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File: 1586510571338.jpg (197.86 KB, 1080x1080, bipolarrollllllercoasterrrrrr.…)

No. 956737

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of recent milk:

>shay still claiming authority on keeping minors out of nsfw spaces, seems to forget she exposed minors to adult content after she changed the nature of her years-old tumblr blog

>shay makes awful alien porno she's been planning for years, squeezes into outfit she bought 40lbs ago.
>bad dragon alien dildo covered in possible dog hairs and tooth marks
>her boyfriend of 6 months leaves her and she kicks off on twitter
>her therapist gives her a variety of new coping mechanisms for her "bipolar" including deleting twitter's app when she's "manic"
>of course shay doesn't do any of this and continues to rant and harrass people and threaten to kill herself on twitter
>shay is upset she wasn't nominated for mv awards anal star, so she nominates herself
>changes twitter handle to buttstuffbarbie and goes obsessive over anal, even though she barely does any anal videos
>shay starts editing her photos beyond recognition
>admits that she's self conscious about her body…but uses this as an excuse not to work! what a surprise!
>plans to eat healthy and go to the gym one day, back to eating garbage and sitting on her ass the next day
>shay makes another pedo pandering vid
>shay lives vicariously through her sim, showing that what she really wants is to be an online influencer
>she gets bangs
>continues to start online drama while preaching how positive and above it all she is
>wants to move into a 3 bedroom house despite having no income but e-begging
>is she actually moving or is it all a scam? who knows?
>she's definitely not moving yet because she doesn't understand how leases work
>gets 1000$ tip, definitely not from her dad
>takes so many unflattering photos
>continues to balloon in weight
>talking constantly about being in quarantine while regularly going to the store
>shay's finally decided to accept her weight, but still only wears size S clothes and only has size S on her amazon wishlist
>shay gets ready to move, holds moving sale, is unable to work due to boxing things up
>oh wait she didn't even get the place, way to jump the gun
>but now she's super sneakily moving somewhere else. tinfoil is it's with her new bf, could be very milky
>hopefully this next thread will cover her moving saga!

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ <- CURRENT

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No. 956780

File: 1586528368482.png (Spoiler Image,895.47 KB, 1114x1072, Screenshot 2020-04-10 at 13.27…)

i'll kick off this new thread with a pic of shay that's so facetuned she barely looks like herself (spoilered just in case because she is naked)

No. 956787

File: 1586531003050.png (479.42 KB, 1080x1194, Screenshot_20200410-110039~2.p…)

Why does she need new furniture every time she moves? Kitchen tools when she can't even cook?

I think this retard just likes playing house like a toddler.

No. 956789

File: 1586531182674.png (525.94 KB, 2048x1015, Screenshot_20200410-110549.png)

She's so fucking embarrassing

No. 956790

File: 1586531400246.png (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200410-110724.png)

Kek Dolly Hartley

No. 956792

File: 1586531613813.jpg (21.3 KB, 512x512, aaxqJwNw_700w_0.jpg)

Shayna saying her "ass tastes good" when sucking on the dildo that was up her grimey, zit infested ass.

No. 956794

File: 1586532009347.jpeg (43.55 KB, 480x480, D8FDA989-93B4-4E9D-8A01-31345F…)

No. 956796

Jesus fuck how could she possibly think this make up looks good it's HORRENDOUS. Her eyeliner is literally covering her entire eyelid. Shayna honey PLEASE watch a few YouTube make up tutorials. And while you're there watch some cooking videos so you can eat some actual food and get in better shape.

No. 956797

kek if you look closely at the kitchen tools it's plausible. pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, can opener…

No. 956799

you think she'll ever use a cheese grater? she has no need to cut pizza, restaurants slice it for you. she's never gonna use a garlic press. she's never going to peel a vegetable. she might open a can of soup once a month, but that's about all I can give her.

she's even admitted that what she really needs is cutlery since she constantly throws it away. better off asking for that.

No. 956801

She’s really using that pony tail as a substitute to washing her hair. Shit looks greasy as fuck. I’m also bothered that it’s clipped off to the side and not in the middle of her head.

No. 956806

File: 1586535437222.jpeg (170.89 KB, 1000x1000, 5745C2C7-D703-49CD-A14F-AA18B7…)

The only type of cutlery that would suit her life, right down to her "iconic" style.

No. 956808

Would you really expect Shayna to know how to attach a ponytail extension properly? Bitch is lucky she can open wine bottles and frozen food packets.

No. 956809

It would match her dumb basic bitch aesthetic. It's about as interesting as she is.

No. 956869

where? yes we know your laundry is dirty but your dialogue is not.

anyone know if she did the cumshow last night? she's apparently doing another tonight. also making her easter content even though she talked about doing it fucking weeks ago.

No. 956908

File: 1586554979905.jpeg (453.69 KB, 1125x835, 9518E0B9-D9FB-4859-9F54-9E020F…)

Why is she always so late to any trend. The Ariana Grande bunny mask craze was 2016. If Ariana Grande is Starbucks Frappuccino, Shayna is off-brand instant granules you found at the back of your cupboard from 10 years ago.

No. 956910

File: 1586555255060.jpeg (220.48 KB, 1125x489, 68841BDE-E0AF-474A-ACA2-F2153F…)

In case we forgot she’s Not Like Other Girls

No one wants to flirt with or fuck you- it’s just their job to sell sex; like yours should be. Stop broadcasting all over you SEX WORK twitter that you’re sex adverse.

No. 956918

crazy eyeliner isn't uncommon at this point but the eyebrows…? they look like they were done with eyeliner too. yikes.

No. 956923

does shay think those girls' sex work personas is what they're really like? that's their job. they put on those sexy personas for work and then they "nerd out" about shit on their private accounts.

but of course shay thinks like this, her sex work persona is her whole life and she can't distinguish it from who she actually is.

No. 956925

You know whats funny? Shayna hates women, but when she does promote sex workers she promotes women, why doesn't she promote male sex workers?

And whose flirting with her? When she does get a reply its from the same weird dudes or other sex workers. None of them flirt with her.
Isn't one of her orbiters a gamer girl? Is she not her friend anymore?

And last point, you can do that so many places dumb ass, your discord, reddit or anywhere that allows that discussion.
Issue is going beyond her discord and twitter is going to make her feel less special and like a nobody.
She needs all the attention on her at all times.

No. 956932

Also, maybe if you had a SFW account and you used it to have those conversations, instead of doing it on a page where you have a picture of your asshole one tweet and you whining about bullshit in another, Maybe..just maybe you wouldn't have this issue?
If this is even true?

If only she had something like that…

No. 956941

Does she not know that fornite is a mainstream "normie" game?

No. 956951

At least it looks like she might have gotten the right size this time? Maybe?

No. 956954

Based on?? What an odd way to WK

No. 956955

please don't be retarded it is hell week.

No. 956960

Of course other sex workers want to do those things, they're fucking sex workers and they want to make content retard

No. 956977

File: 1586564443487.png (925.81 KB, 2048x1372, Screenshot_20200410-201939.png)

No. 956978

File: 1586564575392.png (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 2048x1800, Screenshot_20200410-202205.png)

If that were me I'd be too embarrassed to publish this

No. 956980

Wow, she's really going for the Patrick Star aesthetic, isn't she

No. 956981

lol i like how she even photoshopped herself more tan to force the ariana grande look

No. 956982

She didn't, that's a screenshot from the video. It's just poor lighting.

No. 956989

File: 1586568247081.jpg (Spoiler Image,592.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200410-212330_Sam…)

damn this is the funniest shit I ever seen. she really think she's a model with those fucking neck rolls

No. 956991

File: 1586568602774.jpg (Spoiler Image,506.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200410-212858_Sam…)

she did the leg kicking thing again. all I'm have to say is ew

No. 956994

for someone who has done this for years she can not make a decent facial expression for any photo she takes or video. her old stoner blog photos have more charm then whatever this is or uh this? >>956211
am curious about the sudden ariana grande skin walking all the stuff but i realized that she is really trying for the babie bimbo stuff now. girl can't even skin walk right. the body suit aint bad but its still likely cheap and same w/ the gloves. the head band is wilding tho it looks out of place w/ all the pleathery stuff and i think a 18 year old stan twitter runner could do better lmao.
(the fact that is a good way to describe her older music makes me wanna die).
ariana grande but make it trailer trash

No. 956996

She is squeeeezed into that thing

No. 957004

she's going for Ariana but all i can see is the cash me outside girl

No. 957008

Stop bringing Ariana into this mess Shay.

No. 957010

would love to see the unsmoothed version kek

No. 957012

with that
bad corn rows and spray tans to look black saga when? (i am joking)

No. 957016

This pose is really not doing her any favors… the blur made it look like she stumbled and tried to look sexy doing it

No. 957020

You know she just googled bunny ears on amazon and this was one of the cheapest options.

No. 957024

Someone probably told her she looked like ariana. We all know if you give Shayna a compliment that she can become obessed with making every single post about it.

Such as the "fat pussy" stuff, some dude probably told her "you are the only girl who likes anal" and she ran that into the ground for month. I'm just waiting for one of her orbiters to tell her how much they love the weight gain and she becomes "thiccbrattybarbie" or something.

No. 957026

File: 1586574213527.png (530.75 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (1).png)

yup. found em. 13 dollars.

No. 957028

She looks scared in this photo why is she posing like she's being cornered? Kek

No. 957045

File: 1586580900010.jpeg (393.92 KB, 2048x2048, 1FCFC3E9-396A-463B-8386-B36825…)

Oh please! Based on her waiting weeks at a time for an item or set of items to arrive and being a cheap fuck in all regards stinks strongly of ebay. I don't think her beefy ass spends more than $10 per costume/set. She doesn't have the self-reserve to spend money on anything other than chemicals, be it food or drugs.

No. 957046

In a way she reminds me of Trisha with the way she fixates on one thing and bases her entire personality on it.
I'm surprised she hasn't gone full e-girl yet, but then again she is a little late with trends so maybe 2025 will be the year of e-girl shayna.

No. 957092

She’s really out there ebegging for a 10$ string light. Absolutely thriving.

No. 957102

This isn't her normal set up. Is she in her new place already since she's back to filming on the floor?

No. 957125

i thought that also but maybe she has took apart her bed/that kids daybed ready to move?

No. 957144

You have a point. She might've started packing away her 'work area' but she also has a bed to film on rather than the floor.

No. 957154

She looks like Darcy Silva here kek No neck havin ass

No. 957155

File: 1586620055692.png (292.88 KB, 2048x917, Screenshot_20200411-103331.png)

No. 957157

File: 1586620176970.gif (779.28 KB, 500x280, UXcGoq0.gif)

No. 957158

File: 1586620353216.png (249.47 KB, 1080x1409, Screenshot_20200411-115147~2.p…)

Her a month ago: "if you charge pennies for your content, it makes it look cheap. charge what you're worth!"

I hate you so much Shayna

No. 957159

File: 1586620493905.gif (1.93 MB, 245x282, a539a39e215ad822f7fc4ad484b88b…)

What you want vs What Wish sends you >>956989
Hope you know that Ariana doesn't cover her whole ass lid in liquid liner and doesn't binge on Cheetos and chug Dr. Pepper, but if you're happy being trailor trash dollar bin Oklahoma Ariana, then you do you. Oh wait, you ain't doin you, huh? Funny how she was tweeting about "so happy to be no one else but me" but even her header on Twitter looks like Ariana. It's bizarre.

No. 957161

She got a ponytail extension and one person probably said it reminded them of Ariana Grande and she just RAN with it. I can't even imagine her having an actual personality anymore.

No. 957163

Why is she moving if she can’t even afford her current shitty apartment?
Also during a pandemic?

No. 957167

I think she's one of those people that thinks when she moves, her problems won't come with her. So when the problems pile up, she just picks up and moves again. She's impulsive af too.

No. 957174

File: 1586623647892.png (288.01 KB, 2048x817, Screenshot_20200411-124719.png)

Then why do you do it all the fucking time you braindead cunt

No. 957185

i dunno man… as fun as it is to watch the sheer speed at which this brainless moron generates milk, i've kinda had it up to HERE with her insane hot takes. if her brain wasn't fried from the years of substance abuse, i would suspect she really looks up her old tweet rants and then deliberately contradicts them word for word simply to get our blood pressure going

No. 957188

She flip flops more than a god damn fish out of water this retard

No. 957209

“we have ariana grande at home”

No. 957337

File: 1586653189457.png (295.91 KB, 750x1334, DFD11901-B68D-481D-9C0B-D9FB5A…)


No. 957343


What comes to mind every single time she mentions sex. It’s always so tryhard.

No. 957345

doesnt she mean fuck traditional gender roles?

No. 957350

What does any of that have to do with non traditional gender roles? I'm fucking lost.

No. 957358

yes lmao

No. 957360

Because she has no idea what the fuck she's talking about and she's just trying to put together a bunch of words, hoping they'll go viral.
I think she's saying that usually the boy is playing the game and the girl sucks him off.

It's so cringe when people do this. She's a sex worker who doesn't know how to be sexy and brags about sexual accounters like a 15 year old boy. She doesn't tell, she brags. She's retarded.

No. 957391

File: 1586661045350.png (395.97 KB, 750x1334, 3F2D7329-90D7-414A-9E9E-A1D6FC…)

lol guess this means her mother has officially given up on her

No. 957394


“my mommy was nice to me once! time to pour out my guts to my sw orbiters and males looking to jack off!” what happened “to keep it sexy” shay? talking about the mom you’ve pinned as “abusive” for years on your sex work twitter is an A+ strat for drawing in men

is she drunk again? i assume she’s at least always mildly tipsy; when you’re that far in like she is you always have to keep a mild buzz going or the hangover is killer so dumb question ig lol, i guess she’s heavily sedated with thc.

when she gets sloshed enough she’ll change her tune and wail about her mom being oh-so-abusive and neglectful.

No. 957429

she had me in the first half, ngl.

No. 957430

she’s way too late to try to join in on this whole fortnite thing at this point…it’s kind of past relevant now. obviously it’s still a popular game but the overall craze has definitely been dead for awhile and a lot of people have moved on. she’s better off dropping this whole gamer girl act and trying her luck on tiktok or something

No. 957434

File: 1586676081684.jpg (244.58 KB, 720x1089, Screenshot_20200412-002104_Chr…)

No. 957438

interesting, so she knows what she does is bingeing… why can't she just designate meal times and do yoga on her floor to a youtube video, it'd take all of 30 minutes

No. 957439

Anyone else agree that genesis (@skinny.getting) on Instagram is extremely pro Ana and a complete wannorexic(self-promo autism)

No. 957471

lmao I don't know which to comment on, is it the "I swear it's the meds making me gain weight" or is it the idea that she'll 1 actually do yoga and 2 she'll do it at an intensity/frequency high enough to lose weight?

if she can't go to the gym to work out there's no way she'll have the discipline to work out from home. why wait to move? buy a yoga mat and start working out from home now, dumbass

No. 957476

File: 1586681621644.png (641.37 KB, 1125x2436, 3969E9F4-10DE-4634-A871-370B51…)

Well you put everything out almost 89% for free sooo

No. 957477

Hahahaha my sides bless you anon

No. 957478


How is this any different from what she did before all this? I swear, she even had Chick fil A delivered waaay before all the time when she could have been out.

No. 957504

Before she blamed her meds for her fucked up diet, this is just her new excuse

No. 957546

So I guess you just forgave her for all that abuse huh Shayna? Thought you were ~*traumatized*~

No. 957555

File: 1586700901883.jpg (Spoiler Image,705.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200412-101440_Sam…)

resemblance to Bobby hill at this point is uncanny

No. 957559

Bet she's one of those people that think yoga is easy. Then again by tomorrow she'll forget she said anything about working out

No. 957576

Ah yes Shay inbetween photos of your gaping asshole I’m sure people were waiting for your tragic backstory

No. 957577

She has a switch why doesn’t she get the ring fit game that way she can workout and be gam3r grill of her dreams lmao she could even cam doing that

No. 957584

well she has deleted it lol so youre right. not sure why it took her this long to realise she could work out at home either

No. 957589

Or she'll do one yoga class and be like "guys im like sooOOo0o flexible it's crazy!!" and then never do another.

No. 957632

How long is it gonna take until she claims to have a binge eating disorder?

No. 957659

If this is not the child of Jessica Yaniv and Cash me outside girl, I don't know who it is.

No. 957670

shhhh, don't say it or she'll pick up a new buzzword. we all know she lurks here

No. 957696

and that's after FaceTune. she takes after JY even more than it appears

No. 957712

If she was smart and educated on health, she would know to only keep ingredients and whole foods in her house. Hard to binge eat when you have to cook 3-4 meals a day. Binge on salad and dried fruit. Stop stocking your cabinets with Mac n Cheese and goldfish. It’s not that fucking hard to cook, it just takes more effort than opening a package and shoveling food into your mouth.

And lol at her thinking yoga is going to shed the lbs. if she was serious about it, she would just throw a towel down on her nasty carpet and open up YouTube. She’s practically reliving living new year day with all these stupid statuses about being healthy and changing her diet and working out. She just likes the gratification of people cheering her on rather than the goal itself.

Yea because no one cheered her on about her fake yoga goals. Pretty sure her followers are onto her shit.

No. 957784

File: 1586738924972.png (21.35 KB, 592x228, rrr.PNG)

Imagine thinking Shayna's actually going to use the yoga mat (and clothes she going to beg for to exercise in) to actually get in shape and not a prop for identical porn.

Anyway, I think she's truly getting into being a "gamer girl" so get ready for a million tweets about how dorky she is and how she's "not like other girls"

No. 957785

File: 1586738970244.png (Spoiler Image,443.42 KB, 434x572, fjdjfj.PNG)

No. 957788

File: 1586739090591.png (367.8 KB, 2048x1087, Screenshot_20200412-205125.png)

The predicability

No. 957790

she really thinks dorky = retarded

No. 957792

File: 1586739305653.png (Spoiler Image,361.06 KB, 653x444, ff.PNG)

Has she ever promoted pornhub shit? kind of weird.

No. 957800

File: 1586740323302.jpg (396.33 KB, 1080x1730, 20200413_020619.jpg)

Garlic is poison to dogs you dumb fuck

No. 957805

did she really spend $60 on take out for just her? fucking hell

No. 957807

Yeah it's actually waaay more toxic than onions so…I hope it was a tiny amount noodle ate

No. 957810

Is no one gonna talk about how she is mad she left her food UNSUPERVISED with a more or less untrained dog? Fuck off Shayna you probably feed her so little since you smoke so much.

No. 957812

File: 1586741555205.jpg (541.4 KB, 1079x1225, Screenshot_20200412-150954_Twi…)

"Dream house" kek

No. 957813

File: 1586741625308.jpg (Spoiler Image,534.6 KB, 1080x1144, Screenshot_20200412-151107_Twi…)

Has all these toys and uses the same in every video

No. 957814

File: 1586741702815.jpg (675.29 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20200412-151145_Twi…)

Yes Shay, you DO have a problem

No. 957815

File: 1586741730245.jpg (135.06 KB, 960x768, IMG_20200412_193427.jpg)

Looks like someone told her. Now she claims the dog "didn't eat a lot" then why complain?? She's switching the story cause she knows noodle ate more than a little

No. 957816

Just waiting on the "OMG taking Noodle to the emergency vet! Please send tips to help me pay!"

No. 957817

File: 1586741883235.jpg (325.34 KB, 1080x1291, Screenshot_20200412-162958_Twi…)

No. 957822

she's a baby anon, you can't expect her to feed herself like a regular adult lol.

occasionally, i don't think she puts any exclusive content on there though.

confirmation that they're going to be living together? i like how she went from saying that her new places isn't what she really wanted to now claiming it's her "dream home" and like she actually owns it being a 22 year old internet 'pronz star'.

No. 957823

File: 1586742280247.jpg (186.39 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_20200411-152821_Twi…)

I remember that from the earlier threads

No. 957825

So romantic this is totally normal. I don't think this is "sexy uwu" talk, I 100% believe he expects sexual favors for every little thing he does for her, because hes a scumbag and I don't put it past Shayna to use sex as her way to get what she wants.
As small as the shit he does is. Shes a fucking retard

No. 957826

shit must have hurt her feeling deep for her to bring ot up

No. 957828

The whole "say what you want about OnlyFans but I just bought my dream home" is a meme on sex work twitter. She's just trying to hop on the trend like usual.

No. 957835

File: 1586744831010.jpg (182.72 KB, 1080x825, Screenshot_20200412-212611_Twi…)

Her current Easter Sale to help her furnish her new place

No. 957836

This is now deleted

No. 957838

"eating well" for her just means eating a lot of takeaway or simple carb filled meals her shit bf makes
come on this is hardly among the worst things she has done regarding noodle, i'd be more concerned about how she smokes constantly with the dog around, probably leaves edibles within her reach, never gives her enough love, and definitely only walks her once a week, if that (plus she's a fkn high energy cattle dog so even worse for her)
sage for rambling

No. 957839

how is it hardly among the worst things when garlic is toxic to dogs? that's the same as leaving edibles around.

No. 957844

i mean it did look exactly like dry ramen

No. 957848

File: 1586747526341.jpg (355.61 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20200412-221145_Twi…)


No. 957850

File: 1586747626656.jpg (221.83 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20200412-221157_Twi…)


No. 957851

File: 1586747688371.jpg (502.4 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20200412-221432_Twi…)

Lol remember how awful these shoots were?

