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No. 1218432

A thread dedicated to all the stupid shit that goes down in this niche and drama filled community.
Note: This thread comes from another thread that used to be about the cow Tobi Majestic, but after milk on her dried up her thread was impromptu turned into a general ACC discussion thread. There are many cows in this entire bullshit sector of Youtube.

Dramas the Community has gotten into:
>The Spoctor situation back in 2018 where at the time a 16 year old Spoctor was accused of being a Pedophile by Stories (vanished form the internet), Atari (vanished from the internet), and Pentagrin (lying low under a new name). Misinformation was spread across hundreds of videos until Ponder Sprocket cleared it up.
>Tobi Majestic drama that happened after Omnia and Kai Weiss made videos critiquing Tobi for her behavior. Alot of misinformation and in-fighting happened with Tobi's friends being up her ass and Kai and Omnia reacting to things poorly. Tobi's channel imploded on itself and she herself was laughed off Youtube and got into more trouble over on Twitch.
>Hopeless Peaches Drama that piggy-backed off the Tobi drama and was started by Prison Mate Luke. Has been dragged out for months with no real conclusion other than Peaches attempting to comeback.

Old Thread: >>>/snow/1175470

No. 1218435

File: 1619575638105.png (138.73 KB, 727x619, fishliz.png)

Just gonna start this off with Fishlizard/Jesp whatever-the-fuck, got her old account suspended because she made the stupid decision to engage with a troll instead of blocking them. I thought she was taking a break form social media or something?

No. 1218456

Also here's the next video in the Peaches saga ft. Kai, Omnia, Spoctor, Phantom, and Junkie. This one is on Kai's channel. 1/2

No. 1218458

And here's the other one on Omnia's. Honestly, there's so much to catch up on with how much Kai and what not have tweeted it would take forever to screenshot it all. 2/2

No. 1218560

As a general drama tourist I have to say that the only notable feature about the giant hopeless peaches drama is that it’s incredibly boring. These people are such manchildren the whole controversy feels like a kid telling you how Hunter from kindergarten was mean to him.

No. 1218564

Trust me anon, anyone keeping up with it is pretty much tired of it too. It's been dragged out for wayyyy to fucking long.

No. 1218571

I can imagine. Now, the hopeful lucille drama, on the other hand, that was glorious. Her response was so fucking cringe it almost gave me an aneurysm

No. 1218607


I've actually taken the time to sit down and watch those videos. (They make good background noise while working if not anything else)

I'll agree that the drama has been dragged on for way too long, but to be fair the people saying Kai/Omnia wouldn't "let it go" act as if that wasn't what Peaches (and recently by extension, Harley) have been doing the entire time during Kai and Omnia's twitter hiatuses lol

I've seen this from Spoctor's second Peaches video (and a bit of it from Kai's as well) but apparently the whole "Spoctor saw the evidence but chose to stay neutral for the sake of PR" narrative that Peaches and her friends have been pushing eventually turned out to be bs since that wasn't even what Spoctor was referring to and it's hilarious in a sad way to see Harley mess up context there despite him going off about how Creepshow/Kai and literally every one of Peaches' detractors "cut/twist context" in his video defending her lol
Spoctor did admit that the "PR" wording may have come off that way but imagine Peaches and her friends literally running off with that assumption.

Then again we've already seen that going off on assumptions is a running trend with Peaches and her friends/simps.

No. 1218614

at one point somewhere in Kai's tweets I believe he called out Harley for a video he put out.

I'm gonna assume it was a.) about the Peaches drama, b.) probably another smear video against Kai or Omnia that ultimately was him going off on assumptions again because all it took was Kai tweeting about it and it's been privated by the time I went to check.

Honestly good lol. Seeing how blatantly dishonest some of his takes were on his videos defending Peaches it's best the kid drops it himself if he really wanted everyone to "move on" from the drama, though I'm sure Peaches and co are in on it, egging him on.
Almost feel sorry for him if that's the case.

No. 1218681

All this entire drama has proven is how uncreative and desperate for content this circle is. I guess since they don't do traditional art, they don't have much to show technique-wise. They focus on drama from the art sphere, so they don't have as much content as the make-up side of youtube. None of them care enough to edit for a movie or videogame review, and if they do, their taste and humor is so pleb tier, it wouldn't be worth the effort. Overall, a very pathetic group. I don't get why they insist on milking this instead of broadening like other mediocre artists D'Angelo or Creepshow to at least expand a little and survive for a bit more.

No. 1218738

Agreed. I also think the reason why they're prolonging this drama is because they don't have anything else to fall back on content wise. They should really consider trying to find other topics for content. Like you said, D'Angelo Wallace was mediocre artist and I'm sure even he realized it which is why he stopped and just became a drama investigator channel and he found success with it.

No. 1218745

D’angelo is leagues better as an artist than creepshow or most the other clowns in the “art commentary” community, imo. Not that he’s amazing or anything, it’s just that they all seems to be people who drew static anime characters in school and only ever marginally improved at doing that instead of actually learning how to draw.
Not wanting to improve or move on seems to be a constant of all of these nincompoops.

No. 1218762

I used to be pretty interested on that community when I was a teen and I saw the spoctor shitshow in real time, and it's a shame the thread op didn't mention Story's "8 year old" saga.
It was absolutely hilarious how she somehow convinced a whole community of people of something so stupid. I felt so vindicated when Atari came out with screenshots of Stories admiting her real age

I think the reason why they have so much drama is because they started realising that unless they are making spicy gossip content, making commentary about internet art topic simply isn't interesting, especially when most of them are such a hive mind. In Atari's case I remember well that something that bugged me was her opinions sounded so generic, almost as if instead of thinking about things she just went on twitter or whatev to see what other people tough and then made her opinion be exactly the same as everybody else.
Watching people screech about how comparing their oc's to something you like as a compliment is actually worse than the holocaust simply isn't fun the billionth time.

Solar sans got it right by moving to actual serious art topics related with professional/mainstream art. You have way more possible content and it's actually appealing to more people other than 14 year olds

No. 1219112

Honestly after watching these in full, I genuinely feel bad for Kai and Omnia. This is literally just the Tobi drama 2.0 with different people.

>Omnia and Kai have grievances with someone and bring them up

>Peaches refuses to take actual responsibility like Tobi refused to
>Peaches friends get involved like Tobi's did and spread more biased misinformation
>Peaches and Tobi both use mental health issues to hide from taking actual accountability
>Omnia makes a small, pretty harmless mistake with the thumbnail like Omnia did with Tobi's "private" dm story.
>Peaches/Tobi's side and their audience latch onto that one mistake and hold it above Omnia's head while ignored all the other valid points
>Omnia repeatedly apologizes to no avail
>JAR sticks his nose in for some fucking reason

Wash, rinse, and repeat. Like with the Tobi situation, Kai and Omnia haven't handled everything perfectly, but it's really hypocritical how when they make mention of making videos to clear things up, they're absolutely flooded with people telling them to "drop it" and stop dragging it out even though they haven't spoken on it publicly for months and it's really Peaches being a snake and still talking about them in public discord servers. They have every right to say "keep my name out your mouth" to her. Everyone is latching onto the stupid thumbnail shit because it's the only leverage they have over Omnia.

No. 1219160

>I used to be pretty interested on that community when I was a teen and I saw the spoctor shitshow in real time, and it's a shame the thread op didn't mention Story's "8 year old" saga.
It was absolutely hilarious how she somehow convinced a whole community of people of something so stupid. I felt so vindicated when Atari came out with screenshots of Stories admiting her real age

OMGH LOL Man okay so I'm gonna admit that I was one of the people who honestly believed that Story's was 8 until I started noticing how she'd always resort to that excuse whenever she got called out. The reason why I felt that way at the time was because where I live, I see kids on their parent's smartphones all that and I remember one even recording herself dance with it (the girl in question had to be around 9 or 10). So I felt that the possibility of children being on YouTube was more real in the modern era. And yeah, I feel retarded for initially buying into it when I did lol

>In Atari's case I remember well that something that bugged me was her opinions sounded so generic

I agree with this as well. I wasn't a big Atari person but I did watch her videos from time to time and I also got the whole "this sounds so generic" vibe from them as well and that has transferred over to Nawnii who strikes a similar chord of generic-ness as well.

>Solar sans got it right by moving to actual serious art topics related with professional/mainstream art. You have way more possible content and it's actually appealing to more people other than 14 year olds

Agree 100% as well.

No. 1219382


> Omnia makes a small, pretty harmless mistake with the thumbnail like Omnia did with Tobi's "private" dm story.

Tbf the "leaked DM's" argument people kept pushing against Omnia during the Tobi drama was retarded as fuck. Omnia only leaked the DM's because Tobi lied her ass off about it on twitter and leaking them was the only way to prove her wrong.
Besides, if leaking DM's was "scummy" no matter what, by that logic everyone who ever outed a predator by showing private conversations where they were sexual af are "scummy" for doing it. It's some peak victim-blaming shit and it's hilarious how Mangakamen even thought to bring law into this like he had a point LMAO

> but it's really hypocritical how when they make mention of making videos to clear things up, they're absolutely flooded with people telling them to "drop it" and stop dragging it out even though they haven't spoken on it publicly for months and it's really Peaches being a snake and still talking about them in public discord servers

And then there's Harley being the annoying twat that he is where he called out Kai and Omnia for "harassing Peaches for months" when in fact they've literally been on a twitter hiatus the entire time (Omnia most especially) and in reality it was Peaches who kept tweeting about the whole thing and wouldn't stfu.
And when Kai called out Peaches for talking about it Harley tried to whiteknight hard for her by saying how it was "venting" when she was literally lying about them on Discord chats. The hypocrisy is immense in Peaches and her inner circle.

> Everyone is latching onto the stupid thumbnail shit because it's the only leverage they have over Omnia.

It's especially hilarious when you realize that, looking at the recent tweets between Kai and Scrittus, the entire thumbnail really was a double-standard and Peaches just genuinely wanted something to bitch about and everyone just wanted something to hold over Omnia's head lmao.
I can excuse Scrittus' usage of the groomer thumbnail because he probably got permission and Peaches' approval (despite him being cringe af) but the fact Spoctor proved that he didn't get permission and Scrittus' defense is nothing more than "his use was allowed" just reeks of hypocrisy.
So basically if your video wasn't anything either simping for Peaches or anything close to giving Peaches leeway, suddenly it's a "problem" you're using the thumbnail.

Interesting enough, even after the confirmation, Spoctor's thumbnail on his first Peaches video remains with an asset from the groomer video, still unchanged (while Omnia and Scrittus changed theirs). I don't even see much of an outcry on it compared to everyone who ganged up on Omnia.
And then there was Peaches who made an entire twitlonger whining about the thumbnail, addressing both Omnia and Spoctor, yet spent the rest of the doc vilifying Omnia more than the latter.

Sometimes I wonder if the community just REALLY has a problem with Omnia lmao.
The Tobi drama didn't really kick in until Omnia made her respective video criticizing her, people had more of a problem with Omnia's usage of the thumbnail than Spoctor, despite both of their videos criticizing Peaches, and when her and Kai released their respective videos, people spammed and bombed the shit out of those videos acting like the two haven't moved on as if Peaches didn't keep going on about it on Twitter lol

No. 1219396


this is gonna be a tinfoil but I wonder if the spamming and dislike bombing on kai and omnia's videos were probably organized by harley or even scrittus.
After all they both kept going back and forth with Kai and Omnia (Kai especially) in the tweets during the thumbnail drama and Harley took it a step further by going off on assumptions with his video because he thought kai and omnias videos were defending the thumbnail lol

hell, I'd take it a step further and wonder if maybe Peaches also had it out for them. We already saw how she focused more on Omnia than Spoctor on her twitlonger addressing the thumbnail despite it supposedly being about the both of them.
And for how much she acts like all "holier than thou" in the tweets trying to be the bigger person saying how people who harass her detractors arent her fans, she sure was caught talking shit about them in Discord

No. 1219510

This is the main issue with bigger commentary channels that I've noticed; Alot of the bigger channels are that one tweet that's like "You can tell when someone's never been told to shut the fuck up". They get big off of doing smaller dramas that are hard to really be on the wrong side of and once their ass-kissing audience is as big as their head, they try and go for something/someone more controversial, and when they get called out they immediately hopped on the defense because they've never faced backlash for their shit before and their drooling fans will blindly attack the person especially if it's a smaller channel. Alot of the channels are friends with one another too (until the time comes where they can make content off of one another and then they'll cannibalize each other in a heart-beat). Is it any wonder you see Kai making multiple tweets saying "fuck this comunity"?

No. 1219714

>Besides, if leaking DM's was "scummy" no matter what, by that logic everyone who ever outed a predator by showing private conversations where they were sexual af are "scummy" for doing it. It's some peak victim-blaming shit and it's hilarious how Mangakamen even thought to bring law into this like he had a point LMAO

Mangakamen bringing that up was indeed one of the cringiest things yet and he's supposed to be the logical one. It's fucking YouTube drama, it's not that deep or serious.

> And then there's Harley being the annoying twat that he is where he called out Kai and Omnia for "harassing Peaches for months" when in fact they've literally been on a twitter hiatus the entire time (Omnia most especially) and in reality it was Peaches who kept tweeting about the whole thing and wouldn't stfu.

And when Kai called out Peaches for talking about it Harley tried to whiteknight hard for her by saying how it was "venting" when she was literally lying about them on Discord chats. The hypocrisy is immense in Peaches and her inner circle.

Yeah I notice that a lot of Peaches' whiteknights go on and on about how Omnia and Kai kept harassing her when the two hadn't been on Twitter for a good while. And it's funny how her fans like to ignore the fact that Peaches was still talking about it while linking it with "muh mental health". Just shut the fuck up. She's the one at fault because she obviously wasn't letting it go when Omnia and Kai already had months ago. She just wants the attention.

No. 1220029

I saw this first on Kai's twitter but


It seems that Peaches is considering moving away from commentary because apparently the community got too "toxic" for her lol. So basically she's pulling a Madlibbs.
She's considering cutting ties from the cc after she makes her "mental health" video

On the one hand, this is probably bs considering what we've seen of Peaches whenever she claims to go on hiatuses. She either never goes through with it or only comes back literally a day or even hours later.

But on the other hand, good riddance. Don't feel sorry at all to see her go if she does do it lmao

No. 1220211

File: 1619768528653.png (43.17 KB, 743x311, Peaches.png)

Post pictures. It's funny how they're fine with making videos on people for months if not years, but the moment they get into their own dramas they act like their eyes have been opened and all of a sudden the community is the most toxic thing in existence. They can dish it out, but can't take it kek. Omnia and Kai are the only ones that have a right to put a middle finger to the ACC and say how toxic it is because they're the ones that made informed critiques on people and haven't acted holier-than-thou in response to getting criticism.

You remember how Solar Sands got called out for calling kid's art on deviantart cringey and he actually took the criticism and adapted and changed his content to be upgraded to talk about deep things in art like lost pieces or deeper meanings and his channel has not only survived, but flourished? It's almost like someone can actually take criticism and grow from it.

No. 1220953

>>1218435 Yeah. Unfortunately, she has a new twitter where she's constantly tweeting about Mari and Kal. Not to mention, getting involved in drama. Ironically, Jesp says it makes her sick/anxious yet she keeps doing it anyways.

No. 1220976


I swear, what is it with Peaches' friends being overall annoying and sticking their noses into things or just plain out go off on assumptions?!

Jesp was like this during the Mari drama where she got overall dramatic and pulled a Peaches 2.0 where she whines about her mental health and claims to go on a break, only to still tweet and comment on shit that's supposedly "made her anxious/depressed"
And we also see her ride along with the lie that Spoctor "remained neutral just for PR" even though both Kai's and Spoctor's videos debunked that claim and proved context was taken the wrong way.

And then there's Harley who doesn't have the "mental health" dramatics but neverthless still goes on assumptions and is one of the main reasons Peaches' braindead simps are riding along with the lie that "Kai supported Luke's suicide-bait claim" and also pushed the "Spoctor is only neutral for PR" statement.
I daresay the kid is just as much of a snake as Peaches and a lot of the credibility given to him wasn't deserved. Only reason the kid is even credible at all is due to his drama with Luke and Peaches supporting him lmao.
~That and the Mari drama (and Stories/Spoctor drama) has proven people just love to side with kids as if they're not capable of lying.~
(Ironic that he once said Kai was just pushing a "prison mate luke" act when Kai first announced he was gonna make his response video when Harley's constant trash takes make him the closest to Luke at this point)

No. 1221272

File: 1619907778259.jpg (13.67 KB, 444x110, 6FbVHTT.jpg)

>>1220976 I don't even know how to put this into words but… Jesp just compared Mari to Cosmodore. The latter being a known predator.

How far is Jesp willing to reach just to smear Mari's name? Like… what?

No. 1221311

Acting like this is what caused her to implode last time so it's only a matter of time before she gets called out again. She's really fucking unhinged and shouldn't be on the internet.

No. 1221343


Just like what a previous anon here pointed out, the Peaches drama is literally just the Tobi drama but with different people.
Remember when people latched onto Kai's "according to your logic" argument and twisted it to say that he threw pedo accusations at Tobi (while ironically glossing over how Tobi herself openly threw those accusations left and right and yet Kai was the one who had to watch his words lol)?
Once again we have idiots twisting his words on one of his "fuck this community" tweets where they act like he compared the Peaches drama to rape, even though he literally used the logic to which people used every excuse to defend Peaches while shifting the blame on her victims.


What's stupid is that Jesp criticized Kai on the rape analogy as well, yet here she is comparing Mari to Cosmodore as if someone making a crazy 500-page callout doc on a bratty kid is even comparable to someone who actually groomed kids.
And the fact she's painting Mari as a liar as if Kal's words could ever be taken as fact is especially hypocritical.
Maybe don't go after Kai for his wording if you can't even be bothered to do the same, Jesp LMAO

No. 1224136

File: 1620244258531.png (347.5 KB, 900x2026, twitlonger.png)

This chick really needs to get off the internet. She has a pattern of acting really manic and deranged, talking about her mental health and saying shit on how she shouldn't be alive, then I guess coming to an epiphany where she realizes how dumb she was and making a long-ass apology. She did this with the Junkie situation and I can barely tell what this is even about even though she tagged him. This is OnlyJesp/FishLizard just for anyone confused.


No. 1232391

Yup, I feel like people just really have a double standard when it comes to who they give their credibility to as well as who they're willing to listen to.

It's funny that when Kai and Omnia release their videos, people get on them for "milking the drama" and "not letting it die" and proceed to slam it with dislikes
yet JAR's over here jumping on the bandwagon and these mfs are giving him credibility?
They're really acting as if Peaches didn't keep tweeting about it during Kai/Omnia's twitter hiatus for the past couple months, and everyone else weren't also making their respective videos comdemning them and making assumptions cough Harley

I came across this thread and it pretty much sums up everyone in the community towards Kai and Omnia vs everyone else in the drama:

(also, can people stfu about the whole "Kai didn't say he agreed with luke's suicide bait claims on Peaches, but it's still implied" bullshit?! this is literally the same thing that happened in the tobi drama where even though Kai used Tobi's pedo logic against her, "he still called her one"
It shouldn't be up to Kai to explain/defend himself against claims made by retards who just wanted to look for anything to blame him for )

No. 1232534

The thing I can't fucking stand with JAR and his annoying self-righteous ass is why he even still did this fucking video all for some shady ass bitch who got called out. I hate how he's trying to make it sound like she's this big uwu victim when she doesn't need the ass pats and attention. The bitch is fine. She wasn't cancelled, she wasn't run off YouTube. Her views have not gone down nor has her subscriber base, she's fucking fine. I hate using the word "simp" but honestly that's the impression I'm getting from JAR with this crap. He days that's the last video he's gonna do on the situation and let's fucking hope it is. The drama is old, STFU and move on.

No. 1232641


JAR is pretty much the example of just how two-faced the community can be.
Back when it was pretty much the "popular opinion" to go against Peaches, he chimed in and made a video against her.

And now when Harley (fuck that kid, he really needs to mind his own business because I've seen him whiteknight HARD for Peaches on his many twitter spats with Kai and even quote tweets about kai/omnia) made a video "turning the tides" into Peaches' favor, JAR suddenly retracts his video, turns around and apologizes to Peaches, and then he's suddenly jumping into collabs with Harley comdemning Kai and Omnia for daring to make a video on peaches as if he didn't try to jump in the bandwagon against her in the first place.

and seeing him bring in Peaches for a collab video roasting Avrona is just next level simp crap. Like Avrona is barely credible at this point, but this is just low hanging fruit of an effort. If JAR is doing all this to try to make it up to Peaches then it's embarrassing lol

No. 1232843

I fotgot that JAR originally made a video against Peaches but yeah, I agree with all what you said. Like fucking fine, if JAR truly felt bad for acting on haste with his first video for Peaches and wanted to make an apology video, OKAY fine, make the video but then he had to keep making more of them at a time where the drama was dying anyway and people were moving on. Omnia took a break from Twitter/YouTube and unlike Peaches, actually stayed true to her word and only made one video to clear things up and as far I know, has not talked about it since.

Anyway yeah, JAR is just a two-faced grifter. He'll parrot whatever popular opinion is when the drama has somewhat die down and just revive old drama.

> and seeing him bring in Peaches for a collab video roasting Avrona is just next level simp crap.

And that is why I roll my eyes when Peaches WKs say that Peaches hasn't talked about drama when the bitch collabed on JAR's video when it wasn't fucking necessary.

It's just like what does this bitch have him. He didn't even know who she was until the Tobi shit.

No. 1239682

File: 1622103125787.jpg (182.94 KB, 1080x1264, Screenshot_20210527-030753_Twi…)

Good LORD shut the fuck up Jesp. She must post something about how she wants to kill herself once a week. When will people realize that it looks incredibly attention seeking when you constantly post things like this.

No. 1240317


Ironically for how much she rags on about "oh I'll be leaving for a while uwu" high chance you'll still find her in the replies somewhere engaging with people and spewing more mental health shit if you're lucky enough.
Like, didn't she JUST recently do an entire "woe is me" Twitlonger apologizing to Junkie and some other people? She lambasts herself, claims to go on a break or leave or how she doesn't deserve anyone or some shit, then we come back full circle to this.

I know we've all gone about how she and Peaches deserve each other, but now I see exactly why. She sees herself in Peaches with how they pretty much act the same.

No. 1240898

File: 1622243493869.jpeg (171.04 KB, 1110x753, 5209B7FF-E437-439D-87B8-B0A458…)


No. 1240926

Makes sense. It must be drowning to have your entire content revolve around other people's affairs, fights and suffering. Even keemstar admitted to causing drama just to have content. It's not a great model

No. 1241144

Taking account his age which I believe he is like 19? 20? It makes sense why he's getting bored of the content because he's been making that kinda stuff since he was in high school. I think he'll more than likely move onto making other kinds of videos and I think good for him if he does.

No. 1241196

Honestly, it would be best to probably not make videos constantly or just be too dedicated to YouTube in my opinion. He's very young, he still has time to study in the college he's in and at least get a good job for himself and a distraction from the internet, the internet sure can sometimes work for a few people and help gain money and popularity, but with how YouTube monetization works and just how hard it is to even make money just by being on the internet, it's best to just move on from it all entirely, especially since past situations mess him up a lot and past people he befriended such as Cosmodore.

No. 1245044

Bumping this thread because something new is happening for once: Creepshow has been outed for posting all over lolcow (we been knew) and now you can read all her thoughts on this drama.


No. 1245347

and this is what we know of. Who knows how much she actually shits on her friends and sister outside of lolcow. This is gold.
and people thought Peaches was bad. What a nut

No. 1245574

Holy shit? She's legitimately bad mouthing a good majority of her friends in these just to try and blend in. Ready To Glare, DeAngelo, and others. If Twitter catches wind of this she's 100% fucked.

No. 1252756

File: 1623394896774.jpg (442.67 KB, 1092x631, creepshow search.jpg)

in light of the creepshow drama and the new wave of content for the cc to milk off of, i just want to know if shannon's channel was lately reported or shadowbanned or something?..

I typed up 'creepshow art' and the first results arent even her channel much less her videos, but videos people made ABOUT her.
Either she was getting mass flagged along with bleeding subs, or she happened to conveniently private her channel and content to be hidden from search results lol

No. 1347778

File: 1634250784902.jpg (122.66 KB, 1080x692, Screenshot_20211014-172822_Twi…)

I know this thread has been dead since the whole creepshow art drama, but look who's back and hasn't learned shit. Still talking about her BPD constantly and other bullshit. She's not milky or nearly as relevant as before, but I still thought it was funny.


No. 1351807

File: 1634717662310.png (1.53 MB, 1231x2520, 47hn45b888.png)

This is so old, but Kai and Omnia are still getting into random arguments on Twitter with people that don’t matter, stoking the flames, and not letting it go.

A year later, and we’re back to where we started. No one’s learned a thing.

No. 1352430

It must being annoying to still be getting bothered about the Peaches drama but for the love of shit will they just ignore people.

No. 1352434

Same anon as above, but if you look at her followers list you'll see next to none of her old friends are following her. FuchsiaButter, Madlibbs, no one. Even though she has the same exact name and has made no effort to hide that it's her. Makes me wonder if Madlibbs and Fuchsia distanced themselves from her. She reblogged Fuchsia's e-begging, but that's it.

No. 1353423

File: 1634871378423.gif (4.38 MB, 1200x276, Possible Trace.gif)

That could be. But they also might still be friends, and Tobi could have told them not to follow her because people would be able to see that if they checked Libbs or Fuchsia's Twitter. And Tobi probably wants to go stealth.
It would not surprise me if they fell out, though.

I found this on Tobi's Twitter. It seemed different than her usual style, where the faces are kind of squished and oddly shaped. I'm not sure if she traced because I've never seen her do it before, but it is rather close.

No. 1353520

Nothing lines up completely so I'm assuming she just used it as reference which is still shitty if she didn't credit them.

No. 1356713


tbf, a lot of Peaches' braindead fans keep bringing up counterpoints that have already been disproven in kai and omnia's videos, and even then they start moving the goalpost.

kai and omnia "supported luke's suicide-bait claims on peaches"?
omnia outright denounced luke in the dm's prior to the video's release and said it was a bad move.
and then suddenly the goalpost got moved to "well, she should've publicly denounced it!!" or "she shouldve done more to stop it"

iirc peaches had a similar case back in the tobi drama, when she was caught editing that shit video with mangakamen, jar and fuchsia. but i guess it's all good because she didnt contribute, and tried to talk manga out of it (like omnia with luke)

funny now peaches isn't held to the same standards of "she shouldve publicly denounced the video"
well then, why didn't PEACHES "do more" to stop that collab video?

No. 1356720


not to mention, it doesn't help that whenever peaches mentions about her experiences in her drama, or misinformation, a lot of her fans often assume she's talking about kai and omnia, pitting them together with luke and shannon as if they're just as bad.

it's like kai said in one of his videos.
apparently because luke and shannon lied about peaches, suddenly everyone lied about peaches.
i know the commentary community can be nothing but drama and toxicity, but geez the audience is just as bad if not worse. nuance doesnt exist LMAO

No. 1357081

That's probably the most annoying part. People are acting like it's a black and white situation. Honestly, Peaches is really lucky the whole Shannon bullshit blew up because it saved her ass grom being held accountable for alot of things she did.

No. 1365606

Apparently Kai copyright struck a response video done on him by some guy because Kai didn't like the person.
There's been a lot of Twitter uproar about it. HarlyTBS has Tweeted about it a lot. Kai made lots of Tweets then deleted his second Twitter.

No. 1365806


oh i've heard of that drama.
personally it seems pretty stupid and it really just shows the commentary community will jump on anything for quick clicks and views.

the whole thing started with kai copyright-striking akumu's video because kai felt it was "copyright infringement" since akumu's video on him used so much unedited footage and it wasn't fair use.
since then everyone on twitter practically got on kai's ass. not surprised twats like harleytbs and JAR are on this case, and suddenly people kai ever had friction with such as miss zi-zi and (jar's fangirl) carmenrider are now using this situation to wash their hands of their own wrongdoings.

it's exactly like the shannon situation. shannon is caught, and suddenly everyone she's called out think they're suddenly "innocent" and "now a victim" of her.
this is why people suddenly viewed peaches as innocent, despite the fact peaches has wronged people too.

john swan at this point i feel is just grasping at any way to gain back the relevance he lost ever since his own drama with dream lmao
like kai's biggest offense was copyright-striking akumu's video (despite akumu himself being controversial as it is, but it's neither here nor there) and potentially doing it out of pettiness, but the fact every commentary jumped on the twitter spat and are now making videos said twitter spat is just sad

No. 1365808

File: 1636522810504.jpg (92.92 KB, 627x245, jar clout.jpg)


see? this is what I mean.


just because kai is geting called out for being petty on twitter and potentially not understanding akumu's video being "fair use" or some shit, all of a sudden JAR thinks he can go back to the Tobi drama and "debunk" all the arguments made on her.
like fuck off jar, unlike Peaches who you seem to simp for (hence all those videos you made on the drama), Tobi on the other hand had legitimate reasons to be called out. if this guy thinks he can suddenly swing the Tobi drama on her favor and bring Tobi back on the spotlight then i'm just about done.

hell, i wouldn't be surprised if JAR suddenly starts making a bunch of videos on kai like he did on luke and peaches.

No. 1365812

File: 1636523086127.png (43.31 KB, 1252x240, FDdXrgTWEAAQCNo.png)

And of course JAR and Peaches feel the need to victimize themselves lmaooo


why do people give jar (and by extension, harley) credibility again??

No. 1365966

What the fuck would you even be able to add to the long dead Tobi drama? Half the people that made videos on it have deleted them, most everyone agreed that Tobi was in the wrong aside from a few of her ass-licking friends. JAR himself even took down the collab with Kamen and Fuchsia and admitted it was bad. Is he trying to bring it back now just because he has beef with Kai and Omnia? Tobi's youtube career is all but dead. Her new channel "The Guppy" is so irrelevant it's kind of sad and is still getting comments on how terrible she is as well as having a high amount of dislikes. Her new Twitter is also stagnated below 100 followers. No one gives a shit about Tobi anymore outside of her Twitch and even then she shot herself in the foot again with the Love or Host drama so any big cc on Twitch will avoid her like the plague. Tobi is a fucking joke and case study on how constantly blaming mental issues will get you into serious trouble. Why in the actual shit would you want to defend her of all people just because you don't like Kai and Omnia. Whether or not Kai striking down Akumu is justified is totally up for debate although, Ponder Sprocket has said in the past that she also thinks that Akumu uses way too much unedited footage. Kai and Omnia handled this piss-poorly, but JAR is a grifting idiot, John Swan is trying desperately to cling onto any sort of credibility after the Dream drama, and Harley has had it out for Kai and Omnia ever since the Peaches shit. This entire situation is so stupid because people are fighting over Akumu of all people. Fucking Akumu. The edgy, baiting, chronically online teenager. This is really the hill everyone wants to die on? Fucking hell. Sorry for the sperg, but this whole thing is so stupid.

No. 1366573

File: 1636603682539.jpg (238.03 KB, 638x642, lol salty.jpg)

saging because its not anything really new but it's so predictably funny how all of a sudden Tobi's inner circle are now crawling out of the woodwork feeling vindicated now that kai's been getting called out for his "copyright striking akumu" twitter drama LOL


what makes it even more ironic is that both fuchsia and zi-zi have had run-ins with akumu in the past as well, fuchsia most especially.
and now because the person who called out your friend gets into twitter drama, now yall are suddenly willing to stand with akumu on this??
yall commentary channels are two-faced asf

(interestingly, zi-zi also tweeted about "working on another video" and mentions it's "gonna be a handful" so who knows if this is gonna be about kai….)

No. 1369850

Spoctor dropped a video a couple days ago about the whole "Kai copyright striking Akumu" drama that imploded Twitter.
this is just me going over the video and taking note of things, so maybe some parts stick out, maybe they don't.

- Introduction goes over him talking about his shift in interest from "drama" videos vs videos with more nuanced takes. Goes on a tangent about creators who make videos just to be petty and publicize their beef with people, all while explicitly showing clips of Kai's videos in the background. In other words, Kai is "those" creators.

- After a quick flash of title card talking about the drama being dumb and then merch promo, then the video starts.

- Starts by going on a timeline on Kai releasing a video on Akumu around Sep 29. Spoctor goes on about the petty-sounding intro and gets nitpicky with semantics, but then gets to the point about Kai and Akumu's tweets to and about each other.

- Gets to the tweet that got him to talk about the drama, which was Akumu associating Kai and some guy named Holy Majesty as "friends" and correlates it to "Kai being okay with Majesty drawing cub porn in the past" just because they interacted before. Spoctor notes it's a stupid point on Akumu's end.

- Goes on about Akumu being a troll (no surprise) and that it was just easier to pick on Kai because he's more prone to sperging out. Then he shows tweets of Kai's ranty twitter threads, and mentions his mental health and how he's quick to make impulsive videos on people he has petty Twitter spats with.
Basically, Akumu baits Kai and Kai tends to always take the bait. He notes that the entire point of Kai's Akumu video was an impulse reaction to Akumu's trolling.

- Gets to the copyright strike fiasco.
Mentions that the reason people are getting on Kai's ass despite Akumu being a known troll is because of the copyright strike.

- Mentions Kai striking Akumu's video down due to infringment, but apparently only started explaining himself after everyone was getting on his case.
He personally believes Kai shouldn't have struck a video, mainly due to Akumu being a small channel.

- Mentions videos being made about it, starting from Harley's video about Kai "abusing copyright" made around Nov 3, which fueled the shitshow with John Swan joining in and Sir Optimus(?).

- Spoctor notes how a lot of the CC making videos on Kai aren't really paying attention to why the situation even started, and are moreso acting out of bias because of their feelings about "censorship" and often brush off Akumu, while ignoring the fact Akumu is known for ban-evading Kai and continuing to raid their streams.

- Talks about how the CC are quick to take any opportunity to talk about people once they slip up, without even knowing /mentioning the context behind said situations.

- Talks about John Swan and Kai's debate and John winning said debate, noting it was mainly due to Kai coming in unprepared, since Kai started out complaining about Omnia being in the thumbnail and gaslighting John by pressing on how John isn't qualified to talk about copyright law since it's not "US copyright law" or some shit.
(Kai basically acted out of emotion than rational thinking.)

- Begins talking about the "Fair Use" argument, which is what everyone got on Kai about.

- Shows a render view of Akumu's video and mentions how 99%
of Kai's video footage is used, questioning how much "fair use" it was.

- Spoctor then proceeds to bring up copyright law. Then he talks about the nuances and leniency of the law by bringing up some court settlement between two other content creators as an example.
Then mentions that it wouldn't be illegal if Kai had filed a DMCA takedown under "full/good faith."

- Says the reason Akumu used nearly Kai's entire video was because of Kai himself mentioning in previous videos about people not putting his full video in theirs for context. In other words, Kai sort of shot himself in the foot with those statements.
Specifically zones in on Kai's words:
> "You didn't put my full video in your video."
> "I wanted to put your entire video in mine so people could see EVERYTHING you had to say."

Basically Kai was being a hypocrite.

- Mentions Kai having beef with Akumu and how he tends to constantly want to one-up his detractors. So he speculates that Kai's copyright claim was potentially out of pettiness.

- Initially gave Kai the benefit of the doubt, but after some conversations deduces Kai doesn't really know copyright law, and that if it became a legal battle Kai would've lost against Akumu.

- Goes back to mentioning that it copyright claims aren't illegal if Kai acted in good faith, but considers that Kai may have done the strike in bad faith considering his beef with Akumu in the first place.

- Talks about Akumu again and reiterates about him being a troll, as well as Kai having done the strike as an impulsive decision.

- Says Kai needs to take a break and leave commentary (despite him constantly having said it before in the past).
Kai's biggest fault was constantly arguing back at people, even trolls who kept going at him just to get a reaction (Akumu).
> "Kai was fighting a battle that he shouldn't have been fighting and because of that it's escalated into something that's out of his control because he continues to make mistakes while trying to fight somebody that was just too much of an asshole to reason with."

- Says Kai should've just owned up and realized he took things too far and should walk away from commentary, while also saying people shouldn't just gloss over the fact Akumu's an asshole.
> "But let's not let this distract us from the fact that Akumu's a fucking asshole. Let's not forget about that. The bigger creators might not say it, but I'll say it."

Kai was being petty and being a hypocrite and likely used his beef with Akumu just to rationalize the strike.
Akumu was and is still a troll and an asshole.

tbh the cc making videos on Kai should stop trying to make Akumu out to be this victim of poor circumstance. Yes Kai was being petty af, but i hate how they're making it look like Akumu was being oppressed here. he doesnt deserve an asskiss just cause kai might be the bigger idiot here.
Also wish the cc wouldn't use this situation to bring back dead drama cough JAR with the tobi drama

No. 1370933

Sad that Spoctor is usually the one with the most measured takes. Why anyone would want to defend Akumu is beyond me. And I hope to God JAR actually wises up for once and doesn't try and bring up the rotten corpse that is Tobi's Youtube career

No. 1372812

Thanks for the summary anon. Overall I think Spoctor did a good job being neutral and just pointing out what happened without being biased. I don't know much about this Akumu person outside of him being a troll but it sounds like if he really was ban evading Kai whenever he tried to ban him, it makes sense why Kai copyright struck him out of desperation to try to get rid of him. I don't think it was right but hearing that detail, I do get why Kai did something drastic. I honesty don't know what Kai could've done to get Akumu to leave him TF alone. Like yeah he could've just ignored him but something tells me akumu is one of those people who would just keep poking and poking. I dunno, I agree that Kai shouldn't have struck him with the strike but Akumu is not some victim and it's retarded that the other commentators are acting like he is.

Agreed x2. The situation with Kai has fuck all to do with Tobi, she still deserved to be called out for her hypocrisy and there's no defending her actions. But the drama is DEAD, leave it tf alone and move on.

Why do I feel that JAR is a big simp to these two female commentators who were called out on their shit. A nice case of M'ladying. if I've ever seen it.

No. 1373501

File: 1637563699672.jpg (157.02 KB, 592x325, jarpeaches.jpg)


honestly, have you seen JAR's twitter? i swear this guy likes to pick fights and stir the pot for the hell of it.
(he did make a video on kai and the situation on his channel recently, but i cant even be bothered to watch it since it'll probably have this smug highground attitude that he had on his first tobi video against kai/omnia, since it's pretty obvious by now that he has beef with them).
Right now he seems to be egging on the Junkie situation a little.

for context: Lately there's a bit of mini-drama going on with TheNamesJunkie and how "he lied to people" and while I did see JAR make a video on him a while back, now it seems like some people are now crawling out with their own receipts, like OnlyJesp and some even talked about his run-ins with Mangakamen to an extent.

(also sidenote but i just find this tweet of his amusing.
like sure he feels the need to clarify that he and peaches are "just friends" but with how much lengths he goes on to defend her, even with how he constantly mentions her and her drama in his luke videos, that sure is a lot for "just a friend."
hell, even in the kai situation when he talks about the cc ripping each other apart, he STILL brings up peaches.

this is why people think you and peaches are in a relationship, JAR. with how much you seem to fawn over her like she's a literal peach to be protected at all costs LMAO)

No. 1373514


> (reposted this again because i meant commentary when i wrote community. i dont give a shit about JAR's community.)

same anon here, but i just wanna add to this a little.

i personally feel like JAR's commentary is a lot better when he's talking about media-related content such as movies, shows etc.
like his videos on mary sue's (where he rips apart the he-man reboot and digs into amber's character from invincible) actually had good takes on them.

but the moment he talks about drama it's more often a miss and it's mostly him being a contrarian mess and I'm almost convinced he wants to root for the "unpopular opinion" because he can.
or jump the bandwagon if he doesn't like someone.

he did it during the tobi drama, where he just made a shit video in favor of her when a lot of people agreed she was in the wrong.
he did it during the peaches drama, where everyone was originally against peaches, but the moment it came out that luke and creepshow were dishonest, he decided to ride this drama and make videos on everyone who made a video against his precious peaches. even those who actually had legit grievances with her (kai, omnia, camila, etc).
and then during the luke drama, he made videos dunking on luke, and still feels the need to bring up peaches every so often because "hey, this is still about peaches right? lol"

and now we're seeing it happen again with the kai situation, where he's considering bringing back the tobi drama and "debunking" the videos made on her (i'm willing to bet it's kai's and omnia's videos because of course). after all, "the person who called out tobi is shitty too so now if I make a video favoring tobi I won't be in the wrong anymore!!"

