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No. 1177680

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Arbitary rules enforced by tranny jannies apply to this thread, this means you might be banned for being too fucking based for your own good. Please don't say mean words to users you suspect are trannies because it makes them cry, seethe and dilate.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

and of course


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No. 1177682

File: 1615033967793.png (755.76 KB, 1852x2520, TransmenAreNotMen.png)

I want to start by posting this complilation screenshot from a reddit-post linked in the past thread already. It needs to be preserved.

I know this is technically about trans-men, but the hilarity of what is going on in /r/twoXChromosomes right now compared to this is just chef's kiss

Men can trample over women in either combination: as troon-woman over cis women or as cis-men over troon-men. Either way, the one who is biologically a female gets patronized by the one who is the biological male.

No. 1177687

File: 1615034368968.png (476.5 KB, 1114x1066, terfs.png)

No. 1177690

And yet, they stay obsessed with "pustulent vaginas" and threaten to kill if they don't get access to them. Make it make sense.

No. 1177691

its funny how they try to turn it against women like they dont have literally mental breakdowns and suicide bait just to wind up being a poor excuse of a "woman".

No. 1177694

I love how the "terfs are ugly" argument just proves they are right. Transwomen just see womanhood as the male sexual fantasy of how women should look/act like.

No. 1177695

this is so cringe why it's normalized to shit on us like nothing how the fuck they are unable to see the irony??? shit on women but u want to be one,K.
And it's only MtF doing this shit btw because a lot of libfems and FtM are doing the "dont say u hate all men because that includes the transmen" propaganda.

No. 1177696

File: 1615035536028.png (12.17 KB, 880x271, b19f2344-4ef1-5bbe-b90d-6a8768…)

So r/TwoX lost 30'000+ Subscribers in just a few days due to the tranny selfie deboacle, it was a mass peaking

This is a great sign, If the libfems of r/TwoX can be peaked then anyone can

No. 1177702

has anyone seen the new #superstraight trend on tiktok?

straight people have started their own sexuality for people who don't want to date trans and the troons are losing it


No. 1177703

I was about to post about this it's hilarous but is it wrong? Men into transwomen are striaght according to TRA's and women attracted to trans men are also straight.
So instead of going, "They aren't straight", straight people went, "Okay they can have that title, I identify as super straight"
Real talk it's respectful and I can't wait to see people using that flag.

No. 1177704

File: 1615036481496.png (20.08 KB, 491x516, 22.PNG)

No. 1177705

I feel bad for american kids these days. Having to say you are "super straight" or creeps trying to groom you to troon out because you don't 100% fit your gender sterotype, "egg" nonsense etc. Sounds like hell especially when you are already going through puberty.

No. 1177708

Based, but that color combination is fucking ugly.

>what is the thing that identifies a trans woman over a regular woman? Name something. And it can't have anything to do with birthing a child. You can't tell me that people are unattracted to people who are not fertile, because you can't tell.
>The only reason people aren't attracted to trans people is because they think they look a certain way and they don't. They look like women.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. And yes, people are attracted to people who are fertile. It's that evil biology that trannies think is not a real science.

No. 1177709

File: 1615037568128.jpg (211.29 KB, 2048x878, D9CAP1xXoAICO-q.jpg)

No. 1177711

Thats the ONLY reason people aren't attracted to trans people? not the fact most have their OG parts and actual straight/gay/bisexual people aka Super Sexuality people don't want that? Or the fact the fake gentials are a hassle for everyone involved?
There's NO other reason?

No. 1177714

File: 1615038279877.jpg (106.59 KB, 1170x1151, Oqm2wIl.jpg)

Trans are freaking out about this and even trying to “reclaim” the invented term for themselves. Luckily, “super straights” are not backing down and using TRA tactics right back at them. Supergay, superlesbian and superbi are also popping up. This is awesome.

No. 1177716

I love this kind of clap back and they still don't get that it's to highlight their retardness. They should've taken the shitpost further and add super gay too.

No. 1177717

File: 1615038399866.png (70.42 KB, 535x345, tra.png)

I've never seen a TERF say it's gross to "fuck a transgirl's ass". That would just read as homophobic and while some individual women might be homophobic in that way, it would generally be frowned upon to say something like that. It's actually the woke people who are the real homophobes saying derogatory stuff about gay men. It's usually the SRS thing the TERFs have a problem with and nobody cared until they started saying theirs was the same thing as a real vagina.

No. 1177718

How is people saying they aren't trans attracted "endangering" trans people? It's almost as if trans people can't respect others sexuality if it does not include them and constantly go after people who don't want anything to do with them.
Now if this "Super Straight" shit catches on, they'll look extra silly fucking with people who are saying directly and respectfully, "I am not attracted to you"
They are mad people have lines they cannot cross without looking dumb now.

No. 1177719

File: 1615038741383.png (412.57 KB, 586x602, super.PNG)

samefag (>>1177716) I'm just loosing it

No. 1177722


Based zoomers.

Tumblr and Twitterfags can't say shit either because LiTeRal MiNoRs.

No. 1177726

so now being straight is gay? what a time to be alive

No. 1177730

I love that Its just zoomers cleverly shitposting against trannies and mocking them

No. 1177731

File: 1615039842947.png (408.63 KB, 419x463, shsh.PNG)

to some yeah, I remember seeing a video of a dude talking about "I'm a sexually attracted to men but i'm emotionally and sexually attracted to women, I'm straight" it's not even the troons doing it, it's flat out bisexual people not wanting the title of being bisexual, openly.

So if you can fuck someone who looks like Picrel and say you are "Straight" because they identify as a "Woman" or fuck/get fucked by transwomen with dicks bigger then your own and be "straight", then straight aint straight no more.
People are saying, "okay you can have it". It's dumb but in a way it makes sense. Trans/weirdos always chase people away and say, "GTFO if you don't like it" so people are doing that.
Now they are throwing a fit.

No. 1177733

It's gross to fuck a transgirls ass.

No. 1177736

Repubs are jumping on it so they are going to ruin it shortly

No. 1177741

File: 1615041450834.jpeg (146.28 KB, 721x1043, 82A6BE1B-5B24-4F3A-846B-A8676E…)

kek Twitter is picking up on it…

No. 1177747

File: 1615041873995.jpeg (159.04 KB, 750x627, F739654C-6240-46D7-BBBC-4428A4…)

Lol I identify as $uperlez from now on.

No. 1177749

File: 1615042095669.png (108.19 KB, 719x940, Screenshot_20210306-194639.png)

The shitposting of literal zoomers is triggering them so fucking much, there having meltdowns across twitter

No. 1177752

It’s wild to see the 64+ genders/endless pronouns crowd screech “super straight is not valid!” “You can’t just make up a new sexuality!”

Funny how once again, they only care about trans women being affected. I noticed a disproportionate amount of tiny NB girls getting upset for trans women instead of themselves, despite the fact that trans women never give a shit about them. It’s so twisted.

No. 1177753

File: 1615043200246.jpeg (122.91 KB, 1125x1353, A439428C-18D7-4043-A2A5-E4ECD2…)

No. 1177756

File: 1615043411450.png (Spoiler Image,894.12 KB, 1379x834, troontits.png)

I wonder if he paid to be disfigured or if the taxpayers did.

No. 1177757

File: 1615043533020.webm (4.24 MB, 540x960, t7K5LenlO1AKvgaK.webm)

This is the boy who started the whole super straight thing, just a zoomer shitposting on tiktok

Apparently people are sending him death threats and gore pics now, and

No. 1177758

>pustulent vagina

Sounds like some neogina projection to me.

No. 1177761

File: 1615044027445.png (725.56 KB, 742x1096, thm1.PNG)

Some more Trans History Month (because they totally forgot about Women's History Month on accident, guys!) insanity.

No. 1177764

File: 1615044187335.png (1.24 MB, 724x2129, thm1.png)

That was actually the wrong screenshot, this is the actually-crazy one.

No. 1177765

Troons in tears that a straight man doesnt wanna fuck them

Troons proving their innnocent victimhood by doxing threads and gore pics

No. 1177766

Okay so I looked this up just because I wanted to know the origin of it and TRAs love to change stories. The most popular video on the superstraight hashtag is by the user TBlizzy, a black woman. It has over 450k likes. It’s from 3 days ago. She says that no one can duet with the original video, to reply to it, because TikTok is protecting the user. I went on his page and actually the original video is deleted or hidden, and the guy has been locked out of his tiktok account. If look through his profile, it’s some pretty unfunny zoomer Christian guy named Kyle Royce. But yes, Tiktok is protecting him. Why do TRAs lie so much?

No. 1177769

>we outperform cis women in nearly every athletic endeavor
>look at these millionaire men that trooned out later in life, thus raising women's global wealth
Surely this must be a troll account.

No. 1177770

>anyone who thinks that is a very small minority

except we have a bunch of troons crying about how "Super Sexualities" are "transphobic" and harming trans people, all because people are saying they DON'T want to date or have sex with trans people.

No. 1177771

Okay this is a troll, the second one and the other screenshot about not being aware of Women’s History Month convinced me. They’re doing a good job though. Facebook boomers will be triggered and peak.

No. 1177783

god dammit. I know the moment Ben Shapiro starts talking about this, it will lose all basis in legitimacy.

is this guy retarded? "What is the thing that identifies a trans woman over a regular woman?"

A FUCKING PENIS??? I am losing my fucking mind holy shit.

No. 1177790

Normally I make fun of zoomers like any other millenial but this is absolutely based. They're still young enough that they don't have to risk their jobs to shitpost and speak their mind so they're out of the tranny strike force's reach. Good job, kids.

No. 1177791

The whole thread is an amazing read. I just hate that men aren't as easily overtaken and run off by this shit like we women are.

I have… never been more proud of zoomers. You go sweet babies go!

Goddamn they need to leave people alone. It's deplorable how they treat anyone who disagrees with their cult.

Oh my fucking GOD

No. 1177800

based normies

No. 1177801

uhhhh excuse u anon, SOME trans women have axe wounds that mengele would be proud of, which are NOT inverted penises and are actually vaginas that even gynos can’t tell apart from the real thing, therefore there is no difference between a trans woman and a real woman

No. 1177802

Somehow gaining boobs made him look EXTRA square

No. 1177820

Ah yes, the male MMA fighter who gets off on cracking female skulls. Don't you feel represented by this stronk and powerful womxn?

This is just the same old "man are better than women" that misogynistic pieces of shit have spouted since the dawn of time in a new package.

No. 1177823

Anon calm down its a troll meant to peak normies

No. 1177825

This is so male and the same old misogynistic shit we are always subjected to, just repackaged.

No. 1177826

troons don't have the self awareness necessary to realize they need balance to look good, let alone feminine. well, at least autistic coomer reddit troons don't.

No. 1177835

For once I'm jealous of males' sense of solidarity no matter what case

No. 1177837

File: 1615051964269.jpg (178.47 KB, 729x1438, G2Epcp5.jpg)

This was trending for a while. It started a storm.

No. 1177843

Don't these dumbasses understand that their mocking trannies specifically by using the same arguments, logic and even phrasing that trannies use

No. 1177859

Absolutely based.

No. 1177863

File: 1615055974397.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.2 KB, 1124x1382, EvzbksSVkAE8OEI.jpeg)

I don't understand how he thought this would work

No. 1177865

Trannies are literally beyond parody at this point. It's like they're TRYING to prove terfs right about them all being degenerate freaks

No. 1177866

File: 1615056316268.jpg (116 KB, 850x1024, nasty mfer.jpg)

What a fucking jealous /pol/ reject. lol

No. 1177867

Lmao that Homer Simpson looking 5 o clock shadow. He couldn't hide it even behind the 10 filters he slapped on this pic.

No. 1177869

>Don't listen to all these transphobes calling us degenerates! Look at my degenerate furry fetish art instead!
What did he mean by this, nonnies?

No. 1177871

File: 1615056752356.jpg (363.72 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20210306-123554__01…)

nothing to be done about the neanderthal skull but this commie troon on twitter can't even be bothered shave his retarded moustache

No. 1177872

File: 1615057137138.png (608.51 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210306-205747.png)


Martine Rothblatt

Isn't that the troon who created a sexbot copy of his own wife?

No. 1177873

It worked, you shared it.

No. 1177878

just came here straight from twitter because all the cis girls are loosing their shit over "trawnwymm" hate because of it lol

>color combination is fucking ugly
they are apparently based on the pornhub logo

No. 1177887

ugh ot but i hate when people call "kys" a dEaTh ThReAt

No. 1177889

File: 1615059281063.png (9.71 KB, 512x140, asd21312.png)

why do they always say this? of course we hate them

No. 1177894

File: 1615059816493.jpeg (315.63 KB, 1280x1178, 4A1E1775-23DD-46D5-A7FC-1C3CD6…)

Truly zero self awareness.

No. 1177895

>please stop forcing yourself on people who aren’t attracted to you, just leave us alone
>wehhh jUsT aDmIt YoU hAtE uS
If they didn’t before, they sure do now.

No. 1177897

File: 1615060367565.png (103.95 KB, 400x411, 73EAC585-7DEF-4F00-958A-304B05…)

Being resentful of a child getting medical aid for precious puberty. Normal adult woman things.

No. 1177901

File: 1615060690666.jpg (79.65 KB, 1080x647, Screenshot_20210306_205647.jpg)


No. 1177904

There are a lot of adverse effects to these medications, we are now finding out. I read an article that said nowadays many doctors think letting girls going through early puberty is preferable to the lifetime of health issues caused by delaying it.

No. 1177907

"Early" puberty is usually only treated when the kid is 12 or under and only when it could cause significant problems for the child. If you get it early it can mean that your bones mature faster and your growth is stunted and you end up with a high risk of developing breast cancer.

Like >>1177904 said, many doctors would rather the patient went through the early puberty and only if they believe significant problems will arise will they step in with blockers which have risks of their own.

No. 1177917

Yes, being treated for a condition that can traumatize you for life for going through puberty in kindergarten or leaving you unnaturally short and developing various tumors is now cis supremacy.

No. 1177922

File: 1615062021641.png (791.96 KB, 735x809, ss.PNG)

The subreddit is entertaining I wonder if it will get banned or not

No. 1177923

This is fucking amazing and the funniest shit I've seen in a while. I need to go read it before it gets banned.

No. 1177924

It will because poltards are flooding it now and they can’t help themselves from ruining things. There’s a 14 words post on the front page right now.

No. 1177932

if this gets banned it will be a good example of double standards, even if an obvious troll (if you're not a tard…which most internet troons are..)

No. 1177933

File: 1615063779584.jpeg (146.62 KB, 1536x1038, 657D3E85-4ABF-4F88-A593-36D576…)

You love to see it

No. 1177934

Yup, equating "superstraight" identity with whiteness with their shitty wojaks and pol recycled images is a way to recruit more people into their autistic echo chambers. Fucked up where you live in a time where you dont support the LGBT mafia it means you automatically align yourself to the misogynistic racebaiting race obsessed freaks of 4chan. So fucking ridiculous and nonsensical

No. 1177935

Fuck /pol/tards. This could've been such a great clapback at entitled TRAs and of course spergy frogpost faggots had to ruin it for everyone.

No. 1177936

Yep, they sperg about traditional family and having to have a lot of children, having to be God loving and so on.

They took super straight like "super traditional".
It's ruined, just pol bs and not a satire now, shame.

No. 1177938

Sad to see all the superphobes in this thread.

No. 1177939

ok poltard

No. 1177940

this looks like it would be the national flag of pornhub

No. 1177942

it is based on pornhub, so yeah kinda is.

No. 1177948

Wonder why it's only cis girls who are emotionally manipulated and socially bullied into protecting trans women who openly want to kill them. hmmmm what could it be…

No. 1177950

File: 1615065189055.jpeg (284.21 KB, 760x1551, 042E3FB2-DE41-4648-9F67-AA6A6C…)

Tale as old as time…

No. 1177951

having a sexual preference that doesn't include them is a hate movement hahahahahaha wow

No. 1177956

I see that 'just say you hate us and move on' response all the time, and it's literally just
>reee stop making valid points and coherent arguments and say something inflammatory that makes you look bad instead, that way there's no risk of you persuading anyone to agree with you

Silencing tactics are #1 with TRAs for a reason, because exposure to logic will peak nearly anyone.

No. 1177959

File: 1615066648470.jpeg (319.52 KB, 640x780, 88CDA973-3DCA-482B-AFDB-E2A108…)

Am I wrong or is this not even a tranny? That picture on the right looks like a photoshopped woman, nothing about the face looks the same.

No. 1177960

Not sure if he’s been posted before but Graham is so goddamn based, love him

No. 1177962

Either the "after" photo is entirely photoshopped or a completely different person because he shaved off half of his chest and shoulder width and changed skin tone too. And that's before you count how the face is so different I don't think even facial feminization surgeries would get results like that.

No. 1177963

things that the neanderthal on the left would need to look like the girl on the right:
-hairline lowering (and hairplus)
-nosejob to fix that little snout
-eyebrow lift, eyelid surgery
-eyebrow threading
-jaw surgery, chin implant
-fat transfer
-serious lip fillers
-snapchat filters

i just don't see it for him.

No. 1177969

First thing when I saw that in new. Tons of blurs/warps on the right photo. He also posted the same thing not much earlier but it got removed. The title was like "3 Years HRT turned me from a sad bitch to a bad bitch".

I love how all the late bandwagoners are getting downvoted then cry about it in their posts.

No. 1177972

graham is a retarded moid that gets his ego hurt anytime a woman disagrees with him

No. 1177979

the account was made yesterday and has no other posts or comments, other than one to complain about TERFs downvoting him. definitely a fake/bait

No. 1178005

>being treated for a condition that can traumatize you for life for […] leaving you unnaturally short
Not to blogpost but at the very least in that specific case doctors don't just give you randomly hormonal treatments, they take a lot of time trying to see what you're exact issue is, where it comes from, if they can give you a treatment that will work and which doses you should take to grow up at a normal, healthy pace. Then every few months for years and until your bones are done fusing they ask you to come back to the hospital to see how effective your treatment is and measure if you need lower or higher doses or medicine, typically it's growth hormone.

I don't know which treatments are used for kids with early puberty or gigantism in my country, but I know they're diagnosed and checked on a regular basis at the hospital as well. This guy saying "cis" kids can just get blockers prescribed immediately is talking out of his ass or his family gave up on him and don't even bother keeping him informed on his sister's health anymore.

No. 1178007

how the fuck are you allowed to keep your medical licence when you're that bad at your job?

No. 1178060

Absolutely based. Lots of positive things on Twitter. $UPER to the moon!!!

No. 1178066

>prescribed over the counter
what did he mean by this

No. 1178070

It's a little bit diffeent, SS people are appropriating gay-rights rhetoric to fight back against rapey rhetoric used by trans people who can't stand people not dating them. The goal is not necessarily to mock gay people, though. It's to get wokies to stop pestering them, and point out what SSs mistakenly perceive as hypocrisy between the 'some people are gay, deal with it' rhetoric that LGBs spread and 'if I identify as something I'm not, I am that thing and you're a bigot if you say otherwise' rhetoric that Ts spread. But most of them don't realize these are two very different groups.

If normal guys acted like rapey troons they'd say 'you don't want to date me? Well I identify as your ideal guy so suck my dick, bigot'.

Sage for not trans milk

No. 1178076

ikr… were they prescribed or were they over the counter? fact is he's just making shit up to rage about the evils of cis and promote his gfm

No. 1178078

File: 1615079518047.jpg (2.42 KB, 189x170, tumblr_m9xsi2dYYv1qi0td3.jpg)

No. 1178086

File: 1615081663058.jpeg (152.08 KB, 750x926, 31D64A3F-C8D9-4494-92E1-A3D56D…)


No. 1178087

I- this looks like someone I took Japanese with in college I hope it’s not him…

No. 1178088

I hope it is

No. 1178089

Autismgender is valid but being straight isn't. The seethe is delicious. Funny how they're saying "preference is fine" now as if they weren't calling people bigots yesterdays.

No. 1178091

File: 1615082785919.jpeg (536.5 KB, 750x1118, 738AA878-A68A-4147-9253-659CA0…)

you guys I think this the beginning of the fall of the online Tramspire… it’s gonna start out with satire, but it could end with mass peaking?

No. 1178094

File: 1615083018957.jpg (338.35 KB, 942x758, superles.jpg)

I hope the meme doesn't die out too soon because it brought victims of Trampspire together

No. 1178097

fuck yess, lesbians can ride this meme wave and speak out against troons. hopefully to the point where they gtfo of lesbian dating apps.

No. 1178099

File: 1615083462729.jpg (152.29 KB, 606x272, urbandictionary.jpg)

Oh, the damage control

No. 1178100

Honestly she sounds so relived writing this post, man imagine being more predatory and homophobic then a Muslim family

No. 1178101


No. 1178102

File: 1615083873389.jpg (711.87 KB, 603x1311, urbandictionary2.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging but it gets worse kek

No. 1178110

This is legit why lgb needs to separate from T , stat. This is such a gross thing to call a man or woman transphobes for not wanting to fuck a tranny

No. 1178111

Rofl based. The only four sexualities that matter

No. 1178112

that tiny dick energy and fridge body. Noice.

No. 1178115

File: 1615085183251.jpeg (308.11 KB, 2224x668, E8EBAC61-938D-4DA6-9B33-63C515…)

No. 1178119

KEK the true victim of tranny propaganda is the cis incels losing his support system. It's true though, all their >tfw no gf threads get filled with >become gf.

No. 1178121

It feels like the SS meme is mostly for people who've already peaked and have just been waiting for any chance to be open about how they feel. The fact that it blew up so easily really shows how much people have wanted to speak up.

I'm honestly shocked that reddit didn't nuke it immediately though, it's only a matter of time.

No. 1178122

Sage for OT but this is still one of the greatest moments in women's sports history
Fallon Fox vs Ashlee Evans

Fallon was a below mediocre fighter(I Have seen teen boys with more skill then him) but due to his male biology he had the strength advantage and would pulverize his female opponents
Evans who was the more skilled fighter had to use grappling and takedowns to negate his strength advantage and even then victory wasn't assured but one thing that may have helped was the entire crowd was cheering for Ashlee, men and women of all colors knew Fallon was a man beating women and they unanimously supported Ashely and cheered when she beat him

No. 1178126

Beautiful. I cry. Get fucked up scrote.

No. 1178128

File: 1615086403888.png (360.55 KB, 589x606, kekekeke.png)

Loving the shade on the sub being thrown at 2 xx chromosomes too kek

No. 1178129

This is just a dumb meme but idk, it makes me feel optimistic. I wonder how long it will last.
Great energy itt tonight.