No. 957853

I can't believe no one has posted this train wreck. Especially with her saying how good her ass tastes


No. 957854

yes this was like peak pussy boils

No. 957858

File: 1586748942796.jpg (217.26 KB, 1076x693, Screenshot_20200412-223530_Twi…)

What a cunt

(Waiting for her to delete this)

No. 957861

What a selfish little greedy ass attention whore in a crisis, typical…

No, you don’t need another $2 pink g-string

No. 957862

File: 1586750324682.jpg (74.13 KB, 1075x826, Screenshot_20200412-225837_Tum…)

No. 957879

Did she fold the cups of the bra to make half of her tits come out? This thing looks way too small

No. 957883

idk, there is such a thing as half-cup lingerie designed to show off your tits, but the cup on our left looks suspiciously thick. either way it's not really flattering.

No. 957884

I think she folded the cups

No. 957885

She did fold them

No. 957921


Bitch practically has more vape carts than she does sex toys kek

Also yeah why do we only ever see the same 4 toys in every vid? I've never seen her use another vibrator or wand besides the big old gross Hitachi one. Uses same boring anal plug despite being AnaL QuEeN. So stupid. She finally traded the pink dildo for the flesh tone one and that's all she uses now with the same wand when shes not just using her grimy stubby fingers.

No. 958013

File: 1586784071915.png (133.08 KB, 1117x597, Screenshot (17).png)

kinda weird that she was talking about noodle being sick in her discord a few days ago, sounds like the dog eating things its not supposed to happens often. maybe dont leave shit lying around that the dog can get to

No. 958022

She really has no personality. It's already so obnoxious to see these stupid bitches acting like being a woman and playing video games is some unicorn rarity. Boy, am i not looking forward to her gamer gurl phase.

No. 958023

"So I gave her goldfish crackers"

Ffs I feel bad for this dog.

No. 958025

How long until this poor dog dies in her 'care'

No. 958036

File: 1586788735888.png (265.55 KB, 2048x710, Screenshot_20200413-103842.png)

Neither is hating women or being an addict Shayna. But here you are.

No. 958043

omfg, can she find something else to say or do?

No. 958053

jesus christ shayna we get it. you can’t survive and are nothing without the validation of skeezy, fat, ugly men. move on.

No. 958059

Her dog ate something and she doesnt know what so she gives her human food crackers and ignores the advice from her orbiter. Let's be honest though Shay doesnt have chicken or rice and the bitch wouldn't leave her house to get something for her pets. Shay only leaves the house for herself and her vices or a gross dude.

No. 958076

File: 1586794069374.png (782.32 KB, 1419x2048, Screenshot_20200413-120724.png)

If this is you at "full ability", Shayna, then I'm worried for your life.

No. 958102

it's just common sense

No. 958120

The only time she ever showed her "full abilty" were the 2(?) days she ate healthy and when she cammed a few days in a row. She literally can't do better.

No. 958139

Um your dog ate garlic bread you retarded bitch

No. 958141

this was days before the garlic bread

No. 958152

so much for her whole it's ok if you can't spend money on my content right now bs.

me too. instead of trying to figure out what's wrong or doing something to actually help or comfort the dog, she's complaining in her discord and completely ignores the suggest of chicken/rice, as if she had or would make those things for the dog.

No. 958155

noodle is puking and lethargic but she feeds her goldfish fucking crackers. dogs need bland food like chicken and rice, as her orbiter said, when they have upset tummies. not human snacks. fuck this hoe, she doesn't deserve pets.

No. 958189

File: 1586808024356.jpg (592.03 KB, 807x2757, Screenshot_20200413-145839_Dis…)

The tinfoil that she has a working laptop is confirmed. Or she's lying to this person and sending them a broken laptop. Either way, Shayna is a horrible person.

No. 958225

File: 1586812020134.jpg (222.35 KB, 1080x1704, 20200413_220034.jpg)

Don't think he should be coming and going during s global pandemic in the first place.

No. 958230

File: 1586812346858.png (205.66 KB, 833x561, Screenshot (20).png)

shes really made a whole other onlyfans for 'advice'

No. 958231

File: 1586812371079.jpg (223.76 KB, 1440x1498, EVgl43GWkAIpl_3.jpg)

the full image

No. 958232

Kek it's $10 a month

No. 958233

File: 1586812678053.png (60.65 KB, 981x380, Screenshot (21).png)

for groundbreaking tips like this no less.

No. 958234

File: 1586812713850.jpg (348.45 KB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_20200413-161757_Sam…)

This is the first post on her page. And you can see it without subscribing

Some Grade A advice right there

No. 958236

Soooo her porn costs 7 dollars less than her advice lol..

Here's all Shay knows. People buy cheap shit.

No. 958239

Classic scammy mattel

No. 958243

deleted cos i think i was wrong lol. i was on onlyfans.website (not sure if thats legit or not) but anyway on onlyfans.com it says

"It is allowed to have not more than 2 active profiles. You can connect your accounts with each other on the Settings page."

No. 958247

I was wondering if he was quarantining with her or was he just popping in for sex
This confirms the latter and invalidates her "boohoo self-isolation sucks" shit. Since it isn't self-isolation if your BF is coming over regularly

No. 958248

What is she just going to parrot all the advice people here have been giving her? Otherwise this is such a waste of money for anyone who buys it.

No. 958251

This is really the worst opening advice ever.

Be yourself, but don't make it your whole personality. You can't show too much of yourself or you'll wind up like Shayna who's entire life story is plastered around the internet.

No. 958254

I wonder if she was saying it as a hypothetical and wasn't really offering. she stopped responding once the orbiter said she couldn't pay for it.

No. 958289

Why does she think she’s like Jenna Jameson or some A list porn star? She lives in a dirty apartment and has nothing that would make someone envious of her line of work. No car, no furniture, nothing of value or anything worth bragging about. Except the only things she has to brag about is her tumblr “fame” from 5 years ago and a photographer told her she had a fat pussy.

Shay’s life is one of the most pitiful I’ve ever witnessed.

No. 958304

File: 1586817613919.jpg (414.63 KB, 1080x993, Screenshot_20200413-164240_Twi…)

Shay, you will NEVER be worthy of Twitch

No. 958338

If she actually gives it to that girl, I'll give a point to Shay, because that would be the only nice thing she's ever done for her followers.

No. 958340

She still wouldn't be a good person because she wants the person to pay her. If she was doing it to be nice, she wouldn't have mentioned paying her

No. 958349

I just want to see her try and fail twitch. I know they would destroy her on there.

No. 958363

File: 1586827669407.jpg (380.76 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20200413-202737_Twi…)

No. 958369

It's really confusing to me that people act like they've never seen veins in titties before. It's super normal for white girls.

No. 958378

i think people are used to veins on big tits but the veins on hers look like the beginning of some kind of zombie infection

No. 958441

her orbiters have never really seen a tit in real life, have they

No. 958443

Her veins are very strange and frankly frightening. Not like a normal breast with veins.

No. 958454


A lot of people here have their own set of tits and still think her diseased veiny one looks more than just the average amount of veins. Like someone else said, looks like some Dawn of the Dead shit.

No. 958458

File: 1586840108087.jpg (468.54 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20200413-235351_Twi…)

Wasn't she just ranting the other day to watch what you retweet and think "will this give my fans a boner" and she retweets this

No. 958481

she also said she’d stop tweeting about personal things on her work account and even made a personal account to tweet on, yet she still talks about things nobody wants to know when they go on her work account. don’t know why this bitch is selling her advice/tips when she can’t even take it herself.

No. 958504

If she's going to give out advice, could she even stop writing like a retard for one second? I had to read that shit twice to make any sense of it. Imagine if school textbooks were written like this. This isn't cute, shay.

No. 958523


I was thinking this as well. I can understand typing like that on Twitter because of the limited characters, I guess, but she says “my mommy says I’m 3smart 2 do porn” yet she chooses to type like that on an entire thing dedicated to giving advice? I bet she’s like “it’s my brand” to type like a dumb bitch because ~*~bimbo~*~ or something stupid like that.

ffs step out of character if you’re going to be instructing people. oh, wait, it’s not a character, she’s a dumb cunt all the time.

No. 958542

don't want to get banned for nitpicking, but i think even our boob connoisseurs can understand that the veinyness of her tit is pretty distracting and noticeable (especially when she blurs it out, but then sometimes doesn't). and one thing that always confused me is anons repeating the whole "her skin is pulled tight on her boob from weight gain" explanation, because that's only true for one of her tits. not saying it's impossible to be like that at all, but always found that weird.

lmao exactly anon. i honestly don't understand how she can type like that, she's used to it because she's been doing it for years, but i personally couldn't even take a day of that.

No. 958573

It's also not allowed to run two Onlyfans accounts. I hope she loses both.

No. 958581

You can run two accounts.

No. 958582

File: 1586875148686.png (826.68 KB, 1293x2048, Screenshot_20200414-103849.png)

Blaming her failed relationships on sex work and not herself.

How fucking pathetic.

No. 958583

her typing makes me want to fucking punch her in the tit

No. 958600

No. 958602

That's not onlyfans' website retards. It even let's you LINK profiles on OF.

No. 958609

File: 1586879708624.jpeg (200.87 KB, 828x818, 6E6DFC8C-0FE9-49F2-8B58-77B243…)


No. 958612

Anyone find it fucked up she hates her parents for not accepting her job and isn’t understanding at all on their reasons, but when it comes to a man suddenly she’s a lot more understanding and cares about why they feel what they feel instead of dismissing it, and running on social media blasting them?

Bitch has more respect for assholes using her for sex then her parental.

No. 958613


No. 958621

It says you can't have more than 2.

Y'all are fucking retarded.

No. 958631

>i literally make men want me and my body
>it's hard not knowing i did something wrong until after
>i break my own heart
shayna please stop because i am going to burst a lung laughing this hard

hopefully then we'll finally have one reason to pin the veins on

No. 958650

It's odd that she's never discussed boundaries with her supposed BF.

if you're a sex worker you should know to talk about these things. It's your own fault that you didn't, Shayna. You didn't even bother to ask him what he was comfortable with and have the audacity to play victim when he calls you out for crossing the line.

This bitch needs to grow the fuck up and act like an adult.

No. 958651

File: 1586883390834.png (73.45 KB, 835x391, ghgkghgk.png)

kinda sad. kek at her saying this as if she hasnt been eating like shit & drinking all day

No. 958656

File: 1586883611727.png (807.1 KB, 2048x1996, Screenshot_20200414-125831.png)

Check your privilege, Shay.

You had 50k+ followers when you started sex work. You are white, and you were skinny and young. It made it vastly easier for you to do well in sex work already having a reach like that.

A chubby black sex worker starting with no following is not going to have it as easy, period. Privilege fucking exists.

No. 958665

Same thing different day.

No. 958674


nobody’s calling you “pretty” anymore, shay. and lol “defeatist attitude” says the serial suicide baiter when her latest fupalite doesn’t answer or she can’t get her weekly cuck bucks to smoke and drink her insecurities away until the next day.

you made low-effort cam content because you got big on tumblr being “aesthetically pleasing” skinny blonde white stoner girl #374949573 and now you’re washed-up in a shithole in tulsa locked to your vices, whether they be chemical or attention-based.

i’d almost feel bad for her if she weren’t so self-aggrandizing and victimizing at the same time.


No. 958678

A man is going to pay to see a beautiful model before he pays to see a pig like you eating a dildo. Genuinely makes no sense, sex workers are so diluted and stupid to pretend men don’t pay to see the most beautiful girl. Same idiots who think sex work is empowering. They definitely care about beauty over your “work ethic”, you are literally an object to be purchased.

No. 958692


I love how she phrases these subtweets with the implication that she’s in the whole “we do well because x” group. She wouldn’t tweet this sort of stuff if she didn’t think she had the authority to tell other people to ~*do better sweaty, don’t b mad*~

No. 958742

why the fuck does she keep trying to push the narrative that she's "so pretty"??? bitch you've always looked like a methed-out trailer park tranny at worst and bobby hill crossed with a muppet at best.

No. 958755

it's so funny seeing her doing this now because, she's constantly saying the opposite.
I feel like maybe someone said something like, "you are only popular because you are pretty" or she saw someone say that about her once and now she thinks that everyone thinks she's pretty and that she doesn't work hard. Even though she doesn't think she's pretty deep down.

No. 958779

File: 1586897762405.png (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 2048x1320, Screenshot_20200414-165601.png)

No. 958782

File: 1586897855665.png (Spoiler Image,2.49 MB, 1550x2048, Screenshot_20200414-165657.png)

"I look incredibly hot today"
"My makeup came out dangerously adorable"

has the same makeup on but with even thicker wings now

No. 958785

File: 1586897946598.png (683.17 KB, 2048x1520, Screenshot_20200414-165848.png)

lmfao she really thinks she's a popular internet personality.

No. 958789

Trolling kek, then again, she may really think this it's so hard to tell with Shayna.

No. 958799

Oh wow. That same one (poorly done) thing she knows how to do with rope. So cool.

No. 958802

File: 1586899730053.jpg (165.69 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20200414-162641_Twi…)

So now he's back to "bf" and not "daddy"?

No. 958804

It's literally the easiest tie to do, it's what all beginners learn. She's so creative though remember.

No. 958805

File: 1586899994076.png (779.08 KB, 1560x2048, Screenshot_20200414-173300.png)

No. 958808

Seriously. In the beginning threads, I thought she was a meth user. Even when she was blonde and skinny, she still had the face of a bridge goblin.

She looks like a thumb. And it’s the same make up and lashes she’s done for the last year at least. When has her make up ever consisted of more than eyeliner and falsies?

Sad, pathetic people enjoy other sad, pathetic people because they feel a little less pathetic knowing there’s someone else out there who lives a similar grimy life-style. And if you’ve got a following for having a sad life, well that’s just appealing to some.

No. 958810

shayna is the living definition of a 24/7 Big Cope™️
she feeds herself delusional desperate lies while demeaning everyone else because she knows she's so grotesque and has such a sad cheap "life" that barely anyone even likes her let alone thinks she's "perfect".

No. 958811

Lol those last 2 already deleted.

No. 958817

I'm wondering if her bf is that fat loser in one of her most recent dick sucking vids. cause that guy was soooo hot omfg lol
he and shayna would be a great match

No. 958820

As if 85% of sex workers even know who the fuck she is.
They probably took her advice and blocked her because she constantly had drama in their feeds.
Why care so much?

No. 958822

She really takes it personal, when in reality when they block her they are just sick of her shit, they don't even think about it anymore.

her? She blocks people and probably unblocks them a few days to see if they noticed, when they don't she freaks the fuck out because they aren't spending every single mintue of the day worried about someone they blocked.

The point of blocking is not to deal with someone anymore. So again, why does she care?

No. 958826

That one says it's from an account SHE blocked. So why is she complaining about being blocked?

No. 958827

File: 1586901153418.jpg (Spoiler Image,523.59 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20200414-165057_Twi…)

No. 958828


For real. From the tweets she posts, it seems like she just looks in the mirror and tells herself how amazing and sexy and pretty she is…

then goes and cries and binges on fast food because she knows none of it is true and she has nothing lel.

No. 958839

I'm really trying to comprehend her outfit. Kawaii bdsm chola???

No. 958843

File: 1586902913157.jpg (188.26 KB, 1078x618, Screenshot_20200414-172059_Twi…)

Yeah Shay, you TOTALLY look like a teenager

No. 958846

Oh my god, you are right. She totally has that chola thing going on between the liner, brows, and terrible butt lip thing she does. Cannot unsee.

No. 958848

She thinks maybe if she keeps telling people she's pretty/popular they might start to believe it. Also Shayna if you were doing your job for yourself and your customers instead of trying non stop to one up your competitors… You would might be more successful and respected.

No. 958861

god she’s so fucking gross. you don’t look like a teenager shayna you look like a washed up middle aged alcoholic

No. 958870

File: 1586905294411.jpeg (203.73 KB, 828x965, C17CEFB0-01C6-43AE-8B36-F8894A…)

No. 958871

File: 1586905316551.png (Spoiler Image,2.21 MB, 828x1792, ECA40B73-25AB-4D09-9A26-839147…)


No. 958872

File: 1586905353189.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 828x1792, CC4CCB87-F4E5-4975-81CB-EA9F27…)

No. 958873

wait this is bullying? it sounds like a fucking joke. What a weak bitch

No. 958882

File: 1586906391304.png (24.97 KB, 600x181, Capture.PNG)

"i'm self-conscious about my pussy now, because someone photoshopped it on a dolphin, not because I have pictures with all kinds of weird rashy red bumps on it, or not because I did professional shoots with my pussy looking disgusting, nope because someone photoshopped it!"

She's going to milk this for all it's worth. I

No. 958884

File: 1586906470079.png (20.44 KB, 599x183, 3.PNG)

No. 958886

File: 1586906635578.png (43.54 KB, 598x314, 5.PNG)

No. 958887

lmao, top keks to her. not only is this absolutely accurate it's also edited well. shayna really is extremely self conscious below the surface, she is dumb but not completely unaware of how she looks.

No. 958892

I'm sure you're TOTALLY embarassed Shay… Kek this is actually the nicest compliment and comparison you ever got about your snatch

No. 958897

FaceTune doesn't know what to do with her chins so it just blurs them all into a manly jawline. Looking like David Hasselhoff here. And eyeliner has taken up what room there would be for shadow, if she owned any.

no one on Twitter makes fun of her pussy, so she's just alluding to her daily lurking. She's so desperate for attention though, it's not surprising she comes here to read negative attention too

No. 958900

This isn't bullying, they were 100% cool with each other so why would she bully you Shayna? She was probably trying to make a joke.

No. 958907

>"I accept your apology"

Blocks and talks shit

What a cunt.

No. 958908

yeah she's mad because she thinks it's a farmer. Not because she's actually bothered by her pussy. Shayna still sells videos with her pussy looking it's worst.

This is her being her normal sensitive self, paranoid and trying to be a victim.
it's not about her pussy because the picture wasn't even picking at her pussy.

No. 958909

Nothing about this is gaslighting. Why do people that play victim love to throw that word around so much? Saying sex workers joke with each other isn't fucking gaslighting.

No. 958913

This person was retweeting Shayna's shit, so she's 100% overreacting and being a bitch to someone with less followers then her, who probably meant no harm.

No. 958918

Why can't she shut up about other sex workers? It's so weird how she's so egotistical yet she can't focus on herself for one fuckin day.

No. 958919

100%. Shay’s the real bully/clout chaser here lol. Her referencing gaslighting is such a reach to purposefully vilify this orbiter and make her look as abusive as possible because then in contrast Shay gets to be the biggest victim ever uwu

No. 958925

Watch, by tomorrow she'll be spouting all her "support other sex workers! we need love not hate!" bullshit positivity.

No. 958927

File: 1586910699641.jpg (420.84 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20200414_203117.jpg)

No. 958929

It's hilarious she took a pic of her holding it, because you can see how it totally doesn't look like her

No. 958932

She has a purse or something on, did she leave the house in that dirty ass hoodie? really?Throw that hoodie away shayna

No. 958936

File: 1586911654379.jpg (118.98 KB, 1080x499, Screenshot_20200414-194214_Twi…)

Doesn't she do this every night?

No. 958937

File: 1586911692208.jpg (177.43 KB, 1080x665, Screenshot_20200414-194306_Twi…)

No. 958941

File: 1586912594853.jpg (167.88 KB, 1080x578, Screenshot_20200414-200208_Twi…)

She's never going to drop this

No. 958942

Her and her ugly pussy are so damn pathetic. Grow up Shayna.

No. 958945

Nope. When she feels she's the actual victim of something she obesses over it and milks it. She'll be making a tweet about this for weeks now, making sure no one forgets that someone hurt her feelings.

Best part about this? Is it's another example of her hypocrisy, "Don't call people out, You are a clout chaser! Don't warn people about other sex workers! I hate drama! Drama isn't sexy!!"
She wants that retarded sex worker to suffer and she does not want people to forget what that person did.
Thats how shayna works.

No. 958946

Did she get dumped again?

No. 958954

I love how shayna feels no shame in showing that the other girl said something really sweet and she just left her on read

No. 958961

Yikes. Shes most looking forward to eating and drinking in public again. This tweet makes her sound really entitled and also like a real lazy fatass.

No. 958962

Hilarious but also why is she embarrassed? Dolphins are cute. I don’t get it. A guy called her pussy fat and she will not shut the fuck up about it to this day. But another sex worker says her pussy looks like a dolphins mouth and she’s embarrassed??? Girl….there are multiple photos out there that you personally have put out, that should embarrass you.

I swear she’s just milking this for all it’s worth because a female sex worker did this. If A guy was like “It looks like a dolphin” she’s be like awe thanks ! Dolphins r so cute uwu my pussy is cute

No. 958963

Oh she'll use this bullshit forever. Just like the "I've changed and grown why cant people leave me alone!!" thing. Now this is gonna be part of her handful of stories and rants she posts monthly.

No. 958968

So true. If a dude did this she would love it and go on about it positively and joke about it too.

No. 958970


She'd made this tweet >>958882 (The Dolphin Mattel joke) had a man made the joke.

No. 958978

File: 1586915537157.jpg (174.23 KB, 1074x671, 20200414_205117.jpg)

No. 958984


This, 100% this. If her boyfriend told her that, she’d tweet about it like it’s the cutest thing in the world and every girl should be jealous because her boyfriend is da best.

BUT SINCE IT’S ANOTHER FEMALE ofc she’s offended and going to be a cunt, because she’s threatened by other women. That’s why she surrounds herself with men and not girls, because she knows girls can call her out on her looks, personality, etc. and men ain’t going to do that because they’re only interested in her sexually.

