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File: 1613576233519.png (516.58 KB, 576x608, 1613188083347.png)

No. 1163786

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

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No. 1163789

>when the only thing you like about being male is the privilege, you might be a transbian

No. 1163792

I made this thread just so I could post that video, rude.

I was going to say "If you replace the word TRANSBIAN with COOMER you might be getting somewhere."

No. 1163795

Thanks, I hate it.

No. 1163797

damn, sorry, anon. i followed this troon for his fandom stories and while I was turned off of him uploading his trans twitch streams, i was still subbed to him so i got the vid in my recommendation page.

and yeah you're right, he's a coomer, all in his lists were typical neet and otaku behavior.

No. 1163807

File: 1613577744909.png (169.25 KB, 737x449, ddd5.png)

I went to their social medias just to make sure this isn't satire/a troll-op, because his "female" performance is so low effort, but apparently he's an actual transbian. I mean it's obviouslya shitpost video, but I thought he was making fun of trannies with that awful wig and deltoid figure with a padded bra.

No. 1163813

No. 1163817

File: 1613578857179.png (185.53 KB, 576x491, Untitled.png)

i take comfort in the fact that no biological woman will date a troon. they might say they're ok with it but they won't actually do it. they might stick with one because they were married or something before. but none of the "cute girls" that troons want to date will ever want them.

No. 1163824

I know 2 biological women in relationships with MTF troons. Both women are married to ugly beta male husbands and are uncomfortably open about being polyamorous. Both women love to tell everyone how "gaaaaaaayy" they are every 5 minutes (despite having cis male husbands). By dating a troon on the side, both the women and the troons get to fulfil their lesbian LARP fantasies.

No. 1163825

Not putting in r/mypartneristrans, that sub is a peak gold mine

No. 1163828

With the exception of Nats Gatty who actively seaked a relationship with a troon

No. 1163830

Honestly I suspected he was gonna troon out, guy seemed like he was super porn sick and way too much into lesbians and pegging, he mentioned in alsmost in his videos

No. 1163831

File: 1613579841967.jpeg (129.5 KB, 1176x1108, DBE48F95-DB1D-402E-B577-0F4871…)


No. 1163839

>lesbians more willing to date than gay men

Wtf ladies Twitter told me all dykes are evil exclusionaries

No. 1163844

File: 1613580465709.jpeg (172.01 KB, 1512x687, D7159B7F-0637-4819-8BF3-47F006…)

Also a reminder. They don’t want each other.

Pls sage thx

No. 1163850

no offense but how ugly are they

No. 1163854

i said "cute girls"
transbians are just straight dudes with extra steps and think life should be like their anime

No. 1163857

Just staring at his bread loaf rack over here lol I bet when ppl give wtf looks at his bra he thinks it's him passing

No. 1163858

File: 1613581067773.jpeg (232.02 KB, 1323x716, C404A475-2645-42F8-A4D5-FE33E1…)

He was posted on the last thread.
>I wanted to coom

No. 1163863

>"maleness bores and womanhood excites me"
Thats actually a good summarization of most AGPs

No. 1163874

File: 1613582700408.png (183.98 KB, 814x640, image.png)

Some comments from his tweet promoting this video

No. 1163878

File: 1613582951842.png (215.29 KB, 541x550, winter.png)

This tweet from one of them gave me a good chuckle. Yeah, I am sure China will embrace troons.

No. 1163895

The wives, the troons, and the husbands in the throuples are all unattractive.

No. 1163908

I mean there was a throuple posted in the last thread, 2 TIMs, 1 TIF, all 3 were ugly as Sin

No. 1163909

I know a few young lesbian girls who were essentially bullied into dating transbians. The local LGBT+ scene, especially for young people, is extremely trans-positive and any lesbian who refuses to date a transbian is run out of the community for being a terf. Some of these girls are from very homophobic backgrounds so losing the support of their LGB community would be absolutely devastating to them. Plus some are still teenagers and probably still figuring out their sexuality, so they’re more vulnerable when a large group of people gangs up on them about how much they ought to love girldick.

In one of these cases it’s apparently common knowledge that he constantly tells her that if she leaves him he’ll kill himself and it’ll be her fault. People acknowledge that this is technically abusive but excuse it because he’s “fragile” as a gay transwoman with a personality disorder. And it’s not like he’s a dude abusing a girl, right?

No. 1163967

File: 1613590522252.png (981.49 KB, 1530x770, ried wants to touch women so b…)

>In one of these cases it’s apparently common knowledge that he constantly tells her that if she leaves him he’ll kill himself and it’ll be her fault

It's crazy how much they and TRA's regularly throw in sucidal threats/stats to get their way. I saw this tweet on Kiwi.
It's so manipulative and I really don't think i've seen any group of people do this as much as trans women.
With gay people it was, "just let us be ourselves, mind your buiness, don't hurt or harm us, our love is like your love" with troons it's,
"If you don't do X, we'll die or you'll make us want to die so do it!" and it does not matter WHAT it is. Rather it's dating, rather it's bathrooms, clubs, I even heard a stripper say troons come to female strip clubs, most of them pre-op wanting to dance and lash out when they aren't wanted, they start talking about how sucidial they are and how it's hurting transwomen everwhere not to let them dance.

No. 1163971

File: 1613590682609.jpeg (682.76 KB, 1242x1667, 4FF1CCAD-5C3E-4283-8948-BD2121…)

have any of y’all seen the #helpsai stuff going around twitter? i’m assuming its just usual troon histrionics but all of the handmaidens i know are desperate to throw money at this person (that they think has been kidnapped, so i have no idea how they’re supposed to benefit from it even if it was real kek)

No. 1163974

File: 1613590974027.gif (538.98 KB, 372x610, satire.gif)

I forgot to post this last thread. If anyone else wants to put shitty 2000's glitter on their photos go to glitterphoto.net
Saged for obvious reasons.

No. 1163975

Saw it on my friend's insta story last night saying to watch Sai's story but the account was private. Apperantly in the video it was dark and they described their kidnapper asking for help. Idk why tf they think donating is supposed to help when its a life or death situation for this dude.

No. 1164022

File: 1613593567657.jpeg (201.21 KB, 1280x720, 38CB3DC4-AAA9-4542-ACB0-EA7F27…)

I love this debate because it’s so retarded and dishonest. It peaks more people than anything else.
>trans women have no advantage at any point in their transition.
The effects of testosterone produce significant changes to the body that are irreversible and are LITERALLY killing troons… I mean that’s what they cry about every day. but curiously none of these supposed life threatening changes have any effect on physical performance. Either male puberty causes irreparable “damage” to troons or it doesn’t.

No. 1164036

>there is no direct or consistent research suggesting trans women have an athletic advantage at any stage of their transition

>trans men on hormone replacement therapy do have competitive advantages over cis women

wait, so by this logic… men who have been under the influence of high levels of testosterone (during puberty as well) and overall male anatomy and characteristics then troon out would be outperformed by women who troon out and have been taking testosterone for a much shorter period of time? are they trying to paint transwomen as some sort of frail little girls kek

No. 1164049

Yeah I love this logic so much.
>Please let us transition pre-puberty, the effects of testosterone are devastating and we will never be able to achieve the female bodies we need when undergoing a male puberty!
>Ummm trans women and cis women are practically indistinguishable, the amount of testosterone is almost nonexistent on HRT! We wouldn't have any physiological advantage in sports!
So which is it ma'am?

No. 1164101

god I'm unironically so triggered by this
>you might be a transbian…
>if you have a hard time understanding how anyone is attracted to men
>if you hate seeing men in your porn
that's because you're a straight man omfg
>if you're first thought seeing a hot girl is "holy shit I'm gay"
no that means all the lesbian media you've consoomed has fried your brain and you should stop
>if you're not 100% sure you want to be a girl but jump at the idea of being a catgirl
that's just autism
>if you're majoring in computer science… aha just kidding, but it's weirdly common, what's up with that?

No. 1164116

OT, but that caption below about high-school boys is fucking demotivating and hopeless. Then again, those guys probably are serious athletes not averages even though male couch creatures will jump on any opportunity to pretend that they can outbeat any female athlete

No. 1164127

I mean yeah, I have been doing MMA for a couple years and I could take down most average untrained men on a 1on1 fight

No. 1164128

File: 1613599675800.png (149.61 KB, 358x311, 1613594964875.png)

That shit eating grin, he knows how bullshit this is and he knows that the TRA's and handmaidens will support him no matter what he does

No. 1164152

Ur hot, let's kiss anon

No. 1164161

File: 1613603023859.jpeg (378 KB, 1184x1330, 6CC94101-5EC9-4D88-81C5-3A2506…)

Yeah an untrained man is not going to beat a top female athlete as much as men like to pretend they can like, just pick up a tennis racket and beat Serena Williams kek but it’s true that in many sports an “average” male athlete can pose competition to a top female one. This is not the case for every sport however. Of course troons say separate sports are an artifact of white supremacy, and the idea of protecting women is rooted patriarchy. Or something. Idk it’s brain rot.

Pic related. This 41 year old man had retired from men’s weightlifting in 2012 only to emerge as a “woman” in 2017 and beat a 19 year old.

No. 1164189

File: 1613604290181.jpg (282.32 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210217-202056_Twi…)

A tranny lying for money and fame

No. 1164190

File: 1613604333760.jpg (312.04 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210217-202415_Twi…)

No. 1164201

Not OP but I know a woman in the same situation and she's gorgeous, has never had trouble finding a date, and has an impressive job. And she's STILL been gritting her teeth through years of being poly and letting her gamer mtf bf suck all the air out of every room. Don't underestimate the power of wanting gay clout + same old "sacrifice everything for your shit bf" thinking

No. 1164228

If any of you notice an uptick in trans furries, particularly TiMs, it's not just because they're autistic. They are, but trans grooming is increasing in those spaces, especially Discord groups.

This probably doesn't surprise anyone here.

No. 1164235

I'm >>1163824
In my case it's 2 cis women with cis husbands, and the women are the ones who insist on being poly and dating trannies. The wives are likely with the trannies on the side because they want woke points and dating an MTF gives them double bonus LGBT clout.

No. 1164246

No. 1164251

Gross and predatory, probably a pedo to top it off.

No. 1164253

File: 1613610797447.jpg (37.64 KB, 640x359, hoi63v27ybh61.jpg)

psychopath's eyes

No. 1164256

File: 1613610979578.jpg (485.04 KB, 1430x1738, Screenshot_20210218-011536_Duc…)

comments under the video, kek. It's not a cult guyssss sheesshh!!

No. 1164259

File: 1613611258725.jpg (397.88 KB, 1433x1634, Screenshot_20210218-011947_Duc…)

> Wants to push girl down the stairs
Never forget how much they hate us

No. 1164279

File: 1613612542666.jpg (69.78 KB, 639x646, Eud-YxOUUAEsmRm.jpg)

came here to see if anyone was talking about it.
apparently sai is also getting deep searched and called out for being "transphobic", even though he also went by they/them or something. twitter is having a meltdown about how this may influence people not to donate to cosmetic surgery funds for other trans women, kek

No. 1164289

File: 1613613778239.jpeg (265.96 KB, 1184x1321, 48E818CE-37FF-47E1-9919-1328A1…)

Trans is really the magic word to excuse literally anything people do. Amazing.

No. 1164294

>if you don’t give money to anyone who’s got the ugly pink and blue flag, regardless of what they did you’re transphobic
Can these people be even more retarded?

No. 1164299

Remember when Jussie Smollet lied? Remember how the gay black community called him out? In every situation a trans woman is a victim even if they scam TRANS PEOPLE out of their money.
This retard says they being paid, "dust" yet this trans person didn't just take from the cis, they took from their very own community.
And telling someone if they don't donate their hard-earned money to a troon they are transphobic, means fucking nothing. They really think everyone feels being "transphobic" is this horrible thing, when what it means changes every day.

No. 1164300

File: 1613615345228.png (63.65 KB, 598x494, twitter.png)

i cannot believe there's more than one tweet basically excusing it and say normal people need to learn a lesson from this. insane

No. 1164301

Nobody has to give you fucking money retard. There's kids who need help over a grown man wanting to fuck his face and dick up so he can make onlyfans porn and STILL whine about not passing and women all day.
Fuck you. Also, again, this person took money from everyone, trans people too.

No. 1164302

"paid literal dust"
Males are paid more than females, what reality is this person living in?

No. 1164315

Of course, I mean, why should we donate to people with terminal illnesses, people living in war zones, or people trying to finish their studies to help their families when we can donate to some retard that will fucking 41% himself the moment someone isn’t patting his ass the way he likes it?
Isn’t that insane? Let’s do a gfm to help all of those brave transwemen that need money to get a numb hole and to forever stay at home taking ugly and overly edited pictures of their disgusting faces.

No. 1164329

File: 1613619586981.png (295.62 KB, 1280x569, ebf.png)

all you have to do is compare mtfs to ftms
are ftms domianting men in sports? nope
are ftms bullying gay men for not wanting to date them? nope
are ftms coming up with slurs for men who don't want them in their spaces? nope
are ftms posting about how sexy it is to be male and how bio males must get off on their looks all the time? nope

No. 1164331

File: 1613619709647.jpeg (135.61 KB, 933x933, 100240F8-2B3C-479B-92D1-E45E92…)

I wouldn’t get a job either if I could make a new gfm every week and scam simps and handmaidens

No. 1164334

always funny to see MTFs talk about "surgeries that save their lives" and it's just facial feminization surgery

No. 1164335

that bitch really got almost $50k for existing

No. 1164336

More than that, its all the same troon (Sai) who I guess also recently faked being kidnapped. Imagine the outrage if it was anyone besides an MtF.

No. 1164338

>it's actually our fault this person lied to and scammed everyone
it's like these people are in an abusive relationship

No. 1164339

Anons you have no idea how bad its gotten, black troons have taken over every single WOC feminist group I have been apart of, literally everyone worships them and capes for them

Black troons are effectively the final super oppressed minority who can do wrong

No. 1164340

The #freesai thing was bullshit you could see it if any of these people on twitter had ANY critical thinking when it comes to fucking troons. Instead everyone made themselves to be fools, promoted this mentally ill man and are now patting themselves on the back for "doing what was right" instead of being ashamed that they fell for a transparent rouse.

It was kek worthy seeing "Sai" delete their social media and people tweeting "oh my gosh!! This is so sus!! Sai needs our hekp!!" Not realizing this freak was just trying to scrub their online persona. What a bunch of thoughtless smooth brains. No wonder social media has such a bad misinformation problem. People will willingly funnel shit into their own mouths and smile if it comes from a tranny on the lib side just like conservatives do with their chosen talking head.

No. 1164351

a black troon could light a puppy on fire and claim it was a mental breakdown bc they couldnt afford their meds or smth and people would give them money

No. 1164353

File: 1613622904996.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1472x1852, 5F99E30F-8E62-42C3-AFCF-F31779…)

So jarring

No. 1164358

Yikes. How do you know this, anon? Not meant with suspicion, just curious what you're seeing. This sort of grooming is so weird it's hard to even imagine.

No. 1164361

the middle and right one are doing that stupid thing where you stick your ass out to pretend you have a thigh gap

No. 1164364

God, this. Every woc group makes me feel crazy now.

No. 1164365


Is this why TRAs are constantly trying to get gender dysphoria removed from being seen as a mental illness? Because the deadliest mental illness is anorexia nervosa, and most die from suicide actually, not starving. Second to that is schizophrenia. I feel like if more people knew about that, they'd wake up to this bs about troons and suicide.

That to say nothing of the more recent push from TRAs that gender dysphoria isn't required for being trans, in which case the bit about suicide threats is extra bogus.

No. 1164366

You exaggerated but basically yes, there have been cases where black toons have beaten and raped women and we weren't allowed to even call them out cause they were the most oppressed minority in the world

No. 1164376

sigh. the middle and right ones are bio females. look at the one with a DONG.

No. 1164382

this screams obvious 4chan or r/incels graphic made to make women look powerless and s, "based on 2018 data" is the clue that this is pulling and extrapolate into whatever image lardo wants to believe he's better than the best trained female athlete if he put himself to it.
sorry for sperging about this but these graphics or statistic about highschoolers beating athletes are on another level of stupid and believing this is dumb and disempowering, know better lol

No. 1164385

File: 1613627145302.jpeg (82.25 KB, 1242x498, 097A874F-6D81-4060-9D27-E7073D…)

funny you should say that anon.
(picrel is sai’s twitter account, re-uploading because I accidentally cropped the time stamp)

No. 1164387

Anon I'm sure that most people know that a trained experience female athlete could outclass any male couch potato but the gap physical gap between men and women is insane, I have been overpowered by literal 15 year old boys I'm grappling training
I mean this is a site(by a radical feminist) that compares the state of female Olympic athletes and high school NBNO Finalists


No. 1164391

> know better lol
I do. Do you? http://boysvswomen.com/#/

No. 1164392

File: 1613628193699.jpeg (313.68 KB, 1242x741, A582BE63-951C-4F03-A9AE-F5692B…)


kek true , this thread is a goldmine. comments are what you expect from delusional troons.

No. 1164394

No. 1164404

And after all that money has the audacity to beg for more and act like they're not well off? There are so many people worse off.. And if your living situation was SOOOO BAD you couldn't even survive why the fuck would SURGERIES be your priority

No. 1164406

File: 1613630236363.jpeg (443.02 KB, 1242x912, 4370EA19-DAF2-4033-A49B-D137E6…)

from r/transgender_surgeries. the post was a picture of his neovagina. peak autogynephile.

No. 1164408

grooming and furries. Tell us something that's new.
Not particulary surprised by this tough, alot of furries i follow seem to be jumping onboard the trans-wagon

No. 1164409

wants a pussy like a teenage girl… how does he know what that looks like? How old is this person??

No. 1164411


Uhhh. This sounds like a pedo. Whew.

No. 1164412

same way most troons think they do. Hentai and "teen" porn

No. 1164413

File: 1613630926021.jpeg (81.8 KB, 1242x376, 25EF7FB0-C778-41C1-9BF6-13905C…)

forgot to mention, he also said this. he mentioned wanting a "barbie pussy" in the photo captions as well. but it's Totally Not A Fetish! kek

No. 1164414

File: 1613631164199.jpeg (258.2 KB, 1242x619, D24C022F-2DB6-420B-AE74-733215…)

more on the sai shit. people saying his friends weren’t good friends and turned because they didn’t get a cut of the money…? are you supposed to scam with your friends now?

No. 1164415

File: 1613631243768.jpeg (572.51 KB, 1242x1058, BDE8ED7D-13F5-4A26-AD0E-6ECFAF…)

the same opinion according to which brave trannies don’t have to follow morals or the law for that matter.

No. 1164416

File: 1613631434610.jpeg (238.67 KB, 1242x446, 76A0F702-55B4-4256-B9EF-5DC84E…)

also just wanted to mention this troon. i follow out of a morbid curiosity at this point. he constantly talks about getting "the surge" and finally looking like the anime characters and models/pop singers he adores when he looks like…

No. 1164417

File: 1613631519201.jpeg (901.69 KB, 1242x1668, C5E5AC19-8D48-4DE7-B07F-9ED0A8…)

…this. he’s also tall and his voice is deep. he’s posted his body on tumblr and he isn’t even the kind of man who has wider hips than average. can’t wait for him to get bolt ons and ffs, kek.

No. 1164419

if he just lets his wound close up, he'll get the perfect "barbie pussy"

No. 1164425

File: 1613632719242.png (15.67 KB, 644x208, Screenshot_2021-02-18 Marulk.p…)

No. 1164427

What's up with mtf trannys saying "pussy" all the time? Is it just because the word generally has a sexual connotation to it? Or do these creeps actually think that real women talk like that?

No. 1164428

Whats funny is the troons/TRA's going, "Well good, Sai shows we need to support transwomen more! Sai should'nt be judged!"
Are only going to make more transwomen try to scam these idiots out of money.When a kid does something wrong, they are held responsible but a grown ass man >>1164417 who looks like this? "she" HAD to do it.
We HAVE to support this person or they'll start scamming.
Right now there's a transwoman on the re-boot of bad girls club, they are well known and kind of passing, but I was very happy and surpised when I saw how many people were like, "Why the fuck is this man on a show, thats about dumb women fighting eachother?"
You'd be surpised how GC urban spaces online, like LSA has more TRA men getting pissed then TRA women. I always see people on the Shaderoom or other places like it, flat out calling up bullshit, even verified people.
A lot of black people are conserative when it comes to troon shit or just don't care.

No. 1164434

i want to make clear this isn't sai. just another well known twitter troon who get incredibly toxic when people don't agree with him because their words are "literally violent and transphobic!!!!"

No. 1164436

Oh okay my bad, thanks.

No. 1164447

File: 1613637771780.jpeg (230.38 KB, 982x1978, E86A4BBF-E139-42BA-9E7F-D15F0C…)

Does transpassing ever stop being funny?
Chubby men with five o’clock shadows really be out there calling each other gorgeous ladies while they’re crammed into the cheapest plus-size club wear they can squeeze into and still coom.

No. 1164456

I don't know whether to cry or laugh at this. They haven't worn the mask in ages and are now just slapping their dicks all over their secured worldwide safezone and nobody can interrupt their fetish lifestyle.

Anon those high school athletes aren't toddlers stumbling around, they're nearly fully grown men who have been training vigorously. There's nothing wrong with admitting that men exercising equal amounts have physical advantage over female competitors and because that's exactly why troons need to be kept out of female categories.

No. 1164465


Detransitioners confide in me because I'm crypto but they can smell the GC on me. I'm in a Discord that coincidentally has a lot of open furries who are showing a lot of early signs or fully trooning out.

Basically the current pipeline seems to be hooking people in fandoms (mostly anime or Undertale) into furry shit, introducing them to egg memes, dripfeeding trans propaganda, then transing them.

No. 1164466

File: 1613639860455.png (21.7 KB, 330x271, jdjd.PNG)

So the Sai saga continues and turns out not only is this tranny a known scammer, but he used a 14 year old pictures (allegedly) to catfish men. So brave and stunning, maybe if we gave transwomen are money they wouldn't put themselves and teenage girls in danger.

No. 1164467

File: 1613639929233.png (41.99 KB, 245x354, 3.PNG)

Here's him asking her to make a video saying she's "Macy" to send to some man.

No. 1164468

File: 1613639952532.png (17.64 KB, 246x211, 4.PNG)

No. 1164469

File: 1613639998166.png (16.98 KB, 539x238, 5.PNG)

and here's another person saying he asked them to do the same, there was also someone who was defending the tranny but the comment is gone

No. 1164472

File: 1613640090410.png (20.21 KB, 561x200, 6.PNG)

No. 1164474

NTA but isn't this common knowledge at this point and why "discord tranny" is a meme? That one forced feminization tranny discord has been conducting multiple raids on 4chan to brainwash lonely, depressed incels into trooning out to "become the gf" and they in return keep spreading it and grooming more people. It's social contagion at its worst. I remember reading a twitter thread discussing this and it had a ton of young teenage men opening up about how they were treated as "eggs to be cracked" when they were just gay and/or gnc. It's especially common in furry circles since they're already notorious for grooming minors using their easily approachable cartoon animal avatars and acting like it's all a furry RP, not real life.

No. 1164479

$10k.. $25k… fucking $50k raised for this bullshit? This world is ruined.. too late to go back now.

No. 1164484

File: 1613641932049.png (845.8 KB, 1000x690, 1605181039846.png)

I swear troons are the epitome of sad cringe

No. 1164487

They consider moderate curves on a thin hourglass female human body to be "androgynous" now?

No. 1164504

The drawings all have curves, in the pictures they're fucking rectangles
They're fridges

No. 1164505

How can people who are so obsessed with taking selfies and posting them online be so detached from what they look like?

No. 1164506

They're actually being kind of held-back here. I'd think they'd pink something like girl "I" or "L" because they think they can be magically small waisted with a big bust just from estrogen magic. Although I don't know how you can set a goal of "grow a hip-to-waist ratio bigger than 1".