No. 1178133

Wow that's amazing! I hope the government can fund any "feminizing" surgeries she wants because if she doesn't get hundreds of thousands worth of surgery she might kill herself and it's definitely not the fault of any underlying mental health issues that were only recently taken out of the DSM!!! It's just ~bein a woman

No. 1178141

File: 1615087228087.jpg (13.04 KB, 640x360, t6eu8sqcbgl61.jpg)


No. 1178142

File: 1615087243196.jpeg (76.55 KB, 567x518, ff.jpeg)

This dude lost to a girl one time and cried yet he says shit like this

No. 1178145

I like smacking Terfs is just code for ''I'm a woman hating misogynist''.

No. 1178149

>Normal well adjusted female person
Free ammo

No. 1178150

Oh my fucking god, comparing a meme like superstraight to shake people out of the holds narcissists have on them, to something actually fucking discriminatory and hateful like "all lives matter". They're writing about other peoples genital preference like it's the end of the world, or it matters at all. Women have been fighting, non violently and patiently, since the dawn of time for genitals to not matter or dictate your worth or capabilities in any way, and here these fuckers come.

The first example - Describing the responder as the one with the "working brain", yet saying "that's just an excuse", an excuse for what Sophie? Not wanting to be coerced and threatened into your sexual fantasies? Someone should be "ashamed" of fucking saying no to you??

Second example - conveniently only using "white male" to describe the respondent. They don't even properly disclose he is the "superstraight" person, just that he's a white male. Homie could be supergay, but they wouldn't bully him because a man gets to have a genital preference, or any preference at all.

third definition seems to be legit, amazing how all of these got posted so quickly lol. trans people are fine, but anyone using abuser tactics to try to make you find them attractive on technicalities and shit is just that, an abuser. trans people need to be a fuck of a lot more concerned about these people in their spaces.

No. 1178152

>I wonder how long it will last.
I hope I at least get to see some Aiden/Hon with "OMG I'm so super gay, guys!" in their description get hit by friendly fire.

No. 1178154

I think troons are brigading 4chan /pol/ to make it look like they started it and posting nazi memes to take down super straight.

i've also seen some posters trying to say the whole thing is about pedophiles.

No. 1178159

Who would have thought, after the tumultuous past between heteros, homos, and bis, it would be the T that brought them all together. I love to see it.

No. 1178166

No. 1178167

Sage for samefag sorry, it posted blank

But omg this is the best thing I have ever seen. It goes to show that 99% of the time it’s faux woke they/thems and trannys causing the biggest problems in the lgbt community.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1178168

We may hate scrotes and not always get along with the others gays but our hatred for trannies unites us, I think it's a pandemic miracle.

No. 1178184

File: 1615091745811.jpg (55.26 KB, 1080x530, 20210307_063504.jpg)

Tranny has shit pain tolerance, but yes, a true woman.

No. 1178187

Yes. See here >>1177950

No. 1178190

Hopefully this makes more people realize that most mtf trannies are just incels in bad disguises.

No. 1178214

File: 1615097378595.png (3.84 MB, 2048x2048, CA90D8C8-91D0-4527-AC92-DA8641…)

I looked up Fallon Fox on twitter and came across this genius. Laughing hysterically at the idea of this obese man lecturing others about the “risks” of athletic sports as he eats junk food in his bathtub while injecting himself with hormones

No. 1178221

That is good. I have thought to myself before, why is the T even part of the conversation about sexuality if it is all about gender, and the two aren't the same? Like I don't actually see the correlation, and I don't see how their 'issues' are anything like gay, bi and lesbian issues. Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals (and now super straights kek) are defined in terms of who they are sexually attracted to, and trans are defined as what they identify as. It's a totally different thing, so why is it lumped in anyway? Build your gender identity community, troons. The T back then was probably intended for extremely passing HSTS.

No. 1178223

to be fair this trend started out as a meme but leftists are thinking it's real lol

No. 1178224

"Sports have an inherent risk of physical injury, so why are you whining about us wanting to add an entirely new source of risk??"

Literally what planet is this guy living on where "everyone is in denial" about the physical risks of sports? Everyone knows about how pro athletes can be injured and in recent years I've seen plenty of coverage of overlooked safety issues like CTE in football.

No. 1178228

File: 1615100047320.jpeg (18.69 KB, 572x380, 4AEE44AA-63D1-4C6F-B74D-32DCA0…)

The two women he knocked out didnt even know he was a man/ were fighting a man, so how would they talk transphobic shit? What a pathetic excuse to beat up women lmao

No. 1178233

File: 1615102164714.png (12.67 KB, 374x204, stt.png)

No. 1178238

File: 1615103203163.jpeg (88.98 KB, 750x374, 032B98E9-7CD4-4D57-9724-0D365C…)

kek…4chan is behind this? I thought it all came from tik tok wtff this is from rationalwiki

No. 1178239

It's all over /pol/ today, idk if they actually started it but I wouldn't be surprised. They seem to be on LGB's side though, and gay people are certainly jumping on board for their own sakes. Just sucks it's gonna inevitably be written off as a racist neo nazi prank instead of legit backlash.

No. 1178240

This is so fucking based. Ashlee is my hero.

No. 1178241

File: 1615104520689.png (260.58 KB, 1518x1079, 1615097106904.png)

No. 1178243

File: 1615104637298.png (47.35 KB, 598x286, Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 12.0…)

No. 1178245

File: 1615104722898.jpg (126.58 KB, 800x640, q79uksf0ygl61.jpg)

The 4chan stuff happened after the TikTok video started going viral, they're probably only behind the black/orange flag and it blowing up on twitter and reddit. To my knowledge, a parody twitter account started around the 3rd and the /pol/ archives start around the 5th.

Funny how troons are calling it a failed prank when it's working exactly how they probably wanted it to. They're also trying to push that it's really nazi 4chan stuff, wouldn't surprise me if r/AgainstHateSubreddits is behind that along with the 4chan trannies.

No. 1178246

File: 1615104739487.png (39.33 KB, 595x191, Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 12.0…)

At least I can be at peace knowing I never wasted my money on some porn obsessed entitled male lmfao. I feel so much secondhand embarrassment for women who actually do donate to these gofundmes.

No. 1178247

4Chan did not start this, I use both tiktok and 4Chan and this began on tiktok first, before going on twitter
/pol/tards are trying to appropriate it

No. 1178249

I wouldn't be surprised if tranny/TRA shills are in the mix too. If you can't discredit the logic you can still discredit its origins making it synonymous with the "alt-right". A few little seeds planted are more than enough to get some of the lower IQ robots to jump in legitimising the claim and effectively rewriting history in real time.

No. 1178250

Didn't r/AgainstHateSubreddits admins/mods literally spam a subreddit with CP to get it taken down once?

No. 1178251

Yes. u/Bardfinn is the main person behind that.

No. 1178256


You know, these fags should start fearing for their safety like women do when they talk out against these freaks. Enough is enough with the passivity

No. 1178262


No. 1178264

File: 1615107807356.jpeg (83.28 KB, 531x577, images.jpeg)

That's actually one of the main arguments TRAs use against most gender critical women, that we have the same views as conservative and or Christians
Like this comic, it doesn't refute any of the woman's talking points, just the fact these women share the opinions is enough to dismiss the whole argument

No. 1178265

Kinda hilarious how transwymm are being confronted with the cold truth that nobody wants to touch them, even after writing god knows how many cope tweets about "I will steal your boyfriend!!!1) and "We are hotter than cis woman, man only want to date us!!1". All you see are the said dudes that apparently thirst over you, describe you only as a freak in a dress with an open wound between their legs in some cases.

No. 1178267

oh no theyre not right because theyre conservative ommgg eee thats all i see from this comic

No. 1178269

This comic is tranny cope, but tbf many conservative Christian soccer moms and butch lesbian radfems have similar unfussy hairstyles and they both wear practical clothing.

No. 1178270

>The T back then was probably intended for extremely passing HSTS.

That’s exactly the reason why. They were all gay men and women, who were already part of the community. It made sense at the time.

Amazing! The comment section is absolutely brutal too.

And their efforts are so successful that nobody wants to fuck them. They sure showed us!

No. 1178272

File: 1615108649665.png (56.93 KB, 135x209, 8331F009-2AEA-4B63-BFDA-319FA0…)

This is a repost of the video by the whistleblower: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vlTJnwygrFhZ/

Kiwifarms is also currently creating a thread for Steve Akins AKA u/bardfinn.

No. 1178273

File: 1615108690209.png (157.82 KB, 2014x492, Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 4.15…)

Such a retarded take, I agree with conservative christians that murder is wrong, too. Some things are just universal truths, like men cannot become women and women cannot become men.

pic unrel, but yeah man, what's the deal with all the trans romance books being about teens? Could it somehow be connected to the fact that they all want Teen Skipper pussies and take medication with cartoon little girls on them? Or thinking of it another way, maybe it has to do with the fact that heterosexual adult males rarely read romance novels, and that is what troons are.

No. 1178274

File: 1615108692349.png (1.33 MB, 1023x2048, 11y.png)

No. 1178275

File: 1615108793118.png (865.24 KB, 1020x1207, 22y.png)

No. 1178276

>but tbf many conservative Christian soccer moms and butch lesbian radfems have similar unfussy hairstyles and they both wear practical clothing.

Yes but in the comic its meant to be a bad thing somehow

No. 1178277

File: 1615108907000.png (1.26 MB, 1017x2048, 33y.png)

3/3 Highlights not mine btw.

No. 1178278

Yes I know, my comment on the similar hair and clothes was intended to be humorous.

No. 1178279

Did this motherfucker just insinuate that he's the Tranny Reddit version of MLK? And then he goes on to call other people narcissist manchildren. Christ.

No. 1178280

File: 1615109450136.jpg (686.6 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20210307-202623__01…)

I found a poltard thread to support the narrative funnily enough. Naturally it's laden with the typical aids but you get the point.

No. 1178284

File: 1615110304842.png (22.16 KB, 577x247, 1.PNG)

"Super rights are human rights" Kek.

No. 1178286

Kek the amount of tranny seething at work. However it's doing a great job peaking people, dudes just taking their masks off and screaming how "not agreeing to fuck my frankengina is transphobic" into the straight people's faces for once.

The best thing I've seen in a while, this is absolutely beautiful. Jesus just listen to that crowd cheer, she's unironically a queen and absolutely beat his ass.

No. 1178290

The fact that it took a (straight) male to start this shit to get the issue taken seriously, notice how in the hashtag some troons (or supporters) try to be a little bit understanding over excluding trans people out of our dating pool and "just ask" to not be transphobic outside of that.

Oh shit I thought that was an actual troon post without reading I thought it was a hella passing one, of course it's an actual girl kek.

No. 1178292

>she's unironically a queen
Absolutely, she knew she was fighting someone born biologically male and had cracked the skull of a previous opponent and yet she still fought and won, I don't think I would be brave enough to even agree for that fight

No. 1178297

Sadly SuperStraight is going fullspeed into a banwave because poltards jumped on ship and have zero sense of subtlety in their trolling. Even "normal" redditors starting to realize that trans is not a sexuality, and isn't comparable to the LGB (or S, I guess).

No. 1178299

yep that's also what i've been noticing. some posts "cross the line" with memes making fun of TIM's "ugly chopped wieners" and that's what they're looking for to ban the subreddit.
i do hope this sparks a mainstream conversation about their disgusting predatory ways though.

No. 1178305

Have you considered that it's the fucking troons themselves who are doing this in order to get it banned?

This might surprise you but troons are all over /pol/ jerking off to catboys in their nazi uniforms.

No. 1178308

Yup you're right, troons can be very deceitful and manipulative when they have to be, they probably are using the /pol/ memes and maybe adding racist shit to get this canceled

No. 1178309

File: 1615115341118.png (487.99 KB, 690x787, 1615071596403.png)

Since trannies always use Miku to say shit like "Trans rights", I just found a blessed Miku i'm sure you'll appreciate

No. 1178310

File: 1615115492754.jpg (65.12 KB, 540x540, fcy9r55ivhl61.jpg)

No. 1178311

True, a lot of /pol/tards are literally just racist incels turned trannies with hentai addictions.

No. 1178312

File: 1615115660910.png (1.31 MB, 1590x992, poltardtroon.png)

Here is an example from a troon that is posted in this very thread >>1177687



they are the same people

Fuck of with this tranime shit. Anime is for children and menchildren or men who want to fuck children.

No. 1178313

File: 1615115814598.png (112.4 KB, 636x792, Screenshot_20210307-161632.png)

One of the comments to her post, really fucking telling

No. 1178314

File: 1615116387066.jpg (143.11 KB, 1280x960, 1566267993043.jpg)

>missing the point this hard
Troons love anime, therefore intentionally using their favourite characters to mock them adds insult to injury. That's the whole joke of those memes.

No. 1178316

Idk about you, but I don't care to "reclaim" anime for straight people. Troons can have it. It's degenerate just like them.

I don't think giving them boners is the epic own you think it is. Plus you posting it here means I have to look at these eye-insulting monstrosities. At least put a spoiler on it.

No. 1178317

File: 1615116734102.jpg (55.31 KB, 699x363, mmmhh.JPG)

No. 1178318

File: 1615116744256.jpg (72.2 KB, 640x684, gd4o9fpj3hl61.jpg)

It's sad how true this is.

TERFS trying for years to get troons to leave us alone: nobody cares, nothing changes

Straight man makes one TikTok: the world listens


No. 1178320

Are you retarded ? Is an anime drawing really that triggering to you ? The whole point is to use the shit they love to insult them.

No. 1178323

Eh I think that tiktok was the straw that broke the camels back, it was a long time coming

No. 1178324

File: 1615117204293.png (595.46 KB, 720x1139, Screenshot_20210307-163551.png)

Probably the most realistic and accurate troon comic

No. 1178325


It always come down to numbers. Onision used to be able to drive people off the internet because of his stans, for example.

No. 1178327

Yes, this >>1178310 is eyerape and it's unfunny and it's not gonna do what you think it's gonna do. It's just fucking ugly and embarassing.

No. 1178328

Just because they despise anime doesnt mean they find it triggering or they are "retarded". Something about you cartoon fags and how defensive you get when people dont like your shit is annoying

No. 1178331

Fuck off with your pathetic spergery and infighting thanks.

Before 2020 I was discussing our predictions for the 20's and I said that the troons will start attacking straight men and that's when the gears start grinding with fastening speed. Nobody, I mean nobody, ever gives a shit about lesbians but since troons will never stop at making one demographic lick their girldick the will always want more. It's infuriating but it's also the only way out that we have to reclaim womanhood. Now we just have to wish that the /pol/ faggots and white supremacy tranny astroturfers won't fuck it up and make Vice and other outlets write "4chan fascist terfs ganged up to create another hate movement" headlines.

No. 1178332

File: 1615118620061.jpg (121.13 KB, 800x600, Tumblr_l_97460680501794.jpg)

millenials go sperg about gen z humor somewhere else

No. 1178334

listen to >>1177972 anon, graham fucking sucks

No. 1178335

KEK. Golden.

No. 1178336

File: 1615119075097.gif (Spoiler Image,3.51 MB, 738x768, TRANIME.gif)

superior zoomer humor is so baste, I made you a cool anime pic to own trannies with

No. 1178337

Literally. I'm not letting trannies have anime, no matter how hard some anons try. These pictures are great.

No. 1178339

No. 1178341

stop infighting, we get it you don't like anime

No. 1178343

I feel like a troon might see that and want to draw this kind of thing because he's mad about TERFs not letting him copyright weeb shit (as if actual girls and women haven't been into anime since forever), but it doesn't work because it can't really offend anyone.
Badly drawn anime is just funny. Anyone can appreciate it. Like, give it up, anime is for the (real) girls. The boys had a nice little summer with catgirls and Hatsune Miku, but that's over and cancelled.

No. 1178348

Interestingly enough /pol/ didn't start this.
When the hashtag first started appearing I checked /pol/ and it was full of confused anons asking who started this kek
It was actually tiktok zoomers so props to them for once

No. 1178349

Are you really going to derail the thread and fuck up its traction just to seethe about the evil weebs living rent free in your head?

I think that's exactly why TRAs are so mad about it. They couldn't blame it on some 4chan conspiracy because everyone saw it on tiktok first so they got exceptionally butthurt. If it was just /pol/tards' doing they wouldn't give it a second thought.

No. 1178355

File: 1615120665056.jpg (128.65 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20210307_133726.jpg)

Tiktok threw the first stone!

No. 1178356

Yeah it's totally not the weebs derailing shit by posting 4 fucking anime pictures that have zero milk.

No. 1178357

File: 1615120704844.png (313.72 KB, 713x669, dp.png)

They're trying to push that it's an OC /pol/ operation though, since it's an easy way to discredit them, and most people won't be any wiser.

No. 1178360

File: 1615120798729.png (167.63 KB, 428x755, t.png)

No. 1178361

Kek anon this is next thread pic worthy, i love you

stfu already your sperging isn't milk either, plus you're encouraging infighting dumbass

No. 1178362

That's the same kind of people who say that 4chan is the darkweb or shit like this. All the tiktok kids know where the og is from.

Also, how many people do you guys peaked in the last couple of hours because of that?

No. 1178363

File: 1615121210835.jpeg (220.26 KB, 750x1012, F6D028AB-AE51-4983-8412-F834C4…)

kek based normies

No. 1178365

I have a feeling a lot of the superstraights have been people that already peaked but didn't voice out their opinions. If you want a more accurate number of people that have peaked I think the number of people that unsubscribed from r/TwoXchromosomes might be more telling

No. 1178367

the fact that they're manipulating and trying to forcibly change the narrative to once again victimize themselves in real time, and all the little drones and asskissers immediately just go with it despite knowing it originated on tiktok lol they can't even correct somebody's false info without being labelled a transphobe

No. 1178369

File: 1615121689142.png (502.63 KB, 964x946, jhbjhjbj.png)

Finally, lmao.

No. 1178370

File: 1615121739230.jpg (36.98 KB, 481x392, br45fqsgfll61.jpg)

I am gonna vom

No. 1178372

And yet their cock and balls will still get a no.

No. 1178373

You think this rapist will accept no for an answer?

No. 1178374

I think most trannies really underestimate our clocking abilities. They really think they're so passable and look 'just like a woman!' but with a "dirty secret" when they simply put on poorly applied makeup.

No. 1178376

This thread is moving fast, but I just had to comment on this chef’s kiss moment. Fox’s coach getting mad at the ref for “letting her get beat up for 20 seconds in a corner” and the ref dismissing him with a hand wave was beautiful. You’re the coach of a hulking man beast who gets off on cracking women’s skulls. Fox’s beating was merciful. He’d have gladly beaten Evans to a pulp if given the chance

No. 1178377

File: 1615122669862.jpg (108.45 KB, 596x779, Screenshot_11.jpg)

hopefully this will gain some traction and not get drowned out by furry art

No. 1178378

File: 1615122893133.png (702.5 KB, 1891x864, 5445.png)

The wave of unsubscriptions seems to leveled up by now since the normal discussion returned. Superstraight hasn't really been noticed by bigger parties other than the Mangdalene Berns knockoff

No. 1178379

i don’t usually watch MMA/boxing/whatever but I got legit so hyped seeing a woman beat the shit out of a gross ass troon as women in the stands cheered her on.

No. 1178380

Reminds me of this classic

No. 1178381

Funny times where posting about rape fantasies is woke and will get you pass as long as youre a dude that identify as trans

No. 1178383

File: 1615123779410.jpeg (571.94 KB, 2152x3456, 5851523E-F221-4408-BBC1-9A3907…)

Should get noticeable pretty soon ig

No. 1178394

>sent death threats to his mother
Fucking god, what is wrong with these assholes that they would send death threats to someones mother, that kid didn't even say anything overly hateful to trannies

Jesus Christ I'm actually angry over this

No. 1178395

Not that it's really ever appropriate, but how far have we fallen as a species to be normalising witch-hunts usually reserved for the mother's of chomos/rapists/murders? That being said the question's redundant because troons exist and we're living in a Southpark episode.

No. 1178397

They are hosting Transformation Thursday every week from now on so it makes sense for people to stop unsubbing at the moment. Let’s see if it continues on Thursday-Friday this week.

No. 1178399

This is fucking amazing, I hope troons start getting purged by twitter algorithm for being hateful against lesbians and gays

Yeah, it really boil my blood to think of anything happening to this kid or his mom over this, neither did anything wrong

No. 1178400

>Transformation Thursday
That actually became a thing??? I thought anons were memeing. Stop the simulation please, I want to get out.

No. 1178403

>Stop the simulation please, I want to get out.
This ride has no emergency exits

No. 1178408

>They are hosting Transformation Thursday every week
Just reading this, sent me to a world of pure cringe

No. 1178412

>we're living in a Southpark episode
this is the best description for our time line that i've heard yet

No. 1178418

File: 1615128471050.jpg (425.92 KB, 1042x1082, Screenshot_2019_Firefox.jpg)

>Transformation Thursday

Honestly… I think I'm starting to peak or whatever it's called. I'm so tired of this shit.

No. 1178419

Watch the sub become exclusively troons and handmaidens over the next month

No. 1178421

File: 1615129174924.png (288.93 KB, 720x1220, Screenshot_20210307-195652.png)

Troon discovers women gasp masturbate and compared it to his degenerate behavior and fantasies

No. 1178422

Cosmo clickbait articles apparently are "cis fem culture" now

No. 1178423

of course a dumb tranny would take cosmopolitan seriously holy shit

No. 1178425

He will never understand and I’m glad.

No. 1178428

positive body image =/= getting off to the idea you're an anime girl

No. 1178432

File: 1615130019148.png (Spoiler Image,2.33 MB, 1392x1008, cosmo.png)

Sex tips from Cosmopolitan are female culture obviously. I mean, do any of you ladies NOT follow these tips?

No. 1178433

dressing yourself up form time to time =/= autogynephilia

No. 1178434

What the FUCK

No. 1178435

File: 1615130404989.jpg (675.88 KB, 972x2299, Screenshot_20210307-084709_Rel…)

It always cracks me up how troons themselves are transphobic by not wanting to fuck each other.

"Just take the girldick uwu"

No. 1178440

>Herny Kumer

No. 1178441

>Pull down his zipper using only you're teeth, then kiss and breathe heavily on his package as it pops out
I wanna try this as joke on my bf, it sounds so fucking hilarious

No. 1178442

I think you should try to combine all of them into one!

have a donut reads to put on his dick as you breathe heavily on it, then pull off your bra and reveal lipstick on your nips, then when it comes down to getting it in he will find a pickled tangerine in your vagina!

hot sexy tips by real women!!!

No. 1178445

why do kids always think they invented anime

No. 1178446

this collage of classic female sex moves is missing my favorite, when they suggested putting a scrunchie on his dick

No. 1178453

>mfw i try this & he's wearing button-fly jeans

No. 1178455

sexily tear off the buttons with your teeth, spitting them out and going RAWRRRR, this will make him think you are a wild animal who is desperate for his shmeat! Men love it!

No. 1178457

It feels like a bunch of teen girls who have never had sex wrote these articlss

No. 1178460

Silly anon, teen girls are too busy twirling to write. Of course fully sane sober women author these articles.