She tweets all day about how fat her pussy is and how it’s gr8 and so sexy, yet this happens and her little house of cards tumbled down real quick. Almost like the shit she talks herself up with isn’t reality.

No. 958987

File: 1586917432008.png (1.65 MB, 760x6583, Screenshot_20200414-214332.png)

sorry for long screenshot, but she also ran to her orbiters for sympathy as well. and started grilling one of them why they were interacting with the tweets. I can post those screenshots but don't wanna spam the thread

No. 958988

She, her boyfriend and her orbiters who hang in that discord all day are fucking retard. Imagine sending your boyfriend that shit.

She's crazy.

No. 958992

Shayna has the sense of humor of an intellectually stunted teenager and talks about it publicly and makes it this whole I’m so quirky shit but she can’t handle a funny picture. Imagine that. Tarantula pussy suits her better anyway, dolphins are way too cute.

Time for drunk crybaby Victim Mattel to suicide bait over a mutual being such a MEANIE and apologizing after lmaooo. “I was just telling my bf how much she’s grown” because she really thinks she’s queen SW and gets to decide who is doing well and who isn’t.

Honestly discord anon I’m down to see the other screens lol. I hope she makes a drunk fucking fool of herself tonight.

We need a side by side of this vs her facetune abominations lmaooo. Look how crusty and greasy she looks compared to >>958779

No. 958995

So, she liked a picture of this girl making fun of herself, and that’s not mean because it’s self-inflicted. But it’s mean when it’s directed at Shayna, in obvious jest? It’s a pretty outlandish shop, it’s funny because of the sheer absurdity of it lol.

She took this sooo badly. She could have easily lol’d at herself, retweeted it and rolled with it. She thinks her followers laugh at her stupid shit she normally tweets, so they wouldn’t have laughed with her on this one? No one would have thought twice about it being malicious if she didn’t cry that it was.

No. 958996

Yeah I literally don’t know why she’s crying about this. There’s an ancient shoop of a dolphin with a pussy mouth that’s been floating around forever, it’s probably where that chick got the idea. She is so insufferable. Also lol at the scrote in the chat with a picture of his gf(?)

No. 958998

File: 1586919516286.jpg (421.75 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20200414-215832_Twi…)

That chick posted this

No. 958999

File: 1586919586989.png (815.13 KB, 760x3472, Screenshot_20200414-215003.png)

ask and yee shall receive. a couple more incoming.

No. 959000

File: 1586919615695.png (479.96 KB, 760x1892, Screenshot_20200414-215359.png)

No. 959001

File: 1586919661972.png (1.12 MB, 760x4362, Screenshot_20200414-225710.png)

and this the most recent, the link is to the other girl's twitter I assume

No. 959002

File: 1586919696159.jpg (199.95 KB, 1074x699, Screenshot_20200414-220021_Twi…)

No. 959004

This guys a fucking loser lmao. Just be straight up and tell her you thought it was fucking funny, because it was. “Nonono!! Dolly uwu it’s only funny if u say it’s funny!!!!!!!!!!”

LMFAO he doesn’t want to get blasted like Shayna is doing to this girl rn.

The girl obviously feels attacked bc people who follow both of them are tweeting shit like “I’ll break their kneecaps! Who is BOOLYING U!! I WILL KILL THEM” like come on.

No. 959005

And she's never there for them ever. I think the best part is she runs to the discord because her boyfriend probably does NOT want to be bothered with that shit.

He probably will discuss it for 4 or 5 texts before changing the subject or trying to Sexted, if he actually cared she would NOT be running to discord every single time she had drama.

And how is this chick clout chasing? Even the meme is saying she feels bad, PLUS they are attacking her on Shayna's twitter.
everyone thinks she's a bad person and is saying that shit on Shayna's feed.

I can't wait for someone to do this to shayna. She has it coming at this point.

No. 959007


lmao I didn’t notice that. Ew.


Wtf, the girl is basically admitting she feels bad. The cat has tears ffs, why would that make her “o NOW I’m mad?” the girl seems like she’s being civil.

No. 959008

File: 1586920422752.png (47.7 KB, 597x419, 333.PNG)

No. 959009

File: 1586920558553.png (32.42 KB, 591x282, 2.PNG)

No. 959014

File: 1586921043183.jpg (179.78 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20200414-222257_Twi…)

Is she back to pretending to be a huge wrestling fan?

No. 959017

File: 1586921798205.png (70.31 KB, 603x517, 11.PNG)

So mrs. "Everyone can change" does not even want to give the girl a chance to explain or defend herself. AND one her orbiters was being rude to her.

No. 959018

File: 1586921901779.png (37.03 KB, 621x375, victim.PNG)

No. 959019

File: 1586922080252.png (53.04 KB, 613x468, 777u.PNG)

"I haven't seen anyone attack her"

Also, why is it okay for Shayna to check her mutuals every 2 hours, whine about people who block her, brag about blocking people who block her, but someone posting from an ALT when multiple people are shit-talking her to defend herself is "stalking"?

No. 959020

File: 1586922191674.png (39.67 KB, 610x455, fhs.PNG)

No. 959021

Is this a fucking dolly Mattel content buying orbiter scrote calling a woman SIS … get these fuckers out of here

No. 959023

Sorry to samefag but fuck pixie as well with her stupid subtweet callout post

No. 959024

File: 1586922650880.png (47.38 KB, 591x514, djdjdj.PNG)

I also found this funny, I almost thought i was a farmer fucking with her because everything this person described was Shayna.

Also what a hypocrite.

No. 959025

So, uh, this drama settle that next thread picture is the dolphin pussy? kek

No. 959026

It not I

No. 959027

I 110% agree

No. 959029

>effort and creativity
the fact she thinks she puts either of these things into her content is hilarious.

No. 959032

It’s funny how Shayna talks about how toxic cancel culture is, except when it’s someone else and she sends her followers to harass them to the point where they can’t even apologize properly. If she ever says that “people can be better and change and make up for mistakes” she can sit right the fuck down because she does not practice that forgiveness for others yet wants it in return.

No. 959042

I get that the blowup is super hypocritical on shayna's part and showcases all the qualities that make her a cow, but it is def weird and creepy for someone to send someone else their pussy edits. Just because they interact on twitter doesn't make them bffs with the kind of quirky relationship where they photoshop eachother's pussies. Honestly if this girl weren't also a hapless SW I'd think she was a farmer cowtipping.

marie stop interacting with Shayna, she's not worth it, just come and quietly post your funny-ass edits here and we can all laugh together ok?

No. 959050

If a MALE follower did it, Shay would've called it "iconic" and make so many jokes about it

No. 959058

File: 1586929940691.png (493.64 KB, 760x2055, Screenshot_20200415-014332.png)

>I hope she makes a drunk fucking fool over herself tonight

you called it

No. 959059

File: 1586929966799.png (43.61 KB, 760x200, Screenshot_20200415-014409.png)

*of not over. whatever.

No. 959064

LMAO when is this dumb bitch going to realize that she is the problem and not whatever her circumstances are? you do not consistently have this many problems with people around you without being incredibly toxic irl. even fupa 2.0 is sick of the drunk antics already.

No. 959067

Something tells me that she's trying to frame this in a different light than it actually happened

No. 959068

Like she's sitting there talking shit on him and then complaining that she ruined everything. It's like she's literally trying to act like a victim while simultaneously telling her orbiters that she fucked things up. Which means she fucked things up.

No. 959070

Exactly it's no wonder that this stuff happens whenever she tweets about drinking…

No. 959075

>I got drunk and angry and started to yell at my Bf and he’s using that against me!!

Girl. Get help. ASAP.

Also, shays bf- pussy and ass ain’t hard to come by. How desperate are you?

No. 959078

File: 1586932117747.jpeg (1018.35 KB, 4000x3000, 473BFC00-3453-42B4-9E3A-A8B73B…)


No. 959080

>he’s the only person i have
Not the best person I know, the most valuable person… the only person. Showing she’s only with him out of desperation and need because if she doesn’t have him to help her be an adult, she’s nothing.


yikes. However, if he recorded her and threatened her with it, it sounds like she was doing/saying something psycho/incriminating/crazy.

…and confirmed.
>be an abusive cunt about it
She’s not innocent like she says. There’s a difference between getting in a fight with your S/O and being a bitch, but openly admitting you want to be abusive when they make you angry…? Her discord circlejerk will excuse her and blame him 100% but Shay is fucking toxic as well from what she’s said about this.

No. 959087

More server caps please I love you

No. 959088

So what I gather from this is that she heard him saying something on the phone about how she drinks too much and she flew into a rage? How is it not obvious to her she has a drinking problem, this is absolute alc behavior.

Watch her not end up moving because things are going south with this guy, there's no way she was getting a house on her own.

No. 959089

OPENLY ADMITTING TO HAVING DRUNKEN ANGER ISSUES?? But trying to frame it in a way like, “omg!! I’m dolly Mattel!! I have no other option at this point than to be this way!! It’s everyone ELSE’S fault!!! WAAH!”

help anons I’m dying

Would she call it flirting with other girls on his twitter if they were sex workers like her?? Hmmmmmm

No. 959108

"I just want people to be nice to me or I get angry"

THATS totally NOT manipulation or abusive behavior…

No. 959117

File: 1586937972530.png (442.46 KB, 760x1677, Screenshot_20200415-040512.png)

this is all she said after that.

I'm wondering if she's so drunk she won't even remember by tomorrow, and she'll have to reread what she wrote when she comes to lurk here in the morning.

No. 959124

I genuinely am wondering if she has been on and off again with this same dude since she “embarrassed him in public in front of his friends” I really want to see how she acts drunk because I feel like we have only gotten the surface scratched on her completely fucked up and acting a fool.

disappointed we were going to get some heavy cream and got skim milk. Thanks discord anon you are a peach. surprised she hasn’t lurked and freaked the fuck out about it tbh. Is she that fucked up?

No. 959130

“He recorded me threatening to tell the world who the real dolly Mattel is” this line is really telling lol. She has such a warped sense of importance. She really thinks she’s the main character in life doesn’t she

No. 959133

I would give my right arm for that video, damn

No. 959135


Honestly, i'll be very surprised if this "bf" doesn't know about this thread already, seeing as it only takes being slightly curious and googling any of her names for it to come up. The "showing the world the real dolly mattel" comment makes me think he knows there are people out there waiting for the milk. Also, wouldn't be surprised if she brought this thread up herself to milk for sympathy points and try to seem more important/famous than she actually is

No. 959156

Unpopular opinion but I feel bad for Shay. Imagine dating somebody whose instinct is to film your mental breakdown and you're a bloated alcoholic. I think she's been reading here and it's been upsetting her. Go home shay!

No. 959157

Shit anon, considering that lolcow is on the first result of her name google search, its not too far fetched that her bf definitely knows about this threads. Any sane man would run far far away. Damn shay, you're knee deep in some emotional blackmail from a trash man none the less.

No. 959166

if this is the same guy shes been on and off with for a while, she posted once that he said "everything people say on the internet about you is true" or something so yeah.

No. 959169

extremely unpopular opinion.

imagine dating someone who constantly gaslights you, drinks like a fucking fish, and posts free nudes of herself everywhere and has no REAL job. (not shaming SWers but shay can barely be considered a camgirl anymore, at this point she's just an online beggar)

No. 959172

File: 1586951948687.png (38.89 KB, 789x252, lol.png)

No. 959181

Yesterday she treated someone like shit now she’s suicide baiting because she treated the only person she has like shit. Karma works fast.

No. 959183

She will be back with him, but I think they are both toxic and fucked up. She won’t learn if she goes home she will meet some other asshole and do the same thing.

It’s sad. She clings to jerks and puts her all into them

No. 959186

File: 1586954260181.gif (1.4 MB, 480x270, E0249350-942B-4A9A-9C65-A29A33…)

>on god
>like on my father brother dog and cat
>the things i care most bout

No. 959188

He probably filmed her alcoholic abusive rage because she was so drunk he knew she’d either claim not to remember it in the morning or legitimately was black out drunk. She wasn’t having a breakdown, she was admittedly being an “abusive cunt” to him, as she said herself. Sounds like dude went over there because she’s been whining on twitter wanting to see him, he gets there and she’s sloppy pass out drunk. She overheard him venting on the phone about her wasting his time and goes into a drunken rage when he tells her to sleep it off. Idk, dude is probably trash too but I think she’s trying to make him seem worse in this scenario.

No. 959190

I think the reason he was filming her was because she was admittedly being abusive and he was worried about her trying to get him arrested when it's her that's the problem. It's actually a pretty smart thing to do if you're in a domestic violence altercation because if it becomes a he said she said they're going to take her side more than likely.

No. 959192

Lol I love how her discord retard orbitors call the dude a piece of shit, manipulative, and abusive then Shay LITERALLY admits to being abusive and they don't bat an eye. Amazing, the mental gymnastics these dumbasses do.
> I just want everyone to be nice to me or I get angry.
Wow. That's the most immature fucking thing I've ever heard/read. Is she fucking 10? How does she not know by now that not EVERYONE is going to be nice nor are they OBLIGATED to be nice. No one owes you a goddamn thing. What a narcissistic psychopath.
SUPER curious on that recording tho. If you read here, dude, let's have it. This girl bashes you the minute you're not coddling her and runs to her discord to talk about how you're abusive and apparently a cheater. She starts threatening to off herself if things get a bit tough not realizing that's extremely toxic and fucking abusive on its own. Let's see who "the real Dolly Mattel is"
Probably the only video of Shay I'd lay money to actually see kek

No. 959197

I think this is the most likely scenario. I don't know how far apart they live, but if he's going out his way, especially if he has an actual job that supposedly keeps him "2 busy 2 fuck me >:(", I can see where coming over and her already nearly passed out drunk can be annoying. It's probably a reoccurring thing since her drinking habits and narcissistic abuse are the reason they've broke up 57 times. That recording would be the sweetest milk to come considering we've had dryer-than-Shay's-dolphin-pussy milk for months now.

No. 959199

File: 1586956933152.jpeg (109.48 KB, 750x337, CDE006C9-57EC-4F91-A985-A16958…)

There it is.

Aby bets on how long before she gets back with him?

No. 959202

File: 1586957067545.png (35.19 KB, 796x178, Screenshot (27).png)

is she implying she is gonna start IRL sex work?

No. 959203

this just makes me think she was planning to move in with the her boyfriend if they are even still in a relationship right now, but he obviously changed his mind after the argument. don't want to sound too sympathizing towards the dude because he definitely went in knowing there's nothing more to her than sex, but shayna by her own words is being abusive towards him. at this point she is literally the stereotype of the drunk angry abuser, but instead of physical abuse it's emotional.

her idiotic idea that it was for blackmail is really annoying. anyone could see that he did that to make her realize how he behaves or at least just to have proof when she will later deny any of that happening.

No. 959205

Kek I'll give it 12 hours. Enough time for her to get day drunk and hit him up being a sobbing, embarrassing mess and guilts him into coming back or she'll ToTeS Kill MysElf.

No. 959206

She's a fucking idiot if she's gonna have "customers" come to her house for sexual favors

No. 959207

oh i think she’s gonna be suicide baiting all day either way

No. 959208

Nah. She's baiting. She wants her temporary ex to get heated and wants him to talk to her. He reads her Twitter. Nice manipulation tactic, Shay.

No. 959209

looks like i posted my post a bit too late lol, guess now well see if the place is her own or if she was planning to move in with him.

No. 959211

File: 1586957389430.jpg (229.68 KB, 1075x728, Screenshot_20200415-082830_Twi…)

In response to someone talking about her "job" being an issue to him

No. 959212

File: 1586957992598.png (594.01 KB, 2048x1223, Screenshot_20200415-093858.png)

Like clockwork. She hopped right on that pity parade and she'll be on it till she manipulates the dude to coming back. Ahh, the cycle of abuse.

No. 959215

i don't know about you guys but nothing is sexier to me than a woman suicide baiting on her sex work profile.


No. 959217

Fucking kek
Gee, Shay, maybe you're doing so poorly cause when guys go to your Twitter and see you being a whiney, suicide baiting baby, they're not getting boners. Maybe you should work harder and be sure to be fun and sexy on your profile! Amirite, Shay?

No. 959218

She really sounds like a classic abuser. Goes into a psychotic rage and when the partner is like, "aight, imma head out" she turns into the "wow, I really messed up/ I'm so abusive and a piece of shit/I overreacted/ I hate myself/ I just made a mistake, it'll never happen again, I promise!" Like we haven't heard all that before.

No. 959220


Lmaoo she deleted these already. I’m guessing she’s about to start guilt tripping the dude into taking her back

No. 959221

>i wanna bash my head in concrete
>i don't even want to be alive
for months this idiot has been alternating between "my life is amazing because of this man" and "life is pointless. i want to die". i'd say any meaning/paranoia this ever held for her boyfriend has long evaporated
i hope we get that sweet sweet milk lmao, kinda bummed that he seems to be above this (at least till now). had this been fupa we'd have received that video last night

lol i was gonna say. this kinda weepy baiting on a sex profile where the pinned post is a video of fingers being vigorously stuffed in a dry pussy? hot hot hot

No. 959222

Kek, 1 and a half starting now. Either a path of self respect or embarassing herself towards her discord orbiter+being a cumdumpster for a dick who disrespect her. I bet on latter.

No. 959223

File: 1586959176215.png (149.7 KB, 3307x2480, Cycle_of_Abuse.png)

Get your shit together, Shayna.

No. 959224

File: 1586959322679.jpg (164.48 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20200415-090052_Twi…)

Yeah drinking with meds, awesome Shay

No. 959225

File: 1586959381099.jpg (159.03 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20200415-090133_Twi…)

No. 959227

is she that incapable of not drinking that she's drinking white claws with pills at fucking 9 in the morning after she was just drunk off her ass last night? jesus

No. 959231

I mean, she’s pretty much an alcoholic at this point, so…

No. 959246

"that's them being rude"

Pointing out that your girlfriend gets drunk and passes out randomly is not manipulation or abuse. It's saying she has a fucking problem.

No. 959250

So you didn't talk about boundaries and what he's comfortable with, and are now blaming him for getting upset over it? Fuck off Shayna.

No. 959253

File: 1586965382432.png (629.65 KB, 1438x2048, Screenshot_20200415-114253.png)

It's disgusting that even her followers fall for her abuse

No. 959256

She's a narcissist so she tells these massaged versions of the truth so she can be comforted by people. She's trying to convince herself that she didn't do anything wrong. She's fucking delusional

No. 959260


She herself even admits she’s wrong, abusive, and that she overreacted. But her orbiters are stupid af, and don’t even listen to what she says, they just immediately jump into hugbox mode. So basically, they reward her for being in the wrong and she allows it. If you go back and read the tweets and convos she admits in a few of them that she’s the problem. She even says in that tweet about boundaries that this recent instance isn’t about her career, it was about her overreacting.

No. 959261

Yeah it's gross to see people tell her that she deserves the world after she admits to being an abusive person. it's no wonder why she's so delusional because even when she admits to wrong doing everyone convinces her that she's in the right.

No. 959267

The fact that she said she found his Twitter makes me think she was texting him and he was ignoring her, so she tried to go there to bother him some more. That is, if she isn't lying, of course.

No. 959268

the people who orbit and support her have always been like her, which is why they get on like a dumpster on fire. they will never admit that the perpetrator of abuse can be at fault. it's disgusting.

No. 959269

imagine if her ex actually leaks the video of her on twitter today

No. 959276

we don't know who he is so it doesn't really matter

No. 959279

saged bc I’m adding absolutely nothing new, but I really wish this bitch would log off, move home, put down the bottle and bong, learn to sit with negative emotions, go back to school and make something of herself. This shit has been going on for years now and it’s exhausting to watch; I can’t imagine how taxing it must be to actually live this life. GROW UP AND STOP DRY-FUCKING YOUR SLACK ARSEHOLE FOR PENNIES ONLINE.

No. 959281

File: 1586967658707.png (355.06 KB, 2048x472, Screenshot_20200415-121931.png)

She woke up to take pills and drink, just to fall back asleep.

She has a substance abuse problem, period. She's the stereotypical boyfriend that gets drunk and abuses his wife, but instead she's doing it to her BF. How fucking pathetic, and then to go and cry to people to give you money. Fuck you Shayna, you are worthless and deserve to get the shit beaten out of you.(a-log)

No. 959284

im sure farmers and other e-thots could find it if he tagged her in it

No. 959294

oh look it's a woman standing by her and supporting her yet again after a man "broke her heart". just like her female orbiters in her discord. these women are total idiots for standing by shayna. even if she wasn't abusive, she'll be making misogynist tweets about how women are big meanies within the week again.

yeah i don't really get how she all of a sudden found out he was talking to other girls on twitter. did he tell her while they were fighting? seems really convinient for her that she can tell everyone he's cheating so really he's the bad person and not her.

No. 959308

She’s been trying to alternately praise and trash this guy for months. Remember when he got pissed at her for tweeting shit about him being abusive because he told her to chill out and take her psych meds instead of smoking so that she would stop spiraling? Yeah it’s so abusive that he suggested she take her actual meds instead of smoke weed. I’m sure the guy is no prize because he’s dating Shayna after all, but the second he stands up to her instead of enabling her she runs to twitter and discord implying abuse. Seems like he cared about her well being at least a little bit, sometimes. She talks about him like he’s nothing but a penis to fuck and someone to cook for her.