JAR should just do what Just Stop and Mangakamen did and transition to media commentary. it'll be less embarrassing for him in the long run, imo

No. 1373525

File: 1637566892565.jpg (75.95 KB, 581x178, tobitweet.jpg)


speaking of tobi's friends feeling all smug and vindicated just because the person who called out their friend got into drama…

i decided to peek into tobi's twitter to see if she had something to say about it and lo and behold–


it's hilarious how she just sees this all as a case of people getting their just desserts just because kai got caught in drama (with some idiots like john swan and harley dragging in omnia as well).

this is just like when shannon/creepshow got called out and all of a sudden without a crystal ball thinks she's "innocent" now despite being equally guilty of sleazy tactics.
like no, just because the person who called you out on your bs was caught in their own shit doesn't mean you can come up and feel like justice got served

No. 1374279

I take solace in the fact that regardless of whatever pyrrhic victory she may think she's won, she still has comments shitting on her on her new Youtube channel so her repuation is still in the toliet. JAR is an actual idiot if he tries to bring her back up. You'd think the video he did with Fuchsia and Kamen would have been enough.

No. 1389398

File: 1639103499428.png (167.52 KB, 2887x1821, omnia.PNG)

Omnias channel is gone too now.

No. 1389436


i mean, i know kai rebranded (before commentary channels started getting on his case of "lol he rebranded" because apparently they need to find something to give them clicks) but if anything, i find it weird why omnia would leave youtube.

i can see why kai had to delete his, though. he was just another hot topic for the cc to capitalize over something as petty as copyright striking akumu of all people, but afaik omnia wasn't really directly involved.
if anything, harley and john swan kinda dragged her into this.

No. 1389743

File: 1639153151801.png (623.44 KB, 598x2626, kaiomnia.png)

Omnia made a Twitter thread claiming Kai assaulted her, stole things of hers, locked her out of her Twitter and gmail, and deleted her Youtube. She says she is trying to get a protective order against him.

No. 1389774

File: 1639156911773.png (11.42 MB, 1030x29210, kaiweissreplies.png)


Kai Weiss made a lengthy response and replied to a few people. He claims Omnia is manipulative and everything he did was in self defense. He says the only time he touched Omnia was in order to stop her from hurting herself. He says Omnia would scream and punch him and yell at him to hit her. He says all the things he took were his because he paid for them. They were not gifts, he just allowed her to use some items of his. He also says Omnia was cheating on him the whole time. He says that Omnia's "black allyship is out the window and she is using her privilege." Kai says Omnia bragged about what she's doing to him to her friends. Kai says he will not talk about the issue more because he's going to court with it.

No. 1389796

WTF happened? I thought these two tards were inseparable when it came to being sanctimonious bullies.

No. 1389802

File: 1639158244020.png (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 603x4248, omniarepliesandbruises.png)


Omnia Tweeted some more. In response to Kai, she claims Kai Weiss pinned her on the floor, punched her in the face, and elbowed her. She posts pictures of herself covered in bruises.

No. 1389823

File: 1639159581093.png (99.29 KB, 602x1310, lastkaitweet.png)


Kai made a few last Tweets. Then he deleted his Twitter.

No. 1389873

So what's everyone's predictions here? Omnia is the psycho or Kai? Kai came across as a psycho in that spoctor video I skimmed through.
The most likely outcome is that they're both psychos. I'm more likely to side with Omnia however because I've seen far more unhinged male abusers shed tears and claim they're the ones being abused than the opposite. imo him trying to bring up legal action was just his last ditch effort to bring her under his heel

No. 1389941


They're both psycho.

Both Omnia and Kai have displayed a desire to ruin people's reputations when they think those people have done wrong. And that's what they're both doing to each other, right now.

We also know that other story where Omnia claimed Kai was abusive and left him alone, outside in a snowstorm with no car or place to go into (in last thread).

I feel like they were probably both abusive to each other.

No. 1389977

I've gotta agree anon, I feel like Omnia is being the more truthful one and believe me, I'm aware that there are women out there who do lie about this kinda stuff who can be abusive to their boyfriends but after seeing how Kai acted in the "debate", I'm feeling like he does have a temper that can get out of hand. And when he was showing the tweets, after seeing how easy it can be to create fake tweets, I'm really not sure if I can believe them…

I hate situations like this because it's hard to know for sure other than going off what is shared.

I also agree with you. While I feel like Omnia is being the more truthful psycho, I'm sure that she had her own shit that was a pain to deal with and I feel u;ultimately, we're seeing two headcases collide.

No. 1390002

My theory is that Omnia was emotionally abusive and Kai abused her physically as a result.

Kai's initial response of "I bought stuff for you" was stupid as fuck, and he should of cut that part out and only said, "she hit me and screamed at me to hit her". I can believe him when he says that because I have seen SO many batshit crazy women do that.
Doesn't make him any less of an abusive piece of shit if he actually did it, but if Omnia did that, we'd know she's the type to go and instigate a fight in order to slander someone and get pity and sympathy. Which is also abuse.

No. 1390126

That's a reasonable way to look at it and I think you might be right about Omnia being more verbally abusive while Kai is physically abusive.

We haven't got a glimpse of what Omnia is like when she's mad unlike Kai so there's no telling if she'd fly off the handle and say things like "hit me" to provoke. And yeah Kai should've left out the "I bought stuff for you" and stuck to the important matter.

No. 1390142

We don't know whats going on behind the scenes and probably never will but Harley has said Omnia provided him with really concrete evidence and I don't believe you can file an emergency protective order without solid proof. It's nice to see all the people in the replies to her like John Swan, Tipster, Fuchsia, and more taking this seriously instead of some more drama. Kai has always been enotionally unstable way back with the Tobi drama and I feel like him getting the spotlight put on him with the Akumu drama was what finally broke the camel's back. Omnia isn't a saint, but Kai sounds like a real piece of shit.

No. 1390144

True. I guess we just have to wait and see though with what happens next if they air it out in public.

No. 1390149

File: 1639191882644.jpg (223.9 KB, 1284x1634, FFTLz99WUAMEiCt.jpg)

This was back on Omnia's previous twitter (ragingbi) and the context was with JAR trying egg on the drama with Kai and going on board with all these comments tinfoiling their relationship, but looking at this now hits different
(i still think these kinds of comments were still stupid despite kinda being 'confirmed' now but that's besides the point)

honestly when this all unfolded my first thought was "JAR and Harley are gonna have a field day with this" given both those two have had it out for them since the tobi drama (for JAR) and especially the peaches drama

looking at their twitters though..
harley seems to have sided with Omnia (after getting on a call with her) and JAR seems to be using this situation to make another video on Kai.

regardless of whether one side is true or not, i still think it's kinda scummy to immediately jump onto making streams/videos on the situation (tipster and sir optimus) not even a full day after everything's been laid out

but i guess this is just a standard for the cc in general at this point

No. 1390152

adding on to this, i find it sus that the moment kai and omnia broke up, all of a sudden kai decides to pin everything on omnia.

peaches having used an alt? omnia faked it.
copyright striking some troll's video? naw, omnia told him to do it.

originally i considered that the whole "omnia stalking peaches" was a stupid argument point, given peaches has subtweeted about them and outright lied about them even in discord servers, so i can see why you'd probably want to know if they were spreading more misinformation about you..
but right then and there kai just does a sudden 180 and flat out say "omnia stalks peaches lol"

and the way he "defends" himself doesnt really sit right with me since in the midst of his angry twitter breakdown he drags thumin and takes another jab at john swan.
it's like ok we get it john likely used the akumu situation to cling onto credibility but literally what does that have to do with what you're being accused of now??

while i can't say omnia is 100% in the clear here, kai isn't exactly helping himself in this situation at all..
he seems to be pulling the creepshow tactic of "i'll handle this legally" but he's still using his twitter to constantly defend himself and get into arguments with people.
dude, if youre gonna leave it out of twitter then leave.

No. 1390278

Omnia defending Kai tooth and nail no matter what he did is really fucked up when you think about the idea that at the time she was living with him while he was abusing her

No. 1390341

a good point I've seen brought up in QRTs is that if Kai was acting in self defense he should have shown the bruises too

No. 1390386

so…after looking into the drama and all the stuff i've seen on twitter, i've seen some good arguments, and some bad (like they only wanted to feel justified that they 'called it')
but i'll note some things:

for instance, >>1390152
i know i touched on how kai was quick to pin everything on omnia the moment it became public that they broke up, but another thing that adds to why his thread didn't sit right with me was..
he talks about omnia like she's 'always been like this' and how their relationship was hell from the start, but then…why didn't he leave?
i know it's not always easy to leave toxic relationships, but it's strange how he was defending her, saying how "they only ever needed each other" and at one point he himself said *she* talked him out of it when he was being suicidal and now he just up and takes everything back?
at least from omnia, hers wasn't a case of 'kai was like this the entire time.' she straight up says that she loved him, and admits she gave him access to her socials because she thought she could trust him. she didn't just backpedal on everthing she said about him the moment they broke up.
was it a dumb move on her end to have given him access? definitely. but she thought she could trust him.
unlike kai, maybe she thought that what they had was genuine.

if omnia had been dishonest the entire time with some of her claims against peaches, then that would mean kai knew the entire time, and this makes him just as bad. either way, he's not vindicating himself by trying to out omnia like this, LOL
not to mention it's pretty fucked up how he suddenly pins it all on her being the problem, especially when he said before that she was the one who saved him from committing suicide in the middle of one of his twitter meltdowns..

there's also the part where a while back on one of kai's earlier meltdowns he mentioned how he was locked out and left in the snow, and how omnia's roommate at the time thought he was abusive (that thread was way back in kai's older twitter so i can't exactly remember the details).
Assuming Omnia's telling the truth, then who knows if that had been an earlier attempt to keep Kai away.

also, anyone find it sus how, with the given context that omnia trusted him with access to her accounts, apparently he recorded screencaps of DM's on her end "just in case"?
i know kai says he has a reason to, but him doing this and laying out all of omnia's private DM's like this makes it seem that he exploited and took advantage of her trust like that..
this isn't like the tobi drama with the retarded DM argument ad nauseum. unlike omnia with tobi, kai on the other hand had no business showing some of those screencaps from her perspective.

No. 1390478

Tipster stated on Twitter that he's not going to make a video on the topic, because he believes he's not the right person to do so or something.

Many such cases of abused girlfriends defending their spouses through thick and thin, not accepting that said spouse is a POS until it's too late…
And, ngl, Omnia's stupid as hell for giving Kai access to all her online accounts. You should never do that, especially not wild thth a loved one who could turn into your worst enemy should such a messy breakup as this one happen.

No. 1390744

I forgot all about the snowstorm incident and looking back on it, it is slightly scary because if what Kai said was true, he could have been abusive to Omnia the entire time and the roommate caught on. Kai also somewhat outed himself with the screen shot from Omnia's perspective that he showed because it shows he does indeed have access to her accounts. He tried covering his ass by saying that he had saved it to his drive long ago which is still terribly abusive. Omnia stalking Peaches is so fucking irrelevant because god knows Peaches is still probably checking in on Omnia and Kai every now and then with how she subtweetd about them. It's human nature honestly so who the fuck cares about that. On another note; Anyone who jumps on this situation to make a video on it is actually a piece of shit. JAR is alreasy saying he might, which what a fucking surprise.

No. 1390977

File: 1639304770774.png (84.61 KB, 1467x737, ar.PNG)

Just going to leave this here.

No. 1390982

File: 1639305350656.jpg (68.91 KB, 611x265, kai_release.jpg)

No. 1390985

File: 1639306563051.jpg (303.63 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20211212_115453.jpg)

Of course, he didn't do anything to get himself arrested

I am starting to feel like the nonnies who said Omnia is more truthful in this are right

No. 1391000

honestly i'm just about getting tired of kai bitching over on twitter, going back and forth with people, and constantly deactivating then reactivating, or changing handles.

i know i've defended him in the past with how people keep shoving fucking peaches in his tweets and mentions and yt comments despite peaches herself already wanting to move on (and despite everything i still think peaches did shitty things and just got off the hook way too easily because of the creepshow drama), but he just really seems to want to keep engaging with people, trying to debunk their arguments even though no one is gonna buy it, and yet hides behind the "i'll save the evidence for court" every time he's confronted with the option to prove himself right.

he doesn't need to prove anything to twitter. nobody should care if he chooses to show the evidence to legal cases. but if he doesn't have to prove anything to the general public, why does he still go on his way to "try" to vindicate himself with randos on twitter?
not to mention he was perfectly fine showing receipts that proved he paid for the stuff he "had a right to take back" and screencaps about omnia supposedly being two-faced, but not the specific evidence that can actually turn things in his favor (i.e. his own injuries that can warrant the need for self-defense)?

No. 1391001

File: 1639310540229.jpg (173.38 KB, 589x335, kaicry.jpg)

just saying

he goes on about "this isn't some youtube drama" yet by him constantly tweeting and replying, trying anything to save face he just gives more fuel for drama cc's to go by (not that it makes them any less scummy for using that situation for their videos)

if he actually stood by that last sentence in his tweet, he would've left his twitter right then and there. but i guess he may as well go down swinging i guess.

as stupid as shannon was, at least she actually disappeared off the internet to "handle everything legally" save for that dm with tipster and possibly the whole incident with that podcast that sounded like her.

No. 1391493

I agree whole heartedly with the Shannon comparison. She was smart enough to just disappear from the surface web and only bitched to people in their DMs. I hope Kai knows that alot of his tweets could incriminate him in court.

No. 1391671

Harley talked with Omnia and is releasing this video with information and approval from her. The video is monetized and the money will be donated to Omnia.

>Omnia reached out to Harley in Twitter with her new account asking him to help her. Harley verified her identity and had a 2h call with her.

>Kai hit Omnia on Dec 3. She pretended it was okay and that they could be friends. On Dec 8, she went to the police and filed an emergency protective order. Kai was forced to leave the apartment before February as they had previously agreed.
>Omnia also had photos of bruises from an altercation with Kai on Oct 13.
>Gifts can't be taken back. Kai saying that it belonged to him and he was only allowing Omnia to use his stuff is disingenuous. Kai also took back clothes and glasses, which he clearly bought for Omnia.
>Omnia was paying the rent and groceries ($820+). Kai was paying the other bills, like phone, internet and electricity ($220+).
>It doesn't make sense for Omnia to delete her own social media accounts. The YT channel is her main income. It's a huge risk to throw away her income and follower count to make Kai look bad.
>Kai is blaming everything on Omnia now that they have broken up is suspicious.
>Omnia wrote a diary entry on Dec 5 wondering if she should go to the police with the evidence of Kai's physical abuse.
>Kai deleted their joint animation channel on Dec 9. Omnia thinks that Kai was using a VPN to access the account, since the person knew the password but the location is different.
>Omnia shows photos of the apartment after Kai had left. The iPad stand was on her desk.

No. 1391842

File: 1639402720147.jpg (133.46 KB, 675x1200, FGedvl4VkAEfPcI.jpg)


I caught this from one of the replies in Ponder (Sprocket)'s tweets.
someone caught Tobi talking about the kai/omnia situation on her ig stories.

i remember seeing on the previous tobi lolcow thread that people speculated how she probably has this grudge against omnia more than anyone, due to how she's vagued about her every now and then in her twitch streams.

I just find it laughable how Tobi is trying to imply that omnia has something to do with her, creepshow, peaches and kai getting into drama.
almost as if she's pinning it all on omnia, despite the fact that creepshow's main grievances were with emily, and for peaches it was a mix of kai, omnia and other people.

i knew she was trying to feel vindicated off this situation LOL

No. 1391849

File: 1639403843269.png (44.06 KB, 603x302, FGfEEYYVcAImKpo.png)



i don't see why JAR ever felt the need to take advantage of the kai/omnia situation to bring up the Tobi drama to "debunk the lies" like he's being desperate to save her reputation.

As you can see, she hasn't learned a thing.
she's still bringing up her BPD, and chalks up her, peaches, creepshow and kai being "cancelled" as some manipulative pattern omnia's doing, and it's funny how she says "whether they deserve it or not" as if omnia was responsible for the backlash all these people dealt with.

creepshow did this to herself.
tobi was a hypocrite and is clearly still the same as she was before.
peaches was a snake and a bad friend to some people and she got off the hook for everything she did way too conveniently.
kai had his own issues even outside of omnia, regardless of whether the copyright strike was justified or not.

No. 1392042

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she might not know the full extent of what's happened, but jesus fucking christ. I love how she still has this grudge when everything that happened to her was because she couldn't take proper responsibility for her own bullshit. Omnia wasn't the cause of your downfall Tobi. You were. It is so sad to see she hasn't changed one bit in the year since all the drama happened.

No. 1392045

Same anon as above but people like BoxovFox and others are starting to reply to Tobi, calling her out so someone might want to follow her because there's a good chance she'll go private. I also have a feeling she'll talk about it in her Twitch stream because she's an idiot like that. No wonder all her former friends like Nezziemonster and FuchsiaButters probably dropped her, she's still the same annoying piece of vile shit she's always been.

No. 1392168

Speaking of Boxovfox, what happened with her? I heard there was some drama going on with her, theNasmeIsJunkie, and Feghost but I wasn't sure which video to watch because you know, CC drama bias and all that.

No. 1392188

the only stuff i saw regarding them came from JAR which isn't the best source but apparently junkie and box are massive backstabbers and got called out mainly by JAR and his little squad. haven't seen anything from junkie or box about this though.

No. 1392400

Coming back to look at it, I realized that Tobi took a picture of Kai's heavily ratioed tweet. This means that there is no way in hell she doesn't know the full context of whats going on, unless she's so fucking dense she didn't go "Wonder why he has so many quote tweets" and click on them. She probably knows the situation of Omnia and that this isn't just a case of Omnia "targeting" people. Aside from the fact that Tobi, Peaches, and Creepshow all had genuine issues; She's still so bitter about the whole situation to the point to where she's more than likely overlooking potential domestic abuse because she's still bitchy about her Youtube career tanking due to her own hubris. That is really fucked up.

No. 1393799

File: 1639613190259.jpg (94.8 KB, 1080x638, Screenshot_20211215-180617_Twi…)

Update: Kai was arrested again. I think it's fair to say that all of this is legit and would explain why Kai has been quiet for a day.

No. 1393813

File: 1639614677154.png (202.6 KB, 799x766, rat.png)

You were right, as soon as people started calling her out for her lack of empathy and inappropriate timing she privated. honestly no idea why she tweeted about it in the first place anytime she gets backlash she instantly goes private though I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if she tries to victimize herself in this situation somehow seems to be a pattern

No. 1393929


I wonder if Fuchsiabutters will run on to defend her and talk about how "it's ruining Tobi's mental health" like how she did during the Tobi drama. Fuchsia was one of Tobi's biggest whiteknights/enablers among her friends.

but at the same time, given Fuchsia has also expressed support for Omnia when the whole thing with Kai spilled out, who knows if they're still friends now.

No. 1393932


It's honestly become a norm to expect Kai to again in response to Omnia's tweets in an attempt to debunk her claims after a while.
that or we see him deactivate and then reactivate to say something the moment Omnia tweets.

Though…who knows if he might be let out again like the first time. but given the charges for this one, who knows if bail can save him now.
i guess we'll see for when he starts tweeting again. i swear it's almost like the first thing he does when being let out is grabbing his phone to post on twitter.

No. 1393996

Considering the only time I've seen them publicly interact this year had been when Tobi retweeted something from Fuchsia and also the fact that none of Tobi's old friends like NezzieMonster and Madlibbs follow her new account; I honestly don't know if they are still friends. Someone in the old thread did theorize that Tobi's toxic attitude would more than likely drive her e-friends away. It's not out of the relm that they quietly just stopped being friends.

No. 1395066

I also think Tobi deleted her Tiktok. She's in full damage control mode right now kek.

No. 1395188

So I'm curious what some black users here think about this topic. This smaller channel made a video about why she thinks Just A Robot is a racist and I was curious what some of you all think. The video is hella long ans I'm still not finished with it but I have it playing as background noise.

Personally I think JAR is a dumbass. I don't know if I would consider him a racist because hearing the shit he spews sounds like some sheltered ass white person who just cannot relate to black people who don't kiss his ass and excuse his casual racist remarks. He does come form 4Chan so I can't say I'm too surprised but I think with him ,it's clear that he doesn't comprehend that not everyone outside of 4Chan are gonna like or even tolerate his sense of humor and will have no qualms calling him out.

No. 1395203

File: 1639734302920.jpg (26.17 KB, 800x440, FFTLz98XwAsGtY7.jpg)


Not black, but poc.
personally, like i said before: >>1373514
i feel like JAR would be better if he stuck to cartoon/movie/media commentary, instead of covering people because it just leads to situations like his trashfire tobi video and him simping for peaches by making so many videos going against her detractors (even those who had legit criticism on her).

JAR just comes off as opportunistic and a massive grifter, as shown when he was considering taking advantage of the kai backlash from the copyright strike to "revisit" the Tobi drama because now he feels like people are gonna have a better opinion of him and his video wont be ratiod to hell like it previously did.

and the audience he attracts tend to usually be just as bad if not worse. a lot of them are really out here caring more for this white guy coming off as racist but the moment any other black creator has an opinion that isn't ass-kissing him they're the ones who get ratiod hard.
then again, given JAR's channel practically gave off 2015 anti SJW youtuber, what did you expect from his fanbase?

kinda wish a bigger youtuber would knock his ego down a peg. man feels like he's practically untouchable since his peaches whiteknight saga of videos and how he was one of the bigger channels who managed to "shift the public opinion in her favor" that he can keep punching up to other creators.

hell, the fact he hearted this comment saying omnia's "next" says a lot.

No. 1395206


gonna clarify my statement here
> a lot of them are really out here caring more for this white guy coming off as racist

for the record, i personally don't believe JAR is racist but holy hell has he said and done some stuff that can easily be read as racially insensitive at times
(like when he called omnia a "racist black woman" and how he justified the "black spongebob" thing done by his editor as an "inside joke" (and yet he's also not really aware of the implication that might have?? HUH?))

and it's really telling of the kind of audience he attracts when they care more about him being potentially seen as racist because of his own actions than there is actually telling him what he's doing isn't really a good move.
but these same people will go after bipoc creators for having done significantly less worse (like how JAR and his fans ragged on Omnia over the "muh leaked dms" argument during the tobi drama as if that shit really mattered, meanwhile JAR used DM's left and right during the peaches drama and even on his first video on peaches that was originally against her)

No. 1395213


I agree. I don't think JAR is racist (right now), I just think he's an uneducated sheltered nimrod who should really stop talking about racial issues that he clearly has not much knowledge in outside of his little POC minion who worship the ground he walks on and stick to nerd culture.

Personally I think the video I linked above which I finally got through now was decent because the creator actually explained herself and tackled all kinds of points in his video that gave some food for thought. But she's a small channel and she just doesn't have the reach but I'm still glad she took the risk.

>and it's really telling of the kind of audience he attracts when they care more about him being potentially seen as racist because of his own actions than there is actually telling him what he's doing isn't really a good move.

but these same people will go after bipoc creators for having done significantly less worse (like how JAR and his fans ragged on Omnia over the "muh leaked dms" argument during the tobi drama as if that shit really mattered, meanwhile JAR used DM's left and right during the peaches drama and even on his first video on peaches that was originally against her)

I agree. He (and his fans) can be quite hypocritical.

No. 1395439

I don't think JAR is outright maliciously racist, but he does come off as someone that's never been exposed to anyone other than his white circle of friends and thus it has made him blissfully ignorant. He's extremely opportunistic and jumps on the popular thing, but usually after it has much subsided, I.e the Tobi drama.

No. 1395536

I'm black, but I never got the impression JAR is maliciously racist so much as he's simply ignorant and autistic (the latter he actually revealed in some video).
Frankly, I just find his voice annoying and his videos to be grifty nonsense largely lacking in substance.

No. 1395610

It's probably because I'm older and I want to give JAR the benefit of the doubt that he's just he's stupidly ignorant and to up his own ass to actually sit down and read up more on the racial issues he talks about.

As for him being autistic, that's not really a good excuse. Being autistic doesn't prevent one from actually researching a topic they have interest in. I'm autistic and I do that with my interests where I like to learn about certain things and I highly doubt that JAR is that mentally impaired to do the same.

>Frankly, I just find his voice annoying and his videos to be grifty nonsense largely lacking in substance

I can't disagree with the voice thing. Whether it's him using his fake robot voice or his real voice, there's just something unpleasant about listening to him. And right, I suspected he just made videos to grift and get attention, especially after the Tobi drama that was just pitiful. I just get annoyed that so many people really try to use him as a respectable source.

No. 1395877

File: 1639794913065.jpg (240.34 KB, 345x584, jarobsessed.jpg)


> "…because the creator actually explained herself and tackled all kinds of points in his video that gave some food for thought. But she's a small channel and she just doesn't have the reach but I'm still glad she took the risk."

it's a shame that her videos are just gonna get dislike-bombed and lambasted in the comment section by JAR's fanbase, not to mention i've seen some of his fans make response videos to her. so whatever good points she may have is gonna fall into deaf ears by these people who only care that their favorite creator might be seen as racist because of his own ignorance

it's also rich how these people think she's "obsessed" over JAR due to having made three videos about him yet JAR himself has made multiple videos going dunking on Prison Mate Luke and going after Peaches' critics.
the lack of self-awareness from JAR and his stans are immeasurable

No. 1396234

Yeah after I finished watching her latest video, I took a scroll through her comments section and saw exactly what you mentioned. The comments are so stupid with people saying that all she did was repeat herself over and over again and I'm like are you that braindead? She was giving all kinds of elaborations on her points to explain why she felt the way she did.

I also watched one of the response videos and I couldn't finish it. The guy was not making any real arguments except calling her retarded and not knowing what racism is. Sounded like a total mouthbreather.

I want to believe that all of these fans of his that are mindlessly defending him are kids who don't know how to think critically.

>it's also rich how these people think she's "obsessed" over JAR due to having made three videos about him yet JAR himself has made multiple videos going dunking on Prison Mate Luke and going after Peaches' critics.

the lack of self-awareness from JAR and his stans are immeasurable

Good point as well but I'm sure if you point that out to them, they'll either have nothing to say or say "iT dIfFeReNt" (when it isn't).

No. 1397654

Spoctor released a video going talking about the cc (his "former community"). It briefly touches upon some subjects such as the Junkie, Feghost and Kai situations.

It starts with him talking about how he started out in the rant community (basically a more impulsive, less nuanced version of the general cc) and that he pretty much phased out of it after he turned 18, meeting friends along the way (among them being Feghost and Junkie).

- Feghost was outed for assaulting two girls, Junkie lied about other creators, someone named Chaos55t has a similar situation with Junkie, goes on a tangent about Stories and Pentagrin, and Kai is "the scum of the earth" and he wish he went harder on the guy

He also talks about how his time in the cc was also one of the darkest moments in his life, and how it took him pushing out of the community to better himself

- Goes on about how he met Junkie around the start, and how they've done collabs with each other
Since Spoctor didn't really have many friends at the time, he pretty much just tried to befriend all the other creators on the cc, which he realized down the line was "huge fucking mistake"
He mentions how he did stupid shit with his cc friends at the time, including raiding Discord servers and threatening to make videos on other channels over small mistakes and just overall you can tell he was a teenager doing dumb shit
Over time the "friends" he made in the cc kinda turned their backs on him (possibly during the Stories situation), and some were just all too eager to dogpile on him

- Feghost was outed in a video by Vabzuycin, where he practically manipulated them (Vabzuycin and another friend) into silence after he "admitted" to assaulting two girls and was just a really toxic friend in general
(mentions how feghost has always kind of had this vendetta against spoctor for a while)

- his relationship with Kai isn't as personal as the Junkie and Feghost, but nonetheless mentions how he was always personally wary of Kai and if what Omnia said was true, then he wished he'd been a lot harsher when he covered Kai's situation back in this video >>1369850

- now he closes in on the Junkie situation
Mentions some of the videos on Junkie are needlessly aggressive, but also says he's not on Junkie's side either. Among the people outing Junkie are JAR, Hiten Mitsuru and Jesp (aka Mind Your Business).
to quote Spoctor on the Junkie situation:
> "basically he told a bunch of mini white lies about people, something like he gave people permission to share certain DM's on a video, and then immediately lied about it when it got him in trouble. basically throwing someone else under the bus"

- talks about the community being a hellhole (always has been), and the creators that were a part of it and left are now shunning it, Spoctor himself included

- mentions JAR's "long awaited video about my past" video, where JAR mentions having been part of the rant community as well, but was ostracized for being immature, lack of social awareness (personally, that hasn't really changed LOL)

- Junkie was friends with chaos55t, icy, Spoctor, became buddies with Kai ("and we all know how Kai played out"), buddies with Luke, Feghost. He gets called out for leaking the script from JAR's shit video on the Tobi drama, hyperbolizing aspects of a story to fit a victim complex (such as "claiming Mangakamen blackmailed him" when it didn't happen)
Spoctor personally thinks it wasn't that bad, compared to what people might think, however. Just annoying.

- Ultimately, all the shit that went down with Junkie was all connected to the Tobi and Peaches dramas, thus Spoctor finds it funny, how the cc is practically a dumpster fire full of vindictive and spiteful people, given how all those situations snowballed from those two dramas.

Some lines from Spoctor that really sums up the cc in it's state:
> "They will say anything to win, even if they don't realize that what they're saying is ridiculous. They can't recognize a good argument over their own blasphemous feelings of rage because someone they dislike manages to do something that upsets them"

> "You wanna blame someone for this mess, look at the people within the community. People turn on each other constantly and I'm tired my scandal being an argumentative point for some of the horseshit that people do in this community."

> "The people in that community put that pedo label on me. The people that love to manipulate, yell and deceive. So when people come at me, and come and try and criticize me for not entirely defending peaches because I've 'been through something similar', I really haven't. Because you weren't being called a predator"

All in all, Spoctor's just tired of people comparing his situation with every other drama that's gone on with the cc.
(come to think of it, didn't JAR compare the tobi drama with the spoctor situation in that trashfire video of his?)

> "I wasn't a goddamn angel. I treated people terribly. I just want people to stop using what I went through as an argument to clear your name for shitty behavior and recognize some of the faults at play."

No. 1398474

File: 1640089879038.jpg (246.99 KB, 1080x1384, Screenshot_20211221-061205_Twi…)

He has a good point throughout aside from the fact that the ACC is garbage; People keep trying to compare his situation to the pettier ones. The only thing worse than his is the Kai and Omnia situation, all the rest of the pettier shit people keep trying to compare doesn't measure up to being called a literal fucking pedohile. Sure, Junkie, Chaos55t, and others are idiots but you can't compare that. The Feghost shit is confusing to say the least, but still serious if what happened with him was true. I think the absolute most brain dead response I've seen so far has been Hiten Misturu's who is the very definition of a drama queen. Junkie lied to you? Boo-Hoo bitch. She acts like she had such a promising career ranting about deviant and youtube weeaboos and her whole entire world came crashing down because of it. She tried comparing Junkie lying to her to Feghost potentially sexually assaulting 2 women. She rightfully got called out for it, but jesus fuck get over yourself.

People are jumping ship from this festering pile of a community because the writing has been on the walls for years and after the Tobi and Peaches drama, it all went nuclear. People constantly make videos on petty friend drama that could have been handled in private, people are very quick to turn on others if it means getting content out of it, no one ever wants to admit fault, misinformation spreads like wildfire, and so much other shit. The commentary community is already full of grifting mouth-breathers and somehow this sub-section of it manages to be even worse. The day all these people just stick to talking about reviews of shows/movies/art the better.

No. 1398503

File: 1640094592511.jpg (423.51 KB, 598x729, hitenwhining.jpg)


LMAO i can't believe she missed the point spoctor made.
bitch, spoctor didn't "defend" junkie. he straight up said he's not on junkie's side. he just said that a lot of the videos made on him were needlessly aggressive, you whining that spoctor didnt try to go hard on him = "taking his side" is stupid.

real rich she's pissed at spoctor for "defending" junkie and saying she had a right to make an angry video because junkie lied about her, when she herself defended feghost and called vabzuycin "manipulative" for outing him despite the fact he made up this whole story of him assault two girls and kept up the lie to his closest friends.

> "The only thing worse than his is the Kai and Omnia situation, all the rest of the pettier shit people keep trying to compare doesn't measure up to being called a literal fucking pedohile."

this isn't the spoctor situation, but i still remember during the tobi drama when nezziemonster had the gall to compare omnia leaking dm's to the madame situation, even though madame leaked them maliciously, while omnia only did it because tobi was lying out her ass about their conversation. not even comparable.

No. 1398555

And the funny thing is she's completely oblivious to the fact that she's the real issue. She's privated/unlisted most of her old videos, but she's ALWAYS been ridiculously bitchy, melodramatic, pretentious, and hostile in her videos on people. Spoctor is much younger than her and has much more nuanced and level headed takes. It's like it's a running theme with these people that they're always impulsive and catty. It takes a few minutes to just sit back, take a deep breath and think before you make a gigantic fool of yourself by making a video incoherently screaming for 5-10 minutes. Luckily for the most part Hiten is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of the ACC. She doesn't even have 6k subs so her reach is thankfully very small. She can scream and whine in her corner about how Junkie ruined her oh so thriving Youtube career of bitching at teenage artists. Also, why is she saying it was Klown's story to tell when Dulu was just as justified in telling her own perspective as anyone else? Bawwww Feghost is your fweind. Cry me a fucking river. The dude "lied" (which seems very convenient he says he was lying the moment he gets called out) about potentially sexually assaulting 2 and manipulating a bunch of teenagers into feeling sorry for him. But sure, that's totally comparable to some neckbeard scalie throwing you under the bus.

No. 1400252

Honestly though another thing to consider on just why the ACC was a toxic mess had to do with the fact that most of the people involved in it were/are teenagers and/or fresh out of high school. Ages 15 to about 21/22, I think the oldest one in the community was Creepshow Art if I'm not mistaken. Anyway it's literal teenagers to young adults who also may suffer from social disabilities like autism and I'm not saying that to be edge as I have autism as well.

Anyway the petty drama totally makes sense why it was such a regular thing in the ACC and even the DeviantART ranting community before it because it was full of socially awkward/socially disabled teens who's whole world revolved around social media like DeviantART and later Twitter and Discord and as these people age and become more mature, they start to notice just how toxic the community really is and decide to move away from it.

No. 1401763


A video about Spoctor that came out I think a year or two ago regarding some new allegations. For some reason it never got any traction which is super weird. Spoctor never addressed it either, which is pretty concerning if the contents of the video turn out to be true.(Embed)

No. 1401857

I remember seeing anons talking about this when it came out and if I remember correctly it has a bad like to dislike ratio mainly because if you really watch the video, there's no real evidence that Spoctor really did any of this especially in those extremely out of context screenshots. Nothing much came out of this because there was barely anything to go on. "Deleted User" could be anyone for all we know. Also Spoctor is still 17 if those screenshots are real which is still a kid. Altogether, these accusations have little to no weight and thats probably a reason why it never went anywhere.

No. 1407737

Who's placing bets on when Tobi will return. She hasn't streamed since the 13th, Twitter is still locked, deleted her Tiktok and her Instagram is also quiet. Do you think she'll talk about what happened or just act like everything is fine kek.

No. 1410175

I'm more than sure she will come back this year. Hopeless Peaches came back though I didn't watch her comeback video because I just don't really care for her but the point is, she was gone for a good while (In internet time). Now that Kai has been essentially cancelled, she'll feel like she can come back. I don't care for Toni because she had this smug aura about her which was just annoying but if she really does come back, she shouldn't do it like how Creepshow Art did with her trashfire video.

No. 1410624

File: 1641521789727.png (20.61 KB, 1262x114, peaches kiwifarm.PNG)

No. 1410772

File: 1641536064571.jpg (178.18 KB, 589x305, peachesrosie.jpg)


idk how kiwifarms work (format wise) but i'm confused with the camila cuevas next to the name.
does this mean that's camila herself posting to kiwifarms or is that just some random post on the camila kiwifarms board?

> Now that Kai has been essentially cancelled, she'll feel like she can come back.

and she definitely is going to do just that. And not only did she come back to her original hopeless peaches channel, but just the other day she made a tweet about wanting to go back to commentary once again, despite supposedly having "left" the cc since her original wave of backlash.

i feel like she got a lot more bold now since the shannon situation and recently kai. she could literally come back to how it was before and now she would have people defending her and welcoming her back like nothing ever happened, which is kind of dumb.
but I guess it's better than whatever tf JAR's doing. The man thinks he's untouchable since his "success" in the peaches drama and prison mate luke situation and it's getting into his head.

No. 1410775

File: 1641536930245.jpg (496.59 KB, 615x1063, peachesonceagain.jpg)

also, this is getting real annoying now.

can people just shut the fuck up about peaches??
Setting aside the fact Kai's been outed as a piece of shit, I noticed that everytime either kai or omnia make a video about peaches or even mention her, it's all "you're milking the drama" or "leave peaches alone" or "move on"

but when it's people like JAR mentioning peaches a lot they don't get the same treatment.
when omnia gets caught in the kai situation, we still get some people bringing up "but what about peaches??" as if peaches even needs more apologies or asspats than she deserves. she's already managed to get back to where she was, and now omnia can't even be allowed to do the same without the peaches drama being used against her?

guess it's only the people who aren't/weren't on peaches' side who get told to "move on" LMAO
a lot of peaches' more rabid fans are braindead as shit

No. 1410788

not camila, it's the name of the thread discussing her behavior

also about hopeless peaches coming back, can't wait to see the inevitable drama that occurs yet again. JAR, peaches, harley, and whoever will probably never grow out of petty commentary shit.

(lol, hunbitch quickly tried to backtrack and got btfo'd) Yup, with retarded fans who lets face it are probably a lot younger will keep validating people like peaches and JAR who will never change as a result. I'm glad some people are wise enough to catch that shit for omnia though. I'm glad that even though she's coming back, peaches will forever have a stain on her career as a reminder of her snakiness.

No. 1412729


see that's what worries me.
people like JAR were already piling the people who lied about Peaches (Luke and Shannon) together with the ones who actually had legit grievances (Camila and Omnia) as the same thing, that's why there were all these rabid Peaches and JAR stans invalidating some of Omnia's experiences simply because Peaches' main detractors lied.

and now with kai pinning everything on omnia as a piss poor effort to "take her down with him" it'll just gives these idiots even more reason to invalidate Omnia's experiences and continue to paint Peaches as this saint who was innocent the entire time.

Remember when Peaches was caught lying in a Discord chat about how Thuminn "called her racist" and said that Kai and Omnia were "friends with Luke and agreed with his suicide-baiting claims"?
Now because Kai decided to claim that the whole "pinkychu is peaches alt" was photoshopped evidence, I feel it'll give these brainlets more ammo to think that those screenshots of Peaches lying her ass off was "photoshopped" as well.

No. 1413203

File: 1641765092535.png (81.98 KB, 744x758, KaiTwitlonger.PNG)

I'm guessing no one caught the twitlonger Kai dropped before going silent again.


No. 1413303

Alot of what Kai says still does not add up and he's still being emotionally manipulative even if he is alot more tame in this.

Notice how he doesn't address any of the bruises this time around and still prattles on about all the things he bought for Omnia and how mentally unstable she supposedly was. If he really is seeking legal help, why is he still airing all this out online publicly? Any lawyer would tell you that's a huge liability. Omnia deleting her own channel still makes zero sense even if you were to say something like she wanted a fresh start because she's uploading almost all her old videos and why would she ever want to go through the monetization process again if Youtube was a big source of income for her. That seems like a counterintuitive way to go if she really did just want clout.

And yes Kai, you and Shannon are very similar. Both of you deflect from your own bullshit and bring up things that the other person has done that has zero to do with what you did. Kai may be worse because of the physical abuse, but they both deserve to be kicked off Youtube and the internet as a whole. Good riddance you garbage.

No. 1416780

File: 1642136428158.jpg (311.24 KB, 562x579, peachesatkai.jpg)

So…Kai is back on his tweeting spree once again on his prnkai twitter.
this time Peaches responded to him after "having been silenced by Kai and his defenders for months"


Im not on Kai's side in this (his tweets are quite a ride), but at the same time some of the stuff Peaches said is a bit dishonest.

for example,
-she once again brings up the "Kai and Omnia partook on the suicide claims".
Luke made those claims alone. Kai never agreed with those claims outside of commenting on his videos, and if you think commenting on the videos = agreeing, then the same can be said for everyone else who did
She can argue that Kai's "sympathy seeker" claim could be implied to mean "suicide baiter" but I don't see how this is something Omnia partook in.