No. 1164511

File: 1613646995356.jpg (135.06 KB, 832x1480, 1f855ef67e32337469620120c90a25…)

if u don't look like this ur a man

No. 1164513

If only puberty blockers, HRT, laser hair removal, cosmetic surgery, spinny skirts, makeup and wigs were just made freely available to them whenever they wanted they wouldn’t be forced to scam people or catfish using female children’s pictures, poor dears. Like ask yourself, who’s the real victim here?

No. 1164515

File: 1613648284724.png (1.03 MB, 4708x3335, troon body types.png)

No. 1164517

File: 1613648362568.png (405.54 KB, 390x881, scrn.png)

There's a transwoman asking for funds for cancer treatment and one asking for money after their family home burned down buried under guys asking for FFS, boobjobs and a "survival fund" so they don't have to work. The contrast is grim, to say the least, and should really humble them. I've seen a single FtM asking for a titchop in that thread.

No. 1164519

all they are doing is casting a wide net just so they can brainwash more people

No. 1164521

imagine being a victim of this scammer pervert and being told not to speak on it, kek

No. 1164527

I like this more accurate representation of their bodies, this needs to be the next thread pic.

No. 1164533

A and E is how 90% of "femboys" look like

No. 1164539

what the fuck is up with his proportions?? that bobblehead, anachan body & bulge combined together… pure nightmare fuel

No. 1164548

They pick not only an obvious dude, but such a busted one too? He looks alien.

Much more accurate! The only problem with this is a lack of male-pattern baldness that seems to plague the average AGP.

No. 1164550

File: 1613654588811.png (460.79 KB, 604x1029, Screenshot_20210218-161350.png)

The worst one

No. 1164573

I vote for potential next thread pic

No. 1164583

I recognize this ugly mug! Silver/Kai right? This guy used to be one of my personal cows, especially back in 2014-2015 on tumblr. He was known for being in his 20s and harassing teenage girls over their opinions on cartoon characters.

No. 1164599

File: 1613661893170.jpg (1.32 MB, 1899x1486, Polish_20210218_101837652.jpg)

No. 1164602

File: 1613662165040.jpg (1.22 MB, 1408x2096, Polish_20210218_101948426.jpg)

I feel like it's hard to be a milky troon because they all seem to be poly, transbian, dysmorphic in thinking they're the most beautiful creature, leftist woke, ect ect ect.

No. 1164641

File: 1613666981176.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, her.png)

No. 1164648

Just found out one of my favorite Gaming Youtubers is a troon. I thought it was so cool to find another woman who shared how video games touched their life, then I do some digging to try and learn more about this person and come to find he's actually a man who thinks he's a woman though I suppose it makes sense with this guy because he has a lot of favorite female characters in video games and I feel like maybe he liked them so much that he wanted to be like them.

No. 1164650

m8, they're using an avatar drawn by a porn artist who almost exclusively draws gay or shemale porn… easiest giveaway in the world

No. 1164652

Not dogging you or anything, but most normal people wouldn't recognize it

No. 1164655

Very fair point, didn't mean to come off as aggressively as I did either. Usually anime avatars are pretty suspicious for youtubers as far as known, that was the point I was trying to convey.

No. 1164657

Not to power level but this (Kai) guy is former army and therefore benefitted from masculinity and imperialism and trooned out once it no longer helped him.

No. 1164658

File: 1613668792481.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.35 KB, 429x644, 1515462758_6331_kinky-fetish_n…)

What >>1164652 said. I actually didn't know who the artist was until I got curious a few days ago to learn about this person. Yep, the artist's name is Dross and he makes a ton of shemale porn. But that's not the only thing I found out about this person. Apparently this Sphere Hunter who's previous name was "Sue Lightning" was also in porn. (Spoiler pic for nudity)

Not that I care what someone does on their own time but as per usual, seems like another porn obsessed AGP type.

It was just a disappointing shock for me because I never really find women in the gaming YouTube scene who make essays and so when I came across Sphere Hunter when I did, I thought I finally found one but nope…


You're not necessarily wrong, it seems like a lot of troons tend to use anime avatars…

No. 1164662

god anon i saw the thumbnail and got so excited for a second before i remembered what board i was on, i really wish there were more women doing video studies on obscure games (esp horror!)

No. 1164675

figured as much. I had my suspicions but the biggest red flag for me was that he often used black bob-haired anime/game characters as an avatar like Makoto and Alita. Trying become like his waifus but it will never happen.

No. 1164682

Yeah, I think his url is trapcard now

No. 1164689

oh yeah, this is the troon that got the botched boob job from that guy from Anthony and Opie, I think Anthony paid for it and was exposed for being a tranny chaser.
I believe 4chin was obessed with this troon or something.
They were said to be raped by some pornstar ChristianXXX and that weird looking troon that Contrapoints was obessed with, the one who does porn Natalie was dating this troon or something? Or got this troon into porn? I'm not sure.

I can't remember everything. I also heard a rumor that Pat from super best friend fucked this troon, which disgusted me because he has a attractive girlfriend who is waay out of his league.
I think he shilled this troon's video so that made it seem kind of real.
Anyone who knows about this correct me if i'm wrong.

No. 1164695

File: 1613670879904.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.3 KB, 1080x1080, D-A8_oQU8AATgVU.jpg)

Same. I'm so sad that there aren't very many women in video game study/analysis. I have been able to find a small handful of women who do video game reviews like Tamashi Hiroka with Pokemon and just recently PelvicGaming who mostly reviews RPGs but video game study and/or analysis videos are fun as well and I don't mind longform videos like that but I have yet to find a woman who does them, let alone one who does it with horror games like you said.

Yeah I see what you mean lol And he does like characters like Motoko Kusanagi, Jill Valentine, and Lady from Devil May Cry who all have short bob hairstyles, that's what made me think that he's trying to be like these characters or at least look like them anyway. I'll give him this, he's not the worst looking but something tells me he edits his photos a lot.

Oh wow, I didn't know about that but that's quite the history. I don't know who Anthony and Opie are but I think the troon you're talking about is maybe Bailey Jay? He seems to be a popular troon from back in the day.

No. 1164697

>sorry for spoiler, forgot to untick that. It's a normal face pic, nothing obscene lol.

No. 1164700

Natalie Mars was the troon that befriended Sue. It wasn't Bailey. I also remember 4chin making sue cry and..cum, I don't know, Kiwi seems to consider Sue "one of the good ones" but a lot of them do that with trans they think pass because they want to fuck them. I don't know much about Sue currently, I did feel bad for him because the horrible boob job and allegdely being raped.
It's all on Kiwi/4chin But I first learned about it on Kiwi.

No. 1164711

File: 1613671614264.jpg (156.56 KB, 1200x675, Cp__AN8UAAAY77z.jpg)

KEK anon i feel so much empathy for you. it's alright, i didn't know sue lighting was a troon until my male friends said something.

No. 1164717

It's crazy how he looks amazing next to those trans, but in the picture above he looks like what he is, a twink cross dressing.
I assume when you are next to ugly people being a decent baby faced male would help you pass better.

No. 1164718

SA-He kind of looks like the guy who makes those yandere sim games.

No. 1164724

Good god that whole face looks like it was painted on. Honestly he has a pretty passing voice because at least I couldn't tell but this pic is pretty clockable by the photoshop alone.

No. 1164743

holy shit i always wondered when silver would turn up here. he also used to claim to have split personality disorder/alters on tumblr

No. 1164788

silver is incredibly unstable and agressive and it's crazy that he managed to get so many people to accept that black trannies simply had the right to be insufferable and/or literal criminals because they're oppressed. demented, but at this point i stay following him to know how his surgeries will go. can't wait for the breakdowns and horrible pictures.

No. 1164856

Oh my bad. So it was Natalie Mars then. And yeah I went through a few pages on the Kiwi farms and I know a little more. Right, I think Sue is considered one of the good ones for the reaosn you said, they just want to fuck him and maybe because he doesn't really talk about his "Transness" on his YouTube channel. I feel bad for him if the rape actually happened but yeah, just because he's not as unsightly as some of the other troons posted here, it doesn't make me think he's more of a woman than the others.

Thanks anon lol I'm kinda new to picking up on key red flags of a possible troon when it comes to the gaming/nerd scene. Speaking of this, his face is so weird… It's like he kinda "passes" but he doesn't. Something seems so off. I think it's his cheeks, are they natural or are they some sort of injection/filler??

>I assume when you are next to ugly people being a decent baby faced male would help you pass better.

I think you're right kek.

Yeah his face looks odd there. I feel like he was either blasting his face with light to drown out his overt male features, heavily edited his face, or both.
> Passing voice

I have to agree, that's why I was fooled as well. His voice actually does sound pretty convincing.

No. 1164892

File: 1613688096792.jpeg (36.85 KB, 800x480, B5B6B048-3627-4D76-A76E-8E9925…)

magdalen on the right lol

No. 1164974

This is not going to be a popular opinion, but I thought this was a troon…

No. 1164994

RIP queen

No. 1164996

File: 1613697848877.png (702.4 KB, 1137x485, forrealbruh.PNG)

From the nib, a daily lefty political cartoon site. The title of this strip was "What makes you feel powerful?" with various responses. Hard to believe a juxtaposition like this isn't a parody.

No. 1165020

idk why this simple post scares me. A lot of them seem to become very irrational when dealing with emotions…so I'm afraid of what could happen to the gf if jealousy ever consumed him..

No. 1165022

File: 1613700081456.png (49.41 KB, 480x482, b4bda01cffcbbe7117da2a5c175293…)

pedo pedo pedo.

No. 1165050

everyone’s talking about how this dude wants his “vagina” to look like a teenage girl’s but I’m a bit more concerned by the fact he knows what a cow’s pussy looks like.

No. 1165066

This is so gross, you can literally see the head of his dick through the underwear. Thanks for the forced exhibitionism, whatever company this is.

No. 1165186

File: 1613721675843.png (2.41 MB, 3663x8271, powerful.png)

I hope this edit can help peak some women

No. 1165187

Christian is a revolting piece of shit. Always ripping off the "talent" by quoting them a pay amount and reneging once he makes demands they won't agree to. Usually to do with condoms and where he can cum or how much rough stuff is too tough. There are plenty of details about it. A friend who eventually trooned out wrote a fair bit on it as he raw dogged and choked them.

No. 1165190


No. 1165207

OT but pat doesn't even leave the house and has terrible social anxiety. no clue how he even got a tranny fucking rumor, lmao.

No. 1165250

check out the Cannot Be Tamed channel's video on motherhood in gaming, it's one of my favs

No. 1165298

Look at this dumb scrote thinking that she shape of your labia is dictated by your age and that he wants the one "teenage girls" have. And this is the sort of creep that I'm expected to share a bathroom with.

If you showed this to someone oblivious and made them guess if it's an anti-trans or a pro-trans cartoon they wouldn't be able to tell. To any woman it would be a mockery to shoehorn programmer socks and horse pills as "empowering" next to someone choosing to knit blankets for premature babies.

No. 1165341

Who cares, still a legitimate and based female

No. 1165371

The fact that so many troons are into programmer socks makes it clear that it's a fetish, just taken too far.

No. 1165543

File: 1613759678798.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3024x4355, 3E7D9A0B-C2E9-40A1-BBE5-737578…)

What is with the creepy sinister smile every troon seems to have? How do they think this looks good it looks creepy as fuck

No. 1165550

File: 1613760401041.png (523.89 KB, 640x711, B6454247-13D3-4D63-9CC9-59F0E7…)

No. 1165569

How does this not peak people, kek.

No. 1165573

grown ass men trying to smile like little children will always look completely unhinged and retarded lol

No. 1165580

I own this exact outfit. Legit the same skirt and shirt

No. 1165590

at least you can find solace in knowing however busted you look on any given day you’ll always look better than the troon does wearing it

No. 1165600


No. 1165706

File: 1613775989917.png (95.78 KB, 737x707, mm.PNG)

There's apparently a sub called r/TransDIY where people try to get HRT without it even being prescribed by a doctor. Isn't this self-medicating shit super unhealthy kek ? Here's the link to the sub: https://www.reddit.com/r/TransDIY/top/?t=all

No. 1165735

lmao retards got scammed

No. 1165746

File: 1613777757945.png (42.92 KB, 901x304, thats thinkin with ur anus.png)

Damn these desperate, crusty men really will do ANYTHING for the coom.

No. 1165772

lmaaoo anon this is crazy

No. 1165780

The tldr about that board is amazing.
A year back before the tranny storm kicked off several boards would link to this board as proof that it’s a fucking cult.
Arguments would go like this.

“Wow these freaks are disgusting”
>no real trans person would lie or do such a thing

“but TransDIY exists and it tells you how to cheat the system”

> that’s all anti trans lies you bigot

And now boards like drop the T and Itsafetish are banned for hate speech, because they simply called out disgusting behaviors.

No. 1165821

>I will cost you more money than you stripped off of me
Yeah, I'm sure drug dealers are terrified of men in knee socks. I hear the cartel cower when faced with anime profile photos.

How stupid do you have to be to think putting alcohol up your ass will have no consequences?

Shocking, really. If you can't trust a seedy online pill dealer, who can you trust?

No. 1165906

File: 1613790499658.jpg (59.71 KB, 1024x683, 52417064_1547463842065379_2501…)


WOW. What a collection you've come across. I notice they have an actual Doctor posting (under his real name….) - Dr. William Powers. Seems a lil tad bit unethical, helping these loony troons undermine their own physicians. But what do I know? What do you figure his angle is with this? Woke Points? There are a lot of various media articles about him, and photos.. And further, how certain are we that the dude is a chaser?

No. 1165910

the mansplaining to another man that they're actually trans. also writing "like" a lot doesn't mean you're female.

for any of these people talking about suicide like this it makes it so much harder for people actually struggling with it to get help, be heard, and have the community that someone needs. unless they've gone through very real treatments and/or therapy for that specifically it's fucked. if suicidal tendencies are linked to something inherently, it's a mental illness, but they claim it's not.

so violent episodes because of soul crushing jealousy is normal? and women are supposed to feel comfortable and let you in their spaces after reading that threat.

No. 1166101

>nonbinary with they/he pronouns
How to be a conventionally attractive (actual) girl instead of a troon and still cash in on the trans pity party.

No. 1166579

These people are so desperate for their cooming that they would do anything the internet tells them to. I'm sure you could convince them to suck the gel out the tube and down it with gasoline if you claimed it gave you double Ds.

Pretty sure it's just money and trying to attract a bigger clientele. It's a lucrative business to prescribe hormones and do surgeries on troons.

No. 1166580

send the DEA little tips about these sites

No. 1166581

trannies posting L's lmao

No. 1166672

File: 1613825484339.png (895.96 KB, 593x787, Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 13.40…)

Meet "Comrade Natalie", a tranny who is obsessed with North Korea and fancies himself an "Activist & US Friend of North Korea". Apparently also has a girlfriend.

I don't know how I stumbled upon his twitter, but I wish I hadn't. It's a true goldmine though.

No. 1166676

Does anyone else occasionally go on to r/actuallesbians just to bully the transbians before copping a ban? I’m asking for a friend of course. I would never dream of doing such a thing.

No. 1166677

I think I've figured out why their smiles are so creepy. Real women who are subjects to female socialization naturally learn how to fake smile with ease. We instinctively know that it includes more muscles than just the upturned mouth to be convincing. We smile with our eyes.

Men have no such inclinations and their fake smiles are recognized as such. Just try smiling with only your mouth and see how it looks, it's scary because of how inauthentic it looks.

No. 1166683

I think it's because the smiles always read as I'm tricking them, notice how passing trans women don't have creepy smiles. Only the non-passing ones. The smile represents non-passing obvious males getting off on "tricking" people that they're a woman, the more they are pandered to by cis women, the worse it is.

No. 1166684

>The smile represents non-passing obvious males getting off on "tricking" people that they're a woman
Ironically, they're unsuccessful at doing so

No. 1166722

>tfw doesn't know how to fakesmile
So this is why I look like a tranny everytime I get my picture taken, huh…

No. 1166744

I think they are just autistic. Autism and transitioning are very closely related.

No. 1166752

File: 1613838629650.png (1.76 MB, 1083x2048, Screenshot_20210220-112830.png)

Found in the wild; this Thai ladyboy in my Instagram explore feed. Absolute nightmare fuel, on top of the Martina big levels of blackfishing.

No. 1166773

so many TIMs that make zero effort to pass looooove shilling for DPRK as if transitioning would even be a thing there kek

No. 1166776

Isn't he a meme in the twitter spam community?

No. 1166778

he looks like he's missing a chromosome but still passes better than the average agp. incredible.

No. 1166783

File: 1613843775212.jpg (839.07 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20210220-125555_Chr…)

are u thinking of Dynasty, woah Vicky's "sister"? lol this dude reminded me of her. sage for possible derail

No. 1166784

File: 1613843775622.jpeg (30.99 KB, 300x300, 955992EE-BFD0-4A0A-A677-0D31A6…)


He looks like he’s got the same condition that the girl picrel who hangs round with woahvicky has.

No. 1166785

File: 1613843912554.jpg (76.35 KB, 800x433, tumblr_ptd37bHwfk1xh2r6io3_128…)

samefag but lmao he also looks a lot like Lynn Spirit

No. 1166790

File: 1613844167798.jpeg (72.06 KB, 750x698, 50BEA867-6987-4446-A761-E54D1C…)


Wow I had a dig around his profile and I wish I hadn’t. Terrifying.

No. 1166795

File: 1613845511691.png (127.04 KB, 500x375, babydoll.png)

No. 1166851

File: 1613856084693.jpeg (25.21 KB, 237x170, D9AD7B1A-AAC2-4328-B288-818B1B…)

No. 1166938

What's up with his nose?

No. 1166948

I mean how can you not. AL's comment sections are a dumpster fire.

No. 1167057

File: 1613883269733.jpeg (120.34 KB, 556x1334, E621B359-2B44-446A-BBA2-341E1A…)

hey monaka kek

No. 1167169

File: 1613892843218.jpeg (237.44 KB, 828x1140, 5EAED704-8E7C-44A8-9DD2-B1487B…)

this trans shit is a social contagion

No. 1167187

>”I’m a trans woman!!”
>”still using he/him pronouns”

god fuck off

No. 1167200

Isn't this Cry's video editor? Wtf

No. 1167201


he\him lesbian

No. 1167204

File: 1613899905520.jpg (347.61 KB, 1080x1810, hehim.jpg)

>"join me on this journey"
>watch me post some make-up selfies in wigs and praise the shit out of me
How fast wikis accomodate people's gender changes always surprises me.

No. 1167212

Mass peaking.. like, mass amounts of liberals peaking.. has to be soon. I feel it. We can't go on like this much longer.

No. 1167213

It’s been happening for some time, they’re just spineless. The men will take longer to peak since it doesn’t affect them and they don’t care what happens to waaahmen.

No. 1167238

File: 1613909069238.webm (635.78 KB, 640x800, 1900377-121550c14c561ea63e51d8…)

"Farrah Flawless" aka "Pauley Unstoppable" talks about going to a "vagina doctor" and he's trying to get his botched Neo-vagina, if he gets the money it will be his THIRD revision.
He also claims to be a sex worker.

No. 1167240

File: 1613909406162.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.97 KB, 828x1296, B1E2029B-6890-499C-9C18-467A4B…)

He's always begging but has money to get his tattoo's removed off his face and buy ugly wigs. All jokes aside, I feel so bad for this dude. I don't know much about him but I remember people saying his BF breaking up with him is probably what broke him.
I believe (last I saw) that boyfriend now has a gf and Pauley is just…well doing this.
I guess getting his dick chopped is a huge body mod, he's obviously obsessed with modding himself and has a severe case of Body dysmorphia.
Him and the Human Ken Doll are very similar, except Human Ken Doll is rich.

No. 1167242

this is what a woman looks like in 2021 folxs, get used to it!

No. 1167245

File: 1613909758567.png (84.95 KB, 757x830, periodt2.PNG)

Kevin's in a bad mood so he's on his period.

No. 1167249

Okay, but the majority of men in wigs will try to mimic bleeding from their asses or rot pockets when they’re supposedly just on their period, so he has to make it make sense.
Also, does it mean there can be women’s only groups about menstruation since men can’t menstruate?

No. 1167252

Anyone will suffer from moodswings if they start fucking with their hormone levels with off-label pills.

No. 1167259

Whew, men are really coming out to explain to women what periods…

Since when was a period just being hormonal or moody? We don't say pregnant women, boys going through puberty or even girls going through puberty are on their period unless they're actually menstruating.

No. 1167271

they really just don’t understand what hormone cycles are. there’s no way that while getting a steady and stable daily dose of estrogen, their bodies are somehow undergoing the hormone cycle of a woman. it’s just not possible. their bodies can’t go through the highs and lows of estrogen because it’s a constant level. and an “article” from curvyandtrans.com isn’t going to refute that.

not to mention the fact multiple studies have been done and even mtfs who are solely on estrogen for years don’t have the same hormone levels of women. estrogen alone doesn’t make you a woman so why the fuck would it make you a menstruating woman.

No. 1167277

>I feel so bad for this dude


No. 1167310

Have they ever seen a scientific chart on periods? The cycle consists of multiple hormones. Jesus they are so delusional.

No. 1167315

They believe men can become women, of course they're delusional.
Also learn to sage.

No. 1167328

I'm sure some of you might appreciate this ad

No. 1167330

File: 1613924599996.jpeg (656.71 KB, 2040x1496, BAB0F25D-E87E-4930-8FBB-DA639E…)

Ah yes, my fave.

No. 1167333

based tampon commercial

No. 1167334

File: 1613925221928.png (915.68 KB, 1000x925, 103EEDE0-3706-4A84-8847-6DE06D…)

When a doctor asks “when was your last period?” They are not asking when the last time you were sad, or ate ice cream, or had the runs. They are asking when you last menstruated. When your uterus last shed it’s lining. It’s an important health marker. When post menopausal women are asked this they know to say, “5 year ago” or whatever, not “two weeks ago” cause that’s when they “ate a lot of chocolate hehe”. Everyone knows this. Troons and their allies love obfuscating language. They have nothing if people don’t acquiesce definitions to them.

No. 1167343

File: 1613926313959.jpeg (158.85 KB, 575x379, C70541B6-7F98-4D34-BEC2-B40321…)


cue the “imagine if this was made today” but seriously just imagine the absolute glorious shitstorm it would cause

No. 1167350

All this period talk reminds me of the (I'm sure many) guy(s) who froze tomatoe juice and stuck it up his ass to emulate periods

No. 1167358

Eve if "the general cis medical community" took interest, what would they be asking funding for? "Ah, yes, transwomen do fart more when their daily estrogen levels are the lowest". People are in actual pain from their "cis" periods, Johnny.

No. 1167363


So many words and still no understanding of how periods actually work. They all say it's about estrogen, but it's actually when estrogen dips and progesterone increases that causes all the nasty PMS symptoms and eventually the period themselves.

No. 1167366

>National period day
>could use this day to lessen the stigma of periods
>could use this day to draw attention to the girls that can't go to school while on their period
>could talk about period poverty
>let's talk about how this dude is mentally ill, needy and horny and therefore having a period

Mad that the man in the ad looks more passable than every troon in this thread. Hair's better, makeup's better, body's better. Imagine the person that was hired solely to look like a man in a dress looking better than you, yikes.

No. 1167370

>Mad that the man in the ad looks more passable than every troon in this thread. Hair's better, makeup's better, body's better. Imagine the person that was hired solely to look like a man in a dress looking better than you, yikes.

I am pretty sure he's just a male actor too kek, probably not even taking hormones or bullshit like that.

No. 1167378

His brain is trying to ovulate? What?
Does he think periods just happen for no reason and just because of a single hormone?