I find it weird that she didn’t know his twitter before. Maybe he really was being shady behind her back but damn, they’re off and on so much it’s hardly a surprise.

No. 959314

Honestly, good on him for keeping proof. Shayna would lie and say a guy was abusive to her to get back at him for breaking up with her.

The bad part is the dude is going to have proof but he'll be back, either by manipulation (suicide bait) or wanting to get off, maybe he does care about Shayna.

I feel this is the same guy from the first bar incident.

No. 959327

Yeah I don't think she was just being verbally abusive. I think she was legit beating on him and he filmed it so she couldn't deny it or tell police he was the aggressor. ESPECIALLY if she's known to act that way when she's drinking

No. 959333

I agree. She is absolutely not above physical violence. she probably thinks it's like foreplay or something. so fucking toxic.

mystery man please upload that video and show us The Real Dolly Mattel

No. 959335

I wonder if she’s just being dramatic when she says “a situation I can’t come back from”. I assume she means she has no chance of salvaging the relationship. If that’s really true she must have done something even worse than all the times before. And he has video proof.

Guess we will find out if/when they get back together.

No. 959340

It's pretty funny how her (ex?) Boyfriend is using video proof to show what kind of horrible person she is and her orbiters are saying that's wrong, but when she posted screenshots of her DMs with the dolphin girl, that was justified and no one batted an eye.

And I have a feeling he was pissed at her for falling asleep because he was trying to help her pack and move and the lazy cunt was too busy being in a Twitter fight. My bet is she'll be begging for money for movers because he was going to be helping her. What a sad life she has that she doesn't have anyone but three people in her discord.

No. 959341

Yeah that's what tells me she probably got physical with him and he bailed

No. 959361


I would love to see this video. That would be the most damning thing. She wouldn't be able to run and hide from it.

No. 959365

I imagine it was her screaming, throwing stuff and threatening to hurt herself.

No. 959380

File: 1586977834866.png (475.79 KB, 590x570, je.PNG)

Jealous Mattel is always so worried about other people's actions, maybe if she worried about her own she wouldn't be having a freak out with her boyfriend every other week.

Thank you for being supportive of sex workers Shayna.

No. 959381

File: 1586977874178.png (47.59 KB, 604x507, y.PNG)

No. 959384

File: 1586978053385.png (38 KB, 588x387, r.PNG)

No. 959385

Shit like this pisses me off because she's so obviously manipulative not only to her ex but to her followers. I hope he drops the video because she deserves it. It's funny that this comes right after she was manipulating the situation with that girl to be a victim. She wouldn't be able to weasel her way out of video proof of how shitty she is. If her career weren't over before, it sure will be if how abusive she really is came out.
She has dropped no hints talking about the situation that her ex was the problem or did anything wrong, even when she was trying to get sympathy. Yeah he was flirting with other girls, but how do we know he wasn't just fed up with her shit?

No. 959386

File: 1586978139054.png (35.54 KB, 579x396, 5.PNG)

Don't you love when a bitch goes from wanting to die, to talking down to other sex workers within hours?

I assume her boyfriend gave in and they are back together, so she's back to preaching and starting shit.
Any sympathy i had for her is gone.

No. 959390

The best thing is I bet she'll hate men after she's done with this boyfriend, I have a feeling he's going to expose her ass, because there's only so much someone can take.
Eventually, he's going to just call the police on her when she suicides baits or flat out expose her and never speak to her again.

No. 959393

File: 1586978446929.png (70.17 KB, 611x547, 222.PNG)

oh look shayna talking shit to someone

No. 959397

File: 1586978574343.png (45.49 KB, 608x486, rrrr.PNG)

No. 959399

File: 1586978669860.png (39.3 KB, 598x309, www.PNG)

No. 959401

File: 1586978741463.png (479.54 KB, 2048x1092, Screenshot_20200415-152511.png)

Why does it bother her so much how other sex workers run their business?

No. 959403

File: 1586978841585.png (33.66 KB, 586x404, Capture.PNG)

So this is why Shayna made this tweet, the bitter asshole, decided to bother this random nobody, talked shit to her, then talked shit with some other person, then decided to post aboutit again on her twitter.

a fucking bully.

No. 959405

So she's back with her boyfriend or she's taking her anger out on other people.

No. 959406

This isn't guilting anyone. It's just asking if they're subbed on OnlyFans. It's pretty damn harmless. Pick your battles, Shay.

No. 959407

File: 1586979252149.png (45.02 KB, 592x403, eee.PNG)

No. 959409


i think she's making up the twitter "he talked to other girls"

she's psycho and needs reasons to show the world she's not wrong for abusing him

she's truly a monster, and i'm surprised she hid it so well. it's strange how lax she's being lately with letting everyone know what a massive pile of shit she is

No. 959410

She makes no sense.

No. 959411

So according to Shayna, you have to be a sex worker for a certain amount of time before starting an OnlyFans, otherwise you're not serious about it?

No. 959422

Fucking disgusting gatekeeping at this tome of international crisis when literally millions of people are being pushed into destitution. So someone wants to upload some photos of their cunt to try to pay their rent and keep the lights on? - And fucking what?! Stop being so fucking sour, Shayna, you hideous pig.

No. 959428

the peak retardation that is shayna’s brain is not understanding that it’s actually more respectable to NOT be a full-time “sex worker”

No. 959431

File: 1586981564454.png (397.19 KB, 593x493, 444.PNG)

Hope this is about her boyfriend and I hope he drops that video. does anyone else have a feeling Shayna's about to have someone dunk on her ass and she won't be able to get out of whatever it is? I do.
She's been rea bold on twitter.

No. 959438

She’s been day drinking and taking benzos already today. Reality hasn’t hit yet, I’m sure. That’s why she’s bossing on twitter.

No. 959442

File: 1586982292232.png (35.34 KB, 556x362, Capture.PNG)

No. 959444


lol she was calling it a house before

No. 959448

File: 1586982785237.png (96.91 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_20200415-162908~2.p…)

(fake caps)

No. 959451


No. 959452

Hahahahaha and she deleted it. Gold.

Give us the milk, Fupa.

No. 959454

fake???? Stfu lmao what is this!!!!

No. 959455

Gotta be fake or an old draft or something

No. 959456

lmao imagine how pissed he was if he saw this tweet. fupa come on!!!

No. 959457

Yeah twitter posts don’t even have this time and date format. This is fake lmao.

No. 959459


Gtfo here with this fake post

No. 959460

fake caps.

what do we call this? soy milk?

No. 959462

Based on how shay has presented this dude, he doesn’t seem like Fupa either. Fupa was garbage but this guy seemed to put up with a lot more than Fupa did or would.

No. 959464

Relax. That's what happens if you've viewed someone's tweet and they delete it. Believe the screenshot or not I honestly don't care. this was my first time posting here. I saw it last night on her page and was surprised no one had mentioned it here

No. 959465

With all the good milk coming from Shay naturally right now, some retard drops a fake twitter screenshot? Really?

No. 959466

Shayna just SHUT UP and move your shit, it doesn’t require this much thought. “Hmm what do I move first” you have like 5 boxes at most and some electronics and 3 items of furniture lol. Just fucking do it.

Also don’t you have to schedule movers? You don’t just call them and say “come over and move my stuff right now bc my bf bailed on me”

No. 959467

File: 1586983748918.png (Spoiler Image,629.75 KB, 1071x2149, Screenshot_20200415-164821~2.p…)

(fake caps)

No. 959468

they're referring to the strange date format. The format and font is wrong. You failed.

No. 959470

File: 1586983985163.jpeg (95.52 KB, 750x765, 3C4604F9-6A4C-40A2-BFA0-B58F63…)

Jfc shes manic as hell today

No. 959472

keep in mind she straight out said she was having urges to "be an abusive cunt" to him after he left though

No. 959473

I call bullshit. You said it was deleted, but if it was posted at 12:55am this morning and it's still there 15 hours later, that means I should have been able to see it earlier today.

Stop pushing your fake screencaps.

No. 959475

She's not manic, shes a disgusting narcissistic abuser. Don't give her the excuse of her "mEnTaL iLlNeSs"

No. 959476

My bad anon I meant as in just acting stupid and crazy I didn’t mean no polar manic

No. 959477

not cool to tease us with fake milk during this time of mass shortages anon

No. 959480

she's horrible. She knows this is messed up.
She's not manic because this tweet->>959431 was made making me feel like shit was good for a while, but then they started arguing again.

so now she's doing what she always does, threatening to hurt herself. Funny how she's supposed to be moving but she's on twitter being a manipulative asshole

No. 959481

File: 1586984376652.png (18.18 KB, 595x169, dm.PNG)

No. 959482

Yeah nothing like that when I go to Twitter either.

No. 959484

I wonder what she's going to do when the guy just doesn't give a fuck anymore. Everytime she does this he cares less i bet.

No. 959486

Lol does she think if she stops taking them she's suddenly gonna drop weight?

Also being slim isn't gonna make her happy.

No. 959490

How long has she even been on these new meds? A month or two? And taking them with alcohol AND weed every day?

Delusion in its highest form.

No. 959491

Lol yeah, it's the meds

No. 959492

This whole thing is sad tbh

No. 959494

No retard you are fat because you live off cheeseburgers and pink Zinfandel

No. 959498

Girl. Only YOU can change who you are. Taking medication doesn’t just change you. It’s a fucking life long process of therapy and changing your behaviors. Medication is just a helping hand.

This statement right here is why she will never, ever succeed in life. She’s like Moo. Wants a quick, instant fix.

Fucking spoiled ass bitches man. Cautionary tails on why you don’t spoil or enable bratty ass children.

No. 959502

This tweet has the same format for the date.


Just saying.

No. 959503

This is the disease process for mental illness. Get sick, get in crisis situation and want a quick solution, take medicine thinking it will solve all problems, feel like don’t need medicine anymore / “it’s not working,” stop taking meds, then shit seriously hits the fan. Her alcoholism, constant smoking, and codependence on twitter validation is about to land her in the loony bin. Literally has no positive coping mechanisms and cannot reach ANY goal, personal or “professional” that she makes for herself. This is seriously just sad

No. 959504

you formatted the date and punctuated the "AM" in the time wrong you fucking autist lmao

No. 959508

not with a period after "Apr"
y'all really be out here with zero attention to detail

No. 959510

File: 1586987581520.png (672.95 KB, 828x1792, 96AC7833-9EEA-4C7D-8D57-F9CE4F…)

how many times is this dumb bitch going to keep blaming her meds for her weight gain? you eat nothing but junk and drink on a DAILY basis, shay. maybe take your poor dog on a walk once in a while to burn a few calories.

No. 959511

She’s definitely an alcoholic (breaking news). This guy dumped her the first time because she got drunk and embarrassed him. She got drunk yesterday, had a huge fight with him because she passed out FROM BEING DRUNK… and what does she do not 12 hours after the whole drama? Drink. That’s not fucking normal. I wonder if she binged on alcohol last night to the point of passing out because of the girl from Twitter lol.

I don’t buy she didn’t know about his Twitter, she said before he’s read her tweets. Unless he just lied about seeing them and not having an account but I doubt that.

And right here is the classic manipulation tactics. She knows already he can read her tweets, so she tries to guilt him for I guess not driving her to the new place and her, god forbid, having to get an Uber. It’s his fault she doesn’t have a car/drive.
The meds thing, we all know for a fact their last obvious and big fight was because he was trying to convince her to take her medication, so threatening to stop take them is another tactic to try to get him to reach out since it’s obviously a weak point with him and her.

Guilting a man into being a relationship with you ain’t it, ya dumb bitch.

No. 959514

File: 1586988050287.png (Spoiler Image,2.34 MB, 750x1334, 89AA2BF3-DE14-49CC-BCDF-30F5FA…)

she’s posting new pics of her apartment on twitter. this one is zoomed in, but is that a huge bruise on her hip or what??

No. 959517

File: 1586988198810.jpg (372.89 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20200415-170241_Twi…)

No. 959518

File: 1586988239218.jpg (414.13 KB, 1079x1127, Screenshot_20200415-170310_Twi…)

The kitchen she will never use and the livingroom that will be trashed

No. 959521

….can she even afford this by herself? i’m confused

No. 959525


What’s the point in two bedrooms when she literally owns only two beds.

No. 959526


Is this her place? Same colored wall and ceiling fans. If it is then she's probably moving there for the $1000 off deal.

No. 959527

Eh, I think it’s safe to assume her dad took pity on her and is going to pay her rent or at least a part of it. What I want to know is how she’s going to furnish that apartment. She’s got the children’s daybed, the bed her mom bought her, a dog cage, a bunch of crusty pillows and a stool maybe?
Shits going to be so empty.

No. 959533

Nice apartment, I’m confused why she needs two bedrooms when she has no friends or family near or… really any items/furniture in general. I’m sure she wanted a whole room dedicated to shooting videos. Probably will still use her disgusting bed though and it will all be for nothing.

No. 959534

i really don't mean to be THAT person, but i know a chick who made 200 dollars in one singular day.. without even actually posting nudity. shayna is so delusional and jealous that there are actual people making good easy money with zero humiliation involved. she knows she has to degrade herself so severely for 5$ tips daily lol.

No. 959535

File: 1586989472971.jpeg (219.46 KB, 828x1464, EF3A30F2-A4EF-4E44-A944-4FC38C…)

Looking at the pet fee; I doubt this is her apartment since you have to pay 400 for each animal + a fee each month.

No. 959536

If she did pick it for the $1k off then she's very stupid. She's gonna blow all her money and then when the extra $1k rent hits she's gonna be scrambling

No. 959538

Just saying, people like about not having pets all the time.

No. 959541

I can't wait to see her evicted from this when she smokes weed in there and it circulates all through the building and people complain.

No. 959543

File: 1586989781918.jpeg (344.39 KB, 750x706, AD76B2C2-A679-4A6C-92C9-AE4656…)

And she’s back to calling it a house. You're really going to play make believe with your orbiters huh Shay

No. 959545

File: 1586989881476.png (452.27 KB, 597x1072, Screenshot (30).png)

she just posted a video of her naruto running?? around, idk how to make a gif but she looks like some kind of cryptid omg

No. 959547

yuuup. wouldn’t even be surprised if her current place isn’t aware she has pets

No. 959548

ahahaha her brain was been absolutely HYSTERICAL the last couple days, she's lost it.

No. 959549

wow her new place actually looks nice

No. 959551

It’s nicer than her current place, that’s for sure. She was paying, what, 900 for her last place? So this place has to be like 1300? 1400? I don’t know Tulsa prices- only that it’s cheap as fuck.

How sad she took an Uber to her new place with a box of old dildos on her lap.

No. 959552

File: 1586990562870.gif (4.14 MB, 472x480, 05CB3368-98A2-4818-AC28-AE6904…)

here you go anon kek

No. 959554

she cant even bend down all the way properly lmfao

No. 959557

If she has 750 follows on OF than that alone is gonna be able to pay her rent plus tips and mv sales. It's gonna come down to her being able to budget and we all know how much weed and dumb shit this bitch buys so we'll see

No. 959558

looks kinda like a hickey tbh, plausible if her bf has been coming over

No. 959559

i mean it’s assumed this place would be more expensive than her last and she was already begging for rent money and money to move

No. 959564

It also looks like the kind of bruise you get from bumping into counters while stumbling around drunk

No. 959567

File: 1586992142570.jpg (242.73 KB, 1080x849, Screenshot_20200415-180905_Twi…)

And here's the begging

No. 959568

File: 1586992204483.jpg (180.65 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20200415-181001_Twi…)

No. 959582

she's so unprepared for this. She could've easily been saving up money to fill her house. I think her house is going to be just as empty and dirty as her last house.

No. 959586

i know to us this is just another instance of shayna being a dipshit humble-bragger with "uwu im an internet personality butrlly im just like u normal ppl 2!!"

but man this is a bad tweet to put out for a public audience. go find some e-personalities to talk to about this shit with. dont directly establish with your audience that youre fucking boring.

No. 959590

File: 1586994571512.jpg (Spoiler Image,404.93 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20200415-184854_Twi…)

No. 959594

A lot of apartments will let you spread that fee out but idk about this one.

No. 959600

No. 959601


Porn that she posts for everyone to see on Twitter for free. I doubt she’d actually do customs unless they pay a good amount at once.

Also, betting the “necessities” won’t be necessary stuff at all.

No. 959603

Except Shay posts this shit all the time and calls it her brand.

No. 959604

That's assuming she didn't pull some "uwu ma mental illness" bullshit and paid for an ESA letter from her therapist or off some shady site. If she has an ESA letter, the apartment can't charge her for her pets.

No. 959605

no bitch its because you keep smoking carts on the daily with no breaks for your brain to relax and its causing you to mood swing. put down the fucking drugs and alcohol and see how your meds feel then

No. 959607

I hate to say it but I can't wait for Shayna's suicide baiting, "i'm not going to take my pills!!" threats and her twitter to get her in trouble.

So far she's been very lucky but I have a feeling she's going to get into something she cannot get out of, and hopefully she learns from it.
i doubt it though.

No. 959610

Her using her twitter to manipulate her ex makes a lot of sense. It’s two-fold…it works on her orbiters for pity points and has the potential bonus of guilting her ex if he’s not answering her calls or texts but is still checking up on her social media. Gross.

No. 959613


It’s a form of abuse in and of itself - she has an audience in the form of orbiters and even “friend” sex workers. In a way, she has more “power” than him when it comes to the fact she can air their dirty laundry to her discord and Twitter. Anybody no matter the follower count that posts the bad details of their relationship on social media when they fight are trash regardless. But he knows that she’s done this at least once… so in a way she’s abusing him by the fact he can be in fear of her/getting into a fight with her because he knows she can go run to other people and twist things to make him look bad. Who’s to say he’s not scared to leave her because she might go to social media/her circlejerk and say shit about him that may or may not be true? That sounds like emotional abuse to me.

No. 959616

Yeah this bitch is fucked in the head and I already knew it but seeing how she treats her partners is disgusting

No. 959618

He’s already kind of shown that through his actions. It’s probably why he filmed her, and why he was so upset in the past with her tweeting about him after they had fights. He knows that if she’s pissed, she has the power as the female and as a female with a follower count to try to twist things in her favor one way or another. I don’t blame him trying to get proof by filming her.
Some of her weird shitty tweets make more sense now if you take into consideration that she’s tweeting them to get at him.
And to top it all off we know nothing about this dude other than what shay has posted about him on twitter or discord, and we have seen how wildly that swings depending on whether he has enabled her lately or not. She has control over how her followers perceive him.

No. 959625

Maybe why dude keeps getting back with her. Suicide baiting and emotional blackmail. Yikes.

No. 959627

Does she realize most house kitchens are open concept these days? I've seen trailers with better kitchens.

No. 959632

OF anon, come through with the video of her crawling on all the counters kek

No. 959640

I bet in a month her ‘bf’ will be on here trying to post milk after she does Some bullshit again

No. 959650

I don’t think she begs because she can’t afford things. I have no problem believing she makes enough money to scrape by. I know she’s gross but so are pornsick males and desperate pick me SWers. she begs because she’s entitled and because it works. I don’t think she’s rolling in cash or anything, but I believe enough scrotes and orbiters pay for her to live the bare sad life she lives. An apartment but nothing to put in it isn’t that great.

No. 959660

This. She exposed how much she made on onlyfans to brag a couple threads ago, but it just confirmed that she begs and guilt trips because it works.

No. 959673

I think when she begs for rent she’s just begging for weed and alcohol money. She seems smart enough to pay rent and internet first. When she begs it is for luxuries and she has already paid her bare necessities. Sometimes she she begs for reimbursement because she thinks it’s cute and findommey and that she deserves it, but mostly she knows people would more likely pay her for “rent” or “bills” so that’s how she frames it.

No. 959676

I still don't understand why she'd rather pay $1000-$1200 a month to live in the shitty suburbs of OK rather than pay a similar amount by splitting an apartment with someone and live in a trendy city geared towards her lifestyle like Denver or Austin. Hell, she could even rent a little studio in L.A. for the same amount of money and would actually live by herself and in an area relevant to her """career"""

Also, all of the 2 bedroom apartments are listed as being 2 bath as well. She clearly was or is still intending on living with her boyfriend. There's no reason she'd need another bath in addition to another bedroom just for herself.

No. 959680

this place does have 2 bathrooms, she mentioned it on discord. she said one is going to be for work?? whatever that means

No. 959684

the only thing that kitchen will be used for.

she's like so good at decorating though, she totally needs a bunch of cheap junk for her video backgrounds that we'll get to see over and over again.

like when she put that stupid curtain and stuffed toys in the bathroom when she was with fupa for ~aesthetic~ twitter pix.

No. 959687

Shay can’t live with a roommate. It has never worked in the past. Can you imagine? She’s an entitled nightmare. She says she wants her living and bedroom to be separate from her porn room. I don’t get the people insisting that she intended to live with her bf. I’m sure she would have taken him up if he offered, but he didn’t and found her this place instead. She gave up on her industry porn career when she moved in with fupa. She even stopped flying to LA. Actually living with a roommate in a better area is too much work for her. She is content to be in OK, filming herself fucking her dry asshole.

No. 959694

Unrelated but that fucking interview with her was so damn hilarious because she is so stupid. Just like Shayna.

No. 959700

It has a gym. Literally no excuse for her to keep sitting on her ass and complaining about being fat, but we all know she's never going to set foot in it.

What's she going to do about furniture? All she owns is a bed and a children's daybed. She doesn't even have a couch, and in her old place the TV was just on the floor.