No. 1178485

File: 1615135361500.jpeg (224.14 KB, 441x485, A6E11129-25A3-4739-9E8B-6CB508…)

seems to be a strategy of flexing preggo women to taunt troons.

No. 1178486

File: 1615135455363.jpg (134.1 KB, 1242x1341, tG0ABN9.jpg)

“Somewhere safe…” how melodramatic. All it does is limit troon medicine to legal adults. Picrel


No. 1178488

This sub is not going to last, like three of the mods of r/AHS are troons and they have gotten so many anti troondom sub's banned

No. 1178490

Something somethin not a fetish something women actually like being raped blah blah more stupid incel rhetoric.

He looks like how I picture that groomer tranny from the planned parenthood anon's story lmao.

No. 1178492

“shitty bangs and talking about vulvas”

no transbian, that’s you. Maybe learn how to style your hair and shut the fuck up about your axe wound.

Christ. project harder. lesbians would be more comfortable about letting mtf in there space if they didn’t still have that make mentality of women fucking owing them sex.

i’m so tired. sage for my peaking again.

No. 1178495

welp, guess it's time for another women uprising (only shows that women being in groups really is a top safety measure)

it's crazy to me that govs are more interested in NOT putting funding into mental health + women's health/safety vs catering to these delusions (which are much cheaper)

tho, sociologically, it seems more of a result of the fundamentalists that the US, in particular, keeps cultivating

No. 1178500

File: 1615137413883.png (2.47 MB, 1632x2348, SUPERSTRAIGHT.png)


is currently filled with triggered troons telling each other to just ignore the evil #superstraights, while obsessively posting about it

No. 1178507

Ah FINALLY they are coming for straight men
This will be the last nail in the coffin

No. 1178508

File: 1615138078887.png (Spoiler Image,447.54 KB, 761x828, no.png)


this guy posts nothing other than pics of his implants, he used to be a gym-chad

No. 1178512

File: 1615138339655.jpg (21.63 KB, 320x666, 9jg3xqvx3ja61.jpg)

His body is so male like

No. 1178515

The way the fabric stretches around the middle, god

No. 1178517

Those aren't even implants, it's one of those silicone bodysuit chests with breasts. You can even see the seam where his own arm starts.

No. 1178528

You're right… why are the nipples so fucky tho? The breastplates usually have perfectly placed nipples in the center?

No. 1178538

I tried to find info on it there but couldn't, just to confirm - are "transformation Thursdays" exclusively for mtf posts? like, if a woman wanted to post a weightloss before and after or something like that, is that permitted or is it trans day ONLY because that'd be some shit

No. 1178543

OT but do you have a link? I want to read more about this

No. 1178549

File: 1615142674009.png (2.91 MB, 2252x1644, peak.png)

No. 1178551

It makes me happy that some UK terfs are also farmers. Stay based

No. 1178553

File: 1615143312406.jpeg (585.76 KB, 3459x1948, 7598DAF4-4031-4CA3-9250-3F7C99…)

Gymbros are typically very self-obsessed with their body image, doesn’t surprise me when some random beefcake turns into a fetishized female version of themselves because they think their entire life and presence is what should be represented in everyone. It’s either they turn into a “woman” themselves or they date a femboy trap who represents their ultra ego-narc ubermensch ideology for what women should be. Everyone should have their virtuous~ ideals of looking like krusty the clown sephora employee

No. 1178572

Poltards really ruin everything

No. 1178596

Billy Bob Thornton is looking rough

No. 1178604

I hit peak already in this thread

No. 1178605

“little girls are also kinky”

fuck. if i hadn’t already peaked this would have been it. openly admitting to sexualising children

i’m fucking done.

No. 1178615

too bad they'll never be able to transform their Y chromosomes into Xs to actually belong in "twoXchromosomes" kek

only a man would think that Cosmo sex tips actually represent female sexuality

rise to the challenge anon

No. 1178625

to think that it's these fucking people that are the reason I can't get proper treatment from a fucking endocrinologist anymore makes me want to fucking kms
fucking peak'd(blogging)

No. 1178627

/pol/ is going to ruin this as per usual - calling it now
Allegedly but probably not. The mod Bardfinn is a nutcase, though.

No. 1178631

File: 1615147693233.jpg (20.1 KB, 328x232, transbians.jpg)

This response in that thread sums up this whole bullshit "movement" in four words.

No. 1178634

These can't be real quotes, right? This is a troll account, right?

No. 1178635

It's all real. The Jacob Tobia and Alok "lottle girls are kinky" ones have been posted in these threads in the past. If I'm not mistaken, to add further insult, the Tobia one is from a fucking Playboy interview.

No. 1178645

File: 1615148775408.png (693.17 KB, 1000x1434, peaked.png)

No. 1178648

File: 1615148891655.jpg (124.61 KB, 600x960, CgfAb97WQAAbtCC.jpg)

No. 1178655

lmfao the troonologue is exquisite.

No. 1178660

They're obsessed with women/girls and sex. A lot of them are definitely just weird incels trying to live out their fantasies thinking being apart of the LGBT community will give them greater access to women and sex they are right in some cases. Disgusting, and so many of them as like this.

No. 1178664

i used to see the bit about “little girls are complicated people” quoted around tumblr and shit and tbh it never bothered me, mostly because i was a deviant little motherfucker as a kid and i kinda related even if the wording seemed off.

then you read the whole thing and he’s talking about this as an excuse for why we don’t need to worry about little girls being molested??? and he has the fucking audacity to even say little girls can be perpetrators, like there’s a goddamn child out there who would act out sexually on another without having first been molested by an adult? it’s pure fucking peak. as always, don’t even need to attack them ourselves, they do it all whenever they open their mouths

No. 1178667

File: 1615150536375.jpeg (308.44 KB, 1170x809, 0FBC4264-D6FE-40E5-A0E6-E7CB40…)


No. 1178668

See, I am a real woman and can be recognized as such even without cryepilating, seethe

No. 1178673

also based

No. 1178674

I've read Whipping Girl, the Julia Serano one at the very least is real, as is Alok's (I saw it on his IG page last month). It's real, and disgusting. A big piece of advice is to save links and screenshots yourself, TRA's always want sources and proof so it's worth it to archive the things that support your viewpoint.

I see gibberish all day about what's transphobic and what's transmisogynistic and never once do I see a discussion about misogyny. They're true and honest women, but for some reason can't have a discussion about old school feminism to save their lives. Curious.

No. 1178676

File: 1615151035940.png (40.23 KB, 603x124, 4E851F89-85F5-4302-9DB4-94CD25…)

Does anyone have the meme (maybe it was a wojack?) of two black characters taking and the guy character is like “I met X and she said that—“ and the black girl interrupts him to correct him like “X pronouns are THEY”, and the other character replies “THEY called you a n*”. Does anyone know what I’m talking about lol

No. 1178679

File: 1615151086050.gif (Spoiler Image,734.33 KB, 450x253, mAUDrbX.gif)

hahahahha okay gals this Troon is saying that the scene in the exorcist where the young girl possessed by a demon is forcibly jabbing a crucifix into her vag saying "he Jesus fuck you!"

that's what this guy thinks is the character exploring her sexuality. picrel.

No. 1178681

samefag but this is just another clear example of men fetishizing a depiction of a girl's trauma. nothing the character Regan went thru in the story (book too) was positive. fuck scrotes.

No. 1178683

File: 1615151377624.jpeg (101.98 KB, 1033x913, 984DCDEE-A646-466C-9D3C-67BEDF…)

i know this thread is clogged up with superstraight shit, but the memes are good rn

No. 1178684

File: 1615151517789.jpg (114.18 KB, 1486x1040, 3mq5iybozml61.jpg)

After all these years of feminists putting together intelligent, logical arguments and collecting studies/data against trannies just to be completely ignored and silenced, turns out all we really needed was stronger memes.

No. 1178685

Fighting fire with fire makes everyone notice that there is indeed a fucking fire, so I'll support any of it. It's a shame that it's just a cycle of real women being ignored

No. 1178692

File: 1615152324823.jpeg (57.96 KB, 582x131, CD913AD1-D41E-4E11-8363-901350…)

saged bc not really tea, but pickmeisha handmaidens at it again

No. 1178694

File: 1615152371818.jpg (132.78 KB, 780x778, godilate.jpg)

the fact that all these men are considered "writers" when they almost certainly got their creative start writing vocaroo pastebin scripts about sniffing their sister's underwear

No. 1178696

>memes are da wae

You may be onto something, anon. I wonder what would happen if the memewar approach were implimented for other social issues today?? Something something "speak the language of the locals" idiom, etc.

No. 1178705

That's how the 2016 election was won tbh.

No. 1178706

Obviously a tranny pretending

No. 1178708

Well of course, people are fucking autistic these days and social media and the internet is controlled by big entities who want to keep u dumb

No. 1178709

What the fuck is the huge difference between white and black women? Black women dont fit the Western standard of beauty, US media make them out as masculine while gassing up their male counterparts masculinity, they also dont get my peepee hard as I never envisioned them as my ideal standard of femininity I wanted to be like pretty white girls so they are sooo different from them? I mean it is male logic to judge a womans entire moral character and value based on how much they wanna fuck them or not, but this is pathetic to see parroted all out in the open. Racial differences and genetics based on human migration is literally less hard encoded in the DNA than biological sex is, lmfao(racebaiting)

No. 1178715

File: 1615153498956.jpeg (439.18 KB, 1490x1303, 0E9BE3C9-D455-4E99-9226-06F8F9…)

No. 1178723

I find it disturbing that some of them would compare little girl's issues like >>1177897 to their own as if they were on the same level, they are treating children as adults while infantlizing themselves and it's repulsive. Young girls are always treated like shit for just existing and acting like young girls and sexualized by adults the moment they are out of the cradle, the last thing they need is to have their struggles minimilized or appropiated by grown men. Why can't they have WOMEN issues? They always want to be a little girl, a pretty, young, horny and sexy teen uwu or at least the idea of what a little girl is to a creepy grown man.
"If a child with a medical condition that can lead to both mental and physical trauma can have hormones NOW why do I, an adult man with a mental illness and a twisted fetish, have to WAIT for mine? We are the same!"

Not sure how someone can make the stretch that this >>1178679 is a little girl exploring her sexuality, There are scenes in media that represent the demonization of female sexuality and exporation but for some reason this lunatic choose a child self harming and compared it to masturbation?

No. 1178724

File: 1615153910318.jpeg (121.29 KB, 791x249, 6E1DA4A0-3B7C-4B3F-989B-A4E772…)

I think you might be right, someone in the thread called them out for posting on /r/teenagers as a “13 yr-old” when they’re actually 20 lmfao

No. 1178736

Black women are women. I really don't get how anyone dares say differently. They are our sisters, like yellow/pink/blue/etc. women.
They have XX chromosomes, that means we are sisters, and XY women don't fir there.

This is peak racism and nothing else.

No. 1178743

File: 1615154811964.png (30.07 KB, 534x280, superstaffel.PNG)

Tumblr is already pulling a "taking a shower is literally eugenics" with this one kek

No. 1178751

It needs the tip about putting frozen marbles in the bed.

No. 1178758

Is the book as disgusting and fetishistic as the title suggests? I've heard of troons forcing their middle-aged mother's to read this shit. I've also heard of people being more "accepting" of troons after reading it, but I have a hard time believing that if the book of full of shit about how this pervert fantasizes about being a sex slave.

No. 1178772

this is literally tranny propaganda. I think it's partly bc so many of them have absorbed the racist pathology of 4chan incel "theory" tbh. Just think of all of the sexualized black women in pop culture–and any tall woman of anyrace has been called a man or tranny as an insult–there are tranny theories about Melania for the exact same reason as Michelle.

No. 1178780

I think it's absolutely that already had pre-existing racist ideas from 4chan, and then when they got into woke lefty circles they realize that black women's perspectives have value and credibility. So they are trying to use black women to give their garbage movement more legitimacy, but do it in an insanely racist way because they have no self awareness and are shitty racist/sexist men at their core.

No. 1178794


ppl were always dumb. the internet at least gives multiple views vs in the past where all media was basically controlled by singular sources i.e. religious institutions, men, capitalists (mostly merchants)

at least now women can easily connect

anyways, i think this mass peaking only could occur bc trump was elected out + now troons don't have any easy scapegoats

it's beautiful that troons are doing what lgb people have been attempting to do by showing that being lgb is actually normal and good compared to this travesty

No. 1178803

File: 1615160622374.jpeg (556.67 KB, 1104x1902, 02702826-9242-41C1-AC71-854B47…)

Fallon’s youtube vids all have comments disabled.

I think this is a good nickname for all the transletes out there

No. 1178815

There’s no way in hell this was written by a “real woman”

No. 1178824

I was an intern at a magazine who published sex tips like this, and none of them were sent in by "real women," they were made up by interns lol. We tried to make up the most ridiculous ones possible and see what the editor for that section would accept. It might differ by publication though

No. 1178825

I wonder if any real woman has tried them.

No. 1178835

File: 1615164934098.jpg (742.32 KB, 1080x1185, TransWomenareMen.jpg)

No. 1178849

i’ve always wanted to know if a woman has ever actually tried the grapefruit idea.

No. 1178850

Also steroids might be a factor, they can literally fuck up your brain and body for life, as well as your natural hormone cycle

No. 1178851

>I can't get proper treatment from a fucking endocrinologist anymore
huh why???

No. 1178852

File: 1615167753904.jpg (29.57 KB, 707x117, 516516165846.jpg)

Umm….what?! No transwoman has ever given birth ffs

No. 1178854

guess what retards, ur wojak memes became popular becuz 4shit loved them.

No. 1178856

Your Finnish is showing

No. 1178857

Sags for OT even the fucking Nazis acknowledged that African Women were women and feminine, hell one of the main theorists of white supremacy and racial science Arthur de Gobineau believed that African women were more naturally feminine then European and Asian women, mostly based on retarded racial theories but hell at least was consistent

No. 1178864

File: 1615169022786.png (1.77 MB, 1780x1220, binchwut.png)

translate pls

No. 1178869


No. 1178873

Wahhhh they won’t let me have sex with them with my girldick/my ax wound neovagina so they are bigoted

No. 1178874

Trans women aren’t women, they’re incels

No. 1178875

Found our jam

No. 1178876

No. 1178879

i seriously think the majority of straight/bi male troons are sex offenders, or one decision away from becoming one. (not giving a total pass to the gay ones tho)
I really wasn't somebody to make such bold generalizations before but SO MANY of these fucks are total degenerate porn-ruined freaks.
I know a bunch of gendered people but the only het male Troon in the group just Happened to sexually assault a lesbian. I can't get the idea out of my head now.

No. 1178882

File: 1615171780671.jpg (231 KB, 709x924, IMG_3072.jpg)

KEK oh god

No. 1178892

Every time I see the words "dogwhistle" I hit peak triggering. I'm sick of uneducated militants using it as disingenuous cope.

No. 1178893

Sauce. Because what the absolute fuck

No. 1178895

They're all degenerates. Remember the tranny chomos who groomed that little boy to do sexy drag shows while his parents watched and applauded? All troons are a step closer to offending than the average mentally stable person.

No. 1178896

File: 1615173293665.png (278.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210307-221315.png)

WHY does this obvious pedophile still have a platform? Why hasn't he been exiled from social media and investigated? It makes me seethe how many people advocate for this predator. (Link and picrel)


I'm so sorry anon.

No. 1178897

You need to teach young girls valuable shitposting skills over lmaosorandum ahegao faces on tiktok.

No. 1178898

File: 1615173704101.png (76.2 KB, 625x605, 1560597789833.png)

Aren't they like the last bastion of real feminism left? The generations before us certainly wouldn't have stood for predators pushing their way into women's spaces regardless of their perceived "victim status".

No. 1178913

*rape fantasy

No. 1178914

File: 1615176406212.jpeg (60.58 KB, 750x831, 5C71243A-92F8-4429-92DF-31687A…)

Guys the person who doesn’t consider fetishism an issue is gonna school us on feminism.

No. 1178917

File: 1615176585150.jpeg (365.17 KB, 750x786, 9E5BF615-C37F-4E6E-8C7A-ADB4DC…)

Hah is this one of you?

No. 1178928

File: 1615177134578.jpg (169.61 KB, 1080x1346, gross.jpg)

Shoddy looks awful

No. 1178932

Who tf

No. 1178941

File: 1615178369384.jpg (1.57 MB, 3264x2448, 1000keks.jpg)

God speed based ausfag

No. 1178948

I wonder if this superstraight blowback stuff is gonna stick around, or if the sub just gets banned and it all blows over.

No. 1178949

Yep. Desmond is amazing, kid absolutely looks like the club kids he’s hung out with have introduced him to drugs. He made a joke about doing ketamine in an interview with an adult drag queen and he always looks strung out. Kid is an absolute case.

No. 1178951

File: 1615179697456.png (963.28 KB, 1080x1340, IMG_20210308_060106.png)

No. 1178952

Shill poster located

No. 1178953

They're going to fucking ruin this aren't they?

No. 1178954

File: 1615180088227.jpg (104.74 KB, 1280x800, yolo.jpg)

No. 1178961

Those fags are literally ruining this for us

No. 1178963

The superstraight sub just went private, is it over already?

No. 1178965

Damn I was in it literally a few seconds ago, too. I joined and got approved earlier yesterday, but I can’t access it now.

No. 1178966

I was in it but now it won't let me see anything, maybe it's mods only rn but shit was getting interesting

No. 1178967

Yah maybe they are doing what WSB did with the start of game stonks. I can’t even message the mods

No. 1178969

A comment I copied from Super Straights

>The room was dark. The street light from outside filtered between the blinds to shine a light on the cans on Mountain Dew^tm on the desk and the piles of clothes on the floor. The jeans were mixed with bags covered in pins whose slogans could not be read in the darkness, a pair of panties that would not look out of place in the closet of a prepubescent girl could be seen under a pink and blue t-shirt. The only noise one could hear was the clicking noise of a keyboard. Satisfied, the hulking figure wearing cat headphones muttered "…right part of history", and as the last word left ""her"" mouth, ""she"" pressed enter.

>"Enjoy my ladydick in your mouth, cuntwipe

No. 1178972

>To reduce superphobia, homophobia and transphobia from brigading subs, the mods are shutting down for the night. See you in the morning!
Look like it's gonna be back when the mods are awake, probably for the best.

No. 1178980

File: 1615183432874.png (2.86 MB, 828x1792, 1658B57B-1DED-4528-A6BD-F59B26…)

I don’t understand how this is even remotely debatable. The guy who originally posted it did so back in fucking February

No. 1178987

File: 1615184090459.png (349.77 KB, 720x1220, Screenshot_20210308-110907.png)

Okay anons this is serious now, I'm sure some of you know about this already but a group of TRAs and French "Anti-Fascist" activists protested against and attacked a feminist group rally against rape culture and misogyny for the group being Transphobic and Islamaphobic


No. 1178988

File: 1615184324744.jpeg (433.76 KB, 1125x1006, E5FC5A40-FE34-4BAB-AE81-7BED3F…)

This male is crazy delusional. Also he identifies as a transbian, naturally. He constantly screeches that it’s impossible to tell the difference between a trans fake neovagina and a real vagina

No. 1178990

File: 1615184519393.png (100.8 KB, 1125x645, 595CB6FA-5238-4791-A998-280886…)

No. 1178992

File: 1615184885688.jpeg (322.94 KB, 1425x2048, E48907AE-BD73-4284-9556-EE85F5…)

I came here to post this same exact thread. A large amount of these people are in academia. I hate it here. Our oppression is not your fetish.

No. 1178993

File: 1615185020660.jpeg (610.53 KB, 1100x733, Ev6f8QIXAAYA1oZ.jpeg)

And this is their argument that they use for attacking women's rights activists opposing rape culture and misogyny

>[Thread] TERF, SWERF and Islamophobes, out of our struggles!

>On the occasion of the weekend preceding #8Mars, day of struggle for women's rights, we were present at Place de la République in order to bring our political demands.

>By putting on the agenda the feminist agenda of fight against the institutionalization of Islamophobia but also by imposing a line of rupture with some of the organizations present on the spot.

>Also in terms of ideas, as in the field, we have decided to tackle head-on forms of feminism which draw their theoretical sources from reactionary and civilizationist ideology of identity.

>and reinvent themselves in a form of femo-nationalism that does not question oppressive social structures and feeds oppressions

>Historically, the far right and fascism can be analyzed as a laboratory for the restructuring of capitalism, but also of patriarchy, and of all relations of domination.

React, Islamophobic, transphobic slogans, which were once the prerogative of the far-right, are becoming the norm in terms of political argumentation for women who claim a radical feminism such as FEMEN, Stern , the CAPP

>To their reactionary speeches, we oppose popular self-defense. Wherever they are, we will be there to remind them that there is no feminism without sex workers, trans and women who wear the veil

There's no hope

No. 1178996

File: 1615185251076.jpg (Spoiler Image,243.34 KB, 1080x1268, 20210308_083402.jpg)

This tranny is trying to tell me that my vagina looks like this mess?

No. 1178999

trannys and rape threats, name a better duo

No. 1179005

I was in their linked discord and it was pretty retarded, full of 4chan shit and not even discussing the board so we’ll see. I wish competent people were in charge instead of shitposters who think the n word is a punchline.

No. 1179008

File: 1615187579125.png (369.31 KB, 720x1106, Screenshot_20210308-121215.png)

Well luckily the twitter account seems to be run by decent smart people

No. 1179009

File: 1615187615812.png (161.68 KB, 579x661, twitter.png)

remember girls, you can't just accept us and use our pronouns, you have to be willing to spread our misinformation too! or else youre a big bad transphobe

No. 1179011

File: 1615187888325.gif (1.94 MB, 480x480, 97EBB73C-0F73-46DC-A555-5DD381…)

I think this is shoddylynn the dollskill owner or whatever

No. 1179013

File: 1615188208232.jpeg (180.44 KB, 750x1090, B70D8DE6-7BAE-4F5D-991A-6D7392…)

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me

No. 1179014

>You can't
That's when you stop replying because there's no reasoning with this creature

No. 1179016

I came across him on Tinder and I swiped left out of reflex, like I do with all TiMs. If I come across his profile again, I'll share some screenshots of it. Dw, not going to cowtip.

No. 1179017

Based Alabama

I'm not sure where that assertion comes from I am confused

No. 1179018

Patton Oswalt looks rough

No. 1179021

Oh hey it's the literal autist with a sneaker fetish who posts pictures of his boner to r/womensstreetwear >>>/ot/728177

No. 1179026

God has abandoned us

No. 1179030

Jfc I peaked years ago but those quotes made me peak like 5 more times. I want to get off this ride.