No. 1167408

I always want to ask my gyno about shit like this but that would be so out of the line and would probably seem like some trap to accuse her of terfism. "Yea I know women who get their insides removed suffer from symptoms unless and even if they start hormonal replacement therapy for it but surely my big female brain will just force my body to know I am ovulating, even without fucking ovaries or utero!". I am just so fucking heated, there are actual women who do not menstruate, you don't see them making shit like this up because they're not narcissistic men like trannies are.

No. 1167450

It’s the ladybrain. It makes us cranky and unreasonable and crave chocolate every 28 days for no reason, like clockwork! Haha, women amirite?

No. 1167537

How do you add "Gender: Female" under that photo and not peak? Their cognitive dissonance must be a fucking black hole.

No. 1167543

File: 1613940387609.png (55.09 KB, 585x466, 1613920100305.png)

Follow up to Kevin's bullshit and his "girlfriend" is in the comments defending this dumb shit, he freshly got his balls chopped off but he's online talking about this.

No. 1167668

Silver used to be so milky a few years ago, can't say I'm surprised she's still acting a mess online. She should be turning 27/28 this year so it makes sense she moved on to living vicariously through random kpop idols and anime girls. Hitting the sauce every other night and sperging about 3 topics doesn't get old for narcs I guess.

No. 1167698

that "gotcha" at the end lmao. women's symptoms are dismissed by men, retard

No. 1167699

File: 1613954110888.jpg (418.08 KB, 1321x835, Untitled.jpg)

is "coming out as trans" just the thing for boring, unremarkable males who feel inadequate to do now? look at these view counts. they must think they're popular suddenly ~because they're women and women have it easy~

No. 1167706

I think Pauly is my favorite troon. He's gotten 2 neovagina surgeries, augmented his man boobs, shitty lip injections. Yet his voice still sounds like John C. Reilly. lmao

No. 1167718

What did it talk about for 10 hours, bloody hell

No. 1167748

File: 1613960491092.png (516.68 KB, 900x2000, biotransgirl.png)

No. 1167756

men are so delusional. they think people want to listen to them ramble on about things

No. 1167767

anon I'm shrieking and howling please tell me you fucking drew this

No. 1167785

I am dead.

No. 1167789

Beautiful, now this is perfect for the next thread pic.

No. 1167796

It gets better with every panel.

No. 1167846

No. 1167858

Nothing pisses me off more than when trans use legit example to explain their dumb ass ideas.

> trans people with ovaries menstruate

Yes because they were born female
> Women who (insert condition) mestruate
Yes because there were born female
> And wouldn’t you know! Trans women do too (sources needed)

This is so anti-science and it pisses me off so much that legit scientists have to bend over backward to agree with that bull. Imagine a paper saying “The sky is blue, the sea is blue, wouldn’t you know it, trans people also are blue”

My mate also has messy bowel movement, cramps, mood swings and depression at times. He doesn’t menstruate though, he has Chrons. Same symptoms doesn’t equal same issue.

Had me convinced it was legit in the first panel, 10/10

No. 1167879

File: 1613978968565.png (733.91 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20210222-082409~2.p…)

Just get a real job, but of course they are all disabled and freelance artists, perfect excuses not to get one. After the whole Sai debacle I don't understand why people are still willing to give money to these fucking leeches.

No. 1167885

The one on the left has such a smug face, as if being a hideous beast wasn't enough.

No. 1167893

File: 1613981447613.jpeg (822.36 KB, 1242x1470, C6021976-492F-4EBC-A713-C4AB77…)

trannies tweet shit like this because it’s their fantasy to get their neovagina and pass so perfectly they could keep it a secret from their partner.
these tweets are based in fantasy, never in reality. kek.

No. 1167903

I get that it would be hard and scary to worry about disclosing that you're trans to partners, but what's the alternative? You live in ever-increasing fear over the course of a relationship that they'll find out - through people from your past, old photos, medical documents/debt, so many ways. Either that or you never get in a relationship committed enough that they could find out. I feel like this is terrible advice for trans people to act like this is okay or they should expect to be able to do this.

No. 1167907

yeah i did

No. 1167910

If he actually knew what having a female hormonal cycle was like he wouldn’t wish he had it. Seriously why would doctors research something related to female reproductive organs in men?
I wish I could give him mine, PMS and all, so he would just off himself because he couldn’t deal with it.

No. 1167916

Perfect advice on how to get beaten up / potentially killed. Oh but TERFS are the ones killing trans people, not cis dudes obviously.

It’s been proven time and time again that tims overestimate how well they pass. Even if they managed to pass to the point of being in bed with a guy (aka the most intimate and vulnerable moment where they won’t be in a public place), dudes usually can tell when something’s not right.

Transbians are the ones who love crying the loudest about how lesbians won’t suck their girldick but trans women who go for men are the ones at risk for literal violence. This is the dumbest advice ever.

No. 1167917

step 1: sell other trannies the meme that they don't have to tell their partners they are trans
step 2: sudden """mysterious""" increase of murdered tims
step 3: ????????

No. 1167918

It's a good thing if you ignore step 4

No. 1167926

> never specified he doesn’t want to date trans people
they’ve made it a hate crime to, how are people supposed to do this? you can’t even filter between women and troons on apps anymore and get banned for transphobia if you put it on your bio kek

No. 1167927

File: 1613987926402.jpg (227.81 KB, 1138x1280, 1609667428.wafflesart_08.jpg)

Sophie Labelle, the troon who draws Assigned Male is a babyfur


No. 1167930

This. Are these people expecting to just hide it all from their partners forever? If yes, how would it work out? You have no past from before, you're infertile, you have weird surgical scars, you require medical checkups or maybe revisionary surgeries etc. They would find out sooner or later.

Shocking. Not. Is this confirmed to be him? Like I'm absolutely not even doubting it because it looks like his art and his obsession with self-insert kids would make a ton of sense with him being a babyfur but I'd like to see some receipts. One by one they're all outed as pedos.

No. 1167931

File: 1613988563079.png (1.17 MB, 1195x1099, extrabeans.png)

in case blind people need proof

No. 1167932

I saw someone say a month or so back who the next troon out youtuber will be and they predcted Jacksepticeye.
This makes me think they will be right or very least close.

No. 1167939

File: 1613990416333.jpg (1.41 MB, 2176x3264, Assigned diaper lover at birth…)

Huh, yeah, that makes sense. Explains his art style at the very least.
I whipped up my own comparison. Middle two panels with the yellow dog and the gray bear are by Waffles, everything else is by Sophie. Looks like an open and shut case to me, especially since the yellow dog from Waffles' art is almost a carbon copy of the yellow goat from Sophie's.

No. 1167941

File: 1613990835030.jpg (161.41 KB, 1188x1200, eugh.jpg)

Really makes this strip from Sophie's supposedly SFW furry pastel uwu comic seem different doesn't it

No. 1167976

it's always so much mental gymnastics to cope with the fact no one they're attracted to wants to date them

No. 1167991

why is it so hard to realize that people have sex based attraction? what the fuck is this lol

No. 1167998

No. 1168026

File: 1614008686723.jpeg (64.61 KB, 680x459, 51AC5005-0422-41C1-8400-C1F85D…)

She has a way with words, I’ll give her that.

No. 1168032

i love you

No. 1168037

File: 1614011101180.png (955.94 KB, 1549x733, handd.png)

billy always does that hand thing with his characters

No. 1168041

marry me anon

No. 1168048

These are the same people that cry about the fact that troons get clapped so often. Maybe if they learned that people take that shit really seriously they wouldn't have to worry about that

No. 1168061

They don't lie because "i'm a woman" they lie because they know the men they are after, won't want them 9/10.
Sidenote, notice how this mutant brings up racism? They know calling shit "transphobic" does not move people like that anymore, so now they try to connect every trans issue with racism hoping people will take it serious.

And lets say a trans woman does get with a man and the man does not know. What about when this man wants children? I know the TRA answer it, "Well some women can't have children" but women who KNOW they can't have children, usually try to date people…who are okay with that? Or women who don't want children know they'd be better dating people who think the same? So I guess transwomen expect these men to go, "Okay cool we can adopt, we can get a surrogate!"
It's all about their validation, FUCK how anyone else feels.
Then when it falls apart they blame it on being trans, rather then dating people who fit what they are looking for.

No. 1168065

As unlikely as it is that a MtF ever passes well enough to fool a sexual partner, people deserve to know whether they’re having sex with someone’s genitalia or with an open flesh wound. I don’t have a dick but the thought of sticking any part of me into what is literally an oozing wound is horrifying. Absolute body horror.

No. 1168070

That always makes his retarded characters look like monkeys.

No. 1168074

Now you made me think about it, men must notice the lack of sensation while fucking a rot hole as opposed to fucking a normally functional vagina, unless they’re turbovirgins of course.
And also, what if the depth of the flesh pocket is too shallow? Doesn’t it hurt or something? Wouldn’t that feel like smashing the dick to an arm or something?
I always just have so many questions, there’s just no way anyone wouldn’t tell the difference while fucking, even with the lights off.

No. 1168099

unless they’re high or drunk as hell. which is a whole different issue. if “straight” guys aren’t fucking troons out of curiosity, they’re usually way too out of it to even be able to tell if they are women. that’s how so many of these idiots get killed. dudes find out the next day that they fucked a monster and get pissed bc other people know.

No. 1168149

There are enough hetero men who are just really into anal, trannies are probably more willing to let them than women

No. 1168185

I used to love Lidnsay Ellis unconditionally but holy fuck she's making it so hard to keep following her. This video is peaking me so fucking badly. It's like she wants to suck on Hontra's cock so bad… come on girl, emperor's new clothes, you can't be real by thinking transphobia has been a thing in pop media until now.

No. 1168190

File: 1614026276937.png (10.77 KB, 316x209, 1.png)

also this fucking comment lmao

No. 1168229

I watched most of it, and it's honestly not even that bad. Or am I just getting desentisized? Other than the Contra cocksucking in the beginning and the newspeak misattribution. Like she says during the "REAL trans crime statistics part" that people think transwomen are inherently predatory. Nah, people KNOW men are predatory/violent. And 100% of transwomen are men. Terminology magic won't change their crime rates.

No. 1168239

Ah, so it was to sucks Contra's dick, I was wondering why she made a video with topic that doesn't have anything to do with her.

Honestly considering unsubbing if she keeps on cranking out TRA content. It's boring, uninteresting and pure virtue signalling.

Funny how the only review and other YouTubers I've seen sucking trans cock are always women yet many TIMs screech about how women are the worst allies. Why do these women even try?

No. 1168242

no reason not to unsub, you can always watch future videos without supporting a tranny simp

the dark lipstick she's wearing reminded me of the butthole shade that connor of inside gaming has been wearing in every video since he came out

No. 1168247

I unsubbed. There are many, many other media review YouTubers out there that aren't deep in the trans propaganda, and therefore I'll choose to give them my time instead. I really don't think this will be her last ever video sucking tranny cock.

No. 1168252

Ever since JK Rowling said what she said (not even transphobic, people are nuts) Lindsay has been reffering to her as "Joanne" (kinda disrespectful if you mention me) and has made 1 video about her and mentioned her more times later. I'm getting real tired because Lindsay has good video essays, but god. I bet Hontra is making her do these videos.

No. 1168267

Fucking lmao AB is back with the zingers

No. 1168268

Srs, why is EVERY troon I see disabled. They’re literally always autistic and or disabled. Is there a correlation between the two? Is it a LARP for attention?

No. 1168271

Attention yes, and also an excuse to do fucking nothing all day and be unemployed forever.

No. 1168274

this has been posted numerous times in the mtf threads, yes there is a link between trooning out and autism. npd and other cluster b disorders are also correlated

No. 1168293

I see many, many biological women call attention to transphobia.

Do any trans women with big platforms do the same? Do they talk about sexism directed at biological women?

No. 1168307

File: 1614041408207.jpeg (674.68 KB, 1125x1654, 5E15C8F4-FEC0-44EE-BEB2-AFE960…)

This woman is a FGM survivor and male trannies immediately started screeching at her for not being “inclusive” in her language. Absolutely disgusting and the fact that people can just dismiss this and STILL not peak is unbelievable.

No. 1168310

she is based. fuck ugly men

No. 1168353

File: 1614044616142.jpg (437.09 KB, 1047x1600, RCO016_1583654977.jpg)

It's ironic that she uses Achilles as an example of crossdressing in ancient Greece, because he was crossdressing so he could hide on an all-female island and raped a girl while he was there. Welp, I guess Alfred Hitchcock didn't invent men in dresses committing crimes, go figure.

No. 1168354

Some pay lip service to the sex based oppression of natal women but rarely does it go beyond that.
Prior to trooning out PhilosophyTube made some decent videos about abortions but the he lost all that credit when he compared HRT to 16 year olds getting abortions.
Breadtube in general tends to do this pretty frequently, they'll sound coherent for 10 whole seconds and then complain about being on a waiting list for a neovagina.

No. 1168355

based, gonna start referring to troons as "eggless persons" kek

>is it a LARP for attention
yes. attention and gibs

if they talk about sexism it's usually only to complain how they're not being ~centered~ in the conversation, e.g. throwing a shitfit over pussy hats at the Women's March

No. 1168358


>be a black woman

>survive sexual trauma and mutilation
>try to prevent other women from experiencing the same
>does not explicitly cater to men in catgirl outfits

This person is somehow the villain according to the twitterverse

No. 1168364

Can Lindsay Ellis please manage to go five consecutive years without falling under the thumb of boring nerd men? All those years as the Nostalgia Chick deep in that smarmy '00s nerd verse, then this brief moment of doing interesting shit with an eye on women in media, then this long, slow slide back under the thumb of the same boring nerd men, except they're all wearing skirts now.

I've always thought she was the only not-shit breadtuber because she generally stays in her lane and doesn't pretend that knowing a lot about musicals means she's qualified to comment on the history of labor politics, but god, here she goes playing handmaid to pseudo-intellectual burnout coomers just as shitty and arrogant as the Nostalgia Critic ever was.

No. 1168373

god dammit, lindsay.

i also love how basically all the hate and fear directed at trannies is… surprise! due to men! men who dress up as women to attack women!!!! it's almost like "TERF" actually IS a slur used by clueless fucks who'd rather not see all the misogyny in the world.

No. 1168376

newfags in this thread need to learn to sage

No. 1168386

Normally she doesn't wear noticeable makeup (save for red lipstick). In this video, she's wearing eyeliner, long falsies, and glittery eyeshadow.
Am I tinfoiling or does this have something to do with the subject of the video?

No. 1168399

fuck off retard

No. 1168401

is there really "no statistical value" to prove that trans-identified males do not ever prey on women? because like… i can look up arrest records right now.

No. 1168430

Honestly, I wish someone made a reply video to her disproving her shit. (I don't mean someone from here, just someone in general).
She's probably using a lot of makeup because she likes copying hontra in some vids.

No. 1168435

honestly i feel the video is well-made and has some decent points but to say "of course i don't mean trans women can't be predators" and then say at the end "trans women aren't predatory!" is so fucking obnoxious. despite being in this thread i am honestly all for solidarity with actual trans women (not creepy agps) but the idea that they cannot do any wrong and CAN'T be predators is as dumb and extremist as thinking all of them are predators.

No. 1168518

There’s also no consistency about whether predators can fake being trans or not. Whenever anyone proposes any kind of gatekeeping or safety measure, TRAs cry transphobia and insist that no “cis” man would ever fake being trans to get access to victims. But when you get confirmed predators like Yaniv and picrelated, plenty of TRAs will claim they’re not really trans and that citing them as examples of trans predators makes you transphobic. Either transwomen can and do use the access afforded by their trans identity to rape women and children, or cis men appropriate trans identity to rape women and children. Either way the rise of trans acceptance in its current from is leading to women and children being harmed. I’d respect people like Lindsay Ellis a lot more if they at least acknowledged this and tried to work towards a solution instead of closing their eyes, sticking their fingers in their ears and drowning out anything that doesn’t fit their worldview.

No. 1168519

File: 1614066671953.jpeg (78.83 KB, 680x337, 03E1620F-134F-48D7-932D-052700…)

No. 1168520

This. I actually loved some of her video essays and thought they were eye-opening and insightful but it's obvious she's riding Hontra's cock hard at the moment.

The most obnoxious thing is that nobody can make a rebuttal video since no matter how well researched and apologetic it was you would still be cancelled as a ~twansphobe~. J.K. Rowling wrote a very well put together letter about how denying biological sex erases the oppression people born female face all around the world yet she got branded as the queen of Karens and now liking Harry Potter is a TERF dogwhistle. If you don't accept men in dresses being your new overlords you might as well just be quiet since nobody will give you a platform except maybe some legitimate bigots who hate trannies only due to their historical association with homosexuals.

No. 1168521

File: 1614066703937.jpeg (958.18 KB, 1420x1316, 5F3A2212-C339-4503-A2AC-7F5B6F…)

pretty much confirmed it is him, he deleted all the pages and released a statement on his facebook page

No. 1168529

Ah, the good old "if you think pedoshit is disgusting you're transphobic!!!" defense. I didn't think it was possible but I just peaked again. I just wonder why does "making up for your missed childhood" always mean wearing diapers at age 10 and being fucked by daddy?

No. 1168540

>Being a sexual deviant with pedophilic tendencies is good for my mental health, healing and feeling safe!

Peak trans can't happen soon enough, I'm sick of this word manipulation.

No. 1168546

File: 1614070084517.jpeg (79.85 KB, 682x960, 136699081_227838158879707_8080…)

Pretty sure you can be "cared for" or "spoiled" without dressing as an oversized toddler and playing with Barbies. People also always suspected how much he was self-inserting into his child characters that discuss sexual stuff casually, and this basically all but confirms it. Even creepier because in his new furry comic the goat character is constantly in a "little girl" LARP, getting excited about coloring books and stickers, while canonically they're high schoolers.

No. 1168550

No. 1168567

>then this long, slow slide back under the thumb of the same boring nerd men, except they're all wearing skirts now.

fuck this is so true. She just went back to doing the same shit

No. 1168574

lmao imagine spending hours making that video when the majority of troons she is white knighting are on 4chan making fun of her ass. she really has no idea.

No. 1168584

The fuck are those pictures please archive them pedo vibes are now 100% confirmed

No. 1168602

A queen

No. 1168625

imageboard, guys. dump the highlights, good way to archive

No. 1168670

>The most obnoxious thing is that nobody can make a rebuttal video since no matter how well researched and apologetic it was you would still be cancelled as a ~twansphobe~.

Honestly I still feel like this is possible even if a bunch of deranged men call someone transphobe. Society needs to start putting an end to disgusting predatory troons, and I think making a response video to this, or to any other stupid TRA is necessary.

No. 1168671

No. 1168698

File: 1614095133711.jpeg (Spoiler Image,745.97 KB, 1125x1895, B69451C8-FE5A-49AD-9FC8-E046C9…)

there isn’t much on the instagram, just gonna drop a couple caps. here’s a drawing of a… cat? that just shit a tennis ball into its diaper

No. 1168699

File: 1614095170780.jpeg (Spoiler Image,566.5 KB, 1125x1641, E3341D79-B382-4ECA-B6E1-9568FA…)

and posting this one just because the retard face is hilarious

No. 1168705


labelle used to be a kindergarden teacher right? He was accusing everyone of transphobia when he was fired but he was probably caught sniffing the diapers of his students

No. 1168730

what anon don’t you get it? it’s his style, all of his characters are fragile bby cinnamon rolls that need to be protected after a hard day of berating nasty transphobes

No. 1168731

File: 1614100497306.jpeg (247.83 KB, 827x1210, 7A358897-A16B-4907-9825-8580AA…)

imagine proclaiming to the world that you’re a rancid pedo via these stickers

No. 1168758

File: 1614102815201.jpeg (263.62 KB, 750x809, CBE6BB5F-6411-439D-97F9-4FAFE6…)

This directly reminded me of picrel

No. 1168809

I fucking love lc. Bravo anon.

No. 1168816

File: 1614109073107.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.98 KB, 600x450, nastay.jpg)

how has labelle not been outed as a legit pedo yet? diaperfur shit aside, this is one of the first strips of assigned male.

No. 1168818

First of all, these look like 5 year olds, why would they know or talk about clits? Secondly, if they knew about them, why would the girl think he would PEE out of it?

No. 1168819

they're supposed to be like 11, not that it makes this any less disturbing

No. 1168827

>>1168818 I think this comic is about Intersex women with clitoromegaly so he prob thinks their clits are basically mini dicks

No. 1168836

anon don't be daft it's obs about trannys
also don't be retarded, womens urethras don't come out their clits, so the size of the clit wouldn't enable them to pee standing up.

No. 1168839

That person has made multiple comics about intersex people in the past and I have seen people say similar things about intersex women many time

No. 1168846

hate to break it to you but he's talking about his dick

No. 1168852

File: 1614112225103.jpg (430.46 KB, 1080x1851, IMG_20210223_212847.jpg)

take a picture without filters and fully showing your face and we'll judge if it's a miracle or not

No. 1168858

Idk if it’s just me but when I was 11 I didn’t even know I had 3 holes, didn’t care, and would be so embarrassed if anyone tried to talk to me about it. Who fetishizes little girls like this. Oh yeah, literal pedos.

No. 1168874

The numbers have been posted on these threads multiple times. They ignore statistics, science and even confessions - how many times did Yaniv have to say he talked to little girls in the bathroom about their tampons before people finally stopped defending him? People were still smoking the BUT HE'S LEARNING pipe right up until a few months ago.

>plenty of TRAs will claim they’re not really trans
I hate when they say this. Regardless of whether they're "real" or not, the damage is real. If I was sexually assaulted, I would not give a fuck about no true scotsman, I would still have been assaulted.

No. 1168875

Photoshop did the miracles, I guess that’s the fatass’ new God. Also, kek at the blanket to hide the fat rolls, classic fatass trick.

No. 1168896

File: 1614116410237.jpeg (151.69 KB, 667x1073, 6C0AB144-D43D-453D-A196-0EBAA8…)

our favourite fish faced tranny sofie halili is begging for 85k to get totes necessary gender affirming surgieries including a brazilian butt lift and we ugly cissies are absolutely obliged to pay of course. also ffs? his face already looks beyond botched. didn‘t he buy a house already or something? how retarded do you have to be to donate money to trannies ebegging? several meme pages i follow on ig post gfm‘s from trannies in their stories all day long and it makes me wanna claim being ~dysphoric~ just so i can get thousands of dollars for 0 work aswell

No. 1168900

Did she really? I hate when people do this shit, it's like when people say Hatshetsup was trans.

No. 1168903

File: 1614116936623.jpeg (368.51 KB, 750x768, 633225F4-5BC0-4BD1-AB36-7E55E7…)

>muh mental illness prevents me from e-whoring
>fund my tranny surgeries so i can e-whore more confidently
??? how is getting a fat ass and fat tits gonna help with ocd or anxiety

No. 1168905

Never. Because they’re men and they don’t give a shit about women.

No. 1168911

trans women never do anything wrong

No. 1168914

>i love doing sex work! anyway i suffer from horrible anxiety and can't leave my house and i have terrible self esteem issues. by the way cis bitches you're just jealous of me

every fucking time

No. 1168928

>sex work is empowering! It provides me with an income! you bitches are jealous of the money I make while you sit behind a desk. Degrading myself online is awesome
>cluster of mental illnesses, eating disorder, anxiety, low self image, can barely afford rent.

Really make u think.

No. 1168940

Holy shit I was just thinking that there's no way that this could add up to $85k, then I look up the cost of facial feminization surgery and that alone is apparently $30-50k? I hit peak trans a while ago so I knew that trannies tend to be privileged/rich but if they have to pay for this out of pocket then it's basically confirmed that these guys are rich as fuck and need to stfu.
And on top of that, insurance will not only cover axe wound surgery which is reportedly $30k+ but will also sometimes cover FFS at upwards of $50k. BUT not other procedures that are 1/10th of those prices for a woman who is probably in more mental anguish than the troon over a body insecurity that is simply deemed irrelevant because women's cosmetic surgery = vanity and it's not something that we threaten to kill ourselves over.