-Kai "bullied Peaches for months" is a bit of a stretch considering at the time most of the defamation started and spread more by Luke.
with the exception of the first, the rest of Kai's videos on Peaches were him defending himself and Omnia from her lies.
Not to mention Kai and Omnia's recent Peaches videos (which were done when the public opinion sihfted in Peaches' favor) started getting mass disliked and ratiod to hell.

-the "clickbaited by trauma" part is stupid because once again, the same can be said for Scrittus' and Spoctor's videos that had (and in Spoctor's case, still used) assets from her grooming video.
Peaches only got a problem when it was Omnia (Omnia even got most of the heat from the twitlonger talking about it). Scrittus' video literally was a "clickbait" style video that made it look like it was against her when it was actually defending her.
also, how was Omnia's "clickbait"?

-Peaches keeps mentioning that Kai kept bringing her up, yet 1.] she kept subtweeting about Kai and Omnia herself and 2.] on some of those situations she mentioned, it was often because her or JAR's fans kept bringing up her drama as a means to demean him and Omnia.
Hell, even now we've seen Omnia can't even go about her day without the occasional braindead fan bringing up "but you did this to Peaches hurr durr"

-Her making a deal about the screenshots were she was caught lying her ass off about Kai and Omnia being friends with Luke and agreeing with his claims is dumb because those were'nt exactly "private". They werent even "DM's" either.
The "#general" in the screenshot shows it was a server and the fact the screenshots were given to Kai by a friend to show Peaches lying about them shows it was a server that was easily accessible to begin with.

Once again I'm not on Kai's side, but holy hell some of Peaches' claims are either misrepresenting what happened or blown out of proportion

No. 1418423

File: 1642299571076.jpg (194.64 KB, 610x579, jartobi.jpg)

…yup, JAR really is deadset on bringing back the Tobi drama LMAO
(at first I thought he was considering dropping it given everything that happened with Kai but nope; he's still set on "debunking the lies" that happened there.)


simp for Peaches all he wants, but is Tobi really the hill this guy wants to die on right now?
and his phrasing of "I now have people on my back about a year old drama" comes across like he actually didn't learn from his terrible Tobi video and only took it down and apologized because he got backlash for it and now that people are "on his side" because Kai was outed he got confident again to revisit his stance on the drama.
fucking grifter. always knew his reasons for going back to commentating on certain people was out of spite LOL

(also it's real rich that JAR has a problem with NOA and other people thinking he's "racist" over some insensitive things he's said and done and brushes it off because it was in his past yet here he is reviving drama that was in the past all because the person who called him out for his shit takes turned out to be shitty himself.
Just because Kai turned out to be a piece of shit doesn't suddenly make his claims on you wrong, JAR. Your original Tobi video is still terrible and very blatantly defended Tobi and gave her excuses while not giving the same benefit to Kai and Omnia.

But of course JAR's stans are gonna whiteknight for this grownass manchild)

No. 1418809

>"Silenced by Kai and his defenders"

Agree, I'm not on Kai's side neither but I fucking hate when Peaches and/or her fans say this crap. She wasn't silenced, no one was stopping her from making videos and/or trying to defend herself though her lashing out against Kai and Omnia is stupid because they never agreed with Luke in the first place. I wish she would get a grip and grow up to see the reality of the situation. Omnia had her own gripes against her that weren't related to Luke's.

>she kept subtweeting about Kai and Omnia herself

>on some of those situations she mentioned, it was often because her or JAR's fans kept bringing up her drama as a means to demean him and Omnia.

Exactly. If her (and JaR) stopped mentioning them both, I really don't think they would've continued talking about it. I don't recall Omnia nor Kai randomly bringing Peaches up in their videos. I'm not on Twitter but I have a feeling they didn't randomly bring her up just out of the blue, I really feel like Peaches is being overly dramatic.

No. 1418818

OMFG, WHY? Is he freaking serious? I agree with everything you said anon and I hate how he thinks Tobi is this little victim when the bitch started the drama herself by being a fucking hypocrite about drawing underage characters. Now i'm having flashbacks of JAR's stupid point of "age of consent is different in different countries" when that wasn't the fucking point. Tobi was the one who said that anyone who draws NSFW type art of canonically underage characters are disgusting and scum yet she was fucking doing just that by drawing Bakugo from MHA and Usagi from Sailor Moon who are underage characters to most people. So by her logic, she's disgusting scum as well. You can't have it both ways and this is what JAR doesn't seem to understand and it's annoying.

No. 1419047

Oh for fucks sake. I guess at this point we can only wait and at minimum, hope that JAR will actually make a passable video talking about how Kai had some bad takes throughout it just for petty points. But just fucking why? Why bring up a drama where everyone pretty much agreed that Tobi was in the wrong and Kai and Omnia both admitted they weren't perfect in it either. Just because you have a grudge against Kai? If you want to make a long video dragging Kai then be my guest by why drag up the dead carcass that is Tobi? The woman who has shown to not have changed one bit? I only hope that he doesn't try and defend her.

No. 1420246

File: 1642486722308.png (15.12 KB, 503x122, kai.PNG)

Kai is officially losing his mind. Right after this is nonstop 20+ tweet threads for days at a time. Understandably, he's cracked. He stopped deleting his Twitter every few hours though.

No. 1420506

Exactly. And it's not like Tobi was forced to stop making videos. She could've still been making them. Of course she'd have people poking jokes at her hypocrisy but they would've subsided over time. I just hate that JAR and his supporters act like she's the victim. Honestly all she had to do was concede that she made a mistake (because she did, she was drawing NSFW type content with teenage characters). If she actually took time, reflected, and saw that she did contradict herself and admit her fault, people would've left her alone.

She's pretty much doing what she criticized Creepshow Art for and that is not taking criticism and growing. I guarantee if JAR really gasses up Tobi's ass, she's gonna probably act in a similar way to Creepshow Art with her "F you" type of video.

No. 1421069


the way Peaches tries to exaggerate some of the things that happened to her (example once again, bringing up the "Kai and Omnia agreed to Luke's suicide-bait claims" even though we know they disagreed with it not to mention Omnia herself told Luke it was a bad idea)
and the way her fans and JAR and his fans like to fawn over her like she was innocent the entire time..

Peaches just strikes me as someone with a victim complex. which is ironic considering JAR once called Kai a "professional victim" so you'd think people like Peaches would rub him the wrong way, LOL

im just gonna tinfoil on this and wonder if maybe this is another reason why some people might see JAR as "racist"
setting aside the racially insensitive stuff he's said in the past and the way he and his braindead stans tend to have it out for any POC that has a problem with those actions of his (like NOA)
-even before Kai was revealed to be a shitstain, JAR consideried him a "professional victim" but kept going after Peaches and her detractors (both false and legit grievances with her) and further kept up the image of her being this "innocent victim"
-when Omnia apologized, JAR still thought he could make a video on that apology as if he still needed to defend Peaches for it (bro, Omnia apologized why did you have to make a video in Peaches' stead? LMAO)
-Tobi was a clear case of being in the wrong and JAR still thought she was worth defending for SOME REASON?? funny he even brought Mangakamen and Fuchsia along.
-and now Kai's been outed, JAR decides to bring in the Tobi drama back to "debunk the lies" and also at least now "he has people on his back" >>1418423

is it me or does he really seem to have a thing simping for these white women LOL. he's given Peaches and especially Tobi so many benefit of the doubt's but doesnt extend it to Kai and Omnia during their dramas.
For people who already think JAR came off as "racist" in his past, that can be a bad look
He can whiteknight for Peaches all he wants but TObi is a hilarious choice

No. 1421190

>tinfoil on JAR potentially being racist

If you asked me a few years ago, I would think you're drinking too much of the kooky kool-aid but thinking about it and how you laid it out that Peaches and Tobi are these white women and how he seems to be targeting 2 people who happen to be black, I feel like you might be onto something kek. Omnia apologized to Peaches like you mentioned and yet he still came after her, I mean who does that? Who cares if it was an old video, the drama was over and there was no reason to bring it up.

I can't help but feel that JAR views Peaches as a this frail, dainty white woman who got attacked by a big scary black woman and big scary black man. And Tobi well, eh… I got nothing. Simping?

No. 1435158

I have to say it's equal parts funny and pathetic to see Kai screaming into the void trying to defend himself and his actions. His tweets and replies barely get interaction and when they do it's people taking the piss out of him or people countering how much he brings up all the shit he bought Omnia with how that isn't comparable to beating your partner. He needs to get off the internet and stay off because fucking hell he has the emotional maturity of a 5 year old. It's no wonder he constantly lets his emotions get the better of him.

No. 1436050


as someone who watches the trainwreck unfold, i'd have to say some of the early comments/replies at the beginning of this drama hit it right on the head–even if Kai did end up innocent and was telling the truth the entire time, he hasnt done a good job defending himself during his twitter tirades.

the entire time kai brought up his "defenses" to counter omnia's claims, it's all been petty shit like the stuff he bought for her, dumb screencaps like him contacting the bank to refund his restaurant bill or some shit (like who does that?? LOL) and in between those he doesn't even directly counter the more damning claims against him like the bruises. instead he just proceeds to throw all the dirt on omnia that has nothing to do with the situation such as accusing her of blackfishing and her family situation, and throwing thumin and other people under the bus as well.

none of that is helping his case and i think it's the main reason why no one is really listening to him.

like some of his tweets bring up good points and definitely cast a bit of doubt to omnia's story and i can definitely consider she might not be 100% honest in all the details, but because all kai's done is bring up irrelevant petty shit just to bring her down and bring her friends down, is it a wonde why no one wants to listen to him?

No. 1436536

Omnia might be stretching it a bit on the details on like what things belong to whom, but it goes to show where Kai's priorities are when the only things he's adamant on are trying to prove how much he spent on her while also bringing up people like Thumin and Peaches for no apperant fucking reason other than to deflect. He's barely, if at all, brought up the more serious claims like the actual bruises/abuse and outing someone to their parents. He's a fucking manchild that needs his internet taken away from him.

No. 1437636

Fuckn hate kai weiss but i have nowhere to scream about that pathetic crap stain

No. 1437648

Don't put anything in the name field and write sage in the email field if you have nothing to contribute, newfag

No. 1437690

File: 1644309327741.png (1.97 MB, 3840x1080, afdsdf.PNG)

im new to lolcow so hopefully im replying to the right comment but uuuu i disagree a bit.

Peaches is being dishonest in somethings.
>she once again brings up the "Kai and Omnia partook on the suicide claims".

She's just mentioning kai here and last ive heard is that omnia and peaches are friends now

>Luke made those claims alone.

Kai promoted those videos and said stuff like 'thanks for giving people a voice'and in his first said that people were finding out a new side of peaches, said she's disgusting, put the claim in her mouth that she said pml wanted her to die even though he showed evidence in his video that is never what she said or ment to say. Also makes the bullshit assumption that shannon and others evidence is sparse because peaches probably deleted evidence herself. He very much supported luke and did parrot him when he said her depression posting was a pattern, she should leave and shut up and get help. Did invalidate her mental health struggles and Never corrected the bullshit he spread and later goes on to say his videos were perfect and that he never did anything wrong in that drama(like platforming lies about someone he didn't like wasn't wrong.)

>She can argue that Kai's "sympathy seeker" claim could be implied to mean "suicide baiter" but I don't see how this is something Omnia partook in.

She's not talking about omnia?? plus rewatching omnias old videos are mostly fine, but she did platform and help spread those videos.

>Kai "bullied Peaches for months" is a bit of a stretch.

Kai made fun of her, belittled her and her feelings especially when he compared her actions to rape… Made a mocker of her when she was upset even when she was getting a shit ton of harassment.

>with the exception of the first, the rest of Kai's videos on Peaches were him defending himself and Omnia from her lies.

All of the videos have gross hypocrisy, lies, deflections and character attacks against peaches. There's defending yourself like omnia did, then there's being kai trying to discredit her in every way he could so she looked as bad as possible.

>the "clickbaited by trauma" part is stupid.

Yeah that was stupid and gross for peaches and their simps to say.

>Her making a deal about the screenshots were she was caught lying her ass off about Kai and Omnia being friends with Luke and agreeing with his claims.

In kais first video on peaches he actually says that peaches hurt and lied about him and his friends. Then made a tweet calling luke a friend but then when it was convenient change it to 'cordial' and that he mistyped.

I've given up with any of these delusional people to change if im being honest.

No. 1437697

LMFAO you don't even know what lies hes gonna debunk, just get the popcorn and get ready to nail into him when this blows up in his face. Like just because you defend someone on some lies dosent mean you excues everything the dog afwl person has done.

But let be real, kai has always been a shit person. It's just now people can freely call him out on his bullshit with out bt stans ready to jump down his throat.

No. 1437700

how is jar treating tobi like they are the victim?(lrn2sage)

No. 1438281


You're either a low-key JAR stan or clearly you havent been looking at the threads enough. Lurkmoar, newfag

especially since it's obvious that JAR's bringing back the Tobi drama out of spite and in a petty attempt to get back at Kai. Why else would he have decided to come back to it only now that Kai's been getting backlash and, to quote him "(he) now has people on (his) back"?
that grifter cant stand bring wronged in any way, even if he made stupid takes in his first video on the drama.

No. 1438904

ive read most of the thread, and honestly i think you are just full of it.

since you know so much about jar even though you arent him. wouldn't you be the stalker fan lmao.

but seriously, are you surprised after all the stuff people said about him his friends ect. I've never seen his apologies but know that lots of people like noa say they are so fake or nitpick him on miniscule things.

Since kai was part of the acc, no one could dare to question him for months cause if you even say why you don't like him, he'd get on his platform with hundreds of stans to belittle anything anyone said about him that he didn't like.

Personally I think he might drop making a tobi video, but I'd want to watch it cause, tbh I don't believe anyone commentating into the Tobi drama were given a fair chance to explain their stance.(sage your shit)

No. 1439155

File: 1644450054412.png (1.52 MB, 1000x3500, downbad.PNG)

Kai is now relying on one teenage twitter furry for validation. They defend him like crazy and he always replies in bitter and petty agreement. This is just sad.

No. 1439309

kai made a several hour long video ranting about omnia and basically pulling the "crazy ex-girlfriend" card

No. 1439331

About an hour in and he's whining about the CC and how they take real peoples issues and make them drama. 1:32:10

>what is wrong with you people? Like…people are not pieces of entertainment. Behind all of this youtube shit bro people live real lives and feel real emotions.

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you build your whole career on that? Or is it only ok when you do it?

No. 1439418


Hell no, no one ain't got time for that lol. I dunno anon, did he actually make any good points or is he just deflecting? Is the video worth sitting through?

No. 1439500


I'll consider looking over the video when I have the time (it'll make good background noise if not anything else) but at least from some of his tweets over on Twitter, Kai actually does bring up good points and counters to Omnia's claims I'll admit.

like I said before, I'm open to the possibility that Omnia might not be 100% honest in some of her claims or details in the story and might be stretching things out (like Peaches does LOL)
but because Kai made a fool out of himself on his first thread addressing the situation by bringing up irrelevant points such as the money and gifts he spent and later accusing Omnia of blackfishing and bringing her friends down when they got nothing to do with it, it's easy to just write off everything he says as deflecting.

no lie, most of the replies in his tweets are practically from people who didn't even read it at all and just went "lol kai malding"

No. 1440315


welp Kai took down his video. so much for looking into it later kek

I dont see why he would put a one and a half hour long video and just barely keep it up for a day

No. 1440531

It's still up. It's just not playable outside youtube for some reason.

No. 1443432

File: 1644898733861.jpg (224.26 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20220214-221401_Twi…)

Kai officially took the video down and said he wants to make a better one and issued this tweet after purging his tweets again. I saw one of comments in the replies to one of his tweets saying that in the video he literally admitted to holding Omnia down and slapping her when she was having a mental break down. What the fuck else is there to say at that point? The semantics on who owned what and what were gifts is meaningless at that point. You physically abused your partner you piece of shit. I have a feeling his lawyer probably told him to shut the fuck up about it and that's why he purged his tweets once again and is moving to a new platform. Good riddance you actual piece of shit.

No. 1443644


>but because kai made a fool of himself on his first thread addressing the situation by bringing up irrelevant points such as the money and gifts he spent and later accusing Omnia of blackfishing and bringing her friends down when they got nothing to do with it, it's easy to just write off everything he says as deflecting.

hard agree.
sorta tinfoiling here, but i don't think it's just the first thread he made that caused the backlash, this was an accident waiting to happen.

kai has made a very famous and unsavoury reputation for himself in his community, and now he's demanding to be heard by said community, of which he's been shitting on since the dawn of time.

there's no way people are going to listen to what he has to say now because of all the shady bullshit he's spewed before, right ?

he has been warned so many times, he can't expect people to be willingly helpful when he's been openly rejective of them every other time. i.e. telling them to fuck off and get a life.

No. 1446294

Well looks like someone is already trying to take advantage of the situation that's happening with Kai and trying to show that even during the Hopeless Peaches fiasco (Once again…) were out of line.

Can these people just shut the fuck up about Peaches already? Throughout that video these people kept bringing up "mental health", "mental health", "mental health" and I'm at the point now where I'm just thinking "You know what? Fuck your mental health". I'm getting tired of people bringing this bullshit up whenever it comes to this kind of drama. Everyone has mental health problems, you learn to deal with it and to stop bringing it up so routinely. I dunno if it's because I'm older than most of these commentatots but it's just annoying how these people are acting including bringing up 1-2 year old drama that already ran its course.

And look, I'm not a Kai defender, I think what he did to Omnnia was horrible and he deserves the fallout he got from the community for it but I'm getting tired of people going back and acting like everything he said was wrong. There's a part in the video where the commentator had an issue with him telling Peaches to stop tweeting after she wrote a pretty concerning tweet along the lines of "I guess this will be the last post, goodbye" (I'm paraphrasing) and then came back like days later.

Kai had a point based on how much Peaches would tweet about her suicidal thoughts and how saying something like that only causes those she cares about to get understandably worried. That was a fair and understandable point he made and that yeah, if Peaches mEnTaL hEaLtH was getting worse, she really needed to stay off social media for awhile and focus on herself. She could still talk to her friends in Skype/Discord/etc but no need to log back onto Twitter because it's not doing her any good while she's in a mentally volatile state.

But again, I just wish people would shut the fuck up about her now. It's OVER, not even Peaches talks about it anymore that I'm aware so are we these jackasses feeling the need to do it? Just move on.

No. 1446298

* "So why are these jackasses feeling the need to do it?

No. 1446754


agreed. i always hated the whole "but Peaches!!" constantly being brought up for every time something goes down with Kai or Omnia.
And these same people will talk about how "iT'S nOT tHE sAmE!" and how unlike the two, Peaches ""actually"" took accountability and is moving forward, yet they themselves will jump at every opportunity to remind them of the Peaches drama and how it's oh so horrible~ the stuff she's been through

not to mention Peaches herself is bringing it back up recently, and continuing the dishonest narrative of Omnia and Kai contributed to the suicide bait claim.
that's some snake shit and I'm not surprised her braindead fans are larping it up.
Sure, preach about "muh mental health" while making tweets clowning on Kai and laughing at his Twitter meltdowns.
I dont care enough to defend Kai on this, but Peaches and her fans should quit the holier than thou act of ""caring"" about mental health when they're pulling off this hypocritical shit.

honestly, while his twitter is currently gone, he was right on one of his tweets: Peaches cant go a week without victimizing herself. Funny how JAR simps for her since you'd think he'd hate "professional victims" given that's what he called Kai LMAO

No. 1447082


listening to you guys talk is so annoying. It like you don't even know what you are talking about lmao.(sage)

No. 1447174

Glad it's not me who feels this way. I'm just getting fucking annoyed having to hear Peaches being brought up by these fucking sycophants who are trying to start shit with their fanbases.

No. 1447345

File: 1645315703854.png (45.53 KB, 595x293, Screenshot 2022-02-20 110608.p…)


> not even peaches talks about it anymore.

she's kinda all over it actually.

it's a bit of a tightrope to walk on here. sure, peaches is allowed to have her say, especially when kai decided to use her as a scapegoat a bunch to avoid talking about the actual physical abuse allegations, and of course the whole fabricated evidence used against her thing that kai pulled out of nowhere. but she made an entire (now deleted) thread livetweeting his old 2 hour video. she was quote-tweeting kai and actively responding to him.

she always has his name in her mouth, or something to say about what he's said and how that correlates with her.

she has a right to speak on things when they involve her, and i do think it's funny that the tables have turned and it's kai fighting for his life online while peaches laughs it up. but she can't get mad at people for bringing her drama up constantly when she's benefiting from doing it herself, it's just plain hypocritical.

No. 1447352

kai dropped another video on omnia. it's a lot more polished and put together than the last one, i'll give him that. and it's only 45 minutes, unlike the 2 hour monstrosity he originally put out. pretty hilarious that he pulled a shannon and added (with evidence) at the end of his video title though.

No. 1447741


if you got nothing good to add, least you could do is sage your shit, newfag

No. 1447743


the only reason Peaches was even brought up in the first place was because Kai himself made the comparisons,
Peaches herself did it when bringing back her drama,
JAR brought it up (if you scroll through this thread you'll see him make mentions of her),
or any of Peaches'/JAR's fans keep bringing it up.

Even before Kai got "cancelled" JAR and Peaches' fans kept pulling up the woe is Peaches card on both him and Omnia.
Hell, in JAR's second video on the Mari drama, he kept bringing up Peaches constantly throughout.

If they wanted Peaches to be "left alone" then maybe they should stfu about her and her drama.

> but she can't get mad at people for bringing her drama up constantly when she's benefiting from doing it herself, it's just plain hypocritical.

Agreed 100%. I guess it's not "milking the drama" when Peaches herself (or anyone who isnt against her) does it.

No. 1447777


I watched the video and I'll be honest. Kai actually brings up some good points in it, most especially near the end where he counters the claims Omnia made with him having "isolated" her from her friends and family.

A lot of the evidence on the stuff he's bought is rather flimsy, since he can provide proof of the stuff he's bought and owns, but even he's not sure if the stuff from Omnia's wishlist existed in the first place (ie. he "can't confirm it")
As for the ones he confirms Omnia owns but "isn't stolen", it's mostly word of mouth.
It is sus that Omnia is shown to actually own some of the stuff she claims to have been stolen from her (such as the toys and games that were seen in Omnia's own photos), though. It's possible Omnia may just own another of the same thing(s), but that's if we're giving her that much leeway (because why mention it being stolen and wanting it replaced if you already have one?)

He actually admits to hitting Omnia, and isn't hiding away from the fact he hit her three times when she supposedly verbally assaulted/provoked him during her bipolar episodes. i'll actually give it to him on this one, he's not victimizing himself or shifting blame, he's open to the fact he did hit her.

i'd have to say it's really fucked up that Omnia just didnt give a shit about Kai or his brother and didn't have a problem leaving them out in the cold at that time, if what Kai had to say was true. Imagine that Kai's brother was fine driving her back to the apartment, and his family was willing to take her in, no charge at all, if she ever found herself in a bad spot, and this is how she supposedly treats them?

The screencaps that show him covering the rent and bills, as well as some of the conversations do add up to his claims in the video and does poke some holes in Omnia's story.
I'm not sure how to feel about the segment with Omnia and her family, since it seems like it's super personal and while it generally shoudnt be Kai's story to tell, I can also see why he had felt the need to, if Omnia is pinning it on him.

No. 1448375

File: 1645420968024.png (21.54 KB, 589x153, wow.png)


absolutely. i think more and more people need to start realising that omnia is not as innocent in this as she's making herself out to be.

kai is a huge asshole and people hating him is very justified, not defending his actions at all here. but there's no way that omnia just sat there and did nothing wrong, didn't push buttons, didn't contribute to the toxic relationship.

and this screenshot of her asking people to ignore kai because seeing people talking about him makes her uncomfortable? what happened there, does he suddenly not make her uncomfortable anymore?

there's no doubt in my mind that kai is guilty of a lot of the things that he's being accused of, but it absolutely takes two to tango and with all the holes in her story, omnia isn't looking as saintlike as she once did.

No. 1448376

File: 1645421085231.png (30.08 KB, 602x219, wow 2.png)


excuse the samefagging but here's her still talking about him literally yesterday, most likely because of the new video. people are allowed to change their mind, but she seems to be really enjoying this.

No. 1448377


The most serious part was Kai being physically abusive towards Omnia and he straight up admitted it after deflecting from it for so long so quite frankly the semantics over who owned what at the time and what was a gift is meaningless to me at that point. Kai has shown and even admitted to be very petty. He's erratic with his behavior, going on long rants, replying to people multiple times, and then devolving into screaming fits when he doesn't get his way. The dude is a man child. The whole leaving him and his brother out in the cold on one hand could be shitty, but on the other hand could very much have been a sign that Kai was bad in the relationship from the start. Omnia isn't innocent in this and maybe she did lie about some missing things here and there, but I'm sorry; why would you deflect from talking about the physical abuse for this long when you knew you were wrong in the beginning. He's holding onto the gifts and what not because it's the only very wobbly leg he has to stand on. The relationship was obviously very unhealthy, but when you start to get physical all of my sympathy is gone.

No. 1448392


oh totally, kai is an absolute shit-heel, and omnia definitely didn't deserve to get beaten regardless of how much she may or may not have lied. he's complete scum and i honestly don't think his reputation will ever recover, he'll never have as large of a platform as he did before all this.

but i think what's being said here is that whilst kai was the physical instigator, evidence has shown that omnia was likely mentally and emotionally abusive, and it shouldn't be ignored. and if she's purposefully lied in this situation to increase her benefits, that's not good either.

omnia has never really made the best decisions in terms of drama, and her presence in the commentary community has always brought discourse. no, she absolutely did not deserve to get physically abused and i have no doubt that it has affected her negatively, and i wish her well on that front. but she's been attributing a lot of what kai's been making decent points on to her mental health, even though she may have been actively refusing to take her medication.

at this point, they're almost as bad as each-other, and it's important to not let omnia get off completely scot-free IF some of what kai is saying turns out to be true. even if she is a victim of domestic violence, that should not excuse the alleged lies and manipulation she conducted during and after the relationship.

No. 1448608

so basically, two toxic people formed a toxic relationship and it went about as well as one would expect it to.

No. 1448630

We'll probably never know the full story of what went wrong even after the court date. I've never been a fan of either of their content and it looks like Omnia is the one that's going to come out unscathed while Kai has his reputation torn to shreds with only a few stragglers following him. There's 3 sides to every story one side, the other, and the truth. Who knows what really happened behind closed doors. Kai straight up admitted to being physically abusive and for alot of the internet that is unforgivable for a good reason. I do think alot of his hate and vitriol comes from how badly he's handled everything else up to this point and where he is now, I just don't think being an online figure is for him. He's not mentally stable for it and is too reactive to things. He literally made 2 videos before this one where he handled the situation horribly.

On the other hand it would be slightly scummy for Omnia to take the opportunity to upgrade and get more than what she originally had, but after being hit I'm pretty sure she was in a terrible mental state. She does seem like the type to good things on with threats considering how she handled alot of the drama she's been in.

Either way they both were bad for one another and need to just move on. Kai will probably never get his reputation back and doesn't deserve it and Omnia better hope that if the details of the court date get released, she's not implicated in alot of things because then her reputation will be in the toliet as well. Keep personal drama off the internet kids.

No. 1450731

File: 1645673887705.png (144.19 KB, 584x1610, fun.png)

FOURTH time trying to post this shit, let's hope i stop newfagging and get it right this time lmao
kai is losing his shit on twitter once again. he posted a screenshot claiming omnia supposedly reinstated her channel to prove he didn't hack her account, even though the creation date for said channel is the 4th of february this year instead of whenever omnia first created her channel, which is weird.

he's totally spiraling Again, and has now decided to pull a "ooo forgive meee my mental health” and fish for sympathy after willingly posting his freakouts on twitter.

he's also promised a part 2 to his omnia response video, saying he's "waiting for a green light". his more polished response did raise some good points, and i'm interested to see what earth-shattering evidence he's repeatedly claimed to have.

tbh i think more people need to watch these to be informed on both sides of this situation if they’re gonna take such a strong stance. people in omnia's twitter replies are saying they're purposefully not watching his videos. it feels way more like they're trying to cover their own asses by ignoring him. if they don't listen to what he has to say, they can't be wrong and then be held accountable for believing the wrong person if it turns out that way, right? "omg boycott the abuser" isn't going to work in a situation this messy, especially when evidence has suggested that omnia was as mentally and emotionally awful as kai was physically. it is way too he-said/she-said right now to be taking any major stances on who is worse.

i’m trying to stay neutral for now, but omnia is really starting to get on my nerves with all the “omg he hit me and stole my things, anyways here’s a selfie of me and pictures of all these expensive gifts i have, send me more money i'm sooo grateful, follow me on twitch and subscribe to my youtube” shtick. nobody deserves to be hit by their partner, but flaunting all your shit and then having your fans go after kai for doing the same isn’t the move.

No. 1451070

>choosing to ignore his videos

I admit I was doing this for awhile until that recent video popped up and I felt I should be fair and hear him out. I agree, he did make some good points and at the very least, I'm finding it a bit hard to believe all of Omnia's story and that maybe she was embellishing things and potentially took the opportunity to scam her fans for free stuff because yeah her flaunting her expensive shit is just tacky.

No. 1451178

Where did Omnia flaunt her things? I might have missed it but Ive only seen her thanking the people who chose to donate to her. She hasnt been active on Twitter recently either but Kai has continued to mald on his account, even as recently as 1 hour ago

No. 1451452

File: 1645754295679.png (961.18 KB, 586x2290, tisktisk.png)


this is probably the nit-pick of all nit-picks, but here's just a small collection of what her tweets have been like ever since the whole situation started.

sure, i get wanting to show how well you're doing after such an event, and rubbing shit in kai's face isn't something i'm going to pull her up on because the dude needs to be humbled pretty bad.

but, at the same time it really feels like this whole thing is just a twitter game to her. i hate to say it, but kai has a point, she's really milking this thing more than she should be. getting back on your feet is one thing, but to tell us about it every second tweet?

there's a pattern with her. she'll tweet something regarding kai, then the very next tweet or an attached one in a thread will be a picture of herself or talking about all the gifts she has or how good her financial situation is.

and that's the thing. where is the money actually going??? i haven't once seen her say anything about covering legal fees, not even in her gofundme description, and that shit is long.

her amazon wishlist isn't super important here since people can choose whether to get her those things or not, but it's mostly expensive switch games and room decor and a fucking 42 dollar nike hat.

there's no doubt in my mind that kai has done a lot of heinous shit. he definitely hit her and he should suffer in some way or another, i am not a fan of the guy at all.

but it seems to me that omnia is really taking this opportunity to cash in and running with it. hard. he is right when he says she's bragging. all power to her for turning a fucked up situation into a way to upgrade her life a little bit, but now she's got a decent following on twitch, youtube and twitter, and she's making money, and still has her financial aid page pinned on her twitter.

the only reason to keep it up, i would think, would be to help cover future legal fees for this supposed court date, but i can't find anything about that in any of her donation links. asking for $5,000? the fuck are you going to do with $5,000 now if you're not paying your lawyer?

huge tinfoil here, but there is actually a chance that omnia is exaggerating a lot of other things kai has done in the relationship to make more money. there's obviously no solid proof and nobody should take what i say as gospel, but if that's how it turned out, i wouldn't be surprised at all.

do excuse the sperg-fest, this thing is a whole reach and a half, i know that. and this will probably be the last time i say anything about it for a while, but does it not seem suspicious to anyone else at all? like, not even a little bit?

No. 1451455


> kai has continued to mald on his account, even as recently as 1 hour ago

jesus fucking christ you're right he is losing his mind. there is some gold in the heaping shitpile of his spamtweets, but the attitude he has really isn't doing him any favours.

No. 1451465


I don’t find it suspicious only bc she has previously claimed that kai was arrested for a felony theft charge and that actually requires a certain amount of money to get an arrest warrant for (I believe it is $500 or more or even $1000 or more depending on her location). She also claimed he stole an iPad, Apple Pencil, and Nintendo Switch among other things. if you really think about it its not weird for someone to want to prove they are retrieving the things that were taken from them in spite. How valid these charges are, we likely wont know until the court case is over but if we’re comparing, Omnia bragging about getting her things back is nominal if we’re considering kai who is morally bankrupt enough to even steal those things in the first place after having already assaulted her.

I dont know about the legal fees either nor does she state anything about it publicly as far as I can see. Im not well versed in the court system so maybe she has been provided one or maybe she is keeping that hidden

No. 1452470

Thisis my take on it too. If Kai was my partner and petty enough to steal my things I would also be flaunting it all over the place just to spite him in case he sees it. Kai has always been way more adamant about the material things he bought her since the beginning so I'm not suprised he's more hung up on the fact that he bought her shit while glossing over the other things so casually. And maybe he would be taken more seriously if he wasn't so fucking unhinged. Twitter is bad for him straight up. He cannot go more than a week without having a mental breakdown and then purging all his tweets. Atleast with youtube he has to take time to do it and can take a step back and say "You know I might be acting a little schizo right now maybe not." It might be tacky for Omnia to flaunt her new things, but from what I've seen almost all she has were things Kai straight up admitted to taking but upgraded in some cases which he is absolutely malding over. His whole metldown bullshit reminds me of FishLizard or whatever who would do the same thing.

This doesn't prove that Omnia still had access to her old Youtube. And logically it still doesn't make sense on why she would delete her old Youtube herself. Why would she deleted her Youtube with alot more subs and views only to upload the same videos where it would be hard to get them to the point where they previously were? This is another reason I don't trust Kai because he genuinely seems like he's lying on alot of this and then having mental breakdowns live.

No. 1452854


>And logically it still doesn't make sense on why she would delete her old Youtube herself. Why would she deleted her Youtube with alot more subs and views only to upload the same videos where it would be hard to get them to the point where they previously were?

I mean, if you look at this from Omnia's point of view, it might make a lot more sense than you think.


Now, if she was in fact as manipulative as Kai is claiming, there is a very large chance that she may have planned this whole thing out after Kai hit her.

She's been making content with him since before they started dating, she's been alongside him during all his controversies, both on and offline. She knows exactly how he operates under backlash and audience pressure, and she knows how the cc community respond to him when he's caught up in anything.

If she truly was this cold, calculated and mentally damaging individual, I wouldn't doubt that she could plan all this out. Delete her Youtube channel, lock her old Twitter, use this as an opportunity to make Kai look like the only guilty party in this. Ask for money to get back on her feet, gain support on new platforms, profit.

But under such short time constraints, it would also make sense that there are plenty of holes in her story. Yet, nobody is going to believe Kai because…well, he's a dick.

And the way he blows up whenever he's given any criticism, even if he is telling the truth you don't want to believe him. He could say the sky is blue and I'd disagree purely due to his attitude.

And if you think about it, Omnia could be smart enough to think about how in most domestic violence cases, women are always favoured regardless.

Of course this whole idea is just based on speculation and convenient plot-holes in her story.

I am in agreement with you, Kai is the one making the whole situation worse from himself, and it's very hard to believe him when he acts the way he does. And him making this whole thing about the gifts and material items to deflect blame is possibly the worst move he could've made. But I also understand where the other anon is coming from, there is a possibility that she's more involved than she admits.

No. 1462824

I don't have screenshots from it unfortunately, but Kai had another mental break down, blamed everyone but himself, and nuked his twitter again. Even the people that were saying he might have had a few good points in his last video are done with him at this point because from what I've seen from the snippets of screenshots, he doubled down on the abuse and refused to take responsibility as well as threw a huge tantrum. Even if Omnia used this opportunity to buy a few extra gadgets, Kai can honestly go choke for all I care. He is the biggest manchild I have seen in a longest time. He does not need to be on the internet, he mentally is not mature or stable enough for it.

No. 1470705

File: 1647474394502.jpeg (513.06 KB, 1527x1892, 4DEBCABB-E17A-49A7-938B-AEB074…)

Omnia took Kai’s cat away from him and now she’s using it to do more e-begging.

No. 1471181


it seems things are starting to take a turn here. as much as i hate the dude, kai absolutely is right, if omnia needs emergency cat funds why did she take a second cat when she's already supposedly struggling to look after the first one? what happened to all the money she got from numerous donation sources? she even said she got free tuition with her financial aid, where the fuck is all this money going???
before, she was bragging about being able to look after her first cat, showing pictures of three huge tubs of premium cat treats and food. now she's asking for all this money because… kai kept the few pet supplies for HIS cat because she took it from him for no reason other than to be petty ?? how about don't take in a fucking cat if you can't care for it. there are ZERO signs of abuse from kai with this animal, and you can't say "uhhh i'm keeping certain details out of the public sphere for legal reasons, you don't know the whole story" to try and justify the lies.

i'm saying it right here right now, omnia is just as bad as kai and she's a total bitch for doing this.

No. 1471742


I wouldn't say things are necessarily taking a turn per say, but this does seem scummy. If you look at this from Omnia's perspecrive she does have a point; People who are domestic abusers do usually abuse animals as well and it seems like all the shit Kai got into with John Swan was what sent him over the edge so I don't blame her for not trusting him. But, on the otherside if Kai has never shown hostility towards his cat then Omnia really didn't have any right to take the cat away, paranoia or not.

No. 1471784

File: 1647544184028.png (49.4 KB, 592x448, Untitled.png)


i think you're right anon, i believe that kai was likely abusive but omnia is milking the shit out of this situation and makes herself look sketchy by ebegging constantly and seemingly being unable to resist the urge of subtweeting kai at every given opportunity. she's being weirdly petty about the whole thing and treating it like drama although she complains about others doing the same thing (picrel). if she wants to win in court she needs to get off the internet and stop giving kai free ammunition. at least kai had the sense to delete his twitter

No. 1471877


for sure anon, but i'd understand her point a bit more if there wasn't evidence of gabbie (kai's cat) laying all over him and being comfortable with him picking her up and such on his twitter. cats aren't stupid, there's no way she's gonna let him pick her up like that if he's being violent to her. and given the reaction he had to the situation on his stream, he definitely seems really broken up about it, not playing it up. i would be too if my ex took the cat that i owned before we started dating. and if she's worried about gabbie's safety, why would she put her in danger by taking her in and not being able to afford it?

and she absolutely is milking it other anon. it's been 3 months, and abuse is never okay but goddamn you can't live on sympathy forever because you're just constantly keeping yourself tied to the situation. she received more than enough donations to get her back on track, and she has a pretty large audience to provide for to make a good chunk of her own money. if she truly wanted to move on, she'd get a fucking job and stop ebegging.
and now that omnia is starting to show just how shady and sneaky she is, i really wouldn't be surprised if kai's actions actually were in self-defense. i can't make a call on that right now though.

No. 1472904

> if there wasn't evidence of gabbie (kai's cat) laying all over him and being comfortable with him picking her up and such on his twitter. cats aren't stupid, there's no way she's gonna let him pick her up like that if he's being violent

I was about to say that's such a ridiculous thing to say but then you made me remember this one time my friend had a dog who was abused heavily by it's previous owner and because of that, it really didn't like to be around me or our other friends because he was scared of others thinking he'd get hit. But overtime as me and our other friend kept coming around to our friend's house and he got to see us more, he eventually started to like and not be afraid of us when he realized we meant no harm to him. I think your right, cats and dogs tend to have a sixth sense to know who is trustworthy and who isn't and if Kai was as abusive as Omnia is claiming, I feel like the cat wouldn't want to be around for fear it might get abused. Usually when animals are in stressful situation ,they show signs of uneasiness but that cat looks rather content and non-threatened.

Also agree with you and the other anon that it's already been 3 months about it. I don't want to minimize the potential abuse but the way she's going about it comes across as milky. Like she wants everyone to remember that she was abused and I honestly don't know any abuse survivors who mention their abuse anytime they can or it's convenient.

But yes you're right that we 'll never know who's telling the truth until the court is settled and if they air their laundry out and we can see if there are any holes or contradictions in their stories.

No. 1473542

File: 1647654274129.png (62.58 KB, 584x494, oop.png)

Well then. This is a pretty interesting development.

According to Kai, the reason Omnia isn't sharing anything until after court is because she wanted him to take a plea deal, and the terms included him not talking about her or the situation and removing everything from every social media platform for a year. Which means, if Omnia decided to release her side, Kai legally would be forbidden to say anything for a whole year, no matter how many lies she throws in there. She can make him look as bad as she wants, and by the time kai is allowed to say anything about it, the damage is already done.

If this is true, then it's huge.

