manson makes clear efforts to make amends.
Just look at former child rapist Rob Lowe and beater-of-women Sean Penn.

IF the abuse is only non physical, Manson needs to speak out asap. Everyone is convinced of rape. If it actually n isn't true, staying silent doesn't stop this being propagated.

For this reason I think the rapes are true. It doesn't make sense to just let people think you're a rapist and INCUR irreparably professional damage.

No. 1158740

Kek this is the funniest dumbass post I’ve read in the multiple years I’ve been lurking on this site

No. 1158741

overall he writes exactly like a 50 year old music industry guy talking to girls

No. 1158744

I've made a complaint to the D4 Cincinnati police today and have given them these links. They said they'll look into it. If Brian has been posting here they'll be able to subpoena it(shitty attempt at cowtipping)

No. 1158772

onision vibes

No. 1158788

Speaking up against any of the victims right now would be an incredibly dumb move. And what he said in a text to Annie about the subpoena, he can’t be that dumb. It’s an empty threat. And if it isn’t, then I feel even more shame to have been a fan of someone that stupid than I did before. I’m the lawyer anon from somewhere above. His best bet is laying low, listening, not being a brat about this and allowing room for things to settle down on every side.

When (I’m skipping the “if”) he does go to court, he can provide his own evidence but his best bet is pleading guilty at this point. Especially because he’s now known as the guy who blackmails people as well as frames and fabricates what he would call evidence.

In other words, he’s royally screwed. FBI, human/sex trafficking, over a dozen rape and abuse accusations, sexual assault of minors and who knows what else. If he goes to jail for any of these, it’ll be a long sentence.

The crazy thing is that the “regular” rape accusations have become the least of his worries. If the trafficking and minor accusations are proven to be true, he can kiss his entire existence goodbye. All these things have surpassed the rumors stage and now carry a good amount of legitimacy.

I don’t give up on many cases, but I’d have walked away from this one by now. Then again, it’s Manson. If his lawyers are as bad as his former reps who wrote that metal hammer statement, I’ll laugh my ass off, call in sick and stay for the tea. This will be a train wreck.

No. 1158795

Just curious, how much time do you think Max Frost will face?

No. 1158803

Yeah he doesn't have plausible deniability. The statement he issued was the worst possible statement an innocent man would issue. The fact he could never even show support to any of his exes when they spoke about being subjected to violence and rape says it all. He could not even support them? He couldn't be supportive in words? That's sketchy as fuck.

No. 1158807

Has Evan Rachel Wood actually accused Manson of rape?
Looking at her statement she's only mentioned very generic abuse and her insta stories only show he has shocking lyrics and was an unpleasant boyfriend.
Has any actual evidence come out about rape or trafficking?
I'm starting to feel like these things were only implied to make the other minor abuses seem worse

No. 1158809

What do you mean?
Multiple ex partners have come out and said they've never seen him do the things ERW claims.
Why would he give support for ERW if she's lying?

No. 1158810

No she did mention rape.
From memory "waking up to the man that claim to love me raping what he believed to be my unconscious body".
It's in her testimony for the Phienix act.

No. 1158812

Not the anon but I remember reading earlier in the thread the trafficking aspect of it is flying women out to visit. Perhaps that can be defined as trafficking?

No. 1158813

Because at this stage she did not name him as his abuser. He was asked in several interview if he supported her, and he could not even be supportive. Same with McGowan. He wasn't even the perpetrator here and he still could not show support for his ex wife. Wtf dude.
And no, Evan not lying.

No. 1158814

Yes young fans being flown to the USA or across states for "entertainment". If true, the FBI will most definitely find evidence (plane ticket, emails from the record company or MM agent, witnesses etc).

No. 1158815

I hadn't listened to her phoenix statement

No. 1158820

File: 1613033278917.jpg (810.01 KB, 809x4589, Screenshot_20210211-094828_Bra…)

Here it is

No. 1158821

The max frost thing cracks me up. When Annie mentioned that I think in her original post, someone else commented at the time saying she had him in her phone under the same name or there was an email with that name. Something like that. He’s such a cliche. Reminds me of my ex. Same old stories rinse and repeat. Bet he makes them sound fresh to his next victim all over just like how I observed my ex doing with this girl at my brothers wedding.

Brian is the type who would for sure be an incel if he wasn’t a rockstar. He loves to come off as super SMRT but you don’t have to dig deep to see how hollow his actual intelligence is. Eugh ok he’s a lot like my ex. Charming, smart on the surface, funny at first but once your sucked in………………(blogging)

No. 1158825

Did ur ex also abuse multiple women?

No. 1158828

Not sure. I didn’t mean as evil as Manson. I was only thinking of the initial charming personality part of it that wins you over and then you discover they’re a psycho. But you’ve got a good point. That was in poor taste.

No. 1158831

My ex was also a (diagnosed) narcissist, quite a hell ride. I remember some things that we all need to look out for and that had consistently found on MM stories:

(i) They talk trash about their exes -in order to make you believe you are so different, though.
(ii) Lovebomning; texts all day, small gifts, even money if they can afford to -this is not normal if you just met, just finish the fairytale.
(iii) Small-steps toward progressive control; dominating the whole conversation, choosing what to do, what to watch, eventually what you read and how you should talk -to the people claiming victims should have left sooner, they really have an art for pushing boundaries.
(iv) Triangulation; either with other women or past relationships.
(v) Anger issues; to the point it's just best to let them get what they want -from money to sex.

This is the first time I post by the way, but have been reading this whole thread since ERW named MM as her abuser. Couldn't say it was a surprise, but did make me think a lot about the way culture is changing.

Anyway I am rambling! Sorry.(armchair / blog)

No. 1158834

>1.3 Do not engage in armchair psychology or attempt to diagnose a subject.
Quit armchairing about Manson having NPD and stop blogging about your exes.

No. 1158835

That's a moronic as fuck argument. I'm not saying his innocent or not but if you were being falsely accused of something would you be "supportive" to your accusers? Don't be so naive.

No. 1158837

I am cringing so fucking hard. This reads like a horoscope. These descriptions are so vague they could apply to any argument from any relationship. "Your boyfriend is buying you gifts? BE CAREFUL HE'S AN ABUSER" - lolcow 2021

No. 1158841

Anon was talking about before anyone named Manson or accused him. Learn to read.
Also learn to sage.

No. 1158854

take the hint then, please leave and never return. for fucks sake.

No. 1158856

Exactly, thank you.

AYRT. Reading is not your strong suit, anon. Sage your shit.

No. 1158860


Not sure what your point is, you're clearly just misrepresenting the post.

No. 1158863

File: 1613041433668.jpg (71.76 KB, 474x646, 1612276566829.jpg)

No. 1158864

Oh look. Retard meme-anon is back.
Welp you all, case closed, MM can walk free. They have memes. Game over.

No. 1158867

Lmfao if this is the Manson army, the girls got this locked down.

No. 1158878

Yeah her article didn't seemingly detail anything illegal, except maybe the axe thing which was pretty fucked up. But will people even read the article, or just make their mind up based on the headline?

No. 1158881

Her article detailed human trafficking, which is definitely illegal

No. 1158897

File: 1613050549630.jpg (562.55 KB, 1440x2530, 163774234568.jpg)

@mansonisabusive have just dropped perhaps the most incriminating evidence yet.

Marilyn Manson is attracted to pale women with black hair and red lips.

No. 1158905

So, he's basically saying he doesn't like woc, confirms he's a racist. Not cool, not cool.(racebait)

No. 1158907

People have said that he fetishizes race though.

No. 1158909

Having a preference doesn’t make someone racist, but fetishizing a race does.

No. 1158910

I know this ano tried to make mansonisabusive look bad, but my first thought was why the hell Brian needed to bring Hitler into the convo, that weirdo. Well obviously because his favorite thing of that colour besides Mickey Mouse and Dita skin walkers is Hitler. Red and black flag of Nazi Germany (with red background and black swastika) and white like white supremacy of Nazi ideology. Sure this nothing and Brian is not into Nazis though, he posted a BLM photo once. /s

No. 1158911

>i met marilyn manson and nothing happened but it totally could have
This is stupid

No. 1158912

File: 1613052735916.jpeg (906.87 KB, 1242x1376, 796A4BC3-721F-47F7-8019-EE1E4E…)

No. 1158913

Like I’m not attracted to black males, but that doesn’t make me racist. Manson is a sick fuck who is fetishizing people of color.(no1curr)

No. 1158914

File: 1613053270270.png (4.12 MB, 2208x1242, E0623041-A6D0-4A1D-85B8-A85D12…)

No. 1158916

File: 1613053373033.png (4.22 MB, 2208x1242, 48CB0156-9E93-475F-9036-BA1F2D…)

No. 1158917

>Manson has a preference. Is racist.
>you openly don't like an entire race. Not racist.
Riiiight(continual ban evasion )

No. 1158919

So, if a man who you found attractive woke up next morning looking same but having dark skin you wouldn't find him attractive anymore?

No. 1158925

He's been saying this for 25 years. You should look at more of what he says if you want to freakout.

No. 1158927

Most of the 'Manson army' are also girls.

No. 1158930

If this isn't racism, I don't know what it is. You can't judge people based on the color of their skin. Maybe the black guy has a good heart, but you judge him because of his look.

No. 1158934

that's the majority of posts here
no, it's just the board trying hardest to be toxic
Again, it's a fan. Nobody knows what he's doing right now, probably talking to lawyers rather than spending time on reddit.

No. 1158935

Having a preference isn’t racism. Some people do care about looks anon. Manson does exhibit racist behavior, but not everyone who isn’t attracted to darker skin tones go around screeching the n word like it’s some edgy teen joke.

No. 1158937


This is either Brian or a copycat. Read through the post history. DPDR, Crack, Nazism and a post that’s willfully ignorant defending Brian.

Obviously this could be some edgy wannabe but the idea of Brian sitting in a drugged mess in the morning writing posts about himself on Reddit is top kek

Reposted with cleaner link.

No. 1158938

File: 1613056173206.jpg (41.59 KB, 365x512, unnamejjd (3).jpg)

What a big loss for WOC, lmao.
>This dick is for white women only xoxo
Like…stop already, this is cringe. We already know he's racist. Him not taking advantage of any women or girls that aren't white (that we know of, at least) isn't exactly a smoking gun.

No. 1158939

He has definitely fucked girls who aren't white lol. Stop being so delusional.
You should continue looking for more of his simps to claim as his sockpuppets, maybe it'll get you somewhere.

No. 1158941


Another sock puppet("hi cow")

No. 1158942

I said "that we know of", and also, what would that even change about the situation, lmao? It still wouldn't make him less racist with all the shit he's said/done. He's an ugly pedophile and a rapist, why are people concerned about what kinds of women he fucks?

No. 1158943

I would rather not rent this appartment to a black man, this is not racism, just my preference for tenants, do you see were I'm going with that?
Some black men are really beautiful, you shouldn't be so quick in avoiding them. But maybe it's better for them after all… Your loss…(no1curr)

No. 1158944

NTA but vaginas aren't apartments, you fucking creep.

No. 1158945

I'm so confused. Why is it human trafficking if she travelled international by her own free will? This is lunacy

No. 1158946

nice schizophrenia

No. 1158947


The way you say “definitely” suggests you have intimate knowledge.

Simps suggests you are aware this is not someone close to or by Brian himself. Only Brian or someone close to him would be aware of this.

So we have two possibilities:

1)You are a close friend of Brian and attempting to deflect and spread misinformation/ memes through this series of threads to muddy the waters as much as possible

2)You are the exact same Simp you were referring to.

No. 1158951

People like you are doing a very good job at making people discredit him being abusive. Go away from the computer for a minute then reread the mental retardation you typed.

No. 1158952

I see we got another racist over here. Jesus, I didn't expect that.
"I think You're face is ugly because you're black", yeah, I don't see where's the problem… Do you think it takes more than that for "actual" racist to discriminate?
And it had nothing to do with appartment, don't play dumb, I'm talking about your relationship with the tenant obviously…

No. 1158959

Write these schizo ramblings on your wall, that'll be more enjoyable for you. Nobody is deflecting anything. Also, stop spamming.

No. 1158961



“People like you are doing a very good job at making people discredit him being abusive.”

The evidence is proving him guilty, not anyone else.

You, along with all his other minions will say anything to deflect. Read these threads, again and again Brian’s fans attempt to turn the conversation back on the victims or anons themselves who speak against Brian.

Mental illness, Weight, Nobodies: All typical Brian camp retaliations.

Sigh, weak.

Apologies for the multiple posting. There were a couple of errors. Last time.

No. 1158964

Stop comparing women to inanimate objects creepyanon.