No. 1179035

It always boggles my mind how they think Muslims will be on their side. Even the most progressive Muslims I know still aren’t entirely comfortable with homosexuality or people who are very gnc, so I can’t imagine them being okay with transbians. I posted about this before but my local public pool has a women-only timeslot originally intended to let Muslim women get a chance to swim, but since they also allow transwomen no Muslim woman ever makes use of this. I’ve been going every week for years (pre-pandemic of course) and I’ve never once seen a woman enter/leave in a hijab despite the neighbourhood being like 30% Muslim.

No. 1179037

Sage for OT, but why do seemingly all leftists in the west now have this bizzare fetish for protecting Islam, I mean OG socialists and communists saw Islam as ridiculous as Christianity (Hell many saw Islam as being fundamentally more reactionary cause of its origins as a religion of merchants) and they burned Qurans and mosques, now they protect perhaps the most misogynistic faith on the planet

No. 1179042

Trannies are probably defending Islam because it’s part of the
>uwu getting beat up by scrote and covering my deformed body for daddy dom.
Fetish that makes them feel “euphoric” but also because having a minority meat shield helps them get traction, I mean, would the tranny movement have gone anywhere if they only had the constant support of other greasy degenerate men? I doubt it.
But since they’re “supporting” Islam and black women, everyone sees them as the ultimate “goody-two-shoes that can’t do wrong” because, they’re helping others too!1!2!2!12!1 bullshit.

No. 1179044

>"Cis women who are infertile exist"
Yes and people can still choose to not date them either if they really wants biological kids someday. What's their point?

No. 1179047

Why do transies care about superstraight anyways? All transies seem to be conveniently transbian anyways

No. 1179049

File: 1615198067652.png (251.25 KB, 720x1438, Screenshot_20210308-150418.png)

They are offended that straight men don't consider them women and also #Superlesbians are a thing, like I've seen a lot of radfem pages I follow put #superlesbian on their bio

No. 1179053

Dude, source on this?

No. 1179061

Missed him so much true fans know sneakermadirocks and his shoe porn

No. 1179064

Ugh, clean your room

No. 1179088

I’m still so fucking mad that Mal Ortberg married this creep and trans’d. We lost a good one.

No. 1179089

To me the funniest thing about the "Super Straight" thing is, you can tell some troons are truly hurt that men, especially Straight men are talking shit.
It seems like a lot of them are surrounded by other coomer men and tend to think ALL men are into troons because they surround themselves with chasers and men who'd fuck a well greased hole in the wall.

When I wake up and see angry troons screaming at straight men the way they do DAILY at lesbians it'd be amazing. The reason this got big was because MEN are talking shit, specifically STRAIGHT men. I bet troons will start talking about how dangerous and hateful "cis men" are soon, ONLY because they don't want to fuck them.Not because they actually give a fuck. Things are most troons who fuck men should know men don't think they are straight, why do you think so many hide it? it's not "transphobia".

No. 1179091

I have no idea how a anti rape rally or something is islamophobic kek
I know french activists always try to turn any topic into something that criticizes refugees and mostly the Muslim ones but still
Makes 0 sense how someone can pair transphobic and islamophobic in the same sentence about a topic like this

No. 1179093

When have they ever supported black women.

No. 1179100

like 4 of the speakers were exmuslim Algerian women who wanted to talk about the misogyny within the Muslim community of France, which is Islamophobic somehow

Honestly ex-Muslim women absolutely need protection, our lives are often in mortal danger even in secular countries

No. 1179112

>I have no idea how a anti rape rally or something is islamophobic kek

think about it harder

No. 1179113

Spot on,these perverse men are replicating their fantasies of women/little girl(even though they will never reach it) a lot transgender women are just doing it for sex or sexual reasons not because they actaully want to be a women and be seen as one. If not they wouldn't be talking about sex all the time.

No. 1179119

Janny, please. You’re redtexting this but not all the anime spergery and infighting?

No. 1179120

Well the concept of the rally itself isn’t really islamophobic, the ex Muslim women hosting the anti rape rally are ironically more aligned with Islam than the Muslims themselves
No1curr tbh
How did this even turn into a discussion about troons though? The self insert of them is comedic lol

No. 1179124

wtf did I just read, that‘s some advanced mental gymnastics right here. They use the same argumentation tactics the Government uses when they try to rationalize their effort to change police enforcement laws. This is authoritarian to the core, nothing ‚lib‘ about it.

No. 1179125

Because people in the west fetishize race/ethnicity above all, and the majority of Muslims aren't white, so it fits their whole "noble savage" thing.

No. 1179127

also also based

No. 1179130

The feminist groups that organized the rally FEMEN, Stern , the CAPP have gender critical/Islam critical views, so it didn't matter whatever rally these women groups held cause to Antifa these women are basically Nazis

So If these women groups held an Anti-Pedophilia rally then Antifa would still protest against them cause by their logic these women are Nazis and they don't even deserve to be heard

No. 1179135

File: 1615211214819.jpg (Spoiler Image,927.56 KB, 2048x1820, 727821874721.jpg)

just saw this pic and i want to kms

No. 1179136

ot rant but the people who wrote this should really leave the Antifa flag alone, since they are bordering on identitarian fascism.
t. annoyed antifascist

No. 1179141

Totally just like a natural vagina,no difference at all!

No. 1179156

so natural and undetectable. every vagina has a freakishly large joker smile carved across it and what looks to be a peeled grape in place of a clitoris, so how could lesbians ever know the difference? they're just transphobic. /s

seriously, they have the audacity to talk about "fish markets" in regards to women and then walk around with abominations like this in their pants. rather a fish market than the smell of shit and infection

No. 1179168

The retards that never learned how to read will always think that putting
>black trans lives matter
Is more than enough activism for black “women” and that It’s literally saving lives to them.
Trannies are unable to actually support people, anon, it’s all just something to make them seem like they care about other things than coom.
And handmaides are willing to pretend that talking about imaginary hyper-masculine black women is sooper kind of the trannies that are the most oppressed group of people that has ever spawned on earth.

No. 1179174

#transwomenarewomen just started trending in the UK because of course it is. There was a TERF hashtag (#womenseizetheday) trending around 8am this morning, and it's now nearly 3pm so I'm going to interpret that as all the NEETs just now waking up in the middle of the afternoon to immediately start screeching on twitter.

No. 1179185

Most Muslims in France are North Africans and more moderate than the ones outside of the west and from my own observations as someone from a Muslim family in France, even the homophobic ones are WAY more tolerant of homosexuality than transgenderism.

No. 1179187

Lmao of course. Happy international women's day everyone, but don't forget who the REAL victims are

No. 1179216

File: 1615218471007.jpg (272.83 KB, 1070x1419, godilate.jpg)

it's happening in even the most innocuous settings like the goddamn crochet subreddit. it's a cute crochet uterus, get over it.

No. 1179217

The poster was banned for hate speech. Lol. Clown world.

No. 1179218

File: 1615218524405.png (53.91 KB, 720x380, Screenshot_20210308-130412.png)

Can handmaidens just give it a rest, transwomen don't give a shit about you

No. 1179235

Post your own crochet dick to celebrate women’s day then or shut the fuck up tranny

No. 1179236

File: 1615220029748.png (40.96 KB, 720x380, 1615218524405fixed.png)

Couldn't help myself.

No. 1179238

File: 1615220183506.jpeg (170.27 KB, 1242x626, 452A2044-A98A-4A93-A8CA-A1F57D…)


No. 1179239

What was she supposed to crochet that's inclusive enough for them to deem it acceptable and super heckin valid? A dick and balls? A bloody dilator?

Just the passive acknowledgement of female anatomy is enough to have them on suicide watch. Funny how trannies come before women who had hysterectomies in their line up of priorities… as if they ever had a uterus to begin with. More women need to tell them to shut the fuck up lol

No. 1179240

i literally lost my fucking stomach and im wretching still. anon pls

No. 1179242

File: 1615220581177.png (192.61 KB, 1456x956, D972D5F7-00DE-4802-9C86-96FA13…)

No. 1179245

Absolutely fucking not, that's like not ever washing your goddamn ears

No. 1179249

File: 1615221073416.png (384.06 KB, 728x485, womensday.png)

No. 1179250

Mutilating your penis and injecting yourself with horse piss hormones while telling lesbians to kill themselves online isn’t normal

No. 1179255

Even the neo-poon has a troon smirk

No. 1179256

File: 1615221884415.jpeg (51.27 KB, 828x429, 78814AF2-2447-4578-AFA7-E3C536…)

happy international women’s day

No. 1179257

File: 1615221997315.png (385.87 KB, 828x1792, BCAC2A69-276E-4C26-B82E-8F8DF6…)

samefag i’m so sorry but if this were a real story, this doctor would need their license revoked. being unable to tell the difference between a hole in between a man’s legs and a vagina complete with a cervix?

No. 1179260

And then the staff clapped and cried.

No. 1179270

A bra and sexxy stilettos, anon! Or maybe a pink glittery ladybrain.
I’ve never seen actual women who’ve undergone hysterectomies complain about the depiction of uteruses, or post-menopausal women complain about period talk. It’s always men who are going “eww stop talking about your bodies, gross!”

No. 1179276

Don't worry, it is just the fantasy of a man with beard-stubble and linebacker shoulders whose troongina is so mangled that he is deeply bitter about it and tries to get as many other men to mutilate themselves as possible so he feels less alone in his misery.

Look at this and tell me that there is in any way a medical professional who wouldn't be able to tell the difference…

The only thing this is difficult to tell apart from is a chicken carcass. 0/10 butchers can tell the difference.

No. 1179277

how about honour your mother cause you came from her womb?

but no. mememememe i don’t have one you’re excluding me because i don’t have a fanny that bleeds every month weh.

so much for female solidarity. fucking troons want to take everything from us.

No. 1179279

File: 1615224046901.gif (57.74 KB, 500x377, EB092419-4B27-42DD-BCEF-43D6F0…)

I hope this super thing pulls the veil away from these narcissists eyes and they realize that NOBODY else thinks they are as cool, sexy, and groundbreaking as they think they are.
The coping on Twitter Reddit and YouTube is so damn delightful. I’want these sloppily dressed teens who are convinced they ‘make people question their sexuality” get a dose of reality and realize how completely predictable and average they are. Done blogging

No. 1179285

File: 1615224685203.jpg (311.12 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210308-172856_Chr…)

This 13 year old girl got surgery to remove her breast, absolutely disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1179290

File: 1615224829305.jpg (145.77 KB, 711x301, 20210308_173022.jpg)

Here are some more pictures of her it's a real story, I'm shocked.

No. 1179294

I live in a Muslim community myself and went to a muslim school. They actively preach against the LBGT and I cant blame them when you see all the stuff the movement does.

No. 1179295

What sense does it even make to remove breasts at 13? Her development didn't even stop yet, couldn't she just grow more breast tissue in the next few years?

No. 1179299

Absolutely disgusting behavior. Did you get your daily dose of male approval?? They don't give a shit about you.

Sure Jan.

This needs to be banned EVERYWHERE. She will likely regret this before the age of 18. No one should be encouraging this grooming. No child should be making decisions like this or having the decision made for them. These are lasting consequences of bad choices that they will likely outgrow in the first place.

OT: been following these threads since the very first one. Thank you ladies. Every one of you involved. This thread is a solace, and a comfort, being surrounded by people not falling for this shit. You're all inspiring.

No. 1179303

This was already discussed in the FtM thread, anon.

No. 1179304

They dig out all of the tissue for this procedure so nothing else can grow in, that's why she looks so gored up

No. 1179305

NTA, but IMO, the more people see this shit and are aware of how far it's gone, the better.

No. 1179310

Jesus H., women can't even mention their own biology without it being a fucking war. Ffs. That little crochet uterus and ovaries is adorable. Girls and women have it hard enough trying to learn to love their own bodies without further fucking shaming from these misogynistic pieces of shit policing them. LET GIRLS/WOMEN CELEBRATE THEIR FUCKING BODIES, TROONS.

No. 1179313

File: 1615226092250.gif (637.96 KB, 400x300, bruh.gif)

You're being a bit obsessive. It's just a kid and if you care about these kids at all, you wouldn't spam them all over an imageboard. It's been talked about, now let it rest. Go to Ovarit or whatever if you need to rant about this more.

No. 1179317

I realize this is old news, but holy shit I have just seen this for the first time

No. 1179319

I showed my mother some of this thread and she said she needs therapy now. Lol(no one cares)

No. 1179320

How am I being obsessive? I'm not the anon that posted it ITT, you sound weird and defensive. Of course people will be freaked out about a literal 13 year old being mutilated, what's wrong with you?

No. 1179329

>A dick and balls? A bloody dilator?
Fucking kek, anon.

No. 1179330

we just say they pass so they don't get violent, what the fuck. men are insane.

No. 1179331

File: 1615226897009.jpg (36.93 KB, 600x296, large-330360-large-73859-img-2…)

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, I've been away from this site for a bit but I remember GC discussion was not allowed on /ot/ at the time so thought I'd post here. A bit of a personal cow, I guess, and I'd like you girls' advice

I have a coworker who is mtf. Started working here in the past couple of months, and we are all still working from home; I've never met them irl. They have been basically stalking me and copying my identity. I'm afraid if I speak up about it to HR I will be accused of being transphobic and have my career ruined.

In a group meeting someone else complimented my dress and asked where I got it from so I told them, next meeting the mtf is wearing the same dress and mention that they got it because "it looked so nice on [me]." They even got the same hair cut as me - curtain bangs - and I realize this is a very popular hair style but they asked what hairdresser I went to so they could get their hair cut like mine (I lied and said I cut them myself). There are other instances of this too, and I know this is not inherently wrong nor something HR could act on. I feel like they are trying to become me and it's creepy and honestly insulting.

They have tried to add me on all social media - twitter, ig, facebook, all of which are set to private (which imo is inappropriate for the professional setting we work in), I asked some other coworkers if they added them too and they said no. So it seems to only be me. They view my linkedin page multiple times a week. They asked for my phone number. They have asked me to show my full apartment and bedroom on zoom calls. They have even suggested we meet up in person to "discuss work," even though in person meetings are strictly prohibited by our company for the time being because of COVID. I brought this up and they said something along the lines of "well, the company wouldn't have to know." Also, the few other actual women that work at my company and I have a weekly meeting over lunch to talk; they saw this on my calendar and asked to be invited.

I have no choice but to work closely with this person because our roles at the company are intertwined. We meet at least four days out of the week, virtually ofc, and I'm even more worried for when we go back to the office and I have to physically be around this person. I want to complain to my boss or HR but I have heard about women having their professional lives ruined because they spoke up about things like this. And everyone at my job is of course overly nice and accommodating to them because they're also scared of being accused of something, I actually think they get very preferential treatment.

I guess I'm just asking if anyone has experienced anything similar, and if so, what you did? Or if there's anything I can do short of finding a new job. In my industry there are lots of mtfs so it's probably inescapable at other jobs as well.(blogpost)

No. 1179335


He's apparently detransitioning in prison because he realised he would never be accepted as female. He's already had SRS so… sucks for him, I guess. Shame he's wasted all and any potential sympathy anyone might have for him by being a violent axe-wielding maniac

No. 1179336

It's already been posted in the ftm thread, it didn't need to be posted in the mtf thread too. That literal 13 year old is probably on the internet and doesn't need to be spammed everywhere on lolcow and called mutilated. You probably know they already aren't in a good mental place and I don't think that spamming them everywhere (including in a thread with AGP's) is going to help.

No. 1179338

It was posted about in two threads that were both related to trannies, no one "spammed" anything. Calm down.

No. 1179342

I don't understand what I'm looking at. What are the stringy bits at the bottom? What is the round lump in the middle? What is that yellow tube?

No. 1179344

Astronomical cope.

It's bullshit posts like this that encourage "stealth living" that put troons in vulnerable situations like getting killed by violent men who find out they're trans.

This is the MTF cow thread, not GC general. The mods are going to sperg out on us if we post unrelated GC stuff.

No. 1179346

Keep record of any and all interactions with this person, professional or unprofessional, including things like when they tried to add your socials. Outwardly you'll have to treat it as if your female coworker is being intense and overbearing, and don't talk publicly about how creepy the skinwalking is. Maybe put this in the advice threads?

No. 1179350

Wow anon, crazy stuff and I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I haven't experienced harassment from a TIM but I have from regular guys, here's some advice:
Slow down all contact outside of work calls. If he's messaging you, ignore it and reply hours later with vague messages about how busy you are. 'Sorry, I was focusing on work.' 'Sorry, busy day.' The longer you take to reply, the less likely he'll be to keep messaging. DON'T be afraid to be short and cold, even if that upsets him, you can not get in trouble for focusing on your work. Also, keep a record of all conversations in and out of work. If they keep messaging you on your private social medias, you will have grounds to make a report to HR about harassment.

No. 1179353

thanks, I wasn't sure if it was allowed to post GC stuff outside of specific threads - should I delete my post here?

No. 1179361

That's fucking nasty, anon. Qualifies as stalking and harassment. Tell him as politely as you can that you're uncomfortable socializing outside of work and if he flips his shit report that to the HR. Also this is extremely important: keep your communication with him in text-based messaging as much as you can to have a paper trail you can present as evidence. The fact that he's trying to ask you up for a face-to-face during covid restrictions is already a violation of company policy.

No. 1179363

File: 1615228275284.jpeg (534.35 KB, 828x1600, 8A5092D9-F778-4274-9B24-824067…)

happy international women’s day ladies!

No. 1179368

This is a blog post anon. but you should keep a record of all interactions with this person. Write them down and keep the receipts in a non-work computer. Keep your responses short and polite but firm. Learn that “no thank you” is a complete sentence. Don’t talk about them to other coworkers, that can backfire. They will eventually accuse you of being a phobe to others or HR.

No. 1179369

Who would buy this? It's so fucking ugly, even aside from the message, lmao.

No. 1179370

Following up what
Said, maybe try screen recording your zoom calls as well? In case he chimps out during one, that way you will have video confirmation of what the fucked up bastard is doing.

No. 1179376

I hope lots of handmaidens and trannies buy that shit so everyone knows that it’s better to just run away. It’s nice that the colors are so ugly and vivid, great for avoiding a too close approach to a retard.

No. 1179377

>But all we ask is to use the bathroom in peace!

I think recording calls without the other party's consent is illegal depending on where you live. Anon needs to keep it in text/instant messages or e-mails since that gets archived automatically.

No. 1179383

What really fucks me up about that Alok quote is that wanting to protect children from sexual abuse isn't about "purity" it's about preventing a horrible and traumatic thing from happening to them… protecting their personhood not their fucking hymens.

No. 1179386

File: 1615229067410.jpeg (277.6 KB, 750x797, 72B53497-C428-4138-B8EC-DDD1FA…)

Gross. Well at least Google played it safe this year and only showed drawn hands/arms. Clever.

No. 1179396

The name of that surgeon? Albert Einstein

No. 1179405

File: 1615230069228.png (9.27 KB, 108x61, fhfgfh.png)

when i first saw this in tiny format it looked awfully a lot like a black hand jerking a dick

No. 1179407

omg I mean you’re not wrong.

No. 1179411

wow troon not all women have dicks i can’t believe you’re being so exclusive of women who’s dicks didn’t develop in the womb.

No. 1179413

Right? Some women have inverted dicks! How transphobic to exclude women with neovaginas from their activism.

No. 1179415

File: 1615231024872.jpeg (148.13 KB, 827x1461, 4863ECCC-1957-4F85-8BF9-C103AF…)

uwu what a cutie~!

No. 1179428

Someone's dad having a mid life crisis. Lol

No. 1179444

If I saw someone say happy international women’s day to this on my IG I think I would have to terf out publicly I wouldn’t be able to hold it in anymore

No. 1179450

File: 1615232547943.jpg (88.12 KB, 760x520, Ev3_8O-XMAEUmgJ.jpg)

Not sure if this has been posted before but heres more proof they dont know what its like to be a real woman, so why insist they are one?

Reminder this guy said all this in playboy and yet voiced a character in a kids cartoon.

No. 1179457

This must be fate, I was just about to post about him, but yeah he played a non binary alien shape shifter in the new She Ra Cartoon, a cartoon watched by mostly children

Like I know Noell Stevenson capes massively for Troons but surely she and the studio could Have done some research

No. 1179465

File: 1615233433180.jpg (51.11 KB, 841x1089, Em0G0QoVEAADzud.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Noelle just plain doesn't care. She had top surgery not long ago, and calls herself the "wife guy and guy wife" to her wife, so she seems well on her way to trooning out too.

No. 1179468

I posted in /ot/ but forgot apparently we can't talk about gc stuff there, so basically I know this thread is saying Superstraight isn't 4chans work but is it a coincidence then that the colors and subreddit header look like the Pornhub logo?

No. 1179469

I fall for this every time lmfaooo. Why can't my hand just relax

No. 1179470

He does not want to be sexually objectified. He wants to be wanted as much as he wishes men/women wanted him as a woman, but clearly never will.

>KIDS should be okay with being sexualized because I wish that were ME!

>Except I only think I want to be lusted after like an object with no control over my own body, because as a man I can only think from my own selfish, perverted perspective that focuses solely on my own sexual gratification, literal children and actual women fuck off bc I wanna be the hottest hottie that all the silly boys want, teehee~

No. 1179475

even if he did want to it's still from a place of selfish sexist ignorance, the same kind of bullshit if someone said they wanted to experience racism for a fetish. it's insane nobody calls this shit out. it simultaneously belittles what sexism is actually like, as if he would know or have the empathy to realize how fucked this is in the first place.

No. 1179479

This might belong on the FTM thread but formerly man hating Transmen are an interesting case, like is this a form of hatred that becomes fetihization of maleness

No. 1179483

>author of "sissy"
of course he is.

No. 1179484

Isn't this the the guy wrote about how the Orlando shooting was caused by Islamaphobia in the lgbt community

No. 1179490

That's basically true for transwomen too, a lot of it is rooted in hate that becomes a fucked up fetish.

No. 1179495

I would have chosen the pornhub colours myself as a joke even though I hate it and porn in general, what else could represent straight male preferences better? It's kinda funny imo.

Of course, my interpretation of straight people being front and centre of this whole thing is that it's adding an extra layer of irony and shielding LGB from the backlash a bit. I don't think straight men are the true victims of transactivism, but I know they still hate the idea of being trapped etc so this like giving them a chance to be allies in their own self serving way.

No. 1179502

And he only feels safe doing it bc he knows he will never truly be sexualized by cismen that way himself, thus any "objectification" he faced would just be tranny chasers anyway. It feels way like that "sttaight w/ extra steps" meme for FTMs, but re: sexualization amdnim reverse.