No. 1168942

If you just stay inside and make onlyfans pics/videos and you need money for all those cosmetics surgeries, why move to NYC??

No. 1168948

They look fucking terrible Jesus Christ the only people who would buy porn of them are just interested in a freak show. They would always brag about making so much money on onlyfans and now they’re fucking asking for handouts for surgery, these retards have no fucking shame or perspective. Families are pushed into poverty but no it’s the trannies who really deserve the funding to fuck around with their faces bc muh gender identity!! What’s stopping them from simply saving their money like everyone else in existence? No one with mental illness in the real world gets this much coddling or freedom to just sit around and cry over their botched face. This is the most pathetic disgusting thing I’ve seen in a while so I had to rant.

No. 1168961

kek, I always like how trannies don't want to be actual women they just want to be alien bimbos. At this point he should just cosplay as a blowup doll.

No. 1168966

All those surgeries are under 10k each. Where the fuck is he getting 85k from??

No. 1168986

Maybe I'm retarded but doesn't this mutant need some fat extra fat in order to get a BBL, last I check he was stick thin.
So instead of asking for this money to actually do something with his life, he's begging for this money so he can get surgeries to do onlyfans?
Always a fucking sob story.

maybe he knows they'll be botched and wants some extra to help. Didn't he already get some shit done to his face? Thats why he looks like shit now?


No. 1168989

These surgery gofundmes always beg for a bit of extra for "upkeep expenses" i.e. buying expensive shit with whatever's leftover.

No. 1169022

He has to get extra for the eventual two or three revisions.

No. 1169058

he has no fat for it at all, and even biological women have to gain weight for that procedure. you lose around 30% of what's transferred, and because it's fat you have to maintain a certain weight. his body can't accommodate that, that's why people like jeffree star and nikita dragon have butt implants. it bothers me that this person didn't even have any consultations, which give you the actual costs of surgeries you need, and doesn't even know enough about these surgeries that he can't actually have in the first place.

No. 1169078

he clearly just looked these surgeries up on realself, added up the higher end of the estimates, and figured that should be it.

No. 1169093

>I chose to move to a city with obscenely high cost of living, where I am not from and have no roots. therefore, give me your money for plastic surgery
>I have bipolar and OCD, the cure? obviously plastic surgery

No. 1169179

literally anyone doing "sex work" is damaged. anyone having sex or showing their body on cam for money is damaged.

No. 1169182

This. Calling it 'empowering' is a cope, change my mind

No. 1169222

gotta pay the church tithe

No. 1169269

File: 1614158987138.png (8.51 MB, 3650x3738, wafflesreceipt.png)

instagram got deleted, some screenshots I got before

No. 1169272

File: 1614159250126.png (99.47 KB, 792x650, 2021-02-24 (3).png)

>Been living rent free but saved no money
>GETTING READY to seek employment but not yet seeking employment
>Says they make more money from commissions than at a regular job but have no money
>Asking for multiple months rent from strangers while not planning on spending their own "emergency funds"

No. 1169310

>muscle reduction surgery
wtf is that? he talks about recovering from his eating disorder but now he wants to remove muscle instead of fat jfc

No. 1169313

looks like that thing off of splice, kek. I thought onlyfans was soopper lucrative and e-whores make soooooo much money.

No. 1169341

This remembers me of those sick fucks who get off to pretending to be disabled and try to get their Limbs removed.
This is so fucked.

No. 1169354

I’m gonna kill myself
I went on @literallysof and I didn’t expect to see a penis kek
had a retard moment there

No. 1169361

He probably means that Korean-developed calf reduction surgery to slenderize legs.

No. 1169374

It's even more of a hilarious exposure of what doing OF is like in reality if you consider he has bragged multiple times about being in the top 0.8 % or whatever, so he is actually earning more than most users in this scheme and still has to ebeg

No. 1169375

at this point he looks like a alien wearing a AliExpress human mask. I honestly expect him to be smooth like a action figure down there.

No. 1169433

File: 1614180442943.jpeg (239.57 KB, 1202x1091, 4B293B15-A124-4DE0-8CDC-5B1465…)

>kill us for not passing
>specially cis women
>you created this system

literally brain dead

No. 1169452

Fucking seriously? I hope that retarded post peaked some people because that was ridiculous.

No. 1169462

File: 1614182788915.png (335.44 KB, 363x1248, 414964.png)

Tumblr's spamming ads for horse piss on mobile. The only thing that surprises me about this is that it took so long for them to start doing it. (Tumblr ads aren't based on cookie or Google analytics, they're just whichever companies are pathetic/desperate enough to advertise there.)

Retards in the notes are reblogging this advertisement (yes, they're reblogging an ad) with suspiciously scripted-sounding testimonials about how great the company is. Apparently they charge you a hundred bucks just for the memberships, which doesn't even cover the cost of the horse piss.

No. 1169463

the way he thinks we even consider him a "girl" to begin with lol. his chronic maleness isn't a woman's issue. if he's willing to kill himself because he couldn't get plastic surgery, that's on him. you're not entitled to anybody's money and they're not obligated to fund your mental illness just because you demand for them to. they know damn well it's not women killing them, too, it's either themselves or their fellow men.

they love to brag about how much more feminine and womanly they are compared to "cis" women, how much more desirable and pretty they are, yet go on to cry about all the surgeries they need to be even a fraction passable and beg for shekels. they really want it both ways: better at being female than "cis" women, but ugly clockable victims when they decide they need money.

No. 1169467

Funny because the people shilling for trans women the most are women, I've only had men come at me who were gay/bisexual or super woke.
Women are always telling other women to accept troons, just say you hate women and think we are the reason why you have a shitty life.
That you think we won't help because you men will look and be better than us.
The only thing expected of "Cis" men is to fuck troons, blame women for why they won't openly fuck them and/or nothing at all.

Men are the ones who are the danger to some troons, but notice even the black ones blame women when men are 98% of their issues.
no matter what it's our fault.

No. 1169498

File: 1614185745278.jpg (73.87 KB, 743x571, tranny.JPG)

his twitter is nothing but "boo hoo look at these hateful comments", and then telling everyone "im not bothered at all!"

apparently calls himself a demigirl and reviews movies applauding their "feminist" takes and representation of women in film.

No. 1169500

lol even when the men try to pretend they're women they still hate women the most and can't see the cultural misogyny.

No. 1169502

Just like a man to blame women for all of their problems. So typically male.
Also, next thread pic pls. This will peak all who scroll by the thread lol.

No. 1169517

File: 1614186896782.jpg (32.21 KB, 772x194, horse piss.JPG)

No. 1169530

This triggered me to fuck. Women who take HRT or who are on combined birth control pills do not experience periods, or menstrual cycles because that's the fucking point in taking them. Having a consistent level of oestrogen does the opposite of stimulate your brain to have a menstrual cycle, it fucking turns it off. I'm so mad right now.

No. 1169560

File: 1614191281669.png (Spoiler Image,304.91 KB, 477x451, yuck.PNG)

They are saying on Kiwifarms this troon uses REAL pictures of random children to make their weird baby animal porn, allegedly.

No. 1169562

File: 1614191388376.png (13.38 KB, 463x145, 2.PNG)

No. 1169584

>the surgeries make us want to keep living
sure, that‘s why the 41% are all pre HRT pre surgery except most trannies off themselves AFTER getting the chop because they lost their sexual desire and realized they will never pass kek

No. 1169590

Only a matter of time until someone checks this man's hard drive.

No. 1169613

File: 1614195564148.png (21.52 KB, 668x195, 8E6E9710-AA89-4AC2-AF66-891E3A…)

No. 1169614

File: 1614195645247.jpg (73.24 KB, 473x540, kinnk.jpg)

is it a kink or not?

No. 1169636

File: 1614198498829.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210223-082224.png)

How much longer until the girls start to peak? This man worked with children.

No. 1169647

it's shmorky all over again

No. 1169653

Hold up, worked with children how? Not gonna cowtip but I am curious, if I was a parent of these kids, I would fucking flip my shit

No. 1169654

Dude taught kids in school at one point.

No. 1169676

File: 1614201571111.jpg (360.41 KB, 800x808, sJzkXGQ.jpg)

Of course

No. 1169687

i knew this mf had pedophilic tendancies

No. 1169690

Please tell me that is not a bulge on the goat kid

No. 1169695

There's an extra layer of disgusting knowing most if not all of these were drawn using references of real children. You just know this guy has a cp collection, hope he gets investigated and taken down hard.

No. 1169708

I am fucking disgusted but not surprised, hope he doesn't anymore

No. 1169744

File: 1614209599671.jpg (Spoiler Image,221.55 KB, 1200x900, collage.jpg)

Disgusting Kevin tells a disgusting troon that he's in an "Unhealthy" relationship because his wife won't accept he's a "little".
But it gets worse…

No. 1169748

File: 1614209765419.png (69.78 KB, 1188x386, troons ruin everything.png)

His wife is currently pregnant.

No. 1169751

File: 1614210007750.jpeg (25.33 KB, 305x246, 60EA8C47-58B4-4602-B96A-FBB9EF…)

>she gave me an ultimatum to choose between her and my jigglypuff collection

No. 1169782

Men were a mistake.

No. 1169864

So youre going to ignore the fact that he literally stated he can pee standing up? Are you labouring under the delusion that women pee out of their clits?

No. 1169876

I can agree normally BUT lately I've had some wokey white guy types in my mentions defending them. But it's weird bc they look less like white men on reddit and more like zoomer white guys on Linkedin looking for internships.
I wonder if these guys are future troons whose eggs haven't hatched yet? Why else would they be looking at radfem twitter… is responding to random radfems now considered normal Berniebro/brocialist/sweet guyfriend turned rapist/male feminist behavior these days? The majority of troons are such caricatures of themselves that it's always so weird to see a relatively non-internet-addicted, non-anime-obsessed normie lefty male troon out. If they truly are closeted troons then yikes, I should have absolutely done them a favor and messaged them beforehand not to bother with trying.
> inb4 the Equality Act in the US has an uptick in predatory AGPs showing up to domestic violence shelters
> This fucker shows up
>"Please help me, I have nowhere else to go! I need to be here or else I'm risking death as a poor oppressed white middle class trans girl in my 50s. I'm scared for my life. My evil cunt of a wife is out to kill me with hateful TERF rhetoric and after spending all of my e-begging money I have nowhere to go. I'm still alive right now after a near death ultimatum… it was either her or my jigglypuff collection. Take me in! Do you hear me? Take me in NOW or I'll come back and shoo-"
> "Okay"
> Troon is then let in because the world is too sympathetic towards men, and then some woman is attacked and raped.

No. 1169904

File: 1614222514223.png (1.09 MB, 1500x1412, 1546205677929.png)

I just found this website:
I can't believe this exists

No. 1169908

notice the scruffy white male who wants to turn into some beautiful little snowflake animu girl

It reveals that fucking freak’s psyche. He knows he’s so ugly and irredeemable he thinks skinwalking as a waifu pillow will wash away all of his failures as a scrote

No. 1169948

File: 1614227881987.jpeg (740.07 KB, 1242x1486, C0CB1ADB-6EC1-4EDC-83B8-81F1D3…)

No. 1169949

File: 1614228002677.png (3.54 MB, 1242x2208, 46A2A0A4-3C60-4B47-8644-AA3342…)

No. 1169950

File: 1614228357560.jpeg (673.77 KB, 1242x1349, EDB54199-0876-45CA-A80A-7A58D8…)

No. 1169976

>what are you having for dinner? Also what time do you think you’ll be done?
“5 guys, and I’ll let you know”

No. 1169977

Seems to be a common trigger for latent AGP to go super saiyan

No. 1169982

this was a lie, it's not really his page, a few weeks ago this was on LSA and this same trans constantly does this to famous people with no recipets.

No. 1169985

and what pisses me off is this trans constantly exposes this shit, most of the time it's lies that stick because people LOVE a good gay story, but then people go, "Why do yall care? Stop being transphobic!"
Nobody told the trans to post about it in the first place. They want us to know this shit.

No. 1170013

he’s got a bigger dick than his boyfriend’s, kek

No. 1170026

File: 1614241491273.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.04 KB, 2000x1000, imprint.jpg)

Someone posted a gross screenshot here of him sucking his boyfriend's tiny dick, in the screenshot the troon looked like this character from Masters Of Horror, but imagine both eyes being fucked, smaller, one looking slightly crooked with botched lips.
He's the oddest looking person I've ever seen.

No. 1170029

File: 1614241985936.png (20.32 KB, 601x274, Screenshot_2021-02-25 Sophie L…)

So it is sexual. However, people pointing out how disgusting it is to use a picture of baby to make kink/porn as a reference are just trying to bully a poor trans woman.

No. 1170030

>this character was inspired by one of my cats


No. 1170032

These troons are always so mad at us when it’s men that’s killing them

No. 1170036

kek at him using the transphobia card

No. 1170037

Did he delete his FB page? Can't find it.

No. 1170040

you have to be terminally online in diaperfur communities to think the sole reason he's being attacked is transphobia, kek.
you are drawing baby animals in diapers and using references of real babies. at least admit that's fucking deviant and gross.

No. 1170052

File: 1614246127900.png (41.27 KB, 596x305, 1.PNG)

Troons always stick togeather, the only time they turn on each other FULLY is when a trans is transphobic, but I've seen them defend all kinds of disgusting shit. Of course Kevin would ignore everything else and defend.
They don't truly don't think anyone trans can do anything wrong.

No. 1170054

File: 1614246174578.png (35.74 KB, 580x315, 2.PNG)

No. 1170063

don't most transkids show first signs of gender dysphoria around the age of 4? Isn't that past toddler stage and past wearing diapers (in most cases)?

No. 1170065

He's 180°-ingbetween it being kink or just being a "trauma escape, totes not sexual" like every hour. You won't escape the accusations of paedophilia just because the sexualized kids you draw have a dog/cathead.

No. 1170073

Soon they will flat out say "yes, trans people are pedophiles, but it is because of our childhood trauma and we need to molest kids to get back the little-girlhood we lost UwU"

Giving it a year or two until this will be commonplace and wokesters will ask you to lend your kids to trannies so they can do some self-therapy. If you don't you're a bigot!

No. 1170074

Kek imagine seriously thinking you were "robbed" of a childhood, when more than half of the world's population doesn't get that "suburban kid playing Nintendo games in his room" childhood they see as traumatic. And yet they don't wear diapers.

No. 1170079

Thing is, if they did the semi-normal thing of say buying yourself a retro games console and some mario games cause you didn't have much growing up (or anything from a certain age range up) nobody would bat an eyelid at that…but no they have to regress back to the time in life where we are pissing and shitting ourselves. Like were you deprived of diapers and pacifiers growing up?? Do they have memories of that age being rough the first time around? lol

No. 1170081

It’s the exact same logic stwawbewwymilk/aggy uses.

No. 1170085

File: 1614252837743.png (Spoiler Image,71.76 KB, 534x352, shootpedos.png)

>Gtfo You will not attack someone in my playground.
the babyfurs on twitter have been aggroed and they're having a full meltdown, i love it

No. 1170096

> it‘s ok to have a kink and interact with kids
but the „kink“ aka pedophilia is about children and you bring them directly into your sexual deviancy? what the fuck? also, if i had the choice, i wouldn‘t let anyone with any disgusting fetish interact with my child, especially not ddlg or abdl degenerates, and i bet many parents would do the same if they could

No. 1170101

I feel fucking sick. It's not comparable to other kinks.

No. 1170105

Kevin’s literally a little. Doesn’t he have a ddlg/age regression AD account? I’m like 90% sure I’ve seen it

No. 1170107

Some kids live in active warzones, some are seriously ill and some are abused but sure, not wearing a spinny skirt is what defines a robbed childhood.

And how exactly were they robbed? Is the life of the average five year old boy that different from the life of the average five year old girl?

No. 1170108

That's how they justified Yaniv until it got too far to defend. He was purposely seeking out young girls to ask intimate questions to and they said he was learning as other young girls do and that he was still in his version of puberty.

No. 1170111

File: 1614257281392.png (503.85 KB, 719x821, 3.png)

Kevin already has
> a pregnancy fetish
> degradation/bimbo/sex object fetish
and on top of that
> autopedophilia/diaperfetish
Those sure combine well. I'm sure people have the right target.

No. 1170116

because as we all know, kids that have been abused all become "littles". I'll never understand how anyone falls for this bs

No. 1170117

I can't speak for everyone, but I used to be pretty much a handmaiden and trannys like this and yaniv peaked me hard and fast. The problem is we can't speak out about it, all my friends are still handmaidens lolcow is my only respite, kek.

No. 1170121

This is amazing. So as long as you give it some fancy name, everything is alright and completely legal.
He’s not a pedophile, just a little, and he’s not a rapist, he just has a noncon “kink”.
And if the littles are not pedophiles, what about the enablers, sorry, the caregivers and shit? So they’re not fucking someone pretending to be a kid? Nor egging them to do childish shit because they think it’s hot?

No. 1170127

>reply about his 3 year old child in this discussion about a disgusting daiperbaby fetish

No. 1170128

I can't find it either but it might just be temporarily hidden

No. 1170141

Anon, are you me?
except it was the neopronoun LARP folks

No. 1170152

>it’s okay to have a kink and interact with kids.
No and regardless being a pedo is not a kink. The fact we would be shaming and making fun of these people 10 years ago but now they have language to justify their perversion, and people nod along and bite their tongue because they’ve hitched their wagon to a “social justice” movement makes me sick. Then TRAs sit there and just say “it”s just a minority!” But what are you doing to weed these people out, really? I seriously hate them so much.

No. 1170177

If so, my condolences to your eyes.

No. 1170199

File: 1614270525076.jpeg (28.22 KB, 564x454, C718EBED-FF7C-4975-AFD2-D8F55D…)

Same. Not just that they exist, but so-called “progressive” people’s reaction to them. People are really willing to bend over backwards to defend perverted straight men in thigh-high socks to the point of ganging up on victims of sexual harassment and practically reciting lines from the narcissist’s prayer at them to shut them up.

>But what are you doing to weed these people out, really?
Nothing, because acknowledging that these guys exist or that their behaviour is harmful is considered transphobic in itself. Even when they’re preying on other trans people (kids, usually) a good ally is expected to look the other way rather than call attention to the fact that transwomen can be sexual predators.

No. 1170357

Same, solidarity anon.
Had a conversation about this irl with a trans person, she basically acknowledged that it's an issue that nobody will do anything about and then just shrugged uncomfortably. General consensus seems to be that any criticisms will harm the trans acceptance effort, and that we shouldn't say shit because it'll help transphobes justify their arguments. Bleak.

No. 1170437

>I think it's actually really good art, I outdid myself there
Okay I had to laugh here
Even disregarding the subject matter, his art blows and hasn't improved a bit despite making his creepy comics for years

No. 1170560

i never thought we’d see another shmorky but here we are.

No. 1170589

File: 1614298564808.jpg (407.92 KB, 1591x871, whole ass man.jpg)

What is it with whole ass men thinking growing their hair long makes them a woman and the authority of telling people who they should date and fuck?

No. 1170600

File: 1614299315273.png (211.15 KB, 796x1176, Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 7.10…)

> Giant ass corporation basically says fuck women we support troons while also reducing the Equality Act which was supposed to be 'helping' "LGBTQ+ Americans" to just troons and troons only
> Despite the attention, troons STILL complain

No. 1170610

they use the word "transphobe" like a weapon or a threat lol the manipulation is so blatant, it's funny that they think anybody still truly cares or finds it scary. especially when it comes to something they can't change like their sexual orientation

nobody wants to fuck you, even trannies don't want to fuck other trannies, they're somehow allowed the privilege of a preference though. no amount of tantrums will force people to gag their way through sex with you just to make you feel "valid", especially lesbians and straight men. people just don't want to date you, not only for the troonism but the raging male narcissism and mental illness that comes along with it

No. 1170613

Unlike what Lily here implies, trans people all do have one singular trait in common, and that is severe mental illness. Troons won’t even date each other unless it’s a last resort, because “it’s too much”, or “too complicated”. So why should any sane man or woman?

No. 1170650

>they use the word "transphobe" like a weapon or a threat lol the manipulation is so blatant, it's funny that they think anybody still truly cares or finds it scary.

Right? Like ok. I’m transphobic. Great. If it removes you from my dating pool I will take it!

No. 1170663

File: 1614303203242.png (405.74 KB, 1048x1660, redpill.png)

No. 1170674

imagine having to bully and debate people into wanting to date you

No. 1170691

Trannies really want to be hated by everyone.

No. 1170713

File: 1614306107730.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210225-151746_Twi…)

Idk if this art belongs to a mtf or ftm but I started at this for too long trying to figure out why someone would want to look like this. They view themselves like this. And then think it looks good??

No. 1170723

That's rich considering Oreo is owned by Nabisco, a company that profits immensely off of violent pornography.

No. 1170736

sage for ot, but what??

No. 1170777

Is this the guy who did that Mitski comic the troons were crying over?

No. 1170787

The pic matches with with the old thread

No. 1170789

wait what? was this in a previous thread? i’ve read them all but i don’t remember this kek

No. 1170795

this is extremely disjointed wtf

No. 1170797

ntayrt, but a quick google search turned up this
But that dates back to 2008, So it's hard to say if they still do. I think anon was going a little to far, but they didn't completely miss the mark. I'd have gone the child explotation route my self, but that's ot.

No. 1170804

File: 1614314969364.png (220.8 KB, 1190x1084, gendereuphoria.png)

when its definitely not a fetish

No. 1170912

Ok, just saying. Could you imagine a friends' dad sitting there saying "bravo!" while you spin around in a dress? Troon or not that's creepy as fuck, right? But no, the euphoria isnt a fetish, right

No. 1170913

Once again, men get their way

No. 1170944

>That doesn't mean that it's an exclusive attraction.
This argument could be used agains't him for homophobia but they are sleeping on that

No. 1170953

File: 1614333466056.jpg (197.47 KB, 1080x982, Screenshot_20210226_105711.jpg)

I want to die

No. 1170958

The "excuse" being pedophilia, sure.
Really hope this helps at least semi-pic people in the trans community so they can finally call out creepy behaviors among them more freely. As it was pointed in the thread people don't really dare to speak up because of the over protectiveness for the trannies.

(but yeah I get it "women" kek)

No. 1170977

it is funny to see how thin the line is between troons and alt right. “bad faith actors” is really the alt right’s defense for everything and it’s so ironic this idiot is trying to use it in a sjw kind of way.

No. 1170985

why are you trying to make it look like the alt right is smart or somehow better? did they invent that term?

No. 1170988

never tried to make them seem smart or claimed that they invented that. what i’m saying is that when both extreme sides are pushed against the wall, they both use the same arguments and defenses. but they claim they’re nothing like each other. that’s funny to me. chill out.

No. 1170991

Some of their art is centred around sexuality, and they depict a lot of their characters as children. Bare in mind this person has over 30 thousand followers, most of which are trans, this should let you know about the normalcy of pedophilia in the trans/LGBTQ community, which they love to negate. If so, then they would be totally against this type of art, and the comments would be filled with outrage.

No. 1171019

What about the radical left though?

No. 1171031

File: 1614347795689.jpg (Spoiler Image,449.17 KB, 1200x886, 20191104_202606.jpg)

Its Roadkill…

No. 1171039

Mmm overdone steak, double vagina, inverted balls

No. 1171056

A swollen vag nestled between the wrinkly lips of another vag? Hell if you squint it even looks like 3 seperate openings. Wtf

No. 1171067

I don't know why I gagged at the sight of this. I've seen the other neo-vaginas but the sheer detail of this photo made me realize how truly horrifying it is.

No. 1171071

this isnt a radfem thread but i think a lot of people here would think of themselves as such and radical feminism is ideologically pretty inextricably tied with marxism, so idk how far you’ll get sperging about muh lefties lol

sage for ot

No. 1171073

ah yes. gynos can’t tell the difference.