No. 1158969

I already explained in a previous post taht this is not what I meant. Sorry to tell you taht, but you exhibit latent racism.
Listen, my bf is black, and I'm really feeling uncomfortable knowing I spent some time around guys. I don't think I like this discussion.
Tell me frankly, how would you feel if you're biological child was mixed? I know a lot of women who would refuse it and to me, it's the ultimate racist test. If you can't accept chocolate kids, you're a racist, period. No matter what you say.(ban evasion to continue to sperg about black dick)

No. 1158970

Holy derailing Batman. Lets get back to the milk, not these sjw performances.
Why fight amongst yourselves over personal differences when we can roast piece of shit max frost/Brian instead?

No. 1158974

File: 1613059396668.jpg (11.63 KB, 306x306, when sarah jessica parker ente…)

No one cares about your bbc fetish. Please stop posting.

No. 1158978


I'm gonna get banned for this but I agree with you 100%. I just want the tea about Hamson and follow the conversation, but this site is so full off bigotry it makes me cringe. If you base your site on using "autistic" etc as a slur you are just another neck beard site like 4chan. Like you roasting Ham for being a racist, abusive misogynist, but still don't moderate the same shit here?(no1curr, mods still think your posts are autistic.)

No. 1158981

Why should they? A lot of stuff we buy everyday has been created by assholes. It's not against the law. You can buy Hitler-wine, Uncle Ben's, Heinz Tomato Ketchup all around the world. This Absinthe has been even awarded and it's actually very good. It's a free world and should be your own choice.

No. 1158985

So now we ban people for calling out racism, excuse me but what the fuck?
I agree using "autistic" as a slur is very problematic and disrespectful towards autistic people. Who coded the website you're using, bitches?(ban evasion)

No. 1158988

File: 1613061248748.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

go back to tumblr you autistic imbecile

No. 1158992

File: 1613061521787.jpg (194.45 KB, 1080x1606, Screenshot_20210211-080936_Ins…)

Can someone write an employee handbook for rockstars already?

I doubt when they were given all the money, power, sex and drugs and offered to fly women in they ever thought it would be a human trafficking charge.

Ms downfall might actually wake these dick fucks up.

No. 1158997

Provider Module forum is down???

No. 1158998

Probably too many people rushed to lurk kek.

No. 1158999

I'm sorry but real human trafficking is a real prominent issue in the developing world and this bs just waters it down entirely. I don't see how it's fair they can hijack the meaning of human trafficking to what Esme described.

No. 1159000


No. 1159003

File: 1613062930897.jpg (220.68 KB, 1325x549, 0MqMAYn.jpg)

No. 1159007

File: 1613063428983.jpg (632.79 KB, 809x2820, Screenshot_20210211-175717_Bra…)

Sounds like it fits the bill with Esme

>flown under a pretext for exploitation (labour and commercial sex acts)

>sexually abused on set
>video never saw the light of day

See caps for more details. Fits the bill it seems.

No. 1159013

File: 1613063745107.jpg (403.34 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20210211-090513_Sam…)


It certainly is a reach but these dicks need a wake up call.

What idiot subjects a young woman to "BDSM" play without negotiating the scene? Oh wait….every dumbass with small dick syndrome who learned what sex was via Pornhub.

Taken from The Cut article.

No. 1159021

Yeah I agree on all point anon. Kind of a stretch but might be part of a bigger case with younger fans allegedly flown "for entertainment purpose" as seen in previous thread. Probably the part that has triggered lawmakers to request an investigation with the FBI

No. 1159026

I’m starting to feel the same tbh. Its all technicality. Yeah of course Manson was a shitbag to Esme and all the other women making claims, but there is a huge grey area that’s being trampled over to fell the culprit. I don’t doubt that all the women have suffered actual psychological and physical harm, but the “we were under a spell” explanation for why all of this was allowed to happen since the late 90s - including staff who previously enabled his behaviour - doesn’t always hold water. At least, not enough to completely bury Manson. Which, IMO, is not a fitting punishment for the crime.

No. 1159028

Those are my same thoughts. From what I understand about human trafficking… it’s being “forced” against your will.
But what’s very unsettling about all of this is that that some of these allegations are being made -also include “minors”. How were they “flying” in “minors”?

No. 1159029

Isn’t it ironic that that’s what they accused Charles Manson of as well…

Not saying he’s not sus as fuck but he rides the line of culpability oddly well

No. 1159032

But according to this definition, trafficking could mean more than using “force”.

No. 1159037

The only thing I can think of, is that there is some type of trafficking operation going on that could be soliciting minors online, and that’s how they’re finding them.

No. 1159040

You forgot they had romantic relationship and they moved in. The line is blurred.

>but the “we were under a spell” explanation for why all of this was allowed to happen since the late 90s - including staff who previously enabled his behaviour - doesn’t always hold water.

I second that. Like many anons believe Ashley Walters is his victim and it somehow absolves her from being his enabler him and from.. hm.. should I say trafficking women(?). Okay, she is a victim but she should be held accountable too, just like all his team, his PAs, his management.

No. 1159048


They're finding them because now that it is all coming out everyone who had an "experience" with M is coming forward. No doubt some of these people were minors that got a relationship of some sort started with him. Probably online? Annie has mentioned he spend A LOT of time on the internet.

I don't think it is any kind of organized sex trafficking. Probably just him being manipulative and playing into the fantasies of young teen fans, then acting on it with all his rockstar powers.

No. 1159049

Evan and Esmé weren't trafficked. He didn't buy them or force them to fly to LA. They agreed to meet him and move in with him.

No. 1159053

lmfao "HuMaN tRafFiCkiNg".
It is illegal to invite someone to your house now or what? Damn… maybe she should've… uh… not fucking gone lmao

No. 1159056

Their lawyers seem to disagree.

No. 1159059


I think the point is, genius, that they went and he used his position of power to do unspeakable acts to them that were not previously agreed upon.

No. 1159061

Read the definition of human trafficking posted here : >>1158992
She wasn't "invited to a friend's home". She was flown under false promises, put into a situation that was violent/BDSM and akin to sexual exploitation without consent, for a video that was never going to be really used for any purpose.
The fact she was heard by the FBI is telling. Her case might be heard as part of a larger one pertaining to (potentially underage) fans that were flown for "entertainment purpose" by MM management as seen in lawmakers letters to FBI.

No. 1159065

File: 1613067750465.jpeg (158.01 KB, 1153x2071, 060EF5AB-FF5C-415B-B2D7-79D5D4…)


No. 1159073

>You forgot they had romantic relationship and they moved in. The line is blurred.

the definition posted above does include "false promises of well-paying jobs or romantic relationships". But yeah I agree it will be extra hard to make this case given the context.

No. 1159074

> Her case might be heard as part of a larger one pertaining to (potentially underage) fans that were flown for "entertainment purpose" by MM management as seen in lawmakers letters to FBI.

There was a comment on the Edwins Generation video that claimed she worked at a club and M would fly teens girls out.

No. 1159077

>for a video that was never going to be really used for any purpose.
How do we know that? A lot of videos never see the light bc their creators decide not to release. It will be hard to prove.

I want hear Kelly Polk. The actress whom he cast in IWtKYLTDiTM.

No. 1159079

Couldn’t he just release the video now?

It sounds like they made some BDSM “art film” and then I dunno what happened to the IWTKYLTDITM video, another girl was cast?

No. 1159080

Manson does have a history of false start/promised/failed projects.

Holy Wood Novel, Phantasmagoria film, ACSS special edition, Triptych Tour etc.

No. 1159081

It's strange that the video with Kelly Polk is like a copy of that with ERW, camera angles for example.
If Illma sent emails to many women he's ‘dated’, what are the chances she tried contacting Kelly?

No. 1159085

Born Villain deluxe edition my ass.

No. 1159087

He’s no stranger to odd “art films” and considering his idols like Jodorowsky often blurred lines (supposedly including and actual rape a girl in El Topo) I’m curious if Doppelherz (a short he did and included with GAOG) has a sordid history too.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1159095

Jeordie has been Manson's friend for years, they were very close in the nineties, anons posted he was abusive to fangirls and Laney. It's extremely hypocritical of Fred to stay friends with Jeordie while calling out Manson.

No. 1159102

File: 1613070178435.jpg (745.28 KB, 801x3154, Screenshot_20210211-195802_Bra…)


Well more details emerge from Esme testimony here that clarifies some of the questions.
By the sound of it she alleges she was supposed to be at a hotel but instead was locked up with Manson for 3 days at his home, and that she realised there would be no professional crew filming but instead some cameras that he had setup. Apparently she received messages from him while there about his fantasy of raping her, and engaged in violence that was not agreed upon prior to this.
She again states she gave evidence if all that to the FBI (hard evidence from what she says, not just a statement).
More here : https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Culture/marilyn-manson-accuser-esme-bianco-speaks-alleged-abuse/story?id=75778686

No. 1159103

File: 1613070183585.jpeg (99.82 KB, 1406x429, 3588839B-672D-4176-984E-A03B6E…)

Hot Topic stores dropped Manson.

No. 1159121

File: 1613070954801.jpg (990.09 KB, 809x3978, Screenshot_20210211-201554_Bra…)

A bit more on the human trafficking part from the same article

No. 1159122

File: 1613071052204.png (6.1 MB, 4346x3857, nagini.png)

ig ___nagini___

She has footage from his house(?). See her highlight named MM. She posted it a week ago but it wasn't posted here.

>Sent from I bone


No. 1159123

File: 1613071158202.jpg (65.23 KB, 707x495, 7nlw1dl.jpg)


This random girl has proof she actually met him and his orbiters follow her but not Madelyn. KEK.

I wonder how many more women he's had.

No. 1159124

File: 1613071223381.jpg (529.39 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20210211-201919_Bra…)

Evidence given to the FBI, from the same article. Correction, I said "hard evidence" in the first cap put nothing specific is mentioned in this article.

No. 1159131

File: 1613071648914.jpg (66.7 KB, 936x451, S07rqYr.jpg)

samefag again.

2019? Was Lindsay already around?

No. 1159132

The internet has officially found the only woman Brian never abused. Well I'll be. Bravo, bravo.

No. 1159138

File: 1613071888225.jpg (155.58 KB, 938x444, ZphSI22.jpg)

Some pics are disturbing though. Look at the hashtags.


No. 1159145

>after several attempts of being in a romantic relationship, we remained friends.

They were friends and not in a relationship.

No. 1159148

Same anon. Not sure I agree that Ashley should be held accountable however, there needs to be a bit less revisionism going on, particularly from Ashley, Lainey, Torii. In simple terms, throwing stones etc in the name of one progressing their own career/social status at the time.
One of the most resounding impressions about all of this, is that Manson, who, until I grew up, was a symbol of creative expression and intelligent thought for me, comes across more Kid Rock than Kierkegaard in style and substance. He’s a frat boy.

No. 1159150

I wonder what these attempts were like kek

No. 1159159

He may have done it himself but I wouldn’t be surprised if Alan was asked/told to take the forum down, as a number of posts contained incriminating evidence (re-posted from here), with several of them critical of MM (minus his sycophants). Around 2009 when the Heirophant became too critical for gossipy reasons about him being shitty, started turning against him for being a clown, and made ‘libellous’ tags about his drug use (and shitty jokes about shooting him, which gave an easy excuse), the word going around was he came down on Alex hard and had the site ripped down (among other details), which ended up spawning PM and Babalon. I remember MM using Kushner to threaten legal action against fans and ‘not provoke him further’ or some garbage.

Now that those sad idiots lost one of their direct echo chambers, this is the best place for them to white knight a drug-addled, washed up serial abuser.

No. 1159162


Beat-downs, bruises and a broken heart

As for why she still wants to stand up for him, she would have to explain that.

No. 1159165

Ayrt. Unless Jeordie isn’t abusive or a shit person…how about that, eh?
He didn’t treat Lainey badly. She said so herself. One fan girl has accused him of stuff. And then there’s Jessicka…don’t even go there. It’s obvious that Jeordie was thrown under the bus in 2017 to take the heat off Manson. Jessicka felt vindicated about her rape allegations (which she suddenly remembered after having physical therapy on her elbow) because Manson booted him out of the band, not realising that was never about believing Jessicka’s bull shit, but keeping the wolves from his door. And that, anon, is a fact.

No. 1159172

File: 1613073442514.jpg (95.25 KB, 819x398, ginger.jpg)

Has Gingers latest instagram post been discussed here? Thoughts?

No. 1159173

Jeordie was touring with Manson when Manson supposedly locked Laney in his room and made her watch that stupid TV show. Was he okay with his wife being treated like that? Laney used to post that ‘he couldn't handle mental illnesses he gave her’, they also had a daddy-baby relationship, Jeordie was making out with fangirls and made Laney watch them even though she didn't like that, you can check old threads for more.
He was THE CLOSEST Manson's friend for a very long period of time. There were caps saying he and Manson ridiculed fangirls a lot in the good old times. Idk why you defend him.

No. 1159215

File: 1613075673770.jpg (132.39 KB, 1078x482, Screenshot_20210211-213002_Bra…)

Is her love of nazi symbols coming straight from her master?