No. 1179506

>saying women and vaginas in the same sentence is terfy and wrong

No. 1179576

File: 1615241226467.png (78.96 KB, 705x988, top kek.png)

Omg so sorry I did not link-this post was pinned by mods at some point in the r/superstraightphobia as apaprently its a mic drop on the superstraights being big old meanies but has been unpinned…I guess because a lot of people called out how terrible it is (theres a lot of "comment deleted by moderators" in the thread) heres the link but i posted the whole OP for those who want a good chuckle but dont want to go to reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/superstraightphobic/comments/lzw87e/argument_thread/

No. 1179578

Id love to see proof of "transwomen" getting pregnant kek

No. 1179579

File: 1615241633095.png (212.56 KB, 420x340, Alfrid.png)

He looks like that one character in the hobbit. it is so ugly but somehow fitting tho

No. 1179581

donate your uterus now bigot the transwomen need transplants

No. 1179588


> there have been cases of post-op trans women getting pregnant

what the fuck is this moron smoking

No. 1179594

this is so funny because if someone calls me sir by accident i dont care. most women dont.

I guess the difference is regardless of what anyone says an actual woman will always be biologically female whereas a troon…

No. 1179602

why is it so fucking difficult for trans people to understand that real straight men and lesbians don’t want to suck dick and have sex with males. ffs this is literally all the super straight thing boils down to. trans women need to accept that they are male. if they weren’t male then they wouldn’t be trans. one day i want to ask one of these trans women why they’re so ashamed of being transgender they feel the need to cover it up an insist that they’re “just like cis women” makes me so sad thinking back on the early days of lgbt activism when people clearly understood that transsexual/tranvestites were homosexual men who cross dressed and the medical knowledge didn’t exist to turn them into walking science experiments

No. 1179607

personally i hope these insane trans people keep coming after straight men. this is probably the only way this entitlement is going to stop. especially when it reaches the mainstream public. shame about the backlash the normal lgb community is going to get though

No. 1179610

File: 1615243734781.jpeg (73.31 KB, 1460x225, D5A1CD09-CEC0-4660-BC1E-44B1FB…)

Transphobia is a mental illness, says totally sane, terminally online, reddit janny Bardfinn. He is trying really hard to make this one take off.

He’s probably talking about that one scammer from tiktok. i wonder if he “delivered” the baby yet.

No. 1179611

File: 1615243757870.jpeg (920.59 KB, 1242x1715, 3E0E54D2-E367-482E-ACB4-83F16D…)

No. 1179612

File: 1615243786437.jpeg (143.92 KB, 1242x339, 7008AD1F-4296-4BB3-9354-069713…)

I hate it here

No. 1179617

Narcissism. Its the narcissism.

No. 1179618


TRA orthodoxy demands that guys have to openly admit they would suck a dick same as lesbians apparently have to.

No. 1179619

I guess - ignoring the total nutcases that think they look like lingerie models while being the average middle aged man - the ones that put any effort into "transitioning" magically believe that there'll be a point when they'll be totally passable and go stealth. Realizing that even if you can pass at first glance, people don't want to date you when they find out you're just a guy on a hormone dose completely shatters that fantasy.

No. 1179634

File: 1615245392426.jpeg (432.38 KB, 1242x2389, FE8CF690-B26D-48EA-A56B-C5EFDB…)

The guy that started Superstraight is back. His account got unlocked, and he also started a new one. He is taking the whole credit for having started the trend. And he also opened a gofundme lmao

No. 1179657

>preferences are not sexualities
>body modifications
I mean, I'd consider a rotpocket or a frankendick to be a pretty extreme body modification, so yeah… people can say their preference is not to have sex with man-made genitals.

No. 1179665

Can biological women have just ONE thing? Oh right. We get the misogyny, being made child brides, female genital mutilation, trafficked, raped, murdered, forced pregnancy, forced abortions, stalked, discrimination, on and on and on. Biological women get the absolute worst and troons get high praise. Hell world.

No. 1179671

they're going after the 'non-inclusive' crochet uterus when they really should be going after the Minions key smh

No. 1179709

cool 4chan can seethe, since tiktok kids will back him up.

No. 1179733

File: 1615252480723.jpeg (1018.24 KB, 2580x2390, E3D06024-1DC8-4CE4-9CCF-7070E4…)

kind of old milk but philosophytube’s first video as a twanswoman is super cringe. This was posted in the breadtubers thread, and there was some discussion about how this video is literally just ripping off contrapoint’s video on Justice

No. 1179736

Didn't you see the flags? That's a "trans lesbian" lol.
Literally NO ONE said anything kek we were all just having a good time and I guess the uterus plushies triggered them all into a collective chimp out.
Legends only

No. 1179755

NGL he seems pretty cute

No. 1179781

i mean i agree but weren’t people upthread saying he’s like 16 kek
anon’s a prospective cougar

No. 1179798

I think he’s probably 17. His gfm says he’s currently homeless and staying with his girlfriend. He replied to a comment that was like “good luck getting into college now”, so he must be a senior.

No. 1179834

I wish a radfem with too much time on her hands would make an alt calling out men talking about their dicks vs. women talking about their reproductive organs and things of that nature for not being 'inclusive' and post the results somewhere

No. 1179842

It’s really depressing that showing just faces of women on international women’s day can be considered offensive because it didn’t include a man in it.

No. 1179847

File: 1615262649976.png (213.11 KB, 1154x1556, Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 9.56…)

No. 1179848

File: 1615262715988.png (329.88 KB, 1154x1910, Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 9.57…)

No. 1179850

I unsubscribed from clue and deleted the app as soon as I got this email
This is bullshit like Nikita dragon talking about her “period and period pain”
Bitch you don’t know any thing about periods.

No. 1179855

Isn’t this targeted towards transmen?

No. 1179856

The string bits are likely gauze and i'm going to go out on limb and say that's a catheter.

No. 1179883

File: 1615265614581.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3840x3340, 76CFB956-548F-4113-83A7-CCC3A6…)

They’ve been at it for a while, just look at their instagram. That’s why I use Flo instead. Spot the difference.

No. 1179892

Me too.

No. 1179893

having a mensural cycle is the one thing we have as women, we are able to reproduce. But we also have to go through so much pain such as mensural cramps, heavy bleeding, pregnancy nausea, and the pain of child birth. Why do men have to ruin everything?? Men cannot have periods, and never will be able to. We cant just share this one experience as women without a man trying to take it away from us?

No. 1179896

File: 1615267414707.gif (4.17 MB, 320x240, webeenknew.GIF)

>me scrolling thru reddit
>sees normies peaking in the comments
>me reading peaking stories of men on ovarit
>God answered my prayer on Women's Day >>1175905

super straighty scrotes saved the day fml

No. 1179898

I honestly think they aren't including men (that'd be the "not all women mensturate!!!" talk), but not excluding ftm individuals. Who honestly should get over themselves as well…

No. 1179903

i’m pregnant so i’ve been looking at r/pregnant and i’m so fucking tired of seeing posts like “i’m a ftm and i hate how gendered pregnancy is!!! i’m not a mama, i’m a dad! why are pregnant people gendered???”

i wish they would just get over themselves and realize how ridiculous they’re making themselves out to be.

No. 1179911

File: 1615269006533.png (193.12 KB, 1433x1504, Screenshot_20210309-064613~2.p…)

Oh no, our beloved farm of degenerates is under attack by evil bigots! Quick, donate to their go fund me so they can buy more useless toy…I mean arm themselfs for protection.

No. 1179919

when I was pregnant and went on the mom fb groups I kept seeing a lot of “FTM” posts and getting confused because it actually means “first time mom” and not “female to male”

it’s like the “women aren’t the only ones who have periods!!!” rhetoric but even worse because mothers are the only ones supposed to be bearing children. It’s not natural or normal for your “dad” to give birth to you.

No. 1179920

File: 1615269845825.jpg (191.07 KB, 1200x675, f2eb93e28f_group shot 1200.jpg)

Had to look up what this was, turns its just a bunch of troons and fags Larping as survivalists and farmers

No. 1179929

i thought it was first time mom until one was talking about taking T while pregnant and a bunch chimed in trying to cash in those sweet sweet ally points. some were encouraging her to keep taking the hormones. that kid is gonna come out all fucked up, not only psychologically but physically.

No. 1179938

There hasn't been much research done regarding the bodies of Trans men children but I'm assuming the exposure to the Testosterone could lead to some developmental issues

No. 1179955


Women taking testosterone is basically self-induced PCOS which is strongly linked to problem pregnancy.

>Women with PCOS are three times more likely to have a miscarriage, as compared to women who don't have PCOS. They are also more likely to develop preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and have a larger baby and premature delivery. This could lead to difficulty during delivery or a cesarean delivery.

Imagine opting into THREE TIMES higher miscarriage rate because you want to be a mom but you want to keep your scraggly neckbeard more

No. 1179957

OH shit sorry for derail, I saw these buff boiz >>1179920 and thought this was the FtM thread

No. 1179963

File: 1615278953685.png (124.11 KB, 604x332, kekkeke.png)

Troon getting doubly mad that not only a lesbian has thanked the superstraight sub, but that a lesbian has the audacity to thank straight people befoer thanking a troon for defending their lesbianism.

And they really are dumb enough to ask what they did to deserve this kek.

No. 1179979

Hmmm, good question. What did you do to deserve this? Could it be the rape and death threats you send to lesbians when they say they don't want to suck dick? Could it be invading lesbian dating apps? Could it be the constant harrassment? Could it be the fetishization and co-optation of their sexuality? I truly can't figure it out.

No. 1179987

File: 1615285913560.png (92.96 KB, 720x554, Screenshot_20210309-153114.png)

And the comments are also atrocious

No. 1179993

File: 1615287000733.jpg (63.96 KB, 1080x391, 20210309_114913.jpg)

On twitter.

Hello gay women, did you forget you are just straight with preferences? Here's a nice fella to remind you.

No. 1179996

Blaire White chimes in on the SuperStraight issue, and he sides with the supers. He has his own thread, but I don't feel this is worth bumping it for, since this isn't really about him but the whole twitter outrage.

TL;DW : "Why are people that make up shit like demi-, gyno- and sapiosexual mad that someone made a sexuality? Trans people need to get over themselves."

No. 1179997

File: 1615287829282.png (75.25 KB, 340x311, cringe.png)

Blair is the kinda troon who thinks if he just acts like "one of the good ones" he will get a pass. It's really desperate.

Somehow I have even less respect for troons who try to be conservatives cause they have a fetish for turning straight conservative men into chasers than for the loud and proud lefty degenerates.

It just seems super disingenous to openly advocate against your own interests in order to get some simp bucks and a pat on the back because "hey, he kinda passes and he has the same opinions we straight people do!" If you are so based and redpilled you wouldn't still pretend you are a woman.

No. 1180003

>newly made accounts with fake stories
>new accounts
The cope. r/superstraight mods encourage subs to use accounts that can’t be linked back to them so they don’t get doxxed

No. 1180006


They absolutely hate anon/alt accounts because they don't get to play their favorite blood sport of trying to get dissenters doxxed and fired.

No. 1180007

File: 1615291601399.jpg (68.01 KB, 1080x481, Screenshot_20210309-225100__01…)

I keked a little too hard at this

No. 1180034

File: 1615296595950.jpg (126.65 KB, 828x1792, yd49d1h9sxl61.jpg)

Saw this on /r/Superstraight

Troons really are just incels with rage

No. 1180036

File: 1615296690040.png (17.15 KB, 908x116, reddit.png)

samefag to add this

No. 1180038

Male moment. I don’t understand that we as women like to denounce “yes all men” but men are just psychopathic ticking bombs, when they don’t get what they want they turn into a raging, flailing testosterone monster who threatens rape and to kill people but it’s just boys being boys, anon, just let them say abhorrent stuff and get away with it. Female separation needs to happen soon, or picrel will be normalcy in our daily lives

Also, I’m still surprised that the superstraight subreddit is still up, it amazes me how long people can go with their amazing optics.

No. 1180040

They accidentally banned then unbanned a bunch of subs yesterday. I think another banwave is coming and they will get it in there along with the related subs since AHS has their foot on their neck and it’s their top mod’s current obsession. he admits to doing little more from morning to night than to make reports about it for the past three days. And to be fair they are making it easy because the mods seem oblivious to the poltards who are trying to be covert.

No. 1180042

File: 1615297767617.png (357.91 KB, 759x798, 2021-03-09.png)

No. 1180044

File: 1615297915679.png (106.33 KB, 725x697, 2021-03-09-2.png)

No. 1180047

These tards need to learn that you can't be included in every single thing ever. Not everything is meant for YOU! I wonder if participation prizes are the root to this thing where everyone must be included everywhere or else you're a racist bigot and whateverelse.

No. 1180048

File: 1615298451687.png (541.14 KB, 720x1222, Screenshot_20210309-185432.png)

Now compare with the Top Pinned post r/SuperStraight, which is a donation link to a womens shelter

I suspect one of the mods maybe a radfem

No. 1180052

It's funny how these people can exclude "terfs" and other people they don't like and no one bats an eye

No. 1180053

Well, most troons have the emotional/mental maturity of a toddler. So they think the real world operates like a kindergarten lol.

No. 1180054

This mental midgetry is so stupid.
Of course they're using fake accounts when they'd just get brigaded and banned if they used their real ones. Thank krishna there are still anonymous imageboards.

No. 1180057

Tiktok already banned the superstraight hashtag, probably won't be long til the subreddits gone. It's so crazy how less then 1% of the population holds the rest of it hostage.

No. 1180059

File: 1615300447273.png (198.84 KB, 794x1438, traitor.png)

>natal woman
>married to a troon "woman"
>has a trans child
>thinks babies can be trans

Why do women do this? I consider women like this to be traitors. Completely unhinged.

How the fuck would you, even by your own retarded logic, possibly know if a baby is trans? Do you hold a plushie dick and a plushie uterus infront of them and whichever one the baby reaches for is it's gender identity?


No. 1180064

Women are more oversocialized, yadda yadda, you know the drill. If she were ever to tell her troon partner to fuck off and stay away from her you can expect her decaying bod found in a river on the local news. It’s either stay or get killed by deranged scrotes.

No. 1180068

She's a TRA who writes books about trans children. Is her troon-husband-wife forcing her to do that too? Holding a gun to her head while she writes tweet after tweet about how babies can be trans? Nah. Some women are just hopeless handmaidens.

No. 1180073

Being a normie straight mom to your child doesn't get you woke clout - if she wasn't a "lesbian trans ally" she'd just be another Karen.

No. 1180074

Yeah agree about this. She seems to be a terminal munchie, not a battered wife like the one who got slapped with a bloody dilator and took xanax to be able to lick rotten frankengina. Some people are just fucked in the head and love the attention they get by being the "hero mom" fighting for her kid's right to be irreversibly mutilated and psychologically tortured.

No. 1180075

Absolutely are traitors. Makes me sick.

Keep showing your pedophilia, troon. Hope this fucker gets banned and investigated. I worry for our kids, I truly do. Not only are they being groomed but also sexually harassed probably on a daily. There's no telling how many kids are subjected to this that don't come out about it.

No. 1180076

same sorta sick energy as the mother of those microcephalic girls. Does she also post pictures of her brave and stunning transspawn?

No. 1180079

This woman and her troon male partner deserve to be put in prison, this Isn't hyperbole in anyway this is a child's life they and ruining and destroying, the fact this is even allowed to happen Is a crime against the mother goddess and the world, If anyone I knew IRL supported this "trans babies" bullshit I would stop talking to them and cut them out of my life

I am so angry reading this

No. 1180087

File: 1615303624347.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.18 KB, 333x499, images (3).jpeg)

Samefag, this is the cover of her book, her "Trans daughter" in girls bathing suit at the beach

This is beyond disgusting and pedophilic

No. 1180091

File: 1615303820620.png (283.07 KB, 572x518, 1.PNG)

No. 1180093

It's crazy how people don't get how SO many troons groom everyone around them. I love how once one person troons out (usually the dad) in a family, suddenly EVERYONE becomes a troon. A toddler picks up a barbie and suddenly, "he's a trans toddler", babies can be trans. I'm waiting for the first legit trans animal.

No. 1180098

File: 1615305220413.jpg (104.52 KB, 1200x694, help.jpg)

wait no more, anon! even YOUR pet can be a troon

No. 1180099

Its wher Kevin lives. KF has an extensive discussion on the Tranch in Kev’s thread.

No. 1180100

I feel that's accurate for 99% of cases(see majority of Trans widow stories) however this is a rare case where the woman exploited her husbands degeneracy to become a woke queer figure and gain fame and notoriety, now if it was just these 2 POS I wouldn't care but they have kids, an 11 year who suffered from depression and bullying at school who they convinced he was trans

This is not right

No. 1180101

File: 1615305498017.jpg (52.02 KB, 500x500, 7aO3PGp.jpg)

No. 1180103

Terf really is just the new bitch/witch/cunt/etc.

No. 1180110

c'mon don't be so retarded it's a troll/bait post. yes, those exist even on tumblr.

No. 1180112

Someone (probably a tranny) in the superstraight subreddit complained about how the woman's shelter the subreddit is donating to doesn't help trans women. His most used subreddit? r/pissinghentai. The jokes write themselves at this point

No. 1180113

File: 1615306420713.jpg (161.05 KB, 2048x709, afay27aivqy41.jpg)

Reminds me of this little troon fantasy comic,(though this was made by a FTM though)

No. 1180118

File: 1615306727493.jpg (2.11 MB, 1708x2340, 21-03-09-10-15-47-993_deco.jpg)

Late one day but KEK. The Bratz social media team would dedicate International Women's Day with a Sophie tribute.

No. 1180119

yes i know anon, my post was a lighthearted joke. kek

No. 1180120

And then everyone clapped

No. 1180121

His maleness is really showing there. Idk I always get a hearty kek from angry troons because they start spewing such hateful, misogynistic, rapey, threatening, degrading shit that absolutely no woman would ever say. Really goes to show how titty skittles and spinny skirts don't magically erase years of male socialisation and entitlement.

No. 1180125

Oh boy, do I have the sub for you!


No. 1180135

This totally happened

No. 1180136

File: 1615309059282.png (879.67 KB, 2048x545, FIXED.png)

I have tried to make this comic a little more realistic.

No. 1180139

Fucking Gold anon

No. 1180140

No. 1180148

Terf and Karen are both just stand-in terms for "roastie".

I've seen this exact same fucking scene done a billion times yet I'm pretty sure it has never happened in real life. It's always the butch protective cis girlfriend and the feminine fragile troon girlfriend dynamic too, happened in that stupid wachowski power fantasy TV show too. Also notice how it's always evil WAHMEN guilty of ~transphobia~ and never men.

No. 1180157

>FTM's comics
>villans are all women
She needs to work on how obviously she hates herself.

No. 1180165

File: 1615311710547.jpeg (47.16 KB, 939x326, images (4).jpeg)

You're right, the primary antagonist in all her comics is always just a "Karen"

No. 1180176

The troon fears the Karen. Kek

No. 1180181

does this retard really think normal people cannot tell a butch/masculine/ugly woman from a man pretending to be one? Delusional

No. 1180186

>Terf and Karen are both just stand-in terms for "roastie"
Fucking based and pinkpilled

No. 1180188

File: 1615313336976.jpg (40.19 KB, 590x497, thisguy.JPG)

just saw this on twitter

No. 1180190

this is a quite lengthy post, but it puts into words how this all feels(imageboard)

No. 1180202

>the one who got slapped with a bloody dilator and took xanax to be able to lick rotten frankengina

Hold up. What?

No. 1180203

It's even more delusional they think women will just confront troons alone on the street or in the bathroom. No one will tell a 190 cm crossdresser to leave the room, you just want to get out unnoticed and alive.

No. 1180206

File: 1615315524477.jpg (714.88 KB, 768x1226, lifesnotfair_02.jpg)

Christ that's fucked up. Troons really have no sense of humanity

No. 1180207

Of course in both the transes are portrayed as just minding their business when the evil terf/karen stand-in just has to jump in

No. 1180210

>no i will not put my child on puberty blockers and pay for their voluntary genital mutilation surgery
>this means i am a terrible person and an entitled parent and deserve to die alone
these guys are weird

No. 1180212

Wow they are so so angry. Just like men.

No. 1180216


If your kid troons out you have to get with the program or get disowned and shrieked about. It's a hostage situation.

No. 1180221

I just want to puke right now.I hope no child will drink this.

No. 1180223

The future TRAs want is that if you refuse, your kid is taken from you by child services. Buy your son estrogen and pay for his surgery, bigot.

No. 1180229

File: 1615316418080.png (41.04 KB, 772x473, sfasfasfa.png)

They'll just say "oh, you're saying women with perversions aren't women, bigot?", just like they reach for infertile women whenever reproduction comes up. Ignoring that women very rarely are genuinely openly depraved, if it's not a performance for male bucks.

No. 1180232

File: 1615316479653.png (361.23 KB, 680x678, EtFjYnnW4AMfeAQ.png)

No. 1180238

rape threats #justgirlythings

No. 1180266

File: 1615319126338.jpeg (280.18 KB, 1124x1769, 1F6CDB9F-C27A-414E-A21B-DE12EB…)

Name is blocked out for whatever reason, but Reddit user CIA_Grade_LSD coming at ya with rape threats! Totally normal, ladies! Nothing to see here!

No. 1180284

cutting off your parents isn't as glamorous or epicly amazing as these retards make it look. trannies will be pushed to do this and then feel even worse than they did before, not understanding why going no contact wasn't the best choice.
when your own kind pushes you to 50%

No. 1180294

File: 1615321823602.jpg (73.71 KB, 442x694, f4k53wgodvk61.jpg)

Don't worry, straight women are here to save the day! (found on r/"actuallesbians")

No. 1180296

You know what fuck these bitches, these women who knowingly and willingly get into relationships with troons deserve girl dick

No. 1180304

So r/actuallesbians is just lesbian preggo porn fantasies now, huh? Another female only sub that became degenerate coomer trash

No. 1180310

>using an anime little girl as representation of the hulking ogre in a wig
Classic. I hope that idiot enjoys the years of abuse with the perverted bastard.

No. 1180322

You know a man wrote this because no doctor would say "no chance of being pregnant" even gold star lesbians get a pregnancy test. You could be a virgin and they'll still treat you like it's a possibility

No. 1180339

seconded, this type of muh dick teeheehee memes are the core of scrote humor but who knows really every female is brainwashed looks like.

No. 1180359

File: 1615326566434.png (557.41 KB, 1083x1390, Contra.png)

No. 1180366

I love how the superstraights are trolling like this and also doing awesome things like donating to that Vancouver Rape Relief Center, and getting messages from LGB people who are genuinely happy to speak out. I hope Reddit doesn't kill that sub too soon, it's one of the few worth going to on there right now.

No. 1180369

Not trying to say this did happen, but it sounds like you have shit doctors, because I’ve only had to take a pregnancy test for Accutane (legally required in the US) since telling doctors I was gay.
sage for blogpost, but seriously fuck your doctors.