No. 959712

it’s probably going to be the exact same thing except everything will just be more spread out now. there will be animal hair and weed ash embedded into the carpets and trash will be strewn across the floor within a couple weeks

No. 959724

i think she's in OK for the same reasons that one anon listed upthread/last thread. she thinks she's a "tulsa 10" because she can get fupa dudes to date her and feel good about it. moving to a bigger city is going to force her to see the slug life she lives, she won't be able to think she's hot shit anymore. at this point i think it's just going to drive her over the edge

No. 959728

OKfag here, Shayna is a Tulsa 3 on an excellent day. Her delusion is bottomless.

No. 959731

I don't understand why she doesn't just move back where anyone in her family is. (Besides pride of course.) She moved to OK for the ex, Fupa, right? If they're not together anymore, what's keeping her? She doesn't have a job there, no friends, she has[d] a boyfriend but what's really tying her down there? Nothing, really.
Most people don't move because they can't afford it, have friends they don't want to leave, a job they can't just up and quit, or family. She has none of that, she even just finished a lease only to start up an even more expensive one there, so she could've afforded to move to any city she could pick from for the most part. Hell, she even hired movers ffs. Not cheap - she's absolutely capable and has the means.

Only thing I can think of is she's content in being unhappy so that way she can keep complaining about her mentulz helths yet won't actually do anything to change it because then she couldn't bitch and pretend to be a victim of circumstance or something.

No. 959732

>Only thing I can think of is she's content in being unhappy so that way she can keep complaining about her mentulz helths yet won't actually do anything to change it because then she couldn't bitch and pretend to be a victim of circumstance or something.

this is correct.

but it's likely also because of the cheaper rent (i'm assuming?) and legalized weed, if i had to wager a guess.

No. 959734

I don't really understand why everyone shits on the fupa anons so much, outside of that the tinfoil speculation can become too excessive. I honestly wouldn't have questioned that fake screen if anons hadn't pointed out the obvious editing errors. It all fits the M.O. of their entire dysfunctional relationship, he'd absolutely be 'hitting on other girls', already proven to have 'issues' with her 'sex work' and 'boundaries'. the phone bill shit, blah blah. shay isn't bright enough nor does she learn lessons well enough to keep her relationship/boyfriend 'private' unless the boyfriend forced her to. and it'd absolutely explain why the fuck she won't leave tusla.

that said, i agree fully there's no concrete evidence and it could easily be any other smuck, or multiple since. i just don''t imagine it's anywhere near as unlikely as it keeps being made out that it could still be him.

i'll take the ban if this is considered derailing on a beaten horse subject, just couldn't help myself.

No. 959769

I'm certain the cheaper rent is a factor, a place like her new one would cost 2-3x as much anywhere that wasn't bumfuck oklahoma. In L.A. for example, that would easily be a $2500-3000 apartment. Shayna wants to have the appearance of living a lavish lifestyle, but she'd rather spend her money on weed/booze/food/ill-fitting clothes than on the rent on a nice place.

it's really sad that she's referring to a 2-bedroom apartment that would be most people's starter place as her "dream house"

No. 959781

The kitchen in her new place is tiny like a miniature ikea display lol the living room looks small too. You can tell she’s already coping a bit by bragging about ~muh high ceilings~
I mean at least the fridge looks pretty updated and it looks more modern than her last shithole place.

No. 959802

Poor Noodle, in this apartament Shatna won't be able to just let her out to run around and pee at the patio, and I can't imagine her walking the dog at least 3 times a day…

No. 959833

Weed is recreationally legal (anyone over 21 can buy it) in MA, so that's definitely not a factor in her being in OK. Rent is definitely cheaper depending on where in MA she'd be living.

in the responding tweet she says "please don't take this too seriously" but, it's obvious she's hoping people will be like "omg goals!!" so she can feel validated

tiny kitchen isn't a problem for her as long as the freezer and microwave work.

No. 959844

She lived in a literal musty closet in Seattle and paid a lot more. That studio was probably the worst place she’s ever lived. I think she knows that her options are very limited in more in demand areas. Not just because of cost, but because she can’t qualify for the nicer rentals in better areas because of having no good credit. Since she gave up on doing any industry porn it’s not important to her to be close to LA anymore. What she learned from being in OK is that she can get more for less and still make the same videos fucking her own asshole. She’s perfectly happy to settle.

No. 959845

The dream house thing is a worn out OF meme. She even said not to take it seriously herself. Still probably the nicest place she’s lived on her own.

No. 959847

File: 1587044978100.jpg (446.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200416-144834_Twi…)

This happened today and she's going off on one of course.

No. 959848

File: 1587045089777.jpg (549.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200416-145044_Twi…)

No. 959849

File: 1587045121521.jpg (520.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200416-145101_Twi…)

No. 959850

File: 1587045151923.jpg (523.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200416-145113_Twi…)

No. 959859

File: 1587046004991.jpg (207.13 KB, 1080x1008, Screenshot_20200416_100205.jpg)

Shayna, no one is impressed or even thinking about your new shitty tulsa apartment. You're making pedo porn to cater to the most degenerate losers.

No. 959860

File: 1587046316190.jpg (618.58 KB, 1080x2044, 20200416_151138.jpg)

it was a few girls calling her out again

No. 959861

It's funny how just yesterday she was doing this to another sex worker, and now today it happens to her and she's screaming about how sex workers need to leave each other alone.

Practice what you preach Shay and maybe people won't be so eager to come for you.

No. 959868

File: 1587047997084.jpeg (49.8 KB, 750x373, AC7AF610-05AD-4DC3-A722-061466…)

What’s the tea?

No. 959869

File: 1587048081969.png (402.45 KB, 740x714, Capture.PNG)

An orbiter started tagging people that spoke out about Shay over the Cindy Lou Who porn

No. 959870

Cant post cap because I‘m in public but some girl on twitter called anniemfetish called her Shayna Clifford and shes acting like its a big deal

No. 959871

File: 1587048137870.jpg (611.52 KB, 1080x2055, 20200416_154201.jpg)

more today lmao

No. 959872

File: 1587048140983.png (108.18 KB, 754x801, Capture.PNG)


Apparently they googled her.

No. 959873


Didnt she used to go by her name originally on Tumblr? So it's not doxxing when she put the info out there herself.

No. 959875

Omg yes sorry just found it for myself hahahah come on @irlbarbie everyone knows your name is Shayna Clifford, that is so weak! I thought someone had dug our where her sad new apartment is. Grasping at victimhood again…

No. 959877

File: 1587048595012.png (39.78 KB, 731x268, Capture.PNG)

Is this Noah woman from her discord? Shay's only acknowledged her.

No. 959878

File: 1587048905118.png (85.7 KB, 741x655, Capture.PNG)

>does canon age porn of Cindy Lou Who
>makes all the lines canon age sexual innocence
>"Why am I the pedophile?!"

No. 959879

maybe just stop being a disgusting pedo-panderer shayna

No. 959882


are these orbiters actually trying to say that because other camwhores are pedo pandering morons that it absolves shayna of any wrongdoing? no one said she was the first to pander to pedophiles, in fact she’s one of many in the “sex work community”

these bitches have worms for brains i swear to god

No. 959884

idk but Noah is the one that brought up old as fuck tweets for some reason. like i dont think anyone would be talking about shay if she didnt do that lol.

No. 959885

It’s a nice apartment but Shayna is a dumb fuck who can’t even save $500 to her name and thinks she needs to spend her entire income on rent to look like she ‘made it.’
She would be making a better case if she actually worked on building a foundation. What’s going to happen when her porn is no longer selling and she has no education or skills?

No. 959887

File: 1587049958850.png (41.81 KB, 740x379, Capture.PNG)

From what I found the tweet that started all this. Weren't kidding about old as fuck. Bet the discord is interesting right now.

No. 959891

"so do you have a problem with ddlg?"

yeah, most normal people do.

the people defending shay are fucking idiots.

No. 959893

File: 1587050352415.png (46.65 KB, 753x294, 1.PNG)

No. 959896

File: 1587050455397.png (110.9 KB, 744x744, 2.PNG)

No. 959898

it's funny because shay's pedo-pandering ass makes sex workers look bad. the lack of self awareness.

also i have no idea why these female orbiters promote shay all the time when she never does the same for them. like obviously she's insecure as fuck and doesn't want prettier girls stealing her business. you've gotta wonder if they only promote her because she's ugly and her content is shit (i haven't looked at this girl's twitter though so she might be a dog too). we've seen her onlyfans…these kinda posts feel so dishonest

No. 959899

Man, all my favorite cows are kicking off during this quarantine and I'm living for it! Who do you think doxxed her?

No. 959901

what is with this bitch and the fucking whataboutism? other people do something so she's immune to criticism? you have to call out literally every person on the planet before you call out her?

imagine going like "b-but what about becky???" beyond the age of like 10 years old

No. 959902

File: 1587051177998.png (343.55 KB, 736x244, Capture.PNG)

This is what her orbiter Noah looks like. I've yet to see anyone good looking support Shay and I doubt Shay would let anyone good looking near her. Too much competition.

No. 959906

File: 1587051447731.jpg (657.33 KB, 1080x1792, 20200416_103646.jpg)

Looks like this girl found the threads and for some reason even used her last name

. Let the milk flooow!

No. 959909

That third tweet. Looks like she had a run-in with Shay before. Must have been a follower and looked her up around the same time.

No. 959911

File: 1587052097319.png (35.65 KB, 736x375, Capture.PNG)

Look who's getting senpai's attention now.
Shay's retweeting a bunch of promos for other SWers and tweets defending ageplay/ddlg as being kinky people and not pedos.

No. 959912

Why not talk about all the people shayna and her crew bullied? All those gross swers do pedo pandering, I want to see Shayna called out for bullying people and bratty. Also, they want other girls to get harassed instead of shayna? Posting “she did it tooo!!!” Is saying “get mad at them too!” Or “go bother them!!!”

No. 959913

is this fucking lillee jean?

No. 959916

christ i can see why her onlyfans is free, who would pay money for that?

No. 959918

discord is radio silent as of now

No. 959919

File: 1587053033249.png (64.16 KB, 740x460, Capture.PNG)

No. 959920


You legit have a discord you empty out your problems to but okay shayna

No. 959923

It kind of annoys me they focus on the oldest shit. The other day she just had a few of her friends attack someone trying to apologize to her, before then she went off on a better looking sex worker for "copying' her and never apologized.

she's constantly preaching, being a hypocrite and being a asshole on her twitter. Shit yesterday she called out some random girl and made fun of her with a potential customer.

She literally gets others to fight her battles. She goes to her discord hoping to get them upset enough to attack the person, that ugly bitch who constantly is sticking up for her etc.

There's so much to get on Shayna about currently.

No. 959928


True, if they find this thread, they’d see that her being garbage is literally an every day occurrence.

No. 959931

File: 1587055711065.jpeg (76.81 KB, 500x500, 6739C612-1F2D-48F2-875E-2B9548…)

these people are all so boring. unfortunately there is no real difference between “Dolly Lou Who” and the rest of this crowd and its dazzling array of ddlg ahegao pedo-pandering ass content. twitter SW types are so eager to position themselves as morally superior while they all use the same tactics for the same end goal: to please smarmy men under a guise of self-empowerment

No. 959932

OT but I would pay a year's worth of her porn fees to see a 3D CT scan of her skull.

No. 959933

>implying her apartment will make her porn better than ever

I know she’s delusional but wow. How the hell is a different apartment going to change the same shit you do? You’re going to string your lights up on the wall behind your child’s bed, nail dildos to the wall and display your musty dirty pink pillows while you jam your vibrator on your public bone and pretend to have 10 orgasms in a minute.

Sometimes I envy her delusional mind set- what a world to live in.

No. 959936

Exactly, like I said there's so much current shit they could call her out on, but either they don't know, don't look into Shayna and only are hanging on to the shit they knew before they stopped fucking with her or they think the other shit she was doing wasn't a problem.

It's funny how there's people who could do something in the same room, at the same time, witht he same clothes on, but if they are entertaining then no one fucking cares.
Not only is Shayna herself boring, not that attractive and unsexy, but her backgrounds are as well.

No. 959946


The Annie girl is the SW Shay got into it with a few threads back because Shay posted a pic of her dad uncensored and the Annie girl commented that she probs shouldn't do that. Shay got butthurt and when off about how "I cAn dO wHaT I WaNt"

No. 959952

So in Shay's mind it's fine to post her dad's face and identity to the internet but not post her name it takes 0.5 seconds to look up and find? Wow.

No. 959966

File: 1587061871816.png (161.41 KB, 602x882, lmao.PNG)

No. 959969

File: 1587061950153.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.26 MB, 810x10386, 20200416_133236.jpg)

Here's the discord group she ran to. She deleted some of her posts before I could get a screenshot. No NSFW, it's just a long picture.

No. 959971

'they' literally brought up shit from December? Excuse me but didn't her orbiter search out that tweet and repsonded to it or am I going crazy too? None of this would even matter if her braindead stans would stop digging this up. hilarious.

No. 959975


Did she really find a mutual and run to them and say they’re following this girl to try to get them not to anymore? What a sniveling cunt. Her running to her discord is cowardly and weak af, too.
She’s one of those girls that talk all big and try to get into fights yet bring five of their friends with them to fight one person. Guess what? The world doesn’t just pause when you have good things going on and wait until an “appropriate time” to throw shit on you. If she ever had any real life experiences, she would know that. She’s such a brat, and not in the cute way she thinks. She’s a brat in the insufferable little bitch way.

No. 959976

Shay's guzzling so much booze that her brain can rewrite history just a few hours old. Her orbiter searched out the tweet >>959887

No. 959978

File: 1587063156080.png (20.21 KB, 600x326, Capture.PNG)

in other news…

So she's realy going down this gamer girl route huh? I'd love to see this girl get banned off twitch her first day for flashing her pussy or showing her content on stream

No. 959979

File: 1587063190821.jpg (285.39 KB, 1079x1271, Screenshot_20200416-135227_Dis…)

Laughed out loud at "court is just so expensive" bitch couldn't even pay her ticket, let alone try to sue anyone.

No. 959982



No. 959985

These dumbasses don't even understand what defamation is. It's really hard to prove in court too. Internet "harassment" doesn't mean defamation. It has to somehow affect her life/safety and or business/income. She has nothing.

No. 959987

she can sue her for defamation….by posting her real name, which she used to post on all her social medias not 5 years ago. kek.

No. 959988

this is singlehandedly one of the most hilarious screenshots i've ever seen in shayna's threads

No. 959990

>court is just so expensive

Which is Shay speak for "I'm too chickenshit to do anything"
Shay will never take anyone to court no matter how many SWers post her hypocrisy. She'd sooner cry about it in her discord and then go drink.

No. 959993

File: 1587064853432.png (91.03 KB, 736x722, Capture.PNG)

Is this her way of telling Noah to fuck off for making the drama worse for her by making it public?

No. 959995

Remember when she was bragging about being able to cancel and end other SW careers cause she has “screenshots”. Shayna where’s that energy now.

No. 959996

All the tweets about being "doxxed" and all the Cindy Lou Who posts have been deleted from her timeline.

No. 959997

Oh it'll be back in a few days. Don't forget she was happily shitting on another sex worker just yesterday for making a joke.

No. 959999

A joke telling a girls to kill themselves for dressing a certain way.

No. 960003

File: 1587065815159.jpeg (354.74 KB, 1242x1654, 2CE16201-9E0F-487D-9336-3D54C3…)

Omg I just read her exchange with that annie girl and I think I have brain damage.

Shayna really thinks everyone is a farmer lol.

No. 960004

Get a fucking life. Why are you so obsessed?

No. 960006

So which orbiter are you?

No. 960007

shay doesn't even make sextpanther money, why would they give a fuck about her twitter drama

i wish this was her demonstrating removing herself from the nonsense like she said she would this morning. but since her playing victim fell apart it's just a cover-up. she's so weak

No. 960010

She really does. She's extremely paranoid. She needs to stop drinking and get help. She thinks if someone isn't praising her, than they're on here.

No. 960012

She's trying to get the chick kicked off sextpanther, that's why. She's trying to tag them and be like "hey you follow her that's a bad look, she doxxed me" as if they're going to care about her personal problems.

No. 960013

Lol go back to worshiping your dusty ass crusty pussy boil mama in discord.

No. 960014

File: 1587066337696.png (347.59 KB, 778x709, Screenshot (32).png)

its her lol.
all shes doing is bringing more attention here lol, pretty sure shay will love that

No. 960017

I love how you think this thread isn't made up of tons of people and is just a few folks who hate Shayna.

If Shayna wasn't a fucking wreck with constant milk, she wouldn't have over 50 threads at this point.

No. 960020

you know she doesn't give a shit about your ugly self, right?

lmao i thought the same thing

No. 960023

She doesn't have the money to sue this chick and she doesn't have the balls to report her either. I doubt Sextpanther will care so long as one of them is making money.

This chick is turning out to be Shayna 2.0
Wanted senpai's attention and now she's going the same victim route too.

No. 960024

Shayna get your orbiters THEY are causing issues for you. In fact, don't say shit, let them keep fighting your battles and causing more stress and drama.
This is what you get for bothering people for no fucking reason. Funny how quick karma works.
You lost your shit over a joke someone made, then your boyfriend threatened to post videos and I bet next time his ass is going to do it because you are abusive and fucked up.
Then you bullied someone yesterday for no reason and look at today?
You are never going to learn.

No. 960026

Good job bringing more attention to the thing shayna hates the most. Such a good friend!

No. 960028

She actually started shit attacking other people on shayna’s behalf TODAY and is now framing obsession hahahahaha

No. 960031

Definitely not ugly. I literally make money for being pretty. So keep reaching.(nobody cares)

No. 960032

You literally make money because men are sex starved and need a cheap vagina to whack it too. But go off I guess.

No. 960033

If you were pretty then Shay wouldn't bother with you. Between that hawk nose and the botched looking cheekbones you're just ugly enough for Shay not to feel threatened by you.

No. 960034

You know you are doing the opposite of helping Shayna right? you also know if you were to say the wrong thing, she'd attack you and get others to attack you just as you are doing right now, right?

No. 960035

men will pay anything that has a vagina, you ain't special lmao. cope harder

No. 960037

She’s just mad Shay is getting all the attention lmao. Cam whores always flock here to self promote when the milk is creamy. It’s sad.

No. 960038

She really should watch herself before she winds up getting someone's attention negatively. She's already outed on social media where she lives, what university she went to and her sorority.

No. 960040

Why ya eyes so far apart?

No. 960042

i don't get how someone can go out of their way to find this thread and ignore all of shayna's disgusting behavior over the past few days. bitches need to do their homework and realize shayna is not worth defending

No. 960043

bitch you have crazy eyes and look to be about 40 years old lmao i'm dead

No. 960045

does she not understand that promoting a website in your tweets that has a longass thread on shayna and all her ridiculous antics is very very stupid. at least shayna refers to lolcow as a 'message board' or whatever.

also, this is so fun. i wonder how much of this is gonna be deleted tomorrow lol

No. 960048

File: 1587067596741.png (28.53 KB, 740x271, Capture.PNG)

She already deleted it but she did leave this.

No. 960052

Can you image how that would go in court? “Your honor he is not a pedo because these guys also did pedo shit. “ wtf

No. 960053

God she sounds like shayna. “When people just up and decided to hate me” uwu I’m so misunderstood

Surely couldn’t have been your own fault, considering your shining personality

No. 960055

lmao, i love when idiot ass cows and their stupid ass orbiters bring more attention to the site. shayna is so full of shit, every time she gets into a bit of drama the threads get brought up cus it's the first result for her name. she ruined her life and she just can't acknowledge it.

No. 960057

Imagine starting so much shit for someone you are trying to protect. And that person being Shayna of all people.

No. 960058

I love how everyone else treats someone so evil except this bitch and Shayna. Shayna is so innocent.

No. 960060

wow, with all the clout today i am genuinely surprised shay hasn't started suicide baiting on twitter yet

No. 960070

The day isnt over yet. Im sure we will be able to mark it off the bingo card soon enough.

No. 960071

This. Shay is literally just a joke.

No. 960072

You guys do realize ddlg isn’t pedophilia right…? So that argument doesn’t even make sense

No. 960073

it's still nasty and degenerate though

No. 960076

How is a person pretending to be a child and engaging in sex acts with a person pretending to be that child's parent/a random adult not pedo shit lol

No. 960077

do you know where you are, dumbass? gtfo twitter cunt

No. 960078

It's gross as fuck to portray a child character in a porn period. There's so many adults you could do, but a child? yeah thats fucking gross. Normal people don't think like that.

They also don't make porn in diapers pretending to be a baby or act like childern during sex period. It's gross. All of it is and everyone who does it and puts it online for others to see.

Shayna constantly sexualizes anything to do with childern.

No. 960081

I’m not even from twitter lmao, I’ve been on these threads since like 28ish, and y’all are really calling me a cunt because I pointed out how everyone is calling Shay a pedo pander (she is) but that doesn’t have anything to do with ddlg and that you guys genuinely just misunderstand ddlg. Please chill I’m not the enemy lmao

No. 960082

Okay Noah, you literally show your pussy and ass for free lmao

No. 960085

if you've been on these threads for a year and haven't been able to read the room regarding the general consensus about ddlg and the degenerates that participate in it then you are just retarded

No. 960086

honestly this girl's an attention whore who's coming here and piggybacking off shay's drama because men won't pay for her ugly ass. we shouldn't give her the attention she craves.

it's pretty obvious that shay only likes ugly orbiters she isn't threatened by. i mean look at pixie.