Also kek at that line, is that a backhanded remark at a certain Lindsay or a plain awful veiled attack at some of MM victims:
>I always paid my bills, because I was never looking for a sugar daddy
>I was never offered to be featured in show-business/modelling

Not sure what this person hopes to achieve. If that's the best defense MM team has, big fucking whoop, he's toast…

No. 1159218

She also wasn’t in a romantic relationship with him and her texts she posted are from 2010.

No. 1159248

File: 1613077446191.jpeg (194.59 KB, 750x855, 458F8565-CF07-4C62-8C31-0A8B53…)

Because things are often more complex than they appear. Take Olivia Jaffe, for example. Friends with Lindsay, and has many mutuals who have liked this post (picrel) yet still follow Manson.

Did we already notice how Judd has unfollowed Manson and deleted any photos with him?

No. 1159294


What is that in her mouth actually

No. 1159311

These girls are so dumb. Posting about their experiences that are obviously much less serious than those who’ve come forward for one, and two making it so obvious he’s been seeing other woman the WHOLE time he’s been with Lindsay. This person was posting about him up until 2019 at the same time M was posting about Lindsay more which makes their relationship look either: fake or: abusive. Congrats on helping your “friend”!

No. 1159345


It’s as if they are speaking of a dog that mauled someone. Their response is usually something along the lines of

“I saw that dog in his yard and he was rolling in the dirt. There’s no way he could bite.”

Or the dreadfully ignorant

“It was a dog, what did you expect?”

No. 1159346

Let's agree to disagree anon.

No. 1159355

Right. And did they ever consider (this girl, Madelyn) that he didn’t want to have serious relationships with them and they’re abuse was him leading them on for literal years being sO sWeEt to them because he likes that attention? Fuck outta here with “he was so nice to me even though I never spent that much in person time with him”

No. 1159360

I’m with you on that. Was a wholesome disagreement. Kek.

No. 1159378

File: 1613083934019.jpeg (710.83 KB, 1242x934, 13077093-4CD7-4E9B-8CFA-426C4F…)

No. 1159379

File: 1613083936492.jpeg (981.81 KB, 1284x1519, 155BE9FF-7D2C-4C91-BC52-673E4A…)

I see his stans are back in full force. In other news, Annie has shared two new recordings where Manson brags about cyber stalking. I’d link but I always get in trouble for linking. It’s the latest post. I like that Esme gave her a shoutout earlier too.

No. 1159384

Can someone transcribe the recordings please?

No. 1159387

This vid is the craziest one to me. He’s so fucked up. Can you imagine finding out that your SO has a whole rundown of your life and he can twist it however he wants for his own benefit? How does he get away with this stuff!?!

No. 1159392


Annie dropping the goods again!

He sounds like trash.

No. 1159393

File: 1613085320118.webm (15.61 MB, 640x640, 10000000_409919540105590_76898…)

recordings reuploaded for posterity

No. 1159396

File: 1613085437975.webm (11.25 MB, 640x640, 148836853_411127293295253_7649…)

No. 1159417

Is this site getting ddos attacks?
This site is now throwing up cloud sever errors messages

No. 1159432

Maybe Brian is just butt hurt and hired his shady peeps to fuck us up? Uh oh I better clear my browser history or he’d find all these crocheting tips and tricks.

No. 1159437

Could native speakers write a summary of what he says? Please!

Do you use a vpn? I do and I have issues when I try to visit the thread via direct link, you should try accessing the page via the previous thread, it works for me.

No. 1159440

Welp, there's him on recording saying he has fraudulently obtained people's social security numbers. Sounds about right.

No. 1159444

Nice tinfoil. It’s a common crash error here.

No. 1159448

Thank you fellow reg anon. Newfags gonna start losing their minds. Kek.

No. 1159450

>fellow reg anon
Oh my god you knew faggots need to chill, a regular user that isn’t some lame old goth lady who has been camping out itt since it started wouldn’t call me a “fellow reg user” ew

No. 1159459

Can't all that shit he claims to be able to ~super hack~ just public information that can be obtained by paying one of information harvesting websites like mylife or some shit?

No. 1159465

File: 1613090799755.png (1.54 MB, 1242x2208, 5256236B-BF4E-49E5-B082-F3C402…)

No. 1159466

File: 1613090848747.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2208, CDE98DAC-EF67-48C8-9C33-324D61…)

No. 1159467

File: 1613090895151.png (1.66 MB, 1242x2208, FA247BF7-33B2-4F03-8314-2131BA…)

No. 1159468

File: 1613090953272.png (1.61 MB, 1242x2208, 66B446B0-8BC6-4D3F-A1C5-0DD890…)

No. 1159469

File: 1613090997358.png (1.72 MB, 1242x2208, 13863086-D4AC-499C-A461-898E5F…)

No. 1159470

File: 1613091036077.png (1.52 MB, 1242x2208, 088F7D2F-194F-47C3-96B3-D201C4…)

No. 1159499

Notice how her passive language removes all of her own agency. Despite being 26 and divorcing her husband, she did not "fly" to the US herself, but "was trafficked".(bait)

No. 1159501


Brian, lurk moar and integrate("hi cow")

No. 1159509


No. 1159516

>everyone I don't like is marilyn manson

No. 1159535

Just knowing this is a fat ex-goth mom behind the screen doing the lolcow equivalent of “how do you do fellow kids” ugh I’m sick

No. 1159550


So, in other words she never left the love bombing courting phase? When you look a little closer, his messages seem more concerned with finding out why she's in the hospital and why he wasn't told about it sooner, than actual concern for her.

No. 1159552

The marilynmansonisabusive.blogspot.com was removed a few days ago, I got a lot of good info from there.

No. 1159555

Yeah and the “he told me stop smoking.” Just like Madelyn saying he told some guy to “never offer her drugs.” That’s not concern that’s control. It’s only concern to girls who want all the men in their lives to be their daddy.

No. 1159591

Lol I did a bit of IG stalking of Annie’s IG and there’s not many pics of her smoking but lately there’s a bunch. I hate the smell of cigarettes and am anti smoking but similar to pro life or pro choice, I’m pro choice on this and it’s her life her body. But we all know Manson hates cigs so it comes off as a dig. Idk why I find that funny but I do. You do you girl lmao

No. 1159592

Also they she started posting smoking pics in November which is when their conflict started apparently lmao it makes me happy only because it probably pissed him off. He’s so weird about trying to change his partners and it’s gross tbh

No. 1159606

They keep saying Mansons type is black hair pale skin but most of these ex’s accusing him are redheads lmaooo is that his way of hating on gingers? Does he treat brunettes better? Why is this guy so weird? I’m fascinated by his dumbassery.

No. 1159643


Shows how easy it is to confuse caring and controlling behavior, even more so when you're inexperienced with romantic relationships.

No. 1159644

It's like when Carrie went behind Aiden's back and had a ciggie. I felt that lol

No. 1159649

True true ‘cept Annie instagrammed it to rub it in “someone’s” face lmaooooo all these 7 hour recordings like where’s Lindsay in all this? When you connect this and then look at lindsays old stories about her having this romantic night but like Brian is nowhere to be seen or she posts a photo from like 2 years ago. Are they even together or? This is funny.

No. 1159652

Cue an overwhelming amount of photos of the two of them being romantic as soon as they can post and pretending none of this is happening. Why do they bother? There’s no good way out of this. Lindsay having her profile still up will only draw attention to the fact that all her followers are bots. I’m surprised it’s still up because it doesn’t take more than 2 seconds to notice that. They’re cringy.

No. 1159653

I know some complained about Annie posts but they have gotten more salty and swete as of late and I'd probably, nah definitely take posts about her shit when its a slow news day if it's remotely related to MM than Lindsay. My blood pressure goes up when I see anything related to her and I hate her almost as much as MM. She's such a fake gross hoe.

No. 1159669

"On May 11th, 2010 a music video for "WOW" was released to Manson's MySpace account. It was directed by Marilyn Manson and consists of nothing more than a two second clip being looped for about six minutes. The clip shows Evan Rachel Wood, in make-up reminiscent of the Black Dahlia, playing with the strap of her dress. According to the video's description it was filmed in 2008, about a year before the album's release, and was a "tor­ture pro­duc­tion tech­nique [Manson] used to write the song with the boys." Presumably this means the video existed before the song itself. Oddly the video continues for over a minute longer than the song."
i wonder if this was part of that
thing manson filmed with erw that he said he could never release. its creepy.

No. 1159692

wow ERW was so cute back then

No. 1159698

I think most people and the media don’t know what to think of Lindsay. She’s clearly abused but she victimized others. They don’t know if they should feel sorry for her or hate her.

No. 1159710

I noticed Annie called her a psycho a few times. She acknowledged that she could be a victim but then mentioned that women can be psychos too and that Manson found his match lol so I feel like at least Annie and Evan would agree that Lindsay is fucked. He could abuse her but she could also be as evil in her own way.

I'm a victim of abuse too and think that all these women deserve justice and Manson needs to go to jail imo but I don't want to label Lindsay a victim just cause the others are. She's not a good person imo and I'd like someone to change my mind on this but I don't even see how. She's so uninspired and dull. Apart from her too photoshoped pics, she looks nothing like in her insta photos irl. She looks haggard in all the public event pics and older than her age. I dont see how they could be together for real. I feel like its a facade.

And tbh even Annie's last post is more entertaining than anything lindsay has ever posted. Not that we should talk about either but lindsay bores me to death and out of all the women manson's been with, I find it sus as hell that lindsay is the one unless there's a weird maybe illegal motive behind it. Now THAT is the tea I would like to have served here staaaaat

No. 1159714


Is that a joke? She looks like she's sneaking out of hell.

No. 1159718

right? lmfaoooo

No. 1159721

exactly. its hot.

No. 1159729

This shit right here is so fucking sad and insulting.
How are there no other women on this board that cringe at how fucking mindless this makes us seem? She's 26 yet she is making it sound like she was devoid of all agency and sense of self.
She was a grown ass women that chose to leave her husband. It is nobody's fault but her own. This language makes me want to puke. "Transported", "harbored", "coerced"?
Insulting. Her own actions do not give her the right to compare herself to real victims of human trafficking and sex crimes. She was not "transported", she left her husband and flew to the US, got into some freaky shit with (shocking) Marilyn Manson, and chose not to leave. The initial claims are losing more credibility every day, because of shit like this.(bait)

No. 1159731


>How are there no other women on this board that cringe at how fucking mindless this makes us seem?

Because the actions of one person don't represent every other person who happens to be of the same sex, maybe?

No. 1159732

lol watch the GMA interview for the real cringe… "I feared for my life the entire time during that shoot"… "TWO YEARS LATER THE RELATIONSHIP BECAME SEXUAL" lmfaooo wat?

No. 1159734

File: 1613124112193.webm (7.44 MB, 1280x720, 2685786668674888.webm)

top kek(ban evasion)

No. 1159737

Did any of the victims actually say No to him? Like I think he knew when he crossed a line but if they never refused and öfter came back its hard to make a rape case?

No. 1159740

A video that's absolutely not cut in parts to fit a narrative that suits you anon. Absolutely no intellectual dishonesty here, kek.

Research freeze response in rape.

Are you still sperging about that?

No. 1159742


ERW alleges he raped her unconscious body. Is that good enough, or is that not "real" rape? Does she lose credibility because it's not as bad as "real" rape victims?

No. 1159747

"unconscious body"
She means she was sleeping doesn't she.
Having sex with your partner while they sleep is of course rape unless this has been preestablished as something you both enjoy.
Without knowing this context her statement is worthless

No. 1159749

I believe the women and MM sounds like a piece of work! I am only asking if we have a victim who said No to him in the moment. For me it doesn't matter, I stand with them. But it gives MM an out to say that well they went along with it…

No. 1159750


Preestablished consent. Wow, you got me there.

No. 1159751

Did lived together so that can be used to imply consent, esp back in the day

No. 1159753

why would you assume that she had given consent prior lmfao, what a reach.
>Without knowing this context her statement is worthless
What context do you want? A recording where she explicitly tells Manson that he can't have sex with her unconscious body?

No. 1159754


>agreeing to live with someone implies it's OK to fuck them in their sleep

Scrotes desperately wish this were true. But why doesn't that logic apply to men who get tied down in their sleep & fucked with a bad dragon dildo? Does ~implied consent~ only apply when men want to fuck unconscious women or is it truly equal?

No. 1159755

Well no bad intent here. Esmes video just didn't seem to help the cause sorry. It's not justifying abuse or blong victims to ask if they said No to his face at any point

No. 1159757

Well if this couple usually had sex in that way as you describe, I think consent isn't so far fetched. But we just don't know here

No. 1159758

>What context do you want?
Just a statement. Was it mutually established behaivour at the time which she now retrospectively retracted her consent?
I'm an adult in a long term relationship. My SO(f) will sometimes be sexual to me while I sleep or to wake me up. Its not rape if you're attuned with one another.
This context is integral to determining if her claim has any merit.
I'm 100% with her if she's being truthful. But she has a history of retracting past comments. She hasn't earnt the right to be trusted without evidence to support her claims.