No. 1171097

It looks like a deformed cavity. It doesn't even have all the vagina parts like the clitoris and urethra etc, I can see an attempt to create the outer and inner labia, but it was done so poorly. I can see why a lot of trans people don't get the surgery, that and the chance of losing sensation, it's not worth it.

No. 1171106

File: 1614355045684.png (363.68 KB, 461x432, 1614325801107.png)

Contra from his recent stream, comments in the chat were all filled with scrotes simping for him, saying he's hecking valid

No. 1171110

File: 1614355594981.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141.23 KB, 2141x1639, received_257152362603154.jpeg)

I got another one for you ladies here's the "healing pic" of it. Imagine.

No. 1171111

he looks like a cross between Micheal Jackson and Eminem.
Very frumpy.

No. 1171113

File: 1614355645968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,10.34 KB, 250x348, received_790239898366863.jpeg)

Finished healing pic. 4/5 lesbians can't tell the difference!

Btw the opening is the lowest part.

No. 1171115

File: 1614355790519.jpeg (Spoiler Image,78.59 KB, 800x725, EF2A4521-C2E3-4A19-8E90-F317A7…)

Dumping another amhole so we can kek that these tards spent tens of thousands for this instead of worrying about a literal pedo being stanned by troons.

No. 1171128

Looks like the surgeon just chopped it of and called it a day.

No. 1171232

Tbf this just seems like some fetish freak, it's basically a nullo or whatever they call cutting off your own dick.

That's because it is, and in all honesty even if this is also raging mental illness at least he knows dilating a rotpocket is pointless kek

No. 1171249

I thought I was used to the horror of amholes but something about the visible wounds in the tattoo is fucking me up. Pure insanity

No. 1171297

For every TERF there's a TEHF who may not be rad/leftist but recognizes how this affects women, especially in lesbian communities

/end sperg

No. 1171329

I'm retarded, what does H stand for in this case?

No. 1171347


No. 1171424

'Rand Paul Confronts Biden's Transgender Health Nominee About "Genital Mutilation"'
The look of panic and the sound of pure fear in Levine's voice are just priceless.

No. 1171433

File: 1614379703046.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.15 KB, 592x1344, dehiscence.jpg)

ooh we're posting neovagina disasters? I have a treat for you ladies. don't unspoiler if you have a weak stomach, NSFL

No. 1171440

my vote for next threadpic

No. 1171451

Lmao the way he keeps on trying to dodge the question

No. 1171483

File: 1614385344720.gif (1.33 MB, 320x240, yipyips.gif)

omg it's horrifying and also looks like the Yip Yips

No. 1171496

No. 1171501

ew, rand paul though

No. 1171503

I hate Rand Paul but holy shit, he slays here. He's absolutely right on all counts (except the part where he obliquely defends hydroxychloroquine.)

No. 1171578

Anon noooooo

No. 1171619

now I feel like it’s staring at me with that monster clitoris eye

No. 1171623

everytime, every single time. I tell my self 'it can't be that bad, right?' and I never cease to feel horrified and disgusted. That's not surgery, that's a butchery.

No. 1171775

Every trangina to date looks like Leatherface chewing cheese with his mouth open or a saarlac pit with a snotty nose.

Just take it up the arse like a man you cross-dressing, zoofilic, pedo, hyperfags.

No. 1171779

File: 1614405850399.png (488.99 KB, 576x746, Screenshots_2021-02-26-22-01-3…)

Every day we stray further from god.

No. 1171821

Oh shit, what the hell happened to shmorky? Last I remember he was doing the Muppet voice and wearing a red yarn wig and his girlfriend took audio of him screeching at her

No. 1171826

Babyfur too, and actual ABDL from what I remember, truly shitting his pants in adult diapers. A real fucked up freak. I suspect he's somewhere out there still drawing, considering he had been doing it for decades and had no other skills. The babyfurs are the most depraved fuckers who are allowed on Twitter, totally agree with the anon who said putting a dog's head on the baby you are drawing in a sexual scenario doesn't make it any less pedophilic, just bizarre and bestial on top of standard pedophilia. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody anymore when a transbian is outed as a pervert in some way. Just like us girls, right? Please show me 10 natal women who independently got themselves into diaperfur shit. Funny how estrogen never seems to kill these guys's comorbid tranny paraphilias like shitting in diapers and being treated like a gendered baby, wtf

No. 1171874

File: 1614421784416.png (272.35 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210227-152411.png)

Didn't even say anything particularly offensive against troons, just said children's genitals shouldn't be mutilated but now he's suddenly he's responsible for the deaths of million of poor troons

No. 1171875

File: 1614421811529.png (285.17 KB, 720x1323, Screenshot_20210227-152516.png)

No. 1171879

Legit question. Why the fuck do they leave so much wrinkly ball skin? Can't they pull that shit taught?

No. 1171880

I'm sure in the cold operating room, everything is tight and as smooth as it can be. Things start to wrinkle and loosen up once the patient's teste skin readjusts to the warm waiting room air. God imagine how much more disastrous these things must look after a dip in the hot tub, assuming that doesn't just give them crotch trench foot, kek

No. 1171883

Most compliments, if not all, coming from adult males that are not related to you when youre underage is creepy.
Realistically that would be met with a forced "Thats nice, dear". however seeing its clearly a boy in a dress, I cant imagine most males even giving them that.

No. 1171884

i feel your pain anon, ive been trying out wlw dating apps and christ i wanna say about half are troons

No. 1171887

I watched this, not really into american politics, so I doN't know who the guy asking the questions is. But how is that an unhinged rant? I thought it was going to be screaming and saying YWNBAW, but his language is not even "invalidating".

No. 1171888


This could be the picture on a 'poe's law' wiki entry. Is it a delusional wOMaN or some rightwinger trying to troll and make a point? Impossible to tell.

No. 1171891

File: 1614428973947.png (90.15 KB, 626x419, BASED.png)

I simp

No. 1171900

he dresses like a lena dunham character

No. 1171901

It's called lesbian not wlw, go back to tumblr.

No. 1171904

It wasn’t unhinged but rand Paul is a lying shit stain so no one takes anything he says seriously
Amen. Troons use wlw to pressure lesbians into loving their girldicks. “It’s wlw not wlv or whp uWu”

No. 1171913

File: 1614434632432.jpeg (131.32 KB, 1242x1182, B819C89B-AE98-4373-81FF-51DA63…)

A tip I’ve seen before is to exclude whites from your preferences/search. Apparently when you do suddenly the troons disappear. This begs the question, why are “lesbian” troons overwhelmingly white?

No. 1171916

white men have zero problems so they have to identify into fake oppression and create artificial problems. it's like how middle class college kids suddenly larp as working class people on campus.

No. 1171934

Blanchard wrote about how AGP lesbian troons come from upper/upper-middle class white backgrounds and were usually collage educated, while Homosexual trannies HSTS were from lower class minority communities which were rife with violent homophobia, I remember one paper that got posted on r/GC about how 70% of HSTS troons in New Zealand were from the Maori community which had issues with toxic masculity, and these are the transwomen that get murdered but they're actually just gay men who get killed by men from their own communities

No. 1171935


It's like a real life South Park skit, only it's Voldemort trying to stop Harry Potter getting his dick cut off.

No. 1171945

It would be funny/horrifying if they found out and all of the sudden we saw an influx of transracial people.

No. 1171951

File: 1614440536324.png (1.56 MB, 1707x912, double tranny.png)

have a "transblack transwoman" double whammy

No. 1171966

Hope so. I love it when transgender and transracial people collide because there's no logical reason you'd agree with one and not the other

No. 1171968

I don't mean to get spergy, but it never ceases to amaze me how trannies and genderists are against the notion of "transracialism" (as one would be) and how their doublethink comes into play when the topic switches to "transsexualism"/"transgenderism". They're able to recognize how it'd be harmful to the overall struggle to liberate humanity from racism if a white person, who had never been a victim of racism on the basis of their physical appearance, claimed that they somehow "identify" a person of color (their "reason" being that they like things arbitrarily associated with people of color) who experiences racism in the exact same way that people of color do, subsequently reinforcing racist ideas by doing so. Despite that, they don't seem able to understand that men (or, people who don't face sexism on the basis of not being of the female biological sex) have male privilege and cannot face sexism in the way that women do, and therefore a man "identifying" as a woman doesn't make him a woman, doesn't make him oppressed, and would additionally be reinforcing the same sexist ideas they claim to be against.

"Gender" isn't just a sexist construct, but a convenient cope for these people to avoid acknowledging the fact that the forms of oppression they're appropriating aren't based on what they "identify" as, but are based on observable human physical traits that we have due to our biology - the important point being that you can't choose to "identify" as these things. You can't identify your way into a form of oppression that operates on people having physical traits that they had no choice over owning.

No. 1171984

File: 1614443938772.png (860.06 KB, 812x866, 7B2DB5F2-0725-40BF-99B9-E3F5BE…)

I honestly think someone is going to “study” these people and find out they suffer from a form racial dysphoria or something. The “research” just hasn’t caught on yet. Once they name this disorder, then what? What will be the excuse to separate trans gender as totally valid and trans racial as bogus? They share many things in common including an element of mental illness.

No. 1172002

Also people have been racial "transitioning" for a long time now, Light skinned African Americans would try to pass themselves as white and live lives as white people, those who were much darker often pretended to be Indians cause even they had higher standings compared to blacks, many English Army spies often pretended to be Afghans when spying in foreign countries

No. 1172008

Being a troon is a luxury problem and countries without white people just murder homosexual crossdressers.

No. 1172014

I mean tbf Blanchard pointed that HSTS homosexual troons can exist in poorer white communicaties, like eastern Europe or certain regions in the South, an anon in the fakeboi thread pointed out that if a man went out crossdressing in her home country of Poland he'd probably get assaulted and maybe even killed

No. 1172029

File: 1614448970287.png (824.09 KB, 1240x886, wtf_transracial3.png)

No. 1172030

File: 1614449193775.png (2.6 MB, 4164x2036, wtf_transracial.png)

Samefagging because there's more than one of them. The troonacy has no end point.
Transgender, transracial, transabled, transage. We're laughing now, but they're all coming. Transabled already exists, but no one really wants to talk about it. Body integrity identity disorder is frighteningly similar to gender dysphoria, but "progressives" don't want you to know about that.

No. 1172034

>even they
salty or a poltard?

No. 1172035

That's a lot different than this.

No. 1172037

Troons are so tiring

No. 1172038

holy shit I desperately need this one's name. BET-UH?

No. 1172047

shes so based

No. 1172054

That’s not really the same thing.

No. 1172061

No. 1172098

His makeup is so ugly. Blush or contour, pick one

No. 1172108

I'm not defending troonery, but sex and race really aren't perfectly analogous. Every person has an equal chance of being born either male or female, whereas there's no way for two white people to produce anything but white children. This is the basis of their "born in the wrong body" doctrine, since they technically COULD have been born female instead of male. They'll use this to weasel out of conparisons to transracialism.

No. 1172172

no, people don't have equal chance of being born either male or female. i had zero chance being born male, because it would have been a completely different person my mother would have birthed then. i was the x sperm that made it. if i hadn't, i would not exist and instead of me there would be some scrote in this world living a whole different life. it wouldn't been me.

No. 1172174

>i was the x sperm
And it could have been Asian sperm, African sperm or European sperm. Transracial confirmed.

No. 1172192

You're right anon, they're not analogous. Sex has a clear and well-understood biological basis (XX or XY, whether SRY gene is present), while race does not and is far more complex. Thus transracialism is actually more plausible than transgenderism kek both are crazy though

No. 1172270

They're so close to discovering what AAP and AGP means

No. 1172281

OT but thanks for the tip anon. I would prefer to avoid white people anyway.

No. 1172296

They can use the skin in some stinkditch operations, and cis men usually get prosthetic balls if they get theirs removed for cancer. It's probably standard procedure unless you specifically ask otherwise.

No. 1172308

It's all really weird, but I don't know how transgender and trans racial people aren't considered sexist or racist when they're mimicking stereotypical characteristics of a group. All while movements will preach about the lack of conformity and how there is no standards etc. Well, which is it? They all contradict one another.

No. 1172317

Exactly. I hate the dumb troon argument that they’re born with female brains in male bodies. No, it doesn’t work like that. Your brain is part of your body. Troons play on other people’s willingness to believe in mind-body dualism to push this retarded theory

No. 1172388

File: 1614484405985.png (820.93 KB, 1285x653, makeupvsnomakeup.png)

Just wanted to post this. Even the supposedly passing troons seem to have some sort of tell. Look at how this person (Kandace Pinder btw) looks with makeup on and then without makeup on. He passes okay with the makeup–but then you look at his mugshot and–whoops. Just looks like your average male, just with longer hair. Consider that every time a troon claims they pass now. Consider that every morning they need to go through a ritual and routine just to make themselves seem like the gender they're aping, all superficialities that fall away the closer you look at them.

Then consider that for biological women they just wake up being women and not giving a shit.

No. 1172398

Kek that's a filter/editing, look at the brow bone and jaw. No amount of makeup do that. Shame he's a troon bc on the left he looks like a cute skater boy

No. 1172401

makeup'd face only passes bc its not in movement. look at his mugshot vs the right imagine. now imagine the voice and his mannerisms. makeup and trashy fake lashes cannot cover maleness in movement.

No. 1172402

* right image

No. 1172474

File: 1614496033389.jpg (196.18 KB, 1124x1912, f52ca489-b782-56af-aa21-6da25a…)

Ah yes threats of physical violence to women pointing out your retarded delusions

No. 1172479

how are they so deluded into believing this isn't male behavior, just with an added face of makeup?

No. 1172495

File: 1614498527118.png (373.99 KB, 1230x1062, Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 2.44…)

Once again mypartneristrans coming through with the worst shit ever. It's my fault my troon husband hit me and degraded me with his surgical sex toy! I will never forgive myself!

> Dilation had to start pretty quick, and she was in so much pain during those sessions that I couldn't bring myself to do it at first. It hurt me to hurt her, because she couldn't dilate by herself due to the pain and I felt like a rapist. At one point I broke down crying and told her I can't handle seeing her cry and scream and she had a breakdown, and sort of "hit" me in the face with her bloody dilator. I'm not really taking that to heart, though I know the word "hit" sounds like physical abuse. It was not, it was just a plastic dilator and it didn't hurt, and I know she knew it wouldn't hurt. But at the time we were both so emotional I told her not to hit me and that hurt her deeply, because of course that sounds like I was implying she was physically abusing me. After that she stubbornly refused to let me help her dilate until the next incident, and I regret my breakdown to this day because that was really not about me. I hate myself for that every single day.

No. 1172500

I want to fucking gag. She got hit in the face with a bloody fucking dilator, and she blames herself.
And not like…normal blood. Festering, necrotic dick wound blood. Nasty.

No. 1172501

Oy fucking vey. How can one woman hate herself so much that even in her emotional breakdown, yelling “don’t hit me” for having a bloody sex toy thrown at her face by an enraged man makes her feel guilty? Does she think she would not feel guilty if she had said “please don’t hit me” instead? Is being woke really so powerful that it prevents her from seeing what’s actually going on?

No. 1172503

File: 1614499485796.png (304.73 KB, 1062x894, olng3.png)

Samefagging because I went to the thread and oh my god it gets worse
>Imagine the smell
Seriously, fuck scrotes and fuck these surgeons mutilating people's bodies

No. 1172507

File: 1614499806001.jpg (24.19 KB, 473x582, 07d.jpg)

This has the same energy as pic related

No. 1172514

File: 1614500205685.jpg (25.95 KB, 415x544, 20e.jpg)


This is the worst shit I've ever read. I really cannot believe how hopelessly devoted some women are to their partners. She deserves so much better.

No. 1172519

It seriously just gets worse and worse, almost seems like a plant. Not only did she get slapped with a dilator and it felt like a kiss, but she also forces herself to go down on his festering wound even though the smell gives her PTSD. They don't even have children together so I have absolutely no idea why you'd want to preserve a relationship like this. I'm hoping its somebody roleplaying to try and get the women there to see their troon husbands for what they really are, abusive men in clown wigs who insist a heterosexual woman call their asshole a cunt during sex. How can I support her more?!?! Yes ma'am, no ma'am, I'll fill her hole ma'am!

No. 1172521

>the scent is indicative of infection
>I push myself to perform oral on her
omfg this is horrifying

No. 1172526

>gaping wound most likely infected, smells putrid and filled with various bacteria
>"I push myself to perform oral on her"

That very line made me literally scream out loud. People who do this to themselves and people who comply to sympathize with these beings are not sane. I hope that woman recovers from trauma if ever she gets out of that nightmare of a "relationship"

No. 1172527

Jesus Christ, this has got to be the most pathetic battered troon widow I've ever encountered. He's an unstable maniac who lashes out at her constantly, but she blames herself for everything anyway. Not only is sex completely devoid of pleasure for her, but it's so unpleasant she literally has to get high to avoid feeling nauseous. That honestly borders on rape by coercion. What kind of psychopathic monster do you have to be to force your partner into sex even though it literally makes them physically sick?

I really hope this is just creative writing.

No. 1172529

jesus christ. this could peak anyone.

No. 1172534

i hope she doesn't get sick from licking her boyfriends's necrotic wound jesus fuck

No. 1172543

It's hard to feel sorry for people like this, But the obvious gaslighting and emotional abuse from her husband I wonder how old they are. Her husband obviously has so kind of jelousy and resentment towards her for being a bio woman, if she doesn't leave I don't doubt she'll end up being one of those stories were the partner kills the other one.

No. 1172557

Someone else could smell it while the troons clothes were on? And he probably didn’t have his head in the troons crotch either. Dude, that troon might die if it’s an infection but if it’s what the doctor said and it’s “normal” what the actual fuck

No. 1172564

File: 1614507622009.png (20.93 KB, 693x200, 6.PNG)

Jesus her comment
>and she tells me her dysphoria feels better after every time we have sex so it's the least I can do.
The "least"? Like she owes sex now.
And right after:
>It's not a chore or anything
Sure kek

Handmaiden to the next level

No. 1172569

Sounds like a creative writing exercize. I think everyone has more of a self-preserving instict than to stick their tongue into an area they think is literally rotting and tastes like pus. I did believe it until after the dilator-slap. Transwomen, just like regular men, seem to think of their wives as personal nurses, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were guilted into performing dilation while getting PTSD from hurting and being screamed at by their partner.

No. 1172573

I thought so too but in the comments she seems very realistic. Apparently she even sent a pm to someone naming the surgeon

No. 1172575

File: 1614508952836.png (118.89 KB, 800x778, ec3ceb21c6ba5b85b2cc0822c62fc4…)

the women trying to reason with her.. we really are too empathetic

No. 1172581

Honest to god this is fucking hilarious. Of all the lengths she could go, how far she could push her limits to please him, she goes on and fucking drinks the pus out of his perma-wound. Not only that, she’s so obsessed with pleasing him that she goes as far as to suggest that she would die if he dies from his infection. And this is after she claims she did “research” while helping him transition. Reasonably, she must have already been aware of the impending frankenstein horror. Yet through all of the grotesque necrosis, the smell, the taste, the yelling, the guilt tripping, the crying, the embarrassment, she stays. This is incredibly sad and delusional.
It’s so alarmingly pathetic I would actually prefer it was fiction. Based on comments she very clearly is not looking for someone to tell her that her situation is fucked up and that if she were sane she would leave. At least then if it were all made up there would be no issue laughing at the scenario as it reasonably peaks half the sub.

No. 1172588

File: 1614512281512.png (115.26 KB, 716x487, image.png)

More people horrified at the situation.

No. 1172589

my bad, I didn’t realise there was a troon attachment to it lmao

No. 1172605

That first comment is like deja vu. Countless times these women have been told they are being used by deranged men. The women acknowledge at least in some way, they are being mistreated. So why is it that if their boyfriends and husbands weren’t trooned out, they’d have left by now? It’s quite apparent that degrading a woman into a helpless handmaiden is a regular part of mtf modus operandi. But to let it get so bad that you need to be drugged out so you can eat pus and then have to post on reddit about it? She practically peaked the moment she clicked post. Her replies read like desperate backpedaling to avoid further guilt.

In a previous thread iirc there was a post with a nearly identical comment, except the post itself was written by the tranny who lived in a nordic country and asked for support in convincing himself or his girlfriend that the sepsis was normal. For some reason on reddit it’s fucking normal to oblige in pretending someone isn’t obviously walking about while literally rotting. It’s obvious why mtf cows continue to flock to reddit while tifs loiter on tumblr. It’s a website commonly known as a male safe haven and they’re just keeping the status quo kek

No. 1172606

typical scrote.
i hope he goes into septic shock and she finally realises she's being abused.

>Based on comments she very clearly is not looking for someone to tell her that her situation is fucked up and that if she were sane she would leave
honestly, maybe that was her own way of crying for help.
her husband refuses to go to another doctor and he's turned their life into a nightmare, what type of advice could she possible expect?

No. 1172647

Funniest thing is that a little knick in that area can be really painful. I have no sympathy for people who voluntarily chop their parts off and complain about the pain.

No. 1172671

>she told me that my vagina isn't a flower field either
There's a massive difference between a vagina scent and an infection scent, which she obviously knows as a woman. A vaginal smell doesn't turn your god damn stomach, that's how you know something has gone horribly wrong. I feel so bad for her. I had an infected dog bite once and it definitely smelt foul even with first aid and antibiotics clearing it up, I can't imagine how an untreated, hard to clean, festering wound smells.

A normal wound smells like blood, infections smell distinctly acrid and pungent. I don't know how someone could have a natural odor similar to an infection since you could presumably just wash away whatever was causing the smell if it's not inside the wound and thriving there.

No. 1172752

>The scent from her vagina did not feel normal
No shit, it's not a fucking vagina and it will never smell like one. It's not even a sexual organ, it's a festering hole. How selfish does one have to be to force your partner to lick your pus ridden bloody hole? It feels like rape honestly.

Maybe she's so attached to him because she still sees him as her boyfriend she loved very much and hopes that things will be the same once everything calms down. Troons are evil.

No. 1172775

This is the most disgusting case of abuse I've ever read
This is Stockholm syndrome
Her husband and fucking reddit have her so brainwashed by abuse, she blames herself

No. 1172777

sage for blogpost and kinda OT but reading this thread last few hours has made me appericate my Vagina much more, like I've never hated It but I think as of now I've never been more proud of having one

No. 1172800

So, I'm going to speak to my therapist about some of the trauma I went through (molested by a mtf for 3 years, then had an abusive ex who also was a mtf who basically became em after transitioning) and I'm so scared that my therapist is going to compare my fear of ftm to someone being scared of another race. Is there any talking points I can use to protect myself?

Sage for blogpost.(blogging)

No. 1172803

I really, really wish I could believe this is a writing exercise, but… the former handmaiden/troon widow in me says it all just reads as hideously true. Once she accepted being hit with a fucking dilator as not only okay but something she shouldn’t have dared say “don’t do that” in response to, she hit the point of totally under her abuser’s control and justifying it as her fault. The pus licking is just the next step in that abuse. I’m honestly surprised she isn’t benzo’d out every second of every day. This poor fucking woman. I hope to god she listens to the tiny voice in her head screaming that this isn’t okay, and all the reddit comments agreeing. Christ, this is the most horrifying thread.

No. 1172804

If she's going to accuse you of being transphobic and concentrate on that instead of your experience being molested and skinwalked in front of your eyes, they're a shit therapist

No. 1172832

>told her that her vagina isn't a "field of flowers" either
Seeing red. Her boyfriend is a gaslighting rapist who is coercing her into sex that she has to be high to endure without a mental breakdown, and that's besides beating her in the face with a sludge covered dildo. She needs to leave him, not wait for him to rot from the inside out.

No. 1172833

same kek, happy of my healty vag can't relate

No. 1172872

I wonder if she excuse this behaviour if her boyfriend didn't transition. If he was "still a male" and had this breakdowns i'm sure she would have been gone a long time ago.