No. 1180371

See snow/res/1163786

No. 1180401

Fucking this.
No matter how many times I tell my gyno I'm not sexually active, in an amount of years that gets longer each time they ask, I still have to take a pregnancy test

No. 1180407

Yeah it happened, a wife was posting on Reddit about her MTF husband who made her give him head after SRS and had a meltdown when the axe wound smelled so bad the wife almost gagged. Then she had to take xanax to be able to handle the smell because he only wanted oral. He also threw a fit during a dilating session and whacked her across the face with the bloodied dilator. The poor woman was still trying to explain it away like "h-he didn't really hit hit me though!" and that the rotting pus and fluids causing the smell was "just a yeast infection". The posts in question:

No. 1180427

File: 1615332376562.png (63.2 KB, 910x338, christ.png)

this subreddit never fails to make me feel ill
cannot imagine being only 24 and dating a 35 year old man AND putting up with this

No. 1180449

if this was a hetero relationship no one would be hesitating to tell her to get the fuck out. life is too short to be crying about how your sex life is dead. i don’t care if she knew about the potential of a lowered libido or not. she shouldn’t have to settle and cope with absolutely no sex. fuck that.

No. 1180470

Oh god, I wish I hadn't asked. Jesus fucking christ. Those posts broke my heart.

No. 1180528

any caps? it was deleted

No. 1180529

File: 1615342868060.png (228.2 KB, 1632x1712, dfhsf.png)

No. 1180569

File: 1615345563752.jpeg (88.64 KB, 639x893, EwDC5pGWYAIQciH.jpeg)

A brave woman walking at a protest march on the 8th!

No. 1180570

File: 1615345658716.png (46.28 KB, 1918x418, 296cfbf7750f83dd941d4fd5e4325a…)

there it goes. we did it reddit we silenced the straight guys and lesbians

No. 1180571

File: 1615345687136.jpeg (Spoiler Image,131.43 KB, 716x1089, EwDC5pJWYAEA1px.jpeg)

"Who for a black kiss?" All this show in the same place where women and girls were remembering their friends and relatives who were victims of male violence

No. 1180572

omg, it's anorectal violence-kun

No. 1180573

Reddit once again proving what a garbage site it is. In good news, the Superstraight subreddit raised over 4K for the Vancouver shelter before Reddit shut it down. It's still going on if any of you wanted to throw a few bucks in.


No. 1180574

Oh shit, I hope there’s big time backlash.

No. 1180579

Expectations vs reality, troon comics edition

Expectation: Typical strawmanning of “mean and invalidating” people acting like crazy non-socialized meanies to the cool, collected, and rational self-insert who is also the savior of mankind, also heckin cute, stunning and brave.
Reality: The troon making the comic represents the crazy loon antagonist in every IRL or online interaction, massive lack of self-awareness and projection is at max levels.

No. 1180580

welcome to reddit where rape porn is allowed but people not wanting to fuck trannies is banned

No. 1180582

Aw, she should take it as a sign from God that her husband should be cheated out of love, happiness, money, and oxygen and leave that waste of space for good, kek

No. 1180584

i'm fucking pissed. it's one of the subreddit i go to now, it's really, really unfair. there's a lot of subreddits that promotes actual hatred towards a certain group, super straight barely does that and it sucks that whenever i see it discussed in other subreddits, a lot of troons and others tends to create fear and false information to people who aren't aware of its creation.

i hope the other super lesbian subreddit will be okay, since the first one was banned very quickly. but i'm not optimistic. i doubt they'd banned superstraightphobic though and the members are definitely celebrating right now.

No. 1180589

I hope there's the creation of a genuine supersexual forum or community outside reddshit, so they can document the shit trannies do, and to let normies know what some of them are supporting by gassing up those ugly human rejects.

No. 1180591

That’s the first time I’ve seem them actually try to “explain” why they banned a sub in the title page. I don’t remember that being a thing when GC was banned. Trying to get ahead of the backlash?

No. 1180594

No. 1180598

File: 1615349518320.jpg (131.32 KB, 1080x761, 30be6d66a40ccb17de45b9edf935f5…)

Fucking kek. Count me in.

No. 1180600

Almost at 5k now. So glad this at least came out of it.

No. 1180601

It was fun while it lasted and seemed to open some people's eyes to the plight of women and specifically lesbians, so not all is lost.
Once it's off leddit, it's unfortunately going to be full of /pol/lutants.

No. 1180602

Just went over 5K. There's women posting it on Spinster too.

No. 1180607

Sage for OT but to me Super Straight represented something important, what leftist online spaces used to be like, before the rise of the degenerate dirtbag left and the troons, libfems and soyboys of breadtube

online leftist spaces were just something else, they were much smaller but they had a more diverse array of people (men and women, gay and straight, black, white, Indian and Hispanic) and we would discuss social issues, what we could do with our limited resources, activism and in those spaces real hateful speech like racism, sexism and any specifics of violence against women would you get banned

Now you compare that with twitter leftism or spaces like r/ChapoTrapHouse and you see nothing more then a much of degenerates spewing hate, talking about cat girl skittles and how much they hate their Chud parents of analyzing random films

The super straight subreddit reminded me so much of those spaces that I used to love

No. 1180619

Damn do u think the 30k unsubs came from 2Xchromosomes after the troon parade? The SuperSt sub was at 29.6k before being deleted!

No. 1180626

File: 1615352999430.jpeg (185.73 KB, 446x671, E9A76C9F-C2D0-4EB5-814D-2748E2…)

the autogynesmile on this

No. 1180634

This is horrifying, please spoiler it, I will get nightmares.

No. 1180635

r-rEeEeEe tHaT's wHiTe fEmInIsM

No. 1180639

I went to reddit for r/superlesbian but when I tried to search it. It was gone.

No. 1180640

did BardFinn CP bomb that sub too?

No. 1180642

It was banned for ban evasion- basically, they banned the other super- subs first and then used that as an excuse to ban super_lesbians so they wouldn't look like they're explicitly banning it for "hate"/could justify it by saying that the people from the previously banned super-subs had migrated there

No. 1180644

This has gone on too long alright, the entire neo liberal world order wants to defend troons for some pathetic reason, and I can't see this ending anything but poorly

People will reach their breaking points, I know In have

No. 1180673

Gender Critical had <60k subs and was super active before it was banned, I assume a lot were refugees from there. It did get a lot of normies/men involved but people who peaked long ago were no doubt eager to join

No. 1180674

no doubt

No. 1180675

I mean >60k subs, can't remember exactly though

No. 1180691

I hope this makes people finally see how pathetic Reddit is, and they leave en masse

No. 1180693

File: 1615359542085.webm (7.35 MB, 1280x720, final_6048698a14536f01059b3483…)

Same, I'm so fucking tired of the mass degeneracy. That subreddit was a brief and sweet escape. Hopefully the tide will turn in the upcoming months, and this was just the bud of a new trend.

No. 1180696

This shit is fucking creepy. Seriously it's so coordinated. Shut down all dissent, the news will frame it as bigotry, fill every movie and show with trans propaganda… And on top of everything, we're quarantined thanks to covid. You know what that means, right? Aside from troons already barely leaving the house, it's now less likely people will encounter them irl, aka the reality of this issue. So all they are fed is the propaganda in movies, everywhere. Hell it's even in schools. Sorry to sperg but wtf is happening? I'm starting to think this is even bigger than we knew. Like, this is hugely coordinated and to what end exactly?

No. 1180698

samefagging, forgot something. Google even hid away r/Superstraight from the first results if you searched it. You had to go out of your way a bit. This was within a day of its creation. I saw someone on the sub reference this but their comment was deleted in seconds. I kind of doubt they removed it themselves when all others were up.

No. 1180703

Modern civilization as we know it is on the decline. Watch the documentary “ The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. It’s mostly due to big tech companies not being regulated enough, and the idiots behind these corporations who will do anything for money. Not to mention, Godlessness and affluence apparently don’t mix well. The rest, socially, is just down to lemming-normies parroting and tolerating anything the talking heads tell them to. Authoritarian propaganda, gatekeeping, manipulating, and censorship tactics dictate public opinion.

No. 1180704

Thanks, I just still don't understand why this fucking obvious insanity and lies are being pushed with such confidence?? I'll take it to the tinfoil thread though I guess. Thanks for the rec

No. 1180705

File: 1615360935704.png (46.38 KB, 870x252, 03502113.PNG)

Funny you should say that.

No. 1180708

After all the research regarding hormone treatments on women came out big pharma needed a new clientele, trans people filled those shoes perfectly. Get a bunch of mentally ill people depending on your expensive meds for a lifetime and watch the money roll in. It's a huge, huge money maker.

Also Sue Donym's posts got removed from Medium but she detailed it in this one, still found archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20190209001540/https://medium.com/@sue.donym1984/inauthentic-selves-the-modern-lgbtq-movement-is-run-by-philanthropic-astroturf-and-based-on-junk-d08eb6aa1a4b

No. 1180709

>got removed from Medium
fucking hell, this is my point. Shit is getting dark

No. 1180710

if feminism don't include men, it isn't feminism kek

No. 1180712

imo it's only a matter of time before there is widespread backlash from detrans, not just the rest of us. Men are cutting off their dicks, women are cutting off their boobs, children are having their puberty messed up by hormones, barely any of them pass, they lose their libidos and eventually they are going to realize how badly they (or their parents), and the medical industry, fucked up. I don't know how the ideology itself will be affected, but I think the permanent, physical damage being done to people who will inevitably end up regretting it is going to be a huge problem.

And, of course, we all know who will be blamed in the end - women, gay people and feminism. My only comfort is thinking of straight male AGPs suffering the rest of their lives with a rotting necrotic hole and absolutely nobody wanting to touch it, not even them.

No. 1180713

It's on Substack now, if you want to keep up with her other writings. https://suedonym.substack.com/p/inauthentic-selves-the-modern-lgbtq

No. 1180714

File: 1615361953724.jpeg (47.73 KB, 421x750, 46EE2AA8-7DFA-4148-8789-37D420…)

This makes a lot of sense. Okay I'll be shutting up now in case it's derailing (doubtful because this is highly relevant to the Superstraight debacle). The things we see in this thread alone are incidents of what you say and worse. So I guess it really is a matter of time.

No. 1180715

> women, gay people and feminism.

Fml, hell world.

No. 1180716

I actually fear we will be be dealing with this for another 4 year in America and when we reach our breaking points I think people will vote in the most extreme right winger they can find, I see a similar change happening thoughout Europe, many have predicted that Macron will lose the next elections and many right wing parties like the Young Finss Party is rising

We will see the end of neo liberalism in our lifetime

No. 1180723

>GamerGate is Silicon Valley white programmers despite it opposing a clique of indie devs, journalists, and neogaf professionals in San Francisco or California
That post is real detached.

No. 1180724

File: 1615364141203.jpg (6.92 KB, 382x226, let-me-die-a-woman-19781.jpg)

my personal retarded theory? Population growth zero, being pushed by the elites who think they know better for us rabbles' future. SRS, hormone therapy, and puberty blockers being the go-to "treatment" for this mental illness, funny how they all result in some level of infertility.

My less retarded, less coordinated theory? Widespread acceptance of drag coupled with incel-type men feeling "left behind" by modern society, hoping to become the boss bitches, Karens, and loli anime that they so despise/desire. There were always trannies, they just didn't used to be such shit heaps. Back in the oldest of days what they wanted most of all was to just stealth into being women, so they put in effort, acted like normal women of their era, and didn't kick up a lot of fuss. They were always certifiably insane, but now they're empowered and it's gotten REALLY weird.

No. 1180728

Nta, but I agree with both of you. I can't help but think of it in accelerationist terms and wonder if that's anything, to speed it up to it's logical end. Has there been a lot more women peaking or joining rad spaces?

Sage for not milk

No. 1180734

tell me again how trannies are the most oppressed group of people in the world? they literally get whatever they want in record time, as shown by the massive retard shitfit they've had over people simply not wanting to date them. people don't need to explain why they don't want trannies because it's obvious as to why, but they're used to people just bending at the knee for them instantly

as for vulnerable, did we all see the same threats of rape and murder or are we pretending that didn't exist too? annoying ugly mfs, we still don't want you near us and no amount of force or silencing will change it

No. 1180738

File: 1615368261956.jpg (900.31 KB, 965x1500, TeenHo.jpg)

No. 1180748

really good read holy shit
if all of these trannies are seemingly unemployed and homeless and e-begging on twitter you really wonder how the fuck they're getting the money to afford this shit

No. 1180749

please make it stop, please make the degeneracy stop, im begging u

No. 1180806

File: 1615376640111.png (34.02 KB, 614x265, 1.PNG)

A dude on twitter asked for someone to explain how it's "transphobic" to have a preference, so this person goes, "it's not, but if you exclude trans people with the genitals you like it is" so you CANNOT prefer cis genitals on cis people. You have to accept neo-genitals or else you are transphobic.
So these are the choices you have.

1. Force yourself to stay with someone you DO NOT want to be with because you don't want to be seen as transphobic. Just force yourself to see their genitals as the same as "Cis" peoples. Just force yourself to do something you don't want to do and waste your own and their time being fake.


2. Break it off with the person who lied to you about who they were in the first place, because you do not want to date a trans person and only want to date a cis person.

If you pick anything but 1 you are transphobic. So if they don't have a dick there's NO excuse. People say all day it's never okay to feel guilted or shamed into sexual/romantic relationships. That it's wrong, if a person makes you feel that way then you need to leave that person alone. Yet when it's a trans person it does not matter. If they have the genitals you like, despite how they look and work totally different, do it or be transphobic.

No. 1180809

File: 1615377106392.jpg (447.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210309-213234_Twi…)

I just had to appeal these two tweets. Why on earth do people think they are entitled to sex? And that liking certain bodies is KiLlInG Us?

No. 1180816

>Back in the oldest of days what they wanted most of all was to just stealth into being women, so they put in effort, acted like normal women of their era, and didn't kick up a lot of fuss.

Back in the olden days trannies couldn't get the horse piss unless they were HSTS. If the guy wasn't a girly-looking gay dude who wanted to pass for a normal straight woman, he wasn't getting anywhere. Docs weren't handing out free sex changes to hairy middle-aged scrotes who thought they could become anime catgirl lesbians.

But now that the medical establishment has abandoned all this ""gatekeeping"" and the media is on their side, all the catgirl wannabes are flooding into the community. And since they don't pass and never will, they have to harass and threaten everyone else into pretending to see them as women.

No. 1180828

File: 1615382231308.jpg (Spoiler Image,319.78 KB, 1388x908, e6y2z10.jpg)

>if she tells you she´s trans and has the genitals you prefer

No. 1180830

File: 1615382594568.jpg (90.01 KB, 1000x1000, reversible-octopus-mini-blue-t…)

I like how on many you can actually just see where the penis was inverted like some arts& crafts project. Such natural grace, very convincing.

No. 1180842

Gynecologists can’t tell the difference! It’s nice to know not everyone is a gynecologist so that we can see the differences for them.

No. 1180843

I saw this too. I had to scroll down the page to actually find it. It's terrifying. Google isn't letting people find alternative websites either.

No. 1180851

Reminder these aren't just Internet randos and obscure writers, these are award-winning and celebrated authors, activists, and one is an tenured professor

No. 1180865

All i see is mutilation. Castrations

No. 1180871

I feel like in another 10-15 years, the generation that comes after Gen Z is going to make fun of their elders for having a xe/xem bun/bunself stargender phase. I think being trans is basically the 2010s/early 2020s equivalent of having a punk/goth phase, and obviously all trends eventually die out. Gen Z is already making fun of millennials for being too obsessed with Harry Potter and whatnot. I don't think that the mere progression of history will entirely eliminate troons (particularly if pornsick narcissists with AGP continue to groom young autistic men) but I think being trans as a fad will fade over time.

No. 1180873

aw man i was eating

No. 1180876

What has lead to the rise of troons was the status quo of neo liberalism, and neo liberalism is as its breaking points as of now in the western world

No. 1180881

>changed the pop scene forever
Literally who

No. 1180886

I want to send this to a coupe of people but it’s SO long omg something so long is probably not the best introduction to this stuff

No. 1180887

File: 1615390735711.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)

But how much longer anons? I can't believe that I waste my youth ("the best time of your life!!1") being confronted and surround by this insanity? I was naive to think that tumblr kids will grow out of this bullshit in like 2017, but years later and it got worse? I knew the reddit sub would be deleted sooner or later but you could tell that there is HUGE demand on talking about the troon craze and other things related to that, people are not blind on that anymore - they want answers. I want this garbage to end and I want everything media related (online or offline) to stop telling me how ~fluid~ everything is and that the new normal person has twenty pronouns and that EVERYBODY signed up for supporting this delusion without being asked.


No. 1180888

It's not that deep. Newer trannies are almost all terminally online with their entire social networks on social media such as reddit (hence why they trooned out) and as such easily claim mod positions, start discord servers, etc. They are also overrepresented in tech and are more likely to aggressively push an agenda/get changes like those on reddit made compared to real women because of their male socialization. That's it. Groups of people who spend their entire waking hours online and often end up in positions where they can shape what happens online are going to have outsized influence on what happens online. Don't like it? Enter tech or work on getting more libs to peak.

No. 1180894

imo literally the best way to mass peak is to encourage trannies to get as bold as possible, particularly with straight people. most normies are only supportive of trannies insofar as they think they are pitiable mentally ill weak fem gay men. theyre doing their best to do indoctrination thru media before getting too bold, but maybe missteps could be coordinated somehow.
i feel you anon, its bananas how much worse its gotten. i legit thought it would just peter out. guess its too profitable.

No. 1180899

I don't think anyone prefers bolt-ons and a festering Franken-wound but ok

No. 1180904

I’ve been following this thread since the beginning. I’m always at a loss of words, and I don’t know what to write.

I can’t wait until their wounds start going septic lol

No. 1180905

It’s not going to peter out. There is literally too much money being poured in on this stuff. And not only that, it’s been centered in, and is piggybacking off gay and lesbian legislation. Not to be a doomer, but the best you can do is wake up those around you and protect yourself.

No. 1180906

File: 1615392850836.jpg (63.8 KB, 680x661, EtFjf1nXYAsXkGA.jpeg.jpg)

It's actually really insulting how they interpret people wanting their partner to have natural, female genitals as "the absence of a penis". A vagina isn't just a hole, but of course I shouldn't expect anything but grade A misogyny from these people.

No. 1180912

In my country (Norway) some people wanted saying “pregnant women” to be banned in medical institutions because it’s discriminatory towards troons. Some women spoke up in a news article, and lots of troons, men and retarded biological women started screeching “PRIVILEGED TERFS” as if we’re the villains.

Women, even in Norway, still face extreme amounts of sexism in every section of life, as well as in health care.
We literally can’t have a single thing for ourselves. Can’t wait until men demand to be tested for PCOS, endometriosis, breast cancer and cervical cancer.

No. 1180914

It’s hard to do when buying into ‘gender’ has been tacitly accepted as a requirement for being a good non-bigoted person by so many people. I want to put feelers out for other sane people irl, but I don’t even know where to begin without alienating myself from everyone I know. So I tried to look up online radfem communities and of course the first page of results was just scathing articles about evil terfs.

No. 1180917

>Can’t wait until men demand to be tested for PCOS, endometriosis, breast cancer and cervical cancer.

Get ready to wait even longer for your mammograms ladies, the men will soon also be getting them just to be gender affirming and give them euphoria so the waiting list is twice as long.

No. 1180918

my irl experience of finding like minded people is literally just waiting for a straight man to say something “transphobic” lmao it’s bullshit. I’ve yet to encounter a woman that will be even slightly open about it. My social circle is unfortunately very accepting of ~trans~ people and I’m just not ready for the social suicide of flat out saying my beliefs so I just avoid those topics altogether, find excuses to exist the conversation when it comes up, etc.

No. 1180920

And imagine that at some point you will only have trannies as gyno's …

oh btw here in germany they wanted to change the german name of gyno (Frauenarzt/Woman's doctor) into something like "Doctor for people who birth" or something like this.

No. 1180922

> Social suicide

Not only that. They might try to destroy your career; call into your work or uni and say that you’re a terrible oppressive woman that harm trans people.

No. 1180923

A only one of these looks like it could remotely pass as a vulva at first glance. Why does only one (I think 2 pics of the same one) have a clitoral hood? Have these surgeons never seen a woman?

No. 1180925

I hope they 41% themselves before the world comes to that.

No. 1180926

Not to be an ass but men can still get breast cancer. I wonder if troons made themselves more susceptible to it by using horse piss? I bet they'll jump the line, of course.

This thread both breaks my heart and instills me with hope because you WOMEN exist. Thank fuck for that.

No. 1180930


You can always start with your parents.

No. 1180933

This sound absolutely vile but it's true based on my experience: whenever women are dealing with actual women's issues like period pain, pregnancy, gynecological stuff and so on, they tend to jump on the soft terf topics when you bring them up. Stuff like renaming women's clinics to idek to what they wanna name them as that shit is also been suggested where I live and it's disgusting everytime women actually remember they go through actual struggles that men give no fucks about yet want to larp as them…they tend to peak. Sounds manipulative but I peaked during my own gynecological struggles I still struggle with and no friend of mine has been able to keep their mouth shut whenever they see this "birth giving person" bullshit. Sorry for blog, I'll take the ban or whatever.

No. 1180937

nta but I can't think of any Major Women's rights group that I know that hasn't been colonized by troons, I used to think that this was just with white women but the Black female groups I know cape hard for black trannies more then anyone, its pathetic whats happening and that we can't do anything about this

No. 1180943

No I absolutely agree with you, this was more about women in your own circles, friends and people who feel okay venting to you. Fucking sucks ass though, took one look at a support group online and saw a few troonposts, I will deal with my shit alone then, thank you sir.

No. 1180949

Was about to comment that actually HRT for troons makes their chances of getting breast cancer skyrocket. Some of them actually have to quit taking it due to the risk being so big. But synthetic hormones are totally safe and I guess breast cancer is validating gender euphoria.

No. 1180951

>most normies are only supportive of trannies insofar as they think they are pitiable mentally ill weak fem gay men. theyre doing their best to do indoctrination thru media before getting too bold, but maybe missteps could be coordinated somehow.
Most supportive normies are only so because if they aren't those lose their jobs.

No. 1180952

File: 1615397932758.jpeg (29.51 KB, 400x400, 3D78CF80-35EA-49D2-9CB0-FE650B…)

Oh lord. So women who can’t do anything about getting cancer, is pushed back in line because troons want to take hormones to ruin their bodies? The world is getting more and more bleak, day by day

No. 1180956

This troon lurks /tttt/ just so you all know. He’s just some insecure white dude who’s followers are mostly made up of 4chan users.

No. 1180957

Finding new ways to bully women into staying in relationships with psychos. Men are so delusional and insane.

No. 1180958

Looks like a slightly better looking Andrew Hussite

No. 1180969

Yet "transfeminism" excludes ciswomen & seeks to replace them with troons, sooo…???

No. 1180971

I didn't get an email about this & the app hasn't thrown any trans-speak at me yet- I had no idea about this until I saw this post, but I just deleted my data and uninstalled bc of it. Fuck that sneaky bullshit.