No. 1159759


>I find it sus as hell that lindsay is the one

Spouses can't be compelled to testify against each other and she was a key witness in a lot of his mng/fan interactions with borderline underaged 18 years olds.

No. 1159761

But not saying "no" she has actively participated. How is MM to know if you literally refuse to express your displeasure?

No. 1159763


>Was it mutually established behaivour at the time which she now retrospectively retracted her consent?

That's not how rape is defined in CA law, it has to be positive cooperation in the act.

Do yourself a favor and read up on consent laws in your state, then maybe you won't be so concerned with being wrongfully accused one day.

No. 1159765

PFFT ok. Consent is never "implied" though, its either discussed prior to the act in question or the act in question is not consensual, period. Being in a relationship with someone doesn't give you authority over their body and boundaries unless they say otherwise. You ask first or it is rape, that is the only way to keep the feeble male brain from spinning itself retarded trying to think of loopholes to get weird sex from women without having to ask permission.

No. 1159766


I meant how *consent is defined in law.

No. 1159768

That's not how consent works. You need explicit permission to do the thing. Doing the thing without permission is rape by definition. What's this logic you're trying to push, that if a man is trying to perform a sex act on a woman she hasn't alredy agreed to, she can say "stop" and the man will simply stop? Then why is rape a thing to begin with, nonny?

No. 1159769

I'm not trying to be controversial.
You say consent can never be implied. You saying my girlfriend is raping me when I wake up to her touching my cock? Honestly.

No. 1159771

"enthusiastic consent" is what we expect (legally aswell) today. Even 10 yrs ago it wasn't well accepted, even in marriage wasn't a thing earlier in our lifetimes.

No. 1159772


In the eyes of the law it might be, if you decided to press charges. That's a big IF and makes a big difference. This is not a matter of opinion or a moral debate, these things are defined and est. in case law regardless of what you think about them.

No. 1159773

Crap. Guess I'll report my girlfriend to the police tonight. Thanks for opening my eyes to the heinous pain of being worken up to a blowjob.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1159774

I never said "never", but no. Apples =/= Oranges, having a penis thrust into you while sleeping isn't near the same as a woman teasing a man's penis with her hand/mouth. One is rape, one is groping.

Stop trying to push "implied consent" as a thing, it is not. "Implied consent" is just a rapist's excuse for taking advantage of the trust of their partner bc they want the pusspuss without the risk of being told "no".

Why, literally, is it so hard to just ask? Asking your partner what they'd like you to do to them can be foreplay in itself- unless all you are is a selfish, spoiled baby and the chance of being told not to do something you want to a woman short circuits you.

No. 1159775

Marital rape wasn't illegal until 1992. What's your point? Other than that you can't keep up with progress.

No. 1159776

please fuck off and die scrote. this thread is just a dumpster fire right now huh

No. 1159777

I was being facetious. How pathetic would I be to take my girlfriend to the police.
If we break up, in 5 years time I'll instead come to a sudden realizisation I was actually raped all those years ago.
I'll look forward support in the coming years :)

No. 1159779

You would have 0 support, because everyone you're trying to convert is already smarter than you. Plus, they don't have to resort to rape and manipulation to get laid, and aren't functionally retarded burnouts walking around in a sunbleached bloated corpse.

No. 1159780

Don't you have anything better to do esme?

No. 1159781

Manson's Milkmas is the gift that won't stop giving any time soon, so I'm here living for it. Young people can multitask and read/type/think faster than 50-somethings anyway so it really does not take all the time & effort cows and flakes like to pretend posting here does. I can literally do this anywhere, anytime, without missing out or losing money. It's a gas!

No. 1159782

I'm not marilyn manson so I'm not sure why you deflected to him, unless it was as a transparent acknowledgement you have nothing to refute my argument.
According to this board, because my girlfriend has 'surprised' me with a blowjob while I've slept (I have NEVER said I would like this) I am a helpless victim. UNLESS you know the context that I actually don't mind it.
All I've said is I want to know ERWs context before deciding on culpability. Is this too much for your smoothbrain?

No. 1159783

would you let your gf peg you while you were sleeping too? jw

No. 1159784

Evan Rachel Wood is stunning and brave and anyone who says otherwise is a misogynist human trafficker. Case closed.

No. 1159787


>All I've said is I want to know ERWs context before deciding on culpability.

No one can tell you what you want to know so I guess you're done here.

No. 1159790

A blowjob is something entirely different to being penetrated, but I wouldn't expect a scrote to understand.

No. 1159797

This is so problematic. Sexual abuse is abuse. There are no caveats. Full stop.

No. 1159799

Uh huh

No. 1159807

File: 1613133089700.jpeg (475.64 KB, 1220x1715, 24951850-6821-4C37-9F55-07C0AA…)

No. 1159808

File: 1613133116013.jpeg (476.74 KB, 1225x1700, 276A3E10-C93B-42AE-B42B-1C199A…)

No. 1159809

File: 1613133187917.jpeg (153.9 KB, 1230x783, B1F9B150-7FCA-4C0D-9EB3-D2B280…)

No. 1159810

File: 1613133409786.jpeg (372.41 KB, 1242x1525, 55767919-6300-4434-8C2B-974ADF…)

No. 1159811

I'm not reading another essay. Anyone else have the tldr?

No. 1159813

sucking a dick ≠ a woman being penetrated and raped. fuck off, monkeybrained scrote

No. 1159817

hahahaha oh wow

No. 1159821

Welp, found the rapist/rape apologist. Living together doesn’t “imply consent” to rape someone in their sleep, you fucking psycho. You’re really on a female messageboard looking for “context” to justify a clear-cut statement about rape?

No. 1159823

>You’re really on a female messageboard
This explains so much(ban evasion)

No. 1159825

No. 1159826

kys moid

No. 1159827

OK, but we still don't know if one of the victims said No to his face? Besides accepting fawning, enthusiastic consent etc. Fair enough. But nobody told this pos No like ever?

No. 1159832

Your male aren't you? Please stop and think about what you have just suggested. This isn't how abuse works. Its not as clear cut as you want to dishonestly present it. Many women are conditioned from birth not to speak up or else they will be struck down. Please educate yourself.

No. 1159835

File: 1613136072417.jpeg (57.98 KB, 416x640, 30B7CEA3-7E73-4DB2-929E-03DD0B…)

Is it the same table?(emoji)

No. 1159836

here's a tldr for you: "I'm an unhinged attention whore and I forgot to take my meds"

No. 1159838

I totally agree with you, if you're in loving relationship like evan described it at the time, there shouldn't be any problem with naughty wakeups.
Sometimes, myself, I surprise my black boyfriend with "good morning" blowjob (if you see what I mean) and he's fine with it, never called me a rapist lol
Like if he pumped me 2 or 3 times, I would wake up and tell him to stop if there's a problem (if he doesn't stop it's indeed rape, but did she do it?)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1159843

how do you know there wasn't consent between them about it? do you know how long the rubbing last? what if it was just a 5 seconds penetration and she told him to fuck off immediately and he stopped and said sorry?
lot of the stuff I see described in these allegation are pretty normal couple behavior, I bite and touch my ebony guy all the time, he's kinda annoyed by it, but it's ok, it's just me, his baby

No. 1159846

remember, she's a professional actress

No. 1159850

Incredible amount of retarded scrotes who refuse to sage itt. Defending the honour of a bloated hasbeen shock rocker is sad stuff.

No. 1159851

>my black boyfriend
>my ebony guy

No. 1159854

you got a problem with interracial couple? race doesn't exist it's just a spectrum, you dummy.

No. 1159857

I will never understand how you can take side and mindlessly defend a group of 3.5 billion people. I'm a dude and could talk shit about men for days, people in general are garbage, it has nothing to do with genitals.(scrote)

No. 1159858

File: 1613138264627.jpg (36.22 KB, 470x422, 38771822-9213405-_My_art_and_l…)

There is nothing to indicate ERW is lying. Only a misogynist and rape apologist would dare question it.

>"I thought I was in love," Wood shared. "I wasn’t doing it to prove a point or be rebellious."

>"I wanted to break a mold for sure – I knew I was edgier, more alternative, and weird," Wood explained. "And he was just what I needed, because I felt really free with him. And that freedom was attractive."
>"I appreciate everything he taught me," she said. "I just don’t think we were right for each other."

Oh(ban evasion)

No. 1159859

Can male pigs please leave this thread

stupid parasites have to terrorise women literally everywhere

No. 1159861

File: 1613138458028.jpeg (441.24 KB, 1157x987, 6AA54F16-5E24-42EA-8133-F1C841…)

This message is being lost.

To all the morally bankrupt dipshits defending Brian.

No. 1159863

Just because he is famous his privilege shouldn't allow legitimate questions to be made on the questionable and contradictory claims made against him.

No. 1159865

File: 1613138838765.jpeg (551.12 KB, 1229x832, 2725F1C4-42F3-4E37-9FBB-7C5E08…)

No. 1159868

YAS QWEEN. this is exactly the type of infallible hard evidence we need. I've sent this to Scotland Yard. Arrest is imminent.(ban evasion)

No. 1159871

Hi when I was married my husband and i made an agreement that sex while the other was sleeping was okay… it was even orginally requested. But as the relationship deteriorated- as in he lost basic respect for me- he would not wash his penis beforehand and always wait until I was in deep sleep or drunk to push me on my side and enter me without foreplay and without caring that my not being prepared would ripped my skin. Or that his dick smelled like a rat. So I requested he stop. And he would not.

There were many times during consensual sex between us (after this grey line abuse started)that I would start to feel pain or just completely stop being into it and I would ask him to stop and he would just continue having sex with me even if my face was blank and I made no noises or indication that I was interested. But i never pulled away because part of me was like "it would be mean not to let him finish." Hes my husband and he has to go to work soon. Im a stay at home mom it's my job. Even if he doesn't even try to to make me cum…. " - Which he would, inside of me , cleaned penis or not.

What's crazy about this is that it was not? Considered rape? Divorce lawyers did not care about this. And my family that I asked about it LITERALLY SAID as his wife I should be able to have sex whenever he wanted. His own mother said "sometimes you just have to ask men to do things over and over before they get it."

I still cant believe that.

My point is… it's possible she wasnt expecting the sex and even if she was he hurt her and she didnt respond positively or in a drugged state- at all- and he continued. Its possible they'd argued before she went to sleep and it was s shitty argument and he incorrectly decided sex with her would make her better? Or just that the previous consent was nullified by some kind of bad behavior.

He could have

-Ripped skin
-Been so high and drunk that he was hurting her or in a trance doing what he wanted with her like a doll
-Drugged her specifically so he could have sex with her while she was sleeping.

And while it's just speculation , it's important to consider the possiblity.(blogpost)

No. 1159873

shotgun face immediately, y chromies

No. 1159874

cry more ballsack

No. 1159878

Yes, you got raped by your husband and I'm sorry it happened to you and that you couldn't be heard afterward.

But, this is not what happened with ERW and her playing with that stuff is hurting women like you who would need to be taken seriously.

No. 1159879

I'm sorry you experienced this.
In your experience, were you aware you were being abused at the time?

No. 1159881


No. 1159886

Nice blogpost.

No. 1159888


It very well could have been partially what she went through.

Yes I understood while it was happening but i just went blank every time. Even now as much as i want to call it rape my mind still feels like a grey area around the situation.

I can actually remember maybe once or twice telling him to stop and he did but then him getting angry or like snippy so I let him finish… so instances like that I'm like was it rape? I let him do this? More than once.

No. 1159893

File: 1613141697956.jpeg (238.16 KB, 1180x1071, B314BC00-44CE-4D04-9AAB-D1FF83…)


You can try to debate what is True Rape all you want. It’s easy to see your posts for what they are, an attempt to grey the waters. To take attention away from Brian’s crimes. Attack, Deflect, Discredit. Typical.

No. 1159896

Wtf? Your responding to someone who reports they were raped. How on earth can you defend your comments?

No. 1159898

File: 1613142082551.jpg (275.97 KB, 1242x1256, 46gT77img.jpg)

How is he not arrested yet? Every day more evidence is leaked showing his depravity(ban evasion)

No. 1159899

What I'm saying pertains to the conversation. I'm not trying to derail just bring light to the fact that rape has grey areas even in the mind of the person it happened too if it wasnt violent.

Imagine coming forward about the details of something like what I have said to millions of people. Too many details are easily dissected and too little leaves too much to the imagination and is often considered a lie.

I think a lot of people are irritated because amber heard was a liar and they are friends. I don't know much about that situation but I've had friends who hear about trauma and want to play victim because they see the potential for attention. With the amount of people that have come forward… I kinda dont think evan is lying.

Plus I think often people dont say a lot about the hurt they go through because you kindof lose dignity if you become the whiney baby who couldnt handle something your lover dishes out in your relationship. With high speed relationships you roll with the punches even if they really start to hurt. Whoever backs out first is the wimp but you better not complain about how bad it got because you liked it at first.