She was crying because she couldn't bear to hurt him and what did he do? He threw his bloody dilator at her.
She takes drugs so she can fuck him without puking, does he care? No, because it makes him feel valid, it doesn't matter if she enjoys it or not.
If he cared at least a tiny bit about her feelings or her in general he would go to see another doctor, but why would he? He already has a doctor that says there's nothing wrong, why would he go to one that says otherwise and feel invalidated?

I hope she leaves his ass, i don't know how she can stand such a selfish and ungrateful piece of shit.

No. 1172888

Late to this but he actually got fired for creeping on 12-year olds at some teaching(?) job. His KF thread had screenshots of parents on Facebook discussing it.

>My wife didn't indulge in my pedo fetish and made me choose between her and my jigglypuff collection!!!
You really can't make this shit up.

No. 1172958

Same, I want to believe that it's fiction designed to peak handmaidens but… idk I believe it. And as horrible as I feel for this woman and women like her, it's almost pathetic how fucking scared we are of the social repercussions of saying "no, I don't want to lick this fetid wound, I want a real vagina thanks."

No. 1172968

this is an imageboard, post the screenshots here

No. 1172980

He's way to engrossed with his own transition and personal issues to pay attention to her concerns. Narcissistic and abusive to the extreme, he is only using her to help him and make himself feel good on his journey. This woman also has her own personal issues of self esteem and self worth which makes her stay. I guarantee their relationship wasn't much different before. I saw another story not long ago that was similar, when the man fully transitioned enough to appear female in public, he ignored the wife and went out partying a lot. Once he doesn't need her anymore no doubt he will leave.

No. 1173067

a yeast infection has a very specific smell. and i do know that men can get yeast infections but I’m pretty sure this troon doesn’t have one. yeast infections are painful, itchy, and the area is usually rashy or red. if the troon isn’t feeling any pain or itchiness, I doubt it’s a yeast infection.

I don’t know the likelihood but it kinda sounds like MRSA. it would probably be hospital-acquired and i mean… it is an open wound with foreign objects (hopefully sanitized objects…) being put into it.

No. 1173070

Yeast infections smell like…yeast. Like bread. Or at least, when I got them from medication as a teen they did. It’s gross because it’s not my /normal/ vagina scent but it’s not gross or nauseating…and it goes away very quickly with medication. How the fuck can someone say a rotting, bloody, foul gaping wound smell is the same as a yeast infection?? These doctors are fucking horrendous. Poor woman. These men deserve to go into septic shock

No. 1173146

File: 1614574352763.png (246.24 KB, 720x1337, Screenshot_20210301-092527.png)

Someone posted this post twitter and this is how one troon responded

No. 1173150

came here to laugh at trannies and now i just wanna die even more lmao. This actually reads like a horror movie script.

No. 1173151

>she insisted that it was exactly like the odor of any woman
>she told me that my vagina isn't a flower field
God, I fucking hate these misogynistic pieces of shit. No, your necrotic rotpocket open wound is not the same as a womans vagina. It reeks of shit and decay. I hope this woman gets the fuck out of this relationship, but honestly, I don't have much confidence.

No. 1173163

File: 1614579720334.png (724.62 KB, 1224x1266, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 1.19…)

I do think that plastic dilator post is a plant meant to peak. Of all the subreddits about trannies mypartneristrans is A) one of the least moderated and B) best audience for potentially changing some minds. You'll never convince reddit troons themselves that they're fucked up psychos, but you may have a chance with women who are actually married to creeps like this.

Meanwhile I found a bizarre new reddit where they post photos of themselves with the Snapchat filter also somehow attached to women's bodies. Not a fetish, these unreal fantasists belong in the bathroom stall right next to you.


No. 1173178

I remember boys saying that female genitalia look like mangled axe wounds and smell like rotten fish going back as far as elementary school, no doubt parroting misogynistic older male relatives. I know a lot of girls internalised this hatred of their own bodies but I guess some of the boys really believed it as well and now genuinely don’t see the difference between an actual rotting flesh wound and a normal vagina.

No. 1173183

I 100% blame the doctors that tell these mentally ill retards it's even POSSIBLE to create a vagina out of dick flesh. I knew a woman who used to shape butter into cows for easter but no one thought it was an actual fucking cow.

Men who insult women based on "your vagina smells bad" are the lowest of the low. Bottom of the incel ranks. She should have kicked him in his dick hole and left that night. It terrifies me what women will put up with.

No. 1173193

This sort of talk from scrotes in hs got me fucked up. Now that I’ve eaten a few pussies I’ve never smelled anything remotely like fish, but I have almost thrown up from some uber rank dicks that I refused to put my mouth near. Sage for blog but ofc troons would have the same projections on a larger and more festering level

No. 1173198

This woman needs to love herself. My god.
>My tranny husband hit me with a bloody dialator b-but it's my fault for pushing her over the edge!!
>I almost gagged trying to eat out the pus-leaking frankenvagina and he had a mental breakdown over it, I should've been more considerate! Now I'm popping xanax just so I could sexually service by husband, that's totally normal right?
Like holy shit this was a painful read. This poor woman.

Seeing how many MTF troons have a cluster B personality disorder I would guess they're specifically preying on women who are easy to manipulate and have whatever issues affecting their sense of judgement.

Yeah she genuinely seems to be mentally ill.

No. 1173241

I don't think I understand what I am looking at in this subreddit? What is this?

No. 1173266

File: 1614603228337.jpg (395.04 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210301-125025_Chr…)

No. 1173267

File: 1614603278285.jpg (Spoiler Image,438.41 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210301-125044_Chr…)

No. 1173268

File: 1614603402448.jpg (519.09 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210301-125108_Chr…)

It gets worse, the freak has some weird loli fetish. I found his page because he follows this cosplayer(loli) called rocksy light.

No. 1173269

its that same angle.
Every. Single. Time
Please, can they just learn that it makes them obviously male

No. 1173273

File: 1614603730192.jpg (Spoiler Image,388.09 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210301-125740_Chr…)

No. 1173274

File: 1614603784872.jpg (Spoiler Image,490.55 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210301-130130_Chr…)

This person doesn't have much milk but they sure are cringe.

No. 1173275

Rocksy light is a mentally ill russian communities lolcow, but she botched her face, butt and breasts that she doesn't have the loli look for a long time now.

No. 1173278

Men should keep doing this. They should make their own porn with genderbent versions of themselves and leave actual women alone.

No. 1173285

Why does his dick look flattened

No. 1173287

not same anon, but I THINK it's a filter that puts the user's face on a conventionally hot woman's body? So of course the troons are eating it up.

No. 1173295

File: 1614607540281.jpeg (13.18 KB, 282x179, A777D9A4-3DF4-4995-9C6D-4EF033…)

No. 1173299

there's something very sad about this image, I can't quite figure out if it's the dick, the belly rolls, or the stare.

No. 1173303

You know when you look at someone and think, "I've never been to 4chans LGBT board, but I bet this guy posts trap pictures there"
because thats what I get from this. He probably feels he's 100% unclockable.

No. 1173305

>Date HE joined
Google Translate is a confirmed TERF

No. 1173306

File: 1614610701037.gif (158.82 KB, 220x120, tenor.gif)

I don't know why I torture myself with this place.

No. 1173308

Troons really cannot figure out how to put eyeliner on to ~literally save their lives~, huh?

No. 1173328

File: 1614612917653.png (21.22 KB, 508x547, lol.png)

this posture is so funny to me for some reason

No. 1173336

hey bestie! never show this again, thanks(integrate)

No. 1173338

quick lemme pose in a way I think women look

so disgusting, literal coomer brain filled with water and nothing else

No. 1173354


No. 1173355

File: 1614616396622.jpg (301.43 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20210301-082540_Twi…)

Don't worry, we can tell.

No. 1173357


Fml anon you're killing me.

Maybe this can be the new logo for Mermaids.

No. 1173377

She’s considered a pariah on twitter, thankfully

No. 1173415

File: 1614620603715.png (201.74 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20210228-223943_2.p…)

>>Fellow Barren Woman" Kevin is disgusting

This person has zero personality and nothing to say interesting ever. Just a botched man.

No. 1173416

>you assume every woman you meet is cisgender
they are, you are not a woman, you will never be included in the word "women"

>me being trans is not my issue so I don't have to tell anyone

I guess men finding out the "woman" they took home has a dick and assaulting/murdering them is not an issue anymore, congrats

No. 1173425

File: 1614621346671.png (188.44 KB, 720x548, Screenshot_20210301-224326.png)

This is literally the worst case of historical revisionism I have seen, pretty much every Indian language has gendered pronouns and historically the Hijras in the Indian subcontinent were(and still are) treated like subhumans, they were considered failed men in aincnet Indian society as they were often gay and were/are mainly either beggers or prostitutes, I mean a very very small minority did serve as court eunnchs to relay messages between men and women In the court cause the sexes were segerated, this was common in various Islamic sultanates but not the Hindu ones

This is the reasons why non-White troons are difficult to argue with, it's not that there any worse then white troons but they will deflect any all arguments of colonialism and white supremacy

No. 1173427

Troons claiming to be infertile women really activate my almonds because I’m sure most of them were perfectly fertile before they made the conscious decision to cut their balls off.

No. 1173453

Yep, they definitely need to stop co-opting experiences natal women have wrt infertility. It’s so insulting.

No. 1173455

>me being trans is not myyyy issue, sweaty
>e-begs for 85k because he hates himself too much to leave the house without extensive plastic surgery
sounds like yourrrrr issue to me, dude

No. 1173475

File: 1614625840149.jpg (28.92 KB, 257x353, BoobsButt003.jpg)

Of course this dude thinks the boobs and butt pose is the peak of femininity.

No. 1173477

This is hilarious. These people just love to victimize themselves don’t they.

No. 1173479

If troons aren’t a bad thing in communities how is it revenge that theyre becoming more prevelant in Europe?

No. 1173490

File: 1614628225705.png (410.27 KB, 493x791, womxn.png)

hello my fellow womxn, do you sometimes feel like you are not properly represented in the gaming industry?

Fear not! Twitch has got some men in dresses to tell you why you as a femoix are important!


No. 1173498

the comments are mad that "womxn" is rude towards transwomen, saying "Woman is enough" yeeetttt they get mad about woman being used any other time

No. 1173502

"Girls in gaming" or any STEM type classic nerd shit is absolutely rife with this. I at least appreciate that Twitch only included one dude in a dress, from what I can tell.

No. 1173504

hahaha jesus, I just choked on my soup laughing. 10/10

No. 1173506

go home gxmer gxrl, when the womxn are speaking the roaxties in the back need to be quiet

you are feeling empowered by this message, you want to share your gaming platform (and your wxmb) with these stunning and brave womxn and you want to suck the girl dick

maybe you wish to also share some of your susbcribers with a trans xreator who is less fortunate? Donate to their breast augumentation sxgery so they can be a tiddy streamer just like the humanoid milx produxers

No. 1173514

File: 1614629825536.jpg (147.04 KB, 2048x878, D9CAP1xXoAICO-q.jpg)


Makes me think of this every time. Men trying to push their way into women's spaces, as usual.

No. 1173523

This legitimately looks like a police evidence photo they dug up from a serial killer's hard drive that the news outlets will print out with "he was a crossdresser" headlines.

I'm not deep enough in the woke terminology because I have no idea why "womxn" is the politically correct way to refer to women. Or maybe it's because my lxdybrain isn't big enough to understand. Someone in the comments is saying it's to be inclusive of "non-binary women" but isn't that an oxymoron? If you're a woman, how can you be a non-binary?

No. 1173542

womxn is pretty popular with radfems because it takes the word "man" out of "woman". I actually haven't seen wokies use it much before now, I'm suprised they're not all going TERF DOGWHISTLE REEEE. I'm sure they themselves don't even understand why they're using it, more and more the gender crowd just unquestioningly does what everyone else is doing because they think they'll get in trouble otherwise.

No. 1173544

Isn't that what womyn is for? How do you even pronounce "womxn"?

No. 1173545

This was just discussed like 3 seconds ago in the radfem space I'm in. All of the radfems I know hate "womxn", wokies use it to include men in their definition of women.

No. 1173546


It's probably the troon approved version of womyn. The irony hurts my eyes.

No. 1173548

In the etymology of the words is that "man" just used to mean an adult human. To distinguish between genders, "wif" and "wo" were added. Men were refered to as "wifman" and women were refered to as "woman". Wifman fell out of fashion and just became "man".

Saying womxn does not do women a favor. It does the opposite. It is dehumanizing, which is why trannies are pushing for it. They know they are not included in the word "woman" so they want to erase it.

No. 1173610

File: 1614636823822.png (35.79 KB, 487x369, Capture.PNG)

This guy has a huge pregnancy fetish btw

No. 1173634

People with thoughts like this used to either know to keep them to themselves, or risk being committed forever in looney bins. There isn't a lot about the past I think we need to revisit, but sexual paraphilia being considered a mental disorder is one of them. At the very least it would get these perverts out of normal public discussions, maybe make them rethink the ethics of what gets them hard.

No. 1173654

This civilisation is crumbling, kek.

No. 1173676

yeah, this right here. society failed in containing these sex pest in mental institutions and instead gave them twitter

No. 1173677

At least he can't breed with his mangled dick so be glad for that, he's successfully been eliminated from the gene pool and it's all his own doing.

No. 1173679

These creatures are so inept at posing and styling themselves they always end up looking like they're going to crawl through the screen a la The Ring

No. 1173716

why can’t they just watch whatever hentai suits their fetishes and just go on with their lives? just admit you’re a degenerate and go. i honestly find no difference between this and shit like inflation or vore. at least most of those weirdos keep it to themselves.

No. 1173718

i’m pretty sure twitch went “well they use latinx! i’m sure womxn is the woke way to spell women!”

except latinx is fucking retarded and pointless. how are you supposed to pronounce either of these?

No. 1173722

i’ve not seen the movie but wasn’t the point that she was sterilised against her will. It is shitty writing by Joss Whedon but a troon saying they’re a “barren women” just shows the absolute lack of empathy with “fellow” women and their experiences. It’s such a cold unfeeling term.

Of course all that aside consensually cutting your balls off is not the same as infertility.

No. 1173823


Picture the disgust you felt reading this. Now realize that women have to deal with these delusional narcs on their fertility forums all the time now.


You don’t have a womb, Kevin. And you never will. Is there anything they won’t co-opt?

No. 1173827

Reminds me of this

No. 1173928

File: 1614658026327.png (234.14 KB, 1080x1574, 1614645617650.png)

No. 1173943

>except latinx is fucking retarded and pointless. how are you supposed to pronounce either of these?
Yes, thank you. It's so imperialist of them to be forcing their language on Latin Americans, but it's ok because it's "inclusive". Hypocrites.

No. 1173947

If one day, women will be trying to look like men, does that mean they'll go back to trying to look like themselves again?
Actually, that's a funny thought. What would trannies do if women stopped being feminine en masse? If we all just started dressing like men, stopped wearing makeup, shaved our fucking heads (but stopped shaving our bodies), started flattening/downplaying our breasts and hips, where would they be? All that would be left would be the "normal" sexual dimorphic traits that you can't really fake adequately (height, voice, etc).

No. 1173964

Petition to start calling TiMs trans womxn bc they'll never be real women.
Also OT but how do you even find radfem spaces these days? It seems like everywhere you go you just get banned for "wrongthink"

No. 1173971


Twitter and Ovarit.com

No. 1173982

the cope is unreal. see also >>1167748

twitter, ovarit, saidit, crystalcafe, discord

No. 1173983

This is arguably already the case, since gaudy hideous drag makeup is in fashion right now, and the most popular makeup artists on Youtube are scrotes like James Charles and Nikki Tutorials.

No. 1173984

File: 1614664498437.jpg (81.83 KB, 440x237, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 1173990

File: 1614665064169.jpg (178.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Speaking of James Charles, does anyone think he will eventually transition?

No. 1173996

Nta but I really hope he doesn't and just stays as an effeminate gay

No. 1173997

I think if he were going to it would’ve happened already. He could’ve expanded his relevance and cashed in big in like 2018.

No. 1174001

I don't think so. To James Charles credit he seems to get that he can be a gay man who wears makeup and basically do whatever it is that he wants within that gay male framework. That being said that image is so disturbing, I know it was just clickbait but jesus.

No. 1174017

File: 1614667485837.png (22.34 KB, 599x162, d5df085b5752974e6229993ee465c2…)

Saw this cringe shit. They're really going to pin all their own retarded wokeisms on "the TERFs", huh?

No. 1174019

yxll isn't real, but it is funny. I think that guy is kidding.

No. 1174032

File: 1614669536573.jpeg (226.22 KB, 1581x714, DF88676D-DB38-4F1F-BF5B-2C50AD…)

They pin everything on terves lol Like this whole ass thread I saw a bit ago about how it was terves that killed lesbian bars. It really activated my almonds. Wish I could find it again.

No. 1174034

File: 1614669772748.jpg (164.79 KB, 675x900, 1614668506030.jpg)

No. 1174045

File: 1614672121132.png (1.81 MB, 1218x1346, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 3.00…)

Unreal. yeah it was straight feminists who dealt the final blow to lesbian bars. I guess if they were promoting crossdresser fuckfests nights they may have survived longer, but I just have this sinking feeling that gay women aren't looking for this constipated fat fetishist's company. OR straight women for that matter.

No. 1174046

more like wxMan

No. 1174056

idk if posting a dead tranny's headstone is the epic cow milk you think it is

No. 1174061

kek is this supposed to make up for their own gravestones and obituaries inevitably having their deadnames on them? I knew they enjoyed speaking on behalf of the dead, but going as far as to deface graves too is extreme even for trannies.

No. 1174067

File: 1614674074437.jpg (570.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210302-032905_Twi…)

Oh my gosh I just took this screenshot and then you said the thing lol

No. 1174074


Christ this is so wildly disrespectful. Imagine Daniel's family coming to visit his grave and seeing his degenerate friends had defaced it to shout his crossdressing fetish out to the world.

No. 1174124

thats messed up anon

No. 1174136

well it's saged for non-milk and the post was more about defacing a whole gravestone than it was about a dead tranny

No. 1174138

File: 1614681884440.jpg (74.32 KB, 545x592, aOP9FIz.jpg)

nah they don´t seem to mind

No. 1174161


I looked up the page (a DIY memorial page) and massive tinfoil but I don't think it's actually run by his dad anymore because no boomer talks like this.
>I don't see this as problematic
>it's in the middle of a pandemic
There are earlier pictures and stuff so it probably was created by the parents but these replies are from the last week and a huge departure in tone.

It's depressing though to confirm he did commit suicide. He'd only "transitioned" a few months before, obviously not legally changed his name or anything. Surely that's indicative of a downward mental spiral that ended in suicide, and not something you'd be comfortable "celebrating" on his tombstone.

No. 1174174

there’s been bare recovery from the r/gendercritical hammer. the sites seem, at large, to be dead

No. 1174216

Don't know anything about saidit, but how would you get numbers for discord or twitter? crystalcafe can be low activity, but ovarit has plenty of activity every time I give it a looksee.

No. 1174334

They wear the wig like that every. single. time.

No. 1174337

Ovarit is pretty active actually. Dropping my email in case anyway wants an invite code.

No. 1174358

File: 1614702477238.jpg (41.12 KB, 680x691, nnope.jpg)


All their arguments are literally "no u". I've only ever seen TRA/woke pandering spaces using womxn, and it always pissed off actual women.

No. 1174368

File: 1614702928471.jpeg (252.05 KB, 1849x1554, 60B681A2-AE98-4BE4-9FED-E6D211…)

Randomly found the r/TallGirls sub and it’s full of troons, because of course.

You are not a girl, sir.

No. 1174375

Well he's right in the sense that the current instathot makeup trend is literally tranny inspired since it uses a ton of drag queen techniques, all these girls looking like troons with OTT contour, lashes and plastic hair.

Others are saying that it's a woke term to include nonbinaries and others are saying it's a terf dogwhistle. Their narrative has gotten so complicated and self-contradicting they literally can't keep it straight anymore.

No. 1174382

this is so confusing and wrong. "womxn" is their thing and always has been, like the insufferable "folx" they constantly use. i've never seen a woman with a spine use or support it, especially not terfs, only ball licking handmaidens and the ultra woke. terfs oppose the erasure of the word woman becoming the norm, why would they push for more erasure? where's the logic? why is it only a bad thing when trannies suddenly decide to oppose it and deem it not inclusive enough? oh, right. men.

where are they getting this from lol their use of folx and womxn is a meme to make fun of them at this point. the blatant projecting is annoying because it's working, they put time into grooming people into believing and parroting this stuff and people just accept it without any rational thought

No. 1174387


It says a lot about the arrogance/fraud of twitch that they'd pull a term out of their ass so obscure neither side can decide if they're offended by it.

No. 1174410

I'm short but it makes me sad to see that subreddit infested with males, I feel like some TRA is going to compare tall women to men next and say that since tall women can use the women's room, so can men.

No. 1174411

lol so libtards want to disappear actual women's existence and used womxn but nothing for men? what about mxn? Fucking bullshit. I never comment on this thread but this shit is fucking hypocritical. so sick of trannies taking over and trying to erase women. no wonder many people are secretly conservative but too afraid to speak up..

No. 1174414

so troons are now overtaking tall women's spaces too? lmfao!

No. 1174420

can’t help laughing at the name on the tombstone showing clear as day through the trans flag. damn if that isn’t a perfect metaphor

No. 1174425

File: 1614707126604.jpeg (274.64 KB, 2064x1578, 76536A4E-C50B-4129-8B8F-305974…)

Yeah tall women deal with misogyny and having their femininity questioned because of their height and now they’re supposed to be okay with actual males in their community lmao it’s tragic

No. 1174441

File: 1614708090240.webm (19.46 MB, 464x848, abc.webm)

future generations are doomed

No. 1174453

little tard raised by adult tards.
no matter where i stood on identity politics and lgbt shit i never understood telling kids about so many labels and things they won't understand until they're teenagers.
is it that hard to tell your little sperg that there are gay people, period?

No. 1174454

It's on the same level as shoving religion down a kids throat. Fucks sake, just teach your kids for respect everybody and themselves. I bet that's the only book that kid can read

No. 1174457

File: 1614710303707.jpeg (2.7 MB, 1933x3999, E97017E6-5FD7-4F82-B6AB-E5DA18…)

where is the effort

No. 1174462

i'm sorry but why are trannies being so fucking retarded about this womxn shit. do they actually believe it's terves favorite word because it excludes trannies? huh????

No. 1174467

>I'm a WOMEN

No. 1174477

It’s funny because I’m pretty sure terves’ favorite word to refer to mantrannies is men.

No. 1174489

I was thinking the same thing. Trannies aren't womxn or women, they're men. Or maybe mxn?

No. 1174503

No. 1174504

>do they actually believe-
No, but they are counting on you not to question it :) We’ve always been at war with eastasia etc(emoji)

No. 1174508

How so? Is he now a pariah within his own tranny crowd or among normal people in general?

No. 1174521

sorry for being late to the discussion, but I really fucking hate South Asian SJW liberals. They would get laughed at and chased out of South Asia if they step a foot in India or Pakistan and try to preach their Western revisionist BS at South asians. And hijras / eunuch got their dicks chopped off to guard women in harems so that they wouldn't rape or engage in sexual activity with wives, daughters, nieces, etc. of certain rulers and governors. Literally nothing to do with gender roles or any of that Western "woke" LGBTQ bullshit. God I hate Desi Americans sometimes.

No. 1174531

>mainly either beggars or prostitutes
this still applies to troons as a whole, kek

No. 1174535

kiki lmao

No. 1174604

File: 1614722560827.png (33.52 KB, 887x485, ABC.png)

But a toddler really needs to know that I stands for Intersex, a condition so rare, that chances are he will probably never meet anyone who is intersex in his lifetime.

I improved it a little bit so our kids can be even better educated on trans issues!