No. 960088

Last I’m gonna say on it because it’s not related to thread and I’m not trynna get off topic, but rq the reason I said something now despite knowing how everyone feels is because for a while I agreed with everyone and then I took the time to actually educate myself on what it was and not just blindly speaking poorly and I realized it’s really not what you guys make it out to be and it’s important to educate yourself :)(:))

No. 960089

>muh misunderstood ddlg
ok? no one asked ur expertise on ur degenracy. go back to cock sucking therapy for ur parents divorce or whatever.

No. 960090

Nah you’re just disgusting

No. 960091

Fucking hell. This Noah girl is 24? She looks like a 40 year old version of how noah Cyrus used to look. Do you have much luck on the sugar daddy Reddit’s with that face?

No. 960106

File: 1587072951713.png (165.06 KB, 360x450, 5D93831E-A83F-413F-BE62-B2B2CC…)


lmao that forehead is tragic.

No. 960107

It’s not pedophillia sure, by a mere technicality but how the fuck you girls can defend it is beyond me. If a guy wanted me to act like a little girl, or was ok with me doing it I would find that to be suspect as hell.

No. 960109

File: 1587073015084.jpeg (52.93 KB, 1280x720, 51D048B1-4642-449C-8C2B-39A71E…)

Shut the fuck up I literally thought she was 50. She looks like the Saw puppet pic related

No. 960111

File: 1587073093102.jpeg (184.23 KB, 911x772, 221E7388-6D18-408A-9894-04473B…)

“The Dolly Mattel experience”

No. 960113

50 is a stretch, but then it’s hard to say given she’s using extreme filters on every pic. She for sure does not look 24. Also lol at calling herself “curvy”

No. 960120

amazing work anon! this may sound nitpicky but i think you forgot her 6 inch eyebrows that reach the sides of her hair

No. 960123

40 something at least. Not hyperbole. I really thought she was a “milf type” old woman.

No. 960124

Nicely done!

No. 960127

File: 1587073597419.jpeg (212.64 KB, 1124x1472, 2E7BBC63-E5FE-4395-9F1D-D708BA…)

Orbiter has a face like a magic eye poster. Bitch put on some chapstick(derailing)

No. 960130

File: 1587073843013.jpeg (310.07 KB, 737x887, EF561630-5127-4FFA-B60F-57CEC0…)

but her eyebrows have never been shorter!? Did you mean eyeliner?

No. 960134

oh my fucking god shayna. you are the most over dramatic manipulator ever. please just shut up.

No. 960138

Kek Another Down Syndrome lookin ass bitch. Shayna, come get yo girl for copying. We all know you're the queen of making retard porn, with ya Gypsy Rose looking ass.
>I make money by being pretty
This why your OnlyFans fucking FREE, my dude?? Someone come send this bitch to church. She need saving.

No. 960139

File: 1587074288145.jpeg (188.07 KB, 911x772, E05FC99F-12D8-49B5-AF51-F91DFF…)

My bad fixed it

No. 960142

Hey, Noah. Congrats on sticking up for a person who LITERALLY abuses their partners, who's a fat drunk, a bully, the biggest hypocrite to ever crawl out her mother's asshole, and a brain dead cunt who will just send her orbitors after you if you don't kiss her ass and enable her. CLEARLY thriving here. Maybe with Shayna drama you can up your OnlyFans to 1 whole dollar now!

No. 960143

apparently WE all need psychological help but this deformed hideous attention whore with a FREE ONLYFANS is mentally rational. alrighty. go keep prostituting yourself for literally no money lol incredible.

No. 960144


No. 960151

File: 1587075100815.png (234.9 KB, 405x416, shayb.PNG)

no anon you're right, for some reason i was thinking about her earlier pictures but her eyeliner is definitely not doing her any favors

still amazing! i'm digging the addition you made to noodle

No. 960154

File: 1587075246280.jpg (180.98 KB, 1076x605, Screenshot_20200416-171308_Twi…)


No. 960155

File: 1587075400917.jpg (227.57 KB, 1076x997, Screenshot_20200416-171323_Twi…)


No. 960156

File: 1587075481668.jpg (196.33 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20200416-171352_Twi…)

She's going to beat this Tiger King trend to death like she does with everything else

I feel bad for whoever who is going to Skype her, since we've all seen her cam shows

No. 960157

wtf is supposed to be sexy about this, 45 year old moms casually upload pictures like this to facebook on their beach holiday. it's not even that she is so ugly, the face tuning and shitty filter helps mush her face a lot, but it's extremely boring and there's nothing to it.

holy shit, it's starting to feel like she is drawing them shorter and shorter, like she is trolling us. one day she'll just go no eyebrows and then that will be the end of the thread because we all collectively loose it.

No. 960160

File: 1587075533288.jpg (201.29 KB, 1079x760, Screenshot_20200416-171214_Twi…)


If she thinks her "haturz" are mean, just wait for the Twitch fans

No. 960161

How much is this going to go into getting furniture? Nah, she's going to buy expensive ass weed, junk food and everything she doesn't need.

No. 960162

File: 1587075585124.jpg (230.85 KB, 1080x830, Screenshot_20200416-171231_Twi…)


No. 960164

I cannot fucking wait, i'm very excited. I bet her mods are all going to be sex workers and she's going to embarrass the fuck out of herself

No. 960165

File: 1587075637609.jpg (231.79 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_20200416-171334_Twi…)

She most likely re posted the same pic

No. 960166

I know nothing about Twitch, are you allowed to be naked during a stream?

No. 960168

No, and since she is a no name loser; she will get banned quickly if she streams naked.

No. 960174

shayna please. you have been viciously humiliating yourself for years + you have so much hardcore content and your pussy all over the internet for free, there are girls who easily get 500$ for much much less weekly lmao. as in real sugar babies.

it's just annoying how she's obsessingly bragging over this acting like it's the most rare incredible thing ever

No. 960175

No, Shayna's shit will be boring. Especially because she's not that attractive enough to get views. There's a shit ton of better-looking girls, who play games, who are actually entertaining, shit there's even girls who dance in front of the camera badly, who make what shayna makes in a month in a few days.

She will either have a dead fucking channel or it'll be full of sex workers.

No. 960176

absolutely not lol they are extremely strict with ToS too unless you’re like a huge well-known streamer

No. 960179

I is rare and incredible to Shayna. Which is sad because it's been years and for someone who brags like Shayna, who made twitter sex work their "career", you'd think this would be normal.

No. 960180

i feel like she said the same thing when she moved in with fupa and then again when she moved into the apt she just left. all she's done so far is run around like an idiot, lay on her counter and engage in twitter drama, after which she's complaining about the stuff she "needs" for her 'house'.

>a young girl can't grow and change and make mistakes
uh, she's in her 20s right? like ok she's maybe young but not a girl, she's a damn adult no matter how much she says ~i'm baby~ and she's fully aware of what she's doing for her content. she hasn't changed or grown; saying she does to trick ppl isn't the same as actually doing something to be better.

No. 960184

i cannot fucking wait, she won't be able to face tune the shit out of herself while live. she'll probably get sloppy drunk in the middle of the stream and start crying from not being instantly successful with it.

No. 960186

And Lana's going to make sure no one fucks with shayna (we know that she's going to make her a mod), It will be a huge mess.

No. 960187

this is true i guess lol. she loses her mind over 20$ tips

No. 960190

I do hope Shayna truly learns and grows, I feel her surroundings added to her behavior but we all know she won't.
She's back with her boyfriend (if she wasn't we'd know about it) and she's back to being a huge jerk.
Its hard to even have a small amount of sympathy. I've noticed that whenever Shayna makes up that dude, she comes back extra rude and cocky.

No. 960192

Shay is always preaching about sex work not being "easy money", but she probably thinks streaming is going to be super easy

No. 960194

well she's going to learn quick. If she does somehow gains a following she's going to have more eyes on her then ever.

No. 960197

File: 1587077055609.jpg (310.09 KB, 1080x1086, Screenshot_20200416-174412_Twi…)

Can't wait for this milk and trainwreck

No. 960202

I'll be suprised if she can even get her stream set up. She's such a uwu stoopid baby that she'll get everything in the mail and then give up.

No. 960203

Nah, she will make her man figure it all out while still acting like an uwu stooopid baby.

No. 960204

Lol no one wants to watch someone getting pissed off and upset on a stream.

Also fortnite is probably the most streamed game so she'll struggle there and others she says she plays are not very interesting to watch especially if the person is boring.

Presumably there is no weed allowed shown on twitch? How will she cope?

No. 960213

File: 1587078103624.jpg (153.64 KB, 1080x567, Screenshot_20200416-180119_Twi…)

No. 960214

ah, yes, these are the “necessities” for her apartment that she begged for tips for yesterday.

Yeah, it’s funny how her orbiters excuse her behaviors as uwu innocent mistakes but they don’t give other SWers that call Shay out on her shit that kind of leniency, they gang up on them to defend their rat queen. By their logic, these girls they attack for Shayna are just young girls that don’t know any better, right?

Has this girl ever been on the internet? I can’t wait for her to be in cringe complications because (normal) people don’t think it’s cute for girls to be a idiots on stream. Only coomers eat it up, the rest of the people on the platform are going to think she’s a fucking joke. “i’m babby uwu” and pretending you’re a delicate flower by crying unironically isn’t going to fly.

No. 960215

She'll probably smoke it off camera like she did on chaturbate when she would drink off camera

No. 960216

>willing to let people pay $500 to skype
>begs for computer money so she can "cam again"
Scammy Mattel never change

No. 960228

Prob using her phone tbh

No. 960230

>gets called out for sexualizing children
>sexualizes baby animals

No. 960234

i know a lot of you here have brain rot from shayna's stupidness, but how in the goddamned hell is that sexualizing baby animals?

No. 960236

lmao for real

No. 960239

I think we've got some sex workers who Shayna's dumb orbiter made aware of the site, so they are just saying dumb shit.

No. 960240

I doubt she'll even end up streaming. I mean, how often does she actually cam when she says she will? 3% of the time? Streaming will just be another empty promise to her non-existent fans

No. 960244

File: 1587082418344.jpg (381.59 KB, 1077x1710, Screenshot_20200416-191306_Twi…)

Wow, that's something to be proud of Shay

No. 960250

File: 1587083113563.jpeg (112.8 KB, 1280x720, 0D0D99F4-AD30-4802-B525-BA2D86…)

Bruh why does she look like Anne frank here

No. 960252

Oh yes, degrading yourself like the gutter trash you are for some disgusting neckbeard. Slow clap. You're so pathetic, Shayna.

No. 960253

Don't disrespect Anne Frank like that

No. 960256

I do wonder if any what advice does Shayna take from here? We know she reads here, but so many people give her good advice and it seems she takes none of it.

No. 960257

File: 1587084384802.jpg (371.69 KB, 1075x1471, Screenshot_20200416-194452_Twi…)

But it's definitely the meds

No. 960259

i'd wager that she has made changes based on things that have been said here but credits herself. like ditching the blonde hair for a darker color and claiming that she finally found a color that worked for her

No. 960261

shayna wishes

No. 960264

let's goooo i'm SO hyped for twitch saga, chat gets nasty
can't wait for the bitch fits and her saying poggers every 5 second like with every meme she's late to
who knows, maybe ending up on LSF will give this washed up whore some exposure

No. 960269

File: 1587086526171.jpeg (Spoiler Image,409.96 KB, 2048x2048, 75582117-802B-4E0F-A71E-488D3A…)

fatty mattel ™ but it’s totally the meds

No. 960272

Her nose is kind of red near the nostrils and she kind of look like Brianna Wu, looks like she'd been crying or she's super high.

Regardless, why? Why the leggings, why the tiny shirt? I wish she'd dress for her size. Does she know there's tasteful clothes that look sexy, trendy and…just not childish and tacky?
Oh and in her size?

No. 960274

Tbh the darker hair doesn’t look any better at all. Anons harped on it for ages, but once she actually did it we all realized nothing was gonna save her. The darker hair ages her in a bad way. I never expected us to see a chubby brunette Shay with stubby short fingernails so quickly. It’s been a wild ride.

No. 960276

Even when she was thin she didn’t look feminine. She always looked like a twink.

No. 960278

Why is she constantly choosing a foundation that is too light for her face? She looks like a damn ghost

No. 960281

She's not even in her mid 20s and she already look like a trashy single mom jc

No. 960282

I always thought she looked better with brownish blondish hair, long hair and curly. She seems against having all her hair down nowadays.
I know as you get older you can't carry weight the same way, but it's sad to know that this weight gain is 100% from depression. Drinking, smoking and over eating all to cope with bad life choices.

No. 960289

Her natural curl always suited her best but even when she didn’t straighten it she chose to French braid it wet into a crusty ass mess instead. At least we haven’t seen that lately.

No. 960292

File: 1587090182061.jpg (163.01 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_20200416-212251_Twi…)

Lol no Shay, we all know your toxic trait: suicide baiting

No. 960293

File: 1587090226873.jpg (230.24 KB, 1080x828, Screenshot_20200416-212241_Twi…)

What about that $500 you made Shay?

And these groceries most likely are: alcohol and junk food

No. 960310

wow. she's officially huge for a 22 year old

No. 960316

I went through her threads from the beginning because quarantine and I cannot for the life of me figure out why she didn’t move somewhere else post fupa. Anywhere else. It truly makes no sense to me, she has nothing in OK

and her discord is so sad to read lmao she has no friends

No. 960331

It’s not from depression, though. Or the meds. Those are just her cop-outs for not doing anything to change it. She has an unfortunate body type, and she’s lazy and makes terrible food choices. She admitted herself that when she was skinny she didn’t eat and just lived off of wine and weed. Plenty of people her age drink and party and eat crap because they’re college students or whatever, but most of them don’t balloon like she has, and most carry the weight they do gain much better. Most people who are as thin as she used to be actually look better when they gain weight, she just has really unfortunate genetics. She has a body type that will only have a chance of looking better if she actually started seriously working out. She still had a fridge body when she was thin (just a mini fridge instead of a side-by-side) so obviously losing weight won’t help.
Sage for mini-rant but I hadn’t seen a full body photo of her actually standing up like this since the weight gain and it really shows how unfortunate her body is. She’s literally a straight line from her armpits to her knees, no curve to her boobs, waist, or hips. Maybe try using that free gym in your new complex, Shayna.

No. 960332

Tbh she would probably look fine if she had actual curves. Her body is just so tragic..

No. 960335

I don’t usually think plastic surgery is an improvement for most people, but on her I think it might be. Sometimes you just need a do-over on a bad genetic dice roll.

No. 960337

Miss 8-inch-difference-between-my-waist-and-my-hips

No. 960346

most likely due to the fact she can't afford to. she doesn't save money and constantly begs for whatever b/c she spends on stupid shit. she was just sent $500 for a skype session, spent half of it on 'groceries' and is asking to be reimbursed. she's have to save thousands to get anywhere else and that's not going to happen.

No. 960347

>my weight has gone to my boobs
lmao right

No. 960352

File: 1587097872356.jpeg (30.41 KB, 275x258, CAC3F282-AE78-4874-83DE-D256C7…)

LMFAOOO she says she gets her bag but her OnlyFans is for free, holy shit only the dumbest follow Shayna, I can‘t with these hoes.

No. 960353

But your only fans is free? kek how desperate for attention do you have to be.

At least you have the self awareness to know no one is going to pay money to look at you

No. 960358

when she starts streaming please let’s not give her live views, I want to see her struggle to get affiliate

No. 960365

File: 1587099618657.jpg (209.92 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20200417-000017_Twi…)

When is Noodle and Rib going to move in?

No. 960367

guess her apartment can't have been that miserable to live in if she didn't arrange to move out on the day she got the keys. Not like social distancing is a thing that happened yesterday - it's been at least a suggestion before she ever got this place (according to her tales at least)

No. 960372


The coffee at 9PM isn’t the toxic bit, it’s the alcohol at 9AM.

No. 960374

I mean who realistically does that though? Every time I've ever moved I've taken probably at least a week to get it all moved. I don't know who plans a move in and move out date at the same time.

No. 960375

What does social distancing have to do with moving into a new place. If she's moving out and not breaking a lease she had to at least give 30 to 60 days notice. This is such a weird nitpick

No. 960376

true for many/most when moving in the same town but she made her current place out to be such a toxic mouldy shithole that was affecting her greatly which if it really was you would think that she would be more motivated to get out. This is the same girl who lived on a child's daybed until a month ago. While I don't doubt that it's a shithole I feel like she greatly exaggerated how bad her mental and physical health were effected (obviously).

nothing but that is what I gathered from her tweet here >>959442 unless by "now" she meant that she actually has furniture to move?!

No. 960385

File: 1587104998769.jpg (223.06 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20200417-012946_Twi…)

No. 960388

File: 1587105071878.jpg (275.03 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20200417-013007_Twi…)

No. 960414

Maybe I'm alone in this but she looks like she lost a bit of weight? Maybe because she's standing, but it's not that bad, she's not "fat" or "huge" but average built.

No. 960415

this is gonna be a real unpopular opinion, but i don't think her body is too bad, she needs to work on literally everything else though. having any kind of personal hygiene, getting better at makeup, getting off the alcohol and weed so maybe she'll be less bloated and her eyes won't be so fucked up, figuring out something proper with her hair, wearing clothes that actually fit her and learning to be comfortable on camera and posing better. i also think her genetics are pretty unfortunate, but if she compensated for no curves with being nice looking in literally any other aspect she could be a bit successful.

No. 960432

I've noticed this too, she've slowly started losing weight since she got on the new meds

No. 960433

File: 1587116688501.png (54.96 KB, 747x367, 1.PNG)

Didn't she do this posting her pics as a "child model" ?

No. 960445

I wish someone would tell these dumb broads that having your irl name used isn't doxxing. And telling her dumb ass to go to court to sue for defamation is a major kek.
>your honour, they used my actual name online, my business will never be the same
>sir, she fucks herself on camera for pennies

No. 960447

it’s not even that she’s that fat. she just gains weight in the worst places: stomach, waist, arms, ankles.

No. 960454

>A man calls her a shit eating pig
>"tee hee living my best life"
>A woman calls her by her name

No. 960457

How many times are we gonna see her bare ass on those kitchen counters anons

No. 960463

I doubt she’ll bother to clean the counter after her laying naked there like a sea lion, though that’s probably the only thing she’ll do in her kitchen

No. 960487

started telling what about dolly mattel? that she's a fat depressive shut-in? we been knowing.

No. 960512

lol no. her upper body in that last pic looks bigger than ever. before that, her belly was sticking out, but now her waist and everything else has caught up so it just looks like one big chunk of lard. and honestly, i've been one of those people who defended her weight gain until now, because this is in no way longer average. at least not for somebody her age. she actually looks like a bmi of 25 or slightly larger, which would put her in the overweight category at that point

No. 960513

You could tell she wanted to go off by her response but you could tell she, 1. knows that Bratty has her back and has actual followers and 2. she can't think of anything to say to defend herself.

If this was any other sex worker Shayna would've said something or subtweeted them on her twitter.

No. 960514

File: 1587136330808.png (357.75 KB, 2048x992, Screenshot_20200417-111157.png)


Bitch you're a stoner every day what fucking PROPS do you need?

No. 960526

“Roll your weed on it” underwear
Weed socks (that she has anyway but any excuse to buy more crap from amazon)
Rasta colour beanie hat
Cheap plastic, green background sheet (if she pushes the boat out)

No. 960530

Everything‘s a business expense, if you can use it in porn.

No. 960545

Are you serious? Why does she need any of that when shes a stoner normally?

No. 960552

I swear I think she has all that stuff already

>rasta hat

naw, it'll probably just be some basic-ass beanie that says "weed" or something equally stupid

maybe the issue was that none of it was pink

No. 960555

Sorry I meant to put it was a prediction, my bad

No. 960560

File: 1587143603899.png (500.6 KB, 2048x1236, Screenshot_20200417-131235.png)

Or, you could actually put up and run your "business" like an actual business and keep track of that shit like you're supposed to.

No. 960562

how does that even happen? she has too much time to not follow through on giving someone their content

No. 960567

??? Who the fuck does that? If you pay for something and have to run after it… This is so scammy. She's hoping people will not follow through so she doesn't have to work. This is no way to run a business.

No. 960570

Not only is this unprofessional but it's been years, years. She has nothing else she could be doing other than making content.
She has no other jobs, no friends, nothing taking up her time. Even if she did, the way she preaches and talks down to people you'd think she wouldn't need to be "reminded" or "checked in on"
We know she does not have thousands of people asking her for shit. Imagine being the gross retard to buy something from Shayna and see her twitter.

You see her ranting, doing a skype call, starting drama, and doing everything but what you paid for.
Then the funniest thing is between all of this, you see her telling people how to run their business and chastising other sex workers.
Meanwhile, she has not reached out to you or gave you what you paid for. Trash

No. 960572

That's what happens when you offer weekly customs to people who pay you $50.

Fucking retard. How can she go around telling other sex workers how to do their jobs when she can't even keep track of content she needs to make that's been paid for?

No. 960573

This is literally nobody’s responsibility except her own. I cannot stand this lazy stupid ho.

No. 960579

File: 1587145828062.png (1.94 MB, 1911x2048, Screenshot_20200417-134956.png)

She also hasn't posted anything to her paid "advice" page since she's made it, yet is still charging money for it. Retard.

No. 960580

probably doesnt have any subs on it lol

No. 960581

Now imagine how she'd react if someone else did this?