No. 1180977

My 18 year old cousin came out as MTF a few months ago and the other day I was on the phone with my Boomer liberal mom and he came up in conversation. (Background info - my cousin is very smart and creative, but possibly on the autism spectrum. He had a traumatic event a few years ago and I’m convinced that it contributed to his current trooning out. He’s really into Pokemon, not sure if he’s being groomed by Discord trannies or is just influenced by his peer group of ultrawoke genderspecial artcore friends). I launched into a 1-hour full radfem tirade and was adamant that I will not call my cousin “she” when discussing him because I don’t believe TWAW. My mom concluded the conversation with “I still love you but Anon you’re being very judgmental!” I think my mom, like many Boomers, is ignorant of AGP and the many complicated reasons behind the current trans epidemic, and she just assumes they’re all just turbofags and turbodykes who “can’t help that they were born this way.”

No. 1180981

You need to show your mum this thread tbh. All anons need to do, if they can. All these threads are evidence of how troons really are

Also, I’m happy you stuck to what you believe

No. 1180985

I'm sorry to hear this anon, it' always sucks when someone you know personally falls for this crap. You said your cousin is 18 and with how ingrained social media is with the younger generation, there's a good chance that what you said is happening, him being groomed on Discord as well as possibly being influenced by peer group. This shit is spilling everywhere in the Western world.

Seriously with your mom though, depending how close you are, teach her the truth about AGP. It's true that boomer age people, especially women don't really know what AGP is and would do some good to learn just what it is. But I also know some people are stubborn and don't want to listen as well but just saying, sometimes all it takes is the right nudge so people can see the truth even if they don't want to believe it at first.

No. 1180987

And if not this thread, at least videos that go into detail about what Autogynephelia is and how it's affecting Women's rights and spaces. There are plenty on YouTube.

No. 1180990

As someone who did come out on social media in support for Maya Forstater and JK Rowling and coming clean with how I don't believe in Trans ideology only to lose most of my friends in the process, I understand the hesitance anon, I really do. It's been so lonely ever since I lost most of my friends and it's so hard to meet new ones because so many people buy into this trans bullshit. What's worse is when they tried to challenge me on my views and when I actually argued back and got them into a wall, they just coward away but still think they won the argument.

Either way, I don't begrudge other women who are too afraid to speak up in fear of the social out casting that can happen. Thankfully I still have my job but I do work a pretty menial one so I think I'm somewhat lucky there.

No. 1180991

Threatening to rape a child, how womanly of him.

No. 1180995

That's be funny, we've had generations being made fun of for liking Harry Potter, Star Wars or Rock'n'Roll, and now we're going to have a generation who's going to be mocked for being a bunch of dangerous retards who more or less directly contributed to a worse political climate in several countries and ruining things for women and gay rights just because they wanted internet clout by cutting off their dicks. This is so much more intense and laughable.

No. 1180996

Ntayrt. Damn that sucks… I’m so sorry that happened to you, although I’m not shocked. But you’re strong, and you are paving the way for women that don’t yet dare to speak up. I wish there was a space for women like us to be friends and talk

No. 1180997

No offense but can we try to focus on the milk

No. 1181007

File: 1615401824664.jpg (61.94 KB, 400x480, shrek.jpg)

trips of truth
godspeed anon(ew)

No. 1181014

I guess the recent superstraight shit and how troons responded to it had to peak a lot of new people. But yeah, discussions like these belong on ovarit, not this thread.

No. 1181020

I’m not ruining my life fighting against trannies
I’ll just smile politely and try to avoid social contact with them.

No. 1181028

File: 1615403602663.jpg (135.77 KB, 960x960, bogxdhzq43m61.jpg)

No. 1181031

I mostly find stuff online, but one time I went to a comic store and had a long convo with the two dudes who worked there. And both were pretty "woke" types, but when I brought up the trans sports thing being harmful, they agreed. It was refreshing. People are out there, probably way more than we know, but everyone is so afraid of being labeled a "bigot", they don't speak up.

No. 1181039

Anon, try Spinster.

No. 1181041

File: 1615404318568.jpeg (347.7 KB, 1374x1668, 08241A7D-8501-42AB-BAFD-760F96…)

Troons encouraging each other to lie until the end. I don’t know what I find more reprehensible, that they lie to their partners, or that they sell the idea to others that this is achievable to the average trooner. Just one more surgery. One more wig. And you too can be stealth.

Ironically the more aware of them straight men become, the less they can blend in.

It was very brave of you to speak up. That’s discouraging but it’s not so bad since your mom didn’t go nuclear and call you names and such. Think of the first time you heard this stuff, you probably were thinking people were making a big of it too. I know I was. I just drop nuggets here and there and eventually people agree, and reach out. Then we go from there.

No. 1181044

File: 1615404404931.jpg (91.64 KB, 594x579, transban.jpg)

This lines up with what you guys are saying about boomers not understanding or not caring. More millennials support banning transwomen from womens sports than boomers do, even though boomers, as we know, are more anti-LGB on average.

I'm proud of you fellow millennials. We're waking up. Weird that they left out gen x though.

No. 1181047

>more gen z's opposing the ban than supporting it
I want off of this ride

No. 1181049

File: 1615405080369.png (66.5 KB, 968x382, tumblr_9e1849ca2a40a771bd9caff…)

Was going to post this in the Reddit hate thread but figured it was more appropriate here. This has so much irony to it, I'm appalled.

No. 1181050

when will males understand that it's okay to be gay and you don't need to alter reality for it

No. 1181051

This comment is peak neo-liberalism

No. 1181053

I'm thinking it's partially that you can only work at it so much during the surgery + they can't know how it's going to heal. I feel like they made an attempt at a clitoral hood for most of these.

No. 1181054

The fact that this man is contributing to the bigger issue by soliciting sex and then trying to explain this…mess to a marginalized woman is what got me

No. 1181061

Your post reminded me of a Detransitioned MTF I knew from the old r/GC days, his story was shockingly similar to your cousin, he got molested as a kid, got exposed to porn at a really young age and eventually found trans/sissy porn, got convinced he was trans by online resources and identified as a woman for like 2-3 years but would thankfully detransition before having any surgeries done to his body

No. 1181062

File: 1615405935049.png (734.88 KB, 1807x1172, bio-strap.png)

No. 1181063

I know it says "15", but that receeding hairline tells you that is a complete lie to lure minors into their discord

No. 1181064

What does this word salad even mean? Also
>bi/pan lesbians
I’m going to a-log

No. 1181066

This is a comedy.

No. 1181067

I think as time goes on, more zoomers will wake up, It's basically what's happened with us millennials. So many of us were all pro-TRA Tumblr types, only to realize what a bunch of bullshit it is. Besides, the superstraight dude is a zoomer, so there's hope for you guys.

No. 1181074

Thank god it's not completely bleak yet

No. 1181076

File: 1615406846035.png (417.91 KB, 828x1792, E611575A-6571-4A9D-A5BB-750C5E…)

idk if anyone saw but this hit the front page of reddit. it’s long and i just skimmed it but they made an edit saying they removed the first two paragraphs because their source was “transphobic” and “taken out of context.” no redditor, say this shit with your chest. a troon said these things and more. everyone agrees in the replies too, but i guess no one wants to acknowledge a tranny inspired the post

No. 1181078

File: 1615406925326.jpg (77.29 KB, 1000x562, killme.jpg)


this is what comes from all that brainlet "sex work is real work" libfem rhetoric, disgusting scrotes raping marginalized women in exchange for money and then lecturing said women for not being woke enough. and then thinking they really showed that woman what's what!

female separatism when

No. 1181084

Not for a moment will I believe this degenerate is 15. That face belongs to a terminally online 30+ discord troon.

No. 1181085

i agree with all of this except the "women never threaten violence" line, i'm not sure what world this person is living in but women can definitely be violent. imo it undermines the argument bc it fits with the tra idea of terfs trying to fit women in a box. the distinction is the rape threats that troons are always making, ive never seen a woman do that

No. 1181088

“then i fucked her and she left”

good job champ. fucked a woman you paid to fuck.

troons have no concept of the female experience. this one thinks he won because he fucked a prostitute? even trying to be us they think of us as objects. the reason they’re so up the ass of lesbians is because men can’t believe the AUDACITY that any women would not desire them or need them. i’m so fucking tired.

blog but what peaked me is when i tried to be accepting of troons and they immediately translated my kindness as wanting to fuck. y’know like men. the first thing one told me was that he’d had bottom surgery. it was fucking surreal. nobody wants to know about your fusty scrote-hole.

No. 1181099

File: 1615408926087.png (1.07 MB, 1069x1027, twilight.png)

I have noticed that a lot of trannies claim to be minors online, despite looking like they are 30 going on 55. They use it as a get-out-of-jail free card, especially when called out on lusting over actual minors. "UHmm… I am 15! checkmate"

No, Steven. You are 39.

No. 1181100

these are the same people that want to see supers banned, sad

No. 1181108

Makes sense they think identifiying as a 15 year old makes them 15 if they think the same about being a woman

No. 1181109

God damn this is reminiscent of those "Faces of Meth" posters with the before and after mugshots of the same people getting arrested years later

No. 1181110

Fair enough.

>I just drop nuggets here and there and eventually people agree, and reach out

How do you do this anon? I think learning how to do this might come in handy because honestly, it's hard for me to control myself in going in detail about why men cannot be women to people and I think learning how to drop hints would help me in addressing these issues.

No. 1181113


I've been thinking of joining Ovarit, I heard it's pretty comfy over there. Does anyone have a code to share?

No. 1181115

Man I miss r/GC, there were so many eye opening stories like this one of how the average person can slip into trans bullshittery. It's still such an injustice that that sub got taken down yet rape porn subs can remain open.

I really wish we could see a revival of GC. I know that we have Ovarit but GC had close to 70,000 members and I just wish we could have another sub that reached that number and more.

No. 1181116

Thanks for the words of empathy, anons. I'm not gonna waste my time and effort trying to convince my mom of anything - once she has an idea in her head she'll generally cling to it, no matter if it has merit or not. She smokes weed erryday so she might not even remember our conversation. We've talked since then and she hasn't even mentioned anything trans-related.

I'm more wondering how to interact with my cousin and his mom when the issue comes up at our next family reunion. I'd like to keep a good relationship with both of them… I hope he wises up and detransitions on his own before doing anything drastic like dick removal.

No. 1181117

>suspicious discord plug

hmm, I almost want to try and go undercover to catch a predator…

No. 1181118

100% this. A lot of us millennials were exactly what you said and all it took was a nudge from older people to see why this trans stuff is nonsense. I think within a few years we'll see this shift with Zoomers as well, it'll just take time.

No. 1181124

The dick removal may what will make him detransition sadly

No. 1181131

this is your brain on neoliberalism

No. 1181134

It's funny, in my observation of zoomers online, they seem even more divided on this shit than millennials. The pro-TRA woke ones are turbo woke, even beyond how annoying millennials were. But the ones with the guts to stand against this shit do it more fearlessly than a lot of millennials do. Possibly because most zoomers aren't at the career stage of life yet. And also possibly because they saw the number it did on us millennials and are like "Nah, fuck that shit".

No. 1181135

File: 1615411401389.jpg (61.63 KB, 650x500, GUNSwRV.jpg)

>some people sexualize children, no one in particular tho

No. 1181137

thanks a lot

No. 1181138

File: 1615411901197.jpg (73.51 KB, 769x853, lol.JPG)

this shit is fucking hilarious. These people are so angry holy shit.

No. 1181162

you know this is something I have noticed with all these "based", "trutrans" and not like other trannies. Like blair white has been pandering to 4channers/alt-righters and he has been allegedly posting
there and also shilling himself there for years. Also contra is known for constantly watching his kiwi farms thread and 4chan's /tttt/ and also allegedly and probably post on 4chan just like blair. literally all the not like other trannies are the same ones on 4chan saying n*gger talking about how all women are holes no matter what side of the political spectrum they are on.

No. 1181171

And of course it had to be Argentina. Argentina's women's marches are such a fucking joke. They're always full of men, known rapists and paedophiles.

No. 1181187

Holy fuck I thought this was Hugh Laurie for a second

No. 1181206

Aww no fair, the next generation will probably be the least homophobic and troon free. Fml unless transhumanism?

No. 1181224

Can you imagine if 15 years ago, the medical establishment and liberal pandering politicians asserted that it's 15 year olds' right to cut their wrists and get shitty My Chemical Romance tattoos because it validates their identity?

No. 1181231

File: 1615419521216.jpeg (437.34 KB, 669x970, E7852067-0B70-4FC6-9559-C0B580…)

handmaidens reducing people to their genitalia to try and prove troons are women.

even if their dick is flipped and they’ve got bolt ons and let’s fuckin suspend reality beyond the male pattern baldness and fridge body.

they were raised male. i’ll even be decent enough to say trans women have their own struggles and unique experiences. but a man can’t fake that. the solidarity and experiences women share and understand.

also people in the comments really trying to say a neo vag looks, feels and acts like a real vagina. it has no musculature and reeks worse than 8 year old uggs. but sure. exactly the same.

No. 1181238

I truly hope the "neovag self clean" meme takes off so these retards can all catch sepsis.

No. 1181239

File: 1615420075018.jpeg (Spoiler Image,161.42 KB, 750x714, BE4994EC-D0CD-4286-ACFF-4E5580…)

cant wait to see the list of “transphobic beliefs” that make it not ok to want to date cis people.

so far the only reason i’ve seen be okay is wanting to have kids.

No. 1181244

why the fuck do they keep calling it a "preference"? it's such an understatement. gay men don't "prefer" other men they're literally only attracted to them. lesbians don't "prefer" natural vaginas to gaping wounds, one of those is not an option at all. it's like saying you have a preference for not eating dog shit off the street

No. 1181245

how long until having your own biological children is transphobic?

actually, i'm sure they already think it is

No. 1181246

I'm retarded???? i know she is explaining it like im 5 years old but i still dont get it lmao i just dont get it how any of this makes sense?? This is the same logic ugly man use when they are rejected.

No. 1181259

This is what humoring trannies has led to. I mean, this board is full of women like me who were fine humoring mentally ill men who told us we needed to play along to keep them from literally dying. But you give trannies an inch (saying twaw, even calling those frankenstein flesh wounds "neovaginas") and they take a fucking mile

No. 1181263

everyone who says this shit better open their dating pool to trans. I know of a few female TRA's who think transwomen are women, but don't want to sleep with them and don't want to date men who sleep with them.
I cannot tell you how many black TRA's I know who are like that, "those men are straight, but they not straight men I want"
I know men like this too, they have these unrealistic views, "If they look just like a woman and have a neo-vagina" but the moment you tell them it's not like the real thing they gently back pedal. A lot of people whining about how not dating trans people is transphobic, are people who are saying it's transphobic for others, not for them

No. 1181268

Saying you’re not attracted to transwomen is bigoted so it’s time to start troon-friendly lines such as “sorry, I’m not attracted to women with Adam’s apples”.

No. 1181270

Some women have prominent adam's apples too, so you're outta luck with that one too. It probably got to be something like "I'm only attracted to vaginas, but absolutely no body-modifications uwu". Then again, this also won't work if you yourself have visible tattoos or piercings tho…

No. 1181276

I just do not understand the logic, soon a fat troon will start calling their bellybutton a vagina because, hey it's a hole and you're transphobic if you don't bellyfuck!

No. 1181279

It’s easier to go to the old reliable phrase “sorry, I got some emotional issues to deal with and I’m not ready to date anyone as of now” and if they counter attack with
>but i just want some fuck oogabooga
Then tell them “ah, my libido is so dead, that I’m basically asexual right now”.
Unless you meet the mantran in a dating app, then you’re done for.

No. 1181287

if it's a hole you can fuck then it's a vagina i guess
further proved by that one troon arguing the asshole is a vagina and feminine or whatever

No. 1181292

lol at this logic, a lot of mtfs I have come across expect straight women to have sex with them too because they still have a dick. they're all over dating apps trying to find straight women, too.

they just want to guilt women into having sex with them.

No. 1181296

I was taking the piss but you’re absolutely right anon, some women have Adam’s apples and they’re still women. Shame you can’t just tell them you’re attracted to women with X chromosomes only

No. 1181298

I mean, I can and I will. I’m done caring.

No. 1181299

No. 1181316

Holy shit anon this is the ticket. I'm going to try saying I'm not attracted to body mods. They can still argue but that covers such a large umbrella it can't be singled out as a trans specific exclusion.

No. 1181334

File: 1615428916243.png (368.98 KB, 1920x1080, And we are at the wrong huh.pn…)

I will like to share this lovely image. Before the sub got banned I luckily saved some tabs on that sub. I never use discord before but this looks interesting.

No. 1181342


I've been saying this for ages. This is a legit trend and half of these tit heads will de - transitioning in a few more years.

No. 1181345


That's an old ass fat guy wanting to be a pubescent teen goth girl.


No. 1181349


It's the new world order: trash humanism

This is the goal of it all

Depopulate and fuck up gender

No. 1181351

These people were never sane.

No. 1181360

No. 1181365

File: 1615431331589.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.09 KB, 828x1543, D6830788-3D86-49C7-B092-2F9889…)

Looking for a swimsuit and saw this as the top review on one of them. Trannies love exposing themselves & their fetish to people who literally do not care or want to know.

No. 1181382


No. 1181406

troon has a manic episode

No. 1181427

if you typo’d hussie, i’ve always thought he would troon out eventually kek

him or toby fox

No. 1181448

Troon activist bravely messaged the mods of super straight, claiming he's gonna ban their account and subreddit and even dox them

No. 1181454

File: 1615437307761.jpeg (187.79 KB, 750x1048, FC45CE56-6A4A-4FC7-9AE1-EC24EF…)

seems like the quotes from our stunning queens r a hot topic rn. where’d they come from anyway?

No. 1181479

Everytime I'm looking at cheap lingerie on AliExpress there's a troon in the reviews getting their dick down voted. Exhibitionism is an integral part of gender euphoria don't you know anon???

No. 1181486

Can't get over "bio-strap", can't think of anything more vile sounding.
why are they almost always marxists/communists? They do realize they'd be the first against the wall if they lived in those societies, right?
I guarantee you, he's grooming kids on his discord. 100% guarantee it's happpening/happened

simple. Lesbians don't want to date men pretending to be woman.

No. 1181492

Unironically blame the Frankfurt School, a bunch of pretentious intellectuals who created retarded social theories and basically ruined leftism in the west, they were almost like modern breadtubers in over analyzing and chreerypicking random pieces of popular media to prove their retarded takes on society

No. 1181503

File: 1615442000639.png (174.36 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210311-105241.png)

God fuck the neo liberal tranny capeing world order

No. 1181505

what the fuck? are you serious?
is donating to women's shelters wrongthink now too?

No. 1181507

That is actually straight up fucking evil. I can't wait for this to blow up in TRAs faces.

No. 1181508

this is disheartening they can talk shit about the superstraight movement but don't interfere of the actual work they're doing for a shelter for women who has LOST FUNDING and is clearly financially struggling after that.

No. 1181509

oh yeah, the mere existence of rape shelters has been problematic for awhile now

No. 1181512

File: 1615442671347.gif (1.9 MB, 320x320, 21FB98D8-1C8E-4B81-97D7-B7F9DF…)

Absolutely disgusting, I hope the backlash for troons will come soon and hard. Imagine how utterly vile you have to be to take down a fucking charity gofundme because it had to do with Superstraight or more so women in general, meanwhile every goddamn troon and their grandma has a gofundme for literally everything. „Help a traaaaannnss person get away from her abusive family“, „Help Lily reach 50k For SRS and FFS“. I hate humanity and what it has become, we are literally evolving backwards with this this.

No. 1181518

This actually makes me feel sick.

No. 1181523

It's genuinely mindblowing that people are 1) so far removed from basic common sense reality and 2) trust the medical-industrial complex and muh doctors to such a degree that they're willing to believe it's possible to surgically create a functionally indistinguishable vagina from a penis without questioning. People understand that boob job boobs are very often clockable, so even if you were the biggest TRA supporter in the world, wouldn't you at least be curious to see how they pull off this medical miracle?

I feel like if TRAs weren't so invested in maintaining this myth they would be sperging all over the place about how hard it is to live with the burden of lifelong dilation and how this is just like women have to deal with menstruation and menopause

No. 1181524

Wow….no words. This is disgusting. Is the shelter in Vancouver, WA? I'm about to drive there next paycheck and make an in person donation if it is.

No. 1181528

what they need to do is pretend to be a tranny looking for funds. You'll never get shut down and people will donate all the money you need, then you just donate that to you charity of choice.

No. 1181530

The point wasn't just to raise money, it was also to raise awareness and make a statement. That's why it was shut down in the first place.

No. 1181535

It’s Vancouver, Canada. You can always donate on their website.

It sucks bc I think they are the only shelter in Canada that is biological females only, and they are constantly facing this crap. Even though we have two other shelters in the city that accept trans people…

No. 1181546

I expected them to ban the super straight subreddits but to go this far, not one even the worst anti-feminists would do this

I'm actually crying, fuck I'm beyond pissed and I don't know what I can do

No. 1181566

on the other hand trannies have left a good evidence that not all women were supportive of them with their terf witch hunts. we can just point at that and say that we tried!

No. 1181569

Do we really have to rename our stuff "AFAB shelter" now

No. 1181572

If this doesn’t make normal people peak I don’t know what will at this point.
Fucking disgusting. The world really did end in 2012 and we’re in hell now huh

No. 1181573

as a former mall goth i hate this. i had some of those skirts when i was 14.

No. 1181580

At this point the only thing that will be an effective tactic against the troon menace is to make the world see them as real women. "Karens", specifically. Then we can finally start openly despising them.

No. 1181589

File: 1615452841927.png (103.23 KB, 733x687, aitatranny.png)

top kek

No. 1181593


Don't even live in Canada but just had to make a donation… This honestly sucks so bad!!!

No. 1181595

The mental image of a man in a wig smashing plates because a 6yo called him “mommy2” is scary and sad af. I hope the real mom peaks and refuses visitation before this scrote becomes a family annihilator

No. 1181597

File: 1615453392801.jpg (55.98 KB, 1080x258, 20210311_100101.jpg)

No. 1181599

the kids are more mature, even making up a system in order to accommodate the big changes in their lives. troon just throw a tantrum because even if he put on a wig and wear make-up, he still less valuable than mommy.


holy shet, that's all they comment. i'm shock. they didn't add anything to the conversation and i don't doubt they are supporting the troon's arrangement and behavior but didn't want to be downvoted or argued against by people.

No. 1181600

As if she would be taken seriously if she didn’t, lol. Prob get doxxed or smth and called YTA

No. 1181607

(Don't give them any ideas)

No. 1181608

i didn't see the bottom of the pic and thought it was fine, dick tucked away.
then i read the caption.
dear lord.