This basically throws every single claim she's made thus far into the maybe pile. The plea deal would also mean Kai has to admit fault without any evidence. So that's pretty much automatically pleading guilty to strangling her even though he claims she didn't, and having to return everything in the restitution check. Which, knowing Omnia, probably includes every single expensive and/or fancy possession of his. It also probably included his cat, which is honestly a sick thing to do. The cat is not hers, it is his, and the way she's trying to spin the story to make it look like he didn't give a fuck is pretty disgusting.

I get the feeling that she's panicking now though, she's barely said anything about the situation beyond a sentence or two for a while. And when she does make a 'thread', it's her asking for cash. I actually think Kai might be right about her. She's shady as hell and I don't think I could really trust anything she brings out now. Especially when Kai has been presenting evidence this entire time and she has shown none.

Kai is also dropping a part two to his first video pretty soon, and if it's as poised and collected and well-made as his first one, we may actually have a turned table on our hands.

No. 1473571

I really hate this. I hate that this is a thing because it never feels completely right to question a person who potentially was abused but at the same time, I have to give Kai some intrigue because you're right, he has been providing evidence while Omnia has kept quiet and just retorts to "I'm the one who was abused" and then asks for donations. It really does come across shady for sure and if the plea deal is true, there's no question that if Kai actually is speaking the truth and is innocent, Omnia is really gonna be exposed as a con-woman.

This is all so much eugh

No. 1473595


it does feel wrong to say someone is playing the victim, especially when there is a chance that they have been abused. but that's why manipulators are called that very name. they manipulate your emotions, get into your head to try and make you second guess yourself no matter how much evidence there is against them. i'd recommend just sitting back and observing what happens next, then once more evidence comes out, you can figure out who you stand with.

No. 1473733

Kai's new video just dropped.

No. 1473789

Am I the only one laughing at the fact that she took her abuser’s cat? It’s sad for the cat to go through this stress when it sounds like the cat wasn’t being abused, but oh my god. I wish I had the audacity to take my abuser for everything he had, even his pet. How is she even able to do this? It’s so clearly petty and has nothing to do with what happened to her…

No. 1473792


she claimed gabbie as a companion animal, and kai's lawyer wasn't able to contest it so she now has legal possession until kai can win her back in court. which is so fucking stupid, it's obvious she saw gabbie as a cash cow and knew it would really kick kai down. he loves his cat.

No. 1473796

Ok? He hit her 3 times and has admitted to it, I don’t give a fuck if he misses the cat or not. I only hope the cat is able to adjust with this more easily because Omnia isn’t a total stranger, and I hope he gets more shit coming to him. Why would I feel bad for a man that’s admitted to hitting a woman even once? He should have just broken up with her and worked on his self, or commit suicide kek

No. 1473802


omnia hit kai too. she would refuse to take her medication, then have mental breakdowns and lash out and hit kai. obviously if someone's being violent towards you repeatedly, you're gonna hit back.

this isn't a cut and dry abuse case, it's pretty obvious that omnia has pushed kai to his limit multiple times. he absolutely shouldn't have hit her back, that's never the best way to go about it. but if omnia chose to not take her medication, the consequences of that are on her. especially when kai was the one getting her refills and trying to help her.

No. 1473811

A woman hitting a man isn’t as bad as a man hitting a woman 3 times. Do you think Lia Thomas is a fair and great swimmer then too, Ms. Handmaiden? I’ve seen his videos and his claims, I enjoy hearing him whine like a pissbaby and getting his just desserts, I’m not going to sympathize with a male abuser no matter what you say, nonnie

No. 1473814

>A woman hitting a man isn’t as bad as a man hitting a woman 3 times.

what in the double standards is this take?? omnia hit kai MULTIPLE times, on MULTIPLE occasions, it wasn't just once. it shouldn't matter whether it was a man or a woman, hitting someone unprovoked isn't okay point blank period. from what the evidence has shown and how omnia has conducted herself, it's pretty clear that she hit kai and pushed him to his limit, so he reacted. he shouldn't have, but he did. and she can't use mental health to explain it away, because she chose to not take her medication and instead replaced them with edibles.

not hearing someone out even though they have very solid evidence for their case just because they're a man says a lot about you and i hope you one day find peace.

No. 1473816

If Kai was pushed to his limit to the point where he was hitting a woman and never once left, then yeah he’s an abuser lol. Again, I’m guessing you’re someone who thinks TIMs deserve to be in women’s sports if this is your take. Men have different bodies, muscle and bone structure and unless Omnia is some kind of body builder, I have no sympathy for him hitting her. He should have left like a normal person would have if he wanted to hit her like that. I hope he doesn’t get his cat back the more I see people defend this piece of shit. Praying you never get hit by a man too, unless you’d be okay with people defending him because “you relied him up”.

No. 1473821


i'm sorry but are you dense? if omnia was hitting him and pushing him enough for him to hit back, that's self defence, him being a man doesn't automatically make him an abuser for hitting a woman. SHE is the abuser in this case. subjects of abuse find it very hard to leave their situations due to physical, mental and emotional attachments, regardless of whether they're a man or a woman. it's pretty erroneous of you to say he should've left like 'a normal person' if you believe that men hitting women isn't okay. should every woman who's been abused just get up and leave like 'a normal person'?

i apologise if you've had any awful experiences with abusive men that have made you feel this way, but not every experience is the same as yours if that's the case. i'm not defending an abuser, because kai isn't one. self-defence isn't abuse. him being a man and her being a woman does not matter. if she is hitting him first and he is hitting back to defend himself, she is the abuser. if a woman begins beating a man senseless, and he decides he's had enough and retaliates, does that make him the perp? absolutely not. that's what you're saying right now and it doesn't make any sense.

No. 1473826

Again, I’d only feel bad if Omnia was some type of body builder or was stronger then Kai, but she isn’t. If someone hits someone weaker then them instead of walking away, then yeah, that’s abuse. Abuse of strength and abuse of power. Do you forget strength differences because these people are on the internet? Do you go outside? Do you realize biological sex differences or do you just want to keep defending an abusive man because he hit someone much, much weaker than him instead of walking away? I don’t like either of these people, but it’s ridiculous to see people act so oblivious to something that is obviously disgusting. I’d be just as judgemental of Omnia if she was stronger than Kai, but she isn’t. He should have walked away, and if he doesn’t work on that then I can only hope he never has kids.

No. 1473838


this also makes no sense. abuse is still abuse. just because omnia might be weaker, doesn't mean she isn't capable of hurting him. kai shouldn't be shit on just because he's stronger. this is probably one of the reasons why he stayed with her for this long. because people would automatically think he's the one in the wrong for defending himself.
i realise biological sex differences exist but they don't apply here. you're basically proposing the notion that all women are weak and all men are strong, which is a ridiculous view to have even on somewhere like here. this isn't the 1950s.
if kai is the subject of domestic abuse, he CAN'T just walk away even if he is stronger than omnia. like i said before: physical, mental and emotional connections. threats, possessions, animals. there are so many things that could've held kai from leaving. but you can't assume that "he's a big strong man so he needs to just ignore her and leave, if he hits back to protect himself he's still a man hitting a woman and that's abuse so he deserves it.". that's fucking stupid, what's disgusting is omnia spinning the story to make him look like a volatile abuser and profiting off it. what's disgusting is her stealing his companion of many years and calling him an animal abuser with no evidence just because she wanted to.
if you truly think kai could have and should have just walked away, i hope you're at least consistent and keep that energy for women in the same situations. tell them they should've just walked away and see what happens.

No. 1473845

Women are socialized differently then men, first off, so no I wouldn’t tell a woman that, especially because in this case Omnia is weaker than Kai. You keep trying to ignore these glaringly obvious issues. Do you think he was charged for no reason? I really hope you’re not going to end up in a similar situation, because people like you are truly scum to run and try and defend a man who has admitted to hitting a woman. Absolute clown world.

No. 1473861


>Women are socialized differently then men, first off, so no I wouldn’t tell a woman that.

socialisation has nothing to do with what i'm saying here. no matter how a woman is raised and taught to be strong and to defend herself, abuse will break you down and make you afraid. if you don't have the gall to tell a woman in an abuse situation to just leave, don't say it to a man in the exact same situation. it's truly disgusting behaviour.

you're still so focused on the fact that kai has to be an abuser because he hit a woman and he's a man. women can abuse men, that is a fact. just because he was arrested over charges, doesn't mean he's automatically guilty. that's what trials are for. you don't just get arrested and go to jail for what you did, you go to court and present evidence. that's when sentences and pleas are dealt out.

i HAVE been in similar abuse situations. been there done that. my abuser, a woman, was able to throw me, a fairly well-built guy, into walls and on the floor and beat me whenever she was angry. i've been kicked in the dick by her more times than i can count. i shouldn't have to explain my personal past to you, but if that's what it takes to get you to understand that abuse comes in many different forms, i will. blog ahead.
i pushed, shoved and hit her to get her off me because she was relentless and wouldn't let me even leave the room. i couldn't get her to stop hitting me until i fought back. i was not going to sit there and let her try and kill me if i could do something about it. are you going to call me an abuser for hitting her now? because by your logic, i'm a piece of shit just for hitting a woman at all.
it wasn't about strength, she made me fucking afraid. i was too scared to 'use my strength' or just walk out because that woman was terrifying. i had to get help from other people to leave, and to this day she hasn't faced any legal justice for what she did.

but this isn't a pity party for me, you need to understand that abuse is a much more intricate monster to wrap your head around than it once was. it's not just about biological differences or ooga booga man stronger woman weaker. i could probably win over my abuser when it came to physical strength, but she always won at making me afraid. no amount of muscle is going to help you when you're in that situation. big sorry to the mods for the fat ass blog, but it's important to see this from the perspective of someone who's lived it. you need to look at this thing from every angle and put yourself into kai's shoes for a minute. omnia would hit kai, yell at him, tell him to hit her over and over, threaten to kill herself if he ever tried to leave or call anyone or help himself. but the minute he decides to take the situation into his own hands for his own safety, he's an abusive scum piece of shit who should off himself? okay. whatever.

No. 1473872

Omg. You’re a scrote? Suddenly everything makes sense. Have fun at your next MRA zoom meeting, incel. I love it when women stand up for theirselves against men, lmao. Sorry that you’re not as much of a victim as you like to make yourself out to be, go cry about it on 4chan.

No. 1473875

File: 1647693565872.jpeg (189.38 KB, 1284x1284, F3B9C27E-4081-4577-B0B8-1BA696…)

> i've been kicked in the dick by her more times than i can count.
She sounds sexy, does she like women and would she beat men up for me without asking?

No. 1473882


you're so embarrassing. you said you hoped i didn't end up in a similar situation and i gave you an answer to try and give some actual perspective on the topic, because it actually adds to the conversation at hand. don't clutter the point with your edgy feminist girlviolence fetish.

anyway, what i'm saying is you probably need to do more research. go through their social medias, look at archives. at this point all i can suggest is come to your own conclusion, but at least consider both sides before you do it. otherwise there's no point.

No. 1473886

You keep assuming I haven’t watched his videos, I did and I found him to be a whiny pissbaby. You can keep calling me embarrassing and claiming I have a fetish, typical moid behaviour. Everything is some kind of fetish in your pornsick minds. I’m sorry I can’t seem to sympathize with a man getting beat up by a woman considering the amount of women who get beat up by men every day. You didn’t end up in a similar situation either- you aren’t a woman who was abused by a man. You’re a man that lashed out against someone weaker because you’re such a coward that you couldn’t walk away, and now you expect women to cry over it. Your first mistake was thinking what you experienced is even slightly comparable to what a female domestic abuse survior’s experiences are. Newsflash: it’s not the same, no matter how many times you need your dirty diaper changed over it because you can’t seem to stop shitting yourself about it. You’re the same kind of whiny pissbaby Kai is, but even worse is you’re crying about this on an anon image board catered to women, expecting random anons to sympathize with you. Nothing you say will make me feel bad for you, or for Kai, or for men like you two. I can only imagine how annoying you were to your “female abuser”, no wonder she kicked you in the nuts a few times.

No. 1473892


you're missing the entire point over and over and derailing the thread so this is the last time i'm responding to you. it wasn't for sympathy, it was for context because you refused to even consider that kai isn't a big bad meanie like omnia is claiming. i am very much aware that women suffer a whole lot more often than men do and i absolutely believe that women overall have a harder time, but that doesn't make me a whiny piss baby for having a fucking experience. if anything you're being a whiny pissbaby for acting this way because god forbid a man get assaulted by a woman. if you have a problem with me giving you what you asked for to actually add to the thread and back up my point, write about it in a journal or a twitlonger or whatever. either make a comment that has to do with the thread, or fuck off. have a lovely day.

No. 1473896

All of my comments are related to this thread, I’ve been a viewer of Omnia for over a year too. You’re the one who’s been blog posting as if anyone cares, and the only context it gives me is that you’re the same type of man as Kai, thinking there’s any excuse to hit a woman, etc. I’m glad you’re finally going to stop blog posting now, holy crap. Literally no one cares if a woman kicked you in the nuts, that shit is hilarious.

No. 1473944

Men aren't welcome on lolcow

No. 1473954

I did do my research, I very easily came to the conclusion that men deserve abuse and don't have any useful opinions that we want to hear. Go be 'fairly well - built' elsewhere kek

No. 1474021

No one cares women are not your hugbox go cry about it to your dudebros

No. 1474029

This isn't YouTube or Reddit, don't understand why you're writing literal paragraphs even though no one gives a shit. Women are killed by their romantic partners more often than the other way around, males being emotionally/physically abused is just retribution

No. 1474143

New fag. Did kai actually get doxxed?

No. 1474146

Same fag. I'm trying to find out about it but rabbit is crying on Twitter how they wouldn't even though they did delete a tweet that said 'if you doxx me I'll doxx you back' ha

Of course they milk the kai stuff dor clout then they get caught fucking up and now they are whining about it.

No. 1474151

They are also so cringy and are pandering by being OWo iM sO QUirkY God I wanna gag.

No. 1474160

i don’t think he got doxxed? feels like more people would be talking about it if that happened. also you should sage your posts (type “sage” into the email field) to avoid bumping the thread if you aren’t posting screenshots/milk newfriend!

gtfo moid, this is a website for women. also she’s a girlboss for kicking you in the nuts! is she single?

No. 1474475

kys scrote

No. 1474490

rope is cheap

No. 1474621

Self blogging and edgy baiting replies aside, this all comes down to if Kai is telling the truth about this. Sure you could say the same for Omnia, but at this point I don't trust either of them.

No. 1475015


So peaches is getting called out for calling out a doxxer lol.

No. 1475016


Video to the call out. I found it weird Peaches was crying about their mental health all of a sudden and now I why.


No. 1475048

It really is annoying how Peaches got off scott free for all the shady shit she did because the Shannon drama happened literally right after. Peaches has always been a snake and rash about things, and she can bitch about it all she wants, but I honestly do agree with the sentiment that she uses her mental health to get away with alot of the under handed things she does. She's that one person that constantly plays the "soft nice girl that just wants positivity" persona and it has always seemed fake to me. She's two faced at the end of the day.

No. 1475114


The cc is full of snakes. And this rabbit person rubs ne the wrong way. They are like, I'm going to take accountability but then go on bitch and sub tweet about how unfair they were treated?

They also blocked me when I told them they were just as bad as Kai so maybe I hit a bit to close to the mark.

No. 1475169

And to think all this shit started because people ragged on one person lol

No. 1476008

she isn't much better but the entire issue of the peach situtation was that things were blown way too much out of proportion
it didn't need to be a public issue, we're not talking of her doing scamming or such, she's just not that good of a friend

No. 1481685

File: 1648272718074.png (60.97 KB, 604x505, ruhroh.png)

Here's something interesting.

Turns out Omnia has about 5 known Twitter accounts, one of which was made this month, presumably after she took Kai's cat. This one in particular is privated, but judging from the replies it seems that it's been made solely to shittalk Kai (picrel). Neither he nor anyone else that isn't in her little echo chamber can see what she's tweeting. I haven't censored the names of any of these accounts responding since they're all over Omnia's public account too.

I don't think this warrants a bump but I think it's milky enough to at least talk about since there could be some pretty incriminating information in there. And considering what Kai said about being offered a plea deal to keep quiet about the situation for a year, it feels like Omnia has an obsession with silencing people who go against her. Thoughts?

No. 1483232

File: 1648371401477.png (144.93 KB, 585x471, yuh.png)

Samefagging but I am actually going to bump this now, because Kai just released this. If this message is real (which it seems to be), this whole thing could potentially be premeditated. The more evidence that's coming to light, the sketchier things look.

No. 1512300

Thread has been quiet because everyone's calmed down for the most part but out of curiosity, does anyone here think Tobi will comeback anytime soon if ever? Her Twitter is still locked, she hasn't streamed since December, she deleted her tiktok, and her instagram is dead. Part of me feels bad because it's really obvious she has no friends by her anymore. I never see her interact with FuchsiaButters or Madlibbs publicly anyways. But another part of me is also thinking, well she did being this upon herself. Her attitude is still horrendous so I can't feel too bad for her.

No. 1516045

cecil mcfly did a giant ass video on all this, sources lolcow a lot
when does it cross from being research to being one of us?

No. 1516197

I've always tinfoiled that Cecil is one of those lurkers that would never publicly affiliate herself with us beyond sources for videos because of the icky twanzphobia but I wouldn't be surprised if she was a straight up farmer.

No. 1516257

i've always gotten farmer vibes from her, wonder if she's in this thread kek

No. 1516320

Seeing the peaches shit, some of these scrotes coming at her are so fucking aggressive and fucking creepy sounding. Like everyone dog piling this one person, this "community " is almost as bad as the make up guru "community". It's crazy how people were hearing grown men go, "it's my job to ruin her day" or whatever he said and going, "yep, this is fine".
I actually like cecils videos. Espeically the one on Amberlynn and the people who hate watching fat women.

No. 1516504

Sorry but even with that in mind, call me a "boomer" or whatever but Peaches brought all that drama onto herself by sticking her nose where she didn't need to and then not being able to deal with the fall out that comes when you do that.

The whole suicide bating thing again, yeah we get it that she has fucking mental problems but of course people are gonna get annoyed when you bring it up n a consistent basis. Had she just kept that shit to herself and her small group of friends and stopped making so many posts about them on her social media, no one would've brought it up. but I guess this is just where the generation divide comes into play because as an old millennial, I haven noticed that zoomers can't help but put so much of themselves out o the internet and not understand how once it's there, it never goes away and how it can come back and bite you later in life.

No. 1516507

regardless of anything she did (at one point i lose track since it seems to just devolve into nitpicking), it seems like a lot of scrotes just took advantage of the opportunity to act like an anime antagonist towards a girl with obvious mental problems.

No. 1516517

I suppose. I found it funny how much JAR was going up to bat for her.

No. 1516556

I'm near the end of the Hopeless Peaches drama section and the only thing I can think of is a comment I saw in the comments section that summed it up perfectly. Terminally online. Like serious, it's been a long time since I've heard about the drama and how stupid it was then and after hearing it again, it's absoltuely nuts how these people take the online world so seriously and makes me wonder if they have lives outside the internet because the way this was coming off was like it's life and death and I'm left bewildered.

No. 1517432

Finished the entire thing in full and it's a fairly good synopsis of pretty much everything that was talked about in the Tobi thread and this one. There were alot of smaller things that Cecil missed like the Mari Akustu shit and Fishlizard schizo posting, but those were inconsequential to the larger dramas. This video really just goes to show how messed up the ACC is/was. And now with the bigger people talked about being gone/silent; Tobi fucked off and hasn't been seen since december, Kai is now priv, Omnia is doing her own thing not really focusing on commentary atm, PML fucked off, Creepshow Fucked off, and Junkie fucked off. I agree with Cecil that the community is probably more than dead at this point. Spoctor, Peaches, Kamen, Omnia, JAR, and Even Ponder don't seem to do much commentary anymore and instead focus on other things. Will this thread die? Maybe and honestly I hope it does. This community has been nothing but headache after headache. Let it die for the love of shit.

No. 1520571

That video just reminded me how much everyone in the ACC are just a bunch of clowns. Kai and Omnia especially "If you disagree, racism!"
I don't know how anyone took these people seriously.
Kai being a total POS is no surprise there. I'm glad both he and Shannon permanently fucked off

No. 1560002

Fuck peaches and fuck the people that keep babying her. She threw a huge bitch fit about the Luke apology video after saying she didn't want an apology now she's malding about how it wasn't good enough. You that none of your critics have a place on YouTube anymore. You have flocks of cucks that will fight tooth and nail for you. Yet you still cry about your mental health and throw a pity party whenever you can for yourself. Such a fucking bitch. You already won. What more could you want?

No. 1569153

I know this is an old comment but I agree with you anon. I'm tired of peole babying Peaches and letting her get away with her petty and crybaby antics. The people defending her are either high school kids who don't know shit about the real world or mindless idiots who can't see what a pissant she's been since she came back. She could've just not addressed it at all and moved on with her life but nope, has to be a drama queen.
It's been quiet now and hopefully it stays that way.

No. 1574015

Kai doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon.

No. 1578984

Aside from the obnoxious whining about "muh pronouns" (on both sides, it's fucking pathetic), I' don't understand why he brought it back up. If both of them are still involved with the court system, they should be waiting until AFTER everything is settled and over. This whole he said/she said back and fourth is redundant if he can't go into hard specifics because of legal matters.

It's just all pointless in the end. He could've just came back and made content and ignore the people who tried to bring the drama back up. Both parties have such undeserved egos but at least Omnia had stopped talking about the situation since her potential scam news came out.

No. 1578987

<"My Partner"

Does anyone else get annoyed when people talk like this? It's not just Kai and Omnia but I noticed so many of Gen Z say this bullshit and it's lowkey annoying but that's probably just me. I just miss the days when people would say things like "girlfriend"/"wife" and "boyfriend"/"husband" lol

No. 1584199

Is Omnia black or mixed? She seems to love talking about race a lot and honestly it's kinda annoying and I'm saying this as a POC myself. Maybe it's because I'm older (early 30s) but I find talking about rAcE issues so exhausting. Same old shit.

No. 1584201

Eh disregard my question, she answers she's biracial but still, exhausting topic.

No. 1584230

The thing I dislike about videos like this is that they show no evidence for the so-called "Racism" that they claim they see. It's always "I never experienced racism but I've seen other artists get this, that, and the other" or how they got it themselves on their own work. Okay, examples? It's a whole bunch of telling but not showing and in this day and age where people are a bit overly sensitive to where some can moan about any little thing, it'd be nice if they showed some proof to back up their claims.
A simple screenshot or even an explanation of what exactly they saw would suffice.

No. 1585748

File: 1657564239470.png (222.28 KB, 559x822, kaiweisscourtdate.png)

This is the third time he’s tried making videos about this. Kai doesn’t understand that no one cares about his side until the court gives a verdict.

Kai keeps comparing himself to Johnny Depp on Twitter. But Depp had recordings of Amber where she admitted to hitting him, cutting off his finger, and acting psycho. All Kai has is his word, and his word is shit.

Kai is so desperate to be right and victorious in the eyes of the internet, but he can’t even show up to court at the right time. He says he’s learned a lot of lessons in six months, but he still hasn’t learned how to shut the fuck up until it’s the right time to talk.

They can’t do that because they’re both “nonbinary” Omnia even wants top surgery. To call Omnia or Kai a masculine or feminine term would be an affront to their god

No. 1585917

>Kai doesn’t understand that no one cares about his side until the court gives a verdict.

He really doesn't and he needs to comprehend that and shut the fuck up. Stop trying to give your word that frankly means nothing, not until we see the court verdict and you can post whatever relevant evidence you have that supports your claim.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Omnia is completely innocent neither and I'm sure some of what Kai said might be true, she just comes across as a two-faced bitch, I can't explain it but I have a hunch. But until again, the court is settled and down with, both need to zip it. If Kai wants to make content again, just do it.

>They can’t do that because they’re both “nonbinary” Omnia even wants top surgery. To call Omnia or Kai a masculine or feminine term would be an affront to their god

Eh I don't buy into nonbinary bullshit, just another case of people wanting to be special snowflakes to mask their boring and/or uninteresting personalities. as for Omnia wanting "top surgery", that's retarded and she's gonna regret it I guarantee it lol.

No. 1586623

These are my thoughts too. Kai really thinks people are going to just take him at his word after all the shits he's shown to do? He's a sniveling little coward that lost a debate to John Swan of all people over the rage-baiting brat that is Akumu. I don't think Omnia is innocent at all, but pardon people for not wanting to hear a thing you say when you brung up the fact the you and Omnia fucked not too long before her thread was posted, constantly bringing up how much money you spent on her, and actually admitted you hit her.

Either pony up the verdict details or shut the fuck up.

And I have a hunch on how things are gonna go with the verdict; Kai is gonna be found to have been guilty of alot of the shit he was accused of and go offline completely with a screaming tantrum on the way out.

No. 1591968

File: 1658281021180.png (142.51 KB, 750x1334, eeaa9406-5f44-4dbc-8feb-15f260…)


Exactly. Kai lies by omission. He lets Omnia provide their context and then fills in the blanks for maximum victim status. I just wanna know who this person is - stanning so hard for a guy who clearly projects his understandable hatred towards his abusive mother towards every other woman … watch out girl, its gonna be you

or maybe that's just kai's alt account, because i don't see anything else that makes me think they're a real person

No. 1591970

File: 1658281441131.png (183.16 KB, 750x1334, b - Copy.png)

jfc sorry

No. 1592094

The fact that, that account was created in March of this year is suspicious enough, but also the fact that she's calling herself "the upgrade" and alot of her tweets are protaining to Omnia and defending Kai, makes me highly skeptical if it's a real account or just Kai trying to give himself ass pats.

No. 1595959

File: 1658644045110.jpg (120.75 KB, 730x763, Troonsperging.jpg)

Troon spergs about not having their pronouns respected and instead of blocking the person, of course they have to post the conversation between them and a nobody for "pity points"

No. 1595961

File: 1658644123801.jpg (89.65 KB, 754x616, Troonsperging2.jpg)

More of the troon sperging but with an autistic meltdown

No. 1596268

I don't know if you posted this is the wrong thread but regardless who the fuck is that? Some random 16 year old cringe artist you have a vendetta against that does't even have 200 followers? Let me guess that you're the other person in the dms that she's talking too. Fuck off. No one cares.

No. 1596420

Any new stuff regarding Kai,Omnia or Tobi today?

No. 1596508

Not much except Maxie trying to label Omnia a copycat. Kind of agree with Anon >>1591968 about Maxie being Kai's alt account.

No. 1596510

File: 1658698265340.png (257.3 KB, 544x712, KaiOmnia_1.PNG)

No. 1598085

wasn't omnia known for a while to be a tracer? I think anonita found more copied pics in a previous thread

No. 1598117

File: 1658855785544.png (344.99 KB, 601x1375, Peaches 1.png)

Hopeless Peaches (Rosie) jumps in to give a take on Omnia copying art, and somehow makes it all about herself. (1/2)

No. 1598120

File: 1658855855610.png (608.29 KB, 590x2148, Peaches 2.png)

No. 1598125

File: 1658856086271.png (369.03 KB, 603x1861, Kai Response.png)


Kai says he will make a response to Omnia’s video.

No. 1598135

File: 1658856364835.jpg (247.05 KB, 1080x1083, Omnia Copy.jpg)


Yeah. In Artist Salt #31, an anon posted this. I'd link to it, but I don't know how.

No. 1598148

It's funny how Peaches like to say she stays out of drama but always seems to involve herself in things like this and when she inevitably gets roped in she'll start crying about her mental health. She did the same thing with the Tobi drama when she was called out for talking over people. Kai at this point just sounds like a bitter ex. Omnia did very obviously take inspiration from that art, not outright tracing and her deleting comments telling her to credit is shitty.

These people are fucking exhausting.

No. 1599148

File: 1658938946748.png (223.45 KB, 602x1204, HarleyTBS and Kai.png)


Looks like this is the next ACC drama. (1/3)

Kai confirms he will be releasing a video responding to Omnia soon.

HarleyTBS jumps in to say Omnia’s video was terrible.

MaliMalware did a reaction stream to Omnia’s video, and Hopeless Peaches was in the chat. Hopeless Peaches joined the stream at the end.

Omnia says she will respond to the accusations when she gets home from vacation.

They sure do turn on each other fast, huh?

No. 1599151

File: 1658939069490.png (1.28 MB, 1132x1693, Mali Stream.png)

No. 1599156

File: 1658939276144.png (70.97 KB, 591x588, Omnia Vacation.png)

No. 1599692


In regards to Tobi, i guess JAR really did stick to his word about going back to the Tobi drama to "debunk the lies"
despite the drama being long dead and the horse has been beaten so much its practically a skeleton now LOL

No. 1599695


more recent video.

i know its common knowledge in this thread that JAR is basically a grifter but damn i always knew he'd get an ego boost after his "success" in the Peaches drama.

how much yall wanna bet he's gonna do a peaches saga 2.0 and make this a series where he goes through every one of the videos done on the Tobi drama and go to bat for her like he did Peaches?

No. 1599700


tbh Harley's always been like that.
i noticed he tends to sway with the public opinion, either going off with the objectively "better" opinion in the debacle or play devil's advocate when its not needed.

then again, what did anyone expect considering he's friends with JAR? LOL
(and funny that they're both friends with peaches and they were both the main detractors against kai and omnia during the drama to the point that among everyone who made videos on Peaches, those two got the worst of it)

personally i feel like peaches has always had it out for omnia and took the opportunity when omnia's recent video didnt sit right with the cc

malimalware got one thing right about the cc and it's all a massive snake pit of creators turning on each other

No. 1600442

File: 1659030774686.jpg (582.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220727-211726_Twi…)

Harley did this to someone who called themself a fan of them. How do you treat fans like this when they show disappointment.

No. 1600501

"did this to someone" this is literally your own account

No. 1600537

Looks like Peaches was the first to make a video.

No. 1600756


Kai posted his video two hours after Peaches. Imagine being so pressed about Omnia's video that you manage to put out your video before Kai.

No. 1601041

If anyone wants to bite the bullet and watch these and give summaries it would be much appreciated. I cannot be fucked to deal with these people.

No. 1601279

File: 1659106307484.png (472.28 KB, 602x3266, [3pnrc721x.png)

Hopeless Peaches got mad at JAR because he dared to say that Kai and Peaches agreed that Omnia shouldn’t copy art and Omnia made a bad video. Then Peaches deleted the thread.

Peaches is so sensitive. She goes off on anything. I bet being her friend feels like walking on eggshells.

Then Peaches was mad that Kai said if he punched and elbowed Omnia in the face repeatedly, Omnia would of had more damage in the photo, since the photo was taken two days after her injuries.

No. 1601439


>0:00 - 38:22 JAR summarizes Tobi drama and Kai drama.

>40:00 Junkie waits till a drama is over and picks his stance based on the winner.
>45:00 Junkie is sorry to BentheLooney/Trent for brushing off Tobi’s blackmail. JAR says telling someone you’re going to make a video on them is not blackmail.
>48:30 Junkie says Tobi shouldn’t have posted porn recommendations on her Twitter. Doodle/JAR says Tobi thinks of her channel for adults, and Tobi shouldn’t have to cater to kids when that’s not who her content is for.
>52:00 Junkie says the titles Tobi recommended had a lot of messed up stuff in them, like underage/adult relationships and rape. JAR says who cares.
>52:00 Junkie says Tobi was speaking for all trans people. Doodle says there’s not enough context presented, and without context it just looks like Tobi is giving her personal opinion
>53:00 Junkie says Tobi is hypocritical because Tobi said anyone who draws sexually explicit/implicit material of children, fictional or not, is a pedophile, and Tobi has drawn sexual images of minors. JAR says it’s not hypocritical because Tobi’s drawings were of teens who could pass for adults, and BentheLooney’s drawings were of a 6 - 11 year old.
>54:00 Junkie says Tobi drew NSFW of the MHA character and porn of Sailor Moon. JAR says the MHA was not porn. JAR says it is somewhat hypocritical, but Todoroki with a bloody nose isn’t the same as OK KO naked with a huge dick.
>56:00 Junkie says Tobi deflected when asked about her lewd drawings. JAR says if Tobi didn’t know the age/aged them up, then there is no problem. JAR also says that Tobi said she would stop drawing these things, so what more do you want?
>1:00:30 Junkie says Tobi made a response, but she didn’t take responsibility and used her BPD as an excuse. Doodle says acknowledging you have BPD doesn’t mean you’re using it as an excuse.
>1:03:30 Junkie says JAR reignited the Tobi drama with his video and was biased. JAR says Luke made a video before him. Doodle says everyone has biases, and says that Junkie is making his video in part because he is friends with Thumin, Kai, and Omnia. There’s nothing wrong with your friends trying to defend you from points they think are wrong.
>1:05:00 Junkie says Tobi doesn’t take her BPD seriously. Doodle says she doesn’t like this narrative, and Junkie has no evidence of that.
>1:06:40 Junkie says Tobi needs to give a real apology. Doodle says Tobi deplatformed herself.
>1:07:20 Junkie says Tobi should get some help. Doodle says that they have no way of knowing if Tobi has help or not. JAR says Junkie doesn’t mean what he says, and now that Tobi has no income from Youtube, she is less likely to be able to afford getting help.
>1:17:00 Junkie says Peaches did a lot of messed up stuff. Doodle asks why are they covering Peaches in a video on Tobi
>1:19:00 Junkie says Peaches said she knew Kai and Omnia personally, and that wasn’t true. Doodle says Peaches knew Kai and Omnia for months, so it wasn’t an unreasonable thing to say.
>1:22:10 Junkie says Peaches made a lot of Tweets and comments about Omnia that she deleted. Then Peaches said she was receiving loads of hate. JAR said Peaches did get a lot of hate.
>1:25:00 Junkie says Nezzimonster was biased against Kai and Omnia. Doodle says Nezziemonster only got involved after Kai and Omnia started Tweeting them.
>1:35:50 Junkie says Tobi’s drama was long because Tobi and her friends reacted to it. Doodle says the drama was long because everyone, Tobi, Kai, and Omnia kept reacting to it, making videos, and making Tweets.
>1:37:00 Junkie says Tobi supported BLM, but supported Shane Dawson. JAR says you can do those things at the same time.
>1:40:00 Junkie says Thumin never directly called anyone racist. JAR says Thumin said that people were ganging up on “two small black creators”, which implied racism.
>1:45:00 Junkie says JAR said Todoroki wasn’t a minor. JAR says he said he wasn’t a kid, which is different.
>1:48:00 Junkie says it was offensive to use black Spongebob. JAR says he apologized and fired the editor. JAR says it was never meant to be a race joke.
>1:52:00 Junkie says JAR didn’t realize Butters was biased until after the video was made. JAR says Junkie lied about this. JAR says he already discussed this with Junkie in DM’s, and Junkie said he would say it in his video, but he didn’t.
>2:02:50 JAR says Junkie lied about MangaKamen. Manga gave Junkie the script not thinking Junkie would leak it to someone who didn’t like him.
>2:04:30 Junkie says Peaches shouldn’t of touched the script if she was friends with Omnia. JAR says friends can do videos on each other and still be friends. Doodle says Peaches’ only contribution was grammar.
>2:09:55 Doodle responds to Tobi’s Instagram post. Doodle says the situation between Omnia and Kai is cut and dry.

tl:dr Junkie’s video came out months after Tobi left her platform and is boring. JAR’s response to it is therefore also boring and presents rebuttals to points that no one cares about because no one wants to hear about Tobi any more.

This video is more of the same. JAR going over Luke’s old Tobi series and retreading ground no one cares about. It’s boring.

No. 1601442


>0:29 - 9:47 Kai shows Omnia copying the Raven drawings. He says Omnia should have given credit. Kai shows more instances of Omnia copying art without credit. Omnia even colored a linework her friend did and claimed the entire artwork as her OC.

>9:50 - 28:36 Kai goes over Omnia’s newest video, “The CC’s Biggest Flaw”. He says the problem is that Omnia presents her opinion as definitive.

>15:45 - 20:35 Kai goes on a tangent to talk about Omnia stealing his cat Gabbie. Kai is upset Omnia said he abused the cats. Kai shows that Omnia trusted him with the cats, and he shows a clip of Gabbie coming to him when called and allowing herself to be picked up by him.

>22:40 Omnia says that trauma and drama are similar, but the main difference is that trauma is a lot more severe. Kai says Omnia is not qualified to differentiate if someone’s experience is trauma or not. Kai says Omnia should just listen to peoples’ feelings and not try to differentiate if what they’ve been through “counts”.

>24:35 Kai apologizes to Peaches/Rosie for using her grooming artwork as a thumbnail and dismissing her feelings about it.

>25:50 Omnia says that usually trauma causes a physical or behavioral change. She says that trauma can cause someone to have PTSD, need therapy, need medication, have nightmares, cause weight gain/loss, hallucinations, insomnia, etcetera. Drama causes less symptoms and is less intense. Trauma can be abuse and threats, while drama is stuff like getting a bad grade or arguing with a parent.

Kai says Omnia is not a therapist, and he is upset that Omnia is using their experience together to be a spokesperson about trauma.

>29:00 Kai says Omnia is a hypocrite because she did the things that she considers to be “just drama”. She cheated on her ex, gossips about other creators, and backstabbed her friends. Kai says these things traumatized them.

>34:00 Kai says Omnia has done the things Creepshow has done, but on a smaller scale. Omnia has her friends stalk Kai’s account and try to get him to interact with them. She has tried to smear Kai as transphobic. She farmed donations, using abuse allegations, pride month, and Juneteenth as methods to get money. Omnia hasn’t provided proof of where the donated money went. Omnia stalked Kai’s brother’s Instagram. Omnia has her friends stalk Kai’s streams despite saying that people do that to her and Omnia doing it to Peaches.

>38:00 Omnia says one way to differentiate between drama and trauma is if the event can happen on any odd day. Things that don’t happen every day, such as the death of a loved one, stalking, and fearing for one’s life don’t happen every day, and they are traumatic.

Kai says that trauma is not based off of intensity or symptoms. It’s subjective to everyone.

>41:30 Omnia discusses Tweets about situations that were trauma treated as drama. Kai says Omnia should have researched these situations more to discuss them.

>44:25 Kai finds Omnia’s video tags weird and offensive. Omnia tags Kai and “technoblade cancer”

>45:55 Omnia was upset that Kai revealed information about her, such as her college. Kai says Omnia has her college posted on her public Instagram. Kai says Omnia was upset that Kai revealed that she had depression, but Omnia had already made a public animation about it. Omnia was upset that Kai outed her sexuality to her parents, but Kai says that only happened because Kai had to contact Omnia’s parents because she was trying to kill herself.

>49:30 Kai asks how Omnia’s bruising could be so minor if he had repeatedly beat Omnia in the face with his fists and elbows as well as strangling her. He says that Omnia has bruising on her arms because he was trying to keep her away from him. Kai shows photos of domestic violence victims who publicly posted photos of themselves on Twitter during the Amber Heard case to show what it looks like when you get beat up. Kai says Tipster had to photoshop Omnia’s bruises in his thumbnail because the bruises were hard to notice.

>53:00 Omnia talks about the Amber Heard Johnny Depp case without watching it. Kai says that Omnia was given many examples of trauma/drama cases on Twitter, and she should have used one of those as an example since she did not want to watch the trial.

>55:50 Omnia criticizes Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie for making fun of Amber Heard’s “I stepped on a bee” line. Omnia says they should pry into Amber’s private life. Kai says that Omnia revealed private details about his exes on Twitter to strangers. He says don’t make a situation public if you don’t want people to speak on it.

>1:00:00 Omnia says people shouldn’t mock Amber Heard’s alleged sexual assault because it sets a dangerous precedent. Kai says that Amber Heard lying about sexual assault would do the same thing. He says that Amber lying about abuse is worth ridicule because it’s damaging to other victims.

>1:01:30 Omnia liked Tweets against Johnny Depp

tl;dr Kai uses Omnia’s current controversy as a springboard to discuss his old dramas, the abuse allegations, court proceedings, and personal drama that happened between them.

Kai goes back and forth between calling Omnia affectionate pet names, defending her, and saying he wants the best for her, and calling Omnia an abusive, petty, toxic liar. He also says things like, “I gave my life for you, Hanna”.
It’s creepy.
This video comes off as a weird way for Kai to get any form of contact he can from Omnia.

No. 1601538

Do you think this will be the next Peaches self-pitying "I've gotta leave the internet for muh mental health" fiasco if this tracing/referencing call out gets traction?
If she really was not about drama, she would've just left it alone or at the very least not make the post about herself and just kept it brief and to the point.