What makes all of this abuse worse is that he was doing it to A LOT of women. And on top of that having sex with hundreds(!?) of women a year on tour. Hes like a pagan pimp and lindsay would be his bottom witch/bitch.

Another dubious thing by the way is that he uses religion and worship to justify all of this.(blogpost)

No. 1159902

I know this is just some anonymous board, but I'm sorry someone has used your abuse to forward their agenda. I can't imagine how difficult it is to open up on the subject and than face such abuse.

No. 1159904

File: 1613142662604.jpeg (766.23 KB, 1242x1703, A8F08763-DC5D-4138-A39D-73575A…)

Top kek account name

No. 1159906

File: 1613142706157.jpeg (794.67 KB, 1208x1699, 4ED66E22-62A9-4DE7-A057-297B1E…)

No. 1159908

>I'm sorry someone has used your abuse to forward their agenda
that's what y'all are doing. you don't give a shit about justice or violence towards women, you just want celebs to kill themselves. don't pretend to be righteous for fuck sake.

ERW is 100% full of shit, and if I can see it, lawyers will see it even more accurately. this whole is gonna explode in her face because she's an idiot and hellbent on destroying him. in the end, it's gonna hurt women in general, because it will be a widely publicized distaster.(scrote)

No. 1159913

No. 1159916

men live on easy mode

No. 1159918

File: 1613143469370.jpeg (953.86 KB, 1227x1561, 32CA7733-A71F-4D40-B3F0-40BFF0…)

Self awareness? They’re almost there.

No. 1159923

she's unhinged, she already lost all credibility. we all know what she is doing, throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. this might be a good way to attract the attention of people in office but in the meantime, it screams "I'm a liar and I will do anything to beat that asshole"

No. 1159924

Have any of these Manson simps come out and given a reason why they think all these women are lying? I don’t mean in the sense of discrediting their stories and evidence,(there’s enough of that in this thread) I mean why they think these women would come after a washed up has been that’s now incapable of making decent music, years after their relationships with him ended?

Anytime women speak out against their abusers there are always people there claiming they’re liars, and always people acting like they’re against these victims because it will “hurt women”. The latter of which are doing exactly that- hurting women who are and have been victims and making it harder for them to speak up. It’s disgusting.

No. 1159926

File: 1613143887598.jpeg (13.83 KB, 540x309, ETYtvBJXkAEUnmb.jpeg)

>women can make public claims without evidence and permanently destroy the reputation of a man
>women are not asked to present proof of their claims
>when women are later confirmed in a court of law they lied, they continue to receive roles in Hollywood(ban evasion)

No. 1159929


Didn't a judge recently side in her favor? Yes.

Also – I was a huge Manson fan – but it's entirely possible that BOTH him and Johnny Depp to be abusive drunks, right?

No. 1159930

File: 1613144014435.jpeg (805.96 KB, 1242x1949, 858BC476-31C7-4E4E-8309-B88B2C…)

Remember ladies, we have to let prospective partners know that we do not wish to be raped, beaten, whipped, cut, verbally assaulted, blackmailed, threatened and emotionally destroyed.

If we don’t, how will men ever know not to?

No. 1159933

If not obvious a big old /S applies

No. 1159934

I'll be honest with you and tell you that I can believe a good chunk of the accusations. The domestic abuse, being shitty with groupies/leeches, losing his shit while high on coke, even the jack torrance episode. If he needs to be punished for it, so be it.
But the stuff ERW and Esme are saying, no, it's complete horseshit. That's complete fantasy, not even remotely close to how a human being functions.

No. 1159937

File: 1613144723360.jpg (333.4 KB, 1242x1412, 162496366583.jpg)

No. 1159938

File: 1613144773727.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1232x1869, A0BF7E9C-D626-4ABA-8197-82664A…)

These are the kind of limp dick arguments that I’m finding going through the rabbit hole of rape apologists.

No. 1159941


Johnny def likes teen girls cause i remember it when i think lilith levisis said that johnny saw her nudes so lol

No. 1159942


It's so funny that everytime i say that men live on easy mode men shit themselves haha stupid male pigs all of your male problems are caused by you

No. 1159943

File: 1613145299223.jpg (252.36 KB, 1242x1412, 167736577306.jpg)

(ban evasion)

No. 1159944


I bet he rapes young girls too lmao all famoud men in power are big rapey manwhores(samefag)

No. 1159947

Did y'all see those psychic reading done about manson posted on yt in the past few days lol there is some tea (if you belive in this stuff)

If one vid the psychic said the he also already has a new 'victim' (some young woman) lol

No. 1159952

There are a lot

No. 1159954


The fuck does the color of your bf's dick have to do with anything?

And clearly when ERW said she woke to M fucking her unconscious body she was likley inebriated and blacked out. If your SO is "waking you up" with sex they are doing just that. It isn't hard to wake someone up from their slumber.

No. 1159957

But this is what I mean when I wonder if any woman actually said No to him. It is grey, and in the court of law/opinion it is not clean cut if live-in gf suffer silently. I don't doubt for a moment he is an abuser!

No. 1159972


The question is not whether or not they said no.

It is rather “Did he ask first?”

This isn’t a grey area situation. This is not a goodnight kiss with regret. A forward hand. An uncouth comment.

This is about systematic rape. This is about cutting and whipping women. This is about tearing down souls and deep harassment.

This is about the fully black crimes of Brian Warner.

No. 1159975

>This is about the fully black crimes of Brian Warner.
There's no need to be racist(ban evasion)

No. 1159979


Good one, very witty, not an obvious joke at all.

No. 1159983

Was referring to the fact that there is no grey area. Not a racial statement.

No. 1159985

I just asked my boyfriend, and he confirms this is kinda racist (he's creole himself). Carefully with words, girl.(no1curr)

No. 1159986


I actually disagree. The women have said they tried to leave but he refused to let them out of the house, MM would keep the house cold, kept them sleep deprived, sometimes didn’t provide any food for a few days which put the women in a mental state where they were too dazed and exhausted to even object.

Plus, women that find themselves in narcissistic/abusive relationships typically were exposed to abuse growing up or sometime in their life and they have a higher threshold for abusers because to them it feels normal. Or these women are highly empathetic and they want to do everything to save, heal, or help the abuser and they don’t give up because they feel too emotionally bonded and they don’t want to abandon the abuser. In the empath case, the victims themselves have a great fear of abandonment so they hold on.

That’s not what normal people do. Consent isn’t required for torture. This has nothing to do with sex. It was purely psychology warfare.

No. 1159994


I actually disagree.

Do you?

The women have said they tried to leave but he refused to let them out of the house, MM would keep the house cold, kept them sleep deprived, sometimes didn’t provide any food for a few days which put the women in a mental state where they were too dazed and exhausted to even object.

And here you describe crimes.

Plus, women that find themselves in narcissistic/abusive relationships typically were exposed to abuse growing up or sometime in their life and they have a higher threshold for abusers because to them it feels normal. Or these women are highly empathetic and they want to do everything to save, heal, or help the abuser and they don’t give up because they feel too emotionally bonded and they don’t want to abandon the abuser. In the empath case, the victims themselves have a great fear of abandonment so they hold on.

Taking advantage of the previously abused makes it all the more vile.

That’s not what normal people do. Consent isn’t required for torture.

It is not required for murder either, both are still crimes.

This has nothing to do with sex. It was purely psychology warfare.

So, you do agree in the end?

No. 1159996

M would be crushed if he knew Bowie felt that way about him (according to that Annie girl).

No. 1160001

holy fuck learn how to greentext newfag

No. 1160006



Fixed it for you:

>I actually disagree.

Do you?

>The women have said they tried to leave but he refused to let them out of the house, MM would keep the house cold, kept them sleep deprived, sometimes didn’t provide any food for a few days which put the women in a mental state where they were too dazed and exhausted to even object.

And here you describe crimes.

>Plus, women that find themselves in narcissistic/abusive relationships typically were exposed to abuse growing up or sometime in their life and they have a higher threshold for abusers because to them it feels normal. Or these women are highly empathetic and they want to do everything to save, heal, or help the abuser and they don’t give up because they feel too emotionally bonded and they don’t want to abandon the abuser. In the empath case, the victims themselves have a great fear of abandonment so they hold on.

Taking advantage of the previously abused makes it all the more vile.

>That’s not what normal people do. Consent isn’t required for torture.

It is not required for murder either, both are still crimes.

>This has nothing to do with sex. It was purely psychology warfare.

So, you do agree in the end?(integrate)

No. 1160010

please, anon, tell us more about your totally real black boyfriend who you definitely fuck with your totally real vagina, and how you know exactly what rape is because your ~ebony man~ would never

No. 1160012

File: 1613152043623.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1894, 16DD058A-3D4B-493F-A6CE-3A342D…)

No. 1160013


>The question is not whether or not they said no. It is rather “Did he ask first?”

My argument was that it doesn’t matter if mm asked them first or not because he created an environment where the victims were easily controllable through sleep deprivation, starvation etc. under these conditions the women were far more susceptible to going along with whatever he had in store because of their mental state.

No. 1160015

If he actually locked them up that's of course completely clear then. I haven't seen that brought up (not saying it's not there!). I am mainly still reacting to Esmes interview where she is asked if she ever refused him and she said no and similar vibes in other statements. I think victims should focus on the big ones and not "just" examples that he is and ass and abusive fuck. Rape, trafficked, pedo.. are very strong terms and shouldn't be watered down when presenting the case. Just my sense, nothing more, they don't owe me nothing

No. 1160016


….and finally, the last of the Pig brothers, Brian, built his house with cards. With all the voices of these brave women together, enough air will be collected to blow it all down.

No. 1160019

I think so…You might be on to something lol. Because I once read in an article where he said he hates red heads because it reminds him of Satan.

No. 1160020

File: 1613152658250.jpeg (743.2 KB, 1242x1584, C17ECE89-B746-4BC7-BC7A-C73B93…)

No. 1160022

gottfried helnwein is a good one, shining light on dark spots. He is not a nazi and has never been accused of anything afaik(derail)

No. 1160023

File: 1613153064292.jpeg (314.74 KB, 1242x1228, F323CA71-D990-4A3D-8038-F63682…)

If it was anyone else i would be like ok. He’s just a fan of the artist. But this guy is obsessed with nazi’s and has dressed up as one. On multiple occasions on stage too.
He’s also participated in black face

No. 1160035

He hasn’t been arrested yet because someone needs to make a report to police with concrete evidence to get him charged on something.

No. 1160038


This is a photo of M? Doesn't look like blackface at all. Just him being creepy.

Look the dude grew up in OH and FL and he is a white male. Of course he will have some inherent racism. Not to mention the recent allegations of racism. But, I don't know about like, klan racist. What do I know though.

No. 1160042

That's from Sweet Dreams video, that's Manson in the pic, not Ashley.

No. 1160060

File: 1613156631220.jpg (642 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20210212-200354_Bra…)

That's MM in the photo in his short film doppelherz. Don't know the context of the make up or movie.

No. 1160061

File: 1613156673724.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.55 KB, 702x885, F784B40E-63E7-4FAA-B5B6-B1B744…)

ntayrt but GOAG was themed off vaudeville and this definitely is meant to evoke blackface/minstrel shows (picrel). that whole album is packed with tryhard nazi references, too. he likes to hide shit behind "just being creepy."

No. 1160062


The way to deal with Manson is this: THE POWER TO STOP MANSON IS IN THE HANDS OF CHRISTIANS(autism)

No. 1160065

File: 1613156981159.png (19.31 KB, 750x523, MansonHelnwein.png)

LOL. Helnwein literally worked together with Manson to produce imagery during the era in which people keep using to assert that he is a literal Nazi.
It's just. Fucking. Art. You all are foaming at the mouth for every little crumb to back up your claims of him being an actual racist.
If you're going to cancel him, cancel Helnwein too. Don't simp for him and then condemn work that he literally created with Manson.
He did whiteface too, idiots. Open your mind before your mouth.

Yes, it's true. Since none of you will do any of your own research.
Here's both of them standing in front of work they collaborated on.(derail)

No. 1160068

He hates red heads because of “Satan”, but then yet worships the sick practices of Satan, and loves evil. How does this even make sense?

No. 1160070

See >>1160061
You tried, pathetic stan.

No. 1160071

File: 1613157760203.png (256.65 KB, 582x880, trent.png)

No. 1160072

Gtfo with your retarded religious sperging.

No. 1160073

Who ever reported this is an autistic sick satan worshipper!!!(autism and ban evasion)

No. 1160079


I have personally seen videos of him screaming “nigga” repeatedly for like 3 minutes in a completely wasted state, no I don’t have and never had the video so don’t ask me for me. Everyone who has lived in LA in the last 20 years that works in media/fashion/whatever has had an unpleasant experience with him or knows someone who did, the reason his label and manager dropped him SO quickly, loma vista literally dropped him within hours, was because they KNEW what a psycho he was and how much hard evidence is (probably) floating around of his repulsive behavior.