No. 1181609

Did they just commented to only post that and skip the violent behavior toward the children part.

No. 1181610

At least most comments are NTA and specifically saying he is the one that changed the dynamic and she is the one that actually birthed them. I think having “mommy” stolen from you by a freaky-deaky who impregnated you then lost his shit theoretically peaks a lot of women who are mothers. Kind of, I didn’t spend 9 months carrying this baby, painful childbirth, and being the defacto caregiver to just end up sharing this title with a guy who came inside me. He’s a dad, end of. Confusing your own children with the loss of normalcy and predictability would scare any decent mother.

No. 1181613

also everyone seems to be ignoring that he doesn't have any custody at all because of "issues of every kind"

No. 1181617

File: 1615456133240.jpg (812.11 KB, 1000x3722, superlesbians.jpg)

No. 1181618

True. I really have some hope for the zoomers after seeing some more of them come out against this madness and I wish them the best because one thing is for sure, we're gonna have another huge wave of detransitioners.

Yeah pretty much which is why it's hilarious how they think they are any different than the crazies they usually go after. They're not as loud as them but they're still delusional men living some AGP fantasy.

The power above help the poor soul who gets suckered into believing these troon axe wounds self lubricate kek.

No. 1181619

File: 1615456152370.jpeg (205.28 KB, 750x749, D05EA599-F02A-4FD2-9240-72C679…)

Found this on instagram as a reaction to superstraight 💀

No. 1181621

People can’t control being born Asian or European, or any race. But people can choose if they want to destroy their bodies with surgery and hormones.

Also lets not fool ourselves, they’d probably think we were transphobic even if we said “I think I prefer cis men/women over trans women”.

No. 1181623

File: 1615456692539.jpg (Spoiler Image,502.84 KB, 3024x4032, 0ckld17.jpg)

No. 1181625

i'll give it to him, this just looks like a very very unlucky woman

i wonder why do they do this to themselves, like if you're so unfortunate looking as a man, why make it worse and become even more ugly? they're not going to look like women, just an odd excuse of a human, that has to be even worse for your mental health than just be an awkward man, right?

No. 1181626

What isn´t transphobic. Everyone who refuses to kiss a troons universal vagina aka asshole gets called tRaNsPhObIc. We really need to stop being afraid of that label.

No. 1181633

it's the fetish. they think that being a woman is being sexy, so becoming a woman is becoming sexy. they get turned on by themselves so they think they are hot.

No. 1181634

yeah, the ugliest girl i've ever met looked like this (but somehow worse)… i thought she looked mannish and like an unfortunate old lady.
like…congrats, you look like a repulsive woman…?

No. 1181635

Chaning race is honestly more attainable than being trans. You might have a few percentages of the heritage you want in your dna, but you can never get two x chromosomes

No. 1181636

File: 1615458153925.jpeg (471.7 KB, 750x824, 2080F9FC-0309-4287-94B2-4925EC…)

ofc trans women are on top.

No. 1181643


And Hebrew above all the other languages kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1181644

File: 1615460589176.jpg (98.5 KB, 947x952, 1615436266136.jpg)

The memes just write themselves

No. 1181645

Anon Chinese and what I'm pretty sure is creole come before Hebrew, and that's only if you wanna exclude English.

No. 1181647

>Violent deadbeat dad troons out
>Forces his kids to call him "Mommy" while the real mother is referred to with her first name despite the troondad barely being in their lives
They never cease to amaze me with their narcissism, like if they absolutely had to do this they could've used a system of "Mommy" and "Mama" or something but no the troon needs to have it all. Well, at least this trans widow has a brain in her head and took away visitations.

Yeah honestly I can't see this ending up well, the dad sounds like a fucking lunatic that shouldn't be near kids unsupervised.

God forbid she should've misgendered her ex, him being violent and abusive is nothing compared to being ~misgendered~!

No. 1181648

>Also lets not fool ourselves, they’d probably think we were transphobic even if we said “I think I prefer cis men/women over trans women”.
Exactly. They throw all this "Oh but you see, making it a sexuality is the problem! Having genital preferences isn't!" our way yet they would've screeched just the same if people were "superpreferenced" or something. Their problem is being excluded from someone's dating pool, end of. There's nothing more to it.

No. 1181653

If every time they ran a campaign to end a woman's space, they created a trans space instead, there would be MORE than enough to shelter them all.

No. 1181661

I guess they know it’s not worth the hassle because they 42% anyways.

No. 1181662

File: 1615463930986.png (41.52 KB, 952x155, C5E87F08-04A8-4739-8BA5-7A99EC…)

ACLU, the organisation that says possessing child pornography is a civil liberty but advocates for the banning - even burning - of a book which points out that mass-transing of little girls might be problematic.

No. 1181664

File: 1615464002009.jpeg (139.37 KB, 827x889, D9937226-29B2-4CAD-B091-33690F…)

No. 1181667

saged for no contribution but holy shit. lying fucking degenerates. how tf they think they can get away with this when the whole fucking reason for this shit is their constant harrassment of lesbians with "you're transphobic for not being attracted to me you nasty gender fetishist freak"? if twansphobia will actually make them off themselves instead of doxxing and raping dissenting women, then we should all be transphobic.

No. 1181672

>how tf they think they can get away with this

Sad thing is, they do lots of times.

No. 1181675

Women on ovarit have already raised over 1k in direct donations to VRR. If anyone else is interested in doing so, here is their direct donation link. I think I’m going to do a monthly donation myself.


No. 1181682

Showed this to my normie mother along with this >>1178549 she didn't know what a TERF was before this and now she is one.

Normies will start to catch on to this shit and peak. Troons will ruin it for themselves and it's the best to just let them drive their car off a cliff at this point. The hubris of men is their ruin and always has been.

No. 1181686

They’re just another subcategory of MRAs who whine about women’s shelters and support groups outnumbering men’s shelters and support groups. Absolutely nothing is stopping them from creating more shelters and support groups for themselves but they don’t actually care, they just don’t want women to have them.

That number is not only grossly exaggerated but it also doesn’t apply to the white transbians in power. The men who’ve been harassing VRR for over a decade instead of simply checking into one of the other shelters in the same city (>>1181535) aren’t in any actual danger from others or from themselves and they know it.

No. 1181688

I read somewhere (maybe it was gc) that troons have a higher suicide rate than people born into slavery in the U.S. It really made me think.

No. 1181692

Think harder then. Of course it's more likely modern trans people to kill themselves, people born into slavery had less access to suicide methods even if they wanted to. If there were other enslaved people alongside them then they would know that killing themselves would make mistreatment worse for the slaves they left behind, which might be their family.
These groups aren't comparable at all, what's your point?

No. 1181713

They can try transitioning appearance-wise into women all they want, but they still clearly have the mentality of a man.

No. 1181720

This is him suggesting he won or just pointing out the futility of the argument? In the previous sentence admits he was ignored and he also acknowledges that is it shameful to hire prostitute.

Why would someone trying to boast make themselves appear so pathetic?

No. 1181722

File: 1615471845034.gif (220.54 KB, 220x220, 38DA53F7-BEB1-429D-B8DD-FCF06D…)

> think harder then

No. 1181725

File: 1615472331297.jpg (150.54 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20210311-151828.jpg)

This just followed me on Twitter I'm scared

No. 1181726

Troonery is often basically just another symptom/comorbid with a bunch of personality disorders/mental fuckery. And the more insane a troon is, the more likely you are to hear about them (Stephonknee, Yaniv).

No. 1181727

File: 1615472391178.jpg (193.83 KB, 793x2048, 20210311_151941.jpg)

He calls himself a model too I can't

No. 1181730

Provide milk queen

No. 1181731

KEK samefag oh boy, thank you

No. 1181733

>"woman" with a soul patch

No. 1181736

File: 1615473497849.jpeg (535.7 KB, 2224x1463, DF3B1DA3-74B4-490A-AFB3-E58165…)

From 2X. Imagine having to write this disclaimer.

No. 1181743

This is so ridiculous. They could spin this into "it's about infertile women too, transphobe!!!", but no one walked on eggshells this much before mainstream trans activism, even though infertile/intersex women were always around.

No. 1181744

Modern people are far more likely to kill themselves than they used to, it's a cultural thing. Besides, you're making a completely false equivalence between these two demographics. When you say 'really makes you think' did you mean you were emotionally manipulated by this completely nonsensical statement and then failed to think further about it?

No. 1181745

Yeah but infertile women aren’t men

No. 1181748


the thing is, whether it´s 41, 14, 1.4 or a different number, what do we do with it? What does it even mean?

TRAs picture this narrative of sad fragile delicate bbs who off themselves because "transphobia" but there are so many different possible reasons

>effects of puberty blockers and HRT can cause or worsen depression (think of birth control pills, my fellow egg holders!)

>other negative effects of blockers & HRT like ostheoporosis, cognitive disfunction, atrophy of the reproductive system
>dilating errday
>outcomes of their surgeries: aesthetically disappointing result, medical complications (like necrosis), pain
>the smell of their neovagina
>can´t coom!!!!
>regret because they´re still the same miserable person
>regret because they´re not actually trans but traumatized, gnc, homosexual, autistic, …
>misgendering by unsuspecting normies (children can be brutal)

All of these things have nothing to do with transphobia, even by their standards (though I am not too sure about the last one).
All of these possible reasons are massively downplayed by TRAs, completely denied even.

Also, there might be personality traits which simultaneously make one more likely to become an AGP/a coomer and develope depression.

No. 1181752

File: 1615475248169.jpeg (247.4 KB, 1174x1004, DAEABF30-7C8D-4A4A-87C3-721EB3…)

When they haven’t had diarrhea yet, do they mark their period as late?

No. 1181759

Damn, my boy needs more than a hoe bath once a month.

No. 1181780

I will like these non tranny people who are against the super straight movement have to go out and fuck a tranny or otherwise their the most hypocritical people I've ever seen.

No. 1181783

Lmao yeah, taking the same dose of estrogen every day totally mimics the natural hormone fluctuations of a woman and makes their phantom uteruses cramp. Give me a break. Placebo effect of wanting to be a woman so bad = every sensation your body feels will get attributed to your man menses.

No. 1181786

File: 1615479011560.gif (4.6 MB, 498x498, 4D5DA885-2984-49A5-B512-88378D…)

>only refer to the troon as the real mom and refer to the actual biological adult human female to her real name to dehumanize her

No. 1181789


No. 1181792

THIS. SO MUCH THIS. It gets fucking annoying when these TRAs whinge on about the suicide rates and think it's always because of "transphobia" when that's not true at all. These fucks don't realize that taking artificial hormones does affect the brain and can even worsen depression. And then of course the ones who DO regret their transition but can't turn back the clock and have to live the rest of their days in the body they themselves fucked up, yeah that can totally make them want to off themselves.

Some De-transitioners are even afraid to admit they made a mistake because if they do, the trans cult turns on them and pulls the "You were never one of us" play on them and that can be devastating to these de-transitioners since they mostly hung around in these spaces and fear abandonment so they'll choose to stay quiet about it.

No. 1181793

>violently screamed and broke plates
Over calling their mom…..mom? They should just call their "mom" their abuser and call the other one their actual mom in court lol.
Poor fuckin kids Jesus Christ, for some reason the children always have to be punished in these situations.

No. 1181798

Probably because they're all mentally ill to begin with but decide to treat it with makeup and mutilation instead of therapy and medication.

It's a bunch of depressed incels that have been told girls have it easy. The amount of troons who think their life is gonna be perfect when they've got long hair and a spinny skirt is crazy. When reality hits and they realise everything is the same but now they have to dilate, now wonder the suicidal thoughts hit hard.

No. 1181802

Here is a troon who killed himself shortly after this stream about why he is depressed and suicidal

it is pretty much what >>1181748 said, they had unsuccessful srs, were in constant pain and realized it was just a fetish all along and now they can't coom anymore and are depressed. It is a bit sad, but then again.. good riddance honestly.

No. 1181803

Imagine this - you carry your 2 kids to term for 1.5 years and give two long, painful births to girls who will be just as affected, if not more, by the fucked up society we live in. Then their violent biodad troons out and demands them to call him 'mommy' and you, the person who sacrificed so much for them, simply by your first name, against your kids wishes. All because it hurts his ego. And all the while they'll have to learn to see this waste of fresh air as someone just "deeply troubled by their dysphoria", or someone who can't be held accountable for anything wrong that they do, because they're "oh, so oppressed!"
And she still has to ask "AITA"?!
I will fucking A-log.

No. 1181805

File: 1615480597051.png (672.42 KB, 964x543, zcq3sruvuhmoryq9udjb.png)

This troon btw, is "the first woman" to compete in a league of legend championship.

No. 1181807

>My BPD tier mood swings are just hormonal fluctuations caused by my ladyhormones tee hee!
Bitches could never handle my endometriosis cramps.

I don't even understand why people entertain the 41% meme to begin with, the number was based on a bogus study that counted "self-destructive thoughts" and cutting as "suicide attempts" and didn't take into account all the comorbid mental illnesses within its subjects. I remember seeing a study that young cis lesbians and subsequently FTMs were actually at the highest risk of committing suicide which correlates with the overall high risk of young women in particular.

No. 1181808

I remember I heard about this on Gamingcirclejerk aka TroonCircleJerk and they were like, "oh I had no idea she was trans!" and I remember someone accusing the surgeons of "transphobia".

No. 1181810

File: 1615481129989.jpg (125.78 KB, 750x1334, EwNn7ozVcAIGuxz.jpg)

this is disgusting

No. 1181811

This is beyond fucking disgusting. So what happens with the money? Last I checked it was around or over $7,600.

Anyway, heres a link to donate directly, to avoid all the bullshit.


No. 1181812

oh yea, that definitely happened

No. 1181813

Damn, this kind of forcing TiMs into women’s roles and spaces really pisses me off. That video was pretty sad to watch though. He really did seem crazy depressed. Probably for the best he’s gone now.

No. 1181814

File: 1615481726160.png (607.48 KB, 606x399, 22.PNG)

Does it piss anyone else off how ugly Jim sterling is? Like more so than before? He dresses like a fat Fable 3 Character

No. 1181816

Just looks like drag to me. I don't think the outfit is that ugly by drag standards.

No. 1181820

I mean it's drag, but he's a genderspecial now and thinks he's "Fucking cute", so maybe thats what makes it more ugly to me. Also 100% of the men here are in drag anyway.

No. 1181821

yes because a woman this ugly would never be allowed to exist in public like he does. He looks fucking ridiculous.

He's always played the victim though. I remember 5+ years ago when he wrote a blog on his gaming website bout how his mommy was mean to him so he moved to the US. This is just another way for him to get attention and I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.

No. 1181823

That cheap wig makes me furious. You know he has the money to get a proper lace-front installed.

No. 1181824

Jim Sterling is a fucking joke. I can not image HOW narcissistic you have to be to think this looks good enough to make a video wearing it. He is also a fat whale. Hey Jimmy, instead of cutting your dick off, maybe lay off the potato chips you disgusting tub of lard.

No. 1181825

>good riddance honestly.
Agreed. This shit is so fucked. Either they have an epiphany that all this shit was a sick minded fetish and 41% or they detrans, but neither decisions come before they have a chance to impose all of their AGP nonsense on others.

He dresses like a cheap drag fantasy character because being a woman is a drag fantasy for him.

No. 1181827

File: 1615482756680.png (396.12 KB, 574x494, ggd.PNG)

and he think he's hot shit, all he does is posts these pictures fishing for attention. Like Philosophy Tube I truly think it's 50% for the coom and 50% for the attention.

No. 1181828

File: 1615482818579.png (172.78 KB, 680x344, kskska.png)

SA- I thought about this meme, I wish someone would make a troon version of it

No. 1181829

File: 1615482837099.jpeg (353.98 KB, 1242x1705, BE8393B9-2D71-4E13-A953-AB24E5…)

this is from the nonbinary japanese tranny. at least he has the decency to remove himself from the dating/marriage pool by being "aromantic" kek.

No. 1181834

I find this funny because he could easily find a gender special chaser whose woke and POC but like all troons, I bet he chases a certain type of guy and then cries when they turn out to be shitty.
Troons want people who don't want them or don't want them openly and then blame the world.

No. 1181835

>but like all troons, I bet he chases a certain type of guy and then cries when they turn out to be shitty.
>Anon doesn't see the irony of saying that.

No. 1181839

interesting how joking about rape or threatening rape is always their two defaults

No. 1181854

How dare you insult his Nonbinary Finery like that, anon! It’s what made all those totally lesbian fans of his realise why they’ve been so attracted to him all this time.

Coom, attention and the ultimate shield against any and all criticism. TiMs can openly say they want to gang-rape “cis” women and people will say he’s just an oppressed minority punching up. It’s no mystery why misogynistic straight white guys with a platform troon out. If anything, it makes me wonder what they’re trying to sweep under the rug.

No. 1181858

I've been laughing for three days super straight, this is the funniest thing zoomers have ever come up with.
Questions: Have people adopted super sexualities on dating apps already? Seems pretty useful
Has anyone yet started using kink-positive language against rapey troon rhetoric in the same vein? E.g. if they reeee about genital fetishists the obvious retort should be "Don't kink-shame, everyone's kinks are valid uwu"

No. 1181859

lol this obviously didn't happen but i love how they claim to be ~real women~ but seem to not know that birth control that stops your period exists??

No. 1181875

File: 1615485341691.jpeg (301.18 KB, 1125x627, 6E682925-B7F2-4CFD-9DF5-BCDB2C…)

Yikes. I just wanted to give some extra context on this. This individual was coerced by their scrote of a manager, Chris Badawi, to get SRS in Thailand of all places. Thailand surgeon (of course) botched the surgery, and as we know, led to suicide. Sometimes TRAs are just as bad, if not worse than the troons themselves. Here’s the article:


No. 1181884

Oh wow anon, you just made me remember this is the troon that peaked me.

He didn't get coerced by his manager to get SRS, he said he wouldn't play in his league until he got SRS. But since that's a long process in the US and he wanted it nowwwww they went to Thailand and he got a botched surgery.

His KF thread is good: kiwifarms.net/threads/remilia-maria-creveling-roman-bryant-creveling.64566/

No. 1181885

I'm not sure about this anon. He went with the cheapest, fastest option available so he could rush to claim the title of "first female" League championship player. He posted all day about getting more surgeries just days apart so he could live as a mommy milkies anime cow ASAP. It's his fault and his fault only.

No. 1181891

Agreed. He is definitely not a victim in this. ReMALia was a AGP who fantasized and roleplayed often about magically transforming into a woman- and rushed into the process in order to live out his coomer fantasies as fast as possible.

The title of being the first female LOL player definitely played a part, but I would attribute more of it to his twisted AGP fantasies that were openly posted and roleplayed on his Discord.

No. 1181892

and no one mentions how he did it ALL for a fetish, wasn't he on 4chan showing his small dick off?

No. 1181893

Yes he was. We did a thread on him >>13403

No. 1181896


Ah shit. Thanks for revealing the truth and making me peak harder. Didn’t know that was possible but here we are. Yall women are based as hell.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1181904

File: 1615488001190.png (197.57 KB, 960x2048, hahahahaha.png)

Long article so I am only posting a snippet


This is so ironic. Troon complains that they are no more than a "fetish" to men and that straight men don't want to have public relationships with them.

I think that is why this superstraight movement pisses them off so much. They really think if they just "perform femininity" well enough then straight men will want to date them.

Pssst, a man who fucks a tranny is not and will never be straight.

No. 1181908

Sorry I just noticed I didn't stitch it together quite right, my bad

No. 1181909

No joke, if he keeps this up he's going to get seriously hurt or even killed. Tranny hookups are a dirty secret and they're always going to stay that way. Men on the low will never allow this to be out in the open and proud of it. On a side note, this rag got shut down a few days ago and I'm not gonna miss it kek.

No. 1181911

Ew. Look at all the fucking scrotes in that thirsting for tranny cock. I am glad this site isn't like that anymore.

No. 1181919

>I am very feminine and pass as a female
kek, no

No. 1181920

Ah, yet another case of ''straight dude who starts feeling faggy when tweaking''. Probs let his fellow tweaker buddy ram it in his ass while they were drugged out, and decided that makes him A Girl.

No. 1181923

File: 1615489529096.jpeg (555.88 KB, 2048x2048, 6C2A185E-A119-458B-9CD9-6392DC…)

Never trust a man who claims to pass as a woman, it's always lies and photoshop. Any man who fucks this man is either gay or bi, and any woman they fuck after is put at risk of gay diseases from a man who keeps tranny secrets. What a fucked up and scary world to be in for women, holy shit. Across the board frightening. Look at this thing, I bet he's hulking and violent when angry, thanks to testes.

No. 1181927

File: 1615489937328.png (172.7 KB, 591x764, Screenshot at Mar 11 20-11-38.…)

Checked his follow list and he only follows ~queer enbies~ who list their disabilities and (self-)diagnoses on their bio, so which one are you?

No. 1181928

I remember there was a troon who had a boyfriend who kept saying he was straight over and over, as SOON as they broke up he ended up with a man. Anybody who thinks troon attracted men don't fuck men who identify as a men are retarded.
The guy from Teen Wolf Tyler Posey, said that before his current "Cis" girlfriend he dated three troons, but every time he talks about his interactions with "cis" men he tries to downplay it, "I never had sex with a "cis man" but I had oral with a "Cis" men"
I remember he "came out' years ago but said it wasn't true. It's not surprising that he also has drug issues and seems super depressed and mentally ill.
Women should stay away from men who date troons imo. Especially the ones with a mouth full of dick but are telling you they are straight. No one here needs to hear it but people out there really think, people like Blaire's boyfriend wouldn't fuck a drag queen JUST because they say they are a man.

No. 1181929

File: 1615490492260.jpg (372.17 KB, 2048x1024, cRaOPH3.jpg)

All Eva characters deserve better than this. Even Mana Sue.
Also it never ceeses to shock me how troons seem unaware how conservative they are when they claim that a teenage boy that isn't a masculine chad or is mentally ill must secretly be a girl on the inside

No. 1181930

Pretty sure 99% of straight women don't want to fuck men who fuck other men. Even if he is just "bisexual". Absolutely nasty.

No. 1181932

File: 1615490676976.png (757.73 KB, 568x1000, hjhj.png)


it literally always comes back to "i will have sex with your bf you are intimidated by me"

No. 1181933

File: 1615490795542.jpg (386.6 KB, 1080x1237, IMG_20210311_142312.jpg)

Aha aha. Superlesbian tag is now hidden on IG, superstraight, supergay and superbi still searchable

No. 1181935

Yeah like men don't get tired of doing tedious lubing and reassuring their inverted socks feel good when they could just….. go have sex with a woman

No. 1181936

Damn, Posie Parker really flipped a 180 on her platform

No. 1181937


Sometimes I wonder if this is japan's revenge for dropping the bombs on them. Exporting their faggot propaganda to turn all of our western men into degenerate troons. It sure is working.