No. 1601547

>Personally I feel like Peaches has always had it out for Omnia and took the opportuity when omnia's recent video didn't sit right with the cc

I agree that she more than likely had it out omnia as well but it's exhausting because Omnia herself is not likable. Really none of the people in this "drama" are, it's all a bunch of petty bullshit that had ended and is on the verge of being revived.
The only one who is semi-okay is MaliMalware but even she is grating and I won't be surprised if we see her in some sort of dumb acc drama

No. 1601850

man these guys will never change, eternally taking shots at each other whenever they can. they're adults too which makes it more pathetic. it's funny to know they'll always be associated with the "commentary art community" and never release anything meaningful other than their squabbles.

No. 1601857

JAR will always be a sperging grifter. He's always tried to go against the popular opinion even if it makes him look objectively wrong. He's always going to be a teenage boy stuck in 2014 and thinking SJW is a real insult. His views on kid vs minor is fucking weird and I love how he completely glosses over the Usagi art and instead focusing on the Todoroki one.

Peaches is a snake and will always be one. She was able to get away with alot because the Shannon drama happened at the time where she was getting alot of hate and she was able to jump on the bandwagon. I can bet she's going to run crying about her mental health now again.

Overall these people are forever going to be immature content farms that will make videos over the slightest disagreement.

No. 1601943

Maybe it's because I'm older than most in the ACC (I'm in my early 30s) but I think they're all still young. I think Kai is the oldest no? Like he's 22-23? To me, I feel like they're all still "babies" and I want to give the benefit of the doubt that they will mature and grow from this petty nonsense. Think about the old school "DeviantART" ranters of yonder year like IcyHazard and others whose names I'm forgetting but if you were on YouTube back in 2012-2015, you know the ones lol. Most of them got older and moved on from the drama filled DeviantART ranting fad and I'm sure the same will happen with these crop of people.

No. 1601946

JAR is the one who complexes me the most. Why the fuck is he so hellbent on bringing back old drama that was dead and over with? Why is Peaches that important to him to defend when all she's shown to be is a whiny bitch who moans on about her mental health when she involves herself in drama and clearly can't handle it? She loves to play the victim and anyone with a functioning brain can see that.

I just don't fucking get it. I swear, it feels like they are actually dating but being undercover about it or something because it's ridiculous to me that he's doing all this for her when the drama was over and most people had moved on from it.

No. 1601964


Thank you for the short and easily digestible summary because there's no way a lot of us was willing to sit through that bullshit lol.

Clear to see that JAR's video was fucking pointless as ever because like you said, no one gives a shit about it anymore. Tobi hasn't been active on YouTube in months nor seems to even talk about it anymore so it's clear that the only reason he made that video is just for money/views since nothing big is happening in the ACC at this time.

As for the Kai video, again nothing of much importance shared and you mentioning that he was calling her pet names is fucking creepy.
You know even though I know this is more than likely not true, wouldn't it be funny if their situation was all fabricated and done just to make extra money and/or views from the controversy? Again I feel this isn't likely to be true but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.

In any case Kai needs to just be quiet and wait until the court is settled when it comes to talking about their relationships. Him commenting on Omnia's content is fine imo but just leave it at that.

No. 1601965


peaches just comes across as a professional victim to me with how much she uses every other drama to make it about herself.

ironic since that's what JAR called kai when he made his second tobi video where he "apologizes" to him and omnia (i say "apologizes" in quotes because even after trying to own up he still sneaks in passive aggressive jabs at them
JAR cant even be bothered to realize his collab video with kamen and fuchsia had ass takes)

No. 1602395

File: 1659210009557.png (729.63 KB, 612x2148, weird fuckers 1.png)


Someone in Omnia’s Discord server leaked to Kai/Maxie that Omnia and her fans are writing jail fanfiction about them.

These people are so fucking weird.

No. 1602398

File: 1659210112209.png (7.11 MB, 2024x5188, weird fuckers 2.png)

No. 1602447

"This video comes off as a weird way for Kai to get any form of contact he can from Omnia."

exactly. I don't believe that he "accidentally" sent that long ass message to her after she called the police and filed the protective order.

He gets so bitter about being arrested but they wouldn't arrest him if it was bullshit to call the police on him in the first place

and litigation apparently still isn't over

Kai doesn't understand that Omnia can be a POS for different reasons than him, but he is ALSO a POS and hasn't provided any proof that disproves the allegations at the center of this issue: domestic violence

so he should probably shut the fuck up

No. 1602658

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people. I am now fully convinced that Omnia is just as fucking deranged if slightly less than Kai. Both are toxic and petty as shit.

No. 1602663

This isn’t true. When you get arrested you answer to charges. They arrested Kai because he was charged. You can be arrested for a crime you did not commit.
In my perspective Omnia is clearly lying about her abuse. I don’t know why people still believe her. These Discord messages are deranged.

No. 1602836

Uh no anon, in this case it's because Kai had a no contact order and he violated it by "accidentally" sending a message to Omnia.

No. 1603185

This also isn’t true. Kai also has to answer to that charge in court as well. If it can’t be proven that the message wasn’t sent by accident I don’t know why Omnia called the police other than to bring her fanfiction to life.

No. 1603330

I wanna know how you know this anon.

No. 1603752

That’s how arrests work. You are only held if you are not granted bond. People who are guilty also have to do the same thing. Please read up on law, Anon.

No. 1604014

While this all is informative, both parties are clearly off their rockers for attention and until the court date is settle and done with, it's not easy to truly know what to think until then. I can admit that Omnia is shady as fuck and some of what Kai said in in his previous video did strike some intrigue but again, it's all meaningless at this time since the court is still in session for their situation.

No. 1604052

File: 1659318661845.png (272.12 KB, 640x1136, 59C34463-0801-4B4A-98FF-DD5834…)

Damn… Kai’s mom ended her own life. I have my strong opinions about both of them but this is awful.

Sage because it’s not “milk”.

No. 1604074

That's really awful… Feelings aside, it's hard to lose someone, especially in a way like that

No. 1605479

File: 1659480873344.png (1.61 MB, 640x2998, kaichild.png)

Omnia and a few others in the Discord fanfiction messages privated their accounts.

A 14-year old messaged Kai to take the blame for the prison fanfiction, even though the other parties involved were adults, and Omnia participated in the idea and allowed it to happen in her server.

No. 1605611

File: 1659492614584.jpg (224.39 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20220802-210503_Twi…)

She keeps replying that she's on vacation and that she'll discuss it afterwards. I think everyone is starting to turn on her or atleast starting to question alot of shit. Even people like Fuchsiabutter are starting to say they're done with this. She better have a good explination or a sympathetic one or she's screwed.

No. 1605660


Am I the only one who doesn’t think tgis is a big deal and that people are massively overreacting?

No. 1605663


in a sense, yeah.
people write creepy fanfiction all the time, like with the dsmp shit and even way back with the septiplier shit.
not justifying thast, ofc but some people act like it's a new thing when its.. always existed

i think the problem was that it got fucked up implications? like the dsmp and septiplier fics were kinda just gross shipping stuff. but the stuff with kai comes across as making light of the fact he's got in prison and they're making an entertainment out of the him being in jail (or WAS in jail)
its somehow like the peaches thumbnail thing that i thought wasnt really a big deal, but i can see why people would think it's messed up to use something that came from a dark time in her life (her grooming) and using it on a video critical of her than can come off as trivializing the situation like it's not a big deal. i can see that same mindset being applied to the kai prison fics.

at the same time i can understand if omnia maybe wanted to use fics as a means of coping with what she probably endured with kai. but then it came out that it was a kid's idea the whole time >>1605479
and even then omnia's friends didn't just suggest a different way of coping? idk

No. 1605669


likewise, people are really pushing her to acknowledge the issue when they can just be patient about it
i get that it's sus she's hiding the replies asking about it, but
personally i'd be a little irritated too if i was on vacation and people kept pestering me and even bringing it up even on posts that have nothing to do with them.

omnia literally already said in a post that she'd address them when she gets back, but these people out here demanding her to talk about it "NOW"
just holy shit LOL

i'd say omnia shouyld just log out of twitter and all her socials for a while and come back when she's ready to address everything, but then again she did that during the peaches drama and idiots accused her of ignoring them about the thumbnail thing when she actually wasn't around to see the posts so…no winning ig

No. 1605718

i legit think that the only way omnia can redeem themselves is log off. stop trying to make "youtube career" a thing. use their degree.

They both aired their dirty laundry online in an attempt to deplatform each other and destroy each other as if their life is just an extension of the "art commentary community"

and at this point people have just associated what "side" theyre on with these kids

and its sad. because they both need fuckin help and they need to stop making content if they're going to revert back to shitstirring for relevance and views

like destroy the name. stop calling yourself that. clean the slate. do a new thing. god damn. sage because it's so fucking stupid, all of this is so stupid.

No. 1605809

I've never liked that Deadwing Dork sperg. I am amazed he's so popular - he has a condition that afflicts far too many of these commentary spergs that I call 'nerd voice'.

Just the sound of his autistic droning sets my teeth on edge.

No. 1605934


It’s a big deal because it’s weird, and it exposes Omnia as vindictive and petty. It also calls into question her domestic violence victim status.

What kind of person who goes through serious domestic violence writes fanfiction about their abuser, let alone writes that fanfiction in public with a bunch of children?

Like imagine if Markiplier was exposed for writing weird creepy Septiplier fanfictions behind the scenes with his child audience. That’s how weird this is.

No. 1606831

exactly as predicted, JAR really is making this a series of debunking every video made on Tobi and just generally whiteknighting her hard

though in this case, he decided to capitalize on omnias latest controversy by combining debunking her tobi video together with the peaches drama.

i just skimmed over to the tobi and a bit of the peaches parts because the rest of the video was on dollieguts and a wholeass last segment by some "lin lin" person (his collab partner in this video) and i couldnt care less about those LOL

the tobi portion was just JAR mentioning the same shit from his first tobi video, both of which omnia and/or kai already apologized for, such as the subtweet and the petty threat that omnia already took out and apologized for in a later video
JAR just really wants to keep dragging those points so badly it's pathetic.
im just glad he didnt bring up the tired "leaked DM's!!" arguement because that would be just as stupid (like when mangakamen brought law into it lmfao)

the peaches segment seemed a bit more up to date, aside from bringing up that dumb thumbnail shit and JAR getting butthurt that omnia called his self-victimizing comment during the creepshow drama as "clout".
tbh this part has very little to do with peaches at all aside from those two things, it seems to talk more about peaches and the acc making a video on omnia tracing art and her takes during the "drama vs trauma" part of her video (the main one they have a problem with)

sidenote but at 16:25 near the very end of the peaches section, JAR makes this mistake where he recommends people to check peaches video but puts up a screenshot to kai's video on omnia instead. i just find that funny.

No. 1606896


Nonnie please, let them beat the dead horse until the bones rattle.
The argument that people can't mention past drama is so stupid.

I feed on dumb, petty drama like this. Seeing these idiots criticize each other for stuff they can't uphold themselves is so milky.

Omnia (and Thumin) had this coming for a while and I'm happy the callouts are starting right now.
Both of them pretend to be uwu cute soft artists when they are actually petty, holier-than-thou cows who pull up oppression cards when criticized.
Omnias latest video was so fucking bad even that wont safe her this time lol.

And what Thumin did behind the scenes (f.e. during the peaches shit) shows she is a two-faced snake.
If this drama had been about anybody else those two would have already made multiple videos on it.

Jar and linlin are both idiots but they make fair points in this video imo. How you can watch this and only get upset about jar is weird honestly.

Honorary mention for that simping weirdo kai for making the first videos about omnia and thumin.
He got rightfully dragged by everyone and is in actual legal shit and still stayed on yt lol.
I wish creepshow and tobi would have been that persistent.

No. 1608827

Omnia made a response video to Peaches and others giving her criticism

Ponder Sprocket is watching Omnia's "Commentary Community's Biggest Flaw" video on stream. Maybe we'll get a video from her?

Kai is streaming his response to Omnia's response.

No. 1608857

Someone summarize, the comments are half people saying the video is bad and the other is people telling others they haven't watched the video all the way through.

No. 1608876

>Ponder Sprocket

You know I'm curious, what are your guy's thoughts on Ponder Sprocker? Do you like her content?

No. 1608908

Ponder is usually boring. But I think she's cool. I do get excited when she puts in time and effort when she gets involved in drama. She tends to get receipts, facts straights and it's hard to argue against her. Her Spoctor series was legendary and chef kiss. Though imo she hasn't hit those levels in years

No. 1609018

If that’s all you’re going to say, either do it yourself or shut the fuck up.

Her content is boring and drawn out. She needs to learn to condense her points. She tries to be funny but can't construct a joke. Also she tends to favor and defend her friends strongly.

>0:25 Omnia shows meg.ikarp’s work and Omnia’s copy of it. Omnia says meg.ikarp is someone she follows on instagram, and Omnia loves her work. Omnia saw the Raven drawing and decided she wanted to draw it
>0:50 Omnia says people have accused her of tracing. Omnia shows her speedpaint and says she did not trace the image
>0:53 Omnia says people (Peaches) have claimed that she copied meg.ikarp’s colors and character design. Omnia says by that logic, every fanart of preexisting characters is “copying colors and character designs”
>1:26 Omnia says that she copied the colors and design from the Teen Titan’s GO version of Raven. She did not use meg.ikarp's colors
>1:38 Omnia says she heavily referenced meg.ikarp’s work without giving credit, and she apologized to her in DM’s and credited her. Omnia got permission to share the DM’s, and she shows them on screen
>3:35 Omnia says this situation was blown out of proportion because everything was already handled 4 days before Peaches’ video came out, and she says Peaches should have contacted meg.ikarp to see if meg had been apologized to
>4:00 Omnia says that not only did she apologize privately, she also made a public thread on Twitter to apologize
>5:00 Peaches says Omnia plagiarized from a smaller artist. Omnia shows that meg.ikarp has 148 thousand followers on instagram, and her Raven post had 10 thousand likes.
>5:25 Omnia says meg.ikarp didn’t post her Raven drawing to Twitter, “so even if I did have a Twitter account, wouldn’t I have chosen a piece there to reference instead?”
(I have no idea what this point is)
>5:40 Peaches says Omnia using the copied work for her thumbnail means it’s a monetary issue. Omnia says it is not a monetary issue because Raven was made by DC, so neither of them own the character, and there’s nothing unique about a side profile drawing of Raven, so it’s not transformative.
>6:30 Omnia says she made a dumb mistake and plugs meg.ikarp’s socials
>6:50 Omnia responds to Harley’s tweet (>>1599148) Omnia says Harley misunderstood. She wasn’t saying Technoblade’s death was an ongoing situation. People making videos to profit off of his death was an ongoing situation.
>7:30 Omnia says she did not plagiarize meg.ikarp’s work because plagiarism implies tracing
>7:48 Omnia says she didn’t call out Pewdiepie for prying into Amber Heard’s life. She said that mocking someone for their sexual assault, whether or not they lied, was unfair to do.
(In Omnia’s original video, she was upset at Pewdiepie for making fun of the “I stepped on a bee” meme)
>8:20 Omnia says Pewdiepie shouldn’t of made fun of Amber because the memes were about serious allegations, and “it wasn’t Pewdiepie’s trauma to make light of”
>9:00 Peaches says that Omnia goes back and forth on her opinion on what drama/trauma you can make videos on. Peaches says Omnia was being hypocritical because she said that the Creepshowart situation was traumatizing for Emily and people shouldn’t see it as just drama to make videos about, but then Omnia plugs her Creepshowart series. Omnia says that Peaches intentionally cut clips short and edited them together to make her appear like she’s being hypocritical, but she isn’t. Omnia shows the rest of the original clip of her video where she states that it’s okay for youtubers to make videos about traumatic events as long as they have permission from those involved and take care to be sensitive to the topic. Omnia says her point is that traumatic situations shouldn't be turned into drama
>13:44 Omnia says her Creepshowart series was cosigned by Emily, therefore her series was done sensitively without turning the situation into drama
>14:00 Omnia says that since Emily enjoyed her series, she thought her Creepshowart series was a good example of a youtuber discussing a traumatic situation without turning it into drama
>14:35 Peaches’ first tweet is read (>>1598120). Omnia says that Peaches should’ve provided a timestamp, because she never said that. Omnia says if Peaches was going to summarize and hyperbolize what she said, she should not have put it in quotation marks.

>15:15 The rest of Peaches’ thread is read. Omnia says that when she said, “Cheating is lukewarm drama”, she meant cheating on tests/assignments, not cheating on your partner.

>16:00 Omnia says she was not comparing peoples’ traumas or saying one person’s trauma is more valid than another’s. Omnia says her definition of what constitutes as trauma was fluid and never said any specific example was the end all be all.

>17:00 Omnia says there are two definitions of trauma. The first definition is rigid and is used to diagnose PTSD, and the second is fluid. Omnia reads the sources she used to make her video.
>20:00 Omnia says she used the DSM-5‘s definition of what constitutes trauma. She says that this rigid definition of trauma says divorce isn’t considered traumatic, but she has experience parental divorce, and it was traumatic. However, the DSM-5 does not count it because the severity threshold is necessary to determine a PTSD or mental disorder diagnosis.
>21:00 Omnia goes over a clip in her old video, and puts screenshots of DSM-5 information over certain times, comparing what she was saying to what is in the DSM-5
>23:10 Omnia says she used the DSM-5‘s definition of trauma for he video, but she never said the DSM-5‘s definition was the only valid one. Omnia says the fluid definition is valid and important.
>23:00 Omnia shows clips from her video where she uses generalized language such as, “tends to be. tends to. may. sometimes. they can have. there tends to be. there can be. isn’t the end-all-be-all”. Omnia says if she was trying to gatekeep trauma, she would of used definitive language such as, “has to be. does. always. never”
>26:30 Omnia shows a clip of where Peaches changes the wording of what she said to make it more definitive. Omnia says, “Trauma tends to be abuse, threats of violence, death”. Peaches says, “Omnia states that trauma has to be abuse or death”.
>28:00 Omnia shows a hearted comment under her video where someone says drama can turn into trauma. Omnia asks why Peaches thinks she disagrees that drama can turn into trauma when she never said that, and this comment had been hearted and replied to long before Peaches’ video came out
>29:20 Omnia says she agrees with Peaches and that everyone misinterpreted the video

I felt that Omnia didn’t fully take accountability for copying art. I think she lied when she said, “cheating was referring to tests, not romantic partners”. But I think this whole “Omnia gatekeeps trauma”! is bullshit, because Omnia obviously doesn’t disagree with Peaches, even in her original video. Peaches is just sensitive and wants to get back at Omnia (she was really mad at Omnia for the suicide drama in Mali’s stream. She’s clearly not over it).

No. 1609049

This still screams "do as I say, not as I do" though?
What crack is she smoking that "if a YouTuber commentator makes a video on drama it's no longer drama. It's trauma"
It is still drama. She still comes off as a holier than thou authority and only she has the right to spread shit because "I have good intentions"
Everyone in this situation is shit in my opinion, including Omnia

No. 1609051


both of these dolts are just drowning in their own milk at this point. and who’s to say now what side of the abuse allegations are truly legitimate — but we CAN say some things for sure.

Kai should’ve stayed offline the minute he was served with criminal charges. the continuous schizoposting, deleting, archival of content, making new channels, livetweeting his fucking criminal proceedings, streaming reactions to Omnias content, all of this can be held up in court against him. dude legitimately believes that being “anonymous” online makes you above the law. it’s WOACB levels of bad legal defense.

Omnia should’ve stuck to her fuckin shit and covered her tracks. she’s completely lost her credibility now with both the victim narrative and as a commentator, and the erotic friend fiction nonsense in her discord server doesn’t help. THAT can also be held up against her in court.

do neither of these spergs have proper lawyers telling them how to proceed online? i’m genuinely curious.

No. 1609074

File: 1659820894193.jpg (58.8 KB, 1080x329, Screenshot_20220806-113228_You…)

Why do you think I asked someone to summarize dumbfuck. I honestly agree with Omnia with the whole Raven drawing thing, it was blown out of proportion because that's all people seem to do in this community. For Tobi it was the dms, for Omnia it was Peaches thumbnail and now this. I don't believe for a second she meant cheating on a test and not partner and is just back tracking on that point. Overall though, this isn't a terrible video like the comments are making it out to be. It's obvious the majority of the comments are biased towards Peaches and I don't even like Omnia. It's obvious Peaches made her video because she's still bitter towards Omnia. People need to stop treating Peaches like some innocent little toddler because she's just as manipulative and two faced as anyone else in this community. Also JAR is in the comments being a Peaches White-Knight per usual.

I was also wondering this. Why haven't their lawyers jumped in and told them to shut the fuck up? Atleast Omnia has the foresight to keep her creepy role-plays in a private discord server. Kai is still sperging out constantly publicly on twitter.

Pic-rel on the video is how I'm feeling

No. 1609208

File: 1659834421775.jpg (199.58 KB, 610x455, nezziemonster.jpg)


> I honestly agree with Omnia with the whole Raven drawing thing, it was blown out of proportion because that's all people seem to do in this community. For Tobi it was the dms, for Omnia it was Peaches thumbnail and now this.

agreed. i always hated how during the tobi drama the main thing people latched onto against omnia and kai were the stupid dm's argument

also hot take but i find it hilarious how it seems like the people who are (or were) tobi's friends now seem to be coming out feeling vindicated whenever kai or omnia have been called out, spewing shit like "oh it was right this whole time" when all they've said during the drama were stupid shit.

like when kai got called out during the copyright drama, >>1366573 zi-zi acted like she was let off the hook after being dunked on

and now when omnia is starting to get heat, nezzie's acting the same way lol

all zi-zi did was comment "simp" to kai during the tobi drama when he tried defending him and omnia from jar's terrible video. HOW is that "you being absolutely right?" i remember seeing her replies to kai at the time defending herself by saying it was just a joke and now that kai got heat she backpedaled and acting like that dumb comment now meant something.

and nezzie's being just as dumb. just because omnia's been revealed to be toxic doesnt mean she's suddenly right with her stupid madam comparison.
even if omnia did shitty things behind the scenes with kai, her reasons for leaking dm's were different from madam's, and unlike madam omnia apologized and omnias intentions for leaking the dm's werent even to out tobi's story, it was to prove that tobi was lying her ass off about what their private conversation.

i low-key feel like tobi's friends got so bitter being called out for blindly defending their friend at the time and now theyre using kai and omnias respsective dramas to get back at them

No. 1609239

Fucking hell is there anyone in this god forsaken community that isn't either secretly morally reprehensible, types like a child, or has shit content? All these people are in there 20's and yet I wouldn't even doubt you if you told me that they were 14-15. Nezzie does not get a pass on her dumb comments just because the tables have turned. It's like they were all waiting for them to fuck up to be all "SEE! I TOLD YOU I WAS RIGHT!" Credit to Fuchsia who was funnily enough, the most annoying Tobi whiteknight, because atleast they've just said "I'm done".

No. 1610111

HarleyTBS released a video on Omnia.

I predicted that this would become the next ACC drama, but I can't believe it's about Omnia's irrelevant video and not Omnia blatantly copying art for years.

No. 1610474

Has anyone been looking at the Theftking vs Kane Carter drama? One is a FNAF drama channel, the other is a dev that is being sponsored by Scott Cawthorn with a history of being a moronic shitposter. Theftking imploded after Kane said he didn't like Theftking clickbaiting and taking his words out of context. He pretended Kane was sending his fans to harass him, made a 'public apology' taking clips from his videos out of context, then made a 5 hour livestream insulting Kane and having a breakdown on camera because Kane directed a rickroll his way. Theftking is a 32 year old man, by the way, having a breakdown on camera to get his fans to attack a game dev.

No. 1610768


ehhh i doubt anyone in this thread really cares about that since that has nothing to do with the acc

you could argue that harley, john swan and luke get talked about here but the only reason they did is because of their run-ins with the acc (hell, after the kai debate, nobody gaf about whatever john got into anymore)

No. 1610909

Fair enough, thought this was a commentary/drama channel cows general.

No. 1612051

Omnia released a three minute apology video. It’s what she said in this video >>1608827
, but condensed. That’s the only difference. She didn’t address her deleting comments, copying art from her friend and anime, and her shit pewdiepie/johnny depp take. Everyone shat on her longer video. Yet hopeless peaches, malimalware, and everybody in the comments are praising her for this video because it’s an “amazing apology”
This community is a fucking joke.

No. 1612302

I'm glad this was so short because I was actually able to watch it this time, but I think that very mentality is the major issue with the ACC and their fans. People have such short attention spans nowadays that they need things to be short and consise. JAR could actually take some notes instead of making fucking drawn out long videos. It doesn't matter if Omnia did a full job of apologizing or is even sincere. She dumbed it down for all these fuckwits and it worked. Now back to waiting for the virdict with her and Kai to come out.

No. 1612807

File: 1660219302687.jpg (286.66 KB, 902x467, peaches again.jpg)


i skimmed through the comment section of that video and there were some comments mentioning something i actually had to agree on. (others were all responses to different comments (even on peachesso i just bothered

i do find it stupid that people are getting on omnia's case for claiming she hasn't let go of her beef with peaches and thinking she owes her an apology for that as if peaches didn't keep bringing up her drama during her threads and livestreams talking about omnia's video, and even being so pressed she talked aobut it before kai lol >>1600756

getting real tired of people sucking up to peaches and babying her. i'm at least glad peaches and malware acknowledged omnia got to the main points in her apology (and malware especially makes a good point in a thread that people keep demanding apologies and taking "accountability" from others but don't even care when they do) but all these people who say it isn't "good enough" because peaches needs an apology for omnias fanbase attacking her and "she hasn't let peaches go" need to stfu.
if anything ive seen more of omnia's fans turning on her and peaches own fans getting on omnias case. plus, peaches is equally guilty of having omnia live in her head rent free.
is peaches really that fragile for them all to go to bat for? LMAO.

besides, she still hasnt addressed the fanfictions and her shit takes on the johnny/amber trial. how can she acknowledge the trauma vs drama take was bad but not her defending amber and getting on creators for rightfully clowning on amber lying her ass off in the trial?

No. 1614138

>getting real tired of people sucking up to peaches and babying her.

This is the thing that will forever perplex me. Does anyone here have any theories on why so many people bend over and kiss Peaches' ass so much?

No. 1614366

She's stated a few times she can't talk about Kai until the court ruling is done. Which makes sense, and goes to show Kai really is a fucking idiot for continuing to sperg about Omnia publicly.

I think it's a combination of two things. One being she's good at spinning situations to seem like she's the one being wronged mainly because of the internet's asinine fixation on mental health nowadays. All she has to say she's feeling suicidal or send a cryptic tweet and people will flock to her. Doesn't help alot of the ACC viewers are comprised of the same twitter users that list all their mental illnesses in their bios so they automatically feel sympathy for her. The second I believe was the very convenient timing of the Creepshow art shit blowing up and so she was able to slide in and make people sympathize with her. She has white knights like JAR and Harley constantly kissing her ass and so everyone just seems to follow suit. Overall she's just really good at manipulating people and got lucky.

No. 1614998

I don't know why people kiss her ass. just recently saw hopeless peaches' real face and she looks like CSA but fatter

No. 1615085

>I think it's a combination of two things. One being she's good at spinning situations to seem like she's the one being wronged mainly because of the internet's asinine fixation on mental health nowadays. All she has to say she's feeling suicidal or send a cryptic tweet and people will flock to her. Doesn't help alot of the ACC viewers are comprised of the same twitter users that list all their mental illnesses in their bios so they automatically feel sympathy for her. The second I believe was the very convenient timing of the Creepshow art shit blowing up and so she was able to slide in and make people sympathize with her. She has white knights like JAR and Harley constantly kissing her ass and so everyone just seems to follow suit. Overall she's just really good at manipulating people and got lucky.

AYRT. I think you're onto something about her whining about "muh mental health" but like she's not the only who does it and I don't see them getting asspats. I think that again, you're more than likely right that it's the audience she build up of mostly terminally online people who scroll Twitter for hours on end and whine about their mental health as well.
It's just annoying because she brings it on herself and she never seems to learn.

Is she really? I kept thinking she was this waify looking blonde English girl lol.

No. 1615203

File: 1660427676683.png (1.1 MB, 1115x1254, hoplesspeachestiktok.png)

>I kept thinking she was this waify looking blonde English girl lol.

fuck no. peaches looks like this

people defend peaches because she shit talks people who offend her so that all her friends and fans wont like them. everyone around her is too stupid to look at her actions. they take her at her word when she says she doesnt want drama.
she comes off as the type of person who would burst into tears and start talking about suicide so everyone comforts her the moment she isnt the spotlight of attention

No. 1615215

Holy shit, this is the first time I've seen a picture of Peaches. I always expected her to look something close to her avatar.

No. 1615221

I don't get why people talk shit and then catfish with their art avatar.

No. 1615254

AYRT, Oh wow, that is definitely not what I pictured her looking like lol. She really does look a bit like Creepshow Art without the split-hair color.

I'm not trying to be mean but it's obvious that pretty privilege isn't what helps her get the WKing she does so it has to be what you said where it's her whining to her already established fanbase that works in her favor.

IKR? I was thinking a smaller built young woman with bright blond hair in a pink or pastel colored hoodie that gen z loves to wear these days.

No. 1615408

The resemblance to Shannon is uncanny. Would be a mega kek if Peaches is in the future revealed to be posting here too. I also love how it's always the people who are chunky that draw themselves as a uwu cute skinny anime girl.

No. 1617420

Of course this is what she looks like, she's like a Creepshow lite. She's definitely gonna end up in the spotlight again if she doesn't stop with her saintly act.

No. 1617465


suddenly her jokes about being "4kids creepshow" back when she and shannon were still buddies hit different lol
i wonder if she was already that self aware that far back?

No. 1617534

All of the bottomfeeders covering Chris-chan on YouTube are pretty pathetic, but I must confess a special dislike for Gibi.

This man claims to be a zoomer, but if that's the case, dude is the oldest looking zoomer I have ever seen in my life. He legit looks like he has three kids and a mortgage, which makes the fact that he chooses to decorate his house like a paedophile's lair all the more unsettling.

No. 1617837


Art commentary community. Not basic commentary people. Wrong thread.

No. 1618487

File: 1660746922348.png (1.85 MB, 2048x2000, smtwitg.png)

god damn it I posted this in the wrong thread last night

here's some tinfoil about Kai making sockpuppet accounts

No. 1618819

I wouldn't be shocked if it is. Anons have already pointed out how they also think the "itsmaxie" girl is an alt. Also notice how those two accounts were created in June and January of this year. I'm pretty sure these are kai's sock puppets because he's pathetic enough to do so.

No. 1620777

i don’t believe this. so kai just drew the same picture twice in a somewhat worse art style and also added some extra fanart just to give himself a small dose of satisfaction? and the only thing you can call similar is cursive handwriting and bio structure? the cat posts here are just about cats. they don’t even relate to one another at all.

No. 1621078

yeah i agree that it might not be kai but it could be a fan.

No. 1621080

Can you assholes learn to fucking sage

No. 1623109

Fucking hell this is becoming so redundant. Why, WHY are people still making videos on this shit? This bucktooth, lisping, fucktard is just reiterating what others have already pointed out. Why do all these weird scrotes have such a hard-ons for protecting Peaches when she's a grown woman that virtue signals about mental health when it suits her??? Just A Robot is once again in the comments being a whiteknighting grifter. It's like these people have 0 self awareness. They all were whining about how terrible it was that Peaches got dog-piled and people had vendettas against her when it's very clear from JAR popping into any comment section where people are slightly critical of Omnia that he has a gigantic grudge against her, probably because he isn't over how smooth-brained he made himself look in the Tobi collab he did. All of these people are vindictive children that take any slight against them as a major insult and are forever bound to churn out videos on it for the tween fans that gobble this asinine shit up. Cecil McFly has a point that this community is always looking for people to target and when they find someone they beat the horse until it's a bloody pulp.

No. 1623369



If you think that’s bad, Lin Lin made a video on the 17th. Lin Lin’s main point was that Omnia’s apology was fake because Omnia was losing subscribers. He was mad that Omnia didn’t publicly apologize to him for not wanting to be his friend.

And guess who was in the comments? That’s right. Hopeless Peaches!
Despite Peaches congratulating Omnia for deleting her original video and making an amazing apology, Peaches has now backtracked to hating Omnia again, despite Omnia not doing anything new.

No. 1623371

File: 1661263723395.png (126.63 KB, 835x1033, fat ass snake.png)

No. 1623996


honestly FUCK harleytbs. he's just as much of a grifter as JAR and they both whiteknight peaches so hard.
just fuck peaches' whiteknighting friends and fanbase in general. theyre the reason peaches rides the victim complex so hard. istg it's like she'll take any drama unrelated to her, make it about herself and still get asspats from these people.

hell it's happened in omnia's "drama" (if you can call it that). the worst she ever did was the plagiarism shit and misspoke about the "trauma vs drama" stuff and now it's devolved to her beefing with peaches (as if peaches herself didnt specifically zero in on omnia's video because she was so pressed about it, and when omnia responds to it, she's the one who couldnt let go?? yes the trauma vs drama video sucked. move on.)


what's ironic is that these people keep bringing up peaches being dogpiled in her drama, and keep bringing up how much "better" her apology was because she "took accountability" but when other people apologize "it's not good enough". peaches herself already said it was a good apology, but leave it to her and idiots like harley and JAR to stil make problems out of it.

this point im honestly hoping one day peaches actually slips up herself and gets into drama that her own fanbase cant defend her from. she just lucked out from the creepshow drama and she's been hiding behind the victim complex since.

No. 1624352

>she'll take any drama unrelated to her, make it about herself and still get asspats from these people.

And when it blows up in her face because she stuck her nose where it shouldn't have been, she whines about her mental health as a get out of jail card to weasel her way out of it.

YSomeone mentioned earlier that Peaches just loves to be the victim and it's so true. I remember in one of her old get to know me kind of videos, she did mention that in high school she wasn't popular and didn't have much of any friends. She's 20-21 now and so not much time has passed since her high school days and I can't help but feel like because she has such retarded fans who don't check her ass and continue to gas her up as some uwu baby as well as the ass sniffing whiteknights she has with JAR and HarleyTBS, she feels that she's getting the attention she craved so much during her high school days and uses these dramas to satiate and stroke her ego.

>keep bringing up how much "better" her apology was because she "took accountability"

Which is a fucking joke because she's not taking accountability and learning from her mistakes because she keeps getting herself involved in these "dramas". So it's like bitch where? She hasn't learned shit and she still does the same old thing and I don't understand why anyone just doesn't call her ass out. This is why I didn't mind the PrisonMateLuke stuff when he said that she suicide baited people. The dude is an idiot in a lot of aspects but his criticism on Peaches definitely holds some weight after seeing how she handles herself when these "dramas" happen. She's fucking pathetic but her retard fans and ass-licker whiteknights of JAR and Harley are worse because they validate and placate herbad behavior.

No. 1624522

Lin Lin is literally the worst. that tranny makes an hour video about something that can be summarized in 10 minutes max.

No. 1625377

I just find Omnia so annoying. She's constantly starting up shit and seems to take no accountability for it. She's creepshow Jr in that her commentary is a boring rip off of that.

No. 1626380

Agreed. I think the reason why Omnia does all this shit is because she feels she can get away because of how people treated her during the JAR and Kai Weiss drama.

She thinks that her being mixed race exempts her from criticism because criticism towards her is "policing black women" or some shit and with Kai Weiss (which is still up in the air until court is settled), she can speak on trauma and not be criticized for it otherwise you're minimizing the experience of assault victims.

In a way, she's like a more aggressive Hopeless Peaches.

No. 1626427

eh nah omnia is annoying but it was more of kai to pull the black card. and the only person that pulled the "policing black women card" was CSA kek. Hopeless peaches will start threatening to kill herself the moment she faces backlash to get uwu sympathy

No. 1626578

Hm okay then. I guess Omnia just has a big ego then and thinks she's smarter than she actually is. I also feel like with how Peaches acts, she's gonna have a CSA type of fall as well at some point.

No. 1626642

omnia pulls the race card way more than kai does, all of her most recent videos have had something to do with race in some capacity. i wouldn’t be surprised if omnia was the reason he used it so much. i totally agree with the other anon on omnia taking advantage of being mixed for sure.(sage)

No. 1626647

I'm the anon who made the claim of Omnia using her race card and the main reason I felt that way is because of this video here >>1584199 and other instances where she always felt the need to bring up and emphasize her race.

In >>1584199 specifically, I was getting aggravate how her and the other cohorts she featured in the video didn't even share any examples of the racism they so called faced in their situations. I'm saying this as a Black person myself and I can't help but feel that some of these people who cry racism aren't actually experiencing it and are blowing things out of proportion.

As for Kai, it's hard to know for sure if Omnia was the reason why he pulled the race card so much and we won't really know until we see Kai making video topics on his own now being aware from her.

No. 1626694

"as a black person" idgaf about your race faggot because anyone can lie on the internet. Im saying that everyone in the art community is scum and falls down the "shitty art to drama commentary" pipeline.(sage)

No. 1626786

No. 1626803

Learn to sage dumbfuck. Also Kai has always been liberal with his use of his race as a means of garnering sympathy from virtue signalling twitter users. He said that Omnia "called the cops on a black man" and also tried to say Omnia wasn't black enough because she's mixed. They're both race obsessed and Kai is just as bad with it.

No. 1626853


i still remember during kai's twitter meltdowns at the peak of the abuse stuff where he thought to bring up omnia's apparently blackfishing in his twitlonger as if that's even relevant enough for his defense LOL


the fact that omnia's a "more aggressive hopeless peaches" almost makes creepshow's statement nearly spot on even if it is ironic.
omnia being the "angry black woman" how her being aggressive with peaches being the "white girl victim" with how fragile she constantly presents herself.

i feel like omnia cant get away with bs as easily as peaches does because not only does peaches get a "i was screwed over by creepshow" victim card (seriously a lot of videos that go into detail about creepshow has a section dedicated to peaches. hell, even TRO's video has a special section for peaches) but she has JAR and harley whiteknighting her, both being reasonably large accounts. plus she seems to be friends with mali malware, and i've noticed mali has a reputation in the acc for being like ponder sprocket levels of credible that the audience seems to flock to her opinions so that doesnt help things either.

No. 1628121

Got curious and decided to check and the person who started it all is back with a twit longer.


-She says Omnia manipulated her, started a hate campaign against her, and blames her BPD for making her open up to people too quickly
-Says Kai and Omnia would befriend people and then cancel them once they had used them.
-Defends Peaches
-Something about an Animal Crossing video
-Says she feels guilty about the instagram story she posted where she shitted on Omnia after she had come out with her abuse but in the end still says fuck her and Kai both. Still says if they apologized she'd cave instantly though.
-Got an ego after her Creepshow video
-reeeeeee commentary community toxic
-Bunch of personal shit
-Now living on her own in an apartment with her new dog, dating someone now for a year who she plans to marry

Overall nothing has changed with Tobi. She still thinks she was the victim in that situation when all of it was her own fault. So many people in this community think that just because an opposing party is exposed as bad that they're cleared from their dumb shit. ZiZi, Nezziemonster, and Tobi all still did dumb shit regardless and it's honestly sad they don't think that both of those things can be true at once. Tobi has faded from irrelevance so badly I doubt she'll have anything to come back to any time soon and the 7 likes prove it. No one care about her anymore. If she's gotten help and in a relationship then good for her, but it still sounds like she hasn't changed much mentally and at this point I don't think anyone cares if she ever does. None of her old defenders/friends follow her or interact anymore. She has one white-knight in her replies that replies to all of her shit and it's pretty pathetic. If she comes back or not she's just not even worth talking about anymore.

No. 1628174


LMAOOO OF COURSE Tobi of all people would hop in and take advantage of omnia's recent backlash to vindicate herself.
as if JAR doing that in his latest tobi drama debunking series wasn't enough. may as well squeeze in some victim points while she's at it. no wonder she fawns over peaches in her twitlonger. both of them just love blaming everything on their mental health. hell an entire paragraph is dedicated to her bringing up her BPD for why she did all that shit, and she keeps bringing it up in the entire thread. at least she had a bit of self awareness to look back and realize how stupid she was, and how cocky she'd gotten after the growth from her creepshow video.