Bringing up that shitty German artist (I don’t remember and don’t care how to spell his name) isn’t about proving his is or isn’t glorifying nazis in his art (he is just making cringe night porter fanfiction that is lame and pointless and should have stayed in the the 70s) the point is showing that Manson has a weird obsession with anything nazi related.

No. 1160082

GTFO with your retarded low IQ. You sick devil worshipping piece of garbage(ban evasion)

No. 1160087

holy shit, who the fuck cares lmao
looking more like a nutjob every day(ban evasion)

No. 1160092



No. 1160093

File: 1613160397850.jpeg (223.86 KB, 1162x2057, 22FF6FB7-A5CE-4EB2-948A-013F93…)

She posted that right after this, at least give it context.

No. 1160096

That is truly fucked up. Why would anyone want that on their wall. Just…wow.

No. 1160097

Esme did say he locked her up for 3 days for the first sketchy video they shot though. And it's not the only testimony like that, there are several. She also said she was not allowed to leave the flat they shared- other women reported the same thing.
The trafficking / rape etc charges seem to hold water if the FBI asked her to come provide her testimony and evidence Esme says she has. Let's remember it's one tiny part of a seemingly bigger case which involves minors.

I don't think it's a stretch or exaggeration. Let's see what the FBI will do with all that.

No. 1160101

Could American anons please tell us how it usually works when the FBI is involved? Do they issue any official statements? Comments? Do they post it somewhere online?
I feel like they've been working on his matter for over a month now and nothing new so far.

No. 1160105


They never comment on investigations ever. The only time you'll hear about it is if they charge him and arrest him

No. 1160110

I think I am a bit mistaken. Illa posted the FBI had found out all fake accounts attacking victims had LA IPs in fall. It makes more than 3 months.
Dear FBI, honey, if you are reading this tell us one thing: milk when?

No. 1160111

sad emoji
Thank you anon.(integrate better)

No. 1160114

Brian is under investigation. I guess its just a matter a time before they arrest him.

No. 1160141

Kind of funny to think that while MM diehard fans are defending him (why?), the FBI is probably gathering a shit ton of evidence and testimonies to put a case together and put Brian away in jail. Reality is likely going to hit some people hard in the coming months.

No. 1160142


Marilyn Manson (=Marilyn Monroe & Charles Manson). Charles Manson ordered the murder of Sharon Tate.

No. 1160147

You really think he’s going to go to jail? Nice fantasy.

No. 1160150

Ntayrt but why not?
I think they'll find enough to put him behind bars.

No. 1160152

A lot of people here are way too obsessed with MM — like girls in high school who share a crush…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1160154

If Annie has audio evidence of him admitting to criminal activities it’s plausible. If there’s evidence of pedophilia the statue of limitations is eight years.

No. 1160164

In case the audio will be allowed as evidence. It can be problematic.

No. 1160168

She recorded him while living in Canada and has legal representation that seem to think it’s not.

No. 1160172

I don't think he will go prison, but who knows what the FBI will find. gottfried helnwein, on the other hand, is an icon who stands for the opposite of what we learnt of Manson. He ain't German either. Cancel Manson and who deserves it instead.

No. 1160173


Right back at you.

No. 1160177


So, the photograph is a personal reference…
There's actually much more violent stuff in museums and art galleries.

No. 1160179

File: 1613167864037.jpg (152.79 KB, 780x1017, Screenshot_20210212_220834.jpg)

OK, whoever photoshopped HaMMsons chin was really feeding the delusion. Pardon the pun.

No. 1160184

I agree collecting “morbid” memorabilia alone shouldn’t be held against someone. My assumption Rosanna Arquette said that was to collaborate Saint Sasha’s claim >>1155461 that his intent for possessing it is to glorify violence against women.

No. 1160185

Kek. Linds photoshops the hell out of all the pictures on Instagram. Notice he's wearing a "I heart my wife shirt" really reaching for that happily marriage.

No. 1160187

Manson at his core is just the pre-internet version of those twitter artists who seem to be into every fetish that crosses their radar, like Aggy the troon. Manson incorporated every edgy thing he could find at the time into his public persona, which of course would include medical curiosities and nazi memorabilia. He's a gigantic piece of shit, but his collections are probably nothing more than a part of his tacky brand.

No. 1160188

It looks like someone made a wax figure of him for her to pose with at holiday gatherings while he’s back at home rolling into his 6th hour on the phone talking over Annie

No. 1160190

If Annie has 20+ hours of footage and recordings and she’s only shared snippets so far where he talks about some questionable actions then I can’t imagine what she’s holding back for evidence or the FBI. She could be the key to this investigation and to getting him jailed because her calls are so recent.

No. 1160197

I would be willing to believe that if there weren’t multiple allegations of violence and misogyny, somewhere along the line his art blurred into his real life. No doubt he collected some of these things to be ‘edgy” but when women claim he used his art against them and to promote violence of women you have to question his intentions.

No. 1160201

Don't forget about Corey Feldman. FBI needs to focus on his allegations.

No. 1160219

If you don’t believe the women, witnesses, ex band members, and Manson’s own words, do you think he’s making a comeback? That this will just go away and he’ll come out with a new album in two years like nothing’s happened?

No. 1160229

File: 1613172962168.jpeg (1.48 MB, 4096x3072, 5E3A0E4B-5238-40E8-853C-F3BD52…)

Annie serving more tea.

No. 1160232

Where’s the anons posting about how Corey Feldman is *discrediting’ victims with his story about ‘Satanic’ spies. Fucking idiots.

No. 1160235

File: 1613173251731.jpg (89.38 KB, 692x386, dita.jpg)

(ban evasion)

No. 1160236

And cue the Manson stans.

So was Lindsay blackmailing Evan under his direction? Blackmail and death threats alone are a punishable offense.

No. 1160240

What bothers me about him is he uses Manson’s name with his story… but then follows up with… “oh I’m coming out with an EP.”

No. 1160243

I noticed Annie is subtly leaking incriminating stuff for other victims, that can be used against Manson. And that is100% blackmail.

No. 1160251

What do you mean? This would at least release some pressure to make sure he doesn’t even try to mess with them right now.

No. 1160252

Do you mean Annie is blackmailing or he is blackmailing? He’s 100% blackmailing in that screenshot.

No. 1160259

File: 1613175167679.jpeg (237.82 KB, 750x1334, 99846941-0BAE-426F-80EE-BC7E9C…)

I hope she posts the recording of Lindsay screaming at her

No. 1160261

Doubtful she’d post death threats. That’s hard evidence that’s going straight to the FBI. I get why she’s posting only snippets now.

No. 1160262

Lol she’s badass though. She’s got all these girls backs and Manson is probably crying into his pillow because he can’t do anything he hasn’t been exposed to be doing.

No. 1160265

What is even in this picture? Am I just slow or…

No. 1160267

She made sure the photo isn’t visible. She’s saying the victim in the photo can share the full screenshot if she/he wants.

No. 1160269

a photo he sent her is under the scribble text. she blacked it out for the victim's privacy

No. 1160275

I don’t find this woman attractive, her clothes, her interior, her jawline. I just don’t get the appeal. Manson is into women with strong jawlines for sure.(no one cares)

No. 1160276

it’s clear he trusted her and yet broke her trust badly. If he trusted her this much, I can’t imagine what other dirt she has on him lmaooo

No. 1160277

I didn’t mean Annie. I meant in that text it’s clearly blackmail.

No. 1160278

Yeah definitely.

No. 1160299

Dita looks like character in Family Guy or something. Dita Von Quagmire.

No. 1160302

I am a buit confused as to why Dita is so hush hush about this. Is it possible that absolutely nothing happened in their relationship together? Or that Dita does not want the association so she is remaining silent?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1160306

The point of difference with Dita is that she is a legitimately strong woman. She had her boundaries and she stuck to him. She isn't a victim because she didn't allow herself to be one(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1160309

Please ignore this ^ and let’s lol more about Ditas derpy jawline

No. 1160314

File: 1613180344160.jpeg (325.8 KB, 750x536, C4148212-4AC4-489B-BE00-DC9DA1…)

Do you think Manson forced Lindsay to tattoo beauty marks on her face like Dita or did she skinwalk her all on her own

No. 1160315

File: 1613180372718.jpg (30.53 KB, 373x307, 1612729651167.jpg)


No. 1160320

File: 1613181192186.png (327.45 KB, 750x1334, 7AEFC95B-F84E-437E-B2E4-4F9BC5…)

I think shit will hit the fan for L soon. As soon as someone comes out with some screen caps of her harassment I bet more will too.

No. 1160332

File: 1613183062043.jpeg (180.34 KB, 1394x940, AB07B13F-40C7-45B7-9079-9C3E43…)

The tinfoil is strong. kek

No. 1160333


No. 1160336

AYRT, how they behaved is not even remotely close to how a human being functions in what way? Calling him out? Not addressing his abuse even after they werent together? None of what they've said or done seems weird to me.

Also, learn to sage. Type sage in the email field unless its new milk.

No. 1160337

Manson raped me in 2019. AMA

No. 1160341

You realize there’s a whole world outside of lolcow taking about this, right? Manson’s done.

No. 1160342

That's not a question.

No. 1160345

This isn’t Reddit. Tell your story or don’t.

No. 1160347

File: 1613184857387.jpeg (526.17 KB, 1284x1842, 7CBE28E1-EA45-4CC0-AE23-ED360F…)

This is some psycho shit if that’s him. Who would know her work email though?

No. 1160349

He invited me backstage and raped me. He also called me a kike and made "jokes" about the holocaust.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1160351

How long until ERW retweets this

No. 1160357


Obviously, this is a horrible distortion of reality.

No. 1160359


Kanata lol. You mean Katana M?

Also, how the fuck do you join "clique" that is an ANONYMOUS board. He clearly does not understand the function or culture of image boards and it's sending me

No. 1160361


Samefag but if this isn't Manson this is a obsessed fan that's spend years studying his speech patterns and those double entendre jokes he likes to make. It's hard enough to do that spontaneously, let alone mimic it if you don't have a skill for it.

No. 1160362

She was already skinwalking Dita at the beginning of their relationship. She decided to be a try-hard all on her own.


Ha. It's just you. And do your research before you throw in your two cents next time. Dita's no better than either of them.

No. 1160370


The FBI is involved. This is being covered worldwide. There is no way M or anyone associated with him (other than crazed "fans") would be sending anon messages rn.

Frankly, Annie is being a bit dramatic if she believes it could be him at this point.

No. 1160374

Her trauma is I thinking the freshest. Can’t blame her for the paranoia. This is a pretty good imitation if it is one. Whether it’s from him or a crazy fan it’s still triggering and I get it.

No. 1160380

File: 1613188364517.jpeg (307.25 KB, 1142x2050, C5A6BC67-EB68-4B99-A04B-2AA472…)

She did say she doesn’t know if it’s him. That’s pretty fucked up a fan would fake a message from him.

No. 1160389


She is getting all sorts of shit messages from shit people. I do get her paranoia.

I am dying to know wtf the hams plan is?! Silent all the way through until he has to speak in court. If he ever does. He'd never be able to off himself, he is just too much of a narcissist for that.

No. 1160404

File: 1613191360524.webm (4.92 MB, 1280x720, 5288760704552.webm)

How much of a sick fuck can you be to gaslight, manipulate and abuse someone so much that it takes victims literally years to even recognise their abuse.
The fact he has been so open in his lyrics and interviews and that everyone around him knew about this abuse is so fucking disgusting

No. 1160407

What is Kanata and Pelle referring to?

No. 1160410


OT but read up Peter Madsen (danish submarine scientist who killed a journalist on his submarine because muh cannibal fetish) and all the bizarre and crazy stories he kept concocting, all the times he tried to backtrack to try and cover his ass even after it became clear he was going to be convicted for murder. Delusional and mentally unstable people don't operate in the same reality we do. This is person who is so clearly incompetent, managers and record labels have been nannying after him all his adult life. I don't think it's that odd to imagine he is sitting on his ass right now writing ten million salty messages to everyone he's ever known in the last 20 years.

No. 1160430

NAYRT, but I have to agree. Tinfoil but he obviously likes torturing and harrassing people so this could just be another way for him to do that. Maybe he thinks it cant be traced back to him, maybe he doesnt care since that would be the least of his worries, or maybe he assumes he could pass it off like he doesnt know and it was probably some crazy fan if it was ever brought up. It wouldnt surprise me if hes cocky enough to do this at all.

No. 1160448

Do people not know how to read? She said no one else has that email address, so how would it be a fan? It’s obviously him.

No. 1160449

File: 1613194925251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.69 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20210212-213022_Ins…)


If being arrested is imminent, why dig yourself into more of a hole? It won't be that hard for the FBI to trace it back to him.