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but seeing sex workers tell paying customers 2, "remind them" of work they owe them is very unprofessional, imo u should not take on more work then u need 2, ur customers should not suffer because u took on more than u could chew! Remember 2 take care of yourself and customers!!"

No. 960590

This sounds exactly like her too. She's so predictable.

Take your own advice Shayna.

No. 960602

I don’t understand how this dumb cunt lacks the IQ to even just write a ‘to do’ list. Utterly remarkable.

No. 960625

File: 1587152408810.jpg (488.05 KB, 1080x1562, Screenshot_20200417-143518_Twi…)

No. 960627

File: 1587152720080.jpg (462.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200417-144452_Chr…)

This definitely makes guys hard Shay. Didn't even know she had a laundry room, so I can only imagine how bad it is

No. 960628

If she is truly happy with her sex work "career" why does she want to suddenly get into streaming video game content?

No. 960633

Why the hell did she buy a stream deck…? Those things are expensive and are only used by top streamers bc you pre-code certain actions onto the button (showing subs, etc etc)

No. 960636

File: 1587153279981.jpg (518.17 KB, 1080x1864, 20200417_145419.jpg)

You weren't kidding, the one she got is $150. She has no impulse control

No. 960638

It’s funny because she gatekeeps sex work all the time. She hates that people just “start sex work because they think it’s easy”. And here she is, suddenly coming into the twitch realm because she plays Sims. And acting like it’s super easy to do (I don’t know if it is- just pointing out her hypocrisy) because she has a desk and some headphones.

No. 960639

i know nothing about capture cards but i feel like she wont have any idea how this works just like that microphone she bought.

No. 960641

If you've never streamed before why use a stream deck? Those are for people who need stuff right at their fingertips and can't take time for keyboard shortcuts and stuff, it just makes everything easier. How is she going to figure out how to program it all?

No. 960653

Isn't the stream deck just an enhancement for streaming and not a capture device? Because elgato makes both but one is for enhancing and ones for display…
Did she already get a capture device or is she fully retarded

No. 960654

Tinfoil that her BF is a big gamer and a gross neck beard (probably whacks it to Momokun), has been telling her all the things she needs and maybe said he can help her set all this shit up.
He probably thinks she can do well because he’s as delusional as her and thinks she has a huge following.

No. 960655

Also samefag
You can get almost all the same effects on a stream deck that you can get on your phone. For free. Only worth it if you're partnered on Twitch and have a large community.

No. 960660

File: 1587155054583.png (57.92 KB, 802x404, Screenshot (33).png)

she said this girls been helping her. i do think she started playing up the ~gamer girl~ personality for this bf tho

No. 960661

It's going to be real fucking funny when she wastes her money on all this shit.
At best she's going to do "Gamer Girl porn" where she pretends to play a game, and then shoves some toy on her pussy or in it.

Then she's going to do two streams, if that. Then she'll promise she'll do something like "Gamer Girl Tuesdays" and every tuesday she'll stream. She won't.
She's just wasting her money. At best at least she'll have a desk and a computer, so it won't be a total waste.

No. 960662

It's sad that every time she gets a new boyfriend her interests suddenly change. It's like shes begging these men to tell her what to think/like.

No. 960663

she has no personality. So it makes sense. Once all she was, was "girl who smokes weed and takes pictures", then she did porn and she was "Girl who does porn" and now she thinks because she plays games she's a "Gamer girl".

Every single hobby becomes her whole focus and personality. I'm just waiting for her to meet a guy into tattoo's or hard drugs, because no doubt Suddenly Shayna will be getting a bunch of tattoos and trying harder shit.

No. 960665

she definitely won't last with the streaming, like how she never cams anymore. but god i'm so curious to see her without her face being edited, she has went on it so hard in the recent months that i'm not sure she has posted a single unedited pic in a while.

No. 960667

Yep you're correct about that. It's a control deck, to put it very simply.

No. 960670

She started the gamer girl shit cos she noticed how popular it was making other girls.

That's literally it.

Plus Lana Bee is a cow herself, she tried to make a thread about herself because she wants one so badly. It's fucking sad.

No. 960674


This dumb bitch. Amazon employees are being treated like trash and being refused sick pay while a pandemic is going on and she buys literal cheap trash constantly.

No. 960679

File: 1587156500411.jpg (206.15 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20200417-154502_Twi…)

So is she back with the dude?

"Free porn", remember when she was with Fupa and preached about partners of sex Workers not getting free content?

No. 960682

dying because this dumb cunt bought a streaming deck LOL she will never need to know how to use one.

Also personally annoyed because I ordered a capture card and amazon said because it wasn’t essential it would get shipped later? So how is she getting all of this stupid shit on Sunday?

No. 960685

Of course, she's back with him. Remember how she went from wanting to die, spilling all her tea in discord & twitter, and suddenly a few hours later she was starting shit and acting cocky?

No. 960686

Did she say when she was going to start streaming on Twitch?

No. 960691

Hey Shay, simp isn't supposed to be a good thing

No. 960694

File: 1587157464612.png (32.57 KB, 724x164, aaaaa.png)

at the rate she procrastinates, never lol.

No. 960704

i'm so confused as to why she's dumping money into this streaming idea before even taking it for a test ride. it takes a long time to build a following up on twitch and we already know shaytard has the personality of a cardboard box when live on camera.
my guess is she does it a max of 3 times, gets no attention besides the couple of orbiters that were always in her cam rooms and then gives up just like every other thing she's tried to do (tiktok, "dolly mattelevision", any plans of camming recently). she's too lazy and plain

No. 960713

File: 1587158959773.jpg (123.19 KB, 1079x598, Screenshot_20200417-162713_Twi…)

Oh, so it's totally ok for Shay to make jokes about a derogatory term and not get backlash, but she attacked another sex worker for making a joke

No. 960718

I can see Shayna and Lana becoming very close. Lana will probably Host Shayna, I assume Lana's viewers are coomers and other sex workers so maybe she'll gain some regulars or even subs, but Shayna isn't going to stream for long if it does not work fast in getting her attention and money.

That's why she no longer does pro work or cams. She makes money being lazy as fuck & doing identical porn, why do more, especially if she doesn't feel like it and she isn't looking her best?

I love how the people who watch Shayna shit on women all day, are cool with it but the moment she comes for men, they are like, "no don't do that"

No. 960728

Yeah exactly. It's just another frantic grasp at straws for her in any attempt to avoid living a "normal life" with a "normal job". She sucks at everything though because she's a braindead lazy basic bitch. The irony of her wanting to be so sPeCiAl and not like other girls is that shes so fucking boring and dumb. Her looks and content and personality are average at best and horrifying at worst.
She won't get anywhere streaming. It takes 1. Knowledge of the community, games, and the technical aspects 2. Being good at gaming or at least hot/entertaining enough to be decent and pass and 3. Dedication. She has none of those things at all. Playing Fortnite and Sims occasionally doesnt make you a gamer much less an entertaining one.
If she couldnt succeed and stick with camming idk why she thinks she'll have a shot at game streaming. Bitch doesnt even wanna stay in her sEx WoRkEr lane anymore. I think honestly she knows she cant go any further in it at this point and even shes bored/done with it. I think she knows her looks rapidly declined and doesnt feel comfortable making content or camming now. She never really liked it in the first place. She just wanted the attention and to be in on the trend and to be a big ol pick me I'm not like other girls. She only posts heavily filtered and edited nudes now for validation/attention. Shes a narcissist. But deep down she knows her existence is pathetic and shes not hot. Shes getting by on her OF payout right now because it's easy money now that she built up the content (repetitive) on it and priced it so cheap. Shes a hypocrite to say this kind of SW isnt easy. She just wants to gatekeep Sw because shes an entitled cunt despite not even being very good at it herself. Anyway sorry for the rant.

No. 960729

um… is she retarded? simp is used as an insult lmao

No. 960731

She just hops on whatever meme is going around and over uses tf out of it or just completely misuses it. Same with hot button words like "gaslight" and shit.

I didnt know what simp meant but i googled it a few days ago. It's pretty fucking easy to avoid looking like a fucking idiot.

No. 960738

Don't you know she was joking anon? So silly >>960713

No. 960739

File: 1587160907831.jpg (Spoiler Image,463.09 KB, 1079x1234, Screenshot_20200417-170012_Twi…)

That fucking hair piece

No. 960741

Of course it's a joke, Shayna would never insult a man.

No. 960745

jesus you could drive a truck between those eyebrows

No. 960761

I've seen people smoke weed on twitch before.

No. 960762

maybe off camera but it's against ToS to do it on screen

No. 960763

damn my low iq couldn't keep up with our intellectual queen

but seriously i'll bet money she had to google simp and is now stuttering "i-it was a joke bruv haha"

No. 960772

Isn’t Lana bee the one who got in trouble for masturbating on an elementary school playground? Pees in a pod then

No. 960779

She's also pretty racist.

No. 960781

Damn didn't know that. I kind of wonder why the people whining about how racist Shayna is don't make a link about how she's friends with someone who is actually racist. (if this is true), that'd be better then the same bullshit they bitch about.

No. 960783

File: 1587164602489.jpg (291.16 KB, 1077x1074, Screenshot_20200417-180212_Twi…)

No. 960807

No, you are thinking about Lana Rain. She’s got her own thread. Also jeez did shay do her brows with sharpie today or what?

No. 960809

She really should let her hair down to hide her fat face.

No. 960812

when was the last time she used her sfw account? she keeps preaching about not putting not sexy things on your twitter if you are an sw, but she constantly posts dumb shit. this isn't even that bad in the grand scheme of things, but i'm just wondering why this post couldn't have gone on her sfw account.

No. 960813

File: 1587166837183.jpg (258.24 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20200417-184031_Twi…)

Wtf is she talking about

No. 960830

probably just drunk rambling

No. 960837

Ironic that when you Google her name after these threads you just get a bunch of Trixie Mattel with dolly parton content.

No. 960866

yup, i knew that's what she'd be using that kitchen for. when you have a ~house~ but no furnishings so you repeatedly defile a surface meant for eating lol.

she posted some dumb shit earlier today but prior to that she hadn't used it since march 23.

No. 960869

File: 1587172908896.jpg (236.19 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20200417-202100_Twi…)

Ummm what about all these >>957814

No. 960872

File: 1587173076991.jpg (268.22 KB, 1078x838, Screenshot_20200417-202406_Twi…)

Her recent posts on it

No. 960873

She doesn’t know why her mental health is in decline??? Uh. Do you not remember the last 24-48 hours??

No. 960874

no she was too drunk and high to remember lol

No. 960877

You know what triggered it. The same thing that always triggers it, twitter drama, suicide baiting your boyfriend when he gets sick of your shit, drugs and alcohol.

No. 960882

bruh i can't wait to watch her fail at being a twitch thot.

No. 960884

i know, i’m pretty excited too but i do have this nagging feeling that it’s not even going to happen and she wasted all that money on nothing

No. 960908

Theres no way she finished all those carts. She has to be hoarding or some shit.

No. 960911

I think she either collects them or gets so high/drunk she cant remember where they are and 'has' to buy more.

No. 960914

She'll probably say they're packed away and needs new weed to hold her over until she unpacks.

No. 960915

fine collect them but use them when it's a pandemic lol

No. 960923

she always does this and says mania!!!!!! then claims she can’t make new content because of mania but it would likely be the opposite….god she’s stupid.

No. 960952

File: 1587183556545.jpg (199.95 KB, 1080x627, Screenshot_20200417-231823_Twi…)


No. 960954

File: 1587183583874.jpg (510.69 KB, 1080x1094, Screenshot_20200417-231918_Twi…)


Does she really fucking need this?

No. 960956

No. 960970

her voice sounds like that of a 35 year old. shayna, please like at least wipe them down after you sit your nasty ass on them

No. 960989

just her fuckin cringe ass singing some shit about filming a "cumshow" on her kitchen counters, I wish I didn't watch that it just made me feel depressed and sick
I swear she thinks all pornstars just act/fake it and that's why she never actually orgasms

No. 960992

It’s obvious which one fatty there likes the most. Oink.

No. 960993

Her new Twitter post

That makeup and fucking ragedy sweater


No. 961000

She's been doing this for so many years, yet she still can't take a picture where she isn't making that rotten fart sniffing face. It's not cute, Shayna. You just look even more special needs than usual. Also, her eyebrows keep getting worse, it's like she's just taking the piss and drawing them on with a sharpie now.

Her vicious cycle is as predictable as Amberlynn's at this point.

She hears these words she likes, and she starts using them without actually knowing what the fuck they mean.

She really thinks she's rich now. "My marble counter" LMAO

No. 961001

I think she just likes to spend money because it makes her feel rich and spoiled or something. She posted a photo a week ago or two of like 15 carts. Most of which looked pretty full. She doesn’t need to go to the dispensary but it’s like a weekly target trip to a stay at home mom. It’s fun for her and then she gets to take photos and upload them and feel like an online personality. we all know that’s what Shay wants most in life- to be an influencer.

No. 961010

File: 1587192262368.gif (Spoiler Image,19.88 MB, 640x1164, 015BD7C3-7ACA-46AA-83C2-72582F…)

from her ~cumshow in her new house

No. 961015

Those eyebrows…

No. 961017

shayna why would you deliberately make a face like you were forcing out a shit

No. 961026

Cannot get over how much she looks like a fat chola. Also since she clearly can’t control her eating and refuses to work out, you’d think the dumb broad would lay off the weed and save up for some fake tits or something to offset the fridge body. She is absolutely incapable of thinking long term.

No. 961029

i'm so scared she looks like a haggard 50 year old man with smeary thick black eyeliner shoving a vibrator into his ball sack

No. 961037

She mentioned a few days back that she ran out of eyebrow pencil so she used her eyeliner and liked it. Bet she never bought a new pencil and just uses eyeliner from now on..

No. 961117

I wasn't going to look as I'm eating, but I had to after reading this comment… and holy fuck I didn't expect it to be that accurate.

Laughing so hard right now, choked a little. Thank you, Anon

No. 961124

File: 1587202775360.png (1.17 MB, 2048x1220, Screenshot_20200418-053656.png)

Oh yeah, so hot, totally Barbie, very cute.

No. 961128

So jarring to see her without the heavy blur/smooth tool she abuses the fuck out of and careful, forceful posing in her pics.

No. 961131

So why not spend money on shit that makes her look good? She's cheap when it comes to clothes, props anything that makes her look better, but she spends so much on weed and alcohol. She's a fucking porn star and it seems her looks is the last thing she cares about.

I know she's probably thinking, "i look like this and still get money" but she doesn't feel good and compared to a lot of the other girls she looks busted.
Then she's always bragging about her looks, I do not get why she does not have thousands of nice clothes, wigs and make up. It makes no sense to me why someone who calls herself "barbie" and "Dolly" wears the same tacky dirty shit over and over when she has more then enough money to be buying clothing. It's so retarded to me.

There's so much nice barbie tacky barbie shit. So many nice wigs, so much shit she could do, yet she's dropping $200 on weed.

No. 961136

File: 1587205491639.jpeg (5.36 KB, 240x174, images (3).jpeg)


You go girl

No. 961160

damn so basically she has two accounts for complaining about her declining mental health that she herself caused.

it's probably the bloating, but god does her head look way too big.

No. 961171

it makes me so irrationally angry that she just showed off her huge box of sex toys and still uses the same 2 things in every "cumshow". doxy vibrator for her desensitized clit and the smallest butt plug she owns. god.

No. 961189

Grandma, NO

No. 961193

This is disgusting, disturbing, and beyond half ass.

If you're going to show off your new home, wait till morning when the light is nice or wait till you bring your lighting equipment (lol as if she actually uses it) and take NICE pictures.

Not gross grody dark shadowy pics of you stabbing your dry vag with your stubby fingers.

Also why is she always out of breath? Is getting up on the counter and rubbing her cunt that exhausting?

No. 961194

Is this really the video she's using to show off her new house and how she's thriving and doing so well??

This is why people make fun of you Shayna.

No. 961196

File: 1587222851579.png (3.52 MB, 1754x2048, Screenshot_20200418-111306.png)

KEK anon youve gotten one right so far

No. 961198

…and yet I feel no pleasure in guessing correctly. God she’s so pathetic. Any one want to take bets on the next Wish 420 item she’ll reveal to us?

No. 961199

I wonder if she got one of those comically large blow up joint props. I wouldn't put it past her to drop $40 on something she'll use once.

No. 961212

Damn, the amount she spends on weed in a week she might as well start spending it on hard drugs.

No. 961234

I'd put money on those countertops being faux marble. Really doubt the rental place would put in real stuff. She really thinks shes fancy now rolling her rank pussy on the kitchen counters? Kek. I mean it's probably the nicest place she'll ever rent. I think it's probs a townhouse thing. Hence why she says it's an apartment sometimes but really tries to act like it's a house. Regardless it's a fucking rental apartment (not a house Shat sorry!!) in OK. Sure it's a step up from the last place. But shes going to trash it and pick up and move again in another year. She just thinks moving changes things but it doesnt. She's still a rotten person who refuses to work on herself.

Also wonder how her pets like the new place/are adjusting.

No. 961238

File: 1587230696716.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1488x2048, Screenshot_20200418-132252.png)

There are 60 year old women who are more flexible than this, Shayna. You can't even do a split.

No. 961240

It's totally some sort of faux marble and the cabinets are cheap particle board with laminate. The company that owns that place probably gave that apartment a cheap face lift. The layout of the kitchen is a dead give away that they tried to modernize this apartment without spending a whole lot of money. Lucky for them, Shay is trash and can't tell the difference. This is the apartment version of her crusty ponytail extension tbh.

No. 961241

Knee high weed leaf socks. And since she insists on wearing that hairpiece everyday, a weed leaf headband/bandana.

No. 961245

"See how flexible I am on only fans"
You mean to see you do this pose 100 times? Also it's time for her to freak out, subtweet or a fight with her boyfriend to make her start suicide baiting.
Maybe all of them. She cannot go a few days without doing one of those things, so I wonder what it'll be today?

No. 961261


Exactly: she’s a one trick pony and she’s posted that to twitter - why pay for OF?

No. 961265


I’ve seen girls in porn flexible enough to perform oral on themselves so no Shay you’re not flexible.
Saged for sperg

No. 961290

is she unaware that most people can lift their legs up like this? it's basically the adult equivalent of a baby getting a diaper change, like it's not some kind of impressive feat…

No. 961291

she looks like flynn rider

No. 961293

File: 1587239215359.png (36.91 KB, 300x250, 3B768A76-6A33-4E06-80C3-624ED0…)

No. 961294

>Watching porn then publicly announcing it
>"this girl from porn is super extremely x therefore this other girl isn't x"

This is something a male would say

No. 961295

where are you from, a circus? most people certainly can't do that lol. shay is obviously deteriorating, but come on

No. 961296


not trying to argue but I’m saying when a sex worker claims to be flexible the expectation would be of that nature.

No. 961298

Most “marble” in houses is fake so shays small rental is no doubt fake lol. Real marble is actually hard to come by unless of course it’s a literal mansion or just a really expensive renovated house

No. 961300

sage for irrelevant but there’s nothing wrong with panel product “particle board” kitchen cabinets. it’d be absolutely retarded to order a solid-wood kitchen. real wood warps and cracks and checks and wanes and is super heavy, and stupid expensive. /end kitchen sperg

No. 961301

this. majority of “real” marble countertops you see are man-made stone composites. i’m really not sure why random ass anons are acting like they’re suddenly journeyman cabinetmakers ITT.

No. 961319

File: 1587243315454.jpg (422.71 KB, 1079x1132, Screenshot_20200418-155432_Twi…)

Shay's been lurking. She hasn't been advertising her other account

No. 961320

File: 1587243343397.jpg (217.65 KB, 1080x931, Screenshot_20200418-155359_Twi…)

This video is going to be beyond sloppy

No. 961322

uhhh how fat are you?

No. 961326

File: 1587244530876.jpg (Spoiler Image,430.05 KB, 1080x1163, Screenshot_20200418-155446_Twi…)

No. 961330

the dirty struggle hoodie just screams low self-esteem

No. 961333

I really hope Shayna never meets a guy whose into harder stuff or gets into it, because the way she overdoes everything, it wouldn't take long for her to be like Luna Slater.

No. 961346

Sans the gross last part, why not do that to attempt weedtube clout…

No. 961348

File: 1587247122631.jpg (192.93 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20200418-165800_Twi…)

Adding "baby" to this makes it creepy

No. 961372


Yeah, I don’t understand wtf she’s trying to say with this. Baby dominance in response to the original tweet is just like wut…?

No. 961381

know it was probably a typo but you referring to her as 'shat' instead of shay is p funny kek

No. 961383

I thought the same. It’d be pretty kek though.

No. 961394

she's brought her ankles to be about level with her belly button, and is even using her arms to push them to that point. If you can sit with your legs straight out in front of you, and don't have a huge gut, you can do this pose.

She hasn't moved the pets over to the new place yet, she was impulsively talking about moving her beds (only furniture) over there ASAP but realized those shouldn't move until she's going to sleep in the new apartment. The counters are 100% fake.

weird thing for a self-proclaimed bottom bitch to say

No. 961401

Probably bc of that i'm baby meme

No. 961406

File: 1587255639982.jpg (145.59 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20200418-191912_Twi…)

So it can sit on the floor like your other one?