> "However I was the one to reach out to her first complimenting a video she did."
if this is about the twitter dm's, this is a lie. in her original response video she made it a point to prove that omnia messaged her first and even scrolled the dm's all the way up just to show it.
now i dont know if her reaching out was through dm's and outside of twitter, but if not this is just dishonest.

i have no idea what she's talking about with the animal crossing stuff since her recalling is vague af (in which case why even bring it up) but i believe the instagram thing was the one here: >>1391842

her talking about the cc being toxic is no surprise, and her going into detail about a trans person she married committing suicide in the bathtub feels…idk personal? she got on omnia for revealing a personal story and here she is talking about it in a public twitlonger.

her being mad at people who used her dog video comes off as hypocritical in a way since she used that same video to throw pedo accusations at some people over fanart (ironic since she didn't like being held to that same standard on her art).
the main problem people had with it was that by inserting those accusations in her dog video it feels like she used the sympathy from the audience to deflect the criticism from her pedo claims.
(also idk but her being mad at people using the dog video reminds me of peaches thumbnail thing a bit)

overall im surprised zi-zi and nezzie might not be friends with tobi anymore, especially given they're all taking advantage of kai's and omnia's respective backlash to vindicate themselves.
i swear what's with all these immature asshats thinking that they're suddenly "right all along" and getting passes from the shit they've spewed/done just because the people calling them out get thier fair share of callouts??

No. 1630531

File: 1661829929391.jpg (297.01 KB, 606x529, nezzie_subtweet.jpg)

saging because this is just barely relevant but it feels like nezzie's subtweeting about omnia once again


what made me think it was about omnia was due to nezzie talking about the bipolar animation and that was where i realized nezzie was likely referring to omnia's old videos in that first tweet of the thread.

its kind of pathetic that nezzie's likely still bitter about being called out for her dumb comment comparing omnia leaking dm's with tobi to madam leaking dm's maliciously about a minor that she'll now grasp at anything just to keep up the "i was right all along" bullshit or larp some victim points.

nezzie's just really stretching to make a problem about the bipolar animation tbh. she couldve easily talked about the possibly it may have been traced (given omnia's history of tracing work in the past) and she chooses to talk about it being "bad representation" and goes on about not being a hivemind and everyone's experiences are different yet says an animation based on omnia's personal experiences with her bipolar disorder isnt good

so yes nezzie. you ARE being too sensitive.

No. 1633283

Looks like Omnia has traced other other's stuff without giving credit but getting mad when people take their stuff

No. 1633796

I'm not saying Omnia didn't trace or any other petty shit people want to bring up, but anyone else find it funny how the people in the ACC are so quick to churn out what are essentially the same video? You'd think one person calling someone out would be enough, but no, they all have to make 30-60 minute videos of their own, repeating what everyone has said 50 times already in a monotone voice to their 80 subscribers. Everyone has heard these points before and yet all these chronically online faux offended dumbfucks have to act like they have a civic duty to report on the most petty bullshit. The regular CC has a habit of this too but it's somehow even more irritating here.

No. 1633798

Same anon as above, but did the person who made this video post this themselves? They have 14 subscribers and the video has 163 views.

No. 1633838

Idk vid not that recent but who knows some people will do fuck all to get attention lul

No. 1633873

learn how to sage

No. 1633893


No. 1633935

I get what you mean anon, it's so fucking pathetic because 99% of these people NEVER bring up anything new to the discussion. They're just bandwagoning attention seekers who have nothing interesting to come up with on their own so they piggyback off of tired discussions that have been talked about enough.

No. 1633965

Yeah a lot of these vids really do just say the same regurgitated shit (especially Harley’s reacting to omnia’s apology and stuff like this) they all just say the same shit and people end up watching it when will YouTube society ever advance

No. 1634090

isn’t omnia the same way? ironic

No. 1634516

Where did you see anyone say that Omnia wasn't the same. Unless you're just adding to the list of people which in that case if you go look at Omnia's channel she hasn't really done it as much as everyone else lately. The one she has done is Shannon and the rest are videos on race and other art related things. She had things on Tobi and Peaches, but she hasn't reuploaded them. Meanwhile you go look at Harley's channel and the latest videos are on Omnia, Hyojin, Jellybean, and others every other shit commentary channel has said ad nauseam.

No. 1634611

who cares honestly, people watch them, and half of the people in this thread care to speak on it anyway. (some reiterating what was already said in the videos posted), so what is anyone adding to anything really? youre part of the crowd who feeds the people youre complaining about. seems like a stupid thing to complain about while actively engaging with it.

No. 1634657

Apples to oranges. People commenting on this thread is not the same as making a 30 minute video rehashing whats already been said. It might be comparable if the commentators actively interacted with the thread like they do youtube and twitter but they don't.

No. 1634658

this feels like a desperate attempt to be different than who you criticize. youre still commenting, these creators at least do it for some money. we sign into a niche anonymous image board to do the same thing. comment and reiterate what is said in the videos. we engage. some people even go the extra mile. apples and oranges are still fruits.

No. 1634662

True we all just kinda suck lul

No. 1639181

Im not sure if Carmenrider is a milky enough topic I think she's worth talking about.


>carmenrider associates with pedophiles until said pedophiles get heavy backlash

>talks about someone's breakup(which was irrelevant anyways) to the public

>makes outrageous claims on others with little to no evidence,then privates videos when backlash comes

There's so much milk about her,especially on twitter,she's a huge Commentary cow in my opinion.

No. 1642202

Lin lin made a video calling out spoctor:


Any opinions on the video?(Embed)

No. 1642218

Feels like a "slow news day" type of video. Calls out Spoctor for defending Kai's copyright striking Akumu and not attacking Junkie.

No. 1642861

I love how when they don't have any other new bandwagon to jump on they create their own by cannibalizing one another kek.

CarmenRider is a JAR worshipping grifter. Color me surprised.

No. 1643230


> Calls out Spoctor for defending Kai's copyright striking Akumu and not attacking Junkie.

this is just nitpicking for things to bitch about for the sake of video content its just so sad
this is like when hiten whined about spoctor "defending" junkie even though he didnt even do that on his video and when peaches and her braindead fans whined that spoctor didnt defend her enough.

and now the problem with spoctor is that he didnt just 100% take akumu's side and that he didnt just come after junkie full swing?
all nuance is lost in the cc and lin lin is scraping the bottom of the barrel

No. 1644846

This. I’m annoyed that people are even watching this man because of the Omnia stuff and his weird hate boner for Kai Weiss. Their videos suck.

No. 1646284

File: 1663004438180.png (175.08 KB, 1159x237, Screenshot (331).png)

Look who's e-begging
I had a feeling it would come to this. Instead of looking for a part time job or making enjoyable content that isn't just about her being a forever victim she just wants money given to her

I hope people wake up and stop supporting this bridge troll

No. 1646356

Oh well that answers my question. I was wondering if Peaches has a job because I Was wondering how she supports herself because she can't be making that much with her art to fully support herself.

No. 1646610


this is the anon that made this stupid insane tinfoil collage - I regret everything and I am sorry. That could just be a little kid's art and I made them a target. Also who gives a fuck. Also I will take my L and slink away

No. 1647192

she always came off as one of those UK residents who abused the disability check system and just collected checks for "Muh depression" and health conditions that aren't too serious. I don't think she has done anything in her life other than whine and be parasitic.
She has just gotten worse after the whole Creepshow art saga. Now she gets a pass to be a POS

No. 1648046

I'm not entirely sure how the welfare system works in the UK and I've heard mixed things on how easy and/or difficult they are to get. In her case she does tend to whine about her "mental health" a lot so I can see there being likeliness to what you suspect.

No. 1648086

Throw in she looks like she's morbidly obese. That would add a lot of health conditions to get her on wellfare. Something must have happened where she lost it
Anyway, this is all tinfoil. It's just something Peaches would def abuse

No. 1648984

Just checked some uk websites about claiming disability checks and it's concerning. You don't even need a proper diagnosis to claim mental health benefits so anyone can leech.

No. 1649412


learn to sage your posts if its not milk

that's definitely beneficial for mental health twitter, especially given a lot of them like to self diagnose LOL

which speaking of, if its that easy to claim disability checks it makes me wonder if peaches' depression that she just loves clinging onto whenever she wants to claim victim points and audience sympathy may be self diagnosed

No. 1655274

File: 1663926086924.jpg (55.84 KB, 1080x320, Screenshot_20220923-043739_Twi…)

Checked in on how the Kai and Omnia drama is going. Omnia is taking a break from social media probably until people get over the art tracing and she can quietly slink back hoping no one will bring it up anymore. I give her a month tops until she's back. Kai got his cat back. Also picrel because wow, who knew not airing out personal relationship drama is a much more mature way of dealing with things you braindead scrote.

No. 1656296

you’re checking on his situation then call him brain dead for addressing the exact situation you went to his profile to check on? you’re retarded.

No. 1656501

Says the dumbass that didn't sage kek

No. 1656520

cry about it pleb

No. 1656535

Secessio plebis mf integrate and stay on topic

No. 1656558

what topic? no one here discusses anything. you just post screenshots then bitch and complain about things you could easily ignore and then whine even more about posts not being saged. “stay on topic” fucking KEK

No. 1656625

Okay kai

No. 1656957

omnia stop trying to look for your ex, you won’t find him.

No. 1657048


Both of you shut the fuck up and stop infighting. I called him braindead for realizing that posting your personal dirty laundry is a bad idea, is a ridiculous epiphany especially when you're in the middle of court precedings. I could care less if no one talked about here ever posted a single thing online again. Most people would probably be glad all these brainlets decided to fuck off.

No. 1665146

Does DaftPina count as art commentary? He does a lot of it, even though he isn’t involved with the HarleyTBS / HopelessPeaches crowd.

No. 1665149

yeah i think he counts. this thread is pretty dead anyway and DaftPina orbits the art scene enough. is there milk on him?

No. 1665395

Some new developments but they’re small.

- He finally got a kiwi farms page for being a virtue signaling hypocrite.
- After he doxxed Tinafate last year he’s been trying to clean his image, he ended up weaseling himself onto RebelTaxis pilot as a co-writer and now co-hosts the Pizza Party Podcast.
- More people are starting to call him out on his bullshit as well as his enablers such as his friends.

Not sure what this general thinks of Daft though so idk. Guy gives me bad vibes.

No. 1666188

File: 1664847758474.jpg (499.46 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20221003-203839_Twi…)

Sage for not really new milk but something that I noticed that I thought was interesting/funny. In the last thread an anon came in and talked about his experience with Tobi and a few nonnies didn't believe he was telling the truth. Well, I found this reply she made and remembered a detail he said was that she was obsessed with hardwood floors. Safe to say he was telling the truth kek. Not really milk but caught my attention and made me laugh.

No. 1666699


the kiwifarms page dedicated to him is sort of a lost cause now since it's blocked off in a lot of places ever since cloudflare blocked it.
idk if it's still accessible in other countries though

No. 1666958

Yeah but it means that some obsessive artists finally deem him enough of a nuisance to record all his bullshit, so at least there’s that.

All I’m hoping for is just some basic accountability.

No. 1671378

So we've officially reached the meta levels of ACC brain rot. This is a commentator, who is commentating on another commentator who was also commentating another commentator. Doodletones is correct in that LinLin's video on Spoctor was bad and LinLin is a holier-than-thou 16 year old kid that needs to fuck off. At the same time, it really is telling that when there isn't any deviantart/twitter drama going on to pump content out on, they just resort to commentating on one another over the most minor bullshit. The regular commentary community is also just as petty and content starved, but atleast they're slightly better.

No. 1671394

This asshole still makes commentary videos? I see his art hasn't improved much at all since the mid 2010s and it's so jarring but that's a whole other topic since this isn't Artist Salt.
Doodletones always did this, commentate on other commentator videos and it's not surprising he did this.

No. 1674114

File: 1665625013464.jpg (546.54 KB, 620x1516, spoctorpeaches1.jpg)

been out of the loop but it seems like spoctor's getting into some kind of drama with peaches recently (if kai's and (maybe nezzie's) tweets are of any indication)

not sure what it's about especially since first i've heard of it was from KAI of all people but based on context i think it's probably got something to do with spoctor's involvement back in peaches' drama?
tbh not surprised to see someone get roped in on some drama with peaches. she alwyas seems to have something to whine about LOL


No. 1674116

File: 1665625324725.jpg (349.59 KB, 632x1085, spoctorpeaches2.jpg)


apparently this drama with peaches got spoctor taking a break and rebranding his channel
honestly don;t get the massive pull peaches has that could get him to do that, and over something that was years back ffs

i doubt it since lin lin is a small channel but it genuinely makes me wonder if her bringing it up was the reason why people got a problem with spoctor now even after the peaches shit was supposedly done
may as well scrape a few more victim points for peaches ig


No. 1674120

File: 1665625578984.jpg (180.83 KB, 612x560, nezziemh.jpg)


(bonus + saged since it's not rly milk)

it feels like nezzie's subtweeting about the drama (i say this because of the timing and what the tweet's about)

i don't have enough proof whether it's actually about the spoctor/peaches drama (and nezzie subtweets a lot so it's often hard to tell) but if it is, i really don't get why everyone fawns over peaches so much all because "muh mental health"

how can her fanbase go on about how peaches "took accountability" if the first thing they do is pull the "mental health" card every time to paint her as the victim in whatever drama she got into?

No. 1674129

Honestly the Peaches stuff is getting out of hand. She's way too manipulative and the community lets her get her way because they don't want to be mentioned in her suicide note.
I remember when people called out suicide baiters. People have been kissing her ass since the Creepshow drama. Doesn't mean Peaches isn't a POS. People are over correcting and are letting a fat manipulative tyrant run the community.
Spoctor of all people owes no one an apology? Why? Because he didn't kiss Peaches ass as much as JAR. This is seriously just annoying to watch
It's been YEARS and Peaches is still mad at people for holding her accountable for her actions? She really is like Shannon, she holds grudges

No. 1674138

so seems Spoctor didn't even do anything to Peaches? He just talked about her to his sister. Seriously she's unhinged and I hope the whole community puts their foot down and tells her to fuck off

No. 1674183

Wow, Kai is making decent points for once. Peaches has always been a manipulative snake since the Tobi drama and all the people that have perpetuated that she's some innocent damsel can be the first to be stabbed in the back when she turns on them. Looking at you Harley and JAR you ass-kissers.

No. 1674200

I hope these people stop crying whenever Peaches demands an apology for just breathing and just laugh at her and tell her to go away. From how people are acting, going against Peaches is going against mental health. When really people need to call her out for weaponizing it. She's so vicious and toxic but people fall for the sad baby persona she made.

Off topic but I hope the next person who makes a video on her doesn't use her cutesy sona and uses her actual face in the thumbnail. The first reason is to show people she isn't some smol sweet baby. The second reason is because she looks like Shannon and I want people to make the comparison

No. 1674290

>I don't get the massive pull peaches has that could get Spoctor to rebrand

I KNOW. anons discussed this earlier in the thread of how amazing it is that peaches has so much pull on the "community" and how she has so many ass kissers when most of the "dramas" that involve her are of her own doing for inserting herself into them and whinging when it blows up in her face and not getting called out for it.

>and the community lets her get her way because they don't want to be mentioned in her suicide note.

I know this may sound harsh but fuck her suicide note. I'm not saying that I would want anyone to commit suicide but I have a feeling that it's all talk on her end because she always alludes to that whenever the "drama" blows up in her face and it's getting old and tired. This is why as dumb as PrisonMateLuke was, a part of me feels like there is truth to Peaches being a suicide baiter.

>she really is like Shannon, she holds grudges

Both are fat and manipulative. Just watch, it's only a matter of time before the pendulum swings in Peaches' face and people finally have enough of her nonsense like they did with Shannon (and Tobi).

Give it time anon, her time will come if she keeps up this woe is me attitude. It happened to Shannon, it'll happen to her too.

No. 1674293

I feel like the main reason why Peaches is getting away with it all right now is because most in the community are pretty young. Like aren't most of these people their late teens, early 20s? I feel like with zoomers, they prioritize mental health so much to where they feel afraid to hold people whom are abusing it to a standard. But hopefully as these people continue to see how much she abuses the mental health card, one of them is gonna snap and tell her to fuck off, my bet is it's probably gonna be Spcotor.

>Off topic but I hope the next person who makes a video on her doesn't use her cutesy sona and uses her actual face in the thumbnail.

Good call anon. I think that's part of the reason why so many people view her as some misunderstood uwu-baby because they use her persona in the thumbnail instead of the clearly grown woman that she actually looks like.
Kinda like how people would use Shannon's skinnified persona depiction but once people started using her actual photo, more people were able to break their illusion of her and feel more comfortable critiquing her.

No. 1674554

I know a few of the ACC community reads this. The adults agree, Peaches is in the wrong. Even we're tired of her shit and that should say something.
I agree, Prison Mate Luke is a certified dumbass. But now there are so many instances of Peaches suicide baiting and using her mental health to get her way it's clear manipulation

No. 1674584

Right, I admit that I'm a lot older than a lot of the people in the ACC as I am early 30s but the writing is on the wall from what I've observed with these dramas and how Peaches is clearly taking advantage of the infantile mentality that her fellow gen z'ers have when it comes to mental health. Yeah growing up in the late 90s and 00s was a lot tougher when it came to mental health issues but we all had to learn and find ways to manage and handle it. If Peaches was doing this in the 00s, she would've been told to grow up and would be called an attention whore and I think the young adults today need to get with the program. Stop enabling people like her on the basis of "But her mental health". She's not helping herself by willfully putting herself in stressful situations.

No. 1674669

Peaches can't have her cake and eat it too. Whenever she involves herself in drama that isn't related to her or re kindle a "traumatic" drama people need to tell her to step down because she can't handle it because of her suspected poor mental health. Uno reverse that shit. If she wants to act like a baby she needs to be treated like one. I know she isn't a baby and is just manipulative, but there are so many ways to get Peaches to fuck off that she shouldn't even be an issue

No. 1674688

Yeah and the only way that she'll finally get it is if people, specifically other ACC content creators (JAR, Spoctor, MaliMalware, etc) stop whiteknighting her and give her a dose of constructive criticism, at least acknowledging that they now she put herself in the drama.
The next drama she gets involved in, they tell her to stop being a drama queen.

No. 1674822

File: 1665706242496.jpg (982.9 KB, 828x1492, IMG_3915.jpg)

sage because it's not milk but I hope they use this photo when hopeless peaches finally gets called out. >>1674293

No. 1675059

watch her go into a narc rage if someone uses her irl face in a thumbnail and claim it's doxxing even though she posted these pictures on her public profile. Or cry and say people are making her feel bad for being ugly and now she's gunna "Go away forever"

No. 1675221


These replies resonate with me so much holy fuck. She constantly whines about wanting to step back from commentary and drama, and yet still involves herself in it. Once she starts getting even the slightest bit of push back she starts crying about "muh mental health" to sway the opinion back to people pitying her, when she's the one that keeps slithering her way into drama. Even if Omnia was in the wrong for making that drama vs trauma video, what fucking reason did Peaches have to make a video on it aside from seeing an easy and petty way to get back at Omnia?

No. 1675453

the weird thing is Peaches could have gotten away with all her past offenses and be seen as a poor victim. Instead of learning a lesson she thought she got a permanent "Get out of jail free" card that absolves her of all criticism. Now people are going to look at the times she was an asshole as a character reference

No. 1675463

Let's be real anon, it's gonna be the latter. She's gonna whine and complain about how "traumatizing" it is for people to be using her real photo in their thumbnails or videos and then use the mental health card as she is prone to doing. And then suicide bait yet again with what you said, the "go away forever" thing only to still be active on Twitter.

No. 1675606

File: 1665792694758.jpg (210.74 KB, 600x435, lioman.jpg)

ust going through kai's twitter and you can see the amount of people who are actually defending peaches like she genuinely didn't do anything wrong
(LOL at lio who thinks peaches got grief over "petty nothingness". this same lio who likes to play cop for the cc and was there to defend JAR when he got grooming rumors thrown his way.)
now we got people who really think that the entire peaches drama was just her being this victim of people just being "uwu mean" to her, as if she didn't do these things herself.

No. 1675613


also, "lying about people" was something peaches did herself (like that time when she shit talked people in her discord server, but when spoctor shit talks her to his sister, suddenly it's such a bad thing?
people like to say omnia goes by "rules for thee not for me" but the exact same can be said to peaches.

she can get a kick clowning on kai back when the abusing omnia allegations came up, but when kai dares have an opinion on the spoctor drama, suddenly peaches gets on him because "he doesnt even know what it's about"
it's only something that shouldn't be discussed when it's her ig

people are able to hold omnia accountable for the whoel "drama vs trauma" video despite her abuse victim status, so why can't anyone do the same for peaches despite her constant victim status?
so many big names to somehow credible youtubers are out here going to bat defending this uwu sad girl and deplatforming because of drama they got into with her and for what LOL

No. 1675616

Kai's going back and forth with Peaches because of course they are. Kai has no impulse control and takes the slightest poke as a invitation to sperg out. Peaches takes any slight against her as a threat to her mental health and a free pass to use her victim card. What a match made in heaven.

No. 1675624

File: 1665793839447.jpg (104.92 KB, 1284x958, rosie whining.jpg)

js, what is it with peaches demanding apologies from all the people who wronged her, and then throwing a bitchfit when they do give the apology? LOL

notable examples being prison mate luke and spoctor, and both these people happened to end up "deplatformed"

if peaches really did "take accountability" like her braindead fans like to hold onto while talking about her apology video as living proof, why does she still feel the need to latch on to every little thing her detractors did?

even omnia or kai didn't go around demanding apologies to every single person who either shit talked them or went against them during the dramas they got into ansd that's saying something

No. 1675644

So just to keep track of all the people that the ACC have cannibalized since the Tobi drama, in order:


>Omnia and Kai
>Latest one is Spoctor

Place your bets nonnies! Who do you all think is next in this never ending shitfest?

No. 1675675

this is willfully forgetting what Peaches did wrong. She was awful to her friends, talked behind people's backs, spread rumors and fucked someone over when doing a collab that cost them some cash.

People are so frustratingly stupid. If Peaches is in dozens of dramas doesn't that mean she's the common denominator? Also Spoctor owes nothing to Peaches. He was basically telling her to grow up. She's a grown adult woman. She's even demanding apologies from people who went up to bat for her.

No. 1675681

Seriously how can Spoctor be de-platformed because "he was 'mean' to Peaches"?
Imagine bouncing back from fake pedo allegations to having an equally manipulative chick come by and say you don't deserve to be around because you didn't kiss her ass hard enough on a discord call.

No. 1675698

HitenMisturu is another one that's really on Spoctor's ass right now. Her way of talking gives me major Tobi vibes and I can't stand listening to her talk for almost an hour on how she, a 26 year old grown ass adult that still draws and commentates like they're in middle school, is pissy at a 20 year old.

No. 1675720

the problem with this whole community is they're all fake woke. They're all assholes but they want to crucify anyone who breaths because they all have this idea that if they take people down it'll somehow lift them up. That petty idea of stepping on others to climb up social ladders.

No. 1675746

tbh not surprised.
this is the same person who threw a bitchfit because Spoctor dared note how overly angry and aggressive her video on Junkie was and she took it as "wah wah Spoctor's defending junkie!"

and yet she was biased enough to defend feghost after he made up this whole story about him assaulting two girls and manipulated them into staying silent, that she even went so far as to go after feghost's victims for it, calling them manipulative >>1398503

i barely ever heard of her or her content as she's that irrelevant in the cc but she comes across as very reactionary and prone to sperging out
then again, she's friends with nezzie and nezzie's known to do that sometimes so it checks out LOL

No. 1675760

She gets extra bitchy when you point out how overly aggressive she always sounds too. She must have whined about Spoctor "Tone policing" her about 100 times and called herself a "victim" because Junkie lied about her. Sorry not everyone will take you seriously when you're an adult sounding like you're throwing a temper tantrum. Not sorry that people may think you're being petty and childish when you lament on about how Junkie "ruined" your oh so prosperous Youtube career with your less than 6k subs. She literally days Junkie traumatized her. You're 26 bitch, take a fucking reality check.

The fact that she's said before that she almost got sent off to a mental hospital because of petty internet squabble should tell you everything you need to know about her emotional maturity. It's a running theme for all these commentators to get so hung up over internet bullshit and act like it's detrimental to their mental health. Nezzie, Peaches, and Hiten have not aged past secondary school and it shows.

No. 1675831

That's why it's so crazy how the only ever person who has called Peaches out on her bullshit was PrisonMateLuke and he wasn't all that great neither. None of them are tbh but I will give Luke this, at least he wasn't afraid to try to hold her accountable for something unlike all these other players in the community who kiss Peaches' ass. I man yeah he did apologize (which he really shouldn't have) but still, since he's the only one who sorta tried I'll give him some props.

No. 1675833

See all this just shows her for the true pig woman that she is and it's annoying. I'm glad that Spoctor isn't being a spineless turd with this and caving with an apology to her because he didn't do anything wrong here. But it's Peaches demanding apologies form people who were trying to defend her that really shows the sense of entitlement she has and expects to get.

It's ironic how Spoctor was targeted by women who were pissed he didn't give them the attention they wanted. Well I think that was the case for the whole Stories, Pentagrin, and Atari fiasco, it's been awhile so I can't remember all the details but it's just cray is all kek.

Is she really? I though she was like 20-21 off of how she talked… I get what you mean about the Tobi vibes though, it's hard to listen to.

No. 1676876

Prisonmatelukes video actually did really well… at first. More like it was a miscalculation because he was working with Shannon who was feeding lies and inaccuracies. He should have fact checked.
Thinking about it, at the time people took Shannon's word as gospel. So people shitting on Luke for trusting Shannon when they all did was funny.
Either way, the other things Luke said was true about Peaches

No. 1677105

I'm just ready for Peaches to really fuck up and go after MangaKamen. The man who supposedly "Saved her life" and talked her out of killing herself.
I'm just ready for Spoctor to snap out of it and say enough is enough. Spoctor remained neutral during the Peaches drama but still held her accountable for what she did wrong. Which is what Peaches claimed she wanted. Now she wants to pretend she didn't do anything wrong?

No. 1677159


at this point im honestly expecting it.
after all she already got mad at JAR once >>1601279 and all for an simple comment JAR made saying kai and peaches agreed on their opinions on omnia with the tracing and the bad "drama vs trauma" video
she's such a sensitive bitchbaby that she blew up on the guy who whiteknighted her so hard all for a comment that dared put her and kai in the same boat LOL

> Peaches is so sensitive. She goes off on anything. I bet being her friend feels like walking on eggshells.

what's funny is that kai said the same thing on his stream once. interacting with peaches to any capacity is like walking on eggshells
only a matter of time till she blows up on the very people who enabled her behavior

No. 1677283

Kamen is a textbook grifter so it's only a matter of time before he too is subjected to Peaches's backstabbing.

No. 1677302

the only reason why the community can't do anything is because they ripped her apart so bad and they all had to say sorry to her when Shannon was exposed. So them going back will make them all look stupid because they were all right about her the first time.

No. 1677315

that and I feel like they don't want to agree with Shannon at all. But they all have to understand that a broken clock is right twice a day

No. 1677673

Spoctor leaving was probably the best decision, all that remains of the "community" is petty middle schooler shit regurgitated. Peaches sounds like she's flying closer to the sun the more she's brought up.

No. 1677704

Peaches is doubling down and going more manic. She's upset she has no friends irl and she's losing the online ones at an alarming rate. However she's "happy" because she has HER fans and HER community. Also guess wha? She is now using her fans art and their speed paints in her videos.
I'm finding this hilarious. The fact she's still talking shit about her friends behind their back is hilarious. The only thing she isn't doing is posting on lolcow and stalking someone for a decade. kek
I can't wait for this community to finally burn out

No. 1677738

so she deleted the video of her e-begging and claiming to be homeless. However in this video in the first minute she describes how you should donate because she's going to be homeless and living in her car. Who else claimed to be homeless and living in her car?
She HAS to be doing this on purpose at this point. I'm not the only one seeing this right?
So the story as to why Peaches is homeless is because her partner (Someone who can't give his side) cheated on her. So now she has to move out of his home. He's mentally abusive because he wouldn't budge on the matter?

I call BS on this because to Peaches, holding her accountable is mentally abusing her. Hell, it seems just being in a conversation with Peaches is abusive to her. I'm sure there is more to this story that Peaches is hiding.
Also kek on one of Peaches patron teirs literally calling her supporters "Happy lil Saps"
But please, someone in the commentary community make a thumbnail calling her Shannon 2.0

No. 1677782

File: 1666033723613.png (74.62 KB, 603x579, Screenshot (337).png)

Peaches, you are faking it for clout, money, attention, a shield. The list goes on

The fact that her ex is letting her stay at their home even though they broke up, found someone new and want her gone is surprisingly nice for someone who was mentally abusing her.

Also checked her twitter. ALL of her tweets just come off as hostile, mean and vicious? And it's just people calling her out for being an asshole. People think this swamp witch is a victim?

No. 1677861


>Fat but draws herself as a thin cutesy animu girl

>Might end up homeless in her car
>Petty and vindictive
>Using her fans art in her own videos

Holy fucking shit she really is just Shannon. Please let it come out that's she's been ghost posting on here. The shit storm that would get kicked up from that would probably span 30 videos. Good on Spoctor for leaving this absolute shitfest.

No. 1677936

What the goddamn hell? She literally became the thing she was fighting against. It looks like Shannon got the last laugh after all (with Peaches anyway), I can't see her friends going against her out of pride or embarrassment when they see how Shannon-like she actually was all along.

No. 1677974

File: 1666048128211.jpg (408.91 KB, 1280x720, Template.jpg)

Welp I'm just going to drop this basic template for anons to have fun with

No. 1677991

File: 1666049121579.png (62.66 KB, 260x275, 1601225881312.png)

Welp, this nugget aged poorly

No. 1678113

If one of the Anons above was being truthful in that some people in the ACC read this thread here's a bit of advice: Do not be afraid to call Peaches out on her bullshit. Her days of being perceived as the innocent poor little victim are numbered. Don't be deterred because people will come after you and Peaches will try and play victim and threaten you with her mental health. Do not back down to her. Spoctors biggest flaw was he was trying to appease to everyone (something he himself admitted).

No. 1678235

once a bigger name calls her out the other will as well. Everyone has a Peaches story of her being a cunt to them

No. 1678453


also, if anyone's afraid of ending up in her "suicide note". DON'T.

if peaches or even any of her ass kissing fans think to put anyone personally responsible for the possibility of her taking her own life, then it just shows how manipulative and toxic she is.
for mental health "advocates" they sure like stigmatizing it themselves

No. 1678597

we'll see if people just leave the community and just leave it to the toxic members to attack each other like JAR, Peaches and Harely. Or if people fight back with evidence of Peaches fuckery and a well written script.

It takes about a week for a lot of people to collab with each other
And another week for them to compile and write scripts.

No. 1678639

Fun fact, Kamen is a farms user lol
He just keeps a super low profile so no one notices. You can even see him making jabs at other creators. You can probably figure out which user he is though lol.

No. 1678640

I never really understood the appeal of all the art cc stuff, it all looks embarrassing looking from the outside.

Honestly though I kinda feel bad because it seems like most the people part of it kind of have really sad uneventful or boring lives. Being online probably gives them some level of control they probably wouldn’t have irl. Despite not having nearly as much of an audience as these guys, I’m at least grateful I have stuff going on irl. For what it’s worth, Spoctor seems to be leaving the CC stuff because he actually has a decent job now so good for him!

No. 1678654

3 new anti DaftPina vids came out documenting his bs. Only one of them is saying new stuff though, the rest are just reiterating stuff you can find on Kiwifarms.

No. 1679095

seems like people want to make videos on Peaches but there is a fear that they'll look like hypocrites flip flopping from attacking her, defending her and back to attacking her. So like anons said, it seems to be they'll be embarrassed they were defending a Shannon clone. Especially JAR because he shat on Peaches but then felt bad for some odd reason and shoved his ass far up there

No. 1679161

This is an interesting. I've always been a little iffy with Kamen and how he does come off a bit griftery with some of the situations he got involved in. But like if this is true that he's o the farms and pokes jabs at other creators like, are they bad? Or is it pretty inoffensive?

No. 1679162


makes me wonder if he brings up this thread every now and then in his discord server the same way he'll sometimes rally up his members to ratio a reddit post that disagreed with his video (referencing that video where vabzuycin brought it up in response to JAR's dumb tinfoil on kai having a secret discord to dislike nawnii and harsh opinions' videos back in his awful Tobi drama collab)

No. 1679163

That's the thing. I dunno how people truly define the "ACC" on whether we're including the days of DeviantART rants (anyone remember those? kek) or post 2016.
If we're including the DA rant days, the reason why it was entertaining was that aside from being younger for those of us who are in our late 20s to early 30s, the "rants" were things most people would just shake off and go about their day. Also there wasn't all these accusations of "grooming" going on neither, it was all just dumb meaningless entertainment to help pass the time and play as background noise with no real stakes in it.

As soon as the new"ACC" took form post 2016/2017, it became different and a lot more volatile, especially when the reveal of what Shannen had been doing the whole time.

No. 1679276

Oh yeah Kamen is totally a grifter and he shills his own stuff on KF lol. Again, I think you’ll be able to figure out which one is him lol. But in his defense, he’s actually never said anything racist or sexist or transphobic on the site. He’s literally just there to shit on his competition with the extra anonymity afforded by KF.

No. 1679665

Feel like the Tobi Drama should be renamed to the Hopeless Peaches Saga. Every major blow up in the ACC seems to have her at the center of it all.

No. 1679814

I saw Rhythm Rev and JAR. Who's the third one?

No. 1679925

I see, well thanks for sharing this tidbit of info. I guess at the very least, he's not5 being a complete Shannon kek.

No. 1680150

A guy named bandit did a vid that made 50K, Rev and JAR reference him

No. 1680259

these two need to be a case study. If you look like this you're crazy and can't be trusted.

No. 1680624

Quick update on Peaches and Kai bitching; Peaches retweeted a post that was calling out Camilla Cuevas for allegedly defending her boyfriend who was a supposed groomer. Kai called out her out as only virtue signalling because it was Camilla and she was using it as some sort of petty revenge. Peaches threw a tantrum and of course is "stepping away from twitter for a bit".

Kai is a sperging and overreacting manchild in all of his replies, but I think he has a point. Peaches probably did it underhandedly and her comments asking if it was the same Camilla are proving that point. Once she got called out for it she turned tail and ran again. I also expect her "break" to last a week or two at the most per usual.

No. 1680639

Kai is annoying but you gotta give him credit for always hating Peaches and seeing past the BS
But yuh, glad to see no one is buying her cutesy bs anymore.
As for her "stepping away"… you know it's getting old. She never apologizes or debates her points when people call her out. She always runs or blames her mental health

No. 1680787

>calling out Camilla Cuevas for allegedly defending her boyfriend who was a supposed groomer.

Is anyone else getting fucking tired of this "groomer" allegation call out culture shit? Like damn it seems like every other day in this fucked community, it's always someone calling out "groomer" shit and then in most cases it's not even true. Maybe like one out of 5 times it's actually true but most of the time it's just alleged and these tards try to act like they're Chris Hansen.
Sorry for OT mini rant but this shit gets old and tired.

Anyway I agree with you and >>1680639 that while Kai can be an annoying, I have to give him some props for actually seeing through Peaches nonsense and has the balls to call her out. With the way Peaches is and how people validate her ass, I'll take what I can get when it comes to someone calling her out.

>Peaches threw a tantrum and of course is "stepping away from twitter for a bit".

Please tell me that there are people in the comments calling her out? It's clearly a pattern at this point.

No. 1680897

I haven't looked into the Camilla Cuevas boyfriend grooming mostly because I can't be fucked to care enough. No one is calling Peaches out on her "break" aside from Kai. All of her comments are filled with ass-kissers and people saying all the people that went after Peaches are bad people themselves. No one knows what nuance is apperantly and Peaches can never be wrong in any situation she's in. It's always everyone else's fault. Which is just a textbook definition of a narc.

No. 1680918

>I haven't looked into the Camilla Cuevas boyfriend grooming mostly because I can't be fucked to care enough

I don't blame you, I don't care about this shit neither. It's just that it feels like every other day or week, there's always this talk about "grooming" going on and it's just annoying at this point. These people are not specialists and it's annoying how they try to act like they are.

>No one is calling Peaches out on her "break" aside from Kai

>All of her comments are filled with ass-killers and people saying all the people that went after Peaches are bad people themselves

Fucking hell man. Can these people get their noses out of her large ass crack already? I really have to wonder if people are too blinded by some sort of halo effect on her because of her skinny persona since it doesn't seem like she shows her face much on her twitter. I really don't like making fun of people's physical appearances but Peaches just looks like the type of woman who never leaves her house and is terminally online. In short, she has way too much time on her hands which is probably why she involves herself into so much of these controversies despite her "mental health".

No. 1680946

the fact that lolcow thinks Peaches is an asshole, and we're a site full of them is telling. The fact that we called Shannon's BS a year before it blew up should say something

I have a feeling in a few months there will be a huge blow up on youtube with Peaches and we'll all be collectively rolling our eyes

No. 1680953

The writing is on the wall with this. If Peaches wasn't such a drama whore, most of us would just be ignoring her but it's the fact that she has a tendency to self-victimize herself that is very annoying when it comes to her. She's the opposite of Shannon whereas while Shannon acted like she was some "boss bitch" while Peaches is more of a crybaby who relies on the manipulating people's emotions to get her way.
If she simply just owned her shit and stopped pulling the "muh mental health" card every time she willfully gets involved in drama, there wouldn't be much of any problem with her.

No. 1680954

I remember in one of her old videos she said that she found it hard to make and keep friends and after getting some glimpses of how she handles her online friendships, it's not surprising why.

No. 1681002

I second both of these. Give it only a matter of time and some really heinous shit concerning Peaches is probably going to bubble to the surface and all of her white knights will be looking mega fucking braindead when they try to feign ignorance. The red flags have been there for over a year now. My prediction is either Kamen or JAR will stir up something that will set her off and it'll be all downhill from there.

No. 1681019

In Peaches "I was a bully" Video she states the same. How no one wanted to be her friend and kept blaming stuff on her. But seeing as how similar her and Shannon are, I have a feeling she 1000% picked on the new girl who wanted to be her friend.

No. 1681203


oh yeah i saw that LOL.
what's even funnier is that peaches' main takeaway from kai's tweet was to STILL moral highground herself and spin it to "kai doesn't care about kids he cares about drama"

like bitch?? neither did YOU, peaches. grooming allegations (whether they're even true or not) are dime a dozen on twitter and you specifically honed in on camilla's situation of all things since of course it's because it's camilla.

just like how you zoned in on omnia's video of all the bad takes going around the cc. it's just SO obvious.

as much as kai goes off the walls at times, he;s got a point. it really is about revenge for peaches because what are the odds she chooses to focus on situations happening to her detractors? LOL

No. 1682960

File: 1666586776898.jpg (112.27 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20221023-234338_Twi…)

Is it just tinfoil or does this look like a power-tripping, manipulative move? She's trying to look like the bigger person by reaching out but also I can imagine how biased people would be looking at Peaches interview her. Also way to stay out of drama Peaches.

No. 1682962

File: 1666587058260.jpg (38.14 KB, 1080x260, Screenshot_20221023-234903_Twi…)

Same anon as above. Called it on her break only lasting a week KEK.

No. 1683225

People constantly involved in drama make me suspicious.

No. 1683472

So her and Camila have bad blood and Peaches was an asshole to her. The only problem is Camila was a dumbass and forgot to take screenshots in the past
They both clearly want nothing to do with each other
So why does Peaches feel like she has to harass this bigger youtuber she personally hates? Does it make her feel bigger or something?

It's obvious no matter what Camila says, Peaches is going to make a video on what she says and spin it to where Camila is wrong.

No. 1683481

the thing that Peaches has over Camila is that Peaches ADMITTED and apologized for being an asshole (People like to forget that)
But because Camila didn't think Peaches apology was good enough because Peaches was still an asshole. Which, they're not wrong. But if Peaches demands 100 apologies from one person, it's okay? Dude this is just harassing people she's done dirty in the past

No. 1683501

>Does it make her feel bigger or something?
it 1000% does. How else is she going to get attention? Through her art and content? kek

No. 1684184


bet it gives peaches so much dopamine watching camilla's sub count drop if she succeeds in helping "cancel" her.

she can act pure and holier than thou all she wants about how it's all about "protecting the kids" but we all know the only reason she actually looked into this case was because it involved another one of her detractors.

No. 1684535

I feel like Peaches is forever salty she hasn't gained the same amount of fame as before her drama started. So she developed this revenge saga. It's kinda annoying how she thinks she's untouchable now after the creepshow drama arc

No. 1685648

honestly if peaches think that “exposing” Camilla is gonna take her down then she’s braindead. Doesn’t Camilla have 1.5 million subscribers and an audience that primarily speaks in Spanish ????