No. 1174618

They really do and it's never made sense to me. You can look feminine at any height. You can also look more masculine at any height. In fact the most masculine looking girl i've known irl is around 5 feet tall, with extremely large feet and hands (typically a 'masculine' trait) and a masculine looking face. The more feminine girls (facial features AND body type) I know are all taller than 5'7" and funnily enough with rather tiny shoe sizes and delicate hands. It's an extremely stupid stereotype that I'm honestly floored still gets thrown around. There are many feminine short, average, and very tall girls. And there are many masculine short, average, and tall girls. The same goes for men. I see very feminine TALL men (6'2 +) and very manly looking 'shorter' dudes (under 5'8) all the time.

No. 1174620

File: 1614723549613.png (40.71 KB, 735x239, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 2.18…)

lol the post got deleted. wonder why

No. 1174622

Why do some people need to drop college grade social studies on literal toddlers? You could teach about these things like a child would understand like simply "don't be mean to people" which would be a good start but these nutjobs really think a 2-year old should be learning the full course of Twitter argument terminology.

>J is for Jaw shaving
god my sides, make this the next thread pic please

No. 1174635

File: 1614725089022.png (118.12 KB, 732x394, how.png)

from the digibro thread on /w/

No. 1174638

Great work anon, redressing the balance.
OP pic for new thread please.

No. 1174640

but telling a troon they’ll never be a woman is hate speech and gets removed. make it make sense.

No. 1174644

RuPaul has got to broad-shoulder some of the responsibility for this shit, if you ask me. There is something ambrosial to boring ass suburban white women about drag queens, and I don't think it is a coincidence that the trans shit took off around the same time Drag Race was a huge phenom. I think a lot of dumbshit handmaidens were softened up to the idea of female impersonation = female appreciation by drag, and now apply those same basic feelings to "glamorous" celeb trannies. Your average goober handmaiden doesn't bother finding degenerates like Kevin or whatever Reddit scrote is wearing a party city wig and saying he wants to get fucked like a girl, they just see Laverne Cox and think "What's the problem? It's like RuPaul but she never takes the wig off!"

If drag was still an underground thing and not a fun tv show for anon's moms to watch, I think a lot less women would be so down with men in dresses. It would seem as bizarre to them as it actually is.

No. 1174650

File: 1614725702249.png (364.82 KB, 828x1792, BC4A90E6-9629-47A0-B435-DBB885…)

you guys inspired me to browse trans subreddits and this was the first post i saw. i don’t think it’s bait or anything. it’s tragic. they’re whining in the replies about how cis women get to do whatever they want.

No. 1174651

File: 1614725947434.jpeg (114.2 KB, 772x1087, 61694F75-DB8C-4BFF-957F-72707D…)

samefag; here’s another. yes let’s convince every woman who doesn’t want to constantly look “girly” that she’s a fuckin troon

No. 1174653

A perfectly okay solution to this trans thing for me is that men can go ahead and wear dresses or play violin (wtf) without fear of violence. SO long as they acknowledge they are male and cannot change that fact, I personally don't care what they do to accessorize themselves or whatever. They need to heal themselves though because that violence and social retribution they fear facing doesn't come from women, it comes from dudes. I could give a shit if some guy in a skirt uses the men's room, stays out of women's sports, and gets his prostate checked instead of harassing gynos. Tell your fellow scrotes to stop giving a shit about how people dress.

No. 1174655

ayrt - seriously. i’m a firm believer that anyone should be able to do anything that makes them happy (within reason of course). i’m still reading these subs and there’s one guy posting about how much he just hates being trans and wishes he had a “cute girl butt and cute girl boobs and cute girl face” etc. etc.

if they had to grow up the way cis women did they’d probably get down on their knees and fucking beg to go back to being men. they really don’t get it. why do they act like cis women are the enemies??? y’all have peaked me.

No. 1174672

RuPaul made my mom a troon apologist and I will never forgive him or his wide ass shoulders

No. 1174685

I really want to know how he can possibly think it would be easier to be a man pretending to be a woman, than just be a man who happens to have “feminine” interests.

No. 1174686

Because they're so delusional/so effectively lied to that they believe they will someday pass, and get to take part in the fantasy dreamworld that us ladies take for granted.

No. 1174690

Tiny nitpick but it's Kevin Gibes, not Kevin Gibbs. Other than that, it's a masterpiece.

No. 1174702

"Loli" art, these people are perverse and disgusting. Most of the time their female identity seems to be wrapped around sex and men. Also, they have an obsession with replicating extreme aspects of femininity bum,hips etc to the point it looks unnatural. Obviously if their goal is to look womanly they have gone beyond it and most times people assume they're trans because of that. Why not just try and replicate the average woman's appearance. If I was trans my main concern would be just trying to appear as female in public without drawing much attention to myself.

No. 1174727

No. 1174731

What in the munchausens is this shit?
And that kid is hardly a toddler. Odds on she'll announce he's trans in 3,2,1…..

No. 1174781

As a South Asian I 100% anon, South Asian liberals are the literal worst they have the perspective of an upper middle class woke collage kid and they somehow apply it towards their own countries when half the time they can't understand or care for know about it, they view their ancestors cultures as sort of noble savages who were pro lgbtqabcd and totes cool with womens rights, then the evil white man came and made them regressive

Also its bizzare to see them fall into the White/BIPOC dicotomy, when they often come from multi racial countries that have complex racial structures

Sage for OT political sperg

No. 1174801

Based. Overly liberal white women raised their kids on that shit because they thought they were "doing their part" ignoring the obviously adult nature of the show. One example I know irl had all her kids claiming tranny/gender fluid identities at a young age. That, and BuzzFeed.

No. 1174805

omg good to see another Desi on here lol. i wish we can have a non-black POC SJW thread on this site to talk about Western non-black POC liberals who keep trying to apply a Western lens to non-Western issues. it makes me soooo mad when Desi liberals try to apply U.S centric view on skin color and race issues to South Asia. Fuckin kek at the "BLM" movement and so-called "anti blackness" racism that these idiots try to invoke when discussing issues in South Asia, when literally Dalits, Muslims, Northeasterners and others get beaten up or even killed for not being upper caste Brahmanic Hindus. I really fucking hate how black American liberals have brainwashed non-black folks about world issues and make it so black-centric (and LGBTQ centric, too). Lol sorry for sperging. Maybe we should create a thread on western non-black POC leftists?(no1curr)

No. 1174808

it's been so surreal and unbelievable to see how trans issues have overtaken LGBTQ issues in the past 5-10 years. literally 5 or 6 years ago nobody cared or discussed trans issues much and now it's all I ever hear about online, nothing about gay or lesbian issues. Hopefully it's just a passing trend and will die out when Gen Z grow the fuck up and get bored with it.

No. 1174821

Caste and ethnicity, within Pakistan its also sorta interesting cause arguably the most down tordden and poorest community in Pakistan are Pathans(specifically the wazirdtanis) despite having the most European appearance

So race heriahcy is complicated and not 1=1 within even South Asia

A POC sjws in the west thread would be a good idea though

No. 1174827

Has this guy never seen a rock star or realized K-POP exists? Men can be extremely gender non-conforming, be comfortable in his manhood AND be desired by girls. It’s like glam rock was completely forgotten. It seems like all this psycho AGP and gender-labeling nonsense is specifically a Western(and predominately white) problem. Is it an effect of Puritanism or Christianity? Why is there a need to pathologize and micro-label every slight deviation from the norm in the US and UK? I really don’t understand why the trans demographics are so vastly different for the West compared to the rest of the world.(East Asia anon here)

No. 1174838

Well with regards to Japan I feel more people are less likely to question the sexuality of feminine male then compared to the west, like just look at so many people stating Shawn Mendez is gay or the massive hate Boner seemingly the entire male population in the west had against Justin Bieber

No. 1174879

But why is it that way, when the West thinks they are less sexist and more tolerant than the rest of the world? I’ve never seen people so uncomfortable about gender expression. Like people actually get angry about deviation from visual gender stereotypes.


I don’t know about full dresses for the average man but unisex clothing and men in regular beauty ads are a thing here. Like Tamamori Yuta for Lancome or Choi Bo-min for Etude House. Usually, if a guy wears a dress, he is either a young boy trying to be edgy or he’s part of otokonoko subculture(which people will just assume he’s gay). It’s not seen as “normal” but I also never see hostility against it. Definitely no political affiliation either:

No. 1174881

It's almost like people can be concerned about two things at once jesus

No. 1174903

How can a tranny see all these trans cult cases and openly talk about how trannies are a cult, yet they still insist on being a transwoman? he looks painfully male, a very ugly at that. His videos are interesting though.

No. 1174905

File: 1614749608483.jpg (55.69 KB, 594x566, orange man right for once.jpg)

Imagine trying to "own" Trump on one of the few things he's right about. If Trump said the Earth was round, this moron would say it's flat.

No. 1174906

He's suffering from not-like-other-trannies disorder

No. 1174912


Snopes fact check - false ):(emoticon use)

No. 1174915

It would be marked as “outdated” lmao

No. 1174924

>trump claims troons are male
Wtf I love trump now

No. 1174928

Love that this guy provides no further comment like that quote on it’s own doesn’t need any explanation as to why its wrong. Is it truly at the point now where stating they are biologically male is bad? I thought we were still on the “some women have penises” kick but now am i supposed to act like their wangs are just weird pussies?

No. 1174947

It's spelled "Gibes" you retard.

No. 1174965

No. 1174969

Every single handmaiden I know loves drag queens, some to the point of worship. I’m sure they think transwomen are just sassy gay yaaaaskweens taken up to eleven and by the time they meet a greasy AGP they’re usually in too deep. They’re also the same women who think gay men can’t possibly be misogynists.

Hitler also thought the earth is round. Surely you don’t want to be on the same side as Hitler??
And yes, they’ve been claiming transwomen are biologically female and that penises are female genitalia for a while now.

No. 1174973

> Every single handmaiden I know loves drag queens, some to the point of worship. I’m sure they think transwomen are just sassy gay yaaaaskweens taken up to eleven and by the time they meet a greasy AGP they’re usually in too deep. They’re also the same women who think gay men can’t possibly be misogynists.

I was actually someone who used to be really into drag race and I admit that I thought drag culture was harmless but looking back with a more critical lens, I can see how RuPaul's Drag Race's success really opened the floodgates for further popularity of trans shit. And I can see how Drag could be misogynistic. I mean they call women "Fishy" and that if a drag queen is "fishy", it means he looks like a "real woman" and it's just, are you kidding? And why "fishy?". Just gross.

No. 1174975

The guys like Rose of Dawn and Blaire White pick and choose. They intentionally go after crazy trans identified men but yet notice how they never even try to have a debate with "terfs". Really makes you wonder why, especially since "Terfs" still think they are delusional men even if they aren't as disruptive as TRAs tend to be. But people like them think that if they shine the spotlight on these loons, it makes them look more sane and more womanly than the crazies they go after for videos.

No. 1174977


You raise a good point. K-Pop singers and all those kinds of guys, they don't really scream overt GNC, they just look more androgynous but still have a masculine undertone. It's very "soft masculine". Like it's cute and pretty but still a hint of masculinity underneath and I think that's what people mean about true GNC For men.

Personally when I think of full on GNC men, I think of men like Pete Burns and Mana Sama from the band Malice Mizer as some examples. Pete Burns despite the unfortunate lip surgery, he was very GNC and he kept looking that way till his death. I'm sure he may have had Autogynephilia but at the very least, he never claimed to be a woman and said he was a man. And Mana from Malice Mizer was anther man who usually had long hair, makeup, and wore all kinds of dresses but never claimed to be a woman for it, at least that I'm aware of.

But Mana had a huge fanbase with lots of women, me included, I thought he was very attractive so I think that GNC men can totally be attractive, it's all just in how they style themselves that makes the difference.

No. 1174982

File: 1614760230423.png (16.7 KB, 596x115, sigh.png)

Same shit, different day. This dude is part of Lindsay Ellis's circle and trooned out like a month ago and is now skinwalking Elizabeth Shepherd and posting a million selfies with bad wigs and AGP smirks. Troons are so similar to each other it's like they're being mass-produced from a mold.

No. 1174984

What insane world do they live in where people haven't ever seen cis women without makeup? People have moms, sisters, aunts, grandmas, whatever, even if they've never had a girlfriend. Or just pictures of women without makeup on? I really don't get it, who are they trying to kid? And also quit gassing yourself with makeup - learn how to effectively contour that Frankenstein brow ridge and then maybe we can start talking about makeup. None of you pass without Meitu.

No. 1174985

I can already see Lindsay throwing herself at this guy's feet to yell YASSSSS PREACH IT SIS WE CIS WOMEN SUCK. It's such a shame that an obviously intelligent and insightful woman would succumb to licking troon soles.

But regarding the tweet itself, it doesn't even make sense. Troons have to use makeup to fake entire female features on them while women use makeup to enhance them. Even if a woman removed all of her makeup she would still look like a woman. Maybe less of the artifically created beauty standard, but still a woman.

No. 1174986

blaire white disorder

No. 1174987

women aren't born with makeup on their faces dipshit. And even without layers of makeup they still look like woman because they are one, shocker. Male is still a male no matter what they put on themselves.

No. 1174996

except we don't need an ounce of makeup to not look like men lol, we could look like roadkill and people would still register us as women with no suspicion or double takes. him, on the other hand, can't pass with a full face and a myspace angle hiding half of his jaw in a tiny thumbnail

No. 1175003

Anon PLEASE don’t talk about Mana in past tense. You scared me lol

No. 1175016

Ok wearing dresses can get you stares as a man
but growing flowers and playing the violin? What? My grandpa is the manliest man I've ever known and he takes care of his flowers and his garden like it was an extension of him, a ton of men are into stuff like that and I don't think it was ever seen as uber feminine
Same with the violin that shit is normal, what is wrong with men

No. 1175018

This is just what they fucking do, anon. All. The. Time. Trannies/TRAs constantly move the goalposts and reverse ferret with their positions. They do it because everything about them is all BS, and when it's eventually called out as BS on a large scale they have to pretend they never said that and change the rules and language yet again. That's why so many GC women talk about how they used to be trans allies, but got pushed and pushed with new tranny demands until they just couldn't take it anymore.

This is like when all the trans organizations and tranny spokespeople started repeating, "Nobody ever said 'born in the wrong body' - that's just a misunderstanding of what it means to be trans!" out of the blue after literally saying "born in the wrong body" for years and years. Turns out it was because of a new policy introduced in the UK regarding trans shit in schools which prohibited teaching kids they are "born in the wrong body."

Just wait, soon even saying "trans" will be considered transphobic.

No. 1175020

Thank you Kevin(hi scrote)

No. 1175022


This transwoman blames black women for the fact that men are killing them. Apparently women have to take responsibility for mens actions too. Expectedly He's getting a lot of hate from black women.

No. 1175023

The funniest thing about this is that it is something men do to themselves. The people laughing at a man in a dress are other men. The people assaulting men for being gay and acting "like a queer" are men. You made your bed of toxic masculinity, now lie in it and weep.

Women have it so much better tho, right? They can go out in whatever clothes they want and not fear about being a target for violence… o wait.

No. 1175034

Plenty of reasonably intelligent people fall victim to troon disinformation unfortunately. They believe the "trans women are the most oppressed people in America" meme and think they're genuinely helping people by being armchair trans activists. TRAs are generally well-meaning, and I'd they say horrible things it's usually just shit they're parroting from a troon they follow online.

People just don't know how to compartmentalize anymore, either. Nowadays people truly believe you have to have ideologies identical to your friends, which usually just results in everyone molding their opinion to fit the biggest narcissist in their group of friends (which in Lindsay's case is Hontra, though she's a pretty big narc herself.) Important aside, I said Morgan was in Lindsay's circle because he's best friends with Lindsay's ex, Todd in the Shadows.

No. 1175050

I don't know where he's getting the idea that gardening=feminine from, my hyper masculine grandpa loved his garden and took care of it till the day he died

No. 1175051

Black TIMs really are the worst IMO

No. 1175055

File: 1614770480165.png (53.54 KB, 726x367, tranny lyf.png)

No. 1175074

Same here anon. I used to call out people for being terfs but Yaniv peaked me and now all these receipts coming out I kinda wanna be based and openly be TERF.

No. 1175075

File: 1614773814645.png (100.64 KB, 519x434, Screenshot_20210303-171447.png)

No. 1175076

She's a mess. Her husband is still insisting on oral and she's still in denial that it's not just a yeast infection.
She mentioned they are trying bdsm.

No. 1175079

can’t use a strap on because it reminds the troon of a penis lmao. she’s gotta be a troll for sure now.

No. 1175082

lmao there are butch women in this world with buzzcuts who don’t wear a spot of makeup who are SOMEHOW still perceived as women correctly. the cope of it all

No. 1175083

it took ONE person in her tranny surgeries post to tell her that it was probably a yeast infection for all the good advice get ignored and her going onto autistic screeching on everyone that tried to continue to suggest things. I honestly do not feel bad for her anymore, she can continue licking her husband's infections.

No. 1175086

File: 1614774916141.jpeg (810.94 KB, 1242x1487, CDBBEDE1-D64F-46FD-96A9-69F90A…)

korean troon who wanted to serve in the military after transitioning 41%’d.
see what happens when you’re a bootlicker and a degenerate. it’s like he wanted to have a miserable life.

No. 1175088

Kek so having long hair makes you a woman? Tell that to my Niitsitapi Native American partner, who only cuts his hair when there’s death in the family. God these troons wanna justify themselves and be uwu sparkly pwincesses so bad. Stop coping and just date another tranny from your gross fetish community. Is it transphobic for a mtf to date another mtf or do you want to force women into your deviance?(no1curr)

No. 1175089

Laughing about tranny suicides isn't really milk, anon. It's sad that mentally fragile people get roped into this shit to the point they kill themselves, not funny.

No. 1175092

Wrong, it’s hilarious. I hope they all get shot. Takes out bad genes from the gene pool as well as money from my tax dollars. Maybe instead of government/insurance covering gender dysphoric autogenophiles we can use it towards children with cancer.(a-log)

No. 1175095


it's at 50% now anon

No. 1175098

i'm not laughing. it's troon news, he made big waves in south korea.
plus, this piece of news relates to the ongoing trans military shit in the US.

No. 1175100

Honestly do think its a radfem LARPing and trying to peak as many people as she can

No. 1175101

Are "browsing to self harm" /tttt/ posters here trying to false flag again?

No. 1175105

The person who suggested it was yeast infection was a 20yo tranny himself, who just got his vaginoplasty 2 months ago.
Butch lesbians are getting pressured to transition (vid related).

No. 1175106

She's asking for sex advice in a lesbian sub and didn't even disclose that her "wife" was born a man and has a mangled inverted penis, not a vagina. When will this woman wake the fuck up.

No. 1175109

Men being super into gardening (vs. women who mostly focus on indoor housework) was a typical role division for pretty much all of the 20th century if not longer. It’s bizarre that they’re not just using stereotypes to justify gendered brains but often very recent stereotypes. If hobbies and interests are biologically hardwired per gender, why do so many of them switch ‘sides’ throughout history?

No. 1175116

Even though I agree with everything you said, why do you think men in dresses is bizarre? Is it how it looks or because it fetishizes femininity? Straight men are posing in skirts and fishnets now, but gay men have been doing this for longer in a way women overlook (drag queen culture, terms like "bussy" which mean boy pussy, I've seen several popular gays on Twitter talk about how much of a turn on it is for a bottom to say "make me pregnant", obsession with the feminine partner calling the masculine partner "daddy"). Because of the nuance of this, but also because of how in your face it brings male degeneracy even from the faghags' besties, it's so much more likely for women to just say yass kween to it all for an invite to the club.

No. 1175124

I don't know. Other troons in the comments say they feel the same about penis shaped dildos. I really think this woman is for real lmao

No. 1175128

From my understanding, Rose of Dawn is one of those "dysphoria is a mental disorder and I just chose the best way to deal with mine"-types of trans and has talked about hating and feeling alienated by queer spaces IRL for just identifying as "transsexual" and not "NB pan stargender" or whatever. I don't particularly agree with his other political views but he seems tolerable as far as MtFs go.

No. 1175146

NTA but I do respect the fact that they both take a stand against transitioning children and Rose interviews people like Dr. Debra Soh. At least they frame transition as a serious, adult decision to treat a complex mental condition and recognize vulnerable kids are being taken advantage of. I don’t know. I feel completely different about feminine gay dudes like them who are trying to imitate women and integrate to feel “normal” in society, versus the aggressive rape hons who force their way into our spaces and invalidate every aspect of our lives while they get off. I don’t consider them the same as women, but compared to the average AGP, I would not be afraid to share a restroom with them. Maybe an enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of deal.

No. 1175147

>>117514 I enjoy watching Roses content, though i wish they were less right wing…
I want to know if JKR really reached out to them and send flowers for defending her on uk television.

No. 1175149

yeah I know, wasn’t trying to blogpost but I’m one of those butch women and could go on for awhile about the pressures on us to transition. my point was that even with a “man’s” haircut and baggy shape-hiding clothes, most of us are still obviously women based on our voices and (bare) faces alone. once in while I’ll get “sir” if someone sees me from behind or sitting down, but most every time as soon as they see my face or hear me talk it’s “oh, sorry ma’am!” troons insisting that women are all masculine without makeup is a fucking cope and they really need butch women to all troon out so we don’t prove them wrong, lol.

No. 1175190

Sage for blogpost, I'm Also a very physically masculine butch woman, I'm tall, hairy, flat, wear mostlty male clothing and dont ever wear make up but still everyone views me as a woman, some people accidentally refer to me as young man sometimes but always correct themselvees(I dont have to say Anything) when they get a closer look at my face or hear my voice

Thats a reality troons and TRAs refuse to accept(no1curr)

No. 1175203

Troons pretending that butch-looking women are just like these insane men is pure cope and delusion

No. 1175234


No. 1175237

My bad anon lol Mana is still alive, he just hasn't released any new music in a long time. Hope we get to see him on the stage again! I just hope that he doesn't troon out.

No. 1175241

They really can be. I think that because they are black, they think they can get away with a lot with their shit compared to the white counterparts. I really feel for black women because it's so common for people to try to "other" black women with their whole "IF women are women, are Black women women?" and other similar shit.

No. 1175244

It's a tough battle anon. I peaked around Yaniv situation and came out when the Maya Forstater & JK Rowling fiasco happened because I just couldn't pretend anymore. It cost me most of my friends. I only have 2 people who stuck around though one of them doesn't talk to me as much when I came out in support for JK Rowling's essay.

It can be a lonely life but I just cannot accept this BS anymore, women are getting screwed and it's frustrating how no one really seems to care. So if you plan to come out, just try to make sure you're mentally prepared for the backlash you'll most likely get from your friends and possibly family. It can feel scary for sure but I'll tell you that my mind has been put to ease when I let it be know that I'm not onboard on the erasure of women.

No. 1175246

Fucking THIS. Thank you. It doesn't matter if a woman has a buzzcut or boycut hairstyle or prefers to dress in hoodies and sweats, she still looks female because she is a female. These fucking troons are deluded if they think butch women look like men, only sexist ass hats think that way because they're pissed that these women do not make themselves look feminine for their visual pleasure.

No. 1175259

Rose of Dawn is not the worst and he's not as obnoxious as Blaire White but that doesn't excuse his nonsense of him thinking he's a woman. I don't know if he ever released a "How I knew I was Trans" video yet but if he ever does, just watch. It's probably gonna go along the lines of him being interested in femininity and feeling weird about it or some shit.

Just because some troons are not as noisy or unpleasant as others, it doesn't make their delusion any more valid. They all are delusional and need to seek actual therapy to sort out their issues.