No. 961411

also i’m pretty sure eating yourself out isn’t physically fucking possible unless you have some deformity

No. 961417

File: 1587256957061.jpg (129.97 KB, 1063x545, Screenshot_20200418-194221_Twi…)

No. 961418

sorry to break it to you, anon, but those are fake

No. 961440

File: 1587260360225.jpg (Spoiler Image,455.68 KB, 1080x1268, Screenshot_20200418-203913_Twi…)

No. 961451


Why is she just now wanting a couch? Or TV? She’s been in an apartment for a while now….. even if it’s a run down apartment, why not already have gotten(begged for) a couch? Like just because you have a newer, nicer apartment, you decide it’s worthy of seating?

No. 961454

she had a day bed she was using as her couch and bed.

No. 961456

Oh you mean like most normal middle class people?

I know it was a typo but I love that she said "for my need house". It ain't a dream house it's a need house. Shays needy begging ass not actually a house kek

And yeah she used the children's day bed as a couch up until now. She just knows she has jack shit for furniture so shes trying to fill in all the empty space in this townhouse apartment.

No. 961462

has she explained what she has against lipgloss? Or even just lip chap? Why are her lips so fucking dry at all times?
I also just noticed I've never seen her with any other lipstick but that brownish pinkish lipstick, she really needs to switch it up.
She tries nothing new.

No. 961511

one of the items on her wishlist is a huge rolling makeup case/cabinet, which is strange considering she owns mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and lashes. probably doesn't even fill one drawer in her crusty bathroom right now.

No. 961519

why, it's not like she's going to use them for anything else lol.

this is so vomit inducing, her thinking it was a good idea to film and post is painful.

don't forget that time she had red lips for her ~blowup doll~ video and it looked terrible.

No. 961530

How could anyone forget when it's a banner now.

No. 961534

Eyebrows looking extra tragic here.

No. 961539

File: 1587273556771.jpg (Spoiler Image,390.41 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20200419-001811_Twi…)

No. 961541

File: 1587273630051.jpg (158.49 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20200419-001747_Twi…)

The concept will probably be the same as that step mom video did, where she masturbated on her counter

No. 961542

Apartment. Not house Shay

No. 961545

i mean, at this point we could write her scripts for her
>laughable attempt at dirty talk
>pulls up/down the hoodie/crop top
>looks like she would rather be eating while she says stuff about wanting her daddy's/brother's/slave's/master's/grinch's cum in her "fat pussy"
> violates herself with a tiny buttplug/hitachi against a wall/on the floor/on the bed/against a different wall/now for fresh new content, on the counter

if you do something a million times over you're supposed to get better at it. how is she regressing

No. 961547

she chews/picks at her lips.

No. 961550

This hairstyle shes on and her face tuning makes her look extra neanderthal lately. It looked ok the first photoset she did with it (with the extra tuning) but it's just gotten worse every time she wears it. And greasier. Makes her head shape look weird af. The laughable eyebrows are probably not helping.

No. 961552

File: 1587275985102.jpeg (9.64 KB, 278x181, download.jpeg)

Samefag but she looks like the female orc from WoW. Just needs the green skin and tusk fangs tbh

No. 961563

I mean she did post that she wanted those panties for a dumb weed shoot lol

No. 961566

She looks like a Hartley Hooligan

No. 961574

Never thought I'd say this, but that's insulting to the hooligans kek

No. 961577

This isn’t what normal humans look like. How can she not see that her head looks deformed with this hair piece, there’s nothing attractive about it. Maybe she’s finally lost it and due to having zero interaction with real humans thinks Patrick from Spongebob is the epitome of beauty and now she’s gone full cone head

No. 961581


she has this "I'm fucking disgusted" facial expression in every photo. this makes me thinks she's a raging bitch IRL. the eyes don't lie.

she can't look peaceful/serene/nice in even her more inebriated photos

bitch has no soul

No. 961588

this is so true, she has these super empty cruel mean eyes lol. she also just looks… stupid. like devoid of any depth or knowledge.

No. 961603

File: 1587286566129.jpg (14.89 KB, 420x240, Blobfish-ugly-470.jpg)

Nah, orcs are muscular. Shay's stomach looks like a blobfish

No. 961610

File: 1587288508267.gif (1.75 MB, 575x389, 15270306-2778-425C-AD79-B617AE…)


I think it’s her jowls/nasolabial folds that make her look disgusted always. She looks like an old witch.

No. 961638

should couldn't even do this in the fupa mansion

No. 961649

That, plus the fact that her face is always so damn TENSE. She never relaxes her face, and it makes her Honker of a nose even more prominent.

No. 961752

File: 1587322197282.jpeg (Spoiler Image,431.31 KB, 1080x1920, A8ACC566-49BA-4ECD-BE9E-98D79C…)

Went looking for this gem because of this post lol >>961577
Weird ass forehead

Also she’s been wearing that ugly hairpiece for like 2 or 3 threads already and I just can’t.

No. 961783

Why the fuck does she choose to rant and have meltdowns on her main sex work twitter when she has a SFW one? Fucking idiot

Anon you had to post this again and make me remember it? God what is wrong with her head

No. 961788

because she wants to garner sympathy as her nsfw acc is the only one with followers (fake ones really) and get as many pity points as possible

No. 961811

LMAO how'd I miss this beaut and why wasn't the dildo shopped to make it safe and the thread pic

Potential was wasted here kek

No. 961821

Just make the dildo say "adult responsibilities and healthy food"

No. 961823

"Tip to see if Dolly blames her meds for weight gain!"

No. 961831

It would be hilarious shopped into a white claw lol, or a burger

No. 961836

File: 1587329090454.png (531.4 KB, 1264x616, dollyburger.png)

No. 961844

Fucking lol
Truly the missing Hartley Hooligan

No. 961856

File: 1587330940908.jpg (228.49 KB, 1076x917, Screenshot_20200419-161539_Twi…)

No. 961858

File: 1587330972923.jpg (466.59 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20200419-161528_Twi…)

Complains but buys a shit ton of weed

No. 961859

File: 1587331017256.jpg (247.89 KB, 1080x778, Screenshot_20200419-161512_Twi…)

No. 961860

File: 1587331044649.jpg (224.72 KB, 1076x870, Screenshot_20200419-161442_Twi…)

So the same as every video, just high

No. 961864

I hate her. She is always begging for money to buy shit, she then never uses. And when its time to deliver she has 101 excuses to not do anything.

No. 961866

File: 1587331202268.jpg (543.52 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20200419-161456_Twi…)

No. 961873

i think it's weird that she still uses "haus" of whatever because it was what they always called the fupa palace

No. 961880

File: 1587331779821.jpg (160.2 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20200419-162828_Twi…)

No. 961881

File: 1587331855669.jpg (147.34 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20200419-162843_Twi…)

She was literally just advertising having someone come to her new place a couple days ago

No. 961892

This. How fucking high/drunk she is all the time?

No. 961904

>posts a million excuses as to why she can’t work

lol her engagement is terrible. I don’t know why she bothers posting 6 times about all the reasons she can’t work. Suddenly she’s having allergies? Stop saying when you’ll do things and just do them. Instead of saying “I’ll have this video out tomorrow!” Just stfu and film, and hve it out when it’s done. It’s like she just enjoys talking about what she WANTS to do and then never does it. It’s the weirdest fucking thing. She will talk ALLLLL day about doing xyz and then the next day, spend the entire day giving excuses as to why she can’t now.

Nobody fucking cares, Shay. Just do your job. No one needs a timeline of your day and your excuses.

No. 961906

She looks like a zika baby.

No. 961911

File: 1587333621781.jpeg (Spoiler Image,347.43 KB, 1631x2048, del.jpeg)

Just posted these on twitter. She looks like a who with a botched boob job (1/2)

No. 961912

File: 1587333653696.jpeg (Spoiler Image,385 KB, 1623x2048, ete.jpeg)

No. 961922

File: 1587334217107.jpg (217.34 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20200419-170907_Twi…)

No. 961930

they look fucking terrifying tho lol

No. 961931

well it looks scary, what do you expect?

No. 961934

They are way too dark and look like they were done with.. well, a marker. It ain't a look sis.

No. 961939

File: 1587335612388.jpg (172.16 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20200419-173246_Twi…)

Shay, we KNOW you don't bathe

But if this is true, I hope her high ass drops her shit in the tub and ruins it all

No. 961942

SHE GOT THE WEED SOCKS LMAO. god she is so predictable.

No. 961945

next thread pic please

No. 961947

File: 1587336634667.jpg (546.03 KB, 640x795, IMG_3515.jpg)

listen, i know talking about shayna's eyebrows is like beating a dead horse at this point, but for some reason i keep thinking about this chart of garfield's eyes becoming longer and imagining the same chart but with her eyebrows becoming shorter

No. 961949

samefag, but i replied to the wrong post, i mean to reply to >>961922

No. 961957

Lmao damn it really does look like a dolphins mouth, there needs to be a dolphin in the next thread pic

No. 961958

File: 1587338102288.jpg (398.11 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20200419-181500_Twi…)

No. 961965

What is with that bandana she’s always wearing. It’s not a look, sis. Someone said she looks like a chola and now it’s all I can see. Also, I’m pretty sure weed/alcohol content isn’t allowed on OnlyFans. Have fun getting your account taken down, dumbass.

No. 961969

oh is reality finally hitting her in the face that she looks horrible compared to how she looked back then?

No. 961971

Lmaoooo I wish the dolphin pussy pic wouldn't get spoilered as a thread pic cause knowing her lurking ass she'd fucking seethe since she was SeW eMbArrAssEd.
Still love she had a whole meltdown cause a woman made a joke but a man made a snide remark about her zombie tit and she didn't get mad. God forbid a woman has a sense of humor kek

No. 961973

Her post a few days ago was something along the lines of “well now that I’m single I can do whatever sex work I want, who will be the first to come over and have their balls stomped” or something equally whiny and unsexy. This new post today reminding people that she doesn’t do meetups!1! Is confirmation that she and BF are back together. And thus the cycle of abuse continues!

No. 961978

File: 1587340313456.jpeg (218.54 KB, 1200x1800, 97DCD6B7-C9B1-4579-880E-1DFCE3…)


Sorry it’s a wip I just had to

No. 961998

File: 1587342226003.jpeg (17.55 KB, 570x570, 68994212-A368-4E6A-BAB7-43E8D0…)

I guess this dumb bitch doesn’t realize they make brow products that are the same applicator as eyeliner but aren’t fucking jarringly dark? Of course she doesn’t because we’ve all seen her horrible brows.

No. 962052

File: 1587348594455.jpeg (62.42 KB, 380x794, D0C671E8-EFF7-4B42-9635-ADFD54…)

why she lookin like Poot though

No. 962064

Not exactly, that's like saying all sex workers need to be anorexic in order to be considered thin since so many others are thin, this mindset is toxic

No. 962066

No but seriously lmao "this mindset is toxic"

No. 962102

If someone says they're flexible, they should be able to back it up with more than putting their legs up like most any average person can do. That's not a toxic mindset. If someone says they're thin, they shouldnt have a bunch of fat. It's just logic. Doesnt really have anything to do with them being a sex worker or not. If you make a claim, back it up. Shay just spews bs all the time for attention/to make herself feel better.

No. 962116

Everything you just wrote is literally retarded

No. 962120

>So the same as every video, just high
so… the same as every video? she's always high.

yeah, shocker, you're not 18 and can't pull off the "I'm hot shit" vibe anymore because you've declined so much in looks, mentality, and lifestyle

No. 962125

so she’s not putting a video out because she hates the way it looks? shay literally all of your videos are shit and look awful but you still put them up. just say your lazy ass got too high to film anything and move on.

No. 962126

I mean, she literally posted a while back everything she was ordering

No. 962145

Exactly!!!! Nothing will convince me she doesn’t have minor micrcophaly now >>956268

No. 962147

Soyboy smile

No. 962177

The lost Yaniv sister.

No. 962206

I saw this coming, making & editing your own porn while high is a good idea until the paranoia and heightened self awareness sets in. It's almost like cannabis is a psychoactive substance, and not an a e s t h e t i c? Maybe her next set should be one where she gets super shitfaced on cheap wine, rambles on about her tumblr days, starts screaming and crying out of nowhere, tries to suck on a dildo but throws up all over herself and passes out in a puddle of her own piss. It could be called Winona Dick Rider.

No. 962221


Why she didn't film this in advance is beyond me. But then again she never does anything productive until last minute. If at all.

No. 962267

Because she couldn’t make uhhhhmazing porn until she moved into her dream house.

No. 962318

I wasn't talking about Shay in general, I was talking about an Anon claiming women have to be able to eat themselves out in order to be flexible

No. 962320

File: 1587404895419.jpeg (57.51 KB, 1124x317, 2BECAFDB-8314-4065-AC3C-C5ABC7…)

Her 420 content isn’t even allowed on OF anyway

No. 962325

Probably for the best anyways. Whenever she films herself letting out her hit (that she didn’t even breathe in) she makes a face like she got kicked in the balls, while smelling a pile of shit.
All of her expressions are terrible, but it’s definitely a top 3.

No. 962326

I think the reason she is unsatisfied with this recreation of her former basic bitch ~stoner gurl~ self is because she is expecting it to look like she did back then i.e thinner and prettier and the fact that in her mind she doesn’t look like her old pictures when putting on her old uniform I think is giving her some kind of self consciousness or dysmorphia and she’s chalking it up to the video not being up to ~her standards~

No. 962337

aww anon don't do winona rider like that kek

No. 962374

you've gone t o o f a r now

No. 962402

File: 1587412722578.jpg (158.69 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20200420-145839_Twi…)

No. 962434

She's right even if I sincerely doubt she has one.

No. 962472

File: 1587419056824.jpeg (296.81 KB, 1125x1034, 0459805E-23AE-40FE-913C-F6B4E0…)

I can’t wait for her to start streaming on twitch because it’ll be mostly us watching live the train wreck that is shay

No. 962473

Ordering my popcorn now. This is going to be so much fun.

No. 962475

Do we know what kinda capture card she ordered? A good amount of PC capture cards are internal, and they ain't going in no laptop.

But knowing her she probably ordered an el gato or something plug and play, this is still gonna be so awful I can't wait to laugh.

No. 962506

No. 962510

she only posted a picture of elgato stream deck, she probably mistook those two

No. 962516

Sorry for derailing and all but … how has a virus that causes primarily respiratory infections anything to do with the way people wipe their asses?
Like, I‘m absolutely pro bidet, too because TP is gross and helps spread germs. But isn’t SARS-CoV-2 transmitted through droplets, so I don’t get how it has anything to do with the way you clean yourself after using the toilet? (Yes the virus has been present in stool samples, but afaik not to an extent that would allow the assumption for it to be contracted through smear infections. At least not to a mentionable extent.)
Can someone fill me in?

No. 962518

i think because of people hoarding all the TP, so maybe more people started using bidets

No. 962520

It's because of people panic buying toilet paper so there's a shortage. Some people have gotten DIY bidet kits instead.

How does she expect to stream video games on Twitch with a laptop? There's a reason streamers have actual desktops.

No. 962527

Ah, Right. Got it. Forgot about that. Thanks!

No. 962532

That's a stream deck, not a capture card.

No. 962539

File: 1587422803986.jpg (485.82 KB, 1080x1154, Screenshot_20200420-174651_Twi…)


No. 962544

File: 1587422927823.jpg (492.63 KB, 1071x1152, Screenshot_20200420-174641_Twi…)


No. 962547

but you don't wash your hand shayna clifford and have doo doo fingers from sticking them up your ass all the time

No. 962572

Exactly what i was thinking. And if she also mistook streaming deck for the card lol. She has failed before even starting to stream

No. 962579

File: 1587424526998.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x2248, B5519A04-2E9A-4D32-804C-0809BB…)

This clip is. Bleak.

No. 962581

File: 1587424576873.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1242x2215, 87546842-FF46-4EC5-AC85-95369F…)

Every time she smiles it looks like she’s trying not to cry.

No. 962586

I know the predictions are Shayna won't do twitch or she'll do a few streams and quit, but my predictions are, she'll be high or drunk (both more than likely), have a dead chat or a low amount of viewers, forget that she's on twitch and does what she always does for attention, Flash her tits or ass.

Or she'll have a breakdown and embarrass herself.

No. 962587

I also don't see her and that dumb Lana bitch being friends long. Every time someone tries to help Shayna and become "Close" with her, she falls out with them.

Lana seems like the type that'd love to have drama with anyone, so I could see that being interesting.
I see Lana helping Shayna out, hosting her, being a mod, promoting her basically going the extra mile for Shayna, all for them to fall out.

No. 962594

sooo just bare ass and pussy straight on the wooden deck? great.

No. 962595

File: 1587425335037.jpg (143.69 KB, 1080x541, Screenshot_20200420-182857_Twi…)

No. 962598

I hope she gets a splinter

No. 962600

Honestly? Even if her make up looks like she slept in it, she looks so much more comfortable and normal in these clothes. She looks like if she had stayed in her stoner girl days, maybe she'd had a personality by now and wouldn't be where she is.

It's also weird seeing her smile normally instead of the "Uwu" faces she normally makes.

No. 962607

The grease on her hair. Girl is using that hairpiece in lieu of washing her hair, clearly. I’m not sure if the hairpiece is better or worst than her gross crusty braids.

She definitely is wearing yesterday’s eyeliner. You can see where the lash glue took some of the liner off, and girl didn’t bother fixing it when she glued her lashes back on this morning. My eyes are itchy just typing that out.

No. 962610

Or she was crying right before, I would not be surprised if she gets into a fight with her boyfriend tonight, if she already hasn't. She's probably been drunk and high the whole day.

No. 962612

she looks as terrible as always and those clothes are ill-fitting as fuck. the socks look like they’re cutting her leg’s circulation off

No. 962616

the only views she's ever gonna get on her streams is a few farmers until it's no longer a novelty and gets boring (2 streams max?). sometimes i wish i had as much confidence as shayna

No. 962625

I keep checking the thread to see if she started streaming or something, I'm probably more hyped than any of her orbiters lol.

No. 962627

says that bitch that has multiple butt fucking videos with TP on her anus.

No. 962632

She looks like an actual special needs person!!!

No. 962673

She did an unboxing on Snapchat 2 hours ago calling the Steam Deck a Capture Card so she definitely just messed up

No. 962683

File: 1587431816637.png (915.9 KB, 1878x2048, Screenshot_20200420-211522.png)

Okay but Shayna she's right. You should slow down on the smoking. Especially if you have asthma. She reminds me so much of that trainwreck Tana Mongeau.

No. 962685


I feel like if you have asthma and smoke period, you’re going to have a bad time. She’s talking like her saying she has allergies and asthma is supposed to be like “ooooh, makes sense, carry on” when really it’s like knowing that, you should DEFINITELY slow down on the smoking. She’s so stupid.

No. 962690

If some dude said this, she would've totally agreed

No. 962691

File: 1587432995924.jpg (264.1 KB, 1080x939, Screenshot_20200420-203242_Twi…)

I feel like she only retweeted this so people won't think she's racist

No. 962692


ahhh yes, class struggles really get the dicks hard, huh Shay?

No. 962695

I can agree that she looks better here. not good, but better, more laidback.

No. 962704

File: 1587434869947.jpg (13.25 KB, 582x96, ew.jpg)

so after all the 'hype' this is the 4/20 content she put out? wow. this is also the "amazing makeup" she did in 20 min, lol.

already asking if she should make porn in her new gaming chair. and what is it with her making videos on her counters?

also she's made a couple tweets about bringing things to the 'house'; she's still staying at her old place and i'm going to assume sleeping there since it doesn't seem like she has anything but the floor to do that in the new place. which means she's going there to what, make content and get high all day instead of moving?

No. 962705

Thanks Shayna for your obvious, dishonest and transparent virtue signalling.

No. 962722

File: 1587438437243.jpg (171.16 KB, 1077x560, Screenshot_20200420-220604_Twi…)

I fucking can't with her

No. 962723

File: 1587438559855.jpg (330.63 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20200420-220617_Twi…)

Imagine how fast this would be trashed

No. 962724

File: 1587438588858.jpg (170.83 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20200420-220643_Twi…)

Now she's hoping on the anime bandwagon

No. 962736

We predicted this. Anime and vidyagames and cosplay is her next attempt.

When is she going to realize she ordered a 15 key streamdeck instead of a capture card lmfao pleeease I cannot wait

No. 962737

sorry for nitpicking but what the fuck is this jetsons ass couch. shayna you have shit taste
also what the fuck is with all the "QUICK someone send this unreasonable amount right NOW" lately?! she's completely dropped the pretense that she charges money for a """service""" and she's just going for that bratty panhandler angle full-tilt, aint she

lmao i can't wait for her to have a public meltdown on her business twitter like "on god some sex workers just want others 2 fail! what am i going 2 do now, i am ruined, send money blah blah"

No. 962744


for somebody who’s supposedly obsessed with bimbo barbie pink shit this is a depressingly dull yet tacky choice

No. 962746

Remember a week ago when she acted like she felt bad asking for tips.

Also yeah this couch is ugly. Like she could at least stay on her flat brand claim and find a pink one or something quirky stupid.
What's she need a couch for anyway? To put her rash gash on and take pics for porn? Pass out drunk on watching spongebob instead of in her "bed"?

No. 962748

File: 1587443774221.jpg (276.86 KB, 1076x923, Screenshot_20200420-233525_Twi…)

The last time she had a carrot was probably when she fucked herself with one

No. 962749

File: 1587443817171.jpg (199.78 KB, 1080x796, Screenshot_20200420-233538_Twi…)

Oh Shay, so heckin hilarious