No. 1685710


not to mention her main demographic is within the hispanic/latin community.
and maybe it's just me, but i find the latin community usually don't give af about petty drama like "they used the r slur" or anything like that, let alone get all touchy about misung the word "drama" on pedo allegations.

i can't find the tweet to double check now since kai privated his twitter (lol wonder why) but i remember seeing him subtweet once about the camilla situation, something along the lines about how people seem to care more about semantics and the lack of action from someone who's not even from america than they are about the actual pedo themselves.
and tbh, kai's got a point there.

over on camilla's replies you can see people act more upset that she used the word "drama" on pedo allegations when english isn't even her main language, and the fact she didn't "do more" about veir.
if you go by just her twitlonger alone, she banned him from the server (where the main situation supposedly took place) and from her community. and people are still mad that she should still do more??

guy's probably not even in the same country as her, what more could she do other than take him away from the main setting? terminally online people wanna act like an internet vigilante so much but never do anything themselves LOL

No. 1685936

For fucks sake, is that really what people are acting so dramatic over? I could understand if she flat out defended his actions and that was the hill she died on, but if it was an e-relationship what else could she have done? Can't wait to see how Peaches paints her as uncharitable as possible as a form of revenge.

No. 1686825

File: 1666951252982.jpeg (342.48 KB, 750x1334, 66CCFBDC-A4EB-4C28-91DA-60747E…)

I’m sick of this bitch always inserting himself into drama, you can click any video of someone calling out another YouTuber and you’ll find him in the comments.

No. 1686827

commentary youtubers calling eachother out is so funny, specially when they make 2 hour documentaries on other literal whos. I hate Daftpina but that autist documentary on him is so obviously a vendetta.

No. 1686854


> I’m sick of this bitch always inserting himself into drama

wow, makes sense that JAR whiteknights Peaches. they both like to stick their noses in drama and make it about themselves, the only difference is that at least JAR can be self aware that he hops off bandwagons and doesnt hide behind some "woe is me" persona like Peaches does when getting into drama backfires on him.
truly a match made in heaven

No. 1687074

JAR is such a self important room temp IQ moron it’s painful. His vids on Daft were so bad compared to the other ones, that Dafts friends were able to pick them apart thus delegitimizing anyone who wants to challenge Daft in the future. So he can paint anyone who is critical of him as being as dumb as JAR.

Also fuck Daft, he’s trying to bury criticism against him by saying anyone who critiques him is defending the people he criticizes. That if you dislike him, it means you are supporting groomers and pedos. And he had that retard SolidJJ do a line read for him.

No. 1687190

It's the only way these people stay relevant. Everyone has said before that JAR and Kamen are both grifters so the only way they can stay somewhat relevant is to poke their noses into dramas that don't even concern them and gove their unwanted opinions on it.

No. 1688008

Do any of you think Daft is going to be held accountable for any of his bs or nah?

No. 1688009

Kamen is really annoying. He keeps saying he doesn’t want drama but keeps poking his head in to add his useless opinions. Plus since he’s a Kiwifarmer he’s clearly into gossiping behind peoples backs.

No. 1689432

Ffs learn to sage. Kamen is going to be the next one on the chopping block I'm predicting. Junkie was thrown under the bus purely because he was being two-faced so Kamen doing the same would result in the same. Also it would be hilarious considering Kamen was one of the people whining about how much he was betrayed by Junkie.

No. 1693554

I'm not sure if Kamen will be next tbh. I mean do you have any theories on what might get the attention turned onto him that would also bring i the Kiwifarms stuff?
I don't disagree that the community doesn't seem to like people who are two-faced but it feels like Kamen tries very hard to not be exposed. T

No. 1693875

File: 1667597914173.png (265.68 KB, 644x1276, HZZ7qh1.png)

Came to look for new info on the Spoctor/Peaches situation after days with no updates.

Found out you guys are waay in the blue so I put together tweets I found about the situation. Apparently there's some recordings of the call that Peaches and Spoc had with some others about the apology + Spoctor freaked out on the call. Peaches posts about it angrily. Spoctor vaguely apologizes on twitter the next day and peaces out. (didn't incude a pic cause someone already posted it)

Spoctor doesn't say anything in these tweets but interestingly enough his adopted sis does.

Also, dunno if he's actually got a good job now (guy seems to be doing well) but in some of his last videos he's made claims that he wants to steer away from commentary so the rebrand could be something he's always wanted to do and this peaches ordeal was the final straw to push him into doing it
but if it's not and it's that peaches really has power over him, it could be that he's finally doing it because he's scared of those recordings or something. Apparently they're already floating around but I haven't looked hard enough to find them

only posting the essentials on here but here's a link to extra screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/o1RbBxB


No. 1693876

File: 1667597942315.jpeg (556.47 KB, 820x4856, 9SALmRs.jpeg)


No. 1693893

holy this way of viewing and describing your self and what you experience… it's like taking yourself apart brick by brick in public. this person isn't using a public forum to resolve their dissociation, they're using it to exacerbate it. I can't stand it

No. 1693909

This screenshot gives me fuck cancer lmao

No. 1694121

This is a textbook example of why children shouldn't have internet access. Spoctor is smart for genuinely just leaving the internet and commentary community all together for the time being. Irl he doesn't have to worry about this shit. Peaches loves the stir the pot when she feels she's been slightly wronged so she's still to blame for this because she just cannot let shit go. His sister seems slightly unhinged as well be is anyone surprised. Who the fuck knows what was said in that call at this point. My bet is that it isn't nearly as overly dramatic as either of them are making it sound but what can you do. These people love to act traumatized over the smallest online disagreement.

No. 1694154

Genuine question. Do any of these people have lives outside of YouTube / Twitter?

No. 1694381

Alot don't seem to have social lives and friend outside their online bubbles. Spoctor has a job and Ponder Sprocket has talked about work as well as her personal relationship. Alot of the other like Peaches, Kamen, JAR, Kai, etc. Seem to have a bad case of social media addiction. Even Tobi developed a relationship and social life once she stepped back from the internet.

No. 1694827

He’s not a commentator anymore because he switched to cartoons to avoid drama but I really hope JustStop gets fucked over at some point.

No. 1694829

Well that’s good to hear for Tobi. For the rest, I’m sure having 100K subs has to feel fun on some level but idk. If it isn’t going to materially improve your life than it just looks sad.

No. 1695063

what's your beef? also since he seems to be friends with peaches and a drama seeker at some point I'm sure it's not far off.

No. 1696167

I think he has a massive ego that’s unwarranted and want to see him kicked down a peg. He was a shitty DaftPina style commentary channel he started ran around giving unsolicited criticism to random channels trying to police what they could and couldn’t make. He left drama but always feels the need to add his useless opinion to every current drama happening. He calls other creators lolcows ironically ignoring his own cowing behavior. He has a lot of sway in the art community by just telling cartoon fans what they want to hear but he’s artistically illiterate and can’t draw for shit. And he has no principles whatsoever, and simply regurgitates the popular opinion on nearly every manner.

No. 1699455

I think you need to have balance. >>1694381 mentioned how Spoctor and Ponder have jobs outside YouTube and while I can't comment on Spoctor since I'm not subscribed, I feel like that's why Ponder manages to have some sense. She doesn't devote all her time to YouTube and it seems like she has a life outside YouTube. With Spoctor,from what I've heard, he's stepped away from being online asm uch and it seems like he's doing okay.

So yeah, it's about balance from what I've seen.

No. 1700331

File: 1668516303671.jpg (96.69 KB, 581x186, peaches incoming video.jpg)

I decided to check over on Kai's twitter (since it's been privated for some time) and he seems to have unprivated it very recently, but a lot of his past tweets are gone. then again this is something he usually does.

apparently there was a school shooting that took place in omnia's college (i even went to omnia's twitter for cross reference) and it's a big reason why kai's stepping away from commentary or just bringing up their ongoing case publicly in a video (which he should've done since the beginning but w/e kai LOL)

as for peaches.. she seems really bent on the camilla case, retweeting and promoting videos and tweets talking about it, and based on her recent tweet it looks like she'll be releasing a video talking about it as well.
so much for staying out of drama LMAO

her petty need for revenge is so obvious.
from the fact she decided to cover omnia's situation the moment she started getting backlash on their "trauma drama" take to hopping on the camilla situation the moment someone starts opening up about their experiences with her, her targets are so specific it's like she isn't subtle about it

No. 1700683

Just checked and don't know if Kai changed his twitter handle or deleted it completely. Peaches is extremely vindictive and she's revelling in the fact that she gets to take down another one of her detractors. She's also surrounded herself with people that have their dedicated fanbases and are more credible to the point where she's going to have to pull a Tobi to get any sort of comeuppance for her shady behavior. Tobi had friends that defended her tooth and nail until they couldn't when she caught the eye of much bigger creators and they quietly slinked into the background while she was getting torn up. Someone either much bigger or much more credible is going to have to be the one to call Peaches out and have people actually start seeing Peaches or the snake that she is. Cecil McFly sort of did but she also played into the Peaches victim narrative so still nothing really concrete.

No. 1701057

>as for peaches.. she seems really bent on the camilla case, retweeting and promoting videos and tweets talking about it, and based on her recent tweet it looks like she'll be releasing a video talking about it as well.
so much for staying out of drama LMAO

"Guys, I'm gonna be stepping away from social media because my mental health has really been declining after posting my last video."

No. 1702626

Peaches is an irrelevant artist and content creator. She's terminally online and her only joy is getting back at her detractors. What is Peaches going to do? Touch grass and get a job? She's just as vindictive as Shannon

No. 1708450

ok omnia we get it you don’t like peaches

No. 1709512

I'm surprised she hasn't done that now. How the fuck does Peaches even support herself financially? Does she really make enough from commissions and YouTube revenue to not have to get a job to support herself? Is she still living with her parents?

No. 1710037


i remember she used to say she was living with her boyfriend, at least up until she made that video e-begging because she was gonna be homeless soon so something must've happened between them

that's why people here are drawing the shannon comparisons, not only is she vindictive towards anyone who wronged her, hiding behind a cutesy """wholesome""" persona but guess she's now gonna be homeless too kek
the jokes write themselves

No. 1710134

I think most of these commentary people are pretty big losers but they’re honestly pretty easy to ignore for the most part. The ArtCC is as good as dead these days. Not that I ever really cared for it all that much to begin with.

No. 1710782

She didn't need to apologize for the Pewdiepie/Depp take because she was correct, the rest of the ACC is just desperate to see a man be a victim even though Depp isn't.

No. 1711213

ok omnia

No. 1711432

Fuck off for real. Is this the same person that made both of these? It would be just as easy for someone to say Hi Peaches/Kai to you. "Hi (insert person)" is such a cop-out.

No. 1711548

File: 1669564814640.png (1.17 MB, 1074x1012, IMG_7096.PNG)

No. 1711549

what did she say about pewdiepie?

No. 1711550

because him and johnny depp aren't in the same bracket at all…

No. 1711561

She argued that Pewdiepie mocking Amber Heard's rape testimony was wrong/hurtful, even if you believe she's lying it's harmful to survivors. Literally all she said, but the ACC took it as her somehow further victimizing poor Jawny

No. 1712069

alright omnia settle down

No. 1712461


don't you have a camilla video to make so you can get the clout and adsense money to pull you out of homelessness, peaches?

..do you not see how retarded you look painting every peaches/kai critical anon as "lol omnia" and then doing it again when they clock you on that?

but hey wouldn't surprise me if you actually are peaches LOL

No. 1712645

let it out omnia, I’m listening(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1712944

I swear if it comes out that Peaches has been ghost posting on here I'm going to have a stroke KEK. But I also want to ask something about the Camilla boyfriend groomer shit; Has anyone ever said anything on how old the people her boyfriend were interacting with were? Because if this is another situation where the ages were 15-16 and 18 and people were acting like two highschool kids dating is heinous I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1713376

I feel like the situation was ridiculous because exactly what was Camilla supposed to do in that situation?

No. 1716009

I believe people are mad that she didn't ban him right away and in their words were "putting other minors at risk". I have yet to hear or see anything talking about the ages of either party involved because it's just become a massive chain of he-said/she-said. The scrote was probably creepy, but I can't find any proof anymore because people like Peaches are so hellbent on inserting their 2 cents to hop on the next drama bandwagon. It's not even about people protecting minors from a creep at this point, it's about everyone, especially Peaches, getting revenge and shitting on Camilla and hiding it under the guise of being concerned for kids.

No. 1716544


> It's not even about people protecting minors from a creep at this point, it's about everyone, especially Peaches, getting revenge and shitting on Camilla and hiding it under the guise of being concerned for kids.

oh it definitely is. it's pretty obvious with seeing how much videos are specifically zoning in on camilla than the actual person who did it.
the cc can make these excuses about camilla being the subject of these videos due to her having a (large) platform and being "complicit" for not banning the guy sooner but theyre all full of shit since they'd rather go on their moral soapbox and reap the adsense money from covering the topic than actually doing something themselves (yknow, the same thing they criticized camilla for not doing).
and lord knows peaches needs that adsense money since her e begging from the shannon clout wasn't enough KEK

kai goes off the walls, but his tweet back in his now deleted account said it best. everyone's just too busy pointing fingers at someone who didn't do enough than the actual pedo who supposedly did it.

No. 1716819

Thank you nonnie for putting into words why this whole situation is not only irritating, but hypocritical. When Kai wasn't going on sperging 50 tweet rants, or having back and forth arguments, he actually made decent points from time to time. This isn't about the boyfriend being a creep anymore and it really never was. Peaches saw an opportunity to finally get back at Camilla and all her white-knights joined in to hype her up.

No. 1719479

File: 1670288082968.jpeg (712.56 KB, 1284x1775, A1FFA6E0-8493-4E7D-9262-B0C3A9…)

i looked into the omnia college shooting thing and it only solidified for me why i don’t like her.

from my understanding, she found out the people at her college died on november 14th, but she goes on this entire self-pity twitter rant. what really bothered me is she said “i’ve been thinking of them every single day” when it hadn’t even been a more than a day since she found out they died.

No. 1719487

File: 1670288544884.jpeg (468.91 KB, 1284x1273, 035E396D-853E-4B02-8E83-1DA51C…)

on top of this i did some more digging, and she already expressed in the past that she didn’t want things about her location/university being shared on the internet, only to openly share those things herself.

kinda grossed out that she used the death of her classmates to virtue signal for likes online as if she knew the victims personally.

No. 1720537

it looks like she's just venting over losing friends/people she knew in the first picture. The second one was back in Jan, people can change or an event may change their stance.

No. 1721198

File: 1670434512040.jpeg (407.12 KB, 1284x1147, DE36CD51-95C2-4010-A8D1-B7179F…)

i doubt that. you can post a memorial anywhere else that isn’t to your fan base of strangers that don’t know who you are irl. and your “change of stance” reeks of dishonesty when your initial “stance” comes at another person’s expense. you’re now suddenly comfortable with letting your entire audience know your university and location after making a huge deal about keeping it private for pity points? but now that people have died, you couldn’t wait for more than a day after their deaths to make it about yourself? she tweets like she got shot. it’s gross. if she knew the victims she would’ve said their names in the first few tweets she made sympathy-baiting about it. weird way to justify this.

No. 1721408

nah this ain’t it. Plenty of people vent online after a tragedy so maybe it’s just their way to cope. plus omnia has probably mentioned her uni at some point. also off topic but didn’t Chris Chan go there too ???

No. 1721479

If she had mentioned the names of those who died I think that would be a much bigger red flag for pitty points. She's just venting on how scary it was. You can have survivors guilt even without knowing people and something that large happening at your own school to students you don't know can still be terrifying because it's too close to home. Not to self blog, but I had a relative that was in the crowd of the boston bombing and she had trouble sleeping for weeks after it happened without knowing any of the people who died. It's very easy to be one of those "it could have been me" moments and this really isn't a big deal. Omnia has made plenty of misteps and shady moves, but this isn't even close to being fishing for attention.

No. 1721530

Chris Chan did not go to college lmfao he went there once to creep on girls in the library

No. 1721585

He got a CAD degree at a community college I think.

No. 1721844

Detractors? Don't you mean ontologically evil bullies?

No. 1721894

Peaches is a vindictive and petty snake. Go back to whining to her and to Twitter.

No. 1721906

>vindictive and petty snake
Bitch please, Peaches was fucking lynched by a legion of ravenous and irrational of angry terminally online internet denizens. Her entire life was almost ruined by barbarians guided by rage and emotion, and the fact that you went to this shitty toxic thread to tell other shitty toxic people that "OH MAH GOD HOPELESS PEACHES IS A SNAKE AND IS VINDICTIVE AND IS FAT HURRDY-DURR" just because she used too many mean words to describe her bullies is just sickening to me. The people on this thread who are slandering Peaches are AIDS-carrying piles of garbage and should touch grass for the first time in their sad lives.

No. 1721921

uh oh, it's one of her tard followers. be honest, how much sheckles did you donate to her?

No. 1721931

As much as I want to see her live an amazing and happy life, free from all the hate in this hateful world, I don't have a credit card, debit card, or any other means to provide her with money (yet.) Also, your use of the word shekels here could easily be interpreted as being adjacent to antisemitism.

No. 1721939

preachy aren't you? no need to be alarmed, sheckles to me is just another way of saying money.
also, you have to be either a troll and or a minor. gtfo.

No. 1721945

Shekels is infinitely more satisfying than just saying money.

No. 1721950

More than likely just a troll. "veritas" means "truth", and that sperging rant along with:

>As much as I want to see her live an amazing and happy life, free from all the hate in this hateful world

Is way too ass-kissing and on the nose even for a Peaches simp. Ignore them and they'll be banned in a couple hours.

No. 1721979

i’m sure your relative didn’t go on twitter to rant about how they could have saved them and start asking for prayers before figuring out the names of the victims. this is in no way similar to survivors guilt. it’s just weird. they have a private account discussed earlier in this thread. they could have vented there. wouldn’t be grossed out if it was anyone other than omnia.

No. 1721983

you know i’m actually genuinely surprised that someone as fat and grotesque looking as peaches has this many people white-knighting her.

No. 1722097

Have you ever considered the fact that some people care about other people not because they look pretty or wanna fuck them, but rather because they're good people who want to see other people who have been let rot out to have another life out of the sheer goodness of their hearts? Have you ever considered these "white-knighters" as you call them are just being altruistic instead doing this for some one-night stand?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1722098

Well one "Veritas" is the username I go by on most of my other accounts. Secondly, seeing all of the LITERAL HARASSMENT Peaches went through, I thought it was only reasonable to attempt to shower her with as much love and affection as possible in response to mountain-sized amount of vile hate lumped upon her.

No. 1722128

I don’t go here but this is so cringe

No. 1722183

Scroll up
Yes Peaches was harassed by Shannon. But Peaches still did wrong. And now Peaches is blatantly bullying people, being rude and snarky and trying to get petty revenge on people in a guise of being on the moral high ground. She is now the one harassing others. Peaches is exactly like Shannon and you guys refuse to see it because "oh she had some stuff happen to her" almost two fucking years ago. You guys don't hold her accountable for her past and present behavior because you're over correcting. She's even going after people for petty reasons like Spoctor. Hell, if you look at her the wrong way she'll be triggered.

Shannon called it, Peaches IS a more watered down version of her. Right down to Peaches e-begging because she's homeless to her bullying Camilla even though Peaches ripped HER off. Peaches can't let go that Camilla thought her first apology was dog shit and years later Peaches still has her panties in a twist and is trying to paint them as a pedo for a situation Camilla fixed months ago.

Scroll up
Peaches sucks and you guys made a brand new creepshowart

No. 1722433

I know they just got banned but I know they're probably still lurking here.

>Her entire life was almost ruined by barbarians guided by rage and emotion

You are so terminally online it's not even funny, just sad. Peaches online presence would have been slightly tarnished, but if she were to get off her ass she would be able to live a perfectly normal life. Or even judging by the amount of white-knights she had, she would have been fine regardless. We know that'll never happen though because she's also just as terminal. Peaches is a fatter and just a equally as catty Shannon. Cry harder. The fact that she has so many people gassing her up and constantly giving her ass pats is hilarious because when it all blows up in their faces, they're going to feign ignorance when the red flags were there all along.

No. 1722978


> as much love and affection as possible in response to mountain-sized amount of vile hate lumped upon her

as if Peaches needs anymore ass kissing when she has big names in the cc backing her up and going toe to toe with big names such as spoctor and camilla for revenge under the guise of ""accountability"" and seem to be succeeding at that, given she got spoctor to quit the community.

that being said, wouldn't surprise me if peaches or any of her white knights linked this thread to her discord server and one of her more "loyal" fans decided to jump in LOL

No. 1724180

who told you that pig was a good person? drop the parasocial mindset, her shit stinks too.

No. 1724530

I just can't wait for Peaches to perma fuck off
She threatens to a-log or leave the community monthly that I hope she does so soon.

No. 1724641

it’s probably not gonna happen unless she gets exposed for something so big that her fans have to turn against her. Right now Peaches is dragging the entire Camilla thing while begging for money via streams.

No. 1725750

File: 1670873274106.jpeg (85.57 KB, 1089x318, 60528A95-7F10-4946-A985-E4A100…)

I hate JAR so fucking much holy shit. He’s such an opportunistic little rat. He was friends with Spoctor and then backstabbed him for views. He supported DaftPina for years and then made like 4 terrible videos on him. As soon as you show any sort of vulnerability he’ll go after you, he has no fucking principles whatsoever. He’ll throw anyone under the bus for clout. Just an awful fucking person.

No. 1725763

I saw this pop up in my feed and I was rolling my eyes hard on it. Why can't he just leave things alone? Do you mind giving a summary of what this ass said in the video for those of us who don't want to give him the views? Like what is there to say about Spoctor, he simply grew out of the "community". What "drama" is there?

No. 1725891

Spoctor apparently went off against Peaches and said some mean stuff, delegitimizing her trauma or whatever. And I guess he’s been feeling stressed out. So he couldn’t take the pressure and retired.

And of course JAR can’t help but stick his shitty fucking nose in places it doesn’t belong and feels compelled to add more fuel to the fire.

No. 1725914

The ACC entire job is just them living for drama. It's all they know. Every friendship with another creator is just potential for more content to them.

No. 1726023

The motto of the ACC should be:

"With friends like these, who needs enemies"

Let this be a lesson to anyone just purusing this thread; do not make friends with anyone in the ACC. Because the moment you make even the slightest misstep they will stab you in the back in the name of content.

No. 1726113

This just feels like a fundamentally unhealthy way to live. It can’t be good for anyone’s mental health.

Also peaches is in the comments section saying that Spoctor is irredeemable because of course she is. I wouldn’t say I hate her as much as others in this thread but she’s long since lost my sympathy.

None of these people look like their satisfied with their lives which is why they do fucking drama shit and argue with teenagers over the internet.

No. 1726133


> Also peaches is in the comments section saying that Spoctor is irredeemable because of course she is.

and people still want to paint her as this innocent victim of poor circumstance when in reality she's just as catty and vindictive as shannon ever was.
imagine having the gall to call someone irredeemable for the oh so horrible crime of not kissing her ass enough during period of drama and talking shit about her to his sister, as if peaches herself wasn't being a snake and going on her little revenge spree


fuck JAR. he already had something going for him when he started shifting toward movie and show commentary but then he had to go back and do this.

spoctor was at least generous enough to give JAR some leeway as a friend despite calling him out when he made that shitty tobi co-op video (with manga and fuchsia). if JAR was gonna do this in turn in hindsight spoctor should've been way harsh to his ""friend"" back when he covered the tobi drama.

just how much of a stronghold does peaches have on JAR that she's worth dropping a long-time friendship with spoctor over??

and of course he got fucking doodletones on board, who's good friends with hiten (who has a vendetta against spoctor due to his "tone policing" when she whined about junkie lying to her) and nezzie (who's just as prone to going on whinig rants as hiten)

No. 1726167

Half the video was just JAR butthurt that Spoctor didn't fully kiss Peaches's ass. He's a hypocrite because JAR attacked Peaches at the same time, much worse than Spoctor. And tbh most of Spoctor's videos were neutral and rightfully calling Peaches out for being manipulative. Of course he does this when Spoctor is done with the community. Coward

No. 1726552

>delegitimizing her trauma or whatever

Oh come the fuck on (not you, JAR/Peaches). With how much Peaches whines, yeah maybe some of the stuff deserves to be delegitimized because she's a whiny bitch who moans about most things, especially in drama she puts herself into.

So essentially this video is just JAR once again shoving his nose in Peaches ever so expanding ass because? Or was there more grievances he had toward Spoctor?

Words to live by, especially if you plan on being in the ACC though I don't understand why after seeing how much it can erupt.

>Also peaches is in the comments section saying that Spoctor is irredeemable because of course she is. I wouldn’t say I hate her as much as others in this thread but she’s long since lost my sympathy.

Agree. She's not the worse but she's getting closer and closer to it because of how much she self-victimizes herself. Whatever Spoctor said to her, I doubt it's as bad as she's whinging about. And once again she's putting herself into drama YET AGAIN. BITCH will you just stop? I swear her fans are retarded if they still defend her with this in mind.

At this point I'm proud of Spoctor. He's young and he realized that the community is not worth participating in when it has BS like this and I'm especially glad he didn't roll over for m'lady and still called her out for being the manipulative woman that she is.

No. 1726690

Spoctor was just tired of her shit and was just talking smack… TO HIS OWN SISTER

She's such a hypocrite because she talks shit behind people's back all the time. In fact she got into huge drama before it. But Spoctor talkin shit to his sister and close friend isn't as mean as Peaches trying to end careers and ripping people off

Honestly I hope Spoctor comes back when he's mentally ready. He was already moving away from commentary and was doing his own thing. Peaches and JAR are hell bent on dying on a trash mound together

No. 1726788

If Spoctor comes back I hope he dumps all the insider info he might have. I feel like he must have some real shit on JAR or Peaches for them to be attacking him so much.

No. 1726898

I feel like nothing will get rid of JAR. He hides behind the fact he's autistic like Peaches hides behind her depression. He bounced back from racist and homophobic statements

No. 1726967

You're probably right and this is why people need to grow the fuck up when it comes to the "autistic" excuse. I'm autistic myself and I learned how to control my impulses. Granted I'm a bit older than him and Peaches and frankly most in the ACC but back in my day we learned how to control our impulses and it feels like the newer generation is not learning this and think that using the "I'm autistic" excuse to be shitbags. It's time for people to start holding others to accountability.

No. 1726976


> it feels like the newer generation is not learning this and think that using the "I'm autistic" excuse to be shitbags.

that or the "i'm a minor baawwww" excuse
and heaven help if your both

it's like the "i'm neurodivergent and a minor" but unironically


JAR thinks that just because his roommate is black he gets to say racially insensitive shit. i know i said that JAR is better off doing nerd commentary but every once in a while he says stuff that makes me raise an eyebrow and he almost always backs it up with "i talked to my roommate who's black" like a defense

No. 1727000

>that or the "i'm a minor baawwww" excuse

This too, OMFG this. I feel like this one is much more common than the "I'm autistic" one and it's just as immature, especially when it's a 17 year old saying that. Like if you're old enough to be surfing Twitter and saying all kinds of BS getting involved in drama, you don't get to use the "I'm a minor" bullshit, learn some damn accountability and grow up because unless it's someone being a genuine creep, if it's just getting involved in drama and the person bites back at you, you don't get to use that excuse.

No. 1727214

I’m glad you brought that shit up because JAR wants to be your typical edgy 2016 anti sjw while having the most obnoxious sensitive personality and fanbase. He hides behind being autistic and doesn’t grow up despite being in his late 20s. He’s the oldest in the ACC group

No. 1727291

If he comes for troons they'll get hom out of here, I'm noticing being racists isn't seen as "cancel worthy " as it once was.

No. 1727295

I don't even know why his fans adore him. He already admitted he spent most of his life being homophobic and racist because he was a bible humper. He even admitted that he thinks men are superior and refers to all women as "females". That shit doesn't go away and you can tell he's so visibly uneasy with lgbt or POC topics. His only means of coping is by making racist jokes about it. He is the living version of "I'm not racist, I know a black person"

it almost kind of worked when he was being racist towards Kai and Omnia. Too bad both of them were bigger cows at the time so people shrugged it off.

Same with Peaches btw. People keep forgetting she too has said some racist and homophobic shit before. Makes sense why those two would be friends

Jar use to be close friends with Spoctor, makes me wonder if Spoctor admitting he's bisexual effected how JAR saw him.

No. 1727304

to add he only toned down on the homophobic, racist and sexist comments because he didn't want to get in trouble and want people to be on his side and pretend he has moral standing. JAR and Peaches are both morally bankrupt and they both only get attention when talking about drama

No. 1727346

Peaches was racist and homophobic? anon do you have any examples because this is the first I’ve heard of this. It would add on to how similar she is to Creepshow art besides begging for money. Also based on the fact she’s calling internet people her family, peaches probably doesn’t have a good family life either

No. 1727374

That is literally a transphobic slur. You are a transphobe and a bigot.

>people keep forgetting she too has said some racist and homophobic shit before

PROOF? At this point you are all just pulling stuff out of your ass.(lost newfag)

No. 1727379

do you know where you are, retard?

No. 1727470

This is true. It's kinda funny when you think about it where it's much more offensive to say that men cannot become women or that women can't become men and that their little belief falls on superficial stereotypes than to be awful towards ethnic minorities who can't change their ethnicity.

But knowing how JAR, he won't go for the troons until the troon bubble pops and more than enough people get fed up with that bullshit and then JAR will come out acting like he never supported the ideology and blah blah, you know his grifting schtick kek.

>I don't even know why his fans adore him. He already admitted he spent most of his life being homophobic and racist because he was a bible humper. He even admitted that he thinks men are superior and refers to all women as "females". That shit doesn't go away and you can tell he's so visibly uneasy with lgbt or POC topics. His only means of coping is by making racist jokes about it. He is the living version of "I'm not racist, I know a black person"

I think the reason why his fans don't hold him to such a standard is because they're others just like him via people who want to be seen as edgy or too young to know his past and see the patterns he follows.

>Same with Peaches btw. People keep forgetting she too has said some racist and homophobic shit before.

Really? She has? Like in a video or a tweet? I don't think you're lying but I'm surprised is all and yeah it makes all the more sense why JAR goes out of his to defend her so much, they're two peas in a pod.

>Jar use to be close friends with Spoctor, makes me wonder if Spoctor admitting he's bisexual effected how JAR saw him.

With how JAR acts when it comes to LGB topics, I wouldn't put it past him. He probably thought Spoctor was the same as him, an edgy straight guy only for him to start feeling awkward when Spoctor came out as bi and how perhaps Spoctor wouldn't be as okay with constant jabs towards LGB people.

Right because anti-sjw humor is not popular anymore, at least not with the masses and if you make content like that you risk getting demonetized which is what JAR is afraid of. It's like how H3H3/Ethan Klein changed direction with his content because it was no longer financially beneficial.

No. 1729837

I'm with the other anons here, what homophobic/racist things has Peaches done? I know she got some flack for using the phrase "chinese whispers", but that's all I can think of.

No. 1729949

it is nothing. Everyone in these circles who get accused of transphobia/sexism/racism whatever is fucking nothing. It's only used by other ACC youtubers to pick a bone with them. In these circles "this person is just an overall prick" doesn't work, they need to be accused of gaslighting and whatever phobia

No. 1730513

no one in the art cc is really a bad person per se, peaches obviously isn’t racist. a lot of them are just drama queens with a severe lack of emotional intelligence and fragile/inflated egos. if they would let go of getting into drama practically every month and stopped making videos on each other, they’d be happier. i feel like too many of them take the internet too seriously and are better off putting their talents elsewhere.

No. 1730548

A surprising amount of ArtCC / Art drama community members are Garbo at art. JAR, Daft and JustStop have no illustrative talent, HarleyTBS literally just uses fucking bases like a middle schooler. Nawnii and PonderSprocket are decent but their arts quality doesn't warrant the audience size.

Ironically Peaches and Thumin are the only ones with an iota of talent which is a shame because I find them the most fucking obnoxious creators out of the entire ArtCC lot.

No. 1730769

genuinely. i’d like to chalk it up to a majority of them being young and reclusive. thumin isn’t bad but just sticks her nose in places that she doesn’t need to, complaining about things she could easily ultimately ignore. peaches is addicted to conflict, and since people continue to reward her for being inflammatory and aggressive, she’s naturally going to continue to act this way.

the art cc just perpetuates bad habits, which is why no one in it really changes for the better unless they completely leave altogether.

No. 1730903

>Thumin isn't bad but just sticks her nose in places that she doesn't need to
That's a bit of an understatement to describe someone who was involved in the ruining of an innocent woman's life.
>Peaches is addicted to conflict
Bitch, actually fuck off. Everything bad done to Peaches was from shitty people being shitty. This is literal anti-empiricism

No. 1730974

For fuck's sake where do you non-saging, Peaches White-knight, newfags keep coming from. I know your head is so far up Peaches 200 kilo ass to really think critically, but like people here have already said: Peaches life would not have been ruined by these petty squabbles on the internet. She could easily live a completely normally life even with the drama she's been into. The only thing ruined would have been her online reputation, and for someone as terminally online as her, probably would have been an actual blessing. I'm starting to wonder if Peaches is dming this thread to people or sharing it with her fans and they're coming here to kiss her ass.

No. 1731013

Peaches defenders are literally brain dead and you guys would let her get away with anything because she was one of Shannon's victims.
Peaches initially got into drama because she talked shit behind EVERYONES back. The same thing she's currently kicking and screaming about others doing now. She admitted she was a bad friend and person. She also made Camilla LOSE money with a "collab", ripping her off. She was big mad because Camillia didn't accept Peaches first apology because she caught Peaches still talking shit about the incident years later.
Also her tweets and comments on youtube videos are mean and vindictive
She 1000% uses her mental illness as a shield to be a POS and is currently going on a petty revenge spree on people who just disagree with her.

Peaches defenders are over correcting because they don't want to admit that Peaches is just a weaker version of Shannon. Yall are idolizing another Creepshowart and putting her on a pillar of purity and moral standing


Peaches being mad at Spoctor because he talked shit about her to his own sister that her behavior is ridiculous is telling. She's still upset half a year later? Peaches can't let anything go and she needs to stop e-begging and go touch grass

No. 1731030

To add I was one someone who heavily sympathized with Peaches. What happened to her did suck. But she's using what happened to her and her mental health as a shield to be a POS. Even Emily Artful is over what happened to her and is moving on with life. And Emily was harassed and had her life ruined for over a decade. Peaches needs to grow the fuck up

No. 1731051

You have failed to explain why Peaches is bad though. And no, calling her fat and terminally online isn't criticism.
>She made camilla lose money with a collab, ripping her off
Not only have you failed to provide evidence for this claim, but literally everyone who has made this claim on this thread has also failed to provide evidence.
Have you ever considered that some people are literally not capable of mentally handling harassment as well as others. This literally just the same old bootstraps-mentality ableism I'd normally expect from a Ben Shapiro segment.

No. 1731060

People have been saying and showing examples of Peaches bad behavior
You wont find people sympathetic to her at all here. Maybe last year but not with her current behavior. She's addicted to drama and bringing people down. Go back to JAR's discord

No. 1731086

where are you people coming from? don’t tell me this is someone from peaches’ creepy ‘found family’ hugbox. i’m placing my bets on Lio, that guy can’t ever mind his business or ignore anything to save his life.

Peaches has admitted herself that she lied about the collab between her and camilla cuevas, and to chalk thumin up as someone who ‘almost ruined her life’ is genuinely retarded. It’s the internet. You can live without an online reputation if it was really that bad. If you don’t like what we’re saying, go make a video on it.

If you’re so entrenched in online discourse that people calling you out for something stupid you did is “ruining your life”, you need to get a hobby outside of the internet. For Peaches I would recommend excersize. If she was less fat maybe she wouldn’t be so painfully insecure. You won’t find the narrative control you’re looking for in an anonymous image board.

No. 1731138

Get up and walk away from the fucking screen, no one is forcing her to be online or even constantly insert herself into drama. Tobi herself even admitted that once she stepped away from the internet she was not only happier, but developed a genuine relationship instead of these online yes-men that were up her ass 24/7. There is plenty of evidence of Peaches being manipulative, two-faced, and overall shitty in this thread and the previous. You aren't going to find sympathy for Peaches here.

My guess is Lio too. He's up her ass even more-so than JAR. Worst part is he's in his 30's with a wife and kids and still gets into online discourse like a 15 year old.

No. 1731158

> Peaches has admitted herself that she lied about the collab between her and Camilla cuevas

she admitted this and STILL harasses Camilla to this day and Peaches was in the wrong. She does this to multiple people.

No. 1731175

>creepy 'found family' hugbox
yeah you definitely would have referred to any family unit outside of a heterosexual nuclear family as "immoral and dangerous"
>to chalk thumin up as someone 'who almost ruined her life' is genuinely retarded
Watch Bored Oranges's "The Many Sins of Kai and Omnia" video. He explains how Thumin was a terrible person responsible for slandering Peaches.
>people calling you out for something stupid you did is "ruining your life"
No, no, no. That ain't what happened. Peaches was completely innocent and was brutalized and tortured by shitheads like Creepshow, Luke, Kai, Omnia, Thumin, Camilla, and Avrona, who were all being supported by sympathizers and apologists like Spoctor, who also later ended up demonizing Peaches. This ain't inlcuding misc. figures like SeptyPaws who drew FUCKING NON-CON PORN OF HER! This is so brutally dishonest it makes me want to throw up.
>harasses Camilla to this day
Peaches is calling out Camilla for working with fucking groomers. That's not harassment!

No. 1731184

You're either baiting or legit that brain dead
Camilla didn't work with groomers. She literally banned them from their server

Creepshow and Luke are the only ones who were 100% assholes. People disagreeing with you or holding you accountable for being shit isn't "ruining" your life. It's no ones fault Peaches is a sensitive twat who uses her "weak" mental state to pick internet fights. You can sneeze in front of her and she'll try to cancel you for it. If she's that sensitive she shouldn't be on the internet

No. 1731209


>That ain't what happened. Peaches was completely innocent and was brutalized and tortured by shitheads like Creepshow, Luke, Kai, Omnia, Thumin, Camilla, and Avrona, who were all being supported by sympathizers and apologists like Spoctor, who also later ended up demonizing Peaches.

Now I'm convinced this is some braindead and equally terminally online 15 year old fan because oh my fucking god go outside with this fucking sperg kek. Completely innocent poor damsel Peaches was DEMONIZED and BRUTALIZED by the big scary internet people. I'm almost tempted to think this is a troll but considering there's people that believe Peaches has never and will never do any wrong I know that's not true. Spoctor talked shit about Peaches to his sister privately, cry my a fucking river if you're that sensitive, that something like that will put you on the edge of a mental breakdown. Also great shameless plug for Bored Oranges who's just a JAR clone. Tempted to say this is a self-post.

No. 1731239

Bored Oranges is a Harley and JAR ripoff, not a terrible creator by any means, but neither exciting or different either. He seems to stay out of drama or sperg out anywhere removed from his videos so that’s some credit i could give him. Otherwise, I’m with you. If Peaches can’t handle people being mean to her on the internet, she shouldn’t be online. Looks like most of the creators in the Peaches drama have ultimately made peace with the situation and moved on. the only one still pressed about it and holding grudges is Peaches herself. I’ll be here when she eventually realizes not everyone is going to treat her like the victim she wishes she was, or she inevitably gets exposed for being worse than the people she complains about 24/7. Im convinced shady shit is going on in that ‘Senate’ server.

No. 1731581

Well while the site is back up might as well post this. I have a bigger breakdown of it, but the site won't let me post it just yet.

Tl;dr: Camilla was knowledgeable and complicit in covering up Vier's child exploitation. She's lied and is now trying to save face.

Camilla was indeed in the wrong and I do feel for her because coming to terms with your friend being a predator is not easy. Regardless, she should have gotten rid of Veir a long time ago. Peaches definitely still has some animosity towards her from the drama, you can hear it in her tone. If this video was done by someone else I might have more hope that it would be done in good faith, but coming from Peaches I still have my reservations on her true intent with it.