Again, I do give them a nod for speaking out against the crazies whom are usually these straight men (AGPs) who are doing lots of harm to women but still, I just cannot look the other way when it comes to delusion, even if it's coming from Feminine gay men who are usually harmless towards women. I think the reason why I feel this way is because I have this one friend who is a feminine gay man who I've known since high school. He used to get picked on a bit and when we got to our early 20s, I remember him showing me some messages he got on a sub-reddit of other men telling him his life would be better if he went trans and that he's actually an "Egg". We then had a heart to heart talk and I remember him saying that he wished the world would just accept feminine men and that he felt that transitioning feels like gay conversion therapy for feminine gay men and he didn't think it was right or fair.

I haven't really spoken to him much in 2 years since he moved to a different city but I still remember that conversation and I felt for him so much because it does seem like the world just despises when men are nonconforming and it reminds me of how when butch women, especially butch lesbians used to get mocked, harassed, and teased back then but they were able to rise above and not let people try to tell them who they are. And I just feel like feminine gay men transitioning is not the answer.

Anyway sorry for blogpost. I just hope it makes sense why I don't give a pass to feminine gay men who troon out, I think that feminine gay men need to stand up for themselves and not let others push them around. I know that if I ever have a child and they happen to be feminine gay man, I would not want him to transition, I'd want him to be himself and remind him there is nothing wrong with him.

No. 1175329

Same here. I enjoyed Drag Race in the early seasons, but after a while, I began to look at it more critically. Like you said, the use of the word "fishy" for drag queens who "pass" better was one of the earlier things that started peaking me. It's weird to look back on all this shit that was obviously misogynistic to one degree or another and seeing how I just accepted it for a while. But I think that's how most women are. Misogyny is so ingrained into everything, we don't even notice it a lot of the time.

No. 1175376

The fetishization well-outlined in your post that comes from even drag queens like bussy and fishy and just acting mad whorish while dressed in garish ladyface. I don’t think drag queen culture is good, but I am willing to accept it as underground niche, provocative on purpose, entertainment. I don’t think it should’ve ever been mainstreamed into fun shit for housefraus because thry don’t seem to see how its ugly and debasing. Men in dresses wouldn’t be bizarre if they could ever stop themselves from sexualizing it.

No. 1175383

when you fight tooth and nail for your right to serve despite the military being incredibly unwelcoming to any of the LGBTees: yes

No. 1175389

doing the lords work honestly

No. 1175427

I feel like there are troons posting right-wing and a-log shit here so they can say we're right-wing.

No. 1175445

Same anon you replied to. Yeah you're right, misogyny is very ingrained in society but it's done in a subtle way in some areas where you won't notice it as much unless you know what to look for. When I was into Drag Race, I was in my late teens and back then, I didn't know just how bad hatred of women really was until I watched some content on YouTube by some women who were pointing this kinda stuff out and how to catch it.

No. 1175448

File: 1614801948424.png (22.5 KB, 605x131, d.png)

Okay, this has got to be a deepfake. I refuse to believe a non-troon is saying shit like this unironically.

No. 1175451

Yeah I agree with this. Drag Culture is pretty insulting but had it just stayed underground like it was in the 1990s and early 2000s before Drag Race popularized it, I wouldn't really mind too much. But unfortunately it's mainstream now though I just try my best to not think too much about it though the situation with that "drag kid" Desmond was really pushing things for me, that video of him dancing in that Gay bar is forever pinned into my head and I still don't understand how people could find that appropriate.

No. 1175453

it’s like it’s too real to be fake but too fake to be real. you’d think if it were fake they would have given up on this little bit a while ago bc jesus that’s exhausting and are you really going to peak anyone in trans subreddits? but on the other hand if it’s real, oh my god this girl is brainwashed as all fuck

No. 1175455

samefag but the point they’re making here is kind of valid-ish, depending on your relationship ig. so if this person is faking it they really know how to fake it. like i am convinced

No. 1175469

Schrödinger's handmaiden

No. 1175517

File: 1614808649409.png (800.89 KB, 1500x680, transwomxnaremen.png)

From twox, two very basic selfies met with endless praise for the absolute bare minimum.
Also from this dude's profile he's a lesbian and has an OnlyFans, no surprise there.

No. 1175531

deepfake?? baby did you just read that somewhere n start saying it w/o googling it first because that is not what that word means

No. 1175541

Gotta love all the attention seeking posts in women’s subs that always get upvotes and awards because people want to seem woke. They love to treat every platform like it’s their Facebook profile.

No. 1175553

>>1175517 The sub reddit warning that all negative comments get banned makes this even funnier

No. 1175558

File: 1614813937273.jpg (106.01 KB, 674x1011, ceaf1ebf8bea91b3e9613f56cec46a…)

Shay mitchell where???

No. 1175577

File: 1614815111087.png (2.68 MB, 828x1792, FAA7A25C-9ED0-483C-8896-2FC307…)

Can’t you see they’re practically separated at birth? Bow down to the men in dresses who can’t deal with internet criticism and live off of comments from women willingly putting themselves down to validate their identity issues and mental problems! Our biology is no match for their delusion.

No. 1175578

are those socks in his dress? kek

No. 1175580

"i hope this doesn't sound insensitive to women" seems weird to say that on a sub thats supposed to be for women. Saying, "Men who want to be women have it harder than women born women"

No. 1175585

thats my thing, they can't give this troon a compliment without doing some weird, "oh my god you are so much prettier then me! You have it so much rougher then us women do! You are so much braver then Cis women!"

No. 1175598

Yep, it'd be hilarious if they were held to the same beauty standards as us. The most passing troon on earth is, at best, an unremarkable woman. And yet their selfies get retarded engagement.

No. 1175612

File: 1614819330618.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.05 KB, 1080x1838, 1614643002605.jpg)

(spoiler wound discharge, please)

No. 1175615


i can smell this picture

No. 1175616

kek that's 100% scrambled egg yolk.

No. 1175619

spoiler that shit, it made me fucking gag

No. 1175622

…is that fucking smeg

No. 1175623

File: 1614820261355.jpg (23.72 KB, 540x540, tumblr_3d744bc2fdcc439abf5b99f…)

Jesus Christ, why the fuck didn't you spoiler this?

No. 1175625

Disgusting, kys

No. 1175631

File: 1614820491245.jpg (455.01 KB, 3000x3000, 92u3239432.jpg)

DAE non-neovagina make her own gripz?

No. 1175633

If I was Shay Mitchell I'd be insulted that someone compared me to a pasty troon with a nose you could land a jet on.

No. 1175634

File: 1614820662057.jpg (218.5 KB, 1041x1500, 91AVYJzHVKL._SL1500_.jpg)

Looks more like Corn Nuts imo

No. 1175642

“Joe Goes” has trooned out. Wow. It’s an epidemic.

Anyone remember his youtube videos? He was gone for three years and now came back with this. His “female” voice and mannerism are giving drag queen LMAO it’s fucking creepy and uncanny.

He details burning with jealousy at women since an early age, sneaking around to wear his mother’s clothes, and using halloween as an excuse to dress up as a woman.

No. 1175664

And his new name: LILY. So original.
Do they all choose a name out a hat or something? I bet he’s a transbian too.

I can’t help but feel that all these straight beta dudes trooning out has to do with intense homophobia. Like the thought of a man being feminine is so disgusting to them and worst thing in the world would be for someone to think they’re gay. They always claim they had to hide and built a complex fake persona to cover up any hint of femininity. A character the complete opposite of who they claim to be. So they’d rather live as women and are always “lesbians” since they don’t consider that real gay. Kind of like how sewer crotch man up here >>1175055 is dead set against phallic objects or anal administered by his weak little wife but he’s all about forcing her to simulate lesbian sex with his deadly infection.

No. 1175669

i truly loved his content since i was a kid. but he always acted creepy towards every girl and woman in videos, always asking to motorboat them and kiss them and so on. maybe it was just his act, but it's a whole new level of weird now that he's transitioned. didn't watch the video admittedly but i'm guessing he now blames his weird misogynist behaviour in past videos on his repressed tranny feefees. how can anyone argue trooning out isn't just a trend at this point?

No. 1175685

man i remember seeing his vids and later he would wear women clothing. on his tumblr blog when asked he just says he likes to cross-dress. yeaaah i been knew this was gonna happen eventually.

No. 1175704

Sometimes I wonder why so many white women are so willing to be the first in line to cape for such shitty movements. Maybe it's ignorance on their part. Or maybe it's some weird, fucked up white guilt self-loathing that makes them think they need to cape for shit four times as hard as everyone else, lest they be considered one of the "bad" whites. As if the people they're caping for even care, they usually hate white women anyway.

No. 1175710

I noticed this too, I definitely agree that it is to do with white guilt. Black women do this aswell. I think women in general are just a lot more accepting especially when it comes to the LBGT, statistics don't lie men cause the most violence. Regardless this whole inclusive for everyone mindset is helping get women/feminine Spaces and languages replaced for trannys.

No. 1175726

"when I saw other women I burned with envy"

No. 1175733

>the only thing more difficult than being a woman in society is being a woman in society who was born a man
Ah, that classic "transwomen are the most oppressed people of all" rhetoric. Yes, being born a man, where you don't risk femicide, being married off as a child, sex slavery, and no education is certainly harder than being born a woman in a place that risks all those things.

That reminds me of a discussion I read about this crazy "logic", how it seems to be rooted in "transwomen are the most oppressed because they gave up being men (privilege) for being a woman (non-privilege. And doing such a thing willingly is sooooo craaaaazy, gosh those poor transwomen!"

No. 1175792

I think it really stems from women being, in general, kinder and more empathetic. You hear the stats about how they all get murdered so often, or commit suicide, or whatever just for "being themselves". If you don't question it or just take it on the surface it is tragic and like hearing about a young gay boy or lesbian girl killing herself because she couldn't come out. Basically we're nicer than men and don't want to see people die for stupid reasons. Also some women delude themselves into thinking scrotes aren't sexual deviants by and large. Women who aren't terminally online can't conceive of the idea of a man wanting to be a pregnant, lactating woman in a freakum dress. Why it's a lot of white women, well, I think black women and people in general are slightly more conservative socially in things involving sex. I don't know though.

No. 1175832

We'll its not just white women doing this, its a very specific group of middle class woke white women, these are the women who vote for Hillary and post about being girl bosses, the target demographic of neo liberal capitalism

No. 1175864

Calling it now that Vaush is gonna troon out one day, he's the ultimate degenerate male coomer

Also average leftist male troon defense

No. 1175865

> think black women and people in general are slightly more conservative socially in things involving sex.
anon you have to be white.
why would any woman debate a male about feminism? Would you debate a dog about foreign policy?

No. 1175866

File: 1614847449635.png (671.67 KB, 788x774, f23408807444b9cc05147a094cdd86…)

They really invaded a sub named XX chromosomes.

I also have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at in pic related.

No. 1175867

He's been trooned out for a while because I remember seeing news about this last year. Watching his videos it's pretty apparent from how he treats women. It's a shame, his stuff was entertaining.

Do you think people like shoe and lindsay will be peaking since a ton of the men in their circles are trooning out one by one? Especially because the moment they change those pronouns and put on a wig their mask fully comes off and they start spouting the most misogynistic bullshit like >>1174982 no woman can defend without terminal copium like the woman upthread licking her tranny husband's rotting frankengina.

No. 1175868

>I also have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at in pic related.
me neither. where's the big transformation? it looks like all he did was lose weight

No. 1175869

the comments are hilarious, talking about him as if he had the ultimate glow up and is now a supermodel

No. 1175870

He's not actually debating a radfem, he's debating a moderate liberal dude who has fairly average views regarding trannies
He's just stunned by his stupidity

No. 1175872

Yes you're right western societies are the most accepting and free. Compared to a lot of asian and african countries being gay is still illegal. In parts of the middle east they force gay men to be trans.

No. 1175873

>In parts of the middle east they force gay men to be trans
Literally only happens in Iran though, and the only reason they do it is cause Khomeni said so after one specific tranny annoyed him so much that they let him legally transition

No. 1175875

macaulay culkin looks young here

No. 1175876

Sometimes it really does feel like these people are just exited to have an excuse to clean up after themselves, take care of their looks, skin and hair etc. after growing up in some conservative macho environment where even brushing your teeth is considered being a sissy.

I find it hilarious that this is literally what happened. A deranged troon literally stalked and pestered his family to the point they allowed him to become a woman and finally decided to make all the gay people transition.

No. 1175884

File: 1614851676268.png (421.61 KB, 738x637, Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 1.53…)

another ugly troon confirming that when straight males troon out they're just skinwalking the girl they could never have

No. 1175887


Honestly this dude needed more effective bullies in his early life.

No. 1175889

Lmfao next thread pic

No. 1175895

congrats anon,you will be covering my therapy for the next ten years! My lawyers will be in touch.

No. 1175897

File: 1614853197238.png (381.59 KB, 590x533, 1613124003802.png)

this is such a wild phenomenon

No. 1175898

File: 1614854124767.png (Spoiler Image,382.51 KB, 720x761, Screenshot_20210304-153435.png)

Christ , how can a human being so disgustingly pathetic

No. 1175902

>Seemingly 'normal' pictures until that 4th one.
Why are they like this? It's not something normal, let alone feminine to just drop a picture like that.

No. 1175904

Why do you have so much hate in your heart lmbo

No. 1175905

Please, God, have a mtf do something so nutso that millions of women peak in these next 3 weeks.

No. 1175906

Honestly I want some below mediocre male tranny to enter a womans major sporting event and win, I think that could potentially peak majority of women

No. 1175910


My money is on tennis providing this peak moment eventually.

No. 1175911

lmao it reminds me that the only time i would see women oriented subs on the front page (eg makeupaddiction) it would be because they're featuring a troon. i'm so fucking tired of women gassing up these beasts.

No. 1175916

Might be a wandering /pol/tard, but since spamming a place with that kind of content is used as a defamation tactic quite often in online spaces it is not that unlikely.

No. 1175921

Some weird nerd incel who decided to be trans lesbian in order to get laid.

No. 1175923

Exactly, the only reason this happens is because women allow it. Why is it we never hear about trans men taking over male places (very rarely)

No. 1175929

Nta but I think she means sex as in male/female, not sexual intercourse. I could be wrong though. I've heard that black men are particularly pressured to fit hyper-masculine roles, but I'm not sure if that's actually true or just speculation.

No. 1175931

I’m still waiting for Reddit to get rid of r/askgaybros. It’s full of ~transphobia~ in the way of transmen asking them if they’d date a transman and practically all the commentators going “uh no, I’m gay”. Meanwhile any woman who says lesbians don’t want dick gets permabanned from lesbian subs.

No. 1175933

Lindsay's way too proud to peak. Her response to being wrong about things is DFE and mental gymnastics. For instance, years ago she defended known homophobe Orson Scott Card, and in her video on JKR she scrambled to explain why OSC's bigotry is somehow more tolerable than JKR's instead of just admitting she changed her mind on death-of-the-bigot-author.

No. 1175942

Don't shame the name of Corn nuts anon I beg of thee.

You also have to wonder, do these men regularly clean their dicks before they go under the knife? Do they not understand that they need to have basic hygiene once they get a neovagina? Even MORE so because it's healing.

I just don't get why they don't keep up with them.
I wonder if it's because the thrill of the chase was the high and now that they have it there's nothing else to chase so they just discard it like a spoiled brat getting last year's hot toy for Christmas.

No. 1175943

Because plaid skirts, ugly platforms, and hipster glasses scream goff

No. 1175945

File: 1614865476035.png (2.51 MB, 1664x834, troon.png)

those skinny calves and the chest hair are hilarious

No. 1175946

Literally why does he smile like my ex bf this is so bad

No. 1175947

It's the mandatory creepy troon smile, you dodged a bullet

No. 1175949

The head tilt LMAO someone told him to tuck his chin and he took it seriously

No. 1175961

It's called autism anon. Most troons are just autistic retards.

No. 1175965

File: 1614868364201.jpg (168.41 KB, 878x1012, k40nLJg.jpg)

Still searching for perfect non-phallic sex toy to get her husband off.
This is so sad.

No. 1175977

Those old gays in DataLounge hate TIFs and are really brutal about them but curiously I never see this mentioned. There’s a disproportionate amount of time dissecting how L-chat and AfterEllen are transphobic though. Wonder why.

No. 1175989

You can't convince me this is not a reptilian

No. 1175996

>lesbian bed death
Lady, your husband could possibly die of septic shock any day, and you're worrying about dildos?

No. 1175997

I personally would let him

No. 1176008

Honestly anon, I feel like he will when he's older. James Charles may get a lot of love from his fans but he also gets a ton of hate as well and lots of which that say how weird he looks because he wears a lot of makeup and dresses in a non-masculine kinda way. I just won't be surprised if he troons out when he's like in his late 20s.

This is true but look at what happened to Contrapoints. I know he's not gay but he trooned out later in his life

No. 1176011

I think he will. He gets a lot of validation when he dresses femme and wears wig. He is also obsessed with straight men. It’s a recipe for trooning out.

No. 1176012

why can't these guys just be cross-dressers and call themselves transvestites? putting on makeup and heels doesn't fucking make them a woman. jesus I fucking hate mtf trannies so much.

No. 1176014

This is something that has bothered me a lot too. Why can't these women just give a compliment without putting themselves down? Self-Esteem girl, get it. You don't have to put yourself down to give someone else a compliment.

No. 1176017

File: 1614873548425.jpeg (163.35 KB, 1879x384, 6FE2EB6F-221C-46E1-B860-19F6EB…)

Troon doesn’t understand he doesn’t have a cervix.

No. 1176021

File: 1614873988443.png (793.25 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210304-180543.png)

No. 1176044

what is PPT?

peepee poopoo troongina?

No. 1176056

It's because it's pandering, and it's not sincere.
They think that's what Trans women want to hear, how better than "cis women"they are. And a lot of transwomen do like that shit. They like being told that they go beyond being a woman, that they are better at being women than cis women.
Whenever I get pandered to so obviously I get offended because it's fake, but a lot of people get off to that shit, especially transwomen.
Why do you think we have men looking like Peter Griffin saying they are bad bitches and they get more likes then Shayna's nudes?

No. 1176060

File: 1614876013462.png (884.85 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210304-183917.png)

No. 1176063

File: 1614876139628.png (Spoiler Image,307.8 KB, 519x591, Screenshot_20210304-184132~2.p…)

Don't look if you are eating.

No. 1176066

File: 1614876247754.gif (172.64 KB, 220x160, E830F474-B85B-45D1-ACF6-5C9D2A…)

No. 1176067

So this I a horrific and depressing case, In Brazil(a country rife with toxic masculinity) there were a pair of twin bothers who were bullied their entire lives for being "pretty" and "feminine"

>My friends threw notebooks in my head for being feminine,” Mayla Phoebe said of his childhood in Tapira, Brazil. “Since I was a child, I felt it wasn’t mine when I looked at my (male) genitals.” Despite a very supportive family, Mayla Phoebe and his identical twin brother Sofia Albuquerck each attempted suicide over the bullying. The twins eventually confessed to their families that they wanted to be girls. At the age of 15, the boys began ingesting cross-sex hormones via contraceptives, though the press refers to this drug misuse as “hormonal therapy.” The twins had silicone prosthesis put in at age 19. The maternal grandfather of Sofia and Mayla said he had been heartbroken every time his grandsons were bullied. When he learned the boys were identifying as girls and wanted to undergo ‘gender-affirming’ plastic surgery, the grandfather sold his house to fund their procedures. Doctors José Carlos Martins Junior and Cláudio Eduardo, who run Transgender Center Brazil, the only ‘gender’ surgery and facial feminization clinic in the country, performed the four hour, 40 minute-long operations on the 19-year-olds on February 10 and 11.

>Brazil’s NSC Total framed the twins’ drastic and permanent change to their exterior as “liberating.”


No. 1176070

File: 1614876372710.png (Spoiler Image,502.23 KB, 700x601, Screenshot_20210304-184412~2.p…)

It gets worse.


Luckily he's one of the ones that pretty much exclusively interacts with and dates other troons.

No. 1176082

why is it looking at me like that

No. 1176085

am I supposed to feel bad for these troons?

No. 1176087

File: 1614877885775.png (502.66 KB, 694x294, 3.PNG)

can we talk about how filtered/edited the new pictures of them are?

No. 1176088

How did he make his willy do the same face as his head???

No. 1176090

Like the one on the right looks like someone just put a female filter over his face, he has the same face he had as a young boy but edited.

No. 1176102

File: 1614878504357.png (395.82 KB, 441x363, 2021022516424782307.png)

They look like all troons who had early puberty blockers and know how to use make-up and filters.

Except for their weirdly big square heads.

No. 1176106

this just further proves how mentally ill troons are. I know 2 guys who both expressed a desire to troon out, one grew up in an abusive home with a violent mother and the other one grew up in a shitty home with an absent father too (he already became a girl on HRT). Both have severe issues and they hate women, too. quelle surprise.

No. 1176111

With these twins it seems different, they were bullied to a breaking point in school, probably constantly getting told they were faggots or that they weren't real men or something
Bullying can fuck a person up, I just have sympathy for them as someone who went through bullying

No. 1176114


Literal bed death

No. 1176115

So if a kid gets bullied because they’re fat, we have to make sure the kid is morbidly obese so the bullies stop bullying them.

No. 1176126

Yes, they love to say that they just want to pass and be with us but two seconds later they're calling bio women "fishy" and saying they're better than them(not). In a lot of these LGBT movement/groups the bio women are encouraged to be masculine. I wonder if they do this purposely to make bio women look as butch as possible so trans women can feel good/comfortable. Like in the picture earlier the bio women are also very unattractive.

No. 1176137

poor troons getting bullied for their degenerate fetish, very sad, I cry every time

imagine if every man who got bullied in high school decided to troon out, I guess in 20 years we will be there

No. 1176140

Nta but I don't think they were getting bullied for having a fetish? They were being bullied for the way they naturally looked

No. 1176141

Anon they were bullied cause they were pretty boys, have you never gone through bullying in your life

No. 1176146

Sage for ot and no1curr but during the Elizabethan era the beauty standard was high foreheads and little to no facial hair. Women would pluck their hairlines as well as their eyebrows and eyelashes completely off.(no1curr)

No. 1176160

File: 1614881932106.jpeg (423.16 KB, 1536x2048, 28BB001E-0393-4760-AF5A-99E75A…)

otokonokopharma is once again trending on Twitter. This packaging is disgusting.
> has underage-looking anime girl on packaging
> “Made with 5G technology”
> “Keep out of reach of parents”

fucking kek

No. 1176170

>Gender dysmorphia is totally real and legit, if I don’t take these anime candies I will neck myself for not having a girlish dick

No. 1176175

File: 1614883186717.png (3.18 MB, 2076x2776, skittles.png)

Marketed towards children, peddled in tranny grooming discords to children, life altering hormones that are laced with god knows what kind of chemicals not fit for human consumption


No. 1176184

Oh my god you guys are killing me. But that’s also one of the grossest dicks I’ve ever seen.

No. 1176185


their website… this is so obviously fishy and illegal

No. 1176187

>Warning: Unfortunately we are not accepting anymore payments using paypal, it’s the third time I got one of my accounts blocked, and I can’t make a new one.
Whoever buys from here deserves to die tbh

No. 1176190

It's way too telling how I constantly see prolific gay men proudly stating that "I'm sorry but I wouldn't date a transman, I don't get off to vaginas and I want him to have a dick" and everyone is extremely understanding but lesbians need to get over their genital fetishes. Because I guess FTMs have male privilege and MTFs, like we all know, are the most oppressed of all and need to sleep with young, attractive cis women to get rid of their dysphoria.

You'd have to be clinically insane to buy and most importantly consume this shit. But I guess it's transphobic to call out shady Chinese horse piss pills stuffed with carcinogens.

No. 1176199

File: 1614885054947.png (307.96 KB, 1214x1186, comments.png)

>But I guess it's transphobic to call out shady Chinese horse piss pills stuffed with carcinogens
pretty much


there is also some funny controversy of the lolicon art in the comments, my favorite reply is

>Why the Fuck is there loli on an estrogen box. Why would anyone wanna associate drawn c p with trans people??

lel… wonder WHY