But wtf is this Manson defender ig? Releasing photos of Esme in retaliation that are hurtful to her image… there are sick fucks all over, doesn't mean it is him. FBI would be crawling all over his tracks.

No. 1160451

You think people are going to care that she said hes the only one that had it? People have been trying to discredit her story since she first spoke out. Why would this be any different?

No. 1160458

Idk if it’s just me… but I’ve seen this mentioned a few times in this thread: what if Annie is just one of Manson’s spies? You know, like the satanic spies he sent to Corey Feldman? In order to gain trust of other victims to talk.(samefagging)

No. 1160461

File: 1613197672448.jpeg (592.16 KB, 1504x1460, B60E510C-D150-4F3B-B4FB-A08617…)

Is this the same Annie who claims to be JJ Abrams’ secret wife?

No. 1160462

File: 1613197698895.webm (8.35 MB, 640x640, 164432694702.webm)

Just found these linked on the marilyn manson subreddit.
A new instagram account @fashionfanng is digging up old material presumably to try and discredit ERW

No. 1160463

File: 1613197778068.webm (7.73 MB, 640x640, 16370007356742.webm)

No. 1160464

File: 1613197873752.webm (2.54 MB, 640x360, 16073215967310.webm)

No. 1160466

It looks like he has people trying to dig shit up on victims. I wouldn’t trust it. Or talk to anyone if I was any of these women.(samefagging)

No. 1160467


What a corny ass documentary. They both sound fake af.

No. 1160468


Are we supposed to believe that's Annie's laptop? It's not the same one she's using in her IG posts.

No. 1160469

LMAO Jesus fucking christ, does she realise that's not illegal? She's in a moral panic worse than the Christians of the 90s. fucking hell(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1160471


Ah yes, good ol' dead inside Evan, can barely look at the camera when she speaks. Also, Brian: "I think she just reluctantly gave in, because having me as an ex-boyfriend is worse than being in hell."

This is supposed to be in defense of Brian?

No. 1160474

File: 1613199229973.jpeg (482.25 KB, 739x1600, 959D3395-D18B-4992-BF1C-B0DC2E…)

I dunno, just wondering. She posted these wedding pics.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1160477

What does this have to do with Manson?

No. 1160478


I just had the exact same thought, she literally talks and looks like a sheltered child of that has zero life experience. People are really trying push the narrative that she was like a hardened eastern european teen model that was fucking with older gangsters for money in rotting soviet era hotel rooms from the 6th grade or some shit.

No. 1160481

File: 1613199528275.jpeg (297.59 KB, 1129x1501, 05163FE4-281F-4CAF-AE28-4EE663…)

Leslee Lane

No. 1160485

Believe me, nobody has to worry about Lindsay The Low-life. Manson and all his personalities are keeping him quite occupied.(ban evasion)

No. 1160490

No. 1160504

From where are this photos????

No. 1160506

File: 1613203579146.jpeg (426.48 KB, 1135x2065, B072568B-FE9E-4016-BB5E-31CD3F…)


No. 1160510

File: 1613204312771.jpg (397.89 KB, 1440x2327, 1845366884Instagram.jpg)

This is worse than we ever feared.
Marilyn Manson is now responsible for abusing and brainwashing band members who would then go on to abuse and brainwash their girlfriends.

If we were to trace the genealogy of every criminal act committed in human history, they would all end with Marilyn Manson.

We must demand a blood sacrifice if the Antichrist.
Only once Marilyn Manson has ended will the sins of humankind be absolved.(ban evasion)

No. 1160515

File: 1613205324875.jpg (177.76 KB, 576x753, Dumbass.jpg)

It's well known that he is an abusive piece of shit; preying of both sexes by his own admission. The idol of you brainless sycophants is completely fucked, that's why you're in overdrive to try to defend him.

MM: "Everybody's reaction is that it's a self-portrait, but it's actually of a friend of mine who used to be my assistant. His name is Jonathan (Pavesi). He was a really weak-willed kid who was probably eighteen when I met him, and I put him through him hell. He had to wash paint out of the crack of my ass and clean up my vomit. At one point, when he was working with me, he would get really mad because I would have physical altercations with him when I was coming on and off stage sometimes. I told him I would pay him 100 dollars if I ever hit him unintentionally, and then I got drunk one time and laid 500 dollars on the table and beat the shit out of him.

Now he's more of a masculine, intelligent, great friend of mine. I took a photograph of him, and the way I lit it, with just one bulb overhead, made his face shadowed like that. He looked like a really mean person. An ex-girlfriend of mine gave him the label The Enabler, because any time you go through any kind of rehabilitative program, you're supposed to get rid of the person who enables you with unhealthy elements, so that's the joke behind the title. That piece is one of my favorites."

No. 1160522

You're going to pull a muscle with that stretch.
If band members abused their girlfriends, those band members are responsible. That blame doesn't extend to manson.
If marilyn manson abused anyone, he is responsible. His blame doesn't flow to anyone else.
This Brittany Leigh Tarot is a stupid cunt taking advantage of current media attention to make an asinine argument.

No. 1160524

>Some of those men were his band mates & some of those band mates would go home and perpetuate the abuse.

They were being abused so they abused others. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1160528

And Brian's behaivour just spontaneous arose out of the vacuum?
Under your logic at which point is anyone responsible for their behaivour?

It's simple math
Band member abuses someone = band member responsible

No. 1160541

I'm so tired of the “hurt people hurt people” argument. Unless Manson abused her first-hand, he's not responsible for what happened to her. What his band mates do when they're off the clock has nothing to do with him.

No. 1160543

File: 1613209072276.jpg (94.07 KB, 442x578, 69b4f84c0c5b93cabfd.jpg)

(ban evasion)

No. 1160552

Is this Otep's singer speaking about her experience?

No. 1160561

File: 1613212422121.jpg (208.04 KB, 749x1130, Screenshot_20210213-113327_Chr…)

Only a matter of weeks before some serious, unearthed tea starts to get spilled perhaps. Patience patience

No. 1160590

That’s mansons camp working hard to discredit Annie. You fucked up and you need to pay the price MM.

No. 1160597

>not a delusional compulsive liar
you truly hate the truth, don't you?

No. 1160609

Ooh, Annie is a mistress of Star Wars´ director,
M is innocent then.

No. 1160643

AYRT, err what?

No. 1160673

Some of her rhetoric — her stalling, phrases like "believe me", her (ill-advised) talk about procedural and administrative matters on social media — makes me feel uncomfortable, especially in post-Trump times.

No. 1160679

Lol Stalling is a stretch. I’m sorry she hurt your feelings.

No. 1160699

Being sorry, doesn’t change how I feel. There’s still something shady about her posts, underpinned by the wide approval — accompanied by subtle-mockery of skeptics.(ban evasion)

No. 1160701

I hope justice doesn’t take too long.

She posted audio of Manson saying, “I have his social security number, so good luck fucker.” What do you make of that?

No. 1160702

k BHW. Can’t believe we’re analyzing the writing style of a recent rape or abuse victim who seems to be in shock still??

No. 1160704

They’re Manson fans who hope by discrediting victims it might reinstate his shitty career.

No. 1160719


Ok anon, whatever.

Yep that's the same crowd over and over again. They're not all MM fans bu those who are need to come to terms about the fact their dear leader is done career-wise.

No. 1160741

jeeesus the level of drunk he is in some of these videos…he's a brainless husk of a human now. he courtney loved his brain.

No. 1160871

>he courtney loved his brain

I'm wheezing

No. 1160880

What if Brian manipulated Teena Byrd and the other girls to commit suicide? As far as I know she killed herself but no more info.
She had plastic surgery,went backstage with them and soon after she did that.
Ok,it might be because of the "At least Im not Teena Byrd" stuff but idk. It just makes me wonder.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1160886

Yeah and I wondered this about Jeanette Polard, Alyx Suttle and Titti Manson

No. 1160895

The more I read about this guy, the sicker I feel. Can’t believe he got away with this for so long. It’s so obvious that his people are invading this place, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms to discredit all these victims. I can’t imagine what they’re all feeling right now.

No. 1160900

File: 1613250627246.jpeg (392.65 KB, 1798x1155, 2D0CE228-EF42-4366-AE04-5F0733…)

Titti was written off as a “crazy” fan but I think there’s more to her story, imo. Manson tagged her in his post and mentioned in an interview she was there with him. Something happened and she turned on him. She’s still alive afaik.

No. 1160901

Literally unfollowed more than 100 people on the gram cause if I ever read "TRUTH WILL PREVAIL" one more time I'll go nuts. What truth? You have the truth right in front of you. Also funny how all of them are so against racists but support a dude with like 10 Nazi Tattoos on his body. What the fuck.

Is anyone familiar with Manson merch/security guys? Cause one dude randomly started talking to me at a festival, claiming he was working for Manson. And then he asked if I wanted to "model" in a Manson shirt, saying he'd give it to me for free then. I said yes but the outcome was sexual harrassment and creepy as fucking hell. I even messaged sgab about him a few months later but he pretended he didn't know the dude. Not sure of true or trying to save their reputation.(blogging)

No. 1160906


I bet she has some stories to tell

No. 1160918

Oh and he also offered me a job on tour as a merch assistant or something and left me his number. Never ever bought merch at Manson gigs, so can you all tell me what they look like?

Perhaps he was just talking out of his ass and wasn't working for Manson at all. But he did give me lots of plectrums and seemed to have a lot of shirts with him.
And when I met Manson in 2017 I had a shock moment cause I thought I recognised the dude again. I could be wrong though.

No. 1160932

Because 2000’s was a toxic environment anon and even my own dad would tell me “crazy women deserved all abuse they got from toxic men”. We were brainwashed into thinking abusive behavior is acceptable if the woman is a sex worker, has mental health problems, “she should have left in the first place” etc. and many men in privileged positions got away with abuse easily. If I tried to oppose any men who turned a blind eye on abuse, they would bully me until I gave up.

No. 1160939

I just feel pity for her. Anyway,I think she didnt look that bad for a 44 yr old.
I will look up on the other girls too,thank u.
Anyway I wouldnt be suprised if he was into some darkweb shit,too.
Like watching,paying on snuff videos,etc. He might be buying girls from there as well.
Probably thats how he gets his drugs or that chinese girls skeleton and the other crazy stuffs.
I might be going too far with my theories,sorry.

No. 1160941

File: 1613254120987.jpg (323.95 KB, 1289x864, a.jpg)


No. 1160946

Kek aren't you considered underage if you're under 21 in the US? Leslee is such a cancerous cunt.

No. 1160947

Thanks for posting further proof Leslee Lane blackmailed Evan.

No. 1160952

Jeanette and Alyx sadly committed suicide, I guess the former met Manson a fair few times and the latter I’m not sure about her connection, she was a friend of Jessicka’s and I think I first saw her name on another thread here.

Titti is apparently alive, I heard different before. But above there’s a cap of her saying she fought with Manson. Guess he fights with everyone.

I think that could be so. At this point, nothing would surprise me

No. 1160961

I figured he was fucked up but the extent of not just his crimes but the nature of the crimes and how he psychologically destroys you is mind blowing to me. I can’t even imagine how many haven’t come out and named him or never got the chance to. I hate the people who are calling Esme, Evan, Ashley, Annie and the others “weak”. This guy is a pro at manipulation and blackmail. Most normal people wouldn’t see that coming or know how to deal with it. It’s so sickening. What a stupid git. I hope he rots in jail.

No. 1160964

Lots of tinfoil going on today. It isn't all that much of a conspiracy. The truth is MEN in powerful positions, particularly the entertainment industry get away with their persistence and degrading behavior because society allows it and glorifies it. Not even powerful men, lots of men.

Manson is a washed up druggie who used his status and then put vulnerable women in degrading positions, much of it seemingly turning to abuse because of his self loathing, perfectionism and narcissism. He kept getting away with it and so did all the people around him because it benefited them. M has since become extremely paranoid with resources at his disposal to scare those who would speak out against him from talking, particularly as #metoo movement has blown up. Men are shitting their pants and should be. Now the lawyers will throw all the books at M, sex trafficking, assault etc for a good conviction.

No. 1160971

Exactly, if “regular” guys can gaslight, emotionally abuse and manipulate women into toxic relationships without them noticing at first, of course a famous one can. You don’t see it coming. I find it interesting how he says things in interviews like he’s damaged, so he attracts damaged girls. And he said in a song something like “when I hurt you, I’m hurting myself” it’s like he doesn’t see what he’s doing for what it is, but sees himself as the victim

No. 1160972

Amen anon. This is all that needs to be said until something new happens.

No. 1160981

Aww Madelyn finally blocked mu throwaway account cause I asked her for proof about her cute relationship with Manson. She doesn't have any so of course she'd block kek

No. 1160988

> 3,042 posts

No. 1161008

File: 1613258417286.png (267.63 KB, 750x1334, 09F56360-2DDD-41FF-A977-F328BD…)

Oh well here’s what you’re missing. This is rich coming from a girl who…constantly lies.