No. 1731939

this probably has nothing to do with the site going down for a few days, but i just found it interesting that for the weeks leading up to this a bunch of peaches whiteknights/trolls ended up in this thread and then not too soon after the site goes down LOL


from the retarded "lol it's omnia" anon to this recent one I'm thoroughly convinced either peaches or any of her acc whiteknight buddies have this thread mentioned in their servers because how are we getting all these peaches ass kissers in the span of barely a month?

the first one i can chalk it up as nothing more than a bored troll, and the "veritas" can be a toss up between an actually devoted peaches simp to also being a troll, but now these newer ones are really starting to seem a bit more convincing, especially when they start dropping names and peoples' videos as "proof" of peache's so-called "innocence" and her poor uwu victimhood.
some of which are obscure and irrelevant names like some nobody like bored oranges.

they even got the typical "-isms" and buzzword insults that's on par with the target audience peaches attracts LOL

i'd be shocked if it turns out these are all the same anon though kek
but idk about lolcow enough to know if that's possible, especially when two of those were banned from the thread

No. 1731962

Peaches acted like Camilla is the predator herself. Sadly any drama from the ACC community I don't trust at all at this point. Especially if Peaches is involved in any way

How funny that JAR also released a Camilla video at the same time Peaches did. These two are so obviously going after people Peaches doesn't like.

I will honestly be SHOCKED if we don't get a a big ol expose fest like we did with Creepshowart. Except instead of Shannon and Luke we get Peaches and JAR.
Like come on. Just like Shannon Peaches has a list of people she wants to ruin. That doesn't sound so uwu peaceful innocent baby to me.

No. 1731966

Even the art she choose for the video has Peaches sneering and giggling in the background like some sort of villain. Peaches is literally doing this on purpose. You would think after Stories, Pentagrin and Shannon people would stop believing people with huge vendettas against others. Thankfully it seems the brain dead behavior is contained with just these guys fanbase.

I checked Spoctor's and Camillia's socials and their fans aren't giving them shit. I hope this means that people know Peaches and Jar are just fligging shit.

No. 1731972

File: 1671990252262.png (56.98 KB, 742x359, Screenshot (342).png)

The fact that Peaches has been in the comments FOR OVER A WEEK flicking her bean in the replies is stupid. Also the irony in some of these replies. It's like her fans know why Peaches and JAR did this, but they don't want to accept it. Also keep in mind Camillia's first language isn't even English
"She's stuttering and tripping over her own words!"
Really? You're going to shit on her for being an esl?

But yeah, her fans are mostly just braindead teens themselves. The god damn irony. Peaches isn't a teenage anime character, she's a grown ass mountain troll well into her 20's who manipulates and befriends children herself. By her own logic she's sus herself. Peaches HAS to be projecting at this point

No. 1731973

File: 1671990340446.png (47.19 KB, 684x321, Screenshot (341).png)

She's too mentally unstable to be in drama, unless the drama is about someone she hates being dragged. All of a sudden she's totally mentally sound enough for it. That isn't how that works

No. 1732022

File: 1672007263522.png (305.77 KB, 602x473, Screenshot (344).png)

If you go to Peaches's twitter she made about 17 posts and retweets of her Camilla video. More retweets and exposure than ANY of her videos. Each one of them encouraging people to fight Camilla. 17
Camilla didn't handle the situation well, but they did handle it. I don't know how someone can look at Peaches and not think she's an obsessive freak

No. 1732040

I know we've all said this before, but it bears repeating: Sounds like Shannon behavior to me. Camilla was in the wrong with what she did, but it's so obvious that Peaches is doing this for all the wrong reasons.

No. 1732065

Even their timelines are similar. It's so eerie how the ACC community LOVES toxic people.

> Both were made fun of for being shit at the beginning

> Both had videos exposing they are POS
> "Trauma" stories being released so people feel bad for them. Don't pick on baby!
> Despite being tramatized they both still act like POS. But they're immune to backlash because "Victims are always innocent! Even if it happened YEARS ago"
> They both started making video after video of people they obviously hate
> Videos start having subjective half truths to make the people they hate look worse than they really are. Becomes more "Passionate" about justice. But only against people they're beefing with
> Seems untouchable even though they're obviously bullies now. They get overly confident
> Mistakes were made
> Shit hits the fan and all their dirty deeds are exposed. Cancelling begins.
> "It wasn't my fault! I'm a victim remember?! It was this made up situation! I'M A BABY!"
> runs away from the internet along with their male simps

I dunno if Peaches is self aware. But the way she drew her cutesy animu self in the thumbnail snickering in the darkness obviously plotting is… too much. I feel like she's making fun of her audience at this point

Even the quotes Peaches used for the thumbnail aren't bad? Seems like Camilla didn't want to take things public. that isn't protecting her reputation, that is just preventing private matters from going public.

No. 1732066

Camilla definitely did some wrong in this situation, it's just that Peaches is exposing it for all of the wrong reasons and they're very blatant about it.

To the other anon who believes that JAR and Peaches will eventually be exposed, I wouldn't count on it. If JAR and Peaches are working together, I could only imagine there are others in that same circle trying to protect themselves too. Unless the community starts eventually getting into it with each other, I don't see any of these people being held accountable at all. Hate to say it, but the closest we got to them getting exposed was Kai, Omnia, Thumin, etc. And a majority of them ended up getting cancelled, leaving, or both. Probably for the best too.

No. 1732070

I feel bad for the victims and Camilla. I understand she was shocked and hurt that her POS boyfriend was a pedo. She probably took his side. Which… eh okay I get it
But I had a couple boyfriends who turned out to be pedos and I dumped their asses right away and made sure everyone in my friend circle knew. I knew other friends who did the same (Discord groomers are common and it's disgusting)
Most women would be outraged and disgusted immediately

Seems like they kicked out everyone that isn't in their inner circle. Which… is so obvious? I'm kinda hoping we get an arc where everyone they cancelled comes back anyways, but to do their own thing and not dramatube. Kai, Omnia, Thumin, Spoctor, Camilla. Just to take away the imaginary power Peaches and her friends think they have to make people they don't like disappear
They all have this idea that if they say someone is irredeemable they don't have permission to return to any social media. Which… wtf?

A part of me wants Shannon to come back too. Not because I actually miss her, but the milk.

No. 1732076

For sure. All of them make terrible dramatubers but they're good YouTubers in my opinion outside of it, and if you ask me, I think Camilla will be fine. I doubt this will keep people from watching/supporting glitchtale. And I agree heavily with the fact these people think that if they deem someone irredeemable, they can't be creators, because that's so stupid. They don't want accountability; they want to run people off their platforms.

No. 1732081

Everyone said the same thing about Shannon and look how that ended up. It took a while, but it happened. I also think like the Creepshow Art situation, it'll be the same and it will be someone unrelated to the ACC completely out of left field that will open pandora's box. If you look at Peaches tweets on her personal account, you'll see she's grown really cocky and egotistical. She knows she got off scott free from her last dramas and it's gone to her head. She thinks she's untouchable now and when you get to that point, it's always when you start making mistakes. Shannon did the exact same thing:

Got into smaller dramas she gave half-assed excuses for -> they were swept under the rug and she went on with her fans and friends blindly looking the other way -> Shit hit the fan and everyone pretended to be shocked when the red flags were there. Peaches is going to go the same route. Camilla will also be fine. She just needs to either delete or gut her discord and she'll be fine.

No. 1732101


not to mention Peaches has people like Mali Malware and Lio backing her up, the latter of which has been shown to blindly defend her, eating up this narrative of her drama being nothing more than "petty nothingness" >>1675606

Mali has this reputation of being Ponder Sprocket levels of credible within the acc sphere, and going by something I remembered Kai saying in a twitch stream once, Lio likes being the acc's "cop" KEK

No. 1732105

I'd like to disagree on Mali being a "defender" to Peaches. Considering the fact that she did a jack-shit job defending her optically, let off that sadistic and abusive detractor Avrona with a slap on the wrist, is a fan/friend/ of that sadistic and abusive detractor Thumin, and has implicitly equated Peaches's defenders with her sadistic and abusive detractors in her thumbnails and videos, I'm gonna have to dissent to that claim. While I don't think Mali is inherently evil, she messed up HARD in being a "friend" to Peaches and is gonna have to do a LOT to repent for her ignorance and faults.

No. 1732112

Can you Peaches defenders fuck off. Just because someone doesn't completely suck her asshole doesn't mean they're a bad person. Also fyi, if Peaches is linking/using lolcow like Shannon did to shit on EVERYONE don't you think that's kinda weird? Peaches is exactly like Shannon.

It's going to be annoying when Peaches gets exposed again and people flood this thread with Bs like "I didn't see it coming. She was my comfort YouTuber!" even though most of her videos were toxic or her flinging shit

No. 1732119


did she really? on her huge two-parter video where she goes in-depth in the peaches drama i remembered her digging at avrona and luke more than the others, but then again that video was a long time ago

about the thumbnail thing, if this is also about mali's two-parter video i'd have to disagree.
Mali was going over every video on peaches, so of course she'd pile everyone together. also not all of peaches' detractors were "sadistic and abusive" LOL. some of them had more nuanced takes.

i don't think Mali has to "repent" for anything since she and Peaches are getting along just fine, the latter of which joins in on her livestreams. there's many instances in this thread going over how peaches joins Mali's streams going over whatever drama is going on and she makes it about herself to squeeze more victim points.


I wasnt defending Peaches though??

No. 1732121

Please stop treating Peaches like some defenseless matyr for fucks sake. Peaches and Thumin are both featured in Malimalware's newest 4 hour long video so safe to say they're all fine. Tossing around "sadistic" and "abusive" like they're fucking water balloons.

No. 1732145

>"She's stuttering and tripping over her own words!"
>Really? You're going to shit on her for being an esl?
I'm surprised nobody has pointed out how unintentionally racist she can come across as here.
Also the irony for Peaches to tell minors to keep in their own age group when she herself has Harley as her lapdog and uses animu and art dramur to draw in children.
>"Don't let somebody's popularity make you think they're good people by default."
Reap what you sow, Peaches.

I swear to Christ they're just like IC people in that they'll do anything other than doing/talking about art.

No. 1732456

You'd be surprised how many people think Peaches is a teenager. It's from the way she behaves, talking about her school life in videos and so on. Most people know she's a woman well into her 20's, but people act like she's a mentally ill teen and a lot of her fans think so as well.
I'm 1000% sure if people saw what Peaches looked like constantly they wouldn't simp so hard.

No. 1732500

She's posted her face on Tiktok and even more recently on Twitter but I don't know if she ever will on Youtube where her main audience is. Might be tinfoil, but she posted a tweet saying "If you are engaging with drama on Christmas you're lame" Considering the amount of Peaches whiteknights that keep popping up here, I think it's not out of the question that Peaches or someone in her inner circle discord are lurking kek.

No. 1732524

Funny because it's just her and her group of friends stirring up drama kek. At this point she's self aware and she's just being a troll at this point.
I know this is annoying to bring up for the 100th time, but guess who use to do the same thing. Shannon

No. 1732790

You're right, her audience would start looking sideways as soon as they're aware of how weird that a 20 something year old woman is acting like a teenager and giving hypocritical advice. It's really the thumbnail that sends me, she was willing to whine about how Omnia using her thumbnail was horrible because of her grooming and yet she makes a snide thumbnail aimed at Camilla even though the subject matter is pretty serious as well. Rule for thee, but not for me. I wouldn't have cared for the thumbnail if it weren't for that incident.

No. 1733010

I think that you meant to reply to the post criticizing Mali for defending Peaches enough. Either way you're wrong about Peaches.
While she did criticize Avrona, she didn't go after him hard and rightfully punish him like what should have happened to everyone who tortured Peaches. Instead Mali mostly focused on making those "commentary community bad" videos, and as this thread proves, a lot of people who subscribe to the "cc bad" mentality are terrible people themselves. Also in her one recent video about Creepshow, John Swan and Kai, she included, and therefore implicity agreed with, a video by that slimy, transphobic, tone-policing, bitch baby Spoctor who was himself an apologist for all the sadistic fuckers who hurt Peaches.
>also not all of peaches' detractors were "sadistic and abusive" LOL. some of them had more nuanced takes.
Considering the torture that Peaches went through, I'm gonna have to tell you to stfu.
>Tossing around "sadistic" and "abusive" like they're fucking water balloons
Again, as I said before, an innocent lady was tortured and you fuckers are garbo people.
>I'm 1000% sure if people saw what Peaches looked like constantly they wouldn't simp so hard.
I have seen her face. I'm still defending her. I, and so many other people, aren't shallow. We do this out of altruism, of compassion, of being good people, and of combating all the sadistic bullying that has lead to so much suffering of a poor lady.

No. 1733017


Yup, you hit a lot of the checkboxes of the kind of audience Peaches attracts KEK
Throwing all the "-isms" and "-phobics" and the buzzword insults for good measure.

You already lost me at the "suffering of a poor lady" part LOL

Cry harder and keep poking around Peaches' ass. I can tell her of JAR's servers arent fun enough

No. 1733060

Sorry you support Shannon 2.0
I don't know how you're going to cope
I feel worse if you're friends with her because she certainly doesn't feel the same towards you. She even threw JAR under the bus a few times for simple mistakes. Peaches is over emotional and is too reactive. She's also a classic narc. Her being a victim of Shannon was the best thing that happened to her because she gets a perma "get out of jail" card
Your parasocial relationship with a POS adult woman with mental issues is sad.

No. 1733077

Peaches had petty slap fights with people online that are hundreds if not thousands of miles away from her. She was not tortured or abused and you are not the holier than thou, compassionate, sympathetic white-knight you're hallucinating yourself to be. Peaches is a grown woman and not some poor child even if she acts like one. Now go cry back in that senate server you braindead 14 year old.

No. 1733233

saying that peaches was tortured because of internet drama is the most ironically dramatic thing to have ever been said in this thread. it's been way too long since her drama has happened that there are people who have genuinely deluded themselves into thinking that it was worse than what it actually was.

that's such an insult to people who actually get tortured, im sure they would much rather deal with stupid comments on the internet than this.

No. 1733362

Peaches being a bitch online and people over reacting to it isn't really anything. In fact it's what she's doing to others now. She's making big deals out of smaller situations. You would think she would sympathize when people overexaggerate situations since it happened to her.
But really Peaches was always such a little shit talker and a bad person.

Honestly it really takes away from people who were actually abused and tortured. Her credibility is so low to me. Even her online grooming story sounds like total BS now. It seems all her problems comes from being online too much, even her losing her home, money and her being so abusive to her ex they kicked her out. (The only silver lining is her ex is in a happy relationship. The bad news is Peaches is currently squatting in HIS apartment. Why no one is talking about this is bonkers. I hope Peaches ex exposes her)

If there is anyone who needs to leave the internet it's Peaches. And it's sincerely for her benefit

No. 1733428

If anyone is going to expose Peaches, I think it only be her ex at this point unless JAR or Kamen get a stick up their ass. I really would like to know what her Ex's story is. Unless Peaches is secretly a groomer and that bombshell drops out of nowhere.

No. 1733462

this is just tinfoil but I think whoever exposes Peaches will come out of that “found family” discord run by LioConvoy. Everyone there is chronically online and thinking strangers are their real siblings or father. With the sudden shift and focus on exposing pedos and creeps, I think there’s some projection going on

No. 1733474

honestly a bunch of adults befriending and becoming "friends" and "close family" with young naive teens on a closed discord server is the biggest red flag

Throw in the toxic trait of most being fans of those who are older. I wouldn't be surprised
"I didn't mean to date the 15 year old! It just happened. I'm chronically online, lonely and people in my own age group don't find me attractive. They understand me."

No. 1733622

my hunch is that peaches and lio are dating or have unexplored romantic feelings and are cloaking the entire thing with this dad and daughter nonsense. Lio has her name on Discord saved as "My Dearest Daughter", like you've never met her? And you already have kids? ew.

No. 1733645

That would be fucking hilarious if true. Lio being an orbiting, cheating, creep and Peaches a home-wrecker. I think JAR and Harley actually have crushes on her. JAR has never defended someone as much as her and Harley almost swears she can do no wrong.

No. 1733768

I believe Harley and Peaches have information on each other that could ultimately ruin each other’s career, and they remain friends because of it. No one in this community will be your friend if it meant the potential of losing followers/public attention. Everyone is out for themselves.

I’m 99% sure JAR has a crush on Peaches but I doubt Peaches wants him. Not sure what he sees in her, I guess real women see the bum in him.

No. 1733861

>Even her online grooming story sounds like total BS now. It seems all her problems comes from being online too much, even her losing her home, money and her being so abusive to her ex they kicked her out. (The only silver lining is her ex is in a happy relationship. The bad news is Peaches is currently squatting in HIS apartment.
Well one, dismissing Peaches's grooming as "fake" is just plain disgusting. Second, blaming most of her problems on herself is just deceitful, when her housing and money problems are udeniably the result of the UK Conservative Party shitting all over British workers. Those circle-jerking elites have screwed over Peaches. Maybe she wouldn't have to squat in her ex's house if the Tories weren't too busy drinking fermented tiger blood next to their diamond-covered mammoth skeletons!
>Everyone there is chronically online and thinking strangers are their real siblings or father.
Yeah, this "Internet found family bad" mindset is no different than the beliefs that lead people to oppose families headed by gay or polyamorous couples

No. 1733870

Don't respond to bait
This is obviously a troll

No. 1733922

at least make your bait good if you’re going to do it.

No. 1733991

Lol, pointing out empirical realities about the British political structure is "trolling" apparently. Also I've been posting on this thread for nearly 10 days, yet everything before that wasn't trolling?

No. 1734006

Because there is no relation between Peaches being abusive to her ex and squatting at his place and British politics
If you're the one that's been here for 10 days do something else with your time. No one outside of Peaches hug box thinks she's a good person.

Also Peaches pointing out the wrong doing of others doesn't erase her own. It's something Shannon did to absolve herself from her own shit behavior
Pot calling the kettle black

No. 1734014

Convinced this is HarleyTBS or BoredOranges kek. Peaches might be able to live on her own if she wasn't terminally online and got off her fatass to get a decent paying job instead of e-begging. It's practically the same as Shannon whining about being homeless when it was by choice. No one here cares about internet friends, but once you start calling people you've never met your daughter/father, is a sign you need to step away from any and all screens.

No. 1734042

> Yeah, this "Internet found family bad" mindset is no different than the beliefs that lead people to oppose families headed by gay or polyamorous couples

"I-if you don't agree with me you're homophobic!"
Grasping at straws aren't we?

No. 1734548

Falsely accusing Peaches of being abusive to her ex without excuse huh? Amazing.
Also regarding squatting, that is absolutely on the Tories. The Tories don't like British workers like Peaches, so they pass policies that hurt them thereby sticking the knife of homelessness to their throats.
>Peaches might be able to live on her own if she wasn't terminally online and got off her fatass to get a decent paying job instead of e-begging.
Now this is some Thomas Sowell level shit right here. "Peaches is just lazy, why doesn't she just pull herself up by her bootstraps lol."
>"I-if you don't agree with me you're homophobic!"
Grasping at straws aren't we?
Not really, after all the people who obsess over traditional family structures and criticize alternate ways of familial hierarchies tend to be pretty homophobic.

No. 1734557

oh fuck they’re actually serious

No. 1734560

That's alarming but it could be a weird in joke, I hope so anyway.

No. 1734671


at this point I don't know what's funnier: the fact you found a way to make it shit talk about Peaches into British politics and homophobia or the fact you're this down bad to defend her for (according to your own words) 10 days in and counting

now i'm almost tempted to say this is bored oranges or harley due to the knowledge on politics and they're both brits like peaches. plus if this previous reply is anything to go by >>1731175

but if this is lio like some nonnies speculated i wouldn't be surprised either. he's the guy who likes playing cop in the cc so it wouldnt be out of place for him to play armchair lawyer too

No. 1734943

Is it just me or doest Peaches put on this slurred, retarded, lolicon belle delphine e girl discord kitten persona when shes around lio convoy? Its beyond fucking irritating to listen to and has me very sus about how they talk off air. making a point to keep calling your grown adult online friend your child over and over again while she giggles and garbles on…

No. 1735052

Yeah, gives me major high school girl around her crush and pick-me vibes considering how she acts towards other female CCs. I feel like Peaches is so desperate for friendships and what not that she clings onto anyone that gives her even the slightesr amount of positive attention. It would explain why she's so quick to call people she barely knows, her friends. Lio really shouldn't indulge her and stop the creepy father/daughter bullshit and draw the line at just friends.

No. 1735711

Both Lio and Peaches give off vibes that they rarely get attention from the opposite sex so they're getting their kicks off that way. But Peaches doing the e-girl voice while looking like a middle aged hag is somewhat poetic.

No. 1736612

>Is it just me or doest Peaches put on this slurred, retarded, lolicon belle delphine e girl discord kitten persona

Lol, this isn't even criticism at this point, you people are just being a bunch of edgy 13 year olds at this point. Then again, this site is full of people being bigoted towards transgender and autistic people so I shouldn't really be surprised.

No. 1736730

Fucking hell give it up you white-knight. You've been at this for over a week and all you've managed to say is "muh insert phobia", Peaches was a poor, innocent woman that got tortured and brutalized by people saying mean things to her, and "lolcow bad". People have told you over and over that you're not going to find sympathy for Peaches here. Plenty of anons have given her criticsm, the main one being she's online way too much and it's bad for her already abysmal mental health. She's a fucking adult and not a helpless teenager and you all treating her as such is doing nothing but continuing to have her act like a child.

No. 1737556

>all you've managed to say is "muh insert phobia", Peaches was a poor, innocent woman that got tortured and brutalized by people saying mean things to her, and "lolcow bad"

What else do you want me to say? Do you want me to talk about how much I want to crack open the skulls of Thumin and Avrona for hurting Peaches and getting away with it? Do you want me to talk about how much I want to tie Mali to a chair and scream in her face for doing jack-shit when it came to "defending" her "friend?" Do you want me to talk about how Spoctor and others being "neutral" during the lynching of Peaches meant they had automatically sided with her oppressors? (Orwell wasn't lying when he said that pacifism is objectively pro-fascist.)
Point is, I could go on and on about you and Peaches's detractors are all a bunch of ontologically evil cretins who should have no dessert after dinner.

Oh! And also,
>She's a fucking adult and not a helpless teenager
Peaches isn't a fucking god. She feels the same unjustified pain, sorrow, and torment that so many others on this planet have been subjected to for far too long.

No. 1737607

youre weird as fuck dude shut up

No. 1737652


dude your one fedora short of being up there with JAR and Lio on the Peaches simp train if not much higher

> Peaches isn't a fucking god. She feels the same unjustified pain, sorrow, and torment that so many others on this planet have been subjected to for far too long.

with how much you've fawned over her for being a "poor innocent lady" to the point you want to beat the shit out of her detractors and torture them the same way you claim Peaches was "tortured" (according to your own words "crack open the skulls of Thumin and Avrona" and "tie Mali to a chair and scream in her face")

Wow man. if peaches wasn't a god to you you could've fooled me.

No. 1738895

Part of me still thinks this is some weird scrote troll, but the thought that someone out there is so brainwashed into being this obsessed with Peaches is equal parts hilarious and terrifying. I highly suggest you look up things on parasocial relationships and get the fuck off the internet if petty online disagreements get you this angry holy shit. How much has Peaches twisted and manipulated you in DMs for you to be this viscerally angry at internet strangers?

Also from here on out everyone ignore whatever this person posts because it really is a troll or someone clinically insane.

No. 1739585

My theory is Peaches and co are super cocky because everyone that would call them out are now gone
And if anyone comes back they'll just make 10 videos on why that person is evil for coming back or picking their nose.

Anon is right, only people outside of the ACC community can do any damage. Unless someone like Ponder has some dirt, but as far as I know they make sure Ponder isn't in any of their servers for obvious reasons

No. 1740452

Bump for porn

No. 1740715

File: 1673312941992.jpg (92.76 KB, 944x1300, 20230109_161935.jpg)

This shit is fucking weird. They're both adults acting like this. It's bad enough that Lio had himself named "Dad" but Peaches typing it out like she's whining is even worse.

No. 1741017

Guarantee she'll throw him under the bus as soon as creepy allegations pop up.

No. 1741038

had the misfortune of watching a lioconvoy live-stream with hopeless peaches popping in to use a retarded Belle Delphine uwu voice. I think it’s odd that there’s no one in his discord except a troon and women with no lives

No. 1741132


there's internet family, but if you combine that with the way they talk to each other + peaches' uwu voice talking to her ""dad"" (ew)

this reads like some fucked ddlg kink they got going on jfc

No. 1741150

I'm all for letting your freak flag fly. But seeing as how these two like to put themselves on a moral high ground I'm calling this behavior out as disgusting.
More so considering there are children in this server and this little "found family" shit seems beyond creepy considering this is an obvious kink for them.
Don't involve kids in your fucking kinks and don't show it so blatantly

I'm also adding how these two are so quick to point out whats wrong why are these adults doing the ddlg little rp anyway? Though I have a feeling if they're found out Peaches is 1000% going to accuse him of "grooming" her even though she's well into her 20s
I do believe there is some truth when they say they aren't attracted to each other. I'm sure they gross each other out. But at least with just voice they can pretend to be fucking their sonas

I can't wait for this group to be called out. All the red flags are there

No. 1741485

This isnt just exclusive to peaches. Lios got a lot of grown women larping as his children. What do they all have in common? Mentally ill abused women with no income that are oh so grateful to be saved by Lio and be "adopted" by him. You can see how this is gonna end from the stratosphere

No. 1742124

If Lio doesn't get hit with groomer accusations, then my guess is all the childish women around him are going to get jealous and have a falling out with one another. My money is on either Peaches or Hiten starting it kek.

No. 1743273

Well well something is def brewing
JAR is leaving the commentary community
> "People don't believe in commentary channels anymore"
no shit JAR. You have been a part of a group that lies for a while
> "I need to stop while I'm ahead"
Weird choice of words
> "I already almost lost my audience three times already. I just want to move on with other content"

Add in the fact that he said he was never wrong other than casually falsely accusing another creator as a groomer than wow

Seems like he knows shits about to hit the fan and he's running while he can instead of admitting fault. Though you know he's going to be back the moment people include him in a video

No. 1743283

JAR lives for drama like the rest of them. His most viewed videos are drama related. He'll throw his two cents into some other drama before summer.

No. 1743298

Oh hi Libs of TikTok, I didn't know you posted on this thread! Seriously, how is what Peaches and Lio doing is in anyway "sexual?" Is it because it's different to the familial status quo that you were socialized to perceive as being "normal?" This is unironically just another case of conservative brain-rot. I'm not going to be surprised if the next replies end up screaming about "Jewish Bolshevism."

No. 1743306


i just find his thumbnail comical.
among creepshow, (i think) kai and some other person i don't know, there's peaches over there sobbing over him leaving.
especially since i know peaches drew this thumbnail since it has the same style as the one on that right/wrong way to do diversity video

honestly good riddance. JAR should've left when he started going on a roll with his mary sue videos, but every now and then he still dipped back into the cc with debunking the tobi drama (which had no other reason being brought back up other than "tobi's main detractors are cancelled so i can prove i was right" bs ala zi-zi and nezzie) and parroting whatever his bestie (crush) peaches is doing

hopefully he actually sticks to his word and stays out. i said it before i'll say it again: JAR's content is much bearable when he's going into nerd commentary. i'm surprised it took him this long to realize that.

No. 1743321

Everyone ignore the return of the sperging Peaches simp above, they're not worth anyone's time.

I have no faith that any of these people will ever truly leave because they thrive on drama. Peaches has multiple times said she wanted to step away from commentary, but her personality is so fucking boring no one gives a shit about her if she's not thrusting herself into drama. I don't have any faith JAR will genuinely step away from the ACC because he's already too deep.

No. 1743327

did he show Kiwifarms while saying "Lolcow which is 4chan for girls" kek?

No. 1744125

>Though you know he's going to be back the moment people include him in a video

"I wasn't planning on coming back to the community but they just had to include me in the video…" -Prediction of what he'll most likely say when that happens kek.

No. 1745015


that or the typical "I really didn't want to make this video BUT-" bullshit that a lot of the cc keep spewing.

literally nobody asked them to make the video and they wanna act like they were held at gunpoint to do it

No. 1745076

KEK that too. That's why I take these people with a pinch of salt when they announce that they are leaving community, sure Jan. I think the only one who hasn't gotten involved in drama is Manga Kamen if I'm not mistaken and even then, he still got involved behind the scenes anyway.

No. 1745114

I feel like something is going to go down by summer just because of the group of people involved and their need to attack each other to make themselves look better

No. 1745769

Ponder Sprocket is back.
Also Thumin is in the premiere being the terrible shitty bitch-baby she is and Mali is in the premiere being the stupid ignorant glue-eater she is.

No. 1745846

Obvious troll is obvious.

Anyway for everyone else, the ponder sprocket video is 4 hours and about the dog fucker pedo Sappho

No. 1746077

>go to JARs channel
>see his new antoons vid 2 years later
>’I was the one who took down DaftPina’

I hate JAR so fucking much. he’s such a self serving little rat.

No. 1746356

No way in fuck am I watching a 4 hour video on this over-talked about dog fucker nor watching the video just to see who's in chat. Ponder seems like one of the more reliable people in the ACC, but the drawn out, long videos on subjects that have already been beaten into the ground can get old really quick. I'm fine with longer form video essays, but not only does she have a habit of going off on tangents too much, but Sapho has been beaten into a bloody pulp by people at this point. We all know she's a degenerate at this point. Make a short PSA to newer minors that might mistakenly follow her to keep away from her and report any seriously illegal things to the authorities. End of story.

No. 1746420

Lol what minor in potential danger is going to sit and listen to all 4 hours. They'll see the minecraft lets play and wanna play minecraft and then click off. She also goes on long ass tangents about zoos that Sappho mentions in his video that could be summed with "pedo dog fucker; literally admitted to it in his own damn book." Also love her having to remind the viewer that Kiwifarms is terrible lest she be casted to the pits of hell for being an apostle.

No. 1746475

I agree with you. Generally I have no problem with Ponder and find her to be one of the more tolerable of the ACC, she does well not getting involved in meaningless drama (probably because she has a life outside the internet) but I can't watch a 4 hour video from her, that is just way overstepping, especially on a topic like Sappho who we all know is awful but was talked about a lot back when she came out and unless Ponder is bringing in new information that hasn't been talked about, there's just no reason to devote 4 hours worth to it.


It's so funny how these people act like Kiwifarms is this awful place when it's actually one of the last places on the net that archives valuable information on certain people.

No. 1746614

>It's so funny how these people act like Kiwifarms is this awful place

KiwiFarms is literally a Nazi site that promotes the harassment and even murder of transgender and non-binary people. Why do you think people are so unwilling to associate with that shit?

No. 1748091

Despite what Keffals and other virtue signalling arm-chair activists might have you believe, Kiwifarms above all, acts as a decent place for archival purposes. It's just funny that Ponder felt the need to constantly reasure her teen audience that she wasn't a farmer. I get the feeling that Ponder is probably one of the people in the ACC that lurks here and tries teally hard to hide it kek.

No. 1748194


like literally taking away some of the shit that went down, some of the smaller or less virtue-signalling commenters have admitted despite themselves that they turn to that site because of it's archiving purposes

(besides, how else will they get the receipts they need when they dig up dirt for those expose videos kek)

No. 1750504

File: 1674448981292.jpeg (102.79 KB, 1075x312, 62BB365D-253C-4944-8701-299BA8…)

Right on cue, JustStop exploits LSMark’s relationship for potential views and revenue lmao. I figured he’d dip his toes in drama again, it was only a matter of time. This is HS drama shit, doesn’t need to be publicly aired.

No. 1750571

>promotes the harassment and even murder of transgender and non-binary people.
KEK I wish

No. 1750586

I don't understand why this is an untouchable topic. Veronica is fucking nuts

No. 1750613


was it taken down or something?
because i checked just stop's channel and it's not there (most recent video in the list is his monsters at work rant)

either it's a premiere that people got early access/the link to or he quickly btfo'd when he realized he shouldn't have stuck his nose back to cc drama. but that's just wishful thinking kek

No. 1750622

seems like he just unlisted the video instead of deleting it completely

No. 1750676

last night right after he uploaded the video he was confronted by a bunch of youtubers like the sonny guy and (keemstar? for some reason?) and other randos on a stream in which they literally deconstruct his decision to make the video and found 0 reason for him to have done it- JS even going on to admit he was never even really friends with Mark in the first place so his intentions were basically 100% clout based. They encouraged him to delete the video and he said he was going to but I guess that was false too, unlisting it won’t do anything now that the link has been posted everywhere kek

No. 1750795

Even that link doesn't work so unless someone has a direct link to it, I think he either privated or deleted it completely. Imagine being so shitty that Keemstar is the voice of reason. If I was LSmark I would tear him to pieces. And this is one of the scrotes that got mad at PrisonMateLuke for using Peaches for clout kek.

No. 1750837

Wow, you people are literally pro-genocide, yet you all have the fucking nerve to make Peaches into your scapegoat just for breathing! Amazing.

No. 1750901

He has to be a friend in some shape or form to be even be able to call him and talk to a majority of his friends too. Glad someone finally called out how fucking weird their relationship is and how shitty Veronicas goons are. Sonny especially, he’s been on streams with Chris in 2021 and still couldn’t hold back on mentioning Veronica or making back handed comments to make Chris look like a huge narc. Sonny says shit to stir the pot, make people uncomfortable, and always has some shit to say to everyone. And this is the type of person Veronica has always been extremely close to. I remember seeing Smokeys callout post and just waiting to see what would happen because even Veronica would later admit on twitter that she struggles with alcohol and is spiraling from a mid life crisis

No. 1750904

reupload of the video

No. 1750921

File: 1674517461438.jpg (480.49 KB, 1079x932, 1625513138426.jpg)

I don't know who that is but trannies/enbies are frowned upon here kek

No. 1750939

They're the same Peaches white-knight 50km up her ass that's been lurking here for weeks ignore them.

Only 5 minutes in and ffs this sounds like a bunch of petty high school nonsense.

No. 1751078

He collabed on a video with him, that's why he was able to get into a call with him. It was under false pretenses. Also, really? A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend is the one that should have a say on the quality of your marriage, based entirely on assumptions and second hand gossip? If Veronica is genuinely so terrible, where is it? Everything I've heard so far is a giant nothing burger. She dated a different guy for a month, she shit talked him while they were broken up, she cheated on him once - YAWN. The only actually milky stuff is Sonny, but he's completely irrelevant in this context. This was just clout chasing and extremely obviously so, big issue is he was rightfully clowned on by big creators who aren't even in the community. I've always thought Just Stop is shit, so this feels like it was inevitable ngl.

No. 1751280

Is everyone just fucking ignoring the fact that this HPD whore fucking MARRIED SOMEONE 8 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HER??? Someone who was 19 when she was 27 when they first started dating??? Listen I get the whole not wanting to pry into other people’s lives thing but holy fuck imagine your 20 year old son gets married in another country to someone eight years older than him, and even then it’s a rush job marriage under the guise of “love” (read:green card). If the gender were reversed people would be forming escape plans for Mark to get out of there. I absolutely believe that this will only get worse and in a couple months time everyone will be crying “we should’ve intervened earlier, how did we let it get so bad

No. 1751286

File: 1674541531608.jpg (218.07 KB, 728x843, IMG_20230124_082222.jpg)


No. 1751361

The commentary circle have made unnecessary videos about much pettier shit, I still don't understand why Veronica is untouchable here. Marrying a much younger person, after cheating and going on and off every few weeks is freaking weird

No. 1751753

File: 1674613239753.jpg (476.71 KB, 594x890, nezzie peaches.jpg)

well this is hilarious
for how much nezzie and peaches seemed to be on good terms, with nezzie even supposedly siding with her during the spoctor drama (all because "muh mental health") now they're going at each other LOL


peaches (rosie) deleted the tweet, but based on nezzie's thread it started with peaches making a general statement about anime and it's demographic and nezzie notes her wording can come off wrong.
peaches, being the sensitive twat she is twisted it to think nezzie was calling her racist LMAO

(kek, this is exactly like the tobi drama where kai and omnia used tobi's flawed logic against her and she took it to mean they called her a pedo)

saged because it's small twitter beef but the acc really will go at each other's throats over everything.
peaches especially, it does feel like your walking on eggshells talking to or about her KEK

No. 1751814

I saw this and was just laughing to myself because Nezzie is such an over dramatic child. She did the same sperging rant when people tried holding her accountable for comparing Omnia to Madame. She and Peaches are perfect for each other because they get upset over the slightest things. Alot of anime is coomer and pedo bait Nezzie. Fucking cry about it.

No. 1751892

File: 1674638087109.jpg (9.33 KB, 162x311, guzma.jpg)

I never really liked Just Stop, his avatar looks like bootleg Guzma, which appeals to those tween tumblrites.

And doesn't he have an army of underage fans that (attempt to) spam comments? I was watching some video that was critical of Daftpina, and a bunch of discord zoomers were like "I came from Just Stop videos, btw being transphobic is not cool!". I find anyone that hangs out with kids a creep, and you have no reason to because kids produce nothing of value on the internet besides cringe content for people to laugh at.

Everything about him reeks of being obnoxious.

No. 1752129

It seems like a lot of people are convinced that DaftPina coaxed him into making the video lmao. His careers been on the decline for a while, love to see it.

No. 1752361

Peaches is just bored because she's been out of drama for a couple weeks. Her need to be a victim and cancel someone is ridiculous.

Though Peaches and Nezzie being friends is kinda perfect? They can trigger each other to the moon and back. I'm sure both are already making a video on the other because of this

No. 1752729

>she is twisted it to think nezzie was calling her racist
That's because Nezzie did call her a racist

>She did the same sperging rant when people tried holding her accountable for comparing Omnia to Madame

OK, someone who doxxed people may not be EXACTLY the same as someone who harassed and nearly drove an innocent victim to suicide, but that really doesn't seem like something one should be held accountable for.

No. 1752736


> someone who doxxed people may not be EXACTLY the same as someone who harassed and nearly drove an innocent victim to suicide

Where are you getting your sources on this LOL?
neither omnia nor madame doxxed people or drove anyone to suicide FUCKING KEK.
the worst they did was leak private info.
omnia did it accidentally and quickly corrected it, and even then tobi revealed it herself on a PUBLIC community post despite whining about how "personal" it was.
madame did it maliciously and out of spite, but it wasn't doxxing either. just a personal story.
personal backstories aren't doxxing when there's no private info involved.

now i'm really wondering if this is what peaches thinks happened on both the madame and omnia DM leak debacle
because no wonder she sperged out over a wild misinterpretation.
"wah wah this japanese person got hurt over my insensitive wording so they're calling me a racist!!" cry harder, peaches.

No. 1753368

Madame was the one who doxxed, and it was Omnia (and others) who drive somebody to almost commit suicide (that somebody is Peaches.)

No. 1753402

Oh fuck off, if Peaches is pushed to the brink of suicide by someone doing something as minor as calling her out on being a two-faced snake, she shouldn't be online like others have said.

To be fair, Madame did attempt to doxx the artist she harassed, she just got it wrong because they used a temporary fake number if I remember correctly.

No. 1753540

People are for whatever dumb reason too scared to call Peaches out on suicide baiting because people claim if you invalidate her you invalidate everyone with mental health issues
she is a spiteful ugly troll who uses her self diagnosed mental illness as a shield

The only person who "talked her down" was Manga Kamen. Even then any attention whore can call someone, fake cry and say they want to die. Peaches was never in the hospital, nothing. Nothing she claims can be proven

No. 1753662

File: 1674813068352.jpg (319.07 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20230127_043917.jpg)

Sage for current non-cow status but this new commentary channel may have potential. She goes by ami0amii on twitter and has a decent following at 75k, and consistently gets into it with the usual suspects from the SJW e-artist thread, most recently back to back arguments over the Velma series (devolved into calling each other racist) and then screenshotting someone which led to that person getting harassed, which somehow also devolved into calling each other racist.

No. 1753863

She ain't going to make it. She already deactivated her Twitter just because of the whole Velma discourse. If she can't stand her ground against those losers, she has no chance of staying alive in a space as toxic as art commentary.

No. 1754034

Obvious self post.

No. 1754997


Won't let me attach the screenshot so someone else might want to, but it's moreso that you're both grown adults acting like calling Lio your "dad" makes it real adoption that makes it genuinely sad and creepy. And the way that they both interact comes off as some weird fucking DDLG shit. "Angy baby"???? You are pushing 40 you weird fucking scrote. God forbid that Lio actually did adopt her, that would be actually horrifying.

No. 1755053

File: 1674940895159.png (121.51 KB, 377x609, Screenshot (351).png)

The all caps is cringy, but yuh Lio is being an absolute creep. This is 1000% DDLG/age play shit he's doing, he admits to it and being sexual to his adopted "kids". Says it's incest but it's okay because no ones actually related. He's missing the point, it's creepy, gross and he's doing it in a server with a bunch of kids. I wouldn't be surprised if he did this shit with the underaged people in his server too
At this point Lio might as well scream "Don't kink shame me!"

No. 1755054

File: 1674940916301.png (151.03 KB, 453x609, Screenshot (353).png)