Still waiting for you to do that live where you totally exonerate Manson with all your truths Mads honey

No. 1161014

File: 1613259130090.jpg (223.38 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20210213-152934_Ins…)

So is ERW autistic now too?

I know, I know! Send me out to pasture!

All these soapboxes geezus. Couldn't stop myself.

No. 1161017

Does she have no one in her life to keep this shit in check? I asked her for proof..anything..too and got nothing.

No. 1161026

BHW BB give up. She’s showing support on her page. Not everything has to be Manson related or related to a condition she herself has.

No. 1161034

Your desperation is showing.
She has a young son. Autism advocacy totally makes her a fraud. kek

No. 1161037

Marilyn Manson has autism

No. 1161039


No. 1161047

No she’s back home living with her parents because she was too nuts to live on her own in LA and I imagine they just leave her to herself in her bedroom taking embarrassing Alice in wonderland inspired photos trying to get MM’s attention while crying about Trump.

No. 1161052

File: 1613261102170.jpg (314.67 KB, 1438x1014, Shot_20210213-bT64.jpg)

No. 1161061

File: 1613261826577.jpeg (629.6 KB, 1620x1073, 84137161-8D88-4017-BBD3-CEFDE0…)

He also claims this. 1 in 44 people have autism, it’s a huge stretch to assume a connection of her post to Manson.

No. 1161065


I know medfagging is against the rules but I really think this is more manson bullshit. His extremely emotionally driven
manipulative behavior and sociability is antithetical to the basic characteristics of autism. The person who came on back in day saying he has been diagnosed with NPD is the closest to what is the truth I think.

No. 1161070

He clearly has some obvious pronounced personality disorders which he admits to not seeking treatment for and which he makes worse with drug abuse

No. 1161082

What are the chances that he has autism, schizophrenia, and MPD? The closest we've gotten to a professional diagnosis was when @_noname666_ posted here and said he has BPD and NPD.

No. 1161086

Looking at early interviews he definitely displays autistic behaivour. I also think he has a personality disorder.
Once he started getting attention, recognition, the money to do what he wants and being surrounded by enablers his inability to relate to people and not understanding normal boundaries has blown out into this drug enhanced monster
He's very sick. He needs to face consequences but he also needs the help anyone deserves.

No. 1161097

Self-diagnosed autistic with an IQ of 170? Kek, ok Brian.
There would a lot of things to be said on both these claims, especially the IQ part. It's very revealing about a man as insecure as Warner, I'll leave it at that.

No. 1161151

Autistic people have significant issues understanding and especially verbalizing emotions of both other and themselves but in the limited sense that they can, they do under normal parameters. NPD is the one where people can understand emotions, but lack the empathy to act on that understanding like a normal person would.

"Research shows people with autism may struggle with cognitive empathy because they are unable to recognize and name emotions based on facial expressions…However, while cognitive empathy can be lower in people with autism, affective empathy—which is based on instincts and involuntary responses to the emotions of others—can be strong and overwhelming. "

He also doesn't seem to show ANY other autistic traits, getting up on stage with insane noise levels and flashing lights every night for 30 years, smearing all sorts of liquids and other sensory stuff on his body, significant and fluid range of influences and hobbies ect. I'm 1000% sure his lawyers will try to use some kind of mental health defense for him that may or may not try autism, but his bullshit ain't it.

His mom WAS schizophrenic tho so I guess there is some potentially for a hereditary insanity defense but I don't believe his ego will ever allow himself to portrayed as incompetent at that level. /sage for all sorts of OT mods plz don't come @ me

No. 1161167


if you really did it, it's not necessary to say "literally" you fucking idiot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161181

>He also doesn't seem to show ANY other autistic traits, getting up on stage with insane noise levels and flashing lights every night for 30 years, smearing all sorts of liquids and other sensory stuff on his body, significant and fluid range of influences and hobbies ect"
Go and read information about their early days. He would hide backstage before a show having been panic attacks due to social anxiety. Along with other traits its pretty obvious he's on the spectrum.

It was through drugs he pushed himself through and having rapidly gained success and authority its just gone to shit for him.
Even in interviews now, if he's not drunk or high he's really withdrawn and timid.

No. 1161194

Interesting. I was curious about the timing of the “Halloween Show in Vegas” cause she was either referring to the show on 10/27/2004 or 10/31/2007. Most sites show their relationship as beginning in 2006, so she’d have been 17 in 2004 (under age sexually, also called a “minor.”) or 20 in 2007 (under drinking age but no longer a minor, some states have carve outs for drinking at ~20 also https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/05/18/where-teenagers-can-legally-drink-in-the-u-s-yes-really/?outputType=amp)

I’m not sure you can claim “under age” honestly if you were 20.

No. 1161200

Hasn't ERW said she was 18 when she first met Manson?

No. 1161214

The context of how she stated underage:

>when I was underage, after being given large amounts of drugs and alcohol

Underage was followed by drugs and alcohol which would imply underage to drink. She further explained:

> She explained that she spent most of the night in the rock star’s hotel room since she wasn’t old enough to go to the casino, and people were drawing on her face.

Las Vegas is very strict about underage drinking. People under 21 aren’t even allowed to loiter in casinos.

No. 1161215


In her original post, Evan only used the word underage in reference to not being allowed in the casino and spending most of the night in her hotel room. The media then ran with the 'underage' tag in their headlines to be salacious.

Evan may have known what she was doing using that word, but she never claimed to be under the age of consent.

No. 1161228


Social anxiety is not autism tho and stage fright is extreme common among all types of performers.

>if he's not drunk or high he's really withdrawn and timid

This is a common vulnerable/covert narc trait. Unlike their grandiose counterparts they are scared to death of judgment and rejection. Manson has show repeatedly that he has an entire former soviet bloc country's worth of people living rent-free in his head 24/7, so…

>Along with other traits

what other traits do you mean?

No. 1161239

Lesley Lane has posted a photo of her at the party. She says it was 2007 and ERW was 20.

No. 1161259


Leslee is a delusional bottom feeder.

She claims to have seen MM whip a full Gatorade bottle at ERW's head, and that ERW was so enthralled with him she would "put up with just about anything" in that first year. Leslee has said multiple times MM was violent, would get dopesick and get scary AF, and yet she calls ERW a liar for accusing MM of abuse?

Leslee has shown she is too dysfunctional and blinded to recognize even blatant physical abuse, she is not going to recognize something more subtle like coercive control.

No. 1161284

File: 1613290447051.jpeg (1.71 MB, 4096x3072, C4BF15ED-1DDA-4C4E-963F-6F03EF…)

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I have perished. I can see why she’d think that he planted that to ridicule her but she seems a step ahead and did it anyway while mocking it. I love this sfm

No. 1161288

I nearly choked on my drink. It makes sense because of the Vancouver connection but other than that how on earth would she…I can't even come up with a question. Drugs have done a number on him. LMAO

No. 1161292

I'm absolutely wheezing. Annie has some serious sense of humour.
This might explain the weirdo anon who came to post what appeared to be photoshopped pictures of Annie and J.J Abrams here >>1160474 >>1160461

If I doubted it before, I'm now positive either MM or more likely, one of his minions are reading this thread and posting in it.

No. 1161293

No doubt. He’s such an ass. Does he just sit there with Lindsay and scheme all day? Sad lol

No. 1161297


Exactly. So he saw her surname was Abrams, then decided to start a rumor that she had a fake name and imagines she's the secret wife of JJ Abrams!? This is like Regina George level shit.

No. 1161298

He seemed to be so innocent back then,didnt he?


I am just confused bcos his lost tapes was recorded around 1996.
Still he sounded so gentle and normal back in 2008.
That just doesnt match up to me and scary af.
I believe to some of girls who said he was normal and kind to them. If he was a di*k to everyone the truth would come out. He likes to make people confused so he has to behave normal sometimes to make confusion,I guess lol
I dont hate him anyways. He rather fascinates me. In a bad way. Similarly to serial killers.
When do you guys think he/they ll finally say something??(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1161305

And he created fake accounts in her name. So he probably tried to blackmail her that way. Like “look it’s a real post”. He’s sad.

No. 1161306

Sage for tinfoil: I was thinking about this earlier but I see a majority of the trolling/shitposting/whiteknighting pretty late at night, usually times when people in the US are asleep, and it’s no secret he sleeps all day and stays up all night. Maybe I’m just missing it during the day time though?

No. 1161307

Good observation. I’m pretty sure it’s him or Lindsay because they seem to be browsing “snow” quite a bit lmao

No. 1161309

He's always been problematic, but it went next level around 2008/2009 with the break up of ERW.
This is where the histrionics went into overdrive. It was common knowledge among his fans his live shows were a gamble with him being a complete drunk. His personal life was a shambles and he couldn't even hold together enough to get they an interview or gig without going off the rails.

No. 1161312

I need this to trend just to hear Seth rogen’s response to Marilyn Manson blackmailing some poor woman with a photoshopped picture of her giving Seth a BJ. I’m cackling lmaoooo

No. 1161314

>When do you guys think he/they ll finally say something??
I don't think he'll say anything for weeks, if not a few months.

Hes been through scandals before. He's acknowledged he intentionally went radio silent after the Columbine fall out, and he came out of that quite well. His appearance in Moores documentary certainly helped that rehabilitation.

As time goes on, the majority of the public scrutiny and memory will fade. ERW also seems to be currentmy undermining her own original declaration by now resorting to constantly sharing petty moralistic nonsense.

If a conviction or hard evidence don't turn up, the public is going to remember ERWs instagram stories more than they will the initial rape claims.
Manson would yet again come out looking like the victim of contemporary moral panics, rightly or wrongly.

No. 1161317

They’re doing an investigation through the FBI. It takes some time. They seem to be gathering evidence and preparing for something.

No. 1161319

File: 1613294821424.jpg (47.85 KB, 460x510, aq1XMvp_460s.jpg)


Can anyone decipher what he is saying in this new dump? I was able to make out 50-70% before but this one is just impossible.

also photoshopped images are ridiculously easy to spot using basic imaging tools, idk if Mason's boomer ass thinks once an image gets saved to JPEG the original pixels and their lossey compression are like, gone forever and can't be detected. For someone who thinks he's the crackhead julian assange he seems to know almost nothing about how technology actually works.

Annie, if you're reading this:


No. 1161321

This. I really doubt that would be swept under the carpet and forgotten. Even if somehow the investigation wasn't conclusive (which, given the amount of incriminating material both MM management and MM himself are reported to have accumulated, seems unlikely), MM career is still done and in the shitter. By all accounts, his career was everything to him. So he already paid quite a hefty price for the whole thing. He's never going to recover from any of it on that front. Even if the storm passes, the boat will remain capsized.

ERW or any victims can cope in whichever way they chose imo, if that means sharing shitty caps of platitudes, so be it, I don't see how this has any impact on anything really, or how this would be a dent on her credibility.

No. 1161328

File: 1613295872507.png (361.2 KB, 720x1117, Screenshot_20210214-034016~2.p…)

>the pain of brian warner still lives in my bones, in my veins, in my whole body. it's like phantom pain and i can't clean it off, no matter how hard i try.

I know victims cope in different ways and that's completely fine, but… try not to cut yourself on that edge, Ashley.

No. 1161329

Urg. Some guy who calls himself a "shock rocker" is spamming instagram with claims ERW raped him when he was younger.

No. 1161332

It may just be what I've passed by on reddit, but people are openly expressing their skepticism to ERW because of her new posts.
If Brian is convicted, these things won't matter. What worries me is if a conviction isn't obtained due to some technicality, this could work against future victims coming forward.
I'm just thinking out loud.

No. 1161341


Good, I hope she sues him for defamation. Show these idiots that you can't just lie. If Brian wants to sue any of his accusers for defamation, he's welcome to - we all know why he won't though.

No. 1161345


>If a conviction or hard evidence don't turn up, the public is going to remember ERWs instagram stories more than they will the initial rape claims.

I get the feeling that if they can't prosecute MM after this investigation, then the accusers may just release whatever evidence they were going to use in a trial anyway, which will be open for judgement by the public.

People who choose to remember ERWs later IG stories over her actual testimonies are already the type of people who are looking for any excuse to discredit accusers.

No. 1161348

>People who choose to remember ERWs later IG stories over her actual testimonies are already the type of people who are looking for any excuse to discredit accusers

Exactly. I doubt that's most people reading up on it anyway, more like the MM niche of diehard, brainwashed fans.
But I see where you >>1161332 are coming from, anon. I totally get it.

No. 1161358

File: 1613300424317.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x1888, 3A288251-EC55-45A9-A88E-28FEB9…)

I just fell off my fucking couch omfg

No. 1161404


She's playing with fire.

No. 1161406

I can’t stop laughing. That is too good!

No. 1161418


Is that a burn book reference?

No. 1161430

And let’s take a moment to lol about a 52 year old man drunkenly